Jiu Shen Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: Our smelting trials in 1500 meters

Flaminged the hot school to go to the Armanz mountain the smelting trial finally to start. Ten classes and grades are divided into five groups. Also walks into the mountain from the different directions. Before starting to take action, Xuanyuan Xin emphasized the security problem again. And told Ji Dong especially, if has an accident will make him take full responsibility. Meanwhile, he also in secretly passes with the wife Tang dependence ditch, when necessary, can give up Ji Dong.

Said anything regarding Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian, Ji Dong does not care, he will not take an action for the Xuanyuan Xin hostility. Mage of Xuanyuan Xin this level, simply has not become the qualifications of his enemy. Leads the group the walking into the mountain smelting trial, the Ji Dong main goal must examine effects of oneself this five elements mutual promotions of the five elements and five bodies through the actual combat. Once succeeds, then, can the wide scope on continent promote. Five years later, after Red Lotus day fire relieves, with the dark continent holy war can many several points of odds of success.

After reminding of mediation as well as Yin Zhaorong of time, his mind restores gradually, although sorrowful as before, but after deeply buries the innermost feelings. The Ji Dong whole person no longer is the deathly stillness, but is ice-cold.

"Does Teacher Ji Dong, to this smelting trial, what you have to plan?"Tang lingers at to stand side Ji Dong, they are responsible for this group after all. Everyone is bringing own class and grade, although does not have to a Ji Dong favorable impression, but others after all are also Teacher. The smelting trial starts or wants to communicate.

Ji Dong looked at Tang to linger, lightly said: "Walks into the mountain directly. The straight line is upward."

Tang Yilian has gawked, "such improper. I believe that starts at the foot of the hill, making the students adapt to the low level magic beast strength gradually, the enhancement displays the ability gradually, again to having stronger magic beast place approaches gradually. The smelting trial should also emphasize to proceed in an orderly way."

At this time, they as well as 20 students have stepped into the Armanz mountain range officially, the students somewhat are obviously tense, often in all directions looks around. They mostly do not have what actual combat experience, first time will soon face magic beast, must say that not anxious is impossible.

Ji Dong shot a look at Tang to linger, has not said anything again. Tang Yilian thinks that he has approved oneself words, in this time, suddenly, the Ji Dong vision is moving slightly. Not far away leaps up suddenly a red form, directly soars the direction of people to throw.

One side of the Tang Yilian subconscious body, already and oneself students stand. The speed of that red form is not quick, is a height about two chi (0.33 m) hot cat. Four hooves trod the fire, cat claw spring, directly soar a student to grasp. Although the body is not big, but appearance actually is really aggressive.

Although the students not and magic beast have fought, but can by entering to flaming the hot school, many also has certain actual combat experience. Tang lingers at three classes of students who leads simultaneously to go into action immediately, suddenly. Various color magic skill shell completely, ten strong and weak different rays have swept across the body of hot cat instantaneously.

In the air magic power fills the air, hot cat called out pitifully, it was most preliminary Rank 1 magic beast, suddenly encountered ten two, Three- Crown Mage to besiege, how to withstand. When falls to the ground turned into a corpse. What a pity, such low level magic beast, has not produced any crystal core.

Tang lingers at regarding oneself disciples' response is very satisfied. Her teaching mainly starts from the reversal of stress, this month, the majority of time are practicing the reaction rates of these students.

"Reaction rate , to continue maintains."Tang Yilian gave own students one to encourage.

Three classes of students somewhat are obviously favorite, look at a class of student, an item of band of light several points is provoking. After all is two classes and grades, each other thought of competition exists inevitably.

Those who made Tang linger is somewhat strange, class of all students had the response did not have. Even prepares to defend continually has not carried on. Normally, class of ten students are in this new student are most outstanding, so to be how slow?

Some purple morning star disdaining has swept three classes of student one eyes, as if thought aloud, but sound some are loud, "three class schoolmates are really fierce! Kills Rank 1 magic beast all of a sudden is ten magic skill, is really the great writer."

A class of student has not moved is not because they are slow. But because has not received the order of Ji Dong, before walking into the mountain, Ji Dong to their requests, only then, stricts enforcement of orders and bans. Without his order, can not get rid, frequently maintains the vigilance.

The students of two classes and grades respectively are maintaining the different lineups, three classes, is the men and women matches, same attribute two Mage walk in the same place, has the meaning of complementing one another. But a Ji Dong class is actually divided into two groups, the male student five person and female student five people encircle faintly. But Ji Dong takes the lead, actually happen to these two groups of middle positions. It seems, three classes of students move the lineup to be orderly. But one class was appears somewhat scattered is scattered in disorder. Tang lingers at naturally thought that Ji Dong misleads the youth.

"Did purple morning star, what you say?"Three classes of stature vigorous and healthy male students go forward one step, shouted angrily to make noise.

Does curling the lip of the purple morning star disdains, "also need me to be redundant one?"

Tang Yilian reprimanded: "Sufficed. Now you are the companions. Momentarily will encounter the magic beast danger. Let you come the Armanz mountain is not bickers."

Purple morning star snorted, has not said anything again, although he is as before full to the Ji Dong hostility, but five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill made him produce for several points to admire to this Teacher unavoidably. Lingers at to Tang is disinclined to pay attention.

Ji Dong has not spoken throughout , to continue forward running.

The Armanz mountain worthily is one of the magic beast inhabit regions, even if just entered in the Armanz mountain range, all kinds of low level magic beast started to appear endlessly.

Ji Dong had not ordered to attack, unceasing casualty of one, Rank 2 magic beast desirably under three classes of students showing off. Finally also obtained several crystal core. Suddenly made them is self-satisfied.

"Teacher Ji Dong, makes us get rid! Cannot make three classes of these fellows again favorite."Side Hou hard Coudao Ji Dong, somewhat urgent saying.

Ji Dong coldly shot a look at his one eyes, Hou hard Zhi thought that own heart has contracted suddenly, withdraws embarrasedly, does not dare to say anything again. At this time, the people climbed about 200 meters upwardly. Tang lingers at to stop the footsteps, said to Ji Dong: "Teacher Ji Dong, we start derailing. Again upward, will present magic beast of high-grade level."In her sound many are somewhat proud, magic beast that front meets almost all made three classes of students solve. In her opinion, is a reaction capacity of class of student is insufficient, the opportunity of simply not having gotten rid. But at this time, magic power of three classes of students have also consumed much. She planned that makes the students rest first, restores some magic power , to continue to hunt and kill these low level magic beast to increase the experience in nearby range.

Ji Dong lightly said: "I looked that here magic beast three classes of students also can definitely deal with, I lead this class of student to approach again previous. Also quite makes them also increase some actual combat experiences."

In Tang dependence eye flashes through one to disdain, in the heart mused, cannot struggle with my student, wants to hunt and kill high spot level magic beast again? You think that Rank 3 magic beast is your students can cope easily? However her soldier had not opposed, at least Rank 3 magic beast should not present the danger, she slightly has known about the fine jade princess's strength. At that moment said: "Temporarily separates well. However, but also asked Teacher Ji Dong to pay attention to the safety of students, if there is improper, remembers that with signal stick notice, we can the earliest possible time overtake. Turns head we to converge in the nearby."

Ji Dong has no particular preference has complied with one, slightly one waves, leading hand/subordinate a student to continue to the mountain climbs to go.

Let alone is one, Rank 2 magic beast, even if three, Rank 4. Also not, in this time leads in a range of class of student smelting trial. His instruct pupils, experiences set out from oneself surely. In the process of Ji Dong cultivation, often meets the most difficult time, after tremendous pressure, his strength will have the qualitative leap. He must do now, brings this levels to these students the pressures. Is gazing after Ji Dong and a class of student departs, Tang lingered at to issue the order of rest, coldly snorted, to must have a look at this drunkard to be able secretly to bring to come back many fruits of victory. Although she and Ji Dong have the duty of mutual supervision. However, she did not fear that Ji Dong will cheat. Because she already planned with Xuanyuan Xin. How regardless of this class of result, to go back to this drunkard install a reputation of cheating. Let him get the hell out earlier. Leaves to flaming the hot school, so as to avoid also misleads the youth.

"Chen Sixuan."Ji Dong leads to climb upwardly, while called out.

"Teacher Ji Dong, any matter."Ji Dong little called her name, Chen Sixuan somewhat was surprised.

Ji Dong lightly said: All magic beast that "then in the process of upward mountaineering meets are solved by you alone. Until I said that stops."

The student also will perhaps insist on the Ji Dong procedure, but how Chen Sixuan can actually not support him, immediately readily agrees. First did not say she has the Six-Crown strength, when is Lie Yan (raging flames) the rich experience that leaves behind, sufficiently made her deal with various scenes. As the saying goes, changing , but staying the same, is turned into Second Wood department by Fire department, too in a big way has not affected to the application of magic power regarding her. But was magic power cultivation base weakens.

"Doesn't Teacher Ji Dong, why make us get rid?" The purple morning star could not bear finally, he has suppressed for quite a while, is the same with class of other students, some were already itchy. Ji Dong does not make them get rid throughout, the rampant appearances of three classes of students, in their hearts felt suffocated shortly.

Ji Dong coldly said: "Because I do not want to lose time here. To getting rid, later some are the opportunities. Now starting from, accelerates to go forward."At the same time was saying, his first raised the speed. But Chen Sixuan also released own Yin-Yang Crown at this time. Some instruction of Ji Dong, she did not have to hide own strength again the meaning. Since continuously, all new students, even is entire blazing in the most teachers and students eye of hot school, Chen Sixuan is the Eastern Wood saintess, her glowing countenance is extremely really outstandingly beautiful unparalleled, nobody truly cares about her strength radically. Was subconscious neglect her talent Mage reputation.

At this time, when the purple morning star they sees in the Chen Sixuan top of the head that Second Wood department Six-Crown Yin Crown, one by one is dumbfounded. This simply is blazing the hot school department head rank the strength! Moreover, is she big? Also less than 20 years old. Achieves such rank in this age, perhaps is unique in entire continent. They even suspected, Ji Dong simply is not the Chen Sixuan match.

If before purple morning star, some improper ambition to Chen Sixuan also, then, at this time he is the heart like the dying embers. Oneself and disparity between Chen Sixuan was really too big. If his also being proud talent, then, now he understands anything is the true talent. Others fine jade princess class leader works as absolutely is the name will follow reality. However she, has compared favorably with all newborn strengths sufficiently.

As if saw the shock and doubts in students heart. Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, said in a low voice: "Everybody does not use surprisedly, follows the Teacher Ji Dong footsteps. Learns from Teacher Ji Dong, one day, you can also achieve such level, even exceeds me. Teacher Ji Dong many that I am fiercer."At the same time was saying, she fell rear the team, after shouldering mediates the duty.

magic beast on Armanz mountain are truly many, but does not have the strength of using force in the face of the Chen Sixuan Six-Crown strength. Those who made other students somewhat puzzled was, all the way, Chen Sixuan has not killed any magic beast, but made it lose the attack capability to stop the attack. Ji Dong has not spoken, class of students had not asked that at this time their in heart, only then intense strange feeling. This feeling is from Ji Dong , came from Chen Sixuan.

Had Protector of Chen Sixuan, one line of 11 people of mountaineering speeds have not reduced throughout, even if Rank 5 magic beast when Chen Sixuan that in facing contends with Rank 7 magic beast sufficiently does not have the strength of using force. Let alone this Armanz mountain besides suiting the Fire department Mage combat, most suitable was Wood department Mage displays. Passes unimpeded, after half double-hour, they arrived at about the elevation kilometer position.

"Teacher Ji Dong, exceeded the scopes of our smelting trial again upwardly."gold/metal cannot bear saying. She is the girl, the courage slightly very normal. She clearly saw meaning that Ji Dong simply has not stopped. Other students naturally have the similar feeling.

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, closes/obsctructs eye long time, slowly nodded, "again upward about 500 meters. Arrived at the Rank 6 magic beast quite crowded region to be OK."

gold/metal was surprised said: "But, didn't this exceed the range of our smelting trial?"

Ji Dong coldly said: "That is the smelting trial range that the school formulates, is not we class of smelting trial range. I emphasized again one time, you were a class of student, must obey my order. Before , nobody chooses to withdraw, then, wants to withdraw now also already late. What only if you withdraw is the corpse."

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Chapter 342: A five body, mutual promotion of the five elements attack and defense

"Has spelled, at the worst is dies." The purple morning star grips tight fist fiercely. The young bull does not fear the tiger. Let alone has not gotten rid, he early suppressed very uncomfortable. Listened to the Ji Dong words, instead stimulated his fighting spirit.

At this moment, suddenly, strong winds raid, in the wind the fishy smell is threatening, is full of the dignified howling to resound through the mountain forest low and deep.

Ji Dong loudly shouted: "A five body, crosstalk circulation."

Ten male and female students respectively are headed by Chen Sixuan and purple morning star immediately, composes two five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulations. Is feeling the unceasing enhancement in within the body magic power circulation, their hearts slightly have stabilized.

In front not far away, one group of strong red bands of light the blazing magic power fluctuation outrageously is appearing before the people, sees this magic beast, except for Chen Sixuan, other nine student sucked in a cold breath of air.

That is a turned-up eyes white volume fierce tiger, in the blood red fur/superficial knowledge has black traces all over the body, the body has about six meters considerable, the majestic body is more intrepid than the bull. Strong Third Fire magic power is painful several meter/rice on him, the place visited completely is scorched earth. Pair of blood red eyes fills the ominous severe air/Qi, the saliva of big drop big drop flows unceasingly, obviously has regarded food Ji Dong their group. Clearly is a Rank 6 magic beast fire having a nightmare demon tiger. Must know, all Fire department magic beast on Armanz mountain active volcano. Has the strength addition. Rank 6 Fire department magic beast, particularly fire having a nightmare demon tiger such king of beasts, its true strength already extremely close Rank 7 standard. Before trading does, let alone contends, these students want unable to think.

"This is the first goal of your smelting trial. I will call you by the cloudy team and Yang Duilai. All defer to me to order the motion. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, repeat in cycles."

Male students fortunately, although is afraid, but can also the earliest possible time react. After all their courage must greatly. But in the female student besides Chen Sixuan, another four people slightly is actually shaking chaff. Has existence of Chen Sixuan this Six-Crown powerhouse luckily, made them be able to keep cool reluctantly. With the Second Wood magic power help of Chen Sixuan stimulation of movement, reluctantly has completed the crosstalk circulation. They who can want to obtain, Ji Dong to the first smelting trial goal that they do arrange unexpectedly is so formidable existence? Even if Chen Sixuan slightly frowned. Although she does not fear this rush of blood to the head having a nightmare demon tiger, but, the fire having a nightmare demon tiger striking power is greatly strengthened, if not good the wound to other students.

Fire having a nightmare demon tiger naturally cannot wait for, face upwards suddenly angrily roared, the mountain forest shivers, the surroundings small and weak magic beast four divergence run away, at least did not have second magic beast in a surrounding area several hundred square meters range. the next moment, before its body has been similar to one group of giant fireballs outrageously to/clashes, directly soars the people to throw.

At this moment, the Ji Dong sound simultaneously resounds in each student ear. "Yang Duizuo the cross three steps, the cloudy team steps three steps, five elements rotates, Water department attacks. Starts."

This five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circle formation, learns this morning, at this time facing so powerful enemy. The students were not flustered blame. Suddenly is thrown into confusion, the cloudy team fortunately, under Chen Sixuan superiority magic power control of forcefully, reluctantly is maintaining the circulation, five elements rotates, changes to gold/metal, gets a light from another light the having a nightmare demon tiger by her surface, gold/metal wants not to think, was screaming while both hands also promoted, rushing purple Water department magic power has shelled.

But that side the male student somewhat has lost face, because of the tense reason, the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation was not careful, under magic power stimulated mutually, five people not only have not sent out the attack, instead was turned by the vitality of each other magic power shake wells up, five people simultaneously four dispersions fell.

Since chi'ed, the big white mist braves from the fire having a nightmare demon tiger, gold/metal attack was accurately has hit the goal. Fire having a nightmare demon tiger angrily roared, the huge body suppresses stiffly. However, has actually emitted from its mouth together the dazzling red flame, is similar to a large flame volume to being away from his recent male student. Ninth Water department mirror rain. cultivation base of mirror rain is next to the purple morning star in the male student, broke through Three-Crown, Level 31. At this time he completely has actually been shocked. Terrifying Third Fire magic power has formed the level suppression to him. His own magic power is unable to display. The Three- Crown strength strikes facing close Rank 7 fire having a nightmare demon tiger, if hits, he 200% will stay forever here.

"Fool. could it be your might as well one group of girls?" In the mirror rain eye fills desperately, appearance that a white form been quietly before him. The large flame that emits does not know why stops. The fire having a nightmare demon tiger that throws once more also stopped in the face of this white form. Seven meat eight elements that the male students fall, have not seen clearly at present this, but the female students actually look is quite clear, their Teacher Ji Dong as if stretch across one step, kept off in front of the mirror rain, a hand held the fire having a nightmare demon tiger's head top/withstand the place after wool directly. How regardless of the fire having a nightmare demon tiger assumes an awe-inspiring pose, Fire Element that its body bursts out is actually not have any injury to Ji Dong, even is unable to jump over perimeter/thunder pool one step. Ji Dong throws conveniently, the fire having a nightmare demon tiger had been thrown beyond several meters. These have not let the female students most shocking place, what they are most surprised, from beginning to end, they simply had not noticed that on Ji Dong releases least bit magic power, does not have Yin-Yang Crown to present.

Ji Dong has not given the free time who they excessively ponder, ejects the fire having a nightmare demon tiger at the same time had turned around, the tip of the toe selects under the mirror rain body, has selected his whole person.

"Are you waste? You who before I taught? Ties."

Under the huge threat of fire having a nightmare demon tiger, the male students hurry to tie, on the face reveal the ashamed color/look. Others female students can send out attack, they actually confuse own situations, is really wishes one could a crack to worm one's way into.

Fire having a nightmare demon tiger is also very depressed, its simply yes what's the matter, had not been thrown. As king of beasts tiger, this without doubt is to its dignified provocation. However, the quite intelligent wisdom made it also indistinctly feel that several points were not wonderful. Has not thrown immediately again. The whole body flame bursts out, a more intense roaring sound gets up. Immediately, dozens fireballs the congealment forming around its body, have been similar to at top speed general, directly soars here to fly. Formerly made it change the forms of defensive action restlessly, attacked by range as the probe.

The fireball command air of big piece becomes more scalding hot, to the person an intense feeling of blotting out the sky, this feeling is not absolutely wonderful. The female students have exuded several to call out in alarm, they do not know how should resist.

At this moment, in all ten student mind suddenly presented a strange picture, they suddenly discovered that the dark as if one strength is directing own body. All that oneself can see also no longer limit to the vision institute and range, but is the surrounding entire space, can grasp the position and magic power trend of surrounding each partner accurately. Even including these fireballs the positions also becomes incomparably clear, when will arrive, will have what kind of intensity is clear. It looks like their vision is overlooking and watches critically from sky general.

The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation voluntarily circulation, men and women respectively five people compose finds a way instantaneous three to open, like two all colors halo general about points, the yellow ray and gray ray also blooms. Was being overthrown on behalf of the Yin-Yang double earth attribute two students front. Two pure Earth Element have from the sky completed the potential of Yin-Yang blending, immediately, concentrates the solid sincere/heavy aura from the sky to bloom instantaneously. Has formed light screen of piece of yellowish gray color mixture.

Puff pū pū......, A series of dull thumping sounds from the sky explode. The students felt what is only body shakes slightly, oneself has not been under the too big impact. All that but they see at present made everyone turn very quiet. Exclaimed in surprise in the heart, this is we achieves unexpectedly?

Dozens fireballs that fire having a nightmare demon tiger sends out were intercepted completely by that yellowish gray dual-color light screen, in the midair stays behind, is fiery-red halos spreads on that yellowish gray dual- color light screen. Cannot break the defense. Clearly is the effect of double earth combination defense. The students are unable to affirm, actually this is a skill, but they affirmative instruction, this strength made them block the attack of fire having a nightmare demon tiger. As if, this strength approached Rank 7 formidable magic beast not to be fearful. Not only they, somewhat are surprised including Ji Dong, he has not thought. This five elements mutual promotion of the five elements strategy in this case can actually play the so mysterious effect.

Although in these ten students, cultivation base achieves the Six-Crown rank at present Chen Sixuan. But actual, when operation, magic power of Chen Sixuan release is equal to Three-Crown about. In other words, at present these ten students, most are equal to ten Three-Crown Mage. Such quantity and strength, even if copes with Rank 5 magic beast to have the issue, say nothing was cultivation base Rank 6, the striking power close Rank 7 fire having a nightmare demon tiger. Under normal circumstances, this fireball should be able to kill their second a moment ago collectively is right. But, they easily have actually met, moreover nobody was shaken intensely.

The students can make the so rapid response naturally are the functions of Ji Dong, he releases the huge psychic force by the soul vortex, at the same time has carried on the control to them, has achieved the most perfect release effect. In the magic power control output of that flash, it can be said that is completed by Ji Dong. After has achieved over 80% effects their each other magic power fuses the control.

This Yin-Yang two mutual promotions of the five elements circulate, distinct has formed two wholes, when their strengths simultaneously send out, the might is not inferior to Six-Crown Mage cultivation base unexpectedly. Must know, magic power differs One-Crown, but different! After this is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements , the formidable results of producing. In addition completion of Yin-Yang double earth combination skill under Ji Dong control, the defensive power that produces is startled including Ji Dong. He understands, oneself idea is correct. Only then separates the Yin-Yang different five elements attributes, truly can complete the five elements fusion, goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances.

"Attention feels all that you then make. The body relaxes, magic power outputs voluntarily." The Ji Dong sound resounds in each student mind. He has decided to demonstrate one time to have a look to these schools personally, actually their strengths should how use. These students are the novice, the actual combat experience are too after all bad, suddenly faces formidable magic beast to enter the condition a little to be truly difficult. Ji Dong must do, must establish enough confidence for them first, and makes them feel the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements strategy the mystery to be at fully.

Attack that fire having a nightmare demon tiger launches was defended, it has also gawked, but, this also fully stimulated this formidable magic beast ominous. The angry roaring sound sends out once more, on it each hair started. The body kicks out once more, opens fingers/tiger mouth suddenly, one group of dazzling white fireballs have emitted. Its that huge body followed to throw behind this group of white fireballs.

If formerly were the probing attack, then, this fire having a nightmare demon tiger is whole-heartedly. Only has these enemies kills to eat completely. Can dispel hate of its heart.

Class of students discovered, they completely lost the control to the body, all that but can actually the clear feeling own have, including magic power revolution way, the change of lineup, magic power output wait/etc.. Saw fire having a nightmare demon tiger wicked shape wicked shape threw . Moreover the forms of defensive action had the change obviously, in the one by one heart once more clutches tightly. However, was quick their anxiety to change into shocking.

"five elements rotates, the double water attacks." The Ji Dong sound resounds at the same time, Yin-Yang two simultaneously had the change, originally has separated, in the two sides male and female student combine in revolving close up to the middle, is only several steps migrations, two Water department students have replaced formerly Earth department student surface to get a light from another light the having a nightmare demon tiger. One blue one purple, two light beams simultaneously lasing, but these time is actually not a large area of release, but condenses in together, changes into two arm thick or thin substantive light beams from the sky to condense.

The bluish violet dual-color light beam projects outrageously, wonderfully to summit just right hit, in the fire having a nightmare demon tiger emits, but on white fireball. In the loud sound, in the air water and fire two types of elements also blast out loudly. Fierce shake strength made ten students simultaneously retrocede one step. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation magic power that but their within the body is revolving unceasingly helped them melt the magic power shake in within the body instantaneously. When like attack meets the approaching enemy by whole, when defends, they also similarly is a whole, will shake the strength to disperse on the bodies of five people instantaneously, melts through the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power circulation again fast. Regardless of the attack of match is what species, does not have any difference regarding them.

The body that fire having a nightmare demon tiger that sharply quickly throws in airborne suppressed stiffly, the four limbs fell to the ground.

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Chapter 343: The actual combat, smelting trial and five elements change

Facing pinnacle double water bombardment in five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation under. The body that fire having a nightmare demon tiger that sharply quickly throws in airborne suppressed stiffly, the four limbs fell to the ground. Has not waited for it to jump once more, here class of ten students have completed the five elements rotation once more, these time launches the attack changed into Fire department.

The Third Fire department purple morning star and Fourth Fire department stretch/leisurely qian became the attack arrow, they discovered pleasantly surprised, under the function of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, they do not require any chapter of strength time. So long as everybody's magic power has not exhausted, can continue to attack.

Their forms of defensive action are the purest magic power outputs, may say without any practical skill, although to magic power is some waste, but the advantage, does not need to gather the strength.

Therefore, the body of fire having a nightmare demon tiger was just suppressed, he then withstands, is the Yin-Yang two fires combination skill attack after five elements mutual promotion of the five elements amplification.

This all completes under the control of Ji Dong, the double fire attack is he is without a doubt most familiar, this time, two columns of flame from the sky congeal directly one group of fireballs, the bombardment go. Yin- Yang two fires ball that Ji Dong most excels. Although is not the pinnacle attribute, but gathered magic power of complete ten student to add on the crosstalk amplification and Yin-Yang combination skill amplification again. The might, dominates in flash above the fire having a nightmare demon tiger absolutely.

Thunders resounds once more, this that fierce explosion sound as if made the mountain peak fiercely shake. Fire having a nightmare demon tiger calls out in grief, its huge body stiffly was departed about several meters by bang unexpectedly, in the ground has left behind a burned black big hole.

Before also god steed aggressive Rank 6 magic beast at this time had half to turn into the hard coke color, very strong red flame of originally ascension has extinguished completely, fiery-red hair can save already few.

Fire having a nightmare demon tiger calls out in grief, turns around runs, it has felt the intense death threat, the escape is most important, this time it, could not give a thought to any king of beasts again the dignity.

What a pity, Ji Dong does not have any to let off its meaning, five elements rotates, these time turned into Metal department. Seventh Metal department Hou hard, Eighth Metal department hard Wu, became the attack arrow.

A white gold/metal, two ray instantaneously from the sky condensation are one, is similar to a sharp advantage arrow lightning departs.

Metal department magic power attack speed also puncture, is in five elements is strongest. Under soul vortex comprehensive locking of Ji Dong, does the fire having a nightmare demon tiger also possibly have the possibility of escaping? Sees only that gold/metal white ray to dodge not to have. In fire having a nightmare demon fingers/tiger mouth sends out earthshaking bellowing. The huge body jumps suddenly, numerous falling fall. The body is twitching unceasingly, again has not actually crawled. Its heart was penetrated by this final double gold/metal combination completely.

Ji Dong stands from beginning to end same place has not moved, only then his both eyes turned into the white quietly, at this time, the white retreats slowly, the soul control ended.

Actually carries on the soul control is a very dangerous matter. If own soul at least can not make a false counter-accusation by ten times . The psychic forces of these students are really few pity, with Ji Dong disparity far more than ten times. Therefore Ji Dong bold has carried on the soul control to them. Made them be involved, most deeply has understood this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation combination skill mystery.

Ten people, look at each other in blank dismay, no one could speak. Even if Chen Sixuan is also so, in her eyes similarly has also been full of the extreme shock. Even if she is Lie Yan (raging flames) time, has not thought five elements magic power can so use.

five elements combination skill is almost is impossible to realize, most can only be the aura is accommodating. But Ji Dong actually tries another method, this is not five elements combination skill, actually the incisiveness of mysterious display the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, repels one another. Must know, this may be only the ability that one crowd of universal two, Three-Crown student can achieve! The admittance threshold made one be flabbergasted lowly, without a doubt, if this cultivation method passed on, sufficiently change entire Mage world pattern. From now on low level Mage is not existence of weak, so long as there is an enough fit capability, high rank Mage in the face of such combination, is impossible to profit. Ji Dong Ji Dong, actually you how think.

The Ji Dong ice-cold vision at this time also became temperate, the double fist in sleeves got hold of subconsciously, the theory integration practice was the truth. Without a doubt, his tentative plan is successful. This type strengthened the low level Mages strength using the alternative method enormous degree of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements. So long as practices industriously. Most only takes two years, such combination can be completed, carries on the relatively perfect coordination. Then must do, how to carry on the improvement to this strategy. "Has any issue, now can ask. The purple morning star, goes to take crystal core of fire having a nightmare demon tiger."

Morning star's hostility to Ji Dong at this time already completely by five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation combination skill covers mysteriously, the resistance in sound clearly reduced.

"Was Teacher, you had controlled our bodies a moment ago?" The Ninth Water department mirror rain asked. He is full of the gratitude to Ji Dong, although he had not seen fire having a nightmare demon tiger how Ji Dong prevents, but he is very clear, if not this Teacher Ji Dong gets rid, oneself have become the food of fire having a nightmare demon tiger.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "This is an application of psychic force, or is the release of soul strength, you are away from this level too to be far at present, many that too does not need to understand. Your actual combat experiences are not very rich, I do this, to let you better experience mystery of mutual promotion of the five elements circulation."

Seventh Metal department Hou hard Wendao: "Teacher Ji Dong, why finally what that gets rid is our Metal department, fire gold/metal, by the Metal department attack, isn't instead must by the attribute restraint of fire having a nightmare demon tiger?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Fact has answered your this question. five elements repels one another yes right, but, is not the absolute restraint. In other words, the water can the to subdue|grams fire, what fire but actually cannot or be any flame completely suppression does not have the might. Double gold/metal magic power combination that before you and hard Wu completed, was in itself not fire having a nightmare demon tiger pure Third Fire can restrain. Moreover, that time it was seriously injured, I choose the Metal department attack. Because of the Metal department penetrating power, another because of getting rid speed. Has traded magic power of other departments, is not necessarily able its one to strike to kill, making it run into the mountain forest to add uncertainties."

Nearby hard Wu laughs, said: "Teacher Ji Dong, what I want to ask, your today's words suddenly were why many. I to your guidance without a doubt. But I always thought that you changed have resembled likely personally, naturally, this to us was a big good deed."

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Was only in the heart something thinks through. This is only my private affair. Even if has not thought through, so long as you do according to my direction, I also believe oneself will not mislead the youth."

The purple morning star took Rank 7 crystal core of fire having a nightmare demon tiger to come back, fiery-red crystal core has fist big or small, glittering and translucent carving, strong Fire Element fully even forms light light fog in the crystal core surrounding, seems is really enchanting. However he was first has handed over in front of Ji Dong crystal core.

Ji Dong said: "On me has not stored up Magic Tool, you give the class leader Schoolmate Chen Sixuan to take care first."

The purple morning star said: "Teacher Ji Dong, our Fire department got rid a moment ago reason that the might is so big, probably is our attack magic power received your control. Such might is we can achieve?"

Ji Dong said: "Temporarily is not good. Your controlling forces are also not enough to compress own magic power. The principle of Yin-Yang two fires ball, unifies Yin Fire magic power and Yang Fire magic power, carries on certain compression again. Enough controlling force do not attempt easily, otherwise explodes in your hands, the might did not joke. Fire having a nightmare demon tiger is pure Fire department, but you release. Then is Yin-Yang two fires, similarly is fire can also restrain it. This is the function that Yin-Yang dual attribute complements one another. Therefore, although you are divided into two groups, but will want the striking power maximum degree to display, will need each other to coordinate closely. Must speed up responding. From now on, you two group I assign a team leader respectively, I am impossible forever to follow when you, therefore, then hunts and kills magic beast, carries on the instruction to issue by your team leaders. Male student group team leader purple morning star, female student group team leaders. " Here. Ji Dong looks to five female students, starts from Chen Sixuan, arrives at Fourth Fire department stretch/leisurely qian and Sixth Earth department Luo banyan tree and Eighth Metal department hard Wu as well as Tenth Water department gold/metal again. Other four female students simply do not have any idea, in their eyes, this team leader should hold the post by Chen Sixuan inevitably.

"The team leaders of female student group are by Fourth Fire department stretch/leisurely qian. stretch/leisurely Qian, you and purple morning star with are Fire department, is the team leaders, while directing this group, must the attention each other coordinate frequently, understood?"

stretch/leisurely Qian is surprised, looks at Ji Dong, "Teacher, do you make me be the team leader? My where can with thinking of compared with the fine jade!"Their five female students live in a dormitory in the school, the relations are extremely harmonious. Although Chen Sixuan the age is not biggest, but her status and strength already became the right to speak owners in dormitory.

Ji Dong lightly said: "She is not suitable to be this team leader, stretch/leisurely Qian, do not disappoint me."

stretch/leisurely Qian looks to Chen Sixuan, actually discovered that the Chen Sixuan vision is tranquil, does not have, because Ji Dong has not appointed this team leader to have any look change.

Meaning of Chen Sixuan very clear Ji Dong, her cultivation base and other students bad were too many, in this team, her magic power is unable to display. She does not know how Ji Dong will arrange itself.

Ji Dong reaches out Chen Sixuan, Chen Sixuan very natural handing over one bottle of liquor give him, Ji Dong said: "Same place rest, gives the process that you time experience of quarter that fought a moment ago. Now you should understand why I will lead you to come here to carry on the smelting trial. In the following smelting trial, I will not control you again on own initiative, all enemies will be faced by you. I will instruct with the language. You must quickly master the fight method, particularly two team leaders, you must remember, what grasps in your hands is the life and your life of complete teammates."

The master leads passing through the gate, practices in individual, Ji Dong has not carried on the refinement to explain from beginning to end, in his opinion, only then through the actual combat, whets in the actual combat unceasingly, can make these students realize truly mysterious. He also many makes the observation, seeks for the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation to combine the magic skill flaw to make up.

The time of quarter passed by quickly. Starts off once more, the time that second magic beast presents imagines them flies. Almost upward is less than hundred meters, arrives on the mountain approximately 1200 meter above sea level about place, a First Wood department Rank 5 magic beast Jing wooden porcupine flushed.

Although this porcupine is Rank 5, but the body huge degree is not inferior to the beforehand that rush of blood to the head having a nightmare demon tiger. Moreover its appearance is quite sudden, initiated the sprint directly.

"Ties, five elements rotates, the double fire attacks." The Ji Dong reminder sound first resounds, this time, the reaction rate of students was obviously fast.

Had front got a light from another light the experience of having a nightmare demon tiger, they understand, coped with five, Rank 6 magic beast by their respective strengths is completely. In the heart startled naturally also reduced, although somewhat is thrown into confusion as before, but has sent eventually out the attack.

Yin-Yang two fires changes into the red and blue column of flame, has blocked the Jing wooden porcupine directly. bang'ed, the body bombardment of Jing wooden porcupine turns over for one week on the ground. Just, did not have the control of Ji Dong, magic power that they can control only then complete mutual promotion of the five elements magic power 40%, attacked the might compared with formerly greatly to reduce, skin coarse meat the thick whole body was covered with Jing to stab the Jing wooden porcupine that not injured.

"five elements rotates, the double gold/metal attacks." The Ji Dong calm sound resounds once more.

The war starts, just as such that Ji Dong said that this time he does not have to control the students again, is carries on the attack and defense by them completely. Although they can only display mutual promotion of the five elements magic power 40%, but also advantage, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, magic power output continuously . Moreover the middle does not need any to gather the strength the process. Unceasing carries on five elements to rotate, starts attacks one after another. Although quite a while cannot give Jing the wooden porcupine to strike fatally, but under they nearly uninterrupted magic skill bombardment, the Jing wooden porcupine cannot approach them.

"Everybody paid attention. five elements rotates, double hydrated ice attack."

The royal purple ray covers Jing wooden porcupine body instantaneously, Jing wooden porcupine body slightly one stiff, the next moment, it unexpectedly became energetic several points, body Jing to stab wanted ** however left.

"Double fire bombardment." The second instruction of Ji Dong again. Two group rapid rotations, the purple morning star and stretch/leisurely qian these two team leaders simultaneously fully start magic power to shell.

Loudly in the loud sound, this time, under the people surprisedly attention, after the Jing wooden porcupine was shelled, painful hiss howling, the movement obviously became slow.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Remaining gave you."

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Chapter 344: Eruption! Armanz mountain

The Jing wooden porcupine is in itself only Rank 5 magic beast. Even if Chen Sixuan can also cope, after let alone is ten people with joint forces, already its wound.

Then does not need the direction of Ji Dong, the Yin-Yang two teams needs to do, did not have many Jing wooden porcupines of threat with this as the target of smelting trial.

The free time of a while, the Jing wooden porcupine * had been killed lethal, crystal core in Chen Sixuan hand were also also many.

"You know why the battle efficiency of Jing wooden porcupine does meet the sharp decline?" The display of Ji Dong multi- students has not appraised, but asked the issue.

Chen Sixuan said: "Should because of postglacial deposits fire, the cold and heat occur simultaneously to make its body unable first to withstand. Although Water department magic power injures to it very slightly instead to making its magic power receives the stimulation, but promotes several points, but, suddenly from extremely cold to extremely hot, its body will have the problem."

Ji Dong nodded, said: Right that "said. It looks like a crystal cup, if roasts in the fire first then adds the ice water, it will have greatly possibly blasts open to be the same very much. Therefore, in the application of five elements magic power, cannot rigidly adhere to promoting and constraining mutually, these want you unceasing the experience in the actual combat to be good. Gives you again the quarter the time, learns the beforehand experience to restore magic power, then continues."

Had front these two wars to take the upholstery, not only gained in an experience, what was more important was establishment of confidence. Class of students through actual combat true feeling the magical thing of this mutual promotion of the five elements five elements circulation strategy. They face the Jing wooden porcupine again time. Coordination of magic power release remarkably has been enhanced.

Discussion time Ji Dong of quarter has not been involved. He gradually entered into oneself Teacher the spirit now, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) when instructed him not to teach him who all cultivation methods refined, but directed slightly, what were more was makes him comprehend. The student own comprehension of forever teach to be much better directly compared with Teacher. This can truly become own thing, thus extrapolates, pupil surpasses the teacher.

Then, a smelting trial of class of student kept this Armanz mountain range at an elevation between 1200 meters to 1500 meters. Ji Dong through the psychic force survey that soul vortex releases, has determined most formidable magic beast in this range also Rank 6 like fire having a nightmare demon tiger. Regarding these students not only has enough many pressures, is not completely unmatchable, is appropriate.

Perishes under the mutual promotion of the five elements five elements circulation strategy along with another magic beast, direction of Ji Dong to the students started becomes fewer and fewer. Occasionally spoke a few words, can take to these students feelings of being suddenly enlighted. Plays the function that adds the finishing touch to be enough.

, Rank 5 magic beast definitely has not been gradually able to pose the threat to this ten people of squads, Rank 6 magic beast they deals with, although is more difficult, but also requires enough time to face.

In order to let them feels the full pressure, Ji Dong has not continued to keep side them again, but had confessed simply two team leader, oneself carries beverage bottle to enter the mountain forest to go. The students do not know that he does do, however in the following several days of smelting trial, they simultaneously has never met over two Rank 6 magic beast.

Under the guidance of Ji Dong, class Xueyuan has formed a good habit, after hunting and killing magic beast each time, everybody will gather, restores magic power, before while discussion, all sorts of successes and failures that one fights. Each other tacit understanding, influencing subtly is strengthened to the application of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation. The cohesive force of class and grade also starts becomes is getting stronger and stronger.

In several days of smelting trial processes and has to have the danger, if a danger does not have, that was not the smelting trial. When these Qianwei class of students headed by the purple morning star and stretch/leisurely meet some speeds express or are excel at the community long-distance attack skill magic beast. They will have some problems. Injury is unavoidable, luckily Second Wood department Mage in the people are Chen Sixuan such Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse, her treatment ability made battle efficiency of a class of students throughout maintain. Has existence of danger, made this smelting trial become more meaningful. For own life, each student without a doubt is more discrete and careful. The potential was stimulated large scale. Other did not say, within several days, in ten people to having three people of magic power raises promote one level. The actual combat experience and control to magic power, had the great strides.

Ji Dong naturally does not have to depart, he has been observing these students' performance in not far away, he does not hope that the students have the dependence to oneself the choice not with them in the same place. Otherwise, class of these students possibly that good luck hasn't met over two magic beast attacks?

In an instant, passed eight days of time, distance smelting trial ended also surplus final two days. Class of students can have a familiar task and handle it with ease regarding the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy gradually. Even if were meets ferocious magic beast also to be insufficient some people to call out in alarm makes noise. As the purple morning star and Director stretch/leisurely of Qian team leader, although cannot look like Ji Dong to be so accurate, but is also considered as on fair. Including Chen Sixuan, each student has the enormous harvest during these eight days. Through the unceasing actual combat, the clear feeling oneself that is similar to the enhancement that the rocket rises, they did not have the slightest bit to question to their Teacher Ji Dong again, only feels a heartfelt admiration.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you told us why your eyes did have a liking for Teacher Ji Dong? We just saw Teacher Ji Dong time, thinks that he is only a drunkard. You have any knack! Quickly teaches to our some. Later we also well remove a rich son-in-law."gold/metal was saying in the Chen Sixuan ear in a low voice, while eats has smiled.

They just killed Rank 6 magic beast, is resting same place. The male student and female student spread out some slightly, can therefore hear gold/metal words also only then her side numerous female students. They pull open from the rest accumulate after the unceasing actual combat have the way that. In this case, which position regardless of presents magic beast, another side partner can rescue promptly, is insufficient all people attacked to be caught off guard. After all the strength of their individual is very weak. Is Rank 5 and Rank 6 magic beast place is very everywhere dangerous in this.

Chen Sixuan charming face slightly red, in the heart the secretly thought, which my has any eyesight, I am his woman!

"Do not tease me, why I do not know, or is falls in love."When spoke these words, before Chen Sixuan recalls Ji Dong, to oneself vindicated when the appearance, he did not say at that time? Falling in love.

"Oh"gold/metal has drawn a major tone intentionally, mischievous saying with a smile: "Originally is falls in love! Our Teacher Ji Dong are really the good good fortunes, although I am a girl, must envy him. Our thinking fine jades are beautiful! Comes, making the elder sister kiss quickly." "Do not make." The Chen Sixuan big feeling cannot endure, hurries to run up to the one side with a smile, being beautifully attired that one group of girls smile immediately. Although the appearances and makings of other female students cannot compared with Chen Sixuan, but after all is the young people, oldest over 20 years old, have not been full of the young blood. Another side male students that looks at has a parched mouth. However, at this time they did not have the daydream to Chen Sixuan. Compares the strength with the beautiful woman is more important, had the strength also to fear that didn't have the woman? In their opinion, Chen Sixuan is the Teacher Ji Dong person, but Teacher Ji Dong relates to them whether becomes the powerhouse. Therefore, even if the purple morning star, has restrained. Will not look for Chen Sixuan to speak on own initiative.

At this moment, suddenly, everyone felt own head seemed to be dizzy the moment, their bodies subconsciously rocked.

"What's the matter?"Purple morning star first jumped.

The people discovered that surrounding all, even including their mountain massifs to start to rock. Rocks from slightly gradually becomes fierce, their Lien Chan somewhat could not even come to a stop.

"It is not good, is the earthquake."Fifth Earth department slow Li exclaimed, the Mage strength is strong, impossible and nature contends. heavenly prestige is unpredictable!

"It is not the earthquake, the Armanz mountain is the active volcano, perhaps is the volcanic eruption." The Chen Sixuan sound is stable, although she knows that the Armanz mountain is a very dangerous place, but has not thought that so will be skillful, the short ten days of smelting trial time have experienced volcanic eruption this matter unexpectedly.

It looks like must confirm her words, unequalled fierce thunders along with the earth trembles intensely remembers suddenly, everyone of shake falls down, is unable to be exceptional including Chen Sixuan such Six- Crown powerhouse. The people are almost subconscious raising the head look to the space, sees only one group of thick smokes to mix the innumerable stones to gush in the upper air. Strong sulfur flavor/smell mixes the blazing aura to fill the air on the mountain instantaneously.

Under the mountain , the red light one after another breaks in airborne. That blazing the ray that the signal stick of hot school releases, without a doubt, the teachers and students of other groups also felt the change on mountain, the goal of everybody release signal stick only then one, that was all retreats. Who dares to contend with heavenly prestige?

Position that appears from the signal good ray can see, besides their one class, other nine classes let alone is on to a Armanz mountain kilometer altitude, even if were 500 meters, only had one group of people. Without a doubt, along with volcanic eruption. They will evacuate rapidly.

But, a class so was unlucky, to resist with Rank 6 magic beast, position that at this time they are at already in halfway up the mountainside, approximately 1500 meters above sea level about. To withdraw from the Armanz mountain to require the suitable time totally. Although five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can strengthen their battle efficiencies, but they actually mostly are two, Three- Crown Mage, speed of running away absolutely quickly not.

At this time, rumble the loud sound became more and more clear, besides Chen Sixuan, other students is the surface like the dying embers. The joy that the smelting trial promotes is nothing left, they think that now, how can live is leaving here.

At this moment, a white form has been similar to floating appears like lightning, Ji Dong that ice-cold sound appears somewhat rapid, "is also staring doing, maintains the formation, gathers, full speed retreats. High- order magic beast on mountain wanted."

Why does not know, hears the Ji Dong sound, each student startled heart was tranquiler, on Chen Sixuan beautiful charming face reveals a light smile, she already knows that Ji Dong will not make them be injured. Has him, how even if the volcanic eruption can? Ji Dong surface of white clothing sinks the water, in an instant, each student felt in own brain to be as if many anything, the surrounding all became incomparably clear, nearby each trees, each piece of bush clear presented in their mind.

Does not have the slightest bit to neglect again, under the people hurry full speed to make a pilgrimage to a famous mountain temple dash about wildly to go, Chen Sixuan lags behind intentionally, but Ji Dong is responsible for bringing up the rear in the team tail.

The Armanz mountain had the change the flash, Ji Dong has discovered that compared with early that the students discovered that first hurried back. The volcanic eruption, they must face, not only heavenly prestige of nature. Simultaneously also magic beast.

Most magic beast are unable to survive similarly in volcanic eruption, therefore, facing volcanic eruption. magic beast that these are unable to fly only then escapes. That rumble the loud sound the sound that beyond makes except for the Armanz mountain, almost all from dashes about wildly in magic beast the sound that brings.

At the Ji Dong speed did not certainly fear that was overtaken by magic beast, but, his these students may not be good, cultivation base decides the speed, although is dashing about wildly, but their speeds are too as before slow. Even if there is psychic force direction of Ji Dong, the speed of escaping is also far from enough.


Also is a loud sound, is staggering to students one that under the mountain flushes away, nearly once more tumbles, this shake is not too luckily intense. At this time, airborne had the massive volcanic ashes to sprink, everyone becomes dirty. Strong sulfur taste made them breathe impeded. The sky turned into cinerei completely. Looks up to the sky, can see indistinctly has the flame to spray from the Armanz mountain summit. The originally mountainside above cloud diverged under the high temperature completely, even some also places formed the acid precipitation to sprink. magic beast pursued finally, dozens Jing wooden porcupines were panic- stricken sharply flushed from the mountain downward. These Jing wooden porcupine build are quite gigantic, no longer is the Rank 5 range. Dashes about wildly hiss the howling sound, making in the students heart fill scared.

"Do not look back, has run. I will bring up the rear for you." The Ji Dong calm sound spreads to everyone brain instantaneously, but, the person have the reverse psychology and curiosity, the purple morning star could not bear to behind shot a look at one, happen to saw that dozens Rank 6 Jing wooden porcupines had the appearance that potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt was flushing.

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Chapter 345: Teacher Ji Dong strength

That is not Rank 6 magic beast. But is one crowd. How many Teacher Ji Dong will not compare them to be old, can he be able to resist?

"Teacher, I help you." The purple morning star stops the footsteps suddenly, although he is proud, although spoils to be conceited since childhood, but, he is actually not a coward. Turns around resolutely, stimulates to movement magic power, must fight side-by-side with Ji Dong.

The sound that hears the purple morning star, several male students stopped, the making way path, making the female students run first. When they see that many Jing wooden porcupines, in the heart only then a thought that that is likely a man who dies must die.

The courage of female student is smaller, but since, everybody was fighting side-by-side for serveral days, the male student stops the footsteps to take to their huge touching, at this moment, stretch/leisurely Qian and other females entertain feelings have the feeling of type of acid. The women are perceptual animals, when they were moved. Even be stronger than the man. Therefore, they also stopped footsteps, runs toward lagging behind Chen Sixuan, planned that forms the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy with her, although they know, does this does not have what significance, but actually as before dutifully did.

"Bastard. Do I have a need for you helping? Quickly runs." The Ji Dong shouting angrily sound gets up, all class of students saw picture that in their life is unable to put behind. Although the students stop appear somewhat act recklessly, but in the Ji Dong heart is very gratified at this time, they can stop the footsteps altogether anti- invincible powerful enemy in this crucial moment, how obviously the cohesive force has been the degree. Own guidance has not wasted, these eight days of smelting trials have obtained have surpassed his anticipated effect.

The dark-red brilliance fills the air quietly, under a gaze of student, god hot Saint king Kai who fills with the cruel aura seven months later, once again appeared on Ji Dong.

The giant pair of wings that the dark-red armor, strange cloud pattern, also that fierce masks and sharp thorns, in addition behind stretch, has been full of the powerful visual impact strength.

In the heart has flooded being unafraid of death mood students also to look stayed, this, is this their Teacher Ji Dong?

the next moment, that dark-red form moved, his body just like the deep red light, the personal appearance flashes together, welcomed a Jing wooden porcupine that flushed first.

Did not have the slightest bit to stay, sees only that red light suddenly illusory twinkle. The vision best several students also see the tip of the toe of Ji Dong at that Rank 6 porcupine head point, the whole person has risen, leapt. the next moment, the body of that Jing wooden porcupine coagulated suddenly, the huge body even still before under the effect of inertia continues to/clashes, but, its entire pig has blasted out loudly, changes into one group of dazzling golden flame.

This is only a start, that dark-red form, looks like the demon god arrives general, the personal appearance lightning flash, each twinkle brings, was the death melodies.

Vision of a class of students is not even able to follow his form, any Jing wooden porcupine has not made him stop the possibility of moment. But in this mountain forest, has shone bunch of golden flame. How nobody sees clearly Ji Dong to do, Chen Sixuan is not good. They as before have not even seen the appearance of Yin-Yang Crown in the Ji Dong top of the head, altogether is only the time that several times breathe, that dozens Jing wooden porcupines changed into dozens groups of golden flame.

"Also silly is standing doing? Has not run."Until that familiar ice-cold sound resounds when the people top of the head, they from shocking to respond.

That dark-red form does not know when arrived above their top of the head, the giant pair of wings opens, looks like the protective umbrella is the same. A layer upon layer golden halo unceasingly blooms from him, the dark-red mail-armor and helmet gradually turned into the golden color. That golden light prevents the volcanic ash and crushed stone that above their top of the head dropped completely, at this moment, in each student heart as if choked up anything. This just like demon god general existence, is their Teacher! They did not think that the god hot Saint king Kai mask is ferocious, that fills the mask of sharp thorn at this time seems that lovable.

"Runs!" The purple morning star cries, runs to mountain. Has such formidable backing, what significance do they leave behind also? Does not run is the fool. Dozens Rank 6 magic beast, that is dozens Rank 6 magic beast! In front of their Teacher Ji Dong, looks like generally by one by one that the paper sticks is lit.

Hou Xin's speed is not slower than the purple morning star, an arrow step pursued, in the mouth is also shouting, "and compared with our Teacher Ji Dong, these department heads are the dregs!"

Not only this time class of students do not have the slightest bit to fear again, instead has filled excitedly. They saw with one's own eyes anything are the genuine powerhouses. Can the second add up totals ten Rank 6 magic beast Mage, isn't the powerhouse? This is the solid backing!

"Teacher Ji Dong, you later were my idol."hard Wu cries. Her words have also aroused a resonance of student, on each face is revealing the excited smiling face, as if they are are not escaping now, but was the award was ordinary.

Facts showed that their happy too early a point, suffering a defeat and fleeing of Jing wooden porcupine has not represented was finishing, but starts. The back rumble the loud sound is getting more and more intense, flies Ji Dong in sky also to frown. The body in midair stopped has gotten down has not followed the students to continue again to the mountain goes.

The volcanic eruption has a process, at first is light belching smoke, then to sky **, the massive volcanic ash mix magma sprays, but in most starts, is actually only some volcanic ashes. Truly to comprehensive ** magma time, requires certain time. Therefore, at least currently speaking, volcanic eruption is also not enough to threaten the life of people.

However, this Armanz mountain is not the ordinary volcano, here will dwell massive magic beast, the volcanic eruption similarly will also be posing the well-known threat to them, will want to live, they must run, are separated from the range of Armanz mountain volcanic eruption to be good. But this escape behavior is the Rank 6 magic beast Jing wooden porcupine will do incessantly, Rank 7 and Rank 8 even are Rank 9 magic beast also similarly must escape. In front of heavenly prestige of nature, only then few extremely powerful magic beast do not fear.

Reason that Ji Dong stops , because he saw blotting out the sky magic beast. The vision institute and place, at least several hundred Rank 6 above magic beast crazily are running away, the place visited, the vegetation flies horizontally. Some running is slower level relatively low magic beast directly to be trampled lethal. In this crowd of magic beast, Ji Dong even saw existences of two Rank 9 magic beast.

If gives his enough time, Ji Dong has confidence these magic beast kills completely, by his present strength, Rank 9 magic beast has not definitely been able to constitute to threaten to him, more preliminary magic beast was needless to say.

However, he now is actually not a person, under his body. also ten students. Let alone is Rank 9 magic beast, casual Rank 7 magic beast can also all people besides Chen Sixuan kill, moreover in they use in a mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method situation. Ji Dong does not have the sufficient time, he must do now, must be prevents these magic beast to clash from this direction, shields own student to retreat. Therefore, he stopped.

"You walk first, I bring up the rear." The Ji Dong sound is very tranquil, from his sound, even cannot hear the slightest bit mood to fluctuate.

This students have not stopped again, through strength that Ji Dong formerly showed. Made them understand fully, oneself remained only to be drags Ji Dong to retrocede, only then left the strategic place as soon as possible is to the Ji Dong biggest help. Therefore, everybody complied, whole-heartedly runs to the mountain. At this time, they arrived at approximately elevation about one kilometer position, wants to be separated from the Armanz mountain range, has heavy responsibilities.

Strong golden flame erupts instantaneously from Ji Dong, the students had anticipated Yin-Yang Crown that sees appeared above the Ji Dong top of the head finally, black and white dual-color was complicated on, condensed his unique royal crown. God hot Saint king Kai turned into the dazzling golden color completely, the strong golden flame regarding the Ji Dong body ascension, the ascension said three zhang (3.33 m) altitude.

Both eyes of Ji Dong have shone suddenly, sees only him to swing the body in a flash, that golden flame instantaneous condensation is the essence, the transformation is five meters high huge body. Flame Sovereign King body.

Meanwhile, spirited dragon recited sound that to erupt from Flame Sovereign King body that huge body, six completely had golden Giant Dragon that pinnacle Yang Fire condensed becomes to soar, proliferated instantaneously, has blocked all magic beast ways. Tyrannical pinnacle positive fire attribute suppresses to blot out the sky the eruption along with the spiritual suppression of Ji Dong soul vortex release.

The students occasionally turn head to look at one, their vision coagulated immediately, this, is this Teacher Ji Dong true strength? Six- Crown, Level 67, but, is this really the strength that Six-Crown Mage can release? Why is the Teacher Ji Dong flame the golden color? Why he can burst out so terrifying magic power. could it be can Teacher Ji Dong prevent the impacts of several hundred magic beast to be inadequate by own strength?

At this moment, eyes of students was moist, they know certainly that Ji Dong such will do why, by the Ji Dong flying ability, can definitely depart voluntarily, even can also carry off Chen Sixuan. But, he has not done, keeping off that but is duty-bound not to turn back in them behind, has prevented the long-range raids of these fatal magic beast with own strength.

If under normal circumstances, facing the dual attribute suppression of Ji Dong, even if will be the Rank 10 magic beast also slightly scruple moment. Especially suppression in soul, Ji Dong present soul vortex. Compares favorably with the Saint beast sufficiently.

However, the dog anxious will also jump the wall, when the life encounters the enormous threat, not only human can the potential erupt, magic beast is also same. Faced with ruinous crisis of volcanic eruption, these magic beast already nearly crazy. Although the strength under the dual suppressions of Ji Dong reduces greatly, but they do not have the little while to stop flushed.

Rumbling rumbling......, A series of bellows resound in front of Ji Dong, several Rank 7 magic beast were raised by flame dragon firebrick huge magic power flies in the midair. But these after all are Rank 7 magic beast, in Ji Dong the magic power scattered situation in cannot them, as soon as strikes fatally. What is more important, followed Rank 8 and Rank 9 magic beast to clash.

In this extremely critical moment, the red pupil suddenly ray on Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai mask blooms, the next moment, he jumped, the body from the sky flies upside down, the giant pair of wings opens, is controlling the balance of body. Golden flame restrains suddenly, the Flame Sovereign King body also returns to oneself in the instantaneous contraction. In the air strong Fire Element is similar to all rivers run into the sea goes to his body gathering generally. Both hands lift up high excessively, is up and down, makes to grasp the shape, the startled day red band of light unequalled swift and fierce is working off anger together blooms outrageously.

magic beasts that even if has not stopped under Ji Dong dual attribute suppressions, stopped their footsteps at this time finally, the frightened ray appears in including Rank 9 each magic beast eye. This is not the fear of their innermost feelings, but stems from most source subconscious. Because they feel, is the aura of god.

Nine meters red sword, that appears in both hands that in Ji Dong and grasps, the flash when that red sword presents, the body of Ji Dong completely had also been exaggerated the red.

Was discovering in class of students who flees fast, in air scalding hot vanished in this moment unexpectedly, even broke in the sky from the crater gloomily the flame several points, only had the red light beam that shot up to the sky seems the core of world.

After the god who since fierce, flame double sword seal the deicide has cultivated like this knows, after this will be Ji Dong first time will combine and complement one another Fire God double sword to release. He does not know that now the sword of this Fire God has achieved what kind of might. When the red sword appears in his both hands, some types must let go the feeling of unexpectedly departing, the formidable and cruel aura bursts out unceasingly from the red sword, is flooding the terrifying murderous intention and intense unwillingness. Repairs the function that like this god knows. As the Level 2 god slanders the eminent, the god who cultivates like this knows is not absolutely easy to melt. If not the sword of Fire God is the weapon of Lord God, perhaps he early has broken through fetters.

The god who cultivates like this knows the frightened every day of presenting to deepen, the creativity that itself the chaos strength that the bead of Ji Dong that chaos releases contains is Lord God can have. Although his strength was unable compared with the god, but under the infiltration of bead of chaos, the sword of Fire God gradually to complete the process of restore by far, is in this process, the god who the deicide cultivates like this knows by the brand mark is built up in the Divine Sword gradually. This way, one day, cultivates Josse's god knowledge to integrate in this handle Divine Sword thoroughly. Arrived that time, his result only then relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish.

Repairs like this to anticipate god, his Boss Asura god saves him particularly. But, such for a long time passed, is the news all does not have. How he knows, oneself became in two big god king Dadu sacrificial victims. Passing rampant must pay price eventually.

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Chapter 346: The red sword leaves the body, the sun comes

The red sword leaves the body, Ji Dong felt that was not right. In hand the sword of this handle Fire God, although during his both hands grasp, but actually fierce shivers. He can feel clearly, the deicide god in sword within the body knows nearly crazily, does not count the initiation impact of price.

Must know, this stimulates to movement god to know fully attacks outward, although is most likely to break through fetters, but, attacks every time one time, the god who cultivates like this will know is also accelerated to swallow one time by the sword of Fire God, if the time grew, under will be in inverse proportion, will cultivate like this even to be fused into the possibility of Fire God sword completely.

Repairs like this naturally also to know this point, but, he actually has to do this, when the sword of Fire God in Ji Dong within the body, he does not have any opportunity, the body of Ji Dong like a giant furnace, the combination of soul vortex and chaos bead, has formed the comprehensive support to Fire God sword, the god who his is damaged knows simply does not have the slightest bit opportunity. Passed such a long time, the Fire God sword left the Ji Dong main body finally. Regarding him, this is once in a thousand years opportunity, if not attack while this time fully, the later opportunity was uncertainer.

Repairs Josse's change, truly gave Ji Dong to bring very big trouble, even if were he stimulates to movement magic power to suppress the hand sword of Fire God somewhat to be also hard to support completely. Camel of skinny is big, cultivates like this after all is a god, in does not count under the impact of price, the sword of Fire God as if momentarily must let go, but. Ji Dong is very clear, once in the hand the red sword left own grasps, then, it will split fiercely, the flame double sword immediately. Repairs the god who like this survives to know will also run away to go.

Will Ji Dong allow such situation to appear? Repaired like this to kill the Lie Yan (raging flames) murderer! Does not make his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, be never reincarnated, is difficult to solve hate of Ji Dong heart.

Intense hatred, proud and wild, floods in the Ji Dong mood instantaneously, the soul vortex stimulates comprehensively, a sparkling stone white ray appears above Ji Dong both hands, is the strength of bead of chaos.

By the collaboration of chaos and soul, Ji Dong stopped metastable the red sword, but, these formidable magic beasts, was getting more and more near.

A haughty long and loud cry resounds from the Ji Dong mouth suddenly, cloudy Yang Fire condensation law simultaneously appears behind him, the bead of chaos passes the body, only then the cream bead of cherry size erupts the unequalled intense white light instantaneously. When this white halo sends out from above instant, in world all as if static.

The gold and black two-color brilliance simultaneously appears on Ji Dong, the strong magic power fluctuation exaggerates into the huge air current to pass the body instantaneously. The air current of revolving, formed the giant vortex regarding the body of Ji Dong instantaneously, the bead of chaos elevates slowly, arrives at the position of Ji Dong forehead to stop, the time in an instant, stopping restored, but in this free time of flash. In the air all Fire Element, are similar to all rivers run into the sea generally comes in swarms to the dual-color vortex that on Ji Dong sends out.

Yes, this is the chaos strength, when the bead and the Ji Dong homemade hot demon chaos swallows fuses together, to air in Fire Element will produce instantaneously to swallow the level the effect. The fire attribute attack of enemy, is other with the fire related element, completely will be swallowed into the body at this kind of time by him. Becoming own magic power part.

Without a doubt, the Armanz mountain regarding Ji Dong absolutely is a good place, here has extremely sufficient Fire Element, what is more important, at this time the Armanz mountain is inclining the volcanic ash to the sky and magma. It can be said that in the air all spaces were wrested away by Fire Element, in this case, swallows the effect of presenting absolutely to be terrifying by the hot demon of bead of inspiring chaos.

Red air currents drop from the clouds, looks like the Ji Dong body surrounding that dual-color vortex extends, but ray. These red air current huge Fire Element condense to come. Can from the sky appear the so real main body, it can be imagined, at this time Fire Element in air was how abundant.

The deicides cultivate/repair like this are really bad luck, if changes a place, perhaps he while Ji Dong thinks, if with the sword of Fire God time, also certain opportunity to/clashes. But, fills the Fire Element place in this, the Ji Dong strength can be said as explosion of geometrical multiple. Cloudy Yang Fire condensation law and hot demon swallow, under the function of bead of chaos , to promote Ji Dong magic power to the unprecedented peak instantaneously.

Strong cream Chaos Fire already turned into white both hands to release from Ji Dong that covers entirely the sword of sword hilt Fire God. Chaos Fire, is in itself the source of forces of sword of Fire God. Repairs like this only to think the impact that oneself go all out as if hit on the sheet iron was the same, moreover in sword of giant furnace Fire God almost swallowed his god to know 1/10 strengths in the flash. Extremely panic-stricken, cultivates like this not to dare hurriedly, hurries to restrain own god knowledge.

But at this time, Ji Dong jumped, breaks in the midair, blots out the sky the general formidable magic beast impact facing that in the hand under the red sword delimits. In the sky, a strange and magnificent picture appeared, red light screen, appears the covering of fan shape across the sky, hung upside down generally cutting gently just like Milky Way above the Armanz mountain mountainside.

The red light flashes not to have, that giant red sword also at the same time submerges Ji Dong within the body to vanish does not see, even if the weary color/look can look from the red double pupil on god hot Saint king Kai mask.

Or thunders without any sound, is only in that flash, in the Armanz mountain range of erupted, the temperature of air suddenly dropped, Fire Element that originally wreaked havoc seems swept across. Although this humble one flash. Fire Element that the crater erupts has flooded once more, but, that hidden present feeling made the person mind that nearby the Armanz mountain can feel tremble swiftly swiftly.

The giant pair of wings opens, is supporting the body float of Ji Dong in the midair, formation that in his, a giant gully been quietly. This gully 50 meters in width, even if powerful land magic beast is unable to shoot, the depth is hundred meters, looks like the huge scabs of Armanz mountain, the gully length extends to the both sides, cannot see the boundary, what is most fearful, under that red sword direction, the magma hot rain that in the sky splashes is adsorbed part by the red sword unexpectedly, has filled in the gully.

The dark-red magma, braves the air bubble, the blazing temperature made the air present the wave distortion, this was the natural moat, Ji Dong establishes in magic beasts front natural moat together. Even if Rank 9 magic beast, is unable to jump over perimeter/thunder pool one step easily.

Biplane wing restraining, the floating body falls, Ji Dong hides the complexion after mask is somewhat pale, a moment ago this sword. If there is not repaired like this to disturb, for him is also not anything, after all, the Fire God double sword fused is one, no longer needs huge magic power to inject the fusion. His sword is not Fire God cuts such Ultra Certain Kill Skill void. However, to deal with the deicide cultivates Josse's backlash, Ji Dong has to transfer the strength and chaos bead of own complete magic power and soul, has completed this sword, if not fill the Fire Element place in this, this sword is also not necessarily able successfully. Therefore, after the red sword attacks to complete. He takes back oneself it immediately, although the sword of this Fire God patches gradually, but actually as before cannot use easily. However, Ji Dong indistinct between also has clearly to become aware. His fusion god technique as if follows this time attack to go a step further, has surmounted the fusion god technique's record faintly.

At this moment, suddenly, temperate and fills with the life aura magic power is similar to the spring rain comes generally, the body of cling Ji Dong, such as the silk plunges like the wisp.

If this is the attack strength, Ji Dong can the earliest possible time react inevitably, but it is not. Not is only not the attack, but also is the enormous amplification. Gentle magic power is moistening the body of Ji Dong, making his within the body mass consumption Fire Element light instantaneously once more, the ray dim many god hot Saint king Kai restored the gloss.

"How haven't you walked?"Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, the mask on face hidden enters within the body, turns head to behind to look.

Chen Sixuan stands in not the far place animated, dark green magic power is condensing such as the silk such as a wisp of halo to pour into to his within the body.

"I must help you."Looks that at present this is similar to the demon god common man, Chen Sixuan said in a soft voice. She of white women's clothing, in this fills the flame in the world, seems that moving. Wreaking havoc of volcanic eruption, as if became she perfect back background. Even if the heart of Ji Dong were filled by Lie Yan (raging flames) completely, at this moment also has the moment to be out of sorts for her glowing countenance.

On Chen Sixuan charming face is revealing the indifferent to fame or gain smile, when she accepts the evil god condition, the evil god had asked her, after being reincarnated the manner, how attribute magic power wants. She has chosen the wood without hesitation, but is not the fire that originally excels. When the evil god asked with amazement she why, her reply is very simple, only has three characters. The wood lights a fire.

Wood that yes, she chooses, is in order to assists his fire, is such simple.

"I cannot want you to help, quickly leaves here."Ji Dong sound eventually no longer that cold severe. If other students want to help him, may be a drag on his. But by Second Wood magic power of Chen Sixuan Six-Crown rank, truly can play quite good amplification role to him. Although is not pinnacle Second Wood, the control strength of Chen Sixuan to Wood department magic power is also quite exquisite, the present assistance does not have the slightest bit to waste. Made Ji Dong within the body feeble magic power rapidly restore, can Fire Element in better absorption air.

Chen Sixuan was very happy. Perhaps because she is a very easy satisfied girl, can add on Ji Dong, she was very satisfied.

"Teacher Ji Dong, what do you look at that are?"In the Ji Dong preparation was urging she quickly leaves, Chen Sixuan lifts the hand suddenly to the spatial middle finger.

Ji Dong turns head to airborne to look, immediately, his pupil contracts instantaneously, in the eye the none remaining puts greatly.

Sky over Armanz forest fire in the mountains mountain pass, ** the place of magma flame, the golden forms are circling unexpectedly. That golden form seems is not very big, is at the position that unable to distinguish its real size from them at this time. However, golden light that on it sends out actually that intense. The entire sky as if turned into the golden color.

Those who made Ji Dong surprised was, the magma hot rain that the Armanz mountain emitted contacted this golden body, immediately vanished, the crater erupted is clearly getting more and more intense, the hot rain that but dropped instead steadily was actually reducing. Only then some magma are flowing from the crater downward. "What is this? Probably is magic beast?"Ji Dong surprised saying. If this is magic beast, then, surely is extremely formidable magic beast. Even not only Rank 10 is so simple. Even if Fire department ordinary Rank 10 magic beast, does not dare absolutely such in the crater direct absorption magma ** magic power that produces cultivates. Only then Vermilion Bird such Totem level Divine Beast, has this ability. In other words, this group of golden light , if magic beast, is a strength is not then inferior to the Vermilion Bird Divine Beast level exists. Although was unable compared with the Saint beast, but also had the extremely formidable strength.

"Is three full suns."Chen Sixuan has arrived at side Ji Dong, in sound is bringing several points of excitement.

"How do you know?"Ji Dong turns head to look to Chen Sixuan, formerly among the looks the temperateness of moment restored ice-cold.

In the Chen Sixuan heart the secretly thought, how I possibly do not know, as guarding of a powerhouse earth core world entrances, three full suns can be said as several big protect in magic beast strongest, the strength must above Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost.

"I have looked in the ancient book. In the legend, the magic beast ruler of Armanz mountain is a sun, has not thought that it actually really exists. Although three full suns are not Totem Divine Beast, but its strength actually sufficiently compares favorably with Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird. However is cruel, perhaps this volcanic eruption is it initiates. It will not care about the surrounding other living thing the lives. Reason that it is formidable , because has to be able with solar communication strength. The strength of Sun is inexhaustible, if who can kill it, takes its crystal core, can have such strength. However, person who tries such to be, died. The strengths of three full suns are greatly strengthened, have the support of strength of Sun, the stamina is even bigger than Vermilion Bird."

Ji Dong asked: "Communicates with Sun, can produce what kind of results?" Chen Sixuan sees doubts in Ji Dong look, hastily said: "In book said perhaps is somewhat exaggerating. Three full suns are known as the sunbird, really has to communicate the ability of Sun, but I think, can absorb Fire Element that some Sun send out. The fire of Sun, is purely is also most overwhelming Third Fire, as for concrete effect how, only then tries to know."

In the Ji Dong eye the none remaining flashes, "that tries."

"What? Do you want to hunt and kill three full suns?"Chen Sixuan is surprised. Looks that the Ji Dong look immediately becomes dignified.

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Chapter 347: Three full sun

"It is not good, you cannot go. Three full suns are not general magic beast. Too dangerous."Chen Sixuan almost blurted out.

Ji Dong coldly has swept her one eyes, "my matter has not been one's turn you to decide. Quickly leaves here."At the same time was saying, he body, the back pair of wings has launched, has not flown directly to the sky, but is sticking to the mountain massif, crosses gully that oneself cut, climbs toward the mountain on.

Chen Sixuan has gawked, she then realized oneself are not Lie Yan (raging flames), was unable to guide Ji Dong like before. Before trading does, Ji Dong how possibly does not listen her. But now obviously is impossible.

Her hesitation not too for a long time, the dark green ray shines, her armor has put on once more on the body, the back two flaps spring from the armor two ribs, the tender body ball, pursues directly to the direction that Ji Dong leaves.

The feeling of Ji Dong is keen, Chen Sixuan just pursued, he felt, body in airborne half revolution, angrily said: "Do you with do, your very clear three pure gold are destroyed dangerous. Quickly leaves here."

"No, since you must go, I go with you. I understood more than you to three full suns, where I knew its weakness. Moreover, you have not taught us the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, I am Second Wood department Mage, the wood light a fire, have my assistance, your assuring will be bigger. could it be said, you think you couldn't protect me?"

Ji Dong has gawked, "I have not grasped to protect you. You quickly leave here. Where the weakness of three full suns, tell me now."

"It is not good, you must let me and you go together, otherwise I did not tell you. Your this rushes rashly, at all is not the matches of three full suns. That is the strength of Totem Divine Beast rank."Chen Sixuan is impossible to look that Ji Dong take risk, since cannot control his will, must with him in the same place.

Ji Dong hesitant, brows slightly wrinkled, "with tightening me."Spoke these words, turns around to continue to the mountain climbs. If there is fifty Saint Fire Dragon , the Ji Dong at least 40% assurances can resist this sun. What a pity, he can depend upon now, only then own strength. Control of Chen Sixuan to magic power is quite good, has her Second Wood magic power support, the chance truly wants on big many. Moreover clearly, the tenacity of this girl is not he can decide now.

Chen Sixuan has not said anything again, follows close on behind Ji Dong.

Ji Dong is pasting mountain massif upward flight. The body and following mountain massif are away from about 20 meters, as the matter stands, even if there is magic beast to clash from above, is unable to pose any threat to him. He does not have to airborne to fly naturally to have the reason directly. One is because he must carefully observe the sun first. He is not a rash person, at present this magic beast is formidable he naturally to feel clearly. Reason that has the confidence to cope with three full suns, mainly because of its attribute.

Three full suns are strong, has not been the chaos level, but Ji Dong oneself grasped Chaos Fire. Had this point, in the attribute, he had the superiority. Has filled the Fire Element place, originally is he most suits the fight the place. Very long has not received the feeling of powerful oppression, when like these students smelting trials must be able to stimulate the potential facing the great pressure, he also similarly has such idea. But at this time, his magic power consumption is not small, sticks to the mountain massif upward flight, to oneself time of cushion, after gradually restores own magic power, can with three full sun fights.

Cloudy Yang Fire condensation law sparkles behind Ji Dong, Fire Element in air condenses to come to him unceasingly, magma for him simply that in the sky sprays is not the issue. Although similarly is the magma, but can this spout the magma of surface to be able compared with the magma in earth core world earth core lake? This type of ordinary magma regarding Ji Dong is just the tonic. Even if falls on the body directly. Will not have any threat.

However, Chen Sixuan apparently did not have such superiority, she is not Lie Yan (raging flames), did not have Lie Yan (raging flames) that to control the hot ability. The fire to subdue|grams wood, her the attribute was suppressed at this time firmly. The surrounding high temperature made her body start to appear gradually ill. If no Six-Crown cultivation base to support, perhaps she must unable to insist.

Crosses elevation two kilometers shortly, the body of Ji Dong has stopped suddenly from the sky, waits for Chen Sixuan to pursue, he has turned head to say to her: "Bends down to me carries to come up, regardless has any situation, do not move heedlessly."

Chen Sixuan hears the word great happiness, first did not say the danger that they must face how, while this opportunity can with the Ji Dong short distance contact, to her pursue the great undertaking to have the advantage without doubt but actually very much. Immediately stretches out the arms, no trace of politeness has hugged, a pair of long leg takes over a business in the Ji Dong waist, is ordinary like eight claw fish, tight fitting on him.

Although two people both put on the armor, not any feeling of substantive contact, but the Chen Sixuan heartbeat obviously starts to accelerate. Finally with him such intimate in the same place.

Ji Dong somewhat speechless, although the Chen Sixuan body that she hugs is slender, will not affect the pair of wings that behind him launches, but her such no trace of politeness grasps firmly, made in his heart shiver slightly. Why does not know, in his soul vortex, raises unexpectedly an intense substantial feeling.

Ji Dong does not like this substantial and comfortable feeling, because in his heart suddenly had to plant to betray the feeling of Lie Yan (raging flames). If not the situation is urgent, he immediately flings certainly Chen Sixuan.

"How, Teacher Ji Dong?"Chen Sixuan laughed. Gathers the Ji Dong ear to ask.

"Do not move heedlessly, oneself control the good body, otherwise, was careful that I fall you."Spoke these words, Ji Dong once more jumps.

On Chen Sixuan charming face is revealing the satisfied smile, the back originally flap forwards the counter- volume, wraps directly in the position of Ji Dong chest and belly, own body fixing firmly on Ji Dong, although like this looks like somewhat strange, but her body was also and body of Ji Dong is away from two armor to contact closely.

Naturally, Chen Sixuan had not forgotten oneself with coming up makes anything, gentle Second Wood magic power outputs slowly, spreads to Ji Dong within the body from each position of body contact, is assisting the promotion of his within the body magic power. The effect that the wood lights a fire is extremely tangible, Ji Dong magic power restores the speed to increase immediately.

But Chen Sixuan was also more comfortable at this time, Ji Dong magic power passes voluntarily, the arrange/cloth next barrier outside two human bodies, this barrier has isolated outside temperature for her incessantly, helps Ji Dong absorb Fire Element in air, does not need to resist the outside again blazing, she also happen to wholeheartedly carried on to assist to Ji Dong.

The feeling that feels all the limbs and bones to be transmitting life aura and magic power that resume gradually, Ji Dong told itself to make Chen Sixuan with coming up reluctantly is not a mistake. The Armanz mountain, probably is at about 3500 meters highly. At the Ji Dong flying speed, time is not long, approached the summit gradually. Closer summit, the surrounding temperature is also higher, Fire Element even became viscous. Rich Fire Element not only helped Ji Dong cover entirely magic power in within the body, even also made him feel that very comfortable, as if returned to earth core lake.

, He saw clearly the appearances of three full suns from afar finally......


Armanz mountain at the foot of the hill.

Blazing the students of hot school finally the set in the camp was similar, Teacher of each class and grade appears somewhat flustered. Who can think that such a simple smelting trial unexpectedly will bump into volcanic eruption this millenniums the situation that is difficult to encounter?

Xuanyuan Xin was leading his two classes of students as well as the same group seven classes of students has also hurried back.

"What kind of? People complete/even?" The camp that they are at although has about five kilometers from the Armanz mountain, but the volcanic ash in sky, actually as before unceasing spread here. Luckily above the summit has the sun to absorb magma, perhaps otherwise, now here turned into a sea of fire.

Tang Yilian said: "Teacher Ji Dong and his class of student have not come back."

"What? They not with you in the same place?"Xuanyuan Xin was startled, other Teacher looks also become ugly. Facing one of the volcanic eruption this most dangerous nature disasters, cannot leave promptly, finally can only be the destruction.

Tang Yilian said: "We three classes of student responses are rapid, because cannot hunt and kill any magic beast with us in his student together, separated. Afterward had not met again. I do not know where he led class Xueyuan to go."

"Nonsense. What in this drunkard brain thinks is what? Even if he not with you in the same place, after volcanic eruption, should the earliest possible time lead the student to remove. could it be did he leave from other direction?"

Tang Yilian said: "We now what to do? Perhaps soon the magma class will come, when the time comes wants to walk again without enough time."

Xuanyuan Xin coldly snorted, "waits again for five minutes, regardless of they whether comes back us to withdraw immediately. Cannot, because his class made our other nine class students be threatened. Other person all assembleds."

Teacher of each class and grade counted off separately, indicated that the student of this class has arrived in full. In fact, regarding this smelting trial, along with letting each class and grade hopes to vie for supremacy, what is more important is the guarantee student safety. This is the method that any school will make. Therefore, ranks even highly not to climb including the Armanz mountain 500 meters after several classes and grades. Retreats naturally is fast incomparable.

Five minutes is written in water, when Xuanyuan Xin prepares issues the order to retreat immediately, suddenly, Teacher called out: "Looked quickly, they came."

Xuanyuan Xin looks following the direction that the student points , a squad student getting down fast from mountain, although rushes to the good speed to be extremely quick, suitable completion that but the formation actually maintains, is not chaotic.

Sees these student lineup orderly appearances, Xuanyuan Xin knitting the brows head, these, should be the student under his name are right. It seems, the quality is really highest. Ji Dong, hateful, this drunkard. Snatched my outstanding student unexpectedly. This time he has student last to remove, after waiting, certainly makes him attractive. Must eliminate to flaming the hot school this Teacher to be good.

Quick, the students run was near, stands suddenly changes in Xuanyuan Xin Tang dependence complexion, calls out in alarm said: "Doesn't have the fine jade princess and that drunkard?"

Xuanyuan Xin is startled immediately. Then discovered that the student who this team to/clashes fast only has nine people, has been short of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan.

The Ji Dong life they naturally cannot care, but Chen Sixuan is different, that is Princess Eastern Wood Empire! If she in the smelting trial of school presents the danger again, perhaps to flaminging the hot school has the enormous influence. Must know, daughter but who this Eastern Wood saintess Emperor Eastern Wood Empire most loves. Also is the only one daughter.

However, Xuanyuan Xin after all is this line of heads , but also is calm,
"do not fluster, when they come to ask again."

Quick, under the purple morning star and stretch/leisurely Qian lead, nine students arrived at the near. Everyone in fierce panting. They at an elevation of 1500 meters get down from place, rushes to the good time to be much longer than other classes and grades.
"Purple morning star, fine jade princess?"Tang Yilian impatient asking. Purple morning star panting in gulps, "Chen Sixuan probably and
Teacher Ji Dong stayed in behind together. Teacher Ji Dong to let us runs first, stays in behind to bring up the rear. Chen Sixuan said the wood to light a fire, she can help Teacher Ji Dong, stayed in behind."

"What? Does Ji Dong make the fine jade princess assist for him unexpectedly? This bastard. He dies must draw the pad back."Xuanyuan Xin is unable to control own mood finally, breathless saying. "Cannot you insult our Teacher." The purple morning star grips the tight double fist, both eyes torching is looking at Xuanyuan Xin. Not only he, each class of student similarly is gazing at fixedly Xuanyuan Xin. They are unable to forget that Ji Dong keeps off in them outrageously behind, prevents numerous magic beast scenes by strength of one attack. In their eyes, before Ji Dong is not, that drunkard, but is a best teacher.

Xuanyuan Xin angrily said: "Insult? I insulted him. Do you know, the fine jade Duke mainly had an accident has flaminged the hot school to have the tremendous influence to us. Ji Dong this bastard, I wishes one could to tear to shreds him. Early knows, should not let this drunkard. I have not seen one compared with Teacher of his bastard. His simply does not match to be a teacher by worthy example."

Is listening to cursing angrily of Xuanyuan Xin, class of students just about to manifest suddenly, suddenly, side another Teacher panic-stricken big shouts: "Quickly walks, the magma remained. Did not walk cannot get away. Must quarrel also first lives is going back to say again."

The people turn round to look, on the mountain massif, the massive magma started racing wells up , the place visited, performing is a hell sea of fire.

The purple morning star and other class of student could not attend to getting angry, can the one by one surface like the dying embers, in this flame hell general place, their Teacher Ji Dong also live is coming back? Teacher Ji Dong to save them keeps on the mountain! also Chen Sixuan. could it be, did they such die?

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Chapter 348: Extinguishes the Shenzhou-6 heavy incantation to kill

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan have not certainly died. If these students and Teachers know that these two bold fellows have cleared the way on the abacus three full suns unexpectedly, does not know that will have any feelings.

Ji Dong is bringing Chen Sixuan, in looked for a big stone to hide from a summit also several hundred meters place.

The surroundings completely are the strong volcanic ash and noxious gas, the massive magma flow rapidly under. However, these are not enough to have any influence to Ji Dong, he sends out magic power in outside the body to form the guard shield, magma isolation outside, when the magma winds through from his side, will also have massive Fire Element to be swallowed into the body by him. Like this good opportunity he not to let off. Although within the body storage magic power, but do not forget, his also cloudy Yang Fire lasting law. Since over six months, he has been in the ignorant condition, has not saved magic power, at this time flows with the aid of the magma absorbs Fire Element, Yin-Yang Crown on top of the head the massive magic power elements is condensing to turn into a dragon snake in the high-speed storage.

Hides on the mountain massif, Ji Dong can see clearly the airborne three full suns indistinctly the appearance, three full suns and Vermilion Bird somewhat resemble, the body like from the mountain did not look when is so small. The wingspan probably about seven meters, the height has more than four meters, also is four meters three golden tail plumes. All over the body resplendent golden light corona current revolutions, extremely god steed. The below the belly has three feet. Assumes the glyph. Golden light that the chest place, has one group of glistening indistinctly, looks like a small Sun resembles.

At this time, it carefree regarding the crater emits, but the column of flame is hovering, the body hovers every time for one week, as if golden light increases several points, both eyes like the electricity, gold/metal turnover are uncertain.

Ji Dong said: "Where now can you tell me her weakness?"

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "Three full suns are innate Rank 10 Divine Beast, itself uses, is pinnacle Yang Fire. Her weakness in the chest place that brightest place. That place calls the positivity of sun. So long as you can break through its position, very much has the opportunity to kill it. However. Although that place is the weakness, but also is three full suns stores up the magic power place, it certainly extremely careful protection. Three full sun dispositions are extremely cruel, once begins, does not die absolutely continuous, Teacher Ji Dong, did you think really?"

Ji Dong has not spoken, but vision brilliant looks steadily at three full suns to hover the appearance that. His expression has been clear about unmistakable telling Chen Sixuan, since came, he will not return empty- handed.

Chen Sixuan took a deep breath, in the heart the somewhat strange feeling, was the ruler of earth core world once, at this time must unexpectedly helps Ji Dong cope with a three full sun earth core protectors. Also is really somewhat funny. However, now are not Lie Yan (raging flames), but is Chen Sixuan. Let alone. Can the importances of three full suns compared with the happy anger of Ji Dong? So long as Ji Dong were happy, even if he must smash the earth core world, present Chen Sixuan will not prevent. Her heart, already in the earth core world, in the heart did not have a person matter. That person naturally is present Ji Dong, that matter, is makes Ji Dong fall in love with her once more. Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals an ice to be quiet light, he starts to make the deep breath, each breath, body surrounding Fire Element will be swallowed part by him. magic power that in Yin-Yang Crown stores up was similar, should be begins. Three full suns, do not disappoint me, take to my enough pressure.

Lost Lie Yan (raging flames), in the present Ji Dong heart only then a pursue, that continually promotes oneself strength, soon will be Lie Yan (raging flames) revenges, after completing the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish, will go again along with her. Therefore, his state of mind, although gradually returned to normal, but, in the haughtiness of originally. Also many several points of crazy. Promotes the strength not at any cost crazy.

The back pair of wings stretches, after the Ji Dong seventh deep breath, his whole person has been similar to the shell shoots generally suddenly, passes through the airborne volcanic ash directly, shoots in the directions of three full suns.

Around his body besides that matter guard shield, has not sent out the magic power fluctuation of any powerful again, own magic power complete embodiment. However, has actually promoted an extremely terrifying degree when his matter guard shield surrounding temperature, breaks through magma that the volcanic ash and airborne drops, the guard shield turned into the scarlet red.

Three full suns first have discovered existence of Ji Dong, although it is absorbing airborne magma Fire Element, but, to cultivation base of its this level, own psychic force was quite huge, regarding the surrounding all sounds clear grasps consciousness.

The Ji Dong body flies into airborne, has not moved the attack to three pure gold black hair directly, but that baseless float, the back pair of wings opens, vision ice-cold gaze golden big bird of that similar stop in midair.

"Who are you?"Three full suns stop in the midair, somewhat curious looks to Ji Dong. As Divine Beast, not only it will speak, has is not being inferior to the human the wisdom. Some people can come here it not is very surprised, after all, has many powerhouses to exist in human, some powerhouses can also have with its strength differ not many mounts. However, what made its surprised was, appears in the present human, actually only had Six-Crown cultivation base. Regarding magic power level of human, three full suns are very familiar. Six-Crown cultivation base human can also break through the magma hot rain blockade to come here. Also dares to float in oneself opposite. He why? Depending on the body instance Divine level armor?

"Kills your person."Ji Dong not with the meanings of three full sun multi- idle talk. The voice falls, the whole person in airborne went toward the direction glides of three full suns, on the god hot Saint king Kai sharp thorn has not sprung, one is to fear the wound arrives at Chen Sixuan, another, Ji Dong has not been thinking god hot Saint king Kai can injure to at present this Divine Beast.

"Know-nothing party is dauntless. Affects me to cultivate, makes you also turn with the volcanic ash same dust."snorted that three full suns disdain, in its eye, simply has not regarded the match Ji Dong such cultivation base. Naturally will not get angry because of the Ji Dong words.

In an instant, the golden color in sky as if strengthened several points, three full sun pair of wings in airborne fluctuated slightly, immediately, in the volcano emits, but the magma column of flame changed the direction unexpectedly, directly soars the Ji Dong impact.

In the Ji Dong heart is similar to the bright mirror is ordinary, he understands in this moment, words that Chen Sixuan spoke perhaps real, this volcanic eruption is three full sun inspiring is likely the result, otherwise, it is impossible such calm control magma column of flame ** direction. Can control the volcanic eruption and magma magic beast, truly sufficiently could become the Divine Beast two characters.

The huge pressure heads on, volcanic eruption, not only magma, also huge shock-wave. Terrifying pressure Ji Dong cannot see clearly the surrounding all, under high temperature. He sees at present, completely is a distortion picture. However, these are not enough to affect the motion of Ji Dong obviously. If his opportunity does not have, will appear here? Although magma terrifying, what must look to face is.

In the eye the ray glittered slightly, Ji Dong both hands closed up in the chest front, the next moment, the whole person has exploded to dodge, has not conflicted with the magma column of flame directly, changed the direction to the body of front glide suddenly, directly soared the upper air to flush away. Has been completing one 90 degrees unexpectedly instantaneously. Has violated the natural law completely.

The magma column of flame passed over gently and swiftly from the Ji Dong under foot. His body has glittered once more. He is very clear, oneself want to strike to kill three full suns, the biggest opportunity is beginning initial. Because at this time, three full suns will despise itself without doubt. Reason that he has not released outside the body magic power, shows the enemy in the weak procedure. Makes three full suns see own Six-Crown cultivation base intentionally, but has not revealed Pinnacle Two Fires, searches is this instantaneous opportunity.

The body stretches in the ejection, Teng Snake flashed is displayed to say the pinnacle by Ji Dong, 90 degrees booklet to was first flashes, was second flashes with third flashes starts continuously, fully straight line acceleration. Even if three full sun such strengths, thought that at present a flower, that has not looked at youth Mage in eye to arrive by him at present.

Quite quick! The mind of three full suns vibrated, but it has not thought as before many. On chest third lifts fully suddenly, the dazzling golden light projects from the claw together, directly soars Ji Dong to go.

However, Ji Dong in this moment, flashed the genuine exquisite place to display Teng Snake. In the time in 1/1000 blinking, he has made the twice twinkle continuously. Arrives at the pinnacle ingeniously, fast to the twinkle of pinnacle.

The fourth twinkle, is above the body syncline, is the slanting front of three full suns flushes away, is away from completely, only then three meters, but the second twinkle, downward glitters from these three meters high spots, looks like the meteor charges into three full suns generally.

A such simple booklet is very simple to the function, has dodged the attacks of three full suns, and has not affected Ji Dong to dodge the speed of advance by Teng Snake. Do not despise this final twice twinkle, these two dodge, has created the opportunity to Ji Dong.

Releases the idea in outside the body without any magic power. The left hand of Ji Dong has grasped, in an instant, his left hand turned into the black completely, jet black like black ink. All magic power, complete embodiment above the hand grasps.

Three full suns worthily are Divine Beast, facing the so strange scene, it actually can also react immediately, the right wing recycles suddenly. Covered own body when at a crucial moment.

Left hand accurate grasping of Ji Dong on the wings of three full suns, the grating fulmination sound has resounded loudly, strange appeared, the right wings of three full suns turned into the black in this flash unexpectedly.

The Ji Dong movement in light of this has not certainly stopped, the body in airborne accelerates once more, while three full sun sluggish flash, his changes into the golden right fist to shell on. First strikes without a doubt is Dark Moon Claw, this second struck naturally is Scorching Sun Bite. What is most terrifying, these two shoot down on the wings of three full suns, has not made any sound unexpectedly.

The body of Ji Dong at this moment completely became illusory, his speed was too fast, to his Chen Sixuan only thought quickly has a dizzy spell, can only enclasp his body fully, wants to release magic power auxiliary to him is unable to achieve. She the clear feeling, the Ji Dong strength also had the enormous progress at this moment, particularly to the use of skill, has surpassed own understanding.

Lie Yan (raging flames) with cultivating like this fights, the deep brand mark in the Ji Dong mind, the fight of Divine level, has the too big stimulation to him, since the half year , he although has not experienced any fight again, all that but had at that time, actually in his heart unceasing is duplicating. His actual combat experience constantly grows to come in the suffering of this pain.

At this time Ji Dong displays, is not any Certain Kill Skill that he can use. Because his Certain Kill Skill engagement is unable to achieve such quickly, particularly might tyrannical Certain Kill Skill like the quiet flame ice and colorful male cone, is the need in a minute gathering strength time.

Three full suns itself are also fire attribute, is naturally greatly strengthened regarding the resistance of fire, even if gives it in a minute the time, it may also break through the body sluggish fetter. Therefore, when Ji Dong faces three full suns from the beginning, has formulated own attack.

Rises from the body airborne, starts without the worry active threat, three full suns fell into his snare.

Ji Dong knows certainly the unexpected advantage, but, if he attacks three full suns unexpectedly, three full suns do not know that who the future is, surely impediment whole-heartedly. But he actually intentionally let go the unexpected opportunity, after rising into airborne, making three full suns see clearly after own magic power level, initiated. As the matter stands, by the arrogances of three full sun Divine Beast ranks, can not be swindled?

The Teng Snake fifth even/including dodge to add on six heavy incantations to kill, is Ji Dong gives three full suns meeting big rituals. Three full suns made him be able to his contempt fast close combat. Although situation not like the Ji Dong tentative plan can the direct attack to the main bodies of three full suns, be only in the attack its wing, but regarding Ji Dong, is the quite huge achievement.

After Scorching Sun Bite, nature or Dark Moon Claw that joins, is Scorching Sun Collapse, Dark Moon Claw and fierce Yang explosion. Six heavy incantations kill six double hit, perfect falling on three full suns. Ji Dong every strikes, sends out by the way of extinguishing the god striking, his extinguishing god struck to promote the Rank 3 section. Every one strikes condensed magic power, quite therefore his own magic power passes the several fold of attack. Although does not have the skill amplification, but this condenses completely also infiltrates the terrifying skill that enemy within the body erupts again, is having the most intrepid destructive power. It can be said that only by striking power, besides the Fire God sword, Ji Dong strongest is not Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but is this near body extinguishes the god to strike six heavy incantations to kill. The formidable destructive power more than once had been confirmed by Ji Dong.

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Chapter 349: The sun breaks the wing, the incarnation adult

Until at the Ji Dong sixth attack perfect bang three full suns. Hits to fly its body, six heavy incantations kill the five Yin-Yang two fires combination skill results of producing to erupt.

Rumbling rumbling, five fierce thundering, five coal dual-color mix the eruption of column of flame, making the bodies of three full suns from the sky be similar to great * the small boat generally high and low fluttering, the big big golden light sprayed.

But this time Ji Dong, actually once more leaps forward in a higher sky, the right leg lifts suddenly, the formidable flexibility that the Teng Snake strength technique brings, making his foot lift up high directly excessively, the right leg was similar to the battle axe undercuts generally, the dazzling red light erupted together suddenly from his leg, from the sky formed a light blade of half-moon-shaped, divided the body that three full sun that from the sky tumbled.

This is Ji Dong gives three full suns fatal strikes. Also after is this set of combination skill completes the final conclusion.

That red light without a doubt is not Third Fire, that is the red light of red sword.

Formerly after cultivating like this contended wielded a sword, Ji Dong to fusing the god technique had the new comprehension, at this time the first experiment. If he releases outside the body the red sword, without doubt will suffer to cultivate the sudden impact that like this god knows, is not only unable to play the might of sword of Fire God, instead will create to oneself troublesome. Three full suns are not beforehand these magic beast, so long as gives him an opportunity. Ji Dong will be likely beyond redemption.

At this time Ji Dong does, integrates oneself within the body the sword of energy of Fire God to condense above the right leg to divide that completely, although does this not to be impossible to play the sword of true might Fire God, but, played about 50% might sufficiently. This is new understanding of Ji Dong to fusing god technique. Fusion in the true sense. Fusion of sword of Fire God with his body, like initially the fusion of sword of deicide with cultivating Josse's.

Although he is impossible to achieve to cultivate Josse's such degree, but, the sword of Fire God in the situation of such use, he does not need to fear that cultivates Josse's backlash. After he has enough magic power, cultivates like this unable to affect him, he can use the sword of Fire God truly.

Red light blade accurate dividing in three full suns above that group of golden light, the sad and shrill pitiful yell follows the big flake gold colored light rain from the sky to spurt.

The body of Ji Dong also has to from the sky stop, uses several big strong skills one after another, his magic power some have not been able to support. But here was place of the volcanic eruption, Fire Element in air is really too rich, let alone on him there is still one Chen Sixuan.

That Second Wood magic power while Ji Dong stops started to carry on to pour into to his within the body. Ji Dong vision looking steadily firmly on three full suns, he is very clear, oneself formerly attacked is not enough to pose the fatal threat to three full suns. He hopes, oneself this round attack can take to three full sun enough injuries. After all, this is Rank 10 Divine Beast! Also is first Divine Beast that he challenges in the true sense.

The bodies of three full suns tumble several hundred meters to stabilize, but from the sky has not actually continued to stay, but was fell in the direction of crater directly. Ji Dong clearly saw, the wing of three full suns has dangled completely, even the above golden light vanished continually. His body is also the ray unceasingly is glittering.

This is the good opportunity. Ji Dong flushed without hesitation, he believes that so long as can on positive come a time six heavy incantation to kill to three full sun that suns again, can cause heavy losses to this only Divine Beast.

However. Made Ji Dong shocking one appear, three full suns that from the sky turned over took the action that made him unable to understand. The third hand claw of its chest place unexpectedly stiffly will have been pulled by the right wing of Ji Dong heavy losses, ejects toward Ji Dong directly. That right wing in airborne brings the big golden color light rain, has covered several hundred square meters just like arrow generally, in gold/metal rain each point, has been full of extremely the vigor power and influence, almost flashes to pass.

If only Ji Dong, he can definitely hit directly by god hot Saint king Kai, even if god hot Saint king Kai damages did not fear, Ji Dong does not believe three full suns this strikes can break oneself Divine level armor at the same time can also break own phoenix dragon dance snake changes, must know, taking a higher position of his body intensity was withstands Rank 10 magic beast to strike directly also not necessarily dies.

However, he now is not a person, Chen Sixuan that his also that enclasps firmly. If such hardly keeps off the match to attack, without a doubt, Chen Sixuan will coil around the thigh before his body becomes tattered and torn.

That golden light rain comes was too quick, Ji Dong simply does not have the time to make Chen Sixuan get down, blocks her with own body. He can do, only then defended fully.

Three full suns after all are Rank 10 magic beast, but Ji Dong magic power is in the computation his pinnacle dual attribute and a five elements method effect. Most also can only be equal to Rank 8 magic beast reluctantly says the magic power intensity between Rank 9 magic beast. Three full sun autonomy bodies this strikes, is he is unable to contend by pure magic power without a doubt. In the plan of Ji Dong, originally must despise itself while three full suns, unexpected gives its heavy losses. Does not give the opportunity that the match dumps tray. However, he underestimated the Rank 10 Divine Beast wisdom. Three full sun brave soldiers break the action of wrist, takes to it is the time, the time of adjustment. Takes to Ji Dong, is the terrifying all-around attack. Three full sun wings the light rain, before the might must approach Ji Dong, Sun and Moon Yin-Yang that displays.

At this moment, making the Ji Dong accidental/surprised situation occur again, that originally tight winding loosened in the thigh of his waist suddenly, after being fast flung, regarding also like lightning was retreating in the dark green armor of his waist. When Chen Sixuan unexpectedly in this does not allow to send loosened to his hug.

Ji Dong has a big shock, once Chen Sixuan has been separated from own protection, then she must die without doubt. However, Chen Sixuan has not left, body ingenious rolls up behind Ji Dong, both hands hold the Ji Dong back armor, the body contract quietly, from is unable to see her existence directly.

Quite intelligent. The Ji Dong psychic force is formidable, first feels all that Chen Sixuan has made, she can actually see own this time awkwardness. A happy feeling spreads over the whole body immediately. Did not have formerly worry, the Ji Dong back pair of wings simultaneously to close up to keep off before own, the whole person also studied the Chen Sixuan appearance both legs to lift, rolls up in the same place, reduced own area of thrust surface as far as possible, and covered completely back Chen Sixuan.

In this moment, Ji Dong has to plant with god hot Saint king Kaishui ** the friendly feeling, fuses the god technique to integrate Ji Dong within the body god hot Saint king Kai. Is is not preserving it definitely, Chaos Fire that the bead of chaos produces, unceasing combustion calcine this instance Divine level armor. Can apply to hide through the fusion god technique like Ji Dong within the body the sword of Fire God, this god hot Saint king Kai himself, likely is part of his body. The striking power of three full suns are more intrepid than the Ji Dong imagination, when that golden light rain bombardment on god hot Saint king Kai, Ji Dong has poured completely into oneself magic power the armor. Even but if is this, his body hit flew, the fierce stabbing pain unceasingly from protecting the wing of body transmits. Must know, that wing may the phoenix dragon dance snake that not only the armor, in the armor, also his oneself separates changes a pair of wings.

The start and conclusion of attack were only flash have been completed, the fierce stabbing pain transmitted from the pair of wings, the scalding hot air current continuously was stimulating the body of Ji Dong. Luckily he is Pinnacle Two Fires control, otherwise, three full suns attached pinnacle Yang Fire in light rain to want his life. That is must concentrate the solid much powerful flame compared with Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire.

When the pair of wings opens, Ji Dong discovered, oneself god hot Saint king Kai pair of wings became tattered and torn, above innumerable hollow is glittering the light golden light, some places nearly were even pierced. Even if the fierce ache of back pair of wings whips slightly, will take to his intense pain. To continue the free soaring again is impossible. the previous moment he also to make three full suns loses the flying ability to be joyful, this latter quarter, he also similarly had bad luck. Although does not have three full sun wounds is so heavy. But the injury on pair of wings wants to restore also to require the time. He truly has not thought, cannot melt the attacks of three full suns including own Teng Snake strength technique completely. Thus it can be seen, before three full suns were sneak attacked to go well by oneself are how lucky.

The temperate air current transmits from the back once more, that pair of slender thigh heavy meaning in his waist, bringing several points of cool Second Wood magic power to pour into to the pair of wings in directly, the intense stabbing pain alleviated several points immediately, is insufficient to make Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan falls directly.

Opens the pair of wings glide reluctantly, Ji Dong also directly fell in the direction of crater. The fight in originally sky must transform as the ground shortly. Conscientious, pair of wings restraining, integrates in within the body, Ji Dong has to make Chen Sixuan stick to as before on oneself. Otherwise, to here is the high temperature of magma, the Chen Sixuan Six-Crown strength is unable to withstand at present everywhere.

The situations of three full suns want pitiful many compared with Ji Dong, falls on the crater in ground a series of tumblings, with great difficulty coming to a stop personal appearance. However, strange appeared. A layer upon layer golden light sparkle, on three full suns suddenly presented the one by one strange demon mark, these demon mark and Ji Dong five elements method somewhat resembles, but Ji Dong can affirm that absolutely is not five elements method.

Ji Dong has not launched the attack while this opportunity, although at this time he has Chen Sixuan help but within the body actually as before is the vitality turns wells up. His ability is strong, magic power also only has Level 67 after all. The first real sense withstands Divine Beast strikes, moreover is three full sun brave soldiers breaks the wrist with the wing from the intense attack that exploding launches, even if the Ji Dong such tenacious body somewhat cannot withstand, must control one's breathing fast, restores using the creativity and own formidable autotherapy ability of bead of chaos.

""Grating scream resounds from three full sun mouths suddenly, its huge body instantaneous erectness, the golden light rapid convergence and condensation, the entire body is transforming the shape unexpectedly.

Under the Ji Dong vision brilliant gaze, three full suns changed into a golden hair youth unexpectedly, appears before him. The vision has been full of the hatred brilliance, his right arm did not have, chest front were many a arm, under the assistance of that gold/metal sex fiend mark, the arm of chest place moves to the position of left shoulder slowly, replaces to mediate the arm. If not witness all these occurrences, this time three full suns seem, looks like a normal human, or has pinnacle Yang Fire human Mage.

The Chen Sixuan surprised sound resounds in the Ji Dong ear, "is not good, these three full suns have practiced this degree unexpectedly, can transform the human form. It seems like she comprehended Saint step quickly the mystery, cultivation base perhaps also above Totem Divine Beast. Hateful, he had hidden oneself strength unexpectedly."

"Had you seen it before? How you know that it did hide strength?"Some Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Chen Sixuan then realized oneself said inadvertently, hurries to recover said: "Before it had not revealed human form. Teacher Ji Dong, our time ran upon the sheet iron. What to do?"

Ji Dong coldly said: "Is ready to cope with anything, resists by whatever means available."

Cloudy Yang Fire condensation law is particularly obvious behind Ji Dong. Crater viscous Fire Element simultaneously is absorbing by Ji Dong and three full suns fast.

After three full suns change into human, the sun of chest positive has not actually changed, releases the dazzling brilliance as before, Fire Element in air is integrating its within the body from there.

"Hateful human, dares to launch the attack by your tiny strength to me, but also injured my body. Today I must refine you surely result in relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. Pinnacle Two Fires, hehe, unexpectedly is Pinnacle Two Fires. Your Crystal Crown made up for a loss of my wing sufficiently."Sound that three full suns are full of the hatred reverberates in the crater. The volcano erupts in their side, in their even also unceasingly have the magma to flow under. In such environment, only then their this types the powerhouse who has the pinnacle flame can display own strength.

Ji Dong coldly looks that three full suns have not spoken, does not need the reminder of Chen Sixuan, he knows bad risk that this fights? Three full suns cannot fly, he cannot fly similarly. In this case, even if runs he unable to be inescapable. Although Chen Sixuan can play the quite good subsidiarity to his magic power, is also good with his coordination, but she after all is not the pinnacle magic power owner, is unable to make the Ji Dong strength sublimate truly. Ji Dong can depend upon, only then oneself. The only advantageous place is, outside Fire Element when the present environment, his Pinnacle Two Fires magic power restores the speed as well as uses magic skill can draw support from be more than three full suns. After all, sole pinnacle Yang Fire absorbs Fire Element and is inferior to the dual flame absorption of Ji Dong using Fire Element eventually, let alone Ji Dong also five elements method auxiliary.

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Chapter 350: The soul fusion, gold sun is cruel

In three full sun surfaces hatred was saying extremely. May in fact, it actually not act rashly. Changes into the human form is it can not think it actually. Lost the flying ability, is cut off a wing, although it is capable of restoring to come, but like the Ji Dong pair of wings, at least is impossible to restore within the short time. If again fights by the main body and Ji Dong, has been short of a wing, only the balance grasps is troublesome. Therefore, it has to the incarnation be human form, only then this can display own strength as far as possible.

Had formerly lesson, three full suns will not despise at present this seem, only then Six-Crown human, Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, this is Mage of Six-Crown rank should have? Even if three full suns knows beforehand Ji Dong has Pinnacle Two Fires, but saw after his Six-Crown magic power, certainly will have a low opinion of the enemy, it does not think a Six- Crown rank Mage skill can injure itself. Therefore he suffered a loss. The Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes the terrifying might that six heavy incantations kill to erupt, compared with super Certain Kill Skill, this made it destroy a wing sufficiently. At this time, three full suns have regarded as Ji Dong completely with the match who oneself are in the equal status. Will not have any heart of contempt. Can make a powerhouse of Totem Divine Beast rank attach great importance, Ji Dong could also be proud. However, attached great importance by three full suns to him now is not a good deed.

Three full sun chest positions Yang of change sun must glisten more and more, the hatred vision just like the essence is ordinary. From the soul level and attribute, he is not enough to have the suppression to Ji Dong. However, is relying on far ultra Ji Dong huge magic power, can actually produce the suppressed results on level.

If mountain Ruyue the tremendous pressure is attacking the body of Ji Dong unceasingly, Ji Dong stands there actually stands one's ground steadfastly, the hot demon swallows the skill to release unceasingly through own cloudy Yang Fire condensation law, magic power each ascension, the air can become coagulates several points. Even if bearing the huge pressure, his look has not changed. The god hot Saint king Kai ferocious mask appears on the Ji Dong face again, will hide a pair of blood pupil under mask makes three full suns also feel the pressure similarly. In his consciousness, as if at present this Six-Crown magic power man at any time possibly erupts the strength that gives him to strike fatally.

Chen Sixuan static bending down behind Ji Dong, by two armor, she can also feel the warmth that on Ji Dong transmits. Although around the Ji Dong body magic power bursts out, the surroundings are the magma hell general environment, under protection that but that magic power light around the Ji Dong body covers, made her not feel the outside slightest bit the pressure.

Tightened to grasp the both arms of Ji Dong, the look in Chen Sixuan eye was calm and steady, along with fill of Ji Dong magic power, she has not output own Second Wood magic power to him again, but gathered the strength quietly. Ji Dong, you felt relieved that I do not become your burden.

On three full suns releases that is similar to the mountain imposing manner becomes more and more vigorous, but in its heart surprised is also more and more, completely because at present this human Mage.

Although three full suns do not survive like Teng Snake in this world are permanent ancient remote, but also has over a thousand years of long life, it is not clear, why at present this 20-year-old human youth from life aura feeling. Only then this Level 67 magic power fellow so will be unexpectedly calm. Trades human Six-Crown Mage, even if under the pressure that in oneself release perhaps collapsed. But, front person is actually palatial like the mountain, how regardless of strengthen the pressure, he does not have any response, instead likely is one ominous beast that gathers the potential to wait, has the possibility of eruption anytime.

In the mind was recalling formerly contact, although three full suns were proud, actually also in heart fear, if were not on its response quick one, protected chest the positivity of sun with the wing promptly, really by the attack hit of this human in sun in positive position, perhaps the present aspect will not be will suppress the opposite party.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do you believe me?"Comprehensively confronts with three full suns in Ji Dong, seeks for the opposite party flaw also gathers the strength the time, in the Ji Dong ear, suddenly resounds the Chen Sixuan sound. Her sound is very light, during the magic power protection of Ji Dong, does not need to be worried that was heard completely by three full suns.

Regarding the Chen Sixuan words, Ji Dong had not replied, is not does not want to reply is not not willing to reply. But cannot reply.

Three full suns take to his pressure, the unprecedented great strength, Ji Dong has never faced the so powerful match, even if being distracted of slightest bit, will make him fall into the perdition.

Regarding the Chen Sixuan sudden opens the mouth, in the Ji Dong heart is very discontented, formerly the Chen Sixuan very intelligent coordination made him very satisfied, under the aspect of but, at present like this confronting, you affect my mind not to be right. However, the Chen Sixuan following a few words made in the Ji Dong heart raise the dreadful wave.

Chen Sixuan is knows obviously Ji Dong will not reply own, "Teacher Ji Dong, I have confidence for you keep off the attack of next three full sun. However also can only be one time. This is our only opportunities. I will not crack a joke with your my life. Please must believe me."

Ji Dong cannot open the mouth to reply her as before, but, in the next moment, Chen Sixuan only thought that at present the picture changes, in the mind, the soul fluctuation delays infinitely, Ji Dong has communicated the psychic force with her through its soul vortex completely together. In this case, Ji Dong sees is Chen Sixuan saw that Ji Dong feels, is she can feel.

However, at this time, had the astonishing problem. When two people souls move in that flash of same place, the body of body and Chen Sixuan of Ji Dong suddenly shivered.

Ji Dong once repeatedly connected by the psychic force and partners, shares own psychic force investigation, but, like at present the situation he is actually first meeting. When his soul and Chen Sixuan soul moves in the same place flash, he only thought that oneself soul as if instantaneously melts with the Chen Sixuan soul for body. That is a water ** friendly wonderful feeling.

Other people when accepting the Ji Dong soul move. Or is irresistibly either is gives up resisting, feeling sharing. However, the Chen Sixuan soul completely is different. That is an incomparably wonderful pleasant sensation, contact in two people soul made Ji Dong feel that instantaneously own spiritual strength presented the geometrical multiple increases sharply, originally in this everywhere was the magma flame place, his psychic force certainly was limited, but, after at this time his soul and Chen Sixuan merged into one organic whole, the psychic force not only no longer was limited, presented unequalled clear.

If not faced with an archenemy, Ji Dong thinks really very much feels this moment wonder carefully, as if each slightest Fire Element in air has completed the communication with his psychic force, controlled magic power, to absorb the Fire Element efficiency also to follow the soul to sublimate to have the qualitative change.

Why can like this? Ji Dong is not clear, he is not completely clear. His mind even nearly succumbs to this moment wonder. If not the death of Lie Yan (raging flames) to the grief that he brings, making his mind never possibly present the true tranquility, perhaps his heart must follow the soul to fall to the enemy truly.

The amplification in soul, You Sheng in the amplification of Second Wood magic power to Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires, until this time, Ji Dong in the true sense felt Chen Sixuan to take to own formidable boost.

Chen Sixuan this time look is splendid extremely, she and Ji Dong difference, lies in her innermost feelings does not have any scruples with the heart knot. Reason that the Ji Dong soul can carry on the so perfect fusion with her soul, no doubt is because has originally in her innermost soul as the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows the fluctuation. But what is more important, heart that her completely opens. Not only her soul does not garrison. On own initiative presents in the face of the Ji Dong soul, the attribute mutual promotion of the five elements similarly will have certain function to the soul. Their souls, melted in this moment for a whole.

No longer needs the exchange of any words, at this moment, so long as in their respective hearts has any slight thought that the opposite party can the clear feeling.

The tears, uncontrolled flow following the face of Chen Sixuan, even if this time is faced with an archenemy, she cannot control oneself mood as before.

The fusion of soul and soul, made her first time true felt the Ji Dong innermost feelings to arrive at what degree sadly, in the Ji Dong soul. She besides that extremely sad, desolate and deathly stillness, cannot feel anything unexpectedly again. She even can see in the Ji Dong soul indistinctly presents the Lie Yan (raging flames) form, everywhere form.

The language of person could lie, but, after the soul fuses completely, simply does not have the slightest bit fabrication to be possible. At this moment, can not make Chen Sixuan have tears streaming down the face?

But Ji Dong feels the Chen Sixuan soul, actually completely is another condition, or is his own soul completely opposite condition.

In the Ji Dong soul is sad and desolate and deathly stillness, but in the Chen Sixuan soul, has actually been full of gentle, attachment and endless love. When two people souls have carried on the collision of deepest level, after Lie Yan (raging flames) dies, heart of Ji Dong first time no longer that ice-cold. It is not able to create a false impression to Chen Sixuan like his soul, the Chen Sixuan soul is unable to conceal she most sincere me similarly. She to oneself love, does not have the slightest bit utility or is the goal, completely is clearest being in love. Why although Ji Dong does not understand her like this, but actually completely vanished to her suspicion.

Dazzling golden light beam, shoots up to the sky instantaneously, three full suns started at this time.

The Ji Dong spiritual change won't it be able to feel? Although it does not know that had anything, but the drastic fluctuation of Ji Dong psychic force, made three full suns catch the opportunity of being written in water. Third Fire Element in air, was almost plundered likely general, crazy condenses to go to three full suns, its chest front that sun on positive, burst out the unprecedented brilliance. Even if Ji Dong, has to close eyes not to dare to look.

Ji Dong to the Pinnacle Two Fires element that the outside feels, almost in this flash on only remaining pinnacle Yin Fire. But three full sun body surrounding magic power fluctuations are present the distortion and explosion general crazy growth.

It is gathering the strength, Ji Dong knows certainly that it is gathering the strength. However, he is actually unable to break three full suns now, the pinnacle Third Fire high fever of that terrifying, became three full sun best protections. Under its erupts fully, Third Fire Element looked like betrays Ji Dong to be ordinary, not only no longer helped him, was absorbed by him. Comprehensively became his enemy.

Although three full suns do not have the chaos strength, but in this moment, as Rank 10 Divine Beast, Third Fire finally extremely one of the control. It already the might that Third Fire can play complete has displayed. It must put out the most formidable skill the present Ji Dong destruction. This, not only because of it to dreading of Ji Dong. Also is a respect. Ji Dong such match, can definitely earn the respect of its such form. The sky and earth, the surroundings all as if changed into the golden color in this moment, the Third Fire nearly crazy terrifying have been wreaking havoc, Sun in sky as if becomes especially bright, but its ray has actually merged into one organic whole in the surrounding all. This as if turned into a golden world and Third Fire world. Without a doubt, this is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, belongs to three full suns Ultra Certain Kill Skill specially.

Is the golden color really eternal? Ji Dong told three full sun answers in the next moment.

The golden color can never be the flame only color, divides the Yin-Yang like the world, golden pinnacle Third Fire, is symbolizing the fire of Sun, overwhelming great fire. With the also black that it opposes, is symbolizing the lamplights of ten thousand families, fire of deep spirit pinnacle Fourth Fire.

The black flame does not appear in the golden most powerful time, but is golden moment out-of-control erupts instant suddenly.

By pinnacle Yang Fire of three full sun so fully releases, how possibly to have that instantaneous out-of-control? This naturally is not three full sun own issues, but was affected by Ji Dong.

On magic power, who Ji Dong adds on Chen Sixuan not to be able to contend with three full suns, but, after their soul perfect integrations, greatly has actually surmounted the levels of three full suns.

Ji Dong soul level originally quite existence of in Saint beast rank, has been higher than three full suns, but is not enough to have the suppression. However, adds on Chen Sixuan again, or adds on the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul that has partly loses concentration to know, that completely is different, soul instantaneous sublimation, not only made Ji Dong be able periphery a better control all, in the meantime, made him have itself to give itself to create the opportunity the ability.

Does not need to look with eyes, the level is higher than the fusion soul of match to catch the accurate position that three full suns were at instantaneously, the next moment, incomparably tyrannical soul suppression already arrived. Out-of-control also in this moment is startled produces.

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