Jiu Shen Chapter 331-340

Chapter 331: Is this my Ji Dong?

Staring of that flash. Takes to the feeling of Chen Sixuan looks like eternal, how paints a portrait to be again clear unable to describe completely a look of person. When she sees Ji Dong that pair of cavity and deathly stillness eye pupil time truly, her breath lives instantaneously, her heart, looks like by a powerful palm is gripped instantaneously tightly general, as if the blood of whole body stopped flowing in this moment.

This, is this my Ji Dong? Is this he? Although Chen Sixuan arrived here before today has completed the full mental preparation, but, at this moment, she nearly cannot suppress oneself innermost feelings the emotion. A that outstanding man, rigid, persists, powerful, having the vitality man, will turn into at present this unexpectedly is similar to the good-for-nothing common appearance. In her heart is unable to accept, how intense pain she is unable to imagine Ji Dong to bear to turn into now this appearance.

In order to conceal own mood, Chen Sixuan first lowered the head, does not dare to look at Ji Dong that pair of eyes, she requires the time to return to normal oneself mood, is familiar with Ji Dong like her, she also understands, Ji Dong is more familiar with her. Once makes him see any flaw, even if were has traded an appearance, he also similarly can recognize.

The Ji Dong vision returned to normal. Yes, that has the female of inking green long hair seems similarly perfect, is, for him, this does not have any significance, reason that her perfect can concern Ji Dong, is because this made him remember another perfectly perfectly. Love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), in one single day does not produce, because not only also Lie Yan (raging flames) has the perfect appearance and stature. Ten years are together, his care and help of Lie Yan (raging flames) , the tips that also is together, almost constantly is increasing that love. Although another inconceivable perfect appears before him , was just makes his mind have some changes temporarily.

"Teacher Ji Dong."Zhu Rong coughs, looked at glassy-eyed Ji Dong one.

Ji Dong looks Teacher, from the Zhu Rong eye, he has not seen the blame, only then encourages. Perhaps was receives Chen Sixuan this to bring back his memory to the Lie Yan (raging flames) perfectly, the Ji Dong spirit changed for the better slightly several points, lightly said: "Cultivates the behavior to have the self-confidence, cultivation wants to be determined, I think that originates from the success self-confidently, accumulates from the small success bit by bit self-confidently, self- confident does not get it done in one action. The each level magic power promotion can take to you to be self-confident, the breakthrough of each bottleneck will also take to you to be self-confident. Was done each matter to have the achievement by oneself diligently, you meet not only has self- confidently, and is determined. The cultivation does not have the shortcut, only has to be rigid and diligent."

The Ji Dong sound is very light, he when spoke these words. When the thought actually completely immersed in oneself just with the Lie Yan (raging flames) understanding scene. His self-confident origin in oneself, the determination that but cultivates can actually be said as from Lie Yan (raging flames). Because has the help and encouragement of Lie Yan (raging flames), makes him have today's cultivation base. For him, not only Lie Yan (raging flames) lover, similarly is Teacher.

Listened to Ji Dong these words, numerous Teachers in chairman's podium looks askance, when looks at him again, the look appeared for several points to change. Zhu Rong also similarly is so, he has not thought, Ji Dong can actually say so penetrating words expressing feelings. In heart gratified. But following hundred new students in earnest is listening respectfully, particularly class of that several break through a tight encirclement to enter the students of class and grade greatly to admire to Chen Sixuan, others worthily is a princess! Although this Teacher Ji Dong is young, the words that but said were containing a special flavor/smell, awakening.

Zhu Rong first takes the lead to applaud, immediately, the warm applause erupts from hundred new students, Chen Sixuan also finally returned to normal several points of mood, but she actually does not dare to look at Ji Dong again. Let her accept the Ji Dong present appearance also to require the time.

Regarding applause of Teacher and students, the Ji Dong soldier does not have what feeling, no longer opens the mouth, is continuing his recollection on the chairback.

Zhu Rong has been hanging somewhat heart relaxes several points slightly. On face were also many several points of smiling face, to Ji Dong nodded, "two classes of teachers in charge, Xuanyuan Xin Teacher."

Xuanyuan Xin sits side Ji Dong, his stature and Ji Dong are similar, but the vision actually wants ice-cold, Ji Dong aura made him very uncomfortable, let alone, this young people snatched originally to belong to his class of teacher in charge position unexpectedly.

"Words that I must speak only then, when one year later class and grade large-scale military training exercise sets the seating order, our two classes certainly will become a class."Then, his vision has also swept Ji Dong, but, Ji Dong likely is simply has not actually heard this to be full of the provocation words, therefore still I.

Zhu Rong brows slightly wrinkled, the Xuanyuan Xin disposition he very much found that has such cultivation base truly to be also proud at his present age, but this proud has also restricted his development. However, Xuanyuan Xin is actually regarded as positive in the teaching.

In class of ten students, besides Chen Sixuan, other nine people almost looked to two classes of ten students, but two classes of people also naturally looked to them. Actually, even if no Xuanyuan Xin words, relations between these 19 students also harmonious not. They were yesterday compete final match, won a side to be able with Chen Sixuan to divide in one class, lost ten people can only in two classes. Both sides mountain ridge had had yesterday.

Then, each teacher in charge simply said several, when looks like the Ji Dong speech the situation that the audience enthusiastically applauds has not appeared again. Does not have Teacher again like Xuanyuan Xin in view of Ji Dong. After all, in most people heart discontented will not reveal on the surface. Ji Dong is Zhu Rong Qin chose/point into one of the newborn teachers in charge. Who knows that this young people and Zhu Rong Dean is anything relates.

The opening ceremony ended, Ji Dong is first leaves, over a hundred student dumbfounded seeing, when Zhu Rong Dean declares the meeting adjourned at the same time, Ji Dong has stood up walks outward, moreover in his hand is similar to the magic is ordinary, were many one bottle of liquor, opens the bottle cap, has filled several directly.

In this spacious drill ground, rich wine sending out, numerous Teacher and newborn students look at each other in blank dismay.

A Xuanyuan Xin palm of the hand claps fiercely on front table, "this was also too rampant. Dean he such blatantly drinks in school, if we remember incorrectly, the school regulation stipulated that even if Teacher, cannot drink in the operating time."

The Zhu Rong brow selects, "Xuanyuan Teacher, Teacher Ji Dong can the school drink again is I special approval. He was Fire department Mage, the body once is injured, needs the strong liquor well distributed. If your body also has the issue, I do not mind also to your such privilege."

In Xuanyuan Xin heart one startled, this realized oneself have somewhat impulsed, is in front of Dean not to clarify the situation to overstep authority and get involved in another's affairs. This obviously is some suspect taboos. However, his disposition is always obstinate, since the words have exported will not regret. Swept one not to pay attention to him, Ji Dong that walked away, has not spoken again. Zhu Rong stands up, solemnly said: "Various class of students return to this class, today is to begin school first day, your duties are to select each Leader class, as well as mutually familiar, communicates with the teacher in charge."Spoke these words, Zhu Rong turns around to walk first. Various class of teachers in charge. Besides already walked Ji Dong, the respective lead(er) the ten students of class and grade are rushing to the newborn classroom building to go.

Blazing the admittance request of hot school too to be not strict, although must after the competition, but Two-Crown cultivation base can registration this point compare to stretch the rules. However, according to the request of Zhu Rong, blazing the hot school to implement, is policy that extends into to be strict. Enters the school not to be difficult, but wants to graduate from the school smoothly, that say/way graduation qualifications, need in five years, to break through Four-Crown. If in five years cannot break through. Also then, can graduate, but does not have the graduation certificate. Various inspections in school are extremely numerous, the promotion student cultivates the enthusiastic school regulation there are numerous similar cases.

The class leader of each class and grade, quite in the Chief student of each class and grade, once between the class and grade and class and grade present the contradiction, every so often is acted to solve by this class leader. Therefore, generally speaking, the class leader of any class hits depending on the strength. Absolutely is class of cultivation base strongest one. Zhu Rong had said that does not cause the contradiction between classes and grades, how during can make them conflict again unites? The friendship of hitting is most ingrained. The actual combat experience, must start to work from the school.

Facts showed that Zhu Rong the way of teaching is not only novel, but also is extremely effective, in the recent years, everything Southern Fire Empire domestic senior college carries on each other exchanges to compare notes, blazing the hot school not to lose. The title of this Southern Fire Empire first school, may hit completely.

"Fine jade princess, you are the class leaders of our class."Stands in Chen Sixuan behind a tall male student arrives at side Chen Sixuan that lowers the head slightly, the clear and resonant voice said.

Chen Sixuan has gawked, this sobers from own train of thought that before that moment, she looks that Ji Dong drinks the back that while departs, her heart once more by stabbing pain ruthlessly. She knows, must adapt appears by another status in front of Ji Dong at present like this, requires the time to oneself.

Looks to arrive at itself in front of this tall, the look handsome male student. Chen Sixuan smiles reluctantly, said: "Since arrives to flaming the hot school, I am an member in school, but is not the princess. Later everybody called me the name."

Class of nine students have encircled, five male four females, in addition Chen Sixuan, is five male five females.

That big youth refreshed say/way of: "Since this, I may not be impolite. Introduced oneself, I called the purple morning star, was the Third Fire department student, Three-Crown 33 extremely."

"Thinks of the fine jade elder sister, my name was hard Wu, Two- Crown Level 24, was Eighth Metal department." It seems 15 and six years old, has a pair of attractive big eyes female student to run up to side Chen Sixuan to introduce oneself.

Other people also arrive in front of Chen Sixuan to make self introduction. Chen Sixuan returns to the class to have a look at the Ji Dong situation eagerly, but also has to these schoolmates deal with first at present. Regarding them proposed that takes the post of class leader duty not to decline by oneself. First did not say in strength they truly bad far, after this class leader, she can have more reasons to go to close Ji Dong, will decline?

The new students have the independent classroom building, every year is so, the five classroom buildings of school, altogether only then 500 students also study, will flaming the hot school not to carry on many recruiting again. What here trains is the elite, after all, besides flaminging the hot school, other also many senior colleges can the info clerk student. The classroom building altogether by six, a higher floor, is arranging the rank before the class and grade. Highest sixth layer, is the dormitories of ten newborn teachers in charge. School Teacher of non- teacher in charge, lives in the main classroom building top layer dormitory.

Five of newborn classroom building, are one class and two classes, as well as their dormitories. The dormitory is every five person rooms, so long as does not present the Yin attribute magic power male student or the Yang attribute magic power female student, generally like this arranges. Therefore, each class and grade has two dormitories.

Classroom building fourth layer, is three classes and four classes with their dormitories, and so on. When the first school year conclusion, must replace the classroom building time, the entire grade ten classes and grades recently will carry on through the year greatly rank. Sets up according to the strength in the position of new classroom building. This year greatly compared with result, will write down each student in the file that the school studies.

The lodging arranged yesterday, Chen Sixuan does not have the exception, she also lives in the dormitory, with class of other four female students stays together. Dwelling by a class of class and grade classroom.

Do not think that a class and grade only has ten students, the classroom will be very small. Just the opposite, blazing hot school each classroom extraordinary big. A square room able to move unhindered 20 meters square, calculates, has 400 square meters fully. Let alone is ten people, even if 100 attended class in inside personally, will not feel crowded. Moreover the level best pupil has six meters. Such design goal only then, that has the full place to make the students carry on the combat exercise. Here, is their institute of bishop studying.

Ji Dong sits behind a platform of class of classroom, but, has not sat on the chair, but sits on the ground, closes right up against the wall, drinking one after another.

Yesterday evening, Zhu Rong made Yang Bingtian deliver him, since must become the  teacher in  charge, he  cannot go bad  the custom,  the dormitory has moved to here.

This time he, the vision is somewhat blurred, is made in his heart reverberate by the recollection that the Chen Sixuan perfect appearance brings back and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the together happiness. At the same time drinks, with the aid of anaesthesia that the alcohol brings, was fantasizing and Lie Yan (raging flames) in together each point of each second, on his face, rare reveals the smile of a touch of tenderness. But the somewhat scattered in disorder white hair builds on the face, nobody can see. Should be the time of attending class, he would in the classroom, but places the program of instruction on table his actually eyes not to look.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. Initially is the role model, how Ji Dong to teach his student? Everybody waits. A more splendid content will show one by one. Lie Yan (raging flames) after Ji Dong and rebirth saw finally again, among two people the relations actually had the earth-shaking change. Lie Yan (raging flames) but can actually pursue successfully, how will Ji Dong face this fine jade princess? Hehe, slowly looks. This book has just now written half.

Chapter 332: Initially is the role model

Class of ten students see Ji Dong time. Besides Chen Sixuan, other nine people were shocked. The words that formerly Zhu Rong spoke they heard, accepted as true, but, saw that own teacher in charge sat on the ground is filling the liquor, this dropping variance was enormous. In their hearts has had a thought as if by prior agreement, could it be, this teacher in charge is really a drunkard.

The purple morning star looks to Chen Sixuan, "class leader, Teacher Ji Dong he. "

In the Chen Sixuan eye flashes through a complex ray, "perhaps is on Teacher has the wound, the state of mind is poor."took a deep breath, suppresses the innermost feelings not tranquil mood diligently, she goes forward several steps, arrives in front of Ji Dong, called one: "Teacher Ji Dong."

These four characters called from the Chen Sixuan mouth, somewhat was really difficult, the feeling of status exchange, looks at the Ji Dong appearance, her entire energy must be used to suppress own mood.

Ji Dong awakens from the train of thought that after all his heart no longer is the hermetic condition. Looked at Chen Sixuan one, stands up slowly, the vision has swept from other students again.

Although before this time Ji Dong already did not have , the makings of that tyrant, but his big body, the unusual white hair, the also empty look, is very easy to make the deep impression on the person. A student under his gaze, subconscious stiff back. "Comes up to your seats."Ji Dong light saying.

Standing of short distance before him, once again smelled on him that familiar aura to mix wine taste, in the Chen Sixuan heart is having mixed emotions, suppresses the impulsion that was crying and recognizes each other, first turned around, before achieving the platform behind ten school desk most sat.

Other people also in abundance take a seat, purple morning star honest impolite sitting in the Chen Sixuan left position, the vision often flutters to side fine jade princess. When newborn admittance inspection of that day first time sees her time, he by deep charming. Relies on oneself in the new student is being the quite powerful strength, smoothly joins one class. Not only he, in this new student, which male student also there are not to be full of the hope to Chen Sixuan? It can be said that in beginning school first day, the fine jade princess became entire blazing in the dream in hot school male students heart the sweetheart. This is first under heaven beautiful woman! Has princess's noble status.

Bang a light sound, Ji Dong places on the beverage bottle the platform, calmed down slightly, vision subconscious falling on the Chen Sixuan face, everyone loves to be pretty, let alone this is less inferior in perfect of Lie Yan (raging flames), even if will be he now such condition also by the unconscious attraction the vision.

"Who is a class leader?"Ji Dong light asking. In his sound does not have slightest bit mood to fluctuate.

Chen Sixuan stands up once more. "Teacher Ji Dong, everybody elected me to be the class leader. I called Chen Sixuan."

Ji Dong nodded, "today first day attending class, introduces oneself, I called Ji Dong. You only need to know that my name was OK. Schoolmate Chen Sixuan, you knows mutually, later time arrange. Tomorrow starts to attend class officially."

Spoke these words, Ji Dong is carrying own beverage bottle, left the classroom directly. A student dumbfounded gazes after Ji Dong to depart, that Eighth Metal department named hard Wu girl complained: "Such walked? Had not asked including our names, this was also too irresponsible. No wonder our Teacher Ji Dong were claimed as synthesizes is weakest."

Another look is ordinary, but stature extremely hot female student cannot bear saying: "We will not have drunkard Teacher."This female student is Tenth Water department, named gold/metal.

"Was good, everybody absurdly from not criticizing Teacher." The Chen Sixuan sinking sound said.

The purple morning star echoes saying: "Thinks of right that fine jade class leader said that one day is a Master, lifelong is the father. Perhaps today Teacher has any matter, when will start to attend class after tomorrow, should. According to the stipulation of school, every morning curriculum is the various departments professional course, the class and grade students is disrupted, is the classroom attended class to the minute of main classroom building. In the afternoon is manages the dividing into classes teaching of each class and grade by the teacher in charge."

Ji Dong returns to own dormitory, one bottle of liquor saw the bottom, by sitting on bed, looks at the blue sky of nearby out of the window, muttered: "Lie Yan (raging flames), do you know? Today I saw one unexpectedly with you similarly perfect girl. My student. Does my present appearance, suit really makes Teacher?"

At the same time was saying, he opens oneself left hand slowly, the light red light surges in the palm, fiery-red lotus seed appear quietly.

On each lotus seed, is sparkling the moving golden red, when Ji Dong sees them, his look immediately becomes blazing, the cavity and deathly stillness are not , the body is shivering, is filling the liquor toward the mouth in gulps.

In this time, suddenly, outside is broadcasting the sound that knocks on a door, bang bang bang makes noise. Ji Dong each slightly wrinkle, during the palm turn over, that nine lotus seed integrated in the palm, solemnly said: "Comes."

The gate opens, walks Chen Sixuan that from outside. Animated standing in entrance, Chen Sixuan this time breath somewhat is slightly rapid, she impatient hope Ji Dong can say that three characters to oneself, in that case, they can again in the same place. But she also knows, this matter cannot be anxious. To the Ji Dong condition, wants to make him accept itself at present is not an easy matter.

"Teacher Ji Dong. I have arranged everybody to move freely. Just went to the school, allowing the schoolmates to understand that situation in the school was quite good."

Ji Dong lightly nodded, "you look for me, to say these? Later if no important matter, do not arrive at my dormitory."

The Chen Sixuan aura stagnates, beforehand Ji Dong, looks forward with her in the same place, present he actually in driving away oneself, this dropping variance makes in her heart very difficult to adapt.

"Teacher Ji Dong, I want to ask, tomorrow will attend class you to have anything to arrange, to need me to make anything to prepare, coordinates your guidance. As the class leader, I have the responsibility many and you communicate, to promote schoolmates' study condition."

Ji Dong beckoned with the hand, desolate say/way: "Exits, the goalkeeper takes. I cannot want you to make anything to prepare."

The Chen Sixuan aura stagnates, slightly hesitant, finally chose the general's family to take departs silently. Said goodbye Ji Dong, she also similarly required the time to adjust oneself mentality, faces Ji Dong with the current mood, difficult insurance not to expose weaknesses. She decided that must think toward the advantage, how regardless to say. Ji Dong is also living. So long as he is also living, very wasn't good?

Next afternoon, after class of students have had the lunch, comes to the classroom to wait for afternoon curriculum. Ji Dong appeared in the classroom on time, but in his hand as before was actually carrying the beverage bottle, the whole body liquor air/Qi made among class of students looks have the surprise again.

After Ji Dong has not arrived at the platform, but has arrived at behind the students school desk directly the spacious place.

"Comes."His words are very succinct.

Ten students headed by Chen Sixuan set out in abundance, arrive at side him.

Ji Dong has filled liquor, the vision has swept one from them, "men and women separate, various station rows. According to the order of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, wood is a first place."

Before entering blazing the hot school. These students besides Chen Sixuan flaminging hot school way of teaching many somewhat understood, according to normal condition, curriculum of first day, what the teacher in charge should say is the theory, may from this Teacher Ji Dong this time achievement, as if not plan to speak anything.

Ten students separate in the both sides, stands according to the position that Ji Dong said that five girls is Yin attribute five elements magic power, five male students are Yang attribute, defers to the wood, fire, earth, metal, and water position to stand firm.

Looked that they stand separately the position, some Ji Dong bleary eyes dim say/way: "About face, the left hand of everyone builds on the shoulder of front person."

In the students heart had doubts, actually this is young likely Teacher of drunkard must do? However, they have to do according to the Ji Dong words.

Ji Dong arrived at the female student to turn into side Chen Sixuan of team of tails, lightly said: "Arrives at the front student within the body your 10% Second Wood department magic power slow injections, another side, the First Wood department male student you are also same. Then, everyone pours into to the front person own magic power. The final Water department two students stimulate to movement your magic power, cannot use magic skill, releases comprehensively from within the body magic power."

Chen Sixuan eyes shined, she somewhat understood the meaning of Ji Dong. Start without hesitation outputs own Second Wood magic power forward. Arranges the good position by them, she is Second Wood department, front is the Fourth Fire department female student, the wood lights a fire, under the magic power mutual promotion of the five elements, significantly will promote without doubt magic power of front Fourth Fire department female student, then she pours into magic power to Sixth Earth department female student within the body again forward, corresponding will produce the results of hot raw soil.

That side the male students is also same. According to the principle of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, wood lights a fire, the hot raw soil, locally born gold/metal, gold/metal unboiled water. magic power of five students merge into one organic whole instantaneously, strongly to final water attribute student there, she in magic power that the flash can erupt, is not only five people adds together that simply, has the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power effect, the magic power how much multiple promotion.

The wood lights a fire, 10% magic power transmit Fourth Fire department female student within the body, did not have anything, but. Gradually becomes along with mutual promotion of the five elements magic power formidable, has waited till final male and female two water attribute student there, magic power that they admit instantaneously also became extremely huge, two people were almost beyond control has released this magic power. Immediately, classroom endomorphism ice-cold.

Until after magic power releases, these ten students understand why Ji Dong makes them output 10% magic power. The first person outputs 10% magic power, the second person withstands is not anything, but to the last person, is the change of geometrical multiple. Visits them to complete the first experiment, Ji Dong nodded, said: "Water department student to the Wood department student behind. By Water department as second round initiation. Ex analogia. Starting today, you practice this. When output 10% magic power to make the last student to control the overlay mutual promotion of the five elements magic power, then, output magic power increased to 20%. Remember, what I refer to after is everyone can control the mutual promotion of the five elements superimposes magic power, can increase the output again."

At the same time was saying, he looks to Chen Sixuan, said: "You is a class leader, later, practices this every afternoon, is managed by you."

"Doesn't Teacher, why make us use both hands to transmit magic power? Isn't this will be stabler?"Saying that side the male student purple morning star somewhat questioned.

glanced at him that Ji Dong coldly, anything had not said, carried the beverage bottle, the body somewhat is swaying is walking directly. From entering classroom, to ending guidance, in addition is about five minutes.

Looks at Ji Dong desolate departure, the purple morning star gripped tightened the fist, seemed, Ji Dong compared with his at the worst is several years old, moreover he could not see Ji Dong to have any strength. Since childhood is pampered since childhood, regards as the talent by family member, like this despises him also never to meet. Let alone, works as in front of the one's beloved who his is one-sided wishing.

The purple morning star just wants to rush to look for the Ji Dong theory, had actually been blocked by Chen Sixuan, "purple morning star, must respect Teacher."

The purple morning star sees Chen Sixuan, on face the look immediately became gentle, ", but, our teacher in charge Teacher were also too irresponsible. simply has not spoken any theoretical knowledge to us, comes up to make us practice this not to know the so-called thing, is not the skill, does not practice the magic power method. Thinks of the fine jade, I thought that we should respond to the school." Chen Sixuan did complexion sank, what "respond? I told you, what Teacher taught was the most correct cultivation way. Why I told you to transmit magic power only to use single-handed, and was the left hand. The reason is very simple, generally speaking, our left hand does not have the right hand to be keen, main force of attack is also the right hand. The left hand is used to transmit magic power, the right hand leaps, in having the possibility situation starts the skill. could it be, when you run into the enemy, won't the enemy destroy the lineup that we collaborate?"

Purple morning star one dull, ", but, why doesn't he talk clearly?"

Chen Sixuan inwardly sighed in the heart, the perceptions of these students and initially compared with Ji Dong, simply were bad was too far, "comprehended, forever compared with profound that the hearsay came. Good, everybody be not idling, according to start cultivation that Teacher Ji Dong said. This cultivation is not difficult, is the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power transmission overlay amplification, adds on a process of magic power release again, placed the last schoolmate each time, must as far as possible controls huge magic power that transmission comes."

In other class and grade schools also on the theoretical class, was flaminging hot school newborn one class to start the practice, but, they cannot think, this practice has continued unexpectedly for one month, but their Teacher Ji Dong were entire one month again has not appeared. Occasionally can , in the school sees him , can only see him in the excessive drinking.

Launches splendidly gradually, asks the monthly ticket.

Chapter 333: Drunkard Teacher, doing several things at the same time wrong shade

Flaminged hot school class of students to want the rebellion. Also no wonder they can like this. Begins school for one month, their teacher in charge Teacher Ji Dong altogether only has appeared one time. After having taught a very simple cultivation method, again had not appeared. If not in this month, there are class leader fine jade princess of name of Eastern Wood saintess to suppress, perhaps they already could not endure patiently.

One month is duplicating the arid cultivation way, every day must continue entire afternoon time . Moreover the Teacher surface does not reveal, these students could not bear finally.

"Thinks of the fine jade, be not blocking us. Although you is a class leader, but we go to the school to study. This one month, our drunkard Teacher altogether appeared one time. Our time must ask him to talk clearly, responded to the school. Everybody had not forgotten that two classes of teacher in charge Xuanyuan Xin Teacher explicitly have said that wants, when the end of the year big ratio surpasses our class. We cultivation again assiduously, isn't a direction of outstanding Teacher useful? We do not want to lose."

Takes the lead to erupt, naturally purple morning star. Not only he, other class of students are also a meaning, even if Chen Sixuan, this time somewhat could not suppress. Although her perfect appearance and Princess Eastern Wood Empire influences of reputation to these students are very big. But as Mage, these students regarding the pursue of strength are quite dedicated. Chen Sixuan knits the brows: The method that itself "Teacher taught was extremely good. One month transmission magic power that we can withstand now. From 10% has been promoted 40%, moreover can control basically. You did not think that this is very big progress? Perhaps, this cannot about one step promote everybody's magic power, feeling that but our coordination, promote and constrain mutually regarding the five elements attribute, be profounder than before. What is most important, the body bears the large scale magic power impact unceasingly, constantly is expanding our meridians, is of great help regarding the later cultivation."

The purple morning star said: "Thinks of the fine jade, these that you said although we have also felt. But our strengths throughout have not actually progressed! magic power level and magic power skill regarding Mage is most important. Everybody said that is?"

A student nods in abundance.

Chen Sixuan lightly said: "Since must look for Teacher, we together go."Cannot block shortly, she did not plan to stop again. This month, she has not seen Ji Dong. Her mood also gradually returns to normal, accepted oneself this new status gradually. Also had been pondering how should be able to approach to Ji Dong side, heals the scars in his heart, again with him in the same place. Sees him to be also good while this time matter.

Ji Dong truly in dormitory, is drinking as before, and has drunk much, the whole person by the bed, the state of mind is somewhat blurry. His door has not locked, the purple morning star they knocks on a door, the gate opened.

Greeting the nostrils wine taste made class of students frown, sees only in their this teacher in charge room, drinks spatial beverage bottle everywhere.

"Teacher Ji Dong. Are you our Teacher is a drunkard?"Constrained one month of anger unable to suppress again, the purple morning star exclaimed to Ji Dong directly.

Ji Dong bleary eyes dim glanced at him, "already one month?" The purple morning star looks to Chen Sixuan. "Thinks of the fine jade, you also saw, our Teacher do not know the day, god knows his the next moment can drink. We want. "

"Shut up."Chen Sixuan shouted at one, in the eye flashes through together the cold light obviously, the intense pressure released suddenly from her, suppression purple morning star some feelings of not gasping for breath.

Chen Sixuan can shake these class of students, besides the status and appearance, was the strength. Including purple morning star, but also nobody knows her true cultivation base strong. At this time her the imposing manner releases, immediately shook all people. That clearly is effect that magic power suppresses!

The purple morning star also has a big shock, although he guessed correctly that the Chen Sixuan strength is very strong, but has not thought strongly to so the degree.

Chen Sixuan coldly visits him, "purple morning star, if I hear you to insult Teacher again, do not blame me not being impolite to you."

The purple morning star has also gotten angry, although he has the arrogance, but is actually very one insisted that the person of principle, "such drunkard also does match for our Teacher?"

Chen Sixuan coldly snorted, "in my eyes, his hair be more outstanding than you."

"You......"purple morning star complexion instantaneously becomes pallid. He likes Chen Sixuan is the well-known matter, in the new student also few people can compete with him. But he has not thought, Chen Sixuan actually will say such words to him.

Actually, thinks including Chen Sixuan somewhat strangely. Before she was Lie Yan (raging flames) time, was impossible to say this words. However, after becoming Chen Sixuan, this body originally memory fuses together with her god knowledge, although leads completely in her, but, will come under the influences of this body originally memories. This Eastern Wood saintess is not the good nature, in the Eastern Wood Empire imperial family , is not only favored, is the famous violence young succuba.

In the extreme anger, purple morning star turns around to walk, the Ji Dong sound has actually made a sound at this time, "halts."

The purple morning star has turned round, looks angrily at Ji Dong, "?
Did you fear? Feared that I do go to complain to the school?"

Ji Dong body some getting out of bed of swaying, arrive at slowly in front of these students, "my this life, in the heart appears fears this mood to have one time. You have not matched to make me fear. Your psychology are not very balanced? Good, I give you opportunity. You are Third Fire department Mage, I am also Fire department. You have ten people, I only have a person, is a drunkard. My this dormitory altogether is about 30 square meters. I give you time, as soon as burning a joss stick, so long as you can bump into my lower hem corner, even if I lose. I resign from the Teacher duty automatically, making the school send Teacher to you again. In time that if you are burning a joss stick, cannot bump into my body. Then. Goes back to me, honest practices the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power transmission to ten tenths. When you can transmit each other magic power willfully, momentarily can control when any individual hand, I naturally can teach you other things."

The Ji Dong sound is very desolate, has been full of the provocative flavor/smell. His heart emptied, but he will actually not mislead the youth, will not make Zhu Rong difficult to do.

The purple morning star complexion was slightly better, "in this dormitory?"

Ji Dong drinks in the light hand the liquor in beverage bottle, "starts."

His voice also declines, nearby two male students threw fiercely, one is to plunge Ji Dong behind, comes. Several other people also moved besides Chen Sixuan. Can enter one class, these ten students are in this issue of new student are most outstanding. Also has been practicing together for one month, each other many also coordination.

"I caught." A stature thin and small male student, excited was shouting. He is Seventh Metal department, named Hou hard, everybody called his hard Houzi. In the people, the speed is fastest. Especially is good at attacking.

What a pity, his excitement has stopped in the next moment, clearly felt oneself caught Ji Dong, but, the next moment he actually discovered that Ji Dong that oneself throw actually vanished.

Under people dumbfounded gaze. In the room originally Ji Dong turned into three suddenly. Exactly the same three.

"Continue."Takes out one bottle of liquor again, twists the bottle cap, the Ji Dong sound as before is that indifferent. Drinks will not weaken on behalf of the strength, the polarity, the liquor is in itself fire attribute, in the half year, he has drunk, the strength not only because of drinking to decline, instead unceasingly is progressing. Why he does not understand, his magic power has achieved Level 67.

Nine students moved once more, besieges and pursues to block off. Ability full, in plunging Ji Dong that in these 30 square meters narrow and small spaces advances uninterruptedly. Tries to hold him.

Ji Dong actually just like strolling general, the foot treads doing several things at the same time wrong shade, occasionally adds on Dark Moon Dance, regardless of these nine students how diligently, is unable to enter in his body one foot range.

"Limits his dodging space with magic skill."Purple morning star loudly shouted, suddenly, both hands, two fireballs flew. He suddenly with amazement discovered, he control to magic power as if compared with before, before having traded does, after the fireball gets rid, attacks according to the position that he formerly locked. But he actually clearly felt that at this time oneself can also carry on certain control to the fireball unexpectedly. Not only he, each student has the similar discovery. Did not know many regarding the control of manifest magic skill compared with before.

The room was too after all small, when nine students simultaneously launch the magic skill attack, in entire room, immediately various magic skill able to move unhindered. In their opinion, the Ji Dong strength is much higher than them, will certainly be limited to move.

However, Ji Dong told them with the fact, anything is called one should always strive for better. Starts to use the magic power same time in them, the Ji Dong speed speeds up suddenly. They are unable to see clearly the Ji Dong form again. Only thought that he just like the ghosts and demons is common, the personal appearance flashes the revolutions to organize, regardless of the magic skill attack is intensive, he actually can flash through from the slit.

"Time." The Chen Sixuan sound resounds. Has terminated this competition.

Nine students simultaneously stopped, everyone appears panting somewhat. hard Wu somewhat discontented looks at Chen Sixuan, "thinks of the fine jade elder sister, don't you get rid? If you get rid, perhaps we caught Teacher."

Chen Sixuan shook the head, "I do not do the matter that is possible to complete."

Ji Dong static standing in room center, a student discovered at this time, one bottle of liquor that he opens newly have drunk up unexpectedly. Others also leisure drinks refinedly, obviously has the ample force greatly.

Ji Dong coldly said: "Walks. Do not affect me to drink here. The mutual promotion of the five elements magic power control practices to ten tenths, the step taught you."

This time, has also shone including eyes of purple morning star, how they will unable to see Ji Dong that step wonderful. Can change instantaneously several forms, first did not say the actual result, this is in itself also very graceful. They are the young people. Who does not hope to have this kind of skill.

Tenth Water department gold/metal cannot bear asking: "Can Teacher, tell us, how many levels your does magic power have?"

"This you do not need to know."At the same time was saying, before Ji Dong turned back the bed, turns over/stands up to go to bed, closed eyes to rest directly.

A student look at each other in blank dismay, but at this time they actually with coming the time mood was completely different. Did not say other, only Ji Dong that wrap/sets wonderful step made them have several points of confidence to this Teacher. Moreover, they also realized that these days has practiced the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power control some advantage.

"Walks. Do not affect the Teacher rest."Some Chen Sixuan loving dearly looked at one to become emaciated many Ji Dong, clenched teeth, suppresses not to be revealed the difference by own look, leading the students to depart.

The night falls, Ji Dong stands before the dormitory window is looking out outside lights, his heart started to hurt, because, he has remembered Lie Yan (raging flames). Has remembered her those words.


"Ji Dong, when I said that three characters to you time, certainly was I prepares the bridal clothes, became your wife's moment."


Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), you may know, I have think you, how wants to go as you like. Ten years, you must make me continue to withstand such painful ten years again, can look for you. Bang bang bang, at this moment, the knock has made a sound suddenly.

Ji Dong turns head suddenly, in the eye cold light suddenly/violently to launch looks to the door place, he never locks a door.

The gate opened, wears the form of dark green long skirt to walk, was Chen Sixuan.

"Do you do? I have not told you, the important matter do not disturb me. Get lost."Ji Dong angrily roared.

Chen Sixuan stare blankly, she has never thought one day of Ji Dong to say such words to oneself, at this moment, she had even forgotten she is not beforehand Lie Yan (raging flames). The moon/month worries, trades is one angrily rebukes unexpectedly. Missing and grievance instantaneously racing in wells up heart on. The mist changes into the tears to flow following the fair tender face under.

Saw Chen Sixuan to cry, the point of Ji Dong heart of hearts seemed touched, but he has not spoken again, has turned around , to continue to look to out of the window.

Chen Sixuan has not walked, she that looks at Ji Dong, he did not know me, a point did not recognize me. Ji Dong, Ji Dong, I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)! But I actually cannot tell you. The pain of innermost feelings vanishes quickly, because Chen Sixuan knows, Ji Dong turns into this appearance is because before.

Has not spoken, her start silently has picked up the beverage bottles of ground.

Although Ji Dong has not gone to visit her, but has by his psychic force can not know that she is doing?

"Do you do?"Ji Dong coldly asks.

"Helps you clean up room. Has matter younger brother Zifu its work. Teacher Ji Dong, your room was too chaotic."Chen Sixuan diligently becomes by own sound tranquilly. "Why?" The Ji Dong brow wrinkles. "Because I like you."
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Chapter 334: The travel of all smelting trial

"Because I like you."Chen Sixuan does not conceal said to Ji Dong. Ji Dong has gawked. "Do you like me? Likes a drunkard?"
"What regardless of you are, I like you."Chen Sixuan rigid saying. This month, she has thought that but she really does not know how should pursue a man. Therefore, she chooses to use the most direct method. Vindicating.

Without a doubt, in the male and female emotion, this without doubt is the clumsiest one way, the successful probability is very low. However, this method, if said by the Chen Sixuan such perfect outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman mouth, big of its lethality, was actually not inferior to super Certain Kill Skill.

"Exits." The Ji Dong sound suddenly changes cold, looks like the cold ice storm is ordinary, made the thermal drop in room.

Chen Sixuan some cannot believe that oneself ear, he does angrily rebuke unexpectedly like this I? In the subconscious, she will regard after all Lie Yan (raging flames).

Ji Dong coldly has swept her one eyes, "I called you to exit, haven't you heard?"At the same time was saying, his right hand wields, immediately, in the room as if presented an undercurrent, curls up the body of Chen Sixuan instantaneously. Stiffly pushes her out. The door bang, less than one inch position in front of Chen Sixuan loudly runs upon. "He unexpectedly such to me?" The tears cannot endure patiently again, that brushes, flows from Chen Sixuan that pair of outstandingly beautiful beautiful pupil. Ji Dong multi- a few words are not willing saying that directly rumbled her. The striking contrast made her be hard to accept extremely.

If she is Lie Yan (raging flames), saw Ji Dong a moment ago that palm, she will be very certainly happy, because Ji Dong that palm wielded, any attribute release, completely has not been the pure chaos strength, even in the creation characteristics including chaos did not have. Purest strength. Does not mean this strength formidable, but can so use, had proven comprehension of Ji Dong in chaos has been another level. More and more close can control truly chaos.

But, now a Chen Sixuan actually point also happy. She had drummed out by him, malicious talk quarrels, direct pursuit.

Has stood out Ji Dong for ten minutes, Chen Sixuan is calm gradually, dries the tears on face fast, the corners of the mouth place instead reveals a light happy expression. Because she has thought through an issue suddenly. Ji Dong keeps them out own vindicating directly, can only show that a matter, that is, he loves Lie Yan (raging flames), even if this is not inferior in the Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance at present, is unable to make him have any change. Why can oneself be angry? He loves as before is oneself!

Little Ji Dong, your this bastard, made me burst into tears. However, later I not because of your rejection, but was sad. Will be only happy.

However, thinks that Ji Dong such has rejected itself, how later should be able to make him like last present, Chen Sixuan becomes looks distressed. The condition of as if evil god, is not easy to be completed!

Her psychology is very contradictory, not only hopes Ji Dong to reject itself, and hope him soon saying that three characters, can again with him in the same place. Has such mood, Chen Sixuan to return to the dormitory to go. Class of students have not gone to complain, does not represent nobody to know the actions of Ji Dong this teacher in charge. In the school has spread. As Teacher, one month in a class, many Teacher had found the Zhu Rong reflection issue. Zhu Rong as Venerable/revering of Dean, feels more and more serious pressure. This way is not the means. How the Ji Dong situation seems has not been improved. Cannot make him in so dispirited.

Counts Heavenly Empress (day later), the school suddenly announced, the newborn first-grade student will carry on the collective smelting trial. Moreover has the prize smelting trial. Will examine and critique the most important constituent as the newborn first year synthesis.

The announcement pasted directly on the bulletin board outside newborn building front door. three days later, will be led hundred students to go to the Southern Fire Empire famous magic beast inhabit region Armanz mountain to carry on the smelting trial by the first-grade ten teachers in charge.

Smelting trial goal: Hunts and kills Armanz mountain surrounding magic beast, every two class and grade one groups, to hunt and kill the crystal core quantity that magic beast obtains to place. Two classes of teacher in charge mutual supervisions, can only get rid by the student, the teacher in charge protects from side, can not hunt and kill magic beast directly. Finally after the smelting trial ended, compiles. To harvesting most first ten students rewards. The reward is quite rich, is the skill books of different rank, the first three rewards include a magic power weaponry.

Can see to flaming the excessive wealth of hot school from this reward only, support of Southern Fire Empire regarding flaminging hot school it can be said that spares no effort.

Announced one, immediately has caused excitement of the doolies, first did not say the reward, can go to hunt and kill magic beast personally, not arid cultivation in school, has brought back the interests of these young people sufficiently. The young bull does not fear the tiger, there is Teacher, they will not be worried about oneself security problem. According to the convention, this newborn collective smelting trial moved in the past, should by lead in an age class of teacher in charge, or is the school sends out the expert to unify to lead. But this time actually made an exception. The heads are not class of teacher in charge Ji Dong, but is two classes of teachers in charge, department head Seventh Metal department Xuanyuan Xin.

Regarding this arrangement, Zhu Rong it can be said that takes great pains, he hopes that through outside informed and experienced, can elucidate to the Ji Dong mood. But some did not feel relieved, therefore the leading duty will have given Xuanyuan Xin. Meanwhile, he personally ordered, one class and three classes are one group. Also is the class and grade that Second Wood department department head Tang lingers at to instruct. Naturally, declared to the outside naturally is ballot carries on the combination. One class and three classes in the same place, this itself had very big superiority. Regarding this arrangement, Xuanyuan Xin is very discontented. Tang lingers, not only department head Second Wood department, is his wife. Not and arranges own wife in one group, he was not quite satisfied, let alone also arranged to give that drunkard. This is the Xuanyuan Xin original words.

However, can be responsible for controlling all new students. Xuanyuan Xin is quite satisfied. His secretly decided, this time said that anything must to Ji Dong demonstration of authority, this drunkard simply is not suitable to make Teacher. A class of teacher in charge position, should be own.

For the matter of this smelting trial, Zhu Rong looked for Ji Dong personally, what making Zhu Rong relax slightly some were, although Ji Dong drank as before, but in the state of mind seemed to be good, at least the state of mind was quite sober. But is not willing to contact regarding all of outside as before.

"Does Teacher, want me to go?"

"You must go. Ji Dong, you should understand on you, your Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife and I have the how big expectation. I understand, the Empress Lie Yan death has very big attack to you. However, the day has also wanted. You continue again like this dispiritedly, let alone to the her revenge/report enmity, perhaps became the disabled person."

"Good, I go."

three days later.

Blazing hot school first grade all new students as well as ten teachers in charge is ready and waiting. Altogether 110 people, in the drill ground waited for admonishing of Dean Zhu Rong, in this complete 110 people, most paid attention has two. Without a doubt, the Eastern Wood saintess, has Chen Sixuan of name of first under heaven beautiful woman is one of them.

Begins school this month, are hundreds to the student who Chen Sixuan does everything to please. That may, not only the new student of first grade, some also higher grades being proud condition good students. It is said that only the love letter, this Eastern Wood saintess received about thousand. Out a class of classroom, has piled up with bunch of fresh flowers frequently. However, Chen Sixuan has not actually opened any love letter, has not accepted any gift. Regarding all pursues, looks but not see. Usually besides attending class, most time in the dormitory, the life is quite simple, even has not participated including the invitation of Southern Fire Empire imperial family. Therefore. The admittance moon/month, sees the Chen Sixuan person not to be many truly. This made class of that five male students receive to envy, after all, advantage of being close to somebody.

Today, Chen Sixuan has worn a water blue color vigor attire, a dark green long hair hangs loose after behind, although stands in the crowd, but the brilliance of almost all people must be covered by her. The peerless glowing countenance made not to know that many people were dumbfounded.

Besides Chen Sixuan, another caught attention without doubt is Ji Dong. Catches attention the reason to be opposite with Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong catches attention the reason to be very simple, this class of teacher in charge not only grasps the beverage bottle, but also a white hair is dishevelled, the body clothes do not know how long has not traded, but also is having several differential tastes, is really makes the person not dare to think highly. Sees likely is a beggar, but is not Teacher. Especially, he stands side Chen Sixuan at this time, this was extremely beautiful and extremely sloppy in the same place, the intensity of contrast is easier to attract attention. Even some people the heart lived impulsive, wants to kick out of the way from Chen Sixuan Ji Dong, in order to avoid has smeared the eyes of beautiful woman.

The speech of Zhu Rong are very short, simple several encourage, the speech ended, all set out.

Xuanyuan Xin is leading his two classes of students in the forefront, with them what is divided into one group is seven classes, naturally also has arrived front. One line of more than hundred people enormous and powerful left has flaminged the hot school, left to flaming hot city south gate, directly soared the Southwest to go. The Armanz mountain is situated is flaminging hot city southwest 600 kms away. The journey is not quite near.

Just had flaminged hot city, Xuanyuan Xin orders immediately, "all, jogged the advance."Walks only, when can go out of these 600 kilometers? The students are Mage, jogs the advance is not anything.

With Ji Dong the line, is three classes of teacher in charge Tang lingers at abreast in row, she listens to Xuanyuan Xin not to know that at home has voiced many complaints, but the heart of hearts, to Ji Dong this only knows that every day the excessive drinking Teacher is very curious. This curious mainly stems from the trust Zhu Rong Dean. The Zhu Rong Dean Qin chose/point teacher in charge, some abilities will be right.

At this time, she and Ji Dong abreast in row the line, Ji Dong that dishevelled white hair and unusual smell really made the person not dare to think highly, her cannot bear asking: "Teacher Ji Dong, how long haven't you taken a bath?"

Ji Dong raised head to drink liquor, simply had not gone to pay attention to her. Continues. At this time, Xuanyuan Xin leads to start to jog the advance, the speed is not quite slow, but this has not actually affected Ji Dong to continue to drink, moreover could not see that his stride width increases, but can follow the team. Regarding this point, class of students do not feel actually strange, although they do not have any favorable impression to this teacher in charge Teacher as before, but seems like the thing that he teaches by no means completely is also useless. Let alone he also complies to teach that mysterious step.

"Teacher Ji Dong, I was speaking with you." The complexion that Tang lingers is somewhat ugly, said, she is also one of school department heads.

Ji Dong had to respond finally, light horizontal her eyes, "did I take a bath, had the relations with you?"

"You......"Tang Yilian immediately complexion one white, air/Qi unable to speak. "Teacher Ji Dong, please pay attention to affect, do not forget, in your class, a also neighboring country princess. Your this appearance, how making neighboring country see us to flaming the hot school?"

"Princess?"Ji Dong has gawked, "our class of Princess also?"At the same time was saying, he turns head to look to oneself behind class of students.

As the class leader, Chen Sixuan naturally follows in Ji Dong behind, her not strange Ji Dong does not know own princess's status, looks at Ji Dong that cavity soulless eye pupil, in the heart the tender feelings hundred revolutions, said in a low voice: "Teacher, I am Princess Eastern Wood Empire."

Moved has complied with one, "originally you were a princess.
However, in the school, you are only a student."

"I know."Chen Sixuan has not said anything, after previous time Ji Dong has rejected, she prepares to transform the strategy, by her the understanding Ji Dong, naturally knows that Ji Dong this fellow himself is the person of opening to persuasion but not to coercion, a taste pursues him directly, to might as well with the gentleness transforms him gradually to own impression, influencing subtly affect him. First cannot make him dislike itself. The breath that Tang lingers at how many minutes obviously became loud, this fellow was actually Chen Sixuan Princess Eastern Wood Empire does not know? Looked that his such has not disguised likely. This too does not make sense simply.

"Teacher Ji Dong, I questioned to your work . After this smelting trial ended, I will respond your issue to the school committee."As one of the department heads, Tang Yilian has the considerable right to speak in the school.

Listened to her words, Ji Dong actually to look at her one eyes, lost to her two characters, "did as you please."

In the school, Tang lingered is always good to be famous by the temperament, at this time could not bear the plan of eruption, gripped the tight fist to look angrily at Ji Dong, but others were actually not looking at her one eyes, still solidified my drinking. It looks like anything has not occurred.

The Xuanyuan Xin attitude without doubt is very firm, this runs, enough is two double-hour. Runs fully 50 kilometers, he ordered in same place recuperation. Although the students are Mage, but continues to run such long distance, the big feeling cannot endure, sits is a piece complains. Only has two classes of students to restrain some.

"Teacher, gives you liquor."

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Chapter 335: Teacher Ji Dong is my

Chen Sixuan arrives alone sits in front of Ji Dong under big tree. Hands in one bottle of strong liquor his hand. Opportunity that she chooses just right, happen to be Ji Dong on one bottle of liquor will drink up.

Receiving of Ji Dong no trace of politeness, opens bottle cap to continue to drink.

Chen Sixuan did not have to say again, silently took out pure white arrange/cloth single shop/spread in his side from oneself storage ring before the Ji Dong body, took out various types of food and fruits again places above.

"Teacher, the empty stomach drinks to burst oneself, you eat a thing."Spoke these words, she has not stopped, arrived to be implicated under surrounding numerous Teacher and students dumbfounded gaze, oneself took out dry rations to eat again silently.

Is the Eastern Wood saintess serving that drunkard unexpectedly? The students had even forgotten after running the weariness, especially those unrequited love the Chen Sixuan male students, one by one looks at the Ji Dong vision is to become bad.

Purple morning star sitting of silently drinks water, looked at Ji Dong that in a class of student coldly, since was refuted by Chen Sixuan after on that day, for these days his mood has been very bad. Chen Sixuan has not accepted his him also to understand, after all others is a princess. But what he is not clear, Chen Sixuan so is why good to this drunkard Teacher. Has a liking for him? Is impossible. That drunkard will only drink, the look is not outstanding, even the whole body is dirty. The reversed image is a beggar. He and fine jade princess simply is the people of two world. Will the fine jade princess like him?

Puzzled, not only he, other people similarly are also relentless, atmosphere between these more than hundred student and Teachers becomes somewhat is immediately strange.

Xuanyuan Xin bumped Tang to linger. Said to her in a low voice: "How fine jade princess will serve that drunkard to come."

Tang Yilian has suppressed a lot of fires, "how I know."

Xuanyuan Xin said in a low voice: "You ask. This drunkard is not perhaps simple. After all he is Dean Qin Dianlai."

Tang dependence glanced at him, "? You also feared that he is inadequate?"

Xuanyuan Xin coldly snorted, "knows oneself and other side, is undefeated in many battles. This newborn smelting trial, I decide however call him to be attractive. The dependence, after the smelting trial starts, you pay attention to observe him."

Tang dependence nodded, looked at oneself husband one eyes, this arrives at side Chen Sixuan.

"Fine jade princess, arrived at school also one month, did you think what kind of?"Tang Yilian is smiling asking. She as three classes of teachers in charge, should not approach a class of student like this, but she is female Teacher, the Chen Sixuan status is also special, did not have anything.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, "is very good! The guidance of Teacher Ji Dong is good."

Tang dependence was surprised said: "But, I heard that he only has taken a class, moreover not over ten minutes." The Chen Sixuan smiling face is invariable, "duration cannot decide the quality of teaching."

Tang Yilian said: "Fine jade princess, I thought that you had prepared food to him a moment ago, did you already know?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, "before , did not know, but now he is my Teacher. Honoring the teacher and respecting his teachings should be. Let alone......"spoke of here, her charming face slightly one red, was the beautiful not local products, the surrounding people who looked were dazzling and intoxicating. However. A few words that she then said that made Tang Yilian nearly faint, "let alone, I was pursuing Teacher Ji Dong. Naturally must to him good."

"What?" The sound that Tang lingers at looks like was screaming, stared wide-eyed looks at Chen Sixuan, seems like looking at monster.

"Fine jade princess, you are are not cracking a joke."

Chen Sixuan charming face blushes, "how will I crack a joke with this matter?"

"But."Tang lingers is not really able to understand that idea of Chen Sixuan, she is the first under heaven beautiful woman, Princess Eastern Wood Empire! Can pursue a drunkard unexpectedly but actually?

At this moment, Chen Sixuan made more unthinkable, making Tang Yilian shock the matter in the extreme, her animated standing up, bright sound said: "Teacher and schoolmate, I have a matter to announce."

Calling out in alarm that original Tang lingers at attracted the attention of all people, Chen Sixuan has stood up at this time again the speech, immediately has become more than hundred people of absolute focal points.

charming face slightly red, but the tone is quite firm, Chen Sixuan said: "I am pursuing teacher in charge Teacher Ji Dong of our class, hopes that fellow female schoolmates do not snatch with me. Thank you."Then, she bows to salute slightly. Then sits down. The silent, absolute silence, new students choose the rest in the small woods it can be said that to fall the needle to hear. The Chen Sixuan words, it can be said that fell to break to pieces place eyeglasses, the Chen Sixuan words, looked like were announcing Ji Dong belonged to authority like. She is telling presents all females, Teacher Ji Dong is my, anyone of you do not snatch with me.

If Ji Dong is extremely outstanding and handsome youth Teacher, perhaps, the people on the scene also slightly can understand several points. But, who is Ji Dong? A drunkard, sloven drunkard, is similar to beggar general existence. Who is Chen Sixuan? First under heaven beautiful woman, Princess Eastern Wood Empire. Status and appearance disparate was really too big. If not says by this fine jade princess personally, nobody can believe that absolutely this is the fact.

Chen Sixuan is with smile on the face, the vision shoots a look at to not far away Ji Dong, her clear seeing, Ji Dong after listening to her words has frowned slightly, but actually still solidifies my drinking. She did not fear, because announced that property rights give Ji Dong to bring troublesome. At present these Teacher and can the students take to him to trouble? Repairs like this he to dare to get rid facing the deicide!

In this time, the purple morning star one has been standing suddenly, the stride arrives in front of Ji Dong, solemnly said: "Teacher Ji Dong, I must with your duel."

Xuanyuan Xin first restores from the shock, both eyes narrow the eyes, looks at Ji Dong, the corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer.

To look for the Ji Dong duel not only a purple morning star person, almost all male students in eying covetously looks at Ji Dong.

As if has remembered Ji Dong that mysterious step, the purple morning star joins one, "has the skill. You and I resist like the man directly."

Ji Dong raised the head, glanced at him that coldly, purple morning star body, Ji Dong that empty look as if must also swallow his soul generally, making the courage that he has disintegrate instantaneously, subconscious retreat one step.

Ji Dong stands up slowly, a foot sweeps, places Chen Sixuan in scatters in all directions to flutter about, coldly said that his front fruit and food kick: "Does not know so- said."

His motion has enraged all male students immediately, immediately, dozens male students have stood, with the purple morning star together, encircles Ji Dong in the center.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you must pay the price for the insult fine jade princess." A male student was clamoring.

"Do you do, instead?"Xuanyuan Xin has acted finally, angrily roared, shakes the scene immediately. How regardless to say, Ji Dong also blazing hot school Teacher, at least now. As the head of this smelting trial , he although very repugnant this drunkard, but also has no alternative but to defend the Teacher dignity.

However, these male students somewhat got angry, hear Chen Sixuan to announce that pursues Ji Dong. They have been shocked and lost extremely, but Ji Dong not only does not accept, everywhere is, the resentment in their heart unexpectedly also giving him food that prepares to kick Chen Sixuan how can also be able to bear. Suddenly, many students started to release oneself Yin-Yang Crown.

Although the female students have not moved, but some thoughts of watching the fun, they do not understand why similarly Chen Sixuan will pursue a drunkard, what is different from the male student, they were more to Ji Dong several points of curiosity.

Facing surrounding of student, Ji Dong has drunk a liquor desolately, "skill has not studied many. Is rivals for sexual favor does not drop the wind actually. Depending on you?"

At the same time was saying, the right foot of Ji Dong lifts slightly, falls again suddenly, only listens to fierce thundering to resound suddenly, the earth looked like by ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) heavy hammer is shelled suddenly, in the loud sound, was centered on Ji Dong loudly in the position, an intense shake wave proliferated instantaneously.

These students generally only then about Two-Crown strength, how can also resist, in the screams, 50 male students were similar to shear the wheat immediately generally but actually place. Not far away female students also mostly tumble at the screams. Can stand, only then the teachers in charge of various classes and grades, as well as are gazing at Ji Dong here Chen Sixuan.

Ji Dong as before is the appearance of drunkard, takes the beverage bottle to drink there as before, but, in this moment all people looks that his look actually changed.

What the students mostly reveal is with amazement, they have not thought, this seems is Teacher Ji Dong of drunkard actually has the so powerful strength, but they are not clear, why initially in the list said that Ji Dong is Fire department Mage, at this time he uses is actually Earth department magic skill. A foot shakes the universe, is laughable they also to plan that interrogated others, unexpectedly linked one to come to a stop did not have.

The shock of students is inferior to Teachers, the student could not see, Teacher won't be able to see? Ji Dong uses, simply is not magic skill, it's that simple stamps the feet. Does not have the magic power attribute of slightest bit to release. But, is such simple stamping the feet, made Teachers is not everyone can the coming to a stop personal appearance, lingered at and several other teachers in charge outside Xuanyuan Xin besides Tang is the personal appearance rocks, some even also shaken falling drew back several steps.

Without the magic power release, that showed, this fully is the pure strength achieves. Heavens! Is could it be this fellow Giant Dragon becomes inadequate? Perhaps also only then grown Giant Dragon, has this terrifying strength. This stamps the feet suddenly, produced to have several tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) strength fully, will provoke the so powerful response. Can clear seeing, be centered on the right foot that Ji Dong stamps. The innumerable fissures spread instantaneously.

The only look has not changed was Chen Sixuan, also who compared with her more familiar Ji Dong ability? She knows certainly how Ji Dong achieves. Although the Ji Dong physical body strength is powerful, but does not have to be able to send out several tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) strength intrepidly the situation. Under his foot treads, stimulates to movement in through the fusion god technique the Fire God double sword the right leg inevitably, releases the weight of double sword. Therefore, seems is he, as soon as foot treads place, but in fact, is actually the results that the Fire God double sword falls to the ground to produce. Naturally, Lie Yan (raging flames) also understands, Ji Dong retained. If his strength erupts completely, perhaps including oneself, here nobody can come to a stop.

The female students look that the Ji Dong vision had the change immediately, the previous moment, in their hearts still in ridiculing Chen Sixuan, is this latter quarter, the ideas in their heart completely were different.

As Mage, they do not regard as important the appearance like the ordinary girl. The strength is most important, particularly Ji Dong so is also young. No wonder others fine jade princess actively will pursue this Teacher Ji Dong, originally the Teacher Ji Dong strength so is unexpectedly strong.

Formerly in their eyes the drunkard, was beggar general Ji Dong, now looked like actually as if turned into the individuality of proposing something new and different, could it be Teacher Ji Dong played was the decadents in legend?

The male students look at the Ji Dong vision, although has been full of the anger as before, but more is actually the outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted flavor/smell, a simple foot, has shaken completely them, coming up provocation that who will also eat to the full supporting. They only know, at present this is regarded as Teacher of drunkard by them, actually has the so powerful strength. Ji Dong vision tranquil looks to Xuanyuan Xin, "Xuanyuan Teacher, seems the students is not tired, was inferior that our starts off."

Perhaps by Ji Dong that foot the fear, Xuanyuan Xin had not been proposed opposed one is only stiff nodded, "gets up, all set out."

Goes forward to the Armanz mountain once more, but Xuanyuan Xin is not that unreasonable, temporarily has not ordered to jog the advance, is only the walk. Made the students relax secretly.

Chen Sixuan has not cared about Ji Dong formerly to kick her food, leads a class of student to walk as in Ji Dong behind.

Class of Seventh Metal department student Hou hard Qiaoqiao slides to Ji Dong side, the smiling faces of how many minute of flattering on the face is revealing, "Teacher, you did that foot achieve a moment ago? Can teach me. Aren't you Fire department Mage?"

Hou hard to Chen Sixuan, although also has the idea, but had self- knowledge very much, he knows, oneself this appearance, Chen Sixuan had a liking for his possibly infinitely approaches in zero. Therefore his dissatisfaction over the Ji Dong is very pale, strength that instead admired Ji Dong a moment ago that development. Let alone, he most excels is the speed, likes is also the speed. That the Ji Dong that doing several things at the same time wrong shade step he naturally also most hopes to learn.

"Did your crosstalk fusion control cultivation to ten tenths?"Ji Dong has swept his one eyes.

"Uh, did not have."Hou hard scratched the head, "Teacher, I will certainly try hard."

"Returns to the unit." The Ji Dong sound as before is that indifferent.

Hou hard chuckled, said: "Teacher Ji Dong, later I mixed with you, I believe that the vision of class leader will not be wrong. You certainly are the powerhouse. How later you make me cultivation me how to cultivate." On Monday asked the recommendation ticket. Small three every day will speak in the micro blog of SINA.com, everybody has free time to come to see. Oh, was right, today is the college entrance examination first day. Tang gate brothers and sisters who although enrolls the college entrance examination are not necessarily able to see, but small three must say one, wish you to take a test smoothly, wishes coming true. Test time should not be anxious, displays own strength is the greatest victory. Small three were anticipating after you were admitted to admire the university, successfully supports again. Must succeed. Come on.

Chapter 336: Fine jade princess: Teacher, I want to take a bath

Without a doubt, Hou hard is a smart person. He is in a class of student first besides Chen Sixuan approves Ji Dong this Teacher status. Naturally, as the matter stands, he also received four other male student collectives headed by purple morning star to despise. Naturally, they are not fools, including the purple morning star, nobody dares to propose with the matter of Ji Dong duel again.

Including Teachers, this line of these more than hundred teachers and students overwhelming majorities have produced to the Ji Dong strength intensely curious. They may never see Ji Dong to release the Yin-Yang Crown appearance.

Chen Sixuan not, because the Ji Dong crude and ice-cold manner stops approaching him, wants each time is the rest time, she will deliver food and liquor on own initiative, moreover no longer and Ji Dong spoke to disturb him. Liquor Ji Dong is never polite, illuminates single Quanshou, but food actually never eats.

Because the personnel are numerous, for the informed and experienced student, this all the way, Xuanyuan Xin has not looked for the cities to rest, is the wilderness alleys that takes, food is the dry rations, two days later, the students somewhat could not endure. However, distance line of destinations of are also more and more near. Most has half-day time to arrive again.

At this time is high noon, Sun overhangs in airborne. Southern Fire Empire originally is on Light Five Elements Continent the temperature highest country, the burning hot weather made to rest the students somewhat drowsy feeling. Rest place that luckily, this time they choose by a small stream. The mountain stream is clear enough to see bottom, if not Xuanyuan Xin has not ordered to move freely, perhaps had the student to charge into the small stream.

"This time I give everybody a double-hour the relaxation time, we from the destination also final about 100 kilometers distance, after this recuperation, must in one vigorous effort, arrive in the Armanz mountain tonight, in this period will not have the rest again. Everything falls behind, in this smelting trial examination, by unqualified result reporting." The Xuanyuan Xin chilling sound made newborn students gasped. The one breath hurries along 100 kilometers, but also made the person live. By them this each double-hour two and 30 kilometers speeds, at least also takes four double-hour to rush at present!

Xuanyuan Xin said that also does not pay attention to students' response, one side arrived to sit in repose with eyes closed without consulting anybody.

Although students in heart discontented, but is very obvious, that limpid small stream is bigger to their attractions. Already several anxious cannot endure patiently, direct called to charge into the small stream, jumped into the cool mountain stream directly.

Tang Yilian helpless shaking the head, said: "The male student this humble one roaming combs the hair and wash the face, can not swim away to. The female student combs the hair and wash the face to the upstream, various class of teachers in charge restrain this class of student voluntarily."Cannot be the affectionate couple bath. Not only but the male student is soulful to the small stream, hurries along two days of female students impatient wants to clean own body.

Chen Sixuan follows as before side Ji Dong, gives Ji Dong one bottle of liquor, but this time again has not actually put out food. But held one white clothes. Only the material quality seems extraordinary.

"Teacher, the water of that small stream is very as if good. You also clean." The Chen Sixuan sound is very supple, by her like this outstandingly beautiful, in addition that pretty appearance, really made one be hard to have the malice.

Ji Dong has drunk others many bottle of liquor after all, this walks, his spirit truly was also good, having a look outside world always to suppress compared with every day in the room stronger.

"Idle work not by wealth."Ji Dong lightly said.

Chen Sixuan gathers side Ji Dong, said in a low voice: "Teacher, thinks of the fine jade to have matter to request, how even if I uses this clothes and you exchanges?"

Ji Dong shot a look at her one eyes, sees Chen Sixuan slightly red charming face, slightly one dull, Chen Sixuan perfect is different from perfect of Lie Yan (raging flames). The beauty of Lie Yan (raging flames), is that type of unique mediocre extraordinary quality, but Chen Sixuan perfect is solid, compared with keeping aloof of Lie Yan (raging flames), she instead gives the third dimension, made one want close. Although Ji Dong has sealed up the innermost feelings, but actually does not affect the feeling of his vision, moreover similarly is perfect, whenever he sees Chen Sixuan time. Unconscious recollection and Lie Yan (raging flames) all sorts between. Why this was also he over the two days already the reason that started too not to repel this fine jade princess.

"What matter?"Ji Dong drinks, while light asking.

Chen Sixuan charming face slightly red, the sound became slighter several points, "I also want to take a bath, but, I feared that some people peeped. Teacher, can you help me guard the clothes. Do not let other people approach while convenient."

"Un?"This, somewhat was surprised including Ji Dong, turns head to look to Chen Sixuan, "I am also a man."He is asking fine jade princess obviously, could it be you did not fear that I do peep?

Chen Sixuan lowered the head slightly, in heart secretly thought: The fools, are only will look to you. On the mouth actually speaks haltingly saying: "Teacher is an honorable gentleman, I believe you."She was very satisfied to her manner regarding two days Ji Dong, looked like in Chen Sixuan, this relations among people also like were cultivation magic power, the equivalent changed the production qualitative change that a certain process naturally will success when conditions are ripe. Let alone present similarly are more perfect, did not miss compared with before, and has the body of human. Regarding this body and status, she is very satisfied. By the body and Ji Dong of human in the same place, to be better? Ji Dong clearly weakened to her repel over the two days, how sensitive she will unable to feel. In her opinion, soon, Ji Dong gradually will accept itself. Although this feeling made her faint some uncomfortable, may be able with the beloved person, her to accept after all together.

As the spirit is gradually sober, that rending sad was buried the innermost feelings deep place gradually, the Ji Dong state of mind also gradually becomes sober. He was always loves clean person, the spirit restored. Naturally is not willing like this to be again dirty. In the heart thinks deeply about the moment slightly, to Chen Sixuan nodded, "good. I accompany you to go."

In the Chen Sixuan heart the great happiness, she clearly felt that she as if made great strides forward a stride toward the goal. First takes back in that clothes in hand the storage ring, in high spirits runs in the updrift side.

Ji Dong follows in Chen Sixuan behind, to leave the camp that this is stationed in temporarily, was actually blocked by Xuanyuan Xin.

"Teacher Ji Dong, where do you want to go to?"Xuanyuan Xin keeps off in front of Ji Dong.

Has not waited for Ji Dong to reply, Chen Sixuan stopped the footsteps, explained: "Xuanyuan Teacher, I want to go to the clean body, asking Teacher Ji Dong to protect for me."

The Xuanyuan Xin look slightly changes, the strong envy flashes not to have, he is also a man, perfect does not have the resistivity regarding Chen Sixuan like this similarly. One hear of she makes Ji Dong accompany unexpectedly is taking a bath, this little is really big to the stimulation of Xuanyuan Xin.

The sound suddenly changes cold, Xuanyuan Xin said: "Teacher Ji Dong, the female student and Teachers clean in the upstream, you also come up not to be perhaps inappropriate."

Chen Sixuan hastily said: "We will circle, to some upstream places. Xuanyuan Teacher does not need to be worried. I will supervise Teacher Ji Dong."

Xuanyuan Xin slightly angrily said: "Fine jade princess, you now are an student in school, please note your status and influence. Because if the sexual relations issue you had an accident in the school, the school may eat the crime."

Chen Sixuan complexion sank. "Xuanyuan Xin, does the wheel obtain you to teach me? What thing you are, are you my teacher in charge? Go away. The good dog not to obstruct the road."

"Did you, what you say?"Xuanyuan Xin dumbfounded looks at Chen Sixuan, he has not thought that this gentle very fine jade princess, actually suddenly will always scold him. This subverts the image simply.

In the Chen Sixuan heart somewhat is also helpless, in the heart mused, it seems like, oneself come under this body beforehand thought influence is very big. She a moment ago these words, is the true colors of Eastern Wood saintess. In the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, the imperial family direct line called her for the Eastern Wood succuba.

"I said. Please make way. My matter, only then Teacher Ji Dong has the qualifications control."Chen Sixuan said at the same time, was arriving at side Ji Dong.

The Xuanyuan Xin air/Qi results in whole body one to tremble, "Chen Sixuan, you, although is the princess, but here is Southern Fire Empire. You have no regard for elders and superiors, I have the right to make low score processing to the examination of your this smelting trial." "Casual."Say/Way that Chen Sixuan does not care at all. What examines and critiques the result, for her is useful? At the same time was saying, she draws Ji Dong to walk.

Ji Dong had not spoken, looks that Chen Sixuan and Xuanyuan Xin bicker, why does not know, the innermost feelings of his pain as if relaxed the slightest bit in this moment.

"You cannot go. I must am responsible for other female students and Teacher."Xuanyuan Xin opens the hand, blocks Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan once more.

Chen Sixuan look turned cold, loosens grabs the hand of Ji Dong, goes forward one step, "said, Xuanyuan Teacher looks is not happy. I must consult but actually."

At the same time was saying, the Chen Sixuan right hand wields, on the middle finger is mounting the chlorosapphire storage ring ray puts greatly, bluish green light appears before her together suddenly, Chen Sixuan one step steps forward, the whole person entered in that green light. the next moment, the strong halo sweeps across her body instantaneously. In the clear clangour, one set of dark green whole body armor has covered the whole body.

Sees this set of armor, experienced the slight fluctuation including Ji Dong that empty look, the reason did not have him, this set of mail-armor and helmet was not only the inferior divine tool, but also was one set of quality extremely high inferior divine tool.

Thick life aura blooms instantaneously, the surrounding all plants as if have merged into one organic whole with Chen Sixuan in this moment. The strong magic power fluctuation raises suddenly, the Second Wood Totem Liuhe changes into six petal victoria regia shapes quietly to appear behind her.

The white victoria regia, serves as contrast the inking green whole body armor, this time fine jade princess were more in perfect of originally several points of heroic spirit. Six-Crown Second Wood Yin Crown condenses above the top of the head, brilliance sparkle. After this is enters blazing the hot school, her first time shows own strength.

Looks at the Chen Sixuan back victoria regia, look fluctuation of Ji Dong was fiercer. As if his present victoria regia turned into Red Lotus in this moment, similarly is the lotus flower! His eyes somewhat is gradually fuzzy, as if present Chen Sixuan turned into Lie Yan (raging flames). Muttered. Called in his mouth, "Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Chen Sixuan strives to be able with the opportunity that Ji Dong was intimate with actually to be prevented with great difficulty by Xuanyuan Xin, in the heart is extremely annoying, therefore prepares to get rid to teach this Xuanyuan Teacher. The summon that however behind suddenly transmits, making her mind shake greatly, subconscious turning head looked to Ji Dong. could it be, did he recognize me?

The Ji Dong vision is that empty, but in the cavity, are many have wiped the affection, is gazing at itself.

No, no, you cannot recognize me, the Chen Sixuan heart and gall has coldly, once Ji Dong before has not said that three characters recognizes her original identity, then, the evil empathize lets his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish!

"Teacher, what were you saying?"Chen Sixuan is suppressing panic- stricken of innermost feelings intensely, conceals the restless look to ask as far as possible.

The Ji Dong body shakes slightly, sobered from the fantasy, the affection in eye vanishes instantaneously, the sound suddenly changes cold, "nothing."

"Six-Crown?" The Xuanyuan Xin sound also remembered at this time, in his sound was full of the shocking mood to fluctuate. He has not thought, this fine jade princess unexpectedly is cultivation base of Six-Crown rank, she how old? Are 18 years old 19 years old? By her such cultivation base, but also needs to flaminging the hot school studies? Chen Sixuan sees the response of Ji Dong, relaxed secretly, understands that his soldier has not recognized himself, should remember Lie Yan (raging flames) because.

The vision changes Xuanyuan Xin, "Xuanyuan Teacher can examine my strength."At the same time was saying, her both hands make the movement that lifts upwardly in body two slightly, immediately, in a surroundings surrounding area dozens square meters range, sturdy azure vines drill instantaneously. Her dark green mail-armor and helmet is sparkling the light azure dark mark, the strong Second Wood magic power fluctuation made the air concentrate immediately.

At this moment, Ji Dong goes forward suddenly one step, arrives at side Chen Sixuan, "we walk."At the same time was saying, he lifts hand to push directly on the Xuanyuan Xin shoulder. Xuanyuan Xin is staggered by one that he pushes, Ji Dong brought Chen Sixuan to walk from his side.

The Xuanyuan Xin complexion becomes and on Chen Sixuan the mail- armor and helmet color is similar immediately badly, but he actually suppresses not to manifest suddenly. The Chen Sixuan strength made him surprised. What does a Six-Crown student mean? Must begin, oneself won, does not have any face. If lost, how later also to base in the school? Although his magic power above fine jade princess, but others is a princess, can he begin really whole-heartedly? Let alone, Chen Sixuan armor obviously is not every, had such magic power weapon, opportunity that perhaps simply has not won. When gets rid brings contempt upon oneself. At this time, all students went to by small stream to clean oneself body. Also nobody notes here. He also can only choose to flinch.

Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong bypass the place that the female student and Teachers clean, to upstream. For was not seen, another, was the issue of upstream and downstream.

Asked the monthly ticket, recommended the ticket. Thinks attractive, comes.

Chapter 337: Said goodbye exterminates the war-god

"Teacher Ji Dong, here."Chen Sixuan stopped footsteps by the small stream. The limpid small stream only has three and four meters width. The water depth are most one meter. The mountain stream is clear enough to see bottom, occasionally the sea-monsters have leapt up, is increasing several points of vitality/angry for this moving bicker.

The small stream opposite is a piece of hill, above is growing various plants, but Ji Dong them is one piece is not the woods of cover. The quiet atmosphere, fresh air, gives people all a completely relaxed feeling.

If Lie Yan (raging flames) is also living this well, in Ji Dong heart unstoppable production this thought that if Lie Yan (raging flames) is also living, plays with water in this peaceful place with her, is a how wonderful matter. Thinks of Lie Yan (raging flames), the Ji Dong heart unconscious sharp pain gets up, the complexion slightly appears somewhat pale. But was covered by the dishevelled white hair, had not been discovered by Chen Sixuan.

"Teacher, I must take a bath, do not peep Oh."Chen Sixuan probes was saying.

Ji Dong awakens from the train of thought that looks at the fair face that her that has played musical instruments to break, nodded silently, has turned around, back to small stream.

On the Chen Sixuan face reveals a cunning smile, takes a bath is not the goal. Close Ji Dong is her true goal. This time, I thought how you also keep off. At the same time is thinking, she prepared to start to take off the clothes.

At this moment, suddenly, Ji Dong has turned round suddenly, holds her shoulder, "wait a moment."

Chen Sixuan had a scare, is preparing the hand of solution clothes to stop immediately, the next moment, she only thought that at present a flower, Ji Dong moved sideways. Before is not to/clashes, but jumps into spatially, the body proposes vertical ten meters altitude, the whole person against the wind concentrates to stand, without displaying the phoenix dragon dance snake changing stands baseless. Chen Sixuan can feel indistinctly, as if has class all at once to support his body under his body. In the eye reveals one to be astonished, over six months time, he continuously in excessive drinking, but the strength actually as if entered another realm.

Ji Dong cannot certainly cultivation, but he actually witnessed Lie Yan (raging flames) and deicide cultivate/repair like this that war, that fought to his shock was too big, all scene all deep brand marks in his heart. Influences subtly is affecting his bead about comprehension to chaos.

"Comes out."Ji Dong coldly shouted toward the woods . The empty look instantaneously becomes sharp, the whole person looks like the knife point is common, the frigid aggressive murderous intention erupts instantaneously.

Actually, he does not know, he combines and complements one another with the Fire God double sword, after the god who the seal the deicide has cultivated like this knows. Restored the sword of originally Fire God shape, this Lord other Divine level divine tool to integrate truly directly in his within the body, but actually no longer is the sword of beforehand Fire God. The aura of deicide, influencing subtly is affecting the sword of Fire God, is affecting Ji Dong oneself similarly. He passed in the excessive drinking continuously, simply does not have earnestly has felt change, the makings or the strength, came under the influence of considerable degree. At this time suddenly bursts out, was also startled including him. Substantive murderous aura the pressure that forms not in the least compared with his Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression difference. The ice-cold aura as if made in the air many light frost fog.

Ji Dong very long has not used the strength of own soul, but he must be at this time Chen Sixuan Protector, making her take a bath, subconscious scanned around with the strength of soul, immediately has discovered the target.

The azure form walked from the woods together slowly, looks at Ji Dong surprised saying: "Can tell me, how do you discover my?"

Sees this person, Ji Dong immediately a brow wrinkle, this person he knew, initially exterminated regiment that to exterminate war-god Chen Longao.

This time Chen Longao has not passed on the magic power armor, is only a azure vigor attire, places in in the woods, he as if has merged into one organic whole with the plant of surroundings. When with the previous fight compares. His strength had very obvious progress.

Actually, the progress of Chen Longao must be but actually does obeisance Ji Dong to bestow, fights with Ji Dong, although he experiences personally the heavy losses, the advantage that but the actual combat brings made his realm make the breakthrough again. Although from a Nine-Crown also not short disparity, but the strength promotion speed was faster than before did not know many.

Chen Longao is very uncomfortable, he appears here, naturally for must protect Chen Sixuan. Although he has not entered blazing hot school, but Chen Sixuan going out smelting trial, he how possibly not with. Because there is existence of Ji Dong, therefore he continuously not with is too near.

He does not know that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan come to by the small stream to do, the ambush is having place 200 meters away fully, in the heart is pondering over, the princess will not have a liking for this fellow. Although before this boy , is truly powerful, but looks like actually very does not suit now, cannot let the princess and he in the same place! Must know, the princess had the engagement.

Chen Longao has not thought, as a Eight-Crown Wood department Heavenly Master level powerhouse, hides in the woods, 200 meters distances, suddenly were discovered. He really does not understand how Ji Dong discovers own. Moreover, the terrifying that on Ji Dong erupts instantaneously murderous aura, he of suppression really has the feeling that panting does not come. originally he thinks after own cultivation base and realm promote, sufficiently and a Ji Dong war, opposite party as if own promotion is but looking back now more terrorist.

"Your anything does not need to know, because, the deceased person does not need to know too." The Ji Dong sound suddenly changes cold, the dazzling golden light erupted from him. Besides the suppression of murderous intention. Made Chen Longao both familiar and frightened attribute suppression appeared again.

Previous Chen Longao has the person to hunt and kill the woods monster enmity Ji Dong not to forget. Here meets Chen Longao, he has not certainly let off the plan of opposite party. Especially the Chen Longao ambush in the side, goal is unclear.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do not begin. Uncle Chen does not have the hostility."Chen Sixuan jumps to go forward, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech said.

She is Lie Yan (raging flames) time, nature to Chen Longao not any favorable impression, but she now is Chen Sixuan, in the Chen Sixuan memory, Chen Longao is extremely good to her, present she is also exterminating the war-god not to have the malice to this. She can feel clearly Chen Longao spoils to her.

"Un?"Some Ji Dong doubts looks to Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan hastily said: "Uncle Chen should be protects my. Uncle Chen, I did not tell you do not use with, has Teacher Ji Dong, I will not have any danger." Chen Longao brow tight wrinkle, "princess, this person is very dangerous, you cannot approach him, I looked, you return to homeland with me."

Chen Sixuan tenacious say/way: "It is not good, the father sovereign has promised me, making me come out to relax for two years, how can the present go back."

In this time, Ji Dong has been opening the mouth, "Princess Chen Sixuan. Please make way, what no matter you and he are relate, today I will not let off him, you know how many blood in his hand dyed?"

In Chen Sixuan heart one startled, from the Ji Dong ice-cold tone, she felt clearly he will not give up.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do not misunderstand. Uncle Chen previous and your conflict is also because is ordered in my uncle, even if you are strange, should go to blame my uncle being right. Uncle Chen is a serviceman, only knows the command prompt."

Listened to her these words, Ji Dong or Chen Longao. Slightly stares. Ji Dong thinks immediately, why is Chen Sixuan on own initiative will approach itself, obviously was listens to Chen Longao to say own matter. No wonder she will approach a such drunkard.

As for Chen Longao was surprised, his simply had not said with Chen Sixuan Ji Dong matter, did the princess know?

The body of Ji Dong from airborne fell slowly, coldly snorted, "Princess Eastern Wood Empire. I have forgotten your this status actually. You believe, you can prevent me to begin? No matter whose order I he accepted, dies, in he and exterminates the woods monster on regiment tens of thousands. This enmity must report."

Chen Sixuan body one horizontal, keeps off between Ji Dong and Chen Longao, the both arms open, are staring at both eyes of Ji Dong, "Teacher Ji Dong, you must kill first kill me. Uncle Chen is very since childhood sore I. I cannot look at him dead in your hands." Chen Longao is greatly moved, although he loves Chen Sixuan, but, this princess is hot, always does not look encouragingly to anybody, he has not thought, at this important moment she will keep off in front of oneself.

"Princess, you make way quickly. This matter makes your Uncle Chen process. He must kill me, is not easy."Clearly, Chen Longao is also lacks confidence to oneself, otherwise he will not say such words.

"No, I do not let."Chen Sixuan tenacious saying, "Teacher Ji Dong, although exterminated the regiment to kill the woods monster, but, could it be haven't you killed have exterminated the soldiers of regiment? Reprisal breeds reprisal. My Uncle Chen is ordered, but is, could it be can't you let off him? You have drunk my many liquor, considers to my reward is good? Lets off Uncle Chen this time."

Heard liquor character, in the Ji Dong eye the cold light has relaxed several points slightly, coldly shot a look at Chen Longao one, "do not make me see you again. Chen Sixuan, is not to a precedent, later did not use again to me the liquor."He is never willing to owe others anything, has drunk others liquor. This time was. Spoke these words, he turns around to go, will not help Chen Sixuan Protector.

Chen Sixuan relaxed secretly, but the expression on face actually fills reluctantly, approached Ji Dong some with great difficulty, was actually destroyed by the appearance of Chen Longao.

The Chen Longao tight heartstrings also similarly relax, but the anger in his heart, facing such young people, he discovered the courage that oneself have not gotten rid of unexpectedly, must know, he is the Eight-Crown powerhouse!

"Uncle Chen, you quickly walk. The Teacher Ji Dong change idea of province. Later do not protect me, I will not have the matter."Spoke these words, Chen Sixuan hurries to pursue Ji Dong.

Chen Longao looks at the direction that two people vanish, in the heart the secretly thought: Princess, do not fall! This person status is mystical, strength is astonishing, has pinnacle magic power, casually cannot provoke. The dilutedness proliferates the whole body gradually. Right that the princess said that so long as this person is her Teacher, but also has a need for itself protecting? But, he is some are not really willingly, self-torture dozens years, have the pivotal status in Eastern Wood Empire, actually must lower the head before young people. This is really makes his some unable to accept.

But, doesn't accept can be what kind of? The imposing manner of Ji Dong formerly erupting as well as that step strides in concentrates void the vertical ability, he knew that is not the match. This is one can release the Ultra Certain Kill Skill youth by own strength!

The imposing manner, he does not know, Ji Dong simply has not stored up the strength of six dragon six snakes in Yin-Yang Crown, coming out issue that this Ultra Certain Kill Skill can release. Naturally, by the Ji Dong present all-round strength, wants to defeat him also really not necessarily to need Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

"Teacher Ji Dong, were you angry?" The Chen Sixuan half step pursues to Ji Dong behind, somewhat timid saying.

Say/Way that Ji Dong does not return to: "Has nothing to be angry. I have drunk your liquor, bountiful that exterminates war-god one time, we averaged."

Chen Sixuan said: "Where has is so easy to average, Teacher, I approach you am not because Uncle Chen told me about your matter. But is I likes you. Although you have not liked me now, but you cannot oppose that I like you. A moment ago I was only because feared that you killed Uncle Chen intentionally to say. Let alone, you have drunk my many bottle of liquor, trades a favor, I owed."

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, "what do that you also want to trade?"He has seen the beautiful woman is not infrequent, but will pester endlessly to him, Chen Sixuan first.

This disposition does not certainly belong to Lie Yan (raging flames), but belongs to the Chen Sixuan originally disposition. Two dispositions fuse mutually, although Lie Yan (raging flames) has the leading power, but is impossible to suppress the response of instinct completely, moreover she also discovered, like this pesters endlessly the method that as if continues itself to plan only.

"Teacher, I want to take a bath. You have promised me. The speech must keep a promise. You are man real man."

Ji Dong has turned round to look to Chen Sixuan, sees only her the bashful belt timid is holding appreciatively own dark green long hair, fine attractive big eyes often peeps eyes, red lips pouted slightly, as if somewhat discontented as.

Looks at some Ji Dong that surprise look, Chen Sixuan laughed,
"Teacher, or do we wash together?"

"?"Ji Dong under foot staggers, stared wide-eyed, "what did you say?"

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "I know that you do not dare. Cracks a joke. However, Teacher you are really fierce, Uncle Chen hid you to discover a moment ago that has you Protector for me, I felt relieved. Walks quickly, relaxation time of double-hour does not calculate that is too long."

At the same time was saying, she does not avoid suspicion holds on the hand of Ji Dong, turns around to walk to the place that before designated.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill shakes, has worked loose own hand, but again had not actually opposed, follows Chen Sixuan to arrive at small stream, back is sitting cross-legged to sit down to the small stream direction, "you act a bit faster."

Thought that attractive votes. The recommendation ticket and monthly ticket are good.

Chapter 338: Teacher, don't you wash with me really?

"Teacher, don't you wash with me really?"Chen Sixuan saw that Ji Dong is willing to come back with. Immediately the mood is excellent, teased Ji Dong.

Ji Dong desolate say/way: "Your time is limited. Quickly washed, washes me to have the words to ask you."

Thinks of the fine jade to comply with one, starts to take off the clothes. Her charming face these time really red, even if when she is Lie Yan (raging flames), never works as Ji Dong to undress. Most is he cherishes one's relatives and hug, less further contact. At this time she not only had the body of human, must behind bathe to change clothes in Ji Dong, freely her heart on Ji Dong, but charming of young girl is inevitable.

However, Chen Sixuan also slightly hesitant, fast took off the clothes, in the heart had mused, did not hate the child unable to wrap/sets of the wolf, did not hate itself to wrap/sets of is less than Ji Dong. Only then sacrificed one, in any case my body is also his.

Such one thinks, she on balance. Unties fetter fast.

Ji Dong sits in small stream, both hands places on the knee to shut both eyes, the whole person just like sitting in contemplation general. The strength of soul scans outward, although he cannot see the body of Chen Sixuan, but can actually feel her clothes gradually to reduce through the survey of strength of soul. The originally tipsy feeling awoke several points. In the heart somewhat is also dry and hot. The Ji Dong somewhat surprised discovery, the sad mind seemed to be affable in this somewhat awkward atmosphere, in the heart secretly asked itself. Was my this? could it be really by the perfect attraction of this fine jade princess?

However, was quick his heart tranquilly, because in his mind, appeared that fiery-red form. Is recalling that perfect tender face, thick moved raids the heart once more, even if she is perfect, compares favorably with my Lie Yan (raging flames)?

In this time, the plop'ed water sound, Ji Dong was only thinking that the back icy coldness, the cool mountain stream stimulates him to extricate immediately from the sadness.

", Good comfortable water!"One euphonious laughter from behind transmit. Chen Sixuan already launched.

The limpid mountain stream is infiltrating the Chen Sixuan ice myo- beautiful white skin, the neat feeling made her body and mind entirely Shuang, must know, when she was Lie Yan (raging flames), could not enjoy this comfortably. If own pure fire attribute bathes in the icy cold water, will cause her own Fire Element disorder. Moreover, that time she was the energy shape exists completely, simply cannot take a bath. After having Chen Sixuan this body, although she lost the Divine level strength, even even/including Divine Servant also comes under the influence of Chen Sixuan original soul brand mark, but, she also increased belonged to the pleasure of human. Present she, is not keeping aloof Empress Lie Yan, but solid human girl.

Although is closing both eyes, the underwater/splashing sound that but behind often hears is actually provoking his heartstrings. Also made him miss Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Teacher Ji Dong, here water is very good. Clear only neat. Don't you try really? Hee hee." The euphonious laughter transmits unceasingly, Chen Sixuan that comfortable joyful mood as if is also affecting the Ji Dong state of mind. Crash-bang a water sound, Ji Dong smart spirit shuddered, is actually Chen Sixuan pushes out water from the small stream, drenched on him.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, does not ascend Chen Sixuan second to sprinkle to approach, light red light has filled the air from him, not only the water stain instantaneous transpiration is dry and clear, the water that Chen Sixuan second time sprinkles also changed into the white fog to scatter in all directions to flutter about.

"Teacher, you are really insipid."Calls out in alarm sends out from the Chen Sixuan mouth suddenly, Ji Dong body one tight, a back pleasantly warm and icy cold tender body threw him to carry on the back suddenly.

This, purely did not tremble, the body all-around contact made the Ji Dong mind shock, besides Lie Yan (raging flames), he also never with other woman so intimate contacts, even if were Lie Yan (raging flames) did not have like this stark naked draws close to him. Although he has not seen anything, but wants also to know that present Chen Sixuan is what kind of condition.

Back icy cold quick turned into warming up, the mountain stream is having the change under Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong body temperature. The head of Chen Sixuan by the Ji Dong shoulder, before long wet has sent directly is throws over the Ji Dong body. This has not enticed simply, moving that all -around contact, does not evade, is away from only has on a Ji Dong thin clothing by. Even if the Ji Dong heart again deathly stillness, in this case also somewhat at a loss loses presence of mind.

"What's the matter."Ji Dong tight is shutting both eyes, wanted to pull open Chen Sixuan, the hand lifts to airborne actually stiffly to stop. Now but this fine jade princess vacuum state, where regardless of own hand bumps into, is is not very wonderful.

"Teacher, in the water had a snake a moment ago probably. Scared to death me."Ji Dong cannot certainly see, this time Chen Sixuan, charming face red like a lovable red apple, clear water drop, in her bright and clean exquisitely is similar to the suet white jade flesh is falling, just like a water leakage blue lotus. Even if in the Chen Sixuan heart, had already recognized oneself is the Ji Dong person, but, acknowledged really like this meets or makes her infinite. Although she had already been psychologically prepared, but when she grasped that moment of Ji Dong body , the whole person is weak is unable to move, only thought that the temperature of body continually is promoting, as if the next moment must change into flame combustion.

Little Ji Dong, your this bastard, I, could it be have you also been able to be inescapable like this?

When Chen Sixuan thinks oneself clever, suddenly, she felt warming up the air current passes under the body, has not waited for her to respond, own body had been picked up by that air current. Floating departs, falls into the icy cold mountain stream.

The Ji Dong quiet sound conveys, "Chen Sixuan, I have inspected, in the mountain stream simply does not have the snake. Please wash quickly."

"Are you a man!"Chen Sixuan almost blurted out. Said that these words she regretted, this may not be her true idea. Completely is result that the dual memories cause trouble.

Ji Dong desolate say/way: "What relations am I the man and you have? By the request of person, the matter of loyal person. I give you again partly the time of quarter. Will walk immediately the time to me. Do not play any trick again."

Chen Sixuan always does not know that Ji Dong so is unexpectedly hard to deal with, looks his sits in the form of there widow who does not remarry as before, she was really speechless. Own this had the meaning of initiative devoting, taking advantage of taking a bath is approached him by, can be rejected by him. However, her heart of hearts is actually not angry, Ji Dong rejects Chen Sixuan, means that Chen Sixuan such attraction cannot compare his sentiment to the Lie Yan (raging flames). It can be said that present Chen Sixuan, in the heart loves and hates to him. Suddenly in the heart has mixed emotions. After half quarter, Chen Sixuan has cleaned the body, has changed one brand-new clothes, arrives in front of Ji Dong.

"Good! Teacher, I have washed. Thank you."

Ji Dong opens both eyes slowly, when he sees front Chen Sixuan is stare blankly. The present Eastern Wood saintess has worn a white long skirt, white long skirt perfect tender body complete package, on long skirt simple trace that only then becomes with the silver silk thread embroidery. Has a solar graph in the position of chest and back respectively, the curving silver thread presents the appearance of sunlight proliferation. The dark green long hair hangs loose after behind, perhaps is because receives the stimulation of icy cold mountain stream, on charming face is also bringing several points of light blushing. The beautiful eye looks about glances the circulation, look hidden bitterness looks at itself.

"Since washed, that went back."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong has stood up, wants the round trip to walk.

"Teacher, do not worry! I was wash, but you have not washed. also, Teacher Ji Dong. I had own of flesh with you, you may probably be responsible for Oh for me." Here, Chen Sixuan eats has smiled, in look sly was actually caught by Ji Dong.

"Who and did you have own of flesh?"Ji Dong slightly angrily said.

"Is you! could it be hadn't I bumped into you a moment ago? What others may not put on at that time, isn't this also own of flesh?"Chen Sixuan natural saying.

"That is also you on own initiative hugs, closes my anything matter." The Ji Dong look is gradually swift and fierce, he can not care about person and the matter, but actually has no alternative but to care about the reputation in this aspect, he will not do any matter that does a disservice to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Chen Sixuan spits the tongue, said: "Good. Is I pastes on own initiative, grasped you, had own of flesh with you. That does not need you to be responsible for me, I was responsible for you."

The Chen Sixuan voice just fell, suddenly, how she has not seen clearly Ji Dong to act, the next moment, throat one tight, had locked by a Ji Dong big hand, in the Ji Dong eye the vision is swift and fierce, "Princess Chen Sixuan, I seriously warns you now, later do not try again to approach me. Otherwise, regardless of you are any status, I want to kill you, but also nobody can block."

The voice falls, pushes conveniently , to promote beside Chen Sixuan several meter/rice, turns around to walk. Actually, in the Ji Dong heart is somewhat flustered, why does not know, and this young girl contacts at present, he discovered the pain in own heart is reducing. Moreover on this Eastern Wood saintess, has an inexplicable attraction, is towing his soul. Also because of his own meaning of soul slightly resistance, cannot make Chen Sixuan so approach him. Changes a person is impossible. Moreover, perfect having nothing to do of this attraction with Chen Sixuan.

How he knows, in body of Chen Sixuan. simply is the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knew to be changed the soul by the god king freely, and soul brand mark that died with Chen Sixuan originally merged into one organic whole, making Ji Dong unable to discover mysteriously. But in the soul the original attraction is impossible to write off. Chen Sixuan naturally can have the intense attraction to him. This Lie Yan (raging flames) soul here, with her in the same place, Ji Dong soul subconscious naturally will extricate several points from the sadness.

It looks like in Ji Dong, is own resistivity this humble one falls, this is he is not willing to see.

In Ji Dong turns around to walk, the back suddenly has actually heard the Chen Sixuan weeping sound, sad weeping sound. That weeping sound seems to be weeping and complaining, making one hear feeling sad.

Chen Sixuan has cried, this time is not any plan or is installs, after sees Ji Dong once more, she wants to approach him by any means possible, may actually encounter to rejection time and time again, Ji Dong basic does not perform the slightest bit speech and countenance to her. Even is ominous she, threatens her. Crying of Lie Yan (raging flames), is suffering from injustice crying. She has done the best to go to diligently close Ji Dong, but his actually oil salt does not enter. Since like this, although made her very affected, she knows that this was because love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames) caused. But, gets down like this, in her heart also very much worried. She really understands that now the evil god is been difficult by the condition that oneself complete. Cannot obtain the approval of Ji Dong and he in the same place, cannot make him say that three characters to oneself. Did not say that three characters, they cannot true in the same place! Thinks of these, Chen Sixuan sad from heart.

The soul of person, when the mood drastic fluctuation will have the intense soul fluctuation. But the sound, originally is one excellent way of soul fluctuation transmission.

The Chen Sixuan weeping sound looked like to Ji Dong has executed immobilization by witchcraft, making the footsteps that he lifted not be actually able to sell, why did not know, in his heart produced intensely take pity on and did not abandon. Although he also knows that this situation is not very wonderful, his resistivity this humble one to Chen Sixuan falls. But he is actually unable to leave.

In Chen Sixuan weeping sound, what contains is the soul fluctuation of Lie Yan (raging flames), because this soul fluctuation made Ji Dong unable to extricate oneself! Just, he does not know what's the matter. Turns round to look to Chen Sixuan, knits the brows: "Do not cry."

"Cries, I must cry. You bully the person. You do not like me, could it be did I like you having the mistake? You do not accept, but also like this is always ominous to me. Also threatens me. Others is a girl, you do not want me, can't let my point? The bastards, you is a bastard."

"Was good, do not cry. Later I do not threaten you and that's the end."Looks at the crying face of Chen Sixuan, the heart of Ji Dong is unable to be hard. Chen Sixuan has gawked, after this is she said goodbye Ji Dong, the Ji Dong first time normal said comfort words. Her stares, immediately could not cry.

Ji Dong said: "Was good, goes back."

Thinks of the fine jade red lip one flat, as if must cry again. Ji Dong some impatient say/way: "Are you what kind of?"
Chen Sixuan said: "Makes me forgive you to be also good, you must wash the body, then exchanges me to prepare the good clothes to you. Otherwise I here was crying, making everybody know that you bullied me."

"Clothes bring."Ji Dong reaches out Chen Sixuan.

The Chen Sixuan great happiness, hurries before the storage ring that clothes that takes out hand on Ji Dong, the next moment, Ji Dong already jumped, vanishes in a flash, the sound from the sky reverberates: "You return to the camp first, I will look for the place clean body."

Uh, monthly ticket list and front that two on difference few tickets, everybody go against, making us rush. Come. Come on.

Chapter 339: Lover attire

"You......"Chen Sixuan see the form that Ji Dong goes far away.
Stamping the feet of bitterly.

Ji Dong is willing to stay behind is strange, god knows he takes a bath this Eastern Wood saintess can also make anything, he is really very puzzled, why Chen Sixuan has only one in mind to him. Even if Chen Longao tells her to be talented, being insufficient lets approach itself that such a princess does everything possible. Must know, her appearance and stature are sufficiently and Lie Yan (raging flames) compare favorably perfect! But including him not to note, own mentality along with Chen Sixuan can approach is changing subtly. At least no longer was in deep sorrow.

Time of double-hour is not long, most students well have cleaned the body, changes the clean clothes of belt to eat a thing along again, has a changed beyond recognition feeling. Some are quite astute, after making the best use of time to make these, but also has taken a nap a while, must know, then must hurry along the night.

Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong walk together, many people had not seen, because they rushed to take a bath. But she is a person comes back. Her perfect nobody will neglect, because before , her made vindicating that one is unable to understand, the male student female student, looks that her expression became strange several points.

However, when Ji Dong comes back afterward, vision of Teacher and students becomes stranger. Looks at Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong. Looks like is looking at monster. Formerly Chen Sixuan took a bath, has changed a white long skirt, on had Sun that the silver thread embroidered, but Ji Dong came back, the body put on, although was one set of vigor attire. But that white vigor installs very obviously with Chen Sixuan even/including clothes long skirt is one set. The chest and back silver thread embroidery Sun volume are bigger, seem do not lose magnificently and expensively loftily.

The person wants the clothing, Ji Dong, although is not handsome, but his own makings are actually excellent, although the look is empty, but in that five elements gives the pressure of person is very strong. Washes the clean body, white hair optional hanging loose after the brain, then changes this elegant magnificent and expensive white vigor attire, immediately makes one have to plant at present a bright feeling. Especially his white hair, complements each other fresh splendor with the clothes.

originally in all people looked like he and Chen Sixuan are a fresh flower insert the feeling on cow dung together completely completely change. Although the disparity in the look is as before enormous, but from the makings, changed beyond recognition Teacher Ji Dong does not drop the wind, when Chen Sixuan big eyes glistens when arrives at his front, the green blanch skirt and white hair white clothing match in the same place, simply is the standard lover attire. The sunlight shines in their chest front and back solar design, sparkling fresh splendor.

Chen Sixuan formerly depressed this time in heart had swept away, big eyes winks looks at Ji Dong that winks, the hand covers the mouth titter. She suddenly discovered, this pursues the Ji Dong process but actually, as if is also very interesting.

Ji Dong shot a look at her one eyes lightly, but the complexion actually appeared somewhat strange. Actually because of clothes, is really because the liquor drank up.

Although his fusion god technique is good, but cannot in within the body fusion too many things. The sword of Fire God added on god hot Saint king Kai these two big-ticket items almost to make his magic power somewhat unable to support, fused the thing again, will increase the consumption inevitably. Therefore he goes out the liquor that brings are not many. His Vermilion Bird bracelet also in gold/metal there. At that time Lie Yan (raging flames) feared the god slandered to look for trouble strikes to kill Huo'er conveniently, therefore has given gold/metal the Vermilion Bird bracelet, let her for Ji Dong taking care.

Ji Dong the plan bought a liquor to bring on the road, may afterward be Chen Sixuan provided to him, he has not kept thinking about this matter. But he just had said a moment ago did not drink others liquor, cannot go to want again.

Chen Sixuan luck spirit heart, wrist/skill turns, were many one bottle of liquor, hands in front of Ji Dong.

"Does not want."Ji Dong snorted.

Chen Sixuan lowers the sound, eats to say with a smile: "Clothes have put on, but also bad bottle liquor? You also owe me in any case. Has not related, I do not worry to let you. You protected my safety on the line."

After Ji Dong slightly hesitant one next, unexpectedly subconscious has met the beverage bottle. Had not discovered including him, under the influence of soul, his resistivity to the Chen Sixuan is starting to reduce.

Others naturally do not know that they doing anything again, looking from the distant place, the Chen Sixuan manner is affectionate, with a smile and Ji Dong speech. Obviously two people relations are not very ordinary. The male students look that the Ji Dong look must spout the fire to resemble.

Xuanyuan Xin coldly looked here one, has a look at the weather again.
Has issued the order of set out.

Does not know because of the resentment to Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, he planned such to do. Just as such that beforehand Xuanyuan Xin said that before arriving at the Armanz mountain, he did not make the students rest again one time. Entire four double-hour, although is not jogging the advance, but also made the students complain, even could not attend to envying Ji Dong.

Regarding this distance, Ji Dong naturally does not care, he was the same with before, was strolls as before the line, Chen Sixuan follows close on side him, how regardless of Ji Dong did not look encouragingly she also to not care a whoop to her. The liquor on Ji Dong has drunk up, she will hand immediately over one bottle. She is familiar with the Ji Dong ability, the excessive drinking regarding others bursts oneself, may regarding Ji Dong, actually not have this problem.

From afternoon to evening, again from evening to night, when teachers and students are very weary, they arrived at this line of destinations of finally.

, Can see that by far a palatial mountain towers. It is not the mountain range, is only an independent mountain, but is such a mountain, occupied the extremely broad area. The mountain massif assumes the cone-shape, at the foot of the hill is quite broad, is unable to see this mountain altitude with the range estimate. Above the halfway up the mountainside is the fog winds around, cannot see the summit. Conservative estimate, this mountain also over three kilometers altitudes.

Xuanyuan Xin found a topography smooth place to issue the order of rest in the distance foot also about five kilometers place. The place that he chooses very much has tasteful. The topography is slightly higher than the surroundings, smooth, without any blocking. Has guaranteed the good line of sight. After all here approached the Armanz mountain. Encounters the magic beast attack not to be novel. Had the good field of vision, naturally can carefully observe the surrounding situation.

"Same place rest."These four characters say, immediately, hundred new students almost fall down, moaning sound resounds continuously. Although Teachers is also standing, but ranks by the teachers in charge of latter several class is also the weary condition completely reveals.

Xuanyuan Xin looked at Ji Dong, he discovered specially, Ji Dong seems simply does not have any change, when with just set out is the same, described with his words, is the drunkard of more dead than alive. Just, exchanged him of clean clothes has looked like wants to be pleasing to the eyes, at least was not that dispirited.

Chen Sixuan can be said as in the student the only exception, as before is that bursting with life, the vision has not left the body of Ji Dong, so long as if has Ji Dong, she has satisfied.

Xuanyuan Xin solemnly said: "From now on will rest, respective adjustment. Relaxation time to the tomorrow's high noon, after the lunch, we must enter the Armanz mountain. Now you spunk up to me, I narrated simply the situation of Armanz mountain, you also eat a thing, then sleeps. If who has not heard me to receive. Was killed by magic beast in the mountain do not blame me not to remind you."

Relates to the lives and properties, the students hit several points of spirit reluctantly, drinking that eating that eats, drinks, is gazing at Xuanyuan Xin. In the Chen Sixuan heart mused, although this Xuanyuan Teacher is quite overbearing, but his arrangement is actually very good. After hurrying along continuously four double-hour, gave the quite long time to carry on the recuperation. The choice place is also good. Then, is qualified Teacher.

If makes Xuanyuan Xin know, he is quite qualified in the Chen Sixuan heart, does not know that can be crooked the nose air/Qi. He is the solemn department head. Has the considerable high status in the school.

Xuanyuan Xin said: "Armanz mountain. Itself is an active volcano. Here is living all kinds of magic beast, in the magic beast inhabit region, is quite unusual existence. magic beast in mountain is primarily Fire department, Earth department and Wood department. Rare Water department. And, Fire department magic beast is especially intrepid. In the Armanz mountain range, the Fire Element active degree is one time of outside. Therefore, in mountain, once meets Fire department magic beast, you must be especially careful. The target sectors of your this smelting trial, are Armanz mountain elevation below one kilometer. The complete 100 people will be divided into five groups to walk into the mountain from the different positions separately. In order to hunt and kill magic beast to obtain the magic beast crystal core quantity as the comparison standard. Various class and grade Teacher please keep firmly in mind, must not get enters exceeds elevation over one kilometer range. Over one kilometer, is the Rank 4 above magic beast life place. Is very dangerous regarding the student. All motions, are headed by the student to be safe. The smelting trial time is set for initially for ten days, ten days later, but also gathers here. In case of the peculiar circumstance, leads Teacher to carry on the relation with the signal stick, other groups nearby support. Understands what is heard?"

"Understood what is heard." The students were replying worn out.

Xuanyuan Xin said: "Students can rest, various class and grade teachers in charge to my set, we meet."

The numerous position Teacher accumulation in the past, Xuanyuan Xin said: "I emphasized again, the security was first, all gave priority to are safe. Presents the significant security problem, the school will investigate the Teacher responsibility. Especially certain not too responsible Teacher, I must remind you here, if the student had problems, I will not let off your."Who although he has not said by mentioning names is, but the vision actually throughout stares on Ji Dong.

Ji Dong likely simply had not actually seen that his eye is an excellent likeness, as before drinking silently.

Xuanyuan Xin to was not worried to Ji Dong this group actually, after all also his wife, Six-Crown Second Wood Heavenly Scholar Tang lingers, as well as that similarly is the fine jade princess of Six-Crown rank. Below Armanz mountain elevation kilometer magic beast Rank 4 rank is very rare, is very difficult to present the security problem. This smelting trial, more goals are to strengthen the actual combat experience of students.

Xuanyuan Xin coldly snorted, continued: "Here is Armanz mountain range, will very probably meet magic beast. Tonight is stood night watch by our these Teacher. Every two Teacher are one group. A double-hour trades. Tang dependence Teacher and Teacher Ji Dong, you defend the first group. " The students fell asleep quickly, Ji Dong have stood in this temporary camp surrounding, as before silently was drinking his liquor, in his side also two people. One of them naturally is Tang who and he stands night watch together lingers, as for another, naturally was Chen Sixuan.

By the Chen Sixuan Six-Crown strength, naturally eagerly does not rest, she must accompany Ji Dong to stand night watch together. Ji Dong does not prevent, but standing silently did not say a word there.

Tang lingers at to draw Chen Sixuan to arrive at one side, lowers the sound to ask: "Princess, before you are, knows Teacher Ji Dong?"

Chen Sixuan was puzzled said: "Tang Teacher, why did you such ask?"

Tang dependence said with a forced smile: "Where because I really could not find out Teacher Ji Dong to have can attract princess's clear to narrow the eyes. And. "

"I am driving, yes?"Say/Way that Chen Sixuan thinks little of: "Tang Teacher, looks at a person, cannot only look at the semblance. More should look intrinsic. I did not know Teacher Ji Dong before. However, when my first time sees his portrait, I thought that he is not a very ordinary person. could it be you do not think Teacher Ji Dong originally should not be this appearance? Certainly what happened on him, causes him to turn into the present this. Moreover, do not forget, he wished the Dean Qin chose/point teacher in charge. If no certain ability, how can also like this."

Tang Yilian shows a faint smile, "I am unable to understand the ideas of your young people. However, the Teacher Ji Dong strength seems very good. Today the prestige of that foot also frightened me to jump. Does not know, actually his strength has been any degree."

Chen Sixuan somewhat mysterious say/way: "Perhaps, when runs into powerful enemy, we can know this secret."

Tang Yilian helpless shaking the head, "do not encounter any danger good, after all, we must take care of these many students." The Chen Sixuan vision looks to the direction of Armanz mountain summit, muttered: "This did not say!"Regarding at present this place, her memory is very clear. Not only here the magic beast inhabit region is so simple. Meanwhile, here Wind and Frost Mountain Range is also same as Ji Dong had gone, is another entrance of earth core world.

Ji Dong stands there, in the vision is revealing the light halo, his soul fluctuation has launched, the static proliferation, stands night watch here, he does not need to look at anything, only depends on the psychic force to cover the reconnaissance, can feel any change. At this moment, his tranquil empty vision moves suddenly slightly, the dense vision stared at the past in a dark direction.

The symbol was quite recently tired, the key must see the daughter, only then my wife and I led the child, I also wanted the symbol, now really did not have any entertainment and relaxation time, from dawn to dusk, looked at the child symbol, selects rousing Li Xiaosan who the monthly ticket, hit to enjoy and so on one.

Chapter 340: five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, five as one

Tang Yilian has not noted the Ji Dong look. The Chen Sixuan vision actually throughout on Ji Dong, the Ji Dong look changes, she follows the Ji Dong vision to look immediately.

"Young fellow, can discover including me, it seems like, you restored gradually." An ease sound conveys from the dark woods. Hears this sound, the Ji Dong body shakes slightly. The personal appearance flashes, submerged woods to go.

Tang Yilian responded at this time, exclaimed, "what's the matter?"

Chen Sixuan hastily said: "Tang Teacher does not use startled, should be the Teacher Ji Dong friend."

The vision that Tang lingers is shocking, because of the Ji Dong speed, how she has not seen clearly Ji Dong to vanish.

Ji Dong drills into the woods, after personal appearance twice glitters, stopped, kneel down directly, "teacher's wife."

After a big tree, under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong walked slowly, in the hand the blue magic wand selects, rich magic power held Ji Dong, said with a smile: "Did not use that many courtesy with the teacher's wife in front."

"Teacher's wife, you continuously with me?"Ji Dong stands up.
Surprised looks at Yin Zhaorong. Yin Zhaorong nodded, "I and your Martial Ancestor does not feel relieved you, has been observing your situation in secret. It seems, you were better. Some matters happened have not been able to recall, but living the person must continue to live, you want the time to remember oneself living significance. Only for love."

Ji Dong was silent, lowered the head slightly, has not spoken.

Yin Zhaorong said with a smile: "Good. Did not say these. I looked at the student of your class and grade, besides that Eastern Wood Empire princess, other, is may make the material. Since you teach to your Teacher school, well taught them. These days you can also return to normal the mood. We believe, you can walk from the sorrow by your strength. However, you must remember frequently, our time are not long."Said the last few words, her tone aggravated several points obviously.

Ji Dong nodded, "teacher's wife my meeting. Let you be worried."

Yin Zhaorong beckoned with the hand, said with a smile: "Good, you go back. I must look for your Martial Ancestor. Oh, was right, that Chen Sixuan seems also good."At the same time was saying, Yin Zhaorong jumped, vanishes in a flash does not see.

Gazes after Yin Zhaorong to depart, the heart of Ji Dong ice-cold deathly stillness has warmed up gradually, works hundred -year-old teacher's wife to follow unexpectedly in the body side, restores some to discover until his spirit. Although Yin Zhaorong has not said anything to him. But this benevolence actually deep touched the heart of Ji Dong.

Ten years, oneself altogether also ten years. Ten years later, even if must look for Lie Yan (raging flames), must handle all matters. Otherwise, does right by Martial Ancestor, teacher's wife, Teacher and care has helped own person?

Thinks of here, Ji Dong empty both eyes glow several points of appearance gradually, the Lie Yan (raging flames) death is unable to get over an emotion freely as before, many that but at least his present state of mind is better. That sad burying heart deep place gradually. When Ji Dong returns to the camp, Chen Sixuan has discovered his difference immediately. The Ji Dong wainscot is stiff, look obviously becomes sharp, aggressive partly visible.

"Teacher Ji Dong, what happened?"Chen Sixuan goes forward to ask.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Anything, the old friend has not come visiting. You rest earlier. Tomorrow before the mountaineering, I will carry on some directions to this class of student."

Although Chen Sixuan does not know that had anything, but the change of Ji Dong made her joyful, can look that he walked gradually from that deathly stillness, without doubt was she most desired.

Camp of Xuanyuan Xin choice is very good, at least that night has not met the harassment of any magic beast.

In the morning, when most students still in the deep sleep, Ji Dong quietly set out. And awakens all class of students completely.

"Teacher Ji Dong, I am also stranded. Isn't climbs mountains in the afternoon? Makes me rest the little while again."Hou hard Youxie discontented was mumbling.

The purple morning star and other disaffection degrees of people were naturally higher, is looking angrily at disaffection of Ji Dong face.

Ji Dong coldly has swept their one eyes, ", if you want to hunt and kill magic beast, passed the Armanz mountain smelting trial safely, then comes with me, I will give you magic skill."Then, turns around to walk toward small stream.

Ji Dong comes together, Chen Sixuan set out, hastily said: "Everybody comes."

Hears Ji Dong to teach magic skill, a look of student has shone immediately, even if in the high-level Mage school, generally speaking, Teacher will not teach student magic skill directly. Which Mage not to own skill value the broom as one's own? Must know, in same level cultivation base, even is cultivation base differs many times, decided that the victory and defeat the key is magic skill. Although has not rested to suffice, but heard that can study magic skill, thinks again Ji Dong displays that to do several things at the same time the wrong shade mystery, they spunk up. Arrives by the small stream with Ji Dong.

Ji Dong stands firm in the mountain stream, "your men and women respectively five people stand. The left hand holds the front person of shoulder according to the magic power mutual promotion of the five elements order."

Class of ten students said to stand according to Ji Dong, holds the shoulder of front person, according to the mutual promotion of the five elements order, composes two rings.

"You are not have wanted to know why I can make you practice the mutual promotion of the five elements to superimpose the magic power control? Now I can tell you. I must teach your first skill, is five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill."

"five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill? What is that?"Purple morning star was puzzled asked.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Said accurately, should be the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, five as one combination skill. The strength of your single body is not strong, but, if the strengths of five people adds, simultaneously to fires in bursts the attack. Then. Can the attack intensity of having how? That is five times of strengths. But when the function of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, can make your strengths start far over five times. When a five body, the strengths of five people through mutual promotion of the five elements overlay centralized to any person body. Then, this person has, is complete five person magic power after the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination overlay huge magic power that sublimates. The strength that you can control now is 40%. But is these 40% might, goes far beyond your five person magic power sum totals. Now, you take Wood department as the beginning respectively, stimulates to movement magic power to carry on the mutual promotion of the five elements overlay. Forms the circulation."

In class of these ten students, can understand the Ji Dong meaning truly, perhaps only then Chen Sixuan, other people, although is not quite clear, but they have practiced one month of mutual promotion of the five elements five elements overlay after all, immediately defers to doing that Ji Dong said.

Immediately, the five elements magic power each other mutual promotion of the five elements, has composed instantaneously a ring, is different when with originally they cultivation the straight line form. After this circulation forms. Everyone can feel own magic power to promote suddenly. Since the magic power each other mutual promotion of the five elements, all colors ray starts to leap from them slowly.

Ji Dong shouted: "Yin-Yang two fires gets rid. Concentrates magic power, outward bombardment."

The Yang Fire department student is the purple morning star, Yin Fire department here female student is the stretch/leisurely Qian young girl, two people simultaneously control within the body magic power to rumble outward a fist.

Immediately, sees only one red one blue, two rays, form two diameters from out of the blue approximately about one foot light beam. Stretches across the small stream, straight bang about dozens meters. In the air has filled manic Fire Element immediately.

The purple morning star and stretch/leisurely Qian dumbfounded, have been rumbling the flash of this fist, they only thought that within the body magic power seemed found time, huge magic power fluctuation nearly terrifying blooming, the strength of this fist is now their this rank is unable to imagine. Although that is not skill, but, the substantive magic power bombardment has actually been full of the destructiveness. They do not doubt might that this strikes. Those who most made them be startled, the next moment that this fist rumbled, within the body originally found time magic power has compensated instantaneously. Has ability that gets rid of once more anytime.

"Felt? This is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements and a five body. After your each other magic power forms mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, each of you are equal to having the joint efforts of five people. Moreover magic power after five elements mutual promotion of the five elements amplification. At present what you can display is only 40% strengths. However. The might that this struck a moment ago, has been able to compare favorably with the magic power direct attack of Six-Crown Mage. Chen Sixuan, you do is very good. Has been controlling the magic power output and everybody almost. This five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, must, in everybody magic power differs in not many situations to be able truly to display."

The Ji Dong sound is very light, this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements and a five body seem simple. After may actually be result of Ji Dong to five elements magic power full understanding.

ten departments magic power divides the Yin-Yang, if ten departments in the same place, completes to combine the magic power might, although is biggest. However, because of the difference of Yin-Yang, wanted to control too to be difficult. Therefore, even if five elements that side Dark Five Elements Continent trains hard becomes ties , can only be has the domain and so on strength and five elements ties such defense. It is difficult to utilize during the attack it.

The thought of Mages custom, displays magic skill with magic power, but the Ji Dong present procedure, is actually not true. But defers to the Yin-Yang to form two pure five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulations separately, when launching attack, for does not destroy the circulation, does not use any skill, but pure attacks with purest magic power. Does this, although is unable to achieve surely completely the magic power effect like magic skill. However, magic power after large scale enhancement, even if the direct attack, the might absolutely is not weak. Moreover, five people who forms the circulation, each can launch such attack, but cannot simultaneously start. Even if the purple morning star, looked again the Ji Dong vision does not have the contempt of slightest bit definitely, regarding them, this struck a moment ago is almost the miracle is ordinary.

Ji Dong lightly said: "By your current controls, although was unable true contends with Six-Crown Mage, but coped with Rank 6 following magic beast not to have what issue. You must remember two main points. First, when opposing the enemy, must using the characteristics that five elements repels one another, facing any attribute enemy, must with repelling one another attribute launches the attack. By the mutual promotion of the five elements to repelling one another, can achieve the best effect. Next, your footsteps cannot stop throughout, must maintain the revolution of lineup, a tacit understanding of five bodies require the time to achieve. Also is the goals of your this smelting trial. By your independent strengths. To be the Rank 6 degree, at least needs to cultivate for over ten years. However, through the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements and a five body, I have confidence in three months, making your comprehensive strengths simultaneously cope with several Six-Crown Mage. To continue to study to get down with me, I need you to believe to me completely, I make you practice the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power control, the there is still one goal. Experiences to surmount own magic power impact unceasingly, your own meridians continually will expand, has the considerable advantage to the future promotion. When you practice can control complete mutual promotion of the five elements magic power the time the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power control. In one year, your magic power level will at least promote above Level 5. At that time, I will teach your doing several things at the same time wrong shade movement, each other coordinated with this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements and a five body. In the battlefield, you will have super rank to challenge the strength of enemy."

Class of students earnestly are listening respectfully to the Ji Dong words, the purple morning star and experiment of stretch/leisurely qian has brought the enormous confidence to them. The heartbeat of everyone is accelerating, the several months time can contend with Six-Crown Mage, what does this mean? As Mage, who does not hope can oneself have the formidable strength?

About this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill, Ji Dong participated in second Holy and Evil pre-war to consider in oneself, was the preparation , after the war of Holy and Evil ended, discussed with Fu Rui, asked several friends of getting to know each other well to cultivate together. But who knows that the war of Holy and Evil has the mutation, ten thousand thunder break into a jail are inspired, four mahatma beasts by seal, and has caused the Lie Yan (raging flames) death. Where made his have the thoughts to ponder these. After becoming Teacher, he is subconscious experiments on these students own idea, currently speaking, the effect is very good.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "From now on, your two groups of five people, the time must in the same place, so long as has the time, forms this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation. Only has constantly maintains this condition, your tacit understanding will be getting more and more familiar, until the degree of making no distinctions, can play the pinnacle this mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill might. This is also the goal of development trend. Cultivation of mutual promotion of the five elements combination skill, not only will not affect your individual the strength, unceasingly after the five elements magic power baptism, to your own five elements resistances, the meridians development as well as the magic power promotion has the huge advantage inevitably. Now who wants to withdraw also with enough time."

The people are the excited appearance, where may the choice withdraw.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Now does not choose to withdraw, opportunity that then, you have not withdrawn from. Is my student, must have the preparation of being unafraid of death. Because, my guidance can make you be in deep sorrow."

The monthly tickets and front two on difference such several, Tang gate brothers and sisters, our slightly diligently, rush.
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