Jiu Shen Chapter 321-330

Chapter 321: earth core fusion, golden world

The sword of deicide the deicides cultivate/repair like this was unable to suppress Lie Yan (raging flames) completely the assigned Red Lotus. This assigns Red Lotus regarding Lie Yan (raging flames). Regarding deicide is the same with the significance of sword of deicide. This is the Lie Yan (raging flames) genuine main body, pure Fire Element that after the present human form is depends upon the itself to assign Red Lotus evolves unceasingly, produces to condense. Under is in inverse proportion, at this time she is staking everything on a single throw of the dice releases the complete supernatural power, although Lie Yan (raging flames) is very clear, even if has defeated at present this deicide, god will not let off itself. But even if can with Ji Dong multi- being together a while, for her also be biggest satisfaction! When she one step strides in the world from this earth core world, keeps off in front of Ji Dong, resists ten thousand thunder break into a jail the bombardment when for him, in her pure heart, again did not have other things, some to being in love of Ji Dong, at that moment, she clearly feels, oneself god knew as if to sublimate another level.

At this moment, most anxious without doubt is Ji Dong, although the onlooker is clear-headed, is, also another a few words, that is cares chaotically. Ji Dong relies on experience that are barely escaping death, help Lie Yan (raging flames) as far as possible displays to cope with the deicide to cultivate like this the strength. But the result how actually no one knows. Only from dreading degree of Lie Yan (raging flames) to cultivating Josse's. He understands at present the great strength of this deicide. Repairs like this to dare massive magic power to be used to defend Lie Yan (raging flames) to destroy the earth core world, obviously he had the confidence to oneself strength.

The double fist of Ji Dong, already gripped tightly, the nail pricks the palm not to be unconscious, he wishes one could to integrate Lie Yan (raging flames) within the body the complete strength, even if she makes not any significance very much clearly like this. He hates himself, hates oneself strength tiny. He hopes, can keep off in this moment in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), resists the sword of that deicide for her! But, fight of this Divine level, let alone is the participation, even if the contact regarding him is also impossible. Lie Yan (raging flames) or the deicide cultivate/repair Josse's strength, only needs the flash, can make him vanish from this world thoroughly.

Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), you must win!

At this moment, suddenly, unequalled thundering resounds suddenly, even if there is earth core world of strength of defense Asura god also fiercely to shake, as if entire earth core must instantaneously destruction.

A giant magma column of flame gallops instantaneously, in the bellow of that terrifying, stiffly swallows the white ray that the sword of deicide has sent out, and enters the upper air. Meanwhile, Lie Yan (raging flames) the assigns Red Lotus to blast out unexpectedly loudly, changes into a lot of flower petals, is circling that magma column of flame ascension.

The deicides cultivate/repair like this complexion big change, he has not thought. Before firmly was also suppressed by oneself, simply did not have earth core Empress of slightest bit revolt ability actually to be able in this flash to burst out not to be inferior to his strength. Moreover, was a moment ago these thundered, he tied with the aid of defense under strength of arrange/cloth Asura god has absorbed he quite many magic power.

Those who cultivate/repair like this not to know, he protects the earth core world by the strength of Asura god, has the how huge help regarding Lie Yan (raging flames). Here was the Lie Yan (raging flames) family/home, the earth core magma has bred her life parent body, no matter, Lie Yan (raging flames) impossible to injure them. Therefore, in the earth core world fight, Lie Yan (raging flames) itself has restrained to own strength, does not dare many in magic power with the aid of magma lake, she feared that an own control is not good, will cause the collapse of entire earth core magma lake.

However, when deicide after Lord God Asura's strength here temporary seal, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart has scruples completely goes, all her strengths completely were then initiated. The pray of Ji Dong spreads to the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge through the soul, she can not hope that can continue with Ji Dong in the same place? At this time, fighting spirit and strength of Lie Yan (raging flames) already by complete technique, her being outspoken is drawing support from the magma lake nearly inexhaustible huge magic power amplification oneself. Yes, this is the Lie Yan (raging flames) true strength. Repaired like this to despise Lie Yan (raging flames), rather he underestimated the huge fire attribute energy that this earth core world had.

The body of Lie Yan (raging flames), ascends in that magma column of flame, both hands in chest front palm relative, one group of dazzling golden light burst out in her chest front, but ascension the giant magma column of flame starts the extreme twist, almost in the free time of flash, that huge magma column of flame changed into a giant magma vortex, in this vortex, mixed with all flower petals of Lie Yan (raging flames) that given name Red Lotus. Each flower petal, changes into the golden color to embellish in the magma vortex, the Lie Yan (raging flames) double main body, fused in this moment completely together.

Repairs like this coldly snorted, in the hand the sword of deicide cuts once more, is a spoken parts colored light blade comes, dividing stiffly in Lie Yan (raging flames) magma vortex. However, although was chops, but, the next moment completely was actually swallowed in the extreme twist of magma vortex.

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) double pupil the ray puts greatly, the personal appearance flashes, under the gaze of Ji Dong, her body changed into together the golden flowing light, integrates in that vortex quietly, the next moment, the entire magma vortex ray puts greatly, even changed into the pure golden color including the trim earth core lake in this moment. Lie Yan (raging flames) knew as well as formerly this assigned Red Lotus and integration process of earth core magma by own god, the complete incarnation in the earth core lake. At this moment, her strength and earth core lake melts for a body truly. Since becoming the Level 2 god slanders, in this world. Lie Yan (raging flames) did not have the match, has not displayed oneself strength the place, at this time, in the deicide cultivates under Josse's oppression, the strength that her Level 2 god slanders displays finally completely, in addition has the protection of earth core magma lake, this turns into the golden earth core world, has controlled completely in the Lie Yan (raging flames) hand. Her strength, in formerly this integration process instantaneous clearly becomes aware ascends rapidly.

Repairs Josse's complexion first time becomes dignified, he can the clear feeling, this turn into the golden world to form a whole completely, but at present this huge golden vortex is here core. The murderous intention that his supernatural power as well as he releases, large scale was being suppressed in this golden world. Even including him by the protection strength that Asura takes possession to release, as if in gradually is separated from the relation with him. earth core magma lake that vast strength even made the feeling that he produced some unable to contend with. Although he knows, this earth core magma lake possibly is not Lie Yan (raging flames) can all transfer. However, since now Lie Yan (raging flames) and magma lake fuses together, then, even if she can only mobilize very small part of strengths, but her following magic power is inexhaustible.

In the eye pupil white light restraining, deicide cultivates in like this hand the sword of direction sky deicide, in this moment, his rich god fought the experience to appear. In the hand the sword of deicide wields, first. Has cut off oneself with Asura god strength the relations of formerly released. Also has blocked the persistent consumption of own magic power.

Repairs in like this heart is extremely ashamed and resentful, because he understands oneself were swindled. Lie Yan (raging flames) as earth core Empress, can merge into one organic whole with the earth core lake, what did this explain? Explained earth core lake to her complete approval, in such a case, is she also possible to destroy this earth core world? Formerly by this assigned Red Lotus to fly, hit to the procedure that the hole top/withstood, clearly was attracts itself to be swindled. Was released magic power to be used to defend the earth core world by oneself massively. As the god lawman, is slandered the deceit by the god who a earth core world should not have unexpectedly, the anger in Asura like this heart ascended the apex.

The white light sparkle, the strong murderous intention once more from cultivating like this bursts out. The terrifying magic power fluctuation, blooms instantaneously, the next moment, his body became illusory. The white light flashes, this deicide disappears to disappear unexpectedly. However, the sword of his handle deicide remains airborne, in this moment, the dazzling white light assumes eruption -type rushing, trigs the golden light that the magma lake has released in certain range intrinsic pressure unexpectedly. That four chi (0.33 m) long sword, to the feeling that person one type cannot be despised.

It looks like Lie Yan (raging flames) and earth core magma lake as well as own assigns Red Lotus to fuse to be the same, the deicide cultivates like this also to merge into one organic whole in the sword of own deicide, truly achieved a person of sword to unite. No, should say that is the Divine Sword unites is right.

the next moment, compared with formerly at least intense ten times of deicide magic power from out of the blue, four chi (0.33 m) long sword, actually brought hundred meters broad white light blade, directly soars the Lie Yan (raging flames) incarnation the golden vortex to divide to cut to go.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not retroceded, will not dodge, the golden light that her golden vortex, that direct welcoming the brilliance of sword of deicide, the dazzling ray, burst out, scatters in all directions the supernatural power that flies upwards, in this moment comprehensive engagement. Two big gods slander the fight, entered the degree of superheating.

In above the hole wall, Ji Dong was unable to see clearly the fight the aspect, Lie Yan (raging flames) has even shut off the soul contact with him. How no one knows this fight the final victory and defeat, when Lie Yan (raging flames) for fear that the god knowledge receives to cultivate like this attacks to implicate the Ji Dong soul.

Gold/Metal and white, the two-color ray interweaves in the earth core world, the look on Ji Dong face also became more and more dignified. The deicides cultivate/repair Josse's strength to imagine compared with him want the terrifying many. In had formerly such consumed his strength, Lie Yan (raging flames) already in the situation of earth core lake fusion, as if at this time just slightly is also in the upper hand, moreover superiority that in the supernatural power can have with the aid of the earth core lake.

However, on Ji Dong face dignified quick desalinates, in the eye even reveals for several points to feel relaxed, the present god fights, although intense, but. He can actually feel that the Lie Yan (raging flames) superiority is expanding gradually, gradually toward winning potential transformation.

Right, the deicide cultivates Josse's strength above Lie Yan (raging flames), he that formidable, is, in this earth core world, when the golden light fills the entire earth core cavern, cultivates like this to face a biggest difficult problem. That is, the successor feels weak. The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows with the entire earth core lake fuses together, although she is unable to transfer earth core lake complete magic power, but, a little she can actually achieve. That is cuts off cultivates Josse's supplies.

The strength of god, can absorb any energy element to transform as own supernatural power. However, when all elements refuse to be absorbed by the god will be what kind of? Repairs like this to face, is this kind of awkward region.

On tyrannical, Lie Yan (raging flames) and he compared to fall far short, at this time but, Lie Yan (raging flames) used, was hundred refining up the fine steel to circle refers to the supple forms of combat. She will not condense oneself touches for the deicide of sword with the incarnation fully directly hardly. She does, is uses the magma liquid the characteristics, as far as possible with cultivating like this dogfight, the consumption cultivates Josse's strength. Repairs like this not only one time to break through, leaves the earth core world, after the recuperation restores magic power, looks for the trouble of Lie Yan (raging flames) again, when formerly did not reply on Asura god strength has consumed too many magic power, he will not face the so awkward position. However, he is unwilling! Lie Yan (raging flames) also relies on huge magic power of earth core lake to tie down him, to consume his strength as far as possible. Lie Yan (raging flames) has blocked the entire earth core world, making the god know unable to run away. But she does not hesitate tying down at all costs to cultivate like this. Even if her magic power consumption is cultivates Josse's ten times also to refuse to balk. Backs on the earth core lake, will cultivate like this to drag into to put together the supernatural power in the stage. This time Lie Yan (raging flames) got the absolute winning side gradually. Although this god fights regarding cultivating like this some are unfair. But Lie Yan (raging flames) could not attend to many, first routed this deicide is most important.

At this moment, suddenly, an unusual brilliance ripples from the sword of deicide suddenly, in an instant, the airborne magma vortex coagulates immediately, temporarily stopped the attack. But the sword of that deicide a this humble one instantaneous lasing, the dazzling white light, was bringing the ice-cold white tail flame, the complete supernatural power of deicide, coagulates in Jianjian a point in this moment unexpectedly completely, in airborne brings white ray, has worked loose all coagulations and is twining his golden magic power, directly soars the hole wall lasing to go.

This strikes, is the deicide complete strength , is also the staking everything on a single throw of the dice strength. Terrifying murderous intention, terrifying supernatural power, even is the deicide own god knowledge , above the complete condensation in this strikes.

Without a doubt, cultivated like this to display his exclusive skill to absorb the god Secret Art, temporarily was sluggish Lie Yan (raging flames) to his attack, but, no one can think, was displaying to absorb god Secret Art the previous moment he to the skill release that oneself left behind, attacked a point unexpectedly whole-heartedly.

Absorbs emanation of god Secret Art, making the Ji Dong soul vortex shiver once more fiercely, at present is a blank, but, he can actually the clear feeling, sword of Jianfeng deicide finger/refer, position that were actually.

"Kills, kills, kills, kills, kills, kills, kills"absorbs the god Secret Art effect to vanish, first even/including seven kill the character to reverberate in the earth core world, each kills the character to appear, will make magic power on sword of that deicide promote several points again, sword sharp place, even shone the dazzling red light. The deicides cultivate/repair like this for the attack of this sword, is burning unexpectedly own god knowledge.

This war, will have the result tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will leave the big transition, four days from now......, Four days from now cannot say, was too essential. Hehe. Quick voting. The ticket are more, small three will consider a more splendid content a point to write ahead of time. At the end of the month, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 322: Deity disintegration big law

When cultivates like this to discover oneself were swindled. Ashamed and resentful in heart can be imagined. As the Asura god disciple first lawman, even if in god, numerous Lord God must give precedence out of courtesy three points to him. He does not have to think oneself unexpectedly in carrying out this originally think that in easy motion, can encounter the so awkward position unexpectedly. In he opinion, this is the sewer capsizes completely.

Repairs Josse's strength by the deicide, if he is determined to walk, Lie Yan (raging flames) is uses is fully impossible to block, but, cultivates like this not to be really willingly! If such lost to an abyss bottom god to slander, how later also to mix in god? Perhaps linked the position of this lawman unable to preserve.

After discovering oneself were swindled, cultivates Josse's response is extremely quick, the protection energies among relation that first when has shut off itself with formerly Asura took possession to release, at the same time, he has been gathering the strength, the entanglement of Lie Yan (raging flames), although made him very suffer, but, the sharpness of sword of deicide was not general tyrannical. Whatever Lie Yan (raging flames) and magic power of earth core lake fusion is huge, is unable to corrode to the main body of sword of his deicide. Only can consume his supernatural power gradually by. Without the outside element supplies, this cultivates the biggest problem that like this faces. Therefore, when he also has a large number of supernatural powers, cultivates like this to choose staking everything on a single throw of the dice. Although Lie Yan (raging flames) had also guessed correctly cultivates like this such to do. But her judgment had the problem at this important moment. It looks like in Lie Yan (raging flames), as the god lawman, cultivates like this to treasure to own life surely extremely, after all, the life of god is almost inexhaustible! This deicide stakes everything on a single throw of the dice, to certainly compete for oneself escapes here to his fetter. However, she has actually neglected a point, neglected has cultivated like this regarding regarding as important of god lawman dignity, the disposition that also this deicide preferred death to humiliation.

The deicides cultivate/repair Josse's staking everything on a single throw of the dice, absolutely does not have any retention, has not left behind staking everything on a single throw of the dice of slightest bit escape route to oneself. He not only erupts completely the surplus supernatural powers in the flash, even is still burning own god knowledge. Kills bellowing of character through that seven, pushes up the peak own strength.

Becoming god thousands of years, cultivates like this to have so is can it be that easy to cope, at this moment, he has promoted in the normal condition peak degree own supernatural power completely. The gods know the consumption, can patch with time, but if loses to the abyss god to slander, the shame that he will suffer is forever is actually not able to wash clean. Therefore, what this deicide chooses is wrestles by the fate.

Chooses the position that Ji Dong to take the goal, is cultivates like this to pass through to think, just arrived here, he has discovered existence of Ji Dong, but this kind of tiny human is not worth him paying attention. However, is quick he to discover, the Ji Dong soul has contacted with Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly. Regarding human, relation in this soul is impossible to discover. But slanders regarding the god, their gods know incomparably formidable, even if Lie Yan (raging flames) conceals again good, there is clues.

Repairs Josse's staking everything on a single throw of the dice, had the double checks to oneself, he guesses correctly Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) not general relations indistinctly, otherwise can a human appear in the core of this earth core world? Another , is for him more important, his goal is the destruction present earth core world. Deceived him when like former Lie Yan (raging flames). After he feels Lie Yan (raging flames) and close relation between earth core lakes, formerly Lie Yan (raging flames) in turn was used by him to his restriction. In addition threat to the Ji Dong life, he did not fear that Lie Yan (raging flames) does not obey. He wants, lets the strength that Lie Yan (raging flames) keeps off oneself this to stake everything on a single throw of the dice hardly. This is also his final chance.

Repaired like this to succeed, two targets who he chose, regarding Lie Yan (raging flames), one were mother existences, another was a lover. Can she have other choices?

The sword of tyrannical deicide, sword sharp place eye-catching red that tyrannical. But Lie Yan (raging flames) in this moment, actually has to get rid. Her strength wants to prevent the deicide to cultivate strikes, from side harassment that like this this vigorously is impossible.

The golden red form, along with the magma that curls up bottom-up great
*, loudly on. The entire earth core world shivered fiercely, the golden color of earth core world, is similar to the tide removes generally. When the Ji Dong soul returns to normal, can see clearly at present when all, his heart as if must break.

He noticed that is a section of white sword is sharp, that sword the back that from having the red women's clothing covers pierces sharp, only revealed the sword to be sharp.

Lie Yan (raging flames), on static float hole wall that in Ji Dong is at hollow outside, with her body, has blocked Ji Dong. Her holding their palms together in own chest front, gripped that the sword of deicide shivers unceasingly, the ray in look, is becoming more and more gloomy.

Ji Dong discovered, own soul is unable with the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge to link again, as if among two people, completely has been in the different world.

Repairs the Josse's crazy big laughter to resound from the sword of deicide, "Lie Yan (raging flames), your name was called Lie Yan (raging flames). Good, your strength has exceeded my imagination, can reply on the strength of earth core magma. But, by experience of Divine level fight, your actually difference was too too far. By sword of stabbing god knowledge deicide, your main body will be also stave. The sword of deicide strength on broken god, will nibble your state of mind unceasingly, till knows you to destroy."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) vision is very as before tranquil, as if she has made a not worthy of mentioning minor matter, she did not regret, she can act according to the strategy deceit deicide who Ji Dong said to cultivate like this. Using him, lest thoughts of star destruction, why can't others in turn also using this point? Let alone, deicide Jianfeng refers, also her lover. She must stand here, what even if pays is all.

In cultivating the Josse's wild big laughter, suddenly, flower petal dances in the air from Lie Yan (raging flames) a piece by piece, floating falls to the sword of that deicide. Bright golden red ray also in this moment once more from Lie Yan (raging flames) bright.

The big laughter of deicide stops, then changes into panic-stricken, "you, you were insane. Do you use deity disintegration big law unexpectedly? could it be don't you fear immediately relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish?" The sword of deicide crazy shivers, but before these time is actually not punctures, but leaves, he uses the Lie Yan (raging flames) psychology, a sword causes heavy losses to the match, but his remaining magic power are not many. Both hands of Lie Yan (raging flames), look like copper pouring strong common, how whatever he struggles is unable to leave.

Lie Yan lightly said: "You did not say, was stabbed by the sword of your deicide, my main body must be disillusioned, my god will know is also corroded. Final result wasn't could it be relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish? With it so, would rather asked the deicide Sir to be buried along with the dead for me."

Flower petal, falls gently a piece by piece quietly on the sword of deicide. In an instant, this originally white common turned into the golden red, by golden red that the flower petal covers. This each lotus flower flower petal, is the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself assigns Red Lotus part, is part of her body!

Repairs Josse's words not to exaggerate, the Lie Yan (raging flames) situation even said him is more awful . The strength of ice-cold broken god, has flooded in each corner of her soul, her god knows with this assigns the communication between Red Lotus to disintegrate fast. Also is equal to the peeling of soul and body of human is the same. Repaired like this this sword too to be really ruthless, Lie Yan (raging flames) earth core magic power cannot block by the complete supernatural power added on with the aid of completely. When this sword pierces her god knows the condensation the body, she knows, all ended. Since birth. Lie Yan (raging flames) has not hated like the present this moment. She hates to cultivate like this, she once feared the death, but, she fears, actually loses Ji Dong. When the choice of destiny, what she rather dies is oneself. But, does she give up to leave Ji Dong? Filled with the hatred in this moment complete explosion, she will not let off this to break up itself and Ji Dong enemy.

"No,"does not repair the Josse's panic-stricken voice to cry out crazily.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), does not want"Ji Dong to kick out forward, but, his actually anything could not do, his body is unable to move.


Explosion, is the explosion, but this explosion, is actually the Lie Yan (raging flames) main body itself assigns the explosion of Red Lotus! Ji Dong can see that keeps off before own the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) becomes in fierce shivering illusory. The deicides cultivate/repair the like this nearly crazy slogan to stop. Sword that then shows from Lie Yan (raging flames) sharp looked like by the raging fire is melted half, changed into a flowing light to vanish in the air.

Repaired like this to misjudge, he is unable to think, Lie Yan (raging flames) so will be unexpectedly firm. When the sword of his deicide stabs the Lie Yan (raging flames) moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) was unable to block here magic power element again, so long as gives to cultivate like this again even if the time that several times breathe, he can supplement itself by absorption outside magic power. At that time, he will certainly achieve the final success.

However, when fierce Yang block/gear before Ji Dong body that moment, she had the consciousness that must die, will she again give the deicide to cultivate like this any opportunity?

This assigned Red Lotus to break, the sword of deicide cultivated like this also broke. The body of Lie Yan (raging flames) has destroyed, cultivated Josse's main body also similarly to destroy. This god fights final result, is mutually wounded.

But the white illusory form hit ruthlessly falls on the hole wall of distant place slowly, cultivates like this, but, this time he actually only then the god knowledge, is incomparably weak god knowledge.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows the situation cultivating like this is better, even seems his god knowledge is more transparent, as if may be disillusioned anytime. The sword of deicide strength of broken god, was assigned Red Lotus to explode to compel outside the body by the Lie Yan (raging flames) deity disintegration big law inspiring itself completely. However. Her soul also already weakly to the extreme.

Ji Dong fetter vanished, he is almost the earliest possible time plunges Lie Yan (raging flames). However, when his hand grasps to Lie Yan (raging flames), the palm actually from the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) one plunders, did not have the feeling of entity again.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames)......" the Ji Dong sound is shivering, his heart is flooding the unprecedented fear.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned round, looks at Ji Dong, the smile that on charming face reveals feeling relaxed. Can leave him? At this kind of time, she does not want to cry, she must keep in his memory oneself final perfect, but is not the moved appearance. Therefore, her smiling face as before is such bright, was at with him when like before together. The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge sends out the anxious information to Ji Dong, "quick, Ji Dong, received his god knowledge with the Fire God double sword, although I have destroyed his main body, but his god knew actually too coagulated, was I am not able to destroy. Only has while him is weak at this time, with advocating other Divine level Fire God double sword its captivity, can refine slowly. So long as can complete this process, your Fire God double sword also will restore then the complete strength, even still have it."Even if will leave soon this world, she actually as before cannot forget to help Ji Dong. Although the Fire God double sword is incomplete, but it is actually the genuine Lord Divine level divine tool, once the god knows by its seal, even if the deicide cultivates Josse's such powerhouse not to be impossible to work loose, even including a aura unable to send out, nobody knows that cultivates Josse's whereabouts.

Ji Dong eyes was red, bloodthirsty, cruel and angry, all sorts of negative mood, flood in this moment in his innermost soul completely, his soul vortex at this moment also changed into the cruel red. Lie Yan (raging flames) hates to cultivate like this, hatred of Ji Dong to cultivating Josse's stronger over a thousand times and ten thousand times.

The phoenix dragon dance snake changes the release, pair of wings opens, god hot Saint king Kai appears outrageously, is covering the body of Ji Dong, in him the flash of the hole wall hollow place fleeing, the Fire God double sword was grasping, the pinnacle cloudy Yang Fire instantaneous stimulation of movement said the limit, making these two handle super heavy swords send out the gold/metal and black brilliance.

The god who cultivates like this knows float in airborne, because is weak, at this time is partly visible. The sword of his main body deicide was taken by Lie Yan (raging flames) this assigns Red Lotus from exploding has destroyed as the price, this is the most serious wound that the deicide receives since birth. However, as the lawman, his god knows the incomparable coagulation, at this time is damaged, although heavy, but has not actually been able to recall like Lie Yan (raging flames), so long as gives him the time, he can patch the god knowledge voluntarily, so long as can return to get back one's composure, even the restore main body is also not the too difficult matter.

However, knows the condition by his current god, is actually how regardless of unable to leave here. In this earth core magma lake, has filled wreaking havoc Fire Element, wants only to depend on the god knowledge to leave, then, his god knows the strength at least to restore to over 10%, is, present cultivating like this, even 1% gods knew the strength not to have continually. Only can maintain the god not to know shatter. This is the limit that he can reach. However, he thinks final victor eventually, although is damaged seriously, but his goal was achieved after all.

Saw when Ji Dong to he flies, cultivates like this not to care, regardless of he is weak, after all he is also a god, does his god know can it be that human to injure? However......

Continues to look, said that will not be the tragedy.

Chapter 323: The war casualty of Lie Yan (raging flames)

Saw when Ji Dong flies to him. Repairs like this not to care, regardless of he is weak, after all he is also a god, does his god know can it be that human to injure? However, when he sees the Fire God double sword in Ji Dong hand, the light vortex light shadow that the also Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai head position releases, his complexion actually changed. He cannot think, spiritual cultivation base of human can actually formidable to so the degree. What is more fearful, the weapon in his hand, is actually having the aura of Lord God, this, is this possible?

"Human, what do you want to make?"Repairs like this solemnly shouted.

Ji Dong coldly visits him, "does? Do this you also need to ask me? Repairs like this, among us does not have anything to say. You give me dead."At the same time was saying, the Fire God double sword in his hand already launched, in the meantime, he be outspoken is releasing oneself chaos strength, the cream chaos bead protects the heart mirror position to float from the chest slowly, the strong chaos aura has flooded in Ji Dong whole body. He is very clear, only has by the chaos adds on own soul to actuate the Fire God double sword. Can to cultivating Josse's the god knowledge causes the damage.

"wait a moment."Repairs like this running together of two syllables in rapid speech to drink severely.

Ji Dong coldly visits him, "? Do you also plan to delay the time? You believe, I will give you such opportunity?" "No, no, I think, we can discuss." The god who cultivates like this knows is glittering fiercely, obviously his anxiety of this time mood. Even if the god, when faced with life and death, will feel the intense fear similarly.

"Discussed? Ok, my request only then, helping Lie Yan (raging flames) restore. In that case, I could give your way out."Ji Dong grips tightly the Fire God double sword, vision firmly looks steadily is repairing Josse's both eyes.

Repairs like this angrily said: "No, that is impossible. Let alone I am not an abyss devil will restore, even if I am willing, I do not have that ability. Even if Asura god Sirs is unable to achieve. Two big god kings have such strength. But, how is god Sir king willing on this kind of abyss devil?"

"Bastard, you shuts up to me." The Ji Dong anger exclaimed: "Repairs like this, your opens the mouth abyss devil, silent abyss devil. I asked you, why you said that Lie Yan (raging flames) was the devil? What wicked matter did she do to affect your god? Affected human? She time gets rid in world only one by one, has prevented life apply carbon. Is she devil? I looked that, compared with her, you are the devil. After Lie Yan (raging flames) birth, has reorganized the earth core world, making here all become methodical. Did not have the war again. All that she makes, a matter has not harmed this world. Why do you arrest her? Is bright on permits your god, can't our world present the god? Lie Yan (raging flames) destiny. Why to have you to decide? Are your nonsense gods, what thing?"

"You, you are the treason and heresy. She is not human." The deicides cultivated like this to listen to the Ji Dong words also somewhat to stay, let alone was human, even if were the god does not have one to dare like Ji Dong to speak certainly. He was blaspheming the Spiritual God! Moreover what offends is entire god.

In the Ji Dong hand the double sword has held up slowly, in the eye has filled the crazy malignant influences, hears to cultivate like this not to have the means to help Lie Yan (raging flames) restore, the hatred and anger in his heart have achieved the apex. "Wait/Etc., you listened to me to say. Although I cannot help her restore, but, you are human, I can actually help you. So long as you do not destroy my god knowledge, I distribute the god to vow, when I restored, I can make you have to be equal to she one-third strengths. Directly becomes existence of closest god. This was the maximum degree that in my jurisdiction can be."

Listened to cultivate Josse's words, the Ji Dong double sword has stopped slightly, the ice-cold sound as if dropped including the temperature of earth core lake, "you know that who she was?"

"She is the abyss devil, Oh, no, is the abyss god slanders."Faced with life and death. Repairs like this to be also flustered, cannot attend to maintaining the dignity of his god lawman again.

Ji Dong nodded, "abyss devil? Good, how even if she is abyss devil? But her actually also another status."

"What is?"Repairs like this to look at Ji Dong astonished.

Ji Dong has turned the head, looked that became to that body more unreal Lie Yan (raging flames), but the double sword in his hand was having the strength that the unequalled imposing manner and his complete soul and chaos fuse to sweep across, directly soars cultivates like this god to know to go.

Before the god knows was swallowed the flash, cultivated like this to hear the Ji Dong sound, "she was my lover, but I, was one have fallen in love with the person of devil."

The god who cultivates like this knew is really too weak, when the Ji Dong Fire God double sword contacted the flash that his god knew, two handle super heavy swords have been separated from both hands of Ji Dong, simultaneously floated in the midair, the god who cultivated like this knew is imprisoned by them in two handle heavy sword middle positions.

"No,......"does not repair like this to cry out crazily, his god knowledge goes all out is supporting two handle heavy swords, is, this time strength was too small and weak. Did not have the main body, he who the god knows heavy losses, can contend with the strength of this Fire God double sword again?

The fierce sword and flame sword, are closing up at the constant speed slowly, but cultivates Josse's body, in the process that also closes up in them was extruded and distorted slowly. His sound becomes more and more weak, when the Fire God double sword closes up as one eventually, he was unable to send out the least bit sound again. By prohibiting firmly in this divine tool.

The double sword fusion, the red light bursts out, but, the sword of this time Fire God has not actually erupted the striking power. But changes into together the flowing light directly, invests into Ji Dong within the body, fuses with him is one. The double sword swallows the god knowledge that a Level 2 god has slandered, this regarding Ji Dong, is a big good deed, the Fire God double sword restores the divine tool might to anticipate absolutely, but, this time he, in the heart a point is actually not able to be excited. After angry and wild, is the endless sadness and frightened. He also feared, but like cultivating like this fears death, but feared that he most beloved person leaves him.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)."Ji Dong engages in self-examination to kick out, but this time Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, actually floating fell on earth core lake central that earth core rock platform.

Ji Dong fast throws to go forward, god hot Saint king Kai integrates the main body, he stretches out the arms to grasp Lie Yan (raging flames), has actually held spatial. The tears, uncontrolled flowing, panic in his heart have achieved the apex.

"Ji Dong, like this, ok?"Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles is looking at Ji Dong, her sound is very supple, cannot listen weakly. But because of this, made the heart of Ji Dong shiver. "Can say again you do love me?"

" I love you, I love you, I forever forever love you, loves your entire life, the generation after generations. Lie Yan (raging flames), I like almost nearly weeping and wailing am saying these. He is unable to grasp Lie Yan (raging flames), his both hands grab oneself hair, kneeling down of whole person pain side Lie Yan (raging flames).

The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows kneels down quietly in front of Ji Dong, "Ji Dong, I also love you."Six characters gently. Awakens from the sadness Ji Dong, he raised the head suddenly, the delay vision looks to her , although already gradually fuzzy, but actually as before is that perfect tender face. Not long, he hopes that hears Lie Yan (raging flames) to say these words to him! This can be said as this lives the strongest wish. But, at this time Lie Yan (raging flames), although said these words, but, she......

"Sorry, Ji Dong. I once had said to you, if some day I said me to love you to you, was I already prepared the bridal clothes the time. But, I actually could not be your bride now again. I must leave this world, promises me, if you love me, completes the only regret for me. I hope, over the next ten years, you can take the base liquor for me to mix one glass of cocktails with one famous name wine that the famous name wine records every year. Ok?"

"No, no, no, Lie Yan (raging flames), you are my bride, I will never make you leave me. The teardrops that Lie Yan (raging flames). "on the
Ji Dong face leaves behind gradually changed, is no longer transparent, but is having the light red, his body, because of pain stretching out the arms that time and time again, but the convulsion, he is going all out, wants to hold in the arms the body of Lie Yan (raging flames), wants to retain her, but, he is unable to achieve.

"Ji Dong, like this, how you do not let me to walk relieved?" The smile on Lie Yan (raging flames) face is unable to maintain finally again, she crazy looks at Ji Dong, the vision is actually that gentle, but is bringing the thick unwillingness. "Does Ji Dong, know? I did not regret., Knows you, I did not regret. You make me feel the emotion that human had, made me feel the wonder of being in love. My not regret. If there is a next life, I wear certainly the bridal clothes, when you marry me."

"No, I do not want next life."Ji Dong nearly is whooshing shouting, on his face, the body, has covered entirely the tears of blood that oneself have left behind. Suddenly, he has as if thought anything resembles, stands up suddenly, his body is shivering, but his vision actually becomes crazy.

"Had, I had means that Lie Yan (raging flames), you insisted, I had the means. Only by doing so, we can never separate."Under the Lie Yan (raging flames) surprised gaze, suddenly, Ji Dong lifts the right hand suddenly, the dazzling white light shines in his palm, Lie Yan (raging flames) clearly saw, in the Ji Dong palm appears, impressively is the bead of his chaos.

Does not have the slightest bit to hesitate, does not have tiny bit hesitation, his right hand, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) screams, has patted above own top of the head.

Hides soul vortex in forehead, was shaken by the strength of bead of chaos by this palm unexpectedly forcefully, his soul vortex is almost crazy sweeping across lives in the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul, drags into own body forcefully.

The idea of Ji Dong is very simple, Lie Yan (raging flames) did not have the body, he gives her oneself body, her god knows with own body fuses together, can forever in the same place? Relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish how? So long as can preserve Lie Yan (raging flames), even if relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, he did not regret.

Lie Yan (raging flames) had been shocked by Ji Dong this crazy motion, must know, although Ji Dong the strength of soul is formidable, after all is only human level the strength of soul! Once leaves the main body, in a short time voluntarily will dissipate, will never be reincarnated. In order to makes Lie Yan (raging flames) live, Ji Dong that palm, being outspoken ejects outside the body his own complete soul, not having the slightest bit to retain, even if including the relation of a soul and main body has not remained. Because he feared that oneself soul will affect entering of Lie Yan (raging flames), in this moment, he was really crazy, was crazy because of Lie Yan (raging flames). This is the only method that he can think, making Lie Yan (raging flames) go on living by own body. By ability that her god knows, so long as there are has sent the body, is always hopeful. Actually, Ji Dong does not know oneself do this to rescue Lie Yan (raging flames), but, he actually knows, this is the only opportunity, is the only possibility, if such do not do, Lie Yan (raging flames) must die without doubt.

The Ji Dong soul vortex is not the god knowledge, that is just the soul of human, when he uses forcefully the strength of that palm has shut off relation between own soul and body stiffly, he again was unable to rely on oneself strength return body, did not have any consciousness again. May be this, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually as before can feel that to wield in the loose soul to contain many deeply to like with many fast not abandoning and crazy.

Ji Dong body double bright, is sparkling the light pink, yes, that belongs to the Lie Yan (raging flames) pink. Ji Dong procedure reasonable, just as such that he guessed, so long as there is one to send the body, Lie Yan (raging flames) had the possibility that restored the god to know. At this time, his body completely was known to control by the Lie Yan (raging flames) god. Lie Yan (raging flames) to him was really too familiar, regarding Lie Yan (raging flames), has not compared this better sending body, in addition Ji Dong kept the chaos bead in body, she almost over 50% assurances can restore. Moreover had the body of human, she did not even fear the person who god walks. She can definitely rely on the body of human to hide oneself aura, even splendid genuine to become God.

But, will Lie Yan (raging flames) do? Ji Dong because of her death and crazy, she similarly also because of the Ji Dong death and crazy. During after at this moment, the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge enters Ji Dong body the suspension dissipates, her god knows floods, only has to the Ji Dong love.

"Fool, Little Ji Dong, your this fool."Lie Yan's sound, sends out from the mouth of Ji Dong body, the tears, uncontrolled are flowing.

Both hands lift to the chest front, the god of surviving know with the Ji Dong chaos bead merge into one organic whole instantaneously, the gentle cream halo sends out from the body of Ji Dong, forms a halo instantaneously, covers the soul that Ji Dong that will soon dissipate completely.

"Fool, Little Ji Dong, you have forgotten, I am a god! Regardless of god whether approves, but I have belongs to the strength of god. Can I make you be in control of my destiny? Fools, young fool. Do you know? I lived thousands of years, but, only has with you in together in the ten years the time, has taken to me the biggest happiness. Said goodbye, my lover, if there is a next life, is your wife again. "

Other were not many said that today was on June 1. New month. If the monthly ticket rushes to first three today. Tomorrow I will make Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrect, otherwise everybody will chop me tomorrow. Third, is not difficult. Clash/To. Spells. Come. For resurrecting of Lie Yan (raging flames), unexpected resurrecting way.

Chapter 324: God committee

White light restraining, a Red Lotus halo hikes up. Brand mark gently on the Ji Dong forehead, the soul vortex collects in the main body, the next moment, another soul in the airborne static dissipation, brought to smile with the tears, brings with not to abandon unwillingly, that static dissipation in this tranquil earth core world.

Magma lake, unceasing braves the one by one air bubble, one by one is shatter, all calls out in grief, the strange red halo that looks like to occur at present covers that already the body that falls into the stupor, the illusory Red Lotus halo wrapped his body last time to bring that familiar red light to go quietly, leaves this not to have the earth core world of master.

Has not known how long, Ji Dong sobered slowly from the stupor. The dazzling sunlight made him narrow both eyes, when he felt warming up in air, all that some feelings, as if before had were just are having a dream, the war of Holy and Evil Island, Lie Yan (raging flames) and war of Asura god, if were only a dreamland, that should good.

Turns over/Stands up to sit up. He has not felt the slightest bit to be ill, the body condition is very normal. This is small woods, the surroundings are the big trees, but before him, lies down in the thick patch of grass in this woods.

Actually did I die or arrived at another world? Ji Dong dull sitting there, the memory wells up crazily, intense moved and restlessness, made his smart spirit shivered, has stood from the ground suddenly. At this moment, suddenly, the light golden red ray attracted his attention, when lowers the head looked, sees only in own body surrounding lawn, altogether nine point light golden red rays are sparkling, they as if are because own sobers to release the ray.

Again squatting down body, when Ji Dong that nine ray one by one in starting, his heart, fierce shivers.

It is not the dream, all that before had were not the dreamlands. These nine golden red rays, clearly are nine lotus seed, the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself assign the lotus seed on Red Lotus! In an instant, Ji Dong only thought that in mind a dizziness, falls in the place, is looking in the hand that nine lotus seed, the tears flood under.

On the forehead, the light Red Lotus brand mark appears a brilliance, seemed touched by his sobriety. In the Ji Dong mind reverberates that familiar sound.

"Little Ji Dong, did you wake? When you wake up, will touch me to keep your lotus seed and this memory brand mark. Your this young fool, did I possibly make you sacrifice my soul to save me? These nine lotus seed are I leave your gift finally. Protects them well, when you need, they will give you to help. You are certainly crying, is sad because of my departure. Do not be like this good? I hope that sees you to be happy, sees your smiling face."

"My lover, I too understood that your disposition, do not make the piffle, because your also complies with my matter not to achieve. Freely, I already not in this world, but my god knows certainly will actually be gazing at you in another world. The peerless good wine that if in ten years, you can record every year with a famous name wine holds a memorial service for me, then, ten years later, I allow you to look for me. This is my final wish, helping me complete? I did not have the time, but I believe, this was not one will finish, but should be a new start. Your also too many matters must be done. You are the hope of Light Five Elements Continent, I do not hope that saw you give up these responsibility because of me, in that case, was not Ji Dong that I liked. I must walk, must walk, is good not to give up you, is good not to give up, does not give up. " Lie Yan's sound gradually was pale, in the Ji Dong fuzzy tears at present, as if saw that perfect form.

"No, does not want......, Do not leave me, Lie Yan (raging flames). Asked you, before do not leave I......"Ji Dong plunged fiercely, wants to hold that fuzzy form, but his body actually can only knock down, in the air did not have his Lie Yan (raging flames), some were only the tranquil nihilities.

Parts forever being in deep sorrow of bringing almost to make the Ji Dong that strong innermost feelings collapse in flash, his both hands, deep grasping in the soil, the pain, making magic power of his within the body not fluctuate extremely stably, leak Pinnacle Two Fires magic power made his body surrounding plant rapid.

Also at this time, in the Ji Dong mind suddenly recalled that initially he saw the heaven machine-hour, the old secret leaves his words, "chaos awaken in Lie Yan (raging flames), when the god will bring the endless sad, pinnacle grief, when for broken cocoon rebirth. Illusory and realistic, the soul struggles in Lie Yan (raging flames), breaks the eternal life in Lie Yan (raging flames), when Lie Yan (raging flames) revisits the world, the divine intervention will change, the nihility, the illusory and empty boundary, will unable to see that endless future, only hope the result is not the tragedy."

The spirit inspires suddenly, the Ji Dong weeping sound stops, he like somewhat nervous as from the ground ball, duplicates these words that in the mouth muttered suddenly, in the eye the tears of blood slightly has not actually been stopping, "chaos awakened in Lie Yan (raging flames). Yes, was Lie Yan (raging flames) helps me awaken the strength of chaos."First meaning Ji Dong long before understands. However, he understands the later several meanings at this time.

"God will bring endless sad."

Refers to is not the deicide cultivates like this to arrive, has the god lawman killed Lie Yan (raging flames)? The words of old secret, have fulfilled, endless sad, is really endless sad......, In the Ji Dong mind recalled before old secret at the point of death, looks at his grief the look, he understood finally, why he can such moved, he be is moved for!

"When pinnacle grief. When is the broken cocoon rebirth."

Broken cocoon rebirth? Can I also break the cocoon rebirth really? Without Lie Yan (raging flames), is also what meaningful? also what? Without her, I lost all.

"Is unreal and realistic, the soul struggles in Lie Yan (raging flames), breaks the eternal life in Lie Yan (raging flames), when Lie Yan (raging flames) revisits the world, the divine intervention will change, the nihility, the illusory and empty boundary, will unable to see that endless future, only hope the result is not the tragedy."

Other is unimportant regarding Ji Dong, when he read when Lie Yan (raging flames) revisited the world. How many minutes the mood of whole person has restrained suddenly, revisits the world, revisits the world? Lie Yan (raging flames) that the old secret said that is my Lie Yan (raging flames)? In other words, my Lie Yan (raging flames), does also revisit the world the opportunity?

As if held straw to grasp likely, Ji Dong jumps suddenly, face upwards to shout, "Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), fierce......
Flame. "

His all strengths, in these three shout vigorously, the Lie Yan (raging flames) death, was too greatly was too big regarding his attack, pū, the counter blood seized the mouth, body of Ji Dong, numerous falling on the ground, whole person already once more stupor. Perhaps, for him, the stupor is the best choice, at least, this time he can put behind the pain temporarily.


God. The illusory space, the surroundings all completely are that are full of the blurred color. But position center this blurred color, one black one white, two-color halo static is fluttering, they are this blurred color center.

In this black and white two-color, is floating together the form respectively, that cannot see clearly the appearance the form to judge their human form appearance indistinctly, but, no one can reach an agreement, actually their bodies have hundred meters high, kilometer high are ten thousand meters high. Like covering the black and white two-color rays of their body, they are here core.

"Good, can you tell me, why is this? Actually is what kind of strength, can make a Level 2 god slander for a human to give own life. But that human also similarly is willing relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish also to save this god to slander. You did not think, this does seem very laughable?"Sound. Spreads from the black light beam, in the strange sound is having the feeling of several points of evil charm.

In the white light beam transmits to move fast and make one gently hear the mind quiet sound, "evil, this is the love, was the love strength has entrusted with their such courage. The person, is a god, true meaning that they comprehended loving. Also because of so, them can defeat to cultivate like this that little fellow."

"Love?"Is called in the evil black light beam spreads snorted that the sound disdains, "what is the love? Good, you liked saying that was mysterious with these illusory things. I do not believe the love that you said that human has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, in the face of the different desires, the response that human will have completely will be different. This so-called love, in certain desire, radically anything is not. Human, particularly the man, in sentimental originally is the universal love. Their physiological structures were deciding man simply is impossible to have any single-minded. In the physiology, the desire of man is ten times of woman, this you should be clearer than me."

The sound in white light beam was sighing gently, "evil, you know why you aren't able to exceed me? Is because, you cognition all extremely broker, in my opinion, in this world, only has one strength to be invincible. That is the love. The strength that loves is inexhaustible. People or gods, even if your I, is impossible the direction that changes loves."

"Fart, good, you are short before me say things just to frighten people. Do you believe that that human that called Ji Dong if met one compared with a Lie Yan (raging flames) more beautiful woman, same will break faith. Loves in the face of the desire radically anything is not." The sound in black light beam as if somewhat was enraged.

"Good, evil, was inferior that we do make a bet what kind of? In god, our life were extremely light, happen to increases some pleasure." The sound of white light beam as before is that graceful faintly recognizable, has not come under the influence on black light beam sound mood.

"Good! Bets on the gambling. What is the good luck?" The sound in black light beam carries over several points of excitement faintly, in the white light beam the sound just as such that said that the day that their here passed again was too senseless and depressed.

The sound in white light beam said: "wait a moment said again. Asura they came, first handles this matter."

In brilliance blurred world, one red, one green, ash, three rays come, when they arrive at the black and white light beam front simultaneously stopped. Similarly transforms is three light beams, but compared with that black and white two light beams, wants on small some.

Three different sounds, two male female, resounds, "sees two god Sir king."

The sound of black light beam said: "Was good, so was ripe, do not move human these vulgar rituals. Asura god, god of death and life goddess. The matter you should know. Said your views."

Yes, this afterward three light beams, three gods slandered, Asura god, god of death and life goddess. In god, they, not only formidable Lord God, in the meantime, they are also the law enforcement gods. But before them, formerly was also talking the form in black and white light beam, then god two big god kings, good god and evil god. Two big god kings add on three law enforcement gods, has formed the god committee. All business in god, were decided by them completely.

When meets the difference, the god committee by vote will vote, three law enforcement god each people have ticket qualifications, but two god kings respectively have two tickets. However, if the opinion unification of three law enforcement gods, then has to overrule the authority that two big god Wang Jue decide. Naturally, this situation has not occurred in god. Did not mean that three law enforcement gods do not dare to resist with two big god kings. Really is because separately is representing the good and evil two god kings, almost does not have opinion unified time. Once their opinion is unified, that was proving the accuracy and importance of matter, three law enforcement gods will oppose?

Asura god solemnly said in red light: "Two god Sir king, god of death and life goddess. I governing under am lax, causing the deicide to cultivate like this to authorize without the god committee the world of mortals to enforce the law secretly, asking the committee to punish."His sound is very cold, but, cultivates compared with like this with the deicide, actually wants calm too many were too many. In god, the status of Asura god is absolutely aloof, is three big law enforcement gods' heads, two big god kings must let his several points.

Good god lightly said: "Asura, before coming, you should investigate have repaired like this, said the result."

Asura shintoism: "God on the 1st, world of human beings one year. At least over a thousand years of worlds of mortals have not had the situation that the Level 2 god has slandered to rebel. But the Level 2 following god slanders, the god lawman has the authority of direct law enforcement, only needs to repay in the law enforcement backward committee. Has repaired like this the law enforcement to be for many years severe, has been used to the direct law enforcement, although the opposite party is the Level 2 god slanders, he independently decides, the evidence is solid. Commands his law enforcement god, I am also responsible. This matter I choose the evasion." Evil shintoism: "Repairs like this that boy rampantly always very much, once several Lord God came to complain to us, this time is also to his penalty. The god who the Level 2 god slanders will know is destroyed thoroughly, will always have the brand mark to stay behind. Makes him subject to a penalty thousand day in the sword of Fire God."

In Asura god heart one startled, subjects to a penalty thousand day? The evil god said that but god on the thousand th , is the world millenniums.

Yesterday small three asked the ticket, wanted first three, Tang gate brothers and sisters have really given small 31 first three, even rushed to second. Does not have other, small three granting will certainly achieve. Everybody continues to look at the next chapter.

Chapter 325: God king Duyue, Lie Yan (raging flames) rebirth

"I agreed."Good god light saying. Two big god kings both took a stand.
Asura god must avoid, this matter did not have the swivel leeway.

God of death solemnly said in nearby gray light beam: "Repairs like this to act presumptuously should subject to a penalty, does the god but who, that Five Elements Continent earth core cultivates what to do slander? If goes a step further again, her cultivation base can in Fire God with element Lord God compare favorably. Now her the god knows dissipated, how does her god know the brand mark to process?"

Life female shintoism in green light beam: "This matter cultivates like this to process was too rash. Although that Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess came from the place bottom abyss world, but actually never for wicked, her appearance, changed the aspect on Five Elements Continent freely, affected the continent development by the strength of god, absolute crime not until death. Also please two god kings be lenient and tolerant."

The god of god slanders knows, if made mistakes, when the law enforcement god enforces the law can meet the life goddess, that absolutely is lucky, the life goddess is gentle, generally will deal with leniently. But if runs into the god of death and Asura god these two, did not have is so good to speak. The god of death always acts impartially, but Asura god will be severely severely, will execute one person as a warning to others.

Asura god solemnly said: "Repairs like this to have mistake. However, the abyss Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess on this Five Elements Continent dares to defy the orders of god committee to carry on the military force revolt, and strikes the deicide lawman. This responsibility for an offense is also unavoidable."

Good shintoism: "Before you come, I and evil was also discussing this matter. We discuss, loves this strength whether exists, is whether formidable. Good that Asura said that Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess military force resistance god lawman, itself also guilty, but her main body similarly was also routed. The penalty has many types, I with prepare to make a bet evilly, even if to her penalty."

"Makes a bet?"Three law enforcement gods look at each other in blank dismay, the meaning of not too clear good god god king.

Evil god continued: "The also that human boy of violence resistance god lawman, he also similarly should be punished. Don't they each other fall in love? Also is willing to pay with the life for the opposite party. Then, makes us approximately confirm by this time gambling, loves actually whether to exist. Good, we spoke of good luck a moment ago, you thought that what should be?"

Good shintoism: "What I advocate is likes existing . Moreover the strength that loves is inexhaustible most is unable to ascertain. If I have won, you must comply with my matter unconditionally. Vice versa."

Evil shintoism: "Good, what I advocate is the love at all is not the inexhaustible strength, in the face of the desire, loves is not anything. The good luck pressed you saying that if you lost, what regardless of when the time comes I requested was anything, you must comply."

Good shintoism: "Good, we restore to come the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul, making her carry on this gambling to make."

An illusory white big hand separates from the white light beam, captures toward under of this grotesque and gaudy world, the time is not long. One group of light red light appeared above this white big hand.

In light beam that the evil god is at also projects together black light, from the sky interweaves with the white light of good god. Three law enforcement gods backward retreat, knows the brand mark to restore the god knowledge by the god, only two big god kings in god can achieve.

Black and white interweaving, making this brilliance blurred world become more gorgeous, that float stretched gradually in the airborne red light, condensed the perfect human form.

"Where is this?"Lie Yan (raging flames) is at a loss looks that at present this has filled the brilliance place, when her god knows the dissipation, she has never thought a day that also restores consciousness.

"Here is god." The voice of good god resounds lightly.

"God?"Lie Yan (raging flames) has gawked, her something slightly understanding god, probably knows that god is governs by the god committee.

Nearby Asura god solemnly said: "The Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess, has not seen two god Sir king."

Lie Yan (raging flames) then awakens, surprised looks although oneself are unreal, but as if already the body that restores several to lose concentration to know, this respectfully said: "Lie Yan (raging flames) has seen two god Sir king."

Good shintoism: "Here is god committee, I am the good god, this is the evil god, another three law enforcement gods separately are Asura god, god of death and life goddess. I and evil know the brand mark to know your god through your god to restore temporarily."

Lie Yan (raging flames) is listening to the words of good god, the mood is very calm, facing three big law enforcement gods, two big god kings. Also can maintain like this tranquil, making these five god most powerhouses also look askance at present.

Actually, the idea in Lie Yan (raging flames) heart is very simple, in any case before me , the god knowledge broke, you again formidable, lets my relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. Dies did not fear, also what other fearful?

Asura god solemnly said: "The Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess, can you know the crime?"

Lie Yan lightly said: "Does not know. Has any crime is also you subscribes. In the face of absolutely formidable strength, originally not fair. You were refer to me killing have repaired like this. could it be I do not kill him, to homicide I?"

Asura god coldly said: "Repairs like this to you bring to get back one's composure the committee, adjudicates your matter by the committee. The committee will give you a fair approval."

"Fair?"Lie Yan (raging flames) has smiled, how many minute of contemptuous in the smiling face is even bringing, she already being ready for any sacrifice relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, has not thought what good end can also have, even if no slightest bit to be timid facing the top powerhouse of Asura god such god, "slanders to my such abyss god, fairly what will have? The deicides cultivate/repair like this when seeing me, an evil creature, a devil, I and will he get back one's composure the committee to have the good end?"

Asura god has gawked, has not waited for him to open the mouth again, the evil god said suddenly: "The Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess, you said right, in the face of absolute strength not fair. The world so, god is also so. I only asked that your issue, do you also want to say goodbye that human that called Ji Dong."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows shakes suddenly, "god Sir king, you said, my also opportunity does see Ji Dong?"She formerly also the ice-cold sound instantaneously became excited. The god knowledge is uncontrolled is shivering.

Evil god lightly said: "I can give you this kind of opportunity. If you do not accept, kills to cultivate Josse's responsibility for an offense by you, now wants relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. If you accepted, not only can see Ji Dong again, even also and he in together possibility."

"I accept, regardless of you have any condition, I accept." The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows fiercely is shivering, she has not thought that not only oneself do not have relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, also sees the Ji Dong opportunity unexpectedly again, can this not make her impulse?

Evil god lightly said: "I can make you return the world, aren't you very much have hoped to have a body of human? I can give you. A your supernatural power actually must retain in god, in the world of human beings, you can only be a human. Also can only cultivation through the way of human. This is must rule. The gods cannot affect the development of human."

"I want."Lie Yan (raging flames) almost without hesitation complied, can become human, is her dream, the supernatural power again formidable has been able to be what kind of? So long as can with Ji Dong in the same place, for her, supernatural power simply not be unimportant.

Evil god lightly said: "You leave anxiously complying first, my words have not said. Don't you want with Ji Dong in the same place? Good. I give you in a world the most perfect female body, gives you human best talent, noble life experience. You can go to approach him. Even is entices him. Pursues him by this new status. However, only then a request, that is, you cannot tell him you are Lie Yan (raging flames). You must make him fall in love with you by oneself this new status completely, said me to love your three characters to you. So long as he said that the responsibility for an offense that you violated before we can forgive completely, but also lets you and he in the same place."

Lie Yan (raging flames) dull looks the black light beam that evil god is, oneself hasn't misunderstood? Such condition , was extremely as if excellent.

The voice of evil god suddenly becomes severe, ", but. You must keep firmly in mind. If, in your close Ji Dong process, exposed is in itself the Lie Yan (raging flames) status. Then, you are he, immediately relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, always can not be reincarnated."

Is this condition very really excellent? Perhaps also only then Lie Yan (raging flames) believes that even is Asura god, when condition that in hearing the evil god said that looks that the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision also became pities.

This is the gambling of good god and evil god makes, Lie Yan (raging flames) goes to close Ji Dong with the new status, if she can succeed makes Ji Dong say me to love your three characters to her, that showed, Ji Dong did not love to the former Lie Yan (raging flames) sentiment , the good god lost, if Ji Dong has rejected the Lie Yan (raging flames) new status emotion, then, he and Lie Yan (raging flames) forever are unable in the same place.

Can Lie Yan (raging flames) make Ji Dong accept with the new status?
This answer nobody knows.


Eastern Wood Empire. Imperial palace.

Is broad on the imperial palace, when is Central Earth Empire is best in the continent five countries, but such as discussed full of vitality, that must be the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace. It is said that in the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, at least over 3000 plants, all pavilions, almost hides in these plants. Just likes the paradise is ordinary. Perhaps, the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace is not as good in the dignity, but absolutely is in Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires most comfortable.

"Fine jade princess awoke, quick, the fine jade princess awoke, reported quickly reported your majesty......"anxious and noisy sound resounds through in the Eastern Wood imperial palace. Suddenly, as if entire imperial palace chaotic. Three days ago, the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace left an important matter, shocks the government and people, its influence, was next to six months Holy and Evil Island over ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail assumes an awe-inspiring pose suddenly, causes Eastern Wood Empire near the two big province disasters of offshore guest. At least over 1 million people perish in that thunderstorm.

But three days ago matter to is not the national affairs, the matter that but actually absolutely does not have Holy and Evil Island on regarding the influence of Eastern Wood Empire imperial family is smaller. Is honored as the Eastern Wood first beautiful woman, even is the fine jade princess of first under heaven beautiful woman falls into the back garden lake carelessly. Being drowned stupor.

Mentioned the fine jade princess, that absolutely was the Eastern Wood Empire imperial family biggest pride, the innate 90% nine Second Wood physique, three years old started to cultivate, five years old had Yin-Yang Crown, at age 11 broke through Three-Crown. This year freely is only 18 years old, but cultivation base actually broke through Five-Crown, soon will be the Six-Crown degree. Absolutely is the talent in talent.

Eastern Wood Empire King Chen Xiaofeng altogether by 17 children, but in these 17, actually 16 are the imperial princes, the daughter only has fine jade princess. But her brilliance has almost covered all elder brothers, but she is a girl, will not pose any threat to the throne, is outstandingly beautiful unparalleled. Therefore, not only the emperor most loves, even including his these for the throne but the brothers of unceasing battle also extremely like her. It can be said that this fine jade princess is the beloved daughter of entire imperial family.

But, three days ago, suddenly spreads the news, why the fine jade princess does not know, the lakeside by Emperor's garden faints suddenly, causes to fall into the lake directly being drowned stupor. Empire emperor Chen Xiaofeng is furious, orders to imprison all princess's guards and servants. If the princess is unable to wake up, then, their results can be imagined.

Princess resting palace. Lie Yan (raging flames) static sitting in the bedside, her vision is somewhat blurred. She accepted the evil God's request, because this is her only opportunity.

This time she, in the mind train of thought is somewhat chaotic, memory from this body unceasing fuses with her memory.

Did I really become a human? Moreover Eastern Wood Empire princess. Accepted this princess's memory, she knows, reason that this named Chen Sixuan fine jade princess falls in the water , because attacks Six-Crown to be the result. 18 years old, Level 59 cultivation base, is also surprised including Lie Yan (raging flames). Must know, Ji Dong in this age, is mediocre. However, perhaps is because this princess was extremely proud, in the lakeside calmly cultivates attacks Six-Crown without any Mage protection rashly, causes to overstate to fall in the water. What if not she cultivates is Wood department magic power that is good at treating, perhaps will die directly under cultivation deviation.

"Princess, you, what do you feel? The court physicians came immediately." A servant is probing asking.

The fine jade princess( Lie Yan (raging flames)) brow light wrinkle, "you exit. I have been all right, I take a person to be static."

The servants look at each other in blank dismay, Lie Yan (raging flames) raised the head slowly, the vision sweeps off, the servants then fast withdraw.

The fine jade princess sets out, only thought that somewhat is slightly weak, within the body does not arrive at Six-Crown magic power really to make her some not adapt, after all, let alone just had overstated. Beforehand she that formidable. However, these were for her unimportant. So long as can look for that him in heart, how the strength also does have what relations?

Gradually before arriving at the dressing table, the fine jade princess sat, when she sees in mirror, the whole person dumbfounded...... Wahaha, who can think that I such arrange. Before many book friends came to guess, asked I was right, answer that I gave negative. Will I duplicate to fight Luo such pattern? Yesterday dead today resurrects, yesterday, it is estimated that many readers thought that was unlikely. May Lie Yan (raging flames) such reasonable the rebirth under the small three arrangements. Small three praised oneself first, hehe.

This climax genuine transition in this chapter. Lie Yan (raging flames) from god to the process of person. Before some book friends have said to me, said that Lie Yan (raging flames) extremely kept aloof. Actually, can say sentiment that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) see only to this climax take the upholstery at present. I had said in reader group management group, the mystery of this book lies in a leading lady treats as two to use. Now everybody understood.

Considers, the rebirth for Ji Dong that Lie Yan (raging flames) of human must go to pursue but is actually deeply grieved, how can be one splendid? Everybody waits.

The small three commitments have been completed, now should be one's turn the book friends. Thought that this content is attractive, anticipated that the future development, will cast your precious monthly tickets and recommendation tickets. Said honestly, in this Rong Xiaosan was also racked one's brains, everybody gave the point to hit to enjoy while convenient to encourage, small three did not oppose. Hehe. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 326: Good-for-nothings, three old age

Southern Fire Empire. Dark blue billows river bank.

Dark blue billows river. Is the Southern Fire Empire first river, on entire Light Five Elements Continent, ranks the first three rivers, can say, is the Southern Fire Empire genuine mother river. It almost passes through Southern Fire Empire throughout from west to east, river water limpid galloping, is breeding from generation to generation the Southern Fire person.

Southern Fire Empire extremely attaches great importance to the dark blue billows river, many military compounds are stationed near the dark blue billows river, to help protecting this mother river, the person who any dares to pollute the river water, severely will be punished.

Here is the dark blue billows river middle reaches, is the Southern Fire Empire south central areas, on the big stone of river bank, sits a person. Has piled up with beverage bottle in his side. But in his hand, but also takes one bottle of fiercest Vodka to fill toward the mouth as before.

This person seems in rags, looking from the back, extremely dispirited appearance, stature, although is big, but sits there, actually gives people a last years of life feeling.

The dishevelled hair is the white, does not have the gloss white. To person a deathly stillness feeling. The old person who some lives soon will only come to the end should have such hair, but, how many kinds of group life insurance also there are to drink boldly like him? If some people can see his face, certainly will be then startled. That dishevelled white hair covers, unexpectedly is extremely young facial features, although on the face the beard stretches out, but, how his face seemed does not arrive 30 years old. But, actually the pair eyes that made one unable to imagine.

That is what kind of look! Empty does not have the slightest bit vitality, the look that this deceased person can have appears unexpectedly, in this age has on young people of white hair not greatly, it can be said that affords a marvelous view. So long as anybody approaches to his ten meters range, immediately can feel on him that deathly stillness aura. That is makes anybody feel the extremely uncomfortable aura sufficiently. Therefore, the person who although passes by the road has much will look askance because of this person, nobody will actually go to approach him.

Hot Vodka, along the throat , the blazing feeling spreads over whole body each corner once more, bang, the dead soldiers throw one side, he opened another bottle already to prepare in altitude Vodka. Only has effect that paralysis the alcohol brings, can make him forget the pain temporarily.

He is Ji Dong, this in rags, a white hair, is Ji Dong.

A half year, entire six months passed by, he like this ignorant was passing. On that day, when he woke up once more. The heart of whole person emptied. The Lie Yan (raging flames) death, too greatly was too big to his attack, has carried off all in his heart, an empty heart, what can also have? If not because of Lie Yan (raging flames) that final wish, he definitely without hesitation goes along with her.

The pain was gnawing his heart unceasingly, when he sold first, the full black hair lost the gloss, stepped forward the second step, the black hair turned into the grey, when third stepping forward, as if all vitalities went to him in that moment, within the body vitality was completely quiet, brings, is at present this does not have the gloss white hair.

Three old age, good-for-nothing. With these eight characters described that condition of Ji Dong in passing a half year is appropriate. He does not even know where oneself are, will not ponder anything, his Vermilion Bird bracelet in gold/metal there, the body single cent all did not have. In that extreme pain, he has thought of the liquor. Therefore, in one piece is not very in the forest of cover. Lived to rip actually has cracked exactly several magic beast, received in exchange for some gold coins buying the liquor with crystal core completely.

A half year, except for the liquor, his anything has not eaten, has drunk. His body early can absorb Fire Element in air to supplement oneself voluntarily, perhaps he did not die also has become a disabled person.

Ji Dong of previous generation, incomparably attaches great importance to own sense of taste, because, he is not only top Bartender, is a top wine- tasting Master. The sense of taste degenerates to his drink mixing and wine- tasting has the enormous influence.

But, present Wine God, absolutely did not have the autonomy and worry, only has to express feelings in wine, lulls itself with the alcohol, can make his pain weaken several points slightly. Without Lie Yan (raging flames), any idea in his mind did not have. Any heavenly stems disciple and any Saint king, anything save Light Five Elements Continent, in his mind already not any significance. Lost Lie Yan (raging flames), for him, lost all.

Last bottle of Vodka finally have also drunk up, Ji Dong numb crawls from the big stone, has drunk too much liquor, although his powerful body will melt the massive spirits voluntarily, but this time brains as before are murky. Cool breeze assails to come, the body of Ji Dong shook shaking, nearly throws down. However, this dizzy feeling also he wants, he does not know that actually since these days to have drunk how much liquor, but, he had even forgotten previous time buys the liquor time selling the crystal core money squandered.

Actually, by his strength. Even if has not been bringing the token of law enforcement elder, so long as goes to Mage Guild to show that own strength also certainly can obtain the subsidization of Mage Guild. But Ji Dong actually does not think such, he no one wants to see, only wants, in this leads a befuddled life as if drunk or dreaming, in the world that in that is at a loss dizzily is thinking of his Lie Yan (raging flames). Also only then goes off in that dizziness, has in the dream sees her possibility. Such sways walks toward not the far that city, he does not even know that this city names, only knows that can buy the liquor in this city.

, Can see that by far city gate is , the Ji Dong step limps is walking forward, city gate side gathered many people, at least over a hundred soldiers gather there, does not know that what happened. However, these regarding Ji Dong, do not have any significance, he will not go to control these. He only wants to buy the liquor.

"Halts."When Ji Dong arrives at the city gate place, two soldiers go forward, has blocked him, looks at the Ji Dong drunken appearance, in two soldier eyes reveals the facial expression that detests, but the responsibility is, they have to block this seem young, has a fellow of white hair.

Ji Dong raised the head slightly. In the dim bleary eyes reveals for several points to be at a loss, "does?"

A soldier said: "In report your name, age and place of birth. Currently the empire in the national conscription, everything male between 16 and 40, has the duty to perform military service."

"Go away."Ji Dong desolate saying.

Two soldiers are angry, "your this drunkard, but also dares the disobey orders, first catches you, making you sober up."

At the same time was saying, the left soldier hands over the lance in the left hand, lifts the right hand to grasp toward the Ji Dong shoulder. Ji Dong is tall, he must approach very can catch oneself target location.

The Ji Dong vision as before is that empty. Whatever that soldier holds own shoulder, but his soldier has not actually stopped the footsteps, in the direction toward city walks as before, that holds the soldier of his shoulder to discover with amazement, oneself is unable to make this drunkard anchor unexpectedly, even was led by his vanguard including own body.

Another soldier sees the matter not to be wonderful, shouted severely:
"Has not halted, otherwise, do not blame me not being impolite."At the same time was saying, the lance in his hand has aimed at the position of Ji Dong chest. However, made his matter with amazement, Ji Dong looked like had not seen his lance continued as before, the chest arrived on the lance, directly promoted that soldier to retreat unexpectedly backward.

At the beginning, soldier also feared that the wound arrived at him, in the hand the lance received receiving slightly backward, but, Ji Dong actually as before also unscrupulous forwarding, the soldier only thought that on the lance transmitted vigorously, he was dislodged several steps with the lance. But Ji Dong actually only then chest front front piece has left behind a crack, actually acts as nothing had happened continues stand forth generally. That holds the soldier of his shoulder also to loosen the hand.

"Some people cause trouble."Grasps soldier loudly shouted of lance, immediately, more than ten Southern Fire Empire soldiers have encircled fast, encircles Ji Dong in the center.

"Halts, attacks the army, is not without a fight, kills without the amnesty."Is the platoon leader of head shouts to Ji Dong loud.

Is without a fight? Kills without the amnesty? These two words stimulated the heart of Ji Dong suddenly, he also clear remembering, when the deicide cultivates like this arrives at the earth core world, to Lie Yan (raging flames) has spoken similar words.

Empty both eyes gradually change red, the intense dangerous aura erupts instantaneously from Ji Dong, at present these are only the ordinary soldiers, how unable to withstand the power and influence on him releasing, is feeling that terrifying murderous intention and tyrannical imposing manner, the soldiers uncontrolled falls to draw back backward, in everyone eyes reveals the inconceivable look. Actually this drunkard is.

The double fist of Ji Dong already got hold, his state of mind originally is not very sober. In the mouth muttered was talking over, "bastard, the bastard, was you have harmed my Lie Yan (raging flames), was you."

bang'ed, strong and blazing flame erupts instantaneously from Ji Dong within the body, although he drinks in the half year, has never practiced, but his own chaos bead has actually been protecting his body, and adjusts his body. Even if not eat and drink, the magic power element of bead of absorption outside only chaos can also help him maintain the life slowly, magic power in within the body even also is increasing. Has existence of bead of chaos, danger how regardless of the Ji Dong state of mind, not to have overstated.

Three meters high golden flame ascends suddenly, in an instant, the temperature before entire city gate rises hurriedly, the whole body immediately became by Ji Dong that the golden flame covers outside the city gate the focal points of all vision, stands there, he looks like Fire God is born general. Formerly enclosed his soldiers to hurry to evade by far. They have not thought, this drunkard unexpectedly is Mage.

Blazing and familiar flame spread whole body, Ji Dong lifts both hands slowly, is looking at the golden flame on hand, his empty both eyes became blur again. muttered: "Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), why you, why do not make me go as you like, only stays behind my lonely in this world, do you know, present I am painful. How painful."

At this moment, not far away, calls out in alarm resounds, "Ji Dong?
You, are you Ji Dong?"

A red form approaches fast, in an instant arrived at beyond the Ji Dong body first ten meters, summon of mood extremely Ji Dong his name.

Ji Dong lifts dim both eyes to look to that person, the stimulation of name made him sober slightly several points, seemed, as if that person was somewhat familiar, but he not sober brain is actually unable to recall, the paralysis of alcohol, the spiritual pain, making his body fierce rocked, the body golden color flame was put out quietly, plop'ed, fell to the ground, has rested.

In the half year, he has been duplicating such process, awoke has drunk, drinks on the lethargic sleep in the past, basic where, no matter were. He is not willing to accept the reality, cannot accept the reality. Whenever he slightly sober time thinks that Lie Yan (raging flames) departed, the feeling of that being in deep sorrow makes his spirit soon collapse. The adjustment ability of bead of chaos to body was really too strong, when Ji Dong sobered from the sleep, did not have the hangover headache to want crack such pain. Opens both eyes, his vision is as before empty, he discovered, oneself lies down in a room, the body is also covering with the quilt, as if linked the clothes also to trade.

Sits up from the bed suddenly, in mouth muttered: "Liquor, the liquor......"only has the liquor to make him lull, drinks, is matter that he wants to do only.

", You awoke. Ji Dong, you, your this outcome what's the matter?" The familiar sound resounds in the side, a red clothes old man the half step arrived in front of him. However, he noticed that is actually Ji Dong that is full of the deathly stillness and empty look.

Ji Dong simply has not gone to visit him, in the mouth muttered was talking over, "liquor, the liquor, gave me the liquor "

"Ji Dong, you actually? I am Yang Bingtian! Didn't you remember me?"This red clothes old man was initial Li Fire School Dean Yang Bingtian, Zhu Rong honorary disciple, calculates from the rank, was the Ji Dong Senior Brother.

"Yang Bingtian?"Ji Dong muttered talked over one this name, when Yang Bingtian thinks he thought that he has sent out shouting of liquor once more.

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong from bed, must walk outward, the mouth that disregards as before was also talking over a liquor character.

Yang Bingtian moves sideways, keeps off before his body, both hands firmly holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, "Ji Dong, exactly what happened, can you here? Also turned into this appearance."Looks at the Ji Dong appearance anxiously, Yang Bingtian.

"Makes way." The Ji Dong shoulder shakes suddenly, Yang Bingtian only thought that a both hands palm hemp, could not hold his shoulder again, the next moment, Ji Dong walked. Happen to hits on him, Yang Bingtian only thought that transmits vigorously, his projects on the Six- Crown strength unable to prevent, the whole person has hit in the back gate.

"Ji Dong, I will not ask you to leave."Yang Bingtian solemnly said.

Ji Dong has gawked, the next moment, he lifts oneself right hand slowly, muttered: "Does not make me drink, I have killed you."

Transits such one slightly under......

Chapter 327: Blazing the hot school

The terrifying murderous intention, fills the air instantaneously in each corner of room. Ji Dong that empty both eyes turned into the blood red instantaneously. The intense Pinnacle Two Fires attribute fills the air from his within the body, coming out that dense murderous intention does not disguise.

In Yang Bingtian heart with amazement, although since these years, his cultivation base also finally broke through Six-Crown, but he is very clear, oneself are not the Ji Dong match. Only with is fire attribute, the suppression of pinnacle flame, made him unable to contend.

"Ji Dong, wait a moment, I give you liquor."In the heart gets a sudden inspiration, the Yang Bingtian wrist/skill turns, in palm were many one bottle of liquor. He also loves the person of liquor, has the body little resulted in the liquor?

Ji Dong sees the liquor, has gawked slightly, snatched the beverage bottle, murderous intention and magic power attribute vanish completely, discard the liquor bottle cap, raises head to drink greatly.

Looks at his appearance, in the Yang Bingtian heart pains. Not long, present he is a God's favored one, is rare talent who the Mage world non- world has now. But actually was he now? Matter Yang Bingtian that on Holy and Evil Island has also indistinctly heard. But he is impossible to know the complete matter, but heard that Ji Dong is missing in Holy and Evil Island. May not think, he will appear here, but also turned into present this appearance. His time arrived here, to give school recruitment of students. He initially was followed Zhu Rong to leave Heavenly Stems School together, flaminged the hot city to establish an entire attribute high- level Mage school in the Southern Fire Empire capital, the teaching method and Heavenly Stems School were not quite same. For these years, is greatly famous in Southern Fire Empire. Zhu Rong is Dean personally, has existence of this Eight-Crown powerhouse, as well as once was the status of director Heavenly Stems School, flaminged the hot school unable to find out not to be good. Yang Bingtian in this blazing in hot school to be responsible for Third Fire department, is the Third Fire department department head.

Looks at the Ji Dong appearance, in the Yang Bingtian heart mused: It is not good, this way is not absolutely good. Is impossible to suppress him by own strength, his unconscious awakes, oneself must lead him. Teacher may make him return to normal.

Thinks of here, in the Yang Bingtian heart had haggling over, arrives in front of Ji Dong, takes out one bottle of good wines, said to him: "Ji Dong, you follow me. Do not drink? So long as you follow me, I provide the liquor to drink to you."

"Gives me the liquor to drink?" After Ji Dong discards already by he tosses down , the remaining beverage bottles, received the liquor in Yang Bingtian hand, visits him, "do you give me the liquor to drink?"

Yang Bingtian affirmative say/way: "I give you liquor to drink. Follows me, is good?"

Moved complied very much happily, had the liquor to drink. Other all do not matter.

Yang Bingtian inwardly sighed in the heart, pulls out several bottles of liquor to place on nearby table, "that you wait for me here, do not exit, I go to buy the liquor for you."

Ji Dong glanced at him, nodded , to continue to drink. His heart, had already been sealed up by oneself, except for drinking, he is not willing to accept outside anything. So long as some people drink to the liquor, where goes also to have what relations?
 Yang Bingtian turns around to go, less than the free time of half double- hour he came back, left has purchased beside the massive good wines, he specially has also hired a carriage. Takes the liquor as to direct to take the carriage Ji Dong, went out of town, following the pipeline to north, with the vehicle on the ferryboat, had stretched across the dark blue billows river , to continue again to north goes.

With the lapse of time, Yang Bingtian is getting more and more sad, the Ji Dong situation imagines him is more awful. His simply does not eat the thing, does not drink water, but drinks. If not give him the liquor to drink, he turns around to walk. simply did not recognize itself. Got drunk has rested, awakes then has drunk. Every day passed in the life of this leading a befuddled life as if drunk or dreaming, it can be imagined, he received the how big stimulation to turn into this!

Yang Bingtian must bring Ji Dong to return to flaming the hot school, but he is unable to affirm now whether Zhu Rong could make Ji Dong return to normal.

Crossed dark blue billows river five days later, carriage arrived situated in Southern Fire Empire mid-north blazing the hot city. Like Central Plains City is the Central Earth Empire capital and Heavenly Water city is the Northern Water Empire capital, this blazing the hot city, Southern Fire Empire capital. The entire attribute synthesis school that Zhu Rong establishes is also situated here, although is the entire attribute school, but Zhu Rong is in itself the Southern Fire Empire person, gives this school to name by the Southern Fire Empire capital, named blazing the hot school.

Blazing the hot school south flaminging hot city, only has the separation of one wall with the Southern Fire Empire imperial palace, thus it can be seen Southern Fire Empire attached great importance to this academicism. The school area is quite broad, even is not worse than Heavenly Stems School anything, for establishment of this school, the official has carried on the land-levying of wide scope in the nearby. Since Southern Fire Empire has wanted to have entire attribute synthesis school a like Heavenly Stems School, seven years ago Zhu Rong arrived here time, without doubt has taken to them the highest hope, the support that has is also naturally huge. The carriage has arrived to flaming out the hot school, Yang Bingtian drew Ji Dong to get down the carriage, when Ji Dong sees at present the courtyard wall of school, his empty both eyes have contracted slightly, as if many several points of vitality/angry. Present all that familiar, initially. He arrived at one to be similar to here place studies.

Blazing hot school outside courtyard wall, almost defers to the appearance construction of Heavenly Stems School, but, prominent two Totem are Third Fire department and Fourth Fire department. This was the different situations of region different bring. In the Southern Fire Empire domain, naturally must highlight fire attribute Totem.

Looks at Totem in school courtyard wall, Ji Dong dull standing there, since Yang Bingtian runs into him, this was his first time has forgotten drinking temporarily.

"It seems very familiar? When Teacher Zhu Rong arrives here establishes to flaming hot school, the lots according to initially the Heavenly Stems School appearance constructed. Heavenly Stems School has many places to be worth learning. However, this comprehensive school belongs to our Southern Fire Empire, the name is to flaming the hot school, Dean is Teacher Zhu Rong."

Yang Bingtian strikes while the iron is hot, wants while Ji Dong recalled the time awakens him, but, is contrary to what expects, the Ji Dong look slightly fluctuated, quick restored the deathly stillness, has taken up beverage bottle once more.

Yang Bingtian sighed one secretly, "walked, we went."Has paid the fare, sends galloping on horseback car(riage), he brings Ji Dong to walk toward the school.

Just as such that Yang Bingtian said that blazing hot school many places to construct according to the Heavenly Stems School appearance. Passing through the gate, is boulevard, continuously to lead to inside, after boulevard, is the broad drill ground, can see five giant classroom buildings by far, but, these five classroom buildings are actually not Heavenly Stems School such are divided into the five types color, representative five elements attribute appearance. The color presents for the red, will seem will give people a scalding hot feeling.

"Director Yang, hello."Passed by Teacher or student. Saw that Yang Bingtian will greet to him on own initiative, naturally, Ji Dong that strange appearance also became they focuses attention on the focal point. Blazing the hot school to clearly stipulate, in school, any student can not drink wine, any teacher can not drink wine in the operating time. But Ji Dong actually that flagrant is taking beverage bottle one after another is filling, can not be noticeable?

Yang Bingtian has brought Ji Dong to arrive at the main classroom building, at the same time is walking, no matter also Ji Dong whether can hear, reported to him: "We flaming the way of teaching and any school of hot school are different, is the same with most senior colleges, recruits Two-Crown above Mage, but is actually a ten people of class, is led by Teacher. These ten people, must divide to belong differently attribute. Also is ten attributes is complete. Teacher leads ten students to carry on the teaching, without doubt can refine. Moreover, we must train, is the students between attribute fusion, to achieve better educative purpose. Ten attribute fusions, are the future trends. Do you this time run into powerful enemy not to face in Holy and Evil Island to such situation? Usually, we already have the entire attribute teaching class, there is a teaching of various departments distinction."

Heard the Holy and Evil Island three characters, Ji Dong looked at Yang Bingtian one, these three characters were too profound in his impression.

Yang Bingtian brings Ji Dong to go upstairs, has arrived at main classroom building most top layer, here is blazing hot school department head various departments as well as the high-level work is.

"Yo, Director Yang came back." A stature has the middle-aged person of blue long hair happen to walk from a room thin and tall, saw that Yang Bingtian stops the footsteps immediately, greeted. But his vision actually fell on Ji Dong, in the look revealed the surprised color/look obviously. Yang Bingtian toward sends the middle-aged person to smile to nod the head blue, "Director Li, hello/you good. I just came back. Dean in office?"

Director Li said: "Should. Dean said yesterday this morning must call our these department heads to meet."

Yang Bingtian nodded, said: "Thanks. I look for the Dean a little matter first."

Director Li said: "Director Yang, you have not introduced to me, this is?"

Yang Bingtian said with a forced smile: "Turned head to say again."Before Ji Dong has not returned to normal, he is not really willing to say his matter. At the same time was saying, he brings Ji Dong to walk toward inside. Looks at their backs. Director Li in the eye revealed several points of thinking the ray, the corners of the mouth has cast aside casting aside, this walked.

The Dean office innermost side the top layer, this almost became the convention in all schools. Out Yang Bingtian brings Ji Dong to arrive, knocked on a door.

"Comes." The dignified sound resounds from inside. Yang Bingtian pushed the door to enter, walked.
The Dean office space is very big, but arranges is quite simple, almost does not have any decoration, several big book shelves, the big desk, several chairs, are these. Zhu Rong seems seven years ago compares not the too big change, perhaps is because has made the Dean reason, seems has the dignity. At this time he is reading a document on table, Yang Bingtian opens the entrance, he looked up one.

"Bingtian, you came back......" the Zhu Rong sound to stop, because his vision already on Ji Dong that in following Yang Bingtian behind came in coagulated. Both hands according to the desk, that brushes, has stood. "Teacher."Yang Bingtian called one respectfully, has not waited for him to say again the second words, a flower, before Zhu Rong arrived at the body, at present. Said accurately, before the Ji Dong body.

Looks face that Ji Dong that outline has not changed, has a look at his white hair and deathly stillness look again, the muscle on Zhu Rong face somewhat shivers slightly, turns head to look suddenly to Yang Bingtian, "this is, how is this can be?"

Ji Dong has not changed because of the Zhu Rong sound, took the beverage bottle to fill a strong liquor as before.

Yang Bingtian sighed, will encounter the Ji Dong situation to say simply. Is listening to the Yang Bingtian words, looks at the Ji Dong appearance again red, Zhu Rong eyes gradually, this makes he proudest disciple? Actually is what kind of stimulation, making such a having god-given wisdom rare talent unexpectedly turn into so the appearance. Although he has not taught Ji Dong too for a long time, but, in the Zhu Rong heart, the Ji Dong position is even higher than Fu Rui, because Ji Dong is pinnacle Yin- Yang two Fire departments, will be the Fire department Mage true future!

Lifts both hands suddenly, holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, is rocking the shoulders of this disciple Zhu Rong makes an effort, "Ji Dong, your boy awakes to me, hears? Wakes."

Whatever Ji Dong Zhu Rong is rocking own body, but, his look does not have any change. Regarding all that Holy and Evil Island has, Zhu Rong knows many that Yang Bingtian is clearer , after a Holy and Evil Island service, can survive, only then such several people, the high level in each empire, quick knew the situation on Holy and Evil Island. The shock appears in each country, in a short time, various countries started to increase troops fully, dispatches to the continent east coast, is stationed on Holy and Evil Island directly. Meanwhile, all Mage schools start to intensify the recruitment of students effort, reduces the admission criterion, five years, only then five years, they must face is the attack of Dark Five Elements Continent. Peace for a long time Five Great Empires was scared, but also luckily has these five years cushion. Otherwise, nobody can imagine can have anything. "Teacher, useless. Except for drinking, his as if anything is not willing to do. As if was he has sealed up own heart, repelled the outside all. Can try to awaken his method I to try." The Yang Bingtian sinking sound said.

The Zhu Rong complexion was getting more and more ugly, a fierce palm racket flies the beverage bottle in Ji Dong hand, "drinks, you know to drink. What regardless had, you do evade are also useful? Doesn't could it be really need to face? could it be you do not know that what continent can face? The bastards, Ji Dong you wake to me, I order you to wake."

"Liquor......, My liquor."Ji Dong dull standing there, looks at emptied the hand, will only duplicate these words.

"You......"in the Zhu Rong eye are glittering the cloudy clear uncertain ray, "Bingtian, you exit first. I will have the means to awaken his."

"Yes, Teacher."Yang Bingtian relaxed slightly, turns around.

The garnering votes words I only said one, the monthly ticket clash second, in third days let Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) reunion. What in order to have a reunion to hesitate? Some people said that I was too ruthless to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). Actually, such arrangement can grow the amusing plot, everybody looks slowly. It is not the tragedy, not depressed drop. Going symbol diligently.

Chapter 328: Let Ji Dong, when Teacher?

Zhu Rong holds the arm of Ji Dong. Is leading him, from the window place diving posture of opening, in dragon Yinsheng, huge Rank 9 Fire Dragon came , to continue their bodies, toward flaminging outside the hot city flew.

"Liquor, gives me the liquor."Ji Dong is struggling the body, shouts to Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong sighed, did not have Yang Bingtian, he could not suppress the innermost feelings again the emotion, the tears, "child, how you turned into this appearance. You may know, you do make Teacher how distressed like this? You also less than 21 years old! Perhaps, since, has been we have made you withstand too many things."

Looks tears that in the Zhu Rong eye flows off, Ji Dong becomes is suddenly peaceful, is gazing at Zhu Rong dull, no longer wants the liquor, is not struggling.

Lifts the hand to feel Ji Dong that white hair, Zhu Rong took a deep breath. "Child, you could rest assured that regardless of pays the big price, Teacher certainly will make you return to normal."

Quick, Zhu Rong Fire Dragon left has flaminged the hot city, to south, has flown into a mountain valley. This mountain valley was covered by various vegetation completely, green, to person a prosperous feeling. Fire Dragon fell under the instruction of Zhu Rong slowly, goes through in the mountain valley, has arrived at the high point in mountain valley, turned toward the peak place to fall.

Fire Dragon descends, Zhu Rong brings the Ji Dong diving posture to fall, falls above placing an upper limit on, his look became respectful and prudent, "Teacher, you looked that whom I led to come."

On the peak has two people, they sit cross-legged to sit there, is withstanding the sunlight straightly shoots, hears the Zhu Rong sound, separately opens eyes, when they see Ji Dong, is almost exactly the same as the response of beforehand Zhu Rong, simultaneously the body, arrives in front of Zhu Rong and Ji Dong.

These two people, are under Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun and Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong.

Under Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, at that time their six supreme powerhouses in ten thousand thunder break into a jail under the attack was seriously injured. If not ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail the might under the destruction of Lie Yan (raging flames) cannot completely unfold, whether perhaps they can live are leaving are an unknown. They will have most a number of Mage of potential and strength brought, but that life apply carbon picture, made these supreme powerhouses fill distressed. But, that ten thousand thunder break into a jail might, is they are not actually able to contend.

When Holy and Evil Island is tranquil, the Red Lotus day fire has separated relations between two continent once more, they the people mouth that receives work from Holy and Evil Island knew looks like. Because is seriously injured, as well as the sudden great change, six supreme powerhouses are unable to close up again together, they suppress the injury, returned to own motherland respectively, advised to the imperial family, carried on the holy war to prepare.

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister naturally came Southern Fire Empire, after completing this matter of doing, the brother and sister injury outbreak, keeps on this summit the bathing sunlight, treats the injury.

They know, initially on Holy and Evil Island, Ji Dong followed Empress Lie Yan, they have not thought are too many. The Divine level strength that Empress Lie Yan shows made them see the hope, was not just her appearance, has preserved Light Five Elements Continent? Therefore, they have not been worried about the Ji Dong safety, may at this moment, when they see white-haired Ji Dong, is the complexion big changes. Not only without a doubt, Ji Dong has had an accident, perhaps Empress Lie Yan also had an accident.

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong look at each other one, the brother and sister saw each other being startled in eye, cloudy morning sun, Yin Zhaorong one step has gone forward fortunately, "Zhu Rong, this, was this? How did Ji Dong turn into this appearance?"

Zhu Rong sighed, Yang Bingtian discovered that the Ji Dong process said that listened to his narration, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong complexion became especially ugly.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy solemnly said: "Certainly what happened, makes Ji Dong seal up own innermost feelings, he was Empress Lie Yan left Holy and Evil Island at that time together, certainly was that side Empress Lie Yan had the problem. First awakened him says again."

At the same time was saying, cloudy morning sun arrives in front of Ji Dong, is gazing at his empty both eyes, "Ji Dong, told Martial Ancestor, actually you what happened with that Empress Lie Yan. Can you hear words that I spoke? Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames). "

The cloudy morning sun what kind of wisdom, had found directly the key of issue, is listening to that most familiar two characters. The Ji Dong look had change gradually, in the mouth has been duplicating these two characters that started to mutter, his body also started to shiver.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)......, Lie Yan (raging flames). "sound
shivers, on the Ji Dong face revealed the feeling sad look, in cloudy morning sun, Yin Zhaorong and under the Zhu Rong three people of gazes, two lines of tears of blood went downstream, flowed from his corner of the eye place directly, his body also follows the sound to start fiercely shivered.

Sees this, Yin Zhaorong is the same with Zhu Rong immediately, the eye socket was red immediately, Ji Dong must be long in the together time ratio and Zhu Rong this name brand Teacher with her and cloudy morning sun, they look at Ji Dong to grow day-by-day, at this time that outstanding disciple turned into this appearance shortly unexpectedly, in their hearts can not be uncomfortable?

Yin Zhaorong was sobbing the say/way: "How like this, how to turn into this, one is this, two are also this. How outstanding two disciples, how "

At this moment, cloudy morning sun lifts hand suddenly, a palm according to the Ji Dong forehead, a strong magic power fluctuation is similar to is filled with wisdom immediately pours into to the Ji Dong forehead in generally, at the same time. His another palm arrived in the Ji Dong chest place, the white ray has shone on the palm, the both eyes of cloudy morning sun whole person have shone.

The body of Ji Dong shivers was getting more and more fierce, his cavity and in the deathly stillness double pupil started to present struggling of look, huge magic power that cloudy morning sun poured into, made to move that quiet soul vortex to start to vibrate, a faint trace psychic force and memory started to have the awaking revolutions sign.

What is more important, cloudy morning sun lit the chaos bead in Ji Dong chest by same attribute Chaos Fire, the pure chaos, have been full of pinnacle the strength of creation, spreads over the Ji Dong whole body instantaneously. Is awakening each cell of his within the body.

wa'ed. A counter blood seizes the mouth, has spurted cloudy morning sun one, that unexpectedly is the purple black extravasated blood, since over six months the innermost feelings have accumulated the strongly fragrant pain as if to spurt along with this, the Ji Dong body in a flash, the complexion immediately becomes a paleness. His vision had several points of appearance gradually, looks at present these familiar faces, his vision became somewhat blurred.

Cloudy morning sun supple sound said: "Child, do not cry. Told Martial Ancestor, actually what happened? Made you turn into this unexpectedly. In the Martial Ancestor heart, you is a strong good child, as a man, regardless of what happened, you need be strong, goes to brave facing, do you understand?"

Yes, Ji Dong awoke, under magic power and Chaos Fire of dual function cloudy morning sun, his soul vortex and chaos integument of also activates, the close innermost feelings open voluntarily finally, but, he is actually not willing to sober, in the mind remembers his Lie Yan (raging flames), the pain that is unforgettably engraved on one's mind assiduously, made him nearly unable to breathe, as if had the handle steel knife surely, was cutting his physical body and soul.

"Martial Ancestor......"Ji Dong fierce kneel down, the tears flood, "Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) she died, she to save me, died."

Sees Ji Dong to restore the intelligence, Zhu Rong and Yin Zhaorong husband and wife is relaxed, but the mood in their heart are not relaxed, looks appearance that Ji Dong that is in deep sorrow, why before they are completely conceivable, appearance that he will turn into the self-closing innermost feelings.

The Yin Zhaorong squatting down body, stretches out the arms to hug into the bosom Ji Dong. Gently is stroking gently his white-haired, "child, pitiful child, your Master also, teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor. Regardless of what happened, also we and you in the same place."

Zhu Rong inserts the Ji Dong armpit from behind with both hands, held his body, solemnly said: Right that "child, your teacher's wife said that no matter, also we and you in the same place. You is a man, is strong, no matter, must walk tall your. Told Martial Ancestor and Teacher, actually what happened, how will Empress Lie Yan die?" The bosom of Yin Zhaorong made Ji Dong that empty feeling in one's heart by the warm feeling, the mind be stabilized several points thickly finally, sad sound said: "Lie Yan (raging flames) is Empress of earth core world, lives in breeding in earth core magma lake, unifies the earth core world. She already was the Divine level strength, but that was actually the strength that god did not allow to have. Therefore, she cannot use in ground, otherwise, by the god discovery. On Holy and Evil Island, she to save me, has used own strength in the ground, is she, has resisted the attack of Dark Five Elements Continent, is she, broke into a jail from ten thousand thunder erupts to rescue us, was her, has striven for five years to us with own strength, has avoided Light Five Elements Continent life apply carbon. However, she was also discovered by god. God sends the lawman deicide to cultivate like this, fights in earth core and Lie Yan (raging flames), although we killed finally have repaired like this, was, Lie Yan (raging flames) she also. "

Here, Ji Dong has choked with sobs, "she died for me! Is having the strength of god, she originally not the body of dying, but for me, for me, she died, forever left this world, relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. She is my lover, my heart also along with her death. Martial Ancestor, Teacher and teacher's wife, my good pain, I good to follow Lie Yan (raging flames) to go, but I actually cannot, I also probably help her complete the wish."

Cloudy morning sun sighed, "parted forever, this was the life biggest distress. The child, you also said that you must be Lie Yan (raging flames) complete the wish . Moreover, could it be don't you want for the her revenge/report enmity? Lie Yan (raging flames) no doubt was killed by the god lawman, but, if no attack that Dark Five Elements Continent that dark secret launches, inspires ten thousand thunder to break into a jail without him, your Lie Yan (raging flames) will not die. If you love her, should be the her revenge/report enmity, even if for this hatred, you must probably live well, but is not deliberately bad. If she has mystical powers in the day, sees you now this appearance , will be quite certainly painful. could it be do you hope this? You are strong, was stronger than before, rebirth in pain." Listens to the words of cloudy morning sun, the double fist of Ji Dong to grip gradually tightly, "dark secret, the dark secret, one day, I will certainly tear to shreds you, is Lie Yan (raging flames) revenges. But, Martial Ancestor, I really cannot achieve now, my heart has broken to pieces, in my mind, cannot accommodate except for Lie Yan (raging flames) form anything again."

Cloudy morning sun sighed, said: "I can understand that your present mood, we will not force you to make anything now, you require the time calmly, thinks clear all these. However, you must comply with Martial Ancestor, in any event, cannot be deliberately bad again, ok?"

Looks that cloudy morning sun that is full of the kind vision, is feeling the teacher's wife warm arms, Ji Dong somewhat difficult nodded slowly. Maintains sober, he must bear the pain to bite the heart, this decision for him is difficult.

Zhu Rong said: "Teacher, makes Ji Dong stay here to accompany you."

Cloudy morning sun looks to Zhu Rong, shook the head, said: "Ji Dong present is not very calm, he requires the time. Here was too close, only then contacts the outside, can make his pain desalinate gradually. I look at this, did your flaming the hot school do not incur the new student? Makes him keep the school to make ordinary Teacher. Contacts the outside, for him is better."

Zhu Rong brows slightly wrinkled, "the Ji Dong present condition, makes Teacher perhaps. "

Is exposed to the sun cloudy solemnly said: "What's wrong? Is my disciple grandson one generation of Saint kings who controls this generation of heavenly stems disciples, could it be makes Teacher not to be good? We must believe him, he wants to be completely good, returns to normal, can depend upon only then own strength, our anybody could not help him. Only then he wants to understand, can restore in the true sense." Zhu Rong nodded, said: "Good, pressed you saying that making him work as ordinary Teacher first. Ji Dong, buoys up, no matter, has your Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife also I to support you."

The Ji Dong tears have no longer flowed, somewhat vacant nodded, the cavity and deathly stillness appear in his look again, although before compares, so was no longer close, but, to make him restore from that extreme pain, a short time cannot achieve.

Zhu Rong brought Ji Dong to return to flaming the hot school, the dwelling arrangement of Ji Dong by oneself, the spirit regained consciousness several points of Ji Dong, eventually no longer was that numb, has eaten a thing at the request of Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong looks for Yang Bingtian, he as Dean, has too many matters to process, is impossible to accompany side Ji Dong, temporarily first makes Yang Bingtian accompany Ji Dong. Also starts to ponder, actually how can make Ji Dong under condition make Teacher in the student at present. From his innermost feelings perspective, does not hope that Ji Dong takes the post of Teacher, because he must be responsible for each student, he does not think that current Ji Dong can be competent Teacher this role.

The new climax will soon arrive, asks the monthly ticket.

Chapter 329: Eastern Wood saintess, fine jade princess

Southern Fire Empire, flaminged the hot school new phase of recruitment of students to start. On most schools with continent relax the admission criterion to be different as far as possible. Blazing the hot school to take the Southern Fire Empire first school, its recruitment of students has the extremely high request as before. Zhu Rong had said that he must train, can in the elite who in the battlefield plays the decisive effect, but is not the cannon fodder.

Therefore, blazing the quantity that the hot school recruits students every year to have 100 quotas. Naturally, before the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune occurred compares, this total college enrollment were many one time. The inspection request is that strictly by.

Now, new phase of inspection had ended, about thousand young people Mage that comes to register has selected the most outstanding hundred people . Moreover, each magic power attribute only chooses ten people, today, is in the recruitment the most important link, divides into classes.

According to flaminging the custom of hot school, every ten students were assigned as a class, moreover ten people of each class cannot have attribute same existence. Must be ten departments is complete.

However, blazing the hot school actually special stipulations, when dividing into classes, is not Teacher chooses the student, but is the student chooses Teacher. This is also the new round competition. Like each Teacher hopes oneself can teach that most has the talent disciple. Each student also hopes that can obtain the guidance of most outstanding Teacher. Therefore, in the process of dividing into classes, most outstanding Teacher obviously is the goal that each student competes.

At this time, in flaminging the big drill ground of hot school, has built a dividing into classes list, in each list, the portrait, is drawing the Teacher look, the this humble one surface, is the detailed introduction of this Teacher. The bottommost blank, was leaves the students to carry on the choice the place. Such portrait altogether has ten in the list.

In other words, after 100 students of inspection come here, can according to the Teacher situation choose, after choice, ten Teacher will act according to chooses many of student to carry on the rank. From was chosen many that Teacher to start by the student, the same department student competes with, each species can only the remaining people, the defeated automatically fall on finally is chosen the second many Teacher that group, competes with again. This process, was flaminged the hot school to call to seize the position. The goal is very simple, wants to obtain most outstanding Teacher to teach, then, you must first prove oneself are outstanding enough. This rule not only has the enormous drive effect regarding the students, has the similar effect regarding Teachers. No one is willing to become by student is chosen least that. In that case, really lost face. Therefore, the competition of Teachers is also very fierce, not only need try hard to promote own strength. Also must strive for perfection in the teaching. This can have a better reputation, when the new student chooses can have more student choices.

At this time, in that list, forefront is drawing a 40-year-old middle-aged man, the facial features gloomy and cold, has a golden long hair, the look is not handsome, but actually gives people an intense constriction.

The following illustration is this:

Name: Xuanyuan Xin, sex: Male, age: 47 years old, attribute: Seventh Metal department, rank: Six-Crown 63 extremely. Xuanyuan Xin Teacher once was flaminged in hot school first recruitment of students Teacher to obtain the student to approve many Teacher, powerful his guide to the student has the extremely high attainments, department head Seventh Metal department, graduated from Heavenly Stems School. Once had participated in the war of Holy and Evil.

The second picture, above is one seems the 30-year-old female, the appearance is beautiful, has a beautiful face. Has a pale-green long hair. Following is explaining:

Name: Tang lingers, sex: Female, age: 36 years old, attribute: Second Wood department. Rank: Six-Crown Level 61.


Teacher that ten drawings correspond mostly some in detail introduced, to last, was not quite only same as front nine Teacher.

In the tenth chart is drawing one man who made one unable to distinguish the age, the young look seemed the 20-year-old appearance, but he has one not to have the gloss white hair, in pair of empty eyes did not have the slightest bit appearance, a picture was very difficult to come out the charm complete picture of person, but this can make only then the aloneness of this youth one felt. The following illustration is:

Name: Ji Dong, sex: Male, age: 21 years old, attribute: Fire department, rank: Does not have

The Teacher Ji Dong comprehensive evaluating is in ten Teacher is weakest.

The illustration such writes, the age, attribute and rank final annotation, some incredible feelings, no one is able to believe that an age 21-year-old youth can flaming the hot school, when Teacher, must know, the high-level Mage school gathers oldest age limit also 22 years old of student, in other words, likely has the age of new student than him be older. In the attribute said Fire department, even had not explained that is Third Fire department or Fourth Fire department, the rank had not explained that comprehensive evaluating for worst. Looked at this illustration, to the feeling of person is school simply did not plan only makes the student choose him. Some think that intelligent new student sees this last picture only idea is, this clearly blazing a hot school incentive form, does not want to become this Teacher Ji Dong student, must try hard to win others, becomes disciple who front nine Teacher know.

Not only the new students wonder, wondering also blazing Teachers of hot school. Until announces a list of successful candidates today, school sends in the notice. Issues the Ji Dong material. In department head various departments besides Yang Bingtian, almost every person does not understand why will have this situation, if the Ji Dong strength is very strong, suddenly appear here Teacher list they can also understand, may be able to see from the illustration, what this almost does not have to distinguish with the waste, can such person, how become teacher in charge Teacher?

Ji Dong is famous in Heavenly Stems School, on Holy and Evil Battlefield is the manner respect, but, other countries know that his person is actually extremely few. Is possible in Central Earth Empire also, was very few in Southern Fire Empire.

Blazing the Teachers competition of hot school is also very intense, can become instructs Teachers of ten students alone, is most outstanding, other Teacher can only be the universal discipline unified teaching. Which Teacher hopes that can arrange at every year will present in a time list, but this year, actually by such a sudden bystander, moreover looked that from the material very bad bystander was in a position.

Ji Dong the material, is Zhu Rong after thinking personally arranges. Just as such that most people guessed, this material simply does not hope that these outstanding students chose him. Master Mingnan disobeys, let alone Zhu Rong also hopes that Ji Dong will be soon good, must disperse into this list him, but. If makes condition Ji Dong instruct these talent outstanding students at present, obviously is unscientific. Therefore had the appearance of this material. The age explains, is telling the students do not choose him, finally falls on the Ji Dong subordinate, can only be the talent worst ten people, as the matter stands, even if misleads the youth, the negative impact will also fall to lowly.

Moreover, appraisal of Zhu Rong to Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to fabricate, to the Ji Dong situation take Teacher at present, said that he synthesizes badly. Does not have anything not to be right.

In the drill ground, passed the students of newborn entrance examination to gather before the list looks, but, what sounded queer, so far, nobody made the choice unexpectedly, according to common sense, outstanding Teacher like Xuanyuan Xin, early had been pasted by the newborn card of students completely, but now under ten Teacher lists is actually completely empty, as if these new students were waiting for anything.

Before the list, several Teacher are responsible for keeping the order, sees the meaning that a new student has not chosen unexpectedly, Teachers also look at each other in blank dismay, not yes. One is responsible for the newborn inspection Teacher saying in a low voice: "I know them in anything. To these new students, which Teacher instruction chooses not to be unimportant. They and other person."

"Et al.? Whom waits for?"Another Teacher curious asking, "they are study, what person but can also wait for?"

"Hehe, this you do not know. In the new student of this registration, extremely special existences, from the strength, by her cultivation base, can definitely become in Teacher in this list, from the status, is extremely noble. Moreover, perhaps this special new student there is still one title, everybody also very much will be interested. This title is: First under heaven beautiful woman. These new students in she."

"First under heaven beautiful woman?"Several Teacher dumbfounded looks at speech Teacher.

"Right, is first under heaven beautiful woman. You should hear, Eastern Wood Empire imperial family only one by one princess, talent young girl." "What? could it be it is that fine jade princess who you said? Heavens! Will she run up to us to flaming the hot school? Her wasn't cultivation base broke through Level 50? Even if must study , should also go to Heavenly Stems School! By her splendor, enters Yin-Yang School without question."

"I know why the fine jade princess will come here? She came in any case, newborn inspection time, I saw her look fortunately, I can only say, the first under heaven beautiful woman, definitely is not the lies. I have not seen such perfect girl.. Who these new students do not hope to be able with her in a class and grade. The male students were needless saying that even if were the female student, has not hoped to approach this princess."

In free time of several Teacher speeches, is having the student to start to carry on finally to choose . Moreover, the goal that they choose unexpectedly is the extraordinary unification, does not choose Xuanyuan Xin Teacher, but is the choice in the name of second chart Tang dependence Teacher. Altogether nine students have chosen Tang dependence Teacher, is the female, can see from their newborn cards, these nine female students all are Second Wood department. Reason that they have carried on the choice first, the reason is very simple, they with that fine jade princess from Eastern Wood Empire with are Second Wood department, according to flaminging the custom of hot school, does not have the opportunity and her class and grade.

At this moment, the new students create a disturbance suddenly, is almost is voluntarily scattered to the both sides, in the crowds, kept a channel. Can arrive at the list before outside directly. Several were responsible for maintaining order the vision of Teacher also to shine.

Walks three people from outside, walks in the forefront, is the Second Wood department department head, is Tang dependence Teacher in list. In this ten teachers in charge, only then she and Xuanyuan Xin are the status of department head. 36-year-old she, seems in the picture is more attractive, a pale-green long clothing serves as contrast the attractive stature, the age has not reduced her attraction, seems, this Tang dependence Teacher looked like thoroughly ripe the honey peach was common. What a pity, present she, actually a point cannot send out the brilliance, even nobody's vision will concentrate on her.

In another side, is the middle-aged person who a year makes the forty years of age, vision ice-cold, the look is resolute, line is resolute. The whole person is flooding the air/Qi of strong withering. This person, if Ji Dong saw that certainly can recognize, because he once had fought with this person, and wins. He, is Eastern Wood Empire exterminates regiment five in a big way to exterminate one of the war-gods, Chen Longao. The physical age has exceeded the sixty years of age, has the extremely high status in the entire Eastern Wood Empire military, is a Eight-Crown powerhouse. However, attracts the people vision attention, is actually not he.

In Chen Longao and Tang linger, is a young girl, she is the focal points of all vision. The powder green long skirt has sagged to the position of close ground, a dark green long hair hangs loose in the back, seems that moving, similarly is the dark green eye pupil, seems looks like the purest King green emerald is generally glittering and translucent carving, water sleek/moist gloss. The height probably in 1.7 meters about five, the fair face does not have the slightest bit slight defect, her skin, is the white ice plants the emerald to be ordinary likely, the shiny smooth is insightful, her appearance, made the myriad things change colors sufficiently. Perfect, that is absolute perfect, does not have perfect of slight slight defect, the look and stature, are all, that perfect. Even if no any comparison, some people will not question the reputation of her first under heaven beautiful woman.

Not only the male, all female eyes on the scene were straight, this is the first under heaven beautiful woman, has the fine jade princess of name of Eastern Wood saintess?

Right, this is fine jade princess, after being drowned , the fine jade princess who revives, arrives to flaming the fine jade princess of hot school according to god king Zhidian, that took possession the fine jade princess who replaces the mortal body by the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge. "Princess, front was new student chooses the Teacher list, actually, by princess's cultivation base, we very difficult to have carried on to direct to you, the princess invited."At the same time was saying, Tang lingers at to the hand signal that the fine jade princess makes invitation.

"Director Tang, you asked me to think of the fine jade to be good. Arrives to flaming the hot school, I am an ordinary student by."Chen Sixuan, or is Lie Yan (raging flames), be with smile on the face saying. May at this moment, her vision actually suddenly coagulate, was looking at the front list stiffly, the body of whole person there.

Other did not say that asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. The monthly ticket to first three, us will let Lie Yan (raging flames) after Ji Dong and rebirth tomorrow met Oh. Hehe. The plot progresses is not slow. I am so sincere, does everybody also feel all right to keep the ticket? Throws quickly.

Chapter 330: Fine jade princess and Teacher Ji Dong meeting

"Princess, you how?"Chen Longao goes forward suddenly one step. Arrives at the body unbendingly side there Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan, in the eye is revealing the concern that is hard to conceal. Regarding him, Chen Sixuan, not only princess is so simple. Chen Longao life unmarried, does not know that experienced many to be difficult, had today's cultivation base. He is from childhood looks at Chen Sixuan to grow up, regards as if female, that absolutely is father and daughter's general emotion. Before the imperial palace, the Chen Sixuan cultivation overstated, crashes into the basin, he even must worry compared with the emperor. At this time is lest she has such situation again.

Chen Sixuan had not replied that Chen Longao words, she moved, so is glassy-eyed, turns toward the front to walk gradually, on the face the blood- color completely sheds, such she, glowing countenance not only has not declined, instead annoys the person to love tenderly.

Chen Longao goes forward once more one step, wants to hold Chen Sixuan, inspects magic power of her within the body, was actually used the hand parry by Chen Sixuan, "Uncle Long. I am all right."At the same time was saying, she steps out suddenly, before several steps arrived at that to choose the Teacher list.

She has not gone to look to place forefront Xuanyuan Xin, or is front any outstanding Teacher, her attention, like firmly was captured half by the magnet, dull falling above last image. She saw that empty look, felt that dead the general aloneness, also, also that does not have gloss white-haired. At this moment, both hands of Chen Sixuan press suddenly on oneself chest, she only thought that oneself grieved is unable to breathe, is he, is he, although he turned into this, but, won't she recognize this is her he?

But, will he turn into this? All these, because of? Ji Dong, Ji Dong, my heart is quite sore, you, why you will turn into this appearance. Is I, because of me.

In god, although Lie Yan (raging flames) stayed very short time, but. After her god knowledge adopts the Chen Sixuan body rebirth, in the reality also passed for nearly four months. According to the directions of two big god kings, she must arrive to flaming the hot school. The Eastern Wood Empire emperor said that anything is not willing to agree.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) using energy untold hardships, take must the theory of learning knowledge for the reason, as well as to flaminging yearning of hot school, with great difficulty convinced that father sovereign, healing from a wound moon/month in imperial palace, is restored to health to be allowed to leave until the body completely. In order to ensure her security, but also dispatches Chen Longao to lead one to exterminate the regiment hundred people of squads specially to take the guard. Actually, no one understands why the fine jade princess will choose to flaming the hot school, but is not Heavenly Stems School. But the emperor too loved her, eventually stubborn her wish.

Lie Yan (raging flames) must unable to control own mood, saw that Ji Dong turned has painted a portrait the appearance, she can definitely imagine since, in the half year he bore what kind of pain. She good to shout his name really loudly, immediately during jumps into him to embrace. Told him reckless, oneself were also living, but can also with him in the same place.

But, at this time, the evil god ice-cold voice of actually resounded in the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul, "remembered, you are not Empress Lie Yan. But is fine jade princess. If you do not think that his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, defers to our agreements to do. Regardless of you used any method to make him know or had guessed correctly you were Lie Yan (raging flames), the next second, I will let his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish."

Smart spirit shuddered, Lie Yan (raging flames) then sobered from heart pain several points, yes, I am not Lie Yan (raging flames), I am Chen Sixuan , can only approach him with the Chen Sixuan status. Who I cannot tell him me am, even cannot make him guess correctly. Otherwise, only will harm him.

Tang lingers at is also very curious, this has the peerless appearance, why will make the first under heaven beautiful woman sudden look big change that any woman envy must go crazy sufficiently, at this time saw that her vision fell in the last drawing, Tang Yilian was more surprised. Even if she, does not know the Ji Dong origin, even has not seen.

Suddenly, she noticed that on fine jade princess face were unexpectedly many two lines of clear tears, lifts the hand slowly, has placed Ji Dong portrait under the newborn card in hand without hesitation.

Thinks Tang Yilian who she will certainly choose oneself this class is surprised immediately, "fine jade princess, your this is......, The appraisal of this Teacher Ji Dong is not quite good."

Chen Sixuan wiped off the tears on face gently, no one had seen, her by both hands that the sleeves cover already the making a fist head.

"Strange people phenomenon, I believe that this Teacher Ji Dong strength, I am willing to learn the Mage technique from him." The Chen Sixuan look returned to normal, at least the surface seems is this.

At this time, the Chen Longao vision also falls above has painted a portrait. When he sees clearly the appearance that paints a portrait , the body shakes, loses the sound said: "Unexpectedly is he?"

Also no wonder he can turning into such Ji Dong has recognized, initial Ji Dong, has really made the too profound impression on him. That defeat, was too big to his attack, has used fully for one year, gradually restores. Here sees the Ji Dong portrait, can he not the look big change?

"Princess, you cannot choose him."Chen Longao is almost saying without hesitation.

Chen Sixuan turns head to look to him, "Uncle Long, why?"Comes under this body shatter soul memory influence, present she was having the thought of human completely, comes under the memory influence of originally, regarding extermination war-god that this once helped a tyrant do evil, she does not have the malice again. Can feel him sincerely to own that care.

Chen Longao compels sound to become Xian, said to Chen Sixuan: "Princess, the strength of this person is truly strong. However, I once had become enemies with him, therefore. "

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, "you feared that he does retaliate to me? If so, how he can also become Teacher. Let alone, so long as you leave the school now. Does not put in an appearance with him, he will not know you and my relations. Including you said that his strength was very strong, isn't he as my Teacher more appropriate?"Nobody can prevent her to go to close Ji Dong, let alone is Chen Longao, even if her father sovereign same is not here good.

"But......"Chen Longao also wants to say anything again, Chen Sixuan has rushed saying: "Uncle Long, here is the school, you do not need to be worried about anything, you feel relieved. Since you feared that is known by this Teacher Ji Dong, you walk now. I can look after my. Do not forget, previous time overstated also makes me turn misfortune into a blessing. Broke through the Six-Crown bottleneck."originally Chen Sixuan cannot break through Six-Crown, traded has the innumerable experiences as well as to magic power element extremely understanding Lie Yan (raging flames) , can also unable to break through? Short one month, she makes the breakthrough again, entered Six-Crown realm truly, this was also one of reasons Emperor Eastern Wood Empire is willing to put her to come out. Moreover, she also refused to have a emerald lizard Dragon King to treat as the suggestion of mount. Chen Longao slightly hesitant, finally stubborn Chen Sixuan, nodded, quietly walked.

Tang dependence cannot bear saying: "Fine jade princess, can you choose Teacher Ji Dong to be your teacher in charge really?"

Fine jade Princess said: "This should not violate the rule of school."At the same time was saying, she walked outward. She walks, immediately, the list was nearly pushed to explode by the new students, besides former that nine Second Wood department female students, the newborn cards of other students all piled in the name of Ji Dong. Will others fine jade princess's eyesight have the mistake? Let alone, how even if this Teacher is not good, so long as can with the fine jade princess in a class and grade, be in their hearts the biggest happiness.

Tang Yilian follows side Chen Sixuan, said with a forced smile: "But, I heard, this Teacher Ji Dong is a drunkard, that weakest quality synthetic evaluation is absolutely real."

"Weakest?"Chen Sixuan stops the footsteps to look that lingers at to Tang, serious say/way: "Tang dependence Teacher, first, I believe that own choice, in my eyes, Teacher Ji Dong is strongest."Spoke these words, walking that her does not return.

Blazing the hot school is extremely effective, after the new student has carried on the choice of Teacher, after a day of contention, 100 new students had been assigned completely. However, what making one shock, as a result of the choice of Eastern Wood saintess fine jade princess, originally ranked final Ji Dong actually became greatly popular. In this new student most outstanding student, completely centralized in his disciple. As the matter stands, Teachers appears regarding his disaffection. But this must unexpectedly be the choice of students. They could also not say anything.

Dean office.

Zhu Rong looks to sit before own desk, in the hand carries Ji Dong of beverage bottle to knit the brows, "Ji Dong, you buoy up to me. The newborn admittance has been completed, tomorrow you officially become Teacher that blazing the hot school. This time chooses you as the teacher in charge, is this new student most outstanding student, you cannot mislead the youth."

"Yes, Teacher." The Ji Dong sound is somewhat hoarse, his vision is as before empty. Although the intelligence restored to come, but, his train of thought actually throughout immerses during that is extremely sad.

Zhu Rong sighed, "should say that I had said. The later must look at your. Goes."Regarding Ji Dong, he it can be said that tolerates, extremely severe Dean in all Teachers eyes, actually special approval Ji Dong in the school to drink, he is not really cruel enough to scold oneself disciple again. The grief, present Ji Dong is so. He can only place hopes in the time to dilute all, was restored gradually by oneself this disciple.

In the morning.

Very early in the morning, the new student who blazing hot school this year has arranged the position in the drill ground according to the dividing into classes order, as was chosen many Teacher, Ji Dong this class of student is this one class. The fine jade princess early stands in the forefront of team, nobody can compete for this position with her, in male students eyes, she , is not only perfect, is keeping aloof is unapproachable. They only visit her with nearly the vision of belief, even nobody dares to come up to say something to smooth things over with her on own initiative.

The opening ceremony, the school leads and various class and grade Teachers will participate, she was waiting for, is waiting for his arrival. Finally must see him again, her some are unable to suppress the feeling of oneself mood once more, she in tells herself that in the heart goes all out, how regardless of cannot expose weaknesses, but, even if this, her mood as before is similar to the great waves fiercely is actually fluctuating.

Chooses Ji Dong this class of Second Wood department student only then her, therefore she does not need to compete with yesterday. Achieving wishes became the student of this class and grade, Chen Sixuan actually some do not know how should go facing Ji Dong. Meets once more, oneself will turn into his student, moreover must pursue him again, making him say that three characters to oneself. Chen Sixuan to oneself is very confident, she too understood Ji Dong.

First-grade ten teacher in charge as well as Dean of Zhu Rong classes and grades came finally, sees the portrait is a matter, when Chen Sixuan sees Ji Dong this time appearance, her vision again delay and coagulation. The eye socket was almost red in the flash, making her have to lower the head, in order to avoid being seen the flaw by Ji Dong.

That white long hair, does not have the gloss white, like handle sharpest growing hair, completely pierced her heart, but his deathly stillness the empty look lost all appearances, beforehand he, in the vision forever has the ignition heat, dedicated and tenacious, indomitable. But this time he, looked like changed person. If become is the physical body, then, he becomes is the heart. His heart as if had pulled out to empty. It looks like the good-for- nothing is ordinary. What living is only the physical body, but his heart actually died. Chen Sixuan thinks in this flash, if not that wish that leave behind, perhaps he already followed himself to go.

Ji Dong, Ji Dong, I will again certainly not make you get down sadly, I with will come to warm your deathly stillness to your love the heart that certainly will make you say me to love your three characters to me again.

Beforehand she, it can be said that Ji Dong Teacher, without Lie Yan (raging flames), does not have the great strength of Ji Dong. But this time, their similarly teachers and students. But each other status has actually exchanged, she becomes his student.

Ji Dong sits in the chairman's podium remote corner, he has not been taking beverage bottle today, his intelligence sobered, at this kind of time, he cannot embarrass Zhu Rong. Regarding other Teacher unusual vision, he will not care, in his heart thinks that quickly ended this opening ceremony, is good to continue to drink.

The speech of Zhu Rong are not long, is very brief, nothing but is to newborn the encouragement and inspiration, "......, Good, I must say these. Below, asking the teachers in charge of various classes and grades to speak separately. First, a class of teacher in charge, Teacher Ji Dong. Please speak."

Ji Dong hear of Zhu Rong called out oneself name, this slowly raised the head, his vision as before is that empty, at this moment, his vision moved suddenly, he saw a pair has been full of the scalding hot vision, saw that pair similarly perfectly is actually the dark green eye pupil, his vision somewhat changed, he is unable to believe, will present unexpectedly also second perfect in this world.

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