Jiu Shen Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311: The god of thunder is born, the sword of Fire God

thunder Yushen the axe vanished. Because at this moment, it already, in ten thousand thunder break into a jail under assistance, in Fu Rui does not hesitate in the releases at all costs, oneself fuses together with Fu Rui completely, this had these hundred meters high giants to appear. This skill, is primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill that Fu Rui can release at present only, the god of thunder is born. Its effect is very simple, within certain amount of time, making Fu Rui have the god of thunder 1/10 strengths temporarily.

1/10 st, sounds very tiny, but that is 1/10 that the god slanders! Even if the second-rate god, is existence of incomparable terrifying.

"Roar"Fu Rui melts god of thunder to face upward to roar, his huge body shoots suddenly, jumps to the kilometer upper air in instantaneously. Both hands grasp in the top of the head in the same place, forms the giant fist, drops from the clouds, the numerous bang have approached five elements Yin-Yang.

While under his double fist strikes, on that giant fist, clearly presented exactly the same thunder prison black hole of one formerly behind with him.

Bang, god of thunder bombardment, world look changes. Simultaneously look changes each person of also dark continent, even if the dark secret recitation sound, has not stopped on own initiative.

But also at this time, clouds secret groaned, thick blood fog simultaneously emitted from his seven orifices, whole person wearily in place, under using full impediment, his strength is unable eventually again and dark secret contends. The god of thunder attack command dark ceremony stops instant, clouds the secret support does not live finally. But he does not have the stupor, body to fall to the ground softly, eyes actually stares in a big way, he faint felt that anything, felt that five elements Yin- Yang was unable to become the hindrance. The opportunity, is this that a slim chance of survival? He must witness all these with own eyes.

The bang, the god of thunder fist, was similar to nuclear explosion generally exploding ruthlessly on five elements Yin-Yang. That is only the flood dimple, even if metal storm also in addition its ray slightly dim five elements Yin-Yang fierce shivers, indistinct, as if can hear a slight shatter sound.

The dark secret has reflected, his sound by resoundingly became sharp, in this moment, he was not calm, the time, regarding both sides, is all.

Also at this time, together the strange silver light projected from the god of thunder, center the position of god of thunder back of the head. This silver light like a bridge, has communicated Thunder Emperor that the blood-color beautiful tyrant and god of thunder were born.

That as if must puncture the red light of vault of heaven also in this moment from out of the blue, just like one seethes with excitement, but blood-color crazy dragon direct impact horizon.

The god of thunder body leaps once more, it arrived at the world the time to arrive, Fu Rui magic power was also after all not enough to support this itself to be the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill skill completely, the strength of he only remaining final attacks.

Hundred meters high god of thunder from the sky opened his big hand, the sword of Fire God has dropped from the clouds, the sword hilt happen to fell in the god of thunder hand. In this moment, Ji Dong and Fu Rui, the tyrant and Thunder Emperor, simultaneously sent out have roared shocking.

"Stave! five elements Yin-Yang." The dazzling thunder light instantaneously sweeps across, outside the sword of that blood red Fire God, on the gable purple of god of thunder, hundred meters male body, brandishes that hundred meters great sword, cuts the broken world to drop from the clouds.

This sword, is leading the compensation of Thunder Emperor and tyrant, this sword, is having the hope of entire Light Five Elements Continent. This is a sword that the life and death interweave, is determines the destiny a sword!

Ji Dong soul vortex, when god of thunder launches the first attack. With him links, in this moment, Ji Dong or Fu Rui, the back presented one huge circular law. Same reduction that this is they comprehended. This is also Ji Dong connected rear-drive gives his information by soul vortex and god of thunder.

The assimilation to direct, the double god combines and complements one another, this is blending of Fire God and god of thunder, the assimilation of pinnacle and pinnacle, at this moment, in the same reduction and two big gods slander under the function of magic power, hot thunder dual attribute has completed the effect of combination truly. This sword, has surmounted the single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill might completely, entered the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill category truly!

Bang, buzz and

Beautiful red rebound, uncontrolled flies into airborne, hundred meters red reduces instantaneously is a originally nine meters length.

The god of thunder body vanished, scarlet luo Fu Rui of upper body, is gripping tightly thunder Yushen axe flying upside down, the blood, spurts from his mouth and nose crazily. Besides thunder Yushen the axe, his body is unable to release again, even if magic power.

The payout of god of thunder and Fire God has the price, in that in the shatter sound, ten color rays of five elements Yin-Yang instantaneously ascends the pinnacle, is ordinary just like at the same time destroyed glass, melts the crystal glow dissipation in the air. Finally the weapon Li Yonghao look changes turned desperately, he can feel, dark ceremony on difference last step, even only needs several instances. But, that changes into nine meters red long sword, once more has actually dropped from the clouds.

Fire God dominates existence after all above god of thunder, Ji Dong Chaos Fire. Helped the Fire God double sword regain one-ninth true strengths, formerly bombardment has consumed its major part magic power freely, but, restored to nine meters sword blade actually as before is the red. At this time, the Ji Dong that Saint level realm psychic force, controls the sword of airborne Fire God to drop from the clouds once again, the goal, that recited the dark secret of final several note.

The dark secret cannot prevent the attack of Ji Dong, pours into ten big dark disciples of magic power in divine tool unable fully similarly. They can only look helplessly the sword of that Fire God drops from the clouds, cuts to their millenniums anticipations.

The vision of dark heavenly stems disciples despairs, their this dark ceremonies, itself goes against heaven's will the line. Once were discovered by the Mt. Oseong Saint beast, they must face, is the anger of Saint beast, even if has Ten Great Divine Tools, impossible to contend with the strength of Saint beast by their present strengths, result only then all destruction. Dark Five Elements Continent likely henceforth is also unable to recover. Even will be counter-attacked by Light Five Elements Continent.

However, with ten big dark heavenly stems disciple eyes in desperate different, dark secret the vision has not actually gone to the sword of Fire God looks at to drop from the clouds, meaning that his recitation has not stopped, the vision instead became ice-colder, even also had several points to ridicule.

Saw that blood-color heavy sword must destroy the dark secret instantaneously. In this most crucial time, suddenly, a transparent halo quietly spreads, forms one seems the light light cover, the entire dark altar will cover completely. A resounding that ding, the sword of Fire God was shot again, this time, all Fire God magic power completely have also exhausted, the blood-color vanishes, the sword of Fire God is divided into is fierce, the flame double sword to fly to fall by far.

Ji Dong blood-color ray also retreats, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes is unable to continue to insist again. wa'ed, spouts a blood, the attack that but, he comes under psychologically actually be serious than the body.

"No, this is impossible."Ji Dong and Fu Rui almost simultaneously angry roar to make noise, the desperate transformation, uses all diligently finally struck like this is melted unexpectedly. That feared that transparent light covers in the flash also broke, but it melted Ji Dong after all finally strikes!

gold/metal first starts, charges into the dark altar, attempts the completely final effort, but, some people are quicker than her.

Seven forms, leapt up just like seven lightning common slanting thorns, directly soars the dark altar to throw, branches out gold/metal who a person blocked plunged the dark altar, another six people of goals pointed to the altar direction.

Sees these seven people, Ji Dong and in the Fu Rui heart is ice-cold, in both eyes, has been full of the blood-color. They have not thought, blocks the sword of Ji Dong Fire God to strike finally, can be they unexpectedly, meets from Light Five Elements Continent, originally should undertake them who is contending with the dark heavenly stems disciple responsibility.

Seven people, these seven person Ji Dong clear remembering, in the war of previous Holy and Evil, because of their selfish, nearly have taken to the Heavenly Stems Regiment massive loss. They are the bright heavenly stems disciples.

In bright heavenly stems disciple, without two Fire departments Ji Dong and First Wood department Yao Qianshu, only remaining at present these seven people. Blocks gold/metal, these seven people are bright Fifth Earth disciple Aofeng of head.

His self-satisfied Haha is laughing, both hands simultaneously in body previous, at the same time the huge golden shield appear before the body, has blocked King's widow manufacturer stiffly.

His laughter listens in the Ji Dong people ear that grating, because they even the extreme anger scolded do not make noise. Perhaps others could not see, but how unable to feel by Ji Dong that vast psychic force, formerly that transparent light covers, is these seven people sends out. That also similarly is a scroll. A Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll, but is actually defensive Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Eternal protection.

"Hahahaha, has not thought that you have not thought! The previous time, you have robbed thunder Yushen the axe, this time, praying mantis catches cicada, has our canary, this Ten Great Divine Tools was our. Any nonsense Saint king, Ji Dong, Fu Rui, you are waiting, after we took Ten Great Divine Tools first, then asks you to do accounts. Ji Dong, your Pinnacle Two Fires Crystal Crown should hand over."

Ji Dong only thought that at present a black, extreme anger, making him unable to bear has spouted a blood. He understands why Aofeng they will appear at this time, and has not brought to the attention of both sides. They comprehended certainly art of invisibility in five elements method, so long as in does not stimulate to movement in the magic power situation, art of invisibility can cover the releases of their any aura. By art of invisibility existence, they hide in the side, waits is this final opportunity. But their goals are exclusive magical instruments in ten big dark heavenly stems disciple hands.

For a oneself selfish desire, they have blocked the sword of oneself Fire God unexpectedly, does not need to ask that is because they feared that sword of might own Fire God was too big, has damaged that ten magical instruments. The bastards, the bastard, Ji Dong wish one could these seven people to tear to shreds at present. He has not thought that at the final moment, prevents own, unexpectedly is not the enemy, but with belonging to Light Five Elements Continent "person on one's own side". Blocks gold/metal besides Aofeng, another six bright disciples threw in front of the dark altar. But, in the flash that they throw. The dark secret resounding recitation sound stopped suddenly.

"Thank you. The destiny of being doomed will not change. Millennium dark accumulations, already made the destiny stand in having a darkness side of preparation. You, must die. The light dark will also be swallowed."

The sound of dark secret, simultaneously appears in the ear of each Light Five Elements Continent person, at the same time, unequalled black, blooms suddenly from the dark secret. The entire altar, vanishes into thin air instantaneously, five huge black marks sift the sky.

The bright heavenly stems disciple who six throw only thought the strength that is unable to resist rebounds instantaneously, six people have flown upside down in this rebound.

The countenance that Aofeng just also laughed coagulates immediately, the air has also been full of an incomparably strange magic power fluctuation in this moment.

"No,......"Aofeng does not dare to believe was yelling. He does not believe that but is the free time of flash, actually will have such change.

Yes, praying mantis catches cicada, canary, but, their this canaries block, is actually the hope of Light Five Elements Continent. Dark ceremony, in this short can with the time in instantaneously calculating, completed.

clouds secret pain has closed both eyes, he as if saw cutting off of that last vitality, the dark ceremony has completed, nobody can prevent this dark release again, almost at the same time, the ten thousand thunder in sky broke into a jail to turn into the profound black, the ray on earth also along with it dark.

The dark secret in headed by final weapon Li Yonghao the protections of ten big dark heavenly stems disciples, has held up the dark scepter in hand slowly, the skeleton skull of dark scepter peak has been similar to lives the common, strange natural lighting is sparkling in its eyes place, flies into airborne that five huge black demon marks to expand instantaneously, their colors also turned into all colors sparkle, that is unusual five types colored, Ji Dong can only distinguish indistinctly, in which red, and strength of his Fire God is exactly the same.

"Knows that what this is?"Dark secret light saying, "the present tells you also to might as well, this is the contract of god. When Holy and Evil Island forms, 20 disciples worked as one, create Holy and Evil Island and ten thousand thunder break into a jail, has inspired the contract of god. Now, by inspiring of ten big dark magical instruments, I once more contract and initial ceremony duplication. On your bright continent were too few to these records. You finally, can only move toward the destruction. Nobody can prevent me again. Then, you will die in extreme fear. Your strengths were truly strong, have gone beyond my expectation, what a pity, you cannot change the destiny of destruction eventually. Even if I, who also will not be clear is will help me complete this dark ceremony finally, has not thought, finally will resist you, unexpectedly will be the bright heavenly stems disciple, this really will be a satire, not? Goes, the contract of god, the strength of Saint beast, will belong to the darkness since then."

At the end of the month, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. Tomorrow, the climax will climb up most peak, the dark ceremony has become, what will then have? Everybody guesses.

Chapter 312: The contract of god, ultimate must kill

Five color light, flow. Flies respectively to five Holy Mountain. When they fly, became a dark world has as if shone, but, that all colors ray not only has not lit the hope, takes to Ji Dong them, is actually is similar to dies out the deathly stillness.

Since Ji Dong, most did not like is separated from the feeling of control, without a doubt, he anything has not done at this time.

Seven bright heavenly stems disciples headed by Aofeng had realized finally is also not wonderful, they are stimulating to movement own magic power crazily, wants to initiate counter-attacks. But, they actually with amazement discovered that even if their pinnacle magic power, is unable to propose the gathering slightest bit in this moment. In the sky, dense ten thousand thunder break into a jail, heavy pressure in their heart, suppressed their all magic power fluctuations. Even if one point of magic power fluctuation is unable to produce. This is the true suppression, knockdown suppression. Only has in dark secret black glow is covering the dark heavenly stems disciples is not affected.

King's movement stopped, remote hand, already tight grasping on the stick of earth goddess, her vision already delay. Even hangs the life nucleus on neck continually, is unable to spread to any life aura for her again.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui crawled from the ground, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon the enormous power is suppressed by that ten thousand thunder break into a jail in the ground is unable to move the slightest bit. They can do now, but looks, looks at present all motions of dark secret.

Bang a loud sound, dark secret face upwards to roar, the both arms open, the unequalled black erupts from him, in ten thousand thunder with sky breaks into a jail fuses together, in an instant, the rays of lightnings, made the earth glitter unceasingly, the black ten thousand thunder broke into a jail, was bringing vastly that like star sea huge magic power, was fluctuating fiercely. As if entire world, in the next moment destruction.

The azure light, flies together rapidly from the distant place, the angry and panic-stricken sound from the sky reverberates, "is not good, came late."

The chrysanthemum pig rushed finally, but he comes late, the azure light cover, has actually covered Yao Qianshu, Lan Bao'er, Du Xin'er and Du Ming who its body also it is carrying on the back, the chrysanthemum pig that huge to hundred meters body, under this time ten thousand thunder break into a jail heavy pressure, appears that tiny.

Sees its appearance, dark secret has gawked. "Wood department Saint beast, is how possible, you why not in Mt. Oseong."Extremely calm he, suddenly has revealed the breathless color/look.

The chrysanthemum pig falls to the ground loudly, the big piece azure light surges, remote, the cloud secret and gold/metal as well as their magic beast covers Ji Dong and Fu Rui.

The people only thought that whole body one light, the pressure of outside seemed weaken, can move . Moreover, extremely huge life aura floods into their within the body, is displaying to the strong therapeutic action. Almost during several breath, the people injury of restored to come. Only has the cloud secret as before wearily in the place, he is damaged, is not the body.

"Chrysanthemum Saint pig, tries to find the solution quickly."Ji Dong was crying out anxiously. Chrysanthemum pig pain has closed his pair of small eyes, "did not have the means that did not have the means. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail are activated completely. That black-clothed person, became ten thousand thunder break into a jail an eye. Entire knot, completely during his control. You know that what ten thousand thunder do break into a jail are? That is ultimate Certain Kill Skill! destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Even if our Saint beast cannot resist similarly. Ended, all ended, you will die without the burial ground. I am also same. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail cover in the range, in the ground all living thing will be destroyed by thunder tribulation, will not have the exception."

At this moment, since four color light, simultaneously leap from the Mt. Oseong direction of Holy and Evil Island center, directly soars here to fly. That seems five giant light balls, is glittering separately the red, yellow, white and black four colors.

Sees these four color/look rays, the chrysanthemum pig look changes immediately, "! Is my four brothers. Has the contract of god also completed?"

Four rays fly was near, can see faintly, in that each ray, is imprisoning one with chrysanthemum pig exactly the same pig shape magic beast, they carry on the back also similarly have the demon mark of chrysanthemum, but the body color is different from the chrysanthemum pig. Separately is representing, the four departments Saint beast of fire, earth, gold/metal and water.

That four groups of rays, fell above the dark secret top of the head directly, he was lifting up high the dark scepter, angry was roaring, "has left out the wood, has left out the wood unexpectedly, has wasted my contract of god. You damn, you damn. The contract of god, god the strength of control, four mahatma beasts, listen to my verbal command, the fusion."At the same time was saying, his dark scepter is guiding four rays, simultaneously falls on him, immediately. Four colors light made his whole person seem become extremely enchanting, side ten dark heavenly stems disciples by this sudden vast energy shaking flew. However, the dark secret has left behind dark magic power on each of them, making them not come under ten thousand thunder break into a jail the influence.

Was deceived, finally in the weapon Li Yonghao mind suddenly had this thought. He also clear remembering, before this time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, the dark secret had said that has completed these millenniums goals, whatever he will take revenge. But at present, magic power of that four mahatma beasts integrated in his body, how oneself also possibly killed him. His simply in deceiving oneself, even has deceived everyone on Dark Five Elements Continent. Falling from the sky of ten generations of dark secrets, trades is actually at present rising of this dark secret. But, said that now anything late, they are unable to prevent like Ji Dong all these, even if their these dark heavenly stems disciples, is unable to prevent at present this occurrence similarly. Controls ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail the dark secret through the dark ceremony, completely grasped the entire Holy and Evil Island above strength. Nobody can contend with him again.

Du Xin'er somewhat strange asked to chrysanthemum pig, "pig pig, was that fellow so why angry? Why he said that has wasted contract of the god?"

Chrysanthemum pig pain say/way: "He should complete the contracts of five god, simultaneously controls Mt. Oseong, tries also to control our five mahatma beasts. If he can through the contract of simultaneous integration god our five mahatma beasts, that. His strength likely can step to become God. Becoming the most preliminary three extremely gods. But that is also a god! Presents a god in the world, what does that mean? Does not need any army, he can control to conquer your entire continent. Now lacked my strength, five elements was unable to form to promote and constrain mutually, his impossible to become God. The strength are most is only the Saint level peak, is by no means impossible to defeat. But, regarding us, these already not any significance. He controlled ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, even if were not the god, can destroy all on Holy and Evil Island similarly, even stimulated to movement ten thousand thunder to break into a jail starts the bombardment to your Light Five Elements Continent directly." Right that "you said. You must die, nobody can go on living again. Crazy, ten thousand thunder break into a jail. You precipitated the millenniums, is this you assumes an awe-inspiring pose. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, the skill that only then the god can release, making me have a look, actually you can this Holy and Evil Island, also that Light Five Elements Continent destroy any appearance."

Dark secrets in four color light surrounding crazy is roaring, he was not formerly the calm wise, but is a lunatic, thorough lunatic.

The black light beam, breaks the sky once more. the next moment, crazy thunderous made the people on the scene unable to hear any other sounds. The black ten thousand thunder break into a jail the fierce fluctuation, the magic power fluctuation of incomparable terrifying from the sky blooms, that is Yang Thunder and Yin Thunder joint entity, along with light of the lightning flash, has dropped from the clouds like the water jar huge black thunder and lightning thickly.

The bang, the first thunder and lightning, fell under the chrysanthemum Saint pig arrange/cloth azure has tied on, his huge body shivered fiercely, tied on presented the fissure. Also at this time, tens of thousands of black thunder light dropped from the clouds, was sweeping across entire Holy and Evil Island. When that double black thunder light shells suddenly the azure has tied, entire knot already loudly shatter. Chrysanthemum Saint pig, Ji Dong, Fu Rui, Yao Qianshu, Lan Bao'er, Du Xin'er, Du Ming, cloud secret, remote, gold/metal, all of them, do not have any protection presents, in ten thousand thunder break into a jail, gets down single layer thunder tribulation arrives, is they from this world cancelled time.

The vision of dark Second Wood disciple scorpion falls on Ji Dong, in her heart this time has filled sorrowfully, not only she, in all dark heavenly stems disciples hearts, is flooding the similar mood.

Since they goal, has conquered Light Five Elements Continent, controls a side, regains the freedom truly, does not need to be enslaved by the dark secret Buddhist temple. But, they actually understand now. This is impossible. The dark secret, as before is their control, the lives and all control. Although they will not break into a jail by ten thousand thunder write off, but, does the enslaved day feel better really? Sorrow in their eyes not for at present these Light Five Elements Continent Mages, but for them.

Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, ten thousand thunder break into a jail, finally was started. Strength of Fire God and god of thunder that if formerly Ji Dong and Fu Rui started, instantaneously was drawing support from the god to slander extremely few parts the strengths, these ten thousand thunder broke into a jail at this time, quite slandered the attack that launched whole- heartedly in a god. Attack of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth.

That is the crazy strength, the crazy say/way pinnacle strength, in the fierce bellow, the earth is shivering, the sky will not have other colors except for the black.

Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, is destroying all, millennium Holy and Evil Island, all mysterious will be disillusioned in this moment.

Holy and Evil Island third layer.

Heavenly Stems Regiment Mages that Light Five Elements Continent comes dull is looking up to above the top of the head black, everyone does not understand that had anything, but, their strengths again are actually not able to raise gather, can only look on that jet black horizon helplessly, crazy thunder fall from the sky.

The bodies, are reduced to ashes in that crazy thunder.

Holy and Evil Island three with the places of four connection, in a thorough underground about hundred meters cavern, four people roll up fiercely in the same place, the body is shivering. Outside huge thundering, ten thousand thunder break into a jail the terrifying oppression strength, making them feel itself tiny that. In their side not far away, a also magic beast egg. They are lucky, at least, they do not need to withstand ten thousand thunder break into a jail the destruction strength directly. The thorough hundred meters underground, the earth has been cut off thunder tribulation thundering for them. All lives in ground will be destroyed, only has the underground, can be the security of moment. These four for sought for the magic beast egg, but thorough underground, and Ji Dong relates close Zhu Gui, Bi Su, Carl and Leng Yue.

Light Five Elements Continent, East China Sea.

"Look, that what's the matter?" A soldier of patrol is pointing at the Holy and Evil Island direction panic-stricken. The soldiers who the next moment, gone on patrol saw, originally has maintained at shore Holy and Evil Channel is disillusioned suddenly. Distant place cloudy dark cloud changed into the black in an instant.

The deafening bellow, making ordinary soldiers one by one be fallen by the giant thunder acoustic shock to the ground, the body was weak is not being able to move.

The brilliance five dragons, while thunderously are also resounding, flushed from their respective tents. They see, is the black spread, is that changes into the black ten thousand thunder to break into a jail the picture that comes toward the East China Sea seashore spread.

"It is not good. Retreats."Lizard Song Ruilong has sent out in his life a final order. But, the speed of person is fast, can compared with the cloud? Especially ten thousand thunder break into a jail tribulation clouds.

At this moment, six color light simultaneously break in the midair. Six forms simultaneously bloom the unequalled brilliance. The bright golden color and black, are representing pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire, sincere/heavy golden color and grey, what represents is pinnacle Yang Earth and pinnacle Yin Earth. also that ice-cold black and purple, are representing pinnacle Yang Water and pinnacle Yin Water.

Ten thousand thunder break into a jail the mutation, the command guarded simultaneously to move in nearby Light Five Elements Continent six big supreme powerhouses.

The Nine-Crown rank, the Mage limit, is headed by the Victorious Light crown genitals to be exposed to the sun, six big supreme powerhouses have spelled to try their magic power outputs, from the sky forms huge six color light covers, tries in ten thousand thunder with sky to break into a jail contends. Wins the time for following Five-Nation Allied Armies. Now was unable to investigate ten thousand thunder to break into a jail the mutation reason, they want to do, is the reduced casualties as far as possible.

However, is only the next moment, their complexions changed. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail that terrifying pressure, making them unable from the sky to continue unexpectedly maintains the flight, the strength of this terrifying, making the powerhouses of their these Nine- Crown ranks definitely unable to imagine. They can notice that can feel, strength that is unable to resist.

Luckily, the strength of their Nine-Crown rank has not made them same unable to move to below these people.

The climax peak continues.

Chapter 313: Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames)

Bang. As if feels the intention that nine supreme powerhouses wanted to resist. Spread, but to the tribulation in the clouds, the black thunder and lightning drops from the clouds together.

That can definitely compare favorably with high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill strikes, in an instant made the ray that six color light coated reduce the pinnacle.

Cloudy morning sun bites the jaw tightly, spells to try to output magic power, "we walk."Leaves behind already not any significance again, as the supreme powerhouse on Light Five Elements Continent, they can only do now, as far as possible maintains several points of strength. For seed that Light Five Elements Continent leaves behind the hope.

Six big supreme powerhouses simultaneously the diving posture, everyone stimulated to movement the pinnacle own magic power, bright magic power halo sprinked to the crowd, covering as far as possible these level high Mage, the next moment, they the diving posture, have caught up before ten thousand thunder broke into a jail covered completely, goes all out to the continent deep place to run away.

The heavenly thunder might drops from the clouds, six big supreme powerhouses are lucky, because ten thousand thunder break into a jail the eruption core on Holy and Evil Island, can enter in the Light Five Elements Continent range, after all must weaken. Then gives the opportunity that they can run away. But, also more people are unable to leave, that each black thunder and lightning falls. Has the tens of thousands of Light Five Elements Continent sharpest soldiers in thundering is reduced to ashes, does not have the blood, some were only the destruction and death.

But at this time, ten thousand thunder broke into a jail shakes suddenly fiercely, the speed of originally spread as if slowed down several points rapidly. The speed that thunder tribulation descends also relaxes, seems its strength is weakening.

Six big supreme powerhouses are drawing support from such opportunity, finally runs out of the range that ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail cover, was just separated from that huge pressure, they promote the pinnacle own speed, bringing rescuing few Mage to fly from out of the blue toward continent.

Meanwhile. Earth Spirit Mountain Range, Vermilion Bird hole.

Vermilion Bird of static cultivation on the phoenix blood Chinese parasol tree wood is not having staring of omen suddenly in a big way both eyes, she feels clearly, the shackles of oneself within the body as if instantaneously collapsed. Many years of suppression, many years of seal, vanishes in this moment suddenly, resumes the free feeling to make her want to sing loudly.

However, the next moment her vision had been shocked to substitute, because she has remembered the significance of seal shatter representative suddenly. Holy and Evil Island, the defense of Holy and Evil Island was broken through. The Light Five Elements Continent bitter experience said unprecedented crisis. Only the defense of Holy and Evil Island was broken through by a Dark Five Elements Continent side, other nine of their ten mahatma beasts besides Teng Snake, will relieve the seal!

Holy and Evil Island, the war of Holy and Evil, just should be the time of war of Holy and Evil now. Ji Dong he also certainly on Holy and Evil Island, daughter, my daughter. In the sad and shrill phoenix cry sound, Vermilion Bird flushed from the cave mansion instantaneously. Terrifying magic power that she sends out fluctuates, making all magic beast in Earth Spirit Mountain Range shiver. the next moment, the aura of this terrifying actually went far away.

Similarly, another eight places on Light Five Elements Continent, eight terrifying aura has also shaken off the fetter, their goals only have one, is Holy and Evil Island.

Holy and Evil Island, became the bright and dark two pieces of Five Elements Continent focuses in this moment. At this moment, became historically the moment of transition. The millennium peace, loudly are stave in this moment. Balances between two continent were broken.

Holy and Evil Island.

Double Qunlei has destroyed the defense under chrysanthemum pig arrange/cloth in thundering of that terrifying instantaneously. This Wood department Saint beast also groaned. Also is azure light flows from it , to continue to resist thunder tribulation the bombardment.

However, is not all people on Light Five Elements Continent can have such luck, for example, that thinking oneself infallible canary, before actually became this catastrophe arrives, crushes the day chessboard last straw the bright heavenly stems disciples.

The azure light of chrysanthemum Saint pig has not been covering their bodies, by bright Fifth Earth disciple Aofeng, the bright Seventh Metal disciple manages, if were the seven bright heavenly stems disciples of head in the eye fills at this time despaired and feared.

Because of fear, control, if leg in shivering was wet, he unexpectedly in ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail under the huge pressure the incontinence.

They could not give a thought to the regret, regretted not to have any significance, pinnacle magic power that their thought oneself infallible is unable to propose the gathering slightest bit. They can see, only then that black thunder tribulation of dropping from the clouds.

When single layer thunder tribulation arrives, because perhaps has chrysanthemum Saint pig that huge goal attraction, they are lucky, the huge magic power fluctuation raises their bodies flies in the midair.

They are not even able to send out including the pitiful yell, under that ultimate Certain Kill Skill heavenly prestige, they were already terror- stricken.

Greedy and selfish, must pay the price. But is hundred dies, is unable to redeem the sin that they violate. Is buried along with the dead for them, is Light Five Elements Continent tens of thousands of people! also millions of lives on Holy and Evil Island.

The bang, body first of Aofeng was hit by the heavenly thunder, crack, he did the body of disciple not to change into the flying ash loudly on that day directly, but, what changing into the flying ash is more horrible , the body of his whole person after by the bang, was inflated like the balloon, the skin surface turned into the snake electricity winding black completely. the next moment, in the fierce bellow, the body of Aofeng already exploded torn to pieces, the flesh and blood and internal organs, the skeleton, scatters in all directions to fly upwards in the sky, in that surges in the terrifying thunder and lightning finally to change into the hard coke.

Stays behind, only then a shape like Yang Crown, all over the body presents for the transparent brown color, just like occidental topaz general Six-Crown Crystal Crown. Five years passes, his magic power cannot break through the Seven-Crown rank as before. This is Crystal Crown of bright heavenly stems disciple! This advantageous existence, even if ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail is unable to destroy it directly. The thunder and lightning that in the sky drops, as if cannot feel its existence, will only seek for other goals.

After following closely Aofeng, is the control, if, but, he actually not by heavenly thunder bombardment lethal, in the heavenly thunder falls the moment before his body, he is true being terror-stricken, the feces and urine incontinence, was scared to death. May be this, ten thousand thunder break into a jail do not have the least bit to let off his meaning, seems because greedy of bright heavenly stems disciples has initiated his anger. If control the corpse, with the contamination that he discharges, was rumbled instantaneously the powder powder. Like Aofeng, he keeps the world, only remaining bright Seventh Metal Crystal Crown.

Then, bright Second Wood disciple, bright Sixth Earth disciple, bright Eighth Metal disciple, bright Ninth Water disciple and bright Tenth Water disciple also step Aofeng and control, if footsteps. Before they die, in the heart only has a thought. If also next life, they will not be greedy and be so selfish, but, will they have really next life? Their human bodies, their souls, already, in the Ultra Certain Kill Skill ten thousand thunder of that terrifying broke into a jail under are purified thoroughly. This is true relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. Also is their proper fate.

Dark secret that not far away, four colored light corona cover static looks here, his body is inflating, at this time rose three meters altitude, that completely is the change of entity, in his body surface, the different color mail-armor and helmets is appearing in the different positions of body fast. The torso and head, are covering the sincere/heavy yellow mail-armor and helmet, his left arm and left hand are covering the golden brilliance, the right arm and right hand, covers the fire red brilliance. Left leg, by black gable. Four mahatma beasts already completely by seal in his body, the strengths of four mahatma beasts, is carrying on the final union with his body.

Just as such that the chrysanthemum pig said that has been short of the strength of Wood department Saint beast, he was unable to complete five elements to unite, step to become God. But, the strengths of these four mahatma beasts made him become sufficiently incomparably formidable, with the aid of ten big dark magical instruments, the contract of god he can condense only has five, has consumed completely, he was impossible to fuse the strength of chrysanthemum pig again. However, can he actually destroy, controls ten thousand thunder to break into a jail destroys, has the strengths of four mahatma beasts, who also can contend with him? "Death, you die. The Wood department Saint beast, I to must have a look, you can resist several heavy heavenly thunders. Even if the god, is unable all that will prevent soon from occurring. I, the dark secret, will certainly become the control of entire world. Dominant bright and dark all."

Desperate, is glittering in everyone eyes, Ji Dong and the others, can do helplessly looks at all these occurrences. In giant bellow, chrysanthemum pig hundred meters body fierce shivers, knot that he releases, collapsed once again. But that following black heavenly thunder, will not actually give him the condensation next defense the opportunity.

"even/including isn't God able to prevent you really?"At this time, suddenly, visionally from the sky resounded just like the sound. This sound sounds to be very gentle, that wonderful interesting to listen, in this flash, this interesting to listen to sound covers the sound of heavenly thunder ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail drop unexpectedly.

The sound of dark secret nearly hysteria stops, his stared wide-eyed, inconceivable looks at the front.

Void, wipes the gorgeous red to proliferate quietly. A red gateway, that static from the sky opens.

The graceful and perfect red form, steps forward quietly, when she takes the flash of gateway, arrives in the chrysanthemum the black heavenly thunder on pig and Light Five Elements Continent people top of the head is prevented completely outside.

The light red, condenses gently actually incomparably solid light covered, has covered the body of people, but that perfect form, whatever black heavenly thunders dropped from the clouds, fell on her, melted again quietly.

"No, this is impossible. Who are you?"Dark secret dumbfounded looks that this suddenly the form that presents from void, even if fused the strengths of four mahatma beasts, he actually as before felt that oneself soul is trembling, unprecedented trembling. That is a female, stature tall and slender, has the perfect golden proportion division, wears the female of red long skirt. Big * the wave red long hair hangs loose behind her, in her, is treading enchanting Red Lotus.

" Fierce that red light covers, Ji Dong can make the sound finally, but his sound is actually shivering. This stretches across void, prevents ten thousand thunder to break into a jail for them, clearly repeatedly told him unable in the world to use any strength earth core Empress.

Yes, Lie Yan (raging flames) came, she does not hesitate at all costs, breaks layer on layer/heavily is cut off, arrived at his side in the time that Ji Dong will soon perish.

When Ji Dong and Fu Rui they, when destroys the dark ceremony furiously, Lie Yan (raging flames) is gazing at silently. At that time, in her heart had the consciousness. For her lover, can go on living for Ji Dong, regardless of pays the big price, she did not regret.

When she is shortly dark the ceremony soon will be explained that she really quite happy. All that but, then has, made her heart become ice-cold.

Holy and Evil Island, has the unequalled huge magic power impediment, has ten thousand thunder break into a jail tremendous pressure. However, she came as before, breaks void, when Ji Dong most needs her, arrived at his side.

Ten thousand thunder break into a jail, the ultimate Certain Kill Skill unceasing bombardment of this terrifying above the Lie Yan (raging flames) top of the head, but she that tranquil standing above own source Red Lotus, silently is withstanding. Her that ice-cold vision, straight thrust dark secret eyeground.

The dark secret was scared, that is ultimate Certain Kill Skill! Why, why this sudden woman, actually continually ultimate Certain Kill Skill can also prevent. No, this is impossible, this not real.

Lie Yan (raging flames) raised the head slowly, looked that breaks into a jail to the airborne ten thousand thunder, in each slight movement so perfect, ice-cold vision, were many several points of mournful, perhaps my young sweetheart, I must to you. May pays the big price, I cannot visit you dead helplessly. Ji Dong, you know that I understood finally anything is the love, loving should be the offer, for the person of loving, regardless of pays anything to refuse to balk. Perhaps, in this moment, I had with your human same heart.

The right hand lifts, spring scallion common finger direction sky, bright red flame, even compared with blood-color more gorgeous red flame of sword of combustion Ji Dong that Fire God that from the right hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) from out of the blue.

The red column of flame direct impact horizon, pricked ten thousand thunder to break into a jail ruthlessly. In an instant, in this black plundering cloud within/inner, are suddenly many have wiped the red. Jet black does not have the vitality, all plants and magic beast, already all in formerly thunder tribulation on destruction Holy and Evil Island, are finally many this has wiped the light.

Yes, this is the light that Lie Yan (raging flames) brings. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail in this gorgeous red light agitation, unexpectedly gradually is becoming tranquil, in the center of that red light, is similar to the snow and ice ablation general fast by that red flame is swallowed unexpectedly. Lie Yan (raging flames), she not only withstands ten thousand thunder to break into a jail the bombardment of this ultimate Certain Kill Skill, is destroying ten thousand thunder are breaking into a jail the main body with her strength.

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Chapter 314: Bright vitality! Lie Yan (raging flames) strength

clouds in secret that weak vision. Finally reveals a hope, his sound is shivering, "could it be, could it be is she our Light Five Elements Continent that point of vitality? Yes, she is. like dark is doomed to will certainly arrive, our vitalities were also doomed to will certainly probably appear."

Light Five Elements Continent everyone has been shocked, particularly Lan Bao'er and Du Xin'er two females, they saw Lie Yan (raging flames), Lan Bao'er have even seen the Lie Yan (raging flames) real appearance. Since their impressions, Lie Yan (raging flames) has been mystical. Lan Bao'er knows that she is having peerless perfect. But, they are unable to guess correctly, this mysterious red hair female, this has made the female of Ji Dong total involvement reposing, actually is also having the peerless strength. Sufficiently with the strength that ultimate Certain Kill Skill contends with.

Du Xin'er muttered: "Red hair elder sister really quite beautiful! Does she to protect Elder Brother Ji Dong come?"

The Lan Bao'er vision was gradually wooden, also several points was understanding, her vision, changed to Ji Dong from Lie Yan (raging flames), in this moment, she understands finally, Ji Dong so will be why dead set on is loving Lie Yan (raging flames). Also admitted own failure finally admiringly.

Before this moment, she, although knew that the appearance cannot compare with Lie Yan (raging flames), but since she has believed, she will be absolutely better than to Ji Dong Lie Yan (raging flames), will love him. But, at this moment, when she noticed that Lie Yan (raging flames) crosses comes void, before moment static keeping off of Ji Dong faced with life and death before him, was withstanding the attack of ultimate Certain Kill Skill for him, she has been moved, her eyes blurred. She does not know, if traded is oneself, oneself can have such courage.

The body of Ji Dong is shivering, as one generation of tyrants, his with the help of chrysanthemum pig, the originally not heavy injury fully recovered, even under chrysanthemum pig that Saint level wood attribute magic power function, lit the fire seed of his within the body, magic power was restoring at the extremely terrifying speed. But, his body as before is actually shivering, shivers because of Lie Yan (raging flames). Why you must come, that is ultimate Certain Kill Skill! Lie Yan (raging flames), I rather die, is not willing to see you, even if receives an injury. The painful feeling, was gnawing his heart, since recently this year, he has thought oneself had can protect the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength. Especially can play the might of Fire God double sword in him, after condensing the bead of chaos, has been full of confidence with oneself. But, he knows at this moment, own strength bad is far, in true to strong strength in front, oneself how tiny.

When first time sees Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong listened to her to say ultimate Certain Kill Skill, at that time, Lie Yan (raging flames) told him, in magic skill, five big classifications, was divided into Standard Skill, Direct Hit Skill, Certain Kill Skill, Ultra Certain Kill Skill and ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Then Ji Dong, just started to cultivate, even is also not Mage, regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, but ambiguous had the memory. Actually does not understand has the how important meaning. Until he truly had oneself Certain Kill Skill and Ultra Certain Kill Skill, he can imagine anything is ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail. That has covered of entire Holy and Evil Island millennium, has prevented of two continent holy war millenniums terrifying power, is ultimate Certain Kill Skill! But she who she, oneself most loves, has blocked wreaking havoc of this ultimate Certain Kill Skill for unexpectedly. The dark secret cannot believe all these that completely at present sees, when ten thousand thunder break into a jail by that moment that he activates, when the dark ceremony completes, he has controlled all times, even if has been short of a fusion of Saint beast, he likely has also ruled two pieces of continent to be common, has filled excited and is insufferably arrogant.

But at this time, the appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames), actually likely was basin ice water, sprinkled on him. That made the strength that he definitely is unable to understand exceed his predictive ability completely.

"No, no, no, this is impossible, this is impossible. The gods, how will appear to prevent me brightly. Why, the god cannot intervene the human warfare, because human is in itself the race that the god creates. This is the rule of god, even if the god king, cannot violate. You, actually you are any god, dares to arrive at the world unexpectedly rashly."

Looks at dark secret that panic-stricken desire vision certainly, Lie Yan (raging flames) has smiled lightly, in her smiling face ice-cold, perfect eye pupil no longer has the perfect look, because in her look has been full of the endless murderous intention.

Another hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) also lifted. In she mixes ten thousand thunder break into a jail in the situation fully, unexpectedly also ample force in view of dark secret.

"Your this is willing to devote to dark human, I have not thought must intervene the world any matter, but, your actions, have threatened the person who I loved. I can tell you, I not from god, should not appear here. But, I must come. You started ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, caused life apply carbon, today I enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, let your also relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish."

At the same time was saying, above the left hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), small Red Lotus floating, flutters in the midair, seems very slow flies in the direction of dark secret. That small Red Lotus seems as if no slightest bit magic power to fluctuate, but, its appearance, made the dark secret complexion big change. The personal appearance flashes, his whole person backed up the kilometer, crazy is roaring, "you still in anything, block her for me."

His sound. Naturally shouted in view of ten big dark heavenly stems disciples, at this time shocking of ten big dark heavenly stems disciples were not slightly less than the dark secret. Is this red clothes female, really a god? Her strength, resisted ten thousand thunder to break into a jail unexpectedly. Airborne that huge plundering cloud Fenming is melting fast, originally according to the dark secret judgment, at least must spread to the Light Five Elements Continent offshore entire Eastern Wood Empire ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail is being defeated and dispersed unexpectedly gradually.

"Begins."Finally weapon Li Yonghao yelled, the black day demon Divine Sword in hand brought his complete magic power to cut. Ten big dark heavenly stems disciples are also following him, simultaneously launched the attack to that small Red Lotus. The ten big exclusive magical instruments of dark heavenly stems disciple, bloom in this moment brilliance, unequalled tyrannical magic power from the sky gathers ten color mighty currents, in view. Unexpectedly is only that small Red Lotus.

"What is the divine tool? Only then grasps the divine tool in god hand, is the genuine divine tool."Lie Yan's sound is very light. That small Red Lotus was light, as if not in the least the hit of stress above ten color mighty currents that in has been released by ten big dark magical instruments.

Ten blood, almost simultaneously spout from ten dark heavenly stems disciple mouths, the dark magical instruments in their hand all presented the grating breakage sound unexpectedly, fissures appeared above that divine tool, but each also fiercely caused heavy losses.

However, even if this, that small Red Lotus as before has not actually vanished, it from the sky fluttered in the breeze, changed into one string of Red Lotus flower petals, is pursuing toward the dark secret that ran away rapidly.

At this moment, ten thousand thunder in sky broke into a jail shook suddenly fiercely, the innumerable diameters surpassed hundred meters giant thunder ball to replace thunder light to drop from the clouds.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) tranquil look immediately becomes dignified, originally aimed at the dark secret the left hand to receive, the right hand on top of the head also put down, the both arms lifted from the body separately, the palm was upward, immediately, a red misty brilliance surged with that given name Red Lotus above from her, the flash when this red misty gloss presented that the entire earth as if turned into the red, what strange was, this should be the strongest fire attribute red actually does not have the slightest bit to be scalding hot, takes to Ji Dong their feeling only then warm.

"" A pitiful yell transmits from the distant place, the airborne dark-red blood scatters in all directions to surge, four color rays explode crazily dodge the rapid convergence. Strong color light sweeps across, but, curls up the bodies of ten dark heavenly stems disciples to escape to go rapidly.

The dark secret has not died eventually, he fused magic power of four mahatma beasts after all, but Lie Yan (raging flames) to resist ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail final crazy, is unable to set aside the hand to cope with him temporarily.

However, the dark secret had been scared by Lie Yan (raging flames), he even including turns head to have a liking for a courage not to have again, leading ten dark heavenly stems disciples to go rapidly, ten thousand thunder broke into a jail he unable to continue to control again, can only , whatever this ultimate Certain Kill Skill ran its own course, in his present heart thinks. Quickly returns to Dark Five Elements Continent, finds the most secret place to hide. Do not see that red clothes female. In his heart only has a thought that this perfect female, is Fire God.

The red misty brilliance, making originally perfect Lie Yan (raging flames) seem has filled with the sacred inviolable aura, including the chrysanthemum Saint pig, everyone was looking up to her form, besides Ji Dong, they looks at the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision only then respected.

People on the scene, even if Ji Dong and gold/metal, had not seen the appearance that Lie Yan (raging flames) gets rid of fully, they once had also imagined the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength. But, their imagination actually by far insufficient.

Is Lie Yan (raging flames) really the Saint level? If she with the chrysanthemum Saint pig same Saint level, why chrysanthemum Saint pig ultimate Certain Kill Skill irresistibly actually again isn't able to wreak havoc before her?

The bang, the earth of warming up, in an instant looks like became extending of Lie Yan (raging flames) body, the red misty brilliance from the entire earth ascension, actually has not taken instantaneously to people any injury on Light Five Elements Continent. The feeling of warming up simultaneously breaks in the horizon, ten thousand thunder break into a jail the black tribulation cloud was illuminated completely.

That thunder ball of dropping from the clouds, purifies in this red brilliance, when that dense red light with plundering cloud Jiechu in together, the entire ten thousand thunder broke into a jail finally started the final ablation.

The red flame, regarding the body of Lie Yan (raging flames), seems that insightful, above the Lie Yan (raging flames) main body, are beating red flame, looks like the Elf that lives is ordinary, gradually presents is the Red Lotus shape, is dancing in the air regarding her body quietly.

Looks at present this mysterious one, in each individual heart deluded feelings, the enemy was repelled, ten thousand thunder break into a jail also gradually disperse in the red light of that ascension. The millenniums have not shone the sunlight on Holy and Evil Island this lands appear gradually.

A continuously golden sunlight bores through the dark cloud that breaks to sprink the earth quietly, warm and light has brought the new vitality to this stretch of earth on.

Suddenly, Fu Rui has as if remembered anything, the complexion big change, "is not good. I walk one first." Before his injury, had been cured by the chrysanthemum pig, turns around to seethe with excitement, on his forehead, distinct presented the big piece beads of sweat. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon chants in a low voice, looked at a float timidly in airborne Lie Yan (raging flames), this jumps, pursued Fu Rui.

Looks at the Fu Rui movement, the Ji Dong heart also sinks, their here, receives the protection of chrysanthemum pig and Lie Yan (raging flames) again successively, finally has been out of the danger, is, Heavenly Stems Regiment Mages? also that search enemy trace Ye Xin on Holy and Evil Island how? They do not know. He can definitely understand that at this time the feeling in Fu Rui heart, like just appeared in Lie Yan (raging flames), withstands ten thousand thunder to break into a jail thunder tribulation shells his in the heart when for them scared with trembling to be the same.

The sunlight became more and more sufficient, finally, that covered of this islands millennium dark cloud to diverge finally, the insightful bright feeling, making everyone narrow both eyes.

On Holy and Evil Island, did not have plant, did not have magic beast, is only bare islands, because although this islands broad, but is unable directly to see the sea, but it did not have impediment in the true sense with thing two pieces of continent again, millenniums ago. However, millenniums ago what is different, were many this piece of Holy and Evil Island, looked like command two pieces of continent were many a bridge, does not need strong marine transportation ability, both sides can also land the opposite party territory.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)." The Ji Dong mood surges goes forward several steps, looks in the sky that just like goddess Lie Yan (raging flames), he does not know that now are what kind of mood.

Lie Yan (raging flames) looks down to below Ji Dong, eyeground sad as if became sincerer, but she has delivered a gentle smiling face for him.

The Ji Dong heart shakes suddenly, he suddenly discovered, the sad color/look in Lie Yan (raging flames) eye, where he as if has seen! He thought that Lie Yan (raging flames) formerly in the look revealed when was sad just and old secret passed away finally looks that own look was exactly the same? An intense ominous premonition starts to spread in his heart.

Lie Yan (raging flames) looks up once more to the sky, looked that is similar to that the golden disc hangs Sun in sky generally, has a look at the East that the dark secret they retreat again. In the eye reveals a hesitant color/look.

"Ji Dong, time perhaps without enough time. I cannot help you annihilate that dark continent enemy again all, I can do, strives for you for five years, five years of preparations, I think, you should deal with all changes in the future."

The climax continues, Un, small three discoveries, the climax plot garners votes the convenience! Everybody makes an effort to pound. Following climax will make everybody satisfy absolutely. Although should not the play pass, but saw that book review area many readers questioned, small three slightly said. How regardless of the plot arranges, will not be the tragedy. Everybody continues to look that understood. This content will not duplicate to fight Romanian and Chinese Tang three and small dance that pattern. Everybody looked that knew. The following content will be more splendid. This book has written less than half.

Chapter 315: Lie Yan (raging flames) ultimate Certain Kill Skill

At the same time was saying, Lie Yan (raging flames) closes both eyes. took a deep breath, she does not have the tears of human, but she really good to cry now. She has rescued the Ji Dong life, but, she also wants......

"" A vent -type slogan resounds from the Lie Yan (raging flames) mouth, acoustic shock four wild, in her sound, filled was unwilling and sad, in an instant, in sky ray of Sun suddenly one dark, around entire Holy and Evil Island, the mighty waves of sea coagulated instantaneously, cannot fluctuate extremely, the next moment, all ocean waves also raised, the intense ripple shake, the ocean waves crack, in the sea, the innumerable magic beast corpses whirled around, not the pure water was the electric conduction. Without a doubt, sea impossible pure, in this world does not have the completely pure water to exist. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail wreaking havoc, not only has carried off above the sea the lives of all lives, in the meantime, this sea water, survived a lot of years of magic beast to swallow completely.

What a pity, Light Five Elements Continent here East China Sea seashore nobody can see at present this marvelous sight at this time, only has that side the Dark Five Elements Continent 1 million mighty armies to see that did not have ten thousand thunder to break into a jail covers, presents the islands in their line of sight, in looked like turned into a ruby in sea in an instant, shone suddenly.

The golden color of Sun starts to have the transformation, turned into the deep red unexpectedly, simultaneously appears, also one round red moon/month, blood date and blood moon/month.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you are. "Ji Dong dull looks at airborne Lie
Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not replied him, on the face reveals mournful, both hands raises by the body, under foot the assigns Red Lotus to depart quietly, directly soars the originally Mt. Oseong central direction to fly, there, is the entire Holy and Evil Island core position.

Meanwhile, Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned round, both hands gently, thick warm red light, they are involved in which Ji Dong and the others as well as the chrysanthemum Saint pig completely. Floats to the midair.

The red light sweeps across, the body of Ji Dong was swept across by the red light alone together, flutters to Lie Yan (raging flames) in front, four items of relative, look that Ji Dong Lie Yan (raging flames) felt suddenly has any thing to fall from oneself eye, her surprised seeing, that unexpectedly is two drops of clear light red.

This, at this time tears? Is the tears of human? Her hand somewhat shivers is catching that two drops of teardrops, when facing ultimate Certain Kill Skill has not revealed any facial expression change one generation of Empress, when sees these two drops of tears, in her eye has actually filled inconceivable.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)......"Ji Dong lifts hand, wants to grasp her, but, his hand actually stopped in airborne, he felt once again profoundly oneself has seen only that insurmountable gap with Lie Yan (raging flames). Do oneself have to hug her qualifications really?

However, what Ji Dong has not thought that is in front of these many people, Lie Yan (raging flames) is depending to become a lay priest during his bosom, closely is hugging her waist, buries him to cherish the face, the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) is very hot. Consoles the heart of Ji Dong hot, Ji Dong can even feel that her body is shivering. "Lie Yan (raging flames), your isn't healthy?"Asking that Ji Dong worries about.

"No,......"Lie Yan (raging flames) was not sobbing shaking the head, she raised the head, in the eye pupil had, was only endless gentle and thick being in love.

"Does Ji Dong, accompany me to dance a dance to be good? Was at Heavenly Stems School when like initially us such."

Ji Dong has gawked, he could not think at this kind of time, Lie Yan (raging flames) will even set this kind of request. However, regarding Lie Yan (raging flames) any requests him to have the slightest bit to doubt?

Holds up her hand, holds in the arms slender waist that her is not full grasps, felt her from the waist to buttocks that say/way perfect arc, the Ji Dong vision was being crazy immediately, his heart, unstoppable beat fiercely. Where this was unimportant, how can't conscientious? In his eye, heart, only remaining in the bosom this was ascending red ray Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) very natural builds own right hand in the shoulder of Ji Dong, her body actually shivers was fiercer, her face sticks to once more on the chest of Ji Dong, tight, tight is pasting. Lie Yan (raging flames) that microstrip scalding hot breath brings such as orchid/blue Rushe the delicate fragrance to emerge the Ji Dong tip of the nose, floods in his sense of smell, she also feels Ji Dong that to move restlessly, but the spirited heart, wipes lightly blushes to reappear in her just like the suet white jade common face on, this time she, no longer is quiet and beautiful noble Red Lotus, but is one puts warmly is bringing such as the fire warm red rose. As if must melt Ji Dong completely, melts into own body.

Ji Dong does not know music where comes. That seems the wonderful melody that the air plays, with him initially with Lie Yan (raging flames) in that exactly the same that at the Heavenly Stems School friendship dance party jumped. In the melody of music, Ji Dong to the left void stride, embraces in the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) waist makes an effort slightly, Lie Yan (raging flames) under his lead, body just like light , if no thing to move along with him generally. Every one step treads, Ji Dong can feel that oneself has the conscientious feeling, this has filled the thick red light sky, is he and Lie Yan (raging flames) dance floor.

Other people looked completely stayed, they do not understand why returned in this time Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) danced. However, their dancer's postures are actually such beautiful, suffocating of beautiful.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is very light and is very supple, but extremely blazing, may really melt the body and soul, Ji Dong is also willing. The dance of Ji Dong is noble and graceful, each movement is quite elegant, the dance of Lie Yan (raging flames) is light and lively, snuggles, in he cherishes, in perfect coordination that under his lead coordinates.

The pure love, originates in the mind completely pure to love, spreads in their hearts. The heart of Ji Dong also follows the dance to fly upwards gradually. Formerly in heart restless as if also follows waving of personal appearance to vanish gradually. In this moment, he as if can the deep feeling the heart of Lie Yan (raging flames) just and own heart sticks to the same place, makes no distinctions again.

In Ji Dong is bringing Lie Yan (raging flames) of while airborne dancing. Red halos, are centered on their bodies unceasingly diverges outward. That thick red light, rushes to the direction of Mt. Oseong to fly. Nobody knows that this ray is representing anything, they even can see, only then that red light halo, actually cannot feel the magic power fluctuation of slightest bit. Each round light halo after sifting airborne, will turn into a giant lotus flower flower petal shape to flutter to go.

Ten thousand thunder break into a jail terrifying might, has almost bevelled half Mt. Oseong, at this time, in that Mt. Oseong central position, actually shone the rich red brilliance. The earth, as if seethed with excitement. loud bang, Mt. Oseong explodes unexpectedly completely, the huge golden red flame attacks from the ground suddenly, enters in the midair. Although the Light Five Elements Continent people by the red light gable of Lie Yan (raging flames) release, are unable to feel the terrifying might that explodes instantaneously, but this makes them have a big shock at present.

Five mountain peaks also blast out, release the flame brilliance that incomparably rushes, could it be, that lotus flower that this formerly Lie Yan (raging flames) departed creates?

However, made their surprised also in behind, but that ascension the huge golden flame in airborne formed in the condensation unexpectedly, from Lie Yan (raging flames) fluttered, but red light flower petal, integrated a piece by piece. Earth in fierce is shivering, Holy and Evil Island as if painful moan in this terrifying explosive sound.

Only has Ji Dong not to pay attention to that terrifying, under his body and mind in Lie Yan (raging flames) the dance , the red light has covered completely, he also can only hear that dance music the melody, but does not have noisy of slightest bit outside.

The golden red flame, condenses huge Red Lotus in Mt. Oseong originally position, that Red Lotus seems, really has about the diameter kilometer. The line of sight institute and, all rays become twist, Sun in sky looks like ray dim egg-yolk in this moment, but this diameter kilometer Red Lotus of actually became the core of world.

The dance music had eventually ended, the both arms of Lie Yan (raging flames) took advantage of opportunity to climb up the neck of Ji Dong, raised the head, in the vision was full of the tender feelings visits him, as if behind Red Lotus Fire of that terrifying basic and she and Ji Dong did not have slightest bit relations.

"Ji Dong, kisses me."Lie Yan (raging flames) twittering was shouting lightly.

The heart of Ji Dong is shivering, like this requested how he will refuse, to lower the head, four lip moving gently in the same place, he for fear that oneself movement have the slightest bit to injure to Lie Yan (raging flames) uncouthly, gently is kissing her lip.

Her lip warming up is moist, even also has several points to shiver, Lie Yan (raging flames) closes both eyes slowly, the long eyelash builds on the eyelid slightly is trembling lightly.

Bang. The dazzling red light, exploded finally from that diameter kilometer huge Red Lotus , the earth or the sky, turned into the bright red in this moment completely, but this all red actually became the backgrounds that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) this kissed.

Ji Dong felt suddenly mouth were many a salty flavor/smell, under is startled, awakens from wonderful being in love, the lip minute, he sees, is two lines of light red clear tears on Lie Yan (raging flames) face.

Is holding the tender face of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong was surprised said: "Lie Yan (raging flames), how were you?"He then noted the space underground to turn into a piece of red strange landscape, the facial expression immediately somewhat dull.

Lie Yan (raging flames) shaking the head gently, the teardrops on face evaporate voluntarily, smile are looking at Ji Dong, "I do not have anything, was only too happy. Ji Dong, do you look at this red beautiful? This only belongs to our red. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail are ultimate Certain Kill Skill, making you have a look at my ultimate Certain Kill Skill."

Makes gently, Lie Yan (raging flames) has been separated from the bosom of Ji Dong, the tender body light revolutions, to the direction of originally Mt. Oseong, looks at sky that magnificent red, also that diameter kilometer huge Red Lotus, her vision is calm and gentle, Ji Dong only thought that own soul vortex as if stopped the rotation being common in this moment, the next moment, he saw from one side faintly, in the eye pupil of Lie Yan (raging flames) was revealing profoundly just like the endless outer space common brilliance. " The two characters of port clearance permit, Lie Yan (raging flames) read from the mouth is slow, in her originally gentle vision, were many a firmness.

Both hands lift gently, falls again gently, makes the movement that cuts lightly toward Holy and Evil Island by separately.

In the sky, kilometer Red Lotus rotates instantaneously, the innumerable dazzling brilliance from the sky surge, if ten thousand thunder break into a jail are thunder attribute ultimate Certain Kill Skill, at this time presents in Ji Dong and at present in these Light Five Elements Continent everyone eyes, is fire attribute ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Moreover dominates in ten thousand thunder completely breaks into a jail above ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

"This is my ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Ten thousand thunder broke into a jail vanished, but you actually needed to prevent the barrier of enemy in addition together, I helped you destroy the match without enough time, was not willing to make to kill the evil, made me raise up a barrier for you once more."

Two substantive deep golden light, the electricity from the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye pupil shoot suddenly, points to the sky that kilometer Red Lotus central place. When the golden light and Red Lotus move in the same place flash, the world shock, originally the air of distortion suddenly becomes because of blazing normal, each person present all pictures of also became clear.

All red, turn toward that huge Red Lotus to go just like all rivers run into the sea generally, Red Lotus was shattered, huge Red Lotus flower petal dances in the air a piece by piece in the sky, each flower petal, likely has own life from the sky to stretch generally quietly, a kilometer sky that originally stretches across expands instantaneously.

In Lie Yan (raging flames) eye pupil golden light sparkle, that piece by piece huge golden red flower petal neat arrangement under her control in midair. How many flower petals diameter kilometer will Red Lotus have? Perhaps besides Lie Yan (raging flames), no one counts clearly., That golden flower petal from the sky formed one unable to see that by far the end the gold thread extended to go, likely was a golden bridge in sky, strange and magnificent.

Lie Yan (raging flames) was reciting in a soft voice, "Red Lotus was to direct, the world was the intermediary, the star moon/month rotates, the big date complemented, by the source of my earth core, the gate of opening day fire. Combustion, my Red Lotus. Changes into is cut off all backdrop flame, the space underground, does not have to overstep."

Every time said a character, Lie Yan (raging flames) both hands made a strange movement in the chest front, Ji Dong can clear seeing, behind Lie Yan (raging flames), will sparkle a bright red mark, when the next mark appeared, will replace this previous mark. But on that day airborne the golden color comprised of the Red Lotus flower petal long-line, looked like can understand Lie Yan's sound to be ordinary, along with the emergence of that one by one mark, the golden red ray that they sent out becomes is also getting more and more intense.

Finally, after that does not have to overstep the final four characters that blurted out, Lie Yan (raging flames) has smiled, she closes both eyes, raises head to the sky, as if in feeling that air fluctuation of each fire attribute, in gently beautiful sound, speak unhurriedly and clearly read four characters of conclusion.

"Red Lotus day fire."

Yes, this is Lie Yan (raging flames) ultimate Certain Kill Skill, the Red Lotus day fire. The radiant brilliance, lit the complete fervor of golden flower petal in the recitation sounds of that Red Lotus day fire four characters.

The golden red flame, takes the airborne that gold thread as, that underground also erupts to the space, incision that in an instant, that bright flame been quietly Holy and Evil Island, has cut open the sea. The golden light is endless, where cannot see the end. Saw, Lie Yan (raging flames) also had ultimate Certain Kill Skill Oh. Hehe , to continue to look. The climax arrived here, half. Does not have the means that small three are lasting. The men are lasting. Lastingly votes like everybody to slightly three, recommends the ticket and monthly ticket, to hit to enjoy. So long as thought that looks to throw crisply.

Chapter 316: Gives the crown, true bright heavenly stems disciple

The golden light is endless, stretches across in the world. The Holy and Evil Island center, quietly breaks, even has not made any sound, even nobody can feel the vibration of this islands. That is not the separation, but was cut open instantaneously, the entire islands center was burnt instantaneously thoroughly by the Red Lotus day fire. What is mysterious, that golden red flame does not have the slightest bit to spread, has not released any fire attribute energy outward. Meets the day continually compared with ten thousand thunder break into a jail thoroughly the light and Dark Five Elements Continent separates completely.

Holy and Evil Island, is that scorched earth Holy and Evil Island, all red quietly vanished, people light falling on the ground, besides them, only then that seven floats in airborne, is sending out various species gloss bright heavenly stems disciple Crystal Crown.

Lie Yan (raging flames) leans on the Ji Dong bosom, her this assigns Red Lotus not to know when has flown back quietly, is supporting her and Ji Dong body. Who can imagine, this broad day hot light screen before them unexpectedly at present this does not seem even the somewhat delicate perfect female completes,

The people look that the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision has been full of the respect, they understand certainly that this day hot light screen means anything, the Dark Five Elements Continent millenniums bear patiently, erupt in the war of this Holy and Evil. Their goals must destroy Holy and Evil Island, initiates the comprehensive holy war to Light Five Elements Continent.

However, had this day hot light screen, ultimate Certain Kill Skill several characters that in addition Lie Yan (raging flames) said that they understand, the plan of Dark Five Elements Continent went bankrupt, they were impossible to break through this day hot light screen to launch the attack to Light Five Elements Continent. Even if this light screen can only continue some time, regarding Light Five Elements Continent, there is a sufficient cushion time. But these days, has it can be said that saved entire continent!

Lie Yan (raging flames), by a person of strength, was Light Five Elements Continent has avoided this catastrophe, rescues their life. Although her appearance for Ji Dong, everyone on the scene as before has been full of the sense of gratitude to her.

Lie Yan (raging flames) tranquil looks below people, "my this day fire Red Lotus ties, even if were that fuses four mahatma beast magic power dark secrets unable to break through. Even if no my magic power support, within five years, it will not vanish. Five years, should enough you and human on Light Five Elements Continent makes to respond. You are the Ji Dong friend and partner, hopes after you, can help him. Thanks."At the same time was saying, she in airborne bows to the people slightly, is saluting unexpectedly.

Ji Dong does not understand why completely Lie Yan (raging flames) must do this, has gawked, the following people hurry to return salute, are they willing to withstand the courtesy of savior?

The Lie Yan (raging flames) vision falls on the flatter golden body, "gold/metal, troubled you to help Ji Dong look after fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix. I must bring Ji Dong to return to earth core lake. You must take care itself well, waits for Ji Dong to come back , helping me take care of him."

gold/metal somewhat dull looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), "is, master." The hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) has stroked from Ji Dong right hand wrist/skill gently, the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet arrived in her hand, changes into together the red light, flies in front of gold/metal.

gold/metal received the bracelet, nearby fifty Saint Fire Dragon somewhat unwilling neutral tones were roaring.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "Maotai and Wuliangye. You must be obedient Oh."

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you are......"Ji Dong was puzzled asked. All have settled down, the strength that although Lie Yan (raging flames) shows has far exceeded his imagination, but, the enemy retreated, but why can Lie Yan (raging flames) actually make gold/metal help itself look after Huo'er and fifty Saint Fire Dragon?

Lie Yan (raging flames) gentle looks to Ji Dong, "walks, we go home, for me, the earth core lake is my family/home. Also is your family/home. I know, in your heart has certainly many questions. This time I all told you."

Under the gaze of people, Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong under foot Red Lotus ray stretches. A piece by piece Red Lotus flower petal gentle covers their bodies, when this Lie Yan (raging flames) when the assigns Red Lotus closes up for the flower bud completely, the ray flashes, this giant flower bud submerged the ground to vanish does not see, stays behind, only then distant place that has saved the Light Five Elements Continent Red Lotus day hot light screen.

clouds that secret vision restored the wisdom ray, his muttered: "Teacher, I understood. I understand what you said was anything. Masters! Regardless has anything, you must support to be good."

Yao Qianshu solemnly said: "Walks, we quickly search for other people, ten thousand thunder break into a jail wreak havoc, whether does not know the Heavenly Stems Regiment also living witness." Such remarks, the eye socket of Lan Bao'er was red immediately, people on the scene, only then she is a Heavenly Stems Regiment member truly, why she finally will also remember Fu Rui to depart suddenly, then formidable ultimate Certain Kill Skill, perhaps, perhaps......

Red Lotus day hot light screen has been cut off the enemy for them, is, the heart of everyone even more is serious, in this moment, these young people as if has grown up. They understand, above own shoulder dropped the serious responsibility.

cloud Tianji walked, that seven floats during airborne Crystal Crown one by one receives itself to grasp. Turns around to return to front of the people again, solemnly said: "Acts according to the special circumstances, today can stand here, each of you are the hope of our continent, everyone will become the Light Five Elements Continent hero. The lover of master has striven for five years for us. In the five years, is relates to continent in the future the life or death five years. You can appear here, is destiny depends on, the master and Thunder Emperor are not, I represent them to issue you these Crystal Crown separately. You are the Light Five Elements Continent genuine disciples. However, a little I must tell you ahead of time, wants to absorb the energy in Crystal Crown, the pain of trouble- maker you need to bear, if cannot withstand, finally died. Now I give you time to consider, who wants to withdraw does not force."

The people look at each other in blank dismay, has not waited for them to open the mouth, gold/metal has arrived remotely front, extends the right hand to her, "gives me the nucleus of life."

The nucleus of remote taking off life silently, puts in gold/metal hand. gold/metal received the nucleus of life, turns around to say to cloud Tianji: "My originally is pinnacle Yin Metal, does not need your this Crystal Crown. I must walk first, waited for that the master and Ji Dong come back."

cloud Tianji said: "No, Miss gold/metal, this pinnacle Yin Metal Crystal Crown should belong as before your. In this world, is impossible to have two disciples to exist, your appearance did not conform to the destiny. Takes this Crystal Crown to you, not only the promotion of strength, moreover is the ownership of destiny, in the meantime, you also will be only the one by one position take disciple Crystal Crown not to have any side effect."

At the same time was saying, cloud Tianji Crystal Crown has delivered to front of gold/metal one just like Jinshui crystal carved.

gold/metal received conveniently, looks at the cloud secret, she asked suddenly: "Since you predict the Master, then, you told me, can the master have the matter?"

The secret aura stagnates. "I can see the sadness of master, but actually cannot see the result. However, nothing is completely desperate. The vitality exists as before. Can appear to save us like your master promptly."

gold/metal silent moment nodded, "good, I understood."Then, her fluttering body, falls on fifty Saint Fire Dragon is sad, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously long recited one, soared, went toward the distant place.

gold/metal walked, the surplus person vision fall above Crystal Crown in Operator cloud heaven, they understand that these Crystal Crown mean anything, not only has the powerful strength that pinnacle magic power brings, in the meantime, the responsibility that also after has pinnacle magic power, brings.

clouds secret tranquil standing there, but his mood point is actually not able to be quiet, he was worried, was not worried about bright disciple Crystal Crown in hand, but for the Ji Dong worry. Deep worry. Because, before Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) leave that flash, his heart saw anything suddenly, how although he cannot definitely the final result, but he actually knows, after Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) walked, will face in his life the most important transition, will face in his life the most significant test. Even before must surpass, facing dark secret and dark heavenly stems disciple.

No one has thought, in people, unexpectedly is Lan Bao'er that first walks. She arrives in front of the cloud secret silently, in the eye is revealing the firm look, "secret, hello/you good."

cloud Tianji recovers, to her nodded, "you were clear?"

On the Lan Bao'er face reveals a light smiling face, making her outstandingly beautiful appearance appear tenderer more and beautiful, ", I was clear. In my heart has been loving since a person. I have believed, I would some opportunities. However, in a moment ago, when I see his genuine lover, for he blocks that ultimate Certain Kill Skill, I know, his heart possibly will again never install under me. This lives to miss, only has to express feelings in the responsibility. I called Lan Bao'er, I was willing to shoulder the responsibility of bright Tenth Water disciple."

The secret takes out that amethyst sparkle Crystal Crown to hand in front of Bao'er, Lan Bao'er with both hands Jane|treasure, but heavy has met, is looking at Crystal Crown in hand, in her eyes has filled firmly.

Du Ming and Du Xin'er also together walked, two brother and sister arrive in front of the cloud secret, Du Ming solemnly said: "I am willing to help Teacher guard light, as a Light Five Elements Continent member, has to protect the responsibility of oneself homeland, the price of even if paying is the life. I am willing to undertake, the responsibility of bright Ninth Water disciple."

Du Xin'er blinked, "I do not know how should say, but, I will not flinch. The bright Seventh Metal disciple, sounds to have the imposing manner. The Elder Brother said that I also similarly can achieve. I must help Elder Brother Ji Dong."

cloud Tianji shows a faint smile, takes out bright Ninth Water Crystal Crown and bright Seventh Metal Crystal Crown hands in front of two brother and sister. They catch own Crystal Crown separately, the brother and sister smile, they understand, oneself destiny also changed in this moment. They will not be protected by the father Wine God halo.

Seven Crystal Crown, went to its four, in Operator cloud heaven surplus, only has two Earth department Crystal Crown and together Wood department Crystal Crown. But the people on the scene, besides cloud Tianji, itself does not have pinnacle magic power, only remaining demon pledge hegemon, remote.

clouds that secret vision falls on remote, he sees, is the remote hesitant look.

"What's wrong? Don't you want? Remote young lady." The secret clear and resonant voice asked.

Visits him remotely surprisedly, "I, I really? You should know, I come from the demon pledge person. Du Xin'er once was also grasped by me. You should know, demon pledge means anything regarding legitimate Mage."

cloud Tianji shook the head, ", I do not know that the demon pledge means anything, I only know, you are the ally of my master, is our partners. When you in knowing perfectly well the future cover entirely crisis as before resolutely follows Thunder Emperor and my master participates in this fight together. I have regarded as the partner you. The status is how unimportant, I think, you are completely able, there is a duty to shoulder the responsibility that this bright Sixth Earth Crystal Crown brings. From now on, in your name, should on a title of many bright Sixth Earth disciple."

Remote eyes somewhat blurred, the light water glare fills the air before her pupil, since many years, the demon pledge is the heresy in legitimate Mage eye, she has not thought, in this moment, oneself actually actually obtained the approval. When this approval stems from a mouth of person, but regarding her, was enough.

The floating body, falls in the face of the cloud secret remotely, when she received bright Sixth Earth Crystal Crown, her both hands are clearly shivering.

"Secret, thank you." cloud Tianji smiles to shake the head, ", you should not thank me. Because, what you obtain is a serious responsibility. In my hand also remaining bright Second Wood Crystal Crown and bright Fifth Earth Crystal Crown, after these two Crystal Crown wait the master comes back, makes him decide. The matter I must tell you. In this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples, our Saint kings are the bright Yin-Yang two fires disciple, Ji Dong. But you actually as before are ten people, because, in bright disciple, but also are many had pinnacle Yang Thunder bright Yang Thunder disciple Fu Rui. You, are the true bright heavenly stems disciples, your responsibility, are leads to defeat the darkness brightly."

Yes, they are this generation of true bright heavenly stems disciples, according to the five elements order, separately is:

Bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu, Bright Second Wood disciple vacancy,
Bright Yin-Yang two fires disciple Ji Dong, Bright Yang Thunder disciple Fu Rui,
Bright Fifth Earth disciple vacancy,

The bright Sixth Earth disciple is remote, Bright Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er, Bright Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, Bright Ninth Water disciple Du Ming,
Bright Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er.

They, truly become leads to block one generation of disciples who is dark brightly, when they truly after Crystal Crown fusion in hand, they must shoulder, five years later, the responsibility that leads Light Five Elements Continent and Dark Five Elements Continent fights to the death. Everybody anticipated that at this moment was very long. This is the true bright heavenly stems disciple. The also two positions have not appeared. One is the Fifth Earth disciple, one is the Second Wood disciple. Fifth Earth disciple everybody should be able to guess that who obtains is. The Second Wood disciple is impossible to guess correctly that told you on the quiet, this Second Wood disciple and...... Related, ok, I did not say the words that the play passes looked did not have the meaning, right. Hehe.

Chapter 317: Lie Yan (raging flames) secret

earth core lake.

The light red light stretches quietly. The soft flower petal opens slowly, reveals in has been wrapping two people.

The earth core lake is the original earth core lake, any change, the thick magma occasionally has not met flood several air bubbles. Is full of Fire Element scalding hot air command as Fire department Mage Ji Dong feels extremely comfortable. He and Lie Yan (raging flames) came back. Like such that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that they went home.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not received own assigns Red Lotus, according to the shoulder of Ji Dong, "Ji Dong, you sits down lightly."

Ji Dong complies according to the word, sat on the lotus throne of Lie Yan (raging flames) that given name Red Lotus center. Those who made his accident/surprise was, along with his sitting down, Lie Yan (raging flames) also sat, moreover sat on his leg directly, both hands twined his neck, the whole person snuggle during his bosom.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), were actually you? Is magic power that because outputs are too many, isn't healthy?"Ji Dong kind asking. Lie Yan (raging flames) never so lingers at to him like today, his innermost feelings softest place, was being moved by gentle and charming Lie Yan (raging flames) unceasingly. But he is very clear, Lie Yan (raging flames) can release ultimate Certain Kill Skill, can she really delicate? Lie Yan (raging flames) shaking the head of gently in the Ji Dong bosom, but has not actually gained ground. With the most comfortable posture by the Ji Dong generous chest, "Ji Dong, you very much has wanted to know that actually I am what kind of strength. To know why I said myself unable to you in the world release strength. Right?"

The Ji Dong vision gradually becomes gentle, embraces tightly Lie Yan (raging flames) in bosom, is feeling her heat degree, ", these are unimportant. I have not asked you, not? I respect all your secrets, has not suspected your anything."

Lie Yan (raging flames) nearly is twittering was saying: "But, I must tell you now. Told you all my matters."

"Actually I when appear in this world, I am not clear. Because, just I after birth, simply had not realized. Was in the earth core lake the hottest magma has moistened not the well-known rock, thus bred earth core Red Lotus. I static infiltration passed in the earth core magma the millenniums and ten thousand years. When does not know, I had the consciousness finally. The initiative start will be absorbing Fire Element in earth core lake. But the cultivation speed of this process and your human compares the difference was too is really far."

"How long crossed did not know, my spirit knowledge started to expand gradually, quite therefore the soul of your human. Can gradually the sensation to all of outside. I discovered that the world that I survive, unexpectedly is so marvelous. earth core 18 Layers, each has the different lifeform. Is getting more and more formidable along with the spirit knowledge, the thing that I can feel are also getting more and more, can penetrate earth core 18 Layers until my spirit knowledge, feels outside world. I am clear, originally this world is not silent, but that colorful."

"Still remembers? I had said to you, I have travelled for pleasure in the world. Actually, that is only my spirit knowledge in your world reverberation. I am really good to envy your human, can withstand the warmth of sunlight, can have such advantageous talent. Emotion of also each other exchange. Perhaps, is starting from that moment, my spirit knowledge was unable to be tranquil." "Time passes by day-by-day, my spirit knowledge also throughout in unceasing is expanding, I am restraining yearning to outside world diligently. Because I know that is not me. Through the understanding the earth core world, to the observation of world, I have learned many truth, understood many world highest good. Knew I should not exist in this world. I feared, I feared my spirit knowledge will be discovered that thus falls into beyond redemption. Therefore, I ran away, peaceful is absorbing each point of Fire Element in the earth core lake, as far as possible expands itself. Only by doing so, I can have a security sense."

Lie Yan's sound as before is that interesting to listen, but , her sound are at this moment many several points of strange mood to change. As if weeping and complaining. Made the Ji Dong heartstrings along with her sound, but rhythm.

"Until one day, the earth core world is not steady makes me awaken from the quiet cultivation. When I send out once more spirit knowledge, the surprised discovery, the earth core 18 Layers world was confused unexpectedly completely. Has filled everywhere the war, innumerable earth core lifeform casualty. Entire earth core 18 Layers fell into a confusion completely. I not yes, but, first time had the anger. Here is my family/home! Some people are destroying my family/home, how can I not be indignant?"

"Therefore, my spirit knowledge starts to search, reason that searches the war, quick, I knew. Originally this war , because rules the earth core world two Sovereign King to strive for the sovereignty of earth core world initiates. Therefore, I have gotten rid, since birth, first time got rid. Has not thought including me that time I, unexpectedly became so formidable. I comprehended the true meaning of fire, has to catch fire most source strength. I struck to kill that Two Great Sovereign Kings separately, frightened the entire earth core world by my spirit knowledge, finally, making here regain the peace once more, but I also inherited that Two Great Sovereign Kings dominant position, became one generation of Empress of earth core world. I named the character to myself, is called: Lie Yan (raging flames)." Hears here, Ji Dong was somewhat crazy, how he definitely is unable to imagine that thousands of years lonely Lie Yan (raging flames) to pass. Lonely, sometimes also wanted fearful many compared with the death.

"The earth core world was calm, but. My heart is actually not able to be tranquil. Before Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King at the point of death, they told me, they, were I, must not exposed to up. Because, we are moisten born by the fire of earth core, is not species that the god creates. If must describe with the language of human, then, we should be the abyss devils. They fortunately, after all, they awaken the later strength to be also not enough to offend the bottom line of god. However, they told me, I was different, because I launched the attack to them time, had made the reason that the deity dreaded. Because, that time I, am a god."

Although Ji Dong has guessed correctly, when Lie Yan (raging flames) said her personally is the god, his heart shocked.

Since Lie Yan (raging flames) has been the goddess in his heart, perfect goddess. Has not thought, she unexpectedly is really a god.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has as if seen through the idea in Ji Dong heart. Looks up to him, vision as before that gentle, "actually, I am not a god, but had with the god same strength. Only then your human, has possibility truly becomes a god. But we are not good, we can only be the abyss devils! Once the deity knew has my existence, my result only has one, was destroyed. Starting from that moment, I do not dare again to the ground. Even if the spirit knowledge does not dare to go again. I do not want to be destroyed, I quite treasure this hard-won life and wisdom. Even if earth core world in lonely, I am living eventually."

Listens to Lie Yan (raging flames) to say here, Ji Dong eyes somewhat blurred, is hugging the arm of Lie Yan (raging flames) slightly shivers, until now, he is clear, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) and travelled for pleasure in continent together takes what kind of risk, but all that she made, for oneself! Suddenly, he has as if realized anything, the entire heart clutches instantaneously tightly, "Lie Yan (raging flames), you just had displayed your strength outside, you. " Lie Yan (raging flames) sits the straight body, gently moved on the Ji Dong leg slightly own position, makes nearer, "Little Ji Dong that oneself and Ji Dong suffer, do not break me to be good? Listened to me to say the words."

Ji Dong closely grabs Lie Yan (raging flames) red skirt, is hugging her, places on own lower jaw her shoulder, he feared, he feared the next moment Lie Yan (raging flames) will go to oneself, the unprecedented panic has flooded in each corner of his innermost feelings.

Lie Yan (raging flames) continued: "Time day-by-day passing. You know that in our earth core, does not have day concept actually. Because our simply does not divide the daytime and dark night. Has, is only life and death. I have been used to it like this lonely, after I do not know, how, earth core world all in my sensation. My gradually was somewhat vacant, I suddenly discovered, oneself some are not clear, actually such tranquil survival has any significance. Also at this time, suddenly, not a formidable space fluctuation spread to the earth core lake, entered in my spirit knowledge. Even strength was in earth core the human child of smallest and weakest lifeform arrived here. In his hand, but also is taking one glass of liquor, bringing I have never been feeling the wine to come here."

"That is I. " the Ji Dong sound shivers was saying.

Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles was saying. "Yes! That is you. I still clearly remember that now you when first time come here appearance. Your silly visits me. Originally, I should destroy you. But perhaps is because then I was too lonely, possibly was your glass of liquor really attracted me, could not bear with you speaks. Also starting from that moment, my life changed. Every day, I am tasting you for the good wine that I mix, such feeling made me understand the happiness in your human mouth was anything. Moreover, what made my surprised was, in good wine that in you mixed, is always containing one special mood. Can integrate in the liquid the mood, this is I am not able to achieve! I am a god. Therefore, has me to inquire about actually a long time this mood is anything. My spirit knowledge, once again quietly went to your world. After the unceasing investigation, I understood finally. That mood is called *, is the love of being in love among the human men and women can have."

"I started to be afraid, you took to my mood to make me start to be afraid. Because I feel suddenly, own mood and spirit knowledge are starting to receive your this name to be called the mood influence of love. Every day before you have not come, I have suddenly learned missing of your human, every day the arrival becomes the matter that I most hope. I quite feared, I feared I will destroy therefore, our simply is not a lifeform of world, I am impossible to accept your love. Therefore, I have chosen escape, I have do not dare to see you for a long time. But, is such, in my heart even more is thick to your missing. Moreover, in my spirit knowledge, started to appear more and more with your human same mood. When one day, when I see you to encounter the danger, nearly after the body dies, I clearly become aware suddenly, I am evading, since continuously I am evading. Does this will only make me suffer, simultaneously I also understood, I have the mood of human gradually am not because must destroy, but is evolving. My spirit knowledge again evolves with the change of this mood with my strength."

"Therefore I have decided that decides no longer to evade, I to must have a look, actually you can make me have what kind of change. But, what making me not think is. As the time passes by day-by-day, I actually really had various mood like human. Moreover, I also finally downcast in your passion. I am born in the earth core magma, never knows that what is hot, but your love made me feel the heat. Warmth of the heart. I discovered, I could not leave you more and more. Accompanies you to travel continent these days for me is most joyful, but also remembers that my previous time closes up suddenly, that is because, I have completed the evolution of qualitative change finally once again. If when defeats Two Great Sovereign Kings, my strength can only be equal to the most preliminary god, then, after this evolution, I had the strength that the Level 2 god has slandered. That the stick of earth goddess asked the remote girl to grasp is the Level 2 god to slander the earth goddess. Therefore, I can help you resist ultimate Certain Kill Skill a moment ago. Because, ten thousand thunder break into a jail, although entered the ultimate Certain Kill Skill category, after all but is not sent out by the god. Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is the range of Saint level, but ultimate Certain Kill Skill, then is only the god."

"Ji Dong, you know why I do not dare truly directly to accept your love, said that three characters to you?"In Lie Yan (raging flames) eye gentle finally started to have the change, light mournful was glittering in the eyeground.

"Why?"Asking that Ji Dong blurted out.

Lin Yan said: "Because I am not a person, I do not have the body of human. I who you see, completely have the energy to condense. I can simulate your human at the energy the appearance, even is the entity general touch, but, I after all am not a person! I cannot such bear children for you like the human girl, I, how can also accept your love. I am not willing to make you fall in love with one group of energies, or falls in love with the perfect body that I create."

"No, Lie Yan (raging flames), no. You said right, when I just started to know you, falls in love indeed is your perfect appearance, is, my present love, is actually your entirety. Even if you do not have the body, only then soul exists, I also still love you. Always not regret."

Lie Yan (raging flames) is a god, this was I already established, this was also the reason why Lie Yan (raging flames) had not gotten rid of truly, cannot get rid the reason that in the ground. The following plot everybody has carried on many guesses, then this can with fighting the place of Luo ending joins right. The result that but everybody guessed all was not right. This result is also this breaks the climax genuine transition to be. Everybody looks, is those words, does not have the tragedy. Asked the monthly ticket, at the end of the month final several days, but also waited for anything, crazy pounded.

Chapter 318: The deicides cultivate/repair like this

Looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong eye was in love to the pinnacle richly. "Actually, I already know that you are not human. You also already told me, you is a Red Lotus evolution. But, when have I cared? Human how? Energy how? could it be the leather bag of our human is not the energy condenses becomes? Lie Yan (raging flames), I love you, regardless of you turn into any appearance, actually regardless of you are anything, I also still love you. You told me your secret. Then, I also told you one to be my secret. Actually, I am not the person of this world similarly. My soul, from another world, Ji Dong that you see, is one has the body of another world soul. My previous generation, in one with the Light Five Elements Continent different places, there also has human. At that time, I am one generation of Wine God, is that world most splendid cocktail room. When one time tastes millennium good wine, I have rested. When I wake up, had present this body. originally Ji Dong, soul already dissipation death. Is soul that I pass through to come occupied his body."

Lie Yan (raging flames) dull looks at Ji Dong, she has not thought. Ji Dong will take unexpectedly also to such huge surprised.

Pulls up both hands of Lie Yan (raging flames), according to own chest, "Lie Yan (raging flames), I can tell you are. The previous generation or this life, I only have loved a female, that is you, my Lie Yan (raging flames). I know, I have nearly biased disposition. I rigid all will change never. Regardless of you soon must face anything, the person is also good, the god, lets me and you faces together. I only have a request, making me die in your front one second."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision suddenly becomes tranquil, ", Ji Dong, I have not been able to believe your love. Since originally, your also this kind of secret has been concealing me. How do you let me to believe you?"

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "It is not I do not want to tell you. This is too shocking. Moreover I feared, I feared really very much. I feared that you will leave me. Therefore, even if there is slightest bit possibly to threaten you to my feeling, I am not willing to take risk. Lie Yan (raging flames), how can you be willing to believe me?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) has smiled, her smiling face is very gentle, ", if, you can take the famous name wine to record that ten big famous name wine for the base liquor, mixes ten glasses of cocktails for me respectively, I believe you."

Ji Dong stares. He has not thought that Lie Yan (raging flames) will set such request.

Visits him, heart of Lie Yan (raging flames) in gently is shivering, Little Ji Dong, can I not believe you? You may know, in my heart, you, not only love, is complete. I hope that you can go on living, going on living well. Can I let you and I die together? You know that when I can have the courage to rush to Holy and Evil Island to block for you ten thousand thunder break into a jail, true meaning that I really understood loving. When I look at your life when my life is more important, I already incurable has fallen in love with you. In any event, I will not make you die.

At this moment, the entire earth core world shivered suddenly, the Lie Yan (raging flames) look one cold, has not waited for Ji Dong to reply that her formerly words, changed into the red light to slide from the Ji Dong bosom together quietly, Ji Dong only thought that rich tepid magic power covers own body, the next moment, he had been delivered to the hole wall of distant place, when looks like first time arrives at this earth core world such, in the whole person was sealed by that matter red light in hollow. What's all this about? The Ji Dong heart shakes. To make reaction time, actually by red light screen stop before body, he in human Mage, strength, although was considered as on outstanding, but, slanders the front in Lie Yan (raging flames) this Level 2 god, is actually small and weak too many were too many. Possibly breaks through knot under Lie Yan (raging flames) arrange/cloth by his strength?

Although cannot exit, but outside Ji Dong can actually see all that has, sees only, the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) floated in the midair. The foot treads itself assigns Red Lotus. Behind her, presented huge Red Lotus illusory shadow. Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) soul is connected, at this time during naturally can the clear feeling the Lie Yan (raging flames) state of mind be is highly anxious, even also has several points to fear and startled. Such mood, his first time sees on Lie Yan (raging flames), even if before facing ultimate Certain Kill Skill, Lie Yan (raging flames) does not have such condition.

Has not waited for Ji Dong to make the ponder, suddenly, the golden light beam does not have dropping from the clouds of omen together, although this earth core world does not have the day, but when that golden light beam falls baseless, Ji Dong actually it punctures the feeling that the vault of heaven comes. The deep golden light, has filled the sacred air/Qi, a person of middle-aged man appearance, drops from the clouds from the golden light.

Sees the appearance of this person, the Lie Yan (raging flames) look immediately became more intense, whole body has leapt light red light fog, looked like when sending out her Ultra Certain Kill Skill Red Lotus day fire.

This person of look is quite handsome, wears a golden mail-armor and helmet, is tall. It seems with Thunder Emperor Fu Rui almost resembles, very above synthesis golden god armor is sparkling the light strange demon mark brilliance, the back two pairs are the golden giant wing open similarly, whole body disclosed a great strength beyond description, flash when he presented that this blazing earth core lake world, unexpectedly suddenly became ice-cold, the core of this earth core world was shivering because of this person's arrival, as if the magma in earth core lake momentarily must coagulate.

Ji Dong can feel that is not the change in temperature, the pressure that but pure spiritually releases, the woods cold aura, making the world of this originally dark-red ray sparkle many white, was ice-cold murderous aura the white that completely the condensation became. This needs the tyrannical murderous intention to condense, can present this substantive shape!

In plain facial features, pair of water blue eye pupil, in his both eyes, even does not have the slightest bit vitality to fluctuate, is dense and ice- cold, coldly looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), looks like gazes at one to treat butchers the lamb to be ordinary.

"God Asura under law enforcement Jinza the lawman deicide cultivates like this here, the evil creature, has not been without a fight. Gets back one's composure listens the board order after me."

The body of Lie Yan (raging flames) in airborne draws back slowly backward floating, in the eye reveals the color/look of fear obviously, "hello, cultivates Sir like this. Does not know that my body commits what crime, you must arrest me to get back one's composure."

Lie Yan (raging flames) to become God for a long time, knows several points regarding matter of many god, after she hears the opposite party identifies one's role when first coming on stage, the heart sank the valley. originally she also hugs for several points to hope, what if comes is the common god slanders, oneself perhaps also several extension meetings. But after, she hears the opposite party is a deicide. Did not have slightest bit leaving things to chance again.

After becoming the god, her spirit knowledge changed into the god knowledge actually, regarding god in all sorts has induced. In god, three big law enforcement gods, severely is also most formidable, is Asura god. Even if the god god king, wants to dread regarding Asura gods. Obviously he was tyrannical. But the deicide cultivates like this is under Asura Jinza the first powerhouse, the first killer. In his hands, but also never has the enforced the law god slanders to escape. Although this deicide is also the Level 2 god slanders, but his innate slaughtering attribute can say that the restraint almost slanders brightly. Also some Asura gods as backstage, when is faces some Lord God, can the equal dialog. Lie Yan (raging flames) has not thought, god actually so attaches great importance to oneself, unexpectedly sent this deicide Sir.

Repairs in like this eyes to burst out two golden light suddenly, looks straight ahead Lie Yan (raging flames). That intense god light as if must puncture thoroughly the Lie Yan (raging flames) god to know general, "does body commit what crime? Your this abyss evil creature has is in itself the sin. Your simply should not appear in this world. However, you hide here, have not always revealed your Divine level cultivation base, not by the god discovery. This time, you dare to affect the development of world unexpectedly rashly, is the strength leak, how could to allow you to exist again? You have the big responsibility for an offense, how to be punished, the god committee will have the fair ruling. Immediately is without a fight, returns to get back one's composure along with me, otherwise, kills without the amnesty."

Lie Yan (raging flames) sighed, has turned head, looks out the hole wall place by the seal in Ji Dong one of the hollow place, Ji Dong is seen, is vision that in her eyes renounced.

" No, Lie Yan (raging flames) moves is crying out crazily, but, his sound simply is unable to pass on through the Lie Yan (raging flames) seal, at this moment. The panic of his innermost feelings has promoted the limit. All these, because of! If to not rescue oneself, how Lie Yan (raging flames) to expose own Divine level cultivation base by the god discovery, but also sends out this deicide to apprehend her. Very obviously, if Lie Yan (raging flames) returns to get back one's composure along with this deicide, will not have the good end. But, what oneself present can make? By own strength, how also possibly to affect the negotiation between gods.

On Lie Yan (raging flames) that perfect tender face, reveals a grieved smile, changes the deicide to cultivate like this once more, "deicide Sir, he is only a human. If I have not remembered incorrectly, although the god lawman is strong, the object but who enforces the law actually can only be a god, if I died, asked you do not injure him. His existence, relates to this world human the destiny. Even some possibilities in the near future also become in god."

Repairs like this coldly snorted, "how does this god work with you teaches? The evil creature, quickly has not gone along with me." Before having traded, these by he has enforced the law the young god, cultivates like this radically non- membership dues these many words, this time he comes personally because of the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength. When the god discovery presented a Level 2 god to slander above light dark Five Elements Continent unexpectedly shocks, has not alarmed the god committee luckily, the deicide cultivates like this as one of the most formidable lawmen, this personally came. The world presents the abyss Level 2 god to slander, this is the huge errors of their these lawmen, only then two big god king and three law enforcement gods before the god committee discovered leads her, may the reduced responsibility for an offense. Therefore the deicide cultivates like this then at the maximum speed to catch up. Although his strength is tyrannical, but present Lie Yan (raging flames) also with him similarly is the Level 2 god, can avoid troubling him naturally also to be disinclined the multi- fee strength.

May at this moment, the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision suddenly become firm, the panic-stricken mood clears off in this moment unexpectedly, what replaces it is renounces with calm, ", I cannot go back with you. Even if dies, I must die in the place of this birth."

"What did you say? Do you dare to defy the orders of god?"Repairs like this to look that at present this seems like the delicate female, saying that some do not dare to believe. When he appears, at present this abyss goddess quite fears obviously, that does not install. Any Lord God god slanders to see him, some such responses, will cultivate like this to become accustomed. But in this time, he actually discovered that Lie Yan (raging flames) to his fear, not only completely vanished. Reveals the obvious strong color/look. Her god knows with the supernatural power fiercely is also surging, has the meaning of momentarily getting rid of greatly. Also dares such Lord God following god to slander facing own deicide pressure in god it can be said that is also extremely rare, has not actually thought that this abyss goddess has such courage unexpectedly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles mournfully, "goes back with not to go back and have difference as you like as you like. Like such that you said that existence that I should not present. Arrived god, the god committee has given my ruling also only to be relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. Such being the case, what dies in your hands and dies in the god committee hand also has to distinguish? Makes me ask for advice the god illustrious prestige deicide Sir to be actually formidable."

Repairs like this also to dare to say these words facing the deicide, Lie Yan (raging flames) the consciousness that if cannot die how can achieve. Reason that she choice died in battle here does not get back one's composure, the goal only has one. She hopes, before oneself, can be at the point of death Ji Dong works again. Fight between gods, will have the enormous inspiration to the cultivation of Ji Dong without doubt, let alone is a war that the body falls, will be the deep brand mark in his innermost soul. In the future, when he attacks this level, definitely to him has the tremendous assistance to affect. This was also finally can for the matter that he handled. Dies did not fear that Lie Yan (raging flames) also will dread the deicide?

Is listening to Lie Yan (raging flames) these words, cultivates in like this eyes a golden light to dodge, both eyes turned into the dense white completely. As the god lawman, the god who dares to offend his authority slandered almost died. "Since you think that relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, I helps you."

The strong murderous intention, on cultivating like this ascends, the magnificent pattern on his golden armor, erupts the intense white light instantaneously. Terrifying entity murderous intention fills the air instantaneously in each corner of earth core lake, a Lie Yan (raging flames) complexion paleness of suppression.

The both arms of Lie Yan (raging flames), lift from the body slowly, the under foot itself assigns Red Lotus to bloom suddenly the rich red brilliance, that was repaired the red ray that like this suppression the earth core magma lake feels on her to send out completely by the deicide, the halo ascends suddenly, curls up just like the great waves loudly, huge Fire Element that the hot magma contains, as if completely was transferred by Lie Yan (raging flames) in this moment, has withstood the pressure of deicide actually.

Chapter 319: The war of god

Lie Yan (raging flames) evolves the time that into the Level 2 god slanders is very short. Just comprehended the strength that the Level 2 god could have, but the deicide cultivated like this becomes the Level 2 god does not know that had many years, was the experience are innumerable in the fight of Divine level, was the god lawman, his strength in the bright Level 2 god slandered, can be listed at first three absolutely. It can be said that Lie Yan (raging flames) will not have the slightest bit opportunity before him.

However, the Lie Yan (raging flames) also two aspects cultivate/repair like this unable to compare. One is her death will resolutely, she does not think oneself under chasing down of god also in the hope that goes on living. Even if a person, when knew that must die to erupt the tremendous strength, let alone was a god slanders. Another, here must unexpectedly be the earth core lake, is lives her to raise her enemy side, all her strengths also come from the earth core lake. The strength of god will not be inexhaustible, by the earth core lake as the battlefield, is having the tremendous role regarding in addition of Lie Yan (raging flames) itself strength, let alone, her familiar with this earth core lake looks like to own body is familiar same. Also because had existences of these two conditions, Lie Yan (raging flames) with cultivating like this this war, is not pure lopsided.

Repaired like this to move, his turned into white both eyes to burst out the unequalled formidable murderous intention completely suddenly, he could certainly see that Lie Yan (raging flames) was drawing support from the strength of earth core lake. Will he fully gather the strength to Lie Yan (raging flames) the opportunity? Sees only cultivates like this personal appearance to dodge, as if from the sky moved one meter, how Ji Dong on distant place hole wall simply has not seen clearly him to act, a lot of spoken parts light directly soared the Lie Yan (raging flames) bang to go.

Also at this time, Ji Dong suddenly felt that the heart shakes, own soul has been united as one body with the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, initially relied on the strength of own soul to help the partners like him in the fight. Just, this time situation is just right, is Lie Yan (raging flames) knows with own god is on own initiative connected with his strength. Feels the Lie Yan (raging flames) god to know fluctuation, Ji Dong eyes, although cannot see clearly, but had the clear sensation in his soul through the identification that the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knew.

That a lot of spoken parts light, are the deicide cultivate/repair Josse's fist unexpectedly, in other words, in formerly flash, he has rumbled a lot of fists
. Moreover, each fist that he rumbles is having the strange strength, in that a lot of fist coverage scopes has clearly formed a mysterious strategy, completely the body limit of Lie Yan (raging flames), making her unable to dodge. Repairs Josse's fist China , Italy from the deicide, Ji Dong felt anything truly is the ruinous murderous intention, his clear awareness, if traded is oneself, perhaps the thought of deicide sufficiently made itself die a lot of chapters. The disparity between person and god, cannot the truth idea.

Also at this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) moved, facing the attack of deicide. She manifested extremely calmly, both hands pinched the orchid fingered, in the soul induction of Ji Dong, as if finger of flash Lie Yan (raging flames) already springing a lot of times, following, was in the earth core lake a lot of magma columns of flame emits, by below upward, met the approaching enemy the attack of deicide completely, simultaneously Lie Yan (raging flames) every time in a flash, the small Red Lotus shape energy will surge from the fingertip, met the approaching enemy from the upfront.

Such Red Lotus Ji Dong has seen, on Holy and Evil Island, Lie Yan (raging flames) nearly made to absorb four mahatma beast magic power dark secrets to cherish hatred by such small Red Lotus, the energy of obviously in this Red Lotus containing was terrifying. But facing the deicide, Lie Yan (raging flames) is a lot of Red Lotus also springs, this output magic power, only imagines, made the heart fierce beat of Ji Dong.

This is confrontation between a genuine god and god. Does not have the slightest bit lucky possibility, strength to control the fight the victory and defeat.

Red and white, from the sky surges a magnificent picture, each Red Lotus be earlier than below magma column of flame a hit above the attack that the deicide launches. White light bitter experience that Red Lotus and deicide rumble, this once in the Ji Dong consciousness thinks that nearly invincible energy is disintegrating unexpectedly instantaneously, was strangled to death the fragment by that dazzling white light, but that white light itself weakens. The imposing manner and strength fear of deicide thus it can be seen. But also in this moment, below magma column of flame surged, after following closely Red Lotus, hit in ruthlessly the white light, forms the interception effect. Red and white two-color halos from the sky bloom, seems that gorgeous, even does not have thundering of slightest bit to resound, Ji Dong has the Lie Yan (raging flames) Red Lotus light screen to prevent, cannot feel any fluctuation of energy of outside. But his actually conceivable completely this time Lie Yan (raging flames) and deicide cultivate/repair collision between like this are the what kind of terrors. Perhaps, at this time fluctuation of energy in this earth core lake was not inferior to ultimate Certain Kill Skill. What is strange, is such fierce magic power collision, has not caused the collapse of earth core world or is the injury. As if Lie Yan (raging flames) and cultivates like this completely to limit own strength in certain range.

Ji Dong must barely escape death unexpectedly, almost in the next moment he understands why will have such situation to appear, this is not the energy that because between Lie Yan (raging flames) and deicide erupt is insufficient. But because of their places.

Here is earth core, the core of entire star is, if here presents the collapse, the earth core magma lake, the core position of this entire star has the huge energy change, perhaps, this star has the destroyed danger, is most minimum, life apply carbon who also will cause the ground world. This is not the deicide cultivates like this to see that but Lie Yan (raging flames) is subconscious to protect own family/home has therefore controlled the eruption range of energy. Among two people the magic power collision had been limited in the narrow and small range condenses extremely. Moreover they also after branching out part of strengths controls forcefully each other is attacking the collision the dissemination of magic power.

In an instant, Ji Dong has grasped something, he can see at present the great strength of this deicide from the Lie Yan (raging flames) beforehand facial expression, but this earth core world is actually an extremely special place. Here fights, Lie Yan (raging flames) will not have the opportunity.

At this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) and cultivated the first collision between like this to finish, although Lie Yan (raging flames) respectively by thousand Red Lotus and earth core magma column of flame as preventing, but actually as before cannot prevent to cultivate Josse's attack completely, finally hundred blank space light arrived at her body , before as before.

Lie Yan (raging flames) in airborne wonderful revolving, the red skirt flies upwards, the mysterious Red Lotus halo sends out from her, looks like a lotus flower blooms suddenly general, this will cultivate like this to attack final magic power to go.

The body of Lie Yan (raging flames) shivered slightly, Ji Dong can feel clearly her god knew in the drastic fluctuation, although did not have to be damaged truly, but also withstood the shake of considerable degree.

Very powerful deicide! Has not changed color facing ultimate Certain Kill Skill, and prevents ten thousand thunder to break into a jail Lie Yan (raging flames) needs three times to get rid to be able before him unexpectedly to block his wave of frontal attack. Obviously the strength of deicide was how powerful.

Repairs like this somewhat surprisedly looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), "unexpectedly is the double main body, no wonder dares to defy this, you think, the double main body can contend with this place? I can let your relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish similarly."At the same time was saying, this deicide right hand lifts slowly, the strong white light emits from his hand, in an instant, a handle four chi (0.33 m) long sword appeared during he grasps.

Repairs two main bodies that in like this mouth said real, Lie Yan (raging flames) from birth on that day. In the earth core lake, she is that place fire Red Lotus, but, her strength originates from the earth core lake completely, had already merged into one organic whole with the strength of this earth core lake, therefore, besides this assigns Red Lotus, this earth core lake can also be said as her another body. Also because of this, she reluctantly can contend with the present deicide. Has traded in the ground, perhaps Lie Yan (raging flames) received to cultivate a like this attack to be injured.

On this handle long sword, floods unexpectedly is the pure soul aura. No, should say that is state of mind aura, sharp murderous aura made the earth core lake change immediately suddenly, below magma lake unexpectedly because also the sword of this handle pure white deicide appeared, but separated instantaneously.

Ji Dong knows induction to know through the Lie Yan (raging flames) god, this is the deicide cultivates like this to know by own god unexpectedly with own appropriation murderous aura fusion refinement. What is a divine tool? This is divine tool in the true sense! Sword of deicide, Ji Dong felt obviously the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge presented the sluggishness of enormous degree, when looks like ordinary Mage is the same facing the pinnacle attribute pressure that oneself bears. This tyrannical suppressed strength is limiting the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength large scale.

Repairs like this coldly snorted, the right hand wields void, the sword of white light twinkle deicide, seems the simple white light blade has broken together void, but . The flash when the sword of his deicide wields, the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows is locked by it completely, seems that together attacks, may, be Lie Yan (raging flames) is in fact impossible to dodge. Must keep off like formerly that a lot of spoken parts light hardly.

Is the fight of top level, instead is even more simple. In the face of the absolute strength, any skill must sell at a discount greatly. The deicides cultivate/repair like this to cope with the Lie Yan (raging flames) means to be quite simple, but is also quite effective, hardly eats disparity of Lie Yan (raging flames) by own strength on cultivation base.

Similarly is the Level 2 god slanders, but the strength or the supernatural power that the god knows, Lie Yan (raging flames) has the enormous disparity with this deicide.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) complexion sinks to congeal, facing cultivating Josse's attack her both hands gathers in the chest front, ten fingers turn over unceasingly transform, is ordinary like a lotus flower of being in full bloom. The clear red light changes into at the same time the Red Lotus great shield, floating keeps off before her.

The bang, light shield was shattered, after body of Lie Yan (raging flames) accordingly flies, although that white light blade kept off, the terrifying murderous intention of but in that light blade flooding actually instantaneously floods into Lie Yan (raging flames) within the body, is having the huge destructive power. The Lie Yan (raging flames) god knows is shivering fiercely, as if may collapse anytime. Sword of attack deicide is not the main body of god, but is the god knowledge. Repairs like this to cut the god to be innumerable, on the sword of this sickness deicide, already had extinguished the strength of god. Thousands of year concise, sword of originally this deicide and his oneself is a body. Like the Lie Yan (raging flames) main body is life Red Lotus.

This deicide was really too strong, in Lie Yan (raging flames) looks that cultivates like this lifted the sword of deicide once more, in the heart already the desperate time, Ji Dong actually through of force transmission soul to her information.

Like Ji Dong to her is the absolute trust. Lie Yan (raging flames) also similarly trusts Ji Dong, when this life and death, own lover will harm itself?

The gods know the comprehensive eruption, does not hesitate to consume the god knowledge massively, forces to capture the density in within the body murderous aura the sword of deicide to compel completely, facing cultivating like this the second sword that cuts, Lie Yan (raging flames) did not have any meaning of resisting, the under foot itself to assign Red Lotus to depart outrageously, the goal already does not attack own light blade not to repair like this, but non-stop flies the upper air, above kilometer a hole of toward this earth core lake contradicts.

Does a Level 2 god slander the attack speed of comprehensive stimulation of movement to be terrifying? That is not human can imagine. Saw that the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself assigns Red Lotus to fly, cultivates like this one startled, looks like in his originally, although Lie Yan (raging flames) can draw support from the earth core magma here the strength, but cannot block the sword of his deicide absolutely, most only needs nine swords, can make earth core Empress relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish who this should not be born at present.

However, the attack that Lie Yan (raging flames) this launches suddenly actually greatly stemmed from has cultivated like this to anticipate, the complexion changed at the same time, that originally cut to the attack of Lie Yan (raging flames) changes instantaneously, at the same time, cultivated in like this hand the sword of deicide to transform instantaneously, white light screen, latter has sent from out of the blue first, kept off has gone against the place above in the earth core hole.

As the matter stands, he had naturally finished to locking that the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knew, the pressure that Lie Yan (raging flames) bore quickly waned, formerly bore the influence that a that deicide sword belt came also in extremely quickly was vanishing.

The personal appearance flashes, Lie Yan (raging flames) jumps, has drilled into the magma lake, her given name Red Lotus suddenly becomes in the sky illusory, the next moment vanished quietly. Made the deicide cultivate/repair all that like this made all has become not studious.

"Good sly abyss devil. The evil creature, you think that you run into the earth core lake, did I take you not to have the means?"Repairs on like this face to reveal the color/look of startled anger. He carries out duty over a thousand times, this is first time makes him feel that somewhat felt embarrassed. Formerly he has to stop Lie Yan (raging flames) the assigned Red Lotus, here was earth core, was the entire star most core place. Even if regarding Lord God, is impossible to rely on own strength to contend with a strength of star, the god kings are not good. But existence of god, is all star safety of patron subordinate.

To destroy a star god king unable from the outside to achieve, but here is earth core is , the source of that magma lake came from the core. Once here had the problem, the entire star may disintegrate from the interior, when the time comes, even if the star itself unprepared destruction, so long as initiates the wide scope the earthquake and volcanic eruption, creates life apply carbon. It is not the deicide cultivates like this withstands responsibility.

Today is on Sunday, come, all hands over your monthly tickets. Exciting can such climax, how not hit to enjoy to cast the monthly ticket? Hehe. Those words, the wood has the tragedy. Continues to look, you will notice is more splendid. By the way, today Sunday, tomorrow on Monday, the renewal ahead of time to 12 : 00 pm, having made everybody see the exciting content ahead of time. Simultaneously holds the fine congress, welcome to participate.

Chapter 320: Absorbs the god Secret Art, Asura god takes possession

Lie Yan (raging flames) as earth core Empress. In the situation to earth core knows from A to Z, by the strength that her Level 2 god slanders, the resistance cultivates like this not to be easy, but must attack the earth core weakest place comprehensively is actually without question. Repairs like this not to dare to take risk to make Lie Yan (raging flames) absolutely by this assign Red Lotus to shell earth core any position. Formerly he as far as possible restrained oneself strength in manifest with the fight collision of Lie Yan (raging flames) is not this reason. earth core is sensitive, so long as here has a change, to the butterfly effect of outside likely is a giant disaster. But if earth core collapses, lets here earth core magma destruction star, this star has the danger.

Ji Dong through the soul told Lie Yan (raging flames) has two words, first by the star life or death as the threat, second was to let her places in the earth core lake the battlefield.

This procedure, like the nuclear weapon deterrents of some Ji Dong previous generation countries, when everybody has the strength of destruction entire star, no one dares to act rashly. Really, Lie Yan (raging flames) this aims at the earth core cavern attack, cultivated like this to be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt immediately, gives her to return to the opportunity in earth core lake.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) tranquil sound resounds from earth core lake each corner, "cultivates like this, do not go too far. Your strength truly above me, but, I lived tens of thousands of years in this earth core, is unable to defeat you. Does not represent me unable this star to destroy. earth core is sensitive you to be very clear. Once earth core collapses, first did not say whether you can leave here, even if left, perhaps the trial of god committee you are not willing to withstand. Dies in any case also dies in your hands, making the entire star be buried along with the dead for me also dies, for me, and different."

The deicides cultivate/repair like this to get angry instead smile extremely, "good, good, good. Good sly evil creature. Dares to threaten this by the life of entire star. What a pity, you underestimated the strength of this place. You think that like this I did take you not to have the means? As the god lawman, if linked your this abyss devil unable to cope, I cultivated the name of like this also unseemly behavior deicide."

At the same time was saying, cultivates Josse's look becomes dignified, both hands are grasping the sword of deicide, regards with rapt attention, the one by one strange sound recited from his mouth, in his white both eyes rippled suddenly a strange brilliance.

In flash that brilliance presents, by the seal in Ji Dong of hole wall place groaned, the whole body was shivered fiercely, he and sword of Lie Yan (raging flames) the relation of separate directly, Lie Yan (raging flames) extremely quick perhaps his soul back main body, his soul vortex must these be broken.

At the same time that matter white halo ripples, cultivates Josse's body as if to coagulate in the midair, but Lie Yan (raging flames) in earth core magma lake does not have the sound. Ji Dong also lost the complete control to body in this moment, the thought also becomes slow.

Ji Dong does not know, this is the deicide cultivates Josse's exclusive Divine Skill. Named absorbs the god Secret Art, is ultimate Certain Kill Skill category that the genuine god controls. Absorbs god Secret Art one, all it will cover the god within range to know with the soul to be frightened unable to have the slightest bit completely to move, was frightened completely, below Lord God slandered brightly absorbed the god Secret Art, temporarily is unable to control own strength. Naturally, displays to absorb the god Secret Art regarding cultivating like this himself also has the limit, when displays this law Secret Art, his god will know also similarly to be frightened. But, he can actually know control of the previous moment to oneself body to do something using these days through the god. For example, displays the skill.

Others' soul was frightened, also who can prevent him to display the skill? This is absorbs the god Secret Art the wondrous use, does not know that many cultivation base are not weak in the god of this deicide slanders, because this absorbs existence of god Secret Art, but the body falls. Until at this moment, destroys the threat of earth core facing Lie Yan (raging flames), this deicide has put out his true strength.

Low and deep recitation sound completely is not this world two pieces of continent languages, each intonation is flooding the magic power fluctuation of terrifying. The substantive murderous intention becomes is similar to the mountain is broad. As if world avalanche in this murderous intention.

One group of light red light first appear on the sword hilt of sword of deicide, the red light spreads, in an instant the sword of deicide turned into the thorough red. This red counter- volume cultivates like this body. Has shone in his forehead genuine position suddenly, a strange sword-shaped mark brilliance sparkle. In an instant. His armor is his main body, turned into the pure red, if beforehand deicide Ji Dong can also through compare with the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength makes some judgments. After then, cultivates at present like this whole body turns into the red, completely has gone beyond the category of Ji Dong contrast. As if this red form only needs graces, sufficiently Lie Yan (raging flames) destruction.

Huge red light shadow appears behind slowly cultivating like this, can see indistinctly, that is a big man, the whole body puts on the blood-color armor, the back, the blood-color corona sparkle. Bursts out the unequalled formidable deep meaning. In this moment, the deicide who formerly was also insufferably arrogant cultivates in like this eyes, has been full of the reverent ray unexpectedly, the whole person looks like the most faithful follower is common. " The great Asura god, gets down the god to cultivate like this to cut to kill evilly, requested you, with the aid of your strength. Hope the light of Asura, permanent exists forever. Asura attached like this final these words Ji Dong to understand finally.

Even if his present thought the reason that because absorbs the god Secret Art becomes slow, he also clearly cultivates like this is any meaning. Before he had said in arrival, he is at the god committee subordinates of Asura gods three big law enforcement gods, without a doubt, Asura god surely is a formidable Lord God, he can actually reply on the strength of this Lord God. A hope that formerly in the Ji Dong heart raised was disillusioned gradually, in his heart, reappeared a despair.

Also at this time, cultivated like this to take back absorbed the god Secret Art, because he before carrying on to absorb the god Secret Art to think to know the skill that the memory displayed to complete. But, did not have to absorb god Secret Art, regardless of Ji Dong or Lie Yan (raging flames). Actually as before cannot move. The Asura supernatural power of that terrifying is suppressing them completely.

Both hands grip the sword hilt of sword of deicide, cultivates in like this eyes ** leaves three chi (0.33 m) red light, leads by both hands, the sword of that red deicide revolves his body to revolve slowly for one week, the bright red light also erupts in this moment, fills the air instantaneously in this originally is in the earth core lake each corner of red world. Ji Dong clear feeling, in oneself back hole wall were many strange magic power, existence of this magic power, made the entire earth core lake world all change immediately the appearance.

The red light, from cultivating like this retreats, on his face raises slightly several points of flushed, light blooms in the eye pupil that to see from his god, he at this time unexpectedly is somewhat exhausted.

With the aid of this time, the Ji Dong soul knows with the Lie Yan (raging flames) god finally completes the communication once more, through the explanation of Lie Yan (raging flames), actually Ji Dong clearly cultivated like this to make anything. Lie Yan (raging flames) told Ji Dong, her stealth in the earth core lake, even if were cultivates Josse's such powerhouse to find her, locked her also to require quite not the short time once more, but in this time, if she wanted to destroy the entire earth core world is really not any difficult matter. Naturally, Lie Yan (raging flames) definitely such will not do.

Therefore, cultivated like this to fear. A moment ago. Most formidable Divine Skill Asura who he uses him most the absorbing god Secret Art that excels at as well as he can display to take possession one after another.

Asura god, in god, all -round strength is next to existences of two big god kings, only by the words of battle efficiency, nobody dares to say oneself can exceed him. The deicide who why this also takes Asura god little brother cultivated the like this so rampant reason. Temporarily with the aid of the strength of Asura god, cultivates the like this strongest skill, strength that but, slanders by this Level 2 god, under the condition that also can only take possession in Asura starts a skill. After all, the Level 2 god and Lord God listen to be only the Level 1 disparity, may in god be the space and underground.

Repairs like this to do. First relies on to absorb god Secret Art to make Lie Yan (raging flames) unable to disturb itself to display Asura who requires the time to recite to take possession, then relied on Asura supernatural power that Asura took possession to burst out to protect the entire earth core lake. Now Lie Yan (raging flames) wants to destroy the earth core world again is impossible. Moreover, by Asura supernatural power, cultivates like this to lock the position that Lie Yan (raging flames) was. Thus it can be seen, he to himself was how self-confident. So mass consumption supernatural powers come with the aid of the supernatural power of Asura god, must all do perfectly, does not give Lie Yan (raging flames) least bit making a comeback the opportunity. This deicide had been enraged thoroughly.

Red removes slowly, restored the originally white very well, the deicide concealed in the eye that to flash past the weariness that was gazing below earth core lake with rapt attention, suddenly, under the hand the sword of deicide has flown high cuts, directly soars the earth core lake detachment. Bang, then blazing earth core magma, unexpectedly instantaneous ebullition under that white sword glow, in an instant, between the entire earth core world is the magma splash, was repaired like this to open a channel by the deicide by the sword of deicide unexpectedly stiffly, the swift and fierce murderous intention, points to Lie Yan (raging flames) in magma lake.

However, when he sees Lie Yan (raging flames) truly, cultivates Josse's vision actually slightly changes, before white sword glow, is look tranquil earth core Empress, the magma is scattered, but this time Lie Yan (raging flames) actually not slightly startled, her this assigns Red Lotus to float before her, facing the attack of sword of deicide, moved forward to meet somebody directly.

Fierce thundering is exploded once more by the magma lake center, had the protection of strength of Asura god, the deicide also finally can act independently, this sword, he it can be said that is outspoken.

This assigns Red Lotus to cut the white sword glow of earth core lake to collide with that in together, in an instant, the murderous intention and blazing blasts out in the earth core world instantaneously. This assigns the Red Lotus ray to put greatly, each lotus flower flower petal blooms the strong golden red ray, seems received to kill the stimulation of Divine Sword glow. The flower petal makes the movement that stretches. The surroundings by the magma lake that in deicide supernatural power breaks, immediately a lot of magma racing wells up come, each magma, falls above a lotus flower flower petal, making above that flower petal send out the attractive ray.

The white sword glow of deicide not, because this assigns resisting of Red Lotus to vanish, but before is the powerful suddenly, as if must Lie Yan (raging flames) the assigns Red Lotus to cut directly broken general, before cultivating in like this hand the sword of deicide refers , the deicide supernatural power fully erupts, the terrifying murderous intention, like a bridge connection above that sword glow, the sword glow looks like the sword of deicide is also extending of his deicide supernatural power. However, at this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually erupts the unprecedented battle efficiency, like Ji Dong to her prompt such, only then in the magma lake, her supernatural power can bloom comprehensively, when Lie Yan (raging flames) joins in into that moment of magma lake, her heart became firm. Huge magic power that in the magma lake contains, knows the communication just like all rivers run into the sea with her god generally, takes to her warm is also the most formidable strength. Must know, the magma in this entire magma lake, is the star core, the huge ability of its implication, was similar to the parent body has bred Lie Yan (raging flames) generally. Let alone is the present deicide, even if the supernatural power of Asura god, impossible in a complete energy with star core to compare. But this earth core magic power Lie Yan (raging flames) also can only draw support from very small part, truly if she can cultivation with a earth core body, then, god wants to exterminate her, perhaps wanted the entire god committee to appear has the opportunity.

This assigns Red Lotus not to have the slightest bit to retrocede under the oppression of sword of deicide, the above ray becomes even more is instead radiant, this assigned Red Lotus to start slow revolving under that white light blade gradually, the grating fricative was bursting out in this earth core world along with the magic power fluctuation of terrifying.

At the beginning, murderous aura in that white light blade containing can also suppress this to assign the Red Lotus strength, magic power that but contained along with more and more earth core magma in poured into, this assigned the speed of Red Lotus revolving also to start becomes more and more quickly, the white light blade cannot oppress stably above, started to present slight trembling.

The deicides cultivate/repair like this slightly one startled, although he does not think that Lie Yan (raging flames) has to be able with the strength that contend with, but at this moment, he actually clearly felt that Lie Yan (raging flames) magic power is presenting the promotion of geometrical multiple. He biggest mistake has underestimated Lie Yan (raging flames), has overestimated own strength.

Has blocked the earth core magma lake with the aid of the strength of Asura god, no doubt made him not have the extra worries to cope with Lie Yan (raging flames) whole-heartedly, but, the supernatural power of Asura god so was good to borrow? The deicides cultivate/repair like this to pay, is own 40% supernatural powers, the temporary seal lived in the earth core lake. Moreover, the strength of Asura god he sends out to maintain, then, must absorb his supernatural power as the support unceasingly. The earth core magma lake is bigger, moreover, the high temperature of here magma cultivating like this imagining is not the ordinary magma can compare, this nearby one step increased him the consumption on magic power. But earth core magma lake is obvious regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) amplification, places in the magma lake, magic power that Lie Yan (raging flames) can erupt unceasing increasing.

On Monday, asked the recommendation ticket intensely. The climax continues, the bill must continue!
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