Jiu Shen Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: Azure Wood Wolf King

What is forsees the concomitant tragedy? Bi Su present true picture. Bullied was small, has brought in old. With the toe thinks that he also knows back that Azure Wood Wolf is absolutely grown. Before frightening he hurries throws, dashes about wildly toward Ji Dong and Carl.

Bi Su is only the glance, clarity that but Ji Dong and Carl actually look, that great wolf is not grown Azure Wood Wolf so is simple, on the forehead has the "川" character three gold/metal marks, clearly is Azure Wood Wolf King.
Childhood Azure Wood Wolf is primary magic beast, ordinary grown Azure Wood Wolf is Level 2 magic beast, quite their these condensed Yin- Yang Crown Scholar level Mage in Ji Dong. But Azure Wood Wolf King as strongest Azure Wood Wolf, that is existence of Rank 3 magic beast, was equal to Two-Crown Mage. Moreover, magic power that this is also only it that refers to having, and does not include his physical body the ability. Achieved three meters Azure Wood Wolf King when facing this height, Ji Dong deeply feels is not inferior faces the Liu Jun condition in that day.

Only is worth rejoicing is their fire attribute has restrained to wood attribute . Moreover, after nine days of hell train, before Ji Dong also and he had not the small difference, two partners help.

Azure Wood Wolf King growled, runs out suddenly, dashes to Bi Su. The giant body brings strong rank wind, overtook him in the midair. Before the right, claw is bringing the dense cold light vertical position Bi Su back. The response of Ji Dong absolutely is the earliest possible time, when he saw that huge Azure Wood Wolf King comes out from the shrubbery at the same time flushed. The people are making a long-range raid, the red and blue dual-color flame also bursts out, strange Black and White Yin-Yang Crown condenses in the top of the head. Although he hid oneself Pinnacle Two Fires, but magic power has not actually hidden, Level 13 magic power bursts out completely.

Saw that the body of Ji Dong soon will hit with Bi Su in the same place, suddenly, Bi Su and Carl thought that at present a flower, the body of Ji Dong as if became illusory generally, the back even brought light afterimage, a short body, arrived at behind Bi Su quietly. From the Carl perspective, looks like Ji Dong passed through from Bi Su directly.

Ji Dong moves sideways to cross Bi Su time, that Azure Wood Wolf King threw sky over Bi Su, the wolf claw has wielded.

The dual-color flame turns into the red instantaneously, simultaneously submerges Ji Dong within the body, his right fist also instantaneously becomes fiery red, Scorching Sun Bite erupts suddenly, but by former to changing to rumbles, pounded to the right forearm of that Azure Wood Wolf King.

Movement that Ji Dong formerly that moved sideways is too quick, not only Bi Su has not seen clearly with Carl, this Azure Wood Wolf King same has not seen clearly, nine days of hell, trained hard thousand times Scorching Sun Bite to erupt its true might. bang'ed, center Ji Dong right fist goal. Dazzling red Third Fire erupts suddenly, has embezzled the right forearm of Azure Wood Wolf King instantaneously, but entire body of Azure Wood Wolf King also by the Ji Dong bombardment stagnated in the midair unexpectedly the moment.

Enters the battle condition, Ji Dong as if changed personally has resembled, the skill that trained hard showed completely in this moment, the right heel step forwarded, bringing the left hand claw of blue Fourth Fire to wield, similarly patted in the Azure Wood Wolf King left forearm place. The instance of red flame collision when that blue flame and Scorching Sun Bite erupt, erupts fierce thundering suddenly immediately once more, in the red and blue two-color flame mix erupted, has formed a small flame tornado demolition, unexpectedly was stiffly the body bombardment of that Azure Wood Wolf King got up to swing back.

Carl that at this time Bi Su already and to/clashes afterward gathers in together, two people happen to saw this astonishing one, almost calling out in alarm with one voice said: "Single combination skill."

However, the Ji Dong movement had not ended, the upper body of that Azure Wood Wolf King by looked upward that he shells, immediately the flaw presently, the body of Ji Dong whole person follows just like the shell greatly generally, has not chosen the abdomen that Azure Wood Wolf King exposes, before the left shoulder suddenly, the numerous hits form combination skill to rumble the burned black Azure Wood Wolf King right forearm place by Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw.

Dazzling red flame erupts once more, again appears thunders fiercely, Azure Wood Wolf King calls out in grief, its is three meters body hit flying upside down, tornado of red and blue two-color flame mix also appear here, has spread from the right forearm to its left shoulder place, in the place by bang is burned black.

"Continual combination skill?"Carl and Bi Su that prepared to go forward to help had been shocked by this, although has studied for four years in Li Fire School, but they absolutely did not have no combat experience, magic skill also recently just learned several Standard Skill. Looks that Ji Dong that is similar to the passing clouds and flowing water common movement, the terrifying explosive striking power, two people think really oneself eyes spent.

Backing up of Ji Dong panting somewhat returns, Azure Wood Wolf King swayed back and forth on the ground, latter withdraws from five and six meters far, exuded one to call out in grief. Its right lead leg lifts completely, does not dare to fall to the ground unexpectedly. Obviously caused heavy losses. Ji Dong barely escapes death after all, although his actual combat experience are not many, but actually very clear wound enemy whole body is inferior to a broken enemy corner/horn the truth. At present this Azure Wood Wolf King true battle efficiency should not be inferior in Liu Jun many, is only the attribute by own flame restraint. Is inferior to Liu Jun only, possibly was intelligent.

Seemed Ji Dong puts in an appearance has repelled Azure Wood Wolf King, but in a moment ago that flash he is not only whole-heartedly, was the long-term usage four Standard Skill, has achieved such effect. Besides Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw, he formerly crossed the Bi Su movement is also magic skill, inherits in Dark Flames Demon King Standard Skill Dark Moon Dance, is the law of small range organizing, but finally that depends is Scorching Sun Bite Continuation Standard Skill, Scorching Sun Collapse.

First has confused Azure Wood Wolf King by Dark Moon Dance, then by other three big attacks magic skill by Third Fire, Fourth Fire and Third Fire order, erupts the twice combination skill effect, even if the body of that Azure Wood Wolf King exceeds others in ability the kind, cannot stand such centralism attack. At least within the short time, its right lead leg absolutely abandoned. Has been short of Azure Wood Wolf King of leg, without doubt is better many of coping with.

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Chapter 32: Third and Fourth Fireball 

The rate of fire of fireball certainly before the Ji Dong body the speed of flushing is much faster, almost when Ji Dong is away from Azure Wood Wolf King, only then two meters, that dual-color fireball arrived in front of Azure Wood Wolf King.

But, Azure Wood Wolf King bellows, one group of azure light spout from the mouth, change into the Azure Wood shield to keep off before the body at the same time.

The bang, the fierce bellow crack, Azure Wood Wolf King keeps off the Azure Wood shield before body suddenly is loudly stave, but the energy of that dual-color fireball has also exhausted, the azure, blue and red tricolor ray erupts instantaneously, Ji Dong body of fierce magic power fluctuation impact slightly sluggish.

Must know, although Carl and Bi Su are single attribute, but they are actually two people, their individual magic power are inferior to Ji Dong, but two people add actually many that Ji Dong is more formidable. Otherwise they impossible to use manifest type magic skill through this combination skill way.

But Azure Wood Wolf King formerly had consumed many magic power, but must treat oneself, the Azure Wood shield is in itself not the complete condition, immediately was broken the defense by the positive/direct magic skill bang of this powerful. Such opportunity will Ji Dong let off? Scorching Sun Bite appears again, the straight punch of powerful has absorbed on him instantaneously all flame, head Yin-Yang Crown also in instantaneously completely turned into the white. This is Lie Yan (raging flames) teaches his, when displaying species nature magic skill must transform through Yin-Yang Vortex own magic power into that species completely, displays the maximum striking power.

If Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, was unable completely to control by the present Ji Dong strength, but is only Third Fire, does not have any issue. Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, itself can play the extremely good control effect to magic power, in addition derives Flame Sovereign King magic skill also to controlling magic power is quite advantageous.

Azure Wood Wolf King has made a command Ji Dong somewhat surprised movement, its this time has not lifted the hand claw to deal, but lowers the head suddenly, has the foreheads of three gold/metal marks to hit with oneself that to Ji Dong.

Does not need the wolf claw to prevent, Ji Dong can understand, because of its wolf claw heavy losses, if deals with itself to attack with another wolf claw, is unable to support the body. But met with the head hardly, Ji Dong somewhat felt strange. However, when his Scorching Sun Bite falls on Azure Wood Wolf King, he understands immediately.

The bang, in intense thundering, these time flies is actually Ji Dong, he only thought that oneself right fist as if shelled in hard granite has caused, to point at the ache to crack, he who the formidable reacting force also shook flew upside down.

Copper head, gagger and bean curd waist. Right, wolf hardest is the head. Why this is also Azure Wood Wolf has a specific use to meet the Ji Dong magic skill reason hardly.

However, Azure Wood Wolf also underestimated the Scorching Sun Bite might, by a Ji Dong this upfront fist bang, it did not feel better. After Scorching Sun Bite instantaneously transfers from each of body all Third Fire attribute magic power to the right fist carries on the compression, releases. Although Ji Dong magic power is also insufficient this magic skill manifest now, but Scorching Sun Bite erupts the explosive force and quantity of heat of having instantaneously is actually extremely astonishing, in addition the attribute repels one another as well as short depletion of Azure Wood Wolf King magic power. Although the fist of Ji Dong cannot cause any damage to it, but explodes fierce Third Fire magic power is actually no trace of politeness racing wells up erupts.

On the Azure Wood Wolf King forehead has left behind a burned black fist seal, its fierce opening mouth, emits the massive steam from the mouth and nose place.

"wu"Azure Wood Wolf King growled, three legs fierce jumps, jumps to that small Azure Wood Wolf side, holds in the mouth it, turns around to drill to the shrubbery.

Carl and Bi Su clash, wants to pursue, is actually blocked by contorting one's face in agony Ji Dong that the fist had a headache about, "do not pursue. A hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far, meets forest don't enter. But here others domains. Moreover, perhaps this Azure Wood Wolf King has the skill that anything goes all out, must provoke anger it, we cannot flatter."

Bi Su somewhat depressed say/way: "It seems like our strength also difference far! Such Rank 3 magic beast, made that we are dirty. The promptness that the Boss you deal with perhaps, we must suffer a loss."

Carl stared Bi Su one, "who makes you be all right to tease others small wolves, bullied was small, old can also not come out?"

Bi Su innocent say/way: "How this can blame me. This Azure Wood Wolf King is really sly, hits also will run. If there is killed it, can perhaps make Wood department crystal core."

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "crystal core? Is Crystal Crown?"

Bi Su said: "Naturally is not. Because we did not have any combat capability, therefore the school has not taught our aspect knowledge. I also listened to my father to say. Hunts and kills magic beast, has the opportunity to obtain their crystal core, crystal core will be the same with the magic beast attribute. Crystal Crown that you said is any I do not know. But but this crystal core good thing! Any attribute crystal core, can supplement any attribute magic power. Said accurately, if I can have Rank 2 magic beast crystal core, then, I am equal to having time of magic power. Although magic skill intensity invariant, but the combat capability may be much stronger continually. However wants the attribute is Fourth Fire crystal core is good. You need to be Third Fire."

Ji Dong said suddenly: "That quite therefore supplemented the magic power thing. If there is such one, does not need to be worried that magic power does exhaust?"

Bi Su shakes the head saying: "That is not. magic power in crystal core is limited. Like Level 3 and Level 3 following magic beast crystal core, is the disposable thing. Inside magic power absorbed cleanly, discarded. Has no way to supplement. Level 4 to 6 high-level magic beast crystal core can through Mage own supplement, pour into magic power crystal core, moreover, they even can also restore some magic power with the lapse of time voluntarily. The speed of restoring must look at crystal core own attribute. However, these thing expensive oddness. Wants do not think. Even if Level 4 magic beast, Teacher Xia Tian copes possibly reluctantly, Level 3 magic beast and Level 4 magic beast disparity looks like our Mage Three-Crown and Four-Crown disparity, that is huge difference! Then, our times can expel Level 3 magic beast, was not very easy."

Carl holds in the arms the shoulder of Ji Dong, "Boss, you confessed confessed, who your several magic skill were studies. Originally I and Bi Su also want to give you surprised. Has not actually thought that you have given us first big amazed. That is single combination skill! also combination skill, your set of combination skill caused heavy losses to the right lead leg of Azure Wood Wolf King continuously, perhaps today we were finished."

Bi Su said: "Is. These two months I have been practicing magic skill with Carl, has practiced for two months, that Third and Fourth Fireball was practices. combination skill was too difficult to coordinate, we planned Heavenly Stems School there amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. Has not thought that the Boss you are stronger, oneself can complete combination skill."

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Chapter 33 The icy peak is in danger

Ji Dong does not realize to recompense. When he finished eating the dinner, before Carl and Bi Su have not rested, on the grounds of expulsion of toxin returned to earth core lake quietly, as before has not actually seen the Lie Yan (raging flames) form, has mixed one glass of cocktails to return fast. In the evening when the good mood to be nothing left.

Carl and Bi Su sneaked to build the good tent to rest, Ji Dong for a very long time is actually not able to fall asleep, looks at front blazing bonfire, he actually unceasingly flashes through the Lie Yan (raging flames) shadow at present. Intense missing, was gnawing his heart unceasingly. For these days could not see Lie Yan (raging flames), he discovered important of Lie Yan (raging flames) in oneself heart. That cannot describe in the spoken language.

Does not know whether is the bonfire played the role, that night is very tranquil, Bi Su and Carl get up to be on night duty successively, is greatly bright until the skylight, they have not met any wild animal, say nothing of magic beast.

Ate a thing simply, the Ji Dong three people have cultivated half double- hour, adjusted best own condition, this once more set out.

Sleeps outside the open country is very perhaps easy to feel weary regarding the average person, but they are Mage, is the energetic age, yesterday evening was still complaining of hardship to call tired Bi Su, very early in the morning gets up is also bursting with life. Continues set out, crosses together the ravine, three people entered the range of Wind and Frost Mountain Range first peak, although on the mountain does not have the road, the plant that but grows actually sufficiently helps them climb up smoothly. Quick, they climbed over halfway up the mountainside.

However, after here, the speed that they go forward markedly reduced, is more upward, the appearance of the mountain is steeper. In order to avoid the unnecessary danger, Ji Dong has put out a string from storage bracelet, him and Carl, Bi Su links, really has become grasshopper on a string.

Ji Dong does this is very reasonable, they are Mage, the body be much stronger than the average person, if who loses footing, other two's strength also absolutely can hold on the person who has taken a misstep, had existence of this string, the security naturally increased.

Finally, when fiery red Sun rises by day in the middle of gradually, three people also entered the prominent peak by the range that the snow and ice cover. The temperature dropped obviously, has occasionally blown mountain breeze, will immediately bring the imposing piercing feeling.

Carl and Bi Su have lived in Southern Fire Empire, does not adapt regarding this cold many some. Ji Dong barely escapes death, making them wear the coat respectively, will rely on own fire attribute magic power to warm up again, pours is invaded by the coldness. Arrived here, Ji Dong had discovered, Fire Element became was obviously thinner than the mountain under. In the thought sensation red and blue two-color luminous spot is really scarce.

From the summit less than 200 meters, three people found a relatively smooth place to rest shortly temporarily.

Bi Su grows the tone, "finally to the summit, has not thought quickly this mountain is so difficult to crawl."

Ji Dong said: "Is I judges to contain errors, it seems like, Sun sets before today, we were very difficult to go out of Wind and Frost Mountain Range." Carl said: "no way, behind descends the mountain to be quicker. We, the issue is not with a sense of urgency big."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "So steep mountain, did not descend the mountain easily, instead will be more difficult. You cannot be negligent, must double carefully. Later again inspects string on a lower part of the body."

Regarding Ji Dong, Carl and Bi Su believed more and more. This starting off as well as yesterday to the present camp, the experience of strength or outdoor life, Carl and Bi Su these two under 15-year-old child naturally only Ji Dong follow the lead.

In this place, the surroundings do not have any obstacles, they naturally did not fear that has any magic beast, three people close both eyes simply, starts to enter the cultivation condition. Recovers magic power and energy. This conditioning, under insistence of Ji Dong, has continued half double- hour. Three talented people start off once more. In one vigorous effort, climbed up final 200 meters, arrives at the Wind and Frost Mountain Range high point above the summit.

The summit topography is smooth, over a thousand square meters, take a broad view to look fully, the surroundings are the rolling mountain peak, will have greatly will work as the ice extremely, glance numerous mountain little feeling.

"Haha, we crawled to summit."Bi Su and Carl youngster mentality, looks at this marvelous sight after all, Bi Su first cannot bear at present cried out loudly. The billowing voice evacuation goes, reverberation refraction in hills.

Carl also similarly endures not to live on campus the appearance call of Bi Su to make noise. The Bi Su sound is somewhat incisive, the Carl sound wanted vigorous many. Their slogans look like their body attributes are the same, complements one another, reverberates in the mountain.

Ji Dong looked for a bulge rock to sit down, since cannot go out of Wind and Frost Mountain Range tonight, now is at noon, did not worry to descend the mountain, made them relax simply, moreover they in the summit of high point, here snow and ice have covered the uppermost several hundred meters, did not fear will present the avalanche and so on condition, shouted by them, but his mental age already was not the youngster of this liking merriment, therefore was also only sits there, drinks water, is looking at the far mountain, wants his Lie Yan (raging flames).

Carl and Bi Su compete the call, the Bi Su sound are being incisive, have stronger penetrating power, the Carl sound is loud and clear, is more distant. As if trim Wind and Frost Mountain Range is reverberating their call.

They have shouted shouts oneself hoarse to stop, lies down in the summit solid snow looks up to the sky.

"Really happy!"Carl and Bi Su almost simultaneously voice opinions, that carefree dripping feeling even made their magic power become smoother.

Carl said: "I thought that I soon broke through Level 12. After having Yin-Yang Crown, the speed of cultivation really increased. It is said that must to condensing Three-Crown time will meet the second bottleneck. The later cultivation speed will slow down because of the each level magic power disparity greatly."

Bi Su turns over/stands up to crawl, chuckled, said: "I also thought that magic power must break through, I will not fall behind your. When we had the Three-Crown strength, on this day under may go greatly. Does the Boss, turn head our brothers three people to accompany the arrogant roaming world to be good?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "The later matter who said good?
First cultivated to achieve Three-Crown to say diligently again."

kacha and kacha......

In this time, a strange sound has been breaking Ji Dong three people of chatting suddenly, three people gawked, Carl have stood up from failure, crawled from the ground. "Has Boss, Bi Su, what sound you heard?"

Bi Su was surprised said: "I also think oneself misunderstood. What sound is this?"

kacha and kacha......

Three people look at each other in blank dismay, that sound as if comes louder, was even more crowded.

Carl and Bi Su simultaneously somewhat startled say/way: "What's the matter?"

Ji Dong was perplexed said: "Possibly is not the avalanche. The avalanche cannot have this sound, moreover we already in summit."

kacha and kacha......

That strange sound looks like curses to resound generally unceasingly, making the Ji Dong three people of heartstrings tie tight suddenly.

Bi Su urgently said: "We now what to do? Quickly descends the mountain."

"It is not good."Ji Dong said decisively: "This sound seems the sound of ice crack, now descends the mountain to meet the avalanche rashly accidentally, the opportunity that we run does not have. Do not move, watches changes quietly. Quickly the string is." When climbed up the summit a moment ago, three people have untied the string, at this time hurried once more is in the waist.

At this time, suddenly, bang a loud sound, the Ji Dong three people with amazement saw, a corner/horn on summit breaks unexpectedly suddenly, a dozens square meters bulk, pounded to fall following three kilometers mountain loudly downward, did not have the omen with the summit main body is separated.

"Heavens! Luckily does not have anxiously descending the mountain." Deafening thundering fully is showing the dignity of nature, facing this so broad nature picture, in three people of hearts has to plant oneself so tiny feeling.

The kacha sound stopped, they hang in the heart of throat also gradually return to the chest cavity, each other looking at each other, saw look that the opposite party has a lingering fear.

Has not waited for them to start talking once more, a more terrifying thundering explosive, the Ji Dong three people only think the under foot suddenly, the body the weightlessness, fell rapidly instantaneously downward.

Formerly to avoid being affected, they arrived at center the summit position subconsciously, who once thinks, center this summit split a giant slit at this time unexpectedly, looked like the entire summit is broken out by any thing, this brothers three people also suddenly fell from the crack place.

"Don't be upset, releases magic power."Ji Dong rave, has pulled string on a lower part of the body fiercely , helping Bi Su and Carl stable body, looks down downward, he saw indistinctly, the place that they crash seems not very deep, only then dozens meters appearance, can see indistinctly following has the ray reflection, has the light to represent the foothold.

At this kind of time, he could not give a thought to the hideaway strength, Pinnacle Two Fires burst out instantaneously, gold and black two- color flame galloping, both hands simultaneously encircled by the body, the dazzling gold/metal flame and dark black flame promoted to the peak that he can achieve instantaneously, got together in the chest front.

Third and Fourth Fireball of Pinnacle Two Fires version toward under loudly.

Compared with the response of Ji Dong, Carl and Bi Su must miss, they do not barely escape death like Ji Dong after all, was changed suddenly, in the heart has filled panic-stricken, under the reminder of Ji Dong, can condense own magic power reluctantly, released respective Yin-Yang Crown, but must say like Ji Dong is sending out magic skill, that was impossible to achieve. Especially their Third and Fourth Fireball also need two people to coordinate, during the body crashes, how possibly coordination on.


The judgment of Ji Dong is correct, shortly after Third and Fourth Fireball departs, fierce thundering transmits from , since strong Fire Element soars, brings strong air current, held Ji Dong three people of fiercely, big slowed down them to fall the tendency that. Dozens meters distance, in a flash . The Ji Dong body in the airborne half revolution, within the body remaining complete magic power completely transformation is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, fist Scorching Sun Bite, directly soars below bang to go.

In the Ji Dong a series of movement pinnacle Third and Fourth Fireball energy rebound postponed in the situation of falling particularly, Carl and Bi Su finally reluctantly have also made the response, erupts fully own magic power, pats to the under ground.

Fire Element that bellow, with exploding resounded several times, reverberates to increase in the crack of this icy peak. At this kind of time, manifested the magic skill strength.

Although Ji Dong right arm ache wants to crack, but he eventually was also relying on the Pinnacle Two Fires ball and Scorching Sun Bite melted the most repulsive force, body in landing get lost/rolled instantaneously fully, although the clothes were cut to be many by the uneven ground, the skin has also skinned, but has not received the too big injury eventually.

Carl and Bi Su situation be more awful than Ji Dong, two people with the aid of the magic power release instead shakes the momentum that the strength counter-balances to be insufficient, falls falls the ground, directly shaken has fainted.

The chest front fluctuates fiercely, Ji Dong breathing heavily in gulps, the whole body skeleton is sending out protest -type aching, he has not sobered from this sudden change, supports to crawl reluctantly, arrives at side Bi Su and Carl fast. Stemming from the experience of previous generation, he does not have to draw two people bodies directly, searched to breathe, listens to the heartbeat again. Determined that two people are not affected much. They are without doubt lucky, does not have the head to fall to the ground first. Temporarily has stunned.

Ji Dong took off oneself coat first, covers maintains warmth for them in two people. At this time, his magic power has also consumed completely, cannot make a fire to keep warm. Above this icy peak, their fire attribute magic power were extremely limited without doubt.

Completes these, Ji Dong starts to size up the surroundings, looks up upwardly, the skylight is bright, place that but is at from them to peak, at least has 50 meters altitude. Moreover both sides ice walls completely vertical, even some also counter- angles, is in itself smooth like the mirror.

The intermittent chill in the air raids, in this place, is very easy to give the desperate feeling. Luckily, Ji Dong own magic power, although consumes completely, but he is having Pinnacle Two Fires after all, wants to invade his body coldly is also not an easy matter.

kacha and kacha......

How when the Ji Dong thinking should get out of trouble, suddenly, that is similar to the devil common voice resounds once more, immediately made his heart sink to the freezing point. At this time they in this icy peak crack, if here ice wall has collapsing again, they simply do not have any possibility of survival.

Also at this time, suddenly, Ji Dong saw in this icy peak crack end darkness, suddenly shone two groups of huge blue light. Then just like two big lantern rays along with the kacha sound crowded is getting more and more bright. Is full of the evil different and ice-cold sound resounds suddenly, reverberates in the entire crack.

"Base and low human, is you, has awakened by noise my millenniums deep sleep? You will pay the price for this reason." What is that? The heart of Ji Dong clutches suddenly tightly, at this moment, unequalled fierce thundered to substitute for the kacha sound, in that crack end suddenly explosive.

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Chapter 34: Snow and Ice Giant Dragon 

"Is that?"Ji Dong stared wide-eyed, he only thought that a terrifying pressure of blotting out the sky from sweeps across to come directly, that pressure just like the essence is unexpectedly ordinary, he of oppression retrocedes unceasingly, has fallen back on side two partners. That fills to make one be from the heart in the frightened pressure, is containing the extreme ice cold aura, his sending tree top and eyebrow, on also broken clothes, have covered instantaneously cold frost. Even if has Pinnacle Two Fires him, at this time smart spirit shuddered.

Ji Dong can do only, supports the body to keep off before two partner bodies, no longer has the slight retreat. After all, he once felt the pressure that Lie Yan (raging flames) has created, the body resistance is quite good.

Takes to his pressure to be different from Lie Yan (raging flames). The Lie Yan (raging flames) aura, has filled blazing Sovereign dignity, but at present this extreme ice cold aura, actually just like coming from Nine Nether Hell equally gloomy and cold.

Ji Dong helplessly looks that two groups were similar to the giant lantern common blue light moved unexpectedly, in that fierce thundering, mixed the tornado hurricanes of innumerable ice fragments to soar from crack most deep place, thundering of that terrifying, making the entire mountain peak in rustle tremble. The intense pressure is mixing the cold current, sweeps across, but. Ji Dong subconscious the double arm support before the face, bends/bow the step resistance, he does not know oneself body the next moment to be able in this extremely cold aura shatter, but, so long as his also one breath, will not make behind brothers be hit by this cold current.

At this moment, Ji Dong felt suddenly own both hands locate to give off heat, he loosened the fist subconsciously, in the right hand palm fierce positive, black moon in left hand palm, seems because this came from the stimulation of outside, sends out a misty brilliance. The front sweeps across the cold current that comes, although is formidable, but again is actually not able to attack his body.

Sends on the tree top temple and eyebrow clothes incorruptible melts quietly, during is indistinct, Ji Dong behind appears two extremely illusory transparent light shadow, although that light shadow is exceptionally fuzzy, but actually really exists. One is the pale gold/metal, one is the light grey, wears the imperial crown the big and tall body to establish separately by the Ji Dong back. Resists the chill in the air that blots out the sky completely outside.

"Eh......"light exclaim resounds from the crack deep place, the next moment, that shoots up to the sky ices tornado to stop coldly suddenly.

"This is......"Ji Dong surprised looked that two to own both hands is sending out the brilliant brand mark, he had not felt that huge magic power exists, but actually feels two imposingly inviolable, incomparably arrogant spiritual aura. Feels will that proudly they are sending out, Ji Dong also subconscious throwing out the chest chest cavity.

Right, in that with the fire attribute opposite ice-cold stimulation, hid in the Ji Dong both hands palm Two Great Sovereign Kings the Demon Spirit brand mark is stimulated. water subdues fire, the ice without doubt is the one performance shape of water. But, not only as the Fire department pinnacle, their skill memory in the Two Great Sovereign Kings Demon Spirit brand mark staying behind, has their as the Sovereign King high arrogant demeanor will. In this flash, Ji Dong only thought around Source Yin-Yang Crown that in own chest that originally dried up, had the Pinnacle Two Fires aura once more, quietly rhythm. The Two Great Sovereign Kings will seems unifying with his will. Although is facing the unknown danger, but at this moment, in the Ji Dong heart has an extremely special feeling. His conscious thought, in the process of Two Great Sovereign Kings thought union , the thought of whole person promoted an unprecedented altitude, he as if saw Two Great Sovereign Kings controlled the magnificence of underground world, felt their arrogant and dignified ruler aura. The fear in innermost feelings is nothing left in this moment, the makings of whole person are also having the tremendous changes.

Hot tempered and wild, the dignity offended anger, all sorts of mood erupt completely from the Ji Dong innermost feelings. Black and white dual-color, has gold and black two colors Crown Star Yin-Yang Crown to condense above his top of the head once more, since the nine days of hell cultivation, many years magic power of self-torture, under that formidable conscious thought function, obtained the sublimation once more, although Fire Element in air is such thin, but in this moment, actually as before comes in swarms toward the body of his as if world center fire seed. Crown Star on Yin-Yang Crown, impressively from -and-a-half rapid congealments is two. The Ji Dong strength also promoted Level 14 Scholar.

At this moment, his strength as before is freely tiny, but, his conscious thought has actually been full of the dignity of powerhouse, then just like coming from the Nine Nether Hell chill/yin cold aura is unable to make him feel the slightest bit pressure again.

Bang, bang and bang

The earth in thundering shivers, the crack deep place, an incomparably huge form is appearing from the darkness slowly, that two groups of huge blue light also drag in this fierce thundering.

Age under 15-year-old Ji Dong, stood there at this time has walked tall, in his heart only then a thought that even if were dies here, oneself cannot weak the Two Great Sovereign Kings dignity.

Formerly, he actually completely had opportunity and time summons the name transmission of Lie Yan (raging flames) to go to earth core, but he did not have to do. He cannot drop out oneself brothers. In his mind, even simply has not presented the slightest bit idea that must run away. What is brothers? Lives and dies together, is the brothers. The fierce bellow, each explosive, the air will fluctuate fiercely. Finally, then the skylight, Ji Dong saw clearly that gradually close huge form.

Although his thought in Two Great Sovereign Kings spiritual brand mark linked, when but he sees clearly that incomparably huge body truly, is can't help gasping.

The dull purple scale covers the whole body, the terrifying body has five buildings to be so high fully, almost supported completely the entire crack, therefore could not see the length of its body, then to the light group of orchid, was its eyes. The back two giant wings can only collect in the back, the fierce head is lowering slightly, sound that bellow, he takes a step to bring. The sturdy hind legs are equally solid just like the bridge pier, a little bit saliva, is flowing off just like the sword staggered advantage tooth place from its.

What thing is this? could it be it is......, Ji Dong has remembered one formidable and evil lifeform of previous generation West suddenly, the dragon.

Bang, bang and bang

The dragon shape monster in the vanguard, has arrived to be away from a Ji Dong also 50 meters place as before, it stopped the footsteps. Its that two huge eyes is somewhat surprised uncertain looks at Ji Dong back illusory shadow.

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Chapter 35: Lie Yan (raging flames): Escaped clothes

Ji Dong has shocked, he never thinks that at present will present so one unexpectedly, the anxiety and anxiety in innermost feelings, at this moment turned into a mood of special difference.

He knows Lie Yan (raging flames) to be formidable, but cannot think, Lie Yan (raging flames) is unexpectedly formidable to is only a few words makes one should be magic beast world most peak Giant Dragon kneels down, moreover Giant Dragon that the attribute repels one another.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) red lip buzz moves, the special sound and intonation put out from her mouth, the tonality that is jerkily difficult to understand because said from her mouth, as before that interesting to listen. Does not need to be worried for her safety, Ji Dong at this time in eye only then she.

For several days sinking in heart is strongly fragrant, is nothing left in this moment, in the moment of oneself most danger, she came. Only this point, fully explained all. Explained oneself also status in her heart. He does not know how Lie Yan (raging flames) comes, will not ponder these, so long as he knows her in front of himself, moreover oneself also gripped tightly she soft tender slippery white hands to be enough.

Listens to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Giant Dragon Wind and Frost to crawl completely in the place, its body is still even shivering, which also Giant Dragon dignity. Lie Yan (raging flames) is sending out a light brilliance, the invisible dignity is not intense, but Giant Dragon Wind and Frost does not even dare to look up her, but in the mouth is making the wu wu sound.

Lie Yan's sound suddenly becomes severe, Giant Dragon Wind and Frost cautiously crawls to set out, in dragon pupil of that pair of orchid surplus look that only then entreated.

A light cold light flashed through from the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye pupil, received in exchange the language of human, "I only said."

Suddenly can understand the Lie Yan (raging flames) words subconsciously, Ji Dong looks toward Snow and Ice Giant Dragon of that face pitiful look, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost keeps silent the Ruohan cicada does not dare to make noise again, retrocedes, bang'ed, its foot stamps one a depth of two meters hollow on that hard ice surface.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is drawing Ji Dong stand forth, is almost they walks forward one step, that Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost backward draws back one step, such huge body, looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), in the eye unexpectedly is the look that flattered and flatter.

Before Lie Yan (raging flames) has drawn Ji Dong to arrive at that by ice pit that Wind and Frost stamps, loosens holds on the hand of Ji Dong, has referred to front ice pit, said to Ji Dong: "Took off the clothes, lies down."

"?"Ji Dong has gawked.

Lie Yan (raging flames) turns head to look to him, from her vision, Ji Dong clearly saw a touch of tenderness. Saw that this wipes gently, Ji Dong only thought that warm-blooded emerges the brain instantaneously, let alone at present is only two meters deep ice pit, even if the magma of earth core lake, he can also complying without hesitation.

His coat formerly had given Carl and Bi Su, at this time only the remaining inside clothes, the fast taking off clothes, only the remaining underpants, must jump to ice pit. "Takes off."Wipes the light sunset glow to reappear from Lie Yan (raging flames) charming face, unparalleled beauty, she has turned head, no longer looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has a look at itself, has a look at Lie Yan (raging flames) again, in the heart an awkwardness, but he clenched teeth to take off the last fetter, plunged into ice pit.

Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost has looked at present one in stared wide-eyed, when it sees the sunset glow that on the Lie Yan (raging flames) face raises, the mouth opens sufficiently swallows a degree of carriage, the surprised dragon pupil stared somewhat highlights.

Lie Yan (raging flames) as if felt the Wind and Frost vision, coldly has swept its one, "what are you looking at? Also not quickly."

"wu......"Wind and Frost pitiful repetitive nod, but the under foot actually almost rubs is walking forward, upper body slightly swing back, as if Lie Yan (raging flames) is world most fearful existence, does not dare to approach.

The coldness in ice pit is without a doubt, particularly when the body completely uncovered situation, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires formerly was feeling the Two Great Sovereign Kings will luckily restored several points, this reluctantly resists the outside the chill in the air.

The Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost big end appears above ice pit, before it lifts one claw, hesitant again hesitant, has delivered to this only dragon claw oneself that giant dragon mouth eventually. Under the Ji Dong surprised gaze, fierce has bit.

Does it nip himself to do? Thought that in the Ji Dong heart has doubts. the next moment, viscous deep purple blood has sprayed from Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost dragon claw, is similar to the spring wells up falls into ice pit generally, has covered instantaneously the body of Ji Dong.

A pinnacle chill in the air fills whole body instantaneously, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost dragon blood is even colder than the ice, Ji Dong wants to jump under the conditioned reflex, but near the ear has actually transmitted Lie Yan's sound, "is lying down, do not move."

Clenches the teeth, Ji Dong suppresses not to jump, but at this time, that deep purple blood submerged his body completely, was unable to achieve including the breath. But at this time, he again wants to move unable to move, because that deep purple blood coagulated rapidly, sealed him completely.

The body of Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost was too huge, blood also many make the blood boil, are only the free time of a while, that two meters depth, the diameter had also been filled up about two meters ice pit.

Wind and Frost like miser has blown the tone toward dragon claw on, immediately, its wound congealed completely, but the next moment, formerly was the huge wound unexpectedly healed. A little Ji Dong judgment right, this has Giant Dragon of terrifying volume at present, truly is top level existence in present age magic beast.

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) mouth puts out the language that formerly Ji Dong could not understand once more, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost extremely helpless sticking out chest, opened under the neck with dragon claw that formerly that was only injured cautiously together has been similar to the amethyst scale, dragon claw light thorn in, bright purple blood along with it dropping, integrates already completely in the deep purple blood of congealment.

Immediately, a purple misty brilliance ascends from ice pit, in the entire dangerous place crack has been full of the magic power fluctuation of rushing. But formerly lost that many blood not to have what kind of Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, after dropping out this bright purple blood, in dragon eye look obviously became gloomy, weary crawling in place. Piteous looks at Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) then nodded with satisfaction, before arriving at ice pit, under the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost inconceivable gaze, sends in the mouth to nip the spring scallion right hand index finger lightly, the next moment, golden red blood sprang from her fingertip, fell into ice pit.

Ji Dong in ice pit, although frozen is unable to breathe, was attacked by Pinnacle Cold, under quantity of heat that but intrinsic Source Yin-Yang Crown provides for a short time, has not passed out.

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Chapter 36: Fire Dragon egg

Saw Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost little darling appeared oneself wanted the thing that the Lie Yan (raging flames) complexion then to relax several points.

Wind and Frost entreated in a low voice to Ji Dong: "Great human Mage, can you help me seek the plea. So long as you can make Her Majesty the Empress give back to me it. I am willing to work out Equal Contract with you, makes your mount. What kind of? After your human Mage to Six-Crown, can have the mount. You actually now can have. Our Equal Contract can be 100 years. I continuously loyal protection you. I am grown Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, has Rank 10 magic beast to strong strength. In the world of your human, can be very few with my contending. Has me, you will become fifth Dragon Mage of your world, will become formidable."

Meaning Ji Dong of this these two characters know that is name that only then various departments Mage highest title can add on behind own title. When the Li Fire School study, Teacher Xia Tian has told them, Third Fire department Mage highest exclusive title named: Victorious Light. Fourth Fire department Mage highest exclusive title named Supreme Unity. The achievement Nine-Crown Third Fire department Mage, will have been called Victorious Light this, Fourth Fire department is Supreme Unity this.

Ji Dong understands, this Snow and Ice Giant Dragon has not exaggerated, by its strength, should be able to be equal to a strength of human this place. However, what making Snow and Ice Giant Dragon surprised was, Ji Dong shook the head unexpectedly, "I did not need your contract. First, you are water attribute magic beast, I am fire attribute Mage. You do not suit me. Next, the riches and honor cannot be obscene, lowly cannot move, cannot be subdued by force. When I am small and weak, you called me lowly human, after Lie Yan (raging flames) appeared, you also called me great human, although you were powerful, but so the relapse, did not have the moral courage. I do not need mount like this."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost dumbfounded, in dragon pupil, as if many anything. Lie Yan (raging flames) also in looking at Ji Dong, in her pair of clear and profound eye pupil, flashes through a light extraordinary splendor.

Ji Dong changes Lie Yan (raging flames), "Lie Yan (raging flames), although I despise its disposition. However, this is dragon egg. It is not good, we have not won its child's authority. Regarding any living thing, the children are most precious. Can give back to him?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) lifts a hand, places that reddish black interaction on the dragon egg, is such a simple movement, made the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon heartbeat accelerate suddenly.

"You think that this is its child? This is Fire Dragon egg. You believe, Ice Dragon will give birth to Fire Dragon egg? After this dragon egg was it has killed Fire Dragon, snatched. In order to avoid to chase down, it voluntarily frozen in this, had of millennium. dragon nature was obscene, its goal is to find the opportunity hatches this dragon egg, punishes its favoring slave. Wind and Frost is a female dragon, the child who in this Fire Dragon egg has not been born is the male gender."

Lie Yan (raging flames) spoke of here, has not needed to explain again, Ji Dong looked again when to Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost the angry glare looked at each other.

Wind and Frost also knows oneself surely did not have the opportunity, dingy retracting head, unwilling looked at that Fire Dragon egg, slowly retreated to the icy peak crack, submerging darkness in quietly. Lie Yan (raging flames) caresses touch gently front huge Fire Dragon egg, lightly said: "Are you very strange, why it fears me."

Ji Dong has not concealed oneself innermost feelings idea, nodded.

Lie Yan (raging flames) turns head to look to Ji Dong, "still remembers that I have said to you, does the bottom have the 18 Layers world? Here, is a underground world entrance. Millenniums ago, Wind and Frost offended formidable Fire Dragon, the request has shielded in my underground world lineage/vein, was responsible for guarding in this. Although I cannot display any ability in world, but, it and our underground world has the restraint of contract, how dare also not to listen to me to order."

Ji Dong cannot bear asking: "Lie Yan (raging flames), in underground world you that formidable, even can shuttle back and forth between the place bottom and ground, why arrived in the ground, can't you display your ability?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly chuckled, "the present has not made you know. When you had can strength to protect me, I naturally can tell you. I must go back, for these days, I as if noticed that you do not have to cultivate Oh well, if you do not have strength to protect me as soon as possible, I can come the world to look for you? Wind and Frost will deliver you to return to the summit, do not forget me saying that do not tell anybody about my matter. Liquor that also, you adjusted for these days is somewhat bitter and astringent. I do not like. You owe my 95 years also to slowly."

Lifts the hand, she caresses lightly in the Ji Dong left chest place, when Ji Dong wanted to say anything, changed into a red flowing light to integrate to go, Ji Dong only thought an own chest front pain, huge Red Lotus appeared from his once more quietly, two flower petals extended, was wrapping that Fire Dragon egg, vanished with Lie Yan (raging flames) together quietly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) walked, but has not actually carried off the Ji Dong joyful mood. Person who she has rescued his, aroused the happy heart of his innermost feelings. Any dragon blood soaks the body, is unimportant regarding Ji Dong. What he cares was Lie Yan (raging flames) was still drinking his liquor, was still caring about him. This was enough.

Has the energy of chill in the air to blot out the sky to come from the crack deep place, sweeps across the body of its Ji Dong and Carl and Bi Su instantaneously, the whole body one light, the next moment he already and two brothers returned above the peak.

Opens out the dark cloud to see the bright moonlight, suddenly seeing the light of innermost feelings made Ji Dong unable to bear also cries loud and long to make noise like former Carl and Bi Su. This time, will not bring troublesome. Only then that extremely carefree release.

Ji Dong setting firm resolve of silently in heart, Lie Yan (raging flames), you felt relieved that I will certainly try hard to cultivate, later you come the world again, I will use my life to protect you.

earth core lake.

The red light condenses, Lie Yan (raging flames) quiet returned to this blazing world. That Fire Dragon egg also static lying down side her.

When this time she, the look already and formerly left Ji Dong relaxed entirely different, lifts own right hand, opens the palm, is gazing at that anything also no palm. That was formerly teardrops permeating place.

"Little Ji Dong, do you know? You let in my heart really flood the ripples. Why, evades facing your me unexpectedly continually is unable to choose? Since cannot evade, makes me gaze at you are becoming more and more formidable."

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Chapter 37: Seals a door to challenge

"Young, the tone is not small. Bartender is the noble occupation, was no one can be admitted. Also wants to enter our Bartenders Association depending on him?"In this time, in Ji Dong three people of side not far away, the sound that disdained is resounding.

The Ji Dong three people look in the direction that the sound conveys, sees only one to be dressy, wears the magnificent long gown 20-year-old youth to pass through from their side, walks, while contemptuous is sizing up Ji Dong, but also unceasing shaking the head.

Bi Su angrily said: "Tests the Bartender qualifications to have any great, my Boss is best Bartender."

The youth must walk from three people of sides, hears best Bartender these characters, immediately stops the footsteps, "really boasts shamelessly. Even if Wine God Sir Du Sikang, had not said are best. You are any things. hair is still not long, here does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, get lost/rolls, should not be an eyesore here."

Original Ji Dong does not care to this youth's beforehand satire, he of previous generation was individualistic, how did not care about others to see itself. But this youth stubborn words of not only scolded him, scolded his two brothers. In the Mage world he now is also not anything, but, was insulted Ji Dong unable to endure in drink mixing world like this.

Two hands hold on Carl and Bi Su that angry wish rushes separately, Ji Dong lightly said: "Good, I will make you know that I am any thing. Bi Su and Carl, we walk."

Then, he draws two brothers of ablazing with anger to turn the head to walk forcefully.

bah'ed that the youth disdains, arrogant walks toward Bartenders Association.

"Boss, the bastard such insulted us, why did you hold on us? This likely is not your style!"Bi Su was extremely discontented said.

The Ji Dong racket the shoulder of Bi Su, "he will pay the price for his words. Bi Su and Carl, you help me. Carl, you buy a table, wants the rectangle, about 1.5 meters, the width is not lower than two meters highly again. Bi Su, you help me buy plain white cloth, can shoulder the plain white cloth the bamboo pole and pen."

Bi Su and Carl look at each other one, two people are almost say/way with one voice: "Boss, you. "

Ji Dong coldly smiled, "had not heard wrecks the event? Bickers to be useful? Even if you hit his, he will be convinced? Must speak with the fact."

Bi Su and Carl eyes has shone, everybody is young people, the young bull does not fear the tiger, their originally is not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble, looks at the Ji Dong that arrogant and firm vision, immediately is excited. Turning head without hesitation walks.

Ji Dong stands in the street, static is staring at that Bartenders Association tall building, has the way of rhythm to breathe by one type extremely, drink mixing is an art, the cocktail flavor/smell that the different moods mix will be also entirely different. Now what Ji Dong need is tranquil, only then in this state, he can accept any challenge.

The free time of a while, Carl and Bi Su came back, big Central Plains City, wants to find that simple thing to be very easy, Ji Dong received the table from the Carl hand, at this time, his vision became extremely tranquil, looks like the calm lake surface, a mood has not rippled.

Before arriving at the Bartenders Association decorative archway, Ji Dong puts down the table, received the plain white cloth in Bi Su hand again, spread equally on the table, with beginning a stroke, the beautiful calligraphy, has inscribed several large characters.

Before Bartenders Association gate, has two guards, three people stay shortly before the Bartenders Association main entrance, immediately walked. But they are the average person, how Carl and Bi Su will make them disturb Ji Dong, a person blocks one.

Ji Dong shoulders the plain white cloth with the bamboo pole, defends to defend traditional moral principles to that two: "Told the Bartenders Association person, I waited for their double-hour here, if nobody dares to accept a challenge, I have opened the logo in gate tower."

The bamboo pole flings, brushes, that plain white cloth has launched against the wind, above has nine large characters, what writes: Can Bartenders Association dare to fight?

Two guards look at each other in blank dismay, such situation their first meeting, a person keeps the entrance obviously, another person fast runs in the guild direction.

Carl laughed, said: "Boss, your characters writes had the imposing manner. However, this Central Plains City Bartenders Association branch, should be is next to entire Bartender the place of association, the Boss, you. "

Ji Dong beckoned with the hand to him, "might as well. You wait to look and that's the end."Looks at Ji Dong that calm calm the arrogance, Carl and Bi Su has the feeling of one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Displays the table to visit to challenge in others entrance, this looked like a palm of the hand pulls out directly on others faces. Ji Dong is also less than 15 years old, but this courage made the two brothers heartfelt admiration. Let alone, Ji Dong not only obviously courage is so simple, under shining of sunlight, his black hair is sending out the light purple, in the tranquil vision is flooding an aggression of if I can not do it , who can. Gazes at the Bartenders Association direction vision to have a if I can not do it , who can imposing manner greatly.

Ji Dong takes out shaker that nine crystal polishes have become from own storage bracelet one after another, sets up in an array on front rectangular table, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, stares at Bartenders Association, static waiting.

The time is not long, in Bartenders Association walked three people, called the guard of person besides that other two one old one few, young, formerly insulted the Ji Dong three people are the youth of any thing, the senior seemed the 50-year-old appearance, a neat faint yellow long gown, before the left chest, had the marks of four stars.

Ji Dong listened to Yang Bingtian to mention, on Five Elements Continent, Bartender has the explicit gradation, One Star arrives at Nine Stars, has most basic One Star level, can be competent Bartender this occupation, Four Stars, is symbolizing the standard of Great Master level. But highest Nine Stars, entire continent only has a person, that is President Bartenders Association, Wine God Du Sikang.

"Is your does not know the profound boy, before daring our Bartenders Association gate, causes trouble? Courts death inadequately." The youth sees is the Ji Dong three people, immediately ablaze with anger ran.

"Has sufficed, Yeshang. Do not be impolite."That year the elder followed, preventing the youth from continue say, he looked in front of Ji Dong first nine shaker on table, then looked to Ji Dong, benign say/way: "Little brother, does not know that this guild has the what place of offending, is your this?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "This person asked a moment ago I am any thing, I am tell him now. At that time he posed as the Bartenders Association member, such being the case, I also told you while convenient Bartenders Association, I was any thing." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Chapter 38: Yi Shoots the Nine Suns 

Sees this person, Wei Hong hurries to move forward to meet somebody, said several anything near his ear in a low voice. Ji Dong six senses is quite keen, the Wei Hong words he stops in the ear, the opposite party narrated the process, does not exaggerate has not concealed anything.

Was the middle-aged person of head listens to Wei Hong words nodded, Wei Hong to fall back on immediately behind. The middle-aged person stride walks, arrived in front of Ji Dong quickly.

At this time, the person who surrounds were getting more and more, the most street had been stopped up.

The middle-aged person shows a faint smile, "hello/you good the little brother, I am vice-chairman Chen Xiao of Bartenders Association Central Plains City branch, hasn't consulted?"

"Ji Dong." The reply of Ji Dong is very simple, but said own name.

Chen Xiao said with a smile: "matter, I listened to Wei Hong Bartender saying that first, I represented Bartenders Association am Yeshang formerly had said the words apologized to you officially."At the same time was saying, he slightly bows to salute toward Ji Dong unexpectedly.

The Chen Xiao behavior obtained immediately surrounded consistent acclaiming of people. "Chen Xiao Great Master, I......"Yeshang want to argue anything in the one side, had actually been stopped up by a Chen Xiao indifferent look.

"Great Master?"Ji Dong curled the lip. He sees had been known as that Great Master person were many, but, how many true does Great Master have? That both hands of Chen Xiao have truly brought to his attention, but in his eyes, this also by far the strength that is not enough into to contend with.

Chen Xiao as before is be with smile on the face, "the Great Master two characters are only the friends favor, this humble one is not at all ashamedly. However, the Ji Dong little friend so blocks my Bartenders Association main entrance, as if somewhat is also improper. Was inferior how we do go to chat? You can use the Three Suns Reflect the Moon technique, I wholeheartedly hope, can invite you to become of guild."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not use, I to joining Bartenders Association not any interest. Please look at the character that I write. If you do not dare to accept my challenge, I can also turn around to walk. If accepts, the gambling of victory and loss made Mr. Wei Hong to tell you."

Such remarks, immediately brings in Chen Xiao behind angrily rebuking of numerous high-level Bartender. If Bartenders Association does not accept a challenge, is working as these many people, to confess that was inferior to Ji Dong? how to save face? May win, Ji Dong is a young youngster, to person win not military suspicion.

Chen Xiao also frowned, "the Ji Dong little friend, can you compel with hardship?"

"Compels with hardship?"Ji Dong has smiled, he has not talked too much the provocation of Yeshang, is looking steadily at Chen Xiao that in the smile the slightest does not let, said: "I compelled you, what kind of? Has the strength you."This is pride of one generation of Wine God, Ji Dong the side, even if Carl and Bi Su is first time saw, the formidable confidence and arrogant demeanor that does not leave a way out similarly are also infecting them. Chen Xiao complexion turned cold, "such being the case, please delimit to make a debut. How must."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "here many equipment, I only have not used a drink mixing method, if you can also achieve, or achieves similar degree, even if you win, if you cannot achieve, is you loses."

Chen Xiao no longer talks too much , to promote backward one step, makes the hand signal, said: "Please."Although Ji Dong is only 14 years old, but can use the Three Suns Reflect the Moon technique, made them attach great importance to sufficiently. Moreover, from fact, the competition method that Ji Dong proposed regarding Bartenders Association is extremely advantageous.

In the drink mixing domain, everyone has himself the cocktail type that is good at mixing, this is without a doubt, but at this time Bartenders Association has seven and eight people fully, so long as one of them can use with the Ji Dong same drink mixing technique, they won. Chen Xiao has thought in the heart, this competition not only need win, but must win attractive is good, cannot weak the reputation of Central Plains City branch.

Ji Dong calm calm takes out nine highball glass from storage bracelet successively, places behind nine shaker separately. When Chen Xiao sees storage bracelet on his hand reveals the a trace of surprise look. In the heart mused, not only this youngster Bartender, moreover is Yin-Yang Mage. Is could it be, the juniors of which respected family? Fire department, Southern Fire Empire aristocrat?

Ji Dong naturally does not know that at present these people in thinking anything, after suspending nine highball glass, the wrist/skill turns, one bottle of liquor appeared to grasp, 15 years of Vodka, very ordinary base liquor, transparent colorless. When he opens nine crystal shaker covers for a jar, including Chen Xiao, the person complexions of all Bartender trade unions became somewhat dignified.

They are the experts, naturally could see, Ji Dong must use nine shaker unexpectedly simultaneously drink mixing. Such difficulty is without a doubt. Mixes the cocktail time, must guarantee that the stable technique, can make various materials in shaker mix in the best way, completes the mixture. Simultaneously uses many only shaker, the request in drink mixing, must guarantee that each shaker must be under the control of corresponding technique.

Bartenders Association altogether is divided into the inspection of Nine Stars level, the most basic inspection has one simultaneously to mix a cocktail, Bartender of several stars, need simultaneously to use several shaker. Naturally, this is only a foundation inspects, but can see Ji Dong to choose nine shaker from this is a how difficult matter. That is one of inspections Nine Stars Bartender needs to accept!

In the Chen Xiao heart mused, simultaneously uses nine shaker, oneself can also achieve reluctantly, but whole-heartedly, cannot guarantee that succeeds each time. If this youngster has achieved, perhaps today the Central Plains City branch wants disgraced, what a pity divides the association president not to be, by his Eight Stars strength, sufficiently deters this youngster. Close cold sweat started to reappear on the Chen Xiao forehead, in his heart was praying again secretly, Ji Dong do not complete this drink mixing.

The expert puts out a hand, does not have. When Ji Dong takes up the Vodka beverage bottle to nine shaker falls respectively, numerous position Bartender start with total concentration to gaze at his movement.

The hand of Ji Dong does not have Chen Xiao to be so attractive, but is quite stable, his eyes looks like a handle most precise ruler, Vodka falls one after another nine times, not only does not have one drop to sprinkle, but also the liquor fluids in nine crystal shaker are also exactly the same, not many point, many point.

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Chapter 39: Technique startled four 

Cheers, has not stagnated because of the conclusion of Ji Dong drink mixing, instead becomes is warmer, all people, even is the city defense force the racket of effort, even if the palm patted is red they not to think.

Too splendid, formerly, regarding them, can only describe with the miracle two characters. Although this is only by the street, does not have many enchanting arrangement, but Ji Dong that unequalled technique has conquered their hearts.

panting in slightly, in Ji Dong eye excited removes gradually, lowered the head, looks because own that catches up to revolve excessively rapidly, but some both hands of shivering, in the heart surge a pinnacle pride, even if when his will and Two Great Sovereign Kings unify, never has pride. All that at present this has short, is entirety that his previous generation more than 30 years of life pursues. This is the achievement that he tries hard to come.

Chen Xiao has not opened the mouth, his complexion has been similar to the dying embers is ordinary. Let alone makes that nine solar hanging stagnations the aspect, even if simultaneously uses nine shaker, for him is extremely difficult. Present he, simply cannot speak, does not know that should say anything. But numerous Bartenders during him, fell into at this time was silent, but their vision are centralized throughout on that nine shaker, flickers looks.

Although they know, today the Central Plains City branch lost, moreover suffers a more disastrous defeat, but as Bartender, after having witnessed so mysterious one, they have the type impatiently wants in a taste this mysterious technique to mix the good wine that again is what kind of flavor/smell.

Yeshang looks that the Ji Dong look completely changed, in his eyes, does not have the slightest bit to be contemptuous again, in the vision twinkle, is not the hate, but is frantic, the look when is not inferior in Ji Dong completes drink mixing reveals.

Ji Dong aura gradually steady, the Source Yin-Yang Crown magic power circulation, stimulates his both arms also gradually to stabilize, no longer shivers. Said honestly, if no dragon blood to soak the body, Ji Dong will not try this top drink mixing technique rashly, because he after all is also less than now 15 years old, the body is very difficult and compared with the peak of previous generation. Must know, for these top drink mixing techniques, Ji Dong of previous generation never interrupts in the body exercise. Especially excels at the yoga. Extremely good body stretch, the muscle explosive force, simply has not practiced this top drink mixing technique opportunity.

one by one opens the shaker cover for a jar, until this time, the liquor fluid in shaker is still revolving, obviously the Ji Dong drink mixing technique was formerly intense.

Careful pours into liquor fluids in nine shaker to nine highball glass in separately, when he completes all these, the surroundings are one piece call out in alarm. But in this time screams, clearly also contained high-level Bartenders of these Central Plains City branches.

Nine highball glass, nine cups with the cocktail of same material mixture, the color at this time presenting actually all different. From first cup of faint yellow, to the last cup of oranges, nine cups of Sun Falls From the Sky color presents the appearance of gradation. Each cup compared with the previous cup of colors deeply.

Crosswise aligns, nine colors of gradations look like a colored band of light moving heart and soul, but looks with eyes, is only beautiful visual enjoyment. Is makes one be hard to guess that they will have what kind of flavor/smell.

At present this marvelous sight, regarding these Bartenders, simply cannot imagine, at this moment, they fully understand, formerly Ji Dong that mysterious mysterious drink mixing technique, not only attractive is so simple. And is containing the special method of being repeatedly tempered.

The ingredient of nine glasses of cocktails, is they saw that Ji Dong pours into, at this time has so the situation, particularly simultaneously mixes. What can they also say?

Raised the head, Ji Dong light looks to Chen Xiao, makes a hand signal, said: "Please taste."

Chen Xiao looks up to Ji Dong, lips pursed, but he has not actually gone forward, the fact has put at present, he is not willing to acknowledge, the reason of also not having acknowledged.

"Did not need to taste. We lost." When these characters said from the Chen Xiao mouth, just like having thousand honored heaviness. But he actually has saying that but in his innermost feelings, has admiration and hatred beyond description to this youngster at present. He hates this youngster to make the Bartenders Association Central Plains City branch face countenance not save, but actually extremely admires his strange its technique the drink mixing technique.

At this moment, he already completely clear, all that formerly Ji Dong said do not have the slightest bit to exaggerate, his pride, came from in the strength completely. He still clearly remembers the Ji Dong those words. Is competent, you. Yes! If have such strength, will not be only the vice- chairman so will be simple. Perhaps, only then Sir Du Sikang, can compare with this youngster.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, ", since you acknowledged lost, today's matter stops. These nine glasses of cocktails, I give to you. Carl and Bi Su, we walk." In this, once more perfect used the Yi Shoots the Nine Suns technique, he did not have the mood to investigate Yeshang anything, does not need to make Yeshang worship on bended knees he, did not need to pick the Bartenders Association logo again. These nine cups of Sun Falls From the Sky suspend here, has proven all sufficiently.

Spoke these words, Ji Dong received nine crystal shaker with storage bracelet, nine glasses of cocktails stayed there, turned around to walk toward the crowd.

"wait a moment. esteemed Bartender Your Excellency, could tell me, you a moment ago what used was what technique?"Chen Xiao somewhat anxiously pursued to ask. He has used the polite expression to the name of Ji Dong unexpectedly. Reaches for first, this is the respect that the strength won.

Say/Way that Ji Dong does not return to: "This technique is called Yi Shoots the Nine Suns. If your Bartenders Association that Wine God Du Sikang self-examines to achieve, making him come Heavenly Stems School to look for me."

Leaves behind these words, Ji Dong squeezes out the crowd in Carl and Bi Su guard, was cheering the Sino-North Korean distant place to go.

Is Chen Xiao standing silently there, "Yi Shoots the Nine Suns, what meaning Yi Shoots the Nine Suns? Heavenly Stems School?"

Yeshang silently walks to go forward, plop'ed, kneels down in front of Chen Xiao, "Chen Xiao Great Master, the matter of today because of me, the branch is insulted because of me, I am willing to accept any penalty."

Chen Xiao look somewhat complex glanced at him, but has supported by the arm him, ", you made the guild throw completely the face countenance, but, made us see Divine Skill that this is unable to imagine. As for set out, when the association president came back to say again."

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Chapter 40: Heavenly Stems School 

"Lie Yan (raging flames)." The Red Lotus flower petal blooms, curls up the body of Ji Dong, quietly vanishes in this luxurious room.

Familiar red world, conscientious, feels Fire Element that is rushing from the sky to surge, Ji Dong cannot bear taking a deep breath. Along with the gradual increase of strength, he and Fire Element in this earth core world even more is also intimate. Was not initially that frail might be roasted the ripe youngster anytime.

Those who stem from Ji Dong to be unexpected, today earth core rock platform of Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly animated standing in the earth core lake superior he, moreover looks that his vision is also flooding the mood of hope.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you how?"This likely is not the Lie Yan (raging flames) style! First did not say in the past few days she did not see herself suddenly, when is normal, she also after oneself came will appear, like waited for oneself arrive the first time.

Lie Yan (raging flames) red lips pouted slightly, among the looks is bringing several points of discontented, "Little Ji Dong, you hide contraband! Today your Yi Shoots the Nine Suns what's the matter?"

Ji Dong then suddenly, unable to help laughing, said: "Originally because of this. My former physical condition could not achieve, cannot display. After this are many thanks to you lets me uses dragon blood to soak the body, the body enough is tenacious can put forth that technique. I furnish you to drink now."

Lie Yan (raging flames) blinked, this melts be angry to happily, "this also almost, but, can only calculate a talent."

"Good, good, so long as you like, momentarily. However, the Yi Shoots the Nine Suns mixture is quite troublesome, I need a table."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "This ease in doing, cutting and slicing stone and that's the end."Cuts this hard by far steel the earth core rock, perhaps also only then Lie Yan (raging flames) could say the easy to do two characters.

Temperature originally of earth core lake is very high, the resistance that although Ji Dong gets a light from another light was greatly strengthened, but mixes Yi Shoots the Nine Suns after once more, left sweat, brings to start to cultivate wearily.

Stands side Ji Dong, static savors each cup of Sun Falls From the Sky different flavors/smells, the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision is falling on side this complexion slightly somewhat pale youngster face throughout. That static gaze he. Her station, is several double-hour, sobers from the cultivation when until Ji Dong, the cup on rock table early emptied, but Lie Yan (raging flames) actually as before stands there, is gazing at him silently.

When Ji Dong raised the head sees Lie Yan (raging flames) that tranquil vision, his heart as if ruthlessly is hit, the vision somewhat is immediately blurred, when just cultivated continually after absorbing the Third and Fourth Two Fire Elements pleasant sensation massively already the brain of throwing. Calls lightly said: "Lie Yan (raging flames). Have you stood wait for me here?"

"!"Lie Yan (raging flames) sobers from the dreariness. "It is not you, I am considering something."Do not go excessively, she has not made Ji Dong see in own eye the somewhat flurried look, why she does not know, since has experienced this time in the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost hand rescues Ji Dong, he in her heart the status as if had some changes. If beforehand Lie Yan (raging flames) regards an interesting child Ji Dong, then, now he in her heart, was more like the indelible family member.

When Lie Yan (raging flames) turned head, her look returned to normal, has not made Ji Dong see any flaw, "Little Ji Dong, your ability is insufficient. After dragon blood immersion, your body many that the average person is more tenacious , and has the self-recovery ability of part of dragons. Although cannot compared with genuine dragon, but the body and spirit actually wants strong many. Meanwhile, dragon blood also increased your body to various species resistances, although Wind and Frost is Ice Dragon, but I neutralized the attribute in its dragon blood, therefore, you besides have the greatly strengthened resistance to fire attribute now, regarding wood, earth, gold/metal and water, has certain resistance. Regardless of Yin-Yang attribute, is resistible. However, your overall strength is very weak, the cultivation cannot relax. I am underground world Empress, sometimes handles some underground world matters not to be at unavoidably, may I not, you cultivation cannot relax, knows?"

Ji Dong understands, Lie Yan (raging flames) was accusing itself formerly on several days the dispirited appearance, face blushed, nodded. Mentioned the matter of cultivation, Lie Yan (raging flames) will reveal her as the Empress dignity obviously, at this kind of time, she was more like Ji Dong Teacher, but was not the friend.

Lin Yan said: "Goes back, the world sky is about to shine. You had four Standard Skill now, wants to practice industriously, obtains the request of next Standard Skill is these four Standard Skill uses again respectively 1000 times. Meanwhile your magic power must achieve Two-Crown. Before these 1000 times are not you, such that uses, but must sends out to count by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. Next time when you will come again, can directly carry on the practice of skill. When Two Great Sovereign Kings skill practice, is in itself also to the temperance of Fire Element. Your magic power promotes Level 14, before because, that nine days of self-torture is the result." Ji Dong asked: "Lie Yan (raging flames), Two Great Sovereign Kings some Standard Skill altogether how many? When can I be able to study their Direct Hit Skill?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) gives a calm smile, "aren't you clear? The Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, said is Standard Skill, that also because of your magic power insufficient reason. Along with the promotion of your strength, each Standard Skill can be Direct Hit Skill. When you carry on the connection use their skills, the might will be far ultra ordinary Direct Hit Skill. However, you might as well in that Heavenly Stems School middle school some ordinary skills, after all, the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill are also very big to the magic power consumption, in non-, some ordinary skills conceals your true strength to be also good when necessary. Like that Third and Fourth Fireball that you just studied, is quite practical."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I understood. Lie Yan (raging flames), I first go back, bye."Red Lotus curls up piece by piece, in Ji Dong soon will be transmitted departs, Lie Yan (raging flames) suddenly said: "Little Ji Dong, later remembers, gives me each time drink mixing, can't compare this time difference Oh? Yi Shoots the Nine Suns that you mix is very tasty."

"Uh......"at present fiery red, in the ear reverberates Lie Yan's sound, the Ji Dong body is transmitted to go. He really somewhat regretted now, is all right competes with Bartenders Association. Can't compare Yi Shoots the Nine Suns to be bad? The technique of this top, even if he, only meets several types. To mix a better cocktail again, must work hard from the material. However, better matching cooking wine, the price equally is also good, he does not have any income now. Moreover, some extremely wine- tasting is may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, cannot buy richly.

Naturally, these words Ji Dong will not say with Lie Yan (raging flames), regardless of Lie Yan (raging flames) has anything to request, so long as he can achieve, certainly as far as possible will satisfy her. As for difficulty, that is his matter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - New comes thoroughly, the small 329 th birthday also passed. New year, what small three will try hard is the book friends creates a better work. Thank each of you's blessing and support. Thanks. Thanks . The new book to/clashes the list, the additional fine congress also convenes. The recommendation ticket and collection, are you to small three biggest encouragements.
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