Jiu Shen Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301: Air raid, double fire, god sword dance

The body of Ji Dong stagnated in the midair suddenly. Back that covers the pair of wings of dark-red armor to stretch against the wind, facing more than ten powerful enemies, he stops unexpectedly there, just like ruling the world is ordinary.

the next moment, is ordinary just like the magic, the unequalled giant golden light emits from his right hand together, just like epoch-making generally outrageously, that together golden light, a series of light screens airborne belt, was actually welcoming the gravity turbo-charged and abyss bog two skills cuts.

Dazzling golden flame is such gorgeous, even if Earth department has restrained to Fire department, when it facing this formidable pinnacle Yang Fire, cannot play any prevents the function. Ji Dong simply has not completed the combination skill opportunity to these two skills. The next instance, they had been twisted the fragment by the golden light of that terrifying. Ji Dong gets rid, after that and oneself fuse completely Fire God double sword fierce sword.

The panic spreads in dark Mage, since these dark Mage, are absolute elite, in the war of past Holy and Evil Dark Five Elements Continent many years has trained, to hide the strength, they have not appeared, this are why they do not know the Ji Dong reason. Facing so huge dual pressure. Dark Mages outputs in the panic fully, all skills, take away as many things as possible to airborne Ji Dong completely. The personal appearance slightly side, the golden light in Ji Dong hand restrains instantaneously, the next moment, his body to violate the angle of human body normal joint to twist completely, without any boost, changed into together the golden light, flushed instantaneously horizontally, in the flash of his personal appearance twinkle, all completely failed in view of his locking. Joke, in the both sides psychic force disparity such big situation, Ji Dong possibly by these ordinary Mage locking?

At this time, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong also finally arrived azure, they noticed that is a Ji Dong sword cuts two big limit skills, the scene that the body side to/clashes. That as quick as a flash speed, fierce brave invincible imposing manner, even if Fu Rui and remote relies on extremely high Mage also terrified to change countenance like this.

They have not gotten rid, are feeling in the air that formidable dual pressure, they know, oneself have not needed to get rid again.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and cloud Tianji were attacked, has enraged Ji Dong, a tyrant anger, will the powerful attack force that he has how terrifying form in bloom?

Has Rank 7 magic beast Six-Crown dark Mage only to think that at present a golden light flashes, when he sees clearly. Ji Dong appeared in him and in front of his mount magic beast. The Ji Dong speed was too fast, looks like general that shifts instantaneously, but this Mage, just had released a skill. In Sony not fresh instant. He noticed that is that brings the fist of sharp thorn to enlarge in front of oneself. At this moment, this Mage can do, only then horizontal in hand lance, tries to resist the attack of Ji Dong.

Sparkled the mail-armor and helmet of dark red sex fiend mark to twist suddenly, how this Mage has not even seen clearly the match to achieve, the palm of Ji Dong has clapped to him in front.

Attracts the chest to receive the abdomen, dark Mage is making final struggling, but, the arm of Ji Dong actually as if suddenly grew for several points, above elbow that the light racket in dark Mage has taken back temporarily. Meanwhile, his foot also already steady treading under body magic beast back place.

Moistens walks, does not stay. The golden red ray has reentered like lightning airborne, the back pair of wings is whipping according to the strange path, the whole person's three twinkles in the sky, transforms the personal appearance in the most impossible position one after another instantaneously, Mage that tangential another slightly has left behind.

That Mage that also at this time, formerly was contacted by him has not even sent out including the pitiful yell sound. With armor, a loud sound, has exploded a golden red fireball loudly, but magic beast under his body is calls out in grief one, falls from the sky directly.

The extinguished god strikes to contact the body directly, the result is any without a doubt. The Ji Dong extinguishing god struck to cultivate double realm, condensed the terrifying of magic power intensity erupted instantaneously, even must surpass Certain Kill Skill that he displayed. As for that magic beast, is directly by him, as soon as treadonned the vertebra, crashed from the upper air, opportunity how possible also to live?

In all person eyes, including the person on one's own side, this time Ji Dong, resembles Sovereign King, resembles the devil, that wipes the thick red, looks like the blood from the sky passes, even if the match has that many people, does not have one to prevent his moment.

The formidable energetic demon territory spreads the audience, that may, not only suppresses the match to be so simple, this energetic demon territory can help Ji Dong grasp each detail in battlefield, when the attack of enemy arrives, which species will have the danger to him, where has the gap to clash, these information generally gather in the Ji Dong mind just like all rivers run into the sea. In this case, let alone is Mage of here highest Seven-Crown rank, even if several Eight-Crown Mage encircles, does not have pinnacle magic power cultivation base, is impossible to resist his attack.

Looks at present one. Is proud attack powerful Thunder Emperor Fu Rui also to understand, in the situation of impractical thunder Yushen axe, own striking power does not have possibly with Ji Dong side by side.

The psychic force controls the overall situation, phoenix dragon dance snake changes, cloudy Yang Fire hovering law is joined to Teng Snake to dodge, makes the red lightning that Ji Dong together is unable to catch. Saw only his personal appearance alternation able to move unhindered, in a flash, is two people step the first Mage footsteps.

Is two Earth department Mage of head startles greatly, Fifth Earth Mage calls loudly: "Back to back, ties the circle formation."Surplus seven and eight Mage are suppressing the pain of dual suppression, stimulates to movement respective magic beast each other to approach fast, all weapons show no external differences, union as far as possible is resisting the dual attribute suppression of Ji Dong together. As the matter stands, which direction regardless of Ji Dong from attacks, is going to face, is their at least three people's joint resistances.

Without a doubt, the choice of dark Mage is most correct, if they tried to run away at this time, then, surpasses their speeds by Ji Dong, the one close behind the other chases down, in less than several minutes, they all will fall from the sky. Only then such union is resisting together, perhaps also a slim chance of survival.

Pshaw from Ji Dong tip of the nose blowout. Can this prevent my attack? Back to back, mutual interdependence, circle formation? Good, I give you to come among one to blossom.

Has not launched the attack to the opposite party directly, the back pair of wings violent under pats, promoting the body of Ji Dong to non-stop fly the upper air just like the shell generally. Under pair of wings whipping rapidly, he has risen several hundred meters in an instant upwardly. But the vision of all people also follow his motion to remove in this moment upwardly.

The golden ray vanished suddenly, in the weather of this overcast sky, the pinnacle Yang Fire ray that originally Ji Dong releases is very obvious, but in him , in the people line of sight changed into a golden luminous spot, his form disappeared suddenly. In the dark cloud with sky has merged into one organic whole unexpectedly likely. What's all this about? Dark Mages does not understand that Ji Dong must make anything, but they felt suddenly whole body one light, formerly that made the dual suppressions of their incomparable pain vanish suddenly.

Only then and Ji Dong maintains spiritual connection Fu Rui and other talented people has been able to feel that he is making anything. Ji Dong is in the upper air, reason that will have the feeling in the vision suddenly vanishing, is pinnacle Yang Fire that because he will release transforms for pinnacle Yin Fire.

The sky was cloudy, the dazzling golden color restrained suddenly, changed into the black, under the so far distance, a small sunspot was very difficult to be remarkable, let alone these dark Mages were formerly is shaken to spend the eye by Ji Dong golden color flame, naturally can have the feeling that lost him to amount to a flash.

Also in this moment, Ji Dong started. Became on paint black god hot Saint king Kai braves the light black flame, the whole person from head to foot, pair of wings restraining, looks like the freely falling body drops from the clouds generally.

The people when freely falling body from the upper air were quick, let alone, Ji Dong in reversing the flash of personal appearance, the black flame sword appeared in the hand. Under that is ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) super heavy sword leads, his body is similar to the meteor falls from the sky generally.

Made Fu Rui and felt what remotely with amazement was, Ji Dong was unexpectedly unsatisfied regarding such speed of table, through the spiritual connection, they discovered, the body of Ji Dong has glittered one after another five times. If no spirit to be connected, even if their visions is impossible the form that catches Ji Dong to drop from the clouds.

Brings a handle super heavy sword to drop from the clouds, adds on Teng Snake that five straight lines display to dodge again, this has created an indescribable terrifying speed. the previous moment, Ji Dong above several hundred meters, the next moment, to the opportunity of any dark Mage response, his whole person had not brought that black flame sword to drill into dark Mages to stick to directly in the same place circle core.

Right, the defense of dark Mages has achieved well, the wing of each magic beast almost nearly contacts, so long as can maintain the flight is enough. Surrounding all directions during their defenses. But, they only have actually leaked two positions, the head and under foot.

When Ji Dong flies into the upper air, they have produced vigilantly to airborne Ji Dong, is. Who can think, he by nearly will shift the general speed suddenly to appear unexpectedly instantaneously. It looks like you clearly knows that he must make anything, may actually not prevent. This painful feeling is most obvious in the dark Mages heart at this time.

Back to back the defense is strict, is, because each other distance is too near, magic beast under their body want to turn around is very difficult, when they felt suddenly when the dual pressures that the previous moment just vanished appear instantaneously again, each person sluggish moment, Ji Dong has completed own attack.

Golden fierce sword, in his body falls the dark Mage group center the flash to spring from the right hand, two handle super heavy swords put together, the length has exceeded 18 meters, let alone on also that dazzling sword glow?

Ji Dong that from upper air twinkle, but below personal appearance, in the instantaneous opening back pair of wings, just like violating the earth core attraction stops generally in the dark Mages middle position. the next moment, the Fire God double sword already brandished, his whole person increases in the extreme twist again upwardly.

Flame Sovereign King has the skill, the burning sun spin. Dark Flames Demon King has the skill, demon flame spin.

But at this time Ji Dong uses, unexpectedly is the fusions of two big skills, and melted into the Fire God double sword. Incomparably formidable Pinnacle Two Fires, after the comprehensive promotion of inferior divine tool Fire God double sword, erupted the unequalled terrifying might.

The spirit and magic power of match were suppressed, the strength of match this is also not enough to contend with him. Let alone, who has seen so the forms of defensive action of rarely seen (weirdo)?

Black and gold/metal, the two-color brilliance in airborne glitters alternately, the check wove a strange picture, the black and golden flame spiral climb, the place visited, stayed behind completely was a piece of brilliance.

The pitiful yell and calling out in grief sound, are almost not divided also successively resounds, when the Ji Dong proud personal appearance rises into high airborne once more, formerly also all dark Mages of total defense, had scattered in all directions to flutter about. Their strengths, are unable to prevent Pinnacle Two Fires that on the Fire God double sword attaches. At this moment, Fu Rui of distant place, remote, the cloud secret can see that only then that are changing into the flying ash the body.

Freely, they know that eliminates these enemies not to be difficult by the Ji Dong strength, who can think the fight ended so will be quick?

More than ten formidable dark Mage, such completely destroy, withstood Ji Dong several swords not dead besides two Rank 9 magic beast, crazy downward crash, flapped the wing to escape beside. Other surplus low rank magic beast also all fell from the sky under the fierceness and flame of double sword Ji Dong.

The Fire God double sword, is similar to the melting is common, melts into from the Ji Dong both hands palm to his within the body quietly, a pair of red pupil place on that god hot Saint king Kai mask, the proud and cruel aura is restraining slowly.

Two powerful dragon recited simultaneously resounds from Maotai and Wuliangye mouth, before and fought and ran, made in their hearts be full of the anger, at this time did agree make the enemy run away? magic power restored many them, pursues directly toward that two Rank 9 magic beast. Simultaneously a back ball, clouds that suddenly the secret flew baseless, directly soars Ji Dong.

After god hot Saint king Kai follows closely the double sword, melts enters within the body, Ji Dong catches the cloud secret, the one of the body in the midair step steps forward, the back pair of wings flaps, arrived at the Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to carry on the back.

Fu Rui and looks at the complexion to be tranquil remotely, seems human and animals harmless general Ji Dong, somewhat is speechless. He seems that young, seems to be different from the ordinary youth, but, formerly that upper air killed to transfer one of the double Fire God sword dance, strangles to death the terrifying attack of enemy by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, actually already deep brand mark in their mind. Besides once by Teng Snake such maltreatment, was practiced Ji Dong that Teng Snake changes, who can in the terrifying weight whereabouts situation from the sky stagnate in such high speed belt instantaneously?

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Chapter 302: Dark, the contract, predicts to reveal

Ji Dong as if has not seen shock in Fu Rui and remote eye. He will say that the secret places the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to carry on the back, the sinking sound asked: "Secret, this outcome what's the matter? How will you they come out from the Holy and Evil Island inner layer with Maotai and Wuliangye?"

The secret eye to reveal the extremely dignified look, "situation was not very wonderful. Is this. I and fifty Saint Fire Dragon just entered to Holy and Evil Battlefield, I felt that was not good. My that has been at the twilight state the prediction technique suddenly becomes clear, under the direction of prediction technique, I cannot attend to with you converges, immediately rides fifty Saint Fire Dragon to go to the Holy and Evil Island deep place. It is not I do not know carefully, but the crisis that because I feel was too intense, that as if must the intense crisis of entire world completely destruction."

Listens to some cloud sky aura not to be uniform, even is having several points of scared sound, Fu Rui and remote put down shock that formerly saw temporarily, the vision also falls on him.

clouds secret continued: "The fifty Saint Fire Dragon aura is extremely powerful, this all the way, we have not met anything to trouble, Rank 10 following magic beast will feel its aura to avoid by far, is relying on a double fire hovering law release and fifty Saint Fire Dragon itself extremely quick speed, was quick we to enter the Holy and Evil Island deep place." Listened to the cloud secret words, in the Ji Dong heart to be suddenly enlighted, the position that immediately speculated the cloud secret and fifty Saint Fire Dragon random transmitted, should with happen to the reversed direction. Also in Holy and Evil Island another side, as the matter stands, time from the beginning naturally is unable to feel the aura that they have. But later cloud Tianji directly rode fifty Saint Fire Dragon to enter Holy and Evil Island, in this strange place, almost more approached the Holy and Evil Island center the position, the influence that his psychic force came under was bigger. But fifty Saint Fire Dragon with his soul connected between feeling, as if actually received on the cloud secret to send out the influence of that strange prediction technique. Just saw the cloud secret a moment ago time, Ji Dong has discovered this point, was cloud Tianji receives his ability of that prediction temporarily, made Ji Dong be able with fifty Saint Fire Dragon to contact smoothly.

Submits in person like the water, clouds secret solemnly said: "Master, you were careful to me have told the situation in Holy and Evil Island, after we enter Holy and Evil Island 12 th , starts to be careful. Although fifty Saint Fire Dragon is formidable, but he after all is Rank 9 magic beast, if met community life Rank 9 magic beast is very difficult to deal. Therefore, we go forward cautiously, finally, will soon arrive at Holy and Evil Island 13 th , is living the Rank 10 magic beast place."

"At that time I had hesitated, must enter this 13 th, after all, I in the strength cannot to fifty Saint Fire Dragon any help, enter rashly, once meets formidable Rank 10 magic beast, we want the whole body to draw back are not easy. However, at that time. My premonition becomes especially is suddenly intense, to make clear this premonition outcome what's the matter, I and fifty Saint Fire Dragon sneaks. In order to was not discovered that we fly into first airborne, covers fifty Saint Fire Dragon by the fog, advance cautiously, by the prophecy, my vision can see very far. After we step into 13 th truly, I felt immediately periphery transmits the extremely formidable pressure unceasingly, even day after day the airborne ten thousand thunder break into a jail as if also compare outside place to be lower. However, what surprising me was quite, in this Holy and Evil Island 13 th, we have not seen Rank 10 magic beast unexpectedly. This situation obviously is not normal, even if the Rank 10 magic beast quantity are few compared with other level magic beast, impossible not to have. Also at this time, I saw black light of shooting up to the sky."

"That black light appearance, making the sense of crisis in my heart promote the apex, hurried to approach with fifty Saint Fire Dragon, I saw the dark continent person from afar, several hundred Mage. Unexpectedly completely in this Holy and Evil Island 13 th."

"What?"Listens to cloud Tianji to speak of here, Ji Dong and Fu Rui are surprised, they have not thought, they have sought for a long time the enemy who does not attain unexpectedly on Holy and Evil Island 13 th, has the Rank 10 magic beast place.

Fu Rui and Ji Dong look at each other one, inconceivable say/way: "Is this possible? Their could it be did not fear that is annihilated?"

clouds secret said with a forced smile: "No, being annihilated is not they, should be these Rank 10 magic beast is right. When I see the enemy at the same time, saw at least ten Rank 10 magic beast corpses, they do not know that was attacked by what kind of strength, perishes completely. Has not stayed behind including a living witness. According to the record of all previous secret, the Rank 10 magic beast total on Holy and Evil Island never over 100 heads, but died ten Rank 10 magic beast, can want to see, other Rank 10 magic beast should run away in fear. Does not dare to approach, but I and fifty Saint Fire Dragon is quite lucky, has not met them that flees to the wilderness in the background. These dark continent Mages, disperse in 13 various places, is reconnoitering each corner carefully. But in 13 innermost places, there is a black altar. That altar is not big, is divided into three, a bottommost diameter is also only five meters, upward two separately are the diameter four meters and three meters. Ten people, sit on bottommost one of the altar respectively, the surface outward, on everyone, puts on the sincere/heavy magic power armor, in their hands, is taking a magic power weapon respectively. But on that altar uppermost one. Is one wears the young people of black clothes, in the hand lifts up high a handle black scepter, the scepter peak is a huge black skeleton skull. That rich black light, sends out from this handle scepter, to airborne release. This black ray, only then can see through the prediction technique, teaches my knowledge according to Teacher, that should be one type is similar to the contract or is ties class magic power. That black clothes young people unceasing in or low and deep or resounding was reciting anything, making that strange black energy become stronger and stronger."

"I can affirm, sits in the altar first layer ten people, is the dark heavenly stems disciple, regarding the aura of disciple, I too understood. Those who most made me unable to understand, the magic power weapon in their each individual hand unexpectedly was a divine tool."

This time, Ji Dong could not bear the look changes, he and Fu Rui has fought with the dark heavenly stems disciples, without a doubt, the strengths of these fellows were also quite powerful, has created not the small trouble in the war of previous Holy and Evil to them. If these dark heavenly stems disciple each people have a divine tool, this was nearly ruinous existence. Regardless of the Ji Dong energetic demon territory has the how major function, Fu Rui and remote strength strong, they must face, but ten have the strong opponent of pinnacle magic power and divine tool! Did not say other. So long as they simultaneously release magic power, composes five elements Yin-Yang based on divine tool, is not their anybody can resist.

"Dark heavenly stems disciple, ten big exclusive magical instruments?"Ji Dong has gotten hold of double fist subconsciously, Fu Rui is the same with him, simultaneously the look changes, the vision of two people become gloomy, now they the clear feeling the prediction of old secret seems to be getting more and more close to them.

cloud Tianji said decisively: "Must prevent them. Although I have not been able to forecast that they are doing, but, without a doubt, that black clothes youth with my same secret. Dark secret on Dark Five Elements Continent. When my vision goes to him, he also felt my existence, therefore I and fifty Saint Fire Dragon was discovered. That ten dark heavenly stems disciples have not moved, they as if are also part of that strange ceremony, cannot leave the altar easily, therefore sent out these ordinary Mage to chase down me. We must catch up before their ceremony completes perhaps its destruction, otherwise, the genuine giant crisis will approach."

Remote cannot bear saying: "There has several hundred hostile Mage, also ten have the pinnacle magic power owner of divine tool. Does this make us destroy their ceremonies? Must go back also to bring to here to have the possibility other people."

cloud Tianji shakes the head saying: "No, already without enough time. My premonition is quite intense, soon, that ceremony must complete, once the ceremony starts successfully, leeway that then, again has not recalled. We currently have, is only a slim chance of survival. Only then our several people, others no one is able to take advantage. Now we can pray that only, is that dark heavenly stems disciple places in the ceremony cannot begin. In this case, our also opportunity."

In this time, distant place two are calling out in grief the pitiful yell to resound successively, obviously was fifty Saint Fire Dragon has gone well, but this pitiful yell sound made three people of hearts serious.

In the Ji Dong vision has revealed color/look resolutely, he looks to remotely, ", if you are not willing to join this motion, now outside can withdraw, goes to the quite safe place. However, I hope you to understand, Dark Five Elements Continent aims, is our trim continent, under the compound nest, how can there be to end the egg? Regardless of they are to make anything now, we must prevent. Can gather all Mage to arrive at Holy and Evil Island 13 th from them, can see their this time exerting its utmost, without a doubt, for this motion, they have prepared to be very long."

In the remote eye reveals the hesitant ray, although she complies with Ji Dong to attend the war of this time Holy and Evil not to plan must go all out. She can say that represents being bewitched pledge all. Grasps the stick of being bewitched pledge divine tool earth goddess, if she had an accident on Holy and Evil Island, then, regarding the entire demon pledge, is the beyond any help serious attack. Fu Rui solemnly said: "Little Junior Brother, we cannot delay. Right that you said that if I have not guessed that wrong, Dark Five Elements Continent is early deliberate regarding this motion. These dark Mage, I had not seen a moment ago. By their strengths, already should appear on Holy and Evil Battlefield. Without a doubt, these are the strengths that side Dark Five Elements Continent hides. This time sent out also to bring Ten Great Divine Tools comprehensively, surely was early deliberate. Since they start in this Holy and Evil Island 13 positions, according to my estimation, is very likely aims at the internal five five mahatma beast motions . The secret said a moment ago, he can feel that is one is similar to the contract or is ties the ceremony, if they have any means to actuate five mahatma beasts, even if one of them, regarding us, will certainly create the ruinous attack. Arrived that time, Holy and Evil day chessboard inclined, they in early the deliberate situation, our continent have the danger, cannot wait, our two go. The remote young lady, you are not willing to go to us not to blame you, troubles you to exit the secret belt, with our main force meeting, as far as possible makes some powerful people catch up."

In remote eye hesitant vanished finally, she shakes the head suddenly, the right hand in airborne wields, the stick of earth goddess fell into the palm, her vision fell on the Ji Dong face directly, "I did not walk, I and you went together. I will show to you, even if our demon pledge, is willing to be similarly the continent life and death makes contribution. Walks."

Demon pledge? Hears these two characters, Fu Rui slightly stares, but the remote later words made in his eyes the ray put greatly, did not have any hesitation again, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong azure simultaneous acceleration, flew in a Holy and Evil Island deeper direction. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon returns from the upfront, in the mouth also chewed was just hunting and killing that two Rank 9 magic beast crystal core, the Ji Dong diving posture, having the cloud secret to return to fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back, three big magic beast load bearings hope of Light Five Elements Continent, fully acceleration.

Holy and Evil Island third layer. Chrysanthemum pig leisurely lying down in the Du Xin'er bosom, must moisten has multi- moistening, it more and more thinks Du Xin'er now compared with Yao Qianshu. Du Xin'er to its affection, did not seek any repayment, completely was the pure affection. Although this small girl is somewhat sex-mad, but the instinct is pure, particularly that chaste fragrance, is makes it very satisfied. What a pity, she is not Wood department Mage.

Du Xin'er is chatting with Lan Bao'er, perhaps is because among the beautiful women each other will also attract and comparison, before entering Holy and Evil Island, two females mutually knew.

"Elder Sister Bao'er, you said when Elder Brother Ji Dong they will come back. This Holy and Evil Island does not have any meaning. We are waiting here, quick was bored."

Lan Bao'er light smiles, said: "Perhaps was quick they to come back. This time situation some are not truly right, we have not run into any enemy to the present, relax, Ji Dong and Senior Brother Fu Rui strength is quite formidable, regardless of the enemy has any plot, they can certainly deal."

Arrives at Holy and Evil Battlefield again, entered the ten days before Holy and Evil Island afterward to enter in Holy and Evil Battlefield, Lan Bao'er has not spoken a few words with Ji Dong. It is not because in her heart bears a grudge Ji Dong, because she is wanting to forget him whole- heartedly. She feared that she and he said a few words will fall short.

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Chapter 303: The ceremony and goal, break into a jail

But, heart within, more think like this. Her more cannot bear in the distant place observes Ji Dong. Whenever she sees his time, in the heart that type bitter and astringent and feeling of pain will become even more will be intense. She discovered, she to his sentiment, as if with the lapse of time has not desalinated with his rejection, instead has the trend of getting stronger and stronger. Why she does not understand like this, but, her attention will always actually be captured by him.

Du Ming also sits side two females, when his first sees Lan Bao'er, on unconscious liking this clear elegantly simple, has the young girl of silver turning purple pupil. In her forehead, as if is always bringing a light sadness, not in part of ones duty annoys the person to love tenderly. Those who made him more surprised was, this named Lan Bao'er young girl distinct age must be smaller than him, but in Heavenly Stems School Yin- Yang School, rank actually in first 20.

Lan Bao'er can rank so before, although is also because the Yin-Yang School student in previous time has casualties, in addition adopting into the crown prince because of the student who withdraws from makes her position promote like Ji Yeshang voluntarily, but can arrive at first 20, has the enormous relations with her own effort. In her heart presents missing the mood, she as far as possible forces oneself to vent to cultivate this missing. Many years later, instead are cultivation base progress by leaps and bounds. Even if were innately gifted Leng Yue is unable compared with her. Faint, Lan Bao'er became after Ye Xin, the second person in Tenth Water department student. "Yes! The Teacher strength is so strong, we do not need to be worried completely. I listened to the father saying that the previous time was facing the demon pledge person time, he has routed the entire demon pledge."

Listens to the Elder Brother to mention the demon pledge, Du Xin'er discontented snorted, "I looked, he abducted the heart of that demon pledge hegemon to be right. Elder Brother, ash of that before entering Holy and Evil Battlefield arrival sends the female suddenly is previous time abducts our demon pledge leader. Her time anything on invitation comes. I looked, she and Elder Brother Ji Dong relations are not very ordinary."

Du Ming stares, "fragrant, do not speak irresponsibly. You cannot the admitting mistakes person."

"Admits mistakes? We almost die in her hand, how possibly to admit mistakes? Snort, waits for Elder Brother Ji Dong to come back, I must ask him to ascertain."

In they talked, suddenly, Du Xin'er feels the chrysanthemum pig body in bosom one stiff, has not waited for her to respond, the chrysanthemum pig has cherished to turn over/to stand up from her, jumps the ground, small fat pig aura outbreak that in an instant, this was gluttonous and lazy change, in its Du Xin'er, Lan Bao'er as well as Du Ming, the clear feeling was similar to the mountain imposing manner instantaneously erupts from the young pig. Although is only one presently is hidden, but three people of surprised stared wide-eyed.

The chrysanthemum pig is staring at the direction of Holy and Evil Island deep place. In small eyes the ray twinkle, the back chrysanthemum trace has shone, the light emerald colored light colored ribbon strange white mist is ascending slowly.

"It is not good. Some people try to start ten thousand thunder to break into a jail. The bastards, were they insane?" The voice of chrysanthemum pig was not in the past the hilarious appearance of that teasing. But becomes extremely serious, even is angry. Each character that in its mouth said that made several people of palpitations accelerate obviously. The body of its plump starts becomes transparent, looks like the most expensive emerald emerald is ordinary, is sending out the intense brilliance. Strong life aura is nearly substantive to erupt generally from it.

"It is not good, I must overtake immediately. Not only ten thousand thunder break into a jail, the contract of also god. Bastards."At the same time was saying, the body of chrysanthemum pig instantaneously inflates under the people dumbfounded gaze, looks like big balloon that was blown. originally overlooked its people almost to turn into looking up in the next moment, its obese body, inflated to the terrifying hundred meters in an instant unexpectedly, about 50 meters high. The terrifying personal appearance, the flash attracted the attention of all Light Five Elements Continent Mages. However, they are actually not able to make any response. The formidable aura that because, bursts out from the chrysanthemum pig, making them feel that the terrifying pressure when looks like oneself entered Holy and Evil Channel experiences. Own magic power is unable to raise to gather the slightest bit.

"! Young pig pig, you, you yes what's the matter?"Du Xin'er surprised asking.

The chrysanthemum pig turned head. Its vision becomes incomparably serious, formerly it, but also clever likely pet, when Du Xin'er sees its look at this time again, actually discovery chrysanthemum pig that pair in proportion comes to see as in very small eyes, is glittering the extremely serious and angry ray.

"fragrant, I lead you to walk. Perhaps Ji Dong they meet ** was tired."At the same time was saying, azure light falls from the chrysanthemum pig together, curls up the body of Du Xin'er, has drawn in own back her directly.

"Chrysanthemum pig, leads me to go."Du Ming hurries to say one.

The chrysanthemum gruel look moves, carries on the back ray to dodge again, this time, Du Xin'er saw clearly, the flower petal that azure light chrysanthemum pig carries on the back that chrysanthemum trace, flies directly next two, was not only the cling Du Ming, but also also curled up Lan Bao'er, drew itself to carry on the back.

The dignified vision has swept from surroundings Light Five Elements Continent Mages, chrysanthemum pig solemnly said: "Is the luck is the calamity, must look at your luck. Either prevents them, either we die, either you die."Throws down words that this nobody can understand, it that huge body takes forward one step, leaps unexpectedly directly in the midair. What Mages on the scene is unable to see, the flash when the chrysanthemum pig soars, outside all Holy and Evil Island complete magic beast in five, run off to the distant place at nearly crazy speed.

"Young pig pig, where our goes to! Exactly what happened. Can you become such greatly? Too mysterious." A Du Xin'er face jumps for joy was asking. Pure she simply has not realized existence of any danger, but thought that sits soars in chrysanthemum pig generous carrying on the back is quite exciting.

Chrysanthemum pig solemnly said: "Explained without enough time, we found Yao Qianshu first, takes him, then immediately goes to the Holy and Evil Island center. Must leave the important matter. It seems like that secret can completely understand some secrets. You held on to your hat."At the same time was saying, chrysanthemum pig whole body azure glow suddenly/violently to dodge, terrifying magic power blooms instantaneously, promoting its extremely huge body to show also to surmount the fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed unexpectedly, directly soars the Holy and Evil Island deep place to go.


Holy and Evil Island 13 th.

From 12 to 13, is only separation, but after the Ji Dong four people enter the 13 th range, he has the extremely different feelings immediately. That is one type came from the pressure in soul. Even if has not met Rank 10 magic beast, after arriving here, before his energetic demon territory are most also can only display, 50% effects. Various species elements in air at least beyond range rich over one times compared with 13. Just as such that the cloud secret said that in this Holy and Evil Island 13 th, the dark cloud in sky became sincerer, as if the tentacle may and general, as if that came from the pressure in soul brings by that day airborne dark cloud.

Actually ten thousand thunder break into a jail must contain how huge magic power, can approach this total area in giant islands of country covers. Also is covering its various secrets.

, Ji Dong as if can see by far on Holy and Evil Island center most deep place five, existence of that Mt. Oseong. There, has one type the pressure that made person unable to breath released unceasingly. Partly visible Mt. Oseong. The complete in-line enters ten thousand thunder to break into a jail . It looks like five big props is ordinary, is supporting this sincere/heavy cloud.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong is blue, the restraining pair of wings, reduced the flight altitude respectively, one is to avoid inspiring the heavenly thunder, another, to shield own personal appearance as far as possible.

Ji Dong delays as far as possible own energetic demon territory, but, he actually discovered, oneself energetic demon territory was disturbed intensely, can only inquire about in the position of this 13 th comparison surrounding. Once after entering to the certain extent, will meet a special energy, his psychic force distortion, cannot see clearly all that inside has.

Asked remotely: "How do we want to do?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Only then killed. Dark Five Elements Continent all Mage gather here, existence of also that dark secret. We are impossible to submerge to destroy secretly. They will not leave behind any flaw. Like the secret said that we can only pray these dark heavenly stems disciples cannot get rid. In such a case, by you and fellow apprentice's divine tool, also the strengths of our three people, may kill. Directly after destroying their ceremonies, immediately escapes. Right, the secret, do you have to see gold/metal?" cloud Tianji shook the head, said: "Has not seen."

In this time, suddenly, in the Ji Dong soul is appearing made he most familiar fluctuation, Lie Yan's sound resound in his innermost soul, but, in Lie Yan's sound, he actually heard unprecedented serious, "Ji Dong, gold/metal is also catching up to the direction that you are. Before she after entering Holy and Evil Island, Rank 10 magic beast that has met leaving behind, has brought not the small trouble, cannot converge with you. You must remember. In any event, must prevent these people. They are trying to start ten thousand thunder to break into a jail with ten big dark heavenly stems magical instruments, even also aimed at Mt. Oseong to shield inward the magic power fluctuation of direction. Therefore, the Saint beast on Mt. Oseong cannot feel the outside change. If you unable to destroy their motions, then, not only you, entire Holy and Evil Island all lives, will face ten thousand thunder break into a jail comprehensive assuming an awe-inspiring pose, even these people may promote ten thousand thunder to break into a jail attack to Light Five Elements Continent. Arrived that time, is genuine life apply carbon. The forecasts of your secret are correct, until you enter this 13 th, I can the clear feeling here magic power change. Prevents them, so long as can destroy their ceremonies, they the shield to Mt. Oseong did not have the function. So long as Saint beast discovery in Mt. Oseong is not right, they will fall short, but must withstand the anger of Saint beast. Arrived this time, I must tell you. Yao Qianshu that chrysanthemum pig, is Holy and Evil Island one on five mahatma beasts, Wood department Saint beast. On road that he is also marching on, but, you cannot many counted on that it can help, because, chrysanthemum Saint pig, although is the Saint beast, but its ability is actually primarily assisting. The actual combat capability is not strong."

Here, Lie Yan (raging flames) has stopped, in her sound, revealed intense worry, "Ji Dong, knows that if can carry on the transmission on Holy and Evil Island, I forcefully will certainly feed in the earth core world you. I regretted really allows you to attend the war of this Holy and Evil. Goes, uses completely all your the strengths of savings. In any event, I will not make you have the matter." Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, the heart violent contraction of Ji Dong, ten thousand thunder break into a jail, the Dark Five Elements Continent person, the goal is ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail unexpectedly. They do not defeat oneself these people, but must inspire the entire ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, destroys entire Holy and Evil Island, even must launch the attack to the Light Five Elements Continent native place directly!

"Little Junior Brother, you are all right. Did the could it be it is gold/metal girl have an accident?"Saw that the Ji Dong complexion suddenly becomes extremely ugly, some Fu Rui was puzzled asked.

"Senior Brother, I know that the Dark Five Elements Continent person must do."Ji Dong just had duplicated with the briefest way Lie Yan (raging flames) to the words that oneself said.

Listened to his words, Fu Rui, remote clouds the secret, simultaneously look changes.

The secret loses the sound said: "This was right. Right, this should be the life or death crisis that continent must face. If we are capable of destroying entire Holy and Evil Island, is cut off two pieces of continent barriers to go back this, how our will Light Five Elements Continent do?"

Always calm Thunder Emperor, at this time in eye completely is with amazement, "if so, we will certainly transfer the military strength that all can transfer, after Holy and Evil Island this barrier was destroyed, first initiates the holy war to opposite party continent. Destroys the opposite party thoroughly, unifies two pieces of continent. Because, if we do not do this, will face the attack of opposite party. Heavens! Dark Five Elements Continent has made such plan unexpectedly. Actually they how think that the means do transfer ten thousand thunder to break into a jail?"

cloud Tianji said: "General situation I can guess correctly indistinctly. Initially, this Holy and Evil Island is collaborates to create by the first- generation bright heavenly stems disciple and first-generation dark heavenly stems disciple, at that time, 20 heavenly stems disciples, not only has created this islands, created ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, even relied on approaches in the Divine level strength infinitely, five mahatma beasts has guarded from the god summon actually above this Holy and Evil Island. Becoming the Holy and Evil Island center. This is the Holy and Evil Island tenable complete secret. But that time 20 heavenly stems disciples also completely therefore fell from the sky. Among these 20 people, the Saint kings of both sides broke through the powerhouse of Saint level. 20 disciples are also having oneself exclusive divine tool. Before they die, fuses together own Crystal Crown and divine tool. Made the divine tool become more formidable."

We and pig head the disparities on difference more than 200 tickets, Haha, the chrysanthemum close at hand of pig head.

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Chapter 304: Ties and Thunder Emperor and god of thunder axe

clouds that secret sound obviously becomes excited. "Since ten thousand thunder break into a jail are create by the bright and dark 20 heavenly stems disciples, it has closely the related relation with these 20 magical instruments. Although the exclusive magical instruments of only ten dark heavenly stems disciples are not enough to transfer the entire ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, but initiates it completely has the possibility. I am not only clear, how is Dark Five Elements Continent to obtain these ten big dark heavenly stems magical instruments. Although in the legend, these 20 magical instruments scatter on Holy and Evil Island, but in fact is actually not true, demonstrated according to the material that all previous secret inherits, these 20 magical instruments bigger possibly scatters in various continent places, moreover might present the breakage very much. In the divine tool thunder Yushen axe like Fu Rui hand, is ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail thunder tribulation purgatory to pass the millenniums concise. Does not belong to these two Ten Great Divine Tools."

Ji Dong said decisively: "Does not have the time to consider how they achieve. Motion. Only then destroys this ceremony to be able in the most direct method time-saving as far as possible. Cannot make them break into a jail inspiring ten thousand thunder."

The sense of fear, almost simultaneously spreads in four individual hearts, they are unable to imagine, if ten thousand thunder broke into a jail are inspired, that will be what kind of catastrophe. First did not say other, only their these are in the person on Holy and Evil Island not to have one to live. Do not say after Holy and Evil Island this barrier destroys, took to the influences of two pieces of continent, side was gathers the potential to wait, side completely ignoranted, once the holy war started, was really the life and death. In this case, without a doubt, war intent in Ji Dong several people of heart have promoted the limit. Even if the succuba does not have any hesitation remotely again, like Ji Dong said that under the compound nest, how can there be to end the egg? The demon pledge also similarly is the demon pledge on Light Five Elements Continent!

Fu Rui and remote simultaneously feels in brain as if buzz, changes regarding the sensation of outside immediately again, the Ji Dong psychic force with them links instantaneously, their thinking feelings also accompany the survey of Ji Dong psychic force to delay. Quick, they had discovered that in the Ji Dong psychic force covers the form that in the range that one by one magic power surges.

Under the psychic force direction of Ji Dong, they feel clearly, in these forms, actually does not have person of cultivation base to be lower than Five-Crown. They are every ten person one groups simultaneously move, in these ten people, at least one is Mage of Seven-Crown rank, moreover is ten departments is complete, the position of each group of processes slightly overlaps, this causes them in the search process, will not have any scotoma.

Formerly by these that Ji Dong killed, should be belongs complete has the special group of magic beast mount, specifically was used ground-to-air, was not ten departments magic power matching. But now in Mage of this 13 th motion, at least 20 groups, their magic power throughout unites in together, forms the situation that ten departments entire attribute five elements suppresses to reconnoiter the surrounding all.

Feels these, touches in a big way was Fu Rui, his face stretched tight, at this time he was clear, in the wars of passing several Holy and Evil. Reason that oneself can lead Light Five Elements Continent Mages to win, the biggest reason is the opposite party has retained! This feeling for him without doubt is very painful. When you make a name for oneself, suddenly knew some own all merit people intentionally deliver, when is not the true merit, that feeling made one be hard to accept absolutely. These dark Mage that under 50 years old energetic demon territory feels are the entire Dark Five Elements Continent genuine youth elite. Dark Five Elements Continent does not have Heavenly Stems School such place, but they have Heavenly Stems School are stricter, brutal does not know many time of dark secret Buddhist temples. They train, not only youth Mage elite, is the genuine person ready dead. The brutal choice made not to know that many natural talent outstanding young people fell from the sky directly in the secret Buddhist temple, the steep competition that but also such severe system had made the youth Mage overall strength that the secret Buddhist temple trained above Heavenly Stems School. 300 dark Mage, the strength surpasses Five-Crown completely, and acts in harmony, ten attribute suppressions are complete. Is by having the Ten Great Divine Tools dark heavenly stems disciple leads. This kind of strength, nearly has been able to compare favorably with ten supreme powerhouses.

Under the energetic demon territory function of Ji Dong, Fu Rui and remote saw a red arrow, points to 13 deep places. If there is an enough time, defeats to these dark Mage groups by three people of strengths one by one, may take to their ruinous attack very much. However, now they must do, races with the time, cannot waste the time on these ordinary Mage. The road of Ji Dong psychic force direction. Contacts an enemy least route. Across the entire blockade line, if the speed is fast enough, does not give the time of other dark Mage responses, the enemy who then, they must encounter only has three groups.

Three people look at each other one, in vision reveal look resolutely, Fu Rui solemnly said: "These three groups gave me, remote, troubled you to protect Ji Dong, Little Junior Brother, you as the first wave of attack, impact altar. Then we support you as far as possible."

After feeling the opposite party Mage strength, Fu Rui makes itself as before to the decision that three groups of dark Mage begin, had proven he has the absolute confidence.

In the direction of psychic force, they approached first group of dark Mage. Fu Rui eyes has shone suddenly, eyes that particularly in the forehead that only raises up opens quietly, an powerful manic aura erupts suddenly from him, Fu Rui growled, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is interlinked with his regard, accelerates instantaneously, directly soars the front to flush away.

Follows closely with Ji Dong remotely in Fu Rui behind, discovered remotely with amazement, this is similar to the god of thunder is born on the common man, the magic power fluctuation that bursts out instantaneously actually also is more powerful than Ji Dong. Seven-Crown Yang Crown appears above his top of the head outrageously, Seven-Crown Four Stars half, will represent his Level 79 soon to enter the Eight-Crown rank the strength. What is more important, during the terrifying Yang Thunder attribute aura fluctuates, has surmounted the Ji Dong dual attribute suppression effect in this flash unexpectedly.

Right hand in airborne in a flash, in the Fu Rui third item contaminates the purple light to sweep across together instantaneously. A handle style battle axe appeared during he grasps. Yang Thunder divine tool, thunder Yushen axe. He has not changed into oneself defense armor this divine tool, the dazzling clear purple light has swept across him instantaneously with the body of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, a person of dragon, all magic power also comprehensively burst out in this moment.

Yang Thunder condensation law appears behind Fu Rui, is only in the time of short twice breath, he has promoted the peak own magic power, such speed with is Seven-Crown Mage self-examines remotely cannot achieve absolutely, let alone, itself of Fu Rui release is pinnacle magic power.

Similarly has the divine tool, among the disparity with Fu Rui has appeared remotely in this moment, remote is depends upon oneself in the divine tool fusion, nourishes the divine tool to use the might of stick of earth goddess by the vitality, but Fu Rui was more like completely has controlled the divine tool, stimulated pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power and that thunder after Yushen axe conjunction evolution through the divine tool. At this time, they are away from that first group of dark Mage on only surplus are less than 200 meters distance.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon face upwards a rave, the pair of wings launches, the body accelerates instantaneously, from out of the blue goes like together the terrifying huge thunder. Also in this moment, the opposite party has discovered their existence.

Ten dark Mage feel the fierce magic power fluctuation suddenly, immediately exhibits the circle formation, many years of brutal cultivation, making them have extremely rich actual combat experience and tacit coordination.

Ten attribute magic power also bloom. First, they suppress to release comprehensively ten attribute five elements, five male five females simultaneously release respective magic power, from the sky has formed ten color light covers. Although this is not five elements Yin-Yang, but also relies on the functions of ten big attribute each other mutual promotions of the five elements to link their respective magic power, which angle regardless of the match from attacks, is going to face, is they all.

The wooden shield, fire shield, dirt wall, golden Shield and ice wall, the five types defense skill releases completely, what is most intrepid, these five defense skills are combination skill that is released by same five elements Yin-Yang attribute two Mage. Ten attribute five elements that in addition they have tie assistance. Immediately comprehensively promotes the might of these five big defenses.

Ten attribute five elements tie, in Heavenly Stems School is the difficult problem that cannot solve. Theoretically, only when ten Mage magic power are completely same, may display such knot. But, magic power between Mage possibly absolutely same? But Dark Five Elements Continent or was dark secret Buddhist temple obviously has solved this difficult problem, these ten Mage magic power clearly are not at present same, but they were actually release such formidable five elements to tie, applied in the technical combat capability directly. Currently speaking, they the research compared with remote that demon pledge must be profounder regarding ten attribute five elements tie. The five types defense, ten Mage, in an instant, look like condenses in a together sheet iron, ten attributes are complete, internal, is the mutual promotion of the five elements amplification, foreign, is repels one another resists. This is nearly perfect combination, displays completely these ten Mage strengths.

Moreover their forms of combat entirely have also aimed at Fu Rui, Ji Dong and other people, so long as they can prevent the moment, other surroundings group of dark Mage will catch up surely immediately, collaborates to resist, they besieges to strangle Ji Dong.

All situations at present having, Ji Dong all appears through the psychic force investigation in the Fu Rui mind. Let him be able clear grasps opposite party each point of magic power to change, even is match each Mage magic power level. Even including the surrounding terrain and environmental factor, during the psychic force survey of Ji Dong, gave back to opposite party five elements to tie the weakest position display completely. Meanwhile, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, energetic demon territory, accompanied Fu Rui powerful pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute to give the opposite party all-around suppression.

Ten attribute five elements tie is truly intrepid, in the situation in facing the tertiary pinnacle attribute and Ji Dong energetic demon territory suppressing, made their five elements tie is unable to carry on the counter- suppression, own strength reduced 30%. This is in Fu Rui has in the situation of divine tool, thus it can be seen, ten attribute unions were formidable. This fully conformed to the world highest good the protection of knot maximum degree these Mage.

Facing such defense, Fu Rui and his purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has actually hit, must know. In opposite party group, has three to have Mage of mount. Perhaps, these people who their overall strength is inferior to the beforehand Ji Dong destruction, but, they tie in five elements under help, defends absolutely be more formidable than dark Mage that former these did things their own way.

Strong thunder attribute magic power from the sky blooms, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon pair of wings launches, the lightning mark on chest detaches, changes into together the pure giant lightning, to airborne lasing. Meanwhile, the thunder Yu god axe in Fu Rui hand rose suddenly against the wind, absorbs that lightning completely, the surrounding all air become in this moment twist completely, what is stranger, it looked like has shut off relation of outside world, tied sending out magic power to block ten dark Mage five elements completely.

thunder Yushen the axe flutters in the breeze, ray flashes, has flown into the midair. In an instant turned into a handle 30 meters in length giant battle axe, in the midair, ten thousand thunder break into a jail suddenly the fierce fluctuation, can clear seeing, that thick dark cloud form a giant vortex in the place above upper air of thunder Yushen axe unexpectedly. In range that thunder Yushen the axe ray covers, the air turned into the viscous purple completely.

Do not forget, thunder Yushen the axe itself leaves the womb in ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail, has the completely same attribute. On this Holy and Evil Island 13 th, extremely close ten thousand thunder break into a jail the place, regarding this thunder attribute divine tool, has the huge amplification without doubt, even if the quality also the stick of earth goddess above it, in this place, is impossible in comparison.

In ten dark Mage eyes reveals color/look with amazement as if by prior agreement, their this ten departments combine five elements to tie, although is strong, but carries on the combination by their individual magic power after all, the strength of person is eventually limited, can contend with the world?

The Fu Rui complexion is serious, he and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon under thunder Yushen the axe, sees only his both hands one to direct, immediately, that giant thunder Yu god axe in airborne has raised up instantaneously, can see on the giant axe blade clearly the thunder light lightning flash, is sparkling the wave common brilliance. In the sky, bang a loud sound, the surroundings viscous purple brilliance as if in instantaneous fiercely shook, in this moment, Ji Dong immediately has taken back own energetic demon territory and Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression. This thunder heavenly prestige was too terrifying, on that day bursting out of noble spirit, as if can destroy all temporals. At this moment, ten thousand thunder break into a jail in the giant dark cloud vortex, the royal purple ray flashes instantaneously, one group of purple light balls drop from the clouds.

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Chapter 305: The collapse, ties, big five elements

Giant thunder ball drops from the clouds. It looks like a thunder and lightning pearl that ten thousand thunder break into a jail to emit is common, fell above thunder Yushen the axe directly. In an instant, the entire thunder Yushen axe changes into a lightning, in airborne circles under the direction of Fu Rui instantaneously for one week, has completed a strange line, terrifying appeared, then had been delimited by thunder Yushen the axe in range, a piece of circular space caves in unexpectedly instantaneously, being quietly vanished, changed into the pure black. Of space dent thunder Yushen axe.

Five years ago compares, present thunder Yu god axe as if already completely during the control of Fu Rui, flash when the space dent presents, Fu Rui own magic power not only does not have any weakening, instead is absorbing thunder magic power in air crazily.

Sees this, the feeling that in the Ji Dong heart some clear(ly) became aware suddenly, if chose one most to suit the cultivation for oneself this Senior Brother the place, without a doubt, Holy and Evil Island was most suitable. Because, here has ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, this most formidable thunder world. Here. Fu Rui oneself am his thunder Yu god axe, will obtain most intrepid nourishing.


Ten attribute five elements tie, as well as that wooden shield, fire shield, dirt wall, golden Shield and ice wall, five types combination defense, in space dent in an instant completely shatter. Anything is powerful, this is powerful.

the next moment, that 30 meters huge thunder battle axe already under Fu Rui both hands make in the movement that chops to drop from the clouds.

auspicious even continually looked that has not looked at that ten dark Mage, before has stimulated to movement the cross under purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, to/clashes to go.

Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon first followed, but was remote and her silver wing Haidong azure on slow a racket. In her heart is sighing woefully, Heavens! Is this to the fellow apprentices really human? This Thunder Emperor terrifying, not inferior Ji Dong. A such axe, how many times can oneself resist?

The bang, the earth, looked like by the space god is slandered layer on layer/heavily has shelled fist, when that purple light flashed through, stayed in the ground, only had a huge burnt black gully. Ten dark Mage as well as that several magic beast form disappears completely does not see. Even has not stayed behind including crystal core and Crystal Crown. Vanishes in a puff of smoke under the might of that terrifying god thunder completely.

The hideaway of Dark Five Elements Continent to own strength has enraged Thunder Emperor Fu Rui thoroughly, for many years you have been the comprehensive hideaway strengths, this time you have put out the complete strength, I am also same must destroy you. thunder Yushen the axe in the might that bloomed a moment ago at that moment, distinct neared the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill edge, moreover what is most fearful, regarding the Fu Rui strength, not many consumptions. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail, looks like provides the supplies the warehouse to be ordinary for him, reduced the most mild degree his own consumption. In having ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail in situation. Acme Yang Thunder cultivates Level 79 Fu Rui to add on thunder Yushen the axe again, his strength has been able about the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse with Level 90 to compare favorably. Even if meets the water bright moonlight and under the cold wind Yunnei type supreme crown, the strength of his also war, even also 40% chances. Ji Dong can affirm, under premise that in impractical Fire God cuts void, oneself as before are not this fellow apprentice's match. Even if uses Sun and Moon Yin-Yang to be also same.

13. Three circular black altar static standing and waiting for a long time there, so long as is less than hundred meters again forward, can enter Holy and Evil Island most core the position, from the altar locale can clear seeing, beyond hundred meters in that Holy and Evil Island true core region, in the ground have all colors soil, even there is a light dense color light to ascend from that soil. Can extremely clear sees that to belong to five sides five mountains.

Altar most peak, dark secret unceasing was reciting words and phrases, here what even the even/including protected in the dark Mage regiment most formidable 70-80 Mage unable to understand him to recite was anything.

Lifts up high in the position of airborne dark power cane first skeleton skull, sends out the brilliance of light distortion to enter in the upper air unceasingly.

Not far away thunder thundered each dark Mage on the scene to hear fiercely, but, they were aloof, closely was protecting this altar as before. When second resounds thunderously, sits well opens both eyes in final weapon Li Yonghao who dark altar first layer grasps the black day demon Divine Sword slowly, his movement has not changed, in the hand other black day demon Divine Sword and nine big magical instruments are the same. Releases strong attribute brilliance, Ten Great Divine Tools magic power is all ascending in the midair, gathers in the position of that dark scepter. Made on the dark secret the ten color rays of that long gown become incomparably enchanting.

This time dark secret, regardless of outside had what kind of situation he not to pay attention, the scepter in hand started slightly rocked, controlled the strength of that strange contract as if from the sky to portray anything to resemble.

"Big five elements ties."Li Yonghao light shouting to clear the way. Spoke these words, he has closed both eyes. Concentrating on pours into own magic power in the black day demon Divine Sword.

Fu Rui, did you such quickly come? However, is earlier, was impossible to prevent our motions that even if you come. The darkness will certainly control the entire world. How three times lose me in your hands to be resigned. That moment of when dark arriving, I will not give you any opportunity. Once shame, I will scrub personally.

Hears Li Yonghao order, raises hand from altar recent ten Mage, ten rays shoot up to the sky, in airborne also blasts out, sends out the enchanting brilliance. This is not magic skill, but is the fireworks. Fireworks that ten types simultaneously bloom.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui, remote and cloud secret first saw the brilliance of this fireworks, they saw, placed massive dark Mages in 13 th naturally also to see.

In the Ji Dong energetic demon territory, through the position of this fireworks, one locks the accurate position that the altar was, but, he also immediately discovered, originally keeps off in the front last group of enemies fast is withdrawing unexpectedly.

The Fu Rui thunder Yushen axe thunderous once more had assumed an awe-inspiring pose in formerly second, cut to kill one group of enemies instantaneously. They were getting more and more near from the altar.

At this moment, suddenly, Ji Dong only thought own energetic demon territory shook fiercely, the body in a flash, with amazement. The white light in eye pupil is instantaneous, sends out in the psychic force in outside the body remotely besides with, the Fu Rui connected that part, was compelled within the body unexpectedly completely.

Meanwhile, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong azure simultaneously the body sinks, actually does not have any omen crashes. As if had any special strength to eliminate their flying abilities suddenly. Three magic beast have simultaneously made response, the altitude that they fly luckily is not too high, simultaneously the mouth spurts the demon light, shells to, stops the potential of oneself crash as far as possible, the bang and bang, rumbles three bangs, body pounding of three magic beast stiffly in the ground, fifty Saint Fire Dragon have relied on the flexible physical state to be best, among the personal appearance springing melted the momentum, cracks-up piece of trees, falls on the ground. But the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong's azure situation wanted more awful, fell seven meat eight elements, although has not been injured, but also dizzy assuming an air of self approbation.

"What's the matter?"Calls out in alarm remotely said. She and Fu Rui before magic beast falls to the ground jumped. Also at this time, four people also saw, ten rich ten color rays simultaneously rise into from the different directions airborne. Crack, the strong ten colored lights fainted loudly are breaking into a jail ten thousand thunder cover completely, have formed giant light screen.

The terrifying pressure drops from the clouds, Ji Dong energetic demon territory. Their pinnacle magic power attribute suppresses, three magic beast flying abilities, are unable to release completely. Moreover they clearly can feel in air all magic power elements to be uncontrolled, is unable to supplement oneself through the absorption element.

"Is this five elements Yin-Yang?"Saying of Fu Rui doubts.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "No, is not five elements Yin-Yang. Only if their ten dark heavenly stems disciple cultivation base achieve Nine-Crown, otherwise is impossible to release area so huge five elements Yin-Yang. Moreover, the intensity and five elements of Yin-Yang this knot is also different. five elements Yin-Yang displays completely various five elements pinnacle attributes, circle friendly does not have the flaw. But these ten pattern of overlapping rhombuses should formerly that each group of dark Mage ten departments combined five elements ties the enlargement. Only then sincere/heavy, does not have the true that pinnacle to be formidable. Completely is depends upon the results that the magic power overlay produces to tie the might to display the pinnacle five elements, bans completely spatially, forcing us to fight with them in the ground. It is not able to fly, our rates of progression will be affected."

In the Fu Rui eye severe Guanglian flashes, " whatever, when we must prevent them, silver wing Haidong azure and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon have also recovered consciousness, three people got up the mount, forward flushes away from the ground. But big five elements in sky tied actually likely grows eyes to be ordinary, all pressures centralized on them. Even if the Rank 9 magic beast approaching speed is affected. But the strong limit, they did not have the escape route. Only then goes forward, the advance, goes forward again.

Finally weapon Li Yonghao regarding the direction of dark Mage, although only then simple a few words, are actually just right, focused on the key to be. Made the speed that the Ji Dong four people went forward fall in the most suitable opportunity. To break this big five elements to tie them is actually not difficult regarding Ji Dong, so long as they can find any group to compose big five elements ties dark Mage, cuts to kill it, can break this knot. But, they actually cannot such do now. Because they do not have the time, their goals are the altars that the dark disciple and dark secret are , can also seek for that ten groups to complete big five elements ties dark Mage? Took 100 Mage unable to attack temporarily suppressed the Ji Dong four people for the price forcefully, and tied the position that found them to be at accurately through big five elements, surplus dark Mage, from concentrated completely in all directions, encircled Ji Dong they. As the matter stands, first did not say whether to massacre Ji Dong they, delays the time is actually affirmative. For these millennium plans, Dark Five Elements Continent prepared for a long time is too too long, any possibly during their computations, the distance dark ceremony completes was getting more and more near.

After headed by fifty Saint Fire Dragon three magic beast are unable to fly, their strengths came under the influence of certain extent, influence biggest is silver wing Haidong of bird essence is naturally blue. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is dragon clan, the space and underground, have the powerful battle efficiency. But silver wing Haidong azure after is unable to fly, the strength large scale was weaken.

However, falls in the ground, the remote strength is actually enhanced, as Earth department Mage, what ratio foot treads earth on also can display her strength?

The dark Mages form appeared in Ji Dong in their line of sight range. Stands in the silver wing Haidong azure top of the head remotely, the clear gray ray has shone in her hand together suddenly. This gray ray emergence, spreads immediately from palm both sides, in an instant has extended to two meters, is similar to the gray crystal builds all over the body, stick is a female person sculpture, about one foot, the lifelikeness of carving, the gray ray circulation, gray halos send out unceasingly from above, is the Sixth Earth department divine tool, the stick of earth goddess.

"I limit, you attack."As demon pledge hegemon, remote naturally can grasp in this case to make anything.

The viscous grey, flows swiftly just like the mercury flows swiftly to fall from the stick of earth goddess, the stick of earth goddess from the sky uses to follow in the ground to use, completely is two concepts, is the stick of two meters earth goddess, the stick tail was inserted in the ground directly remotely, that viscous grey like this follows the stick tail to assume fan- shaped spreads to the front, in the entire process, has not sent out a fluctuation of energy unexpectedly. Even if big five elements ties is unable to suppress the prestige energy of divine tool. Melts is Ze, this is the stick of earth goddess as the skill that the divine tool supplements. Remotely impossible pinnacle magic power with Ji Dong and Fu Rui compares on magic power, but must discuss the control to the divine tool skill, is not inferior in Fu Rui, even the still have it, after all, her body has merged into one organic whole in this divine tool, in skill that can use, can play absolutely as far as possible the skill might.

"Killing"Ji Dong loudly shouted, person has been similar to arrow flushed generally, is in the midair, the dazzling golden light erupts suddenly from his whole body, can clear seeing, that strong golden light gather above his right hand finally, the golden light spreads instantaneously, changed into a flash is more than ten meters giant long swords.

magic power starts, Ji Dong discovered, this big five elements tied besides formerly these limits, but also has limited the attacks of all manifest type skills. In other words, such as dragon Linshan, Dark Moon Flame these manifest magic skill are completely invalid, when release can only maintain with the position that the body contacts, is unable to launch the long- distance attack.

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Chapter 306: Renounces, the advance, fifth even/including dodge

In big five elements ties. Has not been able to launch the long-distance magic skill attack unexpectedly, as the matter stands, nearby one step has limited the Ji Dong four people of striking power. The way that cannot the long-distance attack, only be able to fight hand-to-hand breaks through the match defense line. Naturally, this limit in view in both sides, in other words, dark Mages is unable to use the long-distance attack. From the Ji Dong perspective, this limit for him instead advantageous.

The fierce sword in Ji Dong pours into pinnacle Yang Fire to bloom fully the eye-catching golden brilliance, the Ji Dong entire person sword unites, a tip of the toe place, was flushed by the upfront, after the fierce sword powerful amplification, his pinnacle Yang Fire intrepidly to the terrifying degree, at the same time, on his whole person is also the golden light greatly puts, wears god hot Saint king Kai Ji Dong to erupt own Flame Sovereign King body instantaneously. A round sunny day after he prepares raises, Yin-Yang Fish in within the body all magic power in through chest transform in this moment as pinnacle Yang Fire, the chaos bead of Yin- Yang Fish core place is also sending out the light golden light.

The bang, the dazzling brilliance bursts out suddenly from the fierce sword, although cannot use the attack of magic power form, but above fierce sword. Emits three meters sword glow, the huge cone-shape sword glow, has filled with the aura of destroying the hardest defenses.

If nine meters fierce sword, perhaps dark Mages also dares to resist directly, when they felt clearly on fierce sword terrifying magic power fluctuation, no one dares the upfront to keep off hardly, more than ten dark Mage of approach disperse to both sides first separately, prepares to attack Ji Dong from one side.

Ji Dong wants, is this effect, otherwise he will consume magic power, released directly through the fierce sword Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill?

The terrifying strength in this moment comprehensive eruption, Ji Dong used him to inherit from the Teng Snake powerful skill once again. Teng Snake flashes.

Or is changes without any curve magic square is, before is purest to/clashes, initiates by the way that Teng Snake flashes punctures the general swift and violent impact suddenly, the personal appearance first flashes, made him run out of 20 meters instantaneously, all tried to launch the dark Mages attack of attack to fall on vacating from one side. The Ji Dong tip of the toe in the ground, the body walks along with the sword, this directly broke in the enemy ranks center, at this time, in all directions, completely was dark Mages that flushed. one by one promoted the pinnacle own magic power, various types of magic power weapons and magic beast mounts, came toward the Ji Dong extrusion comprehensively.

"Killing"in this case, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to stop as before, started Teng Snake second to dodge directly. Even if the positive/direct trees cannot make him change the direction. Under sprint that rapidly Teng Snake flashes, his whole person stretched across 20 meters just like the golden color together like lightning once more, dark Mage that several dodge vaporizes in Pang great pinnacle Yang Fire that on the fierce sword contains directly instantaneously. Has not stayed behind including their magic power equipment.

This is what kind of speed! The twice twinkle, Ji Dong has crashed in dark Mage encirclement ring close one-third positions. Back dark Mage comprehensively pursues in the shock, front dark Mages as far as possible has defended under arrange/cloth. However, even if this, is unable to prevent Ji Dong the faith that as before continues to charge, Teng Snake third flashes, erupted at this time. The golden light sparkles once more, regardless of the front has what kind of defense, can present dark Mage here not to have any to break through to existence of Eight-Crown after all, but is Eight-Crown Mage here, facing Ji Dong by the colorful male cone that the fierce sword sends out , the upfront will not shake absolutely easily hardly.

However, continual three advances, made dark Mages find out some ways of Ji Dong advance, when his third flashed the conclusion instant, four first launched the flank attack dark Mage, the weapon happen to flashes through his fierce sword, fell on Ji Dong directly.

20 meters lead, after having the beforehand experience. Dark Mages grasps not to be difficult.

The attack that comes facing four sides, the opportunity that Ji Dong simply has not dodged, his soldier has not tried to dodge or stops the defense. If he has such done, he will face, dark Mage that in all directions surrounds, by his present strength, in receiving big five elements ties in the situation of suppression, was impossible to break through encircles tightly.

Therefore, Ji Dong simply has not made any dodging intention, whatever that four minutes were the different attribute magic power weapons simultaneously to fall on him.

Can grasp Mage of good lead, naturally is the powerhouse in dark Mage, in these four people, two are Six-Crown Mage, also two is the Seven- Crown powerhouses. However, when their magic power weapons fall on Ji Dong flash, they feel suddenly, the Ji Dong whole person slides like one does not keep the sea-monster of hand to be common, body slight swayed from side to side.

Is the naked eye slight swaying from side to side that is difficult to distinguish, actually changes Teng Snake with the strength hits the strength the effect to display incisively, low and deep stuffy snort/hum sends out from the Ji Dong mouth, but he also while withstanding four dark Mage attacks, the body in swaying from side to side to/clashes once more, started outrageously fourth flashed. When he time 20 meters away, formerly third flashed finished his hit clangour resounds. Obviously his speed has been what kind of intensity.

Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes can only the long-term usage five times, but his fifth flashes is fourth flashes the connection use.

The matches will judge the lead, how Ji Dong possibly cannot control oneself body, at this time, he penetrated the opposite party to block to exceed 50% distances. His fourth flashes, runs out is not 20 meters, but is 19 meters, under his desirably control, extremely precise range attenuation that will advance one meter.

Do not despise this short one meter, is this meter distance, made six according to the magic power weapon bombardment that the lead release attacked in the fierce sword or is the vacancy.

The fierce sword shock, sends out the sound of clear and melodious dragon recitation, but Ji Dong fifth flashed also starts at this time. This flashes finally, he does not advance forward, but was the entire body leapt up toward slanting above.

The body enters airborne, the attack of enemy naturally falls on the vacancy, but the body of Ji Dong also from the sky relied on the pair of wings that opened to stop the flash, even if cannot fly, his clothing the god hot Saint king Kai pair of wings also as before can slow down the freely falling body of his body.

With the aid of this stop instant, his took a deep breath, feels suddenly on, looks like must inhale within the body the air of entire world completely, in that huge inspiration sound, the Flame Sovereign King body of Ji Dong as if inflated several points, the fierce sword in right hand changed to both hands to grip, has flung the top of the head suddenly. When his person falls toward the ground, the fierce sword brought giant light screen in the midair. Stiffly pounds to the ground.

Right, he has not locked on any goal, the fierce sword refers, is his dead ahead. The explosive force that unprecedented frigid imposing manner, bursts out instantaneously, made elite also can't help gasping on these Dark Five Elements Continent, all has stopped to dark Mages that Ji Dong threw as if by prior agreement the moment.

The life of person only has one time, the person ready dead who even if they train after the dark secret Buddhist temple, in the this humble one consciousness, will be active protection own life. No one is able to affirm that Ji Dong this sword can from the sky change, but that is nine meters. Also had the range that the great sword of three meters sword glow can cover in too to be big. No one wants next to unravel under this great sword.

Therefore, Ji Dong this sword, that smooth bombardment in the ground, only listens to unequalled fierce thundering, in addition the sword glow delays, the entire 12 meters fierce swords cut to strike in the flash of ground, the big five elements in earth or sky tied fiercely shivered. Terrifying pinnacle Yang Fire, and has formerly saved along with magic power of Flame Sovereign King comprehensive eruption in the colorful male cone of tang fully erupts. The heavy sword chops the place of cutting, the earth explodes instantaneously, the innumerable stones change into the flying ash in the great sword bombardment, one 12 meters in length, blasted out three meters width, the depth also reaches ten meters giant gully, that appeared in front of Ji Dong. However, because his target is only the dead ahead, has not hit any dark Mage.

However, like such that formerly said that anybody will protect himself subconsciously, when Ji Dong this just like wanting an epoch-making sword positive/direct bang next, almost all his positive/direct enemies already to both sides shunt. Even if places enemy 12 meters away to be no exception, this is Ji Dong consecutively for five times glitters, finally breaks in airborne sends out this to strike to jump to cut the brought powerful deterrence strength. This cuts, completely before him , all imposing manners of saving erupt completely, the attack intensity or the imposing manner, have reached the peak.

Even if rear Fu Rui, looks that Ji Dong so unprecedented fills with the frigid aura the impact of incomparable violence, in the heart secretly applauds, oneself this Little Junior Brother, has no qualms in the prestige of tyrant, under about 200 formidable dark Mage besiege, how many breath can actually clash over two-thirds distances, this is the what kind of courage, is the what kind of strength?

Also at this time, the stick of earth goddess also spread for Ze the dark Mages under foot, over one-third dark Mages clear feelings under foot one soft, the next moment, their both feets suddenly became the viscous place pencil of planes tie.

Melts even compares its might more fearful for the pressure that Ze creates. After all, in all dark Mages cognition, big five elements ties , is impossible to use the long-distance energy to attack. This one-third dark Mage were in a tight corner that is hard to pursue immediately, but this range, but also rapidly is spreading.

Remote has released the limit own magic power, is, wins the enough much time to Fu Rui and Ji Dong. Ji Dong discovered that she has also discovered that although the supplementary skill of stick of earth goddess can release, but this melted was obviously slower than the normal time for Ze's release rate. But as the matter stands, the enemy who so long as was limited by her, is unable to affect the motion of Ji Dong through the long- distance magic power attack. This without a doubt for them is the good deed.

Fu Rui has not been idling, when Ji Dong runs out of a way at the same time, he also the diving posture, thunder Yushen the axe as one desires transformed, flashes the charge to be different from Ji Dong Teng Snake, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui walks tackles the route completely.

thunder Yushen the axe transforms as one desires, changes into has been three meters battle axe, in this woods, if the battle axe were too big, instead did not display easily. Although does not have ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail the assistance, but on thunder Yushen the axe the dazzling thunder and lightning ray bursts out the most terrifying explosive force. Anyone, any Mage independent attack, if collides in thunder Yushen the axe together, the next moment, his body will fall into the paralysis, when this paralysis, his body changed into two sections under thunder Yushen the axe. When Fu Rui just broke in the enemy ranks, because does not adapt to this powerful divine tool, is almost during several breath, six dark Mage were cut to kill by Fu Rui under the axe.

Although these darkness elite are Five-Crown above Mage, but, Fu Rui own magic power reaches as high as Level 79, has is pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power as well as with the divine tool thunder Yushen axe that his own attribute coincides completely. In fighting hand-to-hand of this meeting the tough head-on with toughness, who can keep off the prestige of this axe?

Until dark Mages reflects, every time launches the attack to Fu Rui at least is seven and eight people together displays, this slows down the speed that he went forward, but, Fu Rui goes forward every time one step, at least will leave behind several corpses. His simply does not defend, attacks completely independently, the broken demon and paralysis on thunder Yushen the axe supplementing, frighten the incisiveness of three big attribute displays, the weapon in dark Mages hand, cannot block. Only has by each other exquisite coordination, attacks the enemy to rescue, before can reluctant cradling Thunder Emperor, form that to/clashes. May be this, at least has close one-fourth dark Mage to be constrained by Fu Rui.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has not been idling, Rank 9 Giant Dragon of these two variations protected the Fu Rui two wing directions separately, their powerful body and terrifying physical body striking power displayed completely. Dark Mage must branch out several people respectively, can prevent them reluctantly, as the matter stands, had close one-third dark Mage to resist the advancement of Fu Rui and Shuanglong. Is blue as for silver wing Haidong, is protecting its master.

With comprehensive assuming an awe-inspiring pose of stick of earth goddess, the attack of Fu Rui becomes is swifter and fiercer, melted looks like for Ze steadily eyes, Fu Rui was two Giant Dragon under feet, did not have the sluggish feeling. But these for dark Mages that Ze falls into, the pinnacle Sixth Earth magic power contact that once releases with this divine tool, naturally must receive the pinnacle magic power close combat pressure, resisted Fu Rui they to become again more difficult. Dark Mages, has no qualms in the elite prestige, after Ji Dong that sword bombardment ground, they slightly have gawked, had rushed from Ji Dong recent more than ten dark Mage.

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Chapter 307: Sprint, gold/metal, black altar

Dark Mages cannot make Ji Dong continue to forward again. So long as is less than 50 meters again forward, he can run out of here woods, outside open area, is the altar is.

More than ten magic power weapons also started, attack to just completed attack output massive magic power Ji Dong. In their opinion, started so powerful Certain Kill Skill to strike, even if the strength were strong , needs the panting time. Even if only 1-2 instantaneous free time, enough they killed several times Ji Dong.

What a pity, what they do not know, Ji Dong has to congeal bead chaos magic power, right, this struck a moment ago, he has truly released many magic power, but, under the function of bead of chaos, his simply does not need to make any adjustment, the process of adjustment, he was already completed from the trade association by the bead of chaos. The chaos mystery is nearly inexhaustible, the Ji Dong actual battle efficiency must dread the main reason including Fu Rui because of existence of chaos.

a golden light flashes, the fierce sword in the flash that bombardment finished. Had been taken back within the body by Ji Dong, sees only his slightly wrong step, dark Mages discovered with amazement, beforehand Ji Dong turned into three unexpectedly, three forms have simultaneously made to the movement that the different directions swoop.

Such situation was really too strange, their movements unconscious has stopped slightly the flash. At this moment, the body of Ji Dong transferred, he not before the dark Mages expectation such continues to/clashes, but turns over/stands up to throw, Flame Sovereign King body instantaneous restraining returns to within the body. Two illusory images vanish the flash in air, he has cut into to numerous dark Mage in fast.

At this time, appears behind Ji Dong, is not cloudy Yang Fire condensation law, but is cloudy Yang Fire hovering law. In such a case, even if there is big five elements to tie suppresses, his speed also promoted the extremely terrifying degree.

First facing Ji Dong, is one grasps dark Mage of two meters heavy sword, suddenly saw that the Ji Dong personal appearance reverses, he hurries to pour into magic power to oneself heavy sword , the left leg withdraws backward one step, in the hand the heavy sword to seals directly directly. This is many years of training response of rapidly. He is confident to oneself companion, so long as blocks Ji Dong, the next moment Ji Dong is going to face, is their besieging.

However, can he block Ji Dong really one? The right hand of Ji Dong, struck directly above his heavy sword. Only listens to buzz a metal fulmination to resound, the Ji Dong whole person has hit along with the next flash sinking shoulder that the right hand laid out.

Was this fellow insane? Hits my heavy sword with the body? This is last thought of this dark Mage in this world. Because, the next moment his body, had been passed through by the sharp thorn of Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai shoulder place instantaneously, that sharp thorn completely disregards this dark Mage armor, accurate prick to his heart. Cannot probably have the output of any magic power, the heart is pierced, even if Nine-Crown Mage also same must die.

That handle keeps off in the heavy sword between Ji Dong and this Mage, in the flash that Ji Dong hits, unexpectedly has not played any resists the function, looks like general that the paper sticks, was pierced directly, even cannot delay the Ji Dong speed. Reaches three cuns (2.5 cm) heavy sword thick possibly is not the paper sticks certainly, reason that it has not blocked the attack of Ji Dong , because before the Ji Dong shoulder hits, it melted. The Ji Dong right hand pats it time, happen to pats in the position that the heavy swords happens to obtain somebody's favor, pinnacle Yin Fire releases in the minimum range, in little outputs in the magic power situation as far as possible, melts an metal on heavy sword completely. Moreover had not discovered including that dark Mage, but sharp thorn on Ji Dong shoulder armor. Melted from this heavy sword place pricks, the sharp thorn lengthens three points instantaneously, pierced the heart of match directly.

Said slowly, but attack that in fact this is only instantaneously completed, was pierced dark Mage of heart is his companions, how has not seen clearly Ji Dong to kill his.

With this hit, the right hand of Ji Dong in airborne wields like lightning continually five times, five rays simultaneously sprinkle from his hand. Happen to hits, in five attack to his dark Mage hand on the weapon.

Five fierce thundering also resound, appears first, is five jet black such as the claw shade of black ink, bangs into above that black claw shade with the Ji Dong exactly the same golden color form, makes on the step to clash the movement of fist.

How that five dark Mage can think that Ji Dong will use the so strange attack, five stuffy snort/hum also resound, in the giant bellow, these five dark Mage simultaneously were shaken to fly.

For with the time race, Ji Dong could not attend to saving, that is five bottles of magic skill liquor that he ejects, moreover is the Yin-Yang two fires attribute links magic skill liquor. Combination of Dark Moon Claw and Scorching Sun Bite of most foundation. This is Ji Dong after the psychic force is increased combination skill magic skill liquor that attempts. If there is more time to make him come to experiment, he even can make the might bigger magic skill liquor. Naturally, material when manufacture must replace. Assuming an awe-inspiring pose of five bottles of magic skill liquor, was Ji Dong has ripped open a gap once more, his whole person was almost pastes leads the way, the body flashed, has drilled into that about ten meters deep gully that the achievements of predecessors sword has shelled first. Falls into the gully at the same time, he kicks out like lightning, the speed, had been displayed the pinnacle by him.

Pursues welcomes to gully dark Mages, is the bombardments of another five bottles of magic skill liquor. When they resist the might that the magic skill liquor erupts. Ji Dong ran out from another end diving posture of gully. At this time, he was away from runs out of the forest only remaining final 20 meters. But keeps off before him, only remaining finally more than ten dark Mage. Behind Ji Dong, gray in rapid is spreading for Ze forward. Massive dark Mage had tied down temporarily, can pursue to his already less than 30 people.

Cannot stop, this is in the Ji Dong heart the only thought that from initiates to charge at first now, because there is big five elements ties a suppression, he cannot obtain any magic power supplies, cannot absorb crystal core magic power, because of such one, his advance must stop inevitably. At this time, his deep feeling Six-Crown rank magic power is insufficient. magic power in big five elements ties the mass consumptions under pressure, made his breath become somewhat rapid.

Is preparing to charge into these dark Mage close combat preying in him not at any cost, looks for the opportunity again by Teng Snake flashes the breakthrough the time, making the situation of his accident/surprise appear. These more than ten Mage not only have not attacked him, instead retreats fast backward, withdrew from the woods unexpectedly directly.

Ji Dong naturally cannot let up such opportunity, before hurrying to jump to/clashes, when he arrives at the woods edge, the heart actually sinks.

All that ten dark Mage makes, is Ji Dong most feared that sees. They withdraw from the woods. Also withdraws from the range that big five elements has tied covers, even if withdraws one step, can not come under big five elements ties the influence. In some sense, big five elements that Dark Five Elements Continent these Mage compose ties, by suppressed ability, above demon pledge these Mages, but has actually been inferior by the range limit ability, because this knot will not prevent the person to come and go out.

That more than ten dark Mage one step withdraws from the forest , after is withdraws big five elements ties, in which ten people, immediately simultaneously release magic power. Without big five elements ties influence, their magic power naturally can manifest. Can manifest magic power condense a big net in the air, formed independent five elements to tie, happen to have blocked the Ji Dong way.

Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes again exquisitely , can only display in the air, but five elements that this condensation becomes ties, like a mountain generally keeps off with the defense skill that ten Mage simultaneously release before him. Those who most made Ji Dong painful was, the opposite party withdrew from big five elements to tie, but his body actually also in big five elements tied, in other words, that ten dark Mage will not come under big five elements tied the influence, but he actually as before must, in that big five elements tied during suppression. As the matter stands, his advance however will be prevented inevitably, following dark Mages pursued.

Ji Dong had magic skill of powerful to break through this to defend, the last resort that but, he left behind, to be used to break that altar. Ceremony based on Ten Great Divine Tools, so is can it be that easy to break through. Even if he broke through the present blockade now, launches the attack with what to the altar?

In situation that this is in a dilemma, even if were the Ji Dong such resolute person also presented the hesitation of moment. In the heart has the feeling of several points of exhausting the bag of clumsy tricks.

In the most crucial time, suddenly, together in the light golden light slanting thorn quietly flashes through, ten stuffy snort/hum also resound, Ji Dong clear seeing, ten metal sharp thorns simultaneously prevent the ten dark Mage chest place puncture of his way from that. The blood with cannot believe also blooms, the next moment, Ji Dong front five elements ties collapsed of itself. " You also wait for any entirely sound to reverberate in the ear. Without a doubt, so familiar surprise attack technique will only be a person. That is the pinnacle Yin Metal magic power owner, gold/metal.

If normally, gold/metal wants to sneak attack about these universal Six- Crown Mage is not that easy. What a pity, these dark Mages attention all centralized on Ji Dong, after they release five elements ties, clearly saw the hesitation in Ji Dong eye, in the situation of thinking oneself clever, spiritually has relaxation of flash immediately slightly.

gold/metal absolutely is assassination Great Master, she had moved actually already under water. However, the fluctuation of energy of that altar sending out made her understand that was not can break through, therefore, she in waiting opportunity, finally when this was most essential gets rid, helping Ji Dong eliminate leading the way the barrier that.

The golden form has replaced formerly the Ji Dong position, six meters court eunuch manufacturer has brandished against the wind, was Ji Dong has blocked the following pursuing troops. She definitely cannot resist the attacks of that many dark Mage, in situation that but in everybody cannot use the long-distance attack, intrepidly sufficiently what gold/metal fight skill made her as far as possible was Ji Dong prevents the pursuing troops.

The personal appearance flashes, when Ji Dong one step runs out of the forest, the feeling of that strength reply nearly made his moan make noise, does not have big five elements has tied the limit, suppressed soul vortex extreme twist, Pinnacle Two Fires magic power was almost greedy started the signal outward, the bead of chaos was the ray puts greatly, in the air all fire attribute elements came in swarms just like all rivers run into the sea generally, cloudy Yang Fire condensation law instantaneously has also replaced cloudy Yang Fire hovering law, two reached as high as Rank 7 fire attribute crystal core is grasped to start by Ji Dong, comprehensively magic power that restored formerly to consume.

The vision institute , the dark altar appeared in the line of sight of Ji Dong finally. How when Ji Dong first sees this not giant altar, not only his soul vortex shook slightly. This time dark altar, has differed from the description of beforehand cloud secret. Ten dark heavenly stems disciples get together, they no longer sit, but has stood, is raising in the hand various weapons of dark golden ray sparkle, the incomparably formidable aura, in these ten big dark disciple exclusive magical instruments is bursting out unceasingly. Each divine tool peak, is releasing a diameter about about half meter strange mark, ten marks from the sky are sparkling the respective different brilliance, that is ten pinnacle magic power halos.

Altar most top layer, the mysterious dark secret lifts up high the scepter, in the mouth unceasingly soaring was reciting the special intonation, in his hand in that soldier dark scepter, clearly discernible appearance together strange distortion halo.

If there is changed others, perhaps cannot see clearly that is anything, but Ji Dong through the fluctuation of soul vortex, can actually see, the halo of that distortion is gathering into one huge circular law in the midair, in this law, a five elements method each design that presents, because is just colorless transparent, with eyes looked that is unable to see.

They must succeed, this is the Ji Dong energetic demon territory passes to his only thought that in the dark altar, is lending the extremely strange aura unceasingly, is cut off a Ji Dong psychic force more thorough investigation, he can only feel, the ceremony of this dark altar is near the end, will look like shatter mirrors will soon reunit general. Simultaneously Ji Dong also discovered that when tread the forest at that moment starting from, he was blocked with fifty Saint the soul relation of Fire Dragon and Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly forcefully. Spiritual connection with the Senior Brother and remote has also separated. As if this dark altar is in itself sending out special magic power, can be cut off all form energy transfer.

Before the mind recalls Lie Yan (raging flames), had said words, this dark altar has blocked the fluctuation of outside magic power in a special method, even if in inside five Saint beasts is unable to feel its existence.

Regardless of saw that the dark altar gives shock of Ji Dong in a big way, he jumped into the spatial, dazzling golden light immediately blooms against the wind, flood the Supreme Yang brilliance, the giant fierce sword has brandished. The goal points to the core of dark altar, dark secret.

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Chapter 308: Ultra must kill the scroll, metal storm

The golden light screen, is similar to the sky a round sunny day bursts out. Is over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) fierce swords, in addition Ji Dong fully output magic power, this is the formidable power and influence, directly soars the dark secret overhead to cut.

However, what making Ji Dong accidental/surprised was, that ten dark heavenly stems disciples have not made any response because of his motion, like has not seen him to attack to dark secret, only then scorpion after seeing Ji Dong, the look had some changes slightly. Although Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor changes into god hot Saint king Kai, but the mask on Ji Dong face she was too familiar, the owner of this mask left she too profound memory. Although at that time, she must hide five elements method, but besides five elements method, she is whole-heartedly, even under afterward collaborated with the dark Tenth Water disciple cold rain, cannot how this person. This time, under facing fully obstruction, they clearly only then such several people, break through the tight encirclement to come here in the so short time unexpectedly, is he, is he. However. The look that in the scorpion eye reveals at this time is actually somewhat moved, in her heart is actually thinking, if this time he has not attended the war of Holy and Evil well this. At least did not need dead immediately.

Weapon Li Yonghao is also looking finally at Ji Dong, his vision is actually very tranquil, not only the scorpion has recognized Ji Dong, he similarly has also recognized, looks like in Li Yonghao, if in ten years, perhaps Ji Dong will create to them some troublesome, the Pinnacle Two Fires owner, he should be this generation of Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems Saint king. Advantageous Pinnacle Two Fires, may make his strength also probably surpass itself, all were what a pity late, he does not have the opportunity to affect this victory and defeat again.

The golden light, drops from the clouds, is having the swift and fierce and overbearing terrifying aura, drops down above the altar. However, in that golden light from a altar also ten meters position, suddenly, light ten color halos does not have the emergence of omen in front of the fierce sword.


The fierce sword numerous bombardments above that ten color halos, that seem like very light ten color rays send out the light ripple, but Ji Dong actually already with sword shaken flew.

Right, ten big dark heavenly stems disciple all magic power of pour into the divine tool in their hands, at this kind of time, they did not have any striking power. Cannot leave the altar. However, that is the exclusive magical instruments of ten big dark heavenly stems disciples! Ten magical instruments get together. The ten attributes of divine tool rank are complete, they bring, not only assists at present the dark secret ceremony, in the meantime, small some magic power fuse in together, the arrange/cloth around this altar has gotten down five elements Yin-Yang voluntarily.

This is under five elements Yin-Yang by pinnacle magic power arrange/cloth, five years ago, similarly on Holy and Evil Battlefield, adds on five elements Yin-Yang such under Huo'er arrange/cloth by eight bright heavenly stems disciples. Moreover, this five elements Yin-Yang must be more formidable, because its source came from the Ten Great Divine Tools strength.

The fierce sword that tyrannical might, is supplementing the bombardment of pinnacle Yang Fire, is actually similar to the dragonfly shakes the mountain to be ordinary, is unable to have any influence to five elements Yin-Yang. Ji Dong only thinks the whole body shock, although he had the phoenix dragon dance snake change to solve the major part instead to shake the strength, but fierce sword shaken let go to depart, his whole person also departed beyond hundred meters, reluctantly grasped by the pair of wings balanced.

Within the body magic power fierce surges, the vitality surges, making him nearly spurt the blood, hid the face under god hot Saint king Kai is rises red.

Really is not easy to break through. Ji Dong in airborne took a deep breath, is suppressing within the body racing wells up vitality reluctantly. Biplane wing restraining, the personal appearance flashes, will be shaken the fierce sword that flies to copy to start, when he stabilizes lives in within the body vitality, at present the situation had the enormous change.

That covered big five elements of woods to tie finished voluntarily, by the sensation of energetic demon territory, he can discover clearly, dark Mages in all woods gave up to Fu Rui and the others besieging, turned back in order to help friendly forces the dark altar fully.

The golden light twinkle, gold/metal has also drawn back, behind her, dozens strong magic power rays pursues tightly, but, luckily gold/metal speed strange Kuai, combat experience is extremely rich, flashes the belt to hide continually, after withdrawing from woods reluctant shunt.

At this time, the dark Mage total quantity more than 200 people, charged into the altar as before whole-heartedly, the altar are attacked, making them appear somewhat flustered, was not calm like before.

Ji Dong was shaken flies, dozens people have completed turning back in order to help friendly forces, keeps off in the dark altar front fast, five elements tie to shine before the dark altar, they no longer attack Ji Dong and the others, but transfers defends fully, tries the best cannot let the Ji Dong direct attack altar again.

In dragon Yinsheng, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong is leading cloud Tianji, Fu Rui azure separately and soars to enter remotely. Meet with Ji Dong and gold/metal together. Five people look at each other one, saw each other heaviness in eye. clouds that secret complexion is most dignified, "quick, must prevent them immediately, this ceremony must complete."

Fu Rui looks to Ji Dong, "Little Junior Brother, what's the matter?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Around dark altar, there is five elements Yin- Yang, I attempted with the fierce sword attack a moment ago, was shaken. This five elements Yin-Yang intensity, but must surpass the previous these bright disciples to collaborate to start."

The Fu Rui vision changes the dark altar, looks to arrive there, Li Yonghao who grasps the black day demon Divine Sword, but Li Yonghao vision, fell on his face similarly. In this pair of previous generation foe each other vision, bursts out the intense spark immediately.

"Fu Rui, you came late. You did not have the opportunity again. How even if you did obtain the divine tool thunder Yushen axe? Even if thunder Yushen the axe, is impossible to break our five elements Yin- Yang. Has made you favorite more than ten years, perhaps but this time, you again are unable to find the feeling of victory. Today, here is also your burial ground."

In the Fu Rui eye the cold light twinkle, "Li Yonghao, you do not need to think runs on a bank me to delay the time with the words. It is not five elements Yin-Yang. Has not tried, knows that is unable to cut broken."

At the same time was saying, Fu Rui ray started to have the change, this time, he does not have to absorb magic power from purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon again, but is on the purple light blooms, purest pinnacle Yang Lei magic power is ascending on him unceasingly, each change, will make his imposing manner promote several points.

snorted that Li Yonghao disdains perhaps, "Fu Rui, you have not known. Since our first time fights now. Actually, you have not won my possibility. From my hand, you have carried off the victories of wars of three Holy and Evil, that all because of today. For this day, my waited for a long time was too too long. For this day, our Dark Five Elements Continent has prepared the entire even thousands years. After today, is Holy and Evil Island will not exist incessantly, your Light Five Elements Continent result only then submits. You believe, I also do need to delay the time? Come, making me have a look, your thunder Yu god axe has the big might, can break through at present our continent elite blockades, you many strengths, but can also be used to attack the altar. The final victory, will only belong to our Dark Five Elements Continent, but you, but is ants in my eyes."

Has not waited for the Fu Rui opens the mouth, Ji Dong already coldly said: "Li Yonghao, do not think that you won. Before your ceremony has not completed, our campaigns had not ended. gold/metal, scroll."

gold/metal naturally understands that the meaning of Ji Dong, the wrist/skill turns, in palm were many a golden scroll. Sees this scroll, Li Yonghao also complexion slightly changes, "Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll?"

His voice has not fallen, gold/metal steps quietly the previous step, arrived at the five people of forefront, in the hand a scroll against the wind show, opens instantaneously.

Immediately, an extremely terrifying aura bursts out instantaneously, is ordinary just like the volcanic eruption, blooms from the flatter golden body, in an instant, strong metal attribute magic power becomes in the air incomparably dignified, side gold/metal, even presented a gold/metal misty brilliance.

Ji Dong, Fu Rui and remote three people, are raising completely gather their own magic power. The dark ceremony will soon complete, finally decisive battle time also arrived, cannot prevent the opposite party, then, is their demise, Light Five Elements Continent perhaps must along with it suffering distress. Arrived this kind of time, each of them again did not have any retention.

Feels aura that in gold/metal hand scroll lends, the dark Mages complexion also changed, what although they like Li Yonghao cannot see in gold/metal hand is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll, clarity that but Li Yonghao voice they actually listen. But, these dark Mages do not have one to charge into Ji Dong they to launch the attack actually. Not because of timid, because of behind dark altar. The enemies attack to at present, in their hearts, most important is not own life, but is completion of dark ceremony. Undergoes the hell -type training in dark secret Buddhist temple since childhood, making these dark Mages have today's achievement, but also while having powerful strength, they similarly thoroughly were also brainwashed by the dark secret Buddhist temple. Mission that the order of dark secret must complete for them, even if pays the life price also to refuse to balk. Feels in gold/metal hand ultra to kill the terrifying prestige energy of scroll, five elements that these dark Mages compose ties is not chaotic, gathers at the upfront completely, the behind dark altar will protect firmly.

Similarly is this ultra must kill the scroll, with appealed to heaven in initially magic skill guild that in gold/metal hand in the evil Mage hand actually entirely different.

Acme Yin Metal magic power pours into to this Seventh Metal magic skill scroll, same metal attribute inspires itself to want easy many, let alone, gold/metal pours into is pinnacle magic power, in actuating the speed of scroll, wanted not to know many quickly.

Almost is only time that three times breathe, the dazzling golden light has exploded instantaneously in front of gold/metal, that golden scroll changed into a golden light in gold/metal hand shatter.

The Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, fell behind gold/metal, the right hand lifts, cream flame ascends quietly in his palm, the next moment, his hand was having the ray of that matter cream color flame according to behind King's helmet. The psychic force that in the soul vortex saves blooms comprehensively, pours into to gold/metal that instantaneously does not have in the soul of slightest bit resistance meaning. Their psychic forces melt instantaneously are.

A golden light, from the sky spreads, a low and deep tiger roar roaring sound, making the earth shiver fiercely, a giant white tiger virtual image quietly appeared in the midair, sharp woods cold aura from the sky bloomed. White tiger, is Seventh Metal department Totem, that height reaches hundred meters white tiger virtual image to appear, demonstrated that this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill might is powerful. Actually even if Ji Dong is unable to imagine such skill is how the brand mark in that small scroll.

wu wu, wu wu, strong rumor/wind sound from resounds suddenly in all directions. In the sky that giant white tiger makes a movement of holding up the head, the next moment, its huge body turned into the golden color completely. The strong wind power has formed instantaneously from the sky huge tornado, covers the body of white tiger instantaneously. This does not have the tornado wind that the omen presents, almost in instantaneously presents the enhancement of geometrical multiple. But is such strong wind power, has not had any influence to the white tiger virtual image.

When that moment of tornado wind formation, in an instant, the white tiger body golden light blooms completely, the unequalled glare erupts instantaneously, thousand myriad golden rays have the grating wailing sound to be stave. The Ji Dong to the utmost eyesight, can see, that clearly is the golden metal fragments of palm of the hand sizes, each piece of metal, is completely condenses by pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power. Even if he and King's psychic force through Chaos Fire links completely, has not controlled possibly this millions of metal fragment, but, that huge tornado wind actually during his control.

The white tiger virtual image vanished quietly, but that tornado wind also while it vanishes turned into the golden color, because, in this terrifying huge tornado, is containing that millions of metal fragment. The grating wailing, the clangour of innumerable metal collision made everyone unable to hear other sounds again.

How broad might this is! At this time, in everyone eyes can see only has the golden color, can hear also only then sound of rumor/wind sound and metal collision, the imposing manner that blots out the sky even produces to tie a more terrifying pressure compared with beforehand big five elements. Pressure that pinnacle Seventh Metal creates. Yes, this is the intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill power and influence, although it is different from Ji Dong that single body straight-line attack Fire God cuts void, but, its community attack effect will actually create a more terrifying pressure in the visual impact. Its name, appeared in gold/metal mind, naturally also presents in the mind telepathy of Ji Dong, this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill name, is called: Metal storm.

The terrifying tornado vortex, bringing that to have the metal fragment of innumerable cutting force to drop from the clouds, in the Ji Dong ice-cold look gaze, under his tyrannical highest sage level realm psychic force control, this metal storm directly soars dark Mages to take away as many things as possible.

At the end of the month, the monthly ticket should throw. We are away from sixth, only then hundred vote disparities.

Chapter 309: Striving for success, limit and ultimate Thunder Emperor

While Ji Dong helps gold/metal actuate the Ultra Certain Kill Skill metal storm. Fu Rui has not been idling, in hand thunder Yushen the axe flies once more, this time, is the direct float behind him, his whole person, in not having the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon does not have under the help of wing, that baseless floats unexpectedly. The pinnacle purple complete embodiment, around the back thunder Yu god axe, forms a purple halo, is complementing his personal appearance. Strong pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power made his body surrounding air start becomes twists, and erupted the intense thunderous sound, purple violent electricity unstable was glittering around the body, his double pupil was similar to the amethyst erupts two substantive brilliance generally. The dragon of thunder and lightning, ascends around the Fu Rui body one after another, that completely is the condensation of his own magic power, at the same time, above top of the head Yang Thunder Yang Crown also bursts out seven Thunder Dragon, complements each other fresh splendor with Thunder Dragon who the body releases.

By the Fu Rui Seven-Crown strength, originally can only release the dragons of seven thunder and lightning, is counted lasting law , can only be
14. However, his magic power approached Eight-Crown after all, in addition places in Wanlei to break into a jail , the thunder attribute element is quite rich, unified the 15 th Thunder Dragon unexpectedly at the final moment.

The metal storm has assumed an awe-inspiring pose, can only release it by King's psychic force originally, and directs it to attack the fixed direction, but there is Ji Dong that vastly such as the sea psychic force as the support, this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill already under complete control. The terrifying tornado wind dropped from the clouds, having that extremely terrifying imposing manner to hit directly to five elements Yin-Yang under dark Mages arrange/cloth.

Ten attribute five elements Yin-Yang without doubt are extremely formidable, can ten Mage magic power link, achieves the combination skill effect, moreover in the attribute is because ten attribute five elements are complete, but does not have the flaw. However, in circle friendly defense, there is a limit of its defense, when to dominates in the above tyrannical attack face to face absolutely, their results will not change similarly.

The grating fricative made person of tooth acid, first layer five elements Yin-Yang glisten instantaneously, this was ties magic power after contacting the attack promotes to the appearance of limit, did not have including one second of stop, the next instance, that ten dark Mage had been swallowed by metal tornado. Sad and shrill pitiful yell sound along with everywhere blood rain, making in that metal tornado many have wiped the red.

Is mixing with pinnacle Seventh Metal fragment terrifying tornado in their been involved in flash, has ripped the fragment their bodies. Intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, so is can it be that easy to resist?

five elements Yin-Yang one after another glistens, in the dark Mages heart had the dead will freely, but companions took away as many things as possible to the pinnacle tornado wind by that terrifying shortly. In their eyes cannot help but presented the fear. Even but if, they wanted to give up at this time also already without enough time, that covered metal tornado of enormous range to bang into their defense lineups forcefully.

Intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, even if supreme powerhouse is not everyone can release, let alone at present this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill or in five elements ten attributes most offensive Seventh Metal department. Perhaps, its explosive force is poorer than Third Fire department, but penetrating power and destructive power actually above Third Fire department. For the Light Five Elements Continent safety, Ji Dong at this time heart hard like iron, will not have any lenient, almost in several breath, over half dark Mage had been swallowed by the metal storm.

Dark Mages, but also tries to make final struggling, surviving more than hundred dark Mage, have the mount fuses with mount magic power completely, does not have the mount own magic power promotion pinnacle, launched the counter-attack comprehensively. five elements Yin-Yang, is their respective skills, by the maximum degree output, more than hundred dark Mage is carrying on their this life last striving for success.

However, the absolute strength is the absolute strength, one after another seems formidable magic power, in the metal storm wreaks havoc shatter. More than hundred Mage joint efforts, made the tornado wind that the entire metal storm produced reduce slightly. When this metal storm hits outrageously to the dark altar, more than 200 dark Mage have been annihilated.

This is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill terrifying, any Ultra Certain Kill Skill, even if primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, has to destroy a terrifying energy of city. Initially cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister went to Central Plains City, making the high levels in this continent first city appear scared because of so. No one dares to bet, if these two brother and sister release Ultra Certain Kill Skill respectively, then, even if the Central Plains City such giant city, by unprecedentedly disaster.

Ji Dong when resists this scroll originally owner day to be evil, at that time on the scene has six supreme powerhouses fully, but they noticed when the day must release evilly ultra must kill the scroll as before cannot bear the shock and fear. Also must first get rid including calmest Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun. Is after because Ultra Certain Kill Skill forms, even if they as the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses, only has to resist the attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill to have the possibility of counter- attacking first. A range intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill might, in it covers in the range, explained perfectly a meaning of glossary, that destroys. Reason that Nine-Crown Mage is so command respect, various countries' imperial family is also submissive, because of each of them's existence, is equal to a Ji Dong previous generation country has the deterrent that the nuclear weapon has. Regardless of Mage of your country control has many, if no one and two supreme powerhouse to bring up the rear, then, nobody can contend with Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

This time enters the dark Mage regiment in Holy and Evil Battlefield is nothing less than formidable, they are absolute elite, at their ages, can achieve such cultivation base, already, not only with the talent can describe that also the day after tomorrow hell self-torture. May be this. When intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill reveals the fang, they also difficultly run away the destroyed destiny. After last dark Mage was involved in the metal storm, the entire metal storm presents light red, that is the change that the dark Mages flesh and blood injects to have!

Li Yonghao complexion became very ugly, the dark Mage regiment carries on the direction by him completely, can be said as his direct descendant, this about 300 people this time enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, cannon fodder who although the main function successfully is conducted as the protection dark ceremony. But this strength is quite after all strong, they are elite that for dozens years the dark secret Buddhist temple trains. Such has been annihilated, as the final weapon of command, how Li Yonghao can not get angry.

However, did not have the means like formerly Ji Dong to five elements Yin-Yang, he same anything does not do now. Only can whole-heartedly pours into magic power to the black day demon Divine Sword. Helps the dark secret carry on ceremony final completion comprehensively.

Killed more than 200 dark Mage, wreaking havoc of metal storm as before had not actually stopped, driven by Ji Dong comprehensive, tyrannical has run upon dark altar surrounding protection five elements Yin- Yang.

Loudly in the loud sound, the cloud secret of distant place and remote as if by prior agreement has covered own ear, that grating fricative sounded in too to be painful. Each pinnacle Seventh Metal tinsel in metal storm, fiercely is rubbing with five elements Yin-Yang. But formerly also presented when the Ji Dong attack light ten color rays five elements Yin-Yang immediately becomes glistens, particularly with the position of metal storm contact, erupts the dazzling ten color rays.

The pinnacle Seventh Metal tinsel the five elements Yin-Yang fierce friction changes into the powder powder in the tornado wind and, but on five elements Yin-Yang, ripples intense halos.

This is consumption between a magic power. The ten dark heavenly stems disciples on dark altar, reveal the dedicated vision, is staring at wreaking havoc of that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, they cannot affirm, the defensive power of five elements Yin-Yang can be many. After all, this five elements Yin-Yang is not their ten people by the compensation arrange/cloth of divine tool under. While carrying on dark ceremony, composes from some magic power that dispelling sends out.

Facts showed, condenses five elements Yin-Yang that becomes by ten great pinnacle magic power is such solid, let alone these ten pinnacle magic power send out through the exclusive magical instruments of complete ten dark heavenly stems disciples, defense magic skill of any department, even if defense magic skill of Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank. Also impossible to compare with such five elements Yin-Yang. The metal storm became getting smaller, but five elements Yin-Yang actually still strong, did not have the shatter sign.

At this moment, sonic boom drinks to suddenly resound, finally the weapon Li Yonghao vision concentrates, the metal storm that from just vanished shifted to the purple form that above not far away that soars.

Also is one thunders to resound, pinnacle Seventh Metal Element in air just diverged, had been replaced by pinnacle Yang Thunder, floats the purple form in midair became the audience focal point. That fierce thundering, on Fu Rui the originally armor completely blasts out the sound that has. This set of armor actually cannot withstand the huge thunder element that on him sends out, but decomposes voluntarily, dispersing all around. Fu Rui back thunder Yu god axe vanished strangely, at this time, after he prepares appears, is a huge black disc, or is black hole existence. This black hole edge, presents the deep purple, that purple is similar to the flame is fluctuating unexpectedly generally.

Did not have the armor, Fu Rui scarlet luo the upper body, the muscle that the whole body dragon tied to be full of the strength and beautiful visual impact, under the skin, blue veins broke out, was the same to his body, presented the bright purple. Profound pair of eyes purple light already restrained. But on him is releasing the dangerous aura, is completed to control the metal storm continually Ji Dong stared wide-eyed. Even if he, is first time sees own this fellow apprentice's appearance whole-heartedly.

Ji Dong is faintly clear, when Fu Rui knew that in the past in the war of Holy and Evil final weapon Li Yonghao had not always used fully in the heart is the what kind of humiliation. At this moment, he complete violent walked.

15 Thunder Dragon revolves the body of Fu Rui to circle, suddenly, strange appeared, before Fu Rui back black hole instantaneous flutters, has bought in his spirited body. In black outside purple, has formed a giant spheroid. But this spheroid is common in likely the heart beat, has the rhythm rhythm.

Meanwhile, above the sky, that thick ten thousand thunder break into a jail suddenly the fierce fluctuation, sincere/heavy fog unexpectedly also flood profound purple.

Such change. Even if were that was reciting loud the dark secret complexion also finally slightly somewhat were changing, recited the sound to be unceasing, the direction that but the vision was at toward Fu Rui shot a look at one lightly. The dark ceremony will soon complete, at this kind of time, regardless of the outside has anything to change, he must continue, the opportunity only then one time, cannot fall short. Once the dark ceremony interrupts, was discovered by inside five mahatma beasts, then, even if their ten magical instruments in hand, will die without the burial ground. The purple fog splits slowly, similarly was circular black hole appeared, with the beforehand Fu Rui back black hole was almost exactly the same, but appeared, in ten thousand thunder broke into a jail above, the area does not know that wanted in a big way many times.

That, the purple light drops from the clouds together outrageously, is not the thunder and lightning, the life and death thunder and lightning, that pure purple light breaks into a jail from ten thousand thunder loudly , the giant light ball of Fu Rui body has covered that gable completely, cannot see the Fu Rui form again. 15 silver Thunder Dragon, revolve this giant light beam to circle, integrates one after another. No one knows that Fu Rui is doing, even if their here people are also same does not know.

But at this time, Ji Dong all people have not been idling, the remote hand stick of earth goddess has lifted up high excessively, a gray bright from her forehead place bright, shines above the cane of first goddess statue earth goddess, that symbolizes the earth goddess statue ray to put greatly, Cui Can halo circles regarding the remote body, that goddess also likely lived came general, clearly was the sculpture, may on this moment, she actually quietly open eyes.

Remote lightly shouted, a both hands request, the stick of earth goddess floating flew, in steady falling, changes into together the flowing light, drills into the earth directly, in an instant, in the vision institute and range, take 13 in five as the boundary, in land flash beyond five turned into the grey completely.

Holds their palms together remotely in the chest front, in the mouth does not know in muttering was talking over anything, her eye pupil, changed into deathly stillness grey completely, stood can the clear feeling the life aura of remote within the body pass at the extremely quick speed in her side not far away cloud secret.

While remote motion, completes gold/metal who the scroll has released also to jump, did not have impediment of that more than 200 dark Mage, her motion quickly like lightning. Does not throw to that dark altar, but runs out to the side. Very obviously, Lie Yan (raging flames) had said to Ji Dong the words also told her. Her goal is very simple, since five, so long as can alarm in that central five any Saint beast of Mt. Oseong, her goal was achieved.

Asked to ask, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 310: Tyrant, Thunder Emperor, succuba

However, dark secret, since can isolate the aura outside Mt. Oseong completely. Also can not guard against this point? When King's body will soon pass through between two instant, that ten color radiance reappear, stiffly her body rebound. Speed that luckily, gold/metal swoops is too not fast, the body was sprung dozens meters, swayed back and forth in the ground, has not been injured.

King's motion and has function, her probe, making Fu Rui and Ji Dong and remote looked to understand. five elements Yin-Yang that ten big dark heavenly stems disciple divine tool some magic power compose in five entire covers unexpectedly. The so huge range, has created the dispersion of defensive power surely. In other words, even if this five elements Yin-Yang is by Ten Great Divine Tools is the foundation release, the opportunity of also not having destroyed.

But gold/metal diving posture at the same time, Ji Dong moved, the body leaps horizontally, first arrived in front of the cloud secret, had not explained that but was the nucleus of life has picked on cloud Tianji the neck was hanging directly, the personal appearance flashed, the second movement helped him arrive remotely behind, felt the Ji Dong aura remotely, just when one startled. Felt that unequalled life aura rushes, but, integrates oneself within the body instantaneously, the vitality that her to release the formidable skill passes rapidly was almost covered entirely in the flash. Moreover in the past when the stick of earth goddess fused the injury that the body received was healing unexpectedly at an exceptional pace. This is......, Shocked remotely. She clearly feels, on oneself neck were many a thing, this thing, is displaying the millennium origin of life over ten times effects. Not only makes itself be able the release of maximum degree the might of stick of earth goddess, is treating that ingrained stubborn illness.

The Ji Dong goal is very simple, he does not hope that oneself partner has any scruples again. Remote can choose to remain, has proven the lots, to such ally, if he has anything to retain again, he was not Ji Dong. The nucleus of life brings temporarily on remote, complements one another with the stick of her earth goddess, can display her strength maximum degree.

Completes these, the Ji Dong tip of the toe carries on the back in silver wing Haidong azure lightly, the back pair of wings opens , the same diving posture vertical enters in the midair, in being away from Fu Rui about 50 meters place has anchored own personal appearance.

Arrived this time, all people have been exhausting ability. Dark Five Elements Continent 11 people headed by dark secret, in exhausting ability completes the dark ceremony, but Ji Dong five people, at destruction dark ceremony of exhausting ability.

clouds the secret, although is unable to attack, but in his eyes is actually glittering the bewitching brilliance, the dim and mysterious halo is fluctuating in his both eyes unceasingly. Strange magic power that the dark ceremony skyrockets seems because received his not to know that the disturbance of any strength, distinct has completed the process of reuniting, may not be actually able to carry on the final fusion.

This is contests between two big secrets, this time contest their strengths are such are not freely coordinated. clouds that secret ability with having the dark scepters as well as ten big dark heavenly stems disciples the dark secret that helps compare the difference too many are too many, all that but, he makes, played the significant role that the postponement dark ceremony completes as before.

Five people, they only have five people, but, these five people work as one, actually twisted a rope their strengths, for same goal, but rigid spelling tried.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon jumps, supports to fly into airborne Ji Dong, strong black simultaneously sparkles by the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body with the gold/metal two-color ray, forms two huge law instantaneously, is shining it and Ji Dong the body, is Yin-Yang two fires condensation law.

Meanwhile, the Ji Dong both arms launch by body, the red fierce sword, the blue flame sword, looks like, cuts instantaneously void, appears by his body that grows from his both hands. Respectively is nine meters super heavy sword, looked like fifty Saint Fire Dragon grows the wing to be ordinary. the next moment. This turned into the color of pinnacle flame to the heavy sword completely, was red and blue, changed into gold and black.

Both hands heavy sword simultaneously moved, delimits one huge strange law by the body separately. With two law exactly the same that side fifty Saint Fire Dragon presents, but the color is actually black and white.

A person of dragon, simultaneously released Yin-Yang two fires condensation law, in the air, although has been full of the strong thunder brilliance, but the sleep is unable to conceal this time this Pinnacle Two Fires proud aura.

Both eyes of Ji Dong turned into one piece of misty white, grips the both hands place of sword hilt, was ascends the light white flame. When this white flame appears, the pupil of dark secret slightly contracted, the vision went to Ji Dong one specially. But the complexion actually remains unchanged, the resounding recitation sound had not been affected.

Yin-Yang Crown of black and white dual-color mix entanglement had the marvelous change in this moment, left Heiyou is white, distinguishes right from wrong, above Six-Crown Three Stars did not see clearly very fuzzily, can see clearly only, in the position of that black and white dual-color connection, unexpectedly presented a strange vortex. That vortex is not big, but its appearance, actually likely can adsorb all person vision, covered the thunder column of Fu Rui body to be so terrifying, is unable to compare with its attraction unexpectedly. Soul vortex, right, that is the Ji Dong soul vortex, in situation that in he stimulates to movement the limit own psychic force, this soul vortex has released unexpectedly directly, appears in the Yin-Yang Crown core position. Acme cloudy Yang Fire was promoted the limit in this flash.

magic power inflates in Ji Dong outside the body, god hot Saint king Kai in the double fire of this limit. Changed into black and white dual-color, the back giant pair of wings opens, in magic power that the body of Ji Dong in this nearly outputs crazily inflates, the Two Great Sovereign Kings body also releases, but, this time, the altitude of Two Great Sovereign Kings body unexpectedly no longer is three meters, but is four meters. Raised one meter stiffly.

Ji Dong all strengths manifest is the limit two characters, he has not left behind any subsequent hand to himself, if cannot block completion of dark ceremony, then all do not have the significance. Now this time, cannot have any retention again.

The right hand fierce sword, left hand flame sword, simultaneously lifts up high in the sky, two groups of incomparably magnificent flame electricity shoot, at the same time, deafening dragon recited with the snake whining noise also resounds. Six dragon six snakes are outspoken releases from Yin-Yang Crown. That six dragon six snakes do not even have from the sky to circle, instantaneously has separated, under huge psychic force control that in the Ji Dong soul vortex outputs, integrates in the fierce sword and flame sword separately. Made the brilliance of this pair of Divine Sword erupt instantaneously. Under two handle Divine Sword in so tyrannical magic power pours into, the edge of sword blade presented one like the blood red.

The white flame on Ji Dong both hands following sword hilt upward spread, inside Divine Sword, in nine holes of bottommost. Was filled up by this white rapidly, looked like mounts the two jade of day to be ordinary.

The thought and soul fire of fuse completely, dazzling radiance, blooms unceasingly from him, Sovereign King proud promoted the extreme in this moment. Contradictory makings. The Flame Sovereign King violence and tyrannical, the gracefulness and gloomy and cold of Dark Flames Demon King, making him seem look like the real Two Great Sovereign Kings rebirth are ordinary.

bang'ed, the Two Great Sovereign Kings body had the change in this moment, the golden Flame Sovereign King body turned into the white instantaneously, four meters high body inflates once more, promoted the powerful seven meters directly. Ji Dong main body positions center these seven meters high huge black and white dual-color energy bodies. The terrifying cruel aura releases comprehensively.

Finally the weapon Li Yonghao vision somewhat changed, he can feel on Ji Dong to lend this aura the danger, particularly on Ji Dong both hands is burning white flame, was the deep attraction his vision.

The cream bead the position from Ji Dong chest appears quietly, like ordinary gem, the flash of but, in this bead presenting, in air various species magic power elements, besides covering the giant thunder column of Fu Rui body, all comes in swarms, forms the huge energy vortex to directly soar the Ji Dong chest place to gather.

Ji Dong that hides the skin under god hot Saint king Kai, each blood vessel rises suddenly, suddenly breaks in huge magic power in within the body, nearly explodes his body brace, if no phoenix dragon dance snake changes, then, he must be exploded the powder powder by this huge energy now.

Fierce, flame double sword in airborne slowly to each other is closing up, is different from the previous time, this time fierce sword turned into the white unexpectedly completely. Is sparkling the white of red light blade.

Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone. Bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice.
The technique of Two Great Sovereign Kings bursts out in this moment, that like is Two Great Sovereign Kings oneself released the terrifying completely. A round sunny day, appears right the Ji Dong back, white side.

Round black moon, appears left side of the Ji Dong back, black side.

Sun and Moon shines on each other, the world fluctuates. Black and white, day and moon/month, from the sky interweave together the magnificent scenery line.

"Merge, fierce, flame double sword. Blooms, Pinnacle Two Fires brilliance."Nine meters both hands heavy sword, is bringing the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, each other closes up above the Ji Dong top of the head. The fierce sword and blood-color brilliance on flame sword sword blade also bursts out unexpectedly, interwines, is the fusion of that pair of sword main body.

The sonorous loud sound, punctures soul general buzz the whining noise erupts from two big heavy sword sword blades. magic power that on Ji Dong condenses, by the bead of chaos for the huge energy that the core gathering comes, upwells instantaneously, blood-color brilliance, in this flash straight thrust vault of heaven.

The double sword combines and complements one another, the blood- color on sword blade compared with the previous time does not know that many, that strong blood-color brilliance has swept across richly downward, covers the Ji Dong entire body completely. On god hot Saint king Kai each dark-red cloud pattern bursts out the dazzling brilliance, this set of armor actually likely is lives general, happy moan.

Wish the flame to use the complete mental effort casting the set of armor, finally in this moment, with the help of this blood-color brilliance, entered in the ranks of Divine level magic power armor truly. Ji Dong seems, looked like by the blood incarnadine generally.

Red human form illusory shadow quietly appears behind Ji Dong, that reaches as high as the flash that hundred meters illusory shadow comes, takes the Ji Dong body as the source, his back sky was exaggerated the blood-color completely, even if the airborne ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail, becomes in this moment blood red. This time, human form illusory shadow seems wants clear many, his body, is looked like common that condenses by the flame becomes. The fierceness and flame of double sword combining and complementing one another, is the true Fire God double sword. This red illusory shadow, the sparkle, is the Fire God brilliance!

The soul vortex extreme twist on Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown, this startled world and indescribably tragic formidable magic power, in his both hands this handle in the Fire God double sword that combines and complements one another erupt in this moment. Hundred meters blood light, straight thrust vault of heaven. The Fire God double sword, bloomed once again their true brilliance.

At this time, Ji Dong, Fu Rui and remote three people attacked falls on five elements Yin-Yang first, unexpectedly was remote.

gray crystal shapes huge punctures suddenly, flows from the ground suddenly, each punctures suddenly fully has ten meters, presents for the cone-shape, directly soars the direction concentrated fire of dark altar to go. Had the assistance of nucleus of life, remotely stick of earth goddess the incisiveness of might display. Although Ji Dong released that Fire God aura, is unable to affect her divine tool to assume an awe-inspiring pose.

The bang, the first gray crystal punctures the numerous bombardments to change into the powder powder on five elements Yin-Yang suddenly, punctured suddenly be not aware of fatigue initiated the concentrated fire general bombardment.

King's investigation, made remote not to probably control carefully, but as far as possible was centered on the position of dark altar, each gray crystal punctured suddenly makes that five elements Yin-Yang slight was shivering. Ten color rays are glittering unceasingly. Its magic power was being consumed suddenly.

magic power that has remotely not only eventually pinnacle Sixth Earth, although there is the nucleus of life, she is unable to launch the attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill that level. However, the earth goddess that she starts punctures suddenly, approached in the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level infinitely, like thunder Yu the god axe space dent that Fu Rui displays. This was the strongest skill that she exhausted ability to release. Attacking a fortified position, is not, she who Sixth Earth department excels must do, as far as possible consumes that five elements Yin-Yang magic power, is Ji Dong and Fu Rui catches the opportunity.

Also at this time, thunder Zhu in sky suddenly restrained, was restraining toward the central position, rock the earth exploding drank resounds suddenly, the jade shatter common sound along with the billowing thunderous appearance, the next moment, reached as high as hundred meters huge form appears, one step stepped forward, fell above the ground.

Fu Rui, that is Fu Rui, changes into hundred meters Fu Rui, all over the body purple Fu Rui. That is not Fu Rui, because, he is terrifying pinnacle Yang Thunder condenses completely, has filled with the ruinous aura. Does not have the armor, whole person scarlet luo the upper body, forehead, the huge white lightning mark is making clear to his status.

The climax advances to the peak, asked monthly ticket.
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