Jiu Shen Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291: New generation secret

At this time, gold/metal and that Fu Rui that fifty Saint Fire Dragon carried on the back have not seen the man jumped under. Sees only fifty Saint Fire Dragon to change into together flowing light, directly soars Ji Dong to well up, the strong halo the arrange/cloth around the Ji Dong body got down black and white dual-color to tie instantaneously, the next moment, halo restraining, integrated the position of Ji Dong chest to vanish to disappear completely.

Half year time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has completed the evolution, but eclipse date phoenix Huo'er actually as before deep sleep in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, Ji Dong to let her can a better evolution, transfer Chaos Fire to moisten the Vermilion Bird bracelet from the pearl of chaos every day specially, the transmission chaos aura gives Huo'er.

Essentially, Huo'er they are same as Maotai and Wuliangye, the body before the hatching enormously was damaged. Stated differently, since Huo'er has moistened after Ji Dong then magic power with Vermilion Bird many years magic power injects the hatching. Just when hatching, because congenitally deficient, only had the Rank 4 strength. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon completely is different, although it was soaked by the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost cold air, but to let it hatches, becomes the Ji Dong mount partner, Lie Yan (raging flames) can be said as the fee with all one's heart strength. Used not to know many heavenly material earthly treasure, in addition her own magic power, this made fifty Saint Fire Dragon hatch successfully. It can be said. His essence as the Fire Dragon essence also wants powerful many compared with originally. Evolves from Rank 8 to Rank 9 this process besides is receives the Ji Dong chaos pearl to form the influence, is its own implication strength eruption voluntarily. Therefore, evolution wants quick many. As for Huo'er, is absorbing the massive outside through Ji Dong every day magic power, meaning that may actually not awaken. Lie Yan (raging flames) told Ji Dong, the evolution of Huo'er, will possibly experience long time, even if there is his magic power support, perhaps was year of will also finish. But after Huo'er this evolution is completed, will directly likely stride in the Rank 8 rank. Because it, not only the evolution on magic power, in the creativity through chaos magic power patches own congenitally deficient.

Although Ji Dong has been as the matter stands short of a helper in the war of this Holy and Evil, but he as before is Huo'er was happy. Congenitally deficient of Huo'er can patch, he was also has to confess to Vermilion Bird.

The Fu Rui racket the shoulder of Ji Dong, said with a smile: "Ji Dong, I also said with your sister-in-law a moment ago, this is war of the Holy and Evil I attend finally. Now saw that your fifty Saint Fire Dragon has evolved Rank 9, I can also feel relieved completely. I believe, the war of this Holy and Evil does not have me, you certainly will also lead everybody to achieve the final success."

Ji Dong shakes the head again and again, said: "Senior Brother, this is how good. Comes compared with you, my also difference far. Let alone, the Heavenly Stems School person, later is impossible to listen to me to direct. You so are young, I calculate, takes 50 years old as the words of boundary, you at least can also attend the wars of three Holy and Evil!"

Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "You think to good. This is my fourth time participates in fighting of Holy and Evil. The war of Holy and Evil historical. The number of times that I participate in can also count. Dark continent that side that final weapon Li Yonghao be less than on me. The later matter, was your. After the war of this Holy and Evil ended, you and I return to school, I have a look, who dares not to listen to you to direct. Your boy this time do not want to run. Should be you shoulder the responsibility time, I also get along to marry with your sister-in-law. Your Senior Brother I over 30 years old am, have not gotten married to the present." Ji Dong pleasantly surprised say/way: "Senior Brother, do you want to marry sister-in-law? That when the time comes I may probably give a big present to be good to you. Good, after the war of this Holy and Evil ended, in any event, I return to Heavenly Stems School with you. However, I believe that the Heavenly Stems School talent is numerous, some people will be certainly more suitable than to replace you me."

Fu Rui ridicules saying: "Your this brat, does not want to be fettered by the school, you think that I don't know? But do not forget, making me give others me to feel relieved this Yin-Yang School Chief position? Oh, was right, sister-in-law? How she has not come with you, my previous time may hear, the sister-in-law status is not ordinary!"

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, I am also open about the facts you. I can have today. What helps be biggest me is Lie Yan (raging flames). She actually cannot display oneself ability easily. She at home I. Perhaps, after when the war of Holy and Evil ended, our brothers can together get married."

Fu Rui looks at Ji Dong, said with a smile: "Good, I was waiting for that day. The Senior Brother also believes that you in good that this aspect can certainly grasp. Truly speaking, the sister-in-law was I have seen the most beautiful woman. Does not have the slight defect! The luck of your boy is really not general good. Aiyu, why Ye Xin you pinch me."Turns head to look at look bad Ye Xin, Fu Rui hurries to accompany to say with a smile: "You are also beautiful, you do not have the slight defect, in my heart, you are most beautiful. Good."

Ye Xin white his eyes, reveals this also similar expression, Ji Dong says with a smile: "Senior Brother, Sister-in-law, my this time led two people to come to attend the war of this Holy and Evil together. I introduced that you knew."At this time, gold/metal and that man walked.

Ji Dong has referred to gold/metal, said: "This is the friend of mine, Eighth Metal department Mage gold/metal. Why does not know, she broke could not simultaneously two have an pinnacle magic power boundary. Her magic power is pinnacle Yin Metal. Level 68." Fu Rui and Ye Xin look at each other one, two people saw in surprised to grid, Level 68 pinnacle Yin Metal Mage, what does this mean? Sufficiently relaxed facing the challenge of any Seven-Crown Mage, even can deal with Eight-Crown Mage. From the overall strength, Fu Rui has thought Yin- Yang School dominates above the match completely. But that side the Dark Five Elements Continent ten big heavenly stems disciples have pinnacle magic power, is really makes him annoyed. But these heavenly stems disciples who oneself previous time presents are make the person not dare to think highly, did not disturb is good. Ji Dong brings Level 68 pinnacle Mage suddenly, can they not be happy?

"Little Junior Brother, you take to my pleasant surprise are really such as startled big wave strike the shore continuously! Miss gold/metal. Hello."

gold/metal has not opened the mouth, is only to Fu Rui and Ye Xin nodded. Wears her of armor to make one feel inaccessible. What as for ice- cold hides after this is anything, only then she knew.

"That this brothers?" The Fu Rui vision changes arrives at side on Ji Dong that man.

This is one seems with the Ji Dong age similar youth, seems bigger than Ji Dong. With the flatter golden body on ice-cold different, this person is always with smile on the face, if one type floating the strange makings of immortal, visit him, the Fu Rui surprised discovery, oneself cannot completely understand this person unexpectedly. Cannot see him to have strong magic power, could not see that the strength of this person has been what kind of degree. Even cannot see clearly his appearance. Feels, this person whole body as if covers in mysterious dense fog.

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, you have heard secret. This, is the secret of new generation. After he inherited the position of secret, his name also changed to the secret. Before then, he is called the cloud secret. We knew seven years ago. Some time ago, I went to the secret city to see him. When saw has been barely alive the old secret." Here, the Ji Dong look obviously became dignified, after leaving the Heavenly Water city, he was leading Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal goes, was the secret city. Because he recalled to mind himself initially and agreement between cloud secrets. Seeks specially. When he found the cloud secret the same day, the old secret passed away. When he arrives, happen to saw when the old secret is barely alive last. He forever is unable to forget sincerely at that moment sorrowful, recalls until this time of the old secret eye seeing. In heart heavy is very uncomfortable.

Hears the secret two characters, the Fu Rui complexion slightly changes, he has certainly heard this including existence of Five Great Empires monarchy extremely respect. It is said that he was the present age one by one big prophet, the secret had only said the words, have not fulfilled. But all that the secret said that also is almost the truth. Generations of secrets inherit, regardless of continent pattern whether has the change, the secret city is only the secret. It can be said that the secret is in itself a legend, mysterious legend. But at this moment. The secret of new generation stands in front of oneself unexpectedly, can he not be surprised?

cloud heaven said with a smile slight: "Thunder Emperor hello/you good. This time I come along with the master, hopes that can help you. Initially, if not the master rescues, and reported the family feud for me, did not have today's me." Here, his look suddenly became dignified, "Thunder Emperor, you were Light Five Elements Continent participate in the leader of war of Holy and Evil. I must tell you now, the war of this Holy and Evil, regarding you, is regarding entire Light Five Elements Continent, is the wars of life and death."

clouds that in secret sound, as if strange magic power, are listening to his words, Fu Rui and Ye Xin felt that the heart sinks, as if has any thing to press instantaneously in own heart.

"The war of life and death?"Fu Rui puzzled looks at the cloud secret.

clouds secret nodded, in the sound is being full of strange magic power, "my Teacher, exhausted the strength of life, took oneself dozens years of vitalities unable to find out the source of this crisis as the price truly is anything. Until the moment can determine before the point of death, the war of this time Holy and Evil is the source of crisis. Relates to our Light Five Elements Continent life and death."

Ye Xin has gawked, "this is impossible. Fu Rui attended the wars of recent four Holy and Evil, I also participated had three times, we almost got the winning side. Although opposite party near twice has heavenly stems disciple to rise, is a threat, but, our overall strengths are not weak. Let alone, Holy and Evil Channel is not easy to break through, during the war of Holy and Evil, the channel exit|to speak has our armies to guard, continent powerhouse also attention centralized here. Even if they can make Holy and Evil day chessboard incline to their side, wants to break through our defenses also is almost impossible. So long as we can withstand short time, they are going to face is impediment of entire Light Five Elements Continent. The Holy and Evil Channel opening instant is limited, I really cannot find out Dark Five Elements Continent to have any means to the crisis that our continent creates the life and death."

Ye Xin or Fu Rui, even includes Ji Dong. Has the doubts to the words of cloud secret, when Ji Dong once with one's own ears heard the previous generation secret just before the end these that said that he is also until now unbelievable. Just as such that Ye Xin said that the victory and defeat of war of Holy and Evil, more is the symbolic significance. Even if one's own side lost, the opposite party wants to break through Holy and Evil Channel also is almost impossible. Since this has confirmed in several hundred years repeatedly. But, Ji Dong is unable to forget that the former generation secret when looks just before parting own that sorrowful look. Thinks that his final staring, he will be very uncomfortable.

cloud Tianji sighed, "is unable to see clearly by Teacher cultivation base, I am unable to achieve. Let alone you do not believe that even if as I of secret successor is unable to believe in Teacher this life the most important forecast. I hope really the forecast of Teacher is wrong. However, peaceful day crossed for a long time was too too long, in any event, the war of this time Holy and Evil must be careful again carefully. If all safe naturally is good, if changes , the good earliest possible time to react." Ji Dong said: "Old secret had found Martial Ancestor before more than one year, Martial Ancestor complies this time to arrive at the Holy and Evil Channel entrance to guard personally. Has Martial Ancestor he, under extremely supreme crown that Ms. also as well as they simultaneously close up, at least defends the channel exit|to speak should not any issue. We are as far as possible more careful in Holy and Evil Battlefield. Five years pass by, the dark heavenly stems disciple strength has been increased surely. But we similarly are also progressing, this our overall strength is no comparison between them compared with the previous time similarly."

Fu Rui nodded, said: "How regardless to say, they are impossible to break the rule on Holy and Evil Battlefield, only then Mage under 50 years old can enter in the battlefield. News that the secret, brings thank you, all that also Teacher thank you will pay for the continent future. However, we can believe should be own strength. We also certainly as far as possible controls the destiny in own hand."

cloud Tianji has not said anything again, is only nodded silently, in his heart remembered suddenly passed away many years of elder sister. Like such that former generation secret said that since something have been doomed, was unmodifiable. Luckily, in the forecast of Teacher, regardless of the crisis is giant, always also has a vitality along with Light Five Elements Continent. Moreover this vitality is throughout related with a person. That is the master who seven years ago recognize, bright double hot disciple, the Saint king of this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples, Ji Dong.

Fu Rui laughed, said to Ji Dong: "Walks, Junior Brother, returns to the camp with me. After the war of previous Holy and Evil ended, you run away secretly, I make several Big Brothers complain that died. Since you came, we first greeted."

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Chapter 292: Unexpected meeting again

Under the leadership of Fu Rui. People in camp that returns to the army to be stationed, without a doubt, Yin-Yang School is stationed in the army most core position. Has not waited for Fu Rui to the tent that the Ji Dong three people arrange the rest, obtained in the news brilliance six dragons to need to assume the armed forces besides lizard Song Ruilong, other four people have caught up.

Regarding Ji Dong, actually these four dragons to do not have the how profound impression, but after the war of previous Holy and Evil ended, Fu Rui has said that Ji Dong will certainly be his replacing person. Moreover, on fights all them who Ji Dong is also to have hearing, the nature attaches great importance to Fu Rui the Little Junior Brother.

After both sides exchanged greetings, Ji Dong second time said the urging of secret, four dragons also expressed that as far as possible will be discrete. But Ji Dong can actually see thinking otherwise from their looks. In the heart cannot bear smiling bitterly, said honestly, secret illusory predict that he is unable to believe similarly! Let alone convinced others. Luckily, that six supreme powerhouse headed by Martial Ancestor definitely after this Holy and Evil Channel opens catches up. Has them as the backing, in the Ji Dong heart truly does not have too many worry.

The war of Holy and Evil will soon start, matter also that four dragons must be busy were many, after making the invitation of evening banquet, in abundance departed. cloud Tianji sitting silently in corner. Closes both eyes not to know that is thinking anything, gold/metal as before is an ice-cold appearance.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui have packed off four dragons together, returns to the Fu Rui big account, Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, Yin-Yang School now how many disciples?"

Fu Rui said: "Except for dying and age surpasses, in addition in recent years supplements, the population is 50. What's wrong, did you plan to return to Yin-Yang School? Relax, after the war of this Holy and Evil ended, even if you do not want to come back, I must pull back you."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "I am not this meaning. Can you call them, I have the thing to give to them. The war of Holy and Evil will soon start, many things of maintaining life are also good."

Fu Rui surprised looks to Ji Dong, "what is? Do I have the share? Oh, no, I and your sister-in-law want the duplicate."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Senior Brother, when you became such greedy."

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "This is not greedy. I have not known you, you can take thing, certainly is the good thing. Told me quickly, was what?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Still remembers when I and magic skill Trade union that appeal to heaven the evil Mage competition what method with resists his scroll?"

Fu Rui stares, "was right, my previous time forgot to ask you, how you achieved at that time. Feels, you should also use has been similar to the magic skill scroll and so on thing. But, we have not actually seen your scroll. Instead some wine from airborne send out. Do not tell me. You come amplification magic power by the liquor."

Ji Dong said: "That arrives is not. Although the liquor is flammable, but is not good to control . Moreover the different liquor, the situation completely is also different. However, I must give everybody's thing to be concerned with the liquor."At the same time was saying, his wrist/skill turns, one bottle of magic skill liquor appeared in the palm, hands in Fu Rui.

Fu Rui received the magic skill liquor, in the eye has filled surprisedly, "is this thing? Actually is this what? I have a look, Eh, under the jar this, probably is lasting law in five elements method! Little Junior Brother, you are. "

Ji Dong said: "Is my invention. Although has not the small limitation, but actually wins in the construction cost is inexpensive, I called it the magic skill liquor. In some sense, it can definitely compare favorably with the magic skill scroll. What a pity, can manufacture only then I. Senior Brother, you also meet five elements method, turns head I to tell you principle, you can also attempt."

Fu Rui stared wide-eyed. "You said that this thing can, when the magic skill scroll does use? Heavens! Little Junior Brother, what is the liquid in your this jar?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Naturally is the liquor! Some are the brandies, some are the whisky. Such good, you gather everybody, I give each of them one, conceals its application method to you together. Words that this thing is used to fight, quantity temporarily also insufficient. Good that but so long as at crucial moments uses, may save the life."

Fu Rui no trace of politeness received the magic skill liquor in hand, "Little Junior Brother, you are really a monster. I starting from, more and more believe words that now secret spoke. Martial Ancestor said that old secret told him, you will save continent one generation of Saint kings. Control and direction of bright heavenly stems disciple. It looks like, he said real right. I am always proud, may compare with you, I actually discovered, our disparities were being pulled open gradually. Little Junior Brother, to make up for the wound of my mind, your origin of life gives me again one bottle. Oh, also this magic skill liquor, the more the better."

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "You work as this are the plain boiled water! Said that has. I altogether be only more than hundred bottles, after issuing the Yin-Yang School companions, could not be left over many, divided your some and that's the end. Said honestly, the Senior Brother you want this magic skill liquor use not to be big. What I can the brand mark is only Standard Skill. Even if the two departments Standard Skill combination , can only be equal to an ordinary Certain Kill Skill might. You have thunder Yushen the axe, but also cares about this might?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "That is different. Who does not have magic power exhausts, right that you say, this thing can save a life. You are waiting here, I call everybody now. Right, joins the Yin-Yang School Junior Brother and Junior Sister to have your acquaintance newly!"

Acquaintances? Ji Dong has gawked, has not waited for him to ask, Fu Rui leapt up. Looks the back that Fu Rui departs, Ji Dong discovered, oneself and disparity between Senior Brother has pulled closer, not only in strength, Senior Brother, when spoke to oneself, no longer has been full of the mood of looking after like before, was more like with the partner exchange that can entrust mutually. This feeling is representing Fu Rui without doubt to his approval. Since this also has been Ji Dong continuously direction diligently.

"Master, your magic skill liquor also gives me several bottles."cloud Tianji opens both eyes, said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said: "Secret, we did not reach an agreement, you kept the camp and others I. You to become new generation secret, has paid was unable to have the price of Mage ability. How I can make you go in risk."

cloud Tianji said: "Master, you forgot. Seven years ago I had said that later cloud secret life is your. Moreover, although our secret lineage/vein do not have the actual combat capability, but actually excels becomes avoids disaster, has some self-preservation abilities. In addition your magic skill liquor, protects oneself in Holy and Evil Battlefield does not have the issue. I can the earliest possible time find your position to converge with you surely."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "It is not good, I cannot make you take risk. Holy and Evil Battlefield is not jokes, inside situation is fast changing. Even if you have the forecast future ability, same danger."

clouds secret lightly said: "Does master, what before you know Teacher passed away, leaves my final eight characters is?"

Ji Dong gawked, in mind had recalled that before the previous generation secret passed away the scene. In had confessed after oneself these matters, he said anything to the cloud secret probably, but the lip buzz moves, has not said the sound. Ji Dong saw that he should say eight characters. Later, this old secret uses that sorrowful vision to gaze at to pass suddenly.

"What Teacher said is. Follows closely the Saint king, moment accompanying. Only then I can feel at that time the meaning of Teacher. He said that in the war of this Holy and Evil, I, only then tight followed side you, can help you, is safest. This military compound along with having mighty force, same is not good. The masters, making me go."

Looks at rigid in cloud secret vision, the Ji Dong tight wrinkle brow stretches gradually, "good. But you must be careful frequently."At the same time was saying, he fished out ten bottles of magic skill liquor to give the cloud secret, and neck nucleus on life has picked, hung on the cloud secret neck.

"Master, you are. "cloud Tianji look at Ji Dong surprisedly.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "I complying has made you go, you must listen to my arrangement. I already passed through the strength and Maotai and Wuliangye ditch soul. Has them I to feel relieved in your side. As for me, I think, you do not need to be worried. Since I am the Saint king who your two generations of secrets said that does not have is so easy to have an accident. Even if meets the disciple of Rank 10 magic beast or opposite party, I also similarly can the whole body draw back."

Although as the secret, but does not have the sentiment of average man on behalf of the cloud secret, he does not have to reject again, is only nodded silently, feels huge vitality that the life intranuclear racing wells up is coming, his heart compared with receiving the vitality exciting body warms up. In this time, outside has been hearing the noisy sound of footsteps, the Fu Rui sound also resounds, "Little Junior Brother, everybody came. You also come out."

Ji Dong to cloud secret nodded, turns around to go out of the big account.

Sees only outside the Fu Rui big account, dozens Yin-Yang School disciples are walking from the respective tent, when his vision sees new faces in that several Yin-Yang School, suddenly surprised stared wide-eyed. Is could it be, they?

First causes him to pay attention, is one has the red short hair, the stature is quite grandiose, even seems also wants compared with Fu Rui the high strong several points of youth.

Vigor installs as if to by his percussive muscle be opened general. The resolute face is revealing the strong and self-confident brilliance, does not need to feel desirably, can discover that his whole body is similar to solar fiery. Thick Third Fire magic power at any time will as if make the attack to be ordinary. These do not attract the Ji Dong reason, attracts truly his, is that somewhat familiar face and scalding hot look.

"Are you Carl?" The Ji Dong stride went forward, arrives at that high in front of a youth about head.

Youth laughed, effort patted nearby stature to be slender, the surface such as jade pendant adorning a hat handsome youth several, "looked, I said. The Boss will not forget our. The Boss, is not just I."At the same time was saying, he has stretched out the arms to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong opens the arm similarly, each other has given an opposite party big hug. He has not thought really, can actually see Carl in the Yin-Yang School sequence.

Hugged Carl, the Ji Dong vision falls before Carl immediately has patted on the youth of shoulder. Compared with Carl, this youth felt that on is more dangerous, the feminine|gentle and reserved aura, the handsome look, also that nimble and resourceful look, all these are that familiar. "Bi Su?"

A pain of Bi Su face, "Boss, you harm me to lose to Carl this fellow Rank 4 Third Fire crystal core. This should come by you!" The facial expression on his face seems like pain, but in eye joyful is actually not able to conceal.

"Few idle talk."Ji Dong has given him similarly a big hug, opens the arm again, draws Carl, how many years? Since initially Ji Dong left Heavenly Stems School, their brothers three people have not met again. Has not thought, today actually here again meets.

"Ji Dong, when has the time, we compare notes." A somewhat low and deep female voice transmits from side, when Ji Dong turns head to look, sees only that to look both strange and familiar, stature slender young girl vision brilliant gaze oneself.

This young girl has the delicate look, has actually cut one with Carl very similar short hair, the heroic spirit is threatening, her height and Bi Su and Ji Dong are similar. In the girl, absolutely was the unusual tall person.

"Are you Zhu Gui?"Ji Dong has recognized this girl. Compared with the past years, these three had the earth-shaking change with him in the partners of Li Fire School understanding at present. If not in the outline can also vaguely see, the look that also they are familiar with, Ji Dong some do not dare to recognize.

Zhu Gui has smiled finally, "what kind of? When compares notes with me?"

Ji Dong has also smiled, "I still remember now, initially when Li Fire School you are Level 5 Apprentice, our three have envies. However, now you perhaps were not my match."

Zhu Gui snorted, said: "You join Yin-Yang School time, I know that was not your match. But this does not represent me unable to ask you to compare notes. I now have also joined Yin-Yang School, one day, I will certainly overtake your." Carl has collected from side, chuckled, said: "Boss, Little Gui may now your sister-in-law."

Ji Dong surprised looks to Carl, "Carl, your line! Did you handle Zhu Gui?"

Carl hurries to shake the head again and again, "not, no, I do not have this skill. Is Bi Su."

This time, Ji Dong has shocked, looks to facial expression somewhat bashful Bi Su, in the heart cries out, no way.

Zhu Gui and Bi Su belong to cloudy Yang Fire are good, but two people can say that is the playing an out-of-character role attribute, personality that staunch Little Gui can with somewhat feminine|gentle and reserved Bi Su in the same place, this really stemmed from his anticipation.

Bi Su said with a forced smile: "Boss, you do not need to think so me."

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Chapter 293: God hot Saint king Kai

"Little Gui actually also has gentle side. You have not seen."Some Bi Su blushing answered.

Nearby Carl muttered: "Will never see is good. Also does not know that is. Couple days ago also made others pursue hitting. Ai, the man achieves this situation , is really a sorrow."

"Do you court death?"Zhu Gui and Bi Su are almost saying with one voice.

Looks at their appearances, Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "Anyone of you can tell me, this outcome what's the matter?"

Carl full of enthusiasm dodging to Ji Dong behind, "I comes, I come. The Boss, you do not know, Bi Su luck good! We by a tourist attraction to Central Plains City relax take vacation, I go hunting, he must go to a there small lake to swim in the raw. Finally, has met simultaneously in swimming in the raw Little Gui, what most tragedy is, but also by others discovering. After pitiful Bi Su Little Gui has punched, Little Gui to him spoke a few words, they in the same place." Here, he was studying the Little Gui sound, said: "Your this bastard, you must be responsible for me. Otherwise I now have castrated you."

Although Carl the personal appearance is big, but studies the Zhu Gui appearance is actually being lifelike, his voice has not fallen. Zhu Gui and Bi Su simultaneously blushed, Ji Dong laughed, hurries to block them. Saying with a smile: "Actually, this is also a fate." Bi Su wicked is gazing at fixedly Carl, "Carl, you died. You are waiting."

Carl laughed, "I quite fear! Little Gui, teaches your family Bi Su well, has you, he dares to clamor unexpectedly."

Looks at their three, in the Ji Dong heart has the relaxed feeling of not being able saying that as if returned to initial Li Fire School. In Li Fire School that several years, although he every day in cultivation diligently, but he actually really very much likes there atmosphere. At that time, every day can see Lie Yan (raging flames), can the clear feeling own magic power progress every day. Is feeling all sorts of mysteries of this world. Now sees the initial partner again, that feeling as if came back.

"Elder Brother Ji Dong. Guesses that who I am."In this time, seemed the 16-17 years old young girl was jumping suddenly, arrived in front of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong laughed, "also with guessing? Except for my Younger Sister Leng Yue, also who can be so lovable?"

Right, the young girl who this jumps suddenly initially and Ji Dong joined Yin-Yang School Tenth Water department talent young girl Leng Yue together. The initial little girl, now became the big girl. Although she does not have Lan Bao'er to be so beautiful, but on that day the really lively appearance actually and anything had not changed in the past. Pair of big eyes was disclosing ancient spirit demon, is quite lovable.

Discontented pursing the lips of: "Really insipid, Elder Brother Ji Dong, how did you recognize suddenly?"

At this time. The Yin-Yang School disciples walked, Fu Rui beckons to Ji Dong, Ji Dong three person of as well as Leng Yue hints after Carl, walked.

These Yin-Yang School disciples mostly know Ji Dong, naturally also profound remembers for five years ago that Sun and Moon Yin-Yang takes to their intense shock, in the Mage world, the strength is all source. Ji Dong by own tyrannical strength, had already conquered their hearts. A pair of wonderful item hides in this crowd, visits him, in eye pupil were many mist.

"Bao'er." The shoulder of young girl held in the arms, Ye Xin does not know when arrived at side her, "couldn't have forgotten him? You are really silly, like me initially. You like him, why doesn't strive on own initiative?"

Lan Bao'er makes an effort to shake the head, in the eye reveals mournful, "useless. In his heart is impossible to have my space. Senior Sister Ye Xin, I went back first."Saying, her was turning around the tent to go.

"Everybody, I make the Senior Brother ask everybody to come, has a thing to give to everybody. I name it am the magic skill liquor."Everybody is an acquaintance, does not have any hospitable air/Qi. Ji Dong comes straight to the point the magic skill liquor as well as that the application method will manufacture said simply.

Looks in the people eyes inconceivable appearance, Ji Dong takes out one bottle to have most basic skill Scorching Sun Bite magic skill liquor, the right hand wields, the beverage bottle departs, a ray flashes through from his hand, bang, the beverage bottle was shattered, the dazzling golden light shows instantaneously, erupts in this golden light with Ji Dong exactly the same form, strong pinnacle Yang Fire magic power fluctuation in airborne bursting out heartily.

Each Yin-Yang School disciples can be said as the Mage world talent, they understand certainly that this bottle of magic skill liquor can bring what kind of function. Everybody's look starts becomes scalding hot, without a doubt, in their eyes, the Ji Dong status rose a stair.

Fu Rui stands in the one side, secretly nodded, he believes more and more, when Ji Dong has replaced itself after the Yin-Yang School Chief position, surely can do is better. As for the prediction of secret, he has not believed. He only believes oneself strength. In the hand of each Yin-Yang School disciple has attained one bottle of magic skill liquor. After psychic force breakthrough of Ji Dong, was actually capable of manufacturing the Certain Kill Skill rank the magic skill liquor. But these days he went to the secret city first, later makes the best use of the time to close up the cultivation in the secret city, studies to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study oneself, really does not have the time and energy manufactures are more. Before, exhausted surplus material completely, manufactures more than hundred bottles of magic skill liquor to catch up. After all, this thing not yet completely mature, only when can be the fight assistance. The main function is unexpectedly, but does not rely on it to overcome the enemy completely.

After sending the magic skill liquor, Ji Dong returns to side Fu Rui. stops up gives him three bottles of magic skill liquor, said in a low voice: "Senior Brother, you give Bao'er this."Nearly can control all psychic forces by his, won't be able to see departure of Lan Bao'er?

Fu Rui has not received the magic skill liquor, ill-humored say/way: "Must go to you yourself to go. I do not want to look at the Bao'er tears. Ai, the matter in sentimental aspect, I was have no way to give you opinion. However, Bao'er is really a good girl. However I can also understand you. The sister-in-law is so perfect, you express feelings on in the sister-in-law not to have anything not to be right completely. Painstakingly Bao'er this silly thing."

Ji Dong takes back the magic skill liquor, sighed, said: "Before Holy and Evil Battlefield, I again to him. Senior Brother, these are do not have the means. We hope that the time can dilute all. I think, Bao'er will think through one day."

Fu Rui eyes had a profound meaning glanced at him, "hope so. The place that you live in I have arranged, but, you first with me to my there. Your Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor I brought to you. You try first , the characteristics of good as soon as possible familiar armor. Then, this time you may really help me be busy, the teacher's younger brother returns to the school, although only then short one year, but is this year time, he besides helping your casting Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, helped the Yin-Yang School brothers and sisters carry on certain patching and promotion the respective magic power armor, making our overall strengths rise a stair once more. Teacher's younger brother in this year. Almost is day and night bubble in the casting room, if no you to give him that millennium origin of life as the backing, perhaps he already could not support. But now is not only all right, before seeming even also compares, was younger. Worthily is good wine that is listed fourth! Right. Here, I have not asked you to do accounts, your this brat, ran up to Bartenders Association to make one bottle of desert fine wines unexpectedly."

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "That is my fair gambling approximately under wins. Senior Brother, do this you also want to do accounts?"

Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "Desert fine wine, but lifeblood of President Du Sikang, but, he in letter to your appreciation. Looked including me has blushed. How regardless to say, you have also rescued the entire guild. Even if treats as the reward, did not have anything."

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, my this is wins . Moreover, I also made a return gift one bottle of origin of life to give President Du. Good, did not say these, my Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor? Took to make me have a look at teacher's younger brother to carry on what kind of improvement quickly."

Fu Rui nodded, the right hand wields, stores up in Magic Tool the golden red ray to surge, buzz a light sound, immediately, in the Fu Rui big account, had been filled by strong Fire Element. Sits cloud secret and who gold/metal sits in repose with eyes closed in side feel the sudden change of side magic power element simultaneously to open both eyes.

That is one set voluntarily in light of the adult whole body armor, all over the body dark red, deep dark mark in that dark-red halo partly visible, the positions of almost all joints, have sharp thorns to be prominent, seems one type withers, the fierce feeling to the person.

Whole set Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor maintained the originally style, but had the considerably large change in the overall construction. First, is the light armor transforms as the change of whole body armor. originally protects Mr. demon Yin-Yang armor of key position, now has improved, all connection spots, with the mail-armor and helmet of fish scale shape by half overlapped shape link. Without a doubt, this can the maximum degree does not affect the Mage flexibility.

Next, the originally mask turned into the helmet now, some styles of mask are invariable, but the helmet actually completely protects the head, and protecting armor interconnection with neck. It can be said that has not revealed flesh outside. Those who most made Ji Dong surprised was, behind this set of armor, unexpectedly many a pair of giant wing. That seems wing that is full of the metal sense of reality is quite broad, the pair of wings adds, the wingspan reaches as high as four meters. Even if the fold in the back, can cover the back of whole set armor as before completely.

Your demon Yin-Yang armor became compares was more magnificent before, that dark mark, after overlapping, sincerer protector. The perfect whole, is appearing its moving brilliance all. First comes up shortly, it firmly held the Ji Dong vision, making him individually uncorrectable.

Ji Dong had realized at this time, this is not Zhu Yan the casting in this year can complete merely, regardless of the material quality overall fine casting, does not have the massive time and precious materials, is impossible to make this Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor so perfect. No wonder previous time on the azure prairie sees Zhu Yan, he seems that weary old. Without a doubt, in oneself missing these four years, he has been carrying on the casting of other armor parts, finally this year time, more should be carries on the combination and improvement. Big Brother the Big Brother, how your this friendship makes me report back!

When once, Zhu Yan first time contacted with him, must with he swore brotherhood, in his heart has also filled vigilantly. But with the lapse of time, he really understands that Zhu Yan is what kind of person. He is a madman, is the talent, has offered the complete painstaking care lunatic for the magic power weapon casting. What is more important, he is oneself Big Brother.

Looks at the present Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, the Ji Dong vision somewhat blurred, clenched both fists, pledged secretly, Big Brother, you felt relieved that I decide do not disappoint your pains, plays completely in the battlefield the might of this Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, overcomes the enemy.

Fu Rui said: "Teacher's younger brother said, this completely is not the beforehand Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, is in his life the most satisfactory work, puts on it, you only needs to pour into magic power, your demon Yin-Yang armor oneself will present a magic power guard shield, the attack of Five-Crown following Mage, is unable to break its defense. Moreover, in this new armor, some massive fire attribute Crystal Crown take the material, plates surface layer the armor, oneself can absorb the outside Yin-Yang Fire Element, you put on it displays the skill the time, will save to own magic power, moreover it does not need to consume the support of your many magic power. peak of that each sharp thorn, has used the special metal, has the effect of broken demon. Under injection of same level magic power, even if the opposite party also puts on the Divine level armor, by sharp thorn upfront hit, can produce the penetration results. Ai, the teacher's younger brother is really the bias!"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Senior Brother, you did not need to complain. When you I do not know that your thunder Yushen axe, can transform into the armor directly is right."

Fu Rui stares, surprised looks at Ji Dong, "do you know? The previous two big guild fights, I have not used!"

Ji Dong mysterious say/way: "This is the secret, soon you will know."thunder Yushen the axe is not he has seen an only one by one divine tool! His judgment also comes by that another divine tool.

Fu Rui snorted, said: "Brat, gives this set of armor giving a name character first."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, in the eye reveals the thinking the ray, nearby cloud Tianji said suddenly: "Might as well call the god hot Saint king Kai. The master is the bright heavenly stems Saint king, wears this god hot Saint king Kai is also the name will follow reality." Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Fu Rui already said with a laugh: "Good, I thought that this name is good, called the god hot Saint king Kaihao, this sufficed the flavor/smell."

Although to present Ji Dong does not think oneself are that anything Saint king, but since the Senior Brother has opened the mouth, he is not good to change again. This brand-new whole body armor had its name. Near future, this god hot Saint king Kai follows Ji Dong to fight in the thing, achievement one generation of Saint king prestige.

The additional fine congress is continuing, the book friends try hard to speak. Has the small three book friend groups in the book review area, welcome everybody to join, do not duplicate to add, only added one to be OK. The new week, shouted loudly one again, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 294: Money tree? Beggars?

"When report" they are subscribing the name in Ji Dong and Fu Rui for the new armor. Suddenly sound that outside transmits the messenger.

"What matter?"Fu Rui shouted to the account.

"Opens reports Sir Fu Rui, big camp external three people, seeks an interview the Sir and Sir Ji Dong."

"Seeks an interview us?"Some Fu Rui doubts looks to Ji Dong, Ji Dong has also gawked, three people? At that moment asked to the messenger: "How are these three people the appearances?" Did could it be it is demon pledge hegemon come remotely? Did she also lead other people inadequate?

Messenger's following reply broke the idea of Ji Dong, "that three people probably are not, is very young, the two look slightly has similar, 20 -year-old over appearances, as if are the brother and sister. Another, in rags, probably is a beggar."

Fu Rui and Ji Dong look at each other one, "do you know such person?"

Ji Dong shook the head, "can call Big Brother’s name not to be strange, but can call me the name, should be the acquaintance. We have a look, leads them to come to here?"

Fu Rui said: "Is three people, the messenger, brings to come to here that three people."

"Is" The messengers carried out the order of Fu Rui, Fu Rui and Ji Dong looked at each other one, two people are thinking who can be. Suddenly. In Ji Dong mind flash of intuition, brother and sister, could it be it is that to brother and sister? Oneself initially explicitly had refused them to come to here!

At the same time is thinking, Ji Dong arrives at god hot Saint king Kaiqian, the right hand lifts, according to the armor chest position, in the eye the white light flashes, the tyrannical psychic force integrated in the armor instantaneously. With the sound of sonorous fulmination, armor disperses instantaneously, changes into built-up sections, given his psychic force, entire tribe on Ji Dong.

What strange is, when each armor after his body contact, has not unified there, but integrated his within the body to vanish directly.

Transformation of fusion god technique of Ji Dong after to same reduction a comprehension as well as psychic force already accomplishment. However, after fusing the Fire God double sword, the thing that must fuse again was very limited. After god hot Saint king Kai integrates, he integrated the equipment of big-ticket item very much difficultly again into the body.

The time is not long, the person had been brought, when Fu Rui and Ji Dong go out the big account sees these three people, two people were startled.

"Du Ming, fragrant, how did you two come?"Fu Rui surprised sees at present this pair of brother and sister. Not is just Wine God Du Sikang pair of children? He and Du Sikang personal friendship good, can not know?

Du Ming chuckled, looks at each other one with the younger sister, respectful said to Fu Rui: "Has seen Uncle Fu Rui, has seen Teacher. We are also attend the war of Holy and Evil!"

"Teacher?"Fu Rui doubts looks to Ji Dong. Ji Dong said: "Du Ming is the same in the drink mixing aspect and my idea, I answered am receivable he for the disciple. Teaches his drink mixing knowledge. Du Ming, I explicitly refuses you to attend the war of Holy and Evil, let alone, how did you also bring fragrant?"

Du Xin'er rushes saying: "Accurate Teacher, is I must come with the Elder Brother. Recently in the half year, my progress was not small. magic power must break through Level 50 immediately. I had already heard, the pressure is bigger, more is favorable for the cultivation of Mage. War of such amusing matter Holy and Evil, can I not come? You must allow us to participate."

"Amusing?"Ji Dong ill-humored snorted, "you stand first one side, your matters turned head to say again. This friend, we as if not know. You look for me and Senior Brother, what matter has?"

Ji Dong waves, making Du Ming brother and sister stand first one side, falls the vision on that another person. This person with described in rags not excessive, not only clothes were tattered, the whole body was dirty, was dishevelled hair and dirty face, did not see clearly including the look, had it compared with the beggars. But Ji Dong actually clearly can feel several points of danger from this person. This absolutely is not an average person.

Fu Rui also in strange, he does not remember oneself know such individual!

The beggar smiles bitterly. "Didn't Big Brother Fu Rui, Ji Dong, you know me?"

His opens the mouth, Ji Dong and Fu Rui have been shocked, Ji Dong was surprised said: "You, are you Yao Qianshu? How did your this solemn heavenly stems First Wood disciple turn into this appearance?" The appearance cannot look, but sound actually false, is not just Yao Qianshu?

Yao Qianshu several steps go forward, arrives in front of Ji Dong, suddenly cries loudly, "Ji Dong, you must save me! I really could not bear. In the five years, I was suffered dead quickly." Ji Dong hurries with be occupied by him hand-held, "do you do? But you initially the famous money tree, the medicine medicine must the dying sickness, money cross being predestined friends person. You should have many savings. Makes with beggar?"

The Yao Qianshu weeping sound stops, "I do not want like this! My this was compelled. Was compelled by that fat pig! The thing that on me can sell, sold. All has traded eating made that pig eat. I want to relieve the contract not to be good with it! If I did not make it eat to the full, it did not make me eat meal. For these years later, I had been suffered dead by it quickly."

Ji Dong said: "You say that chrysanthemum Saint pig? Did it give to eat unexpectedly you?"

Yao Qianshu pain say/way: "Wasn't eats? It one must eat ton food, although does not select food, is, one day three, so, I was a gold mountain must be eaten to eat all one's food by it daily! The clothes, store up Magic Tool, traded to it has eaten. In the five years, you do not know me miserably. A also medical skill can make a money, perhaps it linked me to give to eat."

"That chrysanthemum pig?"Fu Rui asked in the one side.

Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "Where I do not know it, wants to eating meal in any case the time. It will definitely appear. Boss Fu Rui, this time you may probably give shelter to me! Why good you make me, so long as made that pig eat to the full, be not entangling me, later I was your people."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Let alone ambiguous is so good, I may not have the interest to you. Thus, I make the person lead you to reorganize first, changes clothes. Your this called any appearance! Relax, in this military compound grain does not lack. At least temporarily will not have the issue."

In this time, was saying that the secret walked from the big account, sees Yao Qianshu, he does not have the slightest bit accident/surprise, instead shows a faint smile, said: "The First Wood disciple, long time did not see, congratulates you."

Yao Qianshu has gawked, "congratulates me? Has something to congratulate. Do not ridicule me."

cloud Tianji shook the head, said: "It is not the ridicule. Congratulates. Although you were suffered for five years, but in the five years time, made you actually obtain its friendship. It will take to you, compared with wants many many that you pay. Okay."

Yao Qianshu blinked, "Brother cloud. What do you mean?"

cloud Tianji shows a faint smile, said: "Secret cannot reveal, when the time comes you naturally understood."

Yao Qianshu flexure dishevelled hair, helpless say/way: "Good, I wash first, changed clothes to say again. Now like this, too loses face. Right, is the secret good?"

cloud Tianji sighed, "I was the secret."

Hears his these words, Yao Qianshu body shakes immediately, he understands certainly cloud secret these words the meaning. The vision changes Ji Dong, sees Ji Dong to own nodded, immediately, in the heart sad Yikuang wells up, originally already the suffered very frail nerve collapses once more, is choked with tears, "did secret Sir, he such go? This, this is really "

Nearby Du Xin'er said in Elder Brother ear in a low voice: "Elder Brother, you looks at this fellow what's the matter! How always to cry, likely woman."

Has not waited for Du Ming to open the mouth, Yao Qianshu has looked up to Du Xin'er, "you is a woman. Oh, is not right, you is a woman. Whose likely woman. You were suffered for five years to try. cloud brother, Oh, no, the secret, restrains grief. The old secret has offered his life for continent. He will forever live in us." Du Ming stared Du Xin'er one, Du Xin'er has spat the tongue, in the heart the secretly thought, the ear of this beggar actually very spirit.

Fu Rui makes the person lead Yao Qianshu to get down washing to change the clothes, cloud Tianji raises head to look to the sky, in the mouth muttered: "Right that Teacher, you said that in front of big danger, same has the vitality to exist."

In this time, a languid sound is resounding from side suddenly, "Yao Qianshu that boy? Haha, isn't this Ji Dong and Fu Rui? Saw you is really good. For these years, I quickly by Yao Qianshu that boy starving to death."

The people look following the sound, between a whole body plump, the height ruler young pigs self-effacingly were walking. The design of back that chrysanthemum is not in part of ones duty, is glittering the light golden light under shining of sunlight. Not is just that chrysanthemum Saint pig?

Ji Dong and in the Fu Rui eye reveals an astonishment, must know, this chrysanthemum Saint pig is not and Yao Qianshu together comes, the war of Holy and Evil will soon start. The big camp defense of this Five-Nation Allied Armies can be imagined strictly, even if the flying escapes, is impossible to submerge quietly, but this fellow such came.

", Good lovable young pig!"Du Xin'er sees the chrysanthemum pig, immediately in eye the star light puts greatly, several steps ran, has hugged the chrysanthemum pig in the bosom.

The chrysanthemum pig took advantage of opportunity by, rubbed in the Du Xin'er bosom rubs, seemed must lovably lovable, but Ji Dong and Fu Rui clearly saw in this fellow eyes that dreadful ray.

"That beggar said a moment ago, was you eat it poorly? Quite lovable! Soft, is hugging really comfortably. The fellow is deceives certainly people, you are so young, how possibly to eat him poorly?"Is holding the chrysanthemum pig, Du Xin'er by giggle smiling that it arches, has the trend that the compassion is in flood greatly. Say/Way that the chrysanthemum pig is filled with righteous indignation: "Is, Yao Qianshu this does not have the conscience, I such small body can eat is poor he? That is he randomly spends, Ai, I quite regret! If previous time meets their times, runs into you to be good, I concluded the contract with you."

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, clouds that the secret vision has had a profound meaning to fall on the chrysanthemum pig.

Du Xin'er blinked, "can this contract also change! I quite like you! You were really too lovable."

The chrysanthemum pig the face, nose, mouth and small eyes seemed accumulating painstakingly in one, shook the head saying: "It is not good! That contract is not easy to relieve. Moreover, I may not have the ability of what attack and defense. Makes magic beast with me, you have not looked at that Yao Qianshu regret."

Du Xin'er said: "I do not care, after me, had magic beast, I do not abandon makes it fight. When I it is the friend of mine, my good partner. Protects it also without enough time. The young pig pig, you are really lovable, that fellow definitely maltreats you, you looked, you thinly became this."

Listened to the Du Xin'er words, Ji Dong to pat own forehead, with the Fu Rui same place, turned around on the income. Although Du Ming does not know that what status this chrysanthemum Saint pig is, but looks at its completely is the spherical body, added thinly? Own this starry eyed younger sister......

Others think otherwise, but the chrysanthemum pig looks that the Du Xin'er look is different, not again has rubbed toward her slightly shy small chest on, and Du Xin'er was chatting, had the meaning of feeling sorry not to have met sooner greatly.

Waits for Yao Qianshu to come back, saw that chrysanthemum pig that annoys the appearance that the person loves tenderly cleverly, the eyeball nearly falls the ground. This was that has exploited the entire five years, stiffly oneself did eat poorly the dreadful fat pig?

The chrysanthemum Saint pig naturally also saw him, is very threat glared at him, then has rubbed rubbing in the Du Xin'er bosom, "fragrant, my master came back. I must go with him in the same place. Otherwise, I feared that he will hit me."

The Du Xin'er vision wicked gazing at fixedly to Yao Qianshu, the word does not gather the meaning of immediately beginning immediately greatly.

"I......" a Yao Qianshu almost blood spurts, do I hit it? Do I dare? If this fat pig seems like the surface that simple lovable, I am also insufficient the blending! "You chatted, I walked first."

In the evening, until serving a meal time, Du Xin'er really understands that Yao Qianshu pain, the chrysanthemum Saint pig body seems not big, but after it starts gives birth for the first time eats greatly, brings is shocks the rank absolutely the terrifying. A its person, has almost eaten the suppers of 100 people of shares. Moreover the body did not have any change. Finished eating to lie down in the Du Xin'er bosom belly sleeps soundly upwardly.

The face of Yao Qianshu is twitching, recalled suffering that for five years receive, he wants to rush this fat pig really chokes to death. However, he again loves money, is not a graciousness the person of enmity report. Initially chrysanthemum Saint pig after all had saved him. He has also been hoping for the chrysanthemum Saint pig can show its Rank 10 Divine Beast strength. However, is contrary to what expects, for five years, except for eating, he never sees this pig to have other any ability.

"It can eat a point probably."Du Xin'er feels chrysanthemum Saint pig the belly of plump.

Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "That cannot eat really!"

The big climax must start, in the middle of the month, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 295: Being ready and waiting

The liquor over three patrol, because the brilliance five dragons must handle the business in massive military compound next day. Said goodbye. This banquet in Fu Rui big account also arrived at the last act.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui sit together are going to the first place, submits in person the water looks to Du Ming, "does Du Ming, you know that Holy and Evil does fight to be dangerous? Actually also brings fragrant to come. Does President Du know?"

Du Ming face one red, scratched the head, said: "fragrant quarrelled must come, I also want to experience war of the Holy and Evil, was continent strives, therefore, we came."

Fu Rui scolded, "deliberately creates trouble. If you had an accident, making me confess to President Du? Early tomorrow morning, I send for delivering you to go back."

Du Ming anti- sound said: "Uncle Fu Rui, we are not the children, oneself matter can take responsibility. We will not go back. You allow us to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield. I and magic power of fragrant also approached Level 50, is more defective besides the actual combat experience, does not miss many compared with your Yin-Yang School disciple. They can be continent strive, why can't we?"

Fu Rui knits the brows to look to Ji Dong, "Little Junior Brother, what to do did you say?" Ji Dong said: "Du Ming I to also feels relieved, is this fragrant girl. "

"fragrant does not need you to be worried, gave me to be good. Don't forget, I from Holy and Evil Island."Chrysanthemum Saint pig comfortable lying down in the Du Xin'er bosom, splendid saying.

Nearby Yao Qianshu discontented say/way: "Fat pig, you have eaten my five years, may not hear you must protect me. You knew that others are less than Heavens! The thing of your this heavy color/look light friend."

The chrysanthemum pig showed the whites of the eyes to him, "this you do not understand, this Saint pig has the profound meaning, later you will understand. fragrant, I have been stranded, you looked where tonight I do rest am quite good?"

Du Xin'er hugs the chrysanthemum pig to stand up, laughs, said: "Naturally is I rests together, you such soft, hugs you to rest is very certainly comfortable."At the same time was saying, greeted to the people, how as if not care about Ji Dong and Fu Rui to decide finally, in high spirits brought the chrysanthemum pig to walk.

Yao Qianshu looks that chrysanthemum pig dreadful fellow rubs in the Du Xin'er bosom rubs, has swallowed several saliva very much. However in his heart secretly was also rejoicing, at least had Du Xin'er to capture the attention of this fellow, it will not suffer himself temporarily.

Ji Dong gives Du Ming one bottle of magic skill liquor, "after entering Holy and Evil Battlefield, you take from your storage Magic Tool this bottle of liquor, if has not encountered the danger, as far as possible in same place do not move. I will look for you."

Du Ming received the magic skill liquor, pleasantly surprised say/way:
"Teacher. You are agreed that I did enter Holy and Evil Battlefield?"

Ji Dong nodded, ", but, in Holy and Evil Battlefield, can not act presumptuously again, otherwise, later you did not need to call me Teacher. Good, you will also rest." The bright great happiness, his in fact is freely older than Ji Dong on several years old, why does not know, each time in front of this Teacher, awe in his heart can deepen several points.

Du Ming has also rested, in Fu Rui big account on remaining him, Ji Dong, Yao Qianshu, gold/metal and cloud secret five people.

Ji Dong said to Fu Rui: "Senior Brother, the secret words, we rather believe its have, incredible its does not have. But we actually do not know that will have anything in the war of this Holy and Evil. Therefore, we can do is careful. Turned head you and everybody says, after entering Holy and Evil Battlefield, making everybody take the magic skill liquor that I sent, I had the means to make our Yin-Yang School disciple gather immediately. As the matter stands, has any change, we also well dealt with."

Fu Rui surprised looks at Ji Dong. "You have the means to make everybody gather? Is what method is so mysterious?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, Fu Rui only thinks in the Ji Dong eye the white light to dodge, suddenly, own brain as if had been hit by a cold current, is wanting to resist in him subconsciously, suddenly he thought, the present all as if become clear, thinks of the feeling to extend fast, in the room each slightest corner can feel clearly, even can also feel the lots outside big account. Especially in several people to room, the induction is extremely profound, even including their magic power level to feel clearly. Like Yao Qianshu magic power, distinct has been the Level 65 degree. gold/metal approached Level 70, only then cloud Tianji is a dimness, does not feel clear.

"This is looks at Ji Dong that......"Fu Rui stares dumbfounded, has not stood on own initiative.

Ji Dong said: "In some sense, the Senior Brother you can this understanding for the demon territory. But is actually not the demon territory that magic power condenses becomes, but is the energetic demon territory. My this energetic demon territory affects in the actual attack and defense is not very big, most can only pray some attacked functions. But it actually be much bigger than the range that the ordinary demon territory expands. So long as were not disturbed intensely, I can feel my spiritual brand mark that in the magic skill liquor contains, everybody unites fast in together."

At the same time was saying, in Fu Rui mind cool retreats quietly, the surroundings all returned to normal, he has a feeling, this time, looked like a vision excellent person turned into blind person. All insightful feelings vanished a moment ago completely do not see.

"Little Junior Brother, I decided. The war of this Holy and Evil, although in name I am a commander, but you must play the role of actual command. The function of your this energetic demon territory was good. Not can only be used to find the person. I think, is displaying, can large scale the promotion each Mage battle efficiency. Does not know that you can simultaneously help many people feel the surrounding all."Fu Rui is also one generation of talents, after short surprised, immediately associates to function of Ji Dong this spirit survey in actual combat. Did not say other, had this spiritual survey, does not need to be worried about the enemy sneak attack of any position. It looks like has pair of incomparably clear eyes to be hanging in the upper air throughout is controlling the entire situation. Also can help oneself judge the strength of enemy. It can be said that only the effect of this spiritual survey, was not inferior the function of Ji Dong itself actual combat capability in community combat.

Ji Dong said: "If three and five people, can long time continue. But if entire Yin-Yang School, can only continue about half double-hour."Every time diverts attention many survey, various information that he must receive can the geometrical multiple increase, even if now such formidable psychic force is not omnipotent by him. Naturally, he can achieve this point, has had no qualms in the appraisal of Lie Yan (raging flames) to this spiritual level Saint level. But now his own realm, although arrived, but the quantity of psychic force by far has not actually been able to reach the Saint level the situation. This is a process of accumulation, but after having the level of Saint level, the speed of this accumulation obviously is extremely quick.

Fu Rui said: "This was enough, this changed a victory and defeat of war sufficiently. When Little Junior Brother, I really very much anticipate this and that side comprehensive collision fight now. The protagonist who just, this Holy and Evil fights our Light Five Elements Continent side is not I, but is you."

Fellow apprentices two people of vision relative, in the eye pupil is sending out the intense faith. They are not that type facing the person who difficult can flinch. Only can grasp the nettle.

ten days later. East China Sea seashore.

The sea breeze is intermittent, having the sea unique flavor/smell to sway the shore, the air appears somewhat gloomy and cold, the ray of Sun was already covered by the thick fog, the ten thousand thunder of distant place break into a jail seem also even more manic, the royal purple electric light unceasingly in that is strong in much the clouds to sparkle.

The ocean waves are torrential, whip the shore often to send out the intermittent explosion sound. The aura that withers strongly is ascending unceasingly. Once every five years time must approach.

At this time, in this seashore, is gathering at least over several thousand people. Everyone wears the striking golden vigor attire, this is Five Great Empires gathers at the seashore guards in the Holy and Evil Channel soldier elite elite, they come from the Heavenly Stems School all previous dynasties student. Above universal Four-Crown. Average Five-Crown to Six-Crown cultivation base Mages, is here mainstay. The strength that they put together, is joined to behind the total about 100,000 various countries elite armies again, almost contends with any empire sufficiently.

Forwards again, about 300 age Heavenly Stems School under 50 years old elite are ready and waiting. They are divided into ten garrisons, separately is representing ten species Mage, on everyone, puts on own magic power armor, in the hand is having own magic power weapon. Once every five years time, is their big show skill moment. Nobody can know, in them, many people can once live coming back from these five years war.

In these 300 people, what are more is the familiar face, on war of the Holy and Evil, it can be said that Light Five Elements Continent loses smallest one. What without a doubt is, attended the previous war, the age until now under 50-year-old Mage, appeared here. They have the rich experience and actual combat capability, has the intense faith of overcoming the enemy.

Most front, altogether more than 20 has Mage of mount has become the entire team is at sharply, above complete Six-Crown, has the magic beast mount, they are in these 300 Heavenly Stems School students most essence are. Also almost stems from the Yin-Yang School powerhouse. But leads their, that sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, in Heavenly Stems School all students in object who worship, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

Ji Dong stands side Fu Rui. Today's Fu Rui appears especially powerful, the Thunder Emperor whole body covers in the royal purple mail-armor and helmet, that mail-armor and helmet seems extremely firm thick, the edges and corners are distinct. On the helmet has the mask, blocks from the face of Fu Rui, but actually cannot block from the formidable power and influence that on him blooms that to blot out the sky. This is not thunder Yushen the axe armor, but is Zhu Yan is tailor for him. Five years ago compares, present Fu Rui, gives people an imposing manner such as mountain Ruyue the feeling. It looks like Dinghai god needle is ordinary, takes to each Heavenly Stems School soldier courage and strength.

Compared with Fu Rui, Ji Dong appeared more common. He has not even put on oneself god hot Saint king Kai, does not have the mount, but he actually with the secret same place, stands side the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. Only then these participate in Mages of war of previous Holy and Evil to know, this seems very tranquil young people are how dangerous. They forever are unable to forget that Ji Dong displays the brilliance that Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang that moment shows. Everyone knows, he is the Thunder Emperor successor, even many people believe, is relying on displaying of that Ultra Certain Kill Skill, he even has surmounts the Thunder Emperor strength.

"Junior Brother, according to your request, here that person, only then 299 people, you said when?"Fu Rui asked to Ji Dong. In the Ji Dong eye the ray flashes, looks to the sky of distant place, solemnly said: "She came."

Fu Rui looks following the direction of Ji Dong vision, sees only a distant place common dot to enlarge rapidly, is approaching toward here at the extremely quick speed.

At this time, the empire headed by brilliance five dragon garrisoned had also discovered its existence, Cloud Dragon Zhang Fei jumped, sat own Cloud Dragon, must meet the enemy. The war of Holy and Evil will soon start, dares at this time the offender, to kill without the amnesty.

"Senior Brother Zhang Fei, is a person on one's own side."Fu Rui loudly shouted, this cancels the thought that Cloud Dragon has met the approaching enemy. At this time, that sunspot enlarged fast, Fu Rui also finally can see clearly its appearance.

That shape such as the silver big bird glide of great hawk, directly soars the directions of five country armies to come, the big bird carries on the back, is standing that silver coated kpillsk to be floating, gray crystal long hair elegant female.

"This is silver wing Haidong is blue."Fu Rui surprised saying. Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, do you know this magic beast?"
Fu Rui nodded, said: "This is heterogeneous magic beast, is in dragon clan the rarest Sixth Earth department Silver Dragon unifies after a giant Haidong azure lives. Extremely rare. In flight class magic beast, is existence of overlord level. In the dragon clan, the blood relationship of Silver Dragon is quite noble, although this silver wing Haidong azure is the hybrid heterogeneous, but also has the Rank 10 inside story to exist. Little Junior Brother, you look is really a strong help!"Does not need to look at Mage, only the mount of this Rank 9 rank, can affect to fight. Must know, the previous time to besiege that two departments Rank 9 magic beast, has almost exhausted Light Five Elements Continent here all strengths, finally successfully strikes to kill. Naturally, now the strength of this group of people completely was different, Ji Dong or Fu Rui, have independent strike to kill the Rank 9 magic beast strength.

Silver wing Haidong azure entered more and more, the succuba remote voice of airborne conveys, "Ji Dong, I keep an appointment."

Under hints of brilliance five dragons, silver wing Haidong azure has not received any prevents, restrains the pair of wings, fell slowly, fell in front of Ji Dong and Fu Rui directly.

When with previous time meets compares, present remotely seemed seemed to be sharper several points, was mainly because she seemed has the vitality/angry, charming face so was no longer pale, but was bringing several points of light ruddiness, including look also from past ice-cold became gentle.

The big climax has launched immediately, believes that everybody also looked, this climax, will affect the full text, is an extremely splendid content. Also waits for anything, voting. Hits to enjoy does not worry, when everybody looked at this climax, thought that said again. Now small three ask the ticket. Come.

Chapter 296: Dark secret

The time of more than half a year passes by. That drop of millennium the function of origin of life appears gradually, is making up for the vitality of remote consumption unceasingly, although a drop of origin of life by far is also not enough to help her make up for the body, many that but the body condition of whole person be better than before. Even including oneself stick the fusion of earth goddess becomes round melts.

Reason that she is willing to comply with Ji Dong to attend the war of Holy and Evil, besides the origin of life reason, other also factors. She had already heard the situation on Holy and Evil Island, in demon pledge historical, some records the Holy and Evil Battlefield material massively. Although Holy and Evil Island has the enormous risk, but has also had various opportunities. By her present strength, she confessed that the self- preservation cannot have the too major problem. Perhaps, besides the origin of life, but can also obtain anything, expands itself. Kills two birds with one stone, she naturally cannot reject the proposition of Ji Dong. As for a deeper meaning, that is she does not want to offend Ji Dong, the strength that the previous time, Ji Dong shows makes her until now have a lingering fear, if the demon pledge stands erect this kind of enemy for oneself, perhaps the day of later demon pledge was sadder. After all, the Ji Dong age also takes on small several years old compared with her, the pinnacle dual attribute magic power owner. Who can see clearly his future?

"Senior Brother, this is the friend of mine is remote. At the invitation of my, attended the war of this time Holy and Evil with us together. She is Seven-Crown Sixth Earth department Mage."

"Seven-Crown."Fu Rui surprised to remote nodded. Looks at Fu Rui, the remote pupil slightly has also contracted, from the direct-viewing feeling, this man seems to be more dangerous than Ji Dong, not only because of his crotch that powerful purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon , because, she clearly felt and from this man has the aura of same rank divine tool. Moreover, this man magic power level, that sinks to congeal such as the makings of mountain, was too easy the appealing vision.

Regarding the introduction of Ji Dong, in remote heart somewhat is grateful, she knows, Ji Dong has not said the status of oneself demon pledge hegemon to these people. Even is symmetric by the friend. Only this point, made one that in her heart has worry that melts gradually.

"Hello, I called remotely."Slightly before the body the people nod the head.

Fu Rui nodded, said with a smile: "Was a pity, if saw you long ago, I will certainly invite you to enter our Yin-Yang School. However, now looked like this is a very difficult matter. The remote young lady, hopes that this time we can cooperate. Various exhibitions energy. With is a member on Light Five Elements Continent, we have the common enemy."

Has complied with one remotely, stimulates to movement cross under silver wing Haidong to stand azure side. She is not the person who likes the many words, at this moment, even has filled with the anticipation to the war of this Holy and Evil, after all. Even if she is the demon pledge hegemon, but possibly has not entered this defense stern Holy and Evil Channel.

Fu Rui watched the weather, said to Ji Dong: "Time will draw near, our people were also uneven, prepares set out."

At the same time was saying, he lifted hand to pat oneself old companion thunder, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon raised head to the day, deafening, recited the sound to resound just like thunder billowing dragon outrageously.

The pair of wings launches, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has leapt into the midair, the strong royal purple ray bursts out from him, looks like huge royal purple light ball from the sky blooms instantaneously general.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon lift-off, captured the attention of all people. Its that huge body from the sky hovers for one week, to soon set out Light Five Elements Continent Mages.

Fu Rui lifts the hand to take off own helmet, in the eye pupil the power and influence four shoots, as if the strong electric lights, are releasing from his eyes.

"Heavenly Stems School brothers and sisters. Our another time must set off journey. Regarding this moment oncoming, I anticipate. Because, our time goals thoroughly rout the match. This is my fourth time attended the war of Holy and Evil, possibly is also the last time. All of us, come from the different countries. Different cities. However, we a little are the same, we are a member on Light Five Elements Continent. Each of us, is having the advantageous talent, can gather in Heavenly Stems School finally. We in each point of effort that in the cultivation makes, each sweat that leaves behind, is, becomes by oneself more formidable. I think, you know the danger on Holy and Evil Island . Moreover, this time I also receive the message, the wars of our time Holy and Evil, will probably come across the unknown crisis. However, can this prevent our advances? Cannot. If everyone when facing danger, backward flinches. Perhaps then, our continent, our countries, already were swallowed by the enemy. Without continent that the light covers, Five Great Empires that which also comes, without our countries, which also comes to our homes. You do not go forward, he does not go forward, our continent who guards? Each of you, can stand today here, prepares to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield with me together, in my opinion, you are the heroes. Knows perfectly well the powerful enemy before, does not retrocede half step. Since this has been our Heavenly Stems Regiment a lot of years glory. For our motherland, for our continent. The light will certainly defeat evilly, each of you, is the genuine soldier. I am proud for you."

This time Thunder Emperor, the body is blooming the unequalled dignified and formidable imposing manner, that shakes each character of person heart and lungs, made the Mages blood of Heavenly Stems Regiment in the ebullition, the heart in beat fiercely. They have gotten hold in the hand oneself weapon, is staring at airborne Fu Rui, the soaring war intended to promote the apex at this moment.

"Holy and Evil Channel will soon open, my partners, making us kill the enemy together, your brilliance, blooms on that Holy and Evil Island."

As if must confirm the Fu Rui words to be ordinary, bang a loud sound, flat land startling thunderclap is suddenly deafening.

The people front sea has as if seethed with excitement generally, the sea water starts, the great waves enter the airborne hundred zhang (333 m). The unequalled vast energy aura blooms instantaneously, shocks the picture presents before all people. The air coagulates in this moment completely, feeling that everyone some types are unable to breathe, was only the flash, the sky dark. Unexpectedly likely instantaneously the dark cloud forms generally has covered the entire sky. Electric lights glitter in that sincere/heavy cloud layer, looks like that ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail the spread, but.

Ji Dong subconscious gets hold of the double fist, came, this is the indication that Holy and Evil Channel will soon open.

Rushes to ascend in the ocean waves of hundred zhang (333 m), ten color ray twinkles, the broad vast, limitless huge aura faints from that ten colored lights transmits, the air setting, the offshore people are unable to breathe. Is facing as if the pressure of world highest good, anybody appears is such tiny.

Once again realized that such feeling, Ji Dong clearly feels these ten color/look rays is a five elements Yin-Yang variant. Compared with five elements Yin-Yang that the previous heavenly stems disciples display vaster huge, because at present the foundations of these ten color/look rays are the nature endless strengths.

The airborne scene again changes, during that huge magic power fluctuation, ten colored lights faint condense gradually, change into a giant vortex. But the sea water became their carriers. Rushing magic power gathers gradually, the originally dim earth seemed also illuminated by that ten color rays, the suffocating oppression strength vanished suddenly, displaces, causes the strong aura that the person endless yearns . The pinnacle, yes, is the pinnacle, that ten colors, are clearly representing ten departments pinnacle magic power. But in the core place of that giant vortex, as if tows the speed of Ji Dong heart beat to be ordinary, the strong chaos aura heads on. In his chest the chaos bead of that condensation is vibrating immediately fiercely. Both eyes of Ji Dong, turned into the white in this moment completely.

The bang, five elements reverses, ten color rays restrain after instantaneous blooming again swiftly, one 20 meters in width, the 30 meters in height ten color arched entrances appear above the sea level suddenly.

The sky is cloudy as before, as before is that gloomy, ten thousand thunder break into a jail the ray from the sky sparkles, but above sea, actually only then the ten color arched entrances of this nearly miracle. Ten color halos melt the vortex in calmly circles, all aura are changed into by manifest completely reserved. After five years, the Holy and Evil Channel entrance opened once again.

Fu Rui puts on the helmet, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to the Holy and Evil Channel direction, nearly wild sound even covered thundering of thunder in the midair, "set out."

Glory five dragon Weishou, all guarding in Mages of Holy and Evil Channel entrance, the soldiers, in this moment, has held up the weapons in their hand completely, angrily roars with one voice, is the Heavenly Stems Regiment soldiers gives somebody a grand send-off.

Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon dragon of recited, with Fu Rui angrily roared to roar to merge into one organic whole in the midair, the huge thunder and lightning tore in the distortion. A person of dragon fearlessly charges into the front, first entered that ten color arched entrances, in Holy and Evil Channel. Ji Dong has patted cloud secret shoulder, "takes care."At the same time was saying, after he follows closely Fu Rui, second jumps, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes blooms instantaneously, what was different from the past, this time, when that pair of white wing launched in the back, the light silver light bloomed from Ji Dong, behind pulled up long afterimage in him, second went to Holy and Evil Channel.

Nobody will question that the motion of Ji Dong, in the war of previous Holy and Evil, he understood him to have this qualifications with own strength to all personal testimonies.

After following closely two people, has numerous Mage of mount, including succuba remote, all jumps, directly soars the front to go, three hundred Heavenly Stems Regiment officers, set off the journey once more.

clouds the secret chest front, the intense soaring and low lurdusaurus recited in the sound, the black and white ray appeared, the huge form presented that moment, the airborne all magic beast aura slightly stagnated, looked like voluntarily shunt channel, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon terrifying showed in the midair, unexpectedly after was, sent first, was having the cloud secret, third broke in Holy and Evil Channel.

Sees the fifty Saint Fire Dragon appearance, succuba remote can't help gasping, this is the Ji Dong mount! Did it, evolve unexpectedly?

the next moment, the Light Five Elements Continent youth powerhouses, in Thunder Emperor Fu Rui and tyrant Ji Dong, under the secret cloud secret front line's leadership, fully enter in Holy and Evil Channel. But the garrison of entire shore also completely transfers in this moment. Is headed by brilliance five dragon, guards in the entrance place.

The distant place, six glitter the form of light halo quietly to appear, they have not approached, in beyond several miles is staring here from the seashore. Is a that say/way is glittering the golden red brilliance form when Ji Dong and Fu Rui enter Holy and Evil Channel, was gazing at them.

...... The seashore, similarly is a seashore. But is actually not East China Sea, but is the West Sea seashore. Because, here is Dark Five Elements Continent.

If looks with eyes, besides position different, this seashore and Light Five Elements Continent East China Sea seashore does not have what difference. Similarly is the sky is gloomy, the distant place ten thousand thunder break into a jail the thunder glittering.

However, this same seashore, has the completely different atmosphere.

Stands in the front line, above giant Black Dragon dragon, Li Yonghao as before is that white clothing, but at this time, his always tranquil vision actually unstoppable to be beating the eye-catching flame. That is extremely excited and hope.

Was born from him on that day starting from, seems is waiting for at present this moment oncoming. On the day of waiting, his waited for a long time was too too long.

Do two years old start to cultivate magic power, who this point can achieve? He at that time was not the pinnacle magic power owner, all that he had, was for more than 30 years, the approval that the self-torture obtained fully.

Is completely different from the Light Five Elements Continent situation, on Dark Five Elements Continent, although also has to symbolize five elements attribute Five Great Empires. But they are actually not the continent highest rulers. Dark Five Elements Continent, the genuine ruler is the secret Buddhist temple. continent Five Great Empires, even if King, must receive the restraint of secret Buddhist temple.

Existence of dark heavenly stems disciple , and bright heavenly stems disciple is different. On Light Five Elements Continent, all previous bright heavenly stems disciples arise at the historic moment, exists inborn. But on Dark Five Elements Continent, the dark heavenly stems disciple actually completely artificially makes, is made by the secret Buddhist temple. This time stands final weapon Li Yonghao in seashore, is his sister dark Second Wood disciple scorpion, as well as other eight dark heavenly stems disciples, their originally is not the pinnacle magic power owner. They in screen on entire continent after the secret Buddhist temple, search one in several thousand aptitude excellent children.

When one year old, after they were tested the attribute, delivers to the secret Buddhist temple. After innumerable screens, when six years old, finally are chosen as this generation of dark heavenly stems disciples, after swallowing dark disciple Crystal Crown, obtained own pinnacle magic power. But such cruel process, on entire Dark Five Elements Continent, will have every time after several hundred years one time. But the time of each time screening, is decided by the supreme leader dark secret of secret Buddhist temple. The final effect, is lets these ten big dark disciples completely during the control of dark secret.

The climax started, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 297: The millenniums accumulate, Ten Great Divine Tools( climax starts, asks monthly ticket)

When the dark heavenly stems disciple was chosen. During the past six years, initially with several thousand children who they were chosen together, became the cornerstone that they go forward. Already in that severely was similar to the hell choice died.

Can break through, without a doubt, their ten are the best talents, even is the luck owner. Pure talent, is impossible to make them arrive at today. But believes in the dark secret, luck, is in itself also part of strength.

Li Yonghao, as this generation of dark heavenly stems Saint kings, all that he passes through, is in all people are most frigid. He even once personally killed oneself parents. Although this matter does not know the scorpion. But is also one of the dark secret to his final inspection.

In 1000, the dark secret Buddhist temple has paid ten generations of secrets life and soul, the opportunity arrives in this moment finally. Li Yonghao can not be excited? Actually, compares the bright continent Heavenly Stems Regiment soldiers, he hates the dark secret Buddhist temple. Besides the strength, for today, he lost all. He must retaliate, retaliates all people, everyone. In his heart, besides younger sister. In this world, any living thing is the under foot ants.

However, before the retaliation, he must complete the Dark Five Elements Continent desire first, must tear into shreds this to be cut off personally the holy war millenniums hindrance. The desire in his heart only then one, that is becomes bright and dark, Saint kings above two pieces of Five Elements Continent.

Bears patiently, he bore patiently for 30 years, crazy 30 years, in these 30 years, he even continually eats meal and drinks water is practicing.

Victory and defeat between he and Fu Rui, actually when their first meeting should finish, Fu Rui at all possibly is not his match. However, for the entire plan, for today's arrival, he has been enduring patiently, endures patiently, enduring patiently with hardship.

Finally to has broken all tight encirclements, released the innermost feelings desire the time, Li Yonghao can not be excited?

The Light Five Elements Continent East China Sea seashore, gathered ten ten thousand Five Great Empires officers, also several thousand Mage has guarded. But if, they can see the appearance of here Dark Five Elements Continent seashore at this time, they certainly because of shocking to be astounded.

Looks to continent from the coastline, can see that is the head/number of people that the neat formation, sways. Cannot look at boundary unexpectedly. Here assembles, is entire Dark Five Elements Continent all available fight armies. Entire 3 million army deploying troops seashores.

Atmosphere of withering. That dense crowd, as if made the ten thousand thunder in distant place sky break into a jail changes colors. The millenniums waited for, the millenniums accumulate, they must do, is routs to prevent in the front barrier. Launches the last holy war, rules the sea opposite that place thoroughly.

Other nine people of dark heavenly stems disciple, on static standing in final weapon Li Yonghao behind a step position, in their eyes, is glittering similarly the eye-catching brilliance. So long as this holy war has succeeded, they are the sages of going down in history, each of them, will become the genuine king. Two pieces of continent, ten empires, become their it'ses in the bag, so long as the holy war is successful, they not only can succeed to the Dark Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires throne, even also Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires is also grasping.

For this day, they are also same as Li Yonghao, waiting for a long time was too too long. They also similarly start to carry on the severe training from two years old. Successively the war of Holy and Evil, even if when is most dangerous, they have not put out the true strength. But this time. They do not need any bearing patiently. They must do, starts all that ten generations of secrets accumulate, destroys all enemies thoroughly.

In the flat land startling thunderclap sound, sea ebullition, the sea water starts, the great waves enter the airborne hundred zhang (333 m). The unequalled vast energy aura blooms instantaneously, feeling that the air setting, everyone some types are unable to breathe, is only the flash, sky dark, unexpectedly likely instantaneously the dark cloud forms generally has covered the entire sky. Electric lights glitter in that sincere/heavy cloud layer, in this day between power and influence, eyes of dark heavenly stems disciples lightens almost at the same time, the time that they wait for came finally.

Ten color halo circulations, moment when that huge Holy and Evil Channel entrance opens, soldiers on several million Dark Five Elements Continent, unexpectedly peaceful being quietly.

"Starts." A sound of ice-cold sounds of people faintly recognizable does not resound. The black form, does not know when arrived at side Li Yonghao.

That is also young people, even is younger than Li Yonghao, wears royal crown that a diamond builds, the body wear sparkles the black long gowns of ten color halos, his appearance, immediately became the focal point of entire seashore.

Including Li Yonghao, the dark heavenly stems disciples simultaneously bow to salute, "sees the secret."Right, this young people, are at this moment, Dark Five Elements Continent genuine ruler, this generation of dark secrets. Dark secret to Li Yonghao nodded. "Forever Hao, you knows how long we waited for this day. 3 million officers, were waiting for you succeed that moment oncoming. The fate has been doomed, we will certainly sweep across the entire bright world. Dark profound spread to entire world each corner. Any opportunity that any variable, the enemy has, you must strangle it in the cradle. I believe, you also absolutely have such strength. I know, other your people, have regarding the Buddhist temple deeply bury in the hatred of innermost feelings. You have no need to deny, if this point I am not clear, I did not match to be called the dark secret."

Looks at present this young secret, just took over three years of imperator, the look of dark heavenly stems disciples slightly somewhat changed, only then Li Yonghao seems that tranquil.

"Is unimportant. I do not care about these. You know why all previous dark secret can rule entire continent? That is because, our existences to sacrifice. Forever Hao, so long as you make a connection with Holy and Evil Island, making all the barriers of hindrance vanish. Then, I can such as your wish. When the time comes, as new generation dark secret I, will become last for the continent glory, for holy war vaticinator of sacrifice. I personally become the sacrificial offering of war flag, with my blood and soul, visits you to capture the bright world. Will spread to each corner dark."

Dark secret words. Without doubt is shocks, even if the dark heavenly stems disciples, has never thought he will say so the words. This time, even/including Li Yonghao look also started to have the change.

"Secret Sir, you forever are the continent ruler."Li Yonghao respectful saying.

In the dark secret eye reveals several points of ridicule the ray, "was good, Holy and Evil Channel opened, we should also start. The dark regiment is respective, set up formation."

Issues an order along with the dark secret, about 300 youth Mage rapid accumulations, in an instant. Has done the disciple and dark secret ten black that day encircles in the center. The dark secret cross previous step, replaces the position that beforehand Li Yonghao was, is headed by Li Yonghao, the dark ten heavenly stems disciple disperses all around, the branch in ten positions, encircles the dark secret in the center.

The ray flashes, in dark day machine operator, does not know that were when many a handle has been three meters black scepter, this scepter all over the body clear, is sending out the unequalled strong darkness, the stick first position, is a jet black skeleton skull. Pirate-like skull eyes place, sending out is actually the white aura.

The discovery that if Ji Dong here, can be startled, in this handle black scepter releases, unexpectedly completely is the chaos aura, moreover is the purest chaos aura. The darkness in scepter, looks like this chaos fuel is ordinary, was supplementing unceasingly all that it needs.

When the scepter holds up in the dark day machine operator slowly, moment that on the skeleton skull of stick head, the white chaos halo blooms, the Li Yonghao first knees knee down. The dark heavenly stems disciple, the dark regiment, the also that three million Dark Five Elements Continent officers, are similar to shear the wheat to be common, kneels down completely. Their vision, only have a focal point, that is the dark scepter in dark day machine operator.

The dark regiment including the ten heavenly stems disciple, everyone is in a special position, indistinct, even can feel they each other connected aura, ten species aura, gather on the heavenly stems disciples finally, in simultaneously transmits the center on the dark secret.

At this moment, why does not know, in Li Yonghao mind appears suddenly, when dominate above all candidates. Becoming the dark Seventh Metal disciple at that moment, when swallows disciple Crystal Crown that. Nine days, the entire nine days of time, he passed in the unequalled painful suffering. When he endured complete suffering finally, thoroughly when becomes the pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power owner, he noticed that is the aptitude is next to he, has defeated innumerable competitor the despairs in another nine Seventh Metal department candidate eyes. He is not the only choice, if he absorbs the Seventh Metal department disciple Crystal Crown failure, after him, the also nine people will attempt. But his success, only means a matter. Another nine people, write off completely. They know that all secrets, their existences, will threaten already successfully who succeeds the disciple.

Li Yonghao forever is unable to forget that nine people after seeing oneself absorb disciple Crystal Crown in successfully the eye the desperate facial expression. That year, he merely is six years old.

"Dark condensation soul, eternal future! I in the world, the status of dark control summoned to you. Opening of gate of darkness, brings, will be future eternal. Blooms, dark profoundness."

The dark secret resounding recitation sound, making each dark heavenly stems disciple vision also condense. In they hold, were respectively many a thing. In Li Yonghao hand is grasping, impressively is a handle sword, a handle is symbolizing royal power the sword of King. On the dark golden long sword, inscribes the innumerable light marks in broken bits, the sharp on cloud pattern, is glittering unexpectedly the gem halo. On the sword hilt, in huge white gem, is releasing the strong crystal color. Sword length seven chi (0.33 m). It has one to make one feel the terrifying name. Black day demon god.

But in each dark disciple hand, were many a weapon, has the hammer, to have the blade, to have the whip, to have the spear/gun, without exception, they are releasing completely with the black day demon Divine Sword similar dark golden color brilliance, is blooming the unequalled strong aura.

Yes, besides magic power of hideaway, this is the dark heavenly stems disciple biggest secret, the divine tool. Each of them, had the own dark heavenly stems disciple exclusive divine tool. But this each divine tool pays, is a dark secret life. They take oneself life as price, starts the darkness to summon finally, received exchange a divine tool of each article dark heavenly stems disciple.

At the same time emergence of these ten magical instruments, pay, is ten dark secrets lives, is the entire Dark Five Elements Continent millenniums gathers the strength part, most important part. Ten dark heavenly stems disciples after taking out the respective divine tool, has stood slowly, in that solemn and respectful atmosphere, in everyone eyes, is revealing blazing beyond description.

A white light beam, along with recitation of dark secret, the electricity from his handle dark scepter shoots suddenly, the direct impact upper air, at the same time, the ten dark heavenly stems disciple rays of completely have also shone, ten attribute rich brilliance are centered on that white light beam instantaneously fuses together.

Huge ten color light covers cover, covers 300 dark continent youth Mage as well as the dark secrets completely.

In the war of previous Holy and Evil, the bright heavenly stems disciples added on the eclipse date phoenix Huo'er strength, temporarily releases five elements Yin-Yang. But bears patiently many years of dark heavenly stems disciples to be able unable this skill? Moreover, at this moment they release, is not only pure five elements Yin-Yang. But is centered on dark secret that chaos, is simulating Holy and Evil Channel entrance strange law completely.

Behind each dark heavenly stems disciple, raised in five elements method a condensation law ray, five elements method, they also already can apply, strength strongest final weapon Li Yonghao even comprehended reached eight.

In this strange ray. 300 Dark Five Elements Continent youth Mage, under their secrets and dark disciples lead, along with few mount magic beast, took off unexpectedly. These formidable magic beast, including Li Yonghao Rank 9 Black Dragon, are shivering in this mysterious law.

During the ray sparkle, this entire 300 people, collectively have flown unexpectedly into Holy and Evil Channel, is centered on the dark secret by this, ten big dark disciples' tyrannical law for foundation, has led into them Holy and Evil Island completely. But this law function only has one. That is, shield random transmission. These 300 people, will disregard the rule on Holy and Evil Battlefield, simultaneously appears in the same place. But this, is only a start of Dark Five Elements Continent this motion. The distant place, ten thousand thunder break into a jail from the sky roar as before, decided a war that two continent life and death, finally started.

The climax will launch, asks the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Is the climax good, everybody looked knows. This wave of climax at least must continue 10 tens of thousands characters. Hehe.

Chapter 298: Enters, strange, restless

The hallucination ray makes Ji Dong at present completely become a colored world. The huge energy made around his body all coagulate, that as if simply was not huge magic power that the manpower can contend with. This was his second time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, when with previous time had differently since the feeling.

His psychic force five years ago compares, was almost the enhancements of hundred times of degrees, at this time, although around the body huge ten departments pinnacle magic power may not contend as before, but he can actually grasp the subtle change of each point of magic power clearly.

Through the observation, Ji Dong discovered, this ten departments pinnacle magic power, exists in the way of mutual promotion of the five elements completely, is divided into two circulations, lives cloudy cloudy, Yang Shengyang, the Yin-Yang attribute respective five types magic power each other mutual promotion of the five elements fusion, forms a circle again friendly cloudy and a circle friendly positivity, later, this Yin-Yang completely fuses together, produces the giant vortex that this ray has formed. As if in this huge energy, what that chaos many playing conceals the function. This clearly is one extremely complex five elements transmission law!

Several that in five elements method of Ji Dong study, comprehends first have transmission law, but this law in his opinion usability is not very strong. First. It is not able to use in the fight. Because displays this law, needs certain time, the process of release also similarly requires the time, is impossible to present that type in the situation in the combat process suddenly transmitting. Moreover, this transmission law also needs to locate beforehand, and there is a certain distance limit, could not have too strong magic power disturbance, the limit is numerous. Therefore, besides that time transmits from the mausoleum chamber buried treasure, he has almost not used this law.

But magic power that at present in this Holy and Evil Channel contains, clearly is five elements transmission law one overlaps, in situation that in the five elements ten attributes get together, can not come under the airborne ten thousand thunder break into a jail the influence. Indistinct, he understood the mysteries in some transmission law gradually. Saves soon has the truth of existence, as five elements method one transmission law, will not be the weak.

The color light vanishes just like the smoke cloud, both feet, the conscientious feeling already transmitted, as before is Holy and Evil Island first layer, takes a broad view to look, around the body is the giant trees.

Had previous experience, Ji Dong in the conscientious flash, his energetic demon territory has released, in diameter kilometer range, completely in his psychic force sensation. Who knows that this time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield can look like the previous time runs into a dark heavenly stems disciple?

However, his luck seems much better, in diameter kilometer range. Not only does not have any dark continent Mage aura, is including formidable point magic beast not to have, these Rank 3 and Rank 4 magic beast simply does not have the slightest bit to affect regarding him.

The strength was enhanced, the vision naturally also enhances, enters Holy and Evil Battlefield once more, Ji Dong like previous time is not anxious, even god hot Saint king Kai as well as own phoenix dragon dance snake in joined bodies change have not released, he has the full confidence, can deal with any situation.

This time enters to Holy and Evil Battlefield in again, had the difference of heaven and earth with the previous time situation, previous time he can say that is only adapts to this strange battlefield. But this time, he is actually the absolute main force. Without any hesitant, the Ji Dong back white light surges, on the skin has also covered a light white ray, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes has released, the pair of wings opens, during the ray sparkle, the next moment, he one step has stepped forward, arrived above the giant tree top of the tree, simple looked to the surroundings. The determination has not jumped the ranks in this Holy and Evil Island first layer anything magic beast that intrudes, this opens the pair of wings, enters in the midair. Meanwhile, his energetic demon territory also follows the increasing wide scope of body to release, has issued the summon to the companions, feels each of them to grasp the position that the magic skill liquor is.

Quick, Ji Dong had induction, his first induces is not fifty Saint Fire Dragon, actually has the position that bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu of chrysanthemum pig is.

The Yao Qianshu position is away from him to be very near, in his hand the magic skill liquor through spiritual aura that contains, Ji Dong first has discovered him. Without any hesitates, the back pair of wings launches, cloudy Yang Fire hovering law blooms in the back along with the Yin-Yang Fish design, he directly soars the Yao Qianshu direction to fly.

The wood lights a fire, has pinnacle First Wood magic power Yao Qianshu can be said as most suitable the partner to Ji Dong. Has him , the Ji Dong battle efficiency can soar. As for that chrysanthemum pig, Ji Dong never considers in the order of battle actually. He wants to be able with the Yao Qianshu convergence, gathers two people strength, even if meets opposite party dark heavenly stems Saint king final weapon Ji Dong not to fear suddenly.

The matter is smoother than the imagination, less than the free time of half quarter, Ji Dong successfully had found Yao Qianshu to be, with him in together besides chrysanthemum Saint pig, also Du Xin'er.

Biplane wing restraining, the Ji Dong floating body falls in front of Yao Qianshu and Du Xin'er, but his vision actually fell on the chrysanthemum Saint pig. Just as he already felt, this chrysanthemum Saint pig is not simple. "The appearance that Elder Brother Ji Dong, you fly is really good to lead!"In the Du Xin'er eye started to brave the star light, she cherished is hugging the chrysanthemum pig, Ji Dong was suspecting really she to/clashes immediately to oneself.

Sees Ji Dong. The Yao Qianshu look also immediately relaxes, is the same with the Ji Dong institute, their this fire wooden two departments in the same place, after the strength dramatically increases, sufficiently various strain situations.

Ji Dong looks at languid chrysanthemum Saint pig, "can chrysanthemum pig, tell me, how do you achieve?"

The chrysanthemum pig opens small eyes, shot a look at Ji Dong one, said: "This has anything, first eats fragrant, after waiting, spits again and that's the end."

Ji Dong stares, first eats to spit again? What method is this?

Du Xin'er hee hee said with a smile: "Young pig pig is really the good skill, its mouth may be big, opened to install me, when I can see outside, has come."

Ji Dong doubts looks to Yao Qianshu, Yao Qianshu to his nodded, those who hinted the chrysanthemum pig to say was real. Here is Holy and Evil Battlefield, Ji Dong does not have time to consider that at present the strong and weak of this chrysanthemum pig, at least he and Yao Qianshu the contract exists, will not be always disadvantageous to one's own side.

"Modest book, you in ground. The surroundings do not have what formidable magic beast, I to airborne find other people again. Strives to make everybody gather most in a short time together."

"Good. You felt relieved that I will help to protect fragrant."Ji Dong nodded, the Yao Qianshu strength he is very clear, in this time enters in the Holy and Evil Battlefield people, he ranks first five absolutely. Also only then, Senior Brother and gold/metal possibly have to exceed his strength. Five years do not see, when he appears shape like beggar, but Ji Dong can also feel his not to be weak in own pinnacle magic power fully.

Leaps into the midair once more, Ji Dong started to the search of partners. He discovered, the huge psychic force after entering Holy and Evil Island receives some limits slightly, the range of covering wants to be smaller than the imagination. However. Even if were this were also enough. After two double-hour, he had found more than 40 people, many Yin-Yang School disciples, everybody gathers, goes forward to the Holy and Evil Island deep layer.

According to beforehand agreement, after entering Holy and Evil Island, accumulation position in third layer. Because more goes forward to inside, each area correspondingly will reduce. If gathers at most outer layer, the area that must search for was too big. But third layer their routine assembly places as we all know. Ji Dong must do, before entering third layer multi- accumulation partners some as far as possible. This can guarantee that everybody as far as possible in the same place, when facing any danger is also easier to deal with.

All the way, in the Ji Dong heart continually has the strange feeling, why does not know, he always thought that some do not suit. First, is the magic beast quantity. With previous time enters compared with Holy and Evil Battlefield, the magic beast quantity as if reduced. This is also not most important, what is more unusual, in following entire day, he had not seen that variation magic beast or is any straddles zones magic beast. Even if ordinary low level magic beast is also very rare. This issue regarding Ji Dong, to is not difficult to understand. How because chrysanthemum pig fellow said that is also Rank 10 magic beast, so long as feels its aura, low level magic beast avoids by far is excusable. Most made Ji Dong have doubts, in this all the way, each Mage that he found has not met the enemy trace.

This somewhat felt strange. According to the situation in war of all previous Holy and Evil, after every time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, will have part of Mage direct bitter experiences to opposite party Mage. This is both sides casualties maximum some time, Ji Dong is also entering Holy and Evil Battlefield to start to find the person at the maximum speed also stems from the consideration in this aspect.

But, a day passes by, approached hundred people in Mage of his side accumulation, under his inquiry, does not have one person to indicate that has met Dark Five Elements Continent Mage. Feels, looks like Dark Five Elements Continent person simply has not entered Holy and Evil Battlefield to participate in war of this Holy and Evil.

Moreover, a Ji Dong also matter was worried very much, properly speaking, after entering Holy and Evil Battlefield, he is easiest to feel should be two people, has the cloud secret that fifty Saint Fire Dragon follows. Another is he touches the time to be very long, the body has carried gold/metal of many bottles of magic skill liquor. Until at this moment, him has not felt their aura. This only then two explanations, one was they have the problem to encounter the danger, another, was they beyond the range of own spiritual survey.

Although these two situations may occurrence, but Ji Dong feels the intense restlessness as before. gold/metal to is better, his effective strength to gold/metal has very deep understanding, in any terrain any situation, she has the greatly strengthened self-preservation ability. But clouds that the secret he has to be worried, although there is fifty Saint Fire Dragon, but the cloud secret itself does not have what combat capability after all.

However, how regardless in the heart to think, the search must continue, he was anticipating now can run into them in Holy and Evil Island third layer.

Until next noon, Ji Dong led enormous and powerful Light Five Elements Continent Mages to arrive at the agreed location. When he arrived here, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui was bringing one crowd of Mage , etc. here. According to the quantity, this time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield Mage to have 80% accumulations here.

"Ok! Little Junior Brother, your helped me person similar all assembled."Fu Rui sees Ji Dong, immediately happy, immediately welcomed. Ji Dong arrives in front of Fu Rui, said in a low voice: "Senior Brother, I thought that some are not right!"Fu Rui glanced at him, maintaining composure lets other Mage same place rests. Then draws Ji Dong to arrive at one side. Has called Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu, four people gather.

"Little Junior Brother, didn't you think right? I had also realized. After this time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, as if all were too smooth, we want to gather each time here, at least wants three to five days, moreover the Mage quantity that can gather is finally impossible to have now these many. Generally, in just entered in the three day after Holy and Evil Battlefield, our losses over 20%. However, you also saw, so far, we gathered Mage here to have over 80%. This means that the resistance that we encounter was smaller. I had asked before , brothers who rushes, they said that has not encountered to the Dark Five Elements Continent person, meets some low level magic beast besides some people, most people have not received anything to hinder gather here. That side you?"

The Ji Dong complexion sinks to congeal, "me is also same. could it be said, the Dark Five Elements Continent person hasn't attended the war of this Holy and Evil to be inadequate? But this is impossible! Senior Brother, do you see the secret?"

Fu Rui has gawked, "he not with you in the same place? Your induction to fifty Saint Fire Dragon should be clearest."

The Ji Dong complexion changes, "looks like some are not really right, I their soul am connected with Maotai and Wuliangye, properly speaking, even if widely separated by the thousand li (500 km) also to induce. But, after enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, I discovered, between I and them the soul relation becomes extremely weak, is unable to judge the position that they are. At the beginning, I also think that comes under ten thousand thunder broke into a jail the influence, may afterward I actually be able to find other people through the psychic force, this means, ten thousand thunder broke into a jail are not big to my spiritual survey influence. But fifty Saint Fire Dragon in this case is actually not able to contact with me, has experienced any matter surely." Fu Rui frowns the thinking, nearby Yao Qianshu solemnly said: "Big Brother Fu Rui, Ji Dong, I never has any suspicion regarding the prediction of secret. All sorts of phenomenon indicated, this time we probably really meet ** was tired. Now most fearful is not danger, but is our simply does not know that the Dark Five Elements Continent person is making anything. All that is also unable to make in view of them arrange."

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Chapter 299: Investigation, search, enemy shade present

Ye Xin said: "Yao Qianshu said right. Ill-informed is we biggest problem. At present, the urgent matter found secret first and investigates the trail of enemy. Otherwise we were too passive. Fu Rui, I look to be inferior to this, we fan out in several groups, scatter in all directions the investigation. Simultaneously looks for the secret and enemy whereabouts."

Fu Rui said: "But such risk is also very big. Once runs into the massive enemies, very difficult whole body to draw back. Easily by enemy defeat in detail."

Ji Dong said: "Big Brother, might as well be like this good. Goes to investigate, is completed by our a few people. Other people gather here collective defense. Our time of this investigation establish provisionally that are three days, three days later, whether or not have the result, return to here to converge. The modest book, do not go, you have not flown the mount, oneself is unable to fly. Stays here to guard. I and Senior Brother and sister-in-law, Un, is counted again remotely. Our four people have the ability of self-preservation basically, we are divided into four directions to investigate outward, I thought that in three days of time, some association results."

Fu Rui thinks, said: "Besides does this. Did not have better means. Ji Dong, I look at this. Range everyone fixed that we investigate. As the matter stands, when investigation can also avoid duplicating. Ye Xin, your strength is weakest, rides your purple ice day demon flood dragon to search Holy and Evil Island fourth layer and fifth layer. Ji Dong, the strength of your friend is not weak, moreover on her resembles also one not to be inferior in the divine tool of my thunder Yushen axe. Is investigated sixth layer and seventh by her. Our two brothers move together, inside several scopes getting smaller, can search some situations at our speeds in three days of time, our brothers in the same place, even if meets Rank 10 magic beast not to fear. By your energetic demon territory, can better discovery enemy and secret."

The arrangement of Fu Rui obviously is most reasonable, the Ji Dong three people agree. He formerly in remotely will shout, said the four people of meanings on the road finding.

Thinks remotely, said: "I also want to investigate a Holy and Evil Island deeper place with you. Your these many have Mage of mount, finds two people to investigate sixth layer and seventh should not be the issue. Our three people enter inside together, can be more thorough. Simultaneously meets several Rank 10 magic beast is not the issue."

She has her plan, according to the record of demon pledge ancient book, the good thing on Holy and Evil Island, to be possible in the deep place. more approaches to the inner layer, more has to search the opportunity of treasure. She is not certainly willing in quite outside place investigation.

Fu Rui brows slightly wrinkled, somewhat is slightly discontented, in the wars of passing several Holy and Evil, to we Mage, he kept promises. Has the absolute authority. Also under his complete leadership, time and time again defeats the match, and will lose reduces to the minimum degree. At present this girl is the person who first dares to disobey his meaning. However. She is Ji Dong invites, is not the Heavenly Stems Regiment person, the itself strength is also very strong, Fu Rui directly has not manifested suddenly.

Yao Qianshu said: "Big Brother Fu Rui, this, six and seven is investigated by me. Although I have not flown the mount, but relies on hovering law, my speed will not compare you to be slow are too many, three days of investigation clear six and seven were enough." Fu Rui looks to Ji Dong, in the eye reveals the vision of inquiry, remote is Ji Dong looks, he naturally must solicit oneself this day by day the opinion of formidable Little Junior Brother.

Ji Dong to Fu Rui nodded, he to does not tolerate remotely, remote after all is the demon pledge hegemon, regarding her mental disposition, Ji Dong does not dare to say ninety percent sure, leads her in the side is the most reliable procedure. Has itself and Senior Brother, she cannot turn any storm. Everybody cooperates smoothly naturally is best, if she has any bad thoughts, deals sufficiently.

After the idea decides, five people also start off. Yao Qianshu kept the chrysanthemum pig, accompanies Du Xin'er. Fu Rui gives Yin-Yang School several ranks here command jurisdiction temporarily before the disciple, five people are divided into three directions, simultaneously sets out to Holy and Evil Island.

Before set out, they do not know that this time means anything separately, regarding many people, is parts forever.

Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu investigated separately, on Ji Dong the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, has ridden her silver wing Haidong to be blue remotely, two big Rank 9 magic beast also soar, the acceleration, flies fully toward the Holy and Evil Island deep place.

Arrived this Holy and Evil Island on, no one had hidden the strength the meaning, Fu Rui and remote releases them to have the aura of stick of divine tool thunder Yushen axe and earth goddess respectively, to guarantee that low level magic beast does not dare to approach, approaches to the Holy and Evil Island central place with the quickest speed.

Ji Dong has not been idling, sits carries on the back in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, psychic force full, comprehensive search gold/metal and cloud secret whereabouts.

At two big Rank 9 magic beast flying speeds, even if passes through a empire on continent, only requires one and two days . After three double- hour. They slightly crossed Holy and Evil Island fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth directly, enters to the first station in their trip of destinations, Holy and Evil Island ninth.

Arrived here, the Ji Dong spirit instead relaxed, he knows, oneself formerly guessed is right. Before reason that has not met any magic beast, should be the relations of chrysanthemum pig. After entering Holy and Evil Island ninth, the surrounding magic beast quantity obviously became a lot, moreover overwhelming majorities were formidable Rank 8 magic beast.

According to experience. On this Holy and Evil Island ninth, occupies Rank 8 magic beast that non- is living in groups, has waited till tenth, is Rank 8 cybotaxis magic beast. Let alone is ordinary Mage, even if after is Eight-Crown Mage enters to the ninth this range, is step by step thrilling.

At this kind of time, appeared to have the advantage of divine tool. Under stick of thunder Yushen the axe and earth goddess, this divides to belong to Yang Thunder attribute and cloudy earth attribute two big divine tool aura simultaneously blooms, making Rank 8 magic beast not dare to be easily close. Three people started the search on this Holy and Evil Island ninth directly.

Looks at ninth Rank 8 magic beast, in the remote eye often flashes through a greedy ray, Rank 8 magic beast naturally can produce the Rank 8 demon nucleus, that may be the huge wealth! Let alone was producing of Holy and Evil Island. If not look at Ji Dong and Fu Rui stern complexion, she wants well to turn in this ninth hunting and killing really alone.

However, thinks that two drops of millennium origin of life that Ji Dong complies with, endured remotely, compared with the millennium origin of life, even if were the Rank 10 magic beast demon nucleus is not anything.

Ninth searches for the majority time, Ji Dong indicated that can enter tenth. His psychic force has not searched for any sound on ninth as before.

Enters tenth, the search continues, when the Ji Dong eye disappointed are getting more and more, suddenly, he as if felt anything, hastily said: "Senior Brother. Stops." Fu Rui is stimulating to movement the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon immediately float in the midair, remote silver wing Haidong also in airborne captures an attractive arc azure, stops in them opposite.

In the Ji Dong eye the white light twinkle, the rich psychic force spreads instantaneously, looks white flame that in his eyes beats, felt remotely own heartbeat as if leaked has patted. The short over six months time does not see, the strength of this fellow as if had progressed, did not see clearly. Is he really human? Regarding Ji Dong, remotely besides several points of admiration, even also somewhat fears. After all, initial Fire God cut void on her has made the too profound impression. She never wants to face such attack.

"Is fifty Saint Fire Dragon."Ji Dong somewhat pleasantly surprised calling out. "Secret they met probably dangerously, was flushing from the inner layer outward. We quick in the past. The Senior Brother and remote, you fly according to my direction."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong psychic force full, two almost can see that the pale silver ray the psychic force has simultaneously connected Fu Rui and remote inner world. Did to explain without enough time, he can feel fifty Saint Fire Dragon somewhat anxiety.

Fu Rui to is better, after all, he was not first time feels on Ji Dong to be mysterious, remote was actually surprised. She has not thought, the Ji Dong psychic force was unexpectedly intrepid to so the situation.

Under the assistance of Ji Dong energetic demon territory, two people had the ability of slight observation to the surrounding all, in the meantime, they clear feeling a direction is also transmitting the fierce magic power fluctuation.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong also starts azure once more, goes according to the direction rapid flight of Ji Dong psychic force direction. The free time of a while, has passed through Holy and Evil Island tenth and 11 th.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon aura was getting more and more intense, Ji Dong can feel clearly, it is exuding to roar unceasingly, powerful eruption in also combat process. It ran into the enemy.

Finally, the Ji Dong psychic force covers range to be able with fifty Saint Fire Dragon to link, is connected through the soul, he sees clearly the situation that this time fifty Saint Fire Dragon has faced.

cloud Tianji crawls in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, tight holds its scale stability to live in own body, but side fifty Saint Fire Dragon, over ten Dark Five Elements Continent Mage are besieging. Each of them has is not lower than the Rank 7 flight magic beast mount, is includes two Rank 9 magic beast and three Rank 8 magic beast. Those who most made Ji Dong surprised was, in these more than ten people, magic power cultivation base of four people have surpassed unexpectedly Level 70, was the Seven- Crown intensity. Did this Dark Five Elements Continent Mage non- origin, appear unexpectedly is these many powerhouses? Moreover, in these several people, actually does not have any Ji Dong has seen the dark heavenly stems disciple. In other words, these people are ordinary Mage in dark Mage. Ordinary Mage can achieve such strength, without doubt is astonishing, in the wartime of previous Holy and Evil, Ji Dong and Fu Rui they have not discovered such situation.

Makes the ponder without enough time, Ji Dong has carried on the back to jump from the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, the back pair of wings launches. two Fire departments hovering law also blooms, the whole person is similar to the advantage arrow is common, under own energetic demon territory's leadership, directly soars the fifty Saint Fire Dragon direction to throw. His psychic force also as before is maintaining the contact with Fu Rui and remote, tows two people to pursue.

Discovery that Fu Rui and remote is startled, in the short distance acceleration, this time Ji Dong has surpassed their mount magic beast unexpectedly. In an instant changed into a sunspot to vanish in the distant place. They do not dare to neglect, hurries to psychic force direction next simultaneous acceleration of Ji Dong.

The dark-red brilliance in Ji Dong body each circulation, the clear and slight clangour, appears quietly, under the function of fusion god technique, god hot Saint king Kai appears quietly, covers his body completely, after the back pair of wings also the mail-armor and helmet covers, Ji Dong obviously felt own magic power instantaneous promotion, originally is the flying speed of extreme velocity increases again.

clouds that secret static bending down carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, as far as possible lets own body and fifty Saint Fire Dragon fitting, does not affect any motion of this formidable magic beast. Even if as secret he, at this time was also cheering for fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Under chasing down of enemy more than ten powerhouses, fifty Saint Fire Dragon broke through the tight encirclement repeatedly, although came under match fly upon time and time again, before it as before is fearless, to/clashes. Similarly is Rank 9 magic beast, magic beast of match wants to tie down it quite to be also difficult. With is getting more and more long, fifty Saint Fire Dragon own magic power consumption that fight time lasts starts to increase, clouds that the secret believes really it can annihilate here all enemies.

However, now fifty Saint Fire Dragon was in degree in imminent danger, although it has struck to kill ten opposite party low status magic beast to be able before to run away here, is, quantity actually also that many of enemy, regardless of pays any price, they must remain fifty Saint Fire Dragon and cloud Tianji.

The potential of surrounding has become, leader flight magic beast, unceasingly is releasing various species long-distance attack skills to fifty Saint Fire Dragon and cloud Tianji. Most fearful, was that Fifth Earth department and Sixth Earth department skill. Reason that reason that the gravity enhancement of Fifth Earth department, the bog technique of Sixth Earth department, the speed of large scale slow fifty Saint Fire Dragon flight, this is also they encircled. Opposite party that two Rank 9 magic beast divide to belong to Fifth Earth department and Sixth Earth department, perhaps, they broke through now encircle tightly.

Regarding cloud Tianji, he anything cannot do now, he can only choose under the trust body this mysterious double headed Giant Dragon. He is unable to have any help to it, but he actually believes that oneself cannot in light of this and certainly. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon was surrounded, each dark Mage eagerly does not take this not to know the type powerful magic beast, before it broke through, they had suffered loss. That strong Pinnacle Two Fires, the powerful body, has caused the enormous losses to them. The long-distance consumption, is safest. So long as this magic beast magic power exhausts, it does not help matters again formidable.

At this moment, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon double headed four dragon pupils simultaneously have shone suddenly, resonant dragon recited, bringing incomparable cheerful to resound through the sky. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires erupts instantaneously, stiffly will attack around body all sorts of attacks to shake the powder.

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Chapter 300: Passes through, immunity and tyrant to be near

A light smile appears in cloud Tianji the corners of the mouth place. Was he comes?

The sudden burst of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, made surrounding dark Mages simultaneously one startled, with their magic beast magic power comprehensive union, released more intrepid magic skill respectively once more, tried to suppress fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

However, what making them shock, powerful magic beast that this only formerly cloudy has waited at present for the opportunity to act, suddenly became incomparably hot tempered, or was excited. Facing heading on magic skill, its body suddenly became illusory. Almost is only the light shadow flashes, has broken through the numerous impediments, arrives at one to have in front of Rank 7 magic beast Six-Crown Mage. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon exclusive skill, passes through.

Two huge light shadow, bloom from the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon black and white dual-color respectively outrageously, that unexpectedly is one pair with his body extremely similar dragon shape flame, but this sparkles the golden and black Pinnacle Two Fires two Giant Dragon flame is not being fuses in together, but does things their own way, after running out of the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, in airborne each other circles, is almost the flash, with dark Mage and skill of mount that release that has a big shock ruthlessly hits in together.

The light shadow passes. Terrifying thundering as if day after day the airborne ten thousand thunder break into a jail also shock, in this huge magic power fluctuation, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon passes, that Six-Crown dark Mage from the sky changed into the flying ash along with his Rank 7 mount.

Any dark Mage is not clear, why will erupt in this kind of time fifty Saint Fire Dragon suddenly, because, they clearly feel, like this releases the attack of magic power comprehensively, without doubt will make this formidable magic beast magic power further consume. What made their with amazement was, when they traced on magic skill attacked, this tyrannical Giant Dragon looked like has foresight general, the body in swaying from side to side glittered instantaneously, consecutively for three transformation positions, was extremely accurate, even was as wonderful as the attack that the shunt of summit all pursued. Must know, its body may have 15 meters! Wants shunt that to be similar to magic skill that a big net covers to come is easier said than done.

Also at this time, the pupil sudden contraction of dark Mages, because of their clear seeing, a red luminous spot rapidly was flying from the distant place, seemed like ordinary from the meteor of day falling from the sky, the instance that even if was blinking, he will also enlarge the several fold.

"It is not good. Gets rid fully."Is two Earth department dark Mage simultaneously loudly shouted, they understand, the Mage reinforcements that this Giant Dragon and he carries on the back came. The order that they receive, cannot let the Mage convergence on person and bright continent that at present this magic beast and it carries on the back. Even if this pursuit dark Mage is annihilated also refuses to balk.

Continuously retained dark Mages magic power blooms comprehensively, other 12 Mage, released their respective Certain Kill Skill completely. After under fusion between mounts with body. Their Certain Kill Skill absolutely are existences of top, particularly that two Seven- Crown Mage and coordination of Rank 9 magic beast, is makes the world for it look changes. Suddenly, behind fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has interwoven a unescapable net, blots out the sky to it covers, but.

However, what making them not think, that ran out of the tight encirclement fifty Saint Fire Dragon not to continue to run away, but transferred the personal appearance in the midair, when its pair of dragon's head rotated to dark Mage, dark Mages clearly saw that was sending out the pride of thick disdaining and pinnacle in this Giant Dragon double headed four pupils.

Black leading Wuliangye, is white leading Maotai, in this moment, in their giant dragon pupils, burnt the strong white flame. Has been full of the mysterious aura white, sweeps across the whole body in this moment, covers their huge bodies completely. Also around this white light, unexpectedly presented strange color light.

Ten colors are complete, is ten colors is unexpectedly complete. When dark Mages has not even seen clearly around the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body this strange ray, their Certain Kill Skill fell, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon does not have any to dodge or start the meaning that magic skill resists.

chi chi. An acoustic image is the strange sound of cold water pouring on the charcoal from the sky resounds, any attribute magic skill, after contacting fifty Saint Fire Dragon that wonderful extraordinary splendor light, was similar to the snow and ice melts unexpectedly vanished generally, changed into the purest air current to dispel following its body by. But its main body that static float there, is gazing at front dark Mage with the look that the arrogance disdains, just like is looking at the ants to be ordinary.

This mood, almost spreads over the look of all dark Mage as well as their mount in the flash with amazement, they are unable to believe at present this unexpectedly real. That is the comprehensive bombardments of several high-level Certain Kill Skill! Complete function that does not omit on a body of magic beast. The aura that let alone on this only magic beast lends is Rank 9, even if Rank 10 magic beast adds on the supreme powerhouse, in does not use in the situation that magic skill carries on to resist, is impossible to withstand so terrifying magic skill concentrated fire. This really magic beast?

On fifty Saint Fire Dragon ten color rays with that white air current also while all Certain Kill Skill completely ablations has restrained quietly, as if has drilled into its body. Also at this time, distant place that red form like lightning arrived, floating falls, happen to stands in its place of that double headed connection.

After fifty Saint Fire Dragon evolves to Rank 9, it was also many a talent skill, is the ability that it just displayed. In order to hatch fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Lie Yan (raging flames) has used entire ten one cubic meter big or small five elements god stones. In the process of hatching, it is the Ji Dong soul and bloodlines is more interlinked. Obtained the direction of chaos. Formerly fifty Saint Fire Dragon that protected strange magic power of body, was quite similar to five elements Yin-Yang, drew support from Chaos Fire to guide the strength of five elements to protect the body. This talent skill is called immunity. Once starts, in three seconds, can immunity all magic power attack. If exposes is attacked skill, then, the immunity is the strongest defense that fifty Saint Fire Dragon has. Is based on the chaos, ten departments is the protection. Even if ordinary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is not necessarily able to shake its immunity skill in three seconds. After if it, evolves into Rank 10 magic beast. Then, when immunity talent release. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon nearly is invincible general existence.

Naturally, immunity skill also has its limitation, is the formidable talent skill, the cooling time is also longer. Passes through the talent along with its entering step, now only takes five minutes to use one time, but this immunity skill during one day, only has the opportunity that one time releases. Why before this is also , throughout was besieged the reason that fifty Saint Fire Dragon hidden does not send.

Do not despise its elaborative faculty, it has absolutely is not inferior in the wisdom of human. Until feels Ji Dong to arrive, fifty Saint Fire Dragon true comprehensive launch. Perhaps, as before collaborates to stay behind by at present these dark Mage and magic beast mount by its present magic power condition, but, once it will not hesitate the initiation attacks at all costs, here dark Mage and mount, at least two-thirds will fall from the sky in its anger.

The floating body falls, wears god hot Saint king Kai Ji Dong, looks like an demon god suddenly appears general. On the whole body armor each sharp thorn is sending out the dense cold light, the dark-red demon mark passes on the armor, the unequalled strong aura, blooms on him. "Maotai and Wuliangye, you have the secret to withdraw the first rest. Here gave me." The Ji Dong chilly sound from the sky ripples, his voice is not loud, but is containing an extremely strong aggression.

Almost is instant, the body of Ji Dong the voice falls like lightning soars just like red. Directly has charged into numerous dark Mage.

Maotai and in Wuliangye that giant dragon pupil, revealed finally temperately, the personal appearance flung lightly, withdrew several hundred meters, float in midair, absorbed the magic power element in air to supplement oneself, while static looks that distant place that broke in the enemy ranks the red form.

cloud Tianji also sat at this time, but, he has not actually revealed to relax because of the appearance of Ji Dong or is the facial expression of feeling relaxed. Instead deeply frowned, in the eye has been full of the sincere anxiety, even is the intense fear. May in any event. Must wait for Ji Dong the present enemy to solve first said again.

The appearance of Ji Dong, first made the dark Mages look condense, these dark Mage did not know him, because they were first time enter Holy and Evil Battlefield. But Ji Dong that fierce god hot Saint king Kai as well as powerful like Sovereign King imposing manner, making each dark Mage fill vigilantly.

These dark Mage are obviously well-trained, has Six-Crown Mage minute of rapid backward flank dispersing of Rank 6 magic beast, two had Rank 9 magic beast Seven-Crown Mage to be let immediately, in both sides, but also two had Rank 8 magic beast Six-Crown Mage to surround respectively together, formed a pincer-like, to the Ji Dong soaring, but to the body swept across.

Fifth Earth department Seven-Crown Mage both hands in chest front, a strong yellow ray erupted, changes into a diameter to surpass ten meters giant light halo to directly soar the body of Ji Dong to cover to go. This is one of skills he most excels, named gravity turbo-charged. Before, he relied on this skill to suppress the fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed successively repeatedly, making it unable to accelerate to leave throughout. Is relying on locking of aura, his gravity turbo-charged never has also failed. Has talent flight Rank 9 magic beast the speed under this skill to reduce continually greatly, he believes that by armor ability flight Ji Dong, once own skill did not feel better absolutely.

At this time, these dark Mages saw in the Ji Dong top of the head clearly that strange Black and White Yin-Yang Crown, but regardless of this Yin- Yang Crown is how mysterious, how Ji Dong aura is also strong, on that Yin-Yang Crown sparkles only has Six-Crown after all. Six-Crown Three Stars, Level 66 magic power. They do not believe this kind of match can pose the threat to their entire team. Made them dread that withdrew, was starting to restore magic power fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

But is this, they do not have the slightest bit to despise the meaning of Ji Dong, while that Fifth Earth Rank 7 Mage begins, Sixth Earth department Rank 7 Mage also started, these two people are coordinating together for many years, they coincide with oneself magic power of magic beast mount, displays again through own skill. In the magic skill attack, completely has the Eight-Crown Mage might.

The gravity turbo-charged halo departs at the same time, the strong gray ray has also swept across, is not the halo, but is rich gray mist, directly soars the body winding of Ji Dong to go. This skill named abyss bog, is the Sixth Earth department special skill. Turbo-charged is called with the Fifth Earth department gravity for the strongest control skill. Moreover, these two skills complement one another, once simultaneously hits on a match, will produce combines the magic skill effect. Moreover they can say that is the regional skills, after locking the match, almost will not fail. From these two skills, can see why Earth department Mage can be in that important position on continent.

What a pity, what they face is Ji Dong, one generation of tyrants. Such skill could slow down the fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed, when they facing Ji Dong, the wishful thinking actually made a mistake.

The strong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, almost starts the skill the flash to erupt in the opposite party outrageously, in 300 meters in diameter range, in the air all other attribute magic power elements almost in instantaneously by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire sweep across, removes completely. The powerful attribute suppresses, fell on each dark Mage and their magic beast instantaneously. That two big Earth department limit skills simultaneously stagnate, almost in an instant, the might greatly reduced.

Like this comprehensive attribute suppression, is fifty Saint Fire Dragon is unable to achieve, although it is also having Pinnacle Two Fires, but it after all is magic beast, forever is unable the attribute aura of own magic power to bloom completely by the psychic force like Ji Dong. Forms the instantaneous suppression.

Moreover, this is only Ji Dong takes to the single layer suppression of dark Mages, follows the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression blooms at the same time, a pale silver brilliance is centered on the head of Ji Dong spreads instantaneously. Each dark Mage felt that the heart sinks, the surrounding all as if became blurred, the attribute suppression of originally as if instantaneously condensed, entirely alone aimed at each of them's suppression to be ordinary. Complete ten tenths magic power, including 50% unable to display in this moment unexpectedly, is unable to lock the body of Ji Dong again.

What's all this about? In each dark Mage heart presented the similar question, is shivering in their heart with amazement. The distant place, cloud Tianji looks when these dark Mage with their mounts instantaneous are sluggish, in the mouth muttered said: "Attributes and spiritual dual suppressions."

Right, this is the dual suppressions of pinnacle attribute coordination psychic force, is Ji Dong the exclusive ability. Although his powerful psychic force was unable the direct kill enemy, but is coordinating own attribute aura as well as the psychic force unique effect, actually sufficiently affects the entire battlefield. Not only the auxiliary partner, can suppress the enemy comprehensively.

Already 300 chapters. Enters the 21 st volume from the next chapter, 21 volumes and 22 volumes are the entirety of this big climax. Small three believe, everybody will certainly like.  
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