Jiu Shen Chapter 281-290

Chapter 281: The bead of chaos, community evolution

In the Heavenly Water city, the law enforcement elder of that closing up is breaking through Nine-Crown in most Mage mouths in the legend. Becoming the supreme powerhouse.

After the this lofty one Chen's negotiation, the Northern Water Empire official remained silent regarding the current element vacuum. Even also specially sent imperial guards to close off the Bartenders Association surrounding street, in the Mage circle of entire Heavenly Water city, a discussion most topic, was actually Mage Guild this law enforcement elder is, had what kind of strength. At least with their joint efforts, Ji Dong has not come under any influence.

Bartenders Association. In Ji Dong housing room.

Seven days, Ji Dong has struggled entire seven days in pain. At this moment, his whole person wraps in mist. Sweat steam that not only that mist he sends out, has the rich chaos aura. These seven days of time pass by, his whole person seemed thin, in that light mist, some air faint distortions. That not because of the distortion that his own fire attribute magic power has. But because the spirit fluctuates.

In these seven days, Ji Dong not only one time felt own psychic force to unable to support, must collapse. However, whenever approached at this time, in his soul will think about the summon of Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan's sound that gentle, that interesting to listen. Her each encourages, is similar to is filled with wisdom from nearly the brink of collapse of pulled back Ji Dong generally. Seven days, Ji Dong struggled for seven days in the pain, Lie Yan (raging flames) has also accompanied his seven days before his body. Since seven days. She has not even moved the position, stands there, is feeling on Ji Dong changes every point. Once discovered that Ji Dong could not support, she will certainly under reckless rescuing he.

In these seven days, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart has the mood of most number of times to be moved. Is moved because of Ji Dong. For his strength promotion, the will is not firm. But because, when summoned him, his inner world will look like the new student generally. Several times, Lie Yan (raging flames) think that Ji Dong must support does not live, has prepared to get rid. But is in that situation, he after hearing Lie Yan's sound, actually once more very past.

Lie Yan (raging flames) was not that was only already living the alone life in the earth core world, did not have understood earth core Empress to outside world, because of Ji Dong, in her heart already had too many emotions. She can not understand that on Ji Dong has this condition the reason? The reason only has one. He has not deceived himself, in his heart, oneself is the only woman. Is how profound sentiment supported him to go through the difficulty time and time again!

Suddenly, more and more intense distortion ray spills over from the Ji Dong chest place, in Lie Yan (raging flames) heart one cold, the vision coagulates in the position of Ji Dong chest, she knows, the most crucial time must approach. This is also last pass/test, whether very this pass/test, completely has been the life and death twofold day difference. Subconscious, has also gotten hold of the double fist including her, Ji Dong, you must refuel!

Right. This time Ji Dong truly arrived at the crucial moment. Huge Chaos Fire that seven days, his within the body condenses already comprehensive compression under his psychic force function, from starting nearly to break through the skin surface to arrive at outside world, is completely reserved to the present, by the thorough suppression in the chest cavity range, the pain of Ji Dong process were been too many are too many. Time and time again insists, his psychic force also broke through bottlenecks, unceasing promotion, unceasing has the intense suppression to Chaos Fire. Also only has the psychic force, can fill with the creation aura to this, the strength of world most source controls.

At this moment, in the Ji Dong chest cavity completely is white, Yin- Yang Fish vanishes to disappear, not only magic power of outside, magic power of Ji Dong within the body, had been swallowed by that formidable chaos aura. At this moment, in his body, besides psychic force, only then existence of Chaos Fire, but the two blend in the same place, unceasing mutual engaging in factional strife. Chaos Fire wants to shake off the control of psychic force. But Ji Dong psychic force in whole-heartedly fuses and pesters with it in together, and steric compression of its activity getting smaller.

Feels, Ji Dong this time chest cavity looks like jade of huge day, the day jade in combustion. Chaos Fire was compressed suddenly in inside. The chaos source lies in the creation. After this Chaos Fire has swallowed Ji Dong original magic power, this creativity completely displayed. Creates is also naturally chaos, so huge Chaos Fire, launched one after another powerful impact on the Ji Dong psychic force. But the Ji Dong psychic force also broke were innumerable, are innumerable rises, throughout has not made this chaos magic power run out in outside the body.

At this moment, Ji Dong psychic force after successively nine transformations, does not know that was more formidable than many times before, the huge spirit fluctuated comprehensively launched the final impact on Chaos Fire.

The chain-reaction that the jade of that day provokes together has come to the end, is seven days of suppressions along with the Ji Dong psychic force, Chaos Fire moved toward submitting finally gradually. May be this, when the Ji Dong psychic force carries on the fusion and compression with it finally. With the Chaos Fire compressed richness more and more, starts to present the white liquid, when Ji Dong chest, the intense counter-attack also erupted in this moment.

Looked like the blasting explosive lit generally, Ji Dong only thought that an unequalled explosive force bloomed in own chest suddenly, was only the flash, after his nine transformations , the incomparably tenacious psychic force has made the glass shatter sound unexpectedly once again. Indistinct, he saw, Chaos Fire of oneself within the body blooms ten thousand brilliance, initiated the final charge whole-heartedly.

Isn't good? could it be had insisted is so long, isn't able to support as before? Ji Dong can definitely proliferate the psychic force to the chest cavity outside, making the strength of these chaos release, when they in a bigger space, the explosive force surely will also weaken. But, in that case, all that oneself before made must fall short. Fades, three to use up in one vigorous effort and again. Comes words again, he does not know whether really oneself can also arrive now this step.

In this time, that innumerable is saving his voice to resound in his innermost soul once again, this time, is not any direction or encouragement, but is the unprecedented gentleness, having a Ji Dong hope for a long time emotion to spread in his soul, "Ji Dong, why does not know, me especially thinks you today."

The bang, in an instant, Ji Dong only thought the own entire soul exploded generally, that loudly completely has blasted out in this soul the loud sound in the psychic force of shatter edge, is welcoming that Chaos Fire, had the unprecedented explosion.

Ji Dong whole person whole body, has sent out a dull thumping sound, entire Bartenders Association also because of this dull thumping sound, but shivered fiercely.

Blood fog uses from Ji Dong each pore, dyed the light red his body surrounding mist, but also was this fierce thundering. originally will soon break through the fetter Chaos Fire, was pressed the chest most core position in the comprehensive explosion of that psychic force.

The terrifying psychic force, has formed the unequalled energetic storm in the explosion, merged into one organic whole by extreme compression the fire of soul with that completely, the white is unable again outward the expansion slightest bit. In an instant, under the psychic force infiltration of comprehensive explosion, has formed a round white bead. Diameter one inch, but actually incomparably solid solid bead. The Ji Dong psychic force, revolves this bead crazy rhythm to get up, a leaf of brand-new front door also finally launched before him in this moment. The surroundings completely are white, the Ji Dong psychic force along with thinking of feeling infinite extending outward, extends in each corner to outside world Heavenly Water city range. Huge spiritual fluctuation, is generally turbulent just like tide. Then is similar to the tide generally returns. Finally condenses forming in his mind, another presents for the transparent strange vortex appears completely in the Ji Dong mind.

He saw oneself each meridians and each muscle, even can see clearly within the body each smallest fluctuation of energy. Even if the tiniest dust is also inescapable his energetic control. The chaos bead in transparent vortex and chest in mind complements each other fresh splendor. Although the fire of soul vanished, but in the soul vortex and chest in brain the marvelous relation of bead of chaos actually takes to his unprecedented special sensation.

Lie Yan (raging flames) dull looks at Ji Dong, looks that light red mist diverges gradually, looks that black hair hangs loose, the whole body sends out the special makings man to sit well there, her heart is shivering.

Has succeeded, he succeeded finally. By the Six-Crown strength, looks like also incomparably small and weak magic power by oneself, actually adopted the test of chaos, evolved own chaos source, this was chaos source in the true sense! Was not the past such beyond control chaos. But belongs to his chaos truely, belongs to his creation.

Ji Dong is Ji Dong, to you, I so really important? I am unable to imagine, your psychic force can actually break through to so the situation. Do you know, the formation of bead of chaos, means the chaos that your psychic force and you control have gone to the situation of Saint level. Perhaps on this Light Five Elements Continent, does not have another human to achieve your such realm. You broke through human to enter a Saint level most essential checkpoint, when your magic power achieves Level 99, you true entry to the palace of Saint level. Present you, are about 20 years old, short 20 years. But this process, initially I actually walked the entire 10,000 years. Two Great Sovereign Kings to achieve this realm, has used for 30,000 years. But you, only have actually used the short 20 years. Lie Yan (raging flames) do not understand own this time was what kind of one mood, the formation of bead of chaos, means that Ji Dong has been able to control the strength of chaos truly. It is not passive was affected chaos.

Slight buzz the whining noise starts to appear from Ji Dong within the body, first appears, integrates the Sun and Moon double splendor glove in his both hands by the fusion god technique. Crystal Crown that although this assistant puts on already broke, may at this moment, when they appear from Ji Dong, is actually sending out the strange brilliance. originally by Yang Fire and blue and red of Yin Fire infiltration, turned into thoroughly was black and gold/metal, this glove evolved without Crystal Crown unexpectedly as before.

Is the Vermilion Bird bracelet. That originally was on the red bracelet golden phoenix circulation storage Magic Tool also had the earth-shaking change. The red bottom color turned into the glittering and translucent carving white, looks like the purest ice plants the emerald to glitter generally insightfully, but shiny smooth gloss. The golden phoenix above free hovering, gentle persuasive phoenix cry sounds transmits from above unceasingly.

That is the Huo'er sound, phoenix cry sound gradually became low and deep. Lie Yan (raging flames) can feel, Huo'er in this bracelet fell into the deep sleep once again. Comes under the influence of bead of chaos, she has taken the path of evolution once again.

Sun and Moon double splendor glove and Vermilion Bird bracelet are one presently are hidden, what the next moment appears is the nucleus of life. Hanging of that foliated hematite lamellar keeps in position, the originally beautiful green gradually turned into the mild and profound green, can see above this green to send out black white two light shadow indistinctly. Clear and low and deep dragon recited sound to resound unceasingly, regarding Ji Dong, was lending the pure dragon clan aura. Like beforehand Huo'er, this thick chaos aura gradually desalinates, resides temporarily, in fifty Saint Fire Dragon also fell into the deep sleep. Must know, it from hatching to the present, but also less than one year, must start to evolve unexpectedly. It can be imagined, the bead of Ji Dong this chaos in the aura what kind of terrifying that in the forming process sends out.

When nucleus of ray restraining life, same integrated Ji Dong within the body after the former two magic power weapons, two light cries simultaneously resounded from Ji Dong, the unequalled formidable imposing manner, condensed into the sharpest sword air/Qi to spend from his within the body instantaneously. This does not have shade invisible sword air/Qi to spread directly from the roof, the time that the swift and fierce sword air/Qi direct impact clouds, breathed fully several times gradually vanishes. But the swift and fierce aura of this terrifying once again has actually shocked the Heavenly Water city. Meanwhile, the element vacuum condition in Heavenly Water city finally started to relieve.

The Ji Dong look gradually becomes quiet, along with the slight breath, the skin surface unceasingly presents the phenomenon that the white light appears intermittently, the blue and red sword shades of two handle nihilities appear quietly, vanishes again quietly.

The breath of Lie Yan (raging flames) was somewhat rapid, the bead of chaos condenses, simultaneously brings also integrates Ji Dong within the body through the fusion god technique, as well as has the dragon and phoenix evolution of close soul relation with him.

Several times after breathing the turnover, Ji Dong grew the tone, the bolt of white silk was also the white mist spouted from his mouth, regarding around his body, was taken back by the pore again, after seven days seven nights of self-tortures, he has succeeded finally. Both eyes open slowly.

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Chapter 282: Lie Yan (raging flames): I must evolve

Flash when the double pupil of Ji Dong opens. In the entire room as if presented the innumerable bright electric light four dispersions to shoot. Lives the electricity phenomenon unexpectedly void. His eye pupil completely presents the transparent white. The substantive crystal glow turnover, long Dhami, that as if can penetrate all rays to be full of the spiritual fluctuation of terrifying, his vision, fell on the flash on Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Lie Yan (raging flames)." The Ji Dong sound and his pupil light almost become in the flash excited, he can certainly feel itself on the strange change, the personal appearance flashes, before arrived at the Lie Yan (raging flames) body, stretches out the arms, that assumes from beginning to end, in the reality of his innermost soul supports into the bosom.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not dodged, even is welcomes one step, invests in the Ji Dong bosom, closely is hugging Ji Dong, in a soft voice twittering: "Ji Dong, knows that you make me feel proud. My Ji Dong is best."

Lowered the head, gazes at the double pupil of Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong heart the emotion is bursting out just like the volcanic eruption generally instantaneously, four pieces of lips, once more intersect in this moment, this time. Without previous time startled, has, is only the endless fervor. Ji Dong jerky and fiery is demanding. The both arms of Lie Yan (raging flames) skid to his neck on voluntarily, closely supports. In an instant, Ji Dong only thought that own thinking feeling extends infinitely, that process entire ten transformations, the soul first merging into one organic whole of soul and Lie Yan (raging flames) after evolution in the true sense.

He saw a lotus flower, the red lotus flower, that is the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul. Different with the transparent vortex of his nihility, the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul unexpectedly looks like a substantive red lotus flower, after his soul emerges, revolves this Red Lotus gently is waving, but above that Red Lotus soul, is sends out a layer upon layer light red ripple completely to pester in his soul together, each other fuses mutually, mutual feeling.

At this moment, the physical body or spiritual enjoyment have reached the unprecedented altitude, the Ji Dong that huge psychic force, cannot feel the outside all, in his soul impression, only has Lie Yan (raging flames). He feels clearly, halo that Red Lotus sends out, looks like Lie Yan (raging flames) to the heart that oneself open. That endless wonderful feeling made on him each cell as if enliven.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) soul became more and more bright, was lives unexpectedly likely by the originally quiet red general, became insightful clear, carved general that became just like the ruby, but strength of counter- volume rich soul. Has the strong love soul to twine in Ji Dong that together, both each other melt, each other infiltration, Ji Dong felt suddenly obviously the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) shivers, the huge energy aura that gang of he is unable to imagine one presently is hidden, is only difference a little, he as if must melt completely in that fluctuation of energy general.

the next moment, his body had also been shoved open by Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) stands there, Ji Dong discovered, above her perfect charming face, the also dew in the outside slender beautiful neck, spring the scallion finger, had the strange change, before looking like, he in the Lie Yan (raging flames) innermost soul noticed that clear Red Lotus is ordinary, the skin of Lie Yan (raging flames) also turned into the glittering and translucent carving red. This time Lie Yan (raging flames), became more beautiful, in the Ji Dong eye, she descended to earth like the real goddess general, has been full of the unusual brightness circulation.

But Lie Yan (raging flames) were complete the delay, standing of delay there. Is gazing at Ji Dong, her body in slight is shivering.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you how?"Ji Dong has swept own body one subconsciously, suddenly the surprised discovery, oneself unexpectedly are the whole body exposed, an inch wisp all does not have. Beforehand seven days seven nights, then engaging in factional strife of huge Chaos Fire and psychic force, early was reduced to ashes his clothes.

The thought moves, Ji Dong was almost only the thought just appeared, a long gown has covered on him, that was coming from the communication of Vermilion Bird bracelet. He has not even undergone putting on clothes the process. At this time he is immersing in the Lie Yan (raging flames) sentiment fire, simply does not have to pay attention to these. When he looks once more to Lie Yan (raging flames), discovered that Lie Yan (raging flames) red became is even more rich. As if must burn. He then realized, change of Lie Yan (raging flames) not because of own scarlet luo.

"Ji Dong, asking gold/metal to come, we returned to the earth core world."Lie Yan's sound somewhat shivers, but in that shivers, Ji Dong clearly listened to a strange emotion, has been full of the special excited emotion.

Lie Yan (raging flames) actually? This is Ji Dong most wants to know, most is worried. His running out room without hesitation, has not waited for gold/metal to respond, has drawn her. Also at this time, a piece by piece Red Lotus flower petal has stretched, sweeps across to Ji Dong and King's body.

Ji Dong has as if thought of anything, lifts the hand to go back toward the wall on, the light golden light from his fingertip lasing, before disappearance, has left behind one line of small characters on the wall together. the next moment, three people of forms disappeared without the trace quietly. When Du Sikang arrived here. Saw content that on the wall leaves behind.

"Many thanks looks, departs because of peculiar circumstance temporarily, when rotation, compares notes bartending skill with the association president again. Ji Dong."

Did they walk? Du Sikang does not certainly know how the Ji Dong three people depart, guards is impossible to know outside Mages. However, at least starting from this day, the element fluctuation of Heavenly Water city returned to normal. No one knows the Mage Guild law enforcement elder who this hard to get hold can barely catch a glimpse of was actually how. Only then guarded in Bartenders Association outside Mage once saw, two swift and fierce sword air/Qi on, in that in an instant, the sky as if were ripped open a fissure from out of the blue. Although the time is very short, but that made the scene that their innermost soul shocked extremely forever keep in their hearts.

earth core world.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), how were you?"Just returned to the earth core world, Ji Dong to discover, the Lie Yan (raging flames) whole person shivered fiercely. As if enduring any intense pain.

Lie Yan (raging flames) looked to Ji Dong, in the eye has been full of the complex ray, gripped his hand, "Ji Dong, why I did not know can like this. Why my thousand and for ten thousand years again had not changed magic power will appear so changes. But all these are actually you take to me. I could evolve. You and gold/metal here I. Little on the 3rd, many in January/one month, I must be able to return."

The voice falls, the red light circulation, Lie Yan (raging flames) changed into wisp of red glow to escape from the Ji Dong hand. Submerges in the earth core lake to vanish in a flash does not see.

Did Lie Yan (raging flames) evolve? Ji Dong dumbfounded standing there, the words that in the mind only remaining Lie Yan (raging flames) just before leaving stay behind. could it be said that because moving of own soul with her has initiated her evolution? Since continuously he had not asked the question appears in his mind again. Actually is Lie Yan (raging flames) what kind of strength? Saint level? Should be Saint level. Otherwise, she can rout Two Great Sovereign Kings, controls this earth core world? Lie Yan (raging flames), actually your this evolves is any meaning.

Although Ji Dong understands that the evolution should be good deed, but relates to Lie Yan (raging flames), in his heart filled worried. He just underwent the process of Chaos Fire evolution, bore that huge pain, not only one time nearly collapses. In the evolution what to do if Lie Yan (raging flames) will also face such pain? Why she does not remain to evolve here. In that case, oneself at least can accompany her.

gold/metal from was dragged into room to rotating the earth core lake by Ji Dong. But is moment free time, at this time she responded. Ill-humored looks to Ji Dong, asked: "This outcome what's the matter?"

Ji Dong turns head to look to gold/metal, when gold/metal sees the flash of his both eyes, the body shivered immediately fiercely, she feels clearly, Ji Dong this simple staring, as if all had completely understood, as if looks like scarlet luo the body is presenting before him general. In his tranquil vision, was disclosing magic power beyond description, made gold/metal body and mind entirely Chan. How may not be actually able to put aside own vision.

When Ji Dong sees gold/metal also similarly was shocked, because he discovered that when he stares on the vision the flatter golden body, gold/metal whole person presented in his mind. Height, body weight, measurements and mood fluctuation is whether fierce, the changes of various life symptoms, change and magic power of level within the body magic power. All incomparably clear presents in own inner world.

What's all this about? How I will see these. His psychic force has assumed the radiating to disperse instantaneously, looked like a big net has covered the entire earth core lake. Even if the huge magic power fluctuation that the earth core magma sends out is unable to twist his psychic force. Does not need to look with eyes, the Ji Dong spirit thinks of the feeling to spread in earth core lake all places. First time arrived here is the ten years ago matters, ten years, he does not know that many time has come to here, but actually never completely sees clearly all of this earth core lake like the present.

This giant lake has several hundred square kilometers fully, his spirit thinks of the feeling, although cannot spread completely the end, but can actually feel the outline of earth core lake clearly. Even he also discovered, above this earth core lake, a point kilometer away, is flooding the huge magic power fluctuation place. Through there, as if can arrive at another world. Does not need to ask, this goes to earth core world another channel.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has said that the earth core world altogether has 18 Layers, here is deepest 18th Layer , is only the earth core Empress Lie Yan (raging flames) world. Exits from here, should be 17 th.

The Ji Dong psychic force downward searches, drills into the earth core magma. When his psychic force emerges that hot magma the flash, immediately felt the originally control surface enormous thinking feeling was being compressed fast. Range that can investigate along with psychic force more and more downward investigation, but reduces gradually.

Suddenly, a huge shake strength spreads from the magma lake, the Ji Dong whole body shakes, nearly falls down. His psychic force was rebounded by this sudden shake strength. But was this instantaneous contact, Ji Dong indistinctly has felt existence of Lie Yan (raging flames) aura, right, Lie Yan (raging flames) should somewhere cultivation in this earth core lake bottom. At this moment, he also understood why Lie Yan (raging flames) is not willing to stay here to evolve. In process that because evolves in her, will release extremely huge magic power. She is fears the wound to oneself and gold/metal. Ji Dong thinks through these, was not sudden clear(ly) becomes aware, because he discovered, Fire Element in magma lake was inflating rapidly. Becoming more and more rich, the originally liquid, is even turning toward the direction transformation of solid. magic power that except that Lie Yan (raging flames) sends out will create beyond this phenomenon, he cannot find out another reason.

All discoveries of Ji Dong, are almost the flash are completed, when he recovers, happen to discovered that gold/metal is looking at himself wickedly.

"gold/metal, are you all right?"Ji Dong is probing asking.

gold/metal angrily said: "What has the matter is you. What had you made a moment ago?"

Ji Dong scratched the head, said: "As if was my psychic force has grown stronger, the thing that before is unable to feel suddenly appeared in my inner world, therefore somewhat was out of sorts. Really embarrassed."

gold/metal brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Ji Dong, do you have to feel, here temperature is elevating."

Ji Dong then discovered, King's some complexion changes, in the look reveal the color/look of pain slightly indistinctly.

Invisible, fire gold/metal, the fluctuation of energy in earth core lake is having the change, here temperature constantly will naturally enhance, has Chaos Fire, Pinnacle Two Fires Ji Dong will certainly not feel that has any improper, will only think that is healthier. But was Metal department Mage gold/metal completely is another type feels.

Ji Dong goes forward one step, puts out a hand grasps to gold/metal shoulder.

gold/metal hurries to move sideways, makes way the hand of Ji Dong, visits him vigilantly, "do you do?"

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "What can I do? Naturally helps you! could it be you think that I will encroach upon you to be inadequate? Relax, I to the iceberg not anything idea."

"You......" the flatter diamond must manifest suddenly, the hand of Ji Dong has made contact with her shoulder, the next moment, a strange feeling transmits suddenly. Around originally blazing sweeps away instantaneously, displaces, only then light warmth. With not being able to say comfortable feeling. A Ji Dong personal appearance revolution, after arrived at the flatter golden body, "sits down. I know that you should also present the chaos source under inspiring of Lie Yan (raging flames), but has not condensed chaos Yin Metal. The great strength of Lie Yan (raging flames) is we are unable to understand that but she after all is not human, is unable to help you condense directly. Happen to I had some new realizing from experience to chaos magic power. You also feel, perhaps will help to you."

At the same time was saying, does not wait for gold/metal to open the mouth, has pressed down her, two people sit cross-legged to sit in the earth core rock platform, the next moment, gold/metal only thought that an incomparably huge spiritual fluctuation has covered own body completely. Her soul trembles slightly, Ji Dong the strength of soul emerged to her brain in instantaneously, with her soul communication in one.

Lie Yan (raging flames) must evolve, everybody guesses, what rank Lie Yan (raging flames) after evolution can be? Hehe.

Chapter 283: The soul direction, breaks into the heart

The marvelous feeling also intruded King's soul world to produce in Ji Dong the strength of soul at this moment.

Actually. Ji Dong do not know, he does this is extremely dangerous, if King's soul initiates the resistance, then, his soul can have the collision with King's soul inevitably. But the result is very possible is his soul swallows gold/metal. Even if discovers promptly, will have the influence that is unable to retrieve to gold/metal.

Luckily, in gold/metal heart to he too many contradictions, Ji Dong the strength of soul also was really not formidable compared to gold/metal, has not waited for King's soul to react, comprehensively has invaded others soul world, has completed the soul communication on own initiative. Ji Dong also does not know, he does this, quite therefore temporarily injects own soul to King's soul. Regardless of his soul is formidable, after he leaves, will have the soul impression to keep in King's soul as before, as the matter stands, regardless in the future what happened, in King's soul will leave behind his image, will not have any resistivity to him.

In the sentiment between men and women, there is a few words such, is called to open the heart. Admits the opposite party. This so-called heart, is actually the gate of soul. gold/metal has not opened this leafed door to Ji Dong, but he actually just condensed in the soul vortex, after oneself psychic force has achieved the unprecedented great strength, bumping into hit the others gate of soul, hits others heart, rushed hardly. Although he to help gold/metal completely. The sequela that may do this is he is actually unexpected.

In King's consciousness, what appears is the feeling, right, felt. That is the feeling of by the Ji Dong psychic force being simulated. If before, Ji Dong is unable to achieve this point absolutely, but present he, has the psychic force that nearly cannot spend freely, thinks of the feeling to move, the psychic force even has at one's command the matter that completes him who to handle compared with magic power.

Ji Dong takes to King's feeling to be very simple, from feels the emergence of chaos at first, when to condensation chaos source, as well as afterward each Chaos Fire promotion oneself all sorts of feelings, after displaying the Fire God double sword the double sword gather the wall including him the situation of Chaos Fire fluctuation, each point of each clear appearance during King's consciousness. Until finally, Ji Dong Chaos Fire had the qualitative change, condenses the situation of bead of chaos in the chest magic power core.

The process of this feeling is very long, but Ji Dong have not been idling, the huge psychic force made him the easy heart to be divided two to use. Is absorbing in the air greedily even more rich Fire Element. Is flooding own body.

Before his within the body surplus only had the psychic force, all magic power were built up to melt by Chaos Fire, but absorbs now, his body actually likely was a bottomless pit. Ji Dong pleasantly surprised discovery. After each magic power integrates own within the body, immediately with own psychic force will link, or was the psychic force has completed the control to them. Even if smallest Fire Element, completely is being controlled by a psychic force. Perhaps such control degree supreme powerhouse is unable to achieve.

Large explosion of Chaos Fire and psychic force when finally collision, not only has blasted out the Ji Dong inner world, making him have length and breadth the sea of soul. Meanwhile, has carried on the wash and creation to the meridians of his within the body. Advantage that in addition before and demon pledge hegemon remote that obtained after the war. Ji Dong at this moment, entered brand-new realm completely.

Until in within the body fills magic power, Ji Dong discovered, own magic power level has promoted Level 65, from 62 to 65, completed in this several days.

Perhaps Chaos Fire cannot take direct attack the weapon, but, Chaos Fire is actually all Mage long-awaited miracles, why? Is because its unequalled creativity made Mage be have nearly endless potential. After whenever this potential was stimulated, Mage will obtain the huge advantage.

magic power restores, Ji Dong has not stopped , helping gold/metal feel the entire process of cultivation chaos, while are practicing. Meanwhile, his also unnecessary thoughts pondered completely before , all that has. Is feeling the change of body.

First he discovers. Was fifty Saint Fire Dragon and deep sleep of eclipse date phoenix. Next is the evolutions of several magic power weapons. magic power promotes Level 65 from Level 62, perhaps has not been any qualitative leap. But undergoes this breakthrough, Ji Dong whole person actually changed beyond recognition feelings. The comprehensive evolution of magic power weapon, the comprehensive evolution of magic beast partner, significantly is promoting his all-round strength all. What is more important, the formation of bead of chaos, establishment of soul vortex, making him see another world.

Actually the huge psychic force can make anything, Ji Dong also smatters now, but some of his actually entirely reasons believe that the huge psychic force that he has, made his actual combat capability large scale promotion sufficiently. Did not say other, uses the fire of soul to help gold/metal feel the position of surrounding enemy like previous time him, made gold/metal when hunting and killing the enemy has saved the massive troubles. That time Ji Dong, but also need with rapt attention to right, consumed the psychic force massively. Moreover can only make goal that scrap range that gold/metal feels her to aim. But now, this sensation ability completely is different. Ji Dong even has confidence through the psychic force simultaneously and tens of thousands of people links, transmits own thought to them. Can thinking of the feeling wide scope extends, his eyes saw gold/metal like before, can scan into the soul vortex to be the same various special characteristics of gold/metal life symptom completely, in opposing the enemy, he can also same achieving make the partners feel the strength of enemy. Even may discover the weakness of enemy. In the both sides strength same level situation, has the inherent advantage, the enemy can contend like this? Even, Ji Dong that completely was capable of condensing for the essence psychic force, itself can as an attack method. Let alone, present he, had truly mastered the chaos strength ability. This all, although also needs to examine after actual combat, but Ji Dong did not suspect. Oneself entered to the forest of powerhouse truly. Perhaps he was unable to contend with the supreme powerhouse, but relies on the psychic force the great strength, he believes, oneself can also the whole body draw back before the supreme powerhouse.

The time, passed in static cultivating. In the entire earth core lake range, Fire Element changes is even more formidable, to afterward, even Ji Dong attracts income within the body from here unexpectedly directly is Pinnacle Two Fires. Is the range of earth core lake brilliant? Made here whole turn into pinnacle Fire Element, can this need how huge energy achieve? This point has firmed up the judgment of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint level strength. He does not know the Saint level strongly. But he can actually affirm, in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), oneself as before difference is very very far.

Ji Dong magic power is protecting gold/metal throughout, the thick psychic force coordinates chaos magic power to cover gold/metal, in addition he has inhaled oneself within the body nearby Pinnacle Two Fires element, gold/metal had not been affected.

Ji Dong can feel clearly, after own direction, has felt the feeling when experience chaos mystery, gold/metal gradually immersion in, her soul fluctuation gradually becomes tranquil, gradually enters the cultivation sitting in meditation condition. gold/metal sits in meditation, Ji Dong also start to enter the cultivation condition , to promote magic power, consolidates current realm, all sorts of mysteries after feeling psychic force ten transformation. Bead of chaos advantage. The time in this case fast passed.

earth core does not have This, has not known how long, suddenly, Ji Dong was awakened by magic power of drastic fluctuation. When he opens both eyes, discovered impressively, sky over the entire earth core lake, changed into strong red, with Lie Yan (raging flames) that Red Lotus same color.

Ji Dong own magic power has been absorbing this incomparably pure Fire Element greedily, this already, not only pure Yang Fire and Yin Fire, have a special magic power fluctuation. As if by the Pinnacle Two Fires element and Chaos Fire mixture. If must make him compare. Then, this strong red gathered the wall with initially him in the double sword at this time. Displays fiercely, Fire God of flame double sword might time to cut ten phase splitting shapes void. But Fire God cuts to explode void fiercely, but at present this red Fire Element actually one broad graceful aura, even is temperate tranquil.

Suddenly, this red ray splits before him quietly, diameter five meters huge Red Lotus appears quietly, before him, that Red Lotus flower bud slowly opens, the rich fragrant gas range one type the aesthetic sense that is full to shock is presenting before him.

In that flower bud, be with smile on the face Lie Yan (raging flames) gradually appears from that flower bud, a fiery red long hair hangs loose in the back, just crossed the buttocks. Fine impeccable perfect appearance, even if the fiercest sculpture Master is unable to portray. Perfect stature proportion fully conforms to the ratio of middle to outside, does not have a slight defect. Her that is bringing light red jet black big eyes, the nimble and resourceful vision became compares was more insightful before, moreover no longer did not eat the world smoke and fire, but has been full of the mood of various human, had the excitement, had the gentleness, were more, unexpectedly was the cordiality. Whole body, only then three groups of flame have blocked from the three positions of female most privacy, exposed flesh outside that clear, young and fresh-looking. Made one have to nip an impulsion. Especially that pair slender clear impeccable **, is makes the Ji Dong nearly nosebleed crazily spurt.

When this time Lie Yan (raging flames), looks like his first time arrives at earth core world sees, three groups of red flame covered beyond the interesting part, the naked body completely presented in front of Ji Dong. However, compared with that time, she as if became more perfect. The young and fresh-looking flesh brought health pink also after just to bathe the delicate fragrance. Especially the cordiality in her eyes, was makes Ji Dong already completely be caught up.

One step steps forward, Lie Yan (raging flames) arrived in front of Ji Dong, formerly supported her Red Lotus to restrain quietly, changes into small Red Lotus to integrate from the Lie Yan (raging flames) forehead place. Ji Dong then discovered, center her forehead, were many small red, seems like carves the Red Lotus appearance the small gem. Its existence, Lie Yan (raging flames) has added the infinite brilliance perfectly.

"Fierce...... The flame......"Ji Dong subconscious standing up, the sound somewhat was shivering calling out. At this moment. He sees as before is the goddess in mind, but has actually been full of the color goddess.

"Thank you, my Little Ji Dong. Is your sentiment, lit me to extinguish the fire of many years of evolution. Is this human the fire of sentiment, promoting me to evolve once more. This time I, do not need to take earth core as the basis, my main body has merged into one organic whole with the body of this human thoroughly. In some sense, even if I will never meet the earth core world not to have anything. Because, I was considered as on am a genuine person."

Covers Lie Yan (raging flames) privacy spot three groups of flame to spread quietly, changed into the red long skirt to cover her perfect tender body, but Ji Dong is not disappointed, because of the next moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) by entering in his bosom, initiative was hugging him.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) strength, early has reached the peak that she has been able to reach, she never has also thought opportunity that also evolves once more. May be this, she has also been able to dominate above most aspect powerhouses. But this time, she has evolved once more, the thorough evolution, making her enter a brand-new world. However, Ji Dong has not actually seen, this time Lie Yan (raging flames), the eyeground deep place has more profound worry. Because she is very clear, the further promotion of strength, making oneself possibly be destroyed. She will certainly not tell Ji Dong these, she is not willing to make Ji Dong be worried for oneself. She does not know, actually this time strength is increased is good or bad. She knows, regardless of after how, now clear and Ji Dong in the same place.

The scruples of innermost feelings were being thrown comprehensively actually, how regardless of the future, she must enjoy with Ji Dong now well at together each point and each second, is flame that the Ji Dong sentiment fire lit her to evolve once more, but this sentiment fire, integrated in her body completely. She is very clear, oneself and sentiment between Ji Dong, only if is destroyed, will otherwise never vanish. Ten years, she knew that Ji Dong the entire ten years, until now, she truly had decided must totally accept the Ji Dong sentiment. Future all will be what kind, who also said good? At least they now have each other sentiment to be enough.

Is supporting Lie Yan (raging flames), extraordinary, in the Ji Dong heart does not have the slightest bit evil thought at this time, has, is only the thick attachment, the body of Lie Yan (raging flames) is very soft, hugs that comfortably, is holding her substantial feeling, even if some people come to exchange him with him with the entire world not to want.

They such each other are hugging the opposite party, but is hugging purely, static standing in the earth core lake center, looks at the red light in that air to be gradually pale, looks that earth core lake returns to normal.

Thinks splendid attractive, votes. The monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, hit to enjoy, is the small three needs. Before small three, had said big climax, this month will show for everybody.

Chapter 284: Lie Yan (raging flames), I love you

When the hand of Ji Dong leaves oneself shoulder. gold/metal sobered from cultivation condition. Looks that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) hug, why does not know, in her heart actually surges intense envying. It is not the envy, but envies. She is even thinking, what if in he cherishes is should good. But the next moment, she also by oneself such thought deep shocked. She does not know why think. Therefore, she lowered the head immediately, stands up to fall back on Lie Yan (raging flames) behind, does not dare to look at Ji Dong again. Her that ice-cold heart, at this time is actually always rippling a nondescriptive strange heat flow.

Ji Dong loosened has held in the arms the both arms of Lie Yan (raging flames), then held her shoulder, lowered the head, was full of the strong mood fluctuation the double pupil to gaze at Lie Yan (raging flames) with his.

After his soul vortex forms, the psychic force was more sensitive than before did not know many times, during this hug, he can feel Lie Yan (raging flames) and past difference clearly. This time, he does not plan to let up the opportunity again.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not thought that Ji Dong will give up own hug on own initiative, some being terrified looks to him, when she sees Ji Dong that loving look, her heart started to be melted.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I love you." The Ji Dong sound has several points to shiver. Brings to come from trembling of soul, clear putting out from his mouth.

Simple five characters, after Ji Dong has fermented ten years, finally said from his mouth, told his Lie Yan (raging flames) personally.

These five characters, he does not know that many time wants saying that also depressing thoughts of many feeling inferior. Many time looks that Lie Yan (raging flames) will not soon be able to endure patiently, many time closes both eyes, does not dare to insist on the impulsion of innermost feelings.

When at this moment, he feels Lie Yan (raging flames) truly to oneself admission, he finally again cannot bear, exhausts the strength of whole body to her to say.

"I love you, Lie Yan (raging flames). From my first time sees you, I have young time, already deep has fallen in love with you. Could say, this was falls in love, making me individually uncorrectable. After first time sees you, you are I this life the only attachment. Regardless of I am cultivating or am making other anything, because of you. I cultivation assiduously, is in order to one day can be joined to you by oneself. Although is now I have not achieved, but, my really effort. For you, I am willing to give up all, past I, have not thought that also cannot want some day you to become my lover. Because I had thought oneself cannot be joined to you, until as of late. When four years closed up ended, after you and I arrived together the world travelled for pleasure, I discovered, I with was getting more and more near, I who you walked also gradually can feel in your heart to have my shadow gradually. I love you, because of my person and my heart, all my already was you. Do not ask why I love you, or loves your anything. I do not know. I love you, loves into the marrow. My life as if likes existing for this. Lie Yan (raging flames), I do not dare the extravagant demands you to love me, but I requested you, making me have to love your authority throughout, ok?"

Looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), the Ji Dong whole person immersed in one special mood, his body is shivering, his both eyes became red, his excitement even made oneself that intense spirit fluctuation cause the body surrounding air slight distortion.

Ten years, he has the courage to say me to love your three characters to Lie Yan (raging flames) today finally, anticipated that oncoming of this day for a long time was too too long, he does not even dare to imagine, oneself actually said. At this moment. In his heart suddenly some carefree dripping feelings, has extreme worry. Although he felt Lie Yan (raging flames) to oneself acceptance, but he feared that she will reject. Because he really loved her, loved is unable to extricate oneself.

Eye socket of Lie Yan (raging flames) gradually was red, felt Ji Dong that to shiver the temperature and perspiration of both hands is wet, gazes at his to fill the endless love eye pupil, her heart has not prepared freely, freely vindicating of Ji Dong was that sudden, the love seed that but, in her heart, that already germinated is actually not able to suppress grew crazily.

Uphold hand gently, is touching the head of Ji Dong, "fool, you really quite silly. Actually, when your first time for my drink mixing, I felt your emotion. In your heart thinks, I have known, has been able to feel the love in your heart. Fools, you really quite silly. Because your this emotion, I pace back and forth, have hesitated, even once pledged that no longer sees you, cannot affect my heart because of you, but also remembers that for sometime I once was missing? You always cannot see me. At that time, is I am struggling with own heart. Because our simply is the people of two world, because has too many barriers and barriers among us. But, I as before am not actually able to suppress perishes in your love. You for each glass of liquor that I mix, is under you give my love toxicant. Even if I have strong strength, perishes in this toxicant as before. When I in the sentiment because of your soul evolve, I again did not have to reject your ability. How can I not accept you?"

Huge happiness. Blots out the sky the impact the brain of Ji Dong, even if were his powerful soul vortex as if stopped revolving in this moment. He nearly crazy emerges in Lie Yan (raging flames) own bosom, tight is hugging her, tight, for fear that she suddenly disappeared. Lie Yan (raging flames) also response is hugging him, pastes the face on his shoulder, "gives me time to be good again? Ji Dong, I know, you will never disobey my wish. For me, for you yourself, also our future. You cannot fall to the enemy in in Aiyu in this time. You must try hard as before, tries hard for our future. When one day, your ability overtakes me, we can true in the same place. Before then, makes me feel you well to my love, when one day, I similarly said that three characters to you time, was your bride, ok?"

"Good, good...... Very much, good......"Ji Dong to lack prospects has cried, this is weeps, Lie Yan (raging flames) will be my bride. She will be my bride, she accepted my love finally, she accepted. This time Ji Dong, could not say any words again, he as if saw one day, Lie Yan (raging flames) wears the bridal clothes, when with walk into the marital palace together beautiful appearance. He is also the first real feeling, the true start had Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not cried, she has smiled, that is one type in the happy smiling face that on the happiest human girl face can have. Finally said that three characters like Ji Dong, her heart also completely opened wide to Ji Dong in this moment. All heart knots do not exist. Regardless of the future how. She wants now, is he together enjoys each other being in love. This was enough.

gold/metal stands behind Lie Yan (raging flames), her whole person already delay, even if she, can feel Ji Dong when vindicating blots out the sky the affectionate love. This is what kind of love! This man can actually affectionate hence, master really quite happy. Although in her heart has filled envying, but at this moment, in her heart actually only then to blessing of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). Not because of Lie Yan (raging flames), because of Ji Dong, why does not know, sees his unequalled excitement and excitement, her heart will also fill happily.

Bartenders Association.

"Elder Brother, you said that your Teacher can also come back! How did he leave behind one line of characters suddenly to walk?"Du Xin'er asked to Du Ming. Du Ming's helpless say/way: "fragrant, this issue you at least asked me
100. This one month passed by, can you let me quietly. When Teacher comes back me how to know."

Du Xin'er discontented say/way: "Your this Teacher also is really, not making a sound walked, he lives my room. Said that also is really strange, nobody sees them to leave, how suddenly to vanish? Did could it be it is transmit instantaneously inadequately? Elder Brother, I do not believe your Teacher really bartending ability compared with father."

Du Ming pain say/way: "fragrant, calculates that the Elder Brother asked hello/you good, weren't you have been practicing recently diligently? Quickly goes. You are away from Level 60 to be possible the also not small disparity."

Du Xin'er laughs, said: "That must alternate work with rest! Isn't others this month of progress small? I may compared with your talent, soon be able to overtake you, what should try hard is you are right."

In Du Ming heart moves, suddenly said: "fragrant, you were not will like Teacher. Your this girl, such has not cared to another opposite sex."

Du Xin'er stare blankly, red of charming face seasonal delicacies, "elder brother, you dislikes."

Du Ming meng pats the forehead, "Heavens! could it be made me say. I said fragrant, you have seen only Teacher one time. no way. Does could it be have to fall in love really this matter?"

Du Xin'er looked toward the door place, lowers the sound saying: "Perhaps elder brother, I really fell in love to Elder Brother Ji Dong. I do not know what's the matter. Truly speaking, he is not very really graceful. But when, on that day he went to Beimangshan to save us before flatter Sister Jin. I despaired. I think, I must such die. At that time I am thinking, if can some people save me should at this time to be good. Afterward, the father came, we walked, finally sees the father time, I have filled really desperately. I think, could not see father again. On leaving the road in Beimangshan, what I go all out is the father prayed, prayed some people can save the father. Until after meeting your aiding, you told me, had the Mage Guild law enforcement elder to save the father. At that time I had cried, cried happily. When Elder Brother Ji Dong was lifted, I am unable to believe that really he is that law enforcement elder. Listens to the father to narrate that thrilling process, I understood finally anything is a hero. In my heart, Elder Brother Ji Dong is a hero. Still remembers that we in childhood, I had said that when I grew up must marry a hero, married one compared with the man of my talent. Now I found. Elder Brother, you should help me."

"Helps you? Helps you! fragrant, I urged you to cancel this thought. Haven't you seen side Teacher with two big beautiful women? First did not say red hair beautiful woman who that cannot see the appearance, only gold/metal is also more attractive than you. Moreover, others are also the pinnacle magic power owner. But that red hair beautiful woman cannot see appearance, but I can actually feel, her gold/metal is certainly more beautiful, let alone, gold/metal also called her the master. You believe, the Teacher also unnecessary thoughts do love you? If is really such, I will oppose you and Teacher in the same place. As a man, your Elder Brother I am also the universal love. But I do not hope man who oneself younger sister likes a universal love."

Du Xin'er snorted, "does a bit less, no matter I. I do not care. The beautiful women love the hero, perfectly justified, if Elder Brother Ji Dong did not have the woman to like that blaming. I do not care, I must with him in the same place. Found the goal unable to give up, this is my criterion. How regardless of you said, I pursued decide Elder Brother Ji Dong. Some people have not said that the female pursues the male, the insulation gauze. I believe, the Elder Brother Ji Dong association sees my good. I will also try hard soon to achieve Level 60."

"Heavens! fragrant, your this young succuba, does not know how really you think. Ok, is casual you. Teacher will not have a liking for in any case your."

The Du Xin'er willow eyebrows are but actually vertical, "dead Du Ming, don't you such have the confidence to me? Thinks my Du Xin'er, is the Bartenders Association first beautiful woman. Couldn't my which point be joined to Elder Brother Ji Dong?"

"This cannot be joined to the issue that and cannot be joined to! Ok, I have feared you good. I practice drink mixing."Du Ming sets out to run. In this time, low and deep and is full of the magnetic sound to resound in his ear, "Du Ming, we are at out the guild."

Hears this sound, Du Ming stares, sees the younger sister again, clearly, Du Xin'er has not heard. He definitely is unable to understand how this sound conveys. But he actually clear awareness, who the master of this sound is.

"fragrant, Teacher came back."

Du Xin'er was preparing to hold on Du Ming, listening to his such saying slightly to stare, held on Du Ming's sleeves, "you little fooled me. Even if Elder Brother Ji Dong came back, how you possibly know."

Du Ming's helpless say/way: "Walks, walks, did we have a look unclear to outside? Said honestly, I do not know how Teacher contacts with me."

When Du Ming sees Ji Dong, discovered that Ji Dong and first time saw when the appearance does not have what difference, but why does not know, looks at the Ji Dong vision profound double pupil, he felt suddenly before oneself this Teacher as if , was different. But actually where to occur changed him actually not to talk clearly.

Several steps welcomed goes forward, Du Ming respectful saluted to Ji Dong, said: "Teacher."

Ji Dong to Du Ming nodded, shows a faint smile, "you invited President Du, I was keep an appointment."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 285: The gambling that Du Sikang proposed made

Du Ming understands certainly keeping an appointment in Ji Dong mouth is any meaning. Hurries to eagerly anticipate the Ji Dong three people to walk into Bartenders Association. Nearby Du Xin'er ran up to side Ji Dong on own initiative, holds on his sleeves saying: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, I may continuously in very cultivation Oh diligently. I soon will certainly practice Level 60, making you receive me for the disciple."

The Ji Dong arm shakes gently, trace casts off pulling of Du Xin'er, "the fragrant girl, diligently the cultivation is the good deed. I was anticipating you will soon achieve Level 60."

Du Xin'er cast off by Ji Dong, somewhat discontented visits him, has a look at side Ji Dong to wear Lie Yan (raging flames) of bamboo hat again, spits the tongue to Ji Dong, said: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, this elder sister is bringing why always the veil! could it be did she fall ill?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "the fragrant girl, please be self- possessed."His tone was obviously heavy several points, Du Xin'er said Lie Yan (raging flames) to fall ill, this was he unacceptable. At the same time was saying, he has been holding the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), is leading gold/metal, entered the Bartenders Association front door.

Du Xin'er looks at three people of backs, stamped ruthlessly has put one's foot down. angrily snorted, thought aloud: "Dead Ji Dong. Smelly Ji Dong, I will not give up. How the great-aunt I am not self-possessed. I have not made the boyfriend." Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile near the Ji Dong ear lightly:
"Has not thought that my Little Ji Dong is very popular!"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, looks to Lie Yan (raging flames), said in a low voice: "I am your Ji Dong, is not Little Ji Dong. Lie Yan (raging flames), could it be were you jealous?"Finally and Lie Yan (raging flames) has established the relations, he was not overcautious like before, cannot bear tease Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Do I need to be jealous? Your person, your heart, your soul is my. Moreover, I do not think that in your world will have compared with I more attractive girl."

Originates from the strength self-confidently, if this saying is others says, Ji Dong meets pū by the nose, but said from the Lie Yan (raging flames) mouth, was actually such nature. Nearby King's nodded.

At this time, Du Sikang has led numerous Bartender to welcome from inside.

"Mr. Ji Dong."Du Sikang several steps go forward, arrives in front of Ji Dong, Ji Dong puts out a hand to grasp with him, said apologetically: "President Du, that day was really embarrassed, because has a matter we to depart temporarily temporarily. Sorry, please forgive."

"All right, this is not anything. So long as Mr. Ji Dong is well were good. Quick, in requests personally."Du Sikang commits suicide the Ji Dong three people to walk toward inside, behind with Du Xin'er sees the father, was not naturally good to go forward to harass Ji Dong again.

At the same time is walking. Ji Dong said to Du Sikang: "President Du, this time I come, fulfills among us to agree. After you compete with, I will possibly leave Northern Water Empire, went to prepare for the war of following Holy and Evil."

Du Sikang said: "Good. I already arranged. I listened to the young child to say the drink mixing unique skill of Mr. Ji Dong in detail, somewhat wanted to exercise skill. Did Mr. Ji Dong, you mind that makes our guild these Bartenders also observe and emulate to turn?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, eyes had a profound meaning looks to Du Sikang, inwardly sighed in the heart, his original intention does not want to work as the Bartenders Association person and Du Sikang competes with, in that case, even if Du Sikang lost did not have too many people to know, will not affect his Wine God reputation. But at this time Du Sikang proposed that this request clearly has the goal, Bartenders Association this time suffers the demon pledge heavy losses, this association president's influence sharp drop in guild. He must taking advantage of defeat itself on drink mixing, revealed that the drink mixing unique skill makes the members heighten the confidence to him. Clearly, in drink mixing this aspect, Du Sikang to him is confident. Moreover there are other possibility also goals to exist.

The promotion of psychic force, making Ji Dong look person time will be thorough, Du Sikang when put forward this proposal to him, some heartbeat distinct acceleration. This proves him to be anxious, has schemed. Although Ji Dong does not know what Du Sikang scheme is anything, but he did not fear. Let alone, before was he has rescued entire Bartenders Association, he believes, Du Sikang will not make anything to the disadvantageous matter.

"Good, such being the case, depends on the association president to say. However, I am can whole-heartedly."Ji Dong light saying.

Du Sikang nodded, said: "I am also same. Otherwise, is to Mr. Ji Dong does not respect."

Goes to the Bartenders Association meeting hall, Du Sikang asks the Ji Dong three people to sit down first, then immediately told that the person prepared.

"Mr. Ji Dong, since compares notes in our guild, on the liquor variety class, I profited imperceptibly. Method of this competition was proposed by you. As the matter stands, was considered as to be fair." Ji Dong shows a faint smile, this far more than is fair, two Bartender compete with, was proposed the competition method by one of them, that takes very big advantage. Each Bartender has almost the drink mixing way and type that oneself most excel. By long of oneself, attacks short of enemy, without doubt will increase dramatically the opportunity of winning. Du Sikang this was clarifies has not wanted to occupy itself cheaply, fully manifested him as Wine God intense self-confident.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, I am impolite."

In the Du Sikang eye flashes through a hesitation, clenches teeth fiercely, he said that "Mr. Ji Dong. My also suggestion. Our comparing notes, calculate on is a drink mixing world grand occasion, how you look at this, we add some good luck respectively, like this could stimulate we better display bartending skill."

Listened to his such saying, Ji Dong understood immediately what Du Sikang scheme was anything. Although this is in itself also, but, looks at Du Sikang that he expects, in his heart is very uncomfortable. Does intentionally does not understand his meaning, lightly said: "What good luck does President Du prepare to increase?"

Du Sikang said: "Common thing Mr. Ji Dong naturally does not look pleasant. I take the good luck by one bottle of desert fine wines."

Such remarks, Bartenders clamored immediately. Compares notes bartending skill regarding Ji Dong and Du Sikang, their originally is very strange, but beforehand Du Sikang had said to them, Ji Dong bartending ability is greatly strengthened, had defeated Fu Rui, this made them be interested, at this time Du Sikang said that must take the gambling stake by the desert fine wine, made them shock.

"Father......"Du Ming half step arrives at side Du Sikang, angrily said: "You, how you can like this, this is......"he has not reported four characters to say hatred/enemy the graciousness eventually, but looks that father's look actually all changed. Du Sikang solemnly shouted, "this is I and matter between Mr. Ji Dong.
You draw back."

Since Ji Dong of that day indicated that must carry on after him drink mixing compares notes, in the Du Sikang heart has thought lots, the Ji Dong Mage strength is without a doubt, but he does not think has to be able in drink mixing aspect Ji Dong with the strength that contend with. What is most important, the millennium origin of life has the too strong attraction to him. That fatal attraction is almost stimulating his heart every day. He knows certainly, oneself today proposed such good luck, it can be said that does not leave a way out, even is the graciousness hatred/enemy report. But he cannot bear, each good wine that famous name wine records, he clear remembering, as President Bartenders Association. Finally has the opportunity to obtain one of them, how he will not have the idea. He knows, by the Ji Dong status, will keep the promise absolutely, will not look for the trouble of Bartenders Association. Most is thorough offends him, later he will not help Bartenders Association anything.

Under ponders over, Du Sikang finally makes decision, sacrifices oneself this old face, must be Bartenders Association won this second type of peerless famous name wine. In that case, his name, will certainly forever inscribing in Bartenders Association historical. Must know, from the first Ren meeting association president to the present, did not have any person to be able for the guild to leave behind the peerless famous name wine that one bottle of famous name wines record again!

Ji Dong wind light cloud Dan looks at Du Sikang, his vision is very tranquil, does not have the good luck that because Du Sikang proposed had the look change, was only the tranquil say/way: "President Du, your this good luck seemed to be precious. As if only then put out the origin of life to be able in comparison."

Du Sikang smiles reluctantly, said: "We at will compare notes. The origin of life in the famous name wine of my guild records in the rank, although must be lower than the desert fine wine, but was used to take the good luck to be also enough." "Father, you cannot like this."Du Xin'er has also understood what is heard at this time, hurries to clash from side, even is more direct than the Elder Brother, keeps off is looking angrily at the father in front of Ji Dong.

Du Sikang complexion sank, "comes the person, leads to me them. Works as in front of the honored guest so to disrespect, highly improper."

Several Bartender came up, held on Du Ming brother and sister, Du Ming to Ji Dong signals with the eyes, hints him do not promise oneself father, Du Xin'er to call directly, but, Ji Dong actually turned a blind eye regarding their responses, to Du Sikang nodded, said: "Good, since President Du has such interest, Ji Dong can not accompany? My famous name wine to the expensive meeting records is also very curious, is inferior to this. President Du adds on that famous name wine record again, how do I use two bottles of origin of life to make the good luck? Origin of life ranks under desert fine wine, cannot make you suffer a loss, is."

The famous name wine records, although precious, but impossible and compared with one bottle of peerless famous name wines, listening to Ji Dong saying that his actually two bottles of origin of life, Du Sikang was overjoyed. This time he, completely immersed will soon be obtaining in millennium the joy of origin of life, has not actually thought why Ji Dong is willing to put out two bottles of so precious famous name wines to come as the gambling to make.

"Good, we said it and meant it."Du Sikang stands up, Ji Dong is also following standing up, two people both hands grasp, is sets the gambling to make.

Sits other Bartenders in conference room stands up, why they will not be quite clear Du Sikang to propose such good luck. Regarding Ji Dong, in their hearts feels grateful except for the gratitude, faint felt that several points do not suit. The origin of life is anything, most Bartender do not know, after all the famous name wine records, only then a few Bartender of most high-grade level have looked.

In the Ji Dong eye reveals an ice-cold god light, the Du Sikang heart of looking at slightly trembles, but he, since has made the decision, regret also already late. Steels one's heart, for the origin of life, oneself this old face does not want.

At this time, was responsible for preparing the staff of drink mixing competition to rotate, to Du Sikang nodded. Du Sikang takes advantage of opportunity to the hand signal that Ji Dong has made invitation, "Mr. Ji Dong, please."

" President Du moves looks at Du Sikang, he also very understands Du Sikang actually at this time in the heart the idea. As top Bartender, life soaks cloudy in drink mixing, is more intense than anybody regarding earnestly seeking of peerless famous name wine. Like initially him, when still could not bear taste previous facing the millennium aging, arrived at this world to be the same. Naturally, if has traded the present, let alone is the millennium aging, even if ten thousand years of aging is impossible again the drink to death he.

However, as true Bartender, regardless of liquor attraction big, must defend own conscience, otherwise, the heart by the nonego the fear, never possibly again maintained tranquil. Ji Dong even dares saying that proposed gambling approximately Du Sikang, even if has is not being inferior in own drink mixing unique skill, at this time also lost half. Because his heart lost, the graciousness will definitely affect his state of mind the psychology of enmity report.

Under staff's leadership, the people arrived in a giant room. Enters the room, first smells, is a greeting the nostrils wine. That is at least a lot of types of the fragrance of good wines mixes in together flavor/smell. Although the flavor/smell is not very rich, but regarding taking sense of smell for main judgment Bartender, without doubt will have some influences.

In the room, two drink mixing platforms have suspended, each platform presents for the standard semicircle, width one meter, arc length three meters five, this is the drink mixing table that most standard Bartender uses. The semicircle for can retrocede when Bartender drink mixing with ease, before the body, has a bigger space to display. About three meters a position behind the drink mixing table, the giant wine chests, that wine chest big even some exaggeration, above at least has placed respectively thousand types of good wines. Ji Dong only needs to sweep one, can see the liquor on this wine chest is the year liquor. In other words, does not have one type is the ordinary base liquor. Each bottle has not the poor price. And at least one-third, after are he arrives at this world, has not seen.

Has the rich inside story like Mage Guild in magic power weaponry, Bartenders Association also similarly has the abundant strength on saving of liquor. Even if after had been looted one time by the demon pledge, they can put out these many nice wines as before, can want to see, Bartenders Association is used to store up the liquor place absolutely more than one. Also incessantly in this guild.

Beyond two drink mixing tables and wine chest nearby ten meters, are placing a chair, is used to attend the ceremony, in entire room brilliantly illuminated. In the top of the head the giant crystal palace lantern center each bottle of good wines on two drink mixing table and wine chest shine very clear.

The drink mixing war between Wine God will soon launch. Likes looking at book friends of drink mixing competition, but also waits for anything, casts your recommendation tickets and monthly tickets. Hehe.

Chapter 286: The struggle of Wine God

Sees this drink mixing competition location. Ji Dong is clear, originally beforehand Du Sikang is not modest does not want to occupy itself cheaply. Can see his exerting its utmost from the arrangement of these thousand types of precious good wines. Without a doubt, as he of President Bartenders Association, is quite certainly familiar with these liquor, the placing position on this wine chest also absolutely most suits his. Such superiority also truly needs to balance with the competition method.

Du Sikang loosens the coat, gives old Bartender, his look became dignified, those who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, formerly Du Sikang clearly was somewhat guilty and ashamed, but when he to see the thousand good wines in drink mixing table also that wine chest, all mood had been replaced by frantic. That is realm that Bartender of their this level can understand, abandons beside the liquor, does not have the otherness again.

Ji Dong discovered, oneself has taken lightly regarding this Wine God, he from Du Sikang, before seeing came this world, oneself shadow. The name of Wine God really lives up to reputation. Own originally thinks when change on mood with compete with drink mixing will be having the influence to him, but looking back now, considered thoroughly actually.

However, this is also the Ji Dong most desired situation, after all, after just arrived at this world. He heard the Wine God Du Sikang reputation, can say, before he is arrive at this world, on Light Five Elements Continent the drink mixing first person. If this first person easily has defeated, also what meaning? As one generation of Wine God, in some sense, he with Du Sikang is the same person, that is to own bartending skill absolute self- confidence. Places as one in peak Bartender, will not lose like this self- confidently. At this time, he can finally with Du Sikang competition one in the true sense.

Also because saw the Du Sikang look, formerly in Ji Dong heart not quick was nothing left, at present this Wine God can brave the graciousness also to fight over the burden of enmity report the origin of life, obviously he manner to the liquor was dedicated. For the liquor, he even can give up all, includes own reputation. Such Bartender is absolutely honourable.

Du Sikang to the hand signal that Ji Dong makes invitation, oneself arrive at behind another drink mixing table, the ray in eye becomes is even more blazing. Many years, he did not have such pressure to appear in drink mixing world, now this feeling comes back finally. Regarding him, this feeling is wonderful, is, only then under such pressure that he anticipates, can make his bartending skill completely display, even is making the breakthrough. Naturally, this pressure he does not think that is Ji Dong takes to him, but to that millennium the hope of origin of life. Even if the Ji Dong drink mixing strength is small and weak, he can also today whole- heartedly. Must make the origin of life not regrettable falls into oneself hand, falls into the Bartenders Association hand.

After Ji Dong arrives at the Du Sikang opposite drink mixing table stands firm, two people vision looks at each other one, the Du Sikang surprised discovery, he from the Ji Dong eye, although has not seen with oneself same blazing and rigid, but he sees is actually the unequalled self- confidence, absolute self-confidence. The tranquil and limpid vision deeply does not see the bottom, but does not have the anxiety of slightest bit, the whole person seems that calm.

"Mr. Ji Dong, please propose the way of comparing notes." The Du Sikang sinking sound said.

Ji Dong said: "Since compares notes, we should demonstrate our bartending ability from all-around. Might as well be like this good, decides the victory and defeat by three competition. Three games of two victories. How do you look?"

Du Sikang nodded, said: "What kind of competition, has you to take responsibility."

eyes that moves has shone, is the same with Du Sikang, he is also very long very for a long time not this type because of drink mixing, but felt excitedly. Even if initially when facing Thunder Emperor Fu Rui did not have. At that time he and Fu Rui tie, was in itself he makes. Although Fu Rui bartending ability is strong, but has the slight disparity with him, but regarding true top Bartender, even if a disparity, is the hard-to-pass gap. What present Du Sikang represents is this world most peak drink mixing strength. Let alone, in own side, also Lie Yan (raging flames) looks. This drink mixing, is he gives the Lie Yan (raging flames) gift. He and Lie Yan (raging flames) become a buddhist get to know because of the liquor, can not whole-heartedly?

"First, our according to single bottle drink mixing, respectively depends on the technique, the base liquor and ingredient optional. Second, we carry on many bottles of competions, similarly optional base liquor and ingredient. But last, our intermodulation one glass of liquor, are imitated by the opposite party. How do you look?"

Listens comparing notes way that Ji Dong was proposing, the pupil of Du Sikang has contracted obviously, was not the way that because Ji Dong proposed was harsh, these three competition methods that the polarity, Ji Dong said that was among Bartender compares notes most common three, was fairest three. Is he so really self-confident?

took a deep breath, Du Sikang feels faintly, perhaps at present this young people really have the originality in the drink mixing aspect. However, he to own self-confident will be short? He is talent Bartender, from entering Bartenders Association to becoming one generation of Wine God, has only used for ten years. For 30 years, able to move unhindered continent drink mixing world nobody can, naturally can also shake the position of this President Bartenders Association on nobody. "Good. We start."Du Sikang did not talk too much, is feeling in within the body that blazing and intense exhilaration, the whole person entered the condition completely.

Surrounding Bartenders stared wide-eyed, Du Ming and Du Xin'er also know that at this time is impossible to disturb this competition again, in one side static looks.

Has Lie Yan (raging flames). Gradually arrives by the Ji Dong drink mixing table not the far place, is away from the veil on bamboo hat to gaze at him. Besides Ji Dong, she is only one on the scene has to Ji Dong absolutely self-confidently.

Ji Dong and Du Sikang almost simultaneously arrive by respective drink mixing stage hand pond spot only, the earnest start washes the hands. The palm and finger, refer to the seam and nail seam, even is each texture on hand, they seriously are cleaning up extremely carefully. If there is a bystander to see that in this they wash the hands like this, meets pū by the nose. But high-level Bartenders on the scene actually understands, cleans the hand completely, not only regarding the respect of drink mixing, for did not have any flavor/smell to affect itself by own hand to the judgment of liquor, completely pure hand, can maintain with the shaker most perfect joint strength and friction force. The showdown of this most top, who will be also careless?

Almost also washed the hands, simultaneously before returning to the drink mixing stage, two people take out exactly the same crystal shaker from the drink mixing stage respectively. Since is the fair competition, competition is the technique and drink mixing technique, but is not the drink mixing tool, therefore, this competes with all apparatus to be completely exactly the same.

Till at this moment, all that this second Wine God makes are almost the mirror images, two people vision separate spatially relative, the next moment, they simultaneously started oneself first drink mixing.

Du Sikang does not need to look with eyes. Also can grasp the back wine chest each bottle of liquor clearly the position, this most excelled according to him, is usually the position of wine chest carries on to place. Has not turned head, the arm just like breaking off to have flung generally backward, among the moment, three bottles of liquor appeared on his front drink mixing stage.

However, slightly what making Du Sikang be startled, Ji Dong has not turned head similarly, even has not begun, three light red light flashed through, were also many on his front drink mixing stage three bottles of liquor. Moreover these three bottles of liquor and exactly the same of Du Sikang selection.

However. Du Sikang had not actually pondered this point how Ji Dong achieves, because in his eyes did not have Ji Dong at this moment, only existences of remaining front these three bottles of good wines.

Ji Dong is the same with Du Sikang, the vision sinks, falls on that three bottles of liquor, he is first time sees behind wine chest. But when formerly that had swept, his after ten transformations the psychic force that promotes has remembered each bottle of liquor position firmly. Reason that he choice with the Du Sikang same liquor, must fight a victory and defeat on same drink mixing with the match.

Three base liquor of Du Sikang choice separately are Vodka and Cointraeu orange taste liquor and almond brandy. This is three types of completely different liquor.

Vodka belongs to be approximate the depuration alcohol after filtration adds the pure water. Itself does not have any additional flavor/smell. Widely is used in the base liquor, but actually by diluting other base liquor and ingredients produces the auxiliary results.

Cointraeu orange taste liquor is called the Cointraeu orange taste strength tender liquor, has the fragrance of sweet sour orange, is an eloquent liquor. Is the core ingredient of famous cocktail,

Must obtain perfect Cointraeu, must obtain the excellent part of sweet taste and bitter taste orange peel through the distillation, again it and high- quality rectified alcohol, sugar and water mix, finally synthetic alcohol is 40% absolute high-quality to become wine. In entire process all being selective to guarantee its pure moderate taste.

Therefore, the Cointraeu taste is very unique, is mellow and rich. Although mixes balanced, but it to be strong and temperate, the cool actually warm, bitter and astringent belt sweet striking contrast gives the fresh sense of taste new experience. When its first time pours into cup, what presents is the glittering and translucent carving luster, but the additional postglacial deposits imaginary will turn into the cream color, follows the light flower fragrance and fruit is fragrant, afterward is a thick orange is fragrant. The overall feeling is an ice cool, subtle and complex and lingers this for a very long time not the loose temperature aftertaste.

But is very obvious, between Ji Dong and Du Sikang have a fixed disparity, that is he does not have the refrigerating ability, this is the innate inferiority. But even if has not opened the bottle cap, Ji Dong can also feel at present this bottle of Cointraeu orange taste liquor excellent perfect.

Last a base liquor is the almond brandy, common brandy, what mostly refers to is the grape liquor. But this type of almond brandy, actually uses the almond as the liquor of raw material, the manufacture is more complex. But also has the unique flavor/smell. The strong taste is bringing the light almond fragrance, although it does not have the Cointraeu orange taste liquor to be so famous, but also without a doubt, is an excellent good wine. But it alone will never take the base liquor to appear and that's the end.

Three different tastes with the origin base liquor, the cocktail that brings also will be naturally ever changing, Bartender different techniques. Definitely can create different results. Will have staff respectively is Ji Dong and Du Sikang has delivered the ingredient, exactly the same ingredient, does not need to tell, the Bartenders Association staff also know they should be joined to anything.

The ingredient is two types, red pomegranate syrup and lemon juice.

These three big base liquor add on two types of ingredients, cocktail that mixes, is famous Midnight Sunlight , before is Ji Dong, once was one liquor of Lie Yan (raging flames) mixture. Does not know whether is the heart has cleverness, this is also Ji Dong wanted in first choice one of the several cocktails, since Du Sikang has chosen it, Ji Dong does not have the reason to choose other again.

The shaker bottle cap also opens in the both sides mirror image general opening as before, Ji Dong or Du Sikang, their hands are very steady, 4/10 Vodka, 2/10 Cointraeu orange taste liquor, 2/10 almond brandies, add on 1/10 red pomegranate syrup and 1/10 lemon juice again. They join the quantity not slightly disparity in shaker. Also does not have one to remain to drop on the drink mixing stage.

Three types of base liquor, two types of the outside ray of liquids of ingredient mixes by sparkling that shines are lived the splendor in crystal shaker, the somewhat muddy liquid is infiltrating mutually.

The flash when the shaker cover for a jar covers, Ji Dong and Du Sikang movement stopped, astounding presents the mirror image again, simultaneously has closed both eyes. The nerve of everyone also becomes in this moment intense, because they know, this peak showdown wanted the true start finally.

Mirror image this humble one breaks instantaneously, two people hands almost also lift, stated differently, what Ji Dong lifts is only own right hand, but Du Sikang lifts is actually both hands.

The right hand of Ji Dong, sweeps off to crystal shaker on drink mixing stage like lightning, in an instant, radiance flashes before, shaker the extreme twist to airborne was flying.

But Du Sikang does, completely is another appearance, his both hands are simultaneously void to shaker press to go, two rich black Ninth Water magic power rush, one after the other, under the functions of these two magic power, entire shaker is similar to the top generally the extreme twist on the drink mixing stage.

From the competion from the beginning, demonstrated two people completely different drink mixing styles. What Ji Dong is main depends upon the pure technique, but Wine God Du Sikang actually own bartending skill and magic power links completely. The competion of struggle of this Wine God has also opened in this moment, until this moment, believing Ji Dong must win also only has Lie Yan (raging flames) one person. But in other people, only then Du Ming many also has several points of confidence to Ji Dong.

Same shaker, the similar mix liquid, in this moment, starts to bloom their eye-catching brilliance.

The drink mixing competition started, selects the monthly ticket, to hit to enjoy to encourage slightly three. Hehe.

Chapter 287: Nine Yang Lingtian, Nine dragons play bead

Ji Dong and Du Sikang true competition started. Their shaker simultaneously moved. Ji Dong shaker was swept into airborne to tell revolving by him directly, but Du Sikang shaker is similar to under his Ninth Water magic power top revolving on the drink mixing stage.

Without a doubt, from the situation of beginning, was Wine God Du Sikang got the winning side obviously, he not only merged into one organic whole oneself magic power and bartending skill, simultaneously better to have used the drink mixing stage, naturally, this was also only a start, change that the so-called superiority also instantaneously showed.

Ji Dong has not used any magic power, his right hand pursued to airborne shaker, the palm spreads out, flash when the hand and shaker collide, looked like mounts it in own hand general, to stroll shaker was sparkling above his palm on that the fitting rapidly the eye-catching brilliance.

Each Bartender of observing only thought that at present a flower, how they simply has not seen clearly Ji Dong to achieve, in the midair presented three groups of silver light, is Three Suns Reflect the Moon. Only this simple, Six Stars following Bartender self-examined that nobody can achieve.

Reviews Du Sikang, that is similar to top revolving shaker also baseless raised, Du Sikang has not contacted shaker with the hand, the both hands ten fingers is having the strange rhythm slight rhythm. Ninth Water magic power tows shaker from the drink mixing stage under this ingenious control, baseless revolving. Transparent crystal shaker is joined to rapid fusion the liquor fluid, under complementing of that black magic power, seemed like airborne an vortex to be ordinary, the strange picture was not weak in Ji Dong Three Suns Reflect the Moon.

Two big Wine God from the beginning, each other in corner/horn vigor. Their looks that concise, has not gone to look at opposite party one, two people vision condense completely on oneself shaker, their wills and spirits, completely centralized in this peak the war of drink mixing.

33 nine, the three groups of silver light on Ji Dong had the change instantaneously, his left hand also finally lifted in this moment, nobody can see clearly his movement again, can only see the halo that the innumerable illusory hand shades and transform from the sky sparkles. After silver shaker adds on that fusion , the red liquor fluid, in the airborne extreme twist, formed red Sun to sparkle the silver brilliance strange picture, but such sunlight from left to right, has completed from morning sun to the entire process of setting sun, nine groups of beautiful sunlight from the sky bloomed.

Three and nine, two different digit, apply above drink mixing, is not three times so is simple. By three nine, even if Eight Stars Bartender has not grasped can complete. Especially, that nine groups of sunlight looked like the coagulation in the midair general, did not have the slight twinkle and illusory, was shining center Ji Dong that lofty and steadfast different body, was extremely strange. Besides both arms. The body of Ji Dong stands there unexpectedly does not have rocking of slightest bit. His vision also as before is such tranquility and self-confidence. As if, that pair is completing so strange bartending ability arm simply is not his general.

Nine fly high positive, this absolutely is the drink mixing technique of drink mixing world top. Let alone, positive what Ji Dong these nine completes is that perfect, even if most nitpicking Bartender, could not find the slightest bit slight defect absolutely.

At this moment, Bartenders Association one drink mixing experts genuinely realized that the Ji Dong future is bad, really understands why he dares to present the challenge to Du Sikang. Nine positive flies high depending on this, he completely had this qualifications.

When numerous Bartender, has initial Ji Dong first time arrived at Bartenders Association him resists in that at this time this Bartender wished one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into. But regarding the Bartenders Association numerous positions, they are more incomprehensible, at the Ji Dong so age, why can actually complete so mysterious drink mixing technique. What is most essential, he when completes such drink mixing unique skill, has not used slightest bit magic power. If not Ji Dong is using the status of Mage Guild law enforcement elder, these Bartenders even can imagine, once he joins Bartenders Association, today's competition lost, later also surely can be the Wine God Du Sikang replacing person, second Wine God in light of this will also be born.

In people. Most self-satisfied must be Du Ming, he is not first time sees Ji Dong to show the drink mixing unique skill, but he can actually feel clearly, today's Ji Dong and previous time gives itself the drink mixing demonstration time is completely different. That time Ji Dong, has words at fingertips and writes with facility completely, has conquered him. But this time, oneself this Teacher actually obviously in whole-heartedly. Completely nine Yang Lingkong who that could not find any slight defect that perfect, that moving. Du Ming can definitely affirm, has changed the father, does not use the words that magic power and technique fuse, is very difficult to achieve Ji Dong this degree.

But in people, most surprised must be Du Ming Du Xin'er, looks peerless technique that Ji Dong that unflustered shows, her whole person delay. Before this moment, she has believed, Ji Dong and father compete with drink mixing, simply is a joke. At this time she is clear, truly is the person of joke is not Ji Dong, but is right.

Although Du Xin'er is not interested in drink mixing very much, has not taken Bartender this road, but as the female of Wine God, from infancy to maturity, under is influenced by what one sees and hears, has experienced the drink mixing technique were too many. She looks that the Du Sikang drink mixing number of times are even more than Elder Brother Du Ming. She understands certainly the drink mixing technique that at this time Ji Dong shows is formidable.

could it be, is he a perfect person? Had that formidable ability in Mage world, actually also has the attainments of so strange its technique on drink mixing. Du Xin'er suddenly discovered that quick of own heartbeat. If before , what she has interest more to Ji Dong is because feels grateful, that. At this moment, she already true had by this is not knowing the young people who how profound detail attract. She knows, she is forever impossible to forget at this time Ji Dong in drink mixing. He is not handsome, but, she actually never sees another man to have his such makings. If such man gave up, certainly will regret for a lifetime.

Ji Dong does not know, in this drink mixing competition, he has conquered a girl's heart.

In Ji Dong three suns nine, nine Yang Lingkong gives up study at the same time of displaying, that side Wine God Du Sikang also had the strange change, sees only in his hand that black Ninth Water magic power in airborne to elongate suddenly is a band of light, the black ray is similar to the scroll version launches, but that shaker voluntarily is rotating in the scroll that this launches. In each extreme twist, shaker itself will have the ray to glitter one time. When its ninth twinkle. Suddenly, all black Ninth Water magic power are instantaneous.

In the midair, shaker vanished, both hands of Du Sikang also along with it disappearance, almost from the sky show with the Ji Dong equally matched speed, the innumerable black bands of light gather the formation above his top of the head instantaneously.

The temperature in air drops slowly, looks like causes to the night change from the daytime, but above Du Sikang top of the head diameter in three meters airborne also became dark. The light on roof was covered by that black Ninth Water magic power completely, looks like the nighttime sky is ordinary.

Also in this nighttime sky, rounds silver crescent moon starts to appear. Altogether nine rounds first quarter moons. In airborne regarding becoming a ring, strange fluctuation. But within this first quarter moon, is sparkling the light red light.

This is one of the Du Sikang most adept drink mixing giving up study, in the perfect union of technique and magic power by the hand, the blood moon/month arrives, Heaven tribulation.

That strange and ice-cold, even is having several points of terrifying aura, the red moonlight under that black background glitters quietly. That is the first quarter moon of arc, but is not the full moon. From difficulty and skill. At this moment Du Sikang has surmounted Ji Dong nine to fly high completely positive. All that he makes, compared with Ji Dong three suns nine, nine fly high positive want complex many. Also difficult many.

Although he has drawn support from own magic power, but can complete so the marvelous sight. The controlling force as well as the powerful hand fast, accurate control that needs, have reached the peak in peak all.

When the blood moon/month arrives at the flash that Heaven tribulation mysterious technique presents, Ji Dong almost and Du Sikang has simultaneously lifted the head, looks to each other.

They saw clearly technique that both sides use at this time. Stated differently, the Ji Dong look is as before tranquil and limpid, but in Du Sikang look, then has been full of the appreciation. He at this time already completely clear, before Du Ming told oneself all real, at present this youth, has the youth who the Mage Guild law enforcement elder was revering the prestige, has met the standard of Great Master level on bartending ability absolutely. Looks the unique skill that Ji Dong that nine fly high positive, Du Sikang also secretly admires. Let alone is 20 years old, even if were when he was 30 years old, could not reach the altitude that Ji Dong showed at this time absolutely.

However, these thoughts flash through from the Du Sikang mind in the flash, in his heart, had the brand-new understanding to Ji Dong bartending ability freely, even is the approval. But, he is also very clear, this first single bottle drink mixing, oneself have won. The victory and defeat competion between Bartender, is decides variously. The technique and technique, are one of them. Own technique has dominated above the opposite party completely. Ice-making capacity that let alone, oneself also the opposite party is unable to achieve. In the flavor/smell, in the physical appearance is impossible to lose to the opposite party. Achievement is inevitable.

From the Du Sikang look, can see that is the pride of Wine God. That blood moon/month arrives, the technique of Heaven tribulation was to display the limit. Rounds first quarter moons fall quietly, just like one by one the moonlight that falls from the sky from the sky, nine heavy red light flash through, finally ends on the drink mixing stage. But all darkness also arrive in this moment, covers the drink mixing table completely, fully shows the Heaven tribulation to make the dark feeling that world is disillusioned. If makes Du Sikang appraise own drink mixing, he will certainly reply with perfect. Since least recent five years, this is he fullest drink mixing, is the technique displays the best degree drink mixing. Under pressure that in Ji Dong and origin of life creates, he also had returned to the feeling of Bartender peak.

However. Superposes on the drink mixing stage in Du Sikang that nine rounds first quarter moons only, shaker in that extreme twist stabilizes gradually in his control, even is sending out the light cold air at the same time. His vision actually suddenly coagulated. Because, in him opposite, that nine rounds sunny day that his match controls had the change.

The Du Sikang biggest fault underestimated Ji Dong, nine fly high regarding Ji Dong positive is not the ends of technique, but is only the start of technique.

Du Ming saw that mysterious development once again.

Nine soaring dragon recited sound almost also to resound, during that was melodious, nine dragon recited is resounding through the different intonations completely. Each intonation is that clear. Like really has nine Giant Dragon here accumulation. However, each Bartender on the scene understands that is not dragon cry, when is the shaker vibration sound that has. Also while these nine dragon recited resounded, around the Ji Dong body, nine rounds sunny day of neat arrangement simultaneously moved, in the midair, changed into nine eye-catching red flowing light. Each red flowing light that striking, under shining of roof crystal lamp, is glittering the dazzling brilliance.

dragon Yinsheng becomes is even more spirited, in spirited dragon recited in the sound, a red circular bead appeared in the Ji Dong dead ahead. Nine red bands of light that is brought by nine rounds sunny day also disperse in this moment, at the same time changes into dragon Xing, is dancing in the air regarding that red round bead up and down.

Du Sikang glassy-eyed, the movement on his hand after routine of being repeatedly tempered in has been completed, he drink mixing in this first competition had finished. But, Ji Dong that by nine flew high to change into the Nine dragons play bead the mysterious technique actually just to show positive.

Right, nine fly high truly not to compare the Du Sikang blood moon/month to arrive positive, when nine do fly high to add on the Nine dragons play bead positive? On the Du Sikang forehead, has covered entirely the cold sweat. Must know, all that Ji Dong displays at this time, completely rely on the technique to complete! But, this is human can complete really?

As Wine God, both hands finger of Du Sikang can 30 times to 50 times when one second in at least rhythm, reaches the limit, even can break through 60 times. He was completing the highest tide time of blood moon/month arrival like before, can be such degree.

But, does development of this Nine dragons play bead, need the how high-speed technique to support at present? Let alone, own 60 times in having the situation of magic power support can achieve every second. Can display nearly every drink mixing results that the second 100 rhythm produce. But Du Sikang completely has not actually grasped can complete the Nine dragons play bead technique that Ji Dong shows at this time. The complex degree of this technique, only needed to have a liking for one, Du Sikang did not have any idea. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. In the middle of the month, everybody should have the second monthly ticket. Throws to slightly three, thanks.

Chapter 288: Ji Dong „heart”

The Nine dragons play bead was really too complex. Before Ji Dong body , each Red Dragon of waving seems that clear, even indistinct can also see is similar to the scale common halo. Du Sikang understands, the rhythm number of times that only this technique needs at least has surpassed 200 times. But this is he is unable to hope to attain. But Ji Dong actually without using magic power carried on coordinated to achieve.

Since has seen Ji Dong to complete the Nine dragons play bead, the Du Sikang understanding had had fundamental subversion. He has believed, the union of technique and magic power, is the Bartender true peak. This is also the place that he and son argued. Although Du Ming believes that the pure technique is the Bartender kingly way, the Bartender admittance threshold should not with the magic power suspension hook. But, he after all is only Six Stars Bartender, cannot put out convinces the Du Sikang strong evidence sufficiently. But, this time Ji Dong has actually achieved, Du Sikang first time saw anything is the peak of technique. The hand that without a doubt, Ji Dong shows at this time fast has been the degree that he was unable to imagine.

If in the previous generation, Ji Dong is actually impossible to achieve this point, in this Nine dragons play bead technique his previous generation, does again much can only make three dragon Xizhu, is his then peak. However, present he is different. After initially suffering of Teng Snake, he had the powerful flexibility that the average man was unable to hope to attain, any counter- joint regarding him many are not the issue. Let alone, in this technique also joins some mysteries that Teng Snake flashed, has been the limit the speed of both hands. Previous time. When he displays the Nine dragons play bead before Du Ming, at the last minute failed. But this time, in the entire gods by right, in finally situation that the psychic force can follow the finger speed, will he again be defeated?

Finally, when that nine Red Dragon by the similar stance plunges the central red light bead, all rays also restrain, the both hands both arms of Ji Dong also finally appear in this moment.

The halo coagulates, a wave light sound, the innumerable close aluminum dusting powder scatter in all directions to flutter about, change into a silver halo, looks like ray that in that red light pearl projects.

Did shaker break to pieces? All people simultaneously one startled, even if Bartenders Association Bartenders were anticipating the association president can win, they do not hope just to present at present so mysterious one to be defeated as ending.

However, the next moment their eyes actually nearly fall from the eye socket.

Right, shaker on Ji Dong has truly broken to pieces, like the previous time, this crystal shaker finally cannot withstand wreaking havoc of Ji Dong that high-speed technique, at the final moment quietly shatter. Just, these time actually does not scatter in all directions to flutter about, but is the even proliferation, without a doubt, this completely in the Ji Dong control.

Like this, will he actually achieve how? Although shaker has broken to pieces, but drop of liquor fluid has not actually broken away from the control of Ji Dong, that red round bead, in his hands ray sparkle. Rich mix wine. Floods at least several smell of changes to send out quietly. Each Bartender smells this fragrance, unconscious breath in gulps. Such wonderful flavor/smell, is Midnight Sunlight that five types material can mix really?

They even can feel, the wine that oneself each breath and next breath smell has the unceasing change. Only then Eight Stars above Bartender, including Du Ming, can feel the magical thing that in this smell manifests. Feeling deepest naturally is Wine God Du Sikang. Du Sikang has not thought, Ji Dong can actually complete in this pot liquor with the liquor hundred tastes. Shows in the way of smell in the sense of taste of everyone again.

Same pot liquor, after the similar technique mixes, regardless of the drink mixing technique is splendid, its flavor/smell will not have the too big change. The feeling of however, after this smell and air mixing, bringing completely was different. Du Sikang has not thought that Bartender can also show own bartending skill by smell. In his eyes is self-confident is collapsing gradually. Is this, really the miracle?

At this moment, broadcasts suddenly "thump, thump, thump and thump......"sound. This sound listens somewhat sadly, but each also is very clear, but in Ji Dong hand that red light ball, is that completes the mixture the liquor fluid, in the palm wind that in he brings unceasingly distorts quietly.

"Heavens!"Du Xin'er has covered own mouth, gold/metal glassy-eyed just like seeing eternal.

But above the Ji Dong palm, that circular light bead unexpectedly turned into a red heart.

Made shaker transform the shape. Does not limit to the circle, unique skill that at this time Du Sikang excelled. But at this time he knows, Ji Dong also similarly can achieve. Moreover his simply has not depended upon shaker, relied on the liquor fluid to complete these completely.

Stranger still in behind, that may the red heart, follow thump thump the sound to transform the size unexpectedly, looks like the heart of person is beating really unceasingly generally.

Ji Dong has turned around, brings this to be possible the red heart, is bringing that illusory light shadow, moves toward by the drink mixing stage, is away from his recent Lie Yan (raging flames). At this moment, the vision in his eyes had the change finally, that is the smile of the love and affection.

Both hands of Lie Yan (raging flames), looked like Du Xin'er have such covered oneself mouth, her pair hid the perfect double pupil after veil is filled by the mist.

She also clear remembering, initially at the Heavenly Stems School dance party, Ji Dong also once changed into the red heart shape shaker, afterward was broken by Ji Yifeng. Also because of that matter, changed the Ji Dong destiny. Made him leave Heavenly Stems School directly, but also suffered the enormous danger.

Compared with that time, heart at this moment perfect? Ji Dong is not initial Ji Dong, his strength and that time compared to have the earth- shaking change, what was invariable was his rigid and fiery heart. In his heart, can install, only has Lie Yan (raging flames).

Red heart, static fluttering in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong anything had not said that but that thump thump the heart tictac has surmounted any talk between lovers. In front of Bartenders Association all people, Ji Dong is using oneself nearly perfect drink mixing unique skill to make love to Lie Yan (raging flames) again. This was he already thought the good drink mixing technique. This time eventually realized.

The red heart, changes into a wisp of flowing light, flies under the control of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), at this time, he used magic power finally, but actually not for drink mixing, but gave the most beloved woman own heart.

After the red light emerges the veil, the heart of Ji Dong submerged in the lip of Lie Yan (raging flames), the light red light restrains quietly, this is a perfect result.

"You accepted my heart, later may not have the opportunity of regret."Ji Dong both hands grips the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) with his somewhat is shivering. Even if his such physical quality, after using Nine dragons play bead such very difficult drink mixing technique, uncontainable is shivering as before.

The hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) is shivering similarly, the fragrance of Midnight Sunlight, or is the flavor/smell that heart of Ji Dong brings, is flooding in within the body each smallest place. Her heart already completely fills by this heart of flavor/smell and Ji Dong. For her, this is perfect eternal, eternal that forever is unable to forget. Tight grips the hand of Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) a few words could not say. Does not know that is because the heart of Ji Dong is extremely blazing because the Ji Dong love melted all her words in the heart.

Shakes the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong has been turning around, to Du Sikang, on the face is having the satisfied smile, "President Du. This first I admitted defeat. The glass of liquor that because, I adjust, impossible anybody to taste besides her."

The showdown between Bartender, the style of technique and liquor, these are very important, but determines the final outcome finally, actually as before is the flavor/smell. Ji Dong is not willing own heart, appointed how other people savor, this was also he already thought. Also is further proving him to oneself absolute the self-confidence on bartending skill. Even if loses first, how can also?

Du Sikang both hands according to the drink mixing stage, the liquor fluid in his front shaker stopped revolving finally, in the glittering and translucent carving liquor fluid cannot see any impurity. All impurities by his technique and magic power purified in formerly mixture process. Without a doubt. This is also one glass of perfect cocktails, perfect Midnight Sunlight. Even even/including wine the temperature was also modulated by him just right. But, did he win really?

"No, I lost. Although your agree does not let the liquor that I taste you to mix, but the wine has proven all sufficiently. This first I lost in process or result. I acknowledged, I hope very much can help the guild win that bottle of origin of life, for this reason, I can not give a thought to my reputation. But as Bartender, I actually cannot make my drink mixing dignity be damaged by the slightest bit. Lost lost." The Du Sikang words are very tranquil, his heart is not freely tranquil, but he said oneself innermost thoughts. Right, regardless of he hopes to obtain the origin of life, is impossible to use oneself drink mixing dignity to receive in exchange. If so, he is not Wine God, did not take up shaker and Ji Dong the courage that again continues to compete.

Ji Dong that nine Yang Lingkong transforms as the Nine dragons play bead, finally melts the drink mixing technique of heart, has conquered all people. Regarding the Du Sikang words, has the objection without any person.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, said: "No, President Du Sikang. I cannot take your this advantage. Our competition are fair. Is because my reason causes the liquor that I adjust unable to you to taste. Bartender also has the Bartender rule, if I do not obey this rule, I do not match am Bartender, does not match for your match. Please help."

In this time, Du Xin'er is opening the mouth to say suddenly: "You did not need to struggle. This first calculates evenly and that's the end. From the technique and flavor/smell, should be the father loses. But from the goal, Elder Brother Ji Dong has not won. If he to not give this elder sister mixes this glass of liquor, was not necessarily able the resembles of display so to be formerly perfect. This also the liquor that is doomed he not to adjust drinks to others. Therefore, this first is tie is absolutely fair. Although Elder Brother Ji Dong suffers a loss slightly, but should be the result that your both sides most can accept."

This time Du Xin'er, in the eye completely is the ray that envies and envies, she is really good to envy Lie Yan (raging flames). She hopes that heart can deliver to itself in front . The girl most likes is romantic, the young girl who this begins to be interested in the opposite sex how can be exceptional. At this moment, she looks that the Ji Dong vision even somewhat knits the brows including Ji Dong, that completely is the star light sparkle!

However, although Du Xin'er seems the somewhat starry eyed appearance, the words that she spoke actually can definitely obtain the approval of Ji Dong and Du Sikang. Du Sikang has not spoken, instead looks to Ji Dong. Because he understands, even if this, oneself have profited.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "If President Du does not have the opinion, is counted the tie, like this arrives to guarantee that our three competition were conducted. President Du under intent how?"

Du Sikang nodded, said: "Good, such being the case, obsolete is impolite. We start directly second, slightly makes the rest?"

The Ji Dong vision falls on Du Sikang front shaker, "first sharply does not start, I have not understood the good wine that President Du mixes, does not know whether?"

Hand signal that Du Sikang has made invitation, "naturally."After this first competition, his absolute had vacillated self-confidently, he is clear, if Ji Dong agree made him taste a moment ago that glass of cocktails, first lost. Oneself really underestimated this young people. He does not know whether can say Ji Dong formerly drink mixing was a miracle, all that but Ji Dong showed in his opinion even displayed that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill also to shock compared with initially Ji Dong.

After all, he cannot involve the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, but is top to drink mixing, is suppressed in the level that oneself most excel, this feeling will be uncomfortable regarding anybody. But as the matter stands, stimulated his fighting spirit.

Opens shaker, immediately, strongly fragrant fragrance floating spreads, Du Sikang takes out three highball glass personally, is divided into three good wine in shaker.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not gone forward, because she does not want to taste any liquor at this time again. Her total involvement a moment ago this "heart"was being infiltrated by Ji Dong.

Ji Dong to a gold/metal hand signal, they go forward, Ji Dong nose moves slightly, on the face already changed countenance, "nice wine."In the previous generation, he is not only drink mixing Great Master, is wine- tasting Great Master. six senses wine-tasting law that he originally creates is world-shaking. At this time looked with eyes, heard with nose, can feel the lots.

Similarly is Midnight Sunlight, ever changing that perhaps, the cup of liquor he of Du Sikang mixture has not modulated, but has actually occupied a pure character, pure Midnight Sunlight, three types of base liquor with two flavor/smell perfect integrations of ingredients, has formed the sole flavor/smell absolutely. This ability, is not worse than his same liquor hundred tastes.

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Chapter 289: Eighteen lohans, doing several things at the same time wrong shade

The glass of liquor that Du Sikang adjusts. The characteristics are pure, does not have the slightest bit impurity, in wine enters the Cup, outside the cup has covered light rime fog.

Ji Dong carries the wine glass, light sips, immediately, the icy cold liquor fluid floods in the mouth, the strongly fragrant compound fragrance erupts in the mouth instantaneously, that the moving feeling made him be also enchanted by in an instant. The pure flavor/smell from the tip of tongue to root of the tongue, the flavor/smell in extending erupts time and time again, takes to his new pleasant surprise time and time again. Ji Dong clear awareness, if of previous generation, most also can only be such degree, even must have inferior. Especially in this glass of liquor, fuses various flavors/smells the abilities, is not the technique that his previous generation can achieve can achieve. This is Du Sikang by the stimulation of Ninth Water magic power, has completed. Without a doubt, this absolutely is one cup of tops cocktail.

Ji Dong is tasting, gold/metal similarly is also tasting, her look also had the change, although she impossible like Ji Dong cognition the clarity of when wine-tasting. The person but who does not understand liquor can also drink this glass of liquor good. But, she always thought that although this glass of liquor are good, actually cannot make her be enchanted by. Looked from the flavor/smell, this glass of liquor are also much better compared with that cup of Ji Dong mixture initially she drank. But has actually been short of a feeling, was short of that to make her body and mind entirely drunk mood. "Nice wine. President Du worthily is the name of Wine God."In the Ji Dong eye reveals the clear admiration. He initially first time knows when Du Sikang this Wine God title, completely is pū by the nose. At that time he just arrived at shortly after this world, does not think bartending skill of some people in this world can compare with oneself. But he now actually clear realizing, Du Sikang truly is Bartender of rank. If he can in the young two and 30 years, have the creativity, perhaps, he is oneself goal.

That glass of liquor that Du Sikang will be many toss down, the icy cold cocktail brought to rush the tipsy feeling of eruption to upwell, making on his face many red. Also draws support from this glass of liquor, lit blazing in his eyes. "Mr. Ji Dong, our second competition, this starts."He does not dare to recall when the beforehand Ji Dong drink mixing appearance, thinks that strange its technique technique, his confidence greatly will be disappointed. He drinks this glass of liquor, is using the alcohol to lull itself, making own spirit more centralized. Even if the ponder, must complete today's competition to say first again. He will not have the slightest bit to despise to Ji Dong, will certainly whole-heartedly.


After Ji Dong returns own drink mixing stage, two people vision relative, reveals meaning that several points pity clearheadedly. Again after only hand. shaker were placed the drink mixing stage by them respectively.

When they place shaker, the surrounding Bartenders vision will unable to bear will contract. They understand that many only shaker drink mixing is a how difficult matter. The different cocktails need to use the different techniques. Without a doubt, Ji Dong and Du Sikang in this second competion. Will not modulate any redundant cocktail. Therefore, always shaker, the difficulty can explosion of geometrical multiple.

Quick, both sides have put out ninth shaker, nine figures, in Bartender this profession, simultaneously will modulate nine types of cocktails to be called nine Lian treasure lamps with nine shaker. Is a Ultimate Skill method. Each Bartender on the scene is extremely excited, can see at the same time emergence of two nine Lian treasure lamps, regarding them, is the lucky matter? They are anticipating extension of this peak showdown. If first they think what will see ends the victory. Then, in this second, their stared wide-eyed, the spirit completely is centralized. For fear that leaves out any detail. They are not willing to have any regret by themselves.

Also at this moment, the hand of Du Sikang tenth time has taken bearing unexpectedly under the drink mixing stage, in numerous Bartenders screams, he took out tenth shaker.

This increased one, but, increased one in nine limits again, this surmounts the experience of limit completely. Made Bartenders shocking also in behind. Ji Dong has also made similar movement, on his front drink mixing stage, were many tenth shaker.

The Du Sikang vision concentrates. Hesitant moment, his hand, has taken bearing unexpectedly once again under the table, 11 th......

Bartenders already anxious nearly is unable to breathe, many of them, in the mind is a blank. Even if these Eight Stars Bartender, when to increase eighth shaker trains hard, has Du Sikang been able to achieve 11 shaker?

However, the next moment, the screams, have been similar to the great waves resound in the entire room.

Ji Dong has not stopped similarly, is, this time, he takes out, unexpectedly is three shaker. In addition beforehand ten, are 13.

The Du Sikang vision also coagulated, 11, this is the limit that he can achieve. Needs to rely on magic power to support whole-heartedly. He had thought that if own magic power can promote to Eight-Crown realm, perhaps also increases a possibility again. But, Ji Dong took out 13 unexpectedly, that is entire 13!

The hand of Du Sikang has not searched again to the drink mixing stage, but is the static gaze Ji Dong, even if because again increases one, his drink mixing will also crash, is last pot liquor is not likely able to mix completes. "Can you achieve really?"Du Sikang somewhat difficult asking.

In the Ji Dong eye the self-confident ray does not have the slightest bit to be weaken, "."

Du Sikang took a deep breath, "good. I think, this I do not need to reveal shortcomings again. So long as Mr. Ji Dong can show that you can generate these 13 glasses of cocktails with the new tunes. I am willing to admit defeat."

Ji Dong nodded. "President Du, a little I need to state beforehand. The liquor that I adjust, will not give others to drink easily. You naturally. However, I had decided long ago once, every day mixes the different types the cocktails, one day of not over three times. Therefore, how you look at this. I simultaneously drink mixing, but actually does not use the liquor. I will make you notice clearly each different technique shows."

Du Sikang looks at Ji Dong, solemnly said: "In shaker whether has the liquor, the difficulty is completely different. This point, Mr. Ji Dong should understand. Although that phase difference is not many. But if the spatial pot, I can also use 13 self-confidently."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "that if so?"At the same time was saying, his both hands simultaneously search the drink mixing stage, the next moment, on the drink mixing stage were also many five wine pots. In addition beforehand 13, altogether 18.

"This is impossible." The Du Sikang body trembled slightly, looks at Ji Dong, in the eye fills has startled different.

Ji Dong said: "After President Du sees me again, these words should not be first time appear in your mind. I always believe, nothing is impossible. 18 wine pots, mix 18 types of different cocktails. I name as it, eighteen lohans 18 turn."

At the same time was saying. Ji Dong double handles gently shakes, 18 shaker have arranged neatly in together, his vision takes a fast look around, bright sound said: "Although does not use the real liquor, but I believe that each on the scene is an expert, can understand my technique. Asked everybody to remember the order. From one to 18, the cocktail that I will modulate separately is: The sunrise, early morning, the silver seacoast, ruby and Sun burn, death and the wearing a mask devil, the scarlet dragon, the blue electric wave, frost, the sevenfold day, halo, ice and fire midday nap, angel and afternoon, are in love with, end and Raging Flames Burning Passion eternal,"

He said a name of liquor every time, took to the feeling of Bartenders to shock, each cocktail that because he chose, has the unique drink mixing technique, can say. Each type needs to consume the huge energy when the mixture alone. But he must do at this moment, unexpectedly is 18 shaker, 18 types of cocktails also shows. This is one made Bartenders Association Bartenders, even is the matter that Wine God Du Sikang is unable to imagine.

"President Du, please fall back on one side."Ji Dong waved to Du Sikang.

Du Sikang subconscious moving sideways arrives at side, leaves the Ji Dong drink mixing stage positive/direct flash in him, bang, in front of Ji Dong that heavy drink mixing stage was left by his foot pedal, enough three meters.

18 crystal shaker on drink mixing stage simultaneously fly into the midair just like 18 rays generally, but the next moment, Du Sikang clearly saw, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into white. The white flame, beats in his eyes pupil, but above his both hands, has ignited the similar brilliance.

Tows, brandishes and blooms, 18 light shadow almost simultaneously wield. Bartenders front Ji Dong vanished. But in the midair, is only the flash, presented six his forms.

Right, is six, except for Lie Yan (raging flames), no one can see in these six forms, which is true Ji Dong. afterimage that transforms instantaneously is very clear, the cream ray also from the sky brandishes in this flash. 18 shaker, respectively had as if found their masters, different halos in different swings. Bartenders intentionally discovered with amazement that 18 shaker soaring appearance, defers to 18 cocktail most perfect techniques that Ji Dong said to carry on the mixture. Moreover the order slightly is also good. From the sunrise, finished by Raging Flames Burning Passion. 18 shaker, that in that light white ray, are sparkling the moving halo.

The light chaos aura, making each Bartender spirit especially centralized. Their breath temporarily stopped in this moment. They have even covered oneself mouth, for fear that own squeal affects the peerless technique that Ji Dong shows.

This, this, is this really the standard that the person can meet?

Six forms, is a gift, Ji Dong fusion the second jade of day give his gift. In the jade of this day, records a skill similarly. That is a mysterious step. The name is the doing several things at the same time wrong shade.

Both hands of Du Sikang are shivering, body is also shivering, at this time, he had clearly recognized suddenly a fact, Ji Dong formerly did not use magic power to assist bartending skill is not he not, is not he is unable to achieve, but does not hope by.

At this moment, presents before him, is actually the pure skill, on Ji Dong has not revealed magic power to fluctuate as before as before! But that exquisite control actually obviously is based on magic power, although does not know that white light is anything, but Du Sikang can actually feel important function of this white light faintly in Ji Dong drink mixing.

Each shaker, is fluctuating by most perfect motion trajectory unceasing about. It seems, looks like has six people simultaneously to mix these 18 types of cocktails, this is what kind of unique skill! Just as such that Ji Dong said that shaker that each from the sky dances in the air is quite clear, without any errors. Which shaker regardless of pays attention to, even if Du Sikang, is unable to discover slight defect of Ji Dong absolutely when drink mixing. Doing several things at the same time wrong shade mysterious step is Ji Dong can complete the key that this eighteen lohans 18 turn at present, but is actually not only. When not doing several things at the same time wrong shade, Ji Dong by own complete speed, can pull out afterimage temporarily, but is unendurable, is impossible now so to be likely clear. But is different at this time, afterimage that his Soila leaves, each with honorable person not any difference. Physical quality that is relying on the tyrannical incomparable psychic force, exceeding others in ability. He was just contacting is doing several things at the same time in the wrong shade short time, has practiced the third layer ability this skill. this doing several things at the same time wrong shade also like extinguishing the god strikes, is divided into nine. Extinguishes the god to strike Ji Dong not to experiment with enough time after this Chaos Fire breaks through completely whether has anything to progress. But these three doing several things at the same time wrong shades to his combat capability, the skill in close combat have the enormous promotion particularly.

At this time these six forms, mysterious drink mixing way, not only does several things at the same time the wrong shade merit, simultaneously Dark Moon Dance and Teng Snake of also Ji Dong own originally meeting dodge to display the related skill with the movement, relies on these skills, Ji Dong can so perfect completes this eighteen lohans.

Conquers, the Ji Dong eighteen lohans 18 turned has conquered has presented all people, even if were Wine God Du Sikang is no exception.

But Ji Dong, completely immersed in this wonderful world, the huge psychic force emits from the soul vortex, around his body that light white light, on also light white flame, is not Chaos Fire, but is the fire of soul, soul vortex central disk around the fire of soul.

After ten transformations, the bead of formation chaos, the fire of soul completely is also independent, has formed the soul vortex, had the control chaos ability truly. In order to complete the mysterious drink mixing techniques of this eighteen lohans, Ji Dong has released completely own psychic force, accurate is grasping each drink mixing, even if the slightest place. Six forms, the light shadow from the sky shuttle is vertically and horizontally indefinite, all that perfect, does not have perfect of slightest bit slight defect. Crystal shaker, from the sky outlined a miracle strange picture.

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Chapter 290: The east China sea, the brothers meet

Is holding the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) happily, the Ji Dong whole body had the light smile to go out of Bartenders Association. His mood. Is insightful and sunny like the weather of this blue sky ten thousand miles non- cloud.

The eighteen lohans 18 turned has conquered Bartenders Association all people. This is technique that Ji Dong originally creates, in the most peak of this world drink mixing technique.

Has not carried on the third competition, Du Sikang admitted defeat, because he knows, even if uses the strength of oneself life, perhaps is impossible again is the Ji Dong match. When he holds the famous name wine records with one bottle of desert fine wines to the Ji Dong front, even does not have the slightest bit regret and loving dearly. He told Ji Dong, is the miracle that Ji Dong showed makes him see Bartender another direction. He this will certainly compete with the record today, leaves the Bartenders Association latter people, he also believes, this record the materials of struggles of two big Wine God, in the value, will not have been lower than one bottle of desert fine wines. Being sincerely convinced that he loses.

Ji Dong declined the good intention that the Du Sikang people have delivered them to leave, declined Northern Water Empire to want the request that invited his according to state banquet to treat. At this time, the Bartenders Association famous name wine records as well as one bottle of desert fine wines lies down in the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet. However, he millennium origin of life in Vermilion Bird bracelet also from the originally eight bottles turned into seven bottles. He treated as the gift to give Du Sikang one bottle of origin of life eventually. It is not because he is tenderhearted, because of respect to Du Sikang. Du Sikang bartending ability completely had qualifications to earn the respect of Ji Dong. Ji Dong understands, if were not this own psychic force made the qualitative change quantum leap, today's competion can only say that was the victory and defeat difficult material.

Nine fly high to transfer the Nine dragons play bead positive, afterward eighteen lohans 18 turned, in the ability that behind his psychic force qualitative change can display! Facing one with same level Wine God. Ji Dong can definitely understand the Du Sikang mood. Therefore, he left behind one bottle of origin of life to give Du Sikang. Also only then Bartender of Du Sikang this rank, will not regard the liquor origin of life peerless famous name wine but is not the medicament.

Looks that on the face reveals Ji Dong of smiling face, Lie Yan (raging flames) is saying with a smile: "Ji Dong, what then do you have to plan?"

Ji Dong said: "We return to Central Earth Empire. Because formerly I suddenly remembered, must see a person. Also must meet a person. Then I did not return to the earth core world, sought surface-to-underwater cultivates some time, obtained will achieve mastery through a comprehensive study after recently, directly attended the war of Holy and Evil."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Good, listens your. This time attended the war of Holy and Evil, you lead gold/metal to go together. Has gold/metal to help you, I can also feel relieved."

Ji Dong looks to gold/metal, discovered that gold/metal is also looking at himself, two people vision relative, gold/metal somewhat dodges leaning opening. Ji Dong hurries to take back the vision, he has felt anything from King's unnatural, when looks at Lie Yan (raging flames) again, discovered Lie Yan (raging flames) eyes had a profound meaning reveals the smile to oneself. Helpless shaking the head, "we walk. Said honestly, I somewhat anticipate the start of war of this Holy and Evil."

Raised the head to look up to the sky. In the heart of Ji Dong the unconscious recollection initially the secret to the words that oneself spoke, seven years that initially he said that must arrive, will could it be, on this Holy and Evil Battlefield, what have really?


"Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple, since heavenly stems disciple was born, you are first have the dual attribute magic power disciple. This represents you to have the formidable future without doubt. Also represents is a huger challenge that you must face. Ji Dong, you are the leader of this generation of heavenly stems disciples. Control world prosperity and decline one generation of Saint kings."


"The Saint king of arising at the historic moment, all chances, your birth, is the divine intervention is even the result. Your future road is very difficult and rugged, will be revolved by the tragedy. However, you actually as before are the Saint king who supervises the world."


"Now also makes anything time, I take the vitality as the price revelation secret, but hopes that you can prepare, your also seven years. Seven years later, when is worldwide chaos."


"I take 20 years of vitality as the price, traded one to your direction, you must keep firmly in mind surely. The chaos awaken in Lie Yan (raging flames), god will bring endless sad, when pinnacle grief, when for broken cocoon rebirth, is illusory and realistic, the soul struggles in Lie Yan (raging flames), breaks the eternal life in Lie Yan (raging flames), when Lie Yan (raging flames) revisits the world, the divine intervention will change, nihility, illusory and empty boundary. Cannot see that endless future, only hope the result is not the tragedy. Was sure to remember, was sure to remember."


Six months later. East China sea.

Was stationed in Five-Nation Allied Armies here recently becomes lively, the atmosphere that the massive army reassignments, the overall drilling, also withered gradually, shows that once every five years grand occasion soon to start.

On Light Five Elements Continent, the vision of all powerhouses all gazed in this time in this east China sea, the peaceful time too long was too freely long, who dares to relax in the showdown of this holy war rank?

Along with being good friends as at first of Ye Xin and Fu Rui, entire Yin-Yang School looks like sheet iron. Even if the board of directors must have scruples regarding Yin-Yang School, a Fu Rui person is not fearful, but these directors actually clear remembering previous cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister come of Central Plains City important person, Ji Dong is their disciples, Fu Rui same is also. Let alone is only 30 over Fu Rui, almost can definitely definitely break through Nine-Crown, becomes the next supreme powerhouse.

However, this time Fu Rui in the military compound of Five Great Empires garrison, Ye Xin has not actually been pulling his arm, two people are strolling above the beach. Looks that distant place that gloomy ten thousand thunder break into a jail thunder light who often flashes through, in the Fu Rui eye often cold Dian past.

"When finally weapon Li Yonghao, the war of this Holy and Evil is your I determines the final outcome. I will not give you again any opportunity."Fu Rui was crying out in the direction of sea.

The Ye Xin static companion side Fu Rui, five years passes, she seemed maturer several points, like one thoroughly ripe the honey peach was common, graceful moving heart and soul.

Present Fu Rui, with initially had very big difference, he already no longer was that obstinate, can hear others' opinion, among the sentiment with Ye Xin was stable and warm. Accompanies side him, Ye Xin is very relieved, nobody compared with the cultivation of her clearer Fu Rui is how assiduous, is having the how terrifying strength.

Both hands grip the big hand of Fu Rui. Ye Xin smiles, "after the war of this Holy and Evil ended, do not forget that matter that Oh you have promised me."

The Fu Rui vision changes Ye Xin, formerly also had filled in the male tyrant world power and influence eye pupil, the look immediately became gentle, hugged into her the bosom, "will I forget? The war of this Holy and Evil, should also be fighting of Holy and Evil I participate in finally. Little Junior Brother grew, shocks for his strength including me. The next time, has him to lead, the victor on Holy and Evil Battlefield can be we as before. After waiting for this war to end. I should also get married. These years with me you, I had not led you to go out to play like others boyfriends painstakingly. After we marry, I lead certainly you to visit entire continent, compensation these years to your have a deficit well."

If some people see present Fu Rui, grinning with ear to ear that can be startled, is this that tyrant certainly world Thunder Emperor? His vision that gentle, does not have usually in aggression.

Ye Xin the face by in Fu Rui that just like the granite chest muscles on, "had your words I to satisfy. Actually, so long as can with you in the same place, where go to not to matter. I am not one cannot endure the lonely person, even if the lightest life, I was also very satisfied. Fu Rui, do you know? I thanked Ji Dong really very much. I had thought, was he changed you. Make you with before is different. Present you, are almost in my eyes perfect. I do not have many extravagant demands, can be your wife, was I most greatly pursues now."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "What is lucky is I am right. Initial I, was really too silly. However mentioned Little Junior Brother, this boy was really the world rarely seen (weirdo). Compared with him, my simply is not any talent! Does not know how more than half a year the time he will take to me pleasantly surprised. I again after he leads the way, later this Holy and Evil Battlefield surely is his world."

Ye Xin shows a faint smile, said: "Calculates the time, he should also come. Said honestly, I am very difficult to believe his strength can overtake you in this several years. Must say the talent, perhaps everyone had no way compared with your this Little Junior Brother."

Ye Xin was speaking of here, suddenly felt that the body of Fu Rui moved slightly, points at airborne is saying with a smile: "Haha, look, wasn't that he comes?"

Ye Xin looks following the direction of Fu Rui finger, sees only in the midair, one group of thick fog float from the distant place, if not pay attention carefully, simply could not see that it has any difference with other clouds. was puzzled said: "You said that Ji Dong in that group in the clouds?"

The Fu Rui smile nods, said: "Perhaps others cannot look, but does he possibly hide the truth from me? I am thunder and lightning control. That is the effect that Little Junior Brother that fifty Saint Fire Dragon brings."At the same time was saying. He lifts the hand to airborne to wield, an burst sound of thunder gets up.

Really, the airborne that group of clouds floating, having the faintly recognizable illusory aura to drop from the clouds. Low and deep and clear, two completely different dragon recited the sound from the sky to reverberate.

The Ji Dong clear and bright sound from airborne conveys, "Senior Brother and sister-in-law. I have not come late."

cloud open/start the fog has lifted, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon appearance has appeared, sees it, Fu Rui was startled. When with previous time meets different, present fifty Saint Fire Dragon had the enormous change, the body became huge, compared with thick, the height also increased to 15 meters, although it was restraining oneself aura, but Fu Rui and Ye Xin can feel that an intense oppression strength released from it.

On black half body and white half body, the scale is sending out light golden color, each scale becomes sincerer and enchanting, in the double headed dragon pupil, is glittering nearly substantive brilliance, that majestic, the appearance of god steed, reveals for several points to envy including Fu Rui.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, altogether has three people. Two male female. Ji Dong has not waited for fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fall to the ground, the diving posture, arrived in front of Fu Rui and Ye Xin. But in other two people who the dragon carries on the back, wears the golden mail-armor and helmet, covers gold/metal Fu Rui of whole body to see. But another person he is actually first time sees. However, most attracts Fu Rui and Ye Xin attention, is Ji Dong.

But is the time of more than half a year does not see, Fu Rui discovered, the Ji Dong whole person has plants to be reborn the feeling. Similarly is the pinnacle magic power owner, his feeling is most profound, the present Junior Brother sends out the feeling that one type can see the whole matter clearly. Before his vision, compared seemed to be more limpid, faint, released the aura fluctuation that one type was making itself unable to ponder over from him.

Fu Rui helpless shaking the head, said with a smile: "Little Junior Brother, it seems like you have broken through! Can you like this, do not see each time, must make me be surprised. My heart may soon unable to withstand."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Senior Brother, do not tease me. Although I cultivation base had promoted recently, how can be able compared with you?"

At this time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon fell to the ground, its is different from nine dragon claw of traditional Huaxia Divine Dragon five claws almost also falls to the ground, is honored and dignified, soaring dragon and arrogant aura, made Fu Rui and Ye Xin vision once more fall on it. "Little Junior Brother, you will not tell me, your this fifty Saint has Fire Dragon evolved?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Evolved. Said that is also the chance coincidence. By the strength, it may be more formidable than me."Saw Maotai and appearance of Wuliangye that Huaxia Divine Dragon each time, in the Ji Dong heart has filled proudly. Although they are different in the Ji Dong impression appearances of leading below the belly five claws, but double headed nine claws actually obviously honored. This can be said as Lie Yan (raging flames) gives his gift!

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. The genuine big climax must start. Hehe.
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