Jiu Shen Chapter 271-280

Chapter 271: five elements big

Ji Dong facing demon pledge left elder. The fierce sword faces the heavy hammer, has not dodged, meets the tough head-on with toughness completely, in the fierce sword floods, is the Sovereign King proud meaning, the sword hammer intersection, extremely terrifying thundering from the sky resounds, the pinnacle Yang Fire huge explosive force, swings directly the left elder heavy hammer. But the Ji Dong fierce sword also the shaken rebound, by the left elder shouted curvingly superior magic power Ji Dong should unable to stabilize lives in the personal appearance, but his right arm actually strange in a flash trembles, stiffly melts the strength of counter- shaking completely. The application of Teng Snake strength technique.

Good that very left Elder planned, he has not cared regarding Ji Dong another sword, as the demon pledge Protector the elder, he is also experienced, the demon pledge regarding the pinnacle magic power owner's record is extremely exhaustive, in own magic power occupies in the superior situation comprehensively, he does not think that Ji Dong can defeat itself, only needs to pay attention is that command drills the lizard restless double headed monster by. His hammer moves forward to meet somebody, has used 80% strengths, thinks according to him. Even if Ji Dong can keep off, the personal appearance that also will be vibrated by oneself surely is not steady, only then relies on the magic beast strength to retrocede fast, can melt the strength of counter- shaking, another sword naturally collapsed of itself. But, he has not thought, Ji Dong simply has not used the fifty Saint Fire Dragon strength, unexpectedly so easily melts the strength that he has attacked. As the matter stands, that turned into the black, is flooding the black flame, bringing the covering of fan shape brilliance flame sword to come, directly soars the left elder overhead to cut. However, even if this, left elder not slightly flustered, because drills the ten diamond great shields of lizard to arrive, the heavy sword that the both sides great shield drops from the clouds in line with Ji Dong welcomed, the magic beast mount and master regard were interlinked, drill the lizard naturally are when was most essential has launched the rescue to the left elder.

However, trusts his drill lizard like the left elder, Ji Dong to own fifty Saint Fire Dragon also absolute trust. Drills the lizard not to disappoint left elder, can be called Ji Dong father general fifty Saint Fire Dragon will disappoint Ji Dong?

The illusory light shadow, appear here moment on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the black and white two-color ray is covering Ji Dong and Du Sikang that he and carries on the back, is becoming is not real in an instant.

left Elder only thought that at present a flower, the next moment, fifty Saint Fire Dragon vanished from surrounding of ten diamond great shields unexpectedly, is. The attack of that flame sword not only has not lost, instead accelerates instantaneously, arrived at the left elder top of the head.

Fifty ceremonial fire Long Tian bestows on the skill, passes through.

Any magic beast, has own talent skill, even if strength extremely small and weak magic beast is also same. But the quantity and might of exclusive skill are different. Without a doubt, fifty Saint Fire Dragon this birth had formidable magic beast of Rank 8 strength, the exclusive skill naturally is also extremely powerful, even is unique.

Passes through, listens to very simple skill, when truly facing can feel its place of powerful. The effect of passing through is, can in the flash, disregard any purely magic power attack, the instantaneous empty body, the penetration, displays one time, needs to adjust for ten minutes to release once more. Being away from that passes through what can achieve by the fifty Saint Fire Dragon current Rank 8 strength is 100 meters. After Maotai and Wuliangye evolve into Rank 10 magic beast, the effect that this passes through at least can be the kilometer. Has this talent skill, means that any knot kind of magic skill, so long as thickness not over 100 meters. It is not able to produce the hindrance results to him. Say nothing of drills the diamond great shield that the lizard condensed.

Maotai and Wuliangye start in final flash, does not have the omen . Moreover the rapidness of speed, simply shifts likely instantaneously general. The Ji Dong flame sword also shifts, if not because has the instantaneous sluggishness after crossing over, the left elder has been decapitated now.

left Elder only thought that the whole body fine body hair stands erect, that heavy sword comes was really too quick, although the Ji Dong first sword cannot become the wound to other party, but resisted the powerful attack of Scorching Sun Bite pinnacle Yang Fire quite to consume magic power, in his hand the hammer head of heavy hammer at this time or the golden red, was sending out the high fever, maintained reluctantly has not been melting. Also resists radically without enough time upwardly. At this kind of time, the coordination of Mage and mount showed the important function, in diamond dragon mouth has sent out grating dragon to recite the sound, bright yellow light covered to burst out instantaneously from it, at the same time, it restrained the pair of wings suddenly, since this flash received own flying ability, the huge body led the left elder to crash just like the freely falling body generally downward rapidly.

In the grating fricative, the clear(ly) yellow light covered almost changed into the black in the flash, the next moment became the black flame combustion. In the so hasty situation, this Rank 9 drills the instantaneous defense of lizard is unable to prevent the flame sword below to strike, but made the flame sword relaxing moment of under that striking eventually. Is this free time of moment, has brought the vitality to the left elder.

Drills the lizard to sink rapidly, the heavy hammer of left elder flings finally with enough time, meets the approaching enemy the Ji Dong flame sword.

In the Ji Dong eye the cold light flashes, the magic power comprehensive eruption, the magic power transformation of Dark Moon Claw is Dark Moon Flame, the dazzling black flame made the air twist thoroughly.

Loudly in loud sound. Flame sword sword blade numerous cutting strike above left elder that heavy hammer. left Elder only thought that a palm heat, the terrifying explosive force bursts out instantaneously, at this time during he is startled, magic power that can output is limited, the Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppresses the comprehensive eruption under being in inverse proportion. Formerly that struck Scorching Sun Bite residual pinnacle Yang Fire magic power and pinnacle Yin Fire on flame sword produces the Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill eruption results immediately.

On the hammer head of that great hammer, blasted out close one-fifth gaps stiffly, magic power of above brand mark is drops, saw that this quality extremely good long handle attacked Magic Tool to destroy under fiercely, the flame double sword. The left elder and his drill lizard let alone, were tie down Ji Dong, under this hit hard, was accelerates to fall.

Has not thought including Ji Dong, facing Eight-Crown Mage, oneself can actually such quickly occupy the winning side, his here broke that side also gold/metal of opposite party great hammer to shear the moment of right elder hammer head by the court eunuch manufacturer. Is relying on the Divine level weapon, a seat of honor, Ji Dong and gold/metal completely got the winning side.

However, their attacks also stopped. It is not Ji Dong does not want to pursue the left elder, but is he does not have such time. Was shaken gold/metal who flies at the airborne transition, started to fall. At this time, he must first aid gold/metal to be good.

Cannot want Ji Dong to tell, in fifty Saint Fire Dragon body swinging ejection, already King's body steady has met, looks dense cold light that on the court eunuch manufacturer sends out. Also felt that including Ji Dong lower part of the body feels cold. Not only this strange weapon the itself might is tyrannical, has the formidable awing effect to masculine Mage.

Du Sikang looked to stay completely, are they really Six-Crown Mage? They, only then seems such big age? The battle efficiency that Ji Dong and gold/metal are erupting instantaneously, goes beyond the range that he has been able to imagine completely.

When he several days ago hears Du Ming does obeisance Ji Dong for the Master, in heart also some discontented, although the son and his idea are different, but actually after all is his only son, to this talent better only son, Du Sikang has very high expectation. Saw that the son has done obeisance one unexpectedly the artificial Master who he is younger, Du Sikang was quite at that time discontented, if not being the several association presidents of Heavenly Water City Mage Branch. Perhaps he directly manifested suddenly. Then, because of the status of Ji Dong that law enforcement elder, makes him bear patiently. Bartenders Association needs help from Mage Guild, at this kind of time, he will offend the Mage Guild person? For several days busily has arranged for the matter of today, does not have inquires the son with enough time. Now, when he saw that Ji Dong and gold/metal have simultaneously ruined in that two demon pledge level highest Mage hands by the tyrannical strength the weapon, drilled the pressure of lizard actually also to get the winning side facing two Rank 9, he was clear, the status of Ji Dong this law enforcement elder did not obtain depending on the relationship through female relatives. He has such strength truly! Although magic power is Six-Crown, but strength actually sufficiently compares favorably with Eight-Crown Mage, even surmounts existence of Eight-Crown. In history, Du Sikang first time feels, son's vision is better. This Teacher does obeisance is worth absolutely very much.

The reinforcements in Ji Dong mouth, simply do not have a shadow, but Du Sikang does not have the slightest bit to be discontented, he understands, by Ji Dong and King's such strength, the upfront shakes hardly can rout the opposite party, if insists on being separated, the opposite party does have can prevent them? The crossing over skill that especially beforehand fifty Saint Fire Dragon displays, has brought enormous shock to him. If his snow and ice Land Dragon compares with fifty Saint Fire Dragon, simply is the trash. Worthily is the Thunder Emperor Junior Brother, the strength of this young people seems not evidently more inferior than Fu Rui. Relied on own strength, Ji Dong has been conquering this President Bartenders Association completely, let alone was the son requests him to be the Master, if possible, Du Sikang even wants also to give Ji Dong to be good the daughter. The age is not the issue, reaches is the Master.

Du Sikang was shocked, is pleasantly surprised shock, but demon pledge, was another type shocks completely. This time gathers at demon pledge Mage of Beimangshan, almost occupied the entire demon pledge one-third strengths. Grey clothes young girl young hegemon arrives personally, they exerts its utmost regarding the desert fine wine. Before the motion, the plan is quite thorough, not only strength computation clarity of very Heavenly Water city. Bartenders Association own strength, Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch also completely calculates. But is this ninety percent sure motion, actually had the accident/surprise. Until at this moment, the demon pledge people does not understand how Ji Dong and gold/metal enter the cavern.

"Ascends the sky roadless, enters does not have the gate, five elements big." The grey clothes young girl moved at this time really hot, the opposite party only has two people! Actually Protector the elder to repel two of her demon pledge, but also has destroyed the magic power weapon. If made them run away again, will have the attack that was hard to imagine to the demon pledge surely. She could not attend to other, sets firm resolve, destroys at present this men and women whole-heartedly.

25 demon pledge Mage in airborne separate rapidly, but, this time they are actually not five types different attribute Mage one group. But is each sole attribute Mage gathers.

In other words, five Metal department, five Earth department, and so on, every five people gather. Separately five directions in sky. Each group is three cloudy two positive, complements one another. If before is not , they were struck to kill one group of Yang attribute Mage by Ji Dong, at this time should be the combinations of three cloudy three suns. The strength will be more terrifying.

Even if has lacked one group of Mage, after 25 Mage simultaneously are lifting off, makes Ji Dong and self-confidence in gold/metal eyes presented a vacillation.

Every five people of one group, from the sky composes the huge set, these Mage with fuse first in oneself mount magic power together, then directly sends out purest magic power, five same attributes are divided the Yin-Yang Mage to bloom own attribute, five people of magic power pour into at 1 : 00, sends out extremely huge attribute magic power to fluctuate, that is not the pure Yin-Yang, but is the Yin-Yang fusion, because although magic power is imbalanced, the integration is limited, but has gathered five Six-Crown Mage the magic power fusion in the magic power extremely terrifying that 1 : 00 has.

Sees only in the midair, five luminous spots rapidly expand, was almost in an instant, has formed five mix rays giant light groups in the sky, the huge ray has even covered their bodies, Wood department azure and green, red and blue of Fire department, the Earth department yellow and grey, white and gold/metal of Metal department, the black and purple of Water department, after these five light groups formed, the magic power element in air crazy concentrated to go to them, five light groups coordinated with each other across a great distance, the entire sky was covered by ten color/look rays immediately. Before fifty Saint Fire Dragon primal chaos demon territory, that two demon pledges Protector the Fifth Earth demon territory of elder to be nothing left in this moment. Acme magic power that Ji Dong and gold/metal and on fifty Saint Fire Dragon formidable pressure oppression send out recycles in oneself completely.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon transmits to the Ji Dong clear feeling, his distance that passed through the skill in this case to display is oppressed 30 meters from 100 meters.

five elements big that 25 Six-Crown Mage compose, approached in infinitely initially on Holy and Evil Island ten big disciples in five elements Yin-Yang that display. Although disparity of pressure in range compared with five elements Yin-Yang also, the area that but covers is more widespread. five elements ten departments magic power is complete, this absolutely is the most top knot kind of skill. Before facing these Mage, Ji Dong discovered that although they can compose five elements combination skill, may actually only be able to display most low status Standard Skill by, the skill of higher rank is unable to send out, otherwise, he and gold/metal not such calm to/clashes from the cavern. At this time, these 25 Mage completely gave up oneself power amplifier ability, releases magic power fully, the effect of produces, forms a giant prisoner's cage in the sky.

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Chapter 272: Magical instrument! The stick of earth goddess

Overall, such five elements big regarding Ji Dong and King's significance only then oppresses. Only can limit their magic power within certain amount of time. Simultaneously throws them to have the powerful oppression. But wants to surround them by such five elements big is not realistic. The reason is very simple, these Six-Crown Mage magic power are limited, impossible endless release magic power. Moreover they impossible to stimulate to movement five elements Yin-Yang to launch the attack like the heavenly stems disciple. Only can be under the pure arrange/cloth big, this was the disparity between both. Also can be said as disparity between pinnacle magic power and ordinary magic power.

For all this, demon pledge can achieve so the situation, made Ji Dong and gold/metal and Du Sikang sufficiently shocks. After this five elements big forms, Ji Dong and gold/metal by pinnacle magic power, felt that the overall strength was reduced about 30% fortunately, the pinnacle magic power attribute effect also has reduction of certain scope, but, regarding Wine God Du Sikang was not that simple. By the strength of his Seven- Crown rank, own magic power also stiffly to can only display 30-40% degrees by suppression, let alone works loose from this giant prisoner's cage, only resists the huge pressure that the five elements big institute has to make him consume greatly. The time is long, perhaps does not need the enemy to begin, he advance detachment could not support. Saw that Ji Dong and gold/metal just like the appearances of safe, in the Du Sikang heart increased for one point to admire. Ji Dong has not stimulated to movement the fifty Saint Fire Dragon rash action, fifty Saint Fire Dragon just displayed has passed through the skill, the distance next time can display the talent skill also to require certain time, moreover at present this is collaborated five elements big under arrange/cloth by 25 Mage is not 30 meters crossing over distance can break through. Ji Dong has calculated in the heart simply. In the situation of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, under the Six-Crown Mages arrange/cloth this big spending rate is not too fast, at least can support half double-hour to a free time of double-hour. He does not worry, the simplest reason is, so long as in this five elements big range, anyone, will be affected. They are the pinnacle magic power owner, the resistance are much stronger than ordinary Mage. But the person of demon pledge does not have one to have pinnacle magic power Mage, in this case also can only surround them, is actually not able to injure. The time is not the issue, waits and that's the end. Arrived must have a look at the opposite party to have any means to strike to kill itself and gold/metal. could it be they were also expecting five elements big did make itself through certain time suppression and King's magic power is insufficient?

Cloudy Yang Fire condensation law shines behind Ji Dong, even if five elements big is unable to prevent this five elements method use, relies on two law, Ji Dong almost can achieve the magic power output and absorption is equal, oneself will not have the too big consumption. Absolutely he waits.

Five light groups that five elements big forms look like the five pivots of support heaven, saw that fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Ji Dong and gold/metal and Du Sikang were stranded . The chill in the air on demon pledge that grey clothes young girl face became more intense.

Two demon heads old returned to her side, ashamed has not spoken.

The grey clothes young girl coldly has swept their one eyes, "self-torture many years, is this two elders takes to my pleasant surprise? Underestimates the match, is cracking a joke with own life. If you come up each other to coordinate, is relying on your tacit understanding, under will collaborate so to be easy by the opposite party to be broken the weapon?" The right elder also wants to explain anything, the left elder hurries to signal with the eyes to him, respectfully said: "Hegemon, was we are negligent, was willing to subject to a penalty."

Grey clothes young girl coldly snorted, after "and other matters process, said again. Good Bartenders Association. Actually can look for two pinnacle magic power owners. I to must have a look, actually they can strong to any degree. Brings up the rear for me, if they break through five elements big, must prevent it. Today, cannot make them live is leaving here."

Right Protector the elder simultaneously to drill lizard to carry on the back to bow should with.

Grey clothes young girl solemnly shouted: "little white, we walks."

The silver big bird face upwards long cry, the pair of wings launches, directly drills into five elements big.

This five elements big knot that has one way, in other words, enters from outside very easily, will not receive any obstruction, pill is in wants, must rout entire knot has the possibility.

Saw that grey clothes young girl rides the silver big bird also to enter to five elements big in unexpectedly, Ji Dong has gawked. He is not clear, was anything has given this grey clothes young girl confidence, making her dare to face itself alone and gold/metal two people. This five elements big will have the suppression to be right to her, moreover she is also not the pinnacle magic power owner, will suppress the effect to be only more intrepid. Even if her magic power has Seven-Crown marvelously, wants to cope with itself and gold/metal, in addition fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is impossible.

However. Made the matter of Ji Dong accident/surprise occur, when that silver big bird carrying/sustaining the grey clothes young girl was just entering said that in five elements big, a crystal gray ray already covered her and big bird completely, the Ji Dong surprised discovery, the five elements entire attribute in five elements big suppressed as if has not produced to their function. That grey clothes young girl as before is the unflustered appearance, that matter grey rays and her long hair ten phase splitting shapes, clearly is the fluctuation of pinnacle magic power.

According to initially Yao Qianshu, in this world, left outside Nine- Crown Mage, light attribute dark attribute Mage, any species can only have pinnacle Mage to exist. gold/metal himself is one different counts, because she revives from the cold ice. May present Sixth Earth department pinnacle Mage at present, this made Ji Dong some unable to understand. could it be said that the words that initially Yao Qianshu spoke are wrong? Moreover, even if this demon pledge hegemon is pinnacle Yin Earth Mage, should not receive this five elements big suppression to be right. five elements big is impossible to identify the ability, even if five elements Yin-Yang of pinnacle Mages use is not good.

"Why is very strange I not by the five elements tremendous influence." The grey clothes young girl stands in silver big bird carries on the back, looks at Ji Dong and who gold/metal coldly, she eagerly has not launched the attack, as if arrives is more like negotiates.

Ji Dong has not concealed doubts in oneself heart, nodded, said: "Good, I am very strange, why you not by the five elements tremendous influence. Acme Mage is impossible."

Grey clothes young girl snorted, "my simply is not pinnacle Mage. From your perspectives, I just am ordinary Mage by, even including my this magic power, not completely depends upon itself to cultivate to come. Even but if, you are pinnacle Mage. Is impossible to escape before me. You believe why under my arrange/cloth five elements big is? For direct pressure you do obey? I am not stupid, five elements big is limited regarding the oppression of pinnacle Mage. I told that the subordinate arranges this big goal, only then, that is prevents you to escape. This pledge mainly personally defeats you."

Listened to the grey clothes young girl saying that she was not pinnacle Mage, the doubts in Ji Dong heart has increased several points, "what I was not clearer, what has given your such confidence?" "You will know immediately." The grey clothes young girl lifts oneself right hand slowly, the clear gray ray has shone in her hand together suddenly. This gray ray emergence, spreads immediately from palm both sides, in an instant has extended to two meters, is similar to the gray crystal builds all over the body, stick is a female person sculpture, about one foot, the lifelikeness of carving, the gray ray circulation, gray halos send out unceasingly from above, but protects in the grey clothes young girl and her silver big bird body surrounding ray, this gray halo congeals.

Ji Dong and gold/metal look at each other one, even if in this five elements big, they simultaneously feels suffocates the Sixth Earth magic power oppression unexpectedly. Color with amazement also appears, two people almost saying with one voice: "Magical instrument?"

In grey clothes young girl eyes reveals an arrogance, "divine tool, Sixth Earth department divine tool. The stick of earth goddess. I do not have your pinnacle talents, but depends on the stick of this earth goddess actually to rout you with ease."

Unexpectedly is really the divine tool, from running into the person of demon pledge starts now, in the Ji Dong heart first time had the sense of crisis. Thunder Emperor Fu Rui of the divine tool in grey clothes young girl hand initially with thunder Yu the god axe that obtained to his feeling is different. What if thunder Yushen the axe represents is the heavenly thunder, stick of representative that this handle earth goddess is all Sixth Earth attribute all. Similarly is the divine tool, the quality of stick of earth goddess actually must above thunder Yushen the axe. Can contend with the five elements method oppression strength from this divine tool only, can imagine that its might was terrifying.

Grey clothes young girl lightly said: "Remembers my name, I called remotely. Now I give you last opportunity. The choice hires oneself my demon pledge, can not die. I can also confer you to be old for the demon head. Otherwise, you must recompense for the disciple blood debt blood that the demon pledge died."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "I have not savored the flavor/smell of divine tool. Today happen to tries. You said that gold/metal." gold/metal has not spoken, but is actually the golden light sparkle, her golden armor already covered the whole body in the clangour, has blocked from the outstandingly beautiful appearance.

Ji Dong simultaneously lifts in the hand double sword, within the body the fire of soul beats fiercely, he knows, today a combat general is the biggest challenge that he faces. Also first time feels the upfront to face the pressure of divine tool. He somewhat regretted, why before , does not have to realize that the Senior Brother that divine tool thunder Yushen axe does get rid directly the released terrifying strength? If had adapted at that time, perhaps now faces also to be more relaxed.

Before demon pledge hegemon remote hand the stick of earth goddess refers, immediately, Ji Dong and King's present all turned into the grey, the five elements tremendous pressure , the air were more a viscous feeling, looks like falls into the bog to be generally individually uncorrectable. The keen degree sharp drop of body, he and gold/metal or fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has the similar feeling. It is not the imprisonment, but is limit.

Ji Dong understands, cannot wait again at this time, otherwise, once makes the prestige of match divine tool display completely, will certainly be hard to resist.

The right hand turns, ray electricity shoots, does not launch the attack likely remotely, but shoots at gold/metal, gold/metal lifted the hand to receive, initially Ji Dong that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll that obtained from magic skill guild Mage day evil there. This scroll is metal attribute, although is Seventh Metal attribute, but uses in gold/metal hand is obviously easier to release. Moreover Ji Dong own maintaining life ability is extremely numerous, but gold/metal actually only then that armor, this is gold/metal seeks for the escape route for oneself. Thus it can be seen, he attaches great importance to the present match.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon also while Ji Dong throws to gold/metal scroll moved, was pressed to return to the black and white dual-color ray in within the body to bloom once more, stiffly haunches a day in this five elements big, at the same time, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously angrily roared, dragon mouth emit. One group of golden flame fuse a primal chaos ball with one group of black flame in the sky instantaneously, directly soars the demon pledge hegemon to hit remotely.

The Pinnacle Two Fires ball that fifty Saint Fire Dragon serves, even send out Ji Dong fully is more formidable, if weighs fifty Saint Fire Dragon with Mage level, then, it is Pinnacle Two Fires Mage of Seven-Crown rank, pure looks at cultivation base, he must above Ji Dong, even is also same as Ji Dong, is having the chaos source. But the chaos in within the body have not fused in own psychic force together, does not have the fire of soul by.

five elements tremendous that formidable pressure , was just makes this primal chaos fireball small and weak several points by, when its magic power burst out completely, in the air presented a channel of distortion immediately, the primal chaos fireball in airborne instantaneous accelerated, indistinct, can actually see this fireball to have a double fire hovering law shadow.

By the fire of soul, Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon spirit is connected, skill that he has, looks like the duplication generally by the fifty Saint Fire Dragon absorption, skill that so long as can display, fifty Saint Fire Dragon basically metropolis. Sometimes Ji Dong thinks it can evolve in the future into at least Rank 10 magic beast, thinks somewhat inconceivable. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon of Rank 8 rank so was intrepid, if after it promotes to Rank 10, can be what kind of picture?

The gray viscous air can only make them see the remote form indistinctly, but this point Ji Dong was actually not worried, even if five elements big, suppression also can only be his magic power, is actually not able to oppress his psychic force, is at a loss to the fire of soul. He can definitely solidly lock the position that is at remotely.

While fifty Saint Fire Dragon launches attack, remote here also moved, before the stick of earth goddess refers , thick grey magic power sweeps across instantaneously, almost in the flash, condenses a big net to cover to go.

Hehe, does not know that everybody wants to notice the person of fight of Luo continent entire colored cartoons does suppose? Has a look at Shrek seven to turn into the appearance after cartoon strangely. Small three found the place to upload the picture. Later in single open/start the garnering votes chapter, where will tell everybody. Hehe.

Chapter 273: Tyrant strongest strength

The primal chaos fireball contacts with this big net. Suddenly, the air shook fiercely. The primal chaos fireball turned into the grey unexpectedly, even if the explosive force of Yin-Yang two fires ball such powerful, cannot blast out that gray ray unexpectedly.

The terrifying magic power fluctuation from the sky blooms, the look on Ji Dong face became extremely dignified, he can only feel that the Pinnacle Two Fires ball in that grey magic power explodes, that grey magic power unexpectedly forcefully the explosive force absorbs. Magical instrument, unexpectedly really so formidable?

Remote cold sound transmits, "did not need to waste energy. Useless. In front of the stick of earth goddess, the opportunity that you run away will not have. The stick of earth goddess, is our demon pledge most precious object, it can display the pinnacle the defense of Earth department. Let alone is you. Even if the supreme powerhouse, is not necessarily able to break through the defense of stick of earth goddess. Let alone was you. Although I am not the pinnacle magic power owner, since that day that but since I live with the stick of earth goddess in the same place, my own all, the bloodlines and magic power, completely fused in it. Because of induction and absorption of stick of earth goddess to the Yin Earth magic power, can make me have 73 extremely magic power in the 21-year-old age. Had it, although I am not pinnacle Mage, but my magic power transforms after the stick of earth goddess, releases is pinnacle magic power of same level magnitude." Listened to remote these words. Ji Dong is extremely shocking, his shock not because of the stick of this earth goddess, because of demon pledge. Since the contact, the demon pledge has taken to him too many surprised, the strict internal system, the formidable strength, the preliminary application of five elements combination skill, also at present this body and divine tool dissolve as one hegemon. This all, has demonstrated the achievement of demon pledge millennium accumulation to him.

Compared with the demon pledge, the Mage Guild influence without doubt is much bigger, may be Mage Guild, does not have such research results. Why? Because Mage Guild has too many ordinary affairs to process. But the demon pledge as the dark side, they can actually use more time in the true savings, under is in inverse proportion, the demon pledge is gradually formidable.

No wonder this remote is only 21 years old can become the demon pledge hegemon, stick of fusion her body and earth goddess, can say, she is a divine tool, or takes own body as the price, becomes the sacrificial offering of divine tool uses this divine tool. This procedure can be said as quite overbearing, but is also quite effective. So long as the stick of earth goddess, had not been destroyed, nobody can injure her, but her soul and physical body, in the life also can only the stick of earth goddess, probably nourish the divine tool by own vitality finally unceasingly. Conceivable, her life compared with many that the average person breaks. Also because of this. Has taken to her now formidable strength. Her age is very small, at least within dozens years, the demon pledge will have this divine tool owner to lead. Once her magic power broke through Nine-Crown, perhaps was own Martial Ancestor Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun is unable the uniform she.

"Surrender, this is your only opportunities. Our demon pledge needs the talented person, I must obtain that desert fine wine, to give the demon pledge increases the talented person. If you two are willing to join the demon pledge, even if I completely occupied in the superior situation now, I can also promise you to put President Du Sikang to depart, did not want his desert fine wine. Regarding the demon pledge, your values be higher than the desert fine wine." "Was a pity."Ji Dong light saying.

"What to be a pity?" The remote sound immediately changes cold, "was a pity that the divine tool did fall on the hand of my demon pledge? Told you, Ji Dong. My demon pledge? We are only one crowd by Mage that mainstream society does not accommodate. Good, before our demon pledge, has done the wicked matter. But, in nearly several hundred years, what we have made? Even if has caught Bartenders Association these women and children, we have not killed. We have not feared Mage Guild, they want to encircle us, I can tell you, is absolutely impossible. The demon pledge after these several hundred years of resting and building up strength , before we do not think, such. Wanted to find us. Compared with ascending to heaven also difficultly. Right, our ancestors have done the wicked matter, but, what has made as descendant's us? The objective of our demon pledge already had the change, you also saw, five elements big, is this strength that Mage Guild can have? In coordination that in promotes and constrains mutually regarding magic skill, combination skill and five elements, our research even also want profound many compared with Mage Guild. could it be aren't you interested in these? So long as you join the demon pledge, this all can also become your abilities. Even if were you have a five elements method such antiquity absolute technique, needed the massive experience to coordinate, can a better display a law effect."

In Ji Dong heart one cold, he has not thought, remote looked unexpectedly including own five elements method, these that she said that was is not deceiving itself, but was the fact. To a certain extent, the research and development strength that demon pledge has now truly must surpass Mage Guild, these that they study are also quite useful to oneself. However, can oneself join the demon pledge really? Answer naturally negative.

"Remote association president, you understood that has made a mistake my meaning. I said was a pity, not because of the stick of earth goddess."Listened to the remote words, Ji Dong to have some understanding again regarding the demon pledge, although he will not join, but actually markedly reduced regarding the malice of demon pledge. Even somewhat regretted to strike to kill that dozens demon pledges Mage. Being a pity that "I said that is because you have not been able to display the strength of stick of earth goddess. Although she can transform your magic power as pinnacle Sixth Earth, even can also make you have the formidable strength. However, you after all are also only Seven- Crown Mage, wants to play the true might of divine tool, even if your body and divine tool fused. Also needs same magic power to be able the divine tool might to release thoroughly. Therefore, present you could not retain me. Although this five elements big good, but is not very nimble and resourceful, since you showed the formidable divine tool to me, then, the exchange of gifts between friends, I also made you have a look at my true strength. Before then, please allow me to say the sound to be sorry to you, the thought of first impressions are most lasting, making us cut to kill massive demon pledge Mage."

"Only if you are willing to join my demon pledge, sin that otherwise, you make, I will certainly hold a memorial service for the demon pledge soldier who died by your lives. Hasn't your also strength displayed? Very good, I to must have a look, how you can break through my this earth goddess the sigh demon territory and five elements big. Only if, you have the divine tool."

Ji Dong shakes the head slowly, "I do not have the divine tool, but, you actually underestimated five elements method. I make you have a look at this law true strength. gold/metal, retreat."

gold/metal looked at Ji Dong, retreats slowly backward, when Ji Dong was speaking to her, clearly signaled with the eyes.

The Ji Dong vision becomes dignified. The strong magic power fluctuation, bursts out from his within the body unceasingly, in the top of the head that Black and White Yin-Yang Crown blooms the incomparably eye-catching brilliance, his both eyes gradually changed the color, the light white ray beats in the eye pupil, that is the brilliance of fire of soul. Strong magic power fluctuates each twinkle, the air can become the dignified several points.

Remote has not moved, has not launched the attack to Ji Dong, she also wants to have a look, actually Ji Dong how breaks through this divine tool and five elements big blockade. By the stick of earth goddess, she can not come under the five elements tremendous influence. She is not clear, Ji Dong by the Six-Crown strength, how contends. Even if in his hand that two handle heavy swords have the quality of inferior divine tool level, is impossible to succeed. The inferior divine tool and divine tool, seem differ a level, may the might actually difference in fact cannot the truth idea. Regardless of Ji Dong whether to break through the earth goddess under her arrange/cloth to sigh, without a doubt, pinnacle magic power is having, particularly full launch of dual attribute pinnacle magic power owner, regarding her future cultivation will be also the places of model. This is also the actual combat experience accumulates the important part.

Fierce, the flame double sword has simultaneously shone, two groups of rays also separate from this sword blade, that is two Daoist light shadow, seems has young big or small appearance, before , before entering demon pledge, Saint Fire Element body and demon that flame element body Ji Dong condenses. These two element bodies poured into to by him, the flame double sword in fiercely. Comes under fiercely, the magic power influence of flame double sword, they in unceasing evolution. Only will then do this in wartime Ji Dong, because in this case, magic power that he absorbs large scale will weaken.

The Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body simultaneously soars from fierce, the flame double sword, in front of Ji Dong, their each other both hands grasps. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power bursts out instantaneously, terrifying pinnacle magic power spreads suddenly, forms giant light ball, covers fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Ji Dong three people completely.

Two big element bodies have burnt, they while releasing completely magic power, in the sky, loomed Two Great Sovereign Kings illusory shadow. Also at this kind of time, the sigh of five elements tremendous pressure or earth goddess, temporarily is opened. It is not able to affect all that the Ji Dong truncation gets down to make. Even if the time is quite short, is not enough to make Ji Dong their real break-through, but regarding Ji Dong, was enough. The resonant phoenix cry sound gets up, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er departed from the Vermilion Bird bracelet suddenly, the pair of wings opened, float above the Ji Dong top of the head. Her body also turned into half white half black, under fifty Saint Fire Dragon with Ji Dong body complements each other fresh splendor. But Ji Dong in them, was being shone by this black and white dual-color ray, the makings of whole person seemed had the change again.

Unequalled proud blooms from him. The phoenix dragon dance snake changes pair of wings that brings opens completely. Saw only his both hands heavy sword simultaneously to move, delimited one huge strange law by the body separately.

Two law separately are black and white, when they when appears, the remote complexion appeared for several points to change finally. Because, she feels clearly, the earth goddess that the stick of earth goddess releases sighed, unexpectedly after these two law appeared, slight vacillation. Do not be broken through, but seemed being absorbed magic power by the opposite party.

"This is impossible. What law are you?"Remote surprised asking. When is sees Ji Dong releases second magic beast, she also is just the look slightly fluctuated. The impression to Ji Dong deepens for several points by. After she feels at present these two law changes, really understands, the Ji Dong words as if are not the boast.

Ji Dong lightly said: "You are first noticed that I display these two law people in the fight, told you also to might as well. These two law are the same reduction, is skill that I comprehend newly. A same reduction function, is assimilation outside all magic power fluctuates, transforms as my own magic power, fuses with my main body. magic power of stick of your this earth goddess I am impossible to fuse completely, but, I can actually rely on same reduction many support a while, made your magic power and a five elements method suppression is shielded temporarily."

While the Ji Dong speech, above eclipse date phoenix Huo'er body, under fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, presented two circular strange law respectively. With a same reduction difference that Ji Dong releases, they release, is cloudy Yang Fire condensation law. In the sky, presented entire six five elements method unexpectedly.

Let alone is remote, even if falls back on Du Sikang gold/metal, saw that at present this look also had the change, this is also her first time sees Ji Dong to show the complete strength. She can feel clearly, this time Ji Dong is how formidable. Is gazing at the Ji Dong back, why does not know, in her heart has an intense security sense suddenly. As if so long as has this man, all dangers are not the issues. At present this seems like the formidable enemy seems unable to prevent him.

Six five elements method, before this time Ji Dong, never has attempted, although is in the earth goddess sigh and five elements big, when four condensation law simultaneously appear, in addition his cloudy Yang Fire same reduction, he can feel clearly, own magic power is supplementing at the extremely terrifying speed.

The right hand fierce sword, left hand flame sword, simultaneously lifts up high in the sky, two groups of incomparably magnificent flame electricity shoot, at the same time, deafening dragon recited with the snake whining noise also resounds. Six dragon six snakes are outspoken releases from Yin-Yang Crown. Instantaneous dispersing, floods in the light that two big element bodies haunch covers each position, looks like 12 pivots is ordinary, is supporting the light cover, making magic power of outside unable to invade.

Feels terrifying magic power that these six dragon six snakes have, the remote complexion finally changed, is unable again that calm looks at Ji Dong to display, the stick of earth goddess holds up once more, a stronger gray ray bursts out instantaneously, the entire space in five elements big, cannot see outside all again, is flooded by formidable magic power that the stick of earth goddess releases completely, strengthens several times of pressures, goes to the central Ji Dong extrusion.

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Chapter 274: The double sword combines and complements one another, red sword

Under the stick of earth goddess in the demon pledge hegemon remote volume of displays fully. Bursts out more terrifying magic power. This is can release the compensation of stick of earth goddess remotely. Just as such that Ji Dong said that she was unable to display the strength of this divine tool completely. One is because her magic power also only has Seven-Crown, another reason is, she after all is not the pinnacle magic power owner.

However, after the stick of earth goddess strengthens magic power as before is actually not able to break through the light cover centered on Ji Dong body. Although that Pinnacle Two Fires light cover seems creakies, but is relying on the strength of six dragon six snakes, as before completely is actually supporting, does not make inside Ji Dong be affected. Only then in does not receive in the situation that the outside suppresses, he can display the compensation completely.

Ji Dong both hands lift up high, the flame double sword fiercely, between two handle heavy swords, only then one foot distance, at this moment, his whole person entered an unprecedented condition completely, the thought and soul fire of fuse completely, looks like regarding all of outside uninformed at sea general, dazzling radiance, blooms unceasingly from him, Sovereign King proud promoted the extreme in this moment. His sends out, is one somewhat contradictory makings. The Flame Sovereign King violence and tyrannical, the gracefulness and gloomy and cold of Dark Flames Demon King, simultaneously appear on him unexpectedly. May completely friendly be actually in one, making his whole person seem, there is evil different special Charm.

loud bang, stands in fifty Saint Fire Dragon Ji Dong, the personal appearance rises suddenly suddenly, the entire body changes into the bright golden color instantaneously, then the profound black, two colors alternately glitter, the fluctuation of energy of that terrifying, is makes his body promotion to three meters altitude, is the Flame Sovereign King body and Dark Flames Demon King body.

In that golden color and black glitters unceasingly during alternately, fierceness and flame in double sword his hand also unceasingly bursts out rays. At this moment, Ji Dong in the real sense has promoted the pinnacle own magic power, being outspoken pinnacle.

When the ray of that twinkle stabilizes finally, the Sovereign King body had the change, no longer is sole Flame Sovereign King or Dark Flames Demon King, but is -and-a-half white half black formidable energy bodies, has been five meters highly. In the position of this energy body chest, bunch of cream flame is beating slowly. Although that flame seems that slight, but it does not have the suspense became the core of Ji Dong whole person. Anyone, one comes up shortly, first sees, definitely is this small bunch of flame.

That five meters high huge body, as if in the fierce with hand and flame double sword has merged into one organic whole, the ray color is completely same.

"It is not good."Sees this, remote eyeground also reveals several points of startled, she as if has felt. Will withstand anything in the next moment. But, to this kind of time, she was unable to prevent again. In the hand the stick of earth goddess moves in the airborne circle, in a strong gray ray twinkle, one set of gray whole body armor the remote body will have covered completely, but the scepter in her hand also while this gray armor forms vanished.

The divine tool is a divine tool, left beside the attack weapon, the stick of this earth goddess actually can also change into the armor to defend. Remote has not rushed, because she does not dare, in her heart, has had a fear. Because, after Ji Dong the double fire Sovereign King body appears, when that wisp of white flame beats, her hand stick of earth goddess clearly shivered. As the divine tool, has own intelligence, obviously is because feels the threat that white flame has brought, the stick of earth goddess had such response. In the remote heart has thought indistinctly what that white flame is, can she not be afraid?

Pinnacle Two Fires Mage, has exceeded her imagination, works as Pinnacle Two Fires Mage is also having Chaos Fire, this feeling is indescribable. Has thought remotely. Their all pay are worth, her father, is the previous generation demon pledge hegemon, when her ten years old told her, were the demon pledge hegemons, will never have lived 50 years old, because of their this clan, must take own vitality to nourish the stick of earth goddess as the price. But, remote has not actually regretted, because she thinks to be worth. The life of person is 110 years, ordinary lives more years also to have any significance, would rather blooms the most gorgeous brilliance. Has the stick of earth goddess, has made her think that oneself is advantageous, even if the demon head old, impossible to pose any threat in the strength to her. Therefore the inheritance of demon pledge hegemon has not had the problem. But, at this moment, in her heart proud presented the vacillation, although oneself have the divine tool, that advantageous, may compare at present with this named Ji Dong youth, actually as if missed were more. Although he does not have the divine tool, but he has the long many lives, has the pinnacle attribute two flame, own combination skill. Linked Chaos Fire also to have unexpectedly. Why, ascends the sky so favors him.

Regardless of the strength is formidable, remote after all is also only a 21-year-old young girl, inevitable, had the mood of envy in her heart.

Dazzling golden flame and deep black flame outrageously emit from fierce, the flame double sword in this moment. Stated differently, when that golden flame sends out, what condenses becomes is a huge cone-shape. But that black flame, actually congeals in this moment became the black solid ice, seems extending of flame sword is ordinary. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix, simultaneously bloomed their complete magic power, was black and white, from the sky interwove a bright and beautiful scenery line, looked like huge Yin-Yang Fish from the sky appeared generally.

Right, Ji Dong displays, is the technique of Two Great Sovereign Kings, in fierce through hand and flame double sword release. He feels clearly, along with the beat of fire of soul, the Lie Yan (raging flames) double sword seems having the extremely subtle change. He simultaneously releases two Certain Kill Skill, has actually consumed past 50% magic power by. But this obviously is because the effects of two big magical instruments.

When Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, bans, hundred and thousand, the colorful male cone, with that Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill, bans, hundred and thousand, the quiet flame ice simultaneously the time of fierce, the flame double sword releasing, he can feel clearly, these two handle heavy swords actually likely are mutually are summoning.

Around the body completely is the pure black and white flame ray, this is Ji Dong first time simultaneously releases two big Certain Kill Skill. In the past, even if he, when displayed Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, these two Certain Kill Skill also divided releases successively. Only then at present at this moment. Under the coordination of fire of soul, made him simultaneously both display two Certain Kill Skill unexpectedly. The body of double fire Sovereign King, blooms the strongest strength, Ji Dong within the body, half body is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, half body is Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. The whole person fell into during this strange and wonderful feeling.

"Merge, fierce, flame double sword. Blooms, Pinnacle Two Fires brilliance."Nine meters both hands heavy sword, is bringing the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, instantaneously fuses together above the Ji Dong top of the head.

In the flash that they close up, incomparably sharp. As if must puncture the soul general buzz the whining noise erupts from two big heavy sword sword blades. Ji Dong only thought own within the body the fire of soul as if must detach, but general. Fierce, the flame double sword looks like a giant vortex, almost in an instant, swallows complete magic power of his within the body, but the fire of soul, became he and these two handle heavy sword only relations.

Not only these two handle heavy swords, support six dragon six snakes that the double flame is covering to be instantaneous, changes into purest Fire Element crazy to fierce, flame double sword racing wells up. Fierce, the flame double sword is common like the bottomless trench, is swallowing their magic power.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er, fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai and Wuliangye, is withstanding such swallowing similarly, they that huge magic power, was swept unexpectedly also away in this flash. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon can only rely on oneself physical body the strength to support from the sky flies. Huo'er returned to the Vermilion Bird bracelet directly.

Ji Dong has also shocked, he wants to display the complete strength, actually has a look to produce what kind of results. His original intention must concentrate the community attack of Sun and Moon Yin-Yang this Ultra Certain Kill Skill as far as possible, launches the impact on the earth goddess sigh and five elements big. But he has not thought that when fierce, the flame double sword combines in together, produces so terrifying swallowing unexpectedly, swallowing that making one is unable to imagine. If not existence of fire of soul, as if must also together swallow his soul.

Is this, really the strength that can control? The heart of Ji Dong somewhat shivers slightly, even if with the support of fire of soul, he actually as before is hard to have enough confidence.

The double sword combines and complements one another, is only that sonorous buzz the whining noise, made five elements big in sky shiver fiercely, combination magic power that five elements big formed, is unable to prevent the sound, Six-Crown Mages of these demon pledges only thought own soul as if had been struck by the heavy hammer thump, if were not joint magic power that five elements big composed is extremely formidable, perhaps they will directly unable to support. The double sword combines and complements one another, sends out, sound that seems hard to imagine. Two Great Sovereign Kings illusory shadow completely vanished, but, behind Ji Dong, actually raised an unusual form. That completely is a red form, is not any Totem, but is such fiery-red human form illusory shadow. Very illusory, is completely transparent. It seems, looks like light mist, how this illusory shadow forms, why will appear, Ji Dong does not know completely, he can feel indistinctly this illusory shadow is related with fierce, the flame double sword. Moreover, can see from this mist illusory degree, magic power that he releases by far is also not enough to summon this illusory shadow strength.

That red, besides Ji Dong, anybody has not seen. But is Ji Dong, occasionally has seen on Lie Yan (raging flames). This does not belong to the Third Fire red, but is one special red.

This fiery-red form has hundred meters high fully, both hands close up similarly above the top of the head, in his hands, a handle is hundred meters same color great sword straight thrust vault of heaven.

Ji Dong before this red light shadow body, the Lie Yan (raging flames) double sword in his hand also similarly turned into that strange somewhat beautiful red.

Fierce buzz whining noise, unceasingly from the stick of remote that earth goddess on the armor sends out, she actually feels, fuses together with, stick of supreme the earth goddess in own heart lent the frightened aura. Right, this divine tool in fear. No, this is impossible, the stick of earth goddess, you is a divine tool! Can you when facing Ji Dong that are just the weapon of inferior divine tool are afraid?

But, the fact does not take the will of person as the shift, in dither, layer upon layer illusory shadow unceasingly from the stick of earth goddess in the armor sends out, but remote body also unceasing retreat under its control.

In the air, originally viscous grey magic power, grey magic power that is sent out by the stick of divine tool earth goddess, when with that strange red contact, was similar to the snow and ice melts unexpectedly vanishes generally.

Also appears in that red illusory shadow, hundred meters red light straight thrust horizon at the same time. loud bang, the earth goddess sigh melts, five elements big disintegrates instantaneously. 25 demon pledge Mage with their mounts together, shaken scatters in all directions to flutter about, the blood spurts all crazily, obviously caused heavy losses.

But they are as before lucky, because after that pair of sword combines and complements one another red, actually to them, they do not receive, but after the sword of this red condenses complementary waves shake.

Who can think, but is the skill forming, broke through the stick and five elements big divine tool earth goddess. Is this, really the fact?

Including Ji Dong also somewhat unable to believe. Although he released the double fire Sovereign King body, released six five elements method, own magic power, in addition fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Huo'er magic power, ascended instantaneously the extremely terrifying degree, the strength of six dragon six snakes in also that lasting law saved. But, these strengths add, most also touched the edge of supreme powerhouse by. May the sword of this beautiful red, actually flood the strength that Ji Dong is unable to understand at present. That already completely with Sun and Moon Yin-Yang not a strength in level.

Sun and Moon Yin-Yang is primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, with it in a level, that did not show, Ji Dong this pair of sword combines and complements one another directional attack that sends out, has been the intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill degree. Must know, he may just be Six-Crown Mage! The strength that he shows at this time, was unable to describe with the pure miracle two characters.

It is not own strength, could it be, could it be it is is fierce, the strength of flame double sword? Yes, as if in the flash that pair of sword combines and complements one another, fierce, the flame double sword was lit anything by the fire of own soul.

 Any ponder was unnecessary, because that did not have any significance. The sword of that red, has wielded finally, bringing magic power that the unequalled will and is unable to explain to wield.

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Chapter 275: Ultra must kill, Fire God cuts void

This sword, complete magic power that finds time Ji Dong to use. He even heard in oneself both hands palm, on the Sun and Moon double splendor glove that two reach as high as the Seven-Crown Crystal Crown shatter sounds, their magic power also had been swept across.

Works as a sword is wielding, one type never has the intense weak feeling sweeps across the Ji Dong whole body instantaneously, he only thought that the entire photograph has collapsed generally, if not the astonishing will is supporting, perhaps he has poured.

The red dim light, after fierce, the flame double sword combines and complements one another below chops, back red light shadow also wields. Has accomplished 300 meters in length beautiful red light deep.

In this flash, all sees this person, feels, was the world is cut generally. All magic power elements in air in this red light place visited, complete vaporization. Surplus, only then pure fire attribute. Indescribable pure fire attribute.

This is in the kilometer upper air, but, works as a sword to cut, after red light one presently already hidden, in the ground under kilometer, presents one has been the kilometer, deep hundred meters, 30 meters in width huge gap. But that red light place visited. The sky turned into the black. Black electric lights from the sky glitter. The sky, was cut to break by this sword unexpectedly. Silent, thorough silence. Ji Dong panting in gulps, is being gold/metal to/clashes from behind, grasped his body, makes him not have to get down but actually. The body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon obviously became stiff, even became including the flight extremely difficult. Fierce, flame double sword after completing this strikes, integrated his body unexpectedly completely, he has been pursuing fusion god technique highest realm, such successful success.

Even if Ji Dong wants to raise gathering magic power, puts out several crystal core to eat up to fifty Saint Fire Dragon from the Vermilion Bird bracelet is unable to achieve.

It can be imagined, this time consumption has been what kind of degree.

Remote has not died, the stick of her earth goddess armor not shatter, is only on that matter gray crystal gorgeous armor, were many a red misty brilliance.

She has not died, is not because her strength and earth goddess stick of can block that sword, because, that sword simply has not cut to her.

A red misty sword, has delimited from the remote ten meters, works as the sword of red has been delimiting flash, although the stick of earth goddess the armor helped her block the complete attack, but, the remote body was soaked by the sweat.

Since birth, her first time felt the consciousness of death, she even can realize clearly that sword, the stick of earth goddess was impossible to help her resist completely. What is that? A that red sword. The double sword combines and complements one another a sword that sends out, clearly is existence of intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill! Moreover is single body attack intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

What concept intermediate is Ultra Certain Kill Skill? This is terrifying skill that only then the supreme powerhouse can display. A single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill striking power, is compares favorably with regional high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill sufficiently. Remote has the divine tool yes right, but, her magic power only has Seven-Crown, although the divine tool can help her transform the pinnacle effect magic power, but itself eventually is not existence of pinnacle magic power. This caused her magic power to be insufficient. The stick of earth goddess without doubt is the formidable divine tool, even must dominate above thunder Yushen the axe. But actually cannot use Ultra Certain Kill Skill remotely, because she does not have that huge magic power to support. Thus it can be seen, Ji Dong five elements method, although cannot the direct attack, but their functions so were big.

Merely by a divine tool, without enough magic power support, is impossible to block intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill to exist like this. If the range attack, perhaps the remote also opportunity, is, this single body attack, she is impossible to have any opportunity to exist, even if the divine tool can preserve her life, experiences personally the heavy losses surely, even the stick of that earth goddess, because does not have enough magic power support, will have the breakage.

Remote is very puzzled. She is not clear, why Ji Dong this sword has not cut to approach itself, but both sides life and death opposite direction enemy! She does not certainly believe, Ji Dong this sword cut crookedly, that radically was impossible. Before this sword sends out, Ji Dong all imposing manners completely locked in remotely. That is a feeling of spiritual level, through the feeling of stick of earth goddess. Although she does not know that is from fire locking in soul, but can also feel clearly the attack of Ji Dong will fall on oneself surely.

The flash of but in the sword of that red cutting, the remote clear feeling locking has actually relieved, even also faintly sees in Ji Dong both eyes to reveal a meaningful ray. the next moment, she had never realized the blazing and death feeling headed on, experienced a single body attack intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill effect directly, absolutely was not a wonderful matter.

The stick of earth goddess on the armor, the red light removes gradually. This after all is a divine tool, the Earth department divine tool that also most is good at defending, slowly melted eventually fire of complementary waves that indescribable red. 25 demon pledges Mage and their mounts, already completely not in airborne, they who experiences personally the heavy losses, reluctantly and mount same place, stimulates to movement remaining magic power to fall to, they did not have any battle efficiency to continue to stay here not to have any significance. In midair except for Ji Dong and remote both sides, only remaining demon pledge that two elders.

The two demon head old palpitations of both are two times of normal time, their eyes were straight. When the sword of that red from airborne delimits obsolete, their bodies are unable to move the slightest bit. Let alone was cut, was rubbed, perhaps will also unravel. However, the sword of that red cuts eventually during was void, at this moment, in their hearts, only then rejoiced. Left elder who especially formerly and Ji Dong fought. He does not dare to imagine the person who can send out such attack really and continues to fight to have anything.

After two big elders responded, they first arrived remotely side, they discovered clearly, this in the demon pledge for the hegemon who ice-cold was famous heartlessly, the body unexpectedly in slightly was shivering.

Is incessantly remote is shivering, the body of Wine God Du Sikang similarly is also shivering, as Water department Mage, after feeling on Ji Dong releases that indescribable fire attribute energy, his body uncontrolled shivers. When he saw when five elements big surrounds the three people, this thinks that all ended, perhaps is unable to escape again ascends to heaven. But, he can think that the final result can be this unexpectedly? Du Sikang knows, oneself forever is unable to forget the character and style of that sword.

Stands carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Ji Dong weak can only all depend on the body on the flatter golden body can support own body not to get down but actually. The King's ice-cold armor is stimulating his nerve, making him also be able completely to maintain in the sober condition. Looks opposite is remote in his eyes proud does not have, because body reduces the slightest bit weakly.

"Can tell me the name of that sword." The remote sound like formerly gracefully was not interesting to listen, instead is somewhat hoarse, says these words even to feel on somewhat difficult as.

Ji Dong nodded, "called it Fire God to cut slowly void. Thank you takes to my pressure, does not have the stick and the five elements tremendous pressure earth goddess, perhaps I cannot display this skill."

"Is this your first time displays this skill?"Remote stared wide-eyed looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "what relations does this have? I have said that although the divine tool is good, but actually must look to grasp in any manpower."

The remote spirit restored to come several points. "Do not think that like this you won. You and your mount did not have the battle efficiency, but I and two elders can also launch the attack to you."

"Perhaps Ji Dong coldly snorted, if so, your demon pledge presents all people, Mage that including these descended, besides you, cannot go on living."

King's hand, passes through from the Ji Dong armpit, spreads out before his body, magic power pours into, immediately. The terrifying pressure, appears in the sky once again. Seventh Metal department intermediate ultra must kill the aura of scroll outrageously.

This time, remote complexion really changed, becomes extremely ugly, she is not really able to imagine, front a man and a woman were unexpectedly formidable to so the degree. Ultra must kill the scroll, even if the thing that demon pledge millenniums accumulations cannot have. Ji Dong is not threatening itself, if this scroll releases, perhaps also only then she can maintain life by the stick of earth goddess. But after magic power mass consumptions, can oneself also be the match who that wears the golden armor females?

"If no subsequent hand, you think that my sword can not fall on you? Remote hegemon."Ji Dong proud as before will be remote in weak the complete suppression. Remote took a deep breath, returns to normal the mood that diligently are surging, "why? Why didn't that attack send out to me a moment ago?"

Ji Dong said: "Because you have not ordered to kill the Bartenders Association old and young women and children. Because also you had said a moment ago, the present demon pledge has not done any wicked matter. Should not withstand the mistake of demon pledge older generation by you. Moreover I do not want to notice that your such like this falls from the sky with Mage that the divine tool fuses."

Looks at Ji Dong remotely, in the look flashes through various mood fluctuations unceasingly, "may we be the enemy."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "in this world, does not have the eternal enemy. Does the remote hegemon, how we make to trade?"At the same time was saying, Ji Dong from the Vermilion Bird bracelet takes out several high-grade level Fire department crystal core by magic power that just restored, oneself both hands grip one respectively, surplus tosses into Maotai and Wuliangye mouth. Helps them restore magic power.

Transaction? Has gawked remotely, looks at Ji Dong, is not quite clear he is any meaning.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Trades. With demon pledge irrelevant, is only between you and me the transaction."

The Ji Dong sudden proposition made unable to understand remotely,
"what between you and me can carry on to trade?"

Ji Dong said: "You should know, shortly, Holy and Evil Channel will open, the war of new time Holy and Evil will soon launch. Transaction that I proposed, employs you. I will attend the war of this Holy and Evil, hopes that you can also go together. By your age and strength, can bring a pleasant surprise on Holy and Evil Battlefield to Dark Five Elements Continent Mages surely. could it be you do not believe, your strength should place such battlefield to display? The demon pledge is also good, Mage Guild, at least we common enemies, that is Dark Five Elements Continent." Smiled remotely. Disdaining that somewhat smiles, why "do you employ me? To convince me depending on your two words? Why do I believe you? Will Mage of could it be your mainstreams accept my this demon pledge hegemon to enter the war of Holy and Evil?"

"So long as you did not say, who knows you are the demon pledge hegemon? This secret, I am willing to keep for you. Why as to employ you. That is very simple, I have the reward that you are unable to resist."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong also hands over in crystal core in right hand the left hand, is replying magic power slowly, while opens the palm, on the Vermilion Bird bracelet the ray flashes, a azure Xiaohulu appeared, in he holds.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies under the stimulation of movement of Ji Dong slowly near, stopped to a distance remote also 30 meters place, Ji Dong opens bottle gourd, immediately, the rich life aura from the sky blooms instantaneously, even can see that light cyan air current sends out from that bottle gourd.

Remote simply does not believe what Ji Dong can put out to make oneself heart movement thing, as the demon pledge hegemon, what matter also cannot obtain? When but, she feels that huge life aura, the also that incomparably moving flavor/smell, the entire body has an indescribable pleasant sensation. It looks like hunger and thirst person extremely sees a fresh-tasting spring water suddenly.

"What is this?"Cannot control own mood remotely, carried on the back in the silver big bird takes forward one step, in the sound did not have disdaining again, but has filled anxiously.

"In Eastern Wood Empire the woods of life, is living a race, their names are called the woods monster. Since you rob the desert fine wine, then definitely knows the Bartenders Association famous name wine record. The desert fine wine in the famous name wine records ranks third, in my hand this bottle, by a woods monster clan after a lot of years of brewing, takes the good wine that the nature most source vitality condenses becomes, in the famous name wine records ranks fourth, named origin of life. Moreover, in my hand this bottle, is the succinctness of origin of life, millennium refinements. If I have not misread, you by own nourish the divine tool, your vitality by stick of unceasing swallowing earth goddess, otherwise, you are unable to use the strength of this divine tool. Your vitality in unceasing weakening. Must miss compared with the normal people. My this origin of life, just can supplement vitality that you need. I take three drops as price, hires you to go to Holy and Evil Battlefield to step onto, I guaranteed, so long as I am also living, certainly protects your security."

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Chapter 276: Employment demon pledge hegemon?

"Millennium origin of life?"Shivering of Du Sikang body stopped finally. What if not in that hand is taking the origin of life is Ji Dong, perhaps he threw directly. As President Bartenders Association, he to liquor is not in love under Ji Dong. Suddenly sees the famous name wine to record the appearance of another peerless famous name wine, can he not be excited?

Remote vision somewhat dull, past she, has never thought must extend own life by any thing, Seven-Crown magic power that she has, besides the assistance of stick of earth goddess, in 21 years of life, has made the innumerable difficult efforts. But she after all is a person, a normal person. Who can not hope that own life can go on? Let alone she is also having such formidable strength. Is feeling the origin of life aura, in her innermost feelings affirmative realizing, this type of liquor almost with own matches certainly. Although its rank after desert fine wine, but, it most suits oneself.

"Hegemon, promises him."About the demon pledge the elder almost also said. The remote situation, the situation of all previous demon pledge hegemon they were too clear. Although after each generation of demon pledge hegemons and magical instruments fuse , the strength is very strong, but does not have one to cultivation the supreme powerhouse rank. Also because of so, demon pledge throughout is unable to rise once more. It is not all previous hegemon has not practiced the aptitude of supreme powerhouse. But because of the time, they do not have one to live 50 years old, even some lost the vitality to pass away in the 30-year-old maturity. From the Ji Dong hand in this bottle of origin of life. They saw the hope, saw the hope of demon pledge promotion. Can they be able to bear surging of mood? Although Ji Dong only said that pays three drops, but they actually as before cannot bear remind remotely, for fear that she has rejected. Even including meaning that and Ji Dong bargained back and forth not to have.

Takes the owner of stick of earth goddess remotely, two big elders understand that can she not be clear? Her vision became somewhat blazing, although both sides are also in the hostile position, but, the commitment of this huge enticement and Ji Dong made her heartbeat accelerate. Production that in the heart cannot be restrained intense hope.

"How I can believe what you said is real?" The remote sinking sound said.

Ji Dong visits her, the vision as if must prick the remote heart of hearts to be ordinary, "I proposed this employment plan, but decision-making power in you. If you agreed, I can pay a drop of origin of life to give you to attempt first. I can only say, the matter that I pledged certainly will achieve. If you do not want, today stops. So long as there are me, desert fine wine you are impossible to obtain the hand. The Heavenly Water city will not sneak attack the Bartenders Association second time opportunity to you again."

took a deep breath, gazes at Ji Dong that not to have the eye pupil of impurity remotely, the double fist grips slowly tightly, the ray flashes, the armor that the body covers changed into the stick of earth goddess to fall during she grasps. The hesitant body was soaked by the sweat, her long skirt and body somewhat stick, seems the curve reveals completely, but these remote has not cared, her serious to Ji Dong nodded, "good, I promise you. The date of Holy and Evil Channel opening, I will look for you to the east China sea."

On the Ji Dong face reveals a light smile. The hand is loaded with the origin of life azure Xiaohulu to give gold/metal. flatter meiwa kumquat wields, a drop deep green limpid plants the entire green emerald common liquid just like the glass in the airborne lasing. Directly soars the remote direction to go. The remote red lip opens lightly, that drop of bluish green Guangna entrance, immediately, her look became more splendid. Can feel clearly, her somewhat pale charming face appears light blushing, making her originally outstandingly beautiful appearance increase several points of bright and beautiful. The life aura blooms, her whole person as if becomes is different.

Thick life delicate fragrance floods in within the body each corner, the pore opens, the wonderful flavor/smell spreads in within the body, only thought remotely since oneself continuously the vitality that has dried up in the according to astonishing speed, expands unexpectedly instantaneously, the whole person has filled with the strong life aura. The present world as if had a more moving color.

This is she had not realized the wonderful feeling, that thick vitality, is infiltrating each corner of her body, each meridians, the speed of blood circulation clearly increases, as if each breath, can supplement that into the vitality that her loses the body is common. Although many years of vitality consumptions are not this drop of origin of life can restore, but she actually clearly feels, so long as every two and three years can take one drop of these millennium origin of life. To own cultivation base breaks through Nine-Crown time, then, the stick of earth goddess is not the limit. This origin of life, clearly is the efficacious medicine that and this cultivation way most agrees with.

Remote liquor, but she actually from this drop of origin of life affirmative had found itself just like the bath hot rebirth hope. Looks at Ji Dong, the hostility in eye clearly weakened several points. She for oneself just decided that feels to rejoice. Participates in post-war also second the drops this Holy and Evil, so long as use carefully, at least within ten years, did not need to dry up to worry for the life. Ten years later, what degree own can magic power promote to who to say? Moreover, his origin of life has one bottle fully, although that bottle gourd is small, more than dozens drops, oneself always have the means to receive in exchange.

"You have given me a drop of origin of life, did not fear that I don't keep the promise?"Gazes at Ji Dong to say remotely. Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "evil, I believe that everyone has own dignity. You are the demon pledge hegemon, could it be, your dignity and commitment on only the value drop of origin of life? Remote hegemon. Our east China sea meets again."Saying, was feeling his thought that magic power restores several points of fifty Saint Fire Dragon to turn around the personal appearance, went toward the Heavenly Water city direction soaring.

Stands in own mount remotely carries on the back, gazes at the direction that Ji Dong is departing not to move own personal appearance for a very long time, this time she, in the heart does not halt production to have an admiration, regarding contemporaries, this is her first time has such feeling.

In view of the plan fail of Bartenders Association, moreover lost dozens Mage, is. Regarding the demon pledge, this time matter actually likely opened another leaf of front door, the new turning point loomed.

Until fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies was far, cannot see the opposite party, the Ji Dong tight spirit truly relaxes, the whole person pours softly, in gold/metal cherishes, gold/metal is holding him, carries on the back to sit down in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, in the eye reveals a hesitation, but a moment later, she has taken back oneself golden color mail-armor and helmet.

Back hard ice-cold turned suddenly soft warm, made extremely weak Ji Dong subconscious sent out slight moan. gold/metal that sensitive, charming face was red immediately, luckily, at this time and nobody can see her appearance, Du Sikang still sits after the position in the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, has not come up to disturb them, in the heart is thinking deeply about anything.

King's body ties tight after the moment, she suddenly discovered, Ji Dong has fallen asleep unexpectedly, or was the lethargic sleep in the past, was startled after slightly, in her always ice-cold eye pupil reveals several points of light gentleness. The body changed position slightly, lets Ji Dong by own shoulder, is hugging his upper body, making him be able to lie down is more comfortable. Subconscious, in the mind recalled at first before , that startled certainly colorful red, King's heart somewhat shivers together, in the bosom this man all strengths of can say that has with the help of own master, but, he pays similarly is also huge. Moreover, his perception is that good, in crisis moment. Often more can erupt the formidable strength. Especially on him that proud and unyielding will, is impressive. Although he is not that handsome, but, his special characteristics actually compare any handsome look more attractive. gold/metal suddenly discovered, oneself longs for drinking a Ji Dong mixture specially again Raging Flames Burning Passion. She forever is unable to forget, initially at that moment, in Raging Flames Burning Passion as if must dissolve the general strong emotion her. Although she knows that emotion does not appear because of her, production that but, in her heart actually as before may not restrain intense anticipation.

When Ji Dong sobers from the lethargic sleep, he discovers himself already in a clean and spacious room.

Sobered slightly, Ji Dong had discovered that some oneself whole person types were reborn feeling, regarding all of outside, the induction was clearer. Even cannot look with eyes, can feel in the room that oneself are at each detail.

The room decorates plainly, placing of various types of goods, disclosed that noble elegant aura, those who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, decoration in this room more feminized unexpectedly, the bed that particularly lay down was the circular . Moreover the surrounding arrangement was the light pink color.

Is this girl's room? The Ji Dong mind moves slightly, oneself in a girl's room?

Turns over/Stands up to sit up, his body feeling fully restored. Displays Fire God to cut void, but made him exhaust magic power, the body has not actually received any damage. At this time sets the god after slightly, he discovered, magic power of oneself within the body restored most. What most made his pleasantly surprised was, before the fire of soul and compared, as if became purer, the chaos aura of that white beat, flooded an insightful feeling, the white flame has been growing obviously.

Although the fire of soul also gradually will grow in his cultivation process now, but this enhancement many of especially, the fire of entire soul had five cuns (2.5 cm) high fully, is lending the rich aura. Subconscious touching to the chest position, the thought moves. The nucleus of life appeared. Ji Dong discovered, fifty Saint Fire Dragon the deep sleep, felt relieved immediately.

magic power in within the body probably restored 50% . Moreover, how many minutes the Yin-Yang Fish range of chest place notably increased, could it be said, magic power has broken through inadequately? Must know, oneself just broke through Level 62!

In the mind recalled when displays Fire God cuts void the appearance, thinks including him somewhat inconceivable, Ji Dong definitely is unable to affirm, if comes one time again, oneself can also achieve such degree. Moreover, in his heart also has the intense fear. It is not other, because that fierce, flame double sword.

In gold/metal and Du Sikang eyes, is in remote and demon pledge people eyes, Ji Dong that sword, is having the unequalled great power. But, who they know that sword displays, did Ji Dong take what kind of risk?

When the double sword combines and complements one another, respectively when by pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire is releasing the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice formidable magic power, in the flash of combining and complementing one another, Ji Dong felt that oneself had been found time completely, then draw off is magic power of outside. However, fierce, flame double sword looks like the bottomless trench generally crazy is swallowing all magic power. Makes the strength that he is unable to imagine burst out unceasingly from this pair of Divine Sword. Time when magic power of outside, was also swallowed by it including fifty Saint Fire Dragon and fire attribute magic power of eclipse date phoenix, they are unexpectedly dissatisfied, has sent out swallowing to the body of Ji Dong again, moreover what swallows is his vitality. If not Ji Dong has the fire of soul, immediately made the response, going all out the fire of stimulation of movement soul has controlled the Lie Yan (raging flames) double sword to launch the attack, if were not he is wearing the nucleus of life, was supplementing enough many vitalities for him fast. Not only then , he including Maotai, Wuliangye and Huo'er, their all magic power and lives, is swallowed by the double sword that combines and complements one another. Ji Dong clearly feels, the overbearing aura that in double sword presents is such terrifying, although presented the flash, but he is understands clearly, this overbearing, is Two Great Sovereign Kings is unable to compare by far, that simply should not belongs to the strength of human.

Fire God this title, appears in that moment in his heart, therefore after him , when to said the name of attack remotely, takes Fire God void to cut.

Finally, when Ji Dong felt oneself must be swallowed completely, fierce, the flame double sword achieved combined and complemented one another most low status magic power request. Also sent out Fire God to cut such attack void. Comes one time, Ji Dong unable to guarantee that again really can also be successful. Such attack, it can be said that is taking his life to send out as the gambling stake.

However, this experience, making Ji Dong see fiercely, the flame double sword true might truly, he believes that if some day can the jade of collection complete/even enough day, supplement into fiercely, in the flame double sword. Is the fire of soul achieves enough condition to their warm and nourish. Then, this truly will release their proper strength to the heavy sword. Ji Dong can also affirm, if the complete fierce and flame double sword, any handle the stick of quality certainly time in demon pledge hegemon remote that handle earth goddess.

took a deep breath, Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit, is preparing to start to cultivate in him, as soon as possible magic power restores to the peak the time, the gate opened suddenly. A figure is slim, the thin cosmetics, wore the young girl of faint yellow long skirt to walk from outside.

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Chapter 277: Lie Yan (raging flames) red lip

Ji Dong just prepared to start to cultivate. Actually walks one to wear the outstandingly beautiful young girl of yellow long skirt from outside, making him stop.

Looks at the tender face of that young girl, Ji Dong slightly is in a daze, some indefinite say/way: "You are, gold/metal?"

Right, this opens the door to enter, is gold/metal, this is Ji Dong first time saw that gold/metal slightly uses the powder, moreover on her had the yellow long skirt of flower bud silk lace clearly to be full of the elegant demeanor of feminization. Even the look on face was not that ice-cold. This is that know is brandishing the court eunuch manufacturer shear, the whole body is ice-cold murderous aura, gold/metal of killing without batting an eye?

gold/metal charming face slightly one red, coldly said: "You awoke, feels what kind of?"

Ji Dong had realized own failure in politeness, looks that gold/metal grips the tight fist, for fear that she erupts to give itself scissors. hastily said: "All right, I was much better. Where this is, how long have I rested?"

gold/metal lightly said: "This is Bartenders Association, that association president daughter's room. Because this room is best, therefore leapt to give you to live. The people of original Heavenly Water City Mage Guild Branch must pick you, but that Du Sikang did not agree. Finally after discussed that stayed here. You have rested entire two days. Lives to start from you. The masters came, has considered your two days here two nights. The master said a moment ago you are about to awake, went to the thing that you made to eat. Let me look at your temporarily."

"Did Lie Yan (raging flames) come? Also has considered my two days two nights."In huge happy heart instantaneous full heart, Ji Dong almost jumped down from the bed.

"Lie Yan (raging flames) where? Leads me to look for her."

Saw that Ji Dong exits on the strategic place, gold/metal puts out a hand to block, has kept off him, "your magic power fully has not restored. The masters will come immediately back. wait a moment."Her vision does not know when restored ice-cold, looks like a protective color resists person and beyond the thousand li (500 km) generally.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, nodded, said: "Good."

In this time, the red form was walking from outside, the head harness bamboo hat, isn't that perfect stature, who Lie Yan (raging flames) is? Is also holding a tray in her hand.

Takes off the bamboo hat, Lie Yan (raging flames) takes tray to arrive in front of Ji Dong, the Ji Dong surprised discovery, the Lie Yan (raging flames) look somewhat is unexpectedly poverty-stricken. This expression he first time sees from the Lie Yan (raging flames) face, Heavens, today was this? gold/metal not like gold/metal, Lie Yan (raging flames) also some not like past Lie Yan (raging flames).

gold/metal is quietly has drawn back, the general's family takes. By outside wall, in eye ice-cold vanishes quietly, disappointed, reveals in the eyeground, only then she is treating alone time, truly will reveal the true colors. Her vision is vacant, disappointed. Even paces back and forth. Sleep wakes up, lost the memory. Her heart that lonely, only has the person who Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong are she know. Lie Yan (raging flames) has saved her, she feels grateful to recognize the Lord, may regarding Ji Dong, she not understand that is what kind of feeling. Friends? Other what? She does not know. In room.

Lie Yan (raging flames) sat in the bedside, although Ji Dong knows that Lie Yan (raging flames) easily will not be weary, but in his eyes actually as before cannot bear reveal the color/look of loving dearly, "Lie Yan (raging flames), what I do not need to look after actually, rests this to think that wasn't good?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) places side the tray, shows a faint smile, said: "Remembers that I have said that later only then I can take care of you. Because your clothes the perspiration has soaked, the body has the sweat stain, was disadvantageous to the rest, has blocked the pore words, you will restore slow many."

Ji Dong has gawked, this discovered that not only oneself wear dry and clear clothes. The body is also very neat purely, "Lie Yan (raging flames), could it be have you scratched the body to me?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) charming face slightly red, "? Doesn't hate to make me look?"

"No, not. How you can make these."Ji Dong has somewhat spoken incoherently.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "am I why undoable? I must take care of you!"

Thinks that Lie Yan (raging flames) cleans the body for oneself unexpectedly, serves itself, Ji Dong thought that brain some dangers of short circuit, in his heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) are the perfect goddesses, can do these matters? The thick happy heart and warms in the hearts flows, visits Lie Yan (raging flames), the ray that in the Ji Dong eye projects as if must dissolve general her.

Lie Yan (raging flames) grips a hand of Ji Dong on own initiative, grasps her careful soft small hand, Ji Dong satisfied moan nearly is making noise, in his heart never has country many expectations, so long as can with Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, he very satisfy like this. He hopes that the time coagulates in this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) defends in own bedside, this type warm is wonderful.

"Ji Dong, promises me, later do not take risk."In the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye reveals one to worry, "your two handle heavy swords, perhaps are really the Fire God weapons."

"Fire God weapon?"Ji Dong has gawked.

Lie Yan nodded, said: "Fire God, is one of the five elements element gods, the formidable Lord God god slanders. But the earth goddess is the Level 2 god of Earth God subordinates slanders. This is also the difference of stick of quality your pair of sword and earth goddess. Just, what you face is the stick of complete earth goddess. But your double sword is incomplete. Also because of this, when you display the strength that the double sword contains truly, it must swallow your magic power massively, magic power is insufficient, must transfer swallows the vitality. Your luck is very good. You know that reason that you can display a such sword, besides your own six dragon six snakes of magic power and storage, a more important reason is actually five elements big under demon pledge these person of cloths. five elements big, making the element arrangement in air achieve the five elements fusion effect, although after the Fire God strength appeared, it breaks. But in the air huge magic power one has not actually diverged. This type of balanced magic power element is magic power that Fire God double sword type of genuine super divine tool most likes. It can be said that you display that strikes, although is only the Fire God double sword most basic strength, may actually be your strength adds on five elements big to realize. Before me had not discovered that this pair of sword displays own strength after Pinnacle Two Fires magic skill inspiring truly so will be unexpectedly formidable. The chance coincidence, perhaps you do not die, the nucleus of that life will be also stave because of swallowing of double sword. Therefore, regardless of later encounters any situation, before the double sword incomplete has not restored, do not use their true strengths again. Only if your magic power achieves Nine-Crown, can display their part of strengths reluctantly." What Lie Yan (raging flames) has not said that if not because has nucleus of safeguard life, in then that situation, she reckless will possibly appear in front of Ji Dong.

Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words. nodded that Ji Dong deep to be so, said: "Good, I listen your. Right that you said that some of I also obvious feelings, fierce, the might of flame double sword was too at that time powerful. Is that red ray, the Fire God strength?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) nods, said: "That is true Chaos Fire. Chaos five colors, after changing into five elements, has the most source chaos five colors, green wood, red fire. Yellow earth, golden gold/metal and blue water. Chaos Fire that if one day, in the fire of your soul contains can cultivation this degree of words. Then, you no longer are human. But is the god."

Ji Dong could not bear and asked that he had asked the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, "this world really bright? What Lord God that you said that does the Level 2 god exist really?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) earnest say/way: "Ji Dong, these issues are not you need to ponder now. Thinks too many instead is not good to you. I can only tell you, these gods truly are exist, but they are impossible to arrive in the world, in another level. In some sense, they are also the person. Or human is the descendant of god. When human was being created, defers to the appearance of god. Also because of this, human has the perception and aptitude that any other races do not have. I believe that one day, you will touch that level. I am also anticipating arrival of that day. If that day truly arrives, perhaps......"said here, Lie Yan (raging flames) stopped, has not said again, but Ji Dong clearly saw from her eyes several points hope.

Looks at Lie Yan (raging flames) that moving tender face, he is not really able to suppress the impulsion of oneself innermost feelings, draws Lie Yan (raging flames) gently, hugs into to cherish her.

The soft and perfect tender body enters the bosom, Ji Dong is excited like his name, body of Lie Yan (raging flames) slightly stiff, but any has not actually struggled, after short sluggishness, instead gently instead is supporting Ji Dong. By his shoulder.

Even if were the next moment died immediately, Ji Dong also wanted, so clear was holding Lie Yan (raging flames), was feeling the elasticity of her tender body, the light fragrance that also on her was in sole possession, was stimulating each cell of Ji Dong within the body all.

Looked down to Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong happen to sees her fresh-faced ruddy fragrant lip, bang, in the mind as if has any thing to blast out generally, Ji Dong only thought a brain blank.

ying warned one. Lie Yan (raging flames) holds in the arms both hands of Ji Dong to tighten suddenly, when the Ji Dong vision returns to normal, he discovered light red double pupil that Lie Yan (raging flames) that opens in oneself at present, the eyelash that even her long scroll curls upwards must bump into own eyes. But own lips, is touching to two pieces of pleasantly warm lips. That moving feeling made the body of Ji Dong tremble.

I, I have kissed Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly, Heavens! This is possible, what have I made? Ji Dong does not dare to move, does not dare to move, he does not even believe oneself really have the courage to kiss Lie Yan (raging flames). He was completely ignorant at this time, does not know that should not know what to do. Oneself have affronted Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly like this, she, she......, Ji Dong cannot want to get down. He also subconscious embracing tightly Lie Yan (raging flames), for fear that Lie Yan (raging flames), because this does not have the omen successful actually kisses to be angry, pays no attention to itself again.

This moment memory, became eternal, the Ji Dong kiss is clumsy, at this time is stiffer, his simply does not dare to move, but that pleasantly warm touch unceasingly is actually provoking each corner of his heartstrings. Lie Yan (raging flames), this is my Lie Yan (raging flames)!

Lie Yan (raging flames) stared big both eyes to wink winking, the long eyelash was moving the skin of Ji Dong, had the itchy feeling. Loosens fast holds in the arms the hand of Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) jogging Ji Dong, backward retreat. When four pieces of lips separated instant, the huge sense of being lost and lonely like crashes from the kilometer upper air general, making Ji Dong nearly pursue.

Luckily, he controlled. He clearly restored appearance in the beautiful pupil to see from Lie Yan (raging flames) that flurried and shamed angry.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I......"Ji Dong hurry to hold on both hands of Lie Yan (raging flames). Said that anything is not willing to let loose.

Lie Yan (raging flames) bites the lower lip lightly, there is also remaining a Ji Dong flavor/smell, her charming face, is ordinary like the Red Lotus flower petal, "Ji Dong, you......, You cannot reach out for a yard after taking an inch!"

Lie Yan's sound is very light, even is bringing several points of weakness. Ji Dong wants to support into the bosom her very much again, kisses her recklessly, but he does not dare.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I have made a mistake, why I did not know can a moment ago like this. Do not live me air/Qi is good, how regardless of you punish me, but do not leave me."

On Ji Dong forehead were many close beads of sweat, said honestly, he did not regret, can kiss Lie Yan (raging flames), gives to the person who own initially kiss most loves, obtained her initially to kiss, this regarding Ji Dong, was the wonderful matter. But he has feared , when fight also never has presented the fear is corroding his heart unceasingly.

Looks at the Ji Dong anxious appearance, Lie Yan (raging flames) both hands moves gently, slid from the Ji Dong hand, "who must leave you. However, you should be punished."

"Good, good, I am willing to accept the penalty. Anything punishes. Even if the hell -type cultivation does not have the issue. So long as you can not be angry."Ji Dong one hear of Lie Yan (raging flames) said that will not leave him, immediately in heart great happiness, jumping for joy of face. Lie Yan (raging flames) light snort/hum, is suppressing in the heart reluctantly that intense difference, before , the tray that she brings carried to deliver to front of Ji Dong. Actually in her heart is more flustered than Ji Dong, four lips touch lightly, she thought in own heart as if to have any thing to break through the prisoner's cage to be common, the nondescriptive intense difference continuously was stimulating her heart. Actually, if Ji Dong hugs into her the bosom again, she could not resist. In her heart does not have a meaning of resistance, her heart has fallen into enemy hands. What a pity, Ji Dong treasured her, has let up this once in a thousand years opportunity.

On the tray has a china bowl, above is covering the cover, does not know what in installs is anything, when Ji Dong uncaps 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, what sees is one bowl of burnt orange things. A thick burnt taste greets the nostrils.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), what is this?"Asking of Ji Dong somewhat dull.

Lie Yan (raging flames) glared at him, on charming face reveals one to shame embarrassedly, "can't you look really?"

Ji Dong is probing asking: "This isn't, the gruel? Do you do? Does for me?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) visits him, nodded, said in a soft voice: "This is to your penalty."

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Chapter 278: Penalty? Reward

Looks at tray the gruel in that bowl of burnt/anxious Huzhuang. Ji Dong has smiled, is this punishes? He had discovered at this time, in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), own courage was truly small. Oneself have kissed her, the penalty actually eats this bowl of gruel, what does this mean? What a pity, he knows late, the Lie Yan (raging flames) look in returned to after formerly the short flurry normal.

Lie Yan (raging flames) some say/way of becoming angry out of shame: "What do you smile? Does is very bad? But, I thought crucial moment control is very good! Does not know why will turn into this." Here, her charming face once more red, somewhat was speaking haltingly the say/way: "I can definitely not eat meal, after you knew taught people bad things by you. This is others first preparing food."

Ji Dong hastily said: "I smile am because I am happy! I know certainly that this is your first time does. Lie Yan (raging flames), this cannot be to my penalty, should be is right to my reward."

At the same time was saying, he takes up ladle, has drunk in gulps, drinks is quite refreshed, not having the slightest bit to be loathsome. Moreover is appearance that a face enjoys.

Some Lie Yan (raging flames) doubts has snatched the bowl from the Ji Dong hand, "so is really tasty? could it be do I have talent of preparing food very much?"Does not wait for Ji Dong to prevent, she has also drunk one, uses is Ji Dong has used the ladle. "Pū"Lie Yan (raging flames) tilts the head. Has spat own masterpiece. Only thought that astringent, sticks, burnt, all sorts of discomforting flavors/smells flood in the mouth, discomfort that could not say.

"Is so difficult to drink, getting down that you also drink?"Looks at Ji Dong, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye has filled puzzled.

Ji Dong snatches in the bowl oneself hand again, "who said that was difficult to drink? I had not thought that is difficult to drink. This is I have eaten the thing of most delicacy since birth. Because, this is my Lie Yan (raging flames) for the compassion gruel that I make."At the same time was saying, he will read without thinking the surplus gruel to drink generally, sediment will not have remaining.

Lie Yan (raging flames) visits him, she truly is to look after Ji Dong to go for the bowl of gruel that he makes well, who knows that does is such result. Was hearing she thought is not quite tasty, tasted one a moment ago, was difficult to drink the pinnacle, but Ji Dong actually drank was so fragrant, from fire of fluctuation his look also soul, Lie Yan (raging flames) could not feel the slightest bit to be artificial. He completely is the sincerity true meaning, the happiness of the heart.

Lie Yan (raging flames) thought that own eyes somewhat blurred, a light mist ignorant/veiled on her no pupil, received the bowl in Ji Dong hand to place the one side certainly, said in a soft voice: "Ji Dong, why are you good to me so? The gruel that is difficult to eat you also drink was so happy. Do you know, with you in the same place, I have looked like human more and more. Has the emotion of human."

Ji Dong earnest say/way: "No, you in my eyes is never a person, but is the god, the goddess in my heart. The gruel that you make like me for the liquor that you mix, drinks, not only flavor/smell. More importantly, is emotion of implication. I feel, is you when making gruel the mood. I have believed, any food has the soul, when you in manufacturing them are having the different mood, the thing that makes will be also different. The gruel that you make although has stuck, but I can actually feel that gentleness that in the gruel contains. For me, also what ratio this more precious? Under my heart is very small, tolerates, only has a woman, that is you. Also needs me to reply why will be good to you such issue?"

Listens talk between lovers that Ji Dong that is proceeding from the bottom of one's heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) these time on own initiative by entering in his bosom, gently is hugging him, "do not move, cannot reach out for a yard after taking an inch. My Little Ji Dong."

Lie Yan (raging flames) very long had not called Little Ji Dong, since Ji Dong requests, she directly has called him Ji Dong, at this time suddenly also called the Little Ji Dong three characters, before taking to the feeling of Ji Dong actually, was completely different. Because in this summon, has filled twittering affectionate.

The Ji Dong first clear feeling, Lie Yan (raging flames) started to accept own sentiment. Yes. Oneself cannot reach out for a yard after taking an inch, can like this and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, gently is supporting her, oneself also what dissatisfied?

In this time, outside is broadcasting the noisy sound, can hear some people to speak indistinctly.

Ji Dong brow big wrinkle, disturbed in this time people unexpectedly, was really makes his mood not be feeling well very much. When he does not want to pay attention, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually gently made his arms, "was the Bartenders Association person came, you saw them."At the same time was saying, has not waited for Ji Dong to respond, two pieces of mild lips have been similar to his lip just scratch the surface general touch lightly, then like lightning shunt.

"You said that the gruel was not the penalty, that this gives your penalty."At the same time was saying, Lie Yan (raging flames) sets out fast, smiles is moving toward the door.

Dull looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), lip also that light fragrance preserves, Ji Dong does not have the image has licked the lip very much with the tongue, if this also called the penalty. Then, makes the storm come is more violent. In him is also immersing , in that gentle light kiss, Lie Yan (raging flames) the general's family opened, outside sound conveys clearly.

"Mr. Ji Dong, since awoke, I can see him?"Ji Dong listens immediately, the origin of this sound is President Bartenders Association, Wine God Du Sikang.

"Makes them go."Lie Yan (raging flames) takes the bamboo hat, said to outside gold/metal.

"Yes, master."King's light complied lets open the door.

Masters? Heard this name, Du Sikang in being shocked of out of the door delay. King's strength he is sees with one's own eyes, the pinnacle Yin Metal magic power owner, is old facing the demon head, formidable Eight- Crown Mage does not drop the wind, but also has destroyed the weapon of opposite party, Du Sikang is very clear, even if have the mount, in addition snow and ice Land Dragon, not necessarily is this seems only has twenty - year-old girl's match. Such has the pinnacle magic power powerhouse unexpectedly also master. Although Ji Dong and gold/metal have taken to him too many surprised, at this time he still could not bear surprised grinning with ear to ear.

In this time, Du Sikang was seeing Lie Yan (raging flames) of head harness bamboo hat. The red long skirt, the bamboo hat veil covers the face, leaves the dust the makings made people unconscious the vision will fall on her body, that was a mysterious perfect feeling.

Comes with Du Sikang together, also his son and daughter. Du Ming sees gold/metal time is startled is the beauty, but after Lie Yan (raging flames) appears, his vision immediately delay, even if has not seen the Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance, female gold/metal who in his heart also some explicit feelings, this wears the red skirt is certainly more beautiful. Although he thinks to oneself feeling somewhat inconceivable, satisfying actually as before recognizes so.

"Ji Dong in inside, you goes."Lie Yan (raging flames) light saying. Besides will have the mood change in front of Ji Dong, before any bystander. She is that wind light cloud Dan. But her perfect can't discover any slight defect sound to be able not to be beckoning?

Du Sikang first recovering, has drawn son, enters the room. But his daughter actually face curious looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), "elder sister, why can you cover your face?"

Hears daughter's question Du Sikang to have a scare immediately, hastily said: "fragrant, do not speak irresponsibly."

Du Xin'er said: "I am not speak irresponsibly. This elder sister is certainly attractive, covers the face to be a pity!"

Lie Yan (raging flames) gives a calm smile, said: "You go."Then, turned around. gold/metal hurries to follow, to protect side Lie Yan (raging flames).

Du Xin'er spits the tongue. "This elder sister is quite strange! Why visits her, I have the feeling of planting does not dare to approach. flatter Sister Jin is so fierce, actually called her master, was too inconceivable."

Du Sikang angrily said: "Was good, fragrant, you little said two. Before coming , did I urge your? Does not make you come, you are bent on having."

Du Xin'er laughs, said: "Others have saved us, could it be shouldn't I represent me and people of mother also guild express gratitude?"

Du Sikang helpless shaking the head, regarding this daughter, he does not have the means. Du Xin'er 19 years old, the disposition is the same with Du Ming this year, somewhat rigid stubbornness. Naturally, this disposition completely was the inheritance in their father Du Sikang. But Du Xin'er regarding drink mixing not any interest . Moreover, although she also frequently contradicts Du Sikang, may be entirely different from elder brother's result. Regarding this daughter, Du Sikang loves extremely, even somewhat favors to drown. When the family of three enter the bedroom, Ji Dong set out to welcome, although was broken and Lie Yan (raging flames) intimately very discontented, but this little while free time he has concealed oneself mood.

"President Du."Ji Dong to Du Sikang nodded.

Du Sikang hurries to go forward one step, "Mr. Ji Dong, this time many thanks you have saved our Bartenders Association. Does not know how really should thank you to be good. You such selfless assisting, is really "

Sees Ji Dong, Du Sikang unavoidably recalled the situation that day Ji Dong and gold/metal and person of demon pledge fought, extremely admires to the young people of present also not clear physical age regarding this him, was grateful.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "President Du does not need so. This time is also the chance coincidence, happen to bumped into. I and Bartenders Association this are also predestined friends, how can not help? From now on your guild must pay attention, just as you said that talent can arouse jealousy, desert fine wine, not only liquor, is the most precious object, must a more careful protection."

Du Sikang sighed, said: "After this time matter. Trade union a lot will adjust. That demon pledge was frightened by you, at least in a short time will not ask us to trouble. Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch looked that in your face had also decided establishes the cooperation in our guild. Has them to help, should good many."

On that day after coming back, Du Sikang the process of matter to the several association president saying of Heavenly Water City Mage Branch, they understands that this law enforcement elder was formidable. Even if they at that time outside day Mangshan, can feel the huge magic power fluctuation, cannot help but they do not believe.

Du Ming arrives in front of Ji Dong, bows to salute, extremely respectful calling out: "Teacher." This time, he completely felt a heartfelt admiration, lest Ji Dong does not recognize this apprentice.

Ji Dong to Du Ming nodded, in this time, Du Xin'er was also running, big eyes winked winking, looks at Ji Dong to call out: "Teacher."

Her called, Ji Dong has gawked, "were you?"

Du Sikang hastily said: "This is daughter Du Xin'er, fragrant, should not be noisy, you exit first."

Du Xin'er honk the mouth was saying: "I not noisy! The Elder Brother can acknowledge as teacher, amn't I why good? Elder Brother Ji Dong, do I also acknowledge you as the teacher am good? Listened to the father saying that you may be fierce, you also taught me."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "This is not perhaps good, I am Fire department Mage, you should not be Fire department. How do I teach you?"

Du Xin'er discontented say/way: "But the Elder Brother is not Fire department Mage! Why can he acknowledge you as the teacher? My attribute looks like mother, innate 9:1 matches Seventh Metal attribute Oh. Absolutely is the foundation of talent."

"Seventh Metal?"Ji Dong surprised looks at Du Xin'er, he has not thought, this seems the innocent girl really has this Metal department Yang attribute. Must know, generally the girl presents the Yang attribute words, will compare to have the tendency of man. Like initial Zhu Gui, obviously was a tomboy. But he has not seen this point from Du Xin'er.

Du Xin'er somewhat favorite say/way: "What kind, surprised. My Yang Metal is very special, I am the inborn daughter's body."

Daughter's body four characters made Ji Dong stare, "what meaning was daughter's body?"He has not heard. Du Xin'er discontented say/way: "Is element body, as soon as I the birth were the body of Seventh Metal Element, therefore my Seventh Metal attribute was different from the average person. Yang attribute will not affect my disposition."

Inborn element body? Ji Dong this is first time heard, what is inborn element body? Ji Dong was surprised said: "could it be said, you innate do have element body that Five-Crown Mage can have?"

Du Xin'er self-satisfied saying with a smile: "Has responded, although cannot compare the pinnacle magic power owner, but also difference are not many. I cultivation, compared with others quick many. My present magic power quickly overtook the Elder Brother. Misses Level 2. Demon pledge the person of that day are too many, decides will call them to be attractive. Elder Brother Ji Dong, you can receive me for the disciple now. I am very clever Oh."

Hears the Du Xin'er last few words, Du Sikang or Du Ming, felt that the back giant beads of sweat are falling, the clever this character as if forever also and Du Xin'er is not in tune.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "is not good."

Du Xin'er digs the mouth saying: "Why?"

Ji Dong said: "You did not ask me a moment ago, why isn't your Elder Brother Fire department Mage can request me to be the Master? Now I tell you reason. Because your Elder Brother and I studies is not the Mage ability, is not magic skill."

This time, was shocked including Du Sikang, "Mr. Ji Dong, the young child acknowledges you as the teacher to not study the Mage ability, what that studies?"

Du Ming first said: "drink mixing."

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Chapter 279: The mutation of jade of fusion day

"drink mixing?"Hears Du Ming's words. Du Sikang has smiled immediately, "one side brat, get lost/rolls, do not speak irresponsibly here."

Du Ming anti- sound said: "I did not speak irresponsibly, I must with the Teacher study was drink mixing."

This time, has tarried including Du Xin'er, "elder brother, your no way. Do you and he study drink mixing? Has to make a mistake! But father President Bartenders Association, present age only Wine God level Bartender."

Du Ming snorted, said: "I am different from father's drink mixing idea. The father, you thinks really Teacher does appeared the coincidence? You have not thought Teacher suddenly will appear why in our guild. Why will come to the Heavenly Water city? The Teacher goal is to come our Bartenders Association asks you to compare notes."

Du Sikang surprised looks to Ji Dong, "Mr. Ji Dong, Du Ming he said. "

Ji Dong nodded, said: "What he said is real. My this time comes Bartenders Association, truly is plans and you compares notes bartending skill. Who knows that just went to the Heavenly Water city to know Bartenders Association suffered distress. Then comes to have a look, happen to runs into you to drive out Du Ming." Du Ming continued: "Teacher bartending skill has subdued me completely, therefore I will acknowledge as teacher, at that time, I do not know that Teacher is so formidable Mage."

The object who if Du Ming acknowledges as teacher is others, perhaps Du Sikang early the violent anger, as President Bartenders Association. Has the Wine God title, oneself son actually must learn drink mixing from others, this makes him accept? The object but who, the son acknowledges as teacher just had actually saved entire Bartenders Association, has saved him. Looks at Ji Dong, Du Sikang complexion red, white, could not speak.

Ji Dong said: "President Du, you do not need to be extremely surprised. Actually I want to compare notes with you. Du Ming's drink mixing idea and I look like very much, pursues in drink mixing technique, but does not fuse with magic power. I listened to the Senior Brother saying that you in bartending skill and magic power fusion, have reached the hard- to-pass peak. Therefore, my this coming, is the hope can learn something through and your comparing notes, we can also each other exchange, should have the advantage to the drink mixing future development."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, Du Xin'er cannot bear saying: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, are you big? You as Mage, had that formidable strength to be very shocking. But drink mixing is different, not many years of total involvement soaks cloudy, is impossible to have an achievement. The my father drink mixing 50 years, had today's achievement by the excellent talent. Your Mage cultivation base I truly very much admire, but you said on drink mixing can compare notes each other to promote with my father mutually, really made one be hard to believe."

Du Sikang has not spoken, this time has not blamed the daughter, Ji Dong Mage cultivation base truly makes him quite admiring. May speak of drink mixing this domain, as this domain first person of many years , he when has the superiority feeling of keeping aloof facing any Bartender. Must say that Ji Dong can compare notes with him in this aspect, he is really unbelievable.

Du Ming stared younger sister one eyes, said: "fragrant, your this small girl understands anything. Attainments of Teacher in drink mixing aspect not compared with his Mage cultivation base difference. Even must be higher. The father, you do not believe. Do not forget, your son I am also Six Stars Bartender. But, after having looked at the Teacher technique, I even linked drink mixing the courage before him lose. Teacher made me see the Bartender exquisitest and mysterious technique. The only technique, can make the several base liquor of same type of cocktail present hundred flavors/smells. Achieves realm with liquor hundred tastes. In our drink mixing world, even if Fu Rui divides the association president unable to achieve, only then you. But you must be used with magic power. But Teacher has not actually used magic power."

Du Sikang looks to Ji Dong, when son said to Ji Dong studied drink mixing, his first thinks was Ji Dong also comes for the desert fine wine, but, he denied this idea quickly, words that if Ji Dong came for the desert fine wine, on that day after saving him, can definitely take away from his hand. But Ji Dong such has not actually done, but has solved the guild crisis purely. even/including demon the pledge was routed by him. He wants to snatch desert fine wine, but also needs like this? Let alone his also entire Mage Guild is the backing. As for the son said that Ji Dong can complete the same liquor hundred taste mixtures of pure skill, he is also holding the half believing and half doubting manner.

"Does Mr. Ji Dong, how you want to compare notes with me? Does not know that you and Fu Rui have competed with drink mixing?" The Du Sikang mind has stabilized, he leads the children to come today, to thank Ji Dong, was actually brought back the effort at this time.

Ji Dong said: "I and Senior Brother Fu Rui have compared notes one time, probably before more than five years. That time we are share half and half. Then, I and Senior Brother knew, because of drink mixing. That Senior Brother comes you to be admitted to Nine Stars Bartender the time I just arrived at Central Plains City, because had some contradictions with the local Bartender branch, therefore has carried on some competition, has defeated them. After Senior Brother Fu Rui comes back, looked for me."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, the Du Sikang look gradually to have the change, he believes that Ji Dong will not exaggerate, since he had that formidable strength actually as before is reserved proud, can see him is not a rampant person. Although Du Sikang has never thought Ji Dong bartending ability will surpass itself, but can share half and half on drink mixing with Fu Rui, really has with the qualifications that compare notes. Let alone, Ji Dong also that made the origin of life that oneself very earnestly sought. Ten big famous name wines that the famous name wine records, are unable to weigh with the value.

"Good. Mr. Ji Dong, you chooses a time. We compare notes one time."

Ji Dong said: "If President Du has the time, then on tomorrow. The place you elect, but, I do not hope to have too many audiences. On my two partners and your children how? Arrived Bartender of your this rank, I have thought that does not need to judge."

Du Sikang nodded, said: "Good. According to your meaning. I arrange. In guild other does not have, has for the place that Bartender compares notes many. We did not disturb you to rest."

The Ji Dong smile nodded, making Du Ming point out also good, compared notes with Du Sikang, oneself and Lie Yan (raging flames) should also walk. Because he agreed after the demon pledge hegemon on that day remotely, suddenly has remembered a matter, before the war of this Holy and Evil started, oneself must go to a place, looks a person. Later, must cultivation some time.

Du Xin'er looks at Ji Dong, big eyes winks winks, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, you have not answered are receivable I for the disciple. Although we are not magic power of same system, but is Mage, you can direct me as before! Or, do I also study drink mixing with you?"

Du Ming's ill-humored say/way: "fragrant, do not make."

Du Xin'er snorted, "I must do obeisance Elder Brother Ji Dong for the Master."

Ji Dong has thought slightly, said: "This, fragrant, if within three years, your magic power can break through Level 60, I receive you for the disciple. How do you look?"

Three years of Level 60? Du Xin'er has gawked. "Probably is a little difficult. However, regarding today the young girl, should not be the issue. We may settle Oh. Hooks."At the same time was saying, extends the white and tender small hand, raises up the tail to refer to handing in front of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong somewhat helpless has drawn with her, this is wants Du Xin'er to give way before difficulties, although she has the innate element body, but currently only has 40 multistage Du Xin'er to want within three years to break through of Six-Crown Mage biggest bottlenecks, is almost impossible.

Du Sikang sees the daughter, brows slightly wrinkled, regarding this girl. He too has really understood, the thing that only if interested in extremely she so will be warm-hearted, she must do obeisance Ji Dong for the Master, is not that simple. could it be said, this girl did have a liking for others? But, others side is leading two beautiful women, in the strength, Ji Dong is truly strong, but this behavior looked like in disposition extremely traditional Du Sikang some does not dare to think highly.

Ji Dong to Du bright way: "After tomorrow I and President Du compare notes , could leave the Heavenly Water city. Was not far from the date of war of start Holy and Evil. These days I possibly have no free time to instruct your anything. Before walking, I will leave behind one set of foundation technique to you, you practice industriously are. After the war of Holy and Evil ended, you arrive at Central Plains City to look for me again, I there you."

Hears war of four characters Holy and Evil, Du Ming eyes shined, "Teacher, can I also attend the war of Holy and Evil with you? I also want to be continent strive."

"Right, right, I also go."Du Xin'er hurries to jump for joy the say/way.

Du Sikang angrily said: "You two shut up to me. You think where Holy and Evil Battlefield is? Is you can go? Do not disturb Mr. Ji Dong to rest, goes out with me."Although he has not gotten up Holy and Evil Battlefield, but has very deep understanding regarding there, does not know that many entered the Holy and Evil Battlefield youth talent forever to stay there. He knows certainly that Holy and Evil Battlefield is most can the place of informed and experienced person, but his such son daughter one one , does giving up make them take risk?

Du Sikang, pulled out pair of children, before also extends the apologetic smiling face to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong somewhat helpless shaking the head, he wants to obtain the desert fine wine really very much, but does not hope in the Du Sikang heart to produce anything to misunderstand. After all, he has thought oneself are Bartender, although he does not think that this world Bartenders Association is legitimate, but everybody belongs to the common origin after all, he does not hope to injure to Bartenders Association anything. Lie Yan (raging flames) very much had anticipated saw oneself and Wine God Du Sikang fight a victory and defeat on drink mixing. Tomorrow, oneself must put out the best condition. Initially has not completed at the dance party, this time must complete in a more perfect form. As for the desert fine wine, must look at the fate.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not entered the room again, Ji Dong returns to the bed to sit cross-legged to sit down, in regards with rapt attention, raises gathers magic power. This time, in the meantime, he jade of that day obtained from the magic skill guild Mage day evil hand also took that. The fire of soul has grown, boosts again, making it promote to be how could it not be better to a stronger situation. Only then more chaos support, he may soon control the strength of that Fire God double sword.

Yin-Yang Fish revolves quietly, even if Ji Dong does not practice desirably, the fire attribute element of outside voluntarily will also integrate his within the body, why this was also his sleep wakes up magic power to restore many reasons.

At this time under Ji Dong stimulation of movement of desirably, double fire condensation law raises in the back, absorbs the speed large scale enhancement of magic power, within the body Yin-Yang Fish also accelerates to revolve, is centered on that slightly beat the fire of soul, is swallowing outside all fire attribute elements.

Ji Dong places in the jade of that day oneself palm, since obtaining this jade sign, he carefully has not looked.

The jade of pure white mild day, is lending the gentle chaos aura, even if Ji Dong itself had Chaos Fire, is feeling this pure chaos, is not in part of ones duty comfortable, attracts magic power of income within the body to come under aura influence on this jade sign through Yin-Yang Fish from the outside, immediately becomes purer, was absorbed easily. Why this is also that many Mage hopes that can have jade of day. Moreover, the jade of this day grasps in the hand gives people a mind stable feeling, had it, when breaks through any bottleneck not to need to be worried to overstate.

However, Ji Dong obviously not the meaning that it leaves behind, after all, fuses in it own Chaos Fire, can play the major role.

The light white appears gradually from the Ji Dong eyeground, the psychic force that the fire of soul has fluctuates quietly, regarding around the jade of day. Different from the previous absorption. This time, Ji Dong uses the fire of own soul to go to feel the jade's of day chaos aura purely. Chaos Fire that in the fire of soul contains gradually has formed a special bridge with the jade of this day.

The bridge builds, the light ray twinkle, the look on Ji Dong face started to have the change, that was one type as comfortable as the pinnacle expression.

What chaos magic power brings is the warm containing feeling, the strange creation feeling, during this feeling, Ji Dong only thought own whole body immerses in a wonderful chaos aura. The jade of that day in his hands is becoming more and more bright, when the white ray ascends to the limit, the jade of day already quietly shatter, changes into gas spray to cover the body of Ji Dong, that light white fog complicated floods into Ji Dong within the body from the pore and breath. Is infiltrating each corner of his body. At this moment, as if has become eternal, the Ji Dong originally somewhat pale complexion became the shiny smooth, the skin of whole person as if looked like in this flash general that the jade of day carved becomes, could not say clear insightful. Scholarly noble makings, the Sovereign King proud aura, the perfect mixing in together, forms another special characteristics.

Yin-Yang two fires condensation law vanished from Ji Dong, displaces, is the same reduction that he comprehends newly. The huge black and white dual-color ray condenses the Yin-Yang Fish graph behind him, this Yin- Yang Fish at unprecedented speed extreme twist.

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Chapter 280: The soul suppresses, controls the chaos

Formidable attracting customer interest, swallows strength. Just like mouth of the huge swallowing opens behind Ji Dong quietly. In the air incessantly is Fire Element, other species elements also come in according to crazy extremely speed racing wells up.

When like initially Ji Dong just had the chaos source, terrifying swallowing appeared again. In the entire Heavenly Water city range, all magic power attributes were swept away. Turned into a piece of magic power vacuum completely.

But the giant vortex that behind Ji Dong this forms voluntarily as before crazily is actually swallowing in the meaning of not stopping.

magic power that swallows although is huge, but, will enter Ji Dong within the body completely to vaporize, can fuse with his body truly, will be only very slightly very small part. The ordinary magic power element deputes into chaos magic power, perhaps only then surely 1. Chaos Fire of Ji Dong within the body is ascending quietly, not only the body of Ji Dong receives nourishing that Chaos Fire continually promotes, even including his soul also to be washed in this Chaos Fire fast growing process.

The strength of chaos easy further refining up his within the body impurity, making his body become more tenacious, beat the fire of soul was also becoming more and more powerful.

Before Ji Dong through cultivated and accumulated unceasingly, the fire of his soul had five cuns (2.5 cm) high, but this time, the fire of soul under the function of jade of day, has as if achieved marvelous realm.

This is Ji Dong second time swallows a day of jade, with the first difference, this time swallowing, has inspired the world phenomenon directly, swallows magic power. Reason is very simple. Because this swallowing time. Ji Dong already and previous time was completely different.

The jade of first use day, Ji Dong also has the chaos source, including Chaos Fire is extremely slight. But present he, had the fire of soul, after the fire of soul is Chaos Fire and psychic force fuse, produces, its existence, has proven the Ji Dong chaos source already in own psychic force thorough merging into one organic whole. Therefore, when in this case he has used this second jade of day, presents him initially to condense the chaos source phenomenon. The world spiritual energy was lit by the chaos, receives the summon fusion of fire of his within the body soul.

Out of the door, Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal returned outside hall. In gold/metal eyes filled with amazement, wanted to crash in the room, actually held on by Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Do not go, now his critical moment, was unable to receive a point to disturb. Ji Dong Ji Dong, has not thought, you have achieved so realm to the chaos comprehension unexpectedly. could it be said, your chaos magic power can next step set out? If so, you were away from realm that I anticipated also to be near one step."

gold/metal was surprised said: "Master, you said that the magic power element in air was found time completely, because of Ji Dong in reason of cultivation?"

Lie Yan nodded, said: "I estimated, this time fights with that demon pledge hegemon, he has inspired the strength of Fire God, had big touching to oneself. The fire of soul had the new comprehension. Therefore he has used the jade of that day at this time directly. Fire fusion with own soul, strikes while the iron is hot. Promotes own chaos magic power to promote to another stair. This is also good, although the Heavenly Water city is not considered as that the too safe place, but a short time should some people not disturb him. gold/metal, you defends here, anyone, cannot put."

"Yes, master."gold/metal nodded, stands in entrance. But Lie Yan (raging flames) gently opens the door, just like red cloud -like, walking into room in quietly.

This time Ji Dong, the complexion gradually is changed red by the shiny smooth, a little bit beads of sweat also start to appear when his face, the strength of chaos just strengthened the comfort vanished gradually, that is increasing sharply unceasingly, approached the ruler surplus Chaos Fire to spread the brain from the chest, never has the scalding hot feeling continuously is stimulating Ji Dong whole body each. magic power in within the body clearly does not have too big increase, but he actually clear feeling own body inflation wants to crack at this moment, as if own body must be supported to explode general.

Lie Yan (raging flames) quiet standing before the bed, at this time in this room has been full of the intense fluctuation of chaos aura, if ordinary Mage here, certainly will unable to withstand huge magic power that the outside emerges. But Lie Yan (raging flames) actually looks like does not have staring of any feeling Ji Dong.

The skin of Ji Dong becomes more and more red, that red seems as if has not to write healthily, even gives the strange feeling, but under this red skin, a layer upon layer fierce white light fluctuation unceasingly appears, seems seeking for outlet.

He arrived at such realm. In the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye has filled surprisedly, in the heart also somewhat regretted, early knows his fire the comprehension to soul was in so the degree, should lead him to return to the earth core lake to absorb the jade of that day, there, has huge magic power element, moreover is Fire Element absorbs for him. Moreover there also wants safe many, oneself can also help his helping hand. But now is not good, all can only depend upon him. Ji Dong, your line. You can certainly break through this. After the breakthrough, you will enter brand-new realm. Also can use the chaos strength gradually truly. "Soul suppresses, the thought controls fire. The deep meaning of fire of soul lies by the soul control chaos. Grasps the chaos. Regardless is painful, you must limit the chaos within your soul surrounding. Their controls firmly, cannot make him wreak havoc. Otherwise, you can never fuse with this chaos again."

Lie Yan's sound resounds in the Ji Dong innermost soul, the Ji Dong spirit inspires, he will never have any suspicion regarding the direction of Lie Yan (raging flames). The psychic force condenses comprehensively, must break through the fusion of soul with Chaos Fire that the soul fuses, is self-made, under the reminder of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong spells to try to stimulate to movement own psychic force, by outside, but, suppressed Chaos Fire whole-heartedly. Extrudes to the Yin-Yang Fish central place of chest place it again.

This absolutely is a difficult and painful process, outside started to broadcast the noisy sound. Obviously was the person discovery of Bartenders Association is not right, catches up.

Not only Bartenders Association, the element vacuum of Heavenly Water city has also inspired the attention of various aspect influences, Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch, the Northern Water Empire imperial family, also some influences of hideaway start to search this to make the Heavenly Water city turn into the magic power vacuum the source to be.

The red on Ji Dong face removes gradually, is relying on the formidable willpower, he finally breaks through these to the skin surface chaos air/Qi prevents completely, although compresses in them the chest is an extremely difficult process, because the comprehensive output of strength of soul made his headache want to crack, the brain as if must break general. But he is actually duty-bound not to turn back is controlling fully. Some Lie Yan (raging flames) in the side, in his heart do not have the slightest bit scruples, he believes Lie Yan (raging flames), even must over believe itself.

The white is beating the fire of soul in the Ji Dong within the body fierce rhythm, each beat, will be making his body shiver slightly, the fierce fluctuation is makes him seem is similar to is shaking chaff general. Although the red on face retreats, but sweat actually many flowing. Does not have the impurity to flow out along with the sweat, because these impurities already while this Chaos Fire wreaks havoc was vaporized completely.

Yin-Yang Fish similarly fiercely is also revolving, receives the stimulation of strength of chaos, the huge magic power fluctuation is almost carrying on the similar rhythm with the Ji Dong psychic force, although they are unable to help Ji Dong oppress Chaos Fire, but can actually make the Ji Dong psychic force become stabler.

Out of the door. gold/metal whole person blocks the front door. Before her, Wine God Du Sikang, the several association presidents of Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch came.

The Heavenly Water city divided association president this lofty one Chen in the eye to fill at this time inconceivable, "Miss gold/metal, what's all this about? Law enforcement elder he. "

gold/metal lightly said: "Ji Dong is practicing, anybody cannot alarm him. You withdraw, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite."

This lofty one Chen and Du Sikang look at each other one, according to such retrocedes several steps that gold/metal said that "Miss gold/metal, you meant, magic power of Heavenly Water city was swept away a moment ago suddenly. Is because law enforcement elder is practicing?"

gold/metal has not opened the mouth again, is only nodded.

In the this lofty one Chen eyes reveals the thinking of moment, quick, he has made the decision, said to two vice-chairmen: "You arrange immediately, all assembles Mage of guild, surrounds Bartenders Association, Protector for the elder."Although he does not know Ji Dong in cultivating anything, but can also imagine that presented so the phenomenon, Ji Dong certainly has broken through in the strength. As a Mage Guild minute of association president, at this time should be any him to be clear. Two rank meeting vice-chairmen fast went, this lofty one Chen approaches Du Sikang saying: "President Du, here you are defending with Miss gold/metal. I to outside. I think, the Northern Water Empire official person will also draw near, I deal with them. Cannot make anybody disturb the cultivation of law enforcement elder."

Du Sikang hurries to nod, "I have gotten down had made, our guild all Four-Crown above Mage here. This room happen to the guild central position, now the person has surrounded the room around."

Looks at present the arrangement of these two, King's look relaxed several points slightly, to their nodded.

The this lofty one Chen half step went, at this time he does not know that oneself mood is startled is happy, although does not have to see with own eyes, but he actually knew Ji Dong and gold/metal and entire process of demon pledge war from the Du Sikang mouth. Had the demon pledge hegemons of divine tool unable to block guild law enforcement elder continually, Wine God Du Sikang of Seven-Crown rank said young, before him, even including releasing the magic power courage did not have. What has this proven? The decision of association is correct, the guild has this kind of elder, in the near future, perhaps this elder will be the inheritance candidate of next association president.

Since initially Shangguan Yinkong left Mage Guild, because does not have the supreme powerhouse to assume personal command, the entire Mage Guild influence large scale is weaken, otherwise, the magic skill guild does not dare flagrantly to provoke. Before soon, the guild suddenly erupted, annexes the magic skill guild, the strength increased sharply large scale. This made all Mage Guild members dance with joy without doubt. But divides the association president as the Heavenly Water city, this lofty one Chen also fully understood that the strength strengthened the back some issues large scale.

Mage Guild and magic skill guild. This once two big top grade guilds merged suddenly, on continent any empire regarding news that extremely shocked, two big top grade guilds almost grasped on continent over 60% Mage. That is over 60%! In other words, Mage that Five Great Empires grasps adds, does not have two big guilds to be many. Can this not encounter dreading of Five Great Empires?

If guild enough powerhouse after fusion has not assumed personal command, frightens Five Great Empires, perhaps this merge regarding the guild is not the good deed, even may be the destruction blasting fuse.

Clearly recognizes this point, this lofty one Chen will be worried about the future of guild. He does not certainly know, has replaced Shiloh of Mage Guild chief association president, early has considered this point, guild duel the detailed combat report when Mage Guild and magic skill has given Five Great Empires imperial family respectively.

That side Central Earth Empire was needless saying that two generations of equal king and diamond regiments at that time in the scene, in news that other four Great Empire obtained, the final output was six big supreme powerhouses collaborates. Shiloh finally only said on the combat report six big supreme powerhouses close up the cultivation, had not said where they cultivation. Some so six powerhouses frighten, Shiloh did not fear that Five Great Empires will make anything. What he needs is the time, so long as there is a several years of free time, merges thoroughly in the influences of two big guilds together, when the time comes, even if no frightening of six big supreme powerhouses, nobody dares to move Mage Guild absolutely easily.

Naturally, this lofty one Chen's idea, if were known by Shiloh, Shiloh certainly will also highly praise. At this time the this lofty one Chen's processing to the Ji Dong cultivation can describe with perfect. Although Northern Water Empire imperial family powerful, but if knows that the celestial phenomenon change is because the Mage Guild elder closes up the cultivation to create once more, can estimate to the Mage Guild strength? Also can protect the Ji Dong here peaceful cultivation, it may be said that kills two birds with one stone.

Ji Dong and Du Sikang next day drink mixing competition cannot carry on eventually, because Ji Dong in cultivation process. The time passed by entire seven days, what making Heavenly Water city all Mage shocking was, these seven days of time, in the Heavenly Water city range did not have any magic power element to appear, the element vacuum was continuing as before. Belongs to Mage Guild Mages naturally is extremely proud, because this element vacuum is their guild elders cultivates to create.

Does not need this lofty one Chen to tell, Mage of each guild in intense sense of pride wholeheartedly is guarding Bartenders Association. Most Mage do not know the Ji Dong long anything appearance, but they are clear, the law enforcement elder who the guild comes has the incomparably formidable strength. The Heavenly Water city range was turned into the element vacuum was the best evidence. This who can achieve?

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