Jiu Shen Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261: The child of Wine God

Is listening to Ji Bin the words, Ji Dong thoughts revolve. Do some people grab Bartenders Association? What goal this is for? Must know, Bartenders Association most precious should be the liquor. Must kill people and grab for the liquor, this rather some. Moreover sends out is also Mage, these have any secret facts surely.

Season Bin continued: "Bartenders Association is also the Level 1 association, particularly would being situated in our Northern Water Empire capital, after this matter happens. The Empire Imperial family is furious, orders to investigate rigorously. The Heavenly Water city passes and out the city to be limited. Wine God Du Sikang is furious, was robbed including his family member. Therefore had this city gate inspection. Do you want to go to our guild? I lead you to go."

Ji Dong understood the long and short of the story probably, shook the head to Ji Bin, said: "Does not use, we enter a city well. Thank you considers."

Ji Bin and another Mage have sent in Ji Dong the city, he does not have to return to the city gate place auxiliary inspection again, but returned to Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch directly. The law enforcement elder came, how he can quickly not pass reports one.

Enters the Heavenly Water city, Ji Dong does not have thoughts to appreciate here profound and noble construction, to Lin Yan said: "Comes not Tathagata early skillfully. Has not thought that we happen to meet Bartenders Association to suffer distress unexpectedly. It seems like that this visits to challenge is not good. When others are in the danger, at this time challenged takes advantage of somebody. Lie Yan (raging flames), this matter I must manage one. Although I think otherwise to Bartenders Association bartending ability. However, after all is lineage/vein. The Senior Brother is Vice-chairman Bartenders Association. From any perspective, this matter I must meddle. If can help the Bartender association solve this matter. It is not again late to that Wine God Du Sikang challenge."

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "You take responsibility well. Do we go to the Bartender association now?"

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "Does not use that anxiously, we find the place to live first, you and gold/metal rest, I arrive at Bartenders Association to investigate again turn, that Ji Bin said a moment ago, the thief kept a letter to Du Sikang. I believe, the long and short of the story of this letter and entire item matter have much to do with. We must make clear the situation first are good."

On the Heavenly Water city street the stream of people are bustling, a point could not see the tension-filled atmosphere, Ji Dong looks for a very luxurious hotel to live. As before, wanted a big suite. Naturally, as deepening that gold/metal trusts, naturally is Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal lives in inside room, Ji Dong cultivates on outside sofa.

Calm under Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal, Ji Dong went out of the hotel immediately, to avoid misunderstanding, he has not gone to inquire position that the Bartender association is, but has purchased a map of Heavenly Water city directly, carefully after looks. His speechless.

On this day Shuicheng, could it be it is does not garrison? The Bartender association in Heavenly Water city north side , is just away from three streets from the Northern Water Empire imperial palace. The thieves can be said as in the Northern Water Empire imperial family entrance, has looted the Bartender association. What this must attack is the imperial palace, is really doubtable, getting down whether the imperial palace can keep off.

The Heavenly Water city is not after all big like Central Plains City, how long Ji Dong is useless, defers to the map to instruct that found the Bartender association to be., He saw that special construction from afar.

The Bartender association is one assumes the beverage bottle shape extremely high construction. Is higher than the surrounding construction. If calculates according to the floor, must have seven. Under construction of this beverage bottle shape on thick thin, all over the body presents for the strange amber brown, how does not know in this construction to achieve, indistinct can also see that in this amber brown beverage bottle constructs has the wave circulation indistinctly. Extremely unusual. It can be said that this Bartender would is in itself one of the Heavenly Water city landmarks.

Here arrives not to have the soldier guard, had been looted, guards also anything to use. The arch front door closely is closed, can feel indistinctly is flooding the air/Qi of withering.

After Ji Dong slightly makes the ponder, before arriving at the gate, knocked on a door. Several times, inside had the sound successively.

The gate opens, a middle-aged person walked, high and low has sized up Ji Dong several, the calm face said: "What matter?"

Ji Dong said: "Here is the Bartender association. I want to accept Bartender qualifications inspection."

In that middle-aged person eyes flashes through doubts, "association temporarily closed. In a short time not opening to the outside world. You walk."Saying, has not been waiting for Ji Dong to open the mouth again, bang, the general's family has closed.

If not know that Bartenders Association has had an accident, met this situation Ji Dong directly to arrange the battle formation to challenge in the entrance, but now others are the time of meeting misfortune. It is not always good extremely radically. In the heart moves, he has thought of the means. Wants directly to meddle Bartenders Association to be looted in this matter, perhaps when must depend upon itself to enter a city the status.

Is preparing to depart in Ji Dong, to Mage Guild goes to time, suddenly, his keen sense of hearing catches in the Bartender association to hear a noise.

Just the closed soon front door bang opened, only in listened to broadcast an angry sound, "get lost/rolled, you get lost/rolled to me. I do not have your this son. From now henceforth, cannot you step into Bartender association front door one step. Drives out to me him. Who helps him ask for leniency again, together tumbles out the guild with him."

"You think that I am willing to come back? You were too stubborn, mother and younger sister are taken prisoner, I will not come back. One day, I must substitute for your Wine God reputation."In the disorderly sound of footsteps, a person angrily walked from Bartenders Association, the good several people to follow on the heels.

"Du Ming, your boy do not impulse. The association president is in the fit of temper. You should not contradict he!"

A person who when comes out first, seems 23 and four years old, the figure is slim, is similar to the Ji Dong height, because is angry, the handsome face somewhat blushes, a black short hair, is really fine-looking. Follows him to come out, is several at least is hanging the middle-aged person of Six Stars Bartender badge, was persuading him unceasingly.

"Other people will come. Let him quickly get lost/roll."Formerly that angry sound passed on. With several people somewhat helpless waved to that young people, this rotates Bartender to would, closed.

Hears inside sound spreads, Ji Dong stopped the footsteps. The young people go out of the guild, in big strides walks, happen to and he met face to face.

Sees Ji Dong, the young people gawked, on the face the angry look have restrained several points slightly, "who were you?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Hello, I am carry on the Bartender inspection. The guild as if what happened, said that was the suspension inspects. Are you?" The youth ill-humored say/way of: "By any Bartender qualifications! Now this Bartenders Association already changed flavor. It is not Mage of Three-Crown above rank, does not allow to test Three Stars above Bartender. What truth is this? Who stipulates Bartender on if certainly Mage? Comes drink mixing by the magic power assistance, so is really good? This simply has violated pure of Bartender. In the guild completely is one group of old stick-in-the-mud. One day, I must defeat their these only to use the magic power auxiliary drink mixing way by the pure drink mixing technique. I urged you not to go to inspect. Does not have the significance. If you Mage, go to Mage Guild, is not Mage, does not need to test this Bartender qualifications, a significance does not have."

Is listening to the words of this youth, Ji Dong somewhat is surprised, after arriving at this world, he has also seen some Bartender, this was first time listens to some people saying that must come drink mixing in the pure technique, but did not draw support from magic power. Moreover from formerly dialogue, this youth and President Bartenders Association, Wine God Du Sikang related out of the ordinary. This young people look like a little meaning.

"You said is very right. The technique is the drink mixing foundation. Is most important of bartending ability. However, anything has his dual character. If one day, you can defeat them by pure technique drink mixing, under special circumstances joins magic power to carry on drink mixing again. The effect will be better. The different cocktails, in the mixture, will have the different demands. Some are magic power auxiliary are impossible to achieve, some are actually the pure technique cannot fully achieve. Any way is not absolute, each other fusion, can make bartending skill be a deeper level. Perhaps, do Bartenders Association these people also approach this direction to try hard?"

The youth listened to the Ji Dong words, the righteous indignation on face to disappear gradually. was surprised said: "Sounds, you understanding to the drink mixing aspect are very deep! You cannot inspect in any case, you are first approve of my person. Walks, I asked you to drink tea, we chat." The Ji Dong smile nods, this youth knows certainly compared with city gate place that Four-Crown Mage clear many, it seems like Mage Guild were does not use temporarily.

"My name was Du Ming, has not consulted, your surname high fame?"

"Ji Dong."

Du Ming has sized up Ji Dong several up and down, said: "Ji, but the Central Earth Empire country surname, do you come from Central Earth Empire?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Can say, but not completely is right. I come from Southern Fire Empire. However, my father truly is the Central Earth Empire person."

Du bright way: "Walks, we found a place to sit down to say. For these days, I was really am soon depressed lethal."To this day Shuicheng, he was quite obviously familiar, bringing Ji Dong three to circle two to circle, arrived at in an elegant style teahouse, on direct two, looked to sit by the position of window.

"Brother, looked that your didn't have me to be old?" After Du Ming dian pot tea, asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said: "I this year 20. You?"

Du bright way: "I 25, but compared with you greatly are five years old. You are only 20 years old have courage to test Bartender to Bartenders Association, is the solid educational foundation received from family elders or being a self-made person?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Is a self-made person." The previous generation or this life, his all bartending skill are studies, research.

Du Ming laughed, said: "If you intend into Bartender, later I to can direct you. In this day Shuicheng, the person who I know are also many. So long as your truly somewhat skill, recommends you also without question to some upscale bar work."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Good! Turned head to invite your to direct many."If Lie Yan (raging flames) here, will certainly smile. This asked Du Ming's youth to direct Ji Dong drink mixing unexpectedly, even if were Du Sikang, did not have this ability absolutely. But Ji Dong could see, this called Du Ming's youth to be straightforward, frankly, in addition his idea to the bartending skill, making Ji Dong have the favorable impression to him very much.

Meanwhile. Ji Dong also noted Du Ming's both hands, the palm was fair and slender, obviously paid attention to maintain extremely, particularly pointed , the flexibility of wrist/skill to be extremely good, truly most suited a pair of hand of drink mixing, obviously has made the painstaking effort.

Du bright way: "Bartenders Association has the branch in some big cities, how you also especially ran up to Northern Water Empire to come from Southern Fire Empire. This is not near! Looks at your appearance likely is not the average person, should also be Mage."

Although how Ji Dong the look does not calculate handsome, but the makings are actually far from the average person may compare, although Du Ming the mood is awful, but can also see several points.

Ji Dong said: "I am Fire department Mage. You? Ninth Water department?"

Du bright way: "That is natural. Our Northern Water Empire Mage, is mainly primarily Water department. I am not sissy, naturally was Ninth Water department. Listened to you to say a moment ago, in some situations the drink mixing skill can achieve the matter that magic power drink mixing could not achieve, was actually under what situation?"

Looks in his eyes scalding hot ray, Ji Dong stares slightly, because he as if saw of previous generation from this young people. Are oneself at the previous generation 20-year-old time not also like him? Regarding drink mixing is such deep love. Bartenders Association just had that big matter, he can put down temporarily, first inquired oneself matter about drink mixing. This rigid made Ji Dong increase several points to his favorable impression again.

"Outstanding Bartender, must first extremely know about various types of liquor. The same type of liquor, the habitat is different, number of degree is different, the flavor/smell will be ever changing. When the mixture cocktail, fuses with the different ingredients, the effect of mixing is entirely different. magic power can achieve, but increases the magic power characteristics in the cocktail, or affects the cocktail with the magic power element the flavor/smell. As well as made the cocktail when the mixture more gorgeous. Even made the cocktail have the qualitative change through magic power. But if, merely is this, is actually not able true shows all sorts of changes of liquor. Only can with fixed pattern, mix the fixed liquor."

Speaking of drink mixing, Ji Dong did not need to ponder, speaks with confidence, "gave an example simply. If I mixes one glass of cocktails, then, I can definitely achieve, with exactly the same material through the different techniques, mixes over 100 types flavors/smells. This is magic power drink mixing is impossible to achieve."

Du Ming is surprised, "what did you say? With same material, because technique is different, but mixture 100 flavors/smells. Brother, boasted does not blow like this."Regarding the view of Ji Dong, he reveals to doubt the color/look obviously.

Many readers said that our drink mixing? This did not come, hehe.

Chapter 262: Wine God technique, with liquor hundred tastes( asked monthly ticket)

One hear of Ji Dong said that the only technique can mix over a hundred flavors/smells the same material. Du Ming looks that the Ji Dong vision changed, the facial expression has also slit several points, "I before being separated from Bartenders Association am also Six Stars Bartender, only relies on the technique, the same material are most also only to mix three, the five types flavor/smell. Only technique, even if Wine God Du Sikang impossible to mix that many flavors/smells the same material. Ji Dong, ability difference is not issue, but if aims too high, thinks oneself infallible, necessity that we have not discussed."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "how you know that Wine God President Du Sikang can't mix over a hundred flavors/smells with the same material?"

Du Ming sneers, ", because, was he caught up a moment ago me. He is my father, only then my such son. Does this enough prove my words?"

Ji Dong had already guessed correctly his status, shows a faint smile, said: "I do not want to argue anything for myself. The fact is to prove all best means. Matter that President Du Sikang cannot achieve, does not represent others unable to achieve. Was inferior that we try. How do we make a bet by this?"

Does a Du Ming brow wrinkle, "make a bet? My this person never gambles. Also gambles repugnantly. Gambling will only make one degenerate."

Ji Dong said: "Relax, I do not gamble with you. A moment ago said according to me, if with the same material, I can mix over 100 types flavors/smells. Even if I win. If I cannot achieve. Is you wins. You have won words, I acknowledge you as the teacher immediately. Vice versa."

Facial expression of Ji Dong in the speech is indifferent, looks at his eyes, Du Ming can feel pride and self-confidence in that bone obviously. could it be, he really? No, this is absolutely impossible. He how old. Although own father is stubborn, the form fitting is the Wine God many years, was impossible to achieve him to say.

Du bright way: "Good. What since you must bet is this. I bet with you. I do not have anything to lose in any case. However, I have won words, did not guarantee that certainly accepts your this apprentice. I not the person who likes a love boasting. If you have won, that without a doubt, you make my Teacher without question in the drink mixing technique. Do you prepare to start there?"

Ji Dong has referred to front table, said: "Here. Chooses with any base liquor and ingredient as you like."

"Chooses along with me?"Du Ming looks that the Ji Dong look became colder several points, seemed like interrogating him, you must have a degree arrogantly.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill turns, crystal shaker appeared during he grasps, "in most base liquor my hand on market has. The ingredient also has. This teahouse should also be able to provide some fruit juice classes the ingredient. You elect."At this time, what Ji Dong was not pure is only for from Du Ming understood matter that Bartenders Association has, after simple conversation, he to this youth to drink mixing rigid as well as the moral character had the approximate understanding. Has him of fire of soul, looks side that the person looks, Du Ming in the process that in he exchanges slightly not artificial. Has exposed the eternal truth natural disposition completely. Du Ming has patted on the table with the hand, "good, makes me have a look, you have any skill to dare to boast extravagantly. Uses the standard cocktail: The base liquor and ingredient of sunrise."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Troubles you to come the lemon juice and pomegranate juice to the service person, American agave here has."

Du Ming called the service person. Told him not to want on tea first, on one cup pressed out the lemon juice and one cup fresh presses out the pomegranate juice fresh. The service people are certainly glad them to trade the drink , compared with the tea, the fruit juice prices of these two non seasons expensive.

The free time of a while, two cups pressed out the fruit juice to carry fresh. The faint yellow lemon juice, is similar to the ruby common pomegranate juice places on the table.

Ji Dong takes out one bottle of ordinary American agave liquor from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, takes out two standard cocktail uses again highball glass, pours American agave liquor in highball glass, the finger moves lightly, held the wine glass in the hand, hands in front of Du Ming.

Everybody is the sensible person, Du Ming naturally knows, this is Ji Dong makes him taste the American agave liquor, has a look whether has exceptionally.

Received the wine glass, Du Ming slightly heard, approached Ji Dong nodded. Indicated that does not have the issue. Once was Six Stars Bartender, if could not hear including American agave common base liquor flavor/smell, he did not need to mix.

Ji Dong has not started drink mixing immediately, but has extended own both hands, since two, two red flame have braved from his palm separately. Covers the palm completely. Simple Third Fire regarding the palm combustion, the Ji Dong look has not actually changed. Only hand. It is not willing to waste the time water used to wash, fires with Yang Fire is also same. Sees flame that on the Ji Dong palm braves, gradually becomes with his eyes in the vision of condensation, Du Ming the somewhat angry state of mind gradually was formerly quiet. Sits well there, silently looks at the Ji Dong movement.

The person who now this time, in the teahouse drinks tea are not many, two buildings only have two and three tables. Here braves the flame, although has brought to the attention, but Mage is not too rare. Can arrive is the family property rich aristocrats who here drinks tea, has been unalarmed by strange sights, thinks that is only the young people are showing off. Has not caused anything to create a disturbance.

The flame is put out, Ji Dong shook washing one's hands , the temperature on palm fell quickly, he then opened crystal shaker, the first base liquor American agave, from one small clue one can see what is coming, looks at the Ji Dong but actually liquor but actually, Du Ming's vision were many immediately several points of earnestness. 4/10 American agaves, not many point, many point, what is rarest, beyond a drop has not leaked. When Ji Dong receives the American agave beverage bottle, only then that 4/10 liquor fluids.

Then is 5/10 lemon juice and 1/10 pomegranate juice, happen to composes this glass of standard cocktails: The complete ingredient of sunrise.

cover shaker bottle cap, Ji Dong to Du bright way: "Needs to inspect again?"

Du Ming shakes the head, said: "Starts."

Ji Dong nods slightly, the right hand lifts, presses firmly between the fingers the position of shaker bottle cap, when Du Ming does not know he must make anything. Suddenly, that shaker flew. Or had been flung by Ji Dong.

Crystal shaker in airborne extreme twist, even has sent out whimpering sound, can see clearly the American agave base liquor and two types of ingredients merge into one organic whole in this instantaneous extreme twist. shaker revolving the rapidness of speed, making one praise to the heavens. It seems, looks like a golden red disc from the sky dances in the air.

Sees this, Du Ming received the heart of complete contempt, Ji Dong was only the wrist/skill shook a moment ago, pinches shaker to fling it, completely was the strength in finger wrist/skill. This did not say the strength greatly well, but must extremely precise controlling force. He discovered that front the youth who called Ji Dong has not even looked up shaker, from beginning to end, on the face the look was that calm. As if all during he controls.

shaker drops from the clouds in the extreme twist, bang a light sound, happen to bottom toward below, steady falling on table, but in this entire process, Ji Dong did not move shaker with the hand again. That shaker looks like the nail is equally stable, even rocks including the slightest bit does not have. The control of strength, can say that has been the degree of reaching the pinnacle.

The finger moves lightly, shaker opened. The light shell of Ji Dong finger on shaker, wisp of golden red juice flew, steady falling in another clean highball glass. The liquor fluid that this departs is few, if carefully looked, can discover, is in shaker liquor fluid 1%.

" Primary taste date sent out to push highball glass.

Surprised, except for surprised surprised, Du Ming affirmed very, Ji Dong in the entire drink mixing process, has not used magic power absolutely. He is also Mage. Naturally can feel. That completely is the skill control on hand. Front that made the shaker extreme twist in airborne, he self-examined that can also be able to achieve, but this ball wine enters Cup was he wants not to think finally. Does not have the slightest bit to lose as before sprinkles, moreover is 1% quantities. Only these two points, behind Du Ming have braved cold sweat. Formerly added that must direct others drink mixing. This simple cannot achieve! Same material hundred flavors/smells that could it be, he said that unexpectedly really inadequate?

At the same time is thinking, Du Ming "sunrise"has drunk that small. The flavor/smell is mellow, hot of American agave, two perfect coordination of fruit juice, the rich fragrance, shows this cup of sunrises all perfectly. Unexpectedly that flavor/smell, mixes also wants alcoholic beautiful, as Six Stars Bartender, the child of Wine God, he understands, more is the simple cocktail, more sees the skill. The same material, different people mix, the flavor/smell differs cannot the truth idea. Although only then a small mouth, but he can actually affirm, in Bartenders Association, only then a few people may mix the so mellow sunrise, includes his father Wine God Du Sikang.

That while he drinks this first liquor, Ji Dong has covered shaker, had not said that an idle talk, that shaker flew, in Du Ming kou is still tasting the flavor/smell of sunrise, the vision completely is attracted by shaker that dances in the air.

Revolves as before, but this revolving actually and was entirely different a moment ago, shaker was reversed by Ji Dong, the position of cover for a jar, top/withstand above his palm, in the extreme twist becomes a cone- shape. During is dazzling and intoxicating, shaker stopped once more.

The light shell beverage bottle, as before is wisp of liquor fluid,

Du Ming takes up the wine glass once more. This time, his complexion becomes is more splendid. Formerly the mellow flavor/smell vanished, the entrance, unexpectedly is thick fragrant and sweet, by, that the sensitivity of his sense of taste naturally can taste completely is mixes between two fruit juice. But, why doesn't have a flavor/smell of American agave?

Cocktail uncertain non-, if liquor, in the cocktail, the unique types, does not contain the cocktail of alcohol. By various types of fruit juice and ingredient mixtures. Therefore, Du Ming cannot say, Ji Dong now to this second that he drank is not the cocktail.

He did not have pondered how with enough time Ji Dong achieves, shaker third time flew.

"Please." "Please."





Each time, shaker flies, to fall, springs the liquor fluid, Du Ming subconsciously takes up the wine glass to drink. Such that just like Ji Dong said that is these three same materials, was modulated thousand to change by him unexpectedly in every possible way. Arrived afterward, Du Ming also faintly understood the Ji Dong mentality. He in process of mixture, making these three types of ingredients unify at the different proportions, the flavor/smell that like this had naturally can differ from. But, this need how exquisite skill can achieve! Must know, complete liquor fluid in this shaker. Wants the unnecessary separation, part to have the new combination and new flavor/smell. Cannot make a mistake.

Moreover, how regardless of Ji Dong combines these three types of ingredients, each cocktail that Du Ming drinks is that mellow and fragrant, making him not have to extricate oneself.

This originally only should be quantity of one glass of cocktails, he altogether has drunk more than hundred small mouths, is, such one glass of liquor, made him be drunk. Was not the person has been drunk, but was elated.

Ji Dong that suddenly Jane/simple Hufan drink mixing technique, all sorts of strange and unusual, actually fills mysteriously every time wields. Made his deep fell into wonderful enjoyment.

Nearby several tables of guests, at this time vision also centralized to here, their one by one looked like immobilization by witchcraft, could not speak completely. They have not thought that Bartender can actually achieve so the degree. Strange its technique hence. In shaker sent out that dazzling and intoxicating ray even to make in their lines of sight have the illusion.

Ji Dong this time also completely immersed in the drink mixing pleasure, he already very long not like carefree dripping drink mixing. He does not have use slightest bit magic power, is relies on the skill completely in drink mixing. He for Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing time, because all mood will pour into that glass of liquor, mixes the top good wine with the wisest skill, therefore instead not like the present carefree dripping.

This with the liquor hundred taste drink mixing techniques, in Ji Dong bartending ability, is the absolute foundation. It looks like a mathematician is reciting 99 slightly general. Calm enjoyable, and filled has stretched the freedom. Does not need to ponder, does not need to pay attention to anything. Relies on to feel drink mixing completely.

Is getting quicker and quicker along with the Ji Dong speed, Du Ming did not even have the time of end wine glass, when Ji Dong "please"character say, that wisp of liquor fluid enters in his mouth on the direct ball.

Finally, the final time approached, Ji Dong stands up suddenly, the chair was operated by his thigh myo- sexy actress, the whole person withdraws backward one step, in this moment, the entire teahouse as if shone got up general, nobody can see clearly the arm of Ji Dong again, in an instant, nine groups of crystal silver wrapped the light red ray halo from the sky to bloom.

Also is three 12,000, this was third day the eruption. The small three speeches always kept a promise. Even if again painstakingly again tired, small three will not make the book friends wait for a long time. Since come, many years have supported the small three book friends. Today as before is the double monthly tickets. Casts your monthly tickets. Helps our Wine God continue to go forward.

The sprint, all makes every effort the monthly ticket.

Chapter 263: Du Ming's suspicion

Nine groups of crystal silver wrap the light red ray halo from the sky to bloom. Appears around the Ji Dong body respectively. Top drink mixing technique, nine Yang Yaotian.

That nine rounds sunlight united instantaneously, turn into a pearl of palm size to be common, the Ji Dong whole person as if disappeared in this moment, low and deep buzz called just like the sound of dragon recitation is ordinary, can see indistinctly, dragon shape illusory shadow regarding danced in the air and gallops around that pearl. But that is actually not the dragon of this world, but is similar to the fifty Saint Fire Dragon same Huaxia Divine Dragon.

drink mixing pinnacle, Nine dragons play bead. Under this world compared with nine days of female celestial has the difficulty drink mixing technique. Before today, Ji Dong also theoretically studied this technique. While with emerging in liquor hundred taste mixtures, his subconscious has displayed it. Has not thought that at one fell swoop the merit becomes.

How that picture is not huge, but can actually see clearly nine silver dragonets consistently revolve around that central pearl turn over are organizing.

A light sound that ding, the Ji Dong complexion slightly changes, the ray restrains suddenly, Nine dragons enters the bead, wisp of light golden red floating departs, that completely is nearly the gaseous state liquor fluid, emerges in Du Ming kou, vaporizes instantaneously, the fragrant liquor pneumatic drill enters his within the body each. Volatilizes again from the pore, made around his body, was flooding the thick wine. The hand of Ji Dong also stopped, shaker in hand vanished, along with a series of ding ding dang dang, the fragment falls to the ground. shaker rapidly broke in his drink mixing unexpectedly.

On the Ji Dong face reveals several points of unwillingness, he clearly felt that formerly at that moment, own condition has adjusted excellent, may actually be finally defeated. Naturally, this failure also only then he is clear, people other on the scene, early had been conquered by his superb technique, who can see this finally Nine dragons play bead the issue?

It seems like that own technique slightly has the slight defect, or is the method of originally tentative plan is not right. Actually where to have the problem? shaker? Can could it be trade solid shaker? No, should not be this. Indistinct, Ji Dong has thought of anything, but he actually cannot affirm for a while. Before the mind endlessly is duplicating , when the drink mixing entire process, seeks for the issue root to be.

At this moment, suddenly, plop'ed, awakens from the ponder Ji Dong, when raised the head again, saw Du Ming to kneel down before own. At this time in child of eyes this Wine God has filled excitedly, in the eye pupil the mist flashes before, because the whole body the drastic fluctuation of mood is shivering.

"Younger brother and disciple Du Ming, pays a visit Teacher."Bang bang bang....... A series of kotowing sounds, making the entire teahouse shake several points, Du Ming turned toward Ji Dong, respectful good kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times big ritual.

Although the drink mixing technique of beforehand Ji Dong that Nine dragons play bead failed finally, but, does not have the failure with the liquor hundred tastes. Hundred tastes, hundred flavors/smells. This shock, is huge regarding the average person, let alone from small family background in Du Ming of drink mixing aristocratic family.

The layman watches the fun, the expert looks at way, is in itself Six Stars Bartender Du Ming naturally understands Ji Dong formerly did is difficult. Even if the father, in does not use in the magic power auxiliary situation impossible perfect achieves these. Isn't this continuously pursue realm? Reaches the drink mixing peak by the pure technique.

He could not attend to pondering that at this time Ji Dong so is why young can have this to shake ancient Shuojin powerful bartending ability, just as such that Ji Dong formerly said that the fact proves all sufficiently, proves his strength. Which this acknowledges as teacher will have the slightest bit to hesitate.

Ji Dong put out a hand to support by the arm Du Ming, barely escaped death by him, 50 years of life years, accepted this disciple are not anything. He is also because Du Ming's idea is the same with, is also extremely good in the drink mixing aspect talent, this moved one to receive the thought of disciple. Naturally, in subconscious. Also there are with a Wine God Du Sikang high below meaning. But is not now, must matter processing that waits for Bartenders Association this time to have end said again.

"Teacher, actually you how achieve. This was too mysterious. Even if thinks, I can never think, Bartender can actually achieve so the degree."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "You remember, heart high, the world is broad. The practice can confirm the theory, but how can have the theory, must depend upon our thoughts. If limits in small and narrow range, your theory forever was also limited, looks like the shortsighted person, can only see that well head size the sky. Wants into splendid Bartender, must first be able to endure hardship, next is the perception. Later when I to you carry on the guidance, will not teach you to mix each liquor, will only give you technique and idea, can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study any degree, looked at your skill. Reason that I receive you for the disciple , because you have before me similar idea, the technique is the drink mixing basis is, but is not magic power. However, as of late, my thought is also changes, if can while having the technique, integrates in magic power drink mixing again, can achieve really ever changingly. Even is not impossible to realize with the liquor thousand tastes. Since you request me to be the Master, I do not need to conceal anything to you again, this time I come Northern Water Empire to look for Bartender to would. Actually wants to compare notes one with your father. Confirms my idea, has a look, your father in magic power has achieved what kind of degree the drink mixing the union of technique and, is each other exchanges and studies. Naturally, I do not think the cocktail party that your father mixes is better than me."

Since Du Ming acknowledges as teacher, Ji Dong thought, oneself must talk clearly the words first, told him clearly does. After all, he is the Du Sikang son, if, have selected the Bartender association, own disciple instead stands that side others, that huge joke?

Which knows, Du Ming listened to Ji Dong words eyes to be too bright, the double palm patted mutually, "was good, Teacher. My father in was too long, so will be tenacious, throughout thinks he who the peak stood was right. If you can defeat him . Moreover the suggestion that advocates by me defeats him. That was too good. Teacher, when do we go? Or, goes now. I anticipated really very much you and my father come a peak showdown. Our Bartender world, already very long not such grand occasion. We when the time comes can invite other guilds even are the official person make a testimony. In your skill, spells with my father some absolutely."

Ji Dong said: "Walks. We left here to say first again."Saying, him was holding the shoulder of Du Sikang, the personal appearance flashed, leapt up from the window place, two gold coin steady falling on table. It is not Ji Dong wants to walk, but has no alternative but to walk, the teashop customers who these fell into the delay a moment ago, have all awakened, looked like saw new continent closed in generally. Ji Dong fears troublesome, naturally must walk away.

Steady falling in the ground, Du Ming was being drawn by Ji Dong. Only thinks to mount the clouds and ride the mist general, clearly saw Teacher walks is not quick, actually had transferred in a flash several streets.

"Du Ming, comparing notes of I and your father must certainly carry on. But is actually not now. I in entering a city heard that your Bartenders Association had an accident. Before this matter solves, I will not look for your father. Your father now because surely this matter restlesses, now thinks him to challenge, even if has won, is the victory not the military. Can you tell me, actually your Bartenders Association what happened? In this Northern Water Empire capital, actually occurred so robs and kills people, the matter that but also abducts the family, really made me unable to understand."

Du Ming also immersed to the excitement of Ji Dong that mysterious drink mixing technique, listening to Ji Dong such to ask, on his face excited removes immediately, sighs, said: "Teacher, can I believe you?"

Ji Dong has gawked, "why said?"

Du Ming said with a forced smile: Matter actually not fishy that "this Bartenders Association has. We can also think that probably who can be does. My this going back, wants to help the father, but, is contrary to what expects, I am same as the father, is the tenacious people, a word does not gather, this was caught up. Teacher, I acknowledge you as the teacher, because of your mysterious bartending ability. But, your appearance, as if some too coincidence. Your this asked, suddenly makes me alert, can you be that side person?"

At the same time was saying, Du Ming looks that Ji Dong retreats slowly backward, spreads out that oneself and Ji Dong sees only, ice-cold magic power increase from him unceasingly, black light sparkle, regarding around body. Ninth Water magic power. Above the top of the head, the White Yang Crown condensation formation, Four-Crown Three Stars, Level 46 magic power exposes in front of Ji Dong. Is the Level 46 degree at the 25-year-old age, even if in Heavenly Stems School, this can also join the Yin-Yang School rank.

Visits him, Ji Dong nodded, said slowly: "Frank and is not impulsive, Du Ming, I appreciated you more and more."

Du Ming's mood compared with formerly wanted obviously desolately, "Teacher, you are only 20 years old, why may speak so is experienced. You return to Bartenders Association with me. I admire your bartending skill, but, today's matter you must talk clearly."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Talks clearly? I had something to say? I come from far away from Central Plains City, you believe, I deal with your Bartenders Association person? Good, although I did not think that I should prove anything to you, but you, since insists on so, I showed that looks to you."

At the same time was saying, before Ji Dong one step treads, almost moves sideways, before arrived at Du Ming body.

Du Ming is surprised, but his reaction rate is not slow, both hands get up with the circle of right ascension, thorough Ninth Water magic power condenses before the body instantaneously, changes into three ice walls, prevents Ji Dong to go forward. Meanwhile, the cold air simultaneously from all directions transmits, Ji Dong surprised discovery, in this not broad place, presented several ice walls, in this short time, will surround unexpectedly.

The hand of Ji Dong, seal gently above the positive/direct ice wall, under Du Ming gaze, that ice wall disintegrated in light black light with amazement, actually he with enough time has not even felt that to be black light is any attribute, already once more with Ji Dong not any looking at each other of impediment.

Bright loudly shouted, both hands previous grasp in body suddenly. In the loud sound, that revolves around the Ji Dong body surrounding ice wall loudly also breaks, in the fierce bellow, changes into the innumerable fragments, the intense explosive force, is centered on the body of Ji Dong completely releases.

Interesting magic skill, Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals a light smile, a rich golden brilliance appears quietly around his body.

The explosive force of these ice walls are quite strong, making in this narrow and small space be flooded by the sharp cold ice fragment completely. But, these cold ice fragments possibly through the impediment of pinnacle Yang Fire? Any cold ice that moves that golden light slightly vanishes completely. Meanwhile, the attribute suppression of powerful made Du Ming retrocede one after several other steps, the back hits on the wall, ghastly pale look. Acme Yang Fire that as cruel made him breathe as the pinnacle pure Yang Qi breath becomes difficult, in this unmanned lane, all Water Element were swept away, only then that just like burning sun common aura. Du Ming's Four-Crown magic power is unable to release the slightest bit.

Golden light restraining, the attribute suppresses just like tidal removes, the oppression strength that Du Ming body withstands completely vanishes, he regained the freedom. But, that magic power, although appears briefly, but took to his shock too to be big. Since he has confessed in contemporaries, absolutely is the powerhouse in powerhouse, he also believes that soon, oneself can exceed the father. But, facing records the also young youth at present this year, he actually lost, not only lost, what also loses is that thorough.

Ji Dong vision tranquil visits him, formerly he even had not released including Yin-Yang Crown. Pinnacle Two Fires magic power had was lowering close Level 20 match facing magic power level, but also needs to release Yin-Yang Crown? That joke.

"You do not believe me, I can understand. After all, Bartenders Association is in very special period. Such being the case, the friendship of our masters and disciples completely. Each a few words that formerly I spoke, you must remember. Will have the advantage to you. What I do not need to argue for myself, I can only tell you, if I am the Bartenders Association enemy, you think that I do need rubbish with you? And me relative strength between you. Let alone is you, even if ten, I can also easy seizes you. Bartenders Association has an accident you had not been seized, that is because you should at that time not in the guild. Otherwise, as the only son of President Du Sikang, the enemy will let off you? All has been said. Said goodbye."

Spoke these words, Ji Dong turns around to walk, not having the slightest bit to hesitate, the look is also fainter.

Crossed 12 points, is the new week. Three 12,000 offer once more as promised. New week, not only monthly ticket Oh. Everybody must cast to slightly the recommendation ticket three. With the aid of the golden opportunity of sealing pushing, our goals are, double list first.

Chapter 264: Demon pledge

Looked from the reason, he can understand Du Ming this is vigilant the heart. However, formerly he, is to drink mixing new some wonderful feelings of comprehension. Had to Du Ming loved heart. Suddenly just apprentice hand/subordinate was interrogated by oneself, even must be incapable relative. From the perception, Ji Dong somewhat did not accept. Let alone, he is the perception is more than sometimes rationally. Otherwise, initially he not for a woods monster clan facing hundred and thousand of enemies. Even the Eastern Wood first regiment. Therefore, he turns around to walk, is very firm, the Bartenders Association matter that walks he will help to solve. But he has not prepared to know anything from Du Ming again.

"Teacher, do not walk." A Du Ming arrow step flushed, blocks the Ji Dong way.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "What's wrong, but also wants to let me and you goes to Bartenders Association? There I will go, but is not now. I will have the means to make your father believe that I am help, but is not the enemy."

"No, no, Teacher, I made a mistake."Du Ming's face rises red, just as such that Ji Dong said that if he is an enemy, will let off the child of oneself this Wine God? Let alone Ji Dong bartending skill is that exquisite. The strength that formerly released is that terrifying. Although he does not understand how Ji Dong achieves, but as Four-Crown Mage, he actually clearly realizes the Ji Dong formidable degree, by oneself this Teacher strength, even if crashes in Bartenders Association directly, perhaps also nobody can stop him. Has the absolute strength, what schemes and tricks but also needs?

Moreover, Du Ming notes, when Ji Dong spoke of the masters and disciples fate already completely, the eyeground deep place that wiped moved, even was distressed, was impossible to install. From the intuition or the rational judgment, he decides to believe Ji Dong.

plop'ed, Du Ming kneels down once more in front of Ji Dong, "Teacher, I was too a moment ago impulsive. You gave me an opportunity, my mother and younger sisters are seized, at heart was really chaotic. My temperament is straight, in the heart has the question to say."

Ji Dong lightly said: "The life of person, the opportunity only has sometimes one time. From the rationality, I completely understand you. But I am one along with the person of nature, now I have not wanted to accept the disciple. A little I must remind you, regardless of your father and between you have anything to misunderstand, now at this time, was he most needed your time. Returns to Bartenders Association, shortly, you should see me there once more. Bye. Du Ming."

At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, has not waited for Du Ming to respond, has leaned from his body the past, when Du Ming turns around again, where also Ji Dong form.

Facial expression delay looks at that completely empty lane, in Du Ming heart seems short of anything to resemble, muttered: "The life of person, the opportunity only has sometimes one time. could it be, have I missed the opportunity in my this life really? No, I will certainly not miss. Teacher, I in Bartenders Association , etc. you."

Left the lane, Ji Dong mood some are not good, how his disposition does not calculate open-minded, but is actually full of the perception. Before Du Ming vision changed cold, the appearance that retroceded step by step, making in his innermost feelings unable to accept again.

In this time, suddenly, in the Ji Dong heart is remembering Lie Yan's sound. "Ji Dong, you returns to hotel now." Hears Lie Yan's sound, after formerly all immediately by the brain of Ji Dong throwing. He first thinks was Lie Yan (raging flames) has encountered the danger, "Lie Yan (raging flames), how?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) knew about him, said: "I am all right, you come back. Some people look for you."

Do some people look for themselves? Ji Dong has gawked, immediately steps out to go in the direction of hotel, but has thought slightly, he knows that was who looks for itself. Does not need to ask, surely is the Mage Guild person, besides them, who Ji Dong cannot find out in the Heavenly Water city that oneself first arrive at also and has the relations. Obviously was city gate place that two Mage will arrive at the matter of Heavenly Water city to report to above. This is also good, in province went to Mage Guild to look for them again.

Facts showed, his guess is very correct, when he returns to the hotel, the discovery finds own altogether three people, is old men about 60, two male female, did not know. But wears badge that to see from them, is that wears the old man of black long gown is Seven Stars Mage, other two are Six Stars.

In the living room in suite only then gold/metal in one side complexion ice-cold sitting, Lie Yan (raging flames) as if in the bedroom, these three old men sits on another sofa appears somewhat awkward. But they have to wait here. The law enforcement elders of association came, can they not come out to see?

Sees Ji Dong, these three Mage stare, is old Mage of head is probing asking: "Are you?"

Ji Dong said: "Hello, I am Ji Dong. Three should came from Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch."

"Are you law enforcement elder?"That Six Stars female Mage loses one's voice to say. Sufficiently the old woman who this age is the Ji Dong grandmother, in the eye is full of the look that has not dared to believe. In news that although issues from the Mage association said Ji Dong is very young. But, sees Ji Dong when truly, made these three old Mage shock.

Ji Dong took own Eight Stars badge and that token. Handing over is in the first old man hand, the old man carefully looked, hurries to give back to Ji Dong, "the Mage Guild Heavenly Water city divides association president this lofty one Chen, has seen the law enforcement elder. These two are my assistant."

Ji Dong said: "Three do not compare politely. Please sit down."

Four people of guests and hosts take a seat, although Ji Dong was too young, making this two three rank association presidents somewhat be hard to accept, but the badges and tokens in others hand were actually the genuine. Also made them have to believe. In the look that did not respect. First time sees the Ji Dong idea when like most people, one about 20 -year- old young people, even if there is talent again, what degree can also strong to?

"Law enforcement elder, your this time comes to the Heavenly Water city, passed by, is the management?"This lofty one Chen's polite asking.

The Ji Dong vision is sharp, naturally could see that this rank association president somewhat thinks otherwise to oneself, "this lofty one Chen divides the association president, even if you do not look for me, I also planned that looks for you. I besides am Mage, is Bartender. This time comes the Heavenly Water city, came to the Bartender association, may I listen to Mage of branch to say a moment ago, Bartenders Association had an accident. This outcome what's the matter, do you know?"

As soon as this lofty one Chen listened to Ji Dong to say for the Bartender association. The complexion slightly changes, "law enforcement elder, the Bartender association left the important matter. If you are not very if necessary, temporarily do not have to do with them quite well. Bartenders Association stared by the demon pledge."

"Demon pledge? What is that?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked. This lofty one Chen brows slightly wrinkled, he has not thought obviously the Ji Dong demon pledge actually does not know. Where he knows, Ji Dong has been practicing from infancy to maturity, with Mage Guild not too many contacts, but existence of demon pledge, only then own Mage knows. Ji Dong or Fu Rui, can be said as the academic family backgrounds, associates not deeply with Mage Guild. Also the wanderer in continent Mage world has not crossed, naturally does not know that this demon pledge was anything.

"Demon pledge is the abbreviation of Mage alliance. Also was called the evil alliance by our legitimate Mage. The demon pledge members are some achieve individual selfish desire harm society by the Mage strength, wanted Mage. Although the Mage total of demon pledge is inferior to our guild. But the key forces are very strong. The history of demon pledge even compared with the magic skill guild must early, almost be our Mage Guild also establishes. In the demon pledge, takes the strength as Venerable/to revere. The organizational structure is very strict. 200 years ago, our Mage Guild united the magic skill guild to initiate one probably time in view of big encircling of demon pledge. That time has given them very big attack, the both sides at least five supreme powerhouses put into the fight. However, that service also made our two big guilds lose seriously. From then on, demon pledge goes into hiding, by bright blackout, no longer that flagrant appearance on continent. Until the recent dozens years, their activities start to be frequent."

"The person of demon pledge handles affairs aims at the benefit completely, may say without any l morals, they even to serve oneself purpose will kill the common people. Once meets Mage of our guild to kill people to seize the thing. Estimated according to us, demon pledge supreme headquarters in Northern Water Empire. They are also most rampant in the activity of Northern Water Empire, rob the caravan, to kill Mage, to kidnap the aristocrat, deceitfully to plunder to stop at no evil cloudy. After Bartenders Association has an accident, first looks for our Mage Guild, asking us to visit to prospect. In Bartenders Association, has clearly left behind the demon pledge Black Dragon mark. Therefore, can affirm, should be the demon pledge settled on the Bartenders Association anything thing, therefore suddenly starts, grabs the murder. The demon pledge has over a thousand years of history, although historically also once was encircled repeatedly, but is dies throughout but is not stiff, moreover handles affairs is also getting more and more surreptitious, wanted to find their headquarters or is the main force is extremely difficult."

This time, surprised was one's turn Ji Dong, he has not thought that in Mage, unexpectedly existence of also this kind of alliance. It is not all Mage controls in Mage Guild and aristocrats hand. Yes! When a person has the ability of exceeds average man, after all will have will not firmness, this superior strength function in pursue that in wants to the advantage.

Ji Dong asked: "This lofty one Chen divides the association president, since had discovered is the hand under demon pledge, how that branch prepares to deal?"

This lofty one Chen was sighing shaking the head, said: "We passed on to association the news. However, perhaps the guild cannot manage this matter."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "No matter why? The could it be demon pledge appears. Shouldn't our guild lend a hand to assist to Bartenders Association?"

This lofty one Chen said: "Elder, is not we do not find out the palm reading to help, is really because the present is in very special period, branch here manpower, guards the Heavenly Water city to have, but attacked is insufficient. Moreover, although Bartenders Association requested to help to us, but actually shrank, had scruples. The demon pledge has left a letter after grabbing to them. But Du Sikang is not willing to show us that letter. agree did not tell our contents is anything. The beginning to end of our matter is not clear, but also lends a hand to help them? Holy and Evil fought also six months to start. Although Duke can directly attend in the war of Holy and Evil. But before the war of each Holy and Evil starts, the guild must complete the massive preparatory work, dispatches massive elite Mage not to prepare to support in the Holy and Evil Channel entrance at any time. This is the custom that the ancestor leaves behind. But now is also carrying out the preparatory work of this matter. Impossible to branch out massive Mage for the matter that the demon pledge makes. Let alone, even if reassigns massive Mage from the association, in the time should also without enough time. The association also needs to dispatch from each region, in addition is far away, does not have two and three months, is impossible. But the demon pledge gives the Bartenders Association time, not over ten days. They also saw this point suddenly to start obviously. Although currently we had the protection, but they have seized the Bartenders Association women and children, the pure defense does not affect, as the minute association president, I cannot, because the Bartenders Association matter makes the gambling stake with the Mage life of our guild."

"So that's how it is."Listened to the this lofty one Chen's words, Ji Dong had some understanding to the cause and effect of this matter, for the war of Holy and Evil, Mage Guild has paid unexpectedly also these many in the back. Bartenders Association matter, Mage Guild, no matter, is managed by oneself. Arrived must have a look, this demon pledge can strong to any degree.

"This lofty one Chen divides the association president, how you look at this. Troubles you to recommend me to Bartenders Association that side. Matter that about this time their grabbed, I deal with."

This lofty one Chen has gawked, "you must handle this matter personally. The elders, this is not quite good."Although on the mouth was saying like this, but in the this lofty one Chen heart actually somewhat thinks otherwise, is really the young bull does not fear the tiger, although does not know why you can obtain the glory of this law enforcement elder, but, the demon pledge so is good to cope? If such, several hundred years ago, their destruction.

Ji Dong said: "Anything is not good. I want to understand this matter. You felt relieved freely, if the matter may not be, I will not force. The matter is not suitable late, our goes."

The law enforcement elder status is honored, can say in Mage Guild is next to existence of president of national association, this lofty one Chen is unable to defy the orders of Ji Dong, but, is leading two status meeting vice-chairmen and Ji Dong, goes to the Bartender association together.

Near the Bartender association, the front door that this strange Xing constructs is shutting tightly again as before, has to resist person and the meaning beyond thousand li (500 km) greatly. This lofty one Chen goes forward to knock on a door. Bright sound said: "Mage Guild this lofty one Chen comes to visit."

The time is not long, the Bartenders Association front door completely opened wide finally, more than ten people welcomed from inside, when first a person of somewhat anxious say/way: "This lofty one President Chen, I am preparing to look for you."

The climax starts, behind also one.

Chapter 265: Ten big famous name wine third, desert fine wine

Before the Mage Guild Heavenly Water city divides association president this lofty one Chen and two vice-chairmen brings Ji Dong to arrive at the Bartender association gate, together. In Bartender association. More than ten people welcomed, after is a person saw this lofty one Chen, immediately the stride approach, on the face completely is the happy expression.

Ji Dong fixes the eyes on to look, sees only that is the person of head is near 60-year-old, is slight, surface such as silver basin, nose straight mouth side. When thinks to be light next year is also distinguished persons. Vaguely can see for several points from the feature with the Du Ming similarity. At this time is both eyes is red, the complexion is quite ugly.

"President Du Sikang, we are unsolicited, but also asked you to forgive."This lofty one Chen's light saying. Although his words are polite, but among the looks has several points of arrogant demeanor. Although he is only Mage Guild divides the association president, but after Mage Guild and magic skill guild merges, became now on continent the only one top grade guild, although Bartenders Association is also the Level 1 guild, but compared with Mage Guild, difference was too far.

Du Sikang hurries to say with a smile: "This lofty one President Chen, I just did not say, is preparing to look for you. You and two vice-chairmen are the honored guests who we please let us not invite. Quick, in requests personally." This lofty one Chen is sideways, making way position. Respectful to hand signal that Ji Dong has made invitation, then approaches Du Sikang saying: "President Du Sikang, please call me to divide the association president for this lofty one Chen. I give you to present, this law enforcement elder Mr. Ji Dong who is our Mage Guild would."

Law enforcement elder? Listens to this lofty one Chen such to introduce, Du Sikang had a scare immediately, in Mage Guild has the elder to be many, generally is becoming famous Mage of older generation, may hold the post. But the law enforcement elder is few, has the character of real power in Mage Guild. The status is next to an association president, with would vice-chairman are treated equally.

When Du Sikang sees Ji Dong, on face the look somewhat changed, turns head to look again to this lofty one Chen, the smiling face restrains many, "this lofty one Chen divides the association president, you are are not cracking a joke. This is your Mage Guild law enforcement elder? Although our Bartenders Association is confronted by danger, but also is the Level 1 guild, although recently was because I had scruples, has neglected you. But you should not so play jokes upon in me."

Also no wonder Du Sikang does not believe that if were not the news that the Mage association spread had pointed out the Ji Dong age, this lofty one Chen did not believe the status of his law enforcement elder.

In this time, from following Du Sikang came out in more than ten people that greeted, the form half step went forward together, several steps arrived in front of Ji Dong, plop'ed kneed down, "disciple Du Ming, paid a visit Teacher."

Looks to kneel to bend down in oneself front Du Ming, Ji Dong lightly said: "Du Ming. You get up." Before heart not quick diverged, listening to this lofty one Chen to say demon pledge matter, he sympathized to Bartenders Association, formerly Du Ming vigilant naturally also completely understood.

Du Ming looks up to Ji Dong, sees Ji Dong not to reject his meaning explicitly, immediately the great happiness, hurrying stands Ji Dong behind. After he returned to Bartenders Association before, almost drove out, the restraining temperament, admits mistakes after the father vigorously was remained. But he has not thought, Ji Dong appears before him again, appears as Mage Guild law enforcement elder unexpectedly. This time, he does not have the slightest bit to suspect, Ji Dong once in the tyrannical strength that in front of him appeared briefly, has made the too profound impression on him.

Du Sikang and this lofty one Chen noticed that this was shocked, regarding Du Ming, this lofty one Chen is also knew that knows he and Du Sikang do not gather are also very clear. No wonder the law enforcement elder must help Bartenders Association, originally he and Du Sikang son really have this relations. However, this law enforcement elder does have Du Ming to be old?

Du Sikang doubts looks to Ji Dong, has a look at this lofty one Chen again. "This is, really the law enforcement elder of expensive meeting?"

This lofty one Chen complexion sank, "Du Sikang, you so disrespect to my guild elders, is what truth?"

"This lofty one Chen divides the association president, ok."Ji Dong reaches out Du Sikang, "President Du Sikang, hello. The long time hears about the Wine God given name. Fortunate meeting. Whether we do go in discussed again?"

Du Sikang could be said as in the painful suffering passed for these days, put out a hand to grasp with Ji Dong, immediately, an extremely pure and vast life aura from the Ji Dong palm turbulently. The Du Sikang whole body shakes, just when wanted to resist, actually discovery this huge life aura instantaneously fills oneself whole body, the mind weary relaxed immediately, the spirit has also roused several points. Looks that the Ji Dong look also immediately had the change. Sees the son again, sees only Du Ming to stand in Ji Dong behind approaches oneself nodded slightly. In the eye completely is excited color/look.

"The Ji Dong elder, were many to be disrespectful a moment ago, please." The status of law enforcement elder, making Ji Dong become many things around a center object, surrounded by people, first time entered the front door of this Bartenders Association association finally.

Enters the front door, Ji Dong not only frowns slightly, in Bartenders Association this unique construction, everywhere is disorderly one piece, in the ground everywhere is the disorderly breakage goods. also thick mix liquor air/Qi, is many liquor fluids sprinkles in the flavor/smell that the ground will send out obviously.

In the hall, also dozens Bartender, Du Sikang make the people pass through the hall, comes to two big conference rooms. Sends away about. Closes the door personally. In the conference room, only remaining he and Ji Dong add on a Du Ming again.

Du Sikang asked Ji Dong to sit on first place, sighed, said: "Our Bartenders Association received cordially the guest by the good wine. But now this appearance, is really......, But also invited the elders and three rank association presidents excuses me."

Ji Dong said: "Association president does not need to be polite. Some time ago, I received Du Ming am a disciple. hears Gui will have an accident suddenly, comes to see the place that has something to help especially. I listened to this lofty one Chen to divide the association president saying that was the demon pledge person comes to disturb?"

Du Sikang sighed, said: "First, I must divide the association president to apologize to this lofty one Chen first. When previous time you come, I will suffer just the disaster, my mind was suddenly chaotic. Moreover is related to my Bartenders Association biggest secret, therefore I have not talked clearly the long and short of the story to you. Over the two days I have thought clearly, only then Mage Guild can help my Bartenders Association go through this difficulty. Here, I requested that the Ji Dong elders and three rank association presidents help us. Otherwise, perhaps Bartenders Association wanted destruction. If not the war of Holy and Evil will soon start, perhaps I can also divide association president Fu Rui to come back to help Central Plains City. But at this time, he is doing now is carrying on the preparation of war of Holy and Evil, I am not really willing to disturb him. After all, that is the important matter that relates to the continent safety."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "What you said is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Although he cannot come, but I came should not to have anything to distinguish. Fu Rui is my Senior Brother."

Du Sikang stares. "Elder, are you Junior Brother who Fu Rui divides the association president? That said, you also did come from Heavenly Stems School?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Can say. Teacher only then I and Senior Brother two disciples. If possible, Association president, whether to ask you to talk clearly the long and short of the story of matter. How we also well decide to help the expensive meeting."

One hear of Ji Dong were the Fu Rui Junior Brother, the Du Sikang complexion was obviously attractive, behind Fu Rui some any people his clear, although in his opinion at present this young people in strength impossible compared with Fu Rui, but he, since were the Fu Rui Junior Brother, naturally was also the disciples under that two supreme crown. Since three days. This is the only one good news that he obtains.

"Arrived this time, I did not have anything to be good to conceal. The ordinary men are innocent, talent can arouse jealousy. This demon pledge in view of our Bartenders Association, is one bottle of liquor that because the guild stores up."

One bottle of liquor? Hears Du Sikang this reply, Ji Dong in the eye the ray puts immediately greatly, what can make the demon pledge so drag in lots of people are one bottle of liquor comes, is the collection of Bartender association. It can be imagined, the precious degree of this bottle of liquor to any situation, without a doubt, that surely is one of ten big famous name wines the famous name wine records.

Du Sikang continued: "Our Bartenders Association first association president, once wrote the book that named famous name wine has recorded. In this book, has recorded the ten big famous name wines in our world. In these ten big famous name wines, only has one type that our guild collects. Ranks third in ten big famous name wines, named desert fine wine. The brewing method of this desert fine wine was already lost. As far as I know, two bottles that only then our guild holds. It in several thousand rare and precious thalassiophytas by sea after unique approach, after dozens years of storage brewing. Then by the deep Hailong jade the bottle of loading making, soaks in the sea, at least hundred years, can to become wine."

The desert fine wine, hears these four characters, Ji Dong as if can feel a aura of sea, other did not say, only the rank of this type of good wine must above the origin of life, sufficiently show that it was precious.

Du Sikang said: "Desert fine wine, not only a liquor, can be said as the most top magic medicament. Drinks one bottle of words, if can cultivation in the sea, then, can absorb Water Element in sea, achievement pinnacle water attribute. This was also the demon pledge in view of our real causes."

Achievement pinnacle water attribute, these words, three association presidents of Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branches have almost simultaneously stood. eyes stares in a big way, looks at Du Sikang. Breathed becomes somewhat rapid.

Acme water attribute, is pinnacle Ninth Water and pinnacle Tenth Water. One bottle of liquor can produce so results, this thing absolutely is the priceless treasure!

Only then Ji Dong can also calm sitting there, the origin of life be able the life and death person and meat white bones, if this desert fine wine cannot have to surmount its function, Ji Dong instead must feel strange.

Du Sikang said with a forced smile: "Three rank association presidents. Now you understand why I am not willing to say the truth of matter."At the same time was saying, his also desirably looked at Ji Dong. Said honestly, if no this Fu Rui Junior Brother, he also wants to hesitate to say. First did not ask how the status of Ji Dong this law enforcement elder must come. Under two big supreme crowns the status of disciple , the three association presidents of these Heavenly Water City Mage Branches covets does not dare to make anything.

This lofty one Chen waves, making two assistants sit down, because of formerly loses self-control, in the look somewhat was awkward, but also no wonder he so, after all, they will be Water department Mage! Hears this type can be said as Jane|treasure of priceless treasure to Water department Mage, can they not be shocked?

Returned to normal reluctantly own mind, this lofty one Chen said to Du Sikang: "President Du, I understood why your previous time will hesitate. Regarding any Water department Mage, the liquor that you said that has the fatal attraction. It seems like that should demon pledge not go well?"

Du Sikang nodded, said: "Demon pledge met Mage while me with more than ten not in it opportunity, foray. Robs lots that in the guild has stored up, particularly the precious wines of some cellarings. Desert fine wine collection is luckily prudent and meticulous, had not gone well by them. They stay behind a letter, said that to me seven days of time, in seven days, making me go to Beimangshan, hand over the desert fine wine, otherwise, seven days later, make me gather up dead bodies for the families of guild. I after careful consideration, this matter, only then Mage Guild can help us. Ji elder, three rank association presidents, you must get rid to aid! After the matter becomes, our Bartenders Association is willing to pay the large sum of money."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "First did not say any reward. The desert fine wine cannot make demon pledge obtain. President Du, this matter I helps you in his own name."

This lofty one Chen hastily said: "Ji elder, the branch is willing to follow your altogether anti- demon pledge. Our strengths somewhat are perhaps insufficient."

Ji Dong glanced at him, said: "I have the means to look for reinforcements. However, this matter we must plan one to be good carefully. Since the opposite party requests only to be President Du goes, then, can affirm, the also person of demon pledge definitely in the Heavenly Water city is monitoring Bartenders Association, even that side Mage Guild some people will also monitor, because only then Mage Guild has to help the Bartenders Association possibility. Therefore, the people of your two sides do not move. The attack main force is thought means by me,. "

One hear of Ji Dong complying help without hesitation, Du Sikang is overjoyed immediately, people in this conference room secret discussed.

three days later. Outside Heavenly Water city.

Beimangshan is situated in Heavenly Water city west side, the mountain range is not too big, but actually covered for the Heavenly Water city has come from the cold wind of Northwest, making the Heavenly Water city be insufficient extremely coldly.

At this time, on going to the main road in Beimangshan, Du Sikang is riding his mount, Rank 7 snow and ice earthworms, are hurrying along fast, two years ago, Du Siming just promoted Seven-Crown, is in entire Bartenders Association magic power level highest one. His snow and ice Land Dragon mount, is the expenditure buys at a high price. When Six- Crown Mage obtained.

The snow and ice Land Dragon is the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon close relative, the biggest advantage finally can promote into Rank 9 magic beast. Besides cannot soar, the snow and ice Land Dragon and Snow and Ice Giant Dragon contour is also extremely similar. The strength naturally must fall short greatly. If is not President Bartenders Association, has the name of Wine God. To obtain this kind of magic beast quite to be difficult.

Three 12,000 erupt, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 266: Assassination! Absolute specialty

President Bartenders Association. Wine God Du Sikang ride his snow and ice Land Dragon of goes in the direction of Beimangshan, the snow and ice Land Dragon from the strength, with emerald lizard Dragon King is a rank. But this Rank 7 snow and ice earthworms have not evolved completely grown.

The snow and ice Land Dragon dashes in the ground, in the sky, Ji Dong rides fifty Saint Fire Dragon to follow under the cover of fog, even if the vision extremely good person looked to the sky , can only see that white clouds from the sky flutter, will not have anything to suspect. With also gold/metal of Ji Dong colleague, this is the idea of Lie Yan (raging flames), to let Ji Dong relieved helped Bartenders Association, Lie Yan (raging flames) return to the earth core world temporarily. gold/metal and Ji Dong Yin Metal double fire three departments pinnacle combination skill has basically taken shape, has her and Ji Dong coordinates, even if runs into the supreme powerhouse, has the strength of resistance. Perhaps Du Sikang cannot think, reinforcements that Ji Dong said only then a gold/metal person. Reason that he obeys the suggestion and plan of Ji Dong, one of the main reasons saw Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon. It can be imagined, when his snow and ice Land Dragon in front of the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai and Wuliangye, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily the last time, regarding shock of this President Bartenders Association is how huge.

, Ji Dong saw Beimangshan of distant place from afar, at this time. Carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, besides him and gold/metal, the also two little fellows, seems is similar to the Saint Fire Element body and demon of flame element body ten -year-old children's size.

Demon pledge precipitates the millenniums organizations not to be absolutely good to cope, Ji Dong also has to hit 12 the spirit. Although does not have Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor to protect the body, but he ahead of time has actually taken the Sun and Moon double splendor glove. Has prepared war.

The time is not long, Du Sikang rode the snow and ice Land Dragon to enter in Beimangshan, although Beimangshan occupied a land area is not broad, cannot compared with Earth Spirit Mountain Range, but the topography was very high, the prominent peak had three kilometers high fully, was nearby the Heavenly Water city a highest mountain peak.

The air obviously became more and more cold, this also made the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body surrounding mist even more rich. Better to be hiding its personal appearance.

Du Sikang just arrived at Beimangshan, had been blocked by several people. These people is a black clothes, wears a mask, the body is lending the aura of withering.

Sees Du Sikang, has not said anything to him, but makes him make a pilgrimage to a famous mountain temple on walks.

Leaves the Heavenly Water city after Du Sikang, Ji Dong on has been paying attention to the surrounding situation carefully, the function of fire of soul completely is appearing at this time, particularly reconnoiters to under from the sky, so long as a little magic power fluctuates slightly, even is slightly huge a point the life aura, the induction of fire of inescapable soul.

He discovered that after Du Sikang goes out of town, surroundings throughout some people with him, these people from his place at least 300 meters away. This line. At least dozens dark piles exist. After Du Sikang passes through, these people not immediately with, but is static there, is similar to takes in a net general, is nosing in the surroundings, looked that has the person to follow Du Sikang. In the entire process, is quite dexterous.

They not like Du Sikang that several black clothes masked men who sees under Beimangshan, but is the manner of leaving varies, some assume the guise the passer-by, some, then hides in the mountain forest, if looked with eyes, when they have not released magic power, is unable to realize.

Has established worthily the millenniums organizations, goes into action to be quite strict. Until Du Sikang arrives at Beimangshan, enters in the mountain, these talented people slowly closes up in the Beimangshan direction. Place that is easiest to observe in various at the foot of the hill places, has almost the dark pile to exist, so long as some people appear, will be discovered by them surely.

But, how they can want to obtain, follow the person who Du Sikang comes. Not in ground, but in the clouds in sky? The purity that their motions look.

Enters in Beimangshan, Ji Dong was unable to see Du Sikang by the eyesight, can only induce the position that Du Sikang is by the fire of own soul. He gives the magic skill liquor that Du Sikang one bottle have manufactured, to not let Du Sikang uses, because in the beverage bottle of this magic skill liquor has lasting law that he portrays. In the liquor fluid has to belong to his magic power. Had this thing on Du Sikang, Ji Dong the fire of soul looks like the radar fix is common, can induce to the Du Sikang accurate position clearly.

The person's who leads Du Sikang to go forward seven in the mountain turns eight to circle, the free time of a while, arrived at the halfway up the mountainside, crossed a front mountain, enters in the prominent peak range.

Feels the situation within prominent peak range, Ji Dong secretly is also startled, here, dark pile, although has been short, but he actually obviously can feel some quite formidable magic power fluctuation, has magic beast, there is a human. At least over over 100 enemies here. Moreover the strength is quite considerable. Perhaps they have not exterminated the regiment and diamond regiment such to act in harmony, but the single body strength actually compared with soldier strong many of these two big regiments. It is not able to compare as for golden eagle business association these loose universal low level Mage. If not overlook from the sky is feeling, even if Ji Dong is unable to discover them completely. Only has Mage of mount, quantity over 30 people. And many seven, Rank 8 mounts, even also two magic beast are Rank 9 exists. No wonder this lofty one Chen divided the association president to say their branch was short-handed. Let alone truly, is they, even if Northern Water Empire sends the army to come to encircle, in Beimangshan this type of complex topography, is impossible to exterminate these people.

Enters the prominent peak range, Du Sikang continues to climb, probably marched forward the less than half double-hour, the snow and ice Land Dragon the carrying/sustaining he was arriving above a prominent peak halfway up the mountainside platform. Arrived here. Ji Dong can see the Du Sikang form once more, but the next moment, he actually somewhat frowns. Because in that halfway up the mountainside is a cave, Du Sikang directly was received in the cave from there.

Around that cave, at least more than ten bright posts and dark sentry posts, want with, is not realistic.

Ji Dong lifts the hand, grabs a King's hand. gold/metal sat in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back is sitting in repose with eyes closed, suddenly the hand was grabbed by Ji Dong, immediately had a scare, fierce opening eyes, when she prepares to get angry, actually suddenly felt mysterious one.

A picture, does not have the omen presents in her mind, at this time, is away from the fog she is anything could not see clearly. But this time, in the picture through mind clearly was actually seeing around the following Beimangshan prominent peak halfway up the mountainside situation. As if mysterious strengths in towing her line of sight, these bright posts and dark sentry posts, accurate appearance in her mind.

Surprised looks to Ji Dong, she really does not understand how Ji Dong achieves. Ji Dong solemnly said: "The person of demon pledge should in that cave. We must with going are good. But outside these people are too really repugnant. We must, or makes them alarm the surrounding person, chooses a route to submerge, but must hide the good personal appearance. You thought that quite to be what to do good?"

gold/metal hesitation moment, in the eye the cold light flashes. Said:

Ji Dong doubts looks to her, "can not alarm the person in distant place and cave?"

gold/metal said: "Ok. You put me to get down. From the west close summit position. When I eliminate the barrier you to get down again."

"Careful."Ji Dong nodded, the matter is not suitable at this time late, could not allow him to think. Although he self-examined that all -round strength wants gold/metal to be stronger, but wants not to make the sound to kill these people, obviously is he cannot achieve.

The fog sways above the mountain peak is very normal. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon brings fog to hit directly to the prominent peak, must hit shortly on the mountain wall instant, suddenly to the previous booklet, bringing the fog to fly in a higher direction, in this flash, King's body has been similar to the linsang is ordinary. Falling of being quietly on mountain. The whole person looked like completely disappeared, sticking to of being quietly on mountain wall.

If not because Ji Dong has also given her one bottle of magic skill liquor, even if at this time is the fire of his soul is very difficult to feel the life fluctuation on flatter golden body.

Very powerful hiding ability, gold/metal looked like has merged into one organic whole with the environment of surroundings.

Sits well carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Ji Dong has not been idling, sits cross-legged to sit, double hand-held on knee, his both eyes gradually turned into the cream color, as if two bunches of white flame beat general in the eye. The huge psychic force along with the drastic fluctuation of fire of soul, is similar to fan-shaped sends out generally. conscious thought that and most condenses, connection on the flatter golden body.

gold/metal just hid oneself personal appearance, immediately discovered, formerly the strange picture once again appeared. Does not need to look with eyes, she has been similar to the sky overlooks general, can feel periphery all changes. Even if her disposition again ice-cold, at this time also fills to admire to Ji Dong. Had this everywhere eyes, hides to kill people are similar to have words at fingertips and write with facility general?

gold/metal moved, with naked eye, even is unable to see that she in the appearance that on the mountain wall moves, must know, on the mountain peak of this high elevation, can be used for the plant that covers to be very few. Does not pay attention, will be discovered by the enemy.

Through the connection of fire of soul, Ji Dong discovered, the King's both hands ten fingers, found out the inch permits Chang metal sharp thorn, on the both feet tip of the toe also had, relied on these metal times, making her to make any movement on the mountain wall.

She starts to eliminate from the surrounding. Was dispatched to act as the bright pile dark sentry post outside, naturally is not any level high Mage. Is three, Four-Crown cultivation base.

Ji Dong saw ambush that gold/metal is quietly behind the most surrounding dark sentry post, does not have a magic power fluctuation to appear as before, a careful tinsel, being quietly post is well-grounded to that dark sentry post swims away, what strange is, that tinsel does not reflect light unexpectedly, even if in the sky the bright sunlight shines, is very difficult to discover its existence.

That tinsel has arrived at behind dark sentry post. Lifts again slowly, quietly after arriving at that dark sentry post brain, the peak position starts to increase gradually, gradually turns into three cuns (2.5 cm), one inch wide sharp blade. But that dark sentry post, has in sharp blade so close situation actually not to think in behind. All these are almost only during several breath, gold/metal has completed, the next moment, the sharp blade of that condensation forming punctured without hesitation.

Does not prick from the back of the head, but from the back of the head, the slit place between head and cervical vertebra punctured. Sees that metal blade next flash, Ji Dong feels the whole body one coldly. The attack position that gold/metal chooses, the central nervous system of person is. This punctures, let alone is the revolt, even including a sound unable to send out, will lose all abilities to act, but the person actually immediately does not die.

Induces through the fire of soul, Ji Dong clear discovery, when that metal blade has shut off the dark sentry post central nervous system at the same time, selects to quietly, does not have the sound pricks in the brain directly, this ended the life of this person.

When Ji Dong also in tasting gold/metal this does not have the shade invisible murder method, she arrived at behind the next goal.

The life of person is tenacious, is frail, in front of gold/metal, these Mages, looks like general that the paper sticks, let alone is the revolt, how even die does not know. Without any sound, gold/metal looked like the stealth generally, went through many places to organize on that mountain wall. She stops every time one time, the dark sentry posts absolutely will be quietly forever during falls into extinguishes secretly. In an instant, more than ten dark sentry posts all crawled in the place left this world.

Now surplus, guarded in the cave entrance eight bright posts.

gold/metal has not even made any adjustment, the next moment, she has taken the action. This time, altogether eight tinsel, simultaneously paste the tread to walk randomly, but in her hand, does not know that were when many eight meter/rice odd/surplus Chang branches. This was not she found now, but when assassinated these dark sentry posts a moment ago conveniently has prepared, has not wasted the slightest bit time. At the same time is making these, she toward airborne has wielded starting, hinting Ji Dong can.

That eight bright sentry post also live, Ji Dong saw well King's hand signal has gawked, but, he chose has believed gold/metal. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is bringing the air/Qi of fog, once again hit to the mountain wall, this time, rushed to the position near cave entrance to go directly. The strong fog sways in the mountain, this as if also became King's shield.

Ji Dong clear seeing, approaches the flash of cave entrance in the fog, that eight ambush the bright post tinsel to stick out suddenly separately instantaneously, eight handle sharp blade, have cut into that eight bright post central nervous system almost at the same time ruthlessly, pricks their brains again ruthlessly.

But in this time, gold/metal also moved, her speed has not seen clearly including Ji Dong some, only thought that afterimage is flashing through at present. That eight bright post has decided there, the body of everyone exactly was supported by a branch, nobody throws down unexpectedly.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 267: Demon pledge young girl

"Stops bleeding for them."King's voice resounds in the Ji Dong ear. The response of Ji Dong is not slow, suddenly, he the first fifty Saint Fire Dragon income to the nucleus of life, simultaneously the personal appearance twinkle, after following closely the flatter golden body, separately after that eight person necks strokes, Yin Fire magic power invaded quietly, has blocked the bloodlines of wound place, directly wound place burn together. As the matter stands, will not have blood stream to leave.

They complete these, time that also fog quietly diverges, two people do not need each other to exchange, has drilled into the cave in pairs.

cave entrance is very big, inside channel is also very broad, otherwise beforehand Du Sikang was impossible to ride the snow and ice Land Dragon to enter.

These processes mentioned make a round trip mixed, may in fact, actually just be in the short five minutes has completed. That eight bright post looks like from distant place, stands there as before, but occasionally will not shake again in cave entrance. The sentry post in distant place cannot want, will not discover that they had problems. The defensive system of demon pledge is nothing less than strict, but Ji Dong and gold/metal this antipode sends the combination actually powerful. Entered in the cavern as before.

In the cave is very dry and clear, entered the cave, Ji Dong has raised up the thumb to gold/metal, "really specialized. You before certainly were a killer."Let him rumble to kill these people very simple, but like gold/metal wanted these Mage lives, even also arranges that eight people to stand finally is freezing, this ability is not Ji Dong can achieve.

gold/metal shot a look at his one eyes, has not revealed any happily, "few idle talk. Quickly finds that person."

King's temperament Ji Dong understanding very much, top/withstood one not to be angry by her, waves saying: "Comes with me."

They dive quietly forward, the defense outside hole is strict, in the hole instead must relax, perhaps is because the people of these demon pledges fixed the eyes on Du Sikang to go in together.

Relies on powerful spiritual fluctuation that Ji Dong the fire of soul is sending out, does not need to look with eyes, can grasp each dark sentry post in hole accurately. gold/metal adapted regarding the spiritual survey of Ji Dong gradually, coordination was also more tacit, had the assistance of Ji Dong, technique of her hiding and assassination displayed the pinnacle. They almost do not have any stop, place visited, has not left behind a living witness. gold/metal is even relying on oneself magic power direct drill bit wall, making the gold/metal blade drill to kill the enemy from the rock, does not have the Six-Crown above strength, is unable to feel her to restrain the magic power fluctuation of aura completely. But is used to treat as Mage of bright post dark sentry post , has probably Six-Crown this grade of strength?

The cave is very deep, as if drilled into the mid-hill directly, the broad cave had the trace that the manpower opened cutting obviously. Both sides are hanging by low status magic beast crystal core as the magic power lamp of energy, in photo bright of very cavern.

All the way, gold/metal cut to kill more than ten people, was enters the cavern truly. Not far away puts brightly greatly, has the sounds of people to transmit faintly.

gold/metal has referred to the place above to Ji Dong, jumps, being quietly post the hole top of channel, has been relying on the Yin Metal magic power stroke sharp claws, the whole person close fitting of above the hole top/withstand, this continues to forward.

Ji Dong also studies King's appearance to soar, he does not have King's such magic power intensity, but has the astonishing strength, the magic power irrigation in the hands and feet, the close fitting top/withstand in the hole, every time will go forward one step, the finger and foot will print in the rock directly. Without a doubt, he does this to want gold/metal to consume many magic power, the speed also wants to be slower, at present this situation was also sufficient.

Quick, arrived at the channel edge, two people look inward. Reveals the color/look of being startled. In this broad road end, unexpectedly is a giant mid-hill cavern. The hole top/withstand, is hanging all sorts of strange and unusual stalactite, often the also waterdrop falls. Compared with the channel of former process, this obviously was the cavern that formed naturally. The hole crest elevation amounts to 40-50 meters, inside is the rock stands in great numbers.

In the Ji Dong heart understood slightly the origins of this places, without a doubt, this cavern is the natural formation, is only the originally entrance should not be broad, was the demon pledge person's to the road in entry place has carried on opening cutting based on original natural cavern, expanded the entrance, this had the present scale. This temperature in Beimang is very low, no sign of human life place builds such a base, obviously is very difficult to make one think. Moreover here is just the natural cavern, as temporary shelter. Even if gave up, does not have the too big loss.

At this time, Du Sikang sits well in his snow and ice Land Dragon as before carries on the back, on the face the look is very cold, in him opposite, altogether is standing several people, is one person has not worn a mask, unexpectedly is a young female, the whole body black clothes, a silver gray long hair hangs loose in the back, what strange is, her gray long hair is sending out the clear brilliance unexpectedly, looks like the grey crystal silk thread is ordinary. Extremely strange, making one glance unforgettablily. In this ash sends side the female, one on the left and other on the right. The respective station an old man, these two old man looks are unexpectedly exactly the same, is a twin, is tall, facial features cloudy vulture, but the bearing is also extremely broad. The formidable oppression strength command sits in Du Sikang that the snow and ice Land Dragon carries on the back does not dare to act rashly.

In this is behind three people of head, at least twenty Mage gather there, but also does not include in the cavern each corner is standing the person. These formidable aura that formerly Ji Dong from the sky felt, almost all centralized in this.

"Du Sikang, quickly hands over desert fine wine. We let off you and your family member. Although my demon pledge handles affairs but depends on the happy anger, does not care about outside world hypocritical, but we spoke also absolutely keep a promise. Although the desert fine wine is good, but can compared with on your Bartenders Association that many lives?"

The demon pledge is looks at Du Sikang that the young girl of head coldly saying that in the sound has been full of the oppression strength. The Ji Dong surprised discovery, in the voice of this young girl is actually containing the intense spiritual fluctuation, although cannot compared with the fire of own soul, but can also produce the results of frightening to the person.

Du Sikang solemnly said: "Desert fine wine is our Bartenders Association biggest secret, can tell me first, how you know that the desert fine wine does exist?"

Demon pledge young girl lightly said: "Told you also to might as well, your Bartenders Association will not have any significance in any case from now on for me. could it be you do not know that what is a traitor within? Your mouth is strict, does not represent your family member mouth to be also strict. If you hand over the desert fine wine, is living, whom saw to vanish. Naturally is my this secret that who told." "Is difficult to guard against a thief within one's own home, has not thought that unexpectedly is the thief within family."Du Sikang saying ruthlessly, "good, I am willing to receive in exchange with the desert fine wine by the person who you abduct. However, you must make me see them first. I can exchange with you."At the same time was saying, the Du Sikang wrist/skill turns, in hand were many two beverage bottles.

That two beverage bottles are exactly the same, style, seems, looks like the appearances of two ships, two ships present for the profound blue color. Extreme fineness of portray, is in itself the extremely precious artware. Du Sikang puts out them, the temperature in entire cavern drops immediately suddenly, from them, is sending out the strong cold air, has the halo circulation indistinctly, this absolutely is the most precious object. Even if Ji Dong is also first time sees this thing.

Du Sikang both hands are taking two strange beverage bottles, on the face the look is calm, ", since you know that existence of desert fine wine, then, naturally should also know, the desert fine wine must store up in the deep Hailong jade. Deep Hailong jade mental disposition is extraordinarily cold, is in the sea the most precious object. Wears with any accessory that its manufacture becomes on the body, has the enormous advantage to the Water department Mage cultivation. However, the deep Hailong jade has a shortcoming, that is very crisp, in the event of the powerful collision, they will break slightly. Especially in jar like my hand. Although I definitely am not your matches, but my Du Sikang is also Seven-Crown Mage, other I do not dare to say. But before you rout me, these two jars touches mutually, but the broken assurance has. Now my person here, desert fine wine also here. You bleed off the people of my guild, after putting they leave the mountain, outside the mountain has my person to aid. After I receive the signal, gives you desert fine wine. Otherwise, today I with your jade entirely burn, put together my Bartenders Association to ruin thoroughly, does not make you prevail."

Categorical that the Du Sikang words said that does not have the leeway of slightest bit swivel, hides in Ji Dong and who gold/metal two people the channel hole top/withstand, can't bear secretly nodding. That ash sends young girl brows slightly wrinkled, turns around after the side twin old man whispered several, then changes, Du Sikang, said: "Good, depends on you to say. Comes the person, brings to me the Bartenders Association people. Let President Du Sikang visit them to leave."

Hears the ash to send young girl's instruction. Immediately some people move toward the cavern deep place, the free time of a while, about hundred people were brought, everyone is bringing the handcuff and fetters, the facial expression is weary. Until sees Du Sikang, their are excited.

"Association president, association president. "

"Thinks of Kang. "

"Father "

A middle-aged beautiful woman leads a young girl to walk in the forefront, sees Du Sikang, immediately calls out in alarm makes noise.

Du Sikang worthily is President Bartenders Association, saw that the wife and daughters look is invariable, "you walk quickly, relax, I will not have the matter."

The young girl must throw immediately, "father, I do not walk, must walk, we walk together."What a pity, she was blocked by Mage of demon pledge, is unable the near.

Demon pledge that ash sends the young girl saying: "President Du Sikang, you also saw, your wife and daughters also these Mage Guild families have not been short of a fine hair, we intend to the desert fine wine, regarding these old and young women and children not anything interests. My demon pledge also has objective, old and young women and children do not kill. Now we can start to trade."

Du Sikang nodded, said: "Good. You make the person deliver them to become an official, to Beimangshan outside, naturally had the people of our guild to aid, after aiding them, my person to your person faith token, the faith token belt will come back, showed that they were safe, I give you desert fine wine. The thing that I and you want here, treated as the hostage to be enough."

The ash sends the young girl to show a faint smile, "good, President Du is a smart person, we are not wordy with you. According to you. Fat six, leads several people, delivers them to exit. Takes the faith token to come back immediately."

"Yes, hegemon." A stature is obese, is similar to spherical Mage jumps, waved to refer to several people, pressed the Bartenders Association women and children to walk outward. The Du Sikang wife is drawing the daughter, has tears streaming down the face, left eventually. The young girl when departure, sees the father, in the eye has filled desperately.

Hides Ji Dong and gold/metal on hole wall simultaneously looks at each other one, they are very clear, if makes these Mage Guild people enter the channel, saw that outside sentry post situation troubled. The firm look, cruel aura, almost the flash bursts out from Ji Dong. Signaled with the eyes to gold/metal, two people have simultaneously prepared beginning. So long as the Bartenders Association old and young women and children enter in channel, they begin. Massacres these people by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt first, then seals up the portal. The person who does not let the demon pledge chases down. Outside sentry post has cleaned up in any case cleanly. Then naturally is a war. Although has come and gone out with the plan of originally, but Ji Dong and gold/metal are quite self-confident to oneself strength.

However, that ash sends the below a few words of young girl, made two people the action that prepared to take stop.

"Fat six, leading them to walk the back side of the mountain. Perhaps Bartenders Association which expert from the sky is monitoring our Beimangshan, actually cannot make them judge our temporary base many differences the place."

complied that respects, fat six brought several Mage to send under escort the Bartenders Association person to leave from another direction. Ji Dong and gold/metal look at each other one, now they must do, is continues to get down, when that called fat six Mage to pass on the hostage safety the news. Did not have these hostages as implicating, then they must do, was bringing Du Sikang and desert fine wine whole body draws back, began to want easy many compared with the present.

Before coming, they have thought that several plans, Ji Dong on that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll has even calculated, must help Bartenders Association go through this difficulty not at any cost. Helps Bartenders Association, besides own sense of justice, he is also a little selfishness. The famous name wine that desert fine wine this is listed third if he is not interested, that absolutely is impossible. But he will not take by force and deceit like demon pledge, but strives with the right method. One bottle of origin of life cannot compare one bottle of desert fine wines, but if increases an intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll type of priceless treasure in the exchange again? Regarding Ji Dong, magic skill scroll again fierce, the top famous name wine that is unable to admire with him compares. Regarding Ji Dong, the desert fine wine does not treat as the magic power medicament to use, but is only the liquor, is used to appreciate, the top good wine of personal status.

Time one minute one second passed, the Ji Dong spirit also starts to tie tight gradually. The critical moment must approach.

Ai......, A little is slightly sad. From April 30 to May 3, small three has been erupting, erupts consecutively for four days, every day 12,000, amount to about 50,000 characters, can could it be that trades only be the monthly ticket eighth position? No, small three do not believe this is the real strength of Tang Menshu friends, will not be our Wine God true strength. On May 4, everybody should already the rehabilitation and studies. The brothers and sisters who troubles each Tang gate, extend your aids to our Wine God. Wine God needs your precious ticket. The monthly ticket recommends the ticket, is to the small three biggest support, thanks.

Chapter 268: Metal storm

Du Sikang both hands take the desert fine wine to gaze at front demon pledge people throughout vigilantly. Once does not discover right, he does not hesitate these two bottles of top good wines to destroy really the hand , the person who also will not let the demon pledge prevails. To the views of these two bottles of top good wines, he is the same with Ji Dong, the desert fine wine is not the magic power medicament. Otherwise, he was past Bartenders Association successively holding association president, majority were Water department Mage, why haven't they used the desert fine wine to evolve oneself magic power? Regarding truly person who cherishes in wine, the function of desert fine wine evolution magic power can only be its attaches the effect by. It is the liquor, the person who genuine good wine, must be understood the liquor spoils.

In the Ji Dong heart somewhat is anxious, he and gold/metal has killed that many sentry posts after all, once were discovered by the opposite party, then the present aspect will change immediately. Now he anticipates is that named fat six Mage quickly comes back, brings back to the faith token, this showed that the Bartenders Association person was safe, how then to fight again, will be short of many scruples.

Half the time of double-hour passed by, the look on Ji Dong face relaxed gradually, passed such a long time, even if were discovered did not have anything. According to the count-down, the Bartenders Association person should be sent out Beimangshan to be right. Signals with the eyes to gold/metal, fight prepares to make a fresh start.

Side the Ji Dong gathering gold/metal quietly, has gripped her hand. Although gold/metal knows, Ji Dong this is must collaborate to display combination skill with , but when Ji Dong grips her hand, her heart leaks jumps a racket.

King's hand is very cold, like her, but the Ji Dong surprised discovery, gold/metal that ice-cold hand is soft, Lie Yan (raging flames) any place is perfect, the slender slender finger is also soft and hard moderate, but King's hand actually also wants to be softer than Lie Yan (raging flames), grasps softly, if characterless, this as if that can launch to slaughter really instantaneously, does not know how many have had life hand? In the Ji Dong heart is somewhat unbelievable.

gold/metal horizontal his eyes, eyeground besides ice-cold, also several points of flurry.

In this time, that named fat six Mage was coming back finally, in his hand, is taking one bottle of very ordinary whisky, this is the Bartenders Association faith token is also.

"Starts." The Ji Dong sound spreads to the flatter golden earrings. These two with are the Six-Crown magic power pinnacle magic power owner starts almost at the same time. Pinnacle Two Fires mixes in together, forms the most perfect tacit understanding, pours into to gold/metal within the body instantaneously, King's another hand lifted, Can's golden Yin Crown condenses above the top of the head, immediately has illuminated the surroundings.

Here ray change attracted the person attention of inside demon pledge immediately. Grey clothes young girl complexion changes. solemnly shouted: "What's the matter? In the past had a look."

Fourth, five Mage, almost threw toward the road at the same time, speed wonderful quick incomparable. Accumulation here is the demon pledge expert, the skill is really agile, moreover five people who this throws are Yang attribute magic power, on behalf of one of the five elements, this starts respectively suddenly, their each other magic power release, complements one another, five elements magic power just like a big net covers to the direction of cave entrance. This is five Six-Crown Mage, moreover from their motions, each other coordination was not one day two days, the motion was quite tacit, moreover not slightly negligent.

At this time, five golden light simultaneously the electricity from the road shot, the distinction shot at that five Mage, five gold/metal arrow has been full of extremely sharp destructive power. Meanwhile, fills the ice- cold pinnacle Yin Metal aura that slaughters, the violence and profound Pinnacle Two Fires aura erupt from the road almost at the same time.

Although that five Mage each other magic power complement one another, acts in harmony. But, when works as three tyrannical magic power simultaneously to appear. They also felt that own magic power as if coagulated half, ten tenths strength went to half immediately. Attribute suppression.

Even if Eight-Crown Mage, when facing Ji Dong and gold/metal, must bear the pain that the attribute suppresses, let alone is these Six-Crown Mage at present.

Saw that five gold/metal arrow arrived front, although five Mage startled are not chaotic, first withdraws backward one step, the movement is uniform, the respective fist rumbles, does not rumble to attacking their gold/metal arrow, but rumbles to the air before body.

Azure, red and yellow, white and black, five rays collide instantaneously in together, forms an intense five colors light group, in this giant light group, releases extremely intense magic power fluctuation immediately. Revolves instantaneously. In the air the originally tranquil magic power element suddenly becomes crazy. Even if the attribute suppression that Ji Dong and gold/metal release temporarily is scattered unexpectedly also by the magic power fluctuation that this five colors ray has. The intense shake forms a giant light cover, is centered on that light to roll sends out. Instantaneously that five Six-Crown Mage masks. Although five gold/metal arrow speeds are fast, but was blocked eventually.

Five thunder, almost at the same time resounds, the gold/metal arrow intense penetrating power, making their main body crazy penetrated to that light cover, saw that five colors light covered must unable to resist. That five demon pledge Mage respective bang a fist. This time, this five colors light cover unexpectedly fierce revolving, but revolves three, the terrifying explosive force bursts out from inside, unexpectedly stiffly filled to penetrate the magic power gold/metal arrow to twist the fragment that five. Also, in this moment, the terrifying change appeared.

In five bangs, that five gold/metal arrow truly broke, but their shatter at the same time, brings is actually the extremely terrifying explosive force. Explosive force that making one is unable to imagine. In the crazy explosive sound, five colors light covers by tearing stiffly, changes into the innumerable halos to scatter in all directions to flutter about. That five Yang attribute Mage simultaneously called out pitifully, north exploded in the explosive force of that terrifying threw backward flies. The innumerable golden red luminous spots from the central point of that explosion erupt, they bring, was the light of death.

In that golden red ray, five Mage pitiful yell sounds stop, their bodies were ripped the fragment instantaneously. Right. Rips the fragment.

Around entire process is also several seconds had finished, the grey clothes young girl and behind her on two old man faces, has been full of the color/look of shock. But they as everyone knows, more surprised is actually Ji Dong and gold/metal. Although struck to kill five Six-Crown Mage, was, in their hearts was very heavy. originally thinks should not difficult fights them to realize at this time is not simple.

At this moment, presented a glossary in their mind, five elements combination skill.

Right, that five Six-Crown Mage displayed a moment ago, is five elements combination skill. That is not simple release magic power forms the five elements force field to be so simple. They clearly can operate magic power that releases respectively. The direction that even if in Heavenly Stems School, this also continuously studied, cannot achieve throughout. But this demon pledge has actually been completed. If not Ji Dong and King's pinnacle three branches of the family nature combination skill might is extremely formidable, to win formerly these five Mage, a short time cannot achieve. Alone any Six-Crown Mage, in their eyes is very easily by the object of second killing. But after, that five people complete five elements combination skill. They look like a perfect whole, even if pinnacle magic power, when facing such five elements combination skill is also very difficult to profit! The demon pledge was in so the degree regarding the application of five elements magic skill unexpectedly, can Ji Dong not be shocking?

Response quickest to was Wine God Du Sikang, appeared in fierce thundering simultaneously, Du Sikang has stimulated to movement his snow and ice Land Dragon to retrocede rapidly, has drawn back toward the road entrance, own Seven-Crown Yang Crown also released, Ninth Water magic power surged crazily, under the snow and ice Land Dragon with body became a body.

Ji Dong moves sideways, entered in cavern. The personal appearance launches, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes the release, the pair of wings from the sky pats, the whole person arrived airborne, five bottles of magic skill liquor simultaneously throw to the midair, simultaneously toward Du Sikang loudly shouted, "removes."

Although this cavern is not small, but is not after all good to display, only then outside, his fierce and flame double sword and fifty Saint Fire Dragon strength can display completely. Moreover by the fifty Saint Fire Dragon flying ability, carries off three people of without question, that snow and ice Land Dragon only needed to receive to space storage Magic Tool or is makes Du Sikang return to the contract space to be OK.

"Has killed them." The grey clothes young girl is full of angry sound to resound, dozens demon pledge powerhouses simultaneously threw. However, greets their is actually the sound of fierce thundering.

Five bottles of magic skill liquor similarly hereinafter suddenly explode in the Ji Dong exquisite control. The innumerable bright red light from the sky bloom, change into just like meteor shower general terrifying magic power. The red light meets the air, immediately turned into the golden red, the blazing magic power fluctuation, making the temperature in entire cavern rise suddenly, arrived general just like the magma hell.

In these five bottles of magic skill liquor pours into is the same magic skill, dragon Linshan. Although this magic skill does not belong to Two Great Sovereign Kings, is actually Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun teaches to Ji Dong. Five dragon scales dodge also release, how first did not say the might, big of area covers, included each corner of this cavern sufficiently. Let alone, in this dragon Linshan erupts, but pinnacle Yang Fire magic power. Any Mage meets such pinnacle magic power not to dare with the body to keep off hardly.

Suddenly, in the entire cavern has been full of all kinds of magic power fluctuations. The demon pledge powerhouses release oneself skill to go all out the effect that respectively resists the magic skill liquor to bloom. The snow and ice Land Dragon turns around to run while this opportunity, the huge body is flexible, fast rushes following the road outward.

The Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, latter falls back on the road entrance, the body floats in that broad entrance central location, has the potential of one man guards the pass ten thousand men opening greatly.

Since the golden form behind leaps from Ji Dong, moves sideways, before arrived at his body, Ji Dong both hands grasped directly on King's shoulder, the King's slender thigh counter- volume, cancelled on the leg of Ji Dong, with him together float in airborne. Simultaneously both hands lift, make a mysterious hand signal, the dazzling golden light greatly changes into one light to roll, has shone from her both hands palm.

That golden light sends out completely is the ice-cold cold air, during the destructive cold air, the dense cold air blooms, covers entirely the giant metal ball of sharp thorn to appear in front of gold/metal. In these demon pledge Mages just melted dragon Linshan the attack, she had pushed out this giant metal ball.

The Ji Dong clear feeling, this diameter exceeds one meter to cover entirely the metal ball of sharp thorn, distinct is King's blooming whole- heartedly. He does not dare to neglect, Pinnacle Two Fires magic power fuses under the direction of fire of soul instantaneously, injects into gold/metal within the body fully, fuses together with her magic power.

The flash when that metal ball was promoted by gold/metal, in the entire cavern has shone suddenly, but before flatter golden body, presented one to flicker, just like black and white variable general, the height achieved five meters huge form.

That huge form picks up metal ball, shoots again suddenly, the huge body is changes into the innumerable say/way golden color air current to pour into instantaneously.

This is similar to the black and white variable form Eighth Metal department Totem moon, after Fire department magic power as formidable as certain extent, the magic power attack that sends out can make the air twist because of the high temperature. But King's metal ball sends out, air actually by unceasing separate. The grating wailing, the explosive sound, is stimulating the sense of hearing of person from out of the blue extremely.

"What is this?"Ji Dong subconscious asking.

"Metal storm."King's reply is succinct, in this at the same time, her both hands alternately has wielded, the giant metal ball in that midair explodes loudly. The innumerable metal fragment and sharp thorn in the metal ball surface erupts crazily, the grating wailing sound flash strengthened ten times to continue. fire attribute magic power that formerly in this cavern also filled was replaced by metal attribute magic power in the flash. That gloomy and cold Eighth Metal has the feeling of incomparably shocking.

At this time genuine metal storm! A response on point demon pledge Mage for slow, just resisted dragon Linshan slightly, did not have raises with enough time again gathers magic power, had been ripped the fragment by that metal storm. Stalactite that the cavern top/withstand crazily was also cut in the metal storm of this terrifying.

However, this is only a start, do not forget, behind gold/metal, there is still one Ji Dong, after pinnacle Yin Metal, is Pinnacle Two Fires. When the metal storm turns gold/metal fire mixes the storm, including Ji Dong by the might of the three departments pinnacle magic power mix technique two people release is shocked. In this narrow and small cavern, two people combination skill achieved the biggest effect. Mages of demon pledge can say that does not have to hide. Any rock is impossible to take bunker, because they must rumbled to become Jifen.

The metal storm that itself gold/metal releases is Certain Kill Skill, but when Ji Dong to Pinnacle Two Fires magic power that she pours into releasing Certain Kill Skill pours into are more. Is equal to the terrifying skill that three pinnacle magic power Certain Kill Skill mixes become, the lethality that produces approached in the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill degree infinitely.

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Chapter 269: Insane? When they do pursue?

Wreaking havoc of metal storm in transforming assists after the double fire. In the entire cavern turned into flake gold red sea, terrifying magic power, making the originally very giant cavern expand unexpectedly, that was because the rock in cavern one was layer upon layer being stripped, changed into the powder powder. Under this approaches in the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill terrifying skill infinitely erupts, demon pledge Mages suffered the huge attack.

In this cavern, demon pledge Mage that any magic power does not arrive at Level 60, immediately changes into the flying ash, was destroyed by the gold/metal fire combination storm thoroughly, is almost in a flash, in originally 40-50 people of caverns, remaining twenty people by. Ji Dong and King's launch regarding Mages of demon pledge was really too sudden. First was that five gold/metal arrow has killed five Six-Crown Mage, was does not have the five bottles of magic skill liquor of omen Ji Dong flung, composed dragon scale to dodge, making demon pledge Mages be tired out by dealing with, is at present this terrifying three branches of the family nature combination skill. In Ji Dong and gold/metal himself consume not in the too big situation, almost gave the demon pledge Mages to bring the ruinous attack.

However, Mages of demon pledge also shows their own tyrannical strengths in this critical time, these strengths surpass Six-Crown Mages, every five person one groups, composition or Yin attribute. Yang attribute five elements combination skill. Defends fully. Altogether five groups, form one again just like the plum blossom lineup, seems, they as if anytime may perish in the gold/metal fire combination storm, but they actually reluctantly resisted in the unceasing retreat. Once one group of weak, several other groups of Mage fast will go forward to shield, freely extreme difficulty of support, but the five elements combination skill effect also completely shows.

Ji Dong can affirm, if no five elements combination skill to exist, was protected with that by them besides that two strength strongest old men after behind grey clothes young girl, here person must die.

Such strength, he only will not have led a gold/metal person to dare to rush to the tiger's den alone.

Moves drinks one lowly, pair of wings launches, in gold/metal shoulder changes to according to both hands hugs in her waist, the pair of wings launches, back Yin-Yang Fish appears, hovering law in five elements method already voluntarily presented. Although so far, he comprehends only then five law, but completes along with the fire of soul, in law release rate many that before was quicker.

gold/metal fire combines wreaking havoc of storm is actually the terrifying, after its eruption had ended, the entire cavern was almost expanded 50% area, these universal Six-Crown and Seven-Crown demon pledge Mages, one by one has at least consumed over one-third magic power, even are more. If not this combines magic skill is the range attack, they some these many people together resist, the result will be more terrifying.

Because the grey clothes young girl is angry. The complexion became a paleness, "pursues to me, does not kill them, vowed is not the person. Bartenders Association, you died."

Under that two twin old men's leadership, demon pledge Mages pursues fully outward, but at this time, Du Sikang first ran the cavern.

Snow and ice Land Dragon no trace of politeness was hit to fly by the corpse of branch support these, Du Sikang can feel huge magic power that behind produces clearly, in the heart is Ji Dong and gold/metal is praying. From his set out, has carried out according to the plan. Bartenders Association and person of Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch, responsible aiding. First aids the Bartenders Association old and young women and children, then aids them. Therefore, wants Beimangshan, they only then depend upon oneself strength. This is also in the Ji Dong entire plan the most essential part. But regarding part, he is confident.

Until saw a moment ago Ji Dong and gold/metal instantaneous second killed five Six-Crown Mage, Du Sikang understand why this young people can become the Mage Guild law enforcement elder. When he saw that five Mage display five elements combination skill, the heart was cool. But is in such a case, actually as before kills by Ji Dong and her partner second together.

Five Six-Crown Mage display five elements combination skill, the strength is not inferior in Eight-Crown Mage, their dealing are hastier. The strength also absolutely wants to be stronger. In these circumstances cannot resist Ji Dong their attack, it can be imagined these two young people were intrepid. When the snow and ice Land Dragon breaks in the road, Du Sikang clearly saw Ji Dong and King's head Six-Crown Yin-Yang Crown. He also sees, two people Yin-Yang Crown are not the traditional black or the white.

Has not done hesitant, Du Sikang carries on the back to jump down from the snow and ice Land Dragon directly, planned according to before, first returned to the contract space own mount, although this snow and ice Land Dragon strengths were not weak, but will actually not fly, during all plans, departed from the sky, was the only outlet. In Beimangshan, does not know how long had been arranged by the demon pledge, only then the sky, is impossible to ambush.

Light ray twinkle, the magic power fluctuation in air became more and more intense, the form, appeared just like the lightning side Du Sikang together generally instantaneously.

"Is we." The Ji Dong sound resounds in the Du Sikang ear, has not waited for him to see clearly, a resonant dragon recited in the sound, Du Sikang only thought that body one light, the rapid flight, the direct impact entered airborne.

But that while they fly, the back transmits a crowded magic power fluctuation. When Du Sikang calms down looked, this discovered, oneself with Ji Dong and gold/metal together, has ridden fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly into airborne. But behind them, numerous Mages of demon pledge pursued, that twenty Mage add on two twin elder and grey clothes young girl again. Released flight magic beast unexpectedly, flew into the upper air to pursue in their directions.

Ji Dong stands in the neck place that the fifty Saint Fire Dragon double headed intersects, turns round to look, slightly frowned, first did not say these demon pledge powerhouses are actually having flight magic beast this point, surprising him most, was the strength of that grey clothes young girl.

That grey clothes young girl top of the head Black Yin Crown twinkle, the above brand mark is representing her Sixth Earth department Mage status, is Yin Earth department. Those who most made Ji Dong surprised was, she unexpectedly was Seven-Crown Mage. Right, is Seven-Crown.

From the age, Ji Dong did not think that her is big, if she and age is almost the same, has achieved Seven-Crown, such cultivation speed was too astonishing. Ji Dong is in itself the talent in talent, can this grey clothes young girl also surpass him unexpectedly? Moreover, to she spoke can listen a moment ago from the person of demon pledge, this grey clothes young girl unexpectedly was the demon pledge hegemon. This is makes one think inconceivable.

Actually, Mages of demon pledge flight class magic beast takes own mount is very as if reasonable, since many years, they with the correct path Mage opposition, have been encircled did not know many times. Has too the painful lesson. They after all are not legitimate. Recruitment also departs from the classics and betrays principle or evil Mage, to evade correct path Mage chases down, has flight class magic beast is extremely necessary. Only then has a quicker speed, the entire terrain momentarily can be separated from the battlefield, can make them have the qualification of maintaining life. The mount of that grey clothes young girl is a silver big bird, seems "sky"somewhat resembles with Fifth Earth department Totem Divine Beast, but is not the sky, because on it does not have the feather, only then scale, bright silver scale. The words that carefully looks, can discover. On these silver scales also has the grey trace. Is on this kind of flight class magic beast, unexpectedly release is also the Sixth Earth aura. Clearly is Rank 9 magic beast. The pair of wings launches, the width amounts to ten meters, its aura has been full of the thick feeling, so long as if were bumped into by it, will stain your body.

The twin old man who side the grey clothes young girl follows has one to drill the lizard to take the mount respectively, is Rank 9, has not evolved completely. Other Mage are Rank 6 or Rank 7 flight magic beast. After all, wants to have the flying ability, wants to give up regarding the strength, flight class magic beast must be difficult to grasp many that compared with land magic beast. Strength tyrannical is rare, more concentrates on the speed of flight.

Mages of demon pledge assumes half arc to pursue, was with was formerly same, five person one groups, their respective magic beast, the aura was in addition more formidable than before immediately did not know many. Especially forefront three Rank 9 magic beast, are releasing extremely powerful magic power aura. Unceasing exudes to roar.

May be this, regarding the Ji Dong three people, they were safe at this time. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon flying speed, even if compares with these Rank 9 magic beast is not inferior, let alone, hovering law auxiliary of also Ji Dong. If they want to walk, Mages of these demon pledges are is not possible to pursue on. So long as left the Beimangshan range, Mage and Bartenders Association of Heavenly Water City Mage Branch Mages has prepared for has aided.

It seems, Ji Dong they complete this plan is very as if simple, may in fact, this completely in depending upon Ji Dong and under the premise of gold/metal individual strength. Formerly their powerful blockades, Du Sikang also where hadn't had is so easy to withdraw? Moreover, this plans the successful premise, establishes in the demon pledge general idea. Actually, the person of demon pledge cannot be the general idea, said accurately, is because they extremely in believing own arrangement. In Beimangshan, fully Mage about 200 demon pledges, almost can reconnoiter each corner of Beimangshan. They want to obtain, in this case can also some people sneak? Otherwise, that grey clothes young girl will not comply with Du Sikang to bleed off the old and young women and children easily.

Ji Dong and King's appearance regarding the demon pledge was really too sudden. Has not given demon pledge any ponder the opportunity. Fight between both sides had the earth-shaking change. When they pursue, general situation has decided.

"Ji Dong."gold/metal called one to Ji Dong suddenly, Ji Dong turns head to look to her, gold/metal lightly said: "Did we such walk?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "It seems like we think, what we represent is Mage Guild and Bartenders Association, is a just side, why such walked? The actual combat, is promotes the strength shortcut. I do not want to let go such good opportunity. President Du Sikang, please complete. gold/metal, come. When they pursue."

At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, has stood above the Maotai giant top of the head, gold/metal also moved, she arrived at the Wuliangye top of the head. They stood separately on fifty Saint Fire Dragon two, fifty Saint Fire Dragon sent out an excited dragon to recite, under the Du Sikang dumbfounded gaze, turned the body in the midair suddenly, turned around the personal appearance, stagnated in the midair, waited for the person who demon pledge pursued.

Were they insane? At this time the first idea of Du Sikang. Facing demon pledge that many powerhouses, these two young people have chosen accepting a challenge unexpectedly, but does not leave. This really made him unable to understand. However, in the next moment, his can't help gasping.

Ji Dong both hands wield, during left blue right red, the huge fierce and flame double sword arrived his grasps. The golden ray fills the air from gold/metal hand, the court eunuch manufacturer first time appeared in the battlefield.

Development of Divine level weapon, made their imposing manner greatly hold immediately, pinnacle attribute magic power was the unscrupulous release.

Vigorous dragon recited the sound, sent out from Maotai and Wuliangye mouth, on fifty Saint Fire Dragon huge body, black and white two-color ray unequalled bloomed, the entire sky, only remaining pure black and white dual-color, were the fifty Saint Fire Dragon primal chaos demon territories.

Facing the primal chaos demon territory formidable oppression strength, bears the brunt, the mount of demon pledge that two old man drills the lizard imposing manner to reduce greatly, the speed clearly is also weaken. More than 20 people that the demon pledge pursues from the sky launch the lineup, presents toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon the potential of half surrounding. They are not clear, why fifty Saint Fire Dragon will stop, looks in opposite that double headed monster top of the head is standing a man and a woman, in each Mage eye reveal the dignified color/look.

Two people, the opposite party only has two people. But, is these two people, formerly actually had taken to the demon pledge in recent centuries biggest loss. Only in the cavern, Six-Crown following Mage lost more than 30, after they run out of the cavern, discovers the casualty in these bright post and dark sentry post, in addition the loss already about 60 people. That is 60 Mage! Without a doubt, is at present the hands under these two young people. Although their Yin-Yang Crown are only Six-Crown. But, they have is actually pinnacle magic power.

Forefront the grey clothes young girl rides her silver big bird to fly, lifts the hand to point at Ji Dong, "who are you? Dares to get rid to my demon pledge unexpectedly."When Ji Dong and a flatter diamond appearance, the powerhouses of demon pledge think that they come from Mage Guild. But was quick they to cancel this thought. Because, does not have the pinnacle magic power owner in Mage Guild. Only if the supreme powerhouse. Ji Dong gives a calm smile, the grey clothes young girl who looks at that bright eyes friendly look around, said: "We are uphold the justice. You only need to know that this point was enough."

Makes an advertisement to the skeleton brother. Other was needless saying that everybody looked at Zhou chose/point the first arming storm on the line. It is said is second of skeleton brother storm trilogy. Classical interstellar class novel.

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Chapter 270: Double war demon head is old

"Justice? Joke. What is just? The victors are forever just. If our demon pledge has controlled entire continent. Who dares saying that we are unjust? You have killed my demon pledge so many disciples, even if hands over the desert fine wine now also late. I must tear to shreds you. Not is only you, Bartenders Association also will certainly destroy completely. In report your name." The demon pledge hegemon grey clothes young girl cold sound said.

"How knows the name to be able? I called Ji Dong. Later wants to retaliate, welcome you momentarily to look for me. However, must look at you to have this skill."Ji Dong said indifferently.

The grey clothes young girl sneers, "? After you do not have. This time, is your burial ground. Where about Protector the elder?"

Two twin old men simultaneously respectful sound said: "Subordinate."

Grey clothes young girl hand wields, "kills."

The famous old man simultaneously complied, stimulates to movement under body to drill the lizard, before arriving at the grey clothes young girl body. These two weapons are the same, uses is the long handle fights the hammer, this as if is also Earth department Mage the weapon that likes using.

Eight-Crown Three Stars, Level 86, about this Protector the rank of elder like their looks, exactly the same. Before the hand is six meters war hammer refers, in an instant, their own imposing manners under the drill lizard with body have merged into one organic whole.

The strong yellow ray flows instantaneously, changes into the demon territory. Haunches one piece the sky that the primal chaos demon territory wrests away forcefully. Forms the potential of confrontation.

Does not mean primal chaos demon territory might as well this Fifth Earth demon territory, because Ji Dong here demon territory is only fifty Saint Fire Dragon releases, Ji Dong does not have the means to help it, but the opposite party is two people two dragons. Has the distinct superiority in the magic power rank. Under is in inverse proportion, had such situation.

Two old men simultaneously loudly shouted, immediately, in the sky, that yellow ray just like the essence generally goes toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon racing wells up. Concentrates the thick magic power fluctuation to drill the lizard from two unceasingly and about this Protector on the elder to release, covering of wide scope in the past, did not give fifty Saint Fire Dragon to have the space of dodging.

Feels this yellow magic power aura, the Ji Dong complexion slightly changes. This yellow magic power is not the offensive skill, but actually must be more troublesome. Because they release, is Earth department the unique gravity skill. The yellow light place visited, the gravity increases doubled and re-doubled, that at least is ten times of gravity.

The body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the fierceness and flame in double sword Ji Dong hand, itself has the huge weight, once were covered by this gravity skill, Ji Dong their strengths must drop large scale.

In Ji Dong prepares launches the attack to break the gravity skill of opposite party, fifty Saint Fire Dragon moved, his huge body in airborne flings suddenly, in the midair the black and white dual-color primal chaos domain has had the change immediately, black and white dual-color exchanges mutually, fierce revolving, is erupted by the aura that opposite party Earth department oppresses instantaneously, the tyrannical explosive force, making the sky have a series of distortions. The air is fluctuating fiercely, the yellow ray that racing wells up comes unexpectedly stiffly has become by twisting the powder powder.

Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously roared to make noise, whole body, each scale bloomed Cui Can ray. Is relying on their strength unexpectedly, stiffly broke opposite party two Rank 9 Giant Dragon and two Eight-Crown Mage condenses has become is similar to the substantive gravity suppression. Must know, he only has Rank 8!

The primal chaos demon territory, is not an demon territory, but is two, separately is released by Maotai and Wuliangye, when they simultaneously release the might of demon territory at this time, the primal chaos demon territory produced has been similar to the Yin-Yang two fires combination skill common effect. Facing magic power that the opposite party demon territory releases, the primal chaos demon territory erupts the powerful counter-attack immediately. Broke the wishful thinking of opposite party stiffly. Moreover the intense attribute suppression mixes Ji Dong magic power to bloom comprehensively.

Drilled the lizard to move in this moment, the demon pledge two elders do not dare to wait again, the effect that once the attribute suppressed produced completely, then, they become more passive. Hard to deal with match, has surpassed their imagination.

Two drill lizard glittering and translucent carving body under the yellow ray shines, like general of golden casting, directly soared fifty Saint Fire Dragon to throw. About the elder, brandishes the war hammers in their hand respectively, back Fifth Earth Totem "sky"illusory shadow shows, almost attacks at the same time separately to Ji Dong and gold/metal.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon does not draw back instead enters, the body turns a ball, already like lightning close. Also in this moment, gold/metal of itself flying ability unexpectedly directly has not jumped over from the Wuliangye top of the head, directly soars the right elder to throw. Must know, once she after completing the attack is unable to find the point of application, her strength is then more formidable, crashes from this kilometer upper air, must die without doubt. Only this courage, sufficiently made one believe. gold/metal diving posture kicks out, naturally has her truth, fifty Saint Fire Dragon after all is the Ji Dong mount, itself releases is also the Pinnacle Two Fires magic power aura, will instead play the reaction to her pinnacle Yin Metal. Only then has been separated from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, her strength can display completely.

The court eunuch manufacturer from the sky opens, this handle giant gold/metal scissors are sparkling the autumn waters brilliance. Facing heavy hammer that right elder overhead pounds down, gold/metal looks but not see unexpectedly, her widow manufacturer directly soars the right elder waist to cut. Appearance that unexpectedly is perishing together. Moreover speed wonderful quick incomparable, because she prances from the fifty Saint Fire Dragon top of the head, has given right elder one unexpectedly.

Was this girl insane? At this time the right elder first idea. He is not Buddhism believers, may same treasure to own life. King's look is that indifferent, as if not care about the life and death, the court eunuch manufacturer has not left the room of slightest bit swivel, gets rid completely fully.

The right elder does not dare to bet, because the gambling stake can be his life, although he lived over 90 years old, but he has not hated dead. Goes all out the general attack facing gold/metal this, but, in his hand the heavy hammer can only recycle, pounds to the court eunuch manufacturer. Simultaneously drills the lizard pair of wings to inspire. An intense seismic wave release, attack coordination with right elder just right.

A resounding, on court eunuch manufacturer releases the strange gold/metal sex fiend mark suddenly, sees only that airborne close yellow seismic wave after this demon mark appears, unexpectedly strange breaks, has delimited following gold/metal body by. But King's court eunuch manufacturer in collides before the match heavy hammer already closed up. even Pai, happen to hits with the heavy hammer together.

Sound of gold/metal Tiejiao the calling has the fierce shake. gold/metal shaken soaring, but the court eunuch manufacturer in her hand actually opened, this time, cuts in line with the neck of right elder. Formerly that gold/metal sex fiend mark, was the skill that the court eunuch manufacturer supplemented, broken shield. The defense of any area release or is auxiliary kind of magic skill, will come under the attack of court eunuch manufacturer sharp aura. Drills the shake wave of lizard to be cut open directly. The name of inferior divine tool, is not white call. By this instance divine tool, when facing to have the match of formidable mount, gold/metal has not fallen the this humble one wind.

The sharp aura that on the court eunuch manufacturer lends made the right elder realize fully anything has been called swiftly and fiercely, was swift and fierce of pinnacle Yin Metal.

King's attack was too quick, even if in situation that in oneself also receives the strong repercussion, her attack does not have the slightest bit to stop.

In the right long expert the heavy hammer selects, the court eunuch manufacturer who directly soars gold/metal to welcomes, although gold/metal is having pinnacle magic power, but her magic power only has sixty levels after all, the right elder is very clear. So long as will drill the lizard to display with own joint effort, gold/metal is not oneself match. Even if jointly releases an attack of Certain Kill Skill rank with the mount, suppresses gold/metal sufficiently completely. But, gold/metal kicks out from fifty Saint Fire Dragon suddenly is extremely really sudden, the attack is extremely swift and fierce rapid, does not give the time that he adjusts, can only choose most direct meeting the tough head-on with toughness. Facing the scissors to the court eunuch manufacturer of own neck, the right elder also can only go to touch hardly. He believes that so long as this strikes again gold/metal parry, opposite party in airborne not taking advantage of the place of strength, oneself have been in an impregnable position. Routs the match is only the time issue.

However, saw that heavy hammer will soon pound the flash on court eunuch manufacturer, the body of gold/metal whole person from the sky rolled up suddenly, the court eunuch manufacturer in hand also received one meter along with later, the heavy hammer selected to seeing the double- edge overlapping intersection, this such received, the heavy hammer of right elder selected immediately in the vacancy. It is not good. The right elder complexion changes, wants to change again incurs was late. In the sonorous resounding, the court eunuch manufacturer closes up accordingly. Happen to cut above the hammer handle of that heavy hammer.

Bright golden flowing light erupts on scissors cutting edge, the unequalled sharp aura fills the air instantaneously. Fully injects in the magic power situation in the right elder to heavy hammer, the scissors cutting edge got together, the hammer handle of heavy hammer that stiffly was sheared by it unexpectedly. Giant hammer head from out of the blue under. The originally long handle fought the hammer also to turn into a long stick.

While the right elder with gold/metal fights, another side, left elder also to Ji Dong. gold/metal kicks out, the left elder and right elder regard is interlinked, first has made the extremely correct choice, that ties down Ji Dong. First did not say defeats him, so long as makes this have pinnacle Mage of mount unable to rescue another person, he has confidence oneself brothers to strike to kill gold/metal with ease.

The innumerable hammer shades from the sky bloom, the strong Fifth Earth aura changes into the most dignified magic power fluctuation, drills the lizard opens the mouth to emit, ten concentrate the thick yellow ray from the sky to condense the forming, magic power transforms as the most direct element coagulates the main body, changes into ten sincere/heavy diamond great shields to be simultaneously densely covered in fifty Saint Fire Dragon in all directions and top of the head, like a giant prisoner's cage general oppression in the past.

The left elder can think that Ji Dong won't be able to think? In flash that the opposite party starts, he saw the goal of enemy. Not ten diamond great shields that goes to the tubular drill lizard to send out, because he has the absolute trust to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, he entirely believes that the drill lizard that own mount partner will not compare the match is bad. Before right hand fierce sword refers, wild pinnacle Yang Fire magic power condenses instantaneously, the fierce sword ray blazing greatly, the fiery- red sword blade turned into the pure golden color instantaneously, tyrannical Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire outputs under the amplification of fierce sword divine tool fully, simply has not gone to control that everywhere hammer shade, is relying on the accurate judgment of fire of soul, punctures directly toward the match main body.

At this kind of time. Showed fiercely, the flame double sword volume huge advantage. The heavy hammer of opposite party is also less than seven meters, but the Lie Yan (raging flames) double sword in Ji Dong hand has nine meters, before fierce sword fully refers, enters in Scorching Sun Bite the sword, the lasing leaves three meters sword glow again, one has been 12 meters degree, is intense regardless of the heavy hammer attack of left elder, before he pounds Ji Dong, the Ji Dong fierce sword already can pierce his body. By the width three meters, a length nine meters heavy sword was stabbed, is what felt? Even if the supreme powerhouse does not dare to attempt easily, even if the sword glow is not the human physical body can withstand, only if he can wear a divine tool level armor.

Attacks the enemy to rescue, although Ji Dong not like gold/metal valiant uses the jade entirely burn forms of defensive action, but his attack similarly fully is also seizing the winning side.

Meanwhile, another hand of Ji Dong has not been idling, before fierce sword punctures, the flame sword is actually under the overhead chops, the implication, is Dark Moon Claw magic power.

Since these days, Ji Dong has been attempting fiercely technique of own Two Great Sovereign Kings into, during the attack of flame double sword. These two handle Divine level long handle weapons, to of his amplification, are the originally Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor and Sun and Moon double splendor glove are unable to compare by far. Otherwise initially that Eight-Crown Mage day evilly will not have the strength to hit back that he hit.

Du Sikang sits in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, stares in a big way both eyes to watch at present this war, he can feel on Ji Dong to send out that intense self-confidence clearly. Not like this self-confident, he will not choose to turn round to counter-attack. When that Lie Yan (raging flames) double sword each one ** when leaves the terrifying three meters sword glow, in this Wine God heart a piece with amazement, he can definitely affirm, perhaps if simply does not have the slightest bit

 opportunity facing on such two weapons. Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power is joined to this Yin-Yang two fires inferior divine tool heavy sword, simply is perfect.

Left elder directly relative, felt that naturally is on a more profound, fierce sword erupts that unprecedented imposing manner unable to allow him to have hesitant. Everywhere hammer shade combines instantaneously, pounds directly toward the sword point of fierce sword on, the giant hammer head rises suddenly once more, great hammer own attribute display, in the dignified imposing manner, the hammer head volume was strengthened to the diameter three meters, compared with the right elder, the left elder is also lucky, at least, he has achieved this quality extremely good magic power weapon own effect, but like the right elder, has not displayed with enough time by the court eunuch manufacturer cutting.

The Sovereign King proud giant fierce sword, bumps into incomparably concentrates thick, the weight least inferior Fifth Earth heavy hammer, how finally can? Please read the last part.

( Possibly has reader to ask, two element bodies that Ji Dong condenses where went, next volume will reveal for you.)

The 18 th volume ended, the entire volume of content, small three used for five days to renew. The climax continues, other did not say that the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, hit to enjoy, comes. Hehe.
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