Jiu Shen Chapter 251-260

Chapter 251: Throws actually, famous reins advantage lock

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile. "Teng Snake senior, in chaos comfortable heart. I do not have the luck of Ji Dong, but, I have a perseverance. Actually, by your experience and cultivation base, early should comprehend the chaos the mystery, was only your heart too bracelet. It is not able to calm down to feel. Had again is inborn energetic sensitivity disparity between magic beast and human."

Teng Snake somewhat depressed looks at cloudy morning sun, snorted,
"not long, I can also have."

Cloudy morning sun has not paid attention to Teng Snake again, said to Fu Rui and Ji Dong: "They estimated that must ponder a while, both sides Mages also inevitably in the process that the thinking formerly that fought, told me, saw a moment ago this war, you comprehended anything."

Fu Rui and Ji Dong look at each other one, Fu Rui are impolite, chuckled, said: "Martial Ancestor, I said first. The Little Junior Brother perception is higher than me, he said first, I estimated had nothing to say."

Cloudy morning sun nods slightly. On the face appears a smile, when sees these two disciple grandsons, he can some smiling faces. Obviously he satisfied regarding oneself these two disciple grandsons.

Fu Rui said: "The fight of supreme powerhouse rank, as if very much abstained from that magic power manifest, in my opinion, this should for saving magic power as far as possible, avoid riding for the opposite party. Because after breaking through the Nine-Crown rank, magic power has been the quite terrifying degree, Nine-Crown Mage has the exclusive characteristics, the element causes it body. As the element causes, is attribute magic power is very incessantly difficult to injure, even if different attribute magic power, wants to injure Nine-Crown Mage quite to be also difficult. Defends the magic power attack of manifest type not to be difficult. But the manifest magic power attack, must consume many magic power without doubt, what even if the match displays is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, will defend a side also to have the superiority. Let alone the speed of supreme powerhouse approached in infinitely shifts instantaneously, ordinary magic power manifest does not injure the match easily, will gather the strength attack to be also caught the opportunity by the match by the speed. Therefore, when supreme powerhouse each other attack and defense, naturally can choose the magic power embodiment, condensation and compression, is primarily close combat to attack. As the matter stands, can achieve an attack and defense body, displays completely the characteristics that own element causes. Such fight seems unadorned, actually the bad risk, the fight often in a short time will actually decide the victory and defeat, is not good, is relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. But Nine-Crown Mage the forms of combat. What if faces is low level Mage, that absolutely is ruinous. If I to you, you can definitely make it body add on by the element the control to the element, instantaneous discrete, breaks through my attack and defense, only needs, I will directly be destroyed."

Is listening to the Fu Rui words, cloudy morning sun nods slowly,

Fu Rui said: "Reason that in the fight, you can win, besides magic power completely above match, if I have not guessed that wrong, the fire of soul you have did not fear reason that the match attribute repels one another. By the fire of soul, has written off the superiority in opposite party attribute. But, condenses and compresses each aspect in the control of magic power, you had the absolute superiority. When the first fight, seems you by one pair two, but in you control and in the attack rhythm assurance ingeniously, the opposite party is equal to everyone actually and you are one-to-one. Naturally, your magic power overwhelming superiority also obtains the key of victory. As for the second war, that was the Chaos Fire superiority. Why can produce such results I not to know as for Chaos Fire. However I can affirm, you such do. To remind them, told them, the chaos were the pursue of Nine-Crown Mage. Let they do not want shortsightedly only see these power and influence and status. But the chaos are also the goal that we must pursue in the future. I see these many."

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile, said: "You can see these, and can also with own unify analyzes, is for is not extremely easy. It looks like in ordinary Mage, Nine-Crown Mage is formidable and mysterious. But in fact, the Nine-Crown Mage ability, can summarize with the simple two words, that is the speed and strength. Absolute speed and strength. Even if the match and you a little slight disparity, sufficiently subdue by these two points. But each Mage own magic power has own characteristics, how to carry on the compression, to condense and output, in use how the circle transfers pleasant, does not have the gap, is not sluggish. That needs various person own comprehensions. When you can achieve the palm thunder, you touch the Nine-Crown realm edge."

"Yes, Martial Ancestor."Is listening to the words of cloudy morning sun, Fu Rui replying looking pensive.

The cloudy morning sun vision changes Ji Dong, "that you? You have anything to comprehend and understanding."

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: The Senior Brother who "can say almost said that Martial Ancestor, I have never thought the fight of Nine- Crown Mage can be this. I have believed that when Nine-Crown Mage when each other facing, should be both sides carries on long-distance range large scale magic power to release magic skill to shell mutually , to promote and constrains mutually, equipment and other aspects to fight by the magic power strong and weak and attribute. Even if joins some close combat attacks is not the mainstream. Today looked at you with that two Water department supreme fights, I understand that among original supreme powerhouses, instead will simplify. Like, a supreme powerhouse who the Senior Brother said regarding the attack carrying capacity of enemy is too strong, if were long-distance magic skill launches the attack mutually, definitely is defends a side to take the lead. But I thought. The close combat attack is not absolute, in some specific situation, the long- distance attack has not affected by no means. For example the induction, assistance and other in peculiar circumstances, the long-distance attack can also play very good diversion role, but how I cannot reach an agreement specifically, only then to that realm, perhaps has been truly able to release."

Is exposed to the sun cloudy nodded, said: "Anything is not absolute, the Mage strength is so. Said you to compressing the view of magic power and Chaos Fire. You had the chaos source five years ago, in Fu Rui that this aspect you should look is thorough."

Ji Dong said: "Compresses magic power, attacks the magic power embodiment, actually quite therefore own single body combination skill. Simply speaking, layer by layer superimposes in within the body own magic power, after will superimpose again magic power condenses in an attack point, the striking power that at that time, erupted instantaneously will surpass the attack that own magic power can achieve. But level of overlay are more, when magic power output more small of magic power compression, attacks the might that has to be also bigger. But this type attacks regarding Mage that our non- elements cause, has in a big way limited. Because we do not have Nine-Crown Mage such defense, when the compression superimposes magic power is also almost impossible to achieve like the supreme powerhouse does not affect other motions. But kills to incur as close combat actually yes. A moment ago when I to day evil final attack, to amount to the second killed to make it not have the revolt opportunity effect again, used similar attack method, the compression has superimposed Pinnacle Two Fires magic power. Compresses magic power after close combat attacks to inject into the opposite party within the body these to erupt again, the Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill effect also produces in the opposite party within the body, thus has created the huge destructiveness."

In the cloudy morning sun eye reveals a trace of surprise, "said, you did grasp the way of this compression?" Ji Dong does not conceal, immediately, obtains a day of jade on Holy and Evil Island, and exercises extinguished the process that the god struck to say simply. He is also now knows, extinguishes the god to strike simply is the Nine-Crown Mage unique skill, but was studied by him ahead of time.

Listened to narration of Ji Dong, the look of cloudy morning sun slightly became dignified several points. "Good to extinguish the god to strike, this skill you must cultivation well, will have very big advantage to you in the future. If you want, can teach Fu Rui him."

Ji Dong nodded, said without hesitation: "Does not have the issue, Martial Ancestor, I also planned makes you instruct me to cultivate this to extinguish the god to strike."

The cloudy morning sun smile shakes the head, "I do not use. My compression way to own magic power already took shape, the revolutions cultivates other, instead is not good. Attentive single-minded, is important regarding any Mage. The chaos, you had not said."

Ji Dong said: "Martial Ancestor, I thought that your application to the Chaos Fire as if somewhat was a moment ago stiff. If I have not misread, under your Chaos Fire in that struck a moment ago, at least lost half."

The cloudy morning sun complexion slightly changes, "how do you see?"

Ji Dong said: "Because, what you output is pure Chaos Fire. In order to break the pinnacle double water of match combines the magic power attack, you should by oneself huge Nine-Crown magic power, stiffly condenses Chaos Fire that to compel outside the body within the body, then regards the ordinary flame to launch the attack them. The chaos significance is the creation. After Chaos Fire contacts combination magic power of match, its creation characteristics disrupted the balance of opposite party combination skill, Yin-Yang dual attribute , is unable to achieve under the balanced condition each other to backlash, routs the match at one fell swoop. However, you should not master the Chaos Fire true application method. Otherwise, after the attack had ended, your Chaos Fire will not weaken many, but should maintain invariable. Moreover, as far as I know, uses the strength of attack chaos, truly appears should not be Chaos Fire, but is the fire of soul. Because, chaos strength, only then in the spiritual strength after with soul fuses together, can be used by us, truly displays the characteristics of its creation."

The shock, listened to Ji Dong these words, in the cloudy morning sun heart only then shocks, since many years, he can be said as in the cultivation way of ascetic person. Under the unceasing closing up self- torture, gradually touched the chaos edge, particularly after initially was feeling the Ji Dong chaos source, by its guidance, had Chaos Fire for these years. But he does not have any experience after all, does not know how should use this Chaos Fire. Only can output in own way. At this time listened to the Ji Dong words, he really understood some chaos mysteries.

The chaos and soul union, the fire of soul, in the cloudy morning sun mind endlessly is duplicating these characters, indistinct, he has grasped anything, he knows, the chaos front door, approached itself to open at this time finally.

"Martial Ancestor, you are all right."Fu Rui had never seen the complexion of cloudy morning sun has been so unpredictable, does not know that is happy is the anger, cloudy clear uncertain, in the eye is glittering unceasingly the ray of thinking. Long time has not spoken.

Cloudy morning sun grew the tone, the complexion returned to normal, vision brilliant looked to Ji Dong, "this was that wears the female of bamboo hat to teach you."

"?"Ji Dong stares, slightly hesitant, he nodded.

Cloudy morning sun thinking moment, sighed, said: "Ji Dong, thanks her for me. Another day I have a sudden enlightenment, does obeisance your today's these words to bestow. Your growth the Martial Ancestor expectation also wants to be quicker. Martial Ancestor anything was unable to teach you. The future road, you want to go. You and Fu Rui, is a my Fire department lineage/vein future. In the near future, continent very likely has drastic change, your fellow apprentices two people, the time must closely unite, altogether anti- foreign enemy. After matter, I can return to the seashore to close up with your teacher's wives together, if there is any important matter, may return to seek for us."

Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, respectfully said: "Yes."

Is exposed to the sun cloudy deeply looked at Ji Dong, this continent topest supreme powerhouse suddenly discovered, oneself this disciple grandson's destiny no longer is can grasp, will unable to see clearly his future end point where.

At this moment, the sound of water bright moonlight never the distant place resounds, "under Victorious Light crown."

Cloudy morning sun has turned round slowly, sees only the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud is walking together, this time they, on face look already very tranquil, as if just did not receive the huge attack likely the appearance.

They arrive in front of cloudy morning sun, bent the waist, bows to salute. Cloudy morning sun has not prevented them, whatever they kneel down and bow respect with both hands clasped.

The relaxing body, the water bright moonlight said: "The pains under Victorious Light crown we understood. Thank you to pull back from the wrong road us, I and wind and cloud understand. Since then, we will close up respectively, hopes that can see that leaf of front door that you direct. Under his sunglow such as has needed, the water bright moonlight is bounden."

Cloudy morning sun nods slightly, "you can such quickly awaken, caring for that also does not ascend the sky in vain. How you look at this, I and my younger sister prepare to return to the east China sea to close up, there is away from Holy and Evil Channel to be near, facing sea, not only can assume the entrance, and can cultivation in the peaceful environment. If two want, might as well together goes with us. I do not decide value the broom as one's own, these years choke-out closes repeatedly , has comprehended. Although our attribute is different, perhaps can also make you little take some tortuous paths." The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud hear the word great happiness, "that is good. Under the Victorious Light crown the obligation, not thinks the report, please receive us to do obeisance."

At the same time was saying, under these two Water department supreme crowns is in front of that many people unexpectedly, plop'ed is kneeing down, northward morning sun has done obeisance.

Looks appearance that they kneel down and bow respect with both hands clasped, on the cloudy morning sun face the smiling face reappears, he naturally not because of water bright moonlight two people to own respectful, but is he understands, this pair of Water department has gotten rid of all reins advantage locks supremely finally, true clear(ly) became aware.

At the end of the month reciprocal. Monthly ticket, small three urgently needed monthly tickets.

With the help of book friends, we re-enter the monthly ticket list finally sixth, thank you, thanked really, since we rushed to this position, must keep this position, for final victory, brothers, male. Urgently needed voting.

Chapter 252: Making of Fire Dragon valley

Cloudy morning sun supports by the arm the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud. "Under two crowns does not use so. We each other compare notes well. The attribute is different, each other will compare notes many also to help. Since two are willing to go together with us, our walks."

The bright moonlight and cold Fengyun have become aware, they understood finally what oneself waste is anything. Cloudy morning sun spares no sacrifice some Chaos Fire, had reminded truly goal that their Nine-Crown powerhouse should pursue. They do not have hatred to cloudy morning sun again, instead has filled admiring. Without hesitation holds the disciple ritual before him.

"The morning sun brother, please wait a bit."Ji Changxin voice resounds, he draws Shangguan Yinkong, the personal appearance is dodging, arrived in front of the cloudy morning sun three people.

Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong look at each other one, said: "The morning sun brother, I must with reciting today meet again spatially, the initial misunderstanding clarified finally, did not have other attachments again. Since you must close up the research, again how might as well add on both of us? five elements were many our pair of earth, thinks that will not be a drag on your."

Is exposed to the sun cloudy unable to help laughing, said: "This naturally is the good deed. However, the merges of two big guilds also need you to manage. Cannot our these walk." Shangguan Yinkong said with a smile: "This nothing. Dozens years, I did not have to manage the matter of guild, embarrassed to say. I already did not have the qualifications to be this association president again. Shiloh, association president token I had initially passed to you. Starting today, you take over the position of President Mage Guild officially. Although the magic skill guild has lost to us. But in two big guild merging processes, can not have any discrimination. Each other compares notes to exchange, the guild after merge must better serves for Mage."

"Association president, you......"Shiloh wanted to say anything, was recited by Shangguan lifts the hand to stop spatially.

"Initially I, for own matter leaves the guild, for decades, is you at all business of management guild, my shame to the guild, does not have the face to be the association president again. Actually, you already are an association president. Was needless to say anything again, my intent has decided. My obstinance, made initially to misunderstand the infinite expansion. I among misunderstanding with long letters disintegrate finally, in the future time, I only wants to accompany the husband. Mage Guild colleague, Shangguan Yinkong apologized to everybody here. Although I not in guild, but guild if in the future has the danger, Shangguan Yinkong will prevent all for the guild as before."

Said these, six supreme powerhouses smile, formerly all sorts of enmities, as if melted in cloudy morning sun that Chaos Fire, this is supreme on behalf of present age most formidable six Nine-Crown, simultaneously jumped, rose into the midair. Goes toward the East, their mounts also in abundance fly, follows closely to go. Only the Fire Dragon kings in cloudy morning sun also stay in the midair, is hugging fifty Saint Fire Dragon, departure that does not abandon.

No one has thought that final result will turn into this unexpectedly. Looks at that six supreme departure, presents everyone to have a moved feeling. Looks back that gradually vanishes, as if the enmities of two big guilds also gradually was pale.

Mage Guild and magic skill guild merges imperative, although the magic skill guild is also having the formidable strength, both sides did not have the supreme powerhouse, but do not forget, equal Wang Ji yun returns alive. He is works as the referee. The victory and defeat has decided that the diamond regiment is not a vegetarian. Before let alone water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud just before leaving, had confessed the magic skill guild must observe the commitment surely. Following merge, is only time issue and concrete detail discussion.

A Fu Rui hand is hugging the shoulder of Ji Dong, "Little Junior Brother, this time you cannot run. Our two brothers four years do not see, today may probably drink well. Even if I am willing to let off you, artillery Big Brother dragon will not let off your."

A Bing feels oneself bald single-handed, chuckled, said: "That is natural. My that fragrance goes in. Today makes you taste I most adept barbecue unique skill."

Lie Yan (raging flames) returned to the earth core world temporarily, Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife they also walked, in the Ji Dong heart not worried temporarily, naturally cannot reject.

Ji Dong arrives in front of Shiloh, said: "Vice-chairman, the matter of today already. Said goodbye in light of this."

Looks at this young people, in Shiloh eyes reveals some complex rays at present. One month ago, reason that he invites this young people to attend the war of today vigorously. Mainly for the aid that he can bring. But in fact, the Ji Dong influence also has even gone far beyond his imagination. Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong two big supreme powerhouses come for him, under the part of great bear crown Ji Chang believes this, although mainly for Shangguan Yinkong, but part of reasons also because of him. Let alone also equality Wang Ji yun lived. In the surface, Ji cloud Sheng said that is makes the referee, but everyone can see his favoring to Mage Guild. If no Ji Dong, he will assemble the entire diamond regiment to come to attend the matters of these two big guild merges? Must know, person but who this equal king Central Earth Empire most has the right. Even if now Central Earth Empire King, has been inferior to him gradually. If Ji Dong is his another grandson, then, likely in the future will be the next equal king! originally lineal successor Ji Yeshang had been adopted the imperial family, has become now the crown prince.

So long as thinks slightly, Shiloh can feel at present behind this young people the terrifying of influence. But compared with these, most made Shiloh shocking Ji Dong own strength. On the real battle efficiency, Shiloh will certainly not fear that the day is evil. He self-examined that can solve the match with ease. However, on the same day started to eject the magic skill scroll evilly time, Shiloh self-examined that was not easy to deal with. Especially finally that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll. Shiloh self-examined, trades to make itself, is absolutely impossible to prevent him. But all these, Ji Dong actually achieved. He not only prevented the day to be evil, struck to kill it directly. Entire fight from beginning to end day evil complete suppression. Shiloh has to acknowledge, from the strength, did not consider other extraneous factors words, oneself also not necessarily are this Level 61 young people match.

He merely Level 61! Pinnacle Two Fires, this is the rarely seen (weirdo) attribute of what kind of terrifying. If one day, he also promoted Nine- Crown, that is what kind of aspect? Shiloh some do not even dare to imagine. This young people took to his shock are too greatly are too really big.

"Vice-chairman Shiloh, you......"Ji Dong sees Shiloh somewhat to be in a daze. Also called him.

"!"Shiloh awakens from the train of thought that "Mr. Ji Dong, Oh, no, now I should call you for the Ji Dong elder. The obligation did not say thanks, I know that could not retain you. Other were not many said that here a little small gift, was a repayment of Mage Guild. You must accept. Mage Guild, is your family/home. In any city, you , if there is need, can look for the local Mage Guild help."

At the same time was saying, he squeezes in the different thing the Ji Dong hand. When Ji Dong lowers the head looked, discovered that is a token and a storage ring. In the ring has any him not to go to look that token captured his attention, this token and Shiloh of that day open of Mage Guild conceals treasure house almost to be together exactly the same, the size and standard do not have anything to distinguish, but the middle does not have the jade of that scrap day, but did not have the attribute transparent gem to replace together. Glory twinkle. Without a doubt, this should be the token of Mage Guild elder. He does not know, this token representative is not only the elder, is the guest official elder. Has to be equal to Mage Guild in the authority of vice-chairman.

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "Vice-chairman, you cannot favor one and discriminate against the other! I may also be help."

Shiloh laughed. Said: "Fu Rui, does your this boy also feel all right to ask me to want the thing? How long the elder token of guild you took did not know. But you have come guild several times."

Fu Rui said: "Vice-chairman, can drink one cup with us together? Told you a secret, my this Little Junior Brother may also be Nine Stars Bartender standard Oh."

Shiloh said with a forced smile: "Do not entice me. You also know that I am a drunkard. Here such many matters must process, opening that I can walk? Next time some opportunities will say again."

In this time, in the sky, the Fire Dragon king Weiyan voice is resounding,
"Ji Dong."

Ji Dong looks up to airborne, sees only Fire Dragon king bring the fifty Saint Fire Dragon diving posture to fall, the Fire Dragon king to Ji Dong nodded, said: "Thank you. Matter that Maotai and Wuliangye already have saved them you and Her Majesty the Empress told me. Our mother and daughter have a reunion with great difficulty. Whether to let them and I returns to Fire Dragon valley."

The voice of Fire Dragon king is very temperate, looks that the Ji Dong vision has been full of the gratitude, although fifty Saint Fire Dragon, because the variation at all likely is not Fire Dragon. But she actually understands Ji Dong and Empress Lie Yan to hatch own child has paid what kind of price. Can feel the fifty Saint Fire Dragon within the body combustion Chaos Fire. Therefore, she to the words that Ji Dong spoke, completely by discussing tone.

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously swings unexpectedly began, struggles in mother arms.

The Fire Dragon king look slightly changes, sad said/tunnel: "Child, you. "

Maotai and Wuliangye only have Rank 8, naturally cannot open the mouth, but wu wu called, dragon clan has dragon clan the communication method, Fire Dragon king Lingting their was relating, heaved a deep sigh, "was really the female does not remain greatly! The hauling of fire of soul made them not be willing to leave you. Ji Dong, you may be willing to be invited my dragon valley and his party. Father who also sees the children."

Goes to dragon valley? To be honest, Ji Dong to this mysterious place very some ideas. However, he has not actually complied, because of him, a also more important matter does.

"Sorry, perhaps the Fire Dragon king senior, I cannot go to the dragon valley along with you together. Maotai and Wuliangye, you together go along with Fire Dragon king Senior. Before the war of Holy and Evil starts, I in the East China Sea seashore you how?"

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, Maotai and Wuliangye unexpectedly simultaneously fierce shaking the head, looks that the Ji Dong vision has been full of the entreaty, the relation between souls, made the Ji Dong clear feeling they to own dependence, in any event, is not willing to leave itself side. This, he may somewhat feel embarrassed.

Fire Dragon king sighed, loosened has held in the arms the fifty Saint Fire Dragon right wing, the ray flashes, fifty Saint Fire Dragon arrived at side Ji Dong, two big end of rushing to be first was rubbing on him, the free time who as if left his side such a while, has been full of missing. Fire Dragon kingly way: "In the past. Is I am not good, has not looked after the child, was ridden by Wind and Frost that bastard. How can I the reluctant children do the matter that is not willing to do again?" The red light flashes, has the fiery-red dragon scale of wash bowl size to fly in front of Ji Dong together fully. Ji Dong subconscious put out a hand to receive.

"Ji Dong, the Fire Dragon valley welcome your arrival at any time. morning sun closes up, I must return to the Fire Dragon valley to process in some clans the business. When you, must bring Maotai and Wuliangye come back to have a look at me, ok?" The tears of big drop big drop flow following the Fire Dragon king corner of the eye, drops in the ground, is melting piece by piece soil.

Maotai and Wuliangye wu wu called several, looks that Fire Dragon Wang Ming reveals some not to abandon, but they actually do not hate to leave side Ji Dong. It is not willing to leave side him.

Fire Dragon king Yangtian cried loud and long, in any event, she had finally found oneself child, moreover after the variation, fifty Saint Fire Dragon was also having compared with she broader future. Does not abandon looked at fifty Saint Fire Dragon one, the pair of wings has opened to soar, before will soon depart, he to Ji Dong asks: "Can Ji Dong, tell me, why will you give my child to give Maotai and Wuliangye such name?"

"Uh......"hears the question of Fire Dragon king, Ji Dong speechless, he cannot tell others, what he gives others children to get up is the liquor name. "Fire Dragon king senior, after then the war of this Holy and Evil ended, I can bring Maotai and Wuliangye go to the Fire Dragon valley to see you."

The Fire Dragon king to Ji Dong nodded, "above the scale, you will find to go to the Fire Dragon valley with rapt attention the way. As a mother, I pleaded you, took care of good my child. After you arrive at the dragon valley, has the repayment."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "senior, you feel relieved. Maotai and Wuliangye, not only my magic beast partner, is my family member. On them, has with my same bloodlines similarly." His point has not exaggerated, in hatching process of Maotai and in Wuliangye, his blood played the important role, although this body belongs to Five Elements Continent, but after the Ji Dong soul pours into this body, each other union, all in within the body had the transformation. If no his blood to direct, Maotai and Wuliangye variation will not become the appearances of Huaxia Divine Dragon.

To Ji Dong nodded, the Fire Dragon king launches the pair of wings once more, turns around to go, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously long recited make noise, airborne Fire Dragon king Hui recited by long dragon, went far away gradually.

Ji cloud Sheng sits well is drilling lizard to carry on the back, said to Ji Dong: "I must walk, two big guilds had a perfect result. Does Ji Dong, you return to palace with me?"

Ji Dong shook the head, ", Grandfather. Some of my also matters must process."

A conclusion of wave of climax, means the start of next wave of climax fermentation. Will continue splendidly, starting today, monthly ticket has carried on the double computations. Tang gate brothers and sisters, do not keep your monthly ticket, heartily passes. Small three have complied with starts to erupt on the 30 th, will never break a promise. Every day small three start to write a book from 89 : 00 am, continuously work to 22 points, for offers this gift during 51 for everybody.

Chapter 253: Antiquity ten big famous name wines

Ji cloud Sheng has not said anything. Since previous Ji Dong leaves equal palace, he understands, this grandson's destiny is not he can grasp. Drills the lizard pair of wings to launch, jumps to fly, some fearing looked at fifty Saint Fire Dragon, when looks forward to leave earlier, flies away, speed compared with usually at least quick 30%.

Along with Ji cloud Sheng departure, the diamond regiment is quietly is similar to tidal removes. Naturally, this premise is Ji Dong takes back fifty Saint Fire Dragon to the nucleus of life, continues to supplement the vitality for them. Your demon Yin-Yang armor and life nucleus are also fusing under the function of god technique to integrate his within the body.

Shiloh alone moves toward the magic skill guild, on the side of the magic skill guild, walked. Open areas these two old matches' among both sides each other relative, on Shiloh face first reveals a smiling face, "I have not won, you have not lost. Later everybody is a whole family."

Has also smiled, "under the Victorious Light crown has indicated the future for us, the past all do not say. The matters of after two big guilds, has you to be busy. Waits to merge, I also close up."

Shiloh said: The beauty that "you think, after wants the merge , such big outdoor shop gives me, do you want dead of exhaustion me? I will not make you run away."

angrily said: "Did father hide was not good?" "It is not good."Shiloh returns to look angrily. These two ages surpassed Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable of eighty years of age to glower once more, as if before returned.

"You are that repugnant."Shiloh's ill-humored say/way. snorted, "you are not the good thing."
Anger in eye actinic to smile, suddenly, two people simultaneously Haha laugh. Perhaps, this is meets by chance smiles to vanish the love and hate.

Artillery dragon Dubi holds in the arms the shoulder of Ji Dong, "walks, our brothers drink."

"Also calculates my one."Zhu Yan drilled from side, a face suffering from injustice say/way: "Sister-in-law and Teacher walk does not take me unexpectedly, too does not uphold justice. Does the artillery dragon, your this young brat, drink to dare not to call me?"

The artillery dragon has gawked, then said with a smile: "Walks, together. Also little has resulted in your liquor. Arrived my there, the control suffices."

Fu Rui has not ridden the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, four people, have always have few, in vision that in two big guild Mages envy, on foot goes toward Central Plains City. The disturbances between this two big guilds have also marked a period to this.

A fragrance, a building hall.

By dinner table that holds ten people of dining sufficiently, only sat four people. Wears the chef clothing, but has picked the chef's hat, reveals baldly, only then alone arm, in gulps drinks is icing the ale, shouted continually happily.

Is tall, the short hair is similar to a steel needle. The facial features were resolute, have filled the person of risky robust man and that chef attire have a drink together, the shout was not small. An old man of red hair, somewhat dreadful squats directly on the chair, a hand is taking the giant meat string, unceasing is gnawing, another hand grabs the ale, a liquor meat, as if did not have including the free time of speech.

Last person, is considered as to be quite normal only, eats and drinks, although is not that intense, the movement is not slow.

Without a doubt, these four people naturally are Fu Rui and Ji Dong fellow apprentices, in addition this fragrant boss artillery dragon and magic power weapon casting Great Master Zhu Yan Old Zhu 2.

The original artillery dragon planned three buildings biggest reserves a room to eat, but Zhu Yan actually insists on being probable in this building hall, said that is only then can eat the feeling in this noisy environment. Therefore, had at present this. A biggest table was occupied by four people. Not any scruples is eating and drinking. Artillery dragon A Bing goes to the kitchen personally, the meat string that roasts let alone eats, only the fragrance can mouth dripping with greed.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui do not have drink mixing, in this atmosphere, under this environment. also what eats the meat compared with the bulk, does the big mouth drink the feeling of ale to be crisper?

"**, Fu Rui, you know after my only remaining arms, the one who most lets my pain is what?"A Bing scratched liquor stain on mouth to say.

Fu Rui said: "What is?"

A Bing laughed, said: "On the remaining hands, cannot look like one with meat one with the liquor, can only equally same comes."

The Fu Rui look concentrates, "Big Brother, for me, you. "

pa'ed, A Bing has patted oneself bald, "I said that these doing anything. Fu Rui, your this saying I listened to more than 100 times. Own brothers, do not say for anyone again. If you and Ji Dong in battlefield, he encounters the danger, you do will not compare me to be few." Here, the A Bing's big wine glass in the hand placed on the table, "since actually, many matters I had not said to you. Now said does not have anything. I had not regretted saves you, comes again one time, I can such do. It is not because your talent is good, is promising. Because only you are my artillery dragon brothers. When Big Brother is not covering brothers, what Big Brother did that call? After coming back, I discovered that I have abandoned, has become a disabled person, could not treat in Yin-Yang School again. I truly was very at that time painful. My artillery dragon cannot launch the shell attack to the enemy, but also he ** what is any artillery dragon. I am depressed. Even has thought of the suicide, a disabled person, is living the also anything meaning. I really have also done, is under the Supreme Unity crown, was your teacher's wife has saved me. She has pulled out my big mouth, asked me, A Bing, is your this mixed the boy a man, such selected the setback you to die?"

A Bing Yin Zhaorong lifelike of sound acoustics. He said these by the humorous sound, may listen in Fu Rui and Ji Dong ear, was not humorous, they can know the feelings that A Bing was in deep sorrow at that time intensely. As Mage, is in Yin-Yang School extremely promising Mage, so was waste, the pressure and pain that he bears can be imagined.

"In our school, the person who I most believe is under the Supreme Unity crown, when regardless of sees under the Supreme Unity crown, I look like the mouse to see cat. Some people had said that my artillery dragon saw under the Supreme Unity crown to turn has tamed the dragon, actually this was because felt grateful. If no her, perhaps I already died. Even including this fragrant shop front, is she gives me. Perhaps this point also nobody knows. Afterward, my taking easy of gradually. How the people are not a way of living, can keep in Central Plains City, occasionally sees you, I was also satisfy. However I am some am not willingly, I am anticipating the occurrence of miracle, therefore, my cultivation has never stopped. Several months ago, I starts to feel that is less right, since I procedure, continually has promoted within the body magic power, hopes one day to break through the hindrance of meridians. But. I discovered, this was impossible. Within the body magic power depressed becomes the solid, meridians have less been able to support. I know, perhaps my life must come to the end, I have even written including the posthumous writings."

Here, A Bing's brilliant vision fell on Ji Dong, ", but, I have not died, the heaven cared, Brother Ji Dong arrived here, said honestly, until now I do not know you have made anything for me. Not only dredges all my meridians of blocking completely, made the magic power normal work of my within the body, even linked my frail meridians becomes extremely tenacious. When my sleep wakes up, the first feeling was young was ten years old, the whole body has been full of the vigorous vitality. My artillery dragon always confessed that is a man, but at that moment, my he ** crying. Crying that does not make every effort to succeed. I have not thought that possibility that some day also restores. Ji Dong, you listened to me to say."A Bing prevents to want opens the mouth Ji Dong , to continue saying: "I think at that time, was you have given me newborn. Although before I, is a disabled person, but self-examines a also several points of eyesight. If I have not guessed that wrong, you have certainly used any heavenly material earthly treasure on me, otherwise, even if my meridians of that blocking were dredged, impossible to be vital like the present, magic power has not retroceded incessantly, also the considerable progress, the meridians were more tenacious than ordinary Mage. Brother, told me, actually you have made anything on me. If you recognize my this Elder Brother, do not deceive me."

Looks in the artillery dragon eye rigid and insisted, Ji Dong lightly sighed, said: "Actually does not have anything, I helped your warm and nourish with my magic power a body, added on one bottle of woods monster clans origin of life to help the Big Brother solidly this to cultivate the Yuan again. Big Brother A Bing. If you want to say that anything feels grateful, that do not say. Initially you saved my Senior Brother time, may once count on he did thank you? You also said that we are the brothers, I recognize certainly your this Big Brother. Since you are my Big Brother, rescues your could it be should not?"

"Origin of life?"Heard these four characters, Zhu Yan immediately from eating and drinking extravagantly to stop, this somewhat nervous Old Zhu 2 one held the Ji Dong wrist/skill: "Brother, you said that you have used the origin of life? No wonder, no wonder artillery dragon boy can restore, cannot find out including your Martial Ancestor and teacher's wives is what kind of method can make him restore such as beginning, even meridians also transformation. Initially, your teacher's wife once personally had also diagnosed for A Bing, did not have the means. Has not thought, made you give to solve unexpectedly like this."

A Bing was puzzled said: "What thing is the origin of life?" It is not all people knows that this type by the good wine that the vitality condenses.

Fu Rui this time expression similarly is also shocking, "the origin of life, that is came from woods of life one good wine. Is a named woods monster special race, after a lot of years of fermenting. It is said that each drop of origin of life must breed for over hundred years to take shape in the big forest. The best origin of life even must after millennium breeding. In ten big famous name wine lists that the antiquity spread, the origin of life was listed at fourth. Also was one of a few antiquity famous name wines extant we can find. This liquor can the life and death person, the meat white bones, so long as there is an one breath, regardless of the injury is serious, the disease is fierce, a drop of origin of life can hang the aura life. One bottle of origin of life can bring back to life. This thing let alone drinks, as drink mixing guild Central Plains City divides the association president, I see have not seen. In the black market, one bottle of origin of life shouted out the price in 1 million gold coins above, did not have the city valuably, was the genuine priceless treasure!"

Although Ji Dong has been signaling with the eyes to Fu Rui, but Fu Rui in agitated, knows oneself said. As Vice-chairman Bartenders Association, Central Plains City branch association president, he to many that Ji Dong that the origin of life knows are more.

A Bing has been looking at Ji Dong, listening to Fu Rui these words, Haha to laugh saying: "Origin of life, good origin of life. My this whole life also calculates that has not lived white/in vain, has tasted one of the antiquity ten big famous name wines unexpectedly, good, good, good."

Ji Dong sees A Bing not to have what special response, this relaxed, he is not a person of bestowing favor pictoral newspaper, saves A Bing, to return this favor for the Senior Brother, another, is he admires A Bing's manner. He has not noted, in the big laughter, A Bing eyeground deep place is glittering the firm and rigid vision, in his heart, has made an important decision.

Ji Dong similarly had also been brought back the interest by the Fu Rui words, "were the antiquity ten big famous name wines that Senior Brother, you said what?"

Fu Rui said: "Mentioned this antiquity ten big famous name wines, must trace initially our Light Five Elements Continent and that age of Dark Five Elements Continent holy war. Our Bartenders Association also at that time establishes. Our first association president, is extremely formidable Mage, has the massive Mage ages in that can also be listed at continent powerhouse first ten. But his lifetime pursue, looks for the famous name wine. After the entire 50 years of searches, in the old age, he has established a famous name wine record, above has only recorded ten types of liquor, is the antiquity ten big famous name wines that I said. These ten big famous name wines, not only famous name wine including our Light Five Elements Continent, even also includes several on Dark Five Elements Continent. In order to inquire about the famous name wine, our this first association president once submerged Dark Five Elements Continent to search. Also that time, was besieged on Dark Five Elements Continent, although breaks through, actually also experiences personally the heavy losses, after returning to Bartenders Association, shortly after writes down the famous name wine to record passed away. He biggest regret, cannot be assemble the antiquity ten big famous name wines. Origin of life on platoon in ten big famous name wine fourth."

Ji Dong curious say/way: "What are that other nine big famous name wines? also their whereabouts, do you know?"

Fu Rui said: "Ji Dong, is not my agree does not tell you. Bartenders Association had the custom of guild, the antiquity ten big famous name wines, was the guild biggest secret, if were not you says the origin of life, I will not mention. But matters about ten big famous name wines I cannot tell you. Only if you are willing to join Bartenders Association, and was admitted to the Nine Stars Bartender qualifications, can know in the association. I am also previous time to would, has tested Nine Stars, knows that has these ten big famous name wines to exist."

Listened to a Fu Rui such saying, on the Ji Dong face to reveal a smiling face, "Senior Brother, fought also from Holy and Evil some time, I just want to go to Bartenders Association while these days."

At the end of the month final two days, tomorrow is 30 th, in other words, starting from, we will start to erupt to renew tomorrow in a big way , to continue for four days erupt Oh. Every day 12,000. The brothers, cast your precious monthly tickets in the situations of double monthly ticket. The recommendation ticket do not forget. Said one on the quiet, if there are to plan that one time hits the book friends who enjoys the small 310,000 coins, please take advantage of now these days. Because hits monthly ticket that enjoys 10,000 to forward as an enclosure also to turn into two. Naturally, asking the book friends to act according to one's capacity, small three thanked here.

Chapter 254: Goal that Zhu Yan leaves behind

Fu Rui stares, "do you want to go to Bartenders Association? Aren't you do not want to join? For could it be these ten big famous name wines?"

Ji Dong shook the head. "Senior Brother, I think that the cocktail room association compares notes."

Fu Rui said with a forced smile: "You are compare notes or wreck the event! Perhaps, only then President Du Sikang can each other compare notes with you. I may still remember, our brothers know, is your boy runs up to my Central Plains City branch to smash the field. Now raises, my this branch also prestige sweeps the floor. I cannot punch one to expose to the public you."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Actually, smashes the field is also a promotion, promoting Bartenders to pay great attention to the promotion of technique. Let them see exquisiter drink mixing technique, looks like Mage saw that formidable magic skill is the same, as for whether to comprehend, looked that individual perception and rigid."

Fu Rui helpless say/way: "I said you. As you like. However you relax, President Du Sikang person is good. Moreover our Mage Guild is also the place of latent talent, you yourself were careful. Does not have the time, I together go certainly with you. What a pity, the war of Holy and Evil nears, I must remain, trains school these little fellows. When do you prepare to walk?" Ji Dong said: "Tomorrow."

Fu Rui has gawked, "is so anxious?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Read the books, was inferior to line of ten thousand miles roads. I already planned that various continent places travel. Growth experience. But when did not practice. I think to let loose the mind, takes a walk outside world, is instead beneficial regarding cultivation base."

Fu Rui said with a smile: Right that "you said. I look like this year your discipline time cannot stay put in the school, travels one really to have the advantage outside. You go. Before remembering Holy and Evil Channel opening, ahead of time ten days ask us to be able with. This time, you, but absolute main force."

Ji Dong said: "Certain."

Was in this time, nearby Zhu Yan some bleary eyes awake song say/way: "When Ji Dong, a moment ago you with the fellows of that magic skill guild fought, I noticed that you released directly from within the body Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, what special skill has studied?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Is. I think very useful skill. However usually must consume some magic power. This skill was called the fusion god technique."

At that moment, his simple bought the fusion god technique the process to say in Mage Guild.

Listened to his words, Zhu Yan one to stare in a big way both eyes, formerly tipsy feeling as if diverged, "fuses the god technique unexpectedly. Brother, do not plan that comes warm and nourish by own magic power the demon Yin-Yang armor."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I have this idea, improper what has?" Say/Way that Zhu Yan beams with joy: "No, naturally does not have. The boy can find out this means thanks to you. Regarding ordinary Mage, this fusion god technique is the weak, may regarding your pinnacle magic power owners, that be existence of top magic skill. magic power weapon of high-grade level, only then magic power of high-grade level can carry on warm and nourish, like your Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, if ordinary fire attribute magic power, even if will be warm and nourish in 1000 is useless. But your Pinnacle Two Fires was different, in situation that so long as you in do not fight on warm and nourish it, it not only will promote the might gradually. Moreover, but can also agree with your own attribute. Has gained, this fusion god technique you buy may really gain. However, your demon Yin-Yang armor is also only the light armor, distance Divine level magic power weapon also certain disparity, this, you give me it first, the Fu Rui boy, turns head I and you returns to Heavenly Stems School together."

Fu Rui has gawked first, great happiness: "Teacher's younger brother, are you willing to return to the school with me?"

Zhu Yan snorted, ", if not your Martial Ancestor assigns me to go back to help your boys, you think that I will remain? Is depending on me, I will go never back. Walked walked, went back again, lost face."

Fu Rui hurries to shake the head saying: ", Cannot. You do not know, these directors have are hoping you go back. Spoke the sentence disrespecting words, even if the master and teacher's wife does not have you status in school to be high!"

Fu Rui these words said does not exaggerate, in Heavenly Stems School, if who is the most popular person. That is not his Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, is not these directors. Even is not in the school the various departments beautiful woman. But at present this Old Zhu 2. As one of the present age most famous magic power weapon casting Great Master, he including these directors, the object who all people are flattery, who does not hope oneself can have a good magic power weapon, even if 2 after Old Zhu modifies on the original magic power weapon slightly, that can also promote. The rare and precious material is easy, Blacksmith is difficult to ask. Although also less than one year of Holy and Evil Channel must open once more. But has joining of Zhu Yan, these days, made the equipment integral lifting scales of Yin-Yang School these main forces sufficiently.

Zhu Yan drinks big ale, said: "Fu Rui, I may reach an agreement. This time I go back, mainly improves Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor for my brother, can only help/gang that group of boy of taking along. The material supplies for oneself, moreover I improve the armor to need any material for my brother, is all provided by the school. If these innocent directors do not comply, I pat the buttocks, immediately leaves."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Good, good, this said. So long as the teacher's younger brother is willing to go into action, I accepted your condition for fellow directors."

Zhu Yan smiles one strangely, "yo, it seems like, you mix in Heavenly Stems School good!"

Nearby artillery dragon A Bing chuckled, said: "That is quite good. Now Fu Rui is also one of the ten big directors, has replaced the Teacher Zhu Rong position, governs Third Fire department."

Decision of Heavenly Stems School naturally reasonable. First, from the strength, Fu Rui was not weak in any Eight-Crown Mage. But he prestige in student is nobody can. Ye Xin and Fu Rui return after good, the students of originally Ye Xin that department, was integrates Fu Rui. Three times lead Yin-Yang School and Heavenly Stems Regiment to obtain on Holy and Evil Battlefield successively wins finally. The Fu Rui leadership is without a doubt. In addition Heavenly Stems School must relax under between the relations with two big Fire department supreme crowns, takes Fu Rui as director Third Fire department obviously is most appropriate. As the matter stands, Zhu Rong and Mr. and Mrs. Yin Zhaorong malice to the school naturally will weaken. The decision of Heavenly Stems School board of directors also considers the aspects.

Ji Dong said: "Big Brother, I later give you Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor." Fu Rui one hear of Zhu Yan must return to Heavenly Stems School with, immediately the mood is excellent, laughed, said: "Teacher's younger brother, come, I respect you. Today we are not drunk do not turn over."

Four people simultaneously hold up the giant wine glass , to continue their this carefree dripping food and drinks.

In this time, suddenly, a some unharmonious sound is resounding from side, "your several, dot sound. Here is the public area, has not to have public-spirited a little!"

The sound behind conveys from Ji Dong, to the artillery dragon A Bing's direction. The Ji Dong four people of sound were truly loud, just because of their strange looks, the fierceness as well as the Fu Rui of big semblance artillery dragon look, nobody dares to say anything. This time diner are not many.

Bang. Artillery dragon A Bing fierce pounded on the table to stand, "father was loud, closes your bird matter, is not willing to listen, to get the hell out. The father does not do your business and that's the end."He is the crabby, at this time receives cordially Fu Rui, Ji Dong and Zhu Yan three people, was broken, naturally is the mood is not feeling well.

Fu Rui holds on the artillery dragon, said with a smile: "Big Brother, ok, our voice was loud. Do not affect you to do business."

Artillery dragon snorted. "I said that has closed the shop temporarily, the influence our brothers in province drink. Business where has the brothers to be important."

Ji Dong turns head to behind to look, when he sees makes noise to scold four people of that table, slightly stares, that side only then two people, a man and a woman, speech that seems a also at the worst young youth.

This youth seems the personal appearance is tall and straight, look is quite handsome, the meticulosity that a golden long hair combs, by the look, truly is not Ji Dong can compare. At this time he has pounded the table, is looking angrily. This youth Ji Dong did not know, but, sits in him opposite, somewhat anxious stands up young girl Ji Dong that prevents the youth to speak again actually indistinctly somewhat to look familiar.

Young girl silver long straightens to hang the buttocks, purple big eyes limpid like water, sees her, first some at present a bright feeling, although cannot compared with perfect of Lie Yan (raging flames), but the graceful stature, the outstandingly beautiful appearance, unexpectedly is also the beautiful woman of gold/metal that rank. With gold/metal look cold severe different, in the purple pupil of this young girl, the vision is gentle, although under the anxiety, that gently beautiful moving pupil light will make one palpitate with excitement as before.

Discovers Ji Dong to turn head, the vision of young girl concentrates slightly, subconscious lowering the head, Ji Dong clearly saw, flashes through light moved in her eyeground.

This is, Lan Bao'er? The Ji Dong heart shakes slightly. Female big 18 change, four years ago he leaves, Lan Bao'er about 16 years old, four years does not see, present Lan Bao'er was not only much longer, the stature was the growth was more complete, had a stronger attraction. Especially saw her eyeground that wipes sadly. In the Ji Dong heart does not have the reason painful.

The change of Lan Bao'er is not quite small, reason that Ji Dong can recognize her to come, is mainly because the characteristics of her silver turning purple pupil are extremely clear.

Although that golden hair youth was being drawn by Lan Bao'er, the meaning of also not having given up, "bald disabled, is this your shop is also what kind of? Do you believe that my a few words, make your this shop suspend business."

The following words, to anything, the both sides quarrel/corners of the mouth, naturally have not met the malicious talk to quarrel after all, when Fu Rui and Ji Dong hear the bald disabled these four characters, two people are almost that leaps, stands up. Is the artillery dragon A Bing's look calms down on the contrary, a hand holds on Fu Rui, sneers, "good! The young brat, I to wants to have a look, how you make my this fragrance suspend business. The father does not want to do."

"Divine intervention, let alone. We walk."Lan Bao'er holds on the arm of that youth, must carry off him.

The golden hair youth is not willing to leave, "Bao'er, you, these fellows were too leave alone rampant. But here Central Plains City. Haven't you heard baldly that disabled are actually scolding me? Today does not teach them, I am not surnamed the wolf."

"Oh, is not a brat, is the wolf bastard."Zhu Yan is Ji Dong them only one has not stood, sits there continues to eat and drink while muttered.

"Did old ghost, what you say?" A swift and fierce imposing manner erupts suddenly from the wolf divine intervention, Lan Bao'er horizontal keeps off before him, his strategic place comes.

Fu Rui looks to the artillery dragon, solemnly said: "Big Brother, this matter makes me process. I to must have a look, in this Central Plains City, who dares to open a fragrance."

At the same time was saying, he works loose the artillery dragon to hold on oneself hand, walked in big strides, Ji Dong has not spoken, but he actually with the Fu Rui same place, arrives in front of that golden hair youth.

When Fu Rui walks toward him, in wolf divine intervention heart slightly imposing, because he discovered that the imposing manner that oneself send out bumps into on these big and tall men, immediately rebounds to return, simply has not played any role. Moreover, although the opposite party has not sent out any magic power to fluctuate, on the form fitting that power and influence made in his heart somewhat scared. But side has the beautiful woman to accompany at this time, he was said that anything will not flinch, stuck out chest, somewhat outwardly fierce but inwardly faint- hearted was staring Fu Rui. Ji Dong saw, Fu Rui naturally also saw Lan Bao'er, "Bao'er, is this your friend?"

Lan Bao'er has gawked, shot a look at Ji Dong one, this nodded, "our two are the family friendships of many generations. Senior Brother Fu Rui, sorry, is we are not good, our walks. Blames me, has not talked clearly here situation with him."

The Fu Rui complexion has relaxed several points slightly, initially Lan Bao'er and Ji Dong is ambiguous he to remember very clearly, but after Ji Dong had the woman who that made his some not dare to look straight ahead, two people matters also let it go. But how regardless to say, Lan Bao'er once when previous Ji Dong caused heavy losses has taken care of him, this face must give.

"Bao'er, this face I give you. Let this boy kneel down to kowtow to my Big Brother in front to admit mistakes, today's matter I take responsibility, even if."

"Senior Brother......"Lan Bao'er called Fu Rui one, actually happen to sees the Fu Rui eyeground ice-cold look, she knows, Fu Rui moved really hot. Hurries to turn head to the wolf divine intervention to look, but she actually in does not know how should open the mouth.

"Does your brain have the issue? Let me kowtow to admit mistakes? Your four kowtow to admit mistakes to me also almost, on the present, kowtows to admit mistakes, I have forgiven you, otherwise, a while I quell this shop. Any nonsense fragrance. It is not disabled is the lunatic. Bao'er, how you will lead me to come to such a place."

The wolf divine intervention was clamoring as before, what his lunatic naturally referred to was squats in Zhu Yan that on the chair ate and drank.

April last day, eruption starts, today is also the eruption first day, three 12,000.

Chapter 255: Lan Bao'er tears

Today he approximately comes out Lan Bao'er with great difficulty. Asking Lan Bao'er wants to eat anything, Lan Bao'er led him to come to here. The wolf divine intervention is to prepare to open up the pursue offensive, this fragrance made him somewhat not be feeling well, thinks insufficiently loftily, but is Lan Bao'er leads him to come after all, he did not say anything. When is preparing to the goddess in this heart launches the pursue, Ji Dong their side noisy voice makes him greatly not be feeling well, this had a moment ago this. The wolf divine intervention is in the family the famous talent, since childhood is pampered since childhood, when has been a scapegoat? Is relying on the family influence, in this Central Plains City is also the character of controlling the forces of nature. Naturally is not willing to show weakness.

Fu Rui nodded, the look is slowly invariable, said to Lan Bao'er: "Bao'er, you walk. Goes back to cultivate well, later is all right, do not leave the school easily. Here matter do not manage."

In Lan Bao'er heart one anxious, "Senior Brother, you do not impulse. The wolf divine intervention is the person of diamond regiment. His father, is the armed forces regimental commander wolf of diamond regiment is evil."

Listens to Lan Bao'er to say own status, the look of wolf divine intervention was more arrogant, disdains looks at Fu Rui and Ji Dong.

Fu Rui lightly said: "Let alone is the diamond regiment. Insulted my Big Brother, even if were the emperor comes not to be good. Bao'er, if you do not walk, do not blame the Senior Brother not to give the face to you." Has not waited for Lan Bao'er to speak, wolf divine intervention one step has stepped forward, keeps off her after behind, strong Fifth Earth magic power blooms instantaneously from him, during the brown ray glitters, the body of whole person becomes insightful. Above the top of the head, Six- Crown White Yang Crown condenses the forming instantaneously, has revealed Six-Crown One Star.

Fu Rui and Ji Dong saw that this slightly stares, they truly have not thought, at present this actually also wants on high Level 1 compared with a Ji Dong young youth on magic power level compared with Ji Dong at the worst, has been the Level 62 degree. He so is no wonder rampant, truly somewhat rampant qualification.

The wolf divine intervention said proudly: "Bao'er called you a Senior Brother, thinks that you were also the Heavenly Stems School person. Among the world, does not have Heavenly Stems School one to train splendid Mage. Our diamond regiment, is first under heaven regiment. To begin, I accompany. Or like a moment ago said that kowtows to admit mistakes to me. Especially that bald disabled. "

His last few words have not said, Fu Rui has gotten rid, his movement is very simple, the right hand raises, a palm of the hand has pulled out directly.

The wolf divine intervention can achieve the Six-Crown rank in twenty - year-old age, naturally is also innately gifted, Fu Rui suddenly begins, his left hand lifts instantaneously. Brings strong Fifth Earth magic power of element body to move forward to meet somebody. He has not despised to Fu Rui, after all, can listen to this person from the conversation of Lan Bao'er and opposite party also from Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School, should rank also above Lan Bao'er. Therefore, this, used fully.

However, when the big hand of Fu Rui falls, his only feeling withstands great pressure. magic power that is always proud, in front of Fu Rui that right hand, cannot play any role unexpectedly, only thought that an arm hemp, fell, the pa'ed resounding, the wolf divine intervention whole person pulled out by Fu Rui this palm of the hand flew. Has cracked-up nearby table, numerous collisions on wall. Fu Rui turns head to look to Ji Dong, lightly said: "Little Junior Brother, this is your family's person. I am not good to overstep authority and get involved in another's affairs, you look at the office."Then, turned back artillery dragon A Bing that table directly. A Bing has sat down, looks like anything has not occurred , to continue to eat and drink.

The wolf divine intervention pulled out flies. Fu Rui went back, here on remaining Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er two people, looks at Ji Dong, Lan Bao'er several yawns, is a few words cannot say, in the throat as if choked up anything, in the purple pupil has covered entirely the clear mist.

Ji Dong some do not dare to look at this pair of purple big eyes, has turned around, walks in the direction of wolf divine intervention step by step, he knows, Fu Rui a moment ago that palm of the hand not under cruel methods, this is saving face to oneself. The diamond regiment is the equal king is respective, can be said as an equal king lineage/vein house slave. He is equal king grandson, Fu Rui attended to carry out the loving relationship to process to him, restrains by force the anger.

The wolf divine intervention has dislodged a gulf on the wall, although Fifth Earth department magic power is good at defending, but when he crawls, the entire left face high swelled up, pū, puts out several breaks the teeth. In mouth unclear say/way: "You, you dare to hit me. Thunder and lightning magic power, are you Thunder Emperor Fu Rui?"

Besides the extreme anger, wolf divine intervention that on some handsome faces of distortion was also bringing several points of panic- stricken. Thunder and lightning magic power, is the symbol of Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, regarding this Yin-Yang School Chief, the Heavenly Stems School youngest director, he knows very clear. The Fu Rui what kind of prestige, must say did not fear that is impossible. But he actually takes advantage is having the diamond regiment to support. Also some Lan Bao'er, must support by hard and stubborn effort.

"Fu Rui, you dare to hit me. Do not forget, Heavenly Stems School Dean is the person of our Central Earth Empire imperial family. We wait and see. Bao'er, we walk."Saying, him is wanting to bypass Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er departs. He is not a fool, could see that at present these people are not can stir up. First went back to move the reinforcement to say again.

But, can Ji Dong ask him such to leave? In that case, how does he want to think the Fu Rui confession?

A hand finds out, blocks the opposite party way. Ji Dong lightly said: "To walk. My fellow apprentice's words you heard. Kowtows to apologize."

"You are any thing."Being completely muddled that although pulled out by a Fu Rui palm of the hand, but the wolf divine intervention strength still, strong magic power once more surges, the personal appearance flashes, the right hand has three palm shades, directly soars the Ji Dong detachment. Can receive in Fu Rui there, seems the preparation looks on Ji Dong. What a pity, he bumps into as before is a sheet iron. If Fu Rui also really slightly has the scruples, Ji Dong is alone in the world, never thinks oneself are the equal Wang Jia zu person. He will not show mercy.

Did not have magic power manifest, Ji Dong also to lift the hand, met the tough head-on with toughness, moved forward to meet somebody directly.

Three palm shades that on the wolf divine intervention palm transforms. It looks like slow motion in the Ji Dong eye. Although magic power of wolf divine intervention must be higher than Level 1 compared with him, but, even if magic power is high he 23 days extremely to cherish hatred evilly, let alone was this actual combat inexperienced ordinary Six-Crown Mage.

Hand of Ji Dong, with the hand of wolf divine intervention accurate collides together. Lan Bao'er wanted to prevent already without enough time, the active threat speed of wolf divine intervention was extremely fast.

Pū a light sound, the hand of wolf divine intervention was blocked by Ji Dong. the next moment, in the wolf divine intervention eye reveals one immediately intensely with amazement, in a series of low and deep fulmination sounds, the wolf divine intervention called out pitifully. The whole person falls to draw back backward, falls down. "You, you......" the beads of sweat of big drop big drop tumble from the wolf divine intervention unceasingly, the fierce pain made him nearly unable to breathe, stubbornly gazes at fixedly records the also young youth at present this year, his simply does not understand how the opposite party achieved.

Ji Dong coldly said: "Shame my elder brother, breaks your arm. Immediately kowtows to admit mistakes, otherwise, makes me get rid again, wants your life."

"Divine intervention." Before the Lan Bao'er half step rushes, her surprised seeing, the entire right arm of wolf divine intervention already completely soft, looks like soft snake, as if inside bone cash inch break.

Turns head to look to Ji Dong, Lan Bao'er said: "Ji Dong, how you can under such heavy hand. He is the people of diamond regiment! The diamond regiment, is equal king subordinates. You, you, you. "

Looks that Lan Bao'er returns to protect the wolf divine intervention, why does not know, in the Ji Dong heart is not feeling well, goes forward one step, when a hand the chest grasps to the wolf divine intervention.

Actually, Ji Dong keeps hand. He to extinguish the god to strike to shake the wolf divine intervention the arm, has not actually released fire attribute in oneself magic power, otherwise, Yin Fire or Yang Fire, the wolf divine intervention does not die must delaminate the skin. After all this person is diamond regiment is respective, the diamond regiment successively in the woods monster migrations and two big guilds confronts has helped itself, Ji Dong gave several points of face. Has changed other person, he rubbish, a palm pats, the direct bang killed.

"Ji Dong, the diamond regiment is you cannot offend."Lan Bao'er hurries to block before wolf divine intervention body.

"Is he your man?" The hand of Ji Dong stops in the midair, the sinking sound asks. Lan Bao'er has gawked first, the next moment, the teardrops of big drop big drop tumbled following the face. She does not make Ji Dong begin. To not return to protect wolf divine intervention, but is worried about the diamond regiment's retaliation to Ji Dong! Ji Dong the asked, looked like a handle sharp blade pierced her heart.

But Ji Dong some mistakenly intent, has actually thought that Lan Bao'er is because loves dearly the wolf divine intervention to cry, receives to reach behind the back, "Bao'er, this person insulted my Big Brother A Bing. Should make him kowtow to apologize. Looks in your share, this time I take responsibility to let off him. However, you remember, I owe you, henceforth paid off."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong turns around to go, before the stride arrives at the artillery dragon A Bing body, at lightning speed plop'ed kneel down, thump thump thump has knocked three knocks to A Bing.

A Bing had a scare by him, when he wants to prevent, Ji Dong has completed.

"Brother, do you do? You, do you want to irritate me?"A Bing breathless draws Ji Dong, the Ji Dong ice-cold vision looks toward Lan Bao'er and direction of wolf divine intervention, "leads him get lost/rolled."

A Bing can not care, can, because own relations let off the wolf divine intervention, but Ji Dong actually has no alternative but to care, the Senior Brother gives him to process this matter, he must give artillery dragon A Bing and a Senior Brother confession.

"Big Brother, when Holy and Evil Battlefield, Bao'er once when my severe wound considered my ten days. This benevolence I have to. That person is the diamond regiment subordinates, I apologized to you for him."

A Bing helpless holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, does not know that should say anything was good, sits well drinks alcohol to drown one's sorrows Fu Rui there, the complexion has also been relaxing. To Ji Dong nodded. The wolf divine intervention struggles to crawl from the ground, another hand draws Lan Bao'er to walk outward, at this time he does not dare to say anything really again, formerly Ji Dong to he spoke, in the eye just like scared that substantive murderous aura made him be from the heart. Although in his heart hated the extreme, may actually the least bit not dare to speak irresponsibly again.

Those who made the wolf divine intervention accident/surprise was, when this, has not actually drawn Lan Bao'er, suppresses the ache looked up, he discovered, Lan Bao'er has wept copiously at this time, the vision looked steadily at that palm to break the youth of oneself right arm throughout, lips pursed.

"Bao'er, you. "wolf divine intervention doubts visits her.

"You walk, you walk......"Lan Bao'er to weep and wail loudly, shoves open the wolf divine intervention.

Wolf divine intervention originally arm severe pain, although does not understand why this is, but he urgently needed treatment, does not dare to stay now again, strange looked at Lan Bao'er one, having the hatred, the turning around half step to leave a fragrance.

Ji Dong sat own position, has drunk big ale, the icy cold ale made his mood return to normal gradually.

Back, some sounds of footsteps of staggering transmit, Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, does not need to turn head, he also knows, is Lan Bao'er is walking toward him. Shoves open the wolf divine intervention from Lan Bao'er, making him depart, Ji Dong is faintly clear, oneself these three knocking was a little undeserved. Lan Bao'er and relations of wolf divine intervention, as if are not such that imagine.

"Ji Dong."Lan Bao'er some sounds of shivering resound in the Ji Dong ear. Ji Dong grips the hand of wine glass slightly one tightly, "also what matter?" Lan Bao'er stands behind him, long time, has adjusted own breath, "Ji Dong, you walk. Leaves Central Plains City. The strength of diamond regiment, is not you can imagine. The father wolf of wolf divine intervention is evil, hides shortcomings extremely. Such an only son. You have abandoned his arm. He will not be willing to give up."

Nearby Fu Rui opens the mouth to say suddenly: "Bao'er, you prevent Ji Dong to make that boy apologize to my Big Brother , because feared that the diamond regiment retaliates Ji Dong. Besides the family friendship of many generations, you and didn't he have other to relate?"

Lan Bao'er gawked, the next moment she happen to saw that Fu Rui signaled with the eyes to oneself, immediately understood, Fu Rui this was helping her explain to Ji Dong.

nodded, "Senior Brother, my father and wolf relations are very good. Knows the wolf divine intervention since childhood. Many years have not seen, recently he finished closing up the cultivation, previous time I and father visit to their family/home, he is determined to ask me to eat meal. Looks in the father and in the wolf uncle's face, I led him to come to here. Which knows that he has affronted Big Brother A Bing. Big Brother A Bing, sorry, I apologized to you."

A Bing beckons with the hand, said: "Ok, ok, a minor matter."

Lan Bao'er looks down to sitting well motionless Ji Dong, urgently said: "Ji Dong, you quickly walk. The wolf evil uncle is very fierce, the diamond regiment is. "

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Fu Rui to say with a smile: "Bao'er, do you know the Ji Dong life experience?"

Lan Bao'er has gawked, "isn't he an orphan?"She is also extremely intelligent person, listening to Fu Rui such one to ask, indistinct, she understood anything.


Chapter 256: The wolf is evil

"Isn't Ji Dong an orphan?"Hears the question of Fu Rui. Lan Bao'er subconscious saying.

Fu Rui shook the head, said: "Before was, but now actually not. Then, diamond regiment, but is Ji Dong the house slaves of their family/home. Ji Yeshang is the Ji Dong half blood blood elder brother, now equal king, is the Ji Dong sibling's grandfather. The diamond regiment, is only the subordinate of equal king. You do not need such to be worried."

Lan Bao'er dumbfounded is listening to the Fu Rui words, "Ji Dong is he equal king grandson? This, this. "

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Don't this, that you have not eaten the thing.
Sitting down same place. In any case some are the places."

Bao'er dries own tears, is impolite, sat directly, moreover sat side Ji Dong.

Ji Dong turns head to look to him, two people vision relative, is excessive.

Had joining of Lan Bao'er, in the originally carefree dripping food and drink atmosphere are many for several points to change immediately, Fu Rui, A Bing and Zhu Yan to not anything, Ji Dong actually somewhat unnatural.

A Bing has a look at Ji Dong, has a look at Lan Bao'er again. On the face reveals the smile of understanding, although he manner is straightforward, but the thoughts are very close, naturally could see among these two does not suit. Thinks again when Ji Dong previous time comes that two young girls who brings, somewhat helpless shaking the head, in heart secretly thought: Heroic sad beautiful woman pass/test!

"Ji Dong, when do you come back?" The people ate and drank a while, the Lan Bao'er mood gradually have adjusted some, asked to Ji Dong.

"Yesterday just now comes back." The replies of some Ji Dong mechanical types. If she to a Lan Bao'er favorable impression that has not been impossible. After all, from two people first time initially tests assists mutually, arrived at Holy and Evil Battlefield on to look after again on the 10 th, the gentleness of Lan Bao'er will be he forever will not forget. However, already had Lie Yan (raging flames) in his heart, also thinks of under other people? He does not want to injure Bao'er, therefore since, he has been having the manner of becoming estranged.

Looks Ji Dong that sits respectfully, Lan Bao'er nips the lower lip, although after initially had been seeing Lie Yan (raging flames), she knows that this man will not be himself, she actually can never forget initially to test Ji Dong rescues her. Although the Ji Dong strength was afterward getting stronger and stronger, sends the invincible might on Holy and Evil Battlefield greatly, may regarding Lan Bao'er, the impression in her heart be most profound, initially that faced the powerful enemy cold arrogant violence the youngster image.

The women can never forget their first man, Ji Dong, although has not had anything with Lan Bao'er. May actually be the man who first intrudes her heart. Lan Bao'er also has to try to give up, diverts own attention, for example formerly wolf divine intervention. But, most fears the comparison like the beautiful jade, when she reluctantly tries to accept these pursuers, is only in the heart simple and a Ji Dong comparison, she subconscious giving up.

Every one time sees Ji Dong again, Lan Bao'er will discover, the resistivity in oneself heart can change is weaker, formerly she and wolf divine intervention arrived here, after just sat down, her attention was captured by the Ji Dong back. Four years pass by, Ji Dong changes is bigger, only looks at the back, Lan Bao'er should not recognize him to be right. But she looks like the heart has cleverness, has recognized him, a vision delay. Especially when she sees Fu Rui, has affirmed own guess. Also because of the delay of this moment, the wolf divine intervention pounds the table to curse angrily loud she with enough time has not prevented.

"Oh, was right. Little Junior Brother, before I remember, with your together also two girls. Their people?"Fu Rui looks at Lan Bao'er and Ji Dong appearance, in the heart secretly sighed. He understood the Ji Dong disposition again, he decided to help Ji Dong.

Listens to Fu Rui such to ask, Ji Dong understood immediately his meaning, said with a smile: "Their also matter, first walked."

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "Your this brat, does could it be it is kill two birds with one stone?"His these words are not casual cracking a joke, but is probing, probes Ji Dong, probes Lan Bao'er. If Ji Dong is really killing two birds with one stone, that showed that he has the possibility to come three vultures again, if Lan Bao'er does not mind, perhaps they really can in the same place. It may be said that has double meaning.

Ji Dong hurries to shake the head, "Senior Brother, you do not speak irresponsibly. That wears the golden mail-armor and helmet, is the friend of my girlfriend. Wears the long skirt is my girlfriend. Her name was called Lie Yan (raging flames), next time will have the opportunity, I introduced that knew to you. Oh, was right, previous time you have seen her at the friendship dance party, at that time, she and I altogether have danced."

Fu Rui was surprised said: "Is makes you clash a crown anger for that girl of young person! I still remember appearance that now you danced at that time, she was I have seen the prettiest woman. Little Junior Brother, your luck may really not be general good."Looks at the Ji Dong look, Fu Rui understands, Lan Bao'er does not have an opportunity. Bao'er, has sorry, the Senior Brother could not help you. You have sooner forgotten my this Little Junior Brother. Really, is listening to their fellow apprentices' dialogues, the Lan Bao'er complexion becomes more and more pale, originally falls, in Ji Dong vision returns to oneself on, lowered the head slowly.

Ji Dong said: "In my heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) is more important than my life. I had not regretted initially struck to kill Ji Yifeng. Even if after knowing him is my male cousin did not regret. My this life, only possibly has a Lie Yan (raging flames) woman. She is the goddess in my heart. Except for her accident/surprise, I could not accommodate other people again."

Silent, Fu Rui hits the meaningful glance to Ji Dong continually, but Ji Dong all spoke these words, the long pain is inferior to the short pain, Bao'er, you is a good girl, is, I cannot with you in the same place, not be willing to injure you.

The tears have not borne finally, tumbles following the face, Lan Bao'er has not looked at Ji Dong again, suppresses excitement that is crying loudly, stands up slowly, they salutes to Fu Rui, A Bing and Zhu Yan slightly, "two fellow apprentices, Zhu Yan Great Master. My is not a little healthy, I walked first."

Then, does not wait for other people to open the mouth, she turns around to run, when the person has not arrived at the entrance, has choked with sobs, the sad weeping sound, made Fu Rui frown.

"Little Junior Brother, your this was also too ruthless. Bao'er is a good girl. Why bother do you such hurt her heart? Can be more persuasive greatly."

Ji Dong smiles bitterly, "Senior Brother, how the Bao'er regard I will unable to see. But. A moment ago I said is truth, in my heart, only has Lie Yan (raging flames). I am impossible to give sentimental any repayment of Bao'er, might as well certainly her thought that like this be in light of this better to her. The long pain is inferior to the short pain. Did not say these, we drink."Saying, his working front wine glass, the surplus most cup ales will be pouring into the abdomen. In heart guilty, but actually cannot report back with the sentiment, Ji Dong mused, Bao'er, has waited by Holy and Evil Battlefield, I will certainly protect you to be complete. Is the repayment to your this sentiment.

In this time, suddenly, outside is hearing the stormy and neat sound of footsteps, rumbling the loud sound along with the clang of gold/metal iron collision, has disturbed the Ji Dong four people of drinking desires once more.

Fu Rui said: "Should come came. Wolf divine intervention boy, but also does not know really profoundly."

Ji Dong the mood is unsatisfactory at this time, stands up slowly, said: "Senior Brother, Big Brother A Bing, Big Brother, you continue to drink, I have a look."

At the same time was saying, he has stood. When he prepares walks to have a look, a fragrant gate is shoved open. Walks three people from outside, or walks two, is proposing one.

In two people who walks, Ji Dong knows, one, is one of the diamond regiment big commanding, initially led the diamond regiment to help him escort the woods monster across Eastern Wood Empire and Central Earth Empire boundary, enters potentilla cryptottaeniae that Earth Spirit Mountain Range settles down . The person of potentilla cryptottaeniae side, is tall, is almost the same as Fu Rui, the look is ferocious, the evil aura is imposing. Whole body. Is sending out the explosive power and influence. Feels the aura of this person, the Ji Dong vision slightly one cold, this person may be evilly more dangerous than with that day that he resists before. Greatly what if Ji Dong sees that to exterminate regiment to command on Chen Longao to release slaughters the aura, on this person is sending out, is the blood and iron aura. The potentilla cryptottaeniae is the extremely formidable outstanding serviceman, may stand side him, actually the flavors/smells of some dependencies. But in this individual hand, is proposing the official wolf divine intervention. Sees Ji Dong fast, the potentilla cryptottaeniae filled with the blood and iron aura the middle-aged man ear to say sentence anything in that. Middle- aged man nodded, one step steps forward, arrived in a Ji Dong five meters range.

magic power of Ji Dong within the body transfers immediately, has also stood in his behind Fu Rui, A Bing, Zhu Yan, they can see the risk of this man.

But who knows, after this man one step steps forward, the next movement unexpectedly is plop'ed, kneel down, said accurately, is having the wolf divine intervention, kneels down together in front of Ji Dong.

"Senate becoming fewer Lord, wolf evil godchild with an improper method, apologized especially."

Is the wolf evil? No wonder, Ji Dong heard this name, in the heart feels relaxed immediately. No wonder this person has such power and influence, is the diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander wolf is unexpectedly evil. Perhaps, his magic power level was inferior that Shiloh, such Eight-Crown is top, but if in the battlefield, Ji Dong can affirm really, Shiloh and are not the match of this person. The aura of potentilla cryptottaeniae was almost the same as Chen Longao. But this wolf made the pressure that he felt even the water bright moonlight and cold wind Yunnei two supreme powerhouses be more intense than evilly. This, not only in the strength, is one feeling in spiritual level. After having the fire of soul, the feeling of Ji Dong was keener than before did not know many.

At the same time was saying, the wolf evil puts down the wolf divine intervention in hand, the wolf divine intervention face whiten, the look was quite weary, kneels has filled panic-stricken there. But the hatred has actually disappeared.

"Wolf evil general please get up, the matter passed."Ji Dong sees the potentilla cryptottaeniae time, knows that the wolf knows evilly own status. After all, he and Fu Rui they just came back from the azure prairies of wars of two big guild. Thinks that is wolf divine intervention goes back to look for reinforcement, said the Fu Rui name, the wolf was evil, the potentilla cryptottaeniae brothers know who oneself were.

The wolf does not have evilly, his sound sinks thick powerful, "few hosts, the disobedient son have affronted you, should execute. But, my such only son, but also please few hosts keep his life. I have also discounted his another arm. If few hosts thought that has not vented spleen, the wolf is willing the generation child to receive evilly."

"No, the father, is my mistake. How can make you lead me to receive?" The wolf divine intervention after all is not a fool, although he is proud, but his all proud from father and diamond regiment also his talent, at this time the both arms were abandoned, his body and mind heavy losses, did not have the beforehand arrogance again, regrets to be useless, he only wants to do now, does not implicate the father.

The arm that breaks cannot hold tread, but he thump thump thump has knocked three heads toward Ji Dong.

Ji Dong stands there has not moved, whatever the wolf divine intervention gives back to oneself these three. Then goes forward one step, supports by the arm evilly the wolf.

The matter that "wolf evil general, had before I have processed. Although the wolf divine intervention has the mistake, but breaks his arm, the penalty was enough. Looks in the share of general, when he has not occurred."

The wolf evil great happiness, hurries to kneel down again, firmly was held the shoulder by a Ji Dong pair of arm, two people have not stimulated to movement magic power, but the wolf actually surprised discovery, the simple ratio physical body strength, this few Lord as if must exceed itself evilly. The beforehand war, he also saw in distant place, without a doubt, this few Lord is a future equal king lineage/vein successor. If today were Ji Yeshang has injured the wolf divine intervention, the wolf was evil, although will not come the retaliation, but definitely will not have the wolf divine intervention to apologize again. Because Ji Yeshang has adopted to imperial family. But Ji Dong is different, he now can be said as an equal king lineage/vein only successor, the wolf is evil, although has many shortcomings, but to an equal king clan actually absolutely is loyal and devoted. Otherwise, how Ji cloud Sheng will feel relieved that gives him the diamond regiment. Must know, after the Ji Dong father died, Ji cloud Sheng treats as the son to regard the wolf completely evilly. In equal prince clan lineage/vein, the status is extremely high.

"Disobedient son, quickly has not thanked the too few Lord." The wolf angrily rebukes to say to the wolf divine intervention evilly.

In the wolf divine intervention mouth sends painstakingly, I broke two arms also to thank others, anything was called when has not occurred. I had been abandoned! Later perhaps again difficult little advance, even if were wants to preserve originally magic power is very perhaps difficult.

Although in heart pain, but on his mouth actually has to thank. While he prepares to open the mouth, Ji Dong has drawn him. The wrist/skill turns, in palm were many a azure Xiaohulu. Opens bottle gourd, immediately, as rich as the life aura instantaneous spread of pinnacle in a fragrance each corner. Even if breathes one, made the person body comfortable to the pinnacle.

"Wolf divine intervention, you open mouth."Ji Dong light saying. The wolf divine intervention has tarried, the wolf is evil and potentilla cryptottaeniae also dumbfounded. What is this?

Third came. Three 12,000 erupt. Small three had several words to say.
Troubles everybody to look.

In April altogether 30 days, book friends follow three to walk slightly, we rushed to first six in the monthly ticket list, because final several days double was instead surpassed. Today is April last day, is the time that we counter-attack finally. Small three commitments started from today consecutively for four days of eruption. Every day 12,000, will never break a promise.

We had insisted one month, could it be can kill the fruits of victory in this final time? No, not. Come, Tang gate brothers and sisters, cast your precious monthly tickets, helping us return in the sixth position. Although we at present seem fall behind 500 tickets, but in the double situations, in fact falls behind more than 200 tickets. Small three believe, in this final time, our Tang gate, will erupt the maximum cohesive force. To/Clashes at one fell swoop first six.

This month goal is first six, to next month, whether or not can be successful, our Wine God, our Tang gate want the sword to refer to first three. Small three will not flinch, small three believe, supports my each book friend also to meet the support small three. Let us carefully, turn toward peak to make great strides forward.

In April last day, all makes every effort the monthly ticket. Come, male, Tang gate, male, Wine God.

Chapter 257: Millennium origin of life

Ji Dong pulls up the wolf divine intervention that the both arms break. And took out a azure Xiaohulu. When he opens that moment that the bottle gourd fills, all people can feel, this at least absolutely is not the toxicant.

Although the wolf divine intervention heard the Ji Dong words, but he was actually shocked. Ji Dong also no longer urged, direct left hand lifts, pinches his lower jaw, opening that his mouth pinches, azure Xiaohulu slightly in a flash, drop of emerald clear green liquid floating, fell in the wolf divine intervention mouth. Then Ji Dong rapid stopper cover. Has not continued to release that rich life aura again.

The wolf divine intervention only thought that cool air/Qi along throat, spreads to whole body each corner instantaneously, making the huge life aura that he is unable to imagine erupt from within the body each meridians, skeleton and internal organs. Both arms that made the severe pain that he nearly suffocated vanish unexpectedly marvelously. Huge vitality is linking up each meridians.

Ji Dong to dumbfounded wolf evil way: "General, you lead him to go back, immediately continues on the skeleton for him. In one month, decides to recover such as beginning. The pain that he received before is the penalty of cursing at people. But after all cannot destroy a talent in light of this. Also after looking at you to go back, taught well. If not he says itself today is the person of diamond regiment, perhaps. "

Wolf evil this time has reflected, but he does not know that should say anything was good. That drop of emerald liquid is what he does not know, but won't he actually be able to feel son change? "Few hosts render good for evil, the wolf does not know evilly should say anything is good. In brief, later little main, but has the instruction. The diamond regiment is respective, settled whole-heartedly, the life and death follows."Threw down these words evilly, the wolf has not said anything again, hugged the son, bringing the potentilla cryptottaeniae to turn around to walk. Because he can feel clearly, the vitality of wolf divine intervention within the body inflated an extremely terrifying degree. Must look for a peaceful room to continue the arm for him immediately, perhaps, these time can also turn misfortune into a blessing.

Looks that the wolf evil three people depart, on the Ji Dong face reveals a light smiling face. He always comes and goes freely, rescues wolf divine intervention naturally to not to draw in the diamond regiment will of the people. But because the wolf is evil. He can see the sadness in wolf evil eye clearly. In addition wolf divine intervention itself on the talent, over 20 years old broke through Six-Crown realm, when endured Fu Rui compared with same age. Because experiences are too few. From various viewpoints, Ji Dong cannot make him so waste. Do not despise that drop of origin of life. This was not initially Ji Dong to that artillery dragon A Bing drinks. When leaving woods monster, Tamm gives the Ji Dong ten bottles of origin of life, is the essence in essence, is millennium breeding. A drop of potency must go beyond compared with that bottle. The wolf divine intervention turns misfortune into a blessing does not exaggerate, this drop of millennium origin of life, not only can help his both arms restore such as beginning, can wash off within the body impurity, the future prospect will be brighter.

In this time, a hand has been extending from Ji Dong, "brothers, you also broke my arm. Then also gives me a drop of that origin of life. True value! Hehe, hehe."

Does not need to ask, this dreadful sound came from Zhu Yan obviously somewhat greedily, Old Zhu 2 keeps the saliva to look at Xiaohulu in Ji Dong hand.

Fu Rui laughed. Said: "Little Junior Brother, quickly receives.
Otherwise, I must have the heart of coveting." Those who made them not think, Ji Dong actually did not have the slightest bit to hesitate, has handed in the bottle gourd in hand the Zhu Yan hand, Zhu Yan has gawked, on the face greedy and dreadful vanished, said stunned: "Brother, I am only and you crack a joke. Do you do. If I have not misread, your this should not be the ordinary origin of life. The value of this thing can be said as is unable to estimate."

Ji Dong asked back: "Big Brother, can the sentiments between could it be our brothers weigh with money? You look right, this is the millennium origin of life, this bottle of I must give to you. Although used one drop, but also dozens drops. You will take one drop annually. Does not leave for three years and ensure you feel rejuvenated."

Zhu Yan had a scare, hurries to hand over to give back to Ji Dong Xiaohulu, "brothers, this may not be applicable absolutely. This thing in was too precious. I cannot want absolutely. This is you sufficiently the treasure that is used to maintain life. Receives quickly."

Ji Dong shakes the head, said: "Big Brother, but also remembers? We initially knew time, we have reached the agreement. From now on I help you to forge, you for my casting one set of magic power weapon. But, for these years, I actually cannot fulfill the commitment. I also clear remembering, you when helping me refine Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor scene. You your life, contributed to give in the magic power weapon casting. Your talent, is not worse than Teacher. If you are willing to concentrate on cultivating on, is very possible you also becomes a supreme powerhouse. But you actually gave up. When you concentrate on the casting, must consume the massive energy. Your age must be smaller than Teacher, teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor. But your physical state is not most optimistic. Already some last years of life and oil completely lamp dry feeling. This way, does not leave for 20 years, perhaps you must leave this world. Although this bottle of origin of life are precious, but compared with my Big Brother’s life, what can also be considered as? Haven't I raised must give you casting armor and reward of Sun and Moon double splendor glove? Because that is the Big Brother gives my gift, my this works as deserving of brothers. Similarly, this is I gives to you, the brothers give to the Big Brother to select the thing, you accept must. Relax, my also. I hope that this bottle of origin of life can help the Big Brother, not only prolongs the life, can stimulate the potential, soon will break through Nine-Crown, increases to for over 200 years the life."

Old Zhu 2 is always one acts like a madman, the appearance of game travel fatigue, but this time he, is taking Xiaohulu in hand, does not have the slightest bit crazy appearance again. He has not thought, Ji Dong is unable such to give itself this bottle with money weight most precious object unexpectedly. Moreover does not have the slightest bit to hesitate, does not allow him to reject.

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Big Brother. Don't you use such with emotion? You should think, I help you strengthen the vitality, you can better for my casting armor? My this may consider for oneself. Your demon Yin-Yang armor here."At the same time was saying, he takes out that Shiloh from the Vermilion Bird bracelet to his ring, a golden red ray will surge, fuses the god technique Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor to separate, will integrate in this ring.

"Good, good, good. Brother, Elder Brother anything does not say. I accept."But Zhu Yan Jane|treasure heavy received that azure Xiaohulu and storage ring. He does not know, in this ring, not only but Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor. Has dozens precious crystal core and Crystal Crown. This is Shiloh to the Ji Dong gift, at this time Ji Dong has given Zhu Yan, because he knows, the Zhu Yan casting armor, most needs this thing.

Ji Dong has turned around, arrives in front of Fu Rui, "Senior Brother, today's liquor drinks was also similar. I must walk. Holy and Evil Channel opened on the 10 th first, was our brothers has a reunion the date. This bottle of origin of life you accept. After all, I once had studied in Heavenly Stems School. Not only this bottle of origin of life give you, to partners. Had it, on Holy and Evil Battlefield. Can let Yin-Yang School each partner many life."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong took the second azure Xiaohulu, fills in the Fu Rui hand. "Little Junior Brother. You......" the Ji Dong words made Fu Rui unable to reject, lent the rich life aura he to understand from the origin of life a moment ago, Ji Dong said right, had fourth existences this bottle of antiquity ten big famous name wines, made on a Yin-Yang School disciples many life sufficiently. This was too important in the war of Holy and Evil.

"Artillery Big Brother dragon, thank your hospitality. Said goodbye in light of this."In A Bing, Fu Rui, under the Zhu Yan vision gazes, Ji Dong went out of a fragrance.

At this time, the weather was unexpectedly black, the curtain of night arrives gradually in Central Plains City. Ji Dong took a deep breath. Only thinks a body and mind happiness. Here matter was solved finally, he also finally can continue to travel with Lie Yan (raging flames). Martial Ancestor and teacher's wives have not closely examined the matter about Lie Yan (raging flames), this is Ji Dong is happiest. Two bottles of millennium origin of life sends out, had finished here wish temporarily. Can give Zhu Yan several points to repay.

Strolls to a street dark corner , the summon to Lie Yan (raging flames), making him leave Central Plains City once more.

ten days later, Central Earth Empire, major road.

The sunlight shone, making in the air many several points of dryness and heat. At this time already since early fall, but the Central Earth Empire temperature is somewhat is slightly high.

Worthily is the continent first powerful nation, by this broad ten carriage parallel major roads, every other about ten meters, has a lofty tree sufficiently. The crown of cover has extended to the distant place, thick -- Floating astronomy -- Idle hurrying along.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has worn a very common gray long skirt, may be this, the makings that her perfect stature and reveals imperceptibly will cause the passer-by to look askance as before. Similarly brought the bamboo hat of veil to cover the appearance. Present Lie Yan (raging flames), looks like the big star of Ji Dong previous generation is the same, must make enough covering up to arrive at outside world.

King's appearance and Lie Yan (raging flames) are similar, what just puts on is the faint yellow arrange/cloth skirt, is bringing the bamboo hat, in this somewhat burning hot first month of summer, is away from gold/metal as before about, absolutely can feel is similar to the air conditioning function. Naturally, the premise is you must receive this ice-cold in partly visible murderous intention. That is makes person pore contraction sufficiently, the aura of trembling all over. This point, gold/metal is how regardless of unable to change.

ten days later visits continent unable, participates in a war in two big guild showdowns, in addition sees with one's own eyes the resistance of supreme powerhouses, making Ji Dong have clearly to become aware. After returning to the earth core world, he wants to bring Lie Yan (raging flames) to return to continent to continue to travel immediately. But at the request of Lie Yan (raging flames), once more closed up on the 10 th, digested the beforehand comprehension gradually. His magic power also finally again makes the breakthrough. Has achieved Level 62. What is more important, in these ten days, Ji Dong comprehended own fifth five elements method.

This time they from Central Plains City set out. Naturally is to north, directly soars Northern Water Empire to go. Position of Central Plains City center situated in continent, is away from Northern Water Empire, although is too not far, but is not near. According to their such not good speeds, one month could not have arrived absolutely. But Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) do not worry, they played to relax when continent, is in luck to stop, in the scenery good place, will stay some time, scenery general directly passes through. An each process city, must stop the rest, tastes the different good wines and good food of different region.

Why does not know, after Ji Dong returns to earth core to see Lie Yan (raging flames) again, Lie Yan (raging flames) before he compares is gentler, sometimes has cheered up even on own initiative by entering in the Ji Dong bosom makes him hug itself. This to Ji Dong, obtaining a divine tool is more excited. On road naturally meticulous of Lie Yan (raging flames) attendance. As for gold/metal, had almost been regarded the transparent person by him. What what a pity is, this all the way, Lie Yan (raging flames) has not made him in the evening be strange bedfellows throughout again.

Even if this, Ji Dong was quite satisfied, he feels obviously, oneself and sentiment between Lie Yan (raging flames) is warming up every day, Lie Yan (raging flames) became more and more is also getting more and more user-friendly. That belongs to the earth core world Empress dignity to be getting fewer and fewer, various young girl proper mood changes instead are more and more.

This walks, has used unexpectedly entire 40 days, they enter in Northern Water Empire. But their trip of goal Northern Water Empire capital Heavenly Water city, in Northern Water Empire northwest, illuminates their this speeds, but also takes ten days to arrive.

Enters Northern Water Empire, change that first feels is the temperature, although in the past one month, but also just entered shortly after Qiu Tian (autumn), many that but Northern Water Empire here temperature be lower than Central Earth Empire. The average people need to wear quite thick coat to be able the protection against the cold, naturally, regarding the Ji Dong three people, does not have what influence.

The plant of roadside gradually is also excessive to the frigid zone from the temperate zone, the trees mostly are primarily the needle. This was just entered in Northern Water Empire. Ji Dong there is still one discovered that is in Northern Water Empire, the Water Element rich degree is in the place that he has been to is obviously most intense. Even is richer than Water Element of seashore. This was the local characteristics. In this fills in the Water Element state, Ji Dong felt obviously own magic power oppressed reduces several points. Must know, he is the pinnacle magic power owners will have the feeling, has traded ordinary Fire department Mage, this feeling will be definitely more intense. Why this was also different attribute Mage must in the reason of respective different state. On the other hand, Central Earth Empire most does not have the oppressive place, after all, had the locally born myriad things to say. This should also be one of the Central Earth Empire formidable reasons. On May 1, erupted next day, starts.

Chapter 258: Gold/Metal fire combination skill?

"Most liked the liquor the state is Southern Fire Empire and Northern Water Empire. This all the way. Although I have also bought some whisky and brandies, has manufactured part of magic skill liquor. May not have the law to manufacture the Certain Kill Skill rank the magic skill liquor. Should be the issue of strength of alcohol. We hope that in Northern Water Empire, can find appropriately."Ji Dong is feeling in the air rich Water Element and somewhat cold temperature, the subconsciousness said.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is pulling the arm of Ji Dong, somewhat curious say/way: "Why you think that will have the high that two types of liquor in Northern Water Empire? But is not Southern Fire Empire that you come. I remember that you have said that the Southern Fire Empire person, most loves the liquor, must surpass Northern Water Empire to the enthusiasm of liquor."

Ji Dong laughed, is feeling Lie Yan (raging flames) that pleasantly warm tender body by the body, satisfaction that in the heart could not say, "this was the region issue. Northern Water Empire in continent most north, temperature is extremely low, the northerner likes drinking, a reason is the protection against the cold. But the low-proof liquor is basic this function. Therefore, northerner drinks pure liquor and cocktail, quite likes the altitude."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said suddenly: "So that's how it is. It seems like that in this liquor culture, some mysterious. No wonder you said the different places, even if the wine-making method is the same with the material, the liquor that ferments absolutely was also different."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Region and climate, even is the air. The earth core attraction that we cannot see, all factors, will have the influence to the wine-making. Therefore, the cocktail party and another place that a place has not fermented are the same. This is in itself liquor Charm is also."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Ji Dong, we go to the Heavenly Water city directly. This walks, I am very happy. However, I cannot be too selfish. Was getting more and more near from the time of war of second Holy and Evil. We walk to Heavenly Water City Bartender Association, then I hope that you close up once more, your fusion god technique also needs to further cultivation, must before the war of Holy and Evil starts, will be fierce, the flame double sword to integrate oneself thoroughly. The fusion god technique five elements method that coordinates you to comprehend newly, the effect how much multiple is strengthened, fierce, the potential of flame double sword is limitless, after it completes the fusion, ability that you protect oneself the promotion of enormous scope, so long as does not run into the Saint level powerhouse, has this fusion to add on aid of nucleus of life, when may guarantee the no worries."

Ji Dong crazy looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), the veil on bamboo hat is unable to prevent his vision gaze, ", but, I hope that can continue only to walk again with you. Lie Yan (raging flames), you know, these 40 days, are I since birth most joyful 40 days, I do not want to finish really in light of this, if can forever this way this good."

Lie Yan (raging flames) shaking the head gently, said: "Two sentiments when to be long-time. Also how in mornings and evenings. Our later time also are more. What did you forget you to comply with my? You must soon grow stronger, can a better protection I. Only then enters the Saint level, your life can be strengthened, enters Divine level, can with the world same longevity. That is you should the direction that now tries hard to pursue." Ji Dong then nods, "good, I listen your. For our future, I will certainly fuse the god technique to cultivate as soon as possible successfully. Lie Yan (raging flames), I discovered, can fuse fiercely, the degree of flame double sword to be getting higher and higher along with me, the weight of double sword affected small that also gradually changed to me. After I can fuse them completely, even if no help of Maotai and Wuliangye, should also sufficiently control them. The jade of that day, you said that I fuse in it the double sword, absorbs?"

Lin Yan said: "You absorbed were quite good. The enhancement of fire of soul is radical. That law when you double sword fusion, you comprehend in addition newly, fierce, the flame double sword comes under the influence of your within the body energy, the place that needs to mount will complete voluntarily. If fuses in the jade of that day the double sword together, short-time permits can once in a while to them the institute amplification, but in the long run, is actually not that advantageous. After all. The jade of day these two handle heavy swords need were too many. Then a scrap, but is futile attempt."

Ji Dong said: "Good, I listen your. When the tour of this Heavenly Water city ended, when closes up I first integrate oneself the jade of that day. Actually, this Holy and Evil fights you not to need to be worried about anything. The Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll that obtains from magic skill guild that Mage there also on me, in addition magic skill liquor and my own ability, even if the opposite party presents the Nine- Crown powerhouse or meets Rank 10 magic beast, my also sufficiently whole body draws back. Does not enter Holy and Evil Island deepest five and that's the end."

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "Hope so. Walks, you release Maotai and Wuliangye. Before we ride them, bygone days Shuicheng. Does not need several double-hour to arrive."

Fills joyful dragon to recite in the sound, fifty Saint Fire Dragon intranuclear drilled from the life. Because it appears each time drills from the Ji Dong chest place, not only shocks, moreover some also comedies. Looked like Ji Dong lives them from the chest. Less than two months, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has lived in intranuclear of life, the nucleus of life has bred over ten thousand years of origin of life, was turned into the solid to be the result by the liquid, therefore, it was a woods monster clan genuine most precious object, could be said as a divine tool of woods monster clan. Regarding this point, Ji Dong do not know, he thought that since integrates oneself within the body the nucleus of life after the fusion god technique, own body as if influencing subtly is improving, originally he fused Vermilion Bird after the fire of cultivation soul changed, Teng Snake changes with dragon blood, after these days, the fusion not only became more perfect, but, his body has also filled with nearly terrifying life aura. Some Ji Dong feelings, as if own life will not even pass along with the time, forever maintained at a 20 th this time appearance.

What made his pleasantly surprised was. Then promotion speed extremely slow Chaos Fire in cultivation, after Ji Dong integrates within the body the nucleus of life, then cultivates, will have some promotion unexpectedly every day, although the speed of this promotion is extremely slight, but, since can make him feel clearly, can want to see this Chaos Fire promotion the effect before be quicker than many.

Lie Yan (raging flames) told Ji Dong, this completely was the function of nucleus of life. The chaos mystery lies in the creation, but the life itself, is the purest creation. This two complement one another, looks like five elements attribute combination that complements one another, if Ji Dong integrates the magic power weapon in within the body carries on calcine warm and nourish by Chaos Fire and psychic force union the fire of soul, then, his Chaos Fire, is as for the magic power source, by nucleus of warm and nourish life.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon intranuclear lived for nearly two months in the life, the originally quite huge body was also big, the height has been 13 meters, moreover was more vigorous and healthier, each piece of scale in sparkling, one intranuclear drilled from the life, immediately. The terrifying pressure blooms instantaneously. even/including Ajin such pinnacle magic power owners cannot bear retrocede one step.

Ji Dong is holding the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), jumps, falls carries on the back on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, turns round to call to gold/metal: "Comes up!"

gold/metal knit the brows, wants to say anything, actually sees Lie Yan (raging flames) toward her nodded. Then jumps, falls on the position of fifty Saint Fire Dragon waist, pulls open with dragon Jingchu Ji Dong and some Lie Yan (raging flames) distances.

This month, she follows in Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) side speech is few, although has not put on that golden mail-armor and helmet, the chill in the air on form fitting never has actually dropped. Ji Dong some time ago discovered. When close up, does not know how Lie Yan (raging flames) achieves, helped gold/metal have the chaos source unexpectedly. Although has not formed chaos Yin Metal, when feel her magic power fluctuation again, will think obviously somewhat kindly. She as if looks like permanent ancient not iceberg, is a few words does not have to Ji Dong. But when Ji Dong since previous and a gold/metal body fight had the story of that spear/gun and buttocks, always thought oneself somewhat have a deficit the families, the nature was also polite to gold/metal much.

Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously send out a cheerful dragon to recite, dragon claw makes an effort, jumps, in an instant submerged the clouds. In sky, clouds regarding around their bodies, cloud from dragon and wind from tiger. Naturally cannot appear regarding Giant Dragon of this world. May regarding fifty Saint Fire Dragon such Huaxia Divine Dragon, naturally be no exception. The fog became the fifty Saint Fire Dragon best protective color, looking from, is unable to discover his existence.

Ji Dong urged is steadier, deferred to the map that Maotai and Wuliangye flew to direct the direction for them, this completed when Lie Yan (raging flames), wanted to hold in the arms the Lie Yan (raging flames) slender waist, by Lie Yan (raging flames) is held both hands, cannot prevail. Although two people relations were getting more and more close, but Lie Yan (raging flames) actually throughout not with Ji Dong excessively intimate. Ji Dong is not anxious, so long as Lie Yan (raging flames) can feel his love, he was very satisfied.

"Front gold/metal, you arrive come."Lie Yan (raging flames) transfers the personal appearance in the position of fifty Saint Fire Dragon neck, Ji Dong hurries to put out a hand to support her, lest she falls. Actually, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon is quite huge, carries on the back looks like a platform, moreover it when the flight, will have magic power to protect the body, sits on him simply could not feel that any gust of wind sways, Ji Dong cares chaotically.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) side sits in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, waves to gold/metal.

gold/metal stands up, is stepping on the scale of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, walked, behind one meter position stopped in Ji Dong.

A Lie Yan (raging flames) hand is holding the hand of Ji Dong. To two humanity: "Ji Dong and gold/metal, I have an idea. Now happen to flies to day Shuicheng also to want some time while Maotai and Wuliangye, happen to makes you try."

"I and he?"gold/metal somewhat has doubts, even somewhat restless refers to itself, refers to finger/refers of Ji Dong again.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) smile nods, person in airborne, her head bamboo hat had already picked, reveals the perfect appearance.

Some Ji Dong also doubts looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), waiting as follows.

Lin Yan said: "You two are the pinnacle magic power owner, Ji Dong are Yin-Yang dual attribute with cultivating. However, your magic power have Six-Crown after all, the distance genuine powerhouse also disparity. If can each other coordinate, your battle efficiencies dramatically will increase. On the actual combat experience, Ji Dong you are inferior to gold/metal. When you are at the fight, although is also very resolute, the explosive force is full. But is actually short of King's precise. This is you must learn from gold/metal. By the controlling force of fire of your soul, should not be difficult to grasp. In five elements, although fire gold/metal, but, five elements attribute promoting and constraining mutually is actually only a difference. Sometimes, not necessarily is absolute." "Master, you said that can Fire department with the Metal department coordination? This is impossible. I most repugnant is the fire attribute aura."gold/metal somewhat puzzled saying. After looked at Ji Dong, fast puts aside vision.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, to a gold/metal hand signal, hints her to be patient, "I consider to go too far carefully with the gold/metal two species coordination ways. I discovered, this is not impossible to realize. gold/metal, what you have is pinnacle Yin Metal magic power. Also is pinnacle Eighth Metal. Most excels the magic power metallization, ever changing, takes the Metal department unique sharpness and penetrating power as the forms of combat. Then, I asked you, when you used a metal long spear/gun wanted to pierce the hard object, pierced the effect to be good directly, after was this metal long spear/gun heat , was getting rid effect again good?"

gold/metal has gawked, said: "That must look that the goal is anything decides. If the hard stone. Perhaps, the direct puncture effect will be better. Because after metal heat, the degree of hardness will drop. If the goal is the wood/blockhead or is metal, should the heat effect be good. Fire to subdue|grams wood and gold/metal."

Lie Yan nodded, said: "Is so. Therefore, so long as additional fire attribute on your pinnacle Yin Metal just right, then, when attacking enemy, very much allows to produce the gold/metal fire dual attribute results. Fire gold/metal, but, fires and gold/metal these two magic power, in five elements, are offensive. What fire attribute is stronger is the explosive force and adhesion, what metal attribute excels is penetrates and ever changing. Although you, only then pinnacle Yin Metal, but these two unify mutually, your battle efficiencies can surely the geometrical multiple promotion."

Regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji Dong has been listening carefully, at this time opens the mouth, said: "Lie Yan (raging flames), if I hide fire attribute in her metal attribute, when her metal attribute has completed the penetration effect, the next moment, my fire attribute releases the Yang Fire explosive force again, or is attachment and corrosion of Yin Fire. This should be combination skill." "Hideaway?"Lie Yan (raging flames) eyes has shone suddenly, gold/metal is also moved. Ji Dong these two characters made in their hearts the inspiration increase, as if saw some possibilities of combination.

Ji Dong said: "I think that like this, if gold/metal, when launches the attack, the semblance is metal attribute, but intrinsic is my fire attribute, will such produce what kind of results? The enemies in resisting, first will be confused."

Erupts second, also.

Chapter 259: gold/metal double fire, three branches of the family nature combination skill

Listened to the idea of Ji Dong to gold/metal fire dual attribute combination skill. gold/metal knits the brows immediately, said: "This is how possible. Fire gold/metal, if your fire attribute wraps in my metal attribute, the results that then, first can produce affect my metal attribute display. Only if you use ordinary Fire department magic power, but is not Pinnacle Two Fires, such is not big to my metal attribute influence. But, such one, also what significance?"

Ji Dong said: "No, may realize. I can achieve to make fire attribute not affect your metal attribute. Although this is also not true combination skill. But can also produce intense confusing to the enemy. Once the match to resist the metal attribute attack to defend, then, will hide fire attribute in your metal attribute will erupt, will hit his one unexpectedly. Regardless of the opposite party is any attribute, same will suffer a loss. I cite a simple example. For example, you use magic power to make a metal ball to pound to the match. I condense fireball Fire department magic power, pours into to your metal ball . When the matches defeat the metal ball, my fireball fully erupts. Like a bomb, your my magic power differs not many, explosive force that in this case has, absolutely is quite considerable.! I know that the gold/metal fire dual attribute combination skill effect was anything."Just spoke of the bomb two characters, immediately made in the Ji Dong mind the miraculous glow flash before. Right! How before not to have thought. "What is? also. What is the bomb?"Lie Yan (raging flames) somewhat curious asking.

Ji Dong said: "gold/metal, is your pinnacle Yin Metal magic power condensation formation, and genuine metal is similar?"

gold/metal nodded, said: "Goes beyond, only if some machine rare metals, otherwise, by hard degree and destructive power, might as well my magic power. Especially when I use pinnacle magic power."

The Ji Dong double palm strikes mutually, excited say/way: "This was right. A moment ago continued me to say. You imagine, the metal ball that after you release was defeated, I pour into fire attribute magic power explode suddenly, the sudden high fever and intense explosive force, the metal ball scrap that you send out, your metal attribute magic power fragment is mixing my fire attribute magic power explosive force, can that be what kind of killing? Moreover, fragment of that explosion also because was contaminated by my fire attribute magic power, but becomes scalding hot, is more damaging. Once pricks the human body, that is pinnacle Yin Metal adds on my Pinnacle Two Fires magic power effect. But my this fireball, can definitely be the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute. Because only then under the Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill effect, can have the strongest explosive force, its blast effect can blast out your pinnacle Yin Metal magic power."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, gold/metal and Lie Yan (raging flames) likely are looked monster visits him. Some Lie Yan (raging flames) even was puzzled said: "Ji Dong, are you really human? Has not thought to be able including me like this. Theoretically, your this completely may realize. Once realizes, no longer is gold/metal fire dual attribute combination skill, but is Pinnacle Two Fires adds pinnacle Yin Metal three branches of the family nature combination skill. Just as such that you said. The destructive power extremely will be astonishing, what is more important is the confidentiality."

Ji Dong in the mind thinks of spring wells up at this time spirit, is thinking while said: "Right, is three branches of the family nature combination skill. To complete this combination skill, must solve several problems. When the first issue, is my Pinnacle Two Fires integrates King's pinnacle Yin Metal, cannot affect her pinnacle cloudy metal attribute. The second issue, is gold/metal after the target, must shut off itself with sending out to attack relations between some magic power immediately, once because my Pinnacle Two Fires explosion, scrap her magic power, if her also relates, under internal combustion engine hauling, will affect her, even made her be injured. As for third, that breaks in flatter Kincse after the relations of some magic power, how to control this to attack. If the short distance, I can definitely control with the aid of the flash that Pinnacle Two Fires erupts, the long distance, was quite troublesome, more only when can depend upon gold/metal to launch attacks the inertia. Right. Is this, even can not need the match to destroy the metal ball, when this three branches of the family nature combination skill starts, when entirely depends on me to detonate Pinnacle Two Fires. Good, issue theoretically has basically been solved. gold/metal, we tries."

Ji Dong looks up to gold/metal, happen to saw that her is similar to looks at the monster general look, has gawked, "does gold/metal, why you think so me?"

gold/metal somewhat speechless say/way: "First, you must talk clearly with me first, how you can make your fire attribute not affect me. Next, I have not seen like you. How many minutes, can you find out a combination skill release way? Moreover three branches of the family nature combination skill. Theory feasible and true feasible, differs cannot the truth idea. You determined that your this method doesn't have the issue?"

Ji Dong said: "How does not try to know to be good. Before I study the magic skill liquor, could it be you can think that can make to be equal using the good wine and beverage bottle to the effect of magic skill scroll? The miracle is the person creates. Moreover, creates in the unceasing practice. The practice, is the sole criterion of examination truth. Doesn't try not to know good? Even if there is an issue, we can also solve as far as possible. As for issue that you are worried about. You look."

At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong right hand lifts, in the eye the none remaining flashes, immediately, a black gold/metal, two flame simultaneously raise in this single-handed palm. These two wisps of flame start each other to pester. Finally fuses together, changes into a gold/metal black dual-color small fireball., The golden color transforms into white gradually. Happen to forms a Yin-Yang Fish shape above the Ji Dong palm the spheroid.

Strange appeared at this moment, gold/metal clearly feels, in Ji Dong hand in this small fireball. Has not had the fluctuation of Fire Element unexpectedly. Even does not have an attribute. It is not any type of ten big essential attributes.

Ji Dong said: "This is also the miracle. Actually, for me, this is not difficult. The Yin-Yang two fires element that so long as I output quite, again fuses completely in them using the controlling force of fire of soul together, achieves a subtle balance. In this case, the Yin-Yang two fires attribute each other will restrict, each other is towing the attribute complete embodiment of opposite party. Double fire attribute completely outward will not send out. Such Pinnacle Two Fires will not produce to you affects. But if I want to detonate it is very easy. So long as disrupts the balance between Pinnacle Two Fires. Their repel effects immediately erupt. Like this."

The Ji Dong wrist/skill shakes, that Yin-Yang Fish color small fireball flew by far. Loudly in loud sound. Stiffly blasts out a cavity the clouds of big piece. The strong Pinnacle Two Fires element from the sky scatters in all directions to flutter about, making various magic power attributes in air immediately become manic.

Ji Dong earnest said to gold/metal: "If outside my this fireball, also your pinnacle Yin Metal magic power. Then, it because of the oppression of pinnacle Yin Metal will have a stronger explosive force when the high fever of the explosion having. Also in this process, your pinnacle Yin Metal will attach on my this Pinnacle Two Fires attribute effect. Although will only have very short time, but this was to us enough. Because in this short time, it can complete the corresponding attack. We must conduct the experiment now, how is can most perfect command Pinnacle Two Fires and pinnacle Yin Metal unifies. Also is the proportion of respective magic power output is many in situation, the attack might that has is biggest." The earnest and dedicated man, often most can attract the woman, this time Ji Dong, completely immersed, in combined during the research of magic skill to this. When the inspiration approaches, he outside the matter the body had completely forgotten.

Lie Yan (raging flames) sitting with a smile visits him there, did not speak, whatever Ji Dong and gold/metal discussed this three branches of the family nature combination skill possibly realized. Ji Dong that earnest appearance, making her heart as if softer.

gold/metal finally was also attracted by the theory of Ji Dong. Looks in the Ji Dong eye that self-confident ray, her nodded, said finally: "That tries. How do we want to do?"

Ji Dong said: "I think, this combination skill must from inside to outside. When you release magic skill attacks the enemy, has produced the three branches of the family nature combination skill results, can unexpectedly, can send out in the shortest time. Therefore. My idea is, pours into my magic power to your within the body directly, launches the attack when along with you sends out. Naturally, skill that you start if certainly long-distance attack. Otherwise, in explosion we must have bad luck first."

"Your meaning is. Can fuse with my magic power in my body your magic power?"gold/metal stared wide-eyed.

Ji Dong earnest nodded, said: "Is this. Come. We try. A moment ago said like me. You release a metal ball. Then do not prevent my magic power. I will control. Believes me."

gold/metal took a deep breath, she was asking herself in heart, should believe this man? Looks at Ji Dong, although her surface is icy, is, in her heart of hearts, has the extremely complex mood to fluctuate. Loses remembers, does not represent her to lose the wisdom. She is not one does not have the killer of emotion fluctuation.

Since that time drank Ji Dong is the cocktail of Lie Yan (raging flames) mixture, why did not know, this does not calculate that the handsome man always looked one time, as if will think him charming several points. Especially, this man also quite good ability. When she also clear remembering, Ji Dong facing Chen Longao strong capability that displays. He can actually display Ultra Certain Kill Skill, that is practices to want unable to think. Over a thousand act in harmony to display the community combination skill enemy, was routed unexpectedly also by him. Thinks that war, gold/metal has a fever on the face on. The story of spear/gun and buttocks, she remembers that may be clearer than Ji Dong. Especially at that time the response of body to oneself, she was extremely flustered. Even if lost the beforehand memory, she can also affirm, oneself never like at that time weak. The entire body is completely weak, even when facing the enemy let slip several times, her heart has been very chaotic, until now cannot be completely tranquil. She did not speak with Ji Dong, even did not look at his one eyes, this was in itself is evading.

"Good."gold/metal approaches Ji Dong nodded finally.

The Ji Dong great happiness, he feared really gold/metal does not comply, in gold/metal heart is thinking anything, he is how regardless of unable to guess correctly. He has also believed, gold/metal has the prejudice to oneself, the malice is very strong. Has not thought that she so is unexpectedly happy to comply. Lest she regretted, a Ji Dong personal appearance revolution, arrived at behind gold/metal. Both hands simultaneously press on her shoulder.

Arrives at oneself behind flash in Ji Dong, gold/metal only thought that was similar electric current to hit itself, whole body became tender. Also is behind. The previous time, is he in oneself behind.

Ji Dong both hands fall , on her shoulder, gold/metal was the body shivered fiercely. Although other Ji Dong body places have not contacted her. But her outstanding buttocks are the subconscious clamp. The whole body muscle becomes tight.

"gold/metal, are you all right? Puts with ease. Do not resist my magic power, the magic power output, I coordinates you directly." The Ji Dong sound from behind conveys. gold/metal hurries took a deep breath, bites the tip of tongue, using pricking that the tip of tongue transmits, this reluctantly stabilizes lives in own mind, but she actually discovered that own heartbeat fierce of. She constantly asked herself in the heart, how my this was, as soon as why he bumped into me, my heart so was chaotic.

"gold/metal, stable mind." The Lie Yan (raging flames) light sound, looks like under one barrel of ice water overhead pouring general, making the King's chaotic state of mind extricate instantaneously. Looks up to Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) is also visiting her. Cannot see any mood change from the Lie Yan (raging flames) that gentle and beautiful double pupil, but gold/metal actually felt that oneself thoughts as if completely had been seen through by her.

Acme Yin Metal magic power revolves finally, gold/metal lifts the right hand, shining magic power condenses in the palm, in an instant changed into a fist size the spheroid, according to such that Ji Dong said that internal midheaven.

Also at this moment, temperate magic power changes into the warm current to pour into from the left shoulder, gold/metal only thought that right arm warming up, the next moment, in the metal ball in palm seemed to be many anything.

"Front has a mountain, throws to the summit. Remember, after ejecting, immediately cuts off among the contact with magic power."Ji Dong not only excited and somewhat intense sound conveys from gold/metal.

gold/metal nodded, is sideways slightly, makes an effort to fling, that metal ball the rapid flight went. The thought moved, has cut off among the contact with magic power.

Ji Dong has taken back according to the hand in gold/metal shoulder. In his eye pupil, as if also has the black and white double fire to leap, gold/metal clearly can feel, oneself that has not changed into the chaos source fierce beat of chaos Yin Metal, the Ji Dong body sends out the strong spiritual fluctuation. Was affected, her chaos source as if there is potential of being ready to make trouble. Subconscious, gold/metal gets hold of the double fist, same is anticipating the successful arrival with Ji Dong.

Three erupt, on May 1, asked to guarantee a minimum the monthly ticket.

Chapter 260: Heavenly Water city

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon under the soul relation of Ji Dong. Float in midair. Is gazing at the whereabouts of metal ball. Saw that metal ball arrived at the summit, Ji Dong has not inspired, so intense impact force, made him pour into Pinnacle Two Fires in metal ball to lose sufficiently balances.

Metal ball accurate falling on summit, but, made Ji Dong and King's disappointed appeared, after rock collision on metal ball and summit, rebound, not like the Ji Dong imagination exploded.

"Was could it be failed? It is not right."In the Ji Dong eye the sudden none remaining puts greatly. Also at this time, an unequalled explosive sound, suddenly resounded from under.

The strong black and white dual-color flame, blasts out in the midair, changes into a huge Yin-Yang Fish shape hot group, the terrifying explosive force powerful did not know many compared with the Pinnacle Two Fires ball that Ji Dong ejected a moment ago conveniently. What is more astonishing, in that Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish hot group, the innumerable golden red rays scatters in all directions to flutter about. The grating sound from out of the blue even brings the innumerable wailing.

And the golden red ray at the same time shells above the summit. Immediately, a series of thunders to follow to resound, the precipice, was shelled tattered and torn. Even also had further explosion. Sinks along with the airborne strong Pinnacle Two Fires element, then exploded tattered and torn summit. Was bevelled one meter. King's surprised stared wide-eyed, if a moment ago she were because in the heart the inexplicable mood complied with Ji Dong to experiment. Then, she does not halt production to have the intense admiration to Ji Dong at this time. Although that metal ball had rebound, has not exploded as scheduled. But, the explosive force of this terrifying, three branches of the family nature combination skill was completed by him unexpectedly.

Is feeling the effect of that explosion, Ji Dong actually not excitedly, hesitates saying: "Time of explosion late a point. It seems like that needing me inspire Pinnacle Two Fires to explode is good. To blast out King's pinnacle Eighth Metal, and fuses with metal attribute, requires the time. Before this is also , explodes reason that delays. However, overall direction not wrong. The fire attribute explosive force adds on the metal attribute penetrating power. Really powerful. What a pity "

gold/metal has doubts looks to Ji Dong, "what to be a pity?"She is not clear, the experiment is so successful, Ji Dong also anything is unsatisfied.

Ji Dong said: "Was a pity that we have the limit regarding the control of magic power. If the Certain Kill Skill rank, I cannot guarantee that Pinnacle Two Fires fully achieved balanced Yin-Yang. Therefore, our three branches of the family nature combination skill, although the might is very strong, but is used to release its foundation only to be Direct Hit Skill and Standard Skill. When does not know, I can also control into the balanced Yin-Yang condition Pinnacle Two Fires of Certain Kill Skill rank."

His does not improperly belittle oneself. Must know, once his Pinnacle Two Fires Certain Kill Skill fuses in together, produces is the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill effect. Let alone has controlled, he even does not have enough magic power to support the skill release of this rank now. Must be able to realize with the aid of lasting law. Naturally impossible to carry on the release of three branches of the family nature combination skill with gold/metal.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has patted clapping gently, in the beautiful pupil has been full of the applause, "your done was very good. I gave you a suggestion. Has not thought really, in such short time you can comprehend. The cultivation success of this three branches of the family nature combination skill, will make you when facing the massive enemies does not need to consume greatly. Previous time bumped into exterminates the situation of regiment again not to appear. You must practice. Let each other tacit of coordination, you have the fire of soul as the source of control, can definitely achieve the multi- form and King's pinnacle Yin Metal skill fuses. You try again."

Then, in more than two double-hour that in the fifty Saint Fire Dragon flight hurries along, Ji Dong has placed on the thoughts research three branches of the family nature combination skill. In this combination skill, gold/metal only needs normally attacks. But how to achieve of the combination skill effect, what are more is wants Ji Dong to carry on the output of control and Pinnacle Two Fires. With in airborne experiment. They also gradually become tacit, only those who made gold/metal somewhat anxious was, this skill needed Ji Dong by her body, can complete.

Heavenly Water city. A profound and noble city. Is completely different from the air/Qi of Central Plains City that overwhelming great doctrine of the mean. Here takes a broad view to see, almost all constructions are primarily the black and purple. The profound black and noble purple have formed a unique scenery line. Not only here is the Northern Water Empire capital, is Northern Water Empire most has the characteristics, most can show the characteristics the big city.

The area of Heavenly Water city also Central Plains City one-third, but the lively degree is not worse than Central Plains City. Gradually the cold weather, making here person start to wear the thick clothes, compared with Southern Fire Empire and Central Earth Empire, the Northern Water Empire person was generally tall, the facial features were rough, have been short of the southern exquisiteness, were many northern quite crisp. Especially in air thick Water Element fluctuation, is makes here vitality abundant. Can want to see. In this northern state, accumulation most should be Water department and Wood department Mage. Water department was needless saying that but thick Water Element, had the advantage to the cultivation of Wood department Mage. Aquatic wood. Ji Dong had found the position of Heavenly Water city by the map accurately, fifty Saint Fire Dragon under the protective color function of fog, landing of being quietly from the Heavenly Water city ten inside and outside places. Three people then walk toward the Heavenly Water city come.

Just arrived at the city gate, has actually come across the issue, why the Heavenly Water city did not know, was inspecting the person who entered a city carefully. The city gate place, gathered had over 200 soldiers, but in several people who the management inspected, even existence of also Mage. In order to inspect female, even also specially arranged several enlisted women to be responsible for the special inspection there.

"It seems like, the Heavenly Water city had an accident."Ji Dong hesitates to say.

gold/metal looks that the front inspectors want being an expert person to try to find out, coldly said: "Who dares to touch me, I have killed her."

Some Ji Dong truly headaches, let alone gold/metal does not want, he cannot these to move the body of Lie Yan (raging flames). In the heart slightly makes the ponder, had haggling over. The wrist/skill turns, in palm were many same thing. Then is leading Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal walks toward the city gate direction.

Arrives at the city gate place, two soldiers led an enlisted woman to welcome, "please accept the inspection. Takes your things. Then searches, if hides, do not blame us not being impolite."

Saying, that two soldiers must come to search for the body of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, "makes way." A concise imposing manner releases suddenly from him, in that two soldier eyes, is only the free time of flash, at present this man as if turned into devil. Hurried retreat backward constantly. Eye dew with amazement.

"Has the spy."That enlisted woman screams one, immediately, three people attracted the attention of city gate former soldier. These Northern Water Empire soldiers responded quite rapidly. First, ten soldiers horizontal lance, has blocked the city gate. Over 30 soldiers are fast to come up, before the long spear/gun refers, surrounds in which the Ji Dong three people.

"Takes."And a soldier chieftain shouted angrily, 30 people grasped the long spear/gun to close on immediately fast. Ji Dong coldly snorted, the right foot treads in the ground lightly, in a low and deep dull thumping sound, the earth rocked fiercely, these soldiers who an intense seismic wave shakes do not stand steadily, one by one staggers the retreat, do not raise anything to take.

Ji Dong lightly said: "We are not the spy, calling that two Mage to come."

Did not need him saying that city gate place that sat two Mage on chair already the body, arrived here quickly, the magic power fluctuation that formerly Ji Dong sent out awakened them. They first released respective Yin-Yang Crown, Three-Crown and Four-Crown. Separately is Ninth Water department and First Wood department Mage.

"What's the matter? Are you Fifth Earth department Mage?"Two Mage arrive, the soldiers hurry to make way a path. And Mage doubts looks to Ji Dong, has the question. Simultaneously visits him extremely vigilantly.

Ji Dong formerly with the magic power simple emanation shake, the simply anything attribute release, he had not answered the issue of opposite party. The palm turns. Has shone the thing in palm. That is not one, but is two. And, initially Shiloh gave his Mage Guild Eight Stars badge. Another, naturally was that is representing the elder glory token.

As Mage, how possibly to know this different thing? Especially on these two Mage chest is hanging the Mage Guild Three Stars badge. Sees in the Ji Dong palm these two things, in two people of eyes reveals the color/look of being startled, has a look at Ji Dong that young face again, some do not dare to believe.

"Whether to make us inspect?"That Four-Crown Mage is probing asking. The Ji Dong wrist/skill shakes, the badge and token steady flying to the opposite party, two Mage has met respectfully, cautiously pours into which own magic power.

Mage Guild badge and token after special manufacture. Is the secret of guild most high-grade level, at all impossible to be imitated. Especially Ji Dong that elder token, is compares the association president token to make, has in Mage Guild to the high glory.

Quick, two Mage have completed the inspection, that Four-Crown Mage was holding the badge and token walked respectfully, "Mage Guild Heavenly Water City Branch managed Ji Bin, has seen the elder. Were formerly many to offend, asking elder to forgive."

Another Mage hurries to wave in nearby soldiers to these surrounding, making them diverge , to continue to inspect other people. In the soldiers eyes, existence that these Sir Mage absolutely keep aloof, has the infinite method, usually is arrogant. Has not thought, they really have side that this acts servilely. Looked at Ji Dong three people of several, in the heart was guessing their status.

Ji Dong brings back the badge and token, said: "Was Heavenly Water city this what happened? As the capital, enters the city also to need to undergo the inspection?"

Four-Crown Mage Ji Bindao: "Elder, you, but is surnamed Ji?"

Ji Dong nodded, was puzzled said: "How do you know?"

Ji Bindao: "This was right. Some time ago, that side the association just issued an order that national each branch, announced you enforced the law the status of elder and honorary vice-chairman. At any punishment meeting, you have the authority of plenary powers processing any business."

Ji Dong laughs in spite of trying not, in the heart mused, this Vice- chairman Shiloh also is really interesting, gave itself to settle a reputation of law enforcement elder unexpectedly. It seems like he also knows, oneself is impossible to interfere the guild business. Bosses around itself taking advantage of this. However, how regardless to say, Mage Guild to oneself is quite good. Other did not say, but fierce, acquisition of flame double sword, is very significant to his significance.

"Ji Bin, you have not answered my issue. Heavenly Water city?"

Season Bin hastily said: "Three days ago, the Heavenly Water city had an accident. Overnight, is situated the Bartenders Association association in city is ransacked."

"What did you say?"Ji Dong is surprised, he cannot think, accident unexpectedly is the trip of destinations. "Was Bartenders Association looted unexpectedly? But here Heavenly Water city, Northern Water Empire capital. First did not say high-level Bartender in Bartenders Association is also Mage. Only the defense of Northern Water Empire capital, is could it be so bad?"

Season Bin said with a forced smile: "Possibly is calm and steady was too long. This time attacks the Bartender association probably is Mage, and quantity is numerous. In addition in the Bartender association, more than ten Mage powerhouses including association president Wine God Du Sikang is not, this by looting of being quietly. Not only the concealed wine cellar was grabbed . Moreover, the also massive women and children were grasped. It is said that the thief has also left a letter to Du Sikang Wine God, as for is any content, I do not know."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "To have how also the women and children?"

Ji Bindao: "Bartenders Association is different from our Mage Guild, what our guild Mages arrives are more is only each other exchanges turns, purchases or trades some magic power goods or carries on the rating inspection. But Bartenders Association besides rating inspection with us same. Many Bartender gather in association, for each other to exchange, studies various drink mixing methods. Therefore, lives frequently is very long. But these top Bartender can obtain the extremely high treatment in any place, they do not need to be worried about the everyday problem. Therefore, every so often, in the Bartender association will be occupied by some Bartenders relatives. This Bartender association suffered a loss. Not was only looted that simply, but also died many Bartender. The women and children were plundered directly. The thieves start extremely ruthlessly spicy. Said that is really ashamed, such big matter, the Heavenly Water city official actually next morning know. The thieves grabbed the women and children to be over hundred people, departure that was quietly unexpectedly. As of late has been investigating this matter. I heard that the east gate city gate officer fled. The thieves definitely enter a city and go out of town from that side."

Erupts third day, continue.
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