Jiu Shen Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241: Ji Dong goes to battle

Fu Rui these 14 Brontosaurus' origins. Nobody was clearer than Ji Dong. At this time his smiling face on face is also rich. Four years, Fu Rui to a five elements method comprehension not only obviously condensation law, this can the geometrical multiple strengthen own magic power lasting law also to be grasped by him. Although Fu Rui is only pure Yang Thunder, cannot simultaneously lasting Yin-Yang magic power like him, seven Thunder Dragon but who this lasts, made his magic power promote one time sufficiently instantaneously. Such pressure, has changed the supreme powerhouse, will feel the pressure. Let alone just fully had resisted of Fu Rui attack?

Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon leisurely flying to direction, the Fu Rui sound from the sky reverberates, "Vice-chairman, but can also continue again?"Has not used thunder Yushen the axe, Fu Rui suppressed as before comprehensively, motionless already, moves , then must win. Is truly astonishing regarding the magic power controlling force, but, in Fu Rui releases in front of huge magic power that simply is not he can contend with, what to do can he also?

Complexion is the same with the following two Water department supreme powerhouses, surface like dying embers. Grips the hand of day Water God stick slightly even is shivering. He is unable to believe, oneself such has defeated, such pitiful of defeat. But his match, is just Seven-Crown Mage. Acme control that since many years have pursued. Did could it be such defeat really? He is not willing to believe, is not willing to believe . The attribute that Thunder Dragon but who, around the body these 14 pinnacle Yang Thunder unify, sends out suppresses, made magic power of his within the body become more and more gloomy. Did not have any opportunity of counter-attack again. Even if dies, he most also perishes together with these Thunder Dragon, cannot moisten the Fu Rui edge.

"I lost."Is clenches teeth to say these three characters, when these three characters put out after his mouth, his whole person seemed to be old ten years old general, the body has carried on the back to shake shaking in the white Water God gull, wa'ed, spouted a blood. On the face does not have a person color/look again.

14 Thunder Dragon diverges quietly, if pays attention carefully, can discover, seven return to Fu Rui head Yang Crown directly. Regarding a lasting law application, Fu Rui already not under Ji Dong. After all, but Ji Dong "leaving uncultivated"four years. A five elements method mystery, has not gone comprehensively to comprehend with enough time.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon drops from the clouds in Mages cheers of Mage Guild side, Fu Rui sits well in the dragon carries on the back, bows to salute toward here four supreme crown, "disciple good fortune does not fail in one's mission."

Cloudy morning sun look invariable nodded, Fu Rui then rides the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to fall back on the one side.

Ji Chang believes laughed, said: "The morning sun brother, I admire you very much. Trained such a good disciple grandson unexpectedly, so overwhelming victory, what's wrong, were you unsatisfied? What a pity. My these years have been looking to recite spatially, evidently, I should also receive a disciple am."

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile, ", if finally his victory method is not 14 Thunder Dragon, I will be more satisfied."

Ji Changxin somewhat cannot understand to the words of cloudy morning sun, Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, they know, Martial Ancestor this was saying, Fu Rui should not use lasting law also to defeat the match. Although Fu Rui magic power is inferior to the match, but he is the pinnacle magic power owner. Naturally, Level 88 strength, in addition ability of that pinnacle control, if Fu Rui does not use a lasting law savings magic power, wants to defeat him a short time unable to achieve.

Fu Rui somewhat ashamed has rubbed rubbing hands slightly, the arrogant head is low, said toward Ji Dong: "Little Junior Brother, the Senior Brother I lost face, then looked your."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Senior Brother, perhaps I must use lasting law. Understanding of Mage of magic skill guild to skill is really unusual. I am also very enlightening."

At this time, the vision of cloudy morning sun projected. "Ji Dong, you come."

Ji Dong hurries to go forward, respectfully said: "Martial Ancestor."

Cloudy morning sun to his nodded, said: "Cannot reluctantly, also, you not have these limits of your Senior Brother. Whole-heartedly. Understood?"

Moves complied.

The vision of cloudy morning sun passed over gently and swiftly from Ji Dong, looks to behind, when his vision falls on Lie Yan (raging flames) and flatter golden body, reveals for several points to have doubts.

Lie Yan (raging flames) toward is exposed to the sun cloudy nodded, has not spoken, gold/metal as before is that ice-cold, besides Lie Yan (raging flames), she will not look encouragingly to anybody.

Another side, the complexion of water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud was difficult to see the extreme, the water bright moonlight received the day Water God stick that hands over, looks at facial color pale, sighed, "was good, this cannot blame you. Was Fu Rui that boy is too strong. It seems like that the future world is these young people. If I have not remembered incorrectly, Fu Rui should also less than 35 years old. I look, in less than 20 years, he can attack Nine-Crown." cold Fengyun said: "Bright moonlight, we could not lose. Second, we must win, moreover attractiveness that must win."

Water bright moonlight nodded, "cloudy morning sun proposed wins two out of three, obviously had confidence very much. In his hand at least has two trump cards. Fu Rui is, another trump card does not know that is anything. But if his disciples and followers. That certainly is Fire department Mage. I estimated, he will place last second trump card. This second, likely on Shiloh or is Eight-Crown Mage in Mage Guild. The Earth department possibility is big. We send Wood department Heavenly Venerable to go forth to battle to compare to have confidence."

Cold wind and cloud nodded, said: "At this time also can only bet. Makes the day go on stage evilly. His strength and are equally matched. Although the equipment is not as good, but we cannot attend to many now. Card in a hand that can use on."

The water bright moonlight shouted to a Mage direction of magic skill guild, "where day was evil."

"Association president." The form moves sideways together, has revealed the handsome look. This person seems about 50 -year-old appearances, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards enter the temple, the nose straight mouth side, the look is quite handsome. Is tall, the shoulder is broad. To person a justice imposing feeling.

The water bright moonlight takes off a ring from the hand, counts on the fingers a ball, falls in the day evil hand, "this inside has any you yourself to look. Second goes on stage by you. You must remember, this was our guild final opportunity. In the guild, you are being second to none Wood department Mage. This war victory, from now on you are the guild second vice-chairman. You are the Wood department talent, graduates from the Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School outstanding student, the year only 60, broke through Eight-Crown realm, I believe, you will certainly not disappoint me."

The day wears the ring evilly in own, but sweeps slightly. On the face has revealed startled to accommodate, "association president felt relieved, this war day decides evilly however vies for supremacy fully, will certainly the match cut to fall."

Water bright moonlight nodded, said: "Goes. Even if in thing with ring pounds, must pound this to win to me."

The day goes out from a magic skill guild side evilly, one step treads, jumps, only listens to his one to drink greatly, in the ray sparkle, the strong azure light erupts. The Wood department unique aura from the sky erupts, Ji Dong extremely familiar magic beast appears under the day evil body. Emerald lizard Dragon King. With exterminating the regiment commands the Chen Longao mount to be the same greatly.

Saw that the opposite party is Wood department Mage goes to battle unexpectedly, Ji Dong has smiled, perhaps the magic skill guild must remove from continent. Pinnacle Two Fires to First Wood department, Ji Dong has decided that does not use magic power that in oneself lasting law saves to achieve this success. He must showed to Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, these four years time, oneself has not left uncultivated.

Facing riding in emerald lizard Dragon King, the day of keeping aloof is evil, Ji Dong also walked from Mage Guild.

Saw his appearance, magic skill guild here person is all shocked. Who can think, Mage Guild will send out one to seem unexpectedly the 20-year- old youth carries on such important competition.

Sees young of opposite party, water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud looks at each other one, in their look not pleasantly surprised, but has filled puzzled. Why cloudy morning sun and Ji do Chang believe them to send out so young Mage? could it be is their this is shaming itself? Moreover from their dialogues, this young people should also be the disciple grandson in cloudy morning sun a moment ago, even Ji Changxin great-great-grandson. May say again, he is also 20-year- old appearance, the strength can be what kind of?

The day saw evilly from Ji Dong that in the square formation walks, was shocked, let alone is the competition, in his opinion, do this young people have the magic beast mount to be a problem.

"Little brother, you went astray. Please participate in Mage of second competition to come out."Day evil sinking sound said. If not anxious, that is impossible. His these cannot be defeated again. Otherwise, the magic skill guild ended. However thinks that the thing in ring, his mind also calculates the stable several points. Has these things as the safeguard, oneself this will fight will not always lose is right.

"I am your second match."Ji Dong light saying.

"You?" The day stares evilly, looks that the Ji Dong look has filled strangely, but in his heart how many minutes anxious also relaxed at this time, could it be said, Mage Guild can give up this? Own luck was too good. For fear that Ji Dong reneges on a promise, day said evilly immediately: "Good. The this humble one day is evil, goes to battle on behalf of the magic skill guild. Please."

Ji Dong to his nodded, " Ji Dong, was saying on behalf of Mage Guild, hand signal that he has also made invitation. the next moment. They almost simultaneously released oneself Yin-Yang Crown. Stated differently, the day carries on the back the release in his mount emerald lizard Dragon King evilly, but Ji Dong stands on oneself in the ground releases.

Day evil magic power was inferior that is so high, Eight-Crown Two Stars, Level 84 magic power, First Wood department. With the release of First Wood Yang Crown, a ray of aquamarine leaf shape circles piece by piece regarding the day evil body. Different from, the sincere/heavy whole body armor, first covered on this Eight-Crown Mage.

Perhaps is Wood department Mage likes using the long spear/gun, day evil weapon, is a handle giant dragon spear/gun, the length and Chen Longao that handle is almost the same. Also is at about seven meters.

Visits him to release magic power, wears armor, puts out the weapon. Ji Dong simply has contrasted in the heart at present this match and that exterminates the regiment to command the strength between Chen Longao greatly. On magic power level, two people are almost the same, the mount is also same, the magic power weaponry feeling is also similar. But Ji Dong always thought that at present this match and Chen Longao compared to be short of anything. Quick, he thought clearly, compared with Chen Longao, what the day were evilly few was the imposing manner. Has been short of Chen Longao that in the perfect union of murderous aura and own magic power that in the battlefield comes unceasingly informed and experienced. Ji Dong can affirm, even if the day evil can surpass Chen Longao on magic skill, if these two people fight with all might, finally wins also definitely is Chen Longao.

Ji Dong is evil in the gaze day, day evil as well as all people of two big guilds are also gazing at Ji Dong. Mage Guild Vice-chairman Shiloh at this time in heart, only then a feeling, that rejoiced.

Why he initially so looked after to Ji Dong, even is the flattery. The main reason, is the Ji Dong status, but is not his strength. The Ji Dong status it can be said that pulls one round to move the overall situation. Once participated to resist two big supreme powerhouses to come Central Plains City important person that time event, Shiloh extremely clear Ji Dong regarding the cloudy morning sun brother and sister's importance. In addition the equal king also once had said that this is his biological grandson!

Regarding cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister, Shiloh does not have that big skill to relate, but the equal king he must relate on actually with hands down. After told the equal king the matter, Shiloh said, Ji Dong must go to battle on behalf of Mage Guild. Equal Wang Ji yun lived is almost said to him at that time, this matter equal king clan will intervene. Also straightforward told Shiloh, part of great bear Ji Changxin will go personally. Naturally, all premises are Ji Dong definitely participate in this challenge, if Ji Dong has not come, then all have nothing to do with equal king lineage/vein.

Shiloh is just a vice-chairman of guild, by the brains, to be how possible and compared with the equal king. At that moment accepts as true, this so is anxious in the arrival of Ji Dong. Did not say other, has part of great bear Ji Changxin such powerhouse to join to this matter, by an influence of equal king lineage/vein, in addition the great strength under part of great bear crown, the magic skill guild is very difficult to flatter. Let alone, Shiloh has known Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong relations.

Actually, even if no Ji Dong to participate in this matter, equal king lineage/vein will not look on two big guild unions. From the Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires perspective, an empire has not hoped that two big guilds merge. The reason is very simple, two big top grade guilds, each one is having the huge influence, it can be said that the Mages temple, itself can affect the national rank the decision-making. Once two big guilds merge, then, this strength is any country cannot neglect, influence that even must treat as an equal. Which country is willing to see that such strong strength does rise? That is impossible. Only if......

Come, to greet our tyrants enters the stage, for first six of this month monthly ticket. Tang gate brothers and sisters, put out the monthly tickets on your hand, heartily pounds. Small three believe that the big climax that will then erupt will certainly make each of you have the carefree dripping feeling. Small three completely have here self-confidently pleads the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy to everybody. All, heartily pounds. Small three will not disappoint you.

Chapter 242: The gambling makes

Two big guilds merge, any country is not willing to see. However, if in this matter, equal king lineage/vein helps Mage Guild complete on behalf of Central Earth Empire, then, relations between this recently established top grade guilds and equal king lineage/vein, are different. No one is willing to notice that the strong influence rises, who can not be willing influence like this with on terms, even was grasped by oneself?

Therefore, in any event, Ji cloud Sheng will intervene this matter, will persuade own grandfather to manage the general situation. To convince Ji Changxin, is a difficult matter, but Ji cloud Sheng initially had exhibited a fact, Ji Changxin compromises immediately. Ji cloud Sheng to is very simple, Mage Guild that Ji Changxin said presented such big crisis, as the paternal grandmother of association president will sit by and do nothing?

Is such simple a few words, Ji Chang believed. Ji cloud Sheng has not thought, the grandfather's sentiment to paternal grandmother has been such degree, meets first writes to prove own commits suicide purely.

Why at this time will Shiloh rejoice? His originally has not thought Ji Dong will go to battle today, although he had heard Ji Dong uses Ultra Certain Kill Skill in the war of previous Holy and Evil, but he actually does not believe. It is said Ji Dong at that time Five-Crown strength. Such rank releases Ultra Certain Kill Skill is only a joke. Even if he of Eight-Crown rank , is almost unable to use that formidable skill. Regarding the Ji Dong strength he, although has a cognition, but also limits to surmounting the youth powerhouse understanding of contemporaries. He has not thought, Ji Dong will enter the stage in this competition unexpectedly, moreover occupies a war that three games two win this important war. Yesterday he just had given Ji Dong that pair of inferior divine tool super heavy sword, greatly will strengthen without a doubt the Ji Dong strength. Under several crowns asked this to the origin of heavy sword, on oneself face also definitely had the light, moreover no one will blame itself. The great-great-grandson under association president and part of great bear crown, the disciples and followers under two big Fire department supreme crowns, this youth halo of were too many.

Looks at Ji Dong, the day slightly somewhat knits the brows evilly, he somewhat was embarrassed to this youth gets rid at present. What does this youth have? Practices the magic power armor and weapon? Say nothing of mount.

However, this thought has continued the extremely short time, the attention was captured by Ji Dong top of the head that strange Yin-Yang Crown.

Black and White Yin-Yang Crown, this can also say to establish a new school in entire Mage world. Even if the most familiar Ji Dong cloudy morning sun brother and sister and Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, looks stares. Above Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown completely is a shape of Yin-Yang connection, nobody can understand that this means anything. Even if cloudy morning sun, is only in the heart moves, has thought of a possibility slightly.

What Yin-Yang Crown is this? Black and white dual-color? The day evil vision concentrates, the hand mesosaurus spear/gun lifted subconsciously. Also at this time, was away from him about 50 meters Ji Dong to face upward to send out a long and loud cry.

The insightful halo releases from him suddenly, when this halo release, more shocking appeared, the black and white two-color ray, circles from Ji Dong completely. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires element spiral-shaped rise. The body of Ji Dong whole person seemed turned transparently, extremely thorough transparent, in several supreme powerhouse hearts had a thought. Good pure element body. The element body that yes, Ji Dong releases at this time can only describe with two characters purely, insightful, pure and black and white dual-color. Indistinct, even can see in his chest the white flame of that beat.

Green leaf of one blue glittering has shone in his chest front, the white flame that also beats that chest in covers. The strong green light, erupts more evil than unexpectedly huge life aura the day, the enemy is a friend, at this time feels each person all over the body comfortable feelings of this huge vitality.

Without a doubt, that piece of green leaf, is for a lot of years a woods monster clan to the true meaning that the life understands, the nucleus of life.

The greedy ray is almost not mincing matter bursts out from the day evil eye, as First Wood department Mage, nobody regarding Wood department Mage is more important than the leaf blade that on his clearer Ji Dong neck was hanging. If can have it, was equal to sufficiently having a divine tool! Such enticement , he is any Wood department Mage, is unable to resist.

The greedy back is the murderous intention, Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown is very freely strange, but on that Yin-Yang Crown demonstrates is actually only Six-Crown Level 61 magic power. Has 23 magic power disparities extremely. Such huge disparity. It is not strange magic power can make up. Let alone, until now at present this boy has not released the magic beast mount.

Evilly looks like in the day, Ji Dong simply does not have the magic beast mount, the reason is very simple, he and under extremely supreme crown has very close relationship, for all that had Level 61 magic power young, in the future will be limitless. But this inevitably has also created his nitpicking to magic beast mount, a future cannot become Rank 10 mount magic beast, will the opposite party be resigned? In the day evil thought that simply has not thought Ji Dong has to defeat own possibility. Did not say the strength of both sides,

Thinks of here, in the day evil thought had the plan, loudly said: "wait a moment, I had the words to say." Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "please say."

Greedy ray in day evil eye cannot conceal, after the heart measures slightly, said: "Little brother, how our these does add a good luck? Also is the gambling stake."

"Gambling stake?"Ji Dong has smiled, he understands, the opposite party regarded certainly itself the soft persimmon, business that this delivered, where had the truth that did not make. "Good! Do the seniors, what you want to bet?"

Day evil way: "Bets the necklace on your neck. This is one suits the magic power equipment of our Wood department Mage obviously. If you lost, this necklace turns over to me."

Say/Way that Ji Dong maintains composure: "If I did win?"

In the day evil thought sneers secretly, can you also win me? At that moment, disguises the magnanimous say/way: "If you have won, my body equips, appointed you choose, how?"

Ji Dong has smiled, as if heard in this world the funniest joke. That is not sincere smiling. But is the ridicule, the ridicule of scarlet fruits, looks at his smiling face, in the day evil thought fills not to be feeling well, "what do you smile?"

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth on select slightly, "your this junk, wants to trade the nucleus of my life. Does not know that is my brain has issue, your brain has the issue. I believe, this words should be the idiots will not say."

The day is angry evilly: "Boy, you dares saying that I am an idiot."At this time he discovered that not only Ji Dong is smiling, even is Mage Guild that side all people are smiling.

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui muttered: "Also really has to look bad luck. I must have a look but actually, you trade my Little Junior Brother thing with anything." Ji Dong shrugs the arm, "this was you yourself says. Was not I says. If you want to bet, please show a sincerity. Otherwise, please save your breath."

The day has hesitated evilly slightly, said resolutely: "Good. How you look at this thing."He has set firm resolve to obtain Ji Dong the nucleus of life. But obtains the nucleus of life to snatch hardly definitely is incorrect, the Ji Dong back has four big supreme powerhouses, even if he can defeat Ji Dong to snatch the thing, cannot go out of green grass of this day absolutely original. Therefore he has thought this excellent method, makes a bet, the thing that with Ji Dong loses. These supreme powerhouses rely on the status, always again do not go back. The young people are easy young and impetuous, Ji Dong intends to bet with him, in his heart started happily to smile.

Clenches teeth, the day evil hands over the left hand dragon spear/gun, the right hand wipes in own waist, in palm were many a thing. Sees this thing, the both sides all Mage complexions of slightly change, that is a white jade small sign, the rectangle. Approximately be only adult palm half are big. However, when this white jade small sign appears after his palm. Each Mage look somewhat was straight, including supreme powerhouses also slightly look changes.

"The jade of day." The Ji Dong pupil has contracted slightly.

Day evil solemnly said: "Good, is the jade of day. What kind , the jade of my this day had the qualifications to receive in exchange for the nucleus of your life."

Ji Dong nodded, "good, I and you bet."

The magic skill guild, the complexion of water bright moonlight and cold love affair appears somewhat ugly, the water bright moonlight said in a low voice: The speed that "no wonder the day evil this fellow cultivates is so fast, was about 60 years old broke through Eight-Crown, originally in his hand really had the day jade of together. Has this thing to be auxiliary, even if later breaks through Nine-Crown not necessarily not to be impossible." Cold wind and cloud glanced at him, "the person of your magic skill guild, hideaway is very deep!"

Water bright moonlight brows slightly wrinkled, "first solved the present matter to say again."

The day puts out a day of jade evilly, obviously is also plans to stake everything on a single throw of the dice, he knows certainly that this thing will take the water bright moonlight quite to be discontented with oneself, must know, the magic skill guild will want to annex Mage Guild, to a great extent for the Mage Guild concealed treasure house as well as that 365 chaos blue brick. In his hand the precious degree of jade of this day must above the chaos blue brick. The day has thought evilly, so long as has won Ji Dong, attains the nucleus of life, oneself go to faraway places. In any case after the guild defeats the match, then a also competition, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud are impossible to leave here. Has this short time, enough concealed identity. Waited later to break through Nine-Crown to come out not to be late again.

The day evil wrist/skill turned, receives the jade of day, "good, since you agreed. We start."At the same time was saying, he already loudly shouted, before hand mesosaurus spear/gun refers , the strong First Wood magic power instantaneous ascension, the color/look of green fills the whole body, released own element body.

Before the motion of Ji Dong by the sky evil words interruption, at this moment, his chest front the nucleus of life had been shone again, bursting out that the rich Pinnacle Two Fires element was outspoken. Intense attribute suppression dashes to the day evil and goes. Meanwhile, the cream halo passes under skin, the back white light flashes, two giant wings split, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes.

Saw that behind Ji Dong suddenly presents a pair of wing, observing Mages is one startled, they feel clearly, Ji Dong own imposing manner in the promotion of geometrical multiple. Especially behind him, presented black and white dual-color Yin-Yang Fish, the indistinct two huge forms are transforming the shape. They naturally could not see, Ji Dong has released own double fire condensation law at this time. "Acme magic power, Pinnacle Two Fires?" The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud are almost saying with one voice. They look at each other one, saw the opposite party eyeground with amazement. As the Mage world big shot, they also first time see Yin-Yang dual attribute Mage, what is more fearful, this Yin-Yang dual attribute unexpectedly pinnacle dual attribute.

The intense magic power suppression, has almost kept off the First Wood pressure that the day released evilly in the flash, the imposing manner counter- volume, instead got the winning side.

Day evil magic power is higher than 23 Ji Dong extremely, in this case, the attribute suppresses, although will have the function to him, but the relative influence wants small many. He also had a scare by Pinnacle Two Fires that on Ji Dong ignites suddenly. But the next moment he has made the response immediately.

Can endure today's position in the magic skill guild, cultivates the Level
84 degree, had entered in Yin-Yang School, this First Wood Heavenly Venerable is also far from the generation of being easy. Feels on Ji Dong the change of magic power, he first released oneself demon territory. The color/look of green bursts out fully, under his own magic power and body emerald lizard Dragon King merged into one organic whole safely, making the range of demon territory cover over a thousand square meters in an instant. Produces the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute of suppression to compel actually Ji Dong that. Emerald lizard Dragon King also has wing, the pair of wings launches, bringing the day evil body to directly soar airborne to fly. Welcomed to Ji Dong.

The day grips seven meters dragon spear/gun evilly single-handed, the wrist/skill shakes, dragon spear/gun transformed everywhere spear/gun shade, although his attack has not exterminated war-god Chen Longao such each spear/gun to condense magic power, but in the attack actually the passing clouds and flowing water, a spear/gun meets a spear/gun, simply does not have the slight slit. The thorough green, the arrange/cloth in the sky has only gotten down an unescapable net, he as if has regarded a bird Ji Dong, must rely on own attack to get down this trammel net. Ji Dong is first one step leaps into airborne, saw that the day pursues evilly, the corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer, in the heart the secretly thought, has sorry, today, lets you as my test piece.

Front that has been sending out huge vitality the nucleus of life, under moving of fire of Ji Dong soul, two rock the earth resonant dragon recited also resounds, Ji Dong originally extremely tyrannical pinnacle dual attribute in the instantaneous eruption of this moment how much multiple. It looks like the volcanic eruption flows generally. Formidable fire attribute release, command release being bewitched territory the day of stiffly evilly also in airborne one slow.

A crisper content still in behind, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 243, the head of group dragon, fifty ceremonial fire

Two giant main items. It looks like drills general from the Ji Dong chest front, is bringing their huge bodies outrageously, 12 meters in length male body, double headeds, nine claws and black and white dual-color. Absorbs the life aura in the nucleus of life silently fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

With the appearance of main body, dragon in fifty Saint Fire Dragon mouth recited becomes more resonant, heard this sound of dragon recitation, all Giant Dragon on the scene, below every Rank 9, the complete body became tender. The crack earthworms of distant place diamond regiment, are crawling in the place, motionless.

Thinks oneself account for the winning side day to be completely evil, only thought that under emerald lizard Dragon King rocked, looked like the wing became tender, said that anything is not willing to fly again upwardly. The day pours into own First Wood magic power to emerald lizard Dragon King within the body evilly fully, reluctantly stabilizes lives in its mood. Must know, this emerald lizard Dragon King is Rank 9 magic beast, is the peak that this kind of magic beast can evolve exists.

Is this possible? He not only has the mount, but also is a formidable mount. What thing is this? Let alone is the understanding, even if listens not to hear.

Sees fifty Saint Fire Dragon, surprised may, not only the day evil person, six supreme powerhouse the vision on the scene simultaneously was deterred ten thousand dragons by that exists to attract formidable. Their eyesight are certainly more evil than the day strong much. From the sound as well as the power and influence judgment, they can see, this is also Giant Dragon, but is actually they have never seen strange Giant Dragon, the double headed wingless, can hover in the sky unexpectedly, seems unexpectedly is also dual attribute, with the Ji Dong same Pinnacle Two Fires attribute. Even if the mount of supreme powerhouses, after seeing it, besides mount Fire Dragon kings in Teng Snake and cloudy morning sun, reveals several points of restlessness.

Cloudy morning sun surprised looks at Ji Dong cross below fifty Saint Fire Dragon, "what dragon clan is this? Unexpectedly and Ji Dong attribute so matches. I in the future will seek also for the mount to worry for him. Has not thought, he has solved unexpectedly, but also such perfect of solution. This Giant Dragon should only have Rank 8. Actually can deter the group dragon. Has the elegant demeanor of heads of crowd of dragon greatly. Ji Dong this little fellow, but also is really easy to bring surprisedly to the person! The old companion, you knew that what dragon this is? It should also be in your dragon clan."

Was speaking, cloudy morning sun suddenly discovered, Fire Dragon king some under oneself body do not suit, she was supine the big end, was gazing at that fifty Saint Fire Dragon slightly, the body unexpectedly was shivering, cloudy morning sun with this mount partner in together already had more than 60 years, about her disposition could not know again. She not in frightened, but is excited. Many years, he had not seen this partner to have the so excited mood.

"That, that is my bloodlines. morning sun, that is my bloodlines! Her variation. That is my bloodlines. My bloodlines!"At the same time was saying, the Fire Dragon king must jump to fly.

"Old companion, should not be anxious first. What's all this about." A cloudy morning sun hand according to the dragon's head of Fire Dragon king, he cannot be disturbed at present this fight by own old partner.

Fire Dragon king Jidong exudes the sound of roaring again and again, body unceasing shivering, excited and restless, angry and pleasantly surprised, various mood erupt unceasingly from this Giant Dragon. Her that two sturdy latter claw, has buckled in the soil completely. If not the full suppression of cloudy morning sun, she is unable to restrain itself absolutely.

"morning sun, do not block me. That is I separate many years of children. Will not have the mistake. Although her appearance had the earth-shaking change, had the variation. However on her is flowing my bloodlines, this will not be wrong. I will not misread. I asked the child to look for over a thousand years! I asked you, making me pass, making me try to prove."

Cloudy morning sun comforting said: "Old companion, you do not worry, has me, nobody can injure your child again. She now seems the Ji Dong magic beast partner. Waited for this fight to finish? Only needed a while to be OK. Waited to fight to finish, I and you tried to prove together. You are calm first."

"I, I am unable to be calm. morning sun, after my child initially Wind and Frost that mean bastard abducted, I looked for entire in 1000. In 1000! You may know. I the remembrance of the child am profound. How you let me calm."

"Endures. If I have not guessed that wrong, the Fire Dragon king, your this child should be rescued. Moreover I can also guess correctly that was who has saved her. could it be you had not discovered, your this daughter did have surpassed your talent? If I have not misread, shortly after she should just be born. You were born is how many steps? Is she now several steps?"

What speech is Teng Snake under Yin Zhaorong body, looks at fifty Saint Fire Dragon, this has lived present Fourth Fire Divine Beast also to fill envying from the ancient times.

Fire Dragon king hear Teng Snake words, finally calm several points,
"you said, Ji Dong has saved my daughter?"

Teng Snake shakes the head, unable to help laughing, said: "Did the Fire Dragon king, your this little fellow brain could it be burn out inadequately? Although Ji Dong innately gifted, may not arrive to rescue your child such big skill. Let alone is he, even if cloudy morning sun is impossible to help your child achieve so realm. Your could it be could not see, your this child had the chaos source. This is the thing of our Rank 10 magic beast continuously pursue. Presents these people, although top powerhouses in six human Mage, but they who can achieve this point? The words that you must feel grateful, thanked her."At the same time was saying, Teng Snake toward Lie Yan (raging flames) direction pouting.

The vision of Fire Dragon king goes to Lie Yan (raging flames), before she had not noted existence of Lie Yan (raging flames), or the people on the scene, has seen the Lie Yan (raging flames) Ji long letter and Ji cloud Sheng, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui besides before, only then cloudy morning sun noted slightly. Lie Yan (raging flames) conceals was good, nobody can feel on her to have magic power to fluctuate, because of this, has caused the suspicion of cloudy morning sun.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) vision shines through from the veil, happen to with Fire Dragon king vision relative, when the Fire Dragon king feels her vision fluctuation. The whole body shock, in trembling from soul made her body steadily, not rock fiercely, nearly kneed down.

Cloudy morning sun look changes, the strength of Fire Dragon king he is excitedly clear. A look can make oneself this old friend have so the condition, is actually this person who? His vision second time goes to Lie Yan (raging flames), but was not that friendly.

"Calm, you give me to be calmer. The father has not sufficed exactly, has not wanted dead. Do not provoke her."Teng Snake anxious body one horizontal, has blocked the vision of cloudy morning sun, even is somewhat panic-stricken saying.

Cloudy morning sun sinking sound asked: "The Teng Snake senior, is actually she who?"

Teng Snake smiles bitterly, "do not ask me. I cannot say. I can tell you am. On the life long words, I am inferior to her." Simple a few words, made here four supreme powerhouse be also surprised, they have not thought that unexpectedly also this kind of super powerhouse existence on the scene.

Teng Snake then said: "You do not need to be worried. In world, she like the average person. Cannot display oneself ability. Therefore you do not need to fear. Naturally, if has angered her. I dare saying that presents all people, including me, all adds, cannot withstand her anger. But in that case. Also will take to her giant crisis, therefore, time unless it is absolutely essential, she will not get rid. Do not visit her again, is calm, when she does not exist. After this competition ended, said again. She and Ji Dong relations are unusual. could it be you also think that now the Ji Dong talent is inherent inadequate. Must say that taught his Teacher, that is most entitled."

Silent, cloudy morning sun silent, Yin Zhaorong is a face does not dare to believe that Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong cannot feel the brains, suddenly, mood under four supreme crown experienced the fluctuations of varying degrees. But that long skirt. Wears the bamboo hat, the veil blocks from the appearance Lie Yan (raging flames) likely is anything had not actually felt that static standing there, looks up the day as before, both sides that looks at that day airborne fought.

While cloudy morning sun and Fire Dragon king exchange, the airborne fight had the fierce change, facing the Ji Dong sudden mount, the First Wood Heavenly Venerable day evil is only because control emerald lizard Dragon King has stopped slightly, his attack followed. Regardless of Ji Dong does have the mount, this fights him unable to defeat. He cannot lose. Not because of the magic skill guild, because of him, because of the jade of that day. His war intent, has reached the unprecedented peak.

Seven meters dragon spear/gun, the check in midair weaves a Zhang Qing's bright big net, unexpectedly covers fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Ji Dong completely, the grating sound from out of the blue, changes into an intermittent wailing. That big net is not unreal, each attack is not the illusory image, but the solid First Wood magic power condensation punctures. Day evil right arm, has only been able to see that one group of illusory images from the sky wave. Stands in the fifty Saint Fire Dragon double neck intersection position, the soul is connected, magic power is connected, is almost only the flash, Ji Dong is interlinked with his bloodlines, fifty Saint Fire Dragon that soul touches fuses together. Two bolts of white silk also resemble giant radiance that bursts out from his both hands suddenly.

left blue right red, the length of each ray has exceeded nine meters. That incomparably thick ray, looked like cuts the horizon to be common, appeared respectively during Ji Dong both hands grasped. The eye-catching brilliance, made the world for it look changes.

What red is fierce, what blue is the flame. Fierceness and flame of double sword Ji Dong.

Among the moment, by the red revolutions gold/metal, the flame are been fiercely black by the blue revolutions. Ji Dong only thought that fifty Saint Fire Dragon, as well as the double sword in hand, melts for a body completely. Under huge magic power support that in fifty Saint Fire Dragon transmits, he cannot feel fiercely, the flame double sword terrifying weight again, a black gold/metal, in airborne has two startled day rainbows to interlock.

At this moment to the feeling of person, seemed the sky is separated. Fierce and flame, looks like extending of Ji Dong both arms is ordinary. He never felt that has been to itself so to be unexpectedly formidable. In the world all Fire Element, are coming toward his direction condensation. Fierce, flame double sword, not only delaying of magic power, is explosion of magic power. These two handle Divine level super heavy swords, bloom completely the fire attribute dignity.

Has cut alternately two huge rays, dividing ruthlessly, in day evil dragon Qianggou has woven above the big net that becomes. Fire first gold/metal, the to subdue|grams wood, let alone is Pinnacle Two Fires. Day evil magic power receives emerald lizard Dragon King by the influence large scale decrease of fifty Saint Fire Dragon completely suppression. But Ji Dong in double fire condensation law and amplifications of fifty Saint Fire Dragon as well as under two big magical instruments, magic power increases sharply large scale. Observing both sides Mage only sees in sky, two startled day rainbows appear suddenly, that piece formerly also occupied the absolute winning side green big net by expansion stiffly, the next moment, wreaking havoc Pinnacle Two Fires magic power is torn them completely.

This is Ji Dong first time rides the mount and enemy battles, is his first time uses the long weapon and enemy fights. Was also shocked by the present all including him. That is an all-out attack of Eight-Crown Mage! Stiffly broken by oneself this simple two sword cutting.

Fierce, flame double sword length of body nine meters, at this time also respectively emits is three meters sword glow, spacious sword blade, only looked with eyes, can feel its dense terrifying lethality. Nobody meets to be willing to use own body to go to contact with it.

The day similar delay, he has not thought evilly, oneself attack, by Ji Dong so melting easily, looks at the ultra giant double sword in Ji Dong hand unexpectedly, has a look at that look again ice-cold, is congealing fifty Saint Fire Dragon that the item regards. A chill in the air of the heart spreads over whole body. He knows at this time oneself to at present despising of this youth is a how wrong matter. Also understood those words, in the face of the absolute strength, any skill does not have the significance.

magic power differs 23 extremely many, by complete suppression is the Level 84 day is evil. Although the dragon spear/gun in his hand also, but his body actually in slightly is shivering. His demon territory had been oppressed completely, after that pair of sword has cut alternately, in sky, only remaining black and white dual-color.

Ji Dong cannot release the demon territory, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon actually. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon magic power adds on Ji Dong magic power again, is relying on the attribute suppression. The level disparity between both sides already did not exist, by comprehensive attribute suppression, even if like formerly the attack, the day evilly were impossible to send out. Artillery dragon A Bing has bumped side already Fu Rui that carries on the back to jump down from the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, "you and Ji Dong, who is fierce?"

On the Fu Rui face reveals a forced smile, "does not know."

"Doesn't know?"A Bing looks at Fu Rui surprisedly, "aren't you also divine tool?"

Fu Rui said with a forced smile: "Senior Brother, you know what my this Little Junior Brother is fiercest is what? Creates the miracle."

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Chapter 244: Fierce, flame assumes an awe-inspiring pose

"If spells fully. Perhaps by thunder Yushen the axe, my strength can above him. But the final result, is actually hard to expect. Four years do not see, between he and me the disparity, has been able to ignore gradually."Fu Rui regarding the appraisal of Ji Dong, is completely from the heart, not having the least bit to flatter. When he saw that Ji Dong mount fifty Saint Fire Dragon appears, sees, the flame double sword again fiercely time. He knows, the war of shortly after next Holy and Evil, he already no longer lonely. No longer is the only command.

"You also meet my sword."Ji Dong sobers from surprised, the next moment, in his heart proud already flooded. Since becoming Mage, his first time feels the wonder of control world. Although fifty Saint Fire Dragon was unable fully to develop own strength. Although in his match these two handle ultra giant heavy swords are not familiar. However, he can be considered as to enter continent powerhouse finally. So long as the match is not the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, Ji Dong is self-confident, has strength of the spelling.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon body in airborne flings, was almost the next flash, Ji Dong arrived above the day evil top of the head. Right hand fierce sword belt rich pinnacle Yang Fire across the sky under. Place visited, not only the air twists, presented a piece of covering of fan shape huge golden light mark.

Facing the attack of Ji Dong, although in the day evil thought raises a dilutedness. But he actually as before released oneself formidable actual combat capability in this crucial moment. The hand mesosaurus spear/gun did not welcome the Ji Dong attack directly, under body that emerald lizard Dragon King body suddenly one horizontal, as far as possible led the day to leave the upfront evilly, but the dragon spear/gun in day evil hand also made use to extract. From one side pulls out to the ridges of that fierce sword.

Fierce, the weight of flame double sword in was too big, although Ji Dong relies on magic power that the fifty Saint Fire Dragon transmission is coming to use them temporarily, but, this pair is nine meters great sword after magic power pours into, the weight must over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg). Under his that swift and fierce sword chops, wants to change side is is also extremely difficult.

The bang, seven meters dragon spear/gun, pulled out strikes was lateral in the fierce sword, in the loud sound, Ji Dong pulled out the body that struck with the sword loudly slightly one crookedly. But the day evil and emerald lizard Dragon King under his body is the body shock, particularly above the dragon spear/gun in his hand, had been contaminated strong golden flame.

The day stimulates to movement own First Wood magic power reluctantly to withstand the attack of pinnacle Yang Fire evilly fully, within the body is a vitality turns wells up, Ji Dong is first time rides the mount fight, combat experience or fight of skill this form, day evilly above him. But, relies on that tyrannical heavy sword, at this time unexpectedly gives people a strength to fall the feelings of ten benefits. The day of actually forcing is unable to display evilly completely own skills. In addition the attribute powerful suppression, makes the day evil unprecedented discomfort.

Fierce sword pulled out was crooked, Ji Dong has not been idling, the flame sword in left hand brought the big piece dark light to drop from the clouds. The dreary and serene ice-cold halo in airborne brings, magic power fluctuation and fierce sword explodes fiercely clearly opposite, similarly is the flame, has actually been full of the profound chill in the air. Only same. Is that ultra giant heavy sword similar violence. Day evil combat experience is extremely rich, at this kind of time, he in the situation of withstanding the intense attribute suppressing, bit the jaw tightly, has displayed own strength actually. Has not met the Ji Dong this second sword with the hand mesosaurus spear/gun again. As top Mage of magic skill guild, he knows certainly the consequence of Yin-Yang dual attribute magic power overlay. In his hand dragon spear/gun, although extraordinary, helping him resist the attack of pinnacle Yang Fire, but pinnacle Yang Fire on dragon spear/gun had not been scattered at this time completely. Once moves pinnacle Yin Fire again, the day knows evilly, how regardless of oneself cannot withstand. Why before this is also him, innermost feelings send the cold reason. When degree when Ji Dong to contends with him own magic power amplification sufficiently, he knows oneself meet ** was tired. Yin-Yang dual attribute can Mage, use Yin-Yang dual attribute Certain Kill Skill infinitely?

Emerald lizard Dragon King huge body from the sky revolves 180 degrees, its is similar to the heavy hammer common tail flings horizontally, along with personal appearance half revolution, not only the shunt the upfront of Ji Dong attack, that heavy hammer big tail like the dragon spear/gun in it the day before yesterday evil hand, directly soared side the flame sword to pound once again.

Emerald lizard Dragon King as Rank 9 magic beast, its strength is also extremely formidable, these from one side if shells on the flame sword, even if the flame sword weight is astonishing, Ji Dong was also very difficult to live in own body stably. However. Has the mount may, not only day evil person.

Two dragon recited almost also resounds, Maotai and Wuliangye whole body imposing manner suddenly/violently to increase, their huge body that baseless one revolution, the speed at least was over three times of emerald lizard Dragon King, moreover they revolved was not 180 degrees, but was 360 degrees, was bringing Ji Dong, zero forward velocity operation one week, the flame sword in fierce revolving, happen to have been letting emerald lizard Dragon King this tail like this, the tail of fifty Saint Fire Dragon actually in this revolved to pull out fiercely. pa, a fulmination from the sky resounds, fifty Saint Fire Dragon this tail, happen to pulls out strikes on the tail of emerald lizard Dragon King. The eye-catching magic power ray erupts from the Dragon's Tail places of two Giant Dragon contacts outrageously. Sees only the azure light to scatter in all directions, emerald lizard Dragon King called out pitifully, in the intense bellow, its seemed explode compared with the fifty Saint Fire Dragon sturdy tails unexpectedly loudly, the scale and flesh and blood from the sky scattered in all directions to flutter about.

Why fifty Saint Fire Dragon can have the power and influence of prestige earthquake swarms dragon, that not because of aura by, more important naturally is the strength. Tyrannical incomparable strength. In order to hatch it, making it be able to coincide with the Ji Dong attribute, Lie Yan (raging flames) has paid for nearly five years. After fifty Saint Fire Dragon hatches, 81 Teng Snake snake sloughs treats as food to eat in the earth core world, its body tenacious degree not under double sword in Ji Dong hand. The combustion of chaos source and soul fire, is makes him have to dominate the formidable imposing manners above all magic beast.

On tail of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, implication is the strength of Pinnacle Two Fires, the Yin-Yang two fires magic power overlay erupts directly, pinnacle magic power adds on powerful of fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, can it be that emerald lizard Dragon King can contend.

Under severe pain. The body of emerald lizard Dragon King unavoidably from the sky becomes slow, but at this moment, the fierceness and flame of double sword Ji Dong under revolving of fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, was having a swifter and fiercer imposing manner, one after the other, is bringing a strong light screen lou coping, directly soars the day to be evil and emerald lizard Dragon King has cut.

Violence, absolute violence. Looks at double sword in his hand, each Mage of observing has the feeling of one's blood bubbles up to the brim. This most direct attack, nine meters, about three meters wide super heavy sword, after to the feeling of person, overbearing.

The people are intrepid, the dragon is powerful, the simple attack, forced clearly to have the massive fight skillful days not to have other choice evilly. When the emerald lizard Dragon King pitiful yell makes noise, the day has raised evilly gathered oneself complete magic power. In in the midair, his overall action must depend upon the cross under mount, the mount is damaged, in addition the speed was in the absolute inferiority. What to do can he also? Only has hard shouldering.

The day has gone evilly also all out, whole body, strong azure light erupts from within the body, in the loud sound, his whole body armor blasts out loudly unexpectedly loudly. The rich ray bursts out, changes into is revolving innumerably the azure metal light blade in the midair, scatters in all directions to flutter about. But the long spear/gun in his hand also rapidly changes into one group of azure light balls in waving, welcomed to the attack of Ji Dong.

Bang, bang

Two thunder, almost did not divide resounding successively, the day evil dragon spear/gun has blocked the Ji Dong first sword stiffly, but when that second sword cut, Pinnacle Two Fires magic power burst out instantaneously, in that unequalled bellow, the heavy sword in day evil hand stiffly was exploded all over the sky the fragment. Day evilly also groaned. Saw that his body must be swallowed by that Pinnacle Two Fires, does not die must be seriously battered deeply. At this moment, one group of rich yellow rays the right hand that shivers from day evil that release, changes into one group of rich yellow light covers, keeps off the complementary waves that Pinnacle Two Fires explodes in oneself actually and beside the emerald lizard Dragon King body.

"magic skill scroll." A Ji Changxin brow wrinkle, the day blocks the Ji Dong attack evilly, simply was not his strength, in the Ji Dong hand that two handle heavy swords is really too overbearing, under Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon magic power poured into comprehensively, even if were Eight-Crown Mage cannot block Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill that this pair of sword jointly erupted directly. Day evilly forced under has to spell hardly, dragon spear/gun is disillusioned, he blocks this pair of sword to combine the magic power complementary waves, is not his strength, but is the defense of Fifth Earth department. Without a doubt, this came from the strength of scroll. The day has used a Fifth Earth department scroll evilly. He is also drawing meanwhile support from the collision of magic power, oneself from the sky explodes with emerald lizard Dragon King draws back.

The Ji Dong double sword cuts, only thinks within the body magic power while that Pinnacle Two Fires combination effect erupts, had screened out stiffly about 20%. Obviously is fierce, behind the great power of flame double sword, must consume what kind of magic power. Also at this time, the full azure light surged, the azure light of armor these dispersing the day before yesterday exploded evilly changed into extreme twists the light edges toward the Ji Dong concentrated fire.

The day evilly after all is Eight-Crown Mage, in seeing is impossible to avoid with the situation that in Ji Dong meets the tough head-on with toughness, he makes the pinnacle that oneself can achieve, that armor explodes, completely is he but intentionally is, this is also the special capability that this set of armor has. Oneself blasts out, changes into 36 to destroy the azure blade to attack the match. Moreover is not the direct attack, but after is the dispersion , from all directions concentrated fire attack. Such attack without doubt is more fearful. Moreover at this time took sacrificing in the armor contains completely magic power for the price, the striking power was extremely intrepid.

Day evil rely on the Fifth Earth department defense scroll whole body to draw back. But his attack also while oneself were shaken draws back behind arriving Ji Dong that is quietly. Formerly that fierce thundering completely covered these 36 to destroy azure blade the sound of out of the blue.

36 destroy the azure blade, must by Ji Dong be detected, Mage has inborn to the premonition of danger. First will face the danger to react, but using this time, the day has pulled open some evilly sufficiently and distance between Ji Dong, compels wreaking havoc of Pinnacle Two Fires in within the body. It can be said that he while is meeting the Ji Dong attack hardly, the application in tactic does not have the slightest bit to make a mistake as before. In the control, he is inferior. But in the case of the brains, entire magic skill guild also few individuals can in comparison. Otherwise, he cannot break through Eight-Crown at age only 60, enters forest of the top player. He is in the magic skill guild most is also favored in the future breaks through Nine-Crown Mage.

Ji Dong destroys the azure blade attack facing 36, has no alternative but to deal, even if his phoenix dragon dance snake changes has the formidable defensive power, comprehensive attack that but that after all by sacrificing one set of armor launched.

In in the midair, Ji Dong both hands heavy sword simultaneously in airborne, respective stroke a huge arc, fierce, the flame double sword unexpectedly had been treated as the shield use by him, the giant light screen that brings not only has blocked itself, even fifty Saint Fire Dragon also protects continually. Although he was unable to use these two handle heavy swords now flexible, but how to use the superiority of heavy sword also to know.

Meanwhile, all people saw a strange picture, a golden red ray appears from Ji Dong within the body, covers the whole body. His face was also covered by the fierce mask. Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor.

If through storing up Magic Tool carries on summon, the armor that summoned also required the time to put on, but Ji Dong Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor simply was appears directly voluntarily from the skin, presented at the same time has put in him. Fuses the use of god technique.

Two groups of radius nine meters giant flames from the sky bloom, Ji Dong is centered on own both arms two big attack and defense body skills that the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark brings also release. Right hand burning sun spin, left hand demon flame spin. Although was revolved by the body turned into arm, but fierce, the flame double sword was too overbearing. Revolving of that terrifying looked like the huge death vortex is ordinary. Place visited, big big azure light in airborne unceasingly shatter, was built up by Pinnacle Two Fires again.

Ji Dong does not dare to be collided by oneself these two big skills together, fierce, flame double sword as if simply exists for combination skill, once has contacted, does not need him to control, will produce immediately the combination skill results. But also because of this, this combination skill effect presents at the same time, will consume his own magic power large scale. In is not in the necessary situation, Ji Dong must avoid the appearance of combination skill.

36 destroy the azure blade unable close combat, completely had been strangled to death cleanly, but the day also uses this short time to withdraw from about 300 meters evilly. Is farther from Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the attribute suppression that he receives also can thus weaken several points, had the panting free time.

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Chapter 245: In history most expensive fight

Sovereign King double dance release, burning sun spin adds the demon flame spin. Broke backlash of opposite party easily, in the Ji Dong hand fierce, the flame double sword in the body side, the imposing manner has promoted the peak respectively immediately. Reviews that First Wood Heavenly Venerable day to be evil, lost the armor, not only the defensive power reduces, the armor are many his own magic power the assistance also to lose, in such condition, he will be without a doubt more difficult to resist the attack of Ji Dong next round.

"Admits defeat. You do not have any opportunity."Ji Dong light saying. He had not planned that must be ruthless match, fierce, the might of flame double sword takes to him too many pleasant surprises, Ji Dong believes that when one day can display the strength of this pair of sword completely, or is this pair of sword all crustification holes fills in all over the sky jade the words, he had the strength of challenge supreme powerhouse. Even if own magic power has not arrived at Nine-Crown is not the issue.

Day panting somewhat, on the forehead had been covered entirely by the sweat evilly slightly, compels Pinnacle Two Fires magic power from within the body is not a comfortable matter, explodes suddenly blazingly, suddenly gloomy and cold tangled up, his within the body magic power that two types of clearly opposite attribute flame suffer falls crazily. Let alone, melts his attack along with Ji Dong, the attribute suppresses appears again. Just as such that Ji Dong said. By own strength, he simply does not have any opportunity. The originally day should not so the weak trend, really be evilly because the suppression of fifty Saint Fire Dragon to emerald lizard Dragon King was too fierce. Made him assistance magic power that not only obtained from emerald lizard Dragon King there weakened large scale, but must divert attention to use own magic power help emerald lizard Dragon King stable mind. Under is in inverse proportion, his strength can display seven achievements to be good. Also then, can deal in the Ji Dong hand that rarely seen (weirdo) incomparable super-heavyweight class double sword?

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals an ice-cold god light, the double sword points at the match, the formidable oppression strength continually is increased, Mages that under observes everyone can feel, his next one strikes surely is as powerful as a thunderbolt, will not give the day evil any opportunity again.

"Who told you, I certainly lost. You are very strong. I who only then Level 61 magic power, can actually force am difficult the strength to hit back, regardless of mount, equipment and weapon, all above me. However, do not think that you won."

At the same time was saying, only every day the evil wrist/skill turns, in the palm were many a scroll, the scroll has launched against the wind, immediately, the rich magic power fluctuation bursts out in the sky instantaneously.

originally because of Pinnacle Two Fires, but scalding hot air were suddenly many several points of cool, the black ray in airborne instantaneous spreads, sturdy ice lance fast condensation forming, the next moment, the entire 99 nine meters giant ice lances went toward the Ji Dong direction concentrated fire.

Also is the magic skill scroll? Sees the day of evil release scroll, Ji Dong not only not startled. On the face instead reveals a light smile. Initially that golden eagle guild vice-chairman Lu Carl, relied on the scroll to escape from his hand, before of this day evil had also blocked fiercely, the complementary waves attack of flame double sword by a magic skill scroll. At this time he put out the scroll to launch the attack. could it be only then do you have scroll? Ji Dong made command all people to move puzzled, he in the double sword by oneself hand has not resisted the bombardment of that 99 ice lances like before, instead will be fierce, the flame double sword to take back to the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Both hands wrist/skill turns, were respectively many same thing.

That is two crystal bottles of fist sizes, in the crystal bottle of left hand is the black liquor, in the right hand crystal bottle, the liquid is the golden light twinkle.

Sees only his both hands wrist/skill to raise, two crystal bottles departed from out of the blue, from the sky had the fierce collision.

Only listens to fierce thundering in the midair crack, a diameter surpasses five meters giant fireball to explode instantaneously, the terrifying explosive force, made that fireball turn into coal dual-color in a flash, the blazing flame looked like at the same time the giant shield, kept off in Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon front.

Thick ice lances explode in that blazing flame, when that group giant flame finally loudly crack, 99 ice lances had been swept away.

That, what is that? The day sees with one's own eyes the thing that Ji Dong both hands fling evilly, that clearly is not the attack that his own magic power launches! Starts with the scroll, is not the day evil idea. But came from the magic skill guild association president water bright moonlight. Before this commencing of action, the water bright moonlight gives the day evil that ring, is a storage ring, since inside has numerous scrolls that the magic skill guild many years has saved. In order to achieves this success, the water bright moonlight has not hesitated at all costs, this makes the day evil take the scroll. This is also the day evilly most greatly is also final relying on.

Has the massive scrolls, why when this is also from the beginning the day evil makes a bet with Ji Dong had self-confidently. This fight was conducted at this time, is not the pure strength competion, the day quite therefore is using the gold coin to pound evilly to Ji Dong, must defeat Ji Dong actually in this manner. Used the scroll to win the fight victory without doubt is simplest. He only needs to throw unceasingly the one by one scroll, displays various skill attacks that in the scroll stores up, does not need the stop. But the Ji Dong strength is strong, he resists a scroll each time, needs to consume certain magic power. Any Mage magic power has the limit, even if the supreme powerhouse is no exception. Therefore the day does not think evilly oneself will lose, is this reason. Must know, the water bright moonlight gives in his ring, but has over a hundred scrolls!

In this time, the method of manufacturing of scroll has been lost, the value of any magic skill scroll can be said as the astronomical figures. Initially Lu Carl took a scroll to save the life greatly for the meat pain, he had golden eagle business association huge business association system as the support. At this moment, has the days of hundred scrolls evilly looks like the Mage world biggest wealthy man is ordinary. He was planning that ends this fight in this most expensive way. At this time what even if faces is supreme powerhouse, he also believes that before oneself have not used up the scroll, the opposite party is unable to injure itself.

What what a pity is, the day has not thought evilly, what oneself meets is a freak, Mage world rarely seen (weirdo), his Ninth Water department Certain Kill Skill scroll 99 cold ice lances offer a sacrifice. Is by Ji Dong is known blocks unexpectedly with Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill that any method starts. could it be, he uses is the scroll is also inadequate?

Although in the day evil thought is startled, but the movement on hand may not stop, to facilitate usage, he took out ten scrolls from the ring directly, traverse before the body, one after another lost in the Ji Dong direction.

Sees only in the midair, suddenly water, suddenly wooden, suddenly earth, suddenly gold/metal, even also fire. All kinds of Yin-Yang attribute scrolls from the sky erupt bunch of dazzling rays unceasingly. Even if most gorgeous smoke and fire party is unable to compare with the magic power element that this time airborne blooms, that the brilliance of being in full bloom, making everyone have a dazzling and intoxicating feeling.

Looks at Ji Dong again, regardless of day evil ejects the scroll at what kind of speed, him actually stands one's ground steadfastly, is the wrist/skill flings continually, bunch of golden color or the black rays also unceasingly from the sky bloom, the speed of eruption does not compare the day to be evil. On the same day evilly what only then sent out when is the Fire department attack scroll, he will stop. Does not need to deal, the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute comprehensive suppression, can make Fire Element that Fire department scroll attack produces integrate oneself directly, instead strengthened Ji Dong magic power.

The day evil quick has also discovered this point, in the following attack, the Fire department scroll does not dare to use, but another four big attribute eight departments scrolls lose unceasingly. In midair. The five elements attribute scatters in all directions to flutter about, quite therefore four big attribute scrolls fight Pinnacle Two Fires.

The day more attacks evilly, his complexion is whiter, his scroll are few with one, may actually simply not play the slightest bit role. But match that does not know what loses is any thing, as if takes drainless as, can always resist his scroll attack completely.

The complexion of water bright moonlight was difficult to see the extreme, that may be money, each scroll, was the thousands gold coin, even counted by 100,000 ideas and 1 million ideas. If that more than hundred scrolls change into the gold coin. Made any person rich enemy sufficiently. At this time actually can only change into bunch of rays from the sky to explode, was unable to make the progress in expectation.

Since continuously, any Mage, if can obtain a magic skill scroll, collection that will treasure extremely, only then in the situation that in own life is threaten may take to save a life. The day is spending freely the situation of use likely evilly like this, since absolutely has been the millenniums unprecedented first. What most sounds queer, his scroll as if has malfunctioned, was always blocked by the match.

With the day evil polarity, the Ji Dong complexion is extremely joyful, the smiling face also became more and more rich. What the matches lose is the magic skill scroll, what he loses is what? Naturally was he just developed successfully soon magic skill liquor. He manufactured the magic skill liquor all raw materials of previous purchase. Except for accident/surprise of failure, manufactured successfully over a hundred bottles of end products. Although in these end products does not have Certain Kill Skill. But Pinnacle Two Fires attribute skill, even if Direct Hit Skill, is extremely powerful, let alone, Ji Dong in the use, simultaneously throws at this time two forms of defensive action same attribute opposite magic skill liquor, produces the Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill results. It is not only weaker than ordinary Certain Kill Skill. The scroll that regardless of the match releases is any attribute, does not have one is existence of pinnacle magic power, is relying on the magic skill liquor, resists not to think the difficulty.

This is Ji Dong first time is experimenting own magic skill liquor in the actual combat, the fact had shown, his research absolutely succeeds, magic skill liquor might, perfect deduction scroll effect. Compared with opposite party these expensive scrolls, Ji Dong purchases, is less than 10,000 gold coins that all materials spend. This for him, at all is not anything, sells crystal core casually, can receive in exchange the several fold the material.

Yin Zhaorong look also somewhat dull, looks at airborne this is far from the normal competion, cannot bear northward morning sun ask: "Big Brother, you saw how Ji Dong releases these skills?"

Cloudy toward way of yang: "That is not his magic power, is similar to the attack of scroll likely. But, he has not used scroll, is more impossible to have the scrolls of that many quantities. magic skill guild time has it can be said that crossed the rubicon. Actually Ji Dong how deals with me unclear. But what I can affirm, this absolutely is in the Mage world history the most expensive fight. First did not say their gambling make. Reel that however magic skill guild that Mage releases, absolutely is the astronomical figures."

Shangguan Yinkong at this time early smiled has grinned with ear to ear, she is first time sees Ji Dong, just reconciled with the husband, without doubt made her mood unprecedented happiness, dozens years of despondent dynasty is solved, her whole person was also as if young several years old. But after this second competition starts, her heart unconscious clutching tightens. How regardless to say, Ji Dong is her descendant, such that just like Ji Changxin said that a person of equal king lineage/vein had much to do with frailly with initially her departure. Ji Dong this generation of great-great-grandsons have two people, Ji Changxin just through passes message told him, besides Ji Dong, Ji Yeshang has adopted to the imperial family. It can be said that Ji Dong is the person who only one may be able to succeed to the equal king throne.

For decades, although Shangguan Yinkong hates Ji Changxin, wife but who she will always regard equal Wang Jia zu, let alone that is her great- great-grandson! Therefore, saw that what Ji Dong faces when is Eight- Crown Mage, her heart subconscious clutching tightens.

That moment that until fifty Saint Fire Dragon presents, she understands that cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister so will be why calm. Saw Pinnacle Two Fires magic power that on Ji Dong releases, why although she is strange is not Earth department, but was also shocked by that special extremely magic power combination. Where she knows, actually cloudy morning sun brother and sister also not clear present Ji Dong cultivation base has been continually any degree. Their confidence to the Ji Dong, came from Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang.

Even if the present in this case, they were not worried. Really is not good, Ji Dong can also release the storage magic power, inspires that Ultra Certain Kill Skill to launch the attack. Let alone is day evil such Wood department Mage, that dual attribute Ultra Certain Kill Skill is their these supreme powerhouses resists, must be whole-heartedly good.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon, fierce, flame double sword, to this time that mysterious magic skill liquor, Shangguan Yinkong as President Mage Guild, naturally understands again these mean anything. This is rising of one generation of talents, in the future Mage world genuine powerhouse! But this person, unexpectedly is own great-great-grandson. At this time, she stuck out chest, fearlessly facing a magic skill guild side, in heart surplus, only then proud two characters. She wants to cry out very much loudly, that is my descendant.

The Ji Dong magic skill liquor soon has used up, this side, the day throws the speed of scroll also rapidly to drop evilly, looks at Ji Dong that eyes covetously, the day evilly fierce clenches teeth, finally has put out in the ring the most expensive scroll.

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Chapter 246: Intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll

magic skill liquor to the magic skill scroll. This kind of entirely new fight carried on the last act finally, in day evil palm, were many at this time a golden scroll, but beforehand attack, is dissipating in the midair slowly.

Sees in his hand that golden scroll, the Ji Dong complexion slightly changes, he carefully has looked at Teng Snake to his ancient book, particularly finally the record of that several pages of manufacture scroll paper. His clear has seen the method of manufacturing of this golden paper in last page. It can be said that the terrifying of its value, was Ji Dong totally cannot accept. Needs to be primarily the Rank 10 magic beast crystal core powder raw material unexpectedly. But the goal that this type of paper manufactures only has one. As the Ultra Certain Kill Skill carrier. Right, is Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

Ji Dong has not thought, the day actually there is still one so formidable scroll exists evilly. Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is the most unpredictable skill. Ji Dong itself also has to display the Ultra Certain Kill Skill ability. But he is very clear, own Sun and Moon Yin-Yang present also is just most primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

Ultra Certain Kill Skill is divided into primary, intermediate and high- level, the top four big ranks. Similarly is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, if primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill meets intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, then the result is very simple, primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill can not have the suspense was thoroughly eliminated. These have not needed to consider issue that the attribute promotes and constrains mutually. "Quick, prevents him." The Lie Yan (raging flames) somewhat anxious sound resounds in the Ji Dong innermost soul.

If the scroll in day evil hand, can display intermediate Certain Kill Skill at this time, not only Ji Dong, in 10000 meters in diameter. Life apply carbon. Ji Dong does not know whether the following six supreme powerhouse can resist. But he can affirm, both sides Mage, also not far away diamond regiment by greatly affect. He bears the brunt, will become the first sacrificial victim. Doesn't this bastard, hesitate to let life apply carbon unexpectedly? In Ji Dong heart murderous intention, already unstoppable crazy blooming.

In this case, he can look that the opposite party does release this Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll?

Almost does not have the slightest bit to hesitate, leapt up rapidly with Ji Dong regard interlinked fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the body from the sky moves, just like the dazzling black and white ray, directly soared the day evilly here to hit together.

The Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll is not easy to display, needs to pour into massive magic power as the foundation of ignition, naturally also requires the time.

On the same day took out this scroll evilly time, on the face has been full of the ferocious meaning, in his hand this scroll, it can be said that the magic skill guild pressed the bottom the qualification, was a Metal department strong troop attacks the scroll. Just as Ji Dong judgment such, this is intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Ji Dong cannot resist absolutely.

The day has thought evilly, as the user of scroll, he will receive the magic power protection that the scroll releases, uses this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, let alone will be Ji Dong will die, even if will be the under six supreme powerhouses is also constrained some time, so long as he snatching gets down the nucleus of life to run immediately. Restrains own aura, these supreme powerhouses are also not necessarily able to pursue itself on. This golden scroll is very small, was grasped by the day evilly in the hand, cannot see from under. Only then Lie Yan (raging flames) can with Ji Dong see existence of this scroll through the soul connection. Therefore, the following six supreme powerhouse does not know all that soon will have. Until fifty Saint Fire Dragon kicks out at the same time, when an unequalled terrifying aura suddenly evil blooms from the day, they felt that was not wonderful.

"It is not good. The day is evil, stops quickly." The water bright moonlight is almost call without hesitation makes noise. He had not planned makes the day release Ultra Certain Kill Skill evilly. Although he has the ambition, but actually absolutely is not a lunatic. That ring, is his valuable thing stores up Magic Tool. Before gave the day was evil, the thought in his heart only then winning, actually forgot that was most precious this ring in is also the most terrifying scroll takes. At this time suddenly feels this aura, he naturally understands that is anything.

What is intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill? Simply speaking, the Level 99 following Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, spells to try also only to display intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. To display high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill even is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, that needs several Nine-Crown powerhouses collaborate, uses the combination skill way, may complete. Moreover by intensely backlash.

Cloudy morning sun and Ji Changxin so is why formidable in Nine- Crown Mage. The reason is very simple, is within each of them can display three different forms of intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. But thinks Yin Zhaorong and Shangguan Yinkong as well as water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud these supreme powerhouses, only then displays an intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill ability. Do not despise these and three differences. Three intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, different shapes. When a group attacks Ultra Certain Kill Skill to meet single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, finally can be imagined. Therefore, in situation unless it is absolutely essential, no one will provoke Ji Changxin and cloudy morning sun such apex supreme powerhouse.

Only then Ji Changxin knows. Intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill that cloudy morning sun can display is not three, but is four is right. Moreover magic power of cloudy morning sun, has achieved Level 96. In an numerous supreme powerhouse strongest one, in the present six supreme powerhouses, is only one can the long-term usage two intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill people. Therefore Ji Changxin has scruples to him.

At present, in the midair, the day evil released to be the intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill terrifying aura unexpectedly, can six supreme powerhouses not startled? Almost is at the same time, they have made the different responses.

Ji Changxin jumps, falls after Shangguan recited memorized, both hands hug in the wife waist, the sinking sound greatly drink, "Yin-Yang rotated, absolute defense."

Acme magic power that the Nine-Crown powerhouse can display almost releases at the same time to Mr. and Mrs. Earth department from this, pinnacle Yang Earth adds on pinnacle Yin Earth, terrifying magic power raises fully, forms giant light to cover the fast spread.

The defense that two big supreme powerhouse Yin-Yang attribute coordination bloom, the might can be imagined, the dazzling golden light forms a huge barrier, not only has blocked Mage Guild here Mages, distantly protects including the following diamond regiment direction. However, Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong complexion is very ugly. They collaborate the defense under arrange/cloth, can say that presents nobody to break through. But if that in having the situation of enough time. Even if the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse wants to release to prevent the defense of Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank, requires the massive time to prepare. But reason that the scroll the terrifying , because any skill starts through the magic skill scroll is instantaneous. Therefore, the absolute defense under their this time arrange/cloth is not necessarily able to block intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill that scroll releases. Perhaps we, not far away diamond regiment, as before must suffer not the small loss particularly. Mage Guild here Mages is not the fool, one by one also release fast own skill defends.

Ji cloud Sheng drinks loud greatly. Has issued the order that collaborates to defend to the diamond regiment. But this all and compared with the magic skill scroll release rate, wants on a slow racket.

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister are feeling simultaneously almost instantaneously to jump incorrect, their goal airborne days are evil. Once intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill erupts, they must do, first protects Ji Dong. At this moment, they could not give a thought to the victory and loss of this fight.

Another side, the collaboration defense of water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud has also released, these two supreme powerhouses are the heart like the dying embers. First did not say the precious degree of Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll, this skill made Mage Guild and diamond regiment presents the loss, the opposite party is will not let off absolutely their. The anger of four supreme powerhouses, sufficiently destroy them and magic skill Trade unions thoroughly.

This all, the matter that after fifty Saint Fire Dragon brings Ji Dong to charge into the day is evil has.

The day saw evilly Ji Dong to/clashes, on the face the look became extremely fierce. Doesn't he possibly leave behind the subsequent hand to himself? The right hand goes all out pours into to scroll magic power, the left hand flings, final three prepare the good scroll simultaneously to fly toward Ji Dong. Three formidable skills in airborne bloom instantaneously.

These three energy conservation separately are Ninth Water department, Seventh Metal department and Fifth Earth department. The Ninth Water department scroll, is that 99 cold ice lances, Seventh Metal department is in deep sorrow, Fifth Earth department is at top speed. The skills of three Certain Kill Skill ranks also release, although cannot complement one another. But their striking power are without a doubt. Day evil goal do not defeat Ji Dong through these three scrolls, so long as Ji Dong resists the attacks of these three scrolls, his Ultra Certain Kill Skill has released. Arrived that time, anybody is unable to reverse the eruption of this skill.

"Ji Dong. Quick retreat."Cloudy morning sun almost bellows is shouting makes noise, since this is he shouting that leaps from the ground simultaneously sends out. The strength of cloudy morning sun is formidable, although he prevents Ultra Certain Kill Skill to release without enough time, but after the Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll releases, will have short one second of magic power burst time, in this time, he has the absolute assurance to prevent in Ji Dong and day evil, protects own disciple grandson.

However, Ji Dong has not retroceded, starts to accelerate the time from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, he had set firm resolve. Ji Dong is one never hopes that holds the person the destiny junction in other people hand. He has strong control desire to himself. Facing scroll magic skill that three bloom outrageously. He has not gone to resist. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon two big ends simultaneously fling. Two bright rays also emit from their mouth, pours into to the Ji Dong body. Stimulates to movement Ji Dong to be together ordinary just like the gold/metal black dual-color lightning, the front surface has hit toward three Certain Kill Skill.

Shoulders three Certain Kill Skill by the strength of physical body hardly? Day evil corners of the mouth place has revealed the cruel happy expression, he can feel clearly, the scroll in oneself right hand must be stimulated immediately.

However, the smiling face of his corners of the mouth completely is stiff in the next moment. He cannot believe that at present sees.

Three Certain Kill Skill, flying what is quickest is Fifth Earth department at top speed. That is dozens giant rocks, is having rushing the bombardment of Fifth Earth department energy launch.

Saw, Ji Dong must collide with them, suddenly, sees only the body of Ji Dong in airborne to dodge instantaneously, is similar to the sea-monster is unexpectedly ordinary, stiffly drilled from the crevice, body and skill one wrong, passed over gently and swiftly directly at top speed.

Ji Dong is very clear, oneself cannot resist present Certain Kill Skill with magic skill, otherwise, before the reacting force will make his, surely to/clashes to stop, even if the stop of moment, was fatal at this time. Under the huge pressure, the Ji Dong potential was almost stimulated completely, the body just slightly crossed that Shi Qun at top speed, another two Certain Kill Skill have followed on somebody's heels.

Adds on 99 cold ice lances in deep sorrow, the density of attack is extremely formidable, but Ji Dong has restrained the back pair of wings at this time completely, before the whole person looks like a sea-monster lightning leaps up, wormed one's way into toward that two Certain Kill Skill center directly.

His body is swinging in unceasing slight, is adjusting own body angle, the fire of soul ascends in within the body fiercely, the psychic force promoted the unprecedented degree, spreadability attack that two Certain Kill Skill composed like a map by fire of scanning soul, brand mark in his mind. The intensive attack must be divided the priority, in Ji Dong that fierce swinging, before the both hands extends, blazing magic power fluctuates in the fingertip, facing the attack, he can always flash through the sharpest place. Has slid from side, the one by one ice lance and metal arrow, almost paste his body to slide, even also exudes the grating fricative with Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor. These move the Ji Dong body, can only cut his clothes, was actually opened by his tenacious skin direct ball, but, regardless of the Ji Dong movement is quick, he faces after all is two Certain Kill Skill, after he thoroughly, along with the crowdedness of attack, is unable to dodge finally again.

Double fire hovering law behind is lightening, grating dragon recited, the snake whining noise almost simultaneously to erupt from him, six dragon six snakes, the comprehensive release of being outspoken, did not shell toward front outrageously, but simultaneously shot toward the surrounding direction electricity.

Each coordinated process and snake, are bringing unequalled pinnacle magic power, their ascension, without a doubt, stir the powder magic power in air fiercely. This was Ji Dong already thought the good countermeasure. Drew back 10,000 steps saying that if he prevented the match to release Certain Kill Skill without enough time, oneself can also release Sun and Moon Yin-Yang to resist by these six dragon six snakes as far as possible. Under the functions of six dragon six snakes, magic power that two Certain Kill Skill contained disintegrates, did not have the support of magic power, they could not constitute the power to injure. But Ji Dong also that stiffly hit to lose the power ice lance and metal arrow directly flushed.

The Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll in day evil hand must release on the difference point last successfully, at this moment, he magic power will again have poured into toward the scroll in completely, he has even prepared for from is captured nucleus of life by Ji Dong that on Ultra Certain Kill Skill swallows.

The climax peak, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket

Chapter 247: Blocks, incantation to kill and settle down

In day evil thought wild with joy, he must succeed. Said long. The free time who actually this entire process is just blinking occurred, he is staking everything on a single throw of the dice, after flinging that three scrolls, he cannot carry on all forms of attack or the defense.

Became. Soon will pour into the scroll in day evil last magic power, completes this Ultra Certain Kill Skill flash, suddenly, a solid palm has actually pinched, in his is grasping above the wrist/skill of scroll.

A kacha resounding, in the dazzling golden flame, the day evil wrist/skill was broken stiffly, the last magic power of meridians as well as that output in wrist/skill, completely cut off by this only sudden hand. When Ji Dong does not allow to send in the middle finally rushed.

Angry, the hatred, already made our tyrants bristle with anger. The right hand slides to below, scroll fell into the Ji Dong hand. Feels terrifying magic power that scroll embodiment is containing, in Ji Dong heart fear. Directly its income to own Vermilion Bird bracelet. Simultaneously before the body to/clashes, a fist already pounding ruthlessly on day evil chest. Blazing golden flame also erupts.

Meanwhile, lost Ji Dong of set forward force, the both feet has layer on layer trod on emerald lizard Dragon King, the back pair of wings whipped fully, with the aid of the strength of this fist, stiffly had the day to leave dragon back evilly. After following closely Ji Dong. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon arrived, the one who already lost the fighting spirit also to receive the heavy losses Rank 9 emerald lizard Dragon King to face is the fifty Saint Fire Dragon anger.

The golden color starts, the black connection, gold/metal black dual- color, from the sky interweaves, six twinkles, five times thunder, terrifying dual-color light beams are getting more and more intense, each light beam be together bigger than on, the close combat fight, is Ji Dong most excels. His each palm, each fist, does not have slightest bit magic power to overflow, that strong dual-color light beam, bursts out from day evil within the body completely.

Six heavy incantations kill, do not have an omission, pounded completely evilly in the day, let alone he did not have the armor, even if were he also puts on the armor not to be impossible to resist this completely by extinguishing the god strikes six heavy incantations that the situation rumbled to kill!

The First Wood department magic power source was been broken by the direct bang, when that last light beam from the sky erupts, the day has not exuded evilly even one including the pitiful yell, changed into the flying ash in the midair.

Facing this ruthless does not hesitate to release scroll Ultra Certain Kill Skill spicily, will nearly set at itself in the deathtrap enemy, Ji Dong will not have the slightest bit to spare. The palm searches, Eight-Crown Crystal Crown with that gambling Jordan , China the jade of that day, simultaneously by Ji Dong from day evilly in the fireball has fished.

When he when returning to the body looks at fifty Saint Fire Dragon that side fight, sees. Was ripped the fragment by nine dragon claw stiffly emerald lizard Dragon King.

Rank 8 Pinnacle Two Fires of fifty Saint Fire Dragon terrifying, to the match any opportunity, emerald lizard Dragon King has not linked a complete meat not to remain. Those who most made Ji Dong not know whether to laugh or cry, after emerald lizard Dragon King was struck killed is broken that crystal core that the head took out to fall in the Maotai hand, Maotai lifted oneself white dragon claw very much magnanimous, sent in that Rank 9 crystal core oneself mouth, kacha, bit two halves, has thrown into the mouth of Wuliangye half.

This is not does the unnecessary. Different, but your bodies same, who eats is different? The Wuliangye very satisfactory specific use has rubbed rubbing on Maotai actually, priceless Rank 9 crystal core such was given to divide by them. Naturally, regarding this Ji Dong will not love dearly.

Six make the attack and defense fully condition the supreme powerhouses somewhat are in a daze, when Ji Dong day evil bang sky, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong arrived, but to that time, they have not needed to meddle again. Saw that Ji Dong kills by six heavy incantations that he originally creates that Eight-Crown powerhouse second falls. Even if they, has a carefree dripping feeling. No one has thought, the final result so, that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll, finally cannot release unexpectedly.

Ji Dong slightly panting somewhat. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon arrived under his body voluntarily, becomes picks up his body, in sky proud is hovering, what strange is, it has clearly torn into shreds emerald lizard Dragon King with nine claws, but also has eaten others crystal core, on the form fitting has not actually contaminated on the least bit blood stain. In sharp contrast as before. That formerly six dragon six snakes that helped Ji Dong scatter scroll attack also in abundance flew back given fire of soul, integrated in Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown.

The danger relieves, Mage Guild, although these Six-Crown above Mage ages are not small, but cannot bear at this time happy makes noise. Fu Rui has wielded the fist ruthlessly, "great."

Must know, not only Ji Dong achieved the success of this essential number, life apply carbon who avoided that intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill release causing. At least the people of diamond regiment absolutely must thank him, even if under the defense that Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong collaborate, because is hasty, they also surely must have the personnel casualty.

Saw that flies the sky to prepare to rescue own Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, Ji Dong hurrying makes fifty Saint Fire Dragon move forward to meet somebody, respectfully said: "Disciple good fortune does not fail in one's mission."He to himself is actually not too satisfied, after all released storage dragon snake magic power. Naturally, this is also variable that because that final Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll brings. After this war ended, by fierce, flame double sword, Ji Dong strength already on again a stair.

Even if cloudy morning sun that always in the facial features of widow who does not remarry, at this time also reveals a light smile, to Ji Dong nodded, is very good, four years that "you do have not left uncultivated, walk, get down along with me. Do not take back your mount."

The cloudy morning sun voice has not fallen. Huge red form broke in airborne, arrived in front of fifty Saint Fire Dragon directly, is the magic beast partner in cloudy morning sun, the Fire Dragon king.

Fire Dragon king that pair of bright big eyes has been full of the sentiment at this time, the body strong fire attribute magic power uncontrolled drastic fluctuation, is gazing at fifty Saint Fire Dragon under Ji Dong body, the breath is emitting, trembling sound said: "Child, child. "

Maotai and Wuliangye have simultaneously gawked, some doubts and puzzled looks that at present this build also wants huge many Fire Dragon compared with them, somewhat is obviously vigilant. However, after they gaze at the vision of Fire Dragon king, vanishes vigilantly gradually, somewhat is in a daze slightly.

"Child?"Ji Dong surprised looks at northward morning sun.

On the cloudy morning sun face reveals disappointed, "Ji Dong, is your this mount from where? My old friend said, this is her child." Listened to a cloudy morning sun such saying, Ji Dong to understand, in the heart the secretly thought, so will not be skillful. However, if Maotai and Wuliangye had found mother, he will only feel for them happy.

"My partner truly comes by a Fire Dragon evolution. The Fire Dragon king senior, are they really your child?"Ji Dong follows cloudy morning sun, although has practiced for one year. Actually little sees the Fire Dragon king, more is Teng Snake in the same place, therefore and this Rank 10 peak magic beast is not too familiar.

The voice of Fire Dragon king was still shivering, "child, child. "

In Maotai and Wuliangye mouth send out the low roar, the doubts in eye are replaced by the warmth gradually, regardless of their variation is big, its source from the bloodlines of Fire Dragon king, the aura of bloodlines will not admit mistakes after all. The thick motherhood that on the Fire Dragon king sends out, making in their hearts have the strong emotion to fluctuate gradually.

Fire Dragon king as if sleep talking say/way: "Millenniums ago, I have given birth to the child. In short gap that in going out to hunt . The rebel of iced Snow Dragon clan, that mean and shameless Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost sneak attack, has abducted my child. In 1000, I looked for my child fully in 1000. I will not misread, certainly will not misread."

Ji Dong nodded, "you have not misread, it is your child. Because, initially we snatched them from the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost hand. Since because many years have come under the cold air influence of Wind and Frost, the source is damaged. Therefore we help them remove the cold air thus with various methods to evolve. Maotai and Wuliangye, this is your mothers!"

Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon soul is connected, regarding his words, fifty Saint Fire Dragon will not have the slightest bit suspicion, the doubts in eye were substituted by blazing completely, Ji Dong opens the back pair of wings, flew voluntarily, fifty Saint Fire Dragon slightly hesitant, their bodies had been opened Fire Dragon king Jinjin who the giant pair of wings throws to grasp.

The smiling face on cloudy morning sun face was richer, "old friend, I was really happy for you. You had finally found your child."

Yin Zhaorong said with a smile: "Makes their mother and daughter first intimate intimately. However speaks the truth, Little Dongdong this magic beast partner may not have a point image your old friend."

Cloudy morning sun vision brilliant looks to Ji Dong, said: "This must ask him."

Ji Dong scratched the head, he cannot say, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is because the memory of his previous generation turned into present this appearance, muttered: "I do not know what's the matter."Without permission of Lie Yan (raging flames), he will not say the matter of earth core world.

Cloudy toward way of yang: "First gets down. After having solved the matters of two big guilds, said again is not late."

Three people of floating bodies fall to the ground, at this time, a Mage Guild side completely immersed in the cheers, but that side magic skill guild, then has been quietly. The sitting of water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud delay carries on the back in own mount, they do not know that should say anything is good. Day evil death, they have not felt any regretted, even also rejoiced. Once that Certain Kill Skill erupts, then, a Mage Guild side also will certainly retaliate fully. After he gives the scroll day was evil, a moment ago this competition already no longer fair. May be this, actually as before lost, what can he also be able to say?

"Good grandson. Come, making the profound grandmother have a look."On Shangguan Yinkong face is revealing the gentle smiling face, beckons to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong opens the pair of wings, flew above Dihuang Giant Dragon top of the head, arrived in front of Shangguan Yinkong. "Hello, profound grandmother."

Shangguan Yinkong said with a smile: "Good child, from you, I to see an equal king lineage/vein future. Hey, haven't you dropped?"Latter a few words were behind also hug her Ji Changxin to say to her.

Ji Changxin old face one red, after all is in front of these many juniors, has the heart to be unwilling, sentiment does not hope, has let loose the hand resentfully.

Shangguan Yinkong said: "Ji Dong, you arrive first rest at the same time, after the profound grandmother has solved the present matter, then narrated with you."

Ji Dong nodded, the glide, falls side Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal.

Lie Yan (raging flames) extends the right hand, holds on the hand of Ji Dong, her interesting to listen to sound conveys from the cape, "Ji Dong, I and gold/metal returned to the earth core world first, here was your friend and family member, you required the time to process. You and my matter can tell them. Does not need scruples anything. Regardless of after you , the choice keeps side them, is other anything, I will not blame you."

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I......"Ji Dong want to say anything, was actually lifted the hand by Lie Yan (raging flames) according to the lip.

"What was needless saying that could it be your regard I wasn't clear? You do not use awkwardly, Teng Snake originally has seen through my status, told them nothing. I hope that you can be happy. After handling all matters, comes earth core to look for me again."

Does not wait for Ji Dong to open the mouth again, the gentle red flower petal shape halo bloomed quietly, curls up Lie Yan (raging flames) and King's body, among the moment, baseless vanished.

Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal walked, in the Ji Dong heart has the intense sense of being lost and lonely immediately, he knows, Lie Yan (raging flames) feared completely oneself awkward such will do. She does not hope for oneself travel to give up the family member and friend with her in continent, besides losing, his in the heart has filled move at this time. Since no matter, Lie Yan (raging flames) has been thinking of him, pays for him silently. This also made him affirm Lie Yan (raging flames) was accepting own sentiment gradually.

Another side, Shangguan Yinkong ride Dihuang Giant Dragon has gone forward slowly, solemnly said: "Water bright moonlight, cold wind and cloud. Three games of two victories, two fought had finished, how did you say?"

The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud look at each other one, at this time settles down, his complexion instead became tranquil, "I lost. The people calculate that was inferior the day calculates. Had nothing to say. Starting today, the magic skill guild does not exist, all magic skill guilds are respective, merges into Mage Guild completely. Although I am not am a good person, but pledged that will abide. After going back, I give you magic skill guild immediately. However, the wind and cloud is my guest official of this invitation, she is not the person of magic skill guild, I after merge the magic skill guild and Mage Guild, will not remain."

His sound is very tranquil, but everyone on the scene as if can feel his heart in the drop blood. The magic skill guild several hundred years of base industry destroy in this generation of hands, destroyed above the greedy two characters, this time water bright moonlight, the mood could be imagined.

Cold wind and cloud vision circulation, gentle looks at the water bright moonlight, "bright moonlight, since the matter has been doomed, sees through. Recited the spatial disposition by Shangguan, certainly will kindly treat the magic skill guild to be respective."

Cloudy morning sun, Yin Zhaorong and Ji Changxin, arrived at side Shangguan Yinkong, in the vision of everyone is revealing the different rays. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Later has the book first time officially Tang gate call-up.

Chapter 248: You two come together

Cloudy toward way of yang: "The magic skill guild and Mage Guild merge. This is not a misdemeanor. It can be said that the prosperous times of our demon world. The water bright moonlight, I asked you, what initially was the magic skill guild tenable objective?"

Water bright moonlight look one cold, "cloudy morning sun, you little here resulted in cheaply have also shown off cleverness. Although I lost, but also has no need for you teaching."

Cloudy morning sun as if has not heard water bright moonlight words, lightly said: "The magic skill guild is also good, Mage Guild, the tenable goal only has one. That seeks the benefits for all Mage. Let Yin-Yang Mages have a own family/home, the platform of each other exchange, promoting Yin-Yang Mage this occupation to develop unceasingly. The water bright moonlight, you lost today, in numerous factors, most important one is because you deviated the track that the guild should follow. Greedy, desire and envy, these negative mood have hoodwinked your heart. If I have not misread, your magic power now is Level 91. After breaking through Nine-Crown, again does not have the little advance. could it be, haven't you come to understand?"

"Has sufficed, cloudy morning sun, you have no need to attack us again."cold Fengyun has also gotten angry, looks at cloudy morning sun. The complexion is quite bad.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "If you think that I am attacking you, I do not have the means. However, I can tell you am. Maintains at present such state of mind, you are forever impossible in the true sense become a supreme powerhouse, the attribute highest title that I for you obtain is shamed."

"You......"strong Water Element, almost simultaneously erupts from the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud. The magic skill guild lost, their moods have missed the extreme, at this time is listening to the provocation of cloudy morning sun, living that also where also endures patiently.

Ji Changxin knits the brows: "The morning sun brother, kills people not the excessive point place, ok."

Cloudy morning sun beckons with the hand, "you withdraw. The long letter brother, later you will understand."

Cloudy morning sun after appearing, all that does have succeeded, regarding his words, even if with also believes for the Ji long letter and Shangguan of Yinkong supreme powerhouse, as for Yin Zhaorong say nothing. Cloudy morning sun for her, is the sworn elder brother like the father sentiment, the age be older on is 20 years old than her. Regardless of Yin Zhaorong strength strong, age to big, before the Big Brother, she forever likely is a little girl, naturally cannot disobey the meaning of cloudy morning sun.

Three big supreme retrocede slowly, only remaining cloudy morning sun people stand there with opposite two Water department supreme relative, moreover this time he, but also does not have the help of Fire Dragon king. Sees the separate many years of children, in Fire Dragon king heart could not accommodate other.

Water department two big supreme. After the gods , the crown launching bright moonlight, ascends under the bright crown the cold wind and cloud, is riding their Snow and Ice Giant Dragon respectively and ices Giant Dragon coldly. Does not have Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun of magic beast partner facing one. From any perspective, they should get the absolute winning side to be right. But, is in such a case, they simply do not have the slightest bit to suppress the feeling of match, cloudy morning sun is only simple standing there, actually gives them a space underground conceited feeling.

Can's golden Yang Crown appears quietly above the cloudy morning sun top of the head, the Nine-Crown golden color flame brand mark as if lives to ascend generally unceasingly, on Crown Ring, three Half-Crown Star show him is reaching as high as Level 97 terrifying magic power. Without pressure that pinnacle Yang Fire has, he brings the propellant bright moonlight, the cold winds and clouds as well as that two Rank 10 Giant Dragon, completely is the oppression in mind.

At this moment, stands in the rear area, similarly has been remembered the voice of cloudy morning sun by the Ji Dong ear of this attraction at present suddenly, "sees clearly, the Nine-Crown Mage forms of combat are what kind. Will inspire to you."

In the Ji Dong heart with amazement, could it be said, Martial Ancestor can by a person of strength, challenge two supreme powerhouses to be inadequate? Moreover Water department two supreme powerhouses who repels one another with his attribute. Yin-Yang double water union, the strength how much multiple of opposite party increases sharply sufficiently!

A few words that then cloudy morning sun said that have shocked audience everyone. The tranquil gaze the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, his sound as before is being that faint, each character that but he said that is actually such earth-shaking, "you two come together."

Even if the strength and cloudy morning sun closest Ji long letter, at this time in the eye also reveals color/look with amazement, he cannot think, cloudy morning sun must challenge two big Water department supreme powerhouses by strength of the unexpectedly. He does not understand why cloudy morning sun must such do. The magic skill guild has defeated, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud also admitted the failure. Does this war, have to really either?

The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud look at each other one, two people saw the humiliation in the opposite party vision revealing, as the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, when have they withstood such insult? At the same time almost angrily roared, carries on the back to soar from own mount partner respectively, directly soaring stands there cloudy morning sun throws. They after all are the Nine-Crown powerhouses, by two pairs one, again has not added on own mount eventually. This is dignity issue. But in fact, even if has won by two pairs of them, will not have any excitement.

Two Water department just started supremely, Ji Dong of distant place saw the issue, because he discovered, cloudy morning sun, is the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, the body has not sent out any attribute intense magic power fluctuation. Feels, they look like One-Crown Mage of most foundation, is unable oneself magic power manifest. But, in their top of the head radiant Yin-Yang Crown fully is actually making clear to their that Nine-Crown terrifying strengths.

Why is this? Ji Dong is not clear, but cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight have been similar to two lightnings are common, arrive in front of cloudy morning sun respectively.

Does not need any exchange. Has the blood, can wash off their shames. The magic skill guild defeats, by cloudy morning sun by enemy two provocation, making these two Water department supreme powerhouses promote the limit own strength.

The body of water bright moonlight, from the sky is similar to a giant top fiercely is revolving, the rapidness of speed, made one unable to see clearly his form radically, although did not have any magic power fluctuation to release, but Ji Dong can actually feel clearly, this time water bright moonlight, like a giant vortex, can swallow all.

When cold Fengyun is in airborne, the body of whole person got up to the rear spring, the left hand back after behind, the right hand palm stands, lifts up high above the top of the head, the whole person looks like a handle giant battle axe, chops from spatial, but right hand that her lifts, is the axe blade of battle axe. A simplicity, complex, the Water department two supreme attacks, can say the coordination as wonderful as the summit. Their attacks, arrive completely at the same time. Attacks by the northward morning sun body separately.

Cloudy morning sun facing two people attacks, but the left leg steps forward slightly toward left half step, right hand, the racket to the cold wind and cloud, the left hand shakes, the big sleeve tucked, welcomes the vortex water bright moonlight. Even if by enemy two situations, he actually as before is that unflustered.

However, the attack of cloudy morning sun simultaneously is actually not conducted, seems, his both hands do not divide move successively. May in fact, have a sequencing with cold the contact of Fengyun, water bright moonlight as before. Although during this, Ji long letter look that minimal of differing, actually looks at concentrates.

The right hand of cloudy morning sun, patted the palm blade of cold wind and cloud directly directly, before two people contacted the flash, Ji Dong clear seeing, the palm blade of cold wind and cloud turned into the glittering and translucent carving purple, that clearly was pinnacle Tenth Water rich to the extreme phenomenon. But the right hand of cloudy morning sun seems actually that ordinary, any attribute color has not sent out.

These two hands of supreme powerhouses, contact in together, as if, not any magic power fluctuation production quietly, the flash of but in them contacting, everyone had the extremely strange feeling.

Because they discovered, oneself front air became twisted, the surrounding all could not see clearly again, but was in the air of this distortion, had engine knock gently. Not only this vibration air, earth and sky, even hangs continually in airborne Sun as if shivers in this vibration.

The second vibration is almost and first time is not divided production successively, that is the results that the vortex of sleeve and water bright moonlight of cloudy morning sun collides to produce together. This twice strange collision, has not produced any complementary waves of magic power collision, but the shake of that air, actually as if must make the soul of everyone be separated from outside the body. Air of distortion dazzling and intoxicating, can see clearly the both sides attack and defense effect truly, only then few several people. Ji Dong is one of them.

Is relying on the help of fire of soul, his eyesight penetrates that distortion the air, saw the both sides fight true situation. His surprised seeing, holds under blade to divide the right hand of cold wind and cloud and cloudy morning sun that collides unexpectedly chop in together, to fly, flew upside down several meters, her body from the sky turned over, as if could not control the declining tendency.

But another side, water bright moonlight the vortex, was selected by the cloudy morning sun left hand big sleeve front surface, the scene made one feel to shock, the water bright moonlight had not been shaken flies. But his personal appearance of that revolving actually under the sleeves of cloudy morning sun pulled out strike stiffly are stopped by pulling out, during the whole person as if fell into the short body to be stiff.

Ji Dong is very clear, three big supreme powerhouses do not seem like any magic power manifest the forms of combat, is actually more thrilling, they distinct already own magic power complete embodiment, will release in the flash of collision. He has not thought, cloudy morning sun by enemy two situations, actually can also come up to get the absolute winning side, is this what kind of strength? His match, may be the same to him, is two powerhouses of Nine-Crown ranks.

Ji Dong is startled, the cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight were panic-stricken to the extreme, in five elements, water subdues fire, two people were two pairs one, in their opinion, cloudy morning sun was even impossible to defend them to collaborate this to strike. However, genuine and cloudy morning sun collides in together, they understood under this Victorious Light crown formidable to what kind of degree.

What bearing the brunt is the cold wind and cloud, her sharp palm blade, condenses own magic power completely in the straight line of palm edge, pinnacle Tenth Water magic power looks like the cloudiest and coldest cold blade, even if a mountain peak, she can also sever completely. However, when her attack and cloudy morning sun collide in together, feels on, like cutting in a firm fortress of diamond casting, pinnacle Tenth Water magic power of that incomparable condensation cannot unexpectedly the little advance, moreover the next moment, she discovered with amazement, oneself pinnacle Tenth Water magic power is consuming in instantaneous seething with excitement unexpectedly large scale. A terrifying explosive force flashes to pass, is only that instantaneous eruption, does not have to fly vigorously, moreover that intense pinnacle Yang Fire that she who may resist shakes looks like the overwhelming great great waves is ordinary, shaking stiffly disperses pinnacle Tenth Water magic power that in her palm condensed, this time cold wind and cloud, the entire right arm is the fire burns the worn out and aching, cannot use the slightest bit strength.

The water bright moonlight is more uncomfortable than the cold wind and cloud, his strength compared with the cold wind and cloud must the strong last slightest bit, the body of that extreme twist, revolve slightly every time for one week, magic power in within the body will condense a point, both hands draw in the chest front, once sends out, is potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt.

Although the supreme powerhouse can display Ultra Certain Kill Skill, may in fact, when they in meeting with the level match, is impossible to display Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Even if the strength of Nine-Crown rank, wants to display an attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank, at least needs to gather strength over one second, one second seems very short, may regarding Nine-Crown Mage, kill one match dozens times sufficiently. Therefore, when the showdown between supreme powerhouses, instead not like former Ji Dong and day evil fight enchanting, their fights become simpler direct, is most bad risk. It is not good, so long as were hit with other level match, likely is the result of destruction.

Cloudy morning sun that sleeve pulls out, seems very simple, welcomed the water bright moonlight revolving direction to pull out reverse strikes, stiffly pulled out his revolving stopped. May in fact, be able to achieve this point, first did not say magic power of cloudy morning sun is tyrannical, only to the time and position assurance, the control to own magic power, as well as in magic power distributed the strong and weak judgment to water bright moonlight revolving, was in the subtle situation.

The water bright moonlight only thought oneself are condensing extremely, momentarily can erupt to launch the powerful attack pinnacle Ninth Water, pulled out to break by this sleeve unexpectedly stiffly. magic power condenses is blocked, even if he as the Ninth Water department supreme powerhouse, uncomfortable wants to spit blood. Moreover those who most made him unable to understand, after magic power that his condensed was selected, he wanted to erupt is unable to succeed. Looked like the muscle shut off, lost to the relation and control of muscle.

The cold wind and cloud was repelled, water bright moonlight hit deciding there, at this moment, quite therefore a water bright moonlight person is facing cloudy morning sun, because magic power condenses is broken, his body also presented the sluggishness of moment. At this moment, he only thought that oneself body looked like the dislocation generally, all already not during oneself controlled, under the fight rhythm pulled out by the sleeves of cloudy morning sun strikes nothing left. In his heart, had the dilutedness unexpectedly.

The Tang gate partners of hero, making us continue male, sixth at present. Clash/To! Asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 249: Adjusted? Comes again one time

A chill in the air of deathly stillness surges from the bottom of the heart. Breaks in the brain instantaneously, the pupil of water bright moonlight enlarges instantaneously, because of his clear seeing, simultaneously faces him with cold wind and cloud attack cloudy morning sun, after repels separately resists two people to attack, unexpectedly has not had the slightest bit the sluggishness, seems he is only the right hand ejects left Xiu to brandish, at this time the body takes advantage of somebody's authority half revolution, that struck the flying cold wind and cloud the right hand to arrive at the water bright moonlight top of the head.

The water bright moonlight after all is the Nine-Crown powerhouse, faced with the moment of this life and death, he spells to try not to hesitate within the body meridians to be damaged, both hands on hold fully, changes into the colorless transparent palm completely, finally at the final moment has blocked cloudy morning sun this palm.

However, is this palm, the water bright moonlight whole person changed. First is his pair of transparent palm. Transparent magic power, is the pinnacle Ninth Water characteristics, Ninth Water magic power is the black, but pinnacle Ninth Water actually likely is the genuine water, changes into colorless transparent. But, at this time double palm to single palm. After the resistance, the both hands of water bright moonlight from turned into the golden color unexpectedly transparently, is representing the pinnacle Yang Fire golden color. Moreover this golden color almost passes to above his arm instantaneously, his sleeves in changed into the flying ash in an instant, knows the shoulder position, forced to keep off. Incessantly so, the water bright moonlight whole person looks like nail, by cloudy morning sun this palm racket stiffly into underground, below the chest, submerges in the ground completely, the complexion turned into the flushed of difference.

This, is this Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse? Ji Dong dumbfounded looks has one that at present, since recognizing cloudy morning sun is Martial Ancestor, he has not seen this Martial Ancestor to begin is any appearance, at this time saw truly, he understands why all people dread this Martial Ancestor, even if that profound ancestor is respectful to him. This is the strength, true terrifying strength. Similarly is Nine-Crown Mage, is only a free time of putting in an appearance, two attributes must restrain the matches in cloudy morning sun to be shaken by his one unexpectedly fly, pats into underground, this is what kind of strength.

"Bright moonlight."Cold wind and cloud loudly shouted, her body just stabilized, whole person in airborne instantaneous stop, after the both feet treads, the air as if presented a air/Qi wall, returns to her body rebound. Directly soars cloudy morning sun to shoot, person is in the midair, the cold wind cloud top top/withstand that formidable Nine-Crown Yin Crown to change into together the purple light, integrates in her palm instantaneously, the five fingers separate, becomes the claw, directly soars above the cloudy morning sun top of the head to grasp. The people in airborne change the direction instantaneously, the opposite direction accelerates instantaneously, this perhaps also only then the supreme powerhouse can achieve, the air looks like part of their body resembles.

Enters the attack Yin-Yang Crown thorough, regarding Mage, such consumption without doubt is biggest, when the method is goes all out to use. cold Fengyun has to such do, because she can feel clearly, so long as cloudy morning sun makes up again, the water bright moonlight ended. She must rescue the water bright moonlight, first did not say among two people the friendship, if the water bright moonlight were struck to kill by cloudy morning sun, she cannot flatter absolutely. Truly after cloudy morning sun, she also understands under this Victorious Light crown the formidable degree. Now only opportunity regarding her and water bright moonlight, is two people can collaborate, achieves the Yin-Yang double water combination skill effect.

Facing attack that the cold wind and cloud nearly stakes everything on a single throw of the dice, cloudy morning sun as if does not care at all, he as before is such calm, head Yang Crown has not even had any magic power fluctuation change, the right hand lifts to make a simple make the blood boil below to divide the movement. On his palm does not have any magic power to change, can only see the air current fluctuation of air distortion indistinctly.

Cold wind and cloud fully a claw, happen to and right palm of cloudy morning sun touches in the same place, Ji Dong even can clear seeing, on the cold wind and cloud fingertip the strong clear purple unexpectedly be similar to the snow and ice ablation, in she points on removes, the next moment, her whole person looks like a stone, along with the whereabouts of cloudy morning sun right palm, by pounding stiffly on the ground. Right, pounded on the ground. The body falls into the ground completely.

The collision of both sides, from start to finishing, altogether only had four times . Moreover, cloudy morning sun completely in defense, did not divide successively after the god the crown launching bright moonlight, ascended the attack and defense transformation that under the bright crown the cold wind and cloud carried on. His both feet has not even left same place.

Four collisions, the air four distortions fluctuate, when most people can see clearly at present when all, three supreme powerhouses, are standing on only remaining cloudy morning sun one people.

Cloudy morning sun has not followed the attack, destroys these two supreme powerhouses in the hand, after a palm the cold wind and cloud smashes into the ground, he received the hand. The double back of the hand after behind, the complexion as before is that indifferent, as if formerly simply anything had not occurred.

The silent, absolute silence, cloudy morning sun is very indifferent, but before his body , the situation of having told all people finally. Below the water bright moonlight chest submerges in soil completely, the both arms also high hold up, looked like makes went to movement, red that the face rose, was spelling to try to melt is capturing pinnacle Yang Fire magic power in within the body. In situation that the attribute repels one another, he is unable to work loose unexpectedly as before.

The cold wind and cloud is more pitiful, was smashed into the ground directly, but also before making the right hand , the movement of claw, this is not two average people, but is two Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses, has under the supreme crown of attribute title!

Fight, free time but who is several blinking, they turned into so the appearance, but instigator cloudy morning sun actually stands there well, is anything has not occurred likely. Let alone is ordinary Mages, even if with also looked to stay for the Ji long letter and Shangguan of Yinkong supreme powerhouse. In their hearts thought that if trades to do is oneself, finally will be what kind of?

Although Ji Changxin knows that cloudy morning sun is formidable. But his magic power has also achieved Level 96, he has believed, oneself and cloudy morning sun only has a difference. However, he can also see clearly a moment ago this fight a few individual one, at this time he is clear, oneself and disparity in cloudy morning sun, early is not one, but is the insurmountable gap. Trades itself to come up, perhaps also supports several. In magic power of cloudy morning sun, is containing a mysterious strength, that completely is another realm. For 50 years, cloudy morning sun presented least supreme powerhouses on continent, but present he, completely has actually been in the lead in other people. Ji Chang believes to feel faintly, perhaps at present under this Victorious Light crown could be considered as on is the Light Five Elements Continent first powerhouse. No wonder he will choose by an enemy two, no wonder from beginning to end he is that calm calm. This is the strength, true strength is the result!

The cloudy morning sun right foot treads in the ground lightly, whiz whiz two, sneak the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud in ground shaken flew, when two people fall, is nothing more or less, the place ten meters away in distance cloudy morning sun shoulder to shoulder stands. Distressed, can only with the distress describe that these two Water department supreme powerhouses, the water bright moonlight did not have two arm sleeves, scarlet luo the lanky arm, the cold wind and cloud is being a female, cloudy morning sun is also shows mercy, has not destroyed her clothes, but that dirty appearance also compared with water bright moonlight very many.

Visits two people, is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "In your present hearts was certainly regretting, regretted to despise me. Without one comes up to collaborate to launch attack, achieves the Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill effect, was defeated by superior magic power by me one by one, yes."

Until at this moment, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud gradually compels pinnacle Yang Fire in intrusive mass, two people know, oneself in life and death online, at that moment, cloudy morning sun only had needed a moment ago to shoot the ball finger, can solve their life, even a sediment will not stay behind.

Cloudy morning sun takes to their shocking, absolute subversive, they have not thought that after achieving the Nine-Crown rank, oneself will also lose such miserable. The contact of everyone and cloudy morning sun is only skillful, is that simple twice contact, they have actually collapsed completely.

Words of cloudy morning sun. At this time in water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud heart thinks, they had the brand-new understanding regarding the strength of cloudy morning sun, but is this, they do not believe that if two people collaborate the meeting unable to defeat cloudy morning sun fully. After all, Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill of supreme powerhouse rank, that absolutely is the promotion of strength how much multiple, cloudy morning sun again strong, he also only has a person, species.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "Your ideas I can understand.
Like this, I give you ten minutes, adjusted, came one time again." Adjusted, came again one time? The simple eight characters, likely are eight handle pointed knives are ordinary, has inserted the heart of cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight ruthlessly, their dignity as if thoroughly were crushed by these eight characters in this moment, is a mass of cuts and bruises. Their complexions, because angrily becomes extremely ugly.

Cloudy morning sun is as before faint, ", if you own mood is unstabilized, then, even came a time necessity not to have continually again. You cannot go out of three moves in my hands as before."

Almost is exhausts the whole body strength, water bright moonlight took a deep breath, stiffly the humiliation and anger in heart has pressed, the complexion is gradually tranquil. Although each few words of cloudy morning sun likely are blow the bone steel knife to stimulate them generally, but he said after all right. If in the mood not steady situation, they will not have the opportunity.

Mage Guild, is Mages of magic skill guild, went to at present this war the vision at this moment, as Mage, can be said as each of them's goal regarding the pursue of strength, the fight between Nine-Crown powerhouses, regarding them, is opens oneself to cultivate the key of front door, such fight, will make each of them little detour in the future cultivation without doubt. The situation of therefore, even if before being, is unable to see clearly the fight, they also with total concentration can feel several points in hope.

After Mage Guild won excited this time to vanish, the shame of magic skill guild failure seemed not , the cloudy morning sun and water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud war, making them have a feeling. In the face of the absolute strength, what was authority considered as?

Strength of the, can defeat two supreme powerhouses, if cloudy morning sun thinks, he even can easily quell the magic skill guild, even is Mage Guild. In this world also what he is unable to obtain?

Mages that although cloudy morning sun has not observed to these spoke a few words, but he was telling these Mage with oneself motion, was Yin- Yang Mage, truly what should do was anything. Not regarding the pursue of authority, but how to promote the strength, one day can have by oneself like him the strength.

The look of everyone became has shone, realized that deepest, must be Ji Changxin, Shangguan Yinkong, Ji Dong, Fu Rui these either is the supreme powerhouse, either was the innately gifted pinnacle magic power owner. Formerly that simple fight, made them see many things. Also understood many things.

Ten minutes is not long, it can be said that is written in water, regarding having the supreme powerhouse of formidable magic power resilience, ten minutes, made the cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight sufficiently restore to the optimum condition. Not only in the strength, their spirits also become the incomparable condensation. The true experience crossed the strength of cloudy morning sun, this time, they will not be negligent.

The left hand of right hand and water bright moonlight of cold wind and cloud grasps in the same place, that moment when their both hands grasp, two people imposing manners immediately became entirely different, nearly broad imposing manner also bloomed from them, as if they were having the source of infinite water sea at this moment, likely was all rivers sources glaciers. Mist of misty white the grasping place fills the air from two people both hands slowly, formerly distress, as if completely changed in this moment.

Also is sideways, each other another hand of relative, cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight has also grasped in the same place, lifts, points at cloudy morning sun, in an instant, a diameter both hands place electricity that only then half foot white light grasps from them shoots, directly soars the cloudy morning sun chest to go.

Ji Dong stared wide-eyed, as Yin-Yang dual attribute Mage, how he definitely is unable to imagine at this time two Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses combination skill that collaborates to output is the effect. He is not clear, why the Yin-Yang double water in the Nine-Crown rank pinnacle magic power situation unifies, will turn into the sole white, but is not the purple and transparent coils around mutually. Will change into coal dual-color like his pinnacle cloudy Yang Fire.

But he can actually guess correctly faintly, this is the genuine Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill pinnacle, facing cloudy morning sun, they must whole-heartedly. Only then routs cloudy morning sun thoroughly, the shame that they formerly received can be scrubbed. At this moment, the water bright moonlight cold wind and cloud, on the face is revealing look resolutely, their magic power sources completely have even merged into one organic whole. In them behind, is symbolizing Ninth Water department Totem Heavenly Empress (day later), is symbolizing the Tenth Water department Totem Black Tortoise, incomparably clear float in them behind, Heavenly Empress (day later) stands in Black Tortoise carries on the back, looks like Mage ride own mount magic beast.

Small three are very affected, one time garners votes, short day of time, we from falling behind the sixth several hundred tickets to making vigorous efforts to catch up, the victory at present, this process are really making small three one's blood bubbles up to the brim, the symbol became has the power. Thank you, was our Tang gate formidable cohesive force has given small three these, at the end of the month final several days, making us initiate the group charge of Tang portal type. For this month sixth, for a next month better noun , to continue to attack. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. Many thanks everybody.

Chapter 250: Refers to the day delimiting, Chaos Fire

Float colors in two big Totem Heavenly Empress (day later) and Black Tortoise behind water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud. magic power that also outputs with two big supreme powerhouses is the same, is the white. This is complete Yin-Yang double water combination skill, perfect integration in the true sense. That is together deep the white light, as if must shoot through the world to be ordinary, is not quick, even somewhat slow shoots the northward morning sun chest front.

The complexion of cloudy morning sun somewhat is slightly dignified, his left hand first lifts, the palm outward, this time, his palm color finally changed, can clear seeing, the Third Fire department Totem Vermilion Bird light shadow condense behind him, golden Yang Crown on top of the head also changes into the golden light to integrate in the palm together. Facing Water department two big supreme collaborations, under this Victorious Light crown used finally fully.

Gold/Metal misty brilliance condenses in palm, when that white photoemission to, a left hand brace of cloudy morning sun, has blocked the attack of that white light outward. However, in this moment, around his body ascended rich white mist, on the entire azure prairie, the temperature plummets at the terrifying speed. The green grass in ground. Changes into ice thorns to scatter in all directions the spread by the radiating. Very obviously, this is cloudy morning sun is unable to resist the Yin-Yang double water fusion technique comprehensive attack completely the magic power effect, causing magic power manifest to be the result. Do not despise that simple white light, although is the simplest magic power attack, but if must weigh with the skill, this has surmounted existence of intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill completely, entered high- level Ultra Certain Kill Skill realm.

However, cloudy morning sun has blocked after all, standing of his both feet stability there, the look on face does not have the slightest bit to change as before, his left hand, looks like at the same time the firm shield, keeps off in the chest front.

In the midair, the Fire Dragon king stopped and intimacy of child, an item of band of light several points is worrying to go to the battlefield, dedicated look. At this moment, nobody can meddle during this fight. If who tries to meddle, disturbs this fight, under the internal combustion engine hauling, will inspire in the fight the attacks of three supreme powerhouses to concentrate the past immediately completely. This is anybody is unable to withstand. Even if Ji Chang believes the husband and wife to collaborate not to be good. Therefore, they can only look, can only wait, waits for the emergence of this fight final output.

Mage Guild or the person of magic skill guild, thought that cloudy morning sun as if played in a big way. He is truly formidable, perhaps in one-to-one situation, here does not have any supreme powerhouse to be able with him to contend. However, at this time he faces after all is the combination of Yin-Yang double water supreme powerhouse! He even arrogantly makes others perfect completes the fusion double water magic power, forms the strongest attack.

If this fight cloudy morning sun has defeated, even died, completely is his arrogance causes. Looks at that overflow the strong cold air, everyone can see, is exposed to the sun cloudy magic power, although is strong, is actually not enough to contend with Yin-Yang double water combination skill. If no miracle to occur, the failure is only the time issue.

Anything is the strength, true strength is the multiple factors composes, is not restricted in magic power merely. Also because of so, water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, in distinct has occupied in the winning side situation actually as before not to dare to have the least bit to relax, they know, if cloudy morning sun has the slightest bit panting opportunity, the result of this fight will possibly change. Especially when they saw when look that cloudy morning sun that as if will always not change, the output of magic power is more compact several points. The potential of person is infinite, under the huge pressure, is often easier to stimulate the potential. Without a doubt, cloudy morning sun takes to their pressure to be giant, even is terrifying. At this moment. The water bright moonlight cold wind and cloud, felt that the magic power unprecedented harmony, the integration approached in perfect infinitely.

May be this, cloudy morning sun Station actually still stabilizes there, whatever the external environment comes under the influence of pinnacle double water magic power, but his oneself actually as before is that static standing there, his body had not been affected by the slightest bit.

The left hand resists the attack, the right hand of cloudy morning sun actually in this was a focus of public attention to lift slowly, his movement was very slow, in the right hand that lifted has not condensed slightest bit magic power, was only that simple uphold, the right arm unbends, lifts above the top of the head. The right hand makes a fist, the index finger stretches out, directional horizon.

Sees here, suddenly, why does not know, the heart of Ji Dong beat fiercely, indistinct, he as if felt that anything, eyes stared in a big way.

The three supreme powerhouse this second confrontation, have not caused the distortion of air again, completely clear presents before everyone. The attention of all people also centralized above the right hand of cloudy morning sun, his two matches are no exception.

What does he want to make? This opportunity is in 99% person hearts wants to know. could it be, in this case, does his also ample force launch the attack?

The cloudy morning sun faint look had the change at this time finally, the gentle vision becomes the fine glow four shoots suddenly, even if were suppressed his water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud narrows both eyes, does not dare to look at each other with him. Also at this time. The right hand that cloudy morning sun that raises turned into the white suddenly, with front pinnacle double water magic power different white.

That is the shiny smooth indescribable one color, as if before is, white that the jade of that day Ji Dong obtains has, even is purer, clearer.

In everyone pupil contraction, wisp of inch permits tall white flame quietly lit on the cloudy morning sun right hand index finger fingertip. Without the fluctuation of any magic power, that white flame under the sunlight shines is not even obvious. However, flash when it presents, Ji Changxin, Shangguan Yinkong, Ji Dong, Fu Rui, cold Fengyun, the water bright moonlight actually simultaneously stared wide-eyed.

the next moment, cloudy morning sun has made a simplest movement, refers to the day delimiting, the right hand index finger, brings that small bunch of white flame floating to delimit to fall, delimits before that the white Yin-Yang double water combines magic power.

The time as if coagulated in this moment, in the world all also as if delimited to present the variation along with this finger/refers, output the attack the Yin-Yang double water to combine the magic power light beam unceasingly with the flash of that white flame contact, as if turned into an icicle, coagulated in the midair. the next moment, collapse.

Yes, collapses, is similar to a genuine icicle, when collapse that meeting the magma presented. That white ray decomposes into the little light white light, takes cloudy morning sun to resist the attack the left hand palm for the source. Goes toward the cold the direction collapse of wind and cloud and water bright moonlight. Almost is only time that several times breathe, arrived in front of them.

But that small bunch of white flame of cloudy morning sun fingertip beat, changes into flashes not to have just like the white silk thread common halo together.

The bang, this thunders the attack because of cloudy morning sun not to appear, but before because cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight , the Yin-Yang double water combination of that opposite sex mutual attraction turned into the opposite sex to repulse. Among two people the magic power arrangement has as if had the earth-shaking change, they each other output, fuse in together magic power, suddenly turned to the attack of opposite party. In that fierce bellow, their bodies respectively have been similar to the shell general rebound, departs dozens meters reluctantly to stabilize lives in own personal appearance.

The white flame of cloudy morning sun fingertip has been put out, he stands there as before. Has not left same place, his vision also four shot to return to normal from the fine glow.

The scene of complete silence appears above this azure prairies again, the facial expression of everyone splendidly extremely, but, no one is able to make the least bit sound.

After the gods , the crown launching bright moonlight, ascends under the bright crown the cold wind and cloud, under two big Water department supreme crowns collaboration Yin-Yang double water combination skill whole-heartedly, such was broken. In all people think in the situation that cloudy morning sun is unable to support was broken.

wa'ed, water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud almost simultaneously spout a blood, their imposing manners, are unable like formerly to merge into one organic whole again. Their injuries each other bring. From beginning to end, in this second competion, cloudy morning sun has not sent out any attack to them.

When the first war, they were routed with four collisions of cloudy morning sun under the heart also is unwilling and lucky, then, at this moment, under these two Water department supreme crowns insistence in heart also together collapsed along with their combination skill. Stands before them not far away Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, looks like mountain that is unable to overstep. Two pairs one, as before completely is not a match. Let alone is they, even if presents everyone unable to accept. Their mount Rank 10 Snow and Ice Giant Dragon and ices Giant Dragon coldly already standing of delay there, does not dare to have the slightest bit to move. Because they feel, cloudy morning sun as if will wave to destroy.

After shocking the certain extent, even nobody sent out to cheer, cloudy morning sun simple standing there, actually as if became the core between world.

The water bright moonlight seemed to be old in this moment for dozens years, on the face reveals a grief, "Chaos Fire, yes?"

Cloudy morning sun had not replied, but visits him silently.

Water bright moonlight nodded, "I understood, right that under the Victorious Light crown, you said that I truly have not been called the supreme qualifications with you. Must kill to blow entirely according to your convenience. However, the wind and cloud this time for helps me, please let off her. Let her leave."

The cold wind and cloud personal appearance flashes, arrived at side the water bright moonlight, "not. Bright moonlight. Since I came, has prepared for and you undertakes all together." Here, she transferred northward morning sun, the complexion ferocious severe say/way: "Cloudy morning sun, since you have such strength, decision all strengths, why must do what three games of two victories sufficiently, why can also so play jokes upon us? Kills people not the excessive point place, don't you fear by the retribution?"

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "Aren't you clear? You have not lost to me, but has lost to itself. Reason that I today by doing so, do not play jokes upon your anything, does not need to play jokes upon you. I hope, you can come to understand. Before I have said that your hearts by greedy, desire and envy, these negative mood hoodwinked. You have forgotten the Mage true pursue. Even if today and Mage Guild battle, you won. In the near future, you similarly will also move toward the destruction. If I want to kill you, what does not need to say with you, Nine-Crown, is all Mage long-awaited ranks, but, do you take this as the end point really? You wasted ascended the sky to your caring. What is the pursue of Nine-Crown Mage? Now I tell you answer, is the eternal life. The eternal life of to become Shengcheng god. Although my age is older than you, but, most only takes 100 years, you will change into the dust, but I, will keep in this world as before. The pursue of nonego, will only make you go astray. As Nine-Crown Mage, what are our responsibility? The strength is stronger, responsibility that shoulders is bigger, but does not use own strength to seek the interests."

Before, when cloudy morning sun said similar words, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud completely turn a deaf ear, in their ears, that radically was cloudy morning sun because of a Mage Guild side successfully to their ridiculing.

May at this moment, listen to cloudy morning sun again related, feelings in their heart had the subtle change. Cloudy morning sun has proven Nine- Crown Mage and Nine-Crown Mage disparity with the strength. Especially that breaks Chaos Fire that their Yin-Yang double water collaborated, is one hits hard likely, pounding ruthlessly in their heart.

A heaven, a hell, sometimes, the truth and fallacy have just missed a tissue. The complexion of cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight gradually returns to normal, in their vision is glittering the ray of thinking. Past all sorts, were reappearing in mind unceasingly.

As the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, their passing overwhelming majorities are magnificent. Effort and diligence that initially cultivated, the unceasing promotion of strength, the title of talent. Not long, they to break through the limit do not hesitate all, but, since entering Nine-Crown realm, their mentalities changed, becomes no longer tranquil, becomes impetuous, just as such that cloudy morning sun said that they are seeking to obtain profit for themselves with oneself strength.

Nine-Crown is not the limit, the pursue of Nine-Crown is the eternal life, these two words, look like two lightnings are ordinary, numerous dividing above their minds. Also shocks similarly is presenting everyone.

Not only the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, Ji Changxin and in Shangguan Yinkong eyes also similarly reveal clearly are becoming aware. Although their situations with Water department two supreme different, but since, many years, they more time have also pestered in own sentimental world. Not only the words of cloudy morning sun have reminded the match, has reminded them. The mind of everyone, unprecedentedly was washed.

Cloudy morning sun has turned around, moved toward Ji Dong and Fu Rui direction slowly, Teng Snake brings Yin Zhaorong to leap up from side, chaos that "cloudy morning sun, when you comprehended? How I do not know, has not felt."

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