Jiu Shen Chapter 234-240

Chapter 234: Azure prairie, the war of guild

Saw that the Ji Dong three people appear. Shiloh toward their nodded, without a doubt, Ji Dong this male two females, the young combination attracted the attention of most Mage absolutely. However these Six-Crown Mage are the established powerhouses of guild, today must face the archenemy, no one has the thoughts to inquire the Ji Dong origin. Has left behind several vision on them.

Shiloh solemnly said: "set out."

At this time, the day just dawn, entire Central Plains City completely had not regained consciousness, on street, only then few commerce start the activity, mostly buys earlier spreading paving.

The pawnshop people saw when this kind of complete military garb, is sending out the team of formidable aura, somewhat dumbfounded feeling, even if the slow person can also guess correctly, today is going to have the important matter to occur.

Left the Central Plains City north gate, does not need Shiloh to order, the complete guild respective simultaneous acceleration, launches the personal appearance, following major road continuously to northern barrel. Earlier arrives in the azure prairie is Shiloh plans. Although his war to today had 90% assurances, but he will not have any general idea. As the Mage Guild full-time vice-chairman, association president not in situation. The entire guild is managed by him. He does not allow the guild to have any problem in his hand. Therefore, even if in situation of having confidence, must achieve perfectly each detail. All the way, these Mage Guild powerhouses no one have spoken, but hurries along earnestly. The Ji Dong three people fall on the rear, King's speed was needless saying that Ji Dong was holding the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), led itself with own magic power and Lie Yan (raging flames) personal appearance, did not have the slightest bit to fall behind.

100 miles, regarding Six-Crown above Mage at all are not anything, in a flash. Has marched forward following the major road, quick, at present suddenly sees the light. The vast prairie appears in people at present.

Also only then bounteous, Great Empire of rich resources gives up the so lush plain to treat as the prairie to use like Central Earth Empire. This azure prairies are Central Earth Empire open to tame the place of mount desirably. Cattle that not only the flatter, also herds, train the magic beast mount in some special regions specially. Like the crack Land Dragon training base of diamond regiment, establishes in the azure prairie deep place. But there is also absolute forbidden area. Has guard with large army.

Looks at the vast prairie, first gives the feeling of person is completely relaxed, particularly at this time east the distant place, wiped morning sun to reveal the soft-boiled egg yellow -like face quietly, the light golden red sprinkled the earth, bright oncoming, made the feeling that everyone body and mind had to moisten. Happiness that could not say.

The magic skill guild chooses the azure prairie as the place of challenge naturally is very reasonable. First, on the prairie, there is a full room, does not have the help of terrain, each Mage can only really depend upon own strength fights. Next, in prairie place. Mage comes under the influence of nature to be also smallest, so long as does not rain, here also only then Second Wood department Mage can obtain several points of amplification slightly. Does not suit Wood department Mage like the forest, the hill and mountain range suits Earth department Mage not to produce balanced. Chooses here, the magic skill guild quite therefore was telling Mage Guild, must with their fair war.

Lie Yan (raging flames) said in a soft voice: "Here is quite beautiful. Your world is really the place that the heaven cares . The different environment have the different aesthetic sense. Like underground world, some are not only gloomy."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "You are solemn earth core world Empress. You did not plan that leads the earth core world army to attack and occupy the world?"

The Lie Yan (raging flames) smile shakes the head, "I may not have this skill. You forgot, I cannot display the ability in the world. However, if the earth core world creates a disturbance. To your world, absolutely is the giant disaster. The earth core world only has the law of the jungle, the powerhouse survives, the weak one suffers a defeat and flees. Any being stationed people of earth core world, have striven to excel your ordinary human. Although earth core world, because not suitable survival, the biological quantity to be inferior to ground world that many. But invests, was equal on your continent sufficiently a quantity of empire. The soldier who can be used to fight must over 1 million. However, earth core belongs to gloomy side throughout, can say that with the ground is the completely different world. The lifeform of your ground world will not allow them to arrive in the ground to survive. The earth core lifeform is also not necessarily able to adapt to the survival of ground world."

From the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji Dong clearly listened to several points of moved, "each race had own characteristics. Actually, the ground world not necessarily does not suit you."

Lin Yan said: "In the earth core world. Throughout two schools engage in factional strife mutually, a faction advocates in the earth core world calm and steady survival, another school , then the position runs out of earth core, arrives at the world of surface, robs the domain. Initial Two Great Sovereign Kings belonged to the latter. Because opposition faction concentrated in earth core several most greatly is also the strongest influence, making them not dare hurriedly. But after I have destroyed Two Great Sovereign Kings, had the support of this influence, truly becomes the control of earth core world. These many years passed by, now the war party in earth core world gradually is recovering. They were Two Great Sovereign Kings initially the firmest supporter. Because has me to suppress, they have not dared to display." Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Where it seems like has the contradiction, earth core is no exception. Although I have practiced for ten years in earth core, actually also never has been to the place outside earth core lake. Words that Lie Yan (raging flames), later has free time, you lead me in earth core world to stroll. The feeling is the mystery of earth core world. Is good?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) unable to help laughing, said: "This is not perhaps good. I appear in earth core world any place, will cause the unnecessary disturbance. If you want to look, can only go. However you are not the life of earth core world, will be a little will be troublesome. Turns head I to try to find the solution."

In Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) talked, Mage Guild numerous Mages gathered, sat well in the ground, whatever morning sun shone, the turnover the world spiritual energy, making own magic power maintain at the optimum condition. The people of magic skill guild have not come, but Mage Guild here atmosphere already gradually is anxious. The atmosphere of war ascends gradually.

Ji Dong does not doubt, ten fights that once both sides agree will have any problem, Mage Guild these over a hundred Mage will summon simultaneously the formidable mount, will launch the general attack. These people add, absolutely be more formidable than 3000 diamond regiments that previous see. Must want to contend with them truly, perhaps needs other diamond regiment level army to attack comprehensively has the possibility. Naturally. Ji Dong according to exterminating the strength of regiment weighs the diamond regiment battle efficiency. But the diamond regiment true strength, he is not how clear.

Day already gradually has shone, the color of Sun is transforming to the golden color from the red-orange gradually, the attractive rosy-colored clouds at dawn disperse in the sky end gradually, white clouds even more clear fluttering sky over azure prairie.

Vice-chairman Shiloh has opened both eyes suddenly, the first standing up personal appearance, along with his setting out, Mage Guild Mages also successively stands up, when the vision looks in they come the direction. Fully about 300 people enter in the azure prairie fast, their approaching speeds are similarly wonderful quickly incomparable, although, does not exterminate the regiment like the diamond regiment neat ordered, but wins in the speed is quick enough.

Ji Dong can't help gasping, without a doubt, these 300 people from the magic skill guild, what made him shock, these 300 people, unexpectedly completely were Six-Crown above Mage. Heavens! Mage of how many countries did the could it be magic skill guild assemble to be inadequate? Although said that Six-Crown Mage is not considered as extremely rare, each country will have above about thousand Six-Crown Mage. But, these Six-Crown Mage besides by some respected families and big aristocrats or are the national controls, more is some free followers. They may join to Mage Guild or are the magic skill guilds, but how in this communication developed world, not to convene massive formidable Mage in a short time, is very difficult. Although Mage Guild also has to convene several hundred Six-Crown Mage abilities. But in short one month, they can concentrate is only these strengths at present. But the magic skill guild obviously is long- premeditated. Ji Dong has the reason to believe, at present Mage of more than 300 Six-Crown above ranks are very possible is the complete strength of magic skill guild is. Even also possibly looks for the foreign aid. It seems like that the magic skill guild is also exerts its utmost!

However, what making Ji Dong somewhat admiring was, reached in the situations of more than 300 powerhouses facing the opposite party, Vice- chairman Shiloh the look was invariable, in eye were many a chill in the air, has not revealed too many mood. Actually other Mages slightly some discolorations. In the rank differs in not many situations, if initiated the tangled warfare, 100 pairs 300. They almost must die without doubt.

The people of magic skill guild in 100 meters away stopped from Mage Guild here place. Walks forefront the magic skill guild, is that wears the black clothes as before, obviously is Ninth Water department Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable level powerhouse.

Sees early the Mage Guild people of array waiting, on face has revealed one to sneer, "Shiloh, your Mage Guild comes is very early! Such worries to be incorporated into our guild?" Shiloh lightly said: "Meets has not started, you know that who wins who lost?"

Said: "That is natural, what's wrong, you think that your Mage Guild the also opportunity is inadequate today? Trains Six-Crown above Mage not to be easy! You may , to be clear. You lead words that Mage Guild surrenders directly, after two big guilds merge, you also as before is a vice-chairman, most ranks under me. What kind of?"

Shiloh angrily snorted, "few idle talk. What I represent is Mage Guild, although you are the magic skill guild vice-chairman, but actually cannot represent your guild. After the gods, under crown where?"

Just wants to continue to open the mouth, the melodious sound from has conveyed in all directions, "this place here, Shiloh, you really besotted?"

The originally clear and bright sky becomes is cloudy suddenly, the neat air suddenly becomes moist, in a flash, the sunlight had been covered by the dark cloud, in the air thick Water Element made each person clothes of start becomes moist.

Ji Dong raised the head to look up to the sky, sees only in midair, a small sunspot is enlarging fast, that is white Giant Dragon, the Giant Dragon body has about 20 meters considerable, the pair of wings launches, has blocking the sky greatly condition. This airborne dark cloud, seems, the thick mist that produces by it on fills the air in the air, serves as contrast it to drop from the clouds.

Carries on the back in this snow white Giant Dragon, is sitting well a black clothes old man, the old man seems near 50-year-old about, is slight, in the Danfeng eye, is glittering the light chill in the air. The black long gown covers the whole body. Had not seen that on him has any magic power weaponry. However, the appearance of this person, made in the air be full of the oppression strength directly. Like that day when Mage Guild issues challenge. Here seems not azure prairie, but is a Ninth Water world.

"White Giant Dragon, is this Ninth Water department dragon clan?"Ji Dong asked to Lie Yan (raging flames) in a low voice. In the air the dignified pressure affects to him is very big, after all, he is Fire department Mage, water subdues fire, the present Water department pressure is he is most repugnant.

Lie Yan nodded, said: "Wind and Frost is Tenth Water department Giant Dragon, all over the body dark purple, this Ninth Water department Giant Dragon calls ices Giant Dragon coldly, is Rank 10. The strength should be equally matched with Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost that initially you saw. However, looks at its appearance, although is also Rank 10, but the foundation does not have Wind and Frost to be solid, slightly inferior several points. Ices the human that Giant Dragon carries on the back to be very strong coldly. He the control to magic power is quite good. You immerse the mind in the fire of soul can feel, in the air not only has filled Water Element, but also any Water Element is similarly rich, distributes is also very even. This is not the nature formation, but under the control of his magic power. In other words, he can change the environment that you see at present at any time, in any change."

In the Ji Dong heart a startled, centralized psychic force feels, is really similar to such that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that Water Element that in the air fills is quite even, moreover is almost simultaneously is having the change. No wonder previous Martial Ancestor and appearances of teacher's wife two people made the Central Earth Empire imperial family have to deal fully. The great strength of supreme powerhouse, truly is existence of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth! Eight-Crown and Nine- Crown, differ, although is only One-Crown, but in the strength is actually the different.

Shiloh's complexion starts becomes dignified, solemnly shouted: "After water bright Queen of night, under the crown, do you why with hardship compel? Our two big guilds coexist had several hundred years of history, has lived in peace with each other. Is the top grade guilds on continent. From the source, magic skill is only part of Mage ability, originally should be you are our branches is right. But when our did Mage Guild threaten you by this? Initially our association presidents when did not have. Although you as the supreme powerhouse, after the god, under crown, but wants to threaten our Mage Guild, you are insufficient the component."

"If adds on me again, enough component?"

The climax starts, asks the ticket.

Chapter 235: President Mage Guild, under extraordinarily good luck crown

"If adds on me again. Enough component?"

A gloomy and cold sound resounds quietly, in that thick water vapor, similarly joyful long, but was actually full of the form of gloomy aura to reappear slowly. Not only a person, also purple Giant Dragon appears together. Purple Giant Dragon looks about the fresh splendor, the gloomy and cold cold air made in the air that was dark many immediately light cold frost.

"Snow and Ice Giant Dragon?"Ji Dong just mentioned Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, at this time has Snow and Ice Giant Dragon of genuine to appear in him at present.

This Snow and Ice Giant Dragon was grown true Rank 10 Giant Dragon, the build and initially that nearly wanted Wind and Frost of his life to be exactly the same obviously, the ice-cold double pupil was gazing at Mage Guild numerous Mage, as if momentarily must swallow them.

Carries on the back lanky female who sits well in Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, seems is also the 50-year-old appearance, stature even after airborne Ninth Water department supreme powerhouse god the crown launching bright moonlight is higher, stands on the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon generous skull directly occupies a commanding position to look to Mage Guild, in the eye besides the chill in the air, cannot see any other mood. "Does cold wind and cloud, ascend under bright crown?"This time, Shiloh's complexion finally changed. Ascends the bright two characters, is to the highest title of Tenth Water department supreme powerhouse. magic skill guild coming unexpectedly is not a supreme powerhouse, but is two. What is more important, after this Tenth Water department supreme powerhouse ascends under the bright crown is joined to the Yang Water department supreme powerhouse god , the crown launching bright moonlight, the Yin-Yang aqueous tow phase gathers, does not need others to get rid. Only by them, sufficiently completely annihilates Mage Guild here all people.

Darkness, purple. The appearances of two big Water department supreme powerhouses, made to be covered by Water Element on this day completely, each Mage Guild Mage, on the face the look became extremely ugly. By move of pressure suppression on two supreme powerhouses sends out. Even if Eight-Crown Mages, suppressed discomfort extremely. Has not received the influence only, perhaps only had Ji Dong Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames) stands there, as before is that calm. The Ji Dong innermost soul has actually resounded her voice at this time.

"If the opposite party must begin really comprehensively, we return to the earth core world immediately. The people of magic skill guild want completely to annihilate Mage Guild, ten seconds are insufficient."

Is listening to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, in the Ji Dong heart, only then heavy. His regarding as important You Sheng to commitment in the life, making him such not fight to run away, he really does not want. May say this saying is also Lie Yan (raging flames), the contradiction of innermost feelings makes his brow tight wrinkle. But the pressure of outside was getting stronger and stronger.

When is in the Ji Dong mood contradiction, Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly exclaimed, "is not suddenly right, should the also variable."

Shiloh stands in the Mage Guild Mages front line as before, is bearing the maximum pressure, at this time appeared this vice-chairman own strength, facing the pressure of two supreme powerhouses, he can maintain stable as before, the voice of speech as before was also calm. "Ascends under the bright crown, Mage Guild has not always offended Leng Family, does not know why you must feel embarrassed with us today. If I have not remembered incorrectly, you are the honorary elders of our guild."

Cold wind and cloud lightly said: "Mage Guild and magic skill guild, had one to be enough. Today is turning point of this merge. You won. The magic skill guild integrates in Mage Guild, vice versa. The bright moonlight is my many years of good friend, two big guild merges are the good deeds. Let alone I am the official elder of magic skill guild. Shiloh, we also calculate that acquaintance, you will not have any opportunity, gives up. Even if were Shangguan Yinkong, you will not have the opportunity similarly."

Hears the Leng Family two characters, Ji Dong understands immediately. He when just entered Heavenly Stems School, knew Leng Yue that small girl, Leng Yue was relying on at that time to the Tenth Water department magic power formidable controlling force, is honored as the Tenth Water department talent young girl. But she stems from Leng Family. Zhu Rong was simple to Ji Dong has said Leng Family, on Light Five Elements Continent, there is a few millennium aristocratic families, these aristocratic families without exception, are on continent inside story extremely deep existence. Each aristocratic family almost supreme powerhouses assume personal command. The influence proliferates continent. Many aristocrats attach in these aristocratic families. Like Leng Yue, in also Heavenly Stems School Tenth Water department director Old Leng, is the Leng Family person. But at present this supreme powerhouse ascends under the bright crown, should be Leng Family this generation of heads of household. Also is the elder sister of Heavenly Stems School that director cold.

Shiloh does not fear happily, bright sound said: "Since my Mage Guild establishment, already over millenniums. The millenniums, the multiplication lives. Takes helping all Mage as own duty, is the Mages recognition homeland. The magic skill guild at least late our several hundred years is founded, but concentrate on to the development of magic skill. To annex my Mage Guild is a joke. Today since under two supreme crowns is determined so to do, my Mage Guild accompanies. According to beforehand reaches an agreement, ten determine the final outcome."

After the airborne cold ices Giant Dragon already carrying/sustaining the god , the crown launching bright moonlight drops from the clouds, arrives to ascend under the bright crown side the cold wind and cloud, two Rank 10 Giant Dragon compound, adds on two big Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses again, in the face of this grade of pressure, Shiloh can stick out chest to say these words, has caused them to look askance sufficiently.

Water bright moonlight lightly said: "Such being the case, I help you. I and wind and cloud do not duplicate to go to battle. Looked whether your Mage Guild had enough inside story."

"My Mage Guild whether has enough inside story, but also is not one's turn you to comment on. The water bright moonlight, your this mean villain, while me in the guild, does not want to scheme to annex unexpectedly. Today vows does not give up with you."

While Water department two supreme are suppressing Mage Guild comprehensively, suddenly, is full of the angry sound to resound. Sees only on the side in the Mage Guild ground, the purple is similar to tidal removes, concentrates thick grey fast sending out, but. In a flash, hundred Mage protections of Mage Guild, has prevented the Water department two big supreme pressure outside.

The earth shivered fiercely, follows low and deep thundering, the generous crack is stopped up together, the gray-black form looks like has the platform to support together generally, raised from that crack slowly, concentrates the thick aura to follow its appearance also becomes more and more sincere/heavy.

The water bright moonlight complexion changes, "Shangguan recited spatially. You came back unexpectedly. Shiloh will be no wonder secure."

Then from underground appears, but huge form, is build extremely huge magic beast, but is actually not Giant Dragon, but is the whole body has the monster of gray scale. This monster height has been the terrifying 30 meters, is extremely sturdy, the contour a little looks like the pangolin, many that but actually be fiercer than the pangolin, the huge body has been full of the feeling of danger, particularly that length has on eight meters big tail fully, the hangnail stands in great numbers, is glittering the light gray light.

On this monster giant head, is standing a person, a woman, the height is symmetrical, only then about 1.6 meters, seems unexpectedly is similar to 30 permits people, wants to be younger compared with here two crowns under. Naturally, aura that since she presents can see, at present her physical age does not see so. This person of look is elegant, can see, when she is young is also outstandingly beautiful.

"Association president, the association president......"this person arrives, a Mage Guild side immediately imposing manner greatly hold. Almost all Mage have the anxious tone summon to make noise.

In the Ji Dong heart mused, was then interesting, President Mage Guild rushed promptly. The disparity of both sides pulled closer several points finally. Listened to them to say a moment ago, this Mage Guild association president, should be called Shangguan Yinkong. Evidently, should be a Sixth Earth department supreme powerhouse. Sixth Earth department highest title named: Extraordinarily good luck. Under extraordinarily good luck crown.

Since that time in Central Plains City, because his matter three supreme powerhouses appear after Central Plains City, this is first time saw that so numerous powerhouses are assemble. Moreover three supreme powerhouses who this time presents are he never have seen. On continent is really the latent talent.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), what magic beast this is? How haven't I seen?"Ji Dong lowers the sound to ask.

Lin Yan said: "This is also dragon clan one, although it will not fly, but is actually true Giant Dragon, has the ancestor's of Land Dragon title. Sixth Earth department. So long as conscientious, it faces any Rank 10 Giant Dragon sufficiently, but will not be inferior. The strength is extremely powerful. Our earth core world also has existence of this dragon clan. The systematic name is: Dihuang Giant Dragon. Also is in dragon clan, physical body strength biggest one."

Ji Dong listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, in the heart to muse, it seems like, these supreme powerhouses, when the choice mount has mostly chosen the dragon. Truly, besides heavenly stems Divine Beast, the dragon clan could be said as most formidable magic beast. Has is achieving the Rank 10 ability. Only then that teacher's wife, obtained only not by heavenly stems Divine Beast Teng Snake of seal.

Shangguan Yinkong complexion is very ugly, the aura of hatred spreads on her unceasingly, with opposite two supreme powerhouses faint different, she has not concealed oneself anger slightly.

"Shangguan recited spatially, has not thought a day that our also met again." After the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud look at each other one, saw each other renouncing in look. The Shangguan Yinkong prompt return, destroyed their plan without doubt. However, things have gotten to this point, absolutely did not have the leeway of swivel. The enmity of two big guilds were tie. In each other looking at each other, these two Water department supreme powerhouses have set firm resolve, today must remain Mage Guild President Shangguan Yinkong. Otherwise, even if after them, annexed Mage Guild, the day of magic skill guild will not feel better. If a supreme powerhouse sneak attacks deliberately, the trouble of magic skill guild was big. Let alone, Shangguan Yinkong as the Sixth Earth department supreme powerhouse, is in itself the King of earth, was too convenient in the underground motion.

Shangguan Yinkong sneers, "water bright moonlight, is you have not thought that is right. To annex my Mage Guild, you have a dream in the moron. Do not compete with ten? Good! Come, makes us come this first first. I to must have a look, dozens years do not see, your Ninth Water magic power cultivated any degree."

In five elements, earth to subdue|grams water, although said that Sixth Earth is Yin Earth, is limited regarding the restraint of Ninth Water this Yang Water. However, the strengths of these supreme powerhouses are almost the same, a restraint on five elements, sufficiently decided their victories and defeats. Really one-to-one competion. The water bright moonlight also really not necessarily is Shangguan Yinkong match. Do not look that Shangguan Yinkong semblance is younger than the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, in fact, her age also compared with on these two Water department supreme powerhouse big is ten years old, become famous is early many. By one pair two, although is impossible, but is one-to-one, under these two crowns wants to flatter in her hands is also extremely difficult.

Shangguan Yinkong issues the challenge as President Mage Guild, the water bright moonlight cannot flinch, otherwise, this side has not fought is timid first, is disadvantageous to the morale. Under the body iced Giant Dragon to raise the head coldly slowly, looks steadily at Shangguan who coldly to recite empty-handed below Dihuang Giant Dragon. In the air, Sixth Earth department and Ninth Water department magic power simultaneously bursts out, the war is ready to be set off.

At this moment, suddenly, a sound conveys from the distant place, "under two crowns, the war of today, since must decide that the ownership issues of two big guilds, must have a witness. Was inferior, was this witness to be good by this king to come."

The emergence of this sound, Ji Dong the whole body shakes immediately, the vision looks in the direction that the sound conveys. Such that just like he expects, above clear drill lizard dragon's head, Central Earth Empire equality Wang Ji yun lives an all over the body stands proudly. Drills the lizard pair of wings to launch, the low altitude soars, bringing his body to approach here fast. With the Ji cloud Sheng appearance, shakes rumble the loud sound to transmit from the distant place azure prairie slowly., Massive yellow forms appear in the horizon end gradually. Their speed wonderful quick incomparable, in an instant approached to ten miles.

These yellow form Ji Dong some time ago also had seen, isn't having the diamond regiment of name of continent first regiment?

Is headed by the potentilla cryptottaeniae, entire ten wear the sincere/heavy whole body mail-armor and helmet the diamond war-god to be built on above their Rank 9 diamond Giant Dragon top of the head arrogantly. Although Ji cloud Sheng is the independent person flies, but, his back diamond regiment has ten thousand people to bring up the rear fully. The victory of power and influence, is not inferior to three supreme powerhouses unexpectedly. Entire diamond regiment, the continent first regiment, unexpectedly to this fight the army to send out at present.

Saw that equal Wang Ji yun lives with the appearance of diamond regiment, the complexion of water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud finally changed. Although they as the supreme powerhouses, does not care at all to the army. However, at present this is not the ordinary army. Initially Ji Dong saw that exterminated the matter that the regiment can achieve, the diamond regiment can only do was better. Words that diamond regiment ten thousand people of collaborations of ten thousand people of scales, even if the supreme powerhouse also can only evade its front temporarily. Let alone, the diamond regiment is representing entire Central Earth Empire, the continent first powerful nation. Nobody dares to despise them.

Initially, the cloudy morning sun brother and sister arrived at Central Plains City time, Central Earth Empire imperial family not any preparation. Moreover in the city, diamond regiment cannot display, can only await orders outside the city. If in the wilderness, there is under Ji cloud Sheng and a part of great bear crown Ji Changxin leads the diamond regiment. The cloudy morning sun brother and sister cannot flatter absolutely.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 236: Winding peaks and paths

The Ji cloud Sheng mount flew quickly near. That is also Rank 9 diamond Giant Dragon, in front of three Rank 10 Giant Dragon, its power and influence does not reveal freely, but Ji cloud Sheng slightly has not actually feared at present the meanings of these three supreme powerhouses.

The water bright moonlight sound became ice-colder, "Shangguan recited spatially, has not thought, the matters of our two big guilds, you found the Central Earth Empire person to intervene unexpectedly. Your Mage Guild when did the army relate is so close?"

Shangguan Yinkong coldly snorted, "water bright matchmaker ghost, you do not use here mystifyingly. cloud Sheng they are not I look. I do not know that they will come. The matter of today is decisive battles between our two big guilds, with official irrelevant."

At this time, drilled the lizard to go to the places of distance three supreme crown next hundred meters places to stop, Ji cloud Shengzhan in diamond Longtouding, his vision first fell on Ji Dong, although has not stayed, but Ji Dong actually clearly saw a light happy expression from Ji cloud Shengyan. If makes him appraise this smiling face, perhaps, the gentle two characters are quite appropriate. Sees this smiling face, in the Ji Dong heart suddenly some strange feelings, as if, grandfather for oneself. His slightly leaning head. Looks to Mage Guild Vice-chairman Shiloh. Happen to catches on Shiloh face the somewhat self-satisfied smile, obviously, the equal Wang Ji yun fresh appearance, he knows beforehand. "After Ji cloud Shengjian under extraordinarily good luck crown, god, under the crown, ascends under the bright crown."Stands in own mount top of the head, Ji cloud Sheng bows to salute to three supreme powerhouses at present.

cold Fengyun waved, said: "Equal king, the courtesy exempted. You come today, but also is bringing your diamond regiment, is what meaning? Today is the private affairs of our two big guilds, above the azure prairie, may not have to affect Central Earth Empire anything, good that do not meddle."

The water bright moonlight will have scruples to Ji cloud Sheng, because the magic skill guild association is situated in Central Earth Empire capital Central Plains City. But the cold wind and cloud actually, her Leng Family foundation in Northern Water Empire, naturally cannot have any scruples to Central Earth Empire.

Ji cloud Sheng unflustered say/way: "Under three crowns do not misunderstand. I also heard Mage Guild and magic skill guild must hold such important sports event today. Also in my Central Earth Empire. As the landlord. My Central Earth Empire naturally wanted to express. Under three crowns felt relieved, today I and diamond regiment to witness two big guilds merge oncoming of this historic moment. Will not meddle. If under three crowns wants, by me how might as well make a referee? I think, I should have this qualifications. I take an oath by a glory of equal king clan, will not have any favoring."

Listened to the Ji cloud Sheng words, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud has gawked obviously, two big supreme powerhouses looked at each other one, the complexion have also relaxed several points, the water bright moonlight said: "Is so best. Has equal Your Highness king to rule the victory and defeat of this competition for us, after avoid also has the human affairs, did not acknowledge."Although Ji cloud Sheng said cannot intervene both sides to compete with, but the appearance of diamond regiment, obviously is the thought that these two supreme powerhouses have silenced a witness of crime certainly. Shangguan Yinkong somewhat doubts looks to Ji cloud Sheng, besides doubts. Her vision appears very gentle, "cloud Sheng, how will you come?"

Ji cloud Sheng shows a faint smile, said: "Under extraordinarily good luck crown, was inferior after and other competition ended, we narrated again. Just like after the god, under the crown said, I lead the diamond regiment to come this, mainly to witness, in order to avoid the decisive battle final nobody of two big guilds acknowledged."

Shangguan Yinkong nodded, lightly said: "This is also good. If I died in battle today, you gather up dead bodies for me. My corpse cremation, bone ash places in Mage Guild. Even if dies, I will not make these two old ghosts prevail."In her sound has been full of the meaning of renouncing. The cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight of complexion listening to became ugly, must know, if a supreme powerhouse went all out, that absolutely was the extremely fearful matter.

"Old Ghost Shui, come. We come this first."At the same time was saying, Shangguan recited the empty-handed next Dihuang Giant Dragon left foreleg to stamp suddenly, above the earth, resounded slating fierce thundering immediately. Stiffly has compelled the prestige under two Water department crowns.

Mage Guild or magic skill guild does Mage, without hesitation fast is retroceding. Cracks a joke, two supreme powerhouses fight. Although is thousand years rare observing and emulating opportunity. But if left near, perhaps next will be changed into the flying ash by the complementary waves instantaneously.

The cold wind and cloud to water bright moonlight nodded, the water bright moonlight the chill in the air blooms, cold Fengyun controls own Snow and Ice Giant Dragon just about to retrocede. Suddenly, a loud and clear and vigorous sound resounds, this sound, spreads from earth each corner unexpectedly, as if entire earth lived came, "why again wasted the time. Was inferior that two situations one was good. Yin-Yang double water to our Yin-Yang double earth, is good to simplify this competition." With the emergence of sound, Shangguan Yinkong originally cold severe was full of the anger the complexion suddenly changed, became extremely pale, the blood-color completely drew back. Aura that just condensed instantaneous one chaotic. But another side two Water department supreme complexions actually become uglier, the potential of cold wind and cloud retreat stopped immediately. The surface sinks like the water.

The yellow form drags baseless, an especially giant drill lizard follows in him behind, this person without the magic beast assistance and wing, that baseless the line, as if the earth core attraction already did not produce to him any has affected. Every one step takes, can lead the way hundred meters. proud Li, originally along with his leads the way by the sky that dark cloud covers against the wind step by step, marvelously shines gradually, this person of place visited, the dark cloud disperses, the ray of morning sun shines the earth once more. In the air thick Water Element also desalinates many.

Diamond Giant Dragon falls to the ground loudly, this obviously is top diamond Giant Dragon, Rank 10. It fell side Dihuang Giant Dragon directly. But that yellow form also floating falls, happen to falls above that diamond Giant Dragon top of the head.

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at present this, this is really winding peaks and paths! the previous moment, Mage Guild also suppressed does not have the strength to hit back. The opposite party two big supreme powerhouses as if momentarily possible to wipe out Mage Guild here person. But latter quarter. Not only the diamond regiment that came Central Earth Empire equality Wang Ji yun to live to lead treats as the judgment, but also presented two supreme powerhouses. Shangguan Yinkong to said fortunately, after this , the person who presents, Ji Dong knows. His profound ancestor, an equal king lineage/vein supreme powerhouse, part of great bear Ji Changxin.

In some sense, equal king lineage/vein, is one of the continent respected families. Like Leng Family. Just, equal king, because the status is different, it can be said that present age one of the strongest families. Although Ji cloud Sheng is the present age equal king, but is actually not the head of the clan of family. The head of the clan is at present under this part of great bear crown Ji Changxin. Fifth Earth department is supreme.

Lively, is really lively! The appearance of equal king and diamond regiment, seems like is the fair judgment, but without a doubt, is favorable for Mage Guild of weak side. When under part of great bear crown Ji Changxin appears, between both sides the originally disparity was nothing left. It can be said that the magic skill guild now the only superiority, was in the quantity. But in supreme powerhouse, the earth to subdue|grams water, the Yin-Yang double water to the Yin-Yang double earth, what comes the chance? Let alone, Ji Chang believes is in itself one of the most formidable several Nine-Crown powerhouses.

Facing the arrival of Ji long letter, the beforehand three supreme powerhouse has the different expressions. The water bright moonlight is complexion ugliest one, this without a doubt. But Shangguan Yinkong is expression is strange, face whiten looks at Ji Changxin, not only does not have the color/look of slightest bit gratitude, such to being more like must eat the Ji long letter.

cold Fengyun shouted: "Ji long letter, was your equal king clan sets firm resolve to interfere struggling of my two big guild?"

Ji Changxin has swept his one eyes desolately, "cold wind and cloud, here is Central Earth Empire, you also unqualified interrogated me. If I should not come, you? Your Leng Family foundation in Northern Water Empire. Runs up to my Central Earth Empire to do the wind to do the rain, is what truth?"

cold Fengyun sneers saying: "My this time comes. May not be representative Leng Family. Only represents me. The bright moonlight is my bosom friend. You? Not only your present age equality king to come, the diamond regiment came. Also came including your this part of great bear crown under. I must ask but actually, what your equal king clan doesn't interfere the struggles of two big guild is? What relations you and Shangguan Yinkong does have?" Ji Changxin has smiled, disdaining that very smiles, "you could rest assured that initially the Five Great Empires manifesto I remembered very clearly, does not interfere the conflict between any guilds. cloud Sheng the words you a moment ago should listen was very clear. An influence of my equal king lineage/vein arrives at this, but to make a testimony. They will not meddle conflicts between two big guilds. As for me, could it be allows you to help the water bright moonlight in his own name, doesn't allow me to help to recite in his own name spatially? Did you ask our relations? Really funny, since you must cope with Mage Guild, hasn't inquired including our relational could it be? A 100 years ago day, recited spatially became my wife. You two bullied on my wife to come, father hasn't could it be come out?"

"What? Shangguan Yinkong is your wife?" The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud are almost saying with one voice. In two people of eyes is full of the look that has not dared to believe that they truly always do not know, Mage Guild President Shangguan Yinkong unexpectedly and part of great bear Ji Changxin of equal king lineage/vein is a husband and wife. If knows this point, said that anything will not have today a war.

As if must confirm Ji Changxin words, Ji cloud Sheng respectful recited to Shangguan called out spatially: "Paternal grandmother."

Ji Chang believes coldly smiled, "I looked, two big guilds also truly should merge. Some clumsy mischief-doers in province do not know the dead weight. However, is the magic skill guild merges in Mage Guild to be right."

"You get lost/roll, my matter has no need for you managing."In Ji Changxin on the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud of suppression two people imposing manner drops sharply, Shangguan Yinkong suddenly opens the mouth. She almost calls out is exclaiming to Ji long letter anger.

On Ji Changxin face reveals an awkward color/look, "recited spatially, I know that you hated me. The initial matter was I am not right. First again how did we collaborate to solve the present matter to say? For these years, I everywhere have been looking for you. If while this time opportunity, you will not come back. Today first makes me help you completely solve magic skill guild malignant tumor. Then I apologized to you again."

Shangguan Yinkong is nipping the lower lip, ruthlessly is looking steadily at Ji Changxin, "our Mage Guild matter, having no need for you managing. Ji Changxin, your this hypocrite, I will never forgive your. I do not want to see you, you get lost/roll to me. I can never forget you to give my humiliation."

Ji Changxin heaved a deep sigh, "recited spatially, can you give me an explanation the opportunity. You walked for dozens years, our husbands and wives again meet with great difficulty, could it be isn't your sentence explanation willing to listen?"

"Does not listen. I do not listen to your anything nonsense. Ji Changxin. I am live die, having no need for you managing. I died, buries in Mage Guild. I and your equal king clan does not have the slightest bit to relate."

Ji Chang believes urgently said: "Recited spatially, how you were such tenacious. could it be you could not see, these two fellows did have the murderous intention to you a moment ago?"

Shangguan Yinkong both eyes became red, the teardrops are rotating in the eye socket, but she looks that Ji Changxin vision hatred gradually is actually strengthened, "how lives? How dies? Ji Changxin, you have destroyed my life. I had half a lifetime to pass in pain. Today died, is I wants. If I can not die, must go to the equal palace to ask you surely to do accounts."

Ji Changxin complexion gradually becomes tranquil, "recited spatially, since you turned a deaf ear to me, did not give the opportunity that I explained. I was not many say anything. By one pair two, you must die without doubt. Since you are determined dead, I am not blocking. However, do you still remember? Initially our pledge of eternal love time had said. Did not seek same month and same day to live in the same year, but sought same month and same day dead in the same year. Since you strive for today wholeheartedly. Can I the angelica? Only the blood can wash clean my wrongful treatment. But I must tell you am, even if to another world, you were also same is my Ji Changxin wife. This point, for 100 years, has never changed, later will not change."

Categorical that the words under this part of great bear crown said that when his last character said that in the eye has revealed color/look resolutely, backhands suddenly, the right hand lifts, around his body, a strong clear(ly) yellow ray erupted instantaneously, formed a strong yellow light cover. the next moment, the palm reverses, the overhead racket approaches itself unexpectedly.

"Grandfather, may not."Ji cloud Sheng has a big shock. However, he wanted to prevent already completely without enough time. Ji Changxin has prepared before committing suicide, that yellow light cover is he most formidable defense skill! Fifth Earth department was known as defends strongly, is the defense that world most formidable Fifth Earth supremely releases now, let alone is Ji cloud Sheng, even if at present three supreme powerhouses impossible before his palm claps prevents.

The climax will soon launch, the brothers, our monthly ticket list sixth position is in imminent danger, tries harder, pushes our Wine God. Small three just participated to move for day from Shaanxi Xi'an. This time goes to Xi'an, is at home more laborious than symbol. Except for participating in activity continuously symbol in room. Eats meal continually is calls the meal to arrive at the room. Persisting in renewing every day is not really easy! Disclosed Eight Trigrams (gossip) on the quiet, the first of tomato after this activity time got drunk. Haha. The appearance that he gets drunk was too lovable. Pinches the orchid fingers, stared wide-eyed is shaking shakes, then but actually. Was lifted the room. Next day comes together, he discovered on oneself azure purple, but also has changed a room, thinks own quilt......

Chapter 237: Six big supreme

No one has thought that under part of great bear crown Ji Changxin unexpectedly staunchly hence. In Shangguan recited in the situation that spatial is not willing to listen to him to explain, chooses the way of most renouncing to solve the gratitude and grudges between both sides. His is must recites to Shangguan with own blood and life is proving anything spatially.

Shangguan Yinkong whole person has been shocked, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud similarly have also tarried, naturally, even if they had not been affected by the mood, will not rescue Ji Changxin absolutely on own initiative. At present in this case, Ji Changxin can be said as the most powerhouse here. If did not have him, the possibility that the magic skill guild wins increases. Let alone Ji Changxin and between Shangguan Yinkong have very major problem obviously, once Ji Changxin died, Shangguan Yinkong also will possibly collapse of itself.

Both sides Mage on the scene, can say that extremely did not understand why Ji Chang believes to such do, did not understand why Shangguan recited empty-handed is President Mage Guild, will give up the so strong help unexpectedly, even also wanted the malicious talk to quarrel. These two supreme powerhouses have not taken the larger situation into account unexpectedly slightly the meaning. Especially Mage Guild, in the Mages eye is revealing the inconceivable color/look. In the heart is thinking secretly, even if among your husbands and wives has the issue , after should wait for the present matter to end, said again. Although the struggles of this two big guild until now have not started, but the variable appeared several times. If there is a person to understand that only Ji Changxin, that was Ji Dong. After he hears Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong dialogue, his first feeling is, if Lie Yan (raging flames) like this has also misunderstood itself. Perhaps reckless will also come to die to reveal one's aspirations. All of other outside are unimportant, the people of deep love cannot understand itself, lives not to have the love.

"Long letter brother, may not."Is full of the shocked sound as if together thunderclap thunder old from the sky resounds, even if the Ji Changxin like this supreme powerhouse, when hears this sound, palm that he pats also along with it slow slightest bit.

A stream of dark blue light shadow while this time like lightning but from out of the blue, saw only it to twist fiercely, unexpectedly stiffly drilled into Ji Chang to believe the defense under arrange/cloth, hit above palm that directly, in the Ji long letter patted.

In the loud sound, terrifying air wave scatters in all directions to flutter about loudly, the earth caves, in 100 meters in diameter range, ground unexpectedly at this collision hits to undercut five meters, strong Fifth Earth Element mixes the gloomy and cold black flame to scatter in all directions to flutter about. So the power and influence, obviously Ji Chang believes this palm is whole-heartedly, does not put on an act that simply.

That blue form expands instantaneously, in the strong black flame ascension, the nose oven, "has been all right idly, plays anything to commit suicide. father lived for thousand and ten thousand years, exactly has not sufficed."

Hears this sound, Ji Dong immediately the heart big quake, in the eye excited and wild with joy is unable to conceal. That dark blue form completely has also appeared, the back pair of wings extends, is not just Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake in heavenly stems Divine Beast.

Teng Snake was shaken by a Ji long letter palm draws back, Ji Changxin own body also same place rocks. angrily said: "My matter has no need for you managing. The wife leaves home for dozens years, came back not to be willing to listen to me with great difficulty to explain, I was living the also anything meaning."

Shangguan Yinkong responded at this time, is looking steadily at Ji Changxin, the look in eye immediately became complex, disappearance that but beforehand renouncing been quietly. A person is willing to die to reveal one's aspirations, this can prove many issues. Let alone, she, if deeply is not loving Ji Changxin, possibly so is painful, walks is dozens years is not willing to return?

"To die, does not have is so easy, you give me to talk clearly the words first."Shangguan Yinkong words are that strong, but actually already a little outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted meaning. Moreover saw that on her magic power condenses, if Ji Changxin begins to commit suicide again, she will not be in a daze.

Also at this time, the color in sky once more changed, the ray of Sun as if increased several times in this moment. In the midair, two Giant Dragon hover, but, left, the whole body releases compared with the solar not inferior strong flame, the pair of wings is launching. The whole body is bursting out huge magic power beyond description. Rank 10 Fire Dragon. On Fire Dragon, is standing three people. Stands in the forefront, Fire department is impressively supreme, under Victorious Light crown Ji Changxin. He behind naturally is under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong. Last, was Ji Dong that cheap Big Brother Zhu Yan Old Zhu 2.

Right Giant Dragon, all over the body bluish violet, the thunder and lightning fluctuation of rupturing as if can hear the sound of its fulmination in the ground. The build slightly is only smaller than that Rank 10 Fire Dragon, the appearance actually wants fierce many, particularly neck place that sharp thorn, is not just the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon thunder. Sits well carries on the back in the thunder, there are two people. Front, naturally is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, Fu Rui behind, is middle-aged robust man of one arm, perhaps other people do not recognize him, doesn't Ji Dong possibly recognize? A fragrant boss, artillery dragon A Bing.

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at this, came, came unexpectedly. This, this outcome what's the matter? With his similar delay, also magic skill guild two Water department supreme powerhouses. In green grass of this day in original, gathered entire six Nine-Crown to be supreme unexpectedly, can say, could not discover second on entire Light Five Elements Continent absolutely. Although two Fire department have not expressed their purpose in coming supremely, but the water and fire repels one another, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud are optimistic, understands that others are not help own.

The grandfather came, the profound ancestor to come, Ji Dong can not do obeisance, after all. He always has some barriers to an equal king clan. However, Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife came, will he again have the least bit to hesitate? The half step goes forward, direct plop'ed, knees kneel down, has done obeisance to the airborne Fire Dragon direction.

"Disciple Ji Dong, pays a visit Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife."

Looks at Ji Dong, the Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun eyeground reveals a satisfactory look, but his complexion actually very chilling, snorted, has not opened the mouth.

Yin Zhaorong ill-humored say/way: "Brat, when here matter, turned head to tidy up you again. Quickly get lost/rolls, stands one side."

Ji Dong is certainly clear, this is Yin Zhaorong is protecting itself, on the scene has six supreme powerhouses, any person is not he can contend. Hurries respectfully complied, has drawn back.

The Yin Zhaorong personal appearance flashes, returned to Teng Snake to carry on the back, looks at Ji Changxin ill-humoredly, said: "Really does not know the will of the people. Teng Snake saved you to assign you not to feel grateful, but also clamored. You think that we are willing to save you! Has not looked in the share of Ji Dong that brat. Your more than 100 years of white living. Among the husbands and wives has anything not to talk clearly, you make the point recite the spatial eldest sister. Explained not on the line."

Ji Chang believes under the solemn part of great bear crown, does not have the strength of answering back Yin Zhaorong scolds, says with a smile painstakingly: "clear melts, is not I do not want to explain! Her simply is not willing to listen. Dozens years, saw her with great difficulty again, if I do not take advantage of this to lay bare one's true feelings, here matter, she turned around and walks. I lived over 100 years old, the person who most loves in the side, does not go on living the also anything meaning."

Yin Zhaorong said: "Others pay no attention to you, turns around to walk. You not with! Is that face under your part of great bear crown so important? could it be said, sticks by your strength, recited the spatial eldest sister also to be able you to cast off inadequately?"

Ji Changxin one dull, "right! How I have not thought."Turns head to look that recited spatially to Shangguan, under this part of great bear crown like laughed of child, "recited spatially, your this chapter may unable to be inescapable. Where later you go to me to go to where. I must mount you. clear melts, thanks, thanked. Later has to have a need for my place, opens the mouth freely."

Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon fell. Cloudy morning sun looks that Ji Chang believes the appearance that jumps for joy, somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. Is this supreme powerhouse who and share the honor? Also evidently, is a wife manages strictly.

"Did long letter brother, solve the conflicts of two big guilds to say first again? Recited spatially, we initially also calculate that acquaintance, first gave me a face. Here matter ended, you settle your matters with the long letter brother again."

Shangguan Yinkong complexion restored several points, although does not look at Ji Changxin, but the mood returned to normal obviously, "pressed under the Victorious Light crown to say. The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, don't you take ten to determine the final outcome? Come."

Do ten determine the final outcome? This also determining the final outcome law? Place that Fire Dragon, Teng Snake and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon drops, is a Mage Guild side, does not need to ask, two big Fire department have indicated their manner supremely. Four pairs two, moreover four supreme powerhouse any of others that side select with them only need get the winning side. The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud are not on the face were ugly, heart already thorough was cool.

Do not look at cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong is Fire department, must by their Water department restraint. Mage world said does not know, this is most difficult to annoy to the brother and sister. The strength of cloudy morning sun, that is a Ji Changxin level, even must above the Ji long letter. Otherwise initially their brother and sister went to the important person to Central Plains City, Ji Changxin will be impolite.

Although Yin Zhaorong own strength wanted weakly, most was cold Fengyun, the water bright moonlight is also similar. But do not forget, but her magic beast partner only one not by heavenly stems Divine Beast of seal. Can break Ji long protective body defense from Teng Snake a moment ago stiffly, keeps off his palm safe to see him quite the same as and at present the differences of several other Rank 10 magic beast. Such pair of supreme brother and sister's arrival, at present this decisive battle also what significance?

Mage Guild Vice-chairman Shiloh, the complexion is relaxed at this time completely, standing with a laugh there, a self-satisfaction of face. Pays has the repayment eventually. Two instance divine tool traded the absolute overwhelming victory. Is worth eventually. A magic skill guild. It is not two instance divine tool can compare, has annexed them, Mage Guild is one alone big.

Shangguan Yinkong looks at the water bright moonlight two people that keeps silent, coldly snorted, "didn't speak? War, doesn't fight?"

In the water bright moonlight eye is revealing the color/look of renouncing, as if has made anything to decide, cold say/way: "You were cloudy under the morning sun brother and sister two crowns to invite, also anything may fight. Four pairs two, even if all keeps the people of our magic skill guild is not the difficult matter. Diamond regiment, perhaps our person cannot in addition be inescapable. Today our magic skill guild acknowledged that the punishment is deserved. However, you want to annex us not to be simple. Does not put together a fight in which both sides perish, vows not to rest."

snorted that Ji Changxin disdains, "fight in which both sides perish? I to must have a look, your this fish died, my this net broken."

The person who the water bright moonlight most dreads was also Ji who and his attribute repelled one another long believes that Ji Changxin must display itself before the wife. Concentrates the thick Fifth Earth department magic power fierce fluctuation, the war is ready to be set off. But the person of distant place magic skill guild, already was the surface like the dying embers. The uppermost layer duel, has decided today's trend.

"wait a moment."Cloudy morning sun has opened the mouth suddenly, Ji long letter that prevents to prepare to begin, captured on the attention of all people him, "we were Nine-Crown Mage, can cultivation this degree, everyone has paid for dozens years, even was over a hundred years of effort. We are also most powerhouses on continent. Has a matter I to tell you, some time ago, the secret city main secret found me. Disclosed some secret mysteries to me. Shortly, our Light Five Elements Continent will possibly encounter a catastrophe. If we must kill one another here, when the catastrophe approaches , do how many strengths resist?"

Ji Chang believes brows slightly wrinkled, "the morning sun brother, does could it be such forget about it?"

Cloudy toward way of yang: "The magic skill guild do not carry on ten showdowns with Mage Guild? The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, I know, you definitely are not resigned to be incorporated into Mage Guild the magic skill guild. However, the initial challenge, was in itself you proposes. As your supreme powerhouse, should not renege on a promise. I give you an opportunity. Also did not need ten showdowns. Our three games of two victories. Each side leaves three people respectively. Our these old fogies do not get rid, at the same time is only looking. That side has won, another side must be incorporated into the opposite party guild unconditionally. If violates, executes it." Say/Way that water bright moonlight some do not dare to believe: "You said, your four supreme powerhouses don't get rid?"

Cloudy morning sun said indifferently: "Good, is so. Can you dare to bet this?"

Cold wind and cloud coldly said: "Who knows that you have any plot. Even if we have won, you renege on a promise, what means can we have?"

Cloudy morning sun said proudly: "My cloudy morning sun had said words, has not calculated. If you have won, Mage Guild is not willing to be incorporated into the magic skill guild. My brother and sister, together cope with Mage Guild with you. How do you look?"

The cloudy morning sun brother and sister, it can be said that are having about the war strength, which side regardless of they help, which side will have the huge superiority.

The Ji Changxin brow big wrinkle, "the morning sun brother, you are. "

Cloudy morning sun sighed, "my this is considers for the continent future. The long letter brother, believes me."

Crisper plot in behind. Tang gate brothers and sisters, male. Continues to attack our monthly ticket lists. This month, the small three oaths put together first six.

Chapter 238: Only had two people to suffice

Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun proposed suddenly the both sides supreme powerhouses do not go to battle. But carries on three games two to win the showdown by other non- supreme rank Mage, without a doubt, has given a magic skill guild enormous opportunity. The reputation of cloudy morning sun everyone knows, he had said words, is will not renege on a promise absolutely.

The cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight look at each other one, they know, this was the final opportunity, if did not comply, others four big collaborated to start supremely, they simply did not have strength of the war.

Water bright moonlight bright sound said: "Good, we complied. On three games of two victories."

Cloudy morning sun looks to Ji long letter, has not waited for Ji Changxin to open the mouth, Shangguan Yinkong voice has conveyed, "under the Victorious Light crown, I believe you."

Although Ji Changxin some does not hope, but turned head to look at a Shangguan to recite spatially, eventually nodded. After all, President Mage Guild is Shangguan Yinkong . Moreover, so long as the wife were happy, even if lost the guild to be what kind of?

Is exposed to the sun cloudy nodded. Said: "Since both sides comply, then, can choose the candidate who a oneself side enters the stage now respectively." The water bright moonlight said: "We need to discuss."

Cloudy toward way of yang: "Naturally."Although he said at this time makes some meaning of competition, but by him in the Mage world status, nobody said anything. Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong believe him, believes that he will not be aimless, definitely will be in the situation of having confidence like this will propose.

But water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud, although also expected that cloudy morning sun is very confident, but is confident, everybody goes to battle most is Eight-Crown Mage. Spells three, the victory and loss has not said. This is also their final opportunities.

While both sides supreme powerhouses exchange, side Ji Dong were many two people, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui and artillery dragon A Bing.

"Is good your Little Junior Brother, your this walks is four years, the message all does not have! Do you think to be anxious we are?"Fu Rui is very ill-humored holds the Ji Dong shoulder, asked.

Four years do not see, in the Fu Rui look does not have too many changes, but seemed the bearing sinks to congeal. Indistinct gives people a world thunder the pressure. Even if he does not release magic power, will make people feel the oppression similarly.

Saw that Fu Rui holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, nearby gold/metal goes forward slightly one step, must begin evidently, had actually held on by Lie Yan (raging flames), shook the head to her.

Fu Rui looked at Lie Yan (raging flames) and King's direction, snorted, "you to are too happy to think of home and duty, do you know that Martial Ancestor, teacher's wife and Teacher also I do have multi- worries? Even if you brings a letter one time also well!"

Ji Dong the face is accompanying to say with a smile painstakingly: "Senior Brother, is I am not good. However, this cannot all blame me. I have also come across the accident/surprise. Under the chance coincidence, enters closes up the cultivation condition. This closes up is four years. Four years for me, just like in a flash. When I wake, is one month ago."

Fu Rui has gawked, "closes up is four years? Ok, we did not say this first. Before you, arrives at Central Plains City, after helping artillery Big Brother dragon therapy, how not to arrive at the school to look for me. Can I you not know in Heavenly Stems School? If were not artillery Big Brother dragon could not find you to run up to the school to ask me, I do not know that you came back."

"This......, My also matter must process at that time. Therefore has not arrived at the school to look for you. Senior Brother, how you and Martial Ancestor, teacher's wife came."

Artillery dragon A Bing said: "Little Junior Brother! You had cured me, it can be said that my obligation person, but your this throat does not utter a sound on being quietly walked, but is not right. You make the Senior Brother feel sad! Fu Rui this boy, to look for you, almost looked everywhere entire Central Plains City, afterward obtained the news from Mage Guild. Knows you one month later can attend the wars of this two big guild, therefore first looked for under two supreme crowns. Do you think us today for two big guilds? Completely for you alone."

"I......"Ji Dong could not speak completely, his throat has choked up, looks at Fu Rui, the eyeground appears mist. Fu Rui at this time as before is travel-stained, how obviously this month he passed. Was getting more and more near from the time of war of next Holy and Evil, as Holy and Evil fights Light Five Elements Continent here leader, he should be right of assiduous cultivation. May, has actually wasted for one month, but also alarmed Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife to seek itself personally. This sentiment, making Ji Dong first time feel anything is the warmth of family/home.

Looks the appearance that Ji Dong that sobbed, the Fu Rui sound then relaxed several points, forcibly racket his shoulder, "was good, was good, the man real man, bled does not burst into tears. Has dried eyes, making others see likely any appearance." "Senior Brother, I made a mistake."Ji Dong lowering the head of silently.

Fu Rui holds in the arms the shoulder of Ji Dong, "no one has thought that you can close up are four years, this cannot blame you completely. After all, in your consciousness, we have separated for several months, but is not several years. Good, waited to say again. Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife will not blame really your."

In this time, under six supreme crowns had been finishing in that side negotiations, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud Mage that returned to the magic skill guild that side to choose them to go to battle with, but Ji Changxin, Shangguan Yinkong, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong also returned to the body to return.

Northward that Ji Changxin has doubts toward way of yang: "The morning sun brother, we distinct had the absolute superiority, why you are! Although that secret a little forecasts the future ability, but, cannot all believe. The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud these two fellows in secret have opposed with you. Do you why help them?"

Cloudy toward way of yang: "The word of secret, is far from a joke. He sees my time. The life will soon have come to the end. In any event, another side of Holy and Evil Island, has our entire continent common enemy, Dark Five Elements Continent. We rather believe its have, incredible its does not have. Let alone, if Mage Guild can annex the magic skill guild, and draws in these two Nine-Crown Mage, can dramatically increase the Mage Guild strength? Our complete strengths twist one, even if had problems, we can also better dealing."

Long-term that Ji Changxin nodded silently, "you think. However, in Eight-Crown Mage this level, that side the magic skill guild has several quite good candidates, us, had outside Shiloh, other Eight-Crown Mage must miss. Your these three games two won was more careless."

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile, said: "I, since proposed method of this competition, naturally will solve the problem for you, otherwise I am not help, but is undermining. Fu Rui and Ji Dong, you two come."

"Yes, Martial Ancestor."Ji Dong and Fu Rui stride goes forward, arrives under four supreme crowns front.

Shangguan Yinkong has avoided itself looking at Ji Changxin. Northward morning sun asked: "Under the Victorious Light crown, Fu Rui I know, this child is very good, has led Heavenly Stems School these children to obtain to win on Holy and Evil Battlefield repeatedly. Who is this child? Also is the Zhu Rong disciple?"

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile, said: "Not only the Zhu Rong disciple, is the relations are simultaneously significant with you! Ji Dong, has not called the person."

Ji Dong hurries to go forward, respectful recited to Shangguan salutes to say spatially: "Great-great-grandson Ji Dong see Grandma Zu."

"wait a moment."Shangguan Yinkong drinks one severely, frightened Ji Dong to jump actually, but he to did not fear, had the cloudy morning sun brother and sister again. Here also really nobody can injure he.

Shangguan recited the air cooled severely looked to the Ji long letter, "surnamed Ji, you added that was the misunderstanding. Your descendants had. This youngster is the disciple grandson under Victorious Light crown, naturally is Fire department Mage. If I have not remembered incorrectly, initially that cheap person was also Fire department Mage. Your also what interpretable?"

Ji Changxin said with a forced smile: "Recited spatially, can't you calm? Right, Ji Dong truly is Fire department Mage, but this and I do not have anything to relate, this was your great-grandson looked for a Fire department wife, had Ji Dong this child. And the process is really complex, later makes cloud Sheng explain that listens to you. I can tell you am, although I have made the mistake that time, but, that time I was prescribed medicine, is unable to control itself. But I also only then your wife, our sons passed away, comes down in a continuous line on cloud Sheng this. If other my also women, these many years passed, our equal king lineage/vein being the extent that person is frail?"

Shangguan Yinkong has doubts looks to Ji cloud Sheng, "is this, cloud Sheng."

Ji cloud Sheng hurries nodded, said: "Yes! Paternal grandmother, our lineage/vein until Ji Dong their this generation, has two children. One is Ji Dong, the there is still one name calls Ji Yeshang."

Cloudy toward way of yang: "Housework later again said. Fu Rui and Ji Dong, later you go to battle on behalf of Mage Guild, Fu Rui, your I did not say anything. Ji Dong, this war, permits Sheng cannot defeat. A moment ago you and your fellow apprentice's words, I heard, since you have closed up for four years, made me have a look at your four years achievement. Can you have the mount?"

Ji Dong nodded, "has. Martial Ancestor, you could rest assured that the disciple decides however triumphs to turn over."When initially faced exterminates the regiment, Ji Dong relies on lasting law to defeat a Eight- Crown Mage assurance. Let alone his present also Maotai and help of Wuliangye this fifty Saint Fire Dragon. He comes to enter the war today, how is wants the fierce and flame that double sword might tried oneself that handle just to obtain yesterday.

Shangguan Yinkong is surprised. "Under the Victorious Light crown, you have not made a mistake. Let these two children go to battle? They how old?"

Cloudy morning sun said with a smile: "Is ambitious not to be high in the year, under the extraordinarily good luck crown, please believe me. I will not crack a joke with oneself disciple grandson's life."

Shangguan Yinkong said: "Fu Rui, I know that this child strength has been very good, is outstanding in Heavenly Stems School that group of gifted children. But Ji Dong this child? Looks at his appearance, can have 20 years old well. 20 years old, even if he starts to cultivate from mother's womb, can have Level 50 quite to be also great to the present. Match who they must face, can be Eight-Crown Mage surely!"

Cloudy morning sun said to Ji Dong: "Told you profound grandmother, you were any Mage of any rank."

Ji Dong said: "Grandma Zu, I am Pinnacle Two Fires am Mage, magic power Level 61, please feel relieved, Eight-Crown Mage, is not any issue."

The Pinnacle Two Fires four characters are absolutely powerful, but Level 61 four character, revealed the smiling face including cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister face on. Did not say other, four years of Level 12, Ji Dong, but two department double cultivation. This speed absolutely was the speed of talent. Must know, Fu Rui during these four years, magic power has also promoted Level 4, now just Level 78. Although Seven-Crown promotes level to want difficult many, but the Five- Crown later cultivation speed is not fast, particularly Ji Dong also broke through Six-Crown this checkpoint.

Shangguan Yinkong is shocks, turns head to look to the Ji long letter, actually discovered that Ji Chang believes the look to be usual, obviously already knows that perhaps, she does not believe cloudy morning sun, but is full of the hatred to Ji long letter her innermost feelings, but can also the loving man, not believe at this matter?

"Who is that third candidate?"Shangguan Yinkong asked.

Cloudy morning sun shows a faint smile, said indifferently: "Did not need the third candidate. Has them to be enough."Although his words are very simple gentle, but the confidence of implication actually has filled with the unquestionable aura. This is the absolute assurance.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, two backs of people support straightly, facing the coming war, the fellow apprentices two people of bases does not have the slightest bit to be anxious. As if this was just a normal matter. Cloudy morning sun said to them: "Mage of magic skill guild, has its originality regarding the magic skill research, you must regard to go to Holy and Evil Island one time to discipline this fight. Fu Rui, you on first, Ji Dong, your second."

The two brothers respectful sound complies. Here candidate was chooses.

Shangguan Yinkong also wants to say anything again, had actually been prevented by the Ji long letter, Ji Changxin recited the spatial biography sound said to Shangguan: "The arrangement of morning sun brother without question. Ji Dong this boy, will certainly replace me the position in the future in family, will also exceed us, attacks another level. You wait to look. Later he surely will give you to be pleasantly surprised."

Shangguan Yinkong shot a look at Ji Changxin one eyes, reverse biography sound said: "A moment ago what you said is real? Initially were you really prescribed medicine?"

Ji Changxin complexion immediately becomes gloomy, "recited spatially, that time some people must undermine relations between our husbands and wives desirably. When I sober after the property, has killed that woman directly, traces the several years, finally found has framed my prime culprit."

"Who is?"In Shangguan Yinkong eyes the cold light puts greatly.

Ji Chang believes on the forehead to be angry, clenched both fists, "is the imperial family. Still remembers that before accident I have also discussed with you. Existence of our equal king lineage/vein is too special in the empire, causes the country to be jealous surely, planned that returns the diamond regiment to the imperial family. Has not waited for me to hand over to get rid the strength, the imperial family instead put the blame on victim. Therefore, now diamond regiment also in our hands."

Before Fu Rui level there has made a mistake in writing, small three have made the revision. Four years ago Fu Rui is 74 levels, now after promoting 4 levels, should be 78 levels. It was sorry. Asked everybody to forgive. Many thanks book friend's reminder.  

Chapter 239: The first war, Thunder Emperor( asked monthly ticket)

Shangguan Yinkong complexion changes. "Is imperial family, unexpectedly the imperial family? You strive that many for the imperial family, they destroy our husband and wife sentiments unexpectedly. You, you. "

Staring of Ji Changxin affection to the wife, "recited spatially, how regardless to say, my body has gone off track, is unfair to you. The misunderstanding passed for dozens years, regardless of you are strange I, this time I will not make you leave side me again. Either you have killed me, either, I must continuously with you. You should know that who I am, our hundred years of husband and wife, can I once say a lie to you? Recited spatially, I did not dare extravagant demands your forgiving. I know in your heart to hate, to be angry. If you want to retaliate, has killed me. Except to your love, in my heart already did not have any to worry. I handle as you like."

Looks at Ji Changxin dull, Shangguan Yinkong suddenly thinks to hate, she hates the Central Earth Empire imperial family, hating them to be deceitful and mean. Frames the husband, causing oneself husband and wife to separate for dozens years, making oneself also hate to wrongly accuse the husband dozens years. She also hates herself, hating oneself disposition to be extremely firm, simply has not given the husband any opportunity of explanation. Clearly, the imperial family also held on to this point, dares so to frame Ji Changxin. Saw that husband that white-haired, looks at his affection the vision, remembered formerly his whole face again desperately the scene that reached behind the back to commit suicide, Shangguan Yinkong body trembled, two lines of clear tears flowed following the face under. In the eye did not have hatred and cold intent again. Only then regrets and sad. Dozens years! Even if their these supreme powerhouses, the life many that the average person is longer, how many dozens years in the life can have? She is enduring the suffering of innermost feelings in these years, is the husband so?

Ji Changxin jumps, the diving posture fell on Dihuang Giant Dragon top of the head, couple short distance looking at each other, Shangguan Yinkong could not control own mood again, over hundred -year-old people, jumped into Ji long Xinghuai to cry unexpectedly loudly. The weeping sound made one look askance.

Mage Guild Mages somewhat is really speechless, this association president Sir dozens years does not come back, this just came back completely to immerse in the sentimental world. At present the proper business has not been solved!

At this time, that side magic skill guild, has selected the candidate of going to battle. By far, the cold wind and cloud and water bright moonlight naturally saw Shangguan Yinkong jumps into the appearance in Ji long Xinghuai.

Two big Earth department supreme between mutual lack of understanding just like broke. This for them, is not any good deed.

magic skill guild first goes forth to battle, proper business guild vice- chairman. That black clothes, the stature and water bright moonlight have several phase splitting alike Ninth Water department powerhouses.

Fu Rui cried loud and long. Only listens to the thunder to thunder together, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has soared, the Fu Rui body raises, fell on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon directly has carried on the back. Dragon saddle that one set builds brand- new made him and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon instantaneously fuses together. Royal purple whole body armor covers on. Performs to reveal the Thunder Emperor elegant demeanor.

Ji Dong concentrates the item to gaze at present this war, he is most deficient, is the actual combat experience between powerhouses, along with own strength in a low voice, was unceasingly getting higher and higher regarding the request in this aspect. Today the golden opportunity of official promotion actual combat capability. Those who made him somewhat strange was, Fu Rui has not released own thunder Yu god axe, in the palm are many a handle has been eight meters giant battle axe. This handle battle axe has the wonder of equally good results from different methods with the thunder battle axe that he initially used. But his mail-armor and helmet obviously has also made the transformation.

magic skill guild, Eight-Crown Ninth Water Heavenly Venerable coldly snorted, right hand in a flash, were many a handle law stick, is not the long weapon, the law stick only has 1.2 meters, is all over the body swarthy, the stick first mounts one to have the giant black gem of head/number of people size fully. This handle law stick emergence, side ascends immediately the strong Ninth Water Element fluctuation, Water Element in air even rich enough to can see layer upon layer the feeling of mighty waves.

Yin Zhaorong side cloudy morning sun, said: "magic skill guild time is really under the qualification! This is the weapon of water bright moonlight. The words that I have not remembered incorrectly, should be called the day Water God stick. In inferior divine tool, on being considered as was high-grade. What a pity was a pity."

Cloudy morning sun has not spoken, but static looks, from his face, is very difficult to see that any mood fluctuates. The feeling of so long as he there, to person all completely grasped.

The water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud also slightly frowned, because they have not thought that Mage Guild first will send out Fu Rui. In the situation regarding Heavenly Stems School, they found that , also knows that again in the war of previous Holy and Evil, Fu Rui obtained a divine tool, the magic power evolution for pinnacle Yang Thunder. The originally water bright moonlight has given own law stick, thinks that these must win, but faces Fu Rui, the victory and defeat that this fights was very difficult to expect. Although Fu Rui is also not Eight-Crown Mage. But his pinnacle magic power, divine tool and mount Rank 9 purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, these factors add, although is senior Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable level Mage, absolutely does not have any assurance.

The fertile finger citron culmination Water God stick wields baseless, has not put on any armor, body were many a black long gown of water glare circulation. The long gown covers the body, immediately made his Ninth Water aura become is richer. The law stick in his hand, is clothes, is carries on the amplification to magic power completely, does not have the plan of slightest bit defense unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, black light splits in front of together, the ray flashes, huge magic beast walked. It is not Giant Dragon, but is white magic beast. A pair of wings show, soars, the next moment. Fell on it has carried on the back.

This white magic beast looked from the aura, is slightly more inferior compared with the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, but it is extremely high with conjunction, the thick wave circulation, one layer upon layer ripples. This only magic beast shape like sea gull, but actually compared with ordinary sea gull big many, the pair of wings launch, has about ten meters fully, although is not huge like Giant Dragon, but actually obviously wants flexible many. Obviously is one excels at the speed Water department magic beast.

"Water sky amphibious Rank 9 magic beast, white Water God gull."Yin Zhaorong subconscious saying.

White Water God gull magic beast Ji Dong also knows, it does not have Giant Dragon such talent, is impossible to evolve into Rank 10 magic beast, but in Rank 9 magic beast, actually absolutely is alternative existence. As Water department magic beast, she most excels is actually the speed. It can be said that is in all flight class magic beast speed quickest several. Moreover is good at the arc flying, speed wonderful quick incomparable. In air fight, even if there is ability that the whole body draws back facing Rank 10 Giant Dragon. It can be said that in Water department magic beast is next to ices existence of Giant Dragon and Snow and Ice Giant Dragon coldly.

Sees the white Water God gull, the Ji Dong first response is, perhaps the Senior Brother must win. From the magic power weaponry and magic beast of mount opposite party, is planned obviously to attack to attack, relies on the speed to subdue again. However. To display the speed in front of Thunder Emperor, so is really easy? Even if the speed of white Water God gull is fast, it can quick thunder and lightning? But thunder and lightning speed of light.

A light smile has revealed from the Ji Dong face, after this conclusion, must be one's turn itself. He has thought that today a war, does not use six dragon six snake magic power that in oneself Yin-Yang Crown stores up, must contends by the true strength and opposite party Mage, must win.

Lie Yan (raging flames) leads gold/metal behind not far away to visit him in Ji Dong, why does not know, looks at this time Ji Dong. The mood fluctuation of Lie Yan (raging flames) is very big, she sends to hope that Ji Dong can have the friend and family member, making him no longer lonely, hopes that he can continue to walk this year traveling schedule with. Accompanies itself well. Lie Yan (raging flames) cannot forecast the future, but, she has a premonition. On one year later Holy and Evil Battlefield, will certainly have something, including the situation that she is unable to imagine.

In midair, facing, Fu Rui horizontal in hand battle axe, loudly shouted, the sound is in itself similar to the thunderclap is common, the thick Yang Thunder fluctuation blooms instantaneously, he almost simultaneously turned into the glittering and translucent carving purple with the body of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, is the pinnacle Yang Thunder element body. What is the attack of Thunder department? Described with four characters appropriately. That is: As powerful as a thunderbolt.

cold expression, the hand during technique stick has selected to Fu Rui,
"invited." In the sky, along with two people confrontations, the air had the fierce change immediately. Fu Rui, turned into the purple air zone completely, but, then presented the dark cloud to be billowing, day also along with it dark.

Without a doubt, two people released the demon territory. Releases the demon territory is very normal, he is Level 88 Ninth Water department Mage, Eight-Crown Four Stars on top of the head is showing his strength. But Fu Rui purple pinnacle Yang Thunder Yang Crown on top of the head only has Seven-Crown Two Stars at this time half, released the demon territory unexpectedly. This made one think that was somewhat inconceivable. On the scene has six supreme powerhouses, they can feel, the demon territory of Fu Rui release has not replied on the strength of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, but completely belongs to his strength.

A fertile finger citron culmination Water God stick forward finger/refers, does not attend to is in itself the elder, first launched the attack. This grade of war, offensive is extremely important. Both sides both have huge magic power, the attack absolutely compared with defending more economical magic power, no one is willing to become a side of defense.

In white Water God gull mouth expresses a light cry, the body is similar to accelerates like lightning suddenly, has not fired into Fu Rui. But directly soars in the upper air to clash, at the same time, in the midair, approaches here sky, a lot of black light already in the next moment condensation formation. His hand culmination Water God stick finger/refers, that a lot of black glow directly soared Fu Rui and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon concentrated fire.

Fu Rui coldly snorted, in the hand the battle axe wields, the strong purple light almost simultaneously the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon bursts out from him and on, a thick thunder net from the sky opens instantaneously, and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon protects completely. Meanwhile, in the hand the battle axe lifts up high excessive, strong purple thunder light slowly condenses.

At this moment, the black glow of that a lot of forward flight has stopped in the midair rapidly suddenly, has not hit to thunder net, but stops after the midair directly changes the direction. Scatters in all directions to separate, draws arcs, the black glow that originally blots out the sky, changes into a huge black light halo in the midair relay unexpectedly, happen to the thunder net outer ring that releases from Fu Rui passed over gently and swiftly, then flushes away to the Fu Rui body again.

Meanwhile, is rapid flight of a lot of black glow from. A wave has not put down one wave to get up. The attack engagement almost does not have the slit.

Sees this, in the Ji Dong heart first feeling is shocking, the attack that releases, was unable to describe with the skill simply. The so wide scope controls so huge magic power, its controlling force has been a shocking degree. Perhaps this is because he has in the hand the assistance of that handle day Water God stick, may so, such controlling force also as before be shocking.

A lot of black glow, as if lived in midair came general, their shunt electrical network, raided the Fu Rui main body, the result of first creating, was Fu Rui is gathering the strength magic skill to be broken forcefully. Forces him to release the skill to resist the attack again.

However, Fu Rui is not a person is fighting, only listens to purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon one voice to roar, the purple light of rushing bursts out instantaneously, forms an all-around non- slit huge purple light cover, Fu Rui and its own protection. Fu Rui probably had not noticed that outside that black glow is common, in the hand magic power on battle axe is condensing as before.

Corners of the mouth place reveals a dark smiling face, the hand culmination Water God stick in airborne one, that originally plunges the Fu Rui black glow, changed the direction unexpectedly once more, the light that not only has not started with the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon covers the collision, even does not have continually close, is far away instantaneously, flying upside down returns, with the black glow of second round flying gathers. These two black glow, are extreme condensation Ninth Water magic power, when they in the airborne each other collision condensation, strange appeared, a lot of black glow, from the sky arrange a straight line unexpectedly, moreover does not launch the attack directly, but the black glow one after another each other superimposes and compresses. Looked like initially exterminated the regiment's when attacking Ji Dong their magic power compresses is the same.

The black, became in this compression more and more gloomy, if started jet black like black ink, but was quick, this black gradually had the change, when a lot of black glow compressed to the certain extent, the black desalinated unexpectedly gradually, all black glow condensed at 1 : 00, to finally, changed into unexpectedly colorless transparent. Only can see indistinctly under the sunlight shines a wisp that only saves to compress Ninth Water magic power to twist the sunlight extremely.

Such controlling force, including cloudy morning sun and the others look that slightly frowned. They self-examine, when Eight-Crown rank, is unable to achieve so the degree.

Ji Dong cannot bear muttered: "Monomer single department multiple compresses combination skill. Own is completed by a person completely. This was too fearful."Even if there is psychic force that the fire of soul promotes by him now, self-examines unable to achieve this point. Such controlling force, has surpassed him to remember to the limit of Mage controlling force.

Asked monthly ticket crazily. Since the last ten days of the month, the monthly ticket list situation is critical, the brothers and sisters who small three need Tang gate fully support. Let our fierce charges. Small three cannot guarantee to erupt many, but can guarantee that then this plot is absolutely splendid.

Chapter 240: Who told you me to have seven dragons?

Lie Yan's sound resounds in the Ji Dong soul. "This Mage, takes completely gives up promoting Nine-Crown for the price, stimulated own brain by magic power , to promote the psychic force to the certain extent, has such controlling force. Besides cannot promote Nine-Crown, he is unable to carry on any close combat to fight hand-to-hand, his body frail might as well Six-Crown Mage. Such giving up, pursue is an pinnacle, the pinnacle on control. What if he meets is you, now died. Teng Snake flashes to add on the defense and Two Great Sovereign Kings skill of your body explosive force as well as extinguishes the god to strike the instantaneous close combat striking power. The second kills him sufficiently."

The explanation of Lie Yan (raging flames), is it can be said that brief and to the point, Ji Dong is far from a stupid person, immediately understands. By the magic power stimulation soul , to promote own psychic force, but this must carry on through some mystiques absolutely. The brain of person is mysteriously is also frailest, is not good, is the life price of paying, most at least must turn into the idiot. The magic skill guild can train such Mage, really has their originality.

Airborne was compressed to colorless transparent magic power concentrates finally is a point, the light wave of distortion from the sky flashes together. Flies once more to Fu Rui.

Acme Yang Thunder magic power that also at this time, on the Fu Rui battle axe condensed has also completed, the battle axe lifted up high excessively, in sound of fulmination a thunder clap thunderclap, terrifying magic power bloomed instantaneously, a diameter surpassed three meters huge amethystinus thunder ball from out of the blue, directly soared direction to fly.

Their gathering potential attack has been completed, without a doubt, superficially, controlling force to magic power has gone far beyond Fu Rui. Then must look, was the defensive power of both sides. Who can block the attack of match with ease, will then get the absolute winning side.

Fu Rui puts on the whole body armor, the face blocks from by the helmet, no one can see this time look. His that thunder ball sends out at the same time, that wisp of transparent Ninth Water crystal glow, arrived front.

Colorless transparent, what this on behalf is what? What on behalf is pinnacle Ninth Water. Right, himself is not an pinnacle magic power owner. However, he is relying on the formidable magic power control, stiffly magic power that will release compresses to a point , is not only having extremely terrifying explosive Ninth Water magic power, has been the pinnacle magic power degree.

Can become the magic skill guild vice-chairman, strength is far from common, let alone in his hand the giant gem of that day Water God cane head, was sending out brilliantly.

The body that Shiloh this humble one surface looks at somewhat feels cold, he knows. If traded is oneself, even if blocked this attack, must be suppressed absolutely comprehensively. Strength has exceeded his imagination. Very obviously, the magic skill guild for today's competition, the preparation is not one day two days, one's own side suddenly presents under four supreme crowns, the war of today, Mage Guild absolutely is more unfortunate than fortunate.

After both sides attack sends out, has not stopped, simultaneously has taken the next step action., His that white Water God gull moved rapidly, the huge body shows the astonishing flexibility, the soaring has not avoided thunder ball who flies fast rapidly, but gets up at the airborne anomalous quick movement, right now left, high and low fluttering, to person an evasive feeling.

But Fu Rui, is opposite with him, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon opens the pair of wings in the midair, floats stands one's ground steadfastly there. Even took back had formerly protected all -around defense in outside the body. At this moment, Fu Rui and his purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon gives the feeling of person. Is a queue body.

Drinks from the Fu Rui mouth greatly resounds, huge circular Totem appears from him, in Totem, the image of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon opens the pair of wings, officer Ang recites. Clearly discernible, the Fu Rui body surrounding purple suddenly becomes rich, as if the thunder and lightning are pouring into general to his body.

This is......, Ji Dong hung to fall on airborne heart finally, perhaps what others did not recognize this circular Totem are, didn't he possibly recognize? Condensation law in five elements method. Four years, the Senior Brother has not wasted. Initially Ji Dong five elements method that learned in the mausoleum chamber is Fire department, there did not have Thunder department five elements method, Ji Dong completely to pass to Fu Rui own Fire department method. Four years pass by, are very obvious, Fu Rui was having the profound understanding to five elements method, and its transformation for own ability.

Thunder Emperor originally is fearful, he is having pinnacle Yang Thunder and thunder Yushen the axe, in addition this five elements method, Ji Dong has the reason to believe that oneself this fellow apprentice's strength, even if when facing supreme powerhouse, there is an opportunity that the whole body draws back.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon upper body raises suddenly, Yang Thunder condensation law erupts the terrifying instantaneously the magic power cohesive force, this is not the skill, is in the disparity to magic power comprehension, Fu Rui both hands grasps to stop completely that giant battle axe, entire body rear spring, a queue body. An axe chops fully under. Without any trick, he chooses, hardly shakes. In the sky, Thunder Emperor and his purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon as if vanished, remaining, only then together purple thunder.

In the loud sound, that purple thunder layer on layer/heavily has shelled loudly above the Ninth Water crystal glow of a lot of compressions. Terrifying magic power that is unable to explain, is centered on the body of Fu Rui instantaneously erupts suddenly. Can clear seeing, in the midair, purple black magic power proliferate instantaneously. The Fu Rui demon territory, is demon territory, in this moment swept clear void. Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon that huge body, by this great strength shake is having Fu Rui flying upside down, from the sky tumbles, a layer upon layer auspicious sign unceasingly erupts from a person of dragon. Fu Rui the axe, cannot compare Ninth Water magic power under that pinnacle control eventually. In this collision, he had suffered a loss. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon departs near kilometer, reluctantly stabilizes lives in own personal appearance. But the battle axe in Fu Rui hand vanished. The airborne metal fragment scatters in all directions to flutter about. Obviously was condensed by that to the fine glow bang of pinnacle Ninth Water degree is broken.

Sees this, on the water bright moonlight face reveals color/look proudly, nobody compared with his clearer strength. Even if his like this supreme powerhouse, when compares notes with, has the strength to hit back. Relies on the controlling force that his nearly biased pursue is coming, the water bright moonlight wants his uniform. Also needs certain time and being careful. A moment ago crystal glow of these a lot of times of compressions seemed like simple, may in fact, approach in the single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill degree infinitely. The water bright moonlight can affirm, Fu Rui has been injured, moreover very possible to suffer the heavy losses. Can the Heavenly Stems School talent student be what kind of? Acme Yang Thunder how? In the absolute control of skill, who can compared with my magic skill guild.

Compared with the pride of water bright moonlight, Mage Guild here Mages frowned, even if Shangguan Yinkong and Ji Changxin is also so, only then the cloudy morning sun brother and sister are the look are as before invariable. As if this airborne fights simply not to have any relations with them.

Fu Rui by shouldered to melt the attack of match hardly, but another side, is also displaying his incomparably powerful dodging ability to the people.

White Water God gull in midair. Made made the person delay circumvention movement. thunder ball who Fu Rui serves, locks on obviously, thunder ball as skill, its absolute speed also above magic beast that obviously in white Water God gull this grows perceptibly at the speed. Although is not the thunder shells directly. The energy that but thunder ball contains will be obviously more terrorist.

But whenever, thunder ball approaches given fixed to the white Water God gull, finally catches up, the white Water God gull association suddenly changes from the unexpected angle, but the goal that thunder ball temporarily will also lose locking, in airborne stagnates, is this simple stagnation, making it unable to overtake the body of white Water God gull, can only follow unceasingly behind the white Water God gull.

The white Water God gull just started flies toward the distant place, but does not know what's the matter, after several transitions, it has circled, the back has thunder ball to pursue, but, sent lossless actually once again directly to charge into the Fu Rui direction.

So long as routs Fu Rui, back thunder ball collapses of itself, but before then, has confidence to make that thunder ball unable completely to overtake itself.

"Fu Rui, I heard, you can simultaneously release the dragons of seven thunder and lightning. Why does not put. I to have a look, whether your seven Thunder Dragon could pursue on me."Voice from the sky reverberates, he must enrage Fu Rui, but, after he and white Water God gull fuses together , the dodging ability that displays also truly made one praise to the heavens.

Two big powerhouses to the war, were flown by the skill bang of opposite party, was likely injured, another simply has not collided with the skill of opposite party, moreover evidently while dodging, will not affect his next step attack. High under stands sentences. The following all people feel, Fu Rui was suppressed by completely in leeward.

"I have to acknowledge, the magic skill guild truly stems from my anticipation regarding the control of magic power, makes me comprehend the lots. However. Vice-chairman, your happy as if too early. Do not think that you won."Fu Rui rides in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, the gentle sound responded.

Hears his sound. Was startled, because he discovered with amazement, the Fu Rui sound is the air/Qi is as before full, which resembles has the slightest bit injured appearance. A where in heart does not fill the air, but Fu Rui below a few words, made his complexion big change.

"Will control, not only your."This is the words that Fu Rui spoke, said while these words, pursued to stop after behind thunder ball tightly suddenly, myriad thunder erupted instantaneously, the goal was not centralized, but has actually covered a diameter several hundred square meters area.

Regardless of the dodging ability of white Water God gull is powerful, this spreadability attack is unable to dodge . Moreover, attack from behind.

Who can think that pursues tightly after behind giant thunder ball unexpectedly simply is not the single body attack, but is a wide scope attack, is momentarily can the wide scope attack of attack judgment position. Its launch, the moment of also in most relaxing. If regarding the control of magic power, has gone far beyond Fu Rui. Then, the Fu Rui control psychologically, is not can compare. This once successively three times attended the war of Holy and Evil, leading Light Five Elements Continent young soul Master Men to obtain wins finally Thunder Emperor that the actual combat experience is rich. The defense that starts is just to match's probe, until at this moment, the attack of Fu Rui is launches truly.

Facing this sudden attack, angrily roared, cannot attend to attacking Fu Rui again, the hand culmination Water God stick brandishes, the giant gem in stick completely became transparent, a lot of black glow flowed from him unceasingly, has sent out the intensive collision with behind thunder and lightning. Is relying on his formidable psychic force, the black glow interception almost every thunder and lightning has shelled. Two special gas that in the air, fills water and thunder are colliding, produces after unceasingly.

Sees this, the idea in the Ji Dong heart once presenting surges once more, in the eye the ray twinkle, does not know that is thinking deeply about anything.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon face upwards to roar, the Fu Rui right hand points at the sky, below Mages, only thought horizon fierce rocks, on this day, is wants the avalanche to be ordinary unexpectedly. The clear purple light shoots from the Fu Rui forehead electricity together, along with the appearance of this purple light, above his top of the head the Yang Thunder Yang Crown ray puts greatly, deafening dragon recited the sound to erupt unceasingly. Almost is at the same time, entire 14 thunder and lightning Giant Dragon erupt from Fu Rui instantaneously.

14 thunder and lightning Giant Dragon from the sky disperse, blocks the sky to fly generally in the different directions, when back thunder ball attacks vanishes finally, he with amazement discovered, oneself and around the white Water God gull, completely is the thunder and lightning Giant Dragon form. 14 thunder and lightning Giant Dragon under the powerful control of Fu Rui, have formed a sphere encirclement ring unexpectedly, stiffly covers this magic skill guild vice-chairmen.

"Who told you my Thunder Dragon to have seven?"Fu Rui has the sound of several points of disdaining from the sky to reverberate. At this moment, the entire sky turned into the purple completely, pure thunder and lightning purple. Even if the under six supreme powerhouses, felt that on own skin transmits an intermittent numb feeling unceasingly.

14 Thunder Dragon, this is the strength that sufficiently and supreme powerhouse contends with, if their magic power erupt completely, compares favorably with the medium Ultra Certain Kill Skill might sufficiently. Let alone, sits well in Fu Rui that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, seems imitates, if the safe, has not consumed many to resemble like magic power simply.

Ji Changxin and in Shangguan Yinkong eyes are full of the look that has not dared to believe that the couple look at each other in blank dismay, until at this moment, them truly knows, the young people who this able to move unhindered Holy and Evil Battlefield, has not been defeated, the strength has been the so terrifying degree unexpectedly. could it be, he had hidden strength, early has been the degree of supreme powerhouse?

The climax approaches, immediately, our tyrants must enter the stage.
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