Jiu Shen Chapter 221-228

Chapter 221: The Azure Dragon god falls

The quiet flame ice, one group as if there is life ice-cold black flame. Drops from the clouds. Although that dying out demon spear/gun truly is having nearly the Ultra Certain Kill Skill terrifying attack strength, but, after thousand people of thousand dragons superimpose, who can control its direction of attack? Without any suspense, that profound and ice-cold black flame, so was dexterous and seemed gentle moving to that fills with the destruction aura above the demon spear/gun.

The black, the instantaneous spread, is only flash, the dying out demon spear/gun completely will cover, changed into a handle jet black long spear/gun. However, the Ultra Certain Kill Skill striking power was too formidable, although was covered by the quiet flame ice spread, but, dying out demon spear/gun the potential of overshooting actually does not reduce. Moreover implication huge magic power as if can shock the quiet flame ice in the next moment thoroughly.

However, along with that black whereabouts, simultaneously falls, also releases its main body, Dark Flames Demon King, changed into Flame Sovereign King in the midair in a flash, is unequalled pinnacle Yang Fire to the pinnacle Yin Fire conversion rate.

The sunny day flies high, huge golden Sun appears behind Flame Sovereign King. Although does not have the coordination of celestial phenomenon. But that radiant flame actually as before filled as if can destroy all formidable aura. "Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone."Flame Sovereign King of power and influence world, having the unprecedented imposing manner to drop from the clouds, that formerly had appeared, loses to the colorful male cone that Chen Longao Azure Dragon exterminated punctures to appear once more. But this time, has not actually eclipsed the assistance of date phoenix Huo'er.

Right, Ji Dong must do now, is the coordination lasts the strength of six dragon six snakes, displays the strongest striking power. In this case, he must keep the Huo'er strength, because he is unable to affirm, after this strikes, oneself will face what kind of aspect.

Four years ago, first of Ji Dong on Holy and Evil Island time used this skill, released to have the Ultra Certain Kill Skill embryonic form, approached in Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang infinitely. Four years later today, his achievement the fire of soul, four dragon four snakes also turned into six dragon six snakes. Own magic power has achieved Level 61. When that is black and gold/metal, two-color instantaneous collision instant. All air coagulated completely.

Even if that nearly Ultra Certain Kill Skill thousand people of thousand dragon combination skill dying out demon spears/guns, in this moment also similar stop in midair, stop in a point that in that gold and black dual-color erupts.

Regardless of exterminates the regiment to work as one, they when release combination skill, respective magic power naturally also wants to lose in the air. Therefore, they display, after all is also not true Ultra Certain Kill Skill, four years ago Sun and Moon Yin-Yang of Ji Dong use. When at this moment, the quiet flame ice and colorful male cone move together. This approximate two characters, played the decisive role.

Beforehand Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, but the sky presents the phenomenon, half gold/metal half are black, Sun and Moon enantiomorphous. But at this moment, actually from day to the place, the entire space turned into half gold/metal, half are black. In world. Other attribute magic power elements, are withstanding the unequalled intense repel. The close explosive sound, transmits from the dying out demon spear/gun unceasingly, position of that coagulation center this gold and black two-color is shivering in the airborne demon spear/gun.

The Ji Dong form disappeared. Two big illusory shadow, are bringing endless proud and dignified......

Cruel overbearing Flame Sovereign King......

Ice-cold profound Dark Flames Demon King......

Has gripped each other right hand in the midair......

Complete Fire Element that six dragon six snakes erupt was swept across instantaneously by that two huge form, in huge magic power that the complete congealment in this is unable to describe in the spoken language.

Yin Fire of pinnacle each other blends with Yang Fire of that pinnacle. Golden pinnacle Yang Fire transforms as the white instantaneously, made the woods of this life, in a diameter three kilometers range, turned into the black and white world completely. Diameter three kilometers! That is the range that the following all people cover completely. But this range, including Ji Dong extremely to be also shocking. Compared with the past years, the range that Sun and Moon Yin-Yang covered increases to three times. Luckily, these old age woods monsters retreated under Odom's leadership at this time. Odom is brilliant and profound, he fully realized that oneself and clansman only will take to Ji Dong to be troublesome here, involves his energy. When exterminates the cavalry to start to encircle ring. He led the clansmen to retreat fast. He can only choose to believe the Ji Dong strength now. In addition, does not have any means again.

Between day and place, in all exterminates the regiment knight as well as in the golden eagle business association Mages eye, the present all as if changed into black and white two-color. But under this black and white two-color in that Sun and Moon shines, transforms into from the day to place three-dimensional Yin-Yang Fish. all, covers completely.

Bang The dying out demon spear/gun cannot bear the Ultra Certain Kill Skill tremendous pressure that Pinnacle Two Fires condenses becomes finally, the terrifying explosion from the sky bursts out. That was intrepid once instantaneously destroyed the skill of big woods monster regiment, from the sky was disillusioned. However, its explosion has not wasted, gave to exterminate the regiment to bring a slim chance of survival eventually.

The space of originally all condensation, presented becoming less crowded in the flash that the dying out demon spear/gun exploded. With the aid of this short instance, Chen Longao during face upwarding to roar, kills own eight dragon Jimie suddenly picks up fully, in airborne blasts out instantaneously. Even if his source magic power the emerald leaf blade, at the release that this moment is outspoken.

Immediately, a cyanogen, opened a short region in that loose black and white Sun and Moon Yin-Yang forcefully, the command exterminates the regiment to restore the ability of motion temporarily.

Almost is shouts oneself hoarse, Chen Longao hiss shouts:
"Exterminates the subordinate, dying out broken demon."

Thousand handle long-barrelled guns hold up once more, thousand azure light these time no longer is to launch the attack, but during pours into to eight dragon Jimie who Chen Longao picks up completely kills. In attaches covers eight Azure Dragon as if to live in the light general. The azure light grows, has given unexpectedly birth to ninth Azure Dragon. Nine dragons such as one, soared, directly soars that just to take shape, was shaken several points of Sun and Moon Yin-Yang to hit by the dying out demon spear/gun.

Nine dragons formation, no longer is eight dragon Jimie kills. But is Chen Longao must with the aid of exterminate exclusive Ultra Certain Kill Skill that subordinate strength can release completely, the Azure Dragon god falls.

Nine Azure Dragon, the fusion in the midair are one. Changes into height hundred meters huge Azure Dragon from out of the blue, black and white dual-color on earth was being resisted jacking completely, this Azure Dragon, since the named god falls, naturally can display the First Wood Divine Beast Azure Dragon true strength.

Black and white strangles to death, Azure Dragon soars. At this time in the battlefield deducts, is the collision of this Ultra Certain Kill Skill and Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

Rwandan Carl just restored ability to act, without hesitation has gotten down Jing Mumo the dragon, fast drills into Jing Mumo the dragon below the belly, magic power releases completely, the body crawls in the ground. He does not want dead, Ultra Certain Kill Skill, unexpectedly is Ultra Certain Kill Skill. In his present heart only then rejoiced, rejoiced the speed that previous retreat is fast enough.

If some people can overlook in the kilometer upper air at this time downward, can see, in the woods of life, diameter three kilometers range, huge black and white dual-color Yin-Yang Fish extreme twist. But in the next moment, together azure light stiffly from that black and white dual- color Yin-Yang Fish tyrannical flushed. Yin-Yang Fish collapses. However, when the azure light that breaks through the tight encirclement, was just also breaking the color/look of that pinnacle, was twisted clean that extinguishes.

This is the collision of Ultra Certain Kill Skill, two big Ultra Certain Kill Skill finally collision results. Shares half and half unexpectedly.

Ji Dong is in the midair, he has been injured finally, the powerful body completely cannot receive the huge magic power impact that Ultra Certain Kill Skill backlashes to have. The blood spurts crazily, the whole person crashes from the space , the phoenix dragon dance snake changes has relieved voluntarily.

However, making Ji Dong be injured, exterminates the regiment also to pay the huge price. All exterminates the heavy cavalry, completely falls the flash of strangling to death to fall from the sky in Sun and Moon Yin-Yang and Azure Dragon god. Including their mounts, does not have remaining including sediment. Exterminates fights the Master, exterminates the Mages of combat generals and these golden eagle business associations, although lived, but. In them, injured at least has surpassed 50%. Some magic power are weak, turned into the idiot directly.

Chen Longao as exterminates the regiment to command greatly, this time he, is extremely pitiful, the body mail-armor and helmet is completely stave, the hand mesosaurus spear/gun is an cuns (2.5 cm) break. Not only the blood spurts crazily, under the place emerald lizard Dragon King was also implicated, whole body dripping with blood, the scale at least has 70% shatter, injured the basis.

What is most important, the Chen Longao magic power source releases excessively, the vitality damages severely. Even if after injury good, at least must raising one year, has the possibility of restoring.

This war, who dares saying that Ji Dong did defeat? Must know, he by an enemy thousand. What faces is entire exterminates the regiment one-fifth strengths!

Bang, the body of Ji Dong, numerous falling in the ground, printed a big hole. Drops from hundred meters upper air, in addition the weight and hard degree of his Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, the whole person inserted in the ground soil directly.

Chen Longao panting in gulps, almost every panting, will be having the blood to gush out from the mouth and nose, the wound that he receives was too serious, at this time including one point of strength unable to raise. How can like this? How can like this? After such result makes me go back, how to confess?

Entire exterminates the regiment fourth brigade, in facing a Six-Crown Mage situation, exterminates the heavy cavalry to perish completely, exterminates fights the Master, to exterminate the combat general to exceed half injured, oneself this commands greatly also experiences personally the heavy losses, the opposite party is only a person! Mage of Six-Crown rank, if gives him again several years, perhaps the result of fight will reverse. "Has killed him, tears to shreds to me him, takes revenge for the brothers."Chen Longao struggles was saying. Present situation already so, if also makes this boy live. He was so terrifying, how will his back person be formidable to the degree?

Until hears the Chen Longao sound, exterminates in the regiment also living the talented person responded, since became after that exterminated the regiment, they never have also encountered at present such situation, can say, exterminated the regiment, so long as went to battle, did not have toward is disadvantageous. Even if faces the trump card armies of other empires, most is also only slightly inferior by. Like, 90% extermination heavy cavalries perishes at present completely, let alone has seen, even if wants not to think.

"Killing" an extermination combat general of Six-Crown rank rises with a spring from own mount lizard Dragon King suddenly, dashes to the place that Ji Dong falls from the sky. It is not he does not want to stimulate to movement the mount attack, but is his lizard Dragon King could not move at this time, the body innumerable wounds, lose blood massively, can live the issue. Each exterminates the soldiers of regiment with own mount just like a body, can say, the mount is their second life. The mount so caused heavy losses, this exterminates the both eyes of combat general study to be red, in the brain has as if seethed with excitement generally, wishes one could to dismantle to skin Ji Dong, hate of difficult solution heart.

Before hand long spear/gun refers, directly soars the Ji Dong position to puncture, he must select into Ji Dong airborne, tears to shreds again.

May at this moment, golden light shadow separate together suddenly from Ji Dong, soars, in the intense and swift and fierce phoenix cry sound, vast wild pinnacle Yang Fire from the sky erupts, a huge golden flame phoenix light shadow is placed from Huo'er suddenly, dashes to that to exterminate the combat general.

Although Huo'er only has Rank 6, but, it extremely close Rank 7 magic beast, was having with Ji Dong same Pinnacle Two Fires, from pure magic power, it is not smaller and weaker than Ji Dong many. The soul is connected, making her be able to feel Ji Dong this time heavy losses fully. Even if were initially in Holy and Evil Island, the wound that Ji Dong receives does not have now to be like this serious. Already treated as Huo'er that the family member regarded to be able him not to get angry?

Bright golden Fire Phoenix from the sky ripples the wave circulation of big piece, the extermination combat general who that originally was injured only with enough time releases outside the body magic power, the next moment, his body had been swallowed by that phoenix light shadow completely, changes into the flying ash to vanish in the midair does not see.

Huo'er displays, is Certain Kill Skill that she comprehends, the phoenix does several things at the same time to cut, by own huge magic power, splits to launch the attack with the body same pinnacle Yang Fire magic power body. Although the might cannot compared with the Ji Dong colorful male cone, be also almost the same. Must by, after this be Huo'er and Ji Dong repeatedly cooperation phoenix dance colorful male cone, Certain Kill Skill energy that comprehends.

Huo'er strikes to kill one to exterminate combat general, not only has not made these exterminate Mages of regiment to be timid, instead aroused the anger of their innermost feelings. Forms, kick out, they did not have what coordination, but attacks whole-heartedly, destroys Ji Dong and Huo'er is their only goals.

This time Ji Dong, just struggled to crawl from the earth pit, the tenacity of body, resisted the massive impacts, however formerly magic power collision also has become to other party the enormous injury, if were not the fire and the phoenix dragon dance snake soul changes, he already died. At this time although the physical body is damaged is too not serious, but magic power of his within the body has actually consumed completely, the whole person seemed like found time generally, slightest bit magic power is unable to raise gathers.

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Chapter 222: Ji Dong reinforcements, cold Lia gold/metal

Saw that throws extermination regiment Mages that strikes to come. He gripped tightened double fist. Even if the present in this case, he as before does not have the slightest bit timid and dreads. Even if no magic power, even if by the physical body last strength, he must fight to the end.

At this moment, one group of rich red light are quietly raises from Ji Dong, the ice-cold sound resounds in his ear, "restores magic power same place, other give me."

The golden form, one step steps forward, the cold and gloomy chill in the air, made Ji Dong smart spirit shivered. Before his body, were many a person.

The golden mail-armor and helmet covers the whole body, has not exposed one point of flesh, flash that she presents, the temperature in air drops obviously, with airborne explodes raging fire hot Huo'er to form the striking contrast.

gold/metal has not attacked on own initiative, but static standing in front of Ji Dong, sees her appearance, Huo'er cheerful long cry, the pair of wings launches, the strong Pinnacle Two Fires pressure erupts instantaneously. From the ability, the Huo'er attack and defense is not considered as that her strong point. She strongest enemy side lies in controls the field. Control to the entire scene. The attribute that is displayed by her suppresses. Even is also better compared with the effect that Ji Dong displays. Attribute suppression effect that because she releases is almost constant. In magic power coverage scope, anybody also inevitable must withstand the similar intensity the pressure. But the attribute suppression of Ji Dong mainly in view of own match, had in the range has weakly.

The Huo'er attribute suppresses, makes to exterminate the Mages aura that these clash to stagnate, the First Wood magic power aura that the body lends clearly weakened several points. They in originally with the fight of Ji Dong had consumed many magic power before, is not the optimum condition, at this time relies on, is war intent that the quantity and they are full to work off anger.

Huo'er soars, immediately made them lose the goal of attack, all vision, centralized on flatter golden body that in this suddenly across the sky presented.

Saw gold/metal, the pupil of Chen Longao has contracted several points obviously. If Ji Dong in his eyes, like a volcano of eruption, then, at present this wears the golden armor female soldier of woman armor like a permanent ancient not iceberg, the risk that his body sends out is not worse than Ji Dong, even that cold severe murderous aura is more obvious than Ji Dong.

The King's both arms lift by body slightly, the strong golden light has filled with the metal aura excitedly, buzz in the whining noise, two golden light emit from her hand, congealed instantaneously two handle three chi (0.33 m) long swords. If did not see that these two handle long swords are condense by magic power, when they appear in gold/metal hand, sword not any difference with entity.

Chen Longao cannot bear saying: "Eighth Metal changes from, ever changing?"Black Six-Crown Yin Crown quietly appears above gold/metal top of the head, almost in a flash, that Black Yin Crown became on the transformation on magic power exactly the same golden color with her.

Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire is also golden color, but that is one type makes the person not dare to gaze at to fill to make widely known with the scalding hot aura golden color. But golden color that on the flatter golden body sends out, then has been full of the metal brilliance, gloomy and cold and dense, gives another feeling. What strangest is, this golden color is unexpectedly transparent, looks like general that the light of stars condenses becomes.

First exterminated the combat general to throw, although the attribute was suppressed, but in the face of the order, these exterminates the soldiers of regiment not to have the slightest bit to flinch, this exterminated the combat general to be lucky in the beforehand fight, besides the magic power consumption, he and own mount was perfect. Cross under giant place lizard Dragon King upper body looked upward, bringing his body simultaneously under to press, in the queue uniting hand the long rifle sling the bone-chilling cold imposing manner and huge First Wood magic power changes into... The green cold star, points to the flatter golden body three strategic points.

Ding, three sonorous crisp cries almost also resound, lizard Dragon King falls to the ground loudly, but the extermination combat general who it carries on the back was actually shocked. Although his long spear/gun is not long like the Chen Longao dragon spear/gun, has about five meters fully, is, at this time in his hand. Only remaining less than a two meters section, how he even had not actually seen clearly gold/metal to get rid.

In all directions, exterminates the combat general, exterminates fights Master Men to include the converging attack , the dense chill in the air on flatter golden body actually in an instant the complete explosion, ice-cold instantaneously exterminates in the regiment soldiers heart to raise from each that made one be from the heart, they were suppressed originally only to display 70% strengths by Huo'er magic power to fall 20% immediately again. Right, is the attribute suppression, but, these time no longer is the pinnacle cloudy Yang Fire attribute suppresses, but is pinnacle Eighth Metal.

Acme Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire and pinnacle Eighth Metal, what does the tertiary attribute suppress the results of producing is? If Chen Longao such Eight-Crown powerhouse, most will only be suppressed about 20% strengths, may these people, each magic power gold/metal not be at present formidable, under the tertiary suppression, in addition the gold/metal and fire, have the restraint to affect to Wood department. Their strengths unexpectedly by suppression stiffly to below 50%. Strange appeared at this moment, King's body does not enter instead to draw back, changes into the golden light to hit together backward, her goal is not an enemy, but is Ji Dong.

King's speed was too fast, does not have Ji Dong that magic power supports, even if wants to dodge also already without enough time. The ray flashes, he only thought on oneself one cold, the whole person had been surrounded by a cold metal.

Exterminates the people of regiment to see clearly, on the flatter golden body erupts one group of eye-catching golden light, in a series of clangours, her back mail-armor and helmet dissolves unexpectedly voluntarily. Then covers Ji Dong in that golden light completely. Integrates in it her armor.

Seventh Metal is Yang Metal, its most formidable enemy side lies in the striking power. Has the ten departments strongest explosive force like Third Fire. But what gold/metal has is Eighth Metal. Eighth Metal does not have the Seventh Metal that violence direct destructive power and penetrating power. But it has the change ability that Seventh Metal is unable to compare. Similar to hundred refining up the fine steel to circle refers to softly general, after Eighth Metal department Mage cultivates the certain extent, any metal falls to produce the ever changing results in their hands.

"Holds in the arms me." The King's ice-cold voice resounds in the Ji Dong ear, during the next moment, a warm tender body by entering him embraces. Compared with chill in the air that the semblance sends out, King's body actually warms up. Subconscious, the Ji Dong both arms close up, closely held in the arms gold/metal that to have the extremely astonishing elastic tender body.

The golden armor on flatter golden body obviously became thin several points, because in this armor, already, not only she, also Ji Dong. The quantity of enemy were too many, only then relies on this method, she can better protection Ji Dong be impassible.

When Ji Dong grasps King's earliest possible time, besides exclaiming in surprise in Ajin regarding metal control strength, he understood her idea immediately, therefore also immediately received in oneself hand to be used to restore magic power fire attribute crystal core. With just restored magic power Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor to receive. It is not he does not want to restore magic power, because, if he continues to restore magic power through crystal core again, will send out Fire Element inevitably, fire gold/metal, his Fire Element will undoubtedly affect gold/metal. In did not determine how long own magic power needs to restore, moreover in the situation of by gold/metal being protected into the armor. Ji Dong can only trust the woman who in the bosom this fills murderous aura now.

Was grasped by the Ji Dong powerful both arms, King's body shivered slightly, although is very slight, Ji Dong that but sticks to with his body actually as before can feel her change clearly. In the heart laughs in one's heart, originally you also as before is a person, will have the feeling!

At this time, in this golden armor, two people appearances can say is quite ambiguous, left the both arms of Ji Dong to hug at gold/metal waist accident/surprise, the other positions of two people body, completely tight fitting under the fetter of armor in the same place. Only has this, can reduce the flexibility of Ji Dong to gold/metal body to welcome as far as possible approaches. Face of Ji Dong, already deep has buried gold/metal that in a big way * in the wave long hair.

Makes all these, but is the free time who twice blinks by, the next moment, a gold/metal body bow, has been similar to arrow shoots, draws back enters, movement passing clouds and flowing water, quickly like lightning. However, this moves, most painful is not the enemy, but was Ji Dong. King's figure is extremely tall, even compared with Lie Yan (raging flames) must slightly for high, is basic with Ji Dong, when two people body positions paste, is flush, her body such bow, that extremely clearly fills the intense elastic buttocks, closely withstood Ji Dong below, the next moment, the person sprang, the body tightened, the buttocks seam place actually gripped the spot that some Ji Dong comparison has protruded.

Soft, warming up is full of the elastic friction, almost made Ji Dong scream, he knows certainly that this was not gold/metal intentionally, but, he was also a normal man. The body ties tight suddenly, the blood vulgar, go toward spot racing wells up who that protrudes instantaneously. Heavens! Too disgraced. Ji Dong wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into. He rather goes facing exterminating the enemy of regiment, is not willing to be in the so awkward region.

Ji Dong awkward, the King's tyrannical attack has sent out, the golden light is bringing afterimage, arrives suddenly, in that lost in front of the extermination combat general of weapon, both hands two handle golden color long swords cut alternately. That exterminates the combat general to do, only then lifts the half long spear/gun in hand to resist subconsciously, in his eyes. Has revealed desperate color/look.

Similarly is Six-Crown Mage, gold/metal is actually the pinnacle magic power owner, in addition match, magic power consumes in a big way, at this time can only show 50% strengths that the attribute suppresses very much. This strikes, in any event this exterminates the combat general unable to resist.

However, strange appeared. gold/metal that originally condensed ice-cold has worked off anger, unprecedented, the attack of destroying the hardest defenses, unexpectedly suddenly scattered in disorder, the speed also became slightly slow a point. In her mouth has also exuded one stuffily.

Exterminates combat experience of combat general to be rich, the opportunity of this moment, that lizard Dragon King suddenly the looked upward personal appearance, the giant head directly has hit among gold/metal chests and bellies.

The tooth fastens to nip, gold/metal that originally attacks to exterminating the double sword of combat general from the sky closes up, the golden light puts greatly, the transformation is a handle five chi (0.33 m) long blade, the golden lightning flashes not to have unexpectedly, King's body also taking the opportunity rebounds to the side flushes away.

The golden ray kept that place lizard Dragon King from the forehead to the position of lower jaw, leaps up until King's body, blood light collapse present, its hard head, stiffly was cut to become enlightened two halves, the giant body falls to the ground loudly. Carries on the back the extermination combat general who is survivor of disaster one after another to hit to roll on the ground, he could not attend to loving dearly oneself mount, can save this life is lucky.

"Do you want dead?" The sound that gold/metal is full of the chill in the air, pushes completely from the gap between teeth. Will her movement suddenly be why scattered in disorder? In buttocks seam were suddenly many a hard thing, traded is everyone does not feel better. She never made the man so approach. If not the order of Lie Yan (raging flames), said that any she will not rescue Ji Dong with this method. Who knows the back this bastard, actually......

Although is away from two clothes, but that hard thing actually that scalding hot, encroached upon her had been moved never the tender and delicate chrysanthemum unceasingly, the King's entire body somewhat lulls, if can choose, she wants to fling to fall that evil source Ji Dong really all at once.

Ji Dong wants to explain that at this time has no way to achieve, his face fitting in King's long hair, can only smell that light simple and elegant fragrance, works loose unable to achieve radically continually. Let alone spoke. Let me die. , Ji Dong wanted to say at this time only.

The outstanding buttocks muscle moved lightly, was relying on to the body extremely splendid controlling force, gold/metal stiffly that hard thing has pushed, was this, making Ji Dong this virgin nearly hand over the arms.

gold/metal then relaxed, does not dare to relax the muscle, is filled with ashamed and resentful vented completely, in these exterminate on the soldiers of regiment at present.

Sees only, the golden lightning, in airborne able to move unhindered jumps more together unceasingly, the place visited, cold and gloomy golden light flash through, exterminates fights the Master to exterminate the combat general, simply does not have enemy of the gathering. Place visited, only then entities and cut off limb to stay behind.

On all -round strength, Ji Dong must above gold/metal, be possible to discuss the skill of murder, Ji Dong actually feels ashamed of one's inferiority. Although he cannot see, but is relying on the fire of soul, actually can definitely feel King's powerful in fight.

Golden ray, in airborne ever changing, is the sword, is the blade, even sometimes suddenly will turn suddenly into the long spear/gun and shield suddenly, often in the time of most needing, has the most marvelous change. Extermination regiment that kills is off their feet.

Exterminates the regiment, although is good at coordinating, in situation that but in the majority of soldier mount is damaged, how many minutes can their coordination display? Moreover King's personal appearance simply does not have the slightest bit to stop, forever during the fast movement, does not give over over two enemies to besiege own opportunity. Strikes draws back, far escaping thousand li (500 km). How when the attack achievement, does not prolong contact. Although the enemies are many, but everyone the feeling, when facing her, actually one type alone with it fighting.

The genuine climax comes, in climax, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Hehe.

Chapter 223: Spear/Gun and buttocks(, climax asked monthly ticket)

If Ji Dong is power and influence world Sovereign King. Then, gold/metal looks like does not have human mood the king of killer. Enemy's pitiful yell as if can only intensify her method the sinisterness. Not only regarding human body, even regarding the body of magic beast, she understood extremely, each time the attack, inevitably is the critical part of enemy.

However, exterminated the regiment also to show their powerful battle efficiencies, under the death order of Chen Longao, although had to exterminate unceasingly fights the Master and combat general dead in gold/metal hand. But gold/metal actually cannot run out of their encirclement rings. Died, next will go immediately against, besieges the attack unceasingly.

Until at this moment, Lu Carl just crawled from own mount Jing Mumo dragon body, the appearance must distressedly distressed, his armor, was been incarnadine by the blood of Jing wooden demon dragon. The strangling to death attack of Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, had been hidden by this fellow eventually. Is relying on Jing Mumo the dragon giant body, fell erupted the complementary waves to keep off after Sun and Moon Yin- Yang and Azure Dragon god completely. Jing Mumo the dragon suffocated at this time, but Lu Carl is actually sends without the wound.

Chen Longao fills looks to this fellow who despises, shouted angrily, "you also in what? Has not begun."Although keeps off the disaster to disdain using the mount regarding Rwandan Carl extremely, but Chen Longao also has to seek help from him. Sees the soldiers mass casualties hand/subordinate. His heart in drop blood!

Exterminates the great strength of regiment, establishes under countless painstaking care pay. Not only the financial resource, require the massive time. Exterminates the heavy cavalry like these, although they are not Mage, may also be since childhood chooses, trains starting from ten years old, together is living with their mounts, after at least 15 years of training, training, actual combat and slaughtering, can be a qualified extermination heavy cavalry. But exterminates fights the Master, to exterminate combat general, paid to train innumerably difficultly. It can be said that they are money and time build. Every time died a person, regarding Eastern Wood Empire is the enormous attack, let alone today the extermination regiment of this entire brigade, only remaining less than hundred people. Even if were Tianlu crown prince, could not withstand such responsibility for an offense. Moreover, if in this case was unable to kill the enemy completely, bleeds off Ji Dong this to have the pinnacle magic power owner of extremely strong backstage, will bring the disaster to entire Eastern Wood Empire. But people on the scene, besides him, strength strongest is Lu Carl.

Rwandan Carl sees a gold/metal of golden armor, has gawked, because in the armor has also wrapped Ji Dong, appears very extremely fat, the Lu Carl intermittent heart that but the battle efficiency of that terrifying looks at as before is startled. When turns head to look, discovered impressively, own subordinate is also living. Unexpectedly less than one-third, moreover overwhelming majorities were injured. They have not exterminated regiment such magic power armor protection, although has not withstood the direct attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but two big Certain Kill Skill complementary waves to Mage of these golden eagle business associations have also had the enormous injury.

Exterminates the sad scene of regiment to make Lu Carl shocking, he approaches Chen Longao saying: "Sir Heavenly Venerable, we retreat."

"Fart."wa'ed, Chen Longao spouts a blood, air/Qi the anger to occur simultaneously cursed angrily: "could it be you do not know that what bleeds off these two consequences of people are? could it be does your wish make our motherland withstand the attacks of two supreme powerhouses? Does not leave behind these two people, kills thoroughly. We are the criminals in empire. You tie down her, so long as exterminates the time of regiment moment preparation to me, I make them die without the burial ground surely."

In Rwandan Carl heart the unstated criticism, has blown for quite a while, finally loses so is big, before could it be, your are the setup time less? I am only a merchant! It is not goes all out. But, in Chen Longao that brilliant vision looks steadily, actually has to brace oneself to jump. Offends to exterminate regiment matter, he cannot withstand absolutely.

Seven-Crown after all is Seven-Crown, joining of Lu Carl, immediately made in the field the tactical situation have the change, Lu Carl discussed combat experience and fighting will. Is cannot with exterminating compared with regiment absolutely. He is only strong has exterminated the combat general, only has magic power and slyness.

Jumps to enter in the battlefield, Lu Carl feels the enormous influence that tertiary magic power attribute suppressed to bring immediately. Even if he is the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse, in these three heavy pressure make under the function, magic power also can only use 60% by. But this also obviously is the restriction entire exterminates the regiment biggest barrier.

In the eye the cold light flashes, Lu Carl goes all out starts the long spear/gun the magic power note, he according to such has not attacked gold/metal who Chen Longao said that but has aimed at the target airborne. Huo'er float in hundred meters upper air, although it has not joined the fight, but releases it that the attribute is suppressing during wholeheartedly obviously in this group fights affects is bigger.

The transparent azure swept across the whole body, Lu Carl releases element body fast, the accumulation of going all out and is squeezing each drop of First Wood magic power, complete condensation above the long spear/gun in own hand.

In time that several times breathe, in Rwandan Carl hand the long spear/gun turned into the aquamarine completely, that green bright desire drops, gorgeous mouth-watering. The green of emerald has many types, the ordinary oil azure, the bean azure, is slightly good a point the grass green, dark green, cyan color, the clear green and cyan color. But the color at this time in Lu Carl hand on long spear/gun sending out, is in the emerald is next to the emerald and King green that wipes Yang Lv, rich Yang Lv.

Saw in his hand the color of long spear/gun, the Chen Longao tight wrinkle brow stretches several points, the next moment, Lu Carl has congealed the item to look, jumped suddenly, has not made any sound, in the hand the long spear/gun has appeared, Yang Lv from out of the blue, startled day.

Moment that until the long spear/gun sends out from Rwandan Carl hand. Airborne Huo'er suddenly faints from fear, wants reaction time again has been half beat behind, is not enough to release the attack of Certain Kill Skill rank again. Only some pair of wings fully whip, Pinnacle Two Fires bursts out instantaneously, two flame from the sky concentrate are, the combination skill effect crack.

Loudly in the loud sound, the Neiyang green long spear/gun in airborne by torn to pieces that Pinnacle Two Fires of Huo'er release explodes fully, but, this after all is Seven-Crown Mage strikes fully! The Huo'er present strength, was inferior to Seven-Crown Mage, let alone sinister Lu Carl this strikes to gather the potential for a long time, suddenly the release whole- heartedly.

Although the main body of long spear/gun by scrap, but, that green light actually forcefully has broken together through the Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill explosive force, one from Huo'er passes. The Huo'er final response, is sideways to dodge. That green light almost roots from her chest side and position between wing hurls into. The green light from the sky wields the powder, the also big blood rain that simultaneously explodes, Huo'er calls out in grief, is unable to maintain the flight again, the body from the sky glides is crashing into not far away in the woods.

"Bastard."Ji Dong and Huo'er soul is connected, the crisis that Huo'er comes across he naturally felt. But at this time he is actually involuntary, was limited in King's armor cannot move. Under the violent anger, the body ties tight suddenly. That unceasingly by bulge of outstanding buttocks friction also along with tying tight of his body, but suddenly, has invaded that tepid and among the outstanding ball p petals.

"You......"gold/metal body trembles, the movement loses shape once more, finally first time was exterminated the combat general to attack from both sides successfully by two. Moreover at this time also the Huo'er heavy losses, lost the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression, in situation that the command exterminates the combat general magic power large scale rise. gold/metal only with enough time blocks handle dragon spear/gun, another handle dragon spear/gun numerous pulling out strike on her, pulled out to strike to fly her and Ji Dong together.

"Makes me exit, I must rescue Huo'er."Sticks to Akindin sends, Ji Dong is making the slurred sound. gold/metal can feel Ji Dong clearly because of the shivering of anger and worry body. Cannot attend to goes to blame his unseemly behavior again the thing, spunks up. Deals with exterminate the regiment.

"You save her, only meets to lose one's life."Busy, she has not forgotten to respond to Ji Dong one.

"Puts me to exit quickly."Regarding Ji Dong, Huo'er, although is magic beast, but likely is his sister is ordinary. He can look at the Huo'er heavy losses helplessly, but doesn't rescue? In order to let gold/metal puts itself to exit, this time desirably forward a body.

gold/metal suddenly shames the anger to occur simultaneously, but she cannot violate the order of Lie Yan (raging flames), dodged the several attacks of enemy rapidly, the personal appearance appeared finally disorderly. But exterminated the regiment under not having the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression, the battle efficiency gradually restored, the coordination also became even more tacit. What is most hateful is Lu Carl, although this fellow gets rid as before directly, but actually takes out a handle lance from own storage thing Magic Tool, condenses magic power once more, but his goal, locked on the flatter golden body obviously. Poses the huge threat. The sneak attack of Seven-Crown Mage momentarily preparation, absolutely is anybody is not willing to face. originally starts soon to break through the tight encirclement advantageously the aspect once more becomes extremely disadvantageous. Although gold/metal strength is not weak, but she does not have decision war formidable Ultra Certain Kill Skill like Ji Dong after all. Lost the suppression of comprehensive three branches of the family pinnacle magic power, exterminates the regiment to set aside the hand, various aspects coordinate gradually to restore, to surround the condition to besiege to gold/metal makes her be utterly isolated, many multiple attacks suppress gradually intensely, the tyrannical striking power, made gold/metal unable to endure more and more.

gold/metal does not utter a word is resisting fully, every time gets rid, is having the formidable destructive power as before, will make to exterminate the regiment to present the casualties surely. But, her body was attacked hit to be also getting more and more. Although golden armor quality is extremely good, has blocked most attacks for her. However, her own consumption also became more and more greatly. gold/metal or Ji Dong are very clear, Lu Carl in waiting opportunity, once the opportunity approaches, then, in his hand that handle will condense the positive green brilliance the long spear/gun to give Ji Dong and gold/metal strikes fatally. Also because of existence of this threat, gold/metal throughout must keep certain strength to prepare the strain at any time, this makes her in the besieged condition more difficult. To break through, but also becomes more and more impossible.

What to do? In Ji Dong heart anxious, but does not have the means. His deep regret, why have not started to manufacture the magic skill liquor earlier, if the magic skill liquor can manufacture successfully, must be easy to process many that faced with the present aspect. In his heart most was worried that is the Huo'er safety. But regardless of, how he struggles, even encroaches upon the King's sensitive spot, gold/metal is not willing to put him to leave the armor.

At this time, suddenly, did not have the omen, a scalding hot feeling ignited from the Ji Dong chest place, Ji Dong only thought own within the body as if had any thing to regain consciousness, the fire of fierce beat soul, strong Fire Element burst out from the fire of that soul unceasingly, was supplementing his thirsty body at the unequalled speed.

But this thick Fire Element also affected King's body, particularly their position of lower part of the body close union, was makes in gold/metal heart one feel nervous, she was really good to fear that was cut off their clothes of body contact to be burnt reluctantly suddenly broken, if so, she wished one could dead immediately is good.

Also luckily, at this time, the familiar and dignified sound resounded in gold/metal mind, such as attained the pardon, gold/metal whole body, several hundred golden light erupted, avoided stiffly has besieged her one to exterminate the regiment soldier, the golden light circulation, the back mail- armor and helmet splits, shook to fly Ji Dong directly.

But at this time, gathered Lu Carl that potential waited to begin, the positive green brilliance cut the expansive sky once more, almost from exterminating the people of regiment sewed drills, directly soars gold/metal.

Rwandan Carl attack judgment gold/metal, is the process thinks, Ji Dong formerly had released Certain Kill Skill, is the spent force, did not have what striking power, so long as will protect his gold/metal also to massacre, this fight will end. His attack is nothing less than cunning, is nothing less than sinister. What a pity, he has not actually realized. If there is not grasped, comes to protect Ji Dong gold/metal to put him?

Is covering the great claw of golden fish scale shape scale silent finds out from the Ji Dong chest place, that claw is giant, almost covers the Ji Dong entire body, the great claw flew high, found out like lightning, actually held the positive green long spear/gun in the midair.

The bang, the strong and scalding hot golden flame, erupts from the Neiyang green long spear/gun unexpectedly, magic power that as if Lu Carl releases became that pinnacle Yang Fire fuel is unexpectedly ordinary. Made all people including gold/metal have the feeling of not gasping for breath compared with formerly Ji Dong heyday stronger pinnacle Yang Fire. dragon cry, distant and vigorous dragon recited the sound, resounded from the position of Ji Dong chest front, the huge body looks like from him decomposes generally baseless and presently.

The great claw shakes, that burns the golden long spear/gun already instantaneous shatter, changes into the innumerable golden fragments to scatter in all directions to flutter about, distance more than ten exterminated fights the Master to turn into more than ten groups of fireballs immediately, scattered in all directions to flutter about in the pitiful yell sound. the next moment, their bodies were reduced to ashes. But that shocking dragon recited sound, turned into two from one suddenly. A spirit, sinks thick.

Tomorrow's renewal or climax Oh, will give everybody a pleasant surprise. What appearance can the Ji Dong mount be? Will name? This is not small three wants to come out, collects from the book friends. Tomorrow will give everybody a confession, so can the climax, how not have the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket accompanies? Asked ticket. If everybody felt good that small three write, hits to enjoy to hit to enjoy three not to mind slightly. Hehe.

Chapter 224: Ji Dong mount, fifty Saint Fire Dragon

That huge body has separated from Ji Dong within the body finally completely. But the body of Ji Dong was flung to by it, falls on carrying on the back.

Sees this sudden colossus, exterminates the regiment or the person of golden eagle business association, is unable to believe own eyes. But it presents the most direct effect is, including lizard Dragon King, presents all place lizard dragons to fall to the ground completely, these experience for a long time the training magic beast, actually again does not have a point to fight intent, all crawls on the ground fiercely is shivering, feels anything to make their incomparable terrifying aura likely.

When formerly were facing two big Ultra Certain Kill Skill collisions, these lizard dragon does not have so, but now, this situation such really appears.

Besides Ji Dong, in others opinion, including gold/metal, this suddenly biological simply that separates from Ji Dong within the body is a monster, right, is the monster. He has the shrimp eye, antler and ox Zui, the dog nose and grouper to, the lion long neck hair, the snake tail, scale and eagle claw, ninth nine animal combining into one not like it image. What is most unusual, it struggles body unexpectedly half is black, half are white, starts to separate from the neck place. Really has two heads. The below the belly lives nine claws, is half black half white, does not have the wing, actually floats in the midair. From it, human cannot feel anything, but the lizard dragons actually clearly feel the dragon clan rulers to rule the world the aura.

Its appearance, most shocks is actually Ji Dong, looks that under the body this has 12 meters colossus considerable, in his heart has, is only kind. Right, is kind. Because, this regarding other people are the lifeform of monster, is the symbol of its previous generation country, Huaxia Divine Dragon.

In the Ji Dong heart, the dragon of this world, but is the lizard that some can fly by, that only then under his body rides, is the image of dragon! But, why does it have two heads, the below the belly five claws? Sits carries on the back in him, Ji Dong not only feels own magic power to restore at the terrifying speed, being as close as flesh and blood that but, also one type is unable to explain felt, as if this dragon is in itself part of his body resembles.

"Ji Dong, should not be accidental/surprised, this dragon, inherited your bloodlines. Is interlinked with your soul. Was your blood, soul and chaos strength has expedited his growth. Is having and your exactly the same magic power. In addition dragon clan unique strength. As soon as it were born, had Rank 8, Rank 8 pinnacle magic power. Its image, according to your soul in hopes the image that completely it changes exists. Pinnacle Two Fires centered on chaos, for the ceremonial fire, it is passes through your soul and blood evolves to come, therefore, I took the systematic name for it, named: Fifty Saint Fire Dragon."

Lie Yan's sound as before is that interesting to listen, as if all these should be resemble, suddenly, in the Ji Dong heart has a feeling, before this fight, as if completely during the control of Lie Yan (raging flames). From oneself with Chen Longao commencing of action, to displaying Ultra Certain Kill Skill. When crisis that whenever meeting is hard to resolve, has the favorable turn immediately, but these favorable turns, are by Lie Yan (raging flames). King's appearance, the appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is so.

Two dragon cry, resounds from the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two giant dragon mouth once more. Under angrily roars shocking, the unequalled Pinnacle Two Fires magic power pressure drops from the clouds. This time, not only suppressed the enemy, the pinnacle Yin Metal aura that even on the flatter golden body lends continually was also suppressed.

If Huo'er is only the gentle little miss, then, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is the dignified magic beast ruler. Similarly is the Pinnacle Two Fires pressure, but releases from him, entirely different. That completely is Sovereign King arrives at the terrifying pressure. Exterminates the regiment remaining combat generals, to fight Master Men, is not only magic power is suppressed, even the body became sluggish. In the sky, in 500 meters in diameter range, turned into black and white two-color completely, all colored also vanished in this moment, only then black and white.

Demon territory, fifty Saint Fire Dragon Pinnacle Two Fires demon territory. Is the release of this demon territory, confirmed its magic power above Ji Dong. Rank 8 magic beast, generally speaking is only equal to Seven-Crown Mage, the demon territory that only then Eight-Crown Mage can release, like this appeared on fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Two main items, four dragon eye, looks about the fresh splendor, he that arrogant, is gazing below enemy with a look of despising completely. However, he has not actually moved, the Ji Dong clear feeling, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon complete ability to act communicates in the soul together, his various abilities, all the brand mark in the Ji Dong innermost soul, only had the order of Ji Dong. Can make him launch the attack. Soul connected they, cannot train and communication on spoken language and motion, has been able to achieve the most perfect coordination.

"Retreats."Is witnessing the appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, feels the powerful suppression of that terrifying Pinnacle Two Fires demon territory, Chen Longao is not being willingly, at this time also can only issue the order that retreats, otherwise he can affirm, continues again, this war final result is very possible is one's own side is annihilated. Oneself, simply cannot suddenly appear with this, does not know that is ability that Rank 9 or Rank 10 magic beast contends with. Counts on Lu Carl? Is no different than dream of a fool. He can only pray in the heart, exterminates the regiment little dead a person, can have one point of strength. gold/metal launches the personal appearance to overtake the extermination regiment soldier who starts to retreat like lightning, is in the golden light of two person eruptions changes into the fragment in her hands, the Ji Dong sound from airborne conveys, "do not pursue, first rescues Huo'er to be important."

If not Huo'er is seriously battered deeply, Ji Dong without hesitation will certainly ride fifty Saint Fire Dragon completely to annihilate the powerful enemy, but he actually clearly felt that at this time the Huo'er vitality is passing fast. With killing compared with enemy, without a doubt, rescues Huo'er more important.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon body twists, although does not have the wing, but its flying speed actually likely is flies high empty crosses general. Not only does not have the sound, but also wonderful quick incomparable. 12 meters body almost flashes, broke in the forest. Is relying on Ji Dong and Huo'er soul relates, quick found the place that Huo'er has crashed.

Huo'er static lying down on the ground, the massive blood gushes out from within the body, had the hole of fist size to link up its chest side fully, the vitality was passing rapidly. The originally fiery phoenix pupil turned into the iron grey at this time.

Ji Dong jumps to carry on the back to leap from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, one step arrived at side Huo'er, since holds Huo'er, the tears flow copiously, "Huo'er. Huo'er you must insist, you will certainly not have the matter."took a deep breath, Ji Dong slightly hesitates, clenches teeth, both hands simultaneously printed in the Huo'er chest front and back penetration sores, cannot make Huo'er continue to bleed again. Loses blood again. Huo'er really must die without doubt.

Dazzling a golden light flashes not to have, Huo'er groaned, first one crooked, has fainted. Ji Dong is relying on own Yang Fire magic power, seals up her wound forcefully temporarily. Simultaneously took out one bottle fast initially Yao Qianshu to his curing medicine, poured into a jar the Huo'er mouth. Stimulates to movement magic power, cautiously pours into to Huo'er within the body, tries to stimulate to movement the efficacy. However, when Ji Dong magic power injects into Huo'er within the body, discovered that her wound is serious, Lu Carl that strikes, First Wood attribute is not enough to injure Huo'er, but after the body was linked up, the Huo'er whole body surpasses 30% meridians to be stave. magic power is unable to revolve smoothly, stimulates to movement the efficacy. If not Huo'er has the greatly strengthened vitality, perhaps died.

Remembered Huo'er to experience 3000 pain to struggle in the egg, with great difficulty hatched, remembered itself and Huo'er for these years profound love. In the Ji Dong heart sad Yikuang wells up. May actually not know that should not know what to do.

gold/metal stands side Ji Dong, she is after plan and other dangers, immediately looks for Ji Dong to do accounts, but saw at this time Ji Dong so sad is holding Huo'er, she arrived at the words of mouth unable to say.

"Brings Huo'er to return to earth core, all have me."Lie Yan's sound generally appears like the straw to grasp in the Ji Dong mind.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)."Almost is without hesitation, Ji Dong has issued the summon immediately.

The red light blooms, wraps Ji Dong and body of gold/metal also Huo'er not to have quietly. Only leaves behind fifty Saint Fire Dragon also in the woods of life. When Ji Dong just before leaving, does not forget to tell fifty Saint Fire Dragon, making him stay here, if there is enemy to invade again, kills without the amnesty. Obtains the so formidable mount, original Ji Dong should be quite excited, after all, since this has been he continuously hope. But. Huo'er wound heavy hence, can he excited getting up?

When the scenery becomes clear, returns to that earth core world, a white light has covered, but, sweeps across in which Huo'er in Ji Dong bosom.

Lie Yan (raging flames) stands in earth core rock platform, a right hand move, Huo'er arrived at her body , before by the white light is covering. Lie Yan (raging flames) both hands wield, the strong two Fire departments element pulled out from the earth core magma by her to forcefully, pours into to Ji Dong within the body unceasingly. Looks that her is only clear does not have the vision of impurity, Ji Dong thought in the heart one warm, painful and sad weakened several points immediately.

Lie Yan (raging flames) supple sound said: "Relax. Has me, Huo'er will not have the matter. She and our magic power common origin, by Chaos Fire, I grasps her life sufficiently. Here gave me. Woods monster that side matter also needs you to process. Takes one bottle of origin of life to them. Has the assistance of origin of life, the restoration of Huo'er can also be quicker, will not have the sequela."

Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji Dong immediately eyes shined, yes! How oneself have not thought that also origin of life. That is can the world most precious object of life and death flesh white bones.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I first."

Lin Yan said: "gold/metal, you and Ji Dong goes together. His magic power fully has not restored. You help him."

"I......"gold/metal body trembled slightly, wanted to say anything, but has not said eventually, but hid the tender face under metal mask actually rose red. Even if the present, in her plentiful outstanding buttocks the feeling of also ignition heat. Thinks scene that feels ashamed, powerful such as she, whole body becomes tender.

When Ji Dong and gold/metal return the woods of life, fifty Saint Fire Dragon in airborne is hovering, the observation that coldly the surroundings. A Ji Dong appearance, this powerful incomparable, has Huaxia Divine Dragon semblance Giant Dragon to jump immediately, arrives in front of Ji Dong.

Determined that Huo'er will not have the matter, Ji Dong was relaxed several points, this has the time carefully to observe oneself this mount partner. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon with him remembers that Huaxia Totem Divine Dragon, has nine phase splitting shapes. Must know, country that his previous generation is, all human have the title of descendants of the dragon. Sees Huaxia Divine Dragon, won't feel kindly? Only those who made Ji Dong somewhat strange was, this fifty Saint Fire Dragon unexpectedly was nine claws, but was not he remembers five claws.

The double headed nine claws, this should be the extremely strange image, but, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon complete 12 meters bodies actually appear extremely coordinated, the body of being in sharp contrast, will actually not give people the slightest bit towering feeling. Only then that formidable aura, will make one has to suffocate the feeling. Naturally, regarding Ji Dong, this feeling turned kindly.

Arrogant dragon pupil gazed at Ji Dong to turn into the gentle ray, two big ends both in front of Ji Dong low, gently was rubbing his body.

Two hand each ones * a moment dragon's head, on the Ji Dong face is revealing a smile finally, "Lie Yan (raging flames) took the fifty Saint Fire Dragon systematic name to you. I give you to go to a name. If I have not remembered incorrectly, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) from Snow and Ice Giant Dragon incorruptible there you must come the time has said that you are the girls. Let me think, what name gives you to give to be good?"

The voice has not fallen, in the Ji Dong soul suddenly presented two intense thoughts, he has gawked slightly, the surprised discovery, these two thoughts are the black dragon and white dragon transmit unexpectedly separately. This fifty Saint Fire Dragon each actually has own thought.

This discovery, made Ji Dong curious, could it be said, they before being changed the shape, is pair of twins?

At this time, two dragon heads, are requesting to Ji Dong, must give them alone the giving a name character, but is not a unified name.

The Huo'er initial name was Ji Dong speaks thoughtlessly, he thought freely spoken of pleasant to hear. However, facing fifty Saint Fire Dragon, he actually cannot that easily name. Because, this fifty Saint Fire Dragon it can be said that is reposing him the recollection to the previous generation. The image of Huaxia Divine Dragon is that kind. Must take one to be good with the previous generation country related name. "Called slightly black, asked little white then forget about it."gold/metal in one side coldly said.

Listened to her words, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two main items simultaneously to roar to make noise, extremely discontented looking angrily at to gold/metal, if were not because gold/metal and Ji Dong were the same camps, Ji Dong did not doubt them to release formerly that terrifying demon territory pressure directly.

gold/metal snorted, what "called to be. Each good thing, to be the same with your masters."

Ji Dong somewhat awkwardly looked at gold/metal one eyes, suddenly, in the mind flash of intuition, "I know called anything."

The Ji Dong mount appeared finally, everybody does not satisfy, our Huaxia Divine Dragon Oh.

Chapter 225: Was called Maotai, was called Wuliangye( cannot smile, casts monthly ticket)

Looks at the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two giant main items. In the Ji Dong mind the miraculous glow flashes before, "your was called Maotai, was called Wuliangye."

gold/metal has gawked, "does this name?"

White black two main items also very wonder looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said: "This is two names of peerless good wine. Is joined to you to be appropriate."His previous generation is one generation of Wine God, but Maotai and Wuliangye are two names of liquor. These two types of liquor, are his previous generation country best two. Can call the national wine. What a pity, after arriving at this world, he was forever impossible to taste to these two types of liquor flavors/smells again. He does not know the fermenting method. Is accepted after passing an examination such name for this fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is to one fondly remembering of previous generation, to fondly remembering of these two types of good wine.

Perhaps is because felt the change on Ji Dong mood, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two main items simultaneously long recited make noise, although they did not understand the meaning of Maotai and Wuliangye, but felt in the Ji Dong heart the mood of that fondly remembering, accepted their new names. "The pinnacle Yang Fire White Dragon, you were Maotai. The pinnacle Yin Fire Black Dragon, is Wuliangye. Walks, we overtake woods monster. Wants on one bottle of origin of life to be Huo'er therapy."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong jumps, falls behind two main items neck connection the position.

Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously cried loud and long, must soar, was actually stopped by Ji Dong.

"gold/metal. You also come up."Ji Dong said to gold/metal. Regarding gold/metal. He somewhat is really awkward, although is not intentionally for it, after all has also encroached upon others. Let alone gold/metal to save him at that time appeared.

gold/metal coldly snorted, "quite rare? I walk on the ground, is not necessarily able to be slower than you."Saying, no longer pays attention to Ji Dong, turns head to jump to go, changes into together the golden light shadow, the suddenly free time disappeared in the woods deep place.

Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, this misunderstanding, is not perhaps good to explain! Because his simply says.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon then soars, giant Dragon's Tail pulls out suddenly strikes in the air, nine claw complete/even open/stretch, depart rapidly.

Seeks for the woods monsters not to be difficult, besides sacrifice more than 20,000 old age woods monster, surplus old age woods monsters as before several tens of thousands numerous, moreover their speed originally are not quick, the free time of a while, Ji Dong pursued.

The Ji Dong surprised discovery, why does not know, several tens of thousands old age woods monster stopped, has not continued to hurry along. When fifty Saint Fire Dragon appears when their top of the head place above, the old woods monsters panic-stricken have lifted the head. Sees fifty Saint Fire Dragon that strange semblance, they think can only be the enemy. Until the fifty Saint Fire Dragon diving posture falls, when Ji Dong carries on the back from the dragon jumps down, the mood of woods monsters can return to normal.

"Great king, you comes to see quickly. Odom elder he. "sees Ji Dong.
The woods monsters naturally guess that obtained a moment ago the result of that fight. Also had the subtle change regarding the name of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong heart one tight, walks into the woods monsters among the woods monsters separated path half step voluntarily. Quick, he saw complexion is grayish white, lies down in the Odom elder of ground.

Odom chest front is fluctuating slightly, an old woods monster is feeding him to drink the origin of life. But, Ji Dong actually clear feeling, even if the origin of life, is unable to make Odom's vitality stop passing.

Perhaps was the envy of heaven, a woods monster clan creates origin of life peerless good wine, but, the absorption of their bodies origin of life to was actually well below human. Regarding them, the origin of life is basic the function of prolonging the life. Only can be increases some vitalities by.

Saw Ji Dong, Odom very gloomy both eyes has shone suddenly, practiced the complexion also becomes attractive several points, under assisting of clansman, struggled is sitting sets out, "king, enemy, enemy they "

Ji Dong hurries to go forward one step, the squatting down body, grips hand that Odom lifts tremblingly. "Elder, you left spoke, first rested, relax. The enemies had been driven away by me."

Odom's look relaxes immediately greatly, "that is good, that is good. The kings, were you have saved us, has saved an entire woods monster clan! Luckily you catch up promptly, otherwise. "

Ji Dong said: "Odom elder, the body is important, after other, said again." Odom's shaking the head of gently, this time he, revealed the original wisdom, "king, my body knows. Can see you, hears good news that the enemy retreats, although I die not regret. A woods monster clan, has not ruined eventually in my hands! I want not to be good, the king, I have issued the order, has passed to Tamm the elder the position of Chief elder. A future of woods monster clan, asked you."His originally is old, is in a woods monster clan oldest. Meets the big change suddenly, unceasing high- strength racing Hang, the drastic fluctuation on mood, made the body of this last years of life unable to withstand finally. Sees the arrival of Ji Dong, hears good news that the enemy retreated, is connecting his last lifeline holds to read diverges quietly.

Ji Dong silently nodded, "elder. You feel relieved. That side Earth Spirit Mountain Range, without question, that side magic beast is willing to accept you. That side Central Earth Empire, I have also broken though the link. The enmity of today, I also certainly will be a woods monster clan report. Must destroy that golden eagle business association surely thoroughly."

Odom sighed, ", the king, the hatred was unimportant. More importantly a woods monster clan can continue. Runs into you, is our woods monster clan biggest luck. I also believe, you will certainly receive as agent for somebody else my clansmen to find their future. Buries me in new homeland. I must look that the clansmen multiply to live. Kings, great king, thank you, thank you." The tears, Odom's voice is getting more and more light, finally, on the corners of the mouth is having a light smile, both eyes slowly closed, passes suddenly.

Static, dies the general silence. The woods monsters of most inner loop first knee down, the woods monster kneels down completely. Odom, this respectable elder, for finally his clansman released the birth hit last essence. Left this world thoroughly.

Ji Dong holds Odom's corpse, stands up slowly, lips pursed, at this time, gold/metal has also caught up, stands silently after he prepares.

Enough one minute, Ji Dong not any movement, after one minute, his took a deep breath, depresses the cruel air/Qi in innermost feelings suddenly forcefully. "Woods monster elders, for the Odom elder final desire. We have not been able to rest now. Continues. Meets with your clansmen."

The old age woods monsters set out slowly, Odom went, but they have not cried, is silent, at this time characteristics of woods monster clan. After the most respected clansman passed away, they by long-term mourns silent.

Then. Ji Dong is riding fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has used entire time of double-hour, had found all heading west woods monsters. Collects woods monster tribes one by one, gets together. But the corpse of Odom elder, had handed over in the Tamm long expert by him finally seriously. Meanwhile he also returned to earth core to give Lie Yan (raging flames) one bottle of origin of life.

The woods monsters experienced a day of disaster, finally can rest. However, the entire woods monster tribal group has actually filled sadly. The massive deads of clansman, Odom's death, gave this race to bring the serious attack without doubt. However, their roads actually as before must walk. The migration must continue as before. For extension of race, they are strong.

The night falls, Ji Dong stands in the woods of life silently, looks up to the moonlight that the crown slit place can see to keep mouth shut. This time he, not in recollection fight all sorts of promotes own combat experience. In the mind, is reverberating unceasingly various chaotic mood. Has the recollection to the previous generation, other also many many.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon was returned to the earth core world by him, without a doubt, the earth core lake most suits the place that it lives. Where he not only can better promotion cultivation base, but also can the smooth transmission momentarily to Ji Dong side. Relies on the soul to be connected, invisible establishment of soul contract. Even cannot want Lie Yan (raging flames) to release magic power, Ji Dong can momentarily summon it side.

"What are you thinking?"cold sound resounds behind Ji Dong. gold/metal does not know when arrived at him behind. Ji Dong has not turned head, sighs, "I do not know oneself are thinking anything. Daytime matter, sorry. I do not think such. If you are also angry, hits me one to vent anger. I will not hit back."

"Snort"gold/metal has taken off the helmet at this time, under shining of moonlight, on her bright-colored tender face flies two to wipe to blush, clamp of both legs somewhat unnatural. Shames the angry say/way: "Cannot mention daytime matter again. Later cannot raise. Otherwise I have killed you."

Ji Dong nodded, has not spoken again, during two people fell into were silent.

The night like the water, occasionally has night wind slightly to blow coolly, in the woods exudes an intermittent rustling sound. Occasionally has the sound of insect warbler calling, will not actually be destroying the tranquility in big forest.

"gold/metal, you said that in this world really bright?"Ji Dong asked suddenly.

gold/metal has gawked, in vision were many anything, nods, said:
"Naturally has."

Ji Dong angrily said: "Nonsense. God who which this world comes? If really bright, the natural goddess why a woods monster clan believes in does not come to save them in the moment of their most danger. Helplessly looks that tens of thousands of woods monsters die of the rival. If we late come again for day, perhaps a woods monster clan must cancel from this world completely."

gold/metal said: "Is the god, is not multipurpose. The god bright difficulty, like. "

"Like what?"Ji Dong has turned round to ask.

King's complexion suddenly changes cold, "nothing. How then do you plan to do?" Ji Dong said: "I only think now safe delivers to Earth Spirit Mountain Range a woods monster clan, I am not willing to notice that they were injured by the slightest bit again. Perhaps the golden eagle business association is unable to stage a comeback in a short time. Issue that must face, passes the Eastern Wood Empire boundary. If the Eastern Wood Empire garrison troops dare to stop, I will not remove will slaughter."

"Your not bloodthirsty."Finally leaves behind a few words, gold/metal turns around to go. Looks the back that she departs, Ji Dong somewhat is in a daze. Yes, oneself really not bloodthirsty?

Next morning, received all sadness, a woods monster clan starts off under the leadership of Ji Dong. The woods of what kind of length and breadth life, the woods monsters may not have the ability of Ji Dong that flight. To go out of this big forest, at least also requires five days.

All the way, all woods monsters appear very tranquil, Ji Dong rides fifty Saint Fire Dragon from the sky to hover, observes in the woods of life to have the enemy trace when necessary to appear. Meanwhile, he also started to attempt to make the magic skill liquor. After with exterminating the war of regiment, making him realize the insufficiency in own strength, particularly when met large-scale Mage, a strength of person was eventually limited. Even if Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is not necessarily able to decide the complete victory and defeat. Therefore, he must become stronger, has the strength.

The manufacture of magic skill liquor is more difficult than the Ji Dong imagination, how the biggest problem lies in the skill brand mark in the liquor fluid.

The magic skill scroll through portrays the corresponding design and law on the special paper by magic power achieves. But, how in liquor fluid can portray law? The liquid was inferior that the paper stability of solid, it will flow. Ji Dong can the magic skill temporary brand mark in the liquor fluid, so long as the liquor fluid moves in the jar, in which magic power fast will vanish, let alone released the skill. The experiments of failure, making Ji Dong somewhat irritable. In the liquor fluid is clearly containing enough Fire Element, Fire Element that in addition he inputs, the effect I said that should be better than the scroll. But, is unable to detain magic power, all will waste.

Such thinking and experiment until fifth day, a woods monster clan must go out of the woods of life finally the time, Ji Dong solves the difficult problem finally. He had found the means that basic solution liquor fluid and magic power fused.

The means said that is not difficult, but is not absolutely simply. The liquor fluid can move, but puts the liquor fluid the jar actually not to change. He lasting law in the jar bottom portray, then pours into magic power to the liquor fluid, by the lasting law lasting effect, forms a perfect circulation with magic power. Then stores up the magic power success to the liquor fluid is insufficient to drain.

The most essential problem solve, he must then do, unceasingly attempts, own various whisky and brandy match of skill and what kind of number of degree, integrates in the liquor fluid again.

The manufacture of magic skill liquor, absolutely manufacturing the magic skill scroll is more difficult . If not has the extremely profound understanding to the characteristics of liquor, Fire Element fluctuation that in the impossible perfect control liquor fluid contains. Is relying on five elements method, in every way possible the liquor the understanding and soul fire to observation and exquisite control that bring. Was going out of the woods of life same time, the Ji Dong first bottle of magic skill liquor must be born finally.

Carves lasting law, only then five cuns (2.5 cm) high glass jar grasps in the hand, in the jar is putting the full whisky. Acme Yang Fire magic power pours into, before Ji Dong left foot treads, the right hand is grasping the glass jar, the entire body feels weak in the reverse comprehensively, loudly shouted, "Scorching Sun Bite."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Maotai and Wuliangye these names, after are small three and book friends discuss, decides. Cannot smile. In my heart, the tastiest liquor throughout is Maotai and Wuliangye. Because the cocktail is better to display, is easier the cocktail that writes the attractive content to use. Does not forget one's origin. Small three at holidays time, with also forever is our national wines that the family member drinks.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 226: Finally becomes the magic skill liquor

"Scorching Sun Bite."Drinks in the sound greatly. The Ji Dong whole body golden light puts greatly, the whole person looks like the golden flame that one group beats slides instantaneously forward, in the process of glide, the complete flame condenses to the right fist, magic power pours into, rushes to spill into the crystal beverage bottle in that palm.

Immediately, in the beverage bottle originally presents for the amber brown Whisky fluid ray are massive, Yang Fire lasting law of bottle bottom place portray appears, the golden light circulation, is ordinary just like a gigantic gem, all flame of beat along with it injection, strong magic power element ripples, at the same time, the right hand of Ji Dong shakes fast, the spirit of whole person condenses completely above this beverage bottle, the beverage bottle of cover bottle cap in his hands up and down dances in the air, originally thick pinnacle positive Fire Element restrains gradually, the liquor fluid as before is the pinnacle Yang Fire golden red, the magic power fluctuation that but sends out is getting more and more weak, only has in that lasting law. The ray of sending out becomes is even more obvious.

"Became."Although Scorching Sun Bite is only Standard Skill that Ji Dong excels, but along with the promotion of his strength. Soaks cloudy many years of skilled to this skill, even if and compared with ordinary Mage Direct Hit Skill, this skill also wants formidable many.

gold/metal stands behind Ji Dong, visits him to complete all these, after all magic power restrain completely, in the Ji Dong hand left one bottle of strange liquor fluids. A bottle bottom lasting law golden light passes, shines upon the golden liquor fluid to shine after the refraction of crystal bottle sparklingly, after looking like one bottle of gold dissolves liquid.

"What is this? You have been making these things for these days, is this useful?" The women are curious, gold/metal is no exception. She already wants to ask that Ji Dong was making anything for these days, but the disposition makes it so, had not asked the exit|to speak.

"Became."Ji Dong pleasantly surprised shouted loudly one, since several days innermost feelings sank strongly fragrant as if also wields the powder along with the manufacture success of this bottle of magic skill liquor. He throws the beverage bottle to gold/metal directly, "this is the magic skill liquor that I manufacture, compared with the magic skill scroll attractive many. You give a try."

gold/metal received the beverage bottle, doubts looked at Ji Dong, "the magic skill liquor, what thing is that?"

Ji Dong said: "You can imagine into the magic skill scroll it, because it is the same with the effect of magic skill scroll."

"Is impossible."gold/metal is almost subconscious saying, although she lost the memory, but the fight instinct and oneself the understanding to the Mage skill has not vanished. She naturally has seen the magic skill scroll, is unable to believe that at present this bottle of liquor can have with the magic skill scroll same effect unexpectedly. Moreover seems, Ji Dong when manufactures it to be quite simple.

"Facts speak louder than words, don't you experiment to know not possibly? Uses its method to be very simple, so long as you pour into your magic power to inspire it, in fell and broke it before the body on the line. Remember, the attack that inside records will only send out to the front."

Is having several points curious and does not believe. gold/metal complies according to the word. magic power pours into the beverage bottle, immediately, she felt clearly the beverage bottle in own hand hot, subconscious throws the beverage bottle in the place. Bang an explosive, the crystal beverage bottle was shattered, one group of strong golden light instantaneous ascension, before gold/metal sees only oneself body, as if presented a golden form, made with Ji Dong formerly exactly the same movement, before left foot treads, before body reverse flushed, a fist bombardment, that thick pinnacle Yang Fire magic power slightest was not false, she can also feel clearly this hit contained surge magic power. Compared with the magic skill scroll, effect being almost the same , the only difference, possibly was the thick wine that in the air wielded to disperse.

"Became. Haha."Ji Dong cheers one. After these days attempt and his ceaseless efforts, the magic skill liquor manufactured finally successfully. Although he has confidence now the manufacture also is just Standard Skill by. But this is a miracle, before him, who can the magic skill brand mark in the liquor fluid. Releases the skill by the liquor fluid? Now only he cannot affirm is the retention time of this magic skill liquor whether like scroll remote.

gold/metal dumbfounded looks that at present golden light vanishes gradually, has rubbed eyes subconsciously, "how do you achieve?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. Said: "This is the secret. However, I can guarantee like you, on entire continent, even including dark continent, only then I can manufacture the scroll."

He said does not exaggerate, in gold/metal eyes, seems the manufacture very simple scroll, actually the producuction process is quite complex. First, Ji Dong must cautiously lasting law portray above beverage bottle. Guarantee lasting law can use. Then must pour into the alcohol number of degree appropriate Whisky fluid. When he in manufacturing the magic skill liquor, the process of entire skill wants the brand mark in that liquor fluid. Final shaking, is makes the liquor fluid link completely with magic power that pour into, is relying on the psychic force of fire of inspiring formidable soul, is controlling the perfect union between two, communicates with lasting law again successfully. This bottle of magic skill liquor were the manufacture complete. And so long as had a link to have the slight problem, this bottle of liquor will thoroughly discard then. The magic skill liquor biggest superiority is inexpensive of production cost. It cannot like manufacturing the magic skill scroll uses the massive crystal core powder and special paper makes the magic skill scroll paper. The costs of crystal bottles and whisky and brandy these liquor, release the skill compared with the magic skill liquor the effect, almost can ignore. Ji Dong has bought that many all whisky and brandies, has just spent several thousand gold coins by. But now in the market, a value of Standard Skill magic skill scroll also takes several thousand gold coins, does not have the city valuably. After all, at crucial moments, scroll thing can save a life. Initially Lu Carl was like this escapes in the Ji Dong hand.

Various woods monster tribes have located gradually the woods of life. Almost every woods monster when treading the woods of life, will unable to bear turn head, the sad weeping sound often transmits, must leave to live innumerable generation of woods monsters the woods of life, how they will give up. Here is their homelands!

Facing all these, Ji Dong has no alternative. He only then gazes at silently, was anticipating a woods monster clan can from this sad walk as soon as possible. He has thought. Again about two days traveling schedule. Can arrive in Central Earth Empire and Eastern Wood Empire connection boundary. Has waited till there, took advantage that the dim light of night overruns. Once meets any stop, kills without the amnesty. Is relying on him and gold/metal, in addition strength of fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai and Wuliangye. Even if the army of regiment rank, is impossible to prevent them. continent does not have the war many years, although is the two countries boundary. Eastern Wood Empire is impossible to be stationed in the too formidable army, Mage will not have many. For extension of woods monster clan, Ji Dong could not attend to many.

The dragon back of diving posture jumping up fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously long recited one, soared. Hovers above nine days, the feeling that that they send out rules the world, every time feels, will make in the Ji Dong heart particularly comfortable. This is the dignity of Yan and Huang Divine Dragon! Just was born has the Rank 8 powerful strength, Ji Dong does not doubt, in the near future, they can evolve Rank 10, even is the degree of Saint step. After fifty Saint Fire Dragon just brought Ji Dong is lifting off, suddenly, the Ji Dong vision concentrates, looks to the front. The cold and gloomy murderous intention fills the air suddenly in his double pupil.

At least 3000 people, are quietly, without the emergence of any omen in woods monster large unit front. These 3000 people just a appearance, took to the Ji Dong extremely dangerous feeling. Although the distance is far. But Ji Dong can actually feel the dreadful imposing manner on them sending out. Even exterminated the imposing manner that the regiment sends out more astonishing than initially that.

Exterminates the regiment fills cold severe murderous aura, on aura ten phase splitting shapes with flatter golden body. But this sudden 3000 people of institutes send out, is actually one type overwhelming great, concentrates the thick noble spirit just like the continuous mountain range.

3000 people appear, has not made a sound unexpectedly, on everyone, puts on the bright yellow whole body armor, under the sincere/heavy armor in the sunlight shines to reflect the golden brilliance, the big tall and strong body is joined to the whole body mail-armor and helmet, seems, looks like the insurmountable natural moat. And. These 3000 people are having own mount. Does not exterminate regiment that farm lizard dragon, but is a stature is bigger, the whole body presents for the brown place good dragon. Ji Dong carefully observed. This farms the good dragon is Earth department, named crack Land Dragon. The most common crack Land Dragon is also Rank 4 magic beast. Wants on a high scale compared with the place lizard dragon.

Forefront captured the Ji Dong attention, is an all over the body scale presents transparent, but under the sunlight shines to reflect Cui Can ray Giant Dragon. This Giant Dragon was not the good dragon. But is genuine legitimate dragon clan, the body has ten meters considerable, the giant pair of wings launches, increases ray eye-catching.

Unexpectedly is one of the Earth department top magic beast, rare drill lizard? Must know, the crack Land Dragon also is just has a point to drill the bloodlines of lizard by. At present this drills the lizard, although finally Rank 10 has not completed the body. But also at least is Rank 9 magic beast. Carries on the back in it, is sitting well a tall grandiose soldier, his armor seems unexpectedly and drills the scale color of lizard. In both hands, grasps a handle long handle to fight the hammer respectively. Each handle fights the hammer to have five meters, hammer head huge like vat. This should be the heavy fellow of both hands weapon, was regarded the single- handed weapon by this soldier unexpectedly.. If this pounds on the body, what can be felt?

Danger, extreme danger. This is in the Ji Dong heart the appraisal to this person. Even if were he had the fifty Saint Fire Dragon such formidable mount, actually as before can feel the great strength of this knight.

The heart is heavy, the look on Ji Dong face also becomes ugly, could it be said that Eastern Wood Empire to ambush a woods monster clan, sent for? Without a doubt, 3000 people of such compound, are not a business association can have. The previous time extermination regiment made Ji Dong suspect very much. Regiment that at present these 3000 people compose seems obviously exterminating the regiment is more formidable. Actually they are any origins.

Has not waited for the Ji Dong careful thinking, fifty Saint Fire Dragon under his body has not done. Perhaps is because had discovered drills existence of lizard, the short temper Maotai first face upwards to cry loud and long, that explodes fierce dragon to recite the sound resonantly, just like billowing thunderous, was full of meaning of provocation to resound from out of the blue.

This dragon cry, made the world for it look changes, the solar ray in sky seemed to be brighter, Ji Dong can feel clearly, the warm sunlight suddenly became scalding hot, and in fast condensed to fifty Saint Fire Dragon under own, his oneself also received to welcome approaches, within the body pinnacle Yang Fire magic power greatly hold.

Maotai this was provoking to the opposite party. His arrogance, like Ji Dong drink mixing world, regarding drilling the lizard, he as before has also filled disdaining. As if in the interrogation opposite party, you also matches to call the dragon? Drills the lizard to feel the provocation of Maotai, lifts the big end suddenly, similarly exudes the sound of deafening dragon recitation, but, its dragon recited compared with Maotai, as if has lacked anything, unexpectedly showed several points of timidness. But Maotai this angrily roars, the response appeared.

These Rank 4 crack earthworms, crawl in the place, like initial place lizard dragon, not only does not have any war intent, will bury like the ostrich in within the earth.

"Maotai, great."Regardless of the enemy is formidable, Ji Dong did not allow a woods monster clan to receive any wound again. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon personal appearance flashes, from the sky accelerated, directly soars opposite party that 3000 people of sky to fly.

The massive crack earthworms crawl suddenly in place, makes the robust man who that wears the diamond gloss mail-armor and helmet is also one startled, looks up to airborne fifty Saint Fire Dragon, in the mouth loudly shouted, drilled the lizard pair of wings to launch, soars, directly soars the Ji Dong direction to welcome. Compared with initially spiritless of emerald lizard Dragon King, many that this Rank 9 drill lizard strove to excel obviously. Its aura as if was also suppressed by fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Wuliangye does not roar like Maotai, but its vision actually becomes very gloomy and cold, the release that the light black flame is quietly, seems preparing anything to resemble.

Quick, that drills the lizard to soar to the midair, in that great man (Han) military officer hand the double hammer knocks, has dang a loud sound, imposing manner greatly hold, looks out Ji Dong, loudly shouted: "Who you are, dares to chase down the woods monster. Today has a place, deciding makes you not ask to go."

Listened to her words, some Ji Dong not very awkward feelings, isn't this evil person complains first? However, the opposite party words also made in his heart some doubts, the sinking sound drank to ask: "Who are you? Who told you me is chasing down the woods monster." At the same time was saying, Ji Dong thick pinnacle Yang Fire ascended, at this time he feels somewhat depressed. Before did not have fifty Saint Fire Dragon time he did not have anything, now had this build giant mount, he discovered immediately these Six-Crown above Mage used the necessity of weapon. Not a long weapon, but also is not really good to display the skill.

Entered this book 16 th volume, this book has written about one-third, Tang gate brothers and sisters, but also asked everybody to continue to support three slightly, continued to support our Wine God, thanks.

Chapter 227: Diamond regiment

Rides the magic beast mount fight. If no a weapon while convenient, is not quite truly good to display. After all, long-distance attacks magic skill the direct attack be much bigger than regarding the consumption of magic power. If the both sides strength differs not much, certainly must suffer a loss. The Ji Dong secret decision, has the opportunity to make a good long weapon, when to help itself ride fifty Saint Fire Dragon uses.

Maotai is one angrily roars, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon white half body immediately becomes glittering and translucent carving, the black and white dual-color ray also blooms, the strong primal chaos demon territory burst out from fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Their militance, as if must again above Ji Dong.

Facing fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the strength quite good drill lizard a little hit to fade immediately, the pair of wings opens, floats is not willing to go forward in the midair.

That great man (Han) left hand hammer on drilling the lizard dragon's head knocks lightly, "does fool, what you fear? Has anything to be fearful. Others are are not more than you a head, how many claw are many to be many species? Were you as for frightened this? Too disgraced. Really was too disgraced."

"wu wu."Drilled the lizard to call one, seemed is relating anything.

The great man (Han) looks up to Ji Dong, "boy, you are any magic beast, before I how, has not seen. Eh. Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression. Good strange magic beast. Pinnacle Two Fires, right, hello, did you call Ji Dong?"

Ji Dong has gawked, "how you know my name."

"Are you really Ji Dong?" The great man (Han) closely examines one.

Ji Dong nodded, "real man line does not change the name, sits does not change surname, is Ji Dong."

"You wait/etc., wait a moment!"At the same time was saying, that great man (Han) turns around the dragon's head, drills the lizard to turn head to fly toward below. Because comes under the influence of primal chaos demon territory, when the speed that it flies must obviously recently was slower.

Ji Dong somewhat bewildered looks that drills lizard to fly back to the ground. Suddenly, he from that 3000 soldiers, saw a familiar form. This also is really not because the Ji Dong eyesight is good. But because that form was too obvious.

In a crack Land Dragon, a rush of blood to the head red flame crazy lion crawled. Right, crawls. Receives the fifty Saint Fire Dragon formidable pressure, the flame crazy lion also inevitable was suppressed, the station does not dare to stand, can only be crawls. But carries on the back the person Ji Dong understanding that sits in the flame crazy lion. Initially was defeated by him, and Central Earth Empire guard Chief Head yellow Liming who detains.

Saw yellow Liming the emergence, in the Ji Dong heart understood anything immediately. Drills the lizard to fall to the ground, that great man (Han) said several anything to yellow Liming, refers to finger/refers of airborne Ji Dong. They have exchanged several simply. Drills the lizard to soar to fly once more, arrives in front of Ji Dong.

This time, the great man (Han) has not been brandishing his again to the sledgehammer, but the sledgehammer hangs, in drilled by the lizard body, both hands hold the fist in the other hand. Bows to salute to Ji Dong, "equal king subordinates, subordinate the diamond regiment to command the potentilla cryptottaeniae greatly, sees the too few Lord."

Really with is the same, in the Ji Dong heart that oneself suspect a loosen, "are you equal king subordinates? Do your many people, arrive at Eastern Wood Empire?"

Great man (Han) laughed, takes off the helmet, reveals face full beard, in the rough facial features completely is the color/look of admiring, "the prince has not said your also such formidable magic beast mount with me, almost Dashuichong Longwang Temple. Although our diamond regiment subordinates in Central Earth Empire, but actually only listens to prince's order. The prince knows that you must lead a woods monster clan to move, sends us to come to aid especially. How as to come, you had a look to know. On Light Five Elements Continent, did not have the enemy side that our diamond regiment cannot go."

"Good, I have a look with you." The Ji Dong right hand wields, golden light from the sky blooms together, forms a mark. This is he is telling Tamm elder, making monsters rest same place, waits for his news.

Drills the lizard before. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon , the primal chaos demon territory receives, flies to fall under.

Also decline place, potentilla cryptottaeniae already loudly shouted, "brothers. Makes way a road, how making few hosts have a look at us to come."

Immediately, 3000 diamond regiment soldiers separate rapidly, receives the pressure along with Maotai, these crack earthworms also finally can set out, but does not have one to dare to look to Maotai and Wuliangye.

3000 armies separate to the both sides, Ji Dong understood immediately they can be quietly suddenly appear in oneself front reason.

Behind these 3000 armies, is the soil bank that extends downward. Enters underground. The association crack initiation Land Dragon can the good characteristics. Ji Dong then understands, originally this diamond regiment is turning the sod comes unexpectedly.

yellow Liming carries on the back to jump down from flame great lion, several steps arrive in front of Ji Dong, bows to salute, "equal king subordinates, yellow Liming, see the too few Lord. Several years do not see, few Lord heroic bearing thrived."

Ji Dong beckoned with the hand, said: "Does not use overly courteous.
Is your this?"

yellow Liming said: "Potentilla cryptottaeniae commands greatly has not seen you. The prince fears to have the misunderstanding, sends me to accompany to come specially. A woods monster clan has several hundred thousand people after all. Will perhaps have trouble through two countries border. Prince orders the diamond regiment to open underground path. As the matter stands, without question across the border. Waits to enter to our Central Earth Empire own domain, these woods monsters on true security. All domestic checkpoints all received the prince order. Prepared the supplies, waited for that few hosts led the woods monster army to enter."

Own this grandfather thinks actually thorough, this, but has omitted too many troublesome. In the Ji Dong heart likes, on the face reveals a smiling face. Carries on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, "that trouble two generals."

Potentilla cryptottaeniae said with a laugh: "It is not troublesome, is not troublesome. For a long time has not come out to relax. Few hosts. You looked when we do start? From here to our border , the said/tunnel has made a connection. Accommodates hundred people sufficiently parallel."

Ji Dong thinks, said: "Matter is not suitable late, our set out. First entered in Central Earth Empire to say again, to avoid unnecessary trouble."

Potentilla cryptottaeniae chuckled, said: "I want to meet actually troublesome some. My brothers hand/subordinate have not moved the physique for a long time. Even if were the Eastern Wood Empire extermination regiment came, was not anything. Few hosts, you have not known. Our diamond regiment may have the title of continent first regiment. Altogether comprised of ten thousand people. And 5000 people, are stationed in the Holy and Evil Channel entrance. Was commanded by my Big Brother lizard Song Ruilong. Surplus 5000, my this time brought had 3000 fully. Even if exterminated the regiment to come, nothing."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, is the extermination regiment that "potentilla cryptottaeniae general, you said some wears the azure armor, rides the soldier of lizard dragon? And also Mage."

Potentilla cryptottaeniae nodded, said: "Is they. That is the Eastern Wood Empire trump card regiment. Altogether by 5000 people. The battle efficiency also calculates."

Listened to the words of potentilla cryptottaeniae, in the Ji Dong eye the cold light twinkle, good, good Eastern Wood Empire. Sends the trump card regiment to cope with a woods monster clan unexpectedly. Tianlu crown prince, you were really good skill!

Some potentilla cryptottaeniae envying looked at fifty Saint Fire Dragon, said: "Few hosts, your this mount may the true God steed. Before my this drill lizard had not feared anyone. Has your this mount , the battle efficiency of our diamond regiment at least must lose half! Does it name?"

Ji Dong said: "He called fifty Saint Fire Dragon. The potentilla cryptottaeniae general, I goes to and woods monster greets. Our set out."

Had aiding of diamond regiment. Following matter is easier to do. The said/tunnel that the crack Land Dragon makes a connection with is very broad, although a woods monster clan has 200,000 people, passes actually effortlessly.

The potentilla cryptottaeniae seems very rough, but the thoughts are meticulous. He sent 1000 diamond regiment soldiers to lead the way in front, oneself led the surplus 2000 diamond regiment soldiers and Ji Dong personally brings up the rear together. Until after all woods monsters enter said/tunnel, this talent and Ji Dong enter in the said/tunnel together.

After marches of two days of total darkness, the group entered in Central Earth Empire finally. Central Earth Empire, already prepared various types of supplies. Hurries along laborious woods monsters recuperation two Heavenly Empress (day later), once more leads the way, has the diamond regiment, moves unimpeded all the way. Arrived at Earth Spirit Mountain Range directly.

The potentilla cryptottaeniae and yellow Liming lead the diamond regiment continuously deliver to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range outer ring Ji Dong and woods monsters, this said goodbye to Ji Dong, goes back to report after carrying out orders. Just before leaving before, the potentilla cryptottaeniae also told Ji Dong. If Earth Spirit Mountain Range magic beast has anything not to be right, asked Ji Dong to return to Central Plains City to mobilize soldiers, he will lead the diamond regiment to trample flat here personally.

Ji Dong enter in the mountain range first, arrives at the Vermilion Bird cave mansion, he must prepare all, will make monsters enter Earth Spirit Mountain Range.

Vermilion Bird cave mansion all as before.

"Aunt Vermilion Bird."Sees Vermilion Bird, Ji Dong has the feeling of all sorts of feelings. The Huo'er severe wound made in his heart fill ashamed.

Is preparing in him to Vermilion Bird confessed that the red light side Ji Dong shines, in the cheerful phoenix cry sound, the golden red form has been similar to the young swallow throws the bosom to be common together, flies in front of Vermilion Bird. The pair of wings opens, phoenix cry again and again.

"! Huo'er."This golden red form cheerful and lively Huo'er. Shortly after Vermilion Bird sees the daughter, naturally is overjoyed, has not noted the change on Ji Dong look, but Huo'er while with mother intimate, occasionally is looking one, spits the lovable small tongue to Ji Dong.

The woods monster had the new family/home finally, in three days of time, 200,000 woods monsters all move into Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Each tribe found the enemy side that has suited itself to be stationed in separately, how as to improve the Earth Spirit Mountain Range environment, the woods monster was authoritative. Vermilion Bird personally ordered, if there is that only magic beast to dare to attack a woods monster clan, will receive the total destruction immediately. But regarding can improve Earth Spirit Mountain Range living environment the woods monster, most magic beast extremely welcome. The mutual interdependence of woods monster and magic beast, without a doubt, military order their extensions obtain the enormous guarantee.

Wind light cloud Dan, Sun hangs center the sky, the temperate climate gives the comfortable feeling.

On high mountain peak, headed by Tamm, all woods monster elders arrived, they stand, on summit, were many a new grave. Ji Dong stands before new grave silently. To that grave three bows. In the grave is carving one line of large characters impressively, "the grave of woods monster big elder Odom."

"Odom elder. I have realized to your commitment. A woods monster clan has settled in Earth Spirit Mountain Range, here, your clansman can certainly better continues. You do not need to worry for their safety."

The tears, glitter in each woods monster long old eyes, Tamm is looking at that grave, arrives at side Ji Dong, was sobbing the say/way: "Big elder. Going that you feel relieved. Under the great king leads, we also had the new homeland. Your behest I inherit settledly, regardless of being difficult, does not make our clansmen bear the pain again."

After the moment pays silent tribute, Tamm changes Ji Dong, "great king, if the Odom big elder has mystical powers in the day, saw that we can settle here, certainly having a smile dwelling place of the dead. Although this Earth Spirit Mountain Range life aura was unable compared with the woods of life. But we certainly become here like the woods of life beautiful. Is you, has given a woods monster clan new student. You forever are our kings. From now on regardless of you have any need we to do, a woods monster clan, will never decline."

Another elder held tray to walk, on the tray, was putting ten size same azure Xiaohulu.

Tamm said: "Great king, your certain also a lot must be done. Here, forever is your family/home. If you have the time, comes back to have a look at your subjects. These ten bottles of origin of life, are we brews well. The potency is ordinary origin of life over three times. At least is the sap of over hundred years old tree takes the raw material. I think, they a little will use to you."

Ji Dong has not declined, ten bottles of origin of life income to own Vermilion Bird bracelet.

Tamm fishes out a blue-green leaf from the bosom, hands in front of Ji Dong, that leaf is similar to the emerald is generally insightful, has the emerald luster, the huge life aura, is richer than the origin of life.

"This is a faith token of our woods monster clan. The nucleus of named life. The great king, you are bringing it personal, has the prolonging the life effect. If you were injured, only needs to place the wound place it, can help your fast cicatrization wound. Later but some instruction, if you do not facilitate, so long as your envoy is bringing the nucleus of this piece of life, we will achieve for you."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "Tamm elder, the origin of life I accepted. But the nucleus of this life is extremely precious, I cannot want."

Tamm urgently said: "Great king, if no you, our woods monster clan has not existed. What can the nucleus of this piece of life be considered as? In any event, you want the subordinate. Otherwise, we cannot kneel in this."Saying, his first has knelt, woods monster elders follow close on are kneeling down a piece. Vision firm looks at Ji Dong.

Looks in their eyes rigid vision, Ji Dong sighs, finally the tongue and groove joint of that life. On the nucleus of life had an aquamarine silk thread, Ji Dong directly hangs it on oneself neck.

The woods monster issue is solved finally, then, a more splendid climax will show before everybody. Our Maotai and Wuliangye actually fierce, everybody will see quickly. Hehe. Come, in the middle of the month, asked monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 228: The nucleus of life

Nucleus of leaf blade and chest fitting life. Immediately, the life aura of large share large share floods into within the body, Ji Dong only thought that within the body each cell seemed activated, comfortable of not being able to say.

He supports by the arm Tamm elder, say/way of the heart: "Fellow elders please get up in a big hurry. Later, I hope that do not call my king again. This called me unable to withstand. I have been by a matter that own conscience can settle, I am willing to become a friend of woods monster clan. Forever friend."

Ji Dong has not stopped over in Earth Spirit Mountain Range, but keeps side Huo'er Vermilion Bird temporarily, he and gold/metal returned to the earth core lake.

Complied to help Mage Guild one fight also a half month probably carry on. These days he must cultivation once more. One is to manufacture a number of magic skill liquor , a better research how a more formidable skill will manufacture successfully. Another, he planned that cultivates successfully that fusion god technique. The technique many does not press the body, after this time with exterminating the fight of regiment, Ji Dong understands, although the present strength was good, but compares with the genuine powerhouse, also not small disparity. For better protection Lie Yan (raging flames), the war of Holy and Evil to less than one year must start, he must about one step promote oneself strength.

earth core lake. Lie Yan (raging flames) stands in the earth core rock center, looks at the side to enter the cultivation condition silently Ji Dong, that tranquil gaze he. Regarding her, this simply is not any loneliness. She can feel. After matter of this help woods monster migration, Ji Dong as if grew several points. Became more reserved. But how regardless of his strength changes, whenever he sees oneself time, the vision actually forever is that gentle.

Lie Yan (raging flames) had been pondering an issue, oneself can accept Ji Dong this sentiment really? Although in the innermost feelings, she has let loose. But, in the heart has the last hindrance as before, not because of status, not because of strength. But because, she feared that one day, she leaves Ji Dong, will he be what kind of? Ten years are together, she too knew about Ji Dong. If she and Ji Dong really in the same place, once leave or , He will not definitely be able to bear.

Looks at Ji Dong, the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision became more and more gentle, Little Ji Dong ah Little Ji Dong, you may know, after you knew, I really had the emotion of human. Regarding me, this without doubt is a wonderful matter. But, I feared that has harmed you! You status in my heart are important, I more feared that in the future you will be injured. After all, if not Two Great Sovereign Kings confuses the earth core world, I should not exist. Once that world discovers my existence, can definitely......

Thinks of here, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart surges immediately a panic. Her surprised discovery, own fearing was not the death, but left Ji Dong. Cannot in visiting him cultivates, tastes the good wine that he is modulating, accompanies him to travel in the world.

The complex and contradictory mood fluctuates, is glittering in the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye unceasingly.

gold/metal sits when another side of earth core rock, is practicing, this had been full of the Fire Element world most does not suit the enemy side that she cultivates. But Lie Yan (raging flames) actually forcefully isolates Fire Element and gold/metal body, when like initially protected Ji Dong. This time gold/metal, has drunk one bottle of woods monsters to bestow to the Ji Dong best quality goods origin of life, is recuperating her by the frozen many years, presented the internal organs of damage. Had this bottle of best quality goods the help of origin of life, she was lived truly. Does not need any is worried.

Half a month later.

"Comes out."Ji Dong loudly shouted, in the wrist/skill red light circulation, sees only that Vermilion Bird bracelet unexpectedly strange appears from his skin gradually.

In Ji Dong eye excited ray twinkle, took a deep breath, loudly shouted,
"Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, comes out once more."

This time, golden red ray sweeps across the whole body, the mask and shoulder armor, protects the heart mirror......., Each fitting of your demon Yin-Yang armor appears one by one, although process also some slow. But this armor the scene that can have from within the body, made one praise to the heavens.

Also gold/metal is carrying on with the Ji Dong same cultivation that not far away keeps silent. Fusion god technique regarding her, although is not useful like Ji Dong. But can also be the psychic force one practice way.

"How feels?"Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles is asking to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Today was probably quicker several points. When can release instantaneously in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, my this fusion god technique was to practice the family/home. Now is also good, I can feel it after my within the body receives the fire of soul affects is having the delicate change. This feeling very strange, is very wonderful. It looks like a seed, takes root to germinate under fire of infiltration my soul, constantly is growing."

Lin Yan said: "This fusion god technique to you, the value endures the ratio to extinguish the god to strike. You must practice. The nucleus of that life is also the good thing. Is appropriate as Maotai and Wuliangye the place of lodging. The fire of your soul in the chest internal combustion, they were affected, evolves to be also quicker. Moreover life intranuclear huge vitality, can make up for fifty Saint Fire Dragon to be insufficient because of the body that the main body variation creates."

Several days ago, with the help of Lie Yan (raging flames), became the nucleus of transformation life stores up Magic Tool, inside space is not big, but holds fifty Saint Fire Dragon actually to have more than enough to spare. Ji Dong integrates oneself within the body through the fusion god technique the nucleus of life again, not only he can receive in the nucleus of life the huge vitality to infiltrate. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon can also obtain the enormous advantage. For half a month cultivates, Ji Dong magic power some progress, were away from Level 62 to be getting more and more near. Naturally, this and his even/including Chang fights, stimulating own potential also to have very big relations. After having the fire of soul, the Ji Dong potential also becomes infinitely seems to be huge.

"Ji Dong, after waiting for this time you to help Mage Guild fights, we go to Northern Water Empire."Lie Yan (raging flames) said suddenly.

Ji Dong has gawked, "Northern Water Empire? Do you want to go to there?"

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, as if recalled anything to resemble, in eye were many anything. "You know when I started to have the different feelings to you?"

Ji Dong shook the head, but greatly is actually interested is looking steadily at Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Is that time, you and Bi Su, Carl they arrange the table in the Bartenders Association entrance, challenges the entire Bartenders Association Central Plains City branch time. That time you, the body was sending out one makings beyond description. Arrogant and self-confident, is insufferably arrogant. Although you now are getting more and more heavy in the Mage world component, the strength also became stronger and stronger. However, actually only then in drink mixing, you shows, is true. I most like looking at your drink mixing time, likes looking that you and others compete with drink mixing." Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), "do you want me to go to the Northern Water Empire Bartenders Association association to smash the gathering place?"

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) perfect appearance the smiling face was richer, "what has not? In my heart, my Ji Dong is best Bartender, is true Wine God. I want to visit you to defeat the Bartenders Association person."

Ji Dong has also smiled, "good. So long as you want, after our here matter processing had ended, immediately goes. Smashes the gathering place. But also perhaps, can win some nice wines from there. Actually, besides you, I the liquor that wants me to mix does not drink to others. Only then understands my person, the person who I appreciate, I can for its drink mixing."

Lie Yan (raging flames) red lip light sips, "I want to drink the liquor that you adjust now."

Ji Dong has gawked. "Wasn't had drunk a moment ago?"

Tenderly Lie Yan (raging flames) suddenly reveals the human girl to have gruff condition, "drinks one cup again not? I must drink Raging Flames Burning Passion. Oh, was right, you must adjust two cups. gold/metal, you also tastes the bar that Ji Dong adjusts. Even if were he apologizes to you."

gold/metal and Ji Dong look at each other one, the originally quiet face immediately becomes red, looked like in the magma by earth core lake incarnadine. Since that and Ji Dong body intimate contact, she has avoided herself recalling then scene as far as possible. Also strict order Ji Dong must keep secret. However is very obvious, regarding the matter that at that time had, Lie Yan (raging flames) knows is very clear. At this time looks in her smiling face, but also is bringing several points of cunningness.

"Master. I......"gold/metal want to say anything, but she really says. glared at Ji Dong bitterly, lowered the head. Ji Dong is an awkwardness of face, scratches the head, does not know that should not know what to do.

Lie Yan (raging flames) arrives at side gold/metal, holds up her hand, "matter of that day blames Ji Dong, has not related with you. He should be to your apologizing. If you have not been willing to forgive him, I apologized to you for him again a time."

"No, does not use."gold/metal hurries to shake the head. Raised the head glared at Ji Dong, why does not know, buttocks somewhat unnatural that her plentiful very curls upwards swayed from side to side. More evades, situation of that day in she remembers that is profound.

In order to evade awkwardly, Ji Dong hurries to take out own shaker and ingredient. Raised the head looked at Lie Yan, his vision immediately became somewhat blurred. The cordiality lights in the eyeground, this looks to shaker in hand.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is holding King's hand, vision brilliant looks at Ji Dong, when Ji Dong for her drink mixing, is looking at her, will make her heartstrings unconscious is shivering gently.

Had pondered slightly, Ji Dong said: "Without the tomato juice and lemon juice, I use orange taste Vodka and lemon Vodka replace, this cup of Raging Flames Burning Passion color will become the golden color by the red, the flavor/smell will be stronger, the liquor vigor will also want on a big way."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong takes the ingredient to arrive in the earth core rock platform to break out together such as the tabletop enemy side, places above the thing, at this time Lie Yan (raging flames) specially for his drink mixing the table that used the earth core rock to make.

Two groups of strong golden flame simultaneously shine on Ji Dong both hands, earth core lake here is unable to wash the hands with the clear water, but the custom of his hand actually will therefore not change only. It is not able to clean, uses pinnacle Yang Fire round trip to eliminate all dirt, the effect is better. Looks at Ji Dong that earnest appearance, shames the embarrassed gold/metal vision also gradually to return to normal. For serveral days, she has seen Ji Dong is Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing , is only Lie Yan (raging flames) person drink mixing. Although she has never drunk, but that thick wine will make her be attracted each time. Especially when gracefulness when drink mixing and calm of Ji Dong, also looks to Lie Yan (raging flames) the cordiality. Makes in gold/metal heart unknowingly produce several points of secret envying.

3/10 Wyborowa pure liquor, 6/10 orange taste Vodka, 1/10 lemon Vodka, in addition final ten points of Ji Dong specially-made seasoning comprised of Worcester sauce, the Tabasco chili oil, salt and ground pepper. That moment when the cover for a jar covers, shaker beat to his palm, flings gently, that shaker already super revolving.

Since practices after the abnormal help of Teng Snake Teng Snake changed, Ji Dong flexibility already existence of right and wrong human rank. The wrist/skill flings, almost in an instant, one group of silver light appears in his palm, glistens just like a Sun. His whole person illusory rocks, the both feet has not clearly left same place, actually gives people one type the feeling of having thousand arms in waving. The movement is graceful, although speed wonderful quick incomparable, actually does not appear rapid, instead is systematic, unflustered.

That round silver revolves the body of Ji Dong to raise and fall positive unceasingly. When his speed displays an pinnacle, Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal clearly could not notice that his arm moves again, nine silver simultaneously appear around the Ji Dong body positive, nine silver light also appear, that nine groups of silver perish positive instantaneously, during the Ji Dong personal appearance rotations, shaker appeared in his palm steadily. Only then in that changes into the golden liquor fluid to beat cheerfully.

Yi Shoots the Nine Suns, one of the Ji Dong previous generation strongest drink mixing techniques, displays at this time unexpectedly that unflustered, effortlessly. This is the superiority on body. Has traded the previous generation, he at least must leave on one to perspire heavily at this time. But present he, actually including the breath is that even. Two cups of golden liquor fluids fall, immediately, the rich wine greets the nostrils. Ji Dong graceful hands Lie Yan (raging flames) and in the wine glass gold/metal hand.

Lie Yan (raging flames) light sips good wine, is smiling to Ji Dong nodded. gold/metal also studied the Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance to drink a small mouth. Immediately, the body of her whole person cannot help but stiff. Vision brilliant is looking steadily at Ji Dong, as if there is circulation of wave in the pupil to be ordinary.

Lie Yan (raging flames) eyes had a profound meaning looked at gold/metal one eyes, slowly is tasting this cup of Raging Flames Burning Passion.

Ji Dong vision centralized on Lie Yan (raging flames), has not noted change on gold/metal look, he has also forgotten, oneself these two glasses of liquor, completely immerse in mix to the Lie Yan (raging flames) emotion. Raging Flames Burning Passion originally is very fierce, has been full of his that fiery and strong love. Being used to it that this liquor Lie Yan (raging flames) early drunk, her heart also by this type the liquor that has the special mood conquers gradually. But gold/metal? She is actually first time drinks this type of liquor!

Our monthly tickets fell to sixth, the brothers, to one, making us return to the fifth position.
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