Jiu Shen Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211: Fusion god technique

Ji Dong is reading that named «Fusion God Technique»book. Actually suddenly broadcasts the old stopping sound. When turns round to look, saw only formerly that youth together to walk with an old man.

The Ji Dong memory is extremely good, immediately recognizes, before this old man is, in Mage would in third layer these followers, few several powerhouse who made itself unable to completely understand. Eight-Crown Mage. But the Eight Stars logo of old man chest front also impressively showed such status.

Ji Dong said: "I have to think that buys this book, can make me look at several pages again, most three pages good."

The old men shot a look on a table that 20 crystal core, nodded, said: "Evidently, you should get up Holy and Evil Battlefield, otherwise cannot put out these many same step best quality goods crystal core. Has gotten up Holy and Evil Battlefield, is the heroes in our Mage. Makes you look at three pages again."

"Many thanks."Ji Dong has turned round immediately, somewhat impatient opens that book to continue to look, in the process of reading, in his vision the unceasing violent shoots a bunch of none remaining, in the eye pupil, is revealing the pleasantly surprised color/look that is hard to conceal.

Turned two pages, Ji Dong book serious close, "this book I bought." The old men stare slightly, he has not thought obviously Ji Dong such will quickly make the decision, must know. The marked price of this book, it can be said that in this shop most expensive several. He once in detail had also read, but gives his feeling actually extremely to accumulate, is only because of some characteristics, intentionally price elevation. Many functions are used to keep up the appearance, had not planned that must sell.

"Price you also saw, ten Rank 8 crystal core, your same step best quality goods crystal core I can give you ordinary crystal core double prices, ten Rank 3 crystal core 10,000 gold coins, ten Rank 4 crystal core 40,000 gold coins, 50,000 gold coins. The Rank 8 crystal core price is 300,000 to 500,000 gold coins, must look at the quality. If you have crystal core that are best, without crystal core, ten Rank 8 crystal core, I calculates that you, receive your 4 million gold coins cheaply."

Listens to the words of old man, Ji Dong to practice to knit the brows, a book must sell 4 million gold coins unexpectedly, this was considered as absolutely is the lion opens the mouth greatly. He naturally can see, this book regarding ordinary Mage, the function is not very big, its true value were most is also 100,000 gold coins at the most. However, this book, if falls in his hands, the results of producing are actually not 4 million gold coins can compare.

On Ji Dong, the value is highest, should be dual attribute Rank 9 crystal core that thorn thunder Fire Dragon falls. The divine tool thunder Yushen axe that although this crystal core impossible to obtain with Fu Rui compares, but. It actually absolutely can compare the Rank 10 crystal core value, dual attribute variation Rank 9 crystal core, produces in Holy and Evil Island, its value can be imagined.

But, this crystal core is the significance is also extraordinary regarding Ji Dong, studies hot thunder two departments combination skill to have the important function to him, his really some do not abandon takes.

Sees the appearance that Ji Dong hesitates, old man shows a faint smile, said: "Perhaps my this book a short time cannot sell out, you can go back to raise money, I will be remaining to you." Ji Dong raised the head glanced at him, the right hand wields, one group of red light burst out from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, when he opens the palm once more, in palm were many a thing.

After that is similar to the reduction , the Yin-Yang Crown appearance crystal, all over the body pure white, but is actually lending the extremely sharp aura, the crystal surroundings are covering near black light, if carefully looked, can see its Crown Peak excellent disciple has Six-Crown to have the brand mark.

"Money I do not have, trades with it. How do you look?"Ji Dong gazes at this Mage to would the Eight Stars powerhouse at present.

Sees the thing in Ji Dong hand, the old man complexion changes immediately, is almost loses one's voice to call out in alarm said: "Six- Crown dark Seventh Metal Crystal Crown? This, this. "

Also no wonder he so, crystal core, although the value is soaring, but if compares with Crystal Crown, that was the different. If bright Crystal Crown, then regarding Light Five Elements Continent Mage, but also too in a big way has not affected, but dark Crystal Crown is different, stemming from light dark well distributed, such Crystal Crown can directly by the same attribute Mage absorption of Light Five Elements Continent, implication huge magic power, plays the effect of getting quick results sufficiently. In the Ji Dong hand this Rank 6 Crystal Crown can definitely help Seven-Crown following Seventh Metal department Mage attack the Seven-Crown following any bottleneck. What is most precious, this Crystal Crown because of exhausting the energy will break, it can also absorb outside magic power to supplement voluntarily, can definitely use for a long time. Only such Rank 6 dark Crystal Crown, its value has been enough to compare favorably with magic beast Rank 9 crystal core.

Ji Dong looks is very accurate, regarding at present this old man, perhaps the Six-Crown Crystal Crown function is not very big, young people but who, spoke with him before, in the looks and this old man at least six phase splitting shapes, should be pair of grandparent and grandchild, but aura that on them lends, belongs to Seventh Metal department, therefore, this Crystal Crown value in these two eyes, naturally will have the large addition at present. If can have it. On this youth future cultivation path, becomes smooth many.

The old men raise the head slowly, vision brilliant is looking steadily at Ji Dong, said: "Good eye."

Ji Dong knows certainly that he was commending oneself can see their grandparent and grandchild's attributes, said indifferently: "The value of this book I understand, the price that you open was very high, I think, exchanges with you with this Crystal Crown, should be right enough. If you agreed, we exchange immediately. Naturally, before these crystal core you must pay me the cash."

Who knows, the old man listened to his words, shook the head unexpectedly, said: "It is not good. Your Crystal Crown truly value is so soaring, but if estimates, its value are most is also 1.5 million to 2 million gold coins. Differs with 4 million gold coins too in a big way. If your, I can consider to trade again actually to you."

Ji Dong vision cold several points, "venerable, the will of the people insatiably greedies insufficient. In addition it enough?" The ray flashes, one group of none remaining flash through.

The hand of old man like his age, is almost not catches the thing that Ji Dong has thrown like lightning. This time, his complexion became fiercer.

Appears in his hands, is that gives the Ji Dong logo by Vice-chairman Shiloh impressively. The logo whole is carves by a red drill, above Eight Stars sparkle, is exactly the same as the Eight Stars logo of old man chest front.

"Eight Stars?"Youth exclaimed, "you Eight Stars logo where from obtains? The entire association has this grade of logo, not over 20 people."

Ji Dong lightly said: "Shortly after just obtained, I heard that has this thing, can hit the 40% discount. Cultivates the behavior to keep one, Venerable, now can the book sell to me?" The youth vision fixes the eyes in the Eight Stars logo in old man hand, muttered: "This is certainly false. You how old, how probably to have the strength of Eight Stars rank."

Throws the logo gives back to Ji Dong, "this is real. Because he just there walked from Vice-chairman Shiloh."At this time, the complexion of old man like formerly was not calm, but appears somewhat dignified. He thinks, Ji Dong is aristocratic family juniors, the family property is rich, planned the high price sells out that book. However, this logo thoroughly has actually cancelled his thought. Offends a Eight Stars powerhouse, particularly a young Eight Stars powerhouse, absolutely is extremely the behavior of non- wisdom.

"This book sold to you, finalized."At the same time was saying, the old man received Six-Crown dark Seventh Metal Crystal Crown in Ji Dong hand, simultaneously takes off «Fusion God Technique»this book from the shelf, gives Ji Dong. "Grandson, takes 50,000 gold coins to give this mister."

The youth also cannot feel the brains at this time, but he depended on the word to comply, took a storage ring, docked in the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet together, indistinct can hear the sound of gold coin collision, a while free time, 50,000 gold coin transactions were closed.

The old men are very polite said to Ji Dong: "Were many to offend a moment ago, but also asked Your Excellency to excuse me. From now on will come to the head store again, the head store by the 50% discount reception."

Gambling on this commercial, can say that finished by both sides happily, although Ji Dong has paid dark Crystal Crown, but absolutely was also considered as on is the high price, the old man grandparent and grandchild can certainly be satisfied, but Ji Dong were much more satisfied. This «Fusion God Technique»regarding him, that cannot weigh with money. Because, so long as learned it, quite in having divine tool.

Until goes out of the Mage association, the smiling face on Ji Dong face has not vanished. Before going out, he declined the invitation that aimer young girl complexion has blushed, has stepped onto the Fifth Earth main road.

At this time, in his mind, has been full of the fusion god technique four characters. Although he looked at the front several pages. But had the basic understanding to this fusion god technique.

Reason that the fusion god technique is so important to Ji Dong , because, this skill is to the utilization of psychic force. Regarding general Mage, own psychic force is used to stimulate to movement and control magic skill also without enough time, where has the unnecessary psychic force to cultivate this skill? May regarding having fire of soul Ji Dong, this fusion god technique sufficiently becomes existence that dominates in Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

He has the psychic force of far supernormal person, completely has the ample force to cultivate the fusion god technique. But the characteristics of fusion god technique, or affect, has the magic power goods with own to melt all, making own body storage is basic.

Such skill, the advantage regarding general Mage is easier to hide own magic power weapon, when uses the magic power weapon, can on a quicker clothing. Regarding Ji Dong is also so, has such advantage similarly. May a little, be other Mage does not have.

The special flame that the fire of soul, after is Ji Dong the strength and Chaos Fire soul fuse, produces, has been full of the creation and Ji Dong huge soul strength. Lie Yan (raging flames) had told Ji Dong, making him understand the chaos creativity carefully. If he one day can fire of manifest oneself soul, then, be able various species of big amplification any magic power weapon.

To discuss that fire of manifest soul what accommodates easily? That was the Ji Dong Nine-Crown later matter. However, now had this fusion god technique, all become are different. The fire of soul cannot manifest, be, through the fusion god technique, can actually integrate oneself various magic power weapons of outside, contacts with the fire of soul directly. Comes warm and nourish with the fire of soul they. By Ji Dong now the quality of that Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, if adds on fire of soul warm and nourish, Ji Dong believes, it can certainly become inferior divine tool in the true sense, after a long time, even might evolve into the divine tool also perhaps.

Discovered that such energy conservation, can he not be pleasantly surprised? Without the divine tool, oneself make divine tool. The function of fire of soul can fully manifest. The fusion god technique, can be the excellent skill of touching a stone and turn it into gold for him.

Ji Dong decided that tonight after and Lie Yan (raging flames) converges, as soon as possible studies such skill, will strive soon to practice this fusion god technique, first own Sun and Moon double splendor glove, the Vermilion Bird bracelet as well as Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor and own fusion. From now on can also the earliest possible time release them in the fight, simultaneously made them evolve unceasingly. Let alone they evolve completely, even if there is any equipment to evolve, its value was not Six-Crown Crystal Crown can compare.

In Ji Dong is filled with the excited time, suddenly, the fire of his soul slightly moves, subconscious raising the head, looks toward the front. Sees only the front not far away, is standing a person, the vision coldly is staring at him. Before , causes trouble to Mage Guild, was extinguished the god to strike to break the robust man of arm by a Ji Dong palm.

Saw Ji Dong to note him, he lifted another one to have the arm, has referred to Ji Dong, referred to nearby profound alley again, turned around to walk toward that side.

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth reveal one to disdain, simply has not paid attention to him , to continue walks toward the front, passes through from the Fifth Earth main road directly, enters in the Sixth Earth main road.

The time is not long, the anger fluctuation from behind transmits, that robust man followed, is full of the anger and hatred sound transmits, "did boy, you fear?"

Ji Dong does not return, lightly said: "Do you match?" "You......"personal appearance dodge, the robust man has kept off in front of Ji Dong, said that his willpower is also tenacious, an arm was broken, at this time also dares to pester Ji Dong. Meanwhile, two formidable aura transmit from the Ji Dong back both sides separately. Forms the potential of attacking from a pincer-like position with the robust man in front, above this Fifth Earth main road, clamps Ji Dong.

The Ji Dong look is invariable, ", if you did not mind that another arm also discards , to continue to work as my road."

Robust man angrily snorted, "boy, offends our magic skill guild, I decide however let your not have the will to live, unable to request death. Has the skill, goes out of town with us, settles this matter."

Ji Dong curled the lip, "father does not have the free time now, if you are willing to wait, in behind, when I handle the matter, delivers you dead again."

"You......"robust man are angry, but he has not begun eventually, the Fifth Earth main road and Sixth Earth main road are the Central Plains City liveliest two main roads.

From sixth, monthly ticket on difference 50. 50 tickets, everybody forces up. Clash/To.

Chapter 212: Equal palace

Reason that the Six-Crown robust men of that magic skill guild do not dare to begin. Is because causes trouble Sixth Earth main road here, even if the magic skill guild cannot preserve him. After all, Central Earth Empire is the continent first powerful nation, supreme powerhouse part of great bear Ji Changxin assumes personal command, magic skill guild not because his Six-Crown Mage will offend Central Earth Empire.

This robust man has scruples, Ji Dong has no scruples. The left leg goes forward, the right hand once more racket to the opposite party, similarly is a light palm.

Saw that Ji Dong lifts the hand racket to oneself, the robust man was similar to saw the ghosts and demons were common, almost after was, without hesitation leapt, in an instant already about ten meters.

Ji Dong looked like pats the fly to wield the sleeves generally, striding bravely forward stand forth. Disregards these three to gather round own match proudly.

The back two strong aura simultaneously moved, obviously, the Ji Dong behavior has enraged them. The left is sharp, the right is scalding hot, two air currents also appear, Ji Dong does not need to look with eyes, can feel that two people simultaneously lift the hand, grasps to his waist.

By the Ji Dong strength, will make them hold? The under foot step suddenly changes, including that rapid retreat robust man. magic skill guild three people only think at present a flower, Ji Dong as if there, two people but who, the back attacks, actually all grasped in the air. Double elbow one horizontal, an unequalled terrifying aura erupts suddenly from Ji Dong, simultaneously bang to the two. Made them feel what terrifying was, the formidable pressure that the Ji Dong body sent out, limited on them unexpectedly, simply has not affected periphery any pedestrian. Controlling force of this to own aura, making them have a big shock.

The robust man dares to look for Ji Dong to be troublesome, is naturally secure, these two people who because he brings, is the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouses, in the magic skill guild is also on number of platoon.

But, Seven-Crown magic power, although is strong, when they are outspoken the Pinnacle Two Fires aura that facing Ji Dong releases, the attribute suppressed almost in appears instantaneously. By the Ji Dong present strength, does not want by his attribute suppression, only then two possibilities, one is the strength achieves Nine-Crown, becomes the supreme powerhouse, the strength is having also pinnacle magic power above Ji Dong, another type itself has pinnacle magic power Mage like the heavenly stems disciple and gold/metal, will not be suppressed by his pinnacle magic power. But, these two situations want to appear. How many can have on continent?

The attribute suppression made that two Seven-Crown Mage simultaneously groaned, within the body magic power dropped, although they lifted the hand to block the elbow of Ji Dong, was actually once more groaned, left Seventh Metal department Mage fortunately. Was dislodged five steps by Ji Dong this elbow, the whole body vitality turns wells up, going all out stimulation of movement Seventh Metal magic power is resisting Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire, another side Third Fire Heavenly Master may be miserable. The same attribute attribute suppresses, forever is most fearful, in the Ji Dong double elbow is flooding pinnacle Yang Fire. The homologous flame, the pinnacle exists, in addition Ji Dong that tyrannical homemade skill hot demon swallows, almost in the flash, his defense was broken. Not only the personal appearance explodes draws back, the complexion is becomes blood red. wa'ed, spouts a blood. Changes into a hot group from the sky unexpectedly, making the surrounding passer- by have a big shock.

If the true fight, Ji Dong wants to defeat these two Seven-Crown ranks Mage, must consume flustered some, but on the avenue, they do not dare to display magic skill now. Cannot release own magic power comprehensively. In addition Ji Dong that attribute suppresses suddenly, suffered a loss immediately.

Ji Dong is similar anything not to occur, shoots the ball sleeves , to continue stand forth, only then his sound simultaneously keeps in the Mage ears of these three magic skill guilds, "Seven-Crown is not good, called Eight-Crown comes, also hopes."

That Six-Crown robust man dumbfounded looks Ji Dong before own passes through, actually again does not dare to stop, that two Seven-Crown companions encounters him to look in the eye, how dare also to stop Ji Dong again? Although he wants to revenge, but, compared with an arm, the life obviously is more important.

Ji Dong has not cared regarding interception simply of these three people, quick, he had found the today's second destination.

, The big courtyard wall already was by far in sight, that courtyard wall has three zhang (3.33 m) highly fully, looks like the small city wall is ordinary, the wall is completely golden yellow, the above glazed tile reflects seven color brilliance under the sunlight illumination. Even if Central Earth Empire imperial palace there wall is also mediocre. In the city wall, a three post, a five sentry post, is the patrol soldier who wears the whole body mail-armor and helmet. The black mail-armor and helmet is lending the calm sincere/heavy aura, to person an oppression strength of occupying a commanding position.

The tall gate tower, has five zhang (3.33 m) high fully, by the gate tower front, the respective station ten fully-armed soldiers, are protecting there. The front door opens wide. But actually can only see inside is carving Fifth Earth and Sixth Earth two departments Totem big wall screening house from street wall. The gate tower place above, four shining large characters seize the person vision, is: Equal palace.

Central Earth Empire imperial palace on the Fifth Earth main road, but the equal palace is situated above the Sixth Earth main road. If outside guest, does not know, very easy to mix this two lane. Because from various perspectives, the equal palace is not inferior to the imperial palace.

The gate tower of Ji Dong stride toward equal palace walked. This is his today's second destination.

Has not waited for him to approach, in clangour, two handles have the baby arm thick or thin black iron lance to keep off before his body fully, has blocked the way.

"Does? Hasn't seen here is the equal palace? Walks away."Wears the soldier of whole body armor to get angry shouts.

The swift and fierce imposing manner covers the Ji Dong whole body directly, so long as if he acts rashly, these two handle black iron lances will leave behind two hole on him.

Ji Dong does not have the plan and they conflicts, stops the footsteps, said: "I am find the person. Called Ji Yeshang to come out. Said the Ji Dong visit."

Although the Ji Dong attire is ordinary, but he toward there station, immediately a deterrent many colleagues feeling. Especially hears him to be surnamed Ji, that two soldiers do not dare to neglect, simultaneously has taken back in the hand the long spear/gun, soldier solemnly said that before spoke: "Asked Your Excellency to wait a bit here."Then, he runs directly toward gate tower.

Before long, the black armor soldier comes out, "passed reports the internal affairs. Please wait a minute."

Ji Dong nodded silently, he does not worry. At this time Sun just raising half, were away from center the sky some also distances, although he today some twists and turns, but all are considered as on smooth.

He comes this to look for Ji Yeshang, naturally to let Ji Yeshang leads him to worship the parental grave, he does not know the position of grave, only then sought for advice in this cheap Big Brother.

The time that Ji Dong waits for is not long, the free time of a while, he hears in the equal palace to have the sound of footsteps to transmit, moreover as if somewhat chaotic sound.

In gate tower, after wall screening house from street wall, exits one person. The stride steps forward the gate tower, his appearance, made all people including Ji Dong be startled immediately.

"Equal king, live 9."All black armor soldiers, completely uniform kneel down, is the knees kneels down, only then in the hand the long spear/gun is also standing erect. Can see from their movements, these soldiers after long-term training. Moreover the body has the bloody aura that the actual combat can have.

Not only the soldiers before gate tower knelt down, in the courtyard wall the soldiers of these patrols have knelt place, suddenly, in the high call, caused the passer-by who on the Sixth Earth main road passed through to look, besides Ji Dong, these passers-by has knelt unexpectedly also toward here. Shouted loudly pays a visit the equal king live 9.

Right, this appears in front of equal palace, goes out from the gate tower, is Central Earth Empire, the status and power and influence is not now inferior in Central Earth Empire Emperor equal Wang Ji yun of lives.

Ji Dong first time sees Ji cloud Sheng time, when is cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister deters Central Earth Empire. At that time, equal Wang Ji yun was born with is representative Central Earth Empire one of the four big giants, with the emperor Ji cloud wealth, Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan, also that part of great bear Ji Changxin stood. Is powerful and prominent. At that time Ji Dong in a hurry glanced, Ji cloud Sheng gave his feeling to describe with the profound two characters appropriately. At this time said goodbye Ji cloud Sheng, he seemed as before is the 50- year-old appearance, but the physical age has surpassed 70 years old, two temple places were many color/look of several points of elderly person, saw Ji Dong, on this power and influence dreadful equality king face also revealed the color/look of mood surging.

Lip slightly sips, Ji cloud Sheng took a deep breath, said to Ji Dong:
"You come with me."Then, turns around to walk toward palace.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, but he followed, comes it, then settles it. Although he has not thought that will see this grandfather, but since saw. He will not choose to evade.

Until Ji Dong also entered equal palace, a soldier slowly sets out, suddenly look at each other in blank dismay. However, they experience for a long time the training, naturally cannot the many words.

But, these ordinary common people are different. Stands discusses spiritedly in the equal palace not far place. But the discussion are most, naturally is the Ji Dong status. Can make the equal king go out to welcome personally, how many people now can the world have? Especially in this Central Earth Empire. Even if the emperor kisses/close , is also not necessarily able to achieve this point.

Enters the equal palace, Ji Dong felt immediately at present suddenly sees the light. In the equal palace, does not have the picture of gathering of beautifully dressed people, has not decorated. Only the big palatial construction, all plants in palace completely are the trees, moreover is the lofty trees. It seems, smallest also had over hundred years tree age. These big trees, have increased the dignity sincere/heavy air/Qi of several points of palace.

Equal Wang Ji yun lives dragon Hang vigorous and mighty strides taking the lead, Ji Dong follows in him behind, the place visited, in all palaces the soldier kneels to bend down in the place completely. The Ji Dong surprised discovery, in this palace, his retinue had not seen, sees completely is the soldier who wears the mail-armor and helmet, has many people to send out magic power to fluctuate. It can be said that the equal palace and in the Ji Dong imagination is different arrogantly, does not have the slightest bit extravagant cloudy leisurely, all that the polarity, he sees, have been full of the blood and iron elegant demeanor, to likely is in the battlefield, the army is stationed in the later marshal mansion. Sees these, Ji Dong also secretly nodded in heart. The equal king can meet as an equal with the imperial family now, the fruit is unusual. Ji Yeshang previous time said that he had been adopted imperial family lineage/vein, became the new crown prince, from now on perhaps equal king lineage/vein, the authorities in entire empire can change is huger.

The Ji cloud Sheng step is not so fast but so slow neither throughout, takes the lead, the free time of a while, crossed front two entered the courtyard, arrived in the hall.

The hall hall is really broad, two lateral motions respectively two rows of Phoebe zhennan big chairs, on dead ahead seat of honor, only then a sandal wood big chair, enters here, Ji Dong first feels, is air/Qi of withering. Does not have the palace proper noble luxurious. Is this hall? By the status of equal king, at least should make a small palace is right? All simple astonishment, even compared with before Ji Dong has seen any aristocrat wants simple many. In this equal palace, as if only then simple, withers to describe.

Now Ji Dong understood the father who more and more own this world so will be why sick that the life of equal palace, lived in this kind of place, it can be imagined aridly, the body also must shoulder that serious mission and pressure. It is not spiritual extremely strong person, possibly insists?

Equal Wang Ji yun lives to enter in hall to stop the footsteps. He has not arrived at the innermost sandal wood big chair to sit down, but arrives at the hall center to stop the footsteps, has turned around slowly.

Ji Dong is away from he five meters place also to stop the footsteps, the vision goes to the grandfather who this seems fills with the profound aura.

"You come, looks for Yeshang?" The Ji cloud Sheng voice appears somewhat low and deep. Ji Dong nodded, has not concealed itself to come this's goal, "I want to ask him to lead me to hold a memorial service for the parents."

In Ji cloud Shengyan fine glow flashes, "did you think through?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "please do not misunderstand, manner, holds a memorial service for the parents to be natural. In addition, my not any other goals."

"I am your grandfather." The Ji cloud Sheng voice increases suddenly, the beard and hair all opens, an extremely swift and fierce imposing manner bursts out suddenly from him. Pressure that not only on magic power sends out, but also integrated the ruler of his own high-rank to be dignified. This pressure took to the Ji Dong murderous aura pressure also to want formidable many compared with gold/metal yesterday, vast many. Ji cloud Sheng gives his feeling at this time, is in the world, if I can not do it , who can King meteorology.

Ji Dong has not opened the mouth, but static looks at Ji cloud Sheng, before that dreadful pressure arrives at his body, voluntarily will disperse, is unable to have any influence to him, indistinct, two filled King aura illusory shadow to appear behind him similarly slowly, he has not counter-attacked, the proud will that but on him sent out at this moment forcefully has actually broken through the Ji cloud Sheng King deterrent.

Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, similarly is one generation of monarchies, pressure that Ji cloud Sheng releases, possibly affects Ji Dong?

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Chapter 213: Under part of great bear crown

Is full of interrogation facing Ji cloud Sheng that. Is full of the formidable imposing manner the pressure, Ji Dong sighs, "equal Your Highness king, your live isn't tired? Is the authority, worth being attached to really? Perhaps all previous equal king lives like you old, equal palace has this meteorology of today. The people only have the life, you have asked yourself, is this life joyful?"

Ji cloud Sheng this is second time sees Ji Dong, first time in a hurry glances, Ji Dong proud and ice-cold is even hostile, deep brand mark in his innermost feelings. Meets again, he has thought of Ji Dong many possible replies. For example is hostile toward him, does not spare a glance to equal king Juewei, is not willing to forgive him, and so on situations he has thought that only has not actually thought that Ji Dong unexpectedly by so tranquil tone, even has several points to pity to ask him.

The King imposing manner concentrates slightly, the next moment already quietly shatter, Ji cloud Sheng coldly said: "Responsibility two characters, can you know? Was born in the family/home of King. Itself is sorrowful. But since were born in such family, must shoulder such responsibility. Your father is a coward, he has not taken on, does not dare to shoulder the mission that oneself should shoulder. You said right, I never know that what is joyful, my live is very tired. However, you think that our equal king lineage/vein are living, for authority? Lives in the Central Earth Empire power and influence for the tyrant? If you think like this, then I can tell you proud, you made a mistake." Here, the Ji cloud Sheng originally profound vision outbreak the change, became has been full of the blazing and proud brilliance, "our ancestors, the first equal king, with the emperor's clan together, established Central Earth Empire now, swept away various countries, has seized this most fertile apprentice. Existence of our equal king lineage/vein, goal, only then one, that is maintains the empire to be stable, benefitting common people. Protects our countries not by the foreign invasion. The equal two characters of equal king, the bystanders think, with the meaning of King equality, but, our equal two characters, are hope in the empire actually, no longer has the social class. All people being equal. The common people enjoy a good and prosperous life. Our ancestors, each equal king, in toward this direction tries hard. In the manor of our equal king, does not have the aristocrat. Successively holds the equal king, must cultivate in the manor every year personally for one month. Right, I never know that what is joyful, does not have the time to go joyfully. My shoulder takes responsibility. My meaning of life, is this responsibility two characters. Your joy, is only you alone. But my responsibility, although has eliminated my joy, but will actually take to more people joyful. Do you understand?"

Is listening to equal king these words, at this moment, in Ji Dong heart, only then shocks, truly, only then shocks. Looks at Ji cloud Sheng, he long time has not said the words. Grandfather and grandson vision relative, from the sky collides. Ji Dong first time was ashamed.

He has the fire of soul, through the fire of soul, he can feel clearly, Ji cloud Sheng that fervent just like metal sonorous sound, each character that he said completely proceeds from the bottom of one's heart. Stems from own bone. That is only him, ingrained rigid faith.

In Ji cloud Shengyan the light shining in all directions, spirited loudly shouted: "How to speak? Your also anything wants to interrogate my. Said together. Right, your father dies because of me. Is the person who I send has killed your mother. You can treat as the personal enemy me. However, you is a little uncontradictable. That is on you is also flowing the bloodlines of my equal king Ji Family." Clang, the Ji cloud Sheng wrist/skill turns, a handle length makes the ruler two daggers to appear during he grasps, the ray flashes, dagger already straight flying to Ji Dong. The Ji Dong subconscious lifting hand received the dagger, some doubts looks to Ji cloud Sheng.

Ji cloud Sheng almost two steps stepped in front of Ji Dong, both hands held oneself front, a point, has revealed the muscle solid chest suddenly, "I have killed your parents. I am your killing father kill the female personal enemy. Come, in the dagger with your hand, has killed me, revenges for them. So long as you accept my condition. I do not hit back. Also will not have anybody to feel embarrassed you."

The accident/surprise, the absolute accident/surprise, Ji Dong has not thought, oneself just saw Ji cloud Sheng, will meet the so extraordinary scene. Ji clouds that takes root originally not to him the panting opportunity, at this moment, he had been crushed by Ji cloud Sheng in the imposing manner completely. Cannot like formerly meet as an equal. This is the disparity in principle of righteousness, in Ji cloud Shengxin has no qualms, occupies the principle of righteousness, each few words that he spoke, have a clear conscience. When he tears the front, own imposing manner has reached the peak.

Has a look in the hand dagger of cold light twinkle, has a look at Ji cloud Sheng again. Ji Dong has opened the mouth finally, right that "you said that my father truly is a coward. Without the coward of acting. He does not dare to shoulder the so important responsibility, therefore, he has chosen departure. The body sends the skin, by it parents. Let alone you do not want to kill him, even if you have killed him really personally, I will not say anything, cannot say anything. Because father's life is you gave. Like my life is also the father gives. Your meaning, I understand. Ji Yeshang adopts the imperial family, inherits Central Earth Empire imperial family lineage/vein, but equal king lineage/vein did not have the successor. You are hope that I inherit equal king lineage/vein. But, I cannot promise you, because in my heart did not have the principle of righteousness, true equality, is not the equal king can achieve. Otherwise, equal king lineage/vein inherited these many years, why only then in the territory can promote does not have aristocrat's rule? Equal king title itself, is the biggest aristocrat. Has one day that the equal king has, Central Earth Empire will not have the true equality. Only if one day, the country does not have the aristocrat, not to have the imperial family, all choices of country the people take responsibility, is chosen by acclamation by the people. Elects the ruler, governs the country by the will of people. This is the equality. You told me, if I succeeded to the throne of equal king, can achieve all these?"

In the Ji cloud Sheng vision reveals a trace of surprise, he does not certainly know, these that Ji Dong said that is the situations in his previous generation country, "cannot. Even if you become the equal king, cannot complete these. Because, the empire must stabilize. Upper crust, already deep taking root in empire. Pulls one round to move the overall situation, will have more common people to suffer disaster in the war. Although my Central Earth Empire seems like formidable, but four sides has the neighboring country. Perhaps once the civil strife, will be ridden by the villain."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "such being the case, equal king title did not have what significance for me. I make the Ji Yeshang belt words give you, told you, I did not hate you. My parents matter, nobody is actually wrong to whom. Ponders from the different directions. But the result actually eventually is a tragedy. The father has not obeyed your will, inherits this responsibility. However, as the person child, before I actually must obey the father just before the end the behest, throughout retains the body of this freedom, is not involved in equal king responsibility."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong retrocedes suddenly one step, the knees kneels down, kneels down before Ji cloud Sheng, bang bang bang. , One after another to Ji cloud Shengke nine knocks.

"Grandfather, this is I does obeisance for the father your. We hope that you can forgive his achievement. Right that you said that in any event, on me is flowing equal king lineage/vein blood after all. I can promise you, if in the future equal king lineage/vein meet really troublesome, I will not have nothing to do with do not manage." In this time, a low and deep sound from is resounding suddenly in all directions, "such being the case, you should remain, accepts this responsibility. Because, equal king lineage/vein, have met troublesome. Without the successor, how equal king lineage/vein will inherit, can you tell me?"

Hears this sound, Ji clouds the mood on the unfamiliar face surging transforms as the respect immediately, is sideways to fall back on the one side, Ji Dong only saw that the brown light shadow flashes, in the hall were also many a person. Wears the middle-aged person of yellow clothes.

Sees this person, the Ji Dong heart shakes. This yellow clothes middle- aged person Central Earth Empire patron god, is the Central Earth Empire only one by one supreme powerhouse, under part of great bear crown Ji Changxin. Meanwhile, his also equal king one generation of rank highests, Ji cloud Sheng grandfather, Ji Dong profound ancestor.

"Under part of great bear crown."Ji Dong bows to salute slightly.

Ji Changxin one step steps forward, arrived at the position that beforehand Ji cloud Sheng was, "you should call me an profound ancestor. Has not thought, left your such talent our equal king lineage/vein to your this generation. I think, Yifeng and Yeshang were the good talents. But compared with you, they actually differs was too far. If not the family people are frail, I and your grandfather will not force you. After all, I do not want to notice that the cloudy morning sun brother and sister arrive at the Central Plains City important person again. If you cannot convince me today, even if ties up, I must keep the family you. Even if the cloudy morning sun brother and sister comes again, I have confidence to retain you not to carry off by them. You have the time that one burns a joss stick to convince me."

If the Ji Dong imposing manner can meet as an equal with Ji cloud Sheng, then, flash when Ji Changxin presents, he lost the complete resistance. The supreme powerhouse, that at all is not existence of progression. Achieves Nine-Crown, the Nine-Crown brand mark is complete, enters greatly complete realm, has pinnacle magic power. Any supreme powerhouse is destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth existence. This point Ji Dong is clear. If Ji Changxin is determined to leave behind him, he simply does not have the possibility that the slightest bit leaves.

Convinced a supreme powerhouse, on the Ji Dong face revealed a forced smile, it seems like, arrives at the equal palace today, was a wrong decision. This was more like waited for a oneself four years of snare. Ji Changxin unexpectedly in palace, only this point, fully showed many issues.

Ji Changxin looks at the Ji Dong cloudy clear uncertain complexion, shows a faint smile, "I know that you are thinking anything, I can also give your affirmative answer. Right, when Fu Rui and Yeshang they come back after Holy and Evil Battlefield, I have lived in the equal palace. Because we guessed correctly, you will come back to hold a memorial service for the parents sooner or later. Has not thought, this first-grade is four years. But in the four years you slightly have not actually left uncultivated. So long as you want, I believe, you will have become since the ancestor, most formidable equal king. The child, stays behind. The responsibility of family needs to continue, needs you to undertake."

Ji Dong firm shaking the head, "profound ancestor, I had said a moment ago, I cannot violate father's behest. Moreover I do not suit to shoulder this responsibility. What I like is free life, pursues realm of powerhouse. If you detain me, finally stays behind , can only be a corpse."

Ji Chang believes in the eye the ray to dodge, in the hall the air setting,
"is child, you threatening me immediately?"

Ji Dong neither arrogant nor servile say/way: "I was elaborating a fact."

Ji Chang believes the strong say/way: "If I told you, even if leaves behind a corpse, I can also leave behind you? Do not forget, Ji Yifeng is dies in your hands. If he does not die, Yeshang will not adopt to the imperial family. The calamity that you yourself rush, itself should undertake by you yourself." Ji Dong has smiled suddenly, "profound ancestor, from any perspective, you will not kill me. Most puts under house arrest me. You believe that the equal palace can put under house arrest is occupied by me? Only if you follow every time side me. I do not know how should convince you, but I can tell you, under detains me, will not have any advantage to equal king lineage/vein. Why you do not let me like you, becomes an equal king lineage/vein protector? The right of inheritance of equal king not will have necessarily problems. Ji Yeshang he can also have the child, can adopt equal king lineage/vein. Also why wants me to shoulder this responsibility?"

Ji Chang believes brows slightly wrinkled, "looks like, you were convinced very much difficultly. Right that you said that I will not kill you, will put under house arrest you. Although I was old, but actually some are the patience. Come, making me have a look, in the four years, the morning sun brothers have taught you anything."

"wait a moment, I help him convince you."Has been lifting hand in Ji Changxin, prepares to the time that Ji Dong grasps, suddenly, the space breaks, one group of thick red proliferate quietly, change into flower petal to bloom a piece by piece. The red skirt red hair, perfect Lie Yan (raging flames) does not have the emergence of omen in the great hall of this equal palace.

Sees her, the Ji cloud Sheng tian item shouted angrily, "who were you?"Saying, must start magic skill.

However, Ji Chang believes actually suddenly the complexion big change, the body one horizontal, keeps off before Ji cloud Sheng, "cloud Sheng stops, may not hurriedly."

Ji cloud Sheng cultivation base Eight-Crown, cannot feel too many things, but he is the supreme powerhouse of genuine, flash when Lie Yan (raging flames) presents, he can feel too many too many things. Therefore under this part of great bear crown in eye will present that strong inconceivable. Sees Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong immediately becomes anxious, is unable to use magic power Lie Yan (raging flames) facing the supreme powerhouse, this was too dangerous. One step steps forward, he arrived at side Lie Yan (raging flames), wants to keep off in front of her, Lie Yan (raging flames) grabs a Ji Dong hand, is smiling shaking the head to him, "felt relieved that will not have the matter."

, We had been surpassed by the trick monthly ticket, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket crazily. Told everybody on the quiet, several days later, was the sugar sugar little princess's birthday Oh. Hehe.

Chapter 214: I am his girlfriend

Lie Yan (raging flames) is holding the hand of Ji Dong. At this time Ji Changxin, Ji cloud Shengcai see clearly the Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance, although they as the equal kings, Ji Changxin is one generation of parts of great bear, supreme powerhouse, when they see clearly Lie Yan (raging flames), is actually not able to suppress shock of innermost feelings, vision slightly somewhat dull.

Perfect of Lie Yan (raging flames), not only the appearance and stature, also that impeccable makings, sacred and noble, profound and dignified, even if as they of equal king, feeling of looking up.

Especially they discovered that after Lie Yan (raging flames) appears, Ji Dong that faint naturally not has saved calm, in eye pupil, only then the tender feeling and some worried. Regardless of where, so long as Lie Yan (raging flames) appears by the original appearance, immediately becomes the focal point of vision, at this time will be no exception.

Ji Changxin vision quickly returned to normal, as supreme. He to oneself control is very strong. The vision has swept from Lie Yan (raging flames), his surprised discovery, this female gives the feeling that he one type cannot completely understand at present unexpectedly. Way that especially she formerly presented that unexpectedly likely is the instantaneous transmission in legend.

"Who are you?"Ji Changxin sinking sound asked.

Lie Yan (raging flames) gives a calm smile, "I am the Ji Dong girlfriend, I can replace him to convince you. Ji Dong cannot stay here to take the equal king, is actually very simple. Because, he is different from you, Nine-Crown, is not his limit."

"What did you say?"Ji Changxin is surprised, his behind Ji cloud Sheng is also the complexion big change.

Although the Lie Yan (raging flames) words are simple, but this Nine- Crown is not a limit, has actually given at present these two generations of equal king Juda shocks. Since Yin-Yang Mage world, Nine-Crown has been supreme, is all Mage goals diligently, Nine-Crown is also not the limit, is that what the limit?

Lie Yan (raging flames) gives a calm smile, "Nine-Crown, limit that but your human reaches at present. How Holy and Evil Island forms, you think that knows. That is the first-generation heavenly stems disciple does. But, you believe, the 20 people of Nine-Crown strength, can create Holy and Evil Island that to be equal to a place of your empire province? The also marine storm and huge sea magic beast group, as well as that covered the entire Holy and Evil Island ten thousand thunder to break into a jail. Are these, Nine-Crown Mage can achieve? Even if they by the ten departments magic power fusion, is impossible to leave behind so the miracle. Reason that has such condition. The reason only has one. Because, initial one generation of disciples, broke through the fetter of Nine-Crown, has achieved another realm. Also is the Saint step."

Is listening to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji cloud Sheng somewhat is vacant, but Ji Changxin aura actually obviously becomes loud, is gazing at Lie Yan (raging flames), he is almost impatient asking: "Does the Saint step in legend actually really exist?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) nods slowly, "naturally exists. Just, on your continent, does not have the Saint step powerhouse now. Has Holy and Evil Island central five, is ruling the entire Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts, is the Saint step. If no their existences, your two pieces of continent will be separated such for a long time? Holy and Evil day chessboards and ten thousand thunder break into a jail and Holy and Evil Channel, this all, is five mahatma beast strengths for the source support. One generation of heavenly stems disciples have created Holy and Evil Island, brought in ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, these were very important. However, what is more important, they from the god summon the mounts of five element gods, five mahatma beasts. Since then has had the light and dark two pieces of continent many years peace. Reason that the war of Holy and Evil exists, its significance does not let your two pieces of continent competion strengths. The true function, is informed and experienced. The youth powerhouses on informed and experienced your two pieces of continent, to obtain to break through the Saint step the opportunity. Perhaps this point, you already do not know. Even if all previous heavenly stems disciples is not very clear."

Ji Changxin listens very dedicated, Ji cloud Sheng cannot bear asking:
"That deferred to you saying that Ji Dong could the impact Saint step?"

Lie Yan nodded, said: "Yes. The Saint step is called half god step, its characteristics, are the strength of chaos has. Only then had the creative chaos strength, has the possibility of impact Saint step. This point, you do not have. However, Ji Dong had . Moreover, he already, not only has the chaos source, had own Chaos Fire. His future, is not you can imagine. Limits him to this, is called the equal king, will only hinder him the impact on the Saint step. Let alone, the Saint step, as before is not his limit."

"Saint step is also not limit, what is that?"What this question is Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) has not said these to him, heard Lie Yan (raging flames) to say oneself can attack the Saint step, his heart was fiery, Saint step representative, not only the strength, was the glorious life. Can have longer vitality, he naturally can also have a longer time and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place. also what ratio this made him be excited?

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "I said a moment ago. Five mahatma beasts, are only the mounts of five element gods, they are only the Saint steps, is half god. Also is not the genuine god. Above the Saint step, naturally is the god step. If weighs with Mage level of your human. Then, Level 99 is the Saint, Level 100 for god. The difference of Level 1, far of world. When you can break through Level 100, when becomes the god, then, your life also will become incomparably glorious, even momentarily can leave this world, will arrive at genuine god to go." The Lie Yan (raging flames) words, take to Ji Changxin and Ji cloud Sheng, only then shocks, particularly Ji Changxin, he is the supreme powerhouse, but since many years, cultivation base has wanted further actually such as to ascend to heaven again difficultly, even if he of supreme powerhouse, does not dare whether definitely has to surmount existence of supreme powerhouse. The Lie Yan (raging flames) words, looked like for him lit a beacon light. What made his surprised was, regarding all that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that he is unable unexpectedly the week slightest bit suspicion.

"Ji Dong is your descendants. If you hope, your descendant can present a Saint step, even is the god step powerhouse, do not force him to do any matter. Only is unceasingly informed and experienced, whets unceasingly, he can progress truly. Does not know that I explained like this, two can satisfy?"

Ji Changxin and Ji cloud Sheng look at each other one, has the grandfather, Ji cloud Sheng naturally cannot say anything, after Ji Changxin ponders the moment slightly, said to Ji Dong: "Makes me have a look at your Chaos Fire."

Ji Dong lifts own both hands slowly. Since the rich black and white almost simultaneously brave from his palm, immediately, in the entire main hall, the flash was full of by rich Fire Element. Tyrannical attribute suppression that pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire brings, even if Eight-Crown realm Ji cloud Sheng were also greatly affected. Feels aura that on Ji Dong is lending, Ji cloud Sheng surprised discovery, if not the grandfather here, depending on oneself, perhaps really has not only been able to keep this grandson.

The black and white two-color ray congeals behind Ji Dong, Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish appears slowly, circles is arriving in front of Ji Dong. At this moment, the double pupil of Ji Dong turned into the clear white completely, sees only his eyes shined, since wisp of white flame the position from that Yin-Yang Fish has braved, enough ascension ruler. The flash of also in this white flame presenting, all Fire Element in main hall are completely nothing left. Moreover, a thick essence breaks through the main hall, enters the upper air. The whole body of Ji Dong, is similar to glass plants the emerald to be common, becomes glittering and translucent carving, that thick essence looks like the big mouth that in the midair endless swallows, is absorbing in the air crazily all types magic power elements.

gentle and mild, overwhelming and vast, like the smoke, the circle friendly chaos air/Qi, covers Ji Changxin, Ji cloud Sheng vastly completely.

That is not the pressure, does not have any destructive power. Has, is only endless creation. Ji Changxin clearly felt that oneself many years of sluggish motionless magic power seemed touched, has a make further progress more further feeling faintly. That marvelous and mysterious chaos meaning makes him be full of the hope.

The Ji cloud Sheng feeling was more obvious, within the body Eight- Crown magic power uncontrolled revolves voluntarily, crazily and absorbs pure magic power that the strength of chaos is bringing greedily.

Mage association that has 365 chaos blue bricks three Ji cloud Sheng also to go, is, compared with there, the chaos element in this main hall at least wants rich over a hundred times at this time. If cultivates in this environment, Ji cloud Sheng can affirm, oneself has more than enough for ten years, has to break through to the supreme Nine-Crown opportunity.

Meanwhile. In Central Plains City, all Eight-Crown above Mage look up to the sky, although airborne anything is unable to see, but that arrives at the pinnacle richly, has filled vastly great, creates the myriad things aura the chaos to fluctuate, making each of them not be willing to let off. The ignition chaos, are the dreams of all Mage, they at the deep gaze the fluctuation of that chaos, are realizing from experience all sorts of feeling that the chaos are bringing.

The magic skill association, had a liking for last year approximately three patrolled, wears the old man of black long gown to stand above the roof, the direction that visual that chaos essence was braving, on the face could not bear reveal a color/look with amazement, "equal palace, Ji Changxin. could it be, could it be did you comprehend the chaos mystery? I think of every means that want to obtain the 365 chaos blue bricks of Mage association, but, you actually walked in front of me."

Heavenly Stems School Dean and Chief director Ji Mingxuan, stands in the drill ground of school looks out the sky, at this time, his complexion surface like dying embers, ugly, "did Big Brother the Big Brother, you comprehend the chaos to be mysterious finally? It seems like that my imperial family lineage/vein, must be substituted by equal king lineage/vein. Why, you can always walk in front of me. You comprehended the chaos, but I have not actually flushed to Nine-Crown."

The chaos essence restrains quietly, Central Plains City as before is that lively continent first city, as if anything has not occurred.

Ji Dong front Yin-Yang Fish vanished, his complexion appears somewhat pale. Although he comprehended the fire of soul, release that but is outspoken like the strength of chaos, made him quite exhausted. But he also can only release this chaos essence, cannot control the chaos, making it become own strength. After that is at least wants Nine-Crown, possibly achieves.

Lie Yan (raging flames) looks at Ji Changxin, said indifferently: "The strength of chaos, turns on the keys of all bottlenecks. Had Chaos Fire, so long as accumulates enough, Ji Dong can break through all checkpoints step by step, becomes the true Saint step. Other I think that did not need me to say again. We hope that you can also realize from experience this Saint step well the mystery. Ji Dong, we walk."

Ji Changxin, Ji cloud Sheng have not stopped, they even also made way the road, Ji Dong have proven with the ability, oneself had the qualification to Saint step. With becoming compared with Saint step powerhouse, what was the throne of equal king considered as? Once Ji Dong Saint step breaks through successfully, then, equal king lineage/vein, likely not only the Central Earth Empire equal king, can be the entire continent equal king.

Ji Dong has not worried to leave, the vision looks to Ji cloud Sheng, "grandfather, before, me wants to worship the parents. Performs the say/way of person child." Ji cloud Sheng nodded, solemnly said: "I lead you to go now. Although you are not willing to recognize the ancestor to return to the birth family, stays in the palace. But from now on, you are the member in equal palace. Equal king lineage/vein are respective, be outspoken will support you. Regardless of you need anything, so long as this clan can achieve, surely support."

Ji cloud Sheng as the equal king, is vicious. Chaos Fire aura that after feeling Ji Dong has lent, he takes the bull by the horns, immediately has made fully the decision of support. Whether Ji Dong becomes the Saint step, already, not only his matter, relates to a magnificence of equal king clan.

Listened to the Ji cloud Sheng words, in the Ji Dong heart to move, if there is an equal king's support, a migration of woods monster clan, was it can be said that successful. So long as enters in Central Earth Empire, will not have any problem.

Ji Changxin with, Lie Yan (raging flames) has not returned to the earth core world to go, regarding her mysterious transmission inner strength, Ji Changxin, Ji cloud Sheng had not asked.

Under the Ji cloud Sheng leadership, Ji Dong followed him to arrive at the equal palace backyard together. Although here does not have any beautiful plant, but has an independent small courtyard. Ji cloud Sheng told Ji Dong, this was all previous equal king ponders the place of matter. In the courtyard, the topography is not smooth, but has a small hill. But Ji Dong parents, buries here.

The construction of grave is not magnificent, on the tombstone is only carving the Ji descendants and wife several characters. Why does not know, perhaps comes under the influence of this body, sees this tombstone, both eyes of Ji Dong unconscious was moist. plop'ed, kneels down before the tombstone. Numerous knocking next three knocks.

"Father, mother, child all well, you rest."Kneels there, Ji Dong is motionless, tears uncontrolled flowing under. In the mind, the childhood memory continuously  appears  in  the  mind,  compared  with  the parents, originally Ji Dong more unfortunate, his parents at least have loved, but he? If not the Li Jiedong soul arrives at this world, attaches on him, he had already not existed.

This kneels, is entire time of double-hour. Worships, before rather is Ji Dong thinks again all farewells.

Today was on April 10, last year today, the treasure in my life was born. Without other request, small three do not ask the monthly ticket today, did not ask the recommendation ticket, did not strive for hitting to enjoy. Only asked the book friends to be able in the book review area to say one, the sugar sugar, happy birthday to you. Small three satisfied. Our Tang gate sugar sugar little princess, today is one year old.

Chapter 215: The retaliation of golden eagle chamber of commerce

Ji cloud Sheng consistently silently stands behind Ji Dong. Static gaze he, in eye pupil profound already substituted by sad and vicissitudes. He has not opened the mouth, is only static accompanying side Ji Dong.

A double-hour, such passed by. When Ji Dong stands up, the tears on his face have dried. Bye, the past all, from now on, Ji Dong is brand-new Ji Dong. The past all sorts, said goodbye in formerly this double-hour.

Has turned around, Ji Dong looks to Ji cloud Sheng, "grandfather, since you are willing to support me. Then, I have a matter to request."

Ji cloud Sheng very good has concealed the grief of eyeground, nodded, said: "You said."

At that moment, Ji Dong in all said that in the woods of life ran into simply.

Listens to his narration, Ji cloud Sheng hesitates saying: "Your meaning is, can move the woods monster to Earth Spirit Mountain Range in? In Earth Spirit Mountain Range, magic beast is numerous, even existence of also Rank 10 magic beast. Small and weak such as woods monster, can survive there?"

Ji Dong said: "This matter is solved by me. The king of Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Is the friend of mine." Ji cloud Sheng deeply looked at Ji Dong, said: "Good. So long as you lead into a woods monster clan Central Earth Empire, before entering Earth Spirit Mountain Range, their securities I can be responsible."

The following half double-hour, in front of the parental grave, Ji Dong and Ji cloud Sheng discussed carefully detail, first time profoundly exchanges with Ji cloud Sheng, Ji Dong really understands that an equal king clan Central Earth Empire influence is huge. But Ji cloud Sheng has also indicated to him with the practical action to his full support.

"Woods monster lineage/vein, if can move into Earth Spirit Mountain Range smoothly, to the empire, absolutely is the good deed. The origin of life I early have hearing, the value especially above crystal core. A small bottle origin of life, once sold to have been to the Rank 7 crystal core price. Moreover because now the woods monster refuses to trade, this price also in rise doubled and re-doubled. You told a woods monster clan, if they will want to sell the origin of life from now on, I received completely. The price opens along with them."

Ji Dong nodded, an equal king clan aids in Central Earth Empire, has the asylum of Vermilion Bird in Earth Spirit Mountain Range, a woods monster clan, so long as moves successfully, this race must be able to continue. Oneself had also finished this concern.

In equal palace many stays, Ji Dong has not declined the good intention that Ji cloud Sheng kept him to eat meal, said goodbye to this equal king, left the palace. This time comes to worship the parents, the harvest that obtains imagines him is much bigger.

Before trades 50,000 gold coins that crystal core obtains in Mage Guild, Ji Dong brings back two strong liquor that oneself have ordered, today's matter that must do, he basically was completes.

At this time, sun afternoon. The belly of Ji Dong somewhat was also hungry. Matter processing was similar, he planned to return to Earth Spirit Mountain Range early tomorrow morning again, now looks like, the time can be ahead of time some. This matter sooner solves, he can also be relieved with Lie Yan (raging flames) continues to travel in continent. He has not gone to Heavenly Stems School to seek for Fu Rui, if sees the Senior Brother, the plan that perhaps travels must be disillusioned, has eaten a thing on the road simply, directly returned to the dwelling. Slightly after making the rest, has drawn back the room. Goes out of town to go.

Ji Dong will certainly not be worried that Lie Yan (raging flames) could not find itself, two people mind is interlinked, regardless of him there, Lie Yan (raging flames) can grasp the position that he is at accurately. Went out of town, directly soars Earth Spirit Mountain Range to go.

Goes out of town ten miles, phoenix dragon dance snake changes launches, opens the pair of wings to leap into airborne, by his flying speed, the free time who only needs half double-hour, can enter in Earth Spirit Mountain Range.

These half double-hour Ji Dong is not willing to waste, after recognizing the accurate direction, at the same time is flying forward. At the same time took out that named to fuse the Divine Skill ancient book to look.

Fuses Divine Skill, record how is to have the magic power goods to integrate own one method the same attribute temporarily. This method seems is not complex, in the first page of general outlines records is fuses the function and principle of god technique.

The fusion god technique, through own magic power, with the aid of the source of magic power, uses own element, thus is similar to Vermilion Bird bracelet these stores up Magic Tool to be the same, carries on to the memory of same attribute magic power goods. The hideaway in own, can make magic power equip becomes safer. Can integrate within the body goods many, decided according to Mage magic power, but the foundation of cultivation fusion god technique, is Five-Crown element body cultivation base. But maintains the fusion god technique, not only need consume certain magic power, must consume the massive psychic forces to control. Although after the magic power goods integrate the body, does not need to maintain the element body condition again, needs certain magic power to maintain similarly balanced. These regarding Ji Dong, are not any issues, is relying on the own chaos source and soul fire, his magic power supplement speed is the ordinary Mage several fold, fuses god technique consumption almost to ignore, in addition the huge psychic force control, he sufficiently fuses more things to own.

Goes to half double-hour of Earth Spirit Mountain Range this flight, Ji Dong almost uses completely, in has read on, a fusion god technique, is about several pages, Ji Dong has remembered it completely.

Reads this book, inventor of Ji Dong to fusing god technique admires, various magic power operation routes that in the book records are quite ingenious. Under such route operation, the human body as if became can swallow all big eddy currents. The only shortcoming is the need huge extremely psychic force controls. Ji Dong estimated that so long as after some time practice. He can very good control this skill.

Half double-hour in reading and in the comprehension passed quickly, when Ji Dong like previous time comes, flies into the Earth Spirit Mountain Range range directly, is relying on the aura of phoenix plume, enters the central region, arrived at the Vermilion Bird cave mansion.

The clear phoenix cry sound gets up, the red light runs out together suddenly, directly soars Ji Dong to come, Ji Dong laughed, stretches out the arms, grasps Huo'er that threw.

"Huo'er, light, you do not know that your recent body weight did grow?"Preserves the body of Huo'er, Ji Dong cannot bear say with a smile.

The Huo'er present body was similar to Vermilion Bird, if in the situation of fight, looking from the semblance, she and mother also not too big difference. The only difference, was aura. However, according to her present body growth rate, will evolve after next time again, perhaps the build must surpass mother. After all, she was eclipse date phoenix, but was not Vermilion Bird.

Huo'er will be rubbing on the Ji Dong face unceasingly. That intimate appearance compared with her saw when mother is not the least bit off, although has distinguished for two days, but her these many years have not left side Ji Dong, separate suddenly, making this little fellow not adapt.

Returns to the Vermilion Bird cave mansion with Huo'er, Ji Dong obtains the good news that Vermilion Bird has brought. After Vermilion Bird holds the magic beast congress, unexpectedly, in Earth Spirit Mountain Range all Rank 6 above magic beast agree with the migration of woods monster completely. The reason is very simple. Because since many years, human has entered fight between Earth Spirit Mountain Range and magic beast, has had the enormous destruction to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range ecology. Now had many mountains becomes bare, does not have the life sign. The ecological environment was destroyed. The magic beasts existing space unceasingly was extruded. Vermilion Bird relies on the origin of life that Ji Dong is leaving behind, very easily has conquered the hearts of all magic beast. And reaches the unification opinion, after woods monster moves to Earth Spirit Mountain Range, will receive the protections of all magic beast.

This is in itself a good deed of offering mutual benefit and achieving common progress, the woods monster completely is capable of improving the ecological environment in Earth Spirit Mountain Range, made good of here magic beast life, why not? Although 200,000 woods monsters are not a small number, but Earth Spirit Mountain Range is vast in territory, holds them at all is not anything.

Ji Dong the plan kept side Huo'er Vermilion Bird as before, oneself eagerly anticipate the woods monster to come, but Huo'er actually insists on not being willing, did not hope again and Ji Dong separates, making Vermilion Bird aerobic and sighed funnily a female did not remain greatly. Has not done to delay, Ji Dong brings Huo'er to leave Earth Spirit Mountain Range that night, returns to the woods of life.

The woods of life.

"Report, the big elder, is not good, is not good, the enemy came." A woods monster fills panic-stricken rushing to direct in front of big elder Odom that the woods monsters do the migration preparatory work, knocks down directly, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouts. "What?"In Odom heart one startled, since for these days, he was arranging the work of woods monsters aggressively, the elder of each tribe is conforming with the clansmen, tidies up all that can carry off, particularly some precious seeds, must carry off. To reduce troublesome to Ji Dong, Odom makes the clansmen pick these to be able specially various storage time long natural food, to prepare on road practical. Methodical that the preparatory work proceeds, again two days of time, almost can conform.

Before Ji Dong leaves, said that seven to ten days will return, Odom prepares to assemble west the woods of life the clansmen first, waits for Ji Dong to return, so long as he comes back, immediately can set out. But who once thinks, Ji Dong then left was less than three days, the enemy came.

"Calm. Comes who is?"Odom sinking sound asked.

The clansman in that woods monster Tamm Tribe, the sound is shivering the say/way: "Previous these people, moreover this time they were roguer, are very more than previous time quantity. Is killing toward here, our clansman casualties are serious! These human were really too savage."

Odom after all is a woods monster clan most authoritarian elder, among thoughts revolve, immediately issues the order, "quick, asking Gassot to lead the big woods monster regiment to meet head-on, various tribe clansmen, x gathered together to me."

The woods monsters transmitted orders fast, Odom looks up the day, on the face reveals a bitterness and astringency, in the look were more several points of despair, in the heart sighed secretly: The great natural goddess, is could it be the day must perish really my woods monster lineage/vein? Just had the opportunity of survival, the powerful enemy again. Saves our kings at least to take seven days to return, perhaps all, must without enough time. Why, is this actually why?

The pitiful yell sound, resounds in the woods of life continuously, more and more woods monsters pour, in they live, in growth the woods of life. The enemy who presents again truly as before is the golden eagle business association . Moreover, the strength that this time, they assemble is more terrifying. Rwandan Carl stern-faced riding carries on the back in Jing wooden demon dragon, at this time his appearance of this Jing Mumo dragon as before appears some dispiriteds, initially was extinguished the tail that the god strikes to break to grow one section by Ji Dong Supreme Yang, but wants to restore to the optimum condition, obviously a short time cannot achieve.

The woods of this golden eagle guild again being near life, leading no longer is business association vice-chairman Lu Carl, by Lu Carl and his numerous golden eagle guild Mage, is team that one team of thousand people compose, 90% in these 1000 people, wears the azure whole body armor, rides in the height four meters, the height two meters place lizard dragon carries on the back, grasps four meters long spear/gun, has filled bone-chilling cold murderous aura. But the forefront 100 people, armor wants to be sincerer, place lizard dragon that they ride, wants on big some, has five meters fully, two meters five high. 100 people of this forefront, are clearly sending out the strong magic power fluctuation.

The lizard dragon is just one type does not calculate formidable Rank 3 magic beast, but they are actually entire terrain magic beast, let alone is the forest, even can relaxed through the bog, including climbing a mountain also no longer to delimit. It can be said that quite good mount. These heights exceed five meters, is the evolution of lizard dragon plants, earth lizard dragon, Rank 4 magic beast.

This batch of azure whole body armors cover body, walks in the forefront 11 people, appeared the formidable aura, ten people, were riding the height eight meters completely, height three meters five place lizard Dragon King, the lizard Dragon King most major characteristics, besides the body size, were the pair of wings under their rib. This is surface-to-air amphibious magic beast. Rank 6, the strength is extremely powerful. But a forefront person, the whole body wear is sparkling the emerald brilliance whole body armor, in the hand the long spear/gun is seven meters, similarly is also sparkling the emerald ray, the cross under mount, is in place lizard dragon blood lineage/vein topest existence, the Rank 8 emerald lizard dragon.

Rwandan Carl follows side this person, occasionally when the vision to this person looks, will reveal immediately the respectful color/look. If golden eagle business association originally that more than 2000 people of team, is quite formidable existence, the lineup is orderly, the actual combat experience is rich. Then, with this 1000 wears the whole body armor at present, has compared with the team of lizard dragon mount, they simply look like one group of motley crew.

These 1000 people, are not elite of golden eagle business association, but is in entire Eastern Wood Empire elite elite, was called to exterminate the regiment. Although on continent does not have any country to have regiment that completely comprised of Mage, but, this exterminates regiment's strength, can arrange in the equal amount situation absolutely, continent first three.

Exterminates the regiment to reorganize altogether only has 5000 people. But has actually consumed the Eastern Wood Empire enormous national strength. For the supplies of this regiment, Eastern Wood Empire opens a region to train the magic beast lizard dragon specially specially. Because lizard dragon has in magic beast of dragon clan bloodlines most docile one. So long as trains since childhood, even if no existence of contract, acts as the mount also without question.

Today was on April 10, last year today, the treasure in my life was born. Without other request, small three do not ask the monthly ticket today, did not ask the recommendation ticket, did not strive for hitting to enjoy. Only asked the book friends to be able in the book review area to say one, the sugar sugar, happy birthday to you. Small three satisfied. Our Tang gate sugar sugar little princess, today is one year old. Offers a blessing, the brothers and sisters who considers Tang gate give the sugar sugar the birthday present. Thank you.

Chapter 216: Exterminates the regiment

After Rwandan Carl previous time leads the golden eagle business association to enter the woods of life to hunt and kill. Loses, he in light of this will certainly not be resigned. After withdrawing from the woods of life, immediately orders to be stationed in the conditioning respectively, he returned to the Eastern Wood Empire capital, sees Eastern Wood Empire Tianlu crown prince.

As soon as Tianlu crown prince listened to Lu Carl unexpectedly repelling by a person, immediately was furious greatly, cursed angrily it. Has issued dead order to Rwandan Carl, this time, not only need grab, but must destroy a woods monster clan thoroughly. Strikes to kill its has the clansman of combat capability, plunders the woods monster, brings back to the capital to rear in a pen. So long as can rear in a pen these woods monsters, but also feared that later doesn't have the origin of life?

As a result of the change of duty, in addition Tianlu crown prince to Rwandan Carl does not trust, this time, he sent to exterminate the regiment one-fifth strengths secretly. Tianlu crown prince in Eastern Wood Empire, although cannot the equal king have that big authority in Central Earth Empire likely, but can also say on is the power and influence is dreadful, this exterminated the regiment to subordinate the imperial family, came the direct command by him. The secret dispatches 1000 people discovered very much difficultly. The extermination regiment battle efficiency that these 1000 people compose, compares favorably with ten regiments sufficiently. Must know, Eastern Wood Empire also sufficiently equips ten to reorganize ten thousand people of regiments in the money on them spending. Exterminates in the regiment. The equivalent is distinct, starts four meters ordinary Rank 3 lizard dragon, is elite that is selective by the soldier, is the ordinary soldier. Quite therefore the promotion version of heavy armored soldier. By tame Rank 4 lizard dragon coordination, even if meets general Rank 3 following Mage they also to contend. Their mail-armor and helmets have certain magic power resistance function. In addition the overall battlefield coordinates, this is an extremely tyrannical strength, exterminates the extermination heavy cavalry in regiment.

But these ride hundred people of Rank 4 earth lizard dragon, but was Mage, at least wanted Rank 3 above cultivation base Mage, after joining exterminated the regiment, has to ride the qualifications of earth lizard dragon. Each of them can command ten to exterminate the heavy cavalry ordinary. Is called exterminates fights the Master. But forefront that ten ride the powerhouse of lizard Dragon King, exterminates the mainstay of regiment, exterminated the combat general. They have signed the contract with oneself mount, for the Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse. Everyone can also command ten to exterminate fights the Masters and 100 exterminates the heavy cavalry. As for riding emerald lizard Dragon King, wears the emerald to fight armor, that exterminates one of the regiment five big commanding, has to exterminate Eight-Crown First Wood Heavenly Venerable Chen Longao of name of war-god. At present these 1000 people, obey his direction completely.

Five big exterminate the war-god to command, various lead(er) 1000 people, many years of tempering and fighting, making them not be only superficial level seems that simple. Jointly jointly attacks, each other coordination. Let alone is 1000 people, even if only 100 people, can relaxed golden eagle business association these people exterminate at present.

Exterminates the regiment, is the Eastern Wood Empire most core strength, is next to Emperor Eastern Wood Empire grasps the eastern emperor armed forces that hundred Six-Crown above Mage comprised. Tianlu crown prince this time dispatched a such team to come, obviously he must obtain the origin of life. Destroys a determination of woods monster clan thoroughly. At this time, with the advancement of golden eagle business association army, is these people of golden eagle business association begins, exterminates the regiment to be in the core position, the lizard dragon leads the way in the silentness, their ice-cold vision are joined to exterminate dense murderous aura of heavy cavalry, the people of golden eagle business association are not willing to approach with them.

Rwandan Carl follows side Chen Longao, the nature is respectful. Although he is also the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse, but works as is in a big way having five of emperor's clan bloodlines to exterminate one of the war-gods, he does not dare hurriedly. Must know, Chen Longao title is a Count. If were not Tianlu crown prince and his personal friendship good, like this let exterminate the regiment to leave personal work simply is impossible.

The helmet mask receives, sat well has revealed the true self in Chen Longao that emerald lizard Dragon King carried on the back, this person seemed does not celebrate the new year to make the forty years of age, the look was resolute, the line was distinct. But in fact, his age had already surpassed 60. On the face reveals a impatient look, regarding the surrounding flesh and blood flying in all directions, he simply does not have a response, turns head to look to Rwandan Carl, coldly said: "Is this woods monster clan that made you lose? Including small and weak race that the average people are inferior. Also needs us to exterminate gets rid?"

After entering the woods of life, at least over a thousand woods monsters had been killed, golden eagle business association more than 3000 people of simply have not encountered the effective resistance.

Rwandan Carl look somewhat awkward say/way: "Merely is the woods monster, naturally is not anything, they most are the quantity many. Even if these a little magic power big woods monster, possibly is not our matches. Previous time we run into two people. A man and a woman, the female from beginning to end have not gotten rid. The one who begins is only that male. magic skill of this person is quite fearful. Although magic power seems only has the Six-Crown rank. May when the attack, actually have the intense attribute to suppress to me. I am not his match. Moreover gets rid extremely domineering and tyrannical, is very difficult to resist. If not rely on the magic skill scroll, perhaps I already......, You look at the tail of my this Jing Mumo dragon, by his palm crushing."

Listened to a Lu Carl such saying, Chen Longao to be aroused several points of interest, "what attribute this Six-Crown was Mage?"

Rwandan Carl said: "His attribute I do not talk clearly, he is Fire department Mage, in starting, his body erupts extremely terrifying striking power. Unexpectedly likely is pinnacle Yang Fire that the supreme powerhouse can have. May afterward, after he display one skill, I thought that some are not right. Probably in that pinnacle Yang Fire, but also disclosed several points of ice-cold black flame. Because the strength of judgment unclear opposite party, our Mage damages seriously, I immediately order to retreat."

"Oh?"Chen Longao slightly makes the thinking, "you determined that is pinnacle Yang Fire?"

Rwandan Carl nodded, said: "Almost can determine. If not pinnacle magic power, by his Six-Crown strength, how also possibly to have the attribute suppression to me?"

On the corners of the mouth has an ice-cold smile, Chen Longao to nod slowly, "this way, actually a little meaning. I heard that. Heavenly Stems School once had a rare talent, Yin-Yang two Fire departments Mage, attended the war of Holy and Evil. According to news that we obtain, this person has played the extremely vital role on Holy and Evil Battlefield, the strength is astonishing. His Fire department magic power, very possible is Pinnacle Two Fires. The youth who you run into, likely is this person. However, the four years ago wartime of Holy and Evil, he also Level 50. Have the short four years, broken unexpectedly through the Level 60 bottleneck?"

In Rwandan Carl heart one startled, "do you know this person?"

Chen Longao look slightly dignified several points, "Un. How this boy himself is not fearful. Even if his own attribute is strong, eventually also just Six-Crown. However, is quite fearful in his back influence. His Martial Ancestor, is now the world only one by one position Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun. Annoyed his words, perhaps the crown prince also ate the crime."

Rwandan Carl has gawked, "what to do can this?"

Chen Longao ill-humored say/way: "Crown prince also is really, early does not talk clearly the situation. Rwandan Carl, you remember, if this time we run into this boy again, you lead your hand/subordinate these Six-Crown above Mage not to need to do other, stakes him to me, must unable to make him run away. Kills his matter. Gave me."

In Rwandan Carl eye reveals cold light, gives a hand signal, "your meaning is, silences the witnesses?"

Chen Longao lightly said: "Is under the supreme crown, is impossible to have the clairvoyant, the person died, how does he know?"

Rwandan Carl relaxed several points obviously, "all relied upon Sir Heavenly Venerable."

Chen Longao accepted thinking highly of Lu Carl not responsibly. In this time, the originally ever emerging woods monster was vanishing suddenly likely. The Chen Longao brow moves slightly, looks toward the woods of deep place life.

In an instant, several thousand woods monsters are flowed from the deep woods. Compared with former killed woods monster, the physiques of these woods monsters want vigorous and healthy many, almost can compared with human. Walks in forefront more than 200 people, clearly sends out magic power to fluctuate. When, once enraged the Ji Dong big woods monster regiment to command first, woods monster elder Gassot.

Had the previous attacked experience, Gassot led the big woods monster regiment always to prepare fight, after obtaining news that side Odom spread, immediately puts in order the armed forces to attack. At this time these several thousand people, it can be said that in a woods monster clan battle efficiency strongest team. When Gassot eyes saw that rides when Chen Longao that in emerald lizard Dragon King carries on the back, the complexion immediately changed. Exterminates imposing manner that the regiment blots out the sky, making in his heart feel cold. As if air/Qi of death has covered, but, momentarily will capture his life.

Ended, perhaps my clan must end. Gassot brain presented short blank, but, he sobers quickly. Azure law stick that in the hand grips lifts slowly, aims at a golden eagle business association side, the anger shouts: "You and other human, why must invade my homeland, kills my clansman?"

Rwandan Carl coldly said: "This world, is the world of human, here, is the Eastern Wood Empire territory. Your woods monster these humble races, dare to take destroying the woods of life unexpectedly refuse to trade with us as the reason. Your this races should not save in world again. Boy of that day? Asked him to come out."

Regarding Ji Dong, in the additional cable core refuses to accept throughout, he has believed that if on that day he and his big woods monster regiment, Tamm Tribe casualties will not be serious, Ji Dong is a person, even if he is fierce, can compared with hand/subordinate several hundred woods monster Mage?

The hand during technique stick lifts up high, Gassot shouted angrily, "clansmen, to protect our homelands, protected our family members, expelled our homelands these hateful human. Clash/To!"

Under his leadership, more than 200 have the magic power big woods monster simultaneously to release oneself magic power. With several thousand mature woods monsters together, just like blotting out the sky to clash toward the golden eagle business association.

Green arrow from the sky dances in the air, that is the woods monster by the simple bow and arrow that the vine and hard ironwood make, the accurate aim that they shoot arrows how is not wise, but wins in the person are many, the arrow rain of big piece caresses the face to go. Rwandan Carl being just about leads the person to begin, actually kept off by a handle heavy dragon spear/gun in the front, Chen Longao coldly said: "This should be the woods monster main force. Does not need to waste the time, exterminates subordinate, kills without the amnesty."

Clang, clang and clang, three metal crisp cries also resound.

The first sound, is exterminates the heavy cavalries of regiment to take off the sound of long spear/gun \;

The second sound, is they lifts up high the sound that the top of the head armor has made the long spear/gun \;

The third sound, is long spear/gun receives in Shence, before the lance point refers, sound that the body last ten days of the dog-day period make.

Exterminates armed forces, thousand people ride again, only has expressed unexpectedly these three sonorous crisp cries, not having the slightest bit static to appear. Even if sees the world Lu Carl, slightly look changes. In the heart mused, exterminates the regiment, really worthily is the Eastern Wood first regiment, sufficiently able to move unhindered continent strength.

Chen Longao has not moved, in his hand that seven meters dragon spear/gun refers to the front slantingly, huge and swift and fierce imposing manner, along with the life aura explosion release of terrifying, if exterminates the regiment is the sharp blade that a handle destroys the hardest defenses, aura that without a doubt, he sends out at this time, is the spike of this handle sharp blade.

Ten exterminate the combat general, leads the hand/subordinate hundred people respectively, is divided into ten teams instantaneously, before potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt outrageously to/clashes. Facing arrow that the woods monster shoots, they disregard completely, can entire feeling of heaviness in the limbs armor can it be that these manufacture simple ordinary arrows shoot broken? The cross under lizard dragon only needs to shut both eyes, is relying on the thick cuticle, can resist the fire of arrow similarly easily. On Rwandan Carl face changes color, opposite Gassot at this time was the face whiten, as a commander-in-chief of woods monster side, the pressure that he bore without a doubt is also biggest, in a woods monster clan, some of his also qualifications, was woods monster clan strongest Mage, cultivation base has also achieved Six-Crown, what a pity, he did not have the magic beast mount. Facing terrifying pressure that exterminating war-god Chen Longao erupts suddenly, he only thought that as if had handle sledgehammer numerous pounding on the chest general. The imposing manner of just condensing was destroyed immediately with nothing left.

However, he was impossible to choose to flinch at this time, the woods monster natural disposition was good and spiritless, if he flinched, the resistance force that organized with great difficulty will certainly disintegrate.

Is that really a person? A leader exterminates heavy cavalry to clash shortly big outrageously, in Gassot and a numerous woods monster eye, these people looks like from hell demon god general existence. Their imposing manners that formidable, their armor that sincere/heavy solid. arrow, had by that sincere/heavy armor armor shell unceasingly flies to fall again. That vigorous and healthy place lizard dragon accelerates in this big forest, was not prevented unexpectedly, that handle handle sharp lance, is bringing the dense cold air and thick First Wood magic power comes, points to the woods monster regiment core.

Desperate, ice-cold and no use, all sorts of mood spread in the woods monster regiment, one by one magic skill, from the sky blooms......

On Sunday, first 10 days of the month had finished, the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, make us sprint.

Chapter 217: Thousand people of thousand dragons superimpose combination skill

Exterminated the regiment to charge. Is having the rich bloody aura, is having the powerful and ice-cold murderous intention, initiated the death charge to the woods monster regiment.

Facing such charge, what don't woods monster regiment these simply have the big woods monsters of what actual combat capability to make? They can only spell to try to resist.

one by one long-distance magic skill goes all out to lose, in this fills with the life aura in the big forest, their magic power can obtain not the small amplification.

What a pity, what they face is the Eastern Wood Empire most formidable extermination regiment, similarly belongs to Eastern Wood Empire, exterminates each soldier of regiment, they also similarly are existences of wood attribute, moreover is purest wood attribute. This fills with the life aura big forest, will play certain amplification role to them similarly.

Layer upon layer azure light instantaneously surges from the place lizard dragon, even if First Wood attribute Rank 3 the knight who the azure guard shield that the lizard dragon, sends out ordinary sufficiently will also carry on the back covers.

Exterminates heavy cavalries loudly shouted, before the hand the lance refers, releases magic power that to integrate in their bodies from the place lizard dragon instantaneously, they do not depend upon that guard shield defense, but all magic power in that guard shield, fuses together with oneself completely, since lifted up high the long-barrelled guns in their hand.

The charge exterminates the combat general in forefront ten, in the hand the long spear/gun lifts up high excessively. Azure light burst out from their long-barrelled guns, the single body strengths of their any person must above Gassot, let alone also cross below place lizard Dragon King take auxiliary. That azure light, seemed like full of the death and slaughters the aura the hell demon spear/gun general straight thrust vault of heaven.

magic skill that the woods monster regiment sends out, simply does not have one to exterminate the regiment close, all magic skill light in completely fall from the sky in that dazzling azure, but also at this time, airborne about thousand azure light completely Rongwei bodies, changed into a handle huge azure long spear/gun from out of the blue straight thrust.

Terrifying appeared, 200 meters in width, in the long kilometer range, all trees, bushes and green grass woods of life, wither in this moment instantaneously. Their vitalities were swallowed unexpectedly all by that huge azure long spear/gun. Under the magic power shake of that terrifying, the plant that these wither changes into the powder powder immediately, in the woods of this life, presented a stretch of giant open area impressively.

Rwandan Carl almost blurted out, "fellow-student of the same department superimposes magic skill. This, this is. "

Chen Longao somewhat discontented snorted, "kills the chicken to use the oxen knife. It seems like that these boys struck were too few."

The azure, this regarding the woods monster, is the kind color, but at this moment, in their eyes actually only then azure fear. That length over hundred meters, sent out the azure light to cover do not know that the how huge area, the next moment, that azure giant long spear/gun has appeared. Before six exterminate in the combat general hand the long spear/gun refers to the straight thrust. Gassot only thought that the azure light in enlarges at present instantaneously. However, he actually could not feel terrifying, the whole body is light, as if mixes the non- stress to be ordinary. Passing all sorts, appear in mind unceasingly, the azure ray, fills with the life aura huge magic power, making him as if return to the embrace of nature. the next moment approaches, is the endless darkness.

Hundred meters azure long spear/gun place visited, in ground stays behind, is together the deep five meters, 50 meters in width, a length about three kilometers giant gully.

About 5000 woods monsters that Gassot brings, 80% fall from the sky completely in this gully. The surplus people, do not receive the complementary waves shake severe wound, has been scared. Regarding them, this simply is similar to Divine Skill general existence.

Was frightened, not only deeply by the woods monsters of its evil, even if golden eagle business association respective these Mage and ordinary soldiers, one by one there, some people both legs has been shaking chaff, some people whole bodies had been soaked by the cold sweat. also some timid unexpectedly urinated the pants.

The terrifying, was really too terrifying. The striking power that flash, that huge azure lance erupts , to promote the First Wood department life aura to an indescribable limit, achieved the darkest before dawn effect unexpectedly, the metaplasia dead, several thousand living lives, were claimed by this lance. In the air does not even have the unnecessary bloody taste to stay behind, only then that dies out death air/Qi. Long spear/gun gully that leaves behind in the ground, is completely pessimistic. Was symbolizing the death grey.

Exterminates the regiment thousand soldiers as if already to be used to at present this, they have not even revealed the slightest bit exhausted color/look, formed a team rapidly, in an instant restored the neat lineup, gathered in Chen Longao behind.

If just came time, the people of golden eagle business association also somewhat disdain to the arrogant extermination regiment, even is the envy. Then, at this moment, the people of these golden eagle business associations, do not dare to breathe heavily previous the atmosphere. Mage of some experiences know that struck a moment ago, no longer is the ordinary skill. So lethality, if stood in a moment ago positive/direct is not the woods monster regiment, but is their golden eagle business association these people, living that they can resist? Answer inevitably negative. Trades to be them, finally will not have the slight change. But this is just a spear/gun.

In the Chen Longao look has not revealed the slightest bit to be self- satisfied, as if all these are very normal, should so resemble. Rwandan Carl vision already delay. The lip buzz is moving, quite a while could not speak.

Chen Longao shot a look at his one eyes, the corners of the mouth place has revealed light disdaining. "How? Do I exterminate the dying out demon spear/gun might of regiment also?"

Rwandan Carl then awakens, "Sir Heavenly Venerable, a moment ago, a moment ago was this Ultra Certain Kill Skill?"

Chen Longao said proudly: "Naturally. Fused 110 Mage, overlay attack that 1000 place lizard Dragon King and earth lizard dragon, magic power of lizard dragon sends out, if is also not Ultra Certain Kill Skill, what is also? Told you honestly, such Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can the casual second kill below any Eight-Crown, or has not had Ultra Certain Kill Skill Eight-Crown Mage. But this exterminates the regiment regarding us, is one of the regiment battle skill. You think, what various countries' imperial family can have is what kind of strength? We exterminate regiment complete 5000 soldiers, every year will take turns that side Holy and Evil Channel. Not only we empire most formidable strength is , is also the entire continent sharpest long spear/gun. Small woods monster, can die under the dying out demon spear/gun, is their being honored."

Before Rwandan Carl, knows that exterminates existence of regiment, but at this moment, he really understands, exterminated the regiment formidable to what kind of degree. The fellow-student of the same department superimposes magic skill, listens simply, fellow-student of the same department magic power, combines easy many. In fact, in Mage. Also truly so. combination skill that the fellow-student of the same department magic skill overlay forms, is might smallest one combination skill, but is also easiest to display.

But if, folds 1000 strengths puts together, is this easy matter? This need how coordinated coordination? How uniform magic power release? Even if has one point of mistake, this skill will also present the flaw. Exterminates the regiment not only to have the most excellent equipment, this each exterminates the heavy cavalry, to exterminate fights the Master, to exterminate the combat general as well as this exterminates the war-god at present, does not know that passed through many to train hard, can have such strength. This was really a too fearful strength. This time Lu Carl, regarding this time puts down a woods monster clan not to have the slightest bit again is indefinite. Perhaps let alone that Six-Crown boy, has a supreme powerhouse to assume personal command here. At present these thousand people exterminate the regiment not necessarily not to have strength of the spelling under the leadership of Chen Longao.

The idea of Rwandan Carl really somewhat is correct, after exterminating the regiment was established, the imaginary enemies of five thousand people teams are the supreme powerhouses. These thousand people of thousand beasts superimpose the combination skill goal are to also aim at the supreme powerhouse. Naturally, whether to contend with the supreme powerhouse, opportunity that they have not experimented. Has a few words such in Mage world, is easy One-Crown to Eight-Crown, is difficult Eight- Crown to Nine-Crown. In other words, disparity between Eight-Crown and Nine-Crown, even the disparity between One-Crown and Eight-Crown is bigger. On continent, for a long time did not have the full fight of supreme powerhouse to appear very much.

Also living the woods monster, except for responded few quick can beside turn tail, overwhelming majorities died in the manpower of golden eagle business association. Rwandan Carl has very deep understanding to the woods monster, naturally knows that at present these several thousand woods monsters could be said as in an entire woods monster clan the complete battle efficiency. More than 200 woods monster Mage, sweep away. Falls from the sky completely, in exterminating the thousand people of thousand dragons of regiment superimposes under combination skill. Strength that this woods monster clan also what can resist? But that young Six-Crown Mage has not appeared, thinks that was left here. Can not have to do with him naturally is best, after all, others back has existences of two supreme powerhouses, Chen Longao, has not insisted on seeking for the meaning of that young people.

The golden eagle business association with exterminating the regiment starts to accelerate to enter the woods of life, but the woods monster that on the road they meet are getting fewer and fewer. The reason they do not certainly know, to move, most woods monsters strongly to the woods of life west. But in the woods of life the area is broad, suddenly they wanted to find the woods monster the main accumulation area, but also required certain time.

"Anything. Gassot, Gassot and big woods monster regiment is annihilated."Odom elder whole body shivers, wa'ed, spouts a blood, if not woods monster is holding, perhaps he threw down.

A double-hour, the woods monster feeds in the sad news through the special method, in the clan the complete fight strength, unexpectedly such quick......

On Odom face no longer is the color/look of pain, but is desperate, according to such speed, these people will sooner or later come here. Perhaps to that time, own clansman, really wanted the total destruction to approach.

At this moment. This brilliant elder does not know completely should not know what to do. Their simply any strength cannot be used to prevent the match. The death, is not fearful regarding Odom. What is fearful is a woods monster clan exterminates in light of this. What to do, actually should be what to do good?

"Quick, passes on me to order. Each tribe all sets out, the thing that can not bring all drops out, marches forward toward the West."Odom has issued the order tremblingly, although he knows, life that this also lengthens a while clansman. But, can he also do? Unless it is absolutely essential, he is really not willing to issue the order that the entire clan disperses escapes. If such, own clansman left the woods of life, to the world, will not have any good end as before. Finally also as before can be dies or is becomes the effort of human.

Time, one minute one second passed, in the woods of life, as if there is aura of extreme coagulation to oppress each woods monster heart. News that big woods monster regiment is annihilated comes, in a woods monster clan, rippling, only then desperate.

200,000 woods monsters gather, they, although is escaping, is, their hearts actually ice-cold. Ended, a woods monster clan must end.

Exterminates the marching speed of regiment to be extremely quick, although in the forest, the lizard dragon actually slightly has not received the influence. Exterminates the regiment to subordinate the imperial family, Chen Longao cannot the time that leads the army to come out be too long after all, therefore, he must completely solve the problem by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, good to hurry back as soon as possible.

The soldiers of ordinary golden eagle business association could not follow to exterminate the speed of regiment, Lu Carl ordered, making them lead the way simply with steady steps, woods monsters that seizing fled and became separated while convenient. This is also his primary mission. Massive carriage prisoner's cages will rush to outside the woods of life. The woods monster that will seize transports. Later must depend upon them to manufacture the origin of life.

Golden eagle business association surplus Mage, exterminate behind the regiment, enters the woods of deep place life directly, although this time they only have about 1200 people, but its battle efficiency, let alone is the woods of life, even if runs into the regular armies of ten regiments, can similarly its destruction. On one of the most formidable several regiments as continent, exterminate the regiment to have the ruinous strength absolutely. Exterminates forming of regiment, itself to resist Dark Five Elements Continent establishes. Combines in several other Great Empire strongest regiments together, becomes Light Five Elements Continent most intrepid existence. The low and deep bellow, starts to appear in the woods monsters ear, the desperate mood spreads unceasingly, the woods monsters of some old ages no longer walked simply, has turned around, takes up bow and arrow, even if resists a while to pay with the life for the clansmen, they are also willing.

Odom also similarly stops the footsteps, to following in elder solemnly said of own each tribe: "Tamm, from now on, I passes to you position of woods monster tribe big elder. Leads our clansmen to continue to retreat. The quicker the better. Once discovered that the enemy kills, I allow you to issue the order that the dispersion runs away."

"No, the big elder, making me stay behind. The clansmen need you, you cannot drop out them!"Tamm grabs Odom's hand excitedly.

Odom tian item shouted angrily, ", this was the order. About, supports him to me, immediately retreats. Various tribe head of the clan, leading your tribe clansmen to be far away immediately. If needs to disperse flees, must take various tribes as the unit. All woods monsters over 50 years old, remain same place, prevents the enemy along with me."

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Chapter 218: The flesh and blood city wall, the tyrant returns

"Big elder." The elders of all tribes. The running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted loudly.

Odom closes both eyes, two lines of blue-green tears flow following the cheeks, "as the tribe Chief elder, can only see the destruction of tribal group, the clansman tragic death. My shame to generation, if you are not willing to help me. I die before you now. You must run away, found our kings, making king Dailing you to seek the homeland again. Only is following the king. A our woods monster clan is hopeful. We now also only then believes the king. Quick, immediately leaves."

The vibration of earth was getting more and more obvious, was demonstrating the enemy is approaching fast, the elders of various tribes obeyed Odom's order eventually. They bow to salute after Odom finally. Goes fast.

Each tribe age over 50-year-old woods monster very much on own initiative remained. Their speeds are too slow, can only implicate the young people in clan. Only the young people and children run away, a woods monster clan is hopeful.

Woods monster over 50 years old, over 60,000 people. Does not need Odom to order, they stand on own initiative rows, despair in everyone eyes vanished, surplus only has the brilliance, green brilliance. They must with oneself physical body, for the young clansmen strive, even if one minute one second. 60,000 people, want to massacre completely also require the time. Even if prevents with own corpse, they will not retrocede one step. Opportunity that a woods monster clan continues finally. On more than 60,000 old age woods monsters. Under Odom's leadership, they must send out, is fire of the final life.

, Big extermination regiment appeared in the woods monsters line of sight by far gradually, when Odom sees these exterminate the cavalry, he understands rapidness that why the big woods monster regiment can defeat, defeat miserable of that. This was not the strength of any business association. But is the strength of country, moreover is the national most top strength. Regiment that completely comprised of the magic beast cavalry, can it be that their woods monster clan can resist.

Holds up the elder scepter in hand slowly, Odom almost shouting oneself hoarse was crying out, "compatriots, for extension of my clan, for an inheritance of woods monster lineage/vein. Before draining away last drop of blood, we will never flinch. Clash/To!"

Without Mage, even has not contacted the fight 60,000 woods monsters, in this flash, erupts the unprecedented brilliance unexpectedly. In everyone eyes, is glittering the tears and renouncing, is glittering in the life the brightest brilliance, dashes about wildly.

In their hands does not have the weapon, only then that green but the frail physical body, is this, they also open oneself arm, sticks out chest toward the extermination cavalry who that fills with the destruction aura, overran.

The slogan, resounds through the woods of life, in this moment. In the woods of entire life, as if there is infinite life aura to condense, is encouraging for the woods monsters.

Rwandan Carl sits well in Jing wooden demon dragon carries on the back, knits the brows: "Were these woods monsters insane? Do they plan to commit suicide?"

Looks at that to stretch out the arms, just like woods monster that liking a moth to the flame to come, looks at that is similar to the green sea common tribal group, in the Chen Longao eye seemed to be many anything. "No, they not insane, for extension of race, they are making the final effort. This is an honourable nationality."

Rwandan Carl complexion changes, "Sir Heavenly Venerable, you cannot. "

glanced at him that Chen Longao coldly, ", regardless of they are how honourable, I am a serviceman. In the mind of serviceman, only then obeys two characters. Exterminates, is my mission. I can only make them die simply. Exterminates the subordinate, sets up in an array."

1000 exterminate the knights of regiment fast changes, everyone has lifted the long-barrelled guns in their hand, arranges a character lineup instantaneously, is ordinary like together unconquerable force, presents in the face of 60,000 old age woods monster.

Clash/To arrived in the forefront woods monster. Blood light instantaneously collapse present, almost can the clearly discernible blood fog, exterminate regiment character long-line formation front ascension, forms at the same time the blood-color corridor.

Exterminates the long spear/gun in regiment knight hand, at least over two woods monster bodies were passed through, dragon claw of lizard dragon also at least pats the flying several people. However, woods monsters that these are with one foot in the grave, will not actually give up. Even if were the body is pierced by the long spear/gun, they also in going all out crept along following the long spear/gun upwardly, tries to use own tooth to tear and bite that metal steel. Just as such that Odom elder said that their this is using own each drop of blood to come for the clansman dragging time. Before has not drained away last drop of blood, they do not give up.

Even if some old woods monsters died. Their corpses actually as before firmly holds the sole of place lizard dragon, does not make it go forward one step. So long as the also one breath, they are attacking this at all impossible shaken unconquerable force with the most primitive forms of defensive action. Odom was too old, in a woods monster clan, he is considered as absolutely on is existence of longevity, but he is also running, to that unconquerable force, the death long spear/gun place ran. panting of big mouth, in lung seems having the fire to burn, but he as before is actually running, he must with the clansmen die together, must win the time for his clansmen similarly.

The present all, turned into blood red, the battle scene, in slaughtering presents. The woods monster corpse is piled up in ground, is only the free time of a while, over ten thousand woods monsters were killed, in this does not have during the charge of opportunity. Also, is they like this charges. Has not let exterminate regiment continent rank front row obstinately, the Eastern Wood Empire first regiment goes forward one step.

Odom charged into that to be most conspicuous directly, was biggest emerald lizard Dragon King, his clear seeing, emerald lizard Dragon King carried on the back that person who sat well that ice-cold.

"Is Odom, a woods monster clan big elder. I hold him, has caught him, can definitely obtain permits Dothan monster secret."Rwandan Carl somewhat excited must charge into Odom. However, that handle was seven meters great big dragon spear/gun once more horizontally before his body.

Chen Longao coldly said: "Such is unafraid of death, for elder who the clansman launches the suicide attack, should not receive any insult. Only then dies under my spear/gun, is he best home to return."

In the eye pupil the cold light twinkle, in an instant, the helmet fell, covers his face. Emerald lizard Dragon King face upwards a long and loud cry, suddenly before to/clashes, in the Chen Longao hand seven meters dragon spear/gun from the sky sweeps away, a lot of points blue light just like blasting out the fireworks is common, has claimed instantaneously over a hundred old woods monsters lives, the next moment, his dragon spear/gun has pointed to Odom, that sharp lance point arrived at Odom chest front.

"Stop."At this moment, rock the earth exploding drinks in the midair resounds just like the thunder. A golden red meteor has the unequalled imposing manner to drop from the clouds. Directly soars the Chen Longao body to hit. Entire sky. As if was also dyed the golden red in this moment, the blazing aura just like the volcanic eruption covers generally, but , the woods monster exterminates the knights of regiment, feeling of suffocation.

The person of Chen Longao what kind of being proud, at this moment, the dragon spear/gun in hand does not have the again advance slightest bit, because he clearly feels, if do not help oneself immediately, will possibly be injured facing the attack that this drops from the clouds. In the eye bluish green light flashes, above the top of the head, white Eight-Crown First Wood Yang Crown appears suddenly. On the dragon spear/gun selects a Peng azure bright brilliance to erupt suddenly.

The flash that is similar to the fireworks bright azure light drops from the clouds the golden red that will soon collide in that to unite suddenly, condenses at 1 : 00, has selected.


The terrifying air wave from the sky explodes instantaneously, by the Chen Longao strength, carried on the back to rock as in emerald lizard Dragon King. Obviously this brunts greatly. Strong golden red ray, the intense attribute suppresses, made him also narrow both eyes, revealed several to segregate the heavy color/look.

That golden red ray appears the personal appearance, loudly shouted,
"woods monster is once more respective, complete retreat."

The pair of wings launches, when this was rebounded into the form in midair reveals the original appearance, the old woods monsters of suicide impact immediately are bursting into the unequalled cheers. Ghastly pale look Odom, is knees kneels down, has tears streaming down the face.

"King, you came back finally, you came back finally! Extension of woods monster clan, saves by you in the water and fire."

Yes, this suddenly appeared, saves Odom, was not others, did not have the delaying time as far as possible, hurried back Ji Dong that from Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Ji Dong flies in the airborne extreme velocity, after he enters Eastern Wood Empire within the boundaries, in the heart faintly has several points of restlessness, after seeing the woods of life from afar, he had discovered immediately is not right. Because he saw, in that originally fills with the life aura in the big forest, is having the blood light to appear intermittently. Even if in the forest above air, is rippling the light bloody aura.

He does not know immediately well, a cloudy Yang Fire hovering law comprehensive eruption, flushed at the maximum speed. When he saw when that place woods monster corpse, item of zi wants to crack, under to/clashes fully, this promptly saved Odom. Within the body vitality that although he was also shaken by a Chen Longao spear/gun at this time turns wells up. May actually unable to attend to such many, immediately cried out fully, making monsters stop charging. Because of each second. Hundred and thousand of woods monsters unceasingly are dropping down.

eyes of woods monsters was already red, saw the Ji Dong old woods monsters to stop, but also many woods monsters as before again suicide - type impact.

"Stops, stops quickly."Odom shouts loudly. These responded the old woods monsters that also follow him to cry out together. Then, suicide -type charge gradually stopped. But, is during this short time, in this piece of originally has filled in the big forest of life aura, has left behind over 20,000 old age woods monster corpse.

Chen Longao has not issued order of charge, his vision coagulates throughout on Ji Dong. Has not let hand/subordinate charge, naturally not because of his carelessness. The corpses of more than 20,000 old woods monsters, have been similar to the wall block generally exterminated the way of regiment. Moreover, regarding him, these does not have the battle efficiency old woods monster, simply is not any issue. To strike to kill them, but is the slight effort. 60,000 quantities, but also being insufficient makes his extermination regiment kill leniently.

Only has Ji Dong, made him feel truly vigilant, a moment ago to spelling struck, seemed Ji Dong is rumbled into by him airborne, but the Chen Longao keen feeling, this sudden young people simply has not actually been injured. He was just also repelled by himself. Moreover, under that strikes, most Yang most Firm fire attribute magic power breaks in his within the body, although was compelled by his huge Eight-Crown First Wood magic power, the feeling that but that attribute suppresses does not feel better. That strikes, can only say that is two people shares half and half.

Most makes Chen Longao be worried that is behind Ji Dong the wing of that pair of opening. Also is the Ji Dong phoenix dragon dance snake changes. If before , his also grasps Ji Dong stays behind, are many this pair of wing, the opportunity that Ji Dong ran away obviously was much bigger.

Both eyes of Ji Dong gradually turned into the blood red, that the corpse of woods monsters, that by the incarnadine big forest, was made his innermost feelings be full of the anger completely all. Because of anger, his body unconscious is shivering. Cruel aura, gush out from him unceasingly.

Since arriving at this world, he also never like at present angry. Genocide these four characters, even if in the previous generation, he also has heard. May at this moment, actually clear presents before him. If late come again one step, perhaps at present these several tens of thousands woods monsters, do not have one to go on living. But many woods monsters in will then also be slaughtered by these human. Human takes the highest of all creatures, most has the wisdom lifeform, does could it be have to destroy other authorities of race survival? No, not.

The blood red vision falls on Rwandan Carl, just like pushes from the gap between teeth, the sound that is full of the dense chill in the air spreads, "you, will certainly pay the price for your today's behavior. Today, my Ji Dong pledged in this, does not destroy the golden eagle business association thoroughly, cancels from this world, vowed is not the person."

He does not recognize Chen Longao, but actually recognizes Lu Carl, he does not know that the present extermination regiment is not part of golden eagle business association, all anger naturally centralized on golden eagle business association.

Even if were sees to slaughter and extermination knights of death, heard the Ji Dong sound , the feelings of some being afraid, the Chen Longao mesosaurus spear/gun horizontally lifted, solemnly shouted: "Exterminates the subordinate, the array, fights to kill the spin circle."

1000 exterminate the knight to disperse rapidly, similarly raises hand high the long spear/gun, expanded range fast. They simply have not gone to control these woods monsters, but rapidly forms a huge circle, faintly Ji Dong surrounding in central, in each individual hand the long spear/gun lifts, aims at airborne Ji Dong.

Person who Rwandan Carl is bringing his, removes the outer ring quietly, waited for that kills the Ji Dong opportunity. In entire core open area, only remaining Ji Dong and Chen Longao two people. Fire and wood, tyrant with exterminating war-god each other relative, at this moment, in their vision only has the opposite party.

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Chapter 219: Azure Dragon exterminates punctures( asked monthly ticket and recommendation ticket)

Chen Longao mesosaurus spear/gun points to Ji Dong. Looks blood-color that in the Ji Dong eye glitters, feels crazy war intent and cruel air/Qi that his continually is promoting, he knows, this fights inevitably. Only then this young people destroy at present here, slaughters again all woods monsters, can avoid troublesome all.

Swift and fierce killing intent burst out from Chen Longao unceasingly, the direct impact sky, covers to the body of Ji Dong, since emerald lizard Dragon King also similar ascension eye-catching azure light, sturdy powerful, becomes half squatting shape, as stable as Mount Tai. The aura that First Wood magic power and Chen Longao that oneself sends out lends fuses completely together. Although Ji Dong in sky, Chen Longao in ground, but the Ji Dong instead one type withstands great pressure feeling.

In Ji Dong had faced in match, nobody can achieve like Chen Longao fuses with the magic beast mount completely, just like an appearance of body. The pressure that let alone, Chen Longao Eight-Crown Level 84 magic power erupts, made above the ground, has been full of the azure bright brilliance. From the sky Ji Dong looks like a bird that soars, but below is actually the limitless vast ocean.

The woods of life, originally is the Wood department world. Under the attribute amplification, the Chen Longao imposing manner has in a short time reached the peak. In the midair, Ji Dong has not been idling, the pair of wings launches, first has taken the Sun and Moon double splendor glove, the wrist/skill shakes, the golden red ray from the sky explodes, your demon Yin-Yang armor disperses instantaneously, covers in body. Although it is not whole body armor, but looks, can see that its quality must surpass Chen Longao azure whole body armor. Especially that fierce sharp thorn, made the cruel aura that on Ji Dong lent dreadful.

Reappearing that strange Black and White Yin-Yang Crown is outspoken above the Ji Dong top of the head, although his both eyes are completely red, but innermost feelings actually extremely ice-cold. This is the advantage that the fire of soul brings, no matter, in his innermost soul metropolis can maintain calm, facing powerful enemy, if only the blind impulsion, finally can only suffer a defeat and flee.

Without a doubt, Chen Longao is the most formidable match who Ji Dong runs into history, when were initially with he compares notes Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, does not have present Chen Longao to be strong, in the feeling, present Chen Longao should be a strength of brilliance six dragon ranks. Naturally, four years later today, the strength promotion of Fu Rui is not Ji Dong can judge to any degree. Is relying on pinnacle Yang Thunder. His cultivation base must certainly above at present this person.

However, although is the Eight-Crown powerhouse, cannot make Ji Dong timid, instead stimulated the fighting spirit of his innermost feelings. Looks at that corpse everywhere, looks at that rivers of blood the tragedy, the anger, makes Ji Dong already completely and a woods monster clan continually as one sadly. Regardless of the enemy is formidable, he will not flinch. Did not say that anything is just and good, for this good race cannot only in light of this and certainly.

The imposing manner of both sides is extremely promoting, airborne is strong Fire Element, the ground is vast First Wood Element. They have not gotten rid eagerly, they are looking steadily at the opposite party, so long as whose imposing manner presented the slightest bit oversight, then welcomed will certainly be the match violent storm attack. The calm and calmness of Chen Longao, making Lu Carl that the distant place observed praise to the heavens, Ji Dong that attribute suppressed does not feel better. By his Six-Crown strength, so long as is not Mage of Nine- Crown supreme powerhouse rank, must come under the influence of that Pinnacle Two Fires. Rwandan Carl knows, has traded own words, will certainly be found the flaw in such confrontation by Ji Dong. The previous time, must not have scroll to maintain life, perhaps he died.

Roared and angrily roars. Almost also resounds, Ji Dong just like drops from the clouds at top speed generally, on the fierce Monarch demon Yin- Yang armor mask, the both eyes blood light bursts out, the straight thrust Chen Longao eyeground, in the spirited angry roaring sound magic power blooms comprehensively.

In the Chen Longao hand seven meters dragon spear/gun welcomed air burst starts, one group of azure light balls changed into the twinkle star instantaneously, at least from dozens direction thorns to Ji Dong. Each spear/gun has been full of the extremely swift and fierce imposing manner, strong murderous intention. Emerald lizard Dragon King steady standing under his body is motionless there slightest, each spear/gun that but Chen Longao punctures is containing its magic power. At this moment, Ji Dong seems like facing a magic power joint entity of person of dragon. This already, not only Eight-Crown Mage was so simple.

Facing that everywhere spear/gun rain, only then own double fist that Ji Dong can rely on, your demon Yin-Yang armor hand guard Shangjian thorn springs, his body glitters in the midair instantaneously, under function that Teng Snake flashes, is only the flash, ran out of surrounding of spear/gun rain, under the body threw, directly soars Chen Longao that emerald lizard Dragon King carried on the back to flush away.

The close combat attack is most strong point of Ji Dong, narrows the distance as far as possible, not only can display own strong point, can make in the Chen Longao hand seven meters dragon spear/gun unable to play the attack might.

The appearance that Teng Snake flashes, making Chen Longao hide the complexion after armor mask concentrates, this skill was he cannot think that in locked in the situation of match actually suddenly to run out of locking by the match completely, not only the attack fell on the vacancy, but also fell the subsequent hand.

Throws facing flying high of Ji Dong , the response of Chen Longao is extremely quick, the hand mesosaurus spear/gun wields. This time, no longer is the ray of twinkle star, but is azure light screens rises up suddenly, erupts instantaneously, from the sky produces the azure light. Blocks the direction that Ji Dong all can approach actually. By Chen Longao such rich actual combat experience, won't be able to see the Ji Dong goal?

Meanwhile, strong and viscous azure light erupts suddenly from Chen Longao. In this moment, Ji Dong only thought that in the woods of life all plants as if the body of Chen Longao connected into a body, the surroundings turned into the world that piece of First Wood Element has composed completely. On the Chen Longao whole person, is releasing huge pressure beyond description, in 100 meters in diameter range, the azure light ascends, does not have other color again.

Float in midair, Ji Dong, although can force this nearly viscous azure light by own Pinnacle Two Fires in outside the body, but, his motion immediately became sluggish several points, those who made him knit the brows, in this azure light, was clearly containing quite not the weak psychic force.

In an instant, Ji Dong remembered under the teacher's wife Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong to say the Eight-Crown Mage ability to oneself. Mage cultivation base promotes Five-Crown, can have element body , to promote Six-Crown, can have the strength of contract. Promotes Seven- Crown. Element in magic power and nature unifies perfectly, no longer needs to cultivate desirably, the source of magic power voluntarily will also absorb the attribute magic power element in air to supplement oneself. This is called the main body demon source. Generally speaking, so long as Mage cultivation base achieves Seven-Crown, after long-term evolution, so long as does not die, can break through Eight-Crown surely.

But what are the Eight-Crown Mage characteristics? The answer is very simple, that is the ability that Chen Longao displays at present. Demon territory. Belongs to the Eight-Crown Mage demon territory specially. The demon territory is, by own magic power and air that in Mage displays same attribute magic power resonating one domain. Not only the demon territory is formed by magic power, contained the Eight-Crown Mage itself formidable psychic force. In own demon territory range, the strengths in various Mage aspects at least can promote over 30%. Moreover accurately each trend that can grasp the match. Makes the keenest response.

Mage promotes One-Crown every time. The strength is the qualitative leap, if not Ji Dong has Pinnacle Two Fires, he possibly does jump the ranks to challenge? At this time, he meets, is the Chen Longao First Wood demon territory. Compared with ability that initially the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion displayed, this First Wood demon territory will be more formidable. Because, it is the Eight-Crown Mage special characteristics, is not big to Chen Longao consumption. Initially the scorpion collaborated with that sissy Tenth Water disciple, limited Ji Dong in the simulation demon territory.

Chen Longao released own demon territory, obviously he had to Ji Dong attaches great importance. Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes others unable to see anything, he actually understands, this is decides the fight victory and defeat sufficiently the formidable skill. If cannot fetter, even if his magic power above Ji Dong, this fight also becomes very difficult. Therefore, before Teng Snake flashes truly plays the role, he has made most correct dealing.

Under both hands presses, pinnacle male character erupts instantaneously from Ji Dong, on the magic power collision with Chen Longao dragon spear/gun, exudes the deafening explosive sound, the body of Ji Dong takes advantage of somebody's authority on shoots. Back, the black and white dual-color ray condenses, changes into Yin-Yang Fish. Yin-Yang two fires condensation law also appears. The matches have used demon territory, his also what retainable?

Along with a Yin-Yang two fires condensation law emergence, the imposing manner of Ji Dong whole person immediately changes, the strong pinnacle flame ascends instantaneously, the golden color erupts, the body of three meters high Sovereign King shows in the midair. Flame Sovereign King body.

Sees the Ji Dong back Yin-Yang Fish design, in the Chen Longao heart shocks once more, can instantaneously the magic power large scale promotion, the strange design that in also that Yin-Yang Fish appears intermittently, could it be, is this five elements method in legend? No wonder, no wonder entire golden eagle business association several hundred Mage must lose before him. If makes this have the pinnacle fire magic power boy to attack independently, the destructiveness can be imagined.

Flame Sovereign King wields in the airborne right hand, immediately, one group of strong golden flame directly soar Chen Longao to come, is the Mingyang flame. In the Mingyang flame that under the Flame Sovereign King condition sends out. In the march process, breaks a channel in the First Wood demon territory forcefully. The ray of distortion, brings terrifying magic power that powerful is erupting but instantaneously.

Chen Longao coldly snorted, the left hand pats cross under emerald lizard Dragon King, on the dragon spear/gun selects, the azure misty brilliance ascension, in the loud sound, in the midair blasts out innumerable pinnacle sparks/Mars to scatter in all directions to flutter about loudly immediately. Meanwhile, emerald lizard Dragon King whips the pair of wings, has soared, bringing Chen Longao to directly soar Ji Dong to hit.

Flying speed of emerald lizard Dragon King is actually not fast, that but, its this starts suddenly, actually gathered the great power of both legs muscle, it can be said that the jump, hits Flame Sovereign King. Chen Longao mesosaurus spear/gun refers to the day, the strong brilliance almost made him with emerald lizard the dragon spear/gun in Dragon King as well as hand turns into the emerald transparent color instantaneously, Azure Dragon illusory shadow coagulated in the back, what was strange, that Azure Dragon Totem integrated above the Chen Longao body unexpectedly directly, making Ji Dong feel oneself faced was not Mage, but was true First Wood Divine Beast Azure Dragon.

All rays, instantaneously the condensation in the midair is a point, the formidable imposing manner adds on the fetter of demon territory fixed, the Ji Dong back pair of wings unexpectedly temporarily lost the flying ability. The condensation is a point azure band of light distant dragon is reciting the sound from the sky to reverberate, looks like the azure lightning appears general, that is together blue the light instantaneous separate air, directly soars the Ji Dong chest.

Similarly is First Wood department Certain Kill Skill, but uses from the Chen Longao hand, uses with Rwandan Carl, simply is two concepts. Even if Ji Dong is having pinnacle magic power, terrifying magic power and swift and fierce imposing manner of also by this flash Chen Longao being erupted crush completely. Without other means that he can do now, but keeps off hardly.

"Huo'er."Shouted angrily, the Flame Sovereign King body erupts the endless golden light, Ji Dong from the sky strides, the right fist condensed magic power to have the Sovereign King proud will completely, in airborne delimited wildly. The clear phoenix cry sound gets up, rapid flight of Huo'er from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, body magic power changes into pinnacle Yang Fire instantaneously, is relying on the relation between souls, fuses together with Ji Dong.

Phoenix of dance colorful male cone that Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill.

Exterminates the war-god Azure Dragon to exterminate the thorn, meets the Flame Sovereign King phoenix dance colorful male cone, will be what kind of picture?

Similarly is the single body passes an attack, similarly is magic power erupts in the condensation completely. Ji Dong that does not have toward, but disadvantageous Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, in these time has actually met troublesome.

The First Wood demon territory's oppression, significantly weakened Ji Dong to absorb the magic power element from the air the ability. Also made him evade not to be possible to evade. The match gathers the potential, but is, but he accepts battle in haste. Moreover the imposing manner on Chen Longao erupting, is less inferior in gold/metal. That does not know that experienced many actual combat to have. Ji Dong also initially peeps the access now.

The magic power disparity of both sides is without doubt huge, when this not like initially Ji Dong Three-Crown and Ji Yifeng Five-Crown disparity. Three-Crown and Five-Crown differ Level 20, Six-Crown and Eight-Crown also differ Level 20. Similarly is Level 20, magic power is completely different. The rank is higher, every time promotes magic power that Level 1 needs to be also bigger. Chen Longao of Eight-Crown rank, overall magic power is almost Ji Dong over three times. Even if comes under the influence in Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, Ji Dong also demon Yin-Yang armor, Sun and Moon double hot glove and five elements law amplification. magic power of both sides has the gap disparity as before.

Meets the tough head-on with toughness, suffering a loss forever is a magic power small and weak side. This point is without a doubt.

The golden color and azure, from the sky condensation is a point, the next moment, during erupts instantaneously, in the midair as if remembers to exterminate two characters the slogans. Below, exterminates the knights of regiment to cry out with one voice, making the Chen Longao imposing manner increase.

Thank everybody to speak the Wine God monthly ticket to advance the first six positions, our week of goals of were to strive to go a step further again, simultaneously recommended the ticket also to strive to rush to first three. 12 points just passed, we attack the recommendation list the golden opportunity. Every my Tang gate brothers and sisters, come, pounding of effort. Small three report back everybody by the climax plot.

Chapter 220: Six dragon snake of positive control

Even if exterminates the knights of regiment. Also very long had not seen their commanding got rid personally. The war in this midair, made dazzling and intoxicating that everyone looked.

The golden color was shattered, changes into the innumerable luminous spots from the sky to scatter in all directions to flutter about, the azure light dies out, appears the main body, the sharp place, is that handle seven meters dragon spear/gun. Just, this dragon spear/gun length, actually stiffly reduced one meter now, its peak was melted unexpectedly.

Chen Longao sits well in emerald lizard Dragon King steadily carries on the back, his armor as well as on emerald lizard Dragon King covered a gold/metal misty brilliance, but, the next moment, that originally release demon territory outside restrained suddenly, in the loud sound, that gold/metal misty radiance burst like the beforehand colorful male cone loudly, was compelled outside the body forcefully.

Compared with Chen Longao, Ji Dong wanted distressedly were many, his body had been shaken flies in the upper air, turned over for several weeks reluctantly to stabilize lives in the body, Chen Longao is unable to pursue by his pinnacle flame limit. At this time is the enormous crisis.

First Wood attribute is certainly not enough to injure him, that is unable to invade Pinnacle Two Fires. However, Chen Longao that condensation in
1 : 00 terrifying magic power, has punctured the colorful male cone unexpectedly stiffly, the right hand of Ji Dong, at this time uncontrolled is shivering, if not he has the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, at this time the best result will be the right arm completely is also discarded, simultaneously will experience personally the heavy losses.

In situation that in magic power was suppressed by the opposite party completely, the price that Ji Dong pays is only the right hand is unable to use temporarily, within the body vitality turns wells up. He has not been injured similarly. Teng Snake strength technique, how with general?

However, Ji Dong also moved at this time really hot. The great strength of Chen Longao, instead made in his heart raising dreadful war intent. The shatter Flame Sovereign King body condenses once more, Huo'er also floats above his top of the head. Ji Dong opens own pair of wings, coldly looks at following Chen Longao. Has a look at these dispersing again in the surrounding extermination regiment soldier. The ice-cold ray appears in his eyes pupil deep place. He must kill, kills off these enemies, for a woods monster clan revenge. At this time, he has decided no longer to have any retains. Lie Yan (raging flames) in the side, he does not need any scruples completely, can act independently.

Instantaneous writings of sound of dragon cry, the snake cry in midair, in an instant, the entire sky turned into red and blue two-color to occur simultaneously completely. The complexions of all people changed. That dignified aura, flash is unexpectedly stave on oppression Chen Longao body surrounding demon territory. In the midair, golden red Giant Dragon, glitter the ice-cold blue flame black large snake to bloom unceasingly. Six dragon six snakes, from oneself Black and White Yin-Yang Crown that Ji Dong is outspoken are released.

Puts together the strength hardly. He knows, oneself is not the Chen Longao match, did not mean, he is unable to resist Eight-Crown Mage, because, in Eight-Crown Mage, the Chen Longao strength also absolutely is the peak rank. His that the formidable combat capability that from slaughtering to quenching. In addition comprehensive suppression of magic power, assistance and magic power weaponry of Rank 8 magic beast. also that limits the demon territory that Teng Snake flashes, only then Level 61 Ji Dong is impossible to contend completely. Let alone, also that many imposing manners sink to congeal, looked that is the Mage of extermination cavalries and several hundred golden eagle business associations of powerhouse exists. To achieve success of this fight, does not use the final unique skill, is almost is impossible to complete.

Six dragon six snakes, this can be said as Ji Dong own over three times magic power condensation, Pinnacle Two Fires, shows his formidable dignity finally completely. On Ji Dong no longer is pure one flame flicking. gold and black, the two-color flame, simultaneously ascends on his both hands. At this moment, his hid the double pupil under Monarch demon Yin- Yang armor mask turned into the white completely, the fire of soul beat in within the body. The output that the huge psychic force is outspoken, melts with each coordinated process snake that airborne circles.

This is the Ji Dong strongest strength. Six dragon six snakes, completely during psychic force control under fire of amplification soul. Huge pressure, even if the powerhouse of Chen Longao this rank, feeling of not gasping for breath.

Does not know how long has not had the frightened mood starts to spread in the Chen Longao heart. His subconscious thought that are this young people, really only Six-Crown Mage? The pressure in that midair, distinct has been the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. Even if he, wants to display Ultra Certain Kill Skill, must pay the enormous price, but at present this match, actually is just Six-Crown! Moreover, that struck a moment ago, he has not been injured unexpectedly, has not known that releases so huge magic power in any method.

Six dragon six snakes, in long recited in the sound to drop from the clouds, they from the sky dispersed, simultaneously plunged below Chen Longao from 12 directions. Any ups and downs, impossible to pose the threat to Chen Longao. But when, they simultaneously under throw. Itself magic power has dominated above this Eight-Crown Level 84 First Wood Heavenly Venerable. Acme magic power that let alone, they have. At this moment, Chen Longao First Wood attribute is suppressed truely completely. He faces, is Ji Dong can with the biggest qualification that Eight-Crown Mage contends with.

five elements method made the strong capability of Saint step powerhouse for the antiquity worthily. Is relying on Yin-Yang two fires lasting law, is relying on the fire of soul. Battle efficiency that at this moment Ji Dong erupts, even if the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse must look askance.

Chen Longao angrily roared, " thousand people of thousand dragons, angry roaring of dying out demon spear/gun is such swift and fierce. Meanwhile, an extremely terrifying aura also erupts from him. His azure armor appears a layer upon layer strong azure halo, in the hand slightly on the dragon spear/gun of breakage, bursts out unprecedented formidable magic power.

Eight-Crown Yang Crown explodes instantaneously. Changes into purest First Wood magic power, pours into to Chen Longao within the body completely, sees only his hand mesosaurus spear/gun to wield anxiously, eight Azure Dragon appear around his body in a flash, this is his complete strength, the Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable true formidable skill. Terrifying magic power, condenses in the midair. Regarding in his body surrounding eight directions.

Opens mouth, the azure light emits from the Chen Longao mouth together, that is a azure leaf. The emerald brilliance made surrounding eight Azure Dragon probably change colors. Only then Mage of Six-Crown above rank can understand that he is making anything at this time. Emerald leaf that then spouts from his mouth, clearly is his magic power source.

The Mage magic power source, is ordinary like the high rank magic beast pill bead, is the going all out strength. Facing great pressure that six dragon six snakes create, complete bursting out of Pinnacle Two Fires. Chen Longao also has to put out oneself all strengths to contend. Because he does not know completely, the next moment Ji Dong will take again what kind of his "pleasantly surprised."

Exterminates the regiment, thousand cavalries, angry roar. The dragon spear/gun in hand, under the azure light release of lizard dragon along with the body also glistens. Thousand brilliance, the lasing from the lineup of ring shape, that condense above the Chen Longao top of the head. Changes into purest First Wood magic power. "Do same attribute thousand stack-ups add combination skill?" The pupil of Ji Dong is contracting fiercely, initially was shocked like Lu Carl, he has not thought that the enemy who oneself face was unexpectedly formidable to such degree. That 1000 cavalries, can actually merge into one organic whole oneself magic power completely.

Azure bright dying out demon spear/gun. Appears in the midair, hundred meters terrifying long spear/gun, has not gone to pay attention to six dragon six snakes from out of the blue, but directly soars Ji Dong in midair to go.

combination skill that these thousand people of completions, there is a flaw, that is impossible like magic skill that Mage displays the perfect control. They can only seek for a direction to attack as the goal.

Without a doubt, Chen Longao gives their order, must strike to kill Ji Dong, but that six dragon six snakes, he must depend upon oneself strength to resist.

What to do? The issue that Ji Dong faces now is choice. He has confidence completely, under six dragon six snake pinnacle dragon snake erupt produces magic power that has 60% possibly kills Chen Longao. 80% assurances its heavy losses. However, if so, his result also only then, that must die without doubt.

Teng Snake strength technique is fierce, is impossible to make him resist Ultra Certain Kill Skill by own physical body. Moreover single direction nearly in single body attack Ultra Certain Kill Skill. That condensed Ultra Certain Kill Skill of thousand people of thousand dragons! Chen Longao under the converging attacks of six dragon six snakes, the possibility that also survives. But, lost six dragon six snake magic power, Ji Dong has added on Huo'er again, was impossible to resist the dying out demon spear/gun.

At this moment, the attack of Chen Longao erupted, source magic power became the core, the float in the position of his chest front, eight Azure Dragon that releases circles regarding his body. Although is eight, but is not the pinnacle of odd number nine. But by source magic power as core release. Strength that he blooms at this time also good enough to make one feel proud. This is he can erupt the strongest attack with the aid of the emerald lizard Dragon King strength. He will unable to see, at this time Ji Dong faces awkward? If Ji Dong chooses six dragon six snake recycling defenses, magic power that he releases at present can transform as the attack immediately, even if the Ji Dong this Six-Crown Mage strength is mysterious, is impossible to block the dying out demon spears/guns and his these eight dragon Jimie kills the attacks of two nearly Ultra Certain Kill Skill ranks. If the Ji Dong choice attacks as before. Then, he has the confidence to block six dragon six snakes not dead. Rich actual combat experience, making Chen Longao make the most correct choice.

However, he had underestimated as before the Ji Dong strength, had underestimated this once played the decisive effect on Holy and Evil Battlefield the Pinnacle Two Fires Mage instantaneous explosive force.

Ji Dong has made one, makes choice that Chen Longao cannot understand completely. That originally plunges the Chen Longao six dragon six snakes from the sky to stagnate suddenly, to has not attacked Chen Longao, does not have to return to rescue oneself upwardly. But is dragon snake collides, killed the middle position to have the collision in that dying out demon spear/gun and Chen Longao eight dragon Jimie.

Each pinnacle Fire Dragon has bumped into pinnacle Yin Fire Teng Snake. Supreme Yin Supreme Yang Fire, the collision of that flash produces the pinnacle Yin-Yang combination skill results immediately.

In an instant, in the entire sky, massive Yin-Yang two departments Fire Element bursts out instantaneously, Chen Longao and his emerald lizard Dragon King were fallen the ground by unequalled huge oppression strength numerous pounding. Although his eight dragon Jimie kills is nearly existence of Ultra Certain Kill Skill, may after all from Ultra Certain Kill Skill also separation, under the opposite party absolute huge magic power suppression, can protect his body merely, once he will protect the magic power release of body to attack, the terrifying explosive force that then, that six dragon six snakes have, can want his life directly.

Periphery the glass shatter sound unceasingly in eight dragon Jimie kills resounds. That is six dragon six snakes that Pinnacle Two Fires condenses becomes, pure magic power has dominated above Chen Longao, let alone also that intense attribute suppresses. Oppression Chen Longao has the feeling of not gasping for breath. Under the heart with amazement, he knows, oneself lowered regarding the estimate of Ji Dong, if that six dragon six snakes launch the attack to him completely, but is not voluntarily the words of collision, the so powerful attribute explosive force, can he be able to resist really? He little calculates that the might when is Pinnacle Two Fires completes combination skill can erupt. Fu Rui that the initial four dragon four snakes once frightened resisted fully, let alone at present these six dragon six snake Ji Dong have been able to control perfectly. If only a Chen Longao person, Ji Dong completely has the huge magic power of ability by lasting law its destruction.

Six dragon six snakes the collisions of voluntarily, explode, not only the Chen Longao thorough suppression, shut off thousand people of thousand dragons to exterminate complete the regiment sent out that dying out demon spear/gun following, their magic power were impossible to continue to follow up again, the dying out demon spear/gun that only then that formed directly soared airborne Ji Dong to go.

In in the midair, Ji Dong quiet is ordinary just like the permanent ancient thick ice, golden color transforms as the black instantaneously, is Dark Flames Demon King.

Facing that nearly in the single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill dying out demon spear/gun, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to be flustered, his Dark Flames Demon King body has restrained several points instantaneously, strange appeared, a round jet black crescent moon quietly appears in the back, magic power that even if the airborne six dragon six snakes erupt at this time is that terrifying, the dying out demon spear/gun is that formidable, is unable to cover up this round black moon attraction.

The surroundings are as before bright, what is strange, Sun in sky actually vanished, displaces, unexpectedly is a Ji Dong back that black moon exactly the same round crescent moon. The left hand of Ji Dong crosswise lifts in the body side, the palm opens, makes the claw, graceful gloomy and cold, in that dies out under the darkness serves as contrast, from cruel to gloomy and cold, in the midair that round black moon lowers together the jet black ray instantaneously above the left hand, all black that at the same time, his back black moon and Dark Flames Demon King bring, perform all integrate.

"Moon can remind you of me, bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice."

All black, congeal the black flame that completely above the Ji Dong left hand one group beats, that black flame can reflect the strange gloss unexpectedly, clearly is the flame, actually gives people one type extraordinarily coldly such as the feeling of ice. the next moment, this group filled the gloomy and cold and strange black flame to have nearly the hysteria arrogant went from out of the blue.

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