Jiu Shen Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: Condenses Yin-Yang Crown

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Said accurately, own attribute element power that the foundation physique of human can withstand, is the Level 10 Apprentice degree. Although the human body constantly will be improved by the element along with the promotion of cultivation base. But after surpassing Level 10 Apprentice, the speed of human body improvement could not follow the speed that magic power promoted. If cultivates forcefully, will receive own magic power to backlash.

Yin-Yang Crown, condenses and compress a strange element body within the body magic power, condenses in the chest. Because compresses and condensation, enabling the magic power element of inspiration within the body not to affect oneself. This was also called Yin-Yang Mage Source Yin- Yang Crown. When Mage needs to fight, will release own Source Yin-Yang Crown, unifies with the attribute element of outside rapidly, forms Yin- Yang Crown that in the soul Master top of the head presents.

Because Source Yin-Yang Crown has the greatly strengthened suction effect regarding the same attribute magic power element, therefore, after having Yin-Yang Crown, the Yin-Yang Mage body surface will also present a Yin-Yang guard shield. Strength stronger Yin-Yang Mage, this outside energy of by the Source Yin-Yang Crown absorption being come will form a more formidable guard shield. Simply speaking, low level Yin-Yang Mage is sneak attacks high-grade level Yin-Yang Mage, the attack is also not necessarily able the guard shield that breaks others independently to produce. Meanwhile, after having Yin-Yang guard shield that Yin-Yang Crown attraction element magic power has formed, these dissociation momentarily will also absorb in the air to integrate Mage within the body in the energy in outside the body with its same attribute element energy, therefore, after condensing Yin-Yang Crown, the before speed of Mage cultivation instead compares has not condensed, on quick many.

After Yin-Yang Crown condenses, how to promote the Source Yin-Yang Crown strength, is all Yin-Yang Mage cultivation directions. Own source is more formidable, can absorb the outside the energy naturally also to jump over when release, the strength can the pull disparity of geometrical multiple. The Yin-Yang Mage rating also from this comes. At this time Ji Dong must do, first completes the condensation of oneself Yin-Yang Crown, thus enters the cultivation of Yin-Yang Mage another level, only then entered this level, was acknowledged is true Yin-Yang Mage, can register in the guild, has the Yin-Yang Mage professional status.

Naturally, regarding general Yin-Yang Mage, either is Yang Crown that they must condense, either is Yin Crown, but at this time Ji Dong must condense, but was Yin-Yang Crown in the true sense. Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Yin-Yang Crown.

Ordinary Yin-Yang Mage condenses own Yin-Yang Crown is to own magic power process of packing, after magic power compresses to the certain extent, naturally will form Source Yin-Yang Crown, the magic power embodiment. Thus completes the process of this promotion.

However, when Ji Dong starts to condense, he has discovered immediately the issue, not only as dual attribute Mage, the compression condensation that he must do, moreover must maintain own attribute balanced Yin-Yang. In the process of compression, maintains the balance of Third Fire and Fourth Fire again, this simply is the impossible mission.

But in fact, in the Yin-Yang Mage history also and has to present balanced Yin-Yang physique to carry on the cultivation , many have the perception to be willing trying hard. But reason that they finally have not succeeded, was the card in condensed Yin-Yang Crown this to close. The compression condenses magic power, magic power distorts in the extruded process unceasingly, possibly maintains the absolute balance? Even if the relative balance is impossible to maintain. At this kind of time, Mage itself the speed time to outside element absorption was changing, even if Ji Dong present conscious thought is unable to complete the control. Especially now what he has is most Yang most Firm Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and most Yin most Supple Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. These two types of flame compared with ordinary Third Fire and Fourth Fire wanting hard-to-control many. The attribute is too intense.

originally they do things their own way fortunately, but Ji Dong must compress them at this time, these two species different flame naturally must fuse to be able to compress together. In this case, their each other violent attribute to the intense repel that the opposite party has, has formed the huge puzzle to Ji Dong. He internal control two Pinnacle Fire contacts time, immediately had problems.

The bang, Ji Dong only thought own chest has as if blasted out generally, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire crazy rhythm gets up, the mutual impact, as if all of a sudden must blast out general his body. He goes all out controls, but where after these two pinnacle flame collide the disorder are so are also easy to control, two groups of magic power look like the personal enemy meets, particularly is jealous. Crazy each other is attacking. But the chest of Ji Dong has become their battlefield.

Very long had not felt that was overheated, but thought at this time the own entire body as if must burn, the speed of heart beat increased several times suddenly, the whole body perspiration left like the thick liquid, but these two groups of tyrannical Pinnacle Fire just collided together, looked like the magnet attracts generally mutually, even if Ji Dong wants to separate them now, stopped this Yin-Yang Crown condensing the process that unable to achieve.

However, even if this, in the Ji Dong heart was not worried, while controls as far as possible, he can also maintain calm. The reason does not have it, Lie Yan (raging flames) side him. The control of earth core 18 Layers, Empress Lie Yan here, what good worry he has?

Also at this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) got rid. This situation she cannot wait, so long as two collisions of Pinnacle Fire the time are long, will immediately take to the ruinous attack that Ji Dong is unable to recall. Therefore, when Ji Dong just felt intense pain, slender white hands of Lie Yan (raging flames) have pressed down his chest.

"Broken" a light sound puts out from the Lie Yan (raging flames) mouth, Ji Dong felt immediately all of oneself chest place stagnated, two groups of Pinnacle Fire that the previous second mutually is still engaging in factional strife that stagnated during each other contact, was one resounded in his chest compared with formerly intense many thundering.

In the loud sound, Ji Dong felt loudly was not the pain, in the mind a blank, six senses simultaneously falls the minimum degree, can only feel that by the thought own chest front that cultivated four years of pinnacle flame magic power like ruthlessly to be pounded by a handle great hammer laboriously, was loudly stave. Changes into the innumerable hot classes to rush whole body each corner.

Each filament hot is consoling his meridians to the flame, fast flees in all directions in within the body, but outside that also releases the huge Heigo element and Dingsi element by Yin-Yang Fish of Lie Yan (raging flames) magic power constitution in crazy floods into Ji Dong within the body.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) facial expression is very tranquil, even has not forgotten wine-tasting slowly, regarding her, Ji Dong this time magic power was too small and weak, is only the easy as pie control. So long as there are her, will not have any problem.

, six senses returns gradually, the incomparably fierce pain made the body of Ji Dong shiver immediately, the skin, meridians, skeleton and internal organs, as if fiercely were burning, in the seven orifices emitted unceasingly the golden color or is the black flame.

Chapter 22: One-Crown Yin-Yang Crown

Ji Dong does not know, only then purest element body the body in the breath will have the element change, if single attribute element body, then, change should be an attribute color has the light dark change, but Ji Dong dual attribute has created his marvelous sights of these two Pinnacle Fire color mutually transformations. This element body was also formerly the biggest profit of Pinnacle Two Fires forging.

In the chest that coal two-color vortex has not vanished, revolves that strange royal crown to circle as before, without a doubt, this is transforming the color royal crown unceasingly, is Ji Dong Source Yin-Yang Crown. It is not pure Yin Crown or is Yang Crown, is Yin-Yang Crown.

gold and black, the two-color ray also similarly appears from excited outside the body, circles on, condensed above his top of the head, has formed strange Yin-Yang Crown. The entire Yin-Yang Crown half are the black, half are the white, takes front central Crown Peak as the dividing line, side accounts for half of respectively. On this Yin-Yang Crown center first Crown Peak, burns gold and black two-color to pester in the together flame, is representing the One-Crown rank. But in the Crown Ring position, half Crown Star appears in an entire Yin-Yang Crown right white side, these half Crown Star is black bottom gold star, below is the black outline, appearance that looks like black gold/metal two Half-Star pack of putting together. Before has not condensed the Yin-Yang Crown situation to have not the small change excitedly. Takes this Pinnacle Two Fires Third and Fourth Yin-Yang Crown as the beginning, golden light covers on Ji Dong that continuously presents the transformation the flame ray surrounding. Regarding any Yin-Yang Mage is the most essential Yin-Yang Crown condensation, finally completed.

From now on, Ji Dong also no longer is the Apprentice rank, but formally entered second level in Yin-Yang Mage ten big rank, Scholar realm. One- Crown Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Level 1 Scholar.

All rays restrain gradually, present Yin-Yang Crown above Ji Dong top of the head also quietly integrate in his body, when he opens the double pupil, the makings of whole person had the change under the function of that Source Yin-Yang Crown, particularly the black eye pupil, has rejected all impurity likely, is bright just like the black gem.

"Thank you, Lie Yan (raging flames)."Ji Dong heartfelt saying. In formerly just started to condense Yin-Yang Crown that moment he to know, if only tries hard to cultivate, even if makes 32 times of efforts, oneself are impossible becomes true Yin-Yang Mage. The attribute repulses, cannot achieve depending on his strength simply the dual attribute fusion of main body is one. Was Lie Yan (raging flames) helps him complete all these.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, her smiling face will forever bring in the Ji Dong delay the vision, "what thanked? Little Ji Dong, according to the view of your human, you should call me Teacher now."

Ji Dong recovers, stems from immediately reply of Lie Yan (raging flames) anticipation, ", I cannot call you Teacher."His reply is categorical, even has not undergone the ponder of slightest bit.

Lie Yan (raging flames) was surprised said: "You thought that I don't have the qualifications to make your Teacher?"

"No, course not."Ji Dong somewhat anxious explained: "Sorry, Lie Yan (raging flames), I cannot call you Teacher. You are so beautiful, is so young, asking you Teacher to call you old?" Lie Yan (raging flames) laughed, made the rays of earth core lake all flame be overshadowed immediately, "you will speak actually. Did not call not to call, our underground world did not take seriously these in any case."

Resolution of Ji Dong actually very reluctantly, but can he say oneself true idea? Only in his heart thinks is, if called Lie Yan (raging flames) is Teacher, perhaps, some day had formidable the enough strength, did not have the qualifications to say own innermost thoughts to her. Although that goal is unattainable, even if be only the slightest bit hopes, Ji Dong will not give up.

Lowers the head, Ji Dong some do not dare to look at the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision, he feared that oneself will unable to bear will say the love in heart, previous generation Wine God, this life really has the feeling of feeling inferior before this perfect female. He feared himself, once said the idea in heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) never will say goodbye itself. He does not dare to take risk, does not dare. He knows, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye, present is just a child.

"How? Becoming Yin-Yang Mage is officially unhappy?"Lie Yan (raging flames) sees Ji Dong not to speak, is smiling asking.

Ji Dong shook the head, his mind has stabilized, this raised the head, "I just am Level 1 Scholar, the road that in the future must take is very long, naturally has not arrived at the happy time."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Throughout to oneself the pressure, truly is very good mentality, but, then just easy to break, you were balanced Yin-Yang two Fire departments, must remember the tamper force with mercy four characters. Good, now you listened carefully, I say your present condition also two Fire departments ability the law of utilization to you."

"Has completed the condensation of Yin-Yang Crown, regarding any Yin-Yang Mage, will again not tow element power and own fusion like before by the thought. Your Yin-Yang Crown, itself will have the huge attraction, thus makes you in the process that the future will cultivate the speed promotion many. Naturally, jumps over the high-grade level, element power that needs are also more. This is the advantage to ordinary soul Master. But to you, formation of Yin-Yang Crown, also more advantage. Has impeded balanced Yin-Yang that you cultivation, no longer will become the barrier along with the appearance of Yin-Yang Crown."

Saying, Lie Yan (raging flames) has referred to the position of Ji Dong chest, "can feel, around your Source Yin-Yang Crown, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire has formed vortex after a fusion. This vortex not only can help you better digestion, absorb Fire Element, in the meantime, it can also help you adjust own balanced Yin-Yang. In other words, you even if now is only sole absorption Fire Element, after taking in within the body, Yin-Yang Vortex will also help you integrate oneself it, and achieves the balanced Yin-Yang effect. From now henceforth, besides here, in the world of your human, you will not have the limit of cultivation time again, any time can cultivation."

This to Ji Dong, without doubt is a good news, did not have the limit of balanced Yin-Yang, he no longer has in the evening and early morning these two cultivation time intervals, even if no longer arrives at the earth core lake, his cultivation speed dramatically will also increase.

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Chapter 23: Twin Sovereign King

Sobers from the stupor, because before the stupor, severe pain the reason that transmits from both hands, Ji Dong first looks to own palm. He discovered, in own both hands, were respectively many a thing, or respectively were many a brand mark.

In the right hand palm, is a golden Sun, right, is Sun, around the circular golden compact disc, is the blooming ray golden color trace, when Ji Dong looks to it, this Sun in palm has shone immediately, the golden light is radiant, like really grasps Sun in the palm.

But in left hand, similarly is a brand mark, but is actually a black moon, around this black moon, similarly brand mark, but when Ji Dong sees it, feels is actually not the ray of blooming, but as if must swallow all black, is full of the oppression strength profoundly.

Ji Dong surprised looks two brand marks in own both hands, that is not the design that draws, but is his own skin fuses completely in together, moreover in his feeling, these two designs also as if integrated in his thought that in mind were many many things. Whole person were also many in makings a aggression.

Has a look at the surroundings, Ji Dong to discover again, originally will have been presented fearing some earth core magma lakes by oneself, at this time seems seems to be different from the ordinary lake water, but the Third and Fourth Two Fire Elements aura in air , seems is flattering to resemble, here, has to plant to grasp all feelings. "Likes? This is I gives your gift." The light red light shines before the Ji Dong body, Lie Yan (raging flames) as if walks from void, appears before him.

Ji Dong stands from the magma column of flame platform, surprised asking: "Lie Yan (raging flames), what is this?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "This is your future."

"My future?"Ji Dong does not understand that stands up, the thought also completely sobers from the stupor, he can feel clearly own within the body were many anything.

Lin Yan said: "I told a story you to understand to you. Actually, my originally is not here control. Here control has someone else. Moreover, this earth core 18 Layers is not controls by a earth core living thing, but is two. They are pair of twins. By Flame Sovereign King that the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire fire spirit condensation becomes, another, Dark Flames Demon King that then becomes by the Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire fire spirit condensation. This Two Great Sovereign Kings is ruling the entire earth core world, is ruling this earth core 18th Layer. Although they are pair of twins, is born, cultivates, is having the incomparably formidable strength. However, because actually the attribute each other opposition is without making any mutual concessions. Every day in the fight that this earth core 18th Layer keeps. battle skill that they have, can the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth formidable skill. All earth core living thing also separately defer to the attribute difference, standing of distinguishing right from wrong in their respective side. Under their rules, the war of earth core world has never stopped, each war has the massive casualties. Thus made this underground world vitality damage severely. Until one day, earth core Red Lotus arises at the historic moment, congealed Red Lotus Lie Yan (raging flames), she has defeated Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King successively, wrote off from this earth core world them thoroughly, this 18 Layers underground world belonged to tranquilly. No longer has the war, the peace, enabling each underground creature the relatively joyful life, does not need the next war that is worried about to present anytime to claim own life again." "Are you that Red Lotus Lie Yan (raging flames)?"Is listening to Lie Yan (raging flames) with smile on the face narrated silently, in the Ji Dong heart actually surged a soul-stirring feeling. Defeats to rule the earth core world Two Great Demon Kings, said from the Lie Yan (raging flames) mouth is such nature, may could be imagined difficultly. In the Ji Dong heart , the first time affirmative knew the great strength of Lie Yan (raging flames). The control of underground world, when do oneself have to overtake her possibility? In feeling inevitable command Ji Dong heart of feeling inferior low-spirited.

Lie Yan (raging flames) gently nodded, as if recalls all sorts that initially had, "perhaps is because the fight between Two Great Sovereign Kings affected the balance of entire underground world, therefore I will be born in this earth core. Their strengths are very strong, actually, the two fire seeds of your within the body are not, but came from two Sovereign King that I create. That also their life flame. This has achieved the respective flame pinnacle to the twin stars, if simultaneously deals with them, I must die without doubt. Was among them the hatred has ruined itself, this one by one was defeated by me, I with own assigned Red Lotus Fire to refine to melt their soul separately, but, my flame was also assimilated by them, thus changed own fire source. Demon Spirit that the design in your both hands palm, after initially I refine, leave behind them. Or is they most basic source. Without the thought that but has actually remembered all strengths that they once had. Said accurately, Demon Spirit is not the energy, but remembers, Two Great Sovereign Kings memory. This is also I gives your gift. These two Demon Spirit have recorded Two Great Sovereign Kings all skills separately. Weighs with Yin-Yang Mage of your human, that is, including Standard Skill, Direct Hit Skill, Certain Kill Skill and Ultra Certain Kill Skill even is Ultimate Skill. Moreover, completely is existences of most top."

Ji Dong has learned in Li Fire School, after Yin-Yang Mage had own Yin-Yang Crown, had has practiced the magic skill foundation. But magic skill is next to Yin-Yang magic power regarding any Yin-Yang Mage importance. Even if your magic power is strong, if no formidable magic skill coordination, is unable to become a powerhouse. But the classification of magic skill said with Lie Yan (raging flames) is different. Li Fire School Teacher narrated three magic skill, that is Standard Skill, Direct Hit Skill and Certain Kill Skill.

Standard Skill is magic skill of most foundation, so long as each Yin- Yang Mage can test into the high-grade school, can learn some Standard Skill, chose again suited own carries on the cultivation to be OK. But Direct Hit Skill is not easy to study. Even if the high-grade school is also not necessarily able to teach, and has taught, is not necessarily able to suit. Even if same department Yin-Yang Mage, regarding the comprehension of same Direct Hit Skill is also absolutely different. Only then found most suits own skill, can the maximum degree display own strength. But a Direct Hit Skill also name, is called Slaughter Skill. Is the extremely powerful skill.

Standard Skill or Direct Hit Skill, are divided into high, middle, and low three levels. One-Crown Scholar level Yin-Yang Mage can only study Standard Skill, Two-Crown Master level Yin-Yang Mage has to study the Direct Hit Skill opportunity.

Generally speaking, magic skill of high-grade level by some respected family value the broom as one's own, being wanted learning difficultly such as to ascend to heaven. Yin-Yang Mage wants to become formidable, on studying magic skill has big luck ingredient. This also thus arose at the historic moment has traded magic skill some merchants specially.

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Chapter 24: Amazes the world with a single brilliant feat

"Boss, where did you go you? Several days could not find you, but also think that you were missing."Saw Ji Dong, Bi Su and Carl welcomed immediately, excited.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "First did not say these, did you two break through? When is one's turn our grade inspection."

Carl somewhat low-spirited say/way: "Immediately on this our grade. We broke through, but after our school years had ended, perhaps must leave the school, the Boss, you. "

Ji Dong racket shoulder of Carl: "Breakthrough is the good deed, I have treated in any case here for four years, where you must go to go to school, I accompany you to go and that's the end. could it be you think that by my bartending ability, which city hasn't been able to live hand to mouth to eat? The request of senior college should not have is so strict, will not make you leave the school."

Carl and Bi Su simultaneously the great happiness, Bi Su said with a smile: "Good, the Boss, after we have been worrying, does not drink good wine that you mix. As for you who anything lives hand to mouth and so on not to mention, this teaches me."

For four years, Ji Dong has known actually, Carl and Bi Su throughout in maintaining oneself, Third Fire department or Fourth Fire department, if who said that is not good, they will retaliate in secret, are relying on the splendid talent and grade Chief Student status, this made in the student not have to say oneself were the sound of waste, this brotherly love, he continuously silently in heart. Is preparing also to break through the matter told these two good brothers the time in him, the Teacher Xia Tian sound actually conveys from the direction of classroom building.

"Fourth grade inspects."

Explained without enough time, first carried on inspection to say again. A numerous fourth-grade student arranges the neat lineup to walk in the classroom building direction, Ji Dong naturally is Bi Su and Carl walks in the forefront.

Xia Tian (summer) saw him, knits the brows to ask: "Ji Dong, where for these days on you? Even if you are an auditor, but the custom of school must observe. After the inspection had ended, accepts the punishment to my there."

"Yes."Ji Dong respectfully complied. Although Teacher Xia Tian short temper, but later, each student knows for these years, actually he hides shortcomings very much, is extremely good to own student. Experiences personally their these fourth-grade students to love.

Follows behind to enter the assembly hall in Xia Tian (summer), Ji Dong somewhat is excited like his name, four years pass by, today also this here mark a period time.

Yang Bingtian also saw that Ji Dong followed the students to walk, dispatched a discontented vision to him, for these days could not find Ji Dong, made this Sir Dean be worried really much.

Routine business after delivering several words, inspected starts according to the past order, first got on the stage, naturally was Third Fire department fourth grade Chief Student Carl.

Looks own this favorite disciple, Xia Tian (summer) is not even able again to maintain the color on face, is smiling nodded to Carl, "starts." When Carl like before inspects has not stretched out both hands release flame, sees only one group of red light to erupt suddenly from him, the dazzling ray will shortly make his body surrounding air twist, the clearly discernible red light condenses above his top of the head, changes into on Crown Peak to have White Yang Crown of red flame brand mark. The half star on Crown Ring fully explained this time level. One-Crown Level 1 Third Fire Scholar, or is Level 11 Third Fire Scholar.

The screams resound from the students, although they also know the Carl strength, but saw with one's own eyes him to complete the condensation of Yin-Yang Crown, caused an exclamation. Must know, from Level 10 Apprentice to Level 11 Scholar, this jump in Yin-Yang Mage is extremely important, can have Yin-Yang Crown, is the Yin-Yang Mage most basic testimony.

Teachers in chairman's podium are not surprisedly many, obviously, most of them knew the breakthrough of Carl.

The Teacher Xia Tian sound becomes is especially loud and clear, "Carl, Level 11 Third Fire Scholar, condenses Yin-Yang Crown to succeed. The result is outstanding."

When without a doubt, Carl walks from the stage, became the audience focal point. Then Third Fire department here inspection became ordinary, strongest also was just Level 7 Apprentice. Until Bi Su representative Fourth Fire department first going on stage, once more jacks the climax the atmosphere of assembly hall. With Carl exactly the same level, Level 11 Fourth Fire Scholar, One-Crown Half-Star Yin-Yang Crown.

Bi Su somewhat happily goes down chairman's podium, he and Carl in the four years payout obtained the repayment finally. Condenses Yin-Yang Crown, they had the qualifications of graduation, at their ages, will include the school to recommend for admission to school in the ranks of high- quality school surely.

The inspection of Fourth Fire department also quickly ended, Dean Yang Bingtian sits in the chairman's podium says with a smile: "Today the inspection of your fourth grade has taken to me very big pleasant surprise, Third Fire department Carl, Fourth Fire department Bi Su, condensed own Yin-Yang Crown. Their result are obvious to all, will receive the school to recommend for admission to school to the high- quality school directly continues to pursue advanced studies. Other students must aim at them, diligently, strives soon to achieve the Scholar rank well, truly becomes Yin-Yang Mage. Good, fourth-grade school year inspection stops,. "

When Yang Bingtian prepares to announce the inspection ended, a sound actually suddenly resounds, "wait a moment."

Interrupts the Dean words rashly, must be imposed the disrespecting division commander's punishment in Li Fire School, Teachers somewhat knits the brows, the vision of students actually looks in the direction that sound resounds.

Ji Dong calm has stood from students back row, both eyes welcomed the Teacher Xia Tian somewhat severe vision, "I also want to accept the inspection."

"You......"Xia Tian (summer) brow big wrinkle, "Ji Dong, you as the auditor, do not need to accept the inspection."

In the Ji Dong eye revealed several points of proud color/look, the stride has stepped onto the chairman's podium, when facing numerous Teacher, "I remembered for three years ago cannot through the first grade inspected into the auditor, Teachers had said that if before this six school years ended, I can break through, then, my also officially became the possibility of Li Fire School graduate."

Xia Tian (summer) stares, "you think that you currently do have the qualifications to accept to inspect?"

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Chapter 25: Admission card for entrance examination

Ji Dong closes both eyes, when he thought centralized Source Yin-Yang Crown in that gold and black two colors vortex in chest, immediately feels with the former difference.

Does not need him to guide, Source Yin-Yang Crown lends a unique aura immediately, own magic power manifest, has formed a special magnetic field around his body quietly, but Third Fire and Fourth Fire in two types of elements air also immediately condense to come toward his within the body at a quicker speed.

These fire attribute elements enter Ji Dong within the body, immediately is attracted by the vortex of his chest, looks like liking a moth to the flame general investment in, was assimilated by Yin-Yang Vortex again, becomes his own cultivation base part. Before compares, not only absorbs the Fire Element speed to be much quicker, the speed of digestion is also the geometrical multiple increases. The cultivation of short half double-hour, Ji Dong felt that compares the effect that according to cultivated couple days ago to be also better. Naturally, this is in does not calculate that side in the earth core lake situation.

Time that is continue cultivation in the Ji Dong preparation, his gate was sounded, Ji Dong awakens immediately, today has not given Dean Yang drink mixing. Moreover, Dean Yang knew the strength that oneself present has, should inquire itself.

Opens the door, out of the door really Dean Yang Bingtian, looks at Ji Dong, in the Yang Bingtian eye flashes through a nondescriptive complex ray, waves to him, "Ji Dong, you come to my office. Today first does not use drink mixing. I had the words to say to you."

"Oh, good."Ji Dong takes the gate conveniently, had come to his office with Yang Bingtian.

Yang Bingtian has referred to the sofa, hints Ji Dong to sit down, he pulled a chair to come from side, sits in the Ji Dong opposite. Vision brilliant is looking steadily at present this 14-year-old youngster.

Ji Dong by somewhat unnatural that Yang Bingtian looks, "Dean Yang, do you ask me to have the matter?"

Yang Bingtian lightly sighed, "Ji Dong, I called you to come, wants with you saying that the sound was sorry."

"? Why? You have looked after to me very much."Ji Dong doubts visits him.

Yang Bingtian shook the head, ", I too have been since few to your care. Since the first school year you not after inspection, because your oneself is the balanced Yin-Yang attribute reason, I already gave up to the attention that you cultivation. I underestimated your determination, has not thought really, today you can give me such big surprised. balanced Yin-Yang dual attribute Fire department Mage, in Yin-Yang Mage Guild, you is also first. You passed the most difficult pass/test, is I am not good, cannot help you cultivation. For four years, you for my drink mixing, having made me be able to taste to the best cocktail, may initially comply with your matter, I actually cannot complete. For these days you were missing, thinks that alone condensed Yin-Yang Crown, this was my dereliction of duty!"

In the Ji Dong heart suddenly , because such Yang Bingtian will look, but in fact, in his heart is full of the gratitude to Yang Bingtian, if initially were not Yang Bingtian brought him, disdained in going begging he, ate meal continually difficultly, say nothing of became Yin-Yang Mage. Also impossible to open that Omnidirectional Random Transmission Scroll under the chance coincidence, thus sees Lie Yan (raging flames). What for four years have been earnest are Yang Bingtian drink mixing, this is in itself Ji Dong to his repayment.

"Dean Yang, if initially were not you brings me, and these years have taken care of me, I will not have today's result. You have done for me. I thanked you also without enough time."

Yang Bingtian shows a faint smile, said: "Listened to you saying that I felt relieved. You is a sensible good child. Although I do not know how you achieve, but can cultivation Yin-Yang Mage by balanced Yin-Yang physique, obviously you in the four years are the what kind of effort. The past matter we did not say that what you will have to plan from now on?"

Ji Dong said: "I broke through Level 10, has achieved the Scholar rank, if possible, I hope that you can also to me an opportunity of recommending for admission to school, making me be able to graduate from Li Fire School officially, they arrives at a higher school to pursue advanced studies with Carl and Bi Su. Since has chosen Yin-Yang Mage this occupation, I must walk."

Yang Bingtian nodded, said: "I had also been considering that in the afternoon this matter, by your present strength, the smooth graduation naturally is a cinch. I have made Xia Tian (summer) go for your three people to go through the graduation formalities. Now I have two choices to you , to promote to our Southern Fire Empire one of the three high- level Fire department Mage schools directly, these three schools can, whatever you choose, outstanding student like you, they will certainly rush to want. Another choice was opportunity and risk coexists. But once you can stand firm there, the future prospect surely is limitless."

When hears Yang Bingtian mentioned the first choice, Ji Dong already very satisfied, but his following words have actually brought back the Ji Dong interest.

"Dean Yang, actually this second does choose is what? Does could it be go to the school to go to school will have the risk?" Yang Bingtian nodded, said: "That is an entire continent elimination rate highest school, is the entire continent most top elite school. It does not even subordinate in any country, was organized by continent Five Great Empires together. Can carry on to pursue advanced studies to there, is the various departments most outstanding talented person. But once you cannot meet requirements of inspection, is eliminated immediately, does not have the leeway of slightest bit swivel definitely. Moreover, even if from our Li Fire School recommendation in the past, to that side, you were also same must accept their entrance examinations, only then passed the test, can officially become."

Ji Dong asking looking pensive: "Is there quality of teaching very high?"

Yang Bingtian nodded, said: "Entire continent deserves first. Has pivotal situation in our Yin-Yang Mage world, the status is aloof. The senior college of continent various countries, most is also only Standard Skill in some professor magic skill, even if were the most outstanding student also can only learn one and two Direct Hit Skill to be good. However, in this in special school, so long as your strength is enough, Standard Skill and Direct Hit Skill you can choose at will. If can through inspect finally, will be rewarded to learn Certain Kill Skill. Can from the student of this school smooth graduation, in any country, obtain the extremely high approval. But chooses there, without doubt is the huge challenge. In there, you will face young one generation of various departments most outstanding schoolmates, bears the huge pressure. Has eliminated possibility anytime. Said honestly, if considered that smooth development, I too do not hope that you choose this school, but if you want to become the Yin-Yang Mage world pivotal character, there is actually the best stage."

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Chapter 26: Sinister and ruthless villain 

Leisurely strolls on the Li Fire City street, the feeling of relaxing made the Ji Dong whole body as if loosen quicker, has practiced day of magic skill, the tight muscle also in this relaxed obtains several points to alleviate, at the same time looks at street both sides shop, only thought an own body and mind comfort.

At the same time is walking, in the Ji Dong heart mused, right that it seems like Lie Yan (raging flames) said that always cultivates constantly not necessarily has the advantage, occasionally comes out also well. However before leaving Li Fire School, this perhaps was last time came out, in ten days, Carl and Bi Su they will look for themselves. That Heavenly Stems School in Central Earth Empire, although Central Earth Empire and Southern Fire Empire border on, but also has not a short journey. Ahead of time 20 days of set out can make time more abundant.

Today since came out, buys these storage quantity not much liquor, before going to Heavenly Stems School, good is Lie Yan (raging flames) mixes several glasses of best cocktails. On the road and Carl they in the same place, oneself were not necessarily able to see her every day.

The number of times of although coming out are not many, but Ji Dong is familiar with the Li Fire City situation, particularly sells the liquor the place, is remembers clearly. Quick, he buys the liquor that enough oneself have needed. Had Yang Bingtian donation storage bracelet is convenient, this bracelet only then Third Fire department Mage can use, even if one time bought to be many something also to admit with ease. Bought the liquor, Ji Dong just walked from shop, suddenly, a form hurriedly welcomed.

"You call Ji Dong?"Comes the person to block the Ji Dong way, asked one without reason.

When Ji Dong fixes the eyes on looked, sees only that is a young young beggar, must know, in this Li Fire City, the beggar may be rarely seen. Four years ago, Ji Dong also once was one in this small number of people. Seeing the opposite party can call own name, thinks somewhat strangely.

"I am, do you know me?"

The young beggar gives Ji Dong a paper, "some people let me this to you."Then, has not waited for Ji Dong to ask, he turns head to run, a while drilled into the crowd to vanish the trace.

Ji Dong knit the brows, first arrives at the liquor that an unmanned corner will buy just to receive to own storage bracelet, this launches the paper to look.

"The southern suburbs five miles, Boss comes quickly, I and Carl have the danger." The inscription is Bi Su.

Bi Su and do Carl have the danger? Ji Dong heart one tight, but feels satisfied very much has doubts to fill. Even if they have the danger, should be makes the person deliver a letter the school, how to give itself here? Happen to while the free time who oneself leave school a while. However, in heart, although has doubts, Ji Dong decides to have a look, is very limited in the person who Li Fire City he knows, knows he and Bi Su, Carl relate also only then these schoolmates. Even if this is a practical joke, he must go. Otherwise was Bi Su and Carl has encountered the danger accidentally, must regret not.

Does not dare to lose the time, Ji Dong hurries to run in the direction of south city. Regarding the suburbs, Ji Dong is instead more familiar than Li Fire City, who lets Teacher Xia Tian most custom is punishes the student to circle the city to run? Ji Dong vaguely remembers, a south suburbs five miles place, seems one piece has the hillside small woods. The place is very secret.

Went out of town, Ji Dong runs in the direction of that woods, while pays attention to observe the surroundings, whom although he will unable to find out to find the person to deceive itself, but that strange paper will make him be tempered with a sense of caution.

However, his observation has not played anything to affect, on the road the pedestrian are not many, does not have any suspicious sign. When present Ji Dong was not initially that just arrived at Li Fire School the emaciated young beggar, five miles distance, from afar, saw that woods on hill in a flash.

Arrives at outside the woods to stop the footsteps, Ji Dong calls loudly:
"Bi Su and Carl, you in inside?"

In the woods is silent, not any response. Ji Dong looked at the surroundings, cautiously attention as centralized as sense of hearing , after breaking through Level 10, his six senses promotes once more, the sense of hearing is quite naturally keen. However, under listens attentively carefully, blows the rustling sound that the leaf exudes except for the wind, has not actually heard any other sounds.

Does not manage, had a look to say advanced again. Ji Dong takes a step into the forest, is observing all around, while walks toward the woods deep place. His observation, not only to seek for Carl and Bi Su, was the hope can find some clues. But what made his disappointed was, anything had not discovered as before. Does not have trace that any fights to leave.

Is could it be this really only a practical joke? Thorough more than half, Ji Dong stops the footsteps, looked slightly to frown toward the surroundings.

"Actually is, plays this joke with me."muttered aloud, Ji Dong decided no longer to look. Very obviously, Bi Su and Carl not here. Regarding these two brothers' families, Ji Dong has not inquired carefully, but listens to them to mention, merchant who Carl is the humble birth, in the Bi Su family/home is to do business.

At this moment, a cloudy narrow sound conveys suddenly: "You think really this is a joke?"

Ji Dong turns around suddenly, looks in the direction that the sound conveys, shouted: "Who there, comes out."

After big tree that needs two people to joint hold, exited a person to come, to see this person slowly, Ji Dong stares, the heart slightly has also flashed through a restlessness.

"Teacher Liu Jun, how can you here?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked. This is not others who comes out after the tree, Fourth Fire department Teacher Liu Jun that in front of the strength that Ji Dong pillages in he shows after the end of the period inspection departs dingily.

On the Liu Jun face is having the gloomy and cold smiling face, "I wait for you here!"

In Ji Dong heart restless has increased several points, said suddenly: "Is that paper you make the person give to me?"

Liu Jun shows a faint smile, on somewhat pale face the look is unflustered, "right. Waits for this day, you made me wait for two months. You are really a studious student, the end of the period had ended, can bear for two months not leave the school unexpectedly. No wonder you can become successful Mage of first Yin-Yang dual attribute with cultivating. I have saying that you is a talent."

Say/Way that Ji Dong maintains composure: "Teacher Liu Jun, since knows that I in school, what matter have to the school to look for me greatly, why makes people bring here me?"

The smiling face on Liu Jun face vanished suddenly, coldly snorted,
"now you have not known that I the meaning that you do bring in? Really is the same with Xia Tian (summer) that fool, the brain cannot turn round. If I go to the school to look for you, is very easy to leave behind the flaw to be known. I am a discrete person, will do any matter not to leave behind the future trouble. Therefore, I rather wait on for two months, is not willing to have the slight risk. Oh, was right, heard you once when just entered the school has asked Qiu Tian (autumn), our Fourth Fire department Totem is anything. Also has studied for four years in the school, you should know now."

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Chapter 27: Technique of Two Great Sovereign Kings

While Ji Dong takes a step to shake the fist, his blue light completely vanished, the red light instantaneously is also restraining, Yin-Yang Crown on top of the head also completely turned into the pure white.

Liu Jun cannot bear think, he also takes back magic power facing my attack unexpectedly? Isn't this courts death? Makes my this corrosion fireball swallow your life.

However, Liu Jun quick on stared wide-eyed. Because his surprised seeing, after Ji Dong cross previous -and-a-half turn around, on straight punch fist that wields, is one group concentrates unexpectedly the solid golden flame. At this moment, White Yang Crown on his top of the head also flashes through together the golden light.

The fist of 14 -year-old youngster, welcomed the blue fireball of wash bowl size directly, finally completely has actually stemmed from the judgment of Liu Jun this Level 29 Fourth Fire Master.

chi'ed, blue fireball extinguishes instantaneously, Liu Jun only saw that one group of golden flames flash through, Ji Dong whole person already hit flew.

But Liu Jun are also groaned, retrocedes one step, trembling that Fourth Fire magic power in within the body trembles unexpectedly.

"Is impossible."yelled of Liu Jun hysteria, "this, this is the attribute suppression. No, is impossible." Bang, the body of Ji Dong hits on a big tree falls slowly, wa'ed, spouts a blood. Level 13 and Level 29, have the insurmountable disparity after all. Although he can break Liu Jun Fourth Fire attribute, but actually cannot break energy intensity of implication. However also luckily was he broke Fourth Fire attribute, and has counter-balanced that corrosion fireball most striking power, otherwise was this, caused heavy losses to him sufficiently.

Liu Jun said does not have the mistake, he meets, is the attribute suppression. The attribute of high-grade level flame to low level flame suppresses absolutely. Ji Dong is not the surface so is simple in a fist that flash wielded a moment ago. This was he has trained hard two months of Flame Sovereign King Standard Skill energies, Scorching Sun Bite.

Scorching Sun Bite when emanation, reassigns Ji Dong within the body magic power instantaneously, transmits in the right arm through Yin-Yang Vortex of chest place, finally the condensation on the right fist, by spiral- shaped sends out. This seems a simple fist, contained the innumerable mysteries, even if has trained hard for two months, Ji Dong cannot completely grasp now. Also is this type Standard Skill, in situation that the attribute suppresses, melted Liu Jun that corrosion fireball to surpass 50% striking power stiffly, this made Ji Dong be shaken, but was not the heavy losses.

Facing so the powerful enemy, Ji Dong naturally does not dare to have any retention, therefore, came up he to use own Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire.

Crawls slowly from the ground, looks at that face shocking color/look Liu Jun, Ji Dong took a deep breath, under his thought stimulation of movement, the Yin-Yang Vortex extreme twist, cold severe a ray erupts fully suddenly from the Ji Dong eye. Even if he clearly knows oneself and between Liu Jun the disparity is enormous, may welcome Liu Jun to rush.

Yin-Yang Crown turns into black and white dual-color, Ji Dong rushes to the line rapidly, the both arms open, in the left hand, the black flame shoots up to the sky, the right hand makes a fist, turned into the golden color completely. Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire pinnacle attribute fully erupts. Liu Jun can suppress Ji Dong in the magic power intensity, the disparity on this level is without a doubt. However, these two types of pinnacle flame when Ji Dong is outspoken release, in the attribute the unequalled absolute suppression takes to Liu Jun a feeling of not gasping for breath.

Formerly was only Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire time, Fourth Fire magic power of Liu Jun within the body was shivering, at this time added on a homologous again Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, Liu Jun only thought Fourth Fire magic power of own within the body really had the trend that must extinguish. Ten tenths ability 50% cannot use at this time continually.

Actually, although Ji Dong can suppress Liu Jun in the flame attribute completely, but among two people the level disparity is too big, if the Liu Jun mentality can maintain balanced, treats calmly. Is higher than the Ji Dong intensity by magic power, he can defeat Ji Dong as before easily.

However, when Ji Dong makes that fist clearly is magic skill Scorching Sun Bite, arrives at the flame attribute comprehensive suppression again, in the Liu Jun heart was unbalanced. Ji Dong that looks to focus to brave the cold light, both hands to lead him never to be seeing the gold/metal and black two-color flame has flushed, in his natural disposition timid appears immediately. The subconscious retreat, simultaneously both hands suddenly tuck before the body. Changes into a blue flame shield, tries to block the step of Ji Dong advance, but does not attack with him. In the imposing manner, Level 29 Liu Jun, was suppressed by Level 13 Ji Dong unexpectedly completely.

Facing the defense of Liu Jun, Ji Dong does not have the meaning that the least bit stays, before the body, to/clashes on the way, takes a stride suddenly, was Scorching Sun Bite has attacked. The age is 14-year-old he, this fist wields, is flooding a cruel aura unexpectedly.

At this moment, that in Ji Dong bone ruthless severely already complete explosion. He is very clear, Liu Jun for a while was shaken by own Pinnacle Two Fires, once makes him respond, the both sides magic power disparity is so big, oneself at all possibly are not his match. Then, oneself the result of only then dying. Died, again could not see Lie Yan (raging flames). Thinks of this point, the blood of Ji Dong whole body as if like is his flame burns. This fist Scorching Sun Bite rumbles, achieves he never had for the past two months in peak condition instantaneously.

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire with the instance of that blue fire shield contact, Fourth Fire on blue fire shield has extinguished, in the loud sound, strange appeared loudly, because the Liu Jun magic power intensity truly is higher than Ji Dong, therefore Ji Dong this fist cannot drive out his defense magic skill, but Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire no matter actually this set, the Scorching Sun Bite skill effect erupts instantaneously, that formerly blue fire shield instantaneously transformed the golden color. Moreover, Ji Dong Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire relies on own pinnacle attribute to consume magic power in that fire shield in the crazy combustion unexpectedly.

However, Liu Jun also taking this opportunity awakens, although at present that blazing golden flame is fearful, but was unable to break through his defense after all, this made him recall to mind Ji Dong immediately and between him the level disparity. Even if his flame is special, he is also only Level 13, cannot break including own defense Standard Skill, oneself have Level 29 Fourth Fire magic power fully, even if the attribute were suppressed same is also not Ji Dong can contend, also anything is fearful.

But also when Liu Jun is going wake up to come. He saw a hand suddenly, is burning the hand of black flame.

That hand had been burnt golden fire shield across the front, the broken shield, a claw happen to delimited the body of Liu Jun.

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Chapter 28: Turning point  that thousand times evolve

The state of mind recovers gradually, Ji Dong only thought own body was wrapped in the scalding hot energy, looks like the immersion in the temperature very high hot spring.

Opens both eyes slowly, he discovered with amazement, at present oneself see completely is flame colors. Within the body outside the body is warm, the body in this scalding hot gable is really comfortable. The consciousness is gradually clear, before the stupor, all that experiences come clearly into view.

Suddenly, seemed being pulled by any strength, Ji Dong only thought own body has been upward, crash-bang, as if works loose to resemble from any thing, present red also along with it removing.

The Ji Dong then surprised discovery, a moment ago simply was not the immersion in any hot spring, unexpectedly in that golden red magma lake. But around own body, but also is wrapping a red light cover, under protection that in this light covers, he had not been melted by the magma.

"Felt many?"Lie Yan (raging flames) that gentle interesting to listen to sound resounds, hears her sound, Ji Dong thought immediately the whole body as if had strength.

His cannot bear summoning: "Lie Yan (raging flames), you where?"Has experienced barely escaping, he has never longed for like the present sees Lie Yan (raging flames). He at this time deeper understanding, oneself are not in the beforehand such heart does not worry, can taste a peerless good wine pays with the life Li Jiedong. In his heart, she was first has also surpassed existence of liquor.

The red light blooms quietly, that familiar form as if treads broken comes void, one step appeared in front of Ji Dong, double handled gently wields, the gentle energy has picked up the body of Ji Dong.

Looks that front also wants Lie Yan (raging flames) of high first half head, the Ji Dong mood to surge, subconscious holds both hands of Lie Yan (raging flames), "I also think, could not see you again."

Lie Yan (raging flames) working loose of trace his hand, touches the head of Ji Dong, "this time is very dangerous. If not your luck is good, in addition strong battle awareness, perhaps really could not see me. The heart of your human is really dangerous, it seems like, you must increase the actual combat capability to be good as soon as possible."

Lie Yan (raging flames) breaks away own hand, in the Ji Dong heart somewhat loses, the feeling of feeling inferior is full once more in the hearts, the mood of formerly that surging also quietly vanished, "Lie Yan (raging flames), a moment ago I how in magma?"

Lin Yan said: "Although you have defeated that person, but your oneself also overdraws was too fierce. Wound and source. I put in earth core magma lake warm and nourish you, like this your Source Yin-Yang Crown not because will overdraw to have the degenerated phenomenon excessively."

Ji Dong looks to gold sun and black moon in brand mark own both hands palms, "was you have rescued my life. If no Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw, does not have two Great Pinnacle Fire, I am impossible to live am seeing you. How did not know Liu Jun."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said indifferently: "By combination skill that two Great Pinnacle Fire produce can in the effect upfront broken against bang the strategic point, what result can he have? Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire thorough will go to his body, after he wants to kill you non- scar, now his all traces also vanished in that woods." "Did he die?"Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "? The first murder, are you very anxious?
Little Ji Dong."

Ji Dong shook the head, "Liu Jun was insane, he damaged dead like this well. Has not thought that two Great Pinnacle Flame effects so are unexpectedly strong, his magic power surpasses my Level 16."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) complexion suddenly becomes serious, ", if you want to make a mistake. Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, although is pinnacle flame, can have the attribute suppression to the same attribute low level flame. However, it can help your maximum degree, in contends with the match with other level Yin-Yang Crown situation. You can kill him, luck has occupied very big ingredient."

At the same time was saying, the Lie Yan (raging flames) left hand wields, a red misty brilliance from the sky congeals, in an instant changes into a disc, the center of disc shines, appears a image. Unexpectedly Ji Dong before and scene of Liu Jun to war. The entire picture gets rid to send out the corrosion fireball to start from Liu Jun, but the speed is very slow.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has referred to that blue fireball, "this attack, he has not needed fully, to use many for three points to four points of magic power. Very obviously, he does not think that kills you. Otherwise, if he gets rid fully, even if you can counter-balance the Fourth Fire attribute, but surpasses the several fold the energy to tear into shreds you compared with you sufficiently instantaneously. His level is high your one time, but you must know, magic power of each level promotion is inconstant. Level 29 magic power, at least is your Level 13 magic power four and five times. This is not attribute superiority can make up completely. But also because he planned that kills by mistreatment you, has given you opportunity."

The picture continues, had been rumbled to Ji Dong flies, under the control of Lie Yan (raging flames), the picture in the Liu Jun face place enlarges, "saw? Your Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire has taken to his enormous shock to his attribute suppression. This person does not have too many combat experience very much obviously, in this case makes you overrun to him unexpectedly . Moreover, his innermost feelings was quite timid at this time. Uses the passive defensive unexpectedly. But what has not thought including me, when you will simultaneously fall from Two Great Sovereign Kings Standard Skill Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw after the combination skill results of a position producing so will be unexpectedly intrepid. Has broken that matter magic power, and you can also link up fast, ultra standard erupted own striking power, this at one fell swoop succeeded. In the entire process, if he can have the courage, even if fully launches an attack to you, you also died. Is you feel to rejoice incessantly, I similarly am also feeling to rejoice, Two Great Sovereign Kings that if initially I simultaneously faced perhaps, did not have the opportunity that we knew."

Here, the Lie Yan (raging flames) left hand has wiped, the airborne picture vanished, her solemnly said: "Before your set out leaves Li Fire School, keeps here. Must complete the magic skill cultivation of Rank 1 section first. Before I had not told you, Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw, so long as you can practice to 1000 times, can learn two skills again, quite therefore skill evolution of Two Great Sovereign Kings. You still remember how many times have oneself practiced?"

Ji Dong said: "Before meeting Liu Jun, I have practiced 512 times these two skills respectively. Every day practices in the school, after I use up time Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw successively, magic power can only remaining 30%, be not enough to display once more. Must cultivation, after condensing magic power, can practice once more. Therefore every day can only practice about 8-9 times. In the evening your here, I do not want to waste the time to cultivate magic skill, is absorbs the two Fire departments element to promote magic power."

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Chapter 29: nine days of hell

Although Ji Dong disposition somewhat obstinate rigid, but actually does not represent him is a stupid person, he understands, reason that Lie Yan (raging flames) instructs itself here, definitely is because this faced the matter that Liu Jun barely escaped to make her be worried. Lie Yan (raging flames) will be worried for him, Ji Dong was very satisfied. secretly decided, regardless of these nine days are difficult, oneself do not have the slightest bit to flinch.

Lie Yan (raging flames) arrives in front of Ji Dong, the left hand is carrying the wine glass, the severe vision is flooding the formidable pressure, "has remembered, the use of any skill, must from starting that flash completely invests. You take a step, although started to inspire within the body magic power, why doesn't inspire fully? But must to shaking the fist starts to transfer comprehensively. Only this flaw, will make you lose 10% magic power much. also, you, when displays Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw, why is two magic power both are releasing? I already had not told you, had Yin-Yang Vortex, can you momentarily control your magic power to transform into sole one? Only by doing so, you can play completely these two Standard Skill might. The might at least promote 30% compared with the present."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "You said, I must first completely the magic power transformation be Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, then after sending out Scorching Sun Bite, then after completely the transformation is Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, sends out Dark Moon Claw? Among this violent attribute transformation requires not the short time, these two skills were very difficult to connect on."

Lie Yan (raging flames) coldly snorted, "that is because you are not very skilled. This Standard Skill is the close combat skill, not only need have enough striking power, the speed is also fast. You now the biggest problem is the speed that the method of catching up and catches up. When facing Liu Jun, that two strikes you finally actually already the request that achieved me to say a moment ago. But you these two struck a moment ago actually must fall far short. Feels the Two Great Sovereign Kings memory carefully , to continue to practice."

The day of Ji Dong misery started, Lie Yan (raging flames) past gentle indifferent to fame or gain in the void that these during nine days vanish. In earth core lake that central platform, the time is reverberating Lie Yan (raging flames) to reprove the Ji Dong sound.


"Are you pig? Does catching up such send? Said many times, from preparing a move of flash must mobilize your own each point of strength."


"Was stupid you to result. You cannot change a mentality, could it be you did not think that first uses the Scorching Sun Bite effect to be better with Dark Moon Claw again? Is Dark Moon Claw that a half second of paralysis function the ornaments?"


"Do not try your flame manifest, you have not been in that degree. You do this, can only waste many magic power in vain."

...... "Fool, by your present magic power, in the normal condition should also be able to use two sets of Standard Skill, why you can only use magic power to be insufficient, how don't you ponder over well?"


"Here such abundant Fire Element, you restore so to be slow, won't you do to guide some with the thought?"


Similar sound, has never interrupted during nine days, Lie Yan (raging flames) already incarnation for severest Teacher, even if Ji Dong has a slight detail to have the problem, she will refer to angrily.

Practice repeatedly, falling time and time again restored magic power in the place, earth core does not have This, how long Ji Dong does not know. But his biological clock actually often can remind him at an appropriate time, must go back school several minutes.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I should go back."Ji Dong supports the body to crawl, his both eyes turned into the red completely.

Lie Yan (raging flames) visits him to knit the brows, "Un."

Red Lotus sweeps across, having the body transmission of Ji Dong to go, that moment when he vanishes, the look on Lie Yan (raging flames) face also relaxed, the right hand from the sky delimits an light halo, in the ray twinkle, is presenting the Ji Dong body in the appearance that under the Red Lotus protection shuttles back and forth to go.

"Little Ji Dong, do not think that I am too ruthless. Because I do not want again to feel the grieved taste. You know that on that day saw that you must be killed, I actually cannot save you, that I had never realized the grieved feeling is very painful. At that time I know, originally I such feared lost you. You must go to a strange place immediately, only then many protects own strength to be able better in the human society survival. I do not know that what you now has regarded, friend? Younger brother? What is other?"

thought aloud here, body of Lie Yan (raging flames) suddenly slight shivered, gazed at that light screen look also immediately to coagulate several points.

Because of her clear seeing, Ji Dong almost after crawling arrived at the bar, grabs the edge of bar reluctantly to stand. Rocking that his body keeping, arm also in unceasing shivering. But he has actually taken up shaker. Bites the lower lip tightly, red both eyes have been full of the rigid ray.

Turns on the shaker cover reluctantly, takes one bottle of liquor to falls, but, because the hand shivers too actually throughout has no way to tell the good limits fiercely. Regarding Bartender, hand is not steady, is impossible to mix successfully.

Nine days, cultivation of watching, has extremely rich Fire Element to supplement that in the earth core lake freely the magic power consumption has even supplemented certain physical strength, but the state of mind actually early neared the brink of collapse. The Ji Dong fuzzy consciousness some have not been able to control oneself both hands.

However, he has not given up, fierce takes up highball glass, pa'ed, pounds on the bar, immediately the fragment flutters about. Ji Dong pinches an sharp fragment, effort on the fingertip of own left hand. This is also the moment that the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision coagulates.

The intimately connected, the fierce painful stimulation resulted in a Ji Dong spirit suddenly clear, he did not have the slightest bit to delay, has not gone to the wound on control finger, while this short spiritual sober free time, fast poured into several types of liquor shaker in proportion. mixed fast gets up.

"Why, why my nose acid. Is this human the feeling that wants to cry? But, I will not cry. Why my throat has stopped up probably. Little Ji Dong, are really you demon star that I hit? No, I cannot continue to fall into again, otherwise, later I possibly really will unable to leave him, will be only more painful."

Lie Yan (raging flames) fierce waving, scattered the airborne light screen, in the eye the ray flashed continually, as if has made anything to decide.

The time is not long, Ji Dong returned to the earth core lake under the Red Lotus package, the hand mixes the good cocktail to hand in front of Lie Yan (raging flames).

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Chapter 30: Goal, Wind and Frost Mountain Range

"Did Boss, we to our Southern Fire Empire border, then walk quickly? My father also is really, said that anything does not ride a horse safely, otherwise from family/home neighborhood several horse, perhaps we now enter in Central Earth Empire."Bi Su somewhat grumbling said.

Rode three days of horse-drawn vehicles, three people arrived at Southern Fire Empire border city Spark City finally, after deciding to live in a previous late conditioning, here continues set out.

Southern Fire Empire south Five Elements Continent, separately borders on Western Metal Empire, Central Earth Empire and Eastern Wood Empire, when they from Spark City again set out needs the border crossing, can only walk, Ji Dong is sitting on the bed in inn room at this time spreads out the map research concrete line.

Ji Dong is pointing in the hand the Carl and Bi Su of map to looked, "you look, Li Fire City situated in the Southern Fire Empire West, we took the recent road to arrive at the border, this Spark City was in itself also the Southern Fire Empire west border city. From here us two choices, walks to east now, bypasses stretches across Western Metal, Central Earth and Southern Fire three Great Empire Wind and Frost Mountain Range, Fourth Melt City from Southern Fire Empire border passes, enters in Central Earth Empire. To north, has arrived in Central Plains City again. This road is quite good to walk, is the major roads. But we actually must at least walk 500 miles. Wind and Frost Mountain Range is the continent second largest mountain range, crosswise near thousand li (500 km), we , to bypass it to enter Central Earth Empire to arrive in Central Plains City within seven days again, the time is very surely tight. Another road is directly from Spark City to Northeast, passes through Wind and Frost Mountain Range directly, enters in Central Earth Empire. Although Wind and Frost Mountain Range crosswise is very long, but vertical actually only then less than hundred miles, in this case, we should be able the massive time-savings. The road wanted difficult to walk many. If meets magic beast, perhaps will have the danger. You thought that which road we do take to be quite good?"

Carl without the slightest hesitation said: "Directly crossed Wind and Frost Mountain Range, like this we at least can save two days of time. Moreover, Teacher Xia Tian to we spoke the continent geography the time, has not said that Wind and Frost Mountain Range belonged to the magic beast scarce region, little had magic beast to appear and disappear, had, was some low level magic beast. We should be able to cope. Before condensing Yin-Yang Crown, Teacher Xia Tian has taught my some Standard Skill, although is not very formidable, but assisted my magic power to be enough."

Bi Su snorted, said: "On your meeting? Teacher Qiu Tian also same taught me."

Although Xia Tian (summer) also plans of some professor Ji Dong, but he is Qiu Tian (autumn), does not know how Ji Dong should teach, after all, they have not seen Yin-Yang dual attribute Mage, Yang Bingtian have overruled them to teach the plan of Ji Dong magic skill directly, and told them, Heavenly Stems School most suited the Ji Dong study the place. magic skill cannot cultivation casually, if has practiced not suitable own magic skill, instead is harmful to own cultivation.

Listened to their such saying, Ji Dong immediately to feel relieved, "Standard Skill I also met several, that such has decided that early tomorrow morning after we purchased some necessary commodities, on set out, passed through Wind and Frost Mountain Range. The time early, you did not return to the room to rest." Some Ji Dong also his plans, like such that Carl said that Wind and Frost Mountain Range presented the magic beast probability to be very small, they were Yin-Yang Mage, this can reduce the time on road. Moreover his these days spirit slightly somewhat was also absent-minded, restlessed, has not thought anything.

Three people opened two room in the inn, Ji Dong have taken are not familiar with live with others for the reason, lived in one alone, Carl and Bi Su. He does this is in order to gives certainly Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing. Although comes out for three days continuously on road, but he always has not actually stopped this continuing four years of work.

Carl and Bi Su go to the room to rest, Ji Dong takes out drink mixing equipment from storage bracelet immediately, after attentive mixed one glass of cocktails, since summon Lie Yan (raging flames) name.

The earth core lake, is that scalding hot, since Lie Yan (raging flames) causes that platform when the magma, Ji Dong initiates the transmission each time, will appear in the platform center directly.

The red light twinkle, Ji Dong is conscientious, but periphery he does not have the thoughts to feel rich Fire Element, vision fast looks toward the surroundings, actually throughout could not find the Lie Yan (raging flames) trace.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you in?"He is shouting loud, but has not gotten any response.

Three days. Since he sobered on that day after the stupor, again had not met Lie Yan (raging flames), for these days, drink mixing sent after every day, he will be returned to the ground by the direct transmission. Lie Yan (raging flames) had not appeared, even has not transmitted including the sound. But can actually feel her existence excitedly, if she, oneself can't complete the process of this transmission?

But, why doesn't Lie Yan (raging flames) see me? Has the hope to come, in the Ji Dong heart once more has actually filled disappointedly, the wine glass in hand works loose to fly voluntarily, goes toward the deep place of earth core lake, but that Red Lotus ray has also wrapped his body, transmitted in him the room in hotel.

Until the Ji Dong form completely disappears, on the giant rock slowly appears Lie Yan (raging flames) that perfect form, is carrying the wine glass, somewhat desolate is tasting in the cup the good wine, her look unexpectedly and Ji Dong extraordinary similar, in the originally bright double pupil is glittering the somewhat absent-minded ray. As if was pondering anything resembles.

gently shook the head, Lie Yan (raging flames) thought aloud: "Do not think again, he after all is only a human. The kinship or the friendship, grew in the time with him together, the sentiment that this is hard to give up will certainly unable to withstand. If he died in the world, I do want to feel that extreme pain once more? The long pain is inferior to the short pain, not see him to well, to him, to me, is a good deed. Ji Dong, sorry, you certainly will forget gradually me. Wishes you to cultivation more and more formidable."

Returns to the hotel room, although Ji Dong, in three days hurried along to be somewhat exhausted, but he actually for a very long time cannot fall asleep, so long as closed eyes, the tender face of Lie Yan (raging flames) will reappear in the mind. His rather Lie Yan (raging flames) publicly reprimanded him, he is not willing unable to see her person, could not hear her sound. For these days, he like losing soul. Consecutively for four years of uninterrupted effort cultivation, as if somewhat cannot be interested now.

Next morning, the Ji Dong three people purchased massive food and potable water in Spark City, puts in Ji Dong and Bi Su storage bracelet and in the storage ring. Had these two treasure, their journeys is more relaxed.

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