Jiu Shen Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201: Did the golden armor female, live?

When Vermilion Bird thinks deeply about Ji Dong Chaos Fire to be any degree. Nearby Huo'er saw that mother sends out Chaos Fire, her body slight moving, closes both eyes, the pair of wings vibrates suddenly, the gentle white light and black light connects in the back, transforms as with Ji Dong exactly the same Yin-Yang Fish, is only slightly on small some. That Yin-Yang Fish floats before the Huo'er body, in center position, raises similarly small bunch of white flame, compared with Vermilion Bird, actually also wants on the high such 1-2 points.

"Huo'er, you.   "Vermilion Bird stared in a big way both eyes to look at
that pure Chaos Fire and strange Yin-Yang Fish, "mother envied you really! If no this repugnant seal, mother wants to become the Ji Dong magic beast partner. On realm, you have also exceeded mother."


Left the Vermilion Bird cave mansion, Ji Dong only thought the body and mind to be happy, saw intimate appearance that the Vermilion Bird mother and daughter met, his heartfelt was happy for them. Since least these years, Huo'er has been promoting with him, like such that Vermilion Bird said that was following Ji Dong. Huo'er had became the potential of Saint beast, moreover between he and Huo'er does not need any contract, the communication of soul made them make no distinctions. Regardless is separated by far, can momentarily feel the change of opposite party. The relation of soul, even must be more profound than the relation of bloodlines, perhaps therefore, Huo'er leaves Vermilion Bird not to have anything, but if leaves Ji Dong for a long time, she cannot bear absolutely.

Flies into airborne, launches the phoenix plume, Ji Dong somewhat funny shaking the head, oneself also are really bullies the weak by relying on powerful connections. When does not need the phoenix plume not to have magic beast to dare to launch the attack to oneself, the strength is true formidable.

When told Vermilion Bird to leave, he has thought that oneself must make anything. Two matters must do, one is purchases large quantities of liquor, is primarily the brandy and whisky, but must have the glass jar that can seal in large numbers, to take itself to experiment the magic skill liquor the tool. A also matter, was worships the parents of this world.

From Earth Spirit Mountain Range to Central Plains City near very much, initially he had not returned flies, a night can back and forth, let alone be the present, does not need double fire hovering law, the free time of a while, after departing Earth Spirit Mountain Range, distant has been able to see the elegant demeanor of that continent first city.

Previous time arrives at Central Plains City time, his teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor forcefully important person. Nearly shells the entire city with Ultra Certain Kill Skill. In an instant, is five years passes. The semblance looks, Central Plains City is so the imposing manner is as before broad, does not have what change.

The diving posture, falls in ground, Ji Dong walks in the Central Plains City direction. Not only Central Plains City Central Earth Empire capital, is the Heavenly Stems School site, in the city can be said as the powerhouse like the forest. If flies, definitely will have the trouble.

Gradually moves toward Central Plains City, the life experience that in the Ji Dong heart the unconscious recollection Ji Yeshang narrated. Perhaps comes under the influence of this, his heart is heavy.

Marches into the broad city gate, immediately can feel the liveliness of Central Plains City, the pedestrian on street as if five years ago were more, takes a broad view to look, performing is a lively picture. At this time is in the afternoon, in the Ji Dong heart moves slightly, has thought the destination.

After several streets, he arrived on the Third Fire main roads in Central Plains City ten big main road directly, was hearing the familiar barbecue fragrance, before he leisurely strolls to arrive at three high red buildings.

On the signboard, fragrance three large characters made him feel quite at home. Although has only come here one time, but here all made him have a vivid memory.

Entered a fragrant hotel, Ji Dong looks for a position to sit down in the hall directly, because was in the afternoon, the guest in shop were not many.

"Sir, what do you want?" The service people walk to ask.

"Five Chuan Te barbecues, ascent ale."Sits quietly in the position, on the Ji Dong face appears the light smile, in the heart the depressing feeling vanished several points along with the appetite rise.

The free time of a while, the service stirred up trouble a giant tray to deliver, in the tray five bunches of one meter barbecues were quite attractive, each string of ten shining, braved the gloss the barbecue, the rich meat greeted the nostrils to come, making the person fragrant eat the aim to move greatly. Adds on altitude ale of big cup one rise attire again, although has not opened eats, Ji Dong also has a carefree dripping feeling.

Works on one string, a bulk barbecue entrance, the full mouth fragrance, boiling hot barbecue bites the rich meat broth to fill the mouth immediately immediately, except for satisfying a craving two characters, Ji Dong really cannot find out with other glossaries described. The ale presents for the rich amber brown, is not transparent, drinks, in icy cold rich wheat fragrant carefree inflow throat. The malt flavor/smell of high potency is carefree, the big mouth drinks, the bulk eats the meat, only then in this fragrance, has this wonderful feeling. Eats meal in a fragrance. Do not think eats green vegetables, such will destroy completely this full feeling, five strings of one meter meat strings, the free time of a while, all entered the belly of Ji Dong. One rise ale and has drunk almost.

For a long time has not eaten had been so full, Ji Dong somewhat satisfied by the chairback, the surplus ales will drink completely, "comes one rise again."

Tipsy feeling of ascension made the cell of his whole body slightly in comfortable moan, Ji Dong few relaxed own opportunity like this, muttered: "Arranged the woods monster matter, next time must bring Lie Yan (raging flames) to eat. She will definitely like."

"Why can wait next time?" The gentle sound spreads to the Ji Dong ear, Ji Dong has fought a shiver smartly spirit, turns head to look, sees only Lie Yan (raging flames) not to know when arrived at side him.

Those who most made Ji Dong shock, Lie Yan (raging flames) was not a person comes, side her, also another person.

The height in 1.8 meters about, has one to hang loose to the golden hair of waist probably straightly, a golden whole body armor almost covers the body completely, is sparkling the radiant ray armor, attracted in a fragrant hotel the attention of all guests and staff. On ray radiant armor has the one by one arc trace, the trace presents for the dark golden color, complements each other fresh splendor with the golden main body. In addition that flying upwards golden hair, to person an extremely strong constriction.

This person Ji Dong knew, but, what he knows is a deceased person, but at present appears clearly is living. Initially he discovered on Holy and Evil Island, by the golden armor female who frozen is occupied by.

The mask of whole body armor covered her face, proliferation that the formidable imposing manner not minced, the air as if became because of her imposing manner sharp. Hides after the mask, a pair of ice blue eye pupil power and influence four shoot also does not have the mood to fluctuate. Looks at the Ji Dong surprised appearance, wears Lie Yan (raging flames) of bamboo hat to show a faint smile, "gold/metal. You also sit down. We eat together."

golden armor female gold/metal has not opened the mouth, Ji Dong only thinks a golden light to dodge, she sat side Lie Yan (raging flames), the wear seems that sincere/heavy enchanting whole body armor, she has not sent out a sound unexpectedly. Solely from this point, Ji Dong can see that the strength of this female is extremely surely intrepid.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), this, what's all this about?"Ji Dong is suppressing the shock of innermost feelings reluctantly, asked in a low voice.

Lie Yan (raging flames) laughed, said: "I was hungry, looked you eat is so fragrant, first wants to eat to us."

Ji Dong nods, wanted ten Chuan Te meat strings to the service person and two rises ale. At this time he cannot think that into the focal point of hotel is not good. Lie Yan (raging flames), after all attire ordinary covered the facial features fortunately, but this golden armor female actually was really too conspicuous.

Is continue inquire time in the Ji Dong preparation, the golden armor females have stood suddenly, turns around, arrives at the neighboring table, that table has three middle-aged people to eat the thing, but vision actually centralized on this golden armor female.

Saw that the golden armor females walk, the three middle-aged people on table somewhat feel nervous, by some scants of breath of King's threatening imposing manner oppression, one of them was being probed asking: "You, do you want to do?"

gold/metal stops the footsteps before the neighboring table, only listens to the sonorous resounding, the golden light to flash past, "looked again, has killed you."Leaves behind these words, she turns back Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), sat in formerly position. Her sound is not Lie Yan (raging flames) that delightful clarity, but is forceful, each character seems flooding the explosive force and cold and gloomy chill in the air. Altogether said seven characters, these seven characters likely were the sevenfold murderous intention overlay are unexpectedly ordinary, always said that a character, her aura became ice cold several points, has filled murderous aura of terrifying, made thermal drop in entire fragrant great hall. Even was affected including barbecue that side charcoal stove flame. Was pressed.

In the flash that she sits down, that side the neighboring table, kā La, whole piece table broken being split up, turned into a place broken wood unexpectedly, what is most terrifying, each wood/blockhead size is very even, seems is the inch the square.

That three middle-aged people, almost simultaneously feel themselves behind cool, the complexion becomes pale pale, could not say including the words. The lip is also even trembling. The words that their clear awareness, that golden armor female spoke are are not cracking a joke. Is shivering the body, three people are almost rub the tread to turn around to walk.

The pupil of Ji Dong has contracted fiercely, actually has not seen clearly the golden armor females how to achieve including him. At that time he only thought golden light sprinkled from that golden armor female hand, the ray flashed not to have. The speed quick is unprecedented.

"gold/metal."Lie Yan (raging flames) slightly somewhat blame called one.

gold/metal said lightly: "Sorry, master. I do not like gazing."

Ji Dong doubts looks to Lie Yan (raging flames), Lin Yan said: "I return to earth core, dragon egg also to miss some final energies to hatch, but covers King's pinnacle Ninth Water magic power thick ice to melt, I used the air/Qi of chaos to awaken the vitality of her within the body, she lived. Still remembers? I have told you, her within the body vitality has not thought. On Holy and Evil Island, she does not know that by frozen many years, at this time comes soberly, before all appearance by frozen. However, as a result was been too long by frozen time, causing her soul memory to be damaged seriously. Lost the beforehand memory. Because I have saved her, therefore she recognizes me for the Lord. Then I led her to come back to look for you. gold/metal is also human Mage, pinnacle Eighth Metal."

Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) simple explanation, a Ji Dong forced smile, "present pinnacle magic power as if more and more is not valuable. I remember that Yao Qianshu has also said with me, only then the heavenly stems disciple can before has not achieved Nine-Crown has pinnacle magic power. Although her skill is extremely high, but should also not be Nine-Crown?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) nods slowly, "all-round strength, she possibly is inferior to you. But that is in considering you have under the dragonet help that Huo'er and will soon hatch. On the single body strength, perhaps you are also not her match. King's fight skill in Yin-Yang Mage, like your drink mixing technique again Bartender."

Listened to Lie Yan (raging flames) these words, Ji Dong terrified to change countenance, by the Lie Yan (raging flames) status, naturally cannot praise a person easily, since she said that obviously King's strength what kind of terrifying. Holds in high esteem to at present this golden armor female.

"What's the matter, who has removed my table."In this time, a vigorous sound is conveying along with the step sound of tread tread tread.

Wears chef clothing the big stride of robust man whole face anger to come, perhaps because of the reason of body weight, his foot falls on the ground is very heavy. He did not have the right arm, left eye also only remaining black holes, on the entire left half face is the fierce scar, is this fragrant boss, artillery dragon A Bing.

Fu Rui initially first time stepped on Holy and Evil Battlefield time under his leadership, if not A Bing uses rescues fully, perhaps did not have afterward Thunder Emperor. But he has also left behind a disability. Fu Rui respects to this Senior Brother extremely.

gold/metal turns head slightly, looked that must set out to A Bing of ablazing with anger. Ji Dong hurried moving sideways to stand, kept off before her body, after artillery dragon A Bing disability, magic power maintained at Five-Crown about, although he initially was also in Yin-Yang School the extremely outstanding disciple, but can see from the description of Lie Yan (raging flames), he possibly was not King's match. Ji Dong does not hope that gold/metal has injured the artillery dragon, how that makes him confess to Fu Rui.

gold/metal saw that Ji Dong blocks itself, in the ice-cold blue pupil flashes through together the malignant influences immediately, lifts the hand to slice toward the Ji Dong shoulder.

"Stop."Lie Yan (raging flames) solemnly shouted.

gold/metal has doubts looks to her, Lie Yan (raging flames) also turns head to look to her, although on the Lie Yan (raging flames) face is covered with the veil, but this light glance actually passes through the blocking of veil, in straight thrust gold/metal pupil. King's body shivered slightly, the conditioning, sat slowly.

Lie Yan lightly said: "gold/metal, if you also want with me, later my order, not to get rid at will."Although Lie Yan's sound is very tranquil, but is actually flooding an unquestionable dignity, what is most terrifying, formidable oppression strength that she sends out, but aims at a gold/metal person, Ji Dong and artillery dragon A Bing has not felt.

gold/metal is gazing at Lie Yan (raging flames), has stopped slightly, nodded. Aura restrains.

"Senior Brother, do you also know me?"Ji Dong smiles is asking to artillery dragon.

First, asked the monthly ticket, recommended the ticket.

Chapter 202: Treatment artillery dragon

Artillery dragon doubts looks at Ji Dong. Under grasping the chef's hat, reveals own bald. He and five years ago compares, wanted obviously fat, waist thick. Although his strength very difficultly again progressive, but the eyesight is not bad. When he sees that golden armor female, thought that cold air hurls within the body. That enchanting golden armor is not only the ornaments. This thinks that meets ** has been tired, actually by being shocked that Ji Dong this Senior Brother said.

"Are you?"

Ji Dong respectfully said: "Five years ago, Senior Brother Fu Rui is leading me and Bao'er comes to here to eat your barbecue. That time, but also has run into teacher's wife. Don't you remember?"

The artillery dragon had pondered slightly, suddenly, has patted fiercely own bald, "is your boy! You called Ji Dong, right? I often listen to Fu Rui that boy to mention you. In a flash, more than five years passed. How your boy came, this what's the matter?"

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "Senior Brother should not be offended, this table calculates my. Several people have stared at my friend to look a moment ago, my this friend temperament was not quite good, has frightened their. Blames me, cannot block him promptly. Welcomed to fellow apprentice's business."

Artillery dragon A Bing shot a look at gold/metal one eyes, ", since is the person on one's own side, let alone does anything affect. Arrived Elder Brother here. What can also make you compensate? Fu Rui on your such Little Junior Brother, you are his brothers, is my A Bing's brothers, later do not call any Senior Brother Senior Brother, called the Big Brother."

"Big Brother, the little brother was respectful might as well obey orders."Ji Dong likes artillery dragon frank disposition, immediately complies. However, frank this humble one of artillery dragon made him awkward.

"Little brother, you are lucky in love! These two which are sisters-in- law! Is?"

"Uh......"Ji Dong turned head to look at Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal, helpless say/way: "Big Brother, under your mouth is forgiving. These two are the friend of mine."

Lie Yan (raging flames) stands up, to artillery dragon say/way: "Your barbecue is very good, what a pity, your magic power has blocked, otherwise, will be better."As Empress of earth core world, she naturally cannot same call the Big Brother with Ji Dong, can set out to express best wishes, already because of the Ji Dong face.

Artillery dragon laughed, "blocking blocks, these many years. Good, you sit first, I give you barbecue. Rare Brother Ji Dong comes my one time, today this, calculates my."

"wait a moment."Lie Yan (raging flames) opens the mouth to say suddenly.

Artillery dragon brows slightly wrinkled, Lie Yan's sound, although is quite interesting to listen, but has a feeling of keeping aloof imperceptibly. Made in his heart very depressing. He opens one fragrance many years here, respects to him including Heavenly Stems School Teachers, regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) manner, he is really some does not catch cold, but looked that has not manifested suddenly in the Ji Dong share. Otherwise already left in a huff. "also what matter?" The voice of artillery dragon also slightly cold several points.

Lie Yan (raging flames) as if had not felt that change on artillery dragon mood, as before is such tone, lightly said: "Motor disability cannot dredge on behalf of magic power. So long as the unenlightened meridians can continue and make a connection, can restore as before. Meridians blocking also forcefully cultivates, magic power that your within the body saves made the meridians soon unable to withstand, does not lose leads, most can live for one year. Your body is thick, is not the result obese, but is the magic power brace rises."

Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, on the artillery dragon face to reveal color/look with amazement, "you can see my condition."

Lie Yan nodded, "cannot eat without paying your barbecue, is compensates your table for gold/metal. Ji Dong, you help his one. The key position......"spoke of here in the left eye and left arm breaking place, her sound stopped, following content, among exchange brand mark through souls in the Ji Dong mind.

Some artillery dragon being in a daze visits them. muttered: "This is impossible. Teachers of school does not have the means."

Lie Yan (raging flames) sits down, said indifferently: "Ordinary Mage does not certainly have the means. Is very quenchless because of them your magic power, once shuts off the meridians that you block, has not waited to unblock, you must be exploded by own magic power brace. Only can be fast dies. Even if they have the means to suppress your magic power, actually cannot make the meridians that you continue give full play to the vitality in a short time, makes a futile effort, you are fast die as before. Therefore, some people do not dare to begin easily."At the same time was saying, the Lie Yan (raging flames) wrist/skill turns, is loaded with the origin of life azure Xiaohulu to appear in her palm, before she and Ji Dong soul exchange time knows that Ji Dong left Vermilion Bird that bottle. "Is artillery Big Brother dragon, you willing to believe me?"Ji Dong received the bottle gourd, stern looks to the artillery dragon.

The artillery dragon puts on own chef hat, "haven't brothers, anything believed. Your this friend did not say, if incurable, I also live am about one year, refuses to abandon hope. Died died, nothing. I exactly was already under cost price."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Big Brother, so long as you believe me, I have over 90% assurances. We walk, needs to find a peaceful place."

"Worries. Must make you have this food to say first again. You are waiting, I go to barbecue." The artillery dragon turns around to move toward the kitchen, on fierce face cannot help but reveals several points of excited color/look. Although the Lie Yan (raging flames) words are not many, but he can actually feel that this has the perfect sound girl to be different. The social experience of artillery dragon is rich, from the facial expression of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), he can see the lots. When Ji Dong looks to Lie Yan (raging flames). Except that admires the also respect. He listened to Fu Rui to say in detail Ji Dong matter, can be honored as replaces by Fu Rui the person, sent the invincible might on Holy and Evil Battlefield greatly, the Ji Dong strength was without a doubt. Can make him respect, obviously this ignorant/veiled the female origin of veil is uncommon. Let alone, this is his first time meets is only has a liking for one to be able the person who his situation said exactly right. From that female and Ji Dong affirmative tone, he knows, the opportunity of perhaps restoring must come.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), thank you. You said that I have not known how really should help artillery Big Brother dragon."Ji Dong said.

Lie Yan (raging flames) shook the head, "besides you, I am not familiar with owe others anything. Moreover I could see, you respect to him very much. The person who you respect, natural value is saved rescues. You must remember, the chaos create all. Must help him patch the meridians with the purest chaos rapidly, restores to the recurrent state, and must help him consolidate the meridians. Has the origin of life, these on easy many." Ji Dong nodded, "feels relieved. I with artillery Big Brother dragon attribute common origin, according to means that you said that should without question. If Senior Brother Fu Rui knows that artillery Big Brother dragon can restore to cultivate, will be very certainly happy."

Lin Yan said: "Physical disability, he was forever impossible to achieve the Nine-Crown supreme rank. Eight-Crown should."

The free time of a while. The artillery dragon carried the tray to deliver personally, big string barbecue, the ale of big cup.

Lie Yan (raging flames) pulls up the veil lightly, only reveals the mild delicate red lip, small mouth small mouth has eaten, gold/metal is impolite, the mask raising half on her face, has revealed the mouth, but, her table manners did not have Lie Yan (raging flames) to be so graceful, in gulps was eating the barbecue. Although she has not said anything, when occasionally looks up to the artillery dragon look, was obviously more affable, is is very obviously satisfied to this barbecue.

Ji Dong discovered, King's face must be slightly thin, the lip is also thin, seems, although is imperfect like Lie Yan (raging flames), but can see from the face line and lip line distinct lip, she also surely is a beautiful woman.

The Ji Dong racket the shoulder of artillery dragon, "Big Brother, I had eaten a moment ago. Let them eat here, we go. Morning a point cures you, I also well felt relieved."Has Arguinbau to protect, he does not need to be worried about the Lie Yan (raging flames) safety.

dragon A Bing is not artificial, stands up, bringing Ji Dong to go upstairs to go directly.

Until two people walked, gold/metal ate the speed of thing slightly to reduce speed a point, said in a low voice: "Master, this meat is very delicious."

Lie Yan (raging flames) looked at her one eyes, "do not eat again. Your stomach does not know that many years have not entered food, just restored, cannot eat too many things. This ale can little drink actually. Waits to return to the woods of life, I want on one bottle of origin of life for you again, your should be able to recover normally. What a pity, the soul is the human most mystical place, I am unable to help you reply to remember, can restore to come, must look at your luck."

gold/metal gently nodded, puts down the meat string, slowly is drinking the ale.

A Bing brings Ji Dong to arrive at inside in a fragrant top layer room. Locks on the other side the door, he said to Ji Dong: "Here is the place that I usually rest, no one will come. In here."

Ji Dong said: "Big Brother, possibly somewhat will be later painful, you must endure patiently."

A Bing laughed, "felt relieved, a pain I also bore. Dies I not to fear, what pain is?"At the same time was saying. He arrives at the bedside directly, took off shoes to sit cross-legged to sit.

The Ji Dong floating body, achieves A Bing behind, solemnly said: "Big Brother, regardless of later has anything to feel, you must relax the body as far as possible, do not revolve own magic power, all have me."

A Bing nodded, the right hand places on the knee, closed both eyes.

Ji Dong lifts both hands, falls on A Bing generous carrying on the back, the thought moves slightly, the Pinnacle Two Fires brilliance simultaneously flashes before behind him, in an instant, saw only Ji Dong behind the both sides respectively to present a round hot sun and a round crescent moon, in this not too broad room almost by this Pinnacle Two Fires aura was filled in the flash.

A Bing groaned, deeply frowned, the tyrannical attribute that erupts instantaneously suppresses along with the double palm of Ji Dong pours into fully to his within the body.

Above Ji Dong magic power level him, has Supreme Yin again to the Yang Fire flame, even if the distance is very far, this attribute will suppress will also exist, let alone will be so the contact of short distance?

Artillery dragon A Bing only thought behind by far unceasing transmits huge magic power, in addition the disparity in attribute, he of suppression is not only unable to move the slightest, even lost the contact in within the body magic power.

Ji Dong wants, is this effect. To cure the artillery dragon, must first suppress magic power of his within the body completely, only then in this case, helping him dredge meridians magic power of time these condensation not to come out to cause trouble.

Pours into magic power to artillery dragon within the body truly, Ji Dong feels him now to be dangerous. magic power of artillery dragon within the body was unable to revolve voluntarily, presents massive, distributes in various whole body meridians. The meridians of many place haunch because of this solid magic power, some place meridians thin has been similar to the cicada wing is ordinary, seems has the possibility to be stave anytime. Once the place breaks, then, these will condense the terrifying magic power breaking through fetter of solid shape without hesitation, at that time was also the time of death of artillery dragon. Now Ji Dong thought Lie Yan (raging flames) said already somewhat conservative, in his opinion, the artillery dragon can live for one month well.

Discovered that the situation arduous, Ji Dong has not started to begin eagerly, but has adjusted first own breath, making own aura become stabler. Then starts to revolve own magic power. The back day and moon/month light of fused quietly, transform as black and white dual-color Yin-Yang Fish, the pinnacle attribute that the Ji Dong body sent out turned into gentle and mild immediately and air/Qi. After this is Yin-Yang blending, magic power of most doctrine of the mean, is most gentle, magic power that easily accepted. Naturally, do not despise this to lose existence of pinnacle aura, because, it is the chaos embryonic form.

Gentle magic power pours into to A Bing Within the body slowly, the effect that the attribute suppresses has not vanished, magic power of artillery dragon within the body, becomes in the attribute suppression honestly, whatever this gentle magic power injects into within the body, cannot carry on the effective revolt. This was the disparity in strength, in addition Ji Dong released gentlest fire attribute, will not stimulate the magic power eruption of artillery dragon officially.

Ji Dong does is very careful, he fused chaos aura magic power to pour into with oneself this first to the meridians of artillery dragon, at this moment, can clear seeing, in the Ji Dong forehead, ignite white flame, not only Chaos Fire, fused Ji Dong soul the fire of soul. His psychic force opened the maximum degree under inspiring of fire of soul, the meridians distribution as well as the meridians situation of artillery dragon within the body, look like the map are common, completely presents in the Ji Dong mind deep place.

Gentle magic power densely covered in Paolong Within the body, covered one to protect magic power for his vulnerable meridians gradually. Even if did not have the attribute suppression, magic power in artillery dragon meridians wants to break through Ji Dong this seems like gentle, but actually fused pinnacle transformation chaos mysterious mysterious magic power is impossible.

Completes these, the Ji Dong energy truly shifts to artillery dragon that depressed left eye and left arm meridians place.

He first starts to dredge, is the artillery dragon left arm breaks the position of arm, the long pain is inferior to the short pain, found is at depressed, Ji Dong almost stimulates to movement oneself magic power without hesitation, has cut just like the sharp blade generally.

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Chapter 203: Dual flight?

The artillery dragon body shakes suddenly. Left arm cutting off limb place blood spurts crazily, blood that not only the meridians flow out shatter, is accumulates depressed there extravasated blood.

Ji Dong has compelled all impurities and extravasated blood directly completely, artillery dragon that breaks the meridians of arm place to break.

The artillery dragon placed the right hand on knee to turn into the eagle claw shape, stubbornly covered own knee, bit the jaw tightly, can see the muscle in his both cheeks to stick out clearly instantaneously, on forehead blue vein suddenly/violently jump. Obviously is bearing huge pain. But this already over 40-year-old man, actually obstinately snort/hum no snort/hum on.

The artillery dragon in bearing the pain, Ji Dong this time magic power comprehensively was also transferring, the depressed meridians were cut open instantaneously, artillery dragon within the body accumulated strongly fragrant huge magic power looks like found proclaimed the drain port to be ordinary, even if under the attribute suppression of Ji Dong, flushed toward here fully.

Pure and magic power has blocked the impact of artillery dragon magic power stiffly, in the meantime, formerly the Ji Dong arrangement also completely released in magic power of A Bing Within the body. Prevents the meridians of his within the body from issue.

Opens both eyes, the Ji Dong look suddenly becomes extremely sharp, suddenly branches out one in the white flame of his forehead beat, such as the silk floating went like the wisp, falls on the wound place of artillery dragon left shoulder.

A series of the sound gets up, during white light twinkles. The wound of artillery dragon shoulder was blocked unexpectedly completely. At this time the artillery dragon cannot see, in the wound of his left shoulder, the white light that injected changes into the innumerable white silk threads to be ordinary, was sewing all the meridians of separation for him, the originally blocked meridians dredged in the connection at the same time, that mysterious white light gently flashed through, will not stay behind the scar.

This is the chaos, the chaos true strength, the creation.

The chaos have created the world, but has not destroyed the world. Continues the meridians with Chaos Fire, before this is Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong that said can help the artillery dragon make up for the meridians wound instantaneously, is insufficient the excessive loss of blood the important reason.

At this time, the Ji Dong psychic force also opened the limit, the meridians of human body are complex, the fire of his soul ascends fully, this can control not a psychic force, causes that Chaos Fire ingenious conformity the meridians.

After all meridians were dredged completely, the left shoulder of artillery dragon also already voluntarily scab, but, Ji Dong has not let loose now to impediment of artillery dragon magic power, here meridians just continued after all, although there is Chaos Fire to help its healing, but is not very solid.

The left shoulder processes, was the left eye, the meridians of ocular region were more complex . Moreover the sensation of pain was also keener. The artillery dragon is truly intrepid, when Ji Dong breaks his ocular region depressed meridians. Because of the severe pain, the body of his whole person in the fierce vibration, the clothes of whole body is completely is soaked by the sweat, but he as before has not actually made a sound, because makes an effort excessively, the gum started to bleed. In order to relieve the pain of artillery dragon, Ji Dong has completed with the quickest speed to the left eye place similar treatment. After all meridians dredge completely, although the artillery dragon little goes to the left arm and left eye, but within the body meridians can again become the circulation.

Takes back Chaos Fire slowly, the Ji Dong chest front fluctuates unceasingly, his clothes, was soaked by the sweat similarly. The huge disbursement of psychic force, made his brain also somewhat dizzy.

"Artillery Big Brother dragon, opens mouth."Ji Dong solemnly shouted.

The body of artillery dragon stiff, what making Ji Dong somewhat puzzled was, he shook the head unexpectedly.

A Ji Dong hand continues to arrive behind the artillery dragon, controls him to pour into magic power of artillery dragon, turns head to look to the artillery dragon, when he sees the appearance on artillery dragon face, startled.

The artillery dragon is not not willing to open mouth, but was he could not achieve now. Because clenching teeth overstrain, at this time his tooth surrounding muscle already completely stiff. It is not able to open, the muscle that both cheeks stick out looks like two groups of small massifs generally hard like the iron.

Two gentle magic power pour into from the Ji Dong hand to artillery dragon both cheeks, softened the muscle of his both cheeks, Ji Dong has pinched with the hand, the mouth of artillery dragon opened finally.

The azure bottle gourd flings, the bottle gourd fills to be shaken directly by Ji Dong, a azure liquid lasing, under his magic power control, condenses a azure small ball, falls into artillery dragon mouth directly. Changes into wisp of spring to flow in within the body. Origin of life.

In Ji Dong magic power auxiliary , the huge vitality of origin of life has almost swept across artillery dragon within the body each meridians in the flash. His left eye and left arm new wound heal by the speed that the naked eye can distinguish completely, the scab falls, reveals the fresh-faced fresh meat. Meanwhile, artillery dragon that damaged meridians, restored the vigor and elasticity under this huge vitality function, starts becomes more and more tenacious, even also absorbs magic power that Ji Dong has poured into, at this moment, to the feeling of Ji Dong is, the body of artillery dragon as if glowed the youth to be common.

This is Ji Dong has not thought that he surplus the most bottle origin of life in that bottle gourd gave the artillery dragon to drink, good of effect, but must surpass his estimate. As the matter stands, the artillery dragon that before Lie Yan (raging flames) said perhaps is unable to attack the wall barrier of supreme powerhouse should not to exist. After all, under moistening of origin of life, he continues the good meridians became a perfect whole.

Following matter is simpler, Ji Dong melts magic power of artillery dragon within the body that solid shapes by oneself formidable magic power completely, stimulates to movement these magic power to start to circulate in artillery dragon within the body. Communicates with the magic power source of artillery dragon again, forms the Mage normal cultivation condition.

When his magic power removes from artillery dragon within the body, the artillery dragon entered the calm cultivation condition, this time, not only his meridians had been dredged by Ji Dong, magic power that but since also he many years has saved does not have the slightest bit to waste, the meridians are become before injury is more tenacious . The supplement of vitality also made him cut off limb to bring aging damaged to restore, it may be said that was reborn.

Gently jumps down from the bed, Ji Dong has not alarmed the artillery dragon, he knows, when the artillery dragon sobers from the cultivation, not only injury healing, but also the strength will be also big.

Has wiped the sweat of oneself forehead with the sleeves, although is exhausted, but his mood is extremely good at this time, that body and mind happy feeling as if made the fire of his soul understand. The entire therapy process has only continued half double-hour, seems, seemed very simple completes. May in fact, entire day under be able to treat this injury, and does not have any injury to artillery dragon A Bing, perhaps a palm of the hand can count to come. If the origin of life can also find, then, with Chaos Fire of A Bing common origin may with, but cannot be asked. Even if Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird does not have such ability! The origin of life are most can help the A Bing tenacious meridians prolong the life, not goings to the roots of the problem. Having Chaos Fire can completely solve his problem.

Two Fire Element bodies separate from Ji Dong within the body, he had not taken back them, but is one on oneself, keeps in them the room, Protector for artillery dragon A Bing, the Ji Dong then opening door quietly exited. These two element bodies do not have his magic power support, maintains 12 double-hour not to be a problem, sufficiently protection artillery dragon.

Returns the hall, Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal also sits there, they already finished eating the thing, is drinking the ale to wait for him.

Sees Ji Dong whole body perspiration wet appearance. Lie Yan (raging flames) slightly knit the brows, stands up to move forward to meet somebody, she sets out, gold/metal also immediately sets out, follows in her behind.

"Is consumption very big?"

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, "artillery Big Brother dragon has been all right, we walk. First finds a place to live, I also well wash to take a bath, to change clothes."

In the morning hurries along, to afternoon for the artillery dragon treatment, his consumption is not small, needs to find a place to rest. Reason that he decision does not wait for artillery dragon to wake up departs is because does not think that the artillery dragon is grateful, his also many matters must do, with the enthusiasm of artillery dragon, the body restored the ability of cultivation, will he be excited? Definitely will detain Ji Dong, agree does not make him leave easily. Fortunately after therapy, walks, has the pair of Fire Element body protection, artillery dragon A Bing will not have any danger.

Left a fragrance, is not far in the distance, similarly is on the Third Fire main road, Ji Dong saw a named Vermilion Bird hotel. "We live there."On him mounts greasy is really uncomfortable, moreover what is more important, a fragrance, a gold/metal of golden armor attire attracted the attention of massive pedestrian, in addition the makings of Lie Yan (raging flames) that imperceptibly sending out, were really extremely noticeable. Only then lives first, can find the way to make gold/metal change clothes.

Lie Yan (raging flames) naturally cannot have any opinion regarding the proposition of Ji Dong, three people entered together had in five building high Vermilion Bird hotels fully.

Arrives at the onstage, when the service personnel asked when Ji Dong opens several room, he somewhat felt embarrassed. If opens two room, his, Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal, this should be most reasonable. However, even if gold/metal strength is strong, Ji Dong will not feel that she is safer side Lie Yan (raging flames) in Lie Yan (raging flames) side. Let alone, this gold/metal lost the beforehand memory, he naturally must guard to her. Also possibly felt relieved that lets Lie Yan (raging flames) and her room lives? Under ponders over, he said made the service person dumbfounded words.

"Opens your here best room to me, must have of one bed."

Listened to Ji Dong these words, Lie Yan (raging flames) to not to think to have anything, gold/metal because of losing memory, but did not have the opinion. May listen to be different in the service person ear. This service person is a little miss, is the 18-19 years old appearance, one hear of Ji Dong these words, the face leapt one to be red. Speaks haltingly saying: "Only opens a room really?"

Ji Dong understood at a glance that she thought crookedly, although gold/metal put on a golden armor, but her mail-armor and helmet was also the female style, a man led two women, but also only opened a room, did not misunderstand blames. "Yes, only opens a room, hurry up."On Ji Dong was been very uncomfortable by the sweat percolation, saying that some do not bear.

"Good, please wait a bit."

What the room opens is the best top suite, on five, Ji Dong took the key to lead Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal walks.

The service people look at three people of backs, muttered: "A man leads two women, moreover seems so is splendid, now is the social convention so bad?"

Nearby not far away, another has been stealing a glance looks that here service person has collected, laughs, said: "This you do not understand. This called a launching. Many aristocrats like. However looks at that male, likely is not the appearance of aristocrat, does could it be it is play the role of the pig to eat the tiger?"
"A launching? You also really dare to say Oh. Terribly ashameds." "This has anything to be quite shy, that male long, although general,
but stature good Oh, that aspect is very it is estimated that fierce, otherwise, cannot handle two women."

Ji Dong is leading Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal went upstairs quickly, he has not heard that two service person's conversation luckily, otherwise , he if heard some people to say a launching, perhaps will fly into a rage. What status is Lie Yan (raging flames) in his heart? Let alone is a launching, the solo flying was dream in his heart. ,

Naturally, he also thinks......

Is most luxurious top suite, the room is worthily big, moreover 270 degrees arc crystal glasses face directly the Third Fire main road, cannot see in the window from outside, but stands before the window, looked from inside outward, actually almost can see the situation on entire Third Fire main road. The suite is inside and outside two, is at about 100 square meters, outside is a living room, inside is a bedroom. Really bed, some big even exaggeration . Moreover the circular, looks that made the desire that one will have to throw.

Ji Dong breaks in the bathroom directly, has taken a hot bath happily, changes the upper body clean clothes to come out.

When he goes out of the bathroom, saw Lie Yan (raging flames) is standing before that 270 degrees all landing glass windows looks to outside, the bamboo hat has taken off, big * the wave red hair hangs loose in the back, is joined to the perfect stature, under out of the window sunlight shines, she like is carved the perfect statue that becomes to be common by the ruby.

gold/metal puts on that golden mail-armor and helmet as before, that static standing side Lie Yan (raging flames), this beautiful scene, looked like the time has fixed, making Ji Dong not endure to destroy.

"The earth core world possibly so will never be lively. The world of human wanted too many to be too many really happily."Lie Yan (raging flames) sighed lightly was saying.

Ji Dong arrives at side her, similarly looks outward, the Central Plains City lively picture looks from this high place, truly feeling of shock.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)."Ji Dong calls one lightly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned head to look to Ji Dong, on charming face reveals a light smile, then under the sunlight shines the smiling face, seems is that beautiful, at this time approached the evening, setting sun afterglow, moving sunset glow when this smiles has been overshadowed.

"Does Ji Dong, know? The feeling in outside walking is really together good with you."

Ji Dong somewhat impulsive say/way: "If you want, I hope that can only walk with you, goes all over continent each corner, looks that all happiness."

"If such, was best." The smile of Lie Yan (raging flames), like a chaste child, so is limpid and fine.

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Chapter 204: In the evening do we rest?

"Ji Dong, how do we rest in the evening?"Lie Yan (raging flames) asked in a soft voice. On charming face even also flies to wipe moving bright red.

Looks at her charming appearance. Ji Dong only thinks a nose heat, nearly blowout blood. This is not his resistivity is low, perhaps will change any man, the situation will not have compared him to be better.

"This......"looks at a bed of inside room, Ji Dong somewhat was immediately embarrassed. Before he and Lie Yan (raging flames), when woods monster there to did not have the too big feeling, must by, woods monster that side tree room not have any furniture, two people arrived at the evening, sat in meditation directly one late and that's the end.

But here is a hotel, felt that completely is different from the tree room of woods monster, that attractive bed, in the room the quiet and comfortable atmosphere, side also is so perfect outstandingly beautiful Lie Yan (raging flames), if in the Ji Dong heart in the subconscious does not have an idea, he is not a man.

However, defeated desire sanely, Ji Dong has probed was saying:
"Makes gold/metal cultivation outside living room, we in bedroom?"

"? Ji Dong, you......" the face of Lie Yan (raging flames) was red immediately, is ordinary like a thoroughly ripe red apple. The delicate flesh made Ji Dong have to bite an impulsion. He understands, Lie Yan (raging flames) perhaps was wrong intent. "Lie Yan (raging flames). Do not misunderstand, I meant, making gold/metal sit in meditation the cultivation outside, I and you also sit in meditation in the bedroom."

Lie Yan (raging flames) then relaxes, but remembers the idea that oneself formerly in the heart had, blushing on her charming face has not removed, she discovered, she more and more likely was a human woman.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not opened the mouth, but nearby gold/metal has actually opened the mouth at this time, "is not good. I accompany the master in inside, you outside."

A Ji Dong brow wrinkle, "this has not been one's turn you to take responsibility."

gold/metal coldly snorted, the temperature of entire room as if drops several points, "man, does not have a good thing."

Ji Dong curious say/way: "Didn't you lose recall? How also to know that the man doesn't have good thing?"

gold/metal coldly said: "Man does not have good thing."

Ji Dong speechless, Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "gold/metal, actually, if you must recognize save your artificial Lord, then, should not be I, should be Ji Dong is right. Is he brings from that Holy and Evil Island you, brings to the earth core world, if no him, you now also frozen on Holy and Evil Island, does not know after how long, can restore."

gold/metal shakes the head, "not. I only recognize you am my master. Even if were he has saved me, he was also unqualified, when my master."

"Who cherishes, when your master. Since you recognize Lie Yan (raging flames) for the Lord, not for the truth that she takes responsibility. How in the evening must rest, should be the Lie Yan (raging flames) decision." Listened to Ji Dong this saying, gold/metal seemed enraged, the under foot steps forward suddenly one step, her originally is away from the Ji Dong at least three meters distances, but is this seems not big one step, she actually arrived in front of Ji Dong.

The flash that gold/metal starts, Ji Dong only thought air/Qi of unequalled ice cold covers oneself whole body instantaneously, the skin even by this cold oppression trembles, that is not true ice cold, but murderous aura dreadfully. Ji Dong has not seen a person to send out so intensely has worked off anger. At this time gold/metal of this golden mail- armor and helmet, generally erupts the enchanting eye-catching golden brilliance like Sun.

This time is Ji Dong faces, he sees clearly the way that gold/metal has gotten rid of finally, her weapon is her hand, that wrap/sets the right hand of golden armor is being lifted by below suddenly upwardly, in an instant, bright golden light erupts suddenly from her hand, that golden light in airborne changes into a lot of golden brilliance together, unexpectedly is golden sharp thorns. Is condensed by pinnacle Yin Metal magic power completely, is similar to the entity is ordinary, fills sharp thorn that destroys the hardest defenses.

Yang Metal most has the penetrating power and passes the destructive power magic power, but Yin Metal is extremely sharp and ever changing magic power, without a doubt, in five elements, Metal department is the crime offensive. But gold/metal this point perfect shows.

And murderous aura in the swift and fierce imposing manner of instantaneously erupting intrepidly, gold/metal this simple direct struck, has been full of the extremely frigid imposing manner. The entire attack and murderous aura, imposing manner, fuses together completely. It looks like a handle sharpest sharp sword thorn to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong combat experience was also extremely rich, but like gold/metal, the imposing manner and skill linked completely match, his actually first meeting. King's fight skill can be said as he has seen the most intrepid person. Even if cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong their such supreme powerhouses, as if is also inferior to good of gold/metal union in this aspect.

Can's golden Yin Crown appears above gold/metal top of the head outrageously, is the same to Ji Dong, is Six-Crown, also three Crown Star, are representing her Level 66 strength, but at this time only then Level 66 gold/metal, in the situation of imposing manner union, takes to the feeling of Ji Dong Seven-Crown Mage to be unexpectedly more terrorist than he has faced completely. As if her whole person to slaughter fresh general.

In the face of the formidable oppression strength, Ji Dong own condition instantaneously was also promoted the peak. This is the fire of soul advantage, after Chaos Fire and soul completes colluded with, complete magic power of Ji Dong whole person, must receive the reassignment of fire of soul, the reaction capacity was quicker than at least one time before. The fire of soul, is the perfect union of magic power and psychic force, comes across a more tremendous pressure, it can stimulate a stronger potential. Ability complete explosion that Ji Dong own has.

Facing gold/metal this is flooding the endless murderous intention strikes, response of Ji Dong is a fist, his imposing manner condenses radically without enough time, only has magic power to transfer instantaneously. His fist seems not gaudy, even does not have slightest bit magic power sending out, but Black and White Yin-Yang Crown appeared above the top of the head.

A simple direct fist, even is not Scorching Sun Bite, does not belong to any skill, is only a straight punch. Because King's movement was too quick, Ji Dong strides to send out Scorching Sun Bite radically without enough time.

But after is a such boxing leaves, gold/metal that rapid incomparable, was full of the attack of terrifying murderous intention actually to stop in the midair. ten thousand the thousand gold (daughter) thorn fuses together, like lightning including 0.7 times on the fist of Ji Dong.

They simultaneously groaned, the Ji Dong shoulders rock, on fist flood cream halos, but gold/metal backward falls to withdraw from three steps talents to come to a stop reluctantly.

At this time in the Ji Dong heart has been full of the pleasantly surprised feeling, that seems like a simple fist, made his strength make the breakthrough finally again, was not the breakthrough on magic power, but was the breakthrough of magic power control. Also since has been he continuously long-awaited breakthrough.

Even if fire gold/metal, but gold/metal is also pinnacle magic power, moreover her attack any omen, has not occupied has taken the initiative completely. magic power level is also higher than Ji Dong on Level 4, in addition her own formidable attack skill, the imposing manner and skill fusion is one, attack that this erupts instantaneously, without preparation, properly speaking, Ji Dong should unable to block. But, Ji Dong actually relied on a that light fist to keep off, moreover got the winning side faintly, mystery, lay in the control.

A Ji Dong that simple fist suppresses in gold/metal comprehensively. When own potential erupts a fist that attacks completely subconsciously, may also be this fist, opened a leaf of brand-new front door for him.

That does not have any magic power release outside fist, contains is not pure magic power, but is complete Pinnacle Two Fires two magic power. Two types fuse in the Yin-Yang Fish shape together, is flooding two pinnacle attribute releases. In magic power of Ji Dong within the body, two pinnacle attribute perfect integrations, will produce in Chaos Fire that gentle and mild and aura, but when attacked a fist a moment ago, Ji Dong actually withdraws Chaos Fire that this middle mediated, therefore, in this fist, has been full of two complete characteristics of pinnacle flame. Simply speaking, this fist looks like in combination skill that his within the body forms. Then through extinguishing the god strikes that the magic power compression in 1 : 00 procedure bombardment.

Ji Dong does not know how gold/metal sees, what without a doubt is, this fist he profited, latter sends first, has blocked King's attack obstinately. This magic power controlled, making him pull closer in the skill large scale with King's distance. gold/metal magic power sharp thorn seven on the fist of Ji Dong, seven times blast out, from the sky dissolves, the direct dissolve of pinnacle Yin Metal magic power element, dissolve after explosion. Obviously Ji Dong this seemed like a fist might that any magic power has not released is terrifying. However, she is also first, in facing to extinguish the god to strike in the situation, his person of block. Naturally, this is also because Ji Dong this fist does not fall on her.

Was repelled by a Ji Dong fist, in gold/metal that deep blue eyes pupil is full of the brilliance that has not dared to believe that but more is actually not convinced, in her opinion, Ji Dong should not be her match is right. But, is contrary to what expects. Ji Dong actually it shakes in the situation that sends draws back.

"gold/metal."Ji Dong and King's contact was really too quick, when two people separated suddenly, Lie Yan's sound passed on.

The summon of Lie Yan (raging flames), is containing Ji Dong never has felt from her the mood, that is cold severe.

gold/metal turns round to look to Lie Yan (raging flames), sees only in the double pupil of Lie Yan (raging flames), floods one type to make she indescribable oppression strength. That originally incomparably bright and beautiful big eyes in gold/metal eyes, looks like two bottomless trenches is ordinary, filled made the aura that her soul trembled.

Although the Lie Yan (raging flames) vision in view of gold/metal, may stand in nearby Ji Dong can also feel this time Lie Yan (raging flames) similarly is how terrifying, but feels a point slightly her look the complementary waves, Ji Dong thought that the fire of own soul as if stops the combustion being common.

When Ji Dong has not seen Lie Yan (raging flames) has shown the strength truly is what kind of situation, at this time he actually profoundly felt that oneself and Lie Yan (raging flames) disparity is how huge. Lie Yan (raging flames) has not clearly released slightest bit magic power, but is that look, made him and gold/metal such pinnacle magic power Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse is not even able to produce including the thought of revolt.

plop'ed, gold/metal single knee kneed down, in her look has been full of the painful look, because of the blocking of armor, Ji Dong cannot see, this time gold/metal, the body had been soaked by the sweat, on the face struggles completely.

"gold/metal, you remembers, no matter, do not offend my bottom line. This is your first time begins to Ji Dong, is the last time. If there is again next time, I can make you resurrect, can destroy you at any time. Even the soul not remaining."

gold/metal was unanswerable, during the look gaze of Lie Yan (raging flames), the ability that she even continually opens the mouth does not have. Only can clench teeth to support the feeling of that incomparable pain painstakingly.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) look finally returned to normal, all pressures sweep away, panting that in gulps gold/metal feels relieved, originally was kneeing down changed to the knees to kneel, in clear blue pupil stubborn breathed one's last, the oppression in soul, making her unable to have any resistance again the thought that regarding Lie Yan (raging flames), in her mind, only remaining submitted. Lowers the head, does not dare to look at Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan lightly said: "Takes a bath, then changes clothes, takes off the mail-armor and helmet. Tonight you rest the outside."Then, she does not know where from put out one set of cotton garment to throw in front of gold/metal, then turned around to enter in inside bedroom directly.

The gate has not closed, obviously leaves Ji Dong.

The gold/metal sound is that cold, but has actually filled shivering of trembling at this time. Second Lieutenant panting reduced, she stood up reluctantly, runs away has crashed in the bathroom that also resembled, even did not have to look at Ji Dong one. If gold/metal is frightened trembling, then Ji Dong shocked. He has not thought that even if not release slightest bit magic power, Lie Yan (raging flames) as before that powerful, he is not even able to imagine, actually present Lie Yan (raging flames) is what kind of strength, must that respect her including Vermilion Bird and Teng Snake, could it be, does she also half Divine level like Saint beast leave? Perhaps is really this, but, why can't she in the world release magic power again?

These questions continuously in the Ji Dong heart, but he has not inquired to Lie Yan (raging flames), is not does not want to ask, but is not willing to inquire the Lie Yan (raging flames) privacy, if Lie Yan (raging flames) hopes him to know, sooner or later will say.

Walks into the room with Lie Yan (raging flames), looks to stand in the bedside Lie Yan (raging flames) long hair, Ji Dong cannot bear saying: "Lie Yan (raging flames), gold/metal temperament, although is not good, but I could see, she very respects to you. Do not be angry."

Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned around, her look fully returned to normal, vision gentle looks at Ji Dong, "I have not been angry. Ji Dong, recognizes me for Lord gold/metal, is anybody, when some people threaten your life, can only be my enemy. The enemies, mean that two characters, that destroys. Because, you are my bottom line."

You are my bottom line, the simple six characters, have actually raised in the Ji Dong heart dreadfully great *, he cannot think, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually will say such a few words, is this simple a few words, making him feel, even if the next moment died immediately, was worth.

Fully, charge and striving for success, sprint. Our monthly tickets at present eighth, the distance sixth more than 100 tickets. Small three are gathering the potential eruption. Today on Monday, lets our new week a new look. Today explodes sixth. Tomorrow's three. Explodes the first before down commitment in this month to be effective throughout throughout, the small three final goals only have the champion. The monthly ticket, throws.

Chapter 205: Your life, my bottom line

Looks at Ji Dong, the Lie Yan (raging flames) mood becomes some are as if different.

"Knows? Ji Dong. When you four years ago on Holy and Evil Battlefield. When facing the powerful enemy, is facing soon the destruction danger, in my heart has filled the contradiction, I do not know, I should save you. Because, if I display my ability in world, will pay the incomparably huge price. I in hesitant, I am disturbed. In I set firm resolve, your Senior Brother Fu Rui appeared, rescues from the rival you. Also in that time, I truly felt the pain, pain beyond description. Since has been I have the consciousness, pain that first time feels."

"What feeling my not clear this is, when I think you possibly died, in my heart has been full of the fear. First time realized that the frightened this mood, regarding me, means any you are not possibly able to think. But I pledged at that time, forever do not let this situation second occurrence. I do not want to realize again that type loses your fear. You to my feeling, I have known actually. You for each glass of liquor that in I mix, is containing change on your mood. We knew also has close ten years, for ten years, you have never changed to me. I for my then hesitation and guilty. Because of my clear awareness, if your I exchange a position, you will arrive at side me without hesitation, resists the powerful enemy for me. Also at that time, I finally set firm resolve, if there is same matter again, I will stand before you without hesitation."

Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, the Ji Dong whole person to be shocked, he has never thought that also cannot think, oneself really had this such status in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart, his first clear feeling Lie Yan (raging flames) had the mood of person, a mood of woman.

"No, Lie Yan (raging flames), like this. I do not hope your this." The Ji Dong sound uncontrolled is shivering, "you are the goddess in my heart, I never hope that you receive an injury, particularly was injured because of me, is I most is not willing to see. I am only a human, I know, your life is almost infinite. Even if I diligently, most also live again two and 300 years old by, one day, I will leave you. Leaves your side. Yes, I have had dream, vainly hopes for us to be able in the same place, but, I have feared to blaspheme you, does not dare to go to think, because I feared, if some day I died, you will be sad because of me. I am really good to fear that you will be sad."

"Let alone."Lie Yan (raging flames) has interrupted the Ji Dong words suddenly, one step goes forward, jumps into the Ji Dong bosom, closely holds in the arms his waist, "do not say definitely, I will not make you die, can never. I must make you with me same, does not become the body of dying. Although, even if I have not prepared for accepting your this sentiment now, but, if I will have such sentiment, you are my only choice. Your life, my bottom line. Never must before me mention that dies."

Even if previous and Lie Yan (raging flames) dances. Ji Dong is also hugging her waist by, at this time their first hug, the first clear hug, moreover Lie Yan (raging flames) on own initiative invests him to cherish the hug. This time Ji Dong, the brain fell into a blank, tight hugs into to cherish Lie Yan (raging flames), the body comprehensive fitting, making him be able to feel the elasticity and that endless wonderful moving feeling that the Lie Yan (raging flames) tender body sent out fully.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) volt in he cherishes , to continue saying: "After your severe wound, Lan Bao'er has been taking care of you, I am watching the situation of your body every day. When you most need to look, in your side is actually not I. This made me feel another your human to have the mood that envied. Therefore I decided, I must arrive at the world with you, does not separate with you. I do not like seeing you with other woman in the together appearance. Possibly was I was too selfish, even if I have not prepared for accepting your this sentiment, I do not hope that you fell in love with other people. Although I know, this is almost is not possible. Ji Dong, promises me, is living well, well cultivation. Had Chaos Fire, you had the possibility of eternal life."

"I comply, I comply with......"Ji Dong to smell among the Lie Yan (raging flames) rounds lightly the light fragrance, feels she is never having excitement, this time he, in innermost feelings, only then endless fiery. Nearly ten years, he finally felt all that oneself pay obtained the repayment. Originally she has been able to feel oneself sentiment. What also needs to say again?

"Lie Yan (raging flames), before you do not have is ready truly, I will not force your slightest bit. I can wait for you. When your entire life, this lives this world, even is the generation after generations, in my heart only then you, do not have any woman to be able in my heart to occupy again, even if a small corner. I am very happy, I have never thought that some day you will say such words to me. I have satisfied, so long as can every day see you, is I biggest satisfaction. I will not demand other again, anything cannot."

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not opened the mouth again, in the bosom of Ji Dong, she feels the relief and comfort that one type never has sufficing, although Ji Dong and her strength are unable to contrast, but she has felt the security sense. What she has not told Ji Dong is, she in becomes by oneself looks like human actually diligently, this is the preparation that she said. In her heart, already some decision, when one day, she really and human does not have anything to distinguish again, familiar human after all, at that time, she like a human woman, will love him. With him in the same place, carries forever.

Ji Dong continuously for Lie Yan (raging flames), but cultivates diligently, but unceasing payout. But, since has clearly recognized in oneself heart that emotion, Lie Yan (raging flames) also continuously, for he pays, pays silently, for him, she followed is arriving at outside this unable to use the magic power world, for him, she was accepting all of world diligently. Because she knows, if she and he really in the same place. Then, is impossible forever to live in earth core that arid place. She also hopes that he will be joyful! They such are hugging, is enjoying this wonderful feeling, extraordinary, Ji Dong impulsion on any desire, as if his physiology had not thought that at this time such words will destroy this time this pure sentiment to fluctuate.

Outside weather gradually faded out, the setting sun afterglow seems to be shy is hidden in the darkness generally quietly.

Has not known how long, Lie Yan (raging flames) slight said near the Ji Dong ear in a low voice: "How long you must hold, hasn't hugged to suffice?"

Ji Dong is very the honest say/way: "Has not hugged to suffice, forever also hugs insufficiently."

Lie Yan (raging flames) charming, in he cherished, "let loose me, your bad person of this being insatiably greedy."

Dropping that slowly the Ji Dong then heart unwilling sentiment does not hope, looks down Lie Yan (raging flames) that plays musical instruments the tender face that may break, suppresses impulsion that is kissing.

Ji Dong felt likely suddenly anything, turned head to look to the entrance, sees the entrance of bedroom, he immediately stare blankly, there static is standing a person, as if has stood was very long.

A arrange/cloth women's clothing, without any decoration and appearance, but, this stood in the entrance person can make just to loosen Lie Yan (raging flames) Ji Dong to look at one dull, this can prove many issues.

The golden long hair hangs loose in the back, is the same to the Lie Yan (raging flames) red hair, presents big * the wave shape, but compared with the Lie Yan (raging flames) long hair must slightly on short. The height and Lie Yan (raging flames) similarly are also approximate, the irritable stature exaggerates some compared with Lie Yan (raging flames), particularly the chest buttocks astonishing arc, has been full of the strong attraction, is not worse than the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion. But is such stature, has actually felt one coordinated strength feeling. The hot stature, has actually been joined to an ice-cold appearance, the oval face, the thin eyebrow blue pupil, the bridge of the nose also wants the tall and straight several points compared with the average person, if makes Ji Dong describe, he will give four character appraisals. That is: The world is outstandingly beautiful.

Right, is the world is outstandingly beautiful. In the Ji Dong heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) is the goddess, nobody can compared with perfect. But at present this female, actually it can be said that is next to Divine level perfect existence. In Ji Dong has seen in female, by the stature and appearance, she can arrange on second absolutely, is next to Lie Yan (raging flames), wants on a high point compared with the scorpion and Lan Bao'er.

Does not need to ask, this has the world of gold/metal bluing pupil outstandingly beautiful formerly the whole body covered gold/metal in golden armor. She does not know how long here to have stood, but had not made noise by.

Was heard himself by gold/metal to pouring out of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong somewhat is awkward, said with a forced smile: "Another must bring bamboo hat."

Although gold/metal is also not perfect that Lie Yan (raging flames) that type gives to fill to shock, but this rank outstandingly beautiful, if walks outside, similarly by focus.

Appearance that sees gold/metal, Lie Yan (raging flames) and for surprised, as if she had already seen. Although Ji Dong because of King's outstandingly beautiful stare blankly, but quick returned to normal, the vision also falls on Lie Yan (raging flames), this made her reveal a smile of understanding. Said to gold/metal: "Helps us close, you also earlier rest. Your just now recovers, but also needs to recuperate."

Gold/Metal complied, takes the bedroom door respectfully conveniently.

Did not have King's gaze, Ji Dong to relax immediately, after arriving at this world, at this time could be said as he most joyful time, on the face revealed the happy expression that is unable to restrain. Looks at his appearance, Lie Yan (raging flames) charming face one red, is angry saying: "Do not look, you were also tired for these days, quickly rests."

Ji Dong lowers the sound, said: "We are sit in meditation the cultivation, sleeps?"At the same time was saying, he cannot bear cast a sidelong glance that attractive great-circle bed.

"Ji Dong. "Lie Yan (raging flames) complexion bad visits him.

Ji Dong hurries to explain: "Lie Yan (raging flames), do not misunderstand, you listened to me to say. I mean, you looked that this bed is so big, one side we can definitely a person rest, is away from is so far, will not bump into. This bed seems good, are the words that does not sleep, a little a pity probably?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) has gawked, some doubts looks at Ji Dong,
"don't you have other goal?"

Ji Dong have a strong sense of righteousness say/way: "Naturally did not have. Before you do not have accepts me , do I how possibly affront you?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) snorted, "a point other idea? Your look may tell me, your this saying dishonest Oh."

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "Lie Yan (raging flames), the human woman so will not be intelligent......, Actually, I secretly have thought that if can on this great-circle bed, hug you to rest, that feeling can be how happy. Naturally, but chaste is hugging you."At the same time was saying, he is having several points of hopes and several points steals a glance disturbedly looks at the look change of Lie Yan (raging flames).

Lie Yan (raging flames) red lips pouted slightly, discontented looks at Ji Dong, no longer pays attention to him, turns around oneself to arrive at inside the round bed, takes off the shoes, has lain down in that side. Covered similarly is the corner/horn of circular quilt. She has not spoken, at this time complied? Rejected? Ji Dong stands in the bedside, quite a while other movements, in the heart the thought high and low has not fluctuated, if he does not move, that is absolutely impossible. He hopes that can hug Lie Yan (raging flames) to rest an evening. In his heart truly does not have more ideas. The hope like formerly was hugging her.

However, does not have direct permission of Lie Yan (raging flames), he does not dare to do eventually, he does not hope with great difficulty and progress on Lie Yan (raging flames) sentiment, because own destroys rashly. Today can hold Lie Yan (raging flames), in his heart has satisfied.

Crawls from another side of round bed, the soft moderate mattress lies down very comfortably, the pure light fragrance gives the favorable impression. On this bed may, only then a quilt, although this quilt is very big, if two people at the same time are resting the words, said that anything is impossible to bump into. But this after all in same bedding! Even if Ji Dong such disposition, at this time in the heart is intent is also cloudy.

The feeling of weariness upwells gradually, a day weary releases on this comfortable bed gradually, his vision has looked at the Lie Yan (raging flames) back, is bringing satisfaction wholeheartedly, fell asleep in gradually.

The back to Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) has been opening eyes actually, Ji Dong is making anything, she cannot with eyes look that can also know. When Ji Dong going to bed softly, she somewhat is really anxious, somewhat feared that Ji Dong can come, but somewhat fondly remembers his that warm and generous bosom.

The even breathing transmits from another side of bed, Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned around slowly, looks at Ji Dong to bring the resting face of satisfied smile, in her innermost feelings softest enemy side unceasing is touching. Before she can certainly feel Ji Dong, said hugs she is resting those words time longs. But he has not done eventually, in oneself do not have in the situation of explicit rejection not to do. He treasures himself, innermost feelings soft quiet is melting in this. Lie Yan (raging flames) sets out gently, has not sent out the least bit sound, quietly holds up a Ji Dong hand, lightly by, in he cherishes, places oneself waist the hand of Ji Dong again, the tender body rolls up slightly, snuggles during he embraces. Is bringing the smile and light satisfaction, closes the double pupil. Before long, the similarly even breathing resounds gently.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 206: Evil small tent

In the morning. When Ji Dong wakes from the sleep. Discovers on the bed only then, the door of bedroom was closing.

Lie Yan (raging flames)? In the heart quickly grasps the meaning of something, Ji Dong cries: "Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Jumps from the bed that flies also to resemble, opens the door, when he noticed when Lie Yan (raging flames) and gold/metal sit is eating on the sofa of outside living room earlier, the heart that mentions has put.

Two females noticed that the Ji Dong sliding door comes out suddenly, has gawked, the vision will naturally concentrate on him. the next moment, they had the different strange responses.

gold/metal turns head directly, looks to out of the window, but the milk in hand splashes, but Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly spat one, lowering the head of charming face blushed.

Looks at their responses, Ji Dong has gawked, subconscious lowering the head looks, greatly is immediately embarrassed. In the evening sleeps he, although feared that Lie Yan (raging flames) is shy, but has not taken off the clothes, but he just sobered from the sleep, is in the morning. The men the most normal response has not supported the tent every morning parsimoniously. Moreover, the tent is very high......

Such situation was seen by two women, moreover instantaneously presents in them at present, they can naturally that blame. "! Sorry."Ji Dong "pitiful yell". Hurries to close the door, met the room to engage in introspection.

Lie Yan (raging flames) Bei Chiqing bites the lower lip, muttered: "This bad person."Yesterday a night, she also rested fragrantly, so is especially early, but the day of not awaking just dawn time, she felt that had any hard thing top/withstand on own buttocks, was very irritable.

After sober, looks, the small tent of discovery that evil, she greatly is bashful immediately, hurries to set out, has not made Ji Dong know that yesterday evening she was, in he cherished. Must, weary and relaxes, making Ji Dong sleep soundly sinks very much. But she has not actually thought, after Ji Dong awakes very early in the morning transfers, cannot see her, first flushed, finally, the small tent of that evil, once again presented in front of Lie Yan (raging flames). Can she not awkward and shy?

Although Lie Yan (raging flames) does not know that actually in that small tent is anything, but she can also guess correctly that indistinctly that and between the man and woman the most intimate contact have the important function.

The awkwardness of Ji Dong are not less than Lie Yan (raging flames), returns to the bedroom, he wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into then forget about it, was really too disgraced. Some little time is returns to normal the mood, opens the door, sees only Lie Yan (raging flames) also to sit on the sofa, but gold/metal stands before the window looks at outside.

Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) look at each other one red, Lie Yan (raging flames) charming face once more one. Ill-humored say/way: "Quickly eats a thing."

Ji Dong such as attains the pardon, this crashes in the bathroom, has combed the hair and wash the face simply, returning to the living room to have the breakfast. At this time his mood is returns to normal gradually, the matter that yesterday had, made him, if ate together the honey to be filled with generally delightfully, can say, relations between he and Lie Yan (raging flames), starting from last night, had the substantive change, although did not have the true piercing that matter paper, but two people more and more likely are the lovers, but before was not, such more likely was the feeling of masters and disciples.

"What do you have to plan today?"Lie Yan (raging flames) saw Ji Dong to finish eating, this asked.

The Ji Dong hesitation moment, said: "That side the woods of life, we must go back as soon as possible, the golden eagle business association suffered a loss there, perhaps will not give up. If takes an action again, perhaps a woods monster clan ended. Therefore I must handle today the Central Plains City matter, then hurries back to Earth Spirit Mountain Range to ask Aunt Vermilion Bird That side result. If all smooth, tomorrow we can return to the woods of life."

Lie Yan nodded. Said: "You go. Today I did not go with you, I and gold/metal return to earth core to go, dragon egg may the hatching anytime, I must guarantee that it will not have the problem. At dusk, we still meet in this room. If your matter has gotten through, together at the same night rushes to Earth Spirit Mountain Range to go."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, that such settled, the matter is not suitable late, I walk now."Lie Yan (raging flames) returns to earth core temporarily, he can also feel relieved, there, she is Empress, let alone is a gold/metal, is 100 gold/metal, perhaps impossible to pose any threat to her, moreover after there is a yesterday's deterrent, gold/metal seemed to be more for several points to fear regarding Lie Yan (raging flames).

Walked out of the Vermilion Bird hotel, the Ji Dong vision looked at one in a fragrant direction, thinks that now A Bing should also restore. Also had finished a wish for Senior Brother Fu Rui, under must by, A Bing's initial wound to be rescued Fu Rui receives.

Ji Dong inquired slightly, had found on the Third Fire main road a biggest restaurant. Takes the deposit by Rank 6 crystal core directly, has ordered the brandies and whisky of various massive years from it, as well as a large quantities of pebble bottle. These crystal bottles are primarily the circular, because the Yin-Yang Fish whole is the circular, the fist size, is used to take the magic skill liquor the putting household utensils, this glass jar adds on the liquor. Quite therefore the paper of magic skill scroll. Ji Dong now the gold coin are not many. But what crystal core are many, after subscribing liquor that must use, Ji Dong also inquired the positions of two places from this restaurant. These two places, one is the Central Plains City Mage Guild site, another, is the equal palace.

This is the place that he must go to today, he already listened to Fu Rui saying that trades crystal core in Mage Guild there, the price is most just. Naturally, the precursor is you, if the Mage Guild member is good. Although Ji Dong now is also not, but by his strength, was admitted to Mage Guild at all is not any issue. He and Lie Yan (raging flames) prepares to travel on continent, needs money to support. Therefore he planned that received exchange for certain cash being used for the expenses with a number of non- Fire department crystal core. Also is good to pay the order the tip.

As for going to equal palace, he is prepares to look for Ji Yeshang, finished to worship this world parents' concern while convenient.

Mage Guild position, on the Fifth Earth main road, but the Central Earth Empire imperial palace also similarly in this main road, thus it can be seen, Mage Guild had in various countries' status venerates. Fifth Earth main road Ji Dong not only one time has gone, had certain impression to the Mage Guild position. Quick, he changes to the neighboring not far Fifth Earth main road from the Third Fire main road. After imperial palace, his vision subconscious looked at one in the direction of imperial palace. In the past, he received here most intense chasing down. Crown Prince Central Earth Empire Ji Yifeng, dies in his hand.

Circumstances changes with the time, the initial chasing down command early was not, these many years, his appearance also had not the small change, even if were the beforehand acquaintance is not necessarily able to recognize.

After the imperial palace is not far, Ji Dong saw own destination. The construction of Mage Guild similarly is a building, all over the body presents for the pentagon, impressively is a Pentagon, can see from Ji Dong this position, faces the direction of Fifth Earth main road directly. The wall is the brown color, is representing Central Earth Empire the attribute Earth department. Entire building highly over 20 meters, at least over five, the construction gives an extremely sincere/heavy feeling. In that brown wall place above, a huge circular logo is hanging there.

This mark at least has diameter about three meters, the logo presents is ten colors, takes the center of circle as, heavy lines separate ten colors, each color, represents one is being magic power, and in the corresponding color, is carving the heavenly stems name. For example the azure region, is carving armor character, dark green region carving is B character. Although the entire logo appears somewhat complex, but is very enchanting, that each color region seems mounts by the unique that type of color stone material, is particularly dazzling under shining of morning sun.

This is Mage Guild symbolized. Ji Dong knows, this Mage Guild, is the entire continent Mage Guild association is. Central Earth Empire as the continent first powerful nation, causes the first great nation, the associations of some big associations place here. Only if the attribute specific association, for example Bartender association that type, will appear in other empires.

Stood gazes at before the gate simply, Ji Dong stepped the stair, walked toward the Mage Guild association.

Before this Yin-Yang Mage association gate, any gate guard has not existed, the broad arch front door to the turnover, can see from this point, this Mage association was atmosphere how. Others simply was not worried that some people can disturb anything, who dares to disturb to Mage Guild, that was not in the brain has the water exactly to suffice.

Approaches the front door, Ji Dong first to see, is a giant main hall, the main hall similarly is also the pentagon, five walls separately are the five types colors, is representing the five elements attribute.

", Has something to help you?"Has not waited for Ji Dong to make the observation. Side has broadcast a gentle sound, Ji Dong turns head to look, saw only one to wear the young girl of white long skirt to arrive at his side to stand. This young girl figure is slim, the look is also considered as is on the posture, on the face has the smile of professionalism to salute to him slightly.

Simultaneously Ji Dong also notes, here, the young girl of attire has 20 similarly, stands a row side the entrance, can say, was considered as on has been selective, was joined to the white long skirt, making one take a quick look around, subconsciously will have the favorable impression.

Ji Dong have a relish visits her, said: "Are you?"

The white clothing young girl shows a faint smile, said: "I am the aimer of Yin-Yang Mage association. Excuse me, has something to help your?"

Aimers? Such advanced? Does not owe is the Mage association! Ji Dong favorable impression increases to this Mage association immediately, "I have two matters today, one is to accept the inspection, joins the guild. The second matter must after joining the guild sells some crystal core."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, white clothing young girl nodded, said: "Good, troubles you to come with me."Saying, bringing Ji Dong to turn around to walk toward inside.

At this time because in the morning, the Mage association in person are not many, only then seven and eight Mage by, some of them also wear the ordinary cotton garment like Ji Dong, some wear oneself this attribute Mage robe.

The white clothing young girl brings Ji Dong to hall right, is walking while said to him: "Since you are join guild, then, you were first time come. First time arrived here, must first carry on the status registration, after the registration, can participate to inspect. The guild will act according to your strength to give the fair appraisal, the donation status badge, making you become in guild. However, a little you must pay attention, would here in us, at least is Mage of Three-Crown above rank is qualified for two to suffice to buy or trade various types of goods." Very obviously, the white clothing young girl looks at Ji Dong to be young, therefore carries on such gentle reminder. But Ji Dong actually discovered that said that these words, on her face is having the light smile throughout, does not have the slightest bit to disdain and despise, can say her guidance impeccablly.

"Reminder thank you."Ji Dong also to smile, to her nodded.

Before the white clothing young girl brings Ji Dong is arriving at a big counter, needs to reach three extremely stairs to stand in the window place, after Ji Dong brings to here, the white clothing young girl says with a smile: "After you register here, can enter from that side front door, in the gate left, evaluates the region, there will have the specialist to be responsible for receiving your. I must go to guide, to wish you for other people to inspect smoothly."Bows after Ji Dong slightly salutes, the white clothing young girl then turns around to go.

After the counter, is one seems the 20-year-old youth, puts out a form, actually does not give Ji Dong, but places itself in front, with beginning a stroke, this raised the head saying: "Hello, please reply that my issue, to help registering."

Doesn't write with oneself? The service of Mage association is in place really! On the Ji Dong face the smile is invariable, worthily is the Mage family/home. Each gives people the comfortable feeling.


"Ji Dong."





"Graduation school?" Heard this issue hesitant, Ji Dong slightly, he knows certainly, if reported on Heavenly Stems School, even is the Yin-Yang School given name will have the how big help to oneself, but, his soldier has not actually done, because of his soldier not true from the Heavenly Stems School coin. Therefore, his reply is: "Li Fire School."

"Li Fire School?"Youth of that record raised the head looked at Ji Dong, scratched the head, "I have not heard this senior college probably!"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Is only the general college by, initiation. It is not the senior college."

The youth writing slightly stops, said: "This mister, said honestly, if you are only the community college graduate, carried on the registration in Mage Guild of own country on the line. Because comes the association to register, if magic power does not surpass Three-Crown, will not entrust with the qualifications. Association here threshold is quite high."

Ji Dong nodded, "reminder thank you, continue."

The youth have not seen anything from the Ji Dong face self-confident or are other mood, is only tranquil and indifferent, immediately continues to ask: "magic power attribute?"

Ji Dong replied: "Yin-Yang two fires."

Our week of recommendation list and monthly ticket list, at present are seventh. Tang gate brothers and sisters, we both go against two lists to today sixth, what kind of? top/withstood, tomorrow on eruption three. Come, jacks. After our Tang gate forever is not glad to the person. Let us display the Tang Menkuai ruthless true meaning.

Chapter 207: Test, Mage association

"?"Youth one dull. He is responsible for registering here also two years, never had actually heard the attribute like Ji Dong, suddenly, has gawked, looks that the Ji Dong vision also changed several points.

Ji Dong said: "You press filling in that I said."He has not planned to hide oneself strength here, does not want to hide anything, present he, already was not low status Mage that initially that two, Three-Crown then people rubbed to pinch.

The youth according to filling in that Ji Dong said that then also asked his place of birth and other series of issues, until finally, asked: "Your magic power level."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, asked back: "Is very easy to see Mage level from Yin-Yang Crown, why that guild can also carry on the Mage evaluation?"

The youth unflustered say/way of: "It seems like, you first time comes to Mage Guild, before feared your any branch not to go. Our Mage evaluations, are not evaluate your level, in our Mage Guild, has independent one set of title. Used to appraise a Mage actual combat capability. In Mage, same magic power level, the strength has the possibility different. Simply speaking, some Mage can have formidable magic skill. Some Mage have almost not actually passed through any actual combat, in the true fight, their victories and defeats can be imagined. Our Mage Guild must evaluate, is the Mages true strength. Some magic power achieve Four-Crown Mage, actually can only give the appraisal of Two Stars here, but some, only then Three-Crown Mage, the appraisal can actually reach as high as Four Stars. Was this reason."

Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, ", you were the same with Bartenders Association, to arrive at the Nine Stars way to carry on the evaluation to Mage."

Youth unable to help laughing, said: "From the title, is this. However, a little you must pay attention, Bartenders Association is just the Level 2 guild, but our Mage Guild, is one of the entire continent two top grade guilds. Similarly is the star, the significance is completely different. Can obtain Mage of Six Stars title from here, to any country, at least will have been awarded the viscount the above title, becomes the general without question. But Six Stars above title, only then would being able to evaluate in us. Various countries' main branch are most also only to evaluate Five Stars by."

Ji Dong somewhat curious asking: "Left Mage Guild, the there is still one top grade guild? What is that?"

The youth said: "Is the magic skill guild. Their there only recognizes the skill, does not recognize magic power. The headquarters of magic skill guild also here, on the Sixth Earth main road, if you are interested to have a look, there, so long as you have enough money, or uses own skill to receive in exchange. Certainly can magic skill that oneself want. There evaluation, carries on according to the magic skill ability completely."

also magic skill guild? The Ji Dong curiosity is big, must know, since, his most of the time has been able saying that used in the cultivation, regarding are not many, today he who various matters in Mage world knew has day to handle various matters, since magic skill guild distance here were not far, time also were also many, when relied on after here the conclusion has sold crystal core, to that side also while convenient looks at one. He not actually to go to there purchases magic skill, but wants to have a look, if own magic skill carries on the evaluation, can be what kind of degree.

"Sir, haven't you said your level?" "Oh, Level 61."In the Ji Dong mind is thinking the matter about magic skill association, replied freely spoken.

The youth looks at Ji Dong, the vision instantaneously became the delay, pa'ed, the pen in hand fell on the table, suddenly completely could not speak.

20 years old. Level 61......, He had not heard such situation appears, even if in entire continent first school Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School, has never presented such monster!

"Troubles you, makes the best use of the time." The Ji Dong sound made that youth come soberly, after hurrying to fill in magic power level, gave Ji Dong the form.

"Thanks."Ji Dong turns around to walk, since must go to the magic skill guild to walk, then, must make the best use of some time now.

Sound that the back transmits that youth, "are you really such rank?"

Ji Dong looks back smiles, "after I evaluated had finished, don't you know?"On the mouth said uselessly, spoke with the fact, was the way that Ji Dong most liked.

Takes the form of filling, Ji Dong is entering in the positive/direct front door, enters this leaf of front door, his feeling immediately changes. In the air filled the rich magic power element to fluctuate suddenly, ten departments all had, but was actually not ten departments coexists, but the unceasing transformation, Fifth Earth department magic power, Third Fire department magic power, ten departments transformed suddenly suddenly alternately.

After entering the front door, is a circular main hall, the right is the going upstairs staircase, but the left is another leaf of front door, above has three large character test halls.

Was here. Ji Dong takes a step to enter in the test hall. After entering the front door. He sees immediately, this test hall is a circular location, the diameter approximately about ten meters. The center is standing a person.

That is a middle-aged person, seems about 40 -year-old appearances, the bearing sinks to congeal, the shoulder is broad, at the Ji Dong eyesight, sees this is Fifth Earth department Mage.

The middle-aged people read form in the Ji Dong hand, "new person?"

Ji Dong nodded.

Middle-aged humanity: "Association here evaluation custom is, attacks layer by layer upwardly. Even if the new people are level are high enough, must one layer upon layer pass, cannot jump the ranks the challenge. When you will come next time again, the status that can adopt evaluate directly carries on the corresponding inspection. I am the Three Stars rank examination official, therefore, you can also call me the Three Stars examination official. If you confessed were inferior, now can also withdraw, our inspections, were conducted through the actual combat, when I felt you had the Three Stars strength, will make directly you go through a strategic pass. May not decide the victory and defeat."

Really, here does not have One Star and Two Stars, this was the characteristics of association, "came." The reply of Ji Dong is very simple.

"Was careful." The middle-aged people reminded one. The ray flashes, brown magic power has released instantaneously, is Fifth Earth department, in the top of the head White Yang Crown presented Five-Crown Two Stars level impressively, Level 54 Third Fire department Great Grandmaster, truly sufficiently evaluated the Three Stars rank Mage. Can see from his sharp look, this person has fought many battles surely.

One inch time one inch gold/metal, Ji Dong also a lot must be done today, naturally cannot waste the time here, the middle-aged person releases Yang Crown time, his body flushed. Even does not have the release including own Yin-Yang Crown, body crouches/submits Di, a tip of the toe place, just like pasting the glide is common, because here location is very small, he with that Mage is five meters distance by, regarding the Ji Dong present strength, free time who even if impractical magic power, by the strength of physical body, five meters distance also flickers merely by.

The middle-aged people only thought that at present a flower, his response is very quick, the rich actual combat experience made him feel the intense crisis, has not gone to try to display complex magic skill, before a both hands chest protector, protected the lower abdomen, two arm dual oscillations, immediately, one group of yellow rays bloomed from his both hands, during erupted instantaneously, lent the rich and sincere/heavy aura, changed into the thick earth great shield to keep off in the front at the same time.

However, the next moment his pupil has contracted immediately, the response of Ji Dong is very simple, facing that thick earth great shield, his response, only then a fist, unprecedented, has filled a strong strength fist.

This completely is the eruption of physical body strength, but is not the release of magic power, that Fifth Earth magic power, is unable to have any suppression to Ji Dong, that fills the magic power dirt wall, stiffly was rumbled unexpectedly under the right fist of Ji Dong a big hole, Three Stars examination official groaned, the chest has recycled inward, the double palm blocks the fist of Ji Dong reluctantly, he only thought that transmits vigorously, the after body of whole person already uncontrolled, flies. Numerous hits on test hall wall.

Without his support, that thick earth great shield dissipates voluntarily, Ji Dong soldier has not contaminated any dust, receives the fist to stand, light asking: "Was OK?"

The Three Stars examination official falls the ground, chest is depressed, but has not actually been injured, but at this time his actually as before complexion big change. Regarding own strength, he is clear. magic power or the actual combat capability, he has the self-confidence very much, is the Five Stars powerhouse who in the guild deserves. But, before present this youth, is actually only a fist, without containing the simple fist of any magic power, others has not even received including the form, is only the single- handed fist, will break own defense to shake flies. Can this need how terrifying physical body strength achieve? Clearly, others have shown mercy, otherwise, so long as during formerly attack joined magic power, perhaps now ended. The strength of what rank is this?

By the Ji Dong present strength, truly is not Five-Crown Mage can contend, his seems like a simple fist, is actually development that the vigor unites completely, when rumbled a moment ago that fist, he planned to release some Third Fire magic power to come the broken shield. But when, his fist rumbles, suddenly recalled when yesterday withstood gold/metal attacks that. The imposing manner and strength, the perfect integration, this presented a powerful fist. Last night because of the relations of Lie Yan (raging flames), his soldier had not pondered carefully after oneself and gold/metal fought realizing from experience, at this time very natural displaying came out, Ji Dong was clear, own actual combat capability and control to magic power, have been another level.

Naturally, what he does not know, reason that can such quickly comprehend mystery, fused chaos the fire of soul to have the enormous relations with him. The fire of soul appears, making Ji Dong various aspects comprehensively promote, the huge psychic force, made his perception very natural far supernormal person, went to an extremely terrifying situation.

The Three Stars examination official fills inconceivable looks at Ji Dong, long time reluctantly opens the mouth, "the Three Stars inspection passes."At the same time was saying, in front of he somewhat impatient arriving Ji Dong, received the application form in Ji Dong hand to look at one, then gives Ji Dong a circular metal ball, that above has three star design brand marks.

Refers to behind a finger/refers of test hall leaf of door, "enters the Four Stars test hall from here. You can also choose rest here the half time in double-hour. Oh, a little I must remind you, during the test, cannot use any magic power weapon."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "Does not use, thanks."Walks into the door to go directly.

Looks back that Ji Dong departs, Three Stars examination official muttered: "20 years old, Level 61, Li Fire School? When on continent presented such a formidable school. It seems like I should go to the association to inquire. Even but if, he is Level 61, should not release in the magic power situation to be able me to repel! This was really too inconceivable. The one who how the attribute returns filling is Yin-Yang two fires?"

Walks into the Four Stars test area, here obviously compared with on the beforehand Three Stars test hall big some, the room also be the circular, but the diameter has exceeded 15 meters, had many room.

The test hall center is also standing a person, compared with the former Three Stars examination official, he instead wanted to be younger, the look was handsome, 30-year-old appearance.

Moved has not said anything, directly to the hand signal that the Four Stars examination official made invitation, simultaneously shook started the metal ball.

On the middle-aged person corners of the mouth appears a smiling face, "young fellow is very impatient!"However, the smiling face of the next moment his corners of the mouth was stiff, because the body of Ji Dong has been similar to as powerful as a thunderbolt to/clashes generally to him. The whole person body is common just like the shell, the power and influence imposing manner, may say without any skill, is simple, direct and crude.

Feels the oppression strength that on Ji Dong is sending out, the middle- aged person releases own Yang Crown without hesitation, on Yang Crown the brand mark presents is the water-drop shape, is Ninth Water department Mage. Similarly is Five-Crown, but on Crown Ring actually four Half-Star, Level 59, the distance breaks through Level 60 not to be far.

With the former Fifth Earth department Mage total defense, facing the attack of Ji Dong, this Ninth Water Great Grandmaster both hands at a chest front point, the respective stroke an arc, gentle magic power to the person a clear pleasant feeling, soft has actually filled with the toughness and Ninth Water broad vast aura, the aura that releases from his magic power can see merely, this Mage is quite profound regarding the understanding of Ninth Water, has displayed the Ninth Water magic power characteristics completely.

In the Ji Dong heart inwardly called out is good, although similarly is Five-Crown Mage, but his strength actually must compare that Three Stars examination official to be much stronger obviously before. During this gentle magic power fluctuation, after containing are innumerable the move, looks like a big net, waited for that Ji Dong likes a moth to the flame general.

What a pity, Ji Dong is fire, what discussed that likes a moth to the flame? In an instant, Ji Dong double bright, both hands simultaneously delimit, from the sky made one just like whipping the wing movement, the left arm changes into the blue color, the right arm changes into the red, Third and Fourth Two Fires leaves, welcomes gentle Yang Water magic power on that Ninth Water Great Grandmaster both hands.

Recommends a book of friend: Book title: The insect bites the world Book number: 1531283

Message: Wood department of most trash battle Qi, the insect of most trash causes the demon, was doomed only to become the incompetent second ancestor of waste material.

Facing all these, stone Jun has given out unwilling angry roaring! Therefore......
The earth-shattering, the common people are astounded!

Chapter 208: Some do Mage association also people kick field?

"This is......"Four Stars examination official pupil contracts instantaneously. Their four, almost explosive in together, the disparity on magic power, making this Four Stars examination official Level 59 magic power be led by Ji Dong Level 61 magic power completely, two people four, collided at two people central points eventually together.

Ninth Water and Ninth Water collide, forms naturally is superimposes the attack Ninth Water, when Third Fire and Fourth Fire collide, that may not be the overlay so was simple, but is the eruption of Yin-Yang two fires combination skill.

The bang, in fulmination sound, this Four Stars examination official step the footsteps of Three Stars examination official, the whole person has also flown upside down, Ji Dong has substituted for his beforehand position, stands proudly. The entire combat process mentioned makes a round trip mixed, may in fact, was one second of free time by, the victory and defeat stood sentences.

Did not mean magic skill that Ji Dong displays is formidable, the key is the both sides magic power disparity, the combination skill instantaneous explosive force. As well as Ji Dong has not given the match the setup time the speed. The flash has ensured the victory. This after all is only the test, but is not the life and death wrestles, so long as shows own strength to the opposite party, proved oneself were sufficiently enough through the inspection. Four Stars examination official stared wide-eyed is gazing at Ji Dong,
"single body Yin-Yang two fires combination skill."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "can pass?"

Four Stars examination official nodded, said of without hesitation: "Naturally, you are I have seen the most intrepid talent. Can I ask your question?"

Ji Dong said: "Please say."

Four Stars tests the major road: "Why you, when displays Yin-Yang two fires combination skill, hasn't Yin-Yang Crown appeared?"

Ji Dong said: "Because, my magic power output has not arrived to need to release the Yin-Yang Crown degree." A point that he said right. As the Pinnacle Two Fires owner, the owner of fire of soul, but releases Third Fire and Fourth Fire, truly is also not enough to make him release own Yin-Yang Crown.

Had the metal ball of Four Stars brand mark to throw, in the Four Stars examination official eyes was glittering the excited ray, "please continue to go forward. I want to take a look, actually you can arrive which step. I very long have not looked like am so excited today. Saw that you are honored very much."Yin-Yang dual attribute is it can be said that advantageous, or is unique. The Three Stars examination official who if on closes suspects regarding Ji Dong Six-Crown magic power also, this Four Stars examination official will not have any suspicion, the suppression on magic power, the proof this 20-year-old youth magic power must sufficiently at present above him. Level 59 and Level 61, seem only have the Level 2 disparity, may in fact, the difference of this Level 2 truly heaven and earth. Five-Crown and Six-Crown, simply is not the same concept.

Finally Four Stars metal ball, those who stem from the Four Stars examination official to be unexpected, Ji Dong has not continued to forward again, carries on the inspection of Five Stars Mage, but turns around to returning. "Your going astray direction. The Five Stars inspection should continue to forward." The Four Stars examination official hurries reminded.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not need to continue to forward, the Four Stars status has made me trade crystal core sufficiently. My also many matters, do not have time here to delay again."

He is only sells crystal core, is not to obtain what kind of status in the Mage association, that for him, not too big significance.

However, at present this Four Stars examination official may not think. He has seen Mage were many, which Mage arrives at high standard that here was was not admitted to itself to meet whole-heartedly as far as possible. At present this youth at least is also five, Six Stars above standard, but he is not willing to continue to inspect unexpectedly . Moreover the reason is the time is unexpectedly insufficient. This made the Four Stars examination official shock, such Mage he first time saw.

What has not waited for the Four Stars examination official to say again, Ji Dong walked, when he through Three Stars examination official there, the Three Stars examination official has gawked, "such quickly finished? You not through the Four Stars inspection?"

Ji Dong gets rid brightly the metal ball, "passed. Also must please ask you, how to determine my Four Stars status?"

The Three Stars examination official visits him dull, "could it be such short in minutes you adopted the Four Stars inspection, but also stopped in Five Stars there? You took manufacture status logo of the metal ball to be OK to hall right."

Ji Dong had not replied that his issue, thanked one. Turned around to leave the test hall. He does not know, at this time that Four Stars examination official went to the inspection committee of Mage association directly, reported the Ji Dong matter. Returns the hall, Ji Dong was very easy to find the place that the Three Stars examination official said that turned in two metal ball and own form, waited for the logo manufacture, the manufacture personnel tells him, must wait for about the quarter, symbolized his status the logo to manufacture.

At this time, the person in Mage association hall were gradually many, that dozens white clothing aimers also in abundance busy, before that sees him for the white clothing young girl who he guides in the manufacture logo, is with the smile to him, can manufacture the logo, showed that Ji Dong at least adopted the inspection of Three Stars.

Ji Dong also with the smiling face, the Mage association whole gives his feeling is quite good, the service of aimer, fulfilling duty of staff fulfills responsibility, is quite satisfying. Moreover in the entire inspection, has not charged any fee to him, obviously the excessive wealth of Mage association, worthily is one of the continent two big top grade guilds.

Stands by the logo manufacture counter, the condition that when when the Ji Dong mind starts to think to have yesterday with gold/metal that collision achieves, also gold/metal attacks that imposing manner and strength fuses completely, suppressed the match to make the match unable through the imposing manner instantaneously to display, as well as promoted own instantaneous striking power through the imposing manner the ability. These can obtain the decisive function in the actual combat. Although here is noisy, but his mind actually completely immerses to the understanding of this actual combat experience during.

Suddenly, when a scream awakens from the thinking Ji Dong, looks up. Sees only in Mage Guild became somewhat chaotic, sends out the scream, before , once for that aimer who he guided. At this time she was being caught by a tall robust man in the hand, the robust man is still drinking to scold, "installs any clarity, has not let goods that the person plays."

"Stop."At least seven and eight Mage associations the staff of rushed, want to prevent that robust man, who knows, robust man eyes stares, the right foot lifts, falls in the ground suddenly. In the loud sound, a brown rushing magic power clearly discernible eruption, is loudly ordinary just like the earthquake wave of instantaneous ascension, the staff who will flush unexpectedly shake scatters in all directions to flutter about. Must know, in these staff, may be about Four-Crown Mage of rank.

White Six-Crown Yang Crown appear here 40-year-old robust man top of the head outrageously, snorted that disdains, "is this Mage association? It seems also not much!"

Ji Dong has been paying attention to this person carefully, he discovered that although this robust man held the white clothing aimer, but in his look, actually soldier not cloudy evil color/look, what are more is stubborn and provocation. Obviously. He does not come indecent aimer, but looks for a job intentionally.

But here the Mage association, some will Mage association people also kick the field? This Fifth Earth department Six-Crown robust man, is actually any origin.

However, regardless of he was any origin, Ji Dong appeared before him at this time, not for other, for that guide little miss explained and smile of good intentions for him carefully.

"Lets loose her."Ji Dong light saying.

snorted that the robust men disdain, "what thing are you? These old fogies do not come out, actually left your such wool not to have long complete/even?"

Ji Dong has not paid attention to the insult of opposite party, his expression any change, has not looked at the vision that a that white clothing young girl has sought help. Duplicates to say once more: "Lets loose her."

The man (Han) right foot treads once more, the yellow fluctuation instantaneous ascension, is only this time, is actually not the comprehensive bombardment, but toward a Ji Dong person, the yellow ray spreads to his specially together instantaneously. Also at this time, Ji Dong moved, he has not dodged, but is one step steps forward, all people feel at present a flower, although that earthquake wave has blasted out, but Ji Dong these step takes, actually arrived in front of that robust man, an overhead palm, directly soars the Yin-Yang Crown racket in opposite party hatch to fall. The entire movement passing clouds and flowing water and forming a coherent whole, stop without the slightest bit, is almost only the form flashes, his hand arrived at that robust man top of the head.,

Ji Dong can two strike through Mage would two inspections, is not the luck is the result definitely. After Chaos Fire fused the several changes of body, the physical body explosive force of his whole person, has been the shocking degree, the speed that this instantaneous explosive force has, gives any match one to be caught off guard sufficiently.

A palm pats, similarly does not have any magic power fluctuation production, is, that swift and fierce just like pointed knife oppression strength, made that robust man excitedly look changes. Could not attend to grabbing that young girl again, the right hand lifted, the dazzling yellow light erupted, welcomed to Ji Dong this palm.

The double palm interlocking, the robust man only thought that an overwhelming broad aura pours into oneself palm instantaneously, the whole person body shivered fiercely, Ji Dong grasped that white clothing young girl to turn over/to stand up to leap, floating fell the beforehand position, has put that white clothing young girl.

Before white clothing young girl, was forced by the robust man, already was beautiful face changing colors, along with panting. The chest front is fluctuating fiercely.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile to her, "has been all right."

Also at this moment, with Ji Dong right a robust man right arm of palm already soft has hung, the beads of sweat of yellow pisolite size tumble from his head unceasingly, both eyes stubbornly is looking steadily at Ji Dong, as if wanted to eat him. glanced at him that Ji Dong coldly, "made me say two, abandoned your arm." The strength when this palm, caught gold/metal attacked uses to be exactly the same as yesterday a moment ago, even also restrained. Moreover this time is not Pinnacle Two Fires separates, but fuses in together, sent out the gentle noble spirit, although did not have the pinnacle attribute, but this noble spirit was having a stronger explosive force, one has broken opposite party Fifth Earth magic power, broke his arm completely.

After leaving earth core, Ji Dong discovered more and more extinguishes handiness that the god strikes. Is extremely terrorist in strength that the opposite party within the body erupts, if he wants, a moment ago this robust man and under his palm interlocking, he can definitely break the body of opposite party completely. This extinguishes the terrifying place that the god strikes, do not bump into, in the event of the body contact, then, is the explosive destruction. Let alone the opposite party is Six-Crown Mage, even if Eight-Crown Mage, was extinguished the god to strike in seal by Ji Dong a palm, does not feel better.

At this moment, the Mage association, gushed out dozens Mage, but that robust man behind, gathered dozens people fast, both sides each other confront, but Ji Dong among them.

Ji Dong has swept both sides one eyes, before turning around counter that turns back that badge to manufacture, has not occurred like former anything. But the split vision of his corner of the eye saw, before that Four Stars examination official in Mage that the Mage association gushed out, in visits him, while was the old man of head is saying anything to the Mage association.

", Stir up trouble your three do twice to our Mage association, bullies my Mage association nobody?" The Mage association is old man coldly said of head.

With that robust man together dozens people in, goes out of an old man similarly, wears the black long gown, is slight, coldly smiled, said: "Top grade guild, only should have one on continent, that is our magic skill guild. Your this Mage Guild exist simply does not have any significance. Shiloh, our two big guilds unite, can truly have about the continent strength."

Is called Shiloh's old man sneers, "two big guilds unite, is made the leadership by your magic skill guild, is right?"

Smiles proudly, said: "In the Mage world, all takes the strength as Venerable/to revere. Your Mage association from you , a supreme powerhouse does not have, naturally must listen to us to control. Our association president Sirs, hope very much can unify two big guilds. Common development."

Shiloh angrily said: "Who said that our Mage association does not have the supreme powerhouse, but association president Sir goes out to travel. Do not forget, also Ji Chang believes under the part of great bear crown to aid Central Earth Empire."

Said: "Under Ji long letter crown is truly formidable, but, he will not manage the matters of our two big guilds. Previous appearance, five years ago. If you do not agree to merge, I did not mind that seals a door for you."

Listens to both sides' talk, Ji Dong to be confused, turns head to ask to white clothing young girl, "? How can the magic skill guild look for the trouble of Mage Guild?"

The young girls were saved by Ji Dong, in eye completely is the color/look of gratitude, knows all the word said in a low voice: "Involves many interest relations. Our Mage Guild and magic skill guild and called the continent two big top grade guilds. Since continuously, some of our many supporters. On the other hand, our Mage Guild history is more glorious, was Mage has provided many services, was supported by Mages deeply. Although the magic skill guild mastered the massive magic skill cultivation method, but they ask a price high, is inferior to us in the popularity."

Today three Oh, three erupt, therefore, behind also one, do not forget to look. 

Chapter 209: Two the struggle of big guild

The aimer white clothing young girl continues is Ji Dong is explaining contradictions between two big guilds. "In our two big guilds, is our Mage Guild strength wanted to be stronger, the magic skill guild is more like our dependencies. But since 30 years ago, association president Sir leaves the guild, after going out travels, this situation gradually starts to occur to change. Although Mage of magic skill guild are not many, but without exception is the powerhouses. Their association presidents is a supreme powerhouse. But our association presidents are also the supreme powerhouses, pill actually not here. In overall strength naturally gradually was inferior. originally will not have any issue, because under the Heavenly Stems School Yin Zhaorong crown the Sir looks after to our guild, is the guild honorary chairman. But five years ago, why does not know, under the Yin Zhaorong Supreme Unity crown has a falling out with Heavenly Stems School suddenly, left Central Plains City. As the matter stands, since backers of our Mage association were weak, for these years, the magic skill guild provokes the incident frequently, and proposed proposition that two big guilds merge, but also is led by them. The both sides conflict is unceasing, but two big top grade guilds both are Central Earth Empire are not willing to offend, turns a blind eye. Nobody mediated. This time they are also the future are perhaps bad, you have injured the person of magic skill association, quickly walks. Perhaps or you will have troublesome."

Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, truly, Yin-Yang Mage took on continent the most important influence, who can not strive diligently? Who grasped Yin-Yang Mage this community, has the highest right to speak on continent. The magic skill association wants to annex Mage association also this reason. The Mage association including a supreme powerhouse not to have unexpectedly, no wonder will make the person covet.

At this time, in the field both sides are at daggers drawn, more said is stiffer, meaning that greatly the word at earliest convenience do not begin.

In this time, the Ji Dong complexion suddenly changed, an indescribable feeling appeared when the heart, within the body the fire of fierce fluctuation of soul, the fire of soul was the fusion of his own soul and chaos magic power, face to face being near danger, will induce.

Surges in the Ji Dong mind, subconsciousness grips the tight double fist time, an unequalled tyrannical pressure appears in the Mage association hall instantaneously. But this pressure looks like to the feeling of person the mighty waves is turbulent, is not one releases, but coming one after another, the pressure produces the overlay results in the air unexpectedly, making one not gasp for breath.

The temperature in air reduces fast, almost dropped the freezing point in a flash, moreover in the air, did not have any other magic power elements to exist again. Only remaining thick water vapor.

Is this? Acme Ninth Water? Very powerful big pinnacle Ninth Water. Feeling that at this moment, Ji Dong withstands, looks like Vermilion Bird is releasing her formidable pressure to be the same. But powerhouse who can have such pressure, is Nine-Crown is without a doubt supreme.

Ninth Water department Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse. Ninth Water department highest title named: After the gods, is inherits with Ninth Water Totem Heavenly Empress (day later). This is also the fourth human supreme powerhouse aura that Ji Dong feels. That ice-cold Ninth Water, making this Pinnacle Two Fires owner extremely uncomfortable.

The melodious sound resounds in Mage association hall, "Shiloh, I know you to refuse to accept. But Mage Guild this way, can only become worse and worse. Cooperation will benefit both sides. I give you an opportunity, one month later, north Central Plains City 100 miles, the azure prairie, your my both sides leave ten people respectively, wins the field many are the final victory, this is I gives your last chance. If you have won, my magic skill association is incorporated into the Mage association, otherwise, if you lost, must be incorporated into my magic skill association. At this time fair showdown. If you do not attend this competition, that. One month later, I will raze here. The magic skill guild is respective, draws back."

The melodious sound cannot listen to age, but he has not said a character, the oppression strength in air will strengthen several points, when he finally said that in the field cultivation base is lower than Six-Crown Mage to fall down. Can stand, is the Six-Crown above powerhouse, naturally also includes Ji Dong. His aimer is also lucky, with the magic power help of Ji Dong, has not thrown down.

The pressure vanishes suddenly, instantaneous one light, all people start panting somewhat, Mage Guild, only has that named Shiloh's Mage complexion to be usual, solemnly shouted: "After the god, under crown, in January/one month, Mage Guild will accept a challenge surely. Settles this matter."

Has swept his one eyes lightly, this leads powerhouses of numerous magic skill guild to withdraw from the hall, he brings these dozens individuals, each has the Six-Crown above strength. Thus it can be seen, the inside story of magic skill guild was how deep. Then had been abandoned a robust man of arm by Ji Dong, is full of the hatred stared at Ji Dong one, lifted another to point at has referred to him, this departed. Without a doubt, he will not give up.

Two big guilds contend, before came the Mage association management Mages complexion one by one is very ugly, the pressure what kind of terrifying of supreme powerhouse, no one will feel better. Suddenly. Although the people of magic skill association left, but in the Mage association hall, is actually similar to dies the general silence.

Long time, that named Shiloh's old age Mage slowly opens the mouth, said: "Was good, turns over to its respectively. The matter of today has the association to solve."Then, he has wielded the sleeves, this turns around to depart.

At this time, the Ji Dong logo has also manufactured, the Four Stars logo is a silver medal, assumed the circular, above has the reliefs of four stars, below had one string of digit, indistinct, can feel the magic power fluctuation of its sending out, the back was the small character on carving, has Ji Dong in the basic document that in the form filled. So long as wears this logo on left chest, can demonstrate rank of Mage in guild.

All that before had did not have what relations with Ji Dong, he did not have cares, after all, he had not planned that and that anything magic skill association began, wore the Four Stars logo in the chest front, prepared to trade own crystal core.

Was in this time. Before that Four Stars examination official stride walked, arrived at side Ji Dong, said to him: "Little brother, our Vice- chairman Shiloh is invited."

A Ji Dong brow wrinkle, wants to reject, but changes mind thinks, oneself just became in Mage Guild, such refused to appearing oneself unreasonably. Before he just began to hit the person of magic skill guild, saw that this magic skill guild must not, the time came out wealthily, has a look nothing.

"Please guide."

Four Stars examination official because of the beforehand matter. The complexion is very ugly, as Mage Guild one, sees Mage Guild to be insulted, his mood naturally very goes to there, were not many says anything, took the lead, bringing Ji Dong directly to enter the hall, saw the steps place that to go upstairs from beforehand Ji Dong.

However, is actually not second layer, but is third layer.

The Mage association altogether only has three, but actually and three differences of ordinary construction, because of here each altitude over ten meters, broad atmosphere. Defends in the third layer entrance, two five ten-day middle-aged people, before are, Ji Dong in numerous Mage had not seen that the Four Stars examination official has shown a white jade sign, this brings Ji Dong to mount the steps. But after these two five ten-day middle-aged people, Ji Dong is relying on keen of fire of soul, clearly feels magic power of these two people unexpectedly in Seven-Crown above. Defends the staircase by the Seven-Crown powerhouse? Actually this is third layer what?

Arrives at third layer, Ji Dong first sees is a hall, what made him feel strange, here actually not any decoration, even if were the simplest ten departments Totem relief does not have, the entire hall paved with azure stone tile/brick completely, the wall and roof all were so, but was this simple blue brick, actually flooded command Ji Dong to feel that familiar aura, was not any species, but was the chaos.

This discovery, made Ji Dong shock, in the Mage association, really had existence of air/Qi of chaos? What's all this about. The air/Qi of third layer chaos although this blue brick paves is very small and weak, but Ji Dong can actually feel clearly, here chaos are extremely pure, and has not contained any point other attributes. Only then that is full of the creation the aura.

In this hall, has more than 30 Mage, each of them has chosen place sit cross-legged. Static cultivation.

No wonder, no wonder this third layer must guard by two Seven-Crown Mage. Is flooding the air/Qi of chaos place in this, even if the air/Qi of chaos is weak, can be said as Mage cultivation sacred place, so long as any Mage cultivates here, in any suit the attribute place to be better.

Fills the creative chaos air/Qi, is their magic power grows the best place. Indistinct, Ji Dong has guessed correctly anything, but he has not actually been able to affirm. He also gradually understands why the magic skill guild must annex Mage Guild vigorously, even did not hesitate to cause the Mage Guild numerous Mage public indignation. This seems like the simple hall, can definitely can be called is most precious object sacred place. Twice the result with half the effort cultivation speed, which Mage does not meet greedyly. That more than 30 Mage that can cultivation here, cultivation base in Six- Crown above, several aura are specially formidable, is unable to judge their strength including Ji Dong completely, very obviously was the powerhouse of Eight-Crown rank. The Mage association does not have a supreme powerhouse to assume personal command freely, but overall strength actually as before astonishing, this is the deep inside story.

Some Four Stars examination official slightly envying Mages that looked at these cultivation, this steps out, bringing Ji Dong to walk toward the hall, enters one similarly is the road that the blue brick paves, quick, arrived by some inside rooms.

The room has not settled visits, can walk directly, inside is one only has about 20 square meters rooms, a table, a bed, a chair. Only then these three simple furniture. But formerly that named Shiloh's Mage, sat above that chair, the vision is gentle, as if has forgotten formerly matter.

"Vice-chairman Shiloh, I have brought the person."Four Stars examination official respectful saying.

Shiloh shows a faint smile, "discovers the talented person to be active, you cultivated on the 10 th on three, as reward. Goes."

The Four Stars examination official great happiness, hurries to apologize Shiloh, impatient turning around walks.

Ji Dong vision very natural to Shiloh, four items of relative, what Ji Dong sees has filled with the aura of containing temperately, similarly was the pressure, but on Shiloh sent out, was one type makes the person extremely comfortable pressure. If washes the spring breeze. Made him easily have the favorable impression to this old person very much.

A Shiloh white clothing, the beard and hair is all white, the whole face folds, seems, at least was also the 80-year-old above advanced age. Has a ruddy complexion, is in high spirits, the look is similar to the youngster is as before limpid. "Young people, welcome you to arrive at the Mage association."Shiloh stands up, extended own right hand to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong lifts the hand to grasp with him, "is impolite, does not know that the vice-chairman looks for me, what matter has?"

Shiloh sighed, said: "matter you also saw, the magic skill guild is aggressive, after its association president water cloud day is a god, under crown, Nine-Crown is supreme. One month later approximately fights, they have the full assurance surely. Both sides leave ten people respectively, I hope, you can go to battle on behalf of the guild."

"I?"Ji Dong was startled, he has not thought that but just met, Shiloh to oneself only by the great trust, "Vice-chairman Shiloh, you will not be unexpectedly sick goes see a doctor randomly. I am Level 61 Mage, Seven-Crown above Mage more than ten people that in three halls, I saw a moment ago, why can you choose me?"

Shiloh shows a faint smile, ", because you are more formidable than them. Therefore I have chosen you. You called Ji Dong, yes. Heavenly Stems School, Yin-Yang School 49 th. Once struck to kill Central Earth Empire Ji Yifeng, a move killed the enemy. For your safety, Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong arrives at Central Plains City, to massacre city to threaten the Central Earth Empire imperial family, must want your security. On that day, I was also invited by the Central Earth Empire imperial family, in numerous Mage. Sees with one's own eyes formidable power and influence under two crown. Although in the past five years, your appearance also changed, the bearing sinks to congeal, but, I in initially afterward carefully had inquired related to your matter, knew that you are advantageous Yin-Yang two fires Mage. Other can change, but the attribute actually does not change. I really could not discover second with you same attribute person. I said right?"

Looks at Shiloh to glitter the vision of wisdom, Ji Dong is giving a calm smile, "you invited me, perhaps was not the original intention. But wants to ask my teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor to become an official is right." Shiloh shook the head, said: "No, you made a mistake. I invited was you, but was not under two crowns the Sir. Although under two crowns relates well with my Mage Guild, but they in my guild, my big face, please have not actually moved their two. I want to invite is you. Although your magic power only has Level 61, but I actually deeply believed, you will take to the guild a victory."

Ji Dong looks at Shiloh, "because I am disciples under two crown, therefore you so are confident to me? Because I had just joined Mage Guild, therefore you do request me to participate in this challenge?"

Small three have said that this week must erupt, our monthly tickets have not impacted the sixth position freely, small three today must erupt. Not for other, since to report back book friends continuously to my support.

Three 12,000 erupt, making us continue to the double list launches the impact. The monthly ticket list goal sixth, the recommendation list is also same. If the book friends also monthly ticket, the trouble loses for slightly three, if did not have the monthly ticket, the free recommendation ticket will have every day newly, asked everybody to throw. Thank you.

Chapter 210: 365 chaos blue bricks

Shiloh shakes the head once more, "is not the request. But is the request. On behalf of the invitation of guild. The Four Stars badge, originally does not suit you. I do not need to carry on any evaluation to you, can help you change into the Eight Stars badge. Because I also know that another matter, four years ago, the war of Holy and Evil, kills the enemy first, is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, all people pay attention is also Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, Heavenly Stems School even blocking the passage of information desirably, that but, the world has not ventilated, I actually know, in the war of this Holy and Evil, we once the powerhouse, displayed Ultra Certain Kill Skill, making us achieve the decisive success. Kills the enemy the quantity is also next to Thunder Emperor. This person, is you. Tyrant Ji Dong. But at that time your magic power should not break through Five-Crown, four years passed by, I anticipate to see very much, actually Six-Crown you can formidable to any degree."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "Vice-chairman Shiloh. I have to admire your informed sources, from one small clue one can see what is coming, can guess correctly that is I. But, this does not represent me to be Mage Guild strives. Although before me, has hit the person of magic skill guild, but I want to leave here, they could not have blocked. It may sound funny, actually I came the Mage association to be admitted to Four Stars, but traded several crystal core for the convenience, traded a gold coin. I do not like beating around the bush, why do you make me strive for the Mage association? Bad risk that this fights, your I am very clear."

Vice-chairman Shiloh smiles bitterly, said: "Therefore I said, this is only a request. If you are willing to comply, I can take responsibility, deliver you together the blue brick." Listened to Shiloh these words, in the Ji Dong heart to move slightly,
"delivered me together the blue brick?"

"Yes."Shiloh stern say/way: "After you came in a moment ago, should also feel, third layer and outside of our Mage association are different. If you cultivation really here, obvious that then, you can feel. Here cultivates, has the twice the result with half the effort effect absolutely. But its reason , because, in this third layer, there are 365 blue bricks that the senior person of high skill leaves behind. Repairs this third layer use blue brick over ten thousand, in 365, is containing the jade of powder day. You are disciples under two crown. Naturally should know that day of jade reputation, that calls the creation god stone, is having the chaos aura. The strength of chaos creation, regarding any follower, has the indescribable advantage. So long as you carry this together blue brick along, cultivates in any place, puts it under the body, can achieve here the effect of cultivation."

Here, on Shiloh face revealed the secure smile, but, was quick his smiling face to stiffen, because he has not seen him to imagine from the Ji Dong face the color/look of shock, the look of this youth as before is at present faint, as if had the blue brick of day of jade powder not to spare a glance to that.

But in fact also is actually so. Ji Dong definitely is interested in the jade of day, but that if the jade of entire day is good. The previous time, the jade of day helps him light own Chaos Fire together, large scale promotion. And entrusted with him to extinguish the god to strike this extremely overbearing skill. But, here chaos air/Qi was too weak. Ji Dong send out Chaos Fire to come out casually, compared with here chaos air/Qi rich many. Thus it can be seen, the jade of day in these 365 blue bricks contains adds, that more than that also not necessarily initially absorbed compared with him. Minute to together blue brick. Also can somewhat the jade of day. Regarding the fire of his present soul, benefits is too small. Also can make him move?

Shiloh looks at the Ji Dong appearance, cannot bear saying: "Won't you know the function of day of jade?" Ji Dong said: "I know certainly, the jade of day but, in the blue brick contains together were too few. Although the jade of this day is heavenly material earthly treasure, even is the innate heavy treasure, but, does not have the too big significance to me. Was inferior that you trade other, perhaps I will consider."He the impression to the Mage association is good, he also never fears the actual combat. The struggles of two big top grade guild, the opposite party sends out naturally is also the expert, confronts with the expert, without doubt will strengthen own actual combat capability large scale. Since leaving the earth core world, Ji Dong never whole-heartedly has also fought. He also longs for such fight.

Shiloh is looked likely the monster looks at Ji Dong generally, if not because relations under two big crown, he does not abandon puts out the chaos blue brick as the reward. Has not thought, others actually have not wanted.

On the face is having the forced smile, Shiloh said: "Such being the case, that might as well be like this good, if you are willing to go to battle for the guild, how my taking responsibility does let you to guild conceals treasure house optional goods?"

"Hides the treasure house?"Ji Dong thinks, said: "Good, said it and meant it."His reply is very simple, Loben thinks that he will have one to bargain back and forth, but he actually directly complied.

But in fact, before Ji Dong complies with moment, in his heart remembered Lie Yan's sound, Lie Yan (raging flames) only said three characters: Promises him. Regarding Lie Yan (raging flames), how will Ji Dong have the slightest bit suspicion? Then immediately complies.

Smile on Shiloh face became sincere. Did not say other, Ji Dong is willing to be Mage Guild fights, wins was certainly best, if he lost, or by the person injury of magic skill guild, two big Fire department will let off the magic skill guild supremely? Moreover, Shiloh does not think in the concealed treasure house to have any thing compared with 365 chaos blue brick better things. Only elects to be the same, completely is the range that he can accept. Ji Dong said: "One month later, I will come the guild to converge with you again. Does not have other matter, I said goodbye."

Shiloh delivers to the entrance Ji Dong personally, and gives his badge, above has the Eight Stars sparkle impressively, "this you accept. I deeply believed, this is your true strength. By it, you purchase anything on two, can obtain the discount of 40% discount. Articles for sale not among."

Must know, Shiloh chest front is bringing the badge is also Eight Stars. Ji Dong was impolite, received badge, turned around to depart.
Is gazing after his back, Shiloh thought aloud: "Although impossible to bring under two crowns to lead a cheer by him, if can bring in Thunder Emperor, is good. Also can on many one point of odds of success. But Thunder Emperor Heavenly Stems School youngest director."

Ji Dong passed by that to have the chaos blue brick place once more, in the heart moves slightly. The fire in within the body soul desirably revolves under his stimulation of movement, in the double pupil, are many immediately a clear gloss, the vision has swept, immediately saw clearly that to lend the chaos aura 365 blue bricks in the position. With exactly the same that he judges, the jade of day in this each blue brick has is really few pity. If can absorb naturally is good deed, but, in that case, perhaps Mage Guild must fall insanely.

Left third layer, Ji Dong arrived at Mage to would in second layer directly, here altogether had six roads. Seven rows of stores stand in great numbers. Enters here, immediately can feel the rich magic power fluctuation. Has the weakness, various departments is complete. Obviously is the aura that various types of magic power weapons lend.

Ji Dong leisurely strolls the line, the fire of soul beats in the eye pupil deep place, making him be able clear saw that here each magic power fluctuates, so long as any magic power goods were swept one by him, immediately can see the fit and unfit quality. Worthily is the Mage association, here good thing is really many, Ji Dong even saw that several qualities are not inferior to his Sun and Moon double splendor glove and magic power weapon of Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor. However, these things are not he can use on, moreover high of price, is shocking. A quality is equal to the universe of Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor protects the heart mirror, must sell to 50 Rank 7 crystal core unexpectedly. Do not think that it does not need money weight to be unworthy any money. Rank 7 crystal core, is in itself the sky-high price, at least wants the value 100,000 gold coins above. 50 Rank 7 crystal core, if weighs with the gold coin, is 5 million gold coins! This is the what kind of terrifying digit.

Transferred the revolutions simply, Ji Dong had understood more and more these specially hunting magic beast Mage, in the Mage world, not having money can be said as cannot. Meanwhile, in the Mage world, crystal core can definitely treat as the currency to circulate. Only then has enough many crystal core, has receiving in exchange to suit the possibility of oneself magic power weapon. Without a doubt, oneself are lucky, has the deep affection of Zhu Yan that Big Brother and Martial Ancestor, teacher's wife, this with ease had own magic power weapon.

Ji Dong found a biggest shop to walk, this shop has 200 square meters fully, would two this absolute inches of lang and gold in Mage the places, so area already quite filthy rich.

Passing through the gate, youth Mage welcomed immediately, on his chest hangs Mage Guild Three Stars to symbolize impressively, sees Ji Dong, actually very polite say/way: "Mr. Mage of respect, what has you to need?"Naturally, his vision also slightly stayed on the Four Stars badge of Ji Dong chest front.

Ji Dong said: "Your does here receive crystal core?"

Youth unable to help laughing, said: "Naturally receives, not only here, here each shop receives crystal core. Moreover the price is absolutely just. You can compare goods, the price that if we give is lower than others, then, I am willing by ten times of payments." Before Ji Dong arrives at the counter, lifts hand one finger/refers, immediately, ten Rank 3 various departments crystal core, ten Rank 4 various departments crystal core appear on the counter. The unusual brightness twinkle, the magic power fluctuation is very obvious.

The youth have not been surprised, but the vision has not actually stayed on crystal core, instead is gazing on Ji Dong shining, above the Vermilion Bird bracelet of phoenix light mark fluctuation, "Mr. Mage of respect, does your this bracelet sell? I am willing to leave ten Rank 7 crystal core purchases."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "You also are really a profiteer! My this bracelet on only value ten Rank 7 crystal core? You change into Rank 9, perhaps I will consider."

The youth look reveals an awkwardness slightly, "embarrassed, possibly is I have not seen clearly. If you want to sell, we can discuss."

Ji Dong shook the head, "does not use. This is the friend presents as a gift, will not sell."Cracks a joke, this Vermilion Bird bracelet is the Vermilion Bird supernatural power injects the condensation, its value is inestimable. Not can only storage thing, but also to Fire department magic power also amplification effect. In addition that gorgeous outward appearance, Vermilion Bird unique aura, can it be that Rank 7 crystal core can weigh. Although Ji Dong spoke thoughtlessly to start out ten Rank 9 crystal core prices, but also truly was quite reasonable.

Say/Way that the youth somewhat regret: "If after you, has the plan of trading, must look for me. Your these crystal core I received, Rank 3 crystal core 500 gold coin, Rank 4 crystal core 1000 gold coin."

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, "you have a look again carefully."

The youth have gawked, takes up crystal core conveniently, crystal core starts, he whole body shakes immediately, in the look reveals the surprised ray immediately, "this is. , Best quality goods Rank 3? could it be, could
it be it is.    " Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "did not use could it be, you guessed right, this was magic beast on Holy and Evil Island falls. In the price, as if should not be such that you said a moment ago."

The youth have profound respect, "sorry, Mr. Mage of respect, was I am negligent. Please wait a bit, I asked Teacher to come out, discussed with you personally."Saying, him is running immediately the store, evidently, did not fear Ji Dong has stolen his here thing.

Ji Dong naturally cannot wait, vision has swept, looks at various goods in shop, quick, his attention was captured by a side region. The goods in this region do not have slightest bit magic power to fluctuate, but high of marked price, is not inferior in the magic power weapon. Because, that is a notebook plain sheepskin book. Some are the general writing on continent, some even were similar to Teng Snake give Ji Dong that related scroll mystery books same ancient times writing. Besides books, in another side, even is also exhibiting more than ten magic skill scrolls. These scrolls seemed were somewhat broken, but actually as before can feel the magic power fluctuation.

Regarding the scroll, Ji Dong is not interested, he must trial produce oneself magic skill liquor immediately. Once the success, becomes subversive existence. But these sheepskin ancient books made him be interested greatly, what these ancient book some records was magic skill, moreover was existences of Certain Kill Skill rank, some, then recorded was some cultivation attainments. For example Mage note and so on. These notes record bit by bit the author lifetime cultivation attainment, is not inferior to Teacher, is precious? What a pity, in the note, best one also is just Eight-Crown Mage, not the work of supreme powerhouse. Ji Dong own Teacher is the Eight-Crown powerhouse, Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife is the supreme powerhouse, these note for him naturally not too big uses. As for these magic skill, he does not think, now he magic skill of meeting relative were many, and has not practiced the peak.

However, his attention was captured by a book, that is a marked price unexpectedly and Eight-Crown Mage writes down similarly soaring sheepskin book, is the continent circulation writing. What the uppermost writes is the «Fusion God Technique»four large characters. Ji Dong careful opens one page, watches inside content, in the heart shocks immediately, when he to continue change, an old sound conveys from the back, "books only may try to read one page."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.
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