Jiu Shen Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191: Supreme Yang extinguishes the god to strike

Facing the attack of flame great lion. Ji Dong lifted the left hand to keep off, in human, the Ji Dong stature was is not specially big, let alone and flame great lion has compared, his hand, but also before not having the flame great lion, claw 1/10 big, seemed, this was the asymmetrical contrast.

However, those who made all golden eagle business association powerhouses stared wide-eyed was, a flame great lion that wild claw has not actually torn into shreds Ji Dong, but had kept off by his left hand. Has kept off simply.

Pū a light sound, without any thunders the appearance, Ji Dong even continually shakes has not shaken, before of flame great lion the claw, coagulation on his left hand. It is not able again the advance slightest bit.

Ji Dong is human, but, his strength already had actually surpassed the category of human, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon dragon blood and Vermilion Bird blood and Teng Snake blood, after these three types fuse into the body, can his strength can it be that human compare? The tenacity of his physical body. Big of strength, wants the far supernormal person. Although the flame crazy lion is strength good Rank 6 magic beast, but with truly has compared with great power magic beast, but must differ very in a big way. Even if the pure competion strength, it is not the Ji Dong match.

Blocks the flame crazy lion single-handed, this shocking made a golden eagle business association side originally rampant and overbearing imposing manner stagnate immediately, all that but, then had, was they are unable to understand.

The former claw of flame crazy lion was blocked by Ji Dong, responded stemming from the instinct, this flame crazy lion almost made the response immediately, within the body Third Fire magic power burst out completely, pressed whole-heartedly to Ji Dong. Scolds in the Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar rubs that it carries on the back has not been idling, because of having scruples Ji Dong condenses the flame shield that becomes to treat as the weapon overhead to pound down directly, simultaneously in the hand the ray flashes, were many a handle has been two meters, has one foot heavy sword widely fully, after following closely the shield, has pounded. In the air within diameter ten meters range, has filled wild Third Fire Element. Six-Crown rank powerhouse power and influence completely reveals, although Ji Dong has blocked the sharp claws of flame crazy lion, but rubs scolds the strength that erupts actually as before astonishingly. Was not inferior in initially chased down Ji Dong that Central Earth Empire to guard the imperial palace Chief Head yellow Liming. At this time what a pity, he meets is not initial Ji Dong. Initially chased down facing yellow Liming, the match who magic power also child also forty levels of Ji Dong hit routed to lose, let alone now he achieved mastery through a comprehensive study all abilities, comprehended the mystery of fire of soul?

When rubs scolds the attack blooms completely, the look on Lu Carl face immediately relaxed several points, in his opinion. Both sides both are in the Six-Crown Mage situations, Ji Dong wants the attack that blocks rubs to scold, must be whole-heartedly good surely. What a pity, smile on his face presented the flash to be substituted by astonished.

In the battlefield, that covered all flames within diameter ten meters range to vanish unexpectedly. Sweeps away, has not left any trace. Only can not see that any flame great lion of magic power release and is lifting up high rubs that the great sword overhead cuts to scold.

The attack that rubs scolds although is invariable, but his on the face has been full of the frightened look at this time. When Mage in all -out attack, suddenly discovered oneself release outside the body inspiring outside all magic power to be nothing left, is this what kind of feeling?

rubs scolds this time feeling to have one, that is the fear. An unequalled huge pressure bursts out from Ji Dong suddenly, that is also the most direct attribute suppresses most purely, rubs scolds the flame great lion, in this moment whole body unconscious shivers, rubs scolds a sword that under the originally right cuts also became soft is at this time incapable.

On the step, enters the palm, the right hand of Ji Dong happen to pats in the flame great lion chest front, this on step, heavy sword attack that also the just right shunt rubs has scolded.

The body of flame great lion hand/subordinate no longer shivers in Ji Dong, completely but where coagulates. Also maintained a moment ago was attacking the Ji Dong appearance. Because, he Ji Dong Supreme Yang extinguished the god to strike.

The Ji Dong movement as before is that succinct effective, after being in charge the flame great lion, he takes the left leg as the axis, the body to the second half revolutions, the left hand happen to grasps in rubs scolds above the sword blade of heavy sword.

rubs scolds to reflect at this time, the unprecedented sense of crisis made him feel clearly death in imminent, in this case, his own potential was stimulated immediately completely, although own magic power cannot manifest, but he actually completely poured into magic power to the heavy sword, one volume, wants to cut away the hand of Ji Dong ruthlessly.

In the sonorous fulmination sound, that is two meters, the weight is not lower than 200 jin (0.5 kg) heavy sword, was similar to the copper pouring strongly generally stops in the Ji Dong hand, his slender left hand, seemed in the world the strength core, steadily grasped above the heavy sword, making it unable to move the slightest again.

Also while Ji Dong grasps steady heavy sword, thunders from rubs fiercely scolds under the body to resound suddenly. Gets rid to start from Ji Dong, to holding heavy sword, the free time who actually is just several blinking by, rubs scolds goes all out to seize the sword the time, he has not thought, oneself good partner flame great lion actually became prime culprit who brings itself to leave this world.

Entire flame great lion changed into the golden fireball to explode in the flash loudly, rubs scolded basic mental preparation not to have, although he saw Ji Dong light was in charge in the flame crazy lion chest front, but has not thought that seemed like a simple palm so is unexpectedly wild.

Golden fireball from below on. Loudly in the loud sound, already the body also complete package that scolds rubs, during he is unable to hold the heavy sword in handshake again, a palm heat, the heavy sword has changed hands, falls into Ji Dong to grasp.

The Ji Dong downward area sword is sharp, during sword hilt of heavy sword fell into him to grasp, the backhand grips. Simultaneously the body soars two meters, that two meters heavy sword in airborne brought together death radiance, the rushing flame that soared changed into two halves in this sword. Simultaneously was divided into two halves, nature also that Third Fire Heavenly Scholar rubs scolds with his mount flame crazy lion.

Both sides battle, but counts breaths the time, actually only has one to the feeling of person, that is simple. Simplicity that kills.

The entire process seems, Ji Dong looks like has words at fingertips and writes with facility, does not hinder. Several simple movements of writing with a free pen, had ended the entire fight. Even including magic skill not to display, with his same rank, even magic power level must surpass his match such to perish in his hands.

The left hand grasps void, during Rank 6 crystal core and Rank 6 bright Third Fire Crystal Crown fall into Ji Dong to grasp. He has not looked up Lu Carl and the others the complexions, but falls the vision in the hand above this handle heavy sword.

The heavy sword is two meters four, blade width one foot two cuns (2.5 cm), the ridges thickness has three cuns (2.5 cm) fully. Only sword hilt, two chi (0.33 m), is all over the body swarthy, is sending out the strong Fire Element fluctuation, although the material quality is not best, but in also obviously integrated the fire attribute crystal core powder when the casting. The volume so is also big, was a good magic power weapon.

The portable heavy sword, Ji Dong jumped, a rich dark-red brilliance emits from the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet, your demon Yin-Yang armor covers the whole body in the clangour, when that fierce mask covers the face of Ji Dong. The strong murderous intention has been similar to the mercury flows swiftly to spray. Facing the huge enemies about 2000 numbers, before he unexpectedly that to/clashes to go, the back pair of wings launches, dashes to the golden eagle business association is Lu Carl of head. Shoots the person to shoot the horse first, captures the ringleader first.

Side Rwandan Carl ten big experts, are the golden eagle business association spent the large sum of money invitation to come, this time enters the woods of life, the golden eagle business association can be said as the elite completely leaves, the value of origin of life was too high, not only in Eastern Wood Empire, in the entire Light Five Elements Continent superior society, is the treasure of valuable non- city, the price is extremely expensive, for this plundering, the golden eagle business association can be said as the preparation is sufficient. About under hundred Mage in Seven- Crown Heavenly Master Lu Carl leads to enter the woods of life with irresistible force, but, the person calculates that is inferior to the day to calculate, they can think will meet in this case tyrant Ji Dong that hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies?

Side Rwandan Carl clearly has massive experts, under when Ji Dong flies high throws, he actually clearly felt that oneself is facing this enemy likely alone.

Wild flame aura heads on, his First Wood magic power has almost the painful feeling that the attribute suppressed in the flash. However, Lu Carl after all is the Seven-Crown powerhouse, suppresses facing the tyrannical attribute, in his hand the lance lifts, points at Ji Dong, shouted angrily, the Jing wooden demon dragon under body released thick First Wood Element to fuse with him immediately is one, above the lance, the azure light burst out, back Azure Dragon Totem flashed before, the body of Lu Carl turned into the aquamarine completely, entered the element body condition.

Relies on the First Wood Element body, Lu Carl was then feeling pressure relief that oneself withstand several points, have not dared to neglect, magic power outputs fully, in hand lance in airborne straight thrust, together blue light from out of the blue. Resonant dragon recited in the sound, the back Azure Dragon Totem floating forward flight, directly attached this that in he punctured was together blue above the light, directly soars Ji Dong that dropped from the clouds.

The ability that formerly when Ji Dong struck to kill rubs scolded displays to be extremely terrifying, Lu Carl came up to use oneself self- satisfied Certain Kill Skill, First Wood Azure Dragon thorn.

The huge vitality from the sky fills the air, that azure light condenses First Wood Azure Dragon that becomes to puncture, bursts out the magic power fluctuation that rushes, Seven-Crown magic power, is extremely terrifying existence, Certain Kill Skill of this level, made Rank 8 magic beast sufficiently scared.

"Snort"cold snort/hum erupts from the Ji Dong mouth, two pinnacle Fire Element bodies by his shoulder also assumes an awe-inspiring pose, erupts respectively ten fireballs, these pinnacle fireballs are not the attack to Rwandan Carl, but is 221 pairs, flies to all around, has formed instantaneously ten Pinnacle Two Fires balls.

The Saint Fire Element body and demon after flame element body evolution shows the tyrannical strength, their this strikes, although oneself compares also with Ji Dong not the small disparity, but blocks these Six- Crown Mage is actually without question. Ji Dong wants, is one alone faces the First Wood Heavenly Master Lu Carl opportunity.

Was in the midair, the Ji Dong whole person has completed ingenious partly turning around instantaneously, in the hand heavy sword golden light suddenly/violently to launch, under that intense pinnacle Yang Fire function, this handle heavy sword the fierce combustion, the main body started to melt immediately rapidly, a golden Sun appeared behind Ji Dong suddenly, shone upon his whole body to sparkle the cream ray body to afford a marvelous view.

"Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone."By must kill to must kill, Ji Dong has not dodged to dodge by Teng Snake, but launched the powerful attack from the upfront. The prestige of tyrant, performs obviously without doubt.

The dazzling golden light has illuminated the entire sky, in this fills with the life aura in the big forest, pinnacle Yang Fire surges crazily, the huge golden big awl, is centered on that handle magic power weapon heavy sword, lets go to go from the Ji Dong hand outrageously, along with releasing colorful male cone at the same time, Ji Dong is sparkling outside the cream ray body, the strong golden red ray condenses, in an instant, has released the Flame Sovereign King body.

The Flame Sovereign King colorful male cone, meets the First Wood Heavenly Master Azure Dragon thorn, finally without a doubt.

Fire first gold/metal, to subdue|grams wood. In the attribute First Wood must be suppressed by Third Fire, let alone pinnacle Third Fire of Ji Dong release. Although Lu Carl magic power must be higher than ten compared with Ji Dong multistage, is, only the difference in attribute, cancelled two people level disparities. Let alone, present Ji Dong displayed is fusing three big Divine Beast phoenix dragon dance snakes changed, the condensation in within the body magic power, simply was not he can imagine. Directly facing breaking through the tyrant after Six-Crown displays the colorful male cone, even if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, must carefully treat.

The bang, the dazzling golden light, from the sky erupts just like Sun generally, First Wood Azure Dragon punctures Azure Dragon that supplements, immediately resounds calls out in grief intermittently, sees only that huge Azure Dragon thorn, that from the sky is similar to the snow and ice ablation, finally loudly shatter, changes into the tattooing light dissipation in the midair. But weakened 50% colorful male cones actually as before to drop from the clouds, dashes to Lu Carl. Just had displayed Certain Kill Skill, at this time the Lu Carl old strength just went, Sony has not lived, he has relied on the skill to resist without enough time again.

But, Lu Carl left hand wields, the azure light release, changes into the huge Azure Wood shield to block own body in the midair together at the same time. This is not the skill, but is his magic power weapon.

Thunders again loud, that Azure Wood shield scatters in all directions to flutter about, the striking power what kind of terrifying of colorful male cone, even if passed through the low gear of this Azure Wood shield, the attack complementary waves made Lu Carl whole body fill golden color as before, the most Yang most Firm aura have forced his panting to become difficult. The movement is sluggish, can only stimulate to movement own First Wood magic power to resist fully furiously. But at this moment, a huge golden fist has handed the front.

When releases the colorful male cone, behind Flame Sovereign King has shone Yang Fire hovering law, the Flame Sovereign King body of Ji Dong was having the unequalled imposing manner, falls from the sky to pursue just like the meteor generally. Scorching Sun Bite attack of outrageously, had just released Certain Kill Skill him, in the magic power reassignment, actually does not have the slightest bit to be sluggish.

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Chapter 192: Chrysanthemum open

magic power promotes Six-Crown. The might of colorful male cone he can display completely, in the collision of Seven-Crown First Wood Heavenly Master Lu Carl in not only occupies completely the winning side, but also suppresses the match unexpectedly comprehensively. Must know, Lu Carl is not a person is fighting, he has also drawn support from magic power of oneself magic beast partner, as before is actually not able to contend with the colorful male cone. Obviously this Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill formidable to any degree.

Moreover starts this to strike colorful male cone, regarding Ji Dong consumption is not very big, because he swallows the skill by the fire demon, formerly had absorbed massive Third Fire magic power that flame crazy lion and rubs scolded.

Sees golden heavy blows of that suddenly enlargement, Lu Carl pupil contracts immediately fiercely, the strength that strikes to kill rubs scolds to show from beforehand Ji Dong, he has judged this young people very intrepid, but cannot think, Ji Dong is unexpectedly powerful to so the degree, at this moment, what even if he is slow also to feel to leave Ji Dong to release is the pinnacle flame.

At this time, has not allowed Lu Carl to think, the distance is too near, his lance was unable to display the attack, at this time, he showed an established powerhouse rich actual combat experience . The right hand loosens. Gave up that high-grade magic power weapon lance without hesitation, the double fist simultaneously forward rumbles, in within the body magic power high-speed operation, in a azure armor fierce tremor, strong magic power bursts out instantaneously, two Azure Dragon Totem energies erupt following the both arms unexpectedly.

In the loud sound, Lu Carl golden color has increased loudly several points, the Jing wooden demon dragon under his body also similarly caught golden color, with Ji Dong that he collides, in airborne rocked slightly, the body has stopped for a half second, the left shoulder of Flame Sovereign King powerful has hit on.

How possible? Rwandan Carl has a big shock, this time, he somewhat has flustered, a moment ago this seemed like simple struck, is actually not he and strength of Jing Mumo dragon, his armor vibrated, that was because of the particularity of this armor. This is a treasure that he several years ago obtained, whole set armor can store up certain First Wood magic power, when fights with the match, so long as inspires the armor, in the armor magic power can attach in his attack, adds on magic power that bursts out suddenly by the strength of his Seven-Crown rank again, often can hit match one to be caught off guard.

Because of powerful of Ji Dong that Flame Sovereign King, forces Lu Carl to use this maintaining life method, when both sides collide, he clearly feels the opposite party, although is Pinnacle Two Fires. But his magic power far ultra match, even if insufficient wound Ji Dong, should be able to shake him flies to be right. But, the body of Ji Dong actually rocked, the right fist of Flame Sovereign King has had a formidable suction, attracted pulls two people bodies not to separate. But Ji Dong is the resembles has not received any influence to cause, Scorching Sun Bite followed closely Scorching Sun Collapse to hit.

Where Rwandan Carl knows, after having displayed the Flame Sovereign King body, Ji Dong magic power has also been equal to close Seven-Crown Mage degree . Moreover, his phoenix dragon dance snake changes powerful, defensive power that Vermilion Bird changes, dragon blood has soaked tenacious body, in addition the fusion of Teng Snake strength technique. Although the attack of Rwandan Carl is strong, but also in his body rocks, relies on to comprehend a deeper level the Teng Snake strength technique to melt with ease. Since the four years, other skill Ji Dong can say that has not practiced anything, only this Teng Snake strength technique, does not have the little while to stop cultivating. In order to absorb many magic power, to reduce magic power huge to own injury, the Teng Snake strength technique can say that has never stopped displaying in these four years more than 1000 days and nights. To the comprehension of this skill, Ji Dong has been the reach a high degree of proficiency degree. Although cannot say compared with the Teng Snake main body, but also was the first person under Teng Snake.

The comprehension of deep level, making Ji Dong have a deeper understanding to the Teng Snake strength technique, this skill, not only came under attack passively is so simple, when magic power of match was higher than itself, similarly can display in the direct fight.

magic power of Rwandan Carl armor sudden amplification truly made Ji Dong be startled, but wanted the degree that achieved the Teng Snake strength technique unable to withstand, but also difference was very far. Therefore, he also slightly sluggish, melted the magic power impact, at the fierce positive three double hit second accordingly bang.

Meanwhile, ten Pinnacle Two Fires balls that formerly two big Fire Element bodies released also separately blast out around two people, terrifying Fire Element scattered in all directions the ascension, the gold and black two-color ray has formed a huge barrier, stiffly isolated completely other golden eagle business association powerhouses.

Strong Fire Element, made Ji Dong that Flame Sovereign King body clear generally saw just like the essence, the sharp thorn on his left shoulder must hit above the palm of Rwandan Carl.

Your demon Yin-Yang armor is the armor of inferior divine tool level, not only the defensive power is astonishing, has the powerful amplification to Ji Dong own magic power, once the Flame Sovereign King body moves the match, the body of Ji Dong can surely along with it rushing, so long as the sharp thorn contacts Rwandan Carl, this fight also ended.

Rwandan Carl has feared, he feared . The so powerful young people, he first time see. The critical moment, his actual combat experience as well as price tag magic power is unable to save him again, has saved him truly. Is the financial resource of golden eagle business association.

The brown ray blooms together instantaneously, at the same time assumes the oval-shape all over the body, the height ten meters, a depth three meters giant dirt wall, stiffly isolates Ji Dong and Rwandan Carl. That dirt wall in the defensive power that the flash erupts is really extremely astonishing, pushed forcefully the Flame Sovereign King body of Ji Dong. Ji Dong Scorching Sun Collapse, hit above this dirt wall.

In the loud sound, that dirt wall had been dislodged a three meters high human form loudly stiffly. But it is extremely truly sincere, although the crack blasts out, actually as before not shatter.

Rwandan Carl also taking advantage of this short time, stimulates to movement the cross under Jing Mumo dragon to retrocede rapidly, in the meantime, before his hand lance refers, transforms myriad lance shades, bringing powerful magic power to directly soar the dirt wall to puncture. Jing Mumo dragon retreat at the same time, transfers the personal appearance, is three meters just like the great hammer tail, directly soars that dirt wall to sweep off.

The assurance ability of Rwandan Carl to opportunity is nothing less , in his lance shade has not fallen in the dirt wall, the dirt wall has blasted open loudly, the golden form of tyrant presents, everywhere dust scatters in all directions to flutter about. But attack and tail of Jing of Mumo dragon Lu Carl, at this time. Forms the potential of converging attack. From commencing of action now. First Wood Heavenly Master Lu Carl snatches finally reluctantly actively.

"Reel?"Ji Dong solemnly shouted. Right, reason that Lu Carl can reverse the aspect, blocks his attack, relies on, is a Fifth Earth department defense scroll. In defense magic skill by scroll, this had the opportunity of hitting back.

The aspect regarding Ji Dong, immediately becomes somewhat disadvantageous, the effect that the surroundings Pinnacle Two Fires ball explodes vanished, nine powerhouses of Six-Crown ranks summoned their magic beast mount respectively, encircled to kill toward Ji Dong, but breathed heavily tone Lu Carl also to erupt itself with the powerful attack force that magic beast united. During the Ji Dong whole person fell into to besiege.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has carried to the Ji Dong direction is standing there, although had not looked with eyes, but all in battlefield are actually not able to escape her sensation. At this moment, she has not revealed one anxiously or worried. If unable to break through the tight encirclement facing these enemy Ji Dong, the beforehand four years do waste the time in vain? She to Ji Dong, has the absolute confidence.

The dazzling golden light bursts out suddenly from Flame Sovereign King, sees only Ji Dong both hands empty to press downward, the whole person from the sky revolves, eye-catching golden light burst out, although the attack of Lu Carl is strong, is unable to prick in this golden light range. The technique of Flame Sovereign King, burning sun spin.

But is similar to the heavy hammer tail facing Jing wooden demon dragon, during Ji Dong in the body revolves, the right hand shows the Flame Sovereign King body light has pressed.

Sees his seemingly gentle palm, Lu Carl pupil contracts immediately, he also clear remembering, formerly a such palm, making the flame crazy lion that rubs scolds change into one group of fireballs directly, dying cannot die again. "Xiaoqing, receives the strength quickly."

magic beast does not have the reaction rate of human after all, the reminder of Lu Carl late one step, Ji Dong in the airborne body, was flown by great tail accordingly of Jing wooden demon dragon, slanting flew, but also is this short instance, Jing Mumo dragon actually sad and shrill pitiful yell.

Following one, is makes Lu Carl shocking, the tail of Jing Mumo dragon has four meters fully, peak is specially thick, above has the close cutin bulge, brandishes seems like bringing the great hammer of sharp thorn, the lethality is extremely intrepid, may at this moment, open from that thick end, since fierce thundering explodes from the interior. Rumbling rumbling......, Each thunders. Half meter tail scraps, will change into the golden flame, when last thunders crack, on the buttocks of Jing Mumo dragon has burnt the big piece golden light. Chrysanthemum open. Although is not fatal, but how such heavy losses made Jing Mumo the dragon endure, in the crazy angry roaring sound, get lost/rolled to the place, flung into the body of Lu Carl the midair.

Extinguishes the god to strike, good to extinguish the god to strike, Ji Dong is in airborne, secretly acclaimed. But at this time, at least Mage of four Six-Crown ranks have locked his body, they simply do not have any, because, four different attribute Certain Kill Skill also bloom, directly soars the Ji Dong bombardment. Although the Ji Dong back has the pair of wings, but was shaken at this time flies, wants to change the direction or is the acceleration is not easy. Four people besiege, must strike to kill Ji Dong.

On your demon Yin-Yang armor fierce mask, the blood pupil halo circulation, the ice-cold murderous intention slightly has not changed, facing fixed attack that four directions simultaneously arrive, body of Ji Dong in midair strange turns, the next moment, he body flowing light, has glittered another position.

Teng Snake flashes, this can instantaneous broken the powerful ability that goes to the match to lock once more show it terrifying the function in the battlefield. At present although the experts of these golden eagle business associations are Six-Crown Mage, but they cannot release all - around fixed ability like initially the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion after all. Locks a region to limit Ji Dong thoroughly.

Intense magic power explodes in the position that the previous moment Ji Dong is at blasts out, attacks Ji Dong Seventh Metal department Mage not to have happily, suddenly discovered with enough time, a fierce metal face appeared in front of oneself.

The left hand has delimited, black flame sweeps across quietly, under the right hand strikes, golden palm brand mark in the mount top of the head of Mage cross below. Relies on Teng Snake of deeper level to dodge, Ji Dong just like the instantaneous shift appears, in this had just released in front of Certain Kill Skill Mage. Pū a light sound, Mage cross below magic beast coagulated, Rank 6 magic beast to Six-Crown Mage, that does not have an opportunity, let alone is tyrant Ji Dong of Pinnacle Two Fires department. Extinguished the god to strike the easy brand mark on that magic beast.

The feeling that the flame brings is ice-cold, Seventh Metal Heavenly Scholar only thought that the whole body coagulates in the coldness, the blood-color double pupil under that metal mask that enlarges in his pupil, the next moment, he passed out complete. His magic power, in the Dark Moon Claw situation, was unable to prevent the slightest bit again.

Black, gold/metal, black and gold/metal, black and gold/metal, the dual- color ray six sparkles, five thunder just like most has the rhythm melody to resound alternately. The tyrant Great Demon King Ji Dong homemade technique, six heavy incantations kill.

The pair of wings launches, match who simply has not gone to look at that be reduced to ashes, was the attacks of two Certain Kill Skill ranks passed over gently and swiftly from Ji Dong, in the midair, his was sparkling the body of dazzling flame, seemed like full of the edges and corners the flowing light, nobody can grasp the position that he was, nobody can escape his extinguishing to kill. Rwandan Carl only thought that during the eye is dazzling and intoxicating a while ago, three Heavenly Scholar their mounts changed into the raging flame.

Over a hundred golden red rays scatter in all directions to flutter about, first is flies into the midair, then floating falls, simultaneously departs, also dozens black, gold/metal dual-color fireball. Goals of these attacks, are Lu Carl back golden eagle business association large unit.

dragon Linshan Pinnacle Two Fires ball, had been disrupted the rhythm golden eagle business association experts completely, prevents radically without enough time. This originally fills with the life aura in the big forest, a sea of fire in thundering to erupt. Innumerable pitiful yell sounds and calling out in grief sounds, resound continuously. Starting from this moment, Ji Dong truly has launched his harvesting to life. His thought is very simple, does not respect other lives the lives, does not need that the regeneration saves. His heart, just like iron stone ice-cold. Before saw the woods monster corpse anger, in this time already complete explosion.

Black and white dual-color primal chaos chart, appears behind him, is revolving slowly, in this primal chaos chart, Yin-Yang two fires condensation law also blooms, in the air will not have one point of Fire Element to be wasted. Each skill burns the body of enemy, the next moment, Fire Element is condensed law to take back. Ji Dong has not looked for Lu Carl temporarily again, was present Lu Carl soon was insane.

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Chapter 193: The sorrow of woods monster

Terrifying magic power from the sky blooms. On the Ji Dong face reveals an ice-cold halo, his body cannot stay two breath time in a place, Teng Snake flashes the comprehensive start, sometimes saw obviously he to/clashes before, but the next moment, after his body actually already moves, flame flowing light, outlined death rays in the midair. A stop of each breath, at least Mage of golden eagle business association falls from the sky under Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires.

Previous time enters Holy and Evil Battlefield time, Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes can only complete two to dodge, relies on strength of the to make two surpass the Level 50 dark disciple not to have the means that but also nearly strikes to kill it. At this time his magic power the broken twofold barrier, has promoted the Level 61 degree, Teng Snake to dodge continually with the support of strong magic power, has completed four twinkles sufficiently. Powerhouse a like Ji Dong, is in airborne, can four change directions continuously, who also be able to catch his form. Let alone is Seven-Crown Lu Carl, even if a Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable level powerhouse is impossible to achieve. They can do at this time, is tired out from the press to pursue. Perhaps release range magic skill attacks. But, that dispersed the range attack of striking power, regarding having Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes as well as Ji Dong of Teng Snake strength technique, what can also play to affect?

Rwandan Carl had realized finally the gravity of issue, he has to pass to attack Lie Yan (raging flames), is, Ji Dong was so strong, resulted in the together woman strength also energy balance with him? Let alone that side also does not know that is any variety formidable Rank 6 magic beast , etc. there, can make Rank 7 magic beast also for it scared Rank 6 magic beast. Will cope? If attacks that woman, without a doubt, oneself will bear the brunt will receive the Ji Dong most violent retaliation.

Takes the bull by the horns, Lu Carl rave, "army retreats." The golden eagle business association dies Mage in Ji Dong hand already over 30 people, Six-Crown rank has six people, the absolute loss is serious. But if does not retreat, no one knows this terrifying youth also many magic power, how long but can also fight, from his current condition, as if magic power simply does not have what consumption. Continues, perhaps is annihilated, cannot live is leaving here.

The remnants of golden eagle business association retrocede rapidly, although under the Ji Dong intense attack, they already very flurried, but the itself quality is quite truly high, lineup in retreating not scattered in disorder, particularly Lu Carl and other Mage. Gathers completely, the attention places on Ji Dong completely, slowly retreat.

The light shadow flashes, Ji Dong static stopped, falls in the ground, gazes after the people of golden eagle business association to retrocede slowly. This war, the golden eagle business association casualty total had been over 200 people a moment ago. All falls from the sky under his magic skill.

panting somewhat, Ji Dong restores own magic power slightly slowly, in the eye is glittering the cloudy clear uncertain ray. According to his temperament, does not cut to kill light these people, he will not give up. But now he actually has to limit itself. Because he must protect Lie Yan (raging flames). In his heart, anything compared with protecting a Lie Yan (raging flames) more important matter.

To kill off these people, for him, cannot by no means. After magic power promotes to Six-Crown, in his Six-Crown, by cloudy Yang Fire lasting law, has the six dragons and six snake strength, by huge magic power of this storage, in addition Huo'er, he sufficiently displays Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang. By the might of Sun and Moon Yin-Yang terrifying, person of golden eagle business association is impossible to walk. But. During such one, Ji Dong must fall into to be weak, did not have the subsequent hand, if runs into the powerhouse again, how he also protects Lie Yan (raging flames). Therefore, under pondering over, he gave up the thought of pursuit, whatever the people of golden eagle business association depart.

The golden eagle business association retreats is quite hasty, even without enough time carries off including the corpse of person on one's own side, in addition, wreaking havoc of Pinnacle Two Fires, in a surrounding area several thousand square meters range, is ordinary just like the hell.

Two light shadow depart from the Ji Dong shoulder, is the Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body, although these two big element bodies have not been able to become the true about victory and defeat keys, but is used for the battlefield cleanup is actually without question. During their personal appearance twinkles, is burning the flame by their one by one absorption, was used to fight fire is appropriate.

Ji Dong turns back side Lie Yan (raging flames), looks to look at dumbly in before Tamm elder and numerous woods monsters, coughs slightly.

All that before had were too quick, even with enough time had not responded quickly to them, got rid from Ji Dong, to fighting finished, passed the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn.

Looks to wear Ji Dong of Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, these small and weak woods monsters only thought that what front appears is an demon is an excellent likeness, although Ji Dong helps them drive away the powerful enemy, but at this moment, they reveal the color/look of fear.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) gentle sound resounds, "you do not need to be afraid, we passed by here on the way. Happen to saw that this golden eagle business association slaughters your clan subjects, path Jian is uneven, this gets rid. And harmless. Ji Dong, we walk."

At the same time was saying, before she , the silver chain that Ji Dong receives helps him tie up personally in the waist, holds up the hand of Ji Dong again, goes toward the woods of deep place life. To return to Central Earth Empire, passes through from the woods of life, to the west, has been able to save the massive time. Why before this is also , the Ji Dong decision must pass through here important reason.

Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), after he practices the fire of soul, two people soul has been connected, even if not open the mouth, can each other exchange, the soul fluctuates, asked to Lie Yan (raging flames): "Lie Yan (raging flames), didn't we taste the origin of life?"At the same time was saying, he lifts hand to recall itself side Huo'er. Huo'er does not return to the Vermilion Bird bracelet, opens the pair of wings, hovers above Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) top of the head.

Lie Yan's sound resounds in the Ji Dong innermost soul directly, "forget about it, the woods monster died that many clansmen, moreover because of the origin of life. We expressed the purchase to them at this time. To take advantage of somebody? I do not hope that they think us with the graciousness pictoral newspaper. Ji Dong, before you compare, was maturer. Before having traded, you will certainly release the complete ability as far as possible cuts to kill the person of golden eagle business association, but you do not have today. I know, you because of my reason, but, after I hope you, can like this, regardless of there are me side you. Under the gentleman not vertical danger wall, no matter, must leave behind the escape route to oneself. Only if your side has the partner who can trust absolutely, otherwise. Do not release own complete ability easily."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I understood."

In this time, after two people, sound that transmits woods monster tribe that Tamm elder, "wait a moment, two benefactors, your wait a moment."

Ji Dong holds the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) to turn round, simultaneously has taken back own Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor conveniently.

That fierce mask, Ji Dong has not seemed the oppression strength wants on slightly many, Tamm elder whole face ashamed leads the clansmen to run quickly, has not waited to arrive at side Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), he plop'ed kneed down. Several thousand woods monsters have knelt immediately a piece.

"Does elder, you do?"Ji Dong hurries to go forward one step, a right hand request, gentle magic power picks up from the ground Tamm elder, this is not pinnacle Yang Fire or is pinnacle Yin Fire, but after is he comprehends the fire of soul, one gentle magic power that two flame fusions produce, without any attribute, approaches in the chaos aura infinitely. This aura could not be his attack or the defense strength uses, but is the wondrous use is also infinite, particularly can play the twice the result with half the effort effect in the cultivation.

Tamm elder was supported by the arm by Ji Dong, body somewhat trembling say/way: "Two benefactors, Tamm had been hoodwinked the capacity for clear thinking a moment ago for a while sadly, cold two. Please two benefactors must forgive. The matter of today, if not the help of two benefactors, perhaps our tribe must destroy in these evil human hands. So the obligation, Tamm and our clansmen are surely life-long do not forget. Also please two benefactors keep some date and time, making us slightly perform the friendship of landlord."

Ji Dong sighed, said: "Tamm elder, your good intention we declined with thanks. However the aristocrat just hoodwinked this heavy losses, waited for the matter that you handle are too really many. We do not disturb, another day has the opportunity, settled visits again."

Right that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that a woods monster clan just suffered so to cause heavy losses, although they helped the woods monster solve troublesome, may after all he also be human, remained not to have what significance. Arrived might as well depart through the woods of life as soon as possible.

Tamm elder looked that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) determination must walk. Anxious say/way: "Can two benefactors, listen to the obsolete several words?"

Ji Dong said: "Elder please say." Tamm elder sighed, in eye filled was sad and pain, "for a lot of years, our woods monster has lived in the woods of this life, was a nationality of being conservative and complacent. We are working every day industriously, uses itself familiar with the plant, is cultivating various plants, making the woods of life happier. But we also obtained aid of life goddess, can continue to survive. I and my hundreds of thousands of clansmen, became the master of this forest. At first, human enters the woods of life time, is friendly to us, they mostly are play. Our woods monster instinct is good and hospitable. Does not know the outside sinister deceitful, not only has not refused them to enter the woods of life, is willing, when their guides, introduced all sorts of woods of life to them mysteriously. Is has lived also in peace with each other. Afterward, after they tasted the origin of life that we fermented, indicated that must purchase. We live in the woods of this life, all may be self-sufficient, does not need money, therefore makes them use some centuries the essential item and magic beast crystal core to exchange. To also lives in peace with each other. However, as pan for gold more and more human to the woods of our life, started to have the influence to our normal life, was disrupting our environment. Several years ago, the head of our woods monster each tribe decided probably, to avoid the woods of life was destroyed by human, refuses to carry out all forms of transaction with human. In order to guarantee the tranquility and peace and happiness of woods of life."

"After numerous human merchant groups were rejected by us, they have revealed the fang. Today is attacked, is not human attacks our woods monster the first time. They have the ruinous goal to come, to slaughter our clansmen completely, plunders our origin of life. Once tried to enslave us. Our woods monster wants into Mage, cultivates the difficult degree to be much more than human, our several hundred thousand woods monsters, just organizes less than 200 people of Mage teams. Moreover strength compared with human solid difference were too many. We do not have the magic power weapon, the body is inferior human. The short three years, we had over one-fifth clansmen to be slaughtered. Has to remove into the woods of deep place life. But is this, is hard to resist the hunting and killing groups of these big business associations as before. Today two benefactors get rid, perhaps our tribe really ended. May avoid this time, they will not let off us similarly, will have surely also the next time. This way, perhaps our woods monster clan soon, really must exterminate the clan."

Two lines of light cyan muddy tears flow, because woods monster elder Tamm is excited, the body cannot help but shivers, is being held by behind two vigorous and healthy grown woods monsters, can the coming to a stop personal appearance.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, his bitter experience to the woods monster sympathizes, is, can the crisis of this tribal group, how solve?

Tamm elder fierce panting several, "two benefactors, I could see, you have the human of big ability. Most critically, you are different from these mean fellows, you have the golden heart, has helped us selflessly, saves my tribe in the water and fire. Obsolete has my presumptuous request, hopes that two benefactors can comply."

Ji Dong said: "Elder has the words to say."

Tamm elder said: "A our woods monster clan, arrived at the life and death moment. Strength that the benefactor you showed a moment ago we looked was very clear, you by strength of the, can rout the golden eagle business association so formidable influence. I want to represent our woods monster clan to hire two, aids our clan. Protects us not to receive the injuries of these mean human."

Listened to the words of Tamm elder, Ji Dong slightly to stare, shook the head, said: "Sorry, Tamm elder. Perhaps I cannot promise you. Regarding the bitter experience of aristocrat, I also very sympathize, but, I have many my matters to do, is impossible to stay in the woods of life. Therefore, was sorry very much, I am helpless."He has too many matters to do, first did not say he hopes can travel continent with Lie Yan (raging flames), one year later Holy and Evil fights him to go.

One hear of Ji Dong reject, Tamm elder hurries urgently saying: "Benefactor, our woods monster clan, although all previous dynasties in the woods of this life, but since these years have done business with human, there is not a small savings. We are willing to pay the high price to ask you to protect us. Asked you, if you are not willing to help, perhaps soon, our entire tribal group. "

The last day of the month, everybody monthly ticket everybody be not remaining. Many thanks.

The tomorrow's renewal will shift to an earlier time 12 : 00 pm . Moreover, tomorrow small three will erupt diligently, renews 12,000. Troubles everybody monthly ticket support, thanks.

Chapter 194: Woods monster tribe

Facing Tamm elder's plea. Ji Dong also frowned, he is not does not certainly want to help these woods monsters, but, can actually how be able to help them?

Looks at Ji Dong to hesitate, Tamm elder thinks that he in indecisive, hurries continued: "Benefactor, so long as you are willing to stay behind, we are willing in all savings with the clan to receive in exchange for your blessing. Regardless of how much money or the resources, we are willing to leave."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Tamm elder, this is not the issue of money. I really have many matters to process, is impossible to stay protects you here. You want to hire the powerhouse to protect your mood I to understand. However, this is actually not the long-term plan. Once you trust the wrong person, perhaps the result will be more pitiful."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, Tamm elder low-spirited lowering the head, sad say/way: "could it be, can our woods monster clan, really in light of this and certainly?"

Before this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) that had not opened the mouth was saying suddenly: "Can Tamm elder, for the security of tribal group, you be willing to move?"

Ji Dong stares. To Lin Yan said: "Can you make them move to earth core go?" Lie Yan (raging flames) shook the head. The vision looks by the veil to Tamm elder, waits for his reply.

The Tamm elder indecisive say/way of: "A our woods monster clan has lived in the woods of life, here is our families/home, is the life goddess cares for our places. If leaves our homelands, perhaps. "

Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly sighed, "Tamm elder, after entering the woods of this piece of life, I can feel your woods monster regarding the function of this big forest. Although you do not have the formidable strength, has to the plant inherent talent. You by your strength, can various better cultivation plants, helping them multiply to live, this is also why the woods of life can be so luxuriant, have been full of the vitality reason. However, you think not to have, why will you face so the crisis? The reason is very simple, that is because you were too small and weak, your abilities look after the forest, actually the strength of forest protection. You need, did not invite the powerhouse to protect you, but can find can bless your formidable allies truly. This ally should not be human, but is magic beast. Simply speaking, if has massive magic beast to exist in the woods of this life, can could it be these business associations also send the army to cope with you?"

"magic beast?"Tamm has gawked, ", but, magic beast is fiercer than human, they do not have the wisdom of human, will regard food us."

Lie Yan (raging flames) shook the head. Said: "When you can achieve the symbiosis condition with magic beast at least one tribal group, will they injure you? Therefore, wish makes a monster clan continue to multiply to live, then, you must change a homeland. Only by doing so, has the possibility of surviving. This is the natural protection."

In the Ji Dong eye flash of intuition, he caught the meaning of Lie Yan (raging flames) probably, thoughts revolve, to Lin Yan said: "What you said is Earth Spirit Mountain Range?"

The Lie Yan (raging flames) smile nods, "there has numerous formidable magic beast. Moreover, by your relations, naturally can help them. If the woods monster wants, I thought that we should help them. Although they must leave the woods of this piece of life, but, in less than many years, they can transform Earth Spirit Mountain Range into the woods of another piece of life."

Ji Dong nodded, Lie Yan (raging flames) said that truly is a feasibility measure, by him and relations of Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird, making these woods monsters survive to Earth Spirit Mountain Range, should not any issue. Vermilion Bird as most powerhouse in Earth Spirit Mountain Range, she issues an order, who dares to move the woods monster? Let alone, these woods monsters, if lived to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range multiplication, cultivates various plants, only has the advantage regarding there magic beast. In the deterrent and in the benefit symbiosis of Vermilion Bird situation, a woods monster clan is likely calmly and steadily survives there.

Ji Dong changes Tamm elder, "elder, our suggestions you also heard. This regarding a woods monster clan, is the procedure of getting it over and done. If you trust me, I am willing to help you, eagerly anticipate you to go to Central Earth Empire Earth Spirit Mountain Range. There has formidable magic beast, I have certain friendship with the king of there magic beast, arranging you to enter there, should not have the too major problem."

"This......"Tamm hesitated, looks at Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), the vision twinkle is uncertain, shaking the head of gently, said: "Two benefactors, this matter are important, is not I can take responsibility. If you want, I apply to hold woods monster elder assembly immediately, discussed this matter. I know that two benefactors both consider for our woods monster clan, but this matter involves our woods monster one clan for a lot of years the place of multiplication. Relates significantly!"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "The mood of elder we can understand. Such being the case, we here keep several days, waits for your news."

Tamm's worried nodded, the proposition of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), is theoretically feasible. But this actually involves the life and death of entire woods monster tribal group, in his heart is intertwining similarly. Often steals a glance looks to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) two people, in the eye is revealing the hesitant ray.

These years, they suffered the persecution of human too to be really fierce, even if were Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) had just saved their tribe, he was impossible to trust these two outsiders completely.

The vision of Tamm elder, Ji Dong naturally also felt, but in his heart did not have the ghost, confidently by right.

"Callum, you lead two benefactors to rest to our tribe, Bynum, you and I calls fellow elders to meet to discuss together."

Two vigorous and healthy woods monsters hurry complied, one of them is directing Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) walks toward the woods of life.

Two Fire Element bodies simultaneously return to side Ji Dong, their bodies swelled, is absorbing the magic power element in air as before unceasingly. Ji Dong is their masters, their it aura is completely is controlled by Ji Dong, therefore cannot leave Ji Dong certain range, is away from Ji Dong to be nearer, they absorb the magic power speed to be also quicker.

The bloody taste in air is gradually pale, enters the woods of life, various strange flowers and grass, in abundance present in Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) at present. In the big forest of this cover, various plant growths in good order. All is the luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, obviously woods monster regarding handling the forest was an expert. Fruit that some outside can also see, here the volume is much bigger, floods the life aura that outside is not having. Without a doubt, here is place of the best keeping in good health.

Woods monster Callum guides in front, the time is not long, in the Ji Dong ear heard gurgling the underwater/splashing sound, in this wooded mountains, the small stream flows unexpectedly, the mountain stream is limpid, does not have the slightest bit impurity. Namely uses eyes to look. As if can also feel sweet flavor/smell. On this small stream both sides big trees, the vine surrounds, blocks the sky, only then some slight sunlight can fall by the branches and leaves and vine in the ground.

The moist and fresh air, is having the thick plant delicate fragrance and life aura, to person an indescribable sense of joy.

Callum very respectfully said: "Two benefactors, here is the place that we live. We live above. Words that two benefactors do not shut out, first here stay."

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "Tree room based on vine?"He already saw that here trees are very strange, the trunk and branches is not very high, but branch actually extremely cover.

"Two benefactors, please come with me."At the same time was saying, Callum crawled following nearby big tree. Ji Dong holds the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) to jump, drills into the crown from the slit place directly.

Compared with the big tree of surroundings, this crown is more luxuriant, the inner space unexpectedly is the oval-shape, completely comprised of the arm thick or thin vine and sturdy branch, besides they come in the crevice of that place, only then some extremely slight crevice can see outside. Sets up in the room, not only the air is fresher, the vitality is also richer than the outside.

Sets up the arrangement in room to be very simple, bed that only then spreads with the giant banana plant banana leaf.

Hand signal that Callum makes invitation, "two benefactors please first rest, I take some fruits to receive cordially two."

Ji Dong to his slight nod, "many thanks."

Callum's terrified say/way: "Benefactor do not say, does not have the benefactor, possibly I now am a corpse."At the same time was saying, he has drawn back the tree room fast. Lie Yan (raging flames) somewhat excited takes off head bamboo hat, has selected selecting in the tree room gently, said with a smile: "Outside world is good! Has filled everywhere mysteriously, this tree room unexpectedly is the natural formation, the strength of chaos creation is really mysterious."

This time she, looked like saw the curious young girl of strange world, a dignified appearance of which also earth core world ruler.

Sees the Lie Yan (raging flames) smiling face, regarding Ji Dong is biggest satisfaction, shows a faint smile, said: "Words that you like, we here live in some time."

Lie Yan (raging flames) takes off the shoes, arrived at that shop on the thick banana plant banana leaf to lie down directly. Both hands pillow after the brain, looks at the tree room peak, "here is very comfortable, the life of woods monster is simple and pure, is also similar in the earth core world with me. Here all eventually compared with earth core world rich many. After you come out, I do not want again to return to the earth core world. Previous time I arrive in outside world, but walk everywhere, saw many superficial things and your human mistrusts each other. Now has you in the side, felt that as if completely changed. Each same thing that as if sees so was bright, has been full of the attraction. Ji Dong, thank you, I now am very happy."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Should be I am thank you right, I never have attractive this world well, currently finally has the time, has you to accompany, for me, this looks like the deity general life."

Lie Yan (raging flames) shaking the head of gently, ", you did not make a mistake. The life of god is not necessarily perfect, is the immortal that you said what?"

"Uh......, The immortal can be said as another title of god."Ji Dong somewhat helpless saying. He cannot tell Lie Yan (raging flames), oneself are from another world. The time is not long, Callum crawled at the back of a small basket of rattan knitting, puts down the small basket, he preoccupies a tray size from inside the leaf shop in front of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), then takes out more than ten all kinds of fruits to be placed from the small basket on the leaf. These fruits are also bringing the clear water drop, obviously just took off to wipe out to deliver only.

More than ten fruits actually do not have one to be the same, various, some glitteringly and translucent carving are similar to the rubies, some creamy white ellipses likely are the boiled eggs, has the azure to be deep green, is bringing the intoxicant insight, like emerald generally thorough clear. This where also likely is food, instead to being more like each article Jane|treasure rare treasure presents before two people.

The strongly fragrant delicate fragrance, the rich life aura, gladdens the heart all, Ji Dong cannot bear saying: "These are the masterpieces of nature!"

Callum gruff smiles, "please two benefactors taste. This is woods of our life special product. Because taking off latter day because does not have the protection of rich vitality to rot, therefore was......"just spoke of here that could not eat outside the woods of life, his vision sudden delay. The gaze that decides Lie Yan (raging flames), has been opening the mouth.

Before just climbed up the tree room, his mind placed to place on the fruit, at this time raised the head, saw to take off Lie Yan (raging flames) of veil, his vision coagulated completely, a character could not say, what was funny, in his mouth that light cyan tongue unexpectedly in a twitch of one after next.

Ji Dong slightly somewhat discontented cough, although he can understand Callum this time state of mind very much, gaze that but goddess in the heart was such stared, his some are uncomfortable.

"!! Praise life goddess, Heavens! Are you life goddess arrive?"Callum as one in woods monster, the glossary that can be used to describe is really deficient, the Lie Yan (raging flames) glowing countenance, made this woods monster fall into shock beyond description. Without blaspheming of slightest bit, is completely from the heart regarding the appreciation of beautiful.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, puts just like ten thousand flowers, in this tree room as if shone in her smiling face got up, this smiled is unimportant, pū, hurricane of two lines of nosebleeds from Callum nose, Ji Dong responded luckily quickly, hoisted a leaf to block the blood.

"Sorry, sorry."Callum hurries to lower the head, he really does not dare to look at Lie Yan (raging flames) again, turns around to crawl to the tree room, who knows the hands and feet to become tender, plop'ed crashes under.

Luckily, sets up under the room to have numerous vegetation, Callum turns over/stands up, crawls from the ground, in mouth also in muttering was talking over: "Praise life goddess, praise life goddess, Heavens! I saw anything......"under the Ji Dong dumbfounded gaze, walking that this woods monster tumbles.

Lie Yan (raging flames) caresses own face lightly, has a look at Ji Dong again, said in a soft voice: "We must help these woods monsters, they are really pure lovable, so purely cherishes natural life the race, should not in light of this and certainly."

The commitment that on April 1, small three said was not the fool's day shaking point. The eruption starts. Altogether three chapters 12,000, the new month, we must rise, must break through, the eruption asked to guarantee a minimum the monthly ticket, to ask the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 195: magic skill scroll manufacture foundation

Is listening to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, nodded that Ji Dong deep to be so. "First eats a fruit. I will convince these woods monsters as far as possible."

Lie Yan (raging flames) looks to these extremely fresh assorted fruit, said in a soft voice: "Ji Dong, I want to taste each fruit, Ok?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Naturally. You ate."So long as Lie Yan (raging flames) likes, he little ate a thing to be considered as anything. However, is quick he to realize, oneself mistakenly intent.

Lie Yan (raging flames) takes up a fruit, bites in the mouth lightly, scrap fruit pulp flows in her red lip along with the delicate fragrance juice. Looks at that fresh and tender lip and pure white Bei tooth, Ji Dong somewhat stays. But at this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually bit a fruit to hand in front of Ji Dong her.

She, does she want to eat these fruits with me? Ji Dong stayed, but he responded quickly, hurried to be nipped a fruit to receive by Lie Yan (raging flames) that sent in oneself mouth without hesitation. The flavor/smell of fruit his simply cannot give a thought to the experience, the unusual feeling has actually imitated is filled with. That is Lie Yan (raging flames) has bit fruit! Unknowingly, Ji Dong discovered that oneself and relations between Lie Yan (raging flames) as if deeply one step.

Looks at Ji Dong that silly appearance, Lie Yan (raging flames) cannot bear laughed, charming face flies two to wipe to blush, appears more charming moving. She then takes up the second fruit, with was formerly same, but bites after lightly tastes, has given Ji Dong.

What is happy? Giving opportune help is happy, was hungry some people to deliver one bowl of bouillon to the front is happy, when the abdominal pain such as twisted saw the latrine is happy, but regarding Ji Dong, like the present this, eats in the heart the goddess has been nipping the fruit, was he biggest happiness.

In quiet tree room, two people such static is eating, a while free time, several fruits have eaten to eat all one's food completely. And entered the belly of Ji Dong most probably actually, this fellow is really some careless and wasteful uses of nature's products, simply has not eaten what a pity any flavor/smell, red lip and above Bei who tooth his mind in Lie Yan (raging flames) that moves lightly.

"Does fool, what look at?"Lie Yan (raging flames) faintly scolded.

Ji Dong chuckled, "forever thinks so, looks insufficiently. When regardless of sees you, gives my feeling is that shocking."

Lie Yan (raging flames) laughed, "several years ago, you are also only a child, several years later, has actually been able to speak this words with me. It seems like that my Little Ji Dong grew up."

Ji Dong somewhat discontented very draws out the solid chest, "am I very young?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile lightly: "Good. You are not young, good. Ji Dong, today you and golden eagle business association these people fight, skill that Seven-Crown First Wood Mage releases your also impression."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Naturally has, if he does not release a scroll to defend promptly, is impossible to block my series attack."

On the Lie Yan (raging flames) face smiling face restraining, nodded, said: "I must you tell that issue about magic skill scroll. The strength of person is always limited, even if the god is also so. Basic method that the magic skill scroll it can be said that solves this problem. Like your Yin- Yang two fires lasting law, can make in your Yin-Yang Crown store up huge magic power, when necessary, even can assist you to release Sun and Moon Yin-Yang such Ultra Certain Kill Skill. However, even if your magic power achieves the Nine-Crown rank, magic power that can store up as before is also limited. I thought, you should start to study now to manufacture the method of magic skill scroll."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "do you want to teach me to manufacture the magic skill scroll?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) shook the head, said: "The magic skill scroll is for me useless, I will not manufacture. Still remembers Teng Snake to your book? That manufactures the fundamental method of magic skill scroll. The above writing was the antiquity record, I can recognize. You take the book."

Ji Dong hurried to take to his book Teng Snake. This book is not thick, the front ten pages, record ten departments magic power some strange designs and writing illustrations, the final several pages are the methods of manufacturing of anything thing.

Lie Yan (raging flames) receives the book, said: "This book, manufactures the foundation of magic skill scroll. Regarding any Mage, manufactures the magic skill scroll is not an easy matter, according to my memory, your human Mage when making the magic skill scroll, possibility of failure at least over 90%. The magic skill scroll of manufacture powerful, the probability of failure is also bigger. Teng Snake gives your book, the front ten pages, record the method of ten departments magic skill scroll separately, final three pages, then records the method of manufacturing of scroll paper separately. Is divided into Direct Hit Skill, Certain Kill Skill and Ultra Certain Kill Skill three types of medium papers, its material request naturally also has very wide difference."

Ji Dong was puzzled asked: "magic skill scroll, since manufactures so difficultly, why the each department magic skill scroll method of manufacturing does have one page of papers?"

Lin Yan said: "Therefore I said that it is the method of manufacturing of foundation. Each Mage when manufactures the magic skill scroll, impossible Pegasus starry sky wants to make anything to make anything. They can only in the scroll take shape the magic skill brand mark that oneself excel . To manufacture to combine the magic skill scroll, takes many various departments Mage simultaneously to manufacture has the successful possibility, but the success probability must be lower. But in this book records, the various departments magic skill method of brand mark on scroll. I looked probably, the way and principle of its brand mark, are lasting law in your five elements method. Modified slightly. Understands this book, so long as is Mage, has the formidable financial support, through the long-term experiment, has certainly the opportunity to make the magic skill scroll."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Needs the formidable financial support?
Why? Wasn't makes some scroll special-purpose paper to be OK?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) shakes the head, said: "You think that manufactures the special-purpose paper of magic skill scroll to be so fond of playing jokes? It is not easy. The requests of these paper are extremely high, the Direct Hit Skill scroll special-purpose paper of most foundation. Each needs magic skill same attribute Rank 3 crystal core, mixes more than ten other precious materials to manufacture. But special-purpose paper that manufacture Certain Kill Skill needs, is needs three Rank 6 magic beast crystal core to take the foundation, if the same magic beast talent will not cause the conflict. As for making the Ultra Certain Kill Skill special-purpose paper, that needed Rank 10 magic beast crystal core is the foundation can start to make. You think, manufactures the success ratios of these scrolls less than 10%, can the material that only wastes how many have? Manufactures the scroll, by your current strength, ordinary Direct Hit Skill simply is unable to have very big help to you, only then Certain Kill Skill can help you. You have is pinnacle magic power, when manufacture special-purpose paper, material that consumes, if three times of ordinary special-purpose paper. But 10% success ratios that I said that what refers to after is you can manufacture skilled, the testing before then, you must consume do not know that many special- purpose paper can manufacture skilled."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) words made a Ji Dong hear of dumbfoundedness , after long time, helpless say/way: "Really is needs huge financial resource to be possible the support. According to your such saying, wanted to train a magic skill scroll manufacture Master, the financial resource that needed simply were the astronomical figures. Moreover the scroll that makes also refers to erratically what kind. No wonder the method of manufacturing of magic skill scroll will be lost. Even if not lost, now the world can have the ability and financial resource conducts the scroll research, perhaps also only then various countries' imperial families and these giant business associations. Since this scroll manufacture is so difficult, I forget about it. Has to study the time and energy of it and waste material, I might as well am many to cultivate , to promote own strength as far as possible."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) smile shakes the head. Said: "No, I hope you to be able in this aspect diligently, so long as you can have enough magic skill scrolls, then, even if runs into supreme powerhouse in your human, can have the strength of self-preservation."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "But, you just did not say, wants to manufacture the magic skill scroll to be quite difficult?"

Lin Yan said: "I hope that you can take your road in this aspect, because, you have the superiority that many ordinary Mage do not have. Through the fire of soul, you can let your Pinnacle Two Fires balanced Yin-Yang completely. In the control, outputs own magic skill, transforms wants easy many as the scroll. The chaos original intention creates, manufactures the scroll is also a creation, has the chaos as the basis, your success ratio compared with ordinary Mage high many. This is not the key is also, what is most important, you when manufacture the magic skill scroll, does not need these special-purpose magic skill scroll paper, the cost and price that therefore, you must pay also naturally want small many." "Does not have special-purpose magic skill scroll manufacture paper, manufactures the scroll?"Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji Dong slightly to be in a daze.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "paper is a medium, because it easy with various material unions, forms the carrying/sustaining magic power carrier, therefore was applied in manufacturing the magic skill scroll. However, the paper is actually far from the only medium. You have the advantageous ability, why can use the paper? Trades a medium, you when manufacturing scroll, will become completely will be different."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, said: "I do not understand your meaning."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "What I said is the liquor, takes the medium by the liquor, manufactures scroll."

"Liquor?"Listened to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, Ji Dong to be surprised, "was liquor possibly used to manufacture the scroll? The liquor is the liquid!"

Lin Yan said: "Liquid can also have the vessel. The liquor is in itself the fusion of fire attribute and water attribute, it can also be a carrier, so long as you integrate in which the crystal core powder, had has manufactured the possibility of scroll. By your bartending ability, in the drink mixing process, pours into magic skill to the liquor fluid, theoretically, completely has possibility achievement this to use the liquor as the scroll of basis. This ability, is it can be said that unique. I had also seen other Bartender before, but they do not have to be able like you to integrate in the liquor oneself mood completely. Although you now are Yin-Yang Mage, but I actually could feel, in your bone. Your true occupation as before is Bartender. Even if when releases magic skill, when your entire sentiment will not invest, has drink mixing, is genuine you. You understood that each liquor the characteristics and their mood, naturally can also understand what magic power they with are easiest to coincide, I believe that so long as gives you some time, you can certainly be successful. Now to you, what is most important, what liquor must find to be able the carrying/sustaining your Pinnacle Two Fires magic power. Once found, I believe that you when manufacture the magic skill liquor, the success ratio will approach in 100% infinitely."

In the Ji Dong eye the ray twinkle, the whole person fell into to the ponder during, how although Lie Yan (raging flames) has not taught him to do, but actually opened a leaf of front door for him. From knowing Lin Yan said now, already nine years, right that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that although he continuously in self-torture, became splendid Yin-Yang Mage, were in his bone, can the previous generation more than 30 years of life fade from the memory? He as before was initial Wine God Li Jiedong, has filled as before to rigid of liquor. He when can see Lie Yan (raging flames) every day for her drink mixing , is realizes from experience to fondly remembering of liquor? In the Ji Dong world, has not forgotten the liquor, forever will not forget.

If can fuses in really the liquor and Yin-Yang Mage skill together, then, Ji Dong from the heart will feel joyful. He is Wine God, is willing to become unprecedented liquor Mage.

During sees Ji Dong to be lost in thought that Lie Yan (raging flames) has not gone to disturb him, is only sitting silently in the one side, puts on the bamboo hat, accompanies side him. At this kind of time, only if some people win Ji Dong in the drink mixing aspect, otherwise nobody can help him. All, must depend upon him to comprehend.

When a person spirit is quite dedicated, quick that the time often crosses, Ji Dong did not have the feeling to outside all, completely immerses in the liquor and magic skill mysterious world, occasionally he will take out all kinds of liquor fluids from oneself Vermilion Bird bracelet, is attempting fuses own magic power and liquor fluid. After two days of pass by, in the entire tree room has been full of the beverage bottles and household utensils of rich wine and massive breakage. But Ji Dong as before as if deluded is actually pondering.

Lie Yan (raging flames) knows, Ji Dong has found out the method gradually, he can maintain such condition, proof own expectation possibly realizes. Ji Dong has five elements method, Chaos Fire and Wine God bartending ability, if including him unable to achieve, then, forever some people cannot become famous name wine Mage. Compared with various expensive materials, the liquor wants inexpensive many without a doubt. The magic skill liquor manufacture success ratio that let alone, Lie Yan (raging flames) judges is the high terrifying. Once the Ji Dong success, only has needed really through trading some magic skill liquor, he can have almost endless financial support. Any country, any business association and any aristocrat, will not dislike the magic skill scroll to be few.

Third day, in the morning.

Very early in the morning, Callum crawled from below, "two benefactors, the elder is invited."

Second. Then also third.

Chapter 196: Whisky and brandy

Although Lie Yan (raging flames) has taken the bamboo hat. But when Callum sees her, cannot bear the body somewhat shiver as before. How could he has seen the so perfect woman, although the woods monster cannot be human, but they after all outside seem like the person, has with the human same aesthetic viewpoint.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) interesting to listen to sound resounds in the absent-minded Callum ear, "fears you to slightly wait a moment, I awaken Ji Dong first."

Callum then recovers, somewhat worries looks at Ji Dong, said:
"Benefactor is he all right?"

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "He is all right."

Callum has a look in the tree room the shatter beverage bottle, was hearing the rich wine, in the heart mused, could it be this benefactor is a drunkard? If he is willing to grant liquor to be good to me. The liquor of human is really rare!

Lie Yan's sound resounds in the Ji Dong soul, awakens from the depth thinking cap him.

"! Lie Yan (raging flames)."Touching of soul is sensitive, Ji Dong sobers all of a sudden, the vision falls on Lie Yan (raging flames), excited say/way: "Has succeeded, Lie Yan (raging flames), I believe that I succeeded. I found most suit my magic skill liquor." These time was one's turn Lie Yan (raging flames) to be startled, "did you find? Quickly?"Must know, the liquor type is quite numerous and diverse. Before Lie Yan (raging flames), is only her imagination that Ji Dong said that wants to discover really with the wines that Pinnacle Two Fires coincides completely is easier said than done. Two days, were two days of time, Ji Dong suddenly found merely have suited manufacture the magic skill liquor the base liquor. Even if she, feels inconceivable extremely.

Ji Dong excited say/way: "Yes, I found. I in the heart, have filtered the liquor that all I know first, when has tried magic power and liquor fluid union effect. I discovered that be only the alcohol purity surpasses 40 degrees liquor, has to accept the fire magic power possibility. Therefore, I isolate to filter the strong liquor, various liquor attempts with on me is bringing. Finally made me find some mysteries. Most suits the pinnacle Yang Fire fusion, takes the wheat as the whisky of raw material brewing, but most suits the pinnacle Yin Fire fusion, then takes the grape as the brandy of raw material brewing, calls the water of life. I have tried magic power to fuse with these two types of liquor, the degree of integration reaches as high as 70%. In other words, if I can magic skill perfect carries on the fusion with them, the magic skill might retains 70% sufficiently in the liquor fluid. Moreover, this percentage will promote along with the strength of alcohol promotion of these two types of liquor. My simple arithmetic, has made the Direct Hit Skill rank the scroll, each magic skill liquor needs three Rank 3 crystal core as well as one about 40 degrees whisky or the brandy, but the scroll of manufacture Certain Kill Skill rank, needs above three Rank 6 same attribute crystal core and over 50 degrees whisky or the brandies. As for Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is very at present difficult saying that not only needs me to release huge magic power. Moreover requests to be also higher to the material. Perhaps 60 degrees strong liquor is unable to meet the requirements. This needs to experiment massively is good. What a pity, my whisky and brandy have consumed up. Thank you, Lie Yan (raging flames), you opened a leaf of new front door for me, if this can be successful. Then, on Five Elements Continent, I was true Wine God. Attacks as the scroll by the liquor, who can want to obtain? Hahahaha." Also he so is no wonder happy, the magic skill scroll, is Ji Dong in the issue of thinking, may actually throughout unable to find the correct direction. Reminded after Lie Yan (raging flames), the short two days of time, he has found out the method, moreover was related with he most familiar liquor. He has the absolute confidence, in the near future will study the magic skill liquor the accurate method of manufacturing. The success ratio will not lower. Has Vermilion Bird bracelet such best quality goods to store up Magic Tool, how much magic skill liquor can he carry? Runs into the large-scale enemy again, will cope not to have any issue?

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "I know that you will certainly succeed. First did not say these, Tamm elder asked us to go."

"Oh?"Ji Dong then sobers from the emotional state, sees everywhere shatter beverage bottle in confusion, somewhat embarrassed to Callum nodded, "we go now. Here thing I tidy up."

At the same time was saying. The Ji Dong big hand wields, has followed in his Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body goes into action immediately, the gold and black two-color flame pastes sweeps away, Pinnacle Two Fires has not had any destructive effect to the tree room, actually all sweeps across all shatter beverage bottles and shaker fragments, changes into the gas to vanish in the air directly.

Although beforehand Ji Dong has been at thinking cap, but his point does not have the general idea, he has not practiced, naturally does not need to be worried that two big element bodies rob Fire Element in air with him, moreover two element bodies , can also help him protect Lie Yan (raging flames), he has not taken back the bracelet like Huo'er.

phoenix cry sound gets up, Huo'er inspires wing to fly side Ji Dong, the ray flashes, integrated in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, her body was now big, cannot fall on the Ji Dong shoulder.

Callum looks at Ji Dong to show the exquisite magic power control, in the heart is acclaiming secretly, respectfully said: "Two benefactors, please come with me."At the same time was saying, his downhill tree room. Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) follow, in Callum behind falls in the ground, his two element bodies after absorption of these days in Fire Element to the air, the body increased several points slightly, because does not have rich Fire Element to exist, the growth rate is not obvious, follows in Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) behind, funny before the somewhat post, flutters.

Under Callum's leadership, in the small stream vanguard following the forest, probably marched forward a free time of food. The front suddenly sees the light, reveals at least over ten thousand square meters Dacaoping, here giant trees, the topography is not smooth, the small stream regarding flows around the lawn, richer life aura even can see through the naked eye.

Ji Dong cannot bear saying: "Here simply is the Wood department Mage heaven."

In that lawn center, altogether more than 20 old woods monsters there, sees two people to come, welcomed together, walks in the forefront, is Tamm elder.

"Exhausted two benefactors have waited for a long time, these days live in our tribe can be pleasant?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Tamm elder, you were too polite. The woods of life simply are the heaven on earth. Here has filled everywhere with the aura of nature, a woods monster clan, really receives the nationality that the life goddess cares."

Tamm sighed, "was this is really good. We hope that the life goddess do not give up her subjects. Two benefactors, please."

An old woods monster disperses silently, is welcoming Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) arrives at the lawn center.

Specially old woods monster row of numerous, bow to salute to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) slightly, "thanked two benefactors' rescue to Tamm Tribe, has not consulted, two benefactor your surname high fames?" The Ji Dong vision moves slightly, has swept a woods monster elder. He discovered that around this lawn, at least over a hundred light magic power fluctuations. The fire of achievement soul, his feeling to the magic power is extremely keen, in the heart somewhat is immediately transparent, lightly said: "Woods monster elder of respect, hello. My name was called Ji Dong, this was Lie Yan (raging flames). Our trip also on its meeting. Asked everybody to call our names to be OK directly, does not need to be called as the benefactor. I know that everybody possibly has very strong vigilant heart to human, I can only tell everybody, in human also divides the good person and bad person. I do not dare to brag that is the good person. But is actually not these mean bad people."

That year in long woods monster elder heart one startled, indistinct listened to the meaning in Ji Dong words. Slightly somewhat awkward say/way: "Two please sit down. Our woods monster in the woods of life, altogether twenty tribes, the elder of each tribe all here, my name was Odom, is the elder of woods monster first tribe Odom Tribe. Also is the Chief elders of all woods monster tribes."

Ji Dong holds the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) to sit down same place, two element bodies look like the guard are common, stands behind them.

Numerous woods monster elders sit down in Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) opposite, at this time, had the young woods monster to provide the fruit juice that various fruits and fruits made.

The numerous woods monster elder looks that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) vision varies, but from their looks, Ji Dong sees more is vigilant, but is not friendly. Only then sits in being away from two people recent Tamm elders, the look is bringing several points of plea and helplessness in the awkwardness.

Actually Ji Dong appears very calm, facing the woods monster elders does not calculate obviously the genial facial expression, he sits there actually as before as stable as Mount Tai, the manner is free. Carries one fruit juice to give Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong said to Odom elder: "We kept two days here, thinks that my suggested Tamm elder also conveyed to fellow elders. How doesn't know under elder intent?"

Odom elder hesitates saying: "The good intention of Mr. Ji fears us to be unacceptable. A our woods monster clan, lives from the birth in the woods of this piece of life. Has never left the homeland. Did not know about outside world. Although we facing the attacks of some of your human business associations, but in this familiar homeland, we can also resist now reluctantly. If to outside world, entered your human the world, let alone Earth Spirit Mountain Range that went to you saying that perhaps will not be peaceful on the road. We after the careful discussion, decide to keep the woods of life as before, stays in our homelands to resist the foreign enemy."

"Right, we will not leave the homeland, I will certainly lead all big woods monsters to protect the woods of our life, any human wants to wreak havoc here, must pay the extremely painful price." A stature vigorous and healthy woods monster stands up suddenly, he looks that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) vision is not most genial.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, takes up a fruit slowly is eating, ", since fellow elders have decided that that this. We have delayed here for two days, should hurry along. Said goodbye."

At the same time was saying, he stands up. The hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), is turning around outward to walk.

Before that stands up, looks angrily at Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) woods monster robust man sneers, "walks is so easy? The woods of our life, are you want to come to come, wants to walk walks?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, has not gone to pay attention to that woods monster robust man, but changes Tamm elder, "elder, could it be is your woods monster a graciousness the enmity report race?" A numerous woods monster elder has stood up at this time, Tamm elder looks angrily at that woods monster robust man, said: "Does Gassot, you want to do? Mr. Ji Dong has saved our Tamm Tribes, if not he, I already am a corpse. He is the benefactor of our Tamm Tribe, is our friends."

Gassot sneers, "Tamm, aren't you clear? These mean human, already planned. What benefactor? They clearly with the aid of the goodness of our woods monster, infiltrate us. The surface seemed has killed some human. May in fact, he probably lure our entire tribal group to leave the woods of life, good to catch the whole lot in a dragnet to us, destroys our woods monster clan thoroughly. You also really think that mean human does meet the good intention to help us?"

Listened to Gassot's words, Ji Dong not to get angry instead smiles, the vision looked to woods monster Chief elder Odom, "did you and fellow elders also think?"

Odom has not replied the Ji Dong words, but he told the Ji Dong answer with the vision of other woods monster elders.

At this moment, Gassot cried loud and long, immediately, in the surroundings forest gushed out over 200 vigorous and healthy woods monsters, on them has the obvious magic power fluctuation, a numerous woods monster elder retroceded slowly, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) were surrounded in the center.

Gassot loudly shouted, "takes these two human. I jointly check certainly their goal. Since these two human strengths are outstanding, deciding is the leading figures in these business associations, first took them to say again."

Sees human, these have the magic power big woods monsters, one by one eyes somewhat has blushed, human are so many in the woods monster quantity that these years slaughters, they regarding the hatred of human, early have achieved the extreme. magic power focusing on the azure and dark green shines in abundance, completely comes toward the direction suppression of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly sighed, "they suffered the persecution of human too to be really deep, this cannot blame them."

Ji Dong nodded, "I understand. Relax, I will not injure these woods monsters."

"Do you want to do? Were you insane? This is our benefactors! How you can the graciousness hatred/enemy report."Tamm elder has not followed these woods monster elders to draw back, but keeps off before the Ji Dong body, said that anything is not willing to depart, stretches out the arms, excited looks at other woods monsters, glowers.

Ji Dong has patted the Tamm elder slender shoulder, "elder, has not related, here gives me. I promised you, will not injure your any clansman."

Tamm looks to Ji Dong, in the eye completely is the ashamed color/look,
"benefactor, sorry, I do not know to be able like this. I. "

Ji Dong shook the head to him, "I understand that the elder does not need to explain."

Here, Ji Dong looked to a numerous woods monster elder, the double back of the hand after behind, the eye the power and influence four shot, bright sound said: "Fellow elders, before beginning, whether to listen to my word."

More splendid plots launch one by one, three chapters erupt, asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 197: Six dragon six snakes

"Fellow elders, whether to listen to my word." The Ji Dong sound passes on by far. Buzz called general just like the mighty bell, resounded in each woods monster ear.

Chief elder Odom, lifts the hand, the woods monsters that made approached stopped the footsteps temporarily, solemnly shouted: "Your Excellency please say."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "the worry of fellow elders I can understand, understands that you to the psychology that human is hostile toward. But before me said that in human , is not the bad person. I and Lie Yan (raging flames), passed by your place, the destination goes to Central Earth Empire. The long time heard that the given name of origin of life, wants to purchase after of this life tastes."

He just spoke of here, that vigorous and healthy woods monster elder Gassot inserted said: "Really such as I expect, you come for the origin of life."

The Ji Dong vision suddenly changes coldly, has swept his one eyes lightly, during Gassot only thinks to be void, just like having two cold electricity straight thrust eyes pupil, the body shakes, the face whiten, actually a character could not say.

The Ji Dong double back of the hand after behind, throws out the chest to hold up the head. Said proudly: "We before entering the woods of life, saw the person of golden eagle business association, but does not know their goals. Afterward when we discovered that they when slaughtering woods monster, aided in Tamm elder. Regarding your suspicions, I do not want to explain anything, but you also just baseless speculate. You are not willing to believe me, we can leave, but you so stop, prepares to the words that we resort to violence, in my opinion, this is just a joke. Your these big woods monsters compared with the Mage group of golden eagle business association how? The Mage group that golden eagle business association comprised of ten Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar Seven-Crown Heavenly Master is unable to contend with me, your big woods monsters can prevent is occupied by me? I do not want to slaughter innocents, Odom elder, please let your clansman make way a path, making us leave."

Here, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone suddenly, bloomed just like two groups of eye-catching star light suddenly, since the black and white two- color ray leapt from him instantaneously, condensed that top unique Black and White Yin-Yang Crown above the top of the head. The huge imposing manner ascends just like the explosion loudly, the Six-Crown aura blooms instantaneously.

A black gold/metal, two flame simultaneously ascend from him, the direct impact ten zhang (3.33 m), bloom generally just like two leaves of walls with flues for heating, after this is Ji Dong leaves the earth core world, first unscrupulous sending out formidable magic power, originally is filling with the life aura in the lawn, in an instant sweeps across by blazing and wild Fire Element. The tyrannical attribute suppression spreads to lawn each corner instantaneously. Big woods monster that these approached is also good, the elder of woods monster each tribe. Is full of the feeling of suffocating in the attribute suppression of this terrifying.

In the Ji Dong eye is glittering brilliantly, lightly said: "Life and death originally of woods monster clan has nothing to do with me, you are what kind, is your matters, allows to pass through." The good intention was treated as the plot, even if he can understand the hatred of woods monster to human, but actually does not represent him to continue to help these graciousness again the enmity report woods monster.

Gassot has recovered at this time, shouts greatly: "Do not fear him, he only has a person, certainly cannot make him leave here, otherwise he can collaborate from outside with the inside to cope with us with these business associations."

Gassot is the big woods monster commands, hears his words, over a hundred big woods monsters raise reluctantly are gathering oneself magic power, approaches to Ji Dong once more.

The strong vicious tendencies flash through from the Ji Dong eye together, "you when really I won't kill people?" The air/Qi of tyrant blooms, erupts in that two pinnacle flame that he behind leaps instantaneously, transforms to reach as high as ten meters Two Great Sovereign Kings shape, the intense murderous intention is mixing the attribute suppression, making these big woods monsters unable to go forward again half step.

In woods monster strength strongest also is just ordinary Six-Crown Mage, moreover does not have the magic beast partner, facing the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression of Ji Dong this level. Their 40% strengths are unable to display. Looks at that with amazement just like demon god existence, in the eye is revealing from the heart the fear.

"Ji Dong."Lie Yan (raging flames) lifts the hand to hold the arm of Ji Dong, although she cannot use magic power, but Ji Dong flame will actually not cause the slightest bit to injure to her.

Ji Dong turns head to look to Lie Yan (raging flames), sees Lie Yan (raging flames) to his shaking the head of gently, visits her, the murderous intention in Ji Dong heart drops gradually, took a deep breath, is returning to normal the anger, face upwards a long and loud cry. Making one that a woods monster clan forever is unable to forget appear.

Six gold/metal, six black, 12 rays from the Ji Dong top of the head in that strange Black and White Yin-Yang Crown erupt suddenly, these 12 rays in airborne rise suddenly against the wind, changed into six huge Fire Dragon and six all over the body dark blue Teng Snake in a flash.

The dragon snake that at this time Ji Dong releases with was initially entirely different, that each Fire Dragon is ordinary just like the entity, the clarity that even the trace of each scale can look, manic golden Fire Dragon, dark profound black Teng Snake, covers entirely the entire sky immediately, made above this Dacaoping, only remaining these two brilliance. Sun- blocking Fire Element has filled the air/Qi of endless destruction, along with their appearances, Ji Dong back Two Great Sovereign Kings changes into the light shadow to fuse diameter five meters black-and-white Yin- Yang Fish.

If formerly were the attribute suppression, huge magic power that Ji Dong released at this time, completely coagulated the air above this lawn, let alone moved, each woods monster became the difficulty including the breath.

The strength of six dragon six snakes, this is not four in addition two was equal to that six are so simple. Present Ji Dong, has almost been able to control these six dragon six snake huge energies truly. Although by his current magic power, cannot achieve all these normally, but, by the cultivation success of fire of this soul, in the spiritual level, he has been the degree of present age powerhouse.

If formerly big woods monsters also leaving things to chance, when they see the strength of six dragon six snakes this blocks the sky, in heart remaining only then with amazement and frightened, this is not the strength that they can imagine. Although Ji Dong has not released any magic skill, but this huge from the sky surges to close super Certain Kill Skill terrifying magic power, the also that purest attribute suppresses, fully told them, at present this human youth is formidable.

Just as such that beforehand Ji Dong said that by them, wants to detain Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), but is a joke.

Gassot early already shocking stared wide-eyed, because of fear, but the body shivers, behind Ji Dong that is revolving huge Yin-Yang Fish looks like has the infinite attraction to be ordinary, must attract their all woods monsters souls completely pulls, six dragon six snakes from the sky pace back and forth, only needs a Ji Dong order, will form the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth terrifying power to sweep across here all woods monsters sufficiently. The superiority in quantity. Simply does not have any significance in the face of the absolute strength, Ji Dong is original Ji Dong, but the woods monster elders can actually feel at this time fully in his look fills the air/Qi of King rules the world, making in their hearts only produce submits.

In situation that in several times were enraged by woods monster successively, Ji Dong formerly had the plan of beginning. The graciousness of woods monster has inspired in hatred/enemy report his innermost feelings the intense anger. If not Lie Yan (raging flames) that perhaps now he initiated to the woods monster attacks.

Ji Dong will never run counter to the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish, this restrains by force the anger, releases the strength of own six dragon six snakes, gives woods monsters most intense frightening.

Looks at that one by one ghastly pale look woods monster, both hands also lifts, to airborne empty grasps. Fire Dragon and Teng Snake, were grasped successively absorb to return, integrates in Black and White Yin- Yang Crown of his top of the head. Present he, early is not the strength that initially that may send cannot be received, the formidable controlling force, making him almost release not to launch the attack magic power these to take back completely.

When last Teng Snake also returns in the Yin-Yang Crown brand mark, the air of coagulation restored the vigor, in the woods of life the life aura started to fill the air once more. Just, at this time in the discussing official business lawn of this piece of woods monster elders, the atmosphere early became different. Each woods monster elder looks at Ji Dong, could not speak. Even if they hate to human again, at this time also understands, Ji Dong to their not any evil intention, these magic power that only otherwise he released a moment ago, sufficiently elite sweep away this place all woods monsters, what also needs to trap? In the face of the absolute strength, all tricks do not need.

Holds up the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong lightly said: "We walk."Saying, him was bringing Lie Yan (raging flames) to turn around to walk in the woods of life direction. A big woods monsters shunt path, looks at Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) voluntarily, they do not even dare to breathe heavily previous the atmosphere, lest enrages at present this has been similar to the demon god common man.

"Mr. Ji Dong, please please do not bother to see me off."Odom elder running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted loudly.

The Ji Dong footsteps slightly stop, actually does not return, lightly said: "What's wrong? The elders also planned that leaves behind us to be inadequate?"Simple a few words, said from the Ji Dong mouth, has actually been full of the ice-cold murderous intention, no one will suspect, if a woods monster clan dares to provoke again, he will launch heartless slaughtering.

plop'ed, Odom actually on knees kneel down, does obeisance to bend down toward Ji Dong, this kneels, numerous woods monster elders also all kneel down, crawl in the place.

"Mr. Ji Dong, we made a mistake. The sinisterness and ruthlessness of human, making in our hearts lose trusted two characters. Not only has not thanked you to save the benevolence of Tamm Tribe. Instead regards the enemy to regard you. All these, are the responsibility of my this big elder. I am willing to bear all responsibility for an offense, only requested that you stay behind first."

At the same time was saying, a big elder of this woods monster clan, does not know where from takes out a handle dagger, has gripped toward the position of own heart directly.

"Big elder, may not."Gassot holds the wrist/skill of big elder, anxious say/way: "Big elder, not! You is a pillar of woods monster clan, if did not have you, who can lead our altogether anti- foreign enemy. Even if there is a mistake, is my Gassot's mistake, must die, makes me die."

"Shut up." The Odom big elder drinks one severely, in strength , he although was inferior that Gassot this big woods monster commands, is in the low position and influence in clansman, actually nobody can compared with him.

The wrist/skill inspires, has shaken off Gassot's fetter forcefully, Odom stands up slowly, the vision looks to behind each woods monster elder, "I am a leader of woods monster clan, is your big elders. A woods monster clan shame to benefactor, all is I tacitly consents. This responsibility for an offense anyone of you do not need to struggle with me, you do not have the qualifications and I struggle. Now, I issue as the big elder's last order. After I died, is taken over the position of big elder by Tamm, in any event, must leave behind the benefactor, all deferred to the benefactor to say did. For extension of our woods monster clan, we transfer out the woods of life. Meanwhile, all that our woods monster clan has, the benefactor but needs, all compliance."

"Big elder"woods monster elders kneels on the ground, with one voice sad Hu. Odom looks to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) back, clenches teeth fiercely, in the hand the sharp blade directly soars the position of oneself heart to puncture, has been full of the meaning of renouncing.

After clearly recognizing Ji Dong is the sincerity wants to help them, this big elder has made the wisest choice. He knows, unfounded assertions, were only impossible to make Ji Dong forgive their. But since beforehand Ji Dong complied to help a woods monster clan, had proven he truly has a mind to assist. He must by oneself death, recall Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) to a prejudice of woods monster clan. Will relate with Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) again well, formerly only had not stood, in their here Tamm promotes to the position of big elder. May obtain the help of Ji Dong.

Before Ji Dong, strength that shows, regarding any woods monster, is the great strength that is hard to imagine, Odom cannot affirm whether Ji Dong can lead a woods monster clan truly to come out of the crisis, but he can affirm is actually, if has let up this opportunity, perhaps a woods monster clan in the near future, really must leave the stage of history. He has to bet, does not have other choices. A light sound that ding, a tiny fireball hits above the dagger, the next moment, that sharp dagger changed into the molten iron to drop in the place, the scalding hot command big elder loosens the hand subconsciously, the pain shouts one.

Ji Dong draws Lie Yan (raging flames) to turn around slowly, lightly said: "Gives you seven days of time, conforms with the entire clan. The simplified travel, only brings the thing that most needs as far as possible. Seven Heavenly Empress (day later) set out."

Leaves behind these words, Ji Dong then brings Lie Yan (raging flames) to lead the way once more, when the direction actually turns into came the road.

Looks at the Ji Dong back, Odom elder plop'ed sits falls to the ground, the tears, "a woods monster clan, could be saved finally. Right that he said that human is not the sinister and ruthless generation, there is a good person!"

An elder hurries to go forward Odom to support by the arm, Gassot's scruple asking: "Elder, what to do should we? Can he help us really?"

Odom solemnly said: "The words of benefactor you heard. Seven days, we only have seven days of time, you respectively return to your tribe now, gets ready the luggage. I do not know whether he can take to us a woods monster clan new student, but I can actually affirm, he is one is willing to help our human truly."

Early this month, asked the monthly ticket crazily. Asked the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 198: Life congealing dew, origin of life

"Big elder is wise."Tamm respectfully said: "We did not have the escape route. Only then bets this , to continue to keep the woods of life, our woods monster clan also can only barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. Does the big elder, you know? I had decided a moment ago. If you insist on not agreeing that we follow the benefactor to move, I rather lead the person of this tribe to depart along with the benefactor."

Odom sighed, looks at Tamm, the vision gentle say/way: "I know that this is an opportunity. But, I must make the winning percentage higher can bet. If before , our chance of success, only then 50%, then, I can affirm now, the chances of success of this migration reach as high as over 70%."

Tamm heart shakes, "big elder, your meaning is, you already know that the benefactor is not the enemy sends to ambush?"

Odom nods slowly, ", if to ambush our woods monster tribe needs to sacrifice several Six-Crown levels Yin-Yang Mage, this regarding any business association, is not the loss that is possible to bear. Let alone, that golden eagle business association dies in the benefactor hand also more than this digit. Reason that I today must such do, to further deepen the understanding of the benefactor as well as further determined that he is the sincerity helps us. The benefactors after all were too young, he was a young and honest human. I believe that before he should also see me, to probe. And. He has also forgiven us. This heart, made our woods monster clan depend on by the life sufficiently. From now on, the benefactor is our kings, regardless of migration whether will succeed, will be so."

Ji Dong is bringing in the Lie Yan (raging flames) return tree room silently, Lie Yan (raging flames) has not loosened the hand of Ji Dong, instead is grasping with own both hands, "Ji Dong, makes you be a scapegoat today. These woods monsters truly are also pitiful."

Ji Dong has smiled suddenly, feels caressing of Lie Yan (raging flames) two tender small hands to touch, said with a smile: "Odom worthily is a big elder of woods monster clan, is really brilliant."

Lie Yan (raging flames) has gawked, "I am not clear."

Ji Dong said: "You, although is Empress of earth core world, but regarding mistrusting each other or understanding of world were too few. Actually, from the beginning, this big elder has not regarded the enemy us. You did not think, when I carry on the deterrent after a woods monster clan, was his response too quick? His that dagger prepares obviously beforehand. Although Odom is a big elder of woods monster clan, but itself does not have what battle efficiency, does he want the dagger what to use? This all, originally is he arranges."

Lie Yan (raging flames) tucks in the veil, surprised looks at Ji Dong,
"this is the woods monster to test us arranges?"

Ji Dong nodded, "actually from the beginning I knew, but coordinates them to develop this play. Releases the strength of six dragon six snakes, to boost their confidence."

Lin Yan said: "How do you see?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "this is actually not difficult. The Odom big elder had looked at each other one with me, from his eyes, my simply has not seen the slightest bit to suspect, only then thinks. Moreover we have saved the person of Tamm Tribe after all, before not having the understanding is clear their malicious talk quarrels, this obviously is not very normal." Lie Yan (raging flames) loosens grips both hands of Ji Dong, laughed, said: "If I have not remembered incorrectly, you should not contact too many matters in the human society. Such to understand how the idea of woods monster elders?"

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "This is a secret."He cannot tell Lie Yan (raging flames), the previous generation more than 30 years, the social experience was too rich.

Lie Yan (raging flames) red lips pouted slightly, "adjusts the cup liquor to drink to me. Two days have not drunk the liquor that you mix."

Moves happy complied, but, was quick on his face the expression stiffly to live, because, he could not find any bottle of liquor in oneself Vermilion Bird bracelet the trail, even did not have including shaker.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), my liquor was used to do to test. Perhaps temporarily cannot for your drink mixing. Must wait for us to purchase to the human city was good."Ji Dong somewhat helpless saying.

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "I had already guessed correctly, teases your. Who makes you mysterious. Ji Dong, you think that good to help a woods monster clan shift to Earth Spirit Mountain Range goes? A woods monster clan conservative estimate also has 200,000 population. So large-scale migration. Definitely must alarm Eastern Wood Empire and Central Earth Empire. Perhaps is not that easy."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "This point I also know, since a woods monster clan had decided that follows us to leave, must think a sure card. Can bring their set out."

Here, during Ji Dong was lost in thought immediately, before he has been studying the magic skill liquor, a woods monster clan had not determined whether obeyed his suggestion, therefore he has not thought the issue in this aspect. But at this time the issue was imminent, is beyond control he not to think. In this time, Callum was actually crawling from below, carries his small basket as before.

"Two benefactors, have not disturbed you."Hole place of Callum whole face ashamed appearing under tree room.

"Callum, comes up quickly."Ji Dong waves to him, Callum then climbs up the tree room, takes off the back small basket. Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, he plop'ed knelt down in front of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, waves, alcohol and magic power picks up Callum's body, "do you do?"

Callum lowers the head saying: "Two benefactors, is a our woods monster clan are not good, the graciousness hatred/enemy report, Callum pleaded the benefactor, forgave the elders. Since these days, elders every day was taking the trouble for the safety of clansman, they looked like the frightened people."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Past passed, since Callum, these days was indebted you to look, like this. Even if we drove out. I also recognize your this friend."

"Really."Callum great happiness, looks up to Ji Dong, in the eye full is the excited ray.

Ji Dong to his nodded, said: "Do not think many, you also quickly go back to prepare. A woods monster clan must move, I think, you will have the thing that needs to prepare."

"Are not many, are not many. Oh, was right, benefactor. Today after you walk, the Odom big elder announced that later you is a king of our woods monster clan. Later I must call you great king."

Woods monster king? This is Ji Dong has not thought that "this how, I am not the woods monster!"Ji Dong surprised saying. Callum shook the head, said: "This was the big elder said that in the clan, nobody will violate the big elder's order. The big elder added, later we listen your."

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, "looks like, but this time burden back is not small!"

Callum gruff smiles, obviously he cannot understand the meaning in Ji Dong words, bent the waist, takes out some fruits from that small basket. Attains the final time, is two azure Xiaohulu.

That Xiaohulu seems clear thorough, looks like general that the emerald carves becomes, favor insightful, and has filled the jadeite pride. Callum when puts out these two bottle gourds, the movement obviously became gentle, appeared very serious.

"Callum, what is this?"Lie Yan (raging flames) asked. Her feeling also wants keen many compared with Ji Dong, although that two azure Xiaohulu only then palm of the hand size, but she can feel the life aura that contains unexpectedly just like the essence.

Callum's serious say/way: "This was the origin of life that our woods monster clan fermented, asking Princess king and to taste."

"Princess?"Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) almost saying with one voice. Their expressions become strange, even seeing the look change of origin of life is bigger.

Callum took the small basket to draw back, set up in the room to restore, only then Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) two people, Ji Dong somewhat awkward standing there, do not know that should say anything was good.

On Lie Yan (raging flames) charming face flies two to wipe to blush, lowers the head, long time has not spoken.

Sets up in the room peaceful even can hear the Ji Dong somewhat fierce heartbeat, he holds that two azure Xiaohulu, hands in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), chuckled, "doesn't princess, you want to taste this origin of life?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) raised the head looked at Ji Dong, beautiful pupil circulation, resembles to be angry the anger, Ji Dong that the character and style in that facial features looks at dumbfounded. She in was too beautiful, beautiful beautiful woman and shaming the moon and flowers, is beautiful bringing disaster on the nation and people. Naturally, this is Ji Dong does not dare to say. But he can affirm when seeing Lie Yan (raging flames) formerly such pupil light can not move without any man.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is angry saying: "Who is your princess, Little Ji Dong, your I returned to earth core again like this. You alone are your woods monster king here."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Was not I said that this cannot blame me.
Come, tastes this origin of life quickly."

Lie Yan (raging flames) glared at him, this receives the origin of life.

Ji Dong at this time mood quite good, although Lie Yan (raging flames) in blaming him, but he actually discovered, this Lie Yan (raging flames) after he leaves earth core together, becomes compared with before is obviously user-friendly. The sacred feeling of that keeping aloof is getting more and more pale, girl who instead looks like human more and more. Especially looks at his vision, will reveal to make the gentleness that his heartbeat accelerates frequently. This discovery, making him strengthen confidence, when one year later war of Holy and Evil ended, after oneself cultivation base again upper layer building, officially wooed to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Azure Xiaohulu in Lie Yan (raging flames) that spring scallion fair palm, seems is such complementing each other, Lie Yan (raging flames) pulls out the above plug gently, immediately. The life aura that a rich fruit fragrant and rushes fills the entire tree room. That thick vitality, even is sending out the light azure. "This is the sign of life congealing dew."Even if Lie Yan (raging flames), sees this also exclaimed.

Ji Dong surprised asking: "Anything is the life congealing dew."

Lie Yan (raging flames) stern say/way: "You are Mage, you should still remember that initially you in cultivation after the crown, magic power transforms by the gaseous state as the process of liquid. That is a qualitative leap, making your magic power nearly materialize in within the body. May your present magic power achieve Six-Crown, is releasing the magic power time to want magic power to condense the true entity to launch the attack in outside the body, is the consumption is as before huge. Vitality in some sense, can be magic power one, the so-called life congealing dew, is the vitality rich enough to can transform as the degree of liquid. No wonder, no wonder that golden eagle business association does not hesitate to transfer several thousand people to cope with a woods monster clan, a situation of woods monster clan so is no wonder difficult. Does not need to drink, but heard that can also suspect this origin of life formidable effect."

At the same time was saying, Lie Yan (raging flames) extends another hand, falls to the palm azure Xiaohulu, immediately, drops just like the newborn tender leaf deep green liquid in her palm. Immediately, formerly some also slurred azure gas spray instantaneously became obvious, but in the speed that drop of green liquid in the naked eye may distinguish was volatilizing rapidly.

Ji Dong took a deep breath, that life congealing dew inspiration within the body, immediately, the thick fruit spread over the whole body fragrant instantaneously, each cell of body seems activated by that huge vitality, the indescribable comfort felt that the Wanami wonderful flavor/smell made his whole body vital immediately.

"Nice wine. This is by the liquor fluid that fresh fruit brewing becomes! At least over a hundred fresh fruits, some also strange things mix with it, after fermentation and brewing, mixes the origin of life that becomes. By my sense of smell, is unable to distinguish completely these flavors/smells. This can be called absolutely is rare valuable thing." As one generation of Wine God, Ji Dong is sensitive regarding the liquor flavor/smell, the life congealing dew enters the nose, while feeling that wonderful, he fast is also distinguishing.

Lie Yan (raging flames) covers the bottle cap fast, has not made the origin of life transform more life congealing dew volatility in the air, "this type of liquor, the average person drinks one, can prolong life for at least one year. The person of severe wound drinks one, can perhaps bring back to life. Moreover does not serve the function, stimulates human own potential through the huge vitality completely. This origin of life, it can be said that Wood department essence. Can leave such liquor concise, a woods monster clan is it can be said that immeasurably deep regarding the understanding of Wood department. This each bottle weighs with the value, at least can be equal to a Rank 7 above demon nucleus, even must be higher."

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "originally I also planned that trades some tastes, now looks like, even if I lose everything, perhaps also can only exchange such two bottles."

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "You but now woods monster king, but also feared that doesn't have the origin of life?"

Ji Dong helpless say/way: "could it be you could not see, this is only the woods monster elders to let me leads them to seek for one of the way out to win over. Let alone, I cannot take advantage of somebody to demand."

Lin Yan said: "These are unimportant, Ji Dong, regardless of being difficult, I hope that you can help a woods monster clan go through the difficulty. Not for any benefit, but to let the source and course of this life passes around. So the marvelous work, should not cut off in light of this."

Ji Dong nodded, is holding appreciatively Xiaohulu in hand, "I will do utmost."

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Chapter 199: The extreme velocity flies, returns to Central Earth

Lie Yan (raging flames) thinks, said: "This. Your strength was frailer, I return to earth core now, has a look dragon egg whether can hatch as soon as possible."

Ji Dong said: "Also good, but do not spoil by trying to be too helpful."

Lie Yan nodded, the red light sweeps across quietly, the next moment, she disappeared baseless. Also has carried off that Xiaohulu the origin of life.

When as Wine God, in the hand takes such one bottle of rare valuable thing, before the Ji Dong mood surges is not inferior to him, discovered the magic skill liquor has the manufacture possibility. Opening bottle cap cautiously, on a small mouth. Immediately, his whole person fell into during an extremely wonderful feeling.

Even if as Wine God, must have the good material to mix a better cocktail, without a doubt, this origin of life and life congealing dew, was most top side wine-tasting fluid. Therefore, he also drank such small mouth, on Jane|treasure, but heavy surplus origin of life income to own Vermilion Bird bracelet.

Is feeling spirit that within the body stimulated vitality and unites, tastes that enunciation to keep the fragrant fresh fruit flavor/smell, the feeling in the chests and bellies warming up, makes comfortable that he could not say. Just as such that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that not only origin of life a liquor. Also is an extremely precious tonic and drugs. Spreads out the map, Ji Dong starts the careful thinking. Must shift from a country 200,000 woods monsters to another country, the route and traveling schedule, the also entire process, is quite important. Moreover the speed is certainly fast, speed was slow, the variable will be bigger, the woods monster takes the fresh fruit as food, can bring surely to be also limited in the fruit that the body appeases hunger.

The woods of life, in Eastern Wood Empire, but Earth Spirit Mountain Range at the Central Plains City eastern point, Central Plains City in the continent center, is the Central Earth Empire center. From the map, is not actually remote to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range straight distance from the woods of life. Why before this is also , the Ji Dong choice went to the Central Earth Empire reason across the woods of life.

However, wants from the woods of life to Earth Spirit Mountain Range, as before is actually beset with difficulties. First, the west of woods of life, passes through Northern Water Empire and Eastern Wood Empire river. This river named water wooden river, results from the Northern Water Empire extremely Nordhurjokull, flows through the Northern Water Empire three provinces, passes through the Eastern Wood Empire three-fourth area again, finally in inflow sea. It can be said that Northern Water Empire and Eastern Wood Empire mother river. Also is the continent third river. Is next to the Southern Fire Empire dark blue billows river, as well as passed through Western Metal, Central Earth and Eastern Wood three Great Empire Tianlu rivers.

Entire quality compensation wooden river, the surface of the river mean breadths reach as high as 300 miles, if only Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), he only needs to launch the Vermilion Bird pair of wings, soon can fly. But. He must have 200,000 woods monsters to ford, then on difficult many. Has not known how long wants.

After crossing the water wooden river, also a series of complex terrains, involve the place of two countries connection especially, although since had said for many years, on continent does not have what war, but the garrison in border has. Even if the quantity are not many, once the woods monsters bring to the garrison attention, alarms both countries surely, in that case, the trouble was big, first did not say hears by rumor the business association that comes to hunt and kill the group, strength that only two Great Empire official send out, is extremely dangerous.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong fully had realized this help woods monster migration is a how thorny matter. Moreover, can these 200,000 woods monsters directly enter Earth Spirit Mountain Range? Has one of the magic beast most places as Central Earth Empire, although Earth Spirit Mountain Range is unable by far compared with Holy and Evil Island, but if these woods monsters enter rashly, then did not have the status to distinguish with the suicide.

The mentality in Ji Dong mind straightens out gradually, this woods monster big migration mainly centralized in several issues, how first to hurry along. How next does not alarm the two countries official, finally after is enters Earth Spirit Mountain Range, whether to be accepted. Only then solves after these issues completely, can make the trip smoothly.

The diving posture leaps from the tree room, Ji Dong calls loudly:

Callum lives in this tree room is not far, hears Ji Dong to shout him, hurries to run over, "great king, what do you have to tell?"

Ji Dong said: "You go to come the Odom big elder, should better again many please several elders, I have the matter to discuss with them."

Callum complied, fast.

Because the beforehand elder gathers at being away from here not far place, less than half double-hour, before unexpectedly was in attendance in the complete elders who in the lawn assembled. Those who made Ji Dong somewhat funny was, formerly that several rampant big woods monsters commanded Gassot elder to draw back rear the team, lowered the head does not dare to visit him. But his body is in an elder is also biggest, stands there, is very obvious.

"Great king, a woods monster clan, later must seek for the means of livelihood under your leadership. You have any matter but to tell." Under the Odom big elder leads, all woods monster elders respectful salutes to say to Ji Dong. With the former the graciousness in the lawn compared with enmity report that this time woods monsters truly revealed their simple side.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Fellow elders do not need so, I to help your people, I am not the woods monster, how can become your kings? Odom elder, you do not need to try to boss around me in this manner. I had said the words certainly with every effort will achieve. However, you should also understand, lifts the clan to move, is far from an easy matter. Woods monster each tribe adding together has several hundred thousand people, the west side also has the water wooden river to be separated by. Water wooden Jiang although has bred the woods of this piece of life, but wants Earth Spirit Mountain Range to go, we must cross water wooden Jiang Caihang. Other also issues, I want to ask, you do have any solution......"immediately, several issues that he will think of said that waited for that woods monster elders reply.

Listens to the Ji Dong words, Odom first frowning, has turned around to discuss fast with woods monster elders, Ji Dong static in one side, if the woods monster can solve some problems, that will move naturally easy many.

What a pity, is contrary to what expects, when Ji Dong saw when Odom that is full of the helpless vision, knows that perhaps they did not have what means.

"Sorry, great king. A our woods monster clan lived for generations in the woods of this life, too understood regarding outside all deficient. We also once tried, to experience the world, but you also saw, our green skins, simply will not be accepted by the world. We can depend upon now, only then you."

Ji Dong brow big wrinkle, but also has helpless nod. Said: "I understood. Since I comply to help you move, must be responsible for a woods monster clan, cannot the woods of blind departure life. Otherwise does not help you, but harms you. Like this, Odom elder, you prepare before all migrations, I must arrive at Central Earth Empire to go first, flattens the road ahead for you. I know in Earth Spirit Mountain Range most formidable magic beast, if it can agree to accept you, in entering will not have any issue to there. Meanwhile I also as far as possible try to find the solution, looked how can a better help you move."

Odom elder is startled. "Great king, do you want to walk?"

Ji Dong said: "My this departure, little seven days, many for half a month, surely will hurry back. After you conform with the good clansman, moves to the woods of life as far as possible, the clansman gathers, if runs into the enemy to raid is also easy to resist some."

Odom hesitated slightly, on nodded, said: "Good, the great king, we waits for your return. Do you need some money? When a few years ago we did business with human, is some savings."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not use. I am not short of money. Remember, the clansmen gathers as soon as possible."Said these, the white light flashes, a pair of huge white light wing has launched behind him, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, cloudy Yang Fire hovering law also appears, in an instant, the body of Ji Dong changed into the flowing light to shoot up to the sky together. The woods monster elders have not even responded, lost his trace. That while he flies, the also two rays simultaneously leap, follows him to go together, is that to the Yin-Yang two fires element body.

"Will he also come really back?"Gassot pokes head from behind finally, saying of doubts.

glanced at him that Odom coldly, "similar words, I do not hope that is hearing the second time, if the king is not the sincerity helps us, simply does not need to say anything to us. His speed hadn't you seen a moment ago? By the ability of king, wants to leave here, radically with hands down. The migration preparation continues, all deferred to king to say did. Regarding this migration, my confidence was more and more full."

Ji Dong has flown in the midair at this time, he does not certainly know that Odom elder was saying anything, does not know that this elder has that sufficient confidence to him. Even if from the sky flies, ponder that he also keeping. A migration of woods monster clan is not easy to be completed in his heart.

Yin-Yang two fires hovering law, looks like the two engines on Ji Dong previous generation airplane is ordinary, with the strong magic power support, this flies just like fully at top speed general, looks from the ground, most can only see a white light flashes past, cannot catch his form. Especially when he in passing through fog, the clouds of big piece come under the Fire Element influence that on him sends out, will look like to be cut to be divided into two halves generally.

The feeling of the sky soaring is absolutely wonderful, particularly flies like the present fully, Ji Dong clearly feels, oneself by the speed of body flight, has been able now compared with the Senior Brother Fu Rui mount purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. Fusion that the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, not only fuses in his own defense capability together, in the meantime, made his own coordination ability and flying ability, make further progress went a step further. Teng Snake strength technique and Vermilion Bird and Ice Dragon ability merged into one organic whole, changes into may just the to subdue|grams supple phoenix dragon dance snake change.

Less than the free time of quarter, the green of Ji Dong under foot vanished, he departed this to place the front row on continent the woods of life. Is the broad water wooden river. Can see that on the surface of the river the wave surges, although not, if sea such mighty waves are turbulent, but the imposing manner is also broad, the river wave is billowing. Has Milky Way to release the potential of falling greatly.

Quite quick. Has not thought including Ji Dong, his flying speed can actually be this degree, crossed the water wooden river, has again not far, must pass through the Eastern Wood Empire border line, entered Central Earth Empire.

Promotes the altitude that flew, Ji Dong to condense the psychic force above both eyes desirably, looks out into the distance. 300 miles waters, made him fly again the time of quarter, Ji Dong realized finally anything was called in a flash the thousand li (500 km). At his present flying speed, beyond a double-hour soaring thousand li (500 km), is not the too difficult matter.

Crosses the water wooden river, distant he saw the big piece complex topography, from the airborne bird's eye view, can see Central Earth Empire and Eastern Wood Empire border boundary directly. Two Great Empire, divide to be the different attributes, the aura of their country are also different. In the Eastern Wood Empire border, filled flew upwards the free life aura, but in Central Earth Empire border, was sinks the air/Qi of thick solid thick earth. By strength that Ji Dong grasps at this time, naturally can distinguish clearly.

He discovered, in the two countries border, about 50 miles, the masonry, seems the area is not every other big, can be stationed about thousand people, the primary structure of each masonry includes a giant beacon tower, runs into the enemy to raid, may light fast, summons the reinforcements. On the long and narrow border line, the Ji Dong eyesight institute and place, at least saw dozens masonries. Also can see that faintly has picture that the light cavalry goes on patrol. Obviously, even if in this piping time of peace, two Great Empire has not weakened the border patrol. Naturally, this to not prevent national war mainly, to cope with the smuggling of these business associations.

Sees the beacon tower, in the Ji Dong heart flash of intuition, he has thought of a good idea suddenly. In the upper air, goes through in the fog, Ji Dong did not certainly fear that was discovered. Even if had been discovered by the following soldier, these guard in the soldiers in border area, will have to be able with the powerhouse who he contends with?

The pair of wings shakes, in an instant, Ji Dong has passed through from Eastern Wood Empire, enters in Central Earth Empire.

Looks with eyes is a matter, after entering Central Earth Empire truly, the induction of body was actually a different matter. Perhaps is because he had certain comprehension to the chaos, in addition the sensitivity of fire of soul. Enters Central Earth Empire after Eastern Wood Empire, Ji Dong felt obviously own body heavy several points, the dignified air, the thick earth aura, making his flying speed drop slightly. Worthily is Five Elements Continent! Various countries by the five elements position name, do not win favor by ostentation, but has the true significance. The magic power output increases, two big hovering law condense the Yin-Yang Fish design behind Ji Dong, among the ray circulations, his speed returned to normal, directly soars the Earth Spirit Mountain Range direction to go.

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Chapter 200: Mother and daughter reunion

Regarding Earth Spirit Mountain Range, Ji Dong is also quite familiar. After all, he more than once has arrived here, is on good terms with Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird. Is relying on phoenix plume of Vermilion Bird donation, in this piece of rolling mountain range, is it can be said that safe. Initially he once came this to seek asylum, avoids chasing down of Central Earth Empire imperial family.

Two double-hour, from leaving the woods of life, to arriving in the Earth Spirit Mountain Range surrounding, Ji Dong have only used short two time of double-hour, such speed, truly can compare favorably with Giant Dragon. If he wants, only requires day , can perhaps rely on the flight, crosses trim continent. Does not need any transportation vehicle.

However, the extreme speeds of these two double-hour fly, is not small to the consumption of Ji Dong, within the body magic power consumed unexpectedly has been over half.

Has not stopped in the Earth Spirit Mountain Range surrounding, does not have the underspeed, Ji Dong takes out two phoenix plumes directly, grasps separately in both hands, simultaneously the back Yin-Yang two fires hovering law transformation is Yin-Yang two fires condensation law. The underspeed, increases magic power to restore, flies toward the Earth Spirit Mountain Range deep place.

Without a hovering law support, Ji Dong flying speed only then originally one-third, but there is a condensation law support, his magic power restored the speed actually to promote three times, under was in inverse proportion, before the mass consumptions of two double-hour flight, started to restore slowly.

The Earth Spirit Mountain Range overall area comes compared with the woods of life, wants on small some, but in mountain range rolling, the forest is numerous. Let alone arranges 200,000 woods monsters, is many ten times also without question.

Soaring sky over Earth Spirit Mountain Range, with flight when the woods of life entirely different. Ji Dong can the clear feeling under the mountain range often have the magic beast aura to lock itself. Naturally, wants to lock him by these magic beast strengths, is almost impossible. Especially when they feel the magic power fluctuation of phoenix plume, restrains own aura rapidly, lest was brought the total destruction by the Ji Dong discovery to oneself.

Until enters the Earth Spirit Mountain Range inner loop, Ji Dong feels the pressure. Before he came Earth Spirit Mountain Range, walked from below, this time flew in the sky, without doubt will receive simultaneously the attention of massive magic beast. magic beast of Earth Spirit Mountain Range inner loop, the outer ring is more formidable than be many, at least is also above Rank 6, more eight, Rank 9 powerhouses, even if Rank 10 magic beast, incessantly Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird. But here Vermilion Bird strength most and that's the end. Is the king of true earth deities.

The magic power stimulation of movement, pours into to phoenix plume, immediately, in that pair of golden red phoenix plume lends the rich phoenix aura, Ji Dong itself has the support of phoenix bloodlines, there is pinnacle Yang Fire, this pours into magic power, the aura and Vermilion Bird that phoenix plume lends send out does not have much difference. As the matter stands, under Earth Spirit Mountain Range was tranquil several points, the formidable aura was hidden one after another.

, Ji Dong saw the Vermilion Bird cave mansion from afar, in the eye has revealed a joy, magic power pours into to the Vermilion Bird bracelet, "Huo'er, comes out. Went home." The scalding hot magic power fluctuation releases from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, a resonant Feng cried to resound, Huo'er increased many bodies to inspire the wing to soar, direct impact upper air. Thick Yin-Yang two fires magic power fluctuates, flows swiftly to bloom just like the mercury.

This time it, had the appearance of Divine Beast bloodlines truly, being outspoken releases the aura. Own magic power ascends immediately the pinnacle. On the golden body is releasing the black flame suddenly, transforms as the black body release golden color flame suddenly, balanced of Yin-Yang blending, has the wonder of equally good results from different methods with Ji Dong magic power.

Although Huo'er also limits in Rank 6 realm now, but from Rank 7, is only the one pace. A Vermilion Bird bracelet, Huo'er felt periphery the familiar aura, when its vision saw the following Vermilion Bird cave mansion, resonant Feng cried has several points to shiver becomes soaring. Biplane wing restraining, throws bosom to be ordinary just like the young swallow, directly soars the direction of Vermilion Bird cave mansion to grip.

Is more resonant, resounds through the phoenix cry sound of Earth Spirit Mountain Range each corner almost to erupt from the Vermilion Bird cave mansion, the day and place, changed into a yellowish red color instantaneously, rich pinnacle positive Fire Element, making these find out outcome formidable magic beasts to retract panic-stricken the head. The supremeness in Fire department magic beast, the Fire Phoenix Vermilion Bird aura is outspoken blooms.

However, in that formidable aura, does not have the desire of slightest bit attack, but has been full of the affection and containing, has endless missing and affected shivering.

the golden red ray, almost completely sweeps across the body of Huo'er in flash, closely is twining, embracing, Vermilion Bird that gorgeous tail feathers from the sky are similar to the golden ribbon generally ripple, the pair of wings launches, revolves own child dancing in the air of heartily. This time Huo'er, the body size was actually similar to mother. Cheerful sounding, is dancing excitedly.

Looks at this, on the Ji Dong face reveals the smile of understanding, even somewhat was moist including the corner of the eye. In this world, without a doubt, the maternal love is greatest, is any other emotions is unable to compare. In his heart can not be affected?

By hovering law, flying speed can be so fast, Ji Dong has decided that here matter, first worshipped the parents of this world, was finished a wish for this body originally master.

Vermilion Bird and Huo'er circle, falls until mother and daughter in front of the Vermilion Bird cave mansion, all rays restrain. The Huo'er unceasing specific use is rubbing on the Vermilion Bird neck, exudes the low songs and calls, even can see that the big drop the tears flow from her eyes pupil unceasingly.

The Vermilion Bird pair of wings has launched completely, the Huo'er body gable, lowers the head, in the eyelid the golden light fluctuates, obviously is also extremely Ji Dong.

Near six years passed, freely six years regarding Vermilion Bird such Divine Beast are not anything, may the remembrance of the child, actually not compare human to be few. Mother and daughter reunion. Her joy can be imagined.

Ji Dong has not gone to disturb them, is only falling silently in the one side, restrains the pair of wings, the static gaze they, magic power that restores to consume.

Vermilion Bird has not let him and others is too long, after daughter intimate, she has gained ground, is full of the kind and gentle vision looks to Ji Dong, "thank you, Ji Dong."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "The Vermilion Bird senior, six years of I bring Huo'er to come back to visit you. You did not blame me being good." Vermilion Bird shaking the head gently, "will I blame you? If not you, Huo'er is very difficult to arrive at this world. If not with you, let alone six years, even if 60 years, I am impossible to make her restore to present this degree. I can feel, Huo'er Yin-Yang dual attribute Fire Element the circle melted pleasant, will not have to the body any affects. Even, in within the body, also a chaos aura. All these, are you give our mother and daughter. If you do not shut out, later do not call my senior, called me an aunt."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "I may not be impolite. Aunt Vermilion Bird."

Vermilion Bird expresses a light cry, the golden light circulation, wraps the body of Ji Dong and Huo'er, during the ray twinkle, before led them to return to the cave mansion phoenix blood Chinese parasol tree wood, in a flash.

"Short six years, you helped Huo'er promote close Rank 7 degree. Ji Dong, how is very difficult to imagine you to achieve.! Your did magic power also progress unexpectedly these many?"At this time Vermilion Bird notes Ji Dong own change. After comprehending the mystery of fire of soul, Ji Dong own magic power circle melts reserved, even if Vermilion Bird such Divine Beast , after is the careful observation, can discover his change.

"Ji Dong, from you, I must feel a fear. could it be, did you grasp Chaos Fire?"Vermilion Bird fills visits him surprisedly.

Ji Dong said: "Grasps to be far, many had several points to understand. Aunt Vermilion Bird, my this belt Huo'er comes back, one is to have a look at you, in the meantime, my also matter requested. If can the matter become, I thought that to Earth Spirit Mountain Range is also a good deed."

Vermilion Bird nodded, said: "You said that so long as is I can achieve, I will help you as far as possible."She the gratitude to Ji Dong is from the heart. As a mother, also what ratio looks does own child grow smoothly makes her happy matter? Let alone, Ji Dong has chaos source, further comprehended Chaos Fire some mysteries. The future prospect is limitless. From any perspective, Vermilion Bird will not reject the help request of Ji Dong.

At that moment, Ji Dong said at the matter that in the woods of life ran into detail.

Listens to his narration, the Vermilion Bird look becomes somewhat strange, "Ji Dong, you said that Empress Lie Yan your majesty continuously with you in world?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Yes! How, Aunt Vermilion Bird."

Vermilion Bird shakes the head, said: "Anything, you may not probably protect good Her Majesty the Empress. The woods monster moves this matter, regarding our Earth Spirit Mountain Range truly is the good deed. Can have the deep understanding without any race like the woods monster to the nature. Has them, made the Earth Spirit Mountain Range myriad things regain consciousness sufficiently, better multiplication. Like this, I hold the Earth Spirit Mountain Range ten thousand beast congresses immediately, although here I am the King in magic beast, but relates to the matter of entire territory, must solicit their suggestions."

Ji Dong said: "This should be."At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong wrist/skill turns, was loaded with the origin of life Xiaohulu to take that from own Vermilion Bird bracelet. "Aunt, I think, had this thing, you were much bigger to their persuasive powers. This is the origin of life that a woods monster clan ferments. It showed sufficiently, a woods monster clan can thoroughly transform into a full of vitality paradise Earth Spirit Mountain Range."

Vermilion Bird what kind of strength, even if has not turned on the bottle cap, the huge life aura that she can also the clear feeling in that Xiaohulu have, shouted one lowly, received Xiaohulu, drew out the plug, when life congealing dew poured into along with the breath to her within the body, immediately, Vermilion Bird golden red flame ascended instantaneously, making the ray in entire cave mansion shine one time. "Good thing. Ji Dong, had this bottle of origin of life, I almost can affirm, will not have any magic beast not to accept the arrival of woods monsters. You and I attend ten thousand beast congresses together, I convene them now."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: ", Aunt Vermilion Bird, I could not understand the magic beast language in any case, could it be was I untrustworthy you? I plan to go to Central Plains City to handle matters first, when I come back, thinks that also had a result. Huo'er keeps side you, you had not seen for a long time, is happen to intimate intimately, is together alone."

Vermilion Bird has a look at Huo'er, the smile to nod the head, said: "This is also good. I must convene Earth Spirit Mountain Range completely Rank 6 above magic beast, requires certain time, in addition discussed and discussed that most not over three days. You within three days come back on line."
Ji Dong nods, "three days of were enough. Aunt, I first said goodbye." "wu wu."Huo'er shouted one lightly, opened the pair of wings to arrive
at side Ji Dong, was pulling the Ji Dong clothes with the mouth. She and Ji Dong in the same place, many years, looked at this time Ji Dong must walk, naturally does not abandon.

Ji Dong touches the head of Huo'er, "Huo'er is clever. I urge to go faster return. You accompany Aunt Vermilion Bird."

The loosen that Huo'er blinked, nodded, the heart unwilling sentiment does not hope opens the mouth.

The white pair of wings launched in the back, making on Ji Dong exaggerate on the phoenix dragon dance snake once more changed under the condition the unique white light, a personal appearance show, changed into a white light to leave the hole to go.

Saw Ji Dong to depart the appearance of cavern, in the Vermilion Bird eye has filled shock, perhaps others could not feel, but she was Third Fire Divine Beast, was in Ji Dong Vermilion Bird that she donated armor, when at this time Ji Dong launched the phoenix dragon dance snake changed flies away, she immediately feels on Ji Dong that to make him also probably for the aura that it trembled.

Wisp of light white flame raises from the Vermilion Bird top of the head phoenix coronet, such as silk such as wisp, approximately only then inch permits tall, as if momentarily will extinguish, that with Ji Dong same Chaos Fire. Since fused Lie Yan (raging flames) after the assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed, Vermilion Bird also starts to produce the source of chaos, this is also the thing that she and Teng Snake pursues, reason that initially Teng Snake is willing to receive in exchange for a lotus seed with that many things, for front door that must open the chaos. Only then walks into the chaos front door, they may enter in the domain of Saint beast. Regarding Vermilion Bird, this is more important, only then becomes the Saint beast, she can break through here seal, leaves this place.

Compared with the Ji Dong strength and Vermilion Bird, without doubt is a space underground, the difference cannot the truth idea, but Vermilion Bird actually clearly feels, Ji Dong Chaos Fire that rich, moreover his Chaos Fire has merged into one organic whole with the thought completely, changed into the fire of pure soul. Although similarly is Chaos Fire, but compared with Vermilion Bird and Ji Dong, cannot the truth idea. She does not know that needs many years to be Ji Dong such degree. If she can light the fire of soul like Ji Dong, then, is away from the Saint beast industry position not to be far.

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