Jiu Shen Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181: Space dent, thunder Yushen axe

Facing suddenly such as back that and comes to attacks the Yao Qianshu hull, but Ye Xin that will require the time to raise gathers magic power Ji Dong and magic power comprehensive suppressed will fling at this time but situation next the fellow of plump in he was extremely difficult to resist facing that three silent ice cone attacks appeared in the people line of sight

That form such as a division clear color/look ball after airborne instantaneous expansion unexpectedly first to before the ice cone arrives appears directly, in Yao Qianshu front frightening diameter over 20 meters big mouth opened under clear dragon Totem magic power also that three ice cones that Yao Qianshu left to check completely vanishes in that big mouth

In airborne is condensing magic power to prepare to support the Yao Qianshu Ji Dong personal appearance to fall to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, because magic power suppresses Ye Xin that but is unable to help Yao Qianshu worry added on again is exploding magic power to prepare to resist the ice cone attack fully Yao Qianshu to fall into the delay at this moment

That reached as high as 50 meters giant chrysanthemum pig correct use extremely large buttocks seems to the appearance that their small tail of direction curl was shaking shakes must comedy has the multi- comedies ka- beng ka-beng the sound to transmit the ray to dodge this fellow from his mouth to stand unceasingly checks returned to normal

But after appearing the main body , the purple ice day demon flood dragon that the aura of skin disease flower pig naturally spreads that and just presented the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon that prepares to go all out to thunder Yushen the axe as before to feel this aura is looking like by turning around of anything exciting as must run

Turning around skin disease flower pig looked to Yao Qianshu ill- humored said in your brain to have the water! Oneself force up did not have a look to have that strength you dead not importantly do not implicate this Saint pig my old person for a long time not to eat ice piece the flavor/smell as if also well

Does Yao Qianshu then sober from the delay the dead fat pig your not dyspepsia?

What spends pig snorted this Saint pig to have now world most formidable stomach thing especially is? The stops up gap between teeth insufficiently at the same time was saying it jumps to leap plunges into the Yao Qianshu bosom

Yao Qianshu and falls Ji Dong in ground emerges a thought this only especially to spend the pig to robe two people of hearts in as if not like that waste firewood that it is said! That flash it showed a moment ago gobbled up others attack magic skill to digest magic skill this with the stomach again in addition absolutely is the marvelous sight of hearing something never heard of before

Their here crises relieved another side purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to soar to directly soar in the lake water to throw simultaneously Fu Rui also to solve have attacked are relying on thunder Yushen axe Certain Kill Skill of powerful ability purple ice day demon flood dragon to his Certain Kill Skill, although strong, but cannot injure him

Thunder Emperor and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon links the power and influence dramatically increases immediately, but that purple ice day demon flood dragon escapes is also extremely astonishingly directly toward underwater grips

Sorrow auspicious shouted angrily to come out the strong thunder attribute magic power from the sky blooming purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon pair of wings to launch arrived has the potential of power and influence blocking the sky to make one shock the lightning mark on purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon chest after sky over the lake surface increased the body greatly to detach astonishingly, but changed into the pure giant lightning that in the purple ice day demon flood dragon bombardment of rapid escape not to go toward the lake surface on together but toward airborne flew

In substantive magic power and midair Thunder Emperor often auspicious just like thunder Yu the god axe that high holds up fuses not to say together accurately should be swallowed by thunder Yushen the axe completely to that originally the enormous battle axe from the Fu Rui palm has let go, but, in airborne rose suddenly to turn into a handle 30 meters in length giant battle axe midair ten thousand thunder to break into a jail in the range that against the wind the fierce fluctuation thunder Yushen the axe ray covered the air to turn in an instant to stick the millet completely weakly surging of purple lake water as if also

Bang a loud sound great thunder drops from the clouds that great axe soldier of bombardment above thunder Yushen the axe not to divide to cut toward the purple ice day demon flood dragon vanishes changed into the pure black that together, but across the sky delimited on the instantaneous challenge axe to sweep across to move completes one circular line terrifying one to present that to have been delimited in the range a piece of circular space unexpectedly instantaneous collapse has been quietly by thunder Yushen the axe to bring just like coming from the terrifying aura unequalled attracting customer interest of another world blots out the sky but under the lake water instantaneous ascended that originally to dig in the purple ice day of demon flood dragon in lake unexpectedly on that stiffly. Attracted to pull

Plunges into Ai Huazhu in Yao Qianshu bosom to see that this pair of small eyes slightly narrows ba the mouth to make one return to associate to him has the appetite to thunder Yushen the axe very much

The purple ice day demon flood dragon by the complete aspiration lake surface can see actually what its body has how huge thick like the water jar body length crossed behind 30 meters incomparably majestic body also biangular has extended after the top of the head to struggles fiercely is being most unusual had four large package bulge in its below the belly that the rear scale bulge these scales are flooding the strong cold air been panic- stricken

The people revere to the demon have certain research to add on the purple ice day demon flood dragon the characteristics not to be difficult to guess correctly that again his below the belly these four bulge are any that are it are clearly away from promote for the dragon already not long omen, once four will appear to have possibility purple ice day demon flood dragon to be able fully to evolve very much into Rank 10 also to enter the step is dragon such words its strength strictly will live the earth-shaking change

However regardless of the potential of this purple ice day demon flood dragon has how in a big way at this time, only then the frightened and startled that giant body that the people from its both eyes can see goes all out struggles tyrannical ascending water glare belts to explode to try from within the body to work loose unceasingly from the airborne that collapse space suction

But at this moment might of thunder Yushen the axe baseless conjecture divine tool in the midair bloomed to obtain in the situation of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon magic power support that giant thunder Yu god axe to turn into the black hole space of black airborne collapse in this moment baseless completely to be attracted instantaneously unexpectedly forcefully pulls to go

Black hole space of collapse vanishes to attract customer interest also to vanish that to join together to struggle immediately the purple ice day demon flood dragon to feel immediately the body its weight extremely terrifying body tenesmuss immediately anxiously crashes to go toward the lake in directly, but that adsorbed the collapse space thunder Yu god axe to bring in the midair dazzling black light general under to divide to go just like the black lightning together

Response that in the space the flash blows out made the six senses extremely obvious Ji Dong clear feeling magic skill of any Certain Kill Skill rank unable in comparison not to achieve the Certain Kill Skill rank the feeling that because it was the single body attack might is extremely intrepidly was less inferior in the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang all attack effect any point this obviously is not Forui can achieve the people who the first depth checked by own strength at this time the might of divine tool unexpectedly is so the terrifying, if the effect of heavenly stems divine tool were not inferior in this thunder Yushen axe once Yao Qianshu they were obtained the strength to multiply existence of divine tool by Ji Dong to sufficiently absolutely the demon. The degree of partner

The purple ice day demon flood dragon is in the process that from airborne crashes at this time it, although is formidable Rank 9 magic beast has to promote the Rank 10 potential however airborne is the forbidden area simply does not have the flying ability huge body weight to lead its body to tenesmus fiercely, but also its huge body was separated from the water surface not to have the assistance of water its strength to at this moment drop several points of thunder Yushen axe to break greatly attracts the customer interest that the space produced is to make it also wants the whole body to be lacking in vigilance

The skill that Fu Rui leaves it can be said that concentrated his has reached as high as Level 74 pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power magic power of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon again adds on the might of thunder Yushen axe three to blow out this terrifying as one, but formidable struck this unable to say the ruinous energy of completely when was thunder attribute magic skill had space collapse Ta was bursting has to know Fu Rui and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon was equal to Rank 9 magic beast had both union on is the geometrical multiple promotion let alone the also divine tool was auxiliary

The purple ice day demon flood dragon clearly felt the intense death aura facing the life and death when checked this Rank 9 magic beast to explode the cow looked upward Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality own life potential to emit completely once more, but this Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality glittered the top of the head biangular central two purple to ascend water magic power it with biangular to link directly the huge magic power fluctuation from the sky glittered one group of purple ice crystals but floating was having the flood dragon bead direct soaring but on happen to kept off under that black lightning

This seems like not big purple crystal contains is struggling the flood dragon bead is complete magic power that the purple ice day demon flood dragon desperate under condenses

When the black lightning flickered the ten-day period to turn into the black with instantaneous that purple crystal of that purple crystal collision together slightly the black lightning of several fold as before to fall across the crystal on the purple ice day demon flood dragon

The purple ice day demon flood dragon must not be the match who Thunder Emperor and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon collaborates calls out pitifully dazzling black snake electricity to explode four dispersions to flee on it to lead its entire body instantaneously in fierce shivering obviously by the situation that pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power storms into within the body

Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon personal appearance half revolution of giant Dragon's Tail sweeps away, but numerous pulling out struck on the purple ice day demon flood dragon pull out its huge body strike directly have flown the shore

Airborne turned into black crystal quick ablation only remaining that flood dragon bead thunder Yushen axe changed the slight drop returns to the Fu Rui palm in the direction of flood dragon bead to wield together the thunder and lightning divided empty under that to struggle furiously the flood dragon bead in fierce shivering by the thunder and lightning to be received and instructed to drop into to the control of Fu Rui during

Bang) purple ice day demon flood dragon huge body hit dozens big trees to stop getting down whole body is the black electric light twinkle receives thunder Yushen the axe to hit hard and lose own flood dragon bead apparently it not to have the beforehand striking power fight as before to finish Seemed this Rank 9 magic beast is very as if easy to be solved may in fact often/common Rui actually not relaxed, if were not wants to escape he who the beforehand purple ice day demon flood dragon was panic-stricken not to be impossible to catch such good opportunity even not to make the purple ice day demon flood dragon release the attack of true powerful to carry on three to cause heavy losses as one attack by him

Ji Dong has not gone to look the vision that the purple ice day demon flood dragon will have doubts fell in the Yao Qianshu bosom spent on the pig to spend pig purple ice day demon flood dragon as if very much to fear you especially especially

Tube flower pig complacent say/way: Is that these small Rank 9 magic beast record to feel my aura it with cannot certainly the truth that this Saint pig compares to differ to be able not to fear? Can such with ease catch it without my you? Quickly has not thanked me to give me to select the reward to be best is makes me eat it

The Ji Dong vision according to day doubts purple ice day demon flood dragon own strength is extremely powerful, moreover from before it facing people time powerful that shows should not just feel the Rank 10 magic beast aura to turn around runs to that time it even had not seen that the existence response of chrysanthemum pig was a little also sensitive, if feels carefully can presently the Rank 10 magic beast aura of chang flower pig why, although fills oppression strength but actually that formidable destructive aura this has not been Ji Dong can affirm that and other flowered pigs truly are an only striking power magic beast reason have not had pinnacle magic power the feeling of Mage to other people magic power. Very keen Yao Qianshu relied on homologous magic power to feel bottle- gourd flower pig magic power to change that carefully truly is special an extremely existence way even/including as he of First Wood disciple is unable to understand why will have such running status magic power, only then the huge vitality does not have huge attack magic power like the body of Portuguese flower pig completely is the vitality condenses but to become like

Fu Rui grasps the flood dragon bead dropping from the clouds purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to fall to the ground two huge dragon claw to find out loudly grasps surface the position and body center-section separately behind the purple ice day demon flood dragon flood dragon makes that originally experience personally the heavy losses Rank 9 magic beast not to have the least bit to put the anti- ability huge thunder attribute magic power output to be completely lacking in vigilance his body again

Fu Rui carries on the back the jumping down thunder Yushen axe to change into the purple light to integrate before the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon third of his forehead together, even if calm valiant Fu Rui on the face is also hard to conceal on the excited color/look first genuine intent fork to use thunder Yushen axe divine tool at this time to be captured to grasp a Rank 9 demon this are him never has the brilliant achievement

What is most essential after is takes the purple ice day demon flood dragon, his magic power consumption not big this is the terrifying effect of divine tool

Ji Dong Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu diving posture arrives at side Fu Rui to look in his hand that gradually to restore the purple the powerhouse who achievement Yin-Yang School that from the black, and is hard to conceal when unceasing beat the excitement in flood dragon pearl Ye Xin eye is listed second she longs for that a own demon Venerable/reveres, but she is not willing to accept six Rank 7 magic beast now finally well to choose easily

Chapter 182: Holy and Evil day chessboard

In Yin-Yang School, besides Ye Xin, also several people also broke through Level 60, they had own magic beast partner, thus the strength increases. Because the war of this Holy and Evil will soon start, Ye Xin and Fu Rui relates ambiguous, therefore nobody challenges her, but in fact, Ye Xin is unstable in this Yin-Yang School second position. At this time if had this Rank 9 magic beast to take own mount, what she also does need to be worried about? Purple ice day demon flood dragon powerful formerly the people looked in the eye, that is absolutely the terrifying strength! Had it, even if no Fu Rui in the side, in the entire Heavenly Stems School student, nobody can threaten the Ye Xin position again.

In the Fu Rui palm the thunder strength is fluctuating unceasingly fiercely, fettered the flood dragon bead unable to work loose forcefully, did not have the flood dragon bead, the purple ice day demon flood dragon that was also completely controlled by the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is the power and influence completely goes, crawls on the ground, somewhat panic-stricken looks at the people.

Fu Rui solemnly shouted: "Purple ice day demon flood dragon, as Rank 9 magic beast, your wisdom understands our words sufficiently, you now two choices. Becoming the contract partner with my this lover. In that case, I not only will give you flood dragon return, will also lead you to leave this place. As for the second road, that was simpler, I make the night eat your this flood dragon bead directly, has not the small benefit regarding her cultivation base as before, cuts to kill you again, the body of Rank 9 magic beast is very valuable. If you choose the first road, nods. My dozens integers, in ten integers you have not given the answer that I nod as before, that chooses the second road."

Those who made people somewhat surprised was, the moral courage of this purple ice day demon flood dragon was really not much, has not waited for Fu Rui to start to count, again and again nodded, the look looks at Ye Xin, even was having the colors of several begging.

Following matter is easier to do, without any revolt, freely Ye Xin magic power and purple ice day demon flood dragon has not the small disparity , was suitable has completed the contract, Ye Xin not, because the purple ice day demon life grasped in the hand with its signing master and servant contracts, has chosen the equality as in the contract. Although the master and servant contract is good, but cannot make magic beast oneself concentric after all, the big stick adds the procedure of carrot to make magic beast and Mage has higher conjunction.

"I later called you to ice the ice."Ye Xin lifts the hand, is touching purple ice day demon flood dragon that giant head gently, excited and satisfies, like young girl. Also no wonder she so, which Mage directly has Rank 9 magic beast to take the mount, so will be excited, let alone this Rank 9 magic beast also possibly in the near future will evolve into Rank
10 magic beast. This is establishes Ye Xin becomes the supreme powerhouse best foundation in the future.

If in the Ji Dong heart does not envy that is impossible, he also similarly hopes that can obtain so formidable magic beast to take own mount, but his strength obviously is also not enough to complete these now.

"Little Junior Brother, don't you have the hope of breakthrough really? This is the rare good opportunity!"Fu Rui asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Senior Brother, this time. I do not want to spoil by trying to be too helpful."

Fu Rui piston motion solemnly said: "Little Junior Brother, misses this opportunity, you may probably wait for five years. magic beast and outside maximum the difference on this Holy and Evil Island is their evolution potential, here, Rank 3 magic beast that even if most is accommodating, if there is enough time and a luck, there are to evolve into the Rank 10 magic beast possibility. This is on Holy and Evil Island magic beast and outside biggest difference. magic beast on our continent only then can achieve this point few."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Senior Brother, five years of I and others. I hope that I can accumulate thick thinly. I believe that five years later, I also certainly can obtain a formidable magic beast partner, moreover I hope that at that time I can obtain the approval of magic beast partner by my strength."

Fu Rui raises up the thumb to Ji Dong "well, has lofty ideals. Such being the case, we go back the recuperation. This 12 th is the Rank 9 magic beast territory, your strengths are also not enough to deal with the Rank 9 magic beast sneak attack, if presents the danger, our gain does not equal the loss. This time enters 12 time, although is not long, but we are the harvest are also many, not only Ye Xin obtained the magic beast partner successfully, the modest book obtained Rank 10 magic beast." Speaking of the last time, in the Fu Rui tone was having meaning of several points of teasing.

Yao Qianshu somewhat helpless sigh, having a look at oneself to cherish does not know when started the chrysanthemum pig that flows the drool to fall asleep, has a look at others to feel relieved that again that imposing manner is broad, even if is injured heavily also as before completely reveals the powerhouse true colors the purple ice day demon flood dragon, in heart a helplessness.

Ji Dong also similarly in looking at chrysanthemum pig, why does not know, feeling in this time heart is somewhat strange, he always thinks this chrysanthemum pig, although cannot attack, actually is also not that simple. Only its can swallow the magic skill ability, the suitable rarely seen (weirdo), Rank 9 magic beast magic skill has been able to swallow, any long-distance attacks compared with Rank 9 lower magic beast can be eaten by it? Ye Xin sends in a purple ice demon flood dragon the unique contract space, the people sat the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, Giant Dragon have soared, leading them to leave Holy and Evil Island 12 th rapidly.

Until they have been separated from the 12 th category thoroughly, entire 12 th magic beasts becomes active, and is making the similar movement, panting in gulps. Vision also as if by prior agreement looks in the direction that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon vanishes, in each Rank 9 magic beast eye reveals the ray that is having a lingering fear.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has flown back to Holy and Evil Island eighth, meets again in Heavenly Stems Regiment together, at this time, was away from the war of entire Holy and Evil to end, but also only had ten days of time.

In following ten days, under Fu Rui leads, Heavenly Stems Regiment has carried on the thorough cleaning to Holy and Evil Island eighth magic beast, by various purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon Fu Rui terrifying strengths, massive magic beast was swept clear, receives crystal core. Several even each Mage obtained at least one Rank 6 crystal core, it may be said that is happy, even afterward they also entered Holy and Evil Island ninth and tenth, gained crystal core of high-grade level. These crystal core Fu Rui easily will not apportion other people, mainly left itself and Ji Dong.

People in hunts and kills in the magic beast process while is seeking for the Dark Five Elements Continent Mage trail , compared with crystal core, the Crystal Crown value will be without a doubt higher.

What what a pity is, they always do not have any harvest, Dark Five Elements Continent Mage looked like vanishes baseless generally, had not appeared before them again.

Initially after and final weapon Li Yonghao war, Fu Rui originally the strength that because also Li Yonghao increased suddenly but somewhat worried, but afterward his magic power also evolved became pinnacle magic power, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon promoted Rank 9, he also grasped the divine tool thunder Yushen axe. Worry in heart naturally desalinated. The dark continent Mage choice preservation strength was also not the first time. If the flowered pig to Holy and Evil Island core five narrations, making him completely cut off has swept clear Holy and Evil Island to march the heart of dark continent, at least a long time can be so. Is relying on the beforehand victory, the victory and defeat of war of this Holy and Evil is female doubted common. Therefore Fu Rui similarly has also chosen the preserved strength, has not demanded to seek for dark continent Mage again.

Finally, Holy and Evil war of 49 th day approached, in the sky, ten thousand thunder break into a jail the drastic fluctuation, the huge magic power aura from the sky passes... When on " like initially entered Holy and Evil Channel, everyone lost the ability of movement. In the world, unequalled huge aura has locked each □ human on Holy and Evil Island. Light Five Elements Continent so, Dark Five Elements Continent Mage is also so.

In the sky, is unable quietly to appear with broad Tianping that the size described, the day pole main body was half black, half white, made one light and dark aura that was hard to imagine from jumped suddenly, that as if coagulated the huge energy of everyone ability to act.

In Light Five Elements Continent here Mage, is some Ji Dong has the out of the ordinary feeling, his clear present, that Holy and Evil day impeaches above the main body, has filled the air/Qi of chaos unexpectedly. That as if no any attribute, most source chaos air/Qi, if must make him look for one, frame of reference. The jade of that day then, he absorbed before should have the similar aura.

has the one by one luminous spot to hit from Mages half dream unceasingly soars, during fell impeached on that day, almost did not have the suspense, white sank unceasingly, black while raised high, this was the true victory and defeat day impeaches.

Light Five Elements Continent, the body flies the luminous spot many without a doubt is Thunder Emperor Forui, as entering in Holy and Evil Battlefield Heavenly Stems Regiment leader, dies enemy Mage and magic beast quantity in his hands is most. However, those who made people somewhat surprised was, flew the luminous spot second many were not these Heavenly Stems Regiment magic power Level 60 has the powerhouse of magic beast mount, was not in Yin-Yang School ranks the first ten people, but was Ji Dong.

Wears Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, the dark-red halo passes on this instance Divine level armor unceasingly, has the luminous spot that the size varies to disperse unceasingly from him, flies to the Holy and Evil day pole. The quantity, making one praise to the heavens. These luminous spots, big representative is striking to kill the opposite party Mage quantity " young representative to strike to kill the magic beast quantity. Ji Dong told everyone with own strength and powerful aggressivity, in the war of this Holy and Evil he was in what kind of status. Must know, he this year is about 16 years old by, even if Fu Rui, absolutely did not have his present brilliant achievement at age 16. Some far-seeing Heavenly Stems Regiment Mages faintly feel to leave, perhaps in the near future, Ji Dong will be only one may substitute the person in Fu Rui position. Naturally, Fu Rui now is about 30 years old, when is away from 50 years old unable to enter deadline also of war of Holy and Evil is very long the ten-day period. However, who will also say in the future can well how?

Fetter in air becomes attenuates gradually, the color of Holy and Evil day impeaching also completely turned into the white, a white light drops from the clouds, appeared at the same time and initially Holy and Evil Channel similarly broad just said that at the same time, behind them, Holy and Evil Channel also opened. If at this moment, he adds wants to have the attack to Dark Five Elements Continent, can connect the two channels of two pieces of main roads to start through this. At this time an authority of victor of side Holy and Evil.

Fu Rui raised the head, looks to the sky, the vision average is carving the intense god light, during the vision fluctuation, performs to reveal the powerhouse true colors, he is built on purple thunder Yaotian dragon's head bei arrogantly, the vision looks out that cream channel, becomes is more scalding hot.

He hopes that can one day lead the Light Five Elements Continent army, follows this channel to enter in Dark Five Elements Continent, swings the strict opposite party thoroughly, unifies two pieces of continent! But he also clear awareness, this is not an easy matter. Even if no existence of Holy and Evil Island, this is also the duty that almost impossible ten thousand to ride. Conquers the wish of opposite party to be no doubt intense, but, life apply carbon is actually his non- original intention sees.

The wars of this 49 days of Holy and Evil, Judes harvests can be said as biggest, not only obtained thunder Yushen the axe, own magic power is evolves into unprecedented pinnacle Yang Thunder, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon also evolved Rank 9. The strength could be said as geometrical multiple is enhanced. Regains the Ye Xin heart. Leads Heavenly Stems Regiment to rout a Dark Five Elements Continent side, this is his third time has such achievement. At the war of Holy and Evil historical, has left behind one of the dark ink serious wound for oneself.

Ji Dong also similarly raises the head, looks to the Holy and Evil day pole of that gradually desalination, the war of this Holy and Evil, his harvests Si Yang to be also giant. In the situation of chance coincidence, with nearly in Certain Kill Skill formidable magic skill, through obtaining that endured compared with divine tool the jade of day, making oneself Yin- Yang two fires magic power each other blend, has achieved the true fusion, although magic power level the promotion were not many, but Chaos Fire has actually had the qualitative leap, gained many crystal core, Crystal Crown, this was the huge wealth. He has thought that after waiting to leave Holy and Evil Battlefield, the first matter first goes to earth core to see Lie Yan (raging flames), is buries that by the golden armor female who the thick ice prohibits, is the parents who worships this world. After waiting to complete these matters, cultivation promotion strength, while travels continent.

Yao Qianshu stands side Ji Dong, his vision falls on Fu Rui that in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has carried on the back, at this time his mood is very contradictory, is not because in the bosom that big wave spends the pig, because of heavenly stems disciple these four characters. He has not thought, this time comes Holy and Evil Island to be this kind of result unexpectedly. With Aofeng and the others breaks off to make him unable thoroughly to get over an emotion according to day, core, day card disciple these four characters exist in his heart for a long time was too too long. Although he is avaricious, although was stingier, but young people whose not own hero dream. He naturally hopes that leads a powerhouse to achieve the war of success Holy and Evil can be oneself.

The war of first Holy and Evil had ended, the book friends of bright eye can see, the war of this first Holy and Evil for second time prepares the ground. When second oncoming, this book biggest tall San one will show toward it.

Chapter 183: Wins, cheers and departs

Rose pig comfortable lying down in the bosom of Yao Qianshu, his vision actually toward Holy and Evil Island ** looks, in that careful small eyes flashes through together the strange brilliance, the corners of the mouth place is reveals more evil much the taste, does not know that is thinking anything. Indistinct, light white flashes through from its eyeground quietly.

The war of once every five years Holy and Evil hence has drawn to a close period perfect, naturally, this is regarding Light Five Elements Continent side Laishui, next Holy and Evil Channel opens must wait till for five years later.

Li Yonghao stands in a summit, back Holy and Evil Channel opened, giant Black Dragon picks up to have 30 meters place his body from the ground fully. Both hands were butchered behind, the vision looks out the distant place, the war of another Holy and Evil ended. He and Fu Rui are the same, attended the wars of three Holy and Evil similarly. On the age, he is also almost the same as Fu Rui. The Holy and Evil war of below standard, he three times defeated in the Fu Rui hand. However, actually cannot see the feeling of loser from his eyes at this time. In that black eye pupil only then profound and brilliance of wisdom alternately twinkle.

Behind Li Yonghao, rescues sets up in an array personally, on everyone the releaser different formidable aura, that specially is the attribute purest fluctuation of energy of mechanism magic power. Their vision are also same as Li Yonghao, inclines toward the bright side facing the Holy and Evil day chessboard, has not revealed any sorrowful color/look, what is opposite, indistinct, but can also see in their eyes pupil reveals excited with some intense campaigns of not being able to repress

"Five years, also five years. Fu Rui, do you know? I am very lucky, can become the leader of Dark Five Elements Continent millennium plan, 15 years. Three with you fight three defeats, you may know that I have turns toward very defeat you, routs your motley crew. But, I cannot such do, for the millennium plans, I must wait. Regardless of receives what kind of suffering, pays what kind of price, I must wait to get down, when arrival of that day. Millennium, the effort of 18 generations of dark secrets, must be completed finally. Five years later, is your I truly fights a victory and defeat the time. You obtained that divine tool, when the time comes, lets our open and aboveboard war, I will make you know surely, anything is the genuine final weapon."

Before on Holy and Evil Battlefield with Light Five Elements Continent Mages has seen the dark heavenly stems disciple only then five people, but stands actually many now here. But stands in Li Yonghao back wine taste dark disciple, everyone can feel the clothes incomparably broad sharp air/Qi from Li Yonghao at this time, even if they have pinnacle magic power, actually as before cannot bear in this moment draws back backward one step

Yes! They are lucky, the millennium plans, fell on their this generation, the dark disciple arose at the historic moment.

Before the shoes calmly look, not far away Li Yonghao, in the mind is not tight appears once more thick that or wild, or the gloomy and cold form. Indistinct, in his heart Li Yonghao and compared with Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, instead has not been and that magic power also Level 50, but actually several times nearly went to the fellow of his life to contrast. Although in his heart is very clear, this is simply does not have the relative property, that fellow must differ the Big Brother is very very farther, is in her heart, presented such comparison.

Barbarians, five years later meets once more, when the time comes, if you appear in this stretch of continent battlefield, perhaps again is unable to live is leaving, I must finish your life personally. Five years, in five years, I will certainly go all out to cultivate, must jump over you.

"Thunder Emperor, Thunder Emperor ----" The Light Five Elements Continent shore, already was one piece jubilant, soldier who all Heavenly Stems Regiment soldiers, on Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires were stationed, centralized in the shore, the armor was at this moment bright, the sword and spear stood in great numbers, everywhere was a piece of dense metallic luster.

Although they cannot see the tactical situation on Holy and Evil Battlefield, but, that meeting moment when the Holy and Evil day chessboard presents, they can actually see the day chessboard inclined direction clearly, without a doubt, the war of this Holy and Evil comes to an end by bright side victory. They in cheering heart the name of hero.

The brilliance five dragon and Heavenly Stems School several directors, stand near the distance seacoast recent the place, stares Holy and Evil Channel that is opening. The brilliance five dragons have not concealed in oneself eye slightly the excited brilliance, but the vision of Heavenly Stems School several directors have been full of the complex brilliance,

Although Fu Rui has not held the post of the substantive duty in any country, may in fact, he in various countries' senior military, has nobody to be able compared with the popularity

After all, can be the military officer of military senior general, almost arrived here to be stationed. This consecutively three victories, advanced anybody the Fu Rui popularity the peak that is hard to hope to attain. However, present Thunder Emperor actually no longer is the pride of Heavenly Stems School, is not the Yin-Yang School seat. These Heavenly Stems School are entire control, in the heart feels better?

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon huge form appeared in the Holy and Evil Channel exit finally, ghost that hundreds of thousands of people of cheers ascended instantaneously the mechanism, at this moment, cheered covers the sound of sea unexpectedly, in the air has been reverberating unceasingly to the name of Thunder Emperor When Heavenly Stems School several directors noticed that in a big way more than one time of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has carried on the back Thunder Emperor Fu Rui that sits, a volume was hugged by him when Ye Xin in bosom, on the face became uglier

Lizard Song Ruilong first moving forward to meet somebody, when Fu Rui carries on the back to fall from the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, conscientious time, Ye Xin voluntarily yielding the way one side, Fu Rui and Song Ruilong majestic body merely hugs. Need many words, that even does not bring the skeleton the violent hug of pa sound fully to explain all

Glory five dragon one by one and Fu Rui hug, the entire shore, changed into happy sea. Participates in each Mage of war of this Holy and Evil, obtained has been similar to the heroic reception. However, actually and nobody notes, two people after were just landing the shore, immediately adds to go, left cheering of this shore rapidly, makes noise.

Before Holy and Evil Channel opens once more, Ji Dong said own plan with Forui, he does not need Qing Gong, does not like that person many scenes. Therefore, after leaving Holy and Evil Island, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu immediately left the team, being quietly escapes to go.

Lan Bao'er static standing in numerous Yin-Yang School Mage, gazes after Ji Dong to go far away, in a moment ago, Ji Dong said goodbye to her. She has not gone to try to leave behind him. Looks at his departure, in this good girl heart only has blessing silently. She knows, this man is not own.

"Modest book, what do you have to plan?"Without ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail tremendous pressure, even if the simple breath, made Ji Dong feel satisfaction that could not say. He and Yao Qianshu arrived at the distance sea Pennsylvania University generally about 20 miles enemy side to stop.

Yao Qianshu worried sigh, Ji Dong, I cannot think, Aofeng they unexpectedly so, but, we after all are the heavenly stems disciples of arising at the historic moment! Should not like this. I plan to go to secret city first, I must ask the secret, why will have such situation. The heavenly stems disciple should be a hero, but is not the mean and shameless villain! You and I go together.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Sorry, the modest book, I cannot go with you. I know that you do not feel better. But something cannot demand. Actually, you have had an erroneous zone, could it be said, is not the heavenly stems disciple, can't fight for our continent? You in the war of Holy and Evil done is very good. Also has not been supercilious with these, the selfish and arrogant ignorant fellow collaborates. In the future is what kind, no one can reach an agreement, my also many matters must do, cannot accompany you to go to the secret city. I have believed, wants to grasp the world, must grasp itself first. So long as we defend the conscience, first becomes by oneself formidable, can say again other matters, said honestly, although your I am the pinnacle magic power owner, but by our present strengths, what can make really? Let alone compared with these supreme powerhouses, even if comes compared with the Senior Brother, our also difference is very very far."

Right that Yao Qianshu nodded "you said that was been formidable first by oneself, defends the conscience, can do other matters again. After I seek the secret, will try hard to cultivate. Ji Dong, when can we say goodbye?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "If predestined friends, perhaps we soon will again meet. If our fate is insufficient, five years later, but also above this Holy and Evil Battlefield, we also surely can say goodbye. We will not waste our pinnacle magic power in vain, not?"

Yao Qianshu said: "Good, we reached agreement for five years, five years later, on the eve of the war of Holy and Evil approached, we also here met, fought once more Holy and Evil Island. I will certainly not let you during these five years I."

Ji Dong smiled "that you to probably try hard. My cultivation is quick."

Your how that many idle talk! I was hungry. Yao Qianshu, I was hungry. " The chrysanthemum pig is swaying from side to side the body in the Yao Qianshu bosom, discontented speaking. On the Yao Qianshu face reveals a helplessness, said with a forced smile: "Your this dead pig head, knows to eat, before leaving Holy and Evil Island, haven't you eaten four Rank 6 magic beast? Besides eating, will you also do?"

Chrysanthemum pig snorted "you also said that before that is leaves Holy and Evil Island, is not now. Hasn't given the food to eat? Walks quickly, I was hungry, was hungry,"

Ji Dong deep looked at chrysanthemum pig one, signaled with the eyes to Yao Qianshu "looks after your this pig well. This fellow treats as the shield is good. We said goodbye in light of this. Five years later said goodbye."

Yao Qianshu has knocked the head of chrysanthemum pig, said with a forced smile: "Does not know really this dead pig was my ancestors' retribution. Ji Dong, takes care."

"Takes care."Spoke these words, Ji Dong jumps, goes toward the distant place, the free time of a while, disappeared in the Yao Qianshu line of sight.

"Do not look, I was hungry." The protests of chrysanthemum pig resound once more.

Yao Qianshu somewhat angry made an effort to knock in its head, starved to death you to result . Can your this pig, understand my mood? "

Chrysanthemum pig angrily said: "You dare to knock my head, you died. What mood can you have? Also isn't moved? On your this puzzled mentality, what great accomplishment but can also achieve? I was how blind, electing you to be the partner. If that boy who called Ji Dong was First Wood department, I being disinclined managed you. Compared with others, you fell far short. Thanks to you also feels all right said for five years later by others does not jump over, others have the strength of chaos to be the backing, cultivation does not know that is quicker than many you." Is listening to the words of chrysanthemum pig dull, Yao Qianshu one " the strength of chaos? What is that? "

Chrysanthemum pig snorted, somebody as if fluttered a moment ago my head, what to do? "

Yao Qianshu urgently said: "Eats meal to guarantee all one wants to eat is not good? Told me quickly, what was the strength of chaos? What relations this and our do magic power have?"

Chrysanthemum pig complacent say/way: "Now knows that invited manual Saint pig? You may reach an agreement Oh, making me eat to the full. The strength of behavior chaos, is when the world first took shape, when creates the world the strength of most source leaves behind, if anybody can effectively grasp the strength of this source, that will turn..." Here, it also intentionally kept guessing.

"What turns into?"Yao Qianshu questioned closely.

The chrysanthemum pig said: "Becoming the god. On that Ji Dong has the Chaos Fire embryonic form, although is not formidable, cannot apply, has actually helped him carry on Yin-Yang blending perfectly. Let alone is you, even if that any Thunder Emperor, five years later impossible to compare with him. Let alone, on this boy also her aura."

"Whose aura?"Yao Qianshu was puzzled said.

Ai Huazhu shakes the head again and again, said: "This cannot tell you, you know. You diligently cultivation. Also do not go to look for that any secret. If you also want the strength of chaos, I lead you to go to a place. Can obtain, watched your chance."

Yao Qianshu half believing and half doubting say/way: "You should not leave Holy and Evil Island. How to know the matter on continent?"

Chrysanthemum pig snorted "do you dare to look down upon this Saint pig? Since this Saint pig is delicious, naturally good nose, the air/Qi of chaos also to have the flavor/smell, cannot see, could it be I with hearing? Oh, was right, you may say a moment ago makes me eat to the full. I eat to the full the request not to be high, so long as is food, coming 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) me reluctantly to gather together. Is each food 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) Oh."

If Ji Dong heard the chrysanthemum pig to say at this time, certainly will be surprised, he can guess correctly surely, that she who the chrysanthemum pig said that referred to was Lie Yan (raging flames).

After Yao Qianshu separates, Ji Dong tantivies the line, runs 50 miles away, this stopped, seeks the enemy side that a nobody pays attention, his breath becomes is somewhat rapid, not because of racing Hang consumption physical strength, but that because he summoned in the next moment the name that made him be worried.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)"

Anticipates meeting of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames)? If you hope after Lie Yan (raging flames), in second Holy and Evil pre-war continuously and Ji Dong in the same place, please tell me with the monthly ticket. The charge, making our monthly ticket break in first six. So long as advanced six, small three make Lie Yan (raging flames) accompany Ji Dong to travel in continent. Hehe. That is what feels? The tomorrow's renewal will be more splendid, some upholstery can reveal.

Chapter 184: You are the goddess in my heart

The feeling of warming up spreads in the chest, in Ji Dong heart unprecedented is scalding hot, how long hasn't seen her? Looks that enchanting Red Lotus flower petal raises around the body piece by piece, Ji Dong has gotten hold of the double fist subconsciously, he in heart crazy is shouting that name.

The surrounding scenery is gradually fuzzy, the familiar distortion, the surroundings all are fluctuating, under that gently beautiful red light covers, he arrived at that to be full of the Fire Element world finally once again.

This time Ji Dong, early did not have first time to come here illness, that thick fire Yuan, usually takes to him, only then infinite quick | feeling, as if in the body each cell follows his breath comfortably chants | is reciting, that is ascending Chaos Fire became intense several points.

Conscientious, the body surrounding red light is gradually pale, a place earth core rock corner/horn that Ji Dong presents. First, he had not noticed that by the form that oneself are worried, but, his attention was almost captured by the thing of earth core rock middle position in the flash.

In that earth core rock central position, the giant eggs, Ji Dong can recognize indistinctly, this great egg initially from Snow and Ice Giant Dragon incorruptible there, Fire Dragon egg that Lie Yan (raging flames) took carry back, but, this Fire Dragon egg had the earth-shaking change at this time. Entire Fire Dragon egg before compares, enough big one time, what is most unusual, this Fire Dragon egg no longer is the initial red, but turned into the coal two-color pattern to coil around, compared with the originally appearance, looked the labor wanted noblly mysterious too many were too many, but actually has not dispersed any strong aura, all magic power fluctuations were completely reserved. That dragon Dangong black, gold/metal two-color demon mark that clear mysterious, is existence of this demon mark, making all Fire Element in entire earth core lake change colors.

Around this great egg, altogether the wonder stones of ten lotus flower shapes, they separately is azure, dark green, red, blue, yellow, grey, platinum, black, purple ten colors. Besides the color, their contours are exactly the same, the size is also exactly right. These ten wonder stones disperse the dense color light, has formed a light light cover, covers in which the great egg, sees this light cover, the Ji Dong heart crazily shakes, because, this light covers, although is very thin, but takes to his feeling actually five elements Yin-Yang that collaborates to release is exactly the same as the bright heavenly stems disciple and Huo'er.

This strange thin film is absorbing Fire Element in earth core magma lake unceasingly, crosses big wave it again completely, forms the innumerable slight gold and black two-color luminous spot to integrate in the dragon egg.

Ji Dong goes forward several steps, when he left near, can feel that five elements Yin-Yang the aura, although this five elements Yin-Yang not in view of his existence, but when he approached slightly, actually as before can feel Yin-Yang two fires magic power in within the body to be suppressed instantaneously, within the body Yin-Yang Fish ray was dim, only had Chaos Fire is also maintaining the combustion altitude.

To near, he sees, in a dragon egg four corner/horn place, respectively crystal core, two black, two gold/metal, each disperses the diameter about half meter misty brilliance, magic power that these four crystal core disperse coordinates with each other across a great distance with that five elements Yin-Yang, reason that five elements Yin-Yang can Tao's outside Fire Element spread, as if there is direct relation with them. But they magic power aura also unceasing integration to central dragon egg.

Does not need to ask, Ji Dong can also guess correctly this thing the origin, that ten carve the lotus flower shape the wonder stone, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to the five elements god stone that the harmonious snake demanded, turns into the present appearance, obviously was the Lie Yan (raging flames) achievement. As for that four crystal core, inevitably is four Rank 10 is dark, bright Yin-Yang dual attribute crystal core.

Saw that present scene Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, originally Lie Yan (raging flames) demands these things to the harmonious snake, unexpectedly for this dragon egg. Had moistening of these many most precious objects, this dragon egg may no longer merely be Fire Dragon egg so is simple.

In this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) that was similar to the heavenly music sound is resounding "this Fire Dragon egg to deposit not the short time near the Ji Dong ear in incorruptible there gently, was invaded by the ice cold aura, the essence was certainly harmed. I purify its cold air by own magic power and earth core magma lake pure Fire Element, by Yin- Yang dual attribute magic power pours into again carries on warm and nourish. Now by five elements Yin-Yang and four crystal core double Fire Element that its contains turns into purest existence, making it be have to accept the chaos source ability, making this small family/home bend down to return to essence the appearance. When fuses with you, naturally will have with you biggest conjunction. Even has also wanted that eclipse date phoenix. Moreover, it will have the special characteristics that any magic beast does not have, so long as you use Chaos Fire to light the chaos source for it, it will have to evolve to the foundation of Saint beast two"

" Lie Yan (raging flames)..., Before has not seen Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong heart this had the countless words to her saying that when he saw Lie Yan (raging flames), presently a actually character cannot say, when particularly he saw when Lie Yan (raging flames) that was having the fine appearance of light smile, in the throat was more like chokes up anything, surging of mood was in the degree in the extreme. Since knowing Lie Yan (raging flames), this is Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) separates time longest one time, barely escapes death, he has never thought will miss so a person two to see Lie Yan (raging flames), before he has not even listened to clear Lie Yan (raging flames), what said is anything, in the mind a blank, the innermost feelings spurt general just like the magma fiery.

Looks at the Ji Dong flame beat double pupil, the Lie Yan (raging flames) words also stopped, sees Ji Dong once more, in her heart also has the innumerable strange feelings, never like this has missed other people like Ji Dong, she from having to realize the present, does not know that many years, in the innermost feelings also first time had the strange feeling of that not being able saying that the subconscious labor previous step, the smiling face of face labor blooms just like the hundred flowers makes Ji Dong deluded generally.

Puts out a hand, gentle comparing, "Little Ji Dong, you as if grew."

Both hands of Ji Dong almost not in the least by uphold that oneself control, tight holds Lie Yan (raging flames) to lift the hand that as Empress of earth core world, mixes control of fire of big wave, at this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) felt intense scalding hot from the Ji Dong double palm unexpectedly, that scalding hot feeling has transmitted her heart of hearts, making her words unable in saying, she can feel that both hands and bodies of Ji Dong were shivering, but this shivered also spread to the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart through his double manual scalding hot.

Is this what kind of missing? When Ji Dong starts talking, Lie Yan (raging flames) present, his sound is hoarse and is shivering, even had the labor to wipe the light red including the eye socket.

" Lie Yan (raging flames), promises me, never leave me again for a long time, ok? If you will close up next time again, regardless of how long, makes me accompany about you, even if, hundred years, I am also willing to protect for you.

The hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) is mild and soft, looks like suet white jade of most labor lamp, as if the cow's milk freezes general, supple, if referring to of characterless grasps in the Ji Dong hand, Ji Dong heartbeat at least increased the several fold.

Listens Ji Dong that is shivering sound, Lie Yan (raging flames) is almost reply without hesitation: "Good, I promise you, later I will not make you leave me for a long time. My Little Ji Dong is getting more and more splendid, if made you leave again for a long time, was robbed me to be sad by others."

"No, cannot absolutely."Ji Dong categorical saying "in my heart, already could not accommodate another woman."

Lie Yan (raging flames) red lips pouted slightly ", if meets one compared with I prettier woman, can't?"

"Cannot. Let alone this world labor is impossible to have like you again perfect the female, even if has, that does not have any relations with me. You are the goddess in my heart."

At this moment, Ji Dong how wants saying that three characters to Lie Yan (raging flames), when he raised the head, gazes at Lie Yan (raging flames) that pair of clear net gain not to have the eye pupil of impurity, looks at Lie Yan (raging flames) that perfect appearance, says. The feeling of feeling inferior is surging in his heart unceasingly. The strength or the appearance, oneself and Lie Yan (raging flames) at all in a level labor, cannot be said as the different. Can oneself say that three characters to her really? If said that what to do Lie Yan (raging flames) has rejected? In that case, perhaps forever are unable to see her again.

She that sacred, then the beauty, looks like the flame Elf is ordinary. Ji Dong does not dare to bet, does not dare to bet, these time with Lie Yan (raging flames) has separated for one year, his deep how knows Lie Yan (raging flames) regarding oneself important. If lost her, forever is unable to see her again, then, oneself this was no different died.

Has swallowed eventually to the words of mouth, but he shakes the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) not to be willing to loosen. "... Little Ji Dong, do you like me?"At this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) bites red lip lightly, asked with very low sound gently.

Although her voice is not loud, but as Pinnacle Two Fires Mage, the Ji Dong hearing is keen, during his body falls into immediately was stiff, looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), dull could not speak.

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) beautiful pupil reveals startled, grasped from Ji Dong the hand pulls out coming out "you not to like me?"

"No, no, I like certainly, naturally likes you. You are I have liked only the woman. Lie Yan (raging flames), I"Ji Dong responded finally, running together of two syllables in rapid speech argument.

Looks appearance that Ji Dong startled loses presence of mind handsome, Lie Yan (raging flames) laughed "this also almost. However, since you like me, I have a condition. If you are not willing to comply, my record seizes you to like my authority."

"I comply, any condition I comply with two"Ji Dong saying without hesitation. His brains are intelligent, but why does not know, whenever he sees Lie Yan (raging flames) time, the brain will become exceptionally slow.

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile lightly "fool, I had not said that was what requests you to fry to comply, if I did make you die?"

"I die." The reply of Ji Dong made Lie Yan (raging flames) one dull, because his simply had not pondered, in the eye the vision has filled renouncing.

"Sorry. I crack a joke."Why does not know, looks at Ji Dong this time appearance, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart somewhat stabs the pain slightly. She, oneself unexpectedly became more and more is presently getting more and more user-friendly. Pulls up the right hand of Ji Dong on own initiative, said: "My condition is very difficult. Since you like me, I request, you forever can only like my woman, can't move sentimental two you to comply to other women slightly?" The Ji Dong say/way "I comply. Even if you did not say, I was impossible to like any other women again."

Lin Yan said: "That Lan Bao'er? Could see, she likes you very much. She is also very attractive, can accompany you in the world. You are impossible forever to treat in my this earth core lake."

In Ji Dong heart slightly one happy, mused, Lie Yan (raging flames) this is being jealous? Even if she has the desire of holding to oneself, oneself enough have also satisfied, at least proves in her heart to have him.

lightly sighed, Ji Dong said: " Bao'er is a good girl, but I only her, when the friend treats. Because in my heart was already filled, not having the leeway of slightest bit to give her.

Lie Yan (raging flames) said "Little Ji Dong in a soft voice, you know that I now am very happy."Was saying at the same time, she holds the hand of Ji Dong to change dragon egg, I know that you want to travel Five Elements Continent, I was also very long have not arrived at outside world to have a look, when this little fellow hatched, you also had certain strength to protect me. I accompany you to travel in continent together, ok? "

Hears Lie Yan (raging flames) these words, Ji Dong only thought that in the mind buzz, the unprecedented happy heart overflows to be filled with "Lie Yan (raging flames), I, did I have really enough protect your strength?"

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "In your world, the formidable soul Master quantity is also not many. When the little fellow in this egg slightly melts, coordinated to eclipse date phoenix Huo'er that small family/home to bend down again, you sufficiently displayed your Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang. In this case, even if meets the Eight-Crown rank Mage, the self-preservation will not have the too major problem."Little Ji Dong, do you know? Your progress including me also to feel shocking, I have not thought really, during the so short time, you can actually be such degree. Not only fused Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King pinnacle magic power truly, can use their pinnacle magic power to create own skill. Present you, have buried again to the genuine powerhouse. Every time passed for day, your strength will strengthen a point. Naturally, before we leave here, I must help you carry on one once more cultivation of ten-day period, helping you conform in various abilities that currently have together, becomes the complete system, made you achieve mastery through a comprehensive study these things truly. Arrived that time, you have done only have the time that again the promotion needs. "

Looks at that just like many things around a center common dragon egg, Ji Dong recalled at this time just when arrived here words that Lie Yan (raging flames) spoke "Lie Yan (raging flames), you pay your life lotus seed to receive in exchange for these things of Teng snake senior, to hatch this dragon egg, moreover hatches for me?"

Chapter 185: dragon egg, self-torture

The heart of Ji Dong is shivering, recalled that initially Lie Yan (raging flames) separated, when lotus seed pain, he grieved is unable to breathe. Perhaps let alone, Lie Yan (raging flames) this all payouts for him, she already prepared the magic beast partner two from initially to see Snow and Ice Giant Dragon to be incorruptible for oneself, to it must come this dragon egg time, Lie Yan (raging flames) has completed the plan. Without a doubt, after various Lie Yan (raging flames) a series of moistening of warm and nourish and treasures, this dragon egg, once leg, is not the ordinary Red Dragon so is simple.

Closing up of Lie Yan (raging flames) for oneself, if because of own matter, cannot make the strength that the heavenly stems Saint beast shivers by her, how to go so far as to must close up. Even if when she closes up, is considering for oneself as before, has paid that many for oneself silently.

Looks appearance that Ji Dong that mind surges, Lie Yan shows a faint smile, has pinched his hand "fool, do not think that many. Actually, I am making all for me. If not help you become formidable, you can protect me to leave here? Arrives at outside world? Every day in this earth core world, even if I am here ruler, will feel the lonely and lonesome guest as before. You are human that I know only, only then you can make me trust, whom don't I help you be able to help?"

Loosens grips the hand of Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) arrives at front this by the five elements god stone for five elements Yin-Yang that in front of the foundation condenses becomes, the right hand wields, together circle friendly cream color ray from her palm floating, strange saying that that filled five elements Yin-Yang of entire attribute constriction to meet this white light, immediately melted a person of high gateway. And the itself aura has not had any change.

Lin Yan said: "... Little Ji Dong, you come in me."At the same time was saying, her sound entered in that five elements Yin-Yang first.

Ji Dong followed behind to walk in Lie Yan (raging flames), when he summer months entered to five elements Yin-Yang and is surprised immediately, he presently, in this five elements Yin-Yang, has filled the Pinnacle Two Fires element unexpectedly, black saw from outside with the gold/metal two-color luminous spot, felt in the interior, unexpectedly was the one by one entity, moves will have the slight pricking on oneself, was being absorbed by own body.

Several the time of breath, Ji Dong felt that own magic power has been full in peak condition.

Lie Yan (raging flames) makes Ji Dong arrive at the Fire Dragon egg dead ahead "Ji Dong, you use both hands according to the egg body, hand slow release pinnacle Yang Fire, another hand slow release pinnacle Yin Fire. Both release magic power should not be too quick, moreover must maintain consistent."

Ji Dong complies according to the word, when he lifts both hands, according to dagger Fire Dragon egg flickers the ten-day period, warm feelings of being as close as flesh and blood flicker in the ten-day full hearts, looks like this Fire Dragon egg is in itself part of his body resembles.

Lie Yan (raging flames) one step steps forward, arrives at behind Ji Dong "not to need to be surprised, this is the normal condition. Still remembers? Once when heard, I will grip your both hands each time, you will feel some stabbing pain, that is I extracts your blood again, when I returned to original state the little fellow in this Fire Dragon egg into the source, I integrated in which your blood, making it have was your bloodlines brand mark. Therefore, after waiting for it to hatch, cannot want any contract to restrain, can have the fathers and sons to be intimate with you. Forever is you best partners. From now on, you caress touch it to sit down to start to cultivate two outputs Pinnacle Two Fires do not stop, I use law that the five elements god stones and four light dark Rank 10 Fire department crystal core arrange become to absorb magic power in earth core lake unceasingly, and spreads to through your body the five elements god stone and crystal core magic power the dragon egg. Because dragon egg has your blood to take the brand mark, is not only interlinked with your bloodlines, will come under your ideological influence, its appearance will also receive you to affect to change. As for will turn into any appearance, must look at your hope."

If can choose, Ji Dong is not willing to start to cultivate at this time, this is he , since becoming Mage. First time to cultivating to have had the contradiction psychology, for other, just did not see Lie Yan (raging flames) for this time, he only hopes that oneself vision can stay in the Lie Yan (raging flames) body labor much.

Naturally, how, Ji Dong will not disobey the meaning of Lie Yan (raging flames), all that let alone Lie Yan (raging flames) makes are good for him, to this dragon egg, Lie Yan (raging flames) start to get ready at present long ago, does not hesitate to bear the pain, in the lotus seed with own that life Red Lotus received exchange for various materials, consumes own magic power to come warm and nourish dragon egg, this all, for can have a formidable magic beast partner by oneself. Although Lie Yan (raging flames) said all these for her, but can Ji Dong not understand the heart of Lie Yan (raging flames)? Unknowingly, status of Lie Yan (raging flames) in Ji Dong heart was diving to move quietly changes, no longer only has been able to look up to like before.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has drawn back quietly, five elements Yin-Yang returns to normal, Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit in the ground both hands presses the dragon egg to start to cultivate, from five elements Yin-Yang can clear seeing, at this time he and that dragon egg is the same, massively is attracting watches from five elements Yin-Yang huge magic power after big wave. Pure magic power simultaneously is moistening him and dragon egg.

Lie Yan (raging flames) stands outside five elements Yin-Yang looks at inside Ji Dong silently, her vision temperate brings several points of light satisfaction, the state she by no means temporarily to conceive a plan to the words that Ji Dong spoke says. Is critical faced with life in labor Ji Dong, she has prepared does not hesitate at all costs to rescue his time, she has decided.

That time, she felt scared, since having the consciousness, even if initially faced powerful of Two Great Sovereign Kings, she never has also had such mood, only has this time, when he saw when Ji Dong will soon perish in the rival, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart perhaps was really handsome. Also in that moment, she realized that Ji Dong has what kind of status in own heart. What that was no longer simple is only an ordinary human friend. And is containing many complex emotions.

Lie Yan (raging flames) not completely are clear, if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui had not presented to make what kind of choice at that time promptly, can actually release own strength to rescue Ji Dong to the world. Such price she is clear, is she is unable to withstand. May in that ten, the time, she hope that Ji Dong can live, other all she has not thought anything

After Ji Dong security, Lie Yan (raging flames) each in gazing at his change, Lan Bao'er is taking care of him side Ji Dong, but in this earth core world, Lie Yan (raging flames) also never has the moment to leave him. When Lie Yan (raging flames) looks every day Lan Bao'er looks after Ji Dong, before her heart has one type never had the mood, that is, an envy.

Therefore, Lie Yan (raging flames) decided that after the war of Holy and Evil ended , helping the Ji Dong promotion strength as far as possible, then accompanies side him, regardless of he must make anything, is accompanying him, she must see clearly Ji Dong, must see clearly own heart

The life of human is limited, Lie Yan (raging flames) knows certainly, but she has decided that must use the infinite life and limited Ji Dong in the same place. Later how she is not willing to think, present she, but the hope can feel happiness in the finite time. Since cannot achieve to put down, that can only go to true acceptance. Because thinks through this, after seeing Ji Dong again, Lie Yan (raging flames) goes down the shrine, the true letting loose heart fan, starts to accept this not to be at present handsome, but the total involvement is actually liking her man.

As Fire department Mage, can cultivation in earth core lake such enemy side, originally is the biggest luck, let alone side Ji Dong, also assistance of five elements god stones and four Fire department crystal core. Wields two him to be able the Fire Element effect in this earth core world to feel completely clearly that huge and pure Fire Element, is washing own body unceasingly, fine full Ziyi, when his body the method withstood magic power that is more, these magic power will spread to the dragon egg through his both hands. He became the bridge that the pure Pinnacle Two Fires element and between dragon egg communicate. Immerses during this happy feeling, the time passed already no longer can control his all. His heart calmed down gradually, does not need to feel the outside all, here will not have any danger, the total involvement invests into this cultivation condition.

Does not know how long, suddenly, Ji Dong only thought own within the body magic power is ready to make trouble, own body as if starts to live its wonderful change, the Yin-Yang Fish slow rotation in chest, rays of light jump unceasingly, that wisp of three cuns (2.5 cm) high Chaos Fire also started the slight beat.

This sudden feeling from immersing in cultivation awakens mind of Ji Dong, can break through?

Before the cultivation starts, his magic power has achieved Level 49, is having so huge and pure fire Yuan... In the element world, breaks through to Level 50 will not have any issue.

However, at this time, a scalding hot air/Qi snake such as awoke beautiful to fill top/withstand breaks from the top of the head to his within the body, suppression stiffly his feeling of that breakthrough, formerly the tremor of magic power stopped, all as if returned to normal.

At this moment, in each meridians of Ji Dong within the body, filled such as division essence general magic power, the whole body inflation wanted to crack, the painful feeling led his body to twist one slightly next two, but, he after all was not the average person, the body separately after the transformation of blood of blood and snake Vermilion Bird, in addition has soaked dragon blood, the tenacious degree was extremely astonishing, although within the body magic power inflated to the limit actually method through breaking through the bottleneck releases. But he bears patiently. Under double Fire Element in within the body that surge surges, all meridians defer to the chest cavity snake strength technique the way to shiver voluntarily, digests the impact of that Pinnacle Two Fires energy quietly. magic power is promoting continually, Ji Dong also again continues by melting the pain of strength technique solution body, the cultivation also thus continues.

Palm of Lie Yan (raging flames) reclamation gently according to in Ji Dong top of the head , to promote five elements Yin-Yang once more. In the eye reveals several not to endure, muttered: "...... Little Ji Dong, you must endure patiently. Although the strength of chest cavity snake is not strong, but this melts the strength technique is actually sufficiently with the mysterious skill that the technique of Saint beast compares, is the maintaining life key. Only has before your magic power has not promoted completely, can comprehend its god marrow truly, at this time is the thick product thin good opportunity. Late one minute breaks through, your foundation will be more solid a point. Premature breakthrough level will only limit your future show. Not only I hope that you can become the eminent in human, hopes some day you to achieve with my same level, to that time, I was perhaps free. We also really have possibility" "

The similar situation in unceasingly following, the pain that Ji Dong bears every little bit is deepening. As Mage, when his magic power has achieved to break through the degree of bottleneck actually forcefully to be suppressed cannot break through, this originally is an extremely painful matter, the body of Ji Dong is freely tenacious, the body carrying capacity is average man hundred times, but after his five times were suppressed successively, his body somewhat could not withstand.

The meridians in Ji Dong position turned into gold/metal black dual- color, or his within the body all turned into these two colors. Because the blood excessively flooded in magic power in within the body nearly coagulated, the color of blood became and magic power is exactly the same. Changes 10 people in this sentiment, got down early died. Also only then Ji Dong this has the Yin-Yang blending Yin-Yang Fish special capability, to insist. At this time he can only the passive unceasing absorption outside spread to the energy in within the body, has not actually been able to stimulate to movement these Fire Element to revolve.

If this way, did not break through, then, his final result can only die by the bulge.

The skin of Ji Dong is glittering unceasingly the metallic luster, the Vermilion Bird change was already squeezed by huge magic power, in the skin surface, the golden color and black sparkled alternately, even can see that under the skin that ruthlessly haunched meridians were shivering slightly.

Before him, becomes by the dragon egg ray that both hands held down more intense, each demon mark was sparkling the dazzling brilliance, and on the change of ray along with Ji Dong similarly was also having the attribute change.

The feeling that also in this case, Ji Dong sixth time soon will break through appeared.

This time hasn't been able to break through? The Ji Dong thought also became because in within the body magic power solidification slow, what he can affirm, if this time was unable to break through, perhaps really must be supported.

The magic power fierce inflation that along with the emergence of breakthrough feeling, Ji Dong within the body infinite compressed, every time surges, will make his body shiver. However, when Ji Dong thinks this time can break through, that limited he five times familiar magic power to appear once again. Suppression forcefully, sixth time destroys his feeling of this breakthrough forcefully.

Even but if in such a case, in the Ji Dong heart actually as before is not happily not sad, because he deeply believed, Lie Yan (raging flames) is impossible to harm itself, since she decides such to do, certainly has her truth. Also at this time, mild from the Ji Dong top of the head quietly, in Chaos Fire with his chest links.

Chapter 187: Lie Yan (raging flames) colleague

In regards with rapt attention, Ji Dong can presently, the mildness that then must pour into from oneself is white air current, after it just entered within the body, the Ji Dong within the body inflation wants the feeling of crack to slow down immediately, in the chest the Chaos Fire instantaneous ascension, a originally three cuns (2.5 cm) high flame raises to half foot unexpectedly directly, pours into the white air current in within the body to merge into one organic whole with that.

At present a piece white, Ji Dong only thought own mind deep place seemed beaten open anything to resemble, seemed like bombed by Certain Kill Skill, huge thundering resounded in mind each, the soul as if was also stripped in this moment.

Terrifying magic power from the sky ascends, Ji Dong cannot see outside world, does not know that this time appearance, at this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) above his top of the head, the whole person standing upside down baseless conjecture above the midair, a hand according to the Ji Dong top of the head, is connecting two people.

Lie Yan (raging flames) fiery-red vanished, turned into the pure and mild pure white completely, whole body is burning this pure white mild sacred flame, but pours into to white air current also it of Ji Dong within the body.

A layer upon layer white halo downward passes from the Ji Dong top of the head, covers his entire body completely, five elements Yin-Yang this time is shivering fiercely, layer upon layer intense golden light and black light pours into to Ji Dong within the body crazily. Outside magma lake surges fiercely, brings to have dozens zhang (3.33 m) high magma in this earth core world fully, even made the entire earth core world in fierce shivering.

Unnecessary white, flows out from the Ji Dong palm, pours into to that dragon egg in again.

Bang, bang, bang and bang, Rank 10 bright Yang Fire crystal extremely, Rank 10 bright Yin Fire crystal core, Rank 10 dark Yang Fire crystal core, Rank 10 dark Yin Fire crystal core.

These four crystal core from four formidable Fire department magic beast completely is unexpectedly stave in this moment, changes into rushes the magic power instantaneous circulation, completely crazy floods into Ji Dong within the body.

In front of the Ji Dong skin table is fluctuating fiercely, Red Lotus does not know when raises from his body, held his body, the gentle white halo lowers from him, after moving this Red Lotus, rises again, endlessly is duplicating this process.

Ji Dong only thought that the energy in within the body that solid started to melt under this white function.

Clearly, that guides oneself magic power core Chaos Fire, naturally is also Chaos Fire, belongs to Lie Yan (raging flames) Chaos Fire, but, this time Chaos Fire actually before him the difference of knowing.

In the understanding of Ji Dong, Chaos Fire can swallow other energies the flame, existence of this terrifying happens, can sweep clear the surrounding all magic power elements.

However, this time Chaos Fire appears, has not actually had such situation. After his within the body these solid state Fire Element contact Chaos Fire, was compressed hard main body to soften in slight shivering the extremely gradually, but his meridians, bone lou and internal organs, presented this light mild white. This white is quietly just the surrounding solid state energy slowly swallows, these nearly made the Ji Dong body start the process of fusion for the huge energy of it expansion crack with his body each unexpectedly.

If the energy in jade of last day, is completely well distributed Ji Dong Two Great Sovereign Kings pinnacle magic power, this Lie Yan (raging flames) does, soaks the advantage as well as Third Fire that Divine Beast Vermilion Bird at first Ji Dong dragon blood gains, Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng snake the transformation to the Ji Dong body melts is a furnace.

Vermilion Bird changes, Teng Shebian, at this time has shown completely, and constantly is changing, the Ji Dong skin surface, presents the bright golden red, but the meridians and skeleton in within the body present for the profound black. Vermilion Bird changes outside, snake changes, Supreme Yang, Supreme Yin, at this time actually in Ji Dong has connected the white in brains to mix under fire of regulation big wave to carry on the strange change from the chest.

The Ji Dong innermost soul as if opened a leaf of front door, when he enters this leaf of front door, surprised seeing, oneself arrived at a white world, but in this world, is standing that familiar form.

Lie Yan (raging flames) as before is a red skirt, be with smile on the face, but in her look is actually revealing the dignified color/look, vision brilliant is looking steadily at Ji Dong. Sees her, the Ji Dong clear feeling, at this moment, Lie Yan (raging flames) seems the central point of this white world. But in this world, oneself actually appears that tiny.

The ray flashes, the next moment, Ji Dong arrived in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), is gazing at him, Lie Yan (raging flames) solemnly said: "Ji Dong, you must remember I receive each character, this to you very important two"

Ji Dong hurries to nod, although he does not know on oneself lived any matter, but can also imagine that this time change will have the tremendous influence to oneself. Hurry with rapt attention to right, calmly listens respectfully. "When the world first took shape, has world to form. The chaos change into the Yin-Yang, Yang Qi rise, is the day, Yin Qi sinks, is the place. Yin- Yang blending, world co-prosperity, has five elements. The chaos are this all sources. But forms that moment in five elements, the chaos also thus is divided into five types, is wood of Chaos Fire and chaos, the the earth, chaos gold/metal and chaos water of chaos. This five types chaos, simultaneously have the Yin-Yang two air/Qi. Is existence of most source. Their chaos are the same, but displays through the different five elements attributes. Chaos Fire that your I have, is the source of myriad fires. Also is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire true source."

"But, wants to transfer the chaos, is actually not the simple thought can achieve. The chaos take the source, its characteristics only have one, that is, creation."

Hears here, Ji Dong heart suddenly shock "creation?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) nods ", creates. When the world first took shape, the Yin-Yang separation, five elements appears, ten thousand object spaces live. Therefore, the significance of chaos representative, only then creates. But is not the destruction. You must remember this point frequently, otherwise, you forever are unable to use the chaos strength. You know why your human is having such good perception, such intelligent intelligent and formidable talent? Why can magic beast cultivation the ability that a lot of years can have actually only to take dozens years to you?"

In the Ji Dong heart moves, could it be also because of chaos?

Lie Yan (raging flames) shakes the head, said: "No , because creates. Your human is having with the creativity that the chaos coincide, therefore, you have the talent that the world ten-day period myriad things admire. The source of human creativity, is the soul. Therefore, in all living thing, mixes Tao's existence close, is the soul of human."

Ji Dong is gazing at Lie Yan (raging flames), the quick absorption, digests each character that she was saying, he knows certainly these that at this time Lie Yan (raging flames) said to oneself important. Does not dare to have cow careless. Lie Yan (raging flames) continued: "Because the essence of soul and chaos of human is the same, therefore. Chaos Fire that your I have, can call the fire of soul. Un must transfer Chaos Fire truly, you, must be able to transfer the strength of your soul first."

Ji Dong said: "How can the strength of that soul transfer?"

Lin Yan said: "Actually, you have achieved. How the soul cultivates, nobody knows. Only the talent can decide a soul of person to be able formidable to any degree. Your talent is actually poor. However, you have rigid that the average man does not have. From you, I tried to find out the method of soul cultivation indistinctly. However, this method actually only suits you alone."

, Is rigid? " Ji Dong has saying that has clearly become aware.

Lie Yan nodded, affirmative say/way: "Is rigid. Regardless of facing any matter, so long as you want, you can make oneself rigid immersion, whenever you face difficultly, rigid when insists, your soul received the baptism and exercise. From initial cultivation magic power, to afterward breaking through fetter, had Yin-Yang two fires, when as well as snake taught your skill test, with all that you afterward experienced. Constantly is not exercising your soul. On Holy and Evil Island, when you face the life and death crisis truly, finally has stirred up the mystery of soul, otherwise, you think that is relying on the jade of day merely that chaos, can make you fuse Pinnacle Two Fires completely? Also starting from that moment, you also had the ability of fire of cultivation soul. You must your continues rigid, the fire of your soul unceasingly will become formidable. Now, I with my Chaos Fire as the guidance, am merging into one organic whole with your own soul your Chaos Fire, effectively forms the fire of soul. So long as from now henceforth, the fire of this soul still exists, even if your ** was destroyed, your thought will not vanish. But all your abilities, revolves the fire of soul to evolve two, when some day you can transform the fire of soul as the genuine flame appear in grasping, you had broke through the Yin-Yang Crown Nine-Crown opportunity. Ji Dong, a fire of also another name soul, is called: The foundation of god." The Ji Dong heart shakes "Lie Yan (raging flames) crazily, you said that if cultivates the fire of soul. Has into the possibility of god? Can you tell me, what is god? Really bright existence?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) very affirmative say/way: "God is existence, flaunts realm. After you achieve realm of god, to having in that realm community. In our world, has not created existence of world god, only then world creation god, but does not have the god to create the world. Even if the god,"type will be killed. Just, they have the ability that the average man is unable to imagine.

If you want, can call the person them, another realm person. "

Ji Dong said suddenly: "So that's how it is, god eventually also person."

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye reveals a condition different brilliance "in some sense, is this. Connects the soul and Chaos Fire, is a long process, in this process, you must feel with your rigid its change every point. When this process is completed, is you make the moment of breakthrough. Starting from that time, you also truly had the foundation of god, the strength of powerhouse. For you yourself, after to arrive at world, protects me, do not continue rigid your. Can you achieve?"

Ji Dong firm nod "I can, I certainly achieve."

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "Good, attentive feels. I believe, you can certainly achieve this point."

In the white world, the white ascends, the surrounding all start become fuzzy, Ji Dong front Lie Yan (raging flames) changes into the similar white to vanish quietly.

The innermost soul, the thought spreads, the consciousness of Ji Dong fully restores to the body, white flame, only then the silk is thick or thin, is actually connecting the Mage most important soul and magic power source.

Had narration and reminder of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to waste the time, the centralized spirit, all includes completely in own mind, was realizing carefully at this moment body changes every point.

A layer upon layer weak white light gradually from that only then in silk thick or thin Chaos Fire disperses, disperses to each part of body. magic power of Ji Dong within the body meets this white, quietly is integrating. But this white, in slowly is expanding.

The thought immerses, Ji Dong can do at this moment, is completely all diligently realizes change in this chaos, the fluctuation that after feels oneself soul and Chaos Fire connect, has.

That type felt that he was indescribable, but thought that in that Chaos Fire, is dispersing is creating all aura, but it creates, is this time Ji Dong main body. The Ji Dong whole person, from the internal organs and brain of technique heart, arrives at the marrow and meridians again, the muscle and skin, each as if remelts the recast at the process the process. The white light place visited, is carrying on the slight change. Since many years the accumulation that he cultivates, quietly integrates in the white light in this moment, what is most unusual, coal dual-color Yin-Yang Fish of Ji Dong chest place, transformed into with his previous generation primal chaos chart exactly the same black and white dual-color. During revolving, is dispersing the mysterious brilliance quietly.

Consciousness gradually immersion in, when his routine rigid leads into own thought to Chaos Fire in the understanding, the time of outside was flying to pass.

Yin-Yang Mage, cultivates fifth layer, is breaks through Fifth Crown the time, the body will have the change of essence, is different from the bottleneck breakthrough of Sixth Crown. So long as almost broke through Four-Crown Mage, after the assiduous cultivation, can be the Fifth Crown degree.

Because Fifth Crown is an accumulation, since regarding the accumulation of element, after many years of cultivation, to the experience and feeling of outside element, as well as the cultivation in within the body magic power, the body of Mage will have the essential improvement. Once breaks through Fifth Crown, the body will produce the resonance with the element, forms element body.

This so-called element body, did not certainly say, the body and magic power element of Mage are exactly the same, but described Mage oneself in one realm of element resonance. But Ji Dong this time change, is actually in the true sense a element body forming process.

Chapter 188: The woods of life

Extinguishes the god to strike each promotion single layer. The striking power will enhance one time. If practiced the single layer to extinguish the god to strike, then, when attacked the match, extinguished the god to strike to contact the strength that the opposite party body burst out, after completely magic power condensed one time. Initially reason that Ji Dong felt that this skill weak also because of so, because of his any magic skill, had almost such effect, say nothing of colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, even was Sun and Moon Yin-Yang these formidable Certain Kill Skill. These skills are not a problem oneself magic power instantaneous explosive force promotion several times. Extinguishes the god to strike promotes one time, at all is not anything. Most is also and Standard Skill Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw these flush.

However, after Lie Yan (raging flames) is the Ji Dong simple analysis, he really understands that this extinguishes the significance that the god strikes, although extinguishes the god to strike the cultivation and displays to have the extremely harsh condition, the single layer extinguishes the god to strike is not anything, what is important, according to extinguishing the god strikes the record, extinguishes the god to strike regarding the consumption of magic power is small, a round receives, if utilizes appropriately, can mix in any skill uses. In other words, if uses other skills to attack the match. Presently after part of attacks are completed, the hand of Ji Dong can contact the match body, the latter part of extinguishing gods of strike to burst out the might.

It seems like magic power promotes one time under the amplification, but, Lie Yan (raging flames) a few words reminded Ji Dong, one time of this amplification is not the promotion on magic skill of Ji Dong release, but is the promotion, in magic power injects in the match body later explosive force. Bursting out from inside to outside.

Let alone, extinguishes the god to strike along with the promotion, the might continually will also rise, when it promotes to tertiary, can be equal to the ordinary Certain Kill Skill might, if can promote to sixth heavily, sufficiently compared with Ultra Certain Kill Skill. If Ultra Certain Kill Skill explodes in enemy within the body directly, whom like this attacks to be able unable to withstand? Therefore, with the support of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong has decided to start to cultivate this skill. Is relying on the fire of comprehension soul, own psychic force how much multiple promotion, to the magic power formidable controlling force, in a short time, Ji Dong can be completed to extinguish the single layer that the god strikes. But wants to cultivate double, that in one single day cannot achieve. Extinguishes cultivation difficulty that the god strikes like its effect, is the overlay on.

Looks at the Ji Dong thinking the appearance, Lin Yan said: "For a while, you just had not ended shortly after four years of cultivation eagerly, should relax."

Ji Dong nodded. "Lie Yan (raging flames), Eastern Wood Empire to travel to be famous, our trip go to Central Earth Empire, worships my parents. I looked at the map, then, we must pass through the woods of life, I listened to Senior Brother Fu Rui saying that in Eastern Wood Empire the woods of life, was living a special tribal group, they were called the woods monster, was existence between a person and magic beast, has the contour of person, the green skin, only lived in Eastern Wood Empire the woods of life. The Senior Brother said that one named the good wine of origin of life the woods monster ferments is good. Since we must pass by the woods of life, might as well have a look."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "Good! That has a look.
Woods of distance here is also life far?"

Ji Dong took out map to look from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, said: "Was not far, crosses about 50 miles again, can enter the woods of life category. The woods of life, are the continent third largest forest, is floristic component most forests. What strange is. Here magic beast quantity is instead scarce. Various very suitable small and weak biological housings, therefore in this forest has been full of the vitality of rushing. Is mysterious. However, I listened to the Senior Brother saying that origin of life good wine that the woods monster fermented, was quite precious, did not have the city valuably, a small bottle must sell to over ten thousand gold coins, effect that it is said also prolonged the life. Does not know that our times can taste fortunately. My money is not a lot, crystal core that but some brings from Holy and Evil Battlefield, can look receive in exchange for some."

Lin Yan said: "Does not need to demand, feels some life aura to be also good. The five elements wood lights a fire, in the forest, our fire attribute profits is next to wood attribute. Are many walks in the forest, intends to cultivation base, particularly this fill vitality big forest."

In Ji Dong heart secretly thought, so long as can with you in the same place, where regardless of goes to me to want. Lie Yan (raging flames) makes him shake hand, regarding Ji Dong is enormous was pleasantly surprised, he not too many expectations, but the hope can see her every day, for her drink mixing, strolls with her, in his heart sufficiently satisfies. Their waists are silver chain, is Ji Dong spends the high price to purchase in the previous small town, is builds with the deep sea sinking silver, is very firm, Lie Yan (raging flames) cannot use any ability in the world, he uses the silver chain and Lie Yan (raging flames) to be in the same place, in the event of danger. Can the earliest possible time react to protect Lie Yan (raging flames). Naturally, regarding present Ji Dong, this is just provides for a rainy day, by his current strength, even if meets the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master rank Mage, has strength of the spelling fully.

They were speaking, suddenly, they simultaneously felt that the ground in the slight vibration, on the broad major road, the bustling stream of people as if was also feeling this vibration, among vacant looking at each other, did not know what's the matter.

The vibration becomes is gradually getting more and more intense, gradually transforms by the vibration as intense thundering, without a doubt, is having the large military forces to approach toward here. Some Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong make anything becomes especially careful, hurries to draw Lie Yan (raging flames) to arrive at the roadside, the personal appearance slightly side, keeps off in front of her. These petty actions are Ji Dong are very natural to do, Lie Yan (raging flames) stands in him behind, freely the Ji Dong strength and she compares the different, may at this moment, look at front generous shoulder. In her heart actually unconscious production a safe and warm feeling.

Is this dependence of human? Lie Yan (raging flames) asked itself in the heart secretly, looks at the Ji Dong that more and more tall and straight physique, her hid the vision after veil somewhat is blurred. Although Ji Dong never has the behavior of any more moment to her, whenever she drinks the liquor that he is modulating, when looks at his scalding hot vision, Lie Yan (raging flames) thought that own heart seems melting. Good wine of Ji Dong mixture is similar strange magic power, this magic power, influencing subtly is changing her originally not to have the heart of ripples.

Rumble in bellow, distant can see the mist and dust that blots out the sky comes in waves, is rapidly close toward here, looks at that thick dust. Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, right hand, light golden light and Lie Yan (raging flames) covers in.

The golden light is not intense, under sunlight shines, if carefully did not look, is unable to distinguish as before, but this golden light is actually condenses by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, let alone is the dust of flying upwards, even if the advantage arrow moves, will melt rapidly.

Quick, that large military force flushed, the Ji Dong eyesight is keen, his clear seeing, this line at least about 2000 people, are riding the big tall horse, racing Hang in forefront over a hundred ride unexpectedly is Mage, particularly forefront several people, the strength will even make him also feel to be startled.

These people put on the armor, the Mages armor is all kinds , the attire is not neat, obviously is not the army, but the cross under steed gallops, is actually uniform, obviously after strict training. The team has not arrived, air/Qi of strong withering has headed on. They are only same, is on everyone right arm, has a shoulder patch. The shoulder patch above golden light twinkle, is embroidering a golden eagle, does to spread the wings the hovering shape, other shoulder patch positions, is the lines of white and blue intersection.

2000 warhorses rush to the line the imposing manner is extremely astonishing, in an instant, has howled from Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) front, the windblown dust disperses, by belt Huang Mengmeng's a piece major road.

However, the pedestrian who these pass by the road does not have one to dare to voice the complaint, even does not dare to raise the head looks. Until that more than 2000 people of team broke through, some people in a low voice scolded several.

The mist and dust diverges, on the Ji Dong pale golden ray also along with it divergence, after comprehending the mystery of fire of soul, he to oneself flame magic power control can be said as wonderful as the summit, during dust cannot enter formerly Yang Fire light to cover.

In the eye reveals the doubts ray, Ji Dong said: "Who these do not know are, dares so rampantly, to reach 2000 people unexpectedly, moreover also over a hundred Mage, the quantity of soldier to is not anything, but these more than hundred Mage sufficiently were actually equal to a complete Mage sum total of main city. Moreover resembled several also to surpass the strength of Six-Crown rank. Strength of Eastern Wood Empire in Five Great Empires is quite small and weak one, can see such big influence on the major road unexpectedly casually."

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not opened the mouth, matter that Ji Dong does not know, she many years had not taken a walk in the outside world, how also possibly to know.

"Golden eagle business association more and more does not make sense, depended the asylum of Tianlu crown prince, at all not our common people, when the person looked, such on a grand scale dashed about wildly on the major road, what to do kills the person?" In Ji Dong has doubts, his keen sense of hearing catches not far away one to walk on the road the complaint of middle-aged person. Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong is walking up, "this uncle, hello. I listened to you to say a moment ago, golden eagle business association what, what's the matter?"

As soon as the middle-aged person listens to Ji Dong to inquire, on the face reveals to be vigilant the color/look immediately, "any golden eagle business association, I have not said. I must hurry along."Was saying must walk.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill turns, in palm were many a gold coin, "uncle, I do not have other meaning, but wants to know that is who unexpectedly so to be actually rampant, unexpectedly flagrant speeds along in the major road, seems is also not the official soldier."

Although money is not multipurpose, but has the extremely good function most times, the middle-aged person received the gold coin, the complexion immediately became attractive, had a look at the surroundings, did not have what passer-by to note here, this lowered the sound saying: "Golden eagle business association may be extraordinary! Looks at your appearances, is not our Eastern Wood Empire person. In our Eastern Wood Empire, golden eagle business association was the biggest business association, the backstage is now your majesty blood younger brother, Tianlu crown prince. Was taking advantage of the asylum of Tianlu crown prince, has not made little seething discontent among the people the matter. They do the business of aristocrat specially, will bully our these common people, this time dispatches these many people, is not protects any cargo likely, definitely does not have the good deed. These bastards are more fearful than the bandit, take by force and deceit, did not have the place to reason things out. This world, seems the peace, but the days of our common people were actually more and more sad."

The aristocrats, hear these two characters, Ji Dong on subconscious frowning, he also clear remembering, how initially cloud Tianji was persecuted by the aristocrat now. If not meet itself, perhaps early changed into one pile of skeletons. It seems like that this phenomenon, not only appears in a country, but is the phenomenon that each empire has. Said goodbye to that middle-aged person, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) continued, although was very discontented with the social phenomenon, but Ji Dong had the Lie Yan (raging flames) companion at this time, has not thought anything.

The road always has the end, is enjoying with Lie Yan (raging flames) in together quiet, after two double-hour, before they arrived at stretch of a big forest of length and breadth.

The major road bypasses from the forest, but the present green, actually gives people a feeling of shock, that is the extremely bright green, has filled the green of rushing vitality, even if has not entered in the woods, the life aura of heading on also made Ji Dong unable to bear breath in gulps. Just as such that Lie Yan (raging flames) said that in the forest, fire attribute Mage also similarly can obtain the enormous advantage.

However, the brow of Ji Dong wrinkled quickly, because he sees, in side not far away, there are massive flatters to tie up on the trees of forest surrounding, the also about hundred people safeguard there, looks from the shoulder patches of these people, is the person of golden eagle business association. Moreover a forest surrounding ground piece in confusion, the vegetation steps on the eye, obviously has the large military forces to enter. Is the person goal of golden eagle business association the woods of life? Do their these many people go to do to the forest in?

Lie Yan (raging flames) naturally sees the doubts in Ji Dong eye, shows a faint smile, said: "We went to have a look to understand."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "Ok, we walk major road."He is always not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble, although the golden eagle business association experts are many, but has not placed in his eyes, but, his side is bringing Lie Yan (raging flames) now, to protect Lie Yan (raging flames), he rather gives up oneself curiosity.

Lie Yan (raging flames) holds on the hand of Ji Dong, stands in same place has not moved, "Little Ji Dong, if made you lose the conscience because of my reason, that was not I desired. Although I cannot use magic power, is not frail. Since travels, naturally must come across all kinds of matters, these are your experience. Walks."

Saying, Lie Yan (raging flames) was holding the hand of Ji Dong, walked toward the woods of life.

At this moment, a unharmonious sound conveys from side, "halts, the golden eagle business association management, the miscellaneous personnel draws back the powder." More than ten are leading robust man stride racing Hang of golden eagle business association shoulder patch, but, has blocked Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) way. Although on them does not have magic power to fluctuate, but seems is also the appearance of one by one devils.

Ahead of time renews, the additional fine congress, welcome everybody to participate.

Chapter 189: Yin Fire extinguishes the god to strike

Ji Dong comes to a stop motionless, he naturally cannot haggle over with these unimportant people. Mage is not, most is only some stature vigorous and healthy average people. While he prepares releases own Yin-Yang Crown to retreat in fear these people the time, before that unharmonious sound resounded once more.

What speech is these robust men is the person of head, seems about 40 - year-old appearances, the figure is not tall, but is very vigorous and healthy, pair of small eyes falls on Lie Yan (raging flames) directly, high and low is sizing up, although Lie Yan (raging flames) has not revealed flesh, but her makings can it be that cotton garment can cover completely, perfect stature, also that rush of blood to the head red big * wave long hair, directs the person daydream, has been full of the mysterious attraction. Pays attention slightly, can give people the shocking feeling.

"This little girl is good! Come! The brothers, enclose to me. These two fellows of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth dare to offend our golden eagle business association, first took said again."

The cloudy evil light in this fellow eyes is individual can look, the people of his these golden eagle business associations have encircled immediately, harboring evil intentions looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), sinister smile as if by prior agreement gets up, obviously. Such matter they were not first time do.

The dragon invites the wrath of the emperor, then touching the wind, the tyrant also similarly invites the wrath of the emperor, that is the goddess in his heart. Even if blasphemed with the vision, Ji Dong did not permit.

Silver chain that the deep sea sinking silver builds moves for one week around the Lie Yan (raging flames) slender willow waist, the body of Ji Dong is centered on Lie Yan (raging flames) floating revolves for one week, the people of that more than ten golden eagle business associations only thought that at present a flower, the next moment, their bodies coagulated there, forever is unable to move again.

Matter that Ji Dong does is simple, he gently has pressed in their top of the head. These robust man surfaces look, sends without the wound, but the next moment, the strange picture appeared. Since their seven orifices, braves continuously the azure smoke.

Yin Fire extinguishes the god to strike. This is Ji Dong first time displays to extinguish the god to strike, the people of these golden eagle business associations for their hearts in cloudy has paid the price filthily. After Yin Fire injects into within the body, bursts out instantaneously, the surface seems they, although sends without the wound, may in fact, their brains be reduced to ashes completely, regarding these average people, Ji Dong use is also only Fourth Fire.

Returns side Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong has a look at own palm, first time displays to extinguish the god to strike, in his heart also has the strange feeling. When he condenses Fourth Fire in oneself palm, when light racket the heads of these people, that condensation slightly stays on each of them in 1 : 00 Fourth Fire, but the next moment. Actually after likely was the sharp needle generally ruthlessly pricked their mind deep place, erupted again.

To extinguish the title of god worthily, magic power that bursts out in within the body is entirely different from the skill that bursts out in outside the body, Ji Dong clear feeling, so long as the enemy extinguished god strikes the hit, has the non- wound aspect. It seems like simple, the weak skill, displays truly, can feel overbearing. This also merely extinguishes the single layer that the god strikes.

"We walk."Lie Yan (raging flames) gentle saying. Ji Dong nods, wields conveniently, the class sweeps across all at once, stands the corpse volume to fly the surroundings, at the same time, he points at even/including Dan, more than ten are similar to the scale golden light flew by far. After they walk into the woods, outside transmits the Fire Element eruption that thunders and rushes intermittently.

Ji Dong regarding the control of magic power just right, dragon Linshan under his control desirably, not only prevents the pursuit of these average people, made the horses loss of golden eagle business association serious sufficiently.

Enters the woods of life, the temperature drops obviously, in the forest the moist and fresh air gladdens the heart, life aura of rushing unceasingly from all directions racing wells up, but.

Just, Ji Dong lost at this time has appreciated these thoughts. "Lie Yan (raging flames), the woods of life are the woods monster domain. Here not formidable magic beast, although is rich in some fruits and unusual plants, but is most precious, origin of life that the woods monster can ferment, if I have not guessed that wrong, the goal of that golden eagle business association, perhaps was also woods monster the origin of life. Since we came, a bit faster has a look."

Lie Yan (raging flames) tucks in the veil, reveals her peerless tender face, shows a faint smile to Ji Dong, "world, you is a landlord, I naturally listen to you to arrange."

Ji Dong somewhat infatuated looked at a Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance, hurries not to go excessively, does not know that is the reason that because the strength promotes gradually, Lie Yan (raging flames) for him, the feeling of that keeping aloof gradually is vanishing now, his self- control is also getting more and more bad, does not dare to look at Lie Yan (raging flames), is feared own cannot bear, makes anything to blaspheme the matter of Lie Yan (raging flames). After Ji Dong this self-torture, sobers, already secretly decided, after the war of second Holy and Evil when attend ended, if the strength can further be increased, again to Lie Yan (raging flames) expression love. He also knows, oneself this is evading, may not have any means. Because he feared that lost Lie Yan (raging flames).

Holds up the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong jumps. Own magic power picks up itself under his ingenious utilization and Lie Yan (raging flames) body soars in the forest, goes toward the woods of interior life.

Judges from the time, arrives at the previous more than double-hour in them, the people of golden eagle business association should enter to the forest, needing the quick point catch up, has the possibility that prevents these people to do evil.

The gold and black two-color flame takes shape above the Ji Dong shoulders gradually, two flame people quietly appear, is the Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body. With initially in the difference on Holy and Evil Island condensing, at this time Ji Dong condensed once more, these two flame people seemed had seven points of similar to human, not only the hand and foot was complete, but also also and Ji Dong similar look. The whole body flame surrounds, seems looks like five and six -year-old children, peaceful sitting above the Ji Dong shoulders.

As soon as they appear, behind each one also presents one condensation law immediately, Fire Element in woods of life integrated fast, is moistening their main body.

The double Fire Element body summoned, these two skill most major characteristics may evolve. Along with the displaying strength evolution, in the meantime, they are longer in the time that the outside has, more high that the strength can also promote. Lie Yan (raging flames) has told Ji Dong, if this pair of Fire Element body evolves the pinnacle, that. They will reappear the Two Great Sovereign Kings elegant demeanor. Obviously this skill was mysterious.

Reason that Ji Dong does not have to release them in own side , because this skill also has the disease to exist. First a point, if he is releasing two element bodies, these two element bodies unceasingly will absorb surrounding Fire Element, if he in the cultivation, be usually slower than on many, majority of Fire Element will be divided by these two element bodies. Moreover, these two element bodies cannot carry on any form to transmit, this also caused him not possibly to train them using earth core lake rich Fire Element. Therefore, is fighting. In the long-term fight, Ji Dong will release them, uses them to attack or is the reconnaissance.

Ji Dong this launches the personal appearance, speed immediately becomes wonderful quick incomparable, in his both eyes, reveals a sparkling stone white brilliance, as if has plated an unusual brightness on the black eye pupil likely, if some people can be capable of investigating using the strength of soul at this time, can see, a faint trace white halo sends out from the Ji Dong double pupil, spreads the front, in 500 meters, the bright way has not mapped completely in his mind. Therefore, in this forest, although the terrain is complex, the speed that but he leads the way actually does not reduce, does not need to distinguish anything, can find the best advance way rapid vanguard, is bringing Lie Yan (raging flames) just like together the flowing light, breaks in the woods of deep place life.

What is most unusual, this time Ji Dong, has not released own Yin-Yang Crown as before, as if sends out some foundation magic power, promoted this degree own speed.

About about half double-hour, two people penetrated into the woods of life , the huge psychic force that after Ji Dong relies on to be controlling the fire of soul, has, throughout follows the people of these golden eagle business associations to leave behind the trace vanguard, did not fear that finds fault the direction.

"Has the bloody taste."Ji Dong is bringing Lie Yan (raging flames), stopped, stands on a sturdy branch, nose moves slightly, knit the brows.

His six senses originally many that the average person is keener , after cultivating into Yin-Yang Mage, this characteristics naturally also become stronger. Perhaps is because his previous generation once painstakingly studied diligently the relations of drink mixing, in his six senses, strongest two are the sense of smell and sense of taste, although the bloody aura in air is not rich, but in his sense of smell. Different with the delicate fragrance of surrounding plant, has identified very much easily.

"It seems like, your judgment is correct."Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly sighed, "conflicts of interest between your human, solid compared with earth core world intense many."

Ji Dong gets hold of the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), "we have a look."Launches the personal appearance once more, this time he has not used the trace that distinguishes the golden eagle business association to leave, but follows the direction that the bloody aura transmits to jump to go.

About after several minutes, Ji Dong saw the first corpse, that is a green corpse, seems with the human at least seven and eight points of similarities, but actually be thinner and smaller than human, the four limbs proportion is longer, above the head is somewhat sharp, does not have the hair, dark-red blood incarnadine surrounding piece, in the entire chests and bellies has a giant hole, the internal organs bursts, dead shape strange Can.

"Is this woods monster?"Lie Yan (raging flames) tone slightly somewhat ice-cold. Although on her face is covered with veil, but Ji Dong can actually feel that Lie Yan (raging flames) is knitting the brows.

Before what Ji Dong killed the person uses of these golden eagle business associations was Yin Fire, was because he does not want to make Lie Yan (raging flames) see bloody, but this time was sees inevitably.

The Saint Fire Element body erupts one group of flame, is reduced to ashes that corpse, two people continue.

That then they see, can describe with shocking, this originally fills with the life aura in the big forest, more and more corpse and strong bloody taste one by one presents. Overwhelming majorities that dying are that skin are the blue-green woods monsters, some of them were killed by the sharp blade, some were killed by the obvious five elements magic skill bang, in an instant, more than hundred corpses presented in the place that Ji Dong they passed by. Lie Yan (raging flames) sighed, "anybody cannot take a tribal group life the authority. Ji Dong , helping them."

At this time in the Ji Dong heart was already burning with anger, even if Lie Yan (raging flames) did not say, he can stand by? The present sad scene touched his wild heart, because of having Lie Yan (raging flames) is revealing the gentle color/look eye pupil in the side, destructive ice-cold was replaced again.

The sound that slaughters by far has conveyed, the pitiful yell sound is lingering on faintly, more is approaches this to slaughter the sound, the corpse in ground are also more, besides the corpse of woods monster, occasionally can also see one and two golden eagle business association corpses, they mostly were killed by the weapons of some wooden. But compared with quantity of woods monster death, was too few are too really few.

Finally, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) saw the battlefield of both sides, in the big forest of this cover, the fierce combat, five elements magic power in abundance glitters. At least over 5000 people are in this tangled warfare.

The quantity of woods monster is in the majority, the invasions of these thin and small tribal group correct use their crude weapon resister enemies, the enemy but who, they face was too formidable. Mages of golden eagle business association, almost every skill can kill at least one woods monster, this simply is unilateral slaughtering.

In woods monster , some powerhouses, they can use First Wood and Second Wood attribute magic skill, the stature also compared with on ordinary woods monster big some, but after all is also only few, facing golden eagle business association these cruel experts, they are retreating in defeat again and again, but every time withdraws one step, must leave behind dozens corpses.

"Tamm elder, are you besotted? For the origin of life, could it be doesn't the life of your clansman want? According to our investigations, in the woods of life, your woods monster quantity over 200,000, but, your tribe only then less than 5000 people, although is also the big tribe in woods monster state, but, if you continue besottedly, I did not mind that cleans from the woods of life you thoroughly. Let alone is you, even if all woods monsters here, is impossible to prevent us. We want the origin of life, does not want your lives."

A golden eagle business association side, is one is tall, seems near 50- year-old middle-aged person opens the mouth to say. This person wears the azure armor, whole body bursts out the dazzling azure light, grasps a handle lance, has not actually joined to the regiment. But his head Yang Crown actually fully showed its powerful strength. Entire Seven-Crown has the First Wood brand mark, unexpectedly is a Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse.

A business association can the Seven-Crown expert assume personal command, its strength, without a doubt. Especially this person cross under is also riding huge magic beast, that is a whole body is covered with the Jing wooden demon dragon of azure unicorn horn, one of the Asian Chinese people, looks at its appearance, is Rank 7 magic beast.

The Seven-Crown powerhouse is joined to Rank 7 magic beast, although such combination is insufficient able to move unhindered continent, but also have several the powerhouse. In this person of hand the lance of that azure glittering also similarly is not every.

The second chapter renews, is later small three to meet single open/start a chapter of garnering votes chapter, at the end of the month final several days, asked the monthly ticket crazily.

Chapter 190: The phoenix dragon dance snake changes

Besides Seven-Crown Heavenly Master Lu Carl. also ten Mage have not begun throughout, the one by one bearing sinks to congeal, these 11 people, are the golden eagle business association genuine powerhouses.

A woods monster side, is one is slight, two meters high, on the face full is the folding old woods monster glowers to these people fully, in the hand is numerous of three meters Azure Wood walking stick in the ground, "golden eagle business association, good golden eagle business association. Rwandan Carl, you kill we so numerous clansmen. You will receive a woods monster clan severest penalty. Although your Mage are many, but our woods monster clan also has hundreds of thousands of clansmen. When the big woods monster regiment arrives, when is you are buried."

Perhaps middle-aged person Lu Carl laughed, "Tamm, you died to wait till your big woods monster regiment, let alone they were impossible to catch up promptly, how even if they did catch up to be able? I must be able but actually they. Told you honestly, our times dare to come, has prepared complete. If your woods monster dares to our human retaliation, then, to wait for the total destruction to arrive. In the woods of this life. The good thing to be many, originally is not you can occupy, your this base and low low organism simply should not exist, since you are not willing to put out the origin of life, then, your woods monster is waiting for the extermination of the clan. When we have ruled the woods of life thoroughly, could it be also feared that can't enslave your clansmen to refine the origin of life?" "You......"Tamm elder are angry, but, in his look actually filled has been incapable with sorrowfully. Rwandan Carl said right, if they dare to retaliate, final result perhaps also only then exterminates the clan. Compared with human, woods monster was too small and weak. Several hundred thousand quantities, place in the woods of life to be certainly many, is, to outside world, has compared with human, were too few are too few. Let alone, woods monster, although has the contour of person, does not have the cultivation potential and perception that human has. Can cultivation the Mage woods monster, wants few pity compared with human, wants into the powerhouse is difficult. Even if the big woods monster regiment, most powerhouses in woods monster state, is about the average Three-Crown Mage strength. Does not have the powerhouse who can achieve the Six-Crown rank. Also can contend with human?

At this moment, exquisite as if came from the fairyland the interesting to listen to sound floating to transmit, even if above this chaotic battlefield, spreads to everyone ear as before, "any race. Has the authority that he survives, human, is other anything, does not have the qualifications to eliminate."

The ray twinkle, two forms drop from the clouds, is Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames).

The Lie Yan (raging flames) tone is very light, but her sound attracted an attention of golden eagle business association powerhouse, Lu Carl brows slightly wrinkled, this time leads the motion of golden eagle business association can be said as as powerful as a thunderbolt, keeps secret extremely. Fears to divulge a secret, causes the unnecessary trouble. Actually cannot think that some people dare to come to butt in horizontally.

However, when he sees the Ji Dong look, immediately is relaxed, Ji Dong seemed is too young. In his Lie Yan (raging flames), although covered the whole body clothes, but the beforehand female voice was she sends out obviously, heard the sound, will not be old. The inertia thought of Rwandan Carl told him, at present this man and a woman are Mage, was so young, possibly threatened their this to have 2000 people of teams fully? Rwandan Carl solemnly shouted: "Who are you? The golden eagle business association handles matters in this, everybody is human. Is accommodating, another day has thanks again. I am golden eagle business association vice-chairman Lu Carl."Although he in the heart judges Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) strength will not be strong, but dares also to prevent him in the mighty force, thinks has relied on, his goal is the origin of life, does not want to cause complications, therefore instead is polite to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). We hope that can send these two people.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Human? Are you also human? How I have not looked. So slaughters one peace-loving and strength small and weak race, is this human should do? In my eyes, you are throwing over the animal of person skin."

"Was boy, you bored exactly?"Rwandan Carl slight Mage cursed angrily.

Ji Dong lightly said: "You know quickly was who is bored exactly.

Since the Vermilion Bird bracelet place of golden flowing light from Ji Dong wrist/skill leaps, breaks in instantaneously airborne, the gold/metal black dual-color ray surges, six enchanting tail feathers from the sky ripple, the Huo'er height has been five meters, the pair of wings launches, the enchanting brilliance blots out the sky the proliferation, the surroundings filled immediately rushed, but rich Fire Element.

With the promotion of Ji Dong strength, Huo'er has also followed in the four years in his side cultivation, influencing subtly comes under the influence of Ji Dong body change, what is more unusual, lucky spirit heart to Huo'er, when the fire of Ji Dong comprehension soul, places an own soul in the Ji Dong soul, although it has not signed the genuine contract with Ji Dong, but had the true soul relation with Ji Dong. As the matter stands, at the same time that Ji Dong the fire of soul practices, Huo'er instantaneous evolution. At this time her the body size was similar to mother Vermilion Bird. But also along with coming under the influence of Pinnacle Two Fires deepens day after day, the disparity that her appearance and Vermilion Bird compare is also getting bigger and bigger.

Golden Fire Phoenix, the body is sending out the dark flame. This is mysterious one, Huo'er this appearance, immediately deters the audience. The fight also temporarily stopped.

Rwandan Carl as the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse, naturally has many research regarding magic beast, when but he sees Huo'er, stares. In his memory, at present Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird ten phase splitting shapes in this only magic beast and legend, but will Vermilion Bird have the Yin Fire aura? Actually is this what kind of magic beast? He really does not recognize.

However, regardless at present this similar Vermilion Bird magic beast is any attribute, after she appears, Lu Carl body Rank 7 magic beast Jing Mumo dragon Fenming under shivered, slowly withdraws backward one step. Only from this point, Lu Carl concluded, this only magic beast cultivation base will not be at present lower than Rank 7, moreover very possible is the Vermilion Bird close relative, quality extremely high formidable magic beast.

No wonder this man and a woman dare facing armies as before over, really has such taking advantage. At present this youngster seems likely cannot have the Six-Crown cultivation base powerhouse, why will have so tyrannical magic beast?

In Lu Carl , the decision of Ji Dong made him be startled once more.

Ji Dong has not directed Huo'er to launch attack, unties the waist deep sea sinking silver casting slowly the silver chain, said to Huo'er: "Huo'er, helping me protect Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Huo'er nodded. He and Ji Dong thorough earth core world, can not know that who Lie Yan (raging flames) is? The pair of wings opens, falls before the Lie Yan (raging flames) body, some flattering has rubbed rubbing with own phoenix coronet on Lie Yan (raging flames). Ji Dong holds up the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), "do not look, I do not hope their dirty blood pollute your eyes."

Lie Yan nodded, anything had not said that although the enemy are many, but looks on at this time Ji Dong reveals that imperceptibly, although thousands of people I toward bearing, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart secretly was happy for him, for four years. Perhaps the magic power promotion of Ji Dong is not many, not having the speed of before cultivating to be so quick, various abilities that but, through the fire of soul, had him since the four years achieve mastery through a comprehensive study completely, had embryonic form of one generation of powerhouses truly. Such Ji Dong, is absolutely terrifying.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has turned around, the direction of back to battlefield, nods to woods monster elder Tamm slightly, "here gives us. The elders, please recall the clansman, saves the sick and wounded."

Tamm elder somewhat scruple say/way: "But, you only have two people." If not the appearance of Huo'er takes to these woods monster enormous shocks, he will certainly think Lie Yan (raging flames) in dream of a fool.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "makes the fact show that all are quite good."

In the Lie Yan (raging flames) speeches, Ji Dong step by step walked, a layer upon layer strange white light spreads from him, on the skin of whole person, presented a shiny smooth white brilliance, looked like has worn a white clothing.

In Vermilion Bird that initially Vermilion Bird changed armor vanished, Teng Snake changed the depth change that brought about did not see, these two big change bodies, were already melted by Ji Dong is a furnace, in addition he once was washed the advantage that obtained by dragon blood, the white brilliance that at this time the body sent out, was called the phoenix dragon dance snake by Ji Dong changes. Indistinct, can see a dragon, a snake and a phoenix, three big Divine Beast light shadow wander in the white light that on Ji Dong sends out, the makings of his whole person have had the tremendous changes.

Black and white dual-color Yin-Yang Fish raises above the Ji Dong top of the head, changes into the black and white two air/Qi, condenses permanent ancient invariable unusual Yin-Yang Crown.

Compared with former Yin-Yang Crown, this Yin-Yang Crown was not left Heiyou is white, but was black and white dual-color each other fuses and pesters alternately is forming together. Nine-Crown is invariable, including Six-Crown to have the brand mark, but this brand mark, is the appearance that the strange black and white dual-color flame winding circles. Besides this Six-Crown brand mark, on Crown Ring. also half black and white dual-color star of glistening.

This Yin-Yang Crown, will not use any skill to have the change along with Ji Dong, its formation, is based on Ji Dong this institute magic power, transforms after Chaos Fire as the fire of soul lights.

Six-Crown, Level 61. Right, after four years of self-torture, when Ji Dong sobers from the self-torture, he has linked breaks two big bottlenecks, became Level 61 Mage. True Chaos Fire Level 61.

On the Ji Dong strange change, as well as the Six-Crown brand mark, making Lu Carl look become dignified, looks in the Ji Dong top of the head that black and white dual-color winding Yin-Yang Crown, he also frowned. By his strength, in Mage world is considered as absolutely on is No. 1 character, but never had actually heard has Ji Dong such strange Yin-Yang Crown to exist. Especially, this young people the aura that although magic power strength ratio on he, on the form fitting does not lend, made his heartbeat constantly speed up, indistinct, there is an ominous premonition to reverberate in Rwandan Carl heart.

"Courts death."Before angrily rebuked Ji Dong that high thin middle- aged person to jump, the scarlet red magic power ray bloomed, sends out the Third Fire unique brilliance, angrily roared to roar under his body resounds, in the ray sparkle, the Rank 6 magic beast flame crazy lion appeared in his crotch outrageously.

Qualification that this Mage truly some he clamored, Six-Crown Three Stars, was demonstrating his Level 66 magic power, added magic beast under upper body to serve as contrast again, magic power just showed that immediately made the surrounding air become scalding hot.

In order to prevent the big woods monster regiment in woods monster state, the people of golden eagle business association formerly did not have fully, a expert who Lu Carl leads has not gotten rid, perhaps otherwise really quelled at present this woods monster tribe.

"This boy is somewhat strange, rubs scolds, you are more careful."Rwandan Carl urged one.

The Third Fire Heavenly Scholar rubs scolds complied, the crotch flame crazy lion roars suddenly, directly soared Ji Dong to clash.

At this time, although Ji Dong has released own Yin-Yang Crown, but actually nobody can see him is any magic power attribute, his aura is completely reserved, only then the two flame element body indistinct command these people on shoulder knew his attribute is anything. Who sees the flame of black and white entanglement to take the Yin-Yang Crown brand mark? Therefore, no one is able to affirm that actually the Ji Dong ability is anything. This rubs scolds gets rid seems like rash, is actually Lu Carl incites in secret, Ji Dong ability doubtful Fire department, copes with him on according to Fire department, actually the nature is easy to see his ability is anything.

The golden eagle business association takes the Eastern Wood Empire first big business association, can it be that the generation of being easy. At 2000 people of quantities dares such flagrant breaking in woods monster state, naturally to have their fortes. Rwandan Carl takes the leader, naturally cannot begin easily, he must see clearly the Ji Dong ability first, then at one fell swoop strikes to kill it. Although the body of flame crazy lion was inferior that Giant Dragon is so huge, under the height also about five meters, catches up before suddenly, throws, almost moved sideways to arrive in front of Ji Dong.

Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar that named rubs scolds truly obeyed Lu Carl words, is very careful, he has not launched the attack to Ji Dong, but is condenses the flame great shield to keep off before the body at the same time, only under the flame great lion by body attacks Ji Dong.

The flame great lion seethes with excitement to the Ji Dong body slantingly place above, a giant claw brought the strong red flame to directly soar Ji Dong to pat, this was the most direct effective attack, there is a strength of flame great lion, there is an eruption of its Third Fire attribute, with the aid of potential of the throwing, the Rank 6 magic beast strength completely revealed.

Saw that flame great lion throws to oneself, Ji Dong has not made any many responses, saw that claw racket to oneself, he stops the advance the footsteps, the left hand lifts, hardly keeps off unexpectedly to the hand claw of flame great lion.

All people think that Ji Dong was insane, even if Lu Carl is also so. The flame great lion is Rank 6 magic beast, although cannot compare Six- Crown Mage, but compared with the magic beast strength and human, have the too big superiority. Even if Lu Carl, will not go to and flame great lion with the physical body puts together the strength, but, Ji Dong actually such did.

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