Jiu Shen Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171: Ultra must kill, thunder hot purgatory

Saw that thorn thunder Fire Dragon must by the five elements Yin-Yang thorough settlement, but at this time, bright Fifth Earth disciple Aofeng actually suddenly be received the strength, then drinks greatly, making all disciples kill the technique to move the attack by big wave to thorn thunder Fire Dragon. Sees this, the Ji Dong air/Qi results in both eyes torching.

How Ji Dong will unable to see the goal of Aofeng, if in the main battlefield the situation rubber, five elements Yin-Yang naturally in light of this will not be relieving as before, Aofeng they have the sufficient time to suppress thorn thunder Fire Dragon, until its thorough death, but, saw that in the main battlefield a Light Five Elements Continent side won, in the Aofeng heart has had the change immediately.

Everyone could see that this thorn thunder Fire Dragon brings the huge benefit surely, what he fears, after Thunder Emperor Fu Rui walks the enemy, poisonously comes back to rob. Although five elements Yin-Yang must win, but wants to destroy thorn thunder Fire Dragon thoroughly, but also requires period of not short time. He and others did not get up. His idea is very simple, after is remove five elements Yin-Yang, with strongest Certain Kill Skill shells this thorn thunder Fire Dragon, thus rapid strikes to kill it, after gaining the benefit, leaves here.

Because Ji Dong saw this point, cursed angrily makes noise, he cannot think, these bright heavenly stems disciples were unexpectedly mean and shameless to so the situation. Does not give a thought to own safety to protect compared with the scorpion with the cold rain, they are the pig dog were inferior simply. Do they also match to call the light?

"Up to can, you do?" The anger that the Yao Qianshu startled anger occurred simultaneously exclaimed.

Aofeng condenses magic power quickly, reply that while coldly: "could it be you planned that makes Thunder Emperor pick up a bargain? Quickly has not attacked with Certain Kill Skill. This thorn thunder Fire Dragon could not withstand two"

Aofeng voice Han, that has not rolled up there, the body suddenly has even lifted the head in shivering thorn thunder Fire Dragon, the bright disciples noticed that is its fills the blood-color eye pupil.

"Huo'er, comes back quickly."Ji Dong bellows to make noise.

Huo'er is quite smart, the body is relaying spatially, has not flown directly to Ji Dong, but displays Yang Fire hovering law rapidly, pinnacle Yang Fire jumps, goes toward the upper air rapid flight.

The pleasantness of Aofeng calculates good that the sign hits, but he had actually forgotten has the insect of centipede dead , but not the stiff view, had forgotten at the point of death backlashes these four characters. Let alone, this thorn thunder Fire Dragon distance dies far also.

Did not have a thorn sharp thorn, thorn thunder Fire Dragon actually to boil up more terrifying magic power, red purple, two strange rays released from its top of the head, dropped down in the under foot, his formerly unexpectedly from within the body is grown by the thorn sharp thorn that the five elements Yin-Yang extrusion melted. Each sharp thorn turned into the color of reddish purple adding together, jumps from within the body just like the magma common aura, its originally fierce body turned into reddish purple dual-color instantaneously, seems must strangely strange. Face upwards to roar, thorn thunder Fire Dragon as if must blow out own anger, the next moment, its body terrifying inflates, the innumerable say/way reddish purples occurred simultaneously, have filled destruction aura energy suddenly/violently to launch. The dark cloud in sky turned into reddish purple color, at this moment, thorn thunder Fire Dragon as if hid ten thousand thunder in upper air with that breaks into a jail melts for a body, the earth turned into the reddish purple color, in the basin range, all soils changed into the magma surges unexpectedly, reddish purple lightnings dropped from the clouds, the magma ebullition in ground raised, on this day and all air of ten-day period of place in fierce was shivering, the entangling shape of that terrifying made the world for tremble the ticket.

Fu Rui and thorn thunder Fire Dragon confronts why hadn't used the formidable skill to move the attack, could it be he does not want quickly to end this magic beast life? Of course not. Because he saw the great strength of this thorn thunder Fire Dragon eagerly has not begun. Waiting opportunity of being careful.

cultivation base Rank 7, the magic beast wisdom will have been getting higher and higher, although after this thorn thunder Fire Dragon is the variation, evolves, but its wisdom is not low. It has been waiting for the opportunity, has had the killer in hideaway, the preparation when is most appropriate uses.

The suppression of five elements Yin-Yang, making it display the opportunity of killer not to have, when knot of that terrifying suddenly remove, thorn thunder will Fire Dragon let up such opportunity? Its this continuously hidden, but not skill, even has skidded the auspicious pre- state. This impressively is Certain Kill Skill. Although most primary Certain Kill Skill, or said that was only stains the core to kill the technique the edge, but must kill three characters, can it be that white call? The name of this skill is called: Thunder hot purgatory. Thorn thunder Fire Dragon dual attribute level combination skill. Strongest attack that after burning vitality and within the body magic fused, blows out.

"It is not good, removes quickly."Aofeng just condensed own Certain Kill Skill, but actually could not attend to other at this time. Flying general Certain Kill Skill leaves, withdraws like lightning. The bright disciples had realized finally crisis arrives. But before this moment approaches, besides Yao Qianshu, in their whose hearts not with Aofeng Si Yang idea? In the world has not regretted after the fact, the bright disciples released the limit oneself pinnacle magic power, can the friendly partner gather to retrocede with the attribute as far as possible together crazily. But their can comparing favorably with skill?

At this moment, eight dazzling royal purple thunder and lightning drop from the clouds, fell on these eight people respectively, in fierce bellow, their shelled scattered in all directions to flutter about, finally in the flash that the thunder hot purgatory arrived, as far as possible was separated from that level of Certain Kill Skill range.

Even if this, they as before were also affected a point by level Certain Kill Skill of that terrifying, eight people almost simultaneously the blood crazily spurts, the whole body glitters the reddish purple ray four dispersions to fall, hits above the surrounding mountain wall, must distressedly distressed.

Getting rid Un auspicious. How regardless to say, these eight people are also the Light Five Elements Continent bright disciple, pinnacle magic power has. Often the Swiss surface is straightforward, but actually extremely takes the entire situation into account. Otherwise he is impossible twice to lead Yin-Yang School to rout the match on Holy and Evil Battlefield successively.

Saw that the thorn thunder Fire Dragon terrifying level Certain Kill Skill explodes, he cannot attend to pursuing Li Yonghao and dark Mages, first gets rid, flew eight disciples with eight attack thunder and lightning bang. Although his thunder and lightning will make these bright disciples be injured, but compared with was always killed many that the technique swallows to be stronger by the level core.

Similarly in also Huo'er by Fu Rui thunder and lightning bang, it was struck to fly the Ji Dong direction directly, falls into the Ji Dong bosom. She sees, has not received affect of thunder hot purgatory, but skids at Swiss this thunder and lightning bang, does not feel better. Ji Dong hurries to receive in own Vermilion Bird bracelet to recuperate her, simultaneously retrocedes quickly. Reply

Produces the talent impoverished Position fans

At this time, in the entire mountain valley basin, turned into a purgatory shape completely. All plants vanished into thin air completely, turned into one lava world, Fire Element in air rich to has stuck the degree, in the midair also unceasingly had the thunder to fall car(riage) spider. Thorn thunder Huoshi bathes, in nie leaves in level Certain Kill Skill unceasing rampant boundary E some. In that fierce bellow in big strides dashes about wildly toward the reversed direction. He must run away, maintains life is most important. The having steps must hope the technique to prevent, it must run, nature easy many.

The Ji Dong diving posture, falls on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, he and Fu Rui are the look are stern, two people are about to discuss several anything in a low voice, suddenly, Ji Dong solemnly said: "Senior Brother. Gives me three seconds."

often/common Ruileng, doubts looks to Ji Dong "Little Junior Brother, did you determine?"

Since Ji Dong extremely firm nodded, continuously, the help and maintenance of Fu Rui, having made him be able to promote to so the degree in a short time. Is reports back the Senior Brother time.

"Good. I give you three seconds."Meets Swiss loudly shouted, in all person shocking vision, flew in the direction of level Certain Kill Skill thunder hot purgatory unexpectedly.

"Fu Rui, do not go."Ye Xin does not attend to yelling of image making noise. Fu Rui sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back to look, saw that is Ye Xin covers entirely the tears of face. In this moment, he felt suddenly oneself strength as if promoted the unprecedented degree, the Ye Xin tears, looked like his whole body magic power catalyst are common.

The sound surpasses the thunder the angry roaring sound to resound from the Fu Rui mouth, the royal purple thunder and lightning ray explodes suddenly, is only the flash, he turned into the insightful royal purple with the body of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon.

Thunder and lightning element body, this is Thunder Emperor must leave to read the indication of strength.

That while the auspicious flies, the Ji Dong back Vermilion Bird pair of wings has also launched, the body quick firing, he is more direct than Fu Rui, unexpectedly drills into the thunder hot purgatory range directly, pursues to thorn thunder Fire Dragon.

Do they want to do? Was this insane to the fellow apprentices? All Heavenly Stems Regiment Mages delay, the bright disciples also similar delay that crawled reluctantly from the mountainside.

At this time, the dark side has been similar to tidal goes, strongest Li Yonghao caused heavy losses to by Fu Rui, thus causes the dark side to suffer defeat and flee. Just after crossing the mountain, giant Black Dragon actually descended, the huge magic power fluctuation of thunder hot purgatory, making this dark Mages also turn head, looks to the airborne astonishing change.

The famous whole body covers the blue mail-armor and helmet female to arrive at side Li Yonghao, is concerned looks to him "Boss, are you all right?"

The Li Yonghao pale complexion restored several points of ruddiness, on the face has revealed a light smile "I to be all right. I make Fu Rui injure intentionally. Can't this, how deceive his five years again?" The cold rain collects, "Boss, that side has as if had an accident, should be that thorn thunder Fire Dragon prestige. Does not know what's the matter. could it be it is five elements Yin-Yang was broken?"

Li Yonghao brows slightly wrinkled, "I do not know what's the matter. According to truth, five elements Yin-Yang, once forms, let alone is Rank
9 magic beast, even if ten except magic beast, under ten disciples collaborate not to be impossible to break through, that side definitely follows to have an accident. Although this is an opportunity, but, for our important matters, on this Holy and Evil Battlefield, we must lose. Only noteworthy, is the bright Saint king of opposite party, what a pity, this time did not have the opportunity before he grew first it to destroy. However, his strength is also not enough to change the course of events. Passes on me to order, dark respective, draws back. Falls back on Holy and Evil Island first layer to go. After this war, Fu Rui they should also be able to satisfy. We have enough Crystal Crown to leave the battlefield. They more thought that our timid strength is insufficient, is better."

"Yes." The surrounding people simultaneously respectful sound should say.

The scorpion arrives at behind the cold rain quietly, has patted his shoulder, "why can keep off in front of me a moment ago?"

sissy of cold rain has not changed, "elder brother is the pure man, where has to let the woman, when the truth of shield?"His words were very just, but is actually out of control actually to pinch the orchid fingers in the speech.

Scorpion laughed "good. Today your first time makes me see, you truly is a man. How regardless to say, thanked. I owe you."

Cold rain chuckled, say/way of harboring evil intentions: "Permits by the body."

Beauty that scorpion snorted "thinks. Do not forget our mission. The light does not extinguish, how is family/home?" Hears these words, sissy of cold rain as if restrains several points, forcibly nodded, wicked saying: "also five years, also five years. When the time comes, we must sweep across Light Five Elements Continent."

In scorpion eye were suddenly many anything ", if you can kill that hateful barbarian, perhaps I will consider Oh."

Dark side Kuai retreats, another side, Fu Rui and Ji Dong actually arrived in Certain Kill Skill terrifying magic power.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon flies into the upper air, in the Fu Rui hand the thunder battle axe raises high, battle axe front is similar to lance points to the sky sharply. Dazzling royal purple ray changed into a giant spheroid to appear.

Immediately, then the purple-red lightning that falls from airborne likely found the source of divulging to be ordinary, under the attraction of thunder battle axe, the complete collection declines to the thunder battle axe in Fu Rui hand.

The exciting purple-red lightning immediately dyed the same color Fu Rui and purple thunder shining body big wave of Heavenly Dragon, but, was the use of thunder element, Thunder Emperor stiffly has shouldered unexpectedly, in the stuffy hum, the Fu Rui seven orifices also bled, this after all was primary Certain Kill Skill, what although he shoulders now was only this Certain Kill Skill 50% strengths, actually was also the extremely terrifying load.

""Little Junior Brother, I can insist for seven seconds. " Fu Rui loudly shouted, he blooms with purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon comprehensive magic power comprehensively, looked like holds up the day to pat the jade column to be ordinary, has haunched this piece of thunder and lightning.

Seven seconds, these seven seconds regarding Fu Rui and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, are the life and death seven seconds, the seven seconds later results, are anybody know. This is to the Ji Dong what kind of trust, can make Fu Rui make so the choice of risk! Even if he is Seven- Crown Mage, in addition Rank 8 magic beast, is unable to withstand the Certain Kill Skill terrifying might.

Ji Dong has not spoken, but his flight has achieved the pinnacle, the black dark moon/month quietly appears behind him, at this time this checks, comes under the influence of Certain Kill Skill thunder hot purgatory, the magic power element that in the air can present only has two types, the fire and thunder. Fu Rui shouldered the thunder, but Ji Dong blew out the fire. Actually does he want to cope with thorn thunder Fire Dragon with what kind of method?


Chapter 172: Ultra must kill changes ultra must kill

In phoenix cry sound, Huo'er appears in again airborne, when his aura like did not appear at first helps the bright heavenly stems disciples combine to display five elements Yin-Yang was so formidable, the pair of wings launches, before has not followed Ji Dong unexpectedly together to/clashes, but flies in the mountain peak direction, has not entered to that thunder hot purgatory in

Jet black Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, in jet black Vermilion Bird armor, Tao's black Vermilion Bird pair of wings, even also that jet black Yin Fire hovering law, in addition that jet black dark moon/month, at this moment, Ji Dong is that as if can swallow all darkness to the feeling of person \;

The darkness inflates instantaneously, ice-cold was also graceful, fills the Dark Flames Demon King body of dying out aura quietly to appear, immediately, behind Ji Dong that dark moon/month ray hold, under that huge magma flame was being swallowed greatly unexpectedly likely was emerging in the body of darkness unceasingly.

The left hand of Ji Dong crosswise lifts in the body side, the palm opens, makes the claw, graceful gloomy and cold, in that dies out under the darkness serves as contrast, he changes into that graceful ice-cold Demon King once again, in the midair that round black moon shoots the jet black ray to fall above his left hand together, all black that at the same time, his back black moon and Dark Flames Demon King bring, perform all melt eight. "Moon can remind you of me, bans the air/Qi hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice."

All black, congeal the black flame that completely above the Ji Dong left hand one group beats, that black flame can reflect the strange gloss unexpectedly, clearly is the flame, actually gives people one type extraordinarily coldly such as the feeling of ice. Next burns, this group filled gloomy and cold the strange black coal was having nearly the hysteria arrogant from out of the blue to go, the place visited, the air turban presented a jet black channel unexpectedly, what was stranger, that ice-cold flame follows the forward flight, unexpectedly in flying to proliferate, fire Yuan big wave in thunder hot purgatory was its fuel is swallowed likely generally unceasingly.

The promotion of strength, not only magic power level cultivation base, the understanding also division type to the skill important tricky similarly is bans for the first time hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice, but this Ji Dong displays, actually before , compared differently many. The quiet flame ice can the unceasing amplification in the flight, explained that only has one jin (0.5 kg)...... That is it in the process of flight, fused the Ji Dong hot demon to swallow the skill, expanded oneself using magic power of outside. This is not pure Certain Kill Skill, it can be said that Ji Dong controls the peak that last this time can reach in magic power.

The dark long journey, that dark Lord j only actually by the Demon King incarnation is a tyrant, the dazzling golden flame almost in the next moment, leaps, his body slightly sluggish, the Flame Sovereign King body dyed, the hot demon swallows to open to the maximum degree, is suppressing the body of fire of that magma in the crazy endoergic process to the formidable load that brings.

The back Yin-Yang eon whirls, Yin Fire hovering law transformed is Yang Fire condensation law, a golden Sun raised behind him slowly

The golden wing that opens, ascends is illuminating the void golden flame the form, just like in that flash the jump void from the sky slides to go, the pure golden color, the blazing rain noon the Yuanyang ceremonial fire, as if experienced the baptism of a lot of th, after the left hand raises, before the right hand makes a fist to/clashes, in that instant, the Ji Dong whole person as if turned into one group of most eye-catching golden flame. The golden flame changes into the cloudy handle is five meters, brings the infinite golden tail flame great awl, as if can pierce the entire world general to pursue tightly after that ice-cold black flame.

Some turban of as if innumerable luminous spots below magma gather above that golden big awl, is blooming such as the division high noon the brilliance of Sun.

Thorn thunder Fire Dragon has not thought that after oneself release the strongest skill, some people dare to refute unexpectedly must kill the thunder hot purgatory to move the attack.

Although it is Rank 9 peak magic beast, but in the consumption of five elements Yin-Yang, after as well as the thunder hot purgatory releases, this time it, is extremely weak, otherwise it will not run away eagerly. Ice-cold made it tremble, each thorn sharp thorn of whole body felt the aura that quiet extinguished coldly and still.

Rave, thorn thunder Fire Dragon fierce has turned round, its 30 meters in length giant tail has the incomparably tyrannical power and influence to sweep away. Area that its great tail covers was too big, under sweeps away suddenly, turban quiet coal ice.

However, what then made all people turn very quiet to stare big both eyes was, the flash when the great tail and quiet flame ice of thorn thunder Fire Dragon from the sky contacted, that graceful black, flickered the ten-day period to spread along its tail unexpectedly, suddenly the ten-day period spread to each corner of its whole body. Reaches as high as 60 meters, incomparably majestic thorn thunder Fire Dragon at this moment looks like a black water crystal statue general coagulation in same place, the slightest cannot move.

If thorn thunder Fire Dragon is also at the most flourishing condition, perhaps Ji Dong magic power is not enough the wound to arrive at it, but, this time it is the spent force, where also enough strength resisted strikes to ban hundred thousand, quiet flame ice that Ji Dong incarnation Dark Flames Demon King made whole-heartedly? This strikes , is not only Ji Dong own strength, has absorbed terrifying magic power in thunder hot purgatory. Can see from this mian, although thorn thunder Fire Dragon can leave the thunder hot purgatory, but its psychic force actually differs too far, is unable to control this Certain Kill Skill to blow out the true lethality.

However, thorn thunder Fire Dragon ** the strength was extremely really tyrannical, the great strength of vitality, is far from human can compare, although its body changes into the black crystal, and under the corrosion of quiet flame ice that pinnacle Yin Fire quick weak, but, that black crystal also this humble one remained presented a fissure. Although is Certain Kill Skill that Dark Flames Demon King leaves, can limit its time is also extremely limited.

Also at this time, that fully had five meters, as if banning of wearing out world hundred and thousand, colorful male cone already but loudly.

When that manic cruel golden red brilliance with that gloomy and cold lonesome and quiet dying out morion contact flickers the ten-day period, the diameter in 1000 square meters, all air coagulated completely. But this ding, the range, because of thorn thunder Fire Dragon formerly dashing about wildly, happen to have not covered in which Fu Rui.

The purple-red thunder and lightning in sky as if coagulated vanished generally quietly, Fu Rui only thought that whole body one light, in him ** purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon actually cannot help but shivered, the pair of wings allegro, bringing the body of Fu Rui to be far away from that coagulation quickly the air.

All these said that although slow, but gets rid to live in the thunder from Fu Rui, to the air setting, the entire process happen to passed for three seconds. Is relying on precision calculation to distance, to own magic power perfect anticipated, the Ji Dong goal was achieved. When he sees the magma in thunder hot purgatory, remains, has thought must leave at present the strikes. To destroy present Rank 9 peak magic beast by his present strength, can depend upon only has Certain Kill Skill. This is also the result that he and Fu Rui discussed. The dark cloud breaks, even if behind the dark cloud the ten thousand thunder of deep layer breaks into a jail also quietly splits one piece, has revealed over a thousand square meters sky. But on that day spatially actually not deep blue, but presents half black the half golden strange picture, in that golden sky center, is a round Tao's black crescent moon, but in that black sky, is a round golden scorching sun. The fusion with gold/metal, as if made the world black manic.

Is prohibited hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice. Bans for the first time 1100, colorful male cone
After Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill fuses, brings, naturally was that has been full of the strength of Yin-Yang fusion level fire, Certain Kill Skill, Sun and Moon Yin-Yang.

gold and black, the two-color ray respective incarnation is one reaches as high as hundred meters, appears compared with that thorn thunder Fire Dragon more majestic body by its body, these two forms in the appearance, their both hands each other grip tightly, two huge forms, that thorn thunder Fire Dragon fixing stubbornly in center.

If five elements Yin-Yang made thorn thunder Fire Dragon be full of the weak feeling, how regardless of being unable to wield own attribute superiority. Then, at this moment, this Two Great Sovereign Kings comes, made in its pair of huge eyes fill desperately.

Yin Fire of pinnacle melts with Yang Fire of each other friend that pinnacle.

In sky black each other blends with the gold/metal, condenses a huge Yin-Yang Fish chart to compile, 50% core is gold sun, 50% cores are the dark months.

The magma thermal energy in thunder hot purgatory, changes into the innumerable red rays to swarm, the note eight arrive in the body of that Two Great Sovereign Kings, in the air all manic Fire Element, this remains at this time became the Two Great Sovereign Kings fuel. Completes own Certain Kill Skill with the aid of the power and influence in Certain Kill Skill thunder hot purgatory, this also only then the Chaos Fire owner has the successful possibility.

Body float sky over checking thorn thunder Fire Dragon, this time Ji Dong, looks like the control of world ten-day period all flame, Certain Kill Skill, Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, second time appeared finally. This time, defers to the plan release of Ji Dong completely.

The strength of four dragon four snakes Fire Element that the thunder hot purgatory brings, initially Ji Dong released abundantly, this is also the origin of Ji Dong confidence, so long as the thunder in thunder hot purgatory does not affect him, he has the confidence to release this to strike.

All people have all been shocked, can think without any bright Mage, among them, some people can jump over Thunder Emperor unexpectedly, releases Certain Kill Skill. They do not certainly know the difficulty that Ji Dong this Certain Kill Skill forms, they see, only then fact

"Is he, is he, Aofeng flutters to shout " this releases Certain Kill Skill that person. He should be our final bright disciples."He has not recognized to put on Ji Dong of child Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor. Although they not in the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang range, but that suffocating world pressure has caused to present everyone to fill trembled with amazement.

Yao Qianshu puts out a blood once more, the whole body cyanogen circulation, at the same time the autotherapy injury, coldly said "that is Ji Dong, by Ji Dong that you reject. Now you should understand, who was the true bright Saint king."

Aofeng turns head to look to Yao Qianshu, several other disciples also look with the vision that does not dare to believe to him, Yao Qianshu cold say/way "I, although has not seen this armor, but, on him in armor and wing actually have not changed."

In the Aofeng eye reveals vacant, facing the present aspect, he some does not know how should go to face, what if Yao Qianshu said was really how confessed him of bright disciple most powerhouse should from the place? Thinks that the fog can display in the powerhouse hand of Certain Kill Skill to recapture pinnacle magic power of Yin-Yang two fires disciple from one, is no different than dream of a fool.

Only then sees with one's own eyes, can understand that Certain Kill Skill is how terrifying existence, these m participated in Heavenly Stems Regiment bright Mages of war of Holy and Evil to witness this living fortunately.

In Sun and Moon Yin-Yang range, surplus only has gold and black two- color.

In the sky that huge Yin-Yang Fish started revolving, from the day to the place, that bright gold/metal black dual-color mix ray similarly fiercely is also revolving.

The thick light beam, the diameter has the kilometer fully, spreads to all around from the center, in this flash, cannot branch out again is Flame Sovereign King or the Dark Flames Demon King aura, proud and destruction that only then their altogether division has. That two reach as high as hundred meters form also gradually integrates this terrifying in the light beam, in light beam, besides Ji Dong, all by the air/Qi of this purest world Yin-Yang essence.

Sun and moon, separately are representing the air/Qi of Two Great Sovereign Kings Yin-Yang, in that flickers the ten-day period, the region that a kilometer range forms, turned into the dying out deathtrap completely.

The thorn thunder Fire Dragon huge body gradually melts in magic power of this terrifying, its sharp thorn on it thick scales sturdy muscle, the hard skeleton, melts in this Certain Kill Skill all gradually. Saw, its huge body melts gradually during the breath, when the final marrow starts to melt, suddenly, the mutation appeared.

The strong royal purple brilliance shines suddenly in item moon/month Yin-Yang, although this is flooding Certain Kill Skill that only then Fire Element has, is actually not able to prevent the proliferation of that royal purple ray. When bang gloomy sound loud sound, body exploded torn to pieces of thorn thunder Fire Dragon, two ray departments soars.

And has fist size fully, all over the body presents is reddish purple dual- color, has the gem Dong Xing gem that the air current passes faintly, is thorn thunder Fire Dragon that Rank 9 peak magic beast crystal core. But another m, are actually the source that royal purple ray explodes.

That is a handle axe, shaft, only then ruler, axe blade palm of the hand size, when it appears, has not rippled to depart along with crystal core. But bathes the ray in that item of moon/month Yin-Yang Pang Dahuo magic power blooms.

Also is bang a loud sound, in the sky, ten thousand thunder sound together, the ten thousand thunder of that terrifying broke into a jail have had the huge shake unexpectedly. This seems the turban of heavenly prestige general terrifying magic power shake, Ji Dong Sun and Moon Yin- Yang also broken drags. He only thought that a world noble heads on, shakes flying upside down his body. The also Sun and Moon Yin-Yang remaining magic power protection, has not been injured luckily.

Even if always the calm Thunder Emperor big wave auspicious, at this time is also the complexion big change, Ji Dong Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, although is Certain Kill Skill, the range of but covering is limited, but, that airborne ten thousand thunder broke into a jail actually cover the entire Holy and Evil Island terrifying to exist! If it were directed, perhaps, on Holy and Evil Island, will not have any living thing to survive.

Hehe, has not thought, has not exploded moon/month of pass/test chrysanthemum, actually immediately must explode the frog first, although frog frequently rotten tail, but we cannot let off, since the last ten days of the month, asking the monthly ticket to recommend the ticket.(

Chapter 173: Thunder Emperor: Sorry, I made a mistake

The surrounding all, turned into the royal purple brilliance, the vision is in the range, was covered by the strength of world overwhelming thunder completely, everyone by so heavenly prestige the fear, was produced indescribable trembling thunder Gan. Even the even/including moves also becomes difficult.

That handle seems not big axe, looks like this turban heart of heavenly prestige is ordinary, although the volume is small, actually does not affect its terrifying the overbearing aura.

Luckily, ten thousand thunder break into a jail are inspired like people most undesired, in the sky the strength of terrifying thunder and lightning is only the resembles echoes this handle axe to appear, the royal purple ray dissipates with the strength of that huge thunder gradually, in the air boils l to reprimand a rich thunder and lightning aura.

Just recovered the ability to act, the form throws to together suddenly skidding in front of auspicious, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is also because formerly the huge thunder energy appeared had this sluggishness, has not responded unexpectedly by that form leap in own back.

In a Fu Rui subconscious horizontal hand the thunder battle axe, actually heard has been full of sound of trembling "Fu Rui, were you insane? Do you want dead?" Fu Rui forgives, this saw that throws the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to carry on the back, unexpectedly is Ye Xin.

At this time on the face of Ye Xin has covered entirely the tears, tender body in unceasing is shivering, holds the axe pole of Fu Rui that thunder battle axe, brings is collecting the frightened wing angrily and other complex mood to him to shout.

"You"Fu Rui somewhat scruple looks to infiltrate Ye Xin, looks at her crying dimple, his heart sharp pain slightly.

"Bastard, your this bastard you have wanted dead on the peak , should not be in front of my."Because Ye Xin is angry, plentiful chest is fluctuating fiercely, the mood is not extremely steady walks. Shouted these words, she turned around to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon body leap trickily, but in this time, a big hand held her shoulder.

"Ye Xin."

The Ye Xin heart passes away, looks to hold Fu Rui of oneself shoulder "three seconds, you know that what a moment ago that three seconds while saying do mean to me? You do not know, you ding, bastard who only then has a heart of stone, what will you know? You always do not know. You relied on to be powerful, just mi used for oneself, unreasonable. When are you willing to listen to others' persuasion? You always do any matter according to your idea, the opportunity of even explaining did not give me. I must lead all people to cope with you, must with other man in the same place, irritate you from now on, I told you, I must clean from me the form of your this bastard thoroughly, pill not because of you, but the pain, the bastard, you will not let loose me."

Ye Xin nearly hysteria the call, as if must be also angry to release to resemble all grievance of own heart turban. Her body unceasing jing Li in fear auspicious palm, mood already Yuan.

She, Fu Rui formerly also the incomparably sharp look gradually was becoming gentle, the right hand turned, hung the thunder battle axe above the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon dragon saddle, changed to two hands to hold the shoulder of Ye Xin, with his unique low and deep voice said slowly "I made a mistake."

I have made a mistake, this is just the simple three characters, when these three characters said from the Fu Rui mouth, listened when the Ye Xin ear turban, the mood that her nearly hysteria exploded actually stopped, the tears that the expression and beautiful pupil on turban face gushed out also fell into the stagnation, the entire plant, the tender body of person became stiff.

"Did you, what you say?"Filled has not dared to believe that Ye Xin fluttered to ask.

Fu Rui gazed at her both eyes " I saying that I made a mistake. The Little Junior Brother words have reminded me, right that you said that I shear " am a bastard. Was was selfishly arrogant and was just permanent from the grand duke the private bastard. I have not even given the opportunity two present that you explained to recall that we at together that time matter, I was clear, initially I angrily had become confused, should not listen to your solution Dinghuo, departed decisively sorry, I have made a mistake, Ye Xin, although I cannot you promise how can one one changed, but I will try as far as possible. You are willing to give me again an opportunity corpse "

Ye Xin dumbfounded looks at Fu Rui, she has not thought that this can from skidding the Swiss mouth unexpectedly says, tears big drop big drop falls following the face, looks to skid auspicious, she entire frightens, the body of person shivers is fiercer.

The Fu Rui sound becomes gets tough suddenly "not, for you, I must just cautiously use for oneself again, your secure must give me again an opportunity, even if will dominate your me not to make you leave me again. Your tears told me, you complied. From now on, you can only be my."At the same time was saying, he uses to be Thunder Emperor that unique overbearing, Ye Xin tight hugged eight during own bosom.

When Ji Dong was shaken flies, his vision looked to auspicious, the emergence of that handle axe, without a doubt, has confirmed the guess of sorrow auspicious. Can even/including Wanlei break into a jail inspires changes for it, making a Rank 6 magic beast evolution be the Rank 9 peak, this handle axe definitely is the divine tool two, moreover is the thunder attribute divine tool. Besides Fu Rui, also who can be more suitable into its master?

But, what making Ji Dong not think, saw unexpectedly Ye Xin and skid auspicious has performed the good play of this iron man tender feelings, vision overwhelming majorities of surroundings all people were also attracted by them, instead was that float pays attention in airborne axe nobody, if the divine tool had mystical powers, will be certainly indignant.

In the fierce building the neck of Fu Rui, Ye Xin cries loudly, although Fu Rui armor ice-cold, but this checks at this time, the heart of Ye Xin is similar to the magma is fiery.

For several years the suffering, a dynasty can release, this is what kind of feeling, her heart turban depressed in this remains unties finally.

Gently touches the back of Ye Xin, on the Fu Rui face is revealing a light smile, he naturally also saw the thunder attribute axe of that divine tool level, is, he actually presently, compared with that divine tool, again must return to the heart of Ye Xin now, was more important, when he in soaring into the spatial turban, prepares to withstand the spatial turban thunder of thunder hot purgatory, sees the tears on Ye Xin face, he knows that initially had made a mistake, so deeply is loving own woman, how to do to be unfair to own matter? Even if she has done, is what kind of as a last resort, in the heart is withstanding what kind of suffering? Even if Ye Xin does not look for him, he will not make this suffering continue again. Not only because of Ye Xin, because of him, how could he to have also forgotten her?

Ji Dong is breathing in gulps, returns to normal vitality that within the body is surging, looks at Fu Rui and Ye Xin, in his heart has filled envying, indistinct, he as if noticed that this leading actors and actresses changed into themselves and Lie Yan (raging flames). Magical instrument in the face of love, but also is only an ice-cold weapon. Second time displays Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, Ji Dong has not looked like the previous time is found time completely, within the body instead also remained 10% magic power, but that two element summon bodies were absorbed cleanly by that Certain Kill Skill according to day.

Fire Element that in the thunder hot purgatory contains was too huge, the Ji Dong date opened Yin-Yang, it can be said that the fire attribute pinnacle, drew support from Fire Element that in Certain Kill Skill contained to display own core to kill the technique, this why Ji Dong had the important reason that the confidence can succeed, the fact showed, he was truly successful.

Boiling hot thunder fire dual attribute Rank 9 crystal core is consoling the palm of Ji Dong hot, the rich fire loses, the element spreads to Ji Dong within the body unceasingly, is supplementing his consumption.

Rank 9 crystal core is Rank 9 crystal core, although Ji Dong has been absorbing quickly, but actually as before can feel magic power that this crystal core embodiment contains such as the division sea water rushes generally is also broad. Moreover indistinct, crystal core was in itself absorbing magic power of outside to supplement oneself

Rank 6 Crystal Crown Rank 7 crystal core, is the qualitative leap, can absorb an Yuan dish in air to supplement oneself voluntarily. Two Crystal Crown on Ji Dong Sun and Moon double splendor glove were wished the coal to be used to strengthen the amplification ability of glove, but this pure Rank 9 crystal core, although is thunder fire dual attribute, actually can also help Ji Dong restore magic power quickly. Had it, Ji Dong relies on condensation law again, magic power restores at least to promote over one time.

Huo'er falls quietly, falls on the Ji Dong shoulder, the pair of wings opens, the pinnacle cloudy Yang Fire aura rushes, reason that Ji Dong puts it, feared it, when display Sun and Moon Yin-Yang is wronged time finds time. Some Huo'er, even if he falls into weakly, at least Huo'er can also protect him. Huo'er of Rank 5 strength, copes with ordinary Six-Crown Mage without question. Ji Dong aims at that float in airborne axe "Huo'er, takes carry back it."

Huo'er nodded, launches the pair of wings, in an instant has soared sky over that handle axe, slightly hesitant, this cautiously held that handle battle axe with the claw. Strange saying that this exquisite axe just one was contacted by Huo'er, its ray restrains immediately, seems, looks like the thing of every iron.

Returns to side Ji Dong, Huo'er handed over on axe Ji Dong

Without complementing of ray, this handle small axe presents all over the body the purple, Ji Dong is startled present of inviting, on this handle small axe, inscribes unexpectedly extremely complex demon mark, every frightened, the trace was self-made, looked like a one by one five elements method inscription above. Although the volume is not big, but weight is quite astonishing, falls into the handkerchief, little said that also wants 300 Ji Dong to raise reluctantly gathers is steady it that magic power can grasp.

Numerous vision on Ye Xin shift from Fu Rui to the Ji Dong hand, many greedy and vision of envy, the Yin-Yang School disciples demonstrated the extremely high quality, bright Mage, the light point casualties quantity, was puzzled, has not seen this axe likely, battlefield cleanup in good order.

However, some people are not willingly, in the bright fifth heavenly stem disciple Aofeng the bright Seventh Metal disciple manages, if adds on Yao Qianshu again, waited for numerous bright disciples to walk slowly.

Their appearances are the wing are much distressed distressedly, the thunder hot purgatory is thorn thunder Fire Dragon to them, but, although under the Fu Rui thunder, saved a life, but that Certain Kill Skill complementary waves made their all severe wound, even if relied on pinnacle magic power, a short time cannot restore to ride.

The Yao Qianshu complexion is ugliest, follows in the comparison after the position, is Aofeng walks according to day in the forefront, eight people arrive in front of Ji Dong to stand firm. Keeping aloof on Aofeng face vanished, asking of probe: "Are you really Ji Dong?" Ji Dong takes off the mask of Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor slowly, has revealed own original appearance, looks at his face, the look of Aofeng immediately becomes complex, muttered ", since you have such strength, truly can join to our disciples. Welcome your joining. Said

The Ji Dong vision gazes at them "not to have the interest desolately. I have said that I resolute have not always wanted into any bright disciple."

If side control is suitable: "But you have supported poisonously Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, that is one by one of disciple."

Ji Dong horizontal his eyes " you did not say, I don't match? " "I... *.  "control, if embarrasedly could not speak.
The Ji Dong vision changed Aofeng "I again to say once more now one time, my Ji Dong and your bright disciple not any relations. Also will not be a companion with mean and shameless villain, if you think that the wife killed me to obtain my Crystal Crown, then I momentarily awaited respectfully."

Aofeng angrily said: "Ji Dong, do not go too far. We invited you on own initiative, is your mark what kind of?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile "a difference, is not the stratagem."

Aofeng fierce panting two, because the mood fluctuation affects the wound entire, coughs a blood, the control, if the vision stared at the axe in Ji Dong hand "you not to be willing to join. However, struck to kill that thorn thunder Fire Dragon a moment ago, we also went out vigorously. Our these many people, crystal core you took, this axe should turn over to us to be right."

What is shameless? Only is most shameless, is not shameless, the Ji Dong air/Qi instead smiles extremely " looks like, this was your true goals had the skill, oneself took. " "Has seen shameless, hasn't seen such shameless person three you also to match to call the bright heavenly stems disciple?"Long Tian flew Shui Ruohan , etc. to do the Yin-Yang School experts to collect, looks that the sea turtle some and the others in the vision has filled disdaining.

Yao Qianshu goes out from the bright disciple, the look on his face was difficult to see the extreme, solemnly said: "From now on, I withdraw from heavenly stems disciple, from now on will not have any relations with you again. Said with your these people, is really one shame."

Aofeng has gawked, urgently said: "Yao Qianshu, were you insane?"

Yao Qianshu coldly said: "I not insane, those who are insane is you. I am not really clear, why ascend the sky will entrust with pinnacle magic power on your such mean and shameless mouth selfish villains."

At this moment, a forceful low and deep voice resounds "get lost/rolls.
Do not make me see you again."

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui does not know when has hugged Ye Xin to arrive at side Ji Dong, a numerous heavenly stems disciple was filled the powerful aggressive vision to sweep by his, leaves goes excessively, does not dare to look at each other with it.

"When get lost/rolling"Yin-Yang School disciples almost division angrily roared the birth.

The Aofeng body somewhat shivers raised the hand to refer to Ji Dong and Yin-Yang School people "you, you are waiting. We walk.",

Chapter 174: Magical instrument! thunder Yushen axe

Bright disciples dingy walked, Yao Qianshu cannot bear bah, spat to the ground. Phlegm. Looks up " sorry to Ji Dong, Ji Dong, I. "

Ji Dong lifted the hand to prevent him from continue say that "they were they, you were you. We as before are the brothers."

Yao Qianshu sighed " I not to think, they can be such person unexpectedly. Hands over the evildoers by mistake.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Misses Holy and Evil Battlefield, meets again, is the enemy non- friend. If not because their deaths will make the Holy and Evil day impeach the incline, today I will not let off them. Their such people, do not match control pinnacle magic power."

The Fu Rui racket the shoulder of Ji Dong "was good,... Little Junior Brother, do not let the mood that these villains destroyed us to win."

Was saying, Ji Dong has turned round, changes Fu Rui, looks that Fu Rui and was hugged Ye Xin in bosom by him, on the Ji Dong ice-cold face brings to wipe smiling face "Senior Brother, congratulated."

After Fu Rui laughed ", you had the sister-in-law."Little Junior Brother, thank you. If initially you did not remind that I, I have not possibly thought clearly. The Yin-Yang School fellow brothers, Fu Rui had the place that anything offends before, here said the sound to be sorry, later everybody is good the brothers. Although I not in Yin-Yang School, but if Heavenly Stems School has the matter, I will not stand by. " Ji Yeshang does not know where from drilled, chuckled, said: " Did Boss, who say you not in Yin-Yang School? The position of Yin-Yang School seat is your. No person occupies. Senior Sister Ye Xin who this time you are listed second continually must turn, we do not comply.

Comes back, Yin-Yang School needs you. Without Thunder Emperor Yin-Yang School, is Yin-Yang School? "

"Yes! The Boss, comes back. You forever are our seats."What speech is Yin-Yang School currently is listed third Donkin Heavenly Scholar that. magic power just broke through the leaf of Six-Crown to be faded and fallen. He compares to sink in the Yin-Yang School disciples uncommunicatively, usually does not reveal the mountain non- dew, but the strength actually compared with Long Tian, Shui Ruohan be higher than one, although these three people of magic power level have differed not many, but cultivates the rain all -round strength to occupy throughout superiorly. The personal connection in Yin-Yang School is extremely good.

Under the leaf faded and fallen summons, a Yin-Yang School disciple simultaneously opens the mouth to say.

Fu Rui has a look at the people, in the eye to reveal the excited color/look obviously, he cultivates for many years in Yin-Yang School, can be said as has to Heavenly Stems School the sentiment extremely. Suddenly some being hard choices.

Ye Xin is a disciple in the auspicious bosom to raise the head, at this time her the tears on face have dried, is only eyes also some inflamed, on charming face is having two points of satisfied light red, more bright- colored moving, her vision falls "Ji Dong to Ji Dong, you also come back."Ye Xin is an intelligent woman, she is certainly clear, wants to make Fu Rui return to Yin-Yang School, Ji Dong is the key in key.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Sister-in-law, sorry, I did not plan to return to Heavenly Stems School again. After the war of this Holy and Evil ended, I prepare to travel on continent, is attractive our world, makes the accumulation, goes a step further on cultivation base well. However, Senior Brother, you promise fellow Senior Brother Senior Sisters. Heavenly Stems School truly needs you. Martial Ancestor Teacher will not blame your. Has you to assume Yin-Yang School, Heavenly Stems School is the true continent first school. Also only has you to wield its might like this handle divine tool."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong goes forward two steps, in that handle hatchet the hand has handed over.

Forui has not gone to meet, shook the head to Ji Dong, said: "... Little Junior Brother, thorn thunder Fire Dragon is you strikes to kill, if no your Certain Kill Skill, we how it, this divine tool should by you obtained. Although you and its attribute disagree, but it after all is a divine tool, if in the future will have the opportunity, you will be also easy-to-use it to exchange to suit your divine tool."

Everyone can see the great strength of this handle axe, is the genuine divine tool the priceless treasure, Fu Rui can want casually? Does not wait for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, he changed Ye Xin in bosom, everybody hopes me to go back, you? "

Ye Xin saw Forui to be in front of people so to care about own idea, in the heart has filled happily, lowered the head, said: "You are willing to come back to come back, if you are not willing to come back, I together follow you. Where you go, where I go."

Fu Rui laughed, "Little Junior Brother, saw. I obtained compared with a divine tool more important thing. Also needs this handle axe?"

Ji Dong somewhat helpless said: "Senior Brother, thorn thunder Fire Dragon is the skeleton not saves, valuable has the difference, crystal core and this handle axe. crystal core I do not plan to give you, it cultivates to me has the advantage very much. This handle axe you must give me, the ordinary man is innocent, talent can arouse jealousy? Strikes to kill thorn thunder Fire Dragon, you also left vigorously. Might as well be like this good, you are taking it first, had it, your strength will increase, if later meets my appropriate divine tool to appear, you help me snatch again, walked. This was always OK, Senior Brother, if you shirked again, but was not Thunder Emperor that I knew." Ye Xin nodded, said: Right that "Brother Ji Dong said. Only then your strength was enhanced, can help him be easier to obtain the divine tool. Except for you, also who can use this divine tool?"

Fu Rui originally is instinct open-minded person, immediately also no longer shirks, loosens Ye Xin, one step goes forward to arrive in front of Ji Dong, lifts both hands, the Jane|treasure, but heavy received that handle axe. "... Little Junior Brother, thanks......

Also strange, then any axe of response in the Ji Dong hand, just had not fallen into the Fu Rui hand actually to live the earth-shaking change, his a few words have not said, has had to the syllabic final fully by right.

Stabs goal royal purple radiance to explode suddenly, spreads over the whole body along Forui both hands instantaneously, royal purple snake electricity leave the sound of pa fulmination regarding Forui body unceasingly, the terrifying magic power fluctuation made the surrounding people fly to draw back.

"Thunder."Fu Rui bellows, jumps suddenly, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon pair of wings opens, has met him. A person of dragon floats in the midair, but the thunder and lightning on that axe the master spread suddenly on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. A person of dragon, looked like turned into the thunder and lightning incarnation. Grating chops the pa sound, the thunder fulmination sound, billowing thunderous, from the sky reverberates to explode unceasingly.

Fu Rui face upwards to roar, on him that attribute is the thunder and lightning solid armor, actually cannot withstand the bombardment of this huge thunder, split slits, Forui body inflated unexpectedly, the muscle mark played the pinnacle, bang'ed, armor broke open completely, changes into the fragment to scatter in all directions to flutter about.

Not only he, he ** the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon also similarly received the stimulation of this huge thunder and lightning, dragon scale, the muscle fiercely is inflating. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon along with the promotion of Fu Rui cultivation base, own strength has achieved

Eight peak, the height have been 22 meters, the pair of wings launches one is extremely terrifying formidable magic beast. At this moment, its chest front that is three meters giant lightning mark has glistened completely, the whole body skeleton blows out made the person of tooth acid giggle the sound unceasingly, the scale is inflating, increases, muscle unceasingly was also rising, on the neck that royal purple sharp thorn was becomes is fiercer the violent, the entire body crosses 25 meters in an instant as before, enough big.

In Ji night muttered "Heavens! Thorn fierce Fire Dragon ate this axe, the body increased the several fold, Senior Brother Fu Rui will not turn into a giant."

"Do not speak irresponsibly."Ye Xin shouted, but can see worry in heart from her vision.

That royal purple thunder and lightning gradually turned into the pure purple, when purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon man (Han) Fu Rui color also division is living the transformation, what the change is biggest is the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, its originally, the majestic body, inflated 30 meters to stop, the scale of whole body was sincerer than the several fold before, the terrifying aura was formidable, the chest front lightning mark also expanded about five meters, the huge body gave people one unequalled strength feeling. It looks like the union of strength and beautiful.

"Wave, you do not need to be worried. If I have not guessed that wrong, the thunder should walk to evolve, has such big change. After all, the Senior Brother and it has not eaten up that divine tool. The thunder formerly had achieved the Rank 8 peak magic beast strength, is in itself formidable changes the allosaurus beast, receives the stimulation of divine tool aura, thus evolves. The body change is also greatly normal."Ji Dong quite knew about Forui strength, spoke under the comfort, making the Ye Xin mood relax several points. The Ji Dong vision had not left about Fu Rui, is only in the heart is somewhat sigh with emotion, the set of magic power weaponry that what a pity Big Brother Zhu Yan has built, besides the thunder battle axe, all equipment was destroyed by this sudden change.

On Forui swollens muscle really to start to restore slowly, short actually turned into the insightful purple, seems looks like purple steel needles stands erect there.

The thunder battle axe that a resounding that ding, in the Fu Rui outfit is a rear survival also changed into the fragment to scatter in all directions to flutter about, he only remaining that handle was at this moment small, axe.

Leaf faded and fallen nan gu say/way: "Magical instrument, is really a divine tool. This should be the divine tool repels on the master other responses of non- divine tool equipment. Very powerful destructiveness. Without a doubt, this should be an offensive divine tool."

His voice has not fallen, that handle small axe on Fu Rui lived the change, surroundings all purple rays simultaneously receive, the complete contraction in that axe, the electricity of dazzling purple light from the axe shoots together, shone directly in the Fu Rui forehead in position, center the Fu Rui forehead, seemed like broken out, left a crack.

That small axe changes into the thunder to go together loudly.

The bang, in air fierce engine knock sound, Fu Rui cries, "thunder Yushen the axe"the next moment, he has met to faint in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to carry on the back directly

"often/common Rui."Cares chaotically, sees the Fu Rui stupor, Ye Xin is almost without hesitation must throw, was responded extremely quick Ji Dong held.

Sister-in-law, no rush. This should be the divine tool accepted fellow apprentice's result. It should be with the Senior Brother body fusion. I listened to the Big Brother saying that genuine divine tool,... Must merge into one organic whole with the master completely, after the fusion, any bystander is unable to use, only then the Lord of divine tool can make it wield the might, to Senior Brother. This is the good deed. "

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon leaves deafening bellowing, the dazzling purple light rewinds from its body on, covers it and Fu Rui the body of completely, deep purple thunder and lightning circle outside, encircles, in the sky, could not see Fu Rui and existence of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, be only a diameter achieves about 30 meters huge purple thunder ball to float there.

Obtains the reminder of Ji Dong, Ye Xin also rapidly calms down, Fu Rui is not, by the strength, he is not in all people are perhaps strongest, because the also Heavenly Stems Regiment powerhouses exist, but she after all is the Yin-Yang School second place, the status venerates, is the Fu Rui woman, issues to order indisputable.

"Everybody ties in the mountain valley, in same place recuperation, Yin-Yang School ranks the first ten disciples, is Fu Rui Protector with me together."

What no one has thought that after Fu Rui and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon the thunder ball wraps, such condition unexpectedly has continued 18 days, saw, entered Holy and Evil Battlefield to pass for 30 days. Although a Light Five Elements Continent side during both sides fought won, the spoils of war were also enough, own damage was reduces the experience to occupy the minimum degree. But, Fu Rui is in the deep sleep as before, does not know when can the awaking revolutions, making the person greatly be worried. Because the water does not know, if to 49 days of times, what matter if he has not awaked to turn around will live.

Ye Xin sits under that thunder ball daily with a worried look, what in heart silently is Fu Rui is praying. Ji Dong also starts somewhat to be worried.

Ji Dong magic power already restored such as beginning, in he fights, his strength obtained the approvals of all people, the Yin-Yang School disciple, the Heavenly Stems School disciple these Heavenly Stems Regiment powerhouses, are respect to Ji Dong. Strength, absolutely easily approved condition it, one.

Fu Rui and thunder Yushen the axe has carried on 18-day-long integration process, actually also not awaking revolutions, no one dares to disturb him, in the Ji Dong heart is calculating secretly, if arrived at the Holy and Evil day pole to appear , the war of Holy and Evil ended, what to do should?

In this time, the back is broadcasting a sound suddenly, "Ji Dong, we chat, Ok?"

When Ji Dong turns round to look, Ji Yeshang that presently comes, now he already in the Yin-Yang School rock row to the ninth position.

Ji Yeshang arrives at side Ji Dong, look somewhat complex visits him,
"has not thought really, you unexpectedly are my blood younger brother."

A Ji Dong brow wrinkle "what did you say?"

Ji Yeshang sighed, said: "I said, you are my blood younger brother. Ji Dong, blood is thicker than water, even if you are not willing to acknowledge, fact that this is unable to change, your body, is flowing the blood of Ji Family after all."

Chapter 175: Ji Dong life experience

Ji Dong is gazing at Ji Yeshang, you are work as the persuasive speaker?

Ji Yeshang shook the head, said: "I know that you received the much
pain since childhood, can have today's all, all depends upon itself to try hard to come. However, I also hope that you can listen to my explanation, listens to the truth of matter, perhaps, your some different view. If you are willing to listen, I continued, if you did not want, I turned around to walk."

The year does not see, Ji Yeshang as if changed personally has resembled, did not have beforehand frivolous again, instead were many several points of Fifth Earth department unique calm.

The Ji Dong vision looks at to airborne Fu Rui and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon giant thunder ball, lightly said: "You said."

Ji Yeshang sighed, said: " On empire, imperial family has many branches, is most honored, naturally is the imperial direct line bloodlines, all previous ruler from this is born. Next, was our equal king lineage/vein. Actually, from our ancestors, we is also the imperial family direct line bloodlines, because just our matter and other king lineage/vein have the advantageous talent, therefore was afterward independent gradually. Almost every equal king direct line juniors are having on over 90% fifth heavenly stems or oneself the attribute, some specially outstanding disciple, even can achieve 90% nine Yang attribute or Yin attribute. Therefore, our equal king lineage/vein always to produce the powerhouse, protects to imitate the empire. Therefore, there are to protect the name of country crown prince. Near millenniums, our equal king clan had had five supreme powerhouses. Profound ancestor his previous time you have also seen. Even if our grandfathers, is Eight-Crown cultivation base. "

Ji Dong has not spoken, but silently is listening to the Ji Yeshang language not quickly related, his sound has the power very much, as if had the thought of Ji Dong to arrive at one broadly great, in respected family of keeping aloof.

"Perhaps, because our equal king completely leaves the reason of talented person, the day being jealous person with outstanding ability, causing the bloodlines of our family/home not to be prosperous. Each generation of family direct line adult males, can have two, three people are very good situations, even also frequently is an lineage/vein sole line of descent, the bloodlines of our family have continued luckily, has not cut off. Arrived our father's generation, is a result of lineage/vein sole line of descent, but the father only has two children, one is I, one is you. Even if I, after the previous that matter, knows that has your existence. In the bloodlines inheritance, the imperial family direct line equally is also frail with us. The Ji Yifeng death, cut off the imperial family bloodlines without doubt, this is also why the imperial family can such wage a war, even once has thought strikes to kill you not at any cost, even if offends the supreme powerhouse not to care. Until had known after you are we strict and other queen people, the imperial family is genuine gets down not to dare quietly hurriedly, they can not care to the Lebanese powerhouse, but actually does not dare to neglect our equal king clan, the influence of our family, even if changes from one dynasty to another, actually is also not impossible."

Arrives here, on the Ji Yeshang face reveals the proud look obviously, is proud because of an equal king clan.

"From infancy to maturity, I was regarded as by the surrounding person am the equal king only son, equal king throne only successor, therefore also received too many attention. Perhaps, you after initially had been seeing me, certainly thinks that I am frivolous playboys. Actually, just the opposite, I most have been obedient in family the calmest child, even if the grandfather such nitpicking elder, very difficult to pick up a slight defect from me. In order to obtain the approvals of all elders, what I pay is the complete childhood."Small time, you wander destitute far from home, as the beggar, does not have enough to eat. But is a little I do not have, that is the freedom. In any event lives, you can also live for yourself. But I am not good, all my, must live for the family benefit, daily does not dare to idle every minute, because I am the equal king Weiyi successor, on my shoulder has sustained too many too many pressures. From seven years old, my first time has thought of the suicide, to me this year 24 -year-old, in my mind presents suicide reaches as high as 123 times, but I always do not have the courage to go out that step. "

Although the Ji Yeshang words are very light, but his words are without doubt alarmed, Ji Dong originally thinks, Ji Yeshang will say his life experience directly, convinces him diligently, but, Ji Yeshang has not actually done, instead from own, was telling own experience. Ji Dong can definitely imagine, lives in this kind of environment, once more than 100 times wanted to commit suicide, that is one type is how helpless and arid.

Grows the tone, Ji Yifeng continued: "Until, me officially was at age 20 grown, after fetter reduced finally for several points, was allowed the vice- vocational culture sentiment that chooses to like to wrestle by the grandfather. Also until that time, my life started to have several points of pleasure. I elect is drink mixing. Becoming Bartender. In my heart, drink mixing absolutely cultivating is more sacred , can also make me feel the joyful matter truly. Perhaps in family constrained was too fierce, to outside, the reverse psychology made my disposition have this distortion. First meeting, when I hear your three am only young child disdain in drink mixing, can you know in my heart to be angry? If not cares about you are only the child, perhaps I will directly get rid. But, post- next life all, made me fill have shocked extremely. That is my first time saw that a person can be similar to drink mixing this technique the art shows truly. Even if Boss Fu Rui drink mixing, must increase the good wine by magic power the characteristics and flavor/smell. However you are different, your drink mixing completely by the technique, the thing that some also I do not talk clearly, gives intense shock and visual impact. I was fortunately ordinary small cup your liquor of mixture, that flavor/smell, I am lifelong unforgettable, perhaps forever is unable to reach such altitude. After that time, I understand oneself wrong is odd, knows that we actually have the so huge disparity. When afterward you entered Heavenly Stems School, I want to acknowledge you as the teacher really very much, studies this artistic bartending ability with you. Regarding that time matter, I once more to your solemn apology."

Was saying, Ji Yeshang must salute to Ji Dong, the Ji Dong left hand lifts, holds the shoulder of Ji Yeshang, shook the head "I to understand your pain to him. Lives in such prominent imperial family, is the only son, you truly withstood the lots. That time matter, I early have forgotten. drink mixing is in itself an art, but is not similar to the art, if you want attainments on drink mixing, please remember, only then can pour into the sentiment completely, pouring into of being outspoken, can realize the drink mixing mystery truly. The liquor is similar to the mood, what the different liquor show is the different mood, the red wine gentle composed, profound n each liquor that strong liquor the mellow fruit of pungent hot tempered brandy brings fragrant has own mood, when you can completely understand when their mood, again oneself mood with they fuse completely, you have became a splendid Bartender necessary condition. The technique can progress through the practice, but realm needs actually comprehends. You need to accompany every day in the side of liquor, feels their mood, can have the true progress, making the good wine that you mix show the unique soul brilliance."

Said drink mixing, eye pupil of Ji Dong unconscious was bright "I to teach you these many. This is also in my drink mixing profession summarizes the most essential core, how as to wield, can wield to any degree, looked the mental effort that you pour into has many, perception many."

Ji Yeshang careful listens to the Ji Dong words, in the eye to reveal the thinking and yearned that "mood that goes to the principle to sober up, integrates own mood. Ji Dong, if not I knows that your age, perhaps, I think you over fifty-year-old. Perhaps, in drink mixing this aspect you is really a peerless talent, all these that you said that I exhausted the life to achieve can satisfy." Ji Dong said: "Since the equal Wang Jia zu life is so arid, is so tasteless, could it be you have not thought can revolt?"

"Revolt?"Ji Yeshang is smiling bitterly shaking the head of "not, I cannot. When my seven years old, the grandfather teaches me two characters, that is the responsibility. This is my responsibility. The father made the grandfather suffice sadly. How I can such do again. The father is also an only son, received with my same education, but, everyone has the rebellious mentality, I because of studying drink mixing, but eased own mood. But the father did not have me to be so lucky. When some day he cannot withstand, finally cannot bear that huge pressure again, fled from the palace. The grandfather is furious, sending the palace expert to pursue fully edits. But our fathers also similarly is a talent, the person in his too familiar palace, used various forms, finally has been separated from the border successfully, went to Southern Fire Empire. Crossed to live in seclusion, but tranquil life. Before he flees from the palace, mother had me, in some sense, our fathers are an irresponsible man."

"Father was the equal king Weiyi successor, the grandfather has issued the dead order, by the potential p strength of family, even the influence of entire on empire, finally found five years later lived in seclusion the father. Lives in seclusion in the life, the father married a common people female, at that time according to him, he crossed is very easy and comfortable, is very comfortable, during that time, was in his life the most joyful time. Will say according to palace, they saw the look that female is not beautiful, compared with my mother, simply is the different, but is a very ordinary common people female. However, with her in the same place, on the father face actually wrote slowly the happiness. How whatever the family/home will persuade, the father also insists on not being willing to follow them to return to the family. As a result of grandfather's death order, but, the family/home can only begin, attempts by the military force suppression father, comes back his belt forcefully. Although the father the strength is powerful, but is also out of control to have that many people to besiege. When his coal coal may danger, that common people female keep off before him suddenly, blocked for him had not killed a sword of intent, died, in the father has cherished." " Family/Home will say, female in dying, on the face is having the light smile throughout, is very indifferent to fame or gain, fear that had not died slightly. But the father has actually been shocked, he looks at that female, in own cherishes slowly softly but actually, his look suddenly tranquil.

The opposite parties will say, I go back with you, but, please wait for my two minutes. At the same time was saying, he hugged that female the stiff body to ship back the room gradually. The family/home will see that the father beloved female died, does not dare to compel him, can only static waiting outside the room. However, crossed for a long time, did not have a sound throughout. When they thought when is not wonderful crashes in room, sees, actually only then two corpses. "

Arrives here, Ji Yeshang has choked with sobs, you should guess correctly, the female is your mother. That handle stabs to put on the sword of your mother chest, pierced father's chest similarly, the father closely is hugging her, until the moment of burying, their bodies does not have the moment to separate. Father in dying, the look on face is gentle. "

Silent, during Ji Dong and Ji Yeshang fell into were silent, when did not know, on the Ji Dong face had also been covered by the tears, muttered " perhaps, regarding your mother, he was not a man of head. However, he is one has the courage man. With own liked dying together, perhaps, home to return to that this was he early thought. One

Before Ji Yeshang gently nodded "father at the point of death, has left behind several blood characters on the bed. Is dies, will not make my child the cageling again. The magic beast partner broken lizard dragon that the father received the heavy losses disappeared. Now wants to come, certainly was father makes it lead you to leave there. Has not thought that you inherit is actually not defending of father magic power, but is your mother's balanced Yin-Yang fire attribute. The family/home will try hard to look for your whereabouts, but, nobody knows that your long anything appearance, they found finally, only then broken the corpse of lizard dragon. Until yellow Liming attains the jade sign that on your neck hangs, when is symbolizing a jade sign of my equal king clan, we know, you actually really exist, moreover living." Stopped, Ji Yeshang has stood in front of Ji Dong, both hands held his shoulder, " Ji Dong, said these many, I only want to tell you a matter. Your father, mother, has never discarded you, they before, feared that at the point of death you fall into palace that prisoner's cage life to make you depart. The father really gets rid, should be I am right. You can tell me, is this who is actually wrong to whom? Some grandfather choices of? For a glory of equal king clan, as the juniors who inherits only, has other choices really? Perhaps, you will hate the grandfather because of father's matter, but, we as the children, what qualifications account also there is to hate the elder? The performance of tragedy, not necessarily really some people make mistakes. What the father pursues is free, what grandfather pursues is the family glory. Who is wrong to who?

Chapter 176: Fuses the divine tool, pinnacle Yang Thunder

Ji Yeshang is gazing at Ji Dong: "Younger brother, do you know? Knew after the news that the father passed away, the grandfather will close in the room entire seven days has not gone out. After he goes out of the door, has set two customs, one, is the family successors must live together one room with the head of the clan, second, is the family successors after the age amounts to 20 years old, can choose the vice- occupation that like. From then on, before me am 20 years old, besides in the Yin-Yang School study, has never left the grandfather half step. Even when just arrived at Yin-Yang School, the grandfather accompanies me on to seek every day together. Although the grandfather never said that the feeling that but I can actually deeply check he loves to my, or liked pouring into to the father and to me completely on me, can I disappoint him? The grandfather could not stand next time to attack. I did not ask you to return to the family, I hope, really do not go to the strange grandfather again. Ok?"

Ji Dong shook the head "I not to go to blame anyone now, but feels sorrowful." The sorrow that he said does not feel for oneself sorrowful, but arrives at Ji Dong before this world for him, the also Ji Dong parents feel sorrowful. Right that Ji Yeshu said that who this matter is very difficult to say to be wrong to. How can he? He only knows, beforehand Ji Dong is the genuine victim.

The shoulder in a flash, works loose Ji Yetao hand, sighed, Ji Dong said:
"You go back to tell him, I do not hate him. Also does not want to hate anybody again. But similarly, I will not go back. There is not my family/home."

Ji Yeshang sank on long time "I understood, telling grandfather who your words I can be left intact. Ji Dong, do you later plan to do?"

Ji Dong said: "After the war of Holy and Evil ended, I will possibly travel for pleasure on continent one."

Ji Yeshang nodded " Ji Dong, previous time you struck to kill Ji Yifeng, it can be said that made the Central Earth Empire whole nation chaos. Although as well as you were under the life experience influence of equal queen has pressed in repressing of two supreme powerhouses. However, present Central Earth Empire has changed, the imperial family direct line bloodlines cut off because of the Ji Yifeng death, through the profound ancestor's mediation, the grandfather agreed that adopts me for direct line. A throne actually nobody of our equal king clan inherited.

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "Said, you were the Central Earth Empire new crown prince? Will Central Earth Empire also allow you to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield?"

Ji Yeshang sticks out chest "this is my ambition, has not entered Holy and Evil Battlefield, how can also be true Mage. This is I am also adopted the direct line that side only request. If one day, you tired, tired, goes home to have a look. The father and your mother were buried in together, the grandfather has not separated them again. Even if you are only worship them well one."

"I will go."Ji Dong nodded, for the former master of this body, he certainly will also go. Although he to equal Wang Jia zu not any interest, but worships the parents for the original master of this body, this is the matter that must do. Also calculates that settles causes and effects.

Suddenly, a huge pressure from airborne transmits, caused that Ji Dong and Ji Yeshang simultaneously look up toward airborne. Sees only in the midair that giant thunder ball to release ten thousand rays of light suddenly. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon huge body once more presents before the people.

30 meters huge body powerhouse aura blooms excitedly, terrifying dragon prestige made the hills tremble, the purple electric light circulation, the faint and airborne ten thousand thunder broke into a jail are coordinating with each other across a great distance. Without a doubt, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has promoted the Rank 9 degree truly, moreover its own magic power also had the earth-shaking change. As if purest thunder and lightning condensation, but to become like.

Fu Rui also similarly appeared form, the person saw his time in the presence of everyone, first saw was his vision, was similar to the cold electricity general purple vision from out of the blue under. Above forehead, were many a item, is glittering the bewitching purple light eye pupil. Under the bronze skin, the purple light passes, shell auspicious at this moment, looks like the god of thunder descends to earth general. originally in his top of the head is White Yang Crown, now turned into the amethystinus, cannot see Yin-Yang attribute again. Seven-Crown Two Stars, was demonstrating his magic power has promoted the Level 74 degree in such a short time. Whole person and cross below purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon unified whole. That huge pressure that the whole body releases has even dominated above Zhu Rong, in Ji Dong has seen in powerhouse, as if also only then the supreme powerhouse can dominate above him completely. It seems is only the promotion of Level 2, but the Fu Rui strength had the qualitative leap without doubt.

Others do not understand, but Ji Dong actually understands, Yin-Yang Crown change for with own magic power similar color, what this on behalf is the pinnacle, pinnacle magic power. Yes, Fu Rui own Yang Thunder magic power while that divine tool thunder Yushen axe fuses completes with him, his own magic power has also evolved became pinnacle Yang Thunder. Ordinary magic power to the evolution of pinnacle magic power, making Fu Rui now one of the world genuine powerhouses.

"This is, pinnacle Yang Thunder?"Yao Qianshu arrives at side Ji Dong, having the tone of several points of doubts to ask. For several days, his injury, although was good, but the person actually appeared very depressed. Since he has been one in heavenly stems disciple, the choice has been separated from the disciple, is not small to his attack, a person's belief was subverted, this feeling is uncomfortable. Ji Dong has not persuaded him, this matter only then thought clearly, can really understand, but he actually every day accompanied Yao Qianshu to cultivate together, this is also why Ji Yeshu waits for him to idle to ask him until today to say the reason of life experience.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Should right, fellow apprentice's magic power itself be existence of variation, the might dominates above ordinary ten departments magic power, this time receives the stimulation of divine tool to have once more variation thus evolution is very possible."

Yao Qianshu somewhat dumbfounded say/way: "It seems like, my understanding must be subverted completely. This generation of heavenly stems disciple outcomes what's the matter,"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Couldn't you have seen through? The heavenly stems disciple is only an unwarranted reputation. Acme magic power cannot represent all, although Aofeng these people are having pinnacle magic power, but they actually have not been the consciousness of disciple, these people can be called the heavenly stems disciple. Should be recovered pinnacle magic power is not you and I, but is they are right."

In the Yao Qianshu eye reveals several points of firm look "Ji Dong, after the war of this Holy and Evil ended, I decided that looks for the secret. Do you go with me together?"

In the sea recalled that initially the prediction of secret, Ji Dong shook the head ", I have my matter to process."

In this time, in the midair is full of the long and loud cry that shocks to shake to resound shocking, follows, the sound of also that distant dragon recitation. Ray restraining, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon pair of wings opens the phoenix toward flying in circles to fall. Although does not have t that dazzling ten colors, but that pure Ye outstanding scale pomelo from it, can see, in front of this Giant Dragon all parties had the qualitative leap. Even if were Ji Dong also somewhat envies Thunder Emperor, although he also had Huo'er to take the partner, but Huo'er was not suitable into the mount, was away from Six-Crown, his also not small disparity. Can to Six- Crown, oneself be able to find a suitable magic beast partner really becomes the mount?

"Hahahaha"frank big laughter from resounds for the Swiss mouth, turns over/stands up to leap the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon broad back, this time he, the makings of whole person seemed compared with before sinks to congeal, the originally majestic body was greater, and color of eye pupil turned into the mysterious deep purple, looked about besides Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, no one dares to look at each other with him. An item that especially on the forehead are many, although is closing, but actually as before gives people a terrifying pressure.

Ye Xin just like directing swallow cast cherishes the common diving posture to Fu Rui in front, has not waited for her to open the mouth, Fu Rui has hugged into the bosom "to make you be worried her."

Ye Xin somewhat surprisedly visits him, beforehand Thunder Emperor may never say this warm will of the people words.

A Fu Rui item of glow changes Ji Dong: "This and Li Yonghao that fellow fights, made me realize own strength the flaw. Acme Pang gold/metal of fellow is truly formidable, if not because you threatened the life of their important personage, I am unable the seizing the chance wound to him. If in five years, I, definitely was not his match. This time has resulted in thunder Yushen the axe luckily, my magic power has also promoted the pinnacle, five years later, must make that final weapon break surely under my god axe."

Ji Dong goes forward several steps, arrives in front of Fu Rui: "Senior Brother, congratulated. Actually is this thunder Yushen axe what kind of divine tool?"

Fu Rui said: "It has merged into one organic whole with me completely, thunder Yushen the axe, it can be said that ten thousand thunder break into a jail the most precious object that produces. These ten thousand thunder break into a jail do not know that from where comes, the energy of implication was too terrifying, even if dozens supreme powerhouses adds together, is unable to compare with it. Fluctuates after a lot of years of thunder strength, thunder and lightning heavenly prestige in ten thousand thunder break into a jail under extrusion and condensation, changed into purest thunder strength, gradually condensation formation. Becoming a day god of thunder bead, on this day the god of thunder bead is the predecessor of thunder Yushen axe, does not know that was who uses the supernatural power to transform the formation it. Is the genuine divine tool. I have heard, the heavenly stems disciples have own exclusive divine tool, that is with, appointed Crystal Crown and world of supernatural power heavenly stems disciple fuses the transformation. This thunder Yushen axe should not be weak in these heavenly stems gods installs."

Arrives here, both eyes of Fu Rui have shone suddenly, has aggressively: "Now is Rank 10 magic beast, I also self-examine strength of the spelling. The war of also several days of Holy and Evil must end, while this opportunity, I prepares the Holy and Evil Island in-depth place to search lost to view turns, has a look also whether again to have other harvests. Although this Holy and Evil Island danger, but also is a Taiwan."

nodded that Ji Dong deep to be so, he also obtained the amplification of jade of day on Holy and Evil Island, awakens Chaos Fire, can thus transform in two great pinnacle magic power willfully, thus the strength increases, but also obtained that not to know how the cultivation effect will extinguish the god to strike, after leaving here, first melted to bury that golden armor young girl, then he must see Lie Yan (raging flames), practiced this to extinguish the god to strike while convenient: "Senior Brother, I and you are together thorough."

At this time saw Fu Rui to end divine tool fusion, the people have encircled, the Fu Rui hesitation moment, said: "After the beforehand service, thinks that Dark Five Elements Continent Mages does not dare to carry on the major decisive action with us again. The leaf is faded and fallen, here gives you, you lead everybody to hunt and kill this Rank 6 magic beast on seventh, several brothers just broke through Level 60, seeks for the appropriate mount for them well. Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, you two penetrate Holy and Evil Island to have a look with me and Ye Xin together."

Heard that must penetrate Holy and Evil Island, before , Yao Qianshu of fall in the blues also somewhat has been excited, the nod should be.

Ye Xin one hear of Fu Rui must lead her to go together, naturally beams with joy not to have the opinion. She also broke through Level 60, although ranks in Yin-Yang School as in Long Tian above them, but actually not own magic beast. Fu Rui is leading her, obviously also wants to choose a magic beast partner for her.

As for Yao Qianshu and Ji Dong, itself has pinnacle magic power, two people strength self-preservation has, will not hold back. After strength promotion of Fu Rui, self-examines to protect three people completely without question.

"Boss, leads me to go. Let me also experience."Ji Yeshang as if the appearance that restores the past to be laughing and playing, even some flattering said to Fu Rui.

Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "You? Whom I lead to go unable to lead you to go! If Central Earth Empire dies again a crown prince, perhaps continent must raise a rumpus. You solid later. Faded and fallen, you favor night extremely this boy to me, cannot make him have the mistake."

leaf Piaoling suppresses the happy expression, said: "Boss, you could rest assured that has me, this boy cannot be inescapable. Leaves the school time, fellow directors repeatedly urged, cannot make this boy move secretly. Even Lianping and other king your highness personally arrive at the school. I will protect personal his."

Ji Yeshang somewhat seeks help looks to Ji Dong, after a former war, without a doubt, the Ji Dong status large scale promotion here, became the second person from Fu Rui. Ji Dong looks up the day, as if simply has not seen the Ji Yeshang look, muttered: "Senior Brother, today the weather is good, if you magic power does not have the issue, our leaves."

Ji Yeshang follows his vision to look to the sky, what weather is good? This did Holy and Evil Island except for the overcast sky, how could have other weather? This brat.

"Ji Dong, I am your blood elder brother! You cannot like this to me!"

Ji Dong turns head to look to him: "Central Earth Empire had a crown prince to be killed by me, can could it be also die because of me again? If I have not remembered incorrectly, imperial family direct line bloodlines besides you only then I, if you died, I do want to be forced to enter that prisoner's cage? Such good, I promise you, if later has the opportunity, certainly helps you make one to suit your magic beast."

The status of Crown Prince Central Earth Empire, made Ji Yeshang at all not the person who was possible to find to help him speak, looked toward all around looked, nodded that finally must accept fate.

The Fu Rui big hand wields, is bringing Ye Xin, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, jumps, falls on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon broad back, the Giant Dragon pair of wings launches, directly soars the Holy and Evil Island interior to go.


Chapter 177: Thorough Holy and Evil Island

"Holy and Evil Island altogether 18 Layers, Martial Ancestor said, in the past once had the powerhouse to penetrate into 13 th, but that is our human can the most thorough place. Never some people can after entering 13 th have also been living coming out." The Fu Rui sinking sound said.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, Ye Xin sits before the Fu Rui body, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu sit in Fu Rui behind, Giant Dragon after this evolution on that the mantle soaring, it is thunder attribute, did not fear that in the sky has the thunder to fall, in the world of this law of the jungle, disperses completely own dragon prestige, at this time they entered Holy and Evil Island ninth, not having magic beast dares to provoke.

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, that these nine to 13 magic beast distributions is also same as front several?"

Fu Rui shook the head, said: "Naturally is different. Eighth, lives Rank 6 to live in groups magic beast. Arrived ninth, what life is Rank 7 magic beast, tenth is Rank 7 lives in groups magic beast. But to 11 th start, in having magic beast will live in groups. magic beast cultivation base Rank 8, wisdom has promoted to the certain extent, they will have definitely oneself territory, will not share with other magic beast. Therefore, 11 th and 12 and 13, separately are living Rank 8, Rank 9 and Rank 10 formidable magic beast. From 11 th start, is the Holy and Evil Island death area. Any magic beast, is extremely powerful existence." Yao Qianshu gasped "13 th is most formidable Rank 10 magic beast. What is that again inward? In 13 also five, could it be it is heavenly stems is Divine Beast inadequate?"

Fu Rui shook the head, said: "Martial Ancestor has said that will not have heavenly stems Divine Beast to exist on Holy and Evil Island. Celestial stems Divine Beast only has on our Light Five Elements Continent or Dark Five Elements Continent. No one knows what lives in Holy and Evil Island true core region five is anything. Martial Ancestor said, his Martial Ancestor initially once thoroughly had been to 13 th, looks out to a deeper place there, as if saw five do not see the peak that top/withstand high, drills into ten thousand thunder to break into a jail just like Tienchu generally. Five mountain l peaks separately are the five types colors. In addition, his anything has not seen. This is we at present regarding the Holy and Evil Island core five only understanding."

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, are our time goals several?"

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "Goal 12. There is generally living Rank 9 magic beast, by me and strength of thunder, copes should not any issue. You assist from side, the attention safely is. 13 must waits for us to come next time again the time attempts. Rank 10 magic beast is step magic beast, nearly existence of Divine Beast , compared with Rank 9 magic beast is the qualitative leap, is equal the supreme powerhouse in our world, is not present I can resist."

Yao Qianshu somewhat embarrassed say/way: "Big Brother Fu Rui, this, I"

Fu Rui turns head glanced at him, "man big Fumio, afraid to say a word doing, had the words to say."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Can trouble you, helps me make attribute suitable magic beast?"

Listened to the Yao Qianshu words, in the Ji Dong heart one startled, before he had not paid attention to Yao Qianshu in level that in the fight reveals: "Money tree, your Level 60? Quickly?"Must know, previous time two people separate, Yao Qianshu also Level 50, if he such quickly broke through Level 60, simply was too shocking, was much quicker compared with Ji Dong cultivation.

Yao Qianshu hurries to shake the head, said: "Before one year, my most time cultivated five elements method in our present buried treasure there, although the cultivation base promotion is not slow, but how possibly such quickly, Level 60. My present magic power Level 54, quickly was overtaken by you."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "What magic beast Level 54 do you want?
You cannot sign the contract."

Yao Qianshu said: "This you do not know. Our heavenly stems disciple, Oh, no, our pinnacle magic power owner, is different from ordinary Mage. Is relying on own pinnacle magic power, we only need to break through Level 50, can sign with magic beast. Moreover magic beast also likes signing with us generally, Big Brother Fu Rui situation you also saw, after his magic power evolution, while convenient the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon was also having pinnacle magic power. This is advantage that the contract brings. In other words, if after we and magic beast sign the contract, this magic beast certainly will only evolve, has pinnacle magic power. Therefore, so long as defeats magic beast, we sign the success ratio of contract to approach in 100% infinitely."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Originally pinnacle magic power also such advantage. Such looks like, my also Level 49. If one breaks through Level 50 diligently,"to think that can have a magic beast mount, has a look under the body again that incomparably powerful purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, the heart of Ji Dong immediately becomes fiery. However, he also knows, wants to break through Level 50 in a short time is not an easy matter, after all, the bottleneck of also Five-Crown rank. Carries on the breakthrough on this Holy and Evil Island is really not suitable. Naturally, before he currently also had, superiority that does not have, that will again not have the Yin-Yang conflict, thinks that breaks through Five- Crown not to be difficult. "Little Junior Brother, this arrives is good means that if you can break through in these several days of time. Helps you seek for one to suit own magic beast."

Yao Qianshu stared wide-eyed, said: "Ji Dong, weren't you had the magic beast partner? I have been very strange, why you do not arrive at Level 50 to sign the contract."

Ji Dong said: "Huo'er is not my contract magic beast, is only my good partner. We are the genuine friends. She because of own body reason, with me in the same place, has the effect of therapy."

Yao Qianshu was puzzled said: "But, its attribute and you are exactly the same, is Yin-Yang two fires. Heavens! If not need to sign the contract to have that formidable magic beast, you can also have one again?"

Ji Dong sighed, said: "It is not easy. Although Holy and Evil Island most suits grasps the magic beast place, but my situation is special, not only has not broken through Level 50, but also I am the Yin-Yang two fires attribute, wanted to find the appropriate magic beast partner to be it can be said that difficult. Only can try one's luck."

After the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon evolves to Rank 9, flight clearly increases, quick, it led the people to pass over gently and swiftly Holy and Evil Island ninth and tenth and 11 th.

After entering ninth, the Holy and Evil Island terrain becomes complex, no longer is the sole one terrain, but has the lake, forest, mountain peak and hill even is the swampy ground and other complex terrains pieces together. Indistinct can feel is hiding numerous formidable aura. However, the aura of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon was too tyrannical, Rank 9 magic beast, in addition with walking slowly and aimlessly breaks into a jail Yang Thunder and breath that suddenly coincides, how let alone one stops Ying compared with his rank low magic beast with other slow magic beast, does not dare to affront easily. Therefore, this arrives is quite tranquil, even if meets flight magic beast, these magic beast by far will also avoid, does not dare to live to conflict with the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. Less than a double-hour, they arrived at this line of destinations, Holy and Evil Island 12 th.

"Thunder, we get down."Fu Rui shouted.

Although he and thunder adds, has not feared Rank 9 magic beast, but here after all is Holy and Evil Island, was too obvious in the airborne goal, if causes 12 Rank 9 magic beast to rally together to attack it, they cannot withstand.

Draws in the pair of wings, thunder huge body falls to the ground loudly. Before saw in the airborne four people, this Holy and Evil Island 12 th, was primarily a giant lake, the surroundings mostly were the mountain forest. On the scenery words, after here was they entered Holy and Evil Island, has seen the best place. If not in the sky is cloudy, reed color/look also several points.

The giant lake surface is very tranquil, is reflecting the light brilliance just like the blue crystal mirror surface generally, on the lake surface, the dense mist flutters gently, tranquil has added several points of mysterious air to this. Does not need to ask that the Ji Dong four people also know, this seems like under the tranquil lake water is not the surface is like this tranquil, formidable magic beast that has not blamed.

On Holy and Evil Island, more enters to the inner layer, the magic beast quantity will be instead less, but the strength is getting stronger and stronger. Conscientious, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu carry on the back to leap successively from the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, but Ye Xin keeps the dragon to carry on the back with Fu Rui in the same place.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon restrains own imposing manner, the Fu Rui vision becomes the police is also cautious, Rank 9 magic beast resists him not to fear directly, but if Rank 9 magic beast is sneak attacking in secret, regarding the people is also quite dangerous, particularly level also low Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu.

Yao Qianshu and Ji Dong did not swing one time to coordinate, followed side Ji Dong, his hand according to the Ji Dong back Monarch demon Yin- Yang armor, another hand has pressed directly down nearby ape big tree, the emerald brilliance released quietly, without any intense magic power fluctuation, some were only Yang and the vitality.

Yao Qianshu pinnacle Second Wood of pinnacle First Wood and scorpion, although the beam energy spread leaves the life aura, but the two are different. The life aura that Yao Qianshu pinnacle First Wood disperses is Yang and the noble spirit, but pinnacle Second Wood of scorpion is thoroughly seizes every opportunity. This is the difference of Yin-Yang attribute, similarly is the vitality, there is a difference.

Both eyes closed, First Wood condensation law appears behind Yao Qianshu slowly, here besides the lake, is woods, his pinnacle First Wood magic power is used to search lost to view is appropriate, by him and forest compatible, so long as is magic beast hides in the forest, he can easily presently.

That light emerald brilliance quietly spreads in the air, flies outward the radiative proliferation.

Ji Dong within the body magic power revolves, Teng Snake changed, Vermilion Bird changes already also released, he does not dare to be negligent in this place, Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang only then can be put by his present strength in the special environment, even if there is a Yao Qianshu amplification to be insufficient. He does not need to consider to kill the enemy, so long as protected to be OK.

After long time, Yao Qianshu opens both eyes, takes back own magic power, was puzzled said: "Really strange, the surrounding area in several thousand square meters, a magic beast aura does not have. My magic power even can extend to the lake surface under some plants, does not have presently the magic beast aura. could it be said that this 12 th so tranquil?"

The Ji Dong look moves: "No, a situation possibly was you presently. If here magic beast with your same attribute . Moreover the strength crosses your Rank 3 by far, has made up for the pinnacle attribute aura, you perhaps. " Ji Dong just spoke of here, suddenly, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon raised the head suddenly, the whole body width reaches the thick scale to start loudly, the dazzling thunder and lightning ray releases suddenly regarding the body, the tyrannical incomparable imposing manner changes into the dense purple light to shoot up to the sky together.

"Be careful, has the powerful enemy."Fu Rui loudly shouted, opens in third eyes that center his forehead raises up quietly, the deep purple electro- optic shoots together, falls in his hand. A handle length an approximately ten meters giant plain battle axe appears during he grasps. That divine tool, thunder Yushen axe. But the present thunder Yu god axe almost enlarges hundred times, it just now a appearance, the surrounding air immediately becomes sticks the monkey to get up, other species Yuan carve to be scattered crazily, but the ten thousand thunder in midair break into a jail rolling move, was being directed by its aura shore likely, may explode anytime.

What is strange, in woods not any formidable imposing manner response, but the vision of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon actually becomes extremely discrete, moreover retroceded slowly two steps. Although present it is also not the Rank 9 peak strength, but, has the pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, even if meets Rank 9 peak magic beast also to have the victory without the defeat, this also why Fu Rui has the confidence to lead the people to arrive at this 12 th important reason, can make his caution and care hence, did could it be say?

Sense of crisis instantaneous full in Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu heart. Fu Rui solemnly shouted: "Behind you fall back on, may be Rank 10 Divine Beast. If is really Rank 10, I block it, you lift off first, we meet again to gather."

Ye Xin brows slightly wrinkled "so will not be bad luck. Our materials are not right, not only this 12 th Rank 9 magic beast habitat."

In the time that the people extremely police fear, suddenly, a sound passed from the woods, "do not begin, do not begin. I do not have the evil intention, I am recognize the Lord. Do not begin! Even if cannot kill me, destroyed here flowers and plants not to be good." In the people are full of under the vision gaze that the police fear, from that woods, jumping runs a young pig, yes, is a young pig, moreover looks at its appearance, but also pants, has feeling out of breath greatly. This young pig fresh is quite actually lovable, all over the body snow white, corpulent, entire seems looks like a round spheroid, height about one foot, runs not to be quick on the ground, what is quite unusual, in him from back
** in the position, there is a big green bottle-gourd flower design. But, it does not have any formidable aura to disperse.

The war of Holy and Evil must end finally, after this war, can be what kind of plot? Is small, three will be more splendid, everybody who the following content will write will wait. At the end of the month the last ten days of the month, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.)


Chapter 178: Rank 10?

Chrysanthemum pig
Saw the chest of young pig that back does the promising flowered trace from the woods comes out! Besides the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, Fu Rui, Ye Xin, Ji Dong, Yao Qianshu, is dull. They cannot think, in first magic beast that this high-risk Holy and Evil Island 12 th sees, is one looks at the labor to go to very lovable white young pig unexpectedly.

Only then purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, after seeing it, according to day is the low roar again and again, contorts one's face in agony, but has not actually moved the attack. Strength of unceasing circulation whole body thunder and lightning jumps, as if there is possibility of release anytime.

"Everybody bends down, peaceful, peaceful. You cannot see, this Saint pig well-meant?" The young pig rushed to a distance purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon also 20 meters place to stop, raising head of some hard sledding said to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon.

magic beast that can speak, what is representing? Rank 10, Divine Beast.
Only then Rank 10 magic beast can have the ability of speech.

Does Yao Qianshu probe asking "you are being Rank 10 magic beast?"

That young pig sees Yao Qianshu, careful small eyes turned into the crescent moon shape immediately, unexpectedly likely is appearance of beaming with joy "! Yes! My future master, I naturally am Rank 10 magic beast, otherwise can live in this Holy and Evil Island deep place? Is called me for the rose pig. Quick, making me recognize the Lord. I felt a moment ago your pinnacle First Wood magic power, I am also pinnacle First Wood, is less suitable than me your magic beast. "

Rank 10 magic beast looks like Nine-Crown Mage of human, is having pinnacle magic power, why this is also Rank 9 magic beast and Rank 10 magic beast different reason.

Yao Qianshu dumbfounded say/way: "Can you recognize me for Lord?
Doesn't need to defeat you first?"

Special rose pig arrogant looking up, does not certainly use. Our Rank 10 magic beast, has the wisdom of your human. So long as can leave Holy and Evil Island this damned place, but also defeats anything! Made me meet your such one to have pinnacle magic power Mage with great difficulty, I do not want incautiously to give to kill you. What also waits, could it be this Saint pig was unable , when your magic beast partner? Oh, remembers, what I must sign is the master and servant contract, I am main. You is a servant. This conforms to the status of my Saint pig. "

Here, this and other rose pigs also desirably emphasized: "I am Rank 10 magic beast, you think, had me as your magic beast crouches/submits Ban, is a matter of how eye-catching?"

Yao Qianshu shakes the head again and again, said: "This is not definitely good, how possibly is the master and servant contract? Even if master and servant contract, should I be Lord you are the servant. Although you are Rank 10 magic beast, but I am the Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems First Wood disciple, in the future the show will be limitless. In less than multi- lengths the ten-day period, my strength will jump over you. Let alone, treats as magic beast crouches/submits Ban with a pig, this is not realistic, I do not want to be scoffed. You do as you please. I will not answer with you make."

Compared with familiar Yao Qianshu Ji Dong clearly saw that Yao Qianshu in the eye is glittering at this time the bright ray, in the heart is laughing in one's heart, this bent down distinctly has moved, on the mouth actually does not spare a glance to the present province rose pig. Although Ji Dong is very strange, why this truly should be the Rank 10 magic beast chrysanthemum pig will look for labor Yao Qianshu on own initiative, but this after all is Rank 10 magic beast! However, this fellow met had the medicine medicine to the dying sickness, the money tree that money crossed being predestined friends person title, wanted to profit is not easy.

Fu Rui sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon back labor, in Ye Xin with bosom looks at each other one, reveals the surprised color/look, Fu Rui just wants to say anything, had actually been stopped " their matter by Ji Dong with the vision, making them solve. "

Although on the mouth said that but Ji Dong Fu Rui does not have the slightest bit to relax, facing " Rank 10 magic beast , if less careful, if by its attack, that may be the ruinous disaster.

Did the amiable rose pig stare in a big way his pair of small eyes, what was surprised said "? Have you rejected great Divine Beast unexpectedly? Although I am a pig, but I am under the entire day the most formidable pig, has the pig class magic beast most formidable ability. Do you dare to hide to regard me unexpectedly?"

Yao Qianshu labor first two steps, say/way of assuming an air of self approbation: "The most formidable pig is also the pig. You have not heard, delivering is not the business, you deliver the labor gate on own initiative, itself has censured the value. Why do I want to sign with you? Even if ordinary First Wood department magic beast, so long as signs after me, I am also same to be able it to train into Rank 10 magic beast."

Some rose pig somewhat angry looks at Yao Qianshu, "really bad luck. Runs into an appropriate person with great difficulty, actually so is calculating. Your human is really mean! Thinks that my special rose pig, on this Holy and Evil Island is also No. 1 character. Actually was despised by you. I must kill you."


Building Was saying, behind the rhyme rose pig deep green Portuguese pattern has shone suddenly, its , only then the ruler body rises suddenly instantaneously, in an instant inflated has reached as high as 50 meters, a height hundred meters terrifying degree. Has seven, eight purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is so big. The aura of incomparable terrifying, comes just like the essence general oppression, everyone has the feeling of unable to breath.

Fu Rui loudly shouted, in hand of thunder Yushen axe previous in body horizontal, immediately such as lets such as mountain the airing of heavenly thunder, in ten thousand thunder with sky breaks into a jail coordinates with each other across a great distance, this reluctantly resisted for the terrifying pressure that the flowered pig released.

The level emerald gloss covers on the dog flower pig, its huge body occupies a commanding position looks to Yao Qianshu "base and low human, saw this Saint pig formidable strength. Now you change the idea swimming with enough time. Looked that your potential is good, has pinnacle First Wood magic power, can lead me to leave Holy and Evil Island this damned place, you think that this Saint pig will condescend?"

Yao Qianshu snorted, are you also powerful what kind of? Has Big Brother often/common Rui, our whole bodies draw back without question. You were also clear, have missed this time, perhaps you forever have not left this Holy and Evil Island opportunity. Such good, your I draw back one step. We sign Equal Contract, this is the lower limit that I can accept, otherwise, we pat the racket ** immediately... Leaves, you continued to flaunt in this Holy and Evil Island are ominously good. "

After tube flower pig body inflates, eyes is not as before big, in small eyes the eyeball turning round chaotic revolutions, makes the ponder shape. The huge pressure was weaken gradually, swung corpulently, sighed, say/way that the heart unwilling sentiment did not hope "good, calculates that my old pig was bad luck. Must leave this Holy and Evil Island to say first again."

Was saying, sees only it to swing the body in a flash, green light restraining, in an instant changed the original size, an aquamarine cyanogen emitted from the mouth, from the sky condensed a strange mark. In the air has filled pinnacle First Wood immediately the unique huge life aura, the command presented everyone to be full of the comfortable feeling.

Yao Qianshu both eyes are greatly bright, hurry to go forward one step, the breaking by biting right hand index finger fingertip, depending on delimits to outline a similar mark void, the star plans pinnacle First Wood the brand mark and mark of boundary flower of pig blowout magic power and his little girl fluid in the spatial fusion.

Immediately, the golden light in airborne shines together, just like bridge Liang common 20 people of bodies links, this is the bridge of contract, once bridge of formation contract, means that two people Equal Contract have formed. Regarding magic beast or Mage, the contract is extremely important. In the Mage life can only the hoof tie one time such contract, but magic beast after the decoration ties the contract, only if the master died, otherwise cannot rebel.

Saw that the bridge of dragonfly contract ties, Yao Qianshu cannot endure patiently the self-satisfaction in heart again, laughs loudly, can tie the contract with a Rank 10 magic beast decoration, without a doubt, this absolutely is a rousing matter. Had the help of this Rank 10 magic beast, magic power only then fifty levels of he can become present age one of the powerhouses directly, can he not smile?



However, what making the people somewhat strange was, Ai Huazhu has smiled unexpectedly, moreover smiled was louder than Yao Qianshu, looks at its self-satisfied appearance, occupied is not worse than Yao Qianshu.

"What do you smile?"Yao Qianshu was puzzled asked.

The tube flower pig assumes an air of self approbation, complacent say/way: "Finally can leave Holy and Evil Island this damned place, can I not smile? Here was really too dangerous, had the massacred possibility anytime. This Saint pig can so mostly not be exactly easy! Later making merry of Saint pig, depended on you. Did not need to sort the corpse to eat two everywhere"

Yao Qianshu dumbfounded visits it, wait/etc., you wait first. What is picks the corpse to eat? As Rank 10 magic beast, besides same rank magic beast, you should also be considered as the labor on this Holy and Evil Island is one generation of overlords. How can also pick what thing? "

Especially flower pig chuckled, said: "Has signed in any case, you regretted also late. The truth told you to be good, although this Saint pig the strength was extremely formidable, but actually not any attack skill. But is many of eating, therefore the rapidness of evolution, the body became the Rank 10 magic beast level, but, I will not fight, you do not need to count on that I helped you fight."

"?"Yao Qianshu has not thought that this just may also show Rank 10 magic beast of powerful strength actually to say such words.

"But, you did not say a moment ago, you do have the pig class magic beast strongest ability?"Asking that Yao Qianshu does not lose heart.

Lotus pig nodded, said: "Right! I asked you, what was the ability of pig? Eats. In all pig class magic beast, absolutely not compared with existence that I can eat. Does not have the combat capability, will I run up to this 12 th to come?"At the same time was saying, before he also lifts one
, the hoof referred to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon "it such big family/home bending down, I can also stutter. My capacity for food is very big Oh. Later depended on you."

Yao Moushu stands there dull, the feelings of some wanting to cry but have no tears, he always to parsimoniously become famous, to bargain back and forth, the astute as ghost is famous, cannot think, oneself was deceived unexpectedly such miserably. No wonder, no wonder this pig on own initiative will run over with signs the contract. Its unexpectedly what attack capability?

Ji Dong arrives at side Yao Qianshu, doubts asked to Gou Huazhu: Aura that "that state you show what's the matter? I not only one time had seen Rank 10 Divine Beast, your aura truly not the slightest difference with them."

Tube flower pig snorted "this Saint pig is Rank 10 magic beast, naturally will have the Rank 10 magic beast aura. Usually if could not find the corpse, depends on this aura to frighten these small and weakly to outside, some magic beast, scare to death directly eats again. This Rank 10 magic beast aura, I already have not known how long dead."

Ji Dong, Fu Rui, the Ye Xin vision simultaneously looks to Yao Qianshu, the Ji Dong racket the shoulder of Yao Qianshu "restrains grief, has not thought that will meet such mean, shameless Rank 10 magic beast."

"I"Yao Qianshu wicked looks to recommending flowered pig "dead fat pig, do you believe that after the father exits, has sold the pork you by the Jin."

The flower pig lies toward the earthwork, very innocent looks at Yao Qianshu saying: "Ok, I did not oppose. However, I must tell you am, a moment ago when the persimmon tied the contract, I one was not small, the heart added own vitality. You possibly are too excited, too has not paid attention. Because my life aura is by far more formidable than you, therefore, even if you do not have Si intent, our present persimmons tie is also the life shares Equal Contract. If my old pig died, you could not feel better, it is estimated that also can only accompany me. You later may probably protect me well, otherwise, you yourself may miserable six"

Yao Qianshu both eyes red comes up on the strategic place, he does not have to think oneself astute these many years, such doing business at a loss that this time can lose unexpectedly, wished one could one to kill two Ji Dong to hurry to hold on him "this pig too to be really sly. However, you must think toward advantage. How regardless to say, it can survive in this dangerous Holy and Evil Island labor now, has the seeking livehood skill surely. Really is not good, his frightens the ability of person. Perhaps after you sign the contract, will it have the combat capability gradually?"

Yao Qianshu eye tearful looks that Ji Dong "I want dead, my how such revoke settling of accounts"all year long will hit the swallow, was actually pecked the eye by the swallow. I do not live "

In any event sighed woefully, meets the male book to accept the bottle- gourd flower pig finally became oneself magic beast crouches/submits Ban fact, moreover magic beast crouches/submits Ban of life sharing.

Sits in the earthwork, Yao Qianshu and bring up/rear Huazhu is dumbfounded, he wants to throw to punch this really very much to bend down fat. But the fact labor, Yao Qianshu really did not have that skill now, although the bottle-gourd flower pig will not attack, but it, so long as shows own original personal appearance, in the huge disparity as well as huge body of own aura labor, even if it makes Yao Qianshu attack, Yao Qianshu could not injure his anything. After all they are homologous magic power.

Yao Qianshu also can only comfort itself, when looked for the meat shield.

Ye Xin likes bottle-gourd flower pig actually very much, how regardless to say, the family/home of this plump bends down is very lovable.

Skids auspicious to ask to the chrysanthemum pig: "Nearby this does not have magic beast, ran away in fear by your aura?"

Tube flower pig complacent say/way: "That is natural. So long as does not enter 13 scopes, what magic beast feels my aura not to be afraid? Although your this dragon is good, a moment ago was not frightened by me unbearable?"

Ji Dong asked suddenly: "Recommends the flowered pig, in Holy and Evil Island 13, what there is?"

At the end of the month, the monthly ticket did not throw may become invalid, asked the monthly ticket, recommended the ticket.( Not

Chapter 179: 13 the situation in

Ji Dong spends the pig to ask Holy and Evil Island to big wave suddenly ten. The sentiment in level crosses, looked into the distance to pour out the attention of people, was extremely depressed Yao Qianshu also to raise up the ear.

The tube flower pig shot a look at Ji Dong one, before lifting one hoof, two hoof points have been rubbing together %

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "What meaning?"

Tube flower pig snorted "wants to know that such big secret, does not give an advantage, do you feel all right?"

Ji Dong illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, somewhat is funny "no wonder you to be able with the Yao Qianshu signing contract, under this coffin puts out a hand the skill that dies to ask for money, is almost the same actually."

Yao Qianshu angrily said: "Do not place on a par with this damn pig me."

The chrysanthemum pig looked at Yao Qianshu one, is groaning the say/way: "Looked, in we have in the Equal Contract share, I do not haggle over with you. Later some you asked this Saint pig time."

Ji Dong "you wants to obtain any advantage to careless rose pig say/way, agree told us situations in 13." The rose pig has a look at the people, the vision to lock on the angry look on Fu Rui forehead finally " his handle axe as if also gathers together, to I have eaten words, I told you.

Four people with one type looked that idiot the vision visits it, the dog flower pig somewhat awkwardly has coughed, looks to the Vermilion Bird bracelet on Ji Dong " or, eats your this bracelet to be also good to me. I collected.

glanced at him that Ji Dong coldly, the wrist/skill turns, several teach. Rank 3 crystal core appears in the palm "these, wants?, We do not would knowing."

The tube flower pig stared in a big way small eyes: "Although said asks an outrageous price, sits renders back the money. But your this was also too ruthless."Saw that Ji Dong must receive crystal technique, it hurries and says "forget about it, ok, the dark green snout moth is also the meat. Who lets you and my contract crouches/submits Ban is a friend? I endured."At the same time was saying, does not see its body to move, the opens the mouth attracts, that several crystal core are swallowed into the abdomen by it immediately.

Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu look at each other one, saw in surprised to grid, these crystal techniques that Ji Dong took out casually did not take, but had the goal. And does not have one is Wood department crystal core, is Fire department, Metal department and so on. Normally this dog flower pig is in itself First Wood attribute, these crystal core are not it should eat, but it ate. No wonder he will say oneself are one that in division class magic beast most can eat, only this digestion ability, is ordinary magic beast is unable to hope to attain % is purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon such Rank 9 pinnacle magic power magic beast, will not eat same attribute crystal core. That is not helpfuls but harmful.

The tube flower pig also calculates to observe the commitment actually, after having eaten the crystal technique, somewhat discontented ba the mouth, "were too few, but also insufficiently fills the gap between teeth, good, I told you to be good. I told you, do not look this Saint pig does not have the combat capability. But, trades Rank 10 magic beast here, does not have the means to tell you in this Holy and Evil Island 13 to have anything. Only then this Saint pig, is only one enters in 13, but can also live is leaving. Ate there me little said three Rank 10 magic beast corpses, will otherwise not grow was so quick. The Rank 10 magic beast real stodginess, eats one to digest for a long time."

Yao Qianshu knits the brows: "Said the key point."

Did the tube flower pig show the whites of the eyes to him "worries? Gives such selects the advantage, but also urges me, do you have the human nature!"

"You"Yao Qianshu restrains by force the anger, has turned head, no longer looked that this clearly is much longer, may actually be mad his small fat pig like mad.

continued that the tube flower pig assumes an air of self approbation: "In that 13, also five, in addition altogether is 18 Layers. Holy and Evil Island altogether has 18 Layers. What kind, this is, huge secret mouth close to."

Yao Qianshu angrily said: "Fart, these we already know, but also said with you?"

Colored pig snorted "line, since you already know, I do not say."

Ji Dong lifts both hands slowly, a black gold/metal, Pinnacle Two Fires simultaneously from palm bright, muttered: "Several days have not eaten the prepared food. You do not have the actual combat capability. Let me examine. You have eaten my several crystal core, I eat your two pork, the open country barbecue, as if also good. Relax, in my most Docze several on good % will not be critical you who sufficed us to eat the safety, by your vitality, was long to be very easy. Most has hurts little."

"What did you say? Can you cut my meat? You dare to threaten solemn Rank 10 magic beast unexpectedly, great Rank 10 magic beast careless rose pig? You are crack a joke, is right?" In the Ji Dong eye the cold light is dense, sonorous, the sharp cutting edge on right hand Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor has shot coming out "you to try to know that I was cracking a joke. The modest book, don't you oppose?"



Yao Qianshu has turned head "my anything not to see."

Acme Yang Fire on Ji Dong right hand spreads to the cutting edge, the cutting edge turned into the golden red immediately, saw that he must begin seriously, the rhyme flower pig has flustered immediately somewhat, good, good, I was the line of cracking a joke. I said that walked. Five in 13, are actually five mountains, shows the cross. The cross center is a yellow mountain, the north side is the black, the south side is the red, the west side is the white, the east side is the clear color/look. magic beast of these five mountains on by our Holy and Evil Island was called as for Mt. Oseong, therefore, five in 13, actually compound, does not divide the priority. "

Mt. Oseong? Hears this name, on Ji Dong flame restraining, questioned closely "that in this Mt. Oseong, is living what kind of magic beast? Other also what characteristics?"

The flower pig said: "Five Saints stop are very high, but outside has the fog to wind around, from outside is could not see that only then enters in the Mt. Oseong range to see clearly. These five mountains do not know that high, drills into ten thousand thunder to break into a jail in any case directly. As if ten thousand thunder break into a jail % in Mt. Oseong that is they forms, who each one is occupied by a Saint beast Sir % to dare to enter lets to their Saints... Territory range,... Must die without doubt."

"Saint beast?"Fu Rui was puzzled said: "Isn't Rank 10 magic beast is top? Celestial stems Divine Beast is the Rank 10 magic beast peak exists. Five are magic beast of could it be Mt. Oseong turban life heavenly stems Divine Beast?" uses/gives Huazhu shakes the head "heavenly stems Divine Beast to be nothing again and again, 13 are living at least seven, eight strengths are not inferior the heavenly stems magic beast family/home bend down. They do not dare to enter in the Mt. Oseong range. The Saint beast is not Rank 10, must according to the words that the step calculates, that should be ten Rank 1. So-called Divine Beast, as before is the beast, Divine Beast this reputation is only of pleasant to hear. But the Saint beast is the genuine half god. They are Yin-Yang blending five elements magic beast."At the same time was saying, it has referred to Ji Dong, said: "Like you, is the Yin-Yang dependency. Therefore calls the five elements Saint beast, is entire world most formidable magic beast. The ancestor of magic beast."

The people look at each other in blank dismay, five elements Saint beast, the ancestor of magic beast, only these two names have been enough to reveal this Holy and Evil Island center for them the mystery. This is dominates above heavenly stems Divine Beast, more formidable existence! Half god, how is that powerful?

Chrysanthemum pig some say/way of showing off: "And family/home crouches/submits Men of my same rank according to 13 these, if five Saint beast Sirs collaborate, even if the genuine god must yield and withdraw, they should be the pets of god king, why will not know the landing world. Probably was invited by your human. Makes concrete me not to know. Previous time I once entered to the Mt. Oseong range, possibly is because I do not have the combat capability, happen to have run into the Saint beast Sir in wooden Holy Mountain, its old person foot has kicked me, kept my poor life."

Vision somewhat scalding hot asking of Yao Qianshu: "What appearance is that wooden Saint beast?"

The earthly branch flower pig white his eyes "you have thought the surface that Saint beast Sir so is easy to see? I heard the voice of Saint beast Sir to think that was very glorious. A azure ball, I was only kicked."

Reply Building

Fu Rui took a deep breath, say/way "no wonder many years ago, two pieces of continent innumerable powerhouses once mutually engaged in factional strife on this Holy and Evil Island, cannot clear light here magic beast. Has caused the massive deads, talented person pale zero. Has so formidable Saint beast to exist, who can be a match. It seems like that this Holy and Evil Island will also go according to old stock this humble one. For perhaps is correct, that ten thousand thunder that the flowered pig a little guesses break into a jail related likely with five Saint beasts that five Saints let % besides the god, whom I cannot find out to condense ten thousand thunder to break into a jail such existence."

Yao Qianshu sighed, said: "It seems like, we forever the world possible not to have searched the lost to view mystery."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "This is also uncertain. The dog flower pig said that these five Saint beasts once were the god king pets, very possible to be dragged down the world by our human, I think, might be our human achieve the Divine level strength to summon them. If so, initially you had said that. Ten one generation of disciples light secretly collaborated, have created this Holy and Evil Island % perhaps, they feared that two pieces of continent fell from the sky because of the war, thus summoned these five mahatma beasts to assume Holy and Evil Island also perhaps. Since our predecessors can summon oh the Saint beast, why in we cannot enter investigate. You still remember that you with I have mentioned the heavenly stems god attire. I think, on this day does the god to install to be possible very much in these five Saint rivers. Un must enter, needed our efforts."

Yao Qianshu nodded, say/way "that also at least wants our magic power to achieve Nine-Crown, after having certain self-preservation ability, may enter. Ji Dong, you may do not show off power!"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Relax, I cannot. This time has not gone down to here in vain, at least made us know actually the Holy and Evil Island technique heart place had anything. You also obtained the magic beast partner." Do not raise this good. " Yao Qianshu looked at dog rose pig one to mention this magic beast partner ill-humoredly ", he depressed serious.

The Fu Rui say/way "walks. We in these ten. The level seeks for Rank 9 magic beast, chrysanthemum pig, you restrain own aura, do not run away in fear magic beast. We must look for one to ascend the Water department Rank 9 magic beast capture."Little Junior Brother, your magic power whether to break through? "

Ji Dong shook the head, said: " Breaks through Level 50 is not matter in one single day, Senior Brother, I have thought. This time misses an opportunity the also next time. I do not have magic beast crouches/submits Ban eagerly , to promote own strength is most important.

When I had a stronger strength, naturally can also sign with more formidable magic beast. " If he cultivates forcefully, can perhaps break through really in a short time, but without a doubt, that will cause his foundation not to be steady. After let alone sees Yao Qianshu answered approximately and other flowered pig waste firewood magic beast, the Ji Dong feelings are very profound, the melon that wrenched what not sweet
% a magic beast volt partner were more was must watch the chance, Yin- Yang dual attribute Fire department magic beast easily does not look, did could it be want him to look for in Mt. Oseong Saint beast to sign? That is the impossible matter. He has Huo'er to act as companion in any case, pours does not look for another magic beast eagerly again.

water attribute magic beast generally speaking quite likes in the water's edge, or is the underwater life, is Ye Xin seeks for appropriate magic beast crouches/submits Ban, the goal of people naturally marches forward along the lakeside. Seeks for Rank 9 to ascend water magic beast not to be relaxed specially, what made people somewhat surprised was, joining of bottle- gourd flower pig made their this processes become simple.

Quick, they have met first Rank 9 magic beast, multitudious metal attribute. Chrysanthemum pig to prove oneself are not does not affect, releases the tyrannical Rank 10 magic beast pressure immediately, ran away in fear directly that gold/metal magic beast. Enters Holy and Evil Island ten. The level, is the crisis on top of crisis, can maintain the strength as far as possible naturally is the good deed. Although there is existence and thunder of Yushen axe such divine tool Fu Rui, but must say that wants the most dream writing quantity to hunt and kill Rank 9 magic beast thus to gain Rank 9 crystal core by the strengths of their these people, that also as before is not realistic. Therefore, had and other help of flowered pig, they in seeking to ascend in the water magic beast process, can save troublesome, does not need to carry on many fights, continued to seek on the line. Even if has exhausted the strength in the future fight massively, the chrysanthemum pig can also protect them not to continue to enter the battle condition by oneself Rank 10 magic beast aura.

Had this presently, in Yao Qianshu heart depressed reduced gradually, how regardless to say, a flower pig does not have the function. Moreover, is a little makes him compare to accept, before that fries is the skin disease flower pig, to Ji Dong demanded that the appearance of advantage, changed others to disdain magic beast this behavior very much, may not have the money tree of resistivity regarding itself to money, this was the best quality goods disposition.

The tube flower pig also gradually from following the people are walking, to was held into the bosom by Yao Qianshu, in the Yao Qianshu heart mused, when raises the pet that has been able to speak. Naturally, a quarrel of this person of pig has not stopped throughout. Unceasing was arguing actually signing life shares Equal Contract is who profited this issue.

"Do not quarrel, has the situation."Fu Rui drinks one lowly, Gou Huazhu and Yao Qianshu who has prevented argue. His that sharp vision goes to the lake water directly. In that dense lake water, as if transmitted thorough Water Element magic power to fluctuate.

At the end of the month, the monthly ticket did not throw may become invalid, asked the monthly ticket, recommended the ticket

Chapter 180: Purple ice day demon flood dragon

For did not run away in fear Rank 9 magic beast Forui to receive the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon so long as at this time as the matter stands the chrysanthemum pig did not release own aura they seems is only some strength ordinary human magic beast on Holy and Evil Island has strong attack desire to swallow human Crystal Crown before them was also promotes the strength the meeting diameter to have many Rank 9 magic beast therefore to appear just runs away in fear by the chrysanthemum pig

Fu Rui goes forward one step to keep off in front of people the third item on forehead opens to release the bewitching honored vision slowly brilliant is looking steadily in the lake water

Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu stand in his left and right Ye Xin separately slightly are depending on latter point position four people of magic power almost also to promote

five elements mutual promotion of the five elements Ji Dong drinks Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu lowly understanding Yao Qianshu moves sideways to arrive at behind Ji Dong immediately, but Ye Xin stands behind Yao Qianshu

The invisible in aquatic wood official this point that lights a fire they to use at this time, although three people of strengths were inferior to Fu Rui when however their Trinity stands, although has not started to fuse each other magic power but aura actually to start to have the subtle change The tube flower pig is very aware came out to fall from the Yao Qianshu bosom in the ground distant the running heart opens hides behind a big tree

Fu Rui loudly shouted came out to say at the same time his both hands simultaneously pressed to come out the dazzling electric light broken water to go

Bang on a loud sound surrounding area several hundred square meters water surface flooded light of Fu Rui that originally overbearing Yang Thunder magic power intense thunder and lightning is becoming after pinnacle magic power in the explosive force of evolution more terrifying Gu also had wanted really Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire

Also was one thunders to resound a huge body from underwater to raise to reveal the half body to sparkle suddenly the weak sparkling stone purple light " Ze just to appear to stand with also innumerable water arrow these water arrows that it simultaneously presented to check to scatter in all directions to flutter about the strong cold air from the sky to fill the thorough water arrow to change into the innumerable ice arrow four dispersions to shoot immediately seems like the confusion but actually in an instant in the airborne arrange/cloth has gotten down one sheet ice arrow big regarding Fu Rui Ji Dong and the others the concentrated fire, but under the entire air has also been full of the fluctuation of Water Element

Purple magic power without a doubt decided water attribute Ji Dong their goal finally to find

Facing reaching as high as Rank 9 magic beast attacks Fu Rui not to fear both hands to make to hold the electricity of day of potential overbearing purple light from the forehead third item to shoot, but the air that in the midair resounds a sound of surrounding area several hundred meters space thunder likely fiercely to be inspired purple pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power from inside to outside by tore fiercely to sway from side to side this to sway from side to side ruthlessly to explode in an instant together

thunder Yushen the axe that appears in the midair swaying from side to side of air is its main body inspires the brought effect Thunders from the sky to resound through that big piece the ice arrow to be shaken the ice powder just like the rolling thunder intermittently to scatter in all directions generally to flutter about unexpectedly completely

Ji Dong knows at this moment own this Senior Brother in grasping this attribute divine tool has added on the magic power evolution not to have the help of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon after the pinnacle also to contend again with Rank 9 magic beast faintly

, but also saw clearly that magic beast appearance that along with the ice arrow shatter people are presents for ice blue color ox Sheshen everybody whole body blooms all over the body purple light these purple light is not being is such as division bands of light that to become Wuzhuang appeared on the strange triangle two root corners/horns becomes regarding its body scale the spiral-shaped upward prominence foot has meter odd/surplus Chang only the body of dew on water surface had gazed at the airborne thunder Yu god axe to reveal color/look of obviously this surprised not walking on eyes of five meters this time pair of purple light twinkle and ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail. Si Yuan magic power made it produce scared

Ye Xin somewhat pleasantly surprised say/way: This is the purple ice day demon flood dragon Asia Chinese people if it is said it can cultivation the Rank 10 real incarnation for the purple ice day demon dragon

In the Fu Rui mouth cried loud and long a great body to jump, but gripped the giant thunder Yu god axe both arms to draw out the body of whole person in the midair to swing back, in airborne curved became the arch thunder Yushen axe from the sky delimits the startled day rainbow to hurl backward together, but under the purple pinnacle Yang Thunder brilliance of covering of fan shape exploded the entire spatial ten-day period as if to by this axe be folded instantaneously

Under pinnacle Yang Thunder that cruel purple light of purple ice day demon flood dragon purple band of light in the midair covers the rapid contraction to fly to shiver is presenting situation it that the attribute suppressed unexpectedly after all is the life on Holy and Evil Island formidable Rank 9 magic beast, although the startled not chaotic angrily roared purple light emits together, but condenses a giant amethyst ice shield to keep off in the sky

In the loud sound that amethyst ice shield flickers ten-day rupturing to change into the innumerable ice fragments to scatter in all directions loudly to flutter about in the Fu Rui hand thunder Yushen the axe imposing manner not to reduce to cut as before toward the purple ice day demon mosquito on, in both sides magic power has in the huge disparity situation as before and other might of comprehensive suppressed thus it can be seen pinnacle magic power and divine tool this Rank 9 demon is terrifying

even/including Hurui have not thought that the might of thunder Yushen axe was unexpectedly powerful his pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power at least to strengthen over a time that to reach several meter/rice through thunder Yushen the axe output explosive force the amethyst ice shields unable in this way to play the slightest bit thick to prevent unexpectedly likely function this just pours into magic power strikes has actually been enough and displayed the core to kill the technique to compare above the giant axe blade to flood powerful special characteristics of destroying the hardest defenses

even/including Xirui cannot think that purple ice day demon flood dragon naturally could not think is similar to the lantern giant purple pupil reveals the intense frightened color/look to hurry opens the mouth one group of clear purple light from the mouth to emit once more, but on going out to welcome thunder Yushen axe

In the bellow massive purple none remaining scatter in all directions to flutter about Fu Rui to have thunder Yushen the axe shaken rebound once more , but the body of that purple ice day demon flood dragon was also one fiercely shivers the surrounding waters to turn into the strong purple intense cold air completely instantaneously the lake surface frozen

After purple ice day demon flood dragon, what spits is one has on the bead of basketball size to sparkle the strong purple light to flood a huge world spiritual energy fully not to need to ask that the people also know this is the flood dragon bead of flood dragon bead of purple ice day demon flood dragon regarding this demon quite in their crystal core is its most source strength critical juncture has to the flood dragon bead emit, but collides with thunder Yushen the axe

Fu Rui magic power is also after all not enough to wield thunder Yushen the axe true might by the huge magic power shake that in flood dragon pearl condenses, but the flood dragon bead received the stimulation this purple ice day demon flood dragon of thunder Yushen axe not to feel better walks

This powerful Rank 9 magic beast got angry raves dazzling the purple ray from its mouth to scatter in all directions to flutter about at this time truly it to show unceasingly at this moment to the people are the Rank 9 magic beast terrifying strength

On the lake surface that loudly in loud sound purple ice day demon flood dragon huge body in frozen twisted all ice to continue to burst fiercely to be in the lake was it shows own strength without doubt advantageously one immediately completely is five meters thick such as Fang Liang's giant ice cone soared broadly ascends Water department magic power to make its body change into amethystinus that innumerable ice cone ruthlessly to have the extremely terrifying aura to scatter in all directions completely to flutter about to directly soar the people to fly to shoot

This was the exclusive Certain Kill Skill purple ice day demon dance of purple ice day demon flood dragon orders its this Certain Kill Skill might to promote the extremely terrifying degree in the help of lake water crossed 50% ice cones completely toward rebounding into airborne Fu Rui goes

Everybody careful Fu Rui is in the airborne loudly shouted hand thunder Yushen the axe to wield ice cone to be twisted to prepare the powder temporarily not to have Certain Kill Skill that by his pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power the strength to hit back Rank 9 demon harms during the attack of this purple ice day demon flood dragon a ruthlessly unceasingly is not low level magic beast can compare, but in the air ascended Water Element to seize to form instantaneously to magic power of people have very big suppressed Ye Xin response her not to have pinnacle magic power itself just like the domain purple ice world particularly obviously is also water attribute, although the waste strength broke through Six-Crown remnant, but actually fully felt to the attribute suppression at this time. Pain

In the people have comfortable feeling only must be Yao Qianshu the wooden unboiled water has taken the pinnacle First Wood magic power owner more is huge Water Element exists regarding him feels or deeply let alone this place shore also existences of massive plant

Ye Xin raised to gather in own magic power double hand imprint Yao Qianshu vest Yao Qianshu pinnacle First Wood magic power to flicker the division reluctantly to rise suddenly First Wood condensation law to reappear Azure Dragon Totem to surge row of huai both hands simultaneously in law to press above the Ji Dong shoulders in within the body waste strength quietly in the rushing output that did not stint

Buzz the thick golden column of flame almost in the flash jumped, but Ji Dong takes a stride and Yao Qianshu forward pulls open for several points to transmit from Yao Qianshu magic power baseless, although the effect almost but will not be flickered the ten-day ascension pinnacle Yang Fire to fire by him on

During golden fire of sudden ascension hung Vermilion Bird pair of wings big Sovereign King to arrive reaches as high as three meters Flame Sovereign King body keeps off Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu in the behind Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor completely changes into the bright golden red to draw a circle huge golden Fire Dragon to pass the body facing massive ice cone Ji Dong both hands of coming to go out to welcome

Has not fought truly was unable to understand in the strength midair of powerhouse seems one by one of these ice cones under the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe in very simple as that as if resists shatter, but Ji Dong with these ice cones after on he felt the unequalled tremendous pressure immediately

In each ice cone has filled thoroughly, but extremely cold command water magic power he amplification magic power under Ye Xin and Yao Qianshu has promoted but to deal freely to the unprecedented intensity is almost resists an ice cone he to retrocede the fluctuation that extremely strenuously every step Flame Sovereign King body also experienced was not steady walks

The disparity in this strength! He is only one has not arrived at Five- Crown Mage after all, although the majority of attacks of that purple ice day demon flood dragon centralized on Fu Rui, but he resisted actually to depend on day is circle difficultly layer on layer/heavily this terrifying magic beast also is just slightly the inferior slightest bit is in the most flourishing condition enraged situation adds on as incompatible as fire and water special characteristics Ji Dong to come up comprehensively to be suppressed him compared with beforehand thorn thunder Fire Dragon again to want simply to display Certain Kill Skill not to condense magic power time pinnacle Yang Fire to explode unceasingly resists was also laborious extremely

Pressure Yao Qianshu and Ye Xin that Ji Dong feels naturally also felt them before Fu Rui admired his to strike at this time, but injured this formidable magic beast

When Ji Dong must unable to support shortly the void tearing giant incomparable body appears outrageously, in his front powerful thunder presented brush in fierce thundering the explosive force to bloom unceasingly block these ice cones attack purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon promptly to rush actually

Ji Dong relaxed his Flame Sovereign King body to relieve slightly voluntarily is really made in his some depressed brows slightly wrinkled strength insufficient these 12 by the feeling of complete suppression we really difficultly must trouble the Senior Brother to take care of us including the self-preservation

In free time Yao Qianshu loudly shouted that he spoke careful is not knowing the appearance that suddenly when three huge purple ice cones were quietly has not passed through the front purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to directly soar three people of vests to grip behind them

If were not Yao Qianshu pinnacle First Wood magic power uses the surrounding plant very sensitively to fear the next moment they to all aura to be passed through Rank 9 magic beast thoroughly regarding the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon that the magic power control intensity was not they can imagine absolutely, although also enters Rank 9 has pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power it and at present this established Rank 9 magic beast also in the control of magic power not the small disparity

At this time this checked the Flame Sovereign King body of Ji Dong just to end magic power connections between three people, although was also maintaining, but Ji Dong wanted to stand to check to make to respond that resisted in the time already without enough time

In this case showed him he partly to turn around a hand to grab an arm hand of Ye Xin with these mean and shameless bright disciples different places as Yao Qianshu of connection link to hold the shoulder of Ji Dong suddenly to fling to fling toward the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon back on two people bodies instantaneously exited simultaneously behind Yang Wood condensation law to flicker Azure Dragon Totem in ten- day burst method to go out to welcome excitedly to that three ice cones

Ji Dong is in airborne to feel that on not the wonderful that three silent ice cones condensed too powerful magic power is being he displays the Flame Sovereign King body to be not necessarily able to block Yao Qianshu itself under the Yao Qianshu amplification not to divert attention to rescue them in the battle condition possibly with enough time to release enough magic power to resist?

Suddenly from the distant place get lost/rolled before the body of this time together plump came out to directly soar the Yao Qianshu body, but.
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