Jiu Shen Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: Helpless! Light dark combination skill

After the severe wound, what competes is the time, what similarly also competion is the luck.

When Ji Dong and scorpion feel the hope, in sky that angry and grating song of the birds

The sound, making their hearts sink.

That is a wingspan crosses 20 meters, only compared with platinum Tianpeng giant bird. Silver

The mouth iron wing, seems with the ferrotungsten demon vulture several phase splitting shapes, but in the aura actually wanted formidable many.

It is not zhen iron demon vulture that bald, seems is really the god steed, at least on the appearance, does not lose to dies

Platinum Tianpeng many in Ji Dong hand. Its that huge body dive, seems like plunges

The direction of Ji Dong and scorpion, but the final point of descent is actually not they in the position. But formerly was white

Place that gold/metal Tianpeng crystal core falls. The gust of wind has blown, that giant bird has held in the mouth platinum Tianpeng crystal core, sad severity

Called resounds unceasingly, seemed is sobbing for the death of platinum Tianpeng.

"Is matters that you annoy. You are responsible for killing it."Scorpion angrily said.

Ji Dong cold Ba " and I have any relations. In any case its goal is not only I one

Individual. This bird at least has Rank 5, you think I now competent falls it? "

The scorpion said: " Hasn't related with you? could it be you cannot see, is this only the ferrotungsten demon vulture king? Also called

Silver mouth demon vulture. The platinum Tianpeng estimate that you massacred a moment ago is her husband. You have provoked zhen iron demon first

The vulture, the ferrotungsten demon vulture king is not, these Rank 3 fellows asked its husband to seek you to revenge.

You linked platinum Tianpeng also to kill, this ferrotungsten demon vulture king can let off you to be strange. "

As if must confirm the Ji Dong words to be ordinary, the ferrotungsten demon vulture king Juda pair of wings launches, suddenly

Turns round, ice-cold and crazy vision, looks steadily ruthlessly to Ji Dong and scorpion.

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place appears a light happy expression, sits well there as before stands one's ground steadfastly.

"At this time could you also smile?"As the dark Second Wood disciple, the psychological quality of scorpion Also is unusual.

Ji Dong lightly said: " Doesn't smile could it be I also to cry? Evidently, she may, not only I one

Regards the goal personally. You said, she will attack me first, attacks you first? "

At this moment, Ji Dong and scorpion, already, not only the fight in strength, is the psychology

Gambling. By their present strengths, regardless of, on the one hand, is impossible with the surface

Compared with first this giant Rank 5 magic beast. Let alone, they have not grasped, present ferrotungsten

Actually demon vulture king is Rank 5 or Rank 6. This is Holy and Evil Island, here magic beast with creating has the institute

Difference. Perhaps comes under ten thousand thunder break into a jail the influence, compared with magic beast of outside world

Strong. Ji Dong that Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang struck platinum Tianpeng that killed a moment ago, is the Rank 7 summit

Range. At present this fellow, will achieve what kind of terrifying?

Zhen iron demon vulture king can/but has not pondered the plan of time to them, a sad and shrill and sharp long cry

Resounds, its pair of eyes pupil as if must spout the fire. The dazzling white light blows out from its within the body unceasingly

Come, similarly is also Tang Metal department magic beast, the aura that at this time it shows compared with its little brothers comes, to want

Formidable too many were too many. The original iron removal grey body was flickering the ten-day period to turn into the dazzling white, that was magic power

Proliferates the appearance of whole body, the pair of wings trembles, blows out intense sonorous thundering, just as the Ji Dong institute

Such, its goal may, not only a Ji Dong person. The beforehand fight it has not looked

Naturally does not know that who has killed its husband's murderer. In its eye, Ji Dong and scorpion are


The scorpion first could not calm down eventually, tumbling of body in ground, back that already

Had the fissure armor pair of wings to launch, arrived at side Ji Dong in a flash. Although her movement

Somewhat anxious, but seems actually as before does not lose gracefully.
Spring scenery that just, chest front that reveals as if Obvious several points.
Saw that the scorpion jumps approaches, Ji Dong not any response, does not have to attack her.

Reason that he can sit quietly fishing platform, did not mean that his present condition is better than the scorpion, in his

In the heart, to Lie Yan (raging flames), Vermilion Bird and Teng snake feels grateful secretly. If no Vermilion Bird changes with

Teng Shebian existence, made his defensive power far average man, how he will have the so calm mentality

? As for Lie Yan (raging flames), he will never feel grateful, that was existence of another mood. "Wood lights a fire, cooperation will benefit both sides." The scorpion drinks one lowly, vision brilliant is looking steadily at Ji


Ji Dong and she looks at each other one, two people saw resolute in opposite party vision, although they are

The enemies, but in facing common enemy, the non- coordination with each other must perish in the situation of match, proper

The association is the inevitable result. The reply of Ji Dong was simple, finalized. "

The scorpion is not an average man, hears the Ji Dong words, her personal appearance revolution, arrived at behind Ji Dong,

Without hesitation pasted both hands in Ji Dong has carried on the back, vitality that then braced the bow by the prairie as well as she just

Acme Second Wood magic power that just condensed, injection without hesitation to Ji Dong within the body.

Yao Qianshu had said to Ji Dong, heavenly stems disciple, bright dark, each other it

In the middle the attribute will not be affected. Also can use the light attribute crystal like light attribute Ji Dong

The crown is the same.

Is feeling that from the back rushing life aura, Yin-Yang Vortex of Ji Dong within the body as if in one

Was lit instantaneously. The originally dim vision instantaneously becomes bright, the right hand lifts, clang

In the clang sound, dark-red flowing light fuse with his body instantaneously, your demon Yin-Yang armor takes possession. Meanwhile, the huge cream pair of wings stretches, in Vermilion Bird armor in the abundant magic power help/gang

Helps, restored.

Characteristics that the wood lights a fire, Ji Dong is not the first use, but these time helps him carry on magic power

The combination, is the Dark Five Elements Continent heavenly stems Second Wood disciple. On magic power, present scorpion

But be more intrepid than initial Yao Qianshu.

Although is the hostile parties, but when scorpion without hesitation fully when to he pours into magic power, Ji Dong

In the heart also secretly acclaimed. Scorpion resolute it can be said that is competent, because she is very clear

clear/pain, if not help Ji Dong whole-heartedly, this fights them to have the defeat not to win as before. He

The combination that two people piece together temporarily, at least before killing the present zhen iron demon vulture king, must

Must trust mutually.

With Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor takes possession at the same time, the scorpion restrains the back pair of wings, protects in own carries

After simultaneously her both arms have held in the arms the neck of Ji Dong directly, slender clearly and extremely powerful big

The leg coiled around directly in his waist, as if not know that anything was shy, the body of whole person ended

The fitting behind Ji Dong, both hands, the both legs embraces tightly, looks like became part of Ji Dong body Resembles.

Ji Dong naturally not muddled thinks that this is the scorpion is showing good will to oneself, or has any cloudy

Stratagem. The scorpion such does, is the rich actual combat experience makes it so completely, she must reduce oneself as far as possible to Ji

Moves the influence of motion, and what is better is Ji Dong carries on the amplification, in the true sense lets two people magic power

Merges into one organic whole completely.

Black, profound dark black, your demon Yin-Yang armor when the Ji Dong top of the head raises the Yin Crown division,

The incarnation is the black, in Vermilion Bird armor also had the similar change.

A both feet place, Ji Dong almost does not have any time of thinking, the whole person has been similar to arrow one

Leaps but actually, in the flash that his body turns out, in position that formerly was, is the bang

However the loud sound, was exploded to have a diameter five meters gulf fully.

Zhen iron demon vulture king soars, whole body white light is deep, seems with that white autumn

The Péng also really has several phase splitting shapes. But at this time Ji Dong also had certain judgment to its strength, performs

The control seems the power and influence and platinum of Tianpeng zhen iron demon vulture king almost resembles. But it does not have

The terrifying pressure of strength of platinum Tianpeng that inspiring world, is unable to achieve to scatter the airborne element. Reality The strength wants inferior many. Should not arrive at Rank 6, belongs to Rank 5 peak magic beast.

This presently, made Ji Dong relax secretly. His magic power only restored two

Becoming, the restoration degree of scorpion also with him almost.
However, when that pinnacle Second Wood to his pinnacle

After Fourth Fire carries on the amplification, at this time Ji Dong magic power suddenly suddenly/violently to increase, directly has actually achieved itself six maturely

About strength condition. This was characteristics that the wood lit a fire, was not one plus one equal to two that Jane/simple


This time, Ji Dong has not flown again, gaze that but coldly in the ground in midair

Ferrotungsten demon vulture king. He does not worry, always crosses for one second, he will restore with magic power of scorpion

The minute, two people combine in together magic power also naturally to rise several points. Makes them reply the reality really

Strength, let alone is two people, in them any, can destroy this Rank 5 demon easily


The scorpion closely is hugging the body of Ji Dong, at this time she and Ji Dong division, completely are not another feeling

. Ji Dong complete attention on that ferrotungsten demon vulture king.
But because the scorpion only needs magic power inputs to Ji Dong within the body, may do on the safe, is feeling the body of Ji Dong subconsciously, the face

Some fever.

Although as the dark Second Wood disciple, but the scorpion eventually is the Chrysanthemum eldest daughter, usually she

In front of ordinary Mage, absolutely is existence of keeping aloof. Even if the dark continent heavenly stems disciple

In, can make her look encouragingly, few several people. It can be said that has keen eyesight in

Support. Own strength truly is also formidable. Like, the destiny grasps at present in other people the sentiment of hand

Situation, her first meeting.

Just entered Holy and Evil Island, she has met Ji Dong, when she saw Ji Dong to have the Four-Crown strength

When not too big feeling. Until she saw on Ji Dong to burn pinnacle Yang Fire, and

Releases the colorful male cone time, she understands oneself have met troublesome. May be at that time, she

Also too has not cared. After all, her magic power wants far Ji Dong. But after, two people begin truly, she is clear, oneself wrong is odd,
This Level 48 match, has the great power and proliferation that was making her unable to understand not

Poor terrifying magic skill.

Especially formerly that displaying of level Certain Kill Skill, was made her eternal life unforgettable. At this time contact Ji Dong of short distance, she wishes one could to tear into shreds sweet this man really thoroughly

The heart, she is not willing to acknowledge oneself are defeated, even falling the reason conclusion of this humble one wind in attribute

Repelling one another. May very be clear in her heart of hearts, before changing a Level 58 heavenly stems disciple,

Come, as before is not his match. Did not say other, formerly that Certain Kill Skill, was they can


When Ji Dong carries on pinnacle Yang Fire and transformation of pinnacle Yin Fire, when that cruel Sovereign King transforms as

The profound Demon King time, the heart of scorpion, had the strange change, two types with

Type pinnacle makings appear on a person. Although in her mouth was calling the Ji Dong barbarian. But

In, only will think at heart this man fills mystically.

Is hugging the body of Ji Dong, sees with one's own eyes in Vermilion Bird that on him emerges voluntarily armor, scorpion not

Banned to stare in a big way both eyes, Ji Dong change, totally had her model/pattern to Mage skill understanding

Domain. Although your demon Yin-Yang armor can an instance divine tool, but her armor is not bad.

But, what does this man skin float down the mail-armor and helmet that appears is?

In Vermilion Bird armor from the touch, radiance like the mirror, seems to be different from the skin, But the scorpion can actually feel, in this Vermilion Bird in armor, the land has the extremely special and formidable demon

Strength. Even if she really sneak attacks Ji Dong now, perhaps cannot flatter. Let alone, this male

The people fall unable to plunge to death from several hundred meters upper air, can oneself kill him really? In scorpion heart

Ji Dong already became invincible existence. In her present heart only has a thought that that

Is after this war ended at present, in any event, must be far away from this to be full of the danger as soon as possible at present

The danger, does not know that is the tyrant or the Demon King man.

Ji Dong naturally does not know that the scorpion in thinking anything, his hides the double pupil after mask looks steadily firmly

Airborne pigeon iron demon vulture king.

Saw that the attack has not become, in ferrotungsten demon vulture Wangkou severe Jiaobian must be getting more and more incisive, suddenly,

It from the sky dive, around the originally extremely giant body, has boiled up
The fierce white light, making its main body seem as if increased one. The huge  magic power  fluctuation  in this  case  completely explodes,
relying on ** heaviness

The quantity, in addition the output of own Tang Metal department magic power, ferrotungsten demon vulture king that powerful collision approached

Ji Dong. Scorpion clear heard in the Ji Dong mouth cold snort/hum, she felt suddenly

The body surrounding space as if becomes illusory, even does not have any vibration, but her regarding

In the sleep, presented short illusory. Ji Dong in an extremely special way,

Decides in the range to walk randomly quietly.

His movement is noble and graceful, has filled air/Qi proudly as before, facing tungsten of dropping from the clouds

Iron demon vulture king, that small scope is organizing the body, spins the body suddenly, stretches across suddenly, indistinct

When as if dozens Ji Dong are at the division twinkle.

This is the technique of Dark Flames Demon King, Dark Moon Dance.
Its function is very simple, that is: Relieving Locking

Chapter 152: Works as one, Demon King strength

Do not despise Dark Moon Dance, or underestimates Two Great Sovereign Kings any skill. Lie Yan (raging flames)

Tells Ji Dong very much long time ago, the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill has followed the promotion and to the skill of his strength

But the solution evolves unceasingly. After Ji Dong magic power breaks through Three-Crown, the understanding to this point becomes

More and more profound.

At this moment, Ji Dong is displaying Dark Moon Dance unceasingly, his goal is very simple, that not

Let the airborne dive, but below ferrotungsten demon vulture king Suoding own position.

Although the ferrotungsten demon vulture king body is quite giant, but, its attack also needs to lock the match talent

Can complete, but, is transforming facing that unceasingly the black form, the ferrotungsten demon vulture king is unable actually

Found position that Ji Dong is at accurately, can only be the blind opening pair of wings, makes itself attack as far as possible

The range increases. The personal appearance transformation when the zhen iron demon vulture king dives the ground suddenly turned illusory, scorpion

Thought that own breath suddenly became rapid. the next moment, that zhen iron demon vulture king already

Has flown into the midair. But she actually as before attaches on Ji Dong.
In formerly that

Carves, she clearly felt on Ji Dong to bloom the explosive strength. It is not magic power, but ends

** Strength. The skeleton of his whole body as if melted in the muscle, the distortion was hit

Shoots, in a flash is dozens meters distance. Danger and danger has evaded the dive of ferrotungsten demon vulture king.

Confuses the match by Dark Moon Dance, flashes to avoid the attack of match by snake again, is bringing Dark Flames Demon King

Ice-cold, Ji Dong is judging the present situation calmly. Dives after use that ferrotungsten demon vulture king heavy

Short time of lift-off, he has released oneself Yin Fire condensation law, the magic power restoration

Increases again. He does not worry. This ferrotungsten demon vulture king only has Rank 5 after all, wants to injure

Arrived him, is not that easy.

A ferrotungsten demon king somewhat was truly crazy, the body just the state changed into from the dive coils around, its Pang

The big body forcefully turns around, the pair of wings inspires, unexpectedly does not wait for the exhaust fumes, dozens dodge shining the feather of place gold/metal white light the electricity has been shooting, directly soars Ji Dong to cover, but.

Quite quick! In the Ji Dong heart criticizes one, without hesitation but actually leaps, the body is similar to clever

The swallow is common, while body flying upside down, the pair of wings also makes an effort when the airborne division. By his reality

Strength, but also is unable the long-term usage Teng Snake to dodge, can only dodge the attack of opposite party as far as possible.

The attack of ferrotungsten demon vulture king has not stopped in light of this, under the pair of wings shock, the strong winds sway, great

The tremendous pressure caresses the face , its huge body also once more threw to strike, but.

Ji Dong this military nose oven, responded is nothing less than quick, but, just had been separated from that in him

The when attacks of some feathers, strong winds already, huge pressure actually the body of his nose oven to ground

Presses. The zhen iron demon vulture king also threw to strike under.

Almost under consciousness reacts, Ji Dong pair of wings restraining, the body picks off to the ground directly,

The crosswise side in the ground turns, the whole person revolves fiercely, the tip of the toe makes an effort a stroke in the ground,

The personal appearance leapt up dozens meters, body flexibility nearly terrifying development comes out, in a tip of the toe place

The time, his right leg is almost the reverse joint sways from side to side, this wielded the maximum tread strength. However, in this urgent time, Ji Dong has actually forgotten a matter, now he is not n personally in

Fight, on him, but also is shouldering another person.

Although Vermilion Bird pair of wings restraining, binds the body of that dark Second Wood disciple scorpion, has not made her

Direct contact ground, but Ji Dong to a ground pressure, the scorpion is so stuffy immediately, number, huge

The extrusion pressure nearly made her unable to gasp for breath, originally and body of Ji Dong intimate contact was inevitable

Made an effort to extrude, the chest front armor had to break, at this time is the large surface area turns

Collapses, the spot that her stands tall and erect full is generous with Ji Dong immediately, solid back muscle close fitting

Cloudy under. That flash **, nearly made the scorpion loosen the hands and feet.

The following a series of tumbling, is made her experience one never some feeling, oneself

The body continuously is having the extremely close contact with Ji Dong.

Although the Ji Dong generous back takes to her to feel very safely, but was extruded like this one after another

How comfortable. When Ji Dong turns over/stands up finally, the scorpion has then breathed heavily the one breath


"Bastard, barbarian. Are you intentionally?" Ji Dong when just made the response is conducted to dodge, but also really forgets behind to have such individual

Exists, when he get lost/rolls to the place, the back unceasingly melts for him like the soft cushion

Momentum, moreover that soft extremely willowy feeling is also quite comfortable, this makes him realize, from

Oneself are not a person is fighting. Facing the accusation of scorpion, he really had nothing to say in reply.

Ferrotungsten demon vulture king comes up empty-handed once more, its anger has promoted the extreme, in severe Jiaosheng, body

The loose white light becomes is more intense immediately, the pair of wings opens, one layer upon layer clamps gold/metal magic power as if

If the mighty waves surge, at least over a hundred firm such as the feather of fine steel is separated from the body, these feathers do not have

Has directly moves the attack, magic power that but releases with it fuses together, damps in the midair

The wind rises suddenly, each feather becomes is similar to the lance generally is in a flash giant, dazzling white light

Blows out a series of sonorous sounds unceasingly.

Certain Kill Skill! This is the first response of Ji Dong and scorpion, Ji Dong awkward with shaming of scorpion angry,

Immediately transforms as the attention. Their pinnacle magic power do not have the connection of gap again in one

Getting up.

The Ji Dong staring midair, both hands encircle by body, the black flame coagulates, back Yin Fire condensation law Becoming profounder. Pressure that airborne comes , he when it to/clashes. Even if wears Monarch demon

In the Yin-Yang armor and Vermilion Bird armor, he also as before can feel that lance to bring just like the needle | punctures

Pressure. This strikes, is not easy to dodge.

"What to do?" The scorpion asked after the Ji Dong nape of the neck in a low voice.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Is ready to cope with anything, the water comes on to cover."In an instant, scorpion from Ji Dong

Felt an unprecedented sincerity/heaviness, the ice-cold aura, has filled ice day arrogant demeanor, by

He such condition, facing that airborne formidable magic beast, as before does not have the slightest bit to dread now.

Stands in the upfront as before, is bearing the maximum pressure.

"Barbarian, I have to acknowledge, you is a real man." The scorpion could not bear say


Ji Dong lightly said "you have not tried, knows?"

"You,"scorpion are angry, she does not have to think an own good intention commended, trades is actually Ji

Ridiculing that moves. However, at this time she did not have time to haggle over with Ji Dong again.

Certain Kill Skill of ferrotungsten demon vulture king has completed.

In the midair, that over a hundred origin feathers condense on the lance that becomes, had the double wing, suddenly dispersion, again instantaneous concentrated fire, from four sides eight

side chase to the body of Ji Dong. The grating wailing, as if made air be broken the innumerable fragments one

. In Ji Dong and scorpion present space, became the light stripes of innumerable distortion. All these,

At present this Certain Kill Skill is the result.

Leaves zhen iron demon vulture king who this strikes, the look obviously becomes weary, without a doubt 1 this

Struck united its complete strength, it can be said that staked everything on a single throw of the dice.

The bang, the dazzling black flame ascends suddenly, Ji Dong face upwards a long and loud cry, Dingsi of rushing is deep

The cloudy spirit fire explodes instantaneously, huge Fourth Fire magic power spreads suddenly, terrifying magic power concentrates in Yin Fire

Under gathering law complementing, made his body once more incarnation Sovereign King. Is relying on and scorpion demon

The fusion of strength, Ji Dong displayed the Dark Flames Demon King body once more.

The scorpion only thought that around body one cold, whole person already that strong, thick, fills endless

the proud black flame covers, but she actually as before can see outside all by that black. She

With amazement presently, Ji Dong has not moved unexpectedly, but stands there as before, whatever these are flooding dazzling

White light lance concentrated fire oneself. Were you insane?, The scorpion shouted angrily, at this time she did not have other choice, only then oneself

magic power that the condensation comes injects into Ji Dong within the body fully.

However, the next moment, she understands, Ji Dong not insane, Dark Flames Demon King great body

Then the fearless proud Lishuang fist simultaneously wields, has routed upfront several lances, but surplus lances,

Also hit in the flash completely on him.

Falls on that zhen nill vulture king Certain Kill Skill on Ji Dong flash, suddenly, scorpion feeling

Realized that made she also uncomfortable extremely pinnacle Fourth Fire magic power suddenly fiercely surge, a day turned the soil

The duplicate feeling made her embrace tightly the Ji Dong nail even to grasp subconsciously in Vermilion Bird armor scale

Above piece.

Strange appeared, although these lances have been full of the unequalled imposing manner and destruction

Strength, when 1 of their hits ruthlessly above the Dark Flames Demon King body of Ji Dong do not have

The root can penetrate. Each lance, can only penetrate about one foot, completely kept off by that black flame

Lives, the grating fricative, resounds in the scorpion ear unceasingly. The sense of fear has filled her big

. She is very clear, so long as this lance goes a step further again, then, her body, when it to/clashes can the quilt Penetration.

Pū, a blood spouts from the Ji Dong mouth, follows this fresh

The blood, the Dark Flames Demon King body as if became concentrates really several points. That profound black ray, unceasingly

Surging, every time is surging, has extremely huge magic power fluctuation. Scorpion in the Ji Dong back

After she can notice that the ear of 1 Ji Dong is gushing out the blood neck place also to have the blood to slide outward

Falling. This, this is the symptom of seven orifices hemorrhage! It can be imagined, at this time this how man is withstanding

Type pressure. However, what making the scorpion not dare to believe that the strong body that she closely grasped

Even if when bearing the so huge pain actually as before is being such stable, even continually in that bone

arrogant demeanor does not have the slightest bit to weaken.

Also in this moment, a special feeling appears in the scorpion innermost feelings, she as if not

Feared at present this person again, but could not be popular the slightest bit murderous intention.

Ji Dong naturally does not know that the scorpion is thinking anything, when he noticed that the ferrotungsten demon vulture king leaves this to strike to

Kills the technique time, he knows oneself were very difficult to resist.
By demon that he saves at this time

The strength, wanting Certain Kill Skill not to be by no means impossible. However zhen iron demon vulture king all-around attacking Strikes will make surely also him experience personally the heavy losses, as for the back scorpion, does not have the least bit life to be possible


Analyzes from the reason, Ji Dong is not certainly willing to experience personally the heavy losses, therefore he chose has guaranteed

Defends, first protects own procedure. On the other hand, he now and scorpion is the cooperation,

How can be perfidious? Although both sides are the enemies, but Ji Dong that proud innermost feelings do not permit

He regards oneself shield the scorpion. First did not say did not have the pinnacle Second Wood magic power support of scorpion

He will be more dangerous, only he does not allow him to protect using the woman as a man from


Goes, Ji Dong releases the Dark Flames Demon King body to resist Certain Kill Skill of ferrotungsten demon vulture king, this

Nearly in behavior of suicide. Certain Kill Skill that Rank 5 peak magic beast leaves fully is powerful.

When is the strength has not damaged, Ji Dong merely defends also not necessarily can resist. May in fact, when that zhen

Iron demon vulture king Certain Kill Skill really falls , on Ji Dong, he has made one type extremely unusually instead

Should, it can be said that teach the incisiveness that his ability wields Teng snake in beforehand one year.

Acme Yin Fire surges and reverses, does not have no intention, but under the Ji Dong desirably control, Imitates Teng Shehua the strength technique the result. This also melts one of the strength technique profoundest deep meanings, is Teng snake

Latter teaches the Ji Dong ability. Will melt the strength technique function in magic power, by the Ji Dong present strength,

Naturally is also insufficient this method function in own attack skill.
However 1, when he completes

After Dark Flames Demon King changes the body, the Dark Flames Demon King body looks like his main body, pinnacle Yin Fire is Teng snake with

Attribute magic power, only then in this case, he can use Teng Shehua strength technique genuine mysterious


The Certain Kill Skill truly might terrifying of ferrotungsten demon vulture king, but when it affects truly on Ji Dong

When immediately in that unceasingly racing wells up, in pinnacle Yin Fire in rhythm at least one-third

Impulse. Formidable oppression strength, transforms through magic power to Ji Dong on completely. Is relying on Monarch demon

The Yin-Yang armor, Vermilion Bird changes, Teng Shebian three big protected the body skill, Ji Dong stiffly has kept off under


The scorpion has not guessed wrong, this time Ji Dong truly is the seven orifices hemorrhage, but he absolutely does not have

The scorpion imagination stabs is so heavy. By dragon blood has soaked body, is wielding the scorpion to be hard to imagine The self-recovery ability the place that restores Ji Dong within the body to be damaged 1 simultaneously his Teng Shebian, Vermilion Bird changes

Was stirred up the limit Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor to blow out the Divine level armor true defensive power.

Stiffly prevents outside zhen iron demon vulture king Certain Kill Skill thousand black flames.

Ji Dong does this, not only naturally will come under attack 1 to receive next life one passively, will make the scorpion

The giving birth admiration feeling of cannot help but. That each white lance in system nightfall flame, in that

Dark, in dying out pinnacle Yin Fire is melting quickly

Chapter 153: Dark reinforcements!

Dark Tenth Water disciple
gold/metal fire, this is without a doubt. Let alone ferrotungsten demon vulture king although is Rank 5 peak magic beast, but its magic power actually as before is ordinary Seventh Metal department, ordinary Seventh Metal, meets pinnacle Yin Fire, in the attribute suppresses completely. In Certain Kill Skill is strongest a fierce wave to attack by the situation that in Ji Dong blocks forcefully, the superiority in attribute explodes immediately. When that lance flies to melt coming out that the formidable puncture strength that in ferrotungsten demon vulture king Certain Kill Skill has can wield again?

Takes defending as to attack, this is the Ji Dong strategy, saw that spoken parts light vanishes into thin air together gradually, Ji Dong sees item of loudly shouted suddenly, the double fist simultaneously lifts to airborne, sharp actually delightful very neighing resounds from Ji Dong, sees only his already the somewhat broken Dark Flames Demon King body completely black flame, Yin Fire condensation law instantaneous union with back. Melts for a height seven meters black chest cavity snake, soars, dashes to the zhen iron demon vulture king.

When this ejects at the same time, Ji Dong and scorpion simultaneously felt magic power that oneself condense has consumed completely completely, scorpion body one soft, nearly falls from Ji Dong. But Ji Dong actually subconscious uphold both hands, embrace her thigh. Although is bringing Sun and Moon double splendor glove. But when Ji Dong embraces that cloudy double slender x clear and is full of the explosive strength the thigh, can clearly feel the exquisiteness of scorpion skin. Because luckily, does not have magic power to support, your demon Yin-Yang armor seven sharp thorns vanished, otherwise, this embraces, must delimit, the skin of broken scorpion.

Black Teng snake, from the sky dances in the air, in a flash, arrived in front of the ferrotungsten demon vulture king.

A snake vulture, gets up in the airborne dogfight. The superiority that pinnacle cloudy fire attribute suppresses appears completely. Let alone, Ji Dong has not harvested after former level Certain Kill Skill by no means that his psychic force obtained the large scale enhancement, controls this Teng snake it can be said that without question.

Before ferrotungsten demon vulture king, has consumed massive magic power. It is not careful, its neck cleared out the tail of snake to twine.

What is going to face by pinnacle Yin Fire close combat is what? That naturally is endless erosive burning.

Grating calling out in grief and severe Howl from the sky reverberate unceasingly, zhen iron demon vulture king Zai was impossible to create to threaten. Ji Dong melts Teng snake magic power, is permeating its within the body bit by bit. The corrosion of that pinnacle, even if pinnacle Seventh Metal not necessarily cannot withstand, let alone this, only then ordinary Metal department magic power magic beast?

Rumbles B, when ferrotungsten demon vulture king that huge body layer on layer/heavily falls falls in the ground, ice-cold black flame combustion when is getting more and more fierce, Ji Dong and scorpion almost simultaneously grow the tone mouth subconsciousness, Ji Dong tightened tightened own both hands, immediately felt filled elastic soft, the scorpion pain is called one. Ji Dong then realized, own both hands are also hugging others thighs. Hurries to let go.

The scorpion that plop'ed, loses the strength has made the intimate contact with the earth immediately.

"Bastard, your this barbarian."Scorpion extremely angry calling out. The Ji Dong corners of the mouth have pulled out ", I am not intentionally."

Scorpion isn't angrily said " intentionally? That plans, deliberate. The barbarians, you is a barbarian. The ferrotungsten demon vulture king also died in any case, you can dismantle the bridge after crossing.

Come, has killed me. You begin. "

Ji Dong has turned round, somewhat speechless looks at scorpion ", are you really the dark Second Wood disciple?"

The scorpion said proudly "naturally."

Ji Dong lightly sighed " how may I think that you now to likely are one, the marketplace vixen was quarrelling. "

"You, you is a vixen." The scorpion was mad unable to come up to be choked nearly. Also had said from nobody she "you dares to say I am a vixen?"

Ji Dong shrugs the shoulders, plop'ed, sat pours in front of the scorpion not far away " you can say that I was a barbarian, why I cannot say that you were a vixen? You believe, my present also does kill your strength? Although you cunning and ill-behaved a point, but your pinnacle Second Wood magic power is at least good. Our collaborates to be successful temporarily. Misses today, next time will say goodbye, we as before are the life and death foes. "

Is listening to the Ji Dong front words, the scorpion is angrier, but when she hears behind, has gawked ", your meaning is, today don't you kill me?"

The Ji Dong indifferent say/way "I did not have immediately on the custom of dismantling the bridge after crossing. If did not have the cooperation, possibly we now are the corpses." Why does not know, after the scorpion listened to Ji Dong these words, the anger in heart vanished suddenly, is gazing at Ji Dong, she said suddenly: "Barbarian, making me have a look at your face."

Did Ji Dong shoot a look at her one eyes "? To ask me to retaliate? "

Scorpion strong say/way " you do not give to look. I and you exchange. I also make you have a look at my appearance.

Ji Dong shook the head, is say/way that does not care about "your appearance has something to look that very much, I do not have the interest. Is your self-sensation so has been good?"

"You, you ............"scorpion fierce working throw to Ji Dong the soil. This naturally does not have any lethality, but can actually express the anger in this time heart fully.

Ji Dong actually does not pay attention to her, closes both eyes without consulting anybody, continued to reply own magic power. Although without a doubt, front dark Second Wood disciple surely is one generation of outstanding people, but regarding the present beauty his any idea, is actually not able to touch his heart like initially Lan Bao'er, his heart, early had been fully occupied by Lie Yan (raging flames). If must say that he has anything to feel to scorpion, then, with appreciating two characters described that is appropriate. Just entered Holy and Evil Island to meet to start from two people, the fight had not stopped. Regardless of scorpion in strength in x degrees of reaction, as well as on mental, made Ji Dong have to acknowledge, she truly was extremely outstanding Mage. Ji Dong can affirm, even if this Light Five Elements Continent these enters in Holy and Evil Battlefield Level 60 Mage, the heart cannot cope at present this woman. With her similarly is Level 58 Ye Xin, possibly is not her match.

After Ji Dong displays level Certain Kill Skill sees her, is surprised, this, the woman is certainly impossible so the emergence of coincidence here, the only explanation is she has followed behind oneself, looks for the opportunity to kill itself. This bears patiently x to face the formidable match not to retreat, also that made the concealment skill that he has not always realized, made in the Ji Dong heart imposing. If were not his Certain Kill Skill happen to have had the tremendous blow to the kilometer range, perhaps did not wait for the zhen iron waste vulture king to appear, the scorpion has settled oneself. Arrived finally, along with the appearance of zhen iron demon vulture king, the scorpion has chosen without hesitation with collaborates, and with the most direct way, pours into oneself within the body oneself magic power completely, helping oneself resist that is formidable Rank 5 peak magic beast. Ji Dong self-examined, if trades units place stomach, oneself are impossible to do is better than the scorpion.

Saw that Ji Dong does not pay attention to itself, glared at him that scorpion ruthlessly half dream hits, hurries to start to restore own magic power. God knows the next moment will have any magic beast to arrive.

Among two people, entered sank, each one was restoring own magic power diligently. Ji Dong formerly said that today does not kill scorpion, is very well-founded. By their present situations, the Ji Dong body displayed level Certain Kill Skill after before, has been better eventually much. So long as gives him the time, he restores has met the scorpion. Let alone his all-round strength itself above scorpion.

In the situation in not considering any external interference, if spells by the loathsome appearance, finally death definitely is the scorpion, but is not he.

Time one minute one second passed, suddenly, Ji Dong and scorpion almost simultaneously open both eyes.

They look at each other one subconsciously, saw in the appreciation to grid, although is practicing, but their vigilances have not actually reduced. Simultaneously felt to have the lifeform to be close, this has cast the vision.

Four forms, by extremely quick is approaching toward here, sees these four forms, in the scorpion eye reveals the intense happy expression immediately, but the heart of Ji Dong actually sank.

These four people who comes, head Yin-Yang Crown is demonstrating the Four-Crown strength, regardless of they are any attributes, Ji Dong first notes, is their Yin-Yang Crown surrounding profound black. The Dark Five Elements Continent Mage status, is his heart dignified reason. The reinforcements of scorpion first arrived eventually.

The scorpion does not know where from takes out a cloak, binds the body of spring scenery revelation, somewhat self-satisfied looks to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong any motion, his magic power had not restored about 10% at this time, even to take an action, cannot achieve. After having displayed Certain Kill Skill, during he fell into was weak, formerly had made strenuous efforts with the scorpion coordinates, has killed with great difficulty the zhen iron demon vulture king. Present he, already not any battle efficiency. Level Certain Kill Skill took away in his source complete the strength besides Chaos Fire. To a certain extent, he also hurt vitality, perhaps on this Holy and Evil Battlefield, was very difficult to restore. At this time wants to take an action, does not have any significance.

Quick, that four years approximately two x 30-year-old Mage already quick close, but, sees to sit cross-legged to sit two people in ground, one of them 's pleasantly surprised shouting "is the scorpion Sir, is the scorpion Sir .................."sees a side is the scorpion, Mage that another side does not know, these four dark continent elite without hesitation rapid encircles Ji Dong, magic power jumps, the huge pressure solidly locks Ji Dong immediately.

"Scorpion Sir, are you all right?" The clear year of before speaking turned head to ask to the scorpion. No matter what everyone can see at this time the distress of scorpion.

Scorpion nodded "I am all right." The youth said that "who he is? Is the enemy our people on one's own side?"Because Ji Dong has not released Yin-Yang Crown, they could not see that which piece of continent Mage Ji Dong belongs.

Scorpion lightly said "do not manage him. Holds me to leave here."

Hears the words of scorpion, Ji Dong opens both eyes, some surprise looks to her, although before he had said today will not kill the scorpion. But the scorpion has not said. He has not thought the scorpion will let off itself.

The scorpion corners of the mouth place appears a light happy expression "barbarian, not, only then you will have a strong sense of righteousness, I will not dismantle the bridge after crossing similarly. We walk."

"Scorpion Sir, this"that four people have not moved immediately, scruple looks at the scorpion. Can enter Holy and Evil Battlefield on behalf of Dark Five Elements Continent, these people are the elites in elite, from the present aspect and periphery one piece in confusion, they naturally can see the lots. Let alone, this place was before presents the Certain Kill Skill phenomenon to be. At present this wears the man of dark-red mask, sees is the powerhouses, can be mutually wounded with the scorpion, has proven his strength. This kind of big fish such lets off, can they be resigned?

In the scorpion eye severe glittering "my words haven't you heard?"Four people of bodies tremble, in eye reveals several points of color/look with amazement, resentful reclamation magic power, arrives has been supporting side the scorpion of standing up, must lead her to depart.

In this time, a melodious sound is remembering " scorpion suddenly, you such do to be possible not to be right. So the great merit, could it be don't you want? " With the emergence of sound, the light shadow flashes, appearance that together form been quietly side scorpion.

Comes the person to wear the purple armor, but is actually the purple whole body armor, but does not have scorpion that armor such wing, above the top of the head, in Black Yin Crown appears is ascending the Water department brand mark, Five-Crown Four Stars, is exactly the same as the scorpion. That gloomy and cold aura, goes beyond compared with scorpion. From the contour of armor, this is a man. But his sound, is actually more like a female. When walks, even is also swaying from side to side the extremely slender waist. The helmet covered the look, making one is unable to see his true appearance.

This person seems, although make one sick of sissy, but, he every step treads actually to give people an extremely surreptitious feeling, the place visited, the ground has left behind ice marks. Aura pressure of not mincing matter, actually made weak Ji Dong feel the changes of several belonged to suppressions.

Perfect sunflower water, is the pinnacle **, Ji Dong vision, in changing cold, in the heart sighed secretly, own luck was really not much, has run unexpectedly into a dark disciple, said accurately, was the dark sunflower water disciple.

"Cold rain Sir."That four Four-Crown Mage simultaneously bow to salute to that dark sunflower water disciple.

Dark sunflower water disciple simply has not actually paid attention to them, but arrives in front of the scorpion without consulting anybody " scorpion younger sister, evidently, you are wound heavy Oh. Come, the Elder Brother gives you to treat. " At the same time was saying, he lifts right hand, the strong purple ray transforms quietly, is bringing a star light, amethyst day star magic power that the pinnacle sunflower water can have. The water of Supreme Yin.

"Moves away your dirty hand. Who uses you to treat."Waving that the scorpion detests, solemnly said:

" Cold rain, misses today, whom you like coping with cope with anyone, has nothing to do with me. But today this person you cannot kill. He had rescued my life a moment ago.

We walk. "

Chapter 154: Black Tortoise kills extremely cloudy

The intent graciousness that this dark sunflower water disciple actually slightly do not leave, the graceful round scorpion, moves toward Ji Dong.

"Cold rain, do you want dead?"Scorpion angrily said. She really does not have the slightest bit strength to prevent now.

The cold rain pinches orchid fingers, " scorpion, the words cannot say. My this is for hello/you good. If I have not guessed that wrong, a moment ago that Certain Kill Skill, was this, the fellow put.

That is pinnacle cloudy Yang Fire aura Oh. The heavenly stems disciples arise at the historic moment. Our Boss was still very far from Nine-Crown, the opposite party is impossible to have Nine-Crown Mage. Actually can release Certain Kill Skill. mother Yong doubted, this person should be bright heavenly stems disciple generation of Saint kings. So long as can kill him, brings back to his Crystal Crown, even if you are Boss' younger sister, the Boss will not blame my. So the great merit, making the Elder Brother slice, is good. Relax, must have your merit. You prevented my matter a moment ago, I will not tell the Boss. "

The vision of scorpion goes to Ji Dong subconsciously, she noticed that is Ji Dong hides under Mr. demon Yin-Yang armor mask red pupil faint the look. Does not have the fear x not to shock, even does not have the slightest bit to worry.

So is as before tranquil, his back also depends on day to support straightly, faintly like the snow, like the ice, as if simply does not care about this sudden darkness to ascend the water disciple to be ordinary extraordinarily coldly.

Ji Dong naturally also saw the vision of scorpion, apologetically whether there is in the vision of scorpion had x, but also was bringing several points of light regretting and losing. Everybody is a smart person, she knows that she impossible to have prevented the cold rain, only then looks at present this soon fresh all. Like suddenly presents a bright heavenly stems disciple, sees the scorpion, same will not let off her to be the same.

"My guess not wrong. Bright Saint Mr. king."Cold rain shyly affection looks at Ji Dong, hides is actually similar to the helmet following vision the poisonous snake general gloomy and cold.

Ji Dong has not opened the mouth, Sovereign King proud makes his look throw to the opposite party to disdain.

Cold rain laughed, that wind suspended the lotus leaf extremely slender waist to move suddenly, to the feeling of person, looked like the permanent ancient glacier blasts out suddenly general, this moved, with own feminine|gentle and reserved just right opposite, has been full of the piercing chill in the air. Almost is only the flash, his fist arrived at the Ji Dong chest front.

Both hands overlapping, the palm outward, Ji Dong magic power does not allow him to dodge, impediment that can achieve.

Pū a light sound, the next moment, his body has been similar to the shell pastes the rapid flight, the latter ball goes. Has the star light amethyst brilliance to exaggerate the whole body instantaneously, frozen each of his body. However, the dark sunflower water disciple cold rain has actually gawked! Because his surprised present, oneself this fist as if hit in the vacancy was common, after a soft and tenacious tension made his, move unable to continue actually.

Sonorous shatter resounding, Ji Dong boldly thrusts forward, has stood actually, in that matter cold ice in outside the body, cuns (2.5 cm) shatter, changes into the smashing to scatter in all directions to flutter about densely covered.

People on the scene, only then the scorpion understands that Ji Dong can block cold rain fist also to stand up is a how difficult matter. Formerly when facing that ferrotungsten demon vulture king attacked, Ji Dong it can be said that withstood the complete striking power, own half dream magic power was the enormous scope consumption. Although the scorpion can also stand up reluctantly, but she self-examined that was impossible to withstand the attack of any degree. But Ji Dong actually not only withstands, but also steady standing there, seems like her first time sees his time. The body and nerve of could it be this man is inadequate of metal founding, so will be why tenacious.

The cold rain is also secret imposing, although on Ji Dong everywhere is the dirts, saw that is an elder brother experiences personally the heavy losses the appearance. However, huge Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish that formerly in the sky presented that also that Certain Kill Skill terrifying aura, has made the profound impression on him similarly, sees Ji Dong to stand up, he unconscious is discrete.

Drinks one lowly, cold rain both hands in chest front one pinch, immediately, one group of bright purple ice hockey shazams are big, in an instant had the soccer size, sharp ice puncture from that ice hockey prominent, the woods cold aura made around the cold rain body present light white fog.

The expert gets rid, has on knowledge, the aura that this dark sunflower water disciple releases although is changeable compared with the attack, the scorpion that can use the life combustion skill is slightly worse, but disparity also in the least.

The ray flashes, then carves the ice hockey that becomes just like amethyst already the lasing, strange is quick, as if has any strength after that boost, that pinnacle ** the magic power chill in the air, making in the midair bring together the thick white fog. This time, Ji Dong has not resisted with the palm again, because, his double palm somewhat was numb at this time. water subdues fire, this is mother Yong doubted that the Pinnacle Two Fires enormous degree that although Ji Dong has weakened this restraint, magic power that but he survives at this time actually in extremely limited. Arrived to ward off the cold the rain that to strike a moment ago, more changed by Vermilion Bird, Teng Snake changes as well as the defensive power of Monarch demon Yin- Yang armor will blocks. But both hands actually as well as by some that extremely cold air/Qi frozen stiff hemp, had not been restored at this time.

Resists with the hand again, is not realistic, Ji Dong even continually lifts the arm to be a problem at this time.

Therefore, his simply has not gone to the movement that makes any resists or dodges, but sticks out chest, welcomed outrageously one step, resisted this darkness to ascend the magic skill bombardment of water disciple with own chest actually.

In cold rain heart subconscious thought: Was this fellow insane? He has not seen has looked like Ji Dong this way to resist magic skill.

Bang that giant ice hockey numerous bombardments on Ji Dong that Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor chest front protecting heart mirror, in the fierce bellow, ices the powder to explode scatters in all directions to flutter about. The body of Ji Dong throws accordingly flies, flew by far. Pū, Ji Dong spouts a blood in the midair. Maliciously falls down.

The Direct Hit Skill attack might of sunflower water disciple was too strong, although Ji Dong as far as possible with melting the strength technique melts, and was rumbled to fly to weaken the striking power with the aid of the body, but the magic power disparity made the effect of attribute restraint wield completely, his whole person felt an unprecedented extraordinarily cold meaning to spread over the whole body. His that the body is quite been solid by dragon blood has soaked, in addition the twofold armor and Teng Shebian the protection, this struck sufficiently wanted his life. Saw that Ji Dong own was rumbled to fly, the cold rain also secretly relaxed, laughter say/way "originally is the silver type wax spear head, good to look at but of no use!"

The fist of scorpion does not know when has gotten hold, cold sound said ", if he is the silver type wax spear head, you do not calculate. After striking successively kills Rank 7 peak magic beast and Rank 5 peak magic beast, you pick up a bargain. Similarly is called the heavenly stems disciple with you, making me be shamed disgusting."

While the scorpion opens the mouth, the distant place, that layer on layer/heavily falls in the ground, even formerly had spouted the blood, changes into a ice fragments to scatter in airborne Ji Dong, has stood unexpectedly.

His movement appears very difficult, the body has even been rocking, but steadfast little setting out, has the mask to prevent, cannot see this time god,

Color, but, that hides the blood-color double pupil after mask, actually as before gives people an invisible pressure.

That proud has not been weaken because of the attack of body.

Your demon Yin-Yang armor, even is in Vermilion Bird on armor, covered purple to be incorruptible, the intermittent chill in the air brought the strong rime fog to ascend from Ji Dong unceasingly, by his Fire department Mage, had so the situation, without a doubt, this time condition has missed not to be bad. May so, he also as before stand.

Your demon Yin-Yang armor is truly solid, under a pinnacle sunflower water Mage Direct Hit Skill attack of magic power close Six-Crown, that protects the sign that the heart mirror has not damaged as before, huge explosive force, but made it slightly hollow several points.

Lifts the hand, the right fist of Ji Dong shells suddenly on the protecting heart mirror of own chest, leaves the sonorous big sound, ice layer along with it shattering, is piece by piece stave, falls from the armor. Is staring at that dark sunflower water disciple cold rain, although his sound was low and deep hoarser, but is extremely firm, even is bringing overbearing and rampant shouts to the opposite party "comes again."

The cold rain has truly shocked, even a little has been daunted by at present the Ji Dong appearance, from description of scorpion, opposite this person, whether or not Light Five Elements Continent Saint king, after passing through even/including Chang has fought, is impossible to have the ample force again. But, under the such strong attack, he can also stand unexpectedly again. As if the five elements principle of water subdues fire expired on him.

water subdues fire, will certainly not expire, this time Ji Dong, body such as falling icehouse. The attack of pinnacle magic power, is ordinary magic power is unable to compare by far. If not his source magic power Chaos Fire protects in the stock, even if Vermilion Bird changes adds on Teng Shebian, without magic power support, is unable to prevent the invasion of that pinnacle sunflower water completely.

Ji Dong does not know how throws over, but, he will not be timid. That is his pride, is Two Great Sovereign Kings proud. Even if facing the invincible match, he will not submit.

The both hands of cold rain lift slowly, the left arm is curving, the right arm unbends, purple misty mist raises from him slowly, in the surrounding air, no longer has the white fog to appear, but was developed to dye that purple clear appearance completely.

Only the giant turtle appears behind him, is all over the body all black, magic power that but disperses actually and cold rain is the same, is the pure amethystinus. Sunflower Water department Totem, Black Tortoise.

The original intention of Black Tortoise is profound deep, the military and deep ancient pronunciation are interlinked. Profound, is the black meaning \; Deep, is cloudy meaning. Refers to is deep Yin attribute. But at this time the cold rain releases, is the water of Supreme Yin The appearance along with that Black Tortoise, the complexion of scorpion changed, but the periphery extraordinarily cold air/Qi, made her unable to speak, that four Four-Crown Mage quickly are leading her the place retreat to far point.

Facing powerful of Ji Dong, cold rain must leave Certain Kill Skill finally. The words of scorpion, are similar to the sharp knife puncture generally on his heart. However, in any event, even if with Certain Kill Skill, he must the present Ji Dong destruction, scrub own shame.

The ice-cold cold current condenses the formation gradually, cold rain both hands close up in the same place, lifts up high excessively, back that giant Black Tortoise illusory shadow breaks in his within the body suddenly. the next moment, the body of cold rain with his whole body armor, completely became the insightful amethystinus, as if his oneself changed into purest pinnacle sunflower water magic power to be common.

Sound grating neighing resounds from his mouth, a circular purple thick ice appear before him, that purple thick ice diameter only then about one meter, the above main pattern, seems is just the same as the carapace trace of Black Tortoise, but above this each pattern, has the complex trace. The strong aura, is flickering to hear that completely finds time pinnacle magic power of cold rain body health/guard.

The surroundings of circular ice sheet, sharply like sharp blade, when it condenses the moment of forming above the cold rain top of the head completely, the both eyes of cold rain glisten suddenly. Although is away from the blocking of helmet, can see that two purple crystal glow electricity shoot.

"Goes, Certain Kill Skill, Black Tortoise kills extremely cloudy."Is bringing gratingly buzz whining noise, that circular ice sheet fierce revolving, in air freezing cold, has an elegant arc and pinnacle chill in the air, that circular ice sheet circles in the midair, directly soars Ji Dong to cut to strike, but.

Not only this Certain Kill Skill, is Certain Kill Skill of sunflower water disciple. Moreover magic power condenses completely, is not scattered. Although the cold rain is picking up a bargain, but his also had some assurances to Ji Dong ability many. He understands, Ji Dong has the defensive power that far imagine, therefore he makes so the choice. Not only used oneself strongest Certain Kill Skill, was the pure single body attack. He deeply believed, the Ji Dong defensive power is good, without magic power support, in front of own Certain Kill Skill, must die without doubt.

If Ji Dong has enough magic power at this time, even does not need the Sovereign King body changes the body, a quiet flame ice can terminate the attack that this Black Tortoise kills extremely cloudy with ease. But, he actually anything cannot achieve half dream now

The chill in the air in within the body has not vanished, Chaos Fire can only preserve his in internal organs actually not to help him scatter the chill in the air, after all, he was unable to understand that chaos by far the deep meaning. This time Ji Dong, the four limbs have been full of the stiff feeling, wants to move difficultly extremely, say nothing was resists Certain Kill Skill of this dark sunflower water disciple. Only can look helplessly that filled the ice sheet of cutting force to raid oneself.

Cold rain that hides on the face under armor, has shown a fierce happy expression, he as if noticed that the body of Ji Dong was slivered two in front of own Certain Kill Skill. Even saw is of great success latter ten thousand people to respect own appearance. That single body attack might is not even inferior in terrifying Certain Kill Skill of platinum Tianpeng, arrived in front of Ji Dong in a flash. When that pinnacle thick ice blade arrives at the Ji Dong front, sinks unexpectedly suddenly, has not protected the heart mirror to meet the tough head-on with toughness with Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, but was tangential in the Ji Dong chests and bellies only had in Vermilion Bird directly armor defense place. Sinister, is always one of the sunflower water characteristics.

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Asked the monthly ticket air/Qi recommendation ticket, the simple six characters, were actually in the small three hearts biggest earnestly seeking, thank you.( To be continued

Chapter 155: Thunder Emperor arrives

Controls Certain Kill Skill, the dark holy water disciple cold rain gave on Ji Dong a class, but, he actually does not know the actual combat experience that at this time comprehended did not have the significance to own also.

The fierce stabbing pain transmits instantaneously, that is whirling Black Tortoise kills to bring the pinnacle cold air extremely cloudy, even if in Vermilion Bird armor is unable to resist completely. In the grating fricative, layer upon layer sparks/Mars scattered in all directions the splash, blood collapse present, in Ji Dong skin surface Vermilion Bird armor are only broken.

Vermilion Bird changes is broken, is Teng Snake changes, muscle of Ji Dong " skeleton, meridians, in fierce is swaying from side to side, Teng Snake wields tenaciously incisively, as far as possible is counter-balancing cutting of that amethyst ice sheet.

However, Black Tortoise kills to be possible extremely cloudy, not only the sharp attack, it is also supplementing the pinnacle ** terrifying characteristics that has. Extraordinarily cold magic power, significantly weakened Vermilion Bird changed with the defensive power that Teng Snake changed. This from the defenses of two big heavenly stems Divine Beast, although is good, but does not have magic power to assist after all, they also eventually have to withstand the limit.

Curtain strange picture presents in the cold rain and scorpion and other in front of the dark continent people. That Black Tortoise kills extremely cloudy, cannot one cut the body of Ji Dong unexpectedly, but is cutting his muscle, leaves to make the grating fricative of person of tooth acid unceasingly. Until this time, they truly knew the Ji Dong defense terrifying to any degree.

It is not good, could not block. Ji Dong only thought that own body was numb, in that pinnacle ** under the function of magic power, he was unable again initiative wielded the Teng Snake strength technique. Body final defense, is collapsing bit by bit, the gloomy and cold aura of that pinnacle, along with the wound crazy intrusive mass between chests and bellies, following the bloodlines, spreads over his body each corner. As if, the meridians in within the body at this kind of time also already frozen stiff.

"Do not give up. You can block."Did not know is the illusion in pain, in the Ji Dong mind has remembered Lie Yan's sound suddenly. That sound filled has encouraged with anxiously, also slightest bit hesitant and struggled.

Heart world.

Lie Yan (raging flames) on that float above magma lake, her double fist has gripped completely tightly, the earth core magma raises the dreadful monstrous waves because of her mood. In the eye is glittering the cloudy clear uncertain ray, beautiful she, at this moment, is having one nondescriptive mood.

Before her, in illusory light shadow, is flashing before Ji Dong to withstand one of the attack.

" Ji Dong, Ji Dong, do not give up. Insisting. Your reinforcements must come immediately.

I, I, I " had been torn void, she only needs to treadon, can arrive at side Ji Dong. However, can she do really? The consequence that then makes will only have Lie Yan (raging flames) saying that do not give up, the Ji Dong innermost soul, as if the giant firecrackers loudly explode general, shakes angry roaring of local bully this world to resound from his mouth shocking certainly suddenly. In an instant, the cream ray jumps from his within the body together suddenly, crazily disseminates from the protecting heart mirror place of that Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor. Succinct whole body.

Hollow on your demon Yin-Yang armor shoots, returned to unexpectedly directly normal, the next moment, all chill in the air kill along with that Black Tortoise extremely cloudy completely vanish unexpectedly in the air, that cream halo, looked like in Vermilion Bird armor restores the true colors to be common, but already did not have Third Fire overbearing did not have the profoundness of Fourth Fire, some were only that inexhaustible source aura. Without the flame, that white light even also merely circles body one week. However, all acmes ** the magic power fluctuation, including making Ji Dong main body stiff magic power, disintegrates in this moment completely, looks like has not existed same has swept away.

" This is impossible " scorpion and cold rain is almost saying with one voice. This is also the similar words third time appears in the scorpion spigot.

Of eye previous existence, they are unable to believe that that is the dark sunflower water disciple pinnacle ball water Certain Kill Skill! Must sever completely the body of Ji Dong shortly, thorough destruction.

May such not have. Moreover, the cream ray that the Ji Dong body disperses although flashes to pass, but that such as the deep pool such as the aura of mountain made their these two dark disciples produce trembling from virtual environment deep place to look.

Actually is this what?

The consciousness of Ji Dong blurred, pinnacle holy water magic power in does not scatter instantaneously completely, but swallows completely. Chaos Fire, by situation of extreme oppression, in the Ji Dong thought has filled seeking livehood ** in the situation explodes finally. That all attacks magic power, kills including the Certain Kill Skill Black Tortoise extremely cloudy, swallows completely. However, all defenses of Ji Dong also disintegrate in this moment, Vermilion Bird changes, Teng Snake changes completely quiet, even/including Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor also lost the gloss. Because wound between chests and bellies did not have the impediment of ice, the blood spurts crazily, changes into the big piece blood rain to scatter in all directions to flutter about.

The resilience that luckily, in his body also dragon blood leaves behind, the cut open muscle, the skin and meridians, are healing in the creeping motion quickly. May so, this time Ji Dong again not have the strength of least bit impediment.

Heart lake. A Lie Yan (raging flames) foot strided in the void crack that rips open, on her face full is the color/look of struggling, two lines of clear tears, flow following the face by, at this moment, in her mind deep place, appears her books storehouse of Ji Dong at the dance party that with the situation that dances, also that on Ji Dong dances in the air, shaker loyalty "who dares to injure my Junior Brother?"At this moment, while dark holy water disciple and dark Second Wood disciple all fall into the delay, shakes the place shocking shouted at to resound in the midair, arrived at the world to be ordinary just like the thunderclap thunder together. The air mounted thick, royal purple brilliance has replaced the dark cloud immediately, made the entire sky for it look changes.

The cold rain and scorpion awaken in this drastic change, two people look up to airborne, the cold rain said immediately with amazement: "Is Thunder Emperor."

When Ji Dong lost the complete ability, Fu Rui rushes finally promptly, he sees in the Ji Dong chests and bellies the blood to spurt the life and death not to know crazily. This time Fu Rui, fell into the violent anger. Reddy violent anger ghosts and gods are startled.

In an instant, dazzling royal purple ray Fu Rui with him ** the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon covers in the same place completely, has completed instantaneously the shape resentment that the person and magic beast united, Thunder Emperor of Seven-Crown rank, was magic power that in addition purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon of Rank 8 peak, this instantaneous union produced fearful?

The thunder battle axe, the instantaneous collection, cuts void, blade of the huge thunder and lightning just like cutting the day breaks generally from out of the blue under.

Next throws is quick, cannot absolutely compared with the thunder and lightning. Fu Rui does not allow own small, the Junior Brother to receive any wound again. Also for Ji Dong, he is not direct in the violent anger the comprehensive attack. It is not good, walks quickly. " Could not attend to striking to kill Ji Dong again, own name was most important, cold rain exclaimed, the wrist/skill turned, a strange scroll appeared during he grasped. Under the ray sparkle, the five colors brilliance simultaneously disperses, unexpectedly is five elements Yin attribute magic power.

Second Wood, Fourth Fire, on oneself, Eighth Metal, the holy water, five elements Yin attribute magic power in airborne immediately the transformation is one strange law, covers, in the diameter is only in one meter range.

The dark holy water disciple cold rain draws the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion to oneself in front , during enters that five elements Yin attribute magic power to protect. Under a law function, five elements cloudy is the magic power pinnacle explodes.

In position that the thunder and lightning numerous bombardments that bang ", the thunder battle axe chops in the Dark Five Elements Continent people are, that four Four-Crown Mage snort/hum with enough time, have not become one continually, had been exploded as the fire extinguisher powder, only leaves behind four dark Crystal Crown to scatter in all directions to flutter about. Only then under that five elements cloudy is law covers the cold rain and scorpion is affected by the slightest bit. That strange five colors ray, blocked Fu Rui this to strike actually.

It is not first time facing Thunder Emperor Forui, these Four-Crown Mage not clear Thunder Emperor terrors, the cold rain and can the scorpion not know? Although Thunder Emperor is not the heavenly stems disciple, but thunder attribute magic power after his variation is not inferior in pinnacle magic power, in addition the terrifying of Thunder Emperor itself strength, he already became on Holy and Evil Battlefield the nightmare of dark side. Therefore, just saw Fu Rui to appear, the cold rain without hesitation has ripped open that his inherited most precious object scroll, rather consumption this priceless treasure, must maintain life first said again.

The vision of scorpion falls on the Ji Dong face as before, Ji Dong stands there as before, although he has been on the verge of death weakly, but he actually as before proudly stands, is not willing to throw down, his vision had several points of blur, this is what kind of indication scorpion is certainly clear. However, she believes, this has created the men of innumerable miracle such easily not dead.

While the body was covered by the five colors ray completely, the scorpion is quietly has taken off the mask on face, has revealed own appearance. Her mouth, but does not have a sound, if can carefully look, presently, she will be saying: Remembers my name, I called the scorpion. We will again certainly meet.

Without the scorpion of mask blocking, reveals, is an outstandingly beautiful appearance, although her present appearance is such distressed, but is actually not able to cover her on that day the fresh beauty, beyond the stature of devil, she steps has an angelic face, white Zan the flesh, the big dark green eye pupil, on the long eyelash is bringing several water drops, also that is fine nearly perfect appearance. This all, presents in this moment.

What a pity, all of Ji Dong before Ming all were fuzzy, his anything did not see clearly.

Five colors god glittering, the forms of two big dark disciples before the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon falls to the ground the flash to vanish does not see. In the air has only left behind the light magic power fluctuation.

Loudly in loud sound, purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon landing ground, before it falls to the ground, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui changed into the royal purple flowing light to throw in front of Ji Dong together, holds in the arms Little Junior Brother that oneself this has creakied.

The wound between chests and bellies is bleeding as before, although the blood stream is reducing quickly, but Ji Dong was weak the strength of continually shivering not to have.

A Fu Rui hand hurries according to the Ji Dong wound, the thunder glittering, Ji Dong body shivers to pull out swings, that huge wound under the function of strength of thunder and lightning, was scorched actually temporarily closes up. Regarding the Ji Dong self-recovery ability, Fu Rui is very clear, he must first guarantee that now Ji Dong cannot perish because of the excessive loss of blood.

"Little Junior Brother"Little Junior Brother. Came for the brother late. You may probably support surely, cannot have the matter. Bastards, ***, these bastards, Dark Five Elements Continent, you are waiting. Does not tear to shreds you, I did not call Thunder Emperor. "

At this time the Fu Rui anger has promoted the apex, but does not have the place of releasing.

"Master"Master " brother " feels relieved ", I die. , Not.

You come just in time. If late, a point " fears me,...... It is not really good. I a moment ago...... Kills, two magic beast, crystal core left, forgets, took. Perhaps I want, first, rests a meeting, the son " the Ji Dong lip buzz moved, off and on said these, finally at present one black, fell into the stupor.

Hears the Fu Rui sound, making his spirit be able to relax finally, this time he, because of experiencing personally the heavy losses revealed the color/look of pain, hid on the face under Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor mask, even was also having a proud smile. Yes, fights the dark Second Wood disciple first, then extinguishes Rank 7, Rank 5 two peak magic beast, finally has saved the life under the Certain Kill Skill attack of dark sunflower water disciple as before. Releases the extremely close Certain Kill Skill formidable skill. He has certainly the qualifications to be proud. Heart lake.

On the Lie Yan (raging flames) face has filled tears, the face has been revealing the extremely painful look. Space crack that rips open closed up, she has not needed to be the Ji Dong life worried. However, the pain in her heart therefore has not actually been weaken.

"Sorry, sorry, is unfair to"Ji Dong, when you most need me, I have not actually gone to side you. In order to save own life, but has not gone to save you, was I too selfish.

Sorry, sorry. "

Lie Yan (raging flames) pain was sobbing, in Ji Dong by the flash of that Certain Kill Skill hit, she true present, in own heart, this human boy had been left the indelible profound trace. When leads nurtured were many a seed, finally started the fresh root sprouts in this moment again her heart.

The firm look substituted for pain gradually, Lie Yan (raging flames) has as if made any decision.

Dark, good long good long darkness, what this sleep rests is really quite fragrant. Has not known how long, Ji Dong has been as before only able to feel dark, does not know how long has not rested such long thought.

Indistinct, he as if feels, has any icy cold thing to spread frequently on own forehead, brings the extremely comfortable and cool feeling. But this feeling actually has the flash each time, fell into the endless darkness.

Chapter 156: Bright heavenly stems disciple

How long has not known, when the consciousness wake up comes, Ji Dong only thought own whole body worn out and aching is incapable, as if lifted the strength of finger not to have continually.

Dim, he opens both eyes slowly, immediately feels, as if has any thing to resemble by oneself.

The body did not have the feeling of slightest bit ache, within the body, Yin-Yang Vortex also slowly to revolve again, magic power in also restored several points imperceptibly, the powerful body resilience, made his injury heal completely. This weak feeling , because he hurts and vitality is the result.

The body, immediately, the weak transmission has spread the whole body reluctantly, made Ji Dong unable to bear snorted thirstily, left the hoarse sound.

"! You awoke." The screams resound, slightly thin and pale pretty facial features appear in front of Ji Dong. Attractive big eyes, the long eyelash, is revealing the joyful color/look.

Arrived this face, Ji Dong has also gawked, that unexpectedly was he when Heavenly Stems School once with Lan Bao'er that he participated in together initially has tested.

This time Lan Bao'er vigor attire, although before entering Holy and Evil Battlefield, Ji Dong from afar had also seen her, the feeling that but the short distance sees at this time is actually entirely different.

Year much time pass by, Lan Bao'er seems the change is not small, the girl in 16, the change of seven years old of this age is biggest, her silver purple pupil, the mystery is stronger. Similarly is Saint Water department, the feeling of her actually dark holy water disciple cold rain that surreptitious chill/yin cold, instead has not been one type such as the water tender feelings gentleness. The silk falls, caresses the Ji Dong face lightly, itchy feeling.

"Water..."Ji Dong hoarse saying.

Lan Bao'er hurries to hand his mouth " letting liquid cautiously slowly to flow in a water pocket the Ji Dong throat.

Moistening of water, making the bloodlines as if awaken general, the Ji Dong one breath has drunk the most water pocket, when wants to continue, Lan Bao'er has actually moved away the water pocket, somewhat apologetic said to him:

"You just now wake, long time has not eaten food, cannot drink too juicily."

took a deep breath, thought comfortably many slightly actively "thank you, Bao'er. Where is this?" The surroundings are woods, but is more like the shrubbery, indistinct, Ji Dong can feel that has many people in the surroundings.

Lan Bao'er said: "This is Holy and Evil Battlefield third layer. On that day Senior Brother Fu Rui saved you, you already entire stupor ten days. Luckily, your wound healed voluntarily. Senior Brother Fu Rui said, you hurt the vitality, needs to rest well. Do not say too, again rest a while. Late a point I make the thing of eating to you."

The Lan Bao'er kind look, in the Ji Dong heart was one warm "these days being you have been taking care of me slightly?" "Un."On charming face flies two to wipe bright red, Lan Bao'er complied in a soft voice.

Ten days, passed by unexpectedly for ten days, then said, oneself arrived at Holy and Evil Battlefield to have 12, three days on husbands, Ji Dong asked: "Now situation how?"

Lan Bao'er said: " Situation is very good, you do not need to be worried, currently we had the superiority, under range auspicious fellow apprentice's leadership, victories. Has struck to kill many dark Mage.

Senior Brother Fu Rui makes me tell you, when you wake do not need to worry, here well recuperates, was good. We gathered many Mage here. "

"Senior Brother person?"

"Senior Brother Forui to the Holy and Evil Battlefield deep layer.
However he will come back every day, examines your situation."

Listened to the Lan Bao'er words, in the Ji Dong heart secretly to sigh, Holy and Evil Battlefield was really ever changing, no wonder Martial Ancestor easily did not enter by oneself. Own actual combat experience is too weak, now had recalled that Fu Rui has said to him: Just easy to break. In the Ji Dong heart had comprehended gradually. He extremely just had constructed, causes to run into the powerful enemy one after another.

However, he actually did not regret, although is now weak, but that several fights take to his valuable experience, made him comprehend many things. If the similar situation comes one time again, he will not make same mistakes over again.

"Bao'er, holds me to get up."

"! You must rest well!"Lan Bao'er hurries to shake the head.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile "I to be all right, relax. You hold me to sit, I can the quick point change for the better."

Lan Bao'er hesitant, this cautiously holds Ji Dong to sit sets out. Ten days have not eaten food, in addition hurt and vitality, are sit merely, made Ji Dong feel a dizziness, but his physical quality was very after all intrepid, after short adaptation, spunked up reluctantly, sat cross-legged to sit with the help of Lan Bao'er.

Sits Ji Dong present, on oneself has changed the body clean clothes, your demon Yin-Yang armor static lying down in side, the above dirt also had been scratched clear cleanly. Own dirt completely vanishes, although is weak, but is actually neat.

The girl is very sensitive, saw that Ji Dong looks at clothes, Lan Bao'er charming face slightly red, hastily said: "Your clothes are Senior Brother Fu Rui help you trade. No, is not I,"

Her that charming appearance, Ji Dong could not be bearing look to smile "I not saying that was you! Bao'er, thank you these days attendance."

Lan Bao'er hurries to shake the head "does not need to thank. Although we now were not the schoolmates, but actually ally. Did you forget? Initially when initially tested, you have rescued my life. Takes care of you should be."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Did not say these. You help me prepare the thing of eating, I cultivation a while first. After the cultivation had ended, should be able to eat."At the same time was saying, his heart is gradually quiet, starts to enter the cultivation condition.

To recover, restores magic power, must cultivation, many rests do not have the significance. His recovered , because magic power consumption also displayed the core to kill the technique to hurt the vitality excessively to be the result. Only the magic power adjustment, can make him restore as soon as possible. Here is Holy and Evil Battlefield, he cannot make others protect him, is not willing to be a drag on Fu Rui.

Ji Dong is entering in the cultivation condition, in the Lan Bao'er heart secretly sighed. Since more than one year, since Ji Dong leaves school, she diligently has also been practicing, can speak of the degree of neglecting to eat and sleep, but, after he meets Ji Dong once more, although has not seen the appearance of Ji Dong fight, but can actually feel clearly oneself and disparity between Ji Dong as if became farther.

Ji Dong naturally does not know that Lan Bao'er in thinking anything, stimulates to movement Yin-Yang Vortex to add in the breath turnovers slowly gradually, absorbs Fire Element in air, while is recalling, in this time enters the numerous successes and failures after Holy and Evil Battlefield.

In this all, making his feelings deepest, Certain Kill Skill that without doubt after was Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill combined, produces, that already deep brand mark in his mind. At this time recalls that a detail appears, making his comprehension also more profound. Especially what he can determine, the appearance of this Certain Kill Skill, can say that completely is the coincidence. Regardless of that actually might whether achieves the genuine core to kill the technique the degree, but Ji Dong actually understands that cannot display by oneself strength. Reason that can complete, five elements method helped actually.

Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill fusion time, has absorbed Ji Dong complete magic power, even is Huo'er complete magic power, similarly, has absorbed over a thousand square meters air complete Fire Element. But before that Ji Dong just moved the strength of four dragon four snakes, collides with Certain Kill Skill of platinum Tianpeng. That four dragon four snake each, it can be said that are equal to he over 50% magic power, although is defeated and dispersed with the collision of match, Fire Element that but they have actually as before exists in the air. Because has absorbed so numerous magic power, Ji Dong combines Certain Kill Skill to display, has completed nearly the Certain Kill Skill effect. In other words, is equal to four, five Ji Dong completely magic power accumulations, in addition Huo'er magic power, as well as Fire Element and Two Great Sovereign Kings in air fuse the qualitative change that flash blows out, has had this Certain Kill Skill embryonic form.

Ji Dong self-examined, even if he condenses lasts the strength of four dragon four snakes, is not necessarily able to display such strikes. May so, this experience, opened before him without doubt, the fan comprehends the Certain Kill Skill front door. During does not need to be worried about own safety, the Ji Dong total involvement invests into magic power restores, Yin-Yang Vortex in his these ten days of lethargic sleep, restored some magic power voluntarily, at this time revolves, Fire Element in outsideair such as the silk floods into within the body like the wisp, voluntarily after the filtration, was supplementing magic power that he consumes.

He or has not been magic power restores the medicament to supplement magic power by crystal core, such does, although can a quicker restoration, but regarding Mage itself, is actually and disadvantageous. After magic power large scale consumption, only then restores through the cultivation, can true consolidated cultivation base, increase cultivation base.

Has not known how long, the noise of outside made Ji Dong sober from the cultivation, at this time, his magic power restored 30%, has been able to start to offer a sacrifice to cloudy Yang Fire condensation law.

Opens both eyes, along with cracking magic power and restoration of body condition, as if became including outside world clear several points, Lan Bao'er stood in his side not far away, is looking toward the woods outside, brow slightly pressed.

Ji Dong stands up, asks: "What's the matter?"

Lan Bao'er said: "It is not clear, as if some people came. But should not be the enemy, magic power fluctuation that because has not begun. Senior Brother Fu Rui to ensure your security, has left behind the fellow apprentices of two Six-Crown ranks here, three of also 20 schools, Four- Crown Senior."

Ji Dong said: " Walks, we have a look.

They move toward the direction that the noise transmits, across the woods, goes out not far, sees only the woods edge, twenty wear Mage of Heavenly Stems School clothing there with opposite seven, eight people were saying anything, the noise is also from this. "Makes way. Does not make way do not blame us not being impolite. You know that what status we are?"Comes in the person, golden short youth extremely arrogant saying.

Day card school, 40-year-old middle-aged person solemnly said: "Although I do not know how you enter Holy and Evil Battlefield. But everybody is bright lineage/vein, please be self-possessed. You must have the skill , should also ask the Dark Five Elements Continent enemy to demonstrate."

Arrived the opposite comes the person, Ji Dong slightly to stare, because in these people, he is the understanding. Once together entered mausoleum chamber with him, gained bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu of five elements method mystery.

Arrived Yao Qianshu, has a look at his side these person of arrogant appearances again, their status are obvious. Steps out, Ji Dong arrives at quickly side these Heavenly Stems School students.

Ji Dong saw Yao Qianshu, at this time Yao Qianshu also saw him, immediately pleasantly surprised shouting:

"Ji Dong, originally you here. May make me quite look!"

They once altogether anti- powerful enemy , has lived and died together, Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "You also really entered Holy and Evil Battlefield."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, both hands give a hand signal, looked at his hand signal, Ji Dong understood immediately how these people entered Holy and Evil Battlefield. Without a doubt, with Yao Qianshu in the together these people, is the bright heavenly stems disciple, they can enter here, is by transmission law.

Does not need to ask that Ji Dong can also guess correctly, on this Holy and Evil Island, has to be able for the heavenly stems disciples to carry on law of transmission inevitably. This way, the dark continent heavenly stems disciple as if really has not learned law, that dark Second Wood disciple scorpion may equally enter through the channel with oneself.

In this time, side Yao Qianshu, is wearing the yellow vigor attire, seems youth lightly said that about 30 years old bearing sink to congeal: "Didn't modest book, introduce to us?"

Yao Qianshu brows slightly wrinkled, but said: "This is our generation of Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple Ji Dong. Ji Dong, this is in the fifth heavenly stem the disciple sea turtle seals. These are"

Has not waited for Yao Qianshu to say the words, in that fifth heavenly stem the disciple opens the mouth to break to say suddenly: "Is he Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple who you said? The modest book, you do not have admitting mistakes person."Although his bearing is very calm, but during the speeches, actually gives people a feeling of keeping aloof. Similarly is arrogant, Ji Dong is arrogant demeanor in bone, but he is actually thinking nobody exists but oneself was proud.

Ji Dong complexion turned cold, Yao Qianshu is also the say/way of being unsatisfactory: "Aofeng, you spoke limelight. Our heavenly stems disciple is a body."

Has not waited for Aofeng to open the mouth, formerly that was the rampant gold/metal youth has rushed to say really: "Depends on him also to coordinate us is a body? Yao Qianshu, could it be you could not feel that his magic power aura is weak? You look at his complexion, completely likely is the wine and women pulled out to empty the appearance. Also two Fire departments disciple? Thanks to you also felt all right saying that he was this generation of Saint kings, did he match? He is big, newborn baby's hair long complete/even?"

"Tube, if, shut up."Yao Qianshu is angry "I to look what the newborn baby's hair long is uneven is you. You like this do treat the companion?"

If the control does sneer "not to be convinced? Yao Qianshu, don't forget, you are my defeated. Seventh Metal to subdue|grams First Wood, I also feared that you are inadequate. Has the skill, we come one again." 

Chapter 157: Yin-Yang Vortex Yin- Yang Fish

"You......" the Yao Qianshu air/Qi results in the whole body to shake, but is actually not able to refute, obviously, this rampant gold/metal clear year, truly has the considerable powerful strength.

Aofeng lightly said "looks like, that uses Certain Kill Skill at all possibly was not this person. The modest book, you were mistaken."Ji Dong watches critically, at present besides Yao Qianshu, these three male four females, each reveals the arrogance of thinking nobody exists but oneself, looks that own look is not contemptuous disdains. Especially that year in the discipline biggest fifth heavenly stem disciple Aofeng, has the obvious hostility.

After this time displays level Certain Kill Skill the promotion of psychic force, the Ji Dong power of observation can also the wooden three points, by the stance careful observation of observer each, human's look change, can see the lots at present.

On the face reveals a smile, Ji Dong shook the head to Yao Qianshu, say/way "you looked, I had already said to you, I am not the heavenly stems disciple, you do not believe. Everybody also has no need to suspend cold face half dream to hit the duplication before me to get the hell out, you nothing but are feared that I struggle the position of that any Saint king. I now affirmative told you, my anything Saint king x disciples, were not interested. You do not need any worry. From now on, I and everybody not any relations. You can leave." The Ji Dong words said is very tranquil, tranquil letting these bright disciples reveal stunned the color/look at present, they have not thought obviously, Ji Dong meets unexpectedly so deals.

The Yao Qianshu anxious say/way "Ji Dong, do not impulse. The heavenly stems disciple needs you."Ji Dong gives a calm smile......, You were needless to say. Why clamps in the middle is unpopular everywhere and with everybody? Light Five Elements Continent is so broad, could it be can you also unable to find Third Fire and Fourth Fire disciple? Let alone, everybody looks is the powerful generation, even if no Third Fire x Fourth Fire disciples not to be anything. " The Yao Qianshu also ticket said anything, was held the shoulder by Aofeng, sneers, " others did not acknowledge oneself were a disciple, you said the also anything significance. You called Ji Dong, here was Holy and Evil Island, we do not haggle over with you for the time being first. After waiting for Holy and Evil Island, we can ask you to take back Fire department method.

five elements method, is only then the heavenly stems disciple can cultivation. " Ji Dong coldly smiled " that I awaited respectfully your honorable self. Worthily is the disciple, really can take the entire situation into account, but also knows that Holy and Evil Island cannot kill one another again., Yao Qianshu looks at Ji Dong, in the eye full is apologetic, but in this, the time, he 1 : 7, Ji Dong clearly had indicated oneself manner, what significance he did say also again?

Gazes after eight heavenly stems disciples to depart, the Ji Dong look transfers gradually coldly, why does not know, suddenly has to plant not the good premonition in his heart. Not because of a moment ago these people arrogant impolite, regarding them, Ji Dong simply has not thought anything, or his simply has not treated as a matter these bright heavenly stems disciples. By their appearances of this thinking nobody exists but oneself, can become the important matter is strange. His that not good premonition , because contacts after the dark disciple one feelings, as well as ascend water disciple cold rain there from the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion dark, he clearly hears two people to mention one ", Boss " at least a little can affirm, the dark heavenly stems disciple like the bright heavenly stems disciple will not be in a state of disunity. Could not at present perhaps have seen anything, after may wait till the both sides strength is enhanced to the certain extent, five elements coordinates, the pinnacle magic power combination and other aspects, perhaps were not now this relative strength. " Who these are! one by one is so rampant. What disciple x Saint kings, Ji Dong, I how can't understand?"Lan Bao'er slightly angrily said.

Ji Dong gave a calm smile, first to former that two Heavenly Stems Regiment Six-Crown Mage apologetic nodded, said: "Not anything, bored person of one crowd of thinking oneself infallible. Does not need to manage them."

He not, looks down upon, the strength that whom needs to look, is proved own best way.

That called the control, if gold/metal youth said that not wrong, present he, is weak, magic power has not restored. But he will certainly not solve shining anything to these people. Did not fear that the god same match, fears the pig same teammate. Although these bright heavenly stems disciples should have pinnacle magic power, but besides Yao Qianshu, they in the Ji Dong eye, was inferior including the pig.

It looks like anything has not lived, returns in the woods, Ji Dong has eaten some Lan Bao'er after food that he prepares, immediately releases cloudy Yang Fire condensation law to start to cultivate.

30% magic power, have supported his two law simultaneously to open sufficiently, Yin-Yang Vortex maintains under the balanced Yin-Yang condition throughout, magic power by extremely rapid is restoring.

This time cultivates, Ji Dong has continued 12 double-hour fully, not only restores magic power, after his magic power restores to the optimum condition, starts to adjust own body.

As Ji Dong two departments magic power most source strength, Chaos Fire, although cannot by the Ji Dong direct utilization, but, has its existence, Ji Dong in recovering wants quick many. He many magic power will treat as the nutrient to pour into to Chaos Fire, Chaos Fire from dispelling a chaos aura, the chaos air/Qi of that breeding myriad things helps Ji Dong restore magic power, naturally is a cinch. Pain bodhisattva white Shou, after this time will not enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, after tribulation, when Ji Dong finally fully restored the strength through 12 double-hour self-tortures, he has the broken cocoon to become butterfly feeling immediately.

Immerses in own cultivation condition, Ji Dong was not willing to finish for a very long time, because, he was immersing in the huge pleasant surprise at this time.

First pleasant surprise, is the promotion of magic power, after experiencing these time has risked one's life, his magic power directly promotes Level 49. Since breaking through Level 40, magic power promotion markedly reduces, he just broke through shortly after Level 48, can in such a short time again make the breakthrough. Obviously when that Certain Kill Skill release has had the tremendous influence to his body. Only needs to go a step further again, he must touch to the Five-Crown threshold. At the appointed time, is qualitative leap. Three-Crown with the aid of the external force, Four-Crown controls the external force, then, Five- Crown?

The magic power promotion is just pleasantly surprised one, a bigger pleasant surprise is the change of Yin-Yang Vortex. The originally Yin-Yang vortex calamity, is gold and black, two-color magic power mixes the swirl to circle regarding Chaos Fire in the Ji Dong chest unceasingly. But the present Yin-Yang vortex calamity, had the qualitative change. No longer was liquid magic power circled there, but was one center chest to clockwise voluntarily revolve just like gold/metal black dual-color position of Yin- Yang Fish of primal chaos style, Chaos Fire, sharply sat on the perspiration center that Yin-Yang Fish place above the baseless conjecture.

Although that Yin-Yang Fish seemed has been full of the illusory brilliance, returned to gaseous state likely, but, Ji Dong


Had a huge change, that is own pinnacle Yin Fire and pinnacle Yang Fire not any phenomenon of repelling one another, is similar to homologous magic power is unexpectedly ordinary, each other blends, complements one another.

Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, making Two Great Sovereign Kings first time complete each other blended, made Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires complete the process of fusion in the true sense.

This may not only be cultivates to him advantageously, does not need to have no scruples the promotion through the Chaos Fire adjustment to be so simple again. Fusion of Supreme Yin Supreme Yang, will cause Ji Dong will display two departments magic skill from now on again the time, does not need to undergo the middle that magic power mutually transformation was sluggish. In other words, what first flash Ji Dong displays is Flame Sovereign King magic skill, then, latter, he can definitely join Dark Flames Demon King magic skill instantaneously rapidly. As the matter stands, in the use of magic skill, without a doubt, Ji Dong will reach a brand-new altitude. Will not have in two magic power mutually transformation processes that some consumed.

This huge pleasantly surprised will make Ji Dong not excited? Since he has been able to feel mutual engaging in factional strife of two great pinnacle magic power, when particularly his magic power promotes is higher, this situation becomes more obvious. Thus caused ordinary Mage when breaking through the Second Crown x Fourth Crown this type is not the giant tranquil important pass he will have the extremely dangerous condition. Ji Dong has to be worried, when own magic power promotes to the certain extent, when that Chaos Fire cannot suppress two big magic power will again have any situation. After is can display a more formidable skill, does the magic power transformation have the problem to backlash oneself what to do?

But at this moment, this issue obtained the thorough solution finally, from now on, Ji Dong it can be said that became true dual attribute Mage. From now on cultivates, his dual attribute can only complement one another, strength, far Tongji University. Will not have the least bit restriction. took a deep breath, puts out again slowly, that illusory Yin-Yang Fish revolving, making no distinctions gold/metal black dual-color magic power spreads over whole body each corner instantaneously, Ji Dong Vermilion Bird changes x Teng Snake changes, as if in slight lives the change, the whole body is producing to accumulate growth numb and itchy feeling.

Opens both eyes, Ji Dong stands up suddenly, the extension of effort own body, whole body each cell as if in comfortable moan, the skeleton unceasingly is leaving just like the parched beans close sound, a coal dual- color mix brilliance appears in his skin surface, swiftly hidden swiftly presently. No longer is pure overbearing or pure ice-cold, aura that at this moment, his body disperses, is a circle friendly power and influence.

"Ji Dong, did you restore?" The Lan Bao'er pleasantly surprised sound resounds, she sits is being away from he not far place Protector for him.

The Ji Dong smile crack " thanked to Lan Bao'er nodded, Bao'er. " Lan Bao'er said with a smile "you not saying that we were the partner, among the partners, words that needs to thank? Eh, Ji Dong, you grew probably, the shoulder was also as if wider."Ji Dong has gawked, looks to own body, he does not have any too big feeling actually. But looks like in Lan Bao'er completely is different.

Before the Lan Bao'er clear(ly), Ji Dong always gives people some pinnacle extreme feelings, the change of makings was too rapid, suddenly blazing x suddenly ice-cold, making one ascertain airtight. But this time he, look, although as before is the originally look, but invisible, actually had her the air/Qi of powerhouse can see from Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, is more reserved than Fu Rui profoundly. Gazes at slightly earnestly, on Lan Bao'er charming face slightly somewhat is red, heartbeat significantly sped up several points.

However, this phenomenon has actually maintained the short time, because in her heart, has thought suddenly that with the outstandingly beautiful form that Ji Dong dances lightly, that can make the myriad things for the it ashamed appearance. Regarding this, Lan Bao'er can only be silently a downcast. She is not clear, why will have such mood. When each time she sees Ji Dong, indescribable kind feeling. She hopes that the time can dilute all, but, Ji Dong left Heavenly Stems School also more than one year, this saying goodbye, that feeling in her heart actually as if became more intense.

Indistinct, Ji Dong also felt oneself body as if after the Yin-Yang vortex calamity transformation is Yin-Yang Fish lived the delicate change, but he has not actually cared, said with a smile the age that "I nurtured officially, the body has changed is very normal! Has the Senior Brother come back?" The Lan Bao'er say/way "yesterday evening returned to come to see your one eyes, saw you to awake, Senior Brother Fu Rui was very happy, but said that makes you raise the body well, he immediately walks. I listened to him to say probably, as if met anything to trouble, was preparing to besiege very valuable magic beast. Also listens to Senior Brother Fu Rui to mention any divine tool." The Ji Dong say/way "where has that Senior Brother Fu Rui said specifically?" The Lan Bao'er say/way "this I to can affirm, should on Holy and Evil Island eighth, quite near direction from us." The Ji Dong simple arithmetic, by the flying ability of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, had considered in addition that Holy and Evil Island 18 Layers more inward is away from the situation of reducing, Fu Rui from that side hurries back also at least needs more than a double-hour. Holy and Evil Battlefield opened for more than ten days, the tactical situation should enter the superheating degree, in this case the Senior Brother will come to see itself as before every day, can oneself be a drag on his again? magic power fully restored, on this high-risk actually also opportune Holy and Evil Island, how he can here wait.

"Bao'er, I must look for the Senior Brother."Lan Bao'er shows a faint smile, say/way "you asked my these times I knew. Seemed you also fully restores. Senior Brother Fu Rui makes me think your. You must go, must take me. Do not reject Oh, you have said that we are the partners, since is the partner, how can the non- combined action? Before I was less than one year new military recruits Lan Bao'er, will not tow you to retrocede."Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled "Bao'er, you should know that Holy and Evil Island is dangerous. Can make magic beast that the fellow apprentices must carefully treat, cultivation base not be lower than Rank
9. I do not hope that you take risk."Lan Bao'er has not spoken, but looks at Ji Dong, in the vision is revealing the somewhat tenacious vision. Her appearance, Ji Dong helpless shaking the head of " good, we leave

Chapter 158: Flame lion group

Forui keeps the people in Holy and Evil Island three woods, is not only used to protect Ji Dong, took the Heavenly Stems Regiment rear position here, Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er said goodbye to protection numerous position Mage here, directly soared the Holy and Evil Island deep place to go.

Left that not big small forest, Ji Dong presently, compared with this Holy and Evil Island third layer and second layer, the topography also has the change, almost is the rolling small hill, the whole, is a stretch of rough terrain, between the hill and hill, will often present some forests or the shrubberies.

Such terrain regarding Ji Dong, instead compared in the prairie good, at least in such terrain, hides to want easy many, like in that vast prairie, does not camouflage. Naturally, when present he, mentality also and just entered Holy and Evil Island differs from, transforms like magic power as circle friendly Yin-Yang Fish, in his heart proud, although increases sharply once more, the aura that but the surface reveals actually wanted reserved.

Puts on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, Ji Dong surprised present, armor does not know that was released level Certain Kill Skill by oneself or is the influence of Chaos Fire, on armor were many a light aura, is different from originally pure fire attribute magic power, but extremely reserved fluctuation, when he puts on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, felt obviously to the outside magic power absorption strengthened several points. Compared with the defensive power, your demon Yin-Yang armor is more important to the function that his magic power condenses. Lan Bao'er with side Ji Dong, this time she, has put on a light purple armor, is the same with the Ji Dong Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, she puts on is also the light armor, does not have the mask, but is one, attractive
head cheng □ □ gu し 3 did □ cheat extensively poorly pulls up strangely is equal to E Shen Xian□ 3 □ to enjoy □ □ □ saying that jian Jun Zhaosong tai ㄍ □ field?
Throws over including Ji Dong cannot think, but more than one year do not see, Lan Bao'er turned into so the beautiful woman of progression, although cannot compared with Lie Yan (raging flames), but in Ji Dong has seen in woman, is among the best absolutely, in makings, does not compare that dark Second Wood disciple scorpion to be bad. Just, the scorpion is similar to puts wild rose that but brings puncturing, Lan Bao'er is actually similar to a chaste gentle lily.

Excels at winning the field respectively.

The vanguard, Lan Bao'er follows close on behind Ji Dong, her is not slow, Ji Dong sorts in the level area to march forward specially, so long as the direction is good, he rather slightly circles some groups, on not direct tread these massifs.

Holy and Evil Island third layer, magic beast quantity not compared with the second layer prairie in many, but in quality, being stronger were many, two people have also met many magic beast, can hide , then hides, cannot shunt, Ji Dong certainly it will exterminate by as powerful as a thunderbolt immediately, after killing magic beast, immediately "

Brings Lan Bao'er to transform under one, does not give similar magic beast to trace own opportunity. Paid attention to the concealment of personal appearance. Here did not have Rank 4 following magic beast, although on the road they have not met the resembles to hammer the iron demon vulture king that level powerhouse, but in march, has cost a lot of time, has used a double-hour, goes to the places of Holy and Evil Island three and four borders. Ji Dong stops the footsteps in shrubberies, having the pair of Sun and Moon double splendor glove to be clear a region in the shrubbery, bringing Lan Bao'er to sit, from outside, very difficultly presently their existences.

"Bao'er, we rest a while, restored formerly to consume magic power that. Then enters fourth layer."

Lan Bao'er selected has occupied the head, say/way "listens to Teachers saying that Holy and Evil Island each thorough, the magic beast strength will increase dramatically. Ji Dong, can we enter to eighth really?"

The Ji Dong say/way "does everything possible, if the incorrect words, we draw back again. Relax, I will protect your."

Lan Bao'er smiles, say/way "I had said that will not be a drag on your, at least on first five cannot. fourth layer should also be about Rank 4 the magic beast survival place, but is actually primarily living in groups magic beast. On this Holy and Evil Island, one x two are Rank 3 magic beast, first layer is living alone Rank 3, but second layer lives in groups Rank 3. Ex analogia. Has waited till eighth, should be primarily Rank 6 magic beast to live in groups. Does not understand why Senior Brother Fu Rui they will have met there troublesome."

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "You said that is only the situation in each most region, actually cannot represent completely. I in first layer, have met the Rank 5 magic beast food person great demon. Has met Rank 7 magic beast platinum Tianpeng and Rank 5 magic beast ferrotungsten demon vulture king in second layer. Otherwise, how can also do is so distressed."

Do the Lan Bao'er surprised bright eyes open " also such situation to live greatly? "

The Ji Dong say/way "I had pondered carefully, this situation should not be the common phenomenon. Presents high rank magic beast in the outer layer, very possible is they arrives at the outer layer hunting. After all, hunts and kills same level magic beast to be extremely difficult. Comes out to hunt is very normal. Naturally, platinum Tianpeng that type was the contingency. Enters fourth layer, we must be especially careful. If meets Rank 7 x even Rank 7 above magic beast, will bring to us greatly troublesome. If I have not guessed that wrong, Senior Brother Fu Rui they in that only magic beast of eighth meeting, should also be formidable magic beast of territory universal magic beast strength. Adds on his purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon by Senior Brother Fu Rui strength, can make him seriously treat, is Rank 9 magic beast is at least right."

"Rank 9?"Lan Bao'er calls out in alarm in a low voice, must know, the contrast of Mage and magic beast, generally speaking differs Rank 1. Also " said, One-Crown Mage can cope with two step magic beast, Rank 9 magic beast, was equal existence in Eight-Crown Mage. Naturally, has pinnacle magic power Mage like Ji Dong, this contrast is not suitable. He struck to kill Rank 7 magic beast by Four-Crown magic power, this was in itself the extremely abnormal situation.

Ji Dong both hands simultaneously wield, ray flashes, a black gold/metal, two flame people quietly appear.

Element body summon.

Two Yuan of first summon, element body, when Ji Dong displays Certain Kill Skill also completely was swallowed to fuse by magic power of that terrifying. But before that they made Ji Dong realize the function of this element body fully. That is is almost equal to two ordinary Four-Crown Mage helpers. Moreover by his own is controlled completely.

The Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body just a appearance, immediately, wriggled, the body, falls on the Ji Dong two sides shoulders respectively, is complementing on his face that fierce mask, has added several points of mysterious air.

"What is this? Chubby quite lovable."In the Lan Bao'er eye revealed the star ray obviously.

Ji Dong speechless "this is my one magic skill, the element body summon. Can assist me to attack." Lan Bao'er blinked ", if I also had such magic skill to be good."

The Ji Dong smile did not speak, sat in repose with eyes closed, quickly magic power that restored formerly to consume. Does the time maintain in peak condition is important? After undergoing recently experience, he has realized fully. Although does not have the time to make him give itself. ,
Books storehouse......, one by one, supplements the strength of that four dragon four snakes, but as far as possible maintains the optimum condition by facing the unknown danger, is important experience that this time obtains.

After two people have rested approximately the quarter, magic power completely duplicate, went forward once more, stepped into the Holy and Evil Island fourth layer range.

The fourth layer topography and third layer are slightly different, seemed obviously smooth several points, but actually everywhere was the giant stone stands in great numbers, on many giant stones, has the trace that left artificially obviously. Either is similar to the blade truncates the pitching chisel to be ordinary, either after having the obvious corrosion or the explosion, mark that leaves behind.

Three have not met any good luck of trouble, did finally in fourth layer has terminated, two people entered the fourth layer less than half double- hour, saw that fifth layer will soon be in sight, suddenly, Ji Dong felt side to transmit an oppression strength. Stands remains to hold on Lan Bao'er.

", Be careful, possibly has situation."

They look at each other one, simultaneously released own Yin-Yang Crown.

The year many do not see, this is Ji Dong first time saw the strength that Lan Bao'er half dream hits now, on Black Yin Crown, Four-Crown has the brand mark impressively, Four-Crown One Star, unexpectedly is Level 42 magic power level. Must know, initially Ji Dong from 20 multistage promoted Level 30, receives the amplification that Vermilion Bird changes, in addition he has dual attribute condensation law, cultivation so quick. But, Lan Bao'er actually not his these superiority. Short more than one year of time, she not only broke through the Three-Crown mountain pass, even also broke through Four-Crown. It can be imagined, since more than one year, she has paid many diligently. Her talent also crossed the estimate of Ji Dong.

Lan Bao'er looks at the curtain Ji Dong somewhat unusual look, laughs, say/way " quite surprised?

Can enter Yin-Yang School, I also depending on skill. I am innate 99% sunflower water attribute.

In always listen to under direction, after entering Yin-Yang School, can the date thousand li (500 km). What is most important, you were too initially profound to the impression that I made, I have not wanted to fall behind you to be too many! " Only then she knows, behind this simple smile, has paid many in more than one year diligently. Lan Bao'er age also just compared with Ji Dong greatly one year old. She and Leng Yue that small girl, became sunflower Water department cultivate the object who half dream raises most with emphasis.

In two people spoke, whiz a light sound, a colossus leapt up from a front not far grove, the fiery-red wool was to the utmost enchanting, the height crossed four meters, shoulder high 1.8 meters, around giant head, dark brown growing hair completely obviously dignified. Unexpectedly is a Rank 5 magic beast flame great lion. Although compared with initially yellow Liming that mount flame Lion King, the step must miss Rank 1, but as the king of beasts, this flame great lion also similarly is the powerhouse in Rank 5 magic beast.

Arrived the flame great lion, the woman moves with Lan Bao'er is the complexion changes, must know, this wild lion class magic beast, not go it alone. Forever is the community sends out.

Really, that flame great lion lifts the hand suddenly, leaves deafening roaring, the dazzling red light blooms, as if each root hair can spout the fire to resemble. In that grove that him leaps up, is only growing the blue wool, does not have the female lion of lion long neck hair to pace slowly, gloomy and cold both eyes are revealing the savage color/look. Impressively is Fourth Fire attribute.

The female lion reaches 13 heads, although in the aura cannot with that for compared with Rank 5 Duke lion, but each, is at least the Rank 4 aura.

Lan Bao'er goes forward slightly one step, what to do draws close to the Ji Dong body half dream writing " we? Is walks remains? "

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Fights shoulder to shoulder. Your careful this, should not be away from me to cross ten meters."

"Good."Many exchanges, Lan Bao'er complied, has not stretched across one step, pulls open slightly with the distance that Ji Dong sees only. They relate, although good, but each other magic power is as incompatible as fire and water, the aura will see is only affected certainly, therefore she must spread out. By Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, affected obviously is she.

14 formidable flame great lions started at this time, front line that mighty army has not moved the place, but leaves deafening roaring unceasingly, Third Fire magic power releases unceasingly, blooms the powerful magic power aura. But that 13 lioness actually dispersions slowly, the potential of surrounding circles to both sides. eyes of each flame great lion, looking steadily firmly on Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er.

Reason that Ji Dong the decision fights, but does not withdraw as far as possible, naturally some of his plans, at present these 14 magic beast, although the strength is powerful, but actually is Fire department magic beast, the suppression of his Pinnacle Two Fires to itself department is intense, it can be said that in fire king, therefore, these magic beast, although is talented, is the king of beasts, may in fact, very be difficult to pose the threat to them, in the air the rich fire Yuan, the element will not make him have the too big consumption. If withdraws, that only then relied on the Vermilion Bird pair of wings to leave, in that case, instead might suffer the magic skill bombardments of these flame great lions, four x Rank 5 magic beast long-distance attacked magic skill, the might was quite intrepid.

Quick, 13 lioness have completed the encirclement, eyes covetously, simultaneously approaches to the center, lion magic beast is always the cybotaxis, usually is the lioness hunts and kills, when runs into the genuine powerhouse, the mighty army will get rid. Do not despise these Rank 4 lioness, their coordination surely extremely on agreement.

Brushes a light sound, the huge Vermilion Bird pair of wings has launched from Ji Dong, before these lioness prepare to attack the flash, the dazzling golden flame explodes suddenly, changes into the golden brilliance that rushes together to shoot up to the sky.

The opportunity of Ji Dong choice is as wonderful as the summit, who happen when is these lioness preparations move the cloudy wheel attack the key. Their skills are the point of no return have, in the time that the skill will soon leave, pinnacle positive fire attribute suppresses by the easily accomplished potential to cover instantaneously.

13 simultaneously call out in grief at this time, 13 blue Fourth Fire also project, but that pitiful flame only has the twinkle star, seems might as well the might of Rank 1 magic beast attack.

This is to opportunity assurance, when Mage is preparing to get rid, his innermost feelings collapsed first, how many minute of magic power but can also leave?

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Chapter 159: Demon King demon flame drill

In the Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown rises dramatically big one meter golden flame, the Four-Crown brand mark is the brilliance blooms, behind him, black double gold/metal Yin-Yang Fish quietly appears, slightly during revolving,

Yang Fire condensation law already nature formation on Yin-Yang Fish. This is including the situation that Ji Dong have not thought, he prepares with magic power release method, but the thought just moved, the back appears

The Yin-Yang Fish scene has helped him complete all these.

13 female lions, proud with pinnacle Yang Fire are suppressed by Sovereign King that on Ji Dong blows out instantaneously, their attacks make the inadequate any threat radically.

Sound cold snort/hum from the Ji Dong mouth, the next moment, 13 dazzling golden light the springing from his fingertip departed.

Has the pressure by the pinnacle Yang Fire aura, the attack of lioness already, was withstanding the attribute to suppress just presented the most painful time, the attack of Ji Dong arrived to them in front.

That 13 golden light are not huge, each seems only then palm of the hand size, rapid flight, shape like scale. However they are actually dispersing just like the solar generally radiant golden light. Ten of shining In three female lion eyes absent-minded, just adapted to the attribute suppression of slightest bit almost to strengthen one time instantaneously, they just had released the skill, when the old strength just went, Sony not to live, Ji Dong that looks

Goes to the simple attack, actually grasped in the battlefield changed every point.

The roar, that lion felt obviously was not wonderful, dazzling Third Fire gathers however to behind sprays, although he also felt the intense suppression of that pinnacle Yang Fire, but in showed at this moment

The male proper elegant demeanor, just like artillery body straightly shoots Ji Dong, the body in the midair, its wool started, the whole body muscle inflates, a originally four meters body inflates to have

Five meters, more than two meters high, each muscle can see clearly, the huge mouth opens to directly soar Ji Dong, when the chest hits.

Rumbling rumbling, 13 thunder also resounds, 13 lions fly upside down in the calling out in grief sound completely, was exploded flies at least about five meters, dazzling golden flame overwhelming superior

The potential has broken their Yin Fire, on each lioness is the golden flame ascension. Although pinnacle Yang Fire does not have the long-term attachment combustion, but is exploding of that flash, intense

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire also made them experience personally heavy losses.

As if had not seen the lion that throws directly is common, the Ji Dong finger shoots again, is 13 scale rays departs, not having the dragon scale of slightest bit waste to dodge to change to the flowing light, pursues to that 13 female

Lion. Meanwhile, Ji Dong does not draw back instead enters, left treadonned the previous step, a front surface fist direct bang has approached the head of that lion. Scorching Sun Bite.

As the Sovereign King skill that comprehends first, Ji Dong Scorching Sun Bite is repeatedly tempered, at this time a fist rumbles, complete Yang Fire instantaneous restraining that within the body blows out, complete condensation above right fist,

Your demon Yin-Yang armor hand guard sprang three sharp thorns in clangour, Ji Dong brings the fist of Sun and Moon double splendor glove also completely to turn into the golden color in this moment. Before magic power control and compares, rose one

Stair. Bang
Strange appeared, the flame great lion that threatens throws to strike to come by the unequalled potential, but its body that stagnation stiffly in the Ji Dong right fist foreword, your demon was cloudy

On Yang Kai point punctures brain to enter, at the same time, on the flame great lion burns Third Fire to extinguish instantaneously, that is not because he came under the attack to extinguish, but by the Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire thorough suppression


Rank 4 Mage, itself quite in the Rank 5 magic beast strength. Let alone Ji Dong magic power has reached as high as Level 49, is Pinnacle Two Fires Mage. The upfront resistance, how this flame great lion may

Can be his match? After recently crisis sees the light suddenly, Ji Dong own skills had to melt is a trend of furnace, the strength go a step further again. His that dragon blood has soaked body boils up the formidable strength The quantity, a fist bombardment on the flame great lion's head, oneself is the slightest does not draw back unexpectedly.

Right fist withdrawing, facing that whole body by the flame great lion of golden exaggeration, the Ji Dong left shoulder was sunk instantaneously, runs upon loudly, Scorching Sun Collapse, fierce Yang explosion, two is giving up study to follow on somebody's heels. When that finally

When the golden column of flame shoots up to the sky, the solemn Rank 5 flame great lion body, was reduced to ashes unexpectedly instantaneously, only leaves behind sparkling Rank 5 Third Fire department crystal core.

Also at this time, 13 dragon scales of that second departure, completely fell on the lioness, 13 groups of golden flame looked like surround and protect central giant column of flame instantaneous exploded.

The surrounding area in hundred meters, complemented the golden color completely.

Deeply inspired, Ji Dong golden light restrains quietly, the sharp thorn on hand guard also takes back in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, his vision was very tranquil, looks like has handled an ordinary matter one

. Wields conveniently, works on that Rank 5 crystal core. During the personal appearance twinkles , received other ten Rank 3 Rank 4 Fourth Fire crystal core the pouch.

Lan Bao'er from beginning to end, is only a simple viewer, started to finally to finish from Ji Dong , was just the time that three times breathed, complete 14 in her opinion

When formidable magic beast, the skeleton not has saved. Moreover seems, Ji Dong has used several simple skills. The imposing manner that but his type rules the world, made the Lan Bao'er sincere feeling in

That moment that he gets rid, is unable to have any feeling of resistance. The powerful and dignity, present he, looked like Sovereign King of control world. Returns to side Lan Bao'er, Ji Dong presently her vision strange looks at itself, "? Bao'er. Why thinks so me."

Lan Bao'er grows the tone at this time, " Ji Dong, you were too strong. That constriction, I had felt on Senior Brother Fu Rui a moment ago. Has not thought, one year does not see, you were unexpectedly strong

In a big way to so degree. "

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, the racket the Lan Bao'er shoulder armor, " cultivates diligently, you are also same. These monkeys by my attribute restraint. Walks, I have not consumed any magic power, immediately

Arrived at fifth layer, our seemed to be slow, must step out. Otherwise, before the darkness, cannot arrive at eighth. "

His body already ejection. Follows behind Ji Dong, Lan Bao'er looks that front this becomes more and more great man, the vision somewhat was crazy.

Does not know that is the luck is good, is Ji Dong hideaway good of quite, a following journey they quite tranquil pass. Meets formidable magic beast or is the magic beast group, Ji Dong as far as possible

The choice dodges. He has two element bodies to explore the way, in addition oneself to the keen induction of magic power aura, fifth layer and sixth layer relatively tranquil passing. In this period although has also begun several times, but

Is strength ordinary magic beast, will not pose any threat to two people, Lan Bao'er does not have any opportunity of beginning.

fifth layer and sixth layer the terrain of terrain and front differs from, fifth layer is the wetland, the journey unclear), what somewhat is slightly similar to third layer, in the wetlands some little is also small

The hill exists, but sixth layer thoroughly had the change, the mountain became high, is the genuine mountain peak, needs to go over hill and dale to go forward, these mountains only had five and 600 meters luckily.

But to present seventh, the front appeared, as before is the mountain, but the mountain peak has docked with the clouds, at least has a kilometer altitude.

After entering seventh, Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er obviously became more careful, here is the Rank 6 magic beast territory, generally survived non- is living in groups Rank 6 magic beast, magic beast achieved Rank 6, the strength

Compared with Rank 5 has differed enormously, although is not the leap of Rank 7 that quality, but is also quite powerful.

At this time, is high noon, what a pity, densely covered the dark clouds on this Holy and Evil Island actually cannot see the trail of least bit Sun.

In this Holy and Evil Island sixth layer, crosses the range that the Lan Bao'er strength can withstand actually, but she does not have the slightest bit to be worried, follows side Ji Dong, in her heart has intense secure

Feeling. But the fact has also proven, the Ji Dong strength protects her sufficiently here.

Static standing on a small hillside, giant stone is shielding the body of Lan Bao'er, not far away before her body, Ji Dong calm standing there, the Ji Dong opposite, all over the body presents

For ice blue great wolf eyed covetously is looking steadily at him, but throughout has not actually moved the attack.

Do not think that this ice blue color is Water department, at present this height over five meters, seem the personal appearance extremely agile great wolf are Fourth Fire department Rank 6 magic beast, this is Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er enters

After Holy and Evil Island seventh, third Rank 6 magic beast that meets. At present this great wolf should call the deep cloudy demon wolf, most is good at ambushing the attack, the strength is powerful incomparable. What a pity, it in ambush actually by Ji Dong that to the Fire Element keen feeling present.

Has directed it.

At this time, Lan Bao'er saw Rank 6 magic beast and Rank 5 magic beast differences, charge when facing the flame great lion, that flame great lion fierce does not fear. May at present this Rank 6 deep cloudy demon

The wolf actually obviously wants to be calmer, moreover looks that in the Ji Dong vision is revealing the surprised uncertain look, although Ji Dong has not released own magic power, but the Rank 6 magic beast keen feeling made it feel

Received the danger.

Ji Dong back Vermilion Bird pair of wings restraining, by the mask, can only see that blood red double pupil, when facing that deep cloudy demon wolf, he facing Rank 5 magic beast is more discrete, goes forward step by step slowly

, magic power not manifest, but looks like the opposite party to approach gradually.

Low and deep roaring from the deep cloudy demon wolf mouth, it wants to retrocede unceasingly, but as if not hope retreat, leaves low roars unceasingly, the blue flame ascends, in faint trace sound,

The body of deep cloudy demon wolf turned into the transparent blue color, already completely by flame gable.

Rank 6 magic beast is equal to Five-Crown Mage, but Mage after breaking through Five-Crown, change that produces, is the attribute element body, the body can unify with the respective magic power element, discharges mixed The technique, becomes purely. Not only magic power increases, the induction of magic power in the world large scale will also strengthen, even if not cultivation, the body voluntarily will also absorb the magic element in air, is insufficient

Appears situation that own magic power drops.

The cold light flashes, Ji Dong has gotten rid, the body just like the shell ejection, in an instant, your demon Yin-Yang armor, in Vermilion Bird armor, transforms into the black completely, pinnacle Yin Fire appears quietly, but actually

The complete embodiment, the whole person seems just like the killer in dark night is common. Yin-Yang Fish and Black Yin Crown also similarly appear. Since having Yin-Yang Fish, it as if became Ji Dong Totem, for

Will reappear for Two Great Sovereign Kings voluntarily. Above a Yin Fire condensation law brand mark, this time he, looks like gloomy and cold Demon King arrives at the world quietly generally. Among the distance with deep cloudy demon wolves pulls closer instantaneously.

growled, in the deep cloudy demon wolf eye glitters the panic-stricken color/look, the attribute suppression is making it set firm resolve finally, the four limbs springing, unexpectedly slightly not to the meaning that Ji Dong begins, does not turn around, body

Swiftly has actually exploded draws back. It must run.

Runs? It is not easy. In the Ji Dong eye the cold light flashes, before originally was extremely quick , the body that to/clashes rolled up in the midair suddenly slightly, the personal appearance rises suddenly, at least in that

Has promoted three times instantaneously, is only the free time of a blink, pursued in front of the deep cloudy demon wolf, the right hand wielded, bringing the profound black flame to grasp to the deep cloudy demon wolf, getting down was Dark Moon Claw. Deep cloudy demon wolf made the strange coping style, the body of retreat has stood in the airborne person unexpectedly, simultaneously in airborne twisted the body, not only has evaded Ji Dong Dark Moon Claw, but also its wolf claw

Also instantaneously plunders, Fourth Fire condensed, directly soars the Ji Dong shoulder to pat. This Rank 6 magic beast, understood unexpectedly likely the style is ordinary.

However, it faces after all is the highest of all creatures human, heart world Two Great Sovereign Kings inheritance, facing the response of deep cloudy demon wolf, the Ji Dong body inclined slightly, the right

The Vermilion Bird wing a racket in the ground, the body in airborne one revolution, the whole person looks like the top that crosswise to/clashes revolves suddenly generally fiercely, the gloomy and cold black flame changes into Teng snake an appearance that instantaneously

Followed body that he was revolving to rotate.

This skill, is Dark Flames Demon King Direct Hit Skill, simultaneously appears with the Flame Sovereign King Direct Hit Skill burning sun spin, but burning sun spin from ground to airborne, but this demon flame drills is the crosswise charge. Both are giving up study of attack and defense body.

After this time sees the light suddenly, Ji Dong taught his magic skill to merge into one organic whole with this demon flame drill Teng snake, making the originally pure demon flame change into Teng snake the shape, further promoted this Direct Hit Skill might. At this time in this case displays, immediately produces the extremely powerful results.

The demon flame drills achieves first, is makes the third increasing of body of Ji Dong in the midair, the attack effect of that terrifying has exploded instantaneously.

The response of deep cloudy demon wolf is very quick, when the wolf claw that its lays out in the Ji Dong personal appearance transforms also lived the change, the wolf claw inflated one time instantaneously, becomes more glittering and translucent carving, the skeleton imitates

Buddha changed soft transformed the direction racket generally once more to Ji Dong. What a pity, it has met Ji Dong this self-made skill, its giant wolf claw contacts black flame Teng snake who the demon flame drill protects the body, immediately was swung, simultaneously

The black flame follows just like the poisonous snake generally on.

Chapter 160: Homemade! Six the heavy incantation kills

The deep cloudy demon cannot be very suspicious own wolf claw by Ding already the deep cloudy spirit fire contamination, because has been facing a bigger crisis, under the Ji Dong demon flame drilled arrived at it to forward, absolutely cannot be helped, its also

After can lift two claw, as far as possible resists, simultaneously is outspoken own magic power jumps.

But who knows, at this time, the attack of Ji Dong changed, the body that his whirls, does not have the omen sudden has stopped, the deep cloudy demon wolf accumulation of funds withstands the attack fully,

The attack has not actually arrived, made on it Fourth Fire surge with the feeling of wrong strength immediately, the body in the midair was also sluggish. What made with amazement was, Ji Dong that it filled disappeared.

Where did Ji Dong go to? Appearance that this time he, been quietly behind deep cloudy demon wolf, drills small and weak Standard Skill Dark Moon Claw to wield quietly compared with the demon flame, does not prevent from deep cloudy demon wolf

The waist plunders.

What are the characteristics of wolf? Copper head gagger bean curd waist, the waist, is the wolf biggest weakness. Reason that Ji Dong can arrive at behind him instantaneously, relies on naturally is Teng Sheshan. The first in addition, his Teng Sheshan has used the first time, at this time transforms the personal appearance once more, wields naturally is that second twinkle, this seems like simple Dark Moon Claw, made that instantaneously

Acme Yin Fire suppressed deep cloudy demon wolf own magic power completely. The blue element body that was covered entirely by Fourth Fire was not only broken, but also the whole body contaminated on strong black, the entire body was completely stiff in

In midair.

Receives next life all, makes to see repeatedly Ji Dong shows the strength Lan Bao'er to call out in alarm once more makes noise.

originally whole body jet black Ji Dong, that profound black instantaneously changed the bright golden color, profound also changed into blazingly overbearing. The right fist rumbles, Scorching Sun Bite once more numerous attack in that deep

Cloudy demon wolf waist. Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill effect production. This was also initially combination skill of Ji Dong at first use.

The loud sound, in the intense explosive sound, deep cloudy demon wolf black was substituted by the golden color loudly, the terrifying explosive force is to make its huge body shivers fiercely, the cocoa as before was actually decided in half

Airborne cannot move. But at this time, the body of Ji Dong once more changed, the golden color transformed into the black, as before was that simplest Dark Moon Claw, delimited the body of deep cloudy demon wolf quietly.

In fact, regarding Rank 6 magic beast, Dark Moon Claw of Ji Dong most foundation could not have too strong attack function, can only produce the results by the pinnacle Yin Fire attribute. However, if this dark moon/month The claw with the pinnacle Yang Fire magic power coordination, the effect completely is different, explosive force second appearance of combination skill, transforms that deep cloudy demon wolf golden color as the golden color forcefully once more.

Acme Yin Fire third time transforms as pinnacle Yang Fire, Scorching Sun Collapse follows, then, Dark Moon Claw and fierce Yang explosion two strike not to have the connection of gap on.

The section six strike adding together, only time that used three times to breathe, but the body of deep cloudy demon wolf actually passed through, black, gold/metal, black, gold/metal, black and gold/metal six tourmalines. When fierce Yang explosion that fears finally

When the intimidated column of flame shoots up to the sky, this reaches Rank 6 magic beast with the beforehand flame great lion any difference, the body had not actually exploded in pinnacle Yang Fire, has not stayed behind including sediment.

Two groups of rays soar.

Lan Bao'er just called out in alarm makes noise, hurried to cover own mouth, but in her eyes panic-stricken as before has not actually weakened. Did six strike successively, produces what kind of results? That is five groups

About the attack of technique! Pinnacle Two Fires five combination skill. Even if Standard Skill of most foundation, its attack might adding together, crossed any Certain Kill Skill that Ji Dong had absolutely. Don't

Deep cloudy demon wolf, trades to make that Rank 7 platinum Tianpeng to withstand these six to strike completely, cannot flatter absolutely, final result also compared at present this deep cloudy demon wolf very many.

All these of eye previous existence, after are Ji Dong this comprehension, biggest harvest besides Yin-Yang Fish. By least magic power, achieves the strongest attack effect. After this time he and Lan Bao'er leave, from start to the present, has killed dozens magic beast, weakest also has Rank 4, strongest achieves Rank 6, is, Ji Dong actually Certain Kill Skill

Has not used.

The colorful male cone and quiet flame ice these Certain Kill Skill might are strong, magic power that but their any institute consumes, was equal to sufficiently using several times Direct Hit Skill sum totals. Simplifies, Ji Dong depends on

Carried on taking advantage of the existing skill combined.

The fierce positive three double hit were scattered by him, unifies with Dark Moon Claw. Although has joined Dark Moon Claw, but is relying on the effect of Dark Moon Claw sluggish match, as well as pinnacle Yang Fire and between pinnacle Yin Fire

The striking power that combination skill function, produces actually wanted the amplification not to know many times.

This is the first attempt of Ji Dong, what most made his joyful was, when these six overlapped combination skill ultimately completed, his clear feeling, the fierce positive three double hit original connection violent effects do not have

Weakens, instead explodes along with continuing of five combination skill, has wielded the might of that overlay as before. Six double hit, this is six double hit that completes in an instant! Although Ji Dong can also feel

Oneself grasped the embryonic forms of these six double hit, was unable truly to improve into the brand-new skill it, but, this without doubt is a good start.

Lifts both hands, in Ji Dong receives two things that airborne falls, Lan Bao'er already cannot bear asking: "Can tell me, a moment ago what you displayed is what skill?" Ji Dong hesitates saying: " That is the combination of my Standard Skill and Direct Hit Skill. By my matches of these six double hit hits, looks like received the endless curse to be ordinary, to dead side Xiu. Called it six heavily

The incantation kills. "

"Do six heavy incantations kill? Good overbearing name. Ji Dong, you will not tell, this skill was you just created?"Lan Bao'er looks that the Ji Dong look seems like looking at the monster.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "That arrives is not. Is embryonic form that yesterday evening found out, but the first use, has not thought actually completed unexpectedly."

He can put forth six heavy incantations to kill, no doubt is own comprehension, but most important is his back Yin-Yang Fish. If no complete fusion of Two Great Sovereign Kings pinnacle magic power, how he is also possible

Makes the transformation of Yang Fire and Yin Fire instantaneously?
Was naturally more impossible to complete attacks like this.

When he just started with Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill, when uses combination skill, is two departments magic power also releases, left hand Yin Fire right hand Yang Fire, can produce the combination skill results. But at that time

Period of five days, the left hand or the right hand, can only use 50% strengths, but must receive the attribute that the Yin-Yang repels one another to divert. The combination skill effect and compared with, cannot be mentioned in the same breath at present. Formerly,

Kills in Ji Dong these six heavy incantations to the tertiary time, the deep cloudy demon wolf died actually. He wants thoroughly completely this skill, feeling deep meaning, completely has used. The magic power consumption is not big, even can be said as few pity, this is six heavy incantations kills the most terrifying place, from might, colorful male cone and quiet flame ice in comparison also weak anything, but

Concerns the magic power consumption, actually difference was too far.

At this time in the Ji Dong mind, more things is flashing before unceasingly, six heavy incantations kill are only a start, if after these six heavy conclusions, joined other skills again? So long as own magic power

Living that this one breath can continue, then, the attack naturally can continue continuously, superimposes the effect naturally to meet the geometrical multiple promotion.

"Yesterday evening? That and present remembers to have anything to distinguish. Ji Dong, this time I present, you are really a monster. It seems like that I forever was perhaps impossible to overtake your footsteps."Blue

Bao'er sighed in a soft voice, among the looks revealed for several points to be at a loss.

Ji Dong said with a smile: " Actually my six incantation kills itself not to be difficult, difficult on difficult in attribute. After my this severe wound, had been pondering how can in little consume the magic power situation as far as possible

Next increases the striking power. It seems like that I had found a shortcut. We hope that my six heavy incantation kills can also make you comprehend. Actually, fellow-student of the same department magic skill not necessarily cannot connect. Like my fierce positive three double hit. The key point lies, how you can make the match be hit by your each attack, in the attack how can also in continuing made the match suffer a defeat and flee thoroughly. You think carefully. "

Lan Bao'er nodded, is listening to the Ji Dong words, in addition formerly six heavy incantations killed to keep in her heart the profound impression, she as if also held anything, homemade magic skill, in Mage world that is

The best quality goods exist, everyone wants homemade, may be able to create useful magic skill truly and how many people have? The comprehension that each homemade magic skill brings can make Mage itself step the stair to this attribute understanding!

Lan Bao'er is lost in thought that Ji Dong does not worry to continue to go forward, restored formerly to consume many magic power, while spread out the palm to look.

If after the deep cloudy demon wolf dies, but leaves behind a thing, he looked that will not look, will receive to own Vermilion Bird bracelet in directly, because that surely is crystal core of deep cloudy demon wolf. However

, Was formerly deep the cloudy demon wolf actually clearly to leave behind the different thing. What also can be? Must know that thing may not be cremated in own Pinnacle Two Fires.

Appears in the hand, fully has Rank 6 Fourth Fire crystal core of fist size. Regarding it, how Ji Dong has not cared, direct income bracelet. However, another thing actually command that presents

He has had the interest.

That is together all over the body pure white, does not have a jade sign of impurity, on the jade sign has several ancient literary style seal characters, Ji Dong has identified carefully, what above recognizes writes: Extinguishes the god to strike.

"Extinguishes the god to strike? Such rampant? What meaning?"Ji Dong doubts looks in the hand the jade sign to be perplexed.

Lan Bao'er was awakened by his sound, when she sees the jade sign in Ji Dong hand, called one, "is this day of jade?"Although she cannot affirm, but before , somewhat low mood actually Obviously becomes stimulated. Even the body somewhat shakes.

"The jade of day? What is that?"Ji Dong Jiang jade hands in the Lan Bao'er hand.

In Lan Bao'er access hand, careful looks that jade sign presents is the oval-shape, extinguishes the god to strike three seal characters besides outside, not any pattern or the trace, the main body is quite clear, starts

The touch is comfortable, feelings of some also warm and temperate.

Lan Bao'er does not have the direct reaction Ji Dong words, stimulation of movement cautiously Tenth Water magic power, pours into to that cream jade.

Purple Tenth Water magic power looks like ink general invasion in, but, strange lived, that purple magic power after entering jade, in a flash, voluntarily ripples, enters

Goes, how to discharge, simply has not left a trace. Has not left behind a Tenth Water attribute aura.

"Really is a day of jade?"Saying that Lan Bao'er some cannot believe as before.

Ji Dong asked again: "Is the jade of day very precious?"

Lan Bao'er nodded, said: "Have you heard five elements god stone?"

Ji Dong said: "Naturally has heard. The five elements god stone is actually ten types of gems, separately is representing species. Itself has the extremely pure energy."

Lan Bao'er said: " five elements god stone is heavenly material earthly treasure. But are most also on marvelous work, but the jade of this day, is actually just like the marvelous work of space. Even if the complete site block five elements god stone accumulation In the same place, cannot compare together only then their 1% sizes the jade of day. Ji Dong, this time you picked the treasure. Moreover is the priceless treasure. "

" Priceless treasure? Is this thing useful? Does not seem a magic power aura, how to be better than the five elements god stone? What can it make? If playing, even if again precious right

Our Mage, does not have the too big significance. "

"Playing?"Lan Bao'er ill-humored say/way: " It seems like, you do not know. You said right, the jade of day itself truly does not have any magic power attribute to exist, but, you

Thinks not to have, even if grain of sandy soil, has own attribute. For example earth attribute. When a thing, what attribute no time, what is representing? "

Listened to a Lan Bao'er such saying, Ji Dong immediately to understand, the body shook slightly, "chaos?"

Lan Bao'er stern say/way: " Good, is chaos. When the jade of this day, is when the world first took shape, when the chaos break, change into five elements produces the temporals, treasure that the air/Qi of chaos condenses. Quantity

The scarcity, is only existence in legend. Has such together the treasure in the body, regardless of own magic power is any attribute, cultivates danger that has not overstated. Only needs to place the chest it

Source of mouth magic power position, when flushing crown, does not need to be worried about anything. Did you say it valuable? "

Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, " so that's how it is. The jade of this day is really good thing. But, what meaning on are this three characters? Extinguishes the god to strike, such three characters of exaggeration, is also containing What? "

Lan Bao'er said: " The jade of day is any Mage the most precious object that wants to obtain, its value also has even wanted the divine tool. I have glanced through the family old book, in the record of old book, the jade of day in the ancient times

The time, the biggest use has not assisted the cultivation. But is the storage remembers, or is the brand mark. "

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