Jiu Shen Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: Enters, Holy and Evil Battlefield

Ji Dong still remembers now, oneself first time knows Holy and Evil Battlefield time, listened to Bingtian to narrate, at that time Yang Bingtian told him, Holy and Evil Island both sides connected two pieces of continent separately. But at this time he is clear, fact is not that simple. Holy and Evil Island truly and two pieces of continent are connected, but that actually not in sea level, but in profound seabed. Nobody possibly passes through that to have radically not collects the seabed that the strong sea magic beast sea arrives. But true Holy and Evil Channel, not there, but in sea level.

Rushes to ascend in the ocean waves of hundred zhang (333 m), ten color ray twinkles, the broad vast, limitless huge aura faints from that ten colored lights transmits, the air setting, the offshore people are unable to breathe.

Is facing as if the pressure of world highest good, anybody appears is such tiny.

But has the extremely different feeling in the Ji Dong heart, when his clear present, these ten color ray loose aura with he enters the Third Fire temple saw that a Third Fire method flash is quite similar.

All that although sees at present must broader vast, but he can actually affirm, this is came from the homologous absolutely the strength.

What Yao Qianshu said is right, in the Ji Dong heart has such idea, at present this broad vast all, come from five elements method. That is a perfect five elements method combination of ten departments, does not know that released many magic power to form is similar to the nature celestial phenomenon generally unstoppable terrifying meteorology. But its root is five elements method!

Has not waited for Ji Dong to ponder over carefully, the airborne scene again changes, during that huge magic power fluctuation, ten colored lights faint condense gradually, change into a giant vortex. But the sea water became their carriers. Rushing magic power gathers gradually, the originally dim earth seemed also illuminated by that ten color rays, the suffocating oppression strength vanished suddenly, displaces, causes the strong aura that the person endless yearns . The pinnacle, yes, is the pinnacle, that ten colors, are clearly representing ten departments pinnacle magic power. But in the core place of that giant vortex, has Ji Dong to feel most source strength. That is, chaos.

In this flash, moved deceitfully has clearly become aware, he understood the principle of this Holy and Evil Channel finally, initially two pieces of continent 20 heavenly stems disciples brand mark, not only law, relied on their complete strengths to congeal the chaos that this point incomparably has really congealed will never vanish. This chaos are absorbing the ten departments attribute motive power between world diligently, every other five years can transform the formation. This is the what kind of great writer, even if the miracle is also mediocre. In the Ji Dong innermost feelings, does not halt production to have a heartfelt admiration. Not only to the Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciple, is to that Dark Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciple. These 20 disciples spare no sacrifice all that oneself life brings, made two continent be able to rest and build up strength, can the peacekeeping. At this moment, stands in this seashore prepares to enter Mages in Holy and Evil Battlefield, who can understand the pains of these older generations?

Rumbles n, five elements reverses, ten color rays restrain after instantaneous blooming again swiftly, one 20 meters in width, the 30 meters in height ten color arched entrances appear above the sea level suddenly.

The sky is cloudy as before, as before is that gloomy, but above sea, actually only then this as if myriad center ten color arched entrances. Ten color halos melt the vortex in calmly revolves, all aura are changed into by manifest completely reserved. Yes, this is the Holy and Evil Channel entrance.

Fu Rui that hides the double pupil under day god of thunder glow armor shines suddenly, grips the right hand of thunder battle axe to grip suddenly tightly.

Heavenly Stems Regiment armed forces regimental commander Song Ruilong lifted the right hand to Fu Rui in front, Fu Rui lifted the left hand, two people double palm clashes, blew out a sonorous loud sound unexpectedly. Without encouragement of any spoken language, all in this claps.

Lizard, lion dragon, Gold Dragon, Fire Dragon and Cloud Dragon. The brilliance five dragons simultaneously face upward the long and loud cry, in their rock the earth long howls has filled with the frigid aura. Five dragons with howling, this is to soon rush toward the battlefield soldiers gives somebody a grand send-off.

Grows seven meters huge thunder battle axe to lift up high just like the epoch-making sharp weapon generally, the strong royal purple electric light crack, Fu Rui face upwards to roar together from out of the blue "."

Moved is saying, when he soared to jump first, in the midair, the huge thunder and lightning tore in the distortion, sees only in the midair a fluctuation of distortion to stick out suddenly, rock the earth dragon recited in the sound, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon already in the carrying/sustaining the body of Fu Rui, the giant dragon saddle and Fu Rui day god of thunder glow armor linked instantaneously, in the sonorous fulmination sound, Fu Rui has shown he strongest battle condition.

The pair of wings launches, a purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon voice long recited again, bringing the body of Fu Rui was directly soaring the ten departments color light the giant light gate to go, in an instant vanished does not see.

After following closely Fu Rui, more than ten Six-Crown above Mage jump successively, summoned own magic beast partner to enter in the light gate separately successively. Three hundred Mage, tread the wave to go in the respective different way, vanishes in that giant light gate does not see.

The red Third Fire carrying/sustaining, the body of Ji Dong springs just like the shell, the body stretches in the midair, mixes with direct impact Holy and Evil Channel in the people, when the body brunts slows down, he has not released oneself Vermilion Bird pair of wings, but is the double palm empty presses downward, Third Fire magic power jumps, with the aid of that Third Fire explosive force, promoting own body sharply to pursue. By magic power, his Level 48 degree can also be the middle reaches in three hundred Mage purely completely. In an instant broke in Holy and Evil Channel.

"Ji Dong, all careful."In entering the flash before Holy and Evil Channel, shouted tenderly in the Ji Dong ear resounds, turned head to look without enough time, but the look of that sound master actually while his body was swallowed by that ten color halos completely appeared in the mind. That once carried on Lan Bao'er that initially tests along with him in Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Yes, this time fought Holy and Evil Island, Lan Bao'er also came. Before Ji Dong also saw her, has not actually gone forward to greet, he does not hope, because own relations brought troublesome to Lan Bao'er, does not hope that own achievement made her misunderstand.

The intense ray makes Ji Dong at present completely become a colored world, the huge energy made around his body all coagulate, that as if simply was not huge magic power that the manpower can contend with.

Ji Dong clear feeling, this pressure , if no magic power simply of Three- Crown above rank unable to withstand.

the next moment " intense distortion as if must transmit the body tear pain, at present changed into white., From initial Omnidirectional Random Transmission Scroll, the transmission of Ji Dong process is not infrequent, experience are most, without doubt is the Red Lotus transmission of Lie Yan (raging flames). But a past any transmission has not taken to him at present this The type pain, within the body Yin-Yang Vortex fierce revolving, protects voluntarily.

Meanwhile, in Vermilion Bird armor also under the oppression action of force of outside emerges the skin, protects the body automatically.

Ji Dong understands, these Mage when entering Holy and Evil Channel wear the armor, not only perhaps opposes the enemy, to deal with oppression of this transmission. The strength of Fu Rui to Ji Dong is very confident, these details have not told him.

In Vermilion Bird the appearance of armor, made the oppression vanish immediately, although ten departments magic power was strong, what combined after all becomes was the channel, Ji Dong cultivation base was not highest, but must discuss the body intensity, perhaps nobody of these three hundred Mage also including Thunder Emperor Fu Rui can compare with him. The pressure completely goes, the Ji Dong total involvement places to feel during the surrounding this five elements energy rotation transformation, unifies itself regarding a five elements method understanding, had a clear(ly) to become aware faintly.

Is wanting held this clear(ly) to become aware at the same time in him, body suddenly one light, the color light vanished just like the smoke cloud, under the both feet shook, is conscientious, arrived at one, strange place.

The sky, is as before cloudy, the ground of under foot is the soft and moist soil, is mixing the moist air of light bloody aura and plant delicate fragrance greets the nostrils to enter. Ji Dong present, oneself place in arrives under the incomparably sturdy big tree. At present this fodder big tree, high does not see the top, at least needs several people able to joint hold. The giant crown blocks the sky, can only see the dark cloud in sky from the slit indistinctly. The surroundings also completely are this big tree, one type as if arrived at the giant to feel to the person excessively.

Almost did not have any hesitation, Ji Dong to lift own right hand, the golden red ray circulation, on the Vermilion Bird bracelet that Vermilion Bird Totem as if lived general, floating pasted regarding the bracelet, together dark-red ray from the electricity shot, that has mask revolving that ten glow distortions punctured suddenly, was almost only the ray flashes, the feeling of being as close as flesh and blood appeared on the face of Ji Dong, his present all also completely turned into the blood red, took the mask of this Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, produced air/Qi of withering including the Ji Dong heart in

Without a doubt, his oneself after entering strange world Holy and Evil Island, here, has the innumerable unknown dangers, he naturally must frequently maintain oneself strongest condition, therefore, in just entered, has not observed the ambient condition with enough time time, Ji Dong has chosen to put on own armor immediately.

Falls along with the cover of mask, a lotus dark-red ray shoots various Ji Dong body joints and critical parts separately, above changes into the light armor to cover, in the dark-red Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor and inner layer cream Vermilion Bird armor complements each other fresh splendor, Vermilion Bird pair of wings restraining in the back, protects the heart mirror happen to be able not to hinder its whipping.

Just put on the flash of armor in Ji Dong, suddenly, together black light from his ten meters bright, during the ray twinkle, the person's shadow appeared together.

Also some people have come, moreover, came from Dark Five Elements Continent. Fu Rui had told him, when was transmitted to Holy and Evil Island, what the golden light spreads is Light Five Elements Continent participates in Mage of war of Holy and Evil, otherwise, spreads black light, then came from Dark Five Elements Continent.

Actually should this be the luck good or is not good for the first time? Ji Dong does not have the time to think, in the flash that flashes before black light, his whole person flushed, dashes to beyond ten meters

Fu Rui has said that when Mage was transmitted to Holy and Evil Island on, there are short several seconds of adjustments, in this time, the enemy or magic beast, are unable to become any injury to other party, enables to adjust after Mage, prepares all strain. Otherwise, once was passed on to filter side magic beast, has not come to a stop is attacked, can die without the burial ground?

Several seconds is unable to attack, made elite Mage make a series of responses sufficiently, "

Formerly put on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor like Ji Dong. But at this time Ji Dong actually as before is choice plunges the match, does not hesitate by the match present. The reason only has one, he wants close combat. Although Teng Snake and cloudy morning sun have taught his many magic skill, but Ji Dong most excels, striking power also biggest magic skill, actually as before is the Two Great Sovereign Kings close combat skill.

The retreat, is never his disposition, facing the enemy, the Ji Dong only choice attacks.

However, when the Ji Dong body runs out, when sees clearly the enemy who that was transmitted to come, he slightly has gawked.

Then was transmitted to his ten meters beyond black light, is one wears the female of dark green armor, this female figure is slim, even has also wanted present Yin-Yang School seat Ye Xin. Especially her armor, seems is more like the attractive bikini. The chest front is the dark green mail- armor and helmet covers, sticking out of exaggeration, above also reveals two snow white flesh, center is the gully gets sucked, shoulder and arm actually by armor gable, but the lower abdomen actually exposes, that short war skirt, just can protect the lower part of the body mysterious spot, two straight slender thighs completely | exposed outside, has the war boots to protect to the calf place.

Above her that god dark green armor, has been full of the strange demon mark, looks like branches coils around general. Those who most made Ji Dong surprised was , the pair of wing behind her, the dark green giant wing formed the background unexpectedly, served as contrast her nearly perfect stature. The dark green long hangs loose after the brain, above the top of the head impressively is Five-Crown Four Stars Yin Crown. From the vine brand mark on color, own aura or the Yin Crown her armor, can see, this is Second Wood( Yin Wood) is Mage. Moreover is Level 58 Second Wood Great Grandmaster. Second Wood Mage is only different from Ji Dong has seen, around her body, including the Yin Crown outer ring, is flowing light black light, but is not the golden light. But this is also the Dark Five Elements Continent characteristics.

The mask on this female face has blocked from the nose above position, can see the cheek snow white flesh with that fresh bright red lip, a pair of aquamarine eye pupil wave light is clear, she also similarly noted Ji Dong. Saw that Ji Dong throws like lightning, she immediately has also made the response.

The mask of your demon Yin-Yang armor seems is such fierce, particularly that blood-color hole, is makes the person from the production fear of innermost feelings, but in this female Second Wood Great Grandmaster look actually slightly has not vacillated at present. Deep green wave light sparkle, her armor almost simultaneously had the color change with Ji Dong Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor

Chapter 142: Pinnacle Two Fires V pinnacle Second Wood

The dark-red Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor instantaneously becomes the bright golden red, the dazzling golden light flash promoted the limit the Ji Dong imposing manner, although this female seems must be one generation of outstanding people at present, but at this time in Ji Dong heart actually only then ice-cold murderous intention. In this has been full in the unknown world, may encounter the fatal threat in this everywhere the place, to the enemy benevolently is to oneself cruel. Let alone magic power of match is higher than his Level 10, kept the hand at this kind of time, will bring the enormous trouble to oneself surely.

Therefore, Ji Dong not any hesitant, pinnacle Yang Fire explodes comprehensively, the Flame Sovereign King deep meaning condenses in an instant, his whole person already in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor and Vermilion Bird in armor the envelope turned into the golden red completely. The Flame Sovereign King huge virtual image replaces Totem faintly, appears behind him.

Rushing magic power absorbs and transforms unceasingly, the huge cone-shape golden color is almost is taking shape instantaneously. That Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, once the instantaneous second killed on banning of Yin-Yang School second place positive Great Grandmaster Ji Yifeng, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone.

Ji Dong must do, strikes to kill. He not only not because the opposite party is the woman relaxes or lenient, must use the shortest time solution match. God knows can the next moment, transmit an enemy to come to here again. Ji Yifeng initially was also Level 58, moreover Earth department this was struck the second to kill by Ji Dong to the Fire department also certain restraint function. In his opinion, at present this woman must by Second Wood department that Fire department has restrained, Third Fire to subdue|grams Second Wood is almost ends to subdue|grams, the opposite party simply does not have any opportunity. Also does not need him to release Certain Kill Skill by the Flame Sovereign King body. Can the second kill the match, Ji Dong "

Will not waste magic power to release a stronger skill again.

However, while Ji Dong condenses this Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, his complexion actually slightly changed, naturally, all these matches cannot see.

Makes the reason that Ji Dong misjudges very simple, along with his powerful rushing, condensation of pinnacle Certain Kill Skill. The opposite party that also hid the body in black light also had the strange change.

The dark green armor has shone suddenly, the back giant yellow lotus flower stretches, but this all colors, in the next moment, actually completely turned into the shiny smooth white.

The dark green and white, have to recommend the enormous disparity without doubt, in this color conversions, to person an intense visual impact feeling. Even if in Ji Dong eye the armor brings blood red made him drop many to the color sensitivity, but can also see the change of match body clearly.

Ji Dong sees has developed the modest book pinnacle First Wood magic power, that was similar to emerald general pinnacle Yang Wood once took to his considerably large shock. However, if Yao Qianshu wood attribute magic power likely is the king of emerald jadeite, then, at this time presents before him, magic power that the female releases, looks like the king of suet white jade general shiny smooth soft jade is pure white. In this flash, in the Ji Dong mind emerges four immediately, the character: Acme Yin Wood. In leaving before, Ji Dong was still pondering, oneself comes up to run into the Dark Five Elements Continent match, the luck is good or is not good. But he can affirm now, oneself luck relative is not good.

Or is quite bad luck.

Acme Yin Wood magic power, is representing anything, all that if Yao Qianshu said are very correct, at this time then, bump into, is of a Second Wood disciple opposite party continent heavenly stems disciples!

Acme magic power and ordinary magic power completely are the differences of heaven and earth, both sides also Level 10 magic power disparity, although Ji Dong has numerous killer copper, but this fights at present is not simple. During will certainly fall into to struggle hard.

This is similar to like lightning flashes through in the Ji Dong mind, in any event, he must defeat the match to be good first. The pure white lotus flower floating passes, the body of that dark Second Wood disciple unexpectedly in the black light disappearance flash of transmitting her arriving , the personal appearance is hidden completely in the back six petal white lotus.

Six petal rhizomes of Chinese goldthread, what represents is Second Wood department Totem **. ** Also is in ten departments heavenly stems Divine Beast, only one by one planter system Divine Beast. When pinnacle Second Wood magic power by dark green is changed into is pure white, these six petal rhizomes of Chinese goldthread also transform for six petal white lotus, or is six petal victoria regias. But this is also Certain Kill Skill that this dark Second Wood disciple releases at present.

Flash that six petal victoria regia fierce revolving, black light are vanishing, broad overwhelming, hung Xiaoman banning of cruel air/Qi, hundred, thousand, the colorful male cone, welcomed this to be vital, may feminine|gentle and reserved the white jade lotus flower of person.

The pinnacle magic power antipode sends magic power, naturally cannot have the situation that any attribute suppresses, pinnacle Yang Fire to subdue|grams pinnacle Second Wood, truly has produced the intense results, almost in the flash, made up for the magic power level disparity between both sides.

Giant colorful male cone peak, directly soars that white lotus center a bang to go, but that six white lotus flower petals also fierce revolving, cuts to the colorful male cone main body.

Rumbled the n strange magic power explosion to appear, although this was not first that Ji Dong met, had the pinnacle magic power person, but was first has the pinnacle magic power match absolutely. When two great pinnacle magic power collide in together flash. In the consciousness of Ji Dong, only has a feeling, that is soft.

Opposite party magic power is unexpectedly soft, like the cotton, the explosive force of overlapping, colorful male cone terrifying crazily was being counter-balanced in that soft touch soft, the feeling that powerful nowhere causes made his pinnacle flame blazing reduced large scale.

However, the final victor actually as before is Ji Dong. Explosion vocal cord of rushing is carving the goal brilliance to shoot up to the sky, is centered on two people bodies, the diameter in hundred meters, more than ten great trees collapse loudly, below ten meters air is filters an intense watermark halo, the gold/metal and white two-color ray circles the twinkle in unceasing shivering. Leaves the deep trace just like the sharp blade on these logs generally.

Bang, is an explosive, the armor turned into the cream female to fly upside down, the numerous bombardments on a about hundred meters great tree, the body of whole person have most inserting wa'ed, spouts a blood.

But Ji Dong actually stands in same place, the body from the under foot to the top of the head strange distortion, armor of a dark blue halo from golden Vermilion Bird on flashed not to have. Already complete impulse.

They collide the strikes, Ji Dong got the winning side eventually. The level difference, was repelled one another by the attribute with the offensive subsequent party's relations makes up. Two people both are the light armors, from the present situation. The ability that their armor supplement differs not much. But true disparity, in Ji Dong Vermilion Bird on armor. In Vermilion Bird armor to the amplification that he has, made him, when blew out the colorful male cone this to strike, was higher than the Level 10 dark Second Wood disciple bang to fly actually, thus it can be seen, this time Ji Dong was intrepid.

At this time, Ji Dong Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor had the strange change, in his shoulder armor moved presented above the syncline: The root punctures suddenly, each root punctures the length suddenly about seven cuns (2.5 cm), simultaneously appears punctures suddenly, also his protecting elbow, hand guard, knee and war boots shoes point and heel and other places. Is joined to that to have the mask of blood red eye pupil again, this time he, seems looks like the fierce demon god is common.

Ji Dong is startled, his match can only with shocking to describe. Guess of Ji Dong not wrong, match who at present he faces, is the Second Wood disciple on Dark Five Elements Continent. Named: Scorpion. Her name has the extremely unusual origin, even if her companion also nobody knows that her real name is anything, only knows that she called the scorpion. Gloomy and cold and powerful. Even if in the dark heavenly stems disciple, her cultivation base can also be first five. Also thinks, in just arrived on Holy and Evil Island by the person wound?

Saw flash that the Ji Dong whole body golden color flame blooms, the scorpion had realized is not good, immediately has made the most correct response, released pinnacle Second Wood Certain Kill Skill: Six petal victoria regias. This recommends green Azure Dragon to have the different tune with Yao Qianshu with on wonderful formidable Certain Kill Skill, although has preserved her, life. However, colorful male cone that Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire blows out attacks, therefore at 1 : 00 , so is can it be that easy to melt. She spouts that blood in airborne is changes into one group of flame to explode. Luckily, pinnacle Second Wood most excels treats, from this point, even has also wanted First Wood.

Layer upon layer the cream halo unceasingly is pasting on scorpion, is treating the injury in within the body quickly. Simultaneously the body makes, leaps like lightning, occupies general just like the scorpion, squats quietly in the ground, both hands separate by the body, the back wing also stretches, the vision ice-cold coagulates is looking fills the cruel air/Qi to opposite that is similar to one generation of tyrants, the whole body disperses the terrifying aura to have the Four-Crown match.

Has not pursued eagerly, Ji Dong took a deep breath, the Yin-Yang vortex calamity returns to normal voluntarily, he draws back quickly switches hands on the hand guard, the wrist/skill turns, in palm were many two things. Formerly because worried, although has put on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, but he has not actually taken oneself Sun and Moon double splendor glove.

This pair with the gloves of two Rank 7 dark Fire department Crystal Crown manufactures, will make on his striking power again stair without doubt.

In the clangour, the hand guard reconnects with arm guard, the light golden light made the cloud pattern on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor become clear, Ji Dong that step by step walked toward the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion.

The vision of scorpion condensed like the point at this time, her clear awareness, oneself run into sufficiently the fatal match, likely is the Third Fire disciple on Light Five Elements Continent.

The halo circulation, a white long whip quietly appeared in the scorpion right palm. The long whip presents for glittering and translucent carving pure white, like her armor, but above is having numerous lengths approximately one inch hangnail, looks, actually cannot see it is the metal or the plant formation. However, the misty magic power fluctuation that above disperses instantaneously is actually merging into one organic whole with the scorpion. Made her own imposing manner increase several points.

Regarding all these, Ji Dong looks like has not seen, stand forth, the terrifying of your demon Yin-Yang armor semblance adds on the huge power and influence that on him the aura release brings as before step by step again, before every step treads when unceasing enhancement. The step goes out, the ground will leave a golden red footprint, but Ji Dong magic power will also inflate several points, back Flame Sovereign King Totem becomes clearer.

Both sides both are the status of disciple, under premise that in has not had the absolute strength disparity, although feels the opposite party to create the tremendous pressure, the scorpion will not retreat easily. This is the contest between disciple and disciple. If her retreating easily, then " definitely will have the trauma in the heart. When next time meets Ji Dong again, " is more impossible to defeat the match. Especially, at present this, must lower on Level 10 to magic power on compared with her again.

Regarding result that formerly that struck, the scorpion in the heart tells itself, that is the attribute repels one another underprepared with cause. Her injury convalesced under the function of pinnacle Second Wood magic power, was takes one to restore the magic power pill, she deeply believed, this fight continued, the victor can be oneself as before. Can strike to kill a bright disciple, becomes this time will participate in the war of biggest spotlight Holy and Evil without a doubt. Also made her honorably sufficiently.

Different to the scorpion, in the Ji Dong heart has not thought anything, at this moment " in his innermost feelings on " , only then a thought that that defeats the match, eliminates the match. To rigid of victory, making him condense the complete body and mind above at present this fight. During the anxious transformation of Yin-Yang vortex calamity, pinnacle Yang Fire magic power blooms comprehensively.

Their distances in unceasingly close, from the match also 30 meters, suddenly, round golden flame condenses behind Ji Dong, changes into huge circular law, is Yang Fire condensation law. The Vermilion Bird light shadow periphery will complement golden color, but his has burnt also instantaneously to explode to pinnacle Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire.

Yang Fire condensation law has substituted for the Flame Sovereign King Totem position, but that Flame Sovereign King illusory shadow actually in instantaneously fuses with the Ji Dong main body. Almost is blinks, Ji Dong has completed Flame Sovereign King changed the body, the back pair of wings launches suddenly, under whips anxiously, bringing his to reach as high as three meters body directly soars the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion to go just like the meteor.

The look of scorpion finally changed, in her the look of that condensation contraction, clearly had the frightened mood to change.

Similarly is the disciple, what won't she recognize five elements method that behind Ji Dong presents is? However, most made her frightened was also not this point. But is Ji Dong Flame Sovereign King changes body.

The incarnation is Ji Dong of Flame Sovereign King body, actually made her feel a aura of species suppression, as one of the heavenly stems disciples, this is she first time has such feeling since birth, can make her not frightened?

However, the scorpion worthily is heavenly stems disciple, in the situation that in the innermost feelings mood experiences the fluctuation she has not chosen to retrocede, in the mouth a grating scream, whips the wing to jump similarly, her wing is part of own armor, in process of whipping, but also has a series of metal fulmination sounds. In the hand the long whip shakes straightly, directly soars the Ji Dong front surface to grip just like a long spear/gun.

** Starts, brothers, also monthly ticket makes an effort to pound slightly to three, we are very young with the front disparity, one by one has exploded their chrysanthemum. Hehe. Without the monthly ticket, recommends the ticket to be also good. Many thanks.(

Chapter 143: Life combustion, blood lotus law

Shocks many colleagues cold snort/hum from the Ji Dong mouth of Flame Sovereign King body. His right hand sixth branch after searching, in the hand guard fist peak the prominent three golden color has stabbed to bring the dazzling golden flame direct point sharp to sharp peak of that long whip.

The scorpion in this flash, blew out the powerful battle efficiency, sees only her both hands to grasp the whip, the wrist/skill shakes suddenly, three zhang (3.33 m) soft whip spat the letter to shiver just like the spirit snake generally fiercely, in front of Ji Dong presented dozens whip shades immediately, what was most unusual, in that end, the pinnacle Second Wood magic power condensation was a point, was flooding the intense magic power ray.

Has changed other matches, may in the glare stimulation by this end, be bent the illness on vision directly, what what a pity she meets is Ji Dong, Ji Dong can see that at present, only has a color, blood red. Regardless of the how good brilliance, completely had been filtered in this moment.

Facing that numerous light shadow, the response that Ji Dong makes very simply, made one refer to simply.

First to/clashes.

Only then before , to/clashes. His simply has not gone to the control match's storm in skill, the double headed simultaneously makes a circle before the body, pinnacle Yang Fire magic power forms one group of vortex calamities to explode, as far as possible swings the soft whip of that incarnation long spear/gun, but he is the palace enters, directly soars the scorpion upfront hit to go.

"Barbarian, dies." The scorpion drinks one tenderly, magic power outputs fully, all whip shade fusions are one, finally changes into, numerous points in the Ji Dong position between chest and lower abdomen.

The choice of scorpion is nothing less than ingenious, the Ji Dong Monarch rose Yin-Yang armor cannot defend the whole body after all, is only the light armor. The position that she chooses is at dirty, person one of the body softest places, can have the greatly strengthened destructiveness. Flash when this point and Ji Dong main body contacts, in the scorpion heart does not halt production to give birth to a happy intent. She believes that even if on the match also puts on soft armor, but cannot compared with outside magic power armor defense, by her pinnacle magic power, break through the match defense to be the easy matter.

However, can she achieve wishes really? the next moment, the scorpion was completely shocking.

The dark blue ray quietly appears in golden Vermilion Bird above armor, at this whip while the Ji Dong chests and bellies, the armor of that position, muscle, veins, unexpectedly slight creeping motion. Takes to the feeling of scorpion, looks like a stick pulls out to strike, brushes is actually the tenacious cattle tendon.

Soft whip after all three zhang (3.33 m), after such distance transmission, magic power will weaken. Let alone, the Flame Sovereign King body was so huge, wants to hit the mark the Ji Dong main body across it, pinnacle Second Wood magic power is consumed much. Arrived the near, Ji Dong Vermilion Bird changed with Teng Snake changes could it be it is is a vegetarian? Follows heavenly stems Divine Beast Teng Snake one year, Ji Dong Teng Snake changes, although was unable to achieve like Teng Snake really nearly does not have the thing to be possible the wound situation, but also was obtained god marrow. Even if the strength of Fu Rui Seven-Crown rank wants to injure him is very difficult. Although the scorpion is pinnacle Second Wood, in the situation of but after such multiple weakening, this whip takes to the Ji Dong only feeling, is some aches.

Also while this whip hits the mark Ji Dong, in the flash that the scorpion mind relaxes, the right hand of Ji Dong held the end. After more than one year of self-torture, present he already was not that only knows tyrant who acted recklessly, but was wise Sovereign King. The opportunity assurance that this stresses can be said as wonderful as the summit. Made scorpion that nimble and resourceful soft whip not take back with enough time.

The grating fricative resounds, the point in soft whip end stabs twists in a Ji Dong this powerful claw unexpectedly. But is this, that time stabs has not melted in pinnacle Third Fire. Obviously, the material quality of this soft whip is unusual.

The Ji Dong right arm wields suddenly, the back pair of wings simultaneously receives, draws support from this to entrain fully, his whole person has been similar to the shell hits to the match. You did not say that I am a barbarian? I am barbaric to make you have a look.

The scorpion this was entrained by the Ji Dong right hand, the whole person in airborne somewhat lost balanced, although she stimulates to movement the magic power stable body fully, but does the Second Wood explosive force have can compare with Third Fire? While her body loses balanced, Ji Dong flushed, the right hand wields, first pounds to the scorpion is her soft whip.

At this kind of time, the scorpion was the quality of disciple shows once more, she has not gone to try to control oneself soft whip, but let go, following the Ji Dong strength, the body one side of airborne, gave up own magic power weapon, in the meantime, with the aid of being sideways strength, the body revolved for one week in the midair, a fist toward the Ji Dong bombardment, immediately, the innumerable white lights just like the vine blotted out the sky generally, but, changed into white to dodge greatly, directly soared Ji Dong, when bow cap.

Soft, tenacious, this is the Second Wood characteristics. While a fist shells this big net, the scorpion sprouted finally the retirement. Folds the wave general fierceness facing Ji Dong that just like the heavy door, barbaric, tyrannical, cruel, in her heart only then dilutedness. She knows, if do not adjust well, simply has not won facing the present enemy possibly.

Therefore, while this fist shells Direct Hit Skill, her pair of wings also launches, the body just like the shell common lasing, directly soars airborne goes. Just before leaving when has not forgotten toward ground one move, grasps own long whip using magic power.

"To walk?"Ji Dong lowers the sound intentionally, making own voice listen somewhat hoarsely, his both hands firmly held that pinnacle Second Wood big net of coming, has not waited for this Direct Hit Skill to contract, above the double fist of Ji Dong has burnt nearly solar ray, about pulled, unexpectedly stiffly tore in half that big net.

Meanwhile, body of fierce revolving his Flame Sovereign King, the direct impact upper air, the back Yang Fire condensation law instantaneous transformation is Yang Fire hovering law, latter first, in increases in three times of situations instantaneously, almost blinks on the husband, pursued behind the scorpion.

When facing match a like Ji Dong, the sound of having bad luck in the scorpion heart shouted crossed at first Ji Dong by far. In magic power is higher than in the Level 10 situation also comprehensively to be suppressed by the match compared with the match unexpectedly, such feeling is she is unable to withstand, is feeling the proximity of Ji Dong, this dark Second Wood disciple exploded finally.

Sound grating scream resounds, in midair, the scorpion turns around suddenly, complex hand pinches one after another in the chest front, Second Wood Totem ** appears behind her again, stab the goal white band of light the unequalled life aura to bloom, in surroundings forest, massive dark green fluctuation of energy racing wells up, but.

Do not forget, here is forest, most suits the Wood department Mage fight the place. Under the desperation, the scorpion has used own life magic power. Pū, a blood spouts from the scorpion spigot, in charge that immediately, her both hands pinch, an ease white lotus turned into the blood-color immediately, back ** also in this flash changes into the white flame ascension.

The Ji Dong look concentrates, although his not this skill, but actually clear knows that this is anything, cloudy morning sun had explained fearful of this skill for him carefully. " Life combustion skill? "

Scorpion say/way ruthlessly: " Our Second Wood department some are the tenacious fresh joint efforts. Now knows that this is the life combustion skill? Late. You give me dead. Certain Kill Skill, the blood lotus law( I depressed) round was saying at the same time, her pure white such as the palm of jade has printed, palm that blood lotus during fierce revolving, having the innumerable mysterious marks to directly soar Ji Dong, when the chest prints.

In that blood lotus to the flash of palm, is centered on two people bird body, the surrounding area in ten meters, turned into blood-color completely, changes into the blood-color light ball. Ji Dong simply not any possibility of dodging. Only can meet this to strike hardly.

The scorpion said right, this life combustion skill, in ten departments Mage, only then actual combat of First Wood Mage and Second Wood Mage in having the situation of enough strength reluctantly in application. But regarding other eight departments Mage, uses the negative effect that a life combustion skill brings, at least must reduce five years of life. Such skill who dares to use easily? Also because of so, this life combustion skill so is fearful.

The scorpion takes advantage is being the body of pinnacle Second Wood, oneself will live continuously, draws support from the life aura that the surrounding massive plants have brought to burn with joint forces fiercely, leaves this to make her injure to the attack of vitality similarly, for must strike to cause heavy losses to Ji Dong. She rather the latter half range on this Holy and Evil Battlefield is primarily bearing patiently, pain that is unable to bear pursue to the end and hit hard. Evades not to be possible to evade. This is the issue that Ji Dong faces at this time, he can also feel clearly, this strikes, even if the body of own Flame Sovereign King is unable to withstand. Life combustion magic skill, this jumped over the top Certain Kill Skill category, let alone its user is a heavenly stems disciple.

But at this time, Ji Dong has also made the most correct response, is should better deal with the law that he can think now.

The Flame Sovereign King body in the airborne instantaneous dissipation, the originally bright golden color transforms as the dazzling black instantaneously. Golden brilliance retraction, major part by Ji Dong resorption within the body, so violent swallows own magic power of release, even if he has Yin-Yang Vortex and chaos source, within the body vitality also fiercely turns wells up. Teng Snake changes makes his own physique and internal organs quite tenacious, is this, he must be seriously battered deeply.

Also in this truncates, Yin-Yang Vortex of Ji Dong within the body is revolving by unequalled limit fiercely, previous truncated also completely is golden Yin-Yang Vortex completely turned into the black in this flash. Yang Fire hovering law also turned into Yin Fire condensation law at this same time.

So transformation, even if as Pinnacle Two Fires is Mage Ji Dong, is bearing the unequalled tremendous pressure, within the body transmits the tear ache unceasingly, making him have to miscreate to be used in oneself within the body the harmonious snake strength technique directly.

But is also such transformation, making Ji Dong oneself change by originally Flame Sovereign King the body condition relieves, when division his in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor as well as Vermilion Bird armor also completely turned into the black. The golden mask changes into the black mask, from the tyrant to the Demon King variation, made not far the scorpion in front of Ji Dong to stare, her practiced the Wheel of the Law red naturally also in trembling stagnation instantaneous.

This instantaneous on husband, was enough regarding Ji Dong. The resonant phoenix cry sound, resounds behind Ji Dong suddenly, the dazzling black, inflates instantaneously, changes into the black phoenix to bring incomparable condensation pinnacle Yin Fire magic power to flicker the division to integrate in Yin Fire condensation law that Ji Dong releases to integrate oneself.

The body of Ji Dong collides once more, the Dark Flames Demon King body in this should in the impossible situation, cut in this in an instant.

The actual combat, the war of life and death, forever is promotes Mage combat experience and skill most effective Czech Republic particularly, in front of this life combustion magic skill, before Ji Dong achieves him, has never achieved the matter. From the Flame Sovereign King body to the cut of Dark Flames Demon King body. Instantaneous cut. Cut nevertheless was completed with the help of eclipse date phoenix Huo'er. But what without a doubt is, this still will become a milestone on Ji Dong skill. When he has one naively can change Two Great Sovereign Kings the body cuts mutually, does his skill display will be how the degree?

Since Ji Dong can complete the flame filters king change the body, although his strength dramatically increases, but actually lost the ability of past Yin-Yang fusion. When carries on pinnacle magic power to bloom comprehensively, wanted to replace another type in too difficultly too to be difficult. It is not magic power cannot transform, but is the time does not permit.

Even if his previous time when facing Fu Rui, uses all sorts of forms, making Fu Rui suffer a oneself quiet flame ice, this had the full ten-day period to transform, but Ji Dong does not dare to try the change of Dark Flames Demon King like the present. From extremely positive to extremely cloudy, this in is too big to the load of body, is extremely also fierce to the load of magic power.

At this moment, Ji Dong is actually actually relying on the protection of harmonious snake strength technique to the body, is relying on powerful Yin-Yang Vortex as well as that maintains the balanced Chaos Fire help, completed this should stiffly the impossible mission. In the scorpion heart, surroundings were with amazement blazing, the aura of rupturing restrains completely, making her not adapt. She knows certainly, cannot have any relaxation in this kind of time, must make heavy losses to at present this match. But, in the air occupied dominant position magic power to present so the drastic change, even if she stimulated to movement fully, was still actually affected. This completely from extremely as positive as the negative impact that brings extremely cloudy.

Is he a god? Why will he have Pinnacle Two Fires? Why can he in this case, display in the Certain Kill Skill situation to carry on two transformations of clearly opposite attribute magic power?

It looks like in the scorpion, Ji Dong Flame Sovereign King changes the body, is in itself Certain Kill Skill.

However, regardless of the idea in this time heart how, her struck actually as before leaves. Decided success or failure strikes.

Lonesomeness and quietness and ice-cold of Dark Flames Demon King, shows in this moment perfectly.

Chapter 144: Phoenix dance quiet flame ice

Sovereign King proud made Ji Dong appear incomparably big in this quarter, before him, was the scorpion of dark Second Wood disciple actually felt oneself became incomparably tiny, the imposing manner pressure made her life combustion... The faith that the skill must win is greatly disappointed.

The round jet black crescent moon quietly appears behind Ji Dong, above his top of the head, all crowns, the branch or the leaf, change into the flying ash completely, in the sky, the dark cloud was scattered unexpectedly also in this moment, presents a circular to be empty, jet black crescent moon shines in the sky, complements each other fresh splendor with Ji Dong back black moon.

The left hand of Ji Dong crosswise lifts in the body side, the palm opens, makes the claw, graceful gloomy and cold, in that dies out under the darkness serves as contrast, in the midair that round black moon shoots the jet black ray to fall above his left hand together, all black that at the same time, his back black moon and Dark Flames Demon King bring, perform all integrate.

"Moon can remind you of me, bans, hundred and thousand, phoenix dance quiet flame ice."

All black, congeal the phoenix shape black flame that completely above the Ji Dong left hand one group beats, that black flame can reflect the strange gloss unexpectedly, clearly is the flame, actually gives people one type extraordinarily coldly such as the feeling of ice. Next one, this group filled the gloomy and cold and strange black flame was having nearly the hysteria to open the pair of wings arrogant, dashed to the technique of that life combustion, the blood lotus law | the wheel.

Without any astonishing imposing manner, only then that such as ices the n coldness, also that profound dark dying out. Surrounding giant tree originally is outputting lives to make the strength pour into to scorpion within the body huge, at this time this remained actually completely transformed the direction, died out the profound dark phoenix to swallow by that. Fundamentally cut off the supplies of dark Second Wood disciple.

If blood lotus law | the wheel is the life skill, the quiet flame ice is swallows the life the skill. This time, no longer is repelling one another in attribute, but is the comprehensive restraint on skill. Bans, hundred and thousand, the quiet flame ice, is all life skills difficult adversaries. This why Ji Dong does not hesitate to try the body to be damaged must change the reason that by Dark Flames Demon King the condition of body leaves this to strike.

Black and red, the phoenix and blood lotus, pinnacle Yin Fire and pinnacle Second Wood, swallows the life and life combustion.

When flash of two big skill collisions, black moon of sky turban already vanished, the dark cloud fills the air, if not the breakage of that crown, as if never has anything to change.

The huge air current that without thundering of collision, clashes produces after skill, in the midair, surplus " , only then silent.

The black phoenix disappeared, surplus, only then six petal lotus flowers, but, that no longer is the blood lotus, did not have regarding the law that its scrambled text forms | the wheel. This six petal lotus flowers turned into the black completely, dark black. Similar to permanent ancient thick ice general black.

Pū, scorpion back is burning the fire of life is put out quietly, seems like twisted extinguishes general. The surrounding all turned darkly, only then that is the black lotus flower along with the black corrosion but is gradually on the wane, flower petals disintegrate. Finally changes into black glow dissipation in the midair.

"No, this is impossible." The scorpion does not dare to believe loses one's voice to call out in alarm.

The Ji Dong ice-cold sound resounds "in this world, does not have anything is impossible." The Dark Flames Demon King body has relieved, magic power restores the pill to throw in the entrance. He is the scorpion, must have the short stop. Their magic power under the mass consumptions, need the short intermittence to restore.

But without a doubt, Ji Dong consumption only has magic power, but scorpion consumption is actually magic power and vitality, she vitality has damaged severely. To restore again easier said than done.

Actually, Ji Dong can definitely resist her living to make the combustion skill with another way. That releases top of the head Yin-Yang Crown internal storage the strength of four dragon four snakes. Although that is not enough to threaten Thunder Emperor Fu Rui at the energy of Yin-Yang lasting law condensation, but faces one not to arrive at the Six-Crown match, what even if the opposite party releases is the life combustion skill, the strength of these eight big Divine Beast also sufficiently resisted. Reason that Ji Dong does not have such to do, does not want in just to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield to consume own maintaining life unique skill. This is he transforms the ability that in not the successful situation can use in Two Great Sovereign Kings. Moreover, he must be careful, can have the Dark Five Elements Continent powerhouse to be transmitted here again. If comes a disciple again, that is not he can resist.

Naturally, now Ji Dong completely has not needed to be worried to have Mage to come here again, according to the time reckoning, all transmissions had finished. Formerly this struck, the price that Ji Dong paid was quite not small, the load that the Dark Flames Demon King body transformed, by top Certain Kill Skill that so the condition left, in addition eclipsed the consumption of date phoenix Huo'er. It seems that blood lotus law | round is disintegrated easily, actually Ji Dong also almost used the strongest skill. Confronts baseless, the scorpion as if felt that own life must be the blood lotus met zero like formerly that. Graceful profound Dark Flames Demon King, in her opinion, be more fearful than cruel Flame Sovereign King.

On Ji Dong that graceful gloomy and cold, in the top of the head turns into Black Yin Crown, made her feel that the intermittent chill in the air raided.

Negative impact that the vitality consumption brings appeared, the weak feeling is attacking her brain unceasingly, what is more fearful, not only the phoenix dance quiet flame ice melted his blood lotus law | the wheel, has cut off her and surrounding all plants the relations.

At this moment, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone, that blood red hole, also that full is Mr. demon Yin-Yang armor of sharp thorn, to person one deep fear.

At this time, the scorpion did not have the heart of slightest bit resistance again, the back pair of wings whips suddenly, faces Ji Dong, the body like lightning is actually retroceding, the long whip is heavy, wields anxiously, but actually does not attack Ji Dong, but pulls out to being away from her recent giant tree.

Ji Dong launches the Vermilion Bird pair of wings similarly, suppressed the match comprehensively, he naturally not to the opportunity that the match will escape. During the personal appearance twinkles pursued.

The scorpion puts together a whip that tries, having the pinnacle Second Wood white light to contaminate above that great tree, immediately, that shuttle great tree complete branch pale catches the similar white, crazy toward the Ji Dong body winding comes, to try to prevent the advance of Ji Dong. So long as gives her certain time, she has the confidence to escape ascends to heaven.

However, lives to make Ji Dong that combustion magic skill is unable to prevent including her, so is can it be that easy to be blocked, both hands from the sky wield, pinnacle Yin Fire electricity shoot, place visited, but sees the air distortion, that is having the flash that the pinnacle Second Wood magic power branch and Yin Fire move, sets up the show, will lose induces dangles softly. It is not pinnacle Second Wood magic power is broken, but is their living prepares the strength to be recorded to seize directly, is unable to stimulate to movement by that pinnacle Second Wood magic power again.

Meanwhile, Ji Dong both hands launch, in your demon Yin-Yang armor fist peak punctures the incomparable front punishment suddenly delimits, can twine on his body without any branch, in a flash, was broken through the tight encirclement by him, first to/clashes the pursuit.

Their pinnacle magic power are restoring, the scorpion that but the vitality has damaged severely could not make the effective counter-attack, now she can do escapes. In great tree using this woods shields itself.

Meets a giant tree to be infected by her pinnacle Second Wood magic power unceasingly, prevents the Ji Dong vanguard, two people such pursue run away, unceasingly toward Holy and Evil Island in thorough.

Under on seventh great tree the sharp blade of paper in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor hand guard shatter instant, suddenly, the side shadow dashes to Ji Dong. strange is quick, dozens inspect and verify the light to lock on Ji Dong completely.

In Ji Dong heart one cold, his first idea, was the helper of opposite party came, the back pair of wings restrained suddenly, the body dropped instantaneously, simultaneously turned around, a fist rumbled, immediately, dozens golden red ray electricity shot. This is Direct Hit Skill that cloudy morning sun teaches, dragon Linshan. Ji Dong seems is the fist bombardment, but while knocking out fist, is actually the finger rapid springing, each golden red ray is similar to scale general magic power that he springs. Each magic power must coagulate extremely, has the intense penetrability and explosive force. Once is unable to penetrate the attack of match, then, voluntarily will explode, releases the strong striking power. Although is inferior to the Sovereign King skill, but wins in the attack scope is broad, is easy to control. Puff in the sound, that dozens azure light is instantaneous, the golden red ray that Ji Dong rumbles passed over gently and swiftly the shadow that like lightning that throws, in the pitiful yell sound, that shadow changed into one, the golden fireball fierce combustion.

At this time Ji Dong sees clearly, that is not the helper, but is one seems only has about Rank 3 magic beast. As a result of the fierce combustion of pinnacle Yang Fire, he with enough time has not even seen clearly that magic beast appearance.

Also draws support from the impediment of this moment, during the scorpion personal appearance twinkles vanished. Wood department Mage is too truly easy to hide in the forest, Ji Dong just locks in her thought relaxes slightly, was escaped by her.

The pair of wings opens, the stop moment in the midair, Ji Dong is not angry because of the escape of match, in the heart police fearing is instead more abundant. A hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far, meets the forest not to enter, oneself are rigid. In this Holy and Evil Battlefield, the unknown thing are too many. Who knows that can run into other enemies? Be careful to well.

Restrains own magic power, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, first falls in the ground, crystal core that died, leaves behind after that only magic beast to receive, is really Rank 3 magic beast. What is strange, facing his pinnacle flame, this First Wood department Rank 3 magic beast formerly unexpectedly did not have any meaning of avoidance. Only this point, appears the uncertainty on Holy and Evil Battlefield.

Takes back crystal core, Ji Dong jumps, entered a crown lush big tree, hid the personal appearance, was paying attention to the surrounding trend, while was restoring own magic power slowly.

But at this time, in being apart from filters the Ji Dong shelter to have the places of more than ten big trees, the scorpion also similarly hides in the branches and leaves of cover, is releasing own pinnacle Second Wood magic power hideaway personal appearance, while panting slowly. In her vision, only then gloomy and cold. Formerly attacked Ji Dong with the aid of magic beast suddenly, but escaped from locking. But her body had actually been soaked by the cold sweat. If a moment ago the person of that only magic beast attack were she, perhaps she was withstanding the Ji Dong violent storm attack at this time. With a help of luck, she was safe temporarily.

But the scorpion is the scorpion, was just safe, she has completed the opportunity of time attack. Although the Ji Dong strength is strong, but she believes that by own strength, once the sneak attack goes well, can kill this match as before. Bears patiently, ice-cold, strikes to be killed violently, this is the characteristics of scorpion. After she hides the good personal appearance, the attention of total involvement Ji Dong trend, once he dares to approach itself, is relying on Wood department the technique of concealment, she will move the sneak attack to Ji Dong surely. This war, she loses extremely not willingly, may be speechless. She cannot think, oneself meet unexpectedly is Pinnacle Two Fires Mage.

Ji Dong can through Yao Qianshu know that the matter about heavenly stems disciple, the scorpion can not know the disciple legend? Although Ji Dong magic power seems only has Level 48, but she was the same with Yao Qianshu, Ji Dong locking for the biggest enemy, one of the Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciples, even may be this generation of Saint kings. If can kill Ji Dong, for her, was no different has conquered the complete enemies. Also will make her the status large scale promotion surely in dark heavenly stems disciple.

However, the fact showed that Ji Dong ice-cold, not only displays unfeeling in fight, is having also the calmness of far average man. After meeting to prevent, has not pursued again, but is static being hidden above the crown, similarly is also aura restraining, making the scorpion unable to feel his existence again.

At this moment " regarding the scorpion, aspect once more becomes disadvantageous, she does not dare to act rashly, even does not dare to absorb trees the vitality of life aura supplement consumption, she knows, at least within ten days, oneself was absolutely is unable to restore to the optimum condition. Was being observed closely by Ji Dong by the current condition, that is the aspect of a narrow escape. Therefore, she does not dare to move, she can only wait, waited for that Ji Dong leaves or has the opportunity of sneak attack.

Although Ji Dong does not know that the scorpion is hidden in not far away, but after formerly a war, his police fearing significantly had promoted, is hidden in the crown, does not leave eagerly, is absorbing the magic element in air slowly, even has not used five elements method auxiliary, magic power in within the body saves little, the fight picture that formerly that fought flashes through in his mind unceasingly. He was pondering unceasingly the merit and insufficient in fight, the war of this kind of life and death regarding enhancing his actual combat capability really had the advantage. Especially that Two Great Sovereign Kings magic skill transforms time is so. Ji Dong carves then forget about it carefully, if are in peak condition, even if no help of Huo'er, should also be able to carry on time Two Great Sovereign Kings changes the body interconversion, and respective bang strikes Certain Kill Skill. Without a doubt, this is also most terrifying attack that he can achieve at present. Even if Fu Rui such Seven- Crown powerhouse is intimate this to produce combination skill effect Pinnacle Two Fires Certain Kill Skill directly sufficiently, will certainly cause heavy losses.

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Chapter 145: Eats the person great demon

Is relying on Yin-Yang Vortex and Chaos Fire characteristics, the time is not long, Ji Dong magic power restored. Formerly fought, although said on difficult, if, but his tenacious body has not actually received any wound. Observed simply around, he decided to leave here to say first again.

Fu Rui after arriving at Heavenly Stems Regiment, for these days continuously in detailed illustrated the situation in Holy and Evil Battlefield to Ji Dong.

Holy and Evil Battlefield, altogether is divided into 18 Layers, or is 18 regions, enters in Holy and Evil Battlefield through Holy and Evil Channel, all people will be transmitted to most outer ring.

The Holy and Evil Island area is extremely the length and breadth, is almost equal half country on Light Five Elements Continent is so big, after entering Holy and Evil Battlefield, Light Five Elements Continent or Dark Five Elements Continent elite Mages, must as far as possible converges with the companion.

Then hunts and kills magic beast on Holy and Evil Island, searches the enemy trace. In addition, treasured hunt.

After over a thousand years, gentleman it is the initial six wars, does not know that many powerhouses forever stayed above this islands, their magic power weapons, Crystal Crown, even is some skill books, is the rare treasures. In the legend, has the genuine divine tool to leave behind in this. Some just achieved Six-Crown Mage, is hopes that can search to suit own magic beast partner on Holy and Evil Island. Once ties the contract with the human essence, magic beast on Holy and Evil Island also similarly can leave here. magic beast here, even if the same step, compared with outside magic beast formidable one section. The simplest example, the Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, its actual effect Shantou came from Holy and Evil Island. According to Fu Rui, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is formidable magic beast that ten thousand thunder break into a jail arise at the historic moment.

On this time high-risk land, has had without a doubt also various opportunities. If Mage can obtain one to suit own divine tool, soon, can walk into the forest of powerhouse truly.

In the Holy and Evil Island all 18 Layers territory, without a doubt, more approaches the inner layer core region, the risk will be bigger, but, the opportunity also will be similarly more two Fu Rui saying that previous time he once entered has been to tenth, has met formidable Rank 9 magic beast there, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon at risk of life explodes, perhaps he is unable to live is leaving here.

Tenth has the Rank 9 magic beast guard, what deeper eight will have?
This can bend the person daydream without doubt.

According to the deployment of Fu Rui, all six bright Five Elements Continent Mage, request to enter third layer to search most in a short time mutually, building up. There magic beast generally not Rank 5. Is relatively safe. Only then built up the majority of strengths, has to continue the thorough possibility.

But after entering eight Holy and Evil Island, most dangerous some time, is not the following war, but with is converging with the continent partner the beforehand these days. Although here has the area of length and breadth, who can say will meet what well? Like Ji Dong formerly, directly carved to meet one of the opposite party continent heavenly stems disciples.

Therefore, Ji Dong after restoring magic power, immediately has made the decision, enters to third layer as soon as possible seeks for Forui, for him, genuine partner only then own Senior Brother. Floating under sets up, the Ji Dong movement carves is a cat is likely dexterous, does not have any sound.

He can certainly fly by the Vermilion Bird pair of wings, such can on surely quick many. However, if he has done, brings about own destruction. The goal in the sky is obvious, in this piece is flooding crisis and in the bloody world, only if you have the absolute strength, otherwise do how many living thing dare to fly into airborne become are the target of public criticism?

Until Ji Dong floating goes far away, not far away scorpion gradually relaxed, she has not moved as before, the discrete and calm instinct made her stay there as before. Restores magic power these days in the Ji Dong cultivation, her nerve maintains highly intense, is observing here trend, at this time relaxes, the intense weary and weak feeling raids immediately. Even if Wood department Mage, after releasing that combustion vitality Certain Kill Skill, made her want wearily. Luckily, here has massive trees, stimulates to movement magic power slowly, the scorpion starts to restore own vitality silently.

Pastes leads the way, the Ji Dong movement is quite coordinated, is relying on the flexibility of his far average man, before the upper body bends down, maintains a drift angle with the ground, the body as if momentarily likely must get down but actually, but is this, reduces oneself goal as far as possible, is marching forward in the jungle quickly.

Any thorn is not enough to reduce his, without using Third Fire eliminates, in order to avoid the element fluctuation exposes own trail, he directly hits, is relying on Vermilion Bird armor and tenacity of Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, breaks the thorn stiffly.

The bang, the bang, the bang, the low and deep bellow attracted has bent the attention of Ji Dong, the body that first flushed slowed down suddenly, he just left formerly that big tree less than quarter, thundering that this heard suddenly was not human can come out obviously. With bellow, trembling of also earth. In the eye the cold light flashes, the golden flame ascension, the Ji Dong right hand wields to the ground, immediately, bunch of golden flame floating falls in the ground. However, this bunch of flame is actually not used to attack, clearly discernible, in the air has the red luminous spot to condense to come in all directions, Third Fire Element was absorbed by that small group golden color flame quickly, during the golden light twinkles, that group of golden flame fix unexpectedly, springs both hands from the main body, the both feet. Although does not have the discrimination of head and body, seems somewhat is really strange. But this time it, seems unexpectedly likely is a life body.

This skill named body of the emperor summoned, was Ji Dong after cultivation base broke through Rank 4 Flame Sovereign King Direct Hit Skill that comprehended. It seems and common, that golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire element body just one foot high, besides darling, does not have what special place. May in fact, when the first attempt uses it, Ji Dong is startled because of its ability. Because, after that body of the emperor summoned four characters, but can also add on may evolve the illustrations of three characters.

Just, by Ji Dong present strength , can only summon such Saint Fire Element body.

In the top of the head the Yang Crown instantaneous transformation is Yin Crown, the Ji Dong left hand wields, this time, what appears is a black element body, just and that Saint Fire Element body relative and fresh, named demon flame element body.

Two little fellows almost one side big, center the body, as if flame condenses eyes that becomes, surplus is the simple four limbs, if carefully did not look, will only think they are two simple fireballs.

Ji Dong thunders a direction finger/refers that to that transmits, shouted lightly: "Goes."

Two groups of element bodies turn head to run, with their short both legs, running naturally is not quick, that Saint Fire Element body even also fell a tumble, seems somewhat is really strange. Loses, element body summoned, no matter, one type can only summon one, at present the Ji Dong psychic force, can control them to move in 500 meters range freely.

Ji Dong carefully observed around, the floating body, entered to drill into a big tree crown. But his thought that actually throughout with that two Yuan, the element body fuses together. They at this time became Ji Dong eyes. Only is this point, sufficiently manifested this skill the usability. Searches lost to view by the magic power element in the unknown place, obviously wants to take risk good many.

Quick, two Yuan... The element body saw that leads the master of earth bellow.

That is a giant, body reaches as high as six meters, the waist gathers round one not to know that any magic beast leather, in addition, whole body is exposing, reveals the solid, swarthy muscle. also many dark green liquids, seem really make one feel disgusting. What is most unusual, he only has eyes, long position center forehead, is dispersing and is the same with liquid, is dispersing the quiet green ray. That green liquid, as if its saliva.

In the thick palm, is grasping about four meters giant white bones, does not know that is the skeleton of any magic beast.

Is this? Eats the person great demon?

In the Ji Dong heart is astonished greatly. Cloudy morning sun had given him divination " the magic beast atlas of this collection, making him carefully read, records various magic beast characteristics, the ability that level as well as excelled. And has this food person great demon.

Eats the person great demon is Rank 5 magic beast, the height body is strong, the strength is greatly infinite. Itself is on attribute magic beast. Also is human form magic beast. The wisdom compared with on ordinary magic beast high many. The defensive power is greatly strengthened, but own autumn can be few. Only deletes noteworthy, is in his alone can project the petrified beam, is very repugnant. Once were hit, light then body is stiff, heavy was changed into the stone. Suppose, once the body were made to order stone, came on by the strength of his terrifying again, wants the body to break to perish directly.

Eats person great demon Ji Dong not to fear actually, he by strange, here clearly is Holy and Evil Island first layer, how to present Rank 5 magic beast?

In he thinks, the alone item of that food person great demon saw two groups of Fire Element bodies, in alone reveals the strange brilliance, is thinking deeply about anything unexpectedly likely. He immediately in big strides dashes about wildly to come toward two element bodies, thundering that then manages just like the earthquake immediately becomes crowded.

Ceremonial fire side " element body and charge of demon flame element dignity to food person great demon has not retroceded, two teeth...

Element body throughout in absorbing the property element in air... The element is expanding itself, eats the person great demon to clash shortly, the bodies of these two little fellows inflate several points respectively, the next moment..., On them has a crack respectively, leaves this attribute fireball to howl.

Do not despise these two fireballs, that is pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire condenses, before Ji Dong has Certain Kill Skill, the attack of his most powerful, is combination skill that the Pinnacle Two Fires ball forms. Reason that leaves two to lose with the current events... The element body moves together, can each other coordinate for them, making the striking power increase. Sees only a that gold/metal black two-color fireball in airborne to link suddenly, changes into the gold/metal black dual- color fireball to rush.

Eats the person great demon the body to be quite huge, wanting the fireball that dodges this to shoot is very naturally difficult. But surprisingly, this everybody has made very wise response unexpectedly, during dashes about wildly, in the hand the bone tool wields anxiously, extremely accurate bombardment above that Pinnacle Two Fires ball.

In the loud sound, fierce explosion has the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute of terrifying to explode loudly suddenly, the gentle air immediately becomes manic. Eats the person great demon the body also because of this sudden explosion stop moment, but, strange appeared. That giant bone tool under the explosion of Pinnacle Two Fires ball, unexpectedly lossless, surface, although fired red together, but above Pinnacle Two Fires actually cannot adhere to stick cohere, not its scrap.

Ceremonial fire tooth... Intrepid that the element body and demon flame element body showed them after this time needed the Ji Dong Four-Crown strength to use. But sees machine-made fireballs to spurt unceasingly, forms the continuous potential, follows to go. Although every time spurts in addition their own brilliance dim several points, but first even/including seven, eight pinnacle fireballs spurt, from the sky condenses the Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill Pinnacle Two Fires ball to attack from the different positions to the food person great demon.

Even if this time is Six-Crown Mage encounters so the situation, will be thrown into confusion surely. The striking power of Pinnacle Two Fires ball is quite considerable. Let alone is so numerous.

Around two element body bodies is sparkling and main body similar ray, in the air along with every time explodes because of manic Fire Element that exploding to come is recycled by them. Although has omitted surely, may so the achievement, completely reveal their abilities.

Eats the person great demon, although the wisdom has wanted ordinary low rank magic beast, but after all is not human, has not studied any skill, in the hand bone tool anxious swing, in explosions, unexpectedly by retreat that successively two little fellows shell. Does not pay attention, before a Pinnacle Two Fires ball arrived at his body. This fellow responded that is also quick, in alone the pale ray projects together, in the loud sound, has exploded the fireball by the petrified beam bow loudly. But as the matter stands, the fierce explosive force also made it retrocede one after several other step talent coming to a stop personal appearance. Body splashed sparks/Mars ignition squeak squeak makes noise.

In the painful call, eats the person great demon to be angry, although he has blocked the majority of Pinnacle Two Fires ball, but actually by two so small Yuan... The element body forces so the situation, this situation he never has also met.

In the anger, roared suddenly, bone tool swept in the ground, giant stones soared, pound to two element bodies.

At this moment, a shadow suddenly appears in the ground, that is the ray shining whereabouts in the ground. Intense sense of crisis made the food person great demon look up, his alone item saw immediately that has the golden red form of blood-color double pupil.

The Vermilion Bird pair of wings opens, on your demon Yin-Yang armor all stabs the ejection suddenly under the function of magic power, a back Yang Fire hovering law ray blooms, this time Ji Dong, looks like true Fire Phoenix sharply hovers in the sky.

Eats the person great demon subconscious brandishing bone tool to pound, but that airborne golden red form suddenly strange flashes, the next moment..., Had the cruel, blazing aura to arrive at the food person great demon top/withstand the place above.

Chapter 146: The technique of heavenly stems Divine Beast, Teng Snake flashes

"Roar."As Rank 5 magic beast, eats the feeling of person great demon is very keen, when he feels that blazing aura to appear above oneself top of the head instantaneously, in the heart has produced the intense crisis, threatens the life sufficiently the sense of crisis.

Raised the head suddenly, spells to try to rise, even no longer the Pinnacle Two Fires ball that goes to the control upfront two element body bombardments to come, in alone the miserable white ray electricity shoots together. Perhaps on the degree of reaction, this food person great demon is since birth the quickest degree at this time.

However, that airborne form made the air twist again, the ray flashed, eats the person great demon the petrified beam to shoot in the vacancy.

Pū, the fist of Ji Dong is bringing the sharp thorn on Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor hand guard, numerous bombardments in food person great demon back of the head place. At this moment, his mail-armor and helmet turned into the profound black completely. Ice-cold pinnacle Yin Fire outputs quietly.

Eats the person great demon worthily is Rank 5 magic beast, is the life wants powerful several points of existences on this Holy and Evil Island compared with ordinary Rank 5. Sharp thorn bombardment on your demon Yin-Yang armor hand guard in his back of the head, has resounded a sonorous fulmination unexpectedly, even splashes piece of sparks/Mars, the length makes just one-third, the skull of unexpectedly eaten person great demon the ruler sharp thorns can penetrate caught.

As Rank 5 magic beast, eats person great demon anything unable to protect oneself extremely, therefore, his strength and defensive power carved were quite intrepid, sufficiently and Rank 6 magic beast compared favorably. The head truly is on him the only strategic point, but his skull is also the whole body hardest place. Regarding these, Ji Dong clear, but he actually must break through from the match strongest place.

The tread of both feet on food person great demon scruff, the body of Ji Dong is similar to the shell shoots generally, the pair of wings stretches, float in midair.

In that food person great demon hand the bone falls to the ground extremely, leaves a loud sound, both hands empty grasps, as if must hold anything to resemble, but, actually eventually cannot succeed. plop'ed, just like pushing gold mountain, pours jade Hangzhou numerous pounding in the ground. Can clear seeing, from his mouth and nose as well as in alone, disperses the light smog. The surface looks, this powerful magic beast as if has not received the too heavy wound, formerly Ji Dong the sharp thorn on demon Yin-Yang armor was also not enough to make him fatal. May in fact, at this moment, its brain turn into a piece of flying ash.

Although that sharp thorn is not thorough, but, enough has actually filled the pinnacle Yin Fire of seepage and corrosion strength Ji Dong that spreads to the food person great demon brain. Eats the person great demon the defensive power to be strong, can his brain be able to block the ignition of pinnacle flame? What if Ji Dong uses is Yang Fire, loudly under explosion, but also is not necessarily able to blast out his skull, but this Yin Fire is different, the seepage, the invasion, burns again quietly. Took away this easily can be said as the Rank 5 magic beast life.

Side arriving Ji Dong that two element bodies jump, a Ji Dong both hands move, has absorbed on them oneself, places on the shoulder respectively, had supplemented by own pinnacle flame slightly their source, these two little fellows can continue to absorb Fire Element in air to supplement oneself voluntarily. Has them, therefore are quite many two forts to be ordinary. That is quite easy-to-use. Before if were not they attracts first has bent the food person great demon attention, the food person great demon retreated in defeat again and again, Ji Dong wanted so with ease tidied up Rank 5 magic beast, is not easy.

The floating body falls to the ground, restrains the pair of wings. In Ji Dong heart secret feeling, the powerful skill truly can play the unexpected effect in the fight. He when summarizes himself with a scorpion war, has thought problem that oneself have. In magic power was inferior that in the situation of match, extremely bumped in the pursue and opposite party directly hardly. If can use some skills, opportunity that perhaps that dark Second Wood disciple simply has not escaped.

In killing the food person great demon space and time transformed the skill of personal appearance like formerly him. This can be said as the Teng Snake special skill. The name said: Teng Sheshan.

So-called Teng Snake flashes, is in all circumstances, instantaneously changes the direction of oneself body, the one method of suddenly adding. When achieves the pinnacle, the twinkle even can be equal to instantaneously shifts instantaneously.

If displayed by Teng Snake, he can complete consecutively nine to dodge. When a powerhouse simultaneously leaves the attack from nine directions suddenly, is that what kind of terrifying? This Teng Snake flashes is used to attack is used to dodge, is the rare good skills. Ji Dong it with the Dark Moon Dance contrast, Dark Moon Dance, although is good, but more can only manifest in the ground, moreover can only use one time, although there are to pass through the match non- Certain Kill Skill effect, but flashes to affect with snake compared with any situation, the mark slightly has the disparity.

Ji Dong in Teng Snake flashes the high and low on husband is next to the Teng Snake strength technique. However his cultivation base is insufficient, at present also can only complete two to dodge. But is also this twice glitters, made him almost not undergo any obstruction, by flying high changed, has killed the food person great demon smoothly. Effect that obviously this skill is used to attack is powerful.

Lost the vitality food person great demon, the body defense capability must miss, the pinnacle Yang Fire combustion goes together, already was in an instant reduced to ashes, left behind one to have yellow crystal core of fist size in the ground fully. Looking from the texture, it as before is the Rank 5 crystal core category, but in the quality actually absolutely was the best quality goods in Rank 5 crystal core.

Receives crystal core, Ji Dong jumps, goes to the Holy and Evil Island deep place once more. Shortly after he just left, the appearance that the dark green form twinkle, the scorpion is quietly in the place of food person great demon corpse combustion, carefully looked, jumps once more, integrates in the forest to vanish quietly does not see.

After two double-hour, Ji Dong penetrated in Holy and Evil Island, naturally, now he also in first layer of Holy and Evil Island most surrounding. On the road has not met mistake again, has met five, six magic beast, but mostly is Rank 3, Rank 4 also only has one. Arrives here, Ji Dong naturally cannot leniently, harvest their life to gain in the crystal core income pouch easily.

"Holy and Evil Island is really broad! Two double-hour hurry along, even if with flying, rushed to over a hundred miles sufficiently. But evidently, has not actually entered second layer."Ji Dong stops the footsteps. Without a doubt, Holy and Evil Island most outer layer is broadest, dashing about wildly of his these two double-hour , was just the gradual approach second layer. Made him feel what was somewhat strange, the magic beast quantity that this met not like that many that he imagined. Does not have the difficult feeling. Besides the food person great demon has the threat slightly, has almost not met any hindrance to caress. Moves is thinking, Ji Dong continues stand forth, he fell handsome, physical strength that restored itself to consume. Leads the way not far, suddenly, when he crosses a big tree, at present suddenly sees the light. Front the dry present, is not, looks at big forest completely, but is the prairie of green lawn. Arrived Holy and Evil Island second layer. In Ji Dong heart one startled, is one happy, dashing about wildly of oneself two double-hour have not wasted, at present sends the change told him, soon will step immediately into the Holy and Evil Island second layer range.

At present the prairie is not smooth, the topography height fluctuates, but sending of that sight of green abundancy likely as well as open of field of vision, made one feel that was more comfortable. Naturally, Ji Dong also understands, after entering the prairie, can change is more dangerous. The prairie like the woods, it can be said that does not have any obstacles, once by enemy present, only then fights vigorously.

Takes out some dry rations and water is used to appease hunger, the Ji Dong quarter makes the conditioning between this first layer and second layer temporarily. He does not worry. Holy and Evil Island opens has 49 days of fully. Some are on makes him investigate.

At this time, weather already gradually dark, formerly fought as well as afterward rest with the dark Second Wood disciple restores magic power, in addition dashing about wildly of these two double-hour, unknowingly, already to evening. originally is cloudy Holy and Evil Island, black quick. Ji Dong when eats the dry rations, sky also slightly dark, after he is satiated with food and wine, the day completely was black.

According to the view of Fu Rui, Holy and Evil Island each thorough, the danger that meets can the geometrical multiple increase, at this time weather already dark, the line of sight was affected greatly, Ji Dong decided, stays in this woods edge an evening, at least here has the crown to make him rest, is easier to hide itself.

When tomorrow, will pass second layer again in one vigorous effort.

After the idea decides, Ji Dong jumps, floating got up a steady big tree, in the meantime, he both let out two Fire Element bodies, the Saint Fire Element body restraining ray, crawls on the ground, the demon flame element body hides in the darkness, as dark sentry post. Falls along with the night, the air gradually becomes moist, the time is not long, fine rains drop from the clouds, immediately made above this forest and prairie Water Element become rich.

Two Yuan... Although the element body is the pinnacle flame pot concentrates, but their it after all is the fire, needs to absorb the fire Yuan in air... Usually maintained oneself, night rain ice-cold, in addition Water Element occupied in the air the major part, immediately made two element bodies somewhat unable to endure.

A Ji Dong both hands move, receives and instructs own to cherish them, this element body after summoning, they will evolve throughout, once is disillusioned, needs to accumulate. Only then after Ji Dong magic power increases One-Crown each time, the Fire Element body that itself summoned will again enter next realm.

Also only said that if these two little fellows have absorbed Fire Element in air outside, then, they likely some time evolve to quite in the strength that the Ji Dong Five-Crown rank summoned, even might evolve to the effect that the Ji Dong Six-Crown rank summoned. But once their main body was disillusioned, then, Ji Dong summoned the element body again, carved must evolve from his Four-Crown realm this condition.

Reason that Ji Dong the choice summoned first them, was hopes that they can evolve in these 49 days of unceasingly, became oneself powerful helping. Therefore, he naturally cannot take back two element bodies, but opens own Vermilion Bird pair of wings, protects them in the bosom, making the rain water is unable to invade sleek/moist to their bodies, moistens them by the Fire Element aura that on oneself disperses again, promoting them to evolve.

Night Holy and Evil Island is not tranquil, magic beast that some appear and disappear specially at night started to take action, often can hear the strange sound the prairie resounds in the woods or on, but regardless of the outside has any sound, Ji Dong very peaceful treating on tree. The crown can cover the massive rain water for him, here also not easily by person present. That night, eventually tranquil passed, when next morning, sky just dawn time, had night of light rain to stop finally, moist air mixing soil fragrant, as if made the bloody aura on this islands desalinate.

Yin-Yang Vortex disperses Yang Fire, the steam ascends, on Ji Dong has dried very much, has eaten dry rations, had a look at itself to cherish that two again as if big some little fellows, the corners of the mouth place has revealed a smile. Should be continues to go forward the time.

No longer rains, under Ji Dong makes two little fellows jump to own shoulder armor above attaches, jumps sets up, reversed slightly own body, the whole body skeleton left a series of clear interesting to listen to light sounds immediately. Is ordinary just like the pearls and jade collision. His skeleton changes the transformation after Teng Snake, did not have the counter- joint, the body can become extremely firm, can become similarly extremely soft.

Tamper force with mercy, like his magic skill Yin-Yang mutually revolutions.

The back pair of wings opens, single foot intravenous drip, Ji Dong Li the Holy and Evil Island second layer prairie was going, because there is a pair of wings control physical balance of opening, before his body , when , almost maintains parallel with the ground, has not flown, the body is very near from the ground, is almost maintains the glide condition goes forward.

Like this is not only quicker, but also the goal is also smaller. Has been equal to the low-altitude flying.

This was yesterday evening Ji Dong thinks that good method, as the matter stands, not only can not bend the person to pay attention, and can a quicker vanguard, by such, double-hour over a hundred miles without question, hundred miles were away from, almost can enter third layer. In converges before the Senior Brother, strikes to kill magic beast not to need to worry.

The way of this terrain flight truly made Ji Dong increased, compared with racing Hangkuai in forest more than one time. In the sky is cloudy as before, occasionally the also lightning ray shines, to person a very depressing feeling. The time of quarter, Ji Dong departed more than ten miles, on the prairie appears very tranquil, does not know that is daybreak unique.

In Ji Dong thinks oneself clever, suddenly, he felt an intermittent magic power fluctuation appears in airborne. Because is the low altitude slides, his vision can only see all around, cannot see the sky, subconscious raised the head to look , the heart is imposing immediately.

In the sky, does not know when presented dark clouds, a piece is condensed the dark cloud that becomes by the wing, big birds are quietly is circling in the midair, seems at least has over a hundred. Their pair of wings launches, is ordinary just like dark cloud capping.

Chapter 147: Rank 7, platinum Tianpeng

These many magic beast? In Ji Dong heart one startled, Fu Rui has told him, in the Holy and Evil Island surrounding, list

magic beast is not fearful, after all, magic beast level of outer layer is limited. Quite troublesome is community demon

Beast. Although this magic beast group generally is the low level magic beast composition, but they in order to Holy and Evil

In the island survives, extremely will actually unite, encounters situation " to rally together to attack surely.

Ji Dong has not stopped, he hopes that the airborne these big birds have not noted oneself talent

Good, as soon as possible leaves their territory range.

What a pity, was the danger on Holy and Evil Island can it be that so also easy to pass? Adds the flight in Ji Dong

Meanwhile, lineup that the big birds in midair as if present his existence, originally circled one

Changes, quick rapid flight, just like dark cloud coping generally from airborne downward dive, but. In the Ji Dong eye the ray flashes, the right hand presses in the ground, ge turns over/stands up, has stood in the ground

. Shouted angrily "your domestic animals, courted death?"
With the dives of these big birds, he saw clearly their shape. That is one Only the neck seems without the wool the shape such as magic beast of

The height of each institute only big bird about two meters, the wingspan actually width amounts to about four meters, feather black light,

Sparkles, is releasing the metallic luster. Most obvious, is their uncinus proboscises, dispersing

Gloomy and cold gloss. Both eyes unexpectedly are the blood reds, is flooding the bloodthirsty brilliance.

This is Rank 3 demon and other zhen iron demon vultures, Kang Metal department, how the single body strength is not formidable. Excelling

Diving attack. Typical carnivorous magic beast. The mass sports activity, attacks to be quite crazy. Ji Dong

Has not thought that oneself just entered shortly after this Holy and Evil Island second layer, has met so hard to deal with right


The dazzling golden flame instantaneous snout moth comes, pinnacle Yang Fire rushes on, dazzling flame on main

Reprimanded the blotting out the sky pinnacle to soar scalding hot. His goal is very simple, must frighten this

Some ferrotungsten demon vultures, depending on getting a light King's characteristics, in addition the attribute of pinnacle flame suppress. If Can be startled to walk these magic beast, will obviously be short troublesome.

However, is contrary to what expects, does not know that is because breeding of Holy and Evil Island makes these zhen iron demon vultures fill

Self-confident, because their simply does not fear the flame, facing Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire, this

Some ferocious flat wool domestic animals slightly have stopped, again throws toward Ji Dong.

Coordinate showing of team without doubt, more than hundred hammer the iron demon vulture simultaneously under not to throw, rather

Every seven x eight one group, dashes to Ji Dong. The sharp claws spring, in dazzling white light, increases

Time, grasps to the body of Ji Dong. This is one type strengthens oneself to make the body have the variation by magic power


"Since must court death, I help you."Ji Dong angrily snorted. Although the match has

Hundred, but after all the zhen iron demon vulture is just Rank 3 magic beast, he has not watched.

Strong pinnacle Yang Fire condenses, Yang Fire condensation law appears in the back outrageously, Ji Dong swings the body

Shakes, has appeared the Flame Sovereign King body. Reaches as high as three meters giant body just like this prairie

The heart stands generally outrageously, both feet takes root in the ground steadily. Both hands lifted, welcome to the first Pope

Zhen iron demon vulture that comes. "Heh"growled, Ji Dong that giant flame both hands simultaneously wield, pinnacle Yang Fire

The terrifying characteristics bloom immediately, huge Fire Dragon appears in Ji Dong both hands, huge

The dragon body in airborne one volume of one rises, seven zhens that the terrifying pinnacle flame will throw immediately first

the iron demon vulture covers. These Rank 3 magic beast have not left a pitiful yell with enough time, changed into

Seven groups of flame scatter in all directions to flutter about, was flung.

That pinnacle Fire Dragon soared, welcomes the zhen iron demon vultures to throw. This ding, the skill, is

Special skill of cloudy morning sun, flame dragon Huozhuan. Although Ji Dong can only control an flame dragon now, but

By the pinnacle flame, copes with these Rank 3 magic beast is also not any issue.

Grating severe call from the sky resounds unceasingly, the zhen iron demon vultures scatter in all directions to flutter about, are flooding

white glow of metallic luster spouts from their mouth unceasingly, raids to the flame dragon that Ji Dong transforms. But

, Does this pinnacle flame congeal the flame dragon that becomes can it be that so to be also easy to cope?

Although Ji Dong this not Certain Kill Skill like Yao Qianshu emerald clear dragon, but also absolutely is

Top Direct Hit Skill. The shape of that flame dragon is Chinese Divine Dragon in Ji Dong thought that the below the belly five The claw, has shrimp eye x antler x ox Zui, the dog nose x mosquitos to for the first time the lion long neck hair x snake tail x scale x eagle claws x

Ninth nine animal combining into one not like it image. The personal appearance launches, controls it in the thought of Ji Dong

Next batters. Flight strange is quick. Although was unable to release any skill. But is only

By powerful of main body, on husband of a while, the zhen iron demon vulture quilt that more than ten dodge

Its that is in seven meters body volume, changes into the fireball to crash loudly.

gold/metal fire, let alone is the pinnacle flame. The airborne ferrotungsten demon vulture group starts immediately becomes loose

Is chaotic, although these domestic animal dispositions are very maneating, but faces right that this type is unable to contend with

, They are not the fools. In severe Jiaosheng, scatters in all directions to flutter about, runs away to go toward the distant place respectively.

Ji Dong has not pursued, Flame Sovereign King body both hands wield, that Fire Dragon has dropped from the clouds,

Melts eight to arrive in his Flame Sovereign King body directly. Element rotation, quilt under the function of Yin-Yang vortex calamity

Absorbs. Reduced the magic power loss as far as possible.

The Ji Dong personal appearance twinkle, has picked crystal core that these zhen iron demon vulture corpse places left behind. Although

However on this Holy and Evil Island, the magic beast strength be more intrepid than the outside, but produces the crystal core proportion Is much bigger. In these burnt dove iron demon vulture, to having half has given Ji Dong crystal core.

So far, the crystal core total that Ji Dong obtains crosses ten, includes n Rank 5

Summit kong food person great demon crystal core. He only needs to strike to kill Mage on Dark Five Elements Continent again, attains

Takes Crystal Crown. Can in world arrives smooth returned to Light Five Elements Continent.

Receives crystal core, in the Ji Dong heart mused, flame dragon Huozhuan breaks in airborne, that golden ray goal

Extremely obvious, oneself must leave here to be good as soon as possible. In order to avoid or is magic beast encircles by the enemy

Attacking. At that moment, he does not have any stay, launches the personal appearance once more. This time, he simply directly in

The low-altitude flying, flies quickly toward the Holy and Evil Island deep place.

The dark green light shadow is quietly to appear in the place that Ji Dong formerly stopped over, ice-cold delightful sound

The recording tape several points is resounding " this fellow surprisedly surely is Light Five Elements Continent this for the disciple in

Saint king. Good powerful pinnacle Yang Fire.

It is not good, in any event, I if also wants the means to strike to kill him.
So long as has killed him, regarding five

Year later important matter has the huge help. "

The voice falls, that dark green form leaps once more, when her body flies, as if fuses together with the long grass of ground, is almost unable to see n with the naked eye, pursues the direction that Ji Dong is departing to go quickly.

Without a doubt, this person is dark the Second Wood disciple scorpion. She has not given up, Ji Dong takes to her attack, instead she strengthens must destroy the idea of match thoroughly. Level 48 Ji Dong, on now this Level 58 Second Wood disciple big account owing sedan. Then, day of this person cultivation base seizes to rise to the pill crown, how will that be the scene? Only can describe with two Yu to come, disaster. Therefore, she sets firm resolve, must while this opportunity the Ji Dong destruction. From experience, the scorpion is second time arrives at Holy and Evil Island after all, naturally must be more familiar to here situation. She held the opportunity.

But the fact showed, the experience of scorpion is very correct, the opportunity that she held approached quickly.

Ji Dong flies straightly forward, why does not know, in his heart the beginning cultivates a depressing feeling, this feeling now he is very uncomfortable. The heartbeat as if received any disturbance. Monarch the hut strength fluctuation that is willing the Yin-Yang on pure white to transmit as if also constantly is changing.

Was my this? The hut strength flag is duplicate, Yin-Yang inlays the whorl to function as usual. But, why will have the disturbed feeling?

Quick, Ji Dong had found answering Qin of issue, heart germanium not rather came from the crisis sensitively. He does not know, his Vermilion Bird changes, the chest cavity snake changes, now he had the heavenly stems Divine Beast aura, Divine Beast is very keen regarding the induction of danger. Although Ji Dong is not Divine Beast, but also went out of present some inductions.

The cloudy Shen Chen sky has shone suddenly, in the midair, came back by ferrotungsten steamer tray Cao who Ji Dong expelled before, but this time they under have not thrown, but hovered in the upper air, left sharp sounding unceasingly. Is coercing Ji Dong in the relative likely. Also at this time, Ji Dong saw he most undesired one, in the midair, a physique especially giant hut beast appeared under contrast of tungsten Yi Hut potential.

The appearance, its personal appearance and tungsten Yi demon dove is very similar, but the body actually wants on big ten times, the pair of wings launches, blocks the sky. What strange Chi is, its wool unexpectedly completely is the golden color

Different from the Ji Dong that pinnacle Yang Fire golden color, on it the golden color is very light, tends to the white, looks like mixes with gold/metal dual-color white/in vain general.

The neck is not bare, is growing the same wool, in the flash that it presents, in the ground all leaves of grass all crawl, close proximity to the ground, the threatening imposing manner, making the air become is hot- tempered extremely in vain. In the midair, the terrifying aura attacks unceasingly under.

Ji Dong calm standing in ground, his double fist has gotten hold of subconsciously. Helper who without a doubt, this white golden big bird, the tungsten Yi demon dove looks, but, he is not really clear, by the strength of ferrotungsten demon dove, can look for at present this only with them is not the similar big bird?

This white golden big bird Ji Dong has seen in the atlas . Moreover the impression is very profound, it can be said as in heavenly stems Divine Beast the close relative of Fifth Earth Divine Beast sky, or is the subspecies of sky. Named platinum Tianpeng, although it and Fifth Earth Divine Beast are close relatives, but itself is actually the Seventh Metal department inexpensive beast. Is the true top hopes one of the beasts. From at present this only from the personal appearance and aura of gold/metal Tianpeng. At least is also Rank 7 magic beast.

Senior Brother the Senior Brother, you give my news not quite to be as if correct! Then is Holy and Evil Island second layer, how to present the Rank 7 hut beast? Since starts to cultivate now, Ji Dong had faced the Rank 7 match only has one, that is Fu Rui. Although holds as Seven-Crown Mage, be inexpensive the beast to be stronger than Rank 7. But at present this platinum Tianpeng has the flight superiority. When does not have Fu Rui the taboo with Ji Dong fight. This war, without a doubt, is extremely difficult.

Sound clear song of the birds resounds, the dark cloud in sky fiercely surged, these severe wu repetitive ferrotungstens are willing the mandarin ducks to calm down immediately, flying distant, as if ox afraid was implicated.

Platinum Tianpeng that pair of dark golden eyes is staring at Ji Dong, his also wants the huge body from the sky to hover compared with complicated/many Leiyao the Heavenly Dragon, the aura completely has actually locked on Ji Dong.

Ji Dong can feel clearly, preparing in air plants the element to surge fiercely, starts to disperse one that along with platinum Tianpeng on layer upon layer from the color/look halo, various elements besides Seventh Metal department quick is scattering.

Clearly, this platinum Tianpeng knows from his ferrotungsten demon dove little brothers mouths, Ji Dong is having the pinnacle flame. He does this at this time, must weaken the Ji Dong replenishment ability as far as possible. After hoping beast Rank 6, wisdom will chase the ashamed evolution. This self gold/metal Tianpeng does not worry to attack Ji Dong mouth it to be in the upper air in any case, first expands own superiority, this procedure, without doubt is very intelligent.

She moves is not a fool, he will certainly not make platinum Tianpeng scatter mouth oneself to be willing the strength Fire Element in air to be inferior a match really completely, once made platinum Tianpeng scatter the element, this fought is more unfortunate than fortunate.

When this kind of time, showed the place of five elements method ruling by force, Yang Fire condensation law and Yin Fire mist gathering law, two
** moon/month appeared when Ji Dong, Yin-Yang Crown on his top of the head also turned into coal dual-color, the Pinnacle Two Fires moon/month released. Immediately, is centered on the body of Ji Dong, the formidable adsorptive attraction explodes suddenly. Formerly also quickly was being scattered Fire Element looked like found the home to come in swarms generally.

What is somewhat funny, the originally resembles is attached to that two Fire Element bodies on Ji Dong shoulder very keen jumped down from the Ji Dong shoulder, arrives by two law respectively, Fire Element that the moon/month type insane attracting herd in vain that condensation is coming expands themselves.

Also is a song of the birds from the sky resounds, platinum Tianpeng as if had been enraged by the Ji Dong behavior, sees only him from the sky to circle for one week, suddenly, a personal appearance show, that wingspan achieved 30 meters huge wing to wield suddenly, the originally proliferation white light halo suddenly retraction outward, the tight waist, was doing hundred self bands of light the grating wailing sound from out of the blue to drop from the clouds. Is ordinary just like ten thousand Jianqi, shoots toward the Ji Dong move.

Possibility that the attack of so wide scope, simply has not dodged. Pinnacle Two Fires of platinum Tianpeng, but its naturally also discernment that Ji Dong also has scruples Ji Dong that does not arrive at the Five- Crown strength, by own powerful magic power, it moved the skill attack directly.

Chapter 148: The fusion, Two Great Sovereign Kings must kill

Each white light has meter odd/surplus Chang, like the arm, in the midair a metal ray sparkles thickly mutually. Even if their it striking power, the momentum of only from the upper air crashing, is extremely terrifying.

Facing Rank 7 magic beast, how dare does Ji Dong neglect? Swings the body in a flash, the Flame Sovereign King body shows immediately, reaches as high as three meters, pinnacle Yang Fire condenses the body that becomes to appear above the ground outrageously, facing attack that airborne shoots. The Ji Dong double fist simultaneously wields, immediately, dozens golden red ray electricity shoot. Direct Hit Skill: dragon Linshan.

Shoots at Ji Dong dozens spoken parts instantaneously to be only dodged to counter-balance by the dragon scale, fire gold/metal, this is mother Yong doubts. Let alone is pinnacle Yang Fire to ordinary Donkin. Restraint in attribute made pinnacle Yang Fire blazing melted that originally directly is the attack after dispersion. However, the Rank 7 magic beast strength can it be that so is also simple. Directly will fire into own these white lights to melt in Ji Dong simultaneously, went is other white lights of spreadability attack suddenly changes the direction, directly toward the Ji Dong concentrated fire, but.

Changes the community attack is the single body attack, this controlling force Ji Dong grumbles such as. Although there is an overwhelming superiority in attribute, but on magic power is actually the absolute inferiority. The formidable pressure, gives him immediately a feeling of not gasping for breath.

Sticks out chest, the double fist goes back to body suddenly, fills angry roaring of proud meaning to resound from the Ji Dong mouth. Sees only a huge golden column of flame to rush to explode from that Flame Sovereign King proud body. The terrifying column of flame shoots up to the sky, all concentrated fire Ji Dong white lights are entering this flame range vanishes into thin air instantaneously completely. Impulse melts in exploding of that pinnacle.

In fierce positive three double hit last type, fierce Yang explosion.

Yang Fire condensation law similar Guangmang is radiant, massive Fire Element emerge in Ji Dong that Flame Sovereign King body unceasingly, the pair of wings launches, Ji Dong does not dread soars two his to hide in the eye pupil after Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor blood-color pair, is releasing firm x rigid x unyielding overbearing, seemed telling platinum Tianpeng, since you must fight, we died to fight.

The Vermilion Bird pair of wings launches, Ji Dong leaps bird, just like at top speed common direct impact sky. Because his present strength can only maintain oneself displays law in the same attribute situation, therefore, he has not used Yang Fire hovering law, is Yang Fire condensation law congeals in the back as before.

Under that turns into the golden red Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor and Vermilion Bird completely armor complements, Ji Dong looks like a golden meteor of soaring is ordinary, charges into that platinum Tianpeng.

By his Four-Crown strength, dares to give up the earth, with that originally, is the flight magic beast platinum Tianpeng fights a decisive battle above the sky, only this courage lamb, made the platinum Tianpeng originally overwhelming imposing manner stagnate cloudy. Even if hides in not far away scorpion, in the heart also has to give birth for several points to admire. Sighed secretly: Intrepidly like the tyrant, worthily is one generation of Saint kings.

The both arms open, shoulder arm in a flash, Ji Dong loudly shouted " flame dragon Huozhuan. " Huge golden Fire Dragon soars, dashes to platinum Tianpeng.

During that platinum Tianpeng in partly chops, saw that Ji Dong dares to fly unexpectedly to oneself, that while the imposing manner top/withstood, was enraged thoroughly.

The dazzling platinum colored light glow explodes, making it seem looks like a Sun under dark cloud is bright, the grating songs and calls, from the sky resounded unceasingly, immediately the zhen iron demon vulture of distant place flew was farther. The dark cloud in sky surges fiercely. Platinum Tianpeng this anger, actually made the world for it look changes.

That strong white light one from that platinum Tianpeng passes unexpectedly, looked like branched out in addition platinum Tianpeng, directly soared Ji Dong to throw.

This is completely platinum Tianpeng that is congealed by Seventh Metal magic power becomes, is Certain Kill Skill that this platinum Tianpeng has. But the terrifying bright platinum colored light glow from the sky is releasing the incomparably enchanting and radiant ray. Has filled with the aura of death. This strikes, is Certain Kill Skill that Rank 7 magic beast moves fully! The goal of platinum Tianpeng only then, that daring to provoke his dignified Ji Dong to tear into shreds thoroughly.

Initially during Ji Dong in fought with Fu Rui, can say that directly has never withstood Fu Rui Certain Kill Skill. At this time, facing platinum Tianpeng. He wants hard bei, only then the colorful male cone can achieve.

Quiet flame ice also because his own magic power is insufficient, is unable to make so huge, width over 30 meters terrifying Certain Kill Skill coagulates instantaneously. However, has Ji Dong used the colorful male cone really? No, he has not done. Because he knows, if rely on magic power and this platinum Tianpeng spells hardly, finally loses definitely is oneself. As flight magic beast, platinum Tianpeng also has such huge body, the magic power disparity was too big. To defeat it, is equally difficult to Fu Rui on the image plane. Spells hardly is impossible to obtain wins finally. Only then take risks with counting. For going on living, in order to routs at present this formidable Rank 7 magic beast. Ji Dong now not any other means. Only then whole-heartedly, said its destruction thoroughly again.

Sets firm resolve, Ji Dong will not have any hesitation. Saw that platinum Tianpeng blooms that powerful Certain Kill Skill, he has not used the colorful male cone to refute, flame dragon Huozhuan who formerly released urgently welcomed. Meanwhile, his head Yin-Yang Crown has Four-Crown of brand mark also to glisten.

Rock the earth dragon recited the sound, called along with the faint trace gloomy and cold snake also resounds. Saw, that Fire Dragon that Ji Dong condenses in platinum Tianpeng this does several things at the same time in front of Certain Kill Skill to disintegrate instantaneously, changes into the most primitive magic power element dissemination in the midair, but follows on somebody's heels, is actually four huge Fire Dragon with four jet black Teng Snake, the strength of four dragon four snakes also ascend, dash to that illusory platinum light shadow.

By the Ji Dong strength, naturally is not enough simultaneously to direct the strength of these four dragon four snakes, but releases them is actually without question, he faces, is that platinum Tianpeng core kills the impact that the technique this does several things at the same time, does not need any control, the flash when that four dragon four snakes release, naturally welcomed platinum Tianpeng to do several things at the same time the Certain Kill Skill huge energy.

magic power that these four dragon four snakes have, is Seven-Crown powerhouse Thunder Emperor Fu Rui must for it heart startled, has to release terrifying magic power that strongest Certain Kill Skill faces. That is almost equal to eight Ji Dong magic power sum totals. Is relying on the Yang Fire lasting law and Yin Fire lasting law stores up in Yin-Yang Crown, puts on this flash cauldron, contains Pinnacle Two Fires to explode suddenly, the entire sky was filled by that huge magic power.

Rumbles n fierce thundering to shake shocking, unequalled fine Metal department magic power x pinnacle Yang Fire x pinnacle Yin Fire three Yuan, element in midair wild scatters in all directions to flutter about.

The attribute repels one another in incisiveness that this time manifests, although Certain Kill Skill might terrifying of that platinum Tianpeng, but faces the strength of four dragon four snakes Ji Dong releases, at all impossible its breakthrough, four dragon four snakes from the impact of gold/metal Tianpeng Certain Kill Skill, change into the most primitive pinnacle flame immediately, Yin-Yang filings fuse mutually, immediately forms a giant Yin-Yang silt whorl. But Ji Dong, hides after this Yin-Yang silt whorl. Huge Pinnacle Two Fires is the element, almost his magic power restored the peak in the flash on now. Unflustered takes back the Flame Sovereign King body, in the supplies of this giant Yin-Yang silt whorl by the midair, changes into the dark flame mansion king quietly.

When this transformation compared with the previous time facing the scorpion calm many. Because not only Ji Dong had a passing through face of transformation, what is more important, at present floods the Pinnacle Two Fires element in air extremely rushes, is homologous magic power is supplementing his consumption with Ji Dong completely insanely in vain. Although in this giant vortex all magic power fast are passing, but before they vanish the flash, the attack of Ji Dong has been completed, Yin Fire condensation law that he behind transforms front the hut strength of silt whorl release will attract the income body finally completely.

The sky suddenly becomes gloomier, elegant however, the dark cloud breaks, the jet black ray drops from the clouds together. Platinum Tianpeng subconscious raising the head looks, he sees, is a round jet black crescent moon. The ray on this light crescent moon is not the illumination to him, but covers to that airborne spreads the Fire Element artisan whorl extremely the other aspect.

When platinum Tianpeng saw when own Certain Kill Skill hits in that four dragon four snakes together, has a big shock, he can certainly feel the hoping strength that in that flash air boils up to be terrifying, the attribute comprehensive suppression, his Seventh Metal department magic power that sweeps does several things at the same time to boil up completely crafty is killed by Pinnacle Two Fires in the air now, does not have remaining including the zha dregs. In that moment, in its heart sprouted has drawn back intent.

Although as Rank 7 magic beast, but after blowing out this kind of m, it requires the short time to restore as before, even if Rank 10 magic beast, own magic power also has the limit. Also at this time, that now his fearful and apprehensive Pinnacle Two Fires vortex quietly is defeated and dispersed, has revealed the form of old friend.

Platinum Tianpeng sees similarly is three meters high giant body, but the color actually completely sharp lived the change, most attracts it to pay attention, is behind this form, that and in sky exactly the same black moon.

Moon can remind you of me, bans, hundred and thousand, quiet pale ice.

The gloomy and cold and strange black coal, brings to harass elegant and
dies out, brings to be callous and profound, changes into one group of purest ice cones to go quietly, is actually unable to distinguish it is the fire or icing. Is void is twisting, the previous moment, it as if still in the Dark Flames Demon King palm, the next moment, it actually arrived from gold/metal Tianpeng in front.

Screamed one, platinum Tianpeng has felt the intense threat, in the sky the ray of that wheel dark moon/month, throughout was following this strange ice young mouth suddenly, spurted from the gold/metal Tianpeng opens the mouth anxiously, electricity of a white light from the mouth shot, attempted dying out of anti- move of that black moon.

But also at this moment, one group of coal dual-color mix fireballs bring the grating wailing to arrive in front of him, happen to touches to hold with the white light that in its mouth spouts in the same place. In the loud sound, explodes the rude day brilliance loudly. Two element body relatives on Ji Dong shoulder. After this pinnacle fireball, first. Blew out quite terrifying striking power unexpectedly.

At this moment, in Ji Dong in the incarnation Dark Flames Demon King body, the Saint Fire Element body and volume of demon flame element body inflated about two chi (0.33 m), and body also separates out, is ordinary like two flame people. Formerly that huge Yin-Yang Vortex appeared in the midair, they can the big benefit winner. The hut strength is increased instantaneously, this time shape, has been equal to Ji Dong when the appearance that the Five-Crown rank can release. But they collaborate this to strike the blown out striking power, pursued the Ji Dong fierce positive three double hit sum totals directly. Although cannot compare with platinum Tianpeng on magic power, but actually actually relies on combination skill to be able the effect as well as the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppresses, counter-balanced platinum Tianpeng that to strike forcefully on the point of death.

Did not mean that the quiet flame ice cannot counter-balance after gold/metal Tianpeng attacks , to continue the wound, therefore, because Ji Dong does not hope that the quiet flame ice the might has any omission. The body of platinum Tianpeng is so giant, is in itself the Seventh Metal department Rank 7 hut beast. If no extremely powerful striking power, is impossible its destruction. Therefore, Ji Dong does not hope that own quiet flame ice has the slightest bit omission.

Facts showed, his controlling force obtains perfect development, in shock that in four dragon four snakes bring, Thunder Emperor of battle-trained had been swindled, let alone is this Huiyuan inferior to the human platinum Tianpeng? Its originally was somewhat timid, during is flurried the attack naturally not to note that pinnacle fireball to approach. In the two explode, chill in the air that dreary and serene, ice-cold, dies out already floating on.

Jet black, without any blackness of living, is only the flash, platinum Tianpeng that huge body completely had been exaggerated by the black. That quiet cold and clear black, making its huge body from airborne tenesmus just like a giant black water crystal anxiously. The blocked body, is unable to control the soaring again. In addition black form pursues together like lightning, in the midair, the black calm transfer golden color, Flame Sovereign King revisits the world.

Doubts the ice quiet is he, how long he naturally can the clear computation this magic skill be able to affect regarding platinum Tianpeng. By Ji Dong present cultivation base, cannot wield the quiet flame ice after all completely the relative strength, even if in the situation of Dark Flames Demon King body , can only blow out the most effect. The body of platinum Tianpeng was too big, according to his computation, before this everybody falls down, must walk to be able from the quiet flame ice to work loose. Even if that pinnacle Yin Fire will take to the rearrangement that match is unable to convalesce, is insufficient its destruction, by the platinum Tianpeng Rank 7 strength, escapes can achieve.

The sunny day flies high, huge golden Sun appears behind Flame Sovereign King. Although does not have the coordination of celestial phenomenon, but that radiant flame actually as before filled as if can destroy all formidable aura.

" Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone...... Flame Sovereign King of power and influence world, is having the unprecedented imposing manner, pursues to that ice-cold such as the black crystal of moon/month ten thousand years thick ice. Bright golden flame brings together the dazzling golden tail flame in the sky, Certain Kill Skill that Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, two big underground world once rulers, they had, finally first in the world time had the opportunity of superposition a lot of years later. That feared that is the earth core deep place is practicing Lie Yan (raging flames), went to this time battlefield the vision.

Chapter 149: Ultra Certain Kill Skill, Sun and Moon Yin-Yang

Bright and giant yellowish red sunny day awl, drops from the clouds, looks like fierce falls from the sky positive general, the quiet flame ice changes into the platinum Tianpeng contact of morion is flickered the ten- day period in it with that suddenly, the diameter in 1000 square meters, all air coagulated completely.

Even if Ji Dong, cannot think completely will present so the picture unexpectedly, at this moment, on this day, in the dark cloud and prairie, looks like the terrifying pressure that Holy and Evil Channel opens that to remain appears outrageously.

Although withdrew far, but these Rank 3 ferrotungsten demon vultures slowly the broken silicon in the air of this coagulation, the body are similar to zhen iron hard feather fall off, was twisted the flying ash as if on this day
, the air was reduced 100 times instantaneously.

The dark cloud breaks, even if behind the dark cloud the ten thousand thunder of deep layer breaks into a jail also quietly splits one piece, has revealed over a thousand square meters sky. But on that day spatially actually not deep blue, but presents half black flies a golden strange picture. In that golden sky center, is a round jet black crescent moon, but in that black sky, is a round golden scorching sun. The fusion with gold/metal, as if made the world black manic.

The body of Ji Dong vanished, in that coagulation by platinum Tianpeng in midair, respectively emerged out of thin air has reached as high as hundred meters terrifying body, when they appeared flickered the ten-day period, formerly that entered the step two element bodies to change into a flowing light to integrate immediately.

Two big illusory shadow, are bringing endless proud and dignity, cruel overbearing Flame Sovereign King......, Ice-cold profound Dark Flames Demon King......, Extended the step in the midair each other right hand......

Thousand x ten thousand years ago, when their also ruler underground world also never has the friendship, in this picks out each other grasps, Yin Fire of pinnacle each other blends with Yang Fire of that pinnacle.

In sky black each other blends with the gold/metal, condenses a huge Yin-Yang Fish design, the merit half core is gold sun, 50% cores are the dark months. In this in an instant, the proud finally fusion of Two Great Sovereign Kings is one.

That is true side black aura, is the genuine two meters melts, melts the primal chaos finally.

" The body of Ji Dong does not have omen is separated at this moment from that colorful male cone, the Flame Sovereign King body vanished, in his Vermilion Bird armor recycles voluntarily, Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor also quietly falls off, is hidden in the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Surplus, only then his own main body.

The both eyes field is gathering, this time he, completely immersed in a special condition, floats above palm that in that Two Great Sovereign Kings grasps. Holds their palms together in the chest front, above his pair of palm fingertip, the light white flame quietly appears. Although that is only slight m points, may truncate in this time this, actually as if became the eternal core.

The body of scorpion by suppression firmly in the ground, is unable the move slightest, she in the air has the change to turn over instantaneously quickly, is looking up to midair mesozoic all. Present, she is not forever and ever able to forget. That passes through the deep meaning of world, that as if can burn through all destructions, also that circle melts pleasant as if came from the antique remote chaos air/Qi, made her have a bei ritual to prostrate oneself all not to have the feelings of heart of contending.

In her heart, only then four characters produce, that is, will also make one be panic at the news in Mage world, only then Nine-Crown Mage can display truly, Certain Kill Skill. All that yes, in the sky lives at this time, floods unexpectedly is the Certain Kill Skill aura, at this moment, each living thing on Holy and Evil Island, Mage or magic beast, have lifted their heads, is looking up to the sky that black the finance with strange Yin-Yang Fish that gathers to produce.

Also the feeling of deep spin that was making the person heart and gall great cold not revolt against the feeling for the first time the world pressure.

Holy and Evil Island first layer, somewhere.

The ray flashes, eight regarding the appearance that the form of light golden light is quietly in the forest. They unexpectedly are the collective transmissions, but, but has not actually protected existence of body golden light.

However, in the flash that they just presented that everyone subconsciously has lifted the head, their vision, were attracted by a dark between aura evilly.

One of them lifts the hand suddenly, a dazzling radiance flashes through, the crown of blocking line of sight is completely stave. Let their vision happen to see in the sky that gold/metal black dual-color Yin-Yang Fish entangling shape.

"This, this is anything"one person asks with amazement.

Another person is almost to blurt out "Pinnacle Two Fires, that is Pinnacle Two Fires. could it be it is he? Strength that but, this command world look changes, the myriad things shiver, can be he displays?"The person of speech once and Ji Dong thorough mausoleum chamber inquired about the buried treasure together, thus had found five elements method heavenly stems First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu. Follows another seven people side Yao Qianshu to be one by one valiant, three male four females, the age is also almost the same as him. On everyone, is revealing the special aura. Very obviously, they do not come here through Holy and Evil Channel, will otherwise not gather in one. But without a doubt, these seven have the youth men and women of special aura, is other Light Five Elements Continent this generation of seven heavenly stems disciples.

"You said that that 16-year-old Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple you mentioned?"Look plain x bearing sink the youth who concentrates to say. He seems about 30 -year-old appearances, the aura in the people are calm.

Yao Qianshu nodded without hesitation, say/way "looks from the aura and magic power characteristics, is Ji Dong. But ............"that youth without the slightest hesitation said "does not use, but. Definitely is not he. could it be can't you feel? This is the level Certain Kill Skill aura, even if he is having double fire magic power, you believe, at his 16-year-old age, Certain Kill Skill that can use? Even if our heavenly stems disciple, before Seven-Crown, is impossible to contact the Certain Kill Skill level."

Yao Qianshu solemnly said: "Ji Dong, not only the disciple, he also likely is our generation of Saint kings. The matter that the disciples cannot achieve, Saint king not necessarily cannot achieve.""Saint king?"snorted that the youth disdains "that plays to meet knows."Yao Qianshu brow big wrinkle, looks again to other people, the youth who these have keen eyesight in top/withstand mostly reveal the look that thinks otherwise, sees this, in his heart secretly sighed, the heavenly stems disciple, can say that everyone was a God's favored one, was having pinnacle magic power, wanting them to submit to one person, the age and level were lower than their one person, can they be resigned? Even if he, when does not see the Ji Dong incarnation Flame Sovereign King terrifying with own eyes, is different to their ideas?

Holy and Evil Island third layer.

The thunder battle axe of bloodstained refers to the sky slantingly, the bearing sinks to congeal, had to be strong extremely Thunder Emperor Forui of style, at this time is actually a face with amazement and cannot believe.

" This, this is, Certain Kill Skill? Little Junior Brother? Heavens! The thunder, we go quickly., Even could not attend to picking up that just to be cut to kill crystal core that magic beast left behind, Fu Rui stimulated to movement the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to soar, went toward the outer layer.

Not only he, that meets the day continually, made entire Holy and Evil Island any, Sovereign King that the corner can feel proud, in this remained does not know that has concerned many people.

In midair that the float in the Two Great Sovereign Kings right hand grasps, at this time this ripe, Ji Dong as if saw that thousand for the first time ten thousand years ago, bottom deep place, that hot tempered overbearing Flame Sovereign King with that gloomy and cold profound Dark Flames Demon King each other battle, as if saw when they by Lie Yan (raging flames) defeat in detail the unwillingness of revealing.

Meets by chance smiles to vanish the love and hate, in this truncates, under this nearly complements in the level Certain Kill Skill aura, fusion that the feeling that his first depth truncates, Two Great Sovereign Kings magic power does not repel finally, not only magic power fusion, is Two Great Sovereign Kings reconciles mutually, each other melts, fusion in thought.

The psychic force or magic power, in this moment, become round melt, even if no Chaos Fire to mediate again, not having Yin-Yang Vortex each other to adjust, this has formed just like too extremely Two Great Sovereign Kings magic power of potential each other will not repel again.

This is the genuine skin disease gathers, earth core world Two Great Sovereign Kings final fusion, when was Lie Yan (raging flames) initially the Two Great Sovereign Kings memory brand mark inheritance gave Ji Dong the most desired fusion. When they informed underground world in the past can each other melt, no longer fight. Perhaps, Lie Yan (raging flames) itself will not arise at the historic moment. In the sky that giant Yin-Yang defeated/carrying is revolving quietly, from the day to the place, that bright gold/metal black dual-color mix ray similarly fiercely is also revolving.

Thick delimiting perishes, the diameter has the kilometer fully, spreads to all around from the center, in this n instant, cannot branch out again is Flame Sovereign King or the Dark Flames Demon King aura, proud and destruction that only then they jointly have.

Platinum Tianpeng, this originally should not exist in the Holy and Evil Island two world, the formidable Seven-Crown powerhouse, became the sacrificial offering of Two Great Sovereign Kings thought fusion, in that midair morion color/look body, then melts quietly, has not left behind residual of marrow, looks like cancels baseless, never exists likely general, under the strange light beam that in that Yin-Yang Fish shines the world steams. One white golden Rank 7 crystal core drops from the clouds.

Actually is this Certain Kill Skill, Ji Dong does not know, but he clear feeling, oneself as if have actually traced a leaf of front door, although is only that flash, made in his heart regarding the understanding of magic skill get to a stair. This that he displays ding, the skill, can say that already does not belong to Flame Sovereign King not to belong to Dark Flames Demon King, but is he fuses voluntarily, is his creation.

Sun and moon, separately are representing the air/Qi of Two Great Sovereign Kings Yin-Yang, in that flash, the region that a kilometer range forms, turned into the dying out deathtrap completely. A glossary appears in the Ji Dong mind voluntarily, that is, Sun and Moon Yin-Yang. Nearly Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang.

The sky changes pale dim, that huge Yin-Yang Fish vanishes quietly, all moved Fire Element between world also in this moment loudly broken powder. In the midair, the Two Great Sovereign Kings virtual image goes quietly, has not left any trace. But lost all protection Ji Dong, drops from the airborne straight countryside.

At this moment, nobody can save him, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er in his Vermilion Bird bracelet  in formerly  that truncated  completely is  found unexpectedly also time, on his Sun and Moon double splendor glove that two Rank 7 Crystal Crown, at this time also lost the gloss, only remaining light transparent, as if anytime have possibility shatter as.

Certain Kill Skill so is easy to display? Also is not Certain Kill Skill that in the true sense displays on Fu Ji Dong, but Two Great Sovereign Kings unifies that flash, although takes to his enormous inspiration and clearly becomes aware, may also almost find time his body | in each magic power. If Ji Dong knows that the result can be this, perhaps he will not do, after platinum Tianpeng frozen lived by the quiet flame, he can definitely leave here. Who can want to obtain, after two Dajun jade Certain Kill Skill unify, will have the so terrifying might.

The body of Ji Dong, almost simultaneously downward crashes with that Rank 7 crystal core, at this time this measured, his body had not been controlled by the brain completely, the intense weak feeling made him unable to mention a strength, was, his conscious thought also especially was sober, unprecedented insight.

The body crashes from several hundred meters upper air downward, he became ding completely, the freely falling body, Ji Dong cannot bear smiling bitterly, could it be, did oneself such plunge to death inadequately? Really is becomes also Two Great Sovereign Kings, defeat also Two Great Sovereign Kings.

"Fool, could it be did you melt the strength technique not to use?"Somewhat rapid, but also made the Ji Dong chest locate a warm sound to remember in his thought. Although that sound is very weak, but the Ji Dong psychic force is actually such sensitive. Because, the master of this sound too was for him important.

The body | in vitality seemed awakened generally, Ji Dong concentrates own thought rapidly, he can depend upon now, only then psychic force of this suddenly enhancement. The psychic force revolves the whole body, is stimulating each of body diligently. Although Yin-Yang Vortex vanished in formerly the terrifying magic power output, but, Chaos Fire actually as before exists. Perhaps heard his summon, a weak strength spreads over the whole body through Chaos Fire. Ji Dong feels immediately, in the air manic Fire Element starts to condense toward oneself quickly. Although is slow aid will not help in an emergency. But also made him awaken for several points | the consciousness of body.

conscious thought controls the body to sway from side to side in midair forcefully quickly, every time flings, looks like Divine Dragon swings the tail general, the skeleton x muscles and meridians, have been the spiritual most centralized degree under the control of thought that when through the distortion of body, weakens unceasingly is crashing the momentum.

May so, he now after all also be only a freely falling body. Ji Dong can only breathe in gulps, is controlling own body extremely diligently.

Bang ~~, finally, he fell, falls in that already not sloppily, only in remaining burnt on grounds.

In the flash of body contact ground, the Ji Dong whole person fiercely twisted three times, when like is faces the attack of enemy. Teng Shehua the strength technique in this remained almost to be displayed the pinnacle by him.

Chapter 150: After the severe wound, what competes is what? Time

Teng Shehua strength technique lifts certainly, is Teng snake can in the river of history mesozoic balance 1 million years

Important ability that seals. If Teng snake, let alone is several hundred meters, even if falls from ten thousand meters upper air

Hinayana, cannot plunge to death it absolutely. But Ji Dong does not clear out 1 snake after all. Although he will melt the strength

The technique used the pinnacle, but he after all does not have any magic power to support itself to control to the body now perfectly

System. When body and ground intimate contact instant, he only thinks earth-shaking, at present one

Black, the five internal organs six friends as if must turn over, the whole body marrow in makes noise, resembles

Each skeleton must break generally.

If before, such heaviness that falls, Ji Dong certainly already stupor, but just received

The influence of Two Great Sovereign Kings thought fusion, his psychic force had the qualitative leap, even if he wants darkly Confused the past, was not an easy matter. Then from whole body each inch flesh hurts fiercely

The pain, has had the unequalled impact on his brain immediately.

Luckily, when was transformed body has suffered by Teng snake fiercely him, in painful bearing capacity

Also is not the average person can compare. Although the pain is fierce, but he clenches teeth to endure painstakingly.

At least he understands, oneself have not died. This falls, had not wanted his life. Even

The wound of receiving is not too heavy.

Why cloudy morning sun agreed that Ji Dong does come Holy and Evil Battlefield? It is not because he is fighting with Fu Rui

Attack strength that shows. But after because his was transformed by Teng Snake, oneself after can use

The body intensity of abnormally describing. Snake said right, even if Ji Dong wants dead now, is not one

Easy matter. Vermilion Bird changes seems like already, because magic power recycles insufficient, but that after all is and Ji Dong

The skin links completely, comes across the danger truly, the tenacious degree of skin , helping him sufficiently

Solves the most attack. Let alone also Teng Shebian this changes the human body skeleton x joint x muscles sufficiently

Meat, even is the tenacity of internal organs. This falls the Ji Dong five internal organs that although nearly falls burst, but he finally

Investigated or withstood. The counter blood seizes the mouth, the blood blowout, Ji Dong presently, oneself are actually not able to breathe. Surroundings

Piece darkness. He does not have the stupor. But is this upper air crashes, making his body end

Pounded in the land.

The soil on prairie naturally cannot be too hard, even can describe with soft, this also imperceptibly

When to Ji Dong falls down has had certain cushioning effect. At this time, his whole person by one, strange

But in distortion appearance overall inserting ground. Similarly spurts the blood, also another person.
The scorpion struggles to consider from the ground to crawl, may actually a strength unable to raise. On her

That egg quality is not inferior in Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor light armor, at this time are many breakage, the chest front is the dew

Left the little spring scenery. Scattered in disorder, the body did not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation aura. Spurts one after another

Leaves several blood, she reluctantly supported oneself body to sit.

The point, her iris to be also proud, in Ji Dong homemade Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon Yin-Yang,

She besides Ji Dong, the lifeform of only living. Although attack of beforehand Ji Dong and

Not facing her, but, that after all is existence of extremely close Certain Kill Skill, but attacks

The complementary waves, nearly wanted her life. The scorpion at this time is not only depressed, and happy. She cannot think, oneself this ding, the praying mantis catches

The cicada x canaries, can be this kind of result unexpectedly. The skill complementary waves of that man, command

Oneself are unable to withstand. Before the recollection, in her heart only had the fear at first. Her clear knowledge

Said, if that strikes is the function on oneself, on Fu is ten, died.

The terrifying pressure that the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang bone comes, making the scorpion rent with anxiety, formerly she spelled to try,

Also compared with time burns own vitality to dance to put the skill, in addition the protection of armor, pinnacle Second Wood lives

Lives the restless characteristics, this reluctantly has insisted. Although she also magic power is remaining, but

The wound of body is extremely heavy, the vitality damaged greatly did not say, now wish stands is a difficulty

Matter. This is her depressed place.

In the happiness as for scorpion heart, naturally is that such as the division freely falling body generally drops from the clouds, ruthlessly

Falls Ji Dong in ground. In her opinion, such altitude falls, even if were not fallen the meat

Mud, possibility that also ten thousand have not lived.

panting in gulps, the scorpion is condensing own magic power diligently, she naturally also knows

This place cannot stay for a long time, formerly all, will certainly attract!
Attention of massive both sides Mage, even is Attention of magic beast. No one can reach an agreement the next moment who arrived here. Is the enemy is the friend. What a pity,

What her present physical strength overdraws was was too fierce, the body sentiment split can only describe with the tragedy, wants to move

Cannot move, can only here breath in gulps, not parsimonious eats up the magic power restorative

Pill, and hand grasps two high rank Second Wood department crystal core, restoration magic power as far as possible. She knows, from

Perhaps the tour of oneself Holy and Evil Island, the following day can only carry on to rest and build up strength. By her,

The status that on that day did the disciple, to did not attach to play the inadequate duty. Naturally can have subordinate Mage to deliver need


When the scorpion starts to go all out to restore magic power, she saw suddenly she most does not hope to see

. That. , Deceased person " unexpectedly crawled from the soil.

The body is the dirty dust and soil, although on Ji Dong has not put on Monarch demon now

Yin-Yang armor, but this time he, is hard-to-identify, in the oronasals, there is a blood x to have the soil and

The ashes, seem must distressedly distressed. In process that in this crawls simply, he

Arm one soft, spouts a blood once more, but, he actually forcefully supports oneself body not to have

The case gets down again, but sat forcefully. Although he seems that distressed, is, at this moment, in the scorpion eye, actually imitates

Buddha saw the devil rebirth was common, has been full of the fear.
Formerly when that level of core killed the technique exploded all

arrogant demeanor, as if contains on the man who this cannot see clearly the look at present as before. She almost escapes

But the mouth ", this is impossible. "

The scorpion saw Ji Dong, Ji Dong naturally also saw in not far away her, sees the scorpion,

The Ji Dong first response ended, when but he hears the voice of scorpion, immediately realized, joy situation

Badness that have not imagined. The voice of scorpion is completely hoarse, looks again distressedly her

Appearance, as if also many. Although Ji Dong does not know at this time one of the scorpion

Cuts is creates, but he can affirm, at least at present are safe.

" Similar words, I am second time hear from your mouth. I remember, I once considered

Has sued you. In this world, does not have anything is impossible. I have not plunged to death, you are very regrettable. close to. "

The Ji Dong sound also compared with the scorpion very many, said several, the character must stop slightly, but, at this kind of time, appeared his the body to have by dragon blood has soaked
Formidable resilience. In the speeches, Ji Dong felt own body slightly Hot, looked like the average person the high fever was ordinary. Is
relying on the psychic force of large promotion, he can be clear The feeling, various oneself body part of functions are restoring quickly.
This is one is without doubt good to disappear

Rest. He must with the scorpion competion, now who be can early one step restore.

The wrist shakes, magic power restores the pill to fling in the entrance, Ji Dong also grips two crystal core, opens

The beginning restores own magic power.

Compared with the scorpion, he seems wants calm many, at least in the imposing manner, he cannot

Was crushed by the match.

"Hey, barbarian. Do you that want to kill me?" The scorpion that has revealed little spring

Light proud chest, obstructs the green eye pupil after eye mask to gaze at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong lightly said " you belong to the darkness, I am the light, except for hostile, we return the energy

What makes? could it be said, has opportunity words, won't you kill me?
Dark Second Wood disciple young lady. "

Scorpion snorted " barbarian is a barbarian. However, we who can, insist finally

It was difficult to say. If I have not guessed that wrong, you should be Light Five Elements Continent this generation of Saint kings

. "

In this special situation, two people experience personally the heavy losses, made to be able unexpectedly each other Laughable of exchange.

Ji Dong lightly said: "You think that I will tell you?"

The scorpion disdains to truncate bah'ed " not to need you to tell, I also know. Certain Kill Skill, not

Can display Certain Kill Skill to Level 50 Mage. Does this also need other explanation? Even if your also

It is not true Certain Kill Skill, but is not the ordinary heavenly stems disciple can display. I

Is Second Wood department Mage, restores originally is I most excels.
Your waiting for death mouth close to. "

Ji Dong earnest " I am waiting to her nodded. "

They such mutually regard, in the scorpion eye completely is angry, but in Ji Dong eye actually only then pale

Desert. Although they were speaking, but no one has actually relaxed the restoration of magic power.

The scorpion said is very right, as the Second Wood disciple, is relying on pinnacle Second Wood magic power, her resiliency

Is the ten departments turban is truly strongest, treats the injury to restore magic power, has wanted other

Is Mage. However, present she is not the normal state, after twice combustion vitality,

Her oneself is the vitality damages severely, restores to slow down. But Ji Dong does not know this point,

But Ji Dong has own relying on, first did not say after his defense restores some magic power, The scorpion can break through, his also cloudy Yang Fire condensation law. So long as his magic power restores to certain regulation

Can condense law, then, in magic power restores on, can rise spiritedly surely straight

Pursues, latter first.

The Ji Dong vision subconsciously shot a look at Vermilion Bird bracelet on the right hand wrist,


Huo'er Huo'er, is really unfair to you. Whenever I encounter the danger time, your magic power

The association pulled out cleanly. We hope that do not have injury essentially to you. If your also magic power

The words, we can also easy killing at present this woman.

In order to cope with platinum Tianpeng, Ji Dong can be said as the card in a hand completely leaves, including hiding in Yin-Yang Crown

The strength of dragon snake completely has also released. Through this fight, making him understand profoundly

Truth, that is, under all circumstances, must maintain own strength as far as possible,

Cannot stake everything on a single throw of the dice absolutely, releases all strengths completely. If not strikes to kill the white autumn greedily

Péng, after the quiet flame frozen is occupied by the match leaves here, he will not have now is so distressed. Performing

The control in formerly that struck, he comprehended the lots. But that is he will use after all sooner or later Skill, will comprehend sooner or later. Changes a place, is not Holy and Evil Island, he does not need

Is worried about anything. But now, he not only need face the dark Second Wood disciple, but also also possibly faces along with

When may present the enemy and magic beast.

The time, one minute one second of past, two people in the situation of spelling trying, magic power was flying

Restoration. But their one is the vitality damages severely, was found time completely, wants in the short time

Fully restores magic power naturally is also impossible.

After the quarter, they had the ability to act, but no one has acted rashly.

Was waiting for, waits for the opportunity. Ji Dong was prepares to release cloudy Yang Fire condensation law, but scorpion also

Is thinking own restoration definitely has met the opposite this barbarian.

When ray sparkle, Ji Dong and scorpion almost division has lifted the hand.

The right hand of Ji Dong wields void anxiously, under Yang Fire condensation law in his finger outlined is somewhat difficult

Appeared gradually. Light golden light completes law, positive Fire Element in air obviously becomes

Is strong, in addition floods into Ji Dong within the body. Made his restoration start to increase dramatically.

This has sheared the recuperation of clock, his marrow flying muscle and in the ache of internal organs vanished gradually. When Now the ten-day period, he most needs is the time.

The scorpion lifts also similarly is right hand, just her hand actually pats to oneself, fills dark green

Color northern glow flashes through, the facial expression of scorpion seemed was good immediately, entire bit, the human also started

Swings mi to have the cloudy level light green brilliance, the dark green transforms slowly, changes into the suet white jade pinnacle

The color/look of Second Wood. That light white light as if in leaving summon of statement, on the prairie kilometer away,

The twinkle star green light emerges quietly, wells up toward her body.
That is Second Wood magic power, with

The type is the vitality in plant, had their help, restoration of scorpion also will be without doubt large


In both sides simultaneously strengthen restored in the situation, they each other have not moved the attack,

They have the sufficient self-confidence to themselves. The scene once more presents a balanced situation. They

The magic power Duke physical strength, bit by bit is restoring. They each other are always looking at each other eye pupil

Also starts becomes more and more bright, is getting more and more deterrent.

When direction show that in all these each other can satisfy toward them, suddenly, one

The sound fills sad Yanhe angry grating sounding from the sky to resound. Giant bird magic beast from distant place rapid flight, but Come. Directly soars him to hold the position dive under.

magic beast came, magic power has not replied, the body causes heavy losses, what to do? And looks at the next volume: Light dark group


Ended the tenth volume, does not know that everybody to recent satisfaction otherwise, small three exhausts entire

The strength is writing.
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