Jiu Shen Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Teng Snake changes

I, of intense gold/metal flame in his whirling releases outward, actually made that thunder and lightning great claw unable to close up, but Ji Dong also drew support from under that intense gold/metal coal halo protection, shot up to the sky. Breaks through the thunder and lightning tight encirclement.

This is a Flame Sovereign King attack and defense body unique skill, the burning sun spin.

Fu Rui laughed, on the right hand lifts, that thunder and lightning great claw pursues immediately to Ji Dong, simultaneously Thunder Emperor both eyes one bright, in the midair, the thunder cutting the skin expansive sky, in fierce thundering, scatters above Ji Dong top of the head all Fire Element together actually. The feeling that paralysis the thunder and lightning brings, blots out the sky, but.

The thunder in sky, the coordinate thunder and lightning great claw from bottom to top, the high and low junction attacks, has forced the hopeless situation Ji Dong.

May also at this time, both eyes of Ji Dong actually shine, the strong golden flame is common just like the viscous magma, changes in his back Yin Fire condensation law is suddenly small, Yang Fire condensation law enlarges instantaneously, expands to the diameter three meters.

His both eyes turned into the eye-catching golden color completely, the whole person personal appearance rose suddenly suddenly, a horrible proud air/Qi jumps from within the body instantaneously, the body is also living the change in this time, the whole person rises suddenly against the wind, that eye-catching golden flame looks like became part of his body, in White Yang Crown with top of the head links, in a flash, the body of Ji Dong turned reaches as high as three meters, the main body is the core, outside is condenses by golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire completely. In the top of the head Yang Crown changes into the golden imperial crown, unequalled proud aggressive, filled made person Sovereign King arrogant demeanor irresistibly bloom instantaneously.

Thunder that in the sky explodes, is below thunder and lightning great claw, in this moment as if by that Sovereign King arrogant demeanor the fear, again is unable the little advance slightest. Blazing and cruel of pinnacle Yang Fire, in this moment, explode completely.

Sovereign King arrives at the Flame Sovereign King body.

After one year of cultivation, by Yang Fire condensation law, Ji Dong can display this true formidable deep meaning merely. That once subdued two Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses changes the body. If Vermilion Bird changes is increase of his own defense, then, Sovereign King arrives, was his fused the sublimation after thought and own Pinnacle Two Fires perfect integration of Two Great Sovereign Kings.

"Flame Sovereign King?"Teng Snake loses one's voice to call out in alarm. This time, revealed the surprised color/look including the cloudy morning sun face on, he clearly felt that under the function of Flame Sovereign King body, the Ji Dong strength also had a qualitative leap, even using the scope of Vermilion Bird variable time to magic power amplification was bigger. What is more intrepid, Flame Sovereign King body, Fu Rui that originally had not had the depressing sign by the Yang Thunder element that the Ji Dong pinnacle flame suppressed directly, display most obvious was the airborne thunder great claw, the thunder and lightning ray that itself supplemented attenuated one time in the flash.

Yin Zhaorong was puzzled said: "Blue, what Flame Sovereign King?"

Harmonious snake dignified say/way: "I know finally the Little Dongdong fortuitous encounter came from where. He has, unexpectedly was once the underground world ruler Flame Sovereign King strength and skill. No wonder, no wonder. This is controls all Yang attribute flame Sovereign King!"

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong do not know Two Great Sovereign Kings, can Teng Snake that but from the ancient times time existed not know? Saw that Ji Dong releases the Flame Sovereign King body, since the pressure that type rules the world, the control world Yang Fire controlling force, having made he doubts unveil the veil continuously finally.

In the midair, the Ji Dong right foot stamps downward, in the loud sound, the thunder great claw changes into the thunder element to scatter in all directions to flutter about loudly, the back Vermilion Bird pair of wings opened, bringing that terrifying Sovereign King level pinnacle Yang Fire, the wingspan to be the terrifying seven meters unexpectedly, fell from the sky like the meteor general, directly soared Thunder Emperor Fu Rui to pound.

Formidable oppression strength, actually made huge thunder Yuansu who Fu Rui behind formerly unified have the trend of being defeated and dispersed, the attribute suppression appeared. Yang Thunder attribute of Fu Rui that variation, is suppressed by pinnacle Yang Fire that the Flame Sovereign King body releases by Ji Dong completely.

Fu Rui cannot think that will encounter this situation, his strength be higher than entire Three-Crown compared with Ji Dong, although Yang Thunder attribute is also not the pinnacle attribute, but is in itself also ordinarier five elements attribute formidable existence, thunder strength, is the world healthy tendency gathers, so is can it be that easy to be suppressed.

The result of but, at present presenting, was he is suppressed by the Ji Dong solid attribute.

Ji Dong often can defeat a superior enemy, establishes above the attribute suppression, making match ten tenths strength seven entirely succeed unable to wield continually. This is Fu Rui since birth first time facing so the situation, the strength of his thunder and lightning as if was unable to have the explosive might again, originally manic thunder strength had the weak feeling unexpectedly.

Thunder Emperor after all is Thunder Emperor, even if faced with this sudden change, Fu Rui is not startled, instead laughs wildly one, was welcoming dropping from the clouds Ji Dong, when both hands division launched by the body, the back thunder element was found time by him unexpectedly instantaneously, his both hands simultaneously assumed the claw, the palm relative, made one movement that stretched to the both sides. The unequalled crazy sudden and violent thunder strength appears again, in this flash, has prevented the thunder attribute suppressed condition unexpectedly forcefully. Fierce thunder light, spreads regarding the body of Fu Rui, changes into one diameter three meters, entire ding him, the body covers completely the giant thunder orb.

Above that royal purple thunder orb, the close electrical network sparkles is approaching in the incandescent gloss, the method that the Thunder Emperor solution attribute suppresses is simple and direct, even is somewhat crude.

That is the compression of limit. Will produce the timid element to compress fully, concentrates to the terrifying degree, scatters the fear in attribute forcefully. Dares in this method to use, in most has on the thunder element of explosive force, powerful showing on Fu Rui disposition without doubt.

Dropping from the clouds golden red Flame Sovereign King, in limit thunder strength one generation of Thunder Emperor to the earth ground.

The golden red and royal purple, two similarly huge energy spheroids collide loudly.

A bang cruel aura is full of the entire space, fierce shock-wave made the tide instantaneous counter- volume and transpiration of distant place. Two forms separate in the collision suddenly. The royal purple thunder and lightning, is almost the same time extinguishes with golden red pinnacle Yang Fire. The ray in sky instantaneous dark, that is the unique phenomenon that in the air the element is disillusioned.

It is not Certain Kill Skill, surpasses Certain Kill Skill. Ji Dong and Fu Rui, the tyrant and Thunder Emperor collision, has had the moment unexpectedly, the picture that the space dies out.

The body of Ji Dong was similar to the shell is shot generally, Fu Rui stood in freely same place has not moved, but his both legs from knee, fell into the sand beach completely. The terrifying air wave made on his strong muscle present short hollow, the dazzling thunder and lightning has restrained unexpectedly instantaneously instant.

Ji Dong was departed 50 meters to crash by the ball directly in the sand beach, the entire body delimits 30 meters backward, the plow in the sand beach leaves together the deep gully. Although on him did not have the ray of flame, but the place visited, that bright and clean sand in abundance changes into the gas to vanish.

On the Fu Rui face surges color/look of the flushed, opens mouth, the one breath blowout, airborne had one thick golden arrogance unexpectedly. Until this one breath spouts completely, the Fu Rui complexion returned to normal. In heart secret with amazement, good powerful pinnacle Yang Fire. In magic power differs in so huge situation, oneself also nearly caused heavy losses. If after is not Seven-Crown realm, the body approaches in the element body, perhaps this strikes the true defeat was.

"Little Junior Brother. You are all right."Fu Rui shouted loud.

Another side, Zhu Yan is just about to run toward Ji Dong, was actually lifted the hand to block by cloudy morning sun "had not finished."

All had not finished, Fu Rui 80 meters away, Ji Dong slowly crawled from ground unexpectedly, at this time, on him is burned black, does not know that by the pinnacle Yang Fire ignition, is by the thunder and lightning bombardment of Fu Rui. Only can see that in this time both eyes reveals the dark blue brilliance. The body makes an effort to shake, body that burnt/anxious Heise already disappeared, Fu Rui surprised seeing, in Ji Dong Vermilion Bird armor was turned into the dark blue by the originally cream color. The shape is invariable, the color had such special change, obviously is not because his attack is the result.

Pū, Ji Dong spouted a blood, the blood in airborne changes into one group of Yin red flame directly. Disperses.

The body swayed from side to side slightly, formerly also the irritable incomparable tyrant, at this time actually likely was the transformation became gloomy and cold Demon King. In both eyes of Ji Dong, does not have the slightest bit human sentiment aura, only then ice-cold, is very extremely severe.

Yin Zhaorong surprised looks to Teng Snake "blue, what's all this about?"

Teng Snake chuckled ", Vermilion Bird can deliver him Vermilion Bird changes, could it be can't I deliver him Teng Snake change? I will not compare Vermilion Bird to be mean-spirited. Relax. Even if Fu Rui gets rid fully, most also can only defeat him, is actually not able to kill him. Vermilion Bird changes Teng Snake changes, only if the anomalies of your this rank, otherwise, he wants dead is very difficult. Moreover, the body of this little fellow has soaked probably also dragon blood.

single view body, perhaps you and cloudy morning sun not necessarily ratio on he. Now you should understand why I supported Little Dongdong to participate in this time Holy and Evil to fight. "

This is Teng Snake changes. In instance that Flame Sovereign King and Thunder Emperor collide, Teng Snake that Ji Dong releases changes.

Changes with Vermilion Bird that completely external defense as well as the shape is different, the release that Teng Snake changes , the only change, is in Vermilion Bird armor color. In the physique, Teng Snake magic power releases completely, intrinsic and external fusion as one. This time Ji Dong, in body intensity, has definitely been able to compare favorably with heavenly stems Divine Beast. Ji Dong spouts that blood, is accumulates depressed completely in the magic power residual in within the body.

Fu Rui naturally does not know that on Ji Dong lived what kind of change, saw that he unexpectedly likely is bystander, was startled.

At this moment, Yin-Yang Crown that Ji Dong face upwards a long and loud cry, originally vanish appears again, this time, without transforming for pure attribute, but appears in the coal dual-color pinnacle Yin-Yang Crown shape.

In the long howl, Ji Dong that has Four-Crown of brand mark simultaneously to shine, sees only of his both hands by the body, finally gathers ten in the dead ahead, is black and gold/metal, the two-color halo is almost overlaps the appearance.

This time, not only pure two halo, but is one point wraps one point to extend inward, has extended to Vermilion Bird and harmonious snake of Totem place two big halo central places. Presents inward the halo of retraction.

The Ji Dong long howl is getting more and more resounding, two ** soars, floats after his brain.

Compared with condensation law, these two law volumes want small many, be only diameter about one foot, happen to can cover the head of Ji Dong from the rear area. But also while these two law ascend to his brain. Suddenly, sound of writings dragon recitation, along with dragon recited at the same time, also ice-cold faint trace sound.

Four golden light and four black light, electricity of altogether eight rays from Ji Dong that pinnacle Yin-Yang Crown Four-Crown shoot, soars, in midair, dispersing of making threatening gestures. Impressively is four Fire Dragon and four harmonious snakes of energy shape. Each Fire Dragon height is ten meters, the Teng Snake height also crosses seven meters, pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire explodes instantaneously, simultaneously throws in the Fu Rui direction. These eight magic power, each is to undergo the Ji Dong at least three days of condensation, stores up in the turban of Yin-Yang Crown, giving up study of Teng Snake and cloudy morning sun.

By Ji Dong present magic power, if displays their magic skill in the fight, most also can only condense a comparing dragon snake. But reason when he can the division displays the strength of four dragon four snakes, because that law after this time brain. In five elements method, this named lasts. Also is fourth law of Ji Dong comprehension.

Before he had used merely for one month, comprehended Third and Fourth Two Fire departments respective three method, is, in seashore more than one year time, law that he comprehended actually only then this. Obviously this law is also mysterious. Moreover, Ji Dong also present, a five elements method more in the future, comprehends more difficult. To use is difficult. This fourth law that he comprehends, named lasts. Yang Fire lasting law and Yin Fire lasting law.

Three months ago, after Ji Dong comprehended this fourth law, on present mystery, its biggest advantage, just like its description such, in this lasts in two characters. By this cloudy Yang Fire lasting law, can any Certain Kill Skill following skill storage in Yin-Yang Crown, several crown Mage, be able to last several skills. Ji Dong is dual attribute, exceptional superiority makes him last also became double.

Fire Dragon and Teng Snake that at this time Ji Dong releases, is he magic power control class magic skill foundation that learns from Teng Snake and cloudy morning sun there. Most magic skill of these two big powerhouses, display by this. Condenses them to need extremely huge energy. Ji Dong has used entire more than 20 days, has completed the condensation of these four dragon four snakes, at this time displays suddenly, let alone is Fu Rui had a scare, cloudy morning sun and in the Teng Snake eye also reveal the inconceivable ray.

Must know, even if as cloudy morning sun of supreme powerhouse, one time are also most only to release nine to seize Fire Dragon. Naturally, the might compared with big many that Ji Dong releases at this time, but also only stops in the quantity in nine.

Chapter 132: Bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice

, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, although has is Yang Thunder attribute, but he and Ji Dong are the same side fellow apprentices, study is also dragon shape magic skill, saw that four dragon four snakes appear suddenly, immediately also had a scare him. Formerly Ji Dong incarnation Flame Sovereign King struck, made him be surprised, although relied on own tyrannical magic power to add magic skill to keep off stiffly. But pinnacle Yang Fire takes to him under the release of Flame Sovereign King body not the small trouble. At this time sees these four dragon four snakes again, Fu Rui first time realizes, oneself this Little Junior Brother strength, has given other party sufficiently becomes the threat.

Seven-Crown and Four-Crown disparity actually big, next one checks Thunder Emperor Fu Rui fully to show to Ji Dong. Face upwards rock the earth angry roaring, the Fu Rui both arms opens, the palm to the day, the angry roaring roaring sound looks like the angry dragon recites in the spirited length. When thunder attribute Yang Crown that has the Seven- Crown thunder and lightning division of brand mark glistens, changes into seven dazzling thunder light to shoot up to the sky.

Immediately, a person of dragon recited changes into seven dragon cry, terrifying magic power was centered on the Fu Rui body, the space within
50 meters in diameter range was full of by the thunder and lightning completely, extremely fierce distortion. In the midair, seven thunder light melt the dragon against the wind, changes into the dragons of seven huge thunder and lightning unexpectedly, is exactly the same as the Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon mount, but the body is slightly small.

This is one of the Fu Rui most formidable Certain Kill Skill, seven dragon Hantian Secret Art.

Ji Dong of Four-Crown close Five-Crown strength, can only release the ups and downs by own magic power, but Seven-Crown Thunder Emperor can actually simultaneously release seven Thunder Dragon.

This is the disparity, the magic power disparity.

Seven Thunder Dragon, to previous four Fire Dragon, four harmonious snakes, in the midair, already completely by the royal purple thunder and lightning, golden red pinnacle Yang Fire and black pinnacle Yin Fire fills. Looked from the imposing manner, Ji Dong that quantity occupies superiorly, and is pinnacle flame four dragon four snake even also several points of superiority.

The Fu Rui complexion is dignified, both hands wield void continually, that seven Thunder Dragon hands over to echo in the midair, suspends the shape of Beidou Seven Stars to directly soar that four dragon four snakes to welcome. He has not grasped under this strikes can also get the winning side. Sometimes at this time he is naturally impossible the ten-day period to ponder how Ji Dong achieves.

The world at this time, a mysterious happy expression appeared on the Ji Dong corners of the mouth, but four dragon four snake releases at the same time, he soared once more, at first when with attacked is the same, as before was the terrain flight. But this time, above top of the head Yin-Yang Crown actually completely turned into the profound black.

Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire black. Yin Fire condensation law replaces lasting law, appears just like the black hole behind him generally. The strong black flame inflates instantaneously, his body once again becomes reaches as high as three meters. "Dark Flames Demon King!"Teng Snake cannot bear the opens the mouth say once more. " Unexpectedly is Two Great Sovereign Kings. "

Right, at this time Ji Dong displays, is with the Flame Sovereign King body relative Dark Flames Demon King body.

Dark Flames Demon King arrives.

This Dark Flames Demon King is not the first appearance, initially , he when the earth deities stop the lineage/vein facing Three-Crown Fire department Mage, Dark Flames Demon King, received opposite party Certain Kill Skill proudly and completes instead kills.

That is Dark Flames Demon King disdains by response that voluntarily the fire attribute match attacks to have.

Small and weak Mage that present Ji Dong, early was not initially that instantaneously drained. He had the sufficient strength to release this Dark Flames Demon King proud.

Ji Dong to/clashes once more, Fu Rui naturally watches, but he blows out the Certain Kill Skill seven dragon Hantian Secret Art instantaneously, but must control wholeheartedly, suddenly also leaps not to get rid to move the attack again. In his opinion, incarnation Dark Flames Demon King Ji Dong, although is very strong, but also by far compares in the sky the threats of that four dragon four snakes not to be big.

Yin Zhaorong looks huge magic power that the spatial turban will soon collide, laughed "Fu Rui this dumb kid was swindled."Little Dongdong this is just blusters. Even if he has the special method to be used to store up magic power, storage also is just the dragon snake of Four-Crown rank. It is not able to control so huge magic power fluctuation. "

Ji Dong movement wonderful quick incomparable, in a flash before already, to dozens meters, suddenly, his body, stagnated suddenly, the Dark Flames Demon King body has restrained several points instantaneously, strange appeared, a round jet black crescent moon quietly appeared in the back, even if were the four dragon four snakes and seven dragon in Hantian Secret Art sky as if stops in this flash the moment. The surroundings are as before bright, what is strange, Sun in sky actually vanished, displaces, unexpectedly is a Ji Dong back that black moon exactly the same round crescent moon.

"What Certain Kill Skill is this?"Contracts including the pupil of cloudy morning sun. The vision of all people coagulate on Ji Dong.

The left hand of Ji Dong crosswise lifts in the body side, the palm opens, makes the claw, this time he, actually again did not have formerly that powerful cruel, is not that generation of tyrants, but has filled graceful gloomy and cold, in that dies out under the darkness serves as contrast, this time he likely is true Demon King, from cruel to gloomy and cold, change on makings already enough strange, but, under the midair that round black moon shoots the jet black ray to fall above his left hand unexpectedly together, all black that at the same time, behind him black moon and Dark Flames Demon King bring, completely all integrate.

Above the surface, is bright bright moonlight, but earth core world, actually only then that jet black dying out, this dark moon/month, representative is the earth core world all gloomy.

"Moon can remind you of me, bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice."

All black, congeal the black flame that completely above the Ji Dong left hand one group beats, that black flame can reflect the strange gloss unexpectedly, clearly is the flame, actually gives people one type extraordinarily coldly such as the feeling of ice.

Next compares, this group filled the gloomy and cold and strange black flame was having nearly the hysteria to close proximity to the ground to slide arrogant, moves to go.

Place visited, what stays behind was dying out darkness, the gravel on beach covers a light ice crystal unexpectedly, but the sand in ice crystal actually quietly vanished in that black ice. Without any astonishing imposing manner, only then that such as ice general coldness, also that profound dark dying out. The body of Ji Dong also follows closely to raid quietly behind that dark black flame. For increase, Yang Fire hovering law moves, that graceful gloomy and cold subtle change, the golden red flame made him change into cruel Sovereign King.

Fu Rui inwardly called out is not good, to his such rank, regarding the attack of enemy, was dark will have a sensation, sensation to skill of match whether to resist. But at this time facing this group such as the ice black flame, Fu Rui presently, a oneself actually feeling does not have. Unknown is most fearful.

Bites the tip of tongue suddenly, Fu Rui shouts angrily, bang a great thunder crack, behind him, appears with purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon exactly the same illusory shadow. This can be said as thunder attribute Totem that Fu Rui independently creates, that purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon illusory shadow stares to ground that dark black flame, suddenly dragon mouth, a huge royal purple lightning already but from out of the blue, direct bang to that black flame.

This is the limit that Fu Rui can achieve, must control the formidable seven dragon Hantian Secret Art, must resist Ji Dong this strange attack, this time he, the Seven-Crown strength has exploded completely. Also at this time, Fu Rui felt that several points were not right. By his strength, in the situation of controlling seven dragons moves the attack again also few minute of ample forces, Ji Dong possibly after releasing four dragons and four snakes can also the so calm attack? Left Certain Kill Skill. The answer only has one. That airborne four dragon four snakes, Ji Dong simply has not controlled.

But is the pure energy powder.

Facts had shown the suspicion of Fu Rui, in the flash of thunder and black flame contact that he just left, in the midair, the Ji Dong four dragon four snakes also collided in that seven dragon Hantian Secret Art together. Almost collapses at the first encounter, four dragon four snakes just now check vanishes in a puff of smoke in rumble the thunder, but the dragons of that seven thunder and lightning actually were just the ray slightly dim several points.

Not only Ji Dong has not controlled that four dragon four snakes, uses magic power that four dragon four snakes itself had in completely to enlargement of physique on, the striking power was it can be said that minimal, goal that he did this only then, that daunts Fu Rui, making him go all out to resist, won enough time for oneself.

Airborne change Fu Rui has had no time to pay attention, because strange makes his fill the intense self-confident heart at present suddenly cold. The thunder that purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon Totem spouts although cannot be Certain Kill Skill, but sufficiently could also be called is the attack of Direct Hit Skill rank. By the Fu Rui Seven-Crown strength Direct Hit Skill, according to the truth, contends with Certain Kill Skill that Four-Crown Mage leaves sufficiently. When but, that thunder and black flame collide in together, finally completely has actually stemmed from the anticipation of Fu Rui.

The royal purple thunder turned into black instantaneously, too should dodge the terrifying explosive force that passes to change into a lightning shape to coagulate unexpectedly in the turban of midair. Black lightning shape.

In the surface that dark black flame has not vanished, flashes to pass, but that thunder electric light looks like in the midair the melting vanishes generally, the body of Ji Dong hits directly, simply does not have the slightest bit to stay.

Fu Rui has realized the crisis finally, thought is centralized, the seven dragons of control spatial turban return to base fully. However, from the spatial turban to ground, has the distance after all. But is away from when some type, trend that has decided to fight sufficiently.

That dark black flame is unable to dodge, in flash that the thunder melts, Fu Rui already next skill, flashes black light, without any sign of explosion, but Fu Rui entire, the person actually completely coagulated there is motionless, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, all over the body is terrifying thunder and lightning Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, at this time electric light actually completely vanished, surplus only has the black, gloomy and cold black.

If must describe that this time appearance, then, he is a black ice sculpture. Whole person already by frozen.

Only has cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother monster these two big supreme powerhouses to be able the clear feeling the Fu Rui vitality to be extracted by that black ice crazily. But Fu Rui are not hesitating at all costs reassignment magic power to break through this black. Is not actually able to achieve.

Seven dragon change directions in midair, directly soar Fu Rui to fly. But this time Ji Dong, actually also stops the footsteps in Fu Rui front five meters places, the right hand lifts to the chest front, bunch of golden red flame ascends instantaneously, Yang Fire condensation law blooms calmly, his magic power has supported oneself again incarnation Flame Sovereign King insufficiently, but, he surplus magic power actually as before can make him display a skill.

The sky is greatly bright, the sunlight shone the earth, behind Ji Dong also raised a round solar brilliance, was just right with formerly dark moon/month, in this golden Sun, has filled direct, cruel and crazy blazing.

"Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone."Yes, without a doubt, this is first Certain Kill Skill that Ji Dong has, that only belongs to Flame Sovereign King formidable Certain Kill Skill. With banning, hundred and thousand, the quiet flame ice Yin-Yang attribute completely opposite Certain Kill Skill.

Without the assistance of Flame Sovereign King body, without a doubt, Ji Dong was unable to wield this Certain Kill Skill complete might completely, but this time Thunder Emperor actually already completely by seal in quiet flame ice. Acme Yin Fire Certain Kill Skill, in addition pinnacle Yang Fire Certain Kill Skill. How does the double play unite the combination skill results of producing to be able? Never has also attempted including Ji Dong.

Bang fierce thunders to raise the unequalled air wave, the tide of sea is aroused dozens writing tall.

The form flew just like the shell, these time departs over a hundred meters directly, layer on layer/heavily falls falls on the place.

"clear melts."Cloudy morning sun drinks one lowly, does not need him to remind, Yin Zhaorong moved sideways, the whole person looks like pastes the glide to be common, turns a blind eye regarding the tremendous blow wave that explosion has, arrived at the central point of explosion in a flash. But the Zhu Yan also same diving posture kicks out, the goal is the form that beyond that hundred meters falls falls.

Fu Rui stands in the position of explosion center, panting in gulps, although that seal his black ice crystal vanished does not see, but this time he, on the face as before is the black air/Qi is densely covered, often the unstable thunder and lightning circle regarding the body, this thunder and lightning also changed into the black unexpectedly.

A Yin Zhaorong hand builds on the Fu Rui shoulder, black halos were extracted from Fu Rui within the body immediately, integrates Yin Zhaorong within the body, Yin Zhaorong unexpectedly also shuddered, was surprised said: "Good pure pinnacle Yin Fire."By her Fourth Fire department Supreme Unity status, unexpectedly in absorbing Ji Dong that Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill survives magic power also to feel gloomy and cold, magic power that obviously this strikes is powerful. At this time Yin Zhaorong also really understands why cannot break through the fetter of that Certain Kill Skill by the Fu Rui Seven-Crown strength.

Formerly when that finally collision, Ji Dong has not attacked Fu Rui with the colorful male cone eventually, but was pasting his body bombardment in the vacancy, the sky turban seven dragons turned back in order to help friendly forces, explode Ji Dong raise in the giant air wave that on Fu Rui produced fly, the quiet flame ice of Fu Rui body surface finally was also melted. Yin Zhaorong rushes to pinnacle Yin Fire that will help him survive to extract promptly cleanly, in order to avoid will leave behind any future trouble. Must know, seven dragon Huizha, has led Fu Rui to receive the heavy wound. But Ji Dong is magic power exhausts. This war, to end unexpectedly mutually wounded.

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Chapter 133: Do you know row of flame Empress?

Obtained the cloudy move of friendly help, Fu Rui delivers the tone obviously, fluctuating of chest front also slowly restored. But eyeground when goes with amazement how to serve to eliminate, is gazing at beyond hundred meters, somewhat anxious say/way: Teacher's wife, you go to the Junior Brother quickly, I cannot receive for a while, feared is already on to him.

Cloudy move of friendly laughed, said: Does not need to be worried for your Little Junior Brother, he will not have the matter! Formerly she looked was very clear, the strength of Fu Rui that seven dragon returned to attack, in view of palpitating, palpitation was shaken by the complementary waves flies. In order to palpitate that Vermilion Bird changes the abnormal defense capability that Teng Snake changes, so is can it be that easy injured?

Regarding these two disciples, the cloudy move melts is satisfactory cannot be satisfied! In young, she is also startled certainly the colorful talent, but must achieve Fu Rui this time cultivation base , after must to 40 - year-old matters! Intrepid of Fu Rui was needless saying that Yin-Yang School in history first! But palpitates is the absolute pleasant surprise, although she and cloudy move positive knows talent that palpitates astonishingly extremely diligently, but has not thought that he can actually contends by own Fu Rui of strength and Seven-Crown rank in the actual combat, even if has used some strategies, but this is also the guarantee of powerful strength. Trades Four-Crown Mage, perhaps cannot meet including Fu Rui one move. Really, another side, wish the flame to hold palpitation to stand, although the complexion is somewhat pale, Vermilion Bird changes has also taken back in the skin, but palpitation obvious also ability to act. When fellow apprentices two people simultaneously return to the cloudy move of positive front, smiles. Palpitates said on own initiative: The first ancestors, I lost! Although Senior Brother by my Ding already deep Yin Fire attack, but as before the strength of also again war, my magic power actually has actually exhausted, must defeat without doubt!

Fu Rui hastily said: Little Junior Brother, now is not the modest time, your last Certain Kill Skill may not have the function on me. If I have not remembered incorrectly, as soon as initially you struck the second to kill Level 58 side night Yang, used was that move. If Chinese-Nepali this latter, Yin-Yang dual attribute blows out the effect of combination machine again, I do not die must delaminate the skin, let alone counter-attacked!

Palpitates the sincere say/way: The Senior Brother wants to let, how Little Junior Brother can not know, if the Senior Brother attacks fully, my simply does not have the opportunity that such demon pushes, even if the final time, Senior Brother by the strength of that seven dragon, if attacks me to meet again to rescue oneself first, can get out of trouble similarly, I already 45 burial grounds. In any event, this station, little brother also lost! Fu Rui must say anything, the cloudy move positive actually opened the mouth: Good!

Hears the first ancestor words, fellow apprentices two people are peaceful immediately, cloudy move positive to palpitating nodded: Your today's performance makes me very satisfied. In actual combat actually, to the application of magic power, with a five elements method coordination, the computation as well as to the magic power precise assurance in also fight, has reached the limit that you have been able to reach now. Even if you face is not Fu Rui, but is true Seven-Crown Mage, in the opposite party, because you are only Four-Crown, but in negligent situation, sufficiently and opposite party puts together one to perish together, melted including me and photo also underestimated your actual combat capability.

Palpitates has not opened the mouth, but, fights him truly to do utmost today, several days ago determined this war must carry on, he started to get ready, achieves mastery through a comprehensive study the complete skill that oneself can use, happen to grasped to use many skills, each skill can play anything to affect, passed through exquisite planning all. This is the competition. Does not allow to use any magic power to supplement the medicine or crystal core. He has pressed out to do oneself each strength. But the situation that final output page and he expects is almost the same. The cloudy move of positive vision changes Fu Rui again, "and palpitates opposite, your today's performance makes me very unsatisfied". Fu Rui two-color concentrates, respectful listens respectfully to the cloudy move of positive instruction.

"I heard, you have a Thunder Emperor tone mark in Heavenly Stems School, yes", Fu Rui somewhat awkward say/way: That is the schoolmates lifts love, spoke irresponsibly.

Cloudy move of positive complexion turned cold, "what is speaks irresponsibly? What is the thunder? Is the noble, is the world broad air/Qi, is the firm accomplishment, is the hot sublimation. What you had a look at you to make a moment ago, was Thunder department Mage, your branch society passive defensive? Without the attack of violent storm, do you match to call Thunder Emperor? Right, what today faces is your Junior Brother, in your heart definitely has scruples, but, have you thought that knowledge Four-Crown Mage that if you face today., Do you return what kind of? Does the cat seize the Teacher teasing match? When you leave seven dragon Hantian decides, you already use right, but at that time, the war actually totally left your control. What that is can control four dragon four snakes that in your brain have thought by your Little Junior Brother Four-Crown strength? Lion? Wrestled the rabbit still to need the right, you, if your Little Junior Brother that shot down finally on you, you think that you did delaminate the skin to be so simple? Your bone sediment not remaining. Although does not have the true collision, the might that but that strikes approached in primary Certain Kill Skill infinitely"

Listened to cloudy move of positive words, Fu Rui serious not to halt production to have one with amazement, must know, also just just touched a Certain Kill Skill fur/superficial knowledge by his Seven-Crown strength, wanted actual combat Certain Kill Skill in the true sense, must have the strength of Nine-Crown rank to be good. Has the possibility single body to use Certain Kill Skill, even if such as thick, Certain Kill Skill that each rushes to have supremely also only has one generally. Continually improves
, to promote the Certain Kill Skill might is their ranks pursues.

Palpitates Four-Crown , the facial features, unexpectedly approached primary Certain Kill Skill, Fu Rui to oneself again self-confident, does not think Lord who own body intensity can resist. Moreover, at this time recalls, after he was hit by that Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill, whole person special extremely feelings, as if the vitality of whole person voluntarily is burning, in any event struggles diligently, magic power in within the body completely was also limited. It is not able to move the slightest. Although does not understand mysteriously., But he can also think of this Certain Kill Skill powerful at this time. Even is more terrifying than the direct attack strength that sunny day pursues!

"First ancestor, I have made a mistake"Fu Rui ashamed lowering the head.

The cloudy move of positive complexion forever is that tranquil, said lightly: Knows can love mistakenly, friendly greatest, this station, even if your two people make no distinction between victory and defeat. Holy and Evil Battlefield, if leads your Junior Brother to go, how must lead to come back him, your disposition is frank, something many discussed with the Junior Brother, does not need to pay attention to Heavenly Stems School that side person. When this time experiences one informed and experienced this!

Palpitates said pleasantly surprised: The first ancestors, you agreed that I did go to Holy and Evil Battlefield?

Cloudy move of Yang Dandan said: Palpitates, you have actual combat talent ruthlessly, in this regard, even must exceed your Senior Brother, but must remember, in the actual combat, will not permit food. Instantaneous food will cause to lose 100 percent, for very possible not to know that is own life that it pays, is the life of partner. The heavenly stems disciple said long-standingly, you and they can contact, but does not need to care. Only has the dependence that oneself most are worth, no matter, must to promote own strength to take the foundation. But makes you increase the actual combat experience, in guaranteeing own safe situation gains some precious materials.

, First ancestor! Although the cloudy move of positive tone is faint throughout, but palpitates actually eng your clear feeling he to own concern.

The cloudy move is positive: Opens the also three months from Holy and Evil Channel, wish the flame nun to help Fu Rui improve his equipment for serveral days, to palpitate to manufacture one set to suit his magic power equipment, strengthens the strength.

Wish flame chuckled: Teacher, the casting does not have the issue, but here did not have what excellent material, you look,......

Cloudy move of Yang Dandan glanced at him, "my bamboo pole you also dare to knock, that went"to say at the same time, a ring flew from his hand, fell in wishing the flame hand.

This inside material enough you use, although is not existence of most top, but also is the rare and precious thing.

Wish the flame to be overjoyed, but Jane|treasure heavy receives the ring, "Teacher you could rest assured that I will certainly make the best use of things. Even if you make me waste me not to abandon! Fu Rui, Brother, you come with me"

Palpitates smiles with Fu Rui, hurried to wish the flame. Wish the mechanism double fire that forging of flame needs to palpitate to put, this can the casting leave the magic power weapon well.

Arrives to wish the flame and place of Fu Rui pig, wish flame to be busy at work first, palpitates sits with Fu Rui before the gate rests, Fu Rui was injured, but palpitates is magic power overdraws, two people do not feel better. Junior Brother, your magic skill is really powerful, can be high I, is actually your this Certain Kill Skill effect what? I thought oneself such as falling icehouse, felt oneself are getting more and more weak, goes all out to struggle seems unable from works loose.

Palpitates laughed, said: Sobbing ice Certain Kill Skill from the striking power, is inferior to the sunny day to pursue, but he has the extremely special characteristics, as Certain Kill Skill, it is actually not used to supply, but is corrodes and swallows.

In Fu Rui heart lingering fear: Your this skill hit the later effect to be too overbearing, has almost judged the death penalty!

Palpitates: Actually because the Senior Brother you are first meeting, was hit felt that its anomaly, but in fact, copes with this skill, you only need by the Certain Kill Skill hedge of same level might, can the achievements fall its attack. When displays the sobbing ice, certainly is I judges the match not possibly with the time that the skill counter-balances. Will not use easily. Actually this skill is used to cope with the airborne match to be best, later has the opportunity, I experiment to you look.

The fellow apprentices two people were speaking, suddenly the blue light flashed, Teng Snake did not have the emergence of omen among two people.

Fu Rui your advanced room, I and young thing had the words to say. The Teng Snake look said seriously.

Fu Rui has gawked, but nods.

Fu Rui just entered the room, on the cane upper body has braved together the blue light, covers with the body of palpitation, has isolated the sound of outside.

thing, your truth told me, skill that you used, inherits and Two Great Sovereign Kings of basic salary world? Palpitates to move one startled, but he has not concealed the meaning of Teng Snake, in this year, Teng Snake to his direction even compared with the cloudy move positive also many. Especially that Teng Snake whip.

Palpitated to give an affirmative reply.

Teng Snake look cloudy clear uncertain say/way: Then said, you should know Your Highness Empress Lie Yan?

Palpitation heart one startled, sorry, the Teng Snake senior, your issue I cannot reply you!

Teng Snake stern say/way: Young thing, this is very important to me, I do not force you, but if you know him, please convey for me, in this world, only has him, can change the condition that I am unable to give birth, I am willing to use at all costs \; Receives in exchange for her one this assigning the chain in Red Lotus.

Chapter 134: Lie Yan (raging flames) condition

"It is not good."Listened to the Teng Snake words, Ji Dong is almost the earliest possible time replies. Emerged initially to arrange in order the flame took down a lotus seed the painful appearance when his mind immediately. Does his being cruel enough make her come one time again? First did not say row of flame did agree, from Ji Dong here, is not willing to see the similar pain appears on her again.

However, after these two characters said that in the Ji Dong eye revealed an apology immediately, "sorry, the Teng Snake senior, this matter I cannot convey for you . Didn't could it be have other means? That feared that is on the mountain of sword, under the wok with cooking oil, I am also willing to manage for you. The matter that but, you said is not really good."

Regarding Teng Snake, Ji Dong from the feeling of innermost feelings, his mood is very contradictory at this time, not only can help Teng Snake, is not willing to see the Lie Yan (raging flames) pain. This feeling made in his heart not in part of ones duty pain.

In the Teng Snake eye has written all over disappointedly, "Little Dongdong. It seems like you knew Empress Lie Yan really your majesty. No wonder, no wonder you have such advantageous talent. I only sought you to bring the words, wasn't this good?"

Ji Dong was silent, his innermost feelings are struggling. He can see that Teng Snake longs, is. The appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames) that pain comes clearly into view. Side is own good teacher and helpful friend, side is spiritual reposing in heart. He does not know how really should choose. Looks at both eyes of Teng Snake, he could not say the words that rejected once more, but he knows. If to Lie Yan (raging flames) proposed that perhaps Lie Yan (raging flames) really will comply. This assigns Red Lotus, only these four characters on are conceivable it regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) importance. It can be said that is the body of Lie Yan (raging flames), loses a damage of lotus seed can be imagined.

At this moment, suddenly, Ji Dong only thought a left chest place heat, light red light ripples from him, the familiar aura fills the air.

"Teng Snake, are you willing not to hesitate to receive in exchange really?"Lie Yan (raging flames) is full of the dignified sound to resound, even if Teng Snake in heavenly stems Divine Beast, after feeling her aura, among the looks reveals several points of respectful. More is actually excited and restless.

"Yes, I want."Teng Snake as if grabbed the straw to grasp to be ordinary, quick replied.

"Lie Yan (raging flames). "Ji Dong anxious crying.

Lie Yan (raging flames) tranquil say/way: "Ji Dong, will not have matter. I am only a fair exchange. Teng Snake, you are listening, wants to receive in exchange for my lotus seed, I have three conditions."

Teng Snake mood already tranquil several points, solemnly said: "Her Majesty the Empress please say. So long as is I can achieve."

Lin Yan said: "In heavenly stems Divine Beast, you are only one does not receive the contract limit Divine Beast. I want you to help me seek for and collect the five elements god stone, you existed from the ancient times time, nobody passes through you to know about continent. I believe, this to you, is not considered as very difficult matter. Each type of I take one, the volume not to the cubic meter."

Teng Snake has gawked, "five elements god stone? Do you want the five elements god stone to do? Although the five elements god stone is good. But should not have any significance to be right to you."

Lin Yan said: "I am any you not to need to manage. So long as helped me seek is OK. This is the first condition. The second condition, you must find four Rank 9 Crystal Crown for me, the light and dark two Third and Fourth Two Fire departments respectively. I believe, during your collection, should not be difficult: Accomplishes."

Teng Snake said with a forced smile: "light attribute I have, but dark attribute did not have. You also know, I cannot enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, cannot visit Dark Five Elements Continent."

Lie Yan (raging flames) completely reveals Empress to be dignified at this time, coldly said: "This is your issue, has nothing to do with me. Since last condition, I the snake skin that needs your years to shed, if I have not remembered incorrectly, should have 81. You can achieve these three conditions, I give you a lotus seed."

The breath of Teng Snake becomes rapid, "Her Majesty the Empress, your request was too harsh."

Lie Yan lightly said: "You should understand, this is the exchange of equal value. Collection complete/even these things, you give Ji Dong. I naturally can make him give you a lotus seed."

In the Teng Snake eye hesitant ray, Ji Dong is understanding, these things that Lie Yan (raging flames) proposed although were quite precious, but also can only be equal with the value of her lotus seed. But initially for did not owe the Vermilion Bird favor, Lie Yan (raging flames) has sent out one. Vermilion Bird so will be no wonder grateful.

Teng Snake took a deep breath, said: "Good. I try as far as possible. The five elements god stone to not difficult office, I to have the collection. My snake skin can also give you. Only then dark Crystal Crown troublesome. Perhaps only then cloudy morning sun there had. I try to find the solution and he receive in exchange am." Lin Yan said: "If not these matters that because you do for Ji Dong, I will not exchange with you. My lotus seed will open that leaf of front door for you. Whether to can have comprehended, looked at you yourself. You can walk, I had the words to say to Ji Dong. Ji Dong knew that my matter, please keep secret."

Teng Snake nods, blue light restraining, this Fourth Fire Divine Beast vanished in a flash does not see.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), do you really need these things? But, loses a lotus seed, can affect your body?"Teng Snake walks, Ji Dong on impatient asking.

Without Teng Snake, Lie Yan's sound obviously becomes temperate, "I really need certainly these things, they can protect me. You do not need to ask. After waiting for Teng Snake to take these things to you. You summoned me and that's the end."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Lie Yan (raging flames). Had you finished closing up?"

Lin Yan said: "Did not have. Probably also needs about a half year. Your this time goes to Holy and Evil Battlefield, must remember two points. First, do not penetrate Holy and Evil Island. Second, but must separate with companion. The matter of heavenly stems disciple you do not need to think are too many, do not go to search the heavenly stems god attire desirably. Your strength is insufficient."

In the Ji Dong eye glitters the strong emotion to fluctuate. "Lie Yan (raging flames), I want to see you."

Lie Yan (raging flames) silent moment, said in a soft voice: "You this time come back from Holy and Evil Battlefield, travels on continent. Will meet at the appointed time. On Holy and Evil Battlefield, forever must take protecting oneself as the first important matter. Cannot show off power. I must continue to cultivate." The Red Lotus halo removes quietly, if Ji Dong inevitably loses ten six stand there, for a very long time cannot, even if hears Lie Yan's sound, meets the neighbor his heart to live to drag. At the friendship dance party fresh reverberate in his mind unceasingly, he knows, oneself and relations between Lie Yan (raging flames) had some subtle changes, but does not have any substantive progress as before. More than one year have not seen Lie Yan (raging flames). Missing in his heart after is hearing Lie Yan's sound suddenly immediately explodes in the heart.

Soon will go to Holy and Evil Battlefield that several points excitedly also to be attacked by this missing nothing left.

"Brother. Comes quickly. Your did magic power restore to select?" The Zhu Yan sound conveys from the room.

Ji Dong comes soberly, in spring Yongban missing heart depresses forcefully, makes strenuous efforts to enter the room.

Although here is Zhu Yan and Fu Rui two people lives. May in fact, Fu Rui only have a very small room, but the Zhu Yan room actually at least is his ten times of big. In the room is scattering various metals everywhere. Compared with is chaotic in Heavenly Stems School. Only then that giant stove or original design. The blazing furnace fire as if has not been put out.

When Ji Dong enters the room, Fu Rui not. As if was goes to the room to rest, but excited laughing that Zhu Yan danced with joy, "Haha, good. This Teacher may really be natural! These many superior materials, refine the top magic power weapon sufficiently. The brothers you came. Quick, quickly restores your magic power. Superior material that Teacher gives, if did not need Pinnacle Two Fires to refine to waste. Fu Rui equipment these years I was similar, was mainly you who he made. What a pity, you did not have the mount, stints crystal core, restores magic power with crystal core. Happen to I and you discussed. Builds anything to equip for you."

Ji Dong takes out two Rank 3 crystal core, releases Yin-Yang two fires condensation law with the help of crystal core, is restoring magic power quickly. Zhu Yan is pondering while said: "Brother. Do you need the weapon?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not need. I have not used force, my both hands are the weapons."

Zhu Yan nods, said: "This arrives is also. However you do not need the weapon are also only temporary. After you, had the mount, the weapon has needed. You think, your Senior Brother is riding that purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon time, if no a long weapon, how many his magic skill can wield becomes? Also coordinates with own mount partner? This is actually not anxious. The refinement of weapon is most troublesome. In time also some without enough time. Later said again. You had the Sun and Moon double splendor, temporarily was sufficient. This time I plan to use these three months, builds one set of magic power armor for you, must be joined to your Vermilion Bird changes, does not affect to fly. As the matter stands, this external armor adds on your Vermilion Bird armor, this defensive power was terrifying. Does not need to fear anything facing Seven-Crown Mage. Naturally. You will not meet Seven-Crown Mage on Holy and Evil Battlefield."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Why?"

Zhu Yan said: "Did you forget? According to the agreement of light dark Five Elements Continent, only then Mage under 50 years old can enter Holy and Evil Battlefield. Below 50 years old, like your Senior Brother that abnormal fellow absolutely are phoenix Mao Shejiao. On Holy and Evil Battlefield has been full of various mysterious situations. Regarding you. The strongest match is magic beast, but is not Mage on Dark Five Elements Continent."

Ji Dong said: "Big Brother, I had not ravelled actually. On Holy and Evil Battlefield, is actually how is the victory?"

Zhu Yan said: "Must go to remember to ask, you also really can calm down. Used the young people the complete mind like you in cultivation is really too few. Each Holy and Evil Channel opens, after both sides young Mage enters Holy and Evil Battlefield. The channel voluntarily will seal up. Both sides will enter simultaneously to huge demon in Holy and Evil Island, in demon. Both sides Mage will be transmitted randomly in Holy and Evil Island first ring any position. Oh, was right, Holy and Evil Island altogether is divided 18, each ring progresses inward, is called the devil 18 points. more to inside, magic beast is more powerful. In the legend, in the Holy and Evil Island center, has the huge secret. But actually this secret is anything, nobody knew. Because enters demon to be transmitted randomly, therefore, everyone very probably runs into another continent young expert. Also must face magic beast. Also must face the enemy. In 49 day that the channel opens, must gain at least opposite attribute Crystal Crown and ten crystal core. Can transmit demon. Obtains Crystal Crown, must kill the opposite party continent person. Arrived 49 th day final conclusion time, both sides Crystal Crown of respective centralized harvest, the evil day chessboard will appear voluntarily, the day chessboard toward gaining a Crystal Crown quantity more side inclines. At this time, will present a special channel, a winner side can through this channel not on the attack of magic beast by Holy and Evil Island, has the impact on the opposite party channel directly. At this time did not limit to young Mage. Also breaks through the opportunity that the opposite party defends only."Ji Dong was puzzled said: "For these years. Which side doesn't have to break through the defense of opposite party?"

Zhu Yan chuckled, said: "Can break through is a matter. At least is much better compared in the magic beast group of large quantities of Mage casualties in island. And. The inclined direction of Saint elegant day chessboard, is representing both sides young one generation of strong and weak contrasts. Fights on about after several Holy and Evil Battlefield had ended, won a side little to get up to attack to the opposite party. After all such inferiority is too big. However, both sides have been pursuing the victory. For crushes the opposite party in the imposing manner. Therefore, the war of this Holy and Evil is more like two pieces of continent the struggle of spirit. Before not having absolute assurance, no one will try to attack the opposite party defense line fully. You did not think, now this peaceful condition is very good? I have believed, Holy and Evil this to your young people are the opportunity. On Holy and Evil Battlefield anytime may present the thing! High-order magic beast crystal core and corpse, are the rare treasure. Brother, after this time you go, do not forget that the multi- lanes come out."

Is listening to the Zhu Yan relaxed tone, war of Ji Dong to the Holy and Evil had a comprehensive concept finally.

Zhu Yan said: " Was good, did not say these. Brother, I help you survey the body first. You this year are 16 years old, the stature has not finalized completely, this is terrible business. After I must consider you , after stature grows the change can affect the issue of clothing. After all, this external animal bones cannot with your and skin vice- in as one Vermilion Bird compared with armor.

Teacher this time gives in my material to have extremely precious Eighth Metal department Crystal Crown luckily. Although is only Rank 5, but was also enough. Manufactures delaying fluid with Eighth Metal department Crystal Crown, folding casting that in addition I originally create, regardless of after you, how the stature changes, this magic power armor will stick to your body. "

Was saying, wish the flame to put out a long tape measure, gathers round the body of Ji Dong to start to help him survey.

Chapter 135: five elements calcining god furnace

The casting magic power weapon, is extremely exquisite Ji Dong self- examined has achieved the pinnacle absolutely in the drink mixing aspect, but when he when first time sees Zhu Yan casts the magic power weapon, is surprised grinning with ear to ear, deeply was attracted by this technique institute.

The magic power weapon casting is mainly divided into five big steps, the first step, naturally is the preparation of material, wants to manufacture an outstanding magic power weapon, the material is it can be said that important, in the material contains to have many magic power and itself material qualities to be better, when casting the beneficial effect on magic power weapon is bigger.

Casting material main two are the metal and magic beast crystal core. Naturally, if there is Crystal Crown the effect to be better. Especially looks like Ji Dong this pinnacle magic power Mage, dark continent Crystal Crown bright continent Crystal Crown he can use.

The second step that the magic power weapon casts, is the material fusion, Zhu Yan has told Ji Dong, reason that the magic power weapon on continent casts the Master the quantity is quite scarce, one of the main reasons, in material fusion. Only then Fire department Mage can depending on getting a light King's characteristics carries on the metal fusion, the outstanding magic power weapon is not one sole metal can build. Although Zhu Yan when manufacturing the magic power weapon uses is the most primitive handwork builds, the magic power weapon that but Ji Dong actually surprised extremely present, he builds completely is the alloy. Before he sees with one's own eyes does not believe some people can complete the alloy casting with manual. But Zhu Yan achieved.

Is the high-grade metal, the melting point is also higher, wants to melt the most metal, if at least Fire department Mage of Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level can achieve. Only this point, has limited this occupation. How many on continent Six-Crown does Heavenly Scholar have Mage to have? Also can the powerhouses of how many this ranks be able to endure study to build the magic power weapon lonely?

Yin Zhaorong had told Ji Dong, actually in the cultivation talent, Zhu Yan must above Zhu Rong, be because he momentarily insane # read the energy completely # uses to the magic power weapon in the research, after this achieved the Seven-Crown rank, did not have anything to progress again.

It can be said that Zhu Yan gave up itself in the Mage aspect future, the total involvement research magic power weapon. Is willing to sacrifice like him also so has Heavenly Scholar level above Mage of talent too to be really few, therefore, in entire bright five elements greatly true top magic power weapon casting Great Master is only extremely rare.

After completing material fusion, is the third step that the magic power weapon casts, building of weapon main body, according to the various requirements of attack and defense, the metal after forging will be built various appearances. Is the fourth step, the improvement of magic power weapon detail, even if very ordinary magic power weapon must mount magic beast crystal core, to the polish and adjustment of magic power weapon, in this fourth completion. But in a final step, was on the magic power weapon a law brand mark.

As a result of the high antiquity to the nowadays, most law vanished, many magic power weapon casting when carrying on fourth has been completed. But Zhu Yan as the disciple of supreme powerhouse, grasped some simple law, therefore adjusts at the law crustification as well as the integral experiment of magic power weapon, became the last step of his casting, is the final improvement. Zhu Yan any magic power weapon of casting after these five, absolutely is considered as on is the high-quality goods, this is also why he has in Heavenly Stems School is so the status extremely the reason. On that day if were not because existence of cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister, wanted to take away him, was not an easy matter.

Zhu Yan when usually the casting must request to strive for perfection to oneself, let alone at this time for the Ji Dong casting, in surveys the body after him, Zhu Yan started the design of neglecting to eat and sleep, Ji Dong also kept his side to cultivate magic power.

Used three days of time, Zhu Yan to complete the project work of whole set magic power armor , after passing through revised several times, started to begin.

The casting first step, chooses material naturally not to be a problem, cloudy morning sun gave Zhu Yan enough many materials to make him spend freely. Has used seven days, Zhu Yan after the multiple experiment and allocated proportion, had designated final metal synthesis plan, this starts to call Ji Dong , helping his together casting.

In plain foundry air-furnace the furnace fire flaming, blazing flame is burning 36 rare metals. Each metal has own characteristics, Zhu Yan puts in the foundry air-furnace according to certain order and quantity allocated proportion their one by one. His hand puts in metal, another hand unceasingly stimulates to movement formidable Third Fire magic power to pour into. And often joins some crystal core, when intensity as well as metal fusion catalyst use of enhanced burning.

The casting magic power weapon, burns money extremely, this is also the magic power weapon Blacksmith quantity scarce another reason, the massive rare materials have not been used to spend freely, wants into outstanding magic power weapon Blacksmith is impossible.

"Ji Dong, the double fire pours into."Zhu Yan loudly shouted.

Early waited also to lift in his Ji Dong double palm, golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire as well as black Ding the deep cloudy spirit fire has also poured into, Pinnacle Two Fires changes into the gold/metal black dual-color vortex to fall into the foundry air-furnace directly.

Immediately, originally fiery-red furnace fire suddenly dim, the next moment, the entire furnace fire had substituted for by this dual-color vortex completely. A series of rushing fulmination sounds unceasingly metal implosion from furnace fire.

"Increase"Zhu Yan vision brilliant is looking steadily at the change of furnace fire, shouted again.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Big Brother, if the pinnacle flame is too strong, can burn out your foundry air-furnace?"

Zhu Yan said: " Might as well the matter, my this foundry air-furnace inner layer main body, matched to make by the antiquity god by the five elements god stone mill powder strongly, was the casting divine tool, named five elements calcining god furnace.

Even if Teacher stimulates to movement magic power fully, only depends on the combustion is impossible to destroy it. "

five elements god stone? Hears these four characters, in the Ji Dong heart moves, he also clear remembering, request of Lie Yan (raging flames) to Teng Snake in has these things. Increases the output of Pinnacle Two Fires, while cannot bear asking: "Big Brother, is actually the five elements god stone what thing?"

Zhu Yan spirit centralized in that 36 metals in furnace fire, subconscious reply: "five elements god stone, is ten types gem that is containing pinnacle Yin-Yang magic power, connotation huge magic power. Itself is pure incomparable. Extremely rare. Is the best quality goods of casting magic power weapon. I have seen in the old book, in the high antiquity, wanted to make the Certain Kill Skill above rank the magic skill scroll, the scroll main body, must dope at least five elements god stone powder end to be possible the success." Listens to the Zhu Yan such Ji Dong mind the miraculous glow to flash before, Yao Qianshu had said to him, by five elements method, has to make the ability of magic skill scroll, but he has been infatuated in the cultivation, but also does not have the time to study. How five elements method does affect on scroll? Is the scroll main body what kind of thing? These he knows nothing. At this time listened to the Zhu Yan words, without doubt was gives him to open leaf of the magic skill scroll to a front door that made. Forges the magic power weapon, he self-examined that is not the short time can learn, but, he has a five elements method this advantageous ability, if can become magic skill scroll Blacksmith, then, is not only on continent unique existence, own strength dramatically will also increase.

Thinks of here, in the Ji Dong heart had certain embryonic form, Zhu Yan is impossible to know how the scroll manufactures, but lives present Teng Snake from the far ancient times, many will also know something. The incorrect words, he can also ask Lie Yan (raging flames) again.

"Brother, the fire strengthens again, the metal soon melted completes."
The Zhu Yan sound has interrupted the Ji Dong mentality temporarily.

Really, by Zhu Yan according to 36 metals that in certain order and position place, several that is most difficult to melt started to change into the liquid, the complete 36 metals started to have the sign of fusion. They almost occupied 50% volumes in entire five elements god furnace. After 36 metals melt , the color of having varies the disorderly feeling.

The Zhu Yan look becomes dignified, takes out one not to know that from own storage Magic Tool is any material quality metal long stick searches into the foundry air-furnace, mixes. Ji Dong is also increasing own Pinnacle Two Fires output, makes thorough that these metals melt.

Bag dark-red powder was invested in the five elements god furnace by Zhu Yan, immediately, Pinnacle Two Fires combustion of Ji Dong is more exuberant, Zhu Yan successively joins more than 20 materials, gradually, that 36 types of different color liquid in process of conformity, the impurity by the Pinnacle Two Fires thorough destruction, only the remaining most succinct parts, conformed with into the golden red liquid to be mixed in the five elements calcining god furnace unceasingly. Strange saying that in so the high fever, temperature even crosses the magma in the high temperature, the five elements calcining god furnace ghost however is motionless, indistinct revealed in one gentle and mild and earth highest good, did not receive in the furnace to affect blazingly.

Ji Dong understands, reason that five elements calcining god furnace can achieve this, surely is because under the five elements god stone each other matched to produce the results of five elements fusion, complemented one another. five elements god stone can/but is not five elements that five Mage display suppresses to compare. Therefore has created such scene.
The chapter content is reorganized by insane low key ㄣ and owlet wolf When Ji Dong magic power will soon exhaust, Zhu Yan joyful loudly
shouted, "was good. Receives the strength. Brother, you quickly reply magic power, later must help by you."

Ji Dong does not talk too much, arrived directly nearby opens magic power condensation law, the cultivation restores magic power. Zhu Yan cautiously emits in special material quality metal fusion liquid of thing five elements calcining god furnace, congeals a giant metal, he has not cooled them with any external force. These liquids left the high temperature of five elements calcining god furnace, quick have completed own the process of fusion. Formed one to be quite gorgeous, has the golden red metal of light cloud pattern looks like the color of Sun is ordinary.

Zhu Yan at this time in eye only then existence of this metal, in the hand exchanges a handle sledgehammer, strikes suddenly, has selected the metal of this temperature quick cooling, numerous falling on side giant iron felt, simultaneously in hand sledgehammer by violent storm thrashes on.

At this moment, as if entire East China Sea seashore can hear the sound that his iron hammer raps to be ordinary., That giant metal was rapped into a bigger rectangular iron sheet by him gradually. At this time, Zhu Yan is the perspiration passes the heavy lapel, must know, his each hammer raps, must pour into pure fire attribute magic power maintains the temperature of this alloy to guarantee its ductility. Rested slightly, Zhu Yan has released blazing Third Fire magic power, burnt that tinsel once more blazingly, then folds two it, continued to hammer.

In following a long time, Zhu Yan on is doing this same matter every day.
Folds, hammers, folds and hammers again.

Ji Dong similarly is also duplicating a matter, the cultivation restores magic power, is the Zhu Yan combustion alloy. When he helps Zhu Yan carry on warming combustion, Zhu Yan can the total involvement invest into to the metal during hits overlapped, substantial saving physical strength. Moreover that metal softens under the Pinnacle Two Fires terrifying high temperature also wants on quick many, builds dramatically will increase. Zhu Yan after all is the Seven-Crown rank powerhouse, two from have only used three days of time, folded thousand times this metal.

However, Zhu Yan told Ji Dong, this was also only a start.

Hundred packs become a ghost, thousand packs for the Jane|treasure, ten thousand packs of sides are the marvelous work. Has these many rare materials, Zhu Yan will certainly not satisfy thousand packs that he can also complete. Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires, starting from this moment, wielded its true function. After thousand packs, alloy already, although strong to extremely terrifying degree, is not Zhu Yan ordinary Third Fire can soften. Then all softens the work of metal, fully is completed by Ji Dong, Zhu Yan total involvement building.

Folding forging has reduced speed obviously, the number of times in one day, can folding are most is also only hundred times. Moreover, in the future, is slower for two months, altogether also completed more than 5000 folds to hammer. According to this, Ji Dong was impossible to put on this armor in this Saint elegant battlefield.

Zhu Yan has planned to give up, after all, folds 5000 times, is in itself extremely terrifying existed, alloy itself already strong to abnormal degree, must know, the equipment of Fu Rui also folds thousand times valuable things. Zhu Yan told Ji Dong, can build the armor for him first, after the war of this Holy and Evil ended, smelted again builds. Two the effects of building can definitely miss on some.

At this time, was Ji Dong is instead rigid, he said to Zhu Yan, oneself rather did not put in this set of armor the battlefield, is not willing to waste these materials. Must complete ten thousand folds, the casting marvelous work.

Zhu Yan naturally also extremely agreed that Ji Dong this procedure, must know, if only his casting, wants to complete ten thousand folds, each time after the fold, relies on own magic power to make the metal change slowly soft, at least takes 30 years. Their present, although is not quick, but was also almost the same compared with 30 years. Zhu Yan extremely affirmative telling Ji Dong, if this armor casting is successful, then, although it is unable to become a divine tool , will be quite close, even can call the inferior divine tool.

Chapter 136: Blood irrigation, armor formation

Opens from Holy and Evil Channel, only time of remaining half a month, but the Ji Dong magic power armor will complete from the casting as before is never.

However, in the beforehand two months, because Ji Dong is not short every day duplicates is restoring magic power, to release the Pinnacle Two Fires process, his magic power has promoted actually, finally has been the Level 48 degree. Must know, he promotes Level 1 magic power not to be quick like the former speed now. Wants before entering Holy and Evil Battlefield breaks through to the Five-Crown rank is impossible.

In the Zhu Yan inner conflicts, does not know that is this is Ji Dong completes the armor first , to continue to increase the armor quality time, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister arrive together, examine the casting situation. After listening to complaint of Zhu Yan, two supreme powerhouses decided immediately, substitutes for the Ji Dong position, begins personally, helping Zhu Yan complete this armor surplus fold casting number of times.

The Zhu Yan great happiness, must know, magic power of two big supreme powerhouses do not know wants huge many times compared with Ji Dong, has their pinnacle flame help, before Holy and Evil Channel opens completes the casting no longer is any difficult matter.

As for Ji Dong, he was issued duty, that is Fu Rui each other practices to coordinate in surplus these days. Strengthens among two people the tacit understanding, compares notes magic skill, strengthens the actual combat experience. When was transmitted to Holy and Evil Battlefield on, two people are unlikely to be transmitted together. But enhancement actual combat experience is extremely useful. Especially Fu Rui twice had entered Holy and Evil Battlefield successively, was the experience is quite it may be said that rich, had his direction, when regarding Ji Dong, entered Holy and Evil Battlefield wants safe many.

The time passes by day-by-day, on this day, loses. The trace several months Teng Snake came back finally, he brings Ji Dong to from the residence far place, the blue scale of nail size will have given him directly together, did not need him to say anything, Ji Dong also understands, this was under the Lie Yan (raging flames) request Teng Snake prepares the good thing.

"Little Dongdong, gives the Empress flight of steps leading to a palace hall this for me. Next."Although the look seems somewhat weary, but Ji Dong can read the excitement of that from the heart from his look. Very obviously, Teng Snake hopes to obtain a lotus seed of Lie Yan (raging flames) extremely.

Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, this is Lie Yan (raging flames). Choice, although in his heart does not hope, but does not have any office. Only can pray in the heart secretly, hopes Teng Snake to Lie Yan (raging flames) these things, can make up for the Lie Yan (raging flames) pain, best is beneficial to her.

Teng Snake already somewhat impatient release magic power isolation outside. All investigations, having several points disturbed, intense and restless, Ji Dong initiated the summon to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Familiar Red Lotus stretches, on a piece of lotus flower petal, presented
0.1 golden red lotus seed impressively. Ji Dong is not first time sees the appearance of this lotus seed, in heart a sharp pain.

"Teng Snake, your my two clear. Remember, me and Ji Dong relations. Sues anybody." Before Lie Yan's sound hear, does not have what difference, as before is that graceful interesting to listen, such as the heavenly music ripples in the air. Teng Snake takes up that. The lotus seed, in pair of small eyes completely is brilliant, "Her Majesty the Empress please feel relieved. Little Dongdong is also the friend of mine. If I can break through in the future, does obeisance your majesty to bestow, Teng Snake here many thanks. In the future as long as your majesty requested, Teng Snake consented all."

Lie Yan's sound resounds spookily, ", if you think really has broken through, looks for Vermilion Bird. Only then with her in the same place, you can have the opportunity."

Teng Snake has gawked, look changes, "didn't could it be have other to manage?"

Lie Yan lightly said: "This is the only office. Also is the only shortcut that I know. Same attribute Yin-Yang two departments heavenly stems Divine Beast will repel mutually. Like initially Two Great Sovereign Kings of earth core world. Fights the final result only to have one, that together destroys. Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King also after life dissipates, their brand marks after Ji Dong within the body fuses, had that chaos. I can say only then these, decision-making power in you yourself."

In the Teng Snake eye reveals a heartfelt respect, "thank you, Her Majesty the Empress, I seriously will certainly consider your words. Little Dongdong, I must walk. This time leaves, does not know that also did not have the date of meeting, I must go to melt the farewell to clear now. Is acquainted we also to calculate this fate. Also I can obtain the help of Her Majesty the Empress with your help, I have a volume of collection for a long time book to give to you, you have five elements, should have certain help to you."

At the same time was saying, the blue light twinkle, a style is plain, the manuscript that becomes by the leather establishment falls completely during Ji Dong grasps. The blue light restrains, when Teng Snake moves sideways vanished does not see. Lie Yan shows a faint smile, said: "Teng Snake gives your gift to also preciously. Ji Dong, the war of Holy and Evil nears, do not forget me to you have spoken the words. I must continue to cultivate."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) aura weakens to vanish along with her voice together, making in the Ji Dong heart once more have the moved feeling. However, his vision in that by the hand completely the book that becomes by the leather manufacture is attracted quickly.

Character Ji Dong on book did not know, is one type seems the curving ancient literary style character, the appearance is very unusual, the book cover surface, is four large characters. Puts in order this book with one special yellowish brown leather manufacture, although does not know that experienced many years, seems trace that has not actually damaged, is timeless. What strangest is, from this book, Ji Dong can actually feel the light magic power fluctuation. Different from any species, but is quite round the friendly magic power feeling, as if five elements Yin-Yang attribute has completely.

Lifts the first page, Ji Dong the heart shakes immediately crazily, because cages the picture design he to see in this first page unexpectedly, ten departments Totem regarding becoming round, lifelike, actually nearly makes his destroyed stone door relief with that mausoleum chamber that in he and Yao Qianshu goes to is exactly the same. Aura also ten phase splitting shapes, but wants weak many. By the design, there is a massive ancient literary style character illustration, does not know that is anything that writes.

The following ten pages, each page of pictures have Totem, side has the massive small character illustrations, not being able to understand is anything that writes, but looks at that one by one lifelike Totem, Ji Dong feels indistinctly, these writing records should or be oneself five elements have the relations with Totem very much.

Finally also three pages, along with some designs, in these designs picture the constructors of how many type of things seems, seems various paper, suddenly, in the Ji Dong mind the miraculous glow flashes before, could it be said, these paper are used to manufacture the magic skill scroll? Before Teng Snake, has said that this book with his five elements related. If finally these three pages of records the constructors of magic skill scroll main body, then Teng Snake was very good to understand. Does not know what front record is anything, only then understands all contents to coordinate own five elements again, can really understand mystery.

Now obviously does not study these times, immediately must go to Holy and Evil Battlefield, after must wait for the war of this Holy and Evil to end, said again. Although the ancient literary style character is hard to distinguish, but Ji Dong believes that by Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, even is the Lie Yan (raging flames) extensive knowledge, certainly will help itself translate.

Returns to the seashore log cabin, Ji Dong is preparing to look for Fu Rui to continue to compare notes magic skill, suddenly, in not far away Zhu Yan residence, a fierce magic power fluctuation transmits, he noticed that a strong gold/metal and black dual-color halo soars, is similar to the smoke cloud skyrockets generally, in the halo of that distortion is containing extremely huge magic power fluctuation, as if also several points is flooding the intelligence summon.

"Ji Dong, comes quickly."In the Zhu Yan sound has filled anxiously, was summoning the Ji Dong name.

Ji Dong does not dare to neglect, hurries to jump, rushes to that side the log cabin rapidly. Several days ago, that ten thousand folds has completed. But the cloudy morning sun brother and sister stay in the Zhu Yan residence to assist him to complete the final several steps casting as before. Metals after ten thousand fold are not Zhu Yan can forge the formation by own ability. Must have the assistance of Pinnacle Two Fires to lead it to soften temporarily.

Passing through the gate, Ji Dong first felt is a caressing the face heat wave, sees only in the log cabin, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong are taking back their Pinnacle Two Fires slowly, Zhu Yan streaming with sweat standing there, the complexion is similar to the spirit money is ugly. In grounds between three people, one set of complete armor agrees with a body, forms a cone-shape. Cannot see clearly original appearance. Ji Dong had not inquired Zhu Yan must for own casting one set of what kind of armor, at this time passes through the gate, his attention is captured by the present armor immediately. Because agrees in the same place, can only see that is similar to the cone-shape object, cannot see clearly the appearance. The one who attracts Ji Dong is this armor's material quality.

The dark-red main body seems is not conspicuous, Ji Dong also by his greatly strengthened eyesight can see has an extremely close light cloud pattern indistinctly in this dark-red metal faintly. The cloud pattern shows the firm and resolute, tenacious, overbearing and sonorous aura. Has been full of the intense sense of reality of keeping aloof. What is most unusual, this armor is shivering unexpectedly unceasingly, the gold/metal and black dual-color smoke cloud that formerly Ji Dong saw seeps unexpectedly from its main body.

Zhu Yan sees Ji Dong, without delay, before one step rushes ahead, immediately before drawing he is arriving at that armor, "quick, on difference last, it has needed your blood to infiltrate. I have not thought, made one to have the intelligence unexpectedly, needs to recognize the main magic power weapon. This absolutely is I since birth a best work."

Although he weary condition completely has revealed that but in the eye actually filled at this time was frantic and excited, three months, have used the entire three months, obtained the assistances of Ji Dong and two supreme powerhouses successively, finally refined this to have the intelligence armor, had intelligence magic power weapon Ji Dong not quite to be clear, but in fact, the so-called divine tool, the most basic condition was the intelligence, recognizes the Lord. Just as such that Zhu Yan judge, the set of armor that he casting leaves, is relying on the superiority as well as Pinnacle Two Fires on and ten thousand folds material quality builds also not to hesitate the infiltration and casting of cost later, already existence of extremely close divine tool.

"Brother, do not stint, waters it with your blood quickly, only then this can make it complete to recognize the main process, otherwise it has not formed will clear the spiritual energy, changed into every." Hears the Zhu Yan anxious sound, Ji Dong not to dare to neglect, regarding Zhu Yan, he is one type the sentiment of containing grateful with the admiration, perhaps in others opinion, Zhu Yan shape, if the crazy, looks like an old lunatic is the same. But Ji Dong is very clear, Zhu Yan is infatuated with like the previous generation drink mixing him, total involvement invested to the research of magic power weapon casting during, all did not care regarding the matter of outside, this has the sloven appearance, only this rigid, made Ji Dong be full of the favorable impression, their originally was a kind of person. Therefore initially after Zhu Yan acknowledged as relatives forcefully, Ji Dong along with had not opposed to his understanding. At this time were also many a gratitude, to help oneself produces in a hurry this set of armor, since has passed hundred
-year-old Zhu Yan these months so the pain, even if there is a magic power support of Seven-Crown rank, he also has appeared older. All these for oneself! Can he not be affected?

Both hands passed over gently and swiftly mutually, dazzling ray flashes past, Ji Dong is suppressing own Pinnacle Two Fires attribute fully, the ample capacity in the nail, has delimited both hands pulse separately. This, he extremely, must know, has in Vermilion Bird in his skin armor, even if he controls in Vermilion Bird armor because of attacking to be stimulated forcefully, the tenacious degree of skin is also far from the average person can compare.

In Ji Dong desirably for, two blood immediately from cutting the wound place sprays, happen to the pouring when that as before blazing armor, immediately, that magic power armor fierce shivering suddenly stopped, the main body has been glittering intermittently the light brilliance, was bright, changed into the golden color, was dim became the black, the aura transformation, was the magic power fluctuation of Pinnacle Two Fires.

Changes an average person, even if blood of Fire department Mage, perhaps not made this armor satisfy. This time it, withstands, not only recognizes the main process, but is own intelligence condensation, completes the casting last step process. But in the blood of Ji Dong, is flooding two Great Pinnacle Fire aura, has Chaos Fire within most source the strength of creation to exist on this day, when the blood integrates the flash of armor, the armor is in itself absorbing immediately extremely greedily, has not remained including a trace. Shivered to stop, but that ray twinkle became is getting more and more rapid, seemed like expressing own excited feelings to be ordinary.

Ji Dong stimulates to movement own magic power to make the wound not heal forcefully, spraying that the blood keeps, his body, because has Vermilion Bird changes changes with Teng Snake two big heavenly stems Divine Beast ability in addition holds, is not only quite tenacious, but also various body aspect functions are also far from the average man can compare, along with passing of blood, own hemopoiesis can start to revolve rapidly, so long as loses blood many, the body will not have any issue.

Chapter 137: Inferior divine tool, your demon Yin-Yang armor

The strong magic power fluctuation passes in the air, but also is having the light bloody aura, wish the flame, because is anxious, double fist gripped tightly somewhat white. The vision of cloudy morning sun is as before light, but similarly earnestly is also gazing at the change of that armor. Only then among the Yin Zhaorong looks is bringing several points of light sadness and moved. Teng snake formerly came to say goodbye to her, accompanied dozens years of partner to track down existence of another realm, she naturally cannot stop. However, strikes regarding this also Master also friend leaving of partner, can she get over an emotion easily?

magic power armor own ray twinkle was getting more and more fierce, could not distinguish clearly that black and golden color gradually, but flowing of Ji Dong blood also made his complexion start the fresh change, the body appears feels weakly.

At this moment, suddenly, a clang fulmination resounds, in the entire log cabin produces unequalled rushing magic power to fluctuate, intense magic power explodes, made each, the person felt blazing air/Qi, but four people on the scene were the Fire department powerhouses, naturally cannot care about the change of this temperature, cloudy morning sun wielded conveniently, arrange/cloth next Third Fire in the log cabin has tied, when making this log cabin not look like initially Ji Dong to break through Four- Crown destroyed. "Brother, sufficed."Zhu Yan wild with joy loudly shouted, Ji Dong takes back the control wound instantaneously magic power, the two wounds in wrist/skill by the naked eye variable is healing extremely quickly, in an instant changed into two white lines, under the skin, as if there is massive cream halos to rush the sores.

However, at this time no one has to pay attention to the change on Ji Dong wound, because formerly still built in the together armor to live the huge change in the ground. That gold/metal black dual-color hands over the armor that sparkles to explode in that clangour, changes into dispersing during the cow is spatial, that floats in front of Ji Dong.

The ray has not been glittering, each part of armor, tranquil float in midair, the armor is in itself the golden color, but the background actually changed into the black, as if has strong black air current condensation. The sound of sonorous metal reverberates unceasingly, is gazing at it, in the Ji Dong heart surges a feeling of sharing the same roots, as if this set of armor is in itself part of his body resembles.

Moreover, he also notes now, this set of armor like former Zhu Yan said is not one set of whole body armor, but was one set of light armor. The armor comprised of many parts. Including the mask, two shoulder armors, protect the heart mirror, the waist armor, the pleated skirt, the kneepad and war boots, protects the elbow, the bracer as well as the hand guard.

In these constituents, only then protects the heart mirror flying hand guard and bracer is connected. Surplus alone exists. Protected the body most important part.

Attracts the Ji Dong attention, is that float in the uppermost mask. The mask is very big, not only can cover the face completely, but also from four sides prominent, the whole seems, is flooding the fierce aura, altogether ten puncture from the mask edge suddenly is prominent, golden it seems somewhat like Sun, but that punctures suddenly is not straight, but is the distortion just like Teng snake the body is ordinary, even if the position of both eyes, dark-red thin film protection. In the complete set armor fitting, is this mask loose intelligence aura is most intense: Reason that it can attract the attention of Ji Dong, not only because of these, what is more important, in all armor parts, only then on this mask is flooding with his exactly the same proud air/Qi, proud of after Ji Dong and Two Great Sovereign Kings fuses producing.

Electricity of two none remaining from the Ji Dong eye shoot, gazes in that mask eye position. In this moment, releases completely own arrogant demeanor that he not minces, the strong Pinnacle Two Fires aura explodes, Sovereign King proud floods just like the high mountains in this log cabin generally.

Looked like understood the summon of Ji Dong was ordinary, armor's clangour stopped completely, the next moment, they changed into golden light, brought the black tail flame to rush Ji Dong like lightning.

The both arms lift to the body, Ji Dong only thought that on the face a heat, all turned into blood-color at present, but especially is clear, even if in the darkness the fine dust of most corner he can also see clearly. The boiling hot heat degree blooms on the face. He can the clear feeling, magic power of oneself within the body be in one with the aura that this mask itself contains instantaneously, on the mask simply does not have any abutment or the belt, but is that perfect with his face fitting, will not fall. With a series of clangours, each article armor suite attaches on Ji Dong completely. Always leaves a suite, Ji Dong thought magic power of own within the body becomes gallops turbulently several points, after complete suite upper body, the feeling that is in perfect harmony made him only think that the whole body has been full of the blazing magic power fluctuation, feeling that one type wanted all -out attack.

Yin-Yang Vortex revolving strengthens several points voluntarily, absorbs magic power remarkably to strengthen from the outside, when his magic power pours into to this armor, what pours into will be pinnacle Yin Fire, the armor will turn into the black, what will pour into will be pinnacle Yang Fire, the armor will turn into the golden color. When does not pour into any magic power, armor voluntarily will restore to a dark-red common appearance.

Although the armor has covered his almost all joints, but will actually not take to his sluggish feeling, although armor's component is heavy, but puts on are most felt that likely is clothes, it takes to the Ji Dong strength, crosses the load that its weight has brought by far.

The armor is covering Ji Dong of body, Zhu Yan after sleep talking saying " ten thousand folds, I present, these metals insufficiently have manufactured one set of whole body armor. But, must design into the light armor it, only protects the body most important part. The ordinary light armor also needs the leather to be connected, but you actually completely do not need, because you have in Vermilion Bird the protection of armor. This set of armor, what I design is an attack and defense body, the surface seems, it has not mounted any crystal core and Crystal Crown. May in fact, to complete to its casting, when last fold, I used Rank 6 have become by over a hundred crystal core roller compactions the powder integrate, was centered on Rank 10 Third Fire crystal core and Rank 10 Fourth Fire crystal core, these crystal core magic power complete brand marks in armor. My five elements method, only cannot stir up and stabilize armor's magic power attribute in this way, so long as puts on it, your own magic power restoration, will increase 50%.

Attacks x defensive powers naturally is also without a doubt. When you have poured into Three-Crown magic power to it, its true appearance completely will show, not only can help you defend, will change into you most powerful attack weapons. " Here, Zhu Yan has stopped, panting several talent continued: "As for the mask, is I pondered carefully , the decision builds, above Holy and Evil Battlefield, you not only may face the attack of enemy, probably meets the sneak attacks of Heavenly Stems School these students. Had existence of this mask, nobody can know that who you are. Is bringing it, you forever will be mystical. Moreover this mask can make you momentarily maintain sober, protects the face, the pupil, on epitaxial is named the cornea of luminous dragon to build with one name. Regardless of can make you see clearly in any ray situation. The only flaw is bringing it, you only have the red at present."

"Brother, later I will help you improve this set of armor gradually, finally makes it truly one set of whole body armor, now I can affirm, this set has the intelligence armor is in itself existence of inferior divine tool, if can complete the whole body armor, five elements method portray in which that you will comprehend again, even if truly becomes the divine tool is not impossible. But this must come gradually. Therefore, you must try hard to comprehend five elements method."

Wears the armor, is bringing Ji Dong of mask, his own proud more perfect blooms, ice-cold metal x blood red eye ice-cold profound, indistinct, as if can smell a bloody aura from him.

Ji Dong nodded, say/way "Big Brother, this set of armor is you casting, you bestow its one, the name."

Zhu Yan laughed, said: "Good. Previous time you and Fu Rui fight are soul-stirring, made my feelings a great deal. When you release pinnacle Yang Fire, is similar to cruel Sovereign King, when your magic power transforms as pinnacle Yin Fire, is similar to profound Demon King. In addition you are having pinnacle Yin-Yang attribute. This set of armor might as well be called Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor."

"Your demon Yin-Yang armor."Ji Dong is repeating the Zhu Yan words, he can the clear feeling, as if armor transmit to a oneself excited aura, obviously, it likes this name. The tyrants and Demon King, how these called Ji Dong to not to care, books storehouse but he was inherits Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King skill, this Monarch demon two characters, has the Two Great Sovereign Kings title.

"Good, called Monarch the demon Yin-Yang armor."With the Ji Dong affirmative reply, buzz, his armor ray puts greatly, has sparkled with gold/metal dual-color black alternately, indistinct, various spot armor cloud pattern brilliance circulations, this instance divine tool truly chose a name.

The Zhu Yan eye contained the smile, the body rocked, but actually, cloudy morning sun one step surmounted to him side slowly softly, held his shoulder, the light golden light output from the palm, spreads to Zhu Yan within the body.

Before Ji Dong hurries to perish, he saw, this time wishing calamity is both eyes shuts tightly, but on the face actually as before the smiling face does not reduce. Cloudy morning sun beckoned with the hand " he to Ji Dong is too weary. Let him rest. The armor casts, you pack the thing, leaves with Fu Rui. He is not first time participates in Holy and Evil to fight, naturally can lead you to go. " Cloudy morning sun that needs to urge had already said that at this time will not say anything again.

After Ji Dong northward morning sun and Yin Zhaorong two big supreme powerhouses said goodbye, went out of the log cabin, prepared to take off Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor first, he cannot put on this armor to hurry along. While his thought moves, a right hand wrist/skill heat, looked like induces his idea slightly, whole body one light, all armor have been separated with the body completely, change into the Daoist believers light to emerge the Ji Dong thought to save to think that together in the Vermilion Bird bracelet vanished does not see.

Vermilion Bird bracelet of golden red ray circulation, Ji Dong has been gawking for one second, really worthily is the inferior divine tool, achieved the regard to be interlinked with. Does not know how divine tool rank magic power weapon can be the degree.

, Good armor Little Junior Brother, I to envy. " In Ji Dong time, Forui voice has resounded. Thunder Emperor that big form has covered the sunlight, arrives in front of Ji Dong.

First previous existence such big sound, hadn't Fu Rui possibly seen? Feared that affects to wish flame casting, this has not gone. But the appearance of Ji Dong under armor naturally is actually seen by him.

Fu Rui has not concealed own envying slightly, lowered the head, gathers in front of Ji Dong " to be a pity, what a pity. "

Ji Dong funny say/way "Senior Brother, what a pity what?"

Fu Rui said with a sigh " was a pity that I and your attribute was different! Otherwise, I snatch certainly your armor to trade. If I have not misread, your this set of light armor should be teacher's younger brother the work of peak. Whether from now on to jump over is very difficult to say. "

Ji Dong laughed, say/way "I believe after the Big Brother, certainly can make the breakthrough again. By his rigid to casting, one day, will have the divine tool born in his hands."

Fu Rui helpless say/way: "I called the teacher's younger brother, you called the Big Brother. This is really irritable."

The Ji Dong say/way " Martial Ancestor enabled our to leave. The time should be up.

Fu Rui nodded, say/way "I am also preparing to look for Martial Ancestor. The time was up, we must ahead of time a point, only then moves with Heavenly Stems Regiment together, can enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, cannot we also probably slide secretly. Had frightening of previous Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, I looked that side Heavenly Stems School does not dare to feel embarrassed us. After all, the war of Holy and Evil, but relates to the entire continent safety. Even if they want to play a dirty trick , after must wait till us( half dream to participate in Holy and Evil to fight."

Ji Dong nodded, say/way "that our leaves."

Fu Rui gets say/way " well, I said goodbye to Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, our started off.

Some thunder, us soon can go to the place. "

After the quarter, the body was also as if huge several points of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to soar, leading two thirty-year old powerhouses to go from out of the blue.

The astral wind sways, Ji Dong this time sits in Fu Rui behind, Fu Rui completely agrees with the dragon saddle that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back in the same place, although he has not put on the armor, but sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, the air/Qi of invisible prestige tyrant increases imposingly. Ji Dong is very clear, if that day to the war, Fu Rui adds on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, so long as perhaps strikes, can not can be withstood by oneself.

Holy and Evil Island, itself east of East China Sea, wants to arrive, must somewhere leave from East China Sea Holy and Evil Channel, without a doubt, the Holy and Evil Channel entrance can, on Light Five Elements Continent defend the strictest place, even if close is impossible. The general publics, are more impossible to know that has existence of Holy and Evil Channel, does not know that beside this continent, also another piece momentarily probably brings another piece of continent that invades.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.( To be continued

Chapter 138: Thunder Emperor assumes an awe-inspiring pose

Purple thunder Yaotian walks in upper air soars, from the ground, is impossible to see its form, although the East China Sea seashore is broad, but cloudy morning sun shoulders is protecting the Holy and Evil Channel duty auxiliary, the place that he lives in naturally cannot be away from Holy and Evil Channel to be too far, otherwise is unable to see existence of distant place that continent by the eyesight indistinctly.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon along with the promotion of Fu Rui strength, own magic power as if also increases, although could not have been in the Rank 9 degree, but flight actually wanted quickly much.

Fu Rui sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, his broad big and tall personal appearance covers the body of Ji Dong completely, even if no purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon itself loose magic power protection, perhaps the positive/direct astral wind will not blow on him.

"Little Junior Brother, we soon arrived. I estimated that the Heavenly Stems School person also came, later saw that their your anything was needless to say. All have me."Un. " Ji Dong is closing both eyes, is feeling in the upper air the change of magic power element, he is interested in Holy and Evil Battlefield very much, what made his heart fiery was, after the war of this time Holy and Evil ended, Lie Yan (raging flames) must go out, oneself can every day see her. Thinks of these, in his heart has filled excitedly. originally starts to whip in the fog of under foot on the body, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon started to drop.

Ji Dong is somewhat surprised said "so quick?"Fu Rui chuckled, "do you think to be able far? You look."At this time, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon happen to passes through the cloud layer, Fu Rui lifts the hand to the under finger/refers.

The bird's eye view sea from the sky, looks particularly in this place, felt intense shock has the Venerable/revering prestige between world to head on.

First heaves in sight is not Holy and Evil Channel or is Holy and Evil Island, the thunder lightning that but is distant place that blots out the sky the dark cloud that as well as sparkles unceasingly, even can see that the huge tornado wind wreaks havoc, in the sea is to get angry the wave raging waves, hundred meters monstrous waves find at everywhere. That overwhelming potential, looks like the anger of nature is ordinary in the combustion.

Fu Rui said: " In other places of East China Sea, mainly takes formidable sea magic beast in the sea for the obstruction, only then after thorough sea, will meet the change of natural celestial phenomenon, is here different, here has strength of the most terrifying nature, this terrifying sea area was called ten thousand thunder to break into a jail.

The meaning refers, surely thunder condensation is the disaster, is similar to the hell general terrifying ties. Even if the Rank 9 powerhouse enters, is little while difficult to run away the destroyed destiny. "

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, you? You are thunder attribute Mage. In addition your purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, whether thorough in which?"

Fu Rui chuckled, say/way "this does not say. However, even if must attempt also to wait till me to march Nine-Crown, after the thunder evolves to Rank 10, said again. These ten thousand thunder break into a jail in may, not only has Yang Thunder, has massive Yin Thunder. also hurricane tornado. It is not good to create. If you are interested, after our brothers, broke through Nine-Crown, can rush to it actually, as soon as rushes."

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, how haven't I seen Holy and Evil Channel?"He after the attention sea culmination, the vision fell in the sea level of vicinity likely, what made his surprised was, in sea level not existence of any islands or channel, mighty waves that only then fluctuated.

Fu Rui said: " The Holy and Evil Channel five years open one time, did not have when the time comes. It casually cannot see.

When the time comes you understood. "

Not in sea level? These words made the Ji Dong curiosity increase. His vision shifts from the sea, this time, what he sees is the vast tent.

The different color tents represent from the different countries, largest is the azure with the previous yellow, obviously is Eastern Wood Empire and on the empire garrisons many. These tents are stationed in the seashore, did not say other, only the daily food consumption is also astronomical figures. Also really wants Five Great Empires to collaborate, can maintain here year to year garrison. Also because has that the huge threat from East China Sea, since many years Light Five Elements Continent itself can throughout maintain the peace, shows no external differences.

If from this perspective, existence of Dark Five Elements Continent also not necessarily is the misdemeanor. After all for these years, the common people on continent are enjoying the peace joyful life.

In big sheep camp inner loop that Five Great Empires is stationed, also a stretch of independent camp, this stretch of camp completely is comprised of the golden tent, compared with the army in surrounding, these tent quantity few many.

But actually many things around a center feelings. Fu Rui refers to following the Ji Dong vision ", saw, that golden tents were the places that Heavenly Stems School was stationed. Every year will have the student who completes five years of guarding task to leave here, will have the new batch to come here. After these years accumulations, guards the Heavenly Stems School student total of border area here throughout placed about 1500 people. Many times has projected on 2000 people. Average cultivation base Four-Crown. Although in the Five Great Empires allied armies , many magic power level very high formidable Mage. But without a doubt, our Heavenly Stems School Mage is the true core."

Smiling that here, Fu Rui somewhat self-ridicules, "I have forgotten actually, I am not the Heavenly Stems School person. Initially, I in first time participated in post-war of Holy and Evil, had treated here for five years. Little Junior Brother, you know that treats actually here for five years, even compared with have a better effect in the school cultivation. Because here life is extremely arid, is impossible to leave, what can also make besides the cultivation? Has the directions and help of that many Senior. Several each Heavenly Stems School students when completing five years of value defend to leave here, magic power broke through to the Four-Crown close Five-Crown degree, if the Yin-Yang School disciple, when leaving here, but also nobody has not broken through Five-Crown. Therefore, this place, although is the border area defense line, but also is our Light Five Elements Continent high-level Mage cradle. Millenniums accumulations have created a phenomenon, now on continent the most aristocrats are Mage, moreover is high-grade level Mage , because they or their ancestors here had guarded."

A Ji Dong brow wrinkle " aristocrat is powerful, pours the instant can only be the common people. "

Fu Rui somewhat surprisedly visits him, say/way "did you also note this point? Now our continent may so not be tranquil like the surface. Intensification that contradiction between aristocrats and common people, gotten stronger and stronger. Because strength disparity is too big, truly has not appeared. For the continent peace, the war of Holy and Evil makes no mistake. Otherwise, once was attacked our land by the Dark Five Elements Continent person, perhaps our interior must have the part to disintegrate."

On the Ji Dong face reveals a strange look, "for the continent peace?
Senior Brother, you said that should for the peace of aristocrat is right."

Fu Rui has gawked ", I understand your meaning, but, you also know, these are not your I can change. The disease that the millenniums save was already ingrained. We can do, is completely the ability maintains."Ji Dong gives a calm smile: "Stubborn illness does not permanently cure, will only be deeper and deeper, when governs does not have to govern, perhaps is subversion of entire continent. When the time comes, perhaps meets one beyond redemption. Perhaps perhaps dozens years, several hundred years, this way, one day will live."Fu Rui silent, has not actually joined the Ji Dong words, points under was saying: "They presently we."Really, in the battalion commander of below that big piece, soars the number to the shadow, in an instant lifted off, but. That altogether is three forms, will assume to attack from a pincer-like position certainly the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to encircle faintly in the center. They release respective magic power, impressively is three Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses, and has is the flight class magic beast partners.

These three people seem are about 40 -year-old appearances, separately is Yang Water department, Yin Earth department and Yang Wood department. But their mounts were not Fu Rui such imposing manner vast Giant Dragon, was Rank 6 birds magic beast. Similarly wears the armor, must miss compared with Fu Rui in power and influence freely, but also after all is the Six-Crown powerhouses, in addition flight magic beast. On continent calculates on is extraordinary character. Fu Rui sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon proudly carries on the back, said to that Six-Crown Ninth Water department Heavenly Scholar directly: "Senior Brother Li, five years does not see, elegant demeanor as before!"Ninth Water Heavenly Scholar sneers, "is not at all the Thunder Emperor this fellow apprentice's name. I heard that has sentenced Yin- Yang School. This line of what is?"Relations between Water department and Fire department have not compromised. Especially Yang Water department and Yang Fire department. The Fu Rui look concentrates, "Li Ye Xin, if you want dead, I did not mind that helps you. A character revolting, even if Dean will not use on me. You are any thing."Thunder Emperor when facing the Teacher and Ji Dong this Little Junior Brother will be benign, facing the bystander, completely will reveal his Thunder Emperor true colors.

Ninth Water Heavenly Scholar Li Ye Xin coldly snorted, "Fu Rui. When you we feared that you are inadequate? Saw clearly, we also broke through the Six-Crown rank. Also has the magic beast mount to lead a cheer similarly. Here is Holy and Evil Channel is , the Five Great Empires union prohibition rule you do not know, comes this rioter, kills without the amnesty."Clearly, this fellow and Fu Rui have the old enmity, eats taking advantage of overwhelming with numerical strength, is unyielding. Fu Rui sneers, "depends on your three bricks?" The loving mother electric light is similar to the explosion ascension, White Yang Crown appears suddenly above his top of the head, Seven-Crown lightning brand mark brilliance sparkle, Thunder Emperor aura instantaneously with him ** the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon fuses together, gang of nearly in Wanlei does break into a jail(? Does not understand, looked at passable) the terrifying pressure explodes suddenly. On oneself in conjunction of magic beast partner, few people can compared with Fu Rui, because his Totem is in itself creates , this purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. A person of dragon, already was similar to a body, with, let alone added on the Rank 8 purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon by his Seven-Crown cultivation base, this imposing manner released comprehensively, immediately made the extremely terrifying picture. Entire sky instantaneously dark, almost in blinking, the dark cloud condensed in the midair, the thunder and lightning of surging swept clear other elements crazily, in the air has been filling with the manic aura, withstood great pressure the general sinking congealing aura to make that three Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses not only have a big shock, they ** the magic beast mount was retroceding restlessly, particularly that Yang Wood department magic beast, body, no matter shivered.

"Seven-Crown, did you break through Seven-Crown?"Ninth Water Heavenly Scholar Li Ye Xin said with amazement. Fu Rui coldly: "Come! Let me have a look at you in the five years many progress. Can join my three moves, calculates that you win. I handle depending on you."Li Ye Xin has swallowed saliva, if Fu Rui or the Six-Crown rank, adds on three magic beast strengths by their three Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar again, lets self-examine strength of the spelling, but, presents before them, is actually Seven-Crown Thunder Emperor. This One-Crown disparity can be said as the difference of heaven and earth, although their look cold severe, but actually already somewhat outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted flavor/smell. "Stop."Shouted at from under resounds, although at this time purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon flown was very low, but from the ground also over 500 meters, can spread to the upper air not to be loose the sound from the ground, obviously the strength of this sound master. The silver light flashes, sits has almost not seen clearly in Fu Rui behind Ji Dong with enough time, were many in the Fu Rui opposite a person. Comes the person to be tall, seems most is also shorter than Fu Rui the first half head the appearance, 50-60 years old appearance, cross next elongation, only then about seven meters Silver Dragon, the body puts on the silver whole body armor, aspect big face, full beard, in foreheads awe-inspiring might.

"Do you do? Gives under me to move." The Silver Dragon knight drinks one to that three Heavenly Scholar coldly.

Li Ye Xin relaxed secretly, although is unwilling, but hurries to drop with the two companion dingy receiving wings.

They departed, the Silver Dragon knight then changes Fu Rui, laughed, said: "Fu Rui, did your this brat, just come to give for brother demonstration of authority?"

Fu Rui gives a calm smile, said: "Senior Brother permits, this is not I must to you demonstration of authority, is they must give me demonstration of authority is right."

Is called Senior Brother permits Silver Dragon knight laughed, said: "Was good, was good. Did not say these, quickly got down to say again. Holy and Evil Channel will soon open, we inspected a moment ago, otherwise is not one's turn that several boys to come up. Your boy does not take care to have a look at the brothers in the five years. I do not believe betraying in their mouth, who dares again rubbish, the father has abandoned him first."

Listened to the Senior Brother permits words, the look in Fu Rui eye to relax several points, "Senior Brother, I also thinks, you did not recognize my this brothers."

Senior Brother permits ill-humored say/way: "Your boy looks to punch. Do not think that your Seven-Crown I have not been able to punch you. Quickly gets down with me, has several of us, even if Dean orders to catch you to think over. Is who risks one's life on Holy and Evil Battlefield? Other were not many said that our six dragon Ju, must drinking tonight well."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Good. Compared with the strength I was inferior that several fellow apprentices, by drinking, your five same places come. Our fellow apprentices two people following."

Chapter 139: Glory six dragons

Senior Brother permits shot a look at Fu Rui behind Ji Dong "Fu Rui, is this your nearly causes the Junior Brother of supreme war? You give for the brother divulge the details, your this coming, are. "

The Fu Rui look concentrates ", this is my Little Junior Brother Ji Dong. Senior Brother, my temperament could it be haven't you known? The goal that we come only then, goes forth to battle to kill the enemy. Any power punishment dispute has nothing to do with us. Who said that I am a rebel, good! Let him come with me to dispute. Our fellow apprentices received."

Senior Brother permits nodded, said: "Had your words to suffice. Who dares to obstruct you to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, cannot pass with us. Walks, walks, first got down to say again."

Was saying, sees only him ** a that Silver Dragon personal appearance show, seemed only the pair of wings flapped slightly, has been similar to a silver meteor vanishes does not see.

"Little Junior Brother, this person is my good friend, named permits Yonglong, five years ago he is the Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse, in our heavenly stems Juntian is one of the several assistant regimental commanders. Nickname Cloud Dragon, clamps Metal department, although his Cloud Dragon is in dragon clan stature smallest one, only has the Rank 7 strength, but is actually quickest one. Before him is 50 years old, in Holy and Evil Battlefield, makes the match most headache character. Often in not possible place ambush enemy. Is here absolute veteran, has guarded for dozens years, he adds on another three assistant regimental commander Commander also and I, synthesizes the brilliance six dragons, my also another nickname, is called Thunder Dragon. Our six people are the dragon ride Mage. In their five person names the dragon character, what a pity does not belong to five elements, otherwise, collaborated the strength more powerful. For all this, they are also here nucleus. Even if the directors of school must let their several points, after all, they have placed here oneself half a lifetime. On the title, their five people are various countries' big dukes. The status is honored."

Was saying, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon has restrained the pair of wings to fall in the ground, the stay position, the dark clouds in Heavenly Stems Regiment these golden color tent first two sky also begin to accrue interest to vanish along with Fu Rui restraining, restored the cloud poor business conditions light picture.

permits Yonglong early waited there, his Silver Dragon also disappeared, similarly also another three people there, seems is the 50-60 years old appearance, although the appearance is various, but has own special makings, the look is profound, cannot see the depth, without a doubt, they have the extremely formidable strength.

Fu Rui draws Ji Dong to carry on the back to jump down from the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, the first several steps, salute to say to that another three middle-aged people: "Fu Rui has seen several fellow apprentices. How did you come?"

The left is a stature joyful long facial features plain middle-aged person, short appears extremely energetic, laughed, said: "You from the sky make such big noise, can we not know? First introduced this little brother to us."

Fu Rui nodded, to at present four humanity: "This is my Little Junior Brother, should also be the Teacher closing disciple. Named Ji Dong."

Ji Dong leads slightly, was sees to deliver the betrothal gifts, has not actually started talking. Fu Rui said: "These four fellow apprentices are the Heavenly Stems Regiment assistant regimental commanders, guards the big hero in border area. Senior Brother permits Yonglong, nickname Cloud Dragon. By grows perceptibly. I had introduced for you a moment ago. This is Senior Brother Du Kuang dragon, the nickname lion dragon. First Wood department."Fu Rui introduced officially just, middle-aged person of speech.

Ji Dong fixes the eyes on to look, this middle-aged person look is ordinary, seems to the person makings of polite scholarly.

permits Yonglong chuckled, say/way "he is a anomaly, you may should not be confused by his semblance. If this fellow fights, like lunatic. Therefore, the most time was called him the animal."

Du Kuang dragon angrily said: ", old permits, is not convinced, is not convinced we to come one."

permits Yonglong snorted "you can pursue on me to say again."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Senior Brother Du Kuang dragon was called the king of attack, attacks likely is not First Wood department Mage. I have believed, he should be our Third Fire department is right."

"Fu Rui, your boy is atypical, quickly did not introduce others."Stood another middle-aged person side Du Kuang dragon said command Ji Dong stunned words suddenly. This sounds of people interval woman also wants the high-pitched and fine several points, particularly when speech also specially pinches orchid fingers. Such, is whining unexpectedly likely. Stands steps forward in his side two people separately one step, makes one not to know that his appearance, permits Yonglong pats the forehead, seems the big feeling cannot endure.

Fu Rui was on the face the muscle has also affected, said: "Little Junior Brother, this is Senior Brother Kim Taek Ryong, nickname Gold Dragon, Eighth Metal department. Is famous at ever changing magic skill and limit attack." Said honestly, if this Kim Taek Ryong with looking, but also cannot pick up any problem . The look is also in the people handsomest one, skin white Zan, willow eyebrows phoenix, has elegant golden color to be long, but his opens the mouth, strikes an attitude, the handsome facial features were also destroyed by the atmosphere.

Really made one be hard to accept.

Kim Taek Ryong's discontented look people, on face reveal a plaintive look "others not to want like this, but, others are innate 99% cloudy metal attribute, Yin Qi is too heavy, I have not managed, law."Little brother, your skin is really good. "

Is listening to Kim Taek Ryong's front words, in the Ji Dong heart , is startled, 99% cloudy metal attribute, this can be said as the limit attribute existed, only this point, sufficiently sees sissy in this brilliance six dragon to have the non- custom common strength two. Yes, when Kim Taek Ryong said when last, he really could not bear. Complexion white, hurries to turn head.

". I introduced oneself. Ze dragon, your peaceful little while."Last middle-aged person is more normal, is tall, no longer under Fu Rui, rush of blood to the head red short stand erect, seems to be somewhat similar to Ji Dong good brothers Carl. Must be bigger and taller.

"My name was gold/metal Gulong, nickname Fire Dragon, Third Fire department two once studied in the Teacher Zhu Rong disciple, but was only honorary disciple. I was also your genuine Senior Brother. Naturally, in our these people, my strength is worst one, is nothing to speak."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Senior Brother gold/metal, you are satirizing me. Words that I have not remembered incorrectly, five years ago you are Seven-Crown. This is not one's turn you badly!"

gold/metal Gulong very earnest say/way: "No, all -round strength I definitely am inferior to you. My Fire Dragon product Jiedi, is inferior to your purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon." Fu Rui said: " Senior Brother gold/metal, you are such serious appearance.

gold/metal Gulong ill-humored say/way: ", Ze dragon like this, I am not proper, the reputations of our six dragons

Was finished. First, Fu Rui said to Ji Dong: " Oh, was right. Senior Brother gold/metal Gulong and Senior Brother Kim Taek Ryong are the blood brother.

Senior Brother gold/metal Gulong is an elder brother. " "Blood brother?"Ji Dong surprised has opened mouth. Which aspect regardless of looked, he could not see this so-called two brothers have any resembling place.

Kim Taek Ryong has opened the mouth ", person the guardian must look like mother, valley dragon takes after father. Our also respective resembles parents' attribute. This appearance a little distinguished."Little brother, your skin is very good, I quite envy Oh. "

Is suppressing the vomit **, Ji Dong subconscious retreat one step, nearby Cloud Dragon and lion dragon two people could not bear laughter make noise.

Fu Rui helpless shaking the head, said: " Senior Brother Ze dragon, you have forgiven my this Little Junior Brother.

He may probably enter Holy and Evil Battlefield with me. " The present four dragons have simultaneously gawked, Du Kuang dragon solemnly said: "Fu Rui, your matters we also heard. This enters the Holy and Evil Island 300 candidates also to determine. What leading is Ye Xin. Although I do not know how Ji Dong can kill Ji Yifeng. But do not forget, Ji Yifeng is on the Empire Imperial family only successor. This enmity can be said as the deep as sea. In outside, the also two armed forces revere the pressure of senior, no one dares to be what kind of him. But on Holy and Evil Battlefield who can say well? Do not forget, once enters Holy and Evil Battlefield, you will separate. You once twice entered, naturally understands the Holy and Evil Battlefield risk. This matter, do two departments revere the senior to know?"Fu Rui shows a faint smile, said: "Without permission of Martial Ancestor, how dare I to bring Little Junior Brother to come, fellow fellow apprentices please feel relieved. In present Heavenly Stems School, even if in Yin-Yang School, perhaps also nobody can defeat my this Little Junior Brother."Say/Way that gold/metal Gulong some do not dare to believe: ", Fu Rui, your this Little Junior Brother this year how old?"Fu Rui looked at Ji Dong, Ji Dong say/way "16 years old."Gold/Metal valley dragon also wants to say anything again, nearby permits Yonglong actually opens the mouth saying: C, old gold/metal, you do not ask. Since is decision under Victorious Light crown, but also needs us to question? Fu Rui, this matter you could rest assured that has several of us' support, that side leads, although has the water director and First Wood department eastern director. Also cannot prevent you to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield. The general situation is most important. Although Ye Xin that girl the recent years progressed is not small, but compared with you, missed were too many. " Hears Ye Xin this name, the Fu Rui complexion obviously became faint several points, in the look also flashed through a strange brilliance, although was only the flash, but actually noted in his Ji Dong.

Fu Rui laughed, said: " That entered the Holy and Evil Battlefield matter to ask several fellow apprentices.

Should also seven and eight days. In any event, tonight must call in the books storehouse Senior Brother Song, we are not drunk do not turn over. " permits Yonglong chuckled, said: "You want to run cannot be inescapable. I heard, your boy had just been promoted shortly after Nine Stars Bartender. Is the Wine God rank."Fu Rui smiles "originally Senior Brother permits to keep thinking about my liquor! This, said."At the same time was saying, he also approaches Ji Dong blinked. However, how regardless of he conceals, Ji Dong also clear remembering formerly that flickered the sadness that the Fu Rui eyeground flashes through.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui were arranged, two people live when a golden tent, now the weather also early, after arranging their dwelling, that four dragons rode Mage to go to bustle about respectively, Holy and Evil Channel will soon start, this is they every five years busiest checked. "Senior Brother."Ji Dong called out to Fu Rui.

"Un?"Fu Rui lies down on the bunk has turned head. In this golden tent the thing of various types of applications have it all, is most good life things.

Ji Dong sits in the bedside, said: ", Are you thinking Senior Sister Ye Xin?" The Fu Rui look one cold "I think that what she does make? The woman of that loose and fickle."Ji Dong said: ", Senior Brother, among our brothers, you do not need to conceal anything, I could see, you have the sentiment to Senior Sister Ye Xin. Are not willing to acknowledge. Previous time at dance party I understand. Sometimes, you must see its essence by the superficial thing, does not want premature drawing a conclusion, should not be hoodwinked the heart by own insisting on.:

Fu Rui has not spoken, passed long time, his lightly said: ", Here, brilliance five dragons are the people of chancellor. Planned according to me, in after the school can some people inherit the position of my seat, comes to here and five fellow apprentices converges, guards the border area together. In five dragons, besides Song Ruilong of regimental commander nickname named lizard, strength strongest was actually Senior Brother Kim Taek Ryong. Do not be confused by his sissy superficial 7 : 3 o 23-5. Senior Brother Kim Taek Ryong greatly had commended regarding magic power control strength Martial Ancestor, has achieved an pinnacle. Will not always use for one point, or little uses one point of magic power. Also besides using long Senior Brother Song, powerhouse who another achieves the Eight-Crown strength. At present the youngest Heavenly Venerable level expert. 99 cloudy metal attribute talents, making him likely the next supreme powerhouse. But regimental commander Senior Brother Song, is honored as Ji Chang believes the successor under part of great bear crown. Five years do not see, it is estimated that his magic power already extremely close Nine-Crown. Senior Brother Song should be over 70 years old this year, although is not on the Empire Imperial family, but itself actually sufficiently and in the status on empire compared with equal king. Not only bestowed Duke to seal/confer Weida, is in itself also on the three services grand marshal in empire, here guarded on empire armies also to listen to him to dispatch. Is an extremely fierce character. I now broke through Seven-Crown, said with these five fellow apprentices me, was the overflowing cover has served as a stopgap, five fellow apprentices once were the Yin-Yang School seat, permits Yonglong, gold/metal Gulong and Du Kuang dragon these three fellow apprentices of a similar age because in the past competed for the position of Yin-Yang School seat, does not know that has challenged mutually many times. Has these five fellow apprentices' support, the school does not dare to stop us to enter Holy and Evil Battlefield."

Listens to Fu Rui to attend to about him, changed the topic intentionally, Ji Dong has not said anything again, but silently was listening respectfully. Guards Mage here, if few powerhouses he will feel strange. The brilliance five dragons, without doubt are the mainstays.

"Fu Rui, you in?"In this time, a gentle sound is resounding outside the tent. Hears this sound, is being Ji Dong narrated that the Fu Rui complexions of brilliance five dragons suddenly one stiff, sat from the bed suddenly. The surface sinks like the water, solemnly said: "Do you do?"13

Chapter 140: Holds Chief again, the world lethal weapon

The sound that outside the tent suddenly resounds made the Fu Rui complexion become extremely ugly, but this sound, Ji Dong was actually knows that in heart secretly thought: Really said that Cao Cao Cao Cao, is the master of this sound, not just Yin-Yang School ranks third Ye Xin?

"Didn't ask me to go in?"Ye Xin said spookily.

Fu Rui look cloudy eyeball uncertain change, Ji Dong is standing up, said: "Senior Brother, I go out for a walk."

Fu Rui somewhat agitated waving, say/way ", you do not stay behind."Spoke these words, always firm such as iron Thunder Emperor slightly hesitant, approaches the tent outlet: "Ye Xin, you come."

Helpless Ji Dong sits down, the tent curtain shoulders, stature tall and slender Ye Xin walked. This time Ye Xin no longer wears her usual purple long skirt, but is a purple vigor attire, outlined her slim moving figure, was really this raised raised, this concave concavity, was quite attractive. It looks like the thoroughly ripe apple, when person picks. The complexion somewhat is slightly white. Among the looks can see its innermost feelings the disturbance. Also reveals so the look by her Level 50 above Great Grandmaster cultivation base, obviously she at this time is what kind of mood

Fu Rui desolate say/way: " Didn't you use here make an affectation, have the matter to say quickly? Ye Xin looks at Fu Rui, in the eye flashes through a thick hidden bitterness, bites lower lip "everybody to hope that lightly you can come back to manage the general situation. Only then you can be competent the seat."

Did Fu Rui sneer "the present to remember me? After Ji Yifeng died, does your nobody stand to help my Little Junior Brother speech? one by one only knows to cultivate one's own moral worth. You go back to tell them, I am I, you are you. I will enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, but with Heavenly Stems School not any relations. You walk."

Ye Xin urgently said! " Fu Rui, are you cruel enough to look at everybody dead in Holy and Evil Battlefield? Without your leadership, can live the person, perhaps not one-third. "

Fu Rui stands up suddenly, his two meters big and tall personal appearance and Ye Xin slender formed the striking contrast slenderly, the Thunder Emperor powerful imposing manner made Ye Xin subconscious retreat one step, some do not dare to face up to his as if to be able the scorching soul vision.

Fu Rui coldly said: " You remember to me, from now on, Yin-Yang School and I will not have relations, your lives will not close my matter. For these years, you think that I don't know?

You are joining up to cope with me in the back. But does not dare to take an action.

Arrived the war of Holy and Evil thought of my advantage? You go back, later do not make me see you again. Can go out of Holy and Evil Battlefield, is your matters. "

Ye Xin angrily said: " could it be you want to look that the war of this time our Holy and Evil is defeated? Commands without you, these experts who here is stationed , can how many listen to me to dispatch? My this exists in name only. Enters nobody obeys orders, is unable to gather the strength in a short time. Let alone everybody cannot live coming out, the Holy and Evil day impeaches also will certainly toward a Dark Five Elements Continent side incline / half dream, is this you desired? In my heart, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui is the man of being indomitable spirit, right, you said right, we are the plan must cope with you, but do you know why that is? Is because you were too formidable, formidable to letting everyone has not gasped for breath. Although your strength is formidable, but is extremely obstinate. You think not to have, even if initially I received the urging of Teacher to approach you, by my disposition and in the Yin-Yang School status, if not like on you, I all will give you? Your an opportunity of explanation is actually not willing to me, abandoning such as to open the shoes. I must cope with you, must lead the Yin-Yang School fellow apprentices to defeat you, looks that some day you defeat in my front appearance. Ji Yifeng that coward does not dare to face with you, does he also want to touch me? Has a dream. Good that dying, died cleanly.

Fu Rui, I can put down you to give my shame temporarily and all, arrived here to request that you hold Yin-Yang School again, for what? Was your could it be of seat was not once clear? The war of Holy and Evil, this is not you, is not my matter. But relates to the matter of entire continent safety. Regardless of there is anything to hate, we must put down temporarily. Even if after were the war of Holy and Evil ended, you retaliated again, I also all received, appointed you handled and that's the end. "

Fu Rui listens to the Ye Xin words, among the looks not to reveal any change throughout, according to day is chilling and powerful, said finally that until Ye Xin, appointed you handled four, character time, after his eyebrow slightly provoked "the war of Holy and Evil had ended, are you me to handle?"

Ye Xin very draws out the chest that stands tall and erect, without the slightest hesitation said: "Good, appointed you handle."

Fu Rui nodded "good, said it and meant it."At the same time was saying, he extends oneself right hand, Ye Xin stretches out the palm quickly with him, as soon as strikes. The look that on the face reveals feeling relaxed, relaxed obviously.

"You know where can find us again. I walked first."Saying, her was then turning around to go. In the moment of going out, on Ye Xin charming face reveals a cunning look, in the heart the secretly thought: Fu Rui Fu Rui, I not, appointed you handle, can be possible to make you know my true regard? You may know, previous time at the dance party, your look betrayed you yourself.

Ye Xin departs, Fu Rui actually stands in same place has not moved, as if in static thinking anything, after long time, slowly has turned around, sits above the bunk, sighed " to get up her working as. "

"Was swindled?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Fu Rui said: "The words of Ye Xin this woman, I do not know that can believe several points. But a little can affirm, she is willing to look for me, certainly is the meanings of these directors. Superficially, only then two directors lead to come, but in fact, whenever Holy and Evil Battlefield opens time, General continent will have the massive powerhouses to gather here. Our Ms. Martial Ancestor these supreme powerhouses also will pay attention to here sound. Situation that if the opposite party attacks our channel, all powerhouses will unite the anti- enemy, the use benefit the superiority to deal a head-on blow to the match. This is also why now player and enemy obtain the winning side to be also few in the war of Holy and Evil the impact the reason. Is these directors incites Ye Xin to come to convince surely my. Participates in the war of altogether 300 people Holy and Evil, every time comes to attend the war of Holy and Evil from Heavenly Stems School, most not 150 people, surplus here selects from guarding Heavenly Stems Regiment below 50 powerhouses. The true main force is our Yin-Yang School disciple and Heavenly Stems Regiment here student. A little Ye Xin said right, if she enters Holy and Evil Battlefield as the seat, Heavenly Stems Regiment here person will not listen to her to dispatch, she has not frightened many colleagues sufficiently the strength."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile " Senior Brother, when you give her an opportunity, is gives itself an opportunity. "

Fu Rui looks at Ji Dong, suddenly laughed, said: "Little Junior Brother, how I think you with sentiment Saint. However, said. Do previous time you bring that girl of dance party? She was I have seen the most beautiful woman. In our Yin-Yang School many beautiful women, may before her, completely be actually overshadowed. Only can be many things around a center. On that day looked at your appearances, was very intimate!"Listens Fu Rui raised Lie Yan (raging flames) not on own initiative, the face of Ji Dong red several points, scratched the head, said:

"Actually she is only friend of mine. On that day I have not thought that she will come. Most also can only be I adores her unrequited love."Fu Rui chuckled, said: ", Little Junior Brother, but also unrequited love what? Man and woman, that matter. Pierced the window paper to be clear. You are my Junior Brother, future prospect limitless Pinnacle Two Fires Mage. Does could it be also fear others not with you? The good woman not to be good to look! Seized the opportunity not to give up."

In Ji Dong heart secret forced smile, can oneself can be joined to Lie Yan (raging flames) really? Answer in his heart absolutely negative, but can he explain to Fu Rui?

Seven Heavenly Empress (day later). Seashore.

The sea breeze is intermittent, having the sea unique flavor/smell to sway the shore, distant place that piece of ten thousand thunder is breaking into a jail seems also manic. The ocean waves are torrential, whip the shore often to leave the intermittent explosion sound.

At this time, in this seashore, gathers at least is having 2000 people. Everyone wears the striking golden vigor attire, stands in the front several hundred people, wears the mail-armor and helmet.

Ji Dong stands side most front Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Today's Fu Rui appears especially tall and straight, the golden vigor attire is the Light Five Elements Continent representative. The same color is an ally, even if were Ji Dong has changed such clothes, only then Fu Rui has not put on. The Thunder Emperor whole body covers in royal purple mail-armor and helmet, that mail-armor and helmet seems extremely firm thick, the edges and corners are distinct. On the helmet has the mask, blocks from the face of Fu Rui, but actually cannot block from the formidable power and influence that on him blooms that to blot out the sky. During the right hand grasps, the huge thunder battle axe crosses seven meters, but the axe surface radius has two meters two to brandish, as if including the mountain also to strike two to break. This is the Fu Rui magic power weaponry. Day god of thunder glow armor and thunder battle axe. Fu Rui after equipment only gives people completely a feeling, can describe with four characters, that is, world lethal weapon.

Even if other five dragon stands of brilliance six dragons side him, is unable compared with this time imposing manner. Sways the sea breeze that comes to delimit from his body directly, does not dare to dash directly.

In brilliance six dragons, before Ji Dong mixed is very beside the familiar four dragons, the Heavenly Stems Regiment regiment feldspar dragon Songrui dragon also finally appeared. Song Ruilong stature medium, look was handsome.

On face look like his nickname calm like mountain. It seems the 50-year- old appearance, if did not listen to Fu Rui saying that Ji Dong was very difficult to believe that at present this person age crosses 70.

Song Ruilong the aura and Fu Rui were clearly opposite, Fu Rui was completely overbearing of manifest, but Song Ruilong was actually the completely reserved profoundness. If makes Ji Dong appraise him, the immeasurably deep four characters are most appropriate.

Glory six dragon stands in the front, Ji Dong follows behind Fu Rui, he is only a golden vigor attire, has not put on own Monarch demon Yin-Yang armor, because he wants, when enters on Holy and Evil Battlefield to put on the armor again, this nobody can recognize him.

Ji Dong has benefitted from Fu Rui obviously, he follows close on side Fu Rui, and nobody said anything. Even if stands in the behind not far away Heavenly Stems School two directors is also same. Even if Old Shui that continuously and Zhu Rong does not cope with very much at this time is also peaceful.

298 soldiers stand in behind, almost every person has own magic power armor, they who wears the mail-armor and helmet, majority also covered oneself face. These people, are this time enter Holy and Evil Battlefield, participates in Light Five Elements Continent representative of war of Holy and Evil.

Ye Xin stands in Heavenly Stems School here front line, today's she, the body depth purple mail-armor and helmet, the looking at a sample type, unexpectedly and Fu Rui has several phase splitting shapes, the hand grasps a pomelo length the approximately three chi (0.33 m) six cuns (2.5 cm) same color thin sword. Only from the design of armor, Ji Dong can guess to obtain, this also stems from oneself that Big Brother’s writing skill. The Zhu Yan casting way is traceable. Evidently, should be initially Fu Rui and Ye Xin relates good time Zhu Yan to help her casting.

Holy and Evil Channel will soon open, all people were waiting for these five years time once approached, Fu Rui static staring the distant place sea level was motionless just like the statue. Is related to the life and death, relates to two pieces of hostile continent victories and defeats, becomes regarding Fu Rui the entering the war seat, a Heavenly Stems School side does not have anybody to raise the objection. But Ji Dong clear present, why Ye Xin could not direct all combatants. In powerhouse who Heavenly Stems Regiment enters the war, Six-Crown above Mage ten people.

Although the strength cannot compared with Fu Rui, but is not Ye Xin their these Yin-Yang School disciples can compare. Without a doubt, these talented people are the true key forces. Did not need Fu Rui saying that Ji Dong can also guess correctly, before they should be, Yin-Yang School disciple. Does not have Thunder Emperor to frighten, will they obey the woman direction that a Ye Xin strength is insufficient?

The surface looks, at this time waits in the seashore, only then this less than 2000 Mage. May in fact, in the Five Great Empires station, the army be turbulent, early has completed the combat readiness. Not far away, has the formidable aura to pay attention to here trend.

At this moment, in the Ji Dong heart somewhat is also anxious, actually on Holy and Evil Battlefield can be what kind of picture, he does not know. After entering the battlefield, at least in only then oneself that the initial period can depend upon. In in the Ji Dong heart thinks, suddenly, bang a loud sound, clearly is the weather that the sunlight shines, actually resounds flat land startling thunderclap. Front sea has as if seethed with excitement generally, the sea water starts, the great waves enter the airborne hundred zhang (333 m). The unequalled vast energy aura blooms instantaneously, the unequalled shock picture presents before all people. The air coagulates in this moment completely, feeling that everyone some types are unable to breathe, is only the flash, sky dark, unexpectedly likely instantaneously the dark cloud forms generally has covered the entire sky. Electric lights glitter in that sincere/heavy cloud layer, looks like that ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail the spread, but.
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