Jiu Shen Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: New start

Facing Ji cloud Sheng, the response of Ji Dong ice-cold renounces, does not have the leeway of half revolution per minute circle, not for other, only for the pitiful bitter experience of this body originally master. He is very clear, regardless of before oneself take possession this body has what kind of life experience, only then a matter can affirm that Ji Dong soul carried together died, if were not because own soul took possession, perhaps only met the remaining dense white bones including the body.

Ji cloud Sheng any explanation, Ji Dong does not want to listen, regardless of lives any matter, the child is innocent, but the Ji Dong memory told him, when five years old, he turned into an orphan, can only the wandering about destitute street dependence go begging to live. Pure is this point, he to equal king not any favorable impression. Where Ji cloud Sheng knows, true Ji Dong already died, now he sees, although is the body of Ji Dong, but the soul belongs to one generation of Wine God Li Jiedong from another world.

Listened to the Ji Dong words, the Ji cloud Sheng complexion changes, if not becoming cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister's surface, perhaps directly has done by the status of his equal king. But actually can only bear patiently at this time, listened to the words of cloudy morning sun after the Ji long letter look big change, as well as two big supreme powerhouses, for he does not hesitate to oppose with on empire can see that Ji Dong is important.

"Ji Dong, I know that you received many pain, but, what your body upper reaches is the blood of Ji Family, I can affirm, you are my Ji Family lineage/vein latter sauce, I am your one's own grandfather!""One's own grandfather?"Ji Dong original look ice-cold, does not want excessively to pester here, but hears Ji cloud Sheng these words, the ray in his eyes has filled the cruel air/Qi immediately.

"Are you my one's own grandfather? I told you, Ji Dong early sixth branch after dying, ten years ago were abandoned by you died. Are you my one's own grandfather? Then, I asked you, when I went begging from door to door, you where? When I do not have enough to eat, you where? When my clothes does not obstruct the body you where? My was ridiculed the body of balanced Yin-Yang waste time, your this one's own grandfather equality Your Highness king is actually enjoying the riches and honors. How could you remember that has Ji Dong this grandson three me to tell you, my body flows, is not the bloodlines of your Ji Family, is only my blood. My blood is at least hot, get lost/rolls the spirit class wave. But your so-called emperor's family noble descents, so-called bloodlines, but ice-cold. Regarding you, in my heart, only then hates." The people on the scene, all are the powerhouse, Ji Dong 15 years old, categorical that but these words said that forceful, Ji cloud Sheng who said is unable to make half a word to refute unexpectedly, floats is the complexion cannot speak ugly actually in airborne one generation of supreme powerhouse part of great bear Ji Changxin.

The Victorious Light cloudy morning sun looks at Ji Dong, nodded silently, light to Ji long channel: ", The long letter brother, this child's words you heard. Since Ji Dong had found, the matter of today relinquishes in light of this. Trouble that gives to your country, here I to apology. Simply, has not made your country have any loss. Naturally, we will also give your country confession. clear melts, from now on, you will be separated from Heavenly Stems School. Zhu Rong, Zhu Yan and Fu Rui, you are also same. In Heavenly Stems School director Fire department, making Southern Fire Empire dispatch. If Heavenly Stems School cannot accommodate my Fire department, I can make Fire department withdraw on behalf of Southern Fire Empire. " May not."Ji long letter hurrying running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that if Fire department withdraws from Heavenly Stems School, then, this continent first school, perhaps really must disintegrate for the school that Holy and Evil Battlefield arose at the historic moment. " The morning sun brother, does not use actually so. This matter is only a misunderstanding. " Cloudy morning sun shook the head "long letter, how regardless to say, Ji Dong also struck to kill your country sovereign too grandson, although in situation of competition, but this hurt the feelings of your country after all. If Heavenly Stems School can also hold my Fire department, Fire department continues to strive. The matter of today ended, we said goodbye."Ji Changxin complexion somewhat is really ugly, other people could not interpose. Listens, cloudy morning sun seems very reasonable, but, this premise is Ji Dong is well came back, before then, under this Victorious Light crown had not opposed Yin Zhaorong must destroy the proposition of entire city.

What is the truth? Arrived their this levels, the absolute strength is the truth.

Existences of two big supreme powerhouses, what Ji Changxin can also say? Has helpless nodded, the northward toward the way of yang: "The morning sun brother please feel relieved, status of Fire department in Heavenly Stems School will never change, here I promised you."Is exposed to the sun nodded "to be so best cloudy. We walk."Saying, his big hand was wielding, the cross under Rank 10 Fire Dragon king soared, seemed is not quick, but this level magic beast personal appearance moved, in the sky the dark cloud dispelled voluntarily, reveals a red sky, the hold of imposing manner, the world for it look changes. Any person who sees this, the scene deeply remembers all at this time. Even if Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng snake has not gone to incur first, although in the level it must be higher, may have existence of cloudy morning sun, its arrogance also has to restrain.

This is the strength. Strength of one generation of supreme powerhouses.

Yin Zhaorong follows, the Teng Snake carrying/sustaining she and Ji Dong followed, is Zhu Rong, wishes the coal brothers and cross under Rank 9 Fire Dragon, finally is one's turn Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. When they depart, could not bear toward that lived many years of Heavenly Stems School eyes. Then the rapid flight goes. Gazes after the people to depart, the part of great bear Ji Changxin look appears very solemn, in in the empire people no one can see the mood of this supreme powerhouse at this time.

Falls gently slowly in the ground, has not waited for Ji Changxin to open the mouth, did nearby Ji inscription excel at walking coming up "Big Brother, could it be such has considered as finished? Yifeng is the imperial family inherits the candidate only, the imperial family direct line bloodlines only child. Such died in vain inadequately?"Ji Changxin coldly swept his one eyes, the vision fell again to the empire emperor Ji cloud wealth ", good descendant who you taught. By cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong status, disdains in lying. The inscription excels, you dare to conceal the truth to me unexpectedly the cause. Such does not consider as finished, how do you want? Given name could it be of cloudy morning sun aren't you clear? In the past during ten big exclusive title magical instruments competed, he was only one nobody dares to challenge. 50 years later today, present age in the supreme powerhouse, can with his contending three people. Even if today is only he here, I cannot resist two to revenge, first thinks over own component. In processing of this matter, you disappointed me. Cloudy morning sun is willing such then forget about it, gives me the face. How you do not think, having Zhu Rong and Brother Zhu Yan, how many Heavenly Stems School to lose?"Ji Ming excels at the complexion cloudy clear uncertain, but faces the Ji long letter, he really does not dare to do. Although the Ji cloud wealth as King, but also can only be clenched both fists at this time, does not dare to have the slight rebuttal.

Ji Changxin vision changes to Ji cloud Sheng, in eye chill in the air greatly hold "cloud Sheng, you with me. About the Ji Dong matter, if you cannot give me an enough belief the reason. Your this equal king do not do. My Ji Changxin on Five Elements Continent is also the first hero, today pointed at nose to scold by decendants, the reason of not talking back two hello/you good, you were very good!", Ji cloud Sheng keeps silent the Ruohan cicada looks at Ji Changxin, as the grandson, he is very clear, at this time grandfather moved really hot. Although cloudy morning sun brother and sister and the others departed, but on the imperial palace, actually as before is potential of the blowing up for rain, regardless in the heart has many to be discontented, Ji Mingshan also can only bear patiently.

Even if his cultivation base distance supreme powerhouse only has separation, but is this disparity makes the qualifications that he opens the mouth to refute not have.

The Fire Dragon king and Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake and Rank 9 Fire Dragon and Rank 8 purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, four big magic beast from the sky fly, although is extremely quick, but sits in them carries on the back actually cannot feel assailing of slightest bit wind.

For does not shock everybody, under the cloudy Chaoyang's leadership, four big Divine Beast soars in the upper air, is very difficult to see from under.

In the eyes, left Central Plains City, this time Yin Zhaorong is a face smiling face, before which also, that opposed nonchalantly, prepared to destroy an appearance of city two "teacher's wife, for my matter, you and Teacher"Ji Dong sat before the Yin Zhaorong body, the pinnacle Yin Fire aura that on snake dispersed made him feel very comfortably.

Yin Zhaorong said with a smile: " Little Dongdong, accommodates air/Qi anything with the teacher's wife. Let alone you are our Fire department future hope, even if you are only the disciple of old man, we cannot to injure you easily.

However, words that you spoke a moment ago have one not to be right. Who said that you are the orphan, could it be, you and master and aren't teacher's wife whole families? "

Ji Dong turns head to look at northward clear but actually, lips pursed, he will not speak any grateful words, all that but his look has wanted to say transmitted to this Supreme Unity supreme two Yin Zhaorong rackets the shoulder of Ji Dong "were good"Little Dongdong, anything do not say. This your luck is also good, had not been harmed by empire these fellows.

Initially I should lead you to walk together, will not live such many matters. "

In this time, is flying in forefront Fire Dragon king Ting, other three big magic beast also one after another stop.

Both eyes of cloudy morning sun have directed to gather, lightly said: ", Zhu Rong, you and Zhu Yan returns to Southern Fire Empire to handle this time matter. Choice right candidate enters Heavenly Stems School. Although this time we with on empire noisy is not happy, but Heavenly Stems School is important. Cannot be penny-wise and pound foolish. You temporarily keep Southern Fire Empire, establishes a Fire department school. Zhu Rong, you for Dean, recruit the Southern Fire Empire talented person."

"Yes, Teacher."Do not look that Zhu Rong and Yin Zhaorong quarrelled in the same place frequently, but when facing cloudy morning sun, he actually respectful and prudent likely child.

Old Second Zhu wants to say anything actually, but looks that cloudy morning sun actually starts to speak but hesitates, does not dare to open the mouth.

"Zhu Yan, you have any issue!"Although cloudy morning sun the cave is gathering both eyes, but periphery actually as if as before can control all fresh all.

Wish coal chuckled, said: "Teacher, you looked, my brother Ji Dong had also found, but he now after all strength also insufficient, I planned that refines one set of magic power weapon for him. Moreover, can these many years have not seen you, want to listen respectfully to your instruction once more, let me and you walk together!"

On the cloudy morning sun face reveals not a easy detection happy expression "you not to progress, when I do not know that what you are thinking? To refine the magic power weapon with the aid of Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires, is right?"

A Zhu Yan awkwardness "Teacher torching vision, anything cannot hide the truth from you."

Cloudy morning sun thinking moment, said: ", You together come. On you Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. Zhu Rong, Southern Fire Empire , if there is matter, on crumb, scroll."At the same time was saying, the light golden light flashes through together, in Zhu Rong hand were many a thing, is a golden small scroll of palm of the hand length.

Zhu Rong has not asked anything, but the vision looked at Yin Zhaorong one, Yin Zhaorong chuckled, said: "What's wrong? Didn't the dead old man, give up me?"

Worked as cloudy morning sun, Zhu Rong is not daring to do, stared Yin Zhaorong one, said to Ji Dong: ", Ji Dong, this time you along with the Martial Ancestor cultivation, all are primarily are steady, was sure to remember that cannot enter dry."

Zhu Rong usually in reveals, only then dignified, but Ji Dong actually clearly saw gentle brilliance from his eyes at this time "Teacher, my meeting."

Zhu Rong nodded with satisfaction, northward morning sun said goodbye, Zhu Yan was in high spirits jumping baseless, fell carries on the back on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, sits well behind Fu Rui. The Zhu Rong then director sits down Rank 9 Fire Dragon to launch the pair of wings, goes toward the south. Distinguishes with the people in light of this.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "We also walk."

"Martial Ancestor, wait a moment, my also matter needs to process."Ji Dong opens the mouth to say suddenly. "Oh? What matter?"Cloudy morning sun tranquil asking.

Ji Dong said: " I have a companion in the secret city I. This time has been lucky him, I can resist on the person of empire pursuit. And pursues our Mage also to be banned there.

Now since the matter had ended, should put that person. "

Cloudy toward way of yang: "You transmit the matter to Fu Rui. Fu Rui and Zhu Yan, you handle this matter, then arrives in East China Sea and we can with. The place you are know."Finally found Ji Dong, he has not made Ji Dong be separated from oneself line of sight obviously the meaning.

Ji Dong told Fu Rui and Zhu Yan the Yao Qianshu appearance, the originally other five people separated once more, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister rode two big Divine Beast to bring Ji Dong to go toward the East. But Fu Rui and wished the coal to ride the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to go toward the northeast secret city.

This Ji Dong catches up from Notting forest, the originally distance only takes three days, because is first time in the airborne anxious flight, in addition and becomes excessively consumes, made he who with yellow Liming Heavenly Scholar fights has not achieved in the expectation on two roads meet several flight magic beast to look for trouble, this uses five days of time to be just now good to rush to Central Plains City at crucial moments, has avoided this life apply carbon. When just entered Central Plains City, he saw airborne lifetime unforgettable that four big magic beast, five big powerhouses, so, suppressed the entire on empire, this, was the strength.

Chapter 122: Fourth Fire Divine Beast, Teng Snake

Yin Zhaorong and cloudy morning sun are clearly opposite to the feeling of Ji Dong, have pinnacle Yin Fire Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong, instead made Ji Dong feel the shape like the raging fire. But as the Third Fire department supreme Victorious Light cloudy morning sun in this divination is actually few opens the mouth, is faint, looks like the obtaining enlightenment immortal is ordinary. The brother and sister disposition inquired different, as if somewhat is actually incompatible with magic power that they had.

Rank 10 Divine Beast launches the personal appearance, can only describe with the thousand li (500 km) in a flash, two big Divine Beast fly above the cloud layer completely, could not feel they fly. Only can see that the under foot billowing white clouds floating swing. This is the Fu Rui that purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is unable to compare obviously by far, is not Ji Dong launches the pair of wings to compare. Sits well carries on the back in the Fourth Fire Divine Beast snake, Ji Dong only then a feeling, looks like in the previous generation takes plane again. Even if inferior to the airplane, perhaps also differs the Yuan, several.

Comes the safe, Ji Dong to carry on the back to cultivate in snake idly simply, he is Yin-Yang two Fire departments magic power, sits well carries on the back in Fourth Fire Divine Beast, does not need a five elements method help, the surroundings also completely are the rich fire Yuan, usually gallops. Quick, he enters to cultivating in the condition, within the body Yin-Yang Vortex revolves slowly, is absorbing the magic element of outside, during Yin-Yang Vortex of that liquid shape every time circles, as if has grown. Is diving also moves on is moistening core that Chaos Fire.

Since entering the mausoleum chamber, has remembered Third and Fourth Two Fire departments respective nine **, understanding of Ji Dong regarding Third Fire Element and Fourth Fire Element without doubt deeply several points. Especially, controls the feeling of own magic power element regarding the sensation as well as the adjustment of outside element, realizes from experience the lots.

As the thought of Two Great Sovereign Kings fuses together with him, Sun and moon design in his both hands palm vanished completely, Two Great Sovereign Kings memory, became Ji Dong memory part, their wills fused in the Ji Dong will together, has formed an pinnacle proud thought.

How long has not known, because Ji Dong the feeling remains the Fire Element change of outside, but sobers from the cultivation condition, when he opens both eyes, the surroundings are the fog are no longer faintly recognizable.

The Yin Zhaorong sound resounded "us to go to the place"Little Dongdong, your cultivation should also end. Your this small age, first time rides the heavenly stems Divine Beast long journey actually not to have what curiosity, instead calm cultivation. Really is a freak. " Ji Dong takes a broad view to look, the first feeling is carves to shake, in his eyes because sees, is the vast sea. Deep blue sea water like together the limitless huge Lan Bao stone generally forward at present line of sight institute and in complete range. Fire Dragon king and Teng Snake respectively is restraining own wing, falls slowly to the under seacoast. Sea that mixes some fishy smell flavors/smells to greet the nostrils.

Since arriving at this world, Ji Dong first time sees the sea, at this moment, he as if thought that oneself mind also became overwhelming great. Chaos Fire in chest also slightly beat. Flickers, two big Divine Beast fell above the soft sand beach, how also has not seen cloudy morning sun to strike an attitude, appeared in the sand beach, racket the body of Fire Dragon king, temperate say/way: ", hard Jian you, old friend." The Fire Dragon king chants in a low voice "old friend, is rare you to have the mood to exit to step onto, this has any good hard Pu. However, the seashore I really did not like two me walking first."Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly sighed "old friend, I know that you are still worrying for that matter, but passed these many years, knows you to start from me, you have been searching, should not be rigid." The Fire Dragon king revealed a light sadness "not to say these just like lantern great. Old friends, when you need me, momentarily summoned to me."Saying, the Fire Dragon king launches pair of wings, the hind legs tread place, the giant body relies on the jump strength to rise to several hundred meters upper air, the pair of wings launches, but twice flaps, is submerges the cloud layer to vanish does not see.

Cloudy morning sun walks into that without consulting anybody seems in a common yard, entered central that thathed hut.

Yin Zhaorong brings Ji Dong also to carry on the back to jump down from Teng Snake, at this time the short distance watches, Ji Dong sees clearly the Teng Snake appearance. Teng Snake does not have fully, all over the body presents for the dark blue, has the close scale, eyes is also the same color, back pair of wing some resembles bats. The length of body probably is only more than ten meters, compared with the Fire Dragon king, is more inferior in the imposing manner. However, it is actually one of the ten big heavenly stems Divine Beast, in the level above the Fire Dragon king, is present age Divine Beast in the true sense.

Ji Dong in looking at Teng Snake, Teng Snake also in visiting him, the dark blue eye pupil gathers in front of Ji Dong, nose moving gently "little fellow, your body has the Vermilion Bird aura. also and my common origin aura. clear melts, I want to keep and this little fellow am intimate."Yin Zhaorong said with a smile: "That is good. Has you, did not need me to help him condense the element two Ji Dong, has not seen the chest cavity snake senior."Ji Dong bows to Teng Snake slightly "hello, Teng Snake senior."Teng Snake to Ji Dong nodded, "for a long time has not seen Vermilion Bird that fellow. Was she prohibited in Earth Spirit Mountain Range?"Ji Dong said: "Is so. I listened to the Vermilion Bird senior saying that heavenly stems Divine Beast by seal across Light Five Elements Continent, why "......, Teng Snake chuckled " why I can melt with clear in the same place, but not by seal, right?"Ji Dong nodded, when heard that Yin Zhaorong has the mount chest cavity snake, he had this doubts.

Teng Snake said: " Said, I am only not by heavenly stems Divine Beast of seal. Because, I have they no flaw, therefore has this to give favored treatment. Perhaps from the antiquity to the present, during present age, does not have the age of what living thing to be able compared with me. Lived many years, I am not clear. Although I have compared with other heavenly stems Divine Beast want the long many lives, but, I actually cannot the birth descendant. Also because I have lived from the high antiquity now, therefore had not been prohibited two to listen to the Teng Snake words, Ji Dong can't help gasping, lives from the ancient times now, how many years did this need? At present this seems common Fourth Fire Divine Beast actually has the so glorious life, how first did not say his strength, but this Huan ancient remote memory, is the extremely valuable wealth.

Teng Snake back pair of wings restraining, unexpectedly hidden enters in the snake scale to vanish does not see, this time he, seems looks like a dark blue big snake, the body sways from side to side, hovered before the Ji Dong body, hovers regarding his body.

"In Vermilion Bird there, you obtained many advantage!". Plan that Teng Snake some saying charm Ji Dong of exclamation have not concealed ", the Vermilion Bird senior gave me to help two"in Teng Snake profound eye pupil sparkle wisdom ray ", but for her, all these were worth. Comes out., Little fellow."At the same time was saying, snake head top shone light black light, the Vermilion Bird bracelet on Ji Dong right hand has shone voluntarily, during golden light sparkle. Huo'er has inspired the wing, flutters in the midair, look bad looks to the harmonious snake.

Yin Zhaorong was surprised said: "Vermilion Bird? Ji Dong, did you receive Vermilion Bird to take the magic beast partner unexpectedly? No, is not right! The Vermilion Bird build so will be how small two"eclipse date phoenix Huo'er pinnacle Fire department magic power she to be able to feel, why naturally cannot mistakenly recognize the flamingo.

Teng Snake chuckled, said: "clear melts, you have not guessed wrong. This little fellow is Vermilion Bird, but is the Vermilion Bird descendant. It seems like that solar eclipse Yin Fire eventually finished to her suffering. Ji Dong has helped Vermilion Bird such big busy, no wonder she to you such many advantage, even has been following you including the children. Should to draw support from your Pinnacle Two Fires magic power moistens oneself, to improve weak physique."Although has not seen with one's own eyes, but Teng Snake that is vicious by the memory of ten thousand years of computation, almost dry broke the truth of entire fact.

Huo'er in airborne a phoenix cry, looks angrily at Teng Snake, elevated several points, said that anything is not willing to get down.

"Huo'er, snake senior well-meant. Come."Ji Dong said to Huo'er. Huo'er that may very be always obedient why does not know, is not willing to get down.

Teng Snake chuckled, said: " Does not need to force her, Vermilion Bird and I, although with is Fire department heavenly stems Divine Beast, but also is the natural enemy. With has innumerable generation of Vermilion Bird that my battle passes. This is repel on innate aura.

Although this little fellow the strength is small and weak , is the same., Vermilion Bird was extremely what a pity arrogant, initially said that anything is not willing to accept my help, otherwise, this solar eclipse Yin Fire was considered as anything for me, solves before 3000, this is small, the fellow will not receive these many painstakingly. However Vermilion Bird is also intelligent, knows that makes her follow in your side to be able warm and nourish oneself, if your

The strength can become is more formidable, perhaps the physique of this little fellow has the possibility of reply. What a pity, she is not heavenly stems Divine Beast. " Ji Dong nodded, said: "The Vermilion Bird senior gave the Huo'er title is the eclipse date phoenix." " Eclipse date phoenix? Good eclipse date every phoenix. Yin-Yang two Fire departments phoenix, truly is strange, matches you to be just right. Looks at being intimate with this little fellow and your aura, perhaps did not need the contract she not to be impossible to leave you. Although she will obtain many advantage from you. So long as you are also living for day, she will not leave you. This was also she to your repayment. Fair deal, if I am Vermilion Bird, will choose like this. Good, you first live. Cloudy morning sun is including me also to have the fear feeling human, studies with him, has very big advantage to you. I and clear melt will also help you. If your chaos embryonic form can awaken, then, you are the entire Fire department future.

clear melts, I go to into the sea|nautical mile to play first. Very long has not been late fresh marine product. Hehe, hehe. " In that gloomy and cold laughter, Ji Dong only thought that at present the blue light flashes, the next moment, lost the Teng Snake trail.

Until Teng Snake vanishes without the trace, Huo'er from airborne falls, seemed frightened, drilled in the Vermilion Bird bracelet to vanish directly does not see two in this time, the cloudy morning sun faint voice spread "clear to melt from the log cabin, Ji Dong, you came."Yin Zhaorong brings Ji Dong to enter the courtyard, this courtyard is not big, only then three seem the extremely simple log cabins, because is very near from the seashore, can the clear hearing great waves sound, have the type noisily to take the static ideal condition.

Enters the log cabin, takes a quick look around, Ji Dong lives for cloudy morning sun the simplicity and surprised, let alone in this log cabin is the decoration, the household furniture does not have, even the bunk does not exist, cloudy morning sun sits cross-legged to sit in central, function that as if the effect of this log cabin only then keeps out wind and rain.

Cloudy morning sun is closing both eyes, before having referred to the body, hints two people to sit down.

Yin Zhaorong makes Ji Dong sit in the cloudy morning sun directly opposite, oneself sit in the one side, in the eye is having several points of happy expression throughout, more looked that Ji Dong her more likes, the procedure that refuses Ji cloud Sheng to acknowledge as relatives is cold deep in Central Plains City Ji Dong the heart of Yin Zhaorong, this powerful is full of the arrogant demeanor disposition most she to like two aggressively in this regard, Ji Dong even also wants on the strong several points compared with Fu Rui. Fu Rui aggressive is more abundant, but has actually been short of Ji Dong that pride from inside to outside.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: " Ji Dong, I listened to Zhu Rong saying that he has not taught to your anything.

Starting today, you follow me and clear melt the cultivation, can you want? " "Disciple wants."Facing this supreme rank powerhouse, can frighten under one generation of Victorious Light crowns of entire on empire at present, Ji Dong any has not actually shrunk, the stiff back, the clear and resonant voice replied.

Cloudy toward way of yang: ", Ji Dong, I know that you have a fortuitous encounter in the cultivation surely, but actually this fortuitous encounter is anything, I did not inquire about. Although your temper is somewhat extreme, but in bone actually nobles two, so long as the healthy tendency exists forever, strictly adheres to the conscience, other all are unimportant. When you initially left Central Plains City, magic power only has Level 31, for several months, has actually achieved Level 38. The Mage cultivation, after breaking through Level 30, magic power promotion will reduce markedly two me to need to know how you enhance Level 7 magic power in such a short time. I hope, this is not you mystique of potential will promote through some combustion in the future."Ji Dong said confidently: Each point of strength that "disciple obtains, is relies on oneself self-torture. This time leaves Central Plains City, the disciple really again has the fortuitous encounter, does not have anything to be good to conceal. Martial Ancestor, can you listen to heavenly stems disciple title?""Celestial stems disciple?"Sits alone in boredom ten years of silent will by cloudy morning sun that hears these four character also bodies slightly to tremble, nearby Yin Zhaorong also stares big both eyes, does hold the shoulder of Ji Dong "Little Dongdong, the heavenly stems disciple exists really?"Ji Dong said: "Should be exists, fortuitous encounter that this time I obtain, is related with the heavenly stems disciple. Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, the symbol of heavenly stems disciple status, is pinnacle magic power of non- supreme powerhouse. I invited that person who Senior Brother Fu Rui found, was having pinnacle First Wood magic power. But this time, I also with him in the same place, inquired about a buried treasure."At the same time was saying, in the Ji Dong eye a golden light flashes, magic power transforms, Yang Crown appears, appears, also that Yang Fire condensation law.

Chapter 123: Cloudy Yang Fire, double condensation law

First appears, is the golden red Vermilion Bird light shadow, when that demon mark disperses from the Vermilion Bird light shadow, the golden red circular halo them covers, Yin Zhaorong to not having what feeling, but cloudy morning sun suddenly has actually opened both eyes, two jump just like the cold electricity common ray.

Ji Dong only thought that in flash that cloudy morning sun opens eyes, in log cabin bright clear, that likely is not pair of eyes, instead is more like two bright stars. Concentrates really above Ji Dong back Yang Fire condensation law, cloudy morning sun, including breathing also became rapid several points.

"This is,"surprised say/way that his some cannot determine.

Ji Dong affirmative nodded, "Martial Ancestor, is in five elements method, Third Fire department nine ** one of the, Third Fire condensation law."

God disciple these four characters, made the cloudy morning sun brother and sister be surprised, at this time hears five elements method four characters, this mutually looks at each other one to the supreme powerhouse, saw in shocking to grid.

In the cloudy morning sun eye bright brilliance gradually faded out, after long time, puts out four characters from the mouth "advantageously." Say/Way that Yin Zhaorong nodded, deep to be so: "Truly is advantageous. The heaven waits my Fire department not to be thin! No wonder your magic power promotion such rapidness, five elements method already was lost, even if we are only has also seen the simple introduction in some old books, has not thought that actually really exists."

Cloudy toward way of yang: "Ji Dong, whether how to sue me, your this five elements method does study from where?"

Ji Dong has not concealed, immediately, he and Yao Qianshu goes to Notting forest, enters the situation that the dense fog bog seeks for the heavenly stems disciple mausoleum chamber to say in detail. Lights including own Chaos Fire has not neglected. Regarding two supreme powerhouses, he has the extremely kind favorable impression at present, with the secret and Yao Qianshu compared with them, the cross-eye genitals morning sun brother and sister, he must be more intimate.

Is listening to narration of Ji Dong, both eyes of cloudy morning sun throughout not once more closed, earnest listened to him to say each character that knows that he said the complete section process, cloudy morning sun slowly nodded "five elements method, the antiquity inheritance. Originally existence of secret unexpectedly because of heavenly stems disciple. All previous secret, is honored as the continent only prediction Master, has the unusual status, their special abilities unexpectedly from antiquity inheritance. It seems like that the secret said right, Ji Dong, you likely are the leader of this generation of heavenly stems disciples, one generation of Saint kings."

Ji Dong said: "Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, I can Third Fire department and Fourth Fire department nine ** a picture comes out, perhaps to some of your also help."

Cloudy morning sun laid out, said: "Does not use. This five elements method to us does not have any function. No wonder five elements method will be lost. Although I can feel in Yang Fire condensation law that you release the infinitely subtle, but is actually not able to simulate. Thinks that this needs the inborn pinnacle magic power person to cultivation. In other words, only then the heavenly stems disciple can study this five elements method mystery. Celestial stems disciple several hundred years one presently, since inheritance, five elements method is lost is also very normal. Since you have learned, must comprehend it as soon as possible that First Wood disciple in two your mouths said right, if you can comprehend them completely, then, your strength will break through Six-Crown realm directly."

Yin Zhaorong said: "Little Dongdong, after this five elements method matter, cannot mention to anybody, including your master is also same. This matter is important, the so heavy treasure directs the person larceny unavoidably, once spreads, definitely will bring the endless trouble to you."

"Yes, Teacher's wife."

Cloudy toward way of yang: ", You live in two Zhu Rong not to teach here for your, I will teach you. magic power is the Mage basis, but how to use magic power, how to wield completely own strength through magic skill, is similarly important. Since you have this five elements method cultivation method, in the magic power cultivation, I and clear melted does not carry on to instruct to you. We will teach respective magic skill to you. You is a diligent child, strength that you have today no doubt because of advantageous luck, but simultaneously cannot separate with your own effort. No matter, I hope that your this diligent do not give up."

"Two that Ji Dong nodded Martial Ancestor, I can try hard"he will certainly not give up diligently, when a person has the goal, for this goal, but will be diligently competitive. But in Ji Dong heart only goal, can protect the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength. To achieve this, even if again painstakingly again tired, he certainly will also insist. How long Lie Yan (raging flames) this accent closes does not know to need, Ji Dong hopes, when she closes up finished noticed that own strength promotion can have pleasantly surprised. Even if sees her smile, oneself all efforts are also worth.

Ji Dong was arranged by cloudy morning sun in his left log cabin, Yin Zhaorong lives in another side two with is exposed to the sun own room to be the same cloudy, in the log cabin does not have any decoration, sits in the log cabin, can only hear the sound of outside billowing great waves indistinctly.

Sits cross-legged to sit in the log cabin center, Ji Dong feels one quiet atmosphere immediately, although outside has the ocean waves sound to transmit unceasingly, but here, he thought that oneself heart is very static, is very comfortable.

Whenever in this quiet time, in his mind appears first, is that moving outstandingly beautiful looks, Lie Yan (raging flames), are you now good? Does not know when can see you. Now I follow Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife cultivation, perhaps you closed up had finished, I cannot look for you. Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife have such formidable strength, they can definitely presently. But you have also said that cannot make others know that I can transmit to the earth core world look for your matter.

In this thick missing, the heart of Ji Dong gradually calmed down, closed both eyes, the body | in magic power releases slowly, Black and White Yin- Yang Crown appears above the top of the head, Three-Crown Four Stars is dispersing the light brilliance. Fire Element in air obviously becomes strong.

Ji Dong both hands lift, each one from the sky delimits a circle, the thick magic power fluctuation condenses immediately in together, a strange aura releases from him, Black and White Yin-Yang Crown on his top of the head transforms as coal dual-color immediately, strong Pinnacle Fire | in gallops from his body instantaneously.

Body left half, completely by black flame gable, but the right of body, is the bright golden red. The dual-color flame also ascended, has filled with the strange aura. But circle that his both hands draw changes into two light immediately, link floating, separately condensation in his back left and right two indistinct, the body of Ji Dong as if becomes the big several points |, Pinnacle Two Fires that the body releases serves as contrast him to disperse the strong proud aura, Two Great Sovereign Kings illusory shadow flashes through alternately, in two halo that the back condenses, Vermilion Bird and Teng Snake appear respectively, simultaneously appears along with them, the one by one demon mark of also main mountain completely strange aura.

Right, at this time Ji Dong does, as well as Yin Fire condensation law simultaneously releases outside the body the Yang Fire condensation law, he is Yin-Yang dual attribute, although Yin-Yang Vortex and Divine Yin- Yang Lock Technique can help him momentarily transform the dual attribute flame, but in cultivation, only then simultaneously absorbs two flame under the state of equilibrium, can make him progress is quicker.

Ji Dong in mausoleum chamber, what the first comprehension is Yang Fire hovering law, he to Fourth Fire temple that side comprehension is Yin Fire condensation law, later comprehended Yang Fire condensation law, in a big way relies on these two to agglomerate magic power law, makes him magic power break through in a short time one after another.

Two ** a appearance, the situation in log cabin lived the change immediately, in originally this room is only the position dual-color flame that Ji Dong is at ascends, illuminates all around. But at this moment, in the entire log cabin, has filled with the Pinnacle Two Fires aura, looks like the room is divided into two, side is the strong golden color, another side is the profound black. Affords a marvelous view.

Two of double Fire Element in air in ** under an function is almost in the crazy emerging log cabin, once enters the Ji Dong this Pinnacle Two Fires range, immediately is condensed, reduced and filtered two, only then after adopting these three processes , the remaining purest flame, will integrate the Ji Dong body |.

When just started to carry on the dual attribute magic power cultivation, Ji Dong cultivation is much slower than ordinary Mage, if in the earth core world, does not have that rich double Fire Element to make him absorb, he at all impossible in four years on breakthrough One-Crown realm, becomes Yin-Yang Mage.

However, now the Ji Dong situation actually lived the tremendous changes, has a two Fire departments five elements method help, in addition his own Chaos Fire function, cultivation is almost ordinary Mage four times. Absorption magic power is even more terrifying, achieves ordinary Mage over eight times.

If not magic power that Ji Dong absorbs has half to be swallowed by Yin- Yang Vortex core place that Chaos Fire, his magic power promotion can change is more terrifying.

Has completed two ** an establishment, Ji Dong do not need to go to absorb through the thought that magic power can promote voluntarily. He enters contemplates the condition, realizes from experience Third Fire in own mind and Fourth Fire of two departments five elements method that deep brand mark.

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong have not practiced, after Ji Dong returns to the room, they are feeling this time Ji Dong cultivation condition silently. They also planned helps Ji Dong make surrounding Fire Element change through own formidable magic power is richer. However, Ji Dong two ** displays, these two supreme powerhouses realized immediately, oneself worry is completely unnecessary.

Day night of time quickly in the past. Knock, Ji Dong from cultivation condition sober.

Regarding him, as if passed short instantaneous. When realizes from experience five elements method, time always past express.

Receives five elements method, Ji Dong sets out to open the door, Yin Zhaorong is standing in out of the door, with is usually same, even if lives in this seaside wooden house, this teacher's wife also as before very pays great attention to dress up itself, blue court lady style of dress not gou, smiled visits him.

", Moves, you should eat a thing."

Ji Dong scratched the head, said: "Crossed was very long? The sky is also shining!" Yin Zhaorong unable to help laughing, said: "If on our Light Five Elements Continent each Mage can such without eating or sleeping cultivation like you, perhaps Dark Five Elements Continent was already annexed by us. Now is you arrived here second day. Comes out to eat a thing, then teacher's wife has the thing to teach you."

Ji Dong goes out of the room, between in the courtyard does not know that were when many a wooden table, above places the small basket that two rattan are arranging, in the also two bowl baskets is putting some fruits respectively, in two large bowls, a bowl is the thick dashi, the intermittent fresh taste greets the nostrils, but, heard that made the person index finger move greatly. In another bowl is the white, lip lipstick, does not know that is any thing, has light fishy smell.

"Teacher's wife, did you eat?"Ji Dong asked.

Say/Way that Yin Zhaorong beams with joy: ", Your this child is really clever, but also knows that first asks the teacher's wife. After I and your Martial Ancestor achieves Nine-Crown, only needed to absorb the world vitality to be enough. Eats some nonegos instead to make our bodies | in produce the impurity. Cannot eat the thing casually. Reason that has Mage of exclusive title can live compared with the average person last for and 200 years , because we are nourishing for the nutrient by the world vitality, postpone senility time. Although I could not be restored by myself like Big Brother young, but this ordinary food cannot eat. These fruit also materials are blue look. Turns head you to thank him to be good. This dashi to is I does. Many years did not have the kitchen, did not know the flavor/smell to be what kind, you taste."

The dashi in that bowl, Ji Dong originally because of cultivating, but very tranquil heart immediately becomes fiery, although this is only one bowl of simple dashis, but in he feels is actually the kinship. His that is full of the arrogant demeanor look also becomes gentle, carried the dashi to drink one.

Said honestly, dashi that Yin Zhaorong makes is not tasty, freely the sea fish of seafood, but the craftsmanship of this supreme powerhouse is not much, was not only saltier, but also also some painstakingly. Obviously was the salt puts. But Ji Dong drinks is actually with great interest the son. In gulps is swallowing, on the face does not have slightest bit unnatural, looks like, in impatient is having the object delicacy general two regarding a chef, chef who even if a guest performer temporarily, most hopes is also others can food that likes eating him to make. The Yin Zhaorong supreme powerhouse cannot be unconventional like this, saw that large bowl dashi by eating of Ji Dong made chewing motions greatly quickly, the smiling face on face was thicker immediately.

"Slow point eats, slow point eats. Words that you like, later teacher's wife does to you again. Your this child also is really pitiful, since childhood is the orphan. Later you not. Some teacher's wives , the teacher's wife are your family member. Who dares to bully you, the teacher's wife he who uses Fourth Fire to burn including the soul also to change into the ash to refine two"

nodded that Ji Dong makes an effort, the last dashi will drink up, looks at Yin Zhaorong ", Teacher's wife, I"in his throat as if choked up anything, these words have not said

Chapter 124: Teng Snake strength technique

Looks at Ji Dong slightly red both eyes, Yin Zhaorong laughed, said! " Eats quickly eats meal cannot speak. This white probably is fish brain. I do not know that killed any fish to make blue. He makes you probably drink up. Said that is will have the advantage to your body very much. However I estimated that the flavor/smell will not be good. You are enduring. "

Ji Dong carrying bowl without hesitation, in gulps ate that bowl of white lip lipsticks the food of fish brain. Must say, this thing does not calculate is really unpalatable, but does not have any flavor/smell. The dashi happen to salty arrived a moment ago, ate such one bowl of fish brains again, the flavor/smell of mouth was instead better.

A fish brain lower belly, Ji Dong felt immediately steam disperse to all the limbs and bones, comfortable of not being able to say. originally sits cross-legged to sit well for day night of somewhat stiff physique to obtain moistening of this steam, as if each meridians stretched.

Finished eating! Little Dongdong. " The blue light flashes, Teng snake the head searched from the courtyard.

"Teng Snake senior, thank you."Ji Dong heartfelt saying.

Teng snake chuckled, said: "Does not have the means that which Martial Ancestor cannot make clear fuse your to look to eat, can only be
I. Has not related, when Zhu Yan and Fu Rui came, this work did not need me to do. Although Zhu Yan that boy is stranger sometimes, the thing that but he makes may compared with delicious that illustrious makes friendly. Presses you, can eat the dashi that illustrious makes friendly. This is your master has not completed the great achievements."

Yin Zhaorong angrily said "blue, is your skin itchy the household wants me to help your!"

Teng snake chuckled, said: "Blue, color/look severe Neimang is useless. You do is not really delicious! You cannot prevent me to be realistic, right. I am one have sense of justice Teng snake very much, how can lie? Little Dongdong, comes quickly. Today I teach you to select the basic skills."

In Teng Sheyan that dreadful ray, Yin Zhaorong is throwing chi to smile " blue, your this fellow do not suffer my this disciple. Otherwise I and you have not played. "

Teng snake looks at Ji Dong, in the eye does the ray somewhat harbor evil intentions obviously " can be suffers?

This called the cultivation. Others want to make me suffer, I have not wanted. " Little Dongdong comes quickly, I favor your Oh very much. "

The Yin Zhaorong racket the shoulder of Ji Dong, goes with him. The blue disposition so, likes the merriment. But is temperate. I was initially young time, he has also taught me. Although will be more painful, but has the advantage to you very much. "

Ji Dong complied, the stride goes out of the courtyard, arrived above outside sand beach.

Body of Teng snake that post in ground sways from side to side gently, already beyond dozens meters. Ji Dong hurried to follow in him behind to run.

Arrived at the seashore, the knee snake stopped, has turned around, the first half body lifted, happen to and Ji Dong was equally high, pair of dark blue eyes looks at Ji Dong, said: "... Little Dongdong, you may probably a little psychology prepare Oh. Today is I teaches you, rather is I must force you to do something. You know that as formidable Mage, what is most important is what?"Ji Dong said: "Naturally is magic power."Shaking the head of Teng snake makes an effort " not, is not right.

Has Ji Dong gawked, could it be it is magic skill? Teng snake shakes the head once more, "is not right."
Ji Dong was puzzled said: "What is that? Mage most important isn't magic power and magic skill?"

Teng snake chuckled, said: " Is the resistance hits the ability.

"Does resistance hit the ability?"Ji Dong doubts looks at Teng snake...
It is not quite clear he is any meaning.

Teng snake is very earnest say/way: " Right, the resistance hits the ability is most important. You think, if you facing a strength strong match. He to you move the attack time, you also attack to him. Finally you resist to hit the ability to cross him by far, although the strength is inferior to him, but his attack is actually not able to cause anything to injure to you. Your attack can actually make him be in deep sorrow.

Like this fights, his also chance? Even if he as far as possible to spelling injures with you mutually, definitely will have scruples, ten tenths strength can wield five, six achievements were good. When you run into at all the match of impossible resistance, the resistance hits the ability appears more important, because it will become the magic weapon that you will escape. Therefore, regarding Mage, body is the basic, powerful resistance hits the ability, will make you have the exceptional superiority. " Although the Teng Snake vision is somewhat dreadful, but is listening to its words, Ji Dong again and again nods, from his own perspective, has in Vermilion Bird armor and dragon blood soaks the body two big superiority, truly made him often be able with the strength strong own match to contend when the fight. Intrepid of body made him be able the energy to focus on the attack.

Teng snake looks at the Ji Dong earnest nod the appearance, once more chuckled ", since you agreed that my view, from now on, in the following some time, I will help you enhance the physical quality, making your resistance hit the ability to increase dramatically.... Little Dongdong, I asked you, what in the resistance hit in the ability to be most important was what?"

Ji Dong shakes the head directly "also asks Teng snake the senior to teach me."Teng Shedao: "Most important how can melt the attack of opposite party, making in the opposite party attack take to your injury minimum. Come, you hit my fist."

"Good."Ji Dong complying without hesitation, facing Fourth Fire Divine Beast, what he has to be good to have scruples, if he can injure Teng snake, has Teng Snake been able to live from the ancient times time now?

The step steps forward, the vigor of Ji Dong whole person in promoted the peak, a Scorching Sun Bite fist of being repeatedly tempered to rumble instantaneously. Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire such as custom bomb explodes generally instantaneously from his fist, the blazing aura floods is being crazy and proud.

From the static to the attack, the entire process like the lightning, can flicker to stare quickly to adjust so the degree the imposing manner, strength and magic power, obviously Ji Dong in this type Scorching Sun Bite high and low many painstakingly "Little Dongdong, comes real!"Teng Snake play felt smiles, does not dodge, saw that stabbed the goal golden color flame to rumble on him, he has not actually dispersed own pinnacle Yin Fire to resist.

It looks like in Ji Dong, he and clears out the disparity of snake, although different, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that but he has after all is pinnacle Yang Fire, even if Teng snake must resist through magic power. May in fact, the situation actually imagine with him widely divergent.

Saw that Scorching Sun Bite will soon arrive to Teng snake on, Teng snake body suddenly slight swayed from side to side, that flash, Ji Dong only thought that the entire space presented change, his thought has clearly locked Teng snake the body, but at this time actually one types discomfort that the feeling of locking in the vacancy, could not say. This fist shelled on Teng snake, when fist of Ji Dong with clearing out

When snake body surface that dark blue scale contact, his clear feeling, plants the touch of sliding does not begin to transmit along with the fluctuating uncertain fluctuation, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire of his condensation unexpectedly so is highly scattered, although the ray becomes more intense, may in fact affect on Teng snake is actually very few.

"Eh."Teng snake was also lightly exclaimed, body once more vibrated, an inexplicable potential spread, this casts off the attracting customer interest that Scorching Sun Bite supplemented.

Your this attack skill is good! " Saying that Teng snake appreciates. Must know, he is one of the heavenly stems Divine Beast, the true Divine Beast level powerhouse, with existence that Nine-Crown Mage is equal, can obtain this praise, obviously powerful of Scorching Sun Bite.

Ji Dong first time meets itself to strike the pinnacle Yang Fire hit match fully, the match actually imitates, if the situation of safe. To Teng snake the beforehand words, has believed several points.

Teng Shedao: "Interesting, interesting. Your this skill and ordinary Yang Fire skill division, does not explode unexpectedly outward, but to the implosion, has strong attracting customer interest, will not make the match ball open because of the Yang Fire explosive force, instead sluggishly under your attack, if I have not spoken incorrectly, after this then should also, move. This is quite powerful close combat attacks magic skill."

Ji Dong honest say/way: "The following also two type overlay attacks, I can also unify to produce the dual attribute combination skill results through Fourth Fire with it."

Teng snake chuckled, said "now does not study magic skill time. You attacked my time how a moment ago feels?" Ji Dong said: "The feelings of some efforts, as if hit in the vacancy, most magic power are downloaded, but my pinnacle positive fire attribute was affirmed that could not injure you."

Teng Shedao: "This was right. This " is the resistance that I said hits the ability. Not only need resist the attack of enemy, must melt the attack of enemy as far as possible. If the state I seize the chance to counter-attack,
100 you died. Formidable defense capability, not only can prevent the enemy to injure oneself, can make the counter-attack the opportunity. Disrupts the attack rhythm of match."

nodded that Ji Dong deep to be so, formerly when Teng snake melted Ding he attacked, he clearly has the feeling of connection not on fierce positive three double hit.

Teng snake said that " makes this demonstration to you, is makes you have the confidence to accept my ninth stem to practice.

When you can also achieve my this degree, your defense finished an apprenticeship. In the striking power, I cannot compare Vermilion Bird, but, in the defense, Vermilion Bird actually be worse than me was far. To have my such defensive power, must, probably have the flexibility of far average man.

The toughness forever compared with firm good many. Only then enough toughness, can make you defend when opposing the enemy continually. Your this year discipline, the physique is soft, my today's crack , helping you practice the toughness well. However, you may probably a little preparation, have that little pain. "

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Teng snake the senior, I can bear. You come." The theory that Teng snake said opened the front door of another leaf of cultivation for him, although Teng snake said are not many, but actually already has proven the effect from the theory and practice for him.

Teng snake that ten nanometers body twisted slightly, strange appeared, his originally thick reduces like the water jar main body unexpectedly rapidly, although the length is invariable, but several breath on loses, unexpectedly becomes, only then the arm was thick or thin.

The blue light flashes, how Ji Dong has not seen clearly it to act, Teng snake arrived at the near, dark blue ray several twinkles, Ji Dong only thought that own four limbs and waist have not been able to move. Teng snake the body twines separately in his big arm, small arm, thigh,... Calf, on waist and neck.

"Is enduring, I may probably start Oh."Teng snake hears some sounds of harboring evil intentions to resound. the next moment, Ji Dong is clear, in this heavenly stems Divine Beast mouth the so-called little pain is representing anything.

Ka, kā bā, kā bā. When great strength division transmits from the four limbs, Ji Dong falls to the ground immediately, his four limbs simultaneously to behind raise, under Teng snake that tenacious body function, has almost formed a counter- arch.

Ji Dong only thought oneself meet body skeleton to be possible disruption anytime, the huge pain is similar to the sea tide emerges in the mind generally, even if he such strong body becomes under the function of this great strength somewhat twists.

The thigh, the skeleton of shoulder and waist seemed drawn by pulling out of pinnacle, was arriving at the shatter side emblem to be good! It seems like my also you. Your this body may compared with the average person. " Teng snake some saying of having not given full expression. A light halo from Teng snake bright. The Ji Dong body again changes, the four limbs and head simultaneously to overhanging to pull open, turned into a big font. As if must break off the general feeling to be once more different from that a moment ago, this time painful Gu Youyou crosses it, his four limbs and cervical vertebra as if must be torn forcefully general. The fierce pain made the body of Ji Dong be soaked by the sweat all of a sudden.

However, even if this, he clenches the teeth as before, no snort/hum comes out, can clear seeing, his both cheeks spot muscle stick out, that is the tooth bites manifestation of considerable degree tightly, the double fist has gripped grasps to obtain marrow to divide the pa sound.

The intense pain has not approached, meaning that Teng snake had not finished obviously in light of this, his twined the body of Ji Dong to vibrate suddenly fiercely, Ji Dong only thought the heat flow that was full of the chill in the air flickered the division to spread to oneself within the body from all the limbs and bones, in that vigorously, his all marrow left tooth acid the fulmination sound, in giggle the sound, these skeletons withdrew unexpectedly voluntarily. His body was also grown 50% phenomenon by strange compared with the normal condition.

When marrow of person was unloaded completely from the connected place is what kind of pain? Both eyes of Ji Dong turned into red immediately, both hands have not been able to grip again tightly, the whole person became soft, the skeleton is unable to support the muscle again, but was pulled open by the complete arsenic. This time he, looked that seven went not to have the human form, both hands nail flash pricked in the palm.

Then, all that Teng snake makes made Ji Dong realize fully anything has been called to live to might as well die, his body under Teng snake that more than ten meters body functions, unceasingly was detained to draw various appearances, flooded the heat flow of chill in the air also unceasingly to flood into within the body along with this process.

Chapter 125: The snake blood to direct, Teng Snake casts

In Ji Dong Vermilion Bird armor protects the Lord voluntarily, covers in the skin surface, but this to doing Teng snake does not have any function, the pain has not reduced, instead became more intense. A layer upon layer cream halo unceasingly ripples from Ji Dong. magic power of his within the body was flooded the heat flow of chill in the air to suppress by that completely, is unable to have a protective function, even cannot make his painful reduction integral.

The sweat of big drop big drop got wet the sand under Ji Dong body, his whole person became not ** shape. The blood, overflows from his corners of the mouth place unceasingly, that is not injured to spit blood, because he, when bites the jaw tightly, makes an effort excessively, blood that the root place flows out. However, this situation has not continued to be too long, because during his mandible similarly was also vibrated by Teng snake the body downloads.

The consciousness of Ji Dong gradually becomes fuzzy, his will is firm, the body could not withstand such suffering, started to present self- protection.

Light blue mist moves on Teng snake to seep out unceasingly, through the seven orifices of Ji Dong, floods into his within the body along with the breath of Ji Dong again. In Vermilion Bird the defense of armor, although is good, but actually cannot prevent this to inhale voluntarily. But this blue mist seeps out every time, Teng snake the pupil light will become the gloomy several points. However, he suffering of Ji Dong to the meaning that has not actually slowed down.

Saw that Ji Dong soon the stupor, Teng snake will obviously not have let off his idea, the ice-cold thought emerges in the Ji Dong mind together, making him soon the stupor spirit once more sober, has even promoted several points regarding the painful feeling.

Teng snake full had demonstrated to Ji Dong anything is cruel, Ji Dong saw that own body was being twisted like the bread twist unceasingly, the veins and ship meat, the skeleton, in the unceasing pulling bow, he also endlessly is duplicating is entering the stupor, process that was also awakened by Teng snake.

So nine times, before Ji Dong soon completely will collapse the instance, Teng Snake as if happen to grasped this, he did not have to awaken Ji Dong with the thought finally again, to his stupor in the past.

The dark blue body inch moves once more, along with one after another made the marrow fricative of person of tooth acid, the skeletons of Ji Dong body continued, was only several breath on big, his recovered normally, the skin surface, in Vermilion Bird armor hidden presently, the chest no longer fluctuated swiftly swiftly, looked like passed deadly.

"Blue, you were also too ruthless." The light shadow flashes, Yin Zhaorong appeared side Teng Snake. Looks at the Ji Dong appearance, in the eye completely deeply regrets the color/look.

Teng snake ill-humored say/way: " You did not commend that I, actually added I do suppress? I have consumed quite many magic power........ Yin Zhaorong angrily said: " You looked that you suffered any appearance Little Dongdong. Initially you helped I improved the body the time , was just half double-hour. Now this two double-hour.

Has not made him faint. " Little Dongdong, if has a good and evil, I have not ended with you. " Teng snake somewhat strange had not complained again, a pair of profound snake pupil is gazing at Ji Dong, sighed "clear to melt, said that you were also one of human supreme powerhouses, did this also need me to explain? Initially to your transformation, be only half double-hour , because you can only withstand half double-hour. The transformation of Ji Dong has carried on the entire two double-hour, that was because of his bearing capacity your initial situation."Yin Zhaorong stares, "is impossible. Initially you to my body made transformation the time, I had Six-Crown cultivation base. Even if older than present Little Dongdong, but I the element entered the body, with the skeleton, the veins fuses together, tenacious degree far average person. Little Dongdong said again also Four-Crown, this bearing capacity k"Teng snake snorted, say/way " will could it be my feeling be wrong? At the beginning, I am also only the preparation make some simple transformations to him. But who knows, this little fellow including snort/hum does not have snort/hum one, refutes is withstanding my transformation. At that time I thought that if cannot make him call out pitifully on such 1-2, I did not have the face! Therefore I continue to increase the strength, this probe is unimportant, I presently, his body intensity cross my imagination by far. Not only the body has the Vermilion Bird aura, even a aura of also dragon, muscle, epithelium, skeleton, extremely tenacious.

What in order to be important, the willpower of this little fellow may be called the terrifying. That is one type from inside to outside does arrogantly, from start to finally, even if he because soon painful stupor time, no snort/hum. This willpower, including me has saying that the sound admires. Which looks like you, initially I just now from the beginning, your pitiful yell sound wish one could inside and outside hundred to hear. "...... Fart, is the willpower of old lady is also very strong, good. " Yin Zhaorong surprised looks at Ji Dong in stupor, while ill-humored saying.

Teng snake chuckled, said: " Right, right, your willpower is also very strong. Here, his sound suddenly changed, became the sharp mirror like the female voice, " saved a life! Does not want! I am not good, I am not really good. Teng snake your this smelly hoodlum, does not let loose me, I must shout discourteously.

N, must die, is not good,......, Is hearing Teng snake the voice, Yin Zhaorong complexion red white, "good, you dare to study me unexpectedly. Smelly blue, you died."Teng snake laughed, turns around to run, the body shrinks a ball in the sand beach, vanished without the trace.

Yin Zhaorong laughed, she did not have the meaning of really pursuing, muttered: "I initially shouted is so pitiful? Vaguely remembers, probably pain basis cannot bear shouts makes noise. Little Dongdong, you made the teacher's wife throw a person!"When Ji Dong sobers from the stupor, presently have lain down when the log cabin, opens both eyes, he only thought that a whole body strength, the feeling of worn out and aching has not proliferated body each, the skeleton engagement place has the light heat flow circulation actually.

Although the feeling of this worn out and aching similarly is uncomfortable, but compared with the beforehand pain, was good many. The slight breath, Ji Dong can feel that own as if recovered normally. Even if his will, regarding all of it previous existence also thought that was similar to has made nightmare.

Also Li is the little pain! In the Ji Dong heart has to plant the aerobic and funny feeling, he naturally is not because Teng snake suffers him to be angry, he can feel, Teng snake such does, should have certain help to own body, as for concrete is anything, he is not clear. At this time the body only then the feeling of worn out and aching, naturally cannot feel anything to change.

Shen good, the Yin-Yang Vortex suppressed feeling vanished, magic power naturally flows in within the body.

The body cannot move, stimulates to movement magic power not to have any issue, the thought to integrate in magic power, Yin-Yang Vortex starts to revolve, dual attribute pinnacle magic power walks randomly in all the limbs and bones, is moistening each part of body.

When Ji Dong magic power just released, he had a scare immediately, because of his surprised present, oneself is used to moisten in magic power of body, pinnacle Yang Fire to not anything, but pinnacle Yin Fire just walked randomly, immediately... Was absorbed by own body, as if became part of body resembles directly. Displaying magic skill consumption is quicker.

What's all this about? Ji Dong is somewhat inexplicable, therefore, but, after his body has absorbed pinnacle Fourth Fire in Yin-Yang Vortex, one type the comfortable feeling that made his nearly moan come out breaks in the brain. Almost is subconscious, Yin-Yang Vortex transforms, within the body magic power changes into pinnacle Yin Fire and body fuses slowly, is moistening that worn out and aching bone lou, the muscle.

How long has not known, when magic power of Ji Dong within the body consumes a free time, he only thought that oneself was healthier, had the strength, sits cross-legged to sit, in the mind the miraculous glow flashes before, left the summon to eclipse date phoenix Huo'er.

The ray twinkle, Huo'er that golden red form appears sky over the Ji Dong body, just came out, this little fellow also looks around has a look toward the surroundings, as if for fear that meets harmonious snake.

"Huo'er, Yin Fire condensation law , helping me."Ji Dong own magic power was insufficient, can only seek help from own good partner.

Huo'er presently Teng snake the trail, immediately has not become lively, the pair of wings launches, in room inside turn one week, strange appeared, her golden red feather lived the transformation, but during blinking, turned jet black like black ink, the black flame circles the body, profound, dark, ice-cold aura release. Changed into a black phoenix.

Biplane wing restraining, Huo'er stagnates behind Ji Dong, black light halo regarding her body, Yin Fire condensation law release.

Immediately, in the entire log cabin was completely dark, could not see Ji Dong and eclipse date phoenix Huo'er form again.

Outside the log cabin, Teng snake does not know when came back, Yin Zhaorong stands in Ji Dong door Sichuan not far away said in a low voice: How long "blue" can Little Dongdong this cultivation? " Teng snake said that "does not need to worry, when he felt oneself fully recovers time on line. Said honestly, this Yin Fire condensation law makes me look mouth-watering! You and cloudy morning sun could not study, but I can study! Some embarrassed opens the mouth."

Yin Zhaorong snort/hum has produced "me saying that how your this time becomes such natural, when helps Little Dongdong improve the body also to integrate in his skeleton and muscle own cold blood atomization, originally needs help from him! However your this is also intelligent, Little Dongdong this child, is typical opening to persuasion but not to coercion. However, five elements method precious, is not your this snake blood can compare."

Teng snake cries out strangely "clear to melt, you cannot like this! You are knock the bamboo to shoulder. You looked, I am so pitiful, do you feel all right?"

Does Yin Zhaorong look up day "pitifully? How I have not looked. Before as if some snake also studied the sound that I called out pitifully in the past."

Teng snake helpless say/way: "Ai, good. Actually do I learn the issue not to be big. My strength has reached the peak that Fourth Fire department has been able to reach. On arithmetic five elements method, most worlds, but will have some changes in the magic power application: After this, said again. Actually, I do not hesitate to consume the vitality to help him , because of him. Vermilion Bird that fellow is really under qualification! On Little Dongdong in this Vermilion Bird armor has at least used over three types heavenly material earthly treasure, in addition Vermilion Bird own life elementary force can cast. Moreover has drawn support from the solar eclipse Yin Fire effect. Achieves balanced Yin- Yang, thus! Moved the Little Dongdong body to have the chaos embryonic form. However, Vermilion Bird after all is Third Fire Divine Beast. Insufficiently knew about solar eclipse Yin Fire, this solar eclipse Yin Fire most major characteristics do not extinguish. Nearly immortal does not extinguish. Therefore, her child in 3000 cannot hatch. Ji Dong inhales oneself within the body solar eclipse Yin Fire completely, although in Vermilion Bird armor helps him integrate it completely, but, preserved a solar eclipse Yin Fire brand mark in his within the body, with the lapse of time, integrated in his own Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. I cannot make Vermilion Bird being inferior, ponders over, compared with material that also only then this pitiful snake blood can use with Vermilion Bird, in addition to the improvement of his body. Vermilion Bird uses the phoenix feather as needle, I by snake blood, what she transforms is the skin, I transform is the marrow and muscle. Vermilion Bird delivers in him armor defense and soaring, I deliver him to melt the strength and pliable but hard to break body, my transformation stronger on a little. Hehe."

Yin Zhaorong somewhat speechless looks at Teng snake, touches his head gently "blue, your this fellow! The mark tries to outdo others. For Little Dongdong, this time you also hurt the vitality. You do not know I can love dearly? Joked with you a moment ago."Little Dongdong is not the person who the slightly broom takes care of oneself, turns head I to make him teach you Fourth Fire nine **, by nine **, you should be able to be quicker have replied, come. "

Teng snake snorted, said: "clear melts, you also underestimated me, did not have that nine **, I was also same can restore quickly. Where did you forget this are? Regarding average person, even if formidable Mage, the present sea is the greatly ominous place, but regarding me, here but the place of big making up. Does not know that many good things to eat. Otherwise, I will not hesitate help Little Dongdong Ding of price. Actually, I have selfishness. You and cloudy morning sun not presently, Little Dongdong now already, not only has the chaos source that the chaos embryonic form transforms to come, his Chaos Fire has awakened."

What? " Yin Zhaorong is surprised. Is gazing at fixedly Teng snake, could not speak.

Teng snake practices old chuckled, said: "After this little fellow, certainly will have the great achievement, improves on perfection with its future, to being inferior to give opportune help now. First is also ripe good with our future Saint king mixed face." Yin Zhaorong immerses in the news that this shocks at this time as before "Chaos Fire, the heart of chaos, Teng Shedao: " The source of chaos, is in Vermilion Bird armor can the Yin-Yang melt the genuine promoter, I this time make the thorough transformation to Little Dongdong, making him have the body of harmonious snake, depends upon also Chaos Fire. Any external division attribute energy, after feeling the Chaos Fire aura, was swallowed the fusion the result."

Chapter 126: Teng Snake strength, qualitative leap

In Yin Zhaorong shocks in clearing out the words of snake, the central log cabin door opens, cloudy morning sun walked from inside slowly, good that Teng snake said. Ji Dong Chaos Fire has awakened.

This time I just saw his time, felt his aura of that Chaos Fire combustion.

To Ji reason that long believes me is willing to make concessions also because of so. Ji Changxin after all is on attribute, in a short time was unable presently Ji Dong Chaos Fire, but the time is long, was very difficult to say.

Therefore, I meet first bring Ji Dong to leave Central Plains City. "

Yin Zhaorong somewhat discontented say/way: "Elder Brother, since you knew, how to tell me?"

Was exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said "you are not knew now? Teng snake, this, gives to you, is I returns a courtesy to your one for Ji Dong. As for Fourth Fire nine **, do not study to him. I have seen in an ancient book. five elements method is the strength of world, if simultaneously has two, the person learns, then, must have its one to meet Mo to fall."

Was saying, a blue light flashes through, in front of Teng snake were many to have Crystal Crown of fist size fully. Outside that insightful blue Crystal Crown looping trough around light black air/Qi, on Crystal Crown itself, is Nine-Crown has the blue hot brand mark. Impressively is dark Rank 9 Crystal Crown.

Teng snake looks at northward morning sun " big writing skill! Perhaps on Light Five Elements Continent, only then you had such writing skill. However, cloudy morning sun, this thing I cannot want. I will not study five elements method to Ji Dong. Does could it be allow you to teach him? "

Was saying, in Teng Sheyan the blue light flashes, that Crystal Crown returned to front of cloudy morning sun instantaneously.

Cloudy morning sun does not force, to lift the fork, opens both eyes, looks to ten thousand miles non- cloud blue sky, muttered "chaos appears, the day will change. This changes, actually where? Ji Dong this child, we must protect him well, decided however unable to make him before growing dead. Perhaps, this decides the continent future key."

Ji Dong this cultivation, has continued entire three days three nights, his thought that completely immerses in that side, in poor endless darkness. Until the body does not absorb pinnacle Yin Fire to moisten, after magic power gradually restores to some summit conditions, this gradually sobers.

The clear phoenix cry sound gets up, the Huo'er restraining pair of wings falls on the Ji Dong shoulder, the color of feather becomes fiery red, she after all is the Vermilion Bird descendant, even if is in itself dual attribute, likes this belonging to the Vermilion Bird fiery-red. Her phoenix pupil became brighter, obviously, this cultivation also has not the small advantage to her.

Ji Dong stands up, routine after cultivation had ended extension that makes an effort one own body.

Suddenly, he felt that was not right. First, in those days extending the body the skeleton full stretch when the slight sound that had vanishes. Next, his surprised present, own body as if follows the stretch to lengthen for several points, upper body backward one supine, very natural completed one, the waist bow, both hands has supported, head and calf muscle fitting in the same place. The body looked like hits to rebate.

This is......, Under Ji Dong is startled, hurries to set out, recovered just like the ball to the normal state generally, has moved the hands and feet, only thought that whole body as if there is strength that cannot cause, all joints look like the pliable but hard to break rubber band are full of the elasticity generally. Unexpectedly can carry on the event of any angle. The counter- angle is no exception C to push the door, Ji Dong somewhat excited running out room. At this time, appears when his mind, was initially Teng snake showed his strange to lead the defense capability appearance. He is certainly clear, change on oneself body came from Teng snake. Although also just felt some changes, but he knows, these changes are infinite regarding oneself future wondrous use.

Because feared that quarrelled cloudy morning sun in central log cabin, Ji Dong has not dared great shout, but he ran out of the log cabin directly, to looked.

"Little Dongdong, your this doing hurriedly?". The Yin Zhaorong sound resounds.

Does Ji Dong turn head to look to her " teacher's wife, Teng snake the senior? He where? " Those who made Ji Dong have a scare, although his head returned, but the body actually to the originally direction, hurried also to turn round, subconscious traces own neck, not any difference.

Yin Zhaorong as if saw a very normal matter, shows a faint smile, say/way "? Can ask him to revenge?"

Does Ji Dong hurry to shake the head "can? The Teng Snake senior this time carries on the body to transform to me, I must thank him."

Yin Zhaorong said with a smile "your this Bo partner is really a freak! Initially Teng snake after I made the body transformation, I just woke, the first matter was scolds him one, the stream of abuse. You must thank him but actually." Ji Dong laughed, say/way "can endure hardship painstakingly, side manner worker. Although is very painful, but I thought that now is worth very much."

The Yin Zhaorong say/way "comes, you eat a thing first. The blue that fellow later came back. Even if you do not look for him. He will also look your. The following some time, you must study with him. Teacher's wife skill, majority is blue teaches. From now on, he also meets Si Yang to teach you."

"Good."Although Teng snake the guidance is really the pain, but the effect actually absolutely gets quick results.

This food, Ji Dong has not eaten the dashi, only then fruit and that white lip lipstick. But this that lip lipstick has two large bowls fully. Eats up in the abdomen, comfortable of warm not being able to say.

Yin Zhaorong when Ji Dong starts to eat the thing went to own room, after finishing eating the thing, Ji Dong goes out of the courtyard, arrives in the sand beach.

The beautiful sunlight perfuses the whole body, looks sea that stretches as far as eye can see, if not the scruples quarrels Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife, wish of his to subdue|grams cried loud and long loud.

In this time, the blue light is dodging, appearance that Teng snake been quietly before him, Ji Dong just about to opens the mouth, Teng snake turns over/stands up suddenly, its thick tail directly soared the Ji Dong chest front to sweep.

Ji Dong had a scare, bends the waist backward, the body presented the appearance of that rebating again, Teng snake the snake tail has swept from his body, has not moistened to one.

"Un, good. Has not made me waste energy. Comes with me."At the same time was saying, Teng snake has walked randomly to go to the seashore. The Ji Dong hurrying half step overtakes "Teng snake the senior, thank you."

Teng snake chuckled " thanked anything, I must show to you, her Vermilion Bird can achieve, I was also same can achieve. Your marrow x muscles lived the change, from now on, you had with my same body. Still remembers that on that day I to you have demonstrated the strength ability? You start to practice now. Has not suited the practice strength compared with the sea again the place. You soak in the sea water, how I teach you ample capacity. Does not wait for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, he only thought that one tight, had been dragged into the sea by Teng snake.

The tide is seizes every opportunity, in the sea water potential swallow racing wells up, but.

"Melts the law of strength, emphasizes to avoid the enemy's strength and hit where he is weak, enemy I am weak, enemy weakly I. Saw clearly."At the same time was saying, Teng snake body directly in sea water turban erectness. When ocean waves impact, but at the appointed time, his body experienced the slight fluctuation immediately. The law of that mysterious strength once more presents in front of Ji Dong.

Although Teng snake the appearance seems somewhat dreadful, but the Ji Dong actually clear feeling he is good Teacher. He also indistinctly felt, for body changed Teng snake to pay after all.

At this time, had the foundation of body, he can learn this to melt the law of strength from Teng snake.

Brings the gratitude to Teng Snake, Ji Dong to hit 12 spirit, has practiced earnestly.

Quick, Teng snake presently, Ji Dong is actually not one, very intelligent person, but, he is one absolutely is actually willing to endure hardship, extremely earnest and dedicated person. Although has the snake blood to direct, cast to shear Teng snake the body, important component that but the Ji Dong effort also became he to this giving up study. After the Ji Dong body was transformed by Teng snake stupor, Old Second Zhu and Fu Rui came. In has built a courtyard from the yard not far place. On casting Duke construction, this is the strong point of Old Second Zhu. Although this fellow left from Heavenly Stems School. But his things have not stayed behind to Heavenly Stems School. Constructed his on doing room in the seashore directly. The rank has become with Ji Dong same Fu Rui the genuine coolie. The purchase daily necessities Duke prepared food these matters have become his duty.

Ji Dong is the person who observes commitment, every day must at least soak eight to bite in the sea water, beyond the double-hour, the surplus time on " are cultivation magic power as well as are Zhu Yan refine the metal. The day passes but actually also enriches. It is not lonely. When compared with initially was at the Li Fire School cultivation, his state of mind is better.

When eyes, one month of taught. On this day, the night falls, in the Ji Dong room ten-day period continues he, Teng snake coils around snake, static visits him.

"Starts."Teng snake said.

Ji Dong nodded, the plate clears out to sit, both hands build are clearing out cover, show five heart postures upwards. Although only passed for one month, but he actually grew, more and more likely was the adult. This has not the small relations with Teng snake the body. This time Ji Dong, the shoulder becomes broader, the delta stature becomes extremely perfect. Teng snake all flaws of body in his own physique adjusts completely, can say, present Ji Dong, has a perfect stature.

This is also Ji Dong to Teng Snake extremely grateful, on the one hand, the improvement of body, making him feel that own was away from Lie Yan (raging flames) to be nearer one step.

Uses own blood in Teng snake as the bow, helping Ji Dong cast Teng snake the body the time, Ji Dong after three days of restoration, magic power promoted Level 40, just under clearing out the request of snake, following one month he has not attacked Four-Crown realm. Because Teng snake told him, when the study strength technique, itself magic power was lower, the effect was better. Because was attacked by the ocean waves, own magic power will appear voluntarily protects the body situation, magic power the will influence also make him to the strength wooden feeling be affected to the body intensity dives to move to. Until one month later today, Ji Dong the strength technique had little to become, Teng snake makes him carry on the breakthrough of Fourth Crown.

This how. Moon/Month, although the Ji Dong main energy places in the study strength technique, but never has also stopped the cultivation of magic power, at this time attacks Four-Crown realm, was the thick product is it may be said that thin.

In the Yin-Yang vortex calamity, liquid Pinnacle Two Fires magic power sharply revolves, gold/metal black dual-color Yin-Yang Crown hangs above the Ji Dong top of the head, his complexion is very tranquil, compared with Four-Crown toad and Three-Crown realm, difference in regarding the application of external force. But before Ji Dong has not studied five elements method, has the extremely deep straight understanding in this aspect. After all, what he has is Pinnacle Two Fires, in addition core Chaos Fire, has the greatly strengthened attracting bow strength regarding all Fire Element. At this time breaks through Four-Crown, but is the successful process.

The thought and magic power merge into one organic whole, magic power in within the body disperses outside the body gradually, in the entire log cabin, was filled by that extremely rich Pinnacle Two Fires magic power immediately. If not Teng snake releases own magic power to protect the log cabin, this log cabin must in magic power that directly in Ji Dong that releases fully destroys instantaneously.

magic power release many of more and more, Ji Dong according to clearing out the direction of snake, will disperse Fire Element in magic power and air in outside the body unifies, takes own two magic power as the source, controls the outside magic power to use for oneself.

This process itself any difficulty, Pinnacle Two Fires originally has not been Fire Sovereign King, Ji Dong magic power has reached the Three- Crown peak, Third Fire and Fourth Fire Element in air accepted their summon very mild-mannered.

Airborne outside log cabin, is similar to the smoke cloud general red and blue condensation agglomerate, the sky outside the log cabin condenses huge that more and more, although is night, as before is clear.

Only this time control, has been the Four-Crown Mage degree actually, compared with the ordinary Four-Crown Mage also still have it, but at this moment, the issue emerged, because Teng snake protects the log cabin, causes Ji Dong own Pinnacle Two Fires throughout the embodiment, but Teng Snake is also the pinnacle flame, caused this time Yin Fire to strong in Yang Fire, balanced Yin-Yang present the deviation. But along with outside two Fire departments note, element actually condensation many of more and more, the Yin-Yang unbalancedly also becomes more and more obviously, the control of Ji Dong started to have the problem.

Teng snake present this issue, in the heart has also criticized itself, how to make this mistake. But he cannot interrupt the cultivation of Ji Dong, otherwise not only will waste all previous efforts, will also likely make Ji Dong present the danger of cultivation deviation.

In this time, the cloudy morning sun light voice is conveying " Teng snake, you must compensate my house.

Withdraw the strength to come out. "

Teng Snake helpless takes back own Yin Fire, the personal appearance flashes, left the log cabin, almost leaves in him flickers the ten-day period, three log cabins along with the entire yard , the gold/metal black dual-color ray dodge not to have, looks like cancels baseless general, in sand beach completely empty.

This is the great strength of pinnacle flame, has not left behind the slightest bit including the ashes. Lost Teng snake the suppression, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires and airborne dual attribute Yuan Suyun coordinates with each other across a great distance, is almost only the flash, Yuan Suyun in sky increased ten times. 

Chapter 127: Breakthrough! Four- Crown realm

Cloudy morning sun Station in the sand beach, the static looking up to sky, Yin Zhaorong and Teng snake by him, not far away, Old Second Zhu and Fu Rui also felt that here change, has caught up quickly.

Yuan Suyun, Yin Zhaorong was saying: "So the meteorology, compared with breaking through Five-Crown also goes beyond."Harmonious snake ill-humored northward toward way of yang: "You blackmail me intentionally, you only needed to add on a moment ago, let his balanced Yin-Yang, naturally can break through Four-Crown very much. Why must destroy the house."Is exposed to the sun lightly said "to depend upon itself cloudy, can have the most real feeling." The Yin Zhaorong sudden complexion changes "is not good, Yin-Yang unbalanced was too serious. Elder Brother , helping his helping hand quickly."In the midair, red x blue two-color loses, after Suyun comes under the Pinnacle Two Fires influence of Ji Dong, directly flickers the ten-day period to enlarge ten times, immediately made originally have the Yin-Yang dual attribute disparity of deviation to pull open large scale. Blue Fourth Fire got the winning side obviously, has had the comprehensive suppression to red Third Fire. Third Fire is in imminent danger.

Come, Ji Dong has practiced under the guidance of chest cavity snake these days, has Teng Snake in the side, he cultivates absorbs Yin Fire, own Yin-Yang Vortex presented some not to be balanced. But is relying on his Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, the Fu anything major problem, he cannot adjust slowly. However, today breaks through the Four-Crown critical moment in this, snake to protect the log cabin has hindered effect of Ji Dong magic power on the outside element, this unbalanced instantaneous enlarges imperceptibly, at this time spreads completely, immediately presented the Yin-Yang unbalanced dangerous picture. In midair, blue element cloud Sijing red element cloud enough big one-third, but Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires also started to have the change in the color, the left black obviously want compared with the right golden color powerfully, but this is not the key, Ji Dong own magic power he can adjust through own strength, has well distributed of Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique and Yin- Yang Vortex, will not have any problem. Crisis that but he faces now is, airborne that two full together united Suyun in his thought linked, he breaks through the Four-Crown realm key to be, at this time these two full together united Suyun one unbalanced, the Fourth Fire Element cloud obviously has to swallow the Third Fire Element cloud the danger. Under oppresses, started to deviate position, no longer maintained above the Ji Dong top of the head.

The thought of Ji Dong is nothing less than formidable, Two Great Sovereign Kings arrogant demeanor after his oneself fuses together, his psychic force also had the considerable progress. Situation that but he faces at this time eventually with ordinary Mage when attacking bottleneck different. If these two full together united Suyun are balanced, then, he breaks through Four-Crown dares the work of hand. But at this time this, because Pinnacle Two Fires attracts! But the huge element that comes said that already big his strength. The Pinnacle Two Fires superiority turned to affect the giant crisis of success or failure at this time sufficiently, on the Ji Dong face has revealed the color/look of pain, even somewhat twisted including the facial features, he was doing utmost to strike balanced airborne Yuan Suyun.

But, both disparity crosses one-third, wants to improve is also easier said than done it is, at this time Ji Dong not unnecessary magic power and thought complete five elements method to help itself clash the crown.

Yin Zhaorong brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Big Brother, you help his helping hand. Perhaps Little Dongdong must unable to support."Cloudy morning sun shook the head, say/way "does not need to worry, he naturally can have the means. You have forgotten, the help of his also that eclipse date phoenix? Helped his balanced element sufficiently."Cloudy morning sun said right, existence of eclipse date phoenix Huo'er, truly sufficiently helps the Ji Dong reverse present predicament. Huo'er helps Ji Dong release one, five elements method also well, or helps him with magic power directly, can make up for these one- third element disparities. Ji Dong when is not presently wonderful, left the seeking help signal to Huo'er. However, what making Ji Dong be surprised, the withstood the test summon, these time expired unexpectedly. Huo'er of deep sleep in Vermilion Bird bracelet unexpectedly to his summon not any response.

Ji Dong so is flushing in the crown process naturally unable to start talking. He can do, only then goes all out controls. Once stops, not only he can be defeated to crown, moreover so huge Yuan Suyun backlashes, he cannot withstand absolutely.

"Eh. How hasn't he called that small phoenix to come out to help?"Saying of snake doubts.

Cloudy morning sun also slightly knits the brows " might as well the matter, perhaps, Ji Dong has his idea.

You wait to look and that's the end. "

Won't Fu Rui in one side respectfully said " Martial Ancestor, have the danger really? Little Junior Brother probably very painful appearance, moreover airborne Yuan Suyun contrasted is becoming bigger and bigger.

Cloudy morning sun had not replied that the Fu Rui words, Fu Rui naturally does not dare to ask again, looks at each other one with Zhu Yan, in two people of eyes reveals the anxious color/look.

Ji Dong only has a feeling at this time, that tears. As if entire ding, the person must be torn. In his Vermilion Bird body of armor or the snake, is unable to have any help to him at this time. Because this tearing feeling appears above the Yin-Yang vortex calamity directly. His Pinnacle Two Fires no doubt can have the influence to the element of outside, but the artisan of outside, the element energy also similarly can have the reaction to him. In as before situation that Yuan Suyun who especially at present he unifies continually is increasing the dog, this situation became more obvious. dual attribute Fire Element of complete deviation equilibrium orbit started to engage in factional strife mutually, the rain Fire Element cloud could not resist more and more, edge started to be swallowed by Fourth Fire. Under is in inverse proportion, both's disparity without doubt will become more and more greatly. Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires also oneself after starting to have the similar situation, a wisp of blood threads spreads from his corners of the mouth place, his body also starts fiercely shivers.

Yin Zhaorong has a big shock, as the supreme powerhouse, under the Supreme Unity crown, she knows certainly that at present this is n what kind of situations.

This is to crown inadequate backlash, is most dangerous cultivation deviation!

"Big Brother." The Yin Zhaorong running together of two syllables in rapid speech called out. At this time, people on the scene except for only then cloudy morning sun and Zhu Yan are Yang Fire Mage.

Has not waited for cloudy morning sun to open the mouth, nearby Zhu Yan could not bear, these days with the curtain, Ji Dong actually as before did not forget to help him release Pinnacle Two Fires in the cultivation that laborious situation to complete the casting, the sentiment continually is deepening without doubt. Saw that Ji Dong faced with so the danger, he will sit by and do nothing?

However, when a Zhu Yan foot continent just took, the cloudy morning sun right hand lifts, the people only thought the air has the coagulation feeling that has stuck to damage instantaneously, the body of Zhu Yan stiffly recoils same place, cannot move.

"No one can begin." The voice of cloudy morning sun is as before light, from cannot listen to any mood. Yin Zhaorong was really anxious ", Big Brother " Little Dongdong, if has an accident, I go all out with you."Cloudy morning sun slowly opens both eyes at this time, looks that in the sky will soon collapse Yuan Suyun who backlashes, his look actually as before tranquil, only then the right hand turns slowly, seems making any preparation.

At this time, suddenly, a light white halo appeared from Ji Dong, in Vermilion Bird armor voluntarily released eventually under the huge pressure, the white pair of wings stretched suddenly, under flapped, making the body of Ji Dong stabilize several points slightly. the next moment, gentle white light the position from Ji Dong chest has shone, that is such as the silk such as the wisp of light white flame, it in extremely tiny It
seems even only approaches is a white glow, but sixth branch. But is this point white glow, made the air entire become has filled with the coagulation aura.

On Yin Zhaorong face anxious was shocked to substitute immediately, the cloudy morning sun tranquil vision also completely becomes in this flash concise, shouted "clear to melt, sees clearly. Earnest feeling."When that seems a common white glow appears in the Ji Dong chest front flash, the surroundings all start to live the change.

First has the change, is by the Ji Dong body already imbalanced Pinnacle Two Fires. Almost regained the state of equilibrium with the gold/metal two-color flame in the flash black, pinnacle Yin Fire that comes out changes into shark to invest into that white glow in black light vanishes does not see. Moves black voluntarily around the body of Ji Dong with the gold/metal dual-color ray, forms a giant coal dual-color vortex instantaneously. In Ji Dong chest source magic power Yin-Yang Vortex shape.

Yin-Yang vortex calamity manifest, this is Ji Dong swings one time to have such situation in history. All Pinnacle Two Fires, are centered on that white glow, is revolving fiercely. The strong magic power fluctuation from the sky shivers, originally not balanced Yuan Suyun presented the short coagulation extremely. That two groups of not balanced Yuan Suyun as if also came under the influence of below Yin-Yang Vortex to revolve slowly. The light white light has as if glittered, in the sky, as if instantaneously dies out compared with cloudy Fire Element that Yang Fire comes out general, that more than one-third magic power that are many just now pick out to vanish without the trace. But Ji Dong chest front that white glow also returned to normal, that light white flame is hidden to go gradually, vanishes without the trace.

Airborne Yuan Suyun and Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power started fierce revolving, revolving is getting quicker and quicker, but is whatever, they restored above the balanced Yin-Yang track. A strange picture immediately presents in the people at present, side Ji Dong, is the coal dual-color vortex, but in his top of the head midair, is the giant red and blue dual-color vortex. Two big eddy currents hand over to echo, have one type to confirm mutually, each other mutual promotion of the five elements aura.

Yin Zhaorong gasped "the fire of fierce dun, worthily is Chaos Fire! This is its protects orchid voluntarily. Big Brother, did you already think?"Cloudy morning sun shook the head, said: I have not thought that Chaos Fire will appear. I think that eclipses Fire Phoenix to help Ji Dong. But looking back now. Perhaps that frightens, the phoenix little fellow leaves fiercely, issue. This Chaos Fire was compelled by the outside change. The strength of chaos, is in the world the most balanced strength. Yin-Yang dual attribute magic power of Ji Dong cultivation at any time is very dangerous, once lost balanced, will backlash his Lord, has the possibility of instantaneous dying a violent death. However, now he had Chaos Fire to take oneself magic power source, this situation completely does not need to be worried.

So the deviation of degree, Chaos Fire can just now truncate a moment ago adjusts, Ji Dong not only can break through Four-Crown smoothly, but, from now on, Yin-Yang dual attribute is unable to become any disadvantageous influence to other party again. This time, makes us benefit greatly, has felt the Chaos Fire aura, clear melts, we should also close up while this opportunity some time. " The cloudy embryo praised friendly "is so. Cannot make this instantaneous sensibility vanish. This time, Little Dongdong helped us be busy. Does not know whether to use to the sensibility of Chaos Fire makes me break through ten years of not progressive level. Blue, Little Dongdong gave you. You continue to teach his your ability. I and Big Brother this time close up little for one month, many three ding, moon/month."Harmonious snake chuckled, said: "You feel relieved. Little Dongdong gave me. I will take care of him."

Cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong do not dare to neglect, the brother and sister look at each other one, the cloudy morning sun void move, the strong red ray soars immediately, when he waves, changed into height about ten meters red Fire Dragon, Fire Dragon launches the pair of wings, from the cloudy morning sun body plunders, to lead him to soar.

In the Yin Zhaorong hand the blue scepter makes the similar movement, appears is actually a chest cavity snake of energy shape, brings her body to follow behind cloudy morning sun goes. In an instant, two big supreme powerhouses disappeared in the horizon.

At this time, sits well was tranquil there Ji Dong complexion, regarding in his body surrounding gold/metal black dual-color Yin-Yang Vortex revolving is getting quicker and quicker, but under the sky completely was also illuminated by that huge dual-color element vortex cloud, coordinates with each other across a great distance, a long and loud cry resounds from the Ji Dong mouth. Above the top of the head dual-color Yin-Yang Crown ray puts greatly, in the midair as if shines lightning, emptied Zhongyuan Suyun floating to fall, merged into one organic whole with Ji Dong body surrounding Yin-Yang Vortex. The magic power fluctuation that the ten-day period, incomparably rushes instant releases to explode first outward, then suddenly restrains. The body of Ji Dong shone to ride immediately, all vanished when magic power of his outside the body completely, in his Vermilion Bird armor changed into the half golden color half black marvelous sight, all ray departments welled up to his top of the head.

gold and black, the dual-color ray has spread to Yin-Yang Crown above, finally changes into two groups of tiny and extreme concentrations the flame is only in the left Fourth Crown Crown Peak divination superposition, Fourth Crown finally breaks through successfully. However, what the command wished the flame and Fu Rui surprised was, at this time this remained, presented on Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown Crown Ring representative level Crown Star, after just did not break through the bottleneck, unexpectedly proper half, but was complete one. In other words, this time Ji Dong, magic power is not Level 41, but is Level 42.

Also while this Fourth Crown forms, a resonant phoenix cry resounds from the Ji Dong right hand wrist/skill.

Chapter 128: The eclipse date phoenix, entered the step

When all magic power emerge oneself body instantaneously, Ji Dong only thought that the whole body inflates extremely, the Yin-Yang vortex calamity in within the body stagnated the flash, the next moment, that Yin- Yang Vortex contracted unexpectedly fiercely, the originally liquid shape dual-color pinnacle flame lived the slight change. In Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire or Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, were many star light. That each star light, seems extreme condensation magic power changes into the solid to be the result. These magic power star light flow in liquid magic power in Yin-Yang Vortex.

This time Yin-Yang Vortex has contracted the originally one-third sizes suddenly, complements heart place that Chaos Fire more obvious. Chaos Fire as if slightly increased a point, the white flame turned into one wisp from one.

Breaks through Four-Crown, not only made Ji Dong have with an outside magic power better communication, in the meantime, his Yin-Yang Vortex also became condenses, after Yin-Yang Vortex contracted voluntarily , the space that saved can make him condense many magic power without doubt. Builds the foundation to the future promotion.

Also at this time, Ji Dong suddenly felt, a formidable suction transmitted from own right hand wrist/skill place, in the new Yin-Yang vortex calamity that his within the body just formed branched out massive magic power to well up to strike toward the right hand wrist/skill immediately, Chaos Fire as if also branched out slight one, integrated in these magic power. By own thought that Ji Dong can definitely control these magic power whether outputs, when but he feels that suction the source, not only has not prevented, instead controls own magic power to intensify the output effort. Because, the origin of this suction how regardless of formerly he summoned not to have any eclipse date phoenix of response, Huo'er. Indistinct, Ji Dong felt that Huo'er must make anything.

With the resonant phoenix cry sound, the strong golden red ray emits from the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet, the Huo'er that not big body soars, the pair of wings opens, float above the Ji Dong top of the head.

This time eclipse date phoenix both eyes opened tightly, the golden red body flickered, is sparkling extremely unstable magic power. The right hand of Ji Dong along with it uphold, massive Pinnacle Two Fires flowed, pours into to Huo'er within the body.

Body of Huo'er in slight is shivering, golden red ray also starts the fresh transformation, is turned into the profound black by the golden red, again is changed by the black the golden red, endlessly is duplicating this process. Whenever her body transforms one time, must from outside absorption massive magic power. Just promoted also to start somewhat to Four-Crown magic power by Ji Dong unable to endure.

Harmonious snake surprised looks at present this, muttered: " This little fellow must enter the step.

No wonder beforehand Ji Dong encounters the danger time it has not come out to help. Originally it cannot take care of oneself! Good lucky small, fellow. Some Ji Dong such partners, are her luck. In the congenitally deficient situation, such short time can enter the step unexpectedly. Really enviable! " Ji Dong breaks through Four-Crown, met Huo'er also to enter the trouble of step without enough time excitedly, if cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong have not walked, but can also help Huo'er by their respective pinnacle flame, but they departed, can help Huo'er, only had Ji Dong.

Facing crazy absorption that dust gets stronger and stronger, the Ji Dong complexion gradually becomes dignified. May be in such a case, his heart is calmer. This is one generation of Wine God before the disposition that first trains.

Startled, often is omen of destruction. In all circumstances maintains calm, can handle all accidents. In the Ji Dong eye the ray twinkle, left hand also lifted. The left hand in airborne wields suddenly, magic power has shut off his help to the Huo'er together forcefully.

In the midair, Huo'er originally also calculates that tranquil body immediately fierce vibration, the ray that the body transforms unceasingly immediately becomes extremely unstable. Black and golden electric light twinkles, her head also lifted because of the fierce pain.

But this time Ji Dong, in use this moment the husband, both hands separately from the sky delimit, leave a complete circle, in the eye the god put brilliantly, when two departments magic power division to explode the condition output, in the sky, Yuan Suyun reappears, under the summon of his Pinnacle Two Fires, Fourth Fire and Third Fire two big elements started to condense extremely.

Has Vermilion Bird Totem and snake Totem two separately ** simultaneously appears by the Ji Dong body, is cloudy Yang Fire condensation law.

A both hands request, two ** a lift-off, Ji Dong never stints rushes own Pinnacle Two Fires once more output.

Formerly outside the body Yin-Yang Vortex when breaking through Four-Crown realm vanished in two ** under an function appeared again, circled regarding his body, in the air Lord the Ji Dong summon by Third Fire and Fourth Fire that came, the element under the Yin-Yang Vortex huge suction function crazy flooded into Ji Dong within the body. X condenses x concentrations after Ji Dong own filtration, outputs in the midair again, injects into Huo'er this little fellow within the body.

Huo'er unstable magic power then gradually returns to normal, in two ** under a help, Ji Dong at this time became a stopover station. Through own transformation is Pinnacle Two Fires pours into Fire Element that he absorbs again to Huo'er. Compared with formerly sitting idle and eating , he must be more relaxed.

Even if as the Fourth Fire Divine Beast snake, at this time also shouted a good character. The Ji Dong strain is it can be said that impeccable. When he attacks Four-Crown, Huo'er cannot give him to help.

But in Huo'er to the situation of step, Ji Dong actually became her powerful helping. The disposition or the ability, harmonious snake is very satisfied to Ji Dong. In some sense, now he is also Ji Dong Teacher, saw that own disciple is so outstanding, can he not be happy?

Time one minute one second passed, Yin-Yang Crown on Ji Dong bei becomes more and more bright, the magic power output eventually compared with absorbing on quick many. His magic power started to weaken.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill shakes, two crystal core fell into the palm, he has to start to help the Huo'er promotion with the aid of crystal core magic power. The time does not even allow him to eat magic power that Yao Qianshu gives to restore the pill.

Indistinct, Ji Dong present, oneself and between Huo'er have one mysterious spiritual connection, he can feel, Huo'er arrived at the most crucial time.

In the harmonious snake eye reveals a strange brilliance, "so that's how it is. No wonder, no wonder ............"Fu Rui was puzzled asked "snake senior, what so that's how it is? This ding, is the bird that the body changes color unceasingly what? How can she with Ji Dong in the same place? This what's the matter?"Teng Snake said: " This little fellow is the Ji Dong magic beast partner. Her mother and my n types, are one of the heavenly stems Divine Beast, Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird. But this little fellow is actually not considered as that Vermilion Bird.

More than 3000 years ago, when Vermilion Bird is born she, happen to comes across the solar eclipse, finally the solar eclipse Yin Fire sneak attack, invaded in the Vermilion Bird egg to cause this little fellow to be nearly killed. Is Vermilion Bird own life is really hot has been protecting her, makes her insist. But passed through in 3000, Vermilion Bird had not hatched as before her. Was your this brothers Ji Dong helps Vermilion Bird hatch this little fellow.

Makes her with Ji Dong same, had Pinnacle Two Fires magic power. However, this little fellow himself because also received the influence of solar eclipse Yin Fire to be congenitally deficient. After the birth, magic power is only Rank 4. Only is following Ji Dong, her has possibly to recover. Not only because of Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires, perhaps and Chaos Fire also has the relations. Vermilion Bird actually intelligent, not hesitating is in the Ji Dong casting armor. "

Fu Rui said suddenly " originally is this. No wonder initially Vermilion Bird in the mountain unexpectedly was protecting Ji Dong.

Has not listened to Ji Dong to say actually carefully. Did you say so that's how it is what's the matter? "

The harmonious snake said: " This little fellow continuously and Ji Dong in the same place, the Ji Dong chaos source lights finally, changes into Chaos Fire. In addition studies five elements method.

The strength of its essence was awakened, in the ability level, had to eight Rank 5 strengths. However, her physique actually does not allow it to enter the step. Received Ji Dong to break through the influence of Four- Crown a moment ago, perhaps magic power of this little fellow also moved restlessly. Got up voluntarily impact on Rank 5. Finally her own congenitally deficient, causes unable to depend upon own strength to complete the evolution. At this time with the help of Ji Dong, has to complete the evolution the possibility. Although Vermilion Bird that fellow is not much, but this cloudy clan, actually most tasteful causal circle. How Ji Dong such helps this ", fellow. Later is to live Asia, bent down to accompany."

Teng Snake just spoke of here, in the midair, in the Huo'er mouth an extremely clear Feng cried, compared with the past, this phoenix cry wanted sharp many, entered the vault of heaven. Ji Dong by a Yuan shape energy is prevented to magic power that she pours into outside. When with this division, simultaneously shows on Huo'er with the gold/metal dual- color ray black. Strange demon mark appears from her within the body unceasingly. Changes into the radiant ray from the sky to glitter.

Huo'er body originally only then one meter, at this time the office starts to live the change, follows that to bite, the fluctuation of demon mark, springs three tail feathers from her end, the tail feathers lengthens slowly, has extended to 1.5 meters is long, changes into the attractive tail plume, the pair of wings launches, along with enlargement of body, on her wind wing were also many a solid feather, in the top of the head, the phoenix coronet raises, light golden light sparkle.

Compared with the appearance of originally that flamingo, Huo'er obviously became attractive.

The pair of wings inspires, Huo'er has a phoenix cry once more, whole body blows out one group of golden rays first, is one group of black rays. The pair of wings launches, above Ji Dong bei excited is hovering. Circles regarding the body of Ji Dong unceasingly.

Ji Dong relaxed obviously, crystal core in hand also changed into the scarlet powder, looks at Huo'er that excited appearance, on his face also reveals a smiling face. Yes, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er entered the step, by originally Rank 4, entered the Rank 5 level. Various aspects had qualitative leap. The insufficiency of body also obtained certain making up.

The ray twinkle, Huo'er throws into the Ji Dong bosom, the pair of wings restrains, the glittering phoenix coronet is rubbing on the Ji Dong neck unceasingly, intimate is not light cries.

Ji Dong can feel her sense of gratitude, gently stroked Huo'er that is becoming toughed it out many feathers " Huo'er, your body weight increased much, I soon held motionless Oh. "

Huo'er after evolution, body length grows 1.5 meters, in addition the 1.5 meters long three tail plumes, were held by Ji Dong in the bosom, the tail plume has built on the ground. Huo'er also called two, said anything not to be willing from the Ji Dong bosom.

"Hehe, hehe." The harmonious snake gloomy and cold laughter resounds, this awakens Huo'er, raising the head that the police fear, looks to the harmonious snake. A personal appearance show, has flown behind Ji Dong, two phoenix claw grasp on the Ji Dong shoulder, hides own body, only reveals the phoenix to look to the chest cavity snake.

Teng Snake snorted "little fellow, am I so fearful? Little Dongdong, your this Four-Crown broke through. However you have a look, the house made you burn does not have. Your Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife found the place to close up. Place that this lives, you yourself try to find the solution."

Fu Rui and Zhu Yan looked at each other one, on the face appear the smiling face, formerly they clearly heard, cloudy morning sun made the harmonious snake compensate the house.

"Uh ............"Ji Dong somewhat embarrassed looks at the completely empty sand beach. " I can the cover house. Martial Ancestor and did the teacher's wife close up? "

Teng Snake selected the pier, say/way " they as if comprehended anything from your Chaos Fire.

Like them this strength, wants to play now promotes Level 1 difficultly such as to ascend to heaven again, the core must watch the chance. When estimates seals Hu half little while not to come back. I looked, this lid house you do not need to worry. Taking your time.

Your present cultivation base just the continent promoted Four-Crown, heavily what plays is consolidated. For serveral days you and my n straight study strength technique, calculated little to become. Future becomes must look at your effort silently. You must remember, melts strength technique, although mainly depends upon the body, but magic power is also essential. Whenever when your own magic power has promoted, your body will also receive the magic power transformation to evolve. Like this. You arrive at Zhu Yan their there to go first for several days, takes for ten days as to limit, consolidated one your own magic power. ten days later, I start to teach you skill. "

Listens to snake to make Ji Dong live in oneself there, Zhu Yan immediately is lighting up with pleasure of face, "good, good, Brother, follows me. Elder Brother there some are delicious."

Harmonious snake coldly snorted, small Zhu Yan! Do not blame me not to remind you. If because you casting delayed the Little Dongdong cultivation. My pulling you go to comfortably comfortable. "

How Zhu Yan hastily said "can, snake senior. Although the casting plays to me very much heavily, but my this brothers similarly are also important! The matter of this lid house also gave me to be good."

Ten days of passed by quickly, the Zhu Yan working efficiency is truly high, when Ji Dong closes up for ten days, after when making own magic power becomes more concise, goes out room, sees in that originally place, the wooden institute, returned to the original condition, unexpectedly before and exactly the same.

After these ten days of cultivation, Ji Dong present, after magic power promotes to Four-Crown, progress, although does not reduce, but wants magic power that promotes Level 1 to need actually to assume the geometrical multiple to increase.

Chapter 129: Totem changes from gives up study

After magic power achieves Four-Crown, the biggest advantage is the thought no longer limits to do the fusion with own magic power. Four- Crown realm, not only the magic power promotion, is more concise. Body and magic power further union. Meanwhile, the psychic force also has great strides. Except that controls the Sichuan of own magic power, had enough many psychic forces to release outside the body, controls that to come from the outside element power, coordinates own magic power. As the matter stands, regarding Mage, without doubt is the strength qualitative leap.

Comes regarding Ji Dong so. Although his magic power only has Four- Crown, but the psychic force actually not know formidable many compared with same Four-Crown Mage. Can summon Yuan Suyun this grade of marvelous sight through own magic power, is Seven-Crown Mage can achieve. But he has achieved in Four-Crown. No doubt is because he has Pinnacle Two Fires this inherent advantage, but cannot separate with his own formidable thought. Otherwise, even if has produced Yuan Suyun, he is unable to control.

When leaves the mausoleum chamber, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu run into yellow Liming and the others, at that time, Ji Dong was relying on Huo'er and five elements method as well as the Yao Qianshu amplification can use the Flame Sovereign King body. At this time his strength breaks through Four-Crown, even if no Yao Qianshu wood to light a fire to help , can definitely releases the Sovereign King body by Huo'er and five elements method, not only Flame Sovereign King, Dark Flames Demon King takes possession him , the division type can achieve. Also " said, currently by his strength, he has the possibility to resist several points with Six-Crown Mage.

When Ji Dong finished Tian pass/test, another person actually entered has closed up the condition, that was Fu Rui. Thunder Emperor Fu Rui when Ji Dong just knew him cultivation base has achieved Level 69, at his 29-year-old age, this rank is it can be said that unprecedented. The effort since these days, he must attack Level 70 finally. Only then magic power achieves Level 70 first, has to attack the Seven-Crown possibility.

When Yin-Yang School, Zhu Rong had said that Yin-Yang Mage starts from Six-Crown, every time promotes One-Crown, is a giant bottleneck. Breaks through Six-Crown is the watershed, but Seven-Crown flies Eight- Crown as well as final Nine-Crown, actually must be higher than Six- Crown in the breakthrough difficulty. Why this is the Yin-Yang Mage total are also many, but the genuine powerhouse very few reason. Especially from breaking through Six-Crown starts, has the enormous risk. It is not good, not only breakthrough wastes all previous efforts, will likely accidentally discharge eight demons.

Ji Dong arrives at the seashore slowly, at this time Zhu Yan is busy the casting, Fu Rui Tian pass/test, snake disappears without a trace, only then he.

The present sea is a bottleneck, the airborne dark clouds are intermittent, the eyebrow does not arrive at Sun. Only the sound of that great waves continually wells up to hear.

Lie Yan (raging flames), do you know? My dust strength has been increased one step. Four-Crown I add on Rank 5 Huo'er, has faced Six- Crown Mage sufficiently. But, actually I must be what degree, can protect your strength? Nine-Crown?

Ji Dong does not know, but he can actually see from passing all sorts, Lie Yan (raging flames) can make Rank 10 Ice Dragon submit, can make Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird dread. Her strength, fears the joy is Nine- Crown Mage is unable to compare. But, why actually needs to protect in the world by she such formidable strength, but can't use own strength? Lie Yan (raging flames), didn't your why agree tell me? Has your closing up sometime, actually when been able to finish? Do you know, I think you really very much.

The squatting down body, Ji Dong uses finger glide of the gently in the sand beach. Duplicates writes the Lie Yan (raging flames) two characters. Every time writes one time, missing in his heart strict increases several points. He presently, initially in Li Fire School, every day can be suddenly the Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing day regarding himself unexpectedly is happiest. At this time although own strength with day entirely enter, but cannot see Lie Yan (raging flames), the heart turban is spacious throughout, does not have the slightest bit string luck feeling.

In this time, suddenly, the Ji Dong look is congealing, almost does not have hesitant any, the whole person has struck to tumble horizontally in the sand beach with the aid of a palm. The people are in the midair, strong Pinnacle Two Fires explodes, the gold/metal black dual-color flame ignites on him separately. Meanwhile, in Vermilion Bird armor outrageously, pair of wings while his body tumbling made an effort to whip, changed the direction once more, making him before was turned horizontally turns leap up, but blinked on husband, already about dozens meters.

The harmonious snake satisfactory voice resounds "is very good, the also so degree of reaction in the situation of restlessing, was good. Gets down."When does not know, Teng Snake appeared in the sand beach. Formerly the fierce response of Ji Dong, unexpectedly was only because gravel shot at his body. It seems, some Ji Dong as if hyperaesthesia. But if is this enemy sneak attacks?

Restrains the Vermilion Bird pair of wings, the Ji Dong floating body, but under arrives in front of snake.

"Snake senior."Harmonious snake is standing erect the first half body, maintains is impartial Little Dongdong with the Ji Dong height ", what are you thinking? The state of mind is not, this is not the good phenomenon. Practices was extremely alone? " Ji Dong shook the head, say/way "nothing."Harmonious snake chuckled, said: "Evidently, your magic power was consolidates. Since does not have anything, I start to teach you today magic skill. Practiced magic skill not to have aridly is so senseless. You told me, how did magic skill differentiate?" The Ji Dong say/way "magic skill differentiates according to five elements Yin-Yang attribute, is divided into ten departments. Has to attack x to defend x to control x to change from and other."Teng Snake shakes the head, say/way " changing , but staying the same, wants me saying that magic skill was divided into two types, one type was near body attack, one type was to control the attack.

The defense is also same. " "Theoretically, the might of near body attack is certainly higher than to control the attack. But is difficult to need the passing body to manual. Moreover the striking power was also limited by the range. But the might of control attack must be inferior in body attack, but wins is ever changing. What is more important, when launches the control attack, Mage itself has enough time to observe the battlefield aspect. Makes the most correct choice. Therefore, generally outstanding Mage mostly is primarily holding to control to attack. Like your teacher's wife and your Martial Ancestor is so."In the Ji Dong heart moves, according to the view of harmonious snake, he inherits from Two Great Sovereign Kings magic skill, should belong to near body magic skill. Even if dark moon/month coal type long-distance attacks magic skill, as if cannot the peak controls the attack.

Teng Snake said: "I must teach you now, is the control attacks magic skill. When your Martial Ancestor their stopping, will teach you Third Fire department. If you can these two link, the core can wield the extremely towering double fire the superiority. Fourth Fire is Yin Fire, the cheek however is Yin Fire, certainly is cloudy. Unexpectedly, making the match virtually impossible to guard against. My control magic skill, takes the main body harmonious snake to carry on the release as the main body. Takes Yin Fire to condense for harmonious snake shape, coincides with the Totem celestial phenomenon, can Fourth Fire magic power in maximum degree absorption air. Therefore, the first step that you must make, is turns Totem to use into oneself. First, " does Totem use for oneself?"Ji Dong doubts looks at snake.

Teng Snake nodded, say/way "said accurately, " is makes your Yin Fire incarnation be the Teng Snake logical sequence in you magic power condensation is in the Totem process, is not only to the practice of magic power control, is the preparation of magic skill attack. You favored."

Was saying, in the harmonious snake eye the blue light flashes, Ji Dong feels the Fourth Fire Element quick condensation in air obviously, but, gradually takes shape before the harmonious snake body.

At the beginning, the element that but naked eye was difficult to distinguish, coagulated along with magic power more and more, gradually changed into a blue light, executed " glow to be getting stronger and stronger, gradually in light of formation.

By the strength of snake, wants to complete to change from this process, can achieve instantaneously. He was to remain intent at this time slowed down this process, quite made Ji Dong see clearly, can better realized from experience entire, process.

Blue ray gradually condenses for the illusory light shadow gradually, looks like Three-Crown above Fourth Fire Mage is exactly the same when Totem that displaying formidable magic skill behind presents.

However, knee snake has not stopped to pick, many Fourth Fire Element pour into, before causing his body, this harmonious snake light shadow is gradually clear, clear Duke concise, to finally, unexpectedly seemed with snake itself exactly the same, just like entity j. The vision has been full of the nimble and resourceful flavor.

This strange Han, Ji Dong is staring in a big way both eyes at present, snake stopped magic power pouring into, said that Little Dongdong, do you know why with is Rank 10 magic beast, our heavenly stems can Divine Beast actually be stronger than ordinary Rank 10 magic beast? "

Ji Dong say/way ", because you are heavenly stems Divine Beast! You can with be magic power better unions, better control."

Teng Snake said: "Good. As heavenly stems Divine Beast, we coincide with the divine intervention. Therefore, after all Totem change from, magic skill that displays, is most top magic skill. Arrived some most summit degrees, even can condense the strength and my main body exactly the same pure energy chest cavity snake. Quite therefore remade to make a chest cavity snake. Naturally, this point also nobody can achieve at present. I am not good. But you may realize, because you have Chaos Fire. The chaos create. Remembers my these words."

"Chaos create." The Ji Dong mind moves slightly, although he now not completely is clear, but firmly remembers these words.

The harmonious snake said: "Come, I start to teach you my snake lineage/vein magic skill. From Standard Skill to Certain Kill Skill. Can comprehend many, looked at your skill."

Year later. East China Sea seashore.

Staring front of Ji Dong static standing in sand beach, one year, making him a 16 years old of clear year, this time Ji Dong, the height was long about 1.8 meters, was well-proportioned, hangs loose black on the shoulder. The color slightly deep bronze flesh is sparkling the healthy gloss. In sunlight "

Under shining indistinct can see that its under has the light white halo circulation.

In his opposite 30 meters away, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui ** the upper body, is revealing his also to want the hard ten times of muscles compared with the granite, the strong body and spirit descends to earth general just like the Titan missile. Royal purple short stood erect, has been full of the threatening imposing manner. In the eye is cold Dian glitters, looks like thunder that may explode anytime.

two people empty, Fu Rui has not used any magic power weapon, the Ji Dong Sun and Moon double splendor glove not in the hand. Each other stares at the opposite party, the vision is the slightest does not let.

Not far away, cloudy morning sun x Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Yan stand there, the Fourth Fire Divine Beast chest cavity snake is languid lying in the sand beach, enjoys temperature that the sunlight is bringing. Their vision are staring here fellow apprentices two people.

, Little Junior Brother, I will not show mercy. " Fu Rui hearty laughter, said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong solemnly said "I am also same, asking the Senior Brother to advise."

This is belongs to Thunder Emperor and a Ji Dong war. Was getting more and more near from the day that Holy and Evil Channel opens. Although Fu Rui left Yin-Yang School, but he decided that must join this motion. The continent honor or disgrace wins in individual. Even if discontented with Heavenly Stems School. On this occasion once every five years important grand meeting, Fu Rui will not miss.

Ji Dong very clear remembering initially Yao Qianshu to he has spoken the words, indicated that must attend this Holy and Evil Battlefield war.

Makes him go, became focal point that the people argued. Snake expressed support, but Yin Zhaorong actually strongly opposed. originally in such a case, Ji Dong is very much difficultly is allowed to go. Final decision-making power fell in the Victorious Light cloudy morning sun hand.

The cloudy morning sun explicit approval or has not been the opposition, he said that if Ji Dong can defeat Fu Rui in the fair war, showed that he has the ability of self-preservation, can attend the war of this Holy and Evil Island, otherwise, must wait again for five years.

Therefore, had the appearance of antecedent desolate. Here, Ji Dong lived more than one year of time. Since without a doubt, his strength lived the earth-shaking change in more than one year, more than once is living the qualitative change.

However, match who he must face at this time, was actually the Yin- Yang School seat once, is all previous Yin-Yang School most powerhouse, Thunder Emperor. Two months ago, Fu Rui finally under cloudy Protector of morning sun and Yin Zhaorong, has broken through the Seven-Crown bottleneck. Enters the step by Yang Thunder Heavenly Scholar officially becomes Yang Thunder Heavenly Master.

On strength, in Fu Rui adds on his situation in that purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, even if senior rain fire Heavenly Master Zhu Yan also confesses does not beat.

Fu Rui magic power is Yang Thunder attribute, receives the suppression of Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires not to be intense like the five elements attribute. Ji Dong in this year time progresses, although big, but his magic power also is just Level 47.

When cloudy morning sun proposed this challenge, Ji Dong understands that Martial Ancestor has been rejecting own request in disguised form. Level 47 is also Four-Crown, Four-Crown to Seven-Crown, Pinnacle Two Fires to Yang Thunder, oneself is unable to have the superiority in attribute. This war, is extremely it can be said that unfair. Both sides both cannot use any magic power weapon and magic beast help. Can this, he be have the opportunity of achievement?

However, in any event, Ji Dong chose has tried, he played to confirm oneself this year to come the self-torture the achievement. He must have a look, oneself and between Senior Brother, actually have the big disparity.

Without a doubt, Fu Rui and Ji Dong, are one generation of Heaven's Chosen, this will fight will be actually what kind, even if will be cloudy morning sun is unable to judge. This also similarly is their examination to a Ji Dong.

Chapter 130: Tyrant V Thunder Emperor

From the innermost feelings perspective, Forui hopes that this Ji Dong can go to the Saint battlefield along with him together. Without a doubt, kills Ji Yifeng Ji Dong one year ago on the instantaneous second, must be able to become his powerful helping in the battlefield. But he also understands, status of Ji Dong in Martial Ancestor x teacher's wife heart. On Holy and Evil Battlefield the crisis not measured, who can say will have what situation well?

Therefore, when Teng Snake and Yin Zhaorong argument, Forui has not participated in the opinion. At this time surface thorn Ji Dong, he does not have the idea that the slightest bit turns on the water certainly. The joke, is in front of that two departments are revering the powerhouse to turn on the water, isn't that has a joke backfire?

, Little Junior Brother, please. " Fu Rui loudly shouted. ** The upper body has covered a royal purple brilliance immediately, often hears pa the sound of thunder and lightning fulmination. As the Senior Brother, cultivation base differs that many, he cannot certainly first begin, the offensive opportunity will have given Ji Dong.

Ji Dong took a deep breath, the body of whole person as if follows among this breath turnovers to inflate several points, the skin surface, curved " white ray suddenly becomes powerful, in Vermilion Bird of that phoenix feather shape armor, covers the whole body piece by piece quietly. This time he, uses in Vermilion Bird again armor, already does not need through the Lie Yan (raging flames) instruction! Moves the spell to release, only needs the armor fusion of thought and brand mark in skin internal Vermilion Bird, can release instantaneously. Simultaneously in own magic power and Vermilion Bird armor completes the communication.

Coal dual-color, Four-Crown Three Stars half, represents Level 47 Third Fire Grandmaster Yin-Yang Crown to appear above the Ji Dong top of the head. Follows the ascension, but before black golden Pinnacle Two Fires is not, that type ascends voluntarily, but circles regarding the body of Ji Dong on. The change that after this is breaks through Four-Crown realm, Ji Dong magic power manifest has naturally. Pinnacle Two Fires appears, the magic power element in sky becomes rich rides immediately. The invisible cruel aura spreads.

Both eyes of Ji Dong by ice-cold are transferred blazingly, own proud with this hot artisan, element cruel was almost has been forming the perfect fusion instantaneously. Although his body is inferior to Fu Rui to be big, the aura that may at this moment, he bloom is actually similar to Sovereign King arrives general, in imposing manner obviously big. This is cruel Sovereign King, one generation of tyrants.

Ji Dong both hands circle along with when the body side flame lift slowly, the extremely coordinated body shakes suddenly, in an instant, gold/metal flying one black, two big halo departments appears, Vermilion Bird fixes one's gaze on, snake cold vision, released Yin-Yang two fires condensation law in this flash unexpectedly.

In Lu emits in Vermilion Bird armor, the pair of wings spreads the wings, the Ji Dong aura has promoted to be equal to the Five-Crown Mage level, moreover is Pinnacle Two Fires Five-Crown Mage. At this time, two Fire departments condensation law, the imposing manner of his whole person was pushed up the kui peak immediately. The Thunder Emperor Fu Rui complexion also in this truncates becomes dignified.

Since the year many, fellow apprentices two people can say that orchid/blue Gezi cultivates, although Fu Rui knows Ji Dong in the unceasing growth, was not clear his cultivation base not to enter any degree. At this time facing oneself this Little Junior Brother, he is really clear, is relying on own attribute superiority as well as a five elements method help, Ji Dong has relied on own strength sufficiently, in does not need to eclipse the Fire Phoenix help under the premise to resist the Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse.

Fu Rui cannot bear saying: "Little Junior Brother, your progress is really astonishing. Come, making me experience your five elements method."

"Senior Brother, was careful."Ji Dong shouted , the arrow step tread place, the whole person has been similar to pastes to slide to leap up generally, the back Vermilion Bird pair of wings opened, seems seemed like coiling around Pinnacle Two Fires is sticking to ground rapid flight.

The both arms extend both sides the body evening, in the Ji Dong vision has filled has fought intent intensely, what even if faces is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, in his heart does not have the timidness of slightest bit. Both hands simultaneously close proximity to the ground to wield, gold and black, two flame simultaneously the hurricane shoots, brings two enchanting light tails in the ground, directly soars Fu Rui to go.

Technique of Dark Moon Flame technique of Mingyang flame and Dark Flames Demon King Flame Sovereign King.

The Mingyang flame and Dark Moon Flame can the promoting and constraining mutually skill, display, the appearance is exactly the same, but separately is representing the different flame, but its might and effect actually clearly not division.

Saw that Ji Dong had the attack, Fu Rui has lifted the right hand, loudly shouted, seemed only void grasps, in the palm were many thunder ball who royal purple snake electricity has coiled around, the dazzling royal purple trillion, during the glow ascension, Seven-Crown Yang Crown had the thunder and lightning brilliance to appear outrageously.

thunder Qiubao shoots, has not gone to the two pinnacle flame of control terrain flight, but directly soars the Ji Dong bombardment but. In the flash that this thunder ball leaves, the Ji Dong vision institute and air twists completely, Forui form seemed also twisted, originally solidly locked in Fu Rui thought unexpectedly, then by strength of disturbance that formidable thunder and lightning, instantaneous separation.

The attack of magic skill needs the thought to refer to the bow, lost has referred to magic skill of bow, can the hit match?

Very obviously, all these because in Fu Rui hand the thunder ball is the result, but n gets rid, this Thunder Emperor forcefully reverses the subsequent hand aspect, making the superiority that Ji Dong first gets rid of nothing left.

The Seven-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouse strength fully shows.

Facing such situation, Ji Dong not startled, the body does not have the slightest bit to stop as before , to continue flushes away to the originally direction, simultaneously both hands gather, the Mingyang flame and Dark Moon Flame of that terrain flight change the direction suddenly, simultaneously flushes away toward the opposite party.

When gold and black two colors Pinnacle Fire suddenly condensation instant, the thunder ball flies their above flash.

Rumbles n, unequalled fierce thunders in the sand beach resounds, the giant column of flame shoots up to the sky, assumes the radioactivity to scatter in all directions to flutter about.

The thunder ball that camp auspicious leaves may explode in this giant column of flame unexpectedly, generally fierce thundering once more seems like boosts to make that pinnacle flame seethe with excitement is fiercer. Distortion in air "

In this powerful explosive force nothing left.

"Good."Thunder Emperor Fu Rui loudly shouted, his personal appearance has appeared. Ji Dong by already the attack produced the combination skill results to break this day thunder orb actually, did to fly drawing onto of magic power to arrive at quite realm in the magic skill wealth.

This all almost instantaneously lives, facing the shock-wave of explosion, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to stop, when Fu Rui drinks the good character greatly, he ran out of the flame, before arriving at the Fu Rui body.

The people of observing see clearly, Ji Dong when faced with shock- wave, body gently is swaying from side to side, back pair of wings restraining, the whole person looked like a spirit snake drilled generally, reduced shock-wave effect of as far as possible on body, however to reduce slightly.

Teng Snake saw here, not only hehe has smiled, without a doubt, Ji Dong displays, he teaches strength technique.

The present tactical situation lived the subtle change, because Ji Dong has not received toward the shock-wave influence of that direction, has created , before he rushes to the Fu Rui body, Fu Rui is resisting the shock- wave, in other words, Fu Rui must simultaneously face formerly the shock- wave and Ji Dong of explosion already the attack of close combat.

Ji Dong drills the flame time, Fu Rui is one startled, but he after all worthily is the Yin-Yang School in history most formidable seat disciple, the whole body electric light puts greatly, the body inspires suddenly, shakes armor to be ordinary just like Divine Dragon, the innumerable intense thunder and lightning explode instantaneously, Ji Dong only thought that at present a bright, dazzling glare makes him have to closing both eyes, but, his brought to stick the thick black flame the left hand also to grasp.

pa, an explosive, this time Fu Rui as if completely turned into the thunder to be ordinary, the body is sparkling the eye-catching brilliance, the whole person is common like the insightful thunder and lightning, Ji Dong that Dark Moon Claw by shake stiffly, he was only thought a paralysis, a great strength already just like landslide tsunami general counter-attack, but . The thunder and lightning that on book auspicious that has instantaneously, must induct to his within the body unexpectedly likely completely.

This is skids an auspicious attack and defense body unique skill, the thunder illustrious body.

Not only formerly magic power exploded the shock-wave that has already by this thunder illustrious sleeve entire counter-balance, Ji Dong Dark Moon Claw was swung, the strength of thunder and lightning on Fu Rui shows also in crazy covers to go to Ji Dong.

The strength of day on thunder and lightning by this thunder illustrious body was invaded completely, even if the strength is strong, at least must withstand three seconds of paralysis.

Three seconds, regarding Thunder Emperor, at least 100 buckle the method to make the match fall from the sky instantaneously. By this move of thunder illustrious body, Fu Rui does not know that strikes to kill many matches. Yin Zhaorong had acclaimed, commended that the thunder illustrious body is under Certain Kill Skill, most prepares the technique.

Teng Snake was shaking the head, Yin Zhaorong frowned, Zhu Yan is the sigh makes noise. In their opinion, the disparity of strength eventually was too big. Only then cloudy morning sun, according to day is that face faint flying old god in appearance. As if all of cross-eye previous existence and do not care.

Even if skids, has thought that fought to finish, Seven-Crown to Four- Crown, in his opinion, such result is normal. Must know, Fu Rui self- examined, faces the strength of Eight-Crown match also war by oneself Seven-Crown strength., Little Junior Brother again talent, cultivation base actually eventually difference was too far.

Finished household Ji Dong being possible not to believe, in his opinion, this fights just now the continent to start.

The glare is dazzling, but cannot regard, the left hand was shaken, the huge thunder and lightning seizes every opportunity to raid, regarding this all, Ji Dong has not come under any influence, has not made any resistance the movement, the response that he makes, only has one, that attacks.

The left hand was swung, the also right hand, most skilled Scorching Sun Bite, brought the incomparably strong gold/metal coal to explode instantaneously, in this flash, above Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown changed into golden Yang Crown, complete flame brilliance vanishes instantaneously, complete condensation above the point of his right fist, back two ** , a Yang Fire condensation law ray puts greatly, indistinct, as if has Vermilion Bird Feng to cry the sound to get up.

"Un?"Fu Rui has gawked, he does not think that what significance Ji Dong does this to have, when the thunder and lightning enters the body, Ji Dong will certainly the whole body be lacking in vigilance, can this attack also wield the might?

Ji Dong told Fu Rui with the fact, his idea was completely wrong.

The armor of cream gloss in Vermilion Bird on flows, each piece of feather scales likely lived came the general, slight rhythm, that covered, but to the thunder and lightning headed on, just in a armor contact with this Vermilion Bird, unexpectedly was reflected must scatter in all directions to flutter about, simply did not have a thunder and lightning to invade Ji Dong within the body truly.

thunder Guangyao the body truly is a formidable skill, making the match lose the visual ability temporarily, an attack and defense body. However, its flaw, is actually flickering the ten-day period by the flaw that Ji Dong judges. That is the dispersivity of attack.

Ji Dong always does not think that in the fight needs to defend, only then the attack is he needs, but does not mean that he blindly will only attack. After such a long time cultivation, he changes to Vermilion Bird early has had at one's command, is any degree regarding the defense that own can withstand, is clearer. thunder Guangyao body, although will take to him the energy impact, but the thunder and lightning attribute is also actually not enough to break in his Vermilion Bird the defense of armor. Fu Rui naturally cannot let a Ji Dong such fist bang on oneself, the right hand horizontally in the chest front, the fist of palm and Ji Dong collides together. In an instant, the right hand of Fu Rui all turned into the insightful royal purple widely, that at all likely is not the palm, is more like energy body that the thunder element condenses becomes.

An explosive, Fu Rui is entirely still loudly, the body of Ji Dong is flying upside down, is flying upside down instantaneous, his arm flings, melted the majority of momentum unexpectedly. Also draws support from the upper body raises at the same time, a foot kicks to the chin of Fu Rui.

Fu Rui only uses the right hand as before, to the next racket, pats the foot of Ji Dong, simultaneously the wrist/skill turns over, assumes the claw to directly soar Ji Dong to grasp. Bang thunderous, takes skidding the auspicious body as -- Floating astronomy --, His back air turned into the royal purple unexpectedly completely, in this sand beach, seems thunder clouds arrives, follows this claw to grasp, five thunder echo, condenses a thunder great claw, grasps directly to the body of Ji Dong.

Compared with flame great claw that initially yellow Liming displayed, Fu Rui this compaction is wanting formidable too many were too many. The attracting customer interest that the thunder and lightning has made the Ji Dong body in midair appear sluggishly, thunder and lightning, must by far quick the flame. Almost is only the ray flashes, before that thunder and lightning great claw searched the Ji Dong body.

Zhu Yan has swallowed a dragging, muttered: "Shell auspicious this boy, unexpectedly already as strong as this situation. It seems like that even if he does not ride the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, I also not necessarily am his match!"

Cloudy morning sun light horizontal were his eyes " very honorable? "

The Zhu Yan look concentrates, hurries to change the battlefield the vision, does not dare to open the mouth again.

The situation that at this time Ji Dong faces was formerly more difficult , the thunder and lightning great claw being near body, he is in airborne, even if wants to move aside is quite difficult.

However, do not forget, his also pair of wing, can in the wing of airborne relay.

The Vermilion Bird pair of wings launches suddenly, facing that body also wants the huge thunder and lightning great claw, the Ji Dong pair of wings to the next racket, in the top of the head Yang Crown to blow out the dazzling golden light, the whole person draws support from under the pair of wings potential of fierce revolving racket.
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