Jiu Shen Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111: five elements method of being lost

The palace, yes, presents in Ji Dong at present, unexpectedly is a piece of broad big palace architecure.

Under formerly the position of stone door, shone in Ji Dong that Third Fire fireball the ray of after rupturing, his is hundred meters steps goes nonstop to downward, but under that steps, is a complete palace architecure.

The fence assumes the regular decagon, the color of each side fence is different, is sparkling the special halo, as if with some special material quality casting, but their colors separately are corresponding the ten departments magic power color, the steps before from body, continuously the main entrance place to lead to fence surrounding, that fence that the main entrance turns on, is yellow defending Earth department. In the fence, is a huge construction, seems presents is ten palaces, each area has wanted
500 square meters, ten palaces encircle, about 30 meters crevices, correspond outside regular decagon fence, but in interior that they surround, is a giant round stage.

This is the round stage of altogether three points of overlay, looks like in the imperial palace specially the sacrificial altar that is used to offer sacrifice to heaven, the sacrificial altar is the same with the fence of palace surrounding, is the regular decagon, must pass through the stairs of three platforms to arrive above the peak platform. Can see, in the ground in peak platform, the correspondence is a position, is carving the ten departments Totem design separately, no longer hollows out, but carves into, although the distance is very far, but Ji Dong can also the clear feeling fine of these designs, the craft even also want formerly ten.

Ji Dong jumps, rushes to the under palace quickly, although this meteorological palatial palace takes to his enormous shock at present, but he can also feel, in this palace does not have a fluctuation of energy. Clearly, he can enter stone door, can come here, is that flash that because formerly Chaos Fire was born, will have put in order magic power that the mausoleum chamber embodiment contains to find time completely. How regardless of these magic power stay here, at this time, did not have the support of magic power, here anything cannot threaten its existence.

Rushes to back down, enters to mausoleum chamber in truly, he can feel grand of this mausoleum chamber, the person, will be born naturally a self- tiny feeling. Walks into from the slits of two palaces, has not waited for Ji Dong to be on that central circular platform. Suddenly, bang a sound, bluish green light never the distant place shines together.

"Is Yao Qianshu, you?" The Ji Dong clear and resonant voice shouted. At this time, the airborne Third Fire ray desalinated, dark will arrive, on Ji Dong Third Fire lights, illuminates all around.

"Ji Dong, you also came."In the sound of money tree is flooding panting obviously, seemed quite weary.

Ji Dong jumps, in the direction according to formerly memory arrived at the First Wood palace around the circular sacrificial altar. Really, sees only Yao Qianshu to fall in the palace entrance, the back palace gate opens wide.

At this time this First Wood disciple complexion is really pale, clothes have many breakages, among the looks is also having several points of surprise.

"A moment ago what's the matter? How suddenly did all change?"Saying of Yao Qianshu doubts.

Ji Dong knits the brows: "This must ask that you are right. After you that green light suction, lived what?" Yao Qianshu said: "I only thought a moment ago oneself as if passed through anything to resemble, arrived in that palace, the green light condensed together with my exactly the same physique, moved the attack like me directly. That seems completely the human form that is condensed by pinnacle First Wood magic power supports bit by bit with my exactly the same ability, even including magic power many to be also exactly right. Attacks magic skill to be also same as me. During I am tired out by resisting, suddenly, I felt that a huge suction irresistibly raids, the match who that pinnacle First Wood magic power unifies disappeared. Flooded the huge magic power palace as if also to be found time including originally. All change into a darkness."

Ji Dong looks to the jet black palace, "what in palace has? Actually is here where? Do you clarify?"

Yao Qianshu somewhat excited say/way: "Ji Dong, this time we came to the place. If I have not guessed wrong. Here should be one generation of disciples had practiced the place. How although I cannot find out here am construct, but, has to be lost here for a long time five elements method. In palace, the ground or above wall, are carving First Wood method, here does not have any change after ten thousand years, the also fresh air, as well as magic power preserves. Even before us , the sound that hears, should come from five elements method condensation magic power. This all, can only describe with the clever axe finger of God four characters, after ten thousand years, the thing of being lost were too many."

"five elements method? What is that?"Ji Dong is surprised asks.

Yao Qianshu stands up, at this time his physical strength restored several points, beckons to Ji Dong, said: "You come along with me."Saying, him was turning around to walk toward the First Wood palace.

Ji Dong lights Third Fire to enter in the palace with him together, under shining of Third Fire, can see clearly the palace situation indistinctly.

In this giant palace, four sides does not have the window, in palace altogether nine giant stone column support, the palace top, the ground, is above all around walls and that nine beads, inscribes the different designs, each design is not same, the major part is primarily dissimilar in shape and form Azure Dragon deep green plant that also many Ji Dong cannot name the character. Although does not have magic power to exist, but when Ji Dong careful when watches these carving, can feel the extremely profound aura, in each design, likely has the mysterious highest good.

The careful observation can presently, here design altogether nine types, separately be nine Azure Dragon of shapes regarding nine appearances of trees, each type, has the completely different feelings.

The Yao Qianshu vision was attracted completely above these designs, muttered: "When Yin-Yang five elements method, was our Yin-Yang five elements Mage is at the antiquity foundation, in last ancient times Yin- Yang five elements Mage, cultivation now be much quicker than us. Is because has Yin-Yang five elements method existence. each department has nine foundation law of subordinate, every time comprehends one type, can make Mage obtain a formidable ability, if portrayed this antiquity law by magic power, cultivated, can borrow the world essence to integrate oneself, making cultivation dramatically increase. If can comprehend complete nine law, even if not cultivation, the world vitality can also make it have six to close the rank voluntarily magic power."

"So is unexpectedly mysterious."Ji Dong is surprised said.

Yao Qianshu said: "Here is the exclusive my First Wood department place, you cannot certainly see too many things. However, if your fire attribute method, you also like me now, in the heart are full of the feeling of clearly becoming aware. We had the foundation very much, is inheritance of heavenly stems disciple. This Yin-Yang five elements method too was to us important. Ji Dong, you know why nobody will have manufactured the magic skill scroll now? Because of Yin-Yang five elements method being lost. This Yin-Yang five elements method, is manufactures the basis of magic skill scroll to be. Only needs after the magic beast crystal core powder smudges on the paper portray law, then goes in own magic skill brand mark, can make the ink marks scroll. This method old Mage knows, is only because of Yin-Yang five elements method being lost, nobody can achieve. Ji Dong, this time we reached, also what compared with this Yin-Yang five elements method more precious buried treasure?"

Has turned round suddenly, Yao Qianshu holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, "brothers, this time we contributed to the great merit. If our generation of disciples can learn oneself this attribute law, perhaps we in the near future, can have formidable cultivation base like one generation of disciple!"

Ji Dong said: "Yao Qianshu, I have to break your cold water now. Regardless of this five elements method good, I believe that the method that we should find first is good. Otherwise, by in dire straits here, what significance even if you currently are the Nine-Crown strength have?"

Yao Qianshu has gawked, then suddenly Haha laughs. Ji Dong knits the brows: "What do you smile?"
Yao Qianshu said: "Brother, how you have not understood. magic power that in this mausoleum chamber has, originates from Yin-Yang five elements method, all constructions are also therefore. Before mausoleum chamber, we meet the had energy, is the results of Yin-Yang five elements method voluntarily absorption. Although does not know that any reason one was found time, but, I can affirm, so long as we can comprehend attribute this nine **, even if comprehends one, can leave here. I have glanced through secret there material, in ten departments five elements method, each department is respective law, named transmission law. So long as carries on transmission law establishment at two points, can transmit mutually. However, the distance of this transmission decides according to the Mage magic power strong and weak. Generally speaking, One-Crown Mage is 100 meters, every time promotes One-Crown, this transmission distance can promote. I can affirm, so long as we found that to transmit law, can definitely transmit from here, surely outside our older generation one generation of Mage and will have established. We always cannot do without one time, passes through a time dense fog bog to look for ten thousand years to confuse the heart tree. By your my present magic power, through transmission law, are many have not dared saying that ten thousand meters distance is a cinch. Left here to have more than enough to spare."

Listened to the Yao Qianshu words, in the Ji Dong heart the secretly thought, this choice and Yao Qianshu come out together evidently are very correct, other did not say, at least can learn many things from him.

" Such being the case, we start now. The dry rations that you bring suffice us to eat for one month, saves the point words to be more.

Our time-saving, found outlet to say first again. "

Yao Qianshu nodded, serious say/way: "Ji Dong, in any event, even if the mechanical memorizing, must remember this attribute law. You are dual attribute, the thing that must remember are more than me. These law, were we far ancient times older generation works wholeheartedly by the big wisdom creates, the slightest cannot be wrong. Otherwise is unable to produce law results."

Ji Dong said: "I understand. We separately start now, your food and potable water minute my half. Who the memory finished first, top/withstand to wait for in this sacrificial altar. Oh, was right, if I am not, you do illuminate to have the issue?"

"Not, relax. I only need to pour into pinnacle First Wood magic power to these law, they voluntarily will shine, does not need to illuminate specially."

The heart of Yao Qianshu has placed in front First Wood method at this time completely, is not wordy, branches out half food and potable water quickly lets the Ji Dong income to the Vermilion Bird bracelet, Ji Dong withdraws from the First Wood palace, Yao Qianshu closes the palace gate, with and urgent excitement, started to perceive through meditation.

Ji Dong has not lost the time, before arriving quickly is representing the Third Fire palace, regardless of Yao Qianshu says is mysterious, only then comprehend truly, can realize whether said like him. This palace does not know that with any wood and stone construction, after ten thousand years, actually does not have slightly **, such that but, said just as Yao Qianshu, this possibly because of five elements method existence, has also protected here construction.

Pushes the door to enter, without any jerky feeling, the sincere/heavy front door asks opens wide, red Third Fire from Ji Dong body each bright, immediately illuminates the front.

Steps into, Ji Dong walks into palace slowly, is only in the time of this flash, his vision coagulates above a carving design on positive/direct wall.

That is a mind by the feeling of complete attraction, his line of sight looks like by the magnet is adsorbed firmly, subconscious walks toward that design step by step.

That is one takes Vermilion Bird as the design of main body, under Ji Dong Third Fire shines, the relief on wall appears the crystal red luster, clear(ly) sleek/moist has the light, is really strange. In the design, Vermilion Bird launches the pair of wings, does to flutter the soaring shape, strange demon marks disperse from him, regarding around the body, forms a circular complete design, that each demon mark, as if there is special vitality, beats just like the flame generally, does not beat in the relief, but beats in the Ji Dong heart. The feeling of this flash, as if Ji Dong turned into Vermilion Bird, magic power in within the body also voluntarily transformed after Yin-Yang Vortex, turned into pinnacle Third Fire completely. Red Third Fire changes into the golden color, making the entire main hall become brighter.

As if came under the influence of Ji Dong that Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, that design has shone under the gaze of Ji Dong, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire such as the silk went to by that design attraction like the wisp, flutters Vermilion Bird that soars to turn into the golden red immediately, at this moment, the Ji Dong whole person entered to a special condition in completely, in the magic power fluctuation on joined bodies, as if also follows a special path to tremble. He understands finally why formerly Yao Qianshu met was so excited, this truly is an extremely mysterious design, besides within the body that Chaos Fire, Ji Dong this person as if enters to this special condition , the skin surface, clear(ly) sleek/moist cream gloss appears slowly, in Vermilion Bird armor in without situation of stimulation of movement in partly visible.

About three few toothaches, long wisdom tooth, the clenching teeth symbol, did not hate to pull out, heard that followed execution grounds, the cup had ~

Chapter 112: Direction of Lie Yan (raging flames)

During cried lightly, the Vermilion Bird bracelet in Ji Dong right hand wrist/skill has shone, the red wing stretched, Huo'er voluntarily

Departs from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, she opens the wing, jumps since the Ji Dong arm flies, that pair of golden eye pupil is also similar to Ji Dong generally looks steadily

Above that design, in eye extraordinary splendor again and again.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er opened the wing, fluttered suddenly in front of Ji Dong, in an instant, the relief of her attitude hold and that wall unexpectedly

Exactly the same.

If the relief is dies, then, present Huo'er truly living Vermilion Bird, although the energy and Vermilion Bird of her main body are different,

With Ji Dong same Pinnacle Two Fires, but her contour actually does not have much difference with Vermilion Bird, is only the build is smaller.

The clear phoenix cry sound, like lightning instantaneously shakes like one in the Ji Dong thought that the present all pictures vanished suddenly, yellowish red

The color/look light shadow changes into the mark of innumerable ray sparkle to appear in his mind deep place, the demon mark of that each beat looks like in his soul irons

seal is ordinary, except for the golden red, Ji Dong could not feel the outside again all.

The clear phoenix cry sound, like lightning instantaneously shakes like one in the Ji Dong thought that the present all pictures vanished suddenly, yellowish red

The color/look light shadow changes into the mark of innumerable ray sparkle to appear in his mind deep place, the demon mark of that each beat looks like in his soul irons

seal is ordinary, except for the golden red, Ji Dong could not feel the outside again all.

In Vermilion Bird armor does not know when has released voluntarily, the cream pair of wings launches in the back, golden red flame spread in Vermilion Bird

In above each piece of feather armor of armor, along with the appearance that the pair of wings stretches, his whole person already completely immersion in.

It is not remembers, but is the true comprehension, the highest good that each demon mark contains blooms in his thought completely. Ji Dong only thought

Oneself as if turned into one group of Pinnacle Fire, changed into most source flame, from the sky hovers like true Fire Phoenix, show

The wing soars.

The clear phoenix cry sound, like lightning instantaneously shakes like one in the Ji Dong thought that the present all pictures vanished suddenly, yellowish red

The color/look light shadow changes into the mark of innumerable ray sparkle to appear in his mind deep place, the demon mark of that each beat looks like in his soul irons

seal is ordinary, except for the golden red, Ji Dong could not feel the outside again all.

In Vermilion Bird armor does not know when has released voluntarily, the cream pair of wings launches in the back, golden red flame spread in Vermilion Bird

In above each piece of feather armor of armor, along with the appearance that the pair of wings stretches, his whole person already completely immersion in.

It is not remembers, but is the true comprehension, the highest good that each demon mark contains blooms in his thought completely. Ji Dong only thought

Oneself as if turned into one group of Pinnacle Fire, changed into most source flame, from the sky hovers like true Fire Phoenix, show

The wing soars.

The deep meaning that the Third Fire first institute represents soars.

Compared with Yao Qianshu, Ji Dong has the exceptional superiority, he is crossing with Vermilion Bird personally together, obtained the Vermilion Bird phoenix feather is the needle

Accomplishment, in addition the Huo'er clear companion in the pair of wings that his side as well as his own has. Why this is he, as soon as enters Third Fire

In palace first by reason of this relief design attraction.

How long Ji Dong have not known, when his thought restores to be sober, in his mind, was deep

In brand mark that design, even to forget that also this article transfers from -- Floating astronomy -- www.piaotian.com.com/read/5/7958/2346822.html is impossible. But behind him, golden flame converged this Yang Fire to hover

On the relief with that wall is exactly the same. Compared with the pure Totem design that the ordinary pattern appears, that is full of the demon mark

Is truly perfect.

In Vermilion Bird armor pair of wings launches, the golden flame spreads voluntarily above each trace of feather, the Ji Dong whole person entered in a special condition, a golden light flashed, his shen body already in midair. All unnatural of human flight, as if completely vanished at this moment. As if he turned into Fire Phoenix truly, can free hovering in the sky.

Yes, he has become aware, in the true sense comprehended Yang Fire in Third Fire nine to hover.

In this time Vermilion Bird armor also completely turned into the golden color, other positions did not have any too big feeling, but the back pair of wings made Ji Dong produce an unprecedented water breast | to blend. If before , he when practices to soar, but regards a tool this pair of wing. Then, this pair of wing truly turned into part of his shen body now.

five elements, this was the antiquity older generations by five elements that the big wisdom created! Ji Dong is choked up with emotions, he knows, Yao Qianshu said right, if can comprehend complete nine, can promote to the Six-Crown rank inevitably directly.

The condensation that had been exaggerated on golden Yin-Yang Crown in the top of the head, has complete two Crown Star impressively, Ji Dong magic power, was breaking through Level 34. When besides the Chaos Fire formation promotion, without a doubt, completes the comprehension of this first dust-shower also to play the important role. Contemplates, is better than the pure cultivation as if effect.

Almost is somewhat impatient, Ji Dong wants to seek for second, at this moment, extremely familiar fluctuation of energy appears above his chest. Red Lotus stretches piece by piece, that every time made the magic power fluctuation that his heartbeat accelerated appear.

Although Ji Dong is at stimulated condition at this time, impatient wants to study five elements, when this energy appears, his heart actually immediately calms down, to turn stimulated excitedly, compared with promotion strength, only then this familiar magic power master is for him more important.

"Lie Yan (raging flames)."Ji Dong is almost somewhat impatient loudness is summoning.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) gently beautiful interesting to listen to sound remembers in the Ji Dong heart, "sorry, Little Ji Dong. Has not thought that I the appearance at dance party made you fall into such aspect."

Ji Dong hastily said: "Has not related. If makes me choose again one time, even if 1000 and 10,000 times. I also hope that can see you at the dance party. Can make you make one time my dance partner, let alone leaves Heavenly Stems School, even if died immediately, I am also willing."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) silent moment, suddenly laughed, "Little Ji Dong, do not speak the nonsense. However, although this time has brought many troubles to you, but now looks like is actually not the misdemeanor. Has not thought, in such a short time, your Chaos Fire lit. Chaos Fire lights, means that Two Great Sovereign Kings this shen the thought vanished, has merged into one organic whole in you completely. From now on you will not study their magic skill again, but when the strength achieves comprehends magic skill that own has. Chaos Fire means the source, means the creation, reason that I can defeat Two Great Sovereign Kings , because has its existence. But you had it now. Even if compared with I and you, is Chaos Fire is just more exuberant than you. For a long time has not drunk the good wine that you mix, fondly remembers really very much."

Ji Dong without the slightest hesitation said: "I go for your drink mixing now." Lin Yan said: "No. Now to you, what is more important is study present five elements."

Ji Dong said: "Compared with for your drink mixing, studied these to be considered as anything. Lie Yan (raging flames), making me go. I want to see you."Finally four characters, in his sound unconscious several points shivered. Resembles, he thinks her really very much. One month one, although he experienced many matters, but fixed missing actually never reduces every day, instead every day is becoming even more intense.

Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly sighed, in the spooky sound as if contained many complex mood, " Little Ji Dong, is not really good. My cultivation had not ended. Is because feels your here change to suspend. Because I must remind you. Present five elements is quite important to you. Learns them, you can break through to the degree that most suffices to protect oneself in a short time.

However, a little I must remind you. Nine stances when your front five elements in some sense is when the world first took shape, heavenly stems Divine Beast arises at the historic moment transforms, respective element of these nine stances by the world are remembered, will therefore have great power to be able. If one day, you can truly the comprehension they, their abilities and from the shen perfect unions. Then, you really can have strength to protect me. However, this five elements might is extremely huge, will have the qualitative influence to your own magic power. Only studies one not to have anything purely, but, what you have is Pinnacle Two Fires, because of a five elements reason, your Yin-Yang Vortex does not have after you study many same attribute also maintains the state of equilibrium. For does not make Yin-Yang Vortex affect your oneself unbalancedly, I suggested that you when studying five elements, needing the Third and Fourth Two Fires attribute unify. In other words, after you contemplate comprehends one Third Fire, must first comprehend one Fourth Fire. This can throughout maintain your own balanced Yin-Yang, thus achieves dual attribute to comprehend together, goal of dual attribute magic power together promotion. The Yin-Yang is supplementary, I believe, you certainly can some day comprehend more things, thus creates own. " Ji Dong earnest is listening to the Lie Yan (raging flames) words, when his heart also from just heard in the Lie Yan (raging flames) sound excitement to return to normal gradually.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I understood your meaning. Now I go to that side the Fourth Fire palace to study."

Lie Yan (raging flames) said with a smile: "This is good. five elements has the things in common, but also has very big difference. Has an attribute the unique effect. Leads your child to go together. The eclipse date phoenix, she also calculated on was advantageous. five elements are not few to you to her advantage ratio. This little fellow is congenitally deficient, just can carry on to restore and adjust through five elements. Even if her mother sees present Third Fire, will be pleasantly surprised. I must continue to close up. Bye."

Ji Dong anxious asking: "Lie Yan (raging flames), how long can you also close up?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) said in a soft voice: "I do not know, but under all circumstances, I will always be gazing at you, continuously side you. Do not forget your chest front that Red Lotus. "

Red Lotus flower petal departure quietly, Lie Yan's sound also desalinates. Ji Dong some standing of being in a daze in same place, missing in his heart not because of Lie Yan's sound, but has reduced, instead is similar to the volcanic eruption releases generally, tears the front, looks down to chest front that lifelike Red Lotus brand mark, in his heart, only has five characters to reverberate unceasingly: Lie Yan (raging flames), I think you.

The time like the water, time flies, calmly passes in the mausoleum chamber that this is silent.

Without Sun and Moon, naturally does not know This, when until does not have any dry rations and potable water again, Ji Dong from contemplating to sober. A foot steps the circular sacrificial altar, in his heart immediately some inexplicable feelings, this sacrificial altar as if dying thing, but has been full of the magic power fluctuation of implication world highest good.

When does not know, the mausoleum chamber became no longer dark, each palace is sending out this attribute light brilliance, is restored by magic power that Chaos Fire extracts instantaneously silently, when wanted to restore to Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu just arrived here scene is very difficult, but without a doubt, here five elements continuous world vitality guidance.

When Ji Dong steps the circular platform last strata time, happen to saw that another side dishevelled hair and dirty face Yao Qianshu of platform crawled. They look at each other one, smiled. Although they have food, to have potable water, is, for a long time washing, it can be imagined will not have turned into any appearance.

Ji Dong, in his Vermilion Bird armor has voluntarily the effect of clean skin fortunately, most is the hair is more scattered in disorder, reckless child long/grows. Yao Qianshu had bad luck. Although his pinnacle First Wood magic power has been full in the huge life, may actually unable to help him reduce the dirt. Moreover these days, he does not have a mood to ponder these. The complete mind placed comprehended above First Wood.

"Haha, Ji Dong, how did you turn into this appearance?"Yao Qianshu points at Ji Dong to laugh to say.

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "Do not come. If your nose is normal, I suggested that you smelled oneself flavor/smell to say first again."

"Uh......"lowers the head to have a look at itself, again flexure flexure likely is the adhesion in the together hair, Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "How we turned into this appearance. This past how long?"

Ji Dong helpless say/way: "How I know. In the mountain does not have This, but can also see Sun and Moon the judgment time, but here anything does not have."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: " But, all these are worth. Was worth. Ji Dong, did you remember? "

Ji Dong nodded, "remembered. You are also same."

Yao Qianshu somewhat favorite say/way: "That is natural. What a pity, is considered as actually only then three sits that comprehends. Moreover is only the preliminary comprehension. More contemplates, can feel that on more these mysteries, as if have inexhaustible mysterious implication. Before I also think that can utilize these after some time effort. Now I am clear, the strength of our life can comprehend them finally, we can thank Heaven."

Say/Way that Ji Dong deep to be so: "five elements broad and profound, is not only the understanding to element, is to the direction of our own ability."

Yao Qianshu asked: "You? How many did you comprehend?"

Ji Dong stretches out three fingers, said: "Like you, is three dust- showers."

Yao Qianshu praised with a sigh: "Your cultivation base might as well I, can comprehend these many to be very good. We were the time leave here."

On the Ji Dong face reveals a smile, even if he of barely escaping death, at this time somewhat is also self-satisfied, three dust-showers that he said that is Third and Fourth Two Fires respectively three!

Right, his cultivation base is inferior to Yao Qianshu, not necessarily is also wiser than Yao Qianshu in the wisdom and perception. However, he has a more rigid heart, has the help of eclipse date phoenix Huo'er as well as the double hot Yin-Yang supplementary function. In addition soaks him of body to be higher than Yao Qianshu after dragon blood in the physical strength, since these days almost in contemplation of watching, this had such effect.

Chapter 113: Transmission law

Just as such that Yao Qianshu said that more contemplates five elements method, more can presently inexhaustible mystery. Is three law, made Ji Dong feel that enjoyed infinitely. However , to continue to contemplate him also present, wants to comprehend extremely to be difficult. The massive time and energy make the guarantee have not been impossible.

Yao Qianshu said: "Ji Dong, I thought that here is suitable as the place that later our heavenly stems disciple cultivates. Everybody studies five elements method, without doubt will make our strength large scale promotion. Comes again time, we complete the sufficient preparatory work, the time long, certainly can comprehend more things."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "I could not attend to comprehending now, belly hungry is not good, has a parched mouth. could it be aren't you?"

They look at each other one, laughed in spite of trying not.

Yao Qianshu arrived on the sacrificial altar the representative First Wood design to leave to sit, Ji Dong arrived at the Third Fire design place to sit down. When two people look at each other once more, as if some meanings of provocation. Arrived the demonstration comprehended achievement these days the time. In three law that in order to leave here, without a doubt, they comprehend, includes this transmission law to exist.

White Yang Crown simultaneously appears above their top of the head. On behalf of the pinnacle First Wood emerald, is representing the pinnacle Third Fire golden red also instantaneously to ascend. The position that they sit down, the Totem design also glistens, two people also each other look to the opposite party.

The White Yang Crown place on Yao Qianshu top of the head, turned into two Half-Crown Star impressively, his magic power has promoted Level 45 from 42 volumes. In this most two months has such promotion, without doubt is shocking.

However, when Yao Qianshu sees Yang Crown on Ji Dong top of the head, actually somewhat dull. Four Crown Star impressively present above Yang Crown. Ji Dong magic power, has promoted Level 38 from Level 32. Entire Level 6, that may the promotion of Level 6! Among two people the magic power disparity, pulls closer large scale.

At this time, remembered the secret to say in the Yao Qianshu heart the words, Ji Dong, was the Saint king of these generation of commander heavenly stems disciples.

Acme magic power also ascends, behind two people, appears respectively circular law, behind Yao Qianshu, Azure Dragon coils around, is ordinary just like sleek/moist cloud Tuwu, rhombus demon marks dense around Azure Dragon. Ji Dong behind, the golden red Vermilion Bird pair of wings opens, is tranquil and vertical, cone-shape demon mark regarding forming swirl.

This is their each one comprehends the Yang Wood transmission law in law and Yang Fire transmission law.

During magic power is dense, above the sacrificial altar, First Wood and Third Fire two big Totem simultaneously shine, the smoke cloud demon light ascends, changes into two light beams to cover their bodies completely, a transmission law ray puts greatly, flutters voluntarily, integrates in their respective light beam respectively. The strong ray blooms and restrains instantaneously. the next moment, their bodies vanished without the trace.

This was not Ji Dong first time carries on to transmit, but actually absolutely was the transmission in his first self- control, although he does not know where as before the transmission the destination was, but was controlling own magic power and a law union, was feeling that transmission law mysterious deep meaning, the feeling that this type passed through void took to him brand-new realizing from experience.

The ray flashes, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu almost also appear, two people closing both eyes as if by prior agreement, at least one month suffers injustice, this sudden ray made them for a while very difficult to adapt. The free time of quarter, they gradually restored the vision.

The skylight is greatly bright, the sunlight is beautiful, feels in the tree's shadow that diversity is dancing to shine, but below brilliance, two people grow the tone, their judgments are correct, wants to leave the mausoleum chamber, must rely on transmission law. At this time, they are in a forest.

In the so bright natural situation, two people look at each other again, look that opposite party that dishevelled hair and dirty face appearance was also clearer, particularly Yao Qianshu, such, was even inferior compared with beggar also.

Yao Qianshu lifts the hand to press down a big tree, the blue light flash, his both eyes have shone together immediately, "we in dense fog forest. That transmission has delivered to us the forest. If next time only then our two coming, we only need to enter the dense fog forest range, should be able directly to enter the mausoleum chamber through transmission law."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "We must look for a thing to eat first, clean up the body, changes the body clean clothes."

Yao Qianshu laughed, said: "That is natural. If Ninth Water or the kui water disciple because of were good. The clean body does not have any problem. Food said that has my this First Wood disciple, in the could it be forest can also make you hungrily to inadequate? Has the forest place, has the rivers to pass through surely, otherwise is unable to breed such many plants. You follow me." The forest, is the Wood department Mage domain, Ji Dong does not know how absolutely Yao Qianshu achieves, less than the time of half double-hour, two people have cleaned the body, sits, in does not calculate broadly, but by limpid very creek is actually eating the big pile of fruits.

Has eaten such a long time dry rations, has the fruit to eat, without doubt to them is a happiest matter.

The happy definition has, often every so often, is not to any precious thing. Happy heart also and money not any direct link. A person belly hurts can find the latrine immediately is a happiness, after he expulsion of toxin, some people's along handing over straw paper, that is also a happiness. But at this time regarding Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, is eating these fresh fruits, was the biggest happiness.

The sweet fruit juice moistens the bottom of one's heart, Yao Qianshu comfortable moan is making noise, lies down directly on the lawn, muttered: "Ji Dong, I want to sun to sleep now like this. Does not think in the mausoleum chamber, after coming out, feels wearily. Aren't you tired?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Fortunately. You leave anxiously resting, I give you a gift."

"Gift?" The disposition of Yao Qianshu that money tree because of studying five elements method changes, hears the gift two characters, immediately both eyes shine, rolling turns over/stands up to sit up, hopeful looks to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong looks at his appearance, cannot help smiling, says with a smile: "Can you always in eye do not have the gold coin. I do not have money to give you."

"crystal core is also good! Crystal Crown I also assembled. Uncertain non- asks for money, hehe." A money tree face flattered to say.

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, the right hand shakes, during one bottle of liquor plunged into grasp, places nearby ground, then successively takes out two bottles of good wine and shaker.

" This exploration enters the mausoleum chamber to search the buried treasure, although is also thrilling again and again, but can learn five elements method also to want many thanks to you that concealed treasure chart. I adjust one glass of liquor for you, is the gift.

Yao Qianshu somewhat discouraged say/way: " You will also jump the liquor! I to liquor on that a matter. Also had the day not to drink actually. "

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place appears a forced smile, " you are the person who the first this so encouragingly tastes me to mix the cocktail. We hope that you later can also so, as to my urging on. "

Was saying, he opens shaker, pours into which according to the certain proportion that three types of good wines, covers the cover for a jar, the wrist/skill shakes, shaker has flown into airborne, whirls.

Arrived the Ji Dong drink mixing technique, Yao Qianshu eyes shined, in the heart inwardly called out, is quite quick.

During shaker in Ji Dong grasps like living single-handed general, crystal shaker is bringing the gold/metal and white dual-color liquor fluid waves unceasingly, forms a special brilliance.

With the promotion of strength, becomes in drink mixing aspect Ji Dong accomplishes a task with ease, even the techniques in some previous generation imaginations he also gradually tries to find out some methods. Shocks under the waterdrop Fu Rui nine days of female celestial like that cup this world, even if before is his most peak not necessarily each time can mix, but this is relying for a while actually on a first-class physical quality success.

Three groups of none remaining are similar to explosion general emergence, Ji Dong sits in the lawn as before, is only brandishes as before single-handed, may in the flash, Yao Qianshu only think that at present a flower, as if three golden Sun separately the body raise from the Ji Dong top of the head and by, shocks, only then shocks two characters to describe this time feelings. Even if he did not know about drink mixing, this matter can also be able to see profound technique of Ji Dong in drink mixing aspect.

The ray also restrains, three Sun as if falls from the sky in the flash, falls in the Ji Dong palm, shaker by Ji Dong steady grasping in the hand, can see by the crystal wall, inside liquor fluid is still whirling.

Yao Qianshu cannot bear saying: "Ji Dong, are you really Bartender?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "I like you calling my Wine God."Sounds, his words somewhat seem to be arrogant, but he really has such qualification. Arrives at this, even if has Nine Stars drink mixing Great Master Thunder Emperor of highest title facing Bartenders Association, he has not defeated. Moreover is the purest drink mixing techniques of using, has not used in any magic power auxiliary situation. Before nobody can defeat him, nobody can vacillate the name of this Wine God.

Yao Qianshu laughed, said: "Good, I taste the Wine God mixture the cocktail am any flavor/smell."

Ji Dong opens shaker, became that the pale golden liquor fluid inducts in a Martini wine glass to give Yao Qianshu, "this glass of liquor add on 5/10 gins by 3/10 boss almond brandies, as well as 2/10 orange taste Vodka mixtures, its name, is called absolutely: Heaven."

Yao Qianshu received the wine glass, carefully looks at that pale golden liquor fluid, "listens to the name to be good! I taste."At the same time was saying, he filled one big to enter the throat directly.

The appearance that his is drinking, Ji Dong knits the brows, he started to regret that drink mixing has drunk to Yao Qianshu, is thanks, but looking back now, what does not have to distinguish with ox Jiao the peony, can this fellow drink the liquor the quality? He is really suspected very much.

Yao Qianshu three two drink this cup of heaven, turns head to look to Ji Dong, in the eye the ray twinkle. Ji Dong just wants to study Yao Qianshu formerly appearance lying down a while, one was actually entrained by Yao Qianshu, "Ji Dong, comes one cup again, comes one cup to be good again?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Delicacy cannot use. Liquor particularly so. If drinks the tongue was numb, later again do not want to taste to the delicacy of liquor."

Yao Qianshu praised with a sigh: "Was too tasty, I have not drunk this flavor/smell liquor, the steam have been mixing the wine, as if made my soul increase in the flash , the heaven, this name was really appropriate. Ji Dong, you certainly are the Bartenders Association member, is right?"

Ji Dong somewhat funny say/way: "Reply mistake. I must rest a while, weren't you also tired? Rests. Then we discussed where again next step goes."

Yao Qianshu is very the helpless say/way: "I said Ji Dong, can you always a such experienced appearance. On the age, I may be older on are five years old than you."

Ji Dong lies down on the lawn, "I am precocious, no?"

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Ji Dong, I thought that if we cooperate, opens a bar, certainly is the good choice. You come drink mixing, I am responsible for managing, what kind of? The money of making our half?"

Ji Dong ill-humored glared at him, "is not everyone has the liquor that the qualifications drink me to adjust."Then, closes both eyes, no longer pays attention to Yao Qianshu.

Yao Qianshu is helpless, must lie down, two people truly were exhausted these days, although like this sleeps outside the open country is not a good choice, but they are really disinclined to move, such has rested.

The day is a quilt, is a bed, this feeling is very unusual, but also is closest world vitality sleep, has not known during how long, has been sleeping soundly Ji Dong to awaken suddenly, during was dark as if a sense of crisis to frighten his deep sleep.

Has not opened both eyes eagerly, but spirit centralized in hearing, is listening attentively to the surrounding sound. Indistinct, whiz whiz whiz the sound conveys unceasingly, from far to near, flown approaches them.

Turns over/Stands up to sit up, Ji Dong pulls up Yao Qianshu, "awakes quickly, possibly has the situation."

Yao Qianshu blurry say/way: " What situation has? I rest the direct positive, do not quarrel I.

These days come. "

The Third Fire embodiment, a Ji Dong palm of the hand claps on the Yao Qianshu shoulder, the scalding hot feeling fire hot ignition, the Yao Qianshu pain was called one, this time, thinks that was not sober is not good.

Has not waited for him to blame Ji Dong, Ji Dong has drawn him to stand, that whish the sound becomes more and more clear, moreover straight line in their this directions.

"Ji Dong, what's the matter?"Yao Qianshu rubs the shoulder to ask, his spirit fully has not restored, is very discontented.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Has any thing to approach to us. Careful."

At this moment, a command Ji Dong extremely familiar sound resounds, "Ji Dong, must ask you to be possible really not to be an easy matter! Has not thought, has spent unexpectedly the entire three months. You may know, these three months, Central Plains City must because of you, but drastic change?"

Chapter 114: Wooden Croatia , Turkey, pinnacle First Wood myriad lances

Cold, without hesitation recited in a low voice: " The chaos creation world, Lie Yan (raging flames) lightens the day

, Awakens, magic power of deep sleep Vermilion Bird in my within the body. "

The cream ray twinkle, in the chest Yin-Yang Vortex high revolving, in Vermilion Bird armor already proliferated the whole body. Even if Yao Qianshu, is

First time saw that Ji Dong displays the magical powers that this Vermilion Bird changes, had a scare.

" Ji Dong, you. "

Ji Dong solemnly said: " Does not have the time to explain to you. Is chases down my enemy. Comes from Central Plains City. cultivation base reaches as high as Six-Crown. We

Walks. " At the same time was saying, his hand holds in the Yao Qianshu armpit. The back pair of wings stretches suddenly, inspires under the wing, was leading Yao modest

Shoots up to the sky, must fly away.

"Such difficultly found you, wants to walk is not easy."That familiar sound resounds once more. Meanwhile, another sound The recording tape in several points of depressed low roar is exploding.

The earth trembles, an intense yellow ray overspreads the ground instantaneously, resounds just like the earthquake bellow, Ji

Moves with Yao Qianshu only thought that the whole body sinks, just leapt to fall toward the ground less than 20 meters two people unexpectedly again, even if Ji

Vermilion Bird pair of wings that moves, is unable to lead them to fly again.

Yao Qianshu was surprised said: "Fifth Earth department, gravity technique."

This range Direct Hit Skill he is knows that according to his memory, this projects on one that Six-Crown Fifth Earth department Mage can use

Plants the formidable skill, although is not Certain Kill Skill, but has the extremely vital function in the actual combat.

They fall return to the ground, only thought that the body was heavier, if only a Ji Dong person. Perhaps he can also depending on getting a light to hover

A law help breaks through the impediment of this gravity technique to depart forcefully. However, he has not attempted, because of his affirmative realizing, brings

Walking that Yao Qianshu, he is impossible to fly. The magic power disparity, adds on the weights of two people again, by his present cultivation base, did not have

Ability that departs in light of this.

In the riverside woods, whiz whiz in the sound, 16 shadows also jump out, strange is quick, shoots just like arrow to generally, As if only the shadow flashes, these 16 forms already encircle Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu in the center.

The section is a black clothes, on White Yang Crown was demonstrating impressively their Three-Crown magic power, the attribute similarly is Fifth Earth department, 16 people move

Makes such as one, not only quick, but also is quite neat, the aura is even.
Just like one person. Without a doubt, they after special preparation Mage.
In the woods walks two people. Takes the lead, proper business that once chased down Ji Dong. Actually changes by Vermilion Bird by Ji Dong

The mantle soars Central Earth Empire that pulls out to ascend to heaven to guard the imperial palace Chief Head Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar yellow Liming. Side him, is a year makes the 40-year- old middle age

The people, in the top of the head, the white Fifth Earth department Yang Crown ray sparkle, similarly is also Six-Crown. Three Crown Star, are representing his Level 66 reality

Strength. Like yellow Liming cultivation base.

Ji Dong has not thought that yellow Liming will find itself unexpectedly, must know, he and Yao Qianshu just left the mausoleum chamber, even if two people

The time that this sleep rests is not short, impossible 12 double-hour.

"How did you find my?"Ji Dong solemnly said.

When yellow Liming sees Ji Dong, look has no longer looked like the first time is so relaxed, instead brings several to segregate heavy and feels relaxed, seemed loose Tone. Saying that conceals nothing whatsoever: " Although initially ran away by you, but. I have actually left behind the symbol on you. That is my

The mount explodes the skill of fire crazy lion. It has left behind the smell symbol on you, at least wants six months to dissipate. When I go back to seek

After suiting copes with your helper, looks for you again, actually presently, you penetrated into Earth Spirit Mountain Range . The Earth Spirit Mountain Range central area, is I

Does not dare easily to enter, although does not understand how you achieve, but we also can only wait. Feels your aura with great difficulty

Left Earth Spirit Mountain Range, has pursued to the secret city, and presently you strike to kill an aristocrat there. But, in an instant, actually loses

Went to your trail, was slow one step. But, we can only wait for in the Notting forest that you vanish. Waited for one

Many months, ascended finally you. This time. I will again not make you leave easily. "

Ji Dong static listens to yellow Liming to narrate. In the heart the mood actually sank, only Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar yellow Liming, is

Extremely difficult to deal with match. Let alone also level and he is the same, has the Fifth Earth attribute enemy. Without a doubt, this person is

Limits oneself flying ability specially. Even if Six-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, is not everyone can have gravity technique rare demon


"Yao Qianshu, you walk first, I constrain them in a minute."Ji Dong solemnly said. The Yao Qianshu complexion changes, " Ji Dong, do not forget that our status, you do want to make me not fight to run away? If I really this

Later has been also able to raise the head in our group of people. We are arise at the historic moment, where has is routed easily, Six-Crown

How? Makes us fight, even if they want to kill us, definitely will pay the deeply grieved price. "

"Deeply grieved price? I have not misunderstood. Present child, but also was really more and more rampant."Stands in yellow Liming side that

Six-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar coldly snorted, his sound is very low and deep. Looked like his magic power has been full of pressure. Looks at Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, he

Reveals for several points to disdain. These days one, he has sought for Ji Dong with yellow Liming, lived outdoors. By his Heavenly Scholar status

In the heart was already discontented, although at this time sees in Ji Dong that Vermilion Bird the armor magical thing. But ingrained idea actually slightly invariable, again how

Said, Ji Dong is also Level 38 Third Fire Great Master.

Ji Dong static listens to yellow Liming to narrate. In the heart the mood actually sank, only Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar yellow Liming, is

Extremely difficult to deal with match. Let alone also level and he is the same, has the Fifth Earth attribute enemy. Without a doubt, this person is

Limits oneself flying ability specially. Even if Six-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, is not everyone can have gravity technique rare demon

Technique. "Yao Qianshu, you walk first, I constrain them in a minute."Ji Dong solemnly said.

The Yao Qianshu complexion changes, " Ji Dong, do not forget that our status, you do want to make me not fight to run away? If I really this

Later has been also able to raise the head in our group of people. We are arise at the historic moment, where has is routed easily, Six-Crown

How? Makes us fight, even if they want to kill us, definitely will pay the deeply grieved price. "

"Deeply grieved price? I have not misunderstood. Present child, but also was really more and more rampant."Stands in yellow Liming side that

Six-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar coldly snorted, his sound is very low and deep. Looked like his magic power has been full of pressure. Looks at Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, he

Reveals for several points to disdain. These days one, he has sought for Ji Dong with yellow Liming, lived outdoors. By his Heavenly Scholar status

In the heart was already discontented, although at this time sees in Ji Dong that Vermilion Bird the armor magical thing. But ingrained idea actually slightly invariable, again how

Said, Ji Dong is also Level 38 Third Fire Great Master.

This Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar thinks otherwise to the Ji Dong two people, in yellow Liming the heart has actually started the great unrest at this time. He may be clear

Remembers, when oneself previous time capture Ji Dong, at present this youngster is Level 31. Then less than three months, he unexpectedly

However has promoted the Level 38 degree. So cultivation, it can be said that hears something never heard of before. He some are really unbelievable. No How regardless to say, in the Ji Dong present strength controllable range, this time said for him anything must lead to say him again.

Yao Qianshu looks at this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar with the contemptuous look, " is rampant, we will look to you with the strength certificate. Heavenly Scholar

How. On several years, in our hands, you have been the ants. "

Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar does not get angry instead smiles, " how many years? Your also how many years? XF16 health/guard, you also wait for anything, takes them

Next. " At the same time was saying, the gravity technique that he releases has taken back, this gravity technique is not divided the enemy and ourselves, the use, will have received including him

Arrived influence . Moreover the gravity technique regarding the consumption of magic power is also quite huge. Only needed to limit the Ji Dong flying ability to be enough.

"Yes."16 sounds are uniform. Then regarding 16 Three-Crown Fifth Earth department Mage side Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu also moves

. Although as Fifth Earth department, but their is actually wonderful quick incomparable, indistinct, Ji Dong sees boots that on their feet puts on

Somewhat special place. 16 people move together, has not plunged the Ji Dong two people directly, but, fast withdraws from several, pulls open

From four talented people add suddenly, directly flushed toward Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu. shen in midair, on everyone right hand many

Were many handle stone lance, like lightning thorn to two people.

Four stone lances leave move of angle several cunningness. Although only then four people, but has actually blocked Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu all can dodge Line. These tornado health/guard own magic power not manifest, but actually likely completely condensed above the stone lance in hand. In addition their

Exits rapidly, is truly out of the ordinary. The Three-Crown Mage strength adds on the tacit coordination. Even if to ordinary four

Crown Mage, has not the small superiority.

"I come."Yao Qianshu loudly shouted, the azure light sparkle, has surrounded him and Ji Dong body instantaneously, his Four-Crown Yang Crown instantaneous

Presently. Four logs do not have reappearing of omen. Happen to blocks that four tornado health/guard attacks the direction.

Do not look that Yao Qianshu and Ji Dong when together appear very amiable, even some comedies. But in fact, as the First Wood disciple

He, the arrogance in bone are not less than Ji Dong anything. At this time although besieges facing the powerful enemy, actually also fully stirred up in his innermost feelings

Fight **. This four wooden magic skill flickers, fully showed him the control to magic power.

Loudly in loud sound, in that four tornado health/guard hands stone lance, although all pricks to the giant tree, but. Their goals actually not

Achieving. That glitters azure light giant tree in their hands Fifth Earth magic power by the stone lance that condenses not to be pierced, instead during fierce revolving

Just like huge runs general. Stiffly in stone Maojiao letting go their hands.

However, in Yao Qianshu prepares to counter-attack. These tornado health/guard actually fully showed their powerful strengths, four people struck inadequately , Has not made the stop slightly, engages in self-examination to soar, is separated from the battlefield rapidly. But follows closely they are separated at the same time, was four tornado health/guard flushed on

Come. It looks like the ocean waves is ordinary, a wave has not put down one wave to get up.

stone lance turned into the stone ax, having the epoch-making potential to drop from the clouds, cuts directly to that four logs.

Yao Qianshu coldly snorted, "the bead of grain of rice, puts radiance?"
The four logs in revolving explode suddenly, are in Ji Dong of inner loop

Sees clearly. Yao Qianshu foot treads the mysterious step, gathers round own body to revolve for one week, has linked knocks out four fists, separately bombardment in four greatness

Above wood. the next moment. The giant tree explodes, changes into the innumerable wooden lances to fly to shoot, on peak of each wooden lance, is bringing a emerald


This is the Yao Qianshu true strength, Ji Dong is also first time saw, in the heart secretly acclaimed. Although are dual attribute,

Also there is in the help and Vermilion Bird of Huo'er armor amplification, but must to Yao Qianshu this First Wood disciple, the number of victory and defeat very be really difficult to say. In

On the control and own cultivation base of skill, Yao Qianshu must above oneself.

These tornado health/guard have not thought obviously Yao Qianshu is unexpectedly powerful to so the degree, in five elements, wooden Croatia , Turkey, Yang Wood to subdue|grams Yang Earth, is being

In the nature they tend to be leeward. Flash when these four logs explode, they only thought blots out the sky life air/Qi The breath blooms instantaneously, their own Fifth Earth attribute were suppressed immediately comprehensively.

Like the attribute suppression that Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires can have, Yao Qianshu pinnacle First Wood also similarly has such ability,

Especially in the situation in this wooden Croatia , Turkey, the effect that the attribute suppresses shows at present immediately comprehensively.

Puff pū pū, big blood rain from the sky explodes, the tornado health/guard that that second wave to/clashes is unable to resist the pinnacle First Wood formidable demon

The strength, the body changes into immediately tattered and torn. But all
-around attack pinnacle wooden lance of this rupturing does not have the meaning of strength using up. Simultaneously covers to surplus

12 tornado health/guard, have greatly do not extinguish the continuous potential.

Initially, Ji Dong is also only One-Crown time, once struck to kill school Teacher of close Three-Crown strength. Three-Crown time,

Struck to kill the Level 59 Yin-Yang School second place Ji leisurely wind, what relied on was what? Besides formidable magic skill. More importantly,

Own pinnacle attribute. Similarly has pinnacle attribute Yao Qianshu. magic power has also wanted at present these tornado health/guard, how they may

Can be the match.

"It is not good."yellow Liming drinks one lowly, his Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar had also realized is not wonderful. In crisis, Six-Crown Mage on show

Has appeared their formidable strengths, that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar treads suddenly the previous step, bends the waist, a fist bang to ground. Formerly the neutrality of hour

The technique blooms once more. The yellow ray assumes the fan- shaped proliferation, place visited, the gravity increases.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, "late."While that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar moves, he both hands got up with the circle of right ascension, above top of the head white

Color Yang Crown lives the change instantaneously, black and white dual-color also appears, changes into Third and Fourth Two Fires Yin-Yang Crown, this is his true strength. White in

Just after appeared, instantaneously transformed as the golden color, Pinnacle Two Fires condenses above his double palm, two groups of eye- catching flames condensed instantaneously before the body,

Changes into the Pinnacle Two Fires ball rapid flight. The goal is not that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, but is the he and battlefield ground between.

Does the Pinnacle Two Fires ball have big explosive force? It can be said that this is Ji Dong non- must kill in single body magic skill at present most intrepid one.

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and under the Dingsi deep Yin Fire unstable mixed state, the instance of contact ground, has the fierce explosion suddenly immediately.

Loudly in loud sound, Pinnacle Two Fires magic power after pinnacle First Wood appears, terrifying attribute suppression under the function of dual attribute really

For those more intense than formerly pinnacle First Wood, the formidable explosive force, has blocked that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar gravity technique flash actually, that is

This free time of flash, 12 blood rain already bloom around Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu. XF16 health/guard, all extinguishes.

Chapter 115: Top Certain Kill Skill, the meteor falls from the sky

The ground, was been incarnadine by the blood, in XF16 health/guard Yan is full of the look that has not dared to believe. They cannot think, by 16 pairs two, unexpectedly is so the result. Yao Qianshu is only move of one time, wipes out them, does not remain.

One that yellow Liming also looks at dull, he knows that Ji Dong is very strong, has never despised Ji Dong, can strike to kill the Yin-Yang School second place, even if there is a luck ingredient, Ji Dong oneself also surely is quite powerful. However, he has not actually thought, at this time and Ji Dong in together Yao Qianshu unexpectedly is also powerful in this way. Looks at his appearance, reaches as high as Level 45 magic power cultivation base perhaps also above Ji Dong.

Must know, this XF16 health/guard is not the Central Earth Empire imperial family, is Mage soldier who another great power trains, these soldiers gave up the cultivation of long-distance magic skill, specializes to condense magic power, changes into the forms of combat of weapon. Although this will restrict their exhibitions, but without a doubt, with the level Mage type, they are being the outstanding people. Is relying on the magic power weapon boots amplification degree on foot, the striking power that in addition the magic power compression condenses becomes the weapon that has. XF16 health/guard also gets rid, even struck to kill a powerhouse of Five-Crown rank. But, facing at present these two people, but a Yao Qianshu person gets rid, completely kills them unexpectedly.

Moreover is also only a skill. Despising in Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar eye was nothing left at this time, the complexion becomes dignified, he understands finally why yellow Liming must be called together. Looks at the present appearance, not only to limit the Ji Dong flying ability. Two Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar to previous Three-Crown two Fire departments Great Master and Four-Crown First Wood Grandmaster, they have to brace oneself unexpectedly, with total concentration facing these two people.

Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu look at each other one, two people reveal a smiling face, this is not their first time coordinated, they are quite without a doubt satisfied to each other ability.

Yao Qianshu looks to scatter in the surrounding corpse, chuckled, "trains these people, needs a lot of money. Really was a pity. What a pity they run into me. Fifth Earth department? Hehe, Fifth Earth department."

Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar angrily snorted, "boy, I will make you know fierce of Fifth Earth department. old yellow, do not get rid, I tidy up these two boys."

yellow Liming nodded, "careful, they are not good to cope. When necessary, summon mount."

Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar looked at yellow Liming one eyes, "copes with two juniors also to need to summon the mount? You also underestimated me."

In yellow Liming the heart shakes the head secretly, this fellow anything is good, was arrogant, but he was reminded: "Do not injure to the Ji Dong life. Master's order is makes us live to bring him. Moreover is intact."
"Knew."Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar complied. Walked in big strides. Although on Yao Qianshu mouth in teasing the opposite party, when this
Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar walks, his look also becomes dignified. He is Ji Dong, is very clear, Six-Crown, is a Mage important watershed, like Two-Crown and Three-Crown disparity. Even if only in the difference one, the strength is also the different. Yao Qianshu treads the previous step, arrives in front of Ji Dong, "my main attack, you coordinate."

"Good." The reply of Ji Dong is succinct. First Wood to subdue|grams Fifth Earth, copes with Fifth Earth Mage, getting rid of Yao Qianshu is obviously better than him.

The azure light sparkle, this time, Yao Qianshu has not restrained own magic power, the azure light presents at the same time, immediately transforms as emerald deep green, pinnacle First Wood magic power releases suddenly.

Even if the strength of Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar Six-Crown rank, feels this to be full of the magic power fluctuation of huge promotion suddenly , the heart is imposing, complexion big change. His magic power was unable above Yao Qianshu Three-Crown, the attribute to suppress appeared. In front of pinnacle First Wood, his Fifth Earth department magic power immediately the oppressed fierce retraction, as if anytime may collapse. Formerly that sank the imposing manner of congealing also immediately to be destroyed without doubt.

"Acme First Wood? How possible. You Four-Crown, how has probably pinnacle First Wood."Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar puzzled looks at Yao Qianshu.

Yao Qianshu unflustered restores the pill to squeeze in the mouth magic power, "regarding your this ignorant and inexperienced fellows, I am disinclined to explain. Do not begin? Come! could it be did you fear?"

"Feared?"Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar angrily snorted. In the eye ray sparkle, the intense brown gloss blooms once more, above the top of the head, the Six-Crown Fifth Earth Yang Crown ray puts greatly, around his body, the Fifth Earth department yellow ray condenses a giant spheroid, covers his whole person.

Right, pinnacle First Wood can have the attribute suppression to his Six- Crown Fifth Earth magic power, but, on level, two people differs Level 21 after all. Is relying on powerful magic power, this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar the arrange/cloth around own body has gotten down the multi-layer defense actually, most outer layer is by the attribute suppression, but the inner layer will actually not be affected.

Sees these for yellow Liming who he brings up the rear. can't bear secretly nodding. In the heart mused, when copes excitedly, oneself can also use the similar way. Although the pinnacle attribute is formidable, enough magic power support has not been not enough to pose the threat to their these Six-Crown powerhouses after all.

In the air, rich Fifth Earth Element rushes to explode, crazy is driving out other attribute elements. Although Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar the surface seems very arrogant, but begins, he has not actually despised Yao Qianshu. Can strike the second to kill 16 health/guard by the Four-Crown strength, this grade of strength is not magic skill so is simple. Acme magic power that let alone this match has at present. At this time controls the element, he must fundamentally cut off the Yao Qianshu supplies. After magic power is the certain extent, wants to wield strongest magic skill, not only own magic power output is so simple, must unify the attribute element between world, can bloom the most powerful striking power or the defensive power. This Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar can be said as somewhat mean suppresses Yao Qianshu by own magic power superiority, making his strength unable to wield completely.

Yao Qianshu coldly snorted, "your this skill?" The emerald ray is greatly bright, behind him, Azure Dragon Totem appears, follows the appearance of Azure Dragon Totem, a circular halo covers in which Azure Dragon Totem, the one by one azure bright mark looks like the scale that on Azure Dragon slips off is ordinary, floods in the range of this ring. Immediately, the body of Yao Qianshu whole person has shone, becomes incomparably insightful, looks like carves with the emerald completely becomes general, the unequalled huge life aura exploding type grows, rushing Fifth Earth Element that in the air originally floods meets the fluctuation of this life magic power, immediately melts just like the snow and ice generally.

Even if the appearance is multi-layered Fifth Earth magic power that on Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar releases isolates in this, does not have the slightest bit effect, his magic power attribute was suppressed by Yao Qianshu pinnacle First Wood attribute again completely.

"Is impossible."Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar cannot bear exclaimed, magic power that at this moment, on Yao Qianshu blooms clearly already, not only Level 45 is so simple . Moreover, First Wood Element between earth by extremely crazy goes toward his body condensation, behind Yao Qianshu that Azure Dragon Totem coils around to walk randomly in the ring, during the one by one demon mark mark sparkles unceasingly, on his emerald body boils up the unequalled huge magic power fluctuation unceasingly. He also shows a strange posture, the right hand before, the left hand. Intersects in the chest front, the both legs draws up, with the shoulder same width, swing back, the vision staring sky, that emerald ray also becomes is slightly getting more and more intense, looks like in his body surrounding magic power the rocket lift-off soars generally.

Has been extremely terrifying degree, his behind Ji Dong, cannot bear retrocede several steps.

Regarding Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar and yellow Liming, present looks like in them is not possible. The energy that Yao Qianshu saves at this time crossed his Level 45 proper standard completely. His time pinnacle First Wood magic power increased to make two Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses both feel that the frightened degree, it can be imagined this has been any degree. But Yao Qianshu, on the face also revealed the color/look of pain, obviously, these element magic power were not he can completely control.

yellow Liming they do not know that what's the matter, Ji Dong is clear. At this time Yao Qianshu displays, should be one in First Wood method Azure Dragon method. The use is the element condenses, sees the Yao Qianshu procedure, Ji Dong secretly acclaims. They are the heart have the cleverness, in Third Fire Vermilion Bird method, three that Ji Dong studies. Has two to be both same as Yao Qianshu, transmits, another, is this element condensation at present. The full name is Yang Fire condensation law. Yao Qianshu this, should be Yang Wood condensation law. Not only this law function uses in fighting, in the meantime, can use when the cultivation, displays this kind of law in the cultivation process , to promote the body surrounding elemental concentration to extremely the degree of condensation instantaneously, cultivates to be twice the result with half the effort? First learns this law, will cultivate regarding them in the future, naturally has the enormous advantage.

Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar in the heart has shocked at this time. But his displaying experience is rich, has not been daunted by this at present, fast has made the response. Under the gaze of Ji Dong, sees only this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar to face upward to cry loud and long, Six-Crown Yang Crown on top of the head unexpectedly instantaneous shatter, changes into six yellow light to move around his body, a silver big bird lifts off suddenly, official Fifth Earth Totem, sky.

Although strong Fifth Earth Element by attribute suppression, but when the sky appears, under the shield of that silver big bird, this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar facial expression became relaxed several points, that six yellow light ascended instantaneously, all flooded into Fifth Earth Totem silver big bird within the body, immediately, on that silver big bird the ray put greatly, inspires the wing to soar, in an instant, has charged into the upper air, changed into a silver luminous spot to vanish does not see.

While that silver big bird vanishes. In the entire sky turned into yellow. The dignified and depressing aura made the feeling that one had to plant to breathe heavily gets up. The Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar complexion also appears somewhat pale, the right hand makes a fist, a finger/refers, a formidable thought covers forward immediately to with Yao Qianshu that on he opposes the enemy.

Ji Dong present, sky suddenly dark, the one by one tiny sunspot starts to appear in the midair. In air, although has filled because of huge First Wood magic power that a Yang Wood condensation law agglutination comes, but is also flooding extremely manic Fifth Earth Element, in this moment, Fifth Earth Element as if has worked loose the attribute from pinnacle First Wood to suppress, that crazy aura extremely close Ji Dong own pinnacle Yang Fire.

"Certain Kill Skill, the meteor falls from the sky."Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar angrily roared, from him, the yellow light beam ascends together suddenly, enters the sky. Just like meeting day continually general stirring.

Airborne, that one by one sunspot became clear, they are not the black, but is the yellow, Fifth Earth department yellow. Each yellow luminous spot, presents for the circular, in the falling from the sky process, the sky becomes dimmer.

Certain Kill Skill, this is Certain Kill Skill that the Six-Crown rank powerhouse displays! Ji Dong only thought constraining that own chest place could not say, making him have one type soon to spurt the painful feeling of blood. Even if similarly is Certain Kill Skill, shows the might to be also different in the different people. Among Certain Kill Skill also has the high under division. Without a doubt, at present this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar in the Certain Kill Skill that under the oppression of Yao Qianshu that pinnacle First Wood uses, is the high-end in Fifth Earth department Certain Kill Skill exists absolutely, top Certain Kill Skill.

Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu are very strange to this Certain Kill Skill, but stands in yellow Liming who not far away brings up the rear actually has a big shock. The meteor falls from the sky, this Fifth Earth Certain Kill Skill can be said as the dreams of all Fifth Earth department Mage is. What as the top Certain Kill Skill most major characteristics is? Is magic power promotes to certain situation, can transform it as might sufficiently destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth level Certain Kill Skill.

This Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar naturally has not been at present able to achieve, when one day, his magic power promotes to Nine-Crown, is absolutely possible to realize. So long as he can make that each meteor of falling from the sky turn into the Fifth Earth Divine Beast sky the shape, this Certain Kill Skill will promote for must kill, sky meteor shower.

Shocks, only has to shock two characters to describe that yellow Liming this time mood, he has confessed the strength has wanted this Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, although two people magic power is almost the same, but in the use and control of magic skill, yellow Liming wants Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar to plan. But saw the Certain Kill Skill that at this time Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar displays, yellow Liming understands, perhaps wants to win him is impossible, number of difficult material victory and defeat. Has not thought that this superficial arrogant fellow actually so bears patiently, has learned this most top Certain Kill Skill in secret.

But while Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar this meteor falls from the sky that Certain Kill Skill releases, the double pupil of Yao Qianshu turned into the emerald completely, a both hands finger/refers of day, a finger/refers, face upwards the long and loud cry, all emerald rays all ascend.

"Emerald Azure Dragon."

Chapter 116: Emerald Azure Dragon

"Emerald Azure Dragon."Drinks along with Yao Qianshu one greatly, pinnacle First Wood magic power " violent is peaceful. Fluctuation of energy of rushing boils up the unequalled huge energy in the flash, the overwhelming great life aura made simultaneously to have Third Fire magic power Ji Dong and yellow Liming feels own Third Fire receive moistening beyond description.

But not far the Notting forest before their bodies as if disperses a misty cyanogen to coincide with this pinnacle First Wood magic power, making that radiant emerald gloss become the shiny smooth. The overwhelming great life energy condenses instantaneously in the midair, changes into one is ten zhang (3.33 m) giant emerald dragon jumps. The personal appearance launches, five claws from out of the blue, welcomed are becoming the earth Heavenly Scholar top Certain Kill Skill meteor fall from the sky to clash.

Right, on magic power, Yao Qianshu and match has the qualitative disparity, but. If the meteor falls from the sky is top Certain Kill Skill. Emerald Azure Dragon that then, Yao Qianshu uses, is pinnacle First Wood top Certain Kill Skill. Perhaps to a certain extent was unable compared with Ji Dong Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, but its powerful degree is also almost the same. Especially Yao Qianshu own magic power has wanted Ji Dong.

Before has not entered the mausoleum chamber, this Certain Kill Skill he had also attempted, but never succeeds. At this moment, relies on a Yang Wood condensation law huge effect, Yao Qianshu is condensing to visit day of bluish green light suddenly, at one fell swoop the merit becomes. That giant emerald dragon is common just like the genuine life. Each piece of mail-armor and helmet is sparkling the emerald brilliance, is having the fine edges and corners, if did not see that it is condensed by magic power, definitely thinks that it is true First Wood Divine Beast Azure Dragon arrives.

yellow Liming dumbfounded looks at present this, "the present young people, so were how intrepid."

The sky is decadent, but the earth actually turned into a piece of emerald brilliance, emerald Azure Dragon welcomed that meteor falling from the sky cloud cluster to increase, did not dread. Emerald brilliance spout from dragon mouth unceasingly. Each blue light can rumble broken more than one meteor of dropping from the clouds.

magic power fluctuation of rushing made in the midair unceasingly present the distortion brilliance, whatever that meteor fell from the sky is powerful, did not have one to be able throughout the landing ground.

Here is Notting forest, in forest, Wood department Mage most has the superiority without doubt. But Yao Qianshu relies on own Yang Wood condensation law to wielding this point pole. It looks like eats the sugar bean unceasingly generally magic power restores the pill to throw in the entrance, back Yang Wood condensation law also has promoted simultaneously the limit.

Receives the airborne emerald Azure Dragon formidable infection, Ji Dong took a deep breath, in the eye the none remaining puts greatly. The back pair of wings launches, similarly is also face upwards a long and loud cry. In the top of the head the function of transformation of black and white Yin-Yang Crown vortex calamity instantaneously under Divine Yin-Yang Lock and Yin-Yang is White Yang Crown, blazing pinnacle Yang Fire jumps instantaneously, on the dazzling golden light and Yao Qianshu the loose emerald ray hands over to echo, the golden ring also similarly appears behind him, golden Vermilion Bird Totem launches the pair of wings. Cone- shape demon marks increase regarding the body of Vermilion Bird. Yang Fire condensation law. The wood lights a fire, comes under a First Wood condensation law influence, Ji Dong Yang Fire condensation law becomes incomparably blazing, his magic power must miss One-Crown compared with Yao Qianshu freely, but adds on his own Vermilion Bird under the function that the wood lights a fire again armor amplification, the aura and Yao Qianshu that at this time he disperses compare to go beyond.

The abundance of midair, emerald Azure Dragon and meteor fell from the sky gambling to achieve the superheating.

Huge fluctuation of energy collides unceasingly. Continually has extremely terrifying explosion to thunder. The emerald Azure Dragon color gradually changes pale, but the airborne meteor falls from the sky also in reduction gradually. Although they display is top Certain Kill Skill. But also after all is Certain Kill Skill. But is not that has level Certain Kill Skill of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth powerful ability.

In the self- supplement, meets elixir Yao Qianshu to have the exceptional superiority. This point without a doubt, sees the strength of match, although is formidable, but his magic power restores actually to cross that eleventh of the twelve Earthly Branches earth Heavenly Scholar at this time by far.

In the eleventh of the twelve Earthly Branches earth Heavenly Scholar hand is also pinching crystal core, is. Absorbs magic power to require the time through crystal core, but magic power that Yao Qianshu manufacture restores the medicament restoration to want on quick many obviously. Moreover earth Heavenly Scholar of his pinnacle First Wood to defending has the effect that the attribute suppresses. Opposite party magic power is higher than him, may in maintaining the Certain Kill Skill situation is consuming also many that he is bigger . Under is in inverse proportion. This First Wood disciple is relying on a Yang Wood condensation law formidable effect unexpectedly, got the winning side gradually. That defended the earth Heavenly Scholar complexion became more and more ugly.

By Four-Crown to Six-Crown, Certain Kill Skill spells also to occupy the winning side mutually, this is impossible to complete in anybody opinion. But Yao Qianshu actually achieved. His match has to acknowledge at this time the great strength of this First Wood disciple.

However, Six-Crown after all is Six-Crown, besides magic power and Four-Crown qualitative disparity, also other superiority.

The sound low roar from defending earth Heavenly Scholar mouth resounds, what his suppressed was is too aggrieved. The pinnacle First Wood attribute suppresses, attribute repels one another, making magic power of his Six-Crown rank unable to wield the true might. Airborne emerald Azure Dragon soon fell from the sky to nibble shortly the meteor. He cannot attend to finally maintains the face again, in that low and deep howling, the back yellow light splits together.

Similarly is low and deep roaring, the earth as if along with it shivering, a yellow great bear the ray that splits from that one step takes.

The body of this great bear has four meters high fully, the whole body has filled with the wild aura, the sturdy body looks like hill, it just a appearance. Defends the earth Heavenly Scholar imposing manner immediately becomes different. The great bear face upwards to roar, two bear's paws make an effort, in own chest place has struck against under the mountain range, a strong yellow light jumps from its within the body. Covers on becoming earth Heavenly Scholar. Defended the earth Heavenly Scholar complexion immediately becomes attractive.

The bang compared with one, the midair, last thunders to resound, emerald Azure Dragon is relying on pinnacle First Wood recommends big magic power, broke the meteor to fall from the sky actually the complete strength. Although its own ray also desalinated, but, it won after all. In the competion of Certain Kill Skill, Four-Crown Yao Qianshu achieved the final success.

A Yao Qianshu right hand finger/refers, airborne emerald Azure Dragon has a resonant dragon to recite, drops from the clouds, directly soars that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar to throw. The Yao Qianshu this pinnacle magic power top Certain Kill Skill most major characteristics are the sustained attack ability. The Ji Dong colorful male cone wins in explosive force, his emerald Azure Dragon on victory in the sustained attack of this powerful, like First Wood magic power itself that vitality continuously.

The bang, mountain great bear one step takes. Keeps off before the Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar body, two bear's paws also lift. Yellow ray of rushing presents the explosive inflation, sees only his two bear's paws to make an effort in the ground to strike. It looks like, the mouth for in general, at least dozens square meters grounds also blasts out, the innumerable earth friends fling Sichuan to sentence in the midair, that great bear double holds again forward a racket, these stones condense immediately in together, under it the loose yellow light complements, condenses a diameter to achieve five meters giant bear's paws to welcome to pat spatially, directly soars emerald Azure Dragon.

Both's collision lived inevitably, the earth shocks, Notting forest as if also fiercely shivered.

In the loud sound, that great bear Dengdeng retroceded loudly one after another seven and eight talent coming to a stop personal appearance, the corners of the mouth place even also overflowed two blood, flowed following the fur/superficial knowledge, making it seem ferocious severe. But airborne emerald Azure Dragon is also welcomes spatially shatter, changes into a blue light to fly in the Yao Qianshu direction.

At this time appeared a five elements method formidable effect, emerald Azure Dragon made Yao Qianshu unable to bear spout a blood shatter, but, after this was stave the residual energy has not actually wasted, was recycled by Yang Wood condensation law actually forcefully, has attracted completely. As the matter stands, although Certain Kill Skill was broken, but Yao Qianshu own magic power consumption one has not actually found time his complete strength.

"Rank 6 magic beast, the bear of earth. Good Six-Crown to defend earth Heavenly Scholar!"Although the Yao Qianshu sound appears panting somewhat, however that ridicule in the sound actually likely is the pointed knife generally digs in the Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar heart. By the Six-Crown strength, please may distinguish to cope with a Four- Crown match automatically. In using the top Certain Kill Skill situation also had been forced finally to summon the magic beast partner by the enemy, was also injured including magic beast. His face lost in a big way.

Golden light twinkle, Ji Dong body one horizontal. Has kept off in front of Yao Qianshu, replaces him facing the bear and the Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar earth direction, he is away from Yao Qianshu to be recent, presents besides Yao Qianshu most understands five elements method characteristics. Ji Dong can feel, at this time Yao Qianshu magic power lowered the fearful degree, in a short time wants to leave to have the talent again such strikes is impossible.

The matches are two Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses, yellow Liming mount that flame great lion he have seen after all. This fights regarding them as before difficult.

Strong golden flame jumps regarding the body of Ji Dong just like the viscous magma generally unceasingly, yellow Liming also goes forward several steps, arrives at that to defend side earth Heavenly Scholar.

"Ji Dong, I think. We should chat."yellow Liming sincere saying. Ji Dong sneers, "I and do you have something to discuss?"
yellow Liming said with a forced smile: "We actually and well-meant. Hopes that you can return to Central Plains City with us. Moreover I can guarantee, you will not receive any injury. So long as you agreed. We can put your friend to walk now."

"You little talk nonsense."Stands cannot bear open the mouth to say in Ji Dong behind Yao Qianshu: "Formerly thinks that we are not match want to be incapable of suppressing, now saw unable to suppress, wants to break our collaborations in the spoken language? Do not have a dream. Three -year-old child will not believe your words."

yellow Liming helpless say/way: "Before because, I had chased down Ji Dong, I feared that he does not believe me, therefore plans to carry on the military force suppression. I will not injure him. You think, you can defeat us really? Six-Crown superiority. You also saw. I also similarly have the magic beast mount. Four pairs two. magic power complete superiority situation draw, even if your own magic power attributes have its unique element, is impossible to caress the graduated arm."

Ji Dong sneers, "you were needless to say again. Rather dead honorably, to not live dishonorably has the skill. You catch us. However what I can have deciding is. Even if you can defeat us finally, in you two will have one person to be buried along with the dead."

Was saying, Ji Dong suddenly took a deep breath. The chest place inflates several points immediately, his both eyes turned into the eye- catching golden color completely, the whole person personal appearance rose suddenly suddenly, an unprecedented proud air/Qi jumps from within the body instantaneously. Even if cannot bear in his back Yao Qianshu falls to draw back backward several steps, does not dare to approach him. But is in the Ji Dong positive/direct match, the situation was more awful. yellow Liming the clear feeling one type the terrifying dignified instantaneous oppression that made itself submit, blazing magic power that also that is unable to understand makes his own Third Fire be suppressed the pinnacle.

When first time fights with Ji Dong, has the situation that the attribute has suppressed, but faces Ji Dong at this time once more, he withstands, already, not only the attribute suppresses is so simple, on Ji Dong disperses that type of proud Sovereign King aura. Made him from the innermost feelings is unable to have one to fight intent.

But the body of Ji Dong is also living the change in this time, the whole person rises suddenly against the wind, that eye-catching golden flame looks like became part of his body, in White Yang Crown with top of the head links. In a flash. The body of Ji Dong turned reaches as high as three meters, the main body is the core, outside is condenses by golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire completely. Top of the head Shangyang shakes to change into the golden imperial crown, unequalled proud aggressive, filled made person Sovereign King arrogant demeanor irresistibly bloom instantaneously. yellow Liming, becomes earth Heavenly Scholar, is the bear of that earth, in the look unconscious revealed the frightened mood. This time Ji Dong, was too fearful to the feeling of person.

Although his magic power only has Level 38, has not achieved Four- Crown, may likely be invincible in the aura that this flash he blooms.

After lighting Chaos Fire in within the body, Ji Dong refine to melt the thought of Two Great Sovereign Kings thoroughly, integrates it own. His all skills inherit with Two Great Sovereign Kings slightly at this moment, in Vermilion Bird under the help of armor. During Yin-Yang Vortex whirls, in addition Yang Fire condensation law maintenance, finally made him bloom the Flame Sovereign King aura. This can a skill, if calls the skill, then its name can only be four characters:

Sovereign King arrives.

Flame Sovereign King arrives at the world, this is may wait for existence of terrifying, at this moment, nobody has been able to feel Ji Dong own true strength, only then that Flame Sovereign King unequalled proud. Three meters high huge body has covered back Yao Qianshu completely, Yang Fire condensation law that he transforms also inflates with the change of personal appearance. Changes into a huge golden round annulus the brand mark condensation of Vermilion Bird Totem in the back.

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Chapter 117: Changes the body, the Flame Sovereign King body

The honest look, including Ji Dong has not thought that he when condensing magic power, is preparing displays Certain Kill Skill to ban 1100, colorful male cones, will present such one. At this moment, he only thought that pinnacle Yang Fire as if completely has merged into one organic whole with own body, in Vermilion Bird armor changes into the energy and outside these Yang Fire that centralized condensation rushes, the unprecedented formidable feeling floods the whole body. Back Yang Fire condensation law is the source of strength. Sovereign King proud made the faith that he was full of must win.

The section stepped forward Ji Dong to welcome yellow Liming to clash, the terrifying golden flame from the sky changed into a sea of fire, the dazzling golden light, the unequalled attribute suppression and energetic pressure made yellow Liming almost not have any resistance fell to push backward. In this flash, yellow Liming presently, the Six-Crown magic power point of oneself within the body is unable to transfer with amazement unexpectedly. Must know, his magic power has been higher than Three-Crown compared with Ji Dong!

This is the Sovereign King pressure. In some sense, Flame Sovereign King and dark flame Sovereign King from underground world, is in itself existence of Totem rank, but as the underground world ruler, their strengths and levels in fact must above heavenly stems Divine Beast. Even if Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird and Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake if meets Two Great Sovereign Kings, surely is the destiny of suffering a defeat and fleeing. Why this is also not, when reason of Vermilion Bird on feeling Ji Dong magic power that experience.

At this moment, Ji Dong in having no intention to move Flame Sovereign King to arrive through Yang Fire condensation law, at this moment he became the Third Fire pinnacle, although itself magic power was also insufficient compared with Vermilion Bird Divine Beast that rank, but aura actually went beyond. As Third Fire Heavenly Scholar yellow Liming, can want to see the suppression in the same attribute situation. Facing the Third Fire pinnacle, his own all magic power in shivering prostrate oneself, how also can leave own strength.

yellow Liming flies to retrocede, simultaneously approached own mount to have the summon. However, this draws back, revealed with the bear of that earth beforehand Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar.

earth to subdue|grams fire, hot raw soil, when the strong fire meets the weak earth, this will engender and overcome voluntarily will live to change. The Sovereign King pressure, uses and bear and that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar earth. The pressure ratio that although they withstand when the attribute faces First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu wants some. But this came from the oppression of spiritual level makes them not have the relaxed feeling.

At this time, Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar because of that hit on top of the tank level Certain Kill Skill, has not restored, the bear of earth naturally became the main attacker. Facing Ji Dong, this great bear angrily roared, welcomed suddenly, two giant bear's paws simultaneously have patted toward Ji Dong, for by own attack magic power maximization, it had not been displayed unnecessary magic skill, but poured into own Rank 6 magic beast rushing magic power to the bear's paws in completely.

In the Ji Dong eye reveals a chill in the air, facing the bear of earth, his slightest does not let, after Sovereign King arrives at body, although compared with this Rank 6 magic beast as before diminutive several points, but his motion did not have weakly Flame Sovereign King arrogant demeanor. Before the step treads, bright golden light has exploded, is the technique of Flame Sovereign King, Scorching Sun Bite.

This originally is pinnacle flame magic skill, is Flame Sovereign King magic skill, arrives at after Sovereign King Flame Sovereign King uses personally, its might can be imagined.

Loudly in loud sound, Ji Dong the Flame Sovereign King body trembled fiercely, golden flame is also similar to the mighty waves general fiercely surges, but, he stiffly has not actually drawn back. But the terrifying situation appeared. The body of bear of that earth starts from the bear's paws in this flash unexpectedly, has spread the whole body, changed into golden color completely. Although his within the body crazy law leaves Fifth Earth magic power to fight out, tries to counter-balance this incomparably blazing pinnacle flame. However, Ji Dong of Flame Sovereign King body second strikes has actually followed on somebody's heels.

Before treading once more, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire absorption stiffly the match, spells is withstanding strikes the severe impact, Ji Dong also spells with Scorching Sun Bite and match hardly, wants is the turning point of this moment. The shoulder sinks, Scorching Sun Collapse already left. Collision stiffly the double palm of bear of that earth, arrives in his chest front. Fierce dull thumping sound sound, jumps along with the golden flame, spreads instantaneously.

Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar could not attend to restores magic power again, must know, in a Mage life be only one time signs the contract with magic beast the opportunity, if the bear of this earth died, will be hard to restore to his attack. Cannot give a thought to own safety. Before Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar suddenly throws, both hands simultaneously press to the body of bear of earth, within the body magic power use generally crazily just like the tide, breaks in the bear in within the body earth.

The bear of earth is resisting Scorching Sun Bite time, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that Scorching Sun Collapse brings has superimposed, but, terrifying pinnacle Third Fire explodes in his chest place suddenly, in sad and shrill angry roaring, the bear of body earth shivers fiercely. Although he has in magic beast the quite formidable defense. However, facing the Flame Sovereign King body, wields pinnacle Third Fire to the powerful attack of pinnacle, must unable to resist.

After Scorching Sun Collapse, naturally is row of positive three double hit last type, fierce Yang explosion. Dazzling golden column of flame instantaneous ascension instant, proper business that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar own magic power pours into to the flash of bear in within the body earth completely.

The Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse adds on Rank 6 magic beast magic power, blows out the defense special effect that Fifth Earth department most excels at to look in this flash. The wool surface of bear of earth, congeals immediately a radiant crystal, looked like has covered diamond. In fierce Yang explosion who although explodes in that it called out pitifully as before again and again. But protects that matter crystal of body actually fire red and is melting slowly, but clearly, when that golden flame vanishes completely, the defense of this crystal will not lose as before.

The Third Fire magic skill biggest characteristics are the explosive force. The attack that blows out instantaneously compared with First Wood magic skill tyrannical many, but the exploding also nature had to be insufficient in the attack endurance.

This is also the well-known Third Fire magic skill characteristics. Facing Third Fire Mage, so long as withstands his first wave of powerful to attack, behind was dealing to want easy many.

The choice of Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar without a doubt is extremely correct, so long as helps the bear of earth withstand this round attack, the following counter-attack, Ji Dong wanted to contend is not easy. So long as the bear of earth can repel Ji Dong even routs, this fight also will mark the period.

However, he as before has actually neglected a point, that is, the round attack of Ji Dong by fierce Yang explosion as finishing. In condition that Sovereign King arrives, Ji Dong magic power had been fixed temporarily is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, but is unable through the Yin-Yang Vortex transformation to be Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, but, is in this case, the strength that his own blows out is more terrifying.

The fierce positive three double hit, are not his complete Flame Sovereign King skill.

Illusory light shadow sparkle, in the extremely short distance, behind Flame Sovereign King glitters suddenly piece of afterimage, his giant palm is bringing the dazzling golden flame already outrageously the throat, is almost only the ray flashes, that huge golden palm already grasping stubbornly above the bear of throat earth.

This reaches as high as four meters, stature extremely majestic Six- Crown Fifth Earth department magic beast, the body weight at least must have over 2000 jin (0.5 kg), but, actually stiffly had been lifted at this moment under the Flame Sovereign King giant palm.

"Mingyang hunts."In Ji Dong angry roaring sound, Flame Sovereign King overbearing jumps perfectly, has ridden the flame great lion, yellow Liming who is flying to catch up with, has the feeling of suffocating in the midair.

The fierce positive three double hit display under the Flame Sovereign King body of Ji Dong, cannot break Rank 6 magic beast to add on the defense in Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar magic power overlay as before, but, outrageously when the bear of that earth was pressed firmly between the fingers the throat to hold up by Flame Sovereign King instant. The Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar look turned into one side the dying embers.


The terrifying gold/metal flame blasts out instantaneously, simultaneously blasts out, bear of that sturdy incomparable neck also earth. Bear of grinding pan size shoots up to the sky, what is strange, actually does not have a drop of blood to flow out. The wound on bear of neck earth scorched completely, the blood in within the body was also steamed by pinnacle Yang Fire in the flash. His that huge body just like pushing gold mountain, the jade column falls to the ground but actually loudly. Perfectly round yellow crystal core also jumps to the midair on gold/metal Yan one volume by Ji Dong vanishes without the trace.

""Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar nearly has not roared crazily, the magic beast partner was killed, has had the huge attack to him, at this time he had completely forgotten yellow Liming do not injure the Ji Dong words, the shape, if crazy face upwards to roar, because originally consumes excessively, but Fifth Earth magic power of gloomy non- light burns instantaneously, above top of the head Six-Crown Fifth Earth Yang Crown condenses, the the next moment unexpectedly fierce combustion, magic power fluctuation how much multiple promotes.

"Zheng brother, may not."yellow Liming cries.

Just restored several points of magic power Yao Qianshu also to call loudly: "Ji Dong is careful, he is burning oneself Yang Crown, must strike at risk of life."At the same time was saying, his both hands also lay out, together straightly shoots Ji Dong of strong emerald gloss under a Yang Wood condensation law assistance behind.

The silk cold severe god light glitters from the Ji Dong eye, Flame Sovereign King that huge personal appearance will not have the slightest bit to dread will not retrocede, Sovereign King arrogant demeanor will jump instantaneously, huge golden flame suddenly combustion will be fiercer, one step will step forward, the gold/metal flame that will rush will make Ji Dong appearance unable to see clearly.

The wood lights a fire, the pinnacle constructs the wood to live pinnacle Third Fire, even if yellow Liming who soon throws also felt that has threatened the life sufficiently the terrifying energy.

Also at this time, that strong gold/metal flame instantaneously condensed, the Ji Dong right fist before, the left fist place above raises after the body, the Flame Sovereign King proud form looks like the shell that jumps instantaneously same blasts out, is five meters, sparkles the huge cone-shape flame of dazzling gold/metal sex fiend mark to bloom all over the body instantaneously.

"Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone." The Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill deep meaning, is released by Flame Sovereign King personally, is no comparison between them with the use of Ji Dong money twice.

Even if Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar is burning own Fifth Earth Yang Crown also requires the time, but, Ji Dong is hunting to strike to kill the instance of bear of earth by Mingyang, this powerful Certain Kill Skill has exploded.

"Ji Dong, shows mercy."yellow Liming bellows, simultaneously swoops behind Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, is too close to the problem, onlooker is clear-headed. Although Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar in combustion Yang Crown, the Certain Kill Skill might that but he actually clear seeing, Ji Dong releases perhaps also emerald Azure Dragon that wants Yao Qianshu to release. It is not this condition Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar can resist now.

In order to rescues promptly, yellow Liming could not attend, jumps from the flame great lion , to promote with the aid of the body of flame great lion, arrives at behind that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar just like the shell generally, the double palm spells to try to change into two groups of blazing Third Fire to inject into Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar within the body.

In five elements, the hot raw soil, Yang Fire lives Yang Earth, under yellow Liming the assistance, Yang Fire magic power that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar originally dries up jumps instantaneously, the whole person changed into one group of yellow light balls, formerly on the bear of earth had presented the crystal appear here light ball surface, wants to resist the Ji Dong Flame Sovereign King skill colorful male cone directly.

"Huo'er." The Ji Dong colorful male cone has not released immediately, saw that yellow Liming throws, lost has struck to kill the opportunity of match best, he opens the pair of wings unexpectedly, stiffly stagnated the flash in the midair, simultaneously leaves the summon to the partner. The golden red brilliance soars from the Ji Dong right hand wrist/skill place, along with the resonant phoenix cry sound, the eclipse date phoenix Huo'er whole body boiled up the huge pinnacle Yang Fire brilliance, the one by one demon mark appears directly around its body, Huo'er that condensed another Yang Fire condensation law by own main body unexpectedly, direct brand mark above colorful male cone.

Shortly, the originally brilliant sunny day processus pyramidales however ray restrains completely, seems, looks like the entity that the pure gold builds is ordinary, the next moment, the gold/metal and yellow, the colorful male cone collides just like the spheroid of diamond general defense intensity with that suddenly together.


The giant light beam shoots up to the sky, the unequalled shock-wave jumps suddenly, not far away First Wood disciple only thought that comes vigorously, his body that does not have to resist had been swept across, flew by far, but the surroundings surrounding area in 300 meters, all plants eradicate completely, is reduced to ashes in the midair. The central point of that explosion, is changes into one group of huge golden fireballs to proliferate instantaneously, contracts again instantaneously.

The rebellion of nearly crazy energy in the air, each fluctuation of energy floods the destruction aura, in the air various species elements is sweeping away in this flash, was not swallowed, but was swallowed by that pinnacle Yang Fire terrifying explosive force.

The golden ray diverges with that crazy aura gradually, the battlefield center, presented one to make the person for the first time the giant gulf of tongue, the gulf diameter was 50 meters, deeply approximately five meters, moreover this gulf slowly was expanding unexpectedly still, because the pit edge presented the golden red, the stone slowly melted in this golden red.

Did not have)

Chapter 118: Life experience? Equal king?

Yao Qianshu only thought that the physical pain wants to crack, pinnacle First Wood magic power that luckily he has ** lived in his body, but just congealed

magic power that gathers to resist blazing of that terrifying has consumed completely completely.

Is supporting raising the head, squeezes in magic power to restore the pill to look toward oneself mouth in once more to the battlefield center direction.

Ji Dong stood in that giant gulf center position, the Flame Sovereign King body already vanished, but in Vermilion Bird armor as before was actually protecting her body

The body, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er floated behind him, changed into Yang Fire condensation law pinnacle Yang Fire magic power that absorbed in the air to survive to pour into

Ji Dong within the body.

In his opposite beyond more than ten meters, yellow Liming knees down, panting in gulps, on his head and eyebrow also

The clothes, changed into hard coke completely, but that originally actually vanished in his front Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar. yellow Liming that mount flame great lion lies in the big hole edge, the huge and grandiose body is shaking unexpectedly slightly, fire

The light completely vanishes, only remaining red fur/superficial knowledge.

wa'ed, yellow Liming spouted a blood, the body rocks nearly to throw down. He is hard to imagine eye previous existence one really

Cuts is real.

Six-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, in addition Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar, facing Third Fire Great Master and First Wood Grandmaster, the final result unexpectedly is

Ends the defeat. Although Ji Dong aura has restrained, but clearly, the strength of this time his also again war, but yellow Liming oneself

The internal organs actually received the heavy losses, for does not make colorful male cone that terrifying the magic power wound arrive at itself, he has paid the deeply grieved price, hot

fire attribute magic power of flame great lion within the body was also extracted.

Makes him understand the disparity between ordinary flame and this pinnacle Yang Fire through Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that Certain Kill Skill releases. Before Yao

Modest book performance has sufficed intrepidly, but, Ji Dong first is the bear of destruction earth, then leaves this to make him fill frightened strikes, compared with

Yao Qianshu comes actually to more terrifying many.

The time chases down Ji Dong to be unsuccessful, when returns the area south of Yellow River comes out once more, he invites Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, looks like in yellow Liming, although Ji Dong is Rare talent, but he is only several years old after all, magic power also is just Three-Crown. Has the gravity technique limit of Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar

, He at all impossible to contend with himself. To say the least, even if he has any helper, by oneself and coordination of Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, the fire lives

Characteristics of earth, even if meets the Seven-Crown powerhouse strength of spelling, let alone was Ji Dong such youngster.

But who knows, after fighting starts truly, he realized that oneself judgment is mistake how. Even if XF16 health/guard Shun

In the middle dies in the Yao Qianshu hand cannot make him and Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar awakens, but also pulls rank on only a person. If from the beginning, him and fifth heavenly stem

earth Heavenly Scholar releases the mount, and moves the attack whole- heartedly the words, they had the absolute winning side. But when, Fifth Earth day

After the gentlemen pinnacle First Wood suppresses, in the magic power mass consumptions also receive has created to release the bear of earth lightly, their has the matter already

Presently subtle change.

yellow Liming before today, has not fought with Ji Dong in the true sense, but heard that he has killed the Ji leisurely wind, in his opinion

, That is just the coincidence. The Flame Sovereign King body appears , on Ji Dong, yellow Liming had realized is not wonderful, but, Ji

Moves was too quick, the explosive force too was also terrifying. During the number strikes, struck to kill the bear of earth, when he advocated

Time, faces is Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill under limiting condition. Bans, hundred and thousand, the colorful male cone, was first time blooms in the true sense today his proper formidable strength. Yao Qianshu

The time a Yang Wood condensation law absorption comes rushes Ji Dong to carry on the amplification the huge life and pinnacle First Wood that magic power to him completely

, Yang Wood condensation law is joined to Yang Fire condensation law, this makes his Flame Sovereign King body first release. Meanwhile, when Ji Dong

Moves the attack time, Yao Qianshu pours into complete pinnacle First Wood magic power that just condensed to his within the body, the pinnacle Yang Wood pinnacle is positive

The fire, in this superimposes the combination skill effect, must cross ordinary Yang Wood and Yang Fire coordination by far. Ji Dong in that flash, magic power already

more the Five-Crown condition, in addition in the Flame Sovereign King body and Vermilion Bird armor and multiple assistances of Sun and Moon double splendor glove, made him in that short checking

That, strength sufficiently compared with the Six-Crown powerhouse.

In such a case, Ji Dong left the colorful male cone, the explosive might of that terrifying is not already mass consumption Fifth Earth

Heavenly Scholar can resist, although he burnt oneself Fifth Earth Yang Crown is also same. Because yellow Liming the proper business awakens instantaneously this point,

Going all out goes auxiliary, attempts the party Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar life. But who knows, summoned eclipse date phoenix Huo'er in this time Ji Dong

Variable that this yellow Liming cannot think of absolutely. Huo'er is the Vermilion Bird descendant, instantaneous the effect that Yang Fire condensation law ratio Ji Dong releases is also better, immediately made the sunny day

On the awl comes out beyond the Flame Sovereign King aura, left the Vermilion Bird aura, makes the Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire might increase again. originally manifest

The flame compresses under a dual condensation law function to the unprecedented degree, Certain Kill Skill that this resembles seems just like the entity.

Although yellow Liming the right assists Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, even flushed including the flame great lion at the final moment, is, Flame Sovereign King this

destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth Certain Kill Skill actually as before is not they can resist in the instantaneous explosive force that under the so multiple overlay has.

The defense of diamond stars rank blasted out directly, the pinnacle Yang Fire flash has swallowed the body of Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar, terrifying magic power

By Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar direct impact yellow Liming. That originally must the flame great lion that helps yellow Liming carry on the magic power amplification transmit own magic power for

When yellow Liming turned into maintaining life. This Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar spells to try to detain a life, had not been swallowed by pinnacle Yang Fire.

Naturally, this is also reason that because Ji Dong own strength is insufficient, if were he has truly achieved the Six-Crown rank, did not need, appointed

What amplification, by own magic power, only needs to fade out to release the colorful male cone, even if that Fifth Earth Heavenly Scholar also in the optimum condition, two people collaborate Also same will be swallowed by the colorful male cone.
Although did not have the Flame Sovereign King body, but Ji Dong stands there, actually as before proud like mountain, occupies a commanding position to look partly kneels in place yellow Li

The life, lifts the right hand slowly, together the golden flame ascension moreover, "now, you also planned that leads me to walk? Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar how?"

"Do not begin. I had the words to say."yellow Liming rapid called one.

"Rubbish with him, kills him."Yao Qianshu crawled, distant has called loudly.

gold/metal Yan ascends, a Ji Dong foot took.

"wait a moment, Ji Dong, I am not your enemy."yellow Liming was called one anxiously, ** raises the gathering tone, the standing up personal appearance.

In the Ji Dong eye reveals doubts, he looked that the person is very accurate, at this time yellow Liming in the situation of matter of life and death, in the eye reveals

The application that leaves is not flustered, is only anxious, as if to not barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. Moreover he has not tried to restore oneself magic power


"You two months ago starts to chase down me, is Central Earth Empire guards the imperial palace the Chief Head, added that isn't my enemy?"

yellow Liming said with a forced smile: " First time chases down your time, I truly must catch to give your majesty you. At that time I was your Enemies. However, do you still remember? Initially you in flying away, under I attacked, although cannot injure to arrive at you, but actually from you

The body took a thing. "

"What thing?"Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled.

yellow Liming said: On "your neck hangs to fall, has hanging of your name to fall."

The Ji Dong heart shakes, subconscious touching to own neck, that has not hung to fall is he just arrived at this world, the clothes on Ji Dong

When has. Above also has the Ji Dong two characters, but he had not cared, has not been serious. At this time raises after yellow Liming

Gets up, he present, originally this hung to fall already vanished into thin air.

"How does that hang to fall?"Ji Dong light asking.

Although controls this body is the Li Jiedong soul, but, regarding the Ji Dong life experience he is very curious, but that hangs to fall

, Is the only goods that proves the Ji Dong status.

yellow Liming said: " That hangs to fall above has the Ji Dong two characters, has the special mark, perhaps you yourself have not cared.

However, don't you want to know its origin? Or you like knowing own life experience? "

"Said."In the Ji Dong eye prestige ice four shoot, gazes at yellow Liming, the attribute is suppressing appears again. Actually, at this time Ji Dong body shape

The situation is not good, left such intrepidly strikes, almost his magic power finds time completely, with the help of Huo'er, by positive Fire condensation law, in his Vermilion Bird armor has not taken back within the body, is maintaining certain attack capability. Naturally, concentrates by Yang Fire

Gathering law, his magic power restores to be much higher than yellow Liming, therefore he did not fear that at present this Third Fire Heavenly Scholar uses any trick.

yellow Liming said: " Said honestly, regarding your is really I is also not very clear, but I can definitely be, your status not with

. "

In the Ji Dong eye should reveal a ridicule, " you will not tell me, I am the Central Earth Empire imperial prince. Did not need you saying that I also know

, The professional female entertainer is the Central Earth Empire imperial surname. If you want to convince me to forgive your life by this point, is impossible. This dog blood

The bridge section do you also bring to deceive me? "

yellow Liming said with a forced smile: " I am feared that you do not believe me, therefore when meets decides to begin. Thinks when holds you

Later told you these matters again. But now looks like, I did not have such opportunity. Right, you truly are imperial family descendant, but actually

It is not an imperial prince, but should be prince is right. "

"Prince?"Ji Dong has gawked, "said."

yellow Liming said: " I, although is Central Earth Empire guards the imperial palace Chief Head, the object but who I give loyalty to is actually not the Central Earth Empire emperor, rather Central Earth Empire equal Your Highness king. Equal king title is not this generation has, since the midway empire was born, equal king

Existed. The equal king himself is also imperial family family background, in the past, the Central Earth Empire landscape was the two brothers hits, one of them did

King, but another person became the equal king. Takes the sovereign, Wang Ping the meaning and other, has the extremely huge mark in the midway empire, therefore

I boldly guessed that you have possibility to be concerned with prince, hangs the falling belt after that goes back to give the prince, the prince to me issues clear(ly) Qilin, requests me not

Pities at all costs to go back your safe belt. I naturally impossible to inquire that prince your true status is anything, but I can affirm,

Your should be related with the prince. "

Ji Dong lightly said: The prince who " you said should also know that I have killed the Ji leisurely wind, he did not fear that Emperor Central Earth Empire looks his

Troublesome? "

yellow Liming has smiled, " looks like your really not clear Central Earth Empire form, in Central Earth Empire, although is the ruler informs, but,

Equal king lineage/vein truly always do not receive the imperial family to restrain. Right that the prince has, is you are unable to imagine. When you see the prince

Later will understand. "

Ji Dong felt faintly should hide many things regarding equal net yellow Liming, but does that hang to fall really and equal king is related?

yellow Liming to maintain life to fabricate temporarily? "Guards the imperial palace the Chief Head mister, now you only need to dispel doubts for me, I can believe your words."

"Ji Dong, may not."Yao Qianshu walked, hears the Ji Dong words unable to bear remind him.

yellow Liming said: "Any issue you said that so long as I know. I solve for you as far as possible."

Ji Dong looks golden flame that on the right hand burns, " this equal king Jiran is the Central Earth Empire prince, then does not have one, he

The attribute should be Fifth Earth department or is already Earth department, right. But, you also saw, what I have is Fire department, and is extremely

To fire. You told me, why I and he had in the situation of ties of relationship, will have the Fire department physique? "

"This......"yellow Liming one dull, this issue he truly is unable to explain, regarding the Ji Dong life experience, he is not very clear, but he actually clearly records the appropriate equal king to notice when that hangs to fall the appearance of complexion big change, in issues the order after him, hurriedly went to the harem.

"This issue I am unable to explain. Perhaps, your attribute is inheritance in your mother."yellow Liming helpless saying.

Ji Dong has smiled, smiles very coldly, "yellow Liming, this joke is not laughable. If I have not guessed that wrong, this equal Your Highness king should be formidable Mage. could it be, my mother strength is stronger than him. You should know when attribution inheriting, the child will integrate a powerhouse side generally the attribute. But I after the birth, truly balanced Yin-Yang Fire department, was a waste."

Chapter 119: Supreme powerhouse

The golden flame burns fiercely, the light Flame Sovereign King virtual image starts to appear behind Ji Dong, he walks toward yellow Liming step by step, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire in hand also burnt was getting more and more fierce. He to yellow Liming any opportunity of making a comeback, yellow Liming is unable to reply that his issue, he naturally cannot choose to believe an enemy. Stamps out the source of trouble to be able not to keep the disaster.

wait a moment. " yellow Li having good luck ever after cry, he has felt oneself life to receive intense threat "Ji Dong, even if you do not believe that my words, my there is still one news thinks that is also you extremely wants to know."

"My patience is limited, hopes that this time do not disappoint me."Ji Dong stops the footsteps, coldly looks at yellow Liming.

On yellow Liming the forehead has covered entirely the sweat, nobody does not fear death, particularly like the powerhouse who him cultivates the Heavenly Scholar rank with great difficulty, is treasures to own life extremely, let alone, he does not hope own such inexplicable dying. That was really too undeserved.

Because of your reason, now Central Plains City is piece of chaos, has the life apply carbon possibility anytime! " yellow Liming a few words, threw a heavy case bomb, including one that Yao Qianshu listened to dull.

Because of me, but life apply carbon? I do not understand your meaning. " Saying of Ji Dong doubts. yellow Liming said that "you come from Heavenly Stems School Yin- Yang School, this right. Your Teacher, named Zhu Rong, is directors Third Fire department in Heavenly Stems School ten big director."

Ji Dong nodded "is two"

yellow Liming said: "A your also teacher's wife, when you have an accident, your this teacher's wife not in Central Plains City. She has the Fourth Fire department supreme powerhouse of Supreme Unity title."

Listens to yellow Liming to say here, Ji Dong believed for several points
"you saying that my Teacher and teacher's wife how?"

yellow Liming said with a forced smile: " You could rest assured that they are all right, but matter actually because of them.

Shortly after you walk, your teacher's wife returned to Heavenly Stems School. When she arrives at Heavenly Stems School, presently your Teacher Zhu Rong temporarily is actually confined to barracks in the school. Your teacher's wife is supreme powerhouse, has under the Supreme Unity crown of exclusive title, who can block her. After she your master put, knew your matter big thunder. Looked for on the Empire Imperial family directly. "

Listens to yellow Liming to speak of here, a warm current emerges in the Ji Dong heart, in the hand is burning pinnacle Yang Fire also weakened several points, teacher's wife unexpectedly reckless looking on the Empire Imperial family, Teacher was prohibited unexpectedly. The first time , he because this second killed Ji Yifeng to produce guilty.

Afterward? My master and are the teacher's wife what kind of? " Ji Dong anxious asking.

On yellow Liming the face reveals the look that has a lingering fear, said: "Intrepid under Supreme Unity crown is my entire life only sees, she looks for on the Empire Imperial family time, only said a few words in 23 months, must see you. Sees only the live person. What if sees is your corpse, then, she, lets the entire on Empire Imperial family and Central Plains City common people are buried along with the dead for you. If three months, cannot see you, when she also you died. Finally with on."

I depend, had the imposing manner. " Yao Qianshu cannot bear acclaimed.

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Does teacher's wife pledge the condition to Empire Imperial family unexpectedly like this? In this how possible corpse could it be on the Empire Imperial family to explain?"

yellow Liming somewhat speechless say/way: "Explanation? Has the supreme powerhouse of exclusive title facing one, whose explanation can be useful. could it be you believe, the supreme powerhouse will be reasonable? Under own words with the Supreme Unity crown, is the truth that she said."

Ji Dong said: "How did imperial family respond?"

yellow Liming said with a forced smile: "How can also, the imperial family explanation as far as possible, while promised your teacher's wife, tried to seek for you two " Ji Dong to be once more surprised, was the solemn continent first empire, so unexpectedly timid? My teacher's wife is formidable, only has a person."

yellow Liming surprised looks that Ji Dong "you do not know what degree the strength of supreme powerhouse is? That has the supreme powerhouse of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth strength! Each supreme powerhouse, has own core to kill the technique, any Certain Kill Skill is the ordinary Certain Kill Skill over hundred times might. Under the Supreme Unity crown claimed that must destroy the entire Central Plains City that to be possible not to be is cracking a joke, she completely has this ability."

Ji Dong said: "Words that but, I have not remembered incorrectly, Heavenly Stems School Dean is in itself also one becomes is the Eight- Crown powerhouse, could it be said that can't the entire on empire suddenly discover a supreme powerhouse to be able with my teacher's wife to contend?" yellow Liming sighed, said: " If only your teacher's wife person, perhaps on scruples also few several points of Empire Imperial family.

Right that you said that in in the empire also and has the supreme powerhouse to exist, on former generation's equal Your Highness king, is on the empire only one by one supreme powerhouse. Now you should understand why equal king met such in the status of empire however. However, your teacher's wife is not a person, this time she returns to Central Plains City also to lead a person, makes the blood relative elder brother under teacher's wife Supreme Unity crown, present age another supreme powerhouse, cultivation base must under above the Third Fire department face light crown the dog person under the Supreme Unity crown.

Under this Victorious Light crown becomes famous early, 50 years ago had the exclusive title, can say, he is your Martial Ancestor, Teacher of Heavenly Stems School director Zhu Rong. "

First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu inserts said: "Listens somewhat complex. However, comes out all of a sudden two supreme powerhouses, no wonder on the empire could not endure. Ji Dong, has not thought that you can involve such formidable strength. Supreme Unity adds on Victorious Light, even if Central Plains City is the continent first big city, wants to destroy also truly is not the difficult matter. Third Fire matches Fourth Fire, supreme prestige, who can shake?"

yellow Liming occupies again and again " is so. Shortly three months must arrive.

But, besides me indistinctly where knows you, person simply that on the turban the empire sends out was impossible to find you. If you do not go back, once your teacher's wife the wind, Central Plains City life apply carbon, that is millions lives! Does not know whether the prince invited the old master. May please come back, an old master person, impossible to contend with two supreme powerhouses. in Gong in private, Ji Dong, you must go to Central Plains City. " yellow Liming, in the Ji Dong eye was glittering the cloudy eyeball uncertain ray, yellow Liming the words truly was touching him, other he can, no matter, but Teacher and teacher's wife to this benevolence he actually have no alternative but. Moreover he is not willing to notice that Central Plains City that millions life therefore were killed.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong nodded, said: " It seems like, I must return to Central Plains City. yellow Liming, I believes your words temporarily. However

Your words my not entire letter. Now I could not put you. I will imprison your magic power temporarily, if the fact showed that you said real, I can forgive you. But if you are deceiving me, I will make you live to might as well surely die. "

yellow Liming this time look was instead tranquiler, "that like this was good. I know told you. I must remind you, the time are not much. From three months that your teacher's wife proposed by a set time also five days of time. In five days you filter to hurry back. The car(riage) Venerable/reveres the powerhouse always not two, the temperament of your teacher's wife, perhaps"five days? Five days of are quite truly tight, arrive at Central Plains City not to be near from Notting forest, Ji Dong looks to Yao Qianshu, said: "Such being the case, I return to Central Plains City now, the money tree, you help me imprison his magic power temporarily, I came back in the secret city. I handle the Central Plains City matter to return to the secret city and you can with."Yao Qianshu knows that Ji Dong must overtake by the flying ability as soon as possible, having no way leads to fly you to feel relieved together ", this fellow gave me. Docile that lion I can also tidy up. " At the same time was saying, before he has arrived at yellow Liming the body, maliciously.

The meaning that yellow Liming hoodlum, has not revolted against very much slightly, sends off the flame great lion first, then does not make any defense to the Yao Qianshu seal his magic power.

Ji Dong has rested slightly a while, after magic power restores for several points, launches the Vermilion Bird pair of wings, jumps, directly soars the Central Plains City direction to fly. In in the midair, his Yang Fire of first learning flies toward a law condensation, the golden red ray covers the whole body, making his whole person seem looks like true Third Fire Divine Beast is ordinary, sharply went.

In order to fly to hurry along, Ji Dong believes, three days of time, oneself can certainly rush to Central Plains City. Relies on Yang Fire to plow flying in circles law, he flies has at least promoted three times. As for formerly consumption magic power and physical strength, only then slowly restored in the halfway.

five days later. Central Plains City.

The dog morning, Central Plains City is flooding an unprecedented aura, in the sky, the dark cloud is dark, making one be full of the depressing feeling, the air as if became was also more scalding hot than the past.

Can see faintly, behind sky that dark cloud, unexpectedly is flame colors.

In in sky over imperial palace, five form floats there, compose the calamity shape that has shocked extremely.

In these five people, a leftmost person, the cross under purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, whole body electric light twinkle, grasps the thunder battle axe, the big spirited body has filled the powerful aggression. Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School seat, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

Fu Rui in Mage already suffices intrepidly, but, at this time in this midair, he is actually in the complete five people power and influence smallest one, the royal purple electric light that his body disperses is unable to have any change to the celestial phenomenon.

Side the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, a span ratio it also wants the broad several points of red Giant Dragon floats in the midair, Giant Dragon carries on the back, is sitting well two people. Person of whole body front covers in one set of all over the body fiery-red armor, on the armor releases the blazing fluctuation of energy two custom types also to carry on the back in this Fire Dragon unceasingly, the aura that another person of golden red long gown disperses is not only weak, in the hand a long handle law stick, the shuttle is the dragon shape, in the mouth is nipping a Can's golden bead. This wears the golden red long gown, is Ji Dong and Fu Rui Teacher, in the Heavenly Stems School ten big directors representative Third Fire department Zhu Rong. But sits well before the Zhu Rong body in Fire Dragon carries on the back imposing manner threatening complete set magic power armor is not others, is Ji Dong swearing brotherhood Big Brother, Zhu Rong blood younger brother Zhu Yan Old Second Zhu.

The Fire Dragon that this two brothers ride together, cultivation base reaches as high as Rank 9, is the Zhu Rong mount. Old Second Zhu researches in thorough detail the magic power weapon casting entire life, although the strength has achieved Seven-Crown, but actually not own mount.

Zhu Rong and Zhu Yan two brothers place Mage world, absolutely is the role that the stamping the feet all sea trembles, may at this moment, they also not be this protagonist. The Zhu Rong look is gazing at right the body very respectfully. Old Second Zhu also extraordinary honest, but in the eye flashes through severe light unceasingly.

After Ji Dong runs away, Old Second Zhu is an angriest person, because his greatly noisy Heavenly Stems School board of directors, Zhu Rong supports for it. The brothers two people were imprisoned by the board of directors. Until Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong returned to Heavenly Stems School to be put. Ji Dong is the brothers who he recognizes, why regardless of recognized Ji Dong at that time is, in the Old Second Zhu heart, acknowledged this brothers. Ji Dong is forced to leave Heavenly Stems School, can he not get angry? But in Heavenly Stems School, he is all people most feared that offends. The status to a certain extent, even also wants importantly two right Fire Dragon that compared with Zhu Rong, in Brother Zhu Rong ride, Si Yang is also Fire Dragon, but, compared with the Zhu Rong mount, this Fire Dragon build wanted in a big way to much, from beginning to end, the length crosses 30 meters, the pair of wings launched, was ordinary like a red cloud of blocking the sky. The whole body is ascending the golden red brilliance, this is the pinnacle symbol. To have pinnacle magic power to need like human Mage to cultivate Nine-Crown. magic beast wants to have pinnacle magic power also to be most intrepid step magic beast.

The build or the aura, this Fire Dragon power and influence compared with mount powerful many of Zhu Rong, moreover it often turns head to look to Zhu Rong that mount, in the golden red eye pupil completely is the affectionate color/look.

This Fire Dragon is true step magic beast, formidable Rank 10 exists, Fire Dragon king two, but Zhu Rong mount, his child.

Sits well carries on the back in the Fire Dragon king, is one seems only has about 40 -year-old middle-aged people, the dark-red length hangs loose in the back, only two wisps hang in the face side, both eyes are closing, the look is handsome, under the skin has red light to past faintly, the whole person seems, is flooding a feeling of world core. In airborne complete five people, what his without a doubt is the true center. Right, he is Zhu Rong Teacher, the Yin Zhaorong blood relative elder brother, Ji Dong Martial Ancestor, has the Victorious Light title, becomes famous in 50 years ago Victorious Light cloudy morning sun.

The cloudy morning sun figure is slim, if not he rides in the Fire Dragon king carries on the back, seems is just likely is the average person. Without the slightest bit powerhouse aura release. In the hand does not have any weapon, the body does not have magic power to equip, as if for him, these things are unnecessary.

Right cloudy morning sun, naturally was his sister fodder, wife of Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong Zhu Rong. At this time, under the Yin Zhaorong place, is a blue big snake, the whole body releases the light black flame, the pair of wings is launching, in the ice-cold eye pupil reveals a cruel aura unceasingly. Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake.


Chapter 120: Powerhouses like forest, three big supreme

Victorious Light cloudy morning sun too oneself Yin Zhaorong Eight- Crown Third Fire Heavenly Venerable Zhu Rong, Seven-Crown Third Fire Great Master Zhu Yan, Six-Crown Yang Thunder Heavenly Scholar Fu Rui, such five people of four beast floats in the midair, take a broad view at Five Elements Continent, shocks the combination of universe sufficiently.

Three Giant Dragon, are Rank 8 flies respectively Rank 9 Rank 10, adds on a Rank 10 Fourth Fire Divine Beast snake again. Two have the supreme powerhouse of exclusive title. The great strength of lineup, making one praise to the heavens, but haze and pressure that Central Plains City withstood at this time, because of their reasons. The airborne dark cloud, after huge Fire Element condenses , the results of producing. Although cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister anything have not done, only but their aura actually also sufficiently change the celestial phenomenon. This is the pressure of supreme powerhouse.

But in the ground, in the representative on the empire lineup is also quite good, stands in forefront has four people, in in the empire emperor Ji cloud wealth wears on the yellow long gown 40-year-old middle-aged person to come to stand with one. Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxie stands, in that wears on side the middle-aged person of yellow long gown, the look is really respectful and prudent.

In addition, a also look is ordinary, but actually appears profound extremely gold/metal clothes man stands in another side, in them behind, at least has Mage of over a hundred strong dogs. Such lineup, almost condensed on empire over more than 50% Yin-Yang Mage strengths, but the look on each face actually ten segregate at this time heavily.

Other director lines of Heavenly Stems School besides Earth department has not been involved, only if involves own interests, moreover is unable to evade, otherwise who is willing with two big supreme powerhouses to be an enemy?

In the Yin Zhaorong hand is grasping her handle cane according to day, points in under on the empire people, is the facial expression solemn "person?"

In in empire emperor Ji cloud Jie loudly said: "Under Supreme Unity crown, whether to get down discussed?"

Yin Zhaorong coldly snorted "what does not have to talk about, several asked you, Ji Dong person?"

Ji cloud wealth eyeground flashes through anger, as continent first empire Venerable/revering of King actually must be so scolded actually not to do, this pain it can be imagined "sorry, under Supreme Unity crown, I, although has dispatched the empire to try the best respectively, but until now, as before had not actually found Ji Dong."

In the cloudy clear eyes chill in the air dog hold "such being the case, does not have anything to say but actually."In hand the blue law hangs to hold up, the strong and profound black flame jumps suddenly, Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire has filled the air in a flash, in the sky was dark immediately. Below on the people in empire are complexion sufficient greatly clear melt, hold on a minute. Whether to bark I to say? " Stands opens the mouth to say in Ji cloud wealth middle-aged person suddenly.

Yin Zhaorong coldly said: "Had something to say? Three months, did the big on empire link a person unable to find unexpectedly? Ji Dong is Three-Crown Mage, was harmed by you surely. Ji Changxin, you , if not convinced, may come up greatly a war. We with for the exclusive title owner, many years do not see, making me have a look at you to have the progress not two"

This is called Ji Changxin middle-aged person, is on the empire only one by one supreme powerhouse, in the fifth heavenly stem is the exclusive title part of great bear owner, part of great bear Ji Changxin.

Ji Chang believed brows slightly wrinkled "everybody is an old friend, morning sun brother, whether to let your younger sister slightly secure Congzao, listened to my word?"

Cloudy morning sun that straight closes/obsctructs eye did not speak said indifferently: "Long letter brother, you should know, I ten years had not gone out in the seashore."His that is temperate not to have the sound of world smoke and fire aura to sound very strange, compared with the irritability of Yin Zhaorong, the calm free Victorious Light cloudy morning sun is in these on the empire powerhouses most is worried at present.

Ji long channel: "Can make the morning sun brother break a vow, has reason surely. I am also heard that the expensive brother and sister waging a war state just caught up suddenly, had not known about the process of matter. But I had asked your majesty in secret, Ji Dong truly had not found. Moreover, because Ji Dong a minor matter strikes to kill my empire sovereign too grandson, this matter is in the wrong seems not we."

Say/Way that Yin Zhaorong disdains: "In the wrong isn't you? Yin-Yang School dozens disciples presented at that time, you might as well inquired, the one who is in the wrong is . If not the Ji Yifeng provocation in first, Ji Dong will get rid to him. Moreover at that time was the fair challenge, the Ji leisurely board could not resist the attack of Ji Dong to perish, whom can this blame? Ji Changxin, I must remind you, your sovereign too Sun Ji meets to take the Yin-Yang School second place leisurely, magic power is Level 58, but Ji Dong magic power at that time then just now breaks through Three-Crown. In this case was also struck the second to kill, can only prove his scholarship not fine." Ji Chang believes the complexion changes, looks to the Ji cloud wealth, is so? "

On Ji cloud wealth face the look twisted slightly, seeks help looks to Heavenly Stems School Dean, own grandfather Ji Mingshan.

Ji Mingshan coughs, to Ji long channel: "Big Brother, the matter is actually so. Therefore, we have not investigated the meaning of Ji Dong again. The empire actually cannot seek for his trail. Otherwise, cloud wealth is innocent, does not dare to crack a joke with the life or death in empire."

Yin Zhaorong laughed "Ji inscription excels, you little here install the good person. Don't you feel embarrassed Ji Dong? If not Fu Rui is smart, sends off Ji Dong quickly, perhaps I come back also can only see a corpse. You detain my husband and brother-in-law's account I have not calculated with you. Little here rubbish."

Ji Changxin sighed, said: "This matter I do not want to manage, but clear melted you to be also overbearing. Here after all is in me on the empire territory. Regardless of this matter who is wrong to whom, you cannot by my Central Plains City several million common people as coercing. Even if your disciple is outstanding, eventually is also only a person, could it be, can you make the turban original city several million lives bury for him?"

Yin Zhaorong is angry, "a person? Relaxed two you who you said discover a Yin-Yang dual attribute pinnacle magic power disciple to me. My this disciple has Pinnacle Two Fires inborn, will be our Fire department future hope, next several hundred years of leaders. How do several million people bury? Ji Changxin, you do not need to flaunt the advantage of argument with me, today the old lady must not give up."

Ji Changxin looks at northward morning sun " the morning sun brother, you must look that several million lives do spread the coal to be inadequate? Pinnacle Two Fires is truly rare, but your disciple grandson is uncertain of one's fate now, no one can affirm whether he had an accident. Is inferior to this, I am willing to apologize to the expensive brother and sister by Rank 9 dark Crystal Crown, the matter of today gives up in light of this. If the empire will seek for Ji Dong in the future, meets the ten-day period to deliver to front of you for a while. "

Heard the Rank 9 dark Crystal Crown six characters, Yin Zhaorong has also gawked, rare of this thing, even also above supreme powerhouse. Ji Chang believes to be willing to take to apologize, obviously had been compelled extreme.

Cloudy morning sun spooky say/way: "Long letter brother, I knows, you have yielded very much, gave fully our brother and sister faces. According to the truth, I should not continue awkward on empire again, will not want your this Crystal Crown. However, Ji Dong this child is important regarding the Fire department future. Is I passes on the disciple again. Reason that clear melts can invite me, because of four characters, I also gives you these four characters now. If now Ji Dong really in your hands, this is the final opportunity. clear melted initially to four characters that I said is: Chaos embryonic form."

Hears the chaos embryonic form four characters, in in other empire side people also many, Ji Chang believe Ji Mingheng actually simultaneously the complexion sudden change.

Ji Mingheng is loses one's voice to call out in alarm said: "Is impossible. This, how is this possible?"Yin Zhaorong cold sound said: "Is impossible? Forgot Central Plains City all element found time one of the that day? The explanation that I gave you at that time is in experiment level Certain Kill Skill. Now I can tell you, at that time, Ji Dong broke through Three- Crown, moment that the chaos embryonic form presents."Ji Changxin complexion becomes ugly, muttered was talking over: "Chaos embryonic form, chaos embryonic form. The morning sun brother, I understood. If this child has the chaos embryonic form, he, not only the hope of your Fire department, will be our Light Five Elements Continent future. But, I do not have the means to show that to you now he is also living. Although the long letter was inferior that the expensive brother and sister collaborate, but for on the empires and Central Plains City several million common people, have to ask for advice to two today."When cloudy morning sun said the chaos embryonic form four characters, he understands, today fights inevitably, did not have the leeway of revolution of garden again. As one of the exclusive title owners, he is clear regarding the meanings of chaos embryonic form these four characters.

"wait a moment."In this time, in in the empire is standing in the gold/metal clothes middle-aged person who in the front four people have not opened the mouth only opens the mouth to say suddenly.

Although this gold/metal clothes middle-aged person look is ordinary, but the makings sink to congeal , compared to go beyond with on empire emperor Ji cloud wealth.

Ji Changxin looks to him, cloud did Sheng, what words your also say? " Ji cloud Sheng sighed "bad karma, the bad karma! Grandfather, I have the means to show, Ji Dong truly had not been found by the empire or is the injury."Oh? " Ji Chang believes slightly one startled, angrily rebukes saying: "Since you have the method to show why early didn't say?"Ji clouds that on the unfamiliar face reveals a forced smile " grandfather, this matter relates to the family scandal, I really cannot say unless it is absolutely essential. " Airborne, Yin Zhaorong coldly snorted, "little here acts in a play, the equal king, I to must listen, you have any evidence."Right, this named Ji cloud Sheng, seems about 50 -year-old middle-aged people, is now on the empire equal king.

The Ji cloud Sheng northward is exposed to the sun the Yin Zhaorong brother fodder to salute slightly " under the Victorious Light crown under the Supreme Unity crown.

My evidence is very simple. That is the Ji Dong life experience. Perhaps you do not know his life experience. I can affirm, Ji Dong is my blood relative grandson. Also is my grandfather's great-great-grandson. " Listened to his these words, acute hearing clear to melt, cloudy morning sun also slightly frowned. Has cloudy morning sun, Zhu Rong Zhu Yan two brothers a few words do not dare saying that what let alone Fu Rui two "you did say?"Ji long letter surprised looks at Ji cloud Sheng " cloud Sheng, this outcome what's the matter? " Ji cloud Sheng is smiling bitterly shaking the head, fishes out a thing from the bosom, yellow Liming from Ji Dong jade sign "does not know that under two crowns may once see this Mei jade, it from Ji Dong, above inscribes the Double Lion brand design on his name two this jade signs, is my equal king lineage/vein exclusive, only this sign, can prove the Ji Dong life experience. He is I separate many years of grandsons. The empire subordinates when pursue him, obtained this jade sign, but actually ran away by Ji Dong, he has the ability of flight, under two crowns should know." The Yin Zhaorong right hand wields, a black flame sweeps across, changes into a ring, burns the ability by that Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire intense flame, Shang jade, is not involved in it oneself hand unexpectedly two, when Ji Dong cultivation, Yin Zhaorong had seen this Mei jade, carefully looked, throws to Zhu Rong again, Zhu Rong to her nodded " truly is Ji Dong thing. " In ground, Ji cloud Sheng continued: "Under two crowns, since I knew Ji Dong is my blood relative grandson, possibly whole-heartedly doesn't seek for him? Will not harm him. Your majesty I said that words of the disrespecting, in in the empire fresh matter, did not have two that any I do not know, therefore, I can affirm told under two crowns, Ji Dong so far, as before was the trail all does not have, the root dug the news that I hand/subordinate spread, the place that he presented finally was Notting forest."

Yin Zhaorong solemnly said: " Since Ji Dong is your grandson and son, why he is an orphan?

When Ji cloud Sheng prepares to open the mouth to explain, suddenly, a clear and bright sound conveys "teacher's wife from the distant place, Ji Dong here, please hastily wage a war."Ji Dong? " This affected on the empire all high-level name suddenly to appear, immediately attracted may present the vision of all people, Ji Changxin also soared, the diamond gloss was covering his body, the void steps entered into airborne. His is relies on own tyrannical magic power to thrust the body forcefully airborne. North ten-day Central Plains City, form comes toward here just like the star pill jump together generally quickly, the Ji cloud wealth issues the order at the right moment, the order the soldier who is responsible for abstaining allows to pass, quick, that form arrived at the near.

The people of surface ground-to-air turban, Ji Dong toward Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Rong direction plop'ed knee down, Teacher and teacher's wife, Ji Dong made you be worried. " This kneels, is his wholehearted worshipping on bended knees. Under the son knee has the gold, proud such as Ji Dong is willing so to kneel down, obviously move in this time heart.

For master teacher's wife must with an empire be an enemy unexpectedly, this sentiment, is worth this kneeling.

"Is all right well, the child, is quick."Yin Zhaorong sees Ji Dong, immediately cherishes happily, the law shuttle wields again, Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire sweeps across the Ji Dong body, has taken behind him own Fourth Fire Divine Beast rank snake.

Ji cloud Sheng vision brilliant looks at Ji Dong, said: "Just right that comes, the Ji Dong life experience is actually,......" in this equal king must say the Ji Dong life experience, in the Ji Dong eye gushes out several points of chill in the air, coldly said: "Was needless to say. I do not want to listen, I only know when I have not recorded events again is the orphan. After now, I also as before am an orphan. I only then the Master causes the teacher's wife, does not have the parental relative."This month only has 28 days, immediately wanted at the end of the month. " Small three duties quietly. If our Wine God can enter first five in the monthly ticket list today, then, tomorrow a additional chapter. If book friends warm surging upward monthly ticket is many, we are fourth, again a additional chapter.

Third does not think that naturally, if there are if possible, will continue. Looked at everybody's voting effort., Small three are not greedy, we are away from fifth to have 200 tickets. The opportunity is big. Yes. Hehe. Therefore " small three believe, the bright book from heaven friends at least also will let me three. Is unimportant without the monthly ticket, everybody do not forget that top/withstand our Wine God on the recommendation ticket, was, small three similar thanks. Small duty, calculates moon/month base explosion. Today the tooth is finally good to select, relaxed, seemingly did not need to pull a tooth, tomorrow diligently symbol. Renews several chapters, looks at everybody.( To be continued,
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