Jiu Shen Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

The middle aged man smiled and said, “Headmaster Yang, you are indeed worthy of being an expert of Yin-Yang Magical scroll collectors. It seems that I do not need to tell you much at all.”

Yang Bing Tian’s eyes shone, “Even though this sort of thing is unusable, it would be a great research material. Since up until now, in our Yin-Yang wizard world, there are no organizations that are able to use combinatorial magical skills that are assembled by the magical power of all 5 elements.”

The middle aged man said, “This Yin-Yang Magic scroll is actually not completely invaluable, in a key moment, it could save your life.”

Yang Bing Tian broke into laughter, “Would you dare to use it? This thing is called the Random Teleportation Scroll. No one knows where it will teleport you to. Only when you are facing a life and death situation would you dare to try it, after all, being teleported away is nothing, but if one is teleported into the sky, one would die from the impact of falling down. Or what if one is teleported deep under the earth and suffocates, would it not be comparable to suicide? But be at ease, I am still interested in this thing. How much for it?”
The middle aged man raised one finger, “One thousand gold coins.” “One thousand?” Yang Bing Tian was startled, “Is  this not  simply
gifting it away? There are many more besides me who collect Yin-Yang magic scrolls, and this is also something rare. This could be said to be at least 1000 years old, if this was taken to an auction, it would normally achieve at least 100000 gold coins.”

The middle aged man smiled, “This is the order of the guild. Not only that, but you are also a member of the guild, why should we benefit an outsider instead? The President said only 1000 gold coins. If you pay us this much then it is yours.

Yang Bing Tian was moved, he then shook his head helplessly, “That old man has let you bring me some treasure that I cannot refuse! Now tell me, what does he ask of me?”

The middle aged man walked to Yang Bing Tian’s side, and whispered a few sentences in a low voice. After hearing what he said, Yang Bing Tian said helplessly, “I knew it, it must be this matter. Fine, tell him that I will think about it. But I am afraid that he will still have to wait a little longer, as it is not possible within these few years.”

The middle aged man said, “The President has said that it is also an honour to the South Fire Empire’s Yin-Yang wizard guild to have you considering it. Please think about it carefully.”

Yang Bing Tian nodded whilst contemplating.

After achieving his goal the middle aged man said respectfully, “Then I will take my leave now.”

Yang Bing Tian causally put the scroll on the table, and with a gesture of his hand, “Let’s go, i will send you off.”

The middle aged man said, “There is no need for the trouble. Aren’t you going to store this scroll away?”

Yang Bing Tian smiled, “It is a given that I see you off, you came representing the guild after all. As for the scroll, I’m planning to have a good look at it after I come back later, it’s a given to study it after obtaining such a good thing, and no one will come here anyway. As for the one thousand gold coins, please ask the president of the guild to knock it off from my guild’s welfare. It’s been awhile since I’ve received the welfares from the guild.”

The middle aged man just smiled, and said nothing more. He then left together with Yang Bing Tian.

Although it hasn’t been long since they left, someone was already knocking at Yang Bing Tian’s office door rhythmically. “Headmaster Yang! Are you there?” A head stretched in from t

The one who was extending his head in was of course Ji Dong, who had just become a level one double fire element student. After coming back from Xia Tian, Ji Dong was so excited that after taking a shower, he had wanted to immediately start sensing the two different fire magics. However, because the amount of time it took to absorb both crystal crowns was very long, it was already late, and all the other students had already eaten dinner. And because his body consumed a lot of energy, he was really hungry. But when he remembered the benefits of those two crystal crowns, he decided that he should mix a good cocktail for Yang Bing Tian before going to eat. Thus, he mixed one after he finished showering.

There’s a saying ‘when you drink the water, think of those who dug the well’; Yang Bing Tian giving him two precious Crystal Crowns had caused Ji Dong’s impression of him to increase greatly, in addition to his physical breakthrough and the reformation of this body by the double elements, magical powers have caused his body’s strength to rise greatly, that is why the cocktail he had mixed today was the best one he could ever make with his current body’s condition.

But out of Ji Dong’s expectation, Yang Bing Tain did not come to find Ji Dong when the drinking time had arrived, and who would have known that a guest had visited Yang Bing Tian?

On the same floor, he was just living next to his room, so Ji Dong had naturally brought the cocktail along and came to find him. On the other hand, Yang Bing Tian was used to the fact that he had always lived on the top floor by himself, thus he had forgotten about the little bartender Ji Dong that had only moved in not too long ago. Ji Dong arrived at Yang Bing Tian’s door and knocked, and the door wasn’t closed. Although he didn’t knock very hard it was still opened. He propped his head in and saw that Yang Bing Tian wasn’t there, so Ji Dong might as well walk in.

“Principal Yang, are you there?” Ji Dong carefully held the cocktail with his left hand, this cocktail was at least at the level of 30%-40% of the cocktails made under his peak condition in his previous world.

It was a glass of golden red fine wine, the rich fruit fragrance rippled in the mouth of the glass, but not the slightest flavour of liquor was diffused. Just by the cautious hand movements of Ji Dong, one could tell that this cocktail was hard to come by. Not just the ingredients, but even more so the skills and techniques.

Ji Dong called out twice without hearing any response, so he couldn’t help but felt strange. “Principal yang is an old drunkard after all, did he forget even the promised drinking time? Never mind, I’ll just place the liquor on his table and wait for his return.”

While thinking, Ji Dong came to the front of a table. When he was about to put down the fine liquor in his hand, a plain old scroll on the table had caught his attention. He was already a lvl 1 Bing-Ding double fire Apprentice; he could now faintly sense the Ying-Yang magical powers, thus he immediately discovered that the scroll was filled with magical powers as vast as an ocean.

“What’s going on?” In Ji Dong’s eyes, the scroll before him resembled a specific painting of his homeland in his previous world, it was called the traditional chinese painting. When a chinese painting was completed, it would be mounted on a scroll for convenient preservation. Although the decorative design of the plain old scroll before his eyes was unfamiliar to him, the stye was no different than the scrolls of chinese paintings. Since this was just a painting, why did it produce wave motion of Yin-Yang magical power?

Under the urge of his curiosity, Ji Dong held the liquor glass with one hand, and took the scroll with the other. He casually flung and opened the Random Teleportation Scroll that was passed down from ancient times. From what Ji Dong could see, this was just a painting, his curiosity urged him to find out what the painting was to be able to actually produce Yin- Yang magical power fluctuation. However, he had never thought that the scroll before his eyes would change his destiny in this world forever.

Buzz——, an intense yin-Yang magical power exploded almost in an instance, green, red, yellow, white and black- the five colors instantaneously expanded like an explosion. The terrifying fluctuation of magical power had not only quaked the entire Li Huo academy, but also every corner of Li Huo city. Nearly all Yin-Yang wizards within Li Huo city looked into the direction of Li Huo academy at the same time. With such an enormous magical power fluctuation, it was practically equivalent to that of the Yin-Yang magical skill used by a Six Coronas Heaven Scholar.

The moment the scroll was opened, Ji Dong found that he could not move; the scroll in his hand also disappeared in a flash, transforming into 5 dazzling colors of light, that enclosed his body in it. Immediately, countless complex symbols that appeared as if they were alive, seemed to fill the whole room. The terrifying Yin-Yang magic made the two Bing and Ding fire element magic that Ji Dong just recently condensed within his chest to violently tremble, as if they could be extinguished at any time.

This……, how on earth did this happen? Ji Dong knew that he had gotten himself in trouble. ly, he only saw Yang Bing Tian, Xia Tian and Qiu Tian release Yin-Yang crowns and use Yin-Yang magic. Now he could truly and deeply feel how terrifying the Yin-Yang magic was. However, although these 5 types of energy were enormous, they did not cause him any harm, besides the fact that he couldn’t move a muscle, he didn’t felt any trace of pain.

These surrounding strange symbols began to quickly merge into the five- colored energy. Subsequently, this five-colored energy rotated, and transformed into a huge whirlpool, revolving around Ji Dong, who was still standing.

There were only these five strange types of color around him, Ji Dong only felt everything around him becoming illusionary. At first, when it started, he could still faintly see the scene within the room through the light, but gradually he could only see and feel the radiance of the five-colors light.

He felt as if his body was falling from a great height. The extreme weightlessness made him feel as if his heart jumped to his throat, however, his body still remained motionless all along. Even the fine wine in his hand had no ripples rising from it; there was not even a trace of a ripple.

The colored light converged suddenly, and the enormous magical power disappeared with it, Li Huo city became quiet again, as if nothing had happened at all.

Yang Bing Tian had just escorted the middle aged man from the Yin- Yang Wizard guild to the academy’s entrance, when suddenly the two of them sensed a huge wave of magical power and became startled. Looking back towards the Bing-fire department teaching block, it just so happened that a multicoloured light had just blossomed from his room.

Yang Bing Tian was startled and said, “Not good.” Not caring at all about the middle aged man who was beside him, he turned around and ran towards the teaching block. The middle aged man also noticed that something had happened and quickly followed Yang Bing Tian.

When they had returned to Yang Bing Tian’s office, Xia Tian, Qiu Tian and a few other teachers already gathered there.

“Head master, what happened? Did you manage to break through to the sixth crown?” Xia Tian asked curiously. Even though they gathered here due to the huge Yin-Yang magic power wave, the teachers weren’t very shocked because there wasn’t any damage, since the magic power only flashed for a moment. They only felt that it was a bit strange when they saw Yang Bing Tian hurry back to the office from outside.

Yang Bing Tian didn’t answer Xia Tian, instead, he pushed open the door, and quickly entered. it was just like he thought, the Random Teleportation scroll which was put on the table by him was gone, and there weren’t any other changes in the office. Xia Tian was the one with the most impetuous character, so after following Yang Bing Tian inside, he couldn’t help but ask, “Headmaster what happened?”

Yang Bing Tian stood in front of the table and muttered to himself hesitantly, he then turned around and said to the teachers, “It’s nothing, it was just that one of my Yin-Yang magic scrolls has self-destructed, and the stored magic was released. Luckily there wasn’t any loss. It is already late, everyone go back and rest.”

The teachers of course, wouldn’t question what Yang Bing Tian had said, and after seeing that nothing had really happened, they left the office one, only Xia Tian did not leave.

The middle aged man from the south fire Yin-Yang wizard guild couldn’t help but say, “Headmaster Yang, the scroll couldn’t have self-destructed, before I brought it here, the guild had thoroughly inspected it.”

Yang Bing Tian nodded and sighed, “I know that the scroll wouldn’t have self destructed. It’s all my fault, I’ve forgotten someone. OK, you should go now, no matter what, I will remember the favor. Also, when you go back to the guild, don’t tell the President that the scroll was already used, just say that I received the scroll.”

The middle aged man relaxed. As if he was afraid that Yang Bing Tian would regret it now, he quickly said “Then, headmaster Yang, I will take my leave.”

This time, Yang Bing Tian did not express any intention of seeing him off. Now, only Xia Tian and Yang Bing Tian remained in the office.

“Teacher, what is really going on here?” Xia Tian waited until there was no one else around and asked. His expression had changed to that of caution and respect. He was without a doubt, Yang Bing Tian’s one and only disciple.

Yang Bing Tian smiled bitterly, “I forgot this child Ji Dong, haaa~, it is all my fault.” “Ji Dong? What does this have to do with Ji Dong?”, asked Xia Tian puzzled, “I already let him absorb the two crystal crowns that you gave me, he is already a level 1 double department student. And he was with me just a moment ago!”

Yang Bing Tian said helplessly, “That’s what I’m talking about. That person just now was from the Guild. That man was sent by the President of the Guild to deliver a Random Teleportation scroll to me. I forgot that Ji Dong and I are living on this floor. At this hour of time, only he could have possibly come to my room to deliver wine. As you are aware, Yin- Yang magic skill scroll will produce an indescribable attractive force towards Yin-Yang wizards. And since JiDong already possesses the ability of a level 1 Apprentice, naturally he would be attracted to the scroll. I’m afraid that this child simply does not know what a Ying Yang magical skill scroll is. The magical fluctuations a moment ago must have been caused by his curiosity. Now, it has become troublesome, and we have no idea where this child has been teleported to.”

Xia Tian was surprised, “Teacher, why are you letting Ji Dong live here? He is only a student, so he is supposed to live in the student dormitory! What is the reason for this? Are you planning on giving me a junior disciple?”

Yang Bing Tian smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “Come, let’s go to Ji Dong’s room to confirm it, if he is not there, then my guess was right. The Random Teleportation scroll could have send him to anywhere on this continent, it could even send him high into the sky, or deep into the earth, I can only pray for this child now, and hope that nothing happened to him.”


Chapter 12

Green, red, yellow, black and white. The five coloured rays combined into a gigantic vortex. Even though he felt no pain, but being in the center of it, Ji Dong couldn’t help but panic. Not being able to control one’s fate, would make anyone uncomfortable, and if he really had been a 10 year old, perhaps he would have already been scared to death.

Luckily, due to having the memories of his past life, after panicking for a short time, Ji Dong was able to quickly calm down. He also understood a little of psychology and he constantly gave his mind some hints. This life was a free one after all, after being reborn into the Five Elements continent, he was now being wrapped up by the lights of this unknown scroll, and the worst that could happen would be death, but maybe he’ll be able to reincarnate once more.

Apparently, the amount of time that had passed was merely a split second, even though it felt as if thousands of years had passed by. Suddenly, the feeling of realism, without any flights of fancy, closely followed on, whilst the five coloured light, that was wrapping around his body, slowly faded away.

Before Ji Dong could even react, a gust of incomparably scorching hot airflow surrounded his body momentarily. The blazing feeling had made Ji Dong believe that his body had released a burnt smell. In his chest, the two red and blue light rays seemed to be ignited by the blazing energy, causing the light rays to grow a little stronger. On Ji Dong’s forehead, two half star crowns had appeared. After absorbing the two crystal crowns earlier this afternoon, Ji Dong was able to faintly sense the tiny Bing and Ding double fire magical power. But now, he was able to clearly sense it. Under the guidance of the two magic powers in his chest, he felt that the Bing-fire and Ding-fire magic power around him was very pure. It was very bountiful to the extent that it even surpassed the amount of magic power that the two teachers Xia Tian and Qiu Tian had released while releasing their Yin-Yang crowns.

What is this place? Ji Dong was really surprised, he opened his eyes in the heating air which seemed like it was melting his body.

All he could see was fiery red, the air seemed to be distorted because of the high temperature. The frightening temperature was everywhere in the surrounding. In the distorted air Ji Dong strongly exhaled a breath of relief, the only thing he could think of was the word lucky.

Unexpectedly in front of him was a gigantic magma lake. And from where he stood, it was less than a meter away. The lake was so huge that it seemed to stretch beyond the horizon, it was like a flaming sea. This place seemed to be more like a gigantic karst cave, but a boundless karst cave that is.

The area where Ji Dong was standing, was right at the edge of the magma lake. He was standing on a depressed part of a wall-like cliff, and even though he was about 100 meters above the magma, the scorching temperature made him feel as if he was going to melt at any second. The air was far too hot, so hot that it made breathing difficult. The school uniform on his body was releasing a stronger and stronger smell which indicated that it was burnt, and even his hair and brows were curling a little.

What exactly was that picture scroll? Why did he find himself in a fiery infernal after opening it? At this moment, at Ji Dong’s back was a rock wall, and in the front of him, a magma lake, it could be said that he was in a situation where he could hardly move a step. And the faint Bing and Ding magical powers around his chest became especially distinct at this point. There was simply no need to sense it deliberately, because the Bing fire elements and Ding fire elements would enter his body automatically. Of course, that Ji Dong could vaguely tell, that if he himself was not of the fire attribute and in addition to that, a level 1 double-fire apprentice , his body probably wouldn’t be able to endure this long. But even like this, he could feel that his body was burning up, it would not take long, until he was roasted by the steaming hot air rising up from the magma below, and until he became completely dried up.

Ji Dong was someone that would never regret his own actions, but now he really wanted to know how such a thing could happen. At the same time he also felt a little sad, just when he thought that he would restart, and was finally able to get along with his new identity, such a thing was destined to happen.

Just then, a strong aroma assailed his nostrils; it was a mixture of fruit and wine mixture, pervading around his body. Ji Dong discovered that his hands were still firmly clasping the cocktail he mixed for Yang Bing Tian. Unfortunately, the cocktail was rapidly evaporating under the extreme temperature; more than half of cocktail had already evaporated and turned into mist, and this resulted in the strong aroma that he could smell. With a self-deprecating smile, Ji Dong raised the wine glass to his eye-level, and thought that no matter what, if he could drink a glass of fine wine, that he mixed himself before dying wasn’t too bad.

Just when he was about to drink the glass of wine in one gulp, suddenly, a strange scene appeared. A dull red light fell on his face, Ji Dong felt that his body was seemingly lightened, the hot current that nearly roasted him into a dried man, suddenly disappeared, and he could not even sense the existence of Bing and Ding elements with his own magical powers.

What was even more bizarre was, originally from the glass that was still in his hands, half of the glass of wine had evaporated but now it had disappeared without a trace, as if it had been swept away by that red light.

It can’t be, right? Am I not even allowed to have the final pleasure of drinking before death? Ji Dong was angry, and he turned around to discover the surrounding of the depressed ground was seemingly shrouded with a layer of gauze-like red glow. This light which seemed as thin as a cicada’s wings had completely separated him from the temperature of the outside, which could no longer affect him. Without the roasting high temperature, Ji Dong’s brain was more clear. He stared at the red light attentively, and he was overwhelmed by the sight.

Ji Dong would never forget the things he saw at this moment for his entire life, within the bubbling magma -who knew how high its temperature was- a gigantic pillar of magma erupted, and the eruption continued until it had reached the height of his body and stopped 20 meters away before him. In the summit of the column of flame, a fair and delicate hand unexpectedly reached out from within, the tender and slender fingers were like delicate scallions, the skin had the white luster of icy snow. It became a distinct contrast with the surrounding blazing magmatic flames.

Looking at this hand, Ji Dong thought of a kind of food- almond junket, the fairness and delicateness seemed like water would drip anytime. Following that, was a smooth and round jade-like arm, the tone of the arm was exactly the same as the hand’s. Even with the pickiness of Ji Dong he could not find a single flaw. He saw the arm lightly swaying in the air and it made a motion of grabbing. Immediately afterwards, a small orb appeared on her palm. The orb became golden-red. As Ji Dong saw the color he immediately realized something, wasn’t that the cocktail he mixed? And judging from its size, it was not just his own remaining half, even the previously evaporated parts seemed to have condensed into this tiny orb.

The arm within the magma rose, gradually revealing its owner’s body – a maiden. Then, she slowly rose from within the a column of fire, appearing on the utmost summit. The liquid magma became a very small platform that was supporting her body.

Ji Dong became completely stunned when he saw the maiden. In his previous world, Ji Dong was a virgin until the very last moment of his life. However that was absolutely not because he didn’t like women nor was it because of any physiological problem, but due his stubbornness in pursuing absurd perfection. He was a typical perfectionist. It was also due to this seeking of perfection, that he was able to achieve such a magnificent result in the the circles of liquor. It was also because of this, that he never found the perfect woman that he admired even though he had seen countless beauties. Never in a million years, would Ji Dong have thought that the perfection woman that he was seeking for so long in his previous life would unexpectedly appear after arriving in this world of Five Elements Continent, with the body of a 10 year old child. Yes, besides perfect, he was really unable to think of any other description to describe the things he saw before his eyes.

A maiden appeared on top of the magma column, she seemed to be about 18 or 19 years old, her fiery red hair was leisurely hanging on her back. It was long enough to cover her hip. She was delicate to the extent that there was nothing you could nitpick on, even the best and the most skillful sculptor could not sculpt her. The perfect proportions of her body completely corresponded with the golden ratio, there wasn’t the slightest trace of excess flesh, and on top of that, there wasn’t a single flaw. She had a pair of pitch-black large eyes, whose quick-witted gaze seemed as if they could penetrate one’s heart. From top to toe, only the three female’s most important parts were covered by three portion of flames, the skin that was exposed was exactly the same as her arm that was initially exposed -crystal- like, soft and delicate.

This was a godly masterpiece! Originally Ji Dong didn’t believe in gods, but right at this moment he was firmly convinced that god existed, who except a god could make such a perfect body? The second he saw the maiden, Ji Dong believed that he has already fallen in love with her, whatsoever element in the surrounding could not stop his adulation of perfection.

Before, Ji Dong only heard about beauties that resemble a lotus breaking from the surface of the water. But the maiden before his eyes was like a red lotus suddenly appearing from the surface of magma. And the process of her appearance was stunning. The moment he saw her, Ji Dong’s gazed stupefied.

The maiden curiously looked at the golden red orb that was kneaded into her hands, she brought it up to her nose and carefully sniffed it, she then gently sucked it, and the golden red liquor turned into a stream of water and soundlessly entered her mouth. Looking at the tender pinkish lips as they opened and closed, Ji Dong felt a heat on his nose; it was unexpectedly a shameless nosebleed. Now he had only one though: if he could only bring himself to kiss her lips, it would be a pleasure even if he would die immediately. Just like how he would taste the excellent millennium wine regardless of everything, in his previous life, he would die without regrets.

“Hm……”, the maiden’s mouth emitted a soft hum, her big black eyes with long eyelashes slowly closed, it was unspeakably charming, two rosy cheeks appeared on her fair, delicate face, she appeared to be enjoying it exceedingly.

“Can you tell me what this is?”, the maiden’s voice echoed in the air, seemingly appearing from all sides. Unfortunately, Ji Dong did not see her open her mouth.

“This is a kind of liquor.”, Ji Dong subconsciously answered. However, the maiden’s voice roused him from the enchantment. Although his eyes looked as if he was still unwilling to wake up from the enchantment, his mind was already very sober, “What is this place?”

The maiden did not answer his question, but slowly opened her eyes and wrinkled her cute tiny nose, “No, I already drank liquor made by you humans. Although it was good, it didn’t taste like this. Let me think about it, hm. This liquor has a flavor of oranges of the human world, the flavor of almond, of lemons, and two other flavors that I couldn’t tell, maybe because I have not tasted them before. I can remember the flavors of all the things I have once eaten”

Ji Dong asked in surprise, “Are you not human?”

The maiden slightly smiled and cupped some of the magma underneath her, allowing that terrifying liquid of high temperature to leak from the gap between her fingers, “Do you think a human can do this? You have not answered my question, what was it that I drank just now?”

Ji Dong took a deep breath to pacify his surging feelings, “It was really liquor, but it was a kind of cocktail mixed by me. It is normal that you haven’t drunk this before, because in the world of humans, I am the only person that can make such liquor. Do you want to know its name?”

The maiden eagerly nodded, “Of course.”

The inferiority in his heart that came from seeing the perfect maiden vanished. When Ji Dong started to talk about liquor, confidence reappeared within his pupils, “It is called Midnight Sunshine, it contains 4/10 pure vodka, 2/10 Cointreau, 2/10 Apricot Brandy, 1/10 red pomegranate starch paste and 1/10 lemon juice. It was mixed using a special technique. The taste which you couldn’t tell might be the vodka and the red pomegranate starch paste. At the beginning of the modulation of it, this Midnight Sunshine should be black, golden red and bloody red. Because these three colors signify a night of evilness, and also the gracefulness and warmth of the sunshine. But afterwards, I thought that this sort of color layering didn’t make sense. A color can never represent one’s heart forever, that’s why I used a special technique to combine the three colors together. Keeping most of the golden red color, thus a brand new midnight sunshine was made. I hope that the person who drinks it, could feel a thread of warmth in his or her lonely heart. Liquor has emotions, only by being able to let the person tasting it feel the bartender’s feelings, is a glass worthy to be called a true cocktail. That is why what i mixed was not liquor, but feelings.”

“The midnight sunshine, is a beauty no living thing can hope to rival, which makes one infatuate, makes one bewildered, and also makes one depressed. If you were able to experience these three feelings and then taste the warmth within, then my glass of liquor has found its owner.”


Chapter 13

The maiden listened to Ji Dong in silence, it seemed like she had immersed herself in listening to the explanation. She then muttered to herself, “So the cocktail was like this. I think I felt everything you described. It was really delicious, but I think: what you described was more beautiful than this cocktail.”

Ji Dong regained his senses, he was also surprised about what he said, when he was mixing the cocktail, he would always just mix it and give it to Yang Bing Tian, he would never say as much as he just did. Seeing this perfectly beautiful maiden, he wanted to fully display himself. A moment ago, he seemed to have returned to his former self as the god of liquor of his generation.

Moderating his mind, Ji Dong said, “I answered your question! Now, can you tell me where we are, and who you are?”

The maiden smiled sweetly, “It has been awhile since I last saw a human. I am also curious how the weak and small you could come here? This is the geocentric. My name is ‘Lie Yan (raging flame)’.”

“Lie Yan” Ji Dong frowned and shook his head, “This is not a good name, it doesn’t suit you, Lie Yan is rash and ruthless, but you didn’t give off such a feeling.”

Lie Yan smiled, “Isn’t there a saying from you humans, that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Let alone that I am not even human. You haven’t seen my rash and ruthless side, of course you wouldn’t understand the meaning of my name. Every living creature in the underground calls me empress Lie Yan. But because of your explanation of that cocktail, I will allow you to address me by my name.”

Ji Dong was in shock as he had discovered that the aura that came from Lie Yan was going through a skyrocketing change. The lovable and gentle maiden, now emitted the charisma of a sovereign, the formless might and pressure had caused the ocean-vast magma lake to become still, not even a single bubble dared to pop.

But Ji Dong didn’t get timid because of the change of Lie Yan; in his eyes, Lie Yan’s perfection rose to another level, perhaps this was what the feeling of loving a person was like. No matter what she became, she would always be perfect in his heart.

“You said that this is the geocentric? What of the living creatures of the underground? I don’t understand.”, ji Dong said puzzled.

Lie Yan smiled, “You are an interesting human kid, you are clearly just about 10 years old, but you are talking like an adult. You can also mix fine drinks. Since you could come here, it must be some kind of fate, I will make an exception today and talk to you a little more.”

While saying that, like a dance, Lie Yan slowly rotated on one leg on the pillar of magma she was standing on. a fiery red long dress was wrapped around her charming and delicate figure, even though that long dress didn’t have any decoration, it still looked very beautiful when it was dressed on her.

Ji Dong could only feel that his body was light, before he could even react, his body was already floating. While screaming in alarm he floated above the magma lake. The pale red light barrier around him formed a sphere, and like this he was brought flying to the front of Lie Yan.

“Little human friend, don’t be afraid. Without my permission, nothing will harm you here.” Liu Yan’s voice changed back into the gentle and soft one from the start, the imposingness of the empress disappeared. “I’m sure you haven’t heard of this place. I’m afraid that very few people know of the existence of this place. Under the ground, there are creatures that are different from those above the ground. There are 18 layers in the underground. The more external the layer, the weaker the underground creatures are. For you humans to k

Ji Dong nodded, “I understand. The planet we are living on is only a small part of the universe, it rotates itself, and it also rotates around the sun, could it be that this place is the core of this planet?”

Lie Yan was startled, “Universe? What is that? I don’t know. But you seem to know a lot of things! Saying that it is the core of this planet is not wrong, because this is the 18th layer, which is also the very center of the whole planet.”

Ji Dong said. “Then does that mean that you are the strongest existence among all the living creatures of the underground?”

Lie Yan chucked and replied, “I don’t know about that, I’m the only one here in this geocentric lake. Occasionally, I would go to the world of the humankind for a stroll. But in your world I would easily encounter danger, it has been already a long time since i went there.”

Ji Dong looked at the fascinating protective layer surrounding his body, and then looked at Lie Yan who was standing on the magma pillar, he couldn’t help but ask, “You are so strong yet you are afraid of danger?”

Lie Yan said mysteriously, “Little friend, this is a secret, I cannot tell you.”

Ji Dong said grudgingly, “Could you please not call me little friend? I have a name, it is Ji Dong.”

Lie Yan thought about it and answered, “I will call you little Ji Dong then.”

Ji Dong laughed bitterly, “Could you please not say it with the word little?” Lie Yan giggled, it was a smile as bright as a spring flower. Seeing that, Ji Dong’s nose heated again, “You are little, so why won’t you let me say it? Don’t you like your own name? Then how about I call you little Ji-Ji? Or little Dong-Dong?”

TL: little Ji-Ji is a very cute way of addressing someone, it sounds like
“little chick”. And little Dong-Dong means “little thing” “Uh…., then I would rather have you call me little Ji Dong.”
Lie Yan smiled as if she succeed in having her way, “Little Ji Dong, how did you come here? You must know that not everyone can get in here easily.”

Ji Dong shook his head, “I don’t know how I got here either. I only opened a picture scroll, and then I was wrapped around by five colored light, after that I kept having the feeling of falling downwards. And when the light dispersed, I was already here.”

“A picture scroll? It should be the scroll. Hm, it must be one of the Yin- Yang magical scroll you humans made, the five-Yin-Yang-elements magical scroll. The process of making it seems to be very troublesome. Judging from the energy wave when you came here, that was not a designated teleportation, It should be a kind of random teleportation. To be able to send someone thousand of miles underneath the ground, this scroll’s magical power must be very powerful.”

Ji Dong asked surprised, “Yin-Yang magical scroll? What is that? Can I still return?”

Lie Yan brought her long red hair from her back to the front, and fiddled it lightly in front of her chest, after thinking for a while she said, “Little Ji Dong, How about we make a deal? The cocktail you mix was very delicious, if you can often bring them to me to drink, I will help you return to the human world. What do you think?”

“Ok, no problem.”, Ji Dong agreed without the slightest bit of hesitation, which made him himself feel a little strange too, he did not make the decision so quickly to be able to return to the human world, but to be able to see Lie Yan again.

“However, your cocktail needs to be tasty, and you also have to tell me stories about the human world. Staying here is really too lonesome, and unfortunately I can’t leave easily. And if your cocktail is not tasty, I will get angry. And when I’m angry I will drop you into the middle of the magma lake.”

The threat of Lie Yan wasn’t even a little bit scary, she still had the beaming smile on her face. Looking at her, Ji Dong regained his senses, “I never considered death something scary. Whatever guarantee I make will never be as convincing as facts, am I right? ”

Hearing what Ji Dong said Lie Yan chuckled again. Her chuckles caused her tender body to vibrate slightly. Even though her body was covered by that red long dress, that charming figure was still ever so breathtaking. Ji Dong still considered his will as firm, but whenever he concentrated his attention on Lie Yan’s body, his heart would not be willing to submit to his mind.

“You are a really interesting little guy, you are clearly only a small child but you speak like an adult. But seeing you today made me really happy, let me take a careful look at you.”

Ji Dong could only see that everything in front of him blurred, and the red light barrier grew a bit bigger. Lie Yan who previously stood on the magma pillar now appeared in front of his face. Her pair of jet black eyes were now just a few centimeters away, looking at his face.

Ji Dong could clearly feel the tepid breathing of Lie Yan. Her breath had a special smell, bringing a quiet, contenting and igniting warmth to him. There was still some of the aroma of the Midnight Sunshine cocktail, and the rest of it was the scent of pure fresh clean air with some sweet scent of moist plants.

In this world of scorching flames, suddenly smelling such an unforgettable fragrance made Ji Dong fully intoxicated. Those big jet black eyes were like two deep vortexes, firmly attracting his eyes and heart.

Lie Yan raised her hand, and caressed Ji Dong’s head while expressing surprise with a soft voice, “Yin-Yang in balance. That’s really strange, could you humans also have physiques of Yin-Yang in balance? Even more this is an absolute equilibrium, without even the smallest disparity.”

Lie Yan’s voice was really nice to hear. Hearing what she said in such close proximity, while smelling her fragrance: Ji Dong was swayed away and intoxicated; so much that he did not clearly hear what Lie Yan was saying.

“Hey, little Ji Dong, what are you thinking about?” Lie Yan raised her hand and lightly knocked on his head. Immediately a warm flow entered from his Yin-Yang Crown Star, Ji Dong felt his body abruptly heated and a layer of steam seemed to have diffused from his body. It was unspeakable comfortable. The double fire attributes magical powers within him were following and his brain became incomparably clearer. It seemed as if Lie Yan’s knock had driven away all the distracting thoughts from his heart.

“Little Ji Dong, why do you have a body with Yin-Yang balance? As it seems, you should be one of the human’s level one Apprentices or whatever. It’s really my first time seeing a human of balanced Yin-Yang double fire attributes! I think I’m becoming more interested in you.”

Ji Dong said, “Isn’t having Yin-Yang in balance garbage? I need to work with 32 times the effort to become a real Yin-Yang wizard. My Yin- Yang in balance is innate.”

“What did you say?” Lie Yan frowned, the smile on her beautiful face vanished. Once again the imposing manner of an empress blossomed from her. With such a close distance Ji Dong could feel the aura around her, and couldn’t breath due to that pressure; his whole body was pasted onto the red light. It felt as if every bone in his body was about to be crushed to pieces.

“Oh, sorry.” Lie Yan reacted, and the pressure disappeared. Ji Dong’s body suddenly lost all strength and fell down. Lie Yan reached out a hand to pull him up, and from Lie Yan’s hand a warm current flowed into Ji Dong’s body, making him a lot more comfortable.

Lie Yan was somewhat apologetic, “It wasn’t on purpose. It was just that when you said that Yin-Yang in balance is garbage, it made me a little angry. That is because I’m also a Yin-Yang in balance double fire attribute. Look.” While saying that, she held Ji Dong’s hand, and stood alongside him. Before he could see her movements, the magma column which supported her before suddenly changed into two enormous flames and rose into the sky. The world before Ji Dong suddenly turned into two colors. One side was pure white, the other was deep black. The black and white colors of the flames were clearly separated.

“You also have a physique of Bing-Ding double fire attribe?” Ji Dong looked at Lie Yan surprised.

Lie Yan nodded, “That is why, we are really brought together by fate. Who said that we, Yin-yang balanced double attribute are trash? You humankind only seek one-sided cultivation, thinking that it is enough as long as you have Yin and Yang in your body, it would not affect you. But lone Yan does not grow, and lone Yin will not live. If one really wishes to understand the ability of one attribute, then you must possess both Yin and Yang. So what if the cultivation speed is slow? Don’t you humans have combination skills? If you became a double-attribute Yin-Yang wizard, then you could use the combination techniques by yourself, there is simply no need to cooperate with somebody else.”

Ji Dong said, “Right now, what I really want is to condense my Yin- Yang crown first. I want to become a Yin-Yang wizard before I think about anything else. And I will strive for it.”

Lie Yan thought a little and said, “Look since you are like me, I mean having the Yin-Yang balanced double fire element. How about this, from now on you will bring me liquor everyday, and I will allow you to cultivate for 6 hours.”

“Cultivate here?” Said Ji Dong surprised. Lie Yan nodded, “if you cultivate here, then you can forget about the 32 times of effort. Your pace will be not slower than an ordinary person’s. Consider it as you renting my place, and the rent is paid with your fine liquor.”

Hearing what Lie Yan said, Ji Dong greatly exalted. This news couldn’t be better for him. Not only did he have the chance of becoming a Yin-Yang wizard, he could also meet this dreamlike existence, the perfect Lie Yan everyday. Could there be anything better than this?

Lie Yan smiled, “You can start right now. But I will not help you increase your strength. No matter how you cultivate, it will be your own business.”

Ji Dong said, “It is already a great help for me that you allow me to cultivate here. If I still cannot succeed, then it is my own fault. But I cannot stay any longer today. I carelessly opened head master’s scroll, so I need to hurry back and explain it to him. From tomorrow onwards, I will come everyday, is that ok?”

Chapter 14

Lie Yan nodded. “Okay. Then I will send you back to the human world. But you must remember: do not tell anyone that you met me or about what you have seen today; otherwise, I must make you disappear from this world.”

While speaking, Lie Yan raised her slender, jade-like hand and softly tapped on Ji Dong’s left chest. Ji Dong could only feel his heart beating against his chest as an intense heat flowed in. The surroundings started to flicker, and Lie Yan’s beautiful face shimmered into a red phantom. But her voice stayed the same and echoed near Ji Dong’s ear. “Remember what I said — and don’t let anyone know of this place. When you want to visit me, just touch near your heart and call out my name. During the transportation, you need enough time for ten breaths without disturbance. Goodbye, little Ji Dong. I am looking forward to your fine cocktail.”

The red light blossomed under Ji Dong’s feet, and a gigantic red fire lotus blossomed. When the petals spread wholly, they slowly closed, completely surrounding Ji Dong’s body. After the petals merged into a flowerbud, it gradually faded into the air, slowly disappearing.

A ruminant smile was visible at the corners of Lie Yan’s mouth while she watched where the flower bud disappeared. “This is an interesting little thing. I don’t know if he was lucky or unlucky: unlucky to be teleported to the heart of the earth, but lucky that the cocktail’s aroma woke me up from my deep slumber. I hope he won’t disappoint me. Little Ji Dong, if you tell someone about me, then your heart will be eaten by raging flames. When I was in the human world I heard about a word — friend. I don’t know if we can become friends in the future. It has been such a long time since I last visited the human world… It’s a pity that I now no longer have the freedom to do so. why is it that such formidable power become a restraint?”

Letting out a soft sigh, the red hair behind Lie Yan rose into the air. The whole geocentric lake also rose her mood was melancholy as it quietly swallowed her.

The red light flickered and Ji Dong felt his body suddenly cool down. The gigantic red lotus bud opened without a sound freeing him. The red lotus didn’t release the light of a flame and released him into the night.

“Here is?” breathing in the cool and refreshing air, then taking a look underneath his feet at the already disappeared red lotus, then taking a look at the surrounding Ji dong surprising found that he has already returned to Li huo Academy, and was standing in a dark corner near the Bing-fire building.

“Have I really returned?” Ji Dong thought, feeling the clothes on his body. He didn’t know when the scorched smell had disappeared; everything had now returned back to normal. He felt like he went to another world and was perplexed —   “Was it just a dream? Was Lie Yan only a goddess in my fantasy?”

Ji Dong fiercely pulled open his jacket and looked toward his left chest, Immediately his heart , which felt somewhat crestfallen , began to beat rapidly, a distinct, vibrant red lotus was quietly imprinted there, just like a tattoo it stuck closely onto his skin, only every petal of that red lotus was like a vivid flame. A colour not part of the human world.

It was not a dream, it really wasn’t a dream…All of it was true. It was all too mystical.Even now Ji Dong was still unable to accept it.

Clapping his face, he tried hard not to think about that perfect face, but her face was already engraved into his heart. After taking a few deep breaths, Ji Dong could barely calm his heavy beating heart. He quickly entered the Bing-fire teaching building. Ji Dong opened the door and entered his room, but a slightly excited voice could be

Ji Dong jumped in surprise, A fire lit the oil lamp on the table, only now did he see that Yang Bing Tian was sitting on a chair in front of the bar, A look of surprise on his face after seeing him.

Lowering his head with a bit of shame, Ji Dong said , “Sorry, Headmaster Yang, I shouldn’t have touched your things. I thought it was only a picture scroll,”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter,” Yang Bing Tian said with great relief after seeing Ji Dong. “It is good that you were able to return, but be more careful from now on. There are many things that should not be touched carelessly, though it is my fault for not locking the door. Quickly tell me — where did it teleport you? Oh right! The picture scroll you opened today was a Yin-Yang magic scroll known as the random teleportation scroll. It could have teleported you anywhere on the continent, even dozens of thousands of meters in the air — then you would fall down, directly to your death. I really am glad that you could come back, or I would’ve been restless — forever.”

‘Not only high into the sky but also deep into the earth,’ Ji Dong thought. He wouldn’t say it out loud, of course, only pretending to be greatly surprised when he clapped on his chest. “Looks like my luck really is not bad, I was only transported outside of the city, after walking for half a day, i was finally able to get back.”

“My teacher told me that luck is also part of one’s strength. I am really happy that you were able to safely come back, it is already late, you should go to rest,” he said with a smile. He stood up, preparing to leave.

“Headmaster Yang, wait. The cocktail I made for you was dropped after being teleported. I will mix a new one.”

Yang Bing Tian was startled. “It is already late, so let’s forget about it for today.” “If one promises something, then he should do it — no matter what. It will be done soon,” Ji Dong firmly said while rushing behind the bar, cleaning his hands, and taking out the shaker.

Gin, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and egg white , these 4 ingredients were poured into the shaker according to the correct ratio and order, sealing the lid, Ji Dong entered a state of unprecedented concentration — a state he hadn’t entered in even his former life. Because at this moment, his mind was filled only with that perfect face and of when he embraced her small, tender hand.

In Yang Bing Tian’s eyes, Ji Dong at this moment had already closed his eyes, wearing a bewitched expression, but that shaker was jumping in his hand. The multicolored ingredients mixing together rapidly. This time mixing wine, Ji Dong did not use any fancy moves, only as if he was shaking a rattle drum in middle air, but his movement increased to the extent that even Yang Bing Tian could no longer see Ji Dong’s hand clearly, only seeing a faint red light flashing beneath the oil lamp’s shine.

This is cocktail which Ji Dong rarely mixed even in his former world. And it was also a relativily common cocktail. Choosing this is because the 1st thought Ji Dong had of was of her : gentle as water, a royally firely beautiful woman whose image condensed in his mind to form this cocktail

This cocktail held the name — The beauty in red. Yes, Ji Dong’s mind was submerged by the shadow of that beauty in red residing within his heart.

Yang Bing Tian left after drinking the cocktail. Drinking that beauty in red, He, too, was affected by the cocktail. As though he had remembered something, he only informed Ji Dong that he was done drinking and then returned to his room right away. Ji Dong stayed immersed in his clear memory. Even he himself was unaware when exactly he became muddle- headed and passed out.

Ji Dong woke up because of a thunderous knock on his door early in the morning. What he saw after opening the door were the friends he made yesterday, Bi Su and Karl. Both their faces expressed a little impatience. Bi Su said, “Boss, why are you still not up at this late hour? Quick, let’s go! Teacher Xia Tian is teaching today. Yesterday, he proclaimed— ‘Those who are late are dead.’ So, let’s Hurry!”

Ji Dong was still a little dazed since he was not fully awake, but he was already being pulled by Karl and Bi Su to the sports field. At this time most of the first year students had arrived, it was almost time for the first lesson. Being in the cool and fresh air, Ji Dong finally awoke fully.

Karl wasn’t nearly as talkative as Bi Su, but he slipped Ji Dong a steamed bun and an egg.

“Good brother.” Ji Dong raised a thumb towards Karl as he quickly gulped down the bun and egg. Though they were not delicious, he thought they tasted amazing — as he had not eaten since last night.

“Assemble!” shouted Xia Tian with his rough voice. The Bing-fire and Ding-fire students quickly assembled, not sure if it was because this teacher Xia Tian had left such a deep impression on everyone. The formation was actually neat and tidy.

The two teachers, Xia Tian and Qiu Tian, walked over at that time. Teacher Xia Tian was wearing earth yellow shorts and on his upper body was a tight sleeveless shirt. if Xia Tian left a deep impression before, then today, it was even more intense. His granite-like muscles were like liquid, casted iron and copper. As he stood there, he looked like a titan who had descended to earth. In addition to that, his fierce face built an enormous deterrence on those normal students, who were around 10 years old.

Xia Tian nodded. “Very good, everyone is gathered neatly. From today on, the Bing-fire and Ding-fire will be taught separately. The Ding-fire students will be guided by teacher Qiu Tian. The Bing-fire department will come with me, later on. I will lead you out of the academy for now, we are having today’s lesson outside of the classroom. Your one and only task is simple: to run around the Li Huo City once. I will accompany you till the end. Those who fall behind, don’t complain about me being cruel.” While saying that, Xia Tian raised his right hand from his back, and he was holding an impressive cane of about 1.20 m in length.

Originally, after hearing about the task from Xia Tian, there was an uproar. But after seeing the cane in his hand, everyone suddenly went quiet. Out of fear, not a single doubting sound could be heard.

Bi Su stood on the side of the Ding-fire department. He looked at Ji Dong and Karl with a rejoiced expression as he saw their misfortune. Clearly, the outside lesson for the Ding-fire department would never be this abnormal.

Xia Tian shouted, “Bing-fire department, Zhu Gui! Ding-fire department, Bi Su! Step out.”

Just when Bi Su was rejoicing due to their misfortune, he heard Xia Tian calling his name. His face instantly changed, and he quickly walked out of the Ding-fire department group.

But the one walking out of the Bing-fire department was surprisingly a girl. Yesterday, Ji Dong was giving great effort to listening to the lesson, and everyone else was also sitting — not noticing her, so only now did they notice. So, the Bing-fire department only had this one girl, just like in the Ding-fire department, Bi Su was the only male student.

The girl who was called Zhu Gui was from the Bing-fire department, and in height, she was only second to Karl — taller than everyone else. Ji Dong realized that the reason might be because a girl’s growth phase is earlier. What made him surprised was the look of the girl with the name Zhu Gui. She didn’t have a delicate face like the girls of the Ding-fire department, but had a hard and resolute feeling. Even though she was only 10 years old, she already had a hint of curves. A pair of big red eyes looked focused. Her forward-movement was simple but powerful. If it was Ji Dong’s former world, then this girl, Zhu Gui, would be a female soldier.

Compared to Zhu Gui, Bi Su’s movements were much softer. Even though one could not say it was sissy, it was absolutely not manly. “Today’s outdoor lesson is specially for boys. Zhu Gui, you join the Ding-fire department for the time being — and you, Bi Su, join the Bing- fire department. Change your position now.”

“Ah?” Bi Su never thought that karma would strike back so fast, and his expression worsened. But he also knew that once Xia Tian said something, he would not take it back. Bi Su could only unwillingly walk towards where Zhu Gui stood before. Ji Dong and Karl were trying hard not to laugh out loud, but they were very pleased in their heart.

However, just as Bi Su was about to reach Zhu Gui’s postion, a red light suddenly flashed before him, his body already stopped by a hand. It was that tall in stature and only girl of the Bing-fire department.

“Objection! Teacher, I don’t need to exchange. I want to join the Bing- fire department’s outdoor lesson. I am a member of the Bing-fire department, and I don’t want special treatment because of my gender. Please allow it, teacher.” Zhu Gui’s voice was sharp, clear and powerful, and she had already returned to her place.

Xia Tian nodded . “Good, then you can join as well.” He was quite pleased.

Bi Su was not pleased after being stopped by Zhu Gui. He stared at the girl, who was taller than him, angrily and mumbled to himself, “Tomboy!” After that, he ran towards the end of the group where Ji Dong and Karl stood.

Zhu Gui glared at him coldly and clenched her fists a few times.

“Start out!” He took the lead and started running at the front. Then the 32 students, which consisted of the 30 students that belonged to the Bing- fire department in addition to the double department student, Ji Dong, and Bi Su, followed him closely.

In order to enter the Li Huo academy, all these students — apart from Ji Dong — passed the physical test, so the when this special outdoor lesson was starting it was no problem for them. Xia Tian led them out of the city from the south gate and started the lap around Li Huo city, and even though Li Huo was only a middle sized city, a whole lap around the city was terrifying and the 32 students had only just started their horrifying tour around it.

(to be continued)

Chapter 15

“Boss, where did you go last night? You didn’t even eat dinner. Without you we were too afraid to go to the top floor to find you, because we heard that the headmaster is living there.”, while running Bi Su asked Ji Dong.

Ji Dong answered, “I had a little work to do last night.”

Bi Su didn’t question further about that matter. Seeing Zhu Gui who was running in the front of their group, he said in a bad mood, “That tomboy is dragging! Boss, how about we give her some trouble?”

Before Ji Dong could speak, Karl spoke up, “You better leave her be. Even though she is a girl, she is one of the best in the Bing-fire department during the entrance exam, she was even above me. I heard that her innate attribute was 9:1.”

“It can’t be!” Bi Su was shocked, “A girl has unexpectedly a Bing-fire attribute of 9:1? Was she born with the wrong gender?”

Ji Dong said, “The world is big and there are countless wonders. Less speaking, save your strength. One round around the city is dozens of kilometers we need to last until the end, then we can talk about it.”

Running out of Li Huo City, Ji Dong could already feel that his body started to heat up, and the blood inside of his body was starting to circulate faster. This was an unsayable comfort for him. Now he was realizing the great advantage of absorbing the two crystal crowns: after possessing the strength of a level 1 double-department apprentice, his physical strength increased greatly, because he discharged a bulk of impurity, his body was also moistened by the magical powers of Bing-fire and Ding-fire, his heart and lungs’ capability and muscles were strengthened a lot or else he would be panting after only part of the way from the academy to the city gate. But right now he didn’t feel the least bit tired, he could only feel that he has warmed up.

Subconsciously touching the red lotus on his left chest, Ji Dong couldn’t help but feel a gust of warm feelings rising up. He was itching to go there and see the perfect Lie Yan in the core of the earth, this warm feeling also seemed to have awakened his energy, he was following the group without falling back.

Karl and Bi Su were both every puzzled, after not seeing each other one day, Ji Dong became a lot fitter. Both of them were excellent among the first year students, so they naturally wanted to help Ji Dong, but it looked like he wouldn’t be needing it for at least a long time.

Half an hour later, the students with weak fitness started to stand out. The one who was still at the very front, was the only girl. She was still following teacher Xia Tian tightly. The other students have already started to fall behind and showed signs of fatigue. They actually just turned around the corner of the south wall and the west wall, they were still a far way off from the north wall.

“Faster, everyone must follow up. Don’t blame me for what I will do to those who are too slow.”, he waved the whip in his hand while saying that.

Xia Tian’s threat was like a heart-strengthening shot, making the students speed up noticeably.

While continuing running, Xia Tian shouted, “In order to become a Yin- Yang magician, you not only need magic power, you also need abundant physical strength and tenacious will power. That is right, the task I arranged for you is nearly impossible to finish, there will be some courses like this in the future. Those who can’t persevere are unworthy for the money your parents paid, so they can just quit school anytime now. Want to know why 30% of the students in our Li Huo academy condensed their Yin-Yang crown before their graduation? That is because our students have more willpower, making the impossible possible. Everyone straighten up! Run faster!”

Without question, Teach

The extend of Xia Tian’s strictness was shown for the first time demonstrating that his whip was not just for show. He went from the front to the back, and waved his whip making miserable shrieks occurred again and again.

Without question, the miserable shrieks were even more effective than Xia Tian’s speech before, while painfully struggling they started to rush madly.

But if one looked closely one could see that even though teacher Xia Tian looked strict, he did not use full strength to hit the students, and there also was a faint red light surrounding the whip. Those who were whipped would dash forward with fear without noticing the warmth that was delivered from the whip, which could restore some strength that had reached its limit.

The three person team of Ji Dong was always in the first group, although unlike Zhu Gui, who was so far in front, but they absolutely were not falling behind. Karl and Bi Su started to wonder more and more: Why was it that even though Ji Dong’s breath started ragging, his pace was not disturbed in the least, which made it obvious that he still had a lot of stamina left. Today’s round around the city would be a lot longer than yesterday’s twenty round punishment, Ji Dong’s physical strength was as different as sky and earth, which made them really surprised. However at this moment the two of them also deeply realized that Ji Dong’s decision of saving up strength was really wise. Because even though they were one of the best among the academy, but after running for so long they were still attacked by the feeling of tiredness.

“Wow, that tomboy slowed down. As I said, how could a girl compare to us guys.” Said Bi Su while puffing, his expression was full of schadenfreude. Right now Ji Dong’s consumption of physical strength was not small. When he raised his head, Zhu Gui who was running at the front clearly slowed down, yet behind Zhu Gui was unexpectedly only the three of them, the other students had fallen even more behind.

Seeing Zhu Gui’s speed drop, Bi Su’s spirit immediately raised. He sped up, until after a while he caught up, “How is it? You can’t hold out any more right, tomboy?”

Zhu Gui turned her head, looking at Bi Su who had caught up to her. Suddenly she smiled, before Bi Su could even react, he could feel that he stumbled over something, suddenly losing his balance, he staggered forward. And just when he was about to catch his balance, he was slapped on the back of his head, “Just fall down, Sissy.”

With a pah, Bi Su fell over, Zhu Gui stopped, with a foot on his back. She looked at him with cold eyes, “I’m telling you, don’t bother me from now on. If you ever let me hear you calling me tomboy, I will burn all your hair.”

While saying that, Zhu Gui reached out her right hand, puff! A gust of red flame appeared on her palm, it rose up to 16 centimeters high.

Ji Dong and Karl also caught up by this time. They could see two and a half crystal-red star crowns appearing on Zhu Gui’s forehead.

“Level five Bing-fire Apprentice!?” said both of them in surprise.

Zhu Gui shot them a cold glance, as if saying that was all they needed to know. She once again turned around, continuing to run. Her speed increased so dramatically that it was clear that she slowed down on purpose.

“Stop!” Ji Dong said in a loud voice.

Zhu Gui looked backwards with a disdainful expression, but she did not intend to stop, and continued running. Ji Dong was about to chase after her, but was stopped by Bi Su, who had crawled onto and hugged his leg. “Boss, it is okay.” Bi Su’s face was very pale, but he still hugged Ji Dong tightly while his other hand held Karl back.

“Sissy, are you afraid?” Karl angrily shouted.

Bi Su glared at Karl with a cold expression. Karl didn’t know why, but his mighty expression faltered in front of Bi Su’s gaze. It was almost as if a cold, gloomy and poisonous snake was staring at him.

“She’s a level five apprentice… We wouldn’t be a match for her even if all three of us fought. I will have to bear with it for now.” Bi Su was unusually calm, so calm that it made Ji Dong wonder if Bi Su had also reincarnated from another world. His expression was not something that a normal 10 year old would make.

“You’re just going to let this go?” asked Karl in a low voice.

Bi Su looked at the fading Zhu Gui’s back. “A nobleman’s revenge isn’t late even if it is after ten years. Let me improve my Yin-Yang magic, I will have my revenge one day. Boss, Karl, you don’t need to care about this matter, I will take care of it myself. I will use my own strength to beat her.”

Ji Dong frowned. “Wasn’t it said that one could begin training Yin- Yang magic only after reaching the age of ten? She doesn’t look much older than us, how is she already a level 5 apprentice?”

Karl said, “That only applies to the kids of commoners. Those families with great Yin-Yang wizards can nurture their kids early with different drugs. They could let them start training ahead of us at 7 or 8 without affecting their future growth. However, this Zhu Gui is certainly a genius. The strongest first year I’ve heard of was only a level three apprentice when entering the academy. This is the first I’ve heard of a level five first year. You should know that most third year students don’t have this kind of ability. Only among the fourth years would level five apprentices be common.” Bi Su continued, “Also, the fact that she could release her Bing-fire magic and control it freely shows she had a well-known master teach her. There is no way that we wouldn’t be able to win against her even during our time in the Li Huo Academy. But we will have a chance, this humiliation will never be forgotten. I will pay her back tenfold.”

“Who said that you could stop? Continue running!” The angry roar from Xia Tian sounded, and the three of them continued running.

This outdoor lesson lasted until high noon. When the Bing-fire department students returned to Li Huo academy, only “three and a half” people remained standing besides teacher Xia Tian. The level five apprentice Zhu Gui was without question one of them. The second one was Karl, and even though he did not have magical power as strong as her to support him, his sheer strength was superb. What surprised Zhu Gui was that Bi Su could also keep standing, even when he gasped for air and sweated like a pig; regardless, he grinded his teeth and kept standing.

The half one was of course Ji Dong. Even though his body went through a major upgrade, the catastrophic state his body was in could not be healed so quickly. Being able to last until the end was not easy in the slightest. Only Karl’s support kept him standing, and the reason why he only counted as half.

“You are not allowed to lay down, sit up.” Xia Tian pulled one student after another up, making them sit cross-legged on the sport field.

“Only when one has used up one’s strength could one enter their most sensitive state. For us Bing-fire Yin-Yang wizards, noon is the best time to cultivate. That is when we are nearest to sunlight. And it is also when the Bing-fire-attribute magic is at its strongest. Close your eyes, I will help you sense the Bing-fire elements. Absorb them carefully, and strive to become a level one Bing-fire apprentice quickly.”

Ji Dong suddenly realized that this lesson was well planned: Using up all of one’s strength in order to sense the Bing-fire attributed elements; the education system of Li Huo academy was really quite good. While thinking that, he did like every other student and sat down cross legged. With the experience from yesterday, Ji Dong himself could already focus easily. After closing his eyes, he instantly felt the existence of Bing- fire element in the air.

The Sun in the sky was like a Bing-fire attributed element crystal. Ji Dong could feel the Bing-fire magic much more strongly than yesterday in the room, as the sun shone upon him under the sky. On the other hand, the Ding-fire attribute in the air was very thin, so thin that it could be neglected. Of course, the magical power from the sunlight was much weaker than from the earth core lake; the difference was like comparing heaven to earth.

Ji Dong used his mind to feel the stimulation of the red light in his chest, which represented the Bing-fire magic reacting to the Bing-fire attributed element outside of his body. The process went smoothly, and Ji Dong felt his body become very warm instantly, but he also sensed that something was wrong. After the light red Bing-fire element entered his body and was about to fuse with the Bing-fire magic in his body, the Ding-fire magic beside the Bing-fire magic suddenly emitted a dull blue light, building a protective layer around the Bing-fire magic. Even though the Bing-fire element was absorbed into his body, it couldn’t fuse with the Bing-fire magic in his body, and he could only helplessly watch the element disperse again.

“Don’t waste your strength. Noon is not suited for you and Bi Su to cultivate. Ding-fire magic is best cultivated during the night, but you are Bing-Ding double fire. There are two times most suited for you to cultivate: one is during the evening when the sun sets in the west, the other is during the morning when the sun rises.”

The sudden voice woke Ji Dong up from his cultivation. When he opened his eyes, he could see Xia Tian in front of him. Only God knew when Xia Tian came to him, poking him and Bi Su with the rod in his hand. “Ji Dong, you can go and eat lunch. Bi Su, you can go back to teacher Qiu Tian, she will start teaching you how to cultivate Ding-fire magic.”


Chapter 16: Double fire with cultivating 

"Only then in the evening and early morning suits?"Ji Dong surprised looks at Xia Tian (summer), in mind flash of intuition, "you meant, sooner or later the Yin-Yang will take turn, is Third Fire and Fourth Fire balanced time?"

Then was one's turn Xia Tian (summer) to be surprised, nodded, said: "You are very intelligent. So. However, sooner or later balanced Yin-Yang time also only then very short half double-hour. But you only then the cultivation in this altogether one time of double-hour can have the effect. Why this is also Yin-Yang two departments the important reason that is hard to cultivate. Pure Third Fire department most suits the cultivation besides a noon double-hour, other time also same can cultivation, but the effect slightly misses, but you are not good, you only then that short time. Therefore, your 32 times of effort is not easy to achieve. Goes. This afternoon you did not need to attend class, these days main course was helps everyone awaken own attribute."

"Thanks Teacher."Ji Dong the physical strength restored a point at this time, sets out to depart with Bi Su together, Bi Su cultivates eagerly, returned to that side Fourth Fire department to go directly, after Ji Dong went to the cafeteria to eat a thing, returned to his independent dormitory.

Regarding Ji Dong, all just started, today when Bi Su blocks him the performance has given him not small shock, making him fully understand, in this was in the Yin-Yang Mage world not to have the strength is sorrowful. Lifted handles gently caresses the left chest, in the heart has several points to haggle over, the daily time was precious, besides early morning and evening, regarding oneself, the there is still one place can cultivation similarly, that was earth core that Empress Lie Yan was. There also similarly is the earth core lake. So long as rational distribution time, will not have a waste. Lie Yan (raging flames) has said that every day can go to there to cultivate three double-hour.

Thinks of here, after he arrives at bar immediately, mixed one glass of cocktails with total concentration. After the mixture had ended, he has not poured into the liquor the wine glass, even has not opened the shaker cover for a jar. The right hand according to own left chest that Red Lotus position, has sent out the summon to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Light warming up spreads from the Ji Dong left chest place, spreads in a flash the whole body, finally the circulation to the both feet, flows from the foot heart place. Strange appeared, Ji Dong sees only red lotus flower flower petal to stretch a piece by piece from own under foot, looks like lazy stretches oneself general, then this flower petal is curling up piece by piece slightly, wraps his body. When last piece of flower petal cling his body, his whole person is a huge red lotus flower flower bud is likely common. This gentle red light has not sent out the slightest bit fluctuation of energy, the ray flashes, vanished in the room quietly.

With previous time was sent to the feeling of earth core to be completely different by Omnidirectional Random Transmission Scroll, this time, Ji Dong has not felt any feeling of crash, he thought own whole body is warm, comfortable of not being able saying that Third Fire magic power and Fourth Fire magic power of chest place also slightly shone.

The red has isolated his line of sight, felt that is only time that several times breathe, red became transparent, that blazing fiery-red world once more presents in the line of sight. Just, this time he does not stand in that scoop channel, but is falls directly to the earth core lake from airborne.

That does not know that the temperature has the multi- terrifying earth core magma, previous time still he must be roasted on hundred meters high hole wall ripe, if this falls down, to unravel directly? When Ji Dong is surprised, suddenly felt that periphery the scenery stagnates quietly, that package his Red Lotus flower changed into a huge red air bubble to have his body float when the magma above dozens meters places, first time has not arrived here that incomparably scalding hot feeling. This Red Lotus led earth core him incessantly again, directly has isolated also the high temperature for him.

"Had a scare."Lie Yan's sound resounds, Ji Dong turns head to look when does not know, Lie Yan (raging flames) appeared side him, moreover in this red air bubble.

Although is not first meeting, but said goodbye her, shock in Ji Dong heart did not have the slightest bit to drop as before. Is a red skirt, both hands grasps before the body as before, the long hair builds in the left chest like wipes the beat the flame, the white and tender slender finger shaker has referred to toward Ji Dong both hands were holding, "this gives me?"

Ji Dong nodded, after shaker twisted off, has handed over, "I feared that here evaporated again. Therefore has not poured in the cup."

Lie Yan (raging flames) received shaker, "thanks, Little Ji Dong. You must start to cultivate."

"How do you know?"Ji Dong visits her surprisedly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) mysterious smiles, "this is the secret."At the same time was saying, that red air bubble led them to arrive at hole wall the hollow place of that day, how has not seen Lie Yan (raging flames) to strike an attitude, she has separated from the air bubble, that floats in the midair.

"Do not waste the time, your day of three double-hour can here. To depart, only needed saying that to me according to your chest front Red Lotus said goodbye, Red Lotus will deliver you to go back voluntarily."

Ji Dong said: "Can my these three double-hour separate?"

Lin Yan said: "Naturally. Arrived three double-hour, if you did not have, Red Lotus voluntarily will also deliver you to depart. What good wine let me taste Little Ji Dong to take to my today."

At the same time was saying, she raises head drinks lightly, the liquor fluid in crystal flagon is the cream color, seems looks like the rich cow's milk.

Ji Dong slightly somewhat anxious looks at the Lie Yan (raging flames) light sips good wine, the cocktail that this time he mixes and obviously was recently different. When previous time he mixes Midnight Sunlight for Yang Bingtian the heart is flooding the mood of feeling grateful, then, this time specially is the Lie Yan (raging flames) mixture, is another emotion. The same material, mixes in the situations of different mood, the flavor/smell will have very big difference. Outstanding Bartender, will certainly be good at injecting own emotion to the good wine that in oneself mix. When mixes this glass of liquor, in the Ji Dong heart floods, only then that intense admiration, does not have the slightest bit impurity.

"Wu......"Lie Yan (raging flames) looked at Ji Dong, shows a faint smile, "this glass of liquor are not quite as if same as previous that cup of feelings! Little Ji Dong, you are really outstanding Bartender. Can tell me its name."

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Chapter 17: Pinnacle Two Fires

In Li Fire School, Ji Dong started on the rule, tranquil even has been the somewhat arid life. Every morning cultivates half double-hour in time of that Yin-Yang connection, after the breakfast, starts the daytime curriculum, learns Yin-Yang Mage various knowledge, to the evening, has practiced half double-hour again, is Yang Bingtian mixes one glass of cocktails. After having had the dinner, he returns to the room to be again Lie Yan (raging flames) mixes one glass of liquor, bringing the liquor to go to earth core, starts the most important three double-hour to cultivate. The repeat in cycles of rule.

Since was stimulated after by Zhu Gui, somewhat effeminate Bi Su big vigorous and healthy Carl invests the complete body and mind into the cultivation during, even has not arrived at Ji Dong here to drink again. But two people progressive speeds truly are extremely also fast, not only first becomes Level 1 Apprentice, the quality that but also demonstrates in various aspects is among the best in the first grade, is next to Zhu Gui.

Regarding Ji Dong, Teachers not many attention, even if Yang Bingtian is also only occasionally asks situation that he cultivates how. Ji Dong is naturally impossible to expose itself at the matter of earth core lake cultivation, optional being perfunctory. Therefore, no one knows his concrete cultivation and cultivation degree.

In an instant, is time of school year passes, must to the end of the period test time. "Lie Yan (raging flames)." The hand caresses the chest front, Ji Dong summons the name that made him be lost in a reverie once again. Familiar Red Lotus curls up quietly, wraps his body to vanish in the room.

Such process Ji Dong experienced more than 300 times, familiar cannot be familiar again. Flame world all as before, Red Lotus changes into the air bubble to support the body of Ji Dong.

"You came."Be with smile on the face Lie Yan (raging flames) received the cocktail in Ji Dong hand, but Ji Dong is only nodded, the vision throughout has not actually left her appearance.

Near one year passes, Ji Dong can see the Lie Yan (raging flames) time every day truly, only then such short flickers, after receiving his liquor, Lie Yan (raging flames) will leave, making him cultivation voluntarily. More than 300 days and nights, in the Ji Dong heart to that admiration of Lie Yan (raging flames) not only has not dropped, instead becomes is even more strong. Although he really does not understand Lie Yan (raging flames), even every day and Lie Yan (raging flames) conversation also several words it's that simple, in cocktail that but he mixes every day, emotion compared with the previous day of richer several points. Ji Dong does not know whether Lie Yan (raging flames) can feel this point, what he can affirm, own bartending skill restored over 50% of previous generation, if not because the liquor and previous generation of this world are somewhat different, will restore the degree to be only higher. But Lie Yan (raging flames) has also been very satisfied to his liquor, has never raised the objection.

"This glass of liquor called Gently Blowing Sea Breeze, the taste assumed the wavilness. Attacks actually the uninterrupted feeling. " the
Ji Dong convention was introducing to Lie Yan (raging flames) good wine that today mixes.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is listening to his narration, while is tasting this cup of Gently Blowing Sea Breeze slowly, among two people had already formed the tacit understanding. In the explanation of Ji Dong the wine- tasting is being the Lie Yan (raging flames) pleasure, but narrated for this perfect rare beauty, looks she drinks for the good wine that she mixes little also similarly is the joy of Ji Dong. When he noticed when flavor/smell in Lie Yan (raging flames) because of liquor has the look change, satisfaction that in the Ji Dong heart can unable to say.

When narration of Ji Dong finished, in cup liquor already completely, in the Ji Dong routine preparation was delivered to the hole wall place by Lie Yan (raging flames) starts to cultivate, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually opens the mouth.

"Little Ji Dong, tomorrow is just before the end of your first school year. Are you preparation amaze the world with a single brilliant feat at the end of the period test?"Lie Yan (raging flames) gives back to Ji Dong the cup, is smiling asking.

Actually, present Ji Dong and one year ago compared in a big way already many, naturally did not refer to the age, this year cultivation, making him be separated from emaciated of originally completely, although not like Carl big vigorous and healthy, but seemed is also an ordinary 11 - year-old youngster. The body grew, the bronze flesh has been full of the health gloss, the school standard male student short hair, the vision was to become firm, calm, fiery. Although is not handsome, but his calm makings are very easy to make the impression on the person.

Ji Dong has gawked, "how you know that I can conduct the end of the period test tomorrow?"

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "actually, all your I know. Red Lotus can deliver to here you incessantly and delivers you to go back, in the meantime, it is also my eyes. This was I once to you have said the secret."

Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, "so that's how it is. No wonder."Recalled when first time comes to here prepares to cultivate Lie Yan (raging flames) to know, originally she will have been paying attention to herself.

"You have not answered my issue."Lie Yan (raging flames) faintly scolded. Pretty appearance Ji Dong of this blame first time saw, can say, sees Lie Yan (raging flames) time, after is he arrives at this world , the willpower weakest time. "Amazes the world with a single brilliant feat I not to think actually, I only want to try hard to cultivate, soon will become true Yin-Yang Mage."

Lie Yan (raging flames) looking pensive said: "Do you long to the strength?"

Ji Dong said: "Yes, I long for that the formidable strength, without the strength, in this world anything is not. Moreover, since I have chosen this occupation, then, I must achieve well. Also for this reason will certainly pay completely diligently."

Lie Yan nodded, "this point I believe. Nearly one year, your daily cultivation actually I have watched. From your first time arrived here to cultivate to start, you never have wasted time, cultivates that double-hour the effect to be better on dozens times in three double-hour of my cultivation compared with you in the ground freely, you never have also given up that time cultivation. 300 days, this insist really rarely. Also has drunk you one year of liquor, if you in intending to your school schoolmates' the vision, then, my a little thing can teach you. Can have very big advantage to your future cultivation."

"Do you want to teach me?"Ji Dong pleasantly surprised asking. In his heart joyful to having 80% is not because Lie Yan (raging flames) must teach his thing, because can have more time to see Lie Yan (raging flames). Only visits her, hearing her voice, the internal secretion of Ji Dong obviously to accelerate. Although not like the first disgraced class nosebleed, but that indescribable being enchanted by can be said as Ji Dong this school year the only entertainment. Even if cultivates is arid and is laborious, see above so long as one side Lie Yan (raging flames), his heart will be firmer several points. A moment ago what he had not said that pursues a formidable strength important reason because of Lie Yan (raging flames), he knows, present are how regardless of not to be joined to Lie Yan (raging flames), must grow stronger, when he becomes and Lie Yan (raging flames) is equally formidable, he has truly pursues her qualifications. But the cultivation into Yin-Yang Mage is he now only road.

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Chapter 18: End of the period inspection

Has not known how long, Ji Dong sobered from the lethargic sleep, when he opens both eyes, discovered oneself sit in hollow of hole wall. The whole person fell into a strange condition.

Ji Dong first feels, is not the change of magic power, but is in the vision. Takes a broad view to look, the front magma lake as if became clearer . Moreover, does not need to feel with the thought that but looked with eyes, he can distinguish easily in massive Third Fire Element and Fourth Fire Element that above this magma lake condensed, the blue and red two-color element ray gathered colored ribbons, splendid sight.

Moreover, in the magma the change of each air bubble, he can clear seeing, before the vision and compares, does not know that has promoted many times.

The vision is only part, innate six senses surpasses Ji Dong of average man to feel that the comprehensive promotion of oneself six senses, particularly the feeling of thought that is the enhancement of geometrical multiple.

When the mind recalls the stupor hears the guidance of Lie Yan (raging flames), that Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique immediately presents in the heart, in the meantime, his attention also fell above two departments magic power in oneself chest.

When cultivates at first, his Third and Fourth Two Fire departments magic power looks like two luminous spots of mung bean sizes, along with this year cultivation, these two luminous spots increased to the broad bean to be big, but when at this time his thought condensation to chest front, Ji Dong actually discovered that own two departments magic power from restoring to initial appearance, is the Level 1 Apprentice magic power degree, stated differently, the originally blue color and red luminous spot, actually turned into the golden color and black at this time.

"Is this seed of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire? Supreme Yang and Supreme Yin flame."Ji Dong is not depressed because of weakening of magic power, instead has filled excitedly, when sees this two-color flame from the Lie Yan (raging flames) hand, he felt the terrifying intensity of this pure energy implication. magic power can repair again, oneself can as before with one year restores to the standard of Level 4 Apprentice, but the flame of this source actually does not depend upon the cultivation to result in comes, can see these two types of flame from the change of body only the attributes is how formidable, Lie Yan (raging flames) may really give itself a big ritual!

"Lie Yan (raging flames), thank you."Ji Dong shouts in the direction of magma lake.

A bright has shot from the magma lake, has fluttered to Ji Dong in front of stops, at this time Ji Dong discovered that since will have protected his red guard shield not to appear unexpectedly again. But such in the earth core lake world, he as before had not felt that the slightest bit is scalding hot. Looks like is the same in own room, not warm is not cold.

That bright emptied the wine glass, Lie Yan's sound from resounds in all directions, "does not use surprisedly, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire are Fire Sovereign King, although you just fused with them, but you had certain resistance to the flame. Remembers me to teach your Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, after going back, can cultivation when the safe. Before not having enough strength, do not reveal Pinnacle Fire easily. Three double-hour arrived, you should also go back."

Red Lotus reappears, wraps the body of Ji Dong to return quietly. When he returns to oneself room, discovered that outside weather has brightened gradually, quickly to the time of his daily daybreak cultivating.

Returns the bar the wine glass, on the Ji Dong face reveals a light smile, in the heart the secretly thought, one year, Lie Yan (raging flames), did you finally start to accept me? I will certainly not disappoint you, in the future, I will only try hard.

Divine Yin-Yang Lock can, when is unable to absorb Yin-Yang magic power cultivates, at this time must start to cultivate two departments magic power. From Level 4 Apprentice by the striking back primary form, natural need many efforts was restored.

Sits cross-legged completes on the bed, when Ji Dong just from the beginning cultivated, immediately is surprised.

First, his thought slightly moves, own heart calmed down immediately, presents in compared with beforehand clear hundred times of Third Fire Element and Fourth Fire Element distribution his thought. Not only in the room, his thought even spread 30 meters away. When his thought just a appearance, in the chest that two fire seeds also slightly beat, two departments Fire Element in air was about than on the speed of several fold to come, to change into the one by one red and blue luminous spot toward his body racing wells up before immediately to drill into within the body.

However, making Ji Dong feel that what was strange, he absorbed the two departments Fire Element speed, although increased, but this two departments Fire Element after entering his body, actually immediately vanishes to disappear, not like in the past passed in the body the feeling of while toward the chest place condensing.

Lie Yan (raging flames) has not told him these two types of pinnacle flame and will have any difference before the cultivation, in Teacher that extremely exhaustive the teaching method with the school is clearly opposite. Perhaps, Lie Yan (raging flames) is hopes that I comprehend. Ji Dong strengthens the absorption of thought to outside two departments element, while is pondering the change of flame silently. , Returned along with the feeling of past cultivation gradually, integrates Fire Element in within the body started slowly toward the chest fusion, Ji Dong has discovered mystery.

At this time he absorbed the outside Fire Element speed before be quicker than at least five times, but before effect actually, did not have what difference. But Ji Dong actually discovered that when this massive two departments Fire Element integrate oneself chest, although differs so much as to be beyond comparison with the quantity of absorption, but their colors are the same to chest front that two fire seeds, for golden color and black. As the matter stands, he faintly understood. Before, oneself Level 4 Apprentice two departments magic power is only the transformation became Level 1 Apprentice Pinnacle Two Fires. From magic power, shrank one-fourth, itself magic power intensity also with beforehand Level 1 Apprentice time did not have anything to distinguish, change was the attribute of flame. Thus it can be seen, after absorbing this massive Fire Element the magic power promotion speed had not actually changed, had proven oneself in absorbing their processes, massive Fire Element had been refined with Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire by oneself this Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, changes into after its same attribute Fire Element fuses. Therefore will before present itself to absorb the Fire Element speed is four times, situation that but the magic power promotion speed slightly has not actually changed.

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Chapter 19: Initially sees Zhu Tian 

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"Ji Dong, Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Level 1 Apprentice, inspects does not pass an examination."Xia Tian (summer) knits the brows to announce Ji Dong result, the disaffection in eye and disappointed is very obvious. Sits also slightly sighs in Ji Dong positive/direct Yang Bingtian, in the eye completely is the disappointed color/look. Although he also knows that Ji Dong wants to cultivate Yin-Yang Mage to be quite difficult, but since has used Crystal Crown to him, many places a hope, but looks like one year does not have the little advance at this time, numerous position Teacher look that the Ji Dong brow wrinkles, obviously, this way, Ji Dong cannot condense Yin-Yang Crown in any event.

Xia Tian (summer) solemnly said: "Good, the first-grade end of the period inspects, withdraws from the assembly hall according to the order, Ji Dong, you remain."

The first-grade students walked one after another, Bi Su and Carl walk in the rear, after the chairman's podium, they looked that somewhat worried to the Ji Dong vision. Stipulated according to Li Fire School, regardless of any age, the inspection unqualified person, will be persuaded to quit by the school. Because, does not inspect qualified, means that has not become the Yin-Yang Mage opportunity , to continue to study to get down is also the waste time. This involves the proportion the issue, as well as the reputation of school. Meanwhile, persuades to quit promptly to the student himself also has the advantage, after all, could not become Yin-Yang Mage can also study other things while young.

The first-grade students go out one after another, in assembly hall and stood Ji Dong on only remaining numerous position Teacher before chairman's podium.

Xia Tian (summer) arrives at side Ji Dong, solemnly said: "Ji Dong, the stipulation of school you should know. One year, the school has also given you best instruction, but you actually as before are unable to progress now. This only then two possibilities \; first, you do not have to cultivate in this year diligently, thus is unable to obtain the promotion of strength, another is your talent is really not suitable into Yin-Yang Mage. As your teacher in charge, which reason, I must carry on to persuade to quit processing to you."

Before yesterday evening, Ji Dong regarding today's inspection is confident, naturally has not considered this issue, when at this time Teacher Xia Tian made the decision that persuaded to quit to him, he somewhat gawked. The Li Fire School quality of teaching is quite good, this school year, he has learned many knowledge . Moreover, he does not hate to leave the school there is still one important reason, if left here, he also where has the financial resource to make one to have in the market the most good wine personal bar? Without the bar, is he also Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing?

If Dean Yang Bingtian drink mixing is his work, then, is Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing is he now the biggest desire.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong somewhat anxious saying: "Teacher Xia Tian, my effort, please again give me really an opportunity. Next school year inspection time, I can certainly through the inspection." Xia Tian (summer) knits the brows to shake the head, "Ji Dong, the person will have for a lifetime several times opportunities, since you have not grasped, the opportunity has missed. The school regulation is the iron type discipline. Since you cannot through the inspection, not have the again school the qualifications that continues to study. Your attribute balanced Yin-Yang, is not truly suitable to cultivate Yin-Yang Mage , to continue again, is only the waste time. Goes, goes back to pack the thing. Tomorrow I deliver you to leave the school. Perhaps, has a better road to suit you."

In this time, a somewhat sharp sound is practicing from the teacher on resounds, "Xia Tian (summer), a waste, you and do his many words do waste? Quickly asks him to leave, the also five grades wait for us to inspect."

Ji Dong looks to the direction that the sound conveys that is the middle- aged man who a year makes the forty years of age, look gloomy and cold, the skin is fair, the sound is incisive. Does not need to ask that he also knows, this surely is Fourth Fire department Teacher, before had not paid attention.

Xia Tian (summer) turns head to stare to that Teacher, discretion that "Teacher Liu Jun, please pay attention to speak. My student is not the waste."

Liu Jun wasn't snorted, "waste one year Level 1 Apprentice? Does not understand how really he was permitted the admittance. balanced Yin- Yang, this is hundred years of rare waste material! Could not find thanks to you."

"You......" the Xia Tian (summer) suddenly violent anger, his irritable temperament is a point, turns head to come up on the strategic place.

"Sufficed."Yang Bingtian has opened the mouth finally, waves to Xia Tian (summer), hints him to be calm, simultaneously the vision looks to that named Liu Jun Teacher, "Teacher Liu, the speech must pay attention to the discretion. What kind of student, since arrives at our Li Fire School study, is the member of school, inspects the result not to be good, is various reasons. Later I do not hope to hear the similar opinion again, we must respect each student."

Liu Jun resentful has not opened the mouth, the Yang Bingtian vision then changes Ji Dong, sighed slightly, was in front of these many Teacher, he wanted to practice favoritism is impossible to achieve, he has given Ji Dong that two Crystal Crown, it can be said that has made contribution, at this time this although finally in expected, but this Sir Dean is not willing to accept. Every day is drinking Ji Dong for the good wine that he mixes, not only became the custom, in the meantime, he also really liked this uncommunicative, has a child of drink mixing unsurpassed artistry.

"Ji Dong, this is the stipulation of school, hopes that you understood. You go back first."Although Yang Bingtian in the heart does not hope, but he is the same with Xia Tian (summer) feeling, making Ji Dong continue to keep the study only to be able again to be the waste time, let alone he through the inspection, other Teacher that passes/tests could not have passed. He had decided that after all inspections ended this school year enters the vacation, delivers Ji Dong to go to Bartenders Association, there should be the Ji Dong most suitable stage.

In this time, the gate of assembly hall was being shoved open suddenly, four people walked from outside.

"Who such does not have the custom."That Fourth Fire department Teacher Liu Jun is not having the place to vent, Li Fire School Teachers here, can only be a student who comes from outside.

Coming in truly is the student, but when Liu Jun sees when the forefront that person, his words of that reprimanding could not be justified immediately. On the face the look substituted for by the smiling face immediately. Instead is a Xia Tian (summer) brow wrinkle, solemnly said: "Who makes you come, does not know that now is the end of the period inspection? Zhu Tian, you are sixth-grade student, hasn't this custom understood?"

Four people who coming, three are Ji Dong is familiar, is Carl, Bi Su and Zhu Gui. But walks in the forefront, is a stature slender youth, seems the 16-17 years old appearance, handsome, at least has six phase splitting shapes with Zhu Gui. The whole person has to plant to make the special characteristics that one could not say, although was young, but during walks actually several twentieth day of the fourth or fifth lunar month line of vigorous and mighty strides feelings.

Chapter 20: Level 10 Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Apprentice

Three years later. In the evening.

Static sits cross-legged to sit well on the bed, the 14-year-old Ji Dong whole person seemed was maturer. 14-year-old he, the height was long close 1.7 meters, perhaps is the reason of barely escaping death, present he also appeared even more calm.

Three years of auditor has lived quite free, initially the Yang Bingtian decision made him remain, itself also has the selfishness, at least Ji Dong stays behind, he can continue to taste the good wine.

The auditors have the advantage of auditor, Ji Dong momentarily can arrive at Third Fire department or is the knowledge that Fourth Fire department audits itself to learn. Also has more time to be used to cultivate.

After he used both hard and soft tactics several times, three years ago the Lie Yan (raging flames) agreement makes him increase a double-hour in the time that the earth core lake stays. Since the three years, he has not wasted time as before.

Arrived at here fourth year soon to finish, in this Li Fire School, was actually everyone does not know that Ji Dong had sufficiently the astonishing strength.

His body, like an abyss of swallowing, the skin surface unceasingly is glittering the red and blue two-color ray, Third Fire Element and Fourth Fire Element in air crazy is emerging. But on his forehead, entire five complete Crown Star neat arrangements. Is the red and blue sparkles besides central Crown Star alternately, forehead left Crown Star is blue on, red this humble one, but right two Crown Star are red on, blue this humble one. Obviously, his left half body is primarily Fourth Fire department magic power, right half the body is primarily Third Fire department magic power. Then has accomplished so strange Crown Star. But the meanings of entire five complete Crown Star representatives only have one.

Level 10 Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Apprentice.

Yes, three years of assiduous cultivation, in addition in the time that the earth core lake increased, the Ji Dong strength had the considerable progress, took Lie Yan (raging flames) to donate his two fire seeds for the beginning, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire in some time ago had practiced the Level 10 Apprentice degree.

But three years ago such that agrees, originally is innately gifted Bi Su and Carl, some time ago had been reaching the similar altitude, starts to attack to the congealment of Yin-Yang Crown. As a result of two people of excellent performances, now already instructs to enter by Xia Tian (summer) and Qiu Tian (autumn) two Teacher separately closes up the condition, condenses belongs to their Yin-Yang Crown.

Compared with them, Zhu Gui has completed the condensation of own Yin-Yang Crown when the third-grade conclusion, in the meantime, she has not continued to stay in Li Fire School, made an exception to recommend for admission to school a higher school directly. It is said was her Elder Brother Zhu Tian went to same the high-grade Yin-Yang Mage school. Where as for went to specifically, Ji Dong they do not know.

Carl and Bi Su after Zhu Gui became the focal point of school, who will note Ji Dong this auditor? Even little raised the matter of cultivation including Yang Bingtian with Ji Dong. This old Dean is also sincere, proposed repeatedly must deliver Ji Dong to go to Bartenders Association. But was rejected by Ji Dong.

In the evening suited half double-hour of balanced Yin-Yang cultivation to finish quickly, Ji Dong opened both eyes, the eyeground flashes through together the light golden light. His vision falls above own both hands, the thought moves, immediately, since two flame brave from the palm separately.

What the left hand palm emits is blue Fourth Fire, the right hand palm braves is red Third Fire. One blue one red, extremely strange.

The Ji Dong look changed, the pupil of his left eye suddenly black is profounder, the right eye pupil turned into the golden color. In an instant, the makings of whole person had the fundamental change, a Monarch pities the world the aura to release from the body.

Five Crown Star on his forehead also presented the change, the originally red is replaced by the golden color, the blue color was substituted by the black. The gold and black two-color ray enhances one another's beauty. Simultaneously changes the flame on also his hand.

Golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire is flooding the most Yang most Firm broad air/Qi.

Black Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire filled the most Yin most Supple haze to be profound.

The ray flashes, the gold and black two colors retreat quietly, changed into formerly red and blue. Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique hides quietly Ji Dong this Pinnacle Two Fires.

So-called Divine Yin-Yang Lock, controls own magic power attribute way by own thought actually. In the magic power source invariable situation, reduces their Yin-Yang attribute, flame of output only then ordinary Third and Fourth two departments magic power such effect. Thus does not expose weaknesses. This without doubt is a very useful ability, is used to hide the strength to be good.

It not only can control the flame attribute, even can also control the magic power size of Ji Dong release, in five Crown Star, Ji Dong wants to be released several levels of abilities by oneself now, can achieve. Crown Star on forehead will also change. Even also after later condenses Yin-Yang Crown similarly can control oneself manifest strength the degree to confuse the match.

Takes back the flame, on the Ji Dong face reveals a satisfactory smile, arrived here four years, finally can make great strides forward to the true Yin-Yang Mage level, Lie Yan (raging flames) said yesterday that tonight I should be able to condense Yin-Yang Crown. For a long time has not presented in anticipation feeling full hearts, but, before earth core, he had not forgotten that first is Yang Bingtian adjusts one glass of good wines. Has complied with the matter must achieve. Not only this good faith, is the criterion that he cultivates the behavior.

Carries the wine glass, Ji Dong is coming to outside the Yang Bingtian office, knocked on a door.

"Ji Dong, comes." The Yang Bingtian vigorous voice resounds. Ji Dong then pushes the door to enter, before arriving at the Yang Bingtian desk, has put down the wine glass.

Yang Bingtian looks up to him, slightly somewhat is in a daze, the four years ago children have grown into the fine-looking youngster now, for four years, are the same time send the mixture every day the good wine, even if are when he falls ill is no exception. Only this toughness and insisted that is far from the contemporaries may compare.

"Dean Yang, I exited." After Ji Dong puts down the wine glass, defers to the convention and Yang Bingtian greets prepares to depart.

"Ji Dong, you wait a moment."Yang Bingtian set firm resolve to resemble likely.

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Your also what matter?"

Yang Bingtian sighed, "Ji Dong, you came the school also already four years. Also has adjusted four years of liquor for me. But I am not actually able to complete the initial commitment, helping you become true Yin- Yang Mage. Cannot delay again you, you go back to pack the thing, after this semester had ended, I send you to Bartenders Association. Cannot, because my selfish ruined your future."

Ji Dong gawked, on face has revealed a smile, "this was my choice, I liked here, will remain."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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