Jiu Shen Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Phoenix dance ** male cone

In the ground struck off four limbs の stone Dalei to lie down there, both sides do not need to be many, Viscount stone led under two masters insane as の to clash.:

Ji Dong simply has not looked at that two Third Fire department のmiddle-aged people, with is Yang Fire, although these two people also be higher than him on magic power level. But actually at all impossible becomes any threat to other party. In front of the Heigo positive ceremonial
fire, their の magic skill to Ji Dong, has not been ** の help, is unable in armor by Vermilion Bird to cause any damage to Ji Dong. When like formerly that Ninth Water department Two-Crown Mage の attacked Ji
Dong magic power by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, the magic
power impact on の Vermilion Bird armor by Ji Dong with ease was blocked to be the same.

Before treading, bombardment, Scorching Sun Bite.

The golden flame condenses instantaneously, Ji Dong most skilled の
that tries.

Facing unknown の golden color flame, although Viscount stone himself is Fifth Earth department, but magic power in the air/Qi of の Supreme Yang by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire slightly was suppressed several points. Similarly is one rumbles, only magic power also similarly condenses on his fist, the Four-Crown rank の strength appear here moment, the air obviously became sincere/heavy several points, when that
** the ray condensed when Viscount stone on the fist, his の entire fist has wrapped one ** crystal の. The back Fifth Earth Divine Beast silver big bird shape の sky appears outrageously, rushes the の magic power fluctuation to make the air produce a series of の to vibrate. The ground exaggerated on one ** misty の brilliance.
Can dominate person of the side not to be unusual. The Ji Dong look concentrates, soon instantaneously once more will promote several points in opposite party collision の magic power in Scorching Sun Bite, chose as
before has bumped hardly. Fire department magic skill heavy imposing
manner. Crushes the match to make his in the imposing manner not have the strength to hit back. This is why these level are not lower than the のmatch often not to display any magic skill thoroughly to be suppressed the
の important reason him.

The double fist clashes, dazzling の Supreme Yang Fire explodes instantaneously, during fierce の collides, two people of の fists mount in the same place. Ji Dong の body fierce の shook, on the face surged one group of courage vigor, but actually actually half did not draw back, has
withstood Viscount stone forcefully that big 40 multistage の magic power.

Four-Crown magic power, can cause strength of oneself world to use, but with the strength, should not be much greater than Three-Crown in the might. However, in front of Ji Dong, Viscount stone can borrow の magic
power quite to be limited. The air likely was burnt by Third Wu Primordial
Yang Holy Fire, all elements were cut off forcefully, before two people collide の flash, Viscount stone の magic power weakened several points.

In addition on the Ji Dong right hand has the の Sun and Moon double splendor glove to own の amplification, as well as he had been soaked in the の powerful の body as well as Vermilion Bird by dragon blood armor の defensive power, under this front impact, on magic power, although has eaten invisible losses as before, but Ji Dong has not actually retroceded.

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire is overbearing, two people of fists mount shortly after the same place, Viscount stone on fist that ** crystal のmagic power is similar to the snow and ice is melting immediately
generally, the terrifying の quantity of heat also made him call out pitifully, although の stimulated to movement own magic power to pour into the fist vigorously, but that ** the potential of crystal の melting has not actually weakened the の trend.

magic power is unable to suppress the match, Ji Dong の item of の is very simple, must be crushes by oneself の Pinnacle Fire the match. Does not have what thing is impossible combustion の , Earth department, although has restrained to Fire department, can restrain this Supreme Yang
Fire? So long as Viscount stone の main body by the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire contamination, even if his の magic power is stronger Ji Dong also completely to have the restraint の assurance.

At this moment, making Ji Dong not think that the の situation appeared.

That two 30 multistage の Third Fire department magicians have not moved the attack to him, Viscount stone the の movement is quick, when he and Ji Dong の fist collides in together, each other when confronts, the back two people followed. They simultaneously lift oneself の right hand, intense の Third Fire lays out directly, the goal is actually not Ji Dong, but is Viscount stone behind の.

Puff two light sounds, when that two middle-aged person の are in charge when Viscount stone carries on the back, in an instant, Viscount stone that originally was melted most の Fifth Earth department magic
power to flaming greatly, originally の ** the crystal also transforms, for the red crystal color/look, Ji Dong only thought that greatly has the intense の shake on the fist to transmit from Viscount stone suddenly, his の body is similar to the shell is rumbled to fly immediately generally.

The の mutation no one has thought suddenly. The secret look concentrates, immediately pursues to Ji Dong is rumbled to fly the の body, but comes back in の that youth eyes to reveal the surprised color/look with
Viscount stone together once more. Thought aloud that の said: "Fire clay two departments combination skill."

Viscount stone on the face reveals one to grin fiendishly. "Good, is fire clay two departments combination skill. **"

At the same time was saying, his whole person の body as if becomes the big several points, the back の Fifth Earth Divine Beast sky, illusory shadow becomes congealing reality several points, on the whole person has covered red ** the dual-color brilliance, both hands about grasping in the same place, the red crystal color/look quick condensation, the の time turned into a huge の geode terrifying の energy to make the surrounding
の air present in fierce の suddenly the water leakage undulation twist, in the eye the ray bloomed, the anger exclaimed: "Certain Kill Skill, the fire clay crack kills artillery"

The bang, that huge の geode has the fierce の distortion ray to bloom suddenly, the huge の fluctuation of energy made the sky as if turn into the red, the geode flew just like shell racing Beihong generally really の Ji Dong and pursues の cloud Tianji to go.

The hot raw soil, that two Fire department Mage play the の function fuses own magic power and Viscount stone. Produces getting angry raw soil の results, thus made Viscount stone have far own strength の formidable
magic power and skill temporarily. Why this is also side Viscount stone
leads の these two people are being Third Fire is ** の important reason. Under two Fire department Mage の amplifications, through the hot raw soil の five elements mutual promotion of the five elements principle, Viscount stone blows out the の striking power at this time, is not inferior in Five-Crown Mage.

This is the combination skill の formidable place. However, even if two departments combination skill. Also is not that easy success の. Saw that looks own の eldest son の appearance, Viscount stone then came up to use itself to press the bottom の skill barely alive.

The Ji Dong の body vanished after the institute and backyard connected の wall at this time, formerly Viscount stone magic power increased to rumble actually into his の body in the courtyard wall, everywhere is the
dust and soil. But Viscount stone can actually feel that his の aura exists, this is strikes the Certain Kill Skill earth crack to kill the artillery to pursue two to go.

Real の quilt, hit, Ji Dong clouds the secret, died absolutely not entire corpse.

But blows out oneself の two departments to combine Certain Kill Skill Viscount stone simultaneously, after that crack の dust, the Ji Dong low and deep の sound instantaneously becomes spirited, "phoenix dance ** male cone."

Resonant の phoenix cry resounds through the world, all dust vanish to disappear in the flash unexpectedly, as if complete quilt

The giant phoenix shape golden red pointed cone from that courtyard wall crack, was having Fengming's resonant upfront on hard the attack of Viscount stone.

Although the Ji Dong person was rumbled to fly, was shaken enormously, but, he eventually is not ordinary Mage. The injured magic power weapon Sun and Moon double splendor helped his hell part of striking power, in the meantime, in Vermilion Bird of his within the body armor displayed the tyrannical defense capability, wanted to invade magic power of Ji Dong within the body to melt the major part, in addition he senior by dragon blood has soaked the system. It seems he shelled flew, the wound that may in fact he receive is not heavy.

The azure clothes person shouted fire clay two departments combination skill time, in the Ji Dong heart also similarly has such consciousness. He in most in a short time has made however the quickest response, can face Viscount stone only then the response of attack.

In that is flooding in chaos incantation, Vermilion Bird changes shows instantaneously, clouds the secret broke through the dust time, happen to saw that behind Ji Dong the white pair of wings stretches, at the same time, the radiant golden red ray jumps from the Vermilion Bird bracelet in Ji Dong right hand wrist/skill instantaneously, the eclipse date phoenix Huo'er soaring, rushing Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire instantaneous and Ji Dong fusion was one. Then left that has struck, local scenery ** male cone.

This is the envy in the Vermilion Bird hole ** and Huo'er coordination cultivates the skill that becomes, initially encountered ** after dawn chases down, Ji Dong realized the insufficiency in oneself strength. The strongest skill that he can use is Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill bans 1100 without doubt, ** male cone. However, has reason that his own magic power is insufficient, wants to display this to strike. Needs to gather the strength for a long time. Used to make a bet actually indifferently, but is facing in the battlefield of enemy truly, will the match the time gather the strength to him?

Under the direction of Vermilion Bird, Ji Dong and Huo'er coordinate. Trained this to strike. Original Ji Dong also strengthens itself by this to Certain Kill Skill ** the understanding of male cone, but Vermilion Bird makes Huo'er leave with him together, at this time, in the emergence, Huo'er felt the Ji Dong danger, awakened voluntarily. A person of phoenix regard is interlinked, left this has struck. Ji Dong own magic power is insufficient, but in the situation that Vermilion Bird changes, he can also boil up the Four-Crown rank the strength, in addition Huo'er Rank 4 magic power. Two superimpose, had enough has displayed ** magic power of male cone.

The flash that Flame Sovereign King that huge form and Ji Dong fuse, Huo'er drills into directly, attaches on Ji Dong, fuses in own magic power and Ji Dong together, with is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, superimposes under the amplification, displays Ji Dong ** the gathering strength time that the male cone requires cancels thoroughly. Moreover, after ** the male cone leaves, besides Flame Sovereign King proud, but also left the Fire Phoenix Vermilion Bird aura.

The fire clay crack kills the artillery to phoenix dance ** male cone.

Without a doubt, fire clay two departments combination skill of Viscount stone is quite formidable, but, he faces. Actually inherited Flame Sovereign King deep meaning the complete magic power overlay of female of eclipse date phoenix work Ji Dong and Vermilion Bird of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire.

Fire clay fusion , is just the ordinary fire and earth. Then defends Earth department Mage including Level 59, ** Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill that the positive school second place Ji Yifeng authority defense is unable to withstand, so is easy to resist?

The golden red great awl with that crystal red crystal stone hits in the same place instant, entire Viscount stone in Mansion, ascends immediately an unprecedented fierce flame.

The golden red brilliance assumes to diffuse, changes into an eye- catching brilliance to proliferate. Everything in the object by that golden red ray contamination, the fierce combustion, this ray had been spread all 200 meters in diameter, gradually desalinates. Two entire Viscount stone the most area of Mansion was covered by this golden red.

Even if faces complementary waves the cloud secret, spells to try to stimulate to movement senior Ninth Water magic power, resists the attack of this golden red fluctuation reluctantly. But two step crystal stones in his hand actually because completely magic power exhausts to be stave, his own magic power is also not much left, body were many burned black.

Giant fire clay two departments magic power congealed the red crystal stone that became already quietly to vanish, Viscount stone and his two accomplices were also same as that crystal stone, vanished in the air thoroughly, even has not stayed behind including the ashes. Moreover, formerly these with the male servant who Viscount stone came back together, the ground first half refused stubbornly on the live stone big rock pile as well as the stretcher the similarly barely alive stone small rock pile, by that golden red ray contamination, was being burnt in the pitiful yell sound completely fiercely.

Does not live shortly.

Strikes, but strikes, has solved all problems. Comes back with Viscount stone together, only also living the person only has one, is that azure clothes youth. At this time, his body glitters is being similar to the emerald gorgeous green brilliance, the dense ray covers the whole body, that golden red flame has not attacked on him.

The Ji Dong personal appearance shows, his complexion appears somewhat pale, during the transnational ruins, return is a piece of everybody surround in the institute. Just entered into, wa'ed, he has spouted a blood. ** First is fluctuating obviously fiercely.

Fire clay two departments combination skill has the extremely powerful might eventually, in addition formerly dashing, Ji Dong displayed ** tallying that the male cone brought, making him get up in the internal organs.

But in spitting blood, the Ji Dong vision has not changed, is bringing ice- cold arrogant demeanor, is staring on that the youth of green ray sparkle. In his heart, the fight had not ended. On this sparkles the youth of green colored light glow to be likely more dangerous than Viscount stone. At this time, although the Ji Dong body is rocking. In Vermilion Bird armor also because of displaying ** the consumption of male cone vanishes, but his magic power has not exhausted completely. After all, has the help of Huo'er, making the load that his own bears lighter much.

The azure bright ray ascends from that youth together, somewhat is caught off guard at the Ji Dong degree of reaction, sees only azure light flashes, that azure bright ray appeared on him. Is jumping in the Ji Dong preparation own pinnacle flame resists, he presently, this green colored light glow hostility, the cool aura has not actually been infiltrating his body, in the ache of internal organs reduced immediately, ** the disorder that because the positive vortex formerly massively consumed also returns to normal.

Chapter 102: The medicine medicine must the dying sickness, money cross being predestined friends person

What's all this about? Ji Dong has gawked slightly. Said that reading performs, but the hostility in eye actually and to vanish, magic skill that azure clothes person displays is Wood department treatment class magic skill is clearly right. Moreover the effect accompanies green colored light glow to integrate within the body gradually, Ji Dong only thought that the vigorous vitality/angry emerges, the originally not very heavy injury medicine does not recover, recovered magic power.

The wood lights a fire, under the cure technique function of Wood department, his magic power also restored several points. "Don't you revenge for Viscount stone?"Ji Dong solemnly said.

The azure clothes person shows a faint smile, very natural say/way \;
"Why do I want to revenge for him? He is any thing."

Ji Dong this time has gawked, has not waited for him in the opens the mouth, that azure clothes person then said \; "could it be and he arrived here together, am I certainly his subordinate? You knew that itself has the issue. I am only a doctor. Is he asks me to come for his son to treat." The vision goes to changed into one group of golden red flame to lose the sound the stretcher, shrugs the shoulders, very not in the say/way of righteousness
\; "Now looked like has no need."

Ji Dong coldly said \; "You is a doctor, is the doctor of helping a tyrant do evil." The azure clothes person is not angry, shows a faint smile saying: "I am only a doctor, who can give money, I give who treats. I had not said is a good person. Others said that I put out a hand for the coffin, die to ask for money."

Calls out in alarm from Ji Dong resounds, "are you that die the asking for money highly skilled doctor?"

The secret goes out from Ji Dong, stands side him, looks that in the azure clothes person eyes has been full of the color/look of shock.

Smiling that the azure clothes person self-ridicules, "looks like my also fame."He refers to more and more prosperous flame that periphery has burnt, "here seems not the speech place, how do we change a place?"

The secret to Ji Dong nodded, said near his ear in a low voice: "This dies the asking for money highly skilled doctor to be quite famous in the horizon city, was known as: The medicine medicine must the dying sickness, money being predestined friends person. The recognizing money of becoming famous does not recognize people. But he is a good person, big good person."

"Recognizes money not to recognize people good person?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

clouds secret said with a forced smile: "His also problem, is likes throwing money. Treats an illness the money to the person making, every day brings to throw playing. Place that but he throws, many are the slum areas. Dies the asking for money highly skilled doctor is the aristocrats gets up to him. In the poor mouth, he is ten thousand lives Buddha. What is funniest, for this fellow does not break the rule that oneself die to ask for money, the poor sees a doctor, frequently first arrives at others entrance to throw money play, then makes the common people draw cash to ask him to see a doctor, gains. Even also earnest giving change. In the secret city, he is also considered as the big different kind. Viscount stone such person does not dare to offend him."

The muscle on Ji Dong face has affected, "strange fellow, walks." Saying, he takes the lead, leading cloud Tianji to walk following the old route outward. Strange saying that regardless of burns the how fierce flame, so long as Ji Dong walks, immediately yields and withdraws, approaches without any wisp of flame to his body in five chi (0.33 m). cloud Tianji wants the under foot with about, a issue will not have. But that dies the asking for money highly skilled doctor green colored light glow of quite to be also mysterious, has not seen him to release ** Yang Crown, but can similarly the resistance flame. Even if the flame burns to him on that matter ray place, revolves to circle, actually cannot invade.

Looks at that raging flame, clouds secret eyes once more ** sleek/moist, in heart silently typical \; The elder sister you saw, Viscount stone the destruction, your Brother hatred/enemy has given you to report. The elder sister walks, I well will certainly be living. If there is a next life, I must be your Elder Brother, thinks that you look after my such, considers your entire life.

In an instant, three people in Mansion walked from Viscount stone, just outside a main entrance, saw has encircled the massive common people, is directing in the surroundings is saying anything, but actually nobody helps to put out a fire. It can be imagined, Viscount stone in secret city was what kind of person.

Saw that three people in Mansion went out , the people that surrounded from Viscount stone have gawked first, receives next life one to make the Ji Dong three people everyone not think.

Common people shout suddenly loudly: "This Viscount stone the person in mansion died, how a person has not walked! Brother, do in you see come out excellently?"At the same time was saying he also asked to side another common people.

That common people looked at one Ji Dong three people, first has gawked, but quick responded. "Yes! How a person does not have. Is everybody had not noticed that some people have come out?"

"Had not seen that hadn't seen"response sound continuously gets up. The common people have even turned around, back to Ji Dong they, one by one looking up, regarded the air to treat the Ji Dong three people completely.

Ji Dong and cloud Tianji look at each other one, in the eye the ray reveals for several points joyfully, at least he understands, all that today make are correct.

Quick, three people go out of people range, clouds that the secret said to Ji Dong: "Today the big enmity must report, is lucky the master to assist, the master please receive me to do obeisance."Saying, him was leaving the Ji Dong two steps quickly, knelt down to the ground.

Ji Dong holds the cloud secret, has not made him kneel, "I have said that your life is only you yourself and your older sister, is not me. Now the enmity reported that if your older sister is also living, certainly hopes that you can become outstanding, happy joyful life, but is not the personhood servant."

cloud Tianji said resolutely: "Elder sister, if knows that I know graciousness not to report, perhaps will die with injustice unredressed, my intent has decided that even if the master does not want me, I also continuously with you, till that day of dying."

", With him, you can definitely become outstanding, happen to can also repay a debt of gratitude."What speech is that azure clothes person, on the face has several points of dissolute uninhibited happy expression to stand side Ji Dong. Gives the thumbs-up to the cloud secret, "choice with him, absolutely will be you best future, I will support you."

Ji Dong coldly has swept azure clothes person one eyes, "our matters with do not ask you to mix."

Azure clothes person said with a forced smile: "Your how this, I may help you a moment ago, and has not received money with you, the first manner free medical treatment, was disregarded since birth unexpectedly." Ji Dong said \; "I am useless you to treat for me, is you yourself wants.
Since you do not help a tyrant do evil to Viscount stone, you can walk."

"Does not walk"on azure clothes face to reveal a rascal look, "my also words have not said. You should hit not the short time a moment ago, was certainly hungry. Eats meal."At the same time was saying, he holds on the Ji Dong sleeves, pulls him to walk toward a nearby restaurant.

When Ji Dong brow big wrinkle, wants to cast off that azure clothes person, that azure clothes person spoke a few words suddenly in a low voice, the Ji Dong movement stopped in ##, was this free time of moment, he had been pulled has been walking into the restaurant, clouds that the secret naturally followed on the heels.

"Service person"azure clothes person calls one

The service people lead three people to arrive at two buildings, opened in a Nha to give three people. Azure clothes person no trace of politeness takes menu, fast has ordered eight dishes, this waving made the service person exit.

After entering the restaurant, in the Ji Dong eye has been revealing the ray of thinking, a moment ago that youth, only then the simple four characters that he said that but was these four characters actually has aroused the Ji Dong enormously interest, what the young people said: Extremely the wood of armor.

Itself has Pinnacle Two Fires Ji Dong to hear the similar pinnacle two characters, can not be attracted? Moreover formerly saw that azure clothes person that is similar to the emerald general gloss, in his heart has had the doubts, although First Wood department magic power is the azure, but will not present that radiant green. Although he is not familiar with Wood department magic power, but can distinguish. Moreover, after his Certain Kill Skill phoenix dance ** the male cone explodes magic power that produces is Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, clouds that side the secret, was he has controlled the complementary waves desirably, was pinnacle Yang Fire ** absorption, clouds the knowledge ordinary Third Fire complementary waves that the secret withstood were all right. But this azure clothes person withstands is actually true Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire. The fire to subdue|grams wood, he can the matter not have, ordinary First Wood can Mage achieve? Only if opposite party magic power has wanted above the Ji Dong 2 o level, has this possibility.

" Are you pinnacle First Wood? " Service person just exited, Ji Dong directly asked.

Azure clothes person sluggish saying with a smile of: " Worthily is the Third Fire disciple, really has to catch fire the general temperament. "

Ji Dong has gawked, " what Third Fire disciple?

The azure clothes person said with a smile: "We knew first, I called Yao Qianshu level First Wood Grandmaster."

"Money tree?"Ji Dong has gawked, but also is under the heart imposing, 42 levels? The present azure clothes person seems is about 20 years old, has been 42 levels of degrees, even if in Heavenly Stems School ** in the positive school, this was also the quite great achievement. Nearby cloud secret vision is to coagulate.

Yao Qianshu has coughed, "is not the money tree, my name is Yao, female, trillion Yao, modest is modest of modest and self-demanding gentleman, the book of book fair books."

"Listens to look like the money tree really very much."cloud Tianji mumbled one.

"I called Ji Dong, 32 levels of Fire department Great Master."What he said is Fire department, but is not Third Fire department. But at this time cloud secret and Yao Qianshu have not paid attention.

Yao Qianshu said: "Looks at your appearance also 15 and 6 years old, a moment ago you when striking to kill the skill that Viscount stone displayed to make me very surprised. Can find you, is not really easy! You do not need to be vigilant anything to me, we are a kind of person, is doomed to become the friend. Moreover, your pinnacle Yang Fire is I have been seeking painstakingly, later we were the brothers, if you did not mind, can call me a Big Brother."

Although in the name has a modest character, but he actually as if not know that what is modest, moreover was a face you have occupied my cheap appearance.

Ji Dong coldly said: "I minded very much. First, I and you do not have any relations, with you will not be a kind of person, the person on one's own side and so on. Next, I have not called others Big Brother’s custom."Cracks a joke, his actual mental age over 30 years old will, be called the Big Brother to a 20-year-old person?

"Uh"Yao Qianshu scratched the head, somewhat awkward say/way: "It seems like is I have not talked clearly words, you have not known your status. However this matter I can only say to you alone. This brothers, are you avoid?"At the same time was saying, he looks to nearby cloud secret.

cloud Tianji looks to Ji Dong, in eye reveals the meaning of inquiry.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Do you later really plan continuously with me?"

clouds secret without the slightest hesitation said: "Naturally, pledges to fight to the death to follow."

Ji Dong said: "Good, I did not ask your age. Later you is a my brother, do not call my master, asked me the name to be OK directly, agreed that my this condition you can stay behind, otherwise, I was determined to throw off your words, you are not willing to find me."

cloud Tianji has hesitated, said: "Good, in my you are my master."

Ji Dong this time looks to Yao Qianshu, "this is my brother, my secret before him can not be the secret. You can say."

clouds secret stare blankly, looks at Ji Dong. In his eyes were many anything, although Ji Dong not to him how, but, this trust sufficiently made the will of the people warm. Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "This is not good, we have the custom, is important."

Ji Dong beckons with the hand, said: "You can walk."

"You"Yao Qianshu look at Ji Dong, the complexion broke down immediately, usually is others asks him, but also has never seen the person like Ji Dong, a word does not gather must catch up with him immediately. May facing Ji Dong, he be undoable, for him, the appearance of Ji Dong was really too important.

"Good, good. I said and that's the end, but, this brothers" the sluggishness on Yao Qianshu face vanished, what replaces it is serious. The vision looks to the cloud secret, on face is somewhat ##

"I called the cloud secret."

"Good, Brother cloud Tianji, I hope that you all that should better then hear forgot, otherwise, does not have any advantage to you, once reveals, perhaps will have the fatal disaster."

"Master"cloud Tianji just said two characters, immediately welcomed the vision that Ji Dong coldly, immediately changes a statement \; "Ji Dong made me say that I said that did not make me say, my character will not say."

Yao Qianshu sighed, said: "Good, good. Has feared you. Ji Dong, have you heard the heavenly stems disciple four characters?"

"Ji Dong shakes the head, said: " Has not listened."

A azure bright ray spreads from Yao Qianshu, under the Ji Dong surprised gaze, this ray fills the air in each corner in Nha. Although Ji Dong could not see that Yao Qianshu must make anything. But actually indistinctly guessed correctly, this ray should have the isolation sound ability. Through this point, his strength to the Yao Qianshu estimated. Can control so degree magic power, moreover does not release ** Yang Crown, he self-examines could not have achieved. As if Yao Qianshu inspired First Wood Element in air to achieve such effect. Moreover, these First Wood Element condense pinnacle First Wood voluntarily, control in this way, obviously skill.

Chapter 103: Celestial stems disciple

Under magic power of Yao Qianshu release shines, in political elder brother Nha is recharging a strange feeling, the full of vitality surges, making one have the comfort of not being able to say.: Reorganization

"Celestial stems disciple is individual title."Yao Qianshu stern said: "On our Five Elements Continent, is separated period of long time every time, will present ten heavenly stems disciples. They are not the abilities that who teaches or is entrusts with. But appears voluntarily, judges the standard of heavenly stems disciple, is pinnacle magic power. For example, your pinnacle Third Fire and my pinnacle First Wood. Therefore I will formerly say, we are a kind of person. This point is without a doubt."

Ji Dong lightly said: "What you said is two pieces of Five Elements Continent, is single Light Five Elements Continent?"

Nearby cloud Tianji is perplexed, Yao Qianshu slightly stares, "do you know Light Five Elements Continent and Dark Five Elements Continent?"

Ji Dong nodded.

Yao Qianshu brows slightly wrinkled, said: "This regarding general Mage is very big secret. Where do you from listen? Do not say casually, otherwise one group of people will ask you to trouble. Looks at your age. You will not come out from there?" Ji Dong nodded, said again: "But, I now already and that place not any relations."

The Yao Qianshu thinking moment, said: "Your past matter I was not many asked that the heavenly stems disciple who I said a moment ago was our Light Five Elements Continent that referred. But existences of ten big disciples, actually aim at Dark Five Elements Continent."

Ji Dong said: "In other words, ten big disciples in your mouth have the various departments pinnacle attribute ten people?"

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: " Is so. The births of ten big disciples are long-standing, but this secret few people know. Generally speaking, each several hundred years, ten big disciples will have been born one time. After only then current one group of ten big disciples passed away completely, the ten big disciples of new generation will be born. cultivation base formidable Mage, the vitality far average person, our ten big disciples so, lives several hundred years is very normal. Probably 30 years ago, the ten big disciples of our new generation also started born. I for the First Wood disciple, but you are the Third Fire disciple. "

Ji Dong said: "Didn't you fear admitting mistakes person?"

Yao Qianshu said: "Is impossible to admit mistakes. Can innate have the pinnacle magic power person you to think how many can have? Our ten big disciples are unique existences."

Ji Dong lightly said: "Perhaps you found fault the person, I was not the disciple. The secret, we walk."

"?"Yao Qianshu has gawked, hurries a horizontal body, keeps off before two people, "Ji Dong, do not walk! could it be you do not believe words that I spoke?"

Ji Dong said: "It is not does not believe, I told you, I was not the disciple, my pinnacle flame innate came by no means that but will be the day after tomorrow cultivates." "Is impossible. Acme magic power that the day after tomorrow cultivates only if achieves Nine-Crown to be possible the appearance. You Three-Crown, only then innate has the pinnacle flame possibly to have such situation."

Ji Dong said: "I do not need to argue these with you, will not tell the way that you I cultivation, but I can definitely say, my pinnacle flame is cultivates to come, by no means innate obtained. Believes in you."

Saying, him was bypassing Yao Qianshu to push the door, the front surface ran into the waiter who served food, Ji Dong does not pay attention, having the cloud secret to go out of the hotel directly.

"Hey, hello, Ji Dong, you listened to me to say."Yao Qianshu has not lost heart, pursues from behind. "Ji Dong, even if you are not innate have the pinnacle flame, you are also same is a disciple. In our ten big disciples, only has Third Fire and Fourth Fire until now has not appeared. We have been seeking, is impossible to have the mistake, you are the only possibility. Even if you are the cultivation come, that is also because you have the talent. Ordinary Mage, who can cultivation Pinnacle Fire?"

Ji Dong coldly has swept his one eyes, "you are very annoying."Regarding the Yao Qianshu words, he does not believe, his Pinnacle Fire is the inheritance in Two Great Sovereign Kings, can be said as Lie Yan (raging flames) entrusts with him, does not have what relations with the talent.

Yao Qianshu urgently said: "Ji Dong, our ten big disciples are arise at the historic moment, must comply with the destiny. You think why I will stay on this day in the machine city? Is because the secret Sir told me, only then can run into the Third Fire disciple and Fourth Fire disciple here. could it be don't you want the companion meeting of pinnacle magic power with other? could it be don't you want to try pinnacle attribute combination skill? Moreover our ten big disciple each people have own heavenly stems god attire. So long as after cultivation base is the certain extent, we can become nearly invincible existences!" Ji Dong stops the footsteps, looks at Yao Qianshu, "knows that you seem very likely is a swindler."

Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "Some first people such appraise me. Generally they said that I am a madness for money. Why you do not think, does have the pinnacle magic power person to be a swindler? Said honestly, reason that is I stays in the secret city to wait for that your arrival , because my First Wood is intimate with your Third Fire relations. We each other can reply on the strength of opposite party. Viscount stone to you attack, you also see the combination skill might. His that is just ordinary attribute magic power. If your I coordinate, the might does not know that must get many times. The wood lights a fire, has my pinnacle First Wood to coordinate your pinnacle Third Fire, even if facing the enemy of Six-Crown rank, we also has strength of the spelling."

Ji Dong has to acknowledge, the Yao Qianshu words have certain attraction, combination skill he is interested very much, pinnacle magic power combination skill that particularly Yao Qianshu mentioned. However, he also indistinctly feels, the heavenly stems disciple who Yao Qianshu said prevents, is far from ordinary. Behind the formidable strength, has many secrets surely. The lunch that the world has not eaten without paying, he does not want to join to any dispute . It is not willing to fall into any vortex of engaging in factional strife. Therefore, although he does not suspect the Yao Qianshu words, the meaning of but as before with him not having talked over thoroughly. Regarding Ji Dong, this biggest goal is to pursue Lie Yan (raging flames). As for other all, is unimportant, he most does not like oneself freedom being limited. Had the lesson of Heavenly Stems School, he only thinks free continent able to move unhindered now

Therefore, Ji Dong has not opened the mouth, leads cloud Tianji to continue to go forward as before, he needs to purchase some supplies, is good to continue to hurry along. When formerly coped with Viscount stone has used Yang Fire , because he must conceal the status. Although he has two Great Sovereign King proud air/Qi, the degree of but actually proud to with an empire not resisting, at least is not now. Therefore he has not used oneself symbolic dual attribute flame. "Ji Dong." The Yao Qianshu cross previous step, blocks excited and cloud secret way, the eyeground has revealed the integral angry color/look. In the past was he disregards others, was so disregarded, this was he since birth the first time.

Ji Dong stops the footsteps once more, calmly visits him "what matter also?"

Yao Qianshu solemnly said: "Existence of heavenly stems disciple, relates to the Light Five Elements Continent safety. Each generation of heavenly stems disciples arise at the historic moment, the world must have the chaos, but our heavenly stems disciple, is solves the problem the basis. Outside governing Dark Five Elements Continent, in fear Five Great Empires. Governs the Venerable/revering of power world. Since you will kill Viscount stone, is not an indifferent person, poor, then cultivates one's own moral worth, reaches and Jinan world. could it be are you only willing to cultivate one's own moral worth?"

Ji Dong said: "You were needless to say anything again. First, I do not have and Jinan world ambition, next, I have said that you looked to mistakenly recognize. I am not the Third Fire disciple who you must look. All has been said. If you in have stopped, do not blame me not being impolite to you."

"You......"Yao Qianshu was really somewhat breathless, thinks really the violent walks at present this being intractable youngster field, but he also understands, although magic power occupied superiorly, but to Ji Dong, it can be said that did not have the odds of success truly. Perhaps the Ji Dong ability, cloud Tianji does not look clearly, but he can actually see seven, eight points. Regarding the heavenly stems disciple, magic power is will never decide that own strength the key is.

At this moment, suddenly, the Ji Dong look concentrates, within the body Yin-Yang Vortex revolves voluntarily.

The originally very lively street suddenly is peaceful, the surrounding crowd vanished likely baseless generally, on entire street, only remaining their three people. "Actually he has not spoken incorrectly, you do not need to deny, but, he said is incomplete. Not only you Third Fire disciple, in the meantime, is the Fourth Fire disciple."

The form, just like illusory emerges out of thin air together, is walked gradually by the distant place from light illusory shadow, is gradually clear. Ji Dong surprised present, oneself originally extremely keen six senses at this time becomes fuzzy, has regarding all responses of outside slowly. Can see seriously, only then that slowly close illusory form.

Yao Qianshu makes the clearing the way one side, the vision also similarly go to that clear form, in the eye is full of the color/look of shock gradually.

"Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple, since heavenly stems disciple was born, you are first have the dual attribute magic power disciple. This represents you to have the formidable future without doubt. Also represents is a huger challenge that you must face. Ji Dong, you are the leader of this generation of heavenly stems disciples, one generation of Saint kings who controls the world prosperity and decline."

Ji Dong saw clearly the appearance of that person finally, this person of white clothing, seems the 30-year-old appearance, how the look is not outstanding, when one type the aura of dust, just appeared like him such, the whole person has an illusory feeling. Simultaneously Ji Dong Ye Yinyin feels, at this time periphery spacious is not true spacious, is more like a illusion.

"Secret Sir."clouds that secret screams resound from Ji Dong.

"Are you secret?" The Ji Dong sinking sound asked.

The secret shows a faint smile, one step steps forward, formerly as if also beyond dozens meters, but actually arrived in front of her at this time, stands with Yao Qianshu shoulder to shoulder.

"The Saint king of arising at the historic moment, all chances, your birth, is the divine intervention is even the result. Your future road is very difficult and rugged, will be revolved by the tragedy. However, you actually as before are the Saint king who supervises the world."

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Yao Qianshu already cannot bear saying: "Secret, you said that he is the Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple? How is this possible?"

In the secret eye reveals as if can completely understand that all profoundness, "anything has not been impossible. Reason that your words do not have the trust in him, because has not seen his essence. Did I say right? Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School Special No. 49, strikes to kill the Yin-Yang School second place and Central Earth Empire sovereign too grandson Ji Yifeng, but wanted Ji Dong."

The Ji Dong heart shakes, "can you see my matter?"

The secret sighed, "I can see was limited, this year my am 47 years old, in order to sees clearly you, I have consumed 20 years of vitalities. But all these are worth. What a pity, I can notice that only has half, your true future, will have a fuzzily shadow."

Ji Dong coldly said: "Am I really the disciple who you said am also what kind of? What do you want me to make?"

The secret said: " Now also makes anything time, I take the vitality as the price revelation secret, but hopes that you can prepare, your also seven years. Seven years later, when is worldwide chaos. Runs into you including today's cloudling, his elder sister's death, this is the divine intervention is. Runs into you in him at that moment, he is the next generation secret, this is the inspections to all secret candidates. Runs into the Saint King to inherit my mantle.

Ji Dong angrily said: "You, since knows the danger that his elder sister must face, why doesn't rescue?"

Secret lightly said: "Knows that does not represent to change. The destiny of person is doomed. Changes rashly, can only make the result become worse." Ji Dong angrily snorted, "your hasn't could it be heard the man will conquer nature four characters?"

In the secret eye blows out two groups of eye-catching brilliance suddenly, "man will conquer nature. Good man will conquer nature. Really worthily is one generation of Saint kings. All you who I say now are not perhaps clear. However, I believe that you will come to understand in the future gradually. Existence of secret, lives for the heavenly stems disciple, foresight in the future, direction future dawn. My life also seven years, the cloudling, you follow me, the First Wood disciple, from now on, you along with the Saint king, will follow the footsteps of Saint king importantly, other all only need allow nature to take its course, this will be I directs to you finally. Saint king, seven years later, the cloudling naturally will seek you, at that time, he generation of secrets."

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, suddenly, the surrounding all become twist illusory, clouds that the secret form desalinates quietly, vanishes in being startled of first even/including. But anything is excitedly undoable, he only thought oneself as if could not grasp the surrounding all, own magic power also presented the wall barrier, Yin- Yang Vortex seems suppressed by any thing.

"Saint king, do not try to disturb the divine intervention. The Heavenly Dao, is your magic power does not have the change. This is our first meeting, is last time meets."

Chapter 104: Secret direction

"I take 20 years of vitality as the price, traded one to your direction, you must keep firmly in mind surely. k" the secret body retrocedes slowly, at this moment, she as if became the core between world, Ji Dong or Yao Qianshu, only thought that own body seemed limited by an invisible overwhelming strength, cannot move. But the secret that is retroceding unceasingly, appears is making the person change with amazement, his went to 30 permits people facial features, is being unexpectedly senile, in an instant marched into the old age from the middle age that the naked eye may distinguish. His sound also becomes old.

"Chaos awaken in Lie Yan (raging flames), when the god will bring the endless sad, pinnacle grief, when for broken cocoon rebirth, illusory, the reality, the soul struggles in Lie Yan (raging flames), breaks the eternal life in Lie Yan (raging flames), when Lie Yan (raging flames) revisits the world, the divine intervention will change, the nihility, the illusory, empty boundary, will unable to see that endless future, only hope the result is not the tragedy, was sure to remember, was sure to remember."

Becoming along with that old sound dissipates gradually, the secret also already disappeared, surrounding illusory twisted gently, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu only thought that body one light, all returned to normal.

They on that still bustling street, the sunlight shine as before, in the secret city is one piece makes noise the picture, often can also hear the matter of some people's in discussing Viscount stone in the family/home fire.

"Are you really the dual attribute disciple? That said that you have was Pinnacle Two Fires?" When the eye reveals the look that is not daring to believe that Yao Qianshu changes to meet at the first faintness, the whole person seems somewhat is anxious.

The secret words, look like a brand mark edition, deep inscribing in the Ji Dong mind, even if he wants to forget also not to achieve, the old sound reverberates in the mind, is bringing several points of strangeness, mystery that but more truly illusory shows.

How if the secret stayed behind says Ji Dong, he will not care, or closed with a smile, in these words that but, left behind in him, has four Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), this was can touch the two characters of Ji Dong innermost soul.

The chaos awaken in Lie Yan (raging flames), this is the first few words that the secret spoke , after listened to this first few words, Ji Dong really believes regarding the secret predictive ability, he is the atheist, but, how he really does not have the imagination secret to know oneself have the chaos embryonic form. Even if Zhu Rong, Yin Zhaorong they, knows on oneself had the chaos, is impossible to know the relations with Lie Yan (raging flames). In the Lie Yan (raging flames) two characters that in the Yao Qianshu ear hears thinks certainly that describes the flame. But Ji Dong actually understands, Lie Yan (raging flames) in secret mouth, is in the life the most important that person. Knows that own chaos embryonic form in only has a person who under the Lie Yan (raging flames) help condenses, that is Ji Dong. That is a dark induction, after Lie Yan (raging flames) integrates his within the body that Chaos Fire, he felt the Lie Yan (raging flames) aura. Meanwhile he also indistinctly guessed, this Lie Yan (raging flames) closed up itself and helps agglutinate the chaos embryonic form, melted Yin-Yang Vortex central that Chaos Fire to have very big relations. This matter, it can be said that in his heart deepest secret. The secret can lay bare the truth. Besides the predict that he really could not find out the second possibility, Lie Yan (raging flames) had not said including himself, will say to the bystander?

The second words that stays behind from the secret starts, Ji Dong has a fearful and apprehensive feeling, without a doubt, the second words as well as behind each, have not lived, "god will bring endless sad", what is this? Does the empathize bring sadly? In this world really bright? "Hey, Ji Dong."Yao Qianshu sees Ji Dong not to pay attention to itself, in the look also revealed the confused ray unable to bear call him.

The train of thought was broken, Ji Dong first time faces up to Yao Qianshu, "now I was interested in listening to you to say the matter about heavenly stems disciple in detail."Is related with him, he can not care.

However, the secret words relate to Lie Yan (raging flames), he has no alternative but to care. If the secret gets older instantaneously is not illusory, but was the true sacrifice vitality forecast. Then, actually he leaves oneself these words to represent any meaning, was worth pondering over profoundly.

Yao Qianshu sees Ji Dong no longer to repel itself, the great happiness,
"do that we again change a place?"

Ji Dong nodded, he does not need to worry that what meets to trouble now in the secret city, since oneself are the Saint king in secret mouth, will send for catching itself?

They looked for a hotel to take a seat in Nha again, in the point several dishes, Yao Qianshu isolated as before discretely the voice in room by his emerald pinnacle First Wood magic power.

"Existences of our ten big disciples, must recount when two pieces of continent just formed. Since you had treated in the Yin-Yang school, regarding current Holy and Evil Battlefield and Holy and Evil Channel matter naturally is knows that I did not give unnecessary detail. But. You know how present Holy and Evil Battlefield forms? The rule as well as Holy and Evil Channel on also Holy and Evil Battlefield, why even is in channels between two pieces of continent will have that many formidable sea magic beast?"

The Ji Dong look moves, after meeting secret, he to heavenly stems disciple organization has to be interested, for Lie Yan (raging flames) is he, he must understand all of related heavenly stems disciple in detail.

"You will not tell me, these and are ten big disciples concerned?" Yao Qianshu serious nodded, said: "Is so. Ten thousand years ago, originally our two pieces of continent is not connected, although on each piece of continent respectively fights, but whole, but also on being considered as stabilizes. However, why does not know. Our two pieces of continent each other are approaching unexpectedly, when both sides can look out the opposite party, the contact started."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Does the continent plate drift?"

This time was one's turn Yao Qianshu to be surprised, "what was the continent plate drifts?"

Ji Dong said: "If in our world, the sea occupied some huge area, then can understand that for each piece of continent is actually the immersion in the sea, throughout is moving, but is the movement is extremely slow, the meets of two continent, likely are because each other drifting connection causes. Afterward? You continued."

Yao modest said: "Just started, both sides each other contact, surprised present, the opposite party unexpectedly is also piece of Five Elements Continent, but both sides five elements actually differs from, has the bright and dark aura separately. The light and dark these two oppose, must be much more than fire and water, looks like Sun and moon cannot appear together is the same. Itself attribute repulsing made the war live. You are very perhaps difficult to imagine, ten thousand years ago, because the appearance of both sides continent" the seafaring once extremely reached. Started on behalf of the holy war of respective benefit. Each war, is life apply carbon. But both sides actually can only continue war. Only if the side perishes thoroughly. "

"But, two pieces of continent strengths really extremely in the proximity, no one have, when occupies the superiority to destroy the opposite party thoroughly. During several hundred years, two continent population sharp declines, but this is similar to the meat grinder common war as before is actually continuing. In channel, reason that presented so numerous sea magic beast , because that time had the massive powerhouse corpses to sink to the sea, was swallowed by the ordinary sea beast, nourishes, has formed the sea magic beast embryonic form." "Sees both sides to be mutually wounded, has the trend of perishing together greatly. The first-generation heavenly stems disciple arises at the historic moment. Not only our Light Five Elements Continent has existence of heavenly stems disciple, similarly has the heavenly stems disciple in Dark Five Elements Continent. When the light dark disciple grows after the respective Saint king's leadership, a fight of peerless powerhouse launched in the sea."

" Final result can be imagined, as before is mutually wounded. In the final moment, both sides have the sleep regret. Understands this way, the human on both sides continent will perhaps be hit by the total destruction, therefore after discussed carefully, 20 disciples by respective formidable magic power, have made an unprecedented transformation.

"At that time the Saint kings of both sides were pinnacle Fifth Earth, two mahatma kings by the light dark strength, collaborated to change the terrain, in both sides continent, from the seabed inspiring bottom change, Holy and Evil Island occurred. Holy and Evil Channel also forms under their formidable magic power. When completes these, Earth department of both sides, Wood department, Fire department, respective three departments six disciples because completely magic power exhausted to sacrifice, the wood lit a fire, hot raw soil, under these six disciples collaborated, has completed the connections and limits of two pieces of continent, after that remaining only then Wood department and Water department, therefore the both sides four Wood department disciples by the body forest, formed Holy and Evil Island are also Holy and Evil Battlefield that ancient times forest. Takes the price by their formidable vitalities, summoned in two pieces of continent formidable magic beast to guard, again its seal. Has formed the present Holy and Evil Island appearance. But both sides four Water department disciples, then changes into the water the nutrient, integrates the channel. Helps these sea magic beast grow thoroughly. And in the channel, has formed the hurricane, the tsunami, actually does not affect two pieces of continent, thus has created the present picture."

Ji Dong took a deep breath , he although was impossible to see then scene, but completely was conceivable, effort that the both sides 20 disciples to stop two pieces of continent holy wars made. By 20 people of strength, change natural environment. Forms such giant islands. This is the what kind of terrifying strength, is human can achieve really? If they are the gods. Also did not have what to make a mistake. Meanwhile, in his heart also produces for several points to respect to these 20 disciples, to subside war, they have paid with the life.

Said these, Yao Qianshu appears panting somewhat. Stops half sound, continued: "After Holy and Evil Island forms, became the both sides continent only connection, the 20 disciples' before making these powerful restrain the respective continent country, can not construct any navigation facility. Otherwise will certainly be cursed by the disciple. The second-generation disciple, was also born dozens years later. They have the new mission, protects respective Holy and Evil Channel, and supervises the respective continent country not to construct the navigation facility."

Ji Dong inserts said: "I am not clear, since the first-generation disciple is not willing to make the war continue, why they don't isolate thoroughly two continent? But can as before maintain two's connected?"

Yao Qianshu said: "About this point, after all previous disciple studied, drew two conclusions, first, the conclusion, like such that you said that the continent plate drifted, two continent as in slow proximity, only then through this side, making two continent link, they each other will not approach to the true fitting, but another conclusion, was the selfishness of both sides. They hope eventually can defeat the opposite party, unifies two continent thoroughly, therefore has left behind this channel."

Listened to the first conclusion, Ji Dong to approve the Yao Qianshu words, truly, if two pieces were supported in each other close continent, how regardless in to move, only in common direction, but did not have each other approaches. Thinks of here, he to that generation, the disciple admires, this is a vast project!

Yao Qianshu said: " Is born to start from the second-generation disciple, the war of both sides stopped. magic beast on Holy and Evil Island was too terrifying. At is not the ordinary soldier, even is ordinary Mage can enter, is more impossible to pass easily, by huge Holy and Evil Island, is Holy and Evil Battlefield that the present says, both sides by true isolation

The war also along with it stop, two pieces of continent both can rest and build up strength, the disciples mission on our bright continent in light of this had not actually ended, they start the restraint respective continent country diligently, the literature about two pieces of continent holy wars, the one by one destruction, simultaneously will issue the prohibition rule, blocks off all flow of news, will hate the desalination. With the lapse of time, puts behind this about two pieces of continent wars all, only then has put behind the hatred, can welcome the true peace, is all that you see now, as for the establishment of Heavenly Stems School, earliest actually is also the disciples. Afterward on the generating is the mechanism of two pieces of continent each other competitions, only then in this way. Both sides can probe the opposite party strength. In Heavenly Stems School forms several hundred years, that generation of heavenly stems disciples after us vanishes. Again does not have the heavenly stems disciple to appear, until now, had more than 500 years. We are 21 st generation of heavenly stems disciples, why will appear. Formerly secret said was very clear. The heavenly stems disciple is arises at the historic moment. In the peace, does not need our. Perhaps, continent had any drastic change to live. But our responsibility, found the reason that the crisis presented that and its solution and ensure the peace continued. "

Here, Yao Qianshu sighed, "500 years have not appeared, perhaps entire Light Five Elements Continent has faded from the memory us. However, our responsibility are unprecedented important, no one wants to see life apply carbon, also more than one year of time, Holy and Evil Channel must open once more. I think, the crisis should have much to do with Holy and Evil Battlefield."

Chapter 105: Disciple god attire

Ji Dong listened to the Yao Qianshu words, in the heart to existence of heavenly stems disciple organization to have understanding roughly, "the secret said a moment ago, our time also seven years, the Holy and Evil Channel five years opened one time, were when next Holy and Evil Channel opened again, the crisis might the appearance. k"

Yao Qianshu nodded, "is so. Before running into you, result that fellow disciples who our appeared discussed that was this time after year many Holy and Evil Channel opened, goes to Holy and Evil Battlefield to have a look, investigated actually whether was there to have the problem."

Ji Dong said: "Who on that day was the machine? What relations he and do the heavenly stems disciple have?"

In the Yao Qianshu eye reveals the color/look of respect, "secret is different from our disciples, we arise at the historic moment, but the secret is generations of inheritance, until now, received to pass on more than 100 generations. The disciples do not present time, they are the ordinary prediction Masters. When our disciples appear, they are our guides. All previous secret is storing up the complete material and history about our heavenly stems disciple. They are the most honourable people. Perhaps the also person knows existences of our disciple. But who knows, behind disciple, the secret that pays silently? Has not thought you have helped that boy is the next generation secret. The secret will direct the direction for us, if the Saint king is the core and leader of heavenly stems disciple, then the secret is the military strategist and soul of our heavenly stems disciple." Said excitedly: ‚I understood’

The money tree said: "You have anything to plan"

Ji Dong said: "I prepared to go to Eastern Wood Empire to travel, since you must say that I am one in disciple, my year you walk. Regarding Holy and Evil Battlefield, I am also interested. If did not leave Yin-Yang School, perhaps this enters in the Holy and Evil Battlefield heavenly stems student to have my one."

Yao Qianshu relaxed obviously, "wants to convince you, is really not an easy matter. Said Fire department to be tenacious, this time I experienced truly."

Ji Dong said: "Everyone has own idea, but is the idea is different. Eats the thing. Do not waste again."

The proper business said, two people then start to eat meal, although the dish was somewhat cool, but is delicious. Those who made Ji Dong somewhat speechless was, Yao Qianshu ate meal seems like sweeping, he has not eaten several, the dish is swept clear.

"Service person, pays up."Yao Qianshu remove own pinnacle First Wood magic power, shouted one to outside.

When serves must enter the room, Yao Qianshu has actually referred to Ji Dong, "Un, asks him to ask for money."

Is a Ji Dong brow wrinkle, "why I?"

A Yao Qianshu face not willingly say/way: Rapidness that "that you ran a moment ago, is I pays up. This you. Ai, loves dearly really! Wasted. You run is too quick, the pack was good."

Looks at his face painful disease caused by worry the appearance, Ji Dong has paid the board while said: "No wonder cloud Tianji said that your was called as under the coffin to put out a hand, dies to ask for money. Really was stingy to the extreme." Yao Qianshu flipped the supercilious look, "my this called to save to be good."

Ji Dong is disinclined to argue these minor matters with him, stands up walks outward, two people one after the other left the hotel.

The Yao Qianshu stature also want compared with Ji Dong on high, after all he nurtures the complete youth, lowered the head slightly, said near the Ji Dong ear: "We go to Eastern Wood Empire not to need to worry, after all also more than one year of time. I have a good destination, or we go together. Very exciting exploration. I am planned oneself go, ran into you to be good. Our wooden fire coordination, does not have toward absolutely is disadvantageous."

"Does not have the interest, does not go."Ji Dong asked that did not ask where Yao Qianshu must go, flatly refuses. A previous generation 30 years of life, his social experience is rich, saw that Yao Qianshu in the eye is glittering at this time the ray of gold coin, he does not know any good deed.

"Uh......, Ji Dong, said that we were also the companion. Goes to that place, has the advantage to you! The exploration, could it be aren't you interested? Everybody is young people, can you a little curiosity!"

Ji Dong looks on the Yao Qianshu face to have the expression of that several points of rascal, on the eyebrow to select, "did not have the interest, the secret has said that let you with me, but was not I with you. This point you have not forgotten."

Yao Qianshu sighed, "was really is defeated by you. Or this, is I hires you, accompanies me to walk, what kind of? I pay the high price."

On the Ji Dong face reveals a smile, why does not know, looks that this was known as the medicine medicine must the dying sickness, money cross the fellow of being predestined friends person to eat to hurt, in his heart is a comfort.

"How much money do you pay?" Yao Qianshu the face, is probing asking painstakingly: "100 gold coins, what kind of?"
Ji Dong look strange visits him, "original disciple so is not valuable." "Uh......, I have feared you. Are you only 15 years old really? So to be
how hard to deal with? Good, I and you trade with these things."At the same time was saying, Yao Qianshu does not know where from fishes out a porcelain bottle to give Ji Dong.

The Ji Dong result porcelain bottle, opens, presently in as if several red pills, "what is this?"

Yao Qianshu favorite say/way: "magic power restores the pill. Entire continent my this is alone one. Also only then I will refine. Value thousand gold (daughter). So long as you are willing to follow me, I deliver you ten."

"Effect?" The inquiry of Ji Dong is simple.

Yao Qianshu said: The bottle of "in your hand taking, is Rank 3 magic power restores the pill. Ordinary Mage wants eating, magic power slowly to restore, can compensate Rank 3 Third Fire department Mage magic power."

Ji Dong said: "Is that same as the Rank 3 Third Fire crystal core effect? Isn't your this thing weak?"

Yao Qianshu angrily said: "Visits you are the fellow of careless and wasteful use of nature's products. crystal core directly absorbs magic power, the one way of most wasting. Rank 3 Third Fire crystal core, I can make five such pills. Moreover, this is just I very ordinary one magic power pill. "

He just spoke of here, saw Ji Dong faint smile visits him, this realized oneself said inadvertently. "Value thousand gold (daughter)? How I remember, a Rank 3 Fire department crystal core value is also 200 gold coins about. crystal core can make five pills. Did you also tell me the value thousand gold (daughter)?"

magic beast crystal core price in continent various countries almost similar, a crystal core value is about two gold coins, every time promotes one, the price to ride ten. Rank 6 above crystal core is almost is hard to see that the price must look concrete crystal core estimates.

Yao Qianshu smiles bitterly, "was defeated by you. How can you be willing to help me?"

Ji Dong said: "Helps you be able. I have a condition. Later I provide crystal core, you help me all turn into the magic power restorative."

"This......"Yao Qianshu hesitant, in the eye has revealed the thinking the ray, "good. By my present magic power, below four crystal core can refine."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, to Yao Qianshu nodded, "that good, turns head I crystal core to you."

Yao Qianshu is probing asking: "Won't you have many crystal core?"

Ji Dong shook the head, " are not many. "

Yao Qianshu laughed, " that is good. "

"More than 200."Ji Dong cracks into a smile, reveals white teeth. He is intelligent, wants any reward with it one time, was inferior that can make the money tree that magic power restores the pill to be good for oneself for a long time. The recent several fights, making him realize importance of crystal core fully in fight. Especially fights when continually, is needs magic power to supplement.

"You......"Yao Qianshu has the impulsion of spitting blood at this time, looks at present Ji Dong, hating the tooth to be itchy, may also take him not to have any office.

Ji Dong said: "Now you can say, where making me go with you?"

Yao Qianshu dejected say/way: "Ji Dong, do we hit to discuss what kind of? Later I in the elixir, you help me light a fire. Has your pinnacle flame coordination, the medicine that I refine, the effect at least can promote 30%. Even if more refines Rank 5 demon medicine is not impossible to be completed."

Ji Dong happy say/way: "Ok. Did not need to install, this was your true goal. If I have not guessed that wrong, you hope that I acknowledged I am a disciple, has the relations with this."

Yao Qianshu stared wide-eyed, " do you see the flaw?

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "your medicament is very good, does not have any flaw. I test you one. Who makes you yourself acknowledge?"Actually, when sees Yao Qianshu to put out pill, in his heart has suspected. Probes, really and becomes. At this time, in the Ji Dong heart remembers to give oneself the Sun and Moon double splendor Old Second Zhu, he has complied with Old Second Zhu after magic power promotes to Three-Crown refines the magic power weapon for him. What a pity, left Heavenly Stems School now, this promise at least temporarily not realized.

The look on Yao Qianshu face becomes tranquil, the corners of the mouth place ripples a light smile, "Ji Dong, I more and more believe words that now the secret spoke. It seems like you are really the Saint king who leads our generation of disciples. Is I hope very much from now on can help my elixir. The pinnacle flame to refining is very helpful. I can also promise you, so long as you provide the material, I am willing to refine various magic power medicament for you free. Other ingredients besides crystal core I can help you leave. This should be the fair deal."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Is fair. Since is the fair deal, that place that this time you must go , the reward calculates in addition." A smile stiff, helpless say/way on Yao Qianshu face: "Does not know was really I dies to ask for money you dead to ask for money. Ok, I promise you. This exploration obtained, our half. Was always OK."

Ji Dong said: "Ok. also, all supplies all you on travel expense and road leave. Then, where goes?"

Side Yao Qianshu mysterious gathering Ji Dong, said in a low voice: "We look for the buried treasure. I after being identified as disciple, in secret there consult about the material of all previous disciple, obtained a concealed treasure chart accidentally. I have asked the secret, the secret said, may be ten thousand years of previous generation of disciples stay behind. You must know, one generation of disciples, it can be said that our heavenly stems disciple in history most formidable one generation, magic power of each disciple reaches as high as Level 99, that approaches existence in god! Otherwise their impossible moving mountains to fill the seas manufacture Holy and Evil Battlefield. If can obtain the magic power weapon that they keep, even can be equal to the exclusive god attires of our ten big disciples. Enough entices?"

Ji Dong is second time hears Yao Qianshu to mention that the god installed two characters, "what was exclusive god attire?"

Yao Qianshu said: "Each disciple, has own exclusive god attire. Also is a mystery, by the divine tool, our strengths will obtain the huge promotion. These magical instruments were one generation of disciples after sacrificing self-, two generations of disciples build by Crystal Crown that one generation of disciples left behind. It can be said that is the world strongest divine tool."

"Crystal Crown of one generation of disciples? Was that also light attribute Crystal Crown? How I heard, Mage is impossible to use same attribute Crystal Crown?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Yao Qianshu said: That that "you said is ordinary Mage is unuseful, so long as has pinnacle magic power, even if not our disciples, top powerhouse but who cultivates the Nine-Crown rank, can use same attribute Crystal Crown, pinnacle magic power does not receive the bright and dark limit. Naturally, the exclusive god attires of ten big disciples, actually only then the respective disciple can dress."

Ji Dong said: "Where do our gods install?"

Yao Qianshu shook the head, said: "Secret said that before all previous disciple passed away, will install the seal the god, returns to Holy and Evil Battlefield on, waited for that we go to Holy and Evil Battlefield to search. This is also to our tests. At that time, not only we must seek for our god attire, must prevent the dark disciple to seek for their god attires as far as possible."

Ji Dong nodded, "said place that your this time must go. Probably where?"

Yao Qianshu chuckled, "does not hope, from secret city to northern 300 miles. I had gone to twice, but relies on a strength of person to be very difficult to be thorough. But had you to be different. That place, most needs you such formidable Fire department Mage."

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "You do not need to give me to flatter. Since decides to go, makes the best use of the time. You are responsible for purchasing the supplies, also, helping me buy a detailed continent map."

Yao Qianshu refreshed say/way: "Does not have the issue, you looked, front has the family/home inn, you live there first rest. I urge to go faster come."

Gazes after the Yao Qianshu half step to depart, Ji Dong shows a faint smile, this fellow also is really very interesting. Can see , many secrets on him. Exploration? Truly a little meaning. This is also in one way that continent travels. Does not know, this exploration can find anything. Can find the magic power equipment that so-called one generation of disciples leave behind really? Is very dubious.

What is the buried treasure in Yao Qianshu mouth? Acme Third Fire and pinnacle First Wood, can collide what kind of spark. What can they find? Please read the last part, the mausoleum chamber buried treasure.

Chapter 106: five elements combination skill

"Is also far?"Ji Dong asked to Yao Qianshu. k

They left the secret city to have one all day, daytime hurried along, in the evening cultivated, at this time, they were not far from the destination in the morning.

Yao Qianshu said: "The also 30 miles were probably similar. We need Yao Jinru Notting forest. That place in the dense fog bog in Notting forest. Is a quite dangerously place."

Ji Dong nodded. Through these days being together, he presently, Yao Qianshu is a very optional person. Besides quite likes money quite being actually amiable. Very be easy getting along with.

"Ji Dong, looked the time that you cultivation every day is so fixed, your should magic power promote?"Yao Qianshu smiles was saying.

Ji Dong said: "Where is so easy, after this time accompanies you seek for the buried treasure, I prepare to close up the cultivation some time, is one year later enters Holy and Evil Battlefield to prepare."

Yao Qianshu said: " This nature, not only you. We must cultivation. After seeking for the buried treasure, I lead you to find other people. We can in the same place, the efficiency of cultivation be higher.

By the five elements force field, we can make the density of element dramatically increase based on this. " "five elements force field also such function?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Yao Qianshu laughed, said: " That is natural. The five elements force field, the five elements combination skill wondrous use is infinite. Ten big disciples have pinnacle magic power respectively, although is in itself formidable Mage. But can frighten continent truly, makes reason that these empires do not dare to offend easily , because we can promote and constrain mutually to bloom extremely formidable level Certain Kill Skill by five elements. Even if levels a city

Also is not anything. Now our these disciples did not have enough strength, after we all break through Six-Crown. That sufficiently made any person scared. "

Ji Dong said: "Your saying these I to chat issue about combination skill with you"I in the Yin-Yang School date subsegment, has not learned the knowledge in this aspect.

Yao Qianshu said: "This said that I knew can tell you. After all, we must coordinate frequently. combination skill half has two release forms. One type is the amplification overlay combination, another type is the different attribute matching combinations. On the other hand, the overlay combines is easier to realize, but can make sole attribute magic skill might suddenly/violently to increase through the overlay. Like that Viscount stone who you run into. He when copes with you, although carries on the combination skill release through two Third Fire department Mage, may in fact actually use the hot raw soil the characteristics, making his own Fifth Earth magic power strengthen, this was belongs to superimpose the combination skill category. Does not have the coordination on magic power, is only a special amplification way."

" However the true different attribute matches combination skill, is different attribute Mage releases magic skill respectively, magic skill itself has a fusion, has both two or more magic power characteristics formidable combination skill. Such not only the might increases . Moreover the multi- attribute attacks will also make the match extremely opposeless. Invisible promotes and constrains mutually, I cited a simple example you to understand. For example you attack alone, then, your fire attribute can only restrain metal attribute, to subdue|grams wood attribute. Most has also restricted to these two species.

If you and I completes combination skill together. Then, our combination skill are fire wooden dual attribute. The wood can Croatia , Turkey, the to subdue|grams water, as the matter stands, our combination skill be able simultaneously to restrain the water, wood, earth, gold/metal and fire. The opposite party uses any attribute magic skill, not affects our attribute to wield, must be restrained by us. Only if the enemy uses is also combination skill. Otherwise in the attribute definitely will be suppressed by us again. Your I am pinnacle attribute. The combination skill might will be more astonishing. "

Ji Dong said: "That this said that so long as I leave magic skill, you can also leave magic skill, our both coordinate, has the combination skill effect on the energy balance?"

Yao Qianshu shakes the head, said: "Where is so simple. You think, fire attribute magic skill and wood attribute magic skill difference is very big. Said accurately, among five elements magic skill has very big disparity. To complete combination skill, must find most approximate magic skill to have possibly. It is not easy to realize. Easiest to produce the results, is dual attribute of fellow-student of the same department. For example your Third Fire and Fourth Fire, combine to want easy many. But the combination skill might of fellow-student of the same department is not bigger. For example, three departments combination skill must strong in two departments combination skill. Our ten big disciple strongest places, are we can display five elements combination skill. Thus completes formidable magic skill of five bodies. Even if we have the Six-Crown rank. So long as same attribute five people in the same place, even if runs into the top powerhouse, there is strength of the spelling."

Ji Dong is surprised, "you said, with is Yang attribute gold/metal wooden water fire clay five elements or is with is Yin attribute five elements can use five departments combination skill?" Yao Qianshu serious nodded, "this is the ability that our heavenly stems disciple inherits. Same attribute five elements combination skill, must completely for pinnacle magic power again through special just now can realize. Besides our heavenly stems disciple, anybody cannot achieve this point."

Ji Dong took a deep breath, this time was shocked. He has experienced the powerful of five elements standpoint with own eyes, if five has the pinnacle magic power powerhouse to display five elements combination skill, what degree that might does meet the terrifying to? He does not have the imagination.

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "Thinks very much to have the feeling? Had found you, when this time we closed up collectively, can start to try the cultivation of five elements combination skill. Before lacked your this essential Pinnacle Two Fires! Just, the double fire simultaneously appears on you alone. When the time comes, does not know that which you must with coordinate at the same time. Positive cloudy?"

Ji Dong said: " Truly very much anticipated, I think, will have the solution office. I only want to know now, you do have anything to be able with magic skill that I coordinate.

Yao Qianshu said: "If superimposes combination skill, we coordinate to be very simple. I only need to pour into my pinnacle First Wood magic power to your within the body, can make your pinnacle Third Fire might how much multiple enhancement. As for the coordination of different magic skill, I have not said now. After all, although the wood lights a fire, but your fire has certain restraint function to my wood, wants to complete the magic skill combination, is quite difficult in the skill. Generally speaking, combination skill is best does not produce by two remains the attribute of to subdue|grams effect to coordinate. This can have the maximum might. For example, the fire and earth, wood and gold/metal, the water and gold/metal, we want to complete combination skill are not impossible, but the difficulty is very big. Ji Dong, you know that reason that our heavenly stems disciple often can in become a powerhouse compared with the ordinary Mage short much time, also because of the five elements combination skill reason. Once five elements combination skill cultivates, not only can be used to attack the defense. More important assists cultivation."

"Is magic skill used to cultivate?"Ji Dong was once more surprised.

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: "Yes. This Li Yong is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements principle. Same attribute five people, so long as can achieve a five body, each other mutual promotion of the five elements, can make magic power that fights practice in together, when cultivation, each other mutual promotion of the five elements. Cultivation can the geometrical multiple increase. This also why we eagerly look for your important reason. Only then collects ten big disciples, can carry on such cultivation."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I understood. I will coordinate with you as far as possible, thus achieves such effect."In his heart mused, cultivates through five elements combination skill, regarding him, this is a brand-new understanding. If can dramatically increase own cultivation, then, the distance can protect Lie Yan (raging flames), to be near?

30 miles distance is not long regarding two people, Ji Dong saw in the Yao Qianshu mouth from afar the forest of that length and breadth, Notting forest situated in the secret city north 300 inside and outside, Ji Dong enters the midway empire from Southern Fire Empire, the southern forest and north have the significant difference. Forest that at present presents, leaf compares to want on slightly many, moreover many coniferous forests exist. This obviously is the reason of temperature.

Notting forest appears is very quiet and silent, looks from afar, the big forest of cover is vast.

Yao Qianshu stops the footsteps in the forest edge, "our destinations arrived, from now on, you must be careful. Notting forest is in itself a magic beast forest, although here magic beast quantity is not many, but mostly has certain strength. Rank 4 and Rank 5 also exist. Because the quantity are few, has not attracted these to take hunting and killing magic beast as fresh Mage. Naturally, the magic beast strength is also the important reason." Ji Dong nodded, said: "Walks. Can that place that you said enter the forest to be far?"

Yao Qianshu said: "If, at noon should be able to rush quickly. We walk."

They do not rest, directly enters in the forest. Yao Qianshu makes Ji Dong follow in oneself requisitioning, the First Wood department Mage superiority showed at this time.

Without a doubt, strength of Wood department Mage in forest is strongest, light azure light disperses from Yao Qianshu, covers in him and on Ji Dong. The wood lights a fire, this azure light falls on the body takes to the Ji Dong very comfortable feeling.

Leaf seemed welcomed by the azure light a piece by piece, is attached to Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu quietly, quick, two people turned into the green. What stranger is, follows the Yao Qianshu vanguard, front the thorn, bush or the wisteria, will separate voluntarily, lighten a path to make two people lead the way. As the matter stands, without doubt made them go forward considerably increased.

Ji Dong such disposition cannot bear in the heart dark to praise. In the control of magic power, Yao Qianshu must above him. At this moment, he only thought oneself and Yao Qianshu integrated in the nature completely, own aura completely covers by that matter azure light and plant, if carefully did not look, even if in distance very near situation is also hard presently their existence.

Enters in the forest, the Yao Qianshu whole person appeared big several points, Ji Dong present, surrounding plant as if along with his breath that matter azure light that but the rhythm, Yao Qianshu released quietly as if did not consume his anything magic power.

, They once had also met several magic beast, but under Yao Qianshu this mysterious Wood department camouflage technique function, their simply has not brought to the magic beast attention, in easy thorough Notting forest. What kind of? My camouflage technique is good. " Yao Qianshu has occasionally turned head, somewhat self-satisfied said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Truly good. Any doesn't magic beast have presently you?"

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: "Wants in the forest, as the First Wood disciple, I am capable of making Rank 10 magic beast not have presently. If the Second Wood disciple also, both of us coordinates, even if Rank 10 magic beast, does not have presently our existence in the forest. each department has own characteristics, the forest, without doubt is our Wood department world."

Yao Qianshu is accurate regarding the judgment of time, when such as right in the middle, they penetrated Notting forest to be heartfelt, Ji Dong saw from afar front has dim dense fog to be blown by the breeze. The dense fog in the forest, making people very difficult to distinguish the position.

"Drew near."Yao Qianshu stops the footsteps, lifts the right hand, the azure light projects from the hand together, falls on a tiny vine cane, that vine has shone immediately, becomes is similar to the emerald is generally insightful. Under the Ji Dong surprised gaze, it like having the life was ordinary, just like an aquamarine small snake hovering vanguard, works loose the main body vine, arrives in front of Yao Qianshu.

In Yao Qianshu eye blue glittering, is pinnacle First Wood magic power pours into together, that emerald thin cane swayed from side to side, then to leading the way.

"Ji Dong, follows up I. Very easy get lost in this dense fog. The average people do not dare to attempt to enter easily. Once loses the direction, was very difficult to walk again, did not know many people, because thorough hence was induced by the dense fog, finally lost the direction swamp death. I think, this possibly is also one of the buried treasure protections. I guide by the magic skill guidance cane, it will lead us to enter in the dense fog bog." Ji Dong nodded, goes forward slightly one step, with tightening behind Yao Qianshu.

Yao Qianshu with hand one finger/refers, that azure bright thin cane moved, walks randomly to the front, Yao Qianshu brings Ji Dong to follow on the heels, two people then enter in the dense fog.

Almost is in a flash, the surroundings turned into white, puts out a hand not to see the five fingers, even if in Yao Qianshu, Ji Dong is very difficult to see clearly.

Waist one tight, vine has twined on Ji Dong, he just about to reaction time, the Yao Qianshu sound conveys, "is I. This will not walk to lose."

Chapter 107: Labyrinth bog

Ji Dong rocked the vine, hinted itself to know. Said reading, performs continues in Yao Qianshu. Ji Dong thought that probably walked the free time of half double-hour, the Yao Qianshu footsteps stopped.

The green colored light glow flashes, that poured into the pinnacle First Wood magic power guidance cane to plunge into the Yao Qianshu hand. Under piece of azure bright magic power covers, Ji Dong saw clearly front partner.

" Brother, then must depend on your ability. We arrived at the dense fog bog edge. The guidance cane is unable to direct the direction for us again. I come here altogether twice, first time comes time, halts outside the bog, does not have thorough. Second time comes time has made some preparations. But after I am thorough, had not found the goal, has encountered the danger, has to draw back. I prepare simply fully, can the whole body draw back. This dense fog was too repugnant, cannot see clearly the surrounding all, enters the bog good partner, guiding the cane unable to use, because in the bog does not have what plant. It is unable to guide to us through the induction of plant. Therefore, we must disperse dense fog now, can continue. The fog is the water vapor lives. So long as you can scatter it temporarily, making us see clearly the front road, we can enter.

Ji Dong nodded, the meaning of Yao Qianshu he understands.

The ray flashes, scarlet red Third Fire has burnt from his right hand. He presently, displays Fire department magic skill not to be relaxed immediately here. In the air has filled everywhere Water Element, Fire Element few pity. To strengthen oneself with the aid of outside Fire Element is extremely difficult, can only burn by own magic power.

Although absorbs Fire Element to be very difficult, the effect that but the flame blooms is obvious. In the air the thick white fog disperses in the scalding hot scarlet red Third Fire combustion quickly, in an instant, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu can see clearly each other.

Yao Qianshu hands over a azure pill to give Ji Dong, " here malaria is very heavy, poisonous. Although your this attribute is the fire, has very strong anti- poisonous ability, but eats my governing miasma pill quite insurance. Words that this thing must sell, I must sell ten gold coin one.

Ji Dong is somewhat funny, eats up the pill, said: " What thing is can weigh with money in your eyes? "

" Uh, is not all. However is also similar, money is much good, directness that what thing comes richly? Ji Dong, your Third Fire is not as if good! Our surrounding visibility are only three meters most. With pinnacle Third Fire. The effect will be better.

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, " supplemented that the magic power medicine you do provide? " At the same time was saying, his wrist/skill turns, that has in the Vermilion Bird bracelet of golden yellow phoenix design the ray to dodge, one bottle of strong liquor had succeeded in obtaining.

Turns on the stopper, the rich wine greets the nostrils, but, Ji Dong drinks a big mouth, again the Third Fire gathering front that on the right hand burns, pū, under within the body magic power stimulation of movement, this liquor fluid puffed out again

With the strong wine, Yao Qianshu had a scare, a giant fireball the rapid flight from Ji Dong, the place visited, the dense fog dispels suddenly in abundance, the Ji Dong physical strength is greatly strengthened, this liquor spouts to have 20 meters, before two people, naturally presented a 20 meters clear channel. Both sides dense fog also diverges. Yao Qianshu surprised has opened the mouth: "Is this also good?"

Ji Dong said: "The liquor of high number of degree itself has the effect of sterilization, although here water vapor is strong, but is unable to affect the combustion of liquor. By the liquor opening, can save many magic power."

With liquor combustion, but channel appears, Ji Dong clear seeing, the front ground, is a moist bog, seems like the grey ground, the mud air bubble that but occasionally braves can see, this ground is extremely difficult to walk.

Yao Qianshu gives the thumbs-up to Ji Dong, right hand to behind directs, this time, directly is the output of pinnacle First Wood magic power, the rich emerald brilliance spreads, the sound of rustling sound resounds from two human feet quickly.

The vine that sees only the big piece extends, but, extends to enter to the bog in the quick growth, in an instant spread one strip width three meters, the length went directly to the Ji Dong liquor hot spray coating institute and place. Had a large area of vine stress, the advance naturally no longer becomes the issue.

Achieves these, Yao Qianshu appears very relaxed, has given a hand signal to Ji Dong, two people simultaneously step the vine, in you enters to the bog. Although Yao Qianshu that poured into the magic power guidance cane unable to guide for them again, but this thing actually as before can help them take one's bearings. Became the important item of thorough dense fog bog, so long as the vines under son two human foot Yao Qianshu has huge vitality pinnacle First Wood magic power to pour into his unceasingly, forward has extended.

Is filled the air by the dense fog that the liquor fire breaks, when two people penetrate the bog at the same time, behind them is the dense fog numerous. The Ji Dong mentality is very calm, did not worry for such situation, his also many methods come out uselessly, reason that use liquor fire, mainly to save magic power. Yao Qianshu does not know that the bog will also encounter any danger, maintains many magic power protects the best means without doubt.

Pū, is a liquor fire blowout, the thick fog was swung massively, pinnacle First Wood adds on pinnacle Third Fire, their spray coating liquor fire, paves the way by the vine, advance, although is not quick, but is quite solid, has the under foot vine to pave the way as the safeguard, even if comes across any issue, they have the road of retreat. Interesting part of two departments coordination started to show at this time. Why this is also Yao Qianshu vigorously invites Ji Dong with the important reason that he treasures hunt together.

more goes forward to the dense fog bog deep place, the mist in air becomes stronger, the foot steps in the vine, the bog friction of vine and below, has squeak squeak cluck the sound.

One bottle of strong liquor have spurted, two people also penetrated the dense fog bog in several hundred meters

Yao Qianshu said: "According to Map Display, after entering the dense fog bog, about the kilometer, should be able to arrive in bog islands on the spot."At the same time was saying, he eats up one to restore oneself First Wood magic power magic power pill. He uses the pinnacle First Wood magic power stimulation of movement under foot vine, the consumption be bigger than on many Ji Dong, although at this time magic power surplus also many, but he also needs to make izji maintain at the optimum condition, so that momentarily strain.

When Ji Dong just took out the second strong liquor, suddenly, two people simultaneously smelled fishy smell, Yao Qianshu loudly shouted: "Be careful!" The whole body blue puts brilliantly, vine crazy going into action of under foot, almost enlarges in the flash how much multiple, changes into sturdy logs, instantaneously two people body protections. Use vine type of supple wood, is the Second Wood department specialty, Yao Qianshu caused( unable to see clearly by life urging of oneself that pinnacle First Wood, I add) vine growth, has not used the ability of vine actual combat. At this time the vine comes under his pinnacle First Wood magic power influence to change into the giant tree instantaneously, this is his First Wood department true method.

Bang a loud sound, Ji Dong only thought that the wooden wall of Yao Qianshu manufacture rocked fiercely, a tremendous strength hit wooden wall creakies, as if one any giant things raise in their side.

At this kind of time, Ji Dong showed own powerful place, in both hands has also lifted, the Yin-Yang Vortex instantaneous in addition, looked like the turbo-charged turbine wheel explodes equally instantaneously his own pinnacle Third Fire, the golden red flame bloomed suddenly, takes his body as the center of gravity, besides flashing through Yao Qianshu, toward also exploded in all directions.

Ordinary Third Fire can only make the water vapor dispel, but this Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, immediately, the water vapor in air was swept away. All dense fog within 30 meters in diameter were emptied instantaneously. Meanwhile, is grown the wooden wall that by the pinnacle First Wood magic power stimulation of movement becomes also fierce the combustion under Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire. changes into the giant firewall to protect two people.

At this time, they also saw that moves the attack to them the thing, that is an extremely giant snake, it drills from the bog, reveals some bodies outside bog to have 67 meters, has the water jar to be thick or thin fully, in giant snake mouth has not benefitted the tooth, but snake mouth opens, actually sufficiently swallows the grown cattle.

"Is woods ran?"Ji Dong loudly shouted. Woods ran, is the volume biggest snake, has to exist in its previous world. May at present this woods ran and it remembers compares, wants huge many obviously . Moreover the snake skin surface is also reappearing a royal purple light ray, very obviously is magic beast. It cannot distinguish any level.

"Rank 5 magic beast. It is not good, this dense fog bog perhaps is the woods ran nest. Woods ran always lives in groups the life. Generally is only Rank 4 magic beast, this Rank 5 should be the woods ran king. We met trouble greatly."Faced with the danger, the extreme calmness of Yao Qianshu also performance, first all said all that oneself knew.

They look at each other one, Ji Dong shout: "Helps me."At the same time was saying, he treads the previous step, stands in the front, simultaneously swallows a magic power pill, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire recycles suddenly, condensation that rushes extremely above right arm.

Yao Qianshu understands, one step steps to Ji Dong behind, the double palm simultaneously presses in his carrying on the back, under the function of pinnacle First Wood magic power, although on Ji Dong has filled with the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire aura, but temporarily cannot injure him

Vitality of rushing injects into within the body just like spring liquor, Ji Dong only thought that own Yin-Yang Vortex was similar in this flash lit generally, magic power how much multiple promotion. White Yang Crown on top of the head blows out the extremely eye-catching brilliance, within the body magic power as if takes drainless. Above the right fist, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire ascends three meters high. Rank 7 Third Fire Crystal Crown on Sun and Moon double splendor right hand glove burnt the golden color.

The first time true realized the amplification effect that wood lights a fire, Ji Dong has truly shocked, he feels clearly, magic power that have at this moment can absolutely after displaying Vermilion Bird changed, and is the Huo'er coordination phase compares favorably.

Yao Qianshu is the Four-Crown powerhouse, Four-Crown pinnacle First Wood is Three-Crown pinnacle Third Fire makes the fuel, two people magic power ascension explodes, the pinnacle effect shows, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that on the Ji Dong fist burns approached in Six- Crown infinitely.

That giant woods ran king when Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire jumps instantaneously was daunted, water subdues fire, when the water meets Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire also wants the combustion, from Ji Dong, he clearly felt the aura of world. In addition the combustion of that firewall, his dish does not dare directly to clash.

At this time, can clear seeing, in the position that Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu are , the diameter three are in the meter/rice, at least dozens woods ran have drilled the bog, surrounds in which them firmly. The strong fishy smell mixes in the bog the unique rotten aura to make one sick. Only has in range of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire combustion, the air becomes extremely pure.

took a deep breath, the Ji Dong entire chest inflates, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire combustion on right hand was fiercer. In him and behind Yao Qianshu, Flame Sovereign King that proud form incomparably concentrates the solid appearance, along with the Flame Sovereign King aura, originally had been swept dense fog further dispelling of big piece, as once one of the underground world Two Great Sovereign Kings, Flame Sovereign King was grasping pinnacle Third Fire, by the strength, he has also wanted Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird, because he completely is the King of another world. In his aura straight line, how this fills the water vapor dense fog good Ai to exist. The surrounding scenery becomes clearer, many woods ran fall into Ji Dong and in the Yao Qianshu eye. Meanwhile they can also see a farther place.

A resonant long and loud cry resounds from the Ji Dong mouth, his burns the dazzling gold/metal Yan right hand to lift up high the top of the head, the terrifying, but the burning hot Sovereign King flame jumps on him completely, the surrounding air twists completely. Even if carried on the amplification Yao Qianshu somewhat unable to withstand for him. On his whole person has covered a emerald gloss, even if this, his magic power is weakening in the shake.

Although massive woods ran have surrounded them, but is feeling overbearing of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that power and influence world, does not have woods ran to dare actually in this attack.

The Ji Dong gathering strength has not made Yao Qianshu wait for a long time, when Yao Qianshu soon cannot withstand, the Ji Dong both feet makes an effort to stamp on the vine suddenly. With the aid of the vine tenacious counter- tension, his whole person is separated from the Yao Qianshu amplification to soar. Dazzling golden red flame is spread the whole body from the right hand fist in the flash, his whole person seems, turned into golden red existence completely.

Proud Flame Sovereign King rapid flight on, in midair, with the Ji Dong body fusion prestige one. In the Yao Qianshu eye can see, only then dazzling golden color. Although at this moment, surrounds their woods ran to have that many, is at least above Rank 4 formidable magic beast. But, dense fog bog heavy focal point only has one.

"Bans 1100 colorful male cones."

Ji Dong has not moved attack to woods ran, the instance when Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire of that hardware explodes completely, his whole person changed into a huge golden red pointed cone, from the day, the goal unexpectedly was formerly he and Yao Qianshu bog.

Chapter 108: Intrepid pinnacle wooden fire combination skill

The dazzling golden flame flash ends in bog, the intense golden red ray jumps instantaneously, Yao Qianshu first high jumps, terrifying overbearing and crazy fire attribute explosive force that avoidance that pinnacle Third Fire as far as possible shows. that channel that but k he formerly became with vine manufacture, at this moment already completely shatter, changed into the flying ash to vanish does not see.

A more fearful situation still in behind, follows Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, the golden colorful male cone bombardment in the bog. An intense golden ray colorful male cone bombardment position for heartfelt, spreads instantaneously, huge golden light by unequalled extends outward, looks like a huge golden halo launches generally.

Woods ran are moving restlessly crazily, but, they, although had realized is not wonderful, actually eventually slow a racket. They have the huge body, but, their possibly with colorful male cone instantaneous explodes compares?

Jumps in the midair, the Yao Qianshu look a contraction, loud has drunk:
" Good. "

At this moment, in vision institute and in the range, the bog is all spreading dazzling golden light, each by woods ran of golden light contamination presented the dizzy feeling instantaneously, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire scalding hot is made their water attribute magic power be suppressed forcefully, at this time. That originally mud, moist and gloomy, does not know that had the deep bog to have the mutation. Each woods ran can the free activity in the bog, is, they actually suddenly with amazement presently, own body could not move now, that some bodies in bog was unable to move completely. By lock stubbornly.

By Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill colorful male cone bombardment ground, Ji Dong will certainly not be aimless, his goal has been realized. Is relying on formidable magic skill and pinnacle Yang Fire terrifying explosive force, he in steams the moisture content in bog unexpectedly in an instant instantaneously.

What lost the bog of moisture content to turn into? Turned into the hard soil, hard fire that even the soils of some special ingredients were exploded by this pinnacle Yang Fire directly instantaneously tooth enamel.

The soft bog turned into the hard ground, the woods ran majority of bodies in the bog, at this moment, they had locked in completely. The least bit cannot move. The formidable extrusion pressure and Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire quarter that scalding hot the scratch coat transmits, is plundering their vitality crazily. Perhaps, for them this and is insufficient instantaneous fatal, but, lost them of ability to act, can also what means continue to survive? Soon, their results can only be the volume die.

Conscientious, does not need the vine, ground as before is also hard. The body of Ji Dong is shivering slightly, the mass consumptions of magic power made his complexion somewhat white, but, he left this to strike the colorful male cone to draw support from Yao Qianshu massive magic power. Although two people the first coordination, but without a doubt, this pinnacle wooden fire two departments superimposes perfect that combination skill completes. At present these dozens, even are over a hundred woods ran, although in fierce is struggling, but, they again are actually not able to take to two people any threat.

"Thanks to you can think."Yao Qianshu falls side Ji Dong, two people simultaneously eat up magic power to restore the pill. Yao Qianshu both hands also stretch out, compares the thumb to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong laughed, he is also instantaneous flash of intuition, has thought of this means. Otherwise, even if he and Yao Qianshu has the good strength, there is magic power to restore the pill and crystal core as the supplement. But wants to defeat these woods ran in this bog also is almost impossible. If only a Ji Dong person, he can definitely launch Vermilion Bird changes flies away. But has Yao Qianshu, he has not grasped has the person to fly.

They look at each other one, is more intimate several points, first time feels the combination skill great power, Ji Dong also excited. The wood lights a fire, has Yao Qianshu, his strength can say that meets the geometrical multiple promotion. Also made him be curious to many people of combination skill.

Ji Dong panting somewhat while said: "Woods ran, although the strength is greatly infinite, but they are unable to resist with the earth. Soon, does not need to attack, they will also die of the hunger. We rest, restored magic power to continue to go forward again."

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: "Then may be good. Perhaps in the dense fog forest 50% mist a moment ago were struck by you breaking. Although I can also use Certain Kill Skill. But compared with your this Certain Kill Skill, the might was much worse. It is not able to imagine, how you achieve."

Ji Dong said: "My colorful male cone in fact should be the Five-Crown rank can use, each use, needs some special methods to promote short own magic power. Has your pinnacle First Wood to be auxiliary, displays easy many."

Yao Qianshu said: "Is Vermilion Bird? I still remember, when you when Viscount stone Mansion uses this move, with was slightly different a moment ago. Were you obtained the approval of Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird?"

Ji Dong glanced at him, does not conceal, "you have only guessed right half. Although I obtained the approval of Vermilion Bird, but my partner is actually not Vermilion Bird. When needs time, you naturally can see it." Their short rests a while, started on once more smoothly were many, they penetrated into bog 50% positions, these woods ran are also they went to the bog center to start to begin. This struck the bombardment of colorful male cone after Ji Dong, the bog turned on the spot. They bypass deadlocked woods ran, has led the way 200 meters, once more sees the appearance of bog. Obviously Ji Dong that struck the might of colorful male cone powerful to any degree, the bog that even if met once more, the moisture also clearly reduced. In the air the dense fog reappears, before was thinner than were many, the scenery within dozens meters can see.

The pinnacle attribute superiority in showed a moment ago at that moment with nothing left. Trades two Mage, even if magic power again high One-Crown of compared with Ji Dong and on Yao Qianshu, cannot come here.

Yao Qianshu launched the map to look, pointed at the front saying: "Right, is that side. The bog should also be less than 200 meters. Also must go to the expense."At the same time was saying, he face in his waist racket, Ji Dong already was noting painstakingly, his waistband has the mystery, should be storage thing Magic Tool.

The ray flashes, a scroll appears in the Yao Qianshu hand. The scroll style is plain, above has the azure bright pattern, is only is not complex. Compared with Ji Dong had seen Omnidirectional Random Transmission Scroll, the loose aura also wants small and weak many. May be this, when Ji Dong sees Yao Qianshu to take out a magic skill scroll, is secretly is startled. This fellow good thing that dies to ask for money really to be actually many.

Yao Qianshu turns on the scroll, an show, immediately, the azure light flash, has submerged in their front grounds against the wind together. A shy small seedling drills from the bog slowly, fast grows healthy and strong.

Yao Qianshu said: "This is a First Wood department Rank 2 scroll.
Value a lot of money. Is called the wood to live the technique."

The free time of a while, that small seedling fast grew, changed into a lofty tree. Yao Qianshu releases own pinnacle First Wood magic power once more. The branch quick growth extends, goes to the bog interior. They also thus also had the putting one's foot down place.

At this time has not needed to remove dense fog again, Ji Dong is restoring own magic power, adjusts the body condition, while follows in Yao Qianshu behind. Passed this last is also the tranquil bog.

Conscientious, two people have the feeling of relaxing. Although they altogether has used less than a free time of double-hour through the bog, but this double-hour actually takes to them the quite thrilling feeling. That over a hundred woods ran did not joke. It is not good, will be buried. Even if Six-Crown Mage arrived here, in the dense fog cannot regard situation, perhaps does not dare to be easily thorough. They can pass through the bog, truly is the tremendous role of pinnacle magic power.

Yao Qianshu takes out some dry rations and water pockets gives Ji Dong, "we eat a thing first. Then continues to go forward."In the morning leaves to the present, they have not rested. Formerly Ji Dong that struck the consumption, not only magic power, had the physical strength. Has passed through the bog, but they have not entered the genuine concealed treasure trove point, adjusts the condition is very necessary.

Yao Qianshu concealed treasure trove Fig. spread equally in the ground, "looks like, this buried treasure is not good to look. In the dense fog bog has woods ran. We must enter the concealed treasure the place, has not known that must encounter any danger. Ji Dong, but can also continue?"

"Naturally. Since came, inquires about an outcome. You do not need to test me. Promised you, I certainly will achieve."

Yao Qianshu is pointing at the concealed treasure chart, said: "We went to the Notting forest true center now, is the center of dense fog bog. This piece on the spot is also the forest, instructed according to the concealed treasure chart, we were very near from the concealed treasure entrance. After waiting, we must try to find out the advance, must be careful surely again carefully." Ji Dong vision somewhat strange looks at Yao Qianshu, said: "You will not tell me. Your this concealed treasure chart by entrance."Yao Qianshu somewhat awkward say/way: "Is this. However, I estimated after entering the concealed treasure the place, should not have any danger."

Visits him, Ji Dong speechless, shakes the head, said: "Money tree, I delivers you four characters, the artificial wealth dies."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Came, we have a look. If is very dangerous, we draw back again and that's the end."

"That walks."Also comes it, then settles it, Ji Dong naturally cannot promote in light of this. From initially clouds that the secret to him told when Yao Qianshu matter, he knows, although at present this fellow is greedy for money, but is not stingy. money leisurely/scatter who otherwise he gaining gave the common people. He as if very much enjoys the process of that making money.

In the dense fog bogs as before is the forest of cover, although here restored the numerous dense fog, so long as there is a forest, regarding Yao Qianshu, the dense fog will not become the barrier. Under the function of guidance cane, two people continue thoroughly.

Ji Dong vanguard, while is feeling the surrounding sound, has met woods ran in bog there, who can guarantee that won't meet more formidable magic beast in this core area?

Walked about 700-800 meters appearances, Yao Qianshu stopped the footsteps, "should be nearby this. Ji Dong , helping."

This time, Ji Dong lit own Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire directly, the blazing golden flame shines, the dense fog of big piece swings, reveals the forest true colors.

Although here forest cover, but -- Floating astronomy -- Far aura. concealed treasure trove entrance here. My concealed treasure chart found from secret there First Wood disciple material. This concealed treasure chart final prompt is only then pinnacle First Wood magic power can open the entrance. These ten thousand years confuse the heart tree to be quite mysterious, not only can continually make the huge mist, but also itself firm like fine gold. You shove open, I try to turn on the gateway. "

Ji Dong shoves open backward already not, simultaneously released own Yin-Yang Crown, this time, he was Pinnacle Two Fires simultaneously releases, to this final time, is more careful on more at present. God knows after gateway opening in Yao Qianshu mouth, will have what kind of situation. From this fellow, only then the outside conceals treasure chart dares to look for this point Ji Dong to think that he is not very reasonable.

Chapter 109: Wonderful add-without- carry gate stone

Before Yao Qianshu arrives that ten thousand years to confuse the heart tree. Said reading, performs in lifting right hand, holds down to confuse the heart to lose on that giant tree trunk, the emerald brilliance fills the air from his within the body.

White Yang Crown shows quietly, four Crown Peak have the azure tree -- Floating astronomy -- Raises but the cool sound from resounds in all directions. This sudden sound frightened Yao Qianshu to jump immediately. Hurries to rebound backward one step.

At this moment, the entire road has shone, turned into the eye-catching emerald, seems unexpectedly likely is general that the emerald repair becomes.

"Four-Crown magic power, pinnacle First Wood, when is First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu. Now, please answer the issue, the reply is correct, then enters the mausoleum chamber. Acme First Wood, is the life source, please use own magic power to inspire Azure Dragon Totem, pours into to the Azure Dragon carving on wall during, your issue will present."

Yao Qianshu and Ji Dong look at each other one, Ji Dong to his nodded.

White First Wood Yang Crown presents, the emerald gloss becomes exceptionally is immediately rich, after Three-Crown rank, can inspire own magic power respective Totem to appear. Appears in Yao Qianshu back emerald Azure Dragon is extremely radiant. Under his exquisite control, emerald Azure Dragon flutters on, pours into to Azure Dragon carving in that stone door during directly.

In an instant, emerald ray restraining, the azure light shines from the Azure Dragon stone carving together, the illusory light shadow presents in front of Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu.

That melodious sound resounds once more, "your first topic is the wood and other five elements four species relations. Must say three types with each species relation. This is the truth that the First Wood disciple must understand. The wood is the subordinate of five elements relation. Gentlest. Through the wooden relation, can make five elements harmonious. Starts."

That say/way azure light covers the body of Yao Qianshu instantaneously. Indistinct, the body of Yao Qianshu whole person seemed shone by that say/way azure light was transparent.

Has hesitated, the Yao Qianshu bright sound said: "Earth is prosperous wooden, can dredge \; Wooden is prosperous the gold/metal, becomes the pillar of the state. Wooden Lai Musheng, the wooden multi- fires flaming
\; Wooden aquatic, water multi- wood float \; The hydro energy lives the wood, wooden abundant dehydration \; The wood can light a fire \; The fire multi- wood burn \; Wooden firm gold/metal Que \; The wood can Croatia , Turkey, the Turkish and Chinese fillet \; earth fades with the wood, must be entrapped \; Wooden meets the gold/metal weakly, must to chop the booklet. Acid wooden, puts to release its potential \; Strong wooden the fire, side Huaqi is obstinate."

"Reply is correct. Defeats can become a genuine disciple from us. Enters the second topic, self- war." The azure light puts instantaneously greatly, but the ray flashes. The body of Yao Qianshu baseless vanished. As if was inhaled in the Azure Dragon statue. The entire road is also gloomy.

Yao Qianshu vanished, Ji Dong has actually come across the difficult problem. Clearly, the mausoleum chamber in that strange sound mouth, truly was once disciple constructs. But wants to enter truly, must display the ability of own disciple. Ji Dong biggest problem also here. He truly has Pinnacle Two Fires. But, he when uses Pinnacle Two Fires, shows, is actually not Vermilion Bird or is Teng Snake Totem, but is Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King this underground world Two Great Sovereign Kings. In this case, can it obtain here approval? Actually is that strange sound what? He does not know. Did could it be say in the mausoleum chamber the also person to manage? Said, sound that magic power leaves behind.

However, in any event he must attempt. Otherwise, perhaps can only by in dire straits here.

The ponder a moment later, the Ji Dong decisive disposition made him make the choice, took a deep breath, stood before stone door, both hands simultaneously pressed above stone door. Since has not retroceded the road, he must grasp the nettle. But does not flinch waits painstakingly.

gold and black, the two-color flame simultaneously ascends from the Ji Dong palm, Pinnacle Two Fires and pinnacle Yin Fire also blooms, changes into two rays to pour into that stone door outrageously.

Appeared with similar case that formerly Yao Qianshu encountered, but these time is simultaneously bright is actually two Totem statues, symbolizes Third Fire Vermilion Bird with symbolizing Fourth Fire Teng Snake is shining the golden color and black halo separately, that golden Vermilion Bird as if spreads the wings to fly. But that changes into black Teng Snake also as if in slight is swaying from side to side.

"Welcome your arrivals, the Third Fire disciple and Fourth Fire disciple." The melodious and clear sound from resounds in all directions. The entire road has shone, again secondary change. gold and black, became the theme in road, the pinnacle magic power fluctuation of rushing floods in each corner.

Feels such change, Ji Dong can't help gasping, comes to see according to the present situation. Which is pours into pinnacle magic power to inspire, in this stone door, or in this road, actually contained ten departments huge pinnacle magic power. If that concealed treasure chart is ten thousand years ago remains, then, here not only can ventilate, and does not have the trace of any dust. Also can store up so huge magic power, is this mysterious?

"Three-Crown magic power, pinnacle Third Fire and pinnacle Fourth Fire. When is the Third Fire disciple and Fourth Fire disciple. Now. Please answer the issue, the reply is correct, then enters the mausoleum chamber. Acme Third Fire, is unselfish fire. Shines the myriad things, pinnacle Fourth Fire. Is the candlelight, furnace fire, ten thousand and world smoke and fire, the fire of star setting the prairie afire. Third Fire shines the myriad things. Fourth Fire illuminates a side. Please use own magic power to inspire respective Totem, during pours into corresponding Totem to stone door to carve. Your issues present."

The crucial time arrived, whether could reply smoothly issue of this strange stone door, looked two departments Totem Two Great Sovereign Kings that at present have whether can obtain this approval of stone door.

"The chaos creation world, Lie Yan (raging flames) lightens the world, awakens, magic power of deep sleep Vermilion Bird in my within the body."

A white light of rushing spreads instantaneously from his within the body, the sound of resonant phoenix cry resounds through the world.

If the snow and ice white condense behind Ji Dong, changes into the pair of wings to open, flutters the huge white phoenix that wants to fly. In staring of that golden pupil. To his body hit, but. Rich white energy, cannot feel any magic power fluctuation the aura. But collides in Ji Dong in it the together instance, in instant, the makings of Ji Dong whole person the two fuse lived the tremendous changes. During the close white light is dense, white thin armor appears from his skin, covers the whole body instantaneously, the appearance of each piece of armor leaf, looks like a piece of Vermilion Bird feather, the pure white, does not have impurity, having one only to belong to the chaos makings, covers instantaneously in each of Ji Dong body. Even if his face also by complete coverage. Vermilion Bird changes. Ji Dong rigid, proud and strong, but actually not rash general idea. He is unable to imagine the next moment to live anything, for facing unknown all, he must maintain the optimum condition deals.

Two Great Sovereign Kings that illusory form appears along with the output of Pinnacle Two Fires behind Ji Dong, receives Vermilion Bird changes the influence of magic power, they become extremely clear, under the stimulation of movement of Ji Dong, Two Great Sovereign Kings floating, respectively melts Vermilion Bird and Teng Snake in Totem entering the inner rooms gate to go.

Vermilion Bird, Teng Snake and two big Totem statues simultaneously the ray greatly puts, but, had not actually projected the correspondence like formerly Yao Qianshu the brilliance, but shines after instantaneously, dim, looks like any matter does not have fresh as. In Ji Dong to be inexplicable, in stone door ten big Totem statues all have shone suddenly.

Chapter 110: Combustion, Chaos Fire

The institute of heavenly stems disciple spirit gathering, the intruder kills. "

Ji Dong pours into Vermilion Bird and in the Teng Snake that statue in stone door corresponds by the Two Great Sovereign Kings Totem aura, after the instantaneous silence, that Totem statue blows out the unprecedented brilliance suddenly. Ten big Totem statues simultaneously shine. The destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth common aura will shortly flood in the road each corner.

The back pair of wings stretches, has displayed Ji Dong that Vermilion Bird changed, linked the slightest bit not to move at this moment unexpectedly. In intense fear instantaneous full hearts.

What strength that is! The first time, he realized that anything is the true five elements suppression.

First Wood, Second Wood, Third Fire, Fourth Fire and Fifth Earth, already earth, Seventh Metal, Eighth Metal, Ninth Water and Tenth Water. Complete ten departments magic power shows instantaneously. Indistinct, Ji Dong as if felt that own this time right person is in huge Yin-Yang Vortex, but this giant vortex is actually comprised of ten departments magic power. Moreover pinnacle ten departments magic power.

This is the true five elements suppression, ten departments dual attribute that is unable to revolt against to the high five elements suppression. Feels, each department magic power seems not specially formidable, even did not have Ji Dong own Three-Crown magic power, when this ten departments magic power links, becomes is ordinary just like the palatial mountain.

The terrifying five elements suppression changes into the huge extrusion pressure, making Ji Dong only think oneself as if must change into point dust in these ten color/look rays, the whole body skeleton in this terrifying pressure unceasing giggle sound.

The skin surface, is all rippling a ripple of layer upon layer distortion.

Ended......, Although Ji Dong had expected may be able to live the change that but has not thought that this will mount the picture so to be unexpectedly terrifying.

His that by dragon blood has soaked the body. In Vermilion Bird that at this time on him has armor. Most also can only make his life lengthen the moment slightly. He is not even able to achieve including the breath. That ten departments pinnacle magic power fuses the terrifying that in has together to suppress, the circle melts such as one, on an image source point, impregnable. Also is not he can contend. Ji Dong thought indistinctly, even if above own magic power main road Six-Crown. Facing this ten departments circle friendly five elements suppression, must die similarly.

When encounters this danger irresistibly, in Ji Dong innermost feelings on cannot help but only has a form. That is sparkling brilliantly, by the Red Lotus flower petal is wrapping perfect physique. Lie Yan (raging flames).

He did not count on that Lie Yan (raging flames) saves him tired, only then deep missing and does not abandon. In this world, can make him unable only to discard. Is Lie Yan (raging flames). In addition, as had died a time person, he does not think that the death was fearful.

The body started to twist, in Vermilion Bird each phoenix feather scale on armor in fierce is shivering, a cream halo appears armor surface. But, does not have any function facing the tremendous pressure that the ten departments magic power union has. Smiling that in the heart, Ji Dong self-ridicules, is this one generation of Saint kings who the secret said? dual attribute disciple? It seems like that these fellows also are just one group of swindlers.

In the chest, Yin-Yang Vortex was revolving under the tremendous pressure of outside crazily, already the main road unprecedented terrifying, but a Ji Dong actually point did not care, did not have to feel its change. Naturally, he will not give up, does not exhaust the last strength, can he be resigned to go to?

In Vermilion Bird armor pair of wings tight oppression on Ji Dong, suddenly, Ji Dong felt in own right hand wrist/skill transmits the intermittent scalding hot anxious spiritual fluctuation.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er. Thinks that also Huo'er of deep sleep in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, originally many not willingly Ji Dong instantaneous is not excited like his name.

Vermilion Bird child TOEFL to oneself, but brought Huo'er to arrive at such one certainly. At this time, in the face of this Yin-Yang five elements ten departments pressure, Huo'er is unable to work loose including the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Oneself died, can she leave here? Even if died, own soul is unable to confess to Vermilion Bird!

It is not good, cannot such 45, intense does not dare to change into the unyielding thought that the Sovereign King proud aura explodes once more from Ji Dong innermost feelings most deep place.

With the change of makings, his body, although is twisting as before gradually, in Vermilion Bird armor also shortly must unable to resist, but magic power of Ji Dong within the body actually presents the unprecedented change.

Both hands palm simultaneously felt the scalding hot fluctuation of energy, indistinct, Ji Dong only thought that own body changed into golden Sun suddenly, transformed as the black dark moon/month instantaneously. Between both transforms unceasingly alternately, the ten departments pinnacle magic power pressure reduced unexpectedly for several points. This is Two Great Sovereign Kings most source will and Ji Dong innermost feelings after unyielding fuses completely , the results of producing. At this moment, Ji Dong that filled with the unwilling aura as if to arouse the resonance of Two Great Sovereign Kings will, between the two presented the second fusion unexpectedly. Ji Dong only thought that own thought suddenly becomes unprecedented huge, in the thought that proud makings are the geometrical multiple promotion. ten departments magic power that originally is unable to contend in his eyes. At this time as if also gloomy several points. Although as before is difficult, but, with the support of this proud will, the Ji Dong main body starts the fresh change.

Primary color Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire covered the whole body instantaneously, Yin-Yang Crown of top of the head turned into the golden color by White Yang Crown unexpectedly, fell on Ji Dong slowly, the dazzling golden color made in his Vermilion Bird armor exaggeration be the same color, the golden halo of rushing passes the body completely, Ji Dong at this moment, seemed touches when Flame Sovereign King that displaying Three-Crown magic power behind appeared with him unexpectedly is the same. But in his own behind Flame Sovereign King, the dazzling golden light congealment presents for huge golden Sun. Has replaced originally Flame Sovereign King unexpectedly, seems Sun became Ji Dong this time Totem is ordinary.

This all golden color transform instantaneously, became the pure black, the dark and profound black, the top of the head changed into the golden royal crown also Huawei the black, his whole person was also changed into Dark Flames Demon King by formerly Flame Sovereign King, the dazzling golden light turned into the profound black, one round black dark moon/month appeared quietly. Compared with formerly light. At this time the pinnacle was profound, has been full of the danger.

gold and black, a dual-color transformation, the outside ten departments pressure is weaken instantaneously, Ji Dong ray, unceasingly transforms in this gold and black, crazy rhythm. Each magic power transforms, Ji Dong color will change one time.

At the beginning the golden color and black Ji Dong can also feel change, but. With the lapse of time, their changes actually become more and more quickly, becomes more and more formidable. Yin-Yang Crown of Ji Dong within the body already, because transformed white high. But is such high revolving, Ji Dong felt they have the feeling that the slightest bit collapses, Two Great Sovereign Kings Suzhou and Shanghai the hour did not have the trace at this time. Surplus, only then his proud. Similarly is the King aura, but Ji Dong has, actually unified unselfish and calm profound. Was dark in light of cruel overbearing and cloudy dreary and serene, the quantity big makings simultaneously integrated in his human body.

Suddenly, Yin-Yang Vortex that whirls listened, no longer has any revolving, complete magic power congeals in the Ji Dong chest, changes into wisp of white flame to ascend slowly. Yin-Yang Vortex vanished unexpectedly, only then this repeatedly pure incomparable white flame, became the Ji Dong main body.

Is this? The heart of Ji Dong beats fiercely, indistinct, he had guessed correctly this is anything. His really some do not dare to acknowledge.

However, his guess is correct, his own obstinance and pride, fuse with the Two Great Sovereign Kings makings finally completely, in these two times integration processes, the Two Great Sovereign Kings will melted into his will completely, makes no distinctions again, from now on, he will use no longer will be the Two Great Sovereign Kings ability, but was the thought and skill of Two Great Sovereign Kings turned into his thought and makings completely. This is difference essentially, Ji Dong no longer borrows, but is the control. But also in this case, Two Great Sovereign Kings most source thing that after was struck kills leaves behind also each other to carry on the fusion by Lie Yan (raging flames) separately.

Acme Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire changes into the purest energy shape to fuse in together, will look like initially Ji Dong completely magic power will change into solar eclipse Yin Fire integration process in Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and that Vermilion Bird egg is the same. Just, the Two Great Sovereign Kings pinnacle flame must be purer, magic power is also the closely coincide. In process of this fusion, Ji Dong, when the Lie Yan (raging flames) help congeals that chaos source that becomes finally by the Two Great Sovereign Kings magic power fusion lit, changed into true Chaos Fire. Freely only then a that simple wisp, but is this wisp of chaos, truly innumerable powerhouse its life is unable to touch the slightest bit finally.

Selects the armor of white light from Ji Dong chest front Vermilion Bird to leave brightly, had appeared reappears just like the diamond common crystal, slight white flame quietly appears in that radiant crystal, in this moment, the Ji Dong body returns to normal. The Two Great Sovereign Kings brilliance completely vanishes, remaining only then in his pure white Vermilion Bird armor.

The ten departments five elements suppression stagnates, all as if became peaceful, in the air, that separately represented the ten departments ten brilliance to exist as before, but, they actually again did not create any pressure to Ji Dong, but was moving around his body silently.

Ji Dong present, oneself can move. Uphold hand gently, strokes on own chest in that crystal the position, feels the white flame that as if any temperature has not been having to exist, a clear(ly) became aware in the heart ripples. His eyes has shone, black submergence becomes does not have to be profound, in this moment, his thought also becomes the unprecedented insight. In the chest front crystal that white flame attaches to above his right hand index finger quietly, passes the body.

In the instance that this white flame presents. Surroundings that just maintained tranquil ten departments magic power instantaneously changed into the giant vortex, this time, actually no longer attacked. But is as well as his astonishing racing wells up but. Crazy integration to that white flame.

Chaos Fire, resembles, this is Chaos Fire. Only belongs to Ji Dong Chaos Fire!

Ji Dong can the clear feeling, this Chaos Fire generally swallow magic power that all racing wells up are coming like the bottomless trench.

Initially, when his chaos embryonic form changed into the chaos source, once swallowed the entire area south of Yellow River has become in the range complete magic power in air. At this moment. The source of chaos has ignited this wisp of Chaos Fire finally, swallows truly at present all pinnacle magic power.

That leaf of giant stone door fierce vibration. Leaves the grating fricative, in stone door each Totem uncontrolled outward swarms to gush out to rush magic power.

That originally only then Chaos Fire under the Yin-Yang five elements circle of this ten departments pinnacle flame melts magic power to pour into is growing extremely slowly, such as silk such as wisp. As before is that tiny. If only looked with eyes, who can imagine, it can actually swallow that huge magic power.

But magic power of Ji Dong main body as if is also growing, growth is not quick, but is quite solid. Three-Crown magic power that his originally had at this time in living slight change, in the originally pinnacle aura, in contamination meaning Chaos Fire aura.

Finally, when that all pinnacle magic power Chaos Fire is ransacked, loudly in the loud sound, front that does not know had how sincere/heavy stone door to open to the both sides suddenly, has revealed the profound darkness.

But also at this time, Ji Dong injured Chaos Fire voluntarily returned to the chest front in the radiant crystal stone, in within the body heat, conscious thought returned. In Ji Dong Vermilion Bird armor also voluntarily removes. In the chest, Yin-Yang Vortex reappears, the gold and black two-color ray resumed revolving, but, in they revolve surrounding center, wisp of true Chaos Fire calmly is burning.

Although Ji Dong does not dare definitely to live anything. But he actually knows, oneself magic power lived the qualitative change.

How Chaos Fire uses him unclear. However. This suppresses flame that is unable to contend with including pinnacle ten departments magic power, already made own Pinnacle Two Fires become different. Perhaps all forms of five elements suppressed will not have to oneself any affects. The feeling of being survivor of disaster made Ji Dong panting somewhat, although this time vigor has achieved the optimum condition, magic power even also promoted, but innermost feelings made him feel several points of exhausted highly anxiously.

The surroundings changed into a darkness, red Third Fire from the Ji Dong right hand fuel gas, illuminates all around. That two leaves of sincere/heavy front door vanished, surplus, is the countryside look steps, does not know to where.

Arrives position that stone door is , the Ji Dong right hand picture fox, the scarlet red flame becomes powerful. One group strong and fireball passes the palm, breaks in the front darkness. Bang, the fireball explodes. Changes into the big flame to scatter in all directions to flutter about, has illuminated the front darkness.

Arrived the present all, Ji Dong can't help gasping, presents in him at present, unexpectedly is......

The festival ends)
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