Jiu Shen Chapter 0 - Prologue

Chapter 0: Prologue

“Breaking News, our nation’s’ most famous bartender and sommelier, Mr. Lee Jie Dong, passed away at the young age of 32. Due to the obsession with good wine, he sunk into an alcohol and induced coma after tasting the newly discovered liquor from the time of the Han Dynasty. Untreated, he died 72 hours later.”

“Mr. Lee Jie Dong is our nation’s, no the world’s, finest bartender and sommelier. An unparalleled master who has won the Fuda International Bartender Competition five times consecutively, is the Honorary President of the International Bartenders Association, and is the founder of Lee style of bartending. But his talents do not solely lie in the field of bartending. As a sommelier, he is the world’s only 6 Star HuangZuan international Medal Recipient to this date, is the Honorary Director of the International Sommelier Association, and the founder of the Six Sense Liquor Tasting Method. He was honored with the title of the today’s’ internationally best(no.1/first) Liqour God. “

“Lee Jie Dong spent his entire 32 years of life with alcohol in his hands; he hardly spent a second without it. His accomplishments are unprecedented. According to his friends, Lee Jie Dong, in order to taste the finest liquor the world had to offer, went on an adventure, and tasted the untasted; the finest liquor dating back to the Han Dynasty. His subsequent coma and death comes as a great blow to the bartending and connoisseur world. Even as we speak, over 37 international sommelier associations have sent telegrams containing their condolences……”
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