Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 301-308 (End)

Chapter301 - Creation Time Law

The one thing that the Sidhe did not lack for was vitality - especially after the Ancient Tree of Life went through its second evolution. Even though the Sidhe Empress’s energy had been significantly drained at this moment, she had no problem sustaining for half a minute, the timeframe that she had given Zhou Weiqing. Moreover, even if her vitality were to be completely drained, she would be able to restore it with the help of the Ancient Tree of Life, provided she was given sufficient time. This was also one of the benefits brought about by the evolution of the Ancient Tree of Life.

After the black hole in front of Zhou Weiqing’s chest had expanded to a diameter of one meter, it had finally stopped. Zhou Weiqing slowly raised both hands - he did not push it towards Fen Tian; instead, he lifted it up high above his head. Immediately after, the black hole suspended in the air, above Zhou Weiqing’s head. It expanded once again, till its diameter reached approximately three meters.

The distorted light around the black hole completely became whitish gold at this moment. Immediately after, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body had also become illusory and distorted. “Come at me, Fen Tian. I will let you experience my ultimate killing technique.” Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flashed; his right hand pointed towards Fen Tian, who was being restrained by the Sidhe Empress.

From within the black hole above Zhou Weiqing’s head, an intense distorted snake-like light charged straight at Fen Tian at a lightning fast speed.

The distorted light might seem weak and small - it did not even create any energy ripples, however, the moment the weak-looking light had come into contact with the Sidhe Empress’ emerald green Life Energy, that was capable of trapping Fen Tian, the emerald green Life Energy had surprisingly completely vanished. Even the Sidhe Empress was swept away in a flash by the distorted light.

Its target was not the Sidhe Empress; but because it came into contact with the powerful energy released by the Sidhe Empress, with the support of the twelve elders, it managed to sweep the Sidhe Empress away. How terrifying exactly was an energy as such? In the next moment, it had left a mark on Fen Tian’s ball of black Destruction Energy.

The moment the Sidhe Empress was being swept away, Fen Tian attempted to escape using his fastest possible speed. However, the space in the surroundings suddenly became distorted. As a result, he had lost control of his body - his movements became extremely slow. In the next moment, the distorted light had left a mark on his body.

“This…this is the Creation Time Law.” The shocked voice did not belong to Fen Tian; it belonged to the Lord of the Nether. Immediately after, the distorted halo flashed; be it Fen Tian or Zhou Weiqing, they had both disappeared in a split second.

The Time Law was rather similar to the Spatial Law. However, because the Time Law belonged to the Divine Attribute, it was evidently more powerful. Furthermore, Fen Tian’s Time Attribute was not any Time Attribute - it was Creation Time Attribute. What did this mean? This meant that Zhou Weiqing’s Time Law had perfectly merged with the Creation Energy within his Saint Energy. Even Fen Tian’s powerful Destruction Energy was unable to reverse it

The frenzied energy in the sky was suddenly cleaned out - even the enormous devouring hole that Fen Tian had released earlier had vanished as well. The spectators who were watching from afar could feel their hearts racing intensely. What exactly did Zhou Weiqing do? Why did he, the Sidhe Empress, as well as Fen Tian, had disappeared? Where did they go? Was it the Time Law? How could the Time Law cause the disappearance of a person?

Nobody understood what happened. However, this was no longer of great importance to them anymore.

When the Sidhe Empress was being swept away by the distorted light, she felt that everything in her surroundings suddenly became extremely slow. Immediately after, the energy that she had released earlier, coupled with the energy within her body, had began weakening at an extremely alarming rate.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed and she appeared at a strange place.

She was in an enormous arena, which had a diameter of approximately fifty meters. The light in the surroundings were all distorted. Everything appeared to be unreal.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared. The Sidhe Empress scrutinized and realized that it was a young boy. The clothes on his body had completely disappeared. Even though he looked like he was six or seven years old, his face gave off intense evil vibes. At this moment, he also had a shocked look on his face when he had caught the glimpse of the Sidhe Empress shortly after.

“You are the Sidhe…Sidhe Empress?”  A child’s voice, that was full of shock, rang through the air. Even though it was a child’s voice, it was still filled with killing intent. Furthermore, it was impossible to distinguish if the voice belonged to a boy or a girl.

“Lord of the Nether?” The Sidhe Empress cried out in shock. She subconsciously looked down at herself and immediately, she was astonished.

At this moment, the Sidhe Empress’ body was only as big as an infant’s. She had a pair of tiny wings on her back that could barely help her hover in mid-air. Her instincts were right - her cultivation base had almost completely disappeared. In other words, she was currently in same state as she used to be at six years old. Could the young boy before her be Fen Tian? Zhou Weiqing, what kind of skill did you use! Why did we become like this? Also at this time, a figure that was much taller and bigger than them quietly appeared within their line of sight.

Zhou Weiqing, who was equipped with the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had slowly appeared. When he saw the arena, as well as Fen Tian and the Sidhe Empress who were standing within it, he could not help but be dumbfounded.

“I’ve  succeeded;  I’ve  actually  succeeded  -  the  Time  Law restored them to their childhood. Haha, I have truly succeeded.” A layer of distorted halo ripples surrounding Zhou Weiqing’s body made him look as though he was just an illusion. However, his prideful self still remained the same as before.

“Weiqing,  what  exactly  happened?”   The  Sidhe  Empress could not help but ask that question. Furthermore, the six year old Fen Tian looked extremely devastated.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and replied, “This is one of my skills; a Time Attribute skill that I learned shortly after making a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. This skill allows me to render all living things within a specific area to return to the state they were in, when they were in their childhood days. On the other hand, I will not be affected. The moment this skill is being utilized, it will definitely succeed, unless the individual escapes the specified area, or launch an attack on me before I’m able to carry out the skill. Originally, perhaps this skill was unable to shrink a person like Fen Tian, who possessed such a high level of Destruction Energy. However, Fen Tian was after all Fen Tian himself - he was merely borrowing the Lord of the Nether’s powers. He was not the actual Lord of the Nether. As long as he has a body, my skill would be effective on him. Moreover, this skill was unleashed by the merging of the Saint God Core Nucleus. Your Majesty, I truly have to be grateful to you. If you had not restrained him, there was no way I would have been able to use this skill. And right now, little Fen Tian, is there anything you’d like to say? The Lord of the Nether said coldly, “Fen Tian is nothing but a puppet of mine. I had never expected that you would be able to master the Creation Time Law. However, unfortunately, while this might be effective on Fen Tian, it is useless against me. You can trap living things, but my Destruction will is not something that can be trapped by your puny Time Law. I admit that I lost this battle. However, the Netherworld is about to open a passageway that leads to this part of the Mainland. The day my actual body arrives in this world will be the day that every single one of you will be destroyed. Fen Tian is my puppet - even if he were to die, he will die by my hands.”

As he spoke, two green rays of light suddenly shot out of the little six year old Fen Tian. A splutter sound was heard and his head was blown open. The two rays of green light merged as one in the air; it seemed to have stared at Zhou Weiqing for a moment before it forcefully broke through the restraints of the Time Law and vanished.

Following his disappearance, the Destruction Energy in the air had vanished as well. Fen Tian’s corpse fell to the ground with a thud. The leader of the Blood Red Hell did not even get the chance to say his final words before he died. Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress looked at each other; they could not help but laugh bitterly, “So did we win or lose? Even though Fen Tian only had a third of the Lord of the Nether’s power, he was already this powerful. How are we going to deal with the actual Lord of the Nether?”

The Sidhe Empress sighed, “We are not able to go against him. The Lord of the Nether wasn’t lying. The Creation Time Law is only able to restrain individuals with living bodies, like us. However, it is different for him - he is completely made up of Destruction Energy and resentment. He is not a living entity with a physical body. Moreover, the level of his Destruction Attribute far surpasses that of your Creation Time Law. Unless you can comprehend the true Creation Law, or else all of us combined will still be unable to beat him.”

“Comprehending the true Creation Law? Is there a way for me to do that?” asked Zhou Weiqing in a low voice.

The Sidhe Empress forced a smile, “That is impossible. There is only one person who had done that, and he is the Creation God. After he had created the entire world, he had scattered and ceased to exist. If you can master the Creation Law, you will become the new Creation God. You will even be able to destroy the Boundless Mainland by just flipping your palm over. How is it possible for something like that to happen? The Creation God does not exist.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck, “Then what should I do? We can’t possibly simply wait for our demise, right?

The Sidhe Empress replied, “Let’s get out of here before we discuss any further. The only thing we can do is to strengthen the seal on the exit of the passageway from the Netherworld. With your Saint Energy, strengthening the seal should not be difficult. If the Lord of the Nether is unable to break the seal and charge out, so what if he is that powerful? As of now, he has already reached the Heavenly Change Stage. In other words, he is a true God. Nonetheless, it is still rather impossible for him to break the secure seal created from the divine blood from the bloodlines of all the different sects that easily.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. He did not like a feeling as such - not being in control of his destiny. However, at this juncture, all he could do was listen to the Sidhe Empress’ suggestion.

A distorted halo flashed across; Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress appeared at the same time within the void. When they appeared once again in their original space-time, the Sidhe Empress had also returned to her original physical state. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing was carrying Fen Tian’s corpse in his hand. Apart from the corpse, Zhou Weiqing was holding Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus in the other hand - it was the Max Level Heavenly God’s Heavenly Core Nucleus.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Peerless Sect powerhouses were originally idling around lifelessly, as they did not know what else they could do. Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress had only vanished for a split second. Yet in the next moment when they reappeared, Fen Tian had already become a lifeless corpse.

There was a brief moment of silence, before wave-like uproarious cheers erupted in the air.

After going through long battles, and experiencing countless life and death situations, this war had finally ended, and they were the ultimate victors.

Amidst the cheers, Zhou Weiqing’s wives had already pounced on him. The one who was the nearest to him was Tian’er - who also took part in the earlier battle. She hugged Zhou Weiqing; the other women were not any slower as well - they had all surrounded Zhou Weiqing. One by one, the powerhouses of the three Saint Lands started surrounding him as well. They only heaved a sigh of relief when they had seen Fen Tian’s corpse, with his head blown off, for themselves. Regardless of the number of hardships they had been through, the war had finally ended and victory belonged to them.

Shangguan Tianyang could not help but ask, “Weiqing, how did you do it? Fen Tian……”

Zhou Weiqing wrapped his arms around his wives and chuckled, “Uncle, this is a secret. I can’t tell you. I can only say that Fen Tian has truly died. However, everything is not over. The threat of the Lord of the Nether is still present.”

Hearing his last sentence, the crowd’s excitement had toned down a lot. Zhou Weiqing’s wives had also bashfully loosened their grip. Earlier on, they thought that they had truly lost Zhou Weiqing - all of their resentment had turned into anxiety. However at this moment, they looked at the people who were standing near them and saw Dongfang Hanyue, who stood nearby. Once again, the joy on their faces was replaced with jealous.

The Sidhe Empress continued, “Weiqing is right. Right now, we can’t let our guard down yet. We need to hurry over to where the seal on the exit of the Netherworld passageway is. Judging from the confidence of the Lord of the Nether, I’m afraid he is truly certain that he can break through the seal. If we were to let him come into our world, no one will be able to stop him.”

Shangguan Tianyang had a grave look on his face, “Your Majesty, could you please tell me where the Netherworld passageway is located at?”

The Sidhe Empress shifted her gaze downwards and said, “It’s right there.”

Everyone present followed her gaze and looked at the abyss, where the Heavenly Snow Mountain used to be. Shangguan Tianyang was shocked, “Brother Xue, this…… “

Xue AoTian sighed and said, “There is no need for me to hide anything now. Indeed, the Heavenly Mountain used to guard the exit of the Netherworld passageway. My wife is one of the guardians of the seal. After she had given birth to Tian’er, she had gone back to the seal. I personally have never seen the Netherworld passageway’s seal before. However, this is indeed the entrance.” Zhou Weiqing looked at the Sidhe Empress and asked, “Your Majesty, what should we do now?”

After the war had ended, the dark clouds and the darkness in the sky had disappeared as well. The sun shone onto the ground. However, the Heavenly Snow Mountain had no longer existed. Even at least half of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was destroyed.

The Sidhe Empress sensed everyone’s gazes upon her, and said in a low voice, “It’s useless for ordinary people to approach the seal. Weiqing, you shall go with Tian’er and I. Both you and Tian’er have the true Saint Energy - only you two have the actual ability to strengthen the seal. I was one of the people who had created the seal back then - my bloodline is able to strengthen the seal as well. However, before we go there, you have to further raise your cultivation base first. Additionally, you have to restore the two enormous dragon’s consciousness. With their Dragon Emperor bloodline, it’ll be easier for us to strengthen the seal.
Zhou Weiqing nodded and said, “Alright, let us begin now.” The twelve Sidhe elders had already brought the Hui Yao and
Duo Si over. After trapping them, the Sidhe Empress used the powerful Life Saint Energy to temporarily put them into deep slumber. However, the black marks on their body had not faded.

Zhou Weiqing first went above Hui Yao’s head. Gentle white lights flickered in his hands - the Dual Legendary Hammers has appeared once again. The Astral Celestial Territory was still attached on top of it.

He pointed the huge hammer downwards and placed it above Hui Yao’s head. A white light flashed across and pure Saint Energy, under the amplification of the Astral Celestial Territory, was channeled into Hui Yao’s body.

Immediately, Hui Yao’s massive body started to tremble violently. Fen Tian was the person who controlled Hui Yao and Duo Si earlier. Now that Fen Tian was dead, naturally, there was no one manipulating the Destruction Energy that was controlling them. Going up against Zhou Weiqing’s pure Heavenly God Stage Nebula Saint Energy, the Destruction Energy was entirely defenseless. It only took a short while before the black marks on Hui Yao’s body had gradualy disappeared.

On the other side, Tian’er was doing the same thing to Duo Si, dispelling the Destruction Energy within her body. After it was done, Zhou Weiqing did not loosen up. Instead, he furrowed his brows. He did not lift the huge hammer in his hand - it continued resting on top of Hui Yao’s head.

“Woo——” Hui Yao slowly let out a low dragon’s roar. He gradually opened his huge dragon’s eyes. When his blurred vision became clear, a mournful dragon’s roar erupted from Hui Yao’s mouth.

“No——,  my  children.”  On  the  other  side,  Duo  Si’s  grief- stricken howl rang through the air at the same time. The two enormous dragons let out sorrowful howls hysterically at the same time, causing the powerhouses present to feel heartbroken as well.

Even though Zhou Weiqing had already seen that coming, he still could not help but feel heavy-hearted. Even Hui Yao and Duo Si had been enslaved by the Blood Red Hell, one could imagine what they must have done to their children.

At this moment, the only thing Zhou Weiqing could do was to use his gentle Saint Energy to continuously ease the grief in Hui Yao and Duo Si’s hearts. After some time, Hui Yao and Duo Si gradually calmed down. Hui Yao lifted his huge head and looked at Zhou Weiqing. His massive body was trembling.

“Weiqing, they…they killed my children and used them as a blood sacrifice to the Lord of the Nether. I, I……”

Zhou Weiqing squatted and gently caressed Hui Yao’s huge head. “What has passed is past. Turn your grief into strength, my friend. We had already destroyed the Blood Red Hell, and I have killed Fen Tian. Our top priority right now is to go to the seal of the Netherworld passageway and strengthen it, such that the Lord of the Nether’s desire to come to our world will be unfulfilled.”

Chapter302 - The Resentment Space

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Hui Yao and Duo Si’s eyes gradually turned red; their bodies continuously released powerful murderous vibes. After Zhou Weiqing probed, they finally told him everything that had happened after they separated.

As it turned out, after Hui Yao and his wife had parted ways with Zhou Weiqing, they went to look for their children. Using the linkage of their bloodline, they found the Blood Red Hell and happened to see Fen Tian using their children as a blood sacrifice to the Lord of the Nether.

Naturally, Hui Yao and his wife fought against Fen Tian with all their might. However, at that moment, the Lord of the Nether’s Destruction Energy befell on Fen Tian once again and under his control, it inflicted serious injuries on Hui Yao and his wife. Thereafter, using the power obtained from sacrificing their children, he took the opportunity to enslave them while they were in a delirious state as a result of their rage. It was not until now that they had regained their consciousness.

Duo Si went up next to Hui Yao. Their necks touched and Duo Si burst into tears. Anyone who had lost their children would be grieving this much too! At this moment, suddenly, a bout of strange energy ripples caused the entire space to tremble, triggering everyone to be on guard.

The air was not the only thing that was quivering - the ground was shaking as well. The destructive aura that came from the abyss greeted them. Even though it was not very strong, it was still a Destruction aura after all. Hence, everyone could not help but look horrified. The sky that had lit up not long ago seemed to have become dull once again.

The  Sidhe  Empress  hurriedly  urged,  “Weiqing,  quickly absorb Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. We must go over immediately. The Lord of the Nether should be trying to break the seal right now, and it seems as though the seal might not be able to hold him off any longer.”

Zhou Weiqing did not dare to be negligent. He activated his Astral Celestial Territory; Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus transformed into a stream of light that channeled into the Astral Celestial Territory. Immediately, a myriad of starlight seemed to have flickered at the same time before sending the feedback to his body, causing Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base to rise rapidly. The Sidhe Empress did not idle about - she sat cross-legged suspended in mid-air, restoring the Life Energy that had been drained from her body earlier. Sealing the Lord of the Nether was truly the final part of the war.

Immersing himself within the pure starlight, circles of halos started emerging around Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. Even ripples started appearing on the surface of his skin. His Saint Energy continued to be purified during the process of raising his cultivation base. However, he had realized that, just like what the Sidhe Empress mentioned before, even if he were to engage in the Astral Feedback using Fen Tian’s powerful Destruction Heavenly Core Nucleus, he would still be unable to reach the level that Fen Tian had half his foot in earlier.

Apparently, possessing Saint Energy did not allow one to enter the Heavenly Change Stage. Contrary to what he had thought, the Creation properties within the Saint Energy had limited his future.

If reaching the Heavenly Stage meant that the individual had become a God, then in that case, he could never become one.

In Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, becoming a God was not important at all. However, if he was unable to break through this barrier, how was he going to deal with the Lord of the Nether in the event he successfully broke the seal? How was he going to protect his family, friends and the entire world?

Even though Zhou Weiqing did not feel strongly about possessing power and authority, he had always been a person who had a strong desire for control. He hated situations that depended on luck and were completely out of his control the most. However, at this moment, all he could do was to try his very best to increase his cultivation base. Every little increase he made would result in more luck to be on his side.

Accompanying the increase of his cultivation base, the Astral Celestial Territory did not actually get bigger. Instead, it engulfed Zhou Weiqing’s body within it, and seemed to have also embedded stars, that could release Saint Energy, on his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The Saint Energy that was getting purer and purer had forcefully suppressed the Destruction Energy that was rising from the abyss down below.

Gradually, the starlight dwindled; The energy from the Astral Feedback had been thoroughly absorbed by Zhou Weiqing’s body. Fen Tian’s Destruction Heavenly Core Nucleus was indeed powerful. As the saying went, when the situation was at its worst, things would start to look up and improve. The Nebula Saint Energy that was obtained from the feedback of this Heavenly Core Nucleus, which possessed powerful Destruction Energy, drained less energy compared to the Astral Feedback of the Heavenly Core Nucleus that belonged to the other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base had been forcefully risen from Mid Level
Heavenly God Stage to Max Level Heavenly God Stage, and there was still a surplus of Saint Energy. However, the remaining Saint Energy could only make his own Saint Energy become stronger - it could not help him make any other breakthrough.

The Astral Celestial Territory became dimmer, however, the specks of starlight on Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set did not disappear. Instead, they became clearer. The starlight on top of the white armor flickered - it seemed as though brilliance, that was filled with Saint Energy, could be emitted from any part of Zhou Weiqing’s body with just a thought.

Zhou Weiqing looked over at the Sidhe Empress. She was still sitting cross-legged, suspended in the air. Circles of Life light continuously expanded and recalled.

“Weiqing, I will go with you.” Dongfang Hanyue’s calm voice was heard. She had arrived in front of Zhou Weiqing, while riding on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. “We  will  go  too.”  The  three  Shangguan  sisters  and  Little Witch rushed over to him in a jiffy.

Looking at eagerness and resolve in their eyes, Zhou Weiqing started to tear up.

“Silly girls, what are you girls going for? You don’t have Saint Energy. If we can solve this situation with just the accumulation of all our cultivation bases, the Lord of the Nether will not be alive right now. Don’t worry, nothing will happen. We are only going to strengthen the seal. We will be back really soon.”

Shangguan Bing’er was rather agitated, “What if the Lord of the Nether breaks the seal?”

Zhou Weiqing was stunned for a moment, before he gestured to her, “Bing’er, come over.”

At this moment, the women had already forgotten about jealousy. Shangguan Bing’er’s figure flashed and came before Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing extended both arms and embraced her. “Bing’er, I’m sorry for letting you down. You are the one who introduced me to the world of Heavenly Jewel Masters. When we first met, the awakening of my Heavenly Jewels harmed your body and you did not even blame me. Instead, you continued to help and took care of me. You used your gentleness to guide me on the path to being a Heavenly Jewel Master. It is my biggest fortune to have you as my wife. However, I’ve let you down. My womanizing ways must have hurt you a lot. However, I need to tell you this - my love for you has never dwindled a single bit, Bing’er, I love you.”

As he spoke, he lowered his head and kissed Shangguan Bing’er hard on her sweet lips.

Shangguan Bing’er was stunned for a moment. However, she quickly responded fervently. She wrapped her arms, that were trembling slightly, around Zhou Weiqing’s neck as hard as she could.

After their lips separated, Zhou Weiqing released his arms that were embracing Shangguan Bing’er, and gently pulled her to one side. She had a dazed look in her beautiful eyes, as she quietly hovered in mid-air.

His figure flashed and he appeared right before Shangguan Fei’er, before hugging her. “Fei’er, even though you look exactly the same as Bing’er, your personalities are completely different. Within your vivacious personality lies a perseverance that no man can ever match up to. During the most difficult period of my life, you were always there. Thank you. Although I love Bing’er, similarly, I love you too. I cannot do without you. I am selfish, but it is impossible for me not to be this way.”

“Stop saying such……” Just as Shangguan Fei’er was about to say something agitatedly, she was forcefully kissed by Zhou Weiqing on the lips. In the next moment, she melted into his arms as well.

After Zhou Weiqing pulled away from her lips, she could not utter a single word. She simply hovered in the air in a daze.

“Xue’er.”  Zhou Weiqing pulled Shangguan Xue’er, who was standing next to Fei’er, over to him. “Xue’er, you have always assumed that your status in my heart can never be compared to Bing’er or Fei’er. However, you are wrong. I love you, not because I love your sisters. I love your calmness, and nobleness. I remember every single thing that you had done for me.”

Shangguan Xue’er took the initiative and kissed Zhou Weiqing on the lips, not letting him continue his speech. “Yuehan.” Zhou Weiqing gestured to Little Witch, as he let go of Shangguan Xue’er.

Wu Yuehan’s eyes were red; tears flowed down uncontrollably, “I hate you for doing this. Are you trying to give us your last words?”  Despite saying that, she still came right before Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, “No, I just want to hug all of you, and feel the warmth of your body.” He held her cheeks that were soaked with tears and kissed her affectionately.

Regardless of whether it was Wu Yuehan or the three Shangguan sisters, after they were kissed by Zhou Weiqing, all four of them went silent and merely hovered in the air without budging a single bit, with a dazed look in their beautiful eyes.

“Hanyue.”  Zhou Weiqing looked at Dongfang Hanyue. She was looking at him as well.

“You don’t have to do this. I will not go with you. Apart from you, I still have our son.” Dongfang Hanyue’s face looked pale as she spoke. Her right hand that was holding on to the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear went completely pale as well. Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “That’s good. However, I still want to kiss you. Can I?”

Her figure transformed into a stream of light as she fell hard into his embrace. “Don’t die. Promise me you will come back alive. As long as you come back alive, I promise you that I will give up my status as the Palace Master of Xuantian Palace and reunite our son with you.” As she spoke, she kissed Zhou Weiqing on the lips hard and even bit his lips.

After all, Dongfang Hanyue was still the leader of a Saint Land. When Zhou Weiqing had kissed Shangguan Xue’er, she had picked up on the clues and realized that the women who had been kissed by Zhou Weiqing had lost their state of mind. She knew that it was because Zhou Weiqing did not want them to risk their lives by following him!

After she kissed Zhou Weiqing, Dongfang Hanyue hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

Zhou Weiqing sighed, “Perhaps, this is my punishment from the heavens. It is my biggest fortune to have any of you as my wife. However, I am simply way too greedy. Nonetheless, I truly cannot bear to let any one of you go. If I can come back alive this time, I will live for all of you for the rest of my life, and spend the rest of my living days with every single one of you and repay your love for me. Hanyue, wait for me to be back. I will go to Xuantian Palace with you and officially bring you and our son back. Nobody can stop me, even if I have to bring the entire Xuantian Continent over and combine it with the Boundless Mainland, I will not let the two of you be
separated from me. Dongfang Hanyue turned around and returned to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head once again and grabbed onto its horn with her back facing Zhou Weiqing, as she refused to look at him.

Lastly, Zhou Weiqing looked over at Tian’er, who had been staring at him all this while but did not approach him.

“My beloved……”

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing, “I know you better than they do, so you don’t have to persuade me. You have no reason to do so either. I possess Saint Energy as well - if you’re allowed to contribute to the Mainland, why can’t I?”

“However, you are pregnant with our child!” Zhou Weiqing forced a smile as he said that.

Tian’er  replied  indifferently,  “Even  so,  I  do  not  want  our child to be born without a father. If that is the case, I’d rather the three of us die together. You don’t have to say anything else
- if you stop me from following you by force, or if you knock me out, I will kill myself immediately the moment I wake up, whether or not you come back alive. You know my temper well.”

“You……” Zhou Weiqing was at a loss for words and stared blankly at Tian’er - he did not know how to react. In truth, amongst all the women, the person who knew Zhou Weiqing best was Tian’er. They had spent the most time cultivating together, and they created Saint Energy together as well. Hence, they shared a telepathic connection. Seeing how Zhou Weiqing dealt with the other women, naturally, Tian’er had thought of a countermeasure.

Zhou Weiqing looked helplessly towards Xue AoTian, hinting to him to back him up. However, Xue AoTian gently shook his head at him, “Even though Tian’er is my daughter, I support her on this matter. If we possessed Saint Energy and could be of help to you, I would have gone with you as well. Weiqing, frankly speaking, you do not have to overthink too much. You have to understand that if all of you do not succeed, this world will most likely cease to exist. At the very most, we will survive for just a little while more. With Tian’er’s help, your chances of success will be higher. Take her with you. We will wait here for your good news. No matter how tough the situation is, you must be confident. We will wait for your triumphant return.” Zhou Weiqing silently nodded his head. He said solemnly to Xue AoTian, “Even if we have to die, I will definitely die before Tian’er does. I will sacrifice my life to protect her.”

A hint of relief could be seen in Xue AoTian’s eyes, “I believe you.”

At this moment, the Sidhe Empress had gradually opened her eyes. The twelve Sidhe elders were waiting by her side, with a worried look on their faces.

Similarly, they knew for a fact that the Sidhe Empress might not necessarily make it back alive this time. The Sidhe Empress was after all the most powerful ruler for the past ten thousand years, and had brought them great hope. Moreover, the lives of all the Sidhe Empresses were connected to the Ancient Tree of Life. In the event that the Sidhe Empress died, the Ancient Tree of Life would wither as well. A new Sidhe Queen would have to connect her bloodline with it before it could be revived again. However, even if that was the case, the Ancient Tree of Life that had undergone evolution would disappear. The new Ancient Tree of Life would return to its initial stage. In the eyes of the Sidhe Tribe, this was definitely not a good news.

Looking at the elders, the Sidhe Empress let out a faint sigh, “You have heard the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s words. When the nest is overturned, no eggs can remain unbroken. If we cannot stop the Lord of the Nether, we will not be able to continue surviving in this world. If we fail this mission, then there’s nothing else we can say. If I die after we succeeded, you will have to follow according to my agreement with Zhou
Weiqing - take the Sidhe Tribe to the Heavenly Bow Empire and live there. The Peerless Sect will take care of everyone. When that time comes, let my daughter take over the throne.”

“Your Majesty.” All twelve Sidhe elders knelt down in the sky.
Their voices were full of sorrow.

The Sidhe Empress smiled and said, “There is a beginning and end to every life. Moreover, there is a chance that I might not die. Weiqing is the main combat force - I am only assisting from the side at most. As long as we are able to suppress the Lord of the Nether and strengthen the seal, our mission will be complete. Alright, we have to rush over. Or else, once the seal gets broken, it will be too late by then.”

The emerald green light dwindled, causing the six wings on the Sidhe Empress’ back to turn into the same shade as well. Her figure flashed and in the next moment, she emerged once again next to Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Two resonant dragon roars were heard; with a heart filled with hatred, Hui Yao and Duo Si flew over to where Zhou Weiqing and company were at. Hui Yao said in a deep voice, “I will carry all of you there. We will work together and no matter what, we cannot let the Lord of the Nether have his way.”

Looking at Hui Yao’s blood red eyes, Zhou Weiqing sighed to himself. However, at this moment, he could not say anything to console him further. After all, the grief in the hearts of both the husband and wife was way too intense.

“Let’s go,” said Zhou Weiqing in a deep voice.

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing held Tian’er’s hand and nimbly landed on Hui Yao’s head. On the other hand, the Sidhe Empress landed on Duo Si’s head. Once again, the two enormous dragons let out a roar; an intense fire red light was emitted from each of their bodies. Carrying Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and the Sidhe Empress, they turned around and flew directly into the huge abyss, and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Nobody uttered a single word. Led by Shangguan Tianyang, Xue AoTian and Long Shiya, all the powerhouses gradually closed their eyes, as they silently prayed for them in their hearts. Without a doubt, they were very clear that it was impossible for Zhou Weiqing to defeat the Lord of the Nether. Hence, they could only pray for the seal to be successfully strengthened.

They flew into the abyss; the surrounding air immediately became chilly. Fortunately, due to Hui Yao and Duo Si’s intense Fire Element, they managed to dispel the cold. Zhou Weiqing and company felt comfortably warm.

“Weiqing.” Hui Yao’s voice suddenly rang in his ear.

“What’s the matter, Hui Yao?” Initially when he first met Hui Yao, he was still an extremely weak ordinary Heavenly Jewel master. However, right now, he had become a Max Level Heavenly God, just like Hui Yao. Not to forget, he was Max Level heavenly God who possessed the Saint God Core Nucleus!

Hui Yao used a very deep voice and solemnly said to Zhou Weiqing, “Weiqing, I know for a fact that I might never be able to avenge my children in this lifetime. Ever since I met you, you had helped us several times before. Additionally, every single time you were with us, we managed to solve our problems. What I am trying to say is that, if you, who possessed the Saint Energy, have the opportunity to kill the Lord of the Nether, please do your best to kill him. If you managed to kill him and help avenge our children, from now on, Duo Si and I are willing to be your servants and spend the rest of our lives protecting you and your offsprings, until the end of time.”

Zhou Weiqing shuddered; He could sense the determination, resolute and helplessness in Hui Yao’s voice.

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath and replied slowly, “I will make an all-out effort to the best of my ability.”

“Thank you,” said Hui Yao, whose voice was trembling slightly.

After their conversation ended, both of them did not say anything else. Zhou Weiqing settled down and calmly observed the surroundings.

The enormous cave was approximately more than a thousand meters wide. Hence, despite Hui Yao and Duo Si’s huge bodies, they could fly side by side with ease.

The walls of the cave were dark gray. Albeit faintly, the presence of Destructive Energy could be felt. The cave was evidently not man-made, however, it seemed as though it was forcefully opened up by a powerful force.

Zhou Weiqing looked towards the Sidhe Empress, who was sitting on Duo Si’s head, and asked, “We’re about to face that fella soon, please tell me more about him. After all, I don’t know any concrete details about him. How did he appear in the first place?”

The Sidhe Empress nodded and said, “Come to think of it, the cause of the appearance of the Lord of the Nether could be traced back to the human beings.

“Human beings?” Zhou Weiqing was puzzled.

The Sidhe Empress nodded and continued, “Yes, when the Lord of the Nether first appeared, he did not have a living body. To put it more accurately, he was a formidable existence that was create from the evolution of an energy body to a living one.

“Then what kind of energy body was he? Where did the Destructive Energy come from?” The Sidhe Empress replied, “It came from the negative emotions belonging to human beings. It mainly came from resentment, hatred, fear, bloodlust, etc. All these negative emotions merged together to form Destructive Energy.”

Looking at the disbelief in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, she continued, “It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Or perhaps, you are thinking that it’s somewhat too much for me to put the blame on human beings. However, in truth, the Destructive Energy was formed from the negative human emotions. In ancient times, the main rulers of the Mainland were the Dragon Tribe and the Sidhe Tribe. At that time, even though we had wars, they were very minimal. Furthermore, there weren’t that many feuds and schemes between us, compared to the human beings. Quantity was the most important thing.

“The Sidhe Tribe and the Dragon Tribe were once powerful in the past. Even during the peak of our glory, our population was only 0.0001% of your population now. We are envious, or even jealous, of the human beings’ ability to reproduce. The more conflicts and schemes there are amongst human beings, there will naturally be more negative emotions.”

“At the beginning, these negative emotions were only being given off by the human beings. However, as the negative emotions accumulated, they triggered some energy to mutate and hence opening up a tiny space. We called it the Resentment Space in ancient times. When it first appeared, it was extremely tiny, to the extent that nobody could detect it. However as the human beings gradually became more powerful and eventually became the ruler of the Mainland,
wars and massacres continued to happen. Thus, it caused the Resentment Space to become bigger and bigger. When we had finally noticed its existence, it had already created its own consciousness, and that is the Lord of the Nether.” “At the start, we still had the ability to destroy him if we joined forces. However, the Lord of the Nether was extremely cunning - he drilled a hole underground in the space he was in. As a result, our ancestors could not locate him for a long period of time. When they had found him again, he had already become much more powerful - as powerful as the Fen Tian you dealt with earlier. At that time, the Saint Attribute did not exist. The Sidhe Empress at that time had thoroughly drained herself in order to weaken him significantly. Nonetheless, she was unable to kill him. The Dragon Emperor put in place a seal, together with the other Dragon powerhouses, and managed to seal him with much difficulty, such that he was unable to absorb any more resentment from the external world.”

After hearing that, Zhou Weiqing felt somewhat relieved. However, the Sidhe Empress had a mournful look on her face, “That battle had significantly weakened the vitality of the Sidhe Tribe and the Dragon Tribe. We had lost our most powerful powerhouses in that battle. Hence, it expedited the process of human beings taking over the world.”

Zhou Weiqing replied, “If that is the case, the Lord of the Nether should be extremely weak since he was being sealed! Since he was unable to absorb any resentment from the external world, he should not be able to become any stronger. What happened?”

The Sidhe Empress forced a smile and said, “It was indeed like that at the start - he was unable to strengthen himself, and we had also assumed that we could continue sealing him forever. However, as time went by, things began to change. We have no idea how the Lord of the Nether did it, but he managed to drill a small opening and carefully absorbed the resentment from the external world. When the Dragon Emperor finally noticed it, he had already gotten more powerful. Left with no choices, the Dragon Emperor could only strengthen the seal continuously. However, since the Lord of the Nether was able to break the seal once, naturally, he could do it a second time. If I guessed correctly, when he broke the seal for the second time, he was more careful compared to the first time he did it. He even managed to reach out to the Blood Red Hell and had gotten them to increase the amount of resentment in the external world, before channeling it into the Netherworld via the Blood Red Hell. Once he became sufficiently powerful he finally took action. By then, it was already too late when he had noticed it.”

“After  the  Destructive  Energy,  that  was  formed  from  the negative emotions, had undergone the Lord of the Nether’s continuous purification, it became powerful to the point that it reached the Heavenly Change Stage. On the other hand, it is impossible for your Saint Energy to make a breakthrough to that level. Right now I simply hope that we are able to borrow your Saint Energy to thoroughly seal the Netherworld once and for all. In that way, you just have to strengthen your Saint Energy and channel it into the seal every now and then, such that he will be unable to get any stronger. Even though we are only solving the problem on a superficial level, and not dealing
with the root of it, this is the only thing we can do as of now.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head in silence. One could tell how powerful the Lord of the Nether was from how he was able to render such powerful beings, the dragons and the sidhe, completely helpless. However, there was no other way to deal with him. Even though they were unable to get rid of the problem entirely, at least their solution would allow this world to continue its existence.

Hui Yao and Duo Si continued to fly deep down into the abyss; Hui Yao spewed balls of fire from time to time to light up the path ahead. It seemed as though the abyss was bottomless. They had flown for almost fifteen minutes, and based on their speed, they were at least fifty kilometers into the abyss. Nonetheless, there was no indication of them arriving at their destination. At this moment, suddenly, a soft ‘puff’ was heard and a bout of intense Destructive Energy was spurted out from down below.

Zhou Weiqing’s senses were the keenest; he had reacted immediately upon sensing it. He did not budge. A stream of whitish golden Nebula Saint Energy shot out from a star that was embedded on the chest piece of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Even though the Destructive Energy was not weak, it was not pure. The whitish golden light flashed and all the Destructive Energy had been consumed by the Saint Energy.

“We  have  to  speed  up  a  little!”  said  the  Sidhe  Empress anxiously.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. Dozens of Nebula Saint Energy rays shot out from his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, forming an enormous whitish golden light shield that enveloped both dragons within it.

Without needing Zhou Weiqing to tell them, Hui Yao and Duo Si increased their speed with all their might and dove down into the abyss. The two dragons’ cultivation bases were of the Heavenly God Stage. As they increased their speed with all their might, they were almost as quick as lightning. As they went deeper into the abyss, the aura of the Destructive Energy became more and more intense. Everyone had a grim look on their faces - they
were praying hard for the seal to be able to hold out until they got there.


A bout of Destructive Energy, that was several times more powerful than the one before collided against Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy light shield. It caused the two dragons to slow down for a moment. Fortunately, with the presence of powerful Saint Energy, as well as the fact that it became more purified ever since Zhou Weiqing reached the Max Level Heavenly God Stage, it managed to forcefully suppress the Destructive Energy in the air. Hence, after pausing for a brief moment, the two dragons were able to pick up speed and dove further down into the abyss.

At  this  moment,  a  loud  voice  erupted,  “Who’s  that?” Immediately after, a bout of tyrannical energy ripples surged up from the bottom of the abyss. A gigantic figure came into view and blocked Zhou Weiqing and company. Zhou Weiqing was considered to be a man of wide knowledge and experience. However, when he saw the gigantic figure, he was completely shocked.

Even though the abyss continued to extend downwards, its diameter got smaller and smaller. Even so, it was still approximately 500 meters wide. However, the massive creature that appeared below managed to block the entire 500 meter wide pathway - one could well imagine how huge its body was. Hui Yao and his wife looked extremely small compared to it. Bouts of Destructive aura was continuously being emitted from its body. The Destructive Energy that struck Zhou Weiqing and company turned out to be just a fallout.

The massive creature was a turtle-shaped Heavenly Beast. However, the only thing that set it apart from a turtle was its head. Its head looked almost identical to Hui Yao’s. In fact, it was slightly bigger than Hui Yao’s. It was a dragon-headed turtle. At this moment, flower-like flames lit up on the patterns on its back. Its dragon eyes glared at Zhou Weiqing and company with hostility.

“It  is  a  dragon  turtle,”  said  the  Sidhe  Empress,  who  was somewhat surprised. Her figure flashed and she got off Duo Si’s body. A gentle shade of green light, that was filled with Life Saint Energy, shone onto the dragon turtle’s body. The dragon turtle was in a daze for a moment, “The Sidhe Tribe?  Life  Saint  Energy…are  you  the  Sidhe  Empress?”  It looked at the six wings on the Sidhe Empress’ back and the hostility in its eyes quickly disappeared.

The Sidhe Empress quickly replied, “I am the current Sidhe Empress. Respected Dragon Turtle Elder, what is the current situation with the seal? We had just killed the representative of the Lord of the Nether in the human world, and we realized that the seal is unstable, hence we have come to help. These human powerhouses are Zhou Weiqing and his wife, Tian’er. They had cultivated the Saint Energy with the help of the four Saint Attributes. I believe it will be helpful in strengthening the seal. These two dragons are the descendents of His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor.

At this moment, the dragon turtle had a clear view of Zhou Weiqing and company. Zhou Weiqing had also retracted his Saint Energy.

Without a doubt, the Sidhe Empress’ Life Saint Energy had won the trust of the dragon turtle. Since they were all from ancient tribes, the moment it saw the six wings on the back of the Sidhe Empress, as well as sensed the extremely soothing Life Saint Energy, it became certain of their goodwill. Hui Yao’s voice rang in Zhou Weiqing’s ears, “The dragon turtles are actually a part of the Dragon Tribe - they are considered a mutated species. They are extremely powerful. This Dragon Turtle Elder is most likely a High Level Heavenly God. Additionally, the dragon turtles are known as the
Heavenly Beast with the highest defensive skills. Even in ancient times, their population was extremely small. Never did I expect the ancestors to have a dragon turtle attending upon them.”

As he spoke, Hui Yao brought Duo Si along with him and went up to the dragon turtle, who had probably lived for centuries, and paid their respects.

The dragon turtle’s huge head moved closer to Hui Yao; a ball of intense red light shot out of his eyes, landing on Hui Yao’s body. Hui Yao did not dodge - he stayed still, allowing the red light to shine on him.

After a brief moment, golden radiance appeared in the eyes of both the dragon turtle and Hui Yao.

The dragon turtle nodded its head at Hui Yao and said, “You must be the descendant of His Majesty that stayed in the Luster Spatial Realm. If that is the case, all of you have to follow me, quick! I’m afraid the seal is about to give way. Let’s talk and move at the same time. All of you, get on my back.”

Hui Yao and Duo Si quietly landed on its back. Despite their huge bodies, the dragon turtle’s back did not seem crowded at all.

A loud resounding sound was heard. Zhou Weiqing finally noticed that all four limbs of the Dragon turtle were inserted into the holes within the surrounding cave walls. Similarly, its four limbs were in the form of a dragon’s claw - they were extremely humongous. At this moment, it retracted its four limbs and all of them descended into the abyss.

“All of you came just in time. There were multiple battles that happened in the area where the seal is. His Majesty is heavily injured. We cannot hold on any longer.”

“What?  Our  ancestor  is  heavily  injured?”   Hui  Yao  was completely shocked.

The dragon turtle replied in a deep voice, “For some reason, the Lord of the Nether has been continuously becoming more and more powerful over the past ten years. We were unable to locate where he had obtained his power from. Recently he launched several attacks on the seal, causing several cracks to appear on it. Furthermore, not long ago, he had forcefully broken a piece of the seal. His Majesty became heavily injured as a result, in order to stabilize the seal once again. However, all the cracks are becoming bigger and bigger. There is a possibility that he will break the seal any time. I’m sure you
have felt the force from the Destructive Energy. It is the Lord of
the Nether’s doing. Furthermore, judging from how the Destructive Energy is getting stronger and stronger, the seal will break any time now. If I had not noticed your presence, I would have already rushed over to help the rest of them strengthen the seal.

Hearing the dragon turtle’s words, everyone could not help but gasp in horror. The situation was a lot worse than they thought. They could accept the fact that cracks had appeared on the seal. However, the Dragon Emperor, who played the leading role in sealing the Lord of the Nether, was heavily injured. What did that signify?

Chapter303 - The Seal of the Netherworld

At that time, the seal was completed by the Dragon Emperor, who was the leader, the Sidhe Empress of that era, who assisted the Dragon Emperor, as well as the other powerhouses. Right now, the leader was heavily injured. One could well imagine how much damage had been done to the seal. Furthermore, without sufficient help from the Dragon Emperor, would they be able to stabilize the seal successfully?

Even though they were somewhat anxious, everyone knew that being anxious at this moment was useless. All they could do was pray for a miracle.

The dragon turtle descended at a rapid speed, and there was a layer of faint distorted light in the surroundings. The intense Destructive Energy down below continuously pounded against the dragon turtle’s body. However, its defense was indeed very strong - it managed to withstand the powerful Destructive Energy without getting hurt. It truly lived up to its name of being the Heavenly Beast with the strongest defense.

Zhou Weiqing pressed his hands against the dragon turtle’s body and channeled a surge of gentle Saint Energy into it. When the Saint Energy first entered the dragon turtle’s body, its massive body noticeably trembled for a bit. But very soon, it could feel the benefits brought about by the Saint Energy. His body that was descending paused briefly; it turned its dragon head around and nodded at Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see the joy and excitement in its huge eyes. Evidently, the dragon turtle had already experienced the suppressive effects the Saint Energy had on the Destructive Energy.

After descending for nearly fifteen minutes, suddenly, the patterns on the back of the dragon turtle started to light up. An immense stream of air was released from his abdomen and supported his massive body. It slowed down its descent, allowing it to land gently.

The darkness in the surroundings had gradually vanished.
Upon their arrival, all they saw was a magnificent sight.

The surrounding cave walls were glimmering with gorgeous radiance from the countless gemstones that were embedded in the walls. These different multicolored gemstones gave off a dazzling brilliance as the light from the dragon turtle’s back shone on them. Furthermore, the lower they went, the more intense the gemstones glowed. Zhou Weiqing dared to say that if these gemstones were to be excavated, they would definitely be sold for an enormous fortune, as these gemstones seemed extremely rare - even Zhou Weiqing had never seen them before.

“There  is  no  need  to  be  surprised.  The  rocks  within  the surrounding cave walls were constantly corroded over the years by our seal’s energy as well as the Destructive Energy, causing the internal structure to undergo changes - they are not actual gemstones. They are just rocks that contained a large amount of attribute energy, somewhat similar to the Heavenly Beasts’ Nucleus Core and human beings’ Heavenly Core Nucleus,” explained the dragon turtle.

With a ‘pop’ sound, the dragon turtle’s massive body had finally come into contact with the ground. However, it did not stop - its humongous dragon claws gripped the ground and it moved swiftly, following a path that led to the inside.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest then realized that they had finally reached the bottom of the abyss. The distance down was terrifyingly long! The temperature of the surroundings was clearly different from when they had just started their descent
- the icy cold temperature became scorching hot. Water-like ripples appeared in the surrounding air from time to time.

“Are we close to the earth’s core?” asked Zhou Weiqing out of curiosity. The dragon turtle replied, “This is indeed the outer area of the earth’s core. The main thing that the Dragon Tribe controls is Fire Energy. This is the same for the previous imperial families. His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor, borrowed the heat from the earth’s core to increase his cultivation base to the maximum in order to sustain the seal.”

Zhou Weiqing lamented, “For the sake of the Mainland, Elder Dragon Emperor and all the other elders sacrificed too, too much.”  After searching his soul, he concluded that if it were him, he might not have been able to persevere for so many years; the loneliness itself was not something that an ordinary person was capable of enduring.

This time, the dragon turtle did not advance for long. Suddenly, the path ahead widened and the entire surroundings was bright.

It was a vast and enormous plaza-like area; even the dragon turtle’s humongous body seemed rather small within it.

Zhou Weiqing could sense strange energy ripples in this place; the energy ripples made him feel a sense of familiarity. When he stared ahead, he saw thirteen balls of energy hovering in mid-air at the center of the enormous plaza, whose colors were constantly changing. At the bottom of the thirteen balls of energy, there was a huge magic formation. Its complexity could be compared to that of the design of the eleventh piece of Zhou Weiqing’s Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, or even more complicated. At a glance, it made one feel dizzy.

Out of all the thirteen balls of energy that were hovering in mid-air, the one in the center was the biggest, with a diameter of two hundred meters. The other twelve balls of energy that were surrounding it had a diameter of at least a hundred meters. Together, they formed an extremely enormous magic formation. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was a Max Level Heavenly God. However, standing before the magic formation, he still felt small.

Hui Yao and Duo Si leapt down from the dragon turtle’s back. Looking at the huge magic formation, Hui Yao could not help but  exclaim,  “This  is  the  seal  of  the  Netherworld?  The Netherworld is still located below it?”

The dragon turtle replied in a deep voice, “It is not exactly below it, because the Netherworld belonged to a different realm. We are merely suppressing it. However, evidently, the Lord of the Nether must have had a way to establish contact with people above the ground. Otherwise his power would not have increased continuously. Human, was what you channeled into my body Saint Energy? The last question was directed at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing hurriedly nodded, “Yes, it was indeed Saint Energy.”

The dragon turtle could not contain its excitement, “That’s wonderful! I can sense that your Saint Energy is very effective in restraining the Destructive Energy. Wait for a moment while I quickly request for His Majesty to allow all of you to enter the seal.”

As he spoke, the dragon turtle let out a strange sound. It seemed to be an ancient language of some sort that carried energy ripples, that could cause one’s soul to tremble, heading towards the biggest ball of energy out of the thirteen ones.

An old and dignified voice was heard, “You have finally arrived, my children. We do not have much time left - enter the seal, quickly.”

A gentle energy suddenly lit up beneath the feet of Zhou Weiqing and company, and a light halo ascended in their surroundings. Zhou Weiqing and company felt that the surroundings became illusory. It was as though they had been transported to a different place via the Spatial Law. It seemed like they were in a different realm altogether. The surroundings were pitch-black; within the darkness, there were only thirteen figures that appeared to be exceptionally clear. Amongst the thirteen figures, the biggest one looked eighty percent similar to Hui Yao, except that it had a much bigger figure, as well as a more dignified and majestic aura. His huge dragon eyes were filled with endless weariness and one could tell that it had experienced all that life had to offer.

Looking at the situation before him, Zhou Weiqing could not help but be taken aback. The seal of the Netherworld was actually a realm of its own. One could imagine just how powerful the seal was. Even a person like him, who possessed Saint Energy, was not confident of breaking it at all, even from the inside. On the other hand, the Netherworld was being suppressed by the seal from the outside. The Lord of the Nether actually managed to almost break the seal several times before. This proved that he was extremely powerful to such an extent.

Without a doubt, the largest figure in the center was core of the seal’s support, the Dragon Emperor.

“Mother!” Tian’er cried out almost immediately. Indeed, the Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia, was one of the twelve guardians standing next to the Dragon Emperor, except that she was currently in the form of a beast, the Entropic Nether Tiger.

Phelia looked gently towards her daughter, but did not say a single word. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were able to see the deep weariness in her eyes.

Apart from Phelia, all the other Heavenly God Heavenly Beasts, including the Dragon Emperor, looked extremely exhausted.

“Forefather.”  Hui  Yao  and  Duo  Si’s  eyes  were  filled  with several emotions when they saw the Dragon Emperor. Without any hesitation, they fell to their knees and worshipped him.

“You may get up. Now is not the time for etiquettes. The both of you, take over from Phelia and Gondora. Quick.”

“Yes, forefather.”

The entire seal of the Netherworld was extremely complicated. However, its complexity was mainly due to the formation. The main role of the thirteen Heavenly God Heavenly Beasts, including the Dragon Emperor, was to provide the seal with sufficient energy.

Hui Yao and Duo Si flew over at the same time. The Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia, the other gigantic all-white leopard Heavenly Beast broke away from the seal together, allowing them to take over.

With the addition of energy from the new powerhouses, the light given off by the entire formation became noticeably more intense immediately. The dark surroundings became brighter as well.

The Dragon Emperor nodded his head towards Hui Yao in satisfaction. Evidently, he was still very pleased with Hui Yao’s strength and abilities. The resentment and hatred that filled Hui Yao’s eyes had faded a lot, and was replaced with respect.

“Elder Dragon Emperor, is there anything you need us to do?” asked Zhou Weiqing.

The Dragon Emperor nodded, “I’ve heard about the two of you from Phelia. I hope that your Saint Energy will be effective enough to thoroughly strengthen the seal once and for all. Release some of your Saint Energy first, so I can get a sense of it, before we decide our next step.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and lifted both hands. Two gentle rays of Saint light shot out and spread out within the pitch-dark space.

Immediately, the light that were given off by the thirteen Heavenly Beasts, with the Dragon Emperor as their leader, seemed to have become brighter.

A tinge of surprise could be heard in the Dragon Emperor’s plain weary voice, “It is indeed Saint Energy, coupled with a pure Creation aura. Even though it is not the actual Creation Energy, with the presence of this Saint Energy, strengthening the seal should not be a problem. Weiqing, take over my place after this. All of you, get on my back.”

As he spoke, a glorious shade of red light shot out of the Dragon Emperor’s head, that looked just like a bridge, and landed beneath Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s feet.

The energy that was released by the Dragon Emperor was different from that of Hui Yao. Even though they were both users of the Fire Element, Hui Yao’s Fire Attribute was filled with ferocity and impulsiveness, whereas the Dragon Emperor’s Fire Element gave Zhou Weiqing an unfathomable feeling. On the surface, he could not sense any temperature, and also, it was very gentle. However, as he attempted to sense it more thoroughly, the Fire Element was so pure, to the extent it had nearly no impurities at all. Both of them had the same cultivation base, which was the Max Level Heavenly God Stage, and they also mobilized nearly the same amount of Heavenly Energy. Their only difference was the purity of both their attributes, as well as their Heavenly Energy. This was the reason why there was still a huge disparity between Hui Yao and the Dragon Emperor.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies were being swept away by the dark red light, headed in the direction of the Dragon Emperor’s head.

Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er’s hand and remained still, allowing the energy to sweep them along. This was because Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that this was the entrance to the seal’s formation. If he wanted to get to the Dragon Emperor’s head on his own, it would be impossible. The Dragon Emperor was right in the middle of the seal of the Netherworld. If one were to approach him by force, he would immediately be attacked by the twelve other Heavenly Beasts, guided by the formation.

Very soon, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er got closer to the Dragon Emperor. However, at this time, a sudden loud rumbling sound rang through the air, causing the entire pitch- black space to shake violently. The tremors were violent to the extent that it shattered the Fire Energy released by the Dragon Emperor. All thirteen Heavenly Beasts’ bodies were shaking violently, causing their Heavenly Energy to spurt out in a
frenzy, obstructing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, keeping them on the outside. Furthermore, their energy poured out at an alarming rate in an instant.

At this moment, the pitch-black space was completely brightened up. Various kinds of dazzling and peculiar light patterns and symbols flickered with one another in the sky.

At this moment, it made Zhou Weiqing feel as though his body was in an extremely viscous sea, and the viscous seawater was the massive Saint Energy.

It was to be noted that all thirteen Heavenly Beasts released their Heavenly Energy at the same time. Furthermore, their Heavenly Energy had been enhanced by the formation. One could imagine just how massive the Heavenly Energy was.

Even with Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation base at the Max Level Heavenly God Stage, it was hard for him to move within the viscous liquefied energy. Without a doubt, the change was definitely triggered by the Lord of the Nether in his violent attempt to break the seal once again.

Zhou Weiqing had noticed that following the violent attack, a huge light curtain appeared below the thirteen Heavenly Beasts. The light curtain had a diameter of a thousand meters and was in the shade of light red.

There were already dozens of cracks on the light shield, and following the violent attack, the cracks had spread out in all directions. It seemed as though it was about to crumble at any moment.

The light curtain was transparent. A humongous figure could faintly be seen behind the enormous light curtain. The fella’s body was even slightly bigger than that of the dragon turtle. Due to the fact that there was a layer of red light veil separating them from it, albeit indistinct, its color seemed to be closer to black. As for its physique, Zhou Weiqing was very familiar with it. It was similar to the huge black crab that appeared when Fen Tian was borrowing the Lord of the Nether’s powers earlier on.

Without a doubt, the light curtain was the miniature version of the entire seal of the Netherworld. As for the humongous figure on the other side of the light curtain, it was the actual body of the Lord of the Nether.

The viscous Heavenly Energy was continuously channeled into the huge symbols that were hovering in the air in an attempt to slow down the the cracks from spreading. At the same time, it also strengthened the entire seal. However, evidently, the Lord of the Nether’s attack was stronger, as the cracks continuously spread out.

“Dragon Emperor, do not waste your effort. This time, all of you are unable to stop me. The resentment in the human world has been continuously providing me with energy. You do not have any chance to stop me. Haha, hahahaha. Once I get out, all of you shall die. I will turn all of you into my puppets and let you witness the magnificent feat of me destroying the entire Mainland. I will make the Boundless Mainland a part of the Netherworld. I will engulf everything and create the true Netherworld.”

The Lord of the Nether’s voice was still as ambiguous as before. Furthermore, his voice in this realm was different compared to how it was like in the external world. Every word he uttered had caused one’s soul to tremble violently, and stirred up every single person’s emotions. It was as though a large amount of negative emotions was forcefully channeled into each and every one of their minds.

“Lord of the Nether, I will not let you succeed. Since I’ve managed to seal you for thousands of years, I will definitely be able  to  continue  doing  so.”   The  Dragon  Emperor’s  eyes glistened with determination as he continued to release energy. Even though Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er did not successfully get to the Dragon Emperor’s head, with the addition of the new powerhouses Hui Yao and Duo Si, the Heavenly Energy became stabilized and continuously became more powerful. Finally, the spreading of the cracks had slowed down and even seemed like they were sealing up.

“Perhaps if you were still in your prime, you might have truly been able to continue to maintain the seal. However, the present you is not able to do it. I’ve prepared a huge gift for you and it’s about time for me to give it to you.” The Lord of the Nether’s voice gradually became more hysterical. Immediately after, on the other side of the light curtain, a strange red halo lit up before the Lord of the Nether.

When the red halo first appeared, the Lord of the Nether’s attack had slowed down noticeably and the cracks on the seal were stabilized. Even though it was very difficult to seal the cracks, at the very least the cracks did not continue to spread. Before the Dragon Emperor and the other Heavenly Beasts could relax, Hui Yao and Duo Si let out a mournful roar at the same time.

On the other side of the light curtain, the red light image released by the Lord of the Nether gradually became clearer. There were two small inconspicuous figures. However, they took the form of a dragon - the two small dragon figures helplessly paced within a specific area.

“Those, those are……” The Dragon Emperor’s massive body trembled violently.

“Our children…those are our children! Those are the souls of our children. Return my children to me.”  Duo Si cried out sorrowfully, and was about to charge in the direction of the light curtain. Even though she was unable to leave her position due to the influence of the formation, the entire formation became unstable when she moved.

“Calm  down.  We  must  not  affect  the  seal!”  The  Dragon Emperor roared loudly. The entire space of the seal shook violently. The Dragon Emperor’s powerful might managed to forcefully suppress the intense fluctuations of Hui Yao and Duo Si’s emotions. Even so, the Heavenly Energy released by Hui Yao and Duo Si was evidently unstable. “Hahahahaha, Dragon Emperor, are you pleased with my huge gift? Your seal is built on the dragon and sidhe’s bloodlines. Now that I possess your bloodline, I’d sure like to see how you’re going to seal me.”

As he spoke, the Lord of the Nether, who was in the form of a crab, extended his two huge pincers, each grabbing a small dragon. Under Hui Yao and Duo Si’s cries, the two dragon souls were instantly shattered. An intense black light merged with the light image of the two shattered dragon souls before striking the seal hard.


The entire space of the seal shattered almost immediately. More than half of the spectacular colors in the surroundings had vanished. The original space had appeared once again. The Heavenly Beasts brought Zhou Weiqing and company along with them and appeared within the huge cave that they first arrived at.

The pair of enormous pincers clawed out from the seal’s formation below and forcefully struck the Dragon Emperor’s body, causing his massive body to fly upon impact and crash hard against the roof of the cave, resulting in a loud bang. A large portion of the scales below the Dragon Emperor’s abdomen had shattered; countless black lights had surrounded his body. Blood gushed out in all directions and the Dragon Emperor was spurting out blood from his mouth as well. His entire body was wedged into the roof of the cave.

At this moment, the seal’s energy was at its weakest. Even though the seal was still persisting, the huge pincers were clawing about in a frenzy. It seemed as though the entire seal was about to be broken, destroying everything here. And when that happened, the Lord of the Nether was about to enter the human world!

“Don’t panic. Let me do it.” In the most dangerous and crucial moment, A loud voice caused all the Heavenly Beasts, who were in despair, to snap out of their thoughts. Immediately after, two white-golden figures flew up into the air and appeared at the Dragon Emperor’s original position. At the same time, a strong emerald green light abruptly appeared and transformed into an enormous emerald green halo that pulled the twelve Heavenly Beasts, who were scattered upon impact earlier, back together, before channeling a massive amount of Life Saint Energy into them.

On top of that, at this moment, the entire cave had turned into an emerald green sea. An enormous illusory light image hovered in mid-air below the Dragon Emperor. Even the movement of the Lord of the Nether’s huge pincers had slowed down as a result of its appearance.

“This,  this  is……”   Shock,  intense  happiness  and  mostly disbelief appeared in the eyes of the Heavenly Beasts.

The enormous light image was three hundred meters tall. The vast treetop had covered almost the entire area. The rich Life Saint Energy, as well as the emerald green brilliance, seemed as though it was sculpted from the most beautiful emperor green jade, as they were emitting rich Life aura. Even the dying Dragon Emperor who crashed into the roof of the cave was being pulled back from the brink of death by force after receiving this massive Life Energy.

Indeed, it was the Ancient Tree of Life - the Sidhe’s Ancient Tree of Life. It had actually appeared within the cave at this very moment. Even Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s eyes were filled with extreme disbelief, let alone the Heavenly Beasts.

This was the Sidhe Empress’ actual trump card. After the evolution of the Ancient Tree of Life, it could begin moving on its own. Ever since Zhou Weiqing had left the Sidhe’s sealed grounds, the Sidhe Empress had began to quietly bring the Ancient tree of Life into the WanShou Empire. After several months, they had finally approached the Heavenly Snow Mountain. She had continuously engaged in a secret technique to conceal the Ancient Tree of Life’s aura. No one else had discovered its presence - only the Sidhe elders knew about it.

This was the Sidhe Empress’ true hidden trump card. She had waited till this very moment to use it.

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing was fighting against Fen Tian, the Sidhe Empress had nearly summoned the Ancient Tree of Life. However, since Zhou Weiqing had used the powerful Time Attribute technique to kill Fen Tian, it allowed this hidden trump to be used at the most crucial moment. The Ancient Tree of Life was connected to the Sidhe Empress’ life. Once the Sidhe Empress had passed on, the Ancient Tree of Life would automatically return to its original state. When the Ancient Tree of Life evolved to its current state, it gained one more ability - producing the Seed of Life.

Before they took part in the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands, the Sidhe Empress had already made full preparations; it was either success or death. Firstly it was because her life was connected to Zhou Weiqing’s - in the event Zhou Weiqing died in the battle, it was impossible for her to survive without him. More importantly, it was because of responsibility - the responsibility of sealing the Lord of the Nether. Even if the Sidhe Empress were to perish together with the Ancient Tree of Life during the battle, the Seed of Life was still able to produce another new Ancient Tree of Life. Even though nurturing it might be a long process, at least it would not influence the survival of the Sidhe Tribe. This was also the reason why the Sidhe Empress instructed the elders to relocate to the Heavenly Bow Empire, where the Peerless Sect resided, if anything were to happen to her, before she left for the abyss where the seal of the Netherworld was. At this very moment, the shocking appearance of the Ancient Tree of Life had forcefully sustained the entire seal once again with its extremely massive Life Energy.

The Sidhe Empress’ calm voice echoed within the cave, “Lord of the Nether, you were right. At the beginning, my ancestor created the seal of the Netherworld together with Elder Dragon Emperor, which had sealed you for millennia. My ancestor had died here, sacrificing herself in order to complete the seal. Ever since then, Elder Dragon Emperor was the one who had been constantly maintaining the seal, in order for you to be unable to charge out into the human world. However, similarly, the Sidhe Tribe also has the responsibility of maintaining the seal. As long as we’re still alive, we will not allow you to leave the Netherworld or destroy the Mainland.”

There was a cold yet dignified aura amidst the Sidhe Empress’ calmness. At this moment, she was hovering above the Ancient Tree of Life. She had a determined look on her solemn yet absolutely beautiful face. An intense Life aura surged out in a frenzy, and forcefully suppressed the Lord of the Nether’s power that was trying to break out of the seal.

“So you’ve actually brought the Ancient Tree of Life with you? So what? Do you think that your minute Life Saint Energy is able to go against my pure Destructive Energy? You are way too naive.”

The Lord of the Nether’s voice was filled with rage. His two pincers that had already broken through the seal swung violently. Intense Destructive Energy surged out wildly, colliding hard against the Life Energy released by the Ancient Tree of Life.

Amidst the loud collision sounds, at least a fifth of the roots, that were right at the bottom of the Ancient Tree of Life, had been destroyed. The impetuous Destructive Energy swept upwards and dispersed the massive Life Energy by force.

The Sidhe Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life were considered as one entity - since the Ancient Tree of Life had been attacked, she inevitably spat out a mouthful of blood. Nonetheless, her determination was not swayed. She turned around and transformed into Mother Nature. The Mother Nature’s Scepter in her hand emitted bright radiance; the Life Saint Energy became more powerful once again, and managed to resist the Destructive Energy released by the Lord of the Nether’s pair of pincers.

“Weiqing, quick, restore the formation! I can’t hold on for too long,” said the Sidhe Empress, whose voice was filled with anxiety. Indeed, even when she had joined forces with the Ancient Tree of Life, they were still unable to completely suppress the Lord of the Nether. The enormous pair of pincers were digging their way out of the seal’s formation, bit by bit. With every inch that they dug out of the seal, the Destructive Energy would become stronger as a result.

The Dragon Emperor had already received a fatal blow earlier on - he only managed to get pulled back from the brink of death with much difficulty thanks to the massive Life Energy given off by the Ancient Tree of Life. He could no longer take charge of maintaining the seal. The only person capable of doing that was Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er hovered in mid-air; his face looked very solemn. He was very clear that the victory or defeat depended on his next move.

The Destructive Energy released from the Lord of the Nether’s pincers was extremely pure without any impurities - Fen Tian’s Destructive Energy could not even come close. Despite being heavily restricted by the seal’s formation, as well as the Ancient Tree of Life, it was still able to display such a strong power and might. Zhou Weiqing knew deep down in his heart that even though his Saint Energy was relatively pure, it was not on the same level as the purity of the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy. All Zhou Weiqing could do right now was to depend on the formation in order to seal him.

The Dual Legendary Hammers appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s hands. In an instant, a myriad of bright Saint Energy starlight appeared on every part of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The dense Saint Energy ripples had increased to its maximum in the blink of an eye.

After being affected by the Saint Energy, the Destructive Energy released by the Lord of the Nether was suppressed and had shrunk quite a bit, whereas the vitality of the other Heavenly Beasts, the Sidhe Empress, as well as the Ancient Tree of Life, became rejuvenated.

“Restore the formation, quick!” shouted Zhou Weiqing. The Dual Legendary Hammers transformed into a single-handle hammer as Zhou Weiqing lifted it above his head. The Astral Celestial Territory was released and the bright nebula began orbiting in a frenzy. The Saint God Core Nucleus leaped out of Zhou Weiqing’s chest and released a bout of extremely intense and massive Saint Energy.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing, who was a Max Level Heavenly God, had displayed a powerful aura that had surpassed that of the Dragon Emperor earlier on. The pure Saint Energy had boosted the confidence of each and every single Heavenly Beast.

The twelve Heavenly Beasts, including Hui Yao and Duo Si, had returned to their respective positions within the formation, and released their energy aura that merged with Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were as bright as the splendid stars; twelve rays of whitish golden Saint light were released at the same time from the huge hammer head of his Dual Legendary Hammer, and shone on the twelve Heavenly Beasts’ bodies respectively.

Immediately, the Heavenly Beasts were entirely covered by a layer of whitish golden luster. The massive amount of energy that had been drained from them was significantly restored at this moment.

Just like what she did in the battle between Zhou Weiqing and Fen Tian, Tian’er hugged Zhou Weiqing from the back once again, channeling an unrestrained amount of Saint Energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body. Merging with Tian’er’s Saint Energy, the whitish golden light that was emitted by Zhou Weiqing’s body became a lot more intense. The rich energy ripples that were filled with Creation aura managed to suppress the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy, allowing the Sidhe Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life to ease up significantly. The Ancient Tree of Life had descended as well, in an attempt to suppress the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy.

“Fen  Tian,  you  piece  of  trash.”  The  Lord  of  the  Nether’s bitter and resentful voice rang through the air. If Fen Tian managed to kill Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er earlier, he would have had successfully broken the seal. Even though the Dragon Emperor was fatally injured, the seal of the Netherworld had lasted for millennia - it accumulated a massive amount of energy that could not be broken that easily. After the core of the formation had been destroyed, he still had to mobilize a large amount of energy in order to have a chance at breaking it in one go. However, at this moment, the combined Saint Energy of the Sidhe Empress and Zhou Weiqing had forcefully suppressed the power of his attack.

The Lord of the Nether was not particularly intimidated by the Life Saint Energy released by the Sidhe Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life. The actual Saint Energy within the Life Saint Energy was rather minimal - it was not enough to pose a threat to him. However, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was different - it was pure. Even though it was still not the actual Creation Energy, the only difference was that it was slightly less pure in comparison. Even though the Lord of the Nether knew that Zhou Weiqing was unable to become the Creation God as it was impossible for him to possess Creation Energy, the Lord of the Nether was still fearful at this moment. This was because he,
who was the most familiar with the seal, knew for a fact that if Zhou Weiqing was at the core of the formation and used his Saint Energy to complete the seal once again, the seal of the Netherworld would become a perfect one, without the slightest flaw.

Even if he were to secretly open a crack from the other side of the seal, it would still seal up after the seal had been perfected. He would henceforth be unable to use the negative emotions of the human beings within the Boundless Mainland to enhance his power.

Only the Lord of the Nether himself knew about his actual predicament. He had to constantly devour in order to strengthen himself, as well as maintain himself.

He was created in the first place as a result of the absorption of the negative emotions in the external world. If he were to lose the supply of negative emotions, not only was he unable to become stronger, he would even continue to weaken until he perished forever.

Hence, no matter what, the Lord of the Nether would never allow Zhou Weiqing to take charge and complete the seal. If that were to happen, it was as good as announcing his death sentence. Currently, his biggest regret was that he did not notice the existence of someone who possessed the actual Saint Energy earlier, and kill him before he became stronger. Till now, he was still adamant that his plan was perfect, excluding the unexpected variable, which was Zhou Weiqing’s appearance. And right now this variable had become so strong that it threatened his own existence. How was it possible for him not to feel resentful?

Suddenly, the Lord of the Nether’s pincers had stopped moving. Thereafter, a tiny black ball of light appeared in the middle of the two pincers. In order to destroy the seal and prevent it from getting completed again, he had exerted his personal source of energy. This source of energy had been refined over millennia, and it was only a small amount. However, at this moment, the Lord of the Nether could not afford to care so much about it. As long as he was able to break the seal and get to the Boundless Mainland, he would be able to restore his energy. He was very ambitious - he wanted to use the Boundless Mainland as a stepping stone to strengthen his body, before achieving his goal of devouring the entire universe and becoming the sole ruler.

The pitch-black light was filled with endless darkness. The ball of light continuously grew bigger and the terrifying Destructive Energy within it had formed a dark green light curtain. Regardless of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy or the Sidhe Empress’ Life Saint Energy, they were unable to penetrate it. The moment they came into contact with the dark green light curtain, they would disintegrate immediately.

Sensing the Destructive Energy within the black light ball that was continuously expanding, Zhou Weiqing trembled in fear. This was because he could clearly sense that it was the purest Destructive Energy that ever existed in this world that could truly rival Creation Energy. It was a powerful energy that he was completely unable to resist. Even though his Saint Energy was considered to be extremely pure, it would automatically vanish upon coming into contact with the aura that was released by this source of Destructive Energy. Furthermore, even the Creation characteristics within the Saint Energy was completely destroyed by it.

Chapter304 - Zhou Weiqing, the Core of the Seal!

What kind of energy is this? What should I do? Looking at the black light ball that was constantly expanding, a strong sense of crisis appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s heart. He knew for a fact that if that thing were to strike his body, regardless of how powerful his cultivation base was, he would cease to exist in this world forever.

He lifted his right leg and kicked directly in the direction of the black ball. Following the completion of the Dragon-Tiger Demon Transformation, Zhou Weiqing’s right leg could no longer transform into a hook-like state. Nonetheless, the terrifying energy had surpassed how it used to be.

A simple action of stamping his right foot created a violent sonic boom in the air, as a result of the terrifying energy. A ball of condensed concentrated Saint Energy brazenly charged towards the black ball of Destructive Energy.

When the ball of Saint light came into contact with the dark green protective shield, a soft ‘pop’ was heard before the shield broke apart. After all, it was Zhou Weiqing’s extremely condensed and compressed Saint Energy. It was not to be forgotten that the Saint Energy and Destructive Energy were polar opposites. Hence, they had restraining effects on each other. Also, the might of Zhou Weiqing’s full-force attack was extraordinary.

After the light shield was broken, the two energy balls, one white and one black, naturally collided in the air. There wasn’t a loud bang - only a hissing sound was heard, as though hot oil was poured on top of an iceberg.

Under the shocked gazes of all the powerhouses, the two energy balls had merged into one. However, upon merging, the color of the energy ball was still black. Zhou Weiqing’s ball of Saint light was completely destroyed by the ball of Destructive Energy.

“Zhou Weiqing, your Saint Energy is not pure enough to go against my Destructive Energy. Go to hell.”  At this moment, the black ball of light had already condensed into a ball with the diameter of approximately one meter. Even the Lord of the Nether himself felt weak at this moment. It was his original source of energy. As he continued to used it, it continued to diminish as well. It would probably take a long time before he was able to accumulate and restore it. Hence, he did not bear to use too much of it. If not for the sake of dealing with Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, he would not have used this source of energy to launch an attack. He had only used it earlier on when he was trying to break the seal.

The Lord of the Nether had to accumulate a certain amount of the original Destructive Energy before he could initiate an attack on the seal. It was also because of this energy that he was able to split the seal open, as well as fatally injure the Dragon Emperor.

The ball of Destructive Energy slowly floated in the air, and a ray of black light shot out directly from it, enveloping the space in which Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were in. In an instant, all the other types of energy got isolated. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt cold from head to toe, however, they did not receive any attacks. Nonetheless, Zhou Weiqing had clearly realized that he had lost all contact with every single energy attribute in the external world, as well as every single law. In other words, he was unable to escape using the Spatial Law even if he wanted to.

The Lord of the Nether was extremely unscrupulous. Since he had attacked with full force, he did not intend to give Zhou Weiqing any opportunity at all.

At this moment, all of a sudden, everyone could sense the surrounding temperature rising. Additionally, the inner part of the cave had turned into a shade of red. Both Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy and the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy could not conceal the red brilliance.

“Lord of the Nether, being sealed forever is the only ending for you. I had already accompanied you for ten thousand years. In that case, let me accompany you for eternity.”

An enormous ball of red light descended from above. It was extremely huge to the point that it was terrifying. The most crucial part was that the red energy contained a fire element that was a thousand times stronger than lava. Marked with an unparalleled vigor, as well as a devoted soul, it descended from above and smashed against the Destructive ball of light that was heading towards Zhou Weiqing.

The sizes of the ball of Destructive Energy and the red mass of light were not directly proportional. However, after they collided, the ball of Destructive Energy had vanished, and at the same time, all of the red light had disappeared from the red mass of light. However, it continued to smash the Lord of the Nether’s pincers at full force.

“Forefather……” “Elder Dragon Emperor……”

Cries erupted through the air; every single individual’s eyes had turned red almost instantly.

Indeed, the enormous red mass of light was none other than the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Emperor, who possessed boundless prestige and life experiences, had sacrificed his life to defend the dignity of the Dragon Tribe, and to guard the Boundless Mainland.

His massive figure forcefully smashed against the Lord of the Nether’s pincers, wrapping his body around them completely. Mouthfuls of dragon blood continuously spurted out of the Dragon Emperor’s mouth, and had splattered onto the seal that was on the ground.

“No——” The Lord of the Nether’s voice was filled with panic and hysteria. However, his voice had weakened rapidly; even his Destructive aura was substantially weakened at this moment.

Emerald green light descended from above - it came from the Sidhe Empress’ Life Energy. She had channeled almost all her Life Energy into the Dragon Emperor’s body at this moment. “Your Majesty, you don’t have to do this. Reserve your energy to help Weiqing complete the seal once again.” The Dragon Emperor’s eyes were filled with benevolence and gentleness. He had already decided to sacrifice his life when he had made that decision to do what he did.

Initially, his injuries were already fatal. However, the Life Energy released by the Sidhe Empress had pulled him back from the brink of death. However, at this moment, how could he allow the Lord of the Nether to kill Zhou Weiqing? The Lord of the Nether knew for a fact that Zhou Weiqing was his biggest threat. Naturally, the Dragon Emperor was well aware of that as well.

The Dragon Emperor and the Lord of the Nether had fought against each other throughout their entire lives. He was absolutely unwilling to lose this battle against the Lord of the Nether in the final moment.

Hence, he had chosen death - using the final glory of his life to seal off the Lord of the Nether’s escape path. The red light was the end product of the Dragon Emperor burning his Life flame, as well as the Saint fire that was brought about by the dragon monarch’s bloodline. The Fire Attribute Energy that he possessed was extremely massive. Even the Lord of the Nether’s ball of original Destructive Energy was being counteracted after coming into contact with the Dragon Emperor’s full-force attack. His pair of pincers was temporarily sealed by the Dragon Emperor’s huge body.

This was the Dragon Emperor’s seal that was created by him sacrificing his life, bloodline, bones, meridians, etc.! Even if the Lord of the Nether was any more powerful, it would still be temporarily sealed with the Dragon Emperor, who was halfway through becoming a God, as his opponent.

“Your Majesty, Dragon Emperor! You……” The Sidhe Empress had only spoken a few words before she started choking on her tears and was unable to continue her sentence. In order to seal the Lord of the Nether, the Dragon Emperor had put in an entire lifetime’s worth of effort. It was ten thousand years of loneliness and being solitary! This was not something that could be achieved by an ordinary person.

The Dragon Emperor looked at the Sidhe Empress with a gentle gaze and shook his head, “Do not feel sorry for me. I have no regrets dying here, after fighting a worthy battle. We do not have much time left - from now on, all of you must follow my orders.”

“Yes,  Your  Majesty.”   Everyone,  including  Zhou  Weiqing, Tian’er and the Sidhe Empress bowed respectively towards the dignified elder, awaiting his orders. At this moment, the Dragon Emperor had reached an unparalleled status within everyone’s hearts.

There were very few people who Zhou Weiqing admired in his entire lifetime. Amongst them were his persistent father, his master Long Shiya and Senior Uncle Duan Tianlang; not forgetting the free-spirited unrestrained archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit. However, at this moment, the Dragon Emperor had truly become his idol. He was absolutely certain that no matter how glorious he became in the future, he would never be able to be compared to this respected elder.

For the sake of the entire world, the Dragon Emperor had sacrificed ten thousand years’ worth of life. Both him and the Heavenly Beasts, who had helped maintain the seal, were the ones who were the most respectable and admirable in this world! In order to guard the Mainland, they had sacrificed a lot over a long period of time in silence, yet no one knew about it. Even at this moment, the Dragon Emperor had sacrificed his life in order to complete the seal once again.

Zhou Weiqing was deeply moved by his gesture. At this moment, he had forgotten about his fear of death. He had secretly made up his mind that no matter what, he would definitely seal the Lord of the Nether once again, and that he would never allow him to escape ever again.

The Dragon Emperor’s gaze shifted to Hui Yao. Hui Yao and Duo Si’s huge eyes were filled with tears that were flowing down their faces. However, there wasn’t any sorrow in their eyes - only pride. The Dragon Tribe’s pride. The Dragon Emperor had set a good example for them - this was the noble figure of the Dragon Tribe, who had once ruled the entire world! The grief stemming from their children’s tragic death had faded significantly. Compared to the sacrifices made by the Dragon Emperor, their grief was considered as nothing.

“Forefather?” Hui Yao’s voice was somewhat trembling.

The Dragon Emperor’s eyes gradually became gold in color, “My child, do not grief. Every individual with a living body will die one day. This is the principle of nature and nobody is able to defy it - even for individuals with a long lifespan like us. My friends and I are already approaching the end of our lives; even Phelia, who is the youngest out of all of us, is already six thousand over years old. What more could we ask for? After I die, the responsibility of the Dragon Tribe will be passed on to you. If the seal is able to be completed and all of you are able to leave here alive, go look for our tribe members in this entire world. I don’t have any other responsibilities for you; I simply hope that you will lead our tribe members, and ensure the continuity of the glory of the Dragon Tribe, and not let the Dragon Tribe get exterminated. Can you do that?”

“Yes,  I  can.  I  assure  you  that  I  will  use  my  life  and  do anything possible to defend the honor and protect the future of the Dragon Tribe,” Hui Yao vowed solemnly.

The Dragon Emperor nodded his head in satisfaction, “Alright. From today onwards, you are the new emperor of the Dragon Tribe.”  As he spoke, two golden light shot out of his eyes, that had completely become gold in color, and converged in front of Dragon Emperor’s huge head, before transforming into a golden ball of light that floated in the direction of Hui Yao’s head.

Hui Yao lowered his head respectfully and waited in silence for the ball of golden light to float over to the top of his head. The golden light lowered and landed in the middle of Hui Yao’s head. The light gradually became weaker and a golden crown appeared on top of Hui Yao’s head before it transformed into a golden energy that gradually entered Hui Yao’s head.

This was the Dragon Emperor’s legacy. It would only be passed down to the new emperor just before the older Dragon Emperor passed on, and this was the process of it.

After the Dragon Emperor completed the process, the light in his eyes had noticeably become dimmer, and huge amounts of fresh blood continued to gush out of his body. The entire seal on the ground had been tainted with his blood.

“Weiqing.”  The  Dragon  Emperor  no  longer  looked  at  Hui Yao. There was so much he wanted to say to his descendant! However, he was running out of time. In his eyes, the Mainland’s calamity was a lot more important than ensuring the continuity of the Dragon Tribe.

“Elder  Dragon  Emperor,”   said  Zhou  Weiqing  with  great respect. He had fully activated his Saint Energy, and had completely established a connection with the twelve Divine Beasts. These Divine Beasts were recuperating at an alarming speed.

However, Zhou Weiqing was not the Dragon Emperor after all. Even though he possessed a massive amount of Saint Energy, and his cultivation base might be more powerful than the Dragon Emperor, he knew nothing about the seal of the Netherworld’s formation. He did not know how to control and activate it again.

The Dragon Emperor said in a deep voice, “From now on, everyone has to follow Zhou Weiqing’s orders. After I’m gone, you have to show the same amount of respect towards Zhou Weiqing, as you did towards me. Or else I will not rest in peace even when I’m in another world. Do all of you understand?”

Even though he was already on the brink of death and was in the final moments of his life, the moment the Dragon Emperor exerted his might, all the Divine Beasts lowered their heads simultaneously. This was the prestige of an emperor.

The eyes of the Divine Beasts had turned red; a majority of them were shedding tears. They had spent thousands of years with the Dragon Emperor. In their eyes, the Dragon Emperor was like a teacher to them, or even a father figure. Amongst these Divine Beasts, apart from the new addition of Hui Yao and his wife, almost every single one of them were subdued or rescued by the Dragon Emperor - they had willingly served him thereafter. Every single one of them had a strong admiration towards the Dragon Emperor, as well as faith in him.

Hearing the Dragon Emperor’s words, most of the Divine Beasts could not help but choke with tears and cried out loud. For a moment, the entire cave was filled with a sorrowful atmosphere.

“Do you understand what I’ve just said?”  asked the Dragon Emperor in a deep voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”  Every single one of the Divine Beasts answered the Dragon Emperor with a voice that sounded almost like a sad cry.

The Dragon Emperor nodded and continued speaking to Zhou Weiqing, “Weiqing, I do not have much time left. From now on, you shall do as I say. With your Saint Energy it is absolutely possible for you to restore the seal and complete it perfectly. Alright, let us begin.” As he spoke, the Dragon Emperor’s gaze became solemn. On the surface he looked like a normal, healthy elder - there was still a strong air of prestige surrounding his body. He did not seem like he was on the brink of death at all.

“This formation was created by the former Sidhe Empress and me at that time. There were only six other Divine Beasts who assisted me. However, presently, we are only left with three out of the six original Divine Beasts. I will not give unnecessary explanations about the principle and structure of the formation - all you have to do is activate it. The entire formation has been tainted with my blood, and hence, the original bloodline that had been destroyed by the Lord of the Nether earlier on has been restored. Next, all you have to do is to complete the connection between the formation and all the Divine Beasts. As for you, you will be the core of the entire seal’s formation.

Zhou Weiqing listened in silence. As the Dragon Emperor continued speaking, his voice began to become weaker and weaker. Evidently, he was going to leave this world at any moment.

“The core of the seal is where I’m currently at, which is also the area that was destroyed by the Lord of the Nether earlier on. After I die it will be vacant. Right now, you have to divide your will into twelve parts and completely relax your mind, before you complete the connection with the Divine Beasts. Thereafter, you will guide their energy, channeling it into your body, with yourself as the core and root, and transform their energy into your Saint Energy before shooting it towards my position, which is also the center of the formation. The entire formation will be activated after that. The process is not complicated. I can sense that you possess the same dragon monarch bloodline as the Dragon Tribe. Before I die, I will enhance the dragon monarch bloodline in your body. In that way, the formation will acknowledge you as the new leader. Quick, let us begin. I can’t hold for much longer.”

As he spoke, the Dragon Emperor’s massive body started trembling violently. Streaks of Destructive Energy continuously appeared from his body. Evidently, his body could not suppress the Lord of the Nether for much longer.

Naturally, the Lord of the Nether had sensed what the Dragon Emperor was doing. Although it would take time and a massive amount of energy to restore the seal, once the seal was truly restored he would no longer have any opportunity to escape. Hence, he could not care any less about exhausting his entire powerful original Destructive Energy and used it to attack the Dragon Emperor directly in a bid to destroy the Dragon Emperor’s body, that was acting as intermediary of the seal, before killing off Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er first. However, the Dragon Emperor had already decided to sacrifice his life. Even if the Lord of the Nether attacked him at full force, it was not that easy for him to thoroughly destroy the Dragon Emperor. After all, they had fought each other for way too long - the Dragon Emperor had a good understanding of the Lord of the Nether. Furthermore, it had gotten used to the Destructive Energy after such a long period of time,
coupled with the fact that the Dragon Emperor’s Fire Attribute Energy that was already at its maximum strength. It was currently burning his life force, as well as his Max Level Heavenly God Stage Dragon Emperor Nucleus Core, firmly enclosing the Lord of the Nether within it. As long as the Dragon Emperor’s life force had not been fully combusted, it was impossible for the Lord of the Nether to break the seal.

Zhou Weiqing dared not be careless. His gaze became focused and his powerful will started spreading out. He was very witty, he did not directly split his will into twelve parts. He wanted to connect with the twelve great Divine Beasts, and every single one of their will was extremely powerful, even surpassing that of Zhou Weiqing’s. Most importantly, Zhou Weiqing was not familiar with the formation. If he failed to establish the connection, he might not have enough time to attempt it again.

Hence, Zhou Weiqing had divided his will into two, releasing them at the same time towards Hui Yao and Duo Si. The two dragons were the closest to Zhou Weiqing - they had known each other for a long time, hence they had a good understanding of each other’s auras. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing possessed the dragon monarch bloodline within his body, it was not a problem for him to establish a connection with their will.

Hence, Zhou Weiqing made a decision as such. Very quickly, his will had come into contact with Hui Yao and Duo Si.

Immediately, Zhou Weiqing could feel two waves of boundless will flowing out from them. The will was very gentle
- there was no conflict between their wills, contrary to what he
predicted. On the other hand, when Hui Yao and his wife had sensed Zhou Weiqing’s will, the connection between them had been established immediately. Albeit vaguely, two faint rays of golden light were released from the center of Hui Yao and Duo Si’s head. Akin to two silk threads, they headed towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing used his will to guide their will towards his body and connected them. The moment their two strands of will connected with his, a dazzling ball of red light lit up on the seal’s formation below them immediately. In a split second, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body experienced an extremely strange feeling that was difficult to describe with words. At this moment, he felt that his senses and perceptions were doubly amplified.

The feeling was not only limited to the macroscopic aspect; it included the microscopic aspect as well. Everything in the surroundings became very clear. The will belonging to an individual who possessed the dragon monarch energy, Destructive Energy, as well as the energy of several Divine Beasts combined together would be suppressed to a certain extent. However, after connecting his will to the wills of the two dragons, ZHou Weiqing immediately noticed that his will had been amplified instead - it was able to sense everything in the surroundings a lot more clearly than before. He was able to envelop the entire area surrounding the formation with the energy of his will.

On top of that, a few more things, pertaining to the formation, appeared within his will. He had developed a sort of strange understanding with regards to the entire formation - it was as though he had comprehended a lot of things in almost a split second.

It was that marvelous, huh? At this moment, there were some movements on the Dragon Emperor’s side. He opened his huge mouth and a ball of blood red light spat out from it, before heading towards Zhou Weiqing.

The moment Zhou Weiqing’s will had connected with Hui Yao and his wife’s wills, the blood red energy had already appeared in front of him, directly colliding into the Saint God Core Nucleus on Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Immediately, a red-hot feeling that was hard to describe started spreading throughout Zhou Weiqing’s entire body in an instant. At that moment he felt as though the Saint Energy within his body, as well as his soul, was boiling. However, it was not agonizing. Instead, it elicited a strong comfortable and warm feeling. It was as though his entire body was submerged within a hot spring - the pores all over his body had opened up, avariciously absorbing the energy that made him feel extremely comfortable.

A gentle light appeared within the Dragon Emperor’s eyes. He slowly closed his eyes; the last thing he wanted to do before he left was to pray. He wanted to pray for the success of the seal, and that all his efforts had not gone to waste. The red ball of light that he had just released was the original Dragon Phoenix Energy. Similar to the Lord of the Nether’s original Destructive Energy, it was his most basic and purest energy.

Even though the Dragon Emperor was a Max Level Heavenly God powerhouse himself, and hence was unable to be on par with the Lord of the Nether, who was at the Heavenly Change Stage, the might of his Dragon Emperor’s original energy was rather intimidating.

If he had a choice, without any hesitation, the Dragon Emperor would have chosen to channel that energy to his successor, the next Dragon Emperor, Hui Yao.

If that was the case, within ten years at most, Hui Yao would be able to possess the same powerful cultivation base as he did in his prime.

However, presently, the Dragon Emperor did not have a choice. The person who replaced him as the core of the seal of the Netherworld was not Hui Yao, but Zhou Weiqing. In order to allow Zhou Weiqing to be able to activate the entire formation, he had no choice but to channel his Dragon Emperor’s original energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body. Only by doing so would the formation then be able to be activated without the possibility of any rejection. Bit by bit, the Dragon Emperor’s original energy penetrated Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. A layer of faint red light could clearly be seen appearing gradually on the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. At this moment, the little Zhou Weiqing, who was sitting upright and still, opened his eyes. His eyes had completely turned into a shade of fire red. A small scarlet dragon coiled around his body, slowly and comfortably, while the ball of red light gradually disappeared.

Slowly, a layer of red misty luster appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The layer of luster was unable to conceal the armor’s original white hue. Nonetheless, the layer of red light was shimmering quietly like gemstones.

Following the appearance of the layer of red light the seal’s formation below completely lit up. The red dense light gradually floated upwards, enveloping the entire formation within it.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing experienced a different feeling. He realized that it was as though his body had already become a part of the formation. To put it more accurately, the entire formation seemed like his body, and he, himself, was the heart of the body.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing immediately released his will outwards. At this moment, he was still able to remain calm - he did not attempt to establish a connection with all ten Divine Beasts. Instead, he released three streaks of will and tried to connect with three of them instead.

It was completely logical of Zhou Weiqing to do that. Even though everything happened within a short period of time, he realized, from the process of connecting his will to Hui Yao and Duo Si’s wills, that after merging his will with the Divine Beasts’ wills, he was able to use it for his own use. Under such circumstances, his own will would be rapidly amplified. More importantly, it would result in a better understanding towards the seal’s formation, after the connection had been established.

Hence, if he were to connect with too many Divine Beasts, two problems would surface - firstly, the Divine Beasts definitely did not trust him as much as they trusted the Dragon Emperor; it was uncertain whether or not he could perfectly establish a connection with them, or even establish a connection at all in the first place. Secondly, what was more important was the issue pertaining to his understanding of the seal. If he were to merge his will with too many wills at the same time, his own will would get amplified to a terrifying degree; it would be very difficult for Zhou Weiqing to adapt. Furthermore, at a crucial moment as such, how was it possible for him to conscientiously understand the marvel of the seal’s formation?

Hence, he decided to only connect his will with three Divine Beasts this time.

Just as he had predicted, a problem emerged instantly after he attempted to connect their wills with his. The three great Divine Beasts’ wills experimentally attempted to accept Zhou Weiqing’s will, unlike Hui Yao and Duo Si’s wills, which directly connected with Zhou Weiqing’s will. After all, they were unfamiliar with Zhou Weiqing and also, they did not possess the dragon monarch bloodline.

Zhou Weiqing released his will. At this moment, he did not hold back at all - he had thoroughly opened up his heart to these Divine Beasts. Under a condition as such, if the other party were to attack him his will would definitely be severely damaged. However, he had no other options. That was the only way for these Divine Beasts to trust him within the shortest possible time. The Dragon Emperor’s original energy had completely entered Zhou Weiqing’s body. With the help of Saint Energy, the dragon aura released from his body became even stronger than that of Hui Yao and Duo Si’s. After sensing his dragon aura, coupled with the unrestrained release of his will, the three Divine Beasts only hesitated for a brief moment before opening up their wills and connected them to Zhou Weiqing’s.


In an instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as though everything in his immediate surroundings had exploded - everything became crystal clear. It seemed as though they had entered a brand new realm. Every single energy element was presented in an extremely clear manner in his will.

The formation below him started to surge violently; an extremely massive amount of energy started charging towards its center. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the Dragon Emperor’s blood, which had tainted the entire formation, flowing within every single veined pattern on it. Gentle energy ripples began to release outwards as a result, and a powerful suppressive force started to appear as well. The realm outside the formation seemed to have completely been shattered, causing it to be isolated from the outside world. All of a sudden, his will was strengthened. Being able to sense minute energy changes as such within an area that was filled with extremely complicated energy was an addictive feeling.

If he were in the outside world, Zhou Weiqing would similarly be able to clearly sense every single energy change. However, within the cave, there were more than ten Heavenly God powerhouses, not forgetting the Lord of the Nether who was of the Heavenly Change Stage.

Even though the Lord of the Nether did not actually break the seal and that his cultivation base was constantly being suppressed, the purity of his Destructive Energy was at the Heavenly Change Stage! With huge amounts of massive resilient energy squeezed and condensed together, the will of a Heavenly Emperor would be instantly destroyed, even if only a small amount was released. However, as for Zhou Weiqing, he could sense all the energy changes within the formation at this moment, showing just how powerful his current will was.

Moreover, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had an epiphany - he had finally understood how the Dragon Emperor was able to suppress the Lord of the Nether. Apart from the energy aspect, based on the Dragon Emperor’s cultivation base, coupled with the assistance from the numerous Divine Beasts, his will was definitely not on the losing end. Hence, precisely because of that, he was able to maintain the seal for so many years. Every single time the Lord of the Nether launched an attack on the seal he would end up getting suppressed.

Zhou Weiqing could not be engrossed with a comfortable sensory experience as such. As he developed an understanding towards the formation, three streaks of will had been released at the same time. With the experience he had earlier on, he directly opened up his will this time, before establishing a connection with the three Divine Beasts.

Because of the changes earlier, after he had completed the connection this time, Zhou Weiqing was not as shocked as before. His will continued to get upgraded, the formation below seemed to have already been completely ignited; only the Dragon Emperor’s massive body was left in silence.

At this crucial moment, just as Zhou Weiqing was about to complete the formation, all of a sudden, there was an extremely loud rumble. The entire formation shook violently; the Dragon Emperor’s massive body suddenly became entirely black. Immediately after, a loud explosion sound was heard. The Dragon Emperor’s massive body exploded into ashes and smoke, scattered everywhere. On the other hand, the Lord of the Nether’s huge pincers emerged once again as a result.

This time, he did not condense any energy because he did not have the time to do that. Two rays of black light transformed into two clear light beams which charged towards Zhou Weiqing’s body.

“Quick, open up your wills.” Zhou Weiqing shouted towards the last four Divine Beasts. At the same time, four streaks of will were released outwards. At this moment, he could not dodge or resist the incoming attack. If he were to make any move before the formation was completed, everything he did earlier would have gone to waste. Hence, all he could do right now was to face it head-on, using his own Saint Energy.

At this moment, a huge emerald green figure appeared below Zhou Weiqing’s body; it was none other than the Sidhe Empress who had transformed into Mother Nature.

Without any hesitation, she used Mother Nature’s scepter to block the two incoming black light beams. At this moment, it seemed as though the Lord of the Nether had gone crazy. Even though he had no time to condense his original Destructive Energy, the two black light beams were released with the original Destructive Energy as its foundation.

A soft ‘pop’ was heard and almost instantly, Mother Nature had vanished, revealing the Sidhe Empress’ actual body. However, at this moment, the Ancient Tree of Life fell hard from the sky. It transformed into a huge ball of emerald green light that not only destroyed the remaining energy within the black light, but also smashed the Lord of the Nether’s pincers.

Massive energy ripples abruptly erupted, and in the next moment, the ball of emerald green light was fired off into the sky.

With her body in the air, blood spurted out of the Sidhe Empress. When the Ancient Tree of Life had appeared, at least half of the treetop had withered. In order to block the Lord of the Nether’s attack they had paid a hefty price. However, ultimately, the Lord of the Nether’s attack did not land on Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Zhou Weiqing’s yell was extremely significant in causing the scene that appeared before his eyes. When four streaks of his will were released, almost at the same time, he had completed the process of connecting his will to the last four Divine Beasts’ wills.


After the energy of the twelve great Divine Beasts had been completely connected to Zhou Weiqing, in the next moment, the entire formation was completely lit up. The Lord of the Nether’s huge pincers seemed to be restrained in an instant - at the very least, they were unable to move about like they did earlier.

The Dragon Emperor’s blood completely seeped into the formation silently. Immediately after, the entire formation turned into a dazzling shade of gold.

At this very moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as though his body was about to explode in mid-air. Terrifying energy ripples ascended in a flash. The Heavenly Energy of all twelve great Divine Beasts charged towards his body at an unparalleled and alarming speed.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing thought that his body was about to be destroyed. However, at the same time, he had also fully understood the method of controlling the formation. The energy that the seal’s formation required was a simple yet pure one - it did not matter which attribute it belonged to. However, it must only come from only one attribute, and its level of purity had to reach a certain degree. Last but not least, it could only be controlled by the dragon or sidhe monarch bloodline.

From the connection of the wills earlier, not only did Zhou Weiqing experience the marvel of the formation, more importantly at the same time, after his will had been upgraded to a terrifying degree, he became at least ten times more capable of controlling any type of energy.

Chapter305 - Hero!

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was under the illusion that it seemed as though he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly Change Stage. The Heavenly Energy of all twelve Divine Beasts came charging towards him from all directions; the most amazing thing was that under the influence of the seal’s formation, the massive Heavenly Energy did not hurt him in any way. On the contrary, the massive Heavenly Energy was extremely obedient - it was completely under his control.

An extremely dazzling radiance burst out of the Saint God Core Nucleus on Zhou Weiqing’s chest. The originally whitish golden Saint Energy gradually released a strong white heat. Under Zhou Weiqing’s precise control, the massive Heavenly Energy that was coming from the outside transformed into his own Heavenly Energy at an alarming speed.

A huge incorporeal vortex had formed around Zhou Weiqing, with him at its center. The massive energy within the vortex was formed from the immense Heavenly Energy of all the twelve Divine Beasts. The massive Heavenly Energy continuously rotated and every single rotation was a refining process. The energy would come into contact with Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, before transforming into purer Saint Energy, which would then be used by Zhou Weiqing. Even though Zhou Weiqing was a Max Level Heavenly Emperor, his body was definitely unable to handle such massive amount of Saint Energy being channeled into his body
- it would reach a point where it was almost bursting, as it belonged to the twelve Heavenly God Divine Beasts after all. However, this was not a problem for him due to the effects of the seal’s formation. After circling around Zhou Weiqing’s body, the purified massive Saint Energy was available for him to use, without the need for it to enter his body first. This was also the reason why Zhou Weiqing felt that the entire formation was his body.

Under such circumstances, his body was under nearly zero pressure at all, yet at the same time, his cultivation base merged perfectly with that of the twelve Divine Beasts. It was indeed a very powerful existence!

He could not afford to be preoccupied with the sadness caused by the death of the Dragon Emperor. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had a strong conviction in completing the Dragon Emperor’s final wish, which was to thoroughly seal the Lord of the Nether.

Earlier on, the Sidhe Empress’ attack happened at the perfect timing. Even though she paid a hefty price, she ultimately managed to stall enough time for Zhou Weiqing. Or else, if Zhou Weiqing had taken the fatal blow from the Destructive Energy, even if he was not severely injured, it would definitely mess up his control over the entire formation. He was not the Dragon Emperor - he was still not familiar with the seal’s formation. If a problem were to arise, it would most likely give the Lord of the Nether an opportunity to get away or sabotage. More often than not, a brief moment could determine victory or defeat.

At this moment, the Lord of the Nether’s gloominess had reached the extreme end of the spectrum. Even though both the Sidhe Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life had paid a rather hefty price to block his attack, not only did they manage to neutralize his attack, they had significantly pushed his pincers, that had partially broken out of the seal, back to where they came from. If the Lord of the Nether had attacked with full force, he could definitely thoroughly destroy the Sidhe Empress or the Ancient Tree of Life. However, the most tragic thing for him was that he had not completely broken the seal. Hence, the majority of his power was still limited within the formation. It was impossible for him to make any full-force attacks. Or else, how would it have been possible for the Dragon Emperor or the Sidhe Empress to seal him?

The crucial moment, that determined whether or not the Lord of the Nether could break the seal, had arrived. He had completely disregarded the fact that he was draining his energy and attacked without holding back.

The pitch-black Destructive light transformed into circles of halos that soared upwards. At the same time, a pitch-black ball of light appeared once again between the two pincers.

Circles of halos soared upwards and forcefully resisted against the Saint Energy vortex that belonged to Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts, preventing the the massive Saint Energy to enter the seal’s formation.

Till this very moment, the Lord of the Nether was already using all his might and risking his life, He was very clear that under the circumstances that he was unable to execute full force attacks, the only thing that could destroy Zhou Weiqing was the original Destructive Energy.

Zhou Weiqing snorted coldly. A bright incandescent light erupted from the Saint God Core Nucleus on his chest and transformed into an incandescent light that was as thick as a person’a arm, before descending from above. It struck the black light ball, that the Lord of the Nether had just condensed, hard. The time to counterattack had arrived!


There were no violent explosion sounds. The two purest colors, black and white, collided hard. The black halo and the white vortex came into contact at the same time. The energy from both parties violently collided.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy revealed its powerful ability to suppress the Destructive Energy. If it were the Dragon Emperor who was the one that was in-charge of the seal’s formation, he might not be able to suppress the Lord of the Nether once again. However, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was different.

With the support of the twelve Divine Beasts, Zhou Weiqing did not have to worry about exhausting his Saint Energy. Furthermore, not only was he able to mobilize the massive Saint Energy, he was able to constantly refine and purify the Saint Energy within his body and erupt it via the Saint God Core Nucleus. This was also the reason why the white incandescent light was as intense as such. The Saint Energy that was displayed by Zhou Weiqing was already half as powerful as that of the Creation Stage. Even though it was impossible for him to become a true Creation God in his entire life, his Saint Energy was powerful enough to be able to attack the Lord of the Nether, who was within the formation.

There was a conflict between the Creation and Destructive forces; the black and white energy collided violently within the sky. Even though the energy from both sides did not detonate, they were being exhausted at an alarming rate.

The entire formation had completely lit up, except that the red misty luster gradually turned white.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was extremely calm. After he had received the Dragon Emperor’s original energy, the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation underwent another round of evolution, causing his ice-cold perception to increase to an unprecedented level. He was able to clearly sense the marvel in every corner of the seal’s formation, and he was constantly comprehending it. Relying on his powerful will that was on the Heavenly Change level, under the amplification of the formation, he controlled the formation, resulting in a frenzied pressure on the Lord of the Nether. The Lord of the Nether let out a sharp cry that was filled with extreme fear. His original Destructive Energy was no longer effective under the suppression of the Saint Energy. Both parties had reached a stalemate. However, even though the original Destructive Energy at the center was capable of
resisting Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, the circles of black halo that it emitted could not completely withstand the pressure exerted from the massive victorious vortex.

Stands and threads of whitish golden light began to gradually penetrate the Destructive halos, and constantly approached the formation on the ground. Some areas had already merged with the red light that was emitted from the formation.

As the saying went - ‘a single spark can start a prairie fire’; after the red light from the formation came into contact with the whitish golden Nebula Saint Energy, the color of the formation immediately started to change.

The Saint Energy’s ability to assimilate was extremely remarkable; it manipulated the attributes on the formation to go through changes. Hence, naturally, the pressure on the Lord of the Nether continuously increased.

Joy gradually appeared in the eyes of the twelve Divine Beasts, and they looked more resolute as well. At the start, when the Dragon Emperor decided to get Zhou Weiqing to replace him, the majority of the Divine Beasts were unable to accept his decision. However, at this moment, they had completely believed in the Dragon Emperor’s foresight. Even though this young man before them was stronger than
the Dragon Emperor, he looked like he was only in his twenties!

The Dragon Emperor had died and departed this world without even leaving his corpse or bones behind. However, his will did not vanish. Every single one of the Divine Beasts were completely dedicated to his cause - they would not let the Lord of the Nether escape into the human world no matter what.

Looking at the Saint Energy establishing contact with the formation, while the Lord of the Nether, on the other hand, was unable to break through the Saint Energy light that Zhou Weiqing had condensed, the Divine Beasts were full of hope, that they were able to seal the Lord of the Nether once again!

Unity was indeed strength! At this moment, none of the Divine Beasts held back their cultivation base - they were not bothered about injuring themselves and activated the Heavenly Energy within their bodies at full force to support Zhou Weiqing. On the other hand, the Saint Energy was continuously nourishing their bodies, ensuring that they would not get injured at all.

The Sidhe Empress took the Ancient Tree of Life with her and landed far away from the site. Looking at everything that was happening, excitement gradually appeared in both her beautiful eyes. However, whenever she glanced over at Zhou Weiqing’s solemn face, there would be a despondent look in her eyes. She dared not say that Zhou Weiqing’s present achievements would never be surpassed in the future, but they were definitely unprecedented. At least from what she remembered, she had not met a powerhouse that was as powerful as Zhou Weiqing.

Outside the abyss.

“Weiqing,  where’s  Weiqing?”  Shangguan  Bing’er  was  the first to snap out of the perplexed state of mind. After she regained her consciousness, she yelled almost immediately.

The sky had already turned into a shade of azure; the sun shone onto the ground, bringing about a faint sense of warmth within the originally cold northern border. When the sunlight shone onto an individual’s body, it would make him or her feel very comfortable. However, at this moment, Shangguan Bing’er was not basking in the warmth feeling. That was because a familiar figure was not standing before her.

Shangguan Fei’er, Shangguan Xue’er and Little Witch woke up one after another. After a brief moment of feeling perplexed, their regained their consciousness.

Shangguan Bing’er saw the Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya  at  once  and  ran  over  to  him  immediately,  “Master, where’s Weiqing? Where did Weiqing go?” Despite the fact that she already had the answers, at this moment, she was unable to accept or acknowledge the truth.

“Little Fatty Zhou, you bastard. You dared to knock us out before running away. Just you wait……” Shangguan Fei’er was filled with rage as she yelled. However, as she was yelling, her eyes could not help but become red.

Little Witch stood there in a daze; she was replaying everything that Zhou Weiqing said to her, before she lost her consciousness, in her mind. At this moment, she felt empty. At that time, when she was offered to Zhou Weiqing, sacrificing herself for him, even though she was unable to resist him, she personally did not want to either. That was because she was sure that if there was a man in this world who would be good enough for her, it would definitely be that fella. Hence, she did not reject or resist him.

Thereafter, she left and had not seen Zhou Weiqing for a very long period of time. That was when she gradually learned how it felt to yearn for someone.

When she had seen Zhou Weiqing again, even though they did not get intimate, Zhou Weiqing had promised that he would take responsibility for her. However, seeing as how he had several female companions by his side, Little Witch had always harbored a grudge within her heart as she lacked self- confidence. She was not sure if she could receive much love from Zhou Weiqing.

Perhaps Zhou Weiqing was indeed a philanderer - to the point where she wanted to beat him up. However, ultimately, he managed to leave some room in his heart for her. Now he had left, and it was unclear whether or not he could come back alive. At this moment, Little Witch had a sudden realization that he had taken her heart with him.

As it turns out, I do truly love him. I don’t know when I started actually falling for him. And that I did not choose to marry him and be his wife for the sake of the future of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

Unknowingly, tears fell down her cheeks. At this moment, she was completely unconscious of the look on her face - she was not wearing any expression; tears trickled down her face continuously, akin to a broken string of pearls.

“Sister——”   Shangguan  Bing’er  pounced  into  Shangguan Fei’er’s  embrace  as  she  cried  out  in  pain,  “Little  Fatty  had abandoned us, he had left on his own. Sister, I…I want to look for him. Can we look for him together?”

Shangguan Bing’er looked beggingly with her eyes, as though Shangguan Fei’er was her last hope.

Shangguan Fei’er said ferociously, “Look for him? What for? He ran off without us, so why should we look for him? That bastard should just go to hell. It’s best if he never returns, lest he makes us sad. Bing’er, you’re not allowed to look for him.” Despite what she said, Bing’er could clearly feel that at this very moment, Fei’er’s body was trembling, somewhat uncontrollably.

Shangguan Xue’er had a different reaction compared to her two sisters. After she regained consciousness, she was in a dazed for a brief moment. Thereafter, she gently touched her lips that were kissed by Zhou Weiqing, as she gradually walked towards the edge of the abyss. It was as though her entire body was like a puppet.

“Xue’er.”  Shangguan  Tianyang  stood  in  front  of  her  and blocked her. He did not allow her to advance any farther. “Children, you need to calm yourselves down. The reason why Weiqing did what he did was because he did not want you to risk your lives with him. He possesses the true Saint Energy, which allows him to have the ability to deal with the Lord of the Nether. All of you are different - your Saint Energy is not pure. He is only concerned about your safety! If you went to look for him, you will only hinder him and affect his state of mind. Even though I do not approve of his philandering ways, I can confidently say that he might die from heartbreak if any of you were to die. Right now, there is nothing else we can do but wait here for his return.
 “There is no need to be too pessimistic either. The purpose of his trip there is to help the Dragon Emperor strengthen the seal, not to fight against the Lord of the Nether. That fella has always been blessed with good luck. I believe he will come back alive.”

Shangguan Xue’er did not stop walking despite Shangguan Tianyang’s attempt to stop her. Instead, she went around him. She only voluntarily stopped in her tracks when he tried to stop her again. She stood on the edge of the abyss, staring straight down.

Shangguan Xue’er did not cry. However, her entire body was extremely stiff. She was the only person who knew what she was thinking at this moment.

She was regretting; regretting the fact that she did not outsmart him - that she did not expose that bastard’s plans and obeyed his wishes instead.

Amongst all Zhou Weiqing’s wives, she was the only person who did not have an actual intimate relationship with him. She was truly regretting everything. Since she was a child, she had been living for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. In order to become the next successor of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had continuously worked very hard. When she had grown up and became sensible, she assumed that there was not a single man she would ever fall for in this world. The only thing she had on her mind was to bring the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to greater heights and protect its honor and glory.

However, ever since she met Zhou Weiqing, it seemed as though everything had changed. He had constantly tugged on her heartstrings. She could clearly remember everything that happened between them during that time when she had lost a bet to him. She did not only lose herself, but her heart too. At that time, it was impossible for her to acknowledge that defeat. However at this moment, she was clear that that was when he had truly entered her heart.

Since she liked him, why was she still adamant about being so reserved, instead of giving herself entirely to him? Weiqing, you have to come back alive.

Subconsciously, Shangguan Fei’er clenched both fists. Her face was as pale as snow.

Dongfang Hanyue was different from the other four women - she had already calmed herself down a long time ago. While she similarly stared in the direction of the abyss, she would also look in the direction of Xuantian Continent every now and then. Looking at the reactions of the three Shangguan sisters and Little Witch, she suddenly rejoiced in her heart. Perhaps she did not receive as much love from him as they did. However, compared to them, she was more fortunate in the sense that she had a child with him after all.

The people of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the Peerless Sect, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain stood there in silence. Even if they did despise the Peerless Sect Leader, Zhou Weiqing, at the start, they had already truly acknowledged him after he had killed Fen Tian and jumped into the abyss without hesitation in pursuit of that cause.

At this moment, Xue AoTian had the most complicated look on his face. That was because the people who entered the abyss were his son-in-law, as well as his only daughter!

The moment Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had left for the abyss, he had been keeping both eyes closed without stopping them. Apart from his daughter and son-in-law, his wife was also within the abyss as well.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain had already been destroyed; if his wife and daughter were to leave this world forever, even if the seal was completed, Xue AoTian would collapse out of devastation. This man, who used to be the world’s number one powerhouse, seemed old and weak at this very moment; he stood there quietly, and he was giving off an air of melancholy.

However, within every single person’s heart, including Xue AoTian, Shangguan Tianyang, Zhou Weiqing’s wives, as well as all the other powerhouses - they were praying.

It was unknown if whether it was due to the prayers of the powerhouses of all three Saint Lands, everything within the seal of the Netherworld was developing in a positive direction.

The white incandescent light continued to clash against the pitch-black light. However, the incandescent light gradually managed to suppress the black light.

This was not because Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was more powerful than the original Destructive Energy. More importantly, it was due to the seal’s formation.

At this moment, the circles of black halo released by the original Destructive Energy had gradually disappeared, and the Saint Energy vortex created by Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts had completely merged with the formation below. The red light emitting from the formation had also vanished - the light in the surroundings had already turned into a shade of whitish gold.

Within the dense whitish golden light, there seemed to be countless starlight floating about, as though it had became the Milky Way. Every single time the starlight flickered, the entire formation would generate a powerful energy and strike the Lord of the Nether. The tears and marks from all the damage gradually disappeared at a speed that was distinguishable by the naked eye.

As he was being restrained by the pressure created by the formation, the original Destructive Energy emitted by the Lord of the Nether became weaker and weaker. There was a possibility that it might vanish at any moment.

As predicted by the Sidhe Empress and the Dragon Emperor, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was very effective when used on the seal’s formation.

A deep roar was constantly heard coming from the small crack on the formation that was caused by the pincers - it was the Lord of the Nether’s voice that was filled with unwillingness to admit defeat. Zhou Weiqing had a grave and stern look on his face, just like before. Even though he had the upper hand, he was not complacent at all. He was absolutely not going to take it easy and relax until he had fully completed the seal.


The incandescent Saint Energy finally had a head-on collision with the black original Destructive Energy. The entire formation shook violently and a massive amount of energy ripples abruptly surged. Zhou Weiqing, who was at the core of the formation, quivered together with the enormous pincers.

A sorrowful sound was heard once again and they had began directly draining each other’s energy. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes glowed on and off; his massive will gathered all the Saint Energy and merged with the incandescent light erupted from his Saint God Core Nucleus. Within a blink of an eye, not only did the incandescent light expand, it had also become more concentrated. It was as though the Saint Energy became a solid spear, piercing hard into the black original Destructive Energy.

At this time, a brilliant light erupted from the entire formation; the surrounding space shook violently. The segmented space phenomenon appeared, which occurred when they first got there, once again. The individual space pertaining to the seal appeared once again, except that there wasn’t any black light at all - just flickering endless whitish golden light. The sky of this parallel space was completely covered by the Milky Way. Streaks of starlight continuously shone from above, reflecting onto the incandescent Saint Energy spear that was slowly but steadily piercing downwards. The most crucial moment of restoring the seal had finally arrived. Right now, Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence in succeeding. Under the effects of the formation, he was akin to an enormous Saint Energy core. The purity and denseness of the Saint Energy was shocking even to someone like him. Furthermore, under the influence of his Saint Energy, the seal of the Netherworld’s formation was constantly undergoing minute changes. These changes were positive in nature, as though the formation was constantly trying to perfect itself as the Saint Energy was channeled into it.

Throughout the whole process, the power of the formation had also gotten continuously stronger, exerting pressuring over the Lord of the Nether as well.

The original Destructive Energy started to tremble violently; the enormous pincers of the Lord of the Nether trembled as a result as well. Gradually, they were pushed back down to where they came from, bit by bit.

The seal that was being broken by the pincers, as well as the marks on the seal, gradually merged following the retracting of the pincers. At this moment, the cracks on the other parts of the formation had vanished due to the effects of the Saint Energy. Everything was progressing well.

“Bastard! Bastard!”  roared the Lord of the Nether in anger. However, regardless of how much he raged, it could not change the fact that the pincers were gradually being pushed back to where they came from.

The intense sense of crisis as well as fear continuously appeared within the Lord of the Nether’s will. He could clearly sense that the small cracks that he secretly created on the other areas of the formation had closed up as a result of the Saint Energy channeled by Zhou Weiqing. This signified the fact that what he was most worried about was about to happen.

Due to the reopening of the seal’s space, at this moment, as a result of the light curtain, the Lord of the Nether could be clearly seen. His massive body was swaying continuously. Evidently he had released his Destructive Energy at full force in the hopes of grabbing the final opportunity. However, within the seal’s space, all he could sense was the Saint Energy within the Creation aura.

Under the effects of the Saint Energy, the injuries suffered by the Sidhe Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life had healed significantly. Saint Energy was evidently the best nourishment for them.

“Go back to your Netherworld. May you be suppressed there for eternity.” Zhou Weiqing’s cold voice resounded within the space. He put his palms together before his chest and his powerful will erupted once more. Coupled with the light emitted from his Saint God Core Nucleus, he delivered a powerful blow to the Lord of the Nether and forcefully pushed the pincers a couple of meters downwards.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts, that were supporting the formation with him, were extremely excited. The seal was about to be completed once again right before their eyes - how was it possible for them to keep their cool? They were a lot more familiarized with the formation compared to Zhou Weiqing, naturally, they were able to sense its perfected state upon completion. Furthermore, due to the fact that Zhou Weiqing had constantly transformed their Heavenly Energy into Saint Energy, they were more or less affected to a certain degree as a result, in a good way. The Saint Energy was restoring their bodies and allowed their Heavenly Energy to become smoother, as well as maintaining its unending flow. The Lord of the Nether’s pincers had been pushed back by a third; the remaining parts were also constantly being pushed back at an increasing speed. Since he was constantly on the losing end with Zhou Weiqing constantly gaining an upper hand, he was no longer able to contend against Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy.

“Zhou Weiqing, my biggest mistake was my failure to realize that you possess Saint Energy. However, just because of that, do you think that I’m unable to deal with you? Do you think that all of you are able to seal me forever? You are not the Dragon Emperor after all.”

On the other side of the light curtain, the Lord of the Nether’s body stopped swaying abruptly. His icy cold voice, that seemed to be coming from the depths of the Netherworld, caused one’s soul to tremble. His pincers seemed to stop resisting the attacks; even the original Destructive Energy between the pincers had been quietly withdrawn, allowing the massive Saint Energy to enveloped the enormous pincers, which caused them to be pushed back at an even more rapid speed.

“Lord of the Nether, are you still struggling on your deathbed? You no longer have a chance to make a comeback.” Zhou Weiqing did not let his guard down despite the fact that the Lord of Nether had suddenly given up resisting against his attacks. Instead, he increased the output of his Saint Energy. Furthermore, for some reason he felt a sense of uneasiness, albeit faintly. It did not seem as though the Lord of the Nether said that without any basis.

At this very moment, the enormous pincers that were emitting dark green luster suddenly stopped moving. They had stopped moving in the process of being suppressed downwards. Regardless of how much Saint Energy Zhou Weiqing mobilized, they did not budge.

What is happening? This is impossible! Zhou Weiqing, as well as the other Divine Beasts, were utterly shocked. Could it be that the Lord of the Nether had received more Destructive Energy from elsewhere? However, he was originally already that powerful. Furthermore, his odds were better than they were earlier on. Why did he not use such a powerful energy earlier, and only waited till this moment?

At this moment, streaks of dark green lightning appeared above the enormous pincers. Even the pure Saint Energy that was released via Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus continuously disintegrated upon contact with the dark green lightning. An extremely terrifying aura was violently released from the pincers, resulting in the Saint Energy from the seal to be pushed back by a dozen meters.

The dark green pincers gradually changed colors, turning into a clear shade of black, like a black crystal. The streaks of jet black lightning in the surroundings had become more intense as well.

Fortunately, the intimidating black lightning seemed to only be revolving within the immediate surroundings of the Lord of the Nether’s pincers, continuously destroying the Saint Energy that approached them.

What kind of energy is this? Zhou Weiqing could not comprehend. Looking at the enormous pincers, he could not help but have a doubtful look in his eyes.

“Zhou Weiqing, you should feel proud for being able to push me into such a predicament. So, right now, it’s time for you to die.” The cold voice resounded within the formation. The black lightning around the pincers abruptly inflated. Indistinctly, Zhou Weiqing seemed to have seen cracks appearing on the Lord of the Nether’s enormous pincers. “This is bad - his pincers are about to self-detonate. Weiqing, be careful,” said the Sidhe Empress, whose voice came from a distance away from the formation. However, this time, it was different from when she helped Zhou Weiqing resist against the Lord of the Nether’s attack. The formation had already been restored. Without the approval of Zhou Weiqing, who was the core of the formation, she was unable to charge into the formation, despite her cultivation base.

Self-detonation? The moment Zhou Weiqing heard that word clearly, an extremely violent explosion sound was erupted from underneath him - which was the most central location of the seal’s formation.

That did not merely cause energy fluctuations - even souls trembled violently. The violent explosion sounds erupted, accompanying the emergence of a clear black halo.

In an instant, Zhou Weiqing’s state of mind was shaken up. It seemed as though the entire formation was about to crumble in the blink of an eye.

However, at this moment, the complicated symbols within the formation, that had already turned into a shade of white- gold, were all lit up. They emitted a dense divine light and powerful Saint Energy was erupting from every single symbol. Even though a massive amount of Saint Energy in the center of the formation had been destroyed by the black light that was spreading, the black halo was forcefully being pushed back within an area, with a 300 meter diameter, and were unable to charge any farther.

Originally, the Lord of the Nether’s pincers had already disappeared. A massive black vortex had taken over their place. Evidently, even though they had self-detonated, the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy was not powerful enough to break through the seal’s formation that was almost completed. On the contrary, after the detonation of the pincers, the area on the formation that was originally being broken by the pincers was sealing up at an alarming rate.

Even though the Destructive Energy that erupted was powerful, it was ultimately being melted down by the Saint Energy. As long as the seal’s formation was complete, the Lord of the Nether was done for. What he was currently doing was akin to taking poison in an attempt to quench his thirst.

However, would the Lord of the Nether do something as pointless as such? Especially when he was on the brink of death? Even though the seal’s formation was not destroyed as a result of the self-detonation, the Saint Energy in the surroundings was forcefully pushed away. After all it was a part of the Lord of the Nether’s body that detonated - the Destructive Energy that was released as a result was definitely massive.

Hence, a vacuum was created in the center of the formation, while the black Destructive Energy vortex that was formed from the explosion was condensed. In an instant, it swept directly towards Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er.

The size of the vortex was not considered too big. However, the Destructive Energy stored within it was terrifying - it seemed as though it was entirely being condensed by the original Destructive Energy.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had two options - firstly, he could take Tian’er with him and leave the core of the formation in order to dodge the Destructive Energy vortex. He was the center of the formation, hence he could leave as he wished.

However, if that was the case, it could destroy the almost perfected and completed seal’s formation, which was in the midst of closing up. Nobody knew whether or not the Lord of the Nether was able to take the opportunity to break out of the seal, if that were to happen. At this moment, the final breach in the formation down below had not been sealed by the Saint Energy. Once the effects of the formation had disappeared, the possibility of the Lord of the Nether breaking out could be very high. Hence, everything that they did would be in vain.

Zhou Weiqing’s second option was to ignore the Lord of the Nether’s attack and attempt to thoroughly seal the formation at full force. However, he would have to bear the brunt of the terrifying fatal attack and even if he survived, he would be severely injured.

At this moment, the determined look in the Dragon Emperor’s eyes, when he was channeling his energy to Zhou Weiqing, flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s mind. Zhou Weiqing, who had always been fearful of death for as long as he could remember, made the most resolute choice in his life at this very moment.

The first thing that Zhou Weiqing did was to release his Saint Energy. A bout of gentle yet resilient energy erupted from within his body, lifting Tian’er’s body, who was hugging him, and sent it to one side via the manipulation of the Saint Energy in the surroundings. At the same time, his body did not budge at all - he did not even look at the powerful Destructive vortex. Instead, he mobilized the Saint Energy with all his might and channeled it into the seal’s formation, causing the formation to be at its most effective state.

“Weiqing……” The Sidhe Empress’ helpless cry echoed from a distance away, outside the formation.

At this moment, all the Divine Beasts widened their eyes. However, they were not the core of the formation. Also, they had already released their wills and opened them entirely to Zhou Weiqing. They could only allow Zhou Weiqing to control their actions, and were unable to influence his decision.

Chapter306 - The Netherworld

However, at this very moment, respect could be seen in the eyes of all the Divine Beasts that existed only when they were in front of the Dragon Emperor. Regardless of how young the young man before their eyes was, everything he had done was sufficient to prove that he was worthy of being entrusted with this task by the Dragon Emperor.

In the face of life and death, he did not choose to cower; instead, he took the fatal attack head-on out of dedication towards his mission. His facial expression did not change even the slightest bit. Facing death with equanimity was easier said than done - how many people could actually do it? The Divine Beasts originally despised human beings. In their opinion, if the human beings did not develop that many negative emotions, the Lord of the Nether would not exist. However, at this very moment, they held Zhou Weiqing in high regard. In their hearts, the status of human beings had changed. There was a hero amongst the human beings after all!

However, Zhou Weiqing did not see that even though Tian’er’s body was sent flying, there was some whitish gold Saint Energy wrapped around his waist, and Tian’er was at the other end of that Saint Energy. As the black vortex was engulfing Zhou Weiqing’s body, Tian’er was pulling onto the rope, that was condensed by Saint Energy, with all her might. Even though she was unable to pull Zhou Weiqing, the core of the formation, away, she was able to use the counterforce to bring herself back.

The might of the Destructive Energy vortex could be described as terrifying and formidable. The Destructive Energy released from the self-detonation set off by the Lord of the Nether collided with the Saint Energy around Zhou Weiqing, creating an intense energy force. The energy of both parties was drastically being consumed. However, the Destructive Energy was too pure - within a short period of time, it forcefully broke the Saint Energy vortex condensed by Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts.

Of course, it was not so easy to counteract the Saint Energy that belonged to Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts. The black vortex had also began shrinking at an alarming rate.

Just as before, Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression showed no signs of changes. He was very clear that even if the Destructive Energy had an effect on his body, it was insufficient to kill him. With the Saint Energy weakening it, coupled with the protection of his self-defense and the powerful Saint God Core Nucleus, he would only be severely injured at the most. On the other hand, the Lord of the Nether would still be sealed. In the moment when the Destructive Energy vortex approached him, he had mobilized his powerful will to release sufficient Saint Energy to complete the entire seal. Even though this rendered his self-defense to be less powerful, at the very least, the seal
could be completed.

However, in the next moment, Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression had changed. Tian’er hugged him from behind once again and dense Saint Energy was released from Tian’er’s body, protecting the both of them. At this moment, the black vortex had already forcefully broken open all the Saint Energy, enveloping Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er within it.

One of the reasons why Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression changed was because of Tian’er; the other was due to the strange changes seen in the Destructive Energy. It did not directly attack Zhou Weiqing, even though it broke the connection between Zhou Weiqing and the other twelve Divine Beasts in an instant. However, the Destructive Energy engulfed Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. A massive pulling force erupted at this moment; the Destructive Energy did not advance but retreated instead, transforming into a ball of black stream of light before making its way back into the final crack on the seal’s formation in an instant. Buzz——

The Saint light flickered; whitish golden light ascended in a flash, turning into a huge light beam that erupted, following the winding passageways of the abyss before it shot out.

The entire formation of the seal of the Netherworld had finally been completed. The seal was once again strengthened, and the Saint Energy gradually gathered after rising intensely.

The seal’s space was filled with gentle energy ripples - it was different from the original seal that was led by the Dragon Emperor. The seal’s space at this moment had truly looked like a separate world of its own. Countless stars were flickering in the sky; and the earth was emitting milky white halos beneath their feet. The looks of the Lord of the Nether could no longer be seen - he was completely sealed within the formation.

However, the leader in-charge of completing everything, Zhou Weiqing, had disappeared. Both he and Tian’er had vanished after being swept away by the Destructive Energy.

The light from the Saint Energy gradually dissipated from the bodies of the Divine Beasts. Looking at the perfect seal. Every single one of them had a heavy heart. Nothing was able to cheer them up.

“Weiqing……”    The   Sidhe   Empress’    figure   flashed   and appeared at Zhou Weiqing’s last location prior to his disappearance. She was completely stunned. In order to complete the seal, Zhou Weiqing did not defend himself or dodge the Lord of the Nether’s last attack, and got forcefully pulled into the Netherworld as a result. That was the Lord of the Nether’s world. Even though the Lord of the Nether had exhausted a massive amount of energy, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were not his match!

Two figures descended from above - they were the human forms of Hui Yao and Duo Si. After they had landed on the ground, Duo Si could not help but rush into Hui Yao’s embrace. On the other hand, Hui Yao looked extremely distraught.

All the Divine Beasts had landed on the ground. At this moment, the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia from the outer circle had also rushed over. However, even if she wanted to, she was unable to cry out.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had disappeared. The psychological blow she had received was similarly huge. She had originally felt extremely guilty towards Tian’er, and yet at this very moment, she had seen her daughter vanish before her eyes. One could imagine how devastated she must be.

“He is a hero.”  The dragon turtle’s voice was heard. “He is just like His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor - they are the heroes that saved this world.”

The Sidhe Empress stood there in a daze, “But why does a hero have to die? I brought them here, yet I am unable to bring them back. How am I supposed to explain to his wives, as well as the other people?”

With grief on her face, the Sidhe Empress sat cross-legged and muttered to herself, “Perhaps, I am thinking too much. Both of us are sharing a life - if he’s dead, it’s impossible for me to be alive on my own. I shall accompany him here then. The time to wait for the moment of our deaths has come.”

“Your Majesty, please do not be too pessimistic.” The dragon turtle’s deep resounding voice was heard once again. “Perhaps, there’s still a chance that Zhou Weiqing will come back alive.”

The Sidhe Empress was stunned for a moment before replying, “What did you say? He’s able to come back alive? But he was being taken away by the Lord of the Nether!” The dragon turtle continued in a deep voice, “However, our seal has already been completed. When the Lord of the Nether was attacking the seal earlier on, in order to destroy it, he kept using his original Destructive Energy, not forgetting the fact that he had been attacked by Your Majesty and His Majesty.
Furthermore, his pincers had self-detonated in order to capture Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. His cultivation base had been severely weakened. Even though he is powerful within his Netherworld, our seal is thoroughly completed to such perfection. Hence, he is unable to receive any forms of
nourishment, which is the Destructive Energy that comes from the negative emotions here. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er have a rather powerful cultivation base. Under such circumstances, they still have a fighting chance. Nonetheless, I find it odd that the Lord of the Nether had chosen to capture them instead of attacking them.”

Hearing the dragon turtle’s words, the facial expressions of the Sidhe Empress as well as the other Divine Beasts had eased up a little. Indeed, they had combined forces with Zhou Weiqing earlier, coupled with the fact that the power of the formation had constantly consumed the Lord of the Nether’s energy. In other words, the Lord of Nether was definitely not at his peak condition. Under such circumstances, Zhou Weiqing might stand a chance against him. The Sidhe Empress nodded her head slowly, “I hope that’s the case. As long as I’m still alive, it will mean that Zhou Weiqing is not dead yet. However, even if he were to defeat the Lord of the Nether, how is it possible for him to leave the Netherworld by breaking through the seal that even the Lord of the Nether is unable to break through?”

After hearing the dragon turtle’s words, the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia had a sudden epiphany, “Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry about that. Since our seal is called the seal of the Netherworld, it is only effective against the Lord of the Nether. As long as Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er are able to defeat him and are not restricted by Destructive Energy, they will be able to use their Saint Energy to pass through the seal and return. Heavens! Please protect the children.”

As she spoke, Phelia slowly knelt down on the seal, and prayed silently.

Hui Yao patted Duo Si, who was trembling with grief, “Let’s leave first. The people who are waiting outside must be very anxious. We should at least inform them about the current situation.”

“Ok.” The two enormous dragons soared up at the same time, flying out of the abyss.

It was dark - an endless darkness.

When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were swept away by the Destructive Energy vortex, all they could sense was endless darkness. Due to the fact that he had connected his will with the wills of the twelve Divine Beasts, Zhou Weiqing’s will had reached the Heavenly Change Stage. Even though the Destructive Energy had broken the connection by force, in that instant, he was still able to sense what was happening.

I’m done for. That was Zhou Weiqing’s final thought just before the left the seal and entered the crack within it. He had never expected the Lord of the Nether to come up with an idea as such - instead of attacking him directly, he used the energy from the self-detonation to pull him and Tian’er into the Netherworld.

The powerful, yet unstable, Destructive Energy ripples constantly pulsed and revolved around him and Tian’er. Everything in the surroundings became illusory. The warped and illusory energy ripples constantly pressed against their bodies. All Zhou Weiqing could do at this moment was to use his Saint Energy to protect himself, as well as Tian’er, and prevent them from being harmed by the Destructive Energy around them.

The only thing that was worth rejoicing about was the fact that because he had been mobilizing the Saint Energy of the twelve Divine Beasts, their cultivation bases were still at their peak. However, even though they were in their peak condition, was it sufficient for them to defeat the Lord of the Nether? Suddenly, their bodies felt lighter. The Destructive Energy in the surroundings seemed to have scattered. Even though it was still present, it was not as dense and pure as it used to be.

“Tian’er, why did you follow me here?” Zhou Weiqing pulled Tian’er over, from his back, and held her small hand. For a moment, all kinds of feelings welled up in his heart.

The seal had been completed. However, both he and Tian’er were brought to the Netherworld. Right now, the only thing that Zhou Weiqing could sense was their unavoidable impending death.

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing; she seemed to be completely unaffected by everything in the external world, “Silly boy, how can I leave the father of my child to die alone? No matter what, I want to be with you. Don’t think about abandoning me.”

Zhou Weiqing held Tian’er’s hand tightly. He did not reprimand her any further. Everything that had happened, happened. It was pointless for him to say anything more at this juncture. “Well,  isn’t  this  very  touching?  Is  this  what  you  human beings call ‘love’?” A neutral voice was heard coming from all directions.

The space that was originally filled with darkness had brightened up.

A light appeared in front of them - it was a green halo, rather indistinct. Nonetheless, it effortlessly gave people feel a sense of fear.

The massive body appeared within the green light - it was a huge crab. Its width was almost a thousand meters; and its eight legs were spread wide open. Upon further scrutiny, countless veined patterns could be seen on its body, and these veined patterns looked like human faces. Every single face had a different expression - there was anger, fright, and resentment. Each one of them was different, but they were all pertaining to negative emotions.

Two gigantic eyes were located at the top of its body; they radiated like two small green suns. Not far from the eyes, there was a huge gap on its massive body. It was where the pincers used to be. Evidently, its actual body was the one that self- detonated. The Lord of the Nether; Zhou Weiqing had finally seen the actual body of the Lord of the Nether in person. That fella before his eyes had already evolved to the Heavenly Change Stage. Furthermore, the Destructive Energy, the polar opposite of Creation Energy, that he possessed had reached the Heavenly Change Stage as well.

“You make people feel disgusted just by looking at you,” said Zhou Weiqing with a disdainful look on his face.

The Lord of the Nether did not rage because of his words, “What’s the point of sneering at me in my world? I had never expected my plan to be destroyed by a puny human like you.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed coldly, “You expect me to be praising you, instead of insulting you? If I do that instead, will you let me go then?”

The Lord of the Nether replied in an enchanting voice that was full of charm, “Why won’t I let you go? As long as I get to imprint a Destructive mark on your soul, which will help me break through the seal, not only will I let you go - I will even allow you to return to the human world. You can become my ambassador in the human world. I can even promise you that I will set aside a piece of land for you, allowing you to lead a comfortable and blissful life.” Zhou Weiqing laughed out loud, “Hahahahaha, Lord of the Nether, are you trying to lie to a three year old toddler? We managed to seal you after struggling hard for a period of time - you expect us to let you go that easily? Furthermore, do you actually think that you’re able to imprint your Destructive mark on my soul? My body is almost entirely formed by Saint Energy - stop daydreaming.”

“In that case, you will only end up perishing.”  The voice of the Lord of the Nether abruptly became cold. An intense killing intent erupted from his body, without any reservations, akin to violent waves that crashed hard into Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies.

A dense whitish golden Saint Energy light flickered on Zhou Weiqing’s body, enveloping him and Tian’er within it. After all, he had once experienced the profoundness of the Heavenly Change Stage. Furthermore, he had merged himself with the Dragon Emperor’s energy. Even though it was impossible for him to become the Creation God, his cultivation base had increased.

“Bring it on then. Let’s see if I can cut off a few of your crab legs before you kill me.” Right now, the Lord of the Nether seemed to not be in a hurry to attack Zhou Weiqing. Within his pair of huge dark green eyes, a strange light flickered.

“Zhou Weiqing, are you curious as for why I brought the both of you here, instead of using the final moment of my self- detonation to attack the two of you instead? I paid such a hefty price by self-detonating in order to bring you into the Netherworld - don’t you find it strange?”

Zhou Weiqing’s interest was piqued, “Why? Do you want to clear my doubts?”

The Lord of the Nether let out a series of wicked laughter, “Why not? Do you think that completing the seal using your Saint Energy is enough to thoroughly seal me forever, and that I’ll never be able to get out again? Even to the extent that it’s impossible for me to establish any contact with the external world?”

As he spoke, he slowly retracted the killing intent that was erupted earlier on.

Zhou  Weiqing  maintained  his  composure  and  said,  “Isn’t that the case? Lord of the Nether, playing tricks like these isn’t going to work. No matter what, I will not be deceived by you.”

The Lord of the Nether snorted disdainfully, “Tricks? Do you think I have to resort to tricks to get you? Your lives are in my hands. I merely wanted you to die in peace. Truth be told, indeed, with you as the leader, and with the Saint Energy replacing the original Dragon Emperor Energy as the core of the newly completed seal, it is already impossible for me to break through the seal. I am also unable to be connected to the external world to strengthen myself. This time, my injuries and damages are unprecedented. I have also lost the ability to forcefully break the seal once again. My cultivation base had been severely weakened and I have lost my pincers. Furthermore, my original Destructive Energy had been exhausted. Right now I am no longer considered a true Heavenly Change powerhouse - I have been demoted to a level that is slightly more powerful than Fen Tian was.”

After hearing the Lord of the Nether’s words, a tinge of joy appeared in Tian’er’s eyes. However, on the contrary, Zhou Weiqing had a grave look in his eyes.

The self-detonation was brief - what did this signify? It signified that even though the Lord of the Nether’s cultivation base had been weakened, he still had absolute confidence in dealing with the two people. This was Zhou Weiqing’s line of logic. Moreover, the Lord of the Nether did not try to talk them into breaking through the seal. Instead, he recounted his own circumstances. Furthermore, he was in a calm state of mind. Could it be that he still had a method to deal with the seal? Was he going to make use of Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er?

Since he was a child, Zhou Weiqing had been learning from Mu En. He had a much better understanding of human nature and words compared to Tian’er.

Indeed, the Lord of the Nether sighed indistinctly, “ I had never expected myself to be forced into such circumstances. However, there is still a small opportunity that I created for myself. I’m not afraid to let you know that in the final moments, when I detonated my pincers, if you were to release the formation by just a bit, there was a possibility that I could have broken through the seal. Even if I lose a portion of my will, as long as I continue to cultivate and continuously absorb the resentment and negative emotions in the human world, it was only a matter of time before I restored my powers. Unfortunately, you were willing to sacrifice your life in order to stop me. However do you think that I would allow you to seal me? Zhou Weiqing, you forgot the most important thing - even though the formation of the seal might be powerful, it requires constant channeling of energy. The Saint Energy that you channeled earlier on was sufficiently massive, hence it is possible for the seal to last for at least ten years from now. However, what will happen after ten years? Don’t tell me that there is another person in the human world that possesses the same pure Saint Energy and the original Dragon Emperor Energy who will become the new leader taking charge of the seal? Hahahahahaha.”

After hearing what the Lord of the Nether had said, Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression finally changed. He had already understood what he meant.

“Originally, when you sent this lady flying, I was in despair. After all, she possessed the same pure Saint Energy just like you. With the support of the Sidhe Empress and the newly appointed Dragon Emperor, it is possible for her to replenish the Saint Energy. Unfortunately, she could not bear to leave you, and ended up coming here with you! The heavens were practically on my side. As long as I kill the both of you here and quietly wait for the Saint Energy that was supporting the formation to fully deplete, even if I can’t break through the formation at my current cultivation base, I can at least secretly create a small crack and reabsorb the resentment and negative emotions to nourish my body. In less than a few decades, I will have the ability to attack the formation once again. By then, I’d sure like to see if anyone else that is able to stop me from entering the human world.” Zhou Weiqing looked very distraught. Tian’er was in a daze, while she stood next to him. She had never expected that her love for Zhou Weiqing inadvertently created an opportunity for the Lord of the Nether.

“Tian’er, ignore what he said. He is trying to cause a rift between us. If I guessed correctly, he does not have absolute confidence in killing us.”

Zhou Weiqing’s cold voice rang through the air - both he and Tian’er were able to hear it clearly. Tian’er had already possessed the Divine and Spirit Attributes, which later transformed into the Saint Attribute. Her will was much stronger than her counterparts of the same level. Even though it was not on par with Zhou Weiqing’s, after receiving a reminder from him, her mind cleared up immediately. The negative emotions she experienced earlier vanished in an instant. A clear and resolute look appeared in her eyes once again.

The Lord of the Nether’s voice ceased abruptly, “What did you say? I cannot kill you?” The Lord of the Nether shrieked, as though he had heard something that was extremely unimaginable. Zhou Weiqing nodded without any hesitation and said, “That’s right, you are not confident of killing us. Am I right? Lord of the Nether, you are truly devious.”

“Don’t tell me you assumed that everything I said were lies? Do you think it’s necessary for me to lie to a small fry like you?” The Lord of the Nether was clearly rather angry.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said, “No, what you said were not lies. On the contrary, you were stating the truth. Hence, it was easier for you to confuse us. You were planning to use that speech to cause a rift between Tian’er and I. At the same time, you wanted us to feel remorseful, which would generate negative emotions as a result. Indeed, you’re unable to receive the Destructive Energy that was transformed by the negative emotions from the external world. However, you’re still able to absorb the negative energy released by us to nourish your body. Tian’er and I are Heavenly Gods - the energy from our negative emotions is much stronger and more powerful than that of ordinary human beings. And since what you said is true, in that case, all you had to do was to kill us immediately after our arrival, then everything would go according to your plan. If so, why are you still wasting so much time and effort talking to us? The only explanation is that, due to the serious damages you are currently suffering, you do not have absolute confidence in killing us. I am right, aren’t I?” The Lord of the Nether’s voice halted. The two eyes at the top of his head moved slightly; intense Destructive Energy instantly returned to his body in a frenzy. His voice had calmed down significantly as well.

“From the looks of it, I will never be as treacherous as you human beings. Zhou Weiqing, you win once again. However, you’re not entirely right. It is not that I am not confident of killing the both of you, but rather, I am not confident of killing the both of you without making any sacrifices.

“I have been sealed in this hellhole for way too many years. I don’t want to wait here, in this pitch-black space, for even another minute. Furthermore, I can’t deny the fact that both of your cultivation bases have reached a level that is able to threaten me. Right now, I do not have the power of a Heavenly Change powerhouse. Nonetheless, it is not a difficult feat for me to kill the both of you. In the worst case scenario, I simply have to sleep here for another hundred years.”

Zhou Weiqing snorted, “A hundred years? I think it’s more than that. If you’ve exhausted too much of your energy, how are you going to create a small crack in the seal of the Netherworld, and secretly absorb the negative energy from the external world? If you can’t even achieve that, all you can do is perish here by yourself. This is what you’re most worried about, hence you did not dare to attack us at full force. Am I right?”

“You……bastard.”  The Lord of the Nether was furious. He never expected Zhou Weiqing to be so much more treacherous and witty compared to him. He assumed that he had already concealed his plans and thoughts very well, and yet Zhou Weiqing was still able to see through everything. At this moment, he was left with no other choice.

Distorted pitch-black Destructive Energy rippled appeared on the Lord of the Nether’s massive body. It could be clearly seen that its entire body had begun to squirm violently.

Zhou Weiqing hovered there, not budging a single bit. All the starlight on the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set on his body lit up thereafter. Under the dazzling light, a dragon-shaped light image started moving as well, revolving around his body.

The faint light roamed around in the air. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were constantly fixated in the direction of where the Lord of the Nether was, without looking away - not even for a second. His other hand held tightly onto Tian’er’s hand; their Saint Energy continuously remained connected with one another.

After all, the Netherworld belonged to the Lord of the Nether and it was his sphere of influence. It could be said that it was equivalent to his very own Celestial Territory. Zhou Weiqing was worried that if he and Tian’er were no longer connected, they would be killed off by the Lord of the Nether.

The black light gradually dwindled. All of a sudden, the Lord of the Nether’s massive body started to become illusory. During the process, his body shrunk rapidly. Everything seemed to have become unrealistic.

Zhou Weiqing’s left hand held onto Tian’er, and the Dual Legendary Hammer his right hand moved slightly forward. A seemingly solidified whitish golden light shot out in the direction of the Lord of the Nether.

After a hum was heard, the Netherworld trembled slightly. Immediately after, the whitish golden light vanished into thin air. It did not even fly farther than twenty meters, let alone attack the Lord of the Nether’s body. The distorted light gradually retracted; the enormous body of the crab in mid-air had disappeared as well. A figure, that was almost of the same height as Zhou Weiqing, had quietly appeared in the center of the spot, where the massive body of the Lord of the Nether was located at earlier on.

It was an image of what seemed to be a human, approximately two meters in height with broad shoulders. Its entire body was equipped with a dark green armor. It had eight wing-like long legs on its back that were spread wide open, as seen originally on Fen Tian. The sparkling dark green eyes on that handsome face, that was filled with a cold and gloomy aura, were fixated on Zhou Weiqing.

His body armor did not include a helmet; he had a huge bald head. However, the dark green light in his eyes was too intense. The Destructive Energy around his body was at its strongest. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that this human-like body was completely condensed from the original Destructive Energy.

“Don’t you find it strange that I had chosen to take on the human form to fight our last battle? That is because I feel that the human form is the most suitable for battles. Now, it’s time for the both of you to die.” After finishing his sentence, the Lord of the Nether made the first move. His body flashed and the entire Netherworld suddenly turned into a serene shade of green, after which his body vanished into thin air.

It’s here. Zhou Weiqing’s heart tightened for a bit. Without any hesitation, he swung the Dual Legendary Hammer in his hand. His attack did not directly hit his target. Instead, it struck the air within the Netherworld.

A huge rumbling sound was heard. The Netherworld shook violently. The Dual Legendary Hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s hand emitted an intense distorted whitish golden light.

Within the Netherworld that was filled with Destructive Energy, he had forcefully created a black hole that was three meters in diameter. As a result of this tiny black hole, the entire Netherworld underwent mutations at a rapid speed.

Never underestimate this attack of Zhou Weiqing’s. It was the result of the combination of the Spatial Law, Time Law and his unparalleled power, that even the Lord of the Nether was threatened by. A buzz was heard and the Lord of the Nether’s body appeared behind Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, on the right. He was less than ten meters away from Zhou Weiqing. If Zhou Weiqing was slightly slower, the Lord of the Nether’s attack would have hit him.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up; a dazzling whitish golden light flickered in his eyes. Terrifying energy ripples exuded a tyrannical aura. Without turning around, his right leg kicked backwards. The distorted whitish golden light from his leg headed towards in the direction of the Lord of the Nether, attacking him.

As he kicked his right leg, a ball of white incandescent light erupted from his right leg before transforming into a condensed solidified electrical light that shot out.

At this same time, Zhou Weiqing grabbed Tian’er’s body and flung her outwards.

The both of them had been cultivating together for such a long period of time, to the point they were able to read each other’s minds. Zhou Weiqing did not have the need to spell things out, as Tian’er automatically knew what she needed to do. A chain of Saint Energy wrapped around Zhou Weiqing’s waist and connected their bodies, after which, Tian’er flew ten meters backwards. In that way she would not affect Zhou Weiqing’s close combat, while assisting him from the side.

Zhou Weiqing kicked his right leg, his body spiraled and the Dual Legendary Hammer struck in the direction of the Lord of the Nether with its terrifying power.

Looking at the white incandescent light ball that came from Zhou Weiqing’s right leg, the Lord of the Nether was stunned. He did not expect Zhou Weiqing to be able to release a pure Saint Energy as such without the help of the Divine Beasts.

He was unaware about the fact that as Zhou Weiqing was maintaining the formation, he had a completely new understanding of Saint Energy. Even though he did not have the help of the Divine beasts, the combined Saint Energy from him and Tian’er was similarly able to purify it.

At this very moment, Zhou Weiqing had completely disregarded life and death, When he had arrived in the Netherworld, he did not expect himself to walk out of it alive. All he wanted to do right now was to weaken the Lord of the Nether to the best of his abilities, and if possible, injure him to the point where he would be unable to recover forever. Only in that way, the completed seal, that was led by him earlier, would not go to waste. Zhou Weiqing also believed that what the Lord of the Nether had mentioned earlier was possible. However, the powerhouses led by the Sidhe Empress would similarly think of a way to continue maintaining the formation. Even though they did not have a pure Saint Energy, they still had a semi-pure Saint Energy. With the cultivation base of the Lord of the Nether being weakened to its current state, coupled with the fact that it could not be restored, it was easier said than done for him to break through the seal. In his current battle against the Lord of the Nether, every time his original Destructive Energy got depleted, Zhou Weiqing was one step closer to destroying the Lord of the Nether.

After being resolute in his decision, why would Zhou Weiqing be gutless when facing the Lord of the Nether head- on?

The Lord of the Nether did not have any weapons in his hands. Looking at the white incandescent light ball attacking towards his direction, he extended his right hand at a lightning-fast speed, and caught the white incandescent light ball.

As a hissing sound was made, the white incandescent light ball was forcefully extinguished. However, in the moment when the light ball was being destroyed, an explosion sound was heard coming from the Lord of the Nether’s hand. It had exploded, causing his body to shake.

Immediately after, Zhou Weiqing’s hammer had reached him. The eight long legs on the Lord of the Nether’s back moved forward in a bid to block his attack. At the same time, it collided with the gigantic hammer, causing a ‘ding’ sound. Terrifying energy ripples erupted in an instant. Zhou Weiqing was astonished when he discovered that he was unable to use the strength and power that he possessed. The Lord of the Nether’s power was exerted in all directions; tyrannical Destructive Energy forcefully pierced his Dual Legendary Hammer like eight needles. In an instant, the majority of its power was being neutralized, creating a soft ‘bang’. Zhou Weiqing had no choice but to retreat dozens of meters backwards.

At the same time, a layer of distorted light appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, blocking the eight streaks of Destructive Energy that were shot from the eight legs. The moment the Destructive Energy came into contact with the layer of distorted light, they immediately dispersed in all directions. None of them had landed on Zhou Weiqing’s body. It was none other than the Time Disorder Skill that was being used. The earlier explosion of the Lord of the Nether’s hand was caused by the light ball that was kicked out of Zhou Weiqing’s right leg, which contained the Dark Demon God Lightning’s Saint Energy. The explosion was caused by the merging of the three different types of Saint Energy. If the Lord of the Nether had fallen for the ruse, he would suffer some damage.

The brief collision and contact gave Zhou Weiqing the chills. The cultivation base currently displayed by the Lord of the Nether was still much more powerful than that of Fen Tian’s. Even though it was not at the Heavenly Change Stage, the level of the original Destructive Energy’s purity had far surpassed that of his Saint Energy’s. It was almost impossible for him to defeat the Lord of the Nether.

Chapter307 - Saint Infant

The Lord of the Nether’s green eyes stared coldly at Zhou Weiqing; his attack did not come to a halt. To put in more accurately, it had only just begun.

His body flashed, but he did not disappear. However, his speed was extremely fast, such that it had not much difference with the Blink Skill. What was more frightening was the fact that Zhou Weiqing was unable to engage in the Blink Skill in the Netherworld. This was because he was unable to find the Spatial Law in this place. He was still able to destroy the Spatial Law, like before. However, it was entirely impossible for him to grasp and use it.

Sharp claws stealthily appeared on the Lord of the Nether’s right hand. At the same time, the eight legs on his back started spreading out. A green net of light charged directly towards Zhou Weiqing. This shade of green was the original color of the original Destructive Energy - it was far more terrifying compared to the black Destructive Energy.

The Lord of the Nether’s attack was very simple - there weren’t any sequences of movements or any fancy steps. It was simple and direct, relying solely on the tyrannical energy and speed. A clear ray of white light descended from the sky and landed on Zhou Weiqing’s body. Immediately, a layer of whitish gold light curtain enveloped his entire body. It was Tian’er’s doing.

At this moment, changes appeared in Tian’er’s body. With her own body as the main body, the three pairs of wings on her back flickered with whitish golden light. Her body had transformed into a seraph. However, her body still maintained its original size, keeping her Saint Energy at its highest concentrated state to the best of its abilities.

Zhou Weiqing advanced forward, instead of retreating. He took one leap into the air, with his body facing the front. Suddenly, all the starlight on his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set lit up. Terrifying Saint Energy condensed on each and every single starlight. It seemed as though it was going to explode at any moment, thoroughly destroying the entire space.

Even the Lord of the Nether was shocked after sensing Zhou Weiqing combusting his Saint Energy with all his might. He was about to charge right in front of Zhou Weiqing but he abruptly made a turn and flew away instead.

An odd grin appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face, “Dumbass, I was  bluffing  you.”   The  Saint  God  Core  Nucleus  quietly appeared out of Zhou Weiqing’s body. What Zhou Weiqing did earlier was executed with the help of the Saint God Core Nucleus. As for whether or not he meant to deceive the Lord of the Nether, only he himself knew best.

A stream of Milky Way came down from the sky, as though the Milky Way spilled all over the Dual Legendary Hammers, destroying the green light released by the Lord of the Nether. The Saint Energy and the Destructive Energy created a violent collision sound that sounded like a series of screeching sounds that made one’s teeth hurt.

Without a doubt, due to the issue pertaining to the purity of Zhou Weiqing’s energy, the consumption of his energy was a lot more significant compared to the Lord of the Nether’s. However, he was also causing the Lord of the Nether to exhaust his precious original Destructive Energy. Now the Lord of the Nether was unable to attain any nourishment from the outside world, hence Zhou Weiqing’s game plan was to exhaust his energy, bit by bit. After falling for Zhou Weiqing’s trap and exhausting his original Destructive Energy in vain without achieving anything, the Lord of the Nether let out an angry cry. His speed increased exponentially as he shot towards Zhou Weiqing like an arrow of green light. From the looks of it, it seemed as though he wanted to perish together with Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was extremely calm. He clearly knew for a fact that there was a possibility this would be the last battle of his life. He wanted to engage his powers and execute them perfectly. Even if he were to die, he would definitely make sure that the Lord of the Nether would suffer too.

At this moment, the gigantic Dual Legendary Hammers were like rice straws in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. He did not move, but the Dual Legendary Hammers swung twice in front of his body. They had the same flickering whitish golden Saint Energy, however, the aura that they had was different.

The Lord of the Nether was this close to crashing into them in the next moment. There weren’t any explosion sounds; the Lord of the Nether could only feel the energy in front of him emitting strange ripples. His body skidded to the side and did not crash into Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, despite the fact that his original Destructive Energy was that pure, all it could do was extinguish the two bouts of energy released by Zhou Weiqing.

Spatial Rend coupled with the Time Disorder Skill; that was what Zhou Weiqing used in his earlier retaliation. It should not be forgotten that even though he possessed the Saint Energy, he was still a Heavenly Jewel Master that possessed six Heavenly Jewels of different attributes. Within the Netherworld, if he wanted to exhaust the Lord of the Nether’s original Destructive Energy as much as possible, he absolutely could not depend solely on his Saint Energy to counter it. The difference in their powers were too huge after all. Right now, all Zhou Weiqing could rely on were skills and techniques.

Zhou Weiqing’s body brushed past the Lord of the Nether’s body; the Lord of the Nether’s speed could only be described as lightning-fast. However, Zhou Weiqing had displayed his incomparable gift of combat. From his bluff at the start to his defense after, it could be seen that Zhou Weiqing had completely predicted everything. Hence, he was able to neutralize the Lord of the Nether’s attacks. At the same time, when he casted the merged technique, of the two skills, his body had already turned halfway. When the Lord of the Nether had skidded next to him, it was as though Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were akin to a meteor hammer, forcefully striking the Lord of the Nether on his back.

A rumbling sound was heard. Not taking the Saint Energy on top of the Dual Legendary Hammers into account, just the terrifying brute force alone was sufficient to cause the Lord of the Nether distress. Amidst the loud sound, his entire body shot out, like a cannonball. In a blink of an eye, it transformed into a green dot of light that disappeared from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s field of vision. One could well imagine how terrifying the power of Zhou Weiqing’s hammer attack was.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not stop because of this. He had also felt the recoil from the original Destructive Energy after attacking the Lord of the Nether with his hammer, and the Saint Energy within his entire body had vanished.

He kept the Dual Legendary Hammers; both his hands gestured and two triangle-shaped light coincided in front of him. The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation abruptly appeared. Furthermore, it was a dual Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

Two dazzling hexagram-shaped whitish golden light appeared above Zhou Weiqing’s head and beneath his feet respectively. Twelve Heavenly Jewels orbited within them, flickering.

By relying on the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, Zhou Weiqing was able to conserve and reduce the consumption of his Saint Energy while displaying his full powers and might. His earlier collisions with the Lord of the Nether should not be overlooked - although on the surface, it might seem as though Zhou Weiqing had the upper hand, however, upon contact, Zhou Weiqing had a much deeper understanding pertaining to how terrifying the original Destructive Energy was. His Saint Energy was directly depleted by twenty percent after being in contact with the original Destructive Energy, before it could neutralize its effects. It was extremely frightening!

Under concealment of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, the whitish golden light started to undergo strange changes - Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy began to transform into white incandescent light.

Even Zhou Weiqing did not expect the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation to have such a special effect. He was the person who casted the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation - it only took him a split second to understand the reason behind it.

It was not because his Saint Energy had undergone another round of purification process; instead, after the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation caused the Heavenly Jewels of his six different attributes to merge perfectly, it created a boosting effect. Naturally, this boost had an effect on the Saint Energy, causing it to be more powerful. The Dual Legendary Hammers appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands once again. He pointed the huge hammers to the front, and the rich white incandescent light made it looked like a small sun that emitted an incomparable dazzling luster.

At this moment, the Lord of the Nether’s green figure appeared within the range of this white incandescent light. His speed was extremely fast - earlier on, even though the attack from the hammers were rather powerful, it was not sufficient to inflict any real harm on him. Nonetheless, he was disheartened by it. His figure flashed, flying right back to where he was, and happened to see the completion of Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation that caused the Saint Energy to be purified once more.


This time, the Lord of the Nether did not directly charge towards Zhou Weiqing. The eight long legs on his back lit up at the same time - every one of them turned into a shade of emerald green that was surrounded by a dense black aura. Eight rays of green light shot out from the tip of the eight legs before condensing into a ball of light in front of him. At the same time, he placed his hands together and another ball of green light appeared thereafter. In an instant, the entire Netherworld brightened up. It was filled with green luster.

A massive pressure came in all directions, suppressing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies in a frenzy. Both their Saint Energy were mobilized at full speed, in order to prevent the massive Destructive Energy from harming them.

Space, time and everything else seemed to have been sealed off. This time, it was not as simple as being unable to grasp Spatial and Time Laws - he was even unable to use any other techniques as well. He could only rely on the purest energy to counter the attacks.

Zhou Weiqing’s skills had caused the Lord of the Nether to have a hard time as he was not prepared to sacrifice his precious original Destructive Energy once more. The more frugal he was, the bigger the price he had to pay. He had already decided to end the battle at this very moment.

Zhou Weiqing had the gravest look on his face; he managed to bring Tian’er back to him with the help of Saint Energy. The white incandescent light of the Saint Energy on his body became exceptionally strong. The Dual Legendary Hammers overlapped each other in front of his chest; every single starlight on the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set lit up. They were in the Netherworld. The Lord of the Nether was the true leader here. The moment he decided to fight Zhou Weiqing in a head-on combat, Zhou Weiqing was left with no other choice. At this moment, all he could do was to ignite all the Saint Energy within his body and fight the Lord of the Nether to the death, with every last bit of Saint Energy that he had.

The Lord of the Nether’s eyes lit up. He had already made plans - he was going to use Zhou Weiqing’s death to elicit negative emotions from that wife of his. Right now, he could only hope that the energy from the negative emotions would be sufficient for him to create a small crack in the formation, even if it was the smallest one. If that were the case, he would have a chance to escape the Netherworld.

Buzz—— The two green light balls in front of him abruptly overlapped, becoming one. However, it did not increase in size. Nonetheless, upon merging, an extremely dark black light appeared in the center of the green light ball. It looked as though it was an eye, staring coldly at Zhou Weiqing.

The Eye of Destruction - the Lord of the Nether’s most powerful method of energy conservation. Initially, when he was at his peak, he relied on this technique to create cracks within the formation of the seal. At this moment, he was going to use this technique against Zhou Weiqing. Even though he was no longer as powerful as how he used to be at his peak, the power of the Eye of Destruction was still terrifying.

In almost an instant, the pitch-black light shot out at a lightning-fast speed. On the other side, Zhou Weiqing was affected by the aura as well. All of the starlight that erupted from his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had merged as one with the white incandescent light from his Saint Energy, transforming into a fine but extremely condensed solid white incandescent light before colliding with the brazen light that shot out of the Eye of Destruction in the air. Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus was the core of where he erupted the light from. He placed his hands together and the white incandescent light continuously rushed out from it.

This was definitely the most powerful attack from Zhou Weiqing. In that instant, he felt as though he was touching the edge of the Heavenly Change Stage. Even though it was not the actual Heavenly Change Stage, that feeling itself had given him a confidence boost.

However, very quickly, this confidence had turned into shock.

The black and white incandescent lights collided in the air in an instant. The black light had the upper hand by overwhelming the white incandescent light, causing it to retreat and return into Zhou Weiqing’s body at a rapid speed.

The gloomy light of the Eye of Destruction shot towards Zhou Weiqing swiftly, carrying an irresistible loftiness. Also, at this moment, the Lord of the Nether’s body seemed to be more illusory-like. One could well imagine how much the Eye of Destruction took a toll on his body, in order to allow his attack to be that terrifying and powerful. Zhou Weiqing had condensed all the energy from himself, Tian’er, as well as the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Even then, he was still unable to break off the ray of light that came from the Eye of Destruction.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s face had gone pale. He could clearly sense the Destructive Energy that was rushing towards him. Anyone would be afraid of death. Looking at the pitch- black ray of light that was approaching him, closer and closer, Zhou Weiqing’s full potential had erupted.

It seemed as though the rich white incandescent light was about to combust his body; the incandescent flame ascended, causing Zhou Weiqing to be completely immersed within it.

Indeed, under such a circumstance where Zhou Weiqing could perish at any moment, he ignited his Life Flame. Only in doing so would he be able to raise the power of his attack.

At this moment, the ray of light from the Eye of Destruction had come to the front of the Saint God Core Nucleus. Within the incandescent light that had suddenly soared, there seemed to be a faint tinge of soft milky white light. Its appearance had caused the light of the Eye of Destruction to halt right in front of Zhou Weiqing’s chest, just an inch away from the Saint God Core Nucleus.

The Lord of the Nether’s eyes twitched slightly before he said in a cold manner, “Combusting your Life Flame huh? I want to see just how much Life you’re able to combust. Under the light of my Eye of Destruction, your life will diminish at an even more rapid speed.”

He was not exaggerating - even though Zhou Weiqing had relied on the combustion of his Life Energy to greatly boost his attack in an instant, at the same time, he could sense that his life was being depleted at an alarming rate. In almost a split second, Zhou Weiqing was able to sense how it felt like to age. His head full of black hair had become white.

His vitality was being intensely depleted. Even so, he was able to resist the attack, albeit with much difficulty. However, how much longer was he able to withstand it for?

Tian’er hovered behind Zhou Weiqing. As she personally watched how Zhou Weiqing’s head full of black hair had become white, in that moment, it seemed as though her heart was about to shatter. However, there was absolutely nothing she could do. At this moment, even though her cultivation base was at the Low Level Heavenly God Stage, it was of no help to Zhou Weiqing. Even if she were to combust her Saint Energy, it was impossible for her to help Zhou Weiqing resist the attack from the Eye of Destruction.

Little Fatty, Little Fatty…… Tears clouded Tian’er’s vision. At this moment, she was in despair.

Outside the seal.

Hui Yao and Duo Si had not returned. After all, it required a considerable amount of time to fly from the seal of the Netherworld to the outside of the abyss and back again. It had only been barely fifteen minutes since Zhou Weiqing was captured by the Lord of the Nether.

Right now, the Sidhe Empress was the most anxious. Her beautiful face had gone pale a long time ago. She had been sensing her Saint Energy in silence. Her life connection with Zhou Weiqing was not bound by time and space. Even though she was anxious, her face still looked very calm. This was because she was very clear that if Zhou Weiqing were to die, it was impossible for her to survive on her own. The feeling of sharing life and death with a human man caused her emotions to be extremely complicated. Furthermore, for some reason, it seemed as though Zhou Weiqing had occupied an irreplaceable place in her heart.

Can he come back alive? Agony could be seen on the Sidhe Empress’ face. Without a doubt, the probability of Zhou Weiqing coming back alive was close to zero. It was the Netherworld after all; over there, one could well imagine how powerful the Lord of the Nether was. Zhou Weiqing’s attributes were already being suppressed, let alone his cultivation base.

At this moment, all of a sudden, the Sidhe Empress’ body swayed. She had a horrified look on her face, as she could clearly sense that her Life Energy was being exhausted at an alarming rate.

Weiqing, it is Zhou Weiqing. His Life Energy had already been exhausted to the point where the Sidhe Empress’ Life Energy started to get consumed. At this moment, the Sidhe Empress experienced chills - the inevitable had happened in the end. Zhou Weiqing being able to survive in the Netherworld for fifteen minutes was already something to be proud of. However, the end result was still the same. Distress appeared on the Sidhe Empress’ face, as she gradually sat cross-legged. Be it her or the Ancient Tree of Life behind her, they started to release a rich emerald green light that transformed into rays of dense energy ripples that silently vanished.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had started consuming the Sidhe Empress’ Life Energy. When his hair had completely become white, it signified that his Life Energy was almost entirely exhausted.

It had depleted at such a terrifying speed! After all, Zhou Weiqing was a Heavenly God powerhouse right now - he had even touched the threshold of the Heavenly Change Stage. Even so, in the face of the Eye of Destruction, his Life Energy was still being depleted at such a rapid speed.

“Eh?” The Lord of the Nether let out a puzzled voice. He had already calculated perfectly beforehand that Zhou Weiqing should have collapsed in the next moment. However, for some reason, a bout of tenacious Life Energy was still being emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s body, and continued to combust and resisted the light of the Eye of Destruction, not allowing the pitch-black light to engulf him. Defying his judgment once again, the Lord of the Nether grimaced. The Eye of Destruction might be powerful, however, it also consumed a massive amount of his original Destructive Energy! If this were to continue he would not have much energy left.

However, at this moment, he had no other choice as well. Only by killing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, would other possibilities be opened up to him.

Zhou Weiqing’s fuzzy eyes widened slightly - he had sensed the sudden massive Life Energy pouring out from his heart to every inch of his body. The supply of the Life Energy was unending. At the same time, a beautiful image appeared within his heart.

It is the SIdhe Empress. This is the Life Energy that I share with her, as well as the Ancient Tree of Life’s.

However, the consumption of the Life Energy is too rapid. If this goes on, they will die together with me! Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with bitter agony. However, he no longer had the ability to change anything. Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress were destined to die together because they shared a life together. What else could he do? Pray for the Lord of the Nether’s Destructive Energy to run out? This was clearly not realistic. Not only did the Eye of Destruction not show signs of weakening, instead, it continuously became stronger, causing his Life Energy that was combusting within his body to vanish at an alarming rate.

“Little Fatty…”  At this moment, a trembling voice rang in Zhou Weiqing’s ears.

In the next moment, he saw Tian’er.

Due to the fact that the incandescent Saint Energy that was combusting around Zhou Weiqing was too strong, it was already impossible for Tian’er to have any contact with his body. However, since they shared a telepathic connection, Tian’er was able to sense that the Life Energy within Zhou Weiqing was about to be completely depleted at any moment.

“Little  Fatty…”  Tian’er  gently  called  out  to  him.  “I  don’t want to watch you die. I’m sorry, Little Fatty, please forgive me. Our son and I will take our leave first. We will be waiting for you in another world.”

“Don’t! Tian’er!”  Zhou Weiqing cried out in a frenzy in his heart. However, at this moment, there was absolutely nothing he could do - he was even unable to let out any sound. All he could do was watch Tian’er’s body fly towards the Destructive light.

Indeed, Tian’er had already made a decision to be selfish. She could not bear to watch the man she loved the most to die before her eyes. Hence, she would rather die before his eyes.

On the contrary, the Lord of the Nether was immediately overjoyed. After Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had arrived in the Netherworld, Zhou Weiqing had constantly controlled his emotions. Even though he was on the brink of death, he did not release any negative emotions.

However, it was different now. As Tian’er charged towards the Destructive light, a massive amount of negative emotions rushed out of Zhou Weiqing’s will in a frenzy. The negative emotions greatly nourished the Destructive Energy within the Lord of the Nether’s body.

The Lord of the Nether was very clear that once Tian’er died, Zhou Weiqing’s negative emotions would erupt. He had even had it all planned out - as long as Tian’er died, he would slow down his attacks, in order to allow Zhou Weiqing’s negative emotions to be released a little more, such that he was able to replenish his Destructive Energy. A Heavenly God powerhouse was able to fly at incredible speeds. In the instant when Zhou Weiqing cried out in his heart, Tian’er had already charged into the light, using her body to block it.

Zhou Weiqing subconsciously shut his eyes. Two streams of tears flowed down from his eyes uncontrollably. A series of images continuously played in his mind. He could clearly remember the first time he met Tian’er - how adorable that chubby little cat was. When he was at the darkest point of his life, Tian’er had helped comforted his heart that was in great pain with her body. She had always been there for him at all times, till now. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s heart had ached so badly that he was unable to breathe. He had even forgotten where he actually was.

Tian’er, Tian’er…… Zhou Weiqing was unable to restrain the anguish within his heart. The heart-wrenching grief had caused the Life Energy that was combusting in his body to become extremely unstable - even the Sidhe Empress, who was outside the seal, could sense his call.

Pff - the Destructive light was about to hit Tian’er’s body. In that instant, Tian’er’s body immediately became stiff. The protective Saint Energy had been disintegrated by the light beam from the Eye of Destruction almost instantly; it was a terrifying energy that even Zhou Weiqing was unable to resist!

Without a sound, the Destructive light landed on Tian’er’s body. She had already shut both eyes. Even though she could not bear to leave, she had no regrets. Being able to shield her man from this attack, even if it was just for a split second, she had absolutely no regrets.

The Lord of the Nether’s eyes were filled with immense joy. He was waiting in excitement for Zhou Weiqing’s negative emotions to fully erupt, as well as the release of Tian’er’s own negative emotions upon her death.

However, the look in his eyes froze in the next moment. In fact, his entire body started trembling violently. That was because Tian’er’s body did not vanish despite being hit by the Destructive light. On the contrary, a layer of extremely gentle and harmless-looking white halo radiated from her body.

When the powerful Eye of Destruction’s light came into contact with the white gentle light, it was instantly destroyed, akin to cheese coming into contact with a red-hot steel knife. In a blink of an eye, the Destructive light had completely vanished.

The gentle white light gently surged right in front of the Eye of Destruction, which had stiffened up. In the next moment, as the black aura spewed out from the Lord of the Nether’s mouth in a frenzy, the Eye of Destruction had vanished into thin air. “This, this is impossible!”  The Lord of the Nether shouted hysterically. He could not bring himself to believe everything that happened before his eyes was real.

The Lord of the Nether sensed the layer of white gentle light; Zhou Weiqing had similarly sensed it too. As tears trickled down his face, he felt a bout of extremely warm energy that had suddenly enveloped his body within it. Immediately after, the Life Energy that had been depleted earlier was restored at a speed that was even faster than the speed it was exhausted at. Similarly, the Saint Energy within his body returned to his body at a miraculous speed. Furthermore, the Saint Energy was no longer whitish golden and neither was it of the white incandescent color that occurred after being purified. Instead, it was a gentle shade of white that Zhou Weiqing struggled to describe in words. It was a gentle shade of white that was filled with Creation.

Instinctively, Zhou Weiqing opened both eyes. His pupils dilated instantly - what did he see?

He saw it; it was a pure and holy radiance that was flickering within the Netherworld, that was filled with darkness and Destructive Energy. Tian’er did not die - she was hovering there with both eyes closed. Circles of gentle white light continuously spread out from her lower abdomen area.

At this moment, a resonant cry of a baby was heard. A ball of gentle white light floated out of Tian’er’s lower abdomen.

Indeed, there were no wounds on Tian’er. However, a small infant flew out of her lower abdomen.

The baby was around fifty centimeters in length - its tiny fists were tightly clenched. Both its legs were folded in front of its chest; its pink and tender buttocks looked extremely adorable, giving people the urge to bite them. Furthermore, a cute little thing could be seen between its legs.

It was a boy.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was in a daze, and so was Tian’er. Everything that was happening was beyond their field of knowledge. Not only was the Lord of the Nether in disbelief, they, who were the originators, were in utter disbelief as well. However, everything had just happened before their eyes. The gentle white light curtain was emitted from this tiny body, immersing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er within it. Their Saint Energy had similarly become a gentle shade of white.

After the tiny infant had floated out of Tian’er’s lower abdomen, he gradually opened his eyes. Even though his body was still curled up, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could see a pair of clear black eyes.

Within the black eyes, it seemed as though they were able to see other side of the world. At this moment both of them could clearly sense everything being elevated.

The Lord of the Nether had already flown far away, the moment the Eye of Destruction had been destroyed. He stared dumbfoundedly at everything that was happening. He could clearly sense all the Destructive Energy within the Netherworld disappearing at a terrifying speed. It was vanishing due to the gentle white light that was released from the infant’s body.

This, this is impossible. The Lord of the Nether’s soul was trembling. This was because he had identified what the gentle white light was. It was Saint Energy, but not the same Saint Energy released by Zhou Weiqing. Instead, it was the Creation Saint Energy - the actual Creation Saint Energy! It was the world’s most terrifying and powerful energy that only the Creation God possessed, containing boundless Creation Energy.

Could it be that…he is the reincarnation of the Creation God, the Saint Infant……?

The Lord of the Nether was filled with despair, just like how Zhou Weiqing was earlier on. At this moment, he was no longer able to gather the strength to counter it. This was because everything was futile in the face of the actual Creation Energy.

“Tian’er.” Zhou Weiqing’s figure flashed and appeared next to Tian’er. He hugged her tightly in his embrace.

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing as well and said in a trembling voice, “This…this is our child.” At this moment, she had already made the association - the white light that appeared during the attack had been her child who had been protecting her all along. And at this very moment, he was born. “Yes, he is our son.” Zhou Weiqing’s voice was trembling as well. He could sense the changes in his Saint Energy. Even though he could not judge it as well as the Lord of the Nether, he understood that the battle had ended; it had truly ended. His family was the final victor.

The tiny infant gradually floated towards Tian’er, and landed in her arms. His eyes were wide open, and full of verve. He looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, as he was filled with a sense of novelty upon his arrival in this world.

Even though Dongfang Hanyue had also given birth to a son for Zhou Weiqing, witnessing the birth of his child elicited a completely different feeling after all. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was filled with excitement and joy. Subconsciously, he lifted his hand in an attempt to gently caress this adorable little life that had given his parents a new life.

However, evidently, that little fella did not seem to respect a certain somebody - his white tender hand stretched forward and grabbed Tian’er’s lapel, while the other hand reached into her clothes and started groping naturally.

Zhou Weiqing was dumbfounded by what he saw. In the next moment, that little fella took out something fair, round and bulging and his soft lips started to suck on it, while Tian’er gasped in shock.

Was this a lustful instinct or a survival one? Zhou Weiqing was somewhat at a loss. However, in the process, he immediately thought of an important task that he had yet to complete.

He lifted his head and used his sharp eyes to look for a certain figure. Now that Zhou Weiqing possessed the actual Creation Energy, even though he was not the Creation God, he could more or less be considered as one. Even if the Lord of the Nether was in his peak condition, he might not be on par with Zhou Weiqing, let alone his current heavily injured self.

However, as Zhou Weiqing searched for him, he was shocked to realize that the Lord of the Nether had disappeared. The surroundings were still pitch-black, just like before, and the Lord of the Nether was nowhere to be seen.

That fella ran off? Zhou Weiqing snorted, “Lord of the Nether, do you think that you can run away? I’ll tear your Netherworld apart and let’s see where else you can run off to.” Now that he possessed the Creation Saint Energy, he was no longer worried about the seal of the Netherworld. The Lord of the Nether might be able to hide in the Netherworld, but what if it no longer existed? Where else could he hide?

Zhou Weiqing’s body released a rich Saint Energy light that transformed into an enormous white halo that expanded outwards. All the Destructive Energy in the surroundings were being purified at an alarming speed. Everything that came into contact with the Creation Saint Energy was full of vigor, void of any Destructive forces.

“Little  fella,  don’t  be  anxious.  It’s  better  to  leave  the Netherworld intact. As for the Lord of the Nether, let me deal with it for you.”

At this moment, a clear and melodious voice was heard. Immediately after, a strange blue light appeared out of nowhere within the dark space.

Zhou Weiqing’s Creation Saint Energy was extremely powerful, however, the moment the blue figure had appeared, his body emitted a ray of golden light, forcing all of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy to retreat.

In a blink of an eye, Zhou Weiqing looked horrified. Who’s that? Why is it that the Creation Saint Energy had no effect on him?

The blue figure had revealed itself - it was a young man, with handsome features. His long, blue hair cascaded behind his shoulders, akin to the ocean. He was wearing a blue robe that was also akin to the ocean, which covered his entire body within it. Additionally, he was holding onto a golden weapon in his right hand.

The dazzling golden light had lit up almost the entire Netherworld, including the Lord of the Nether who was curled up in a corner.

It was a golden trident.

Chapter308 - I am Tang San (End)

The blue-haired young man looked at Zhou Weiqing with gentle eyes; the golden trident in his hand seemed exceptionally dazzling.

“Who are you?” asked Zhou Weiqing, who was extremely vigilant. Another person finally appeared within the Netherworld. For all he knew, he might be part of the Lord of the Nether’s devious plans.

The blue-haired youth smiled, “From your point of view, I am probably known as a god.”

“God?” Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck.

The blue-haired man nodded, “Let me deal with your biggest trouble first, before I explain any further.”  As he spoke, he turned his body slightly, facing the direction of where the Lord of the Nether was at.

“What god? Die!” The Lord of the Nether roared in anger and fear. His curled up body abruptly leapt up and charged towards the blue-haired youth. He erupted the remaining original Destructive Energy that he had. He was well-aware that he was most likely unable to survive today. The moment the Creation Saint Energy appeared within Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies, under the light of the Saint Infant, he knew for a fact that he was done for. At that moment, all he could think of was to use his familiarity with
the Netherworld to temporarily hide himself, to prolong his life that was almost ending. However, from the looks of it now, it was evidently impossible for him to do that. Under the illumination of the all-encompassing Creation Energy, it was absolutely impossible for him to cover his tracks, let alone hide himself.

The blue-haired youth seemed to be easier to be dealt with, as compared to Zhou Weiqing. He launched his final attack, charging towards him with the mentality that he was going to perish together with him.

The eight long crab legs brandished and streaks of green light shot out, which interweaved to form a huge net that headed towards the blue-haired youth in a bid to envelop him.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in the air without making a single movement. He wanted to see how the blue-haired youth was going to deal with the Lord of the Nether. In the face of the Lord of the Nether’s attack, the blue-haired youth smiled. His smile was as gentle as before, “I haven’t used my Eight Spider Spears in a long time. Since you have eight legs as well, I shall use it to deal with you.”

Eight rays of blue light flashed out of the blue-haired youth’s back - they were eight crystal clear blue legs. They looked rather similar to the Lord of the Nether’s legs, but they had a different aura.

The aura released by the blue-haired youth was overwhelming, extensive and vast. The energy was so boundless, to the point where Zhou Weiqing was unable to distinguish its attribute. All he could sense was that even his Creation Saint Energy was unable to contend against it.

A huge net of blue light spread open; the Lord of the Nether was akin to a moth that darted around the flame. When his original Destructive Energy, that was known to be capable of destroying everything, came into contact with the blue light, it immediately disappeared without a trace. Immediately after, the Lord of the Nether’s actual body seemed to have met with a powerful suction force - he was directly sucked into the huge blue net, and was enveloped in it. The blue-haired youth lamented, “By being able to cultivate resentment and Destructive Energy to such an extent, you can be considered as quite a genius. Unfortunately, you should never have existed in the first place. You did not appreciate your intelligence - instead, you went on a path to self- destruction. By virtue of that alone, you are far less intelligent than the young lady who played with fire from the other world. I have no choice but to rid the world of you.”

As he spoke, the blue-haired youth’s clear black eyes suddenly turned red. A bout of terrifying evil aura, that almost caused Zhou Weiqing to fall from the sky and forcefully caused his entire Creation Saint Energy to return to his body, was abruptly released from within the blue-haired youth’s body.

A red light flashed in the sky for a second before vanishing. The net of blue light had also vanished. The Lord of the Nether’s soul had completely been wiped out from this world, before he even had a chance to let out a last cry. Not a single trace of his existence was left.

The evil aura was retracted, and the blue-haired youth returned to his original gentle self. However at this moment, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were extremely anxious. They could clearly sense that the blue-haired youth was horrifyingly more powerful than the Lord of the Nether in his peak condition. The Creation Saint Energy that they were proud of seemed to be completely useless against him.

“Do you find it odd that your Creation Saint Energy has no effect on me?” asked the blue-haired youth with a gentle smile.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. At this moment, he had more or less believed what the blue-haired youth said earlier about himself being a god. This was due to the fact that he had no reason to lie to them, based on his powers.

The blue-haired youth smiled, “In truth, this is very simple. This is because both you and the Lord of the Nether, that I had just killed, are not actual gods. In a sense, your understanding is correct. The so-called Heavenly Change Stage in your world is indeed a stage that has reached the level of a god. However, it’s solely limited to reaching the level of a god. In order to become an actual god, you have to possess the status of a god. Otherwise, possessing just the power of a god itself without its legacy is insufficient to become an actual god.

“As for your Creation Saint Energy, you are right - it is indeed the most powerful energy in the entire world. Even if you temporarily possess the Creation Saint Energy, it is sufficient to stun everyone else. Even for me, it will be difficult to kill the two of you, who temporarily possess the Creation Saint Energy. “You are very fortunate, because the both of you already possessed Saint Energy when your child was conceived. Conceiving a child is in line with the Creation path. Hence, before your child was born, he had already possessed a little original Creation Energy. Originally, if he was born under
normal circumstances, the bit of original Creation Energy would dissipate on its own. Who knew that the Lord of the Nether would activate it using his original Destructive Energy, resulting in the energy the both of you currently possess.

“Initially when the Lord of the Nether tried to break the seal, I had already sensed it and immediately rushed over. However, I ended up seeing all of you complete the seal via concerted efforts and unity. It was a miracle. I guess I’m only here to tie up loose ends.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck upon hearing his words. In other words, if they did not take any action, this person before their eyes would have killed the Lord of the Nether anyway. Even the gods would not allow the Netherworld to exist!

Tian’er could not help but ask, “Will it affect our child?”

The blue-haired youth shook his head and said, “Do not worry, it will not affect your child in any way. However, the Creation Saint Energy is not something that ordinary people can have - not even the gods. This is because the Creation God had already disappeared after creating this world. Even I am somewhat envious of the fact that your child is able to temporarily possess the Saint Infant Energy. After a period of time from now, the Creation Saint Energy will slowly disappear from your bodies, and your original energy will be restored. Hence, you don’t have to worry that much.”

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er heaved a sigh of relief. Zhou Weiqing said, “Why did you stop me from destroying the Netherworld?”

The blue-haired youth replied, “The Netherworld is a fixed entity that automatically absorbs resentment and negative emotions from your world. Hence, as long as you come here regularly to carry out purification processes, you do not have to worry about the emergence of another Lord of the Nether in the next thousand or ten thousand years. If you destroy this place, by a stroke of luck, it is very likely that another Netherworld will appear somewhere else that you don’t know about. So what’s the point?”

This time, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had completely understood. The both of them bowed respectfully to the blue- haired youth at the same time, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.” The blue-haired youth smiled and said, “I must go now. However, Weiqing, did it ever cross your mind to become an actual god? What I used to destroy the Lord of the Nether earlier was the Asura God Energy. He is one of the three Great Enforcers in the world of gods, whose power is almost
equivalent to that of a God King. If you are willing, I can transform your Saint Energy into Asura Energy, allowing you to inherit the god status of Asura. As for your cultivation base, you only need to cultivate a little more over a period of time and by then, even a God King might not necessarily be your match.”

Zhou Weiqing was in a daze for a moment. He looked into the clear eyes of the blue-haired youth. In the face of an offer that could make anyone go crazy, he shook his head resolutely.

“It’s alright. Thank you for your kindness.”

“Can you tell me why not?” asked the blue-haired youth out of curiosity.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, “That is because being a god might not necessarily be better than being a human. Or else, why would you have offered your god status to me?” The blue-haired youth laughed, “You are truly a cunning little fella. I must go now, goodbye. If you change your mind, you can call out my name to the night sky. My name is Tang San.”

A blue light flickered and transformed into a light beam, which carried Tang San’s body while it soared up into the sky. He waved his hand at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er from the sky, while he muttered to himself in a voice that could only be heard by him, “I finally found someone worthy of being my heir, but got rejected in the end. Seems like both Kindness and Evil are two cunning individuals, who managed to get little Ji Dong and Lie Yan to be their heirs. From the looks of it, I have to work harder and hand over my status as the Asura God as soon as possible, so I can allow Xiao Wu and Xiao Qi to lead a life with more freedom.

Outside the seal, within the deep abyss.

The twelve Divine Beasts and the Sidhe Empress were no longer the only ones waiting here.

Shangguan Tianyang, Xue AoTian, as well as Zhou Weiqing’s wives, were quietly waiting here. Hui Yao and his wife had brought them over. They had also recounted everything that happened to them. The three Shangguan sisters, Little Witch and Dongfang Hanyue looked pale and were unable to utter a single word. Every single one of them was teary-eyed.

After being captured by the Lord of the Nether into the Netherworld, what were the odds of him coming back alive? Ultimately, they did not dare to think about this question.

“Little Fatty…Little Fatty you must come back alive! I will not blame you, ok? Regardless of how many women you want to marry, I will not blame you.”

Shangguan Fei’er, who was acting all high and mighty earlier, was now full of tears. Out of all the women, she looked the strongest on the surface. However, she was the weakest at this moment. She hugged Shangguan Bing’er and Little Witch, as the three women cried so hard that they could not catch their breath.

Even though Shangguan Xue’er and Dongfang Hanyue were considered to be strong, at this very moment, they had a lifeless look in their eyes as well. Dongfang Hanyue mumbled, “As long you come back alive, I will return immediately, and will not disrupt your life, ok? Weiqing, you must live!” Shangguan Xue’er shook her head and said, “No, if he were to come back alive, we will be a family. You should stay.”

Dongfang Hanyue’s body shook for a bit as she looked up at Shangguan Xue’er. The two women exchanged glances; at this very moment that was filled with despair, their animosity had disappeared.

Only the Sidhe Empress, who was sitting there with her eyes opening gradually, had a faint smile on her face.

“Little Fatty——”  Shangguan Fei’er yelled out mournfully, “You bastard, you better come back. As long as you’re back, even if you want to sleep together with us, I will agree to it……”

If she said that in the past, Zhou Weiqing’s wives would definitely have blushed. However at this moment, all they had were tears.

Just as they were full of grief, a mischievous voice rang in their ears, “Oh, you have to mean what you said.”

“Little Fatty?” “Little Fatty!” “Little Fatty——” “Little Fatty……”
“Ah! Don’t bite me, I’m still alive!”

The dark blue sky that was completely clear; it was a world whose theme was green. There was a vast land of green grass, with all kinds of adorable animals prancing around the mountains and plains.

Next to the enormous blue crystal-like lake stood a humble thatched cottage. It looked plain, but comfortable.

“Little  Fatty,  the  eldest  one  just  peed.  Go  clean  up  the chamber pot.”

“Alright, alright. I will go immediately.”

“Little Fatty, have you finished cooking! I am hungry. If I’m not well-fed, your daughter will go hungry as well.” “Alright, it’s almost done. Eight dishes and one soup - an absolutely sumptuous meal.”

“Little  Fatty,  you  said  that  you  were  going  to  give  me  a massage. When are you going to do it!”

“I……My dear wives, please teach me the technique to clone myself!” shouted a certain someone in grief and indignation.

“You deserved it,” said a couple of melodic voices at the same time.

Zhou Weiqing was a good and honest man. He had fulfilled his promise and created this separate realm that was connected to the Sidhe Tribe. He was also using his remaining time to make up to his loved ones.

Not far from the thatched cottage, two massive figures were secretly laughing.

Hui Yao laughed in a deep voice, “It has been proven that having multiple wives is not a good thing. Being faithful to one partner is better after all.” Duo Si chuckled, “That’s true. However, you shouldn’t gloat over his misfortune. Zhou Weiqing is our great benefactor.”

Hui Yao chuckled as well, “I can never forget that. If not for his Saint Energy that helped us restore our health, it would be impossible for you to get pregnant again. With regards to our mission to look for our tribesmen, it seems like it has to be postponed for now. Nonetheless, I believe that even if our ancestors were to be resurrected, they definitely would not blame us.”

Duo Si was rested her huge head against Hui Yao’s neck, feeling somewhat embarrassed. “The twelve Divine Beasts that helped Weiqing with the seal were sent to accompany Dongfang Hanyue back to the XuanTian Continent. I’m guessing they will be coming back soon.”

“Yeah!  Only  a  brat  like  Zhou  Weiqing  can  do  it.  I  still remember his tone back then. He was telling Dongfang Hanyue that if the Xuantian Palace did not allow her to leave, he would get the twelve Divine Beasts to bring the Xuantian Continent over and combine it with the Boundless Mainland. Oh, what words did the human beings use to describe a person like Zhou Weiqing? I remember there were two words.”

“You’re referring to ‘hooligan’ and ‘rascal’, right?” ……

The end
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