Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 281-290

Chapter281 - The Sidhe Heart

Zhou Weiqing’s body started gradually emitting layers of terrifying energy. Upon entering the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation state, the scales on his body slowly disappeared, and the color of his skin alternated between black and gray. His hair had also gradually become gray, and his body was releasing an indescribably powerful aura that was on the same level as a Heavenly God.

However, this did not mean that Zhou Weiqing had ascended to the Heavenly God Stage, but rather, his bloodline’s aura had reached the Heavenly God Stage. As one could well imagine, if he were to reach a breakthrough, could his body still be confined to the Heavenly God Stage?

It could be said that the combination of the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline, the Dragon Emperor Bloodline, coupled with the Sidhe Queen’s help, created the strongest and most powerful bloodline there had ever been. His cultivation base did not increase, but his body was intimidatingly strong to the point where even the great dragons could not be compared to him.

With a soft ‘pop’ sound, Zhou Weiqing’s body released a ball of bluish green light, which got magnified almost immediately, revealing the Sidhe Queen. However, her face had become extremely pale. Suddenly, she spat out a small mouthful of blood.

The Sidhe Queen had fast reflexes - she gestured with her right hand and the blood that she vomited got solidified in mid- air. Shortly after, a small bluish green bottle appeared within her palm. Under her control, the ball of blood flowed into the bottle.

After everything was completed, she could not hold on any longer - her body started falling to the ground, and landed on Zhou Weiqing. Both of them fell to the ground at the same time, creating a soft thud sound. At that moment, the Sidhe Queen had lost consciousness.

The secret technique that the Sidhe Queen had just performed, which was also one of the Sidhe Tribe’s most mysterious abilities, was called the Sidhe Heart.

Only the sidhe of the royal bloodline would be able to execute the ability of the Sidhe Heart, once they have reached adulthood. After the Sidhe Heart was performed, it could activate the purest Life Saint Energy at the time of heaven and earth’s creation. To put it simply, in the event where the Sidhe Tribe faced the threat of extermination, as long as the Sidhe Queen executed the Sidhe Heart, the strength of all their warriors would at least increase twofold. Additionally, they would become immortal. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult to kill an ordinary sidhe, even for a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse.

Hence, the Sidhe Heart could be considered as the Sidhe Tribe’s last resort in ensuring self-preservation. Generally speaking, based on the history of past generations, only the Sidhe Queen could use it.

And in a Sidhe Queen’s lifetime, she could only perform the Sidhe Heart once. The current Sidhe Queen had already chosen to give her one and only chance to perform the Sidhe Heart to Zhou Weiqing.

It could be said that to the Sidhe Queen, the Sidhe Heart was more important than her chastity. It was a powerful ability that concerned the entire Sidhe Tribe’s lineage.

Earlier on, the Sidhe Queen could not think of any other ways to save Zhou Weiqing, except for executing that skill. Due to remorse, coupled with some changes in her mentality, she ultimately decided to use the Sidhe Heart. If a Sidhe Queen had performed the Sidhe heart, she would have to abdicate her throne within the next ten years to her successor. It could be said that even though the Sidhe Queen had severely injured Zhou Weiqing, the price she paid far outweighed what she did. Zhou Weiqing ought to be kept in the dark with regards to that.

After performing the Sidhe Heart, the Sidhe Queen became extremely weak - her initially almost unlimited Life Energy had become ten times weaker. It would probably take her at least ten years to regain her vitality.

However, upon completing everything, she wore a gratified smile on her face - the Sidhe Queen had no regrets. If she did not do what she did and Zhou Weiqing ended up dying, it would equally bring disaster upon the Sidhe Tribe. Furthermore, she would never have been able to forgive herself for the rest of her life. After all, her daughter had been rescued. The loss of a Sidhe Heart represented the growth of a new one.

Even though the Sidhe Queen had lost her Sidhe Heart, her daughter would definitely grow more rapidly as a result. With the help of the elders and the current Sidhe Queen, she would be equipped with the abilities needed to take over the throne within the next ten years. After an unknown period of time, Zhou Weiqing gradually woke up from his coma. As he regained consciousness, he felt a bout of strange energy surge up within him. What was most peculiar was the fact that his will became a lot stronger than before. Even when he did not deliberately use it, his spiritual world actually lit up - he was aware of everything going on within his body.

What is happening? Zhou Weiqing was in disbelief when he found out that his meridians, bones and internal organs were stronger than before - so strong that it made one’s hair stand on end in anger. There was a faint layer of blackish gray energy that was circulating continuously above his bones, flickering with a faint fluorescent light. His entire body was filled with a terrifying energy that could tear heaven and earth apart.

The Nebula Saint Energy within his body also seemed to be refined as well - its original color, reddish gold, had become duller, going towards white gold on the spectrum. Even his cultivation base had already advanced to High Level Heavenly Emperor Stage.

What the hell! Am I dreaming? How is this possible? Even if he absorbed the Heavenly Core Nucleus Feedback Energy of four or five Heavenly Emperors via the Astral Feedback, he would still be unable to advance that much. Not forgetting the changes of his body - they made Zhou Weiqing feel a sense of power that was out of this world.

“Eh?” At this time, he felt something soft on his body.
Instinctively, he opened his eyes.

The first thing that came into view was a head of long bluish green hair. Faint nature aura had transformed into the purest fragrance in the world, making Zhou Weiqing feel relaxed and happy. He subconsciously lifted both hands and embraced the delicate body that was on him. Her very soft and supple body immediately caused that fella to have a reaction in just a short period of time.

Who is this? None of his wives had long bluish green hair!

Just as Zhou Weiqing turned around to sit up and pulled the delicate figure closer to his chest, he saw her pale face and his eyes almost fell out of their sockets - he even almost pushed her away from his embrace.

The sky and earth has collapsed - why was the Sidhe Queen butt naked in my embrace! Zhou Weiqing was so shocked that his high-spirited self became mellow and well-behaved immediately. Even when he was trying to get fresh with Dongfang Hanyue, he was not as nervous as he was at this moment. The first thing that came to his mind was that if the Sidhe Tribe knew about him hugging their queen, who was butt naked, it would be impossible for the entire tribe to not hunt him down and kill him.

After the brief shock blew over, Zhou Weiqing ultimately did not dare to toss the Sidhe Queen out of his arms. Instead, he quickly looked to his left and right before releasing his will, making sure that there were no human beings within a radius of a few hundred miles. After that, he hurriedly took out a set of his clothes and put them on the Sidhe Queen, before carefully placing her on the ground. He had also gotten himself dressed before he tried to recall what happened.

The fight - the first thing Zhou Weiqing recalled was the fight.

In actual fact, when they had started chasing the man in black earlier, it did cross Zhou Weiqing’s mind that he might use the Sidhe Princess to threaten them. Because of that, Zhou Weiqing had made prior preparations. Frankly speaking, he had anticipated the situation whereby the Sidhe Queen would attack him in a frenzy the moment he struck the Sidhe Princess. However at that point in time, he had absolutely no way of informing her about his plans. Regardless of what method he could have used to convey the message to her, even if it was just a change in the look in his eyes, the Heavenly Emperor Stage man in black, who was also extremely tensed, would definitely be able to pick up on it. All
their efforts would have gone to waste with one misstep, and
could even lead to the Sidhe Princess’ demise.

Hence, at that time, all Zhou Weiqing could do was to grit his teeth and take it upon himself. The ball of white golden light was a special ability he had received upon ascending to the Heavenly Emperor Stage - it could temporarily allow for the usage of the nebulas in the sky to erupt the strongest attack or defense. This technique was called Mini Nebula Cosmos.

Once the Mini Nebula Cosmos was used, Zhou Weiqing would then temporarily possess Nebula Saint Energy that was a level higher. In other words, the white golden Nebula Saint Energy would most likely be what he would possess when he advanced to the Heavenly God Stage.

In order to ensure the little Sidhe Princess’ safety, Zhou Weiqing channeled all of that energy into her body without reservation. As one could imagine how strong Saint Energy was at the Heavenly God Stage, it was a blessing in disguise for the Sidhe Princess - not only did she receive Saint Energy that was purer than that of Zhou Weiqing’s, it also rendered any attacks made by the man in black ineffective. Under such circumstances, how would it be impossible for Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen to get her back?

That was Zhou Weiqing’s plan. Since he had anticipated the Sidhe Queen’s reaction, when he released the white golden light, he had also raised his defense to its maximum and fully took the Sidhe Queen’s blow head-on.

However, he had underestimated the power of a Heavenly God - she had broken his strong defense entirely. Her attack at full force had broke his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set and he would not be able to use it for at least ten days. At the same time, his Immortal Deity Shield and Demon God Protective Body had been destroyed as well. If not for his many layers of defense, coupled with his tough body, Zhou Weiqing could have died.

Saint Energy was not omnipotent; if Zhou Weiqing was thoroughly destroyed, Saint Energy would not be able to save him, regardless of how strong it was. Fortunately, Zhou Weiqing was able to withstand the hit and could even use his last ounce of strength to kill the enemy. When he had completed his task, he naturally heaved a sigh of relief. With the enemy dead and the little Sidhe Princess rescued from him, no matter how dull-witted the Sidhe Queen was, she would be able to see what he did for them.

Hence, right before he fell into a coma, a smile appeared on his face. As for the crafty look in his eyes, it was because he reckoned that his mission to retrieve the blood of the Sidhe Queen would be a success. After all, he had put in a lot of blood and sweat! He even got himself injured. At that moment, Zhou Weiqing knew for a fact that nothing would happen to him as his Saint Energy would restore his body on its own. Furthermore, with a Heavenly God Stage Sidhe Queen by his side, he had nothing to fear - safety-wise.

However, the situation before his eyes had left him entirely stunned. Apart from the fact that the Sidhe Queen was lying on top of him without any clothes, just his physical changes alone were enough to give him a big shock.

Although it was indeed a huge battle, it seemed impossible for his cultivation base to make that big a leap within such a short period of time! This could only prove one thing - his body and cultivation base made great improvements because of the Sidhe Queen’s help.

Zhou Weiqing was not too bothered with advancing his cultivation base; by relying on the Saint Energy, he did not have much bottlenecks, so to speak. As long as he continued cultivating or using the Astral Feedback to advance, it was only a matter of time before he entered the Heavenly God Stage. However, it was different when it came to the evolution of the body. He knew his own body best - naturally, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that his Dragon-Tiger Bloodline had completely entered a whole different level - not only did his Dragon Emperor Bloodline fuse thoroughly with his Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline, making them one whole entity, it also perfectly amalgamated some of the Demon God Energy that came from summoning the Demon God. This was no longer a simple Dragon-Tiger Transformation, but a Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation.

Such an evolution had caused Zhou Weiqing’s body to enter directly into the Heavenly God Stage, and his bloodline was superior to all presently known ones within the Heavenly God Stage - one could imagine how powerful it was, not forgetting his High Level Heavenly Emperor Stage Saint Energy that allowed him to be able to match any Heavenly God Stage powerhouses in strength. Even though he had helped the Sidhe Tribe a great deal and even rescued the Sidhe Princess, it seemed that he had benefited a lot more from this whole episode in comparison.

Even though Zhou Weiqing was very confident of himself, he did not think that the Sidhe Queen would develop any amorous feelings for him because of his looks and ended up sleeping with him. That was entirely impossible. However, what exactly did she do for him? After pondering for some time, Zhou Weiqing gradually calmed down. Squatting in front of the Sidhe Queen, he activated his will to scan her current physical condition.

That scan was unimportant, but Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but gasp in horror. The Sidhe Queen had truly fallen into a coma, and it was due to her own weakness.

She did not suffer any injuries on her body, but the massive and almost boundless Life Energy that she once possessed had become very weak, and could be cut off at any moment.

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing had immediately understood. He had always been an intelligent person - in a situation as such, how was it possible for him to be unable to piece everything together? Without a doubt, the Sidhe Queen must have used some sort of special secret technique to treat his injuries within the shortest possible time, resulting in her current weak physical condition.

No wonder he made such a huge advancement. Seeing as it could render a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse such as the Sidhe Queen that weak, one was able to see how strong the secret technique was. Despite the fact that Zhou Weiqing was oblivious to the importance of the Sidhe Heart to the Sidhe Tribe, he could confirm that the Sidhe Queen must have used her most precious ability to save him.

Scratching his head, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Originally, he simply wanted to curry favor with her, but who knew that he went overboard to the extent that she repaid him much more than what he did for her. How would he still be able to request for her blood! He did not notice the small bottle in the Sidhe Queen’s hand. If she did not vomit that mouthful of blood, the Sidhe Queen would not have become that weak.

After Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was restored under the help of her Life Saint Energy, his Saint Energy automatically rejected her presence, forcing her out. Hence, the Sidhe Queen was unable to tolerate any longer. Additionally, she had already planned to gift Zhou Weiqing her blood. That mouthful of precious blood of the Sidhe Queen had immediately caused her to enter the weakest state she had ever been in.

No way, I definitely cannot return like this. If he brought the Sidhe Queen back in her current condition, coupled with the fact that he was unaware of where she had hidden the Sidhe Princess, the sidhe would definitely fight him to the death. Alright, since you have given me your energy, let me give you some too. Zhou Weiqing helplessly forced a smile. Of course, while he harbored certain naughty thoughts about removing his clothes and placing her on his lower body like before, they were nothing but thoughts that would not be put into action. Nobody would dare to say that they have zero evil thoughts from time to time.

Sitting cross-legged, Zhou Weiqing gently clapped his hands in the air. Two rays of light glistened at the same time - the mauve light transformed into Demonic Dragon Lady, and the black light transformed into Hell’s Angel. They were Zhou Weiqing’s two most frequently used abilities for the longest time. Zhou Weiqing required quite a bit of time to administer treatment for the Sidhe Queen, hence he needed guardians to keep watch out of fear of external disturbances. Based on his current cultivation base, the Demonic Dragon Lady and Hell’s Angel that he summoned were definitely stronger than his living cultivation base.

A ball of reddish golden light slowly lit up on Zhou Weiqing’s chest - that was the light of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. However, even though the light was reddish golden, the center of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus was presented in a purer shade of white gold. The only difference between now and the previous time, when he had to deliberately activate it, was that the sky had immediately darkened the moment the power of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus was emitted, causing specks of starlight to come into view. Dense Creation Energy filled the sky. The atmospheric energy within the air was almost immediately absorbed by those Creation Energy. Under the starlight, Zhou
Weiqing’s body had also become permeable. His entire being had an increased sense of divinity.

To put it accurately, his summoning of the nebula had not reached the level of Celestial Territory yet, as he still did not have full control over it. Even so, its effects were already stronger than most Celestial Territories. This was the absolute advantage in terms of hierarchy. How many possessed the ability to be on the same level as Creation Energy?

The Astral Saint Core Nucleus on Zhou Weiqing’s chest had suddenly become benign. Immediately after, a ray of light had already shot straight up into the sky - it was the Heavenly Core Nucleus of the man in black, who he killed earlier.

It was the Heavenly Core Nucleus of a High Level Heavenly Emperor, who happened to possess Saint Attribute - how could Zhou Weiqing bear to waste it? Even though he was already extremely weak at that point in time, the first thing he did was to retain the Heavenly Core Nucleus, keeping it within his Astral Saint Core Nucleus. He was preparing to absorb it using the Astral Feedback once he had recovered. Currently, he clearly did not plan to absorb it for himself.

The brilliant starlight had already feedbacked in the next moment. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not immerse himself within it. Instead, he extended his right hand and the starlight came together to form a beam of light. Following his lead, it gradually shone on the Sidhe Queen’s chest. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s other hand lightly pressed against the air, and the gentle Nebula Saint Energy formed a vortex that was half a foot in diameter, spinning above the Sidhe Queen’s chest, slowly absorbing the Astral Feedback Energy that appeared out of the blue. Thereafter, it was transformed into a gentle and pure Saint Energy that was channeled into the Sidhe Queen’s body.

Even though the Sidhe Queen was not equipped with Saint Energy, her body was the purest thing that he had ever seen in his entire life. Her body had been refined by Nature Energy since she was a child. As she grew up in the baptism of the Nature Goddess, the Sidhe Queen had the purest body. Fortunately, Zhou Weiqing did not engage in any immoral acts against her, or else, if her purity was further tarnished in her current weak condition, the Sidhe Queen would truly perish and die.

The gentle Saint Energy, coupled with Creation aura slowly flowed into the Sidhe Queen’s body, replenishing her weak Life Energy.

Creation encompassed creation of life. Since the Sidhe Queen was able to rely on the Sidhe Heart to mobilize Life Creation Energy, her ability to accept the Saint Energy would be a lot higher than ordinary people. Furthermore, under the deliberate control of Zhou Weiqing, after the Saint Energy entered the Sidhe Queen’s body, it would automatically be transformed into immense life aura, compensating for the massive loss.

The Astral Feedback Energy brought about by a High Level Heavenly Emperor was rather massive. However, to a Heavenly God such as the Sidhe Queen, it was still insufficient. Very quickly, the Astral Feedback Energy was already nearly fully exhausted. However, this would not affect the treatment that Zhou Weiqing was currently administering for her.

The reddish golden astral light with faint white gold in its center directly spurted from the Astral Saint Core Nucleus within Zhou Weiqing’s chest, filling up the area where the Astral Feedback Energy used to be. He was channeling his purest Saint Energy into the Sidhe Queen.

It could be said that Zhou Weiqing did not hold back in his attempt to treat the Sidhe Queen. Saint Energy was extremely beneficial to all living things. Even if Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was unable to reach the level of the actual Creation Energy, it still came rather close to it. The Attribute of Saint Energy was all-inclusive, hence, it brought about great advantages for people of any type of Attributes. Even for ordinary humans who weren’t Heavenly Jewel Masters, Saint Energy could bring about longevity.

As for cultivators, it had a much greater effect. In fact, the higher one’s cultivation base was, the greater the benefits would be. To put it simply, after Zhou Weiqing injects a Max Level Heavenly Emperor with Saint Energy, the latter might be able to make a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. Take the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor for example - he was in secluded meditation within the Heavenly Bow Empire. With the help of the Saint Energy of his precious disciple, the bottleneck that he had been facing for more than ten years started loosening up.

When cultivators reached the Heavenly God Stage, not only would they be able to comprehend heaven and earth, they would also be able to grasp them, becoming true masters within their Celestial Territory.

The concrete details of the benefits that Heavenly God Stage powerhouses enjoyed upon receiving Saint Energy could not be easily described, as the benefits were all-rounded, including bringing about an incomparable advantage for Heavenly Gods when it came to comprehending more profound meanings beyond heaven and earth. The Sidhe Queen’s situation could definitely be described as ‘gaining from misfortune’. It was precisely because of her kindness and heart of gold that she ended up paying the highest price, resulting in her current extremely weak state, which in turn allowed Zhou Weiqing to channel more Saint Energy into her, due to the extra space within her body.

Akin to a blood exchange transfusion, Zhou Weiqing had converted the Sidhe Queen’s initial massive Life Energy into pure Nebula Saint Energy. There was something right in the middle of the Sidhe Queen’s chest, called the Life Core. It was similar to a Heavenly Core Nucleus; the symbol of Sidhe Queens from previous generations.

Not only could the Life Core bring great power, when the Sidhe Tribe was faced with the threat of extermination, the Sidhe Queen could use her life as a form of sacrifice and then use the Life Core as a seed to nurture the ancient tree of life again, while she provided it with the nutrients, thus continuing the Sidhe Tribe’s lineage.

Hence, a Sidhe Queen who possessed both the Sidhe Heart and Life Core would definitely be the most supreme figure within the Sidhe Tribe. Even with the twelve elders combined, they could not be compared to her.

At this very moment, the outside of the Sidhe Queen’s Life Core was already completely wrapped in a layer of pure and unsophisticated Saint Energy. As the Saint Energy continued to get channeled inside, the Life Core kept secreting a tremendous amount of Life Energy. Not only did it replenish the Life Energy that the Sidhe Queen lost within a short period of time, it followed the trajectory that the Saint Energy took, and went back to Zhou Weiqing.

The Life Core emitted layers of green halos that continued to spread outwards. At the same time, the green outer surface of the Life Core gradually started to peel off, similar to how layers of silkworm cocoons peeled off, and started changing into a shade of gold.

Just like how the Sidhe Queen used her Sidhe Heart to treat Zhou Weiqing during actual combat but was not sure how its effect would ultimately be, similarly, while Zhou Weiqing also knew that channeling his Saint Energy into the Sidhe Queen’s body would help her recover and restore the Life Energy that she lost, he was unclear as to how big the benefits would exactly be. Under the stimulation of Saint Energy, the Sidhe Queen’s Life Core developed some evolution-like changes. To a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse like her, this could be considered as a fundamental change.

However, while things were going great for the Sidhe Queen, it somewhat became rather gloomy on Zhou Weiqing’s side. The Sidhe Queen’s body was like a bottomless pit. As his Saint Energy was very pure, he assumed that without the help of the Astral Feedback, just his Saint Energy alone should be sufficient to replenish the Life Energy that the Sidhe Queen lost in a short period of time.

However in reality, this was not the case. Even though she absorbed the Astral Feedback and the huge amount of Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing converted, the Sidhe Queen’s body still remained to be a bottomless abyss - regardless of how much Zhou Weiqing channeled into her body, it would easily accept it.

This won’t do! Is the Heavenly Energy at the Heavenly God Stage that terrifying? If she continues absorbing at this rate, I am going to die from extreme exhaustion of energy!

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself miserably, while increasing his absorption of the atmospheric energy. With the help of the nebula in the sky, he managed to replenish his Saint Energy relatively quickly. Particularly after he had completed the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation, what shocked Zhou Weiqing was the fact that not only could he absorb atmospheric energy from the air, he could also absorb and convert the energy from beneath the ground, including some malevolent qi, demonic qi, etc. In the presence of his Nebula Saint Energy, all of them became nourishment instead. Due to such a support system, he was able to continue channeling more energy into the Sidhe Queen. Additionally, what put his mind at ease was the fact that he had full control over how much energy entered her body - if it took too much of a toll on him, he was be able to stop, preventing his energy from being fully exhausted.

Since the Sidhe Queen had given him a lot, Zhou Weiqing was not going to stop that easily - he would try to persist till the very end. Only heaven knew the changes that the Sidhe Queen’s body was about to go through. Logically speaking, the Life Energy within her body seemed to be fully replenished a while ago, but why was she still unconscious?

Zhou Weiqing had a feeling that it was as though the Sidhe Queen had transformed into a cocoon - not only was she unconscious, she had fallen into deep slumber. That was probably because she had exhausted too much of her energy. Zhou Weiqing was not entirely sure, but for the sake of the Sidhe Queen’s safety, he could only channel his Saint Energy into her body continuously.

Time continued passing by, the extreme darkness at that part of the sky would naturally draw the attention of other people. However, fortunately, they were located at a desolate area outside the city. Hence, there were not much people who were able to notice the changes there. Even if there were cultivators amongst the people who noticed it, once they entered the sphere of Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Celestial Territory, they would choose to flee immediately once their powers were substantially limited.

Basically, anyone who was entitled to experience the Nebula Celestial Territory should be able to recognize that it was a Heavenly God’s Celestial Territory. Nobody would dare to incur the wrath of a Heavenly God, unless he had a death wish!

However, the Sidhe Tribe was the earliest to discover their problem at hand.

The other day, Zhou Weiqing had brought the Sidhe Queen with him and shuttled through space. They were gone for 3 days and 3 nights. Initially, the Sidhe Tribe did not have any huge reaction as they had faith in their queen’s powers. Hence, they silently waited. However, not long after Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen left, the leaves of the ancient Sidhe tree suddenly started falling in huge amounts.

One must know that the Sidhe Queen resided in the ancient Sidhe tree and it was also the core of the entire Sidhe Tribe. It could be said that it was closely connected with the Sidhe Queen herself. Once anything happened to the Sidhe Queen, the ancient Sidhe tree would have some sort of reaction. Since the ancient Sidhe tree underwent such a huge change, it was clear that the Sidhe Queen was in serious trouble.

After the twelve Sidhe elders had a discussion, they managed to guess the fact that the Sidhe Queen had utilized the Sidhe Heart.

How was this possible? How powerful exactly was that enemy, such that the Sidhe Queen was forced into using it! The Sidhe Tribe immediately panicked, yet they could not easily leave the sealed grounds. The seal of the sealed grounds was not only directed at the external world, but it was also directed internally as well - even the elders were not able to leave without the help of special magical weapons.

The first thing they thought of was that something must have happened on Zhou Weiqing’s end. They had witnessed Zhou Weiqing’s strength and experienced the terrifying might of the Sword of the Demon God. In their eyes, Zhou Weiqing was at least on the same level as the Sidhe Queen. Zhou Weiqing must have done something to their queen, such that she had no choice but to use the Sidhe Heart.

The Sidhe Tribe had always had a bad impression of the human beings, hence it was natural for them to think negatively out of habit. From their point of view, Zhou Weiqing was most likely in cahoots with the enemy. Therefore, Zhou Weiqing’s wives were treated with hostility by the Sidhe Tribe. If Shangguan Xue’er did not state that she was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the Sidhe Tribe would have directly taken offensive actions against her.

After waiting for one more day, the Sidhe Queen was still nowhere to be seen. Hence, the Sidhe Tribe had no other option but to send two of the elders out to conduct a search by forcefully breaking the seal, in the hopes of finding the Sidhe Queen.

The two elders had arrived on the periphery of Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Celestial Territory, but they did not dare to step within it. Reason being, not only had they seen the Nebula Celestial Territory, they had also seen the powerful Demonic Dragon Lady and Hell’s Angel. Without a doubt, Her Majesty should be somewhere within the Celestial Territory, and the might of the Celestial Territory had completely surpassed their initial speculation.

What could they do? They could only choose to return to the Sidhe Tribe.

“What did you guys say? A Celestial Territory that turned day into night, and had a helix-shaped enormous nebula? Where exactly did that powerhouse come from?”

The twelve elders of the Sidhe Tribe gathered. Their hearts were filled with anxiety - the Sidhe Princess had been abducted and now the Sidhe Queen was in trouble. To the Sidhe Tribe, their current situation was similar to facing the threat of extermination! If both the Sidhe Queen and Princess were in trouble at the same time, it would greatly affect the survival of the Sidhe Tribe.

“Go ask those human beings, perhaps they know what is going on.” The First Elder immediately thought of Shangguan Xue’er, Tian’er and company.

Therefore, the twelve elders appeared once again before the five women. Even though the Sidhe Tribe did not directly do anything to the five women after Shangguan Xue’er revealed her identity, nevertheless, they were put on house arrest. Even though they were not weak, since they were within the sealed grounds, without Zhou Weiqing’s guidance, they were unable to leave even if the Sidhe Tribe did not do anything to them.

“What? Nebula Celestial Territory?” After hearing the elders’ description, the five women couldn’t help but stare at each other in dismay.

“Do you guys know who the Celestial Territory belongs to?” the First Elder asked impatiently. The hostility in his eyes became more intense. In the elders’ opinion, if not for Zhou Weiqing ruining the peace within the sealed grounds, none of these things would have happened.

Shangguan Xue’er nodded and said, “I think I might have a clue. While perhaps that isn’t a Celestial Territory, it is indeed Zhou Weiqing’s ability. I can guarantee that if her Majesty is currently with Zhou Weiqing, her safety is definitely not an issue.”

“That is Zhou Weiqing’s ability?”  After hearing what they said, the twelve elders immediately stared blankly for a few moments. Thereafter, their hostility towards them erupted further.

The First Elder said in a low voice, “No matter what, we want to see Her Majesty. Regardless of where you guys come from, we have no choice but to take action against you. Capture them first, before we look for Zhou Weiqing.”

The twelve elders immediately surrounded Shangguan Xue’er and company. Amongst the five women, the calmest person was Shangguan Xue’er; the most gentle one was Shangguan Bing’er, and naturally, the person with the worst temper was Shangguan Fei’er. Particularly Shangguan Fei’er, since she was a child, she had never been put on house arrest by anyone. In the Heavenly Bow Empire, she occupied a very high status. The only person who was ranked above her was Zhou Weiqing. Even hundreds of thousands of army soldiers had to respectfully address her as ‘chief instructor’ whenever they saw her.

Chapter282 - Spiritually Connected, Lives Shared

After being locked up by the sidhe for a day, Shangguan Bing’er was already full of anger. Right now, those elders even wanted to take action against them, how could she not be further enraged? Her figure flashed; Shangguan Bing’er first took a step forward, and swiftly equipped herself with the Legendary Set. Even though it was not complete, the Saint Core Nucleus condensed by Shangguan Fei’er was exceedingly peculiar - unlike others, her Saint Core Nucleus did not amplify the Elemental Jewel Attributes but the Physical Jewel instead. Hence, her body was considered to be as resilient as Zhou Weiqing’s. Moreover, she was second only to Zhou Weiqing, who was at the Heavenly Emperor Stage. A formidable power erupted immediately, about to strike.

Shangguan Xue’er said in a low voice, “Fei’er, wait a minute. sidhe elders, will you please listen to what I have to say?”

The First Elder replied in a low voice, “Her Majesty is of utmost important to our tribe, I am sorry. Perhaps, all of you might have malicious intent, but for the sake of ensuring our survival, we have no choice but to offend all of you.” Shangguan Xue’er’s face fell; an invisible majestic aura erupted from her body, “First Elder, do you know what this signifies? If anything happens to us here, I can confidently tell you that the sidhe will cease to exist.”

Her words were not a simple threat. Be it Zhou Weiqing’s newly established Peerless Sect or the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, or even Heavenly Snow Mountain - they were all one of the best in the human world, in terms of power and might. If they were to deal with the sidhe at full force, it would most likely end up in their extermination.

The First Elder had a troubled look on his face - having spent over a day with them, he had already known that those ladies were not to be trifled with. Putting everything else aside, after all, those ladies had reached such impressive cultivation bases at a young age, something that ordinary human beings were not able to do. Hence, one could well imagine just how formidable the powers of the people backing them would be. Of course, he was unaware that the only reason why the five girls could achieve such a feat was because of Zhou Weiqing alone.

However, the Sidhe Queen was more important. Furthermore, he had no intention of hurting those girls. There was some hesitation in his eyes but soon after, it was replaced with resolve. The only way they could threaten Zhou Weiqing was to capture the girls first. Getting the Sidhe Queen back was their first priority at the moment.

Shangguan Xue’er sensed something amiss the moment she saw the change in the First Elder’s facial expression. She said in a low voice, “Protect Tian’er.”  As she spoke, she made the first move by stepping forward, shielding Tian’er. Amongst the five women, the pregnant Tian’er was undoubtedly the person who needs protection the most.

Tian’er did not utter a single word the entire time. In actual fact, amongst the five women, she had the highest cultivation base. She merely wanted to see what Shangguan Xue’er would choose to do in such a situation.

Within the group, the most powerful cultivators were Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er. Shangguan Xue’er was the successor of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the big sister amongst the three Shangguan sisters. The three of them were sisters! Hence, Tian’er had been trying her best to build a good rapport with them. Since Tian’er had received Saint Energy at the same time as Zhou Weiqing, she was the most important person when it came to helping Zhou Weiqing with his cultivation. Hence, the other three women naturally would not try to vie with her for the position of ‘first wife’. At this moment, when Shangguan Xue’er shielded Tian’er, Tian’er had finally truly acknowledged her as her sister. In any case, in times of trouble, they were a family. Because of Zhou Weiqing, the five of them had already become a family!

Tian’er slowly closed her eyes. Piece by piece, her body was equipped with the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set. Strong Divine Energy ripples were continuously released from her body. Almost immediately, pure Saint Energy had enveloped all five women within it.

Her Saint Energy did not have the same color as Zhou Weiqing’s - it was of a shimmery sheer shade of gold with specks of starlight. After it enveloped the five women, an enormous phantom image of an angel appeared in the sky, albeit indistinctly.

The twelve sidhe elders immediately had a gloomy look on their face. They could clearly sense what the enormous phantom image of an angel brought. It was not as simple as the Hell’s Angel that Zhou Weiqing summoned, but the actual Divine Angel. Furthermore, the Divine Angel had six wings on its back.

A Seraph, an existence that was on par with the Demon God! Perhaps it was slightly inferior to the Demon God, but gods such as the Nature Goddess could not be compared to it. Zhou Weiqing managed to summon the Demon God the last time and even caused the Sidhe Queen to deal with it at full force. This time, one of his women could actually summon a Divine Angel. How strong were they exactly?

The Divine Seraph descended from the sky; its strong power had suppressed the twelve Heavenly Emperor Stage elders of the sidhe to the point where they were unable to mobilize the atmospheric energy. Even the Nature Elements in the air were constantly refueling the Divine Angel.

Tian’er stood in the middle of the four women. She was currently experiencing bouts of weakness. However, what shocked her was the fact that an extremely pure Saint Energy was gradually channeled into her body from her belly, causing the weakness to slowly vanish.

Based on Tian’er’s current cultivation base, her deterrence force was greater than her combat strength - just like Zhou Weiqing when he summoned the Demon God. The Divine Seraph’s power could sufficiently intimidate Heavenly God Stage powerhouses, but she had no control over it. At most, she could only forcefully help to raise their defense. The twelve elders, who were about to take action, were stuck. Under such circumstances, they would not dare to make any move without careful deliberation. They were confused! They had already experienced the Sword of the Demon God once, but this time, they did not have the Sidhe Queen’s guidance.

At this moment, a sidhe powerhouse rushed over at top speed. He was a Heavenly King member of the sidhe. Shock was written all over his face, but he did not seem to have seen the enormous Divine Seraph. Before he got there, his voice had been heard.

“Elders,  quick  take  a  look.  The  ancient  tree  of  life… something seems to have happened to the ancient tree of life.”

The twelve elders recognized him. He was a tribe member who was in-charge of guarding the ancient Sidhe tree. When they heard what he said, the faces of the twelve elders immediately turned pale with fright. They could no longer be bothered to deal with Tian’er and the other women. They quickly retreated and headed in a different direction.

Shangguan Xue’er and company heaved a sigh of relief. Tian’er, who was in the middle, said, “Let’s take a look too.” At once, without withdrawing the Seraph, a golden light flashed, sweeping all five of them before following the elders who were headed in the same direction.

The ancient tree of life was undoubtedly of extreme importance to the sidhe. It was also the entire sealed grounds’ source of energy.

More importantly, the ancient tree of life was vital in producing the offsprings of the sidhe - every single member was born from it. They were initially born as energy bodies, but in the course of time, they would gradually grow into sidhe. Once there was something wrong with the ancient tree of life, the sidhe would face extermination. They would have to sacrifice the Sidhe Queen in order to restore the ancient tree of life again. However, at the moment, the Sidhe Queen had been missing for more than a day.

The twelve elders immediately rushed over to the ancient tree of life. However, when they saw it, they couldn’t help but go into a trance - their concerns from before had vanished completely.

The ancient tree of life was an enormous ancient tree that stood about a hundred meters tall, and was almost two hundred meters in diameter. Its trunk was extremely thick and solid; its countless branches were extended, with every leaf looking like they were carved from emerald jadeites. It was brimming with endless vitality.

This was also where the Sidhe Queen resided. The life aura emitted by every inch of the ancient tree of life played an important role in sustaining the sidhe’s sealed grounds, as well as ensuring its survival.

However, at this very moment, the ancient tree of life had undergone an earth-shattering change. Every single branch of the enormous ancient tree started moving, but instead of wilting, they were releasing auspicious qi.

Faint golden auspicious qi fluttered around those huge branches, enveloping the entire ancient tree of life within it. As each branch moved, it would cause the life aura of the tree to become denser.

Furthermore, the area where the ancient tree of life was connected to the earth could clearly be seen. The surrounding soil was broken up, and the ancient tree of life was growing upwards continuously. Additionally, as the branches continued dancing, they were also extending at the same time. The terrifyingly massive life aura ignited a brand new feeling in all the sidhe that were gathered around the ancient tree of life. Their cultivation base seemed to be making gradual progress, without them cultivating.

“This… this is?” After the twelve elders snapped out of their momentary daze, they had looks of disbelief in their eyes. Perhaps ordinary sidhe might not be aware of what was happening, but the elders who had been living for more than a thousand years were able to see what was going on.

Everything that had happened to the ancient Sidhe Tree before their eyes could only mean one thing - evolution.

“The ancient tree of life is actually evolving?” The First Elder swallowed his saliva. After he had gotten over his disbelief, he was overwhelmed with extreme joy. He even started jumping around, hugging the elder next to him while crying out, “The ancient tree of life has evolved, it really has evolved. This is great, simply amazing! It has evolved. Did you guys see it? It has evolved.

After receiving confirmation from the First Elder, every member of the sidhe couldn’t help but cheer jubilantly. Yes, they had witnessed the most unbelievable sight. Furthermore, to the sidhe, the evolution brought about incredible benefits. The evolution of the ancient tree of life meant that their survival and the continuation of their lineage would be a lot easier. It also meant that the sidhe would become stronger. Throughout the history of the sidhe, in general, the ancient tree of life would usually undergo evolution once. There were only two ancient trees of life that had undergone evolution twice, and in those two occurences, the sidhe became the ruler of the entire Mainland. One could imagine just how great the benefits of the evolution of the ancient tree of life were for the sidhe.

As for the ancient tree of life before their eyes, it was in the midst of going through its second evolution. Perhaps, due to the fact that the human beings were too strong, even if the ancient tree of life had completed its evolution, the sidhe would still be unable to prevail over them to reclaim their sovereignty over the Mainland. However at the very least, with an ancient tree of life that had undergone evolution twice, they no longer had to hide within the sealed grounds. They were able to walk out with dignity and no longer had to fear for the survival of their tribe.

To the sidhe, this was something of historical significance! Even the old fellas who had lived for more than a thousand years would cheer jubilantly because of it. “From the looks of it, there is no need for us to worry about our  safety,”  muttered  Shangguan  Xue’er,  who  was  with  the Seraph. She was the most knowledgeable person when it came to the sidhe’s legacy. Witnessing the second evolution of the ancient Sidhe tree, she was more shocked than surprised. Without a doubt, after going through the second evolution, the sidhe would definitely walk out of the sealed grounds, without the need to hide.

The light vanished and the five women appeared on the ground. After Shangguan Xue’er nodded her head at the other four women, she walked over to the elders and said to the First Elder, “I’m sure this proves that we have no ill intent. The second evolution of the ancient Sidhe tree signified Her Majesty’s evolution. In other words, Her Majesty’s current condition is much better than her condition before she left here, meaning that she isn’t in danger. Right?”

At this moment, the First Elder’s emotions had more or less stabilized. After hearing her words, he nodded profusely, “Yes, yes. Since the ancient tree of life had undergone evolution, that shows that Her Majesty is not in any danger. I apologize for our reckless behavior earlier. In any case, why don’t all of you stay here for now. Perhaps when Her Majesty returns, all of you will become her esteemed guests.” Even though he was not entirely sure, the First Elder had guessed that the evolution of the ancient Sidhe tree must have had something to do with Zhou Weiqing. Otherwise, why would the ancient tree of life only evolve when Zhou Weiqing was out with the Sidhe Queen for a day, whereas it had shown no signs of evolution ever since she became a Heavenly God a few hundred years ago?

However, no matter what and no matter how it evolved, it was an immeasurable blessing to the sidhe! Naturally, there was no need for them to worry about anything else.

Even if the Sidhe Queen had really died, as long as the second evolution could be completed, the ancient tree of life would automatically appoint a new Sidhe Queen.

The ancient tree of life was still in the midst of evolving - the process of evolution was not something that could be completed overnight. As for how long the process would take, even the elders of the sidhe were unclear of it. All they could do was wait in excitement and joy.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing was still silently guarding by the Sidhe Queen’s side. Day after day, time passed. Even though Zhou Weiqing was able to continue emitting his Saint Energy with the help of the Nebula Celestial Territory, it was in fact getting harder and harder for him.

Fortunately, after he had channeled in a certain amount of Saint Energy, the Sidhe Queen’s body started to show some changes. She started to release bouts of strange energy ripples, and also absorbed the life aura in the external world, without being affected by Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Celestial Territory. In that way, her demand for Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy had lowered by a great deal, allowing Zhou Weiqing to continue supporting her.

At the start, Zhou Weiqing was purely helping the Sidhe Queen with no other intentions, but thereafter, he took the opportunity to cultivate.

Ever since he broke through to the Heavenly King Stage, the increase in Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base was akin to a rocket shooting up to the sky. Within a short span of a few months, he had advanced to the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Even though such an increase would not affect his body negatively in any way, and that he even got to evolve his body once more, Zhou Weiqing still had a long, long way to go in terms of perfectly amalgamating all the powerful abilities, and proficiently using their full power. Hence, he seized this opportunity to comprehend and adapt.

The continuous release and absorption of the Saint Energy, as well as the help provided by his Nebula Celestial Territory, allowed Zhou Weiqing to clearly sense the changes in the Saint Energy. While this was beneficial in helping him increase his cultivation base, it was even more helpful in giving him a greater understanding of nature.

Under such circumstances, an amazing loop was created between Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen. After he entered the state of cultivation, he did not realize that the Saint Energy emitted from the Astral Saint Core Nucleus on his chest was now connected to the the Life Core on the Sidhe Queen’s chest. As time went by, they become more and more intimately connected, the jadeite-like energy light between them had solidified without them realizing.

The Life Energy that was emitted from the Sidhe Queen had been continuously cleansing Zhou Weiqing’s body, removing every last bit of impurity in it. Zhou Weiqing’s body was becoming purer and purer, like the Sidhe Queen’s body. Hence, the sacrifice he made was also being repaid. Faint light flickered. A smile of relief slowly appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face. He had no idea how much time had passed, but he could clearly sense that the Sidhe Queen’s heart was beating stronger than before. He could even sense that the Sidhe Queen was gradually regaining her consciousness.

As for why he was able to clearly sense that, Zhou Weiqing had no clue. He only discovered that their heartbeats were in sync.

Just as Zhou Weiqing slowly opened his eyes, his Saint Energy had stopped emitting from his body on its own. At the same time, the Sidhe Queen’s eyes slowly opened as well. She had a perplexed look in her eyes. The both of them had awakened at the same time, looking into each other’s eyes.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing while sensing the immense change in her body, the Sidhe Queen was stunned. And at this time, Zhou Weiqing could actually sense the strong fluctuations in her emotions.

Although she felt shy and was also at a loss, she was more overjoyed and excited in comparison. He could even sense the evolution of her Life Core from her consciousness. What is going on? How do I know what she’s thinking about? Zhou Weiqing stared dumbfoundedly at the Sidhe Queen. At this time, her gaze became sharper.

She was equally shocked. At this time, she had a strange look in her eyes, because similarly, she could also sense what Zhou Weiqing was thinking.

Be it Zhou Weiqing or the Sidhe Queen, at this very moment, they were both thinking the same thing: This is impossible.

However, the truth was right before their eyes. Zhou Weiqing pulled himself back together shortly after. In order to prove that it was impossible, he subconsciously thought to himself: I want to kiss her.

Immediately, the Sidhe Queen’s face blushed. She looked up at him and did not seem to reject the idea of it. Instead, she slowly got up and walked over to him. On the other hand, he could sense the bashfulness within her, as well as her cordiality towards him, coupled with desire.

She actually did not reject me. Why? In the next moment, the Sidhe Queen was already standing before him. She lifted her head and extended her milky white arms, wrapping them around Zhou Weiqing’s neck. Her cold, delicate and moist lips that were filled with life aura gently kissed Zhou Weiqing’s lips.

Bam ——

The exact same feeling of shock overwhelmed the both of them. In that instant, they were both trembling in their hearts. Immediately after, they felt as though they had become a single entity, seemingly allowing them to control the other party.

Their kiss lasted a long time. Looking from the outside, it could be clearly seen that they were both enveloped in a rich golden light, and the Astral Saint Core Nucleus and the Life Core on their chest had each emitted a solidified light ray, connecting the two of them, as though they were both physically joined together.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen opened their eyes, feeling perplexed. Slowly, their lips pulled apart; they looked at each other in shock, joy and mostly disbelief. “How did this happen?” They asked at the same time. “You go first,” said the both of them in unison again.
“I don’t know,” said the both of them at the same time once again.

They had become even more perplexed due to the fact that they said three exact same sentences at the same time. Just like that, they hugged each other without uttering a single word.

Regardless of whether it was Zhou Weiqing or the Sidhe Queen, both of them could not imagine such a thing happening. They continued looking into each others’ eyes. Zhou Weiqing could swear on his life that although he was usually lewd and promiscuous, he had never harbored any dirty thoughts towards the Sidhe Queen, who was in his arms!

Ever since he did the deed with Dongfang Hanyue in the Xuantian Continent, he had resolved to cultivate his heart and nurture his character - he would not let his wives down again. Most importantly, he was worried that he might lose them due to his philandering ways. The current situation they were in was completely beyond the scope of his understanding.

After a long pause, the Sidhe Queen reacted first. Zhou Weiqing harbored no dirty thoughts towards her, and even more so, she did not harbor any lewd thoughts towards him. She had absolutely no idea about relations between a man and a woman - her heart was extremely pure without a single impurity.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing who was standing so close to her, shyness was all she felt. Amidst her shy thoughts, she muttered, “This… could this be spiritual connectivity and the sharing of lives?”

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but ask, “What is spiritual connectivity and the sharing of lives?” The Sidhe Queen furrowed her brows and said, “It’s just like the connection I have with the ancient tree of life. With such a connection, it can be said that the Life Energy between us has developed a kind of strange resonance. In a sense, we can be considered as a single entity. This allows us to easily sense the fluctuations of each other’s mind within a specific distance.”

Zhou Weiqing heaved a soft sigh of relief - luckily it was only within a specific distance. As long as we can’t sense it anytime we want, it’s all good. If that were the case, it would be too weird.

The Sidhe Queen continued, “Our lives are not restricted by time, space and other forms - they are fused together as one. In other words, unless the both of us die at the same time, or our combined Life Energy has been fully exhausted, neither one of us will die.”

Since their minds were connected, Zhou Weiqing naturally knew that the Sidhe Queen was not kidding. Looking at her exquisitely perfect face, he couldn’t help but opened his mouth in shock. Sharing a life with the Sidhe Queen and having their minds connected - was it a good or bad thing? On the surface, it was clearly a good thing. The Sidhe had always been known for possessing strong Life Energy - massive Life Energy was the number one basic guarantee of their survival. Sharing a life with the Sidhe Queen, a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse, would mean that it would be very difficult for Zhou Weiqing to
die, even if he wanted to.

However, conversely, with such a connection, it was as good as binding Zhou Weiqing to the entire Sidhe. In the event that a crisis befell the Sidhe, he would be duty-bound to do his utmost to help them. Otherwise, once the Sidhe Queen exhausted all her Life Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s Life Energy would be exhausted next. Even though the chances of that happening were low, if it ever happened, it would be catastrophic.

Any thoughts that ran through Zhou Weiqing’s mind similarly appeared in the Sidhe Queen’s mind. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, she had a troubled look in her eyes. She had never imagined herself to develop such a complicated relationship with a human being in her life.

After a long pause, Zhou Weiqing’s emotions had stabilized. He looked at the Sidhe Queen and mumbled, “Could the interaction of our energy have caused this phenomenon? When I absorbed your Life Energy, while you were absorbing my Saint Energy.”

The Sidhe Queen looked at Zhou Weiqing and furrowed her brows, “You seem to be very against it.”

“Eh…… no, it’s not that.” Zhou Weiqing immediately explained himself, “It was just too shocking. Your Majesty, what ability did you use to save me? Why did it weaken you so much? Actually, due to the self-healing ability of my Saint Energy, I wasn’t in danger back then.”

Upon hearing his words, the Sidhe Queen’s eyes became dull. She let go of her hands that were embracing Zhou Weiqing and gently pushed him away. “Sorry, I was truly unaware of the fact that you were trying to save my child at that moment. I am truly sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you intentionally.”

Even though it was over and the both of them were safe and sound, the Sidhe Queen was still guilt-ridden. At that time, Zhou Weiqing was nearly killed by the blow that she delivered out of rage! He risked his life trying to save her daughter. If it were anyone else, they would equally be guilt-ridden. Zhou Weiqing smiled carefreely and said, “To be honest, when I channeled my Saint Energy into your daughter’s body, I had already expected you to attack me out of anger. I was eighty percent sure that your attack would only leave me severely injured, but not fatal enough to be life-threatening. Well, I have a thick skin after all.”

The Sidhe Queen stared blankly for a second - she could sense Zhou Weiqing’s feelings, hence she was able to tell that it truly did not bother him. She was moved by his magnanimous gesture, “Since you had guessed that I was probably going to attack you, why didn’t you give me any hint before you took action?”

Zhou Weiqing said helplessly, “That was not possible! At that moment, that fella was extremely anxious. Not to forget, he was a Heavenly Emperor - he would have been able to pick up even the slightest change in our facial expressions. Additionally, your beloved daughter, who was still in his hands, was too weak. I could not take any chances. Hence, my only option was to take the hit head-on. If I managed to deceive you, I would have been able to deceive that fella too. However, you should really thank me for saving your child. The Saint Energy that I channeled into her body was purer than the one I used to save you. I had used up the majority of my Saint Energy then, otherwise, I would not have been injured that badly if I had the protection of my Saint Energy. “Thank you,” said the Sidhe Queen in a soft voice. For some reason, she did not dare to look Zhou Weiqing in the eye.

Fortunately, Little Fatty Zhou had become a lot more well- behaved compared to the past - he did not take the opportunity to flirt with her. Instead, he consoled her, “It’s all in the past now, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. It is fate that allowed us to develop such a connection between us. I can sense that your body seems to have experienced some fundamental change. You should try to get a feel of these changes, now that you have just broken through, as this window is the most effective period for you to comprehend it. After this, we should head back to the sealed grounds. Although I’m not sure how long our cultivation took, I’m afraid your tribe must be worried sick, waiting for our return.”

When Zhou Weiqing thought of his wives who were still stranded in the sealed grounds, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. A considerable amount of time must have passed when the both of them were cultivating. He was worried that the members of the Sidhe might have hurt his wives.

The Sidhe Queen immediately sensed Zhou Weiqing’s concern. She shook her head gently at him and said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure they didn’t. My evolution is unprecedented. Frankly speaking, you’re not the only one that I am spiritually connected with, or share lives with.”

“Hmm?” Zhou Weiqing could sense the Sidhe Queen’s thoughts. He looked at her in shock, “The ancient tree of life? You are sharing lives with the ancient tree of life as well?”

The Sidhe Queen nodded and looked at Zhou Weiqing with immense gratefulness. “With your help, the ancient tree of life and I have evolved at the same time. My Nature Energy and the original Life Energy had evolved into Life Saint Energy, which was what I used to treat you. It is also the energy that the Life Core possesses. All the Sidhe Queens from the past generations could only release Life Saint Energy via the Life Heart once in their lifetime. However, my Life Core had already evolved into Life Saint Core. Even the ancient tree of life had followed suit and evolved as well. To the Sidhe, the benefits brought about by the evolution of the ancient tree of life could not be described. Within a short period of time, under the influence of the ancient tree of life, the power of the members of our tribe will only get stronger. All of this is because of you. On behalf of the Sidhe, I would like to thank you, Weiqing.”

As she spoke, the Sidhe Queen carried out a squatting formality that was only used by the Sidhe for esteemed guests. Thereafter, she took a few steps forward and used her left pointy ear to touch Zhou Weiqing’s face.

Even though it was only a touch, the Sidhe Queen’s ear immediately turned red. Her pointy ear looked exceptionally cute.

Zhou Weiqing was unaware that their ears were the most sensitive parts of the sidhe’s body. By using their ears to touch the other party, it signified their willingness to give their lives to him or her. It could be considered as their most important formality. Furthermore, in Zhou Weiqing’s case, the one who carried out the formality was the ruler of the Sidhe, the Queen herself.

Zhou Weiqing hugged her gently. The Sidhe Queen lifted her head and extended her right hand in front of Zhou Weiqing, before opening it up. There was a small bottle containing her blood in the palm of her hand.

“This is what you wanted. Take it.” The Sidhe Queen passed the small green bottle to Zhou Weiqing. There were more than three drops of the Sidhe Queen’s blood in the bottle. Zhou Weiqing did not stand on ceremony - he simply took it and kept it in his Sumeru Ring.

The Sidhe Queen sat down, cross-legged. Just like what Zhou Weiqing mentioned earlier, she needed to comprehend and adapt to the changes in her body. Furthermore, it was the best window for her to do so.

As the Sidhe Queen was in the process of doing so, Zhou Weiqing was also adapting to the changes in his body. After this period of secluded meditation, his newly evolved body had merged perfectly with his cultivation base. Nebulas were still orbiting in the sky; at this moment, Zhou Weiqing no longer felt as small as he used to. On the contrary, he felt that the heavens, the earth and the bright starry sky were all within his control.

He gently waved both hands and two light figures not far from them faded. With Zhou Weiqing keeping guard, the Demonic Dragon Lady and Hell’s Angel were no longer needed. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Celestial Territory had also vanished. He was able to scout out everything within the sphere of a hundred kilometers with his will.

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had brought the Sidhe Queen hundreds of kilometers away from the Sidhe’s sealed grounds via the Spatial Shuttle. His current cultivation base did not allow him to sense that far.

The Sidhe Queen’s cultivation did not take up too much time. Four hours later, she slowly opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, her eyes were full of joy and surprise due to her cultivation base and state of mind.

“Weiqing.” She looked up at Zhou Weiqing. He laughed and said, “If you want to thank me, you don’t have to. I know how you feel at this moment. Let’s hurry back.”

“Alright.” The Sidhe Queen slowly stood up. At this moment, her heart was filled with a strange feeling. Although she was spiritually connected to the ancient tree of life and shared lives with it, it was not a living human being like Zhou Weiqing despite possessing some intellect!

Sharing an understanding of spiritual connection with a man felt fantastic - it was an indescribable feeling. She felt as though there was no more loneliness in her life, and that there was also a strange sense of satisfaction.

Chapter283 - The Evolved Ancient Tree of Life

While the Sidhe Queen was experiencing strange feelings, Zhou Weiqing was feeling extremely depressed instead. Because they had a telepathic connection, he did not dare to harbor any dirty or lewd thoughts, which was pure agony to a sleazy man like him,

Certainly, apart from agony, he did feel rather complacent too. After all, the Sidhe Queen was sharing a life with him! His alliance with the Sidhe could be considered to be ironclad. Regardless of how close the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Sidhe were in the past, his Peerless Sect was going to replace them and foster even closer ties with the Sidhe.

The two figures flew up into the sky. In the next moment, Zhou Weiqing took the initiative to grab the Sidhe Queen’s hand. A silver light flashed, and the both of them vanished into thin air.

As they were now spiritually connected, Zhou Weiqing was able to clearly pinpoint the location of the sealed grounds using the Sidhe Queen’s judgment. There was nothing faster than Spatial Shuttle. Even though it consumed a large amount of Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing was impatient to see his loved ones, and couldn't care less about anything else. Furthermore, his cultivation base had increased once again, hence he was not too bothered about the amount of energy consumed.

Their Spatial Shuttle this time was different from the previous time, when they were chasing the enemy down. Zhou Weiqing could clearly feel the substantial decrease in the consumption of his Saint Energy. The most remarkable thing was that, perhaps because he was holding the Sidhe Queen’s hand and that they were now sharing lives, the Sidhe Queen was helping him take on a portion of the Saint Energy consumption load. In other words, under such circumstances, they were able to travel longer distances via Spatial Shuttle - even a Heavenly God would not be able to achieve that!

At this time, the Sidhe Queen seemed to have calmed down. As they were cruising in the other dimension, her state of mind did not undergo any changes and Zhou Weiqing on the other hand also tried his best to restrain his mind, in a bid to prevent any dirty thoughts from surfacing, as well as treating the Sidhe Queen purely as his platonic friend.

A silver light flashed. When the two of them reappeared, they had already arrived in the sealed grounds. With the Sidhe Queen by his side, the seal of the sealed grounds did not have any effect on him. Even though they had just arrived in the sealed grounds, both Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen could clearly sense its changes. Originally, the sealed grounds was already full of vigor. However at this moment, they were shocked to find that the vitality in this place was so strong to the point where it was almost visible to the naked eye. Just by taking a couple of deep breaths, it allowed one to throb with vitality. The dense nature
elements even caused a layer of faint green halo to form around the Sidhe Queen’s body. Since Zhou Weiqing was sharing a life with the Sidhe Queen, he could clearly feel the vitality in her body soaring rapidly at a terrifying speed. Even his own vitality soared accordingly.

It was a wonderful feeling. The both of them were already considered to be ultimate powerhouses in this world - even a phenomenal increase in their vitality would not help their cultivation base much. However, it was greatly beneficial to their physical strength. Additionally, the Sidhe Queen was able to directly absorb the nature elements in this place. Zhou Weiqing was absolutely certain that in such a place, the Sidhe Queen was the most invincible figure in the entire Mainland. Unless Zhou Weiqing could advance to the Heavenly God Stage and was able to use his Saint Energy to mobilize these nature elements, he absolutely could not be compared to the Sidhe Queen. Hovering in mid-air, the Sidhe Queen's gaze was fixated on a single direction. She seemed to be completely in a daze - her delicate body was even trembling slightly.

Since they had already returned to the sealed grounds, Zhou Weiqing wanted to let go of her hand so as to prevent any misunderstanding. However, the Sidhe Queen held his hand tightly instead, not allowing him to let it go.

Her small hand was rather cold. However, via the spiritual connection, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense her current emotional fluctuations.

After being in a daze for five full minutes, the Sidhe Queen gradually snapped out of it and her heart fluttered.

“There's no need to.”  Zhou Weiqing couldn't hold back and said it after sensing the Sidhe Queen's thoughts.

The Sidhe Queen turned around and looked at him. She had a resolute gaze and her thoughts were firm. Immediately after, the Sidhe Queen’s body emitted a strong layer of green light; the dark green light was akin to a sheer shimmery jadeite. It was filled with endless life aura and green temptation. Following that layer of green light, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the entire sealed grounds trembled slightly. Far away, similarly, a ray of dark green light shot up to the skies.

This time, the Sidhe Queen was leading Zhou Weiqing. Amidst the rich Life Energy ripples, she took a big step into the void. Zhou Weiqing’s vision blurred; he felt the surrounding Life Energy fluctuate violently. Immediately after, the massive Life Energy transformed into a bridge, bringing their bodies to a different place.

In the next moment, Zhou Weiqing was captivated by the marvelous scenery before them.

It was an enormous tree that he had never seen before. Even the huge trees within the Luster Spatial Realm seemed like toddlers compared to it. The tree before his eyes was three hundred feet tall and its dark green trunk looked as though it was carved out of an emerald gem. But then again, such an enormous piece of emerald gem did not exist on earth.

Its enormous canopy spread wide open in the sky, akin to a huge platform. At one glance, a green hazy light could clearly be seen hanging above it. That was the substantialized Life Energy! Only a tremendous vitality could bring about such a massive amount of Life Energy.

The vast size of the canopy could be compared to the Zhongtian Plaza. Every leaf and every branch looked crystal- clear and transparent. The branches looked like waterfalls cascading in all directions; rich life aura made the entire scenery look like it was taken out of a dream. To Zhou Weiqing, such a spectacular scenery was extremely rare.

The Sidhe Queen, who was holding onto Zhou Weiqing's hand, suddenly became entirely transparent; the light that she was releasing gradually transformed from dark green into a strange shade of gold. Even though it was still a golden light, it did not release energy ripples. Instead, it emitted an even more massive amount of vitality than the enormous tree itself.

The Sidhe Queen stood before the enormous tree. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she mumbled, “It has evolved, it really has evolved. For several years, the Sidhe could only live within the sealed grounds; every single day we had to live in fear of the ancient tree of life wilting and dying. Weiqing, the evolution of the ancient tree of life signifies the possibility of the Sidhe ruling over the Mainland once again. Once the seal is broken, the massive vitality of the ancient tree of life is able to envelop at least a third of the Boundless Mainland. By then, the soldiers of the Sidhe will be the most invincible in the world. The evolution of the ancient tree of life will also triple our lifespan. It will take us a hundred years, at most, to regain our power to contend for hegemony over the Mainland, unifying the entire Mainland under our rule.

Zhou Weiqing did not utter a single word, but he knew that the Sidhe Queen was not exaggerating. The vitality released by the ancient tree of life before his eyes was too terrifying, to the extent that it could no longer be measured. When the Sidhe Queen mentioned that its life aura could envelop a third of the Mainland, she was not exaggerating at all. In fact, it might have been an understatement.

If the vitality of the ancient Sidhe tree engulfed the Mainland, it would mean that within the affected areas, the sidhe soldiers would possess extremely strong combat powers, making it hard to kill them. Coupled with the fact that the Sidhe Queen would be almost invincible under the effect of the massive vitality of the ancient tree of life, it was not impossible for them to regain their dominance over the Mainland. Furthermore, the Sidhe Queen was going to put aside a hundred years’ worth of time to accumulate it.

Zhou Weiqing felt slight chills run down his spine. If what she said became a reality, in the near future, the Sidhe would most likely begin a massive bloodshed. After all, they had imprisoned themselves within the sealed grounds due to the rise of mankind! The Sidhe had absolutely no positive sentiments towards them. Zhou Weiqing himself was the one who triggered everything - if he did not save the Sidhe Queen by channeling Saint Energy into her body, the ancient tree of life would not have evolved.

The Sidhe Queen turned to look at Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing realized that he was unable to sense her emotions.

Gently shaking her head, a soft smile appeared on her delicate face, “Did you know? After the ancient tree of life had evolved, it would truly become a sentient being. In a way, it is my body, and I am its heart. In other words, it no longer needs to stay rooted to the ground and is allowed to move freely, at any time.”

Upon hearing what she said, Zhou Weiqing was unable to keep his cool. His eyes were filled with shock as he stared at the Sidhe Queen. He croaked, “Your Majesty, you must think twice!”

Being able to move about freely meant that the ancient tree of life's massive vitality could engulf every inch and corner of the Mainland! The Sidhe’s current power was already sufficiently terrifying. Within the next few years, they would be able to nurture an army of powerhouses. By then, the Sidhe could very well be human beings’ greatest nightmare.

At this very moment, a huge number of sidhe came flying over to them from all directions, as if they were acting as the backdrop of Sidhe Queen’s words. Not far from Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen, a group of sidhe had already gathered, except that right now, upon seeing a rich golden light that was emitted by the Sidhe Queen, they were afraid to approach them for fear of disrupting. Hence, they slowly knelt on the ground and bowed respectfully from afar. Looking at Zhou Weiqing's shocked face and the extreme worry in his eyes, a gentle smile appeared on her beautiful face, “Don't worry. I'm only saying that it is possible. In reality, the sidhe definitely will not do that. In fact, I will control the amount of vitality that the ancient tree of life emits, such that the members of our tribe will not become too powerful. Power begets ambition, which can bring about a destructive catastrophe upon the sidhe.”

Why?” asked Zhou Weiqing, rather puzzled.

Because  of  you.”  The  Sidhe  Queen  answered  without  any hesitation, “If the ancient tree of life evolved without you in the picture, perhaps I might choose to do what I mentioned earlier, and I also believe that we have a high chance of succeeding. However, because of you, I will not do that. Be it my personal debt of gratitude or my tribe's debt of gratitude to you, if I do that, it will only bring about destruction upon the sidhe.”

The sidhe has lived here for far too long - we have already gotten used to the peace and comfort here. We do not enjoy massacres and are even more unwilling to take part in disputes. Even with the evolution of the ancient sidhe tree, it will still be the same. Besides, even though we did harbor hatred towards human beings before, didn't the ancient sidhe tree evolve because of you, a human being? We can’t possibly bite the hand that fed us. You will always be the sidhe's benefactor, be it now or in the future. Furthermore, I can see your future - you will truly be standing at the top of this world.
Don't forget that the Life Saint Energy that I possess, as well as the evolution of the ancient tree of life, could only happen because of you alone. Hence, there is absolutely nothing for you to be worried about. The ones who should be worried are my tribe and I. The creation of life is only but a small part of the creation of the entire world. While it is an important part, it cannot be compared to the actual Creation Energy. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?”

After her speech, the Sidhe Queen’s thoughts, that seemed to have been sealed off by her earlier, reopened. Zhou Weiqing was able to sense the changes in her emotions once again.

Looking at the Sidhe Queen, Zhou Weiqing smiled as well, “At first, I assumed that because you rarely come in contact with the external world, your way of thinking would be as pure as you are. I still feel the same way, but you are very intelligent. I believe that the choice you make will be the most ideal one. I hate conflicts - as long as the sidhe does not start a war, the Peerless Sect is willing to become allies with the sidhe. Didn't you mention that the ancient tree of life is able to move around? If you're willing, your entire race can migrate to the Heavenly Bow Empire. With the evolution, I believe that we still have a long life ahead of the both of us. Let us join forces and guard the peace that we cherish and love, shall we?”

The Sidhe Queen narrowed her eyes at him, “I have a feeling that your motive isn't that simple though.”

Zhou  Weiqing  chuckled,  “Human  beings  are  selfish  by nature. The reason why I channeled my Saint Energy into you was because you sacrificed your precious Sidhe Heart to save me, and ended up weakening your body as a result. It was a way of repaying my debt to you. However, I do not owe the ancient tree of life anything. That big fella has benefited a great deal from me and almost fully drained me of my energy. Take it as a form of repayment to me by moving it there.”

The Sidhe Queen paused for a moment before gently nodding her head, “Ok, it's a promise.”

Looking at her, Zhou Weiqing immediately looked shocked. To be honest, he casually said that as a joke. He did not expect the Sidhe Queen to even agree, let alone agree that readily. She did not even seem to have the intention to discuss the matter with the elders of the sidhe. The Sidhe Queen sensed his thoughts and smiled. “What is there to discuss about? The ancient tree of life had already evolved, none of the sidhe will go against my wishes. Furthermore, I believe that migrating to your country will benefit the sidhe greatly. I am a very far-sighted person.”

Looking at the cheeky smile on the Sidhe Queen's face, Zhou Weiqing got slightly excited and it nearly triggered some dirty thoughts. Fortunately, he managed to hold himself back and suppressed them. However, he immediately got excited once again - what would it signify in the event that the sidhe's sealed grounds moved over to the Heavenly Bow Empire?

Putting the sidhe's power aside, just a small leak of the massive vitality of the ancient tree of life alone was sufficient to allow the people of the Heavenly Bow Empire to be well-fed and to live comfortably in peace and happiness.

“Moving the ancient tree of life there is not difficult, but moving it together with the sealed grounds where it is rooted in is difficult. It requires some time and cannot be done immediately,” said the Sidhe Queen.

Zhou Weiqing hurriedly replied, “There’s no need to hurry.
We have plenty of time, I can wait.” “Weiqing.”  At this time, a few overjoyed voices were heard. Zhou Weiqing turned around and saw the three Shangguan sisters, Tian’er, as well as Little Witch, rushing over to him.

Even though the other members of the sidhe did not dare to approach them, his wives couldn’t care less. Naturally, the First Elder of the sidhe did not stop them either. Even though the Sidhe Queen had not told them about her experiences from that trip, the fact that she was still holding onto Zhou Weiqing’s hand said it all.

Shangguan Xue’er and the other ladies stood before Zhou Weiqing. Initially, their faces were full of excitement, but when they saw Zhou Weiqing holding the Sidhe Queen’s hand, they couldn’t help but widened their eyes. All five pairs of eyes stared at both their hands, unable to take their gazes away.

Under normal circumstances, any woman who saw their husband holding onto another woman’s hand would have given him a tight slap on his face, or show signs of extreme and negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, etc. However, upon seeing that, Shangguan Xue’er, Tian’er, and the other women’s first reaction was admiration.

Indeed, it was admiration. They all had similar thoughts, coupled with the fact that Zhou Weiqing did have remarkable combat successes under his belt. Hence, at this very moment, they felt that there was nothing else Zhou Weiqing was not capable of doing. He even managed to win the Sidhe Queen over in just one month. Indeed, it had already been a month since Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen had left the sealed grounds to chase the enemy.

Zhou Weiqing was unaware of what they were thinking. He simply had an awkward look on his face at this moment. The main point was that he was innocent! This time, he truly did not have any intention to start an affair! He had no other choice - the Sidhe Queen was holding onto his hand so tightly and did not want to let it go. He couldn’t possibly struggle forcefully to let go of her hand.

The Sidhe Queen smiled and nodded at the five women, “Please  don’t  overthink.  There  is  no  underlying  meaning. Please hold on for a moment.”

As she spoke, she grabbed Zhou Weiqing and flew to the sky. As it had always been Zhou Weiqing leading her when he brought them back via the Spatial Shuttle, he did not notice the changes in the Sidhe Queen’s body. As she was pulling him along with her as she flew, Zhou Weiqing was shocked to find that the Sidhe Queen’s body had become slightly taller and more slender - she was at least half a head taller than before. What was most phenomenal was the fact that the two pairs of transparent wings that she had on her back became three pairs at this moment. With a faint golden light around her, she looked very graceful and noble, while exuding a supreme dignified presence. Certainly, the dignified aura was directed towards others - Zhou Weiqing could only faintly sense it. At the same time, he could clearly sense her gentleness towards him.

A majority of the members of the sidhe only saw the Sidhe Queen and Zhou Weiqing returning to the sealed grounds - they did not see them holding hands. However at this moment, when the Sidhe Queen appeared in mid-air while holding onto Zhou Weiqing’s hand, every single one of them was dumbfounded.

Not only was the Sidhe Queen the supreme leader of the sidhe, she was also the symbol of purity. Never mind touching a male human being, even a male sidhe was not qualified to touch her. However, she was actually holding onto Zhou Weiqing’s hand. This was completely unbelievable to them.

The twelve elders who were standing right at the front did not have to kneel or bow. They looked at each other in dismay and were entirely speechless. Of course, they could tell that the Sidhe Queen willingly held Zhou Weiqing’s hand. Most importantly, the successful evolution of the ancient tree of life over the past one month brought immense joy to them. Otherwise, these elders would have long erupted in anger.

Just like what the Sidhe Queen had said, the evolution of the ancient tree of life had signified her elevated status within the tribe. Hence, at this moment, nobody dared to violate her honor. They could only wait in silence for her orders.

With her right hand holding onto Zhou Weiqing’s hand, she lifted her left hand slowly. The rich golden Life Energy immediately rushed forth. Thereafter, her left hand gestured outwards. A layer of faint golden light was formed, transforming into a faint golden halo that started spreading out.

At this moment, there were thousands of sidhe gathered in this place. Under the expanding halo, all the sidhe were gradually enveloped within it. When the life aura, that was filled with creation property, descended, every single sidhe could clearly feel their already abundant vitality increase further. “Long live Your Majesty!”  Cheers erupted like tidal waves - even the twelve elders subconsciously knelt down the moment they felt the rich Life Saint Energy spread from the sky. As the leaders of the tribe, they had the greatest understanding with regards to the type of energy that was being released by the Sidhe Queen - it was the Life Saint Energy that one could possess only when the Sidhe Heart was being released! At this
very moment, it was actually casually released by the Sidhe Queen. The evolution of the ancient tree of life had an extraordinary significance to the sidhe; it could even cause the Sidhe Queen’s power to increase by leaps and bounds. At this moment, these elders had absolutely no way of determining how powerful she was right now.

“Rise, my people.” The Sidhe Queen’s gentle voice resonated through the air, allowing every single sidhe to hear her clearly. Her gentle and captivating voice elicited a sense of allegiance in their hearts.

None of the sidhe dared to go against her command, all of them got up in a uniform manner.

The Sidhe Queen looked at her people with gentle eyes, like how a mother would look at her children. The golden light on her body had become more intense, causing Zhou Weiqing to also glow in a layer of rich golden light.

“My people, I believe all of you have witnessed the miracle. Indeed, our ancient tree of life has finally evolved after thousands of years. To our tribe, it could be described as a miracle.”

The Sidhe Queen’s simple sentence stirred up the crowd in an instant, triggering loud cheers to erupt on the spot. Every single one of them looked at the Sidhe Queen with zeal in their eyes. Even Zhou Weiqing was able to clearly sense the firm belief that the Sidhe had in their Queen.

The Sidhe Queen was all smiles as she looked at her people who were filled with excitement. After a long pause, she slowly lifted her left hand and gestured for them to stop. Even though there was a large population of sidhe present, they all quietened down immediately upon her gesture.

“I think that everyone must be very curious about what happened during the period of time I was gone, as well as the reason behind the ancient tree of life’s evolution. I will now tell you everything. Before I go into detail, let me introduce a man to you first. He is none other than Zhou Weiqing, the person standing next to me, mankind’s greatest Heavenly Jewel Master of the future.”

As she spoke, the Sidhe Queen had already shifted her gaze to Zhou Weiqing. The zeal in the sidhe’s eyes was immediately replaced with shock. At the same time, their gazes were fixated on him.

Zhou Weiqing gave a slight nod, as a way of greeting members of the Sidhe. He shared a telepathic connection with the Sidhe Queen, hence naturally, he knew what she was going to do next. As he secretly felt deeply moved, at the same time, he continued coordinating with her.

The Sidhe Queen continued, “Everyone must be wondering why I am holding onto a man’s hand. It was because of him that our ancient tree of life evolved; it was also him who saved my daughter. He is the great benefactor of our tribe, and he will forever be the sidhe’s most esteemed ally!”

Hearing the Sidhe Queen’s words, immediately, the look on all their faces changed, as well as their gazes that were upon Zhou Weiqing.

A human being actually helped the ancient tree of life evolve? Initially, the sidhe were filled with disbelief. Seconds later, their rationality told them that the Sidhe Queen would not say such things wildly. The Sidhe Queen continued, “I know it’s very hard for everyone to believe what I just said, but let me assure you that it is the truth. The other day, Zhou Weiqing and I managed to catch up with the enemy who abducted my daughter, and defeated him. When the enemy used the Princess as a hostage,
he did everything he could to protect your little Princess at all costs, even if it resulted in him being misunderstood by me. And because I misunderstood him, I had severely injured him. After killing the enemy, he was already on the verge of death.”

Having heard what the Sidhe Queen said, the twelve elders looked ashamed. The sidhe were normally kind-hearted by nature, but over the past few days, they had kept Zhou Weiqing’s wives in captivity, while Zhou Weiqing, on the other hand, had paid such a huge price to rescue their Princess.

The Sidhe Queen added, “Our race will never return a kind act with enmity. I couldn’t possibly watch the man who saved my daughter lose his life. At that time, Zhou Weiqing’s injuries were severe. As there were no other alternative, I had no choice but to use the Sidhe Heart.”

The moment she said that, it caused a commotion amongst the sidhe, as they knew what the Sidhe Heart meant to the sidhe. At once, chaos ensued. “Be quiet! Let Her Majesty finish her words,”  shouted the First Elder. A strong suppressive aura was released from him thereafter. He could infer from the evolution of the ancient tree of life, as well as the Life Saint Energy that was released from the Sidhe Queen, that things were not that simple.

The First Elder occupied a very high status within the sidhe, and hence he was able to quell the ongoing commotion, causing everyone to quieten down.

The Sidhe Queen seemed to have expected such a situation to happen. She looked extremely calm and collected. After the commotion had died down, she calmly continued, “You must be thinking that I had given him too much, right? However, let me tell you - compared to what Zhou Weiqing had sacrificed for us, what I did was only a drop in the ocean. The ancient tree of life behind me is the living proof.”

“After I had saved Zhou Weiqing, he discovered that I was in an extremely weak state. Hence, he used his Saint Energy to administer treatment on me. Saint Energy is the most powerful Attribute in the entire world; it possesses the power of creation, as well as Creation Energy. I can safely tell everyone that I have officially become an Empress - I can use the Sidhe Heart more than once. All the functions of the Sidhe Heart had been completely embedded in my body. All of this was because of Zhou Weiqing.

As she spoke, the golden light around the Sidhe Queen, no, the Sidhe Empress’ six transparent wings became brighter, allowing every single one of her people to see them more clearly.

The six wings signified her evolution into the Sidhe Empress. In the history of the Sidhe, it had been several thousand years since the emergence of a Sidhe Empress. Not only was the Sidhe Empress required to be a Max Level Heavenly God, she also needed the support of an evolved ancient tree of life.

The Sidhe Empress gave off an invisible majestic force - the suppressive aura was so strong that all the sidhe fell to their knees once again.

“From now on, Zhou Weiqing’s commands are my commands. As our ally, from today onwards, he has access to all our resources and is free to use them. Defying this order will be regarded as treason!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The sidhe were not the only ones shocked - Zhou Weiqing’s wives were equally shocked by the news as well.

Although they were aware of the fact that Zhou Weiqing had already established relations with the sidhe the moment they saw him holding hands with the Sidhe Empress, they never imagined that the Sidhe Empress would treat him that well to such an extent. Right now, Zhou Weiqing’s status in the sidhe was equivalent to a King. They were completely stunned when the Sidhe Empress said that he was free to use all of their resources. Naturally, they assumed that Zhou Weiqing had an affair with the Sidhe Empress - they would never believe that there was nothing going on between the two of them.

However, as Zhou Weiqing’s women, even if they were jealous or unhappy, they were absolutely not allowed to voice their displeasure at this moment. At most, they could only throw daggers at him with their eyes.

Only at this moment, the Sidhe Empress had finally released Zhou Weiqing’s hand. She held out one hand before saying, “Weiqing, please visit the ancient tree of life with your wives. I believe there are still some matters we ought to discuss about.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, “Alright.” Following the Sidhe Empress’ lead, Zhou Weiqing and his wives directly entered the canopy of the ancient tree of life. As for the other members of the Sidhe, they had not recovered from their shock. Of course, it would not take long before they came around. The Sidhe Queen had already evolved to a Sidhe
Empress - regardless of any decisions she made, not a single sidhe would dare to disobey her orders.

A day later.

“Little  Fatty  Zhou,  this  is  so  unlike  you!  Is  there  really nothing between you and the Sidhe Empress?”  As they were flying in mid-air, Shangguan Fei’er looked at Zhou Weiqing, who was filled with helplessness, in disbelief.

After spending a full day at the secret meeting with the Sidhe Empress, they were finally on their way home. When the meeting had just begun, due to the fact that the Sidhe Empress could sense Zhou Weiqing’s awkwardness, she immediately explained everything to the five women, stating that Zhou Weiqing and her would be nothing more than a friend and an ally. She even made an agreement with them that if Zhou Weiqing were to have a son in future, she would be willing to marry her Sidhe Princess off to him. Perhaps because the Sidhe Princess had absorbed too much pure Saint Energy, she was still in a deep slumber. As she was shrouded by the ancient tree of life’s massive Life Energy, she was slowly absorbing the Saint Energy. It was believed that she would experience a faster growth. However, to human beings,
the very long lifespan of the sidhe was sufficient for her to wait for Zhou Weiqing’s future son to grow into adulthood.

“I really did not have an affair! I am an honest person. Didn’t Her  Majesty  already  explain  everything?”   Zhou  Weiqing looked pitifully at the five women.

However, even the gentle Shangguan Bing’er shot him a disdainful glance.

Shangguan Fei’er scoffed, “Only heaven knows whether or not she was covering up your lies. If nothing happened between the both of you, why did she agree that easily to move the whole sidhe to the Heavenly Bow Empire, and even……”

Zhou Weiqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am being falsely accused! Darling Fei’er, I am truly not having an affair this time. You have been interrogating me since we left the sealed grounds. Please let me off. I am already very contented to have the five of you by my side. I don’t want to bring any unnecessary trouble upon myself.” Little Witch needed Zhou Weiqing to carry her during the flight, hence she continuously stayed by his side. She laughed, “Is that really so? She’s THE Sidhe Queen. With a partner like her, even I myself feel good just thinking about it. Are you sure you can let go of this opportunity?”

Chapter284 - The Eleventh Piece of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’

“I……” Under the burning gaze of the five women, Zhou Weiqing had no way out, “Alright, I give up. Frankly speaking, it is impossible for me to say that it never crossed my mind at all. I am a man, after all. However, the moment I thought of my wives, I did my best to restrain my thoughts. Besides, the Sidhe Empress is the supreme leader of the sidhe, as well as the purest being. There was no way she would allow me to do anything to her! I swear to the heavens that if I did anything to the Sidhe Empress, all of you will stop loving me. I’m sure this oath is sufficiently cruel, right?”

After hearing what he said, even Shangguan Fei’er, who had continuously interrogated him, stopped pursuing the matter at once. She laughed and said, “Fine. Since you behaved yourself, I will reward you when we’re back.”

Tian’er casually added, “Yeah, I can attest to the fact that nothing happened between the Sidhe Empress and him. Even though the Sidhe Empress had also received Weiqing’s Saint Energy, it was different from the one that we received when we were physically intimate with him. It was merely superficial. There wasn’t any scent left behind by Weiqing on the Sidhe Empress’ body. Due to the fact that I had cultivated the Saint Energy with Weiqing, I was able to sense it.” Zhou Weiqing stared speechlessly at Tian’er, “Darling, why didn’t you tell them earlier?”

Tian’er  blinked  her  eyes  and  said,  “They  didn’t  ask  me! Furthermore, since you are such a womanizer, you ought to be taught a lesson from time to time.”

“You……” Zhou Weiqing was slightly exasperated.

Tian’er burst out laughing, “You want to beat me up, huh? Come at me then!” She stuck her chest out at him as she spoke.

“Alright, alright. I give up.” Zhou Weiqing looked indignantly at the five women who were giggling amongst themselves. “My life is going to get harder from now on. It’s alright, all of you can gang up against me. Be careful, one day I might just run away.”

“Don’t you dare,” said the five women in unison.

Due to his elevated cultivation base, their journey back to the Heavenly Bow Empire was much faster than their journey to the sealed grounds. In just a few days’ time, they had returned to the Heavenly Bow Empire. Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were still in secluded meditation with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, and Ming Yu had already returned to the frontlines a while back. The Bai Da Empire had been very peaceful as of late. Even then, every single person would rather err on the side of caution than be
careless. After all, even if the Heavenly Bow Empire had annexed the Kalise Empire, it still could not be compared to a typically powerful empire such as the Bai Da Empire.

The first thing that Zhou Weiqing did was to pay a visit to his godfather and his father. After he had made sure that everything was fine within the Heavenly Bow Empire, he proceeded to visit Duan Tianlang’s place of residence.

Since he had brought the most important ingredient, the Sidhe Empress’ blood, back with him, without a doubt, his next step was to create the Consolidating Equipment Scroll of the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set with Duan Tianlang. Zhou Weiqing was not sure about how long it would take, but he could well imagine how difficult it would be.

“Senior Uncle, I am back.”  Zhou Weiqing knocked on the door. “Did you bring it back?” Zhou Weiqing heard Duan Tianlang’s eager voice first, before seeing him. The door opened and Duan Tianlang’s unshaven face emerged from behind it. Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing, he pulled him into the room immediately.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Of course I brought it back. With me handling the task personally, how could it possibly fail? The Sidhe even promised me that I am free to use their resources whenever I want to.”

Duan  Tianlang  scoffed  at  him,  “Sure,  keep  on  bragging. Quick,  pass  me  the  item!”   Duan  Tianlang  got  himself  all excited the moment he heard Zhou Weiqing mention that he brought the Sidhe Empress’ blood back with him.

Zhou Weiqing passed the bottle of the Sidhe Empress’ blood to Duan Tianlang and asked, “Senior Uncle, how’s the design coming along? As well as the other materials.”

Duan Tianlang chuckled, “Everything is ready, except for the precious thing that you brought back.” Looking at the small green bottle that Zhou Weiqing had passed to him, Duan Tianlang turned around and walked to his workstation before pointing at the table. Zhou Weiqing walked over and indeed, the design on the table was different from before. Even though the original design was almost perfect, some of the details were still unrefined. The current design on his table was a lot more elaborate in comparison.

The design was so complicated that it would cause an ordinary person to feel dizzy with blurred vision upon seeing it. It was almost impossible to distinguish the lines, but on the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were beaming as he was looking at it.

Duan Tianlang held onto the small bottle containing the Sidhe Empress’ blood tightly. His face became solemn, “Weiqing, everything is ready right now. All that’s left is the final step. I have confidence in my experience, but I am lacking in terms of cultivation. One has to at least be of the Heavenly Emperor Stage in order to create the final Consolidating Equipment Scroll of an eleven-piece Legendary Set. Hence, I can only guide you from the side. You need to complete this final step on your own. This is going to be a very long process, and there must be no pauses in between. You must prepare yourself for this.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Duan Tianlang and nodded resolutely, “Senior Uncle, don’t you worry - I have the ability to control Time Reversal and will be able to correct my mistakes in time, if needed. Additionally, my cultivation base has been elevated once again after the trip to the Sidhe. I am this close to becoming a Max Level Heavenly Emperor now. I am confident that I will succeed, and will definitely not disappoint
you. However, you have to promise me that upon the
completion of the final piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, you will definitely take good care of your health. Give me a chance to be filial to you, ok?

Duan Tianlang smiled, “Silly boy, did you think that I want to die that badly? Moreover, apart from creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, I now have another wish.”

“Oh? What is it?” Zhou Weiqing looked at him in surprise. In his eyes, Duan Tianlang had no other hobbies apart from creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

Duan Tianlang replied, “My other wish is to watch you continuously create miracles.”

Bam —— Zhou Weiqing felt warm blood surge through him and a burning sensation in his eyes. Tears started to well up in his eyes, “Senior Uncle……” “Alright, pull yourself together. We are about to start. Leave the process of making the Consolidating Ink to me. You should ease your mind first, and make sure you’re in your best condition.”

“Yes.”  Zhou  Weiqing  answered  respectfully.  He  sat  cross- legged in front of Duan Tianlang’s workstation and entered the state of cultivation.

Duan Tianlang walked over to the other side and carefully took out a palm-sized alms bowl. Its body was entirely transparent, in a shade of emerald green. It was an imperial green glass type of jade, or otherwise known as the purest grade of jade. It did not only represent life aura, it also possessed the highest prestige amongst all gems. Only a material of such quality could support and keep the numerous valuable ingredients under control, in order to carry out the process of making the Consolidating Ink.

Duan Tianlang’s eyes were filled with waves of emotions as he gently stroked the alms bowl. The alms bowl had a beautiful name, called ‘Jade Tide’. After getting his hands on this treasure, Duan Tianlang had barely used it. Ever since he became a God Tier Master, he had only used it five times in total. During the last two times, he used it to make the final piece of Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set, as well as the tenth piece of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The Consolidating Ink that he created using Jade Tide during the first five times were of the highest quality, thus helping him complete the process of creating the scrolls.

However, in Duan Tianlang’s eyes, even if he added the first five Consolidating Ink that he made together, they wouldn’t be able to compare to the current one. The Consolidating Ink that he was about to create was going to be the most important one in his entire life.

Zhou Weiqing had always been very grateful to Duan Tianlang. However, he was unaware that Duan Tianlang was equally grateful for his existence in his life. Duan Tianlang, a God Tier Master, was the only successor of The Legacy of Strength lineage. Despite his close relations with Long Shiya, he would not favor Zhou Weiqing because of it. The only reason why he had worked his heart out for Zhou Weiqing was actually because of his own relationship with Zhou Weiqing.

Firstly, Zhou Weiqing was the most likely person to become a God Tier Master within the Legacy of Strength lineage, and the facts had already proven this point. He had officially become a God Tier Master. At the same time, he had even managed to help Duan Tianlang fulfill a few of his most important wishes, which were also his biggest regrets.

The appearance of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set itself had reignited Duan Tianlang’s hope and given him a new lease of life. During that moment, he was shocked and deeply moved at the same time. Till now, those feelings had not dwindled a single bit.

One could imagine how important it was for Duan Tianlang, as a God Tier Master, to help Zhou Weiqing create the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, and being able to see it exist at the same time as the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set.

Without Zhou Weiqing, Duan Tianlang might have worked himself to death. After all, Zhou Weiqing had given him two more chances at life by channeling Saint Energy into his body, allowing him to finally have the ability to become a higher level God Tier Master, who could personally design and create a Legendary Set that consisted of eleven pieces.

After all, Duan Tianlang was only a Heavenly King, and under no circumstances could he advance to the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Furthermore, there had never been any Heavenly King God Tier Master who had designed the eleventh piece of a Legendary Set, in the whole history of Consolidating Equipment Masters. This was an absolute miracle - making it happen, completing its design, about to personally create the Consolidating Equipment Scroll of the Legendary Set, Duan Tianlang could die happy, with not a single regret.

As he turned around and looked at Zhou Weiqing who was sitting upright, in the midst of getting himself into his best condition wholeheartedly, Duan Tianlang had a resolute look in his eyes. There was only one chance and they must succeed - there was no room for failure.

Carefully holding and lifting Jade Tide in his hands, Duan Tianlang slowly closed his eyes and quickly entered a meditative state. This was also one of the advantages that Saint Energy had provided him - he did not require too much time to enter his best state. Naturally, this was referring to his state of mind, not his cultivation.

Suddenly, Duan Tianlang opened his eyes abruptly. Two rays of light beamed from his eyes; he suddenly rubbed both his hands together, pushing his left hand inwards and his right hand outwards. Under the support of the dense silver Spatial Heavenly Energy, Jade Tide started spinning violently in the air. An emerald green halo instantly spread out from within it. Duan Tianlang’s entire being seemed to have entered an unusual state. An intense silver light was constantly released from his body, channeling into Jade Tide. The Heavenly Energy ripples within the room became more intense as well.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing sensed it and slowly opened his eyes. Naturally, he would not disturb Duan Tianlang. He merely stood up quietly and observed from a distance. Duan Tianlang’s cultivation base might not be as high as his, but in the aspect of consolidating equipment, his abilities were far from Duan Tianlang’s. Zhou Weiqing could only become a God Tier Master because of his innate talent - he did not have to put in much effort. He needed to learn from Duan Tianlang, who was very experienced and skillful.

The Jade Tide spun vigorously before Duan Tianlang. Gradually, the emerald green light that was emitted from Jade Tide merged with the Spatial Heavenly Energy, and transformed into a greenish silver light.

What was even more strange were the changes around the rim of Jade Tide. The greenish silver light took on the shape of a funnel - its stem extended all the way down into Jade Tide. A tiny black hole, about the size of a fingernail, could vaguely be seen at the tip of the stem.

Duan Tianlang moved. Suddenly, his hands metamorphosed countless rays of solid-like light. However, despite the rapid speed, they were very stable.

Rays of light continuously channeled from the greenish silver whirlpool within the Jade Tide into the black hole. Strangely enough, even though a majority of valuable materials were generally large in size, once they entered the whirlpool, they would immediately vanish without a trace.

Duan Tianlang’s speed was too fast. It was not only fast, there was also a rhythm to it. Due to the rapid speed, from a distance away, all that could be seen was colored light constantly falling gracefully into the Jade Tide from his illusion-like hands.

As more light rays entered the Jade Tide, the emerald green shade of the beautiful alms bowl became richer. The speed it was spinning at kept increasing as well, as it continuously engulfed the valuable materials. Zhou Weiqing’s will had already spread to the outside of the room, forming a natural barrier - not only could it prevent outsiders from spying on them, it could also prevent the Heavenly Energy ripples and the aura of the valuable materials from escaping the room, during the process of creating the Consolidating Ink.

This was clearly necessary. Otherwise, it could easily attract the attention of Heavenly Beasts within a huge area. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing was not afraid of the threat of Heavenly Beasts, but it was better to prevent any forms of disturbances during his Senior Uncle’s ink-making process.

Zhou Weiqing was currently a High Level Heavenly Emperor, almost reaching the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage. However, at this moment, the astonishment in his eyes continuously grew stronger.

That was because he clearly noticed how terrifying the energy ripples, that were constantly rising within the Jade Tide, were. He was absolutely sure that if the Jade Tide were to detonate, it would completely obliterate the Heavenly Bow Empire, and that was considered the best case scenario. One could imagine just how strong the energy ripples within the Jade Tide were. Originally, when Duan Tianlang ordered Zhou Weiqing to retrieve the Sidhe Empress’ blood, he had assumed that the most important ingredient was the Sidhe Empress’ blood, and that the other materials needed were much less important in comparison. However, from the looks of it, he was wrong. The process of making the Consolidating Ink had only started, but the energy ripples within the alms bowl were already that intense, to the extent that a Max Level Heavenly Emperor like him was shocked. One could well imagine how terrifying the energy contained within the other valuable

Zhou Weiqing’s judgment was impeccable - even though he did not know most of the valuable treasures that Duan Tianlang was using, the few that he recognized were sufficient for him to affirm his initial speculations. For instance, he had seen a fist-sized crystal clear Nucleus Core that was emitting a rich fiery red light earlier. When Duan Tianlang was tossing that Nucleus Core into the alms bowl, the fiery red halo in the surroundings was completely solidified, as though it was covered in a layer of solid halo. According to Zhou Weiqing’s judgment, it was the Nucleus Core of a Heavenly Beast in the Heavenly God Stage.

If he were to absorb a Nucleus Core as such, he would be able to steadily reach the Max Level Heavenly God Stage! However, Duan Tianlang was only using it for a mere Consolidating Ink. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had a sudden epiphany - the eleventh piece of a Legendary Set alone was worth more than the first ten pieces combined. Most of the valuable treasures that his Senior Uncle was using were not bought by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace; they were accumulated over the years by The Legacy of Strength lineage.

Subconsciously, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze fell upon Duan Tianlang, who had a determined and resolute look in his eyes. He focused his entire attention on the Jade Tide, and his entire being released some sort of invisible qi field, akin to a gigantic mountain keeping guard.

Zhou Weiqing pursed his lips slightly. His gaze had softened significantly. During the process, his pupils had constricted into pinpoints. He had resolved to put in his best effort to complete the Consolidating Equipment Scroll as if his life depended on it, regardless of how great the obstacles might be. That was the only way he could make his Senior Uncle’s painstaking efforts worthwhile, and fulfill his Senior Uncle’s greatest wish.

The emerald green light that was released from the Jade Tide made it look as though it was a small dazzling emerald green sun. It was also releasing an extremely strong fragrance, that was filled with life aura, as well as the energy ripples of all the attributes that Zhou Weiqing knew of. Furthermore, every single one of them was extremely pure.

Zhou Weiqing could easily purify a single attribute, However, it was impossible for him to purify them as a whole. He was able to assimilate all the attributes via Saint Energy, but it was impossible to break apart every single attribute and purify them separately.

Zhou Weiqing was unable to do it, and clearly, Duan Tianlang was unable to do it as well. However, it was only made possible because of the Jade Tide, which was worthy to be deemed as a magical treasure by Consolidating Equipment Masters. This was also the reason why Duan Tianlang was confident in completing the creation of the Consolidating Ink as long as all the materials were gathered. Even the three great God Tier Masters of Heavenly Jewel Island’s Heaven’s Expanse Palace did not possess treasures of that quality. It would require the three of them to work together just to create a Consolidating Ink of that level. Even so, they might not necessarily succeed on the first attempt.

If not for the protection of Zhou Weiqing’s will, Heavenly Jewel Masters with a high cultivation base within a dozen mile radius would have detected the strong energy ripples, particularly the dense aura of the valuable treasures, that would induce envy in anyone.

Time went by. Duan Tianlang’s expression gradually became more grave. When the speed at which the Jade Tide was spinning at had reached its limit, it lowered abruptly, as though it became heavier. Black fine cracks kept appearing in the air surrounding the Jade Tide - space was being torn apart.

Clearly, the energy within the Jade Tide was too massive, to the point where it seemed too much for the Jade Tide to bear. Beads of sweat began trickling down Duan Tianlang’s forehead; his clothes were fully drenched in his sweat. The Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy that erupted from his body kept getting stronger and stronger, but his hands were getting slower.

It was the first time in his life carrying out such a process to create the Consolidating Ink. Even though he had done several simulations and had thought of several different situations that could possibly happen, he was still having a hard time due to the enormous pressure upon starting the actual process.

I cannot fail, I definitely cannot fail. There is only one batch of materials, and if I fail, nobody knows how long it’ll take before I am able to start my second attempt. Furthermore, Duan Tianlang was positive that he only had one chance. Even though the Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing channeled into his body was sufficient to save his life, his energy was limited - he had exhausted most of it over several years of creating Consolidating Inks, to the point where he almost died. If he were to fail this time, he had absolutely no courage to attempt it again. Admittedly, it was possible for him to guide Zhou
Weiqing through the process, but that would mean that he would not be the one to personally make it!

Duan Tianlang seemed to toss in a treasure into the Jade Tide every few minutes, with each interval longer than the previous one. Every time he tossed a new ingredient in, the Jade Tide seemed to become heavier and heavier, as it sunk from its original position in mid-air. Upon seeing that, Zhou Weiqing broke into cold sweat.

At this time, Zhou Weiqing did not dare to intervene at all - he did not even dare to channel any Saint Energy into Duan Tianlang’s body. Duan Tianlang was like a taut bowstring; if he were to be disturbed a little, it might cause him to snap.

Finally, Duan Tianlang extended both his hands and two golden fruits landed into Jade Tide. After a dull hum was heard, the Jade Tide stopped spinning and abruptly descended to the ground.

Duan  Tianlang  shouted,  “Arise!”   His  right  foot  suddenly stomped on the ground and terrifying Heavenly Energy erupted in an instant. A silverish white light channeled straight into the Jade Tide without any reservation, causing it to stop an inch before hitting the ground.

However, at this moment, unstable energy ripples erupted above the Jade Tide that had stopped spinning. The emerald green light flickered and a few fine cracks started appearing at the top, looking as though it was about to shatter. A circle of black light appeared in the surroundings of the Jade Tide, making it seem like it was about to break the space open and escape. A mouthful of blood spurted out of Duan Tianlang’s mouth and landed onto the Jade Tide. Zhou Weiqing, who was observing at the side, immediately clenched both fists tightly, resisting the urge to rush over to stop his Senior Uncle.

After getting splattered on by Duan Tianlang’s blood, the Jade Tide glowed with emerald green light immediately as it slowly started spinning once again. However, the cracks on its body continued multiplying more rapidly, looking as though it was going to shatter at any moment.

However, at this time, Zhou Weiqing caught a glimpse of a smile on Duan Tianlang’s face. Indeed, he was smiling, albeit a faint one. He was surprisingly satisfied with the outcome.

Duan Tianlang took out a small emerald green bottle with his trembling hands. The lid opened and three drops of brightly colored blood that was rich in life aura trickled into the Jade Tide. It was indeed the Sidhe Empress’ blood that Zhou Weiqing brought back with him. Upon receiving the Sidhe Empress’ blood, cracks that were rapidly multiplying stopped forming immediately on the Jade Tide’s body. Seconds later, the entire room had become a shade of emerald green. As though boiling oil was channeled into the Jade Tide, pure energy of all the different attributes hissed loudly. Thereafter, an intense emerald green light shot up into the sky like an enormous dragon, smashing through the roof of the house.

Zhou Weiqing deactivated his will almost immediately as he could clearly sense that the ray of light was not something that could be blocked by his will. If they collided, his will would be shattered. One could well imagine how powerful the Consolidating Ink was.

“Weiqing,  restrict  it,  it  wants  to  escape!”   shouted  Duan Tianlang as loud as he could. At the same time, his Jade Tide had lost all its luster and fell to the ground.

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was fast - the moment he heard Duan Tianlang, he dashed out immediately.

When the emerald green light shot up to the sky, Zhou Weiqing could sense a sudden burst of aura that was on the same level as a Heavenly God. After the emerald green light had entered the air, it started absorbing energy ripples of all types of attributes that were present in a frenzy like an enormous devouring vortex. It was a lot more savage compared to Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill. The attributes present in the air had absolutely no way of resisting it.

His figure flashed and Zhou Weiqing appeared outside of the house. The moment he saw the emerald green light, he was shocked. The emerald green light had transformed into an enormous dragon that was approximately a hundred meters long. It soared into the sky, displaying its fangs and claws.

However, it was different from the other enormous dragons that Zhou Weiqing had seen before. This jade dragon’s entire being was crystal clear, as though it was carved from a piece of jade. Its body continuously released circles of emerald green halos that were absorbing energy of all kinds of attributes to enhance its body. It had nine claws under its abdomen and a pair of horns on its head. Whenever it moved, a series of cracks would appear in the surrounding space. From the looks of it, it was a lot more intimidating compared to the Terror Sea Dragon that Zhou Weiqing had encountered from before.

Zhou Weiqing snorted coldly. He gestured with his right hand and a ray of brilliant astral light erupted from his body. In an instant, the entire sky within the Heavenly Bow Empire was pitch black, and specks of starlight appeared. It only took a second for him to isolate every single attribute energy in the air.

What was his current cultivation base? Nearly Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage! Furthermore, he shared a life with the Sidhe Empress. He was extremely powerful - if he was pitted against the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, he would not lose to him in any way. His Saint Energy had been purified to the point where it was almost reaching the white gold level. Even though it was not on par with Creation Saint Energy, it was continuously getting closer. It could be considered as the purest Saint Energy in the world - even much stronger than the Sidhe Empress’ Life Saint Energy. This was also the reason why the Sidhe Empress was rather afraid of Zhou Weiqing, as well as one of the reasons why she would rather continue living in seclusion with her entire tribe.

The sky abruptly darkened, and all the energy of the different attributes vanished in an instant, causing the jade dragon to be stunned for a moment. Immediately after, it panicked. Its enormous body swayed in the sky, and a silver light abruptly appeared. A layer of intense silver light erupted from its body, covering it entirely. Seconds later, a gigantic black hole appeared in front of it. “Trying to escape?”  Without a doubt, the jade dragon felt threatened and wanted to tear space apart and escape using the Spatial Attribute - one of the attributes he possessed.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing would not let it get what it wanted. Based on his current cultivation base, after being shocked for a brief moment, he had understood how the jade dragon appeared.

The treasures from before had formed its body and the Sidhe Empress’ blood gave it life. This dragon could be said to be an intimidating existence that was formed from atmospheric energy. If it freely absorbed the atmospheric energy present, it could possibly possess its own intellect within a specific period of time. By then, nobody would be able to subdue it. A Heavenly God possessing every single attribute - how intimidating would that be? It could even cultivate Saint Energy on its own and leave this world.

Not all the Consolidating Ink of the eleventh piece of every Legendary Set would result in such a situation. However, almost all of them could develop intelligence as a result of a myriad of precious treasures used.

Even though Duan Tianlang knew the method to create such Consolidating Inks, he had no experience after all. Even the founders of The Legacy of Strength lineage did not impart their knowledge of it in any ancient books or records. If it were the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they would definitely set up a huge formation, as well as dispatch a massive army to keep guard, when creating a Consolidating Ink of that level. Clearly, Duan Tianlang was unaware. If not for Zhou Weiqing’s high cultivation base, all the effort he put in earlier would have gone to waste.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was excited, instead of angry. Considering the fact that the Consolidating Ink itself was already that formidable, how much more intimidating would the Consolidating Equipment Scroll be? He could not speculate based on imagination alone. What he wanted to do right now was to capture the jade dragon before starting the process to create the Consolidating Equipment Scroll.

Zhou Weiqing took a step forward in the air. Just before the jade dragon entered the black hole, he appeared right in front of it. Zhou Weiqing waved his right hand and the black hole behind him was obliterated by a layer of bright golden light from his palm, as though it had never appeared. He threw a punch with his left fist directly onto the jade dragon’s head.

Only Zhou Weiqing had the guts to pull off something like that. If it were some other Heavenly Emperor, they would probably worry about getting sucked into the black hole first. Zhou Weiqing was absolutely not afraid - he was able to perform Spatial Shuttle and he had grasped Astral Saint Energy. Space was not intimidating to him at all.

A dull thud was heard and the jade dragon flew upon impact from Zhou Weiqing’s blow. Its massive body tumbled continuously in the sky. After all, it barely developed intelligence moments ago - it had absolutely no idea how to utilize it in a battle. Despite possessing massive strength, it could only rely on instincts to carry out certain tasks.

With Zhou Weiqing as an opponent, even actual Heavenly God Stage powerhouses might not be able to win, let alone a bogus Heavenly God.

Pointing his right hand towards the sky, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes suddenly lit up. All the stars in the sky were glistening brightly like his eyes, and hundreds of starlight shone down, forming a gigantic cage that was made up of hundreds of light beams, trapping the jade dragon within it. Regardless of how hard it tried to break out of it, it was useless.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in the air with his hands behind his back. His eyes sparkled. Akin to a deity descending from the heavens, his body was surrounded by a belt of Astral light. At this moment, the people within Heavenly Bow City had already sensed the changes going on in the sky. When they saw Zhou Weiqing and the entrapped jade dragon in the sky, they were completely astonished to the extreme. One by one, they fell to their knees, bowing to them.

At the same time, a sharp whistle suddenly resonated within Heavenly Bow City. It had caused violent energy ripples even within Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory. Six-colored light rays rushed into the sky, ripping a small area of his Astral Celestial Territory, shooting up directly into the horizon. Immediately after, a figure appeared out of nowhere, walking out of the six-colored light.

“Hahahaha, goddammit. I finally made a breakthrough after slogging for so many years.”

Looking at the round figure, it was clearly Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya.

All this time, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had been making use of the Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing channeled into body to find a way to breakthrough. He had been stagnant at the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage for too many years - he was so close to breaking through. Even though he was that close, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy provided him the final boost.

Moments ago, he had sensed the Heavenly God grade energy ripples coming from the jade dragon, coupled with the Saint Energy in his body coinciding with the aura within Zhou Weiqing’s Stars Celestial Territory. Luck was on his side, and since he already possessed the strength, all the requirements had been met, allowing him to break through at long last, advancing into a Heavenly God.

Long Shiya had never been one to hide his emotions. Moreover, in his eyes, making a breakthrough was similar to Duan Tianlang completing the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set - it was his lifelong dream! One could imagine how happy he was at this moment. As he was laughing heartily, his gaze shifted to the jade dragon who was now trapped in the sky.

“Congratulations Master, on your great achievement.”

Chapter 285 - Luring Ink With Saint Energy, Consolidating In The Void

“Congratulations Master, on your great achievement.”

At this time, Zhou Weiqing looked shocked. He went up to Long Shiya and bowed respectfully to his master. Long Shiya’s breakthrough came at a fortuitous timing, as it would greatly benefit his future plans. Moreover, as a disciple, naturally Zhou Weiqing would feel happy for his master who had just fulfilled his lifelong desire.

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing, smiling so hard that the fats on his cheeks had squeezed his small eyes, making them look like they had disappeared. “The wisest thing I have done in my entire life was taking you in as my disciple, hahahaha. Heavenly God - I have finally become a Heavenly God! Watch me scale up Heavenly Snow Mountain and beat the crap out of Xue Aotian that old bloke, wahaha!”

Long Shiya was certainly not blowing his own trumpet - he possessed six mighty attributes, and he had just broken through to the Heavenly God Stage. He certainly would not get outdone by Xue Aotian, who was a Mid-Level Heavenly God. At this time, a faint gasp was heard, “Old brother Long is sure lucky! I’m still not good enough - the final part of the breakthrough is too difficult.”

A blackish gray light flickered and Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue appeared next to Zhou Weiqing and Long Shiya. His cultivation base was originally already lower than Long Shiya’s, and he was severely injured not too long ago. Even though he had recovered from his injuries, ultimately, he did not successfully break through to the Heavenly God Stage with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, unlike Long Shiya.

However, as far as the Peerless Sect was concerned, Long Shiya’s breakthrough alone was sufficient. Even the Mainland’s number one Saint Land, Heaven’s Expanse Palace, did not have a Heavenly God keeping watch over it! Long Shiya’s presence alone was enough to act as a deterrence against the other four Great Saint Lands, securing the Peerless Sect a foothold in the Mainland.

Long Shiya pointed at the jade dragon, who was still struggling to escape, and asked Zhou Weiqing, “What is that? Why is its energy that intimidating? Is it a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast that you brought back?” Zhou Weiqing shook his head and replied, “It is not a Heavenly Beast. Master, father-in-law, could you please help me set up a protective formation? I will explain everything to you after I have completed my tasks.”

As he spoke, a silver light on Zhou Weiqing’s body flashed. In the next moment, he had appeared on the ground once again. He embraced Duan Tianlang, who was in the midst of dying, and started channeling Saint Energy into his body, allowing him to restore his physical strength.

At this moment, Duan Tianlang might be extremely weak, but his mental state was especially good. He muttered, “I did it, Weiqing. I have succeeded! This is the Consolidating Ink for the eleventh piece. I am positive that this dragon-shaped Consolidating Ink can even surpass the eleventh piece of the Boundless Infinitum Set. It is in the form of a dragon after all! Don’t worry about me, you should hurry up and start consolidating. Lure the dragon into the scroll within the void.

Zhou  Weiqing  was  slightly  puzzled,  “Senior  Uncle,  how should I do it?”

Duan Tianlang closed his eyes. After recovering some mental strength, he opened his eyes abruptly and light radiated from his  pupils.  “Lure  the  ink  with  your  Saint  Energy  and consolidate it in the void. The sky is your scroll, the jade dragon is your Consolidating Ink, and your Saint Energy is your Consolidating Pen. Go. The eleventh piece of Legendary Sets have always been a substance taking on different forms. As long as you’ve succeeded consolidating, drawing it into your body as soon as you get the chance to, you will be able to possess its power immediately when you’ve reached the ideal cultivation base. Do you understand?”

Zhou Weiqing carefully dissected Duan Tianlang’s simple sentence, repeating to himself “Lure the ink with my Saint Energy and consolidate it in the void”. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He was enlightened. Firstly, he channeled pure Saint Energy into Duan Tianlang’s body, allowing him to gradually recover. In the next moment, Zhou Weiqing grabbed the blueprint and re-emerged in mid-air.

At this moment, Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were not the only two people in the sky. Every single cultivator from the Peerless Sect that was at least of the Heavenly King Stage, including the six Heavenly Kings that were originally from the Heavenly Demon Sect and Zhou Weiqing’s wives, were present.

Only Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were oblivious to what Zhou Weiqing and Duan Tianlang were up to. Without any instructions from Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er were already taking charge. The group of Heavenly Kings quickly dispersed, forming a large circle surrounding the perimeter. Far from them, the Consolidated Equipment was neatly arranged, seemingly calm despite the chaos, protecting Zhou Weiqing.

Originally, the three Shangguan sisters were planning to return to the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Heaven’s Expanse Palace to complete the next piece of Consolidated Equipment. However, they decided to stay instead, for Zhou Weiqing’s sake. After all, Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were in secluded meditation previously. Furthermore, it is not known how long it would take Zhou Weiqing to complete consolidating. Safety was the number one priority. What would they do if people from the Blood Red Hell took the opportunity to attack them?

Zhou Weiqing was in mid-air once again. He did not consolidate immediately upon seeing the jade dragon. A light flashed in his eyes - the Astral Light on his body suddenly intensified. Rays of enormous light beams, approximately two meters in diameter, started soaring from his body into the sky. They were the Astral Feedback that were created via his Saint Energy - not for cultivation but restraining purposes.

Within a few seconds, a bright golden light beam that was ten times bigger than Zhou Weiqing’s light beam shone down from the sky, landing directly on the jade dragon’s body.

Intimidating Saint Energy ripples erupted within a small area in the sky, transforming into a massive golden light ball. Its effects were focused on the jade dragon’s body.

Upon impact, the lively and active jade dragon immediately became docile. It became dispirited and listless after being enveloped by the golden starlight in the surroundings, unable to move a single step.

Seeing that, both Wu Yunyue and Long Shiya couldn’t help but gasp.

Amongst the people who were present, the both of them had the most powerful cultivation base - their senses were the most vivid compared to the rest. Even the new Heavenly God, Long Shiya, was taken aback the moment he felt the power of the attack that came from the sky. Even though after becoming a Heavenly God, he was not subjected to the restrictions of Zhou Weiqing’s Celestial Territory to a certain extent and possessed his own Celestial Territory at the same time, he was still completely shocked at the might of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory, as well as the rate at which his power was increasing at. Originally, Long Shiya wanted to pass on his skills and experience of breaking through the bottlenecks within the Heavenly Emperor Stage to Zhou Weiqing. However, from the looks of it, it did not seem necessary. His precious disciple had already reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage within such a short period of time, and even possessed Saint Energy. It seemed as though Zhou Weiqing’s current power might have
even surpassed his own. He had nothing to worry about with
regards to Zhou Weiqing advancing to the Heavenly God Stage.

After Zhou Weiqing had perfectly bound the jade dragon, Zhou Weiqing had quietened down. He held onto the design of the Consolidated Equipment Scroll that Duan Tianlang had completed with his blood, sweat and tears, and closed his eyes.

The Saint Energy’s light had vanished, leaving behind specks of starlight, coupled with the Astral Celestial Territory. Only cultivators who were at least of the Heavenly God Stage could clearly sense the constant intimidating fluctuations of Zhou Weiqing’s will around his body. The power of his will even surpassed that of the new Heavenly God, Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya.

The design flew out Zhou Weiqing’s hand and spread out before him. Zhou Weiqing’s will rolled it up, not allowing outsiders to see the design clearly - all they could see was a blurred image.

Gradually, strange changes started appearing on Zhou Weiqing’s body. Specks of starlight began appearing as well, without the dazzling light rays of the Astral Saint Energy, except pure starlight. The starlight slowly gathered behind Zhou Weiqing and gradually became an illusory shadow that was formed out of starlight.

The shadow was not the Demon God this time. It was Zhou Weiqing.

When it first appeared, it was not huge - it was approximately the same size as Zhou Weiqing. However as more starlight gathered, the shadow got bigger and bigger. The weirdest thing was that there were no energy ripples emitting from the shadow at all. Instead, only glorious bright gold could be seen.

It was everyone’s first time seeing such an odd transformation, especially the gradual shaping process.

Long Shiya was the only person who could sense the abnormality of the shadow. After all, he was the one who taught Zhou Weiqing. At that time, he had told Zhou Weiqing that if one day, he was able to use his own figure to form a Heavenly Skill Image, he would have truly mastered the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s shadow was not simply just a Heavenly Skill Image - even though it looked somewhat like an illusion, yet at the same time, it seemed to have a corporeal existence. Every single starlight used was Saint Energy that was compressed under high pressure. The reason why there was absolutely no leakage was because it was too pure. The might of the shadow was definitely worthy to be deemed as intimidating - it was even more terrifying than the Demon God that Zhou Weiqing summoned.

Perhaps, the Demon God might be more powerful, however the shadow of Zhou Weiqing that was entirely condensed by his Saint Energy had the ability to fight on its own.

Terrifying energy ripples circulated in the air. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base increased and the dense Saint Energy ripples vanished in an instant. At one glance, it looked like an ordinary person suspending in mid-air.

The shadow behind Zhou Weiqing kept growing till it reached five meters before stopping. It remained behind him and the continuous channeling of starlight made it appear clearer and clearer. Ultimately, it became an enlarged version of Zhou Weiqing. Even its clothes were exactly the same. If not for its enormous size, it was practically impossible to differentiate between the actual person and the shadow of energy.

Upon seeing it, Shangguan Xue’er’s mouth twitched. “Did this fellow give himself a twin?”

However, she stopped talking immediately, because Zhou Weiqing’s actual body did not move, while the five-meter shadow behind him took a step forward. In an instant, it swallowed Zhou Weiqing. The physical body and the energy had entirely merged. The most shocking thing happened immediately after. The five-meter Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, his entire being seemed to have come to life - it no longer looked like a body of energy. Instead, it looked more like the enlarged version of Zhou Weiqing, as though Zhou Weiqing’s actual body had grown. Even the look in its eyes looked exactly the same as Zhou Weiqing’s earlier. There was absolutely no change.

Every single person present was entirely taken aback by what Zhou Weiqing did and stood there dumbfounded. They were even numbed by the sight of it. They absolutely had no idea how Zhou Weiqing executed it - they could only vaguely sense that Zhou Weiqing did it all to enhance his actual self, making himself stronger.

Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya could clearly notice that after Zhou Weiqing had transformed himself into the five- meter-tall figure, he was one with the Astral Celestial Territory in the sky at this moment. What was even scarier was that the aura that he was emitting was not at the level of a Heavenly Emperor - it had advanced into the Heavenly God realm. Just like how Zhou Weiqing relied on the Demonic Transformation to enhance himself back then, he was using the Astral Celestial Territory to temporarily increase his cultivation base to the Heavenly God Stage at this moment.

The changes were firstly manifested on the jade dragon that was bound within the Astral Celestial Territory - it became more exhausted. The golden light that was trapping it clearly became stronger. It even started emitting a whitish golden luster. The bright golden shade emitted by Zhou Weiqing’s five- meter-tall figure had also transformed to a whitish golden shade. Clearly, the color of his Saint Energy would become whitish gold when he advanced to the Heavenly God Stage.

Taking a deep breath, the blueprint before Zhou Weiqing had vanished. It rolled up before entering his body. Moments ago, Zhou Weiqing had used all his strength to activate his will and imprinted the contents of it onto his brain. This was not to say that he had comprehended the secrets within the blueprint, but instead, he had fully memorized it, and will never forget it.

Based on his current age, as well as his understanding of Consolidating Equipment Masters, it was impossible for him to fully comprehend it - at least within a short period of time. However, this did not affect his crafting process, particularly under such a circumstance, where he possessed such a massive power.

In order to create the eleventh piece of a Legendary Set, one had to at least be a Heavenly Emperor. The higher the cultivation base, the easier the process would be. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing possessed a heaven-defying skill, Time Reversal, that was of high importance to Consolidating Equipment Masters, to guarantee his success.

Luring ink with Saint Energy, consolidating in the void. Those words were clearly imprinted in Zhou Weiqing’s mind. At this moment, he had completely entered a different kind of state.

If one were to describe Duan Tianlang as a lofty mountain when he was creating the Consolidating Ink earlier, Zhou Weiqing could be described as a cloud in the sky at this moment - an imaginary yet supreme cloud that surpassed all. Terrifying energy ripples circulated the air. No one was able to sense Zhou Weiqing’s presence any longer. If they were to close their eyes, they would only be able to sense the absence of energy, attributes and elements, as well as the presence of the third-party jade dragon. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing was akin to nothingness within the surroundings. “Senior Uncle, don’t worry. I will not disappoint you.” Zhou Weiqing said to himself. He slowly opened his mouth and took a deep breath. Immediately, countless starlight scattered throughout the sky. In that moment, it seemed as though the surroundings had completely become a bright astral body that fell from the sky with indistinct radiance. The extremely dense Saint Energy ripples caused every single cultivator present, be
it Heavenly Kings or Emperors, to turn pale from shock, retreating in panic.

The people who had received Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy were in a better position - they did not experience it as strongly as the ones who had not. The latter group felt an incomparable repulsion force. The repulsive aura caused them to flee far away instinctively, or else it felt as though they would be completely torn apart by that terrifying energy.

That was Saint Energy, which was also the strongest power that Zhou Weiqing currently possessed. Astral Subsidence, one of the strongest abilities of the Astral Celestial Territory. It was also something that Zhou Weiqing comprehended.

Ever since the emergence of Heavenly Jewel Masters, Zhou Weiqing was the first person to comprehend the Astral Celestial Territory. Hence, there was nobody he could learn from or consult. He could only fumble around, doing trial and error, when cultivating, in order to progressively learn more about the wonders of the Astral Celestial Territory.

The higher his cultivation base was, the more he felt that the almost boundlessness of the Astral Celestial Territory, particularly the actual Creation Energy within it, had been constantly increasing his cultivation base. It was also the best driving force. At this moment, he was using this feeling to fully use the Astral Celestial Territory’s Astral Subsidence via that feeling, increasing his Saint Energy, as well as the power within the Astral Celestial Territory, to their highest potential.

A huge Astral vortex started spiraling at a low altitude. As such, tt was definitely not possible for it to be an actual nebula. It was also completely condensed using the Saint Energy that was being drawn by Zhou Weiqing’s formidable power. Even so, the frightening nebula had started spiraling almost immediately. The dense Saint Energy ripples had caused the entire Heavenly Bow Empire below to be filled with a suffocating Saint Energy aura.

When a Heavenly Jewel Master was faced with such a terrifying Saint Energy aura, the only thing he could do was to completely stop resisting and worship it, pledging allegiance to the Saint Energy. That was the only way one could prevent being rejected by the Saint Energy. The higher the cultivation base of the Heavenly Jewel Master, the more affected he would be. On the other hand, an ordinary human being would receive great benefits from the dense Saint Energy instead.

They would only be able to feel that the air seemed to have become viscous. Every breath they took felt extremely invigorating. Such a feeling was hard to be described by words alone, but within such a short period of time, they felt mentally refreshed, as though they became a few years younger.

The greatest beneficiary of all were the unborn infants in the wombs of the pregnant ladies within the Heavenly Bow Empire. As they possessed congenital qi, it was the easiest for them to accept energy sources such as Saint Energy. Their mothers absorbed the Saint Energy, and channeled it into their bodies after. Regardless of their gifts or natural endowments, these unborn children had the potential to become Heavenly Jewel Masters in the future, as a result of absorbing the dense Saint Energy. That would be sometime in the future. It had never occured to Zhou Weiqing that the consolidation process would be a good thing for the Heavenly Bow Empire. It had also established the powerful foundation of the Heavenly Bow Empire within the Boundless Mainland. After the appearance of the terrifying Saint Energy ripples, the jade dragon cowered in fear. Admittedly, it possessed all attributes and had already reached the Heavenly God Stage. However, it was a pity that it was after all not a living body, but a condensation of several energies. With only basic instincts, it had no chance against Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory. Unlike Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya who
had his own Celestial Territory, the Astral Celestial Territory placed much more restrictions on it compared to the others. Furthermore, it had absolutely no way of resisting Zhou Weiqing’s overwhelming power. Hence, it could only be like a lamb that was waiting to be slaughtered.

Following the Astral Subsidence, the violent spiraling waves of Nebula Saint Energy was suppressing it further, making it more difficult for it to fight back. In the face of Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Saint Energy, its massive body gradually condensed together and slowly compressed.

The emerald green light became stronger and stronger. However, its body became smaller and smaller. Slowly, it shrank to about eighty meters from one hundred meters.

Just like before, the five-meter-tall Zhou Weiqing was suspended in the air. At this moment, he was the core of heaven and earth, the center of which the nebula was orbiting around. As far as the eye can see, everything was in his grasp.

From transforming into a body of energy to Astral Subsidence, Zhou Weiqing had spent almost an hour. If it was a battlefield, his enemy would definitely not give him that much time to condense the energy. However, Zhou Weiqing, who had completed Astral Subsidence, would render any Heavenly God’s Celestial Territory useless within the sphere of Astral Subsidence. That was to say that even if he were to face several Heavenly Gods at the same time, he might not necessarily lose. This was his territory, his Celestial Territory. Even if Long Shiya or Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian were to evaluate, it was not surprising if they called it the number one Celestial Territory in the world.

Zhou Weiqing gradually raised his right hand and beckoned to the jade dragon. At the same time, the Nebula Saint Energy that was orbiting his body suddenly dispersed, creating a space that was approximately one hundred meters in diameter.

The space was entirely black - a pure shade of black, without any energy. It was, however not a space crack. It was so pure that it had not a single trace of impurity. A ray of emerald green light was emitted from the jade dragon’s trembling body and directly entered the one hundred meter wide pure black space.

Zhou Weiqing’s hand movements were very quick. The emerald green light started moving within the black space, leaving behind emerald green marks. What was even more strange was that on the other side of the emerald green light, it was still connected to the jade dragon’s body - it was not broken off.

Luring the dragon into the scroll. Indeed, this was what Duan Tianlang meant.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes took in and emitted radiant light, his right hand continuously waved. Consolidating in the void, luring the dragon into the scroll - that was the method to create the final piece of the Legendary Set. Every spectator was fully focusing their attention on watching a strange sight as such. It was a very rare sight that probably happened once in a hundred years, and yet it was currently happening in the skies above Heavenly Bow City! The ordinary folks considered it to be an amazing skill, but the Heavenly Jewel Masters considered it to be a miracle. The civilians did not have the slightest clue pertaining to what Zhou Weiqing was doing, and neither did the Heavenly Jewel Masters. Only the cultivators who were at least of the Heavenly King Stage could vaguely guess what was going on. However, the more they guessed, the more shocked they were. What exactly was this Consolidating Equipment Scroll? It actually required such an extreme method to create it. Additionally, its Consolidating Ink was that mystical as well, it took the form of a dragon.

Zhou Weiqing’s actions were steady. The emerald green light in the sky gradually expanded and slowly took shape. Every stroke was continuous, there were absolutely no pauses. Occasionally, distorted light would appear, causing the green light to retract before expanding again.

Down below, Duan Tianlang had recovered his mental strength with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy. He flew up into the sky thereafter. Even though he could not get too close due to the Astral Subsidence, he was still able to see everything clearly from afar. Rhythm, rhythm. Duan Tianlang thought to himself. He was much more nervous compared to everyone else, including Zhou Weiqing. The success or failure was being determined by the current step. The crafting of the Consolidating Ink had an unprecedented success, the blood given by the Sidhe Empress was very pure as well - every valuable treasure amalgamated perfectly together, and even protected the Jade Tide. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s consolidation process still looked
rather promising. Of course he knew that every reversal made
was a result of Zhou Weiqing utilizing Time Reversal to regain control of the process. The control had already reached the point of perfection.

Perhaps a very experienced God Tier Master might be able to complete it in one stroke, but Zhou Weiqing clearly could not do that. Hence, not only did he need the cultivation base of a Heavenly God, he needed the cultivation base of a strong one at that. He would only be able to continuously use Time Reversal throughout the whole process, keep the rhythm and craft the scroll with sufficient support. Although he had not reached the standard where he was crafting it perfectly and effortlessly, at the very least there were absolutely no hiccups at the moment - that itself made Duan Tianlang heave a sigh of relief. Everything was on the right track. What he needed to do at the moment was to wait for Zhou Weiqing to complete a miracle. Once it was successful, Duan Tianlang would be able to confidently say that this disciple nephew of his would definitely be the strongest cultivator in the world in less than ten years.

However at this moment, outside of Heavenly Bow City, a group of dark shadows flew over at a high speed. There weren’t many of them, just seven, but their speed could be compared to flickering light and passing shadows - it was as though every time their figures flashed, they had moved a hundred meters. They were moving as fast as if they were flying. Additionally, from the energy aura emitted from their bodies, they were definitely equipped with the ability to fly.

The seven figures were completely decked in black clothes. The auras emitted by them were filled with darkness and destruction. If any ordinary person were to get near them, even without being attacked, they would fall very ill as a result of such aura.

“Consolidating in the void - this is the method to create the eleventh piece. We must stop him. Duan Tianlang actually had such an ability?” The hoarse voice of the person right in front was heard.

Upon close inspection, one would notice that the figures of the seven people were very slim and petite. As they moved through the sky, they did not give off any energy ripple at all. “No. 1, our mission today is to kill Zhou Weiqing. Let’s not create any more problems on top of our existing one,”  said a person in black, who was following closely behind.

“What do you know? Eh, the fella who is consolidating isn’t Duan Tianlang.” At this moment, the seven men in black had already arrived outside the city. At one glance, they were able to tell that the person in the midst of consolidating was Zhou Weiqing. When they saw Zhou Weiqing’s method of consolidating, luring the ink in the void, a tinge of shock appeared in their eyes that were emitting black flames.

“There  is  no  need  to  argue  -  it  is  Zhou  Weiqing  who  is performing the consolidation.” No. 1 took out a drawing from his chest. It was Zhou Weiqing’s face.

They could clearly see every single Heavenly King and Emperor in the sky. Every single man in black concealed their aura immediately. However, they still felt suffocated by the Astral Subsidence in the sky.

“No.  1,  what  is  going  on?  How  is  it  possible  that  Zhou Weiqing is emitting such a powerful aura? Is it a Celestial Territory? There must be an error in our intel.” “No. 2, you’re too timid. Do you think it’s that easy to lure the ink in the void? If I’m not wrong, this Consolidating Ink had to cost them a lot. It is impossible for Zhou Weiqing to stop, or else they would not have stationed that many people around him for defense purposes. We have already lived for more than a thousand years, if not for Fen Tian reviving us, we would be a pile of bones right now. At this time, you’re still calculating your personal gains and losses? Did you think that we can still keep our lives without completing the task? Without Fen Tian’s destructive energy, we will definitely die. We definitely have a chance. Based on our intel, the strongest person here should be Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. If the seven of us launch a combined attack on him, we have a huge chance of beating them.”

The other five men did not utter a single word, standing behind the two leaders like sculptures, quietly waiting.

After a moment of silence, No. 2 nodded, “Alright. However, No. 1, please remember - amongst the people who were revived, there are extremely few with intelligence. Since the heavens gave us a chance at a whole new life, I don’t intend to lose it here. If things go south, I’d rather use them as scapegoats and flee far away.” “Do you think I want to die? We have no time to lose. Get ready. We only have one chance. Besides, we cannot let Zhou Weiqing feel threatened,” said No. 1.

After No. 1 and No. 2 had their secret discussion, the seven men started moving again.

The seven men quickly got in line. The five men who did not utter a single word stood right in front, and No. 1 and No. 2 were at the back. Rays of black light gradually emitted from the seven men. If one looked closely, most of the light came from No. 1 and No. 2 and the other five men only released theirs after.

The rays of black light gradually condensed. What was weird was that those rays of light were similar to the Starlight Saint Energy released by Zhou Weiqing earlier. There were absolutely no aura fluctuations. That was also to say, it was impossible to sense anything the men in black did. Otherwise, they would not be that bold, condensing their energy that openly.

In order to ensure that the Astral Celestial Territory was enhancing his own body, he limited its sphere to the skies of Heavenly Bow City, and they happened to be outside of it. Even though these men in black were slightly affected by the Astral Celestial Territory, they did not set foot within it at all.

They had no idea how Zhou Weiqing killed the people sent by the Blood Red Hell. However, Zhou Weiqing possessing Saint Energy was no longer a secret. No. 1 and No. 2 clearly knew that even though their energy could condense, concentrate, and even conceal, if it were to come in contact with the Saint Energy that was completely different, Zhou Weiqing would notice it immediately. It was just like how they were able to use their destructive aura to detect Zhou Weiqing’s creative Saint Energy. Hence, they chose to hide in the dark corner.

All the black light slowly condensed together, sticking closely to the city walls, scaling it like a Boston ivy. Thorns that looked like long legs with joints started appearing. Thereafter, they returned to being artery-shaped. Anybody who saw it would feel nauseous immediately.

When these black veins had climbed to the top of the wall, they slowly gathered, merging into an enormous mass. Thereafter, the black mass branched out, taking on the shape of a crab.

As the originators, the seven men had already been completely covered by the black light. The giant crab that was formed entirely from black light rays did not seem that huge. It had a diameter of approximately a meter. However at one glance, one would realize that it was like a black hole, it could even swallow light rays.

The two turtles in front of the huge crab slowly explored the outside of the city walls. Even though there were soldiers on the city walls, their gazes were fixated on Zhou Weiqing who was luring the ink with Saint Energy and consolidating in the void. Nobody had noticed the two ordinary lumps of black light.

The two turtles gradually merged. Suddenly, a ray of black light that was filled with nirvana headed straight for Zhou Weiqing in the sky.

Just like before, the black light did not give prior warning. There were absolutely no aura fluctuations during its process of flying towards Zhou Weiqing.

However, just when the black light entered the city and into the sphere of the Astral Celestial Territory, countless people reacted at the same time, such as Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er, Fei’er, Bing’er, coupled with Six Ultimate Heavenly Long Shiya and Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue. They were able to notice immediately because their cultivation base was high and they possessed Saint Energy.

Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory had a strong repulsion and effects on people without Saint Energy. However, it will enhance the bodies of cultivators with Saint Energy, as long as Zhou Weiqing did not intentionally exclude them.

Shangguan Xue’er was the closest. In order to protect Zhou Weiqing, she had already equipped herself with the Boundless Infinitum Set. Sensing the powerful threat of the black light rays, her figure flashed without hesitation, and appeared on the path that the black rays took. She merged her body with the sword. In mid-air, a vast misty white light descended from the sky.

There was a reason why the Boundless Infinitum Set was considered the number one Legendary Set in the world. Even though Shangguan Xue’er only had eight pieces, it was sufficient to allow her to have the most powerful offense amongst the women. Moreover, overwhelming Saint Energy was still concentrated in her sword. This Boundless Core Nucleus was something that Shangguan Xue’er had achieved.

Chapter286 - Luring the Dragon, Unparalleled in the World

The white and black lights in the sky were exceptionally striking. Coupled with a piercing exploding sound, both parties collided hard.

The black light flickered before shrinking, its initial charging speed stopped abruptly. However, Shangguan Xue’er groaned deeply as she was flung out. The layer of black light appeared around her, constantly taking in her Saint Energy. Despite her Heavenly King cultivation, it could not sustain her flight, causing her to plunge straight to the ground.

Shangguan Fei’er and Bing’er were the second to arrive. Even though they saw the strange situation their sister was in, for the sake of protecting Zhou Weiqing, they chose to forcefully launch an attack without hesitation.

A loud bang was heard and the two women similarly got flung out. The black light momentarily stopped for a moment, but did not seem to weaken at all. Zhou Weiqing was still its target. Tian’er was the third to arrive, with the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set equipped. She hovered silently in the air. A golden ray of light shot out of the God Spirit Staff in her hand.

Apart from Zhou Weiqing, her Saint Energy was the purest amongst them. She managed to shield herself from the black light and counteracted a small portion of it. However, the energy within the black light was way too massive. If it was not aiming directly at Zhou Weiqing, the three Shangguan sisters would have been fatally injured earlier.

As the black light halted, Tian’er could feel a destructive and terrifying energy rushing into her body in an instant. Previously, she had also encountered enemies with the destructive attribute from the Blood Red Hell with Zhou Weiqing. However, this was different as the energy possessed by these enemies were a lot purer. Their extremely terrifying destructive energy was akin to a black hole source. Furthermore, the energy had far surpassed Tian’er’s Heavenly King powers. After the terrifying destructive energy entered Tian’er’s body, it immediately clashed violently with the Saint Energy in her body.

One was creative in nature, and the other was destructive. Under the circumstance where the purity of both energy was similar, they were competing based on quantity. Without a doubt, Tian’er was on the losing end. However, her Saint Energy was after all purer than the Shangguan sisters. She managed to shield herself from the attack of the black light, except for the fact that she was constantly retreating backwards from where Zhou Weiqing was located at.

Judging from the direction of where the black light was attacking towards, Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya were located the furthest. Everything happened too fast - less than a second had passed, from when Shangguan Xue’er took the hit to Tian’er blocking the black light. They had attacked at almost the same time.

Long Shiya’s figure flashed almost instantly and appeared in the sky. Just as he was about to take over Tian’er to resist the black light, all of a sudden, a miracle happened.

A layer of pure white light erupted from Tian’er’s body immediately - Long Shiya had never seen such a pure light before in his life. At the same time, the black hole-like black light, that flung the three Shangguan sisters and destroyed Tian’er’s defense, actually fell back like melting snow. It seemed like the tentacles of an octopus shrinking upon contact with fire. The destructive energy that previously rushed into Tian’er’s body vanished instantly as well. Tian’er looked completely shocked when she found out that the Saint Energy within her body had increased significantly - from a Low Level Heavenly King to a High Level Heavenly King Stage. It was as though she had engulfed all the the destructive energy and converted it into Saint Energy. The speed of that growth was comparable to Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Feedback.

Who exactly was Long Shiya? Even though he was utterly shocked by everything that was happening before his eyes, he had made his choice immediately. He pushed his right hand against the air, compressing it in a instant. A strong six-colored light transformed into a stream of light that shone down from above, directly onto the source of the black light. At the same time, his body had appeared in mid-air above the city wall.

Wu Yunyue did not participate in the attack. Instead, he silently stood next to Zhou Weiqing, keeping guard. That was because nobody could say for sure that the enemy had no other tricks up their sleeves. Additionally, his Heavenly King subordinates had already been despatched to support the three Shangguan sisters.

When Zhou Weiqing had started consolidating in the void, Wu Yunyue was completely sure that as the leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, he had sought the right person. The future of Peerless Sect was bright. Zhou Weiqing was the core of the Peerless Sect, as well as his son-in-law. No matter what, he was going to protect the incredible fella.

Tian’er and company did not see the seven men in black outside the city walls tremble violently, spurting out black gas, the moment the pure white light from Tian’er had purified the destructive energy.

No. 1 and 2 were extremely aghast - they completely did not understand why their destructive attribute backfired on them.

Without any hesitation, they promptly decided to retreat with all their might. Like what No. 1 had said before - they only had one chance to attack. The seven men were Heavenly Kings, they had not even reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage - all they could depend on was their pure destructive attribute and techniques that combined their attacks, not forgetting assassination methods.

Zhou Weiqing was in the midst of consolidating in the sky, giving them the perfect opportunity to launch a sneak attack. However, they had never expected that there were that many people with Saint Energy or that they would take immediate action. Particularly Tian’er’s defense, which had caused their attack to fail. The seven men in black retreated immediately - their figures were akin to seven black lightning. They managed to dodge Long Shiya’s six-colored light, but unfortunately, the Six Ultimate Heavenly God was already hovering above them.

No. 1 and 2 looked at each other; without any hesitation, they decided to escape to save themselves, abandoning the rest. The five men in black behind them flew up into the sky at the same time, heading towards Long Shiya, while no. 1 and 2 used all their might to escape as fast as they could.

They might have been able to escape, if their opponent was the old Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. Unfortunately, the current Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had already advanced and evolved into the Six Ultimate Heavenly God. Those men in black had made the biggest mistake in their judgment.

At this moment, Long Shiya was boiling with anger. How could he not rage at the men who tried to launch a sneak attack on his most precious disciple right before his eyes? He was initially protecting behind the scenes, but at this moment, he was not going to let them go.

Dealing with the five men in black who were pouncing towards him, there was a cold look in Long Shiya’s eyes. He waved both hands at the same time and his body that was in mid-air became distorted. Immediately after, five Long Shiyas came out of his actual body, greeting the five men in black.

At the same time, both Long Shiya’s head and feet had merged with the Dual Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation in an instant. The rich six-colored light immediately engulfed heaven and earth, complementing Zhou Weiqing’s dazzling Astral Celestial Territory, which was not far away.

The Six Ultimate Heavenly God had vanished within the distorted six-colored light. When he appeared again, he stood in front of no. 1 and 2, blocking them. The black rays of light of the other five men in black had already transformed into five six-colored fireworks before disappearing.

No. 1 and 2 were enveloped within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory. They felt their bodies being constricted. The Six Elemental Attributes - Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness had become their binding force.

A Heavenly King had absolutely no way of resisting against a Heavenly God - even if they possessed pure destructive energy. Moreover, the Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya was an unconventional existence amongst the Heavenly Gods. He possessed the Six Elemental Attributes, coupled with Saint Energy. They had absolutely no chance against him within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory.

Despair could be seen radiating from no. 1 and 2’s eyes. However, there was nothing they could do. Long Shiya had just comprehended the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory, and Sixfold Binding is one of its biggest properties. Within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory, Long Shiya was the ruler. Without a Celestial Territory, one would not be able to resist against the binding force of the Six Elemental Attributes.

Terrifying energy ripples circulated the air. Long Shiya stood right in front of no. 1 and 2 with a gloomy expression on his face, and said coldly, “You’re from the Blood Red Hell, huh? Such audacity - you actually had the guts to attack my disciple.”

No. 1 and 2’s movements, as well as their will, were completely suppressed. However, they still had the ability to speak. They also knew for a fact that they were unable to escape. No. 1 spoke coldly, “Regardless of what you do, you will only be digging your own grave. Long Shiya, quit trying to act like an elder in front of me. When I was ruling the Mainland 300 years ago, you weren’t even born.”

“Huh?” Long Shiya stared blankly for a moment. 300 years ago? Although a Heavenly Jewel Master was able to lengthen their lifespan, he had never heard of anyone living for more than 300 years.

Instinctively, he moved his finger. Two rays of six-colored light engulfed the two men in black, head down. Their black clothes that covered them were entirely torn apart. When Long Shiya saw how no. 1 and 2 looked, even if he was composed and well-prepared, he couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

The “men” that stood before him were not human beings at all - what he saw were two skulls. However, there were two fiery black light rays emitting from their sockets.

Long Shiya’s right hand waved once again, ripping their clothes apart. As expected, there were two sets of black skeletons. What was most frightening was that they were still sentient and had the ability to fight, as well as speak. This was way beyond Long Shiya’s field of knowledge.

“What are you?” No. 1 let out a cold snort, “I used to be a Heavenly Emperor, unfortunately, I’ve lost my physical body when I was revived. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that easy for you to block our attack. Fen Tian will not let you go that easily. Await your impending doom.”

After he finished his words, two loud bangs were heard. No. 1 and 2 had choose to self-destruct by exploding. The extremely overwhelming destructive black flames erupted in an instant, heading towards Long Shiya.

Because of the shock that no. 1 and 2 gave him, he had let his guard down momentarily. Otherwise, he would never have allowed them to self-destruct that easily.

The six-colored light around Long Shiya formed an enormous vortex, obstructing the black flames with no difficulty. Just like that, no. 1 and 2 vanished without a trace.

Long Shiya stood there for a moment looking pensive. Heavenly King skeletons? With destructive attributes. Lord Fen Tian is indeed a ruthless person! Very clearly, these skeletons came from the ancestors of the Blood Red Hell. Putting aside how Fen Tian did it, just by virtue of the fact that he dug the remains of the ancestors out from the grave itself was intolerable.

Long Shiya did not waste too much time by staying there for long, as he had no idea how many people Fen Tian sent over. Protecting his precious disciple was his utmost priority.

Zhou Weiqing, who was in mid-air, seemed to be completely unaffected by everything that was going on. He continued the process of consolidating without experiencing a single feeling from the external world.

With more and more green patterns appearing in the sky, that also gradually brought out its magnificent colors, the jade dragon started shrinking slowly. However, judging from its size, the process of consolidating in the void had just begun.

Zhou Weiqing was hovering in the air, without any facial expression on his face. His eyes looked focused and his hands were moving rhythmically, gradually increasing its speed, speeding up the consolidation process. At this moment, the three Shangguan sisters were on the ground. They were certainly affected by the destructive energy from before because it was a lot purer and more powerful than what they had encountered in the past. However, they had consolidated the Saint Core Nucleus before. Even though it was not the actual Saint Core Nucleus, the Saint Energy was not weak. After dispelling the destructive energy for a period of time, they had gradually recovered.

The duration of consolidation was considered to be very lengthy in the eyes of the outside world. Very quickly, three days had passed. In mid-air, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were still as focused as before; his body was also as stable as before - it looked as though he had just started consolidating.

However, anybody with a discerning eye could tell that Zhou Weiqing’ five meter-tall body of energy looked more faded and illusion-like, as compared to how it was like at the start of the process. Clearly, this phenomenon was because of the constant consumption of his energy. However, the jade dragon had already shrunken to two thirds of what it used to be.

Since the consolidating process was very long, none of the powerhouses of the Peerless Sect dared to be careless. Under the mobilization of Long Shiya, they took turns to rest. At the same time, he mobilized a huge number of soldiers within the Heavenly Bow City to guard every corner of it; every single business was temporarily closed. For the sake of Zhou Weiqing’s safety, the Heavenly Bow Empire had spared no pains or effort.

In the blink of an eye, four days had passed. It had been full seven days but Zhou Weiqing had yet to complete the consolidating process. When the jade dragon had reduced to half its size, Zhou Weiqing speed of consolidation had clearly slowed down. Even though nobody knew what his considerations were, the decrease in speed meant that the whole process would take an even longer time.

Zhou Weiqing’s energy body had clearly become more faded and illusion-like, to the extent that one could vaguely see his actual body within it.

However, the only thing that did not change were Zhou Weiqing’s eyes - from the start till the end, they were as focused as ever.

What shocked everyone was the scroll that was being consolidated in the void. After seven days worth of time, it had more or less taken shape. The emerald green light seemed to have formed a huge web in the sky with several strange patterns on it. Every single pattern was complicated yet magnificent.

If it was an ordinary Consolidating Equipment Scroll, one would be able to see what it was consolidating into from the image on it. However, the one that Zhou Weiqing was currently consolidating was unidentifiable. The patterns appeared to be very consistent, but nobody could tell what kind of Consolidated Equipment it was. It could not possibly be a mere web.

Only Duan Tianlang was aware of the secret behind it as he was the one who designed it. Even Zhou Weiqing, who was crafting it, had no idea what the completed scroll would do for his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.

Duan Tianlang had been observing from down below, not missing a single detail. Even when Long Shiya personally advised him to rest, he had rejected with no hesitation - or rather, his gaze had never left Zhou Weiqing. He had completely ignored Fatty Long.

Long Shiya felt very helpless - he could only carefully help Duan Tianlang maintain his physical condition using his Heavenly Energy. Fortunately, Zhou Weiqing had done a thorough job fixing Duan Tianlang’s dire physical condition earlier. Even though it greatly drained his body, the impact on his body was not as great as before. It was not life-threatening.

“Old Duan, how long more before Weiqing finishes?”  asked Long Shiya impatiently.

Duan Tianlang looked at the sky and gently shook his head, “I have no idea either. This design is harder to complete towards the end as it gets more complicated. As it closely correlated to the start of the process, Zhou Weiqing reduced his speed. However, you don’t have to worry. If Zhou Weiqing is unable to withstand it any longer, no God Tier master in this world will be able to withstand the process of crafting this particular scroll. I have absolute confidence in him. Under the Astral Celestial Territory, a miracle is bound to happen.”

Another seven days had passed. When 21 days were up, Zhou Weiqing’s wives got very impatient. Even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya was the same.

In mid-air, the jade dragon had already lost its dragon form. All that was left was a ball of emerald green light. Zhou Weiqing’s appearance was the main reason why they could not maintain their cool. His original energy body had vanished; even the Astral Celestial Territory had dimmed down a lot. The starlight looked indistinct as well. From the looks of it, it was apparent that he could collapse at any moment. Under such circumstances, nobody was able to tell how much more Zhou Weiqing was able to withstand.

Having revealed his physical body, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were still full of vigor. However, his face looked pale. As both his hands were moving, his body would tremble slightly from time to time. It was apparent that the whole process was taking a huge toll on his body. Judging from his current speed, he still needed quite a number of days before he could complete consolidating! Hence, everyone was panicking. However, up to this point, Zhou Weiqing had already put in a lot of effort and sacrificed way too much. Nobody dared to advise him to stop.

Days passed and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed. Zhou Weiqing’s body had started trembling continuously in the sky - only his hands and eyes looked steady and focused.

In the sky directly above the Heavenly Bow City, Zhou Weiqing’s figure looked extremely tiny, while the massive emerald green light could be seen radiating all around.

The Astral Celestial Territory had completely vanished since yesterday. The emerald green scroll that was consolidating in the void seemed like a brand new sky, reflecting a beautiful shade of emerald green above the Heavenly Bow City.

The consolidation process had came down to its final moment. However, Zhou Weiqing’s speed had reduced to the speed of a snail inching forward.

At this moment, Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er, Fei’er, Bing’er and Little Witch were not guarding Zhou Weiqing in the sky. Instead, Long Shiya had taken over. The five women were kneeling before Duan Tianlang. Even though they did not say anything, everyone knew what they were begging for. Even Duan Tianlang could not help but be moved.

Duan Tianlang clenched his teeth and did not make a sound. To him, the scroll was way too important, especially since the consolidation process was in its final stage. Even though Zhou Weiqing’s movements were extremely slow, he was still advancing after all. On Zhou Weiqing’s back, both wings were spread open. At this moment, he was consuming his Life Energy. He was completely supporting himself in one breath with his mind.

At this time, Duan Tianlang was not just thinking about himself but Zhou Weiqing as well. In the event that Zhou Weiqing failed, one could imagine the impact on him - he might never be able to make a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. If he succeeded, then the door to the Heavenly God Stage would be wide open for him. Even if he was unable to make a breakthrough immediately, it was only a matter of time, which would not be long.

As the five women could sense the draining of Zhou Weiqing’s life, they knelt down before Duan Tianlang. They were very clear that the only person within the Heavenly Bow City who could stop him was his Senior Uncle. Not even his father, Admiral Zhou, or his master, the Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya, could stop him.

The five women continued kneeling night and day, while Zhou Weiqing was on the verge of collapsing in mid-air. It was too difficult for him to complete the consolidation process alone. It was way too difficult. Indeed, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base was sufficient. In fact it was more than enough. However, it must not be forgotten that in a way, he was not considered a true God Tier Master! He could only complete such a task, that only God Tier Masters could perform, was because he relied on Time Reversal. When he started crafting the Consolidation Equipment Scroll, the consumption of his Saint Energy was too great, to the extent that the external world could not replenish it. The jade dragon was much more difficult to deal with than expected. Hence, even Duan Tianlang did not expect the difficulty level of this piece of Consolidation Equipment Scroll to be that high. Looking at Zhou Weiqing who was on the verge of collapsing in mid-air, Duan Tianlang let out a long sigh. Ultimately, he stood up. As a God Tier Master, he knew best with regards to how long more Zhou Weiqing needed to complete the task. Even the final bit of the process could take as long as three days! With Zhou Weiqing’s current condition, his body might not be able to withstand it if he had to keep up with the process for another three days.

“Senior Uncle.”  The five women bowed as they saw Duan Tianlang stand up. In their eyes, even if Zhou Weiqing was unable to advance his cultivation base in the future, they would not mind at all. They only wanted their man to live! Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s weak condition in the sky, they could no longer suppress their inner feelings.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Duan Tianlang released his Heavenly Energy and flew up straight into the sky. Long Shiya, who was in mid-air, was also observing. He could not persuade Duan Tianlang as Duan had sacrificed way too much for Zhou Weiqing. There was absolutely nothing he could do, be it as Zhou Weiqing’s master or Duan Tianlang’s friend. Looking at Duan Tianlang soaring into the sky, Long Shiya immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It’s finally ending? However, he felt terrible, as well as a sense of loss. Naturally, he felt terrible for Duan Tianlang. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. One could imagine how big of
an impact it would make on Duan Tianlang if it were to fail. His best brother might leave the world with this huge regret. Similarly, he felt a sense of loss as he was hoping to see the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, as the owner of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set! From the looks of it, everything seemed bleak at this moment.

Duan Tianlang pursed his lips and slowly flew in the direction of where Zhou Weiqing was. The closer he got to him, the clearer Zhou Weiqing’s situation was. It could definitely be described as a ‘ghastly sight’.

In order to keep up with the process of consolidation, Zhou Weiqing’s blood vessels were clearly visible on the surface of his skin. He had put in his best efforts and did everything to the best of his abilities. He was burning his life force to complete the consolidation process! He could not afford to make even the slightest mistake.

“Weiqing, forget about it……”  said Duan Tianlang softly, as his lips were trembling. However, at this time, nobody had expected Zhou Weiqing to completely ignore Duan Tianlang’s words. He had no intention to stop.

Just as everyone was panicking and had no idea what to do, all of a sudden, a layer of faint emerald green light was emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s body.

A faint sigh was heard in the air, “Silly boy, why are you refusing to rely on my energy? Did you think that I’ll stay alive if you fully drain your energy and end up dying? You are really stupid!”

Immediately after, the layer of emerald green light that was gushing out of Zhou Weiqing’s body abruptly expanded. It had turned his body into a shade of translucent emerald green. The Life Energy that was being consumed was being replenished at a rapid speed. Furthermore, the Saint Energy that he was drawing, which refused to cooperate in the final amalgamation, eventually yielded like a kitten in the emerald green light, imprinting itself on the scroll.

High up in the sky, a beautiful figure appeared with six wings extended on her back. She had a gentle look in her eyes as she looked at the man below, whose face was full of determination. At the same time, there was an emerald green light flickering on her chest.

She muttered to herself, “Why am I experiencing such a painful emotion within my heart? Could this be what human beings call ‘like’ or ‘love’? However, I’m not a human.”

The Sidhe Queen’s appearance rendered a huge part of the sky emerald green. At the same time, a rich life aura came descending from the sky. Perhaps due the the fact that the Sidhe Queen’s blood was the most crucial ingredient in the Consolidating Ink. Hence, the Consolidating Ink became extremely yielding. The process originally would have taken another three days, but with the Sidhe Queen’s support, Zhou Weiqing was able to complete it easily.

Piercing emerald light flickered in the sky. Dense energy ripples shook the entire space above the Heavenly Bow City. Even a powerful figure such as the Sidhe Queen had to temporarily back away, retreating slightly far away from it.

A couple of days ago, when Zhou Weiqing started to consume his Life Energy to continue consolidating, the Sidhe Queen who shared a life with him had felt it. Even though Zhou Weiqing had been restraining himself from borrowing the Sidhe Queen’s Life Energy, based on their close-knit relationship, it was only natural for the Sidhe Queen to find out what happened.

Under such circumstances, the Sidhe Queen rushed over immediately without any hesitation - even she herself did not know if she did it because of her safety or out of her concern for Zhou Weiqing.

After she had personally arrived and channeled the Life Energy directly into Zhou Weiqing’s body via their close relationship, protecting Zhou Weiqing’s physical body, she then found out that it seemed as though she would have an indescribable relationship with this man for the rest of her life. Perhaps this was because of the fact that they had absorbed each other’s energy.

The emerald green light in the sky gradually changed its form. Its originally complicated patterns had immediately vanished, transforming into a strong emerald green light before extending over a kilometer in an instant. It was wandering around the sky, as though celebrating a new lease of life.

When the emerald green light started to move, it slightly resembled the form of the jade dragon earlier, except for the fact that it was a lot stronger than the jade dragon. Slowly, rich flickering starlight started appearing on his body. The original green shade had gradually faded with the appearance of the starlight, slowly transforming into white, a crystal clear shade of white.

Looking at the shade of white, the Sidhe Queen couldn’t help but widen her eyes. She could clearly sense what it contained.

Zhou Weiqing had succeeded. He had successfully crafted the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set. However, this was not as simple as a Legendary Set created by a first timer.

Indeed, in the eyes of God Tier Masters, Zhou Weiqing was indeed a newbie. Without Time Reversal, it was practically impossible for him to complete the consolidation. However, one should not forget that even when was having a hard time consolidating, he was not using Heavenly Energy!

When it came to the level of creating a Legendary Set, it required the creator to constantly merge his Heavenly Energy with the scroll, in order to gradually complete it. Zhou Weiqing did not merge his Heavenly Energy. Instead, he used his Saint Energy. He had already reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage and had possessed the Astral Saint Core Nucleus’ Saint Energy. That was also the reason why it was difficult for him to create this scroll, as well as causing Zhou Weiqing to spend so much time on it. After all Zhou Weiqing’s current strength was not inferior to a Heavenly God. He even needed support from the Sidhe Queen in order to complete the crafting process. One could well imagine how much Saint Energy was needed to consolidate a scroll in the void, not forgetting the massive amount of Saint Energy supplied within the Astral Celestial Territory too.

Hovering in mid-air, Duan Tianlang, who was not far from Zhou Weiqing, had no intention to retreat. Long Shiya had went over to him, protecting him, so that he would not get pounded against by the overwhelming energy fallout in the sky.

“ Luring the dragon, unparalleled in the world. This is a miracle that cannot be repeated. It’s done, we have succeeded! I have finally seen the completed eleventh piece of the Legendary Set. Additionally, it was not a Legendary Set that I had completely designed. The Saint Energy had refined it. We have really succeeded!”

In the void, the massive white light suddenly soared thousands of meters up into the sky. All that could be seen was a small tiny white dot. However, this time, Zhou Weiqing was not anxious at all because he could clearly feel the relationship between himself and the white light.

The Consolidating Equipment Scroll of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had finally been completed. The moment this scroll, that was consolidated in the void, was completed, it had become a part of his body.

In the next moment, the white light had descended from above. When it was hundred meters above Zhou Weiqing’s head, it suddenly spread out, transforming into an enormous white halo.

Zhou Weiqing had raised his right hand entirely by instinct. There were eleven Ice Jade Physical Jewels emitting a gentle white light. It seemed to be echoing with the white halo in the sky.

Next, the enormous white halo had already descended from the sky. A deafening growl of the dragon, coupled with a strange fluctuation of a type of heaven and earth wisdom, headed towards Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, gathering from every direction.

Buzz —— In the moment when the white light met the Ice Jade Physical Jewels, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body began trembling. The Saint Energy that he consumed seemed to have completely flowed back to him. Additionally, the ten pieces of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set that he already possessed seemed to violently fluctuate and constantly released strange energy ripples, as a result of the milky white light. They seemed to be rejecting the addition of the latest eleventh piece.

Something strange happened after. Another Physical Jewel was condensed, excluding the eleven Physical Jewels that Zhou Weiqing possessed. The only difference was that even though it was also white, it was crystal clear, unlike the rest. Furthermore, it possessed the wisdom of heaven and earth, becoming the leader of the other eleven Ice Jade Physical Jewels. Besides, it somewhat gave off a feeling of nothingness, unlike the other eleven. Albeit vaguely, a small dragon that was pacing to and fro could be seen within the white jewel.

The original pieces of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had quickly quieted down. The time taken to subdue them was shorter than what Zhou Weiqing had expected. In the next moment, ten wave-like rays of dark golden light lit up on Zhou Weiqing’s body in succession. The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was equipped on his body. It was still ten pieces, however, it was not in the shade of bright gold anymore. It had reverted to the shade of dark gold in its early stages. Nonetheless, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the dark golden ten-piece Legendary Set was completely different from how it was before.

Chapter287 - Grand Tournament of Saint Lands

Originally, his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was purely meant for boosting power and some technical skills. However, this time, he realized that his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had already become a part of his Saint Energy - there was no distinction at all between it and the rest of his abilities. He could sense the presence of the specks of starlight hidden within the dark golden shade, as though the entire armor was fully condensed by his Nebula Saint Energy.

At the same time he was sure that once he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage, the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set that just got completed would finish up the final amalgamation, allowing him to completely possess the brand new Legendary Set that could even be said to be worthy of the title ‘World’s Number One Legendary Set’.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had absolutely no time to comprehend and test out the changes that the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set would bring for him. He could only look in the direction of where the Sidhe Queen was and nodded his head slightly towards her. In the next moment, He fell backwards, head first, landing into Long Shiya’s embrace, losing consciousness. The whole process that lasted more than 20 days had taken too much of a toll on Zhou Weiqing. He was completely overworked and drained be it in terms of his physical body, Saint Energy or his will. If not for the nourishment of the Sidhe Queen’s massive Life Energy, allowing his body to go
through and complete another round of Dragon-Tiger Demon
God Transformation, his body would have collapsed a long time ago. It was not an easy feat to control atmospheric energy to create a miracle.

When the Sidhe Queen had arrived, she had reached a conclusion that it would have been impossible for her to achieve what Zhou Weiqing did, even though she was a Max Level Heavenly God, instead of a Max Level Heavenly Emperor!

She stared at Zhou Weiqing hard. The Sidhe Queen did not utter a single word; she took a step in the air and vanished without a trace.

Even though the damage done on Zhou Weiqing’s body was significant, the returns he gained were equally massive too, be it his confidence or control over his Saint Energy, as well as upgrade after overworking his body, were extremely beneficial in his breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. Long Shiya held onto Zhou Weiqing’s body and descended from the sky. The strange phenomenon that had happened continuously for almost a month in the Heavenly Bow City had finally come to an end.

After Zhou Weiqing had completed one of his most important tasks, the entire Boundless Mainland had strangely quieted down too.

Be it the Dan Dun Empire or the Bai Da Empire, they had both retreated and entirely vanished - it was as though nothing had happened at all. The three Shangguan sisters, as well as Tian’er, had quietly left the Heavenly Bow City for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain respectively, while Zhou Weiqing was still in a coma.

Discerning individuals would be able to tell that the peace within the Mainland was only temporary - there was no way that the Dan Dun Empire would give up that easily. Furthermore, it would be hard for the Zhong Tian Empire to get any news and information from the Dan Dun Empire. The Dan Dun Empire and the Bai Da Empire had been sealing their intelligence under strict surveillance. Additionally, every major empire was busy preparing to mobilize their armed forces. The civilians had no idea when the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would start but all the top officials from every empire were very clear with regards to when it would begin. The most crucial thing was the lineup of the tournament.

The Grand Tournament of Saint Lands used to be held once every five years. However, it was later held once every ten years instead. In the previous tournaments, it was the time for the Great Saint Lands to display their powers and strength. The Saint Land with the highest ranking would have the greatest influence in the Mainland.

For example, in the previous tournament, the moment the Heavenly Demon Sect lowered its ranking and became last, coupled with the fact that they possessed the Evil Attribute, the other four Great Saint Lands joined forces and suppressed them, decreasing their influence significantly. At the same time, they were rejected by all the empires within the Mainland. If that was not the case, they would not have landed in such a pitiful plight. Without Zhou Weiqing’s help, they might have been utterly exterminated.

This time, the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would be held in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. A huge number of people were looking forward to the results of it, be it openly or secretly. In the eyes of everyone, the Heavenly Demon Sect was clearly unqualified to take part in the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Additionally, the Blood Red Hell’s power would inevitably be quashed by the other three Great Saint Lands. However, no one was able to tell the final results. If the Blood Red Hell was successfully crushed by the other three Great Saint Lands, then the alliance between the Dan Dun and Bai Da Empire would definitely be suppressed too. On the other hand, it was the perfect opportunity for another great empire to rise above. By then, it would be uncertain if ZhongTian Empire would be able to resist against the joined forces of the Dan Dun and Bai Da empires.

Of course, nobody knew the present situation within the Saint Lands. However, the atmosphere within the Mainland was very tense - all the top officials of the empires were focused on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, quietly waiting for the final results.

Heavenly Jewel Island, Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang was deep in thoughts as he sat on his throne. Shangguan Tianyue was standing next to him, with a calm look on his face. “Have  the  three  girls  left?”   asked  Shangguan  Tianyue plainly.

Shangguan Tianyue nodded, looking somewhat helpless, “Daughters are hard to keep.”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled and nodded his head gently, “Perhaps, this is the best outcome.”

“Huh?” Shangguan Tianyue looked at his Senior Brother in shock. That was because he had always known that Shangguan Tianyang had strong reservations about marrying the three Shangguan sisters off to Zhou Weiqing, especially Shangguan Xue’er. After all, even if he did not take into consideration the fact that Shangguan Xue’er was his daughter, he did groom her into the next leader of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. She was also the most outstanding talent within the younger generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang said helplessly, “I heard that the fella had already completed the consolidation of the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Perhaps, we might have the ability to stop the rise of the Dan Dun Empire and the Blood Red Hell. However, nobody will be able to stop him from leading the Heavenly Bow Empire, bringing up its ranking. It’s worth celebrating that this child is not greedy, and will not become our enemy.”

Thinking of that brat, Shangguan Tianyue could not help but smile, “Brother, if you can do it all over again, how would you have dealt with him?”

A cold look flashed across Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes, “I will kill him without any hesitation, or forcefully bring him into the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Shangguan Tianyue smiled, “You’re right. If we can do it all over again, I will marry Bing’er off to him immediately and help him rebuild the empire to the best of my abilities. In that way, he would have become a true blue member of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Shangguan Tianyang looked at him and said, “Unfortunately, there are no what ifs in this world. Is everything ready?”

Shangguan Tianyue’s facial expression became grave, “Everything has been prepared, we can set out anytime.” Shangguan Tianyang stood up abruptly, and his eyes lit up, “Alright, let me see how strong the Blood Red Hell actually is, to the extent that they actually have the guts to provoke the entire Mainland. Let’s set out to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”



Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Unlike the pleasant weather in the Wan Shou Empire all-year round, the strong winds and biting cold at the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain made it hard for weaker Heavenly Jewel Masters to stand firmly on the ground.

At this moment, there were two people standing there - a man and a woman. The woman was in the man’s embrace. The man was gently stroking her hair.

“Silly girl, you’re about to be a mother, yet you’re still acting coquettishly.” If the people of Wan Shou Empire heard the kind words of this man, their jaws would be opened so wide that they might have dropped to the ground. That was because the man was none other than the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord - the strongest man in the world who was in-charge of the lives and deaths of ten million people living in the Wan Shou Empire. Unless someone actually managed to defeat him, he would be considered the strongest man in the entire world.

“Father, when can I see my mother again? If I officially get married to Zhou Weiqing, will mother return?” Tian’er softly muttered, while leaning against her father’s chest.

Xue AoTian’s eyes looked solemn. Even though he had several concubines, he only had one true wife. The only child he had was Tian’er, who was in his arms. Was it because he couldn’t have more children? Of course not. He chose to have only this daughter of his, because of his love for her.

“The only person who can make your mother return and never leave again is unfortunately none other than that brat. Who would have expected that within a short period of a few years, he had already made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. From the looks of it, your mother has a better foresight than me. However, I still want to beat that brat up. Before the two of you are officially married, he has already gotten you pregnant. Don’t you think he deserves a beating?”

“Father……”   Tian’er  squirmed  in  her  father’s  embrace, blushing.

Xue AoTian laughed, “A married daughter is like spilt water! I don’t care about anything else except for the fact that you have to be married in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. I believe that the other two fellas in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace have the same thoughts as I do. Zhou Weiqing is indeed a lucky bastard.”

Tian’er looked curiously at the smile on her father’s face, “Father,  you  don’t  seem  to  be  worried  at  all  about  the upcoming Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Weiqing said that the Blood Red Hell is not easy to deal with. Additionally……”

Xue AoTian waved his hand, stopping her from continuing her sentence, “They are just a bunch of clowns. The crux is the person behind them, controlling from behind the scenes. I had already seen the letters that Weiqing got you to bring to me. This time, I will join in the game. It will not cause the Mainland any problems.” “Alright.” Tian’er did not say anything else. She merely snuggled up to her father quietly. She knew that after she had officially become Zhou Weiqing’s wife, she would not have as much time to accompany her father. Hence, she was yearning for her father’s love at this moment more than ever.

Xue AoTian looked far into the distance. Three days. Three more days before the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands began. Over the past several years, Xue AoTian’s heart had never once wavered. He was still greatly looking forward to the tournament.

“Mountain Lord.” A respectful voice was heard from a distance not far away.

Xue AoTian furrowed his brows - he clearly looked displeased that the warm moment with his daughter was being interrupted.

Several dozen meters away, a sturdy and strong figure with somewhat messy hair stood quietly, waiting. It was the Lion King, Gu SiTe. No, he was no longer the Lion King. Because of the previous incident, his title had been stripped away by Xue AoTian. Currently, the person who took over him was his son, Gu Yingbing. Perhaps it was because he had been living on the Heavenly Snow Mountain for an extended period of time, Gu SiTe’s temper had toned down a lot - except that occasionally, he had a strange look in his eyes whenever he looked at Tian’er from time to time.
Xue AoTian said plainly, “Has everything been put in place?” “Yes, Mountain Lord. The Heavenly Beasts within the Wan
Shou Empire have been evacuated to the outskirts. The
Beastmaster Armies have been stationed at the foot of the mountain, ready to be dispatched at anytime. The Tiger King has already went up the mountain. All the Heavenly Kings from every tribe had already been gathered. There is a total of two Heavenly Emperors and twenty one Heavenly Kings.”

Xue AoTian nodded, “Alright. Pass down my command that from now onwards, nobody is allowed to make any move without permission. They are also not allowed to perform any external explorations.” “Yes.”  Gu  SiTe  did  not  question  Xue  AoTian’s  words  -  he merely replied respectfully before taking his leave.

A cold expression flashed across Xue AoTian’s face, “Bring it on, I want to see for myself how big of a storm you can stir up on my Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

Before Xue AoTian built up the Heavenly Snow Mountain, it used to rank far behind the other Saint Lands. At a period of time, it was even of a lower rank compared to the Heavenly Demon Sect. However, the difference between the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heavenly Demon Sect was that they had the Wan Shou Empire as their foundation. Even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that had always been rich and powerful did not dare to push the Heavenly Snow Mountain into a corner.

After the rise of Xue AoTian, the Heavenly Snow Mountain started to rise through the ranks, with a Heavenly God as their leader. However, it was still ranked below the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. This was clearly due to the fact that they only had two Heavenly Emperors, which was only slightly more than the Heavenly Demon Sect. If not for Xue AoTian, the Heavenly Snow Mountain would have still be at the bottom in terms of ranking. Of course, the Heavenly Snow Mountain also had its qualities. At this moment, the Wan Shou Empire was rather turbulent. All the powerhouses from every part of the world were making their way towards the same destination. The tournament that concerned the arrangement of the Mainland, including its safety, was about to begin.

Three days flew by in a blink of an eye.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was normally shrouded in clouds and mist due to its high altitude. However, it was rather special today. There were no clouds in sight within the blue sky; the air surrounding the Heavenly Snow Mountain appeared to be extremely pure. The merciless sunlight had significantly increased the temperature of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

On the summit, which was the actual entrance of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there were twenty young disciples standing in a row on both sides. The newly appointed Lion King, Gu Yingbing, as well as the Tiger King, Xue AoYing, were standing right outside the entrance. Today, they were in-charge of welcoming the guests.

Tiger King Xue Ao Ying looked calm, while Gu Yingbing looked slightly agitated. He had always been a person who became braver every time he received a setback. Losing to Zhou Weiqing was a big blow to him. However, it became the driving force for him to work harder. Within the short period of two years, under Xue AoTian’s constant guidance and efforts, he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage, becoming the youngest Heavenly King in the history of Wan Shou Empire.

Even though Gu Yingbing had absolutely no idea how the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would turn out to be, when he saw Tian’er’s return, he had a feeling that he would see Zhou Weiqing once again on the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The moment he thought of Zhou Weiqing, Gu Yingbing could not help but clench his fists tightly. Having been promoted to the Heavenly King Stage, he had made up his mind to challenge Zhou Weiqing once again the moment he saw him. Even if it was not for Tian’er, he wanted to fight for his honor.

Unfortunately, he was unaware that the title of being the youngest Heavenly King in the Wan Shou Empire had already been taken over by Tian’er not long ago.

The sun had already risen high up in the sky, the Tiger King Xue AoYing’s facial expression changed and he said in a deep voice, “They’re here. Let’s welcome them.” As he said, he took a big stride forward, with Gu Yingbing following closely behind, and walked to the entrance of the mountain.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain’s roads were extremely steep. Looking down from the summit would cause one to feel slightly dizzy. Gu Yingbing could clearly see a series of yellow figures ascending the mountain at an extremely fast speed. Visually estimating, there were at least 20 people.

Very soon, the yellow figures were almost at the peak of the mountain.

Xue AoYing laughed and said, “Valley Master Huang, you are still as graceful as before. Welcome to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

A series of yellow figures flashed past, several powerhouses decked in yellow soared in the air, landing in front of Xue AoYing and Gu Yingbing.

Right in front were a man and a woman. They look as though they were 30 year-olds. The man’s figure was tall and slender with a set of straight eyebrows and sharp eyes. The air surrounding him was slightly distorted - it was not brought about by the Fire Attribute but Time. The woman next to him looked extremely delicate and gentle. She was standing slightly behind the man and she had a gentle look in her eyes. They clearly looked like a very loving pair of husband and wife.

However, if one looked closely into the abyss of their eyes, one would be able to notice the vicissitude in them. Clearly, they were much older than how they looked.

“Tiger Kinng, you are still as robust and healthy as ever. You must be Yingbing. I heard that you have taken over the place of the Lion King. Congratulations,”  said the man as he smiled. The tone of his voice was very gentle, and his voice was bright and crisp - soothing to the ears.

Gu Yingbing was observing the guests that had just arrived. He knew that the couple in front was the Valley Masters of Passion Valley, Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. As the rulers of a Great Saint Land, they were very powerful. During the previous tournament, he had seen them before. At that time, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yueyun was defeated by them. This couple had always attacked together. It was the tradition of Passion Valley.

“Nice to meet you, Valley Master Huang and Valley Master Yun.” Gu Yingbing bowed slightly. His status was different - he was now the tribe leader of Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion, as well as the King of the Wan Shou Empire. His status did not allow him to be overly courteous with them.

Behind Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu were thirty six people from the Passion Valley. Every single one of them were at least of the Heavenly King Stage. The reason why they climbed up the mountain instead of ascending by flight was out of respect for the Heavenly Snow Mountain. This was an unwritten rule of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands.

What grabbed the attention of Gu Yingbing the most was the two pairs of couple behind Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. They appeared to be in their forties, but their aura was too complicated for Gu Yingbing to comprehend. Even though he had a Heavenly King Stage cultivation base, Gu Yingbing was still unable to comprehend. Clearly, the two couples were of the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Together with Huang Xingyun and his wife, they had a total of six Heavenly Emperors!

Six Heavenly Emperors and thirty Heavenly Kings - the Passion Valley was clearly sending all its elites out. Based on the overall power and strength, if not for Xue AoTian, it was impossible for the Heavenly Snow Mountain to compete against them. After all, the Passion Valley had always had strong combat powers. They specialized in joint attacks of husbands and wives, coupled with the fact that they possessed the Time Attribute. In the previous tournament, the Passion Valley was third in place, above the Blood Red Hell.

Chapter288 - The Saint Land - The Peerless Sect

The Passion Valley army was not small in number. Huang Xingyun nodded his head towards Gu Yingbing once again and said, “The rest of them have not arrived?”

Xue Aoying laughed, “The both of you are the first to arrive. Please enter. A resting area has been set up for you. Big brother will come over and greet you personally very soon.”

Huang Xingyun shook his head and replied, “It’s ok. This is the Grand Tournament, there is no need for formalities. This should be where the meeting point is, right? I’m guessing they will arrive soon. We will wait here. This year’s Grand Tournament is the most troublesome one out of all the Grand Tournaments we have ever had. It is better to settle it as soon as possible.”

Xue Aoying did not insist either. He turned to Yingbing and said, “Tell big brother to come over, and that Valley Master Huang and Valley Master Yun have arrived.”

Gu Yingbing nodded. He turned around and headed into the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyun led their group of powerhouses to the southern part of the wide platform. Naturally, the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s disciples brought them to their seats and tables. They served some fruits and food that were prepared beforehand.

Even though the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands was only held once every ten years, the actual process was not that long. These Saint Land powerhouses were not willing to socialize with each other for too long and they also would not make too many stops along the way. After all, amongst the Saint Lands, even though they might seem friendly to one another on the surface, they were guarded against each other at the same time, including Passion Valley and Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Apart from the two Valley Masters, the remaining thirty-four powerhouses did not utter a single word upon thier arrival. They only looked very calm, while patiently waiting. It was practically impossible to detect any emotion from them. However, when all thirty-six of them were gathered, they gave off a strong invisible oppressive force, such that even a Heavenly Emperor like Xue Aoying was unwilling to go near them.

After all, in the previous tournament, Passion Valley only had four Heavenly Emperors. This time, they had six. At this time, Huang Xingyun suddenly pulled Yun Ruoyun up from her seat and smiled, “Our old friends are here. Tiger King, let’s welcome them.”

As he spoke, the couple headed for the entrance first.

Looking down from the peak of the mountain, all that could be seen was a shade of white. Only, upon scrutiny, there were actually many white star-like dots leaping towards the summit.

Two gusts of cool breeze appeared and two white figures had already take the lead and gone up. They did not even need to use the mountain wall as an assist - they looked as though they were flying close to the mountain wall. Two tall and straight figures in white floated to the ground. They were none other than the two brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue.

Huang Xingyun laughed heartily and said, “How are you, my brothers, Tianyang and Tianyue?” As he spoke, he walked up to greet them.

Shangguan Tianyang smiled, “Xingyun, you arrived early.
We initially thought we would be the first.” Huang  Xingyun  smiled,  “We  arrived  not  too  long  ago. Brother Tianyang, you brought a lot of people with you this time!” As he spoke, he shot Shangguan Tianyang a meaningful glance.

Shangguan Tianyang seemed as though he did not see it, and maintained the smile on his face. “I don’t have a choice. I feel compelled to do so under such a circumstance. How are you, Tiger King?” He finally greeted Xue Aoying.

Xue Aoying was not bothered. After all, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain had always been rather hostile to one another, or rather, they had always viewed each other as their biggest opponent. Additionally, he could not be compared to Huang Xingyun of Passion Valley when it came to status.

“Greetings,  Palace  Master  Shangguan.  I  am  still  in  good health,” Xue Aoying replied in a neutral way.

At this moment, the powerhouses of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had reached the top of the mountain. What made Xue Aoying secretly startled was that the two Shangguan brothers had brought with them a lot more people this time, compared to the previous tournament. Excluding the two brothers, there were about 108 of them. Furthermore, all 108 of them were at least of the Heavenly King stage. Everyone knew that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had an ultimate technique called the Boundless Infinitum Technique - the greater the number of people that cast this technique, the greater its power will be. In the previous tournament, Xue Aotian had no way of winning due to this technique, which was led by Shangguan Tianyang, and hence conceded defeat, causing the Heavenly Snow Mountain to be bumped to second place. And at that time, the Shangguan brothers had only brought with them sixty-four
people. This time, they had 108 people. Clearly, this was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s strongest battle formation.

However, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace should have one or two more Heavenly Emperor powerhouses who did not tag along for this tournament. Nonetheless, this was understandable as they had to stay behind to guard the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. After all, they had already dispatched their main forces.

Shangguan Tianyang continued to smile, “Tiger King, where is your brother?! All the old friends are here, he should at least come out to greet us.”

Tiger King’s facial expression changed slightly. Just as she was about to reply, a cold voice was heard, “Since when did the Heavenly Snow Mountain become friends with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Everyone present could sense a strong pressure that abruptly erupted from the summit of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. All the gazes looked over and saw the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s Lord Xue Aotian slowly walking out, with Gu Yingbing accompanying him.

Shangguan Tianyang’s facial expression slightly hardened and the smile on his face faded a little as well. He exchanged glances with Xue Aotian and it seemed to ignite invisible sparks.

They were old rivals. Meeting each other would naturally cause intense hostility to erupt without any reservations.

Huang Xingyun and his wife watched from the side. He slowly took half a step closer to Shangguan Tianyang. Clearly, they did share the same hostility against a common enemy. In reality, the Passion Valley had always joined forces with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to go against the Heavenly Snow Mountain, similar to how the Amber Empire had been joining forces with Zhongtian and Fei Li Empire to go against the WanShou Empire over the past several years. Xue Aotian was not bothered at all by Huang Xingyun’s gaze - it seemed as though he only had Shangguan Tianyang in his eyes. A killing intent was concealed in that sharp gaze of his - it seemed as though he would launch a world-shattering attack at any moment.

Shangguan Tianyue also took half a step forward and stood next to Shangguan Tianyang. They still acknowledged Xue Aotian as the world’s strongest powerhouse. If they were to go against him one-on-one, nobody present could be his opponent. They were afraid that the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord would suddenly launch a full attack against Shangguan Tianyang. If Shangguan Tianyang was unprepared, he would most likely be injured.

Shangguan Tianyang did not back down either - facing Xue Aotian’s glare, he stared back at him, as though he was just an ordinary opponent. However, a faint white light started flashing around his body. This was a sign that the Boundless Infinitum Technique was about to be activated.

Xue Aotian sneered coldly and said plainly, “After so many years, you still have not made any headway. I am disappointed.” Upon hearing his words, Shangguan Tianyang’s facial expression darkened immediately. Clearly he had hit his sore spot. “So what? The Heaven’s Expanse Palace is still the number one Saint Land. One person’s strength cannot win against the strength of a collective group.”

Xue Aotian snorted coldly, “You can’t be too sure. We still don’t know which is the number one Saint Land till the end of today.”

“Excuse me, would the both of you please listen to what I have to say?”  Huang Xingyun took a step forward once again and came between the two piercing gazes that were being exchanged by the leaders of the two Great Saint Lands. However, by doing so, he was put under great pressure. After all, they were the leaders of the two Great Saint Lands! Fortunately, he had the help of his wife, and hence, he was finally able to separate the two hostile forces, that were unwilling to budge, away from each other.

When Huang Xingyun sensed the gazes of Shangguan Tianyang and Xue Aotian falling on himself, he continued, “Today is the day in which the Grand Tournament is to be held amongst our five Great Saint Lands. Since it is the Grand Tournament, let us do things by the book. Since the Blood Red Hell and Heavenly Demon Sect have yet to arrive, please calm down. We will have the opportunity to fight each other in a while. Moreover…”

Huang Xingyun paused for a moment and looked at Xue Aotian before looking at Shangguan Tianyang, who was standing behind him. His face darkened a lot before continuing, “Over the past few years, Dan Dun Empire had become more overbearing and aggressive, and even ended up exterminating the Geritimo Empire. The Blood Red Hell must have been the ones behind this. This time, we have to interrogate them thoroughly.”

Xue Aotian snorted disdainfully, “The Blood Red Hell is just a contemptible scoundrel. Huang Xingyun, take your excitement back home. Even if the Dan Dun Empire is that powerful, it will not affect the WanShou Empire.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s facial expression became grave, “Are you trying to say that you are joining forces with the Dan Dun Empire to attack us?”

Xue Aotian laughed coldly, “Why can’t I do that? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, except that the Blood Red Hell is not qualified to join forces with me. Shangguan Tianyang, don’t think that you are the world’s number one, just because the Heaven’s Expanse Palace controls the Zhongtian Empire. It might be true that the Zhongtian Empire has the most strategic location, but there is nothing around it that could be relied on. If we want to get rid of you, it is an easy feat.”

Shangguan Tianyang snorted angrily, “Xue Aotian, you old ignorant man. Do you really think that I am afraid of you? Since you claim that I did not make any improvements, I sure want to see how much you have progressed over the past ten years.”

As he spoke, he leapt forward, overtaking Huang Xingyun and thrusted his palm into the air, aiming at Xue Aotian.

A milky white palm-shaped energy force appeared. When it first emerged, it was the same size as an ordinary palm. However, it rapidly increased in size. By the time it was in front of Xue Aotian, it was already one meter in diameter. Even though there was not a single leakage of energy, everyone knew how terrifying it was.

If Shangguan Tianyang was not wearing the Boundless Infinitum Set, he could never go against Xue Aotian. However, if he was equipped with it, he would have the power to challenge a Heavenly God. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to defeat the Heavenly Snow Mountain with their collective forces alone. Xue Aotian similarly snorted coldly. He did not retreat - he thrusted his right fist. Everyone present could clearly see that the fist that he threw was completely gold in color. A ‘pop’ sound was heard. After the white light had dispersed in all directions, a bout of golden light soared up into the sky. The entire Heavenly Snow Mountain seemed to sway slightly as a result of that attack.

Huang Xingyun could only helplessly retreat to the side with his wife. He had an extremely helpless look on his face, but a ray of light flashed in the depth of his eyes. However, nobody noticed it.

As a result of the exchange between the two powerhouses of the two Great Saint Lands, the atmosphere on both sides immediately intensified. The 108 Heavenly Kings of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace immediately dispersed and stood firmly in their respective positions. Strong Heavenly Energy ripples constantly came erupting from each and every one of them. Coupled with Shangguan Tianyang, their combined forces had overpowered Xue Aotian in an instant.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was not vulnerable either. The twenty odd Heavenly Kings immediately came forward and gathered behind Xue Aotian. The Tiger King Xue Aoying, the former Lion King Gu Site, as well as Gu Yingbing, gathered behind him as well.

At this moment, suddenly, a sharp whistle sounded from below the mountain, causing Xue Aotian and Shangguan Tianyang, who were about to attack again, to pause for a moment. They looked down at the same time.

Rays of red light started soaring up from below, heading towards the peak of the mountain. Upon seeing those red rays of light, Xue Aotian could not help but furrowed his brows. He looked rather displeased. That was because the rays of red light did not fly over. Instead, they were leaping high up each time they jumped towards the summit. The aggressive flames even surpassed that of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Huang Xingyun held his wife’s hand and had already retreated back to his people. At this moment, the powerhouses of the Passion Valley could no longer sit back and watch. Each one of them stood up and stood behind the two Valley Masters, while waiting silently.

There were a huge number of red figures. In a short period of time, more than a hundred of them had gathered on the peak of the mountain. The person who stood right in front was very tall - he was at least half a head taller than Xue Aotian. His shoulders were broad and he wore a long red robe with a black cloak on his back. He was dressed rather simply and gloomily. A cluster of dark red, fiery evil markings were faintly pulsating on his forehead. His appearance had caused the temperature of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain to rise further. His lofty
and disdainful aura seemed to be even stronger than that of Xue Aotian.

The group of people that he came along with were all decked in dark red. Half of them were dressed entirely in dark red, including the helmet on their heads. They lowered their heads slightly - nobody could clearly see how they looked like.

The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had already brought a large number of troops with them, 108 to be specific, but the total headcount of the people in red had reached nearly 150. Xue Aotian and Shangguan Tianyang’s faces fell slightly. Based on their cultivation base, they could sense that these people in red were at least of the Heavenly King stage.

If any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters were to be present, they would definitely be entirely taken aback by the present situation. After all, if any Heavenly King in the Boundless Mainland was a figure that could cause the oceans to tremble just by stomping on the ground. And at this moment, there were more than three hundred of them gathered on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

This was the power of the Saint Lands. All the powerhouses presently gathered could collectively destroy an empire easily.

The elder that stood right in front of the group of people in red scanned the people who were present on the peak of the mountain, “From the looks of it, I have arrived at the right time, Brother Xue.”

As he spoke, he did not even bother to look at Shangguan Tianyang at all. Instead, he nodded his head slightly at Xue Aotian.

Xue Aotian stared blankly for a bit. He clearly did not expect the man in red to greet him first, “Fen Tian, what the hell are you doing?”

Indeed, the elder who was dressed simple and entirely decked in red was the Blood Red Hell Hell Lord, Fen Tian. The leader of a Saint Land as well. Upon seeing that Fen Tian completely ignored his presence, Shangguan Tianyang looked very displeased.

Fen Tian waved and the powerhouses of the Blood Red Hell walked over to the west side of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. They gathered and formed a neat formation. On the other hand, Fen Tian walked over to Xue Aotian and smiled, “Brother Xue, the only person who is worthy of my respect here is you. Naturally, I would greet you first.”

Xue Aotian snorted coldly, “Hasn’t the Blood Red Hell always been in cahoots with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Why? Did things change because of the conflict with the Zhongtian Empire?”

Fen Tian replied plainly, “In this world, only the virtuous will live. Alliances are always being broken apart and formed. The Zhongtian Empire had been dominating in the Central for too long. Doesn’t it infuriate the WanShou Empire to be forced to stay in the north where the winter is harsh and merciless?

Shangguan Tianyang could no longer control himself and said, “Fen Tian, you must have gone crazy. Just because the Blood Red Hell had acquired the Destructive Attribute, it doesn’t mean that you can do as you please! You think you can take over the Central with just the Dan Dun Empire alone?” Huang Xingyun bellowed, “Fen Tian, don’t be too arrogant. We’ll talk after the Grand Tournament, if you are able to survive it, that is.”

Fen Tian turned around and sneered, “A sheep in wolf’s clothing. The two of you seemed to be afraid? Indeed, it is impossible for us to acquire the Central with just the Dan Dun Empire’s strength alone. However, if we were to combine forces with the WanShou Empire, what do you think will happen? The plight of the Geritimo Empire should serve as a lesson to you. Brother Xue, with your approval, the Zhongtian Empire will be split between you and me. The WanShou Empire no longer has to hunt for food in the harsh cold winter. It’s a win-win situation for the both of us, bringing us great advantages.

Shangguan Tianyang’s face clearly looked extremely gloomy. Even though in the Grand Tournament, the competition amongst the Saint Lands was fierce, but it was not as hostile and intense as this time.

Even though Fen Tian was the last to arrive, he had already made an alliance with the Heavenly Snow Mountain with just a few words. Additionally, what he said was the truth - the terms he promised were very tempting to both the WanShou Empire, as well as the Heavenly Snow Mountain. If not for the extremely harsh winter and lack of food, the WanShou Empire would not start a war every winter.

Xue Aotian’s facial expressions kept changing - he seemed to be deep in thoughts.

Huang Xingyun impatiently bellowed, “Xue Aotian, are you really intending to face public disgrace and start a war in the Boundless Mainland? By then, when the people are in dire straits, you will be the biggest sinner in the world. Even if every single one of us from the Passion Valley dies here, I will do whatever it takes to stop you.”

Xue Aotian’s face darkened and said coldly, “Huang Xingyun, who do you think you are? You actually have the guts to speak to me in that manner on the Heavenly Snow Mountain. So what if I collaborate with the Blood Red Hell? You dare to threaten me with just the Passion Valley alone?”

Shangguan Tianyang glanced over at Huang Xingyun. He had an anxious look in his eyes. They knew that Xue Aotian had always been very stubborn and could not be convinced easily. Huang Xingyun’s impatient words had the unintended effect of pushing the Heavenly Snow Mountain towards collaborating with the Blood Red Hell. It seemed as though Huang Xingyun did not catch Shangguan  Tianyang’s  signal,  he  said  angrily:  “Xue  Aotian, how dare you insult me? Alright, alright, alright. Today, we shall see whether the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Blood Red Hell alliance or the Passion Valley and Heaven’s Expanse Palace alliance is stronger.”

Xue Aotian snorted coldly once again, “You seem to have forgotten that this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. The people of the Heavenly Demon Sect have not arrived. Do you think the Heavenly Demon Sect will be on your side or our side?”

Fen Tian stood next to Xue Aotian - his facial expression did not change, but a faint smile appeared on his face. Clearly, he was very satisfied with what Xue Aotian said. He added, “We don’t have to wait for the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands can begin right away. Not too long ago, the Heavenly Demon Sect had been crushed under my forces.”

“Huh?”  Huang Xingyun and Xue Aotian looked shocked.
Only Shangguan Tianyang’s face became graver.

Fen Tian added plainly, “How can the Heavenly Demon Sect be considered as a Saint Land with their weak power? Brother Xue, didn’t the Valley Master Huang say that he wants to join forces with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to go against us? I want to see how strong they actually are, to the extent that they dare to run their mouths like that.”

An intense murderous aura instantly filled the air on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. In terms of strength and power, the Passion Valley had six Heavenly Emperors, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had 108 Heavenly Kings. However, on the other side, the Blood Red Hell had many troops on their army. Just the Blood Red Hell alone was almost on par with their Heavenly Kings combined, excluding Xue Aotian, who was the strongest individual in the world. On the whole, the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Blood Red Hell clearly had the upperhand.

Just as both sides had drawn their swords, ready to launch a battle, all of a sudden, a relaxed voice was heard, “So this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands? Why does it look no different from a mob fight on the streets? This is such a huge disappointment.”

The facial expressions of the four leaders of the Great Saint Lands had changed, except that they were all different. A young man idly sauntered up the Heavenly Snow Mountain. He was alone, but before he had arrived, not a single person present could sense his aura.

This young man was decked in a long blue robe. Even though he was not very good-looking, his body was tall and upright. He had broad shoulders and a thick build. He looked like a man in his twenties, with a mischievous look on his face. Facing a large group of powerhouses, he did not seem overwhelmed by their presence at all. He casually walked over just like that, and stopped right next to Shangguan Tianyang.

“Zhou Weiqing, this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. What are you doing here?” bellowed Gu Yingbing, who was standing next to Xue Aotian.

Indeed, the person who casually strolled over, whose aura was not detected by a single person, was none other than Zhou Weiqing. With a contented smile on his face, the vibe he gave off was clearly different from the people around him, who looked anxious.

Zhou Weiqing shot Gu Yingbing a glance and said, “Of course I came here to attend the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Brother Yingbing, if you can come here, why can’t I? I am also from a Saint Land, so why can’t I take part?” Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing, the Passion Valley Lord Huang Xingyun furrowed his brows. On the other hand, the Blood Red Hell Hell Lord Fen Tian’s eyes lit up. Even though it was his first time meeting Zhou Weiqing, he had heard his name several times before.

Gu Yingbing’s eyes looked dimmed, “You joined the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Shangguan Tianyang looked at Zhou Weiqing and said, “Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace is only but a tiny temple, there is no space for a God like him.”

He didn’t join the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Gu Yingbing immediately looked shocked; even the Huang Xingyun and Fen Tian was shocked too. From what they recalled, Zhou Weiqing was very closely connected to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Even though in the eyes of the leaders of the Saint Lands, they had never regarded Zhou Weiqing as their equal. However, since they had heard of Zhou Weiqing’s name, clearly, they had heard about everything that Zhou Weiqing had accomplished.

At least, in their hearts, Zhou Weiqing was considered as the strongest individual amongst the cultivators in the younger generation. Disregarding everything he had done, just the fact that he had the guts to go to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to capture his bride, as well as successfully defeating Gu Yingbing before kidnapping the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian’s daughter, alone was something that peers of his age was unable to do.

After that, Zhou Weiqing depended on himself and established the Peerless Sect with the help of the Zhong Tian Empire, successfully defeating the Bai Da and Kalise Empire. Not only did he save his father and the empire, he also managed to vanquish the Kalise Empire at the same time. It could be said that it was the Heavenly Bow Empire that helped the Zhong Tian Empire to build up their defensive line on the west side, which managed to diminish and slow down the offensive powers of the allied armies of the Bai Da and Dan Dun Empire, postponing any attacks till after the end of the Grand Tournament.

Hence, both Huang Xingyun and Fen Tian were extremely curious with regards to this young man before their eyes, that they were meeting for the very first time - particularly Fen Tian, as the Blood Red Hell had lost several of its powerhouses to the Heavenly Bow Empire. None of them made it back alive. According to his speculations, Zhou Weiqing and Long Shiya might be powerful, but without the backing of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, which secretly sent a troop of powerhouses to help them, the tiny Heavenly Bow Empire would not be able to detain the four elders of the Blood Red Hell, as well as the assassins that he dispatched.

Thus, when Shangguan Tianyang expressed that Zhou Weiqing was not a member of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they could not help but be taken aback.

The only person who seemed unaffected by the news was Xue AoTian.  He  said  in  a  deep  voice,  “Since  you  are  not representing the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, naturally, you must be representing the Heavenly Demon Sect. Is that right?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and replied, “Just like what the Hell Lord Fen Tian mentioned earlier, the Heavenly Demon Sect no longer exists on the Mainland. I am not representing them either.”

Gu Yingbing said in a low voice, “Zhou Weiqing, how dare you speak in such a rude manner in front of so many elders? I might have lost to you in the previous battle, but today, I want to challenge you once more and fight to the death.”

As he spoke, he had already stepped out of the crowd and walked up to him.

Oddly, nobody tried to block him or yell at him to stop. It seemed as though everyone wanted to see how powerful Zhou Weiqing was.

Zhou Weiqing sighed softly, “Brother Gu, I truly admire your perseverance and potential. Within a short couple of years, you managed to make a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage on your own. I am indeed surprised. From the looks of it, the defeat became your greatest motivation. Without Tian’er’s existence, perhaps we would have become friends. Today is the day of the Grand Tournament, we should upstage the event. We should follow the rules of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands.”

Gu  Yingbing  bellowed,  “What  makes  you  think  you’re qualified to join the Grand Tournament?”

A ray of light flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. In an instant, a concise and lofty aura erupted from his body. The initial mischievous look in his eyes became grave, and powerful rays of light radiated from his eyes. “I am the Sect Leader of the Peerless Sect, one of the five Great Saint Lands.”

“The  Peerless  Sect?  Sect  Leader?”   Gu  Yingbing  stared dumbfoundedly at Zhou Weiqing. Amongst the people present, some of them looked unaffected, whereas a majority of them had a strange look on their faces.

How did a Saint Land come into existence? It was the supreme land of Heavenly Jewel Masters. The other four Great Saint Lands had a legacy of more than a thousand years, in order to reach their current scale today. On the day of the Grand Tournament, a young man actually appeared out of nowhere, claiming that he himself was a Sect Leader, and that he had established the Peerless Sect, a Saint Land. What was the meaning of this? It was practically the biggest joke ever.

After Gu Yingbing was in shock for a moment, he wore a strange expression on his face, “Zhou Weiqing, did you become a retard? You claimed that you have established a Saint Land? Based on what, exactly?”

Zhou Weiqing replied indifferently, “Let me ask you instead, on what basis did all the other four Great Saint Lands call themselves a Saint Land?” Gu Yingbing replied without any hesitation, “Of course it is based on power. It is worthy to be called a Saint Land when it possesses great power.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled, “Then naturally, I am basing it on power as well.”

“Just with you alone?” Gu Yingbing was in disbelief. At this moment, he thought that Zhou Weiqing went berserk.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, “No, of course not with me alone.”

As he spoke, he walked over to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s powerhouses. In the next moment, a layer of dazzling silver light emitted from his chest. The dazzling radiance was full of extremely powerful Spatial Attribute energy ripples. It transformed into a silver halo that immediately expanded.

The moment they sensed the overbearing Spatial Attribute energy, everyone present, including Shangguan Tianyang and Xue AoTian, were shocked. The gazes they shot Zhou Weiqing was full of shock too. Seeing his arrival, all of them knew that Zhou Weiqing would bring the Peerless Sect along with him. However, when they saw that Zhou Weiqing was alone, they were extremely puzzled. And at this moment, Zhou Weiqing was emitting such strong Spatial Attribute energy ripples, causing them to be further taken aback. Even though Zhou Weiqing possessed the Spatial Attribute, it was not his main attribute!

Very soon, all the powerhouses present, who were at least of the Heavenly Emperor Stage, discovered something peculiar. The silver light was not emitted by Zhou Weiqing himself. It was being released from a gem-like item at the top of his chest. Because the light rays were too strong, his clothes could no longer conceal its shape.

What was he doing? Nobody knew what Zhou Weiqing was up to. However, everybody present was a powerhouse - they were able to sense that the silver light emitted by Zhou Weiqing was filled with extremely powerful energy ripples. Nonetheless, it was not offensive in nature. At the same time, they still did not regard a young man like Zhou Weiqing as a threat.

The silver halo that Zhou Weiqing emitted was about 20 meters in diameter. Along with the dazzling silver light, gradually, a series of silhouettes appeared next to him.

Teleportation? Or mass teleportation? Upon seeing that, even Xue AoTian could not help but to gasp in shock. Even though amongst the several powerhouses present, there was a large number of them that possessed the Spatial Attribute, none of them could perform a mass teleportation. Even a Heavenly Jewel Master of the Heavenly God Stage might not necessarily be able to achieve that! Even though the powerhouses of the four Great Saint Lands were highly experienced and knowledgeable, it was their first time
seeing the mass teleportation technique.

It could be said that the appearance of the Peerless Sect had shocked everyone who was present. The individuals who initially thought that Zhou Weiqing was crazy had become a lot more vigilant at this moment.

There were quite a number of figures that appeared next to Zhou Weiqing. Even though they were not as many compared to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace or the Blood Red Hell, there were at least several dozens of them. Their headcount was more or less similar to the Passion Valley, or perhaps slightly higher.

The silver light vanished, and these figures could be clearly seen. Just like the long blue robe worn by Zhou Weiqing, these people were also wearing the same long blue robe. Hence, the colors representing the five Great Saint Lands could clearly be seen. The Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had similar colors - the latter was donned in milky white, while the former was donned in snowy white. The Passion Valley powerhouses were dressed in yellow; the Blood Red Hell was dressed in dark red, while the Peerless Sect was decked in blue, like the color of the blue sky.

Looking at the people who emerged next to Zhou Weiqing, the first person to furrow his brows was the Hell Lord Fen Tian of the Blood Red Hell. This was because he recognized the two people who were standing next to Zhou Weiqing. Or rather, a majority of the powerhouses of the other four Great Saint Lands recognized them as well.

Standing to the left of Zhou Weiqing was none other than the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Long Shiya, or otherwise known as the first Heavenly God. Standing to the right of Zhou Weiqing was the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue.

The two of them actually showed up at the same time via Spatial Teleportation. It was impossible for everyone present to remain calm and unaffected. Bewildered gazes fell upon the powerhouses of the Peerless Sect, who were standing behind Zhou Weiqing, Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue. They were the three Shangguan sisters, Tian’er, Little Witch Wu Yuehan, as well as the six Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Behind them were some people who were also wearing the long blue robe, but their bodies were covered in cloaks - even their heads were covered, hence it was
impossible to make out their faces. They looked rather similar to the people of the Blood Red Hell. They concealed their identities in the same way; it was impossible to sense any energy ripples from their bodies and hence, it was unable to detect their cultivation base.

The silver light had completely vanished. The Peerless Sect had engaged in such a special technique to make their appearance, and thus inevitably diminished the tense atmosphere.

Fen Tian had a cold look in his eyes, “Wu Yunyue, you’re surprisingly not dead yet. Since when did the Heavenly Demon Sect change its name? It’s no wonder that your disciple dared to announce that the Heavenly Demon Sect no longer exists.”

Upon seeing Fen Tian, Wu Yunyue’s eyes went red, as though he had met his mortal enemy. His face darkened, looking especially horrifying, “Fen Tian, I will fight you to the death today. The Sect Leader is right, the Heavenly Demon Sect no longer exists. There is only the Peerless Sect. Sect Leader Zhou is the leader overseeing the peerless Sect, and I am his deputy.”

Wu Yunyue’s words caused the powerhouses of the other Great Saint Lands to be unable to remain quiet. They started discussing amongst themselves.

Chapter289 - The Grand Tournament Begins

Even though the Heavenly Demon Sect had always been ranked last in the Grand Tournament, it was still a Saint Land! The legacy of the Demonic Attribute continued to instill fear in the rest of the four Great Saint Lands. Nobody had ever expected the Demonic Emperor Wu Yueyun to hand over the Heavenly Demon Sect over to Zhou Weiqing, a young man. In their eyes, it was something completely impossible.

Everyone’s gazes fell upon Zhou Weiqing once again and Fen Tian asked out of curiosity, “The Peerless Sect. It is my first time hearing its name. Even a small fry like him can become the leader of a Saint Land. Brother Long, I think that the real master of the Peerless Sect is you, am I right? You’re going to let your disciple make a fool of himself?”

Long Shiya glared coldly at Fen Tian, “My disciple is making a fool of himself? Fen Tian, watch your tongue. When I was ruling the world, you were still still in your mother’s womb. So what if my disciple becomes the leader of a Saint Land? He is not just going to be your average leader, he is going to be the leader of the number one Saint Land. Everything will be revealed in just a moment.” When Long Shiya talked about the Peerless Sect being the number one Saint Land, it seemed to have touch the nerves of the other four Great Saint Lands. Their gazes turned hostile immediately.

Zhou Weiqing smiled, “Now, our Peerless Sect is qualified to take part in the Grand Tournament, right? If anyone here is unwilling to accept this arrangement, I don’t mind if you regard us as the Heavenly Demon Sect. Except that the Sect Leader is different.”

Fen Tian laughed coldly, “Heavenly Demon Sect? Even the Heavenly Demon Sect is not qualified to take part in the Grand Tournament. Don’t you know that the Heavenly Demon Sect has been taken out of the list?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him, while smiling continuously, “Earlier,  Brother  Gu  had  mentioned  that  a  Saint  Land  is regarded as one by virtue of power. Be it the Peerless Sect or the Heavenly Demon Sect, as long as we possess great power, why can’t we be regarded as a Saint Land? If Hell Lord Fen Tian wants to give us some pointers, I don’t mind at all. Besides, quite a number of your people from the Blood Red Hell had truly gone to hell in my hands.” A baleful look flashed across Fen Tian’s eyes, but he did not step out to attack Zhou Weiqing. Instead, he turned to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, who was next to him,  and  said  in  a  low  voice,  “Brother  Xue,  this  Grand Tournament is held on your grounds, and you are the master of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Naturally, you are the decision maker of the tournament. How do you want to deal with this matter at hand? A Saint Land appearing out of nowhere - I am sure this is against the rules, right?”

Listening to Fen Tian’s words, Zhou Weiqing could not help but be slightly impressed by him. From the looks of it, the Blood Red Hell was not only powerful, they were also very scheming!

Xue AoTian looked at Fen Tian and said, “Fen Tian, perhaps you don’t fully know what is happening. Weiqing is my son-in- law. Earlier, he had mentioned before, a Saint Land is established as one by virtue of power. Since my son-in-law had already brought his people along with him, it proves that he is confident enough. Furthermore, Brother Long is a senior who I respect. With Brother Long and Sect Leader Wu, I believe they are powerful enough to be deemed as a Saint Land.”

Over at the Passion Valley’s side, Huang Xingyun furrowed his brows, “Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, this is against the rules. What do you think, Brother Tianyang?”

Shangguan Tianyang said indifferently, “If they are powerful enough, it’s not a big deal having one more Saint Land. Since the Blood Red Hell is the most displeased with the Peerless Sect, why doesn’t the Blood Red Hell send someone out to test how powerful they are?”

Fen Tian narrowed his eyes and snorted coldly, “Fine, I will send out a disciple. As long as the Peerless Sect has a disciple that can defeat my disciple, the Blood Red Hell will agree to let them participate in the Grand Tournament.”

As he spoke, Fen Tian waved his hand. A middle-aged man who looked like he was in his forties stepped out from behind him. He was not tall, but his limbs were long and slender. The joints on his hands were thick and huge. He gave off a gloomy vibe, making him seem very sinister on the whole. He looked over to the Peerless Sect with his yellowish eyes, emitting an undisguised strong ominous aura.

Wu Yunyue snorted coldly. He was about to step forward but was stopped by Zhou Weiqing, “Deputy Sect Leader, the Hell Lord Fen Tian had already mentioned that he wanted to test our disciples’ powers. You are one of the higher ranking figures here, so you should not step in. Ling Dang, go ahead and have a battle against the Blood Red Hell expert. Remember to show some mercy.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, a person who was wearing a cloak that covered his face stepped out from behind. Judging by her delicate figure, that person was clearly a woman.

She walked out elegantly, and just like before, her aura could not be detected at all. However, she seemed to have arrived in the center of the summit of the Heavenly Snow Mountain with just one step.

Looking at the person in a blue robe that Zhou Weiqing referred to as ‘Ling Dang’, he laughed coldly, “Look at you concealing your identity. You don’t even dare to show your face? Don’t tell me this is an old witch that is so ugly that she dare not show her fact in public?”

She had the figure of a woman, and since she was a powerhouse who could make it there, she was definitely not that young. It was justifiable for that Blood Red Hell powerhouse to call her ‘an old witch’

However, upon hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing burst out laughing. He thought to himself: This Blood Red Hell bastard is sure unlucky.

Hearing his words, Ling Dang trembled sightly, she clearly looked rather agitated. She slowly lifted her head. Everyone could see that apart from the cloak that was concealing her face, she was wearing another blue face mask, only revealing a pair of beautiful emerald green eyes. However, at this moment, those eyes were icy cold.

“Let’s begin.”  Ling Dang’s voice resonated in the air. Before waiting for her opponent’s reply, she had already lifted her right hand.

Her movement was not fast, and she had no intention of equipping herself with any Consolidated Equipment. Her exposed palm was pale and slim; her fingers were as delicate as spring - they looked as though they were carved from a piece of jade. Still, she did not emit any aura or any energy ripples at all. All she did was thrust her palm out in the direction of the Blood Red Hell powerhouse.

Naturally, Fen Tian had his reasons for sending this man out to fight. This fierce-looking middle-aged man was actually in his eighties. Even though he had not reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage, he was already at the Max Level Heavenly King Stage. Previously, Fen Tian had stated his intentions clearly - he wanted to test the power of the Peerless Sect’s disciples on behalf of all the other Saint Lands. In other words, he wanted to examine the true hidden powers of the Peerless Sect. If the person who was being sent out was Long Shiya or Wu Yunyue, naturally, the Peerless Sect would lose their prestige, and Fen Tian would then be able to disqualify them from the Grand Tournament. If the Peerless Sect sent out an actual disciple,
then this Max Level Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell would definitely emerge victorious. A Max Level Heavenly King with destructive energy could even stand a chance against a Heavenly Emperor. Fen Tian doubted that Zhou Weiqing had any other Heavenly Emperors on their side.

However, most of the time, expectations and wishes might be perfect, but they might not turn into reality.

Looking at Ling Dang’s palm that was thrusting towards himself, the Blood Red Hell man in red was cautious. Dark red flames instantly erupted from his body. Strong destructive willpower that was filled with damaging aura was felt. Light from the eight pieces of his Consolidated Equipment was flashing as they came together to form a full set, as it appeared on his body.

The eight pieces of God Tier Master Consolidated Equipment Set could be considered as a legendary set. However, as he was equipping himself with the set, suddenly, under everyone’s aghast gazes, the dark red flames around his body had vanished immediately. Immediately after, a crash sound was heard and the man in red had actually flew out upon impact, heading in the direction of the area where the Blood Red Hell powerhouses were gathered.

“Huh” Fen Tian was dumbstruck and instinctively reached his right hand out in a bid to catch him. However, in the next moment, a bang was heard, followed by a clutter of flesh and blood splattered all over before his eyes.

The Blood Red Hell powerhouse that Fen Tian had full confidence in was blown to pieces in the air, becoming fragments that flew in all directions. Until this moment, the dark red flames appeared once again. Except that, the one who got destroyed was not the Peerless Sect’s Ling Dang, but it was the Blood Red Hell man himself. Under the flickering dark red flames, the splattered flesh turned into ashes, scattered in all directions.

The palm that Ling Dang thrusted did a grabbing motion. Immediately, the Heavenly Core Nucleus of the Blood Red Hell man flickered and vanished into thin air. From beginning to end, the battle happened too quickly, to the extent that almost everyone had no time to react.

As the battle ended just like that, Ling Dang calmly walked back to the Peerless Sect and silently stood in her position. The entire peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain was so quiet that one could hear the drop of a pin.

Even the two Shangguan brothers, Tianyang and Tianyue, who had already known about the return of the Peerless Sect, as well as their power, were completely taken by shock. On the other hand, the leaders of the other Saint Lands had different expressions on their faces.

The Passion Valley’s Huang Xingyun was completely stunned. Even till this very moment, he was in disbelief with regards to what happened.

Xue AoTian looked even more astonished compared to Shangguan Tianyang. That was because before Ling Dang launched her attack, he had detected the presence of some energy ripples. He also realized that he was not confident of being able to retreat upon receiving a blow as such. Fen Tian still had a cold look in his eyes. It was horrifyingly gloomy and cold. He stared coldly at Ling Dang, “Never did I expect the Peerless Sect to hide such an expert. May I ask, what’s the name of this expert?”

Fen Tian was not angered by the death of his subordinate. His calm disposition had even caused Zhou Weiqing to raise his brows  slightly.  He  smiled,  “Ling  Dang  is  a  member  of  my Peerless Sect. Apart from this, I have nothing else to say. How was the test, Hell Lord? I believe our Peerless Sect is qualified enough to take part in the Grand Tournament, right?”

Fen Tian exchanged glances with Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing suddenly realized that his gaze had become a lot darker than before, causing Zhou Weiqing to be stunned for a moment. However, Fen Tian’s gaze quickly returned to its normal state. What made Zhou Weiqing extremely shocked was the fact that he actually nodded and said, “Since your sect is powerful enough, naturally it is qualified to join the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. The Blood Red Hell has no objections.” Was the Blood Red Hell that easily persuaded? They don’t seem to even have the intention to avenge for the death of their Max Level Heavenly King powerhouse?

Zhou Weiqing looked pensively at Fen Tian. On the other side, Xue AoTian opened his mouth.

“Since nobody has any objections, in that case, before the end of the Grand Tournament, the Peerless Sect will be temporarily considered as a Saint Land. However, according to the rules of the Grand Tournament, if the Peerless Sect finishes last, then at the end of the tournament, the Peerless Sect will not be considered as a Saint Land. Zhou Weiqing, do you understand?”

Zhou  Weiqing  smiled,  “I  understand.”   With  his  current status as the Sect Leader of the Peerless Sect, naturally, it was not appropriate for him to bow to his father-in-law in front of so many people. Moreover, all three of his father-in-laws were currently present. Perhaps it was because of Zhou Weiqing’s appearance that the other four Saint Lands had calmed down a lot. The earlier state of mutual extreme hostility had completely vanished, except that faint hostility between the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain could still be detected.

Fen Tian turned towards Xue AoTian and said, “Mountain Lord, since things are as such, let the tournament begin. Since you are the Lord of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, naturally, you are the host of this year’s tournament too.

“Alright.”  Xue AoTian nodded and slowly walked out to the center of the open space.

The open space of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain had a large area. Even though it could not be compared to ZhongTian Plaza, despite having hundreds of people standing on it, its center still had several thousand square meters of space.

Xue AoTian’s powerful gaze swept through the crowd and said in a deep voice, “Just like before, this Grand Tournament will be adhering to the old rules - the tournament will be held in the sky. Firstly, let me make this clear, if anyone destroys even a piece of grass or a tree in my Heavenly Snow Mountain during the tournament, don’t blame me for being relentless and  heartless.” As  he  spoke,  he  intentionally  looked  over towards Shangguan Tianyang.

Shangguan Tianyang did not even look at him at all. He acted as though he did not hear Xue AoTian’s threat.

Xue AoTian continued, “In view of the new addition of the Peerless Sect in this Grand Tournament, let me repeat the rules once again. According to the rules, each of the Saint Land will send out ten participants in the first round of the tournament. The order will be decided via drawing lots. The representatives will take turns to fight against each other. The loser gets eliminated, and the winner will proceed to challenge the next person. Once all ten representatives of a Saint Land get eliminated, it will be disqualified. All the Saint Lands will be ranked according to how fast they get eliminated. The top two Saint Lands will have to go through another battle, where there is no limit placed on the number of participants. The winner will be declared as the number one Saint Land. There are no rules with regards to the battles. The winner will be the king.”

The rules of the Grand Tournament might sound simple, even simpler compared to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament that was previously held in the Heavenly Jewel Island. However, it must not be forgotten that the participants of the Grand Tournament were not that young, and there were no restrictions with regards to the cultivation base or any rules pertaining to the battles themselves. One could well imagine how dangerous it would be.

With mutual conflict and hostility amongst the five Saint Lands, there was bound to be some enmity. During the Grand Tournament, nobody was going to hold back. Deaths would be nothing out of the ordinary. Several lives were bound to be taken during this tournament.

Before Zhou Weiqing arrived, he had already heard the rules from Wu Yunyue. Hence, he was not shocked. A mischievous smile remained on his face, as though he did not care about the impending bloodshed.

Xue AoTian shouted in a deep voice, “Every Saint Land, you may send out your first representative. Step into the arena at the same time to draw the lots.”

After Xue AoTian’s sentence, five figures appeared on the arena at the same time. It was apparent that every single Saint Land came well-prepared. To everyone’s astonishment, the first representative from the Heavenly Snow Mountain was the Tiger King, Xue AoYing. As for the Passion Valley, it was one of the two Valley Masters, Yun Ruoyu. One-on-one battles were disadvantageous for the Passion Valley. This was the main reason why the Passion Valley had never been able to enter the final round of the Grand Tournament.

On the other hand, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace sent out an unidentified elder, who looked like a Heavenly King. Compared to the representatives of the other Saint Lands, he seemed like a cannon fodder.

As for the Blood Red Hell, their representative was a gloomy elder who was tall and skinny. He was a Heavenly Emperor.

Lastly, the first representative of the Peerless Sect was the previous Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, or otherwise known as the current Deputy Sect Leader, Wu Yunyue.

Judging from the first participant of every Saint Land, apart from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the other four Saint Lands had planned to gain the upper hand with power by sending out one of their strongest powerhouses. According to the rules of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands, after the order had been decided by the lots, the party that lost would lose the eligibility to continue taking part in the competition. The Saint Land that lost its participant will have to send in another one, till all ten of its participants had lost. A method as such was considered to be rather fair. If one wanted to continue staying on the arena longer, he or she would have to go all out and put in his best effort.

Xue AoTian looked at all five participants of the first round. The leaders of the other Saint Lands had slowly walked out too.

Without a doubt, under such a system, it was more advantageous to have a later turn in the first round of the tournament. The people deciding on the order of the battle were the five leaders. What was meant by ‘drawing lots’ was actually the battle of strength and power. In the previous tournament, the Heavenly Snow Mountain managed to go last in the first round of the tournament because of Xue AoTian’s power. Hence, it managed to enter the final round without much mishaps.

Xue AoTian stretched his palm, and within it were five stones of different colors - red, orange, yellow, green and blue. “According to the colors of the rainbow, the person who gets the red stone will be the first to enter, and the person who gets the green stone will enter last. Listen to my command.” As he spoke, he flicked his wrist and the five stones in his hand transformed into five rays of light that soared into the sky.

The five stones gathered together as they soared to the sky. Based on Xue AoTian’s cultivation base, the five stones had completely vanished in the blink of an eye.

All five leaders, including Zhou Weiqing, exchanged glances and in the next moment, Xue AoTian shouted, “Start!”

The five figures, each representing the five leaders of the five Great Saint Lands in the Mainland, soared up to the sky almost at the same time.

The first person who made a move was Huang Xingyun of the Passion Valley. The surrounding air got violently distorted for a moment and a layer of distorted light appeared in mid-air. He zoomed past, while the rest of the people felt as if their bodies condense and that everything in their surroundings seemed to slow down. However, no one was falling behind at this moment. According to the rules of the Grand Tournament, no legendary set was allowed to be equipped during the process of drawing of lots. Direct attacks were not allowed to be launched either - only binding type of techniques were allowed to be used.

A ball of bright golden light erupted from Xue AoTian’s body. It seemed as though he did not see the time lag at all - his body flashed and soared up into the sky. At the same time, a powerful pressure erupted from his body. The dense golden light caused the entire sky to change its color.

Heavenly Spirit Celestial Territory - the Celestial Territory that Xue Aotian had grasped upon entering the Heavenly God Stage. Once he unleashed the Celestial Territory, an endless powerful pressure descended from the sky. Huang Xingyun of the Passion Valley, who was initially in the lead, immediately slowed down, while Xue AoTian brazenly soared up into the sky.

“Boundless  Infinitum,”   Shangguan  Tianyang  shouted.  He made a circle with his palms and milky white Heavenly Energy formed a giant vortex beneath him. A terrifying driving force erupted, pushing his body forward, in pursuit of Xue AoTian. “Nirvana Heavenly Pride,”  shouted Fen Tian. A condensed black light appeared and something strange happened next. Xue AoTian’s Celestial Territory actually got torn, causing a hole to appear. Immediately after, the space surrounding his body rapidly darted off. His body flashed, overtaking Shangguan Tianyang, catching up with Xue AoTian.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was still right at the back.

Huang Xingyun was slightly anxious after being overtaken by the other three people. He shouted angrily, “Cage of Time.” When it came to binding techniques, nobody else present was more well-versed than him! After all, he possessed the Time Attribute.

A series of distorted light in the air formed an enormous cage before descending from the sky, engulfing everyone within it. At this moment, the distorted light seemed to be solid. Even though it was significantly weakened within the Celestial Territory, the binding effect was still fairly apparent. At least at the very moment this technique was used, every single one of their speed was reduced. At this moment, the five stones in the sky had already started descending.

“What are you people fighting for! They’re just a couple of stones.” Just as the five leaders were using all their might and power to fight each other, suddenly, a sluggish sound was heard in the sky. The leaders of the four Great Saint Land - Xue AoTian, Shangguan Tianyang, Huang Xingyun and Fen Tian turned their heads around. They were dumbstruck to find that Zhou Weiqing already had all five stones within his palm. He was throwing them around, playing with them.

The four leaders, who were soaring into the sky with all their might, were entirely stunned. They had no idea when Zhou Weiqing had appeared above them. Based on their cultivation base, it was impossible for them not to notice if anyone passed them by. However, they absolutely could not feel anything!

In truth, it was easy for Zhou Weiqing to arrive first. He used Spatial Law - he was able to rely on his Spatial Attribute to get to the front. There were two ways in which Zhou Weiqing could successfully complete his Spatial Travel. One of which was via coordinates, if the distance was long. The other was to travel to a particular spot within his field of vision, similar to the Blink Skill. However, at his current cultivation base, the space ripples that occured when he was engaging in the Spatial Travel was extremely small. Even a Heavenly God would not be able to detect it, unless he was deliberately paying attention to it.

Before, Zhou Weiqing intentionally fell behind the other leaders to mislead them into thinking that he was much weaker than he actually was, and that it was impossible for him to overtake them. Thus, they did not take any notice of him. Zhou Weiqing waited till they were fighting against each other at the front before he used Spatial Travel to get ahead of them.

Zhou Weiqing had made use of the four leaders' psychological inertia to his advantage. Before the establishment of the Peerless Sect as a Saint Land, none of the leaders of the Saint Lands had specialized in the Spatial Attribute, let alone grasping Spatial Law. The first thing that came to all their minds when they saw Zhou Weiqing playing with the five stones in mid-air was: How is this possible?

However, the truth was right before their eyes - regardless of how Zhou Weiqing did it, he was indeed in possession of all five stones. According to the rules of the Grand Tournament, they were not allowed to launch any direct attacks during the drawing of lots. Hence, they were unable to snatch the stones from him.

When the leaders of the four Saint Lands were dumbstruck, Zhou Weiqing waved his right hand and shouted, “This is for you, catch it properly.” Four rays of light shot out at the same time towards the four leaders’ location.

Based on Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base, the distance was not considered far. Before the act of waving his hand was completed, the four stones had already appeared before Xue AoTian, Shangguan Tianyang, etc. Instinctively, the four leaders raised their hands and each of them caught a stone.

Upon looking at the stone in their hands, Passion Valley's Huang Xingyun almost collapsed in anger. The red stone is in his hand, which meant that Passion Valley was the first to enter the first round. Fen Tian was not any better - he had caught the orange stone. That was to say that the first battle was to be held between the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley.

Xue AoTian had caught the yellow stone, hence the Heavenly Snow Mountain was the third to enter. Shangguan Tianyang, who was all smiles, had caught the green stone. He nodded his head towards Zhou Weiqing who was in mid-air, expressing his satisfaction. He had a sudden realization that his bratty son-in- law who had snatched his three nieces was actually not as hateful as before.

Xue AoTian looked rather calm, as though he had already anticipated Zhou Weiqing’s actions.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had his intentions for doing so. In his eyes, the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace were equally on intimate terms with him. It did not matter who was placed last. However, the representative of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was only a Heavenly King - it would not bode well for them if he were to go first. According to the rules, the Saint Land that lost its first participant had to send in its second one to wait in the battle line. Hence, the longer one stayed on, the better.

With a mischievous smile on his face, Zhou Weiqing had descended to the ground. He held onto the blue stone that meant that the Peerless Sect was the last to enter. From the look on his face, he looked as contented as he could be. He had absolutely no intention to hide the emotions in his heart.

Earlier, when the Peerless Sect had just arrived at the venue, most of the people were looking down on them. After Ling Dang had finished off the Blood Red Hell's powerhouse, coupled with Zhou Weiqing's performance during the drawing of lots, nobody present dared to look down on them anymore. After all, the Peerless Sect had already taken in the remaining members of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Not to forget, they also had the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor on their side, together with Ling Dang, whose cultivation base was still unknown. Most importantly, they could not tell what Zhou Weiqing's cultivation base was as well.

After the rest of the leaders had descended to the ground, their respective subordinates had gave them a detailed explanation of how Zhou Weiqing managed to get hold of the stones earlier. Since all of them were one of the top powerhouses in the world, they naturally could tell that Zhou Weiqing had grasped the Spatial Law. It was an ability that only a Heavenly God powerhouse could master, under normal circumstances! However, Zhou Weiqing was still very young. Could he actually have made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage? Everyone felt that it was impossible, including Xue AoTian and Shangguan Tianyang. However, even if he was not a Heavenly God, he was still a difficult opponent just by virtue of the fact that he had grasped the Spatial Law.

Xue AoTian said in a deep voice, “Since the drawing of lots is over, let us begin according to the order that had been decided upon.”

The average age of the powerhouses present at the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands was more than 70 years old. Furthermore, everyone was very familiar with the rules of the Grand Tournament, hence there was no need for anyone to oversee the battles.

The tall and thin powerhouse of the Blood Red Hell and Yun Ruoyu of the Passion Valley slowly walked out towards the center of the arena.

Zhou Weiqing walked back to the Peerless Sect with a huge smile on his face. Long Shiya chuckled as he looked at his precious disciple, and Little Witch gave Zhou Weiqing a thumbs up. However, the rest of the four women did not look that happy. Shangguan Bing’er had a rather neutral look on her face compared to the three Shangguan sisters - they looked somewhat angry and had ignored his presence entirely. At this time, the battle in the arena had began. The two figures soared up into the sky at the same time, like two arrows shooting into the air. Everyone looked up accordingly.

All the previous Grand Tournaments were held in the air. This was also the reason why all the powerhouses that took part in the tournament were at least of the Heavenly King Stage. If the battles were held on the ground, based on their destructive power, the amount of damage and destruction caused would be too great. Hence, it was safer for the battles to be held in the air. Even so, they could only fight at the altitude of at least a thousand meters.

Even a Heavenly King powerhouse was not able to see what was going on in the air, at the altitude of a thousand meters, from the ground. After about a few blinks of an eye, sounds strong violent auras clashing could be heard from the sky. Loud rumbling sounds were heard. Every single time a sound was heard, the earth seemed to tremble accordingly.

Terrifying energy ripples continuously fluctuated in the air.

Although a Heavenly King might not be able to see what was going on clearly, it did not mean that a Heavenly Emperor could not. The weather today was exceptionally good. Zhou Weiqing lifted his head up and saw an evenly matched battle. Indeed, it was evenly matched. Yun Ruoyu was one of the two Valley Masters of the Passion Valley. Undoubtedly, she was powerful. Her opponent was equally powerful as well. The Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperor had been using his Destruction Attribute without holding back, the moment the battle had started.

Without the Destruction Attribute, his cultivation base could not be compared to the Max Level Heavenly Emperor, Yun Ruoyu. However, the moment he engaged in his Destruction Attribute, it had immediately neutralized the upper hand that Yun Ruoyu had previously secured with her Time Attribute. After a series of blows exchanged, from the looks of it, Yun Ruoyu had slowly started to fall behind. The dense Destruction Attribute within the air had made it strenuous for this Valley Master to withstand. She was clearly at a huge disadvantage.

Looking at the battle that was ongoing in the sky, Fen Tian looked extremely proud. On the other hand, Xue AoTian still had the same expression on his face, seemingly unaffected by what was going on. However, the Passion Valley’s Huang Xingyun looked extremely worried. The strongest powerhouses of the Passion Valley were the pair of husband and wife, Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. If Yun Ruoyu could not last through the first round, he would have to immediately send in the second participant to wait behind the battle line. In that way, it was disadvantageous to the Passion Valley. Moreover, the might displayed by the Blood Red Hell had shocked everyone.

Shangguan Tianyang’s facial expression was the best proof - he looked extremely grave. It was undoubtedly genuine. He knew the Blood Red Hell very well, but he had never seen the man that Fen Tian had sent out. The power of this Heavenly Emperor had far exceeded his expectations. Even though Shangguan Tianyang was confident of winning, if Fen Tian had more powerhouses of the level as that man, it was uncertain if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace could still maintain its position as the number one Saint Land in the Mainland.

Without a doubt, the Heavenly Jewel masters that were able to participate in the Grand Tournament were in possession of at least eight pieces of their respective Legendary Set. It was also the case for the two powerhouses that were currently in the air - they were equipped with nine pieces.

“I admit defeat,”  said Yun Ruoyu reluctantly. Immediately after, the two figures descended onto the ground.

In the Grand Tournament, once the battles had started, they would only end when one party was dead, unless either one of them had chosen to surrender. Yun Ruoyu looked rather battered up - there were at least ten black battle marks on her Legendary Set that were left behind by the Destruction Attribute. Even her hair was in a mess. She was gasping for air and she looked very pale.

The tall and thin Blood Red Hell powerhouse looked arrogant. He placed both hands behind his back and did not make a single sound. From the looks of it, he seemed to despise the Passion Valley.

Fen Tian laughed out loud and said to Huang Xingyun, “Valley  Master  Huang,  it  seems  like  it's  impossible  for  the Passion Valley the be ranked above the Blood Red Hell.”

Huang  Xingyu  snorted  coldly,  “The  tournament  had  just begun, it’s too early for you to say that.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand. A Heavenly Emperor behind him emerged and joined the battle line.

According to the order based on the lots drawn, the next to enter the arena was the representative of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Tiger King Xue AoYing. There were no breaks in between each battle in the Grand Tournament. Otherwise, it would give a strong powerhouse ample rest to last till the end. The continuous battle style could at least weaken the strong powerhouses with a high cultivation base.

“After you,”  shouted Xue AoYing. A series of intense white light erupted from his body. Within the white light, there were also a dozen of black patterns. Coupled with his thunderous roar, it seemed as though he had transformed into an enormous tiger, soaring into the sky.

Similarly, the Blood Red Hell elder soared into the sky once again. In a blink of an eye, he had risen to an altitude of a thousand meters once more.

The atmosphere within the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain had become a lot more tense the moment the Grand Tournament had officially commenced. The rhythm of the battle was extremely fast, and the participants of the tournament were very strong. In the first two battles, the participants were all Heavenly Emperors. Every single Saint Land wanted to gain the upper hand by suppressing each other with power. Hence, they sent out strong powerhouses to represent themselves, just that the leaders of the Saint Lands had no intention to take part in the battles yet.

The Heavenly Emperor of the Blood Red Hell was wearing a dark red armor. He had no weapons, but his armor had fully covered his entire body. As his body flashed, it stirred up a series of blood red images in the sky.

The Legendary Set that the Tiger King Xue AoYing was equipped with was a lot more dazzling and beautiful. A snowy white armor had fully covered his entire body. On top of the snowy white were streaks of dark blue patterns. There was the head of a tiger on both his shoulders as well. He was holding a weapon in both hands, the two tiger palms appeared to be exceptionally huge. Indistinctly, the air surrounding the tiger palms shown traces of being torn apart.

As the younger blood brother of the Heavenly Snow

Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, one could well imagine how
powerful Xue AoYing was. Furthermore, the combat
experiences of the Wan Shou Empire powerhouses were cultivated from a young age. The moment both powerhouses had soared up to the required altitude, the Tiger King had launched an attack immediately without any hesitation.

Chapter290 - The Demonic Emperor Displays His Might

A deafening tiger’s roar was heard in the sky and half of the sky had become golden. An enormous golden bullet of light erupted and shot out of his hands as he raised them, heading for his opponent.

On the other hand, the other half of the sky instantly became black. The overbearing destructive will had obstructed the Divine aura emitting from the Tiger King’s body from spreading and expanding.

The Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly Emperor took a step into the void; his right fist simply faced the attack head-on. A loud rumbling sound was heard and the gold and black in mid-air started fluctuating violently.

The Divine bullet of light that was erupted by the Tiger King was smashed into smithereens as a result, transforming into specks of golden light before disappearing. What was even more terrifying was that the black Destruction aura had instantly curled backwards and completely disregarded all properties of the Saint Attribute - it frantically devoured the golden light. It only took a split second before the merits and drawbacks between both sides were rolled back. The tyranny of the Destruction Energy had surpassed the expectations of several people. At least within Zhou Weiqing’s field of knowledge, he had never encountered such a powerful Destruction Attribute before.

While his earliest experience with the Destruction Attribute was just a small part of Shen Little Demon’s personal attributes, the current Destruction Attribute possessed by this Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly Emperor was a pure one, akin to Zhou Weiqing’s own Saint Energy. Zhou Weiqing could guess that even if this Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly Emperor did not condense the Destruction Core Nucleus, which was the opposing force of the Saint Core Nucleus, at the bare minimum, his personal Destruction Energy would have taken up more than half of his entire Heavenly Energy. Furthermore, the density of his entire Destruction Energy was far higher than all the previous Blood Red Hell powerhouses he had encountered from before - only the recent assassins sent by the Blood Red Hell that launched a sneak attack on Zhou Weiqing at the Heavenly Bow City were more or less on par with him. However, those assassins were only of the Heavenly King Stage, whereas this powerhouses before their eyes was a Heavenly Emperor. Naturally, his power was on a different level compared to them.

The tyranny of the Destruction Attribute had caused all the expressions of the onlookers gathered at the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain to change to varying degrees; even Xue AoTian’s face had become a lot more grave compared to before.

Without a doubt, the appearance of the Destruction Attribute had already completely undermined the rules of all the attributes of the original four Saint Attributes that the leading Heavenly Jewel Masters possessed.

The inferior attributes could clearly be displayed during the battles. Even though the Tiger King Xue AoYing was technically on par with Yun Ruoyu in terms of power, however, there was still a bit of difference. The reason why he had launched a powerful attack the moment he soared up to the sky was because he wanted to take advantage of the fact that Yun Ruoyu had consumed his opponent’s Heavenly Energy from before, and under that circumstance, giving no opportunity for him to recover.

However, from the looks of it at this moment, his opponent did not seem to show signs of any depletion of energy. Instead, he seemed even more powerful than he was before, when he was fighting against Yun Ruoyu. The Destruction Attribute was completely released - its terrifying might had caused the Tiger King to be taken by shock. He could clearly sense that all the attributes and elements in the air were frantically being ruined, trampled on and destroyed under the influence of the Destruction Attribute. Within the process of destruction, it further enhanced the power of the Destruction Attribute - akin to a black hole that
devoured everything to boost its surface area.

Another series of rumbling sounds were heard once again. The Tiger King’s body flew upon impact in the sky. At this moment, the earlier golden sky had completely vanished. The entire horizon had darkened immediately. If not for the fact that the Destruction Attribute had not fully enveloped the entire sky, and thus there was still a bit of light from afar, the entire peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain would be have been completely shrouded in darkness to the point where nothing could be seen.

The Tiger King grunted in the sky; his entire body flew backwards. Rays of black light were revolving around his cool and dazzling Legendary Set, seemingly trying to continuously corrode it. Fortunately, he was equipped with the Legendary Set, or else he would have been severely injured from the earlier blow.

At the Heavenly King Stage and higher, several functions of technical skills would be unboundedly weakened. The powerhouses would be competing in terms of power, as well as attributes. This did not mean that skills were unnecessary - they were simply not one of the most important factors.

Clearly, the power of both parties were more or less evenly matched. However, in terms of attributes, the Tiger King was much more disadvantaged. From the looks of how things were, it was clear that he was almost at his limit.

Xue AoTian’s feet seemed to have slightly moved. Fen Tian smiled at him, “Brother Xue, do not worry. My subordinate will not kill him off. We are not enemies.”

Xue AoTian looked at him with profound eyes and said, “The Destruction Attribute is indeed powerful! Fen Tian, how did you exactly attain such a powerful attribute, and how did you equip everyone in the Blood Red Hell with it?”

Fen Tian chuckled and said, “After the end of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands is over, I will explain to you in detail. As long as we solve the problem before our eyes, it is not impossible for me to share the Destruction Attribute with you, Brother Xue. Based on your Heavenly God Stage cultivation base, you will become the strongest powerhouse in the entire history once you have grasped the power of the Destruction Attribute.” A light flashed across Xue AoTian’s eyes - he seemed to be tempted by his suggestion.

Fen Tian secretly smirked to himself. Of course, he was reluctant to face the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain all by himself at the same time. Hence, he wanted to rope Xue AoTian in. As for whether or not he was truly going to share the Destruction Attribute with Xue AoTian, only he himself knew the truth. At the very least, with regards to the ongoing battle, he had no intention to let go of the Tiger King. In his eyes, the other Great Saint Lands were just stumbling blocks. The faster he could get rid of them, the better it would be. He had already thought of the perfect excuse - in the event that the Tiger King died, he could blame it on his subordinate for slipping up to avoid being blamed. After all, it was hard to show mercy in battles at such a level.

The ongoing battle in the sky was going according to Fen Tian’s plans. After another violent rumble was heard, Xue AoYing spat out a mouthful of blood. The Legendary Set on his body that was originally white had completely become black in color. One could well imagine the might and power of the attacks he had to endure.

At this time, the Blood Red Hell powerhouse had suddenly stopped in the sky. He raised both hands to the sky and the earth-shattering Destruction will, akin to a strong wind sweeping clouds away, heading towards Xue AoYing.

The terrifying shade of black had immediately took the form of a ten-meter giant in an instant.

Everything happened too fast. The Tiger King Xue AoYing had barely managed to stabilize himself with much difficulty, but in the next moment, his opponent had already kept his Destruction will, sending out a ten-meter giant that was pouncing towards him.

“Stop, please have mercy on him!”  Fen Tian shouted. He needed to fake it, as he was still not willing to fall out with Xue AoTian. He was really clear that even if Xue AoYing did not die from that attack, he would be severely injured. If that attack completely left the Tiger King crippled, but not dead, that would be the most ideal situation in his eyes.

Xue AoTian’s face became more solemn. However, this was the Grand Tournament after all. Even with his status as the world’s number one, he was in no position to interfere with the tournament, or else the rest of the Great Saint Lands would definitely join forces to go against the Heavenly Snow Mountain. However, the speed at which the black gigantic figure was charging at was too fast. The moment Fen Tian’s voice was heard, the black gigantic figure had already rammed itself against the Tiger King’s body.

The powerhouses on the Heavenly Snow Mountain could no longer bear to watch this sight - most of them had closed their eyes shut. Even the Lion King Gu SiTe, who had spent his whole life in conflict with the Tiger King, could not help but have a sullen look in his eyes. Anyone could see that the Tiger King was already injured earlier, and the difference in power of their attributes was too big. The opponent absorbed the Destruction will and rammed into him at full force - how was it possible for him to survive the attack? Even a Legendary Set would not be able to lock such a powerful attack!


An ear-piercing exploding sound was heard.

At this moment, Fen Tian was looking towards Xue AoTian’s face that was filled with an ashen look. He said apologetically, “Brother Xue. It was a mistake, I……” Just as he was about to console Xue AoTian with an excuse to temporarily protect their alliance, he noticed that Xue AoTian’s ashen look had suddenly changed to shock. Additionally, surprised gasps and voices of disbelief were heard in the surroundings.

Fen Tian lifted his head instinctively and looked up into the sky. He saw two figures descending to the ground at the same time.

The first to fall was the Tiger King Xue AoYing. Xue AoTian’s figure flashed and caught his younger brother’s body. At this moment, Xue AoYing’s face looked extremely terrible. He had already completely passed out but his four limbs were still intact and he was still alive, except that he was severely injured.

Similarly, the other figure fell to the ground. Without Fen Tian taking any action, someone from the Blood Red Hell had already caught him. The person who caught him was the Heavenly Emperor from before.

However, compared to Xue AoYing, he was in a more miserable plight. In the middle of his chest, there was a huge hole with a diameter of a foot. He seemed lifeless. Even Fen Tian, who thought that he had the perfect plan, could not help but be dumbfounded by what happened. This was because he had his head turned towards Xue AoTian when he was speaking to him and thus could not see the changes in the sky. Even so, he was completely unable to explain everything that was happening before his eyes, especially when his subordinate clearly had the upper hand earlier. How did the situation change so suddenly? Even though the Tiger King looked like he was badly injured, his subordinate was directly killed off.

It was to be noted that the Blood Red Hell had a shortage of powerhouses. After all, Zhou Weiqing had killed off quite a number of them earlier. Hence, the number of Heavenly Emperors he had was limited. The Blood Red Hell’s schemes were not only limited to this Grand Tournament. In fact, Fen Tian had already drawn up specific plans to deal with the other Saint Lands. However, just like that, he had lost one of his best Heavenly Emperors. Fen Tian could not hold back his gloominess.

“What happened?” He had to clench his teeth as he asked his subordinate. The final collision in the sky was equivalent to a dramatic scene. Everyone else could clearly see that when the Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly Emperor’s black gigantic figure rammed into Xue AoYing’s body, the Tiger King, who originally looked pale and on the verge of death, suddenly released a piercing golden light from his body.

The ray of golden light actually managed to forcefully rip open the extremely powerful Destructive Energy. With one blow, it created a big hole in the Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperor’s body. The Tiger King had also suffered a heavy impact from the fallout of the Destructive Energy. Hence, both of them had fallen to the ground from above.

Hearing the account given by his subordinates, Fen Tian was in disbelief. If the Destructive Energy was that easy to destroy, what was he going to rely on to lead the Dan Dun Empire into defeating the Geritimo Empire without much difficulty? Moreover he had made a grand appearance earlier on, preparing to use the Grand Tournament as a stepping stone to rule over the Mainland.

Xue AoYing was clearly on the losing end earlier on, not forgetting the fact that he was already injured. Even if he was not injured and went all out without sparing any effort, it should not have been possible for him to destroy the Destructive Energy. The difference in their cultivation base was negligible and the power difference of their attributes was absolutely great. Any techniques he could have engaged in at that time should have been useless!

“Fen Tian, I think that it must have been AoYing’s mistake. You have seen it too - when it comes to life and death, AoYing had to give his all as well. I would like to express my deepest regret with regards to your subordinate’s death.” Xue AoTian’s voice rang in Fen Tian’s ears. While the tone of his voice was truly apologetic, when Fen Tian turned to look at Xue AoTian, he could not see a trace of apology or regret on his face.

Fen Tian subconsciously clenched his fist. He nearly flared up, but ultimately, he managed to hold in his anger. In any case, he was not morally right. After all, it was his subordinate who tried to deliver the fatal blow. Although he had not fully made out what happened, it was still not the time to fall out with the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

He forced out a smile, “The Tiger King is not to be blamed entirely. In the Grand Tournament, death can happen in just a blink of an eye. However, from the looks of it, the Tiger King is unable to continue fighting. In this battle, it could be considered that there are no winners. However, my subordinate had died. Hence, I had lost more in comparison. In that case, my man will join the battle line first, and you can send your second participant in after.”

Xue AoTian nodded. Both Fen Tian and him sent out a participant each. Just like before, Fen Tian had sent out a Heavenly Emperor, but to everyone’s surprise, Xue AoTian sent out a Heavenly King instead.

However, the leaders of the other Saint Lands were not taken by surprise pertaining to this arrangement. After all, the strongest individual in the Heavenly Snow Mountain was Xue AoTian himself. Their power on the whole was not too strong. Hence, it was inevitable for him to send in a Heavenly King.

The mutual casualties of both the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Blood Red Hell had benefited the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. At least the Heavenly King, a cannon fodder, that they sent in for the first round was still able to allow the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to remain in the fourth place in the next cycle. Unfortunately, he was up against the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue next.

A Heavenly Emperor against a Heavenly King. Unless he was an outlier like Zhou Weiqing, there was no suspense with regards to the end results. Wu Yunyue did not waste too much effort and energy. Just like that, he won the first round easily.

At this moment, the first cycle of the first round of the Grand Tournament had ended. The winner of the first cycle was the Peerless Sect. Of course, in the eyes of Fen Tian, the Peerless Sect won only because of luck. If the Heavenly Emperor that he sent out did not die, Wu Yunyue might not have had it that easy.

There were no breaks allowed during the Grand Tournament. Wu Yunyue’s next opponent was a participant from the Passion Valley.

The second participant sent out by the Passion Valley was a Heavenly Emperor, just like before. He seemed somewhat nervous with Wu Yunyue as his opponent. When both parties soared to the sky, he clearly lagged behind Wu Yunyue.

This was no wonder. Wu Yunyue was the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Even though the Heavenly Demon Sect was the least powerful compared to the rest of the Great Saint Lands, but when it came down to individual power, nobody dared to take Wu Yunyue lightly due to his cultivation base. The Evil Attribute had a rather overbearing power. Moreover, it was coupled with the great Light and Darkness Attributes, as well as Life. Wu Yunyue’s power was great enough to win against Shangguan Tianyang who was equipped with the Boundless Infinitum Set. How could an ordinary Heavenly Emperor be able to win against him? Furthermore, in the previous match against the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s cannon fodder, Wu Yunyue barely consumed much energy.

Following Wu Yunyue’s ascent to the sky, the entire sky became a shade of gray. The originally icy-cold air had became gloomy as well. Wu Yunyue’s face looked very calm but he had a ferocious look in his eyes.

He did not have a favorable impression of the other four Great Saint Lands. If not for their persecution, the Heavenly Demon Sect would not have needed to rely on someone else. He had volunteered to be the first participant of the Peerless Sect. He did not think about how long he needed to endure either - he merely needed a channel to release his burden. Without a doubt, the Demonic Emperor in such a state was extremely terrifying.

Even though Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy could not help Wu Yunyue to successfully make a break through to the Heavenly God Stage, it managed to close the gap between his current cultivation base and the Heavenly God Stage. He was just one small step away. This was also because of the severity of Wu Yunyue’s old injury - part of the Saint Energy was used to treat his injuries as well.

The Passion Valley’s Heavenly Emperor was facing Wu Yunyue from a distance in the sky. A distorted light allowed him to gain a foothold in the sky. However, compared to the omnipresent Evil Attribute of Wu Yunyue, he was clearly a lot weaker. The Passion Valley’s Heavenly Emperor was only at the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor Stage.

“Demonic Emperor, after you.”  Under the flickering light, while he was being equipped with eight pieces of a Legendary Set, the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor gestured towards Wu Yunyue at the same time.

Wu Yunyue did not even reply him - in an instant, he made his first move. A dense gray light erupted from within his body. At the same time, Wu Yunyue’s entire body began to swell up. Both his eyes instantly became blood red. His long hair had also turned into a horrifying shade of gray.

Demonic Transformation. Indeed, the moment he ascended to the sky, he had used the Demonic Transformation. He did not even bother to test waters. Boom - an terrifying explosion sound resonated in the sky. Wu Yunyue charged towards the Passion Valley’s Heavenly Emperor like a cannon being shot out. The nine-piece Legendary Set covered his entire body, like gray crystals. Within his right hand, a long sword that was being condensed by gray crystals created a ray of light in the air, as it flashed across.

The Demonic Emperor Set - even though this Legendary Set only had nine pieces, it was the Legendary Set that all the previous Demonic Emperors were equipped with. Amongst all the nine-piece Legendary Sets, it was the most powerful.

Heavenly Jewel Masters with the Evil Attribute all believed in the Demon God. Amongst everyone present, Zhou Weiqing was the one who could sense all the abilities used by the Demonic Emperor the clearest. Wasn’t the gray sword in his hands an imitation of the Sword of the Demon God?

Zhou Weiqing who was standing on the ground accidentally looked at Huang Xingyun of the Passion Valley. The moment he saw that Wu Yunyue had used the Demonic Transformation immediately, he clearly was stunned. Immediately after, he looked extremely worried.

Rumble —— At this moment, a thunder-like sound was heard in the sky. At the Heavenly Emperor Stage, blows that were exchanged were a lot more direct. One must at least possess skills of the same level as the Heavenly Skill Image in order to have any effect. However skills at that level were not easy to use. Hence, in general, Heavenly Emperors were fighting with brute force. It was purely based on power and attributes, as well as combat
experience and special techniques.

The Heavenly Emperor of the Passion Valley also seemed to use his full force to attack. Similarly, he had a sword in his hand. Taken by shock, he raised his sword as well.

The distorted Time Attribute had caused the light rays around his body to show traces of disorder - one was to confuse the Demonic Emperor, the other was to use Time Disorder Skill to throw the Demonic Emperor off with regards to his attack.

Unfortunately, his cultivation base was a far cry from that of Wu Yunyue’s. Moreover, after using the Demonic Transformation, not only did Wu Yunyue enhance his entire body, the icy cold sensation had been magnified to the maximum. The sword of the Demonic Emperor sliced through the Time Disorder Skill from a narrow crack, striking the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor’s sword.

A loud clash was heard as a result.

At the crucial moment, the Heavenly Emperor had unleashed his power. As though he was electrocuted, his entire body trembled violently. It was impossible for him to completely endure the strike from Wu Yunyue’s sword. The Evil Attribute was truly terrifying.

However, in the next moment, his body unexpectedly separated. His phantom image shattered under the attack of the Demonic Emperor’s sword, but his actual body had already retreated more than ten meters behind, neutralizing a huge part of Wu Yunyue’s attack.

Time Mirror Image? This was a high level Time Attribute skill. The mirror image that was created by a Heavenly Emperor was not entirely a phantom image. He would be able to maintain a certain degree of defensive strength in the mirror image and hence giving the actual body of the cultivator sufficient space to dodge the attack. The Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue’s sure-win attack was thus neutralized by his opponent under such a circumstance. A ray of light flashed across the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor’s eyes. Naturally, he could tell that the earlier attack by the Wu Yunyue was a fatal one that was meant to take his life. If he did not manage to use the Time Mirror Image to evade the attack, even if he did not die, he would have been severely injured.

Wu Yunyue swung his sword, and in the next moment, the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor retreated once again, dodging the attack. His body had charged upwards once again, causing the space surrounding him to become distorted. It enveloped both Wu Yunyue and him within it. At this moment, only Wu Yunyue and him were the only two people who knew what was happening within that area. All the other powerhouses gathered on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain could no longer clearly see what was happening.

The Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor appeared right before Wu Yunyue. His body and sword merged as one, charging towards Wu Yunyue’s chest.

Even though Wu Yunyue was slightly passive due to his old sword techniques, he had a lot of combat experiences. His body followed the sword, and a cluster of dense dark blue light erupted from all directions, enveloping his entire body within it. It was indeed the unique defensive skill of the Life Attribute that was used to protect one’s life.

The Blue Rain Hibiscus Mutabilis bloomed with a myriad rays of light. Not only was it used for defensive purposes, at the same time, it rolled towards the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor. Following his movements, the Demonic Emperor’s sword swung upwards.
 However, in the next moment, Wu Yunyue clearly saw the ferocious look in the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor’s eyes. The sword that was flickering with distorted light rays had suddenly become black without any prior indication. The moment the Blue Rain Hibiscus Mutabilis came in contact with the black light, it absolutely could not put up any resistance. It frantically faded away. The sword pierced the chest of the Demonic Emperor in almost an instant.

The Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor did not try to hide the ferocious look in his eyes. The tyrannical Destruction aura accumulated within his sword. He had absolute confidence that there was absolutely no way that Wu Yunyue could block his attack. In reality, he had been pretending to be weaker than he actually was within the battle earlier. If Wu Yunyue had launched a simple attack, perhaps he would have drained Wu Yunyue to a certain point before admitting defeat. However, Wu Yunyue’s attack was filled with killing intent and thoroughly angered him. Hence, he had completely disregarded Huang Xingyun’s orders and took the opportunity to defeat the Demonic God before his eyes with one blow. Based on his Heavenly Emperor Stage cultivation base, as long as the sword, that was filled with highly concentrated Destruction Energy, pierced Wu Yunyue’s body, the Destruction Energy would explode within his body. It would not only cause Wu Yunyue’s body to be instantly destroyed, under the protection of the Time Attribute, it would not even leave a single trace.

A loud exploding sound was heard and resonated through the entire area, to the extent that the entire Heavenly Snow Mountain could hear it clearly. Immediately after, blood red light appeared in the sky and two black figures descended to the ground. The initial distorted light had also scattered in an instant.

Two thuds were heard - two parts of a body were thrown to the ground of the mountain peak, following the rain of blood.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Immediately after, they could recognize that the corpse that fell onto the ground was that of the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor.

His body had been severed from his left hip all the way to his right shoulder. It was a clean and magnificent cut - the dense Heavenly Energy of the Evil Attribute could be seen wreaking havoc on the inside of the two halves of the body, further destroying the Heavenly Emperor’s tough body. Within the time frame of several blinks of an eye, they were completely destroyed beyond recognition. What happened? Everyone asked themselves that question. Even though Wu Yunyue had the upper hand earlier, when the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor used the Time Mirror Image to evade his fatal attack, he had already managed to turn things around and got the upper hand! Even if he could not win against Wu Yunyue, it was not possible for victory and defeat to be determined in such a short period of time.

At this moment, Wu Yunyue had already descended to the ground. On the surface, he looked completely unharmed. However, the middle finger of his left hand, that was hiding in his sleeve, was completely swollen. At least within a short period of time, he was unable to use it during a battle.

Even though the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor was dead, his eyes were still wide open, with a look of disbelief in them. Wu Yunyue looked coldly at him - his powerful aura had become even denser.

Only Wu Yunyue himself knew what exactly happened. The loud sound that resounded the air earlier was the sound of Wu Yunyue’s middle finger flicking the sharp end of the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor’s sword that was filled with Destruction Energy. Just like that, the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor’s full- force attack got flicked away by Wu Yunyue. He had already fully focused his entire attention on that attack, channeling all his Heavenly Energy into that sword - how could he have expected his attack to fail that easily? Naturally, he was unable to dodge Wu Yunyue’s sword, and ended up getting his body severed into two.

Wu Yunyue looked at Zhou Weiqing. Both of them momentarily exchanged glances and Zhou Weiqing could roughly guess what had happened. On the other hand, Huang Xingyun stared gloomily at Wu Yunyue, as though he was going to attack him at any moment.

The Demonic Emperor shot him a disdainful look. Just as he was about to say something, Zhou Weiqing was already standing next to him with an apologetic look on his face and said, “Valley Master Huang, I am deeply sorry. Our Deputy Sect Leader had slipped up and was unable to show mercy. Alas, battles between Heavenly Emperors are indeed tragic and violent! Valley Master Huang, please do not take this personally. It is the Grand Tournament after all, injury and death cannot be avoided.”

Huang Xingyun looked at Zhou Weiqing’s apologetic face and clenched his teeth in anger so hard that it almost crushed them to pieces. He replied, “Fine. Good on you, Peerless Sect. Wu Yunyue, I hope you can keep going like this.”

Because of Zhou Weiqing’s arrival, Wu Yunyue appeared to be a lot more calm. He said indifferently, “If you are not convinced, you should step into the arena yourself. However, if you want to go against me, you still have to wait. Next.”

“After you, Demonic Emperor.” After the Passion Valley was naturally the powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell. The next participant sent by Fen Tian was still a Heavenly Emperor. However, at this moment, Fen Tian was furrowing his brows. He looked pensively at the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue.

Without a doubt, from the start of the Grand Tournament till now, the individual with the most eye-catching performance was the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, the represent of the Peerless Sect. He was the only person who survived the first cycle of the first round. Even though this was directly related to Zhou Weiqing’s success in the earlier drawing of lots, Wu Yunyue had defeated two opponents in succession, and he was the only person who had won two battles. Particularly the last battle - he managed to emerge victorious against the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor within a very short period of time and even ruthlessly killed him off, causing the atmosphere of the Grand Tournament to become very tense. Of course, even though Wu Yunyue’s performance was powerful, at least for now, everything was deemed acceptable in the eyes of the other four Saint Lands. After all, Wu Yunyue was the leader of one of the five Great Saint Lands. In the previous Grand Tournaments, he was the last to step into the arena. It was entirely normal for him to be more powerful than ordinary participants. Conversely, it was unexpected that Yun Ruoyu of the Passion Valley was easily defeated in the first round.

Two figures soared up into the sky once again. The powerhouses of all five Great Saint Lands were watching from below with a different attitude. The people who were paying the most attention were naturally Zhou Weiqing and Fen Tian. Looking at the two powerhouses soaring up into the sky, Zhou Weiqing looked smilingly at Fen Tian and said, “I wonder when you will be stepping into the arena, Hell Lord! If you keep sending your subordinates out, I’m afraid the Blood Red Hell might not be able to stay in the Grand Tournament for long.”

Fen Tian looked indifferently at Zhou Weiqing and replied, “The Grand Tournament has just begun, isn’t it too early for you to be making such statements, Sect Leader Zhou? Even though Wu Yunyue may be powerful, it is impossible him to stay in there for too long. Don’t tell me that you think he still stand a chance to win against me?” Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Of course not. It’s just that I have heard of your great name for a long time, Lord Fen Tian. I was only wondering if I will get the chance to fight against you in this Grand Tournament, and wanted to get some advice from you. How unfortunate.”

“What  is  unfortunate?”  Fen  Tian  looked  at  the  regretful- looking Zhou Weiqing with curiosity.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled once again, “I am only saying that it is unfortunate that there are so many powerhouses in the Blood Red Hell. I wonder how many of them are able to leave this place alive!”

“You  are  courting  death.”   Immediately,  the  powerhouses standing behind Fen Tian were furious, and were about to charge out.

Zhou Weiqing looked frightened, “Eek, don’t tell me that because you can’t win us in Grand Tournament, you are going to go against the rules and attack us? I am terrified! Bring it on!”

Even though Zhou Weiqing’s voice was not loud, but every single person on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain was a powerhouse. Naturally, they could hear what he said clearly. A majority of them stiffened up their faces. The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian and Shangguan Tianyue turned their heads, pretending they did not know who this jackass was.

The battle in the sky had already begun. Compared to the last two battles, it was as though Wu Yunyue had gone wild from taking some medication. He kept the Demonic Transformation and the Demonic Emperor Set on. He had harbored strong hatred towards the Blood Red Hell for the longest time. The moment when both of them soared into the air, he had launched an attack that was equivalent to a raging storm on him.

In mid-air, the shade of gray that was filled with the aura of the Evil Attribute covered the entire sky. The tyrannical Evil Attribute was suppressing his opponent, akin to Mountain Tai. It seemed as though Wu Yunyue had completely disregarded the consumption of his energy. The crazy attack rendered the Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperor powerless and unable to retaliate. The Blue Rain Hibiscus Mutabilis and the Sword of the Demonic Emperor caused the heaven and earth to change in color every time he attacked. Even though the Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperor was not weak, and the moment he soared into the sky he had already unleashed the Destruction Attribute, he was still of a lower cultivation base compared to Wu Yunyue. Most importantly, the Destruction Attribute that he released had absolutely no effect on Wu Yunyue’s Evil and Life Attributes. It was as though he was only relying on the Fire Attribute to fight against Wu Yunyue.

Looking at the situation in the sky, Fen Tian furrowed his brows. However, from his eyes, it seemed as though he had a sudden realization and he casually glanced over at the Passion Valley. He happened to see the Valley Master Huang Xingyun looking over at him and the both of them felt the chills within each other’s eyes as they exchanged glances.

It was momentary and only a few people managed to notice the changes in the eyes of the Saint Land leaders.

Wu Yunyue’s attacks were absolutely too powerful. Under the Demonic Transformation, as a Max Level Heavenly Emperor, he had total control. Every attack of the Sword of the Demonic Emperor was at full power, showing absolutely no mercy at all. Furthermore, his Blue Rain Hibiscus Mutabilis continuously launched attacks at his opponent in all directions. Under such circumstances, the thought of using the Heavenly Skill Image was nothing but a dream.

The main reason why Wu Yunyue could kill off the Passion Valley Heavenly Emperor at the very last moment was because of the Saint Energy channeled into his body by Zhou Weiqing. Relying on the Saint Energy, he no longer had a restraining fear towards the Destruction Attribute. Otherwise, at the last moment, he could’ve only chosen to dodge the attack and would not have been able to successfully kill off his opponent.

At this moment, Fen Tian had clearly realized this. However, what could he possibly do with that information? It was not a secret that Zhou Weiqing possessed the Saint Energy. Right now, all he found out was that Zhou Weiqing could channel the Saint Energy to another person.

“Go  to  hell.”  The  Blood  Red  Hell  Heavenly  Emperor  was continuously being suppressed, and his eyes were already red with killing intent. Suddenly, his entire body became a shade of dense black and his weapon was a long saber. In that instant, the overbearing Destruction Attribute had completely vanished. His long saber swung, as though it was splitting heaven and earth apart, and a black crescent-shaped light passed through the saber, charging towards Wu Yunyue.
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