Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 271-280

Chapter271: No matter what flames, it is useless

Astral Saint Energy was indeed the power of creation, and for Zhou Weiqing to have such an attribute, he could be considered particularly gifted by nature. With sufficient Heavenly Core Nuclei, the rise in his cultivation could be disgustingly astronomical. The moment he gained access to the Astral Saint Energy, he had already broken away from just the talents that the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline had granted him.

This was also because of the Destruction Attribute in the Second and Fourth Grand Elder’s Heavenly Core Nuclei, causing a large amount of wastage in the Feedback process. Otherwise, with the sheer volume of power of a Heavenly Emperor, it would not be as simple as raising to the Max Level Heavenly King stage.

Even so, this was already more than enough for Zhou Weiqing. The brilliant gold light fully covering the dark gold of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, as the thick Saint Energy reverberations in the skies burst out explosively, and another eight rays of star light were sent forth to his allies in healing, regeneration and boosting. With Zhou Weiqing’s support once more, Long Shiya and the others perked up once more, slow and steadily suppressing the enemies. Without question, if things continued this way, the Blood Red Hell powerhouses would not have any chance.

Up in the skies, Zhou Weiqing took a step forward, arriving right above the battlefield.

The Blood Red Hell First and Third Grand Elders exchanged a glance, and the First Grand Elder nodded. In that instant, his powerful Heavenly Energy exploded outwards in full strength, and the Third Grand Elder’s body began to balloon instantly.

Self-detonation. That was the Third Grand Elder’s choice.

Facing such a powerful foe like Zhou Weiqing, they no longer had any other choice. If they did not seize the opportunity before Zhou Weiqing took action, it would be difficult to say if they even had any chance left to self-detonate.

The Third Grand Elder was attempting to use his own sacrifice to bring about a chance of escape and survival for the First Grand Elder and the others. Furthermore, he could see that Zhou Weiqing was using their Heavenly Core Nuclei to raise his own abilities. As long as he could self-detonate successfully, he could prevent Zhou Weiqing from making use of his own, as nothing would be left.

“Trying to self-detonate? You’ll have to ask for my permission first.” In midair, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, the Astral Cloud at his chest abruptly spinning swiftly. Instantly, a ray of gold light shot down from his body, enveloping the Third Grand Elder’s body totally.

The gold pillar of light did not have any offensive power, and thus though the Third Grand Elder’s body was raging with violent power, it did not have any signs of stopping the gold light.

In the next instant, the Third Grand Elder almost cried out in shock, as he discovered in surprise that his own Heavenly Core Nucleus that he had been trying to self-detonate with all his might had suddenly calmed down. Under the golden ray, it even felt soothing and comfortable.

That was his own core origin powers! Yet, in that moment, the Third Grand Elder found that he was no longer able to control it. Although it had not totally left his control or broken connection, at least in the current circumstance he was no longer able to self-detonate. Furthermore, his own overall powers seemed to have dropped almost thirty percent. *Pffff*

In order to give the Third Grand Elder the opportunity to self-detonate, the First Grand Elder had burst forth to deal with the two opposing Heavenly Emperors by himself. More so, it was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor after Zhou Weiqing’s second boost; how could he possibly last for a long time? At this point, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood, even as he was sent flying back, seeing how Third Grand Elder had been enveloped by Zhou Weiqing’s Astral star light, unable to continue self- detonation as they had planned.

What kind of energy was that? Currently, the First Grand Elder could only feel a chill down his spine as his heart gripped in fear. Although Zhou Weiqing had not used any particular strong attack or Skills all this while, but it was his existence that fully suppressed all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. If not for him, this battle would be of absolute advantage to the Blood Red Hell side, and how could they possibly lose?

The First Grand Elder truly hated Zhou Weiqing, but at this moment he knew he could do nothing to him. With another spurt of a mouthful blood, he gave a crazed howl. In the next instant, blinding dark-red flames burst forth from his body. As soon as the terrifying flames rose, even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor dared not continue attacking, scrambling back at once.

Long Shiya couldn’t help but cry out in a low tone: “This fellow has gone crazy! He is actually combusting his own Heavenly Core Nucleus, using his own life force, soul and Heavenly Core Nucleus to form these Flames of Life.”

Any Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master could ignite and burn their own life force to temporarily gain access to the powerful Flames of Life. However, a Heavenly Emperor’s Flame of Life was truly on a different level and scale from an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although a Heavenly Emperor’s Flame of Life did not have the same instant explosive destructive power as self-detonating their Heavenly Core Nucleus, it could last far longer. Furthermore, due to the fact that the Flame of Life was not just igniting the Heavenly Core Nucleus, but also their entire life force and soul, its overall power was even more terrifying. Once it burned an enemy, it would also ignite the target’s soul!

This was the reason why Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue did not dare to chase forward. The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder was pitting his life indeed! More importantly, along with the greater power awarded, there was a price to pay. When an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master used their Flame of Life, they could still stop it at any time. However, for a Heavenly Emperor, once they ignited their Flames of Life, it would be impossible for them to stop it. Under such a situation, making a choice like this was tantamount to suicide; not just death but even at the expense of their soul… even worse than self-
detonation of one’s Heavenly core Nucleus.

The First Grand Elder saw that Zhou Weiqing had somehow stopped and restricted the Third Grand Elder’s self-detonation; although his own cultivation was higher than the Third Grand Elder’s, he could not be sure that Zhou Weiqing would be able to stop his own self-detonation if he tried. The deaths of the Second and Fourth Grand Elders had affected him greatly, and if things went on like this, the entire Blood Red Hell contingent would be wiped out! As such, he had thought of the extreme, beginning to ignite his own Flames of Life.

As Wu Yunyue and Long Shiya retreated, the First Grand Elder no longer had any opponents. He did not chase after the two Heavenly Emperors, instead soaring into the skies towards Zhou Weiqing. As long as he could take care of Zhou Weiqing, perhaps the Blood Red Hell could still turn things around. Covered with the burning dark red flames, the First Grand Elder looked fierce and terrifying, almost like a massive moving fireball. His clothes, hair and skin was starting to burn under the terrifying Flames of Life, and he no longer looked human. However, without question this was the strongest possible point of a Heavenly Emperor.

“Weiqing,  careful!”  Long  Shiya  shouted  out  loud,  soaring into the skies as well towards the First Grand Elder. Wu Yunyue hesitated a moment before chasing upwards as well, a step behind. Both of them dared not get too close to him, both launching ranged attacks in an attempt to stop the First Grand Elder.

Alas, currently the First Grand Elder was fighting with his all, ready to sacrifice his life. With the support of the Flames of Life, his speed had already been raised to the max, and he had almost reached Zhou Weiqing in a single flash.

The swirling Astral Cloud in the air was actually covered with a layer of faint dark red colour. One could imagine the sheer intensity of the energies that the First Grand Elder had released.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing’s expression was rather relaxed, but it now grew serious and bleak. Not only did he need to receive the full attack from the First Grand Elder, he still had to maintain his control over the Third Grand Elder’s self- detonation, otherwise if he was allowed to continue self- detonation, let alone them here, even the Heavenly Bow City would be greatly affected. With his family and friends in the
Heavenly Bow City, how could he possibly allow the Third Grand Elder to have his way in self-detonation?

The First Grand Elder had made this firm resolution just too quickly, giving Zhou Weiqing no chance to seek any opportunity to deal with things at his leisure.

The Dual Legendary Hammers appeared once more in Zhou Weiqing’s grasp, the powerful Astral Saint Energy causing his entire body to be glowing with a brilliant gold colour, the Astral Clouds at his chest spinning at full speed, causing Zhou Weiqing’s entire person to be covered with a layer of star light. Layers and layers of dark gold light also began to explode forth from his body.

Blazing with the Flames of Life, the current First Grand Elder was now immune to all Skills. All Zhou Weiqing could do was to forcefully accept this blow.

Both hammers swinging in a savage downward motion, his Astral Saint Energy burst forth explosively. At the same time, he did not forget to maintain his control over the Third Grand Elder.

So many things had happened, but in truth all of it happened in the blink of an eye. In the instant that the First Grand Elder ignited his Flames of Life, he had almost instantly slammed savagely into Zhou Weiqing. However, this time their clash did not have any startling or heaven shaking explosions, noise or energy shockwaves. In contrary, when both sides clashed, only a soft thud could be heard.

The dark red flames abruptly swirled around in that moment, fully enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body as the First Grand Elder’s crazed laughter rang out.

“Little brat, this old man will bring you to the grave to join me. I will burn you to death and self-detonate after that. All of you must die, all of you…”

“Are you daydreaming?” No one else could see the clash between Zhou Weiqing and the First Grand Elder as they were both covered by the terrifying flames. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers slammed savagely into the First Grand Elder’s shoulders. However, the strangest thing was that such a powerful strength did not seem to have any effect on the First Grand Elder as he burned with the Flames of Life, instead the Flames of Life seemed to cling onto the hammers, the terrifying fires flowing along the hammers to cover Zhou Weiqing’s body, covering him totally.

The First Grand Elder’s face had already been burnt to a charred, black state, and all that could be seen were his venomous eyes.

Watching Zhou Weiqing covered in his terrifying Flames of Life, his heart felt a thread of joy and ease.

At this point, how could he not understand who was the true root cause of all these? From the beginning, they had all been tricked, led by the nose all this time by the youth. The First Grand Elder truly hated this young man to the core, and no matter what he wanted to bring him together in death. “Haiz…” A long, faint sigh emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth, even as he was enveloped by the destructive flames.

The First Grand Elder started momentarily, but in the next instant he heard a sudden massive explosion as a powerful energy reverberation traveled from below, pushing both him and Zhou Weiqing higher into the skies.

Subconsciously, he looked down, and he couldn’t help but cry out in soulful pain: “Third Bro…!”

Alas, at this point, the Third Grand Elder could no longer reply him… as his entire body had been smashed into pulp.

The Third Grand Elder could not have imagined that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and the Demonic Emperor who had soared into the skies to assist Zhou Weiqing had abruptly turned around and launched their full powered attacks at him.

Just like Zhou Weiqing had been worried about, the Third Grand Elder had been fully prepared to self-detonate all this time, as long as the control on him dropped. When the First Grand Elder began to ignite his Flames of Life, his eyes had turned red. Amongst all four Grand Elders, his temper had been the shortest, and seeing his three brothers die or dying in front of him, how could he care about anything else? As long as he could succeed in self-detonation, the other Blood Red Hell powerhouses could also successfully escape. He would wish to stay and die together with his brothers, and more importantly to kill Zhou Weiqing and the others here.

As such, he had already been fully prepared. As soon as Zhou Weiqing’s control over him relaxed the slightest, he would not hesitate to self-detonate.

Alas, the script did not play out as their wishes and plans. Originally, the two Heavenly Emperors who had been springing to Zhou Weiqing’s defense had abruptly turned around to launch a full powered attack at the Third Grand Elder. Let alone him being caught by surprise like that, even if he was fully prepared, how could he in his current status handle the full attacks of two Max Level Heavenly Emperors!

At this point, both the Demonic Emperor and Six Ultimate HEavenly Emperor had the boost from Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, while the Third Grand Elder had been expending energy all this while, and more so he was still enveloped by the starlight from the Astral Cloud, tantamount to Zhou Weiqing restricting his Heavenly Core Nucleus. Under such a circumstance, how much of his original power could he even access and wield? Without a doubt, the Third Grand Elder did not manage to complete his self-detonation, ending up as meat paste under the powerful final blows of the two Heavenly Emperors. Of course, his dying blow had also caused Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue to be injured once more, spurting out blood. However,
exchanging some injuries for the death of a Heavenly Emperor, that was definitely a price they were willing to pay.

For Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue to stop their rescue attempt on Zhou Weiqing and choosing to kill off the Third Grand Elder, was it their own intent? The answer was a definite no. To them, Zhou Weiqing’s life was far more important than the Blood Red Hell Third Grand Elder. However, the reason they chose to do so was exactly because of Zhou Weiqing’s sudden voice transference!

In the skies, the brilliant star light burst out explosively, and the accompanying explosion was almost able to cover the First Grand Elder’s loud pained scream as the Flames of Life sprayed in all directions.

The starlight spun around in the skies as Zhou Weiqing returned to sight once more. From the looks of things, he was totally uninjured, the Dual Legendary Hammers still grasped in his hands, standing tall and strong as he hovered in midair. “No… that’s not possible… that’s not possible at all…” The First Grand Elder’s voice was filled with disbelief and unreconciled vexation. Currently, he was still looking like a ball of fire, and his body was quickly weakening in the flames. This was especially so after accepting this powerful blow from Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, and he could no longer launch another powerful attack like that once more.”

“I’ll  let  you  die  peacefully  with  understanding…”   Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. “If you had chosen any other means to launch a final attack on me… even if I could withstand your attack, I would likely be severely injured. After all, I still have not perfected my usage of the Astral Saint Energy. Alas! Didn’t you just blame that Tianlei earlier… but you once again forgot that I am immune to fire. A true immunity. As for the Destruction Attribute within your Flames of Life, how could it be comparable to my Saint Energy and the power of creation?”

“Haiz, it is a shame though, a waste of a good Heavenly Core Nucleus like yours. Goodbye now, Grand Elder.”

A thick Astral Saint Energy swirled around Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers, covering the remaining Flames of Life from the First Grand Elder. As the Astral Cloud spun, the First Grand Elder’s life force was soon extinguished in a short time. Alas, his Heavenly Core Nucleus had already been ignited and burned from within, and Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to perform the Astral Feedback on it, otherwise with the First Grand Elder’s cultivation base, his Heavenly Core Nucleus would definitely bring him another step further.

Turning his gaze back to the battlefield below, Zhou Weiqing brandished his Dual Legendary Hammers by his side once more, and the Astral star light shone down once more, warping into seven pillars of light that seemed to move automatically to shine upon the seven remaining Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings.

These fresh pillars of light were much dimmer than the one that he had used against the Third Grand Elder earlier, but for the purpose of dealing with these Heavenly Kings, it was more than sufficient. What Zhou Weiqing was doing was to ensure that none of them would have any opportunity to even self- detonate, and thus no chance at all of escape as well. When he had spoken those words to the First Grand Elder, he had already set his resolve that he would not allow any of these Blood Red Hell powerhouses to remain alive.

“Kill.” An ice cold voice rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth. With the restriction of the Astral Saint Energy on their foes, the Heavenly Bow Empire side no longer had any worries, unleashing their strongest attacks immediately. Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue casually took care of a few who were attempting to run away, before joining the main fight. With the two Heavenly Emperors joining in, what other chance could these remaining Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings have?

Rays of starlight shot high up into the skies, directly headed to the dazzling Astral Clouds. At the same time, they signified the end of the battle.

Looking at the disastrous scene around them which looked like a butchery, with crushed meat scattered all around, the Heavenly Demon Sect members felt as if they had been transported to another world. Amongst the six Heavenly Kings was Ming Wu, Ming Yu and Ming Hua’s father.

Eventually, all of their gazes turned back to Zhou Weiqing, still in midair. Their eyes were now filled with a hint of flaming, crazed passion, an indescribable mix of respect, shock, envy and even jealousy, clearly showing their powerful fluctuating and unstable emotions currently.

Originally when they had followed Zhou Weiqing, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya to the battlefield, and they had first seen so many Blood Red Hell powerhouses, all of these Heavenly Demon Sect Heavenly Kings had been filled with the awareness that their deaths were likely, and were prepared for it. They did not know what Zhou Weiqing’s plans and calculations were, and naturally did not have any confidence at all. If not for their loyalty to the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Sect Master’s orders and their own dignity as Heavenly King powerhouses, perhaps some of them might have even tried to run away.

Furthermore, before the fight had even began, the series of actions by Zhou Weiqing, the flattery, fawning, bargaining, betting… all of it only served to confuse these Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses even more. They totally did not understand what this young man was trying to do. In the first place, they did not even know what cultivation base Zhou Weiqing had, as the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue did not tell them anything.

Wu Yunyue’s thinking had been rather clear. If they could survive this battle, or even win it, then no matter what conditions Zhou Weiqing had, he could agree to them. If they could not survive the battle, then everything else would be moot.

Of course, in the subsequent series of performances of Zhou Weiqing’s, the rest of the Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses could only watch in astonishment. They could not imagine how this young man of only twenty odd years could display such disposition, intelligence, cunning, power and calculation, all various types of powerful abilities. Not only did he succeed in running circles around their enemies, pulling the wool over their eyes, even the two Heavenly Emperors on their side were fully listening to his instructions. More importantly, these instructions and directions had actually brought such an unbelievable victory to their side!

They had won. They had actually won! More so, it had been a complete victory. Although their side were all injured, but they did not have a single death or debilitating injury.

After all, the enemies they had faced were the four Heavenly Emperors and eight Heavenly Kings from the Blood Red Hell, armed with the powerful Destruction Attribute! That was also without including the large numbers of Zong Stage and other powerhouses. In total, this entire force was perhaps equal or stronger than the one that had launched the sneak attack on their own Heavenly Demon Sect previously. Yet, the critical reason for this absolute victory was singularly Zhou Weiqing. The bright glow that Zhou Weiqing had blazed with had even covered that of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya.

Everything else aside, just the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy was able to suppress the Destruction Attribute gave these Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses a great enjoyment. Without the suppression of the Destruction Attribute, as well as the merging fusion capabilities, they could now unleash their own full powers, and they no longer needed to fear the Blood Red Hell powerhouses! The last fight had indeed proven this once more.

Zhou Weiqing remained hovering in the skies, as ray after ray of gold light shone onto his body from the Astral Feedback. However, the watching allies could vaguely see a strand of blood flowing from the side of his mouth, and they couldn’t help but start to feel worried.

Facing the Blood Red Hell and their Destruction Attribute, only Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy could face off against it! If something happened to him, what would they do against other Blood Red Hell powerhouses in the future? The Dan Dun Empire’s sudden meteoric rise naturally had an extremely close connection with the Blood Red Hell; and they knew that the power of the Blood Red Hell was definitely not just these few. Of course, the loss of these powerhouses would definitely hurt the Blood Red Hell deeply, but no one could guarantee how many powerhouses they still had remaining.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing was injured; he had been injured by the First Grand Elder’s core Flames of Life. Indeed, no matter how strong the First Grand Elder’s flames were, as long as they did not exceed the Heavenly God Tier stage, they would not be able to break Zhou Weiqing’s fire immunity, and the Destruction Attribute had been restricted and suppressed by the Astral Saint Energy’s power of creation. However, do not forget that the unparalleled overbearing Flames of Life that had been unleashed with the faith and conviction of death, it would still be able to attack

Zhou Weiqing’s major injuries were from his soul, but previously he was afraid of affecting morale on their side and had just forcefully endured it. Now that the fight was finally over, as he released the Astral Cloud and Feedback, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood.

His vision blacked out, a sudden spinning sensation overcoming him, causing his hovering body to become unstable.

Luckily, Zhou Weiqing’s soul had already reached the Heavenly Emperor state previous, perhaps even higher. He did not even know to what level and strength his soul had reached, with the boost from the dragon Hui Yao as well as the improvement when he had consolidated his Saint Core Nucleus had continuously improved and strengthened his soul. Furthermore, he had managed to finish off the First Grand Elder in a short period of time, and thus even if he had sustained injuries, it was not too critical. However, in the next instant, Zhou Weiqing’s body began to tremble violently as an unstable gold light sprang forth from his body. Not good! This time, Zhou Weiqing was starting to be afraid. He suddenly realized he should not have gone through the Astral Feedback for those last few Heavenly Kings and the Third Grand Elder’s Heavenly Core Nuclei.

That was because he had already previously reached the Max Level Heavenly King Stage. Now that he had gained the Astral Feedback from another Heavenly Emperor and seven Heavenly Kings, in that instant it had pushed his cultivation stage to the next level… the Heavenly Emperor.

Indeed, even though Zhou Weiqing’s Soul was still critically injured, his cultivation base was about to raise to the Heavenly Emperor stage.

Under normal circumstances, raising to the Heavenly Emperor stage was naturally a great thing. With the Astral Saint Energy reaching the next level, its strength and power could only be known after Zhou Weiqing tested it, but it was undoubtedly on another level. Alas, in his current situation, it was extremely dangerous. No matter breaking through from the nine Jeweled stage to the Heavenly King stage, or from the Heavenly King Stage to the Heavenly Emperor stage, those were no longer just a simple matter of a rise in cultivation base, nor was it as simple as a change in the Heavenly Core Nucleus. Instead, it was a total raising, from inside-out, from head to tail, from soul to body, from meridians, internal organs to bones.

In the process of this ‘leveling up’, although the pain that one had to endure wasn’t that strong, it was after all a subliminal raising process, and if one’s soul was injured during this period, that posed a danger of the soul breaking down and being destroyed!

What should I do? At this time, Zhou Weiqing was somewhat at a loss. He had never been in such a situation before, hence it was only normal that he did not know how to deal with it. The Astral Feedback could not be taken back. His body had already started to undergo some changes.

Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya and Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue had been observing Zhou Weiqing. From their point of view, the golden light on Zhou Weiqing’s body had started becoming brighter and more intense after receiving the Astral Feedback. A layer of faint red appeared within the bright golden light; they merged together to form an even more magnificent reddish gold. The aura that he emitted had become more and more overwhelming.

He was about to rank up again?! Entering the Heavenly Emperor stage? Both Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue stared in shock.

After all, when the fight first started, Zhou Weiqing had only been at the High Level Heavenly King stage, and at the end of this fight, he was actually raising to the Heavenly Emperor stage. In their cases, they had taken several dozen years to actually enter the Heavenly Emperor stage, and Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation speed was truly toppling everything they knew about Heavenly Jewel Masters.

“No, that’s not right. There is something wrong with his situation now.” Naturally, Long Shiya was far more familiar with his precious disciple than Wu Yunyue was, and he quickly realised the changes in Zhou Weiqing. Currently, although Zhou Weiqing was in the process of ranking up, his face was pale and ashen, and his body was trembling violently. The crimson gold glow that he was emitting as he hovered in midair was extremely unstable, giving the impression that it could break down at any time. This was definitely not the normal situation that would occur when a Heavenly King was rising to become a Heavenly Emperor. Long Shiya’s expression instantly changed. To him, the importance of his precious disciple was far above killing off all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses.

Vaguely, Long Shiya could also guess that Zhou Weiqing must have had encountered some problems during the fight with the First Elder previously, even though he was not sure of the exact details, as there were wounds on his body. Additionally, if a Heavenly Jewel Master were to forcefully evolve despite being heavily injured, it could bring about a devastating catastrophe.

What pained Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor the most was that under such circumstances, he had no way of helping Zhou Weiqing at all. If Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base was lower, for example, breaking through to the Seventh Jewel cultivation base from a Sixth Jewel cultivation base, Long Shiya would still be able to help him. However, the current Zhou Weiqing was about to advance to a Heavenly Emperor, with Astral Saint Energy. Under such circumstances, Long Shiya was unable to do anything for Zhou Weiqing even if he searched his soul. The evolution of Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base could very well become an incomparably formidable existence. If he were to interfere with this process, not only would it accelerate the crisis, he could also receive a backlash from his Astral Saint Energy. Just as Long Shiya was pale with shock and was feeling extremely impatient, from afar, two sets of figures flashed from the sky like lightning. The two figures were extremely fast, and they seemed to be connected to each other. An enormous pair of greenish golden wings flapped continuously and very soon, they had arrived above the battlefield.

“Who’s that?”  Wu Yunyue exclaimed. He was about to flare up but Long Shiya held him back.

“Wait, everyone stop. They’re on our side, they are here to help  Weiqing  breakthrough.  Don’t  act  rashly.”  Long  Shiya’s words quickly allowed everything to calm down.

The two figures swiftly reached Zhou Weiqing’s side, and the owner of the two giant green wings abruptly flung the other person in its arms towards Zhou Weiqing.

Strangely speaking, the powerful gold Saint Energy around Zhou Weiqing did not seem to have the slightest rejection or aversion to these two newcomers.

The one who had been flung out was a young lady, and as she flew out, her white gown billowed in the air, causing her to look like a celestial fairy descending from the heavens. In a flash, she had appeared before Zhou Weiqing. Without any hesitation, she spread her arms open and put her arms around Zhou Weiqing’s neck, hugging him tightly. At the same time, she lifted her head and kissed him on the lips.

The two women who arrived abruptly were naturally Shangguan Bing’er and Tian’er.

Even though they did not take part in the battle, they had been observing closely at the side, along with the Heavenly Bow Empire powerhouses. After the dust had settled, the loud battle noises naturally died down. However, the light from the nebula in the sky remained.

At this time, Tian’er suddenly had an extremely intense feeling. She sensed that there was something amiss about Zhou Weiqing’s situation. Since they both cultivated their Saint Energy together, it was natural for their feelings and mind to be interlinked. This was especially so over a short distance as such. Thus, Tian’er got Shangguan Bing’er to send her over immediately.

At the moment when Tian’er kissed Zhou Weiqing, Zhou Weiqing’s body trembled even more vigorously. However in the next moment, both his hands were placed around Tian’er’s slender waist; immense reddish golden light rays directly rotated around the both of them, so strong that even Shangguan Bing’er was swept along.

Naturally, the Astral Saint Energy would not harm the two women, as their bodies were filled with Saint Energy. Even though they were not as strong as Zhou Weiqing, the two types of energy had the same source and were both creation energy, hence, they would not harm one another.

Shangguan Bing’er had gotten used to cultivating with Zhou Weiqing during their journey to Xuantian Continent. Naturally, she did not want to let such a good opportunity slip by. She spread her wings open and kept her body hovering in the air while at the same time sensing the strong Astral Saint Energy in her surroundings, before she started cultivating.

On the other side, it was a different situation with Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing.

Almost without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing channeled the massive Astral Saint Energy, that was about to be upgraded to Heavenly Emperor-level, into Tian’er’s body.

Receiving such massive amount of energy from Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er’s body immediately turned into a shade of reddish gold. Zhou Weiqing started losing consciousness. Furthermore, he was currently being led by Tian’er - he completely had no clue as for whether it would hurt the baby in Tian’er’s belly by doing so. He had already lost the ability to judge; he was subconsciously looking for an outlet to let off vent.

Something even stranger happened next. As Tian’er’s body turned into a shade of reddish gold, her belly also lit up. A layer of strange white sheen appeared on her belly.

It was a tiny ball of light, in the form of pure white. When the white appeared, Zhou Weiqing’s strong and powerful Astral Saint Energy had actually lost its luster. All the reddish golden colors almost seemed to become more harmonious in an instant. They no longer circled around Zhou Weiqing - instead, they started circling around the tiny ball of white light.

As the huge amount of upgraded Saint Energy left his body, Zhou Weiqing finally heaved a sigh of relief. His soul had also started to stabilize again. All he needed right now was time to restore his soul, which was not a difficult process.

As he subconsciously opened his eyes, Zhou Weiqing saw Tian’er, who was being kissed by him. Suddenly, his body shook vigorously and his eyes were filled with shock and pain. How could I have channeled that massive amount of energy into Tian’er’s body?

If Tian’er was not pregnant, it would have benefited her, as she would have gained her own energy from it. Since the Saint Energy was created by the both of them together, Tian’er would not reject any of it at all. However, the current situation was different - Tian’er was already pregnant; would receiving the massive amount of energy hurt the baby? If that was the case, Zhou Weiqing would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.

However, Zhou Weiqing quickly realized something wasn’t right. He was surprised to discover that a special energy that made him feel comfortable, as though he had returned to the core of the universe, was continuously released by Tian’er, who was in his embrace.

The energy was rather weak, but it was without a doubt a supreme one.

All of the Astral Saint Energy seemed to have become its subjects, even the Astral Cloud in the skies had stopped spinning, a large amount of Astral Saint Energy descended from the sky, enveloping Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Shangguan Bing’er within it.

Wasn’t that Astral Energy the same as Astral Feedback energy? However, Zhou Weiqing did not use the Heavenly Core Nucleus to conduct the Astral Feedback this time! Those energy were completely bestowed to them from countless stars in the sky.

The gentle energy first surrounded Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, circling around them. Under the surge of Astral Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s broken soul recovered to its normal state in an instant.

Zhou Weiqing realized that the Saint Energy was different from the Astral Feedback that he had released earlier. Within the golden star light, there was a slight tinge of white. Although the white was very, very faint, it allowed his soul to be successfully restored at a rapid pace. Otherwise, Zhou Weiqing might not necessarily have discovered the existence of that special energy.

Immediately after, the reddish golden energy that he had previously channeled into Tian’er’s body had poured back out and injected into him, causing Zhou Weiqing’s body to glow with a reddish golden light once again. Since Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies were closely pressed against each other, the only person who could see the strange white glow that was emitted from Tian’er’s belly was none other than Shangguan Bing’er, who was in the sky.

Chapter272: Ascending to Heavenly Emperor

But at the moment they clearly did not have a chance to feel shocked because the Astral Saint Energy descending from the sky was continuously brushing against their bodies, dispelling the impurities within them. The cultivation level of both women continuously rose at an alarming rate under the influence of the strange astral energy feedback.

As Shangguan Bing’er followed Zhou Weiqing to roam around the Xuantian Continent, her cultivation level was a tad higher than that of Tian’er’s - however the rate she was increasing at was still slower than Tian’er.

The faint starlight started to emit from Tian’er’s body; she groaned deeply, and the dazzling brilliance mixed with the nebula energy appeared around the area of her chest just like that. The dazzling starlight orbited at a high speed - at every orbit, a huge amount of the massive Astral Saint Energy was absorbed, with even a portion of the reddish-gold energy released in Zhou Weiqing’s ascension process was also absorbed by her.

Long Shiya saw what was happening in the sky, and the fat on his face was trembling, “Good heavens! These two ladies are consolidating their Heavenly Core Nucleus. We really have lived for nothing. If they could also succeed, there would now be three Heavenly King Stage powerhouses in their twenties.”

He naturally could tell that under the help of Tian’er, Zhou Weiqing’s situation had already stabilized.

Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue forced a smile, “It isn’t three Heavenly King Stage powerhouses but two Heavenly Kings and one Heavenly Emperor, a 20-something year old Heavenly Emperor. You know, I really want to yell at someone right now! Dammit! Why didn’t I meet this fella earlier - if I had personally met him earlier, for all you know he would have been my disciple.”

Long Shiya complacently shot Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue a glance and said, “Too bad, my luck is good, and my foresight is even better. Right now, nobody’s able to steal this darling disciple of mine from me. On the Mainland, there is already nobody who’s more qualified to be his teacher. Brother Wu, we still can’t rest - let your Heavenly King subordinates separate and let us protect the three of them. As long as they successfully evolve, then we wouldn’t have anything to fear even if the Blood Red Hell sends people over.” Even though Wu Yunyue was very jealous of Long Shiya, he was similarly in good spirits. Just as he was witnessing the moment when Zhou Weiqing was evolving to Heavenly Emperor, he had already come to a decision. Since everything had been decided, the state of his mind also followed suit and became more relaxed. It had been a long time since he was in such a good mood.

After laughing heartily, he said, “Brother Long, what do you take Heavenly Kings or Heavenly King Stage powerhouses for? Even if the Blood Red Hell has been in hiding for years, they are gonna be severely weakened this time. Besides, we have annihilated all the other opponents - if they want to get new information, who knows how long it’ll take? Additionally, I believe that even if Blood Red Hell gets hold of this information, they wouldn’t dare to send people over that rashly. The Heavenly Bow Empire ain’t the Heavenly Demon Sect; this fellow Weiqing is on good terms with Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain. Once the first attack fails, if the Blood Red Hell wants to launch another attack, they would need to first consider the power of the two large Empires.”

Despite saying that, Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue nevertheless began to issue orders to dispatch the remaining Heavenly Kings, while he himself would be overseeing over here with Long Shiya. He continued to stare at the bizarre view of Zhou Weiqing’s ascension.

At this time, regardless of whether it was Wu Yunyue or the six Heavenly Kings under him, they all experienced some sort of an odd feeling; the injuries within their bodies started recovering at an alarming rate, and that was not all - it felt as though their own cultivation level seemed to be increasing. Without a doubt, this was because earlier on, they had been injected into the Astral Saint Energy by Zhou Weiqing! Under such circumstances, the energy within their bodies made remarkable improvements.

With regards to the miracle displayed by Zhou Weiqing, they were entirely lost in admiration and no longer had even the slightest doubt. Without question, Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue’s decision would not be faced with any resistance.

The starlight in the sky shone brightly continuously for one day and one night before gradually dimming down. The light that started dimming down first was the one that came from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er.

Back when Zhou Weiqing had ascended to the Heavenly King Stage, it took a very long time. However, this time he had help of the amplification of the feedback of the astral clouds, coupled with its energy that he accumulated, to ascend. Hence, the process was sped up significantly. The biggest contributing factor, however, came from Tian’er. It was indeed due the strange energy emitted from Tian’er’s body that allowed Zhou Weiqing to complete the Astral transformation within his body in such a short period of time.

At this moment, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus within Zhou Weiqing’s body had also undergone physical transformation, ultimately looking like a nebula. Although the nebula could also be seen in the body in the past, at that time, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus was the main body, with the Astral Saint Energy revolving around it. However, right now, the complete Astral Saint Core Nucleus was being presented directly as a nebula.

Additionally, the biggest change would be Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy - it was originally golden but at this moment it became reddish golden. The change in color also represented a change in power.

Zhou Weiqing was not sure of how much stronger his current level of cultivation progressed to; he was only clear of the fact that if he were to measure based on the power of energy, he was definitely not at the lower level of the Heavenly Emperor stage - he was at least mid-level. The reason accounting for why he could make such a huge jump was naturally because of the massive Astral Feedback that was drawn over by Tian’er.

The benefits enjoyed by Tian’er were greater than Zhou Weiqing. Originally she was a far cry from reaching the Heavenly King Stage, but this time she actually managed to make a direct breakthrough to that level. The entire process was simplified to the extent that even Zhou Weiqing could not help but feel slightly jealous.

This speed of ascension was much higher than Zhou Weiqing’s ascension at the Xuantian Continent.

After Zhou Weiqing woke up, the first person he looked at was Shangguan Bing’er, who was not far from him. She was still undergoing the process of ascension. Thereafter his glance shifted to Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er within the Astral Saint Energy, who appeared out of nowhere, before gently caressing Tian’er’s lower belly.

“Tian’er, are you ok? Is our child alright?”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s impatient voice, Tian’er instinctively looked down to her lower belly as well. Truth to be told, previously when she came to Zhou Weiqing’s rescue with Shangguan Bing’er, she did not think things through - all she had on her mind was saving Zhou Weiqing and help him succeed in ascending. It wasn’t until the massive amount of saint energy within Zhou Weiqing got channeled into her body that Tian’er realized that she was in danger – with such a massive amount of energy entering her body, what if her baby was negatively affected as a result?

But at that instant, Tian’er made a choice: she could have another baby, but if she lost her husband she could never have him back. Hence, Tian’er forcefully suppressed her grief and continuously maintained her stance.

However, in the next moment, she sensed something amiss. Within her lower abdomen, there was a light wiggle movement, as though it could feel her grief. Immediately after, the saint energy that was taller than Zhou Weiqing appeared. Tian’er was absolutely sure that the changes in the nebula in the sky, as well as her speedy ascension, entirely came from the ball of energy within her lower abdomen.

As she gently caressed her lower belly, Tian’er mumbled sluggishly, “The child’s doing great, even better than last time. It seemed as though he absorbed the most amount of Astral Saint Energy! Previously I couldn’t sense his aura, but right now his presence is apparent enough for me to clearly sense it. If I’m not wrong, his due date will be even earlier than what father predicted.”

After hearing that his child was fine, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief first. He held Tian’er tightly in his arms - at this moment, he was already too emotional and at a loss for words.

At this time, the nebula in the sky gradually diminished and disappeared. Zhou Weiqing raised his head and looked at the sky. A ray of reddish golden light flashed in his eyes; the dazzling reddish golden starlight was released from within his body, engulfing the bodies of the three Shangguan sisters within it.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er were a tad late - they did not go over with the intention of taking advantage of the energy, and had in fact tarried because they were afraid something bad might happen since their bodies were also filled with Saint Energy. Even though Shangguan Xue’er couldn’t fly, thanks to the help of Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor she could suspend in the air for a short period of time.

The two sisters were ready to channel the Saint Energy within their body to him in times of need. Perhaps it is true that kindness begets kindness, even though they didn’t make it in time for the ‘appetizers’, they did not miss the main course. The clever girls were able to sense the powerful Astral Saint Energy as well as the response of the Saint Energy within their bodies, and they naturally would not let go of such a good opportunity. Alas, they arrived a tad late, making a break through to the Heavenly King stage impossible.
Even so, they each reached the peak of the Nine Jeweled Stage.

Under the protection of Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Saint Energy, very quickly, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er were awakened from the state of cultivation practice. With the protection of Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Saint Energy, it was guaranteed that they would not fall.

Zhou Weiqing realized that if as a Heavenly King he was able to control atmospheric Heavenly Energies of the world and even forcefully take away the Heavenly Energy controlled by any other Heavenly Kings or Emperors, then by all rights he should now be able to directly control the atmospheric Saint Energy.

That was something he could not feel when he was at the cultivation level of a Heavenly King. After he evolved to the Heavenly Emperor Stage, his sense of awareness had become unfathomably greater. His vast and highly sensitive sense of awareness allowed him to clearly feel every wave of energy in the air, including the subtle Saint Energy in the atmosphere.

This Saint Energy had been floating in space ever since the creation of the world – its volume was only a thousandth of the ordinary atmospheric energy, which was why even cultivators of the Heavenly God Stage would be unable to feel its existence. As Zhou Weiqing ascended to a Heavenly Emperor, his own Saint Core had become a true Astral Saint Core. He finally could feel the pure, creative power of Saint Energy. Such a level awareness would be unfathomably beneficial to his future cultivation practice. It would take quite a while for Shangguan Bing’er to regain consciousness. Advancing to the Heavenly King Stage was after all not an easy feat; she wasn’t like Tian’er, who had the direct help of the extremely pure Saint Energy, hence she had to undergo one more process.

Zhou Weiqing brought the three women with him and descended to the ground. He let out a long sigh upon reaching the ground. As he was holding Tian’er close to him, he lightly pecked her on her forehead.

If not for Tian’er’s timely arrival, he would have suffered serious injuries. Once there was a problem with his soul, he would end up heading towards his demise no matter how remarkable his Saint Energy was. Even though the power of the Astral Feedback was great, it should only be used at the right time!

Although the ascension process was a success, Zhou Weiqing felt somewhat physically and mentally exhausted. As for today’s battle, it might seem as though he was in full control of the situation, but in reality, he had put in a laborious amount of effort, making sure that every step was flawless, or it would have been disastrous - especially at the start, if he did not lure the strong man from Blood Red Hell by surrendering, he wouldn’t have been able to attain the solo fight opportunity.

Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya and Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue walked over together. When Long Shiya looked at his precious disciple, his eyes was filled with endless radiance - he couldn’t have been more satisfied and happy.

Wu Yunyue was all smiles, he bowed slightly towards Zhou Weiqing  and  said,  “Weiqing,  no  words  can  describe  my gratitude towards your favor. I agree to the suggestion you brought up previously.”

Zhou Weiqing forced a smile and said, “Alright, let’s talk about it when we get back. I want to take a rest for a bit.”

When the three women next to him saw how exhausted he looked, their hearts couldn’t help but ache for him. Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er looked at each other then said to him, “You should go back with Tian’er first, we will look after our little sister here.” “Alright.” Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. At this moment, he felt as though he couldn’t open his eyes.

The overconsumption of his energy and the whole process of evolution caused his body to be physically and mentally drained. All he wanted to do right now was to have a good sleep.

After getting back to the Heavenly Bow City, Zhou Weiqing knocked out almost immediately upon entering his room. This slumber of his would probably last for a full day and night.

Heavenly Bow Empire got down to work immediately. They did their best in delaying all the information pertaining to battle earlier, such that Blood Red Hell would receive them as late as possible. At the same time, Shangguan Xue’er was to personally write and deliver a letter to Heaven’s Expanse Palace, reporting the entire situation on their side to them. However it was unknown what made Shangguan Xue’er decide to hide the most important information pertaining to Zhou Weiqing’s evolution to the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Perhaps, subconsciously, after Zhou Weiqing got rid of that burden of hers, she regarded herself as one of his people.

Shangguan Bing’er was still in the midst of a breakthrough; even when Zhou Weiqing had woken up from his slumber, it still had not ended.

“It feels so good.” After a good stretch, Zhou Weiqing woke up. “”Hm, nope.”  Instinctively, he hurriedly masked his own aura and opened his eyes wide before scanning his surroundings.

Tian’er, who was laying next to him, got woken up by his sudden movements. She looked at Zhou Weiqing and burst out laughing, “If you stretch even more, our bedroom is going to transform into coal ash.”

As it turns out, as Zhou Weiqing just evolved, he still could not grasp full control over his aura. When he stretched his body earlier, it immediately caused the atmospheric energy to undergo changes. Vast amounts of atmospheric energy came surging, if he had not acted in the nick of time, the building would have been destroyed as a result of the overly dense and compressed atmospheric energy.

Looking at the sweet smiling Tian’er next to him, Zhou Weiqing lightly embraced her.

“Thank you, Tian’er. If not for you, I’m afraid……” Tian’er looked angrily at him, “Do we have to be so courteous with each other? As long as you don’t abandon me when you run out, we’re good.”

Zhou Weiqing carefully placed his hand on Tian’er’s belly and said, “Our child’s doing ok, right?”

Tian’er nodded slightly and placed her hand on top of Zhou Weiqing’s hand. Her face couldn’t help but have a motherly glow.

“Our precious child is not only completely fine, he is much more active now. Previously he barely made any movements, but now, he would wiggle around every now and then. What exactly happened to the Saint Energy the other day? Why would our child emit such a pure energy? It seemed to be much purer than the Saint Energy emitted after your evolution to Heavenly Emperor Stage was completed.”

Zhou Weiqing forced a smile and said, “I don’t know either. But I am positive that if my Saint Energy could be transformed into something so pure, then it will definitely transform into something that surpasses the Heavenly God Stage. I had always thought that I was considered gifted, but right now from the looks of it, I’m far from it compared to our precious child! This little fella has not been born into this world yet but he’s already so formidable. When he’s born, wouldn’t he surpass my power?”

Both of them looked at each other, they were somewhat bewildered. To say that a newborn child would possess powers that are above that of Heavenly God Stage was practically unbelievable, but the extremely pure Saint Energy previously was could not be faked.

Zhou Weiqing knew that even his father-in-law Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord could not give him the answer to the problem pertaining to the sudden appearance of the pure Saint Energy around his child.

Zhou Weiqing laid down again, while embracing Tian’er. He was suddenly up to mischief - he lowered his head and whispered into Tian’er’s ear, “Honey, I wanna go in and take a look at our baby.”

“You’re so bad……” Tian’er felt so shy that her face went red.

“I definitely will be careful. You see, you guys did not accompany me for the past couple of days, I am so miserable! Come on……” Love was in the air; a pregnant woman would similarly yearn for love, sometimes even more passionately than regular women. Zhou Weiqing’s gentleness, coupled with his tender and melodious voice, caused the room to be filled with love in an instant.

Heavenly Bow Empire Marshal’s assembly hall.

Zhou Weiqing commanded his people to invite Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue over. Now that the key battle had ended, some matters also ought to be carried out. Additionally, this was the main reason why Zhou Weiqing rushed back. What he said to Di Fengling at that time was not a joke - it was his dream.

Even though the Heavenly Bow Empire already had a rather strong army, they were after all a small country - it did not have a profound heritage. Zhou Weiqing was not overly ambitious, but he really wanted his motherland to grow a lot stronger. And for it to grow a lot stronger, it depended on its power.

If the Heavenly Bow Empire could possess its own Saint Land, who would have the guts to attack it in future? And that’s not all - Zhou Weiqing wanted to build something similar to Skill Storing Palace and Consolidating Equipment Pavilion within Heavenly Bow Empire. Perhaps the given short period of time was insufficient to attract a huge number of Heavenly Jewel Masters, but for the sake of the development of a country and its future, they were indispensable.

Wu Yunyue was all smiles - he walked into the hall and smilingly said to Zhou Weiqing, “Weiqing, are you well-rested? Is everything fine with you?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Everything’s fine. Or else I wouldn’t have invited you over that quickly.”

In reality, Wu Yunyue had already sensed the fluctuation of Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Emperor Stage energy, the moment he woke up. Thereafter, that little fella dilly dallied for almost 4 hours and he called that quick?

Of course, Wu Yunyue was not intending to expose him - in his eyes, that fella Zhou Weiqing still had his shortcomings, such as the fact that he was rather lustful. However, in any world, the strong heroes would always be accompanied with a woman by his side. This was also the same in the world of Heavenly Beasts - the stronger the Heavenly Beast, the more companions it would have. Without a doubt, Zhou Weiqing was strong enough. If he only had one woman, Wu Yunyue would have found it weird instead. Wu Yunyue cut to the chase and said, “Weiqing, I had already said it to you before, I have agreed to the suggestion you brought up previously. After we had defeated the group of people from Blood Red Hell, I had anxiously discussed with everyone from Heavenly Demon Sect, in which they all had
agreed. This time, you can entrust everything to us without worrying.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Senior, you’re too kind. In that case, there is definitely no problem on my end. As for the new name of our Heavenly Demon Sect, what do you suggest we should change it to?”

When Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue heard Zhou Weiqing use the word ‘our’, the smile on his face became wider. He had already given up his control over Heavenly Demon Sect, why would care about naming it?

“Sect Leader, it’s better for you to name it. Needless to say, I want to be assistant Sect Leader! Hehe.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled to himself. This old fox, ultimately he still could not let go of his power entirely, but this was expected as a matter of course. “I had thought about it before, I could start out by styling it after my Peerless Battalion, which was later renamed to Peerless Regiment. Even though our Physical Jewel Masters make up the majority, Peerless Battalion was formed to resist Heavenly Jewel Masters. Since we are merging with the
Heavenly Demon Sect, let’s just name it Peerless Sect. What do you think?”

“Peerless  Sect?”  Demonic  Emperor  Wu  Yunyue  sighed  to himself. He knew that if he gave the confirmation, Heavenly Demon Sect would become a thing of the history. However, he did not have any other choice. If he collaborated with Zhou Weiqing, he could at least keep his dignity and maintain the legacy of the Heavenly Demon Sect. If he were to give up on this collaboration, even if the Blood Red Hell didn’t make a move, the other Great Saint Lands wouldn’t spare the Heavenly Demon Sect either.

Looking at the emotional struggle in the Demonic Emperor’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing was not anxious at all. After all, changing the name and leader of a generation of Saint Land that one built would not be easy for anyone else.

“Father-in-law, there is one more matter I’d like to discuss with you. Yuehan had already given herself to me, and I will definitely take responsibility for her. Also, I really like her, and all my significant others came from Saint Lands; I can’t favor any of them over the others. Here’s my plan - there isn’t much time left before the Grand Tournament of the Saint Lands. I would like to hold the wedding ceremony after it ends and marry all of them, giving them equal statuses as my wives, without any ranking. What do you think?” Wu Yunyue was completely awakened the moment Zhou Weiqing addressed him as ‘father-in-law’. Indeed! This young man was his son-in-law after all. What was there to be dissatisfied about, passing on the reins of Heavenly Demon Sect to him? The future successor would be his own grandchild as well. Furthermore, even though this young man’s future was unknown, but it is guaranteed that as long as he could stay alive, he would become someone that surpasses Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord - someone that he would look up to.

“Alright, let’s do that. My child Yuehan has long given her heart to you. Weiqing, be good to her. When we are alone, I will still address you by your name. In front of everyone else, I will address you as ‘Sect Leader’.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “In that case, our Peerless Sect is established today. Father-in-law, I know that your heart aches for all the blood and sweat you put in but I can guarantee you that you will not regret the decision you made today. In the near future, our Peerless Sect will definitely become the strongest in the Boundless Mainland, and genuinely become the number one Saint Land.” Wu Yunyue shuddered slightly; his eyes lit up. He nodded his head towards Zhou Weiqing vigorously and said, “I look forward to that day. Later on I will get Ming Yu to pass you the name register of the members of Heavenly Demon Sect that are still alive. They are going to be your subordinates from now

“Thank you for your blessings, father-in-law.” Zhou Weiqing bowed.

Wu Yunyue nodded his head, stood up and left. He needed some time to heal the wound in his heart.

Making a decision as such was very difficult for him, but he was deeply convinced that his decision was the right one. At least among the Great Saint Lands, he was the only person who could bind the entire Saint Land and himself to Zhou Weiqing. His daughter might be the late party but his sincerity could not be compared to Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain. Perhaps, they would be able to see the results during the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands.

“Done chatting?” Long Shiya’s deep familiar voice was heard. A flicker of light flashed - his plump body appeared within the room. “Master.”   After  Zhou  Weiqing  respectfully  greeted  his master, he cheerily guided Long Shiya to the Sect Leader’s seat.

“Why do I feel that your smile is so sinister!”  chided Long Shiya.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “How is it sininster? Even if it is, I learned it from you! I am your disciple.”

Long Shiya replied sharply, “Don’t mess around, I definitely did not teach you that. Your craftiness and cunning ways were all taught by Mu En. He’s lucky I don’t hold him accountable for this. However, I can’t deny that your father is far-sighted. Even though occasionally you do some embarrassing deeds, your survival skills improved as a result. Go ahead and tell me, what do you want from me. Don’t use that smile on me, I feel bashful.”

Zhou Weiqing tried to fawn on him, “Master, you know me really well! Actually, it’s nothing much. I was just thinking that you are already of a certain age, you shouldn’t be roaming around outside that much. As your disciple, I need to take care of you! Why don’t you stay here and not leave this time? I will definitely work hard and have more children with my wives to accompany you and make you happy. What do you say?” Long Shiya laughed, “Oh give me a break, you think I don’t know your intentions? You tricked Demonic Emperor into giving Heavenly Demon Sect to you to form Peerless Sect. You’re hoping that I will help you keep up with appearances right?”

Zhou Weiqing acted as though he was in shock, “Master, you can predict the future? However, I did not intend for you to keep up with appearances! I just wanted to be filial to you. Just give me this chance, alright? Furthermore, what is mine is yours - if you’re willing, the position of the Sect Leader of Peerless Sect is naturally yours.”

“Oh please, cut it out. Wanting me to be the Sect Leader, isn’t it akin to wishing death upon me? Not gonna happen, I’ve had freedom my entire life, and you expect me to work for you as I’m entering my old age?”

Long Shiya rolled his eyes, he seemed to have ignored Zhou Weiqing’s desperately pleading look. He knew that little fella all too well, he wasn’t gonna fall for his tricks. The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had been free his entire life, almost all the Saint Lands had invited him before but his heart had never wavered. Additionally, his disciple had already reached his full potential, hence he felt that if he were to stay, he would not be able to help much either way. However, when Zhou Weiqing mentioned that he wanted him to settle down so he could take care of him, he did feel rather touched. After all, he was getting old. Even if he used Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy to rejuvenate his youth, his mentality was not that of a young man’s any longer.

Zhou Weiqing looked at his master with a fierce look on his face, “Master, don’t force my hand.”

Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression, Long Shiya stared blankly for a bit and snorted, “Stop pretending, so what if I do? I will simply force you to accept my decision!”

“You are forcing me to use my trump card!”  Zhou Weiqing said resentfully.

Long Shiya looked at him in surprise, “What kind of trump card do you have that will make me submit to you? I’d sure love to see it, quick show it to me. I don’t buy it, I had never been threatened by anyone before, a little twerp like you could be an exception?”

Zhou Weiqing’s face eased up and he sighed, “Alright, you’re a tough nut to crack after all. In that case, forget about it. I originally planned to give your last name ‘Long’ to one of my children, who you could regard as your own grandchild. Since you’re not willing to stay, I’m unable to fulfill my filial duties. If you want to leave, you can go ahead. Since you want your freedom, as your disciple, I should not stop you.”

“That’s  more  like  it.”   Long  Shiyang  smiled  contently. Suddenly his facial muscles stiffened. He grabbed Zhou Weiqing who was about to turn and walk away, “Wait, wait a minute. What did you say? Something about grandchild and grandfather. I did not hear clearly.”

He was too busy being contented, assuming that there was nothing Zhou Weiqing could use against him. He merely indistinctly heard him say something. At this moment, as he was trying to recall, his facial expression changed immediately.

Zhou Weiqing smiled cheekily and said, “Nothing, nothing. Besides you’re already leaving. Whether I tell you or not, it doesn’t matter. If you didn’t catch what I said, it’s okay. Master, I have a lot of things I need to settle.”

“Bastard, you are trying to play dumb with me? Quick tell me, or else don’t blame me for being unkind to you. Hmph.” Long Shiya compared his fleshy fists. Of course, he felt that his threat was probably ineffective. Needless to say, at Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level might prove to be too difficult for him to deal with!

Zhou Weiqing turned around and face his master. This time, he stopped smiling and fell to his knees, before his master. He said earnestly, “I really hope that you will stay. Not because I need your help to run the Peerless Sect. You are already more than a hundred years old, and have wandered around for your entire life. I simply hope to give you a family, so you would stay. You can say that without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You have disciples but you don’t have a child. I am like a son to you. In future, my children will be your grandchildren, so just stay here and let me fulfill my filial duties. You don’t have to do anything, you only have to enjoy family love and joy. I will name one of my sons after your last name ‘Long’, for you to regard as your true-blooded grandchild, continuing your lineage. Is that ok?”

Long Shiya stared blankly at Zhou Weiqing, of course he could sense that Zhou Weiqing was definitely not putting up a show.

He placed his hand on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder. Zhou Weiqing was shocked to find that given his master’s cultivation level, his hand was actually shivering. He quickly lifted his head to look at Long Shiya. “Master, are you ok?”

Long Shiya looked at him, with glistening tears in his eyes. His lips quivered for a long time, yet he couldn’t speak a single word.

“Master,  please  don’t  scare  me!”  Zhou  Weiqing  hurriedly moved closer to him, and carefully channeled Saint Energy into his chest.

Long Shiya’s facial expression changed, “Weiqing, you’re not teasing me right? This is really not a joke right?”

Zhou Weiqing wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, “Master, am I that bad a person? Look at how serious I’m being. how can I possibly be joking?”

Long Shiya retorted, “When you lied to those people from Blood Red Hell, your emotions seemed very sincere as well. In the end they got played out by you.”

“How can you be compared to them! Master, I really am not joking with you. I just want to take care of you till you’re old.” Long Shiya raised both hands and used his might to grab Zhou Weiqing’s arms, with tears flowing from his eyes. “Thank you, child. It’s been almost 90 years since I experienced familial love. In future my life will be in your hands.”


Zhou Weiqing was overjoyed at the unexpected good news, and gave Long Shiya a tight hug.

Long Shiya’s emotions seemed to stabilize, he wiped his tears and said, “Go ahead, your Senior Uncle Duan is looking for you. You have already become a Heavenly Emperor, you should consolidate the last piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.”

“Senior Uncle is looking for me?” Zhou Weiqing relaxed his arms and looked at Long Shiya who’s facial expression had returned to normal. “Master, in that case I better hurry.”

Zhou Weiqing’s respect for Duan Tianlang was not any less than his respect for his master. When he heard that his Senior Uncle was looking for him, he naturally did not dare to slight him. Long Shiya waved his hand, indicating that he should get going.

Zhou Weiqing turned around and left. The moment he stepped out of the door, he seemed to have heard a happy voice cheering, “Wahaha, wahaha, I’ll have a grandchild, I’ll have a descendant. Wahaha.”

When Zhou Weiqing heard that, he stared blankly for a moment before smiling widely.

He knew his master all too well. Even though Long Shiya held his freedom in high regard, not having family, as well as family love, was his biggest regret. As his disciple, Zhou Weiqing naturally wanted to help him overcome this regret of his! He had five wives, he wouldn’t be lacking in children or descendants. Furthermore, even if his child were to take the last name ‘Long’, he would still be his son.

Chapter273: Eleventh Piece of the Hate Ground No Handle Set?

“Senior Uncle.” Zhou Weiqing stood outside Duan Tianlang’s door. He greeted him respectfully after knocking on the door lightly.

“Come  in.”   Duan  Tianlang’s  voice  could  be  heard  from within the room. He sounded rather exhausted.

Zhou Weiqing was in a daze for a moment. It was only a few months ago that Duan Tianlang was rejuvenated with his Saint Energy. Even though his body was not as strong now compared to his prime, he should still be full of vigor instead of his current weak state!

Feeling puzzled, Zhou Weiqing entered the room.

The moment he saw Duan Tianlang, Zhou Weiqing was shocked, “Senior Uncle, what happened to you?”  As he said that, Zhou Weiqing ran over to Duan Tianlang and grabbed his hands in order to channel the purified reddish golden Saint Energy into his body. Duan Tianlang was in an extremely terrible condition at the moment - his face looked haggard and his originally black hair turned white. He even had a lot of wrinkles on his face. His eyes looked dull, without any radiance. He looked like an old man with one foot in the grave.

With the support of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, Duan Tianlang’s body trembled slightly. His condition became a lot better, his vitality was boosted and via the cleansing done by the Saint Energy, his fatigue and the deterioration of his bodily functions slowly got better.

As Zhou Weiqing was helping Duan Tianlang, he was overwhelmed with shock. He clearly felt that if his cultivation base was not raised to the Heavenly Emperor Stage and that if he only used the previous Astral Saint Energy, Senior Uncle would only have a few months left to live. Saint Energy was not omnipotent - there were some things that were impossible to reverse. Additionally, his reddish golden Saint Energy was a lot purer than it was before. He finally managed to pull Duan Tianlang back from the brink of death.

The results of Saint Energy’s effectiveness were instantaneous. It could clearly be seen that Duan Tianlang was gradually recovering. His dull-looking eyes started to look surprised. After Zhou Weiqing gave his best effort for a full one hour, Duan Tianlang finally returned to the state Zhou Weiqing nursed him back a couple of months ago.

“Weiqing, your cultivation has improved. I even thought that I was done for this time around. However, this time, I wasn’t planning on this happening. I feel so pissed! Haha, you are really my lucky star, haha!”

Duan Tianlang laughed, but Zhou Weiqing on the other hand was mad. He looked angrily at his Senior Uncle and said, “Senior Uncle, what on earth have you been doing? I nursed you back to health with much difficulty, how can you not love and take care of yourself? What have you actually been doing, that your body would fall apart once more?”

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s reprimand, Duan Tianlang scratched his head in embarrassment, “Aye, old habits. Too bad, seems like I’ll never be able to change in this life. Whenever I dive into the research of Consolidating Equipment Scroll, I wouldn’t be able to stop. This time, I think I have not slept in more than a month, causing my body to break down.”

“Ah? You went without rest for more than a month? No sleep or rest? You……” Zhou Weiqing was lost for words. One must know that when Duan Tianlang said he did not rest for more than a month, it was not as simple as not resting or sleeping. Instead, over the timespan of a month, he concentrated his attention entirely on researching the Consolidating Equipment Scroll for 24 hours every single day. Or else how would the previous recovery he made with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy completely vanish?

Duan Tianlang said apologetically, “I’m at fault, but Weiqing, let’s not talk about this. Quick, take a look at what I did.”

As he spoke, Duan Tianlang leapt up in high spirits, akin to a groom who’s about to marry his bride. He dragged Zhou Weiqing to his work station and opened up a square meter scroll right before him.

After the scroll opened, the first thing Zhou Weiqing saw was countless gray lines crammed together. Those lines were drawn using a special pen. The scroll itself was made from a premium sheepskin - it definitely would not be easily damaged.

Zhou Weiqing originally wanted to have a good conversation with his Senior Uncle, but when he saw the scroll, he was completely dumbfounded. In the eyes of an ordinary person, upon seeing those gray lines, their eyes would not be able to adapt, causing them to feel giddy as a result. But Zhou Weiqing was different, he was not an ordinary person! Coupled with the fact that his cultivation base was raised to the Heavenly Emperor Stage, he could be considered a true blue God Tier Master. When it came to creating the Consolidating Equipment Scroll, in terms of control, relying on Astral Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing definitely could be considered number one in the world - no
one could be compared to him.

As the image within the enormous scroll appeared before his eyes, he was in a complete state of shock.

Indeed, there was a picture designed on the Consolidating Equipment Scroll - Zhou Weiqing had never seen anything so complicated before. Even though several parts looked somewhat messy, as Zhou Weiqing’s eyes followed the lines and continued scanning the scroll, he couldn’t help but constantly exclaim in surprise.

Duan Tianlang, who was standing next to him, was also looking at it. The only difference is that unlike Zhou Weiqing, his eyes were filled with fascination, as though he was admiring the most beautiful woman in the world. Furthermore, he was lightly stroking the sheepskin scroll from time to time - his entire being was immersed within his own world.

“Senior  Uncle,  Senior  Uncle  you  actually  did  it.  Oh  my goodness! This is a miracle - you can only use the word ‘miracle’ to describe this.” Zhou Weiqing couldn’t hold himself back but exclaim in awe.

He suddenly lifted his head and looked at Duan Tianlang. In the aspect of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, not even Zhou Weiqing was as dedicated as Duan Tianlang, who was after all the first generation God Tier Master. How could he not be shocked or surprised when he saw such a miracle before his eyes? He could not imagine that such a scroll could be even be designed. It could be described as superlative craftsmanship.

“Yes, I have succeeded. Even I didn’t think I could do it.” Duan Tianlang mumbled, “Perhaps it was because I was on the brink of death several times before - my heart was tranquil enough and at the same time I had the courage to give up on everything. Hence, the Heavens decided to bestow me with such a glorious achievement.”

Even when he completed the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, Duan Tianlang did not mention the word ‘achievement’. However at this moment, his face was full of pride.

“Senior Uncle, you’ve succeeded, you really have succeeded. This, this is the design of the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set! If this Consolidating Equipment Scroll could finally be completed, then our ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set would definitely surpass the Boundless Infinitum Set , and become the most powerful in the world.”

Nodding his head slightly, Duan Tianlang’s eyes were brimming with tears of excitement, “The inspiration and one month’s worth of work done at once caused me to go without sleep and food. Despite knowing that it could possibly lead to death, I refused to stop. Weiqing, I beg of you, no matter what, while I’m still alive, you have to create this scroll. Even though I was able to design this scroll, I don’t have the ability to actually create it. You’re the only one; only you, via your control over the binding of time and space, can help complete this scroll. If I’m not wrong, you must have had a breakthrough to the Heavenly Emperor Stage right?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head vigorously and said in an overly  excited  voice,  “Senior  Uncle,  don’t  worry,  I  will definitely create it. Senior Uncle, I can say for sure that you are the most outstanding God Tier Master in the Legacy of Strength of all time - he might even have surpassed the elder that created the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. At the same time. You are also the greatest and strongest God Tier Master in the world. Nobody could compare themselves to you and your achievements.”

“Hahahaha.  I  think  so  too,  hahahaha!”   Duan  Tianlang laughed out loud. A person with a gentle disposition like him actually revealed a wilder side of him.

At that time, Duan Tianlang’s biggest wish was to be able to see the design of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. Zhou Weiqing had helped him fulfill it and he even personally created it, becoming the first God Tier Master in all of Legacy of Strength’s history to create both ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ and ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ sets. Additionally, he even took one step further and actually designed the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Designing them wasn’t solely dependent on capabilities - there was also the element of luck. Duan Tianlang was fully convinced that if he had to do it again, he would not be able to succeed even if it took him a hundred years.

With the design of the eleventh piece of ‘Hate Ground no Handle’, even the three Heaven’s Expanse Palace three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters on the Heavenly Jewel Island put together were not more accomplished than him. Grandmaster Xing Tianyi and the rest merely carried on the accomplishments of the predecessors, but Duan Tianlang brought about new creations. When the design was completed, he had already officially ascended to the apex of Consolidating
Equipment Masters. Presently, no one else could surpass him.

“Weiqing,  next,  there  are  some  things  that  you  have  to complete.” Duan Tianlang smiled, “Even though this design is mainly completed, I still need to make some adjustments. However, I have already created the prescription of the Consolidating Ink based on the design, and I also have most of the materials - after all, you sent a lot of good stuff back from Heavenly Jewel Island the last time. Nonetheless, there is something I need to to personally get.”

“Senior Uncle, what is it, that even Heavenly Jewel Island doesn’t have?” Zhou Weiqing asked out of curiosity. Duan Tianlang said, “When it comes to the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set, too many types of materials are needed to create the Consolidating Ink. It’s inevitable for some materials to clash. In order to amalgamate all the materials together without creating any clash or conflict, a special material is needed. Your Saint Energy is a good choice but it is after all external in nature, even if it is a success, it would still affect the quality of the Consolidating Ink and affect our process of creating the scroll as a result. Hence, we need an energy that is pure and internal to act as a mediating agent.”

Duan  Tianlang  paused  for  a  bit  before  continuing,  “The attributes of the agent have to be strong, it has to completely dominate the other materials in order to succeed. Hence, you have to look for the fresh blood of the Sidhe Queen. You don’t need a lot of it, just three drops would suffice.

“Sidhe Queen? What’s that?” Zhou Weiqing had never heard of her existence, but with the ‘queen’ as her title, she was definitely not a weak figure.

Duan Tianlang smiled and said, “It’s not surprising that you don’t know who she is, only people like me who are a few hundred years old would have heard of her. The sidhe are an ancient race with a long history - they have been around even longer than us humans. During a certain period on the Mainland, the real rulers were the dragons, the sidhe, as well as a few species that are already fully extinct. On the other hand, we humans were only primates who could only serve as their slaves.”

“As time went by, humans’ intellect as well as our ability to cultivate gradually developed, coupled with the fact that our ability to reproduce surpasses that of the other species, eventually making us the dominant species. The extinction of the other species was mostly due to humans. The sidhe and dragons were relatively on good terms with us, especially the dragons. Their reproductivity was simply too slow, hence, for a period of time, they did use us as spokesmen. However, the development of human beings was beyond the dragons’ expectations. Ultimately, the dragons lost control. Over the years, humans gradually came to control the entire Mainland, with the original rulers either extinct or in seclusion ever since. You’ve seen the giant dragons before. How many dragons are there on the Mainland? Very few, right?”

Zhou Weiqing said pensively, “That is to say, the sidhe are in the same situation as the dragons? They are also living in seclusion?” Duan Tianlang nodded his head and said, “It might be more appropriate to say that they’ve sealed themselves off from the world. Mother Nature loves the sidhe the most, when they combine themselves with nature, they can easily make use of all abilities that are nature based. They don’t have heavenly jewels like us, but they can manipulate the power of nature. In order to protect themselves from humans, twelve of their elders joined forces, sectioning and sealing off a part of the Mainland to create a world belonging to them, where they currently dwell. At that time, the humans made an agreement with the sidhe that they are not to leave the sealed grounds, and that humans are also not allowed to invade them.”

“This was eons of years ago. Thereafter, indeed, the sidhe withdrew themselves from the spotlight in the history of Mainland and did not appear in front of the humans again. This is also the reason why you’ve never heard of them and are oblivious to their existence. However, the sidhe did not come to our world, but there are human beings who went to their world before. After recuperating for so many years, the sidhe had become a lot stronger than they used to be. Nonetheless, time has also destroyed all their desires - they virtually never want to leave their sealed grounds and are considered amicable towards human beings. The humans that they acknowledge could even stand to benefit from them.” “The sidhe are the sons and daughters of Mother Nature, and within the blood of the Sidhe Queen contains the purest power of nature. With three drops of her blood, the last piece of the Consolidating Equipment Scroll would naturally be successful. The Consolidating Ink would also reach its full potential.”

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and said, “Senior Uncle, your task is pretty hard to complete! Do you happen to know their whereabouts? And also, the Sidhe Queen is after all a leader of the tribe, I’m afraid that it might not be easy to get her blood. You described the sidhe to be powerful, we might not be able to deal with them that easily.”

Duan Tianlang laughed and said, “Other people might not be able to do it but you’re different. You had already created several miracles, I had already done everything I could for you, the rest is up to you. As for the whereabouts of the sidhe, it’s rather simple. You just have to ask your wives, they definitely know the answer. For so long, the sidhe were not disturbed by the human world. Naturally, they must have some sort of relations with the human world, and Heaven’s Expanse Palace has the best relations with them. Did you think that the last piece of the Boundless Infinitum Set did not require some sort of special ingredient? Even though they did not require the Sidhe Queen’s blood, they required something precious belonging to the sidhe. With Duan Tianlang’s suggestion, Zhou Weiqing understood the situation better. Heaven’s Expanse Palace had good relations with the sidhe. That is to say that getting the Sidhe Queen’s blood did not seem entirely impossible. Since Heaven’s Expanse Palace could establish good relations with the sidhe, why can’t the newly established Peerless Sect?

The sidhe were an ancient race. If it’s possible to establish good relations with them, it might bring about huge benefits to Peerless Sect.

Thinking  of  that,  Zhou  Weiqing  nodded,  “Alright,  Senior Uncle, leave this task to me. However, you have to promise me that before I come back, you cannot hurt yourself any more. If something happens to you, I will seal up this design forever and will not try to create it till the end of time.”

Duan Tianlang nodded his head smilingly and said, “Without seeing the completion of the eleventh piece of the 'Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, I can’t possibly bear to die. You can leave in peace. But you have to be very careful - if you can’t do it, don’t force it either. The sidhe may be much stronger than you think. Even though they’ve never appeared on Mainland, I can surmise that there are many strong figures within the sidhe.” Zhou Weiqing nodded his head smilingly. As for the strong figures in the sidhe, he was not too bothered by them. A person’s confidence increases alongside his capabilities. The current Zhou Weiqing was not the same as he used to be - he had already evolved to the Heavenly Emperor Stage and possessed the reddish gold Astral Saint Energy. He was truly unafraid of anyone else in this world. If it depended on power and capabilities to complete his mission, he was feeling rather confident.

After leaving Duan Tianlang’s room, Zhou Weiqing had directly left the city. Based on his current cultivation base, he was no longer restricted by space and distance. His physical body was able to move where he wanted to with just a thought. He could travel thousands of miles straight.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er continued to look up at Shangguan Bing’er who was cultivating in the sky - it had been going on for a few days but Shangguan Bing’er had been continuously absorbing the atmospheric energy. The aura she was emitting also became stronger and stronger.

Chapter274: Do 'It' With Me For a Breakthrough!

However, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er could feel that the Heavenly Core Nucleus which Shangguan Bing’er was going to condense might not be the same as Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Core Nucleus. That was because of the fact that even though Shangguan Bing’er’s aura was full of the power of Saint Energy, it did not have the same pure aura that Zhou Weiqing emitted. Within her Saint Energy, there was clearly the presence of Wind Attribute energy.

Evidently, this was because she did not possess Saint Attributes. Without Saint Attributes, it would be impossible to achieve the actual Saint Core Nucleus.

Of course, this was not to say that Shangguan Bing’er would be weak. Zhou Weiqing’s nurturing of her had not been in vain. When she was condensing the Heavenly Core Nucleus, her body was filled with Zhou Weiqing's Astral Saint Energy. That alone guaranteed that her Heavenly Core Nucleus could not be compared to that of other Heavenly King powerhouses.

Additionally, to Shangguan Bing’er, even if her Heavenly Core Nucleus was not filled with pure Saint Energy, but managed to condense into a Heavenly Core Nucleus anyway, it was considered a huge advantage. This was because after a Heavenly Core Nucleus was formed, she could take in the atmospheric energy at her will to supplement her self- cultivation, and would not need to borrow Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy to cultivate.

In other words, even though her Saint Energy was impure, it would still be considered a type of Saint Energy. Hence, she could condense it by filtering in external energy. In a sense, Shangguan Bing’er’s Saint Core Nucleus would be an sub-Saint Core Nucleus, which was a lot better than most people in the Heavenly King Stage had.

Right at this moment, without any warning at all, the space in front of the two women became silently distorted as two giant hands came clawing in their direction at the same time.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er had already broken through to the nine jewel cultivation base, and their own powers were originally strong. They reacted fast enough, and just as they were about to display their skills by launching an attack, the surrounding space caved in instantly. A strong spatial force bound them, causing them to be completely immobilized. A familiar figure stepped out of the distorted space, kissing each of them on their red lips hard. Only then were the two women released. The caved in space naturally returned to its normal state.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er were initially pale with fright, thinking they had encountered a strong enemy. However, when they took a good look at the other party, they were immediately furious - the person who stole a kiss from them was none other than that scoundrel Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing smiled mischievously at the two women and said, “My two wives, why aren’t you greeting your husband when he’s here?”

Shangguan Fei’er sneered, “Who are your wives? Give me a break, hmph.”

Shangguan Xue’er did not say anything but continued to wear a ‘cold’ expression on her face.

A helpless look on his face, Zhou Weiqing went over to them, “What are you guys up to! If there’s anything you are not happy about, you should tell me directly. Don’t bottle it up! It’s my fault, I had too many things to deal with recently and ended up neglecting the both of you. If you want to beat me up or reprimand me, I will take it.”

Shangguan  Fei’er  snorted  and  said,  “Neglected  us?  You probably only neglected us for a day or two. Ever since you built Peerless Battalion, I’ve been working myself to death. But you, on the other hand, disappear as you please. I can accept all of this. However, let me ask you, what’s with Little Witch? Also, what was with the Heavenly Demon Sect the other day? You better explain all of this to me, or else when third sister is done with her breakthrough, the three of us will go back to Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the furious Shangguan Fei’er and ran over in a bid to hug her, but she pushed him away. Even though Shangguan Xue’er did not say anything, there was a quizzical look in her eyes as well.

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and replied, “Can the two of you let me explain? The thing with Little Witch goes like this.” Zhou Weiqing was smart - he knew for a fact that a white lie could produce good results at times, but he also knew that sometimes he needed to be honest instead, or else he might really lose their hearts. Immediately, he truthfully told them what had happened between him and Little Witch. Of course, he heavily emphasized his situation at that time, as well as the danger he was put in, and that he was not in the right state of mind when things happened with Little Witch. On the whole, he spoke nothing but the truth.

“……Ugh. Both of you also know that even though I am not a good person, I still have to take responsibility for what happened! She sacrificed her most precious thing for the sake of my cultivation and my life, and there’s also the connection to my master… It’s my fault for not being able to find you guys in time, or else I wouldn’t have needed Little Witch. Master told me at that time that I was pretty lucky to be able to find a woman. He said he was planning on finding me a sow.”

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s last sentence, the Shangguan sisters couldn’t help but laugh out loud. They were simply unable to stifle their laughter as they imagined the sight of Zhou Weiqing with a sow. Thanks to their laughter, the tense atmosphere among the three of them eased up significantly.

Shangguan Fei’er stared hard at Zhou Weiqing, “Continue womanizing everywhere if you dare, you bastard. You already have five women. Let me tell you, if you have a sixth woman, I will castrate you.” She gestured with all her might as she said that.

Zhou Weiqing immediately covered the lower part of his body in fear. “I dare not, Your Majesty. I definitely dare not go against your wishes.”

Shangguan  Xue’er  furrowed  her  brows  and  said,  “What’s with Heavenly Demon Sect? Explain everything to us, including their confrontation with Blood Red Hell. You’ve allowed the people of Heavenly Demon Sect to stay in Heavenly Bow Empire, and from the looks of it, you seem to want to join them as well. Weiqing, even if you don’t consider the fact that we are from Heaven’s Expanse Palace, you should know that their reputation on Mainland isn’t that good. None of the countries were willing to admit them. Do you want Heavenly Bow Empire to become the target of criticism?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and ran up to her before forcefully pulling Shangguan Fei’er into his arms while also dragging Shangguan Xue’er in. “I didn’t agree to join Heavenly Demon Sect. If I were to join a Saint Land, I will definitely choose Heaven’s Expanse Palace! All three of my wives are from there.”

Shangguan Xue’er allowed him to hug her but her facial expression  did  not  change,  “Weiqing,  with  regards  to  this matter, you definitely have to make things clear. Perhaps you yourself don’t care about matters of reputation, but the Heavenly Bow Empire has to. I dare say that if news about the Heavenly Bow Empire admitting the Heavenly Demon Sect gets out, the resources supplied by the Fei Li Empire would probably stop. Additionally, we would also become ostracized.”

Zhou  Weiqing  smiled.  “There  will  never  be  a  Heavenly Demon Sect in our Heavenly Bow Empire. Xue’er, I am not joking with you. That reminds me. I have something else I need to discuss with you guys. I want to invite my two beautiful ladies to join the newly established Peerless Sect, as the Sect Leader’s wives, what do you think?”

“Peerless  Sect?”  Shangguan  Xue’er  looked  at  him  with  a puzzled face.

Zhou  Weiqing  nodded,  “Yes!  Peerless  Sect.  I  am  Peerless Sect’s Sect Leader, and my master Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor is our Peerless Sect’s Grand Elder. All the brothers from Peerless Regiment that have a cultivation base of at least six jewels will form the congregation. Although with regards to the higher end strength and power, we are still on the weak side, but I dare say that after Peerless Sect is established, we would have the highest defense against Jewel Masters among all the Saint Lands.” Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes lit up immediately, “Little Fatty, you want to establish a Saint Land? That sounds fun! Are you sure you can do it?”

Zhou Weiqing kissed her on the nose, “How can a man say that he can’t do it? Don’t forget, your husband is already a Heavenly Emperor. Additionally, given the cultivation base of my Saint Energy, no ordinary Heavenly Emperor could surpass me. Why wouldn’t I be qualified to establish a Saint Land? Our foundation will be slowly established and strengthened. Also! I need to tell you guys that Heavenly Demon Sect had already been expunged from the world. From today onwards, they do not exist. There is only the Peerless Sect.”

Zhou Weiqing had made it quite clear. If the two women still did not understand, they would not be fit to be the descendants of Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Xue’er had always been calm, but at this moment, her cherry lips opened up - she had a shocked look on her face.

Zhou Weiqing kissed her on her pink lips. He thought of how she looked the first time he had mistakenly kissed Shangguan Bing’er and got a hard slap from her as a result. His heart felt warm. “Do  you  especially  admire  your  husband?”  Zhou  Weiqing laughed cheekily.

Shangguan Xue’er looked at him, “Y-You actually took over the Heavenly Demon Sect? How could they agree?!”

Zhou Weiqing was pleased with himself, “This is what power truly means. Do you know why the Demonic Emperor came to the Heavenly Bow Empire? At that time, I was not yet a Heavenly Emperor, so he invited me to join the Heavenly Demon Sect… not as a member, but to take over his position as Sect Leader. This alone shows that the Demonic Emperor is a lot more sincere than your uncle. But I did not agree. One reason was because of you guys, while the other was because of the problems with the Heavenly Demon Sect itself.”

“I have always planned to establish a Saint Land - a man should always have his own career. Once everything has calmed down in Mainland, we need a place to call our home. Once you marry me, master of a Saint Land, I will treat you very well.”

Seeing the continued looks of disbelief on the faces of the two women,  Zhou  Weiqing  felt  quite  resigned.  “Honestly,  it’s understandable for you two to not believe it. Even though the Heavenly Demon Sect has declined in power, they still have a Heavenly Emperor and six Heavenly Kings. Do you guys feel that I’m still not strong enough to subdue them?”

Shangguan Xue’er did not make a sound. Shangguan Fei’er nodded her head without hesitation - she did not have the need to mask her thoughts towards Zhou Weiqing. Zhou  Weiqing  laughed,  “That  is  because  the  two  of  you underestimate your husband’s abilities. Do you have any idea how many powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell we dealt with the other day?”

With regards to the head-on confrontation with the people from the Blood Red Hell the other day, although he had described the matter to everyone he hadn’t given a specific headcount. Of course, at that time he himself didn’t know the exact numbers either, but he was able to guess. He was afraid that his significant others would worry, hence he did not say anything. After the battle began, the Heavenly Jewel Masters below the Heavenly King Stage hadn’t been able to get close to the intimidating energy ripples.

“There were four Heavenly Emperors that came from Blood Red Hell, with the lowest ranked among them a Mid Level Heaven Emperor. The other two were Peak Heavenly Emperors. Apart from them, there were also eight Heavenly Kings and a few Heavenly Zong opponents.”

“You saw the end result too - we won a complete victory, and the key to the success was your husband, me." Upon hearing the headcount of the Blood Red Hell opponents, the two women were in a daze. Even though they had a rough idea as to how strong their foes had been, they never expected Blood Red Hell to have that many people with them. Zhou Weiqing and the rest had won the battle, after all, hence they assumed that the enemies probably had not been too strong.

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “It was after that battle that I reached the Heavenly Emperor stage. To be honest, if I were to face a Heavenly God opponent, I might not necessarily lose. Why would I be unable to subdue Heavenly Demon Sect?”

Shangguan Xue’er shook her head slowly; the shock in her eyes was gradually replaced with a puzzled look. Not too long ago, Zhou Weiqing was still a nobody, while she was the successor to the number one Saint Land. The difference in their status was extremely huge. Just within the short period of a few years, he managed to gain the ability to establish a Saint Land. The huge difference truly left her completely shocked.

They had to look up at the current Zhou Weiqing, who could contend against mighty Heavenly God opponents. Indeed! A person like him definitely had the qualifications to establish a Saint Land. Furthermore, this Saint Land of his would not be weak.

Even if one disregarded the number of Jewel Masters at the Sixth Jewel cultivation or higher that Peerless Battalion had, they still had a lot of strong powerhouses with them, such as their three great Heavenly Emperors - Zhou Weiqing, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and the Demonic Emperor, not forgetting the six Heavenly Kings from the Heavenly Demon Sect, Bing’er who was about to become a Heavenly King, as well as Duan Tianlang, the God Tier Heavenly King. One could say that Zhou Weiqing’s Peerless Sect had already met all the requirements needed to establish a Saint Land. Additionally, he had the support of the Heavenly Bow Empire, which had just expanded its territory to twice its original size. He could mobilize hundreds of thousands of soldiers whenever he wished. The current Zhou Weiqing had, without anyone realizing it, become one of the strongest powerhouses in the Mainland.

Shangguan Fei’er was not as shy as Shangguan Xue’er - she placed both arms around Zhou Weiqing’s neck and said, “Little Fatty, never did I expect you to become so powerful.”

Zhou Weiqing stroked her face gently, “Fei’er, you’ve had it pretty tough for the past few years. Don’t worry, I will definitely make it up to you guys from now on. From today onwards, I will not leave you guys without a very good reason. Over the past few years, I’ve been working very hard as well. During the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands that will be held in half a year’s time, it will be Peerless Sect’s time to shine. It’s up to you guys to decide whether you want to remain in Heaven’s Expanse Palace or join my Peerless Sect - I wouldn’t mind either way.”

Shangguan Fei'er chuckled and said without hesitation, “Of course I’ll join the Peerless Sect. After all, I’m the wife of the Sect Leader. Additionally, I want to be the chief instructor of the Peerless Sect. How about that?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said, “Of course.”  As he replied Shangguan Fei’er, he looked to Shangguan Xue’er.

Shangguan Xue’er understood his intention and sighed softly, “You had already won me over from my uncle. Do you even need to ask?”

Zhou Weiqing let go of Shangguan Fei’er and walked up to Shangguan Xue’er before embracing her, “Of course I have to ask, because I will never force you to do anything against your will. Even if you want to become the Palace Master of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, I will also support you fully. However, if that is the case, within ten years, I will definitely lead the Peerless Sect to assimilate the Heaven’s Expanse Palace in order for you to return to my side.”

Zhou Weiqing’s last sentence was filled with arrogance. Shangguan Xue’er and Fei’er could sense an extremely strong and forceful aura emitting from his body. Such an aura was not coercive in nature; it was just overwhelmingly powerful. They would not doubt the validity of his statement.

Shangguan Xue’er trembled slightly and glared at him hard, “Doesn’t this count as forcing me?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed cheekily, “It’s not the same. My main concern right now is, when will the both of you consummate your marriage with me?! Why not let’s do it together?”

“Screw you.” The two women lifted their foot up at the same time and sent a certain someone flying kicks.

Right at this moment, strong energy ripples could be felt in the sky. The three of them looked up at the same time. An intense silvery white light that was mixed with faint green light rushed towards Shangguan Bing’er; vaguely, a halo emitted from the center of her chest.

The color of the halo was very strange - its center was silvery white, but it was green on the outside, similar to Zhou Weiqing’s original King Tier Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy surrounded the Saint Core Nucleus instead of Saint Energy. The Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy was also mixed with a silvery white halo. It looked very beautiful. In the center of the Saint Nucleus Core, there was also a faint golden light.

“Success.”   Zhou  Weiqing  leapt  into  the  air  and  stood  a hundred meters away from Shangguan Bing’er. He did not get too close to her out of fear that his aura would affect the last bit of her absorption.

Without a doubt, Shangguan Bing’er had become a Heavenly King.

Zhou Weiqing silently sensed the energy ripple radiating from Shangguan Bing’er’s body. Based on his cultivation base as well as familiarity with Saint Energy, he immediately knew what was happening. After a full 15 minutes, Bing’er who was still hovering in the air slowly opened both eyes. A faint greenish silvery light could be seen gleaming in her captivating eyes. At that moment, she looked like a graceful fairy. It was as though she had merged with the air, soaring freely in the sky.

She kept the wings behind her. Her body swayed gently before falling into Zhou Weiqing’s arms, her heart filled with excitement.

“Little  Fatty,  I  have  succeeded,  I  have  succeeded.  I  have ascended as well!”

Zhou Weiqing put his arm around her, and pecked her on the forehead, “Congratulations, Bing’er.”

The two of them descended to the ground and landed next to Xue’er and Fei’er. Feeling shy, Bing’er hurriedly released herself from Zhou Weiqing’s embrace.

“Little Fatty, my Heavenly Core Nucleus seems to be rather strange. I seem to have the ability to merge with the air. What’s happening?”   Even  though  Shangguan  Bing’er  had  already succeeded in condensing her Heavenly Core Nucleus, she somehow felt that she did not fully understand it. Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Technically, it should not be called a Heavenly Core Nucleus, but a Saint Core Nucleus instead. Nonetheless, it is not quite as pure as the real Saint Core Nucleus. You don’t have any Saint Attribute within your body - you depended on the Saint Energy that I channeled into your body. However, your own attribute was not repressed, hence the Saint Core Nucleus that you have is an amalgamation of the Wind and Saint Energy. As such, your Wind Attribute is no longer the conventional one; rather, it is one that is fused with Creation Energy. To put it simply, your Wind Attribute will not be subdued by the Blood Red Hell’s Destruction Attribute. Furthermore, the range and power of your Wind Attribute would also be greater than an ordinary Wind Attribute Heavenly King. As for how to use it, you have to take some time to explore it on your own. Even though it is not a true Saint Core Nucleus, it still possesses some characteristics of one, something like a sub-Saint Core Nucleus. As it combined with your Wind Attribute, we can call it Windsoul Saint Core Nucleus.

Shangguan Bing’er nodded her head with a gentle smile on her face.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er both felt envious. Shangguan Fei’er moved closer to Zhou Weiqing, grabbed his right arm and shook it hard, “I don’t care, I am going to become a Heavenly King too, you must help me!” Shangguan Xue’er burst out laughing. The cold look on her face shifted into a warm smile, “Silly girl, do you know what a Heavenly King represents? Do you think you can become one that easily?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Even though it doesn’t come that easily, we’re all one family. Breaking through to the Heavenly King Stage is not that hard. I know of the easiest way for you guys to become a Heavenly King in the shortest time possible.”

The moment he finished his sentence, both Fei’er and Xue’er’s interest was piqued. They blinked their big eyes at him, filled with hopes.

Zhou Weiqing replied solemnly, “It is a very simple method. As long as you sleep with me, you will attain a breakthrough immediately.”

“Screw    you.”     Shangguan    Fei’er    pushed    him    hard. Unfortunately, Zhou Weiqing was no longer the same pushover Little Fatty Zhou that he used to be. He stood firmly on the ground, not budging even an inch.

Shangguan Xue’er stared at him with a look of disgust, “Your mind is only filled with dirty thoughts.” Zhou Weiqing wore an innocent look on his face and said, “What  do  you  mean  dirty  thoughts?  You  can  ask  Bing’er whether or not I’m telling the truth when I say that you can advance to the next cultivation base by sleeping with me. Also, I am now a Heavenly Emperor. If I really focus my attention while doing the deed, I can inject the essence of my Saint Energy directly into your bodies. Under the exchange of our Yin and Yang, you really would be able to make a breakthrough. I am not lying. Why don’t you give it a try? If it fails, I will accept any punishment from you!”

Before Shangguan Fei’er could open her mouth to agree, Shangguan Xue’er had already pulled her over and said in a low voice, “We can’t just ‘try’! If we go for it, he’ll have taken advantage of us!”

Shangguan Fei'er snapped out of it and realized what was going on as well. She looked resentfully at Zhou Weiqing and threw him a few punches.

Zhou Weiqing said helplessly, “Well, then you can’t blame me for not helping you out. How about this? I’ll demonstrate it for you with Little Witch first, and when you guys witness the results, we can repeat them. Hehe.” He wasn’t just spouting nonsense. Following the ascension of his cultivation base, his entire body had already completely transformed into the purest form of Saint Energy. It could be said that he was no longer a human being. Having intimate relations with him would definitely allow one to benefit greatly.

Shangguan Fei’er rolled her eyes and said, “Sister is right, your mind is only filled with filthy thoughts. I’m not listening to you.”

Zhou Weiqing chucked and said to Shangguan Xue’er, “Xue’er, I have something to ask you. Do you know where the sealed grounds of the sidhe are located?”

“Huh? What did you say?”  At first Shangguan Xue'er didn't quite comprehend what he was saying, but a heartbeat later a stunned look appeared on her face. “How do you know about the sidhe?”

Shangguan Fei’er and Bing’er looked surprised. They seemed to be oblivious to the existence of the sidhe. Zhou Weiqing shrugged, he had nothing to hide, “Senior Uncle told me that Heaven’s Expanse Palace is affiliated with the sidhe. Senior Uncle has done some research on the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, but in order to concoct the Consolidating Ink, the blood of the Sidhe Queen is the most important ingredient we need. Hence, I need to make a trip to the sealed grounds of the sidhe in search of her fresh blood. Xue’er, if you’re in a difficult position, I will go to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace on my own and ask your father or uncle directly.”

Shangguan Xue’er shook her head gently and said, “Weiqing, I can tell you where the sealed grounds are but I hope that you won’t go.”

“Why?” Zhou Weiqing was puzzled.

Shangguan  Xue’er  said,  “Because  even  though  the  sealed grounds are not dangerous, your purpose is very dangerous.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her in surprise, while waiting for the second part of her explanation.

Shangguan Xue’er continued, “The rate of procreation of the sidhe is similar to that of the dragons - it is extremely slow. Hence, they were surpassed by us human beings. However, after so many years, the sidhe have bounced back and became a lot stronger. Even though the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has some relations with the sidhe, it is in the name of mutual benefits. We guaranteed that no countries belonging to the humans would invade their sealed grounds, thus attaining their friendship as a result. To some extent, we are able to receive some of their items. However, this does not mean that the sidhe fully trust us. After all, they have always harbored some hostility towards human beings.”

“The Sidhe Queen is the most supreme being of the sidhe. Every drop of blood the sidhe possess represents the distilled essence of Mother Nature – and this is especially so for the Sidhe Queen. Additionally, a portion of the bodies of sidhe is made up of raw energy, and as a result they do not have a high volume of blood flowing through their bodies. There’re probably only about a hundred odd drops of blood in the Sidhe Queen’s body - and she accumulated them over countless years. If you try to demand three drops of her blood, it is akin to declaring yourself the enemy of the sidhe. Unless you forcefully invade your way in and defeat the Sidhe Queen yourself, it will be impossible to achieve your goal.”

Only then did Zhou Weiqing understand why Shangguan Xue’er had a shocked look on her face when she heard that he was going to get a few drops of the Sidhe Queen’s blood. “From the sound of it, getting the Sidhe Queen’s blood via peaceful methods isn’t that likely!”

Shangguan Xue’er replied without hesitation, “It’s practically impossible. Also, if I use my status as a person from Heaven’s Expanse Palace to bring you to their sealed grounds, I’m afraid it will lead to the demise of our friendship with them. It might even cause the sidhe to hate the humans even more than they already do. Hence, Little Fatty, you need to be prudent about this matter.

Normally, Shangguan Xue’er called him ‘Weiqing’; when she called him ‘Little Fatty’, it made his entire body go limp. He smiled immediately.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a rash person. Xue’er, based on your understanding of the sidhe, how strong are they?”

Shangguan Xue’er sighed deeply before saying, “I’ll tell you the truth. The sidhe are protected by nature, and were born with its power. Every sidhe is a natural-born soldier - they are experts in bow and arrow, and they at least have a good grasp of the four nature Attributes (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind). Some especially strong sidhe are even equipped with a good grasp of Light and Dark Attributes. There are at least several dozens of sidhe who can grasp six different Attributes. Can you imagine it? Dozens of powerhouses that have the same Attribute as Senior Long? As for how powerful the cultivation of the Sidhe Queen… we are not too sure, but in ancient times, the Sidhe Queen had always been viewed as on par with the Dragon Emperor.”

After hearing Shangguan Xue’er’s words, Shangguan Fei’er and Bing’er were overwhelmed with shock - for her to be on par with the Dragon Emperor meant that she had to be very powerful! The Heavenly God Stage… she had to be of at least the Heavenly God Stage!

Zhou Weiqing’s heart sank. However, would he really give up and quit? The answer is naturally ‘no!’

His Senior Uncle had gone through great pains and poured in his heart and soul into researching the design of the Consolidating Equipment Scroll, nearly losing his very life as a result. One could say that Duan Tianlang had already worked and sacrificed too much. If he could not create this Consolidating Equipment Scroll, Duan Tianlang would not rest in peace even in death! This was his Senior Uncle’s biggest wish and at the same time, Zhou Weiqing also hoped that he could become stronger. He had no other choice. “I must go look for the sidhe. Xue’er, are you willing to tell me where the sealed grounds are?”  Zhou Weiqing’s resolve could be seen in his eyes. Whenever he spoke in this manner, it meant that he had already made up his mind.

Shangguan Xue’er sighed to herself. She knew that she was unable to stop him. Shangguan Xue’er looked up at him and said softly, “Weiqing, can you give me a few days to ponder over it?”

Zhou Weiqing did not force her, he merely nodded gently before saying, “Xue’er, don’t feel bad. If you don’t want to tell me, I wouldn’t force you either. I can ask your uncle directly. Based on my current cultivation base, it wouldn’t take me long to get to Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

“No, you cannot let him know about this.” Shangguan Xue’er hurriedly shook her head. “If you did, he would stop you. However, Weiqing, I hope that if we really go to the sidhe’ sealed grounds, you will engage in peaceful methods as much as possible - do not attack lightly. Ok?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head solemnly and said, “I promise.” Waiting for a few days meant nothing to Zhou Weiqing, he also needed time to consolidate the tenth piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Once the helmet was completed, his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set could be considered as completed. As for how it would look like after the addition of the eleventh piece, that was something to worry about in the future. Zhou Weiqing would definitely become exponentially more powerful once he was able to wear the ten pieces of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.

One ought to know that even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian’s ‘God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set’ had only ten components.

What made Zhou Weiqing feel weird was that after the return of the three Shangguan sisters, Tian’er and Little Witch were called away by them. Zhou Weiqing wanted to brazenly follow them, but all of them pushed him back in unison.

Such a situation brought both agony and happiness to Zhou Weiqing. He hoped that the five women could live in harmony, to prevent any conflicts and instability. On the other hand, he was afraid that the five of them would team up against him. He wouldn’t be able to make even one of them mad if that happened! Today, Zhou Weiqing decided to cultivate to stabilize his cultivation base. He would complete the consolidation of the ten pieces of ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set tomorrow instead.

Zhou Weiqing had dinner with his five ladies as well as his family. What made him surprised was that after dinner, under the instigation of the other four women, Little Witch fiddled with her clothes and followed him to the room.

Looking at Wu Yuehan with her a delicate and slightly blushed face, close the door carefully upon following him into the room, Zhou Weiqing immediately widened his eyes. The first thing he thought of was whether it was a test given to him by the five women.

Ever since she got there, Little Witch started to look a lot better. Zhou Weiqing had helped her nurse her body a couple of times using his Saint Energy.

Her pink tender face looked flushed. Among the five women, Little Witch was the youngest - she was slightly older than Zhou Weiqing. She had the ‘lolita’ look and at this moment, she looked very shy and embarrassed, causing others to feel exceptionally affectionate towards her. Zhou Weiqing tested waters, “Yuehan, you mean…?”

Little Witch’s lowered her head and mumbled, “Sister Xue’er and Fei’er told me to take care of you.”

Zhou Weiqing was a smart man. She had already made things quite clear; if he still did not understand, he was not fit to be the successor of God Eye Scoundrel and Drunken Rogue.

Zhou Weiqing walked up to her and grabbed her small hand, pulling her into his arms. He chuckled, “Could it be that you guys had already discussed who should accompany me on specific days?”

“No, that’s not it.” Little Witch hurriedly shook her head. At this moment, she did not have the same valiant air as she did when she almost took down the Fei Li troops with her bizarre attacks. Instead, she looked like a shy little girl next door.

“Then what is it?” Zhou Weiqing was puzzled.

Little Witch said in a low voice, “Sister Fei’er said that I should do some experiments with you.” Zhou Weiqing had fully understood - Shangguan Xue’er and Fei’er wanted to test out what he said earlier in the day! Could it be that if it was true that they could break through to the Heavenly King Stage after they slept with him, they would be willing to consider it?

While his heart raced with passion, his eyes turned cold. He clearly was not happy. It seemed as though his personal charisma was less appealing to them than advancing to the next cultivation base! Wait, this didn’t make sense! Based on his knowledge of Xue’er and Fei’er, even if they really wanted to advance their cultivation, they wouldn’t treat him in that manner. There was definitely something strange about this.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not think too much at this point. Since Little Witch had already willingly gone to him, there was no reason for him to reject her.

Smirking, with his arms around Little Witch, Zhou Weiqing walked them over to his bed, seated her soft and seemingly weightless body on top of his legs and chuckled, “Then, do you know what kind of experiment they want you to do?”

Chapter275: Spring Arrives for Little Fatty Zhou

After hearing his question, Little Witch’s delicate face became redder. She shook her head vehemently and said, “I, I don’t know.”

Zhou Weiqing said righteously, “You lied. You must be punished when you lie.”

“Ah ——”

As her mind was in a whirl, Little Witch had already been pressed against the bed by a certain someone who was very heavy. Looking at the smirking face that was getting closer and closer to her, Little Witch’s heart rate suddenly increased threefold. Her small hand clenched into a fist, keeping her eyes tightly closed as she was afraid to look at him. However at this moment, apart from anticipation and nervousness, she did not feel any desire to reject him.

In another room.

Shangguan Xue’er, Fei’er, Bing’er and Tian’er sat together. Shangguan Fei’er looked curiously at Bing’er and Tian’er. “If we sleep with him, can we really advance to the next cultivation base?”

Tian’er glared at her and said, “You have already asked 21 times. Why don’t you try it for yourself? Then you’ll know!”

Shangguan Fei’er’s face went red, “I feel embarrassed, alright? It’s all stupid Little Fatty’s fault for suddenly mentioning out of the blue that he was going to go looking for the sidhe. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have decided to let him take advantage of us. The sidhe are incredibly dangerous; if we don’t increase our cultivation base, how are we going to help him? Tell me, do you think this is just a ruse he came up with?”

Tian’er laughed out loud, “Oh, please. In my opinion, you have been wanting it for a long time. Since we sisters have known each other for so long, do you want me to teach you some tricks to make him docile and obedient?”

As she spoke, she leaned in closer to Shangguan Fei’er’s ear and whispered something.

Immediately, Shangguan Fei’er’s face became completely red, as though she had too much to drink, “You…you…you are so naughty. I’m not gonna talk to you. Sis, Tian’er is bullying me.”

Shangguan Xue’er’s face was not any less red compared to Shangguan Fei’er’s. Even though Tian’er whispered softly, based on their cultivation base, how could she possibly have been unable to hear what was said?

Tian’er laughed cheekily and said, “You two might seem shy now, but eventually that bastard will make you two do naughty stuff. If you don’t trust me, you can ask Bing’er.”

“Don’t…don’t ask me. I don’t know anything.” Shangguan Bing’er lowered her head in embarrassment. Judging from how she looked, Tian’er’s words were clearly validated.

Shangguan Xue’er and Fei’er looked at each other. They couldn’t help but blush once again.

They all secretly wanted to allow Little Fatty Zhou to take advantage of them. Apart from wanting to increase their cultivation base to help him deal with the sidhe, they naturally had other intentions as well! In their hearts, they had long considered Zhou Weiqing to be their man; by giving him something that was most precious to them, they would be able to further strengthen their hold over his heart. Furthermore, Bing’er and Little Witch had already done the deed with him. They did somewhat worry if they
refused to let him get intimate with them, his feelings for them might fade. It seemed very unfair; but it was their own fault for falling for a bastard like him.

If Zhou Weiqing found out about their true feelings, he would be overjoyed……

Early next morning.

A small delicate ‘lamb’ slowly woke up from her sweet slumber under the touch of a pair of warm hands. From her flushed  face,  it  could  be  seen  that  last  night’s  “battle”  was rather intense - it still had a pleasant lingering effect.

Indeed, Little Witch was not any less intelligent than his other women. Even though she looked fragile and delicate, she was currently a Seven Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Ordinary women could not be compared to her in terms of her physical qualities. His mellowness complementing her tenderness allowed Zhou Weiqing to thoroughly enjoy his luck in romance. He was glowing with vigor despite all the activities of the previous night.

“Hey,  cut  it  out.  I  only  slept  for  a  bit  before  you  started bothering me again.” Little Witch buried her head into his embrace - she did not dare to look directly at him.

Zhou Weiqing chucked and said, “You little alluring minx - you seduced me, how can you blame me?”

“Who seduced you? Mmmph! ——” Little Witch looked up, feeling rather unhappy, but in the next moment her red lips were sealed with a kiss once again by Zhou Weiqing. However, her eyes were already wide open.

Zhou Weiqing sensed something amiss and let go of her, “What’s wrong, Yuehan?”

Wu Yuehan looked at the brightly-lit room and said in shock, “It’s already morning. Oh no, they are still waiting for me to go back! What am I gonna do! It’s all your fault.”

As she spoke, she threw a few punches onto his sturdy chest and flipped over before getting dressed, in preparation to leave. “You silly girl, it’s already daybreak. You think they will wait for you till daybreak?” Zhou Weiqing held her back - even if he did naughty things without sleep or rest for a month, his tough body would not be exhausted. He was still not fully satisfied.

Little Witch looked at him pitifully and said, “Let me go, dear husband. If I don’t go back, they will definitely get mad at me.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart itched the moment he heard her say ‘dear husband’, but ultimately he still let go of her. At this moment he started fantasizing - in the future, I’m going to custom-make a huge bed where I can sleep with all of them together. Hehe, I wonder how would that feel?

Little Witch ran back towards her room, but before she entered she ran into Tian’er.

Tian’er looked cheekily at her before laughing in a lowered voice, “Too busy indulging in pleasure and forgot to come back? We waited for you till really late, you know.”

Little Witch felt rather embarrassed and said, “I…I am going to  sleep,  I’m  sorry.”   The  current  her  no  longer  had  any intention to compete against Tian’er. Tian’er already had Zhou Weiqing’s child, and both Zhou Weiqing and her were cultivating Saint Energy. She had inevitably become the highest ranking one among the five women.

Tian’er laughed to herself, then pushed her into the room. “You wait here, I will call the others to come over.”

In a bit, all three Shangguan sisters were called over.

Shangguan Xue’er was rather restrained, but Shangguan Fei’er  asked  impatiently,  “Little  Witch,  how  was  it?  Was  it effective?”

Little Witch spaced out for a bit before responding with a blushed face, “I…I forgot all about that. Wait a moment.”

Last night was too wild, she had truly forgotten to attune her senses to the whole experience of their deed. She had only felt as though she was in a small boat in a perilous situation, constantly being thrown around, going back and forth between the peaks and the valleys. She only recalled her mission pertaining to the experiment when she heard Shangguan Fei’er’s question. With but a thought, Little Witch caused her surroundings to immediately light up. A layer of faint reddish golden light emitted from her body.

“Ah? What is this?” Little Witch was astonished to find her Heavenly Energy had became thicker and purer. The presence of the energy was so massive, she was completely caught off guard.

Following the release of the Heavenly Energy, her seven Personal Core Jewels were also released.

“There   are   still   seven!”    Shangguan   Fei’er   was   rather disappointed and regretful.

However, in the next moment, Little Witch’s body underwent some changes. Under the infusion of the reddish golden Heavenly Energy, her seven Personal Core Jewels all became reddish gold in color. Immediately, Little Witch’s facial expression changed. She sat cross-legged on the ground, overwhelmed by panic as the reddish golden energy enveloping her body vigorously rippled. All her Personal Core Jewels were full of radiance, and their dense Life, Darkness and Evil auras were flashing alternately. The other four women had a higher cultivation base compared to Little Witch - they could clearly see that Little Witch’s cultivation base was increasing rapidly.

“It really works?” Shangguan Xue’er and Fei’er looked at each other. Shock could be seen on both their faces.

Nevertheless, Tian’er had the greatest understanding with regards to Zhou Weiqing’s abilities. She laughed out loud and said, “Of course it works. That bastard’s Astral Saint Energy has already evolved into Nebula Saint Energy. He would never be stingy when it comes to us. In truth, he didn’t need to do much; he only needed to change all of the Heavenly Energy within Yuehan’s body into the evolved Nebula Saint Energy. Given the pureness and density of his Saint Energy, Little Witch’s cultivation base would naturally undergo a change. This time, the increase in her cultivation base has been quite significant.”

“Didn’t I already tell you guys yesterday? What he said was correct. If you were to unify physically with him, you would stand to benefit greatly by the confluence of yin and yang. It is really possible to make a direct break through to the Heavenly King Stage. To put it simply, our Little Fatty is the best tonic in the world. I have also thought things through now - if we want to stop him from picking up other women, we have to join forces and constantly keep him satisfied. Who’s going tonight?” After asking that question, Tian’er had a cheeky look on her face. She went next to Fei’er’s ear and chuckled softly, “Why don’t you two go together? Little Fatty is rather aggressive in this area. Since you both are inexperienced, I’m afraid you guys cannot handle it by yourself.”

“Tian’er, you’re too naughty……”

Of course, Zhou Weiqing was unaware of what the five women were talking about. In fact, he did not intentionally do anything, but when someone engaged in physical intimacy with him, she would be naturally affected by his Nebula Saint Energy. All the trace amounts of Saint Energy in the world were constantly refining Zhou Weiqing’s body, even when he was doing nothing but breathing. And when he was passionately engaging in intimate activities with Little Witch, the Nebula Saint Energy would naturally enter Little Witch’s body as well, assimilating and converting the Heavenly Energy within her body. Additionally, last night, Little Witch had absorbed much of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘essence’. After a full night of activities, her whole body naturally became filled with Nebula Saint Energy.

Furthermore, one must not forget that Little Witch and the three Shangguan sisters were different in the sense that she possessed the Saint Attribute. Even though her Evil Attribute was not complete, the foundation of the Saint Attribute still existed within it. Hence, accepting Zhou Weiqing’s Nebula Saint Energy was much easier.

After washing up, Zhou Weiqing went to look for the five women to have breakfast. Little did he expect to find an empty room - the five women were not there, and he had no idea where they went or what they were doing. He had no choice but to eat breakfast alone before returning to his room. With his current status in the Heavenly Bow Empire, nobody dared to disturb him if he did not wish it.

Zhou Weiqing did not look for his significant others - he could guess that the women probably had certain things they wanted to talk about in private. Not wanting to meet him was probably Shangguan Xue’er and Fei’er’s wish; they were still rather shy.

Will anyone accompany me tonight? As he was thinking about ‘it’, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was itching more than ever. He let out a long sigh while looking up, “I am all alone ——, I am lonely ——, I am itching to do it ——”

After venting his inner emotions, he closed the door. He had proper business to attend to today - completing the final consolidation of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.

Even though he was equipped with Nebula Saint Energy and he couldn’t be more familiar with Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was still very nervous. As a God Tier Master, he knew clearly what a fully completed Legendary Set meant. Its power would be doubled at a minimum! This was especially true since his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was a ten-set piece which was perfectly matched for the Affinity of his power. Once it was completed, one could well imagine what it would do to the advancement of his cultivation.

I’ve waited for this day for years. Of course, he could only say this to himself. If other Heavenly Jewel Masters heard that, they would definitely want to beat him up. It had been less than ten years from the time Zhou Weiqing started cultivating till now, and he was now about to put on the final piece of a Legendary Set. It was hard to say for sure with regards to what would happen in the future, but in the world of Heavenly Jewel Masters, he was definitely the first in history to accomplish this.

He carefully retrieved the wooden box of the last Consolidating Equipment Scroll and placed it on the table in front of him. Zhou Weiqing’s face looked solemn.

Facing in the direction of the place where Senior Uncle resided in, he respectfully took a bow. Thereafter, he opened the wooden box. The paper that the tenth Consolidating Equipment Scroll used was much larger than the average Consolidating Equipment Scroll, because the embossed pattern of the paper was too complicated. Before Zhou Weiqing became a Heavenly Emperor, he was very sure that even if he relied on all his time, space as well as Saint Energy, it would still be impossible to create such a Consolidating Equipment Scroll. The required skills needed to complete it were not dependent on external forces.

This represented the fruit of his Senior Uncle’s labor, as well as his sweat and blood. Zhou Weiqing held the scroll in his hand; with a thought, his eleven Personal Core Jewels began to hover in the air.

The eleven Personal Core Jewels had already almost completely filled his wrists. Strong Saint Energy ripples filled the entire room with a layer of contrasting faint reddish golden light.

The Consolidating Equipment Scroll in Zhou Weiqing’s hand had probably sensed Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy - it emitted a faint dark golden light on its own, and the nine Physical Jewels of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set that Zhou Weiqing consolidated subconsciously let out a humming sound, as though they were cheering for the addition of their last comrade.

After taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing no longer hesitated
- he finally executed the final step.

The eleventh Physical Pearl, representing the Heavenly Emperor Stage Cultivation, floated in the air and quietly rose under the sparkling reddish golden light.

Immediately after, Zhou Weiqing flicked his wrist. Divine light shot out of his eyes, and the Consolidating Equipment Scroll in his hand immediately transformed into a dark golden light ray that then headed straight for that Physical Jewel.

Dense Saint Energy waves instantly started to ripple violently within the room. At this moment, if anyone wanted to disturb Zhou Weiqing, they definitely would not be able to do it unless their cultivation base was higher than his.

At some point in time, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya quietly arrived outside Zhou Weiqing’s door - he even brought a small stool with him. He sat to one side; holding a wine pot with his left hand, while popping peanuts into his mouth with his right hand. He couldn’t look more carefree and relaxed. However, if anyone wanted to test their luck by approaching the room, he or she would have to first experience Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s renowned Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

A long time ago, back when Zhou Weiqing was still at his Two Jeweled cultivation base, the consolidation of Physical Jewels had already become a rather easy feat for him. At that time, he depended on his own several Attributes as well as the powers of the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline in order to successfully consolidate with just one Consolidating Equipment Scroll.

As for the current Zhou Weiqing, all he relied on was the Nebula Saint Energy. Even though Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was not as pure as the one emitted by the child in Tian’er’s womb, it was still one of the purest in the world. With the help of the Nebula Saint Energy, consolidation would not be an issue.

An hour flew by.

Long Shiya sat outside. He suddenly stopped drinking his wine and stood up abruptly before looking in the direction of Zhou Weiqing’s room. His calm gaze sharpened immediately. As the owner of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set, of course he would hope to see the finished product of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.

At this moment, there were no more energy ripples coming in the direction of Zhou Weiqing’s room. The door opened, Zhou Weiqing’s huge figure appeared in Long Shiya’s line of sight.

“Master.”  Zhou Weiqing already knew that Long Shiya was outside. He walked outside, all smiles, but Long Shiya could already see the excitement behind the smile that Zhou Weiqing was trying hard to stifle.

“It’s done?” Long Shiya asked impatiently.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, “Do you think it’s possible for your disciple to fail? Now I’m even more eager to see Senior Uncle developing the eleventh scroll. Consolidating the tenth one was nothing to me!”

“Would it kill you to stop boasting? Quick, show me how the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set looks like.” The completed Legendary Set was definitely different from before - not only its physical form underwent certain changes, its own color would be released as well. Just like Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set, it was bright silver.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, “Master, in that case you’d better not get jealous. Look carefully.”

As he spoke, a dazzling golden light suddenly burst out from Zhou Weiqing’s body. His Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura’s color actually changed - it was originally dark gold but it became bright gold instead. Immediately after, one by one, the components of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set started appearing on his body.

Every part of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was a combination of power and beauty. The dazzling golden light sparkled and blended together.

Long Shiya was dumbstruck. He mumbled, “It’s actually gold in color; it’s way too flashy.”

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing’s 'Hate Ground no Handle’ Set could definitely be described as ‘flashy’. When all the components appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s body, the air around him clearly sunk on its own. When Zhou Weiqing’s body moved by unintentionally, a layer of faint black light would appear within the space surrounding his body - that was clearly a “black hole” created when the space was being cut apart.

This was one of the special effects gained by the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set after it was fully assembled. There would always be a layer of collapsed space similar to a black hole around its bearer. Any attack from an opponent would become dramatically weakened as a result!

Patterns also appeared on the completed ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set which was previously absent. On top of the bright gold armor, the patterns were actually roses in different shades of gold depending on lightness and darkness of the surroundings, making the Legendary Set even more gorgeous.

This was definitely the most beautiful Legendary Set which Long Shiya had ever seen. Not even Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian’s God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set were as beautiful as Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set.

What was more alluring was that after this Legendary Set was completed, a huge scarlet cape draped down Zhou Weiqing’s back. With it being present, the entire set could no longer be described as merely ‘flashy’. A bright gold armor with a scarlet cape - no matter where he went, it would be the center of attention!

“Master, do you feel that I am like the brilliant sun, causing all things radiant to be overshadowed by me?”  Zhou Weiqing was very pleased with himself.

Long Shiya replied bluntly, “Give me a break. The sun? More like a friggin’ dandelion.”

The massive hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands similarly underwent changes. They were originally already very huge, but now they were even bigger - the top of them had a smiley face and crying face flashing alternately on it. The hammers also each had the mark of a rose right above their heads.

Looking at the hammers, Long Shiya was rather embarrassed to reveal his own bright silver octagon plum blossom hammers. Compared to the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, his ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set was like a bastard stepchild.

“The dark, shadowy rose design was most likely left behind by the senior who created the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set when he was professing his love to his lover.” Duan Tianlang’s voice rang out. No one knew when he had arrived outside Zhou Weiqing’s room, and one could tell from his voice that he was deeply moved.

As a God Tier Master, how could he not have felt the energy ripples from the Legendary Set the moment it was completed?

Zhou Weiqing respectfully bowed towards Duan Tianlang. “Thank you, Senior Uncle.”

Duan Tianlang chuckled and said, “Don’t listen to your master, this ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set looks remarkably heroic on you. I trust you. You will definitely perfectly bring out its might and power. When we have completed the eleventh piece, not even the Boundless Infinitum Set would be able to compare to it.

The two hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands gently moved. Immediately, the surrounding area was covered with darkness in a flash - that was the sight of space itself collapsing.

After the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was completed, the amplification of power it contributed was so overwhelming that not even space itself was able to bear it. Under such circumstances, any forces that wanted to attack Zhou Weiqing would first have to challenge this difficult obstacle.

Long Shiya looked miserably at Duan Tianlang, “Buddy Duan, I am jealous. Quick, help me do some research on the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set too. How about that?”

Duan Tianlang rolled his eyes and said, “You think it’s that easy? Send me straight to my coffin instead. Compared to the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’, your ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ no longer interests me. Just suck it up.”

“Do you have any compassion!?!” “None whatsoever.” Looking at the both of them bicker, Zhou Weiqing put away his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. He looked up to the sky and took a deep breath. The clouds immediately surged across the sky as he inhaled.

This was the power of a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse - he was the emperor on heaven and earth.

Zhou Weiqing bade farewell to his master and Senior Uncle before running outside in search for a spacious and empty space to adapt to the changes of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. He did that till the sky turned dark, before returning to his dwelling.

He looked for something to eat at random; the five women were still nowhere in sight.

Could it be that Yuehan did not gain any benefits from the Saint Energy? Impossible. Given her mere Seven Jeweled cultivation base, it should at least have helped her attain a break through to Eight Jewels! Zhou Weiqing was thinking about this as he walked back to his room. When he opened the door and entered, he was overwhelmed by extreme happiness.

All three Shangguan sisters were actually present in the room. They were sitting together, whispering about something.

When they saw Zhou Weiqing, the three of them blushed immediately. Shangguan Xue’er hurriedly stood up and grabbed Shangguan Bing’er. Both of them speedily left the room.

Zhou Weiqing naturally understood their intentions, and hence he did not stop them. After they left, he shut the door.

Shangguan Fei’er sat there with her head lowered. At this moment, she did not look like Heaven’s Expanse little demonic girl. She was so shy that even her neck went red.

Zhou Weiqing was not anxious - he removed his outerwear and placed it one side. Afterwards, he casually walked over to her before sitting down. “Pretty  girl,  what  are  you  doing!”  Zhou  Weiqing  laughed cheekily.

Shangguan Fei’er wriggled her delicate body a little, dodging his arm that was about to be placed around her. “Don’t touch me. Stop bothering me.”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Didn’t you look for me to be bothered by me? Fei’er, I have waited this day for far too long. Don’t you worry about it, I will definitely be very gentle.”

Shangguan Fei’er lifted her head and looked miserably at him, “Master, will you really be very gentle?”

The blood of the beast was boiling! Zhou Weiqing’s desire had climbed to its peak almost in an instant the moment she called him “master”. He actually pounced on her.

Shangguan Fei’er laughed as she rolled over, fully displaying her flexibility by escaping from Zhou Weiqing’s attack.

“Wait a minute.” Shangguan Fei’er stopped Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing blinked his eyes and moved closer to her once again, “Can we not wait any longer, Fei’er? I can’t take it any longer.”

Shangguan Fei’er snapped, “Looking at your perverted face!
Tell me, did you jump Little Witch’s bones the entire night?” Zhou Weiqing subconsciously nodded.
Shangguan Fei’er scoffed and said, “You are such a playboy. I will definitely not let you off today. You can do the deed with me, but you have to listen to and follow everything I say.”

Zhou Weiqing answered without any hesitation, “Yes, Your Majesty, whatever you say goes! I will definitely not rebel.”

Shangguan Fei’er was satisfied, “That’s more like it, go to the bed.”

Zhou Weiqing was practically drooling as he teleported over to the bed in a jiffy. If the Heavenly Beast that created the Spatial Shuttle technique found out that Zhou Weiqing was using it for such purposes, it would probably be so angry it would vomit blood. In a flash, Shangguan Fei’er was also on the bed. However, she sat on top of Zhou Weiqing, used both hands to grab his clothes and forcefully rip it apart. She lowered her head and bit him on the chest.

Shangguan Fei’er’s taut butt also rubbed against Zhou Weiqing’s lower abdomen as a result.

“Ohhh——, Woo——”

Shangguan Xue’er who was hiding outside, not far from the room, heard the noises coming from within the room. She couldn’t help but asked Shangguan Bing’er, “What are they doing? Why are there wolf howls?”

Shangguan Bing’er snickered, “Those are wolf howls indeed, the howls of a perverted wolf.”

At this time, Zhou Weiqing cried to himself: Too wild, this is too wild. Even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger Tian’er was not as wild as Shangguan Fei’er! Is she trying to rape me!

“Fine, then! Let the storm rage even more violently!” Shangguan Fei’er’s personality was rather unusual. In fact, at this very moment, she felt shy and embarrassed to the extreme. However, Heaven’s Expanse little demonic girl turned her shyness into proactivity and wildness, such that she was in-charge of this embarrassing engagement.

Unfortunately, she truly had no experience - at the most critical moment, she ultimately transformed into a helpless little lamb at the mercy of a ferocious tiger.

However, it was after all Shangguan Fei’er’s first experience. Zhou Weiqing intentionally restrained himself a lot, showering her with extra tender affection. For the past couple of years, Shangguan Fei’er had sacrificed and contributed the most. Without her help, Zhou Weiqing would not have been able to establish the Peerless Battalion. Zhou Weiqing owed the most to her, hence tonight, Zhou Weiqing tried his best to be as gentle as possible, treating Shangguan Fei’er as his queen. He was considered to be very experienced - it was going to be exceptionally harmonious.


"You lied, you brat. I didn't attain a breakthrough. I'm going to murder you." “I’m not a brat, I’m a grown man!”

“I don’t care! I am going to tell my sisters that you are a liar.”

“I did not lie to you, aren’t you already in the final stages of attaining a breakthrough? You have to know that if essence leaks out instead of staying inside your body, that’ll make it harder for you to achieve a breakthrough. This panacea of ours is most effective when swallowed directly, you know!”

“You are really disgusting, go to hell.”

“I’m telling the truth! If I lie to you, I’m not a man.” “You never were a man!”
“If you don’t trust me, forget it. I really am speaking nothing but the truth. The effects would definitely be instantaneous. You would break through in a blink of an eye. Besides, I am definitely going to look for the sidhe - if you have not reached the Heavenly King Stage, I won’t bring you along. Otherwise, if anything happens to you I would be heartbroken.”

Utter silence. “If you lie to me again, I will bite you.”

“I am a decent person, why would I lie to you?”

“Hmph, hmph……Then, then in that case, close your eyes.
No, use the blanket to cover your head.”

“Ohhh——, Woo——” After a while, the wolf howls were heard again; except that it sounded muffled due to the blanket.

Shangguan Xue’er and Bing’er had already woken up a long time ago. They ran over and waited nearby for Fei’er to leave the room, and hence, they happened to hear Zhou Weiqing’s wolf howls.

The two sisters looked at each other. Not just Xue’er, even Bing’er was confused. Could it be that they had been going at it since last night and were still not done? Little Fatty was too much, it was her first time!

The two sisters waited outside for a full hour. Suddenly, dense Saint Energy ripples emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s room. Immediately after, they could clearly sense all the atmospheric energy between heaven and earth rushed towards the direction of Zhou Weiqing’s room.

This was……

Shangguan Xue’er was shocked. She widened her eyes. It actually… worked?

Such violent Saint Energy ripples, apart from Zhou Weiqing engaging in solo cultivation, the only possibility was……

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing casually opened the door and walked out. His face was full of satisfaction, smiling cheekily at Shangguan Xue’er and Bing’er. His particularly evil gaze fell on Xue’er.

“Fei’er  has  reached  a  critical  point,  and  she’s  starting  to attain a breakthrough. You guys should help protect her and oversee everything, while I am going to grab a bite. In order to help her reach a breakthrough last night, I fully exhausted myself.”

Shangguan Xue’er stared at him; she could not utter a single word. If anyone that helped a high-tier Heavenly Zong make a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage said that, she would definitely approve and acknowledge his efforts. However, when Zhou Weiqing said that… was he trying to imply that didn’t do any “bad” deeds last night? She would never believe it!

Shangguan Bing’er looked at Zhou Weiqing and grimaced. “You took advantage of her and now want to make it sound like you were behaving magnanimously. Judging from your fresh and energetic looks, you aren’t tired at all!”

Zhou Weiqing walked over to the two ladies. When he passed Xue’er by, he said softly, “I’ll wait for you tonight.” After he said that, he turned around feeling extremely satisfied.

Happiness, this was happiness indeed! This was the joy of having several partners!

Zhou Weiqing had not been as joyful and delighted he was now in a very, very long time. He had saved his family; Heavenly Bow Empire was on its way to becoming strong and powerful; his powerful rival had been defeated. He himself had also completed consolidating the Legendary Set. Additionally, his partners were by his side. Perfect - his current life could only be described as perfect. If not for the couple of matters he had to settle, he really wanted to enjoy this sort of life forever, marrying the five women and becoming the ruler of Heavenly Bow Empire.

However, many times when one is at the peak of happiness, unfortunate unforeseen circumstances would happen. In other words, extreme joy could turn into sorrow.

Just as Zhou Weiqing happily took his breakfast before returning to his room, in preparation for taking liberties and doting on big sister Xue’er of the Shangguan siblings later on tonight, he discovered that Xue’er was already sitting in front of his door. She had also entered a meditative state; the atmospheric energy in the air was similar channeling wildly into her body.

Why! Gods, are you messing with me?!! I haven’t done anything, how could you let her reach a breakthrough. I…I… I……

As it turns out, when Zhou Weiqing was having his breakfast, she once again sensed her sister’s breakthrough. It might be the triplet’s telepathy, coupled with the fact that Shangguan Xue’er’s cultivation was originally higher than that of Fei’er’s. The interference of the external ripples combined with her own bashfulness somehow granted her enlightenment, allowing her to instantly enter a state of breakthrough. However, Zhou Weiqing noticed a problem. The problem mainly lay with Shangguan Xue’er herself. Perhaps because she was shy, the moment she was enlightened she immediately rushed into the state of breakthrough. However, she forgot the two most important things - firstly, the process of breaking through required a huge amount of atmospheric energy, and second, Fei’er was also in the midst of breaking through, and she started earlier than Xue’er. This meant that a large portion of the local atmospheric energies had already been taken away.

Chapter276: The Sidhe's Sealed Grounds 

The amount of atmospheric energy within a specific area was limited; the best ways for two Heavenly King powerhouses to succeed at breaking through at the same time would be breaking through in a cave paradise or engaging in a special way to gather atmospheric energy from somewhere far away. However, they clearly did not fulfill either criteria.

On another note, Shangguan Xue’er had rushed into breaking through, causing her aura to be impure. Additionally, she trained in different energies from Fei’er; when she was affected by Fei’er’s energy ripples, not all the Attributes reacted within her body. As a result, her personal energy aura became chaotic.

Ugh. I didn’t succeed completely. Looks like I won’t be able to fulfill my dream of a foursome with the triplets. Zhou Weiqing stood next to Shangguan Xue’er, looking rather depressed. Due to his level of cultivation, it naturally wouldn’t affect Shangguan Xue’er. Looking at her furrowing her brows, Zhou Weiqing raised his right hand and waved it in the air.

It was different from how he usually summoned the starry skies - this time, the bright sky became pitch dark almost immediately. The galaxy of stars appeared, filling the entire sky.

After ascending to become a Heavenly Emperor, Zhou Weiqing’s mastery of the stars naturally increased significantly. However, the spectacular scenery of the stars that he summoned could not directly be used to attack the enemy. He had to use it in conjunction with his own energy, which would determine how effective it was.

With the stars hanging in the sky being controlled by the force from Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, the atmospheric energies in the sky instantly became much denser, solving Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er’s first breakthrough problem.

Immediately afterwards, six rays of light flashed on Zhou Weiqing’s body as he released his releasing six mighty Attributes. The reddish golden starlight was splendid, and it caused the Heavenly Energy within Shangguan Xue’er’s body to immediately star circling.

A dense and pure Astral Saint Energy channeled into Shangguan Xue’er’s body and flowed directly to the center of her chest where her Heavenly Core Nucleus was being condensed. This meant that her breakthrough had been guided to the correct route.

Shangguan Bing’er looked at Zhou Weiqing’s irritated face and could not help but laugh out loud.

“Seems  like  you  can’t  do  the  naughty  stuff  you  wanted. Sister’s so naturally gifted, she was able to break through on her own. Hehe.”

Zhou Weiqing fiercely walked over to Shangguan Bing’er and tugged her into his arms. Of course he knew that given on Shangguan Xue’er’s nature, she did not actually need to do the deed with him to attain a breakthrough. She did it herself instead. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for him to attain his goal within a short period of time.

“The younger sister shall repay the older sister’s debt. I’m going to eat you tonight, hmph.”

Shangguan Bing’er did not move to avoid him; instead, she gently leaned on him. She truly treasured the time she shared with him. No matter how magnanimous she was, she still wasn’t completely happy that she was sharing her man with several other women. Feeling Shangguan Bing’er’s gentleness, Zhou Weiqing’s face eased up a little. He lovingly stroked her head and lightly held her in his arms, feeling her warmth.

The breakthrough of the Shangguan sisters took three full days, and this was with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy. And as a result, Heavenly Bow Empire had experienced three days straight without daylight. However, it did not bring about panic. On the contrary, the marvel in the sky greatly benefited the people of Heavenly Bow Empire.

One must know that with the galaxy of stars hanging above this region, the atmospheric energy within Heavenly Bow Empire became exceptionally plentiful. Even those who were not Heavenly Jewel Masters would still see great benefits to their bodies. Heavenly Jewel Masters who took this opportunity to cultivate would see the effectiveness of their cultivation be much greater than normally.

Four days later, dawn.

Six figures quietly soared into the air from outside of Heavenly Bow Empire and set off. Of course, those six people were Zhou Weiqing and his five ladies.

Apart from Little Witch, the other four ladies had already reached a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage and thus were equipped with the ability to fly. Shangguan Bing’er relied on the Wind Spirit Saint Core Nucleus - the speed of her flight was comparable to that of a Heavenly Emperor.

Needless to say, Little Witch was being carried up by Zhou Weiqing - although she had not reach a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage, with the help of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, she had already reached the Nine Jeweled level. Never did she expect her cultivation to progress this fast.

Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy was indeed magical, but it could not be used nonstop. However, because the five women were the closest people to him, he did not hesitate to use it on them. By helping them breakthrough during this period of time, his own cultivation was hindered while his vitality was also negatively affected. Hence, he did not immediately help Little Witch to make a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage. He needed to recuperate for a period of time first.

While flying in the sky, Zhou Weiqing’s kept on turning his gaze towards Shangguan Xue’er. His unwillingness to resign to his earlier defeat was shown all over his face. Shangguan Xue’er did not even look at him at all - she flew right in front, expressionlessly. But if one took a closer look, one would be able to see an amused look in her eyes from time to time.

Shangguan Fei’er flew next to Xue’er, also ignoring Zhou Weiqing’s presence. This fellow had made her do something extremely naughty the other day. Even though it ultimately led to her breakthrough, Shangguan Fei’er still found it rather hard to accept it.

Tian’er was flying together with Shangguan Bing’er. With the four women at the front, all Zhou Weiqing had was Little Witch by his side.

Zhou Weiqing said to Xue’er via voice transmission, “Xue’er, truth be told, if we do the deed it will still benefit you. The benefits are greatest the first done. Even though you have already reached a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage, you are still rather far from breaking through to the Heavenly Emperor Stage. If we do it often, for all you know you might suddenly break through to the Heavenly Emperor Stage in no time. By then, you would be able to wear the complete Boundless Infinitum Set! That is the best Legendary Set in the world. With the help of the Boundless Infinitum Set, our Peerless Sect’s power would be greatly increased once again.” Shangguan Xue’er turned her head and glared at him, “You idiot, how could I possibly wear the Boundless Infinitum Set?! Even though the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has strong and solid financial resources, the Boundless Infinitum Set belongs to them exclusively – save for the Palace Master, none are allowed to possess it. They already made an exception for me by letting me own a few pieces of it. Uncle would never let me wear the remaining pieces of the Boundless Infinitum Set. You already have the four of them, why do you still keep thinking about naughty stuff? You should focus on thinking through how to settle things with the sidhe first. Even though we have grown stronger, our Consolidated Equipment isn’t complete and has not yet been fully Stored. Trying to take forceful action isn’t going to work. Also, remember that you’ve already promised me that you would not kill a single sidhe.”

Upon hearing Shangguan Xue’er’s words, not only did Zhou Weiqing did not get angry, he was actually overjoyed at the unexpected good news - since Xue’er expressed that she could not wear the Boundless Infinitum Set, this meant that she had already decided to stay by his side, giving up her future position as the Palace Master of Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Even though Zhou Weiqing had guessed her intentions long ago, it was different hearing it directly from her mouth. He went in front and flew next to Shangguan Xue’er. Zhou Weiqing stared deeply into her eyes, “Xue’er, don’t you worry. I will help you solve the problems pertaining to your Legendary Set. After we have settled things with the sidhe, I will bring you guys along to take part in the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. After it has ended, we will go back to Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

“Go back to Heaven’s Expanse Palace? For what?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “To ask for your hands in marriage, of course! I’ll be sure to send the betrothal gifts as well. The three sisters who are as beautiful as flowers, the precious treasures of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, are about to be married off to me. If I don’t bring sufficient betrothal gifts over, they would not bear to let you three go!”

Zhou Weiqing did not use voice transmission for the above speech, hence all the ladies could hear it clearly.

Shangguan  Fei’er  snapped,  “You’re  that  kind-hearted?  It seems to me it’s more like you’re asking for a dowry.”

Zhou Weiqing stared blankly for a bit and thought to himself: Fei’er knows me like the back of her hand. She understands me far too well! Immediately, he forced a smile and said, “Fei’er, it’s crazy how well you know me! How do you know what I’m thinking?”

Shangguan Fei’er scoffed, “How could I not understand the type of sleazy personality you have? When have you ever let yourself suffer any losses?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Besides, I’m only asking for the dowry for the sake of you guys. Since the Heaven’s Expanse Palace is marrying off their daughters, it should you the complete Set. I just want them to give you the full Legendary Set, then store a few skills for you. This is not too much to ask for, right?”

Shangguan Fei’er did not make any sound - clearly, she acknowledged what Zhou Weiqing said.

Zhou  Weiqing  looked  at  Fei’er  and  said,  “As  for  Xue’er’s Boundless Infinitum Set, I have my ways. There are no absolutes. Trust me. If I show enough sincerity, Uncle just might come around.”

Shangguan Xue’er said softly, “Little Fatty, don’t sacrifice too much for me. I can always request the three God Tier Masters to help me remove the Boundless Infinitum Set and choose another Legendary Set instead.

“It’s fine. Trust your husband.”  Zhou Weiqing immediately rejected her proposal. She had to be kidding! Shangguan Xue’er had been using the Boundless Infinitum Set since childhood as the basis of her cultivation. One could say that her greatest strengths depended on the Boundless Infinitum Set itself. If she were to change Legendary Sets, it could result in a rather huge blow to Xue’er. There was no way Zhou Weiqing would let that happen.

“Xue’er, we have already set out. You can now explain to us a bit more about the sidhe.”

Even though Xue’er had agreed to take Zhou Weiqing to search for the sidhe, till now she still had yet to reveal the exact location of the sealed grounds to Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Xue’er gently nodded and replied, “The sealed grounds of the sidhe are at the eastern border of the Amber Empire, next to the Mi Ou Empire. It is relatively far from the Heavenly Bow Empire. Even the Amber Empire does not know the specific location, even though it is very close to them.” Zhou  Weiqing  thought  for  a  moment  and  said,  “The supposed sealed grounds of the sidhe - does it refer to the sidhe being sealed within it or that they set up a seal outside the area, not allowing humans to enter?”

Shangguan Xue’er shook her head and said, “Both are incorrect. If that were the case, the sidhe would have been found by humans a long time ago. They would have never been able to recuperate in peace for so many years. To put it simply, the sealed grounds of the sidhe and the Luster Spatial Realm of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace are similar - they rely on strong energy forces to exist within a constructed dimensional plane which is anchored upon the Mainland.” “Yet  another  parallel  space?”   Zhou  Weiqing  looked  at Shangguan Xue’er in surprise.

Shangguan Xue’er nodded and said, “Compared to the Luster Spatial Realm, the sidhe’s sealed grounds is much more enormous and very stable. Even a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse would not be able to break into it that easily. After all, the Luster Spatial Realm was merely created by a few Great Dragons working collectively, but the sidhe’s sealed grounds were formed via the strength and power of the entire race. Furthermore they used the sidhe’s Tree of Life as its core. So long as the Tree of Life is not destroyed, the sealed grounds will continue to exist. Additionally, they gained one more advantage from creating the sealed grounds. Because it’s in another dimension and the area is very limited, the natural elemental aura that is emitted by the Tree of Life is confined to a specific area. The entire space would then absorb the atmospheric energy of the Boundless Mainland, constantly churning out pure natural energy within it. Hence, the sidhe could reap a lot of benefits by cultivating there. It also increased their reproductivity.”

After hearing Shangguan Xue’er’s words, Zhou Weiqing finally had a rough idea about the sealed grounds. “So how are we going to enter the sealed grounds?”  asked Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Xue’er replied, “It is very difficult to enter it, and impossible to break in by force. You need to rely on the guidance of the natural elements in order to enter. Heaven’s Expanse Palace holds the Heart of Nature, bestowed to us by the sidhe. By using that treasure, we are able to enter the sealed grounds as we please. However, we don’t have access to it, so we’ll just have to play it by the ear and hope for the best once when we get there. Weiqing, you have to remember, do not use your cultivation base to barge into the sealed grounds. If you do that, sidhe will regard you as their mortal enemy.”

Zhou Weiqing was rather depressed, “In other words, just entering the sealed grounds will be a problem, let alone getting the blood of the Sidhe Queen.”

Shangguan Xue’er said rather resignedly, “From the start, I felt that our mission this time would be hopeless. You have almost no chance of getting the blood of the Sidhe Queen.”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “Xue’er, why not let’s make a bet? If I succeed, why don’t you…ahem. You know.” Shangguan Xue’er glared at him and said, “No.”

Zhou Weiqing stared blankly for a brief second and asked, “Why not?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  answered  plainly,  “Firstly,  I  know  your personality very well - even though I don’t believe you will succeed, given your personality you will not make a bet unless you are confident of winning. There were already several people who fell into your trap. Didn’t Lin TianAo lose to you in a similar fashion? He’s still busy working for you to this very day. Secondly, you have nothing I want.”

Zhou Weiqing had a helpless look on his face. “Nonsense. I have myself! If you win, you can have my body!”

Tian’er  interrupted,  “Sisters,  shall  we  kick  this  shameless bastard down? Who’s with me?”

Five small hands were raised at almost the same time. Thereafter, Zhou Weiqing was greeted by five legs, one of which belonged to Wu Yuehan, who he was carrying with him. With Zhou Weiqing around to liven things up, their journey to the Amber Empire was not dull at all. Additionally, even though it was five people flying, in reality, the women were almost entirely relying on Zhou Weiqing’s strength to fly.

They did not know how fast they were flying at, but with the presence of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, they did not feel the impact of external forces going against them.

Traveling from Heavenly Bow Empire to the border of the Amber Empire and Mi Ou Empire was essentially traveling from the west of the Mainland to the east. In other words, they were crossing the entire Mainland! One could well imagine the distance they had to cover. Zhou Weiqing had to take care of the women, aiding them in their flight, hence it would require seven full days for them to get to their destination despite his level of cultivation.

At a distance far from them, an enormous dense forest appeared in their sight. It seemed boundless. Above it, the aura of life could be felt in abundance.

The person who sensed it the strongest was Little Witch. She had the Life Attribute within her body, her face couldn’t help but display how intoxicated she was by the amount of life aura she sensed. Zhou Weiqing laughed, “The sidhe really know how to pick the right location. They built their their sealed grounds within this dense forest, allowing themselves to absorb a huge amount of life energy. Xue’er, where’s the entrance?”

Shangguan Xue’er replied helplessly, “Somewhere within this huge forest. It could be anywhere. This is exactly why I told you that it is very difficult for us to find entrance.”

Zhou Weiqing was shocked, “You’re saying that the entrance to the sealed grounds changes every now and then?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  nodded,  “Yes,  indeed.  If  we  had  the guidance from the Heart of Nature, we would be able to find it easily. When we enter, we normally need its Nature Energy to engulf our bodies in order to step within the sealed grounds.

Zhou Weiqing’s brows furrowed. He suddenly smiled and said, “I understand, Xue’er. When you talked about entering by force, you were talking about completely destroying this forest, right? If that was the case, the entrance would naturally be revealed. Based on my cultivation base, entering by force is not a big deal.” Shangguan Xue’er hurriedly said, “Weiqing, you must not. If you do that, we will become their mortal enemies.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Don’t worry, alright? I will keep my promise. Let me try to locate where the entrance is.”

Zhou Weiqing slowly closed his eyes, and tried to sense the surroundings, sweeping through the forest with his will.

The five women who were hovering next to him could clearly see that Zhou Weiqing’s body had immediately become surrounded by a bright reddish golden glow - his clothes could not cover the light rays emitting from his body.

Circles of reddish golden light halos were continuously being emitted from his head, heading in the direction of the enormous forest.

This was the marvel of Saint Energy.

Generally speaking, Heavenly Energy of any Attribute could at most could refine one’s spirit energy, which would then develop into one’s will, which could only be boosted via advancing one’s cultivation base. However, Saint Energy was different. The Saint Energy could completely merge with one’s will and become a part of it, boosting it further. With the help of the Nebula Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s will expanded extremely fast. The most remarkable thing was that the consciousness that was supported by Nebula Saint Energy would directly absorb the atmospheric energy from the air to strengthen itself, allowing the area it covered to be wider.

An ordinary Heavenly Emperor powerhouse might be able to sense energy ripples within a radius of ten miles, but Zhou Weiqing could increase this range more than tenfold by relying on his Nebula Saint Energy.

The vast forest was huge, but it was not truly boundless. As long as Zhou Weiqing continued to scan the forest by constantly changing his position, it would not take long before he located it.

Shangguan Xue’er looked at Zhou Weiqing in shock. Without a doubt, Zhou Weiqing knew very little about the sidhe’s sealed grounds; everything he knew, he had learned from her. The method he engaged in was not only simple but also quite clumsy as well. It would have also been futile for other Heavenly Emperors, as the entrance of the sealed grounds teleported at random within a short period of time. It was simply too difficult to locate the entrance of the sealed grounds using his will.

However, the area which Zhou Weiqing’s will was able to cover  could  be  described  as  “frightening”.  Under  these circumstances, a stupid method as such would become quite effective instead.

Zhou Weiqing carried the five women with him as he was sweeping through with his will. Before fifteen minutes had passed, Zhou Weiqing suddenly smiled.

“Found it.”

After he said that, Zhou Weiqing abruptly opened his eyes and gestured with his right hand. A light band that was made from Nebula Saint Energy engulfed all six of them within it. Immediately after, their bodies zoomed towards a certain direction at a higher speed, moving like meteorites.

Previously during their journey, Zhou Weiqing and the five ladies had been cruising at a stable speed, talking and laughing along the way. The ladies hadn’t felt as though they were moving particularly fast, but now when Zhou Weiqing increased his speed with all his might, they could sense the difference in power between themselves and him.

The surrounding air became distorted in an instant. They had arrived at another place within a few breaths.

What kind of speed was this? It was practically on par with Spatial Shuttle, fast to the point where the air itself became distorted.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had already descended to the ground with the five women. Not far from them was a huge tree which Zhou Weiqing’s gaze was focused on. This tree was so gigantic, several people would have to link arms if they wanted to form a ring around it.

With the exception of Little Witch, the other four women had already advanced to the Heavenly King Stage - their perceptivity was naturally rather strong, even aside from the fact that they had Saint Energy within their bodies. They followed Zhou Weiqing’s gaze and immediately discovered the special tree.

At first glance, it was only an ordinary albeit ancient tree within the forest. However, upon further inspection, the space surrounding the tree was slightly distorted. It was entirely created via the condensation of life energy.

The ancient tree seemed to have sensed the scrutiny of the people. As though it had a mind of its own, a silver light flashed and it disappeared into thin air.

“You wanna escape?”  Zhou Weiqing smirked. In the next moment, the silver light flashed once again, engulfing him and the five women in it. As the light was flashing, they appeared at another place.

It was a collective Blink Skill. The more crucial part was that, after the Blink Skill was completed, the ancient tree was still before their eyes. As a former successor of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Xue’er was the most knowledgeable. At that moment, all she could think of was Spatial Law.

Indeed, only one who had mastered Spatial Law could do what Zhou Weiqing just did.

Clearly, the ancient tree was the entrance to the sidhe’s sealed grounds. The entrance didn’t actively move to avoid them when they arrived; rather, it was time for it to move. In turn, Zhou Weiqing brought the five ladies with him to find it once again. It looked easy, but in reality, it was extremely difficult.

There was only one way to find the exact location of something or someone that used Spatial Teleportation - mastering Spatial Law and sensing the location via space ripples within a specific area. This was a skill that a Heavenly God with Spatial Attribute possessed.

Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian was currently the only known Heavenly God within the Boundless Mainland, but he did not have any Spatial Attribute abilities.

Earlier when Zhou Weiqing boasted that he was on par with Heavenly God Stage powerhouses, Shangguan Xue’er was rather doubtful. However right now, she truly believed him. Zhou Weiqing’s strength and abilities had already exceeded beyond her knowledge and understanding.

Zhou Weiqing was not aware of the psychological changes of the women watching him. He slowly walked up to the huge tree and tested the waters by touching it.

Immediately, a strong sense of repulsion erupted. Despite Zhou Weiqing’s strength and cultivation base, his hand rebounded upon impact.

“These are Heavenly God level energy ripples,” Zhou Weiqing blurted aloud.

Of course, these were mere ripples; - if Zhou Weiqing wanted to force his way through, it would not be entirely impossible. However, if that was the case, the sealed grounds’ Parallel Space would definitely be damaged to a certain extent. The five women behind Zhou Weiqing stood in a semi-circle. Shangguan Xue’er said, “It is impossible to enter the sealed grounds without nature’s energy. You need to perfectly coordinate the Six Attributes - Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness, to achieve certain unique ripples before creating a sufficient equilibrium to enter it.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Why do I feel as though you are referring to Master’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation! Isn’t Master equipped with all six of those Attributes?

Before they left Heavenly Bow Empire, Zhou Weiqing had put several things in order. Now that the Heavenly Demon Sect had become a part of Peerless Sect, Ming Yu was dead set on staying behind - even if he wanted to leave, he could not. And in order to fulfill his promise, Zhou Weiqing would not disturb Long Shiya over trivial matters.

Shangguan Xue’er said, “I’m afraid Senior Long might not be able to enter either. The special frequency formed by the Six Attributes needs to be the same as the one within the sealed grounds. Furthermore, the frequency is constantly changing. With the six of us combined, we have all Six Attributes as well. We can only use trial and error, and depend on our luck. Zhou Weiqing chuckled and shook his head, “It doesn’t have to be that troublesome. Watch me.”

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing’s right hand gestured, dense reddish golden Nebula Saint Energy engulfed the six of them. Under the influence of the Nebula Saint Energy, they slowly floated above the ground, hovering an inch above. From afar, the six of them looked like a huge reddish golden light ball.

Zhou Weiqing controlled the huge light ball, slowly approaching the entrance of the sealed grounds.

“Weiqing,  I  don’t  think  it’s  gonna  work……”  Shangguan Xue’er was shocked - just when she thought that Zhou Weiqing was relying on the Nebula Saint Energy to forcefully enter, something odd happened.

The huge tree that was formed by energy actually did not repel the Nebula Saint Energy’s reddish golden rays of light. The surroundings suddenly became distorted. Immediately after, the outside of the Nebula Saint Energy was filled with green light. The light flashed and in the next moment, they had appeared in a different place. It was a dream-like place; the five of them appeared on a hillside, hence they were able to look further ahead.

The sky was blue, crystal clear without a single blemish. There weren’t any roads, only all sorts of strange plants. The shortest tree was over 30 meters in height. Additionally, Zhou Weiqing had never seen most of these tree species before.

If the vast forest earlier could be described as brimming with life, then this place was an absolutely boundless ocean of life.

What took one’s breath away was an oval lake that was lying there peacefully and quietly, just a few hundred meters away from them.

Even if one was standing a few hundred meters away, he would still be able to see the crystal clear waters of the lake, akin to sapphire of the highest quality. As the sun shone on it, it directly reflected its light onto the mountain on the other side.

Anybody who saw a marvelous sight as such would be completely stunned by its beauty; the exceptionally fresh air caused the pores all over their bodies to open up. “Such a wonderful place.”

Zhou Weiqing turned around and looked at his partners and noticed the shocked look on their faces. The other four women were enjoying the scenery but Shangguan Xue’er was looking at him. Her shocked and somewhat dazed expression was too alluring - her red lips were slightly opened and her delicate face was slightly flushed.

How could Zhou Weiqing let go of this opportunity? He immediately went up to her and kissed her on the lips.

Shangguan Xue’er snapped out of a trance by his kiss and asked, “Weiqing, how…how did you do that?”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed,  “It’s  very  easy!  Your  husband  is awesome, huh? In fact, I was already pretty confident when you told me about the sidhe’s sealed grounds this morning. Regardless of the type of energy, be it Nature Energy or Saint Energy, there are different means of achieving the same end as they are within the same scope. Even though my Saint Energy cannot be compared to the actual Creation Saint Energy, it is still one of the purest energies in the world, hence it still possesses creation powers similar to Creation Saint Energy. Even though I would not be using Nature Energy, at least it would not reject my Saint Energy. To put it simply, my Saint Energy is on a higher level than the sidhe’s Nature Energy. If it’s simply a matter of entering via having the ‘right’ type of energy, how are they going to reject me? This is what it means to have a superior Attribute. In truth, you guys should be able to do the same as well.”

The women had a rather profound understanding of the wonders of Saint Energy, but they could not be compared to Zhou Weiqing, not even if Tian’er were to condense Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Her Astral Saint Core Nucleus could not come close to Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy. This was due to their difference in absorbing energies.

Zhou Weiqing had both the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the Immortal Deity Shield to protect himself, while his strength also surpassed that of Tian’er. Hence, when he condensed the Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he would be able absorb staggeringly greater amounts of energy. This was the reason why he took such a long time to breakthrough. Although the current Zhou Weiqing had not quite fully comprehended his Saint Energy, he still had a rather profound understanding of it. Otherwise, he would not have been able to master Spatial Law.

Right at this moment, Little Witch excitedly jumped up, “This place is too beautiful, it is full of life aura! Weiqing, how nice would it be if we’re able to live in such a place in the future? It is indeed a paradise on earth.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “No, this is the sidhe’s paradise. However, we might be able to establish another Parallel Space of our own. After my cultivation base has increased to Heavenly God Stage, I might be able to do it.”

“Really?” Little Witch put her arms around Zhou Weiqing’s neck and kissed him on his cheek. After reuniting with Zhou Weiqing, her mood and personality had gradually loosened up and she had slowly started to go back to her usual impish self.

Shangguan Xue’er sighed softly and looked at Zhou Weiqing, “If you talked about establishing another Parallel Space before we came here, I would have definitely called you out for senseless boasting. However, I do believe you now.”

Only a person with at least a Heavenly God cultivation base could establish a Parallel Space. However, not any ordinary Heavenly God could do it - the size of any such Parallel Space would be directly proportional to one’s cultivation base. Generally speaking, it took at least four Heavenly Gods with Spatial Attribute who had also mastered Spatial Law working in concert to accomplish it. Since Zhou Weiqing had already mastered Spatial Law as a mere Heavenly Emperor, he was not bragging baselessly when he said that he would be able to establish a Parallel Space when he advanced to become a Heavenly God in future.

Tian’er laughed out loud, “Little Witch, when he has really established a Parallel Space, you’ll understand that establishing one like the sidhe’s is no easy feat. It’s possible for him to establish a Parallel Space, but it does not mean that he could create one as breathtaking as this one - it is the result of thousands of years of hard work on the part of the sidhe. All the mountains, lakes and trees here were actually brought over from our world and cultivated here. You’ve also visited Heavenly Jewel Island’s Luster Spatial Realm - on the whole, everything there was just a natural product of the realm. It feels different from this place, right?”

Shangguan   Xue’er   smiled   and   said,   “Tian’er   is   right. However, if we are really able to own a Parallel Space, we would be able to decorate everything within it ourselves! If there is nothing for us to worry about on the Mainland, we can spend the rest of our lives sprucing up our own world, isn’t that wonderful?”

When Shangguan Xue’er said that, all the women nodded continuously, with their eyes lit up. Having a world to call their own that only they have access to - the rich might own mansions but they would have their own dimension! Just thinking about it made them all fired up.

Looking at the five women yearn for it, Zhou Weiqing felt resolved to help them fulfill their dreams. Furthermore, he also felt that it would be wonderful to have a dimension of his own, where he could even station the Peerless Sect.

Chapter277: The Sidhe Princess

After the five women expressed their desire to own an exclusive Parallel Space, subconsciously, their gazes fell upon Zhou Weiqing. He said shamelessly, “The idea of creating a space to call our own sounds pretty good. We can live there together as a family and adopt the simple lifestyle of our forefathers. For example, we don’t have to wear any clothes! The sky shall be our blanket, and the earth shall be our bed. No one else would be able to see us. We can all sleep together! That is my dream.”

After hearing his words, the five women each had a different look on their faces. Tian’er was dumbfounded. “I really find it hard to believe that someone this shameless actually exists.”

Shangguan Bing’er on the other hand was bashful and did not utter a single word. Little Witch covered her mouth, giggling. Shangguan Xue’er glared angrily at Zhou Weiqing.

Ultimately, Shangguan Xue’er was the one who made the final call - she made eye contact with the other four women before smiling at Zhou Weiqing, “Kick his ass.”

The five women seemed to have transformed into enraged felines as they pounced directly towards a certain someone. His reaction was very simple - he placed both hands behind his head and squatted down, cowering. He acted meek while crying out loud, “Do not hit my handsome face!”


Perhaps due to the fact that the power displayed by Zhou Weiqing was too shocking, even Shangguan Xue’er who had some reservations before eventually let go of her worries. Besides, given their cultivation bases, even if they failed to get hold of the Sidhe Queen’s blood, retreating would not be a problem for them. Moreover, Zhou Weiqing had agreed not to harm any of the sidhe.

Just as the six of them were laughing and joking with each other, suddenly, a melodious voice could be heard.

“Who are you people? Why have I not seen you before?”

Upon hearing that voice, Zhou Weiqing and company were taken by surprise - they did not notice the presence of someone else there. The six of them turned around instinctively and looked in the direction of the voice. They saw a beautifully dressed young girl sitting on a huge tree not far from them.

The little girl looked very young, probably around 6 or 7 years old - her small face looked rosy and delicate, so adorable that anyone who saw her would have the urge to squeeze or bite it. Her big eyes were filled with curiosity, her long powder blue hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her two small pointy ears were sticking out from her hair.

What was most peculiar was that she had a pair of transparent wings on her back.

Upon seeing her, even Zhou Weiqing felt the urge to hug and kiss her on the cheeks, to say nothing of his five wives. That little girl was way too adorable.

“This is a sidhe?” Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Xue’er in a low voice.

The cold look on Shangguan Xue’er’s face completely vanished at this moment. Looking at the little girl, her eyes softened. She nodded and said, “The sidhe are very kind. They are also very beautiful and have a long lifespan. She might look really young, but in reality, she might be older than us. The sidhe have to reach a hundred years old in order to step into adulthood, similar to human beings at the age of eighteen.”

Seeing a sidhe for the first time, and such an adorable one at that, Zhou Weiqing naturally had a favorable impression of the sidhe. He grinned, “Little girl, we are also sidhe, just like you!”

The little girl tilted her head, “You’re a liar, we sidhe have wings. You don’t.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Who says I don’t? It’s just that I hid them. Watch this.”  As he spoke, twisted his body slightly and immediately, a pair of enormous wings opened up. They were his Dragon-Tiger Transformation wings.

Looking at the wings on Zhou Weiqing’s back, the little sidhe widened her eyes immediately, “Wow, your wings are huge! And they are more beautiful than mine. What are the purple patterns at the top?”

Zhou Weiqing walked a few steps forward, flashing through the air before he then seated himself on the tree as well. The little sidhe was not afraid - she did not move to dodge. Zhou Weiqing spread his wings in front of her, “You can touch it.” Out of curiosity, the little sidhe pinched Zhou Weiqing’s wings twice. Thereafter, she turned her head and looked at Zhou Weiqing’s ears, “Your ears aren’t sharp!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed. He pinched and pulled his ears, making them pointy. With his abilities, it was very easy for him to make slight body modifications.

The little sidhe stared blankly at him, “Are you a mutant sidhe? But mom said that it has been many years since they last appeared.”

Below the tree, Shangguan Fei’er was leaning against Tian’er’s shoulders. She said in a low voice, “Little Fatty’s such a bastard. Don’t tell me he’s going to go after such a little girl.”

Tian’er laughed loudly, “He isn’t THAT bad, I think.”

The five women burst out laughing immediately. At this time, Zhou Weiqing said to the little sidhe, “Little girl, you are so beautiful. When you’re older, will you marry my son? I will buy you candies.” The little sidhe’s eyes lit up immediately, “Candies? Candies made by humans? Yes! Yes!”

The five women, who were in the midst of mocking Zhou Weiqing, immediately wore strange looks on their faces. The three Shangguan sisters and Little Witch looked at Tian’er’s belly in unison.

Tian’er did not know whether to laugh or cry. She looked angrily at Zhou Weiqing, “You bastard, you don’t even know the gender of our child and yet you’ve already found a girlfriend for him. Do you want our son to become like you?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, “This is called saving for a rainy day. It is only right and proper for a father to look for a wife for his son. If I work really hard at it, having a few extra sons should be easy, right?”

In truth, he really adored the little girl before his eyes. She made him feel as though she was one with nature. Additionally, she did not give off any negative vibes at all - she was an extremely pure little girl. Last but not least, she was already a beautiful child. When she grew up, she was going to be a ravishing beauty. One should keep the good opportunities for themselves - wouldn’t it be great for his own son to have such a beautiful wife? Just as Zhou Weiqing was joyfully teasing the little girl, suddenly, without any prior warning, a bizarre distorted halo appeared above her head.

Immediately after, the little girl was sucked into it.

Everything happened too fast, even Zhou Weiqing was caught off guard and could not respond at all.

The moment the distorted light appeared, Zhou Weiqing assumed that it was the little girl’s energy ripples. When it started creating a suctioning force, Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to react in time; he only managed to leave a trace of his will on the little girl’s body.

“What’s  going  on?”   The  five  women,  whose  motherly instincts kicked in and were in the midst of going up the tree to get affectionate with the little girl, were in a daze. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s face fell.

He only managed to respond at all because of the energy ripples which had been generated. The sidhe specialized in elemental magic - Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness. However, the distorted light was clearly of Time Attribute. Why would a Time Attribute ability appear within the sidhe’s sealed grounds? And it even took the little girl away. In the final moments before she was taken away, Zhou Weiqing clearly saw a shocked look on her face.

Zhou Weiqing flew down from the tree; he had a troubled look on his face. Someone was taken right before his eyes – it was only natural for him to feel gloomy. In addition, he did not want anything bad to happen to the girl.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to search for the trace of his will that he left on her, suddenly, a bell rang.

The sound of the bell was exceptionally pleasant, but at this moment, they could clearly sense violent nature elemental energy ripples erupting within this boundless space. Be it far away or nearby, there were at least hundreds of figures soaring into the sky at a high speed. Their target was their current location.

“What   happened?”    Shangguan   Xue’er   stared   at   Zhou Weiqing, who was in shock. Zhou Weiqing said gravely, “The little girl was taken away via some sort of Time Attribute ability. From the looks of it, the sidhe have already been alerted. Everybody stay calm. Even if the other party shows signs of hostility, do not take any action. Let us try to communicate first.”

Just as they were speaking, hundreds of figures had already descended from the sky, while some of them were still hovering in the air, tightly surrounding the six of them, leaving no route to escape.

All of them were sidhe; these sidhe were physically a lot bigger compared to the little sidhe from before, but they were slightly thinner than human beings. Upon further scrutiny, every single one of them had extremely beautiful features - the males were handsome and the females were beautiful. Unfortunately, they looked very furious at this moment. From the looks of it, they were eager to rip the six of them apart.

An older looking male sidhe looked angrily at Zhou Weiqing and company, “Despicable intruders, hand Her Highness over.”

“Her  Highness?”   Hearing  the  title,  Zhou  Weiqing  and company immediately associated it with the little girl from before. Ugly looks instantly appeared on their faces. They truly had harbored no ill intentions on this visit to the sealed grounds. The little girl from before turned out to be the Sidhe Princess!? What depressed them the most was the fact that they had truly become the scapegoats of the person behind the abduction of the Sidhe Princess.

“We did not kidnap the Sidhe Princess. The six of us are here
- if we were the ones behind the attack, we wouldn’t stay behind to get captured by you guys, right?” Zhou Weiqing tried his best to keep his tone calm and gentle.

The male sidhe replied furiously, “You’re telling me that you intruded our sealed grounds with kind intentions? Capture them.”

After he finished his sentence, the hundreds of sidhe that surrounded Zhou Weiqing and gang took action. Immediately, the different colors representing the Nature Elemental Attributes could clearly be seen ascending to the skies. Nature Element Energy filled the entire world. From afar, the entire place looked like a gigantic colorful ball of light, and the six of them were right in the center of this light ball.

A strong suppressive force instantly overwhelmed Zhou Weiqing and company, causing them to feel suffocated.

When the sidhe had arrived, Zhou Weiqing had briefly scanned the crowd for their cultivation bases - none of them were above the Heavenly King Stage. However, when the sidhe joined forces, their combined power was incredibly intimidating. Even the suppressive power from a Heavenly God’s aura might not necessarily be stronger than theirs.

They made use of nature’s power to combine respective Attributes together - even if they were different, they were still somehow compatible with one another. Most likely, only the sidhe were capable of this. Additionally, Zhou Weiqing could faintly sense that this was related to the sealed grounds. In the sealed grounds, all the nature elements were magnified. The sidhe could be considered as a part of the nature elements, hence their control naturally became greater. Zhou Weiqing had repeatedly warned the five women, and so they did not make any counterattack - they merely stayed quietly by Zhou Weiqing’s side. Even though the pressure was high, it was not too big a threat to them as they possessed Saint Energy.

The male sidhe that ordered the attack on them was taken by surprise - he knew exactly how strong the suppressive force was. Initially, he assumed that those young human beings would cave in the face of such power and might. Little did he expect them to be that strong, to the point where they seemed completely unaffected by it.

Zhou Weiqing said in a low voice, “My sidhe friends, please do not attack. How about this, let us meet the leader of your tribe and explain everything clearly. Indeed, we ran into your princess earlier, but she was abducted via a special Time Attribute skill. Let’s face it, none of you can subdue us, but we are willing to go back with you. How does that sound?”

He did not explain patiently out of fear of those sidhe, but rather, he did not want the true perpetrator to get away with it. Furthermore, he wanted to save the Sidhe Princess as soon as possible, just by virtue of the fact that he adored the little girl, and not because of other reasons. The male sidhe leader replied furiously, “Let us seal your cultivation first, before we discuss any further.”

A cold look flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, “Do you really think we are scared of you guys?”

As he spoke, the reddish golden Nebula energy was released in an instant, creating another reddish golden light ball within the enormous colorful light ball. At the same time, the reddish golden light ball released dazzling brilliant rays of light. The sidhe surrounding Zhou Weiqing and company could only feel the nature elements in the air rush wildly towards the reddish golden light. To them, it felt as though a portion of the nature elements in their bodies had unexpectedly abandoned them.

The glowing reddish golden light became brighter after being amplified by the nature elements. Even though it did not emit any suppressive aura, the surrounding sidhe were overwhelmed by the pressure - some weaker sidhe even fell from the sky.

The reddish golden halo started spreading, creating an enormous air cushion, thus providing a safe landing for the fallen sidhe. The formation of hundreds of sidhe, that was able to form a formidable suppressive power that was on par with that of a Heavenly God, was crushed by Zhou Weiqing with ease. Even though it was technically impossible for those sidhe to join forces to create an attack that was on the same level as a Heavenly God, the suppressive force that they created was still formidable enough to subdue any ordinary Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse.

Unfortunately, in the Attributes department, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy trumped them all. It was impossible for them to suppress Zhou Weiqing by solely relying on a little Heavenly God grade aura.

Chaos ensued, and the majority of the sidhe panicked. Indeed, it was rather impressive that the sidhe could control Nature Energy. However, they had lived within the sealed grounds their entire lives and had no actual combat experience. If the enemy was subdued by their suppressive force, all was good; if the enemy resisted, things would take an ugly turn.

Zhou Weiqing looked at the sidhe coldly. The sidhe had to be threatened by force, or they would refuse to cooperate, despite claiming to be most peaceful and freedom-loving creatures. It was apparent that in this world, power was the most important thing - as long as one possessed sufficient power, he would have right to dominate over others, regardless of where he was.

Zhou Weiqing did not launch any attack, he was definitely going to keep his promise to Xue’er that he would not harm any sidhe. Additionally, Zhou Weiqing was very intelligent - if he were to harm the sidhe, it would validate the criminal charges against him. He was not scared of the sidhe taking revenge against him, but he definitely was unwilling to take the fall for someone else.

“Now, can you take me to see your leader?” Zhou Weiqing’s looked at the male sidhe.

The male sidhe was dumbstruck and could only stare blankly at Zhou Weiqing. Till now, he had not snapped out of his trance. In his eyes, Zhou Weiqing was nothing but a human being in his twenties, which was why he ordered the attack on them earlier without any reservation. The sidhe specialized in controlling nature and life - they had an innate ability to tell the real age of the other party. Without a doubt, they could tell that Zhou Weiqing and company were only in their twenties. Hence, the male sidhe assumed that capturing them would be an easy feat. Little did he expect Zhou Weiqing to display such intimidating and formidable abilities. All of a sudden, he was at a loss. At this time, there were more sidhe rushing over to their location from afar. Their transparent wings did not allow them to fly too fast, but the mere fact that they could fly gave them a huge advantage over humans.

Additionally, most of those sidhe were holding onto bow and arrows. The moment Zhou Weiqing saw that, he instinctively felt a sense of familiarity. He couldn’t help but wonder if his Peerless Regiment was stronger than the sidhe.

“There is a limit to my patience. From the looks of it, I have to get the attention of your leader on my own instead.”  As Zhou Weiqing looked at the hesitant look on the male sidhe’s face, he was somewhat disappointed in them. It seemed to him as though they had led a peaceful life for too long, such that they had forgotten how to fight a battle.

Faint rays of light flickered; a faint light was emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s face. His hands were folded on his chest, and the light in his eyes flashed - a bright Astral band of light rushed towards the sky. Indistinctly, an enormous phantom image could be seen behind Zhou Weiqing.

When the phantom image appeared, even Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Astral Saint Energy became a shade of dull gray in an instant. The gray astral light flashed and the hundred over feet tall enormous phantom behind Zhou Weiqing emitted an immense suppressive force that soared to the sky.

When the suppressive force appeared, all the sidhe, regardless of whether they were already present or making their way there, felt suffocated. Luckily, the coercive force headed directly for the sky. If it was targeted at them, perhaps the sidhe in the sky would have fallen down, or even get destroyed by it.

“Demon  God’s  aura?”  A  shocked  female  voice  was  heard. Immediately after, a vision suddenly appeared - countless faint green light rushed out in all directions. Another hundred over feet tall enormous phantom image appeared high up in the sky.

What appeared behind Zhou Weiqing’s back was indeed a Demon God, but it was completely different from the ones he had summoned from before.

The first noticeable change was its clarity. The Demon God that Zhou Weiqing summoned using the Nebula Saint Energy was wearing a black long robe, covering his entire body. His gray hair was so long that it reached the ground; there was a bright dazzling gray gemstone that was embedded in the center of the chest of his robe. Additionally, his facial features could clearly be seen this time. He looked exceedingly handsome, with a pair of gray eyes on that pale face of his. Nonetheless, there was a faint bloody line that ran down the middle of his forehead to his eyebrows. His enormous body emitted a demonic aura. Intimidating energy ripples were constantly emitted from his body - it was so menacing that it could cause the entirety of the sidhe’s sealed grounds to shiver in fear.

Not far from the Demon God, another phantom image was being condensed - it was much more stunning. It was an image of a woman decked in a long green dress. Almost all of her accessories were made from plants. Her slender waist was exposed, revealing her navel; her well-endowed bosoms looked as though they were almost bursting; her pale delicate skin had a healthy color to it and she had long turquoise hair. Even though her hair was not as exaggeratingly long as the Demon God, her hundred-plus feet frame made her hair look like a beautiful turquoise waterfall cascading down.

Similarly, the woman had extremely beautiful features - she had a pair of blue eyes that seemed to be filled with endless life aura, and she had three pairs of transparent wings behind her. Her body continuously released dense life aura, preventing the Demon God’s demonic aura from spreading. What a powerful life energy! Zhou Weiqing was slightly taken aback. In the next moment, something strange happened. Zhou Weiqing waved his sleeve, and under the layer of his reddish golden Astral Saint Energy, the five women and him had disappeared into thin air, merging themselves with the enormous body of the Demon God. Immediately after, a human-like smile appeared on the Demon God’s exceedingly handsome face. Coupled with his strange features, it gave off a very demonic vibe.

A green light flashed in the hand of the woman decked in a long green dress, and a scepter that was much taller than her appeared within it. She swung it lightly, sweeping away all the sidhe on the ground, leaving no one behind except for her.

“Mother Nature?” The Demon God’s cold demonic voice was heard. He was standing there the whole time with his hands behind him, without any weapon. However, judging from his crushing aura, the Demon God clearly had the upper hand. After all, Mother Nature was of a much lower rank when compared to the Demon God. Nonetheless, the current stalemate before them could only prove one thing - the individual who summoned Mother Nature was a lot stronger than the person who summoned the Demon God.

“A human who can summon the real Demon God and merge himself with it actually exists - even the Heavenly Demon Sect of the human world is not able to pull this off. Give me back my daughter and I will let you go. Or else the sealed grounds will be your burial ground.” Without a doubt, the Sidhe Queen was the one who summoned Mother Nature. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing, who was currently controlling the phantom image of the Demon God, was completely shocked. After all, he had only succeeded in summoning the Demon God with the help of his Saint Energy. The Sidhe Queen must have had some special ability in order for her to summon Mother Nature as well, and it was such a formidable power! If she had forcefully summoned Mother Nature by virtue of her cultivation base, then perhaps Mother Nature’ cultivation base was higher than
that of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. She might even be on
par with the great dragon Hui Yao.

“Let me say this for the last time, we did not abduct your daughter. We came here with no ill intentions, or else this place would have been strewn with dead corpses before your arrival, with just my strength alone. Furthermore, I don’t owe you any explanations. Even with your strength and power, I’m afraid you might not be able to keep us here.”

A trace of human emotion was seen on Mother Nature’ face. Her brows furrowed slightly and her blue eyes stared at the Demon God across from her.

“Indeed, you did show mercy earlier. However, if you think that you can succeed in getting what you want by using my daughter to threaten me, you have thought wrong. Did you think that you could use the Demon God to threaten me? It’s true that the Demon God might be stronger than Mother Nature, but I’m afraid you haven’t fully grasped his ability yet. The more powerful its projection is, the more strength is needed on your part. Relying solely on its aura for dominance is not sufficient. After all, this place is our sealed grounds - we are backed by an endless life aura. If I say that you’re not allowed to leave, you definitely will not be able to leave.”

Zhou Weiqing felt helpless, “Are the sidhe really that single- minded and stubborn?

The Sidhe Queen snapped, “Hand me my daughter and stop everything that you are doing now. Or else, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Zhou Weiqing was rather annoyed. He replied coldly, “Attack me then. I do want to see how merciless you are.”  Since the situation was as such now - if he could not use power to subdue his opponent, it seemed to him that regardless of what he said, the other party would not listen to him anyway. Even if he could not defeat the Sidhe Queen, at the very least he wanted her to know that his powers were not so easily crushed. In an instant, the sealed grounds transformed - an exuberant green world appeared behind Mother Nature, while a demonic gray world appeared behind the Demon God. Even the plants were engulfed by a layer of faint demonic aura. Zhou Weiqing had already tried his best to minimize the impact on the surroundings. After all, he truly fancied the sealed grounds, and had no desire to wreck it.

Mother Nature slowly raised the scepter in her hand; an intense green light of Life Energy gushed towards the Demon God, engulfing him.

Her goal was very simple - she wanted to exhaust Zhou Weiqing’s energy via the massive Life Energy present in the sealed grounds. As long as Zhou Weiqing could no longer maintain the energy needed to summon the Demon God, he would naturally lose to her.

The coldness in the Demon God’s eyes intensified; a gray brilliance flashed in his eyes and in the next moment, his long robe swayed, despite the absence of wind. Without any prior warning, a gray light blade appeared in mid-air, even though the Demon God did not make a single movement.

A faint ‘puff’ sound was heard and the green band of light flew all over the sky, like butterflies. The gray blade light had brought about a long rainbow with a heinous demonic aura, charging towards Mother Nature.

Mother Nature’ facial expression changed; she lifted the scepter high up in her hand, facing the gray blade light head- on. After a ‘clash’ sound was heard, energy ripples spread through the air. Mother Nature’ body swayed slightly, but the Demon God did not budge at all.

At this moment, the Sidhe Queen was filled with astonishment and shock. She had never expected Zhou Weiqing to be that strong. When she had arrived at the scene, Zhou Weiqing was only about to summon the Demon God. At that time, Zhou Weiqing had yet to merge himself with the Demon God. Even an ordinary sidhe possessed the Qi Observation Technique, let alone the Sidhe Queen, whose Qi Observation Technique was naturally much stronger, as part of the royal lineage. At one glance, she was able to tell that Zhou Weiqing was a Mid Level Heavenly Emperor.

Without a doubt, his cultivation base would have qualified him to be one of the top players in the human world, but within the Sidhe Tribe, it was not considered formidable enough to cause a stir. From the Sidhe Queen’s point of view, Zhou Weiqing must have had used a hidden technique to summon the Demon God’s projection. Even though the projection was so shockingly clear, it did not mean that the Demon God possessed any combat skills. With regards to this, the Sidhe Queen was much stronger than all the other enemies that Zhou Weiqing had dealt with in the past, because she could summon Mother Nature via a secret technique. Naturally, she was much more knowledgeable with regards to such an ability.

However, looking at the current situation, the Sidhe Queen realized that her judgment might have been wrong. Not only did the Demon God have actual combat powers, they all came from the true Demon God himself! How could a mere Heavenly Emperor achieve that? She was very puzzled. It was no wonder he had the audacity to kidnap his daughter. He was that powerful.

As the saying goes, ‘first impressions are the strongest’. The Sidhe Queen assumed that Zhou Weiqing’s intention was to kidnap her daughter first, before negotiating a deal with her.

This was also the reason why Zhou Weiqing was unwilling to launch an attack until he was forced to.

Mother Nature scoffed before waving the scepter once again. The long and slim scepter transformed into a long whip before it lashed towards the Demon God. The dense life aura in the air transformed into a long river; countless green light spots headed towards the Demon God’s body, along with the long whip.

A strong binding force appeared around the Demon God’s body.

A frosty look flashed in the Demon God’s eyes once again. This time, he finally moved - his enormous body took a step forward in the sky. At the same time, his right hand clawed into the thin air, causing something strange to happen. A layer of gray stream of air brought about countless dazzling starlight. The moment the green binding light came into contact with the starlight, they dissipated immediately. Some of them even merged with the gray stream of air.

Cold and gloomy light rays erupted abruptly. Vaguely, a tinge of anger could be seen in the Demon God’s eyes from the provocations it had suffered.

Seconds later, within the void, a long sword slashed the space above the Demon God’s head open.

“The Sword of the Demon God?” Mother Nature cried out in shock. Fear could be detected in her voice. Just like Mother Nature’ scepter was her weapon, the Sword of Demon God was his. However, the Demon God was still ranked way above Mother Nature. The Mother Nature that the Sidhe Queen summoned was the enlarged version of herself - everything was under her control.

However, it was different for the Demon God. As one of the most formidable gods, even a mere projection of it could not entirely be controlled by the person who summoned it. Hence, the anger displayed by the Demon God earlier was not the embodiment of Zhou Weiqing’s emotions. It was the actual wrath of the higher being incurred by the puny Nature Goddess’ provocation.

Therefore, the Sword of Demon God, which Zhou Weiqing had absolutely no power over, appeared.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was similarly in extreme agony. This was because of the terrifyingly rapid consumption of the Nebula Saint Energy within his body. Fortunately, he had his five ladies by his side. Apart from Little Witch, the other four women had already condensed their Saint Core Nucleus. Furthermore, Tian’er’s Saint Core Nucleus was also just as pure as his Saint Core Nucleus. With their support, Zhou Weiqing was able to withstand the rapid consumption of his Nebula Saint Energy. At the same time, he was constantly relying on his Saint Energy to absorb the Nature Elemental Energy to replenish his body.

The Sword of Demon God was not very long, just slightly shorter than Mother Nature’ scepter. It did not land directly into the Demon God’s hands either; it was simply hovering in the air.

Once the Sword of Demon God appeared, Mother Nature’ long whip broke into pieces and transformed into countless light spots in the sky. Ultimately, they pieced themselves back together to form a scepter before falling back into the hands of Mother Nature.

The frosty demonic aura in the air erupted in an instant. At this moment, everything between heaven and earth became a horrifying shade of gray. At this moment, even Zhou Weiqing could sense the terrifying suppressive aura. Even though he was the one who summoned the Demon God, he was already starting to feel out of breath.

The projection of the Demon God was already out of his control - he was clueless with regards to what was going to happen next. Nobody would have expected an unforeseen situation as such, but Zhou Weiqing was speechless because even though the Demon God had launched the attacks out of its own free will, he consumed Zhou Weiqing’s energy instead!

However, this was not entirely unfavorable to Zhou Weiqing. He had realized that when the Demon God was absorbing his Nebula Saint Energy and transforming it into Demonic Energy, he was also using the Nebula Saint Energy to assimilate the surrounding energy. Without a doubt, it was a lot more effective than Zhou Weiqing’s method of controlling the Nebula Saint Energy, even though it seemed rather strange. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to manipulate the Demon God’s weapon by solely relying on his cultivation base, even though he possessed the Saint Energy.

The only thing Zhou Weiqing could do right now was to silently remember the trajectory, and also pray for the Sidhe Queen at the same time. He had come here without the intention of harming or killing anyone!

Chapter278: The Sword of the Demon God

The dense Saint Energy ripples circled in the air and an overbearing suppressive aura erupted. Zhou Weiqing’s mind went almost instantly blank.

In Mother Nature’ eyes, the entire world turned gray.

The pressure of death appeared within the Sidhe Queen’s heart at once. Almost instantly, a high-pitched whistle came from Mother Nature’ lips. An intense green light wrapped around her body transforming her into an enormous green crystal. At the same time, not far from the crystal, twelve crevices appeared in the void. Twelve figures of elderly men had appeared out of nowhere behind the crystal. Thereafter, twelve green rays of light were channeled into the crystal at the same time.

‘Ding’ ——

A sharp sound was heard. It caused the entirety of the sealed grounds to tremble violently, as well as the surrounding space to collapse. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t even able to see the Sword of the Demon God clearly before it seemingly vanished into thin air. At most, he could only sense the trace of gray shadow coming into brief contact with Mother Nature’ enormous green crystal before disappearing.

Seconds after, the Demon God that Zhou Weiqing summoned followed suit and disappeared, revealing the six of them.

Zhou Weiqing’s face was pale - even though the series of blows exchanged were rather brief, they affected him greatly. It was his first time since becoming a Heavenly Emperor that he had exhausted such a massive amount of energy, he nearly could not withstand it.

The crystal in the sky and the twelve figures behind it were frozen.

Zhou Weiqing’s face fell - he could infer that the Sidhe Queen was a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse. Additionally, the twelve figures that appeared behind her were all Heavenly Emperors; four of them were Max Level Heavenly Emperors.

The sidhe enter adulthood at the age of 100, but those elders looked like they already had one foot in the grave - they must have lived for thousands of years! The strength of the sidhe was a lot more frightening and formidable than what Shangguan Xue’er described before. At this moment, the combined energy consumption of Zhou Weiqing and the five women was rather significant. If the Sidhe Queen could maintain the condition of Mother Nature and continue launching attacks, he might have to escape with the help of the nebula in the sky - he could not possibly stay there and await his impending death.

While thoughts raced through Zhou Weiqing’s mind, the enormous crystal in the sky started experiencing slight changes.

The twelve figures made a ‘puff’ sound and their bodies flew out at almost the same time. Each of them had a gray stream of air spewing out of their mouths - that was right, it was not blood, but a gray stream of air. It was as strange as it got.

Moments after, a piercing shattering sound was heard. Cracks continuously formed on the green rhombus crystal, which was over a hundred over feet tall! Looking at the huge and long snake-like cracks that were continuously forming, one could well imagine how shocking that must be. Finally, accompanying the violent rumbling sounds were countless green light dots that transformed into a strong life aura before dispersing in all directions. In mid-air, a figure came into view.

It was not the hundred-plus feet tall figure of Mother Nature, but a petite woman who was about 1.6 meters tall, with two pairs of transparent wings on her back.

She had long ears, and just like Mother Nature, she had long turquoise hair and blue eyes - even her outfit was the same as hers. She looked like a smaller version of Mother Nature – and just as good looking.

However, she looked very ill and pale - her condition was even worse than Zhou Weiqing’s. Her body shuddered in the sky and a layer of gray air stream erupted from her body. She violently swayed twice in the air; only after spreading all four wings did she prevent herself from falling to the ground, albeit with much difficulty. At this moment, her blue eyes were filled with astonishment.

Zhou Weiqing heaved a huge sigh of relief. From the looks of it, the Sidhe Queen had suffered quite a substantial amount of damage as well. At the same time, a sense of pride crept over him. His opponent was a Heavenly God! Furthermore, she was not a Low Level Heavenly God. Not to forget, at the last moment, she had received help from the twelve sidhe elders in order to block the Sword of the Demon God’s attack. Zhou Weiqing was only but a Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Jewel Master - he was very proud of his combat success.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing was aware of his own weaknesses - he could not summon the Sword of the Demon God as he pleased. However, after witnessing the formidable power of the Sword of the Demon God, his heart was burning with passion. If he were one day able to fully master the Sword of the Demon God, he would have no equals in this world.

“Who are you exactly? How could you control the Sword of the Demon God? Even the Sect Leader of Heavenly Demon Sect is not able to do that.” The Sidhe Queen’s voice was heard. At the same time, her pale hand waved in the air and a scepter landed in it. Faint green rays of light emerged once again. Just as she said, these were the sidhe’s sealed grounds after all. She used the tremendous amount of Life Energy to envelop the twelve sidhe elders and herself within it in an instant. Huge amounts of Life Energy could be seen constantly being channeled into their bodies, possibly to treat their injuries or restore their cultivation. Truth to be told, Zhou Weiqing possessing Saint Energy did not have much of an impact here.. If other Heavenly Jewel Masters had to face the Sidhe Queen head-on, they would not be able to absorb the natural elements within the sealed grounds at all. Zhou Weiqing could only do so because of his Saint Energy, and even then it was a struggle.

Additionally, the reason why Zhou Weiqing summoned the Demon God earlier, instead of using Astral Energy directly, was because of the Parallel Space. He was not sure if he could truly summon Astral Energy within the Parallel Space, let alone draw support from it. Hence, he thought of summoning the Demon God instead. After all, he had already reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage - he should clearly have a stronger control over the Demon God compared to before, and that was validated by his combat success in the fight earlier. Unfortunately, he was still unable to fully control the Demon God. He was far from being as adept as the Sidhe Queen in terms of controlling Mother Nature.

“I am Zhou Weiqing, a member of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Your Majesty, can we have a calm and peaceful discussion? You should be able to tell that while I might be unable to defeat each and every single one of you, if we want to leave, you will not be able to keep us here either.” Zhou Weiqing’s neither overbearing nor obsequious tone of voice rang in the air. At the same time, faint reddish golden light rays were emitted from his body, enveloping himself along with the five women.

He had no choice but to release his Astral Energy. He was brazenly competing with the Sidhe Queen for the natural elements in the air to recover their strength. Otherwise, if his opponents fully recovered their strength while they were still exhausting a massive amount of energy, it might be too late for them to leave.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Nebula Saint Energy, the Sidhe Queen’s pupils contracted. She mumbled, “Zhou Weiqing? The name ‘Zhou Weiqing’ is very familiar, I might have heard it somewhere before. You are…could it be that…ah! I remember now.”

The Sidhe Queen’s soliloquy made Zhou Weiqing rather confused. At this time, the Sidhe Queen looked as though she had reached some sort of realization. Her gaze started to soften.

“Do you know Phelia?" The Sidhe Queen's question took Zhou Weiqing aback as well. Zhou Weiqing stared at her in shock. “Of course I know her, she is my mother-in-law.”

Next to Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er couldn’t help but utter, “Your Majesty, do you know my mother?”

The look on the Sidhe Queen’s face softened even more. She looked at Tian’er and nodded, “You must be Tian’er.”

Tian’er hurriedly nodded. She was pleasantly surprised, “You really know my mother?”The Sidhe Queen nodded her head gently and looked at both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. She had a look of disbelief in her eyes, “Both of you actually managed to successfully achieve Saint Energy. It is unbelievable. Additionally, your cultivation base has advanced to such a high level. When I saw Phelia a year ago, she told me that the two of you might have found a way to train in Saint Energy. Never did I expect you to succeed in such a short period of time.”

Tian’er impatiently asked, “Your Majesty, can you please tell me where my mother is?”

Any child who had lost a mother’s love from a young age had experienced tremendous amount of pain. Tian’er’s thirst for maternal love was extremely strong. The Sidhe Queen lightly shook her head and said, “I am sorry, I cannot tell you where she is. Even if I told you, it would be hard for you to reach that place. However, since all of you possess Saint Energy, you might truly be able to help us.”

Hearing her say “us” instead of referring only to Phelia, Zhou Weiqing’s interest was piqued.

As she spoke, the Sidhe Queen descended to the ground alongside the twelve sickly-looking elders, landing right before Zhou Weiqing and company.

The oldest looking sidhe elder went up to the Sidhe Queen and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, Her Highness……”

The  Sidhe  Queen  shook  her  head  and  said,  “Since  she  is Phelia’s daughter, she couldn’t possibly be the one who kidnapped my daughter. Additionally, can’t all of you tell? This human, Zhou Weiqing, had been showing mercy the entire time - he had not harm a single sidhe from the start.”

Zhou  Weiqing  forced  a  smile,  “Yes,  Your  Majesty.  Even though we came here to ask a favor of you, we harbor no ill intentions. We did run into Her Highness earlier, but I hope you are able to give us a chance to explain ourselves.” Since she was well-acquainted with his mother-in-law, Zhou Weiqing had to be more courteous. Additionally, the sidhe were much stronger than he expected. If they had to fight to the death, they might not be able to defeat those powerful sidhe. After all, Zhou Weiqing could not fully summon the
strength of the Sword of the Demon God just yet. The Sidhe Queen furrowed her brows hard, “What is going on, and what is the reason you came to the sealed grounds?”

Zhou Weiqing did not hide anything from her; he told her everything at once - why he came to the sidhe’s sealed grounds, as well as what happened after they got there.

After she heard his explanation, the Sidhe Queen came to a sudden realization: “No wonder all of you could enter the sealed grounds – it is because of the presence of Saint Energy. Nature Energy was unable to stop you. Young man, you are one of the most outstanding human beings I’ve ever met. Even though you are very young, you have an impressive cultivation base; you could even summon the Demon God’s projection. From the looks of it, in the near future you will be able to surpass Phelia’s husband.”

The Sidhe Queen’s facial expression remained the same, but when the twelve sidhe elders heard that he wanted to get the Sidhe Queen’s blood, they clearly looked rather unhappy. Zhou Weiqing said helplessly, “You flatter me. Ugh, I did not expect any of these things to happen during our trip here. Your Majesty, even though we do not know what exactly happened, I am willing to help you look for your daughter. Everything happened too fast at that time and as a result, I was unable to
stop the perpetrator. I do not have a clue as to how he did it, but I still managed to leave a trace of my will on your precious daughter. It should help us locate her.”

If those words were said by other people, the Sidhe Queen would definitely not believe them. Leaving traces of one’s will on others was a very difficult thing to do. Even for a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse like herself, she could not confidently say for sure that she could do it. However, it was different for Zhou Weiqing - he possessed Saint Energy. Furthermore, she had experienced the power of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy earlier. Without the existence of Saint Energy, how could he, a Heavenly Emperor, be able to contend against a Heavenly God like herself?

Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian was not the only Heavenly God in this world. To put it simply, there were a few other powerful Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beasts who were currently living in seclusion, like the Sidhe Queen herself. Looking at the sincere look on Zhou Weiqing’s face, the Sidhe Queen nodded, “That would be very great. I was in the midst of cultivating earlier, when all of a sudden I sensed external energy ripples appearing within the sealed grounds. Seconds later, my daughter’s aura disappeared. If I’m not wrong, she’s no longer within the sealed grounds at this moment. I’ll have to trouble you to help out.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled. “Your Majesty, please do not worry. The reason why I am willing to help you is not because I want to get your blood in return, but rather, I sincerely hope that we can be friends with the sidhe. With regards to my purpose of coming here, if it is possible, after we rescue your precious daughter, we can discuss it further - I’ll see if there is something we have that you want, so we can make an exchange. I’m sure you know the importance of a full eleven- piece Legendary Set to human beings.”

The elders behind the Sidhe Queen looked extremely unhappy. They could tell that Zhou Weiqing would not give up on his objective that easily. However, at this moment, they were unable to interrupt their conversation. Even though they were not fond of these human beings, the matter at hand concerned the successor of the Sidhe Tribe. Zhou Weiqing claimed that he had left a trace of his will on the little Princess, and they did not doubt his words; Zhou Weiqing had such a high cultivation base, there was no way he would make up a story like this. Hence, they had no other choice but to hold their anger in.

The Sidhe Queen looked at Zhou Weiqing and nodded her head slightly; a strange look flashed across her eyes. At this moment, nobody knew what she was thinking. Apart from the strange look in her eyes, everyone could tell that she was deeply troubled by the abduction of her daughter.

After Zhou Weiqing finished his speech, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes, activating his Saint Energy and entering into a meditative state.

Even though the sidhe’s hostility had already vanished, Zhou Weiqing’s women still instinctively surrounded him. Their cultivation base was not low, and they possessed Saint Energy as well. If the sidhe were to launch an attack, they were able to put up a fight against them.

The reddish golden Nebula Saint Energy circled within Zhou Weiqing’s body, slowly rising as he carefully injected it into his soul.

After all, the soul is a type of unique energy that resided near a human’s brain - it was a part of life. If an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master were to do what Zhou Weiqing did, it would be no different from committing suicide. The human brain is very vulnerable - any minor injury could result in death.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was different - even if he sent a massive amount of Saint Energy to his brain, the Saint Energy would create a protective barrier on its own and not harm him at all. Saint Energy was a Creation Energy - it was not destructive in nature.

A layer of golden light gradually emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s head. On his forehead, a strange mark symbolizing the character ‘King’ could clearly be seen. What was even more mysterious was that, below the mark, there was an indistinct dragon-shaped pattern. A powerful spiritual ripple erupted almost immediately.

When Zhou Weiqing’s will was released, everyone was shocked, be it the Sidhe Queen or the elders of the sidhe. The fluctuations from his will were too intense and powerful. Even though they were within the sidhe’s sealed grounds, the intensity of the will shocked them to the extreme. The Sidhe Queen was positive that she herself was definitely incapable of releasing a will that powerful. Even though the will was powerful and strong, it could neither enhance one’s attack power nor attack directly. However, it meant that the user could have a greater level control and his scouting ability would be a lot stronger than others. To put it simply, if the distance that could be covered by
other same level Heavenly Emperor powerhouses was 1 on the scale, then with the help of his Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s distance covered would be 10. This was also the reason why he could find the entrance of the sealed grounds in the first place.

The Sidhe Queen hid her own will so as to not interfere with Zhou Weiqing’s scouting process. However, she could sense that it was heading in a single direction, as though it was being attracted by something.

Indeed, he left a trace of his will on my daughter. This scouting method had validated Zhou Weiqing’s words.

Not long later, Zhou Weiqing stood up abruptly and nodded his head at the Sidhe Queen, “Your Majesty, shall we make a trip there?”

The face of the group of elders behind her changed and the leading elder hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, I don’t think you should go. What if……” Zhou Weiqing was quick-witted, he naturally knew what they were worried about. He said calmly, “There is no ‘what if’. I will leave my wives here - Her Majesty and I will travel by ourselves to rescue the princess.”

The Sidhe Queen nodded, expressing that the elders should keep calm. She proceeded to hold her hand out, “Thank you for your trouble.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled - he had many thoughts racing through his head. He had already experienced the power of the sidhe; furthermore, without a doubt, there definitely had to be several mystical places within the sealed grounds. Also, he had just established the Peerless Sect. He had to create an alliance with the sidhe race. This was the perfect opportunity to bring them closer. Naturally, he would not let it go.

A reddish golden light flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. He looked at the Sidhe Queen and nodded, “Sorry if this seems presumptuous.”  Under everyone’s dumbfounded glares, Zhou Weiqing actually reached out to grab the Sidhe Queen’s petite hand and immediately after, a silver light flashed, and the space surrounding the two of them collapsed. A light flashed once more, and they both disappeared into thin air. They were shuttling through space. The group of elders continued to be dumbfounded; Zhou Weiqing’s wives did not look that happy either. Shangguan Fei’er snapped, “That bastard Little Fatty actually wants to take advantage of the Sidhe Queen.”

Shangguan Xue’er glared at her and said, “Don’t spout nonsense. Zhou Weiqing only did that to protect Her Majesty. Do you think Spatial Shuttle is that easy?”

Tian’er added, “Even so, we have to be careful. Who knows if he has any ulterior motives? He has always been a fan of ‘universal love’.”

Shangguan Bing’er did not utter a single word, but she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Little Witch sniggered, “What a ‘moral’ man! Indeed, you can’t trust his integrity.”

Just as Shangguan Xue’er said, Zhou Weiqing held the Sidhe Queen’s hand to protect her while shuttling through space . Otherwise, once they entered the other dimension, if she were to get lost it would be hard to get out. It was a rather huge threat to a Heavenly God powerhouse. The Sidhe Queen’s petite hand was rather icy, but it was soft and tender, rather comfortable to hold.

When Zhou Weiqing held the Sidhe Queen’s hand, he could clearly feel that the Sidhe Queen’s trembled a little, but she did not struggle. Clearly, she understood his intentions.

Zhou Weiqing did not have any dirty thoughts such as taking advantage of the Sidhe Queen in her own land. He would certainly not attempt anything that stupid. Additionally, now that he had five wives, he had been a lot meeker. After all, to a man, taking responsibility for his actions is a must. He already had far too many responsibilities; he could not afford to take on more. Additionally, the Sidhe Queen was a Heavenly God - Zhou Weiqing did not want to get himself into trouble. Besides, he did not think that he was charming enough to succeed!

On the other hand, the Sidhe Queen experienced a different kind of feeling - having her hand held by Zhou Weiqing, she felt rather shy. Yet at the same time, a sense of novelty hit her. She was the most supreme figure of the sidhe race and had spent most of her time within the sealed grounds. The sidhe procreated in a different way from human beings - they did not have to mate. She conceived her daughter using her own blood via a special technique. No male sidhe had ever touched her before, let alone a man. She was not only the supreme being of the sidhe, she also represented purity. Only the purest beings could be allies with Mother Nature. Even though her hand was being held by Zhou Weiqing and she was able to experience his masculinity at such close proximity, the Sidhe Queen naturally did not harbor any inappropriate thoughts. However, such an experience was a first for her. The novelty did bring about some excitement.

Additionally, after entering the space, the Sidhe Queen could only feel a soft yet supreme and dignified aura engulfing her body. That energy was more superior than her Nature Energy. Both Zhou Weiqing and her were surrounded by reddish golden light - without a doubt, Zhou Weiqing was using his Saint Energy to protect the both of them as they were in the midst of Spatial Shuttle.

Zhou Weiqing grasped Spatial Shuttle via his Blink Skill - one of the most important takeaways was locking onto the target, which was what he did when he was using the Blink Skill to travel through space collectively with the women. As long as the target’s location was in his field of vision, he would be successful. This was the power and might of Saint Energy. Of course, his high cultivation base was also one of the factors for his success. However, it was different right now. It was also Zhou Weiqing’s first time traveling through space like that - he used the trace of his will that he left on the princess as his locked target. If he succeeded, not only could they directly shuttle out of the sidhe’s sealed grounds and return back to the Boundless Mainland, they could also directly appear right in front of the Sidhe Princess. This was clearly the most efficient way.

Additionally, Zhou Weiqing was not afraid that the trace of his will on the princess would disappear. Reason being that he had full confidence in his will, and also, he had already locked their previous location as well. Thus, even if they lost the coordinates of the Sidhe Princess, he would still be able to bring the Sidhe Queen back to where they came from. Hence, he was full of confidence.

Traveling through space felt extremely bizarre. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense his Saint Energy getting exhausted rapidly. The speed at which the consumption was going at was a lot faster than if he were to fly. He felt that the consumption of his Saint Energy was the greatest when he used Spatial Shuttle to travel from the sealed grounds back to Boundless Mainland - a tenth of his Saint Energy was exhausted almost immediately. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was unaware that the Sidhe Queen was very shocked. The Sidhe Queen did not have Spatial Attribute within her body, hence she was not able to carry out Spatial Shuttle. However, that did not mean that she had no knowledge of it.

The Sidhe Queen had lived for nearly a thousand years, she was definitely very knowledgeable and experienced. Even though she could not perform Spatial Shuttle, she knew powerhouses with that ability. However, based on what she knew, even Heavenly God Stage powerhouses would not be able to carry out Spatial Shuttle for more than five seconds. Or else, their energy would be entirely exhausted to the point where they would get lost within space and would be stuck there forever, despite being powerful Heavenly God Stage powerhouses.

In Zhou Weiqing’s case, even though she did not make detailed calculations, she was positive that it had been more than five seconds since he started performing Spatial Shuttle.

So this is the wonder of Saint Energy. The Sidhe Queen couldn’t help but exclaim to herself.

In fact, the purity of Saint Energy allowed Zhou Weiqing’s consumption of his energy to be much lower compared to ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. Furthermore, under any circumstances, the Saint Energy would voluntarily absorb all kinds of Attributes in the surroundings to replenish his body. During the process of traveling through the other dimension, it naturally absorbed Spatial Energy, which in turn helped Zhou Weiqing consume less energy. Otherwise, Zhou Weiqing would have long been unable to withstand the massive consumption.

However, even so, after a short period of Spatial Shuttle, Zhou Weiqing still had to release his Dragon-Tiger wings. With the wings spread wide open, it allowed him to better absorb the Spatial Energy, which helped him last a bit longer in the other dimension.

Even though the Sidhe Princess was taken away not too long ago, the other party had already brought her somewhere far away from the sidhe’s sealed grounds. Of course, it was possible for Zhou Weiqing to break out of the space to take a rest before starting the second round of Spatial Shuttle, except that it would be very embarrassing! His intention was to display his power and strength in front of the Sidhe Queen. If he wanted to form an alliance with the sidhe, he had to show her how strong and powerful he was. However, he had absolutely no idea that his performance had already exceeded the Sidhe Queen’s expectations that were formed based on his cultivation base. She had already considered him to be a lot stronger than her - she overestimated him! “Found  it,”  Zhou  Weiqing  exclaimed  softly  in  excitement. Just as the Sidhe Queen was taken aback by that fella’s ability to speak while traveling through space, a light flashed - the both of them had broken out of the other dimension and were back in the normal world.

In the air, a crevice appeared without any prior indication. Immediately after, the two figures emerged. They happened to be in the way of a man in black flying speedily in the sky.

The man in black was flying relatively fast, but his senses were very keen - he immediately sensed something amiss. The crevice appeared right in front of him abruptly before the two figures appeared out of nowhere, catching him off guard. Instinctively, he dodged, in a bid to get out of their way and resume his flight. Unfortunately, he was their target.

“Trying to escape?” Zhou Weiqing hated that fella to the core
- he was made a scapegoat by that bastard and almost went to war with the sidhe as a result. Dark golden wave-like light lit up on his body; he had equipped himself with the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. His figure flashed, executing the Spatial Shuttle once again. As his body re-appeared, the Dual Legendary Hammers struck at the same time. Zhou Weiqing had used all his strength in that attack. The man in black was no ordinary person either. His facial expression changed in the face of Zhou Weiqing’s attack. He raised both hands up at the same time and gestured. A layer of strange distorted invisible halo appeared, blocking Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers.

It was Time Attribute - Zhou Weiqing had already known that the fella possessed Time Attribute abilities. The moment he saw the opponent use a technique similar to Time Rift to block his hammers, he couldn’t help but smile grimly.

Indeed, Time Attribute was one of the four Saint Attributes. With such power and might, generally speaking, physical attacks could not be pitted against Time Rift. They would definitely fail without a doubt. However, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were not that easy to be dealt with.

After the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was fully assembled, Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set had boosted some of his abilities. For example, it eliminated all energy present. That was to say that the supplementary power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set could go against any Energy Attributes with sheer brute force, and it also rendered the opponent’s energy- related skills to be ineffective. Amidst the loud sounds, the black figure grunted. It was as though he was being bombarded by cannonballs – even the sound of his arms breaking into pieces could be heard clearly.

The supplementary power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was indeed terrifying - even Heavenly God Stage powerhouses would definitely be unwilling to face Zhou Weiqing head-on. It was the Legendary Set’s first appearance in a battle; no one had seen it before. The bright golden armor was not only dazzling and aesthetically pleasing, it was also ranked first or second amongst all the other Legendary Sets, in terms of power.

The man in black was astonished. His body twisted continuously in the sky, when suddenly, he retreated a kilometer away. His broken arms had returned to their normal state.

“Eh, Time Reversal?”  said Zhou Weiqing in shock. Indeed, his opponent had just executed Time Reversal. From the looks of it, the opponent had mastered Time Reversal - he could proficiently control time, allowing himself to return to a few seconds before. Not only did he dodge Zhou Weiqing’s attack, both his arms had also recovered. As someone with the Saint Attribute, he knew that a person with the Time Attribute would definitely possess a few unique skills like himself.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Zhou Weiqing, who also possessed Time Attribute. Hence, he knew exactly how to deal with Time Reversal. His opponent was able to effectively use Time Reversal once, but if he were to continue using it, it would lose its efficacy.

As Zhou Weiqing was about to launch an attack, the Sidhe Queen on the other side had already taken action; the two of them appeared in the air. Standing before the man in black, the Sidhe Queen knew for a fact that he was the one who kidnapped her daughter. After Zhou Weiqing had launched his first attack, in the next moment, a layer of light in a soothing shade of green was released from the Sidhe Queen’s body.

The green light did not target the enemy directly - it dispersed in all directions. In an instant, the surroundings had completely become a shade of green, giving off exuberant vitality vibes.

However, it provided the man in black with a pleasant feeling as such. Indeed, it was full of vitality, but apart from the six Nature Elemental Attributes, all the other Attributes were dispelled, including Time. Additionally, the Nature Attributes within the green space could only be controlled by the Sidhe Queen alone. There was no way of enhancing any of his abilities.

This was the Sidhe Queen’s Nature Celestial Territory. The difference between a Heavenly God and a Heavenly Emperor was that the former was able to solidify the effects of the external surroundings. The special ability that came from this solidification was called ‘Celestial Territory’. Every Heavenly God Stage powerhouse had their own exclusive Celestial Territory.

Within the Sidhe Queen’s Celestial Territory, in order to put up a fight against her, you must either also possess a Celestial Territory or use sheer brute force. Otherwise, there was no chance of winning, unless you could defeat the Sidhe Queen herself within her Celestial Territory.

Previously, when the Sidhe Queen was fighting against Zhou Weiqing, the Demon God’s overwhelming menacing aura was so powerful that it vaguely created something similar to a Celestial Territory. Hence, the Sidhe Queen did not release her own Celestial Territory, as she knew that it would have been ineffective. However, at this moment, it was effective against the man in black. This was because both Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen had clearly seen that the man in black only had eleven Personal Jewels. He was only a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse.

Chapter279 - Whitish Golden Nebula Saint Energy?

As a Heavenly Emperor, naturally, the man in black did not possess his own Celestial Territory. As he was within the Sidhe Queen’s Nature Celestial Territory, it was impossible for him to perform Time Reversal.

“The Sidhe Queen?”  the man in black exclaimed. His voice was somewhat hoarse and it was apparent that he was trying to lower his voice. He seemed to be hiding his true identity - his entire body was wrapped in black clothes. It was impossible to see what he looked like.

A series of dark golden light rays started appearing and he was equipped with a nine-piece Legendary Set that covered his entire body. His helmet was an enclosed one, making it harder to see his face.

The Sidhe Queen and Zhou Weiqing were standing on each side, glaring coldly at the man in black. She said in a low voice, “Hand over my daughter or you will die.”

The man in black was not anxious at all, but he did not dare to act blindly without careful deliberation - if he were to make any sudden movements, Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen would definitely launch a combined attack on him. The man in black was not going to forcefully fight against a powerful and intimidating Heavenly Emperor that he had no information about, as well as the Sidhe Queen, who was a Heavenly God, unless he was a moron.

“I don’t know what Your Majesty is talking about, I am merely carrying out my daily activities, and I’m in a rush. Doesn’t the Sidhe Tribe stay out of human affairs? By doing this, you are instigating a war between humans and the sidhe race,” said the man in black craftily.

Even though the Sidhe Queen had a high cultivation base, she was not good with words. She immediately became more furious, “You……” The energy within the Nature Celestial Territory violently surged. Overwhelming energy ripples continuously erupted from her body. She was ready to attack.

As the man in black was hidden behind his Consolidating Set, his facial expression could not be seen. However, a layer of strange distorted light emitted from his body. It continued flickering, seemingly rejecting the surrounding Nature Celestial Territory. Zhou Weiqing gave an indifferent smile, “Who said that Her Majesty is stopping you? This has nothing to do with the sidhe race challenging the human beings - I am the one who’s stopping you.”

“You? Why would you stop me?”  The man in black did not turn around to look at Zhou Weiqing. Even though Zhou Weiqing managed to inflict some damage on him earlier, the Heavenly God Stage Sidhe Queen was more of a threat to the man in black.

At this moment, he was secretly astonished. He had never expected Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen to use Spatial Shuttle to chase and stop him in his tracks.

In order to capture the Sidhe Princess, he had been pacing back and forth outside the sealed grounds for a long time. He had even used up a couple of his perishable valuable treasures in order to increase his rate of success. After he had succeeded, he immediately fled far away, assuming that it was impossible for them to catch him. Who knew that within such a short period of time, the Sidhe Queen would actually appear right before him? At this moment, he was well aware that it would be very difficult for him to escape. All he could do was look for an opportunity. After all, to escape the clutches of a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse was a difficult feat! Needless to say, he had a hidden trump card too.

Zhou Weiqing smiled, “The reason why I’m not letting you go is because you have kidnapped my daughter-in-law. I left a trace of my will on her, allowing me to find you. Your Majesty, please deactivate your Celestial Territory. This matter is between me and this brother over here, it has nothing to do with you or the sidhe.”

The reason why the Sidhe Queen held back her punches was because she was slightly apprehensive. Even if Zhou Weiqing and her were to be able to stop that Heavenly Emperor from leaving, if anything went wrong, news of the sidhe would spread - particularly about the Sidhe Queen attacking a human. It could potentially cause the sidhe a lot of problems. Moreover, she truly did not have any cold hard evidence against him.

Most importantly, they were up against a Heavenly Emperor with the Time Attribute - at this cultivation base, anyone who specialized in Time Attribute would be able to use it to transmit news and information via a skill called the Time Image. Before his impending death, that Heavenly Emperor was able to leave an image in the sky and it was impossible to remove it. It would remain there for a long time. It could even retain everything that happened before his eyes. People with ulterior motives would be able to use it against the sidhe.

Undoubtedly, Zhou Weiqing said those words to resolve her dilemma. As for Zhou Weiqing referring to her daughter as his daughter-in-law, the Sidhe Queen did not take what he said seriously. She couldn’t possibly be aware of the vile thoughts of a certain somebody!

The Sidhe Queen looked gratefully at Zhou Weiqing. Without any hesitation, she deactivated her Nature Celestial Territory, and even retreated a few steps back.

She had some sort of blind faith in Zhou Weiqing due to the fact that he possessed Saint Energy. Additionally, since both parties were Heavenly Emperors, the man in black should have zero chance of winning against him. Not to forget, in her earlier fight against Zhou Weiqing, she ultimately had to rely on the elders’ strength to block the Sword of the Demon God’s terrifying attack.

The man in black stared blankly. Even though Zhou Weiqing’s words took complete charge, ruining his schemes, he had nothing to fear as he was only going up against one Heavenly Emperor. Besides, he was a High Level Heavenly Emperor himself. He was also not too concerned about Zhou Weiqing’s strength, as he knew that he was careless in their earlier exchange.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, or who your daughter-in-law is. I did not kidnap anyone. Just because you claim that you had left a trace of your will behind, it doesn’t mean it’s true.” In his opinion, even if it was true, the will was probably left behind by the Sidhe Queen and not Zhou Weiqing. He had no idea why he was with the Sidhe Queen, but it was clear to him that Zhou Weiqing went to the sealed grounds to take advantage of them, except that he ended up being made a scapegoat by him. He had never expected Zhou Weiqing to get away, let alone appearing before him with the Sidhe Queen herself.

He did manage to get what he wanted and had also successfully instigated a fight between Zhou Weiqing and the sidhe. However, he did not expect the fight to resolve that quickly, allowing Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen to catch up with him that fast.

Zhou Weiqing was still full of smiles - he always had that facial expression whenever he was plotting against someone. “How about this, if you allow me to conduct a search with my will, and if I can’t find my daughter-in-law, I will let you go.” “You must be daydreaming. I am an esteemed Heavenly Emperor, do you think that I will let you conduct a search just because you want to?”

Zhou Weiqing burst out laughing, “An esteemed Heavenly Emperor? Being that evasive and afraid to reveal your identity - you are not fit to be called a Heavenly Emperor.”

“How dare you insult me?”  The man in black was clearly furious, the time distortion around him intensified. If not for the Sidhe Queen’s intimidating presence, he would have already attacked Zhou Weiqing. However, all he could think of right now was how to escape.

Zhou Weiqing looked rather tough - his whole body was covered in a bright golden ten-piece armor. He had a pair of enormous hammers in his hands and a pair of purple wings with golden light on their edges. Coupled with the formidable power he displayed earlier, he was clearly not an easy opponent. However, he felt that his threat was effective. Without the limitation put in place by the Sidhe Queen’s Celestial Territory, escaping was not a big issue. At this moment, he was calculating the best way possible to escape, at the lowest cost. As long as he could successfully escape, his mission would be completed. “Insult  you?  You  call  that  insulting?  Do  you  know  what insulting is? Let me teach you.” Zhou Weiqing’s mouth twitched in disdain, “Looking at your evasive revolting behavior, you must be the scum of all scums, the beast of all beasts. And based on my observation, you were probably ill- bred as a child, lacking love as you grew up - nobody in your family loved you. Your left cheek deserves to be slapped and your right cheek deserves to be kicked. Donkeys would kick you and pigs would trample on you. You were born a walnut tree, the more you get beaten, the better. If I throw you into the latrine, the latrine would throw up and toss you into a spatial rift, which will self-explode because of you! Look, I am trying to talk to you but why do you have your face up your butt? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that was your face. Where did your butt go? There isn’t a cure for being cheap and despicable. Let me do a good deed and get rid of you on behalf of the heavens.”

Zhou Weiqing was solemn from the start to the end, as though he was recounting a serious incident. Furthermore, he spoke very fast, akin to firecrackers exploding in succession. He had humiliated him in a single breath. By the time the man in black had fully comprehended what he said, Zhou Weiqing was already done. He even wore a disdainful look on his face.

Not only did the man in black become hopping mad, the Sidhe Queen’s mouth also twitched - Zhou Weiqing truly went all out to reproach him, without using a single swear word. Looking at possibly the youngest Heavenly Emperor in the human world run his mouth like that, it was no wonder the Sidhe Queen was shocked. If she were in the man in black’s position, it was hard for her to imagine how angry she would
have been.

The man in black’s body started trembling uncontrollably. He pointed at Zhou Weiqing, “You, you, you……”

Zhou Weiqing scoffed, “What are you trying to say? Your sister! Even if you have a sister, I wouldn’t be interested.”

“Bastard. Go to hell.”  The man in black finally lost all self- control. As a Heavenly Emperor, he had quite an honorable status. He had never been humiliated by anyone to such an extent. Triggered by Zhou Weiqing’s smug facial expression, he could no longer maintain his composure, even though he knew that he should. Overwhelming energy fluctuations erupted in an instant. Originally, the distorted Time Attribute Energy was only circling around the man in black, but at this moment, it had spread out. The space within thousands of square meters became distorted with countless fine black cracks. It was not the sight of space rupturing, but time.

The power arising from time rupture was not as simple as that of space - once the target was hit, he might not necessarily get torn to shreds in an instant. Instead, he would either age rapidly or shrink in an instant. Additionally, the time ripples released from the cracks were different. Once the target was hit, the cracks could cause his body to show signs of time chaos. By then, he would be in utter misery, wishing he could die.

At a lower cultivation base, Time Attribute was unable to display the same might and power as Saint Attribute. It was more commonly used for defense rather than offense. However, at the Heavenly Emperor cultivation base onwards, Time Attribute as an attacking power could even surpass that of Divine Attribute, and even be on par with Demonic Attribute. In fact, it was even more tricky and hard to guard against. Terrifying energy fluctuations erupted in an instant; Zhou Weiqing had a disdainful look on his face. His figure flashed and retreated. A layer of reddish golden astral light rays started spiraling from his body, forcefully obstructing the time rift on the outside, not allowing it to get near his body.

At this time, the man in black went up to Zhou Weiqing. As he moved forward, all the time cracks automatically moved away, creating a pathway for him.

He waved both hands in the air. The long sword that was originally on his back landed in his hand. Just like his body, the entire body of the sword was black. A blade light flashed and a strange distorted black blade light headed towards Zhou Weiqing.

At one glance, the black blade light was only about twelve meters long. At the Heavenly Emperor cultivation base, an attack like this would only be deemed superficial. It was definitely not considered as potent. However, Zhou Weiqing was very clear about how strong and powerful that attack was.

That was not a simple and ordinary attack, and it was not purely Time Attribute in nature. The man in black actually possessed both Darkness and Time Attributes - a superior Attribute matched with a Saint Attribute. Such a combination definitely allowed him to be considered as incredibly gifted. Also, coupled with the attack power attached to the sword of his Legendary Set, one could well imagine the power and might of that attack. By perfectly combining both Darkness and Time Attributes, he was definitely worthy to be called a genius.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Zhou Weiqing. Being pitted against his attack, Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Nebula Saint Energy became distorted as well. Immediately after, his body did a subtle spin; the two hammers in his hands were sent smashing towards him as forcefully as before.

After a loud rumbling sound, the black blade light was shattered into pieces by Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers. Even the surrounding distorted time rays of light were jolted open.

As the saying goes, ‘An incredibly strong person can beat ten martial artists’. When strength reached a certain level, judgment could no longer be passed based on common sense alone. ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set’s property allowed Zhou Weiqing to rely solely on strength to face attacks by any Attributes head-on. The disdain on his face did not go away. Zhou Weiqing took a step in the air, and swung his hammers once again, attacking the man in black straight in the head.

At this moment, the man in black was extremely shocked, not because of Zhou Weiqing’s power, but because of his Legendary Set. The Attribute of his Physical Jewels was also Strength, and they were both Heavenly Emperors. However, he clearly acknowledged that the difference in his strength and Zhou Weiqing’s was worlds apart – it was simply incomprehensible. Why was that so? Could it be that his Legendary Set purely boosted strength? From what he remembered, the only Legendary Set that purely boosted strength was Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set. The young man before his eyes was clearly not Long Shiya. Additionally, Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set was silver in color, but this young Heavenly Emperor’s Legendary Set was gold in color. Furthermore, this young man’s strength seemed to be more terrifying compared to Long Shiya.

Learning from other’s mistakes, the man in black did not dare to forcefully attack Zhou Weiqing. He quickly retreated and placed both his hands together in the middle. The intense time rift in the air started rushing towards Zhou Weiqing. He did not pin all his hopes on the time rift to eliminate Zhou Weiqing. After all, Zhou Weiqing was still equipped with the Legendary Set - he could defend himself against most of the attacks. He merely wanted Zhou Weiqing to exhaust his Heavenly Energy.

After the earlier attack, the man in black was extremely calm. He knew that getting worked up would be unwise, as there was still a Heavenly God providing support. As he retreated, he had already harbored the intention to escape. With regards to his earlier humiliation, he would take his revenge on Zhou Weiqing another day. If it were one on one, he would certainly go all out to fight Zhou Weiqing and protect his dignity.

However, at this moment, it was clearly not the right time for him to go all out to fight him. Hence, when he was retreating, he intentionally chose to head in the opposite direction from where the Sidhe Queen was. He was waiting for the right opportunity.

As he was retreating, at the same time, the black sword in his hand undulated, forming blade light. The blade light was as black and distorted as before - they looked like countless black snakes wriggling in the air. The black sword shook and the black rays of light broke away from its blade. At the same time, they headed towards Zhou Weiqing in all directions. Since you are that strong, let me use technique and skill against you.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled, he did not budge or dodge. His body spun at a high speed and both hammers swirled about in the air, up and down. His speed increased exponentially in an instant; none of the black rays of light could touch his body as they were jolted apart by his Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers.

As the Sidhe Queen was watching their exchange, she couldn’t help but furrow her brows hard. Naturally, she could tell that the man in black was holding back, and that Zhou Weiqing was holding back as well. What are they doing exactly? It looks like they are putting on a play. A bad thought floated in the Sidhe Queen’s head: Are they in cahoots?

However, the Sidhe Queen quickly dismissed that thought. Let’s not talk about Zhou Weiqing being in cahoots with that man in black. Zhou Weiqing’s women were still stranded within the sealed grounds. If Zhou Weiqing really wanted to leave, based on his cultivation base, he was able to easily escape via Spatial Shuttle with his wives. He didn’t need to bring me here to chase the perpetrator. Because of her suspicion, the Sidhe Queen felt somewhat apologetic towards him. However, even if Zhou Weiqing knew what she was thinking, he wouldn’t have blamed her. After all, as a mother whose daughter had been kidnapped, it was only normal for her to be paranoid.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing neutralizing his attack once again, his eyes suddenly lit up. He swung his sword once again. This time, the black rays of light were no longer distorted. Instead, they became an enormous blade light that headed towards Zhou Weiqing, about to strike him.

“Eh?” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in shock. He held his hammers above him and shouted, “Open!”  At the same time, reddish golden light enveloped his Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers.

After a loud rumbling sound was heard, the space within a radius of a few hundred meters started collapsing and the man in black flew backwards with the help of the countershock force. Immediately after, circles of distorted light appeared behind his back instantaneously. The strong driving force caused his body to shoot out like an arrow. In a blink of an eye, he became a tiny black dot. He was waiting for that opportunity. He was not testing waters - he truly went all out when he swung that sword, or else Zhou Weiqing would not have activated the Astral Saint Energy to defend himself. He had also used the countershock force to escape. At such a speed, at least within a short period of time, it would be difficult even for Heavenly God Stage powerhouses to chase him. Additionally, when the circles of
distorted light spread out behind his back, they created a strong time rift, causing Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen’s line of sight, perception, and will exploration ability to suffer greatly, making it a lot harder to pinpoint the exact direction he fled in.

He escaped? The Sidhe Queen panicked and wanted to give chase, but just then, Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang in her ear, “Leave it to me.”

Zhou Weiqing did not move. He merely raised his right hand, pointing his hammer to the sky. A brilliant reddish golden light rose to the sky. Immediately after, the sky darkened.

Of course he had guessed that the man in black wanted to escape. If it were him, he would have similarly looked for an opportunity to escape, instead of fighting head-on. Since he had guessed it, he had naturally made preparations. In truth, he did not play a series of tricks on the man in black for nothing - he had a purpose behind it. After performing the Spatial Shuttle, the consumption of his Saint Energy was so massive that he needed some time to recover. Otherwise, he would not have wasted a lot of time spouting nonsense earlier on. Additionally, he did not use his full strength to attack him earlier. Right now, relying on Dragon-Tiger Transformation, as well as his own massive Saint Energy, he had nearly fully recovered. Everything required was fully prepared. Next, all he had to do was to reel him in.

The sky that was originally clear and sunny became dark all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the night sky was extremely clear - countless stars could be seen twinkling. When Zhou Weiqing’s reddish golden Astral Saint Energy was channeled into the starry sky, all the stars in the sky started lighting up. Seconds later, Zhou Weiqing’s body immediately emitted dense Saint Energy ripples, before vanishing in the next moment.

As the starry sky appeared, the time rift in the sky disappeared without a trace at the same time. The defense left behind by the man in black to obstruct his enemies had also completely vanished.

Formidable energy ripples erupted from Zhou Weiqing’s body. The strange reddish golden light immediately turned his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set into the same shade of color. Just like that, Zhou Weiqing’s body disappeared under the starlight. He re-emerged right in front of that man in black thereafter.

The man in black naturally could sense the changes in the sky, along with the changes of his Time Attribute Energy. However, he had no other choice. He could only focus on escaping as far as he could, at the fastest speed possible. However, what shocked him was that, after the sky underwent changes, no matter how far he tried to escape, he could not seem to get out of the night sky. Even the Heavenly God’s Celestial Territory was limited to a specific area. However, the dazzling starry sky seemed to be boundless. Of course he was shocked.

“It’s over.” Zhou Weiqing took a step in the air and waved his Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers at the same time. As he was waving them, two rays of starlight shone down from the sky directly on the Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers. Zhou Weiqing’s hammers started sparkling - it was as though two stars had transformed into his hammers. A chill ran up his spine as a result of the surge of overwhelming and terrifying energy ripples. The black sword erupted at full force, transforming into a black tornado, attempting to block Zhou Weiqing’s attack.

However, there was no way that Zhou Weiqing, a fellow Heavenly Emperor with the Nebula Saint Energy, would give him the opportunity to do that.

There weren’t any loud rumbling sounds this time, only a ‘ding’ sound. Something strange happened. The black distorted light surrounding the man in black had suddenly vanished. The black sword in his hand had also shattered into countless pieces, scattering all over the sky.

Zhou Weiqing’s movement did not seem fast. However, whenever he executed a simple movement, a ray of light in the sky would shine onto his body, boosting his Nebula Saint Energy in an instant. The nebula light at Zhou Weiqing’s chest became extremely strong; the original reddish golden light had started to become whitish gold in color.

After a ‘bang’ sound, the black sword shattered into pieces. The man in black no longer had any weapon he could use to defend himself against Zhou Weiqing. Out of helplessness, he had to go all out, engaging his strongest skill against Zhou Weiqing.

His body flew once again. This time, he was not escaping. At the same time, a dense aura erupted from his body.

At the Heavenly Emperor Stage, it was not as simple as the mere spurt of blood. Zhou Weiqing’s attack had directly jolted his body violently. Fine cracks had even started to appear on his Legendary Set. Of course, if it wasn’t for his Legendary Set acting as a shield, he would have suffered serious injuries from that attack. “Stop!”  shouted  the  man  in  black.  The  light  in  his  hand flashed and a beautiful little girl appeared. He attempted to use her body as a shield.

Zhou Weiqing’s hammer that was about to strike him stopped immediately. Wasn’t that the Sidhe Princess?

At this time, the Sidhe Queen had already rushed over. The moment she saw her daughter, she broke out in a cold sweat immediately.

The little girl was still unconscious. It was apparent that the man in black had locked her up in a storage of sorts. Of course, she was still alive, as the Sidhe Queen and Zhou Weiqing could sense her life aura.

The man in black gasped for air. He could not understand why Zhou Weiqing could become that strong in such a short period of time. What frightened him was that the powerful attribute that he had always relied on could no longer sense the presence of any other energy elements in the air.

Even when he was within the Sidhe Queen’s Nature Celestial Territory, he could still sense Nature Attributes - it was only difficult for him to maneuver around. However, at this very moment, he could not sense any other attributes and at the same time, all his attributes were being suppressed, or else they would not be that passive. He could not even exhibit eighty percent of his cultivation at its peak. Without a doubt, everything was caused by the dazzling starry sky.

He could not comprehend what was going on at all, particularly the fact that he had used all of his power in his last few attacks! However, the end result was still as such. He simply could not accept what happened.

Zhou Weiqing stared coldly at him, “What do you have to say now? Hand the little girl over and I will consider sparing your life.”

The man in black said ferociously, “Dream on. If I were to hand her over, you would not let me off. Stop talking and move out of the way. Get rid of whatever that is happening in the sky and let me go. Or else, I will shred this girl to pieces and take her to the grave with me.” He was very sure that he was unable to escape under the dazzling starry sky that Zhou Weiqing set up. However, he could vaguely guess that Zhou Weiqing had exhausted a massive amount of energy by using such an ability
- he could not possibly maintain it for a long period of time. Hence, buying time was his most effective move at the moment. Furthermore, with the Sidhe Princess in his hands, he was able to prevent Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen from attacking him, as they would be afraid of endangering the princess. This was also the reason why he had maintained his composure earlier.

The Sidhe Queen clenched her fists tightly out of anger; her beautiful face went pale. Looking at her daughter in his hands, one could well imagine how furious she was. However, at this moment, she did not dare to act blindly without careful consideration. Even though she had full confidence in killing the enemy before her eyes, the opponent was after all a Heavenly Emperor - he could easily kill the Sidhe Princess in an instant, before she got to him.

The man in black was very cunning - he chose to reveal the Sidhe Princess before he suffered any significant damage. In doing so, he was able to flee for his life.

“Did you guys hear what I just said? If you don’t listen to me, I will tear her arm apart.” As the man in black spoke, he lifted her lotus root-like arm.

The Sidhe Queen instinctively shouted, “Don’t!” Zhou Weiqing’s pupils contracted immediately. Tian’er had already been conceived with his child; he was about to become a father soon. Looking at his opponent’s despicable act, he was seething in anger.

After taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing slowly put down both hammers and said in a low voice, “I can remove the starry sky, but you have to leave the child behind. Or else, I’d rather kill indiscriminately than let a bastard like you go.”

The man in black laughed, “Brat, weren’t you very arrogant earlier? Do you think I will stay, just because you don’t want me to leave? Sidhe Queen, this is your child. Could it be that the both of you had committed adultery and conceived this child? If you want her to be alive, kill the fella next to you. Or else, hehe.” As he spoke, he had already straightened the Sidhe Princess’ arm - he only needed to exert a bit of strength to tear it apart.

“He was right, you are indeed a scum and a beast.” The Sidhe Queen could no longer control her emotions. Her body was writhing in anger as she continuously released strong life aura from her body.

A light flashed. Zhou Weiqing kept the Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers in his hands. He placed his hand on the Sidhe Queen’s shoulder, “Don’t be rash. For the sake of the child, we have to let him leave.”

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing lifted his hand and gestured it towards the dazzling starry sky. The stars in the sky slowly became dimmer, as though they were gradually disappearing.

The man in black rejoiced in his heart. He could gradually start sensing the presence of the external elements that were previously blocked. Clearly, Zhou Weiqing had stopped using the Celestial Territory-like ability.

The starlight in the sky became dim and something strange happened after. All the starlight seemed to become more distant. The dazzling starry sky had also quickly vanished - the boundless night sky had gradually shrunk into a small ball. A light flashed, and it fell from the sky right into Zhou Weiqing’s palm. It was as though Zhou Weiqing had captured the starlight in the sky.

Even though the Sidhe Queen was not emotionally stable, she was still stunned upon seeing that.

At this time, Zhou Weiqing suddenly glared angrily at him and shouted, “Didn’t you say you wanted to kill her? Do it then. Let me help you.” As he spoke, he abruptly lifted his hand and struck towards the Sidhe Princess’ body. A strong whitish golden light penetrated his palm and headed directly for the Sidhe Princess.

The sudden change happened too fast. As Zhou Weiqing was speaking, he had already began gesturing; even the Sidhe Queen next to him could not stop him in time. Furthermore, the man in black was completely taken aback by his words. However, he would not try to dodge for fear that Zhou Weiqing’s attack might land on him instead.

People are selfish by nature. Naturally, the man in black would choose to use the Sidhe Princess as a shield. Additionally, a thought flashed across his mind: Since this fella had the guts to strike the Sidhe Queen’s daughter, they would end up fighting each other. Even if the Sidhe Princess dies and my mission fails, at least I will be able to escape here alive.

The whitish golden light accurately struck the Sidhe Princess’ body.

“Scoundrel,  you……”   The  Sidhe  Queen  was  completely shocked. Her eyes went red and she struck Zhou Weiqing without any hesitation. A loud sound was heard and Zhou Weiqing’s entire body flew across the sky, spurting out blood. Golden and gray light rays were flashing alternately on his body. His body flew more than a thousand meters before finally stopping.

A Heavenly God was very strong and powerful. She had used her full strength to hit him, under extreme anger. Even though Zhou Weiqing had the protection of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, as well as the Immortal Deity Shield, Demon God Protective Body, and Dragon-Tiger Transformation, it was still hard for him to take the Sidhe Queen’s full blow without using any other defensive mechanism. Ever since he became a Heavenly King, it was his first time getting injured.

The right arm piece of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was entirely shattered. Cracks had appeared on the entire Legendary Set as well.

The Sidhe Queen’s anger had already reached its maximum. After she struck Zhou Weiqing, her eyes widened in the next moment.

That was because she clearly saw that the Sidhe Princess, who was still in the hands of the man in black, had entirely become whitish gold in color. The specks of starlight looked exceptionally dazzling and beautiful, as though countless starlight gems were carved from a sculpture made from white gold.

What’s going on? The Sidhe Queen thought to herself. On the other side, the man in black had also noticed that something was amiss, as he clearly felt that a repulsive force had erupted from the Sidhe Princess’ body. Additionally, the Attribute Energy within his body started pouring out in a frenzy, injecting into the Sidhe Princess’ body, as though the little girl’s body became a bottomless hole. It was certainly a terrifying problem for him.

Chapter280 - Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation

The man in black’s response was definitely fast enough and he made a judgment call on the spot. After he struck the little princess hard on the back, causing her to fly to the Sidhe Queen, he turned around and ran away.

“Trying to escape? Go to hell.” Zhou Weiqing’s cold voice was heard. A whitish golden light flashed in the sky and the man in black vanished into thin air, without making a sound.

Yes, he vanished and became a speck of dust in the air.

After dealing with the man in black, Zhou Weiqing’s body fell directly to the ground in an instant. At the same time, blood spurted out of his mouth.

However, nobody saw that his eyes were filled with relief, yet at the same time he had a slight crafty look in them, as he was falling to the ground.

As the Sidhe Princess flew upon impact, the Sidhe Queen immediately rushed forward at top speed to catch her daughter. As long as her child had a chance to live, no matter how small it might be, she would rescue her without any hesitation!

And at this time, something strange happened. In the split second when the Sidhe Princess got struck, the speed at which she was flying at was extremely fast. However, it was only for that brief moment. After that, she stopped flying forward and started descending to the ground instead.

With the Sidhe Queen’s high cultivation base, she effortlessly used Nature Energy to sweep the little princess up before placing her into her embrace.

Once the little princess was in her arms, the Sidhe Queen sensed something amiss. The little princess at this moment had the same huge suction force as before; she did not stand on ceremony with her mother - she absorbed the Sidhe Queen’s Nature Attribute Energy rapidly. What was even more mysterious was the fact that she started to grow a little, as she was absorbing the energy. She originally looked like a five- or six-year-old, but she looked more like a seven- or eight-year-old now.

What is going on? Even though the Sidhe Queen could not comprehend what happened to her daughter, she could clearly sense the presence of her daughter’s life aura. In fact, her life aura was a lot stronger than before. As a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse, how would she be unable to tell that her daughter was safe and sound? And without a doubt, the key reason why she was still alive was because of Zhou Weiqing’s strike.

Ah! Zhou Weiqing - what happened to him?

At this moment, the Sidhe Queen thought of that miserable guy. When she took a closer look at the sky, he was nowhere in sight.

The Sidhe Queen had never experienced such an emotion before - she was filled with intense regret in an instant: Why did I not trust him! He was definitely the one who saved my daughter, but I just had to injure him severely.

Without any hesitation, the Sidhe Queen immediately activated her Nature Celestial Territory as she would be able to sense everything within the sphere of her Celestial Territory immediately. At the same time, she wanted to absorb the atmospheric energy in the air at a faster rate to replenish the energy that was currently being absorbed by her child.

At this time, the silver starlight around the Sidhe Princess’ body had gradually infused into her body, and had stopped absorbing the Sidhe Queen’s Heavenly Energy, before falling into deep slumber. The Sidhe Queen experienced a flurry of mixed emotions looking at her daughter who had become a few years older, and more beautiful than before.

Her figure flashed and in the next moment, she had already descended to the ground, appearing in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Describing Zhou Weiqing’s current state as ‘dire straits’ would be an understatement. The Legendary Set on his body had completely disappeared; even his clothes had been completely torn up by tree branches as well as the rocks on the ground during the fall. His entire body was crushed against the concrete ground, with his limbs spread out motionlessly.

Anybody who saw him in that state would have found it hilarious, but in the case of the Sidhe Queen, she felt extreme remorse - not only did she injure him, he even used the last bit of his strength to help her kill off the enemy. Even then, she could not catch him in time, causing him to fall to the ground just like that. Zhou Weiqing, you must not die! Or else I will spend the rest of my life blaming myself.

As she was thinking to herself, a light flashed in the Sidhe Queen’s hands and an enormous leaf appeared out of nowhere. She placed her daughter on top of the leaf, which curled up thereafter, wrapping the Sidhe Princess within it. A green light flashed and it vanished into thin air.

After keeping her daughter safe, the Sidhe Queen carefully pulled Zhou Weiqing out of the man-shaped pit on the ground.

Anyone who saw Zhou Weiqing’s current condition would cringe in pity; due to his torn clothes, his skin was showing everywhere. Furthermore, his aura was especially weak - it was extremely hard to sense any energy ripples from his body.

At this moment, the Sidhe Queen had forgotten all gender differences. She ran both hands all over Zhou Weiqing’s body and found that the meridians in his body were badly damaged. As for his bones and muscles, they were not severely injured - the most badly injured part of his body was his shoulder.

She carefully turned Zhou Weiqing’s body over. The Sidhe Queen slightly shuddered.

Right now, Zhou Weiqing’s face was as yellow as joss paper; his aura was extremely weak; the Saint Energy within his body was in chaos. His right shoulder was completely swelled up - it was twice as big as its original size, so much so that his damaged veins below could clearly be seen. His entire right shoulder had already turned dark purple - it was almost impossible to check the state of his bones.

The Sidhe Queen’s voice was shaky, she muttered, “I… I really didn’t know. It’s all my fault, I should have trusted you. I……” At this moment, her mind was in chaos.

She carefully ripped Zhou Weiqing’s clothes apart, before placing both hands on his shoulder, in a bid to administer therapy via Water Elemental Energy. Trickles of life aura were continuously flowing out from the Sidhe Queen’s palm, channeling into Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Right now, the Sidhe Queen no longer looked like a strong and powerful leader. Instead, she looked more like the little girl next door.

Since she was a child, she was not only at the center of attention within the Elf Tribe, she was also well-loved and respected by everyone. She had never touched a male elf before in her life, let alone a man!

Zhou Weiqing’s thick muscles were full of manly aura, causing a great impact to the Heavenly God Stage Sidhe Queen’s heart. Even thoughts such as: So this is how a man is like? floated through her mind.

The Water Elemental Energy that the Sidhe Queen channeled into Zhou Weiqing’s body was rejected almost immediately. Even though the remaining Saint Energy within Zhou Weiqing’s body was very little, it was Saint Energy after all. Thus, when the Water Elemental Energy was injected into Zhou Weiqing’s body, it would get engulfed by his Saint Energy. This was the same for Life Energy; there was absolutely no healing effect.

What should I do? The Sidhe Queen did not even dare to move Zhou Weiqing at all. If he were an ordinary human, her treatment would have shown some results - after all, she had a high cultivation base. However, as Zhou Weiqing possessed Saint Energy, a mysterious energy that even a high level powerhouse such as herself could not comprehend, there was nothing she could do except to stay by his side and carefully channel some Nature Energy into his body continuously. Even if all it did was strengthen his Saint Energy by a little, it was better than nothing.

The Sidhe Queen was very clear about the fact that when a Heavenly Jewel Master had reached a certain level, it would be difficult for him to get injured. This was due to the fact that his physical body had become way too strong to be damaged or injured easily. But precisely because of that, when he gets wounded, it would be very difficult to treat his injuries. Even minor injuries could be very problematic, because the Heavenly Energy within a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master’s body would equally be powerful. Any injury could cause a problem in the restriction of the Heavenly Energy, and therefore could easily cause it to backfire and harm him instead.

Tiny beads of sweat were formed on the Sidhe Queen’s pale forehead - she had never ever expected herself to owe such a huge favor to a human being.

Zhou Weiqing’s condition seemed to be worse than her initial judgment; his aura was becoming weaker and weaker, the Saint Energy circling in his body was slowing down. There was a possibility than he could lose his life at any moment. What should I do, what should I do!

The Sidhe Queen was panicking. If Zhou Weiqing died there, not only would it lead to a chain reaction, she herself would also be unable to accept what happened. She was the main cause of Zhou Weiqing’s injuries and that was something that the kind-hearted Sidhe Queen could not accept. If Zhou Weiqing died, it would leave behind an emotional scar in her heart for the rest of her life.

In fact, this showed her lack of understanding of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s aura becoming weaker and weaker was a self-protection mechanism, and the slowing down of the Saint Energy’s flow was because it was healing his injuries. As long as the Saint Energy-possessing Zhou Weiqing was still breathing, he definitely would not die. He would be able to heal and restore his body on his own, except that the duration depended on how serious his injuries were.

This time, Zhou Weiqing’s injuries were indeed severe, especially so because he forcefully used up his remaining strength to kill off the man in black after receiving the fatal blow from the Sidhe Queen. This greatly diminished the remaining Saint Energy in his body, hence the process of treating his injuries slowed down a lot. Otherwise, his condition would shown signs of improvement even after just a short period of time.

Saint Energy was a form of Creation Energy, it was of utmost importance in protecting one’s body. It would never backfire and hurt oneself, unlike Heavenly Energy. Hence, Zhou Weiqing was completely safe and sound - all he needed was two or three days at most to recover.

However, even though Zhou Weiqing could wait, the Sidhe Queen couldn’t! She was currently going through an emotional turmoil.

Looking up at the sky, it had gradually darkened. The surroundings were very peaceful and quiet, as though an intense battle had never happened.

The Sidhe Queen looked at Zhou Weiqing; she had a troubled look in her eyes. She pressed her right hand against her chest a few times and held it there.

“He saved my daughter; if not for him, under that man’s threat, I would not be able to do anything. However, I hurt him instead and even put his life in danger. How could I be so selfish and only think about myself?”

After the Sidhe Queen muttered that, she had a resolved look in her eyes. She took a deep breath, and slowly removed the front piece of her outerwear.

To be precise, her outerwear disappeared on its own. The elves were sons and daughters of mother nature; at the Sidhe Queen’s cultivation level, her clothes were completely formed by Nature Energy.

Snow-like pale skin was slowly exposed, her body was entirely flawless. At this moment, she looked pure and holy. A layer of faint green light automatically formed around her - she did not intentionally release it. The light was formed as a result of the Natural Elemental Attributes in the air sensing her aura.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, the Sidhe Queen resisted the fear and nerves within her with much difficulty. Ultimately, she clenched her teeth and waved both hands. Thereafter, her long skirt completely vanished.

A pair of smooth and slender legs, possibly the Creator’s most perfect work of art, came into view; with her slender legs, perfectly round butt, and a slim waist that could be held with one hand - every man would go crazy just by looking at her.

The Sidhe Queen clenched her teeth and finally took a deep breath; her entire body slowly floated off the ground, and the green light surrounding her body became stronger. That green misty light made the Sidhe Queen’s body faintly discernible, making it more captivating.

Slowly floating above Zhou Weiqing’s body, the green light around the Sidhe Queen started flickering. A green halo circled in the air before slowly descending and enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body within it.

At this very moment, the Life Energy surrounding Zhou Weiqing’s body had become terrifyingly massive, to the extent that his current Saint Energy was unable to fully absorb it.

Immediately after, Zhou Weiqing’s body started floating above the ground as well. His torn clothes transformed into fine powder thereafter.

The Sidhe Queen looked at him and her gaze softened - all her troubled emotions vanished and were replaced by purity that could not be described by words alone. As she was in the air, she gradually bent her legs and tucked them into her chest. In doing so, it made her butt looked rounder. At the same time, both her arms hugged her legs; she lowered her head, pressing it against her thighs, curling herself up into a ball.

From the back, the Sidhe Queen’s long green hair had already fully covered her delicate body, including her appealing butt.

Dense bluish green light was released from the Sidhe Queen’s body. At this moment, she no longer looked like an elf, but a bright gem. The strong life aura surrounding her body had transformed into the purest form of essence. A bluish green circle of light gradually expanded, forming a huge halo with a radius of a hundred meters, with the Sidhe Queen and Zhou Weiqing in the center of it.

All anyone could see within the illuminated area was bluish green, due to the massive amount of Life Energy. Something strange appeared next. The Sidhe Queen, who was all curled up and bluish green in color, started to shrink, becoming smaller and smaller.

Within the timespan of ten breaths, she had actually transformed into a fist-size bluish green gemstone. A light flashed and the bluish green gem fell onto Zhou Weiqing’s chest and gradually entered his body.

Immediately, Zhou Weiqing, who originally had ample Saint Energy, entirely became a shade of bright bluish green. The stream of Saint Energy within his body started amplifying rapidly, as though it had been violently stimulated. The terrifying life aura was no longer subjected to the suppression of the Saint Energy. Under the effects of the overwhelming Life Energy, his Saint Energy was temporarily suppressed.

There was unexpectedly a tinge of creation powers within the Life Energy, but it could not create everything, but life alone.

During the Life Energy’s process of ascending, Zhou Weiqing’s body started undergoing changes. Firstly, the swelling of his shoulder went away rapidly. Next, all of his meridians started healing at a fast rate under the power of the massive Life Energy - they even became stronger and tougher than before.

Zhou Weiqing possessed Nebula Saint Energy - his vitality had always been strong. However, due to the effects of the special Life Energy, his strong vitality actually became a few times stronger. If Zhou Weiqing was awake at this moment, he definitely would have been extremely shocked - he never would have imagined the possibility of his physical condition improving any further.

Tiger patterns, as well as dragonscale patterns, gradually appeared from beneath his skin. Under the influence of the massive Life Energy, everything started amalgamating.

Previously, whenever Zhou Weiqing performed the Dragon- Tiger Transformation, dragon-shaped scales would appear on his body, while both hands and his right leg would undergo Demonic Change with the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline.

However, it was different this time - the dragon scales were still present, but the Dragon Emperor Bloodline and the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline started genuinely fusing together under the power of the massive Life Energy. The color of the dragon scales gradually became black, and gray tiger patterns slowly appeared on top of it. And on Zhou Weiqing’s back, a strange phantom image appeared out of thin air.

It was a type of Dragon-Tiger Divine Beast - it had the head of a dragon, the body of a tiger, the claws of a dragon, and the tail of a scorpion. It practically looked like the amalgamation of a great dragon and a Dark Demon God Tiger. It had the same color as Zhou Weiqing’s skin - its black body was covered in gray tiger patterns that were filled with icy demonic energy.

Regardless of whether it was Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline or Dragon Emperor Bloodline, they were both one of the most powerful bloodlines in the world. Zhou Weiqing had tried to merge them together before, however, it was only natural for the two bloodlines to repel one another. Thereafter, following Zhou Weiqing’s continuous rise in strength and power, as well as the constant rise in the power of his Saint Energy, the repulsion between the two bloodlines was no longer apparent. Under the suppression of the Saint Energy, the energy of the bloodlines would no longer affect Zhou Weiqing in any way, or cause him any harm.

However, the amalgamation was not thorough after all - the full might and power of the Dragon-Tiger combination were not fully brought out. Especially after Zhou Weiqing gradually comprehended the Demon God Energy, and was able to summon the Demon God’s projection, the Dragon-Tiger Transformation became something of little value to him, in terms of boosting his abilities.

However, at this very moment, the unique Life Saint Energy provided by the Sidhe Queen that was filled with life creation quality became the best agent to merge them together. Under its influence, Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon-Tiger Bloodline was finally able to merge perfectly together with the Demon God Energy, achieving the current Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation.
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