Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 261-270

Chapter261: Possession of the Demon God, Injuring Tianyue?

The purplish red light flashed once and disappeared. In the next instant, a large purple symbol appeared on Shangguan Tianyue’s head, and the Holy Light Dragon Possession effect was dispelled.

Such a seemingly simple strike, yet the effect was remarkably different. Why was this so? Tang Xian, Shangguan Bing’er and Zhan LingTian could only stare in shock with jaws agape. They could not understand what had actually happened to allow the Demonic Dragon Lady that Zhou Weiqing had summoned to breakthrough the defense of a Heavenly God Tier Skill.

Only Shangguan Tianyang was able to see through some of it. After the blow, the body of the Demonic Dragon Lady instantly turned illusory once more, slowly vanishing into the air. It was without question that with the single blow of its Dragon Silencing Seal, it had already unleashed all of its power. However, that was not the key. The critical key was in the powerful Demonic Attribute aura that Zhou Weiqing had given off. Not only did it deter Shangguan Tianyue, it had also boosted the Demonic Dragon Lady’s power in that instant. A Skill to boost another Skill? Furthermore, it was boosting an already powerful that had already stepped into the realm of the Heavenly God Tier. What kind of insanely terrifying Demonic Attribute power was required to do that?

Just as the audience were surprised, the wings behind the floating Zhou Weiqing’s back flapped abruptly. His entire body shot forward towards Shangguan Tianyue like a rocket. As he flew along in midair, ray after ray of dark gold light continued appearing around his body. From the start of the fight until now, he had finally summoned his Consolidated Equipment.

This little rascal was just too cunning. This was the single shared thought amongst the entire audience.

Previously, he had not used any Consolidated Equipment at all, and without a doubt it was because he was afraid that if he used any, it would give Shangguan Tianyue an excuse to use his own as well. Now that Shangguan Tianyue was temporarily sealed by his Dragon Silencing Seal, and was unable to use his Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills, he no longer hesitated to summon it all, boosting himself to the maximum.

That was not the only thing. The giant grey illusory figure behind Zhou Weiqing’s back had also charged along with him. As it chased him in midair, it somehow warped into a bout of grey light, streaming directly into Zhou Weiqing’s body. In that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, even his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, all turned into a crystalline grey colour, glittering and translucent.

His Dual Legendary Hammers raised up, slamming directly towards Shangguan Tianyue’s head. At the same time, ray after ray of lights lit up around Shangguan Tianyue without any pause.

Absolute Delay. Fetters of Wind. Curse of Doom. Spatial Collapse. All focused on control and restriction, as well as powerful single target Skills. It could be said that in this very moment, Zhou Weiqing was tantamount to six or seven Heavenly King powerhouses unleashing all their Skill simultaneously, the density of fire so high that one could only sigh in admiration. Even Shangguan Tianyue had to admit to himself that he could not accomplish this.

In that moment, Shangguan Tianyue’s body actually turned ‘multi-coloured’, each colour representing various restrictions, boosts, causing him to be unable to dodge anything at all despite having the full power of a Heavenly Emperor. In the end, he could only forcefully lift his arms, circulating his Heavenly Energy with all his might in an attempt to block Zhou Weiqing’s attacks. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had turned grey and overcast, filling the entire area with the ice cold demonic aura, causing the temperature to drop by at least several dozen degrees.


The Dual Legendary Hammers slammed directly into Shangguan Tianyue, without any flourishes. To everyone’s surprise, even with Shangguan Tianyue’s powerful physique and thick Heavenly Energy, he was actually sent flying by the hammer blows of Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing’s right foot stomped down hard on the ground, his entire body charging towards Shanguan Tianyue’s flying body in an unforgiving chase. At the same time, his right leg was swirling in the air in an illusory figure, and over a hundred crystalline energy pearls appeared all around Shangguan Tianyue. In the next instant, they all plastered themselves onto him, exploding with a terrifying accompaniment.

This was not so simple as mere Lightning Pearls! Each and every single pearl was glowing with Blue, Black and Grey. It was the Dark Demon God Lightning that he had not used for such a long time. In the past, he had used this Dark Demon God Lightning to defeat Shen Little Demon for the first time, when he was only at the three-Jeweled stage. Currently, more than a hundred of these pearls had appeared, and with his Heavenly King stage cultivation, one could just imagine the collective power of these Dark Demon God Lightning pearls.

Shangguan Tianyue’s body was still flying in midair, giving a muffled grunt. His clothes were already torn in many areas, and current Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were once again reaching him, slamming into his chest once more.


This time, Shangguan Tianyue was slammed directly into the ground. The drill grounds existed in another small spatial existence, but even so, his tall and large figure was drilled into the ground. A mouth of blood spurted out from his mouth.

“Tianyue!” Tang Xian cried sorrowfully. She no longer cared about any rules, charging towards him in a flash. While in midair, she did not forget to give a savage kick towards Zhou Weiqing, who had just completed his attack.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not dodge, even purposely moving his hammers away, allowing his mother in law to kick him in the chest. With his insane defense, how could that swift quick even injure him.

Tang Xian did not have the time to care about Zhou Weiqing, she had already reached Shangguan Tianyue. Currently, her face was pale, the pain in her eyes was clear despite the tears flowing out.

Shangguan Bing’er could only stand there, struck silly, her hands covering her mouth in horror.

Everything had happened just too quickly. From the time that Zhou Weiqing had given a warning, to Shangguan Tianyue falling on the ground critically wounded. All of it had happened in the barely the time it took for a few breaths.

Tang Xian’s hand was carressing Shangguan Tianyue’s chest where it had caved in slightly. Turning her head around to glare at Zhou Weiqing savagely, she snarled: “You bastard, how could you treat your father in law like that, to strike him so brutally. You…”

Zhou Weiqing said with an innocent look on his face: “Isn’t that what you taught me? When I first met you, you taught me to learn as many Control Skills as I could. Earlier, you also told me to beat up Father in Law. I was afraid that if I did not exert myself, you would not allow Xue’er, Fei’er and Bing’er to marry me. You can’t blame me for this!”

Tang Xian was instantly struck speechless. Since Shangguan Tianyue was injured so seriously, she did not bother caring about Zhou Weiqing any longer. Turning back, she carefully carried Shangguan Tianyue out of the hole he was stuck in.

Feeling Tang Xian’s warmth and gentleness, as well as how careful she was treating him, the pale face of Shangguan Tianyue forcefully squeezed out a smile. “Xian’er, I am alright. I lost fair and square, it is just that I never expected I would lose to that little brat. That brat Weiqing, to be able to have such power at such a young age, it looks like we can set our minds at ease to leave our daughters to him. Don’t blame him, what he said was right… you were the one who asked him to beat me up. Now, is your anger assuaged? All these years, you know I really wanted to say sorry to you, to repent sincerely in front of you. However, you never gave me the chance…”

“Don’t speak anymore. How are your wounds?” Tang Xian’s eyes were complicated, but it was without question, the majority of her feelings shown was worry and concern. Shangguan Tianyue shook his head, holding onto her hands. “My injuries are not important to me at all. Xian’er, do you know? Those years you left me, I was in so much more pain than I am now… every single day, suffering. It was only until you returned that it got better. However, you still continued ignoring me, and I continued suffering everyday. If you do not forgive me, then I will just stay here and refuse treatment, I might as well just die now. I really cannot endure this emotional and mental torture any longer. I really miss my
gentle, loving Xian’er!”

As he spoke up to this point, Shangguan Tianyue began weeping bitterly. Such an age, he was actually crying so bitterly, and he was still coughing out blood at times.

“I forgive you, I forgive you, I won’t ignore you any longer. Tianyue,  don’t  scare  me.”  Tang  Xian  held  onto  Shangguan Tianyue tightly, the emotions she had kept bottled up for so long finally exploded out.

At this point, Shangguan Bing’er finally broke out of her reverie, and she was just about to charge forward to examine her father’s injuries, but Zhou Weiqing grabbed hold of her.

“Let go of me.” Shangguan Bing’er said angrily. However, Zhou Weiqing just held on tighter, giving her a silencing gesture as he winked at her.

Shangguan Bing’er started momentarily. Although she was extremely worried about her father’s injuries, when she saw Zhou Weiqing’s wink, her mind suddenly cleared up. Indeed! No matter how reckless Little Fatty was, for her sake, he would never hurt her father! Could it be… there was some secret issue?

In the time she was thinking, Zhou Weiqing had turned to Shangguan Tianyang. Looking at the sandalwood incense that hadn’t even burned to a half point, he smiled faintly and said: “Uncle,  I  think  there  is  no  need  to  continue  with  this competition right? I think I should have the victory.”

A smile also crossed Shangguan Tianyang’s face, and he nodded, saying: “A girl has to marry out of the family eventually, since I have already spoken the words, I will definitely hold up my end of it. Today, let us settle the betrothal matters.”

Standing beside Shangguan Tianyang, Zhan LingTian was unable to say anything to stop it. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, his eyes were filled with disbelief. It was not too long ago when he was far above Zhou Weiqing, and he had felt a strong sense of superiority. Yet… now? Zhou Weiqing was no longer even on the same level as he was.

Just the fact he had already reached the Heavenly King stage was shocking enough, but now he had even used his Heavenly King stage powers to defeat a Heavenly Emperor Shangguan Tianyue in actual combat. Although he had also resorted to some trickeries to do so, for example manipulating Shangguan Tianyue into not using his Legendary Set, but the power and strength he had displayed was obvious to everyone’s eyes. What else could he say? Could he even say that he deserved Shangguan Xue’er more?

Although Zhan LingTian was extremely proud, but his character was honest and upright, a real man. He would not speak out in such a way out of character, and could only sigh inwardly as he lowered his head. He knew he had finally lost forever to this fellow in front of him.

Upon hearing Shangguan Tianyang’s words, he bowed respectfully. “Thank you Uncle for fulfilling our wishes.”

Shangguan Tianyang glanced at the couple of Shangguan Tianyue before he said with a sweep of his sleeves. “Come, let us move to another place to speak.” In a flash of light, under the aid of Shangguan Tianyang, the rest of them disappeared from the drill grounds. Of course, this did not include Shangguan Tianyue and Tang Xian.

As they returned to the grand meeting hall, Zhan LingTian did not follow them, instead leaving silently. At this point, there were only the three remaining, Shangguan Tianyang, Zhou Weiqing and Bing’er. “You two planned it all beforehand right? I never expected that Second Brother would make such a decision.” Shangguan Tianyang gave a faint sigh even as he said passively.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “I knew our act would not fool Uncle’s eyes.”

Shangguan  Tianyang  shook  his  head  and  said:  “This  has nothing to do with fooling me or not. Although you all have planned it out very well, I was still able to see that the actual fight was not faked. Tianyue had indeed lost, even if he released his Legendary Set as soon as he came out, he would not be able to beat you in the time for an incense stick to burn. Weiqing, you are truly far stronger than I had dreamed. From today onwards, in the entire Boundless Mainland, you have a spot amongst the powerhouses.”

Shangguan Bing’er stood at the side, looking at them questioningly. In a low tone, she said to Zhou Weiqing: “Why do I not understand what you both are talking about?” Zhou Weiqing laughed once more and said: “I will explain to you in detail later. Uncle, since you have also seen that the fight is real, don’t go back on your words!”

Shangguan Tianyang gave a bitter smile as he said: “Your threat was effective after all. Rather than let you run off and elope with these three precious nieces of mine, I might as well agree in a straightforward fashion and let you all be happy. However, you must remember what you said. Out of the three of them, no matter who has the first child, he or she must be become the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. It looks like this old fellow here will have to toil for a few dozen more years.”

Zhou Weiqing said laughingly: “That is no problem. Uncle, that is called able people should do more work.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s expression grew serious once again as he said: “Alright, so this matter is fixed, and I will settle it. However, you will need to begin to return and settle your own issues soon. In the year that you have left, there have been many changes in the entire mainland, some not small at all.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed. “My Heavenly Bow Empire…?” Shangguan Tianyang waved his hand and said: “Do not worry, your Heavenly Bow Empire is fine, and all is normal. Their progress and development is pretty good. The reason why Xue’er and Fei’er aren’t here is because they have gone to assist the fight in the Heavenly Bow Empire. Currently, the majority of the old territory of the Heavenly Bow Empire has already been reclaimed, and your armies are currently outside the Heavenly Bow City having a standoff against a combined army of Kalise and Bai Da Empire forces. However, they have not started their attack yet… and it will be a good time for you to return as soon as you can, to take care of it.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. “Then…   when  you  said  there  were  great  changes  in  the mainland, what were you referring to? Could it be… the WanShou Empire has some large actions again?”

Shangguan Tianyang sighed and said: “If it was the WanShou Empire, we would not be so afraid. Although the WanShou Empire is extremely powerful, there is still us and the Fei Li Empire, Bao Po Empire to hold out against him. It is nearly impossible for them to succeed in actually breaking through and entering our inner territories. The real problem has come from within!” “The Dan Dun Empire has made their move?” Zhou Weiqing said with some surprise.

Shangguan Tianyang nodded. “Not just made a move… but a huge move. The Geritimo Empire has been wiped out totally.”

“What?!” Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be caught by surprise. Although a portion of the Geritimo Empire had indeed been invaded and seized by the Dan Dun Empire, the ZhongTian Empire had intervened to mediate soon after. The Dan Dun Empire had also gone silent after that, without any other movement. However, now that the Geritimo Empire had actually been destroyed, that could only mean one thing… the Dan Dun Empire no longer cared about the opinions of the ZhongTian Empire, or perhaps one could even say they stood opposed to the ZhongTian Empire!

It had to be known, the Geritimo Empire was one of the large and powerful Empires in the Boundless Mainland, and its total strength would not lose to the Fei Li Empire. For them to be totally wiped out in such a short period of time, one could imagine how powerful the Dan Dun Empire had grown… definitely enough to challenge and begin to threaten the ZhongTian Empire. “Does that matter include the involvement of the Bai Da Empire?”  Zhou  Weiqing  asked  what  he  was  most  worried about.

“Yes,  indeed.  Not  only  that,  the  situation  is  already  very clear.”  Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes clearly showed his worry. “Almost  at  the  same  time  as  the  Geritimo  Empire  was destroyed, the Bai Da Empire made a declaration that they would be changing their name to the Bai Da Kingdom, and they would now be part of the Dan Dun Empire as a vassal state. It can be considered that these two large Empires have officially joined forces, with the Dan Dun Empire at the head. Furthermore, since they have now occupied Geritimo’s territories, their total landmass would now surpass even our ZhongTian Empire. Currently, they are invading and swallowing up the various smaller countries between themselves and our ZhongTian Empire, and are thus continuously growing larger and stronger.”

Zhou Weiqing could only stare with jaw agape as he listened to Shangguan Tianyang’s words. He had never imagined that in just a mere span of a year, so many important changes would occur. The Dan Dun Empire could be said to have risen so rapidly, using a brutal and tyrannical force to forcefully unite the entire south of the Boundless Mainland. “Hasn’t the ZhongTian Empire done anything regarding this matter?” Zhou Weiqing said with disbelief.

Shangguan Tianyang gave a bitter smile as he said: “The majority of our forces are on the northern border. Even if we move them out, we can only protect ourselves, and not those smaller Empires. My greatest worry now is that once the Dan Dun Empire has finished conquering the South, they will turn their attentions to us. More importantly, they can seize the opportunity of the annual winter attacks of the WanShou Empire to launch a surprise pincer attack on us. If that happens, I’m afraid that even our ZhongTian Empire will be in serious trouble.”

What he did not mention was that if not for the fact the situation in the mainland was so grave, perhaps he might not have agreed so quickly to the marriage between Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Xue’er… perhaps even rejecting it. However, in such a critical moment, the ZhongTian Empire truly needed the aid of the Heavenly Bow Empire. It had been growing stronger all this while, and was in the perfect position to tie down the southwestern forces of the Dan Dun Empire. If they lost this important ally in this time, then the ZhongTian Empire would have its back and belly exposed to their enemies. Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow slightly as he said: “It looks like I have to rush back to the Heavenly Bow Empire.”

Shangguan Tianyang nodded and said: “Weiqing, in terms of military manpower, our ZhongTian Empire is currently facing the situation where we are exposing our elbows when we fasten our jackets, and we are unable to help you on that end. However, in terms of resources and supplies, you do not need to worry at all. I will get Tianxing to ensure that the supplies will flow continuously to you in a steady fashion. I hope that you can begin your move as quickly as possible. Not just to save your family, but also to act out in the southwest region. If you have any conditions, you can ask for it right now.”

After some thought, Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “I do not have any conditions, but I would like to have Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er remain by my side. Only when they are close to me can I feel at ease. Furthermore, I have already reached the Heavenly King stage. If I fought against the Bai Da Empire, I’ll need your help to interfere with the judgement of the Heavenly Jewel Masters in the continent.”

Shangguan Tianyang nodded and said: “That is no problem at all, naturally I will handle it. After all, the Blood Red Hell has shown signs of that Destructive Attribute energies, and it might possibly be related to the Nether Realm. In terms of public opinion, you do not need to worry. However, you must be careful. The Blood Red Hell will definitely not sit back, and they will also send powerhouses after all of you. In this matter, I will also be unable to give you any support. Currently, more than half of our ZhongTian powerhouses have already been mobilized to the southern borders to prepare to faceoff against the Dan Dun Empire. That will be our main battlefield, and we cannot afford to make any mistakes there.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying: “As long as I am able to use my full strength, I have absolute confidence.”

Shangguan Tianyang said: “With the current situation, even if I wanted you to hold back, it is impossible for us.”

Zhou Weiqing replied: “In that case, we will leave the Island as quickly as possible and return to settle things as soon as possible. Do not worry, in less than a month, we will definitely launch an attack against the Kalise and Bai Da forces.”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled in return. “It doesn’t really have to be that quick. You two have just returned, let Bing’er, Tianyue and her mother have a few days of reunion before you leave.” Zhou Weiqing grinned wickedly as he said: “I’m sure that my dear Father-in-Law is currently unable to focus on his daughter. It is better that I leave soon, otherwise my mother- in-law might suddenly appear to ‘visit’ me. After all, this time I have played the role of the villain.”

Hearing his words, Shangguan Tianyang couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement. “Well, it isn’t like you didn’t gain a great benefit yourself from playing the villain right? In any case, it is good to see my brother’s family get back together again, and at least I can rest easy in that matter.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled as he said: “In that case, we will take our leave now.” His heart was truly eager to go home. With his forces ready to siege his homeland and reclaim the most important Capital City, to complete the revival of their Empire, his feelings were definitely very complicated. No matter what, the most important thing now was to rescue his family.”

Holding onto Shangguan Bing’er’s hands, they bade farewell to Shangguan Tianyang before leaving the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not hold back, hugging Shangguan Bing’er in his embrace as he soared into the skies, flying to the southwest and to his home. “Little Fatty, did you plan all of that out with my father?” Shangguan Bing’er was no fool, and after listening to the discourse between Zhou Weiqing and her uncle, she could already guess what had happened.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said: “It can be considered as that, though the details of the plan was a little derailed by the changing circumstances. Do not worry, I am finally your official husband, how could I possibly dare to truly hurt your father? He did sustain some injuries, but those were more self inflicted than naught.”

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing met up with Shangguan Tianyue, both of them had exchanged words via voice- transference. Of course, no one else had noticed that.

This cunning ruse of self-injury to regain Tang Xian’s favour was a plan concocted after the father and son (in-law) duo’s discussion.

Shangguan Tianyue knew about Shangguan Tianyang’s original intentions for Zhou Weiqing. However, he did truly care for the youth and placed high importance on him. More importantly, do not forget that he was a father! On the surface, for Xue’er to inherit the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and become the future Palace Master was a great honour, making her one of the most important person in the entire world. However, Shangguan Tianyue was extremely clear what was most important to a woman.

As such, he would rather risk some unhappiness from his brother and still informed Zhou Weiqing of some issues.

After that, all that had happened was naturally part of their plan. However, Shangguan Tianyue did not expect that Zhou Weiqing’s true power was already more than sufficient to actually fight equally with him.

When they had first started fighting, Shangguan Tianyue had been prepared to take it easy on him. However, as Zhou Weiqing displayed his full power and held the upper hand, up until the end Shangguan Tianyue was already defending with nearly all his strength. Alas, he had already lost the first strike opportunity and was too far on the back foot, especially since he had not even used his Consolidated Equipment, thus losing to Zhou Weiqing in such a seemingly easy fashion. When Zhou Weiqing had used the Possession of the Demon God in the clash against Shangguan Tianyue, the first strike had been real, but the second was actually fake. Simply put, the first strike had been using the ‘crying-face’ Hammer, while the second was with the ‘smiling-face’ Hammer. As for the reason why Shangguan Tianyue looked so critically injured, naturally the majority of it was self inflicted.

Previously, Shangguan Tianyue had already informed Zhou Weiqing that he could handle the severity of his own injuries.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing had gone all out in the fight against Shangguan Tianyue was twofold. Firstly, he was afraid that Shangguan Tianyang would see through their act if he held back too much. Secondly, he also wanted to test his strength, to see how far he had come. With a Heavenly Emperor willing to fight against him without malice, this was naturally a good opportunity.

The facts had once again proven that old ginger is always the spiciest. Despite the realism of their fight, due to Shangguan Tianyue’s actions at the end, Shangguan Tianyang had still managed to see through their act. Luckily, he did not stop them and they had walked away.

Previously, when he was watching Shangguan Tianyue’s emotional revealing and speech to Tang Xian, Zhou Weiqing had almost laughed out loud. Who said my acting was so great? Compared to my father-in-law, I still have much to learn!

Shangguan Bing’er stared at Zhou Weiqing with jaw agape as he explained the situation, and she couldn’t help but wear a strange expression as conflicted emotions rose through her.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, they won’t have time to worry about you now, so let’s leave quickly. Otherwise, if mother-in-law comes to look for me, I won’t be able to do anything! For the sake of your father’s happiness, this time I have taken the rap. In the future, I still don’t know how to explain things to her…”

Shangguan Bing’er’s beautiful eyes widened. “You terrible fellow, you actually teamed up with my father to lie to mother. You two are just too bad!”

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said righteously. “How can this be considered a real lie? This is a kindly white lie… Do you really want to see them be in the state of ‘cold war’ forever? Can’t you see how much your father was suffering? Isn’t this much better now, once that barrier between them was pierced open, who knows what fire and lightning would rain down. You never know… you might even gain a little brother or little
sister soon!”

Shangguan Bing’er blushed as she said: “You rascal, stop speculating  about  my  parents’  matters.”  Although  she  said those words, she sighed in relief inwardly.

A girl’s worst fear was that her husband would not have a harmonious relationship with her family, which looked to be the case today when Zhou Weiqing hurt Shangguan Tianyue so badly. In that instant, Shangguan Bing’er was at a total loss. Now, she found out that it was all a show, and she could set her mind at ease.

Of course, now that she no longer had to worry about her parents, her mind couldn’t help but wander. Although she did not voice it out, she was truly surprised. Little Fatty had already grown to such a level of power?

The two made their way at full speeds. Along the way, Zhou Weiqing barely rested at all, and even their meals were eaten in mid flight. Shangguan Bing’er did not bring up the matter of resting. Although Zhou Weiqing was always smiling and cheerful, the worry deep in his eye was clear to her. In such a situation, she would definitely support her man with her body, heart and soul.

After a mere three days of travel, they had already arrived in the Heavenly Bow Empire. After stopping to ask for directions, they quickly grasped where their army was now.

Just like what Shangguan Tianyang had said, the Heavenly Bow Empire’s armies were camped in the Stars Forest, just outside the Heavenly Bow City. They had surrounded the Heavenly Bow City in a semi-circle, and looked to be ready to launch an all out assault. As for the details regarding both sides’ military might, it was not something that could be discovered by simply asking around.

After grasping this news, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er headed straight to the frontlines.

Their speed of flight was just too quick, and the Heavenly Bow Empire had never been large. In less than a day, they could already see the encampment of the Heavenly Bow Empire armies. Under cloud cover, Zhou Weiqing was not afraid of being discovered. Since he had the superior vantage point from above, he would be able to study the camp easily.

In just a few moments of studying the camp, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be greatly impressed. Ming Yu truly lived up to his title as the Fei Li God General. Zhou Weiqing had to admit to himself that he would not be able to arrange his forces in such a formation.

From their vantage position in the skies, there were at least a hundred thousand men camped outside the Stars Forest. There was also a portion of their forces camped directly in the forest, but he was unable to determine their exact numbers.

The entire camp was set up to ensure they could cover each other. There were watchtowers erected in all positions, and groups of patrolling cavalry weaved in and out of the camp areas. Once there was any suspicious stirrings, the entire army could be mobilized easily in this formation without being in a mess. Furthermore, no matter if it was the soldiers going through drill practice, or the various patrols, it was clear that they were orderly and disciplined.

It had to be known. From the time that Ming Yu had joined up with the ZhongTian Empire, barely two years had passed. In this short period of time, he had forged the Heavenly Bow Empire armies into its current state, to have such powerful combat abilities. If Zhou Weiqing had been the one in charge, he did not have the confidence to say he could duplicate this result.

Currently, their Heavenly Bow Empire army did not merely have the strength to revive their Empire, even counterattacking was not an issue at all.

“Little Fatty, let us go down.” Shangguan Bing’er said gently.

Zhou Weiqing nodded in agreement, holding her by her slim waist. The young couple descended from the skies, but they did not fly directly into the camp to prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings. They landed outside the camp before walking in the direction of the camp.

“Who are you?” Before they had walked a hundred metres, four soldiers burst out from the two sides to surround them.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had noticed them long before. However, if it was just using vision alone, the four of them had been well hidden and out of sight. Now that they had left their hiding spots, only then did Zhou Weiqing see it was because they had dug four holes in the ground, with plenty of cover on top. There were also grass and thatch woven onto their shields, thus allowing them to remain hidden in the ground without being discovered.

This was their hidden guards.

Looking at the four blades gleaming with cold light, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily. “Stand down, we are on the same side.”

“Same side?”  One of the guards, clearly the leader, looked questioningly at Zhou Weiqing. When he moved his gaze to Shangguan Bing’er, he shuddered. With a thud, he knelt down on one knee, saying respectfully to her: “Greetings Drillmaster, this subordinate is Sun Pao. We are scouts from the Fourth Regiment, Twenty-seventh Company.”

The other guards followed suit to greet Shangguan Bing’er.

Zhou Weiqing rubbed his nose in embarrassment, saying with a wry grin: “It looks like this Commander in Chief isn’t as well known as you, Drillmaster!” Shangguan Bing’er giggled, saying: “Who asked you to be so lazy and not reveal your face in public more often? This also proves that my sisters are toiling so hard on your behalf.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned in delight, saying: “Alright, everyone stand up. To prevent any other misunderstandings, two of you guide us into the camp to meet Ming Yu.”

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had not lowered his voice when speaking to Shangguan Bing’er, and the guards had naturally heard him. Commander in Chief? What did that mean? They were all confused. They had seen Shangguan Bing’er before from a distance, and they knew their Drillmaster’s fame and reputation in the entire camp was rivaled only by Commander Ming Yu. So… who was this young man beside her?

Seeing the hesitant looks on the four guards, Zhou Weiqing said helplessly: “Nevermind, I’ll do it myself.”  He was rather impatient to find out about the current situation and did not wish to waste anymore time.

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing raised his right hand and slapped it into the air. Instantly, the air began to rumble agitatedly. A massive dragon formed from lightning coalesced into existence, soaring into the skies as the four guards watched with bulging eyes. An ear-splitting crash of lightning accompanied the strong energy reverberations, spreading out far and wide.

The lightning dragon spun around in the air before emitting a series of thunder and lightning. At last, it slowly vanished.

Before the piercing glow of the lightning had faded away, the main Heavenly Bow army camp had already responded. A hundred figures rose into the skies from the main camp, rushing over to the area of disturbance at top speed.

Although they were still a distance away, Zhou Weiqing could already see that this hundred men were all from his familiar Peerless Air Force!

They had been apart for a year, and seeing this Peerless Air Force that he had personally trained and forged, he instantly felt the warmth of home.

The hundred-strong Air Force soon arrived, their Consolidated Bows drawn to full crescents. Shockingly, all hundred of them were Jewel Masters, at least of a five-Jeweled stage. Their leader was Kou Rui. They had not flown together from the same direction, and now that they were in the air above, their formation had scattered to ensure a semi circular surrounding of them. With a hundred Jewel masters locking down upon the area, it was filled with a strong pressure.

Kou Rui was position right in the center. His cultivation had already reached the five-Jeweled stage.

“Kou Rui, come down here now.” Before Kou Rui could even look closely to see who it was, a powerful suction force came from the ground, dragging him down forcefully.

Kou Rui paled in fright and subconsciously fired his arrow. As soon as he did so, all hundred of the Peerless Air Force members also followed suit without hesitation. The shrill sounds of the arrows slicing through the air gave the four guards standing in front of Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er a big fright.

A hundred Peerless Air Force powerhouses shooting at once. Just the explosive effect from their Consolidated Bows was sufficient to turn this entire area in a hundred metre radius into a deep crater! However, in the next moment, they were all stunned silly.

The shrill sounds only lasted for half the distance before it stopped. A hundred arrows, yet they all froze in mid air abruptly. The most astonishing thing was that they actually flew back, landing right back in their quivers, with not a single one missing the mark!

Kou Rui had been brought directly onto the ground, landing right in front of Zhou Weiqing.

“We have only just met again after so long, and you already can’t wait to give me a gift? You little brat, can’t you look clearly before you act?” Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily.

At first, when Kou Rui saw their arrows had all been blocked so easily, his heart had grown cold and he thought they were finished. However, in the next moment, when he finally saw who it was who pulled him down, that terror turned into joy and excitement!

Chapter262: The Full Hate Ground No Handle Set??

“Boss,  you  came  back!”   Kou  Rui  was  so  overjoyed,  he immediately charged over to give Zhou Weiqing a bear hug. However, a heartbeat later he suddenly came to his senses. He hurriedly released Zhou Weiqing, then stepped over to block for him while calling out, “Don’t move! He’s one of us!”

Actually, even if the Peerless Air Force soldiers in midair wanted to attack, they weren’t able to do so. They were all completely frozen in the air, unable to resist in the slightest.

Zhou Weiqing waved his hand, releasing them from their bonds. Only then did the Peerless Air Force land on the ground.

Kou Rui didn’t hug him again. Instead, he took several steps back and then went down on one knee. He said respectfully, “Kou Rui greets you, Commander.”

Zhou Weiqing waved his hand, sending out a gentle stream of energy which lifted him off the ground. “We’re brothers. No need to stand on such ceremony. Besides… I might be your ‘Commander’, but I’m an idle guy who doesn’t do anything.” The Peerless Air Force had landed on the ground. Ordinary scouts might not recognize Zhou Weiqing, but how could the Peerless Air Force not recognize him? The vast majority of them had been brought here by Zhou Weiqing from the Zhongtian Empire!”

“Our Boss! Our Boss came!” they called out as they gathered around him. They had all come out of the Ruffian Battalion, and Zhou Weiqing had never been a person to put on airs. They were amazed to see him, and in their excitement they forgot about paying their respects and instead charged straight towards him.

However, after taking a few steps they all came to a halt, a terrified look on their face. They said respectfully, “Greetings, Drillmaster.”

Zhou Weiqing stifled his laughter. “What did the Drillmaster do to you? Look at how terrified you are.”

Kou Rui chortled, “Nothing much. She just occasionally inspects us and finds a few of us to spar against her.”

Zhou Weiqing instantly felt speechless. Without question, the person they were talking about had to be Shangguan Fei’er. Shangguan Xue’er wouldn’t do something like this. “Enough, let’s go back to base. Tell me about what the situation has been in my absence.”

“Alright.” Kou Rui led the Peerless Air Force members in escorting Zhou Weiqing back to base.

It wasn’t until fifteen minutes after their departure that the four scouts finally recovered. They exchanged glances, not knowing what to say. However, they clearly remembered the members of the Peerless Air Force, who they respected immeasurably, referring to that man as ‘Boss’. Commander Kou Rui had actually referred to the man as their Commander in Chief. Who was he?

“Could that be our legendary leader who never shows himself, Commander Zhou?”

When Zhou Weiqing had left, he gave the position of Commander in Chief to Ming Yu. He himself had taken on the honorary position of Military Director, but in the Heavenly Bow Empire his position was completely unshakable, especially in the eyes of the eldest members. And so, every still referred to him as ‘Commander Zhou’. Now they had two commanders
– Commander Ming Yu and Commander Zhou. As they headed back to base, Kou Rui began to narrate a simple report regarding what had happened during the past year to Zhou Weiqing.

During this past year, the Heavenly Bow Army had stabilized for the first half year, but during the second half it began to mobilize. In an extremely short period of time, it had taken back the majority of the Heavenly Bow Empire without meeting any resistance.

Ming Yu had chosen the perfect time to mobilize. It was right when the Dan Dun Empire had began to battle against the Geritimo Empire. The Kalise Empire and the Bai Da Empire relied on guarding Heavenly Bow City without actually mobilizing against the Heavenly Bow Empire.

To date, the Heavenly Bow Army had already had the fully regimented First Legion of a hundred thousand soldiers, as well as the not-fully-regimented Second Legion of seventy thousand. In total, they had a hundred and seventy thousand. Because they didn’t have to worry about defense, a hundred and fifty thousand had been sent out by Ming Yu and stationed here.

The former Peerless Air Force had been fully integrated into the First Legion and had been reorganized anew. The First Legion had ten Regiments within it, each of which had two hundred Peerless Air Force members and two hundred Peerless Heavy Cavalry. The rest of the Peerless Air Force and Peerless Cavalry was personally commanded by Ming Yu and served as the most elite force of the entire legion.

In total, there were 4000 Peerless Air Force members and 3000 Peerless Heavy Cavalry. Ming Yu had arranged them so that the Berserker Tribe and Gold Crow Tribe’s equipment were also updated. The Peerless Cavalry’s total numbers had increased to more than 4000, while both it and the Peerless Air Force were given uniform equipment. The Snow Deer Cavalry had been folded into the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, and the five hundred of them were also given the same treatment as original members, receiving special purpose-built armor and weapons.

Ming Yu’s original plan was to attack a month ago, but due to some new variables he had temporarily paused the offensive. This new variable had come from the Blood Red Hell.

The Blood Red Hell had sent a Heavenly King-level Darkness Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master who now stood guard over Heavenly Bow City. He didn’t take part in the war, but the Kalise Empire had already sent word that if the Heavenly Bow Empire dared to attack, they would pay any price to get rid of the Fate Defying Seal which Admiral Zhou Shuiniu had set down, and then kill the Royal Family of the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Although that Darkness Attribute Heavenly King would pay an enormous price if he did this, the Heavenly Bow Empire wouldn’t be able to endure the losses either.

Although some the Heavenly Bow Army had been brought here by Zhou Weiqing from the Zhongtian Empire, more had been recruited from the original Heavenly Bow Empire’s army and the local militiamen. If the Royal Family was completely annihilated, the blow to the army’s morale would be indescribable. Thus, even though Ming Yu was a decisive attacker, he still didn’t dare to launch the order to attack casually. Most importantly, this involved the survival of Zhou Weiqing’s parents. Even if he gave such an order, it probably wouldn’t be carried out.

And so, both sides were locked into a stalemate.

Ming Yu knew what the Bai Da Empire and the Dan Dun Empire were thinking. They were trying to buy time for the Dan Dun Empire to unify the south under its rule, then integrate it into their empire. Then, they would naturally reach out to attack the Heavenly Bow Empire as well. The Dan Dun Empire had never cared about the Heavenly Bow Empire; to them, the Heavenly Bow Empire was nothing more than a small shrimp which wasn’t worthy of consideration.

Upon hearing Kou Rui’s words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but frown. The Dan Dun Empire truly was diabolical; it actually sent just a single person over, but still managed to tie down more than a hundred thousand troops.

“Don’t worry, Boss. The Great Ancestor has already come back. Even if you didn’t return, we’d mobilize in the next few days.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart leapt. He naturally knew who the ‘Great Ancestor’ Kou Rui spoke of was. It was his teacher, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya! He said delightedly, “Master is back?”

Kou  Rui  nodded,  then  chuckled,  “The  Great  Ancestor returned just a few days ago. The two of you really are on the same page.”

When Zhou Weiqing heard that his master was back, he really felt eager to meet him. It had been so long since he had seen Long Shiya, and he really did miss the man. Mu En, Hua Feng, or Long Shiya… these were the people he respected the most, and were some of the most important people in his life. He had long ago come to view them as family, as his most important family members.

“Alright. Let’s hurry up. I want to pay my respects to Master right away.”

Just as Zhou Weiqing was speaking, a deep voice boomed out: “So you finally remembered to come back, you brat! You are excellent at giving others work while doing nothing yourself.”

Six streaks of light flashed and vanished. Now, an extra person was amongst their ranks. It was Long Shiya. Long Shiya was as chubby as always, while his face was ruddy and smooth. Although he spoke in an accusing way, he had a beaming smile on his face.

“Great Ancestor.” Kou Rui hurriedly rushed forward to bow, while the Peerless soldiers all began to chortle. They were all very familiar with Long Shiya. Remember, before Long Shiya had left, his biggest hobby when bored was to run over and get himself into drinking competitions with the Peerless soldiers. Long Shiya was someone who never put on airs, and so the Peerless warriors liked this ‘Great Ancestor’ very much. “Master.”  Zhou Weiqing excitedly took two steps forward, then knelt down on the ground and prepared to kowtow. Shangguan Bing’er, by his side, hurriedly knelt as well.

Long Shiya reached out to lift Zhou Weiqing up by the shoulders. “Why are you kneeling? Since when have I cared about these customs? Why have you become one of those kowtowing bugs in the year or so we’ve been apart.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed as he stood up, then rubbed his nose. “I had to at least pretend, right?”

Long Shiya gave him an amused swat. “You brat. You are as irritating as ever. Ehhh?” At first, Long Shiya had been extremely happy to see Zhou Weiqing, but suddenly his face hardened and became extremely ugly to behold. A dense azure light instantly exploded from his body, causing powerful Fetters of Wind to fall upon Zhou Weiqing. He then reached out to claw at Zhou Weiqing’s face.

This sudden action completely surprised Zhou Weiqing and the others. No one could’ve imagined that Long Shiya would actually attack Zhou Weiqing. Just a second ago, the two had been laughing and chatting! Zhou Weiqing was the most shocked of all. In the past, he never would’ve been able to dodge this grab from Long Shiya, but he was no longer the same person he was in the past. As soon as the Fetters of Wind bound him, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus in his body immediately reacted, unleashing a barrier
of thin golden light. The azure Fetters of Wind were almost instantly melted away without a trace. Silver light flashed as Zhou Weiqing used a Blink to retreat three meters away.

Long Shiya didn’t say a word. After his grab missed, his face turned even harder. He took a step forward with his right foot, causing the entire world to emit a deep groaning sound. He didn’t retract his right hand, instead converting it into a fist that punched straight at Zhou Weiqing’s chest. Six streaks of dazzling light formed around him, transforming into an enormous globe which smashed straight at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing had already been put on the defensive. Now, he could do nothing but passively defend against Long Shiya’s overwhelming power. Long Shiya was also a Heavenly Emperor, but he gave Zhou Weiqing a far greater amount of pressure than Shangguan Tianyue had. It must be remembered that he had been given the title of the number one expert below the Heavenly God level!

Zhou Weiqing had no choice but to block with his two hands in front of his chest. Instantly, his palms transformed to become completely gray. A round gray vortex quietly formed in front of him. Once Long Shiya’s six-colored globe of light collided against that gray vortex, it was instantly melted down to a third of its original size, then collided against Zhou Weiqing’s palms.

Anyone else aside from Long Shiya, including other Heavenly Emperors, who didn’t use Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills would’ve seen their attacks completely melted away by Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill. Long Shiya, however, was different. He had six different types of Heavenly Energy. Although the Devour Skill could still dissolve his attack, it wasn’t able to dissolve all of it.

A boom rang out, followed by the light around Zhou Weiqing’s body growing markedly stronger as he staggered ten steps back before just barely able to find his footing.

“Master, what are you doing!?” Only now did Zhou Weiqing finally manage to speak.

Long Shiya was briefly startled when he saw that gray vortex appear between Zhou Weiqing’s hands. He didn’t press the attack, but his face was still quite ugly to behold. “Speak! Who are you, that you dare to pretend to be my disciple?”

Zhou Weiqing had a helpless look on his face. “I’m your darling disciple, Little Fatty! Why would anyone pretend to be me?”

Long Shiya said angrily, “Bullshit! Even if that brat Weiqing managed to increase his cultivation, he wouldn’t have been able to become a Heavenly King after just one year. Who do you think you are fooling? I’m going to rip that human-skin mask off your face!”

Long Shiya had originally come because he had sensed the energy ripples of a Heavenly King. He was worried that the Peerless soldiers wouldn’t be able to handle it, which was why he came. And yet, as soon as he arrived he saw Zhou Weiqing. He had been so delighted that he forgot all about the reason why he had come.

But… as soon as he had swatted Zhou Weiqing, he felt that something was wrong. Zhou Weiqing’s body actually unleashed a counter-force, and it seemed as though even the atmospheric energies in the air had wanted to impede his slap. This was something only a Heavenly King could do! How old was Zhou Weiqing? No matter what, Long Shiya wouldn’t believe that this brat had been able to reach this level in such a short period of time. In addition, he actually wasn’t able to see through Zhou Weiqing’s aura of energy. This was why his face had suddenly changed and why he wanted to capture this ‘imitator’.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Attribute and his Devour Skill had confused Long Shiya even further. Although this Devour Skill was far more powerful than it had been in the past, it was still fundamentally the same thing. Long Shiya had never seen anyone save for his darling disciple who was capable to use this technique, the Devour Skill. This was why he had paused his attacks.

Zhou Weiqing stared at Long Shiya. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Master, you are being unreasonable! Others all hope for their disciples to grow stronger. Why do you hope for me to be weak?! Other things can be faked, but this can’t be, right? This is something which only I have.”

As he spoke, he drew his hands in a circle before him, forming two triangles which intersected and unleashed the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

When Long Shiya saw the six dazzling streaks of light appear below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, Long Shiya’s ashen face instantly froze. Zhou Weiqing was right. Other techniques could be feigned, but the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation definitely could not!

Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was based on Long Shiya’s own Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. This supreme technique required one to have six Attributes, and only Long Shiya and his disciple knew the method for training it. Even if someone could imitate Zhou Weiqing’s appearance, his Attributes couldn’t be mimicked. Zhou Weiqing’s six combination specific Attributes were unique to him. Combined with the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, it was enough to prove who he was.

“Are you really Little Fatty?” Long Shiya asked, puzzled.

Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched. “Master Big Fatty, I’m none other than your Little Fatty! It’s true that I’ve grown more powerful. You should at least give me the chance to tell you what’s happened!”:

Long Shiya’s eyes flickered. “Wait a second. Tell me. When you fused the Dragon-Tiger Bloodline at the mouth of the volcano, who ended up being the sacrifice?”

Zhou Weiqing was instantly speechless. He glanced sideways at Shangguan Bing’er, then said helplessly, “It was Little Witch, Wu Yuehan. You told me to be responsible for her afterwards.”

Upon hearing this, Long Shiya was truly stunned. The thick murderous aura surrounding him dissipated. He stepped forward, staring at Zhou Weiqing with a look of disbelief. “You brat. You absolute brat! You actually became a Heavenly King? Goddamn the heavens, that’s so completely unfair! When I became a Heavenly King, I was in my fifties. How old are you?!”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  bitterly.  “Since  when  is  a  master jealous of his own disciple? Master, you are in the wrong here.”

Long Shiya startled to chortle, his laughter causing the meat on his face to bunch up around his eyes, making them nearly invisible. “Come here.”
Zhou Weiqing snorted. “I refuse. What if you hit me again?” Long Shiya cursed with a laugh, “Get the hell over here, brat!
If I want to hit you, I will. I’m your teacher! Can’t a teacher
discipline his disciple?”

Zhou Weiqing helplessly walked back to Long Shiya, who glanced at him and then started to laugh again. “Very nice. As the saying goes, a heroic father will produce a manly son. You are indeed my disciple! Let’s see how that old bastard Xue Aotian is going to brag to me in the future. My disciple not only took away his daughter but also became a Heavenly King! Haha! Ahahahahah!” When Zhou Weiqing saw his teacher roar with laughter in an absolutely shameless manner, he couldn’t help but feel awkward. What the hell! He had finally met his master again, but the first thing his master did was to suddenly attack him. Thankfully, he had just barely managed to defend. Otherwise, those two hits from his master would’ve been quite painful.

Zhou Weiqing wasn’t the only one to feel awkward. All of the Peerless soldiers felt their hearts twitching as they stared at this, especially Kou Rui. However, Zhou Weiqing and Long Shiya joking around wasn’t that shocking. Long Shiya, however, had just stated that Zhou Weiqing was actually a Heavenly King! Boss is actually a Heavenly King!

In the entire Heavenly Bow Army, only Long Shiya and Duan Tianlang were at or above the Heavenly King level. Technically, however, they didn’t really ‘belong’ to the Heavenly Bow Army; they were honored guests and allies. The greatest weakness of the Heavenly Bow Empire was that it didn’t have enough powerhouses of its own, especially at the highest level. Now that Zhou Weiqing had become a Heavenly King, things were completely different. The Heavenly Bow Empire finally had a Heavenly King of its own!

“Let’s go back to the base first. I need to show off in front of old Duan, haha! The best decision I made in my entire life was to accept you as my disciple.”

The Six Ultimates Emperor had always acted as he pleased. He was never one to hide his feelings. If he was happy, he was happy. Frankly speaking, the smug look on his face made even the Peerless soldiers feel that this Big Fatty needed a beating. But of course, no one dared to say anything.

After these affairs, everyone returned to their respective camps. The first thing Kou Rui’s did was to report to the high level members of the Heavenly Bow Empire, while Long Shiya led Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er to go meet Duan Tianlang.

“Oho! Weiqing, you rascal. You returned.”  Duan Tianlang was extremely surprised and happy when he saw Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing wanted to bow to him, but he was stopped.

“I’m just glad you are back. The Heavenly Bow Empire really can’t be without you, its spiritual leader. The most important battle in the revival of the Heavenly Bow Empire is about to begin. You came back right in the nick of time. Uncle-Master has already completed the things you need.”  While speaking, Duan Tianlang waved his hand. Three boxes appeared on the desk. Without question, they held God Tier Consolidated Equipment Scrolls.

“Thank you, Uncle-Master. You must have exhausted yourself,”  Zhou  Weiqing  said  sincerely.  The  respect  he  felt towards Duan Tianlang was every bit as great as the respect he felt for his master. For the sake of the Legacy of Strength, Duan Tianlang had paid an enormous price. He had helped Zhou Weiqing out greatly in a completely selfless way.

Long Shiya chortled off to the side, “Old man Duan, your Legendary Set isn’t good enough.”

Duan Tianlang blinked. “Not good enough? Why isn’t it good enough? Weiqing is already at the nine-Jeweled level, right? When he left, he was at the six-Jeweled level. I have exactly three more pieces, one for each level!”

Long Shiya lifted his hand up, then wagged a finger in an absolutely shameless manner. “Nine-Jeweled, nonsense! He’s the personal disciple of myself, the Six Ultimates Emperor. It’s been a full year. How could he still be at the nine-Jeweled stage? He’s at the ten-Jeweled stage!” When Shangguan Bing’er saw how Long Shiya was acting, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle. It must be remembered that just moments ago, Long Shiya had actually attacked Zhou Weiqing due to disbelieving that the latter could have possibly improved so quickly. Now, he was pretending it was all as he expected.

Despite how arrogant Long Shiya was behaving, Duan Tianlang was indeed shocked. He stared dumbly at Zhou Weiqing. “Weiqing, you are a Heavenly King? Already?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “I was lucky.”

Duan Tianlang’s facial expression became extremely odd. “You brat, you really are a talented freak! Thankfully, I didn’t waste this past year either. I wasn’t planning to give this to you right away, as I wanted you to work harder towards becoming a Heavenly King. Now, it seems, I can give it to you in advance.”

As he spoke, he lifted up his right hand and produced two more wooden boxes on the table.

This time, it was Long Shiya’s turn for his smile to freeze. “Old man Duan, you completed the Hate Ground No Handle Set?”  It must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing already had five pieces of the Hate Ground No Handle Set. These five additional pieces meant that he now had a full ten-piece Hate Ground No Handle Set! Duan Tianlang snorted. “When someone asks you to help out, you need to work hard. I’m not like a certain someone who blabbers about being a ‘teacher’ while actually doing nothing at all, spending all his days running off to god-knows- where to relax. Xue’er and Fei’er came back from Heavenly Jewel Island with the materials I needed, and so I immediately started working hard. Weiqing only needed one scroll of each in order to fully consolidate. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes instantly moistened as he looked at Duan Tianlang. When he had first met Duan Tianlang, this Uncle-Master of his had still looked fairly young. Now, after just a few short years, his hair had turned white. Although his eyes were still bright, they held deep within them an unmistakable exhaustion. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his heart ache in pain.

“Uncle-Master.”   Zhou  Weiqing  stepped  forwards  to  grip Duan Tianlang by the man’s big hand.

Duan Tianlang used his other hand to pat him on the shoulder. “We’re family. In fact, you can be considered half my apprentice as well as the heir to my Legacy of Strength. Although you’ve never really developed as a Consolidating Equipment Master, I naturally did what I promised you I would. Besides… completing the full Hate Ground No Handle Set was my one of my greatest dreams. Now that I’ve finished both Hate Sky No Handle and Hate Ground No Handle, I have no regrets left.”

Zhou Weiqing held onto Duan Tianlang’s big hand. He could clearly sense that although his Uncle-Master looked normal on the surface, his vital essence was extremely weak. He could die at any moment.

Tears began to drip down from Zhou Weiqing’s face. He couldn’t help but reach out to give Duan Tianlang a very, very big hug.

Long Shiya could no longer keep smiling. He stared at his old friends, his own eyes filled with deep worry. He knew better than anyone else what Duan Tianlang’s body was like. He had actually left for the purpose of finding Duan Tianlang some precious ingredients which could be used for him to repair his body, but he didn’t imagine that Duan Tianlang would have finished the Hate Ground No Handle Set so quickly. Now that he had already completed his life’s work, his vital essence would probably splutter out! The treasures Long Shiya had brought back would probably be useless.

Right at this moment, a faint golden light came out of Zhou Weiqing’s body. Something strange happened. Specks of golden light actually flew out of his body, causing the entire tent to become filled with a strange, munificent aura. Starlight glittered, transforming the insides of the tent into the starry skies. The specks of astral light flew out in each direction, then circled towards Duan Tianlang. They weren’t that fast, but each time one of them entered his body he couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

“Weiqing,  don’t!”  Duan  Tianlang  cried  out  involuntarily. However, he could no longer stop Zhou Weiqing, whose arms were around him. It was actually impossible for him to move.

In terms of cultivation base, he was naturally above Zhou Weiqing. He was an old and experienced Heavenly King, after all. But Zhou Weiqing was no ordinary Heavenly King. He had Saint Energy! If Duan Tianlang was still able to break free after being grabbed like this, Zhou Weiqing would have no face left.

Dense Saint Energy ripples spread through the air as the specks of astral light continued to pour into his body. Duan Tianlang discovered to his astonishment that his spluttering heart meridians, which were at risk of shattering at any time due to him having exhausted his vital essence, was actually beginning to slowly turn firm and strong again. Every single cell in his body was being awakened by those specks of astral light, which didn’t cause his body any damage at all. In fact, even his own Heavenly Energy welcomed this foreign energy in a very natural manner.

The specks of starlight began to appear within the Saint Energy inside his body. Duan Tianlang felt as though his entire body had been submerged in a hot spring. It was indescribably comfortable. Everything within his body seemed to be waking up. His organs, his bones, his meridians… at this moment, they seemed to be going through a new spring. Zhou Weiqing didn’t give him his own vital force; rather, he used a strange technique to rebuild Duan Tianlang’s body.

The human body was something created by nature. What Zhou Weiqing gave Duan Tianlang was this sort of creative vitality. In doing this, he actually used up far more energy than he would in merely enhancing Duan Tianlang’s vital essence.

Duan Tianlang’s eyes turned rather distant. He felt as though he had returned to his youth. His heart, which had sunken into a deathly melancholy, actually come back to life. He felt as though he could now do many of the things he did in his youth.

He suddenly thought of a joke Long Shiya had told him in the past. Back then, Long Shiya had told him him what brotherhood meant. “What are brothers? Brothers are those who, when you are sick in bed and unable to rise, will pour water and boil tea for you, feed you, and wash you. Even if you no longer care for such matters, during your final days your brother will bring a pair of beauties to meet with you. At that point, you’ll definitely say, ‘Help me up. I’ll give’m a shot.’”

Perhaps it really was time to give it a shot.

The sparkling astral light continued to do its work for ten minutes before slowly returning into Zhou Weiqing’s body. Zhou Weiqing relaxed his grip, smiling at the Duan Tianlang, whose eyes were still rather hazy.

Long Shiya had been standing nearby and watching. He knew better than anyone else what had happened, because he saw with his own eyes how Duan Tianlang’s white hair managed to slowly, miraculously turn black again, starting from the roots and all the way upwards. The skin and muscles on his face began to firm up again. He seemed to have instantly become ten years younger! Long Shiya stared, dazed, at Duan Tianlang as the latter grew younger and younger. He crept over to Zhou Weiqing and then sent  through  voice-transference:  “Weiqing,  are  you  alright? Did that exhaust you much?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and shook his head. “I’m fine. That was nothing. I used atmospheric energies, converted it into Saint Energy, then revitalized Master-Uncle’s body. Although he didn’t actually grow decades younger, it’ll be easy for him live for several more decades. Heh heh.”

“Are  you  sure  it  didn’t  cost  you  too  much?”  Long  Shiya widened his beady little eyes which were hidden within those folds of flesh.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Don’t worry, Master. I always know what I’m doing.”

Long Shiya’s smile suddenly turned rather flattering. “Then, uh, when do you think you’ll have the time to do the same for Master? Master wants to be young too! Maybe I’ll end up finding someone for you to call Master-Wife.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed out loud. He wrapped an arm around Long Shiya’s shoulder and said, “Of course! How could I forget about you? You’ll definitely get a chance as well.”

Saint Energy truly was filled with endless mysteries. After his Astral Saint Core Nucleus took form, it continued to give Zhou Weiqing more and more abilities. Just now, everything which Zhou Weiqing had done for Duan Tianlang had simply come out of his excited emotions. It was actually something of an experiment, and it was proven to be a success. Duan Tianlang’s vital essence really had been revived by him.

After this test, Zhou Weiqing realized that he actually had the special ability to help others extend their lifespan. It must be understood that such an ability was an indescribable bit of good fortune for developing the Heavenly Bow Empire!

Long Shiya clapped Zhou Weiqing on the back, very satisfied. Although he had been rather joking when he made the request, in his heart he couldn’t help but sigh. Not too long ago, when he had first met this disciple of his, the kid’s cultivation base had been as low as an ant’s. Now, just a few short years later, he had become someone who even Long Shiya himself had to treat with as an equal. He also had this extremely marvelous ability. This could no longer be described as unnaturally blessed with talent; this was him being Heaven’s favored son! Duan Tianlang was dazed for ten full minutes before slowly recovering. When he looked at Zhou Weiqing, his gaze became rather odd. He sighed softly, “Weiqing, why did you do this? Although I don’t know what power you used, will it cause you any harm?”

Zhou  Weiqing  hurriedly  shook  his  head.  “Definitely  not. Look at me, don’t I look like I’m filled with vitality? ‘Creation’ is a special property of my Saint Energy. You sacrificed so much for me, Uncle-Master. I’m not harmed, but even if I was I wouldn’t regret it. Besides… I need you to produce another marvel for me.”

Duan  Tianlang  said,  amazed,  “Produce  another  marvel?
What sort of marvel?”

Zhou  Weiqing  said  solemnly,  “Uncle-Master,  during  my recent trip to the Xuantian Continent I discovered an eleven- piece Legendary Set.” He immediately gave a brief narration of his trip to the Xuantian Continent while describing Dongfang Hanyue’s Tenebrous Demon Dragon Set.

Duan Tianlang’s eyes were filled with amazement when he heard this story. “To become one with a dragon? The Xuantian Continent actually has such a marvelous Legendary Set?” Zhou Weiqing nodded. “The Xuantian Palace Master merely had the cultivation of a middle-stage Heavenly Emperor, but this Legendary Set actually allowed her to battle against a Heavenly God powerhouse like the Terror Sea Dragon. You can imagine how effective and powerful this set was! Our Legacy of
Strength lineage has existed for many years. Why can’t we produce a similar eleven-piece Legendary Set? Our predecessors were able to follow up on the Hate Sky No Handle Set to create the Hate Ground No Handle Set. I believe, Master, that you can definitely create an eleventh piece of this set.”

Zhou Weiqing understood Duan Tianlang’s personality perfectly. He didn’t wish for his Uncle-Master to feel guilty for having received his aid, and he also wanted to give Duan Tianlang a reason to keep living. Without question, applying his efforts to another Consolidating Scroll was the best option.

Duan Tianlang nodded slowly, but a pained smile was on his face. “Adding another piece onto a ten-piece set isn’t going to be easy! In fact, it’ll be much more complicated than creating a ten-piece set.”

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “Uncle-Master, I’ve always believed that so long as you are determined, nothing is impossible. Look at me. I’ve never trained too hard in Consolidating Scrolls, but I’ve still become a God-Tier Master.” “Huh?” Both Duan Tianlang and Long Shiya couldn’t help but let out startled shouts.

“You  are  now  God-Tier?”   Duan  Tianlang  immediately stepped forward to face Zhou Weiqing, gripping the latter’s shoulders. His face was filled with wild, indescribable joy. In fact, he was now far more excited than he felt after having his body improved and gaining ten years of life.

Chapter263: Before the Final Battle

When he had inherited the learnings of the Legacy of Strength, his greatest regret had always been that he had not taught a disciple who reached the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master stage, to continue the line of the Legacy of Strength. It could be said that if Zhou Weiqing could really become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, it would hold an extraordinary meaning to Duan Tianlang.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, describing the process on how he had become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.

Duan Tianlang’s temper had always been gentle and peaceable, but when he heard the entire process on how Zhou Weiqing had actually become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he couldn’t help but curse rudely: “Your sister! This is just not fair at all! Do you know how much effort I poured into becoming a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in the past? This is truly a case of comparisons being truly odious Ahhhh! Fatty Long, my greatest regret now is that I did not snatch Weiqing over from your hands. At that time, I only thought that he had the six Attributes, such a rare opportunity, and I also had other disciples… so I let you have him. So… Weiqing’s talents in the Consolidating Equipment Scroll world is no less than his talents in cultivation!” At this point, Long Shiya was already grinning so widely that his eyes could barely be seen.

Right at this moment, noisy footsteps could be heard outside.

“Weiqing.”  The person had not reached, but the voice had already traveled in. Soon after, a white figure dashed into the tent, ignoring everyone else as it flew right into Zhou Weiqing’s arms. Wasn’t it Tian’er?

A year had already passed, but time did not seem to have left any signs on Tian’er. Instead, she looked even more attractive than ever. Currently, her face was filled with tears, streaming down like rain, causing everyone to feel for her.

Zhou Weiqing had left for an entire year! How could she not miss him? Holding him tight around his waist, it was as if she was afraid he would disappear again.

Behind Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er also walked in. Shangguan Xue’er’s face wore her usual chilly expression, but Shangguan Fei’er’s lips were pursed slightly as she watched Tian’er embracing Zhou Weiqing, clearly a little jealous. Behind them, Mu En, Hua Feng, Ming Yu and the other Heavenly Bow Empire upper echelon had also come. With Zhou Weiqing back at last, they naturally put everything down immediately and rushed over.

Instantly, Duan Lingtian’s tent was filled with people.

Under the gazes of so many people, Tian’er finally released Zhou Weiqing, her cheeks stained red in a blush. However, Zhou Weiqing did not let her go, lowering his head to whisper something in her ears.

Tian’er’s beautiful face turned even redder, but she finally nodded at him, causing Zhou Weiqing’s face to be instantly filled with excitement and joy.

Shangguan Fei’er walked over, pull Zhou Weiqing back and enveloping Tian’er in her own embrace. “Bad fellow, you better watch out. Tian’er is under our protection, you’re not allowed to hug her.”

What Zhou Weiqing had just asked was whether or not the pregnancy of Tian’er was verified. After gaining her confirmation, knowing that he would be a father, how could he not be excited?

Ming Yu glared savagely at Zhou Weiqing, saying exasperatedly: “You still know to come back!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily as he walked forward, giving him a huge hug.

Ming Yu instantly gave a helpless look, pounding Zhou Weiqing’s back with a fist. At last, he couldn’t help but smile as well. No matter what, it was great that he was finally back. He was the spiritual pillar and leader of the entire Heavenly Bow Empire! All of the Heavenly Bow Empire upper echelons were pretty much drawn in by him and were following him. If he continued with his disappearing act, although Ming Yu could still command the army without problems, there were still many other things he could not control. After all, he did not have the rightful name to lead the entire Heavenly Bow Empire!

After hugging Ming Yu, Zhou Weiqing turned to the Shangguan Sisters and gave them each a big hug as well. He then proceeded to give everyone in the tent a bear hug as well, without exception. When he finally walked to the last person who was hiding in a corner, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a second. Still, he spread his arms out wide similarly. “Big Sis RuSe, it has been tough on you.”

That person was indeed Xiao RuSe. However, her current complexion wasn’t too good, pale and ashen, though she still walked forward into Zhou Weiqing’s embrace.

Zhou Weiqing could vaguely hear her mumble softly: “I’m born before you were born, when you were born, I am already old.” These simple words, but they caused Zhou Weiqing’s heart to tremble violently. Although he knew he could no longer afford to enter yet another relation, to incur another debt of love… he could not help but feel great pain in his heart. All the memories of him growing up with Xiao RuSe flashed in his mind.

The entire process was over very quickly, but Zhou Weiqing felt his originally excited feelings had grown heavy. As he hugged Xiao RuSe, he somehow said in a low tone: “Time is not a problem, age is never a barrier.”

Xiao RuSe’s eyes lit up instantly, but they quickly dimmed again as she broke free of his embrace and stepped to the side. Indeed, Xiao RuSe was quite a few years older than Zhou Weiqing. Currently, she had just stepped into her thirties, but Zhou Weiqing was barely in his young twenties. The years of fierce battles and a hard life had left its mark on her, and she was no longer that same level of beauty like the Shangguan
Sisters or Tian’er. It was no wonder she did not feel worthy at all.

There were just so many people in the crowded tent that Zhou Weiqing couldn’t chase after her. In the end, he turned around and face the crowd, giving a deep ‘ninety-degree’ bow. “All of you, you have worked hard. Weiqing thanks you sincerely.”

It was a simple line, a few words, but many of those present had their eyes redden.

Ming Yu’s feelings ran the deepest, and he sighed inwardly as he thought. The mark of a true leader! This fellow truly had all the markings to make a great Emperor! Although he thought highly of his own talents, in the end he could only be a great General or Commander. In that area, Zhou Weiqing was perhaps not his match, but that personality and charisma… it was something that he did not possess. This was the reason why he was able to gain the support of so many different people. From the time the Heavenly Bow Empire had been vanquished, to their current development today… it might seem like Zhou Weiqing had not really done much in terms of actual deeds. However, all that he had done was the most critical areas. He was the true soul of the current Heavenly
Bow Empire!

Ming  Yu  gave  a  polite  cough  and  said:  “Let  us  relocate somewhere else to speak, lest we disturb Master Duan.”

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: “I don’t mind this minor disturbance, it’s just that my place is so small, so Weiqing won’t be able to be close to you all. Haha.”

Everyone couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

As they left Duan Tianlang’s tent, the entire party headed towards the main headquarter tentage of the army. Ming Yu invited Zhou Weiqing to sit at the main seat, but he refused obstinately, wanting Ming Yu to sit there instead. In the end, they left it empty, instead having two chairs brought below it for them.

After a round of small talk, they finally began to speak of the important matters. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not wish to speak of all of his experiences, so he just gave a brief summary before leading the discussion to the current situation of the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Ming Yu’s accounting was far more detailed than Kou Rui, including much of his own analysis and opinions. According to Ming Yu, the Heavenly Bow Empire looked to be in a great situation, but in truth they were in grave danger. Of course, their backs were secure, but the problem was with just their army of over hundred thousand men, if they had to face against the full might of the one behind the Kalise Empire, the Bai Da Empire… could they really withstand it? Towards this point, even Ming Yu did not have full confidence. All he could guarantee was to do everything to the best possibilities.

Currently, the matter of greatest importance was the upcoming war that could break out at anytime. The invasion of the Heavenly Bow City was absolutely critical, especially since they needed to save the Royal Family of the Heavenly Bow Empire, as well as Zhou Weiqing’s own family. However, this also posed the greatest problem to them now. A forceful siege was not possible. Even if they ignored the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s family was there, none of the Heavenly Bow Empire warriors would be willing to risk the destruction of the Royal Family to enter the Heavenly Bow Empire. If they gave the order to attack just like that, the morale of the soldiers would definitely be greatly affected. “... Weiqing, you need to make a final decision as soon as possible.”  After  describing  their  current  situation,  Ming  Yu prompted him.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, asking: “What is the exact enemy military might in the Heavenly Bow City and the surroundings?”

Hearing that question, Ming Yu’s expression turned ugly. “Those bastards from the Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire, they are utilizing the strategy of fortifying the city and clearing the surroundings. Since the Heavenly Bow City isn’t particularly large, they are unable to station too many troops in the city itself. As such, they are mainly using the Heavenly Bow City as a central base of operations, heavily fortifying it while they constantly clear out the Star Forest around it. Already, a large number of Star Trees have been chopped down and transported away. Currently, their military force consists of around fifteen Regiments, but their actual combat might is definitely no match for us directly. Out of the fifteen Regiments, ten or so will belong to the Kalise, a force they have built up over all these years. As for the rest, they should be from the Bai Da Empire. Currently, from the state of things, they do not show any signs of sending more reinforcements. It is clear that their main purpose is to hold us down here, to delay us until the Dan Dun Empire and Bai Da Empire have completed their moves in their region, and can take the time to finish us off.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes narrowed, but he did not speak out directly. Those closest to him, especially the ladies, could easily tell from the look in his eyes that their Little Fatty was truly enraged.

To Zhou Weiqing, having his homeland invaded and conquered was already a great insult. Now, these invaders were destroying his homeland, destroying the Star Forest, and using the lives of his family to threaten and prevent him from counter attacking them. One could just imagine the sheer rage in his heart now. There were over a dozen people in the meeting hall, but the entire tent was eerily silent that even a pin drop could have been heard. All of their gazes were fixed on Zhou Weiqing, awaiting his decision.

Zhou Weiqing remained silent for five minutes before he finally lifted his head once more, a light glinting in his eyes as he gave the order: “Commander Ming Yu, if we are to start attacking now, how long will it take you to prepare?”

Without hesitation, Ming Yu replied: “Everything is ready, and we can launch our attack at any time.”

“Good.” Zhou Weiqing shouted. He stood up abruptly, the light in his eyes glowing brightly. In that instant, the entire meeting hall of officers could sense the powerful pressure from him.

“Since that is the case, I will give you all one last day of preparations. Tomorrow night, we will launch our attack. As for the actual plan of action, we will discuss it now.” A light of admiration flashed through Ming Yu’s eyes. As they saying goes, indecision invariably leads to trouble. For Zhou Weiqing to make such a difficult decision in such a resolute fashion, especially in this short period of time, it was definitely an attribute that a good leader needed to have.

Ming Yu got the majority of the officers to leave first, with only the core upper echelon members remaining here with Zhou Weiqing to discuss the detailed plans of the battle.

Just like what Ming Yu had said earlier, in order to invade and reclaim the Heavenly Bow City, he had already prepared for several months. In terms of ability, they could already move out at any time, and they had even come up with plans for the various directions and modes of attacks.

The core group discussed for four hours before they ended their meeting.

Shangguan Bing’er was dragged away by Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er, leaving Zhou Weiqing to Tian’er. From Bing’er, they had already learned what happened to Zhou Weiqing. Furthermore, when they were departing for the Xuantian Continent, Tian’er had allowed Bing’er to accompany Zhou Weiqing alone, and they would wish to repay her kindness. After all, they would all be living together for the rest of their lives, and it was important to keep relationships cordial between them all.

Tian’er held on Zhou Weiqing’s hand as they headed to her tent. She could still clearly sense the anger and sombre feelings within his heart.

“Little Fatty, we can definitely do it.” As soon as the door was closed, Tian’er threw herself into Zhou Weiqing’s embrace, speaking gently.

Zhou Weiqing held her gently, as if afraid to harm her. Stroking her long hair, he said: “I am fine. I, too, believe that we will definitely succeed. Tian’er promise me one thing alright?”

However, Tian’er actually shook her head. “If you are trying to ask me not to join in the battle tomorrow, you do not need to speak it out. I will definitely be joining the fight. Otherwise, how could I face your parents in the future?”

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile as he said: “Tian’er, you are wrong. If my father knows that you are fighting together with me when pregnant, that will be the very thing he won’t forgive me for! Please listen to me babe, my precious Tian’er, do not join in this battle. With Master following me, how can you still be worried about me?”

Tian’er pursed her lips in a pout, moving unwillingly in his embrace as she said: “No, I must go this time. Xue’er, Fei’er and Bing’er are all so outstanding, and they are also going with you to rescue your parents. If I do not go this time, how will they look at me. The first impression is always the most important, don’t you know? Dear husband, just let me go. Please, I beg you, even Father says I will be fine.”

As soon as Tian’er called him ‘Dear Husband’ in such a sweet tone, it caused Zhou Weiqing to go half numb. If not for the fact that he was in such a solemn mood due to his family being in such danger, and the fact that they were so close to them… especially with the Heavenly King powerhouses of the Bai Da Empire threatening their lives at any moment, perhaps he might have ‘taken’ her there and then.

“Tian’er,   when   you   returned   to   the   Heavenly   Snow Mountain, what did father-in-law say?” Zhou Weiqing had not been able to accompany her to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and he held Xue AoTian’s opinion in high regard. Everything else aside, Tian’er was bearing his child although they weren’t actually married yet, this was no small matter! After all, she was the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, Xue AoTian’s only daughter. However, from the fact that Xue AoTian had actually allowed her to come here, he should not be too angry.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing mention her father, Tian’er stuck out her tongue and said: “Father was quite furious. I was almost unable to return here. That was really the first time I saw father’s expression change so much, being in such a rage yet having that helpless look on his face. Luckily, he was unable to endure my constant coaxing and pestering, so I managed to return. However, Father said that if you return to the continent and do not look for him, he will come to see you personally.”

Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched slightly. He could totally imagine Xue AoTian gritting his teeth as he spoke those words.

“This…  dearest…  you also know that I can’t leave at this moment. After I rescue my parents, I will definitely visit father-in-law to fix our date of marriage.”

Tian’er said gently: “I know. You should complete these important matters first. Anyway, even if Father really comes, he won’t be able to really do anything to you. After all, we already have our child…” As she said that, she caressed her flat abdomen, with a radiant smile on her face. Zhou Weiqing quickly asked: “What did father-in-law say about our child? When will our precious be born?”

Looking at the anxious look on Zhou Weiqing’s face, Tian’er giggled and said: “It is still too early; at least three more years. My memory was right previously, our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline always takes a long time to give birth to our children. Furthermore, with the inheritance of our bloodlines and now, with the addition of the Saint Energy, Father says that our child’s defenses will be even stronger than us. My stomach cannot be injured so easily!”

“Uhh…   there  is  actually  such  a  thing  possible?”   Zhou Weiqing stared at her in shock, jaw agape.

Tian’er said proudly: “Of course, for our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline to survive from ancient times up until now, we naturally have our various means and secrets. Whenever a female from the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline has a child, our bloodline will transform into a unique energy and fuse with the child, to protect him or her. Furthermore, I now have the Saint Energy. Father also said that with both our bloodline inheritance nurturing him, especially with the nourishment and protection of the Saint Energy, our child’s defense will be so strong that even his own attacks will not be effective. What else do you have to worry about? I will definitely join the fight tomorrow. Do not forget, I am the child’s mother, do you think I love him any less than you? Without Father’s assurances, I would never dare to ask for this.”

Zhou Weiqing saw the stubborn resolution in Tian’er’s eyes and could only say helplessly: “Alright then, but without my permission, you are not to take action easily, okay?”

“Okay!”  Seeing that he had finally agreed, Tian’er instantly agreed happily.

Zhou  Weiqing  continued:  “Regarding  the  Nether  Realm, what did father-in-law say?”

The smile on Tian’er’s face instantly vanished as she said: “Father is also very worried about that matter. The reason why he wants to meet you, besides our own personal issues, is exactly because of this matter. He did not speak much about the Nether Realm, but he asked me to tell you that the real reason why my mother has always been unable to stay by my side is because she is one of the guards of the entrance to the Nether Realm. Even with my mother’s cultivation, she is not even a true guard, but a vassal to the true guardians.” Hearing Tian’er’s words, Zhou Weiqing’s expression instantly changed. He was extremely clear that the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia was a low Level Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. Even compared to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, she was only slightly inferior. However, even a
powerful Heavenly God Tier powerhouse like her was just a vassal, then what kind of power did those true guardians of the Nether Realm have? Perhaps… it was even at the Max Level Heavenly God stage!

With such a force of powerhouses as guardians, it indirectly proved the existence of the Nether Realm, and the sheer terrifying power in withheld. It looked like the misfortune of the dragon family was, like he had guessed, a conspiracy by the Nether Realm. Worse still, it looked like the Nether Realm had some connections with some of the powers in the Boundless Mainland. Of course, from the current situation, all signs pointed to the Blood Red Hell being the power in question. The destructive attribute energies they had displayed during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was the greatest proof. Furthermore, the sudden explosive aggressiveness they now displayed also showed their ambitions. However, were things as simple as that?

If it was just the Dan Dun Empire and the Bai Da Empire, with the support of the Blood Red Hell, and they were in the midst of some massive conspiracy, then would the ZhongTian Empire, Heaven’s Expanse Palace, WanShou Empire and Heavenly Snow Mountain just sit back and watch? Zhou Weiqing always believed that there was no such thing as ‘enemies forever’, only ‘mutual benefit forever’.

Once the Blood Red Hell’s existence could threaten the survival of the rest of the Boundless Mainland, there was always the possibility of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain becoming allies!

As such, the underlying truth should not be as simple as it seemed on the surface. A single Blood Red Hell would not dare to act out so boldly just like that. If the Nether Realm had connections to the entire Boundless Mainland, perhaps there would be more situations cropping up soon. All of the current issues was due to the Dan Dun Empire and the Blood Red Hell jumping out to reveal themselves, but this was just the beginning.

It looked like no matter whether it was for Tian’er’s sake, or for the entire continent’s sake, he definitely had to make a trip to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. At least, the current war between the WanShou Empire and the ZhongTian Empire needed to be paused temporarily, to clarify everything first. Having thought through all that, Zhou Weiqing did not remain to accompany Tian’er much longer. He had just returned, and they were about to undergo a major military operation tomorrow; naturally he still had many things to deal with.

Throughout the rest of the day, Zhou Weiqing did not rest at all. Besides continuous meetings with the Heavenly Bow Empire upper echelons, he also joined Ming Yu to prepare for the major battle the next day. Of course, they also had to ensure that confidentiality was enforced and that their enemies would not gain information about the incoming attack. Towards the influence Zhou Weiqing had just as soon as he returned, Ming Yu could sense it the strongest. All of the high ranking officers, no matter those from the original Heavenly Bow Empire army who had joined up with them, or the original Peerless Regiment that had been gathered by Zhou Weiqing personally… all of them had a personal solo meeting with Zhou Weiqing.

Of course, the news of the attack was restricted to only the few with highest ranks. Zhou Weiqing only told most of the officers that they would be launching their final attacks soon, but without giving the exact time. At the same time, he assured them that the safety of the Royal Family would be of utmost priority, and that they would definitely be rescued.

Naturally, the time he spent with each person individually was not too long, but Ming Yu was easily able to observe that any officer that was spoken to by Zhou Weiqing revealed their absolute trust in him. To most of the officers, although they respected and admired Ming Yu for his abilities, he was still considered an outsider. However, Zhou Weiqing was absolutely different. In the Heavenly Bow Empire, he could be considered to have a high status. The Godson of the Emperor, the son of Admiral Zhou. More importantly, everything that the current Heavenly Bow Empire had achieved could be said to have the mark of Zhou Weiqing. His own family was also trapped in the Heavenly Bow City, and they knew he would never treat his parents’ lives as a joke. As such, they could place absolute trust in him.

In just half a day, Zhou Weiqing had completely resolved any possible morale issues for the officers. As for the men below them, he would naturally leave it to these officers to handle.

After this most critical issue was resolved, it was already after lunch on the next day. Zhou Weiqing brought the three Shangguan Sisters and Tian’er to his room to enter a temporary closed door cultivation while they waited for the final moment to arrive. At this point, Ming Yu turned into the busiest person, issuing military order after order from the main headquarter tent.

Ming Yu found that he was increasingly liking this partner he had in Zhou Weiqing. Indeed, he had always looked at Zhou Weiqing as a partner, a comrade that would fight together with him, and the Heavenly Bow Empire was the perfect platform for him to display his own military genius.

Although Zhou Weiqing did not appear often, and looked to be irresponsible on the surface, Ming Yu knew he could not be without him in this matter. Zhou Weiqing’s ‘big picture’ and ‘long-term’ visions, his exceptional charisma and interactions with others, as well as his own considerable military talents… all of them were crucial to the rise of the Heavenly Bow Empire. The thing that satisfied Ming Yu the most was that Zhou Weiqing would not try to micromanage him in terms of how he commanded the military, placing absolute trust in him.

The final battle for the Heavenly Bow Empire was about to begin; naturally there were no explanations required regarding the sheer importance of the battle. No matter Zhou Weiqing or Ming Yu, they could not afford to lose.

As evening approached, the skies darkened, leaving a faint layer of remaining red glow to cover the Heavenly Bow City.

The Heavenly Bow City had been known as one of the most beautiful cities in the Boundless Mainland, and the only one which stood right in the middle of a forest. Alas, it currently looked rather broken down.

All around the Heavenly Bow City, vast areas of Star Trees had been chopped down, with the timber being shipped to the Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire. The result of which was ugly patches of empty ground all around. At least, if one looked outward from within the city, there was no longer any cover within a ten li radius. This was one of the tactics they used to ensure no surprise attacks could be launched.

Inside the city was a bleak and desolate sight. Near the north gate, as well as along the city walls, they were full of army troops. The city gates had been sealed shut for a long time. Currently, the population within the city was less than a third of what it had been during the Heavenly Bow Empire’s rule. Those who could escape had already done so, especially when the Heavenly Bow Empire had begun its revival of their territories, many of the Heavenly Bow Empire citizens had chosen to flee to the territories which the Heavenly Bow Empire had reclaimed.

With the mass exodus of the Heavenly Bow City citizens, the Kalise Empire had no choice but to seal the gates, preventing the further escape of the remaining citizens. Even so, the current situation in the Heavenly Bow City remained as such; with all the citizens hiding out indoors, refusing to leave their houses. This resulted in the entire city turning into an empty, desolate looking one. However, all of the citizens were secretly hoping and waiting for the day the Heavenly Bow Empire armies would return to reclaim this city.

The Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Palace seemed so lonely and desolate in the midst of all the empty streets, lit up by the fading glow of the evening sun. The main hall of the Palace, where the court was usually held in the past, was the biggest hall in the entire Palace, but it was currently engulfed in the darkness.

In that patch of darkness, there was a layer of faint blood- light. Only during the day, in the period where the sunlight was the strongest, could the faint outline of the palace be seen.

In front of this palace hall, three people stood there, dressed in the traditional fineries.

Amongst the three, the one in the center was an old man dressed in a long black silk robe adorned with an embroidered gold dragon. He had a sinister looking countenance, his cold eyes filled with arrogance. At his sides, the other two men looked to be even older than he was. Their features were rather similar, quite clearly a pair of brothers, and they were dressed in fiery red robes. It was also clear from their manner that they were extremely respectful towards the black-robed old man in the center.

The black robed old man said passively: “How goes the arrangements?” The red robed old man on the left said respectfully: “Reporting, Heavenly Emperor. Everything has been arranged. The news that we have spread is that only a single Darkness- Attribute Heavenly King has arrived. If those Heavenly Bow Empire fellows dare to come, we will ‘leave’ them here forever.”

The red robed old man on the right laughed heartily and said:  “Heavenly  Emperor,  do  not  worry.  I  really  do  not understand why they would trouble you to make a trip down here personally. Although the armies of the Heavenly Bow Empire are not bad, they do not have any top level powerhouses. As such, they aren’t much to be feared at all. This time, we have already activated six Heavenly Kings for this battle, and with you, a Heavenly Emperor, holding down the fort here personally, it is truly overkill.”

The  black  robed  old  man  said  passively:  “We  can’t  be careless. In the frontlines here, we only have this amount of troops, as most of our armies have been assigned to the other southern battle lines. For the sake of the overall plans of the Empire, we cannot allow any problems to crop up here. Otherwise, although this Heavenly Bow Empire armies aren’t strong in numbers, they will be able to march in without any resistance. If the Kalise Empire is destroyed, and our Bai Da Empire lands are being attacked, it will affect the entire war situation. As such, we only need to simply defend this area without thinking too much. Such an easy task, what is there to be dissatisfied about?”

“Of course not, of course not.” The two old men said hastily with a bow.

The black robed old man turned around, looking at the huge palace hall behind him. With a furrowed brow, he said: “A mere ninth-Jewel, and he dares to use a Skill like the Darkness Attribute Fate Denying Seal. Even this Heavenly Emperor would have some troubles actually undoing this Seal. Well, it isn’t a bad thing to have this Seal here, it ended up turning into a good way to hold the Heavenly Bow Empire back at bay. Otherwise, before we secured control over the majority of the continent, we aren’t able to easily make a move against normal armies.”

This black robed old man’s name was Meng Gui, known as Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui. He was originally a independent cultivator just like the Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. However, Long Shiya was usually more active in the north, while this Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui was more active in the south. He was known for this Darkness Attribute skills, trained and refined to the peak. In the independent cultivator world, he was rather well known, though no one knew that he had actually joined up with the Dan Dun Empire.
 The two red robed old men were indeed a pair of brothers, and they originated from the Blood Red Hell. Their names were Huo Li and Huo Mei respectively, and they were powerhouses groomed by the Blood Red Hell.

Besides them, around the main hall of the Heavenly Bow Empire, there was another four Heavenly King powerhouses, each guarding a single side of the palace. It could be said that this palace was so heavily defended that it should be impregnable.

According to their investigations, the current Heavenly Bow Empire had at least one Heavenly King powerhouse holding down the fort; the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Duan Tianlang. Originally, that assassin who had tried to kill Zhou Weiqing was sent by the Blood Red Hell. They had judged that the death of Zhou Weiqing would cause the rising Heavenly Bow Empire to just collapse internally, and their defense of the west would naturally be a simple task. Although the Fei Li Empire was also a large Empire, a large majority of their forces would usually be tied up at their north border by the WanShou Empire. As long as they did not attack first, the Fei Li Empire would also be unwilling to attack first. Furthermore, they had already stationed a almost two hundred thousand strong army here in the Heavenly Bow Empire, and even if the Fei Li Empire attacked, they might not be too successful. Alas, who could have guessed that the assassination would actually fail. After that, Ming Yu had led the Heavenly Bow Empire armies in growing stronger. Added on to the fact that they had lost so many forces in that bloody battle in the Crescent City, their overall military might had dropped so much that they were actually no match for the Heavenly Bow Empire armies now.

Of course, to the few Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Emperor here, they did not really care much about this. If not for the fact that the Heavenly Jewel Master agreement restricted them from joining in the fight against common soldiers, how could they be afraid of the Heavenly Bow Empire armies. The only reason they continued staying here in a defensive position was because they had to take in the entire warfront into account. Of course, the other reason was they did not want to alarm the Heaven’s Expanse Palace too quickly, and even the Heavenly Snow Mountain further away. This was not the time for them to reveal all their aces yet.

Right at that moment, the black robed old man who had been surveying the Fate Denying Seal and the palace behind abruptly lifted his head to look into the skies. Two rays of cold light shot forth from his eyes like bolts of lightning as he shouted: “Get down here!” “Do you think you have the qualification to order this old man around?” A disdainful voice rang out in the skies. In an instant, the entire space above the palace lit up, dazzling light of six different colours spreading out like fireworks bursting in the skies, descending upon the ground to envelop the Fate Denying Seal.

In the skies, a large fat man stepped out, stopping right above the palace. His hands waved in a pressuring action as he shouted: “All of you, move here now!”

The six lights spread out in all directions. The strange thing was that these lights seemed to have eyes of their own, ignoring all the buildings and leaving them intact.

Four figures appeared in a flash from the four directions even as the brothers Huo Li and Huo Mei rose into the skies. Instantly, the six of them had surrounded the large fatty in midair.

Meng Gui’s eyes narrowed. “Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Long Shiya. Fatty Long, you dare to stand against our Blood Red Hell?” This large fatty who had just appeared so suddenly was indeed Long Shiya. Hearing Meng Gui’s words, Long Shiya said with great disdain: “What so great about the Blood Red Hell? Has this old man feared anyone before? I have even gone up the Heavenly Snow Mountain many times to visit that old fellow Xue AoTian so many times. Meng Gui, you were an independent cultivator who trained up to the Heavenly Emperor state on your own, yet now that you are old, you actually went to become someone else’s dog? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Meng Gui took a step forward, and in the next instant, he appeared in the air about twenty metres from Long Shiya, facing off against him.

Seeing the eleven Heavenly Jewels circling Long Shiya’s feet and head, he had no choice but to release his own aura to withstand the pressure from him.

“Fatty Long, others might be afraid of you, but I am not. Your Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation might be miraculous, but you are here alone. Don’t think you can have it easy here. Where is that ‘old flame’ of yours, Duan LingTian? Why don’t you call him out as well?” As soon as Meng Gui appeared in the air, the six Heavenly Kings felt the pressure on them ease greatly, and they secretly sighed in relief. Long Shiya was well known as the strongest powerhouse below the Heavenly God tier, and that was not without reason.

Long Shiya said contemptuously: “Facing an old wretch like you, and this pathetic motley crew, do I still need Old Duan to help me? You think too highly of yourself.”

Meng Gui gave a cold humph, but his face remained impassive. “There is no point fencing with words here. It has been a long time since I have experienced your Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. Today is a good opportunity for me to try it once more, to see if you have improved over these years.”

As he said that, the skies around him abruptly darkened, actually forcefully pushing back the six-coloured lights of Long Shiya. In the darkness, there was clearly a thick sense of frenzied insanity.

“Ehh? I see, looks like it is as I expected. I was wondering how the Blood Red Hell could possibly get you on their side… looks like it really is that bullshit Destruction Attribute.” Long Shiya was not too surprised as he stood there, hands behind his back casually. Even though he was surrounded by so many powerhouses, his expression remained unchanged.

Chapter264: Awe-inspiring Demonic Attribute

Meng Gui said passively: “Do not cry about that, you sound like sour grapes. Fatty Long, the Destruction Attribute is an existence above even the Saint Attributes; your Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation might be miraculous, but I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you here for good today.”

As soon as he spoke, six rays of Destruction Attribute energies rose from all six directions, filled with insanity and a frenzied feeling. The thick destruction attribute aura actually beginning to suppress the six coloured lights of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, especially with the support of Meng Gui’s direct clash from the front. In an instant, Long Shiya was left at the disadvantage.

Long Shiya’s expression changed slightly. Although he had heard Zhou Weiqing speak of the Destruction Attribute, he had not imagined that it would be that disgusting. If these bunch of people in front of him did not possess the Destruction Attribute, he would not have even begun to take them seriously. Alas, the current situation was obviously different.

A cold smirk crossed Meng Gui’s face. “Looks like you never expected this, Fatty Long. The Destruction Attribute is not only powerful, the more users of it there are wielding it simultaneously, the stronger it becomes. If we were just using our own powers and attributes against you, we will naturally be unable to hold you down here. However, with the Destruction Attribute, we now have common points to work together, and with its superimposing effects, you won’t even be
able to dream of leaving this place. I have long heard that you
accepted a disciple, so this formation here today is specially prepared for you. Today, I’ll let you come here, but not leave this place!”

Under the onslaught of a Heavenly Emperor and six Heavenly Kings unleashing the Destruction Attribute to suppress him, even Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was pressured to a mere few metres radius around his body, and this boundary continued shrinking. Once the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was unable to protect him, then he would receive the finishing blow from these seven powerhouses.

However, to Meng Gui’s surprise, Long Shiya was actually able to laugh out loud, even with a hint of disdain.

A pitch black figure appeared stealthily to the back of one of the Heavenly Kings at the back, and no one actually noticed its arrival. This Heavenly King from the Blood Red Hell was circulating his Destruction Attribute with all his might, and he did not even have the slightest inkling that the figure had appeared behind him.

Even a Heavenly Emperor like Meng Gui did not notice that this person had appeared, let alone how.

A thick, powerful palm grasped onto the Blood Red Hell Heavenly King’s neck. To the Heavenly King, this happened just so suddenly. However, he was after all a Heavenly King powerhouse, and his Heavenly Energy exploded out as soon as he received the sneak attack.

Furthermore, this Blood Red Hell Heavenly King was savage and ruthless enough. Without the slightest hesitation, he chose to self-detonate his Heavenly Core Nucleus instantly.

To be grabbed from the back onto the neck without the slightest premonition. What did that mean? It proved that this person’s cultivation and power was far beyond his own, and the only thing that could possibly have any effect would be to self-detonate his Heavenly Core Nucleus, to launch this most powerful attack. If he could cause that unknown enemy to show some fear, perhaps he might just barely survive. When one reached the Heavenly King stage, even their intelligence would increase along with their cultivation. He had made the best decision possible in that situation without pause.

Alas, though the decision was indeed correct, the situation did not develop as he hoped.

A terrifying Devouring force caused the Blood Red Hell Heavenly King to instantly feel as if his body was in the ocean… in a whirlpool. His attempt at using his will to self-detonate his Heavenly Core Nucleus was instantly frozen, before his Heavenly Energy gushed out of his body. His Heavenly Core Nucleus seemed to be no longer under his control, that unbelievable suction force keeping it in place, unable to move.

With one ray of Destruction Attribute suppression energies suddenly disappearing, Long Shiya’s six-coloured lights naturally strengthened again. As for the rest of the Blood Red Hell party, it was only at that point when his power strengthened explosively that they realised something had gone wrong.

In unison, their gazes turned to the Heavenly King powerhouse that had been ambushed. However, by the time they reacted and wanted to jump to his aid, it was already too late. With the Heavenly King powerhouse’s body as cover, they could not actually see what he had encountered. The only thing they saw was his body flying back in retreat, disappearing into the distance.

At this point, all these Blood Red Hell powerhouses dared not act. After all, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had his reputation there, and his power could not be underestimated at all. It took all of them joining forces to barely suppress him. Even if it was Meng Gui, he was only at the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor stage. If he were to fight alone against Long Shiya, he would not even last five minutes.

The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was famous for his sustained combat capabilities. After all, no matter what, having six Elemental Attributes alone was not something ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters could compare with. The reputation of being the first below the Heavenly God stage was not given for nothing. Even any ordinary three or four Heavenly Emperors would not be a match for him, and the only reason he was being suppressed now was because of the Destruction Attribute.

“Everyone,  be  careful.”  Meng  Gui  shouted  out  loud.  The relaxed expression on his face had vanished, and his heart was filled with worry and hesitation. The Heavenly King powerhouse who had been ambushed had now disappeared, vanishing into the depths of the Heavenly Bow City.

Meng Gui’s hesitation was because he was wondering if they should launch their attacks against Long Shiya now, instead of just continuing this stalemate. The reason why he had originally chosen this method of continuous pressure on him was to ensure their losses would be at the minimum. Otherwise, if Long Shiya was allowed any small chance to counterattack, they would have to pay a heavy price. This was especially so for him, as he would be the first target of Long Shiya.

With the constant suppression method using the Destruction Attribute, as long as they didn’t take action, if Long Shiya was the first to attack, he would only be led along by them, falling deeper and deeper under the pressure of their auras. Eventually, his energy expenditure would be far more than theirs, and in the end he would have no chance of any comebacks.

Alas, who could have known that such a sudden ambush would appear just like that, instantly lowering the pressure on Long Shiya, increasing the time this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor could hold out. Of course, if they continued with their method, they could still pressure him for the final result, besides taking a longer time. However, none of them knew how powerful this hidden enemy was, and he was still lurking about.

However, no matter how Meng Gui thought about it, he
could not understand how the Heavenly Bow Empire had
another powerhouse like that. Duan Lingtian was a powerhouse in his own right, but he was still just a Heavenly King. He did not have the strength to grab a powerhouse of the same level without alerting any of them! To be able to sneak behind a Heavenly King without being detected, even an ordinary Heavenly Emperor might not be able to do so.

A mocking look flashed across Long Shiya’s face. In truth, a large portion of the surprise and nervousness was all acting on his part. Naturally, these enemies in front of him were powerful, but he had purposely stepped right into this trap. WIthout this huge ‘magnet for trouble’ that he was playing, it would be extremely troublesome to finish off all of these enemies. However, in the current situation… would these fellows dare to lax off in their suppression of him?

Right at this moment, another Heavenly King powerhouse on the other side also gave a muffled grunt, as his body flew back. In that moment, Meng Gui’s expression changed greatly.
Without hesitation, he gave the order. “Attack!”

The powerful Destruction Attribute suppression instantly turned into actual attacks. The greyish light mixed with intense flames burst forth from all four Heavenly Kings. At the same time, constantly glows of Consolidated Equipment appearing around their bodies appeared, as they began to unleash their full power.

In that instant, Meng Gui had already made the judgement. If the first Heavenly King being ambushed successfully could be explained away as them being careless, then the second Heavenly King being ambushed successfully was not just so simple as that. This hidden enemy was definitely extremely powerful. If they continued on like this, although their numbers were superior, but facing these powerful enemies on the front and back, it would be difficult to say who would be the final victor. Their best choice now was to finish off Long Shiya as quickly as possible before hunting down the hidden enemy.

At the same time as the four Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings launched their attacks, Meng Gui disappeared in a flash, appearing right in front of Long Shiya. Covered with pitch black light, his hands were each covered with a Consolidated Equipment, a two chi long devil claw spike.

This devil claw spike was specially designed to break all kinds of protective Heavenly Energies. Added on to the berserk Destruction Attribute, this charge of his caused the air itself to be shredded, leaving a long black hole in his wake. Without question, he had also used his strongest attack.

With the prior suppression of the Destruction Attribute aiding them, this joined attack of theirs was indeed extremely powerful. As long as this could injure Long Shiya severely, the following fight would be much easier. Meng Gui even had the confidence of killing Long Shiya on his own if that happened. When that happened, he could dispatch the four Heavenly Kings to surround them to defend against that hidden enemy, who they could turn their full attentions to after killing off Long Shiya. That would be a perfect victory.

Alas, many times, the progression of events would never be the same as some people’s expectations.

A Heavenly Emperor and four Heavenly Kings, with the same Attribute stacked multiplicatively, attacking simultaneously. Their offensive power was undoubtedly overpowering, but could they really critically injure Long Shiya? In the next moment, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor gave them the answer.

When his enemies were making their move, naturally Long Shiya also made his own. His hands gave a light circle at the sides of his body. The six-coloured lights actually withdrew back two metres, before bursting forth once more.

This time, when the six lights burst forth explosively, six illusory figures actually appeared around Long Shiya’s body.

The six illusory figures looked just like him, but with the colour representation. A red figure representing the Fire Attribute, green for Wind Attribute, blue for Water Attribute, yellow for Earth Attribute, gold for Light Attribute, and black for the Darkness Attribute. The six different-coloured Long Shiyas appeared at once, making the same action simultaneously. Almost instantaneously, the Blood Red Hell powerhouses felt as if they were facing six Heavenly Emperors at once.

A massive explosion. Five figures flew in all directions. Long Shiya had used his own strength to send the five Blood Red Hell powerhouses flying back, while he remained standing in his original position leisurely. Of course, the six illusory figures vanished as well, ‘sacrificed’ to accomplish this major victory.

Pursing his lips, Long Shiya did not chase forward. “What bullshit Destruction Attribute, it isn’t much after all.”

“That’s not possible!” As Meng Gui was sent flying back, he couldn’t help but cry out in shock. Out of the six illusory figures that Long Shiya had summoned, two of them were used to take care of him, the Light and Water Attribute figures. Their powerful offensive strength seemed no lesser than Long Shiya himself, able to deal a single strike of his full power. As such, even though Meng Gui had attacked with his full power, boosted by the Destruction Attribute as he was, he had still been sent flying back, his vital energy and blood roiling within his body. More importantly, Meng Gui was not able to understand as Long Shiya’s attacks seemed to contain a strange energy and aura which was actually able to scatter his own Destruction Attribute, not allowing it to come into full effect.

Long Shiya laughed heartily, saying: “Little Meng Gui, in this world, there is no such thing as impossible. It is merely you being short sighted. What bullshit is this Destruction Attribute; in front of the Saint Attributes, it is still nothing.”

In truth, to be able to accept such a blow, it was not fully dependent on his own strength. Long Shiya was indeed of higher cultivation level, and his power was definitely considerable, especially with his six Attributes fusion, he did not really need to be too afraid of the Destruction Attribute. After all, once he fused his own six natural elemental attributes, even the four Saint Attributes could not suppress him. Moreover, Zhou Weiqing had infused his body with the true Astral Saint Energy. With its support, one could just imagine the sheer power that Long Shiya had just unleashed. In front of the Saint Energy, how could the Destruction Attribute release its full power?

As such, even though the exchange was over in a split second, Long Shiya had been able to resolve the situation of being surrounded. Meng Gui’s plan had not been a bad one. Alas, he was facing up against Zhou Weiqing, this young but cunning fellow, and there was too much of a gap between them. After all, Zhou Weiqing had been playing around with such plots and schemes for such a long time.

All of this was fully under Zhou Weiqing’s calculations. Meng Gui could have never imagined that two hours ago, Zhou Weiqing had already arrived, fully scouting out the place. With the power of his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, even a Heavenly Emperor like Meng Gui was unable to detect his presence.

After gaining full knowledge of his enemies position and plans, how could Zhou Weiqing leave them with the slightest chance?

Just as Meng Gui exclaimed out in surprise, out of the four Heavenly Kings who had been sent flying, another vanished once more.

The situation here was just too strange. All the other three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings’ expressions changed once more. They no longer cared about attacking Long Shiya, gathering together instantly, back to back, scanning the surroundings warily. Long Shiya flew in mid air, arms crossed, eyes filled with pride. That pride was not targeted at himself, but his precious disciple.

In just a short period of time, the one who had silently finished off three Heavenly Kings… without question, it was Zhou Weiqing!

Although Zhou Weiqing was only at the Heavenly King stage, with his Astral Saint Core Nucleus and his massive number of boosts, he could even clash against a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse. Originally, when he had defeated his father-in- law in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, although that was with some trickeries, most of the entire process was actually real. These Heavenly Kings were facing immense pressure from Long Shiya and were thus quite preoccupied, and thus his ambushes were easily successful.

Rays of dark gold light lit up in the darkness, and in the glow of the dark gold, a figure appeared slowly in the dark, wings spread behind his back.

With no more chances left to sneak attack, Zhou Weiqing did not attempt to hide himself any longer, revealing his presence at once. Currently, his entire body was covered with a powerful looking armour, even his legs. It was his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set.

Before coming here today, he had already finished Consolidating the last few pieces of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, successfully reaching nine pieces, with just a single piece left to complete the entire Set.

When he released the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ set, the light around his body seemed to warp, a terrifying energy reverberation swirling through the air. The only thing he lacked now was a helmet.

Around his Dual Legendary Hammers, the dark gold light flickered, the ‘crying-face’ and ‘smiling-face’ symbols shimmering as they exchanged places at lightning speed. The strangest thing was that his chest area was actually glowing, the light brightening and darkening in a rhythmic pulse, as if it was displaying his heartbeat for all to see.

“Who are you?!” Meng Gui exclaimed in shock and anger. He could not tell what Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was, but looking at this seemingly young man in front of him nearly fully fitted out in a Legendary Set, it looked like his cultivation was not that far from Long Shiya! More importantly, that soundless and stirless attacks were just too terrifying. Just that ability to remain hidden, even the strongest assassin in the world could not compare to him!

Zhou Weiqing whirled the Dual Legendary Hammers in his hands, each drawing a dazzling triangle in the air. The two triangles superimposed on each other, forming the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. At the same time, his ten Heavenly Jewels appeared into the formation.

Although the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was slightly different from the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, the important essentials were similar. In a single glance, anyone could see that his connection with Long Shiya was definitely close.

“This is my precious disciple. Well, how is it, I bet you never imagined this right. A Heavenly King before the age of twenty three. Does your Blood Red Hell have anyone like this? Hahahaha.” Even at this point, Long Shiya did not forget to brag about his precious disciple. In truth, if it was anyone else who had a disciple like Zhou Weiqing, who wouldn’t be proud and brag about it?

“You are Zhou Weiqing?!” Meng Gui stared at Zhou Weiqing with a surprised and doubtful look. He had heard this name many times, mostly regarding his display in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Originally, Zhou Weiqing had been at a mere three-Jeweled stage when he first defeated Shen Little Demon, who had been at the six-Jeweled stage at that time, even leading the Fei Li Empire into gaining their first championship of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. More so, one year ago, he had once again joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament and defeated the brothers Tian Feng and Tian Ma.
It had to be known, in the Blood Red Hell, even though Meng Gui was a Heavenly Emperor, his actual status was still lower than the two brothers. They were after all the future heirs to the Blood Red Hell.

Meng Gui also knew the reason why the Heavenly Bow Empire could even have a chance of revival was all because of this young man. However, he had never dreamed that in just a year, the originally seven-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing would actually appear in front of him as a Heavenly King. Such a cultivation speed, wasn’t it just too terrifying? Even though the current Blood Red Hell could be considered experts in grooming powerhouses, they could not possibly bring up a Heavenly King in such a short period of time!

The brilliant light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flickered as he looked coldly at those powerhouses in front of him. Currently, he had entered a different state. The casual beautiful feeling he had when returning with Shangguan Bing’er had vanished, replaced with a billowing monstrous demonic aura. His entire body was filled with a demonic look.

It was no wonder he was acting like this. These Blood Red Hell powerhouses in front of him wanted to deal with his home, his family! When he had first reached the palace and saw it covered with the Fate Denying Seal, his heart was aching so much that he almost couldn’t breathe. It was these bastards from the Bai Da Empire, Kalise Empire… they had invaded and destroyed his homeland, leaving his father with no choice but to use this near-suicidal method to protect the last Royal Family bloodlines. As such, against these enemies, how could he possibly show any mercy?

The first three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings had already been drained dry to death earlier. He had even Devoured the Heavenly God Tier Terror Sea Dragon previously, and he would naturally help himself easily on these mere Heavenly Kings. With the Astral Saint Core Nucleus, his Devour Skill had reached another level totally. Let alone Heavenly Kings, even if he was fighting against a Heavenly Emperor, he could still affect him to a certain degree with the Devour Skill.

In truth, when Zhou Weiqing had completed his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had already become an existence that could challenge the heavens. The greatest mistake of the Blood Red Hell was that they shouldn’t have given him the time and chance to grow at all. When he was below the Heavenly King stage, although Zhou Weiqing was still disgustingly monstrous, he was just much stronger than those of the same level, but there was still a limit. Alas, once he had broken through to the
Heavenly King stage, fully grasping the Heavenly Dao Energy, even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse would find it difficult to actually kill him off.

After a short period of shock, Meng Gui slowly calmed down. Although he did not know what methods Zhou Weiqing had used to ambush his subordinates, when he saw that Zhou Weiqing was still at the Heavenly King stage, he gave a secret sigh of relief. If there were two Heavenly Emperors here, they would definitely have no chance at all. However, since Zhou Weiqing was only a Heavenly King, it would be a relatively easier problem to solve.

“So what if both of you master and disciple have six Attributes? We have four people here. Even if the three of them can’t defeat you two, they can still hold you off for a short time. If you know what’s best for you, you better retreat now. Otherwise, this Fate Denying Seal will just take me a second to destroy. Once that happens, there won’t be anyone left alive inside.” When Meng Gui spoke those words, he had joined up with his other three companions. Destroying was always easier than creating, and what he said was indeed true. As long as he was given some time, and he was willing to pay the price, he could easily destroy the Fate Denying Seal below them now. After which, any simple Skill of his would be able to wipe out all those within the Seal. After all, being in the Fate Denying Seal for so long, those inside would be extremely weak. This was especially so far Zhou Weiqing’s father, Admiral Zhou. It was
close to certain that if the Seal was broken, he would instantly
lose his life. After all, the Seal was built upon and dependant on his life force to maintain.

Zhou Weiqing walked slowly to the front in midair, as if there were actual steps in the air. His face looked calm, but every step he took caused the grey swirls of air around his body to thicken. The powerful demonic aura around him caused even the Blood Red Hell members’ Destructive Attribute aura to tremble.

How could this be possible? He is just a Heavenly King, why is his aura so terrifying? Including Meng Gui, this was the current thought in all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses.

“Master,  leave  these  guys  to  me.”   Zhou  Weiqing  said passively. However, his words were resolute. At this moment, his emotions had reached a unique state. There were only the enemies in his eyes, and he needed to vent. Indeed, the flames burning in his heart needed a place to vent out!

“Little Fatty, don’t be rash.” Long Shiya said solemnly. Zhou Weiqing shook his head, back still to Long Shiya as he said: “Master, do not worry. I am not being rash, but I will not give these fellows any chances. I will not allow my family to be hurt. The rest, please, I will depend on you.”

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing’s tall and stalwart back, and he sighed inwardly. This child, he is no longer the young man that had just become his disciple those years ago! The playful exterior he usually had on could no longer hide the steady, profound and overpowering nature he had. Of course, this was a good thing for him. He had already grown up. It looked like after this matter, he will no longer need my protection. From today onwards, in the Heavenly Jewel Master, there will definitely be a place for him.

“Alright  then,  you  be  careful.”  Long  Shiya  did  not  try  to persuade him further. This was a battlefield, and he chose to place absolute trust in him.

Indeed. Absolute trust. This was the best recognition and approval he could give to Zhou Weiqing’s power. The terrifying energy reverberations burst forth from Zhou Weiqing instantly, such a terrifying explosiveness that caused the entire area to turn grey.

Ming  Gui  was  given  a  shock.  “Is  that  little  brat  actually trying to face the four of us by himself?”

On the other side, Long Shiya’s six-coloured lights spread forth again; this time they enveloped the entire palace hall. Without question, the master disciple pair had chosen to divide up the work. Long Shiya would ensure the Fate Denying Seal was not disturbed or broken, and the four Blood Red Hell powerhouses would be the targets of Zhou Weiqing’s attack.

Zhou Weiqing raised his Dual Legendary Hammers in hands, both glowing with various different coloured lights. The left hammer was glowing black, while the right was a purplish red. In the next instant, two giant figures appeared at each side of him as he waved his hammers. It was the Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady.

This is? Heavenly Skill Image? But… how could one summon two Heavenly Skill Images at once… and they looked so real too? Zhou Weiqing had only just begun his move, and the abilities he displayed were already beyond their knowledge.

A terrifying dark purple light and dark red light both started glowing at once. The Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady were both summoned by Zhou Weiqing, and the order he gave them was simple: Attack. Balls of dark purple light were sent flying towards all the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. At the same time, the Demonic Dragon Lady began flashing with purplish red light, sending Dragon Silencing Seals shooting forth one after the other. From appearance, she was just like that Terror Sea Dragon, her body full of spikes.

This attacking style of the Demonic Dragon Lady was indeed what Zhou Weiqing had learned in his fight against the Terror Sea Dragon. Of course, he did not have the Water Attribute, and was unable to Store Skills from the Terror Sea Dragon. However, he was still able to learn from its attacking styles.

This type of attacking style was undoubtedly extremely energy consuming. However, do not forget, he had just Devoured three Heavenly Kings dry of all their Heavenly Energy. Furthermore, the current Zhou Weiqing, would he actually be afraid of expending too much energy? The three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings instantly raised their defense, as Heavenly Skill Images also lit up around them.

The Dragon Silencing Seal was an absolute-effect type Skill, but the precondition was that it actually had to hit its target. The three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings were by no means weak, and they had their own powerful Skills as well, especially with the Destruction Attribute. Facing the abrupt explosive attacks from Zhou Weiqing, they naturally blocked it in an instant. After all, the Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady were just summonings, not true existences.

In that moment, Meng Gui melded into the darkness. In truth, no one knew that Meng Gui was the real top assassin in the world. However, he had attained that rank fifty years ago, and after reaching the Heavenly Emperor stage, he had retired from the assassin world. However, his current level was naturally far more dangerous than he had been then.

Meng Gui did not have the Spatial Attribute, nor did he have any Skills like the Blink Skill. However, hidden in the darkness, his ability to conceal his aura was no weaker than Zhou Weiqing. In midair, Zhou Weiqing suddenly took a step to the left. As his body flickered, the pitch black devil claw spike swiped across the space he had just been. Where it passed, the air was split apart instantly. If Zhou Weiqing had still been there, even with his Legendary Set and the protection of the Immortal
Deity Shield, he might still have sustained a severe injury.

As his body moved, the ‘crying-face’ hammer in his hand did not hesitate to smash outwards at Meng Gui’s hands.

Meng Gui did not dodge at all. His fingers spread wide, and the devil claw spike actually twisted around to grab towards the incoming hammer.

Meng Gui was after all a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, and any Heavenly Emperor would have absolute confidence in themselves. When Zhou Weiqing said he would deal with the Blood Red Hell powerhouses by himself, he had almost blown his top. What did this little brat treat him as?! No matter how talented and outstanding he was, he was still just a mere Heavenly King. Yet, he dared to brag about taking down all four of them?!

Indeed, the two summons of the Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady by Zhou Weiqing had given him a shock, but that did not mean Meng Gui would feel Zhou Weiqing was stronger than him. As such, he did not even bother dodging, wanting to use his own Skills in a hard direct clash to defeat Zhou Weiqing.

Meng Gui’s Consolidated Equipment were all pitch black, barely entering the realm of the ‘Legendary Set’. This was an eight-piece set, amongst which two were the devil claw spikes in each hand respectively. He had always been an offense orientated Heavenly Jewel Master.

A earsplitting explosion, as the devil claw spike clashed with the ‘crying-face’ hammer. In the next instant, a look of utter disbelief crossed Meng Gui’s face.

His body curled up into a ball, flying back at lightning speed as if he had become a large black cannonball. He had actually been sent flying back by the impact of Zhou Weiqing’s hammer!

What was Zhou Weiqing wielding… the Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers! As his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had already reached nine pieces, what kind of boost to his strength did that give? His physical strength had already reached a truly terrifying state. Let alone Meng Gui, even Long Shiya with his full ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set… in terms of just pure physical strength, he might not be comparable to Zhou Weiqing. Even an ordinary Heavenly God powerhouse, perhaps if he was clashing directly in terms of strength with Zhou Weiqing, he might be disadvantaged!

This time, Meng Gui had definitely taken a huge disadvantage. Furthermore, on the crying-face hammer of Zhou Weiqing’s, there was an extremely powerful suction ‘Devour’ power. In just the short moment where they had clashed, it had already drained a substantial mass of energy from Meng Gui.

Meng Gui gritted his teeth against the violent pain, forcing himself not to cry out. When he realised he had lost the clash, he changed strike to a push, using Zhou Weiqing’s power to fly back as best he could, trying to shift as much of the power from landing on his own body. However, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was just too terrifying, at least several hundred thousand jin in power. That hammer blow, no matter how high Meng Gui’s cultivation was, even if he used the Darkness Attribute energies in the atmosphere to protect himself, he was still at a massive disadvantage.

The right devil claw spike had actually been shattered, along with his right arm. That was the price Meng Gui had to pay to prevent the power from smashing his body. His entire right arm was vaporized into a blood mist explosively before he managed to shunt away the rest of the power from Zhou Weiqing’s strike.

Zhou Weiqing’s full power, could it be as simple as just the surface Heavenly King stage he showed?

Sending Meng Gui flying with a single hammer blow, Zhou Weiqing’s expression did not change at all, as if he had already guessed the result of this exchange. The dual hammers in his hands swung around, and a massive grey figure slowly appeared behind his back.

The three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings were indeed powerful; in the short time that Zhou Weiqing and Meng Gui had exchanged blows, they had already destroyed the Hell’s Angel, and had also forced the Demonic Dragon Lady back in a retreat. Once they could destroy the Demonic Dragon Lady, they would be able to join hands with Meng Gui and kill off Zhou Weiqing.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing did not give them such a chance. When the horrifying demonic attribute aura burst forth once more, the Demonic Dragon Lady’s entire body seemed to grow stronger, her own power and influence strengthening dramatically. An unparalleled, dazzling purplish red light shone forth in a single direction in a large and indiscriminate attack.

The Demonic Dragon Lady had actually chosen to self detonate when her aura had reached the strongest point. Self detonation could also be a type of attacking method, and she was able to use her self detonation to boost all of her powers. Naturally, the Demonic Dragon Lady’s greatest power was without a doubt her Dragon Silencing Seal.

When Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation had raised to the Heavenly King stage, the Dragon Silencing Seal could already undergo area of effect attacks. Currently, with the boost of the Demon God that Zhou Weiqing had summoned, the power of the Dragon Silencing Seal was once again heavily boosted, especially with the boost of the self-detonation, it had already reached an unbelievable state. Although the three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings their own powerful defenses, in that instant, none of them could escape the fate of being struck by the Dragon Silencing Seal.

In that instant, all three of the Heavenly Kings were stripped of their Consolidated Equipment, their Stored Skills also Sealed from their use. Such an abrupt and surprising change caught them off guard, causing them to start momentarily. In the same moment that the Demonic Dragon Lady self detonated, Zhou Weiqing’s body also vanished. The Blink Skill.

The next second, the three Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings felt as if the space around their bodies collapsing. Soon, one after the other, Control Skills began to land on them. Even with their cultivation levels, without their Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills, how could they possibly break free of Zhou Weiqing’s Control Skills, boosted by his Astral Saint Core Nucleus as they were.

Chapter265: Astral Feedback

On the other side, Meng Gui had already recovered from the temporary debilitating pain. A Heavenly Emperor was after all a Heavenly Emperor, and he was able to forcefully suppress his injuries, sealing his blood flow. However, when he looked at Zhou Weiqing once more, at the three companions that he had placed his hopes in to hold the youth off… he could only see several hundred bright three-coloured lightning pearls covering those three ‘naked pigs’[1. TJSS is referring to how they have been stripped of all their Equipment and powers].

A dark gold figure appeared once more in front of Meng Gui. Zhou Weiqing’s gaze was unbelievably cold, and in the same instant as he appeared, a massive explosion sounded at the other side.

There weren’t even screams, and the three Heavenly Kings had been vaporized into nothingness.

Witnessing the sight before him, a chill ran down Meng Gui’s spine. If one were to describe his previous feelings regarding Zhou Weiqing’s arrogance as anger, now… there was only horror and terror left in his heart. The display of power Zhou Weiqing had shown was just too great… reaching a level that he could not even imagine. Was this really something a young man barely over the age of twenty could pull off? Meng Gui felt as if he would rather face the familiar Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Long Shiya, rather than this demonic youth in front of him.

“It’s  your  turn.”  The  wings  behind  Zhou  Weiqing’s  back spread, the giant grey figure behind his back suddenly rushing and merging into his body. Next, a demonic aura that was so powerful that it rose into the skies burst forth, turning Zhou Weiqing’s entire body grey.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was like a massive grey whirlpool, a terrifying suction force warping the air, Devouring all of the atmospheric energies around, leaving Meng Gui with nothing to draw on. At the same time, it also sealed off all his possible escape routes.

Without any atmospheric energies to rely on, even if he was a Heavenly Emperor, Meng Gui could not depend on his physical speed alone to escape Zhou Weiqing’s pursuit. All he could do now was to fight it out with Zhou Weiqing, to the death.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, Meng Gui’s face was pale and ashen. Ever since he had reached the Heavenly Emperor stage, this was the first time he had been forced into such a wretched and miserable state. He had never imagined he would ever fall to such a youthful foe.

Although Zhou Weiqing was only a Heavenly King, the aura he was emitting was already fully suppressing Meng Gui totally, causing him to be unable to unleash his full power. Furthermore, when one reached the Heavenly Emperor stage, their body was already fused with their spirit and soul to form a powerful weapon. Now that Zhou Weiqing had taken off an arm from Meng Gui, it could be said to have broken his primordial qi and base power. Meng Gui was now only able to use around seventy percent of his normal power. In the current situation, it would be difficult for him to actually defeat Zhou Weiqing.

However, Meng Gui quick recovered, displaying a psyche that none of the other Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings could compare to. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s immense pressure, he slowly calmed down.

“Young man, don’t go too far. You have won today, but if you want to try to leave this old man here, you better be prepared to pay a hefty price.” Meng Gui said in a bitter, sinister manner. The calm expression on his face was a stark contrast to the increasingly crazed frenzy in his eyes.

“Ohh?” Zhou Weiqing revealed an interested expression on his face. “I am rather interested… what kind of price would I have to pay to leave you here?” At this point, he did not seem to be in a rush to take action against Meng Gui.

Meng  Gui  said  coldly:  “This  Heavenly  Emperor  is  still  a Heavenly Emperor after all. At this stage, our Heavenly Core Nucleus would undergo a qualitative change. Regarding this, you can ask Fatty Long. If I self-detonate my Heavenly Emperor Core Nucleus, perhaps you and Fatty Long can escape without any issues, but this entire city will definitely be destroyed. Not just the citizens, even your family and the Heavenly Bow Royal Family will also go up in smoke.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed, as he took an involuntary step back, looking at his Master hovering in midair.

Long Shiya nodded towards Zhou Weiqing. This Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had not fully recovered from his sheer shock. He had been watching the entire process of Zhou Weiqing dealing with all the Blood Red Hell powerhouses, and the shock in his heart was already at the maximum. These were all Heavenly Kings with the Destruction Attribute! With the three of them joining forces, Long Shiya had to admit to himself that even if he wanted to take care of those fellows, it would take him some time. Furthermore, there was still that Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui at the side. However, Zhou Weiqing had forcefully used his own power to kill three enemies, with Meng Gui injured. Of course, some part of Meng Gui’s injuries could be attributed to his own mistakes and
underestimation of Zhou Weiqing, but in the end this young
disciple of his had to have the power to back it up and actually make use of those mistakes.

The both had nine pieces of Legendary Set Equipment boosting their strength, but Long Shiya did not think he could compare with Zhou Weiqing’s physical strength any longer. Although his base cultivation was still higher than Zhou Weiqing by an entire Jewel, just in terms of physical strength he was no match for him. The Dragon-Tiger Transformation that held the two imposing bloodlines… this was something that Long Shiya could not match, let alone the existence of the Saint Energy.

His precious disciple had already reached such a power level. Long Shiya did not even dare guarantee that in a one versus one fight, he could actually defeat Zhou Weiqing. This was a mere year that they had been apart! This Little Fatty had already grown to such a degree. If he was given some more time, perhaps even the top powerhouse Xue AoTian would have to give up his seat as the strongest in the world right?

However, this was clearly not the time to ruminate over such matters. The Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui’s words, Long Shiya had naturally heard them. Indeed, Meng Gui had not been lying. When one reached the Heavenly Emperor stage, their Heavenly Core Nucleus would undergo a qualitative transformation. If self-detonated, even Long Shiya would not dare to take it full on. Let alone this city below… one which the Heavenly Bow Empire could not afford to abandon and lose.

Getting the signal from his Master, Zhou Weiqing’s ferocious demonic aura began to slowly withdraw slightly, and Meng Gui breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, he could choose to self- detonate; in that case the Heavenly Bow City would be destroyed, and it would be a heavy blow to the entire Heavenly Bow Empire. At the same time, that would achieve the target of blocking the Heavenly Bow Empire’s path to the south. However, Meng Gui was also human, especially a top powerhouse like him, who would be willing to give up their life just to fulfil such a mission! Cultivating for over eighty years to reach the Heavenly Emperor stage; the higher level one has reached, the more they would treasure their lives. A Heavenly Emperor Heavenly Core Nucleus detonating was far more destructive indeed, however as compared to a Heavenly King self-detonating, where they still had a small chance of survival, the Heavenly Emperor would definitely perish together with their Heavenly Core Nucleus.

As such, if it was not a matter of last resort, he would never make such a choice.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was rather ugly, and he gave a short sigh before saying: “It looks like I have no choice but to let you off today. However, if I let you go, my powers will be revealed to the Blood Red Hell. That will be far too detrimental to the future of the Heavenly Bow Empire.”

Seeing that he had relented, Meng Gui’s heart was overjoyed. Hastily, he said: “In this regard, you do not have to worry. I can swear on my Heavenly Core that I will never reveal the powers that you displayed today. I am willing to leave the Blood Red Hell and live in seclusion, hidden from them. I will no longer interfere in the matters of the Boundless Mainland.”

Zhou Weiqing pursed his lips, his brow furrowed deeply. After some thought, he finally nodded solemnly, saying: “Alright. Swear your oath then.” Only then did Meng Gui finally heave a sigh of relief, knowing that his threat had finally succeeded, secretly he was thinking to himself: This little brat might be extremely powerful, but he is still too young and naive! Hastily, he said solemnly:  “I,  Meng  Gui,  swear  upon  my  Heavenly  Core Nucleus. Once I leave this place, I will leave the Blood Red Hell and resume my status as an independent cultivator. I will never reveal what happened today, if I break this oath… What are you doing?!”

As Meng Gui was speaking his oath, he suddenly saw Zhou Weiqing’s chest light up without warning. Although there was no energy fluctuations, just the abrupt lighting up of his chest was just too strange.

It was a ball of light about the size of a human fist. Around the ball of light, circles of strange lights revolved around it, just like tentacles writhing around. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing whose entire body had been giving off the demonic aura… suddenly gained a weird aura and quality about him that Meng Gui had never seen before.

His skin turned a crystalline white, almost like pure jade, as his entire body seemed to become transparent, almost like a shining star in the skies, glowing dazzlingly. Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, pointing into the skies. “Look above.” As he said that, he lifted up his head.

Although he could see the strange changes in the light Zhou Weiqing was giving off, the suppression and ‘locking-on’ sensation had long vanished. As such, Meng Gui subconsciously followed Zhou Weiqing’s gaze above. Alas, as soon as he did so, he was given a such a fright that shook him to the soul.

In the pitch black skies, he did not know when but there were millions of shining, flickering stars. Wasn’t it a patch of brilliant stars? Yet, the form the stars took, it seemed exactly like the light glowing in front of Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

“You…” Even as he spoke that word, Meng Gui did not hesitate to circulate all his power, trying to hide into the shadows once more.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Zhou Weiqing’s right hand pointed out in a single finger, and the light that seemed to have formed from the astral rivers appeared silently. Meng Gui did not have any chance to dodge before his entire body seized up, unable to move. Just as his blood ran cold, rage returned to him and he was about to self-detonate his Heavenly Core Nucleus. Alas, he could only see the light at Zhou Weiqing’s chest abruptly glow resplendently. A ray of astral light fell perfectly on his chest, as if linking the two of them through this ray of light.

His Heavenly Core stopped moving, and even Meng Gui’s heartbeat seemed to become the same as Zhou Weiqing’s.

Zhou Weiqing’s head had not looked down at all, still staring into the sudden beautiful night sky. Passively, he said: “Every Heavenly Core Nucleus is like a star, and what I own is the core of the stars… an Astral Core. Your unformed star… in front of a Astral Core, how could it self-detonate? I will return it to the skies. Good bye, Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui.” The brilliant illusory stars in the skies lit up in sudden blinding brilliance, as if merging with Zhou Weiqing as one. In the next instant, Meng Gui did not even have time to scream as he evaporated into thin air.

The powerful astral light caused Long Shiya to close his eyes, not daring to stare at it. The astral light did not give off any powerful aura, but the entire world’s energies seemed to have vanished when this strange light appeared. The Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui had vanished totally, leaving only his Heavenly Core Nucleus there hovering in the air, glowing in gold. As Zhou Weiqing lifted up a hand, it flew into his grasp. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were glowing with that same strange light as he stared into the skies, silent. It was as if he had entered a state of unique comprehension.

He lifted his right hand, beckoning into the heavens. The six Heavenly Core Nucleus of the Heavenly Kings he had just slain flew in from different directions. The Dark Demon God Lightning had blown up the three Heavenly Kings, but their Heavenly Core Nucleus still remained. Six Heavenly Core Nucleus, warping into six rays of light, shooting into the skies towards the light, as if six stars rising into the heavens.

As the six stars soared up, from up above, six rays of faint gold astral light shone down upon Zhou Weiqing, staining his body, still wearing the dark gold ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, with a brilliant gold astral light.

As Zhou Weiqing bathed in this astral light, in the distance, Long Shiya could sense the energies within his body growing rapidly. This could also be seen visually as the glow on his chest was growing brighter and purer.

Soon after, another gold light was released from Zhou Weiqing’s hands. It was the Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. This time, the speed of the gold light rising was far faster than the previous six lights. It was almost as if in a gold flash, it had reached the heavens, and the corresponding astral light shone upon the Zhou Weiqing in the next instant.

This time, the gold light almost formed a pillar, with a half metre radius. Bathed in the astral light, Zhou Weiqing’s body shuddered, and the aura he was emitting underwent a qualitative transformation.

Breakthrough… he had broken through just like that?!

Watching in shock, the fat on Long Shiya’s face almost fell off in disbelief. Since when could Heavenly Jewel Masters breakthrough just like that? Speed aside… wasn’t this entire process just too miraculous?!

How could he know that this was the true profound secrets of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Of course, this also had a strong connection to Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill.

The Saint Energy held the Power of Creation. This was not as simple as humans creating something, but the greatest Power of Creation in the world. The entire world was constructed by this most purest and original of energies, and the stars in the skies were also formed from this.

What Zhou Weiqing had said was indeed true. Every Heavenly Core Nucleus had the potential to become a star in the skies, however this required a incomparably long process of evolution and development. These Heavenly King and Heavenly Emperors’ Heavenly Core Nucleus were naturally not real stars, but they held the same attributes and auras as stars.

Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Core Nucleus was consolidated and formed from this core origin Saint Energy. The words Astral Core was not named for nothing. A Heavenly Core Nucleus was only the embryonic form of a star, but his Astral Core Nucleus was truly the core of the stars. Any true star had its own astral core!

As such, Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Core Nucleus was at a far higher level than even any Heavenly God’s Heavenly Core Nucleus.

Of course, with his current cultivation, he was far from being able to wield the full power of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Limited by his own cultivation, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus would be limited in terms of its evolving for now. However, that would not stop him from borrowing the power of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. What he had just done earlier was to use his Astral Saint Core Nucleus to activate the astral power of the stars in the skies, causing echo and resonance to feedback back into itself. After that, when he released the energy of the six Heavenly Kings and one Heavenly Emperor Heavenly Core Nucleus, it was tantamount to sending this purest Astral energies into the skies, before gaining the resonant Astral power in return.

Perhaps the total power of this Astral power was far below that of the seven Heavenly Core Nucleus, but it was the purest Astral power without any impurities, able to be used directly and infused into his Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Added on to the fact that Zhou Weiqing had already Devoured such a large amount of Heavenly Energy just now, the two factors had combined to push him from the Mid Level Heavenly King stage to the High Level Heavenly King Stage. If the Devour Skill could be considered the top method of increasing one’s cultivation in the human realm, then this Resonance Method of the Astral powers could be considered the top method in the realm of gods, one that defied the heavens!

When Zhou Weiqing had first consolidated his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had gained some of this understand. However, at that time it had not been too deep and profound. However, after this entire process, he was slowly beginning to grasp the true meaning and understand of the Astral powers and the Resonance method.

The final ending of the Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui could be said to be fully under Zhou Weiqing’s calculations. With the Possession of the Demon God, Zhou Weiqing had sealed Meng Gui’s senses towards the outside world. At that time, Long Shiya could actually clearly sense the atmospheric energies all around having a strange reverberation.

Zhou Weiqing had continued speaking with Meng Gui, and that was all to delay for time. For the current him to use the Astral powers, it actually required a rather long build up time. It was thus extremely difficult to use while in actual combat. Originally, when he had consolidated the tenth set of Heavenly Jewels, his tenth Elemental Jewel was already filled with Astral powers. In this case, it was similar to the seventh Jewel, unable to Store any other Skills. However, it was the source of him being able to activate the Astral Resonance Method.

The final result had proved that Zhou Weiqing had succeeded. When the Astral powers were really activated by him, let alone the already injured Meng Gui; in such a situation, an uninjured Heavenly Emperor would not be able to withstand the power of the Astral powers, and even a Heavenly God might have to escape instead of taking it head on. The greatest weakness of the Astral power was its extremely long build up time. Of course, that was also because of Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation, and at least currently it wasn’t pragmatic in function.

“Master,  please  move  back  a  little.”   Zhou  Weiqing  said respectfully to Long Shiya.

Currently, Long Shiya still felt as if this was all a dream. Subconsciously, he back off, opening the space above the palace hall.

Zhou Weiqing withdrew his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, his hands crossing in front of his chest. His entire body once again turned transparent, lighting up as the gentle astral light shone down from above slowly covering the Fate Denying Seal.

A miraculous sight occurred, under the effect of the Astral powers, the Fate Denying Seal was slowly breaking down and dissolving. Indeed, dissolving, just like ice meeting water, the speed of the dissolving was not too fast, but it was steady indeed.

At the same time, the diamond locket at Zhou Weiqing’s chest was glowing with a brilliant silver light, bursting forth to land right down below, forming a giant formation.

Human figures after human figures began to slowly rise from the formation; slowly several thousand had appeared.

Zhou Weiqing’s hand slashed downwards, and a ray of astral power swept through the large patch of figures. A young lady of absolute beauty, in a white dress, rose up into the air to hover by his side. It was Tian’er.

At this point, even as he was circulating the Astral powers with all his might, Zhou Weiqing’s face revealed a nervousness. Looking at Tian’er, he nodded solemnly.

Those years ago, he had ran away from home with Shangguan Bing’er to join the Heavenly Bow Empire army. After that, he had entered the Heavenly Bow Unit, and then to the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy. When he had led the Fei Li Battle Team to win the Heavenly Jewel Tournament championship, his first grand achievement in his life, he had suddenly learnt of the bad news of his homeland falling. To Zhou Weiqing, that blow had been just too huge.

However, he did not fall into despair. Instead, he braced himself and began working to revive the Heavenly Bow Empire. With his own hard work and power, he had brought the Heavenly Bow Empire back in a rise, to heights far beyond its original strength.

This day, this moment… he had finally returned. Returning to this beloved homeland that he had been away for too long. Returning to the skies above the Heavenly Bow City.

This was the time to undo the Seal. Once they reoccupied the Heavenly Bow City, it would also mean the final revival of the Heavenly Bow Empire had succeeded.

The three thousand figures below were naturally the finest warriors of the Heavenly Bow Empire, the elites of the Peerless Regiment. One thousand Heavenly Cavalry soldiers, two thousand Peerless Archers. After they had been teleported here, they began to find the most suitable position for themselves.

Within the Heavenly Bow City Royal Palace, there were no Kalise armies stationed. After all, the top powerhouses of the Blood Red Hell were guarding it, and the aura of the Fate Denying Seal would have some detrimental effects on ordinary humans. Currently, the Kalise Empire armies outside had already heard the commotion in the palace, but they did not launch any attacks as the powerhouses had been stationed there. As such, these three thousand men that Zhou Weiqing brought in were able to station themselves properly in the Royal Palace, ready to protect Zhou Weiqing while he spent all his efforts in saving his family.

With the illumination of the astral power, the Darkness brought by the Fate Denying Seal was slowly being eaten away. However, in the process, Zhou Weiqing’s expression showed his constant emotional fluctuations.

As he continued breaking down the Fate Denying Seal, he was able to sense the auras within the Seal. It was filled with despair, vexation, anger, killing intent, bloodlust… all sorts of negative emotions, even fear and terror. It was no wonder that even a Darkness Attribute Heavenly Emperor like Meng Gui did not dare to easily try to break down the Seal. Once he attempted doing so, these negative emotions would swell up and counterattack him at once. Even if he could withstand it, it would leave a mark on his soul, possibly causing future harm to his cultivation. This was the truly terrifying part of the Fate Denying Seal. Of course, Zhou Weiqing would not be influenced by these negative emotions. Let alone the Astral powers he had summoned along with his Astral Saint Core Nucleus allowing him to be unafraid of the counterattack of the Fate Denying Seal, just his resolute willpower alone could withstand these
negative emotions! This was his father’s final move, and despite all of those external emotions, he could only feel a deep sorrow. The darkness around the palace hall was diminishing, the light of the stars in the skies growing brighter. Tears began to stream down Zhou Weiqing’s face involuntarily. Currently, he could clearly see the tall, large figure barely five metres from the front of the palace, hovering in midair.

The broad shoulders, the straight and proud stature, the pitch black armour, and that strong spirit that would never admit defeat. That was his father, the once-strongest powerhouse in the entire Heavenly Bow Empire. Admiral Zhou, who had been willing to give everything for his homeland, his country.

In the faint black shield of light, there were still many other people. Next, Zhou Weiqing saw his mother, Ling Zihan. She was not far from her father. He then saw his godfather, the Emperor of the Heavenly Bow Empire, Di Fengling. However, currently Di Fengling was in a position that left Zhou Weiqing in utter disbelief. He was actually kneeling down before his own father. At the same time, those kneeling down included Xiao Ru Se’s father, the Prime Minister of the Empire, the Finance Minister Xiao Yun, and all the other upper echelons of the Heavenly Bow Empire. They were all kneeling down in front of his father in prayer. The Astral power abruptly stopped its dissolving of the Seal. In a flash, Zhou Weiqing appeared in front of his frozen father.

Even when facing three Heavenly Kings and a Heavenly Emperor, Zhou Weiqing had been calm and unflurried. However, at this point, his entire body was trembling uncontrollably.

As soon as the darkness of the Fate Denying Seal approached his body, the Astral Saint Energy around him would automatically take care of it. His father was right in front of him, eyes still filled with unyielding determination. Abruptly, Zhou Weiqing opened his arms and embraced his father.


A call rang out into the skies, filled with choking of sobs. In the next instant, the entire heavens and earth were filled with a brilliant, blinding gold light.

The instant Zhou Weiqing embraced his father, his Astral powers circulated at full strength. The darkness brought by the Fate Denying Seal had totally disappeared. In the next instant, the stars in the skies faded away, replaced by a massive gold illusory Angel. Six wings flapping, a thick gold light mixed with silver-white Saint Energy descended from the skies. The palace hall which had been covered in the pitch black darkness for several years, filled with a dark gloomy aura, was now covered with a layer of Divine gold light.

The Divine energy reverberations flowed in the air, forming sparks of gold starlight spreading down to all those below, causing them to be covered with a layer of gold mist.

The Divine energy slowly fused into their bodies, slowly removing the Darkness Attribute energies in their bodies due to the Fate Denying Seal. The Saint Energy filled with the power of creation slowly nourishing and replenishing their bodies, reinvoking their life force.

There was only one exception. Admiral Zhou, who was still in Zhou Weiqing’s tight embrace.

Admiral Zhou’s Elemental Jewel was originally of the Darkness Attribute, and it had a certain aversion and repulsion towards the Divine Attribute. Furthermore, as the person who had actually cast the Fate Denying Seal, under normal circumstances, as soon as the Seal was broken, the others might still be alright, but he was supposed to definitely die. With Tian’er’s cultivation, she was still unable to save this father-in-law that she had seen for the first time.

If it had been Long Shiya, his cultivation would have been more than sufficient. Alas, his Attributes were even worse off. The Healing of the Light Attribute would be like poison to one with the Darkness Attribute, tantamount to accelerating his death. As for the Water Attribute, perhaps it might be able to extend Admiral Zhou’s life for a while, but as for how long it would be tough to say. At least, Admiral Zhou would become a cripple.

As such, Zhou Weiqing definitely had to take action personally. With the Astral powers, there still remained a chance at least.

In that instant that he had protected his father, Zhou Weiqing had dispersed all of his other Attributes, leaving only the purest Astral Saint Energy which slowly and carefully infused into his father’s broken down body, clearing out the negative energies from the Fate Denying Seal.

Currently, Admiral Zhou was like a building crudely made from wooden blocks, tilting precariously and on the verge of breaking down at anytime. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy was like a cover, tying the wooden blocks together and not allowing them to move about or change shapes, thus forcefully preventing the breakdown.

That was not all; the Astral Saint Energy continually infused into Admiral Zhou’s body, this purest energy and Power of Creation helping him rebuild his body from ground up.

Indeed. It was rebuilding, not healing.

After Admiral Zhou had unleashed the Fate Denying Seal, his body could be said to have already begun breaking down. To be able to maintain this current state was because he was fully in the Seal. Now that the Seal had vanished, he was about to vanish from the world. The only reason Zhou Weiqing had the chance to rebuild his body was because Admiral Zhou’s soul was still there for now.

Tian’er was still in the midst of releasing the Divine energies, but she could clearly sense a massive amount of atmospheric energy welling towards Zhou Weiqing, even including her own energy she was releasing. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s own Astral Saint Energy was being expended at an astonishing rate. This was not a simple matter like ‘creating’ the Hell’s Angel in energy form when unleashing his Skills. It could be said that Zhou Weiqing was currently building an entire new body for a soul!

Although it was with Admiral Zhou’s original body as a base and blueprint, but this entire creation process was fully powered by his Astral Saint Energy alone. Only by doing this would he prevent leaving any terrible side effects behind. For his father’s sake, how could Zhou Weiqing hold anything back just to conserve his power?

The three thousand Peerless Regiment elites had already found and stationed themselves in proper defensive spots. With the Royal Palace as their defensive ‘fort’, they would be defending externally.

That was not the only thing. As Tian’er had risen up so high in the skies, even the Heavenly Bow Empire armies in the distance could see her, let alone the Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire troops.

The Divine Faith power that could compare with the Devour Skill was beginning to come into effect. In midair, Tian’er continued to transform the power of faith into the purests Divine Attribute energies, spreading it down to continue healing the Heavenly Bow Empire officials. At the same time, she was supporting the massive energy drain of Zhou Weiqing.

The three Shangguan Sisters were currently with the rest of the Peerless elites. However, the Kalise and Bai Da Empire soldiers did not seem to show any signs of wanting to attack. As such, they did not feel any pressure at present.

The order had actually been given previously by the Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui, that no matter how much activity there was in the palace grounds, the ordinary soldiers were not to intervene. In truth, those who could cause a stir in the area had to be at least Heavenly Kings or higher, and ordinary soldiers attacking would only be marching to their senseless deaths. As such, his order was not wrong at all. Of course, that just meant the warriors that Zhou Weiqing had brought along could only relax.

Shangguan Xue’er nodded towards Shangguan Fei’er and said: “Give the signal.”

Shangguan Fei’er nodded in agreement. Lifting her right hand, a ray of light shone into the skies. As it reached the highest point, it burst into brilliant fireworks. This was the signal they had agreed upon to show that the battle to rescue the Royal Palace had succeeded. As for how the rest of the army would undergo the siege, how the military forces were deployed, that was up to the Heavenly Bow God General Ming Yu!

Shangguan Xue’er looked up into the skies at Zhou Weiqing, who was fully focusing on saving his father, her expression slightly vacant.

It was not so long ago that his cultivation level was far below mine! Yet, now… he has already reached a degree that I can only look up to. A Heavenly King… several years younger than I am, but he has already become a Heavenly King… one which has the Saint Core Nucleus!

Shangguan Bing’er had already told Shangguan Xue’er regarding the bet between Zhou Weiqing and the brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue.

When Shangguan Xue’er learned about how Zhou Weiqing had to face such pressure for a sake, actually winning such a fight, finally even succeeding in removing that burden of responsibility that had always weighed upon her shoulders… she couldn’t help but stare blankly for several hours, stunned. These few days, she had been avoiding Zhou Weiqing, not daring to see him. Her emotions were in turmoil, and she did not know how to face him. Perhaps, there was some self blame. For the sake of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had once thought of giving up this love between them! Amongst the
three Shangguan Sisters, her time together with Zhou Weiqing was the shortest, but that did not mean her feelings for him were any less than her two sisters.

On the contrary, since she had been training in isolation since a young age in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, it could be said that her heart was like white paper, blank, even naive. Now that Zhou Weiqing had left a trace on it, then, on that white paper, there was no longer any other space.

Zhou Weiqing had used all of his might to finally gain the chance to be with her. However, what had she done in the past? She had only been running all the time, accepting the fate that her father and uncle had given her. For the sake of that responsibility, she had thought of leaving him several times… but he had never given up on her.

All these complicated and contradictory feelings, even her sisters did not know about them. Perhaps only when she had thought through everything and straightened herself out would she be able to walk out from that guilt. However, there was one point that Shangguan Xue’er no longer needed to be in a twist about; that was, she was no longer the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Now, she wanted to place all of her heart and mind on her man. Wherever he went, she would follow.

Outside the Heavenly Bow City, Ming Yu stared at the distant glow of the Divine Attribute light above the city, waiting silently.

At last, the giant fireworks spread in the air, and a smile crossed his face involuntarily.

It was not just him. All of the military officers, even all the soldiers, burst out in deafening cheers. Even if they alerted the defending Kalise Army soldiers, they did not care at this point.

An hour ago, Ming Yu had given the order that the rescue operation was under way. At the same time, he had informed all of the military officers that once the fireworks signal was shown, it meant the rescue was a success. The officers had naturally passed down the information as well. This was a little ploy by Ming Yu, exactly making use of this juncture of the Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Family being saved to raise the morale of the Heavenly Bow Empire armies to the maximum.

The exultant, loud cheers told him clearly that his plan had indeed succeeded.

“Move out.” Ming Yu waved his hand as he gave the order to attack.

The Heavenly Bow Empire armies moved out as one. They did not directly launch their attacks, instead spreading their formations as they passed through the Stars Forest, slowly advancing upon the Heavenly Bow City.

Chapter266: Arise! Heavenly Bow Officials!

Seeing the brilliant holy light in the skies, although it was currently night, the morale of the Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers were at the max. This was especially so for those original soldiers of the old Heavenly Bow Empire. To them, they had waited for this day for too long, way too long.

Three thousand figures rose up silently into the night sky. Under cover of the darkness, they flew towards the Kalise and Bai Da army encampments surrounding the Heavenly Bow City.

Amongst the ten thousand Peerless Army elites, the Peerless Archers numbered five thousand. Zhou Weiqing had already brought away two thousand of them, and the remaining three thousand had now been gathered together by Ming Yu.

Ever since they returned to the Heavenly Bow Empire, the Peerless Archers’ flying capabilities had never been displayed in the battlefield. The main reason was exactly because it was being saved to be the critical factor to defeat their enemies in this final battle. Three thousand figures, hidden in the night skies, soon rose to around a thousand metres height. At this point, let alone it being night time, even if it was in the day, as long as they were not looking specifically for it, it would be extremely difficult to detect them.

Ming Yu’s second order soon passed down. “First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Power Archer Battalions, prepare! Peerless Heavy Cavalry, Snow Deer Cavalry, move out. First, Second Heavy Cavalry Regiments, advance.”

Ming Yu had gained quite some inspiration from Zhou Weiqing, and towards the Heavenly Bow Empire armies, he had mainly focused on true quality over quantity. Although in such a short period of time he could not possibly develop their forces to the same level as the Peerless Regiment, with the support of Zhou Weiqing’s massive wealth and the resource support from the Fei Li Empire and ZhongTian Empire, it could be said that the current Heavenly Bow Empire armies were armed to the teeth.

The so-called Power Archer Battalions were not just simply equipped with normal longbows, but powerful, well-crafted Purple Dawn Bows. Furthermore, each one of these archers were also prepared with a hand crossbow. As soon as they entered any fight, their hand crossbows would be prepared with a bolt. No matter if it was for self protection or offense, it would greatly improve these archers’ overall combat prowess.

These archers were also armoured with leather; in a battlefield such defenses might not seem to amount to much, but if they were supported with Heavy Infantry soldiers and Cavalry soldiers, that was a different matter altogether.

In the Heavenly Bow Empire, the military branch that lacked the least was definitely archers… after all, it was the Heavenly Bow Empire! As such, out of the entire over dozen Regiments in the army, Ming Yu had specially chosen the finest five thousand to form the five Power Archer Battalions. Besides them, there were still five entire Regiments of Archers, numbering about a third of the entire army. Of course, the other formations of troops were also well trained elite warriors.

In the current Heavenly Bow Empire, there wasn’t a true ‘light-armoured’ infantry, and they only had one type of infantry soldiers - Heavy Infantry. In fact, these Heavy Infantry soldiers were also outfitted with their own horses, to ensure their movement speed in the battlefield. Of course, their training was still different from the Heavy Cavalry soldiers, and their horses were not armoured.

As for light cavalry and heavy cavalry, that was Ming Yu’s speciality after all. With the Peerless Regiment leading the others, the actual formation and training was not difficult at all. Of course, having steady and abundant supplies was of utmost importance, otherwise Ming Yu could not have possibly formed such a powerful army in such a short period of time.

The entire Heavenly Bow Empire armies had already made their move according to Ming Yu’s arrangements, advancing along in neat formations. Although they were all currently excited and in high morales, none of them dared to charge forward foolishly and break ranks. This was the effect of military disciple.

In the air, the three thousand figures had already slowly reached their goal. Ming Yu had his head lifted as he constantly watched them.

The Kalise and Bai Da Empire armies had already long since been alerted by the commotion deep in the city. Their commander was no fool, and he knew that since the Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Palace seemed to have met with some problems, it was likely that the Heavenly Bow Empire armies would act soon. He had quickly roused all of his soldiers from their rest and organized them in their own formations.

Alas, in the end one side had been fully prepared, while the other was rushing to prepare. The difference was indeed clear. Furthermore, who else could have expected that the Heavenly Bow Empire armies would actually attack so swiftly. Their threat had been given for quite some time, and the Heavenly Bow Empire armies had remained quiet for so long. All of this had happened without any warning at all.

Abruptly, large patches of black, foul smelling objects fell from the skies. Soon after, the Kalise and Bai Da army encampment began to sound out with cries of agony.

The jarring sound of things shattering broke the silence of the army camp.

“What is this thing! It smashed right into my tent!”  Along with the shattering sounds came the accompanying exclamations.

“This smell… so pungent! Wait… why does it smell like oil?
… No good… Run!” This one was an intelligent fellow, at least he was able to distinguish what it was in moments. Alas, even as the black, sticky substance was falling from the skies, a large patch of fire light lit up the skies.

Naturally, the Kalise and Bai Da forces had their own scouts, and if the Heavenly Bow Empire armies advanced too close, they would be quickly discovered. Alas, this sneak attack came from far above, and no matter how outstanding or well trained their scouts were, they could not possibly be keeping watch at the skies!

Three thousand fire arrows descended from the heavens. There was no need to aim at all, just shooting in the general direction of the oil containers they had thrown down.

Three thousand Peerless Regiment Archers, each of them had carried four oil containers into the skies, throwing them in a scattered way, specially looking for those tents or other objects that could possibly be flammable.

Such oil was already extremely flammable, and when those fire arrows shot down from above, within a few breaths the entire Kalise and Bai Da encampment was blazing in towering flames. This was a camp of more than hundred thousands of troops! In the first place, the Stars Forest was not large, and these forces were all arranged to protect the Heavenly Bow City. As such, their camp was very tightly packed, with each tent squeezing several soldiers within.

The major blaze had arisen so explosively in such a short period of time, and the entire camp seemed to have caught fire at once. In such a moment, most of the soldiers had only just woken up and received their orders, preparing to gather in their defensive formations. Alas, it was all too late.

It was inherent human nature to be afraid of death, and such a sudden huge blaze caused these soldiers who were still drowsy from sleep to go into panic. They weren’t specially elite soldiers; the Bai Da Empire soldiers were still relatively better, but on the Kalise Empire side, they had fallen into absolute terror and panic. In a short time, the entire camp was filled with shouts and screams as trampling, burning… the entire camp had turned into disorderly chaos.

“Kill!” On the other side, Ming Yu’s cold voice rang out. Soon after, the same order was passed down throughout the entire army. These soldiers had been waiting for this day for just too long. For this day, Ming Yu had made so many preparations, coming up with at least three concrete, full plans. In order to accomplish this, he had sent the Peerless Air Force to scout the enemies from the air so many times.

As the saying goes, water and fire are merciless. This sudden fire attack had truly caught the Kalise and Bai Da forces by surprise. In the midst of the conflagration, how could they still have the morale and heart to fight? In such a circumstance, how could they possibly withstand the ferocious attacks of the highly spirited Heavenly Bow Empire armies?

The vanguard of the Heavenly Bow Empire armies had already reached the enemy scout positions. However, the scouts were currently dumbfounded. The camps behind them were all aflame, was there even a point sending news back now?

Some of the scouts went back, but even more actually chose to flee now. At least, they were still able to find routes of escape from their position.

The first to reach the front lines were naturally the Peerless Heavy Cavalry. Besides the one thousand Peerless Heavy Cavalry that Zhou Weiqing had brought along, there were still three thousand more Berserker Tribe and Gold Crow Tribe warriors that formed the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, as well as the five hundred Snow Deer Heavy Cavalry.

By now, the Snow Deer Tribe’s equipment was no different from any of the other Heavy Cavalry troops, with only their mounts and weapons differing. The Snow Deer Tribe Heavy Cavalry mounts were naturally their powerful Snow Deer Heavenly Beasts, even stronger and larger than Ghost Demon Horses. As for their weapons, it was a sort of large and heavy deer antlers. The Snow Deer Cavalry were considered the top three in the entire WanShou Empire, and one could just imagine their sheer strength. The Peerless Heavy Cavalry had competed with them before, and they actually needed two or more Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers to deal with a single Snow Deer Tribe Heavy Cavalry soldier. Perhaps, in terms of pure strength, both sides were pretty equal. However, in terms of Cavalry fighting techniques, the Snow Deer Heavy Cavalry soldiers were far stronger than the Peerless Cavalry soldiers.

Currently, these three thousand five hundred Heavy Cavalry soldiers were lined up in a single file formation, slowly advancing to the frontlines.

Between every two Heavy Cavalry soldiers, there was about five metres of space. This was not empty, as five Heavy Infantry soldiers filled the vacant space. Behind these Heavy Infantry soldiers, there would be five of the Power Archer Battalion archers.

The Kalise Empire armies were already in a mess, even as the Peerless armies slowly advanced as one. Let alone the Kalise armies, even the Bai Da armies would be hard pressed to form a proper defense against them. Even if it was under normal circumstances, facing such an elite troop like these Heavenly Bow Empire forces, could they even hold out?

From the distance, one could see large numbers of soldiers streaming out from the burning camp in a fluster. At this moment, a shrill cry rang out.

The Power Archer Battalions and the Peerless Archers above had begun the slaughter.

Land and air, the criss cross of arrows perfectly locked on to all the enemy figures that could be seen, piercing them instantly.

The terror in the hearts of the Kalise and Bai Da soldiers was unimaginable. In this direct clash on the battlefield, Ming Yu had only sent nearly three Regiments of soldiers out. Of course, these three Regiments were the finest, most elite warriors of the entire Heavenly Bow Empire.

Besides them, all of the other light and heavy cavalry, and archers, had been split into two groups before they even moved out, taking a long route to flank the enemies. They had all been prepared with mounts, and the Heavy Cavalry soldiers had even seized the opportunity last night to route around a long distance. Ming Yu’s goal was clear; this battle, he did not just want a victory, he wanted a crushing victory, to kill off all the enemies.

In truth, as soon as the Kalise and Bai Da encampment went ablaze, there was pretty much no more suspense about the victory of this battle. The total army strength of the Kalise and Bai Da forces combined was around two hundred thousand, but they were now fully surrounded by the one hundred fifty thousand strong army of the Heavenly Bow Empire. The die was cast, and the outcome was already a foregone conclusion.

Inside the Heavenly Bow City. In front of the Royal Palace.

Bathed in the Divine energies, one by one the officials of the Heavenly Bow Empire slowly awoke from the deep sleep the Fate Denying Seal had placed them in.

The gentle warmth of the Divine energies were nourishing and enriching their bodies, causing to feel an indescribable comfort. When they opened their eyes, they were surprised to see that they were in a strange, gold and brilliant world. Due to the gold light being too powerful, they were not able to see what was outside clearly at all.

The passage of time of these few years… to them it was just like the dream of nanke. In one instant, they had just seen Admiral Zhou using the Fate Denying Seal and sacrificing himself. In the next instant, they had just woken up so suddenly.

Di Lingfeng looked around, his gaze still rather confused. Seeing all his government officials there, still recovering, in that moment he was rather stunned, unable to speak.

His emotions were still at the point where Admiral Zhou was resolutely choosing to unleash the Fate Denying Seal. Sorrow and pain rose in his heart, and he muttered: “It’s all my fault… this Emperor was just too useless. Admiral… Big Bro…”

Subconsciously, Di Lingfeng looked around in search for Admiral Zhou, but all he saw was the patch of gold all around.

Ling Zihan had also woken up at this point, looking in astonishment at the gold light surrounding them. “Could it be, we have already ascended to the heavens? This doesn’t look like hell right? Shui Niu, Shui Niu, where are you?” The last few words, she was literally shouting out loud.

Thinking about how her husband had chosen to use the Fate Denying Seal to preserve the last strand of hope of the Heavenly Bow Empire, Ling Zihan’s eyes welled up in tears.

“Sis-in-law,  calm  down  first.  The  situation  doesn’t  seem right!”  Di Lingfeng quickly stepped forward to support Ling Zihan, who had almost fallen down in her haste to go look for Admiral Zhou.

Di Lingfeng was after all an Emperor, and he quickly calmed down far faster than any ordinary person. He had just pinched himself savagely, the pain telling him that they were still alive. Although they were surrounded by this brilliant golden glow, as he looked around, it was still his familiar palace hall!

Right at that moment, the surrounding gold light slowly faded, revealing the pitch black night skies. The Heavenly Bow Empire officials involuntarily stared up into the skies, and the first thing that entered their eyes were a beautiful goddess in a white gown, hovering in midair. It was Tian’er. Silver hair, purple eyes, glowing with gold light. Wasn’t this a goddess descended from the heavens? Furthermore, that blinding gold light was retreating in her direction.

In that moment, all of the Heavenly Bow Empire officials couldn’t help but stare, stunned.

Did she rescue us? Let alone the officials, even Di Lingfeng almost knelt down in obeisance upon sensing the thick divine aura from Tian’er.

At this moment, a vigorous booming voice rang out. “Do not kneel.”  In the air, six coloured lights appeared suddenly, and the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya appeared beside Tian’er, supporting her. Without her Skills active, Tian’er’s current cultivation was not sufficient for her to fly.

It had to be known, the original Heavenly Bow Empire’s strongest Heavenly Jewel Master was Admiral Zhou. Before using the Fate Denying Seal, his cultivation had only just broken through the nine-Jeweled stage. As such, the Heavenly Bow Empire officials had never seen a powerhouse flying on their own power. In that instant, they did not know if the current situation was good or not. Di Lingfeng was still considered rather calm, his gaze quickly finding Admiral Zhou. However, currently Admiral Zhou was in someone’s embrace, and they were both surrounded by brilliant astral light. This was clearly not something they could interfere in.

“May  I  please  ask  who  Senior  is?”   Di  Lingfeng  asked respectfully towards Long Shiya.

The reason why Long Shiya asked them not to kneel was naturally because of Tian’er. If a father-in-law and mother-in- law actually knelt down and paid obeisance to their daughter- in-law, wouldn’t it cause an awkward situation in the future?

Long Shiya laughed heartily as he supported Tian’er down to the ground to land in front of them. “You all do not to be so anxious, there is nothing to worry about. I’m that little brat Zhou Weiqing’s Master, and I’m here together with him to help him save the Heavenly Bow Empire.”

Such a simple sentence from Long Shiya, but Di Lingfeng’s entire body shook as he was totally stunned.

It was real… they were really here to rescue us? Ling Zihan’s eyes widened, as tears welled up. “Weiqing, my Little Fatty, where’s my Little Fatty? Sir, where is Weiqing?”

Long Shiya pointed into the skies as he said: “There, isn’t he right there? He is currently saving his father. You are Weiqing’s mother right? You have given birth to an amazing son.”

Long Shiya’s age was more than enough for him to be Ling Zihan’s grandfather, but due to his relationship with Zhou Weiqing, he treated her as one of the same generation. Of course, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had never really cared about such things.

All their gazes simultaneously turned to the glowing ball in the skies. Ling Zihan subconsciously gripped her fists, biting her lips. These were the two most important men in her life!

Right at this moment, three figures dashed over at high speeds. Almost in a flash, they appeared by their side.

Seeing the three of them, Tian’er’s expression changed slightly, but she quickly recovered. These three who had came so swiftly, wasn’t it the three Shangguan Sisters? Seeing the three Shangguan Sisters, Ling Zihan started. Naturally, she could recognize Shangguan Bing’er, but seeing three of her all of a sudden, how could she not be caught by surprise?

Shangguan Bing’er nodded to her two sisters, bringing them forward  to  curtsey  respectfully,  saying:  “Greetings  Your Majesty, Greetings Aunty.”

Di Lingfeng was also taken aback, dumbfounded. Shangguan Bing’er had been the hope of the Heavenly Bow Empire! Yet, how was there three of her in front of him right now?

Ling Zihan looked at one, to the other, and was truly unable to tell the difference between them.

Shangguan Bing’er quickly said: “Aunty, I am Bing’er. These are my elder sisters, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er.”

“Ohh, ohh, very good. Very good, child. How long as it been?”

Ling Zihan asked the question that was also burning in Di Lingfeng’s heart. Shangguan Bing’er sighed faintly, saying: “Your Majesty, Aunty, ever since the Heavenly Bow Empire was attacked until now, three years have passed. You have all been Sealed in the Fate Denying Seal all this time. Under Weiqing’s leadership, we have finally gathered enough power to counterattack the Heavenly Bow Empire. Our armies are now launching their attack against the Heavenly Bow City to reclaim it. I believe that in within the next few days, we will have reclaimed our Empire once more.”

“You…   what  you  said  is  real?”   Di  Lingfeng  looked  at Shangguan Bing’er agitatedly. He could hardly believe all of this was real. It just felt like a few moments ago, he had been in utter despair, Emperor of a dead Empire!

Shangguan Bing’er nodded seriously, saying: “It is real. You will be able to see for yourselves soon.”

At that moment, the glowing ball of astral light in the skies began to descend slowly, landing in front of them all. Instantly, their conversation stopped, as their gazes focused on that ball of light.

The light rescinded slowly, and Zhou Weiqing slowly relaxed the arm holding his father, taking a step back. Currently, his heart was filled with emotions. He had done everything he could have possibly done. Whether or not his father could survive… this was the final moment of truth!

The astral light retreated and dimmed, slowly revealing Admiral Zhou’s body. On his dignified face, the muscles twitched slightly.

Chapter267: Heavenly Demon Sects Calamity!

At this very moment, all gazes were focused on Admiral Zhou, as such they would definitely be able to catch even the slightest change in his body.

When they saw his face muscles twitching, it was as if their hearts stopped beating as they held their breaths, watching unblinkingly.

The most nervous was naturally Zhou Weiqing, his mother and Di Lingfeng. To them, Admiral Zhou’s safety was of utmost importance. If he failed in saving Admiral Zhou, then what was the meaning behind all Zhou Weiqing had done? He had already done his utmost, exhausting all of his abilities, and was truly afraid it would all come to naught. If that was so, he was afraid he would not be able to take it.

Admiral Zhou’s face muscles twitched once more. Soon after, his body began to tremble lightly. Upon seeing that, Zhou Weiqing held onto his mother tightly, almost not daring to continue watching. After all, his father’s body had pretty much fully broken down from the Fate Denying Seal, and under such a circumstance, how could the recovery be so easy? He had done all he could with the Astral Saint Energy, filling his father’s body with the Power of Creation. Whether or not it would actually help his father, even he was not clear, so how could he not be nervous?

“Xuuu…” Admiral Zhou seemed to take a long breath as the trembling of his body stopped. Slowly, his eyes opened, a faint layer of black air emitting from his body, as a pure Darkness Attribute energies began to revolve around his body, as his nine set of Heavenly Jewels appeared around his wrist.

It was only at this point that Zhou Weiqing could finally heave a sigh of relief, and the expressions of those surrounding also eased up.

Admiral Zhou’s eyes were still hazy and confused. Looking around at the surrounding people, he was stunned for some time before he finally said in a hoarse voice: “Where is this? Am I still alive?”

“Father, this is our Heavenly Bow Empire! Of course you’re still alive, we all are still alive.”  Zhou Weiqing let go of his mother, taking two quick steps forward. With a thud, he knelt down before his father, holding onto his leg as he burst into tears.
 His emotions had been repressed for just too long, and he had finally accomplished the task he first set out to do, saving his father, and saving all of the officials of the Heavenly Bow Empire. As his emotions finally relaxed out, the suppressed sorrow, depression bottled up in his heart was released all at once. Even though he had been so strong just a second ago, able to kill a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, but currently he was just an ordinary young man who had finally found his parents again.

Admiral Zhou truly lived up to his name as Admiral Zhou, recovering quickly. Looking at his son, now taller and bigger, hugging his leg and crying, his face darkened, and he grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder and pulled him up. “What are you crying about, Your Father, I, have not died yet. Tell me, what happened?”

His heart was filled with uncertainty and confusion, just like all the others who had just been released from the Fate Denying Seal. In fact, knowing that he had unleashed the Fate Denying Seal, he should have died, but not only was he alive now, his son had also returned. What was going on?

“Old fool, can’t you be gentler? Without our son bringing people to save us, we wouldn’t be alive right now. My son is the hero of the Heavenly Bow Empire.” Looking at Admiral Zhou treating Zhou Weiqing in the same old way, Ling Zihan instantly protested, stalking in front in anger, as if forgetting how she was almost crying in worry for her husband just a few moments ago.

“Bringing people to save us? Weiqing, you little brat, tell me what happened? Didn’t your father, I, taught you before that good men will bleed before they cry right?”

Being scolded like this by his father, Zhou Weiqing could no longer continue crying. Currently, his heart was just too filled with happiness and joy; perhaps even if his father gave him two slaps now, he would feel extremely comfortable.

“Father, it’s like this. Originally, I was still in the Heavenly Jewel Island when I learned about our Heavenly Bow Empire being vanquished, and I went to the ZhongTian Empire. After that, I returned to our Heavenly Bow Empire to reform our army, gathering our original Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers and finally counter attacking the Heavenly Bow City. With everyone’s help, we attacked and reclaimed the city, vanquished our enemies and also took down your Fate Denying Seal.”

Zhou Weiqing used the shortest, simplest summary of these last few years. Just a simple description, but how could it show all that he had gone through, the trials and tribulations he had forged his way through; but he was indeed unwilling to do so.

As he spoke, Zhou Weiqing pulled his father to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, saying: “Father, let me introduce you. This is my Master, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, known as the strongest under the Heavenly God Stage, Master Long.” Naturally it was not proper etiquette for him to speak out his master’s full name, and he could only speak as such.

Although Long Shiya had already withdrawn his Heavenly Energy, he was still a Heavenly Emperor, and the quality of aura he displayed was definitely incomparable. Admiral Zhou was after all already a nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and he could clearly sense Long Shiya’s terrifying power. Quickly, he bowed down respectfully, saying: “Many thanks Senior for rescuing our Heavenly Bow Empire from our troubles and disaster.”

A Heavenly Emperor powerhouse. Just these words alone were more than enough to shock all of the Heavenly Bow Empire officials. They had never met any powerhouse of such levels before! Long Shiya laughed heartily, saying: “You have a very good son indeed. Since I am his teacher, let us speak as one of the same generation. You do not need to call me Senior, this old fellow is called Long Shiya.”

To be honest, Admiral Zhou was not familiar with the name Long Shiya, in fact it was the first time hearing of it. After all, with his cultivation level, in the past he did not have the qualification to know of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor.

“Even so, many thanks Senior for rescuing us all.”  Admiral Zhou bowed once more. He was not doing so for himself, but for his Emperor, and his son as well.

Long Shiya’s massive body disappeared in a flash, not accepting this bow. “Admiral Zhou, you are mistaken. It is not this old man who rescued you all, but someone else.”

When Admiral Zhou heard those words, he started. Was it not this old senior here? However, he knew the power of his own Fate Denying Seal, even a Heavenly King powerhouse would have difficulty taking it down. Since Zhou Weiqing was able to invite a Heavenly Emperor here, it should clearly be this Senior who rescued them! Looking around, he could not see anyone else who had the power to break through his Fate Denying Seal. “Senior, please do not joke around with me. Besides you, who else could rescue our entire Heavenly Bow Empire from the disastrous state we were in?” Admiral Zhou said uncertainly.

Long Shiya laughed heartily, saying: “Isn’t that simple? As the saying goes, Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of. It is your precious son! This old man did not do much, and he pretty much single handedly rescued your Heavenly Bow Empire. If you want to thank someone, you can thank him. Truthfully speaking, your entire Heavenly Bow Empire really needs to thank him properly.”

“Weiqing?” Admiral Zhou’s face was filled with disbelief, and he couldn’t help but think inwardly: This son of mine, how could I not know what he is like? That little brat, although he has become a Heavenly Jewel Master, what cultivation can he be now? How could he possibly break my Fate Denying Seal?

At this point, Di Lingfeng had walked to Admiral Zhou’s side. “Big brother, let us not speak of this now, they are still fighting outside. Let us finish dealing with all matters first before we chat about it.”

Admiral Zhou nodded hastily, saying: “Weiqing, bring me to the battlefield.” Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily as he said: “Father, do not worry, I have already arranged everything. This fight, you do not need to take action already. You have only just been released from the Fate Denying Seal, and the most important thing for you to do now is to rest and recover. Godfather, why don’t you get the guards and servants to tidy up the palace first? After that, you just need to wait for our warriors to finish up and return with news of our resounding victory. Ohh, right! My dear wives, come quickly, greet your father-in-law and mother-in-law.”

The three Shangguan Sisters and Tian’er quickly walked forward, curtseying towards Admiral Zhou and Ling Zihan. “Greetings, Uncle, Aunty.”

Admiral Zhou stared with jaw agape at the four young absolute beauties in front of him, in that moment he was totally unable to react. Lifting his hand to point at Zhou Weiqing, he said: “Stinking brat, they… they are all your…”

Zhou Weiqing grinned wickedly and said: “Heh heh, that’s right Father, they are all mine. That is, they are all your daughter-in-laws. How is it, your son is great right?”

Admiral Zhou glared at him, but he only said gently: “Young ladies, stand up please. When all of this is over, I will entertain you all.”

The four girls had heard from Zhou Weiqing how his father’s temper was no good, but now they saw this future father-in- law seemed to be very nice at least, and they sighed in relief. Curtseying once more, they moved back to the side.

Di Lingfeng also sprang into action. Luckily, all of the high ranking officials of the Heavenly Bow Empire were gathered here, along with large numbers of guards and servants who had still been in the palace. Furthermore, the entire Palace had been Sealed, and was not damaged at all, and tidying up was no trouble at all.

Zhou Weiqing said to Di Lingfeng: “Godfather, I’ll head out to have a look first. I believe that our armies should be killing their way in now.”

Just like what Zhou Weiqing had said, although the fighting was still fierce outside, there was pretty much no suspense about the ending anymore.

The critical key in this fight had been in its sheer surprise. Although the Kalise and Bai Da combined forces had started trying to react, their first thought was that it was the internal Heavenly Bow City which was in trouble. However, the ranking army officers all knew that there were so many powerhouses guarding the palace, and thus they had not been too worried at first. However, by the time the Heavenly Bow Empire armies had started their attack, the raining oil and fire from above had already sealed the deal for this fight.

All along, the Peerless Regiment was a powerful force in its own right, one that could change the entire battlefield by themselves. When they had fought in the northern borders, even against the powerful WanShou Empire armies, they had been able to slaughter vast numbers of enemies without losses. As time had passed, their overall strength had only continued growing. And this time, the entire Peerless Regiment had joined in this battle! The Peerless Heavy Cavalry’s nigh invulnerable defense could be said to allow them to be invincible in front of the Kalise and Bai Da forces. As for the Peerless Archers, even in the dark of the night, their accuracy was still decent. In such a situation, every salvo of arrows would take away the lives of several thousand enemies. With such terrifying lethal killing offense, the entire battle ended in only two hours.

Ming Yu’s commands and directions in the battle were precise and exact in every particular way. With the main force of the army flanking all the way around to the back, the enemies did not even have the chance to escape. This was a complete victory, an absolute success indeed.

The true fighting only last around two hours, and the rest of the time was sweeping the battlefield.

The blazing flames lasted until dawn before they slowly extinguished, and the battle finally ended for good.

When Ming Yu personally led the Heavenly Bow Empire military officers into the Heavenly Bow City, it signified the final revival of the Heavenly Bow Empire. At least, they had finally recovered all of their territories.

In the next few days, all of them were toiling away busily. After all, not all of the Kalise and Bai Da forces were killed, and they had to deal with the prisoners, sweeping the battlefields, as well as reclaiming some of the last few smaller cities near the Heavenly Bow City, all of these had to be done.

Ming Yu used three days to complete all these tasks. During this period of time, Zhou Weiqing remained in the Royal Palace, describing all of his experiences in the past few years to his father and the Emperor Di Lingfeng.

“Princess Difuya is here.”  A guard’s voice rang out in the meeting hall, and their gazes turned towards the entrance.

Currently, in the meeting hall, only Di Lingfeng, Zhou Weiqing, Admiral Zhou, Xiao Yunchen and a few other top ranking officials were there.

Previously, Difuya had been left in one of the safer cities in their backlines, and did not join the battle. In truth, Zhou Weiqing had never really placed much importance on this princess, and only when they had achieved victory did he order someone to escort Difuya back to the Heavenly Bow City.

Hearing that his daughter had returned, Di Lingfeng’s face showed a rare excitement. However, very quickly the excitement was replaced by anger, and he sat there on the throne unmoving, a dark look on his face.

“Father Emperor!”  With a wail of sorrow, Difuya rushed in from outside, almost charging to her father’s side, holding her father’s legs as she sobbed, just like how Zhou Weiqing had held Admiral Zhou’s legs the other day.

Di Lingfeng sat there without moving, allowing her to hug him though he remained silent.

Admiral Zhou sat at the side, his brow furrowed, before he glanced at his son.

After Zhou Weiqing had described all of his experiences to his father, Admiral Zhou’s attitude towards his son had gone through a subtle change. The previous stern and severe attitude had vanished, replaced with a gentle amiable feeling. Just like what the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya had said, no matter who it was, with a son like this, it was definitely something worth being proud of!

Regarding Princess Difuya breaking the betrothal, Admiral Zhou was slightly unhappy in his heart. In the past, he did feel that his son could not match up to the princess, but now? His son was the youngest Heavenly King powerhouse in the world, how could he not be a match for her?!

Towards Difuya, currently Admiral Zhou did not think much of her.

Difuya was indeed of the Royal bloodlines! However, when the Heavenly Bow Empire had been in trouble, it was his son who had battled through all odds, experiencing wind and rain before finally succeeding in reviving the Empire. As the Princess of the Empire, what had she done? Perhaps she had not only not contributed, she had even dragged his son back. Such a daughter-in-law, it’s fine if they didn’t get her, since the betrothal was already broken then so be it.

“Get  lost,  I  don’t  have  a  daughter  like  you!”  Di  Lingfeng suddenly raised his leg, sending Difuya tumbling to the ground. Difuya was totally stunned by her father’s actions, not even climbing up. Ever since she was young, the father who had doted on her the most had actually treated her like this?

Di Lengfeng stood up abruptly, saying to Admiral Zhou: “Big Bro, I have no more face to have this girl join your Zhou Family. Let me beat her to death now, lest she insults the connection between us.” As he said that, Di Lingfeng drew his longsword, taking a step forward as he slashed downwards at Difuya.

“Your Majesty, no!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

In a flash, Zhou Weiqing held onto Di Lingfeng. “Godfather, what are you doing. Difuya did not do anything wrong. Even before our Empire fell into the mishap, she had not loved me. Everyone has their own likes, and her not liking me does not mean anything. Forced love does not last, furthermore she has already found her own happiness now. Our Heavenly Bow Empire has just revived successfully; these few years she has suffered enough, don’t blame her anymore.”

Di Fengling’s expression was still ugly, but as he was hugged by Zhou Weiqing, he could not break free at all. Under such a circumstance, he could only stop, looking coldly at Difuya, saying: “Get out. I don’t want to see you again. From now on, the Heavenly Bow Empire no longer has you as a Princess.”

Difuya was in shock, looking at her emotionless father, she wept bitterly as she turned and ran out.

Zhou Weiqing sighed inwardly. Although he did not like Difuya at all, perhaps even hated her a little, he did not wish to see her end like this. However, Di Lingfeng was currently in a fit of anger, and he knew trying to persuade him was not going to make a difference now.

Difuya left, and Di Fengling’s expression slowly calmed down. Sighing heavily, he said: “Weiqing, godfather has let you down! It’s all my fault, I never taught her properly since young.” His current emotions could only be described as highly conflicted. If Difuya could really marry Zhou Weiqing, then he could accept all that Zhou Weiqing had done easily. After all, Zhou Weiqing and Difuya’s future child would then inherit the future throne of the Heavenly Bow Empire. But now?

These few days, Di Lingfeng had already learned clearly the current situation of the Heavenly Bow Empire. It could be said that the Heavenly Bow Empire was in its strongest state in all of history. However, as an Emperor, how much power did he have left? It was not only him, even Admiral Zhou was the same. Although Zhou Weiqing had handed over the all the power in his hands, they were still clear that no one else but Zhou Weiqing could really command the army.

Di Lingfeng sat there in a daze momentarily. After a while, he seemed to make up his mind. Abruptly, he lifted up his head, looking at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Weiqing, Godfather has already decided. Amongst all my children, there isn’t a single one that is up to the mark, that is the reason why I have not chosen a heir up until now. From today onwards, you will be the crown prince of the Heavenly Bow Empire. After a few days, I will officially pass the throne to you.”

“Ahh?” Zhou Weiqing was given a fright, and he could only stare with jaw agape at Di Fengling. On the other side, Admiral Zhou knelt down with a thud. “Your Majesty, that’s absolutely impossible.”

Zhou Weiqing also hurriedly knelt down in front of Di Fengling. “Godfather, all that I did was what I was supposed to do. You can’t do that, and there is no need to. Furthermore, that is not my inclination. If you were to pass such a large Empire to me, what freedom would I have left? Do not worry, I will handle the army. As long as you do not change the commander, put absolute trust like I did in Admiral Ming Yu, then I can guarantee that the Heavenly Bow Empire will only grow stronger.”

Di Lingfeng shook his head, pulling Zhou Weiqing and Admiral Zhou up to their feet. With kindly eyes, he looked at Zhou Weiqing as he said: “Child, I know your heart, but you have already done so much for the Empire. If I do not hand anything over, how could I face the world, the people? You do not need to say anything more, my mind is set. I also believe that if the Heavenly Bow Empire is under your rule, we will eventually become one of the strongest Empires in the entire Boundless Mainland.”

Not only did Zhou Weiqing have the highest popularity in the Heavenly Bow Empire, he had a close connection with several of the larger Empires, including some of the Great Saint Lands. If he were to rule the Heavenly Bow Empire, it would definitely be of greatest benefit to the empire. After some struggle in his heart, Di Fengling made the best decision. After saying those words, he felt as if a load had been lifted from his heart.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile as he said: “No, Godfather, please listen to me. Although I’m not willing to rule the Heavenly Bow Empire, that does not mean I will give up on exerting myself for her sake. This is my consideration. Why is the ZhongTian Empire and WanShou Empire so strong, so powerful? That is because behind them, they have the support of a Great Saint Land. In that case, why don’t we have a Great Saint Land of our own?”

“Great Saint Land?” Hearing those words, Admiral Zhou and Di Lingfeng’s eyes lit up.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “That’s right, a Great Saint Land. Perhaps from the current outlook of things, our power is far from being sufficient. However, the number of Jewel Masters we now have is no less than any large Empire. Of course, we can’t compare with the ZhongTian Empire, but at least we have already surpassed the Fei Li Empire.”

“As long as we continue grooming them, we can only grow stronger and stronger. With Master and I holding down the fort in a Great Saint Lands, at least in terms of the highest end powerhouses we should be able to hold our own against the other Great Saint Lands. As time passes, I believe we can grow stronger. Furthermore, I am also a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master already, and I am also able to help those older Heavenly Jewel Master powerhouses extend their lives. Once that news spreads, I believe that it will not take long for us to reach the proper scale of an actual Great Saint Land. Of course, how to actually form and build this up, that will be my problems. As for the Empire, it is still best left to you. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be guilty of plotting to usurp the throne? As a citizen of the Heavenly Bow Empire, what I have done so far was all necessary. Don’t let me bear such an infamy!”

Hearing those words, the resolve that Di Lingfeng had just set was shaken once more. Indeed, if the Heavenly Bow Empire was able to gain a Great Saint Land of its own, that was truly the power to hold their own against those large Empires!

After some thought, just as Di Fengling was about to nod in agreement, all of a sudden a person dashed in from outside, not even waiting to be announced as he barged into the main hall.

“Weiqing, no good, something has come up. Greetings Your Majesty, Admiral Zhou, please excuse Ming Yu’s breach of etiquette, but I am here to look for Weiqing on highly urgent matters.”

The person who had just rushed in was indeed Ming Yu; only he would not be stopped by the guards! Zhou Weiqing had never seen Ming Yu with such an expression on his face. Currently, his entire face was pale and ashen, his body actually trembling. Clearly his emotions were extremely agitated, almost to the point of losing control.

“What is going on Ming Yu, don’t be anxious, speak slowly.” In a flash, Zhou Weiqing appeared beside him, supporting his body as he infused some Saint Energy into his body.

With the support of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, Ming Yu managed to calm down slightly, but he was still panting heavily.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, Ming Yu’s eyes were filled with a confused, conflicted light. “Weiqing…  Weiqing, our Heavenly Demon Sect… the Heavenly Demon Sect has been exterminated…”

“What?!”  Zhou  Weiqing  was  caught  by  surprise,  his  eyes widened in utter shock. The Heavenly Demon Sect had been exterminated? What kind of notion was that? Even though the Heavenly Demon Sect was the weakest out of the five Great Saint Lands, it was still an existence of a Great Saint Land. In order to exterminate a Great Saint Land, especially to do so without news
traveling… what kind of insane power was required to do so? Even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace might not be able to accomplish such a task right?

“What happened? Speak clearly.” Zhou Weiqing grabbed onto Ming Yu’s shoulder, his heart filled with worry.

Currently, his heart instantly thought of Little Witch, her sweet smile appearing in his mind’s eye.

Can any eggs remain unbroken when the nest is totally ruined? If the Heavenly Demon Sect was totally exterminated, what would happen to Little Witch?

Ming Yu’s expression was bitter as he said: “It is the Blood Red Hell, the Blood Red Hell members did it. I just received news… it was only just a few days ago. A large number of Blood Red Hell powerhouses launched a surprise attack on our Heavenly Demon Sect headquarters in the Bai Da Empire. Our entire headquarters was destroyed, and only very few managed to escape. Currently, I still do not know the exact situation there, but I can be sure that our Heavenly Demon Sect has taken severe casualties.”

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed deeply. The Blood Red Hell had actually chosen such a time to take action against the Heavenly Demon Sect; more so they had actually succeeded in exterminating the Heavenly Demon Sect. Does that mean they already had the power to match against the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?

Ming Yu sighed and said: “Originally, our Heavenly Demon Sect had been planning to wait for our armies to invade the Bai Da Empire, to work in collusion internally to totally destroy the Bai Da Empire. Who would have known that before we could even take action, we would be attacked by the Blood Red Hell so suddenly.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What do you need me to do now?”

Ming Yu shook his head in confusion, totally at a loss. “I also don’t know. Currently, we aren’t even clear of the exact situations, and we can’t even do anything.”

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath before saying: “Ming Yu, don’t be too anxious first. No matter what, our Heavenly Bow Empire will be behind your Heavenly Demon Sect. First, you need to try to contact all the survivors of the Heavenly Demon Sect to come over here, they can reorganize and regroup the sect here. This grudge, we will definitely take revenge.”

Ming Yu nodded, saying: “Very well, that’s the only thing we can do now. I hope that the Sect Master and the others can survive. Otherwise, the Heavenly Demon Sect is truly finished. Thank you Weiqing, I’ll head off first.”

As he said that, he bowed once more to Di Fengling and Admiral Zhou before leaving distractedly, as if his soul had been drained from him.

Looking at Ming Yu’s retreating figure, Zhou Weiqing stood there without moving, his mind whirling at top speed as he continued thinking.

The Heavenly Demon Sect had been exterminated, and this was definitely not good news at all to the Heavenly Bow Empire. One of the reasons why Zhou Weiqing had been confident of building up a Great Saint Land in the Heavenly Bow Empire was because of the promise he had with the Heavenly Demon Sect previously. With the original plan, when the Heavenly Bow Empire grew stronger, the Heavenly Demon Sect could come over to assist them. With the presence of the Heavenly Demon Sect, Zhou Weiqing could begin developing his own Great Saint Land without worrying about their overall strength being insufficient. At least, before they fully developed, the high end
powers of the Heavenly Bow Empire could be supported by the
Heavenly Demon Sect.

Alas, now that the Heavenly Demon Sect had been destroyed, this was definitely a bad thing for the Heavenly Bow Empire, but it could also be an opportunity for them. Perhaps, it might even allow them to have a Great Saint Lands of their own, raising their own power to a certain extent.

Di Fengling did not mention Zhou Weiqing inheriting the throne anymore, as he realised that Zhou Weiqing had long since reached a height that he could no longer see. It could be said that the lands of the Heavenly Bow Empire would not hold much draw to him.

The Heavenly Bow Empire’s lands had been fully reclaimed in the next half a month. They had achieved an absolute victory in the battle of the Heavenly Bow City, slaughtering almost seventy thousand enemies and capturing nearly a hundred thousand prisoners. Of them, a large portion had actually been recruited and incorporated into their own forces, while some of the more stubborn and inflexible ones were killed off. In this way, the Heavenly Bow Empire gained nearly hundred thousand troops.

Of course, these troops still needed time to train and fully integrate together, scattered into the original formations of the Heavenly Bow Empire armies.

It had to be known that the entire landmass of the Heavenly Bow Empire was barely just the size of one of the provinces in the Fei Li Empire, but now they had an army of more than two hundred thousand strong, many of which are elites.

One month later, the Heavenly Bow Empire’s Emperor Di Fengling gave the official order for their armies to move out, heading directly to the Kalise Empire.

The main force of the Kalise Empire had mostly been lost in the Heavenly Bow Empire, and the Bai Da Empire did not give them any other support. In just a month, the entire Kalise Empire had been destroyed, and the Heavenly Bow Empire had doubled in size. With the Kalise Empire destroyed, it also meant the rise of a new Empire. The Heavenly Bow Empire also stationed more than a hundred thousand troops at their new border, positioned to threaten the Bai Da Empire at any time. Of course, the truth of the matter was that at least in a short period of time they would not be able to attack.

Having just invaded and occupied the Kalise Empire, the Heavenly Bow Empire now needed to recuperate and recover, to assimilate their new lands and also continue recruitment and training.

The ZhongTian Empire and the Fei Li Empire supplies flowed continuously into the Heavenly Bow Empire, allowing them to rest assured about their supplies. However, in order to maintain such a large troop, they first needed to become self sufficient. According to Di Fengling, Zhou Weiqing and the others’ discussions and plans, in a short period of time they would not launch any large scale attacks. Of course, it was just a matter of time before they attacked the Bai Da Empire eventually.

In these two months, the rest of the mainland seemed peaceful, with no other wars happening in other places. However, even in the midst of the calm, Zhou Weiqing felt as if it was just the calm before the storm. “Weiqing.”  Ming Yu walked in from outside, his expression overjoyed. Currently, they were both in the Heavenly Bow City. Although the majority of the armies were stationed in the original borders of the Kalise Empire, Zhou Weiqing and some of the other leaders had returned. That was because there was
an important matter that they needed to deal with.

“How is it?” Zhou Weiqing asked Ming Yu. He had returned to Admiral Zhou’s mansion to stay, and so did his four paramours. However, to Zhou Weiqing’s depression, ever since their return this time, the four girls had seemed to come to an agreement. At night, their doors were all kept shut, none of them allowing him to enter.

Of course, if he really wanted to force his way in, it was not impossible. However, Zhou Weiqing was afraid the other girls would be jealous! Furthermore, during this period of time, there had truly been just too many things to deal with, and it was only recently that everything had gone on the right track. Even so, to the Heavenly Bow Empire, this was just the beginning, and they still needed a lot of time to integrate everything together and grow. It was a necessary process to grow into a powerful Empire, and could not be accomplished in a short period of time. Their main problem now was their current foundation was still quite shallow and unstable. Ming Yu nodded to Zhou Weiqing, saying: “They are already here, waiting outside. Only two of them.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Quick, invite them in. Oh, nevermind, I will go out with you to receive them.”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing and Ming Yu headed out. As soon as they exited the door, Zhou Weiqing halted in his tracks, his eyes staring to the front.

Little Witch was clearly much thinner than before. She had never been fat by any means, but now she was so thin and delicate, her face pale and ashen. By her side was a tall old man.

The old man looked to be around sixty years of age, with a commanding and dignified air, though there was a cold aura about him.

As soon as she saw Zhou Weiqing, Little Witch obviously started momentarily. In the next moment, her eyes reddened, but she gritted her teeth, not saying anything. Being fixed on with those sorrowful and bitter eyes, Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped tightly. Originally, in the volcano, although his memory was not full, he had after all possessed this young girl in front of him now! After that, the Heavenly Demon Sect had not come after him or even said anything, let alone looking for trouble with him. In fact, these few years, Little Witch had not even come looking for him.

A sudden strong sense of guilt rose in his heart the moment he saw her, and he quickly took a few steps forward in front of them. Bowing slightly to the old man, he greeted: “This Junior, Zhou Weiqing, greets Heavenly Emperor.”

The black clad old man looked at Zhou Weiqing, a faint smile flashing across his face. “In truth, I should have come to see you a long time ago, but never found an opportune time. I’ve heard many good things about you, and now that I am seeing you personally, you truly live up to your reputation. Even I am unable to see through your cultivation, it is no wonder that even one as proud as Ming Yu is willing to serve you.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “You flatter me, serve is not the right term. We are friends, partners and comrade-in-arms.” After saying that, his gaze turned directly to Little Witch. After a slight pause, he said in a low tone: “Sorry, I… I should have gone to look for you.”

At last, Little Witch couldn’t help but cry, turning into the black clad old man’s embrace as she began to sob.

Zhou Weiqing was embarrassed, scratching his head awkwardly. He was most afraid of situations like this, and no matter his intelligence, he did not know how to deal with it.

The black clad old man sighed and said: “Weiqing, aren’t you going to invite us in?”

“Ohh, ohh, this Junior has been rude. Please come in, Senior.”

As he said that, he guided the black clad old man and Little Witch into the meeting hall of the Admiral’s mansion.

Without question, this black clad old man was the Heavenly Demon Sect Master, The Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, leader of one of the five Great Saint Lands, and also one of the rare Heavenly Emperors in the mainland. He was also Little Witch’s father.

A few months ago, the Heavenly Demon Sect had been the target of a brutal sneak attack from the Blood Red Hell, one that had destroyed them. In that disaster, less than a third of the Heavenly Demon Sect had actually managed to escape.

Chapter268: A betting fight with the Blood Red Hell

At the same time, the Demonic Emperor had sustained severe injuries in that battle, and in their process of fleeing, they had met with several dramatic turns and tribulations before successfully escaping into the Heavenly Bow Empire, settling down in the Heavenly Bow City. It was also exactly because of meeting the Demonic Emperor that Zhou Weiqing and Ming Yu had rushed back from the frontlines.

Little Witch’s crying slowed and finally stopped, but she still did not look at Zhou Weiqing, remaining seated silently at the side with her head lowered.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze would occasionally sweep over. Perhaps if not for Wu Yunyue’s presence, he would have already pulled her into his embrace to comfort her tenderly. Of course, with her father there, he would not do such a reckless thing no matter how much of a rogue he was.

Wu Yunyue looked at Zhou Weiqing again and sighed heavily, saying:  “Weiqing,  I  believe  you  already  know  about  what happened to our Heavenly Demon Sect. This time, I have come to discuss something with you.” “Senior, please speak.” Zhou Weiqing dragged his gaze from Little Witch as he looked towards Wu Yunyue.

Wu Yunyue continued: “My proposal is very simple. I hope that you can take over my position to become the Heavenly Demon Sect Master.”

“What?!” The shocked exclamation came from Ming Yu, but Zhou Weiqing was also left stunned. Although he had several guesses regarding the reason why the Demonic Emperor would come here, he had never expected that this Demonic Emperor would actually speak such words so directly.

As the saying goes, a starving camel is still larger than a stout horse. Although the Heavenly Demon Sect had suffered such a calamity, they still had a third of their power. Especially since they still had this Demonic Emperor, a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, they were still a force to be reckoned with. As long as the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue still lived, who would dare say that the Heavenly Demon Sect had truly been exterminated? Yet, Wu Yunyue was currently wanting to gift away this entire influence, how could Zhou Weiqing and Ming Yu not be surprised?

Little Witch looked as though she had already known about her father’s decision beforehand, and she remained seated at the side, head down, silent.

Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath, saying: “Senior, why do you say that? Do you have any requests?”

Wu Yunyue shook his head, saying: “No, I do not have any difficult or awkward requests at all. All I hope is that once you inherit the position of Heavenly Demon Sect Master, you can lead the Heavenly Demon Sect to grow back to a position of power. At the same time, I hope that your future child with Hanyue will inherit the Heavenly Demon Sect in the future as well. Those are my two simple requests, and I do not need you to do anything else.”

The two requests that Wu Yunyue had brought up were flawless and impeccable indeed, almost exactly the same as the conditions that Zhou Weiqing had proposed to Shangguan Tianyang previously in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. The only difference was that Wu Yunyue actually wanted to pass the entire Great Saint Land to him, while on the Heaven’s Expanse Palace end, Zhou Weiqing had been forced into action. One could just imagine the sheer difference between the two.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile as he said: “Senior, you think too highly of me. Do you really think I am capable of controlling a Great Saint Lands?” Wu Yunyue smiled faintly as he said: “Of course you can. In truth, before I actually met you, I was still very hesitant about this decision of mine. However, now I can set my resolve with ease. In the first place, you have the Demonic Attribute, and it is even the purest first generation Demonic Attribute. I believe that with the Heavenly Demon Sect in your hands, it can only grow stronger. At least, it will be far better than heading towards destructions in my hands. If you are willing to be the Heavenly Demon Sect Master, I am willing to be your assistant. At the same time, I can guarantee that all your orders will definitely be obeyed by everyone in the Heavenly Demon Sect, myself included. How does that sound?”

Looking at Wu Yunyue, Zhou Weiqing eyes still showed some hesitation. At this point, Little Witch slowly raised her head, her eyes, still red from sobbing, subconsciously look at him… and he could clearly see the hope in them.

If Zhou Weiqing really accepted the Heavenly Demon Sect, that would mean she truly had a chance. The past few years had not been kind to her at all. Ever since that time when Zhou Weiqing had taken her, she had been waiting for him to go look for her. Alas, she had not even seen a trace of him. Little Witch also understood that he definitely had many things to take care off, and thus even though she was so agitated that she cried upon seeing him, she did not truly blame him. Having grown up in a Great Saint Lands, she naturally knew what was most important to a man like him. If not for this calamity that befell the Heavenly Demon Sect, perhaps she might not even meet him that soon.

Wu  Yunyue  sighed  softly,  saying:  “Weiqing,  although  the remaining strength of the Heavenly Demon Sect is far from our peak, greatly weakened, but I believe that we can still be of great use to your Heavenly Bow Empire. As long as you are willing to be the Sect Master, that means the entire Heavenly Demon Sect will be fully joining the Heavenly Bow Empire. I am sure that this is of extreme importance to you as well. If you have any other requests, you can also bring it up now.” In truth, Wu Yunyue did not have any other choice. This was actually a very intelligent choice. On the surface, it might seem like he was just giving away the Heavenly Demon Sect, but this was the only way the Heavenly Demon Sect could truly survive.

If he passed on the Heavenly Demon Sect to other Great Saint Lands, then it would not be days before even last traces of the entire Heavenly Demon Sect would vanish. However, Zhou Weiqing was different. He was just a single person, at most with his Master, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. Even after handing the reins over to Zhou Weiqing, Wu Yunyue would still have some influence. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was definitely a young talent of limitless potential… a Heavenly King at twenty three years old! He had even heard from Ming Yu that he was able to fight against a Heavenly Emperor! Under his leadership, the Heavenly Demon Sect could only grow stronger.

Furthermore, there was the connection between Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch to consider, and if the child of his daughter and this young man were to inherit the Heavenly Demon Sect, then wouldn’t it still be eventually passing down to his own bloodline?

Wu Yunyue did not hide his thoughts, and he had already stated things out explicitly. However, the more that was so, the more Zhou Weiqing had to think things through.

The Heavenly Demon Sect might be a force to be considered, but never forget that the name of the Heavenly Demon Sect was not good at all, and they were even discriminated against by the other Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, should Zhou Weiqing chose to accept the Heavenly Demon Sect, his relationship with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain might turn tricky. Furthermore, it also meant he would now have to deal with the possibility of the Blood Red Hell turning their full attentions on them, with the possibility of being attacked at any time. All of these were pressures and burdens that would be extremely heavy for the current Zhou Weiqing. Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing looked at Wu Yunyue and said: “Senior, I can agree to your terms, but only on one condition.”

At the side, Ming Yu couldn’t restrain himself as he said angrily: “The Sect Master is already giving you his position, what other conditions do you still want? Weiqing, you…”

Zhou Weiqing raised his hand, giving him the signal to calm down as he said to Wu Yunyue: “Senior, that condition is very simple. I hope that the Heavenly Demon Sect will change its name.”

“Change names?” Wu Yunyue started momentarily. “Why? I cannot possibly agree to this condition.” Wouldn’t changing the name mean that the Heavenly Demon Sect would vanish from here on?

Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “Senior, please do not rush to judge it first, please let me finish my explanation. The reason why I want the Heavenly Demon Sect to change its name is not because of any personal desires, but for the sake of the Sect’s future. Have you ever wondered why all these years, the Heavenly Demon Sect could be discriminated against by the other Great Saint Lands, and most of the Heavenly Jewel Masters would shun the Sect, just upon hearing the name?” “That is because our name contains the word ‘Demon’, especially with the rumours of the Demonic Attribute which have been greatly exaggerated. All of this has resulted in the current situation. To be honest, even if I take over as the Heavenly Demon Sect Master, and I do not change this, then
the Sect will still be heading towards destruction. The only way to change this will be to make major changes from the ground up, to first get the ordinary people to accept the existence of this Great Saint Land of ours… only then can we begin to flourish and grow once more.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Wu Yunyue lapsed into silence. Although he was unwilling to admit it, Zhou Weiqing’s words rang with truth.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “I can promise you that the future heir of the Great Saint Land will be the child of mine and Little Witch. However, if you really want me to take over the Heavenly Demon Sect, the name must definitely be changed.”

When he spoke about a child with Little Witch, she immediately lowered her head once more, a blush staining her beautiful cheeks.

Wu Yunyue said in a low, solemn tone: “Weiqing, this is a very serious matter, and the name of a Great Saint Land can’t just be changed so easily. I admit that what you said is very true. The reason why the Heavenly Demon Sect had become a Great Saint Land in the past was because the first Demonic Emperor and Sect Master was the strongest power during his time. However, if we were to change our name now, would the
other Great Saint Lands even acknowledge our existence? Furthermore, I still have to account to all of the Sect members.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Senior, although this might not sound good, I have to say it. With the current situation of the Heavenly Demon Sect, even when the other Great Saint Lands gather once more, would they actually acknowledge the existence of the Heavenly Demon Sect?”

Wu Yunyue’s expression changed. This was actually something he was most worried about. Slowly, he stood up, his brow furrowed deeply as he said: “I will have to go back and discuss this matter in detail with everyone else before I can give you my answer. Yuehan, you stay here as our liaison.”

Little Witch’s body trembled slightly, but she did not make any other response.

Zhou Weiqing quickly stood up and sent Wu Yunyue to the door. Wu Yunyue stopped before saying: “Weiqing, please treat my daughter well. Whether or not you are willing to take over the Heavenly Demon Sect, I still hope that Yuehan can find her happiness with you. At least in that regard, I can feel at ease.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Do not worry, I have let her down, but from now on I will not let that happen anymore.”

Wu Yunyue nodded and said: “You do not need to send me off any further. Go back, Ming Yu can send me off the rest of the way.”

Zhou Weiqing watched as Ming Yu and Wu Yunyue left, before he returned to the meeting hall, to see Wu Yuehan still sitting there as she toyed with the corner of her clothes.

Slowly, he walked to her before standing firmly there. Lifting his arms, his hands paused momentarily in the air before landing on Little Witch’s shoulders.

Feeling the heat from his large hands, Wu Yuehan’s body trembled slightly. Zhou Weiqing carefully pulled her up from her chair, enveloping her in his embrace.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. You have suffered.” “Scoundrel… I… I’ve missed you…” Wu Yuehan hugged him back tightly, tears flowing uncontrollably onto Zhou Weiqing’s shirt. Zhou Weiqing could barely feel any weight in his arms even as Wu Yuehan was in his arms. The state of her body was clearly not in good condition, the meridian channels within her body entangled, and it was obvious she had just recovered from severe injuries.

Zhou Weiqing carefully infused Saint Energy into her body, helping her body regulate itself properly. Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to console her properly, his eyes abruptly changed and his gaze snapped outwards suddenly.

A red glow shot in with lightning speed, as if a meteor slamming into the moon. Zhou Weiqing’s gaze turned cold, and the red light seemed to slam into a barrier, slowing down abruptly before coming to a stop in front of Zhou Weiqing.

It was a letter, the entire piece of paper a fiery red. Right in the center of the of it was a ball of black flames, giving off a demonic and overpowering aura.

As he was still embracing Little Witch, Zhou Weiqing did not rush off to chase after the person who had shot in the letter. However, his expression darkened considerably.

Little Witch quickly sensed something was wrong, and when she lifted her head, she noticed the letter. She instantly cried out in shock: “Blood Red Hell!”

Ever since the Heavenly Demon Sect had received the nearly fatal blow from the Blood Red Hell, she was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bowstring, and just seeing a letter from the Blood Red Hell so suddenly, how could she not be surprised?

Zhou Weiqing waved his hand, and the letter flew into his palm. The red paper with the black flame was indeed the symbol of the Blood Red Hell.

Opening the letter, he saw that it only contained a single sentence: Noon tomorrow, a final decisive battle outside the Heavenly Bow City. Otherwise, we will slaughter all in the city.

A simple line, filled with an overpowering threat and pressure. The words were unrestrained and arrogant, and to make Zhou Weiqing feel this way, it definitely had to be written by a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master indeed. The light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned ferocious. “They have come quickly indeed!”

Little Witch let go of Zhou Weiqing, worry clear in her eyes as she said: “Weiqing, we have caused trouble to you. I never thought that the Blood Red Hell would come so quickly. What should we do now? We are no match for them. They are indeed ruthless, truly planning on exterminating us!”

Zhou Weiqing embraced her once more as he said: “Do not worry, I will settle it. Who says that we are no match for them? This is the Heavenly Bow Empire, not the Bai Da Empire. Relax, I will handle the situation.”

How could Little Witch not be anxious? The impression that the Blood Red Hell left upon her was just too deep. She muttered:  “Weiqing,  you  don’t  know  the  extent  of  their power… they have many top powerhouses in the Blood Red Hell. That day, when they surrounded and attacked our Heavenly Demon Sect, there were three Heavenly Emperor powerhouses! Otherwise, we would not have lost so terribly. Since they have dared to come here, they must have full preparation. We… we…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively as he said: “Of course I know they have come prepared. They are planning to end things here once and for all; they are not just here to finish off the rest of your Heavenly Demon Sect, they are also planning to crush the core of our Heavenly Bow Empire. With that accomplished, there will no longer be anyone left in the west that can restrain them. Their plans are lofty and high reaching indeed, but their
calculations might not be too accurate. Can they really win?”

Zhou Weiqing had long since guessed that once the war had reached a certain stage, the Blood Red Hell would make an appearance. Of course, he had not expected that they would actually reveal themselves so quickly.

The arrival of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses also revealed a piece of news to him. That was the Dan Dun Empire was truly planning on moving against the ZhongTian Empire. Otherwise, they would not be in such a rush to finish off the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Fortunately, these Blood Red Hell powerhouses had still chosen to uphold the honour and dignity as powerhouses, and they did not take action directly against the Heavenly Bow Empire armies, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

In that case, since they had already come, it was not a bad thing after all. The Blood Red Hell would not be able to focus all of the power here. That also meant that while it was a chance for the Blood Red Hell to exterminate their side, wasn’t it also a great opportunity for them to greatly weaken the power of the Blood Red Hell?

Zhou Weiqing naturally had his own thoughts and opinions. Previously, in the battle for the Heavenly Bow City Royal Palace, he had not allowed any of the six Blood Red Hell powerhouses to escape. The main reason for that was because he did not want the Blood Red Hell to have a proper understanding of the true power on their side. Even if they knew he had reached the Heavenly King stage, so what? The power range of a Heavenly King was just too huge, and it was unlikely that they could even imagine that he had already reached a stage where he was able to fight against a Heavenly Emperor.

Thinking up to this point, Zhou Weiqing turned to Little Witch and said: “Yuehan, hurry up, lead me to chase after father-in-law. We will need to plan properly. Since the Blood Red Hell powerhouses have come, there is no need for them to leave this place forever.”

Wu Yuehan saw the confidence in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and her own emotions were soon influenced by him. She realised that this fellow who had been inferior to her previously had now come into his, growing into a true powerhouse that had his place in the world. The warm and gentle Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing infused into her body had also helped her heart calm down. Nodding, she pulled on his hand as they walked out.

At this point, whether or not the Heavenly Demon Sect changed its name or not was not the important issue. They had to first deal with the threat of the Blood Red Hell first. Once the situation was resolved, if the Heavenly Demon Sect still survived, then everything was possible.

Zhou Weiqing held great anticipation for this upcoming battle. The chances for both sides were equal. If the Blood Red Hell emerged victorious, then the pieces would all fall into place for them, and they would not leave any of them alive. At the same time, if Zhou Weiqing’s side were to emerge victorious, he would be able to display his own power to the Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses. Under such a circumstance, it would be easier for him to establish his own Great Saint Land and incorporate the Heavenly Demon Sect under him.

… A day passed just like that in the blink of an eye. When the sun rose to the center of the skies, the time for the agreement had arrived.

The weather was exceptionally fine today, the blue skies clear and cloudless. The bright sun shone upon the Star Forest, and though it had been ruined, it seemed to breathe fresh life into the forest.

However, in the midsts of the forests, there was a disharmonious colour.

More than twenty people stood there, each of them dressed in a similar fiery red outfit. In the green of the forest, it was just too great a contrast.

These people were not young at all, on the surface even the youngest looked to be around forty years or more. Amongst them, there were four old men who were standing at the front, looking to be in their eighties. However, their age had not dulled their edge, and their eyes were filled with strong killing intent.

The others stood behind them, giving prominence to the four old men’s status. “It is already noon. They actually dare not to come?” One of the four old men said coldly.

These four old men were the four Grand Elders of the Blood Red Hell. They usually lived deep in the Blood Red Hell for many years, and had not appeared in the mainland for a long time. However, their rank and status in the Blood Red Hell was extremely high, and even the current Blood Red Hell Lord was a generation younger than them.

Without question, these four were all at the Heavenly Emperor cultivation state, the mainstay pillar of strengths in the Blood Red Hell. Just a few months ago, two of them had actually been the ones who led the attack on the Heavenly Demon Sect.

The one who had just spoken was the Third Grand Elder.
Amongst the four, his temperament was the most volatile.

The First Grand Elder said passively: “If they dare to not show up, then they better be prepared to accept the consequences of our fury.”

The Fourth Grand Elder said: “Big brother, are we really going to slaughter the entire city? If we do so, we will definitely stir up discontent from both the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain. It is not yet time for us to reveal all our cards.”

The First Elder remained calm and unflurried as he said casually: “Do we have to be afraid of revealing our hand? Do you think that if we don’t take action, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace will not take action against us? As soon as we resolve the issues in the west, we can focus our attentions on the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

The Second Grand Elder gave a cold humph as he said: “That worthless trash Meng Gui, if not for him, would we need to make a trip all the way down here. Who knows if that trash ran off or was killed. Such outsiders like him are just too unreliable.”

The First Grand Elder glanced at him and said: “Enough. Just do what we’re supposed to do. Do not underestimate the Heavenly Bow Empire. Meng Gui’s cultivation was not weak, and even with the support of the six Heavenly Kings, he was still defeated here in this Heavenly Bow City. They must have some secret hidden powers lying within the Heavenly Bow Empire.” The Third Grand Elder said disdainfully: “It doesn’t matter what hidden powers they have. Since us four brothers have come, let alone a mere Heavenly Bow City, if we really wanted we could easily destroy the Fei Li Empire. I believe that the previous defeat of Meng Gui has to do with the Heavenly
Demon Sect. Just the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor alone would not have been able to deal with so many at once.”

At this point, the First Grand Elder said: “They are here.” As he spoke, his long fiery red brow raised up. Without any other instructions from him, the over twenty Blood Red Hell powerhouses behind them spread out, releasing their powerful auras without holding back.

One after the other, figures appeared in the sight of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. There were three figures right at the front, but to the surprise of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses, amongst the three, the one in the center position was not the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue nor the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, but a young man.

This young man looked to be only around twenty years old, dressed in black. On the surface, he looked just like an ordinary young man who had just become a Heavenly Jewel Master, and the Blood Red Hell powerhouses did not sense any threat from him. Six others followed behind them, all dressed in grey. These six were the last powerhouses of the Heavenly Demon Sect, six Heavenly Kings. In total, there were only nine of them.

On the side of the Blood Red Hell, besides the four Heavenly Emperors, the rest were not all Heavenly Kings. Eight of them were Heavenly Kings, the rest were nine-Jeweled and eight- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters.

After all, even if the Blood Red Hell had been preparing for a long time, it was not that easy to groom a Heavenly King powerhouse. The threshold of Heavenly King and the Heavenly Core Nucleus was just too difficult to pass.

It was not that the Heavenly Demon Sect didn’t have any eight or nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters left. However, none of them had appeared this time, and only these nine had come.

The four Grand Elders of the Blood Red Hell had very ugly expressions currently. Since only these nine had come, did that mean they were underestimating them? Or had the subordinates of the Heavenly Demon Sect already fled? This time, they had chased all the way to the Heavenly Bow Empire for the exact reason that Zhou Weiqing had guessed - to totally resolve the problems in the west. Not only was their target the remainder of the Heavenly Demon Sect, but also the upper echelons of the entire Heavenly Bow Empire. No matter how powerful an army was, without an outstanding commander, they would not be able to flourish their full strength. Furthermore, without the top end offensive strength, any powerhouses taking action could easily destroy the several hundred thousand strong army of the Heavenly Bow Empire, or at least cause them to stall in their tracks.

The youth walking in between the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya was naturally Zhou Weiqing. Currently, his face was wearing a faint smile, as if he was here on a holiday. The trio walked all the way to barely thirty metres from the Blood Red Hell powerhouses before stopping.

The Fourth Grand Elder of the Blood Red Hell said coldly: “Wu Yunyue, does your Heavenly Demon Sect only have these few people left? In that case, this old fellow will give you a last chance. As long as you are willing to bring your remaining Heavenly Demon Sect members to surrender and join our Blood Red Hell, I will let bygones be bygones and forgive you for your past transgressions.”

When Wu Yunyue saw the Blood Red Hell powerhouses, his eyes turned red. However, he was after all a Heavenly Emperor, the Demonic Emperor, and he held back the rage in his heart. In a cold voice, he said: “Old Four, stop dreaming. Who knows which of us will end up victorious today. Since you have arranged this final battle now, let us get on with it.”

The Fourth Grand Elder laughed heartily and said: “With just you mere few, you think you have the qualifications to fight against us? A bunch of ants.”

At this point, Zhou Weiqing spoke. Taking two steps forward, he surpassed his own lines as he spoke with a smile: “This Junior Zhou Weiqing greets Seniors. Since the letter of challenge was written by you all, then you should give us an accounting right? To be honest, this Junior is a person who is really afraid of death, and I do not wish to die at all. How about we make a bet? If you all win, we will all surrender to the Blood Red Hell, lest we lose our lives.”

When the Third Grand Elder of the Blood Red Hell heard those words, especially seeing that fawning smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face, he couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “So, you are that Zhou Weiqing? So, you are just a mere cowardly junior. Our Blood Red Hell will not easily accept any trash.”

The smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face did not diminish as he continued: “Senior, those words aren’t too accurate. Although this Junior isn’t some great talent, at least I have reached the Heavenly King stage at the age of twenty over, so I believe I still have some potential left. Furthermore, when I said surrender, I did not just mean just the few of us, but the entire Heavenly Bow Empire. As you all know, the Heavenly Bow Empire’s revival was totally led by me, and thus I am still able to make such a decision. The only thing is… would Seniors dare to take this bet?”

The Third Grand Elder was about to speak once more but the First Grand Elder held up his hand to stop him. Passively, he looked at Zhou Weiqing and asked: “How do you want to make this bet?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned as he said: “Heh, since you all have arranged this battle, naturally the bet will be regarding our power. You have more people than us, so how about this, we’ll just fight a few rounds. I believe all of you should know the Heavenly Jewel Tournament right? Why don’t we have a fight using the rules of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament to decide the final victor? My apologies, I have joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament twice, and both times I defeated the Dan Dun Empire to enter the top four, finally gaining the championship. As such, I am still most familiar with this style of fighting.”

Fighting according to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules? Wasn’t that four single combat fights and a two versus two fight?

These Blood Red Hell powerhouses had naturally once been young talents, and many of them had indeed joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament in their time. As such, they were all familiar with the tournament rules.

This suggestion of Zhou Weiqing’s drew the interest of quite a number of them. After all, no matter how one looked at it, the few numbers that Zhou Weiqing had could not possibly threaten the Blood Red Hell. Furthermore, from the way Zhou Weiqing was acting, it seemed like it was just an excuse to surrender without losing too much face.

The First Grand Elder said passively: “What if we do not agree? With just the mere few of you, you do not have the qualification to name conditions.” Zhou Weiqing spread his hands in a helpless fashion as he said: “Well, if you do not agree, then we can only leave without making a deal. Although our powers may not be a match for all you Seniors, but if we really wish to run, I don’t know how many of us can Seniors actually catch.”

A light flashed in the First Grand Elder’s eyes. “Does that mean to say that if I agree to this bet of yours, you all will not run?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “Of course, if you win, we will be surrendering. Once we surrender, I trust that the Blood Red Hell will treat us well, so why should we run?”

The First Grand Elder’s eyes swept across the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and the Demonic Emperor. “A Junior like you can make the decision here?”

The Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue forcefully restrained the anger and venom in his heart. Nodding strongly, he said: “That is the result of our discussion.”

The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya did not even bother speaking, just nodding. The First Grand Elder smiled and said: “Very well, in that case I shall agree to your bet. In that case, you can send your first fighter now.”

“Wait a second.” Zhou Weiqing continued: “This Junior has another suggestion.”

The hot tempered Third Grand Elder said angrily: “You little brat, why do you have to speak so much rubbish.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily: “This Junior is merely giving some personal suggestions, whether or not it is implemented will depend on the Seniors here. My meaning is, since this is a bet that will determine our fate, then we should not restrict the number of appearances for the contestants. In short, we do not restrict everyone to only fighting once in the fights. Also, since your side has more people, a five match total would be unfair to your Blood Red Hell side, and this Junior would not want to take this advantage. How about going for a seven- match series instead? Two of them can be two versus two matches, while the rest still single combat. The side with more victories would be the final victor.

The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder stated momentarily. Previously, he was highly guarded against the smiling youth. He just had the feeling that this youth was setting a trap for them to jump into. Even so, with the sheer power at their disposal, he did not care about any trap, and thus had just agreed to the bet, planning to seize this opportunity to resolve all problems in one go, so they could return to the Blood Red Hell as quickly as possible to deal with other issues.

However, this current suggestion from Zhou Weiqing had caused him to change his mind. That was because it seemed like this proposal was just too beneficial for the Blood Red Hell side. After all, they had four Heavenly Emperors, while Zhou Weiqing’s side only had two. The more times they could join the fights, the better it was for them naturally. Although the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya was extremely powerful, these four Grand Elders of the Blood Red Hell were also not ordinary Heavenly Emperors. Not only did all four of them have the Destruction Attribute, the First Grand Elder was even at the Max Level Heavenly Emperor stage, and he did not think he would lose to Long Shiya.

Furthermore, in a clash of Heavenly Emperors, it was nearly impossible to hold back at all. In such a circumstance, even if one defeated their opponent, it should be nearly impossible for him to fight against another foe, at least for some time.

As such, this First Grand Elder began to feel that Zhou Weiqing was truly just giving himself a reason to surrender, giving them all a logical reason to join the Blood Red Hell.

If they could really take in and incorporate the Heavenly Bow Empire, that would definitely be great news for the entire Dan Dun Empire, and they could then focus all their efforts on the main battlefield.

“Very  well,  as  you  wish.”  The  First  Grand  Elder  did  not hesitate to agree to Zhou Weiqing’s request.

“Send your first fighter then.”

Although the First Grand Elder had relaxed his guard, he was still a wily old fox, and he would not make the mistake of underestimating the opposing side. As such, he still insisted on Zhou Weiqing’s side dispatching their fighter first, so they could respond strategically.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter look on his face as he complained: “Senior,  that  isn’t  too  good  right?  If  it  is  always  our  side sending out our fighters first, then we definitely won’t have a chance at all. How about this, for the first round we will send out our fighter first, and the next round will be your side’s turn, and so on so forth. How about that?” The four Blood Red Hell Grand Elders were getting a little irritated. This Zhou Weiqing was constantly asking for so many requests, yet he was still smiling and polite. Although both sides were enemies, with their status, they would not fuss over such minor details.

The First Grand Elder nodded and said: “Very well. Begin.”

Zhou Weiqing took another step forward and said: “In that case, I will be the first to fight. May I know which Senior will be giving me a lesson first?”

The four Grand Elders started momentarily. Although they had already gained news that Zhou Weiqing had entered the Heavenly King stage, and he had also just admitted it earlier, they did not think too highly of his current power levels. No matter what, his age was still there, and even if he had entered the Heavenly King stage, he should not be able to fight against their older Heavenly Kings.

The Heavenly Demon Sect might be considered the weakest of all the five Great Saint Lands, but in terms of personal combat abilities, their fighting strength was definitely high up there. In the eyes of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses, any of the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Heavenly Kings would be far superior to Zhou Weiqing, and they did not understand why this young Zhou Weiqing would be sent to fight first.

The First Grand Elder waved his hand, saying: “Tianlei, you go.”

From behind the four Grand Elders, a tall, slender old man who looked to be in his sixties walked out.

This old man had a cold, sombre gaze, and his face was expressionless as he walked out from behind the four Grand Elders. After bowing to them, he walked towards Zhou Weiqing, facing up against him.

The four Grand Elders naturally felt that facing such a young man like Zhou Weiqing, it would not do for them to personally take action. Even so, the First Grand Elder had sent one of their stronger powerhouses, famed even in the Blood Red Hell. This old man was at the High Level Heavenly King stage, and he still had a bright possibility of entering the Heavenly Emperor stage in the future. In doing so, he was considered to have already placed quite a high importance on Zhou Weiqing.

With a faint flicker of light around him, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. Giving a respectful fist palm salute, he said: “Junior Zhou Weiqing here, Senior, please advice me well.”

Tianlei swept him with a cold gaze as he said: “Enough rubbish. Fight.” As he said that, he actually placed his left hand behind his back. From the looks of things, he was actually using a single hand to face up against Zhou Weiqing!

Chapter269: The true meaning of being crafty

In truth, Tianlei was thinking exactly that. Amongst all the Heavenly Kings from the Blood Red Hell, he was considered one of the top few. However, he did have one flaw. That was his arrogance.

Whenever he was facing an opponent that was weaker than he was, his favourite thing to do was to play around with the foe before killing them in a cruel fashion. Even in the Blood Red Hell, his personality was one that garnered hatred. Currently, facing a young man in his twenties like Zhou Weiqing, he truly could not imagine that he could possibly lose. Added on to the fact that he wanted to impress the four Grand Elders, he decided to battle with only one hand.

Zhou Weiqing's smile did not even waver in the slightest. However, it was Long Shiya who was standing behind Zhou Weiqing, whose fat cheeks began trembling as he had to focus all of his concentration not to break into a wide grin.

In fact, ever since Zhou Weiqing started to bargain with his opponents and arrange the bet, Long Shiya had wanted to burst out laughing. Just yesterday, when Zhou Weiqing had met with the Demonic Emperor for the second time, he had invited his own teacher along to discuss how they could deal with the Blood Red Hell's attack. Without question, they were all clear that the Blood Red Hell’s goal here was to fully exterminate the
Heavenly Demon Sect, with the secondary goal of wiping out
the Heavenly Bow Empire as well. Under such a circumstance, the number of Blood Red Hell powerhouses here would definitely be a large number.

In a direct head-on clash, their chances of victory was just too small.

Yet, this fight was also unavoidable. Still, how exactly they could handle it, even the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue did not have any idea.

As such, the leadership role fell into Zhou Weiqing’s hands, and the entire plan was constructed by him.

Without question, he was setting a trap for the Blood Red Hell. However, this trap was fully based on his own personal power. Anyone who had ever bet with Zhou Weiqing would have known what was the result of betting with him. That was the reason why Long Shiya felt like laughing so much. Seeing his precious disciple blowing smoke and setting such an elaborate trap, and the opponents were just jumping headfirst into that.

Zhou Weiqing's strategy was actually very simple and straightforward; to gradually weaken their strength. He would continue doing so, weakening them bit by bit until both sides reached a similar power level, then... heh heh…

Indeed, this type of betting system and tournament style fighting was the best method to weaken the enemy slowly and steadily. More importantly, the unlimited participation was exactly tailored for himself. With the Devour Skill, how could his sustained fighting capabilities be compared to any ordinary powerhouses?

Looking at how this Tianlei was looking down upon his precious disciple, Long Shiya’s heart had already marked him with the death penalty in this fight.

On the other side, Wu Yunyue’s feeling was vastly different. He had heard many stories regarding Zhou Weiqing, but this was the first time he was actually working alongside this young man. Although he was still not too familiar with the heights Zhou Weiqing’s strengths had actually reached, at least he was able to stand there speaking so nonchalantly despite the disparity in strength between both sides, even manipulating their opponents to follow his thoughts… this was more than enough to deem him a talent. At least, Wu Yunyue had to admit that when he was still at the Heavenly King stage, he would not
have been able to leave his ego aside and smile obsequiously like that. It could be said that Zhou Weiqing did not seem to have self awareness as a top powerhouse.

However, people like that were often the most dangerous ones. After all, a top powerhouse who was willing to resort to all means in accomplishing tasks… they were definitely far trickier than any of their peers.

A faint smile crossed Zhou Weiqing's lips. In contrast to Tian Lei's arrogance, he gave the impression that he was a little scared, even as he bowed slightly to his opponent.

With Tianlei’s pride, he naturally would not launch an attack at Zhou Weiqing at such a time. If he did not even have this amount of judgement, Zhou Weiqing must have been screwing around all this time.

Tianlei said cockily: “Come on then.” Before he had even finished his sentence, Zhou Weiqing disappeared from his sight. Even as he did so, he was still in the same slightly bowed position he had been in.

Zhou Weiqing loved it when his foes underestimated him.
Facing such enemies, he did not feel any pressure at all.

Tianlei was caught by surprise by Zhou Weiqing’s sudden disappearance, but he was after all a powerful Heavenly King powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell, and he managed to react as quickly as possible. A thick wave of Fire Attribute energies mixed with the Destruction Aura burst forth from his body, and his entire body seemed to become an exploding fireball. Such an explosive force caused his Heavenly Energy to have the effect of an indiscriminate attack all around.

Everyone else from both sides had already retreated far away before the fight had begun. A clash between Heavenly Kings and above would affect a large area, and no one wanted to be caught up in the crossfire.

In the instant that Tian Lei flared out, his body had turned around. According to normal logic, when an opponent disappeared in front of him, they would most likely reappear behind him. Even at this point0, Tian Lei was still planning to fight with only a single arm. As such, when he turned around, his right hand moved with a swirl of a fiery dragon appearing, twisting and moving around his body. This fire dragon would protect his body in the meantime, and as soon as he spotted Zhou Weiqing, it could then be used to strike a fatal blow against Zhou Weiqing.

Furthermore, Tianlei was pleasantly surprised to feel that he had indeed struck his young foe even in the midst of turning around.

The truth was indeed as such. The explosive Fire Attribute energies that burst forth from Tianlei’s body smashed savagely into Zhou Weiqing, who had appeared behind him. When Tianlei turned around to see, he even saw the shock on Zhou Weiqing’s face.

Without question, with Tianlei’s character, a smug expression instantly crossed his face.

Subconsciously, Zhou Weiqing made an action to protect himself, his hands pushing forward. From the looks of things, it was as if he was half wanting to resist, half waiting to be hit.

Tianlei’s fire dragon had also smashed forward without holding back. Although they had called it a tournament style fighting, with the current relationship between both sides, killing their opponent was undoubtedly the simplest and most direct method, which would also serve to break the other side’s morale.

The fire dragon slammed into Zhou Weiqing’s body without the slightest deviation, bursting into brilliant flames.

On the other side, the Demonic Emperor had closed his eyes. He had not imagined that Zhou Weiqing would be so weak. Wasn’t he supposed to be already at the Heavenly King Stage? How could he possibly be unable to dodge a mere subconscious strike from the opponent?

However, in the moment he closed his eyes, he suddenly heard loud gasps in unison.

Zhou Weiqing’s hands seemed to land on Tianlei’s body in a gentle fashion. The shock on his face remained unchanged, but Tianlei’s body was now frozen in place, his eyes filled with utter disbelief.

What did Tian Lei see? He had seen Zhou Weiqing getting hit by both his attacks, totally without any Consolidated Equipment. Yet, he had then step out of the flames, and his palms had just landed on his own chest chest. Since his own flames had covered the incoming palms, Tian Lei did not even have enough time to react.

A terrifying suction force welled up from Zhou Weiqing’s palm, and Tianlei felt his Heavenly Core Nucleus shudder violently. Next, all of his Heavenly Energy seemed to pour out of his body in a flood.

Furthermore, Tianlei found his body totally unable to move, and he was unable to break free no matter how hard he tried. In that instant, nearly ten Fetters of Wind Skills landed on his body.

Without even calculating the existence of the Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s energy levels were already at the same level as Tianlei. In that instant, with ten of such Control Skills stacked upon each other, how could Tianlei possibly break free in a short period of time? As his Heavenly Energy flowed out of his body, the chances of breaking free with his own strength grew lower and lower.

*Poof* A soft sound as Zhou Weiqing’s hands actually sank right into Tianlei’s chest. In the next moment, his body was sent flying back almost dozen metres like a cannonball, before slamming into the ground, clearly dead as a doornail. Zhou Weiqing stood there, as if totally stunned, looking as his hands in a look of utter disbelief, with a hint of confusion mixed in there.

He seemed to be at a total loss, not knowing what had happened; as if the victory had just been gifted to him without warning.

Such an abrupt change, all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses were caught by surprise. All they had seen was Zhou Weiqing being attacked by Tianlei, and in the next moment, the fight had ended. However, none of them had seen that under the cover of the Astral Saint Energy, a Heavenly Core Nucleus had been swiftly and silently kept by Zhou Weiqing.

The four Blood Red Hell Grand Elders were also left stunned. Although they were all at the Heavenly Emperor stage, and had been watching the fight closely, all of those changes had happened just too swiftly. Before they could even react, the fight had ended. From the way Zhou Weiqing looked, it seemed that it was an accident. Two Blood Red Hell powerhouses rushed to carry Tianlei’s body back to their side. There was a large hole in his chest, and his heart had already been shattered, blood staining his entire body. There were no signs of life left in the corpse.

Rage flashed in the eyes of the four Blood Red Hell Grand Elder. Naturally, they could tell that Tianlei had been careless from the beginning. Although they still did not understand how Zhou Weiqing had won, it was ‘without question’ that if Tianlei hadn’t been so arrogant and careless, this current result would not have occurred.

The Third Grand Elder’s actions were the most direct. With a swift kick, he sent Tianlei’s corpse flying away. “Trash! Why would we even need you?!”

The First Grand Elder gave a cold humph, before the Third Grand Elder finally gave up the notion of continuing to desecrate the corpse.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing seemed to come to his senses. Turning around, he said with a helpless look on his face: “I… I also don’t know what happened? Seniors, you can’t blame me for this. This Senior’s power was too strong, and I had no choice but to use my full power in reaction. Who could have imagined that his defenses were so weak. Ahh, I understand… perhaps it is because I am born with a natural immunity to fire. As a result, this Senior’s Fire Attribute energies did not have any use on me. Furthermore, he did not use any Consolidated Equipment… This is just luck… too much luck...”

Natural Immunity to fire? Right! Wasn’t this immunity to fire already proven previously?!

Previously, in the northern borders, Zhou Weiqing had once faced off against a Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell. It was exactly because of his Fire Attribute immunity that he had managed to escape. This news was well known to all the Blood Red Hell members, just that none of them had actually thought of it earlier.

The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder’s face muscles twitched uncontrollably. Although the death of a Heavenly King was not a huge deal to the Blood Red Hell, it had still taken a lot of resources to groom such a powerhouse. Yet, this fool had gifted his own life away without even using a single piece of Consolidated Equipment. The rage in the First Grand Elder’s heart was no lesser than the Third Grand Elder. If this Tianlei had fought with all his might at the start of the fight, with his powerful Heavenly Energy, even if Zhou Weiqing was immune to fire, he would not be able to escape death.

Zhou Weiqing said embarrassedly: “In that case, this first round is considered our victory. For the next two rounds, Seniors, please send your fighters.”

The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder’s brow furrowed deeply. Losing this first round had caught him by surprise, and it had also added many variables to his calculations. Naturally, he could no longer afford to easily lose this second fight. Turning to the Second Grand Elder, he gave a signal as he said: “Second Brother, you go.”

The Second Grand Elder nodded. Towards the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya or the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, none of them would dare be careless. Amongst all the Heavenly Emperors, these two were famous for a long time, having reached the stage for many years. This was especially so for the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, being known as the top Heavenly Emperor under the Heavenly God Tier, and that reputation was definitely not without justification. Amongst the four Grand Elders, in terms of cultivation, the First and Second Grand Elders were naturally the strongest. By sending out the Second Grand Elder, even if the other side sent out Long Shiya, even if the Second Grand Elder was not able to defeat Long Shiya, he should be able to force it to a stalemate with both sides injured. At least this would mean Long Shiya would not be able to continue fighting in the ‘tournament’.

In the Grand Elder’s eyes, even if the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor both won their fights, that would only be a total of three losses. As long as they could critically injure them, the next four fights would undoubtedly be their victory.

To be able to recruit and incorporate two Heavenly Emperors into their forces was definitely of great interest and attraction to the First Grand Elder. If they could succeed, the power of the Blood Red Hell would grow considerably. When that happened, would they even need to worry about the Heaven’s Expanse Palace any longer?

Seeing the Second Grand Elder slowly walk forward, Zhou Weiqing retreated back to his side instead. Walking to Long Shiya’s side, he whispered a few lines, before repeating the process to the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue.

Just as everyone thought that Long Shiya would be the one to fight, Zhou Weiqing stepped up once more. With a smile on his face, he said: “The result of the previous fight was truly an accident, and since your side has lost a person, we have decided that we will forfeit this round as an apology.”

Forfeit? When they heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses started. None of them could understand what Zhou Weiqing was thinking, nor could they fathom the deeper meanings behind his actions.

Could it be that they were really just acting out this competition as a formality? After all, do not forget that their current competition format was that anyone could fight repeatedly, so there was no such thing as using strategy to ‘use a weaker person to waste a stronger opponent’s turn’. This forfeit by Zhou Weiqing was tantamount to just gifting the Blood Red Hell a victory for nothing!

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head helplessly as he said: “Senior,  then  shall  we  dispatch  our  fighters  for  the  third round?”

The Second Grand Elder was clearly still slightly at a loss, and he could only nod subconsciously. Zhou Weiqing continued: “Since we are using a seven round match format, this third round should be a two versus two fight, the fourth round a single combat round, the fifth another two versus two, and the last two rounds will be decided by single combat as well. In this third round, our side will be my Master and myself fighting. As the saying goes, a father-son combination works best.”

Long Shiya took a step forward to stand by Zhou Weiqing’s side. Passively, he said: “Which of you will be fighting?”

All of this happened just so quickly, so much so that many of the Blood Red Hell elders were still unable to react properly. They had just won the second round just like that? Although they would need to face up against Long Shiya in the third round, this Zhou Weiqing that was teaming up with Long Shiya looked to be just a mere ‘extra’, an insignificant presence that would not be of any threat at all.

However, just to be safe, the First Grand Elder still nodded towards the Fourth Grand Elder.

To send two Heavenly Emperors to face up against Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing, in his eyes, that was already to take into account Long Shiya. After all, no matter even if Long Shiya was more powerful than he was, facing up against two High Level Heavenly Emperors, he might not fare well at all. Furthermore, the Second Grand Elder was already a top powerhouse who had reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor stage as well.

The Fourth Grand Elder also stepped forward to stand abreast with the Second Grand Elder. Both Elders did not even look at Zhou Weiqing, focusing their gazes on Long Shiya. With a palm-fist greeting, they said: “Greetings, we have heard of your great reputation.”

Long Shiya nodded in acceptance. After all, his age, hierarchy and status was indeed above the two of them. Passively, he said: “Enough nonsense, let us begin. If you all want this old man to submit to the Blood Red Hell, you will need to show some real abilities first.” As the saying goes, since they were acting, they had to go all out. In order to match Zhou Weiqing’s scenario, the proud Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was actually willing to say those words of submitting to others… Of course, it was all only based upon a possibility, not a guarantee!

Zhou Weiqing’s expression displayed extreme nervousness, as he lagged half a step behind his Master. Everyone present could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing was afraid of the threat the two Heavenly Emperors posed. Long Shiya’s brow furrowed as he glared at Zhou Weiqing in exasperation, grumbling: “Can you not be so useless? What have I taught you all this time? I really don’t know how I could be so blind in the past to actually accept you as my disciple.”

Zhou Weiqing said with a flattering, fawning look on his face: “Isn’t it because I am just like you, with my six Attribute Elemental Jewels?”

Hearing his words, the First Grand Elder suddenly felt that this brat was a little slow witted. Previously, he had stated his unique quality of being immune to fire without thinking, and currently he was just spouting off about his Elemental Jewel Attributes. Although the Blood Red Hell powerhouses had already known news about this, they were all after all on opposing sides, yet he had just revealed his own powers like this. If this wasn’t slow witted or naive, then what was it?

As Zhou Weiqing spoke to Long Shiya, he huffily released his Consolidated Equipment one after the other, the rays of dark gold light shining one after the other. In moments, the nine pieces of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had coalesced around his body. All of this just further displayed the lack of self confidence in his heart. However, on the other side, the Second Grand Elder and Fourth Grand Elder did not dare be negligent. They might be disdainful of Zhou Weiqing, but Long Shiya was a totally different matter. The name of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was just too great, and these two Heavenly Emperors did not dare to underestimate him. Both of them moved back as well, releasing their own respective Legendary Sets.

With their status in the Blood Red Hell, they naturally had the best Consolidated Equipment. However, outstanding Legendary Sets were just too few and far between. Both of their Legendary Sets were only eight-pieces. Of course, that was already extremely powerful, but it was still a distance from the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set.

Once Zhou Weiqing had released his Legendary Set, in a flash, he dodged behind his Master’s back.

Facing two Heavenly Emperors, Long Shiya also did not dare to be careless. Similarly, he released his nine-piece Legendary Set. At the same time, he also summoned his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

Behind Long Shiya, Zhou Weiqing also summoned his own Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. With master and disciple both releasing their respective formations, they were glowing with brilliant six-coloured lights. No matter how much the Blood Red Hell powerhouses disdained of Zhou Weiqing, they had to admit that when the master disciple pair released such brilliant lights together, it was truly a bedazzling sight.

Six Attribute Elemental Jewels! Such outstanding talents… up until now in the Boundless Mainland, only this master disciple pair of Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing had it!

The Blood Red Hell First Elder shook his head inwardly, thinking to himself: This Zhou Weiqing’s talent is truly not bad at all, no wonder the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor would select him. Alas, his character isn’t good enough. No matter how talented a person is, if he doesn’t have a strong character and resolute willpower, he will never amount to much. In any case, as long as we can achieve victory for this, and better still, critically injure Long Shiya, the entire situation in the west can be easily resolved today.

At this point, he even breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s actions thus far had caused him to be unable to place any importance on the youth.

The Chinese have a saying that ‘One day as Master, forever like a Father’. There is a large difference in their case between a normal student/teacher relation and a Master/Disciple relation. The Legendary Sets of the Second and Fourth Grand Elder of the Blood Red Hell were both a crimson blood red in colour. This was the unique quality that would appear when an entire Legendary Set was complete.

Their Legendary Set was exactly the same. After all, the designs for Legendary Sets were extremely limited, even for a Great Saint Land.

The eight pieces were still insufficient to cover their entire bodies, but at least the majority of it was covered. In truth, their Legendary Set seemed to be rather similar in terms of looks to the Terror Sea Dragon that Zhou Weiqing had seen previously, full of spikes all around. However, these spikes were all fiery red instead. The weapons in their hands was both long blood-red spears. As soon as their Consolidated Equipment gathered around them, they lifted their spears, pointing towards the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. The unique pressure of the Heavenly Emperor powerhouses burst forth, focusing fully on Long Shiya.

A terrifying energy reverberation spread throughout the battleground. The contrast between the previous fight between Zhou Weiqing and Tianlei, and this current match, was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The two Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperors’ pressure exploded forth, it was as if their presence had almost solidified. Shockingly, the entire space behind them had turned red, with their bodies as the focal point.

A thick Destruction Aura mixed with the terrifying Darkness Attribute energies was rising even under the cover of flames. Through the spears in their hands, they were able to focus their pressure into a consolidated ray, directed totally at Long Shiya. As for Zhou Weiqing, who was hiding behind Long Shiya, he did not even need to endure a single bit of the pressure.

The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor truly lived up to his name; even as he was facing the impressive pressure from two Heavenly Emperors, Long Shiya’s expression remained unfazed. In his hands, the Octagon Plum Blossom Warhammers crisscrossed in a guard, and using his own might alone, he was able to withstand the immense pressure from these two powerful foes. Long Shiya’s entire fat body seemed to be glowing with six coloured lights. Neither side was willing to rush to attack. At their level, a clash of pressures like this was even more dangerous than a direct attack. Once a single side revealed any signs of weakness, the final decisive clash would then happen in a short period of time.

Despite facing up against the pressure of two powerful opponents, Long SHiya did not back down at all. In contrary, the six coloured lights around him grew stronger, the eyes hidden behind layers of fat glowing brightly as he constantly shifted his body around in minute adjustments.

On the other side, the Second and Fourth Grand Elders were doing the same thing, each of them constantly shifting their positions slightly in order to influence the pressure, hoping to cause their enemy to reveal a weak point.

Towards Long Shiya’s power, the Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder was secretly shocked. He was now certain that he would not be able to compare to Long Shiya alone. If not for this battle being two versus two, it would be extremely difficult to actually defeat him.

Although Long Shiya was currently suppressed to be in a fully defensive position, he was after all facing off against two enemies on his own! Zhou Weiqing was not even helping his Master in the slightest. Even so, despite being forced to take a defensive position, Long Shiya was actually not in a disadvantageous position. Defending did not seem to be a problem for him, and if any opportunity presented itself, he could easily switch from defense to offense at anytime.

The Second and Fourth Grand Elder clearly understood this as well, and they knew it would be nearly impossible to actually cause Long Shiya to make a mistake or reveal his weakness just with their aura pressure alone. Exchanging glances, they seemed to come to an understanding, and in the next moment, they both shouted loudly, their bodies warping into two blood red flashes of light in the air, charging towards Long Shiya.

Their speeds were just too quick. One could barely see a flash of blood-red light and the two of them had already reached Long Shiya.

Similarly, Long Shiya gave an explosive shout. “Open!”  The Octagon Plum Blossom Warhammers in his hands smashed out simultaneously towards his two opponents.

At their levels, it was no longer necessary to use ordinary skills. With their powerful protective layers of Heavenly Energy, these ordinary Skills would not have any effect on them. The only ones which would have any effect would be those with the Heavenly Skill Images. However, the act of using those would cause their aura pressure to waver and expose weak points, and in a direct clash it was actually better for them not to use it.

In truth, the higher level battles got, the simpler and more direct they would be. This current one was exactly such. It was a pure clash of energies; no flourishes or showy moves, fully a show of strength and energy consumption.

An abrupt explosion, and the two blood-colored lights separated, flying back. Long Shiya was left remaining there, hovering in the air. With a sudden cough, a mouthful of blood spurted out him, which immediately vaporized into a ball of strange black flames. That was the power of the Destruction energies.

However, the two Blood Red Hell Grand Elders were no better off, having been sent flying off in the air, they each coughed out a mouthful of blood as well. The condition of their bodies were no better than Long Shiya.

Originally, the attacks they had launched were just probing and exploratory in nature. However, they had not expect Long Shiya to use his full strength in the first strike. By the time they had realized this and tried to shore up their attacks, it was already too late. Naturally, with their strength added together, it should have been above Long Shiya. However, under such a situation, not only did they not gain the advantage, they ended up with both sides sustaining injuries. On the surface, it seemed that Long Shiya’s injuries were slightly heavier.

The Second and Fourth Grand Elders did not stop, as their bodies turned around in mid-air and charged toward Long Shiya once more. This time, they used a different strategy, the blood-red spears in their hands piercing through the skies in a myriad formation, bringing forth a cascade of light to descend upon Long Shiya.

Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set would boost his physical strength immensely. If they were to just clash directly, Long Shiya could depend on this pure power to compensate for the difference in energies between him and the two Heavenly Emperor powerhouses. As such, the highly experienced Second and Fourth Grand Elder had chosen to switch to attack with their techniques now.

A six coloured light shield began to revolve around Long Shiya’s body, as his expression grew grave. Facing the full powered attacks from both Grand Elders, his choice of action was truly unexpected. Turn, charge. He actually totally gave up on the attacks from the Second Grand Elder, instead brandishing his Octagon Plum Blossom Hammers as he charged towards the Fourth Grand Elder. At the same time, the six coloured lights around his body expanded explosively, covering the entire area and permeating the air with various attribute energies, causing the entire atmosphere to become filled with violent energies, totally
covering the blood red light of the Fourth Grand Elder’s

A single final blow, one that threw the helve after the hatchet, with all stakes in the basket. In just a single round of attacks, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had actually chosen such a desperate fighting style!

How could this be possible?! The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder had a look of disbelief on his face as he yelled: “Old Fourth, be careful!”

Long Shiya was indeed extremely powerful. In such a last ditch type attack, the Fourth Grand Elder would not be able to easily take such a blow. However, at the same time, such an attacking style also meant that he had given up on defense, and on the other side the Second Grand Elder, who was even stronger than the Fourth Grand Elder, was attacking him! Such an opportunity, naturally the Second Grand Elder would not give up on it!

That was to say, the final result could possibly be that Long Shiya might not even be able to kill the Fourth Grand Elder, but he would die to the attack of the Second Grand Elder. Who would actually use such a foolish strategy like that? Yet, Long Shiya had actually done so… and it was exactly because it was so unexpected that it had caught everyone by surprise.

The Fourth Grand Elder could sense the terrifying pressure descend upon him, and he began to panic. After all, Long Shiya’s cultivation base was far higher than his own. More importantly, in this sort of ‘betting-his-all’ type attack, the power that Long Shiya unleashed was such that even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse would have to be careful in receiving it.

Almost without the slightest hesitation, the Fourth Grand Elder gave up on his attack, withdrawing the blood-red Spear in his hands as he focused all of his Heavenly Energy fully on his defense. All he needed to do now was to endure this round of attacks from Long Shiya. As long as he survived, they would have won the fight. On the other side, the Second Grand Elder did not remain idle. His own Junior Brother was facing critical danger, and he naturally burst forth with his full power as well. Charging at the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor with his top speed, he knew that the faster he moved, the less time the Fourth Grand Elder would need to endure the attacks.

Alas, in that instant, the Second Grand Elder saw a grinning face in front of him. A figure had suddenly appeared between him and Long Shiya. It was Zhou Weiqing, who had not joined the battle right until this point.

Facing Zhou Weiqing, the Second Grand Elder did not have any reactions. In his eyes, for Zhou Weiqing to dare block him was tantamount to asking for death. At most, he would be able to block him for a mere split second, and that would not prevent him from continuing to attack the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor after that.

Zhou Weiqing brandished his Dual Legendary Hammers in front of his chest. In the next moment, a huge black figure appeared in front of him, blocking the Second Grand Elder’s attack. It was the Hell’s Angel.

The Hell’s Angel sprang into action without any pause as soon as it was summoned by Zhou Weiqing. As the Second Grand Elder’s blood-red spear pierced into its body, it instantly self-detonated.

Another massive explosion, and the Second Grand Elder’s body halted in midair. In that short moment, a pair of massive wings sprouted out from behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, as he spun a half circle in mid air, the Dual Legendary Hammers slamming savagely towards the Second Grand Elder’s head.

Another massive explosion, as if a thunderclap resounding in the skies. Zhou Weiqing’s entire body flew back, causing him to turn head over heels several rounds before he finally regained his balance.

The opposing Second Grand Elder was worse off. This hammer blow from Zhou Weiqing had smashed him savagely from the skies, and worse still, caused him to be totally unable to save the Fourth Grand Elder.

All of the acting and hiding had been leading to this single moment. This was also the first time since Zhou Weiqing had reached the Heavenly King stage that he was actually facing off against a Heavenly Emperor wielding his full power and Consolidated Equipment. In terms of overall power, perhaps Zhou Weiqing was still weaker. However, his powerful physique and defenses allowed him to remain uninjured in such a direct clash. After all, the Second Grand Elder had been going all out in that attack. Although he had been somewhat affected by the Hell’s Angel,
the offensive power was still not to be underestimated, and
even ordinary low level Heavenly Emperors would have difficulties accepting such a blow.

As Zhou Weiqing successfully blocked the Second Grand Elder’s attack, on the other side, the clash also occurred.


The entire sky exploded in a mist of blood as the Fourth Grand Elder’s body instantly disintegrated, vanishing forever.

Returning to the scene just a moment ago, just as the Fourth Grand Elder was prepared to defend himself against the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s attack… a purplish red figure stealthily appeared behind his back. As the pressure Long Shiya gave him was just too immense, he actually did not notice the figure. The purplish red light warped into a ray to land upon the Fourth Grand Elder a split second before Long Shiya’s attack struck. In that instant, all of the Consolidated Equipment around his body vanished, leaving him nigh naked and vulnerable.

If he was focusing fully on defense, perhaps this all-out attack from Long Shiya might not be able to kill him. After all, he was still a High Level Heavenly Emperor. Alas, without his Stored Skills and Consolidated Equipment, what could he depend on to defend himself so suddenly?

That purplish red figure… wasn’t it the Demonic Dragon Lady? Of course, it wasn’t just summoned by Zhou Weiqing. Instead, before the fight had even started, he had already secretly summoned and hidden it away. In this critical moment, as Zhou Weiqing blocked the advance of the Second Grand Elder, he had used the Spatial Teleportation Gem to bring it onto the battlefield.

The reason why Long Shiya had used such a seemingly suicidal style of attack; wasn’t it exactly because this master- disciple pair had planned it out beforehand? All that had happened were within Zhou Weiqing’s calculations. A High Level Heavenly Emperor powerhouse had been killed off just like that. The power gap between both sides had instantly been closed dramatically.

The Demonic Dragon Lady did not vanish after the attack. As the Fourth Grand Elder exploded in death, the Demonic Dragon Lady warped into countless beams of purplish red light rays targeted at all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. Each of them contained a Dragon Silencing Seal. As long as a beam hit, the powerhouse would definitely temporarily lose their Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills.

After the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had finished off the Fourth Grand Elder, the six coloured lights around him flared brilliantly in an explosive manner, and rays of light arrows shot out, mixing together with the Dragon Silencing Seal rays in an array towards the Blood Red Hell powerhouses.

What was the true meaning of being cunning? Zhou Weiqing used his actions to tell everyone. Of course, this was just the beginning.

The Second Grand Elder had been sent flying back right in the direction where the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and the six Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly Demon Sect were. As he crashed to the ground, the Demonic Emperor had already entered the Demonic Change State. At the same time, he had already summoned his entire Legendary Set of God Tier Consolidated Equipment. His weapon, the Heavenly Demon Blade, slashed forward with his strongest attack right towards the Blood Red Hell Second Grand Elder.

Tournament? Bet? All of that was merely staged; all the acting, the fawning, the hints of wanting to surrender… all of that was part of Zhou Weiqing’s cunning plan. Facing so many Blood Red Hell powerhouses, if they attacked at once, Zhou Weiqing’s party would definitely be no match. The only they could possibly do at that time would be to attempt to run away. However, if they managed to take down just a few enemies first, then the end result might just be totally different.

Chapter270: Creation vs Destruction

Do not just consider the fact that the Blood Red Hell had four Heavenly Emperors on their side, while Zhou Weiqing only had two on his side. One still had to bear in mind that even if the four Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperors had the Destruction Attribute, both Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were also formidable existences of Maximum Level Heavenly Emperors. As such, they might not be able to fight one against two, but if it were just one against one… heh heh.

After being struck by Zhou Weiqing’s hammer, the Second Grand Elder’s entire body went numb. More importantly, Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy had broken through the protective layer of Heavenly Energy, sending the Absolute Delay Skill right into his body.

In a battle between Heavenly Emperors, even a slightest difference could determine the victory. More so, at this point, the Second Grand Elder had his back facing the Demonic Emperor, and with his mind set on the ‘tournament fight’, he would never imagine that the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue would actually attack him from behind without thought of his own status. In truth, at this point Wu Yunyue would hardly care about his status or prestige. The Heavenly Demon Sect had almost been wiped out by these Blood Red Hell powerhouses! If not for that, how could his talks with Zhou Weiqing be at such a disadvantage, where Zhou Weiqing held all the cards? He truly hated the Blood Red Hell, and as long as he could have his vengeance, who would give a damn about face now!

The Heavenly Demon Blade slashed down, and behind Wu Yunyue’s back, a cloud of misty lights burst forth. The mist seemed to be formed out of countless grey threads.

This was a Core Natal Plant that was of the Life Attribute. Wu Yunyue’s Core Natal Plant was named the Despair Hibiscus, one that did exist naturally in the wild. It did not have a poisonous nature, but upon contact with it, its inherent Demonic nature would burst forth with a powerful Demonic Venom, one created out of the Demonic Attribute. It was similar in nature to the Dark Demon God Lightning that Zhou Weiqing had, and was filled with vicious malice.

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had told Wu Yunyue that he would create an opportunity for him to strike. As such, Wu Yunyue had been fully prepared to do so at any time. The Demonic Change State, Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment, Despair Hibiscus… all of his full powers focused in this single blow. The Second Grand Elder could naturally sense the looming threat incoming from below. Alas, he was still affected by the Absolute Delay, and his reactions were slowed down too much. He was barely able to turn his body, pointing his spear downwards with all his Heavenly Energy.

*BANG*. The Heavenly Demon Blade clashed savagely with the blood-red spear of the Second Grand Elder. Just comparing both their cultivation levels, Wu Yunyue already had the advantage, let alone now with the Second Grand Elder in such a disadvantageous position, being unable to use more than eighty percent of his power.

An ear-splitting explosion, shaking the heavens and earth. The Second Grand Elder vomited a mouthful of blood. His layer of defensive Heavenly Energy had already been broken through and scattered by Zhou Weiqing in that previous blow, and now the Despair Hibiscus seized the opportunity to slide forward, enveloping the Second Grand Elder’s body.

A heart rending cry rang out as the Second Grand Elder shouted with sheer rage, unwillingness and dissatisfaction. “You dare to launch a sneak attack! You shall all die with this old fellow here now!” Facing Wu Yunyue’s ambush, he was extremely clear he no longer had any chance to escape with his life. Even if the First and Third Grand Elder tried to save him, they would never be able to make it in time.

Under such a circumstance, the Second Grand Elder did not hesitate to ignite his Heavenly Emperor Heavenly Core Nucleus. Instantly, the zone around him began to form an existence like that of a black hole. Once a Heavenly Emperor self-detonated, the area affected would be immense, and even the far off Heavenly Bow City would likely be affected. If that truly happened, the sheer amount of casualties would not be limited to just these few of them here.

Without hesitation, Wu Yunyue vanished in a flash, leaving the battlefield as quickly as he could. The self-detonation of a Heavenly Emperor exceeded three times that of his strongest attack, and Wu Yunyue did not wish to die here like that. Furthermore, once a Heavenly Core Nucleus was ignited, the process was irreversible, and self-detonation was almost a certainty. Since this Second Grand Elder was definitely dying, how could he allow himself to be claimed as a ‘burial companion’.

However, almost in the same instant, a massive hammer appeared right behind the Second Grand Elder’s back, a warped and twisted light swiftly enveloping the body in midst of self-detonation.

That kid is insane! Wu Yunyue thought to himself. He could clearly see that Zhou Weiqing had just appeared behind the Second Grand Elder. No matter how outstanding and talented he was, that was self-detonation of a Heavenly Emperor! Was he looking for death?!

However, in the next moment, Wu Yunyue could only stare, stunned. That was because the Second Grand Elder’s self- detonation was halted just like that. The space around Zhou Weiqing and the Second Grand Elder seemed to distort itself violently momentarily before everything returned to its normal state.

Time Reversal. The Skill notorious for being useless, yet Zhou Weiqing had his own ways of utilizing it. Ever since he had formed the Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had just started to truly master this skill.

Currently, the Time Reversal no longer needed such a massive amount of energy, and it was also no longer restricted to reversing time for two hours. With the aid of his Astral Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing was able to fully control the amount of time reversed as well as the area of effect. Of course, if it was being used on an enemy, he would have to first remove all the defenses on the target first.

Since the Second Grand Elder was already going to self- detonate, what defenses would be left on him? As such, in just one single attempt, Zhou Weiqing had succeeded.

Previously, after sending the Second Grand Elder flying back with his strike, Zhou Weiqing had already guessed the possible sequence of events that could occur. As such, he had already prepared the Time Reversal Skill as quickly as possible, before using a Blink Skill to reach at a perfect timing. However, when he had arrived behind the Second Grand Elder with the Blink Skill, it had nearly been influenced by the black hole deviation caused by the process of self-detonation, causing Zhou Weiqing to break out in cold sweat. Luckily, he had still managed to succeed.

Naturally, his Dual Legendary Hammers were not just for the purpose of imbuing and strengthening his Stored Skills as he had just used! Such a heavy hammer blow, it had also shattered a large portion of the bones on the Second Grand Elder’s back. At this point, even if he wanted to re-ignite his Heavenly Core Nucleus and self-detonate once more, he would no longer be able to do so. In that moment, the light cloud of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus began to shine forth from Zhou Weiqing’s chest area.

Having sustained such critical injuries, how could the Second Grand Elder possibly fight off Zhou Weiqing now? As Zhou Weiqing withdrew his hammers, he used his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms to claw savagely at the Second Grand Elder’s back, activating the Devour Skill once more. At the same time, the sky darkened as he released the full powers of his Astral Saint Core Nucleus.

On the surface, Zhou Weiqing had defeated a Heavenly Emperor so easily. In truth, this was the combined full force of himself and the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue joining hands to defeat the Second Grand Elder, especially with the elements of surprise and much scheming. Being the recipient of such a comprehensive nefarious plan, the Second Grand Elder naturally had a tragic ending. It could be said that the main reason why he had ended up in such a state was largely due to the series of Zhou Weiqing’s actions and acting.

Th..this is actually possible?! Wu Yunyue’s eyes widened in shock. However, there was not much time for him to contemplate this strange power of Zhou Weiqing’s, as on the other side, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was in trouble. If a single sentence had to be used to describe the battle on the other side, ‘a wild turbulence that collapses heaven and earth’ would be rather appropriate.

Although the Demonic Dragon Lady had self-detonated to release so many Dragon Silencing Seals, not all of them were able to take effect. The First and Third Grand Elders of the Blood Red Hell might have taken a second to react, but they were still able to raise a defensive energy space, blocking the majority of the Dragon Silencing Seal rays. Only about seven or eight of the eight and nine Jeweled Blood Red Hell powerhouses were actually struck by the Dragon Silencing Seal.

When the Fourth Grand Elder had been smashed and destroyed so savagely by Long Shiya, both the First and Third Grand Elders had been shocked to the core. No matter how powerful Heavenly Emperors were, they were still human, and this sudden unexpected change had been a huge blow to their hearts.

The four Grand Elders of the Blood Red Hell had grown up together, living closely together since a young age, and they were definitely very close to each other. Due to the previous agreement of this being a tournament match, as well as their hopes to gain Long Shiya and the others’ surrender, they had not intervened when Long Shiya had launched such a suicidal move. In their eyes, even though the Fourth Grand Elder was no match for Long Shiya, they were both Heavenly Emperors, and it should not be possible for Long Shiya to kill the Fourth Grand Elder with just a single blow.

The appearance of the Demonic Dragon Lady was just too abrupt. Up until the point when she had self-destructed, they had still not figured out whether it was a Heavenly Beast or just an energy construct.

With the death of the Fourth Grand Elder, both the First and Third Grand Elder fell into a rage. Naturally, they would no longer care about the bet, and as one they charged towards Long Shiya. However, in that moment, the Demonic Dragon Lady self-detonated.

With the First and Third Grand Elder’s cultivation, even if they were struck by the Dragon Silencing Seal, it would not have a great effect on them. However, they could not ignore the subordinates behind them. The Demonic Dragon Lady was after all a Max Level Heavenly Emperor-tier Heavenly Beast, and the Dragon Silencing Seals released from its self- detonation would not be easy to withstand, even for a Heavenly King. If they allowed the rays to strike, it could be said that nearly all of their subordinates would lose the majority of their combat powers. With the death of the Fourth Grand Elder, their great advantage had already lessened considerably, and although they were in a great rage, they could not possibly ignore their subordinates. As such, they could only release their Consolidated Equipment and defend against the rays. Of course, this had also given the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor the chance to launch his own attacks.

The entire sky had turned into six colours. Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness. Six Attribute energies burst forth explosively under the perfect command of Long Shiya.

Since Long Shiya had accepted Zhou Weiqing as his disciple, this was the first time he had really displayed his full strength. As rays of lights of the various six colours shot forth as if automatically, if one really examined them closely, there was actually a faint shadow behind every arrow of light… a faint illusory image of Long Shiya! One could imagine the sheer terrifying power of these light arrows!

Ten Thousand Quiescence Godslaying Arrows.

This was one of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s ultimate moves. Not only did it gather all of his own power, it drew in massive amounts of atmospheric energies. Long Shiya’s greatest advantage now was that he had the first strike advantage. Heavenly Emperors were all able to manipulate atmospheric energies at will, and even as he drew in so much to launch that powerful attack of his, he still maintained a connection to the atmospheric energies. As such,
after launching his attack, the First and Third Grand Elder were not able to access as much atmospheric energies as they would have liked, as the energies in the area around them were much thinner and diffused.

At this moment, if anyone had the fortune to witness the scene, they would be able to see a miraculous sight in front of them. The skies were filled with the six colours, while on the ground, it was red, making it look like an ocean of blood, mixed with a layer of terrifying destructive energies, swirling in black amidst the red. The terrifying explosion reverberated throughout the battlefield like countless thunder roars. The First and Third Grand Elder instantly summoned up a Barrier of Destruction Attribute energies to defend against Long Shiya’s attack. Behind them, the other Blood Red Hell powerhouses also moved swiftly, gathering behind the two Grand Elders as they released their Consolidated Equipment.

At this moment, the true power of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya was put on display. The Ten Thousand Quiescence Godslaying Arrows of his, even if the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was facing it, he had to be extremely careful, lest he get struck by the multitude of arrows. Currently, although the attacks were rather spread out, the destructive power was far beyond the expectations of the First and Third Grand Elders.

The Destruction Barrier that the First and Third Grand Elders had erected was now riddled with holes from the attack. Although both of them were not injured, they had been forced down from flight back to the ground, totally losing any chance of saving the Second Grand Elder. Not only that, since the Destruction Barrier was pierced through and broken, the other Blood Red Hell powerhouses at the back were in trouble. The first to bear the brunt of attacks were naturally those who had been struck and inflicted with the Dragon Silencing Seal. They were not even able to unleash their Consolidated Equipment, so how could they possibly defend themselves against Long Shiya’s powerful attacks? Those who had been struck by the six coloured light arrows had their entire bodies warped into six lights, before vaporizing and scattering into the air.

It was not just them, even the others did not have it easy. At least over a dozen of the other powerhouses were struck, and despite their defenses, blood spurted from their mouths as they sustained severe injuries. Even the four Heavenly King powerhouses were no exception. After all, it was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s strongest attack, how could it be so easily withstood?

To withstand the Second and Fourth Grand Elders’ attacks, executing a full out attack to slaughter the Fourth Grand Elder, then launching this unbelievably powerful attack right after… amongst all the Heavenly Emperors, perhaps only the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya was able to accomplish it. Energies filled with destructive aura swirled around. After that blow, Long Shiya gave a muffled grunt as he suffered the backlash, spurting out a mouthful of blood. After all, no matter how powerful he was, he was a single person clashing against so many powerhouses. Even if it were the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord here instead of him, he might not fare that much better.

The First and Third Grand Elder shouted out loud, warping into two rays of blood coloured light that soared into the air. They truly hated Long Shiya to the core, and this was the perfect opportunity where the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had overextended himself on offense, and was off balance without being able to recover in time, and was even injured. As long as they could seize this chance to finish off Long Shiya, they had absolute confidence in killing off Zhou Weiqing and the others as well.

A terrifying dark red light shot forth into the skies, filled with an overbearing Destruction aura, almost instantaneously covering an area more than several tens of thousands of square metres. In the entire area, the short tree stumps that remained after the Stars Trees were chopped down, along with all the uncut Stars Trees were actually vaporized at once, and the earth actually collapsed and sank in several dozen metres, as all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses launched their attacks as once. In this moment, the power of the Blood Red Hell showed itself. Although these Heavenly King powerhouses and Zong Stage powerhouses would not pose any threat at all to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor individually, but they all had the Destruction Attribute. As they poured out their Heavenly Energy as one into the Destruction Barrier, not only did they mend the Destruction Barrier, they greatly boosted it once more, allowing the First and Third Grand Elder to wield the terrifying amounts of Destruction energies against Long Shiya.

Originally, when the Heavenly Demon Sect had been attacked by the Blood Red Hell, their strength was extremely powerful. However, they had been greatly disadvantaged by this exact same Destruction Attribute energies, and the ability of it to merge and stack together, forming a tyrannical power that could not be resisted. The two Low Level Heavenly Emperor Vice Sect Masters self-detonated in that battle, and it was only their sacrifice that allowed Wu Yunyue to escape with a small portion of the survivors. At that time, the Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder had not even joined the battle, and only the Second, Third and Fourth Grand Elders had taken action. The only reason the First Grand Elder would appear here now was because of Long Shiya and his reputation. At this point, they were going all out, and even one as powerful as the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor found himself shocked at the terrifying aura pressure he was facing. At this point, Wu Yunyue and the six Heavenly Demon Sect Heavenly Kings had reached Long Shiya’s side. However, the eight of them had different attributes, and they were unable to merge and stack their powers together. All they could do was to bring forth their most powerful defensive Skills individually
to receive the incoming attacks from the First and Third Grand Elders.


The skies darkened. Indeed, the entire skies turned black in the moment of the collision of both forces.

Naturally, that was not nightfall.

A massive black hole with a thousand metre diameter appeared out of nowhere, hovering in the skies. In the vicinity of the black hole, all of the atmospheric energies were being drawn in instantly, forcing both parties to be separated.

Far off in the distance, more than half of the Heavenly Bow Empire’s walls actually collapsed in that moment. This was only the result of the energy reverberations. Luckily, after receiving the letter of challenge, Zhou Weiqing had given the order for the troops and citizens to move to the other side. Otherwise, who knew how many lives the energy fluctuations alone would have taken.

Once again, the First and Third Grand Elders were forced back onto the ground, the blood-red coloured light ball of Destruction energies clearly much dimmer now. The black hole created from the collision of both forces was just too terrifying, and even the energies of the Heavenly Emperors were being sucked in. No one dared to actually approach and touch it.

Although the Blood Red Hell powerhouses’ attacks had been stopped successfully, the situation for the Heavenly Bow Empire side was dire indeed.

Including the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya and the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, all eight of them spurted blood from their mouths, the fresh blood vaporizing into mist as the eight of them were sent flying back.

Long Shiya’s injuries worsened, and his face turned pale with an ugly expression. He had not imagined that these Blood Red Hell powerhouses would actually be able to work together with such symmetry, unifying their powers in such a perfect merge. Even with the aid of the Demonic Emperor and his Heavenly Kings, they had not been able to withstand the attack, being put at a severe disadvantage. Worse still, the Destruction energies had forcefully charged into their bodies, and they needed to expend a large amount of Heavenly Energy to withstand it, preventing themselves from being affected.

After the entire series of events and clashes, the Blood Red Hell had definitely suffered severe losses. The Fourth Grand Elder had perished in battle, and in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, the Second Grand Elder was not far from death as well. Furthermore, several Heavenly Kings had been critically wounded, and a large amount of the Zong Stage powerhouses had been slaughtered. It could be said that their total fighting capabilities had been halved at least.

However, the Heavenly Bow Empire side was also in deep trouble of their own. Although none of them had died, Long Shiya was now critically injured. At the same time, Wu Yunyue was also greatly injured; in the first place, his previous injuries had not fully recovered. As such, the two Max Level Heavenly Emperors did not retain much of their usual combat strength. The six Heavenly Kings had also taken different levels of injuries, and added on to the fact that the remaining Blood Red Hell powerhouses could actually join forces in such unison to launch their attacks, everything considered the Blood Red Hell side was still the one with the advantage. However, to be able to draw things so close from their original position of great weakness, the Heavenly Bow Empire side could already be extremely proud.

Alas, that pride was of no use at this current point. This was after all a fight to the death, and there would only be one end result for the loser.

The Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue had a solemn, tense expression on his face. Although he did not wish to admit it, he was clear that the situation in front of them was akin to the original tight spot the Heavenly Demon Sect had been in when they had been attacked by the Blood Red Hell.

The Blood Red Hell’s Destruction Attribute was indeed overbearing and tyrannical. If it were in a one versus one fight, he was confident that with his Demonic Change State, he could still handle it. The Heavenly Demon Sect’s Core Elemental Attributes were the Demonic Attribute, Darkness Attribute and Life Attributes, three mighty Elemental Attributes. As the Sect Master, he had all three of them. In terms of power, even if Wu Yunyue could not compare to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, only a fine line divided their power levels. That was the reason why the Heavenly Demon Sect was still able to survive all these years despite being suppressed by the other four Great Saint Lands. However, the problem was that they were no longer facing their enemies in single combat. They had already fully fallen out with the Blood Red Hell, so how could they possibly give them any other chances? Currently, both he and Long Shiya were severely injured, especially himself with fresh injuries added to his old ones, while Long Shiya had gotten injured several times over the course of this short but ferocious battle. At this level of fighting, it would not be realistic to place any
hopes on the six Heavenly Kings they had brought along.

The Blood Red Hell First and Third Grand Elders were no simple fellows. With the support of so many powerhouses, and the ability to merge and stack of the Destruction Attribute, their combat prowess was just too terrifying. Wu Yunyue dared to venture a guess that even if it were the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord facing up against these Blood Red Hell powerhouses on his own, it would still be tough for him.

This was a difference in level and state of the Attributes themselves. After all, the Destruction Attribute was definitely comparable to any Saint Attribute, perhaps even at a higher level. More importantly, there were actually so many people in the Blood Red Hell who had this Attribute, and it was the fusion merger and stacking prowess of this Destruction Attribute energies that was the truly fatal combination. A savage light crossed Wu Yunyue’s face. With the situation they were in currently, it would be extremely difficult to escape once more. Furthermore, as the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, he had his own pride and dignity! To be forced to flee like a coward again and again, this was a humiliation he was unable to take again. He had already set his resolve that even if he had to self-detonate his Heavenly Core Nucleus, he would not back down today. He would fight these Blood Red Hell foes to the death, to take as many of them along with him.

In stark contrast to him, Long Shiya’s expression was totally different. Although his injuries were just as severe, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was still smiling, an interestingly ruminating and savoring smile. Perhaps Wu Yunyue might feel some regret over following Zhou Weiqing’s plan today which had led to their current situation, but Long Shiya would not. That was because he understood his precious disciple too well. Without an eighty percent certainty or higher, he would not act rashly. This fight today, it was planned and calculated after questioning about all of the possible powerhouses that would come today from Wu Yunyue. How could he possibly make a fatal mistake like this so easily?

No matter the Heavenly Demon Sect or the Heavenly Bow Empire side, all of them had neglected one small detail. That was, Zhou Weiqing’s true power. All of them were still underestimating this precious disciple of his. In any ordinary circumstance, Zhou Weiqing’s defensive capabilities were comparable to a High Level Heavenly Emperor, while his offensive capabilities could possibly equal a Mid Level Heavenly Emperor. However, all of those estimates was not considering the fact after he had activated the Astral
Clouds. Once he had successfully done so, then Long Shiya was certain that he would become the most powerful person on their side. Indeed, even more powerful than Long Shiya himself.

The Blood Red Hell First and Third Grand Elders were currently focusing all their attentions on the two Heavenly Emperors once more, and they were fully negligent about how Zhou Weiqing had actually managed to block the Second Grand Elder’s full out attack without death or injury! The black hole in the skies dividing slowly shrank, but when it finally vanished, the Blood Red Hell powerhouses were suddenly surprised to see that the six coloured lights of Long Shiya’s had disappeared as his injuries were critical, but they were replaced by another set of coloured lights.

The disappearance of the black hole did not take away the darkness, only revealing the specks of star light that had been previously covered by the black hole.

Day seemed to have turned into night totally, the dazzling starlight in the skies forming a spinning spiral shaped cloud. The cloud of light seemed to give forth a gentle energy reverberation, and as the star light shone down, the Destruction Barrier of the Blood Red Hell was somehow unable to maintain its position in the skies.

Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy was considered the purest power of creation. Creation and Destruction were antonyms, naturally opposing. However, even so they would only be able to restrict each other if they were equal. The Blood Red Hell powerhouses did have the Destruction Attribute, but it was only a small portion of their energies, added on to their original Attributes, and was rather impure. As for Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, it was the purest possible, and was clearly not on the same level.

By activating the Astral Cloud, it also meant that Zhou Weiqing was directly linked to it. Leaving aside the strength and power of the energies, just the aura pressure of the Astral Saint Energy alone was enough to suppress the Destruction Attribute energies.

Without the fusing and overlaying stacking capabilities of the Destruction Attribute energies, it would be impossible for the Blood Red Hell powerhouses to activate attacks that were fused together so perfectly. With just his attribute aura, Zhou Weiqing had caused these Blood Red Hell powerhouses to lose their greatest strength.

The Blood Red Hell First and Third Grand Elder were stunned. At this point, they finally looked at Zhou Weiqing in the distance.

The Astral Cloud swirled, lighting up around Zhou Weiqing’s chest. His entire person hovered high up in the skies, the Second Grand Elder still held in his right hand, though his body hung limply there, without any signs of life. It was as if Zhou Weiqing could not see the powerful enemies in front of him. Currently, he seemed to have entered a state of profound mysteries and understanding, his face calm and expressionless like nothing could bother him. Under the faint glow of the astral star light, his entire look became that of a king surveying his domain.

The aura of the Astral Saint Energy was not particularly strong, but the faint energy reverberations seemed to mute all of the attributes of those present, enemy and allies alike. More importantly, they were no longer able to connect to the atmospheric energies around them. In their eyes, it was as if Zhou Weiqing had become one with the heavens.

Wu Yunyue’s eyes widened. His appraisal of Zhou Weiqing had already been extremely high, no matter in terms of intelligence, cunning or just strength, this youth was definitely top in the world. However, at this point, he realised that his judgement of Zhou Weiqing was still far from reality. The aura that he was giving off now was already far beyond his recognition.

How could this be possible?! What kind of energy was that!

Both sides were totally stunned. On the side of the Blood Red Hell, the First Grand Elder could clearly sense the Astral energies in the skies, and he dared not make a move easily. The rage from the deaths of the Second and Fourth Elder cooled slightly as he calmed down.

As the saying goes, if things seem strange, something might be going wrong. Their greatest advantage had just been suppressed, and let alone facing off against Zhou Weiqing, even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor in front of them would not be so easily defeated. All of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses could clearly sense that the Destruction Attribute within their bodies were totally suppressed, and they could not unleash it properly. Ever since they had gained access to this powerful attribute, this was the first time this had happened. The Destruction Attribute actually seemed to be afraid of the Astral energies!

This news was just too important to the Blood Red Hell. The existence of a person like Zhou Weiqing was undoubtedly an immense threat to the entire Blood Red Hell and their future. At this point, both the First and Third Grand Elders were considering if they should dispatch someone to send news back to the Blood Red Hell at once. The reason why the Blood Red Hell had risen so swiftly and actually dared to contest the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was because of this Destruction Attribute! If the power of the Destruction Attribute could be suppressed and limited, the affect it would have on the entire Blood Red Hell’s power was not insignificant. Having accumulated strength for so many years to unleash their full power at this time, if they were to fail now, then the Blood Red Hell would be doomed.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in midair. The plan had been constructed by him, and everything was naturally still in his grasp. Killing the Fourth and Second Grand Elder, having his Master and the Demonic Emperor block the enemy’s combined attack… all of this was to give him the time to activate and connect with the Astral Cloud.

This was only the second time Zhou Weiqing had actually used this ability in battle. Although the power of the Astral Cloud was immense, being Zhou Weiqing’s current strongest ace; in truth the entire process was long and he could not be interrupted during the whole thing, otherwise it would fail.

Alas, the Blood Red Hell powerhouses suffered the major disadvantage in that they did not know Zhou Weiqing at all. When the black hole had formed after the clash between both sides, it had also successfully concealed the energy reverberations of Zhou Weiqing activating and summoning the Astral Cloud. All of those reasons combined were required for his success. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had Devoured a Heavenly King and a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse one after the other, and as he swiftly transformed it to his own Saint Energy, it also allowed him to summon the Astral Cloud at a much faster speed than the previous time.

Eight beams of golden light came crashing down from the heavens at Zhou Weiqing’s call. They simultaneously landed upon Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, and the six Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

The eight of them simultaneously felt an enormous amount of energy that was overflowing to the extreme, while lacking any elemental Attribute, enter their bodies. This power was simply too pure, and its greatest advantage lay in the fact that it was also very gentle, allowing them to absorb it directly.

This pure power also contained a unique energy reverberation. When it circulated through their bodies, their wounds were all healed considerably.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing used a stance with his right hand. Dense light suddenly exploded in midair and then flew straight into his hand, while the Second Elder in Zhou Weiqing’s other hand also vanished into a cloud of light. These two clouds of light were actually the Heavenly Core Nuclei of the Second and Fourth Grand Elders. This were the Heavenly Core Nuclei of Heavenly Emperors! In the next instant, two rays of gold light soared into the skies, directly headed for the Astral Cloud. In the air, both Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue did not hesitate any longer, charging towards the Blood Red Hell powerhouses with full power.

With the support of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, not only were their wounds recovered, their greatly expended Heavenly Energy had now been recovered to a large degree.

It had to be known that after Zhou Weiqing activated and summoned the Astral Cloud, he could be considered the god and ruler of this patch of the world. Under such a circumstance, no one else could even dream of drawing the atmospheric energies here to replenish themselves without his permission. In contrast, the Heavenly Bow Empire powerhouses had his Astral Saint Energy to replenish their powers, and in terms of energy levels they undoubtedly now had an advantage.

Of course, even though they were not able to activate the atmospheric energies for their attacks, these Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Emperors were still extremely powerful. In that instant, another large battle exploded into action. Right at this moment, two rays of gold light descended from the skies, the brilliant gold making it seem as if there were two sky pillars joining the heaven and earth, shining directly on Zhou Weiqing one after the other. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body turned a brilliant gold, countless star light welling
into his body from the gold light.

Zhou Weiqing brandished his left hand once more. The Heavenly King Tianlei’s Heavenly Core Nucleus appeared in the air before him. Although at this point Zhou Weiqing did not really place much importance on the feedback power of a Heavenly King Core Nucleus, even a fly was still meat, and the energies that consolidated a Heavenly Core Nucleus was not bad at all. As the saying goes, many a little makes a mickle.

To raise one’s cultivation in a battlefield was definitely something that was avoided for Heavenly Jewel Masters, as one would be at their frailest during the process of leveling up.

However, Zhou Weiqing was a totally different case. In the first place, his abilities were extremely unique. At this current moment, he had full control of the world around. Let alone the Blood Red Hell powerhouses would be hard pressed to send someone against him from the main fight; even if they could manage to get someone to attack him, it would not be easy to affect him at all. At this level of fighting, Zong Stage powerhouses were totally useless. As such, although the Blood Red Hell side still had several of these Heavenly Jewel Masters, they dared not enter the fight. The side energy reverberations and repercussions from the clash between Heavenly Emperors would be enough to destroy them if they got too close.

The remaining strongest powers of the Blood Red Hell were the two Heavenly Emperor Grand Elders, as well as the seven Heavenly Kings.

If not for the Astral Cloud in the skies, with their fusion Destruction Attribute energies, they would definitely be able to beat the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor’s side easily.

Alas, the current situation had been reversed. Without the Destruction Attribute, they could only fight individually. On Long Shiya’s side, they also had two Heavenly Emperors and six Heavenly Kings. Although they had one less Heavenly King, do not forget that the Heavenly Demon Sect had always been known for their single combat prowess, usually being stronger than those of the same level. The six Heavenly Kings also hated the Blood Red Hell powerhouses so much, and even though they were fighting six against seven, they seemed to be slightly on the advantage. Sweat began to bead on the First and Third Grand Elder’s foreheads. Currently, they will still able to hold their own for now, as Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue were after all injured and unable to unleash their greatest powers. However, do not forget that there was still the existence of Zhou Weiqing up in
the skies.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing had not started attacking them, but that did not mean he would hold back forever! With such a powerhouse hovering in the skies above them, the pressure it brought to the Blood Red Hell powerhouses could be imagined.

The only thing that the First and Third Grand Elders were praying for was that Zhou Weiqing could not maintain the Astral Cloud in the skies for too long. As long as this pressure and suppression on their Destruction Attributes vanished, they might even have the chance of reversing the situation and winning once more.

Alas, it did not take long for those hopes to be dashed.

The two golden glows in the sky did not actually last for a long time. As the golden glow slowly vanished, the original faint gold color that Zhou Weiqing's body had become grew stronger and overbearing, now turning into bright brilliant gold. The Astral Saint Energy surrounding his body had obviously become denser. By using Astral Feedback from the Heavenly Nucleus Cores of the two Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperors, Zhou Weiqing had actually upgraded his cultivation base to the Maximum Level Heavenly King stage in this short period of time.
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