Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 251-260

Chapter251: Heavenly God Self- Detonation

Zhou Weiqing could see how the Terror Sea Dragon in front of him had actually slowed down due to the Saint Energy he had unleashed. He knew that he had startled the creature… and in truth, all he could was to do his best to scare and deter it, preventing it from daring to act too rashly. Once the battle actually began… given his cultivation base, he couldn’t possibly resist a Heavenly God powerhouse even if he did have Saint Energy reinforcing him.

And so, Zhou Weiqing didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately unleashed a technique. An enormous Image of an angel of darkness appeared above his head. As soon as it appeared, this pitch-black, six-winged Hell’s Angel completely unleashed a terrifying aura of power from its body.

Zhou Weiqing poured his Saint Energy into it, holding nothing back. The Hell’s Angel quickly began to materialize, almost instantaneously transforming to become violet-black in color. Now, half of the sea which had been controlled by the Terror Sea Dragon had turned black.

At this moment in time, Zhou Weiqing was emanating an aura of power that was just as strong as any Heavenly God’s. Even the people who were battling within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation could sense the changes.

Xuantian Palace Lord Dong Fang and the other Elders all turned to stare, their mouths hanging open. Good heavens! What type of power was this? Had it come from Zhou Weiqing? How did he have such incredible power?

Zhou Weiqing’s actions had completely upended their view of the world… but right now, the only emotion the Xuantian Palace experts felt in response was unmitigated joy. Zhou Weiqing choosing to reveal his true power at such a dangerous moment was like the coming of a savior!

The only ones who didn’t realize what had just happened were the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake. Both had become completely consumed with this battle, and they were pouring everything they had into assaulting the Terror Sea Dragon within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s entire body was blood-red, and it was at least twice as strong as it had been earlier. This was the result of its own strength being combined with the vast majority of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation’s strength. It could be said that it had absorbed the majority of the energy from the twelve Xuantian Palace powerhouses as well. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon had already enhanced its combat power to an incredible level, especially when combined with Dreamwake’s overwhelming might. The two caused the Terror Sea Dragon to suffer one grievous wound after another. It wasn’t no longer a match for the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, even in a raw physical fight.

As for the oceans outside the formation? Judging from Zhou Weiqing’s aura, it seemed as though he had completely stopped the enemy Terror Sea Dragon. However, he himself knew that he was nothing more than a paper tiger that could be torn apart at any moment.

It had to be said that Zhou Weiqing was an extraordinarily lucky person. Right now, his luck was on full display as the Terror Sea Dragon he was facing had just recently reached the Heavenly God stage. It didn’t have a full grasp of what a Heavenly God’s abilities were, and its father had died in the hands of Xuantian Palace. Thus, it felt a great sense of dread towards Xuantian Palace’s powerhouses.

As a result, as soon as it sensed how Zhou Weiqing was unleashing such a terrifying ripple of energy, it no longer dared to act rashly. Instead, it completely unleashed its own powerful Heavenly Energy and engaged in a stare-down with Zhou Weiqing. The fully materialized Hell’s Angel slowly drifted in front of Zhou Weiqing, taking up position there. Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was now far stronger than it had been in the past. He could maintain the Hell’s Angel Revival with ease.

“My lord, I am willing to do battle on your behalf.” The voice of the Hell’s Angel boomed out within Zhou Weiqing’s mind. Even he himself felt a bit bedazzled by the mighty power pulsing through it. Originally, he had only wanted to borrow the mighty aura of the Hell’s Angel, but he never would’ve imagined that the Hell’s Angel he summoned would actually be this powerful.

Due to his mental connection to the angel, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the Hell’s Angel he had just summoned had the power of a true Heavenly Emperor. Perhaps it wouldn’t be able to last too long in battle, but for Zhou Weiqing it represented his combat power increasing several times over.

This was all due to the Saint Energy! Zhou Weiqing was overjoyed, and he locked his gaze on the distant Terror Sea Dragon. He naturally wasn’t in a rush to send his Hell’s Angel out to attack; so long as he could maintain this deadlock, this battle of auras, that meant the Terror Sea Dragon would be unable to disrupt the Tenebrous Seal Formation. That was Zhou Weiqing’s goal. He definitely didn’t believe he could rely on his Saint Energy to battle against an actual Heavenly Emperor.

The opposing Terror Sea Dragon’s waves came to a halt as well. It stared at the distant Hell’s Angel, rather hesitant. The aura emanating from the Hell’s Angel was tremendously powerful… but what was even more worrisome was the human who had summoned it.

Zhou Weiqing was now completely covered in silvery-white light, making it impossible for the Terror Sea Dragon to see him clearly. The Saint Energy barrier made it impossible for the dragon to determine exactly what Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base was, but it could clearly sense that the silvery- white light definitely had the power to annihilate it. Its very soul shuddered at the Attribute of that light.

What type of energy was this? The Terror Sea Dragon had resided in the oceans for countless years, but this was the first time it had ever seen Saint Energy.

Over ten seconds passed as it hesitated. It could be said that Zhou Weiqing had already managed to buy the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake, who continued to battle within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, some absolutely precious time. A desolate, aggrieved roar suddenly rang out from within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. The enormous Terror Sea Dragon’s body suddenly slammed hard against the formation as a streak of blood-red light shot out through its tail. A powerful energy shockwave exploded within the formation.
The only reason why the Terror Sea Dragon had managed to avoid being destroyed by this attack was because it had used some of its own core essence as well.

“Gwaaaaaawr!”  The  Terror  Sea  Dragon  in  front  of  Zhou Weiqing could hold back no longer. If it didn’t go help out, its brother was going to perish within that Tenebrous Sealing Formation. After that happened, what if the humans all turned to focus on it? What could it do?

The enormous, thousand-meter tidal wave swept forwards once more, spinning through the air to transform into an enormous image of a Terror Sea Dragon which was completely formed by seawater. It reached out, claws bared, to attack Zhou Weiqing and the Hell’s Angel which he had revived.

This attack was one of the most powerful techniques the Terror Sea Dragon was capable of it. This ‘dragon’ it had created wasn’t simply made out of ocean water; rather, it was completely comprised of pure Water Attribute energies. Only Heavenly Gods were capable of creating such enormous bodies out of energy.

Zhou Weiqing’s face instantly grew ugly to behold. Unfortunately, he had no other options; the Terror Sea Dragon had already launched the attack.

The Hell’s Angel shot forwards like a black streak of light, moving a thousand meters past Zhou Weiqing in an instant. It pointed down with its two hands, causing the black stormclouds to instantly press downwards from the skies. Dense Tenebrous Attribute energies exploded forth as a series of enormous Tenebrous balls of light that were tens of meters in diameter began to fall out of the skies like rainwater towards the head of the enormous water dragon.

Enormous explosions rang out. Every single enormous dark- violet globe of light kicked up an enormous spray of water as it exploded across the giant water dragon’s body, corroding and destroying small parts of it. Unfortunately, the water dragon was simply far too vast. Even though many balls of violet-black light were smashing against it, they remained unable to damage its true body.

It reached the Hell’s Angel in the blink of an eye… and it was at this moment that the Hell’s Angel which Zhou Weiqing had summoned revealed its true, terrifying power.

Its enormous airborne body suddenly began to glow as dense, violet-black demonic clouds began to rise up and swirl around it. It emanated no sounds, but its body suddenly swelled up in size, transforming to become a black globe that was hundreds of meters in diameter which smashed directly against the water dragon.

Chiiii! An ear-piercing screech rang out, causing Zhou Weiqing to grow dizzy. He could clearly see how the distant water dragon caused that terrifying dark-violet energy to melt away as though it had never been. The Hell’s Angel had used its own body and life to block this attack for Zhou Weiqing.

It looked as though it should’ve been an even clash, but the end result was clearly not the case. Zhou Weiqing’s Hell’s Angel had used all of its power just now, while the Terror Sea Dragon’s water dragon had merely been a probing attack. The Terror Sea Dragon’s greatest power lay in its body.

When the Terror Sea Dragon saw how the summoned Hell’s Angel had just been wiped out with ease, it was briefly startled. Finally, it began to understand that this human didn’t seem to be quite as tough as it had imagined! It instantly began to move its giant body forwards. To powerhouses like the Terror Sea Dragon, a distance of thousands of meters could be traversed almost instantly. However, just as it began to unleash its full power to destroy Zhou Weiqing and then assault the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, it suddenly felt a strange sensation that caused its entire body to shiver.

Once again, the terrifying energy radiated from Zhou Weiqing. It was something which rejected the vast heavens themselves, a powerful aura which was ready to annihilate the entire world.

An enormous figure that was many hundreds of meters tall stood up. This figure was pure gray in color. It looked illusory and insubstantial, but as soon as it appeared the world itself changed.

The surface of the entire ocean had turned completely gray. Even the heavens had turned gray. Gray… nothing but endless gray, and incomparably evil and cold energies.

As soon as the vast gray image appeared, the formerly unruly waves instantly turned as calm as the surface of a giant mirror. Not even the slightest ripple could be seen. The airborne Terror Sea Dragon which had been floating above the waves instantly dove down towards the ocean. Its very soul was quivering, and all of its courage had been completely frozen and dissipated. Zhou Weiqing continued to hover in midair. He was located right in the chest of that enormous gray figure, which seemed to be like his background. Heaven and Earth had turned gray, while the light of the sun and moon both vanished. The only thing which filled the vast sea was a boundless Demonic energy.

Yes. Zhou Weiqing had once more summoned the Demon God to descend upon the world.

The Demon God. The Ward of the Demon God had summoned the Demon God. Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy had been virtually exhausted, but he could clearly sense that this Demon God was completely different from the ones of the past.

Last time he had summoned the Demon God, a mere image of it had appeared for an instant. This time, he had suffered the true projection of the Demon God. It no longer was limited to just a single second.

The enormous image of the Demon God stood silently behind Zhou Weiqing, but this was already enough. What surprised Zhou Weiqing was that when the Demon God had appeared, all of the Saint Energy in his body had completely evaporated and then poured into the Demon God. But of course, once the Demon God had actually appeared, all Attributes of atmospheric energies in the sea and in the heavens began to flood towards the Demon God’s body with terrifying,
inconceivable speed. Zhou Weiqing was impacted by this as
well. The Saint Energy in his body had already been squeezed try, and now it greedily absorbed all these disparate types of atmospheric energies and furiously converted them to replenish his own stores.

The Saint Energy in his body actually seemed to be turning even purer as a result. The astral silver light now glowed even more dazzlingly, while the thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points no longer rotated so madly. Instead, they transformed into thirty-six holes of pure devouring power which swallowed all types of atmospheric bodies into his body.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing himself didn’t realize that the reason he was able to accomplish this wasn’t because of the Saint Energy’s revival abilities. Instead, it was because of his own bloodline.

Zhou Weiqing’s own body contained the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline. This was a bloodline which was on par with the Dragon Emperor Bloodline… and the most powerful aspect of the Dark Demon God Tiger’s Bloodline was the strand of the Demon God Lineage. It could be said that under this tremendous pressure, all of Zhou Weiqing’s latent power had been fully activated. He had been able to merge together that strand of the Dark Demon God Lineage into his own Saint Energy, and as a result was able to summon a true projection of the Demon God.

This was the true Demon God, something which eclipsed all Heavenly Gods. Even though it was a mere projection which couldn’t actually fight on Zhou Weiqing’s behalf, its appearance caused all atmospheric energies to obey its bidding unless an aura which was on par with it appeared.

Right. This Demon God projection couldn’t even help Zhou Weiqing with a single attack, which the projections he had summoned when he was young and weak were capable of. However... its aura and majesty was that of the true Demon God’s. It didn’t NEED to launch any attacks. As soon as it appeared the Terror Sea Dragon dove into the seas, completely overwhelmed by fear. It didn’t dare to launch any further attacks against Zhou Weiqing.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing himself was immersed in a marvelous state. Just ten seconds later, all of the Saint Energy he had exhausted was completely replenished, and it was actually increased by a certain degree. More importantly, his Saint Energy had become even purer. He could vaguely sense that he could ‘touch’ the edges of the thirty-eighth level.

Demon God. Have I truly revived the Demon God? However, he quickly realized that he was wrong. He was completely incapable of maintaining any sort of connection with the Demon God which had appeared behind him. In fact, there wasn’t even a voice in his mind like there had been the previous time.

Zhou Weiqing felt a bit depressed, but the entire battlefield had changed due to the Demon God he had summoned.

First of all, the Terror Sea Dragon that was responsible for reinforcing the first one had been terrified into diving deep into the oceans. It didn’t even dare to try and flee. Instead, it curled up into a ball within the sea, releasing all of its energies to try and resist the terrible, corrosive power of the Demon God.

On the other side, the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was partially formed from the Demonic Attribute. Now that the world outside suddenly became suffused with the Demonic Attribute, the sealing formation’s power almost instantly skyrocketed. The Terror Sea Dragon within it had already been at a disadvantage; now, the sudden increase in pressure put it in an incredibly dangerous position.

However, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake had finally realized what was going on at Zhou Weiqing’s side. When they saw the all-encompassing gray figure which had appeared outside the Tenebrous Sealing Formation and Zhou Weiqing standing within it, they couldn’t help but slow down their attacks.

H-he actually managed to stop the Terror Sea Dragon. What power is this? How can it be this terrifying? None of the Xuantian Palace powerhouses knew how Zhou Weiqing had done this. They were no longer capable of evaluating exactly how powerful he was… and right at this moment, the Terror Sea Dragon in the Tenebrous Sealing Formation finally exploded with power.

Any creature, when faced with certain death, wouldn’t just lie down for its killers. This was doubly true for Heavenly Gods.

As the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake paused for a moment in shock, an incredibly dense streak of deep blue light suddenly shot out of the centermost part of the Terror Sea Dragon’s body.

This blue light looked completely different from anything else. No one had ever seen this blue color, and it gave off a feeling of coziness and clarity. A terrifying ripple of energy instantly spread outwards, and with each transformation of the energy the Terror Sea Dragon’s giant body would shudder. Layers of this azure light blasted out unabated from within its body, while the terrifying aura emanating from it seemed about ready to tear through the recently-strengthened formation.

What was this?!

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon cried out in shock, “Not good. It is going to self-detonate its Heavenly Core Nucleus. Quick, stop it!”

At a time like this, Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon didn’t dare to hold anything back at all. If the Terror Sea Dragon succeeded in this self-detonation, most likely no one within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation would survive. Dense bloody light shot into the air, while the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s body almost instantly lost its luster. However, the blood-red light instantly poured into Dreamwake’s body, then flooded into the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear.

“Die!”   Dreamwake  cried  in  her  lovely  voice,  letting  the Dragon Spear explode with incomparably dazzling light. The devilish blood-colored light grew brighter, while the Dragon Spear shot out of Dreamwake’s hands and instantly transformed into an enormous spear which was fifty meters long and glowed with blood-red light. It instantly traversed the distance between her and the Terror Sea Dragon.

The Terror Sea Dragon had chosen to self-detonate its Heavenly Core Nucleus at the very last moment, while the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake had activated this attack called ‘Extermination’.

Previously, they had held back and not used it. Even when the other Terror Sea Dragon had appeared and posed an enormous risk to them, they still hadn’t used it. This was because once they used this attack, Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s power would instantly drop by 90%. To them, this was essentially an attack that came from their core essence. Once ‘Extermination’ shot out, victory or defeat would be determined. It had set alight all of the Heavenly Energy within Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake, which had been poured into this single attack. You can imagine how incredible it was!

An ear-piercing screech rang out as the Terror Sea Dragon made its response. Although it had yet to truly activate all the energies within its Heavenly Core Nucleus, it still chose to self- detonate. Otherwise, once it was hit by this ‘Extermination’ attack, it wouldn’t even have the chance to self-detonate.

Anyone watching from afar would be able to see with clarity how the entire surface of the sea suddenly shuddered violently. All of the black light within the enormous Tenebrous Sealing Formation suddenly contracted as an incomparably terrifying explosion blasted out of it.

Even though it had suffered from the ‘Extermination’ attack and had been locked away by the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, this remained a Heavenly God powerhouse’s self- detonation!

The terrifying explosive force caused all living beings to shudder. In an instant, an utterly vast azure mushroom cloud that was completely formed from water and a thousand meters tall suddenly appeared within the sea.

The terrifying azure light contained a mixture of black, gray, and blood-colored light, and it instantly expanded outwards. All living beings within a hundred meters were almost instantly crushed into dust and killed by this terrifying power, leaving nothing behind.

Utter misery. This was true, utter misery for all living beings. As for the giant gray figure that had towered over all things, it too was annihilated by that terrifying blast.

The Demon God projection only had the Demon God’s aura; it wasn’t capable of enduring any attacks at all. Given Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base, how could he possibly summon the actual power of the Demon God, even if he did use Saint Energy? The point of this Demon God projection was to make it so that your enemies wouldn’t even dare to think about attacking you.

However, once the Terror Sea Dragon’s self-detonation appeared the Demon God projection was destroyed. Thankfully, its brief appearance had been summoned by Zhou Weiqing via the Ward of the Demon God. As soon as that terrifying blast had appeared, all of the Demonic energy quickly wrapped around Zhou Weiqing and did its best to protect him.

It was at times like this that Zhou Weiqing’s natural toughness revealed itself. Dragon-Tiger Transformation. Immortal Deity Shield. Ward of the Demon God. All of these powerful defensive techniques overlaid on each other. Although he was sent flying by that terrifying explosion of energy, he didn’t suffer any actual injuries. Of course, this was also because the Terror Sea Dragon’s self-detonation hadn’t been fully successful in drawing out all the energy within its Heavenly Core Nucleus, and it had also been weakened by the ‘Extermination’ attack and the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. Otherwise, the field of death wouldn’t have been a mere hundred kilometers in size.

Heavenly God powerhouses were, by nature, figures with unearthly levels of power! The death of such a figure could unleash an absolutely indescribable amount of destructive energies.

Simply put… if this had happened on land, the self- detonation of something as powerful as a Terror Sea Dragon would’ve been able to wipe out at least half the Fei Li Empire. You can imagine how powerful it was! This terrifying blast of energy rose higher and higher into the air as it built in power, causing everyone’s heart to shudder with fear.

When the explosion had occurred, Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon clearly suffered the most as they were at the very center of the blast. At the critical moment, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon used its two wings to completely protect Dreamwake, using its own Heavenly God body to protect her as best as it could. Dreamwake’s full set of Tenebrous Demon Dragon equipment came to good use as well, which was why she wasn’t blown to bits.

Even so, the terrifying explosion blasted everyone into the air. The powerful shockwave scattered them hundreds of kilometers across the sea.

All six of the Heavenly King Elders were transformed into dust. At a time like this, the differences in cultivation strength were put on full display. All five Heavenly Emperors survived, albeit heavily wounded. They had been able to just barely protect themselves thanks to the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. Nie Han had also managed to survive. Although he didn’t have a Heavenly Emperor’s cultivation, he was still a high-rank Heavenly King. More importantly, he had a nine-piece Legendary Set on him. In terms of defensive strength, he vastly outstripped the ordinary elders.

However, that terrifying explosion had knocked even the other Terror Sea Dragon flying into the air. They had all been heavily injured by the blast, and they had their wits scrambled by it and were all separated.

That terrifying explosion had caused even the sea level to instantly dip by hundreds of meters at the epicenter. Even the mud at the bottom of the sea had caved in… and moments later, an absolutely titanic wave arose.

The powerful shockwave, followed by the titanic tidal wave, had come almost instantaneously. Even the ones who didn’t have their brains scrambled by the attack were now unable to see any of their peers.

Although Zhou Weiqing hadn’t been truly injured by that terrifying explosion, the Demon God he had summoned had been reduced to nothing. He could also vaguely sense that he had lost his connection to that Bloodline. For at least a short while, he probably wouldn’t be able to summon the Demon God again no matter how much Saint Energy he poured into it.

The last vestiges of the Ward of the Demon God’s energies had been used to protect him, but it hadn’t been able to prevent the explosion from blasting him away. Everything around him seemed to turn unreal as he was sent hurtling into the waves of the deep sea, then back above sea level, then into the sea again. It wasn’t until quite some had passed that everything calmed down.

Although the powerful shockwave hadn’t injured Zhou Weiqing, it had still rendered him completely unconscious.

No matter how terrifying the explosion had been, the sea remained the sea. To the vast and endless ocean, no ‘level’ of destructive energy would ever be more than literally just a drop of water in the ocean.

A fairly short period of time later, the sea once more regained its usual calm. Everything turned calm and quiet.

After an unknown period of time, Zhou Weiqing felt as though something was touching his face. His mental energy had slowly recovered, allowing him to instinctively open his eyes.

However, as soon as he did so he immediately shut his eyes again. This was because, when he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was the piercing light of the sun.

He used his hand to cover his face. After growing accustomed to the powerful sunlight, he finally opened his eyes once more. Because he was using his hand to block the sunlight, he wasn’t able to clearly see everything around him. His mind and his memories came back to him, and he finally remembered what had just happened. What surprised him was that he seemed to be lying on the ground, not floating on the ocean.

Between his fingers, he could make out a female body. A dressed one, of course! He immediately turned over and sat up, instantly filling his entire body with Saint Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base hadn’t weakened much, and so a halo of silvery-white light instantly covered every inch of him.

The person seated facing him didn’t seem to respond to his movements. When Zhou Weiqing was finally able to make out who it was, he couldn’t help but blurt out in surprise, “It’s you.” Seated not too far away from him was a beautiful figure whose ashen face had a mixture of joy and other, more complicated emotions on it. It was Dreamwake, of course. And… aside from Dreamwake, there was no one else here.

Dreamwake had already changed into a set of clean clothes, but her face was terrifyingly pale. Clearly, she was in an extremely unhealthy state right now. She leaned against the beach, looking completely weak and powerless. It was as though a mere breeze could topple this dragon-slaying warrior princess.

When she saw that silvery-white Saint Energy flash over Zhou Weiqing’s body, her lips curved up slightly. She said in a clearly mocking manner, “You finally woke up.”

Zhou Weiqing instantly felt his cheeks burning when he saw how heated her gaze was, despite her obvious weakness. By now, he naturally wasn’t going to be able to hide his cultivation any longer.

“Where are we?” Zhou Weiqing rose to his feet and glanced around him, only to discover that he was on a small island. This island didn’t seem to be very large, but the area behind him was covered with boulders and stones. As a result, he wasn’t able to see the entire island’s appearance. In front of him was the vast, endless ocean. The ocean was now quite calm, as though nothing had happened.

The sun had already begun to set in the western skies. When they had battled the Terror Sea Dragon, it had been in the morning. It seemed as though he had been passed out for five or six hours.

“This should be a small island located in the deep seas. As for how far from the continent we are? I’m not sure. I only woke up an hour before you did.” Dreamwake’s voice was very calm and completely devoid of all inflection. It sounded uncomfortably stiff.

Zhou  Weiqing  squeezed  out  a  smile.  “As  expected  of  a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse. You recovered much more quickly than I did.”

Dreamwake suddenly laughed. Even though her face was extremely pale and her hair was completely tousled, none of this could hide her superb beauty and her natural nobility. “Heavenly  Emperor  powerhouse?  Right  now,  even  a  three- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could kill me with ease. At least 60% of the meridians inside my body have been destroyed, while I have less than 10% of my Heavenly Energy.” Zhou Weiqing was startled when he heard her say this. Although he had guessed that Dreamwake was wounded, he didn’t expect her to injuries to be quite this heavy.

Dreamwake’s gaze suddenly sharpened, and her eyes blazed as she glared at Zhou Weiqing. “You, however, are truly powerful! Without any help, you not only managed to tie down a Heavenly God Terror Sea Dragon, you even escaped without suffering any significant injuries. How should I address your? The Right Honorable Mr. Spy?”

The muscles on Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched slightly. “What do you mean, ‘Mr. Spy’? I don’t know what you are talking about. I admit that I was hiding some of my power, but that was just a protective ability.”

Dreamwake suddenly sat up straight. This caused her injuries inside her body to worsen, and so a flicker of pain appeared on her face. Zhou Weiqing hurriedly moved to help her, but she immediately screeched, “Don’t move!”

Zhou Weiqing halted his footsteps.

Dreamwake slowly raised her hand, spreading them wide to reveal a ring. Zhou Weiqing stared for a moment, then quickly lowered his head to stare at his hand. Only then did he realize that his Sumeru Ring was missing.

Dreamwake said angrily, “You still want to deceive me? You know better than me what this ring holds inside it. I might not recognize the other items, but do you think I wouldn’t recognize the Sea Emperor Shuttle? Many years ago, the Sea Emperor Shuttle disappeared within the Boundless Mainland. Do I need to continue?”

This time, Zhou Weiqing’s face turned completely stiff. No matter how he might try to explain it, the incontrovertible proof before him rendered him helpless. He let out a bitter laugh,  then  shook  his  head  with  resignation.  “Fine.  Since you’ve discovered it, there’s no point to me disguising myself any longer. You are right. Bing’er and I came from the Boundless Mainland, and we came via the Sea Emperor Shuttle.”

Dreamwake stared at Zhou Weiqing coldly. “The despicable Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland. Have you forgotten the oaths you swore all those years ago? Are you two really the only ones who came?”

Zhou Weiqing said, “Only the two of us came. And, you are mistaken. We don’t belong to any of the Saint Lands.” “You are still lying!” Dreamwake was enraged.

Zhou Weiqing shrugged his shoulders. “What would be the point of lying to you? You said it yourself – even a three- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would be able to take your life with ease. Do you really think I’m weaker than a Shi Stage cultivator? If it wasn’t for the oath that was sworn, it wouldn’t have been people like us who came on this mission. You saw it for yourself – although I hid my power, I am still at just the nine-Jeweled level. If it wasn’t for our agreement, the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland could’ve easily sent several Heavenly Emperors over.”

When she saw that earnest look in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, Dreamwake couldn’t help but begin to believe him.

“Fine. Even if you don’t belong to the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland, what is your purpose here? Is your goal to join our Xuantian Palace? Would you dare to claim that you are not a spy?”

Zhou Weiqing let out a sigh, then walked over to Dreamwake and sat down facing her. “Yes, I am a spy. And you are right, I lied to you. I came for the Spatial Teleportation Gem.” Dreamwake’s eyes instantly narrowed. Just as she was about to burst with rage, Zhou Weiqing’s next words rendered her speechless. “But what about you? Are you trying to tell me you didn’t lie to me? Should I address you as ‘Dreamwake’, or as the ‘Xuantian Palace Master’?” Zhou Weiqing’s voice was very peaceful, and his features had once more turned calm.

Dreamwake turned her head away, not meeting his gaze. She muttered, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “I’m not an idiot. Your words clearly hold more weight than the ‘Palace Lord’ named Dong Fang. Perhaps the Elders don’t know your identity, but the four Grand Elders and Master Nie Han clearly do. Whenever there were any important decisions to be made, you were always the final person to speak. And, whenever any problems arose, they would all subconsciously turn to you for answers.”

Chapter252: No Regrets

“If this isn’t enough to be considered evidence… then I point to how, when we were preparing to battle the Terror Sea Dragon, even ‘Palace Lord Dong Fang’ was assigned to assemble the formation, while you were the one responsible for joining together with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. You became the most important combat force on our side.

“Also. Other things can be faked, but there’s no way the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Set could be faked. An eleven-piece Legendary Set! In our Boundless Mainland, the only set which matches it is the Boundless Infinitum Set. Not even Palace Lord Dong Fang had such a set, but you did. Isn’t that proof enough?

“I don’t think Dreamwake is even your real name. Although I lied to you, my name really is Zhou Weiqing. It’s clear that both of us are liars, so I think we’re even. Fair enough?”

As Dreamwake listened to his analysis, she once more turned to look at him. She didn’t rebut Zhou Weiqing’s words, just looked at him earnestly.

“Can you tell me why you chose to save us at that critical moment? Were you just bluffing or were you really capable of blocking the Terror Sea Dragon?” Zhou Weiqing looked into her rather determined eyes, then let out an awkward smile. “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

“The truth of course,” Dreamwake said irritably.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Tell me your real name and I will tell you.”

Dreamwake blinked. She nibbled on her lips, then whispered, “My name is Dongfang Hanyue.”

“Dongfang  Hanyue?  A  good  name.  It  suits  you,”   Zhou Weiqing praised. [1. Hanyue means cold moon.]

Dongfang Hanyue said, “Time for you to tell me the truth.” “The truth is, I don’t know,” Zhou Weiqing said honestly.
Dongfang Hanyue stared at him in astonishment. “That’s your answer?” Zhou Weiqing said, “It is the most honest answer I can give. I don’t know why I chose to save you guys either. To me, the best course of action would’ve been to wait until both you and the Terror Sea Dragons were badly injured. Faced with great danger, you would’ve used the Spatial Teleportation Gem. That would be my best opportunity. I had a 70% confidence level that I would be able to escape after seizing the gem. I guess you can just say that I went momentarily stupid… but I don’t regret it.”

When she heard Zhou Weiqing say the words ‘I don’t regret it’, the rage and fierceness in Dongfang Hanyue’s eyes vanished. She stared intently at him, seemingly in a daze.

“I’m going to find some food.” Zhou Weiqing rose to his feet, walking towards the seashore. He needed to calm down. Right now, he essentially was facing a second chance at the choice he had made. And… this would probably be the last chance.”

He felt 80% certain that the gem was on ‘Dreamwake’, whose real name was Dongfang Hanyue. She was the true controller of Xuantian Palace! They were on a deserted island, and she was so weak that he could take the gem from her without needing to injure her. He could then leave with Bing’er, this mission complete. But… could he really be so determined as to do something like this? If he could, he wouldn’t have told Dreamwake so many things.

He walked over to the side of the sea, allowing it to go past his feet. Zhou Weiqing spread out his senses, but he wasn’t able to discover any other living creatures within the vast sea.

“Goddamnit! I want to eat some seafood to make myself feel better,  but  there’s  none  here.  This  is  inhumane!”   Zhou Weiqing roared angrily towards the sea.

He took a few steps back, then helplessly squatted down on the beach. He used his hand to draw a few circles in the sand. “Zhou Little Fatty, you old softy. It’s all because you are emotionally weak! Weak!”

He drew one circle after another, but the resigned look on his face didn’t abate at all. For him to bully a heavily wounded woman, one who had treated him extremely well… he couldn’t do it. He really couldn’t! If Xuantian Palace and Dongfang Hanyue had treated him poorly, he probably would’ve acted long ago. But, he could still clearly remember how, when danger descended, she didn’t forget to protect him even though she was still angry with him. She had even risked suffering injuries to herself to do this.
 He suddenly rose to his feet and strode straight towards Dongfang Hanyue.

When she saw the truculent look on his face, Dongfang Hanyue’s own face turned even paler than before. She unconsciously covered her chest with hands while inching backwards in the sand.

Zhou Weiqing only halted when he came to stand before her.

Dongfang Hanyue was like a frightened little kitten. “W-what are you doing.”

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head angrily. “Gimme the Spatial Teleportation Gem.”

A stubborn look appeared in Dongfang Hanyue’s eyes. “I won’t. Kill me if you want.”

“Fine then. Forget it.”  Zhou Weiqing let out a long sigh, a helpless smile appearing on his face. He then flipped over and lay down next to Dongfang Hanyue. Dongfang Hanyue once more turned stiff. Just now, when Zhou Weiqing had demanded the Spatial Teleportation gem, she had been so petrified that her heart had nearly leapt out of her throat. But in the end, this guy had done nothing besides say that simple sentence.

“So what do you want?” Dongfang Hanyue couldn’t help but ask. She had no idea what this bad man was thinking.

Zhou Weiqing lay there, head leaning against his hands. “This was a perfect opportunity. I had to at least make an attempt, otherwise it would have all gone to waste. By asking, I can say that I made the attempt. You weren’t willing to give it to me, so I had no choice but to just give up. This bro is a real man. I can’t bully a weak little girl like you on this desolate island. Hurry up and recover. After you recover, I’m going to leave.”

“You don’t want the Spatial Teleportation Gem any longer?” Dongfang Hanyue asked, puzzled.

Zhou Weiqing laughed bitterly. “Of course I want it. That’s my mission. But, I’ll figure out another way to get it. Keep a close watch over your treasures. Don’t let me take it too easily.” “Hmph.” Dongfang Hanyue let out a snort, struggling to sit up. She then closed her eyes and quietly began to train. As she sat up, her lips curved upwards into a faint smile… but Zhou Weiqing, who was lying down, wouldn’t be able to see it.

Zhou Weiqing could sense that Dongfang Hanyue had entered a cultivation state. Utterly bored, he stared into the skies and cursed himself mentally. Zhou Little Fatty, you really are a stupid-nice person. Would you act like this if she wasn’t a beauty? Absolutely not. Like hell you would! You perverted lecher! Still… no matter what, I’m a genuine scoundrel. That’s better than being a false gentleman, right? Ugh. My beautiful Hanyue, you really disappoint me. Even if you don’t repay me by offering me your body, you should at least give me a kiss or something. I treated you so well. Can’t you be the slightest bit moved by it?

Although his heart was filled with perverted musings, he rose to sit up behind Dongfang Hanyue, pressing his hands against her back. I’m not doing this to help her recover, I’m doing this to feel her wonderful figure for myself. This was what Little Fatty told himself as he sent his silvery-white light into their bodies. Well, if you are going to be a good guy, be a good guy all the way. Dongfang Hanyue hadn’t exaggerated her injuries at all. Not only were her meridians all badly damaged, some had been disordered. Any ordinary person with these injuries would’ve died long ago, but she was a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse and thus was still barely managing to hang on.

Clearly, she wouldn’t be able to recover from her injuries quickly. But, Zhou Weiqing helping out changed everything.

The gentle Saint Energy slowly poured into her delicate body, which shuddered. That warm energy passed through his two hot hands into her back and then spread out through the rest of her body. This was an extremely strange feeling. Dongfang Hanyue felt her entire body turn a bit soft, but as that gentle energy entered her body the energies in her chaotic meridians were actually all assimilated by it.

As the gentle energy advanced, her damaged meridians were gradually covered by the silvery-white light. There was no feeling of pain at all. She only felt as though her body was submerged in warm water. It was indescribably comfortable.

She gave up on her self-healing efforts and discarded any wariness, giving completely control over her body to Zhou Weiqing and allowing his Saint Energy to roam freely. Gradually, Dongfang Hanyue was actually lulled to sleep by that comfortable feeling. Her sleep was incredibly peaceful. Ever since she had taken on the crushing pressure of being responsible for Xuantian Palace, she had never again slept so soundly.

“What the hell? You can’t do this. I’m not a ‘good guy’, you know.” Zhou Weiqing, still seated behind Dongfang Hanyue, was instantly depressed. Isn’t this girl afraid that I’m going to seize this opportunity to do something to her? Even if she hid the Spatial Teleportation Gem somewhere else, she can’t act like this. Doesn’t she know just how lethal a weak, helpless little girl is to any man’s self-control? I can’t take this!

Night gradually enveloped the island, bringing silence with it. A campfire was the only source of light within the island. Zhou Weiqing was seated before the campfire, cooking some grains.

The Sumeru Ring was on his finger once more. This ring contained a prodigious amount of food and water. Even though there was no seafood to eat, they wouldn’t go hungry.

Every so often, the campfire would crackle. Although grains made for a simple meal, cooking them made them quite tasty. Zhou Weiqing did his best to prevent his gaze from turning towards the other end of the campfire. Under the light of the campfire, Dongfang Hanyue’s ruddy, fragrant face was simply far too enticing. Although Zhou Weiqing was by nature an extremely lascivious man filled with dirty thoughts, no matter what he wouldn’t allow them to overcome his morality and his conscience. However, that didn’t mean he liked it.

Zhou Weiqing wanted to leave as soon as Dongfang Hanyue’s meridians had been healed, but when he realized that he didn’t know where the second Terror Sea Dragon was located, he simply couldn’t bring himself to abandon her and leave on his own.

He’d wait until she woke up. It had been a long time since he had felt himself at the verge of losing control… but he had to admit, this mission had spun completely out of his control. Perhaps because of how good the freshly-cooked grains were, Dongfang Hanyue’s nose twitched and she slowly opened her eyes.

She couldn’t help but feel tremendously shocked at what had happened to her internal meridians. All of the damaged meridians had been healed. Given her cultivation base, even without actually cultivating she had been able to recover a large amount Heavenly Energy once her meridians had been restored. And, she could vaguely sense that the unshakable bottleneck she had faced due to her having using that unique cultivation-enhancing method had actually been loosened. A glow of faint, silvery-white light covered her internal organs, which seemed to be stronger than before.

“Mm…” Dongfang Hanyue stretched her muscles, a series of gentle cracking sounds popping from her body. Her four limbs and her bones felt filled with strength and vitality. A look of pleasure appeared on her slender face without her even realizing it.

Gulp. Zhou Weiqing’s cooked rations fell into the campfire, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. Dongfang Hanyue’s lazy stretch had put her alluring figure on full display, and her mesmerizing little moan almost instantly caused Zhou Weiqing’s blood to start pumping with bestial desire.

“Can  you  not  do  that?  This  is  total  entrapment,”   Zhou Weiqing said while gulping down his saliva.

“Nope.” Dongfang Hanyue cast him a sidelong glance.

Zhou Weiqing was instantly rendered speechless. He once more took out two rations of grains and dried meat to cook them over the fire.

Dongfang Hanyue sat on the other side of the campfire, her arms hugging her knees. She didn’t look at Zhou Weiqing as she murmured, “Tell me more about the Boundless Mainland and of yourself.”

“Alright,” Zhou Weiqing said. A reminiscent look appeared in his eyes. He didn’t lie, nor was there anything to lie about. He simply narrated his tale. “I was born in a small country known as the Heavenly Bow Empire in the Boundless Mainland. Originally, I wasn’t even supposed to become a Heavenly Jeweled Master, but then one day…” Although he was only in his twenties, he had a very rich history. He compressed the story as much as he could, but it still took him four full hours to tell his tale. By now, it was very late at night, and the two of them had already eaten quite a bit of food. Zhou Weiqing didn’t even know how many times he
had added more wood which he had acquired from the trees
behind them.

“Then why do you need to take the Spatial Teleportation Gem  of  our  Xuantian  Palace?”   Dongfang  Hanyue  asked curiously.

Zhou Weiqing had narrated almost all the important events of his life. He didn’t even hold back on the details between him and his female ‘friends’, but he hadn’t spoken of why he needed the gem.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and smiled. “That’s a secret. If you give me the gem, I’ll tell you.”

“In  your  dreams.”   Dongfang  Hanyue  snorted.  “Forget  it then.”

The two briefly fell silent. The only sound which could be heard was the crackling of the fire as it broke down the wood. “Compared to you, my history is much simpler. Weren’t you curious as to how I gained the power of a Heavenly Emperor and also became a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?” Dongfang Hanyue said in a low voice.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. He was indeed extremely curious.

Dongfang Hanyue murmured, “Actually, there’s no need for you to doubt your own talent, because it far surpasses mine. I’m absolutely certain that if I had to train by myself, even if I was several years older than you I still wouldn’t have your current level of power. The vast majority of my cultivation base was given to me.”

“Given  to  you?”   Zhou  Weiqing’s  eyes  were  filled  with surprise.

Dongfang Hanyue said, “You should’’ve been able to tell that every high-level member of Xuantian Palace has a legacy which grants us Tenebrous energies. In truth, that’s because of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Bloodline which flows through our veins. Xuantian Palace, especially its leaders like myself and my ancestors, is composed of the progeny of a human who joined together with a Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Thus, from a certain perspective, I’m not a pure human being. I’m a Draconian.” “My dragon ancestor was able to take human form due to his transformation technique. He married a human woman, resulting in our lineage being created. We have the physique of Tenebrous Demon Dragons, but the wisdom and talent of humans. That was what the foundation of Xuantian Palace was
built on, and so we were able to develop and thrive. We have always had the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s aid. That is where our Tenebrous Attribute comes from.

“As a result, we named ourselves ‘Demon Draconians’. Our race has a special legacy technique. Once the previous Palace Master is about to perish, he can transfer his cultivation base to the next Palace Master. Although not everything can be transferred, this legacy is still enough to ensure that the next Palace Master will become extremely powerful within a short period of time. Only those of us in the direct line of descent have the purest Bloodline necessary to engage in this ritual. I am the legacy inheritor of this generation. My father heavily injured himself as he forcibly tried to break into the Heavenly God level, and before he died he transferred his cultivation base to me.”

“Although this transfer process allowed me to quickly gain the power of a Heavenly Emperor, it also came too easily. I didn’t need to go through the process of accumulating power, and so I shall be limited to the Heavenly Emperor level for my entire life.” Upon hearing this, Zhou Weiqing finally understood where Xuantian Palace came from. Dongfang Hanyue was basically telling him all of Xuantian Palace’s secrets without holding anything back at all.

“Then who is ‘Palace Master Dong Fang’? Is he also a Grand Elder?” Zhou Weiqing asked.

Dongfang Hanyue shook her head. “She, actually. She is my mother. In order to temporarily assist me in overawing the Elders, my mother and I are temporarily managing Xuantian Palace together. However, I am still the leader. The first ‘Xuantian Palace Master’ you encountered was actually me. After that, I only appeared in my position as ‘God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Dreamwake’, at which point you only saw my mother.”

Zhou Weiqing finally understood. “No wonder I felt something was off after the second meeting with her. So it was a different person. However, that mask of yours is truly marvelous. I couldn’t even tell if ‘Dong Fang’ was a man or a woman.”

A dreamy look appeared in Dongfang Hanyue’s eyes. “In many people’s eyes, the Xuantian Palace Master is forever a lofty and exalted figure. However, they don’t know how lonely this position is. Your background took hours to narrate, but mine only took a few sentences. If I could choose, I would rather choose to be an ordinary person.”

Zhou Weiqing said, “Although destiny has chosen you for certain tasks, you can also choose to try and change destiny.”

Dongfang Hanyue laughed bitterly. “Change? How? I bear the burden of my entire Bloodline’s legacy and have shouldered the responsibilities of managing Xuantian Palace. All I can do is to ensure that Xuantian Palace remains powerful.”

Suddenly, an incomparably powerful aura swept out of her body. Dongfang Hanyue slowly rose to her feet, her gaze turning sharp as she stared at Zhou Weiqing. “I have already recovered completely.”

Chapter253: Let The Storm Rage Harder 

Previously, a certain someone only had eyes for her smooth, alabaster jade body. He had been completely mesmerized by her body, and so he didn’t notice until now that Dongfang Hanyue was actually wearing this.

He subconsciously reached out to stroke it… and instantly, he shivered as though he had been goosed. He hadn’t been able to tell just by looking at it, but when he used his hand to touch it he discovered to his astonishment that within this diamond jewel there was an incomparably powerful ripple of Spatial Attribute energy.

Zhou Weiqing himself possessed Spatial Attribute energy and also had Saint Energy. As a result, he had extremely keen senses with regards to any type of energy. Although he didn’t know how the metallic ‘shell’ of the necklace was created or how it had completely masked the Spatial Attribute energy inside, as soon as he touched it he instantly realized how marvelous it was.

W-what was this? Zhou Weiqing stared blankly, then stared greedily at the necklace. His hand, however, slowly dropped away from it and instead moved to rub Dongfang Hanyue’s chest. Even when this lecher was thinking, his behavior never changed.

He let out a soft sigh, then murmured softly to himself, “Ugh. You are the Xuantian Palace Master, while I have to go back to my world. There’s no way you’ll go with me. At least destiny brought us together for this one night. I should leave you something to remember me by. Who knows if we’ll ever have the chance to meet again?”

As he spoke, his big hand ceased its naughty movements across Dongfang Hanyue’s chest. A thick surge of Saint Energy slowly emerged from his palm and entered her body, stealthily passing through her meridians and gathering within her Dantian.

If anyone else did this, Dongfang Hanyue’s massive store of Heavenly Energy would immediately reject it. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that at the very center of Dongfang Hanyue’s chest, there was an absolutely enormous energy cluster. This was probably her Heavenly Core Nucleus!

However, this wasn’t the right time to analyze the mysteries of her Heavenly Core Nucleus. Besides, the Heavenly Core Nucleus was different from his own goal, which was to create a Saint Core Nucleus. Thus, he simply guided his Saint Energy into Dongfang Hanyue’s body.

One of the unique things about Saint Energy was that it wouldn’t be rejected by any other Attributes at all. This was because pure Saint Energy contained no destructive potential at all. Only when it was used in techniques and converted into other Attributes to unleash attacks would its powerful effect be made plain.

As a result, when the Saint Energy entered Dongfang Hanyue’s body, her own energies didn’t reject it in the slightest. In fact, her own energies actually parted way before the Saint Energy, allowing Zhou Weiqing to easily pour it all the way into her Dantian and then condense it.

Given Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level, he was now far better at pouring Saint Energy into another person than before. In addition, he wasn’t stingy at all when pouring it into Dongfang Hanyue. He even activated his purest energies, the astral silver Saint Energy.

The Saint Energy slowly formed a small astral whirlpool within Dongfang Hanyue’s Dantian, which quietly began to spin and take on a life of its own. Although it wouldn’t grow stronger the way Zhou Weiqing’s energies would, this pure vortex of Saint Energy in her body would serve as an ‘energy boost’ for when she tried to break through to become a Heavenly God in the near future. The formerly-impossible bottleneck would no longer be a problem.

He maintained careful control over his Saint Energy as he formed the whirlpool. By the time he finished, his forehead was matted with sweat. This was his first time directly creating a whirlpool of Saint Energy for another person, especially with the most highly distilled and pure Saint Energy he had. Although he didn’t give her all of it, he still gave her an enormous amount. He wouldn’t be able to fully recover without at least two weeks of rest.

After finishing his task, Zhou Weiqing revealed a hint of a smile. “You are now my woman. I’ve done right by you. I left you a little gift, so it wouldn’t be too excessive if I took a souvenir of my own, right?” Of course, he was only talking to himself as Dongfang Hanyue was still sleeping soundly in his arms.

As he spoke, he carefully removed the necklace from her neck, then hung it around his own. A satisfied, guilt-free smile was on his face as he murmured, “There are some things in this world which you can find a second copy of, but my Saint Energy is absolutely unique.” As he spoke, he carefully lifted Dongfang Hanyue out of the crook of his arm, then gently placed her down on the blanket.

He let out a long sigh, then dressed himself in fresh clothes. He wanted to leave, but was still a bit reluctant to. He returned to Dongfang Hanyue’s side, giving her face a kiss and squeezing her softest parts a few times before turning and walking towards the sea.

His dragon-tiger wings spread out as he suddenly unleashed the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. With a gentle flap of his wings, he soared into the skies and began to fly out into the sea.

Right after he flew away, the ‘slumbering’ Dongfang Hanyue slowly opened her eyes and looked up from the blanket. An embarrassed, irritated look was on her face as she muttered to herself, “That bastard. He just had to take advantage of me before leaving. He really is a jerk. A bastard. A pervert.”

She rose to sit up, dressing herself while sitting on the blanket. When she accidentally saw the spot of dark crimson color on the blanket, her cheeks instantly turned even more crimson. “You know, jerk… I don’t regret it either. Honestly. I really don’t.” She could sense the astral whirlpool within her body. Although it didn’t contain a particularly large amount of energy, the energy it did contain was incredibly pure and seemed to transcend all other Attributes. It was utterly beguiling.”

A spellbound look was in Dongfang Hanyue’s beautiful eyes. As the Palace Master, she had always received the finest tutelage and was by nature a supremely clever person. However, she still couldn’t resist falling for that bad, bad man.

She simply continued to sit there, completely absorbed in her memories.

The first time she saw him, she had been beguiled by his effortless self-confidence. Even though he wasn’t all that handsome, his talent, his self-confidence, and the focused look on his face when he created that God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll had left an extremely deep impression in her heart.

During the many days that followed, he had displayed incredible abilities in many different areas. Even though she herself was also acclaimed as a ‘genius’, she couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed of her inferiority. If it wasn’t for her father’s legacy, she would probably be inferior to him in every way.

Finally, there came the day when that bad man actually took advantage of her as they leapt off the cliff. At first, for a very brief instant, she really did want to kill him. However, she just couldn’t do it. The excuse she gave was that she couldn’t kill a genius like him… but was the answer really as simple as that? The real answer was, he was the only man she had ever taken a liking to.

Perhaps young maidens would care more about a man’s physical appearance, but as the Xuantian Palace Lord, Dongfang Hanyue had seen far, far too many handsome men. The only thing she truly cared about were inner qualities. Although Zhou Weiqing had shown himself to be a pervert and a lecher, none of that was able to wipe away his absolutely astonishing talent.

For a long period of time after that, she had completely ignored Zhou Weiqing. It was partially because she was angry, but also because she felt a bit lost.

Perhaps it was when she took him into that separate Spatial region to spar with him that everything changed. Dongfang Hanyue never would’ve imagined that she would end up losing a battle in what she believed to be the only area she surpassed Zhou Weiqing in. She had already been able to sense a portion of the power within Zhou Weiqing’s Bloodline, and the final Devour Skill had caused her to feel a sense of fear.

And so, she lost the bet. Even after what had just happened last night, she still wasn’t sure what she felt in her own heart. She had still been telling herself that she didn’t want to owe this fellow anything, and so she sacrificed her body to him.

Now, however, she knew the truth.

The moment she had first fallen for him was the moment when he had won their bet. When Zhou Weiqing had gained victory, he had also won something in her heart. However, what truly made her love him was his behavior when they had battled those two powerful Terror Sea Dragons. At the most dangerous moment, he didn’t hesitate at all to charge out and fight the second Terror Sea Dragon.

Sometimes, you only needed a single moment to fall in love with someone. That moment was the moment he had conquered her heart. It didn’t always matter how a man normally behaved. If he could rise up and step forward at critical life-and-death moments to sacrifice himself for his woman, that meant he was a responsible man who was worthy of that woman’s love.

In that moment, Dongfang Hanyue had cried behind her mask. She finally knew her own heart. She knew that she had fallen for this bad man, and there was no way out.

Even after she saw him display a level of power that was beyond what she believed he possessed, and even after she realized why he had come to the Xuantian Continent, Dongfang Hanyue didn’t feel the slightest bit of anger towards him for his deceptions. Instead, she had only fallen even more madly in love with him.

He came here for the Spatial Teleportation Gem. There was no need for him to get involved at all. Even if he didn’t flee, he could just stand there and watch. When Dongfang Hanyue was forced to the brink, she would’ve had to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem and even would’ve tried to rescue him. That would’ve been the perfect moment to seize the gem.

But… he didn’t do that. He had chosen to do something incredibly stupid. After they had arrived here, he had even told her everything. His actions definitely were not without risk. This was obvious from how that enormous thing he had summoned had instantly been destroyed. He had been gambling with his life! If the Terror Sea Dragon had attacked without pause, he probably wouldn’t have been able to survive. “I  have  already  recovered  completely.”  Dongfang  Hanyue slowly rose to her feet as she said these icy words, and the awesome presence of a Heavenly Emperor instantly swept out to crush down upon Zhou Weiqing.

It could be said that Zhou Weiqing had been caught completely off-guard. He never would’ve imagined that Dongfang Hanyue would suddenly act against him at a time like this. As they had chatted, she had already completely recovered her Heavenly Energy.

Zhou Weiqing continued to sit there, not moving in the slightest. He could clearly sense that if he made even the slightest of movements, the response would be an absolute brutal, tempestuous attack from Dongfang Hanyue.

A hint of a bitter smile played across his lips as he looked at her. “Does this count as repaying kindness with treachery?”

Dongfang Hanyue snorted. “Have you shown me kindness? And even if it is repaying kindness with treachery, so what? This is a deserted island. Who would even see it?” Zhou Weiqing said in an aggrieved, lamenting voice, “Alas! Being a good guy really isn’t easy. Still… I guess this counts as you giving me a chance and an excuse to seize the Spatial Teleportation Gem?”

Dongfang Hanyue stared at him, rather surprised. “You seem quite confident in yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “So long as you have confidence in yourself, you’ll always have a chance. If you don’t even have confidence, how are you supposed to keep living?”

A powerful killing intent instantly burst out from Dongfang Hanyue’s body. The terrifying pressure actually caused Zhou Weiqing’s body to slowly sink down into the sand.

When Heavenly Emperor powerhouses released all of their power, they were quite terrifying. However. Zhou Weiqing was no longer maintaining the façade of a six-Jeweled cultivation. He simply sat there in the face of Dongfang Hanyue’s pressure, staring at her composedly. He didn’t have the slightest bit of enmity in his gaze, which actually turned extremely gentle. It was like he was watching his wife throw a minor tantrum. “I’m  going  to  attack!”   Dongfang  Hanyue  said  viciously, taking a step forward as her aura grew even more threatening.

“Go ahead.” Zhou Weiqing spread his arms wide, a smile on his face. It was as though he was a martyr welcoming death.

“You really aren’t afraid of dying?” Dongfang Hanyue slowly raised her right hand as she stared at Zhou Weiqing. Dense Tenebrous energies were flickering in her hand. A full-force strength from a Heavenly Emperor could completely destroy even this beach with ease.

“Of course I’m afraid of death. I’m terrified of death! Who isn’t? I haven’t had enough of life yet, and there are so many beautiful women waiting for me. Buuuuut… you won’t kill me. You can’t bear to.” Zhou Weiqing beamed merrily as he looked at Dongfang Hanyue.

She took a deep, sharp breath. Complex emotions flickered through her eyes, and she slowly retracted her uplifted hand to press it against her own chest as she nibbled at her lower lips.

Right at this moment, the dark storm clouds in the skies suddenly parted. The dazzling moon was high in the sky, casting its gentle moonlight upon the world. When the light of the moon shone down upon the vast sea, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze instantly turned rather dazed.

A bright moon over the ocean… a fairy maiden standing on the sands… this was a stirring image that caused his heart to begin thumping.

Dongfang Hanyue once more took a step forwards. Finally, she made her move… except, it wasn’t against Zhou Weiqing.

Riiiip! The high-pitched sound of fabric being torn wasn’t unpleasant at all to hear. Instead, it was as though some sort of barrier holding these two people apart had been instantly shredded.

What now appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, bathed in the pristine light of the moon, was a body that seemed to have been forged from alabaster jade. It was flawless and beautiful, and it seemed to be bathed in holy light.

She took another step forward.

Zhou Little Fatty swallowed hard. Even he himself felt that this wasn’t real. He mumbled, “Don’t play so rough, alright?” Dongfang Hanyue glared hatefully at him. “Not alright!”

She pulled outwards with her two hands, causing the sound of fabric ripping to appear once more. This time, a bronzed chest which looked as sturdy as a steel wall was revealed. Her lips searched for his, almost frantically.

When their lips actually locked together, he could clearly sense that her icy lips were trembling. This probably represented her genuine emotions right now. Her actions had been quite wild. She had pushed Zhou Weiqing down onto the sand, then seized his hands and held them down… but to an old hand like him, her kiss showed that she was actually extremely shy and inexperienced.

This was an absolutely breathtaking kiss. It felt as though the kiss would last until the seas dried up and the stones turned to dust, and it caused bestial feelings to pump through a certain someone’s veins. It wasn’t until the two of them finally had to breathe that the kiss temporarily came to an end.

Dongfang Hanyue’s lithe body pressed down against Zhou Weiqing. She was soft, lithe, yet incredibly agile and flexible, causing a certain someone to nearly let out a moan. Both of them were panting for lack of breath. Due to the panting and heaving, certain parts became pressed even more tightly against each other.

After panting for a while, Dongfang Hanyue stopped moving and fell silent. A certain someone who was filled with bestial instincts could no longer hold himself back. Being pressed down like this was pretty fun, but for it to stop midway rendered him a bit speechless.

“Uh…   so  should  we  continue?”   Zhou  Little  Fatty  asked probingly.

Dongfang Hanyue clung tightly to his chest, still panting slightly. “Didn’t you tell me not to play rough?”

“Um…” Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Actually, what I really wanted  to  say  was,  ‘let  the  storm  rage  even  harder’.”  He suddenly raised his head, only to see that Dongfang Hanyue’s beautiful face had turned as red as an apple. She stared at him, rather lost, then said in a whisper, “B-but I’m not sure what to do…” As she said this, she slightly loosened her tight grip over Zhou Weiqing. Wasn’t this exactly how a man’s bestial instincts were aroused? Zhou Weiqing didn’t know how others might react, but he himself felt as though he truly had transformed into a Dark Demon God Tiger.

In the next instant, the positions of ‘attacker’ and ‘defender’ were suddenly reversed. The female Demon Draconian finally became the ‘defender’, while the Dark Demon Tiger God acted as though it had just caught a delicious little lamb to feast up. Rain, thunder, lightning… the storm raged indeed.

The dark storm clouds drifted across the bashful moon, turning the seas dark. The only things within the darkness were the seas, the barren island, the sands, and an absolutely stirring mixture of draconic moans and tiger growls.

Even though she was twenty-nine years of age, this was her first time being together with a man. This was the first man who had entered both her heart and her body.

I owe him this. I lost the bet. At first, Dongfang Hanyue repeatedly told herself this excuse, but when a certain someone’s strong, muscular, scorching hot body took control over her, she completely lost the capability for rational thought. The only thing left was her cries, which varied between high and quavering, between loud and soft. He had said he didn’t regret it. What about her? She didn’t regret it either. Even if she knew they had no future together, and that she might in fact lose this man right away, she still didn’t hesitate to give herself to him.

Perhaps this was madness… but the most beautiful memory in Dongfang Hanxue’s entire life was this night of madness. Sometimes, you didn’t need a perfect ending to the story. Enjoying the story itself and gaining an indelible, unforgettable memory was sometimes even more beautiful than finding a happy ending.

Dongfang Hanyue had never imagined that she could become so soft and weak. She felt like she was a small boat that was being tossed about by the waves, rising and falling and then rising again.

The night of madness only came to a gradual end when the sun rose. Dongfang Hanyue was in an very deep sleep, her head nestled against Zhou Weiqing’s firm shoulders. She was utterly exhausted, but her slender and beautiful face had an unwavering, sweet smile on it.

Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to fall asleep. Beneath them was a very soft blanket, which Zhou Weiqing had originally prepared for himself and Shangguan Bing’er to use as they traversed the oceans to Xuantian Continent via the Sea Emperor Shuttle. He didn’t expect that it would be put to use at a time like this.

His entire body felt incredibly comfortable, even after he had displayed the ferocity of a tiger and the spirit of a dragon. Still, he had a rather puzzled look on his face. How could he not? He had come to this place for the sake of the Spatial Teleportation Gem. It could be said that he was an enemy of Xuantian Palace… but somehow, the Xuantian Palace Lord was nestling in the crook of his arm.

In addition, the energies of this beautiful Heavenly Emperor had caused the Saint Energy within his own body to advance dramatically. Dongfang Hanyue had four Attributes and was incredibly powerful, as could be seen from how she had worked together with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon to subdue the Terror Sea Dragon. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base had dramatically after he took her virginity and gained her vital Yin essence. Indeed, how could it not? He was now actually at the verge of breaking through the thirty-eighth stage. Normally speaking, even though Saint Energy had the mighty ability to assimilate other Attribute energies, there was no way he would’ve been able to break through without another half- year. Still… Dongfang Hanyue had benefited even more from Zhou Weiqing. She had only risen to become a Heavenly Emperor due to her father’s Heavenly Energy, which meant that her own bottleneck was far greater than that of any ordinary Heavenly Emperor’s. After Zhou Weiqing had healed her and then intertwined his spirit and flesh with hers, she had been baptized by Saint Energy and her invisible bottleneck had been significantly lessened. Even she herself never would’ve imagined this.

“Mm…” Dongfang Hanyue let out a low moan, nearly setting Zhou Weiqing’s ardor alight once more. She snuggled in his arms, trying to find a more comfortable position.

“Eh? What’s this?” Suddenly, Zhou Weiqing discovered that something was pressing against his arm. He unconsciously glanced down, only to see that it was a small pendant.

The slender string was made of a silvery-white metal, and it was attached to a large diamond-shaped jewel that hung around Dongfang Hanyue’s slender neck. Was he actually a good person or a bad person? To Dongfang Hanyue, this no longer mattered. Even if she knew that there was no future for them, she didn’t hesitate to give herself to him. She had even purposefully put on that necklace.

When she thought back to the time they had spent together in recent months, crystalline tears began to slide down her fragrant, tender cheeks.

“You jerk. Will you even remember me after you go back? Why are things always so unfair. The most precious gift you gave me wasn’t this ‘Saint Energy’, it was the memories!”

Just as Dongfang Hanyue was murmuring to herself, her slender form suddenly shuddered. The grief in her eyes was instantly replaced with a sharp, murderous look.

“Not good!” She didn’t hesitate at all, instantly rising into the skies and unleashing the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation. The vast dragon wings propelled her towards the direction Zhou Weiqing had taken at maximum speed. ……

After leaving the island, Zhou Weiqing had felt rather lost. To be honest, he really couldn’t bear to leave this place. Not only was he already missing Dongfang Hanyue’s body, he felt a heavy feeling in his heart that he couldn’t quite explain.

Possibly because he was feeling guilty, he didn’t immediately reach out to contact Shangguan Bing’er. He didn’t even pay attention to where he was headed. He simply flew dazedly through the skies.

After flying for a while, he suddenly sensed an utterly terrifying aura of power burst forth from the sea below him.

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction speed was quite fast, but this creature had clearly been building up power for quite some time. An enormous waterspout slammed straight into him, smashing him skyward.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s tough natural defenses played a critical role once more in keeping him alive. He didn’t need to activate the Immortal Deity Shield, as it automatically sprang up to cover his body in a blurry field of golden light. At the same time, his silvery-white Saint Energy exploded out from his body.

This waterspout was created by Water Attribute energies. Even though the collision contained tremendous power and was formed by incredibly dense Water Attribute energies, as soon as it touched the Saint Energy it was partially dispelled. Only a remainder ended up slamming into Zhou Weiqing.

In the end, this waterspout simply contained too much energy. The collision actually blasted Zhou Weiqing over three thousand meters into the air, and he immediately vomited blood while flying upwards.

It didn’t seem as though the giant waterspout was going to let him off easily. It actually transformed midair to become a giant claw which latched onto him and began to viciously drag him down into the sea.

The waters below him had actually separated as the vast, 800-meter body of the second Terror Sea Dragon began to slowly rise upwards. Its savage spikes flickered with dark blue light, while its enormous eyes were filled with hatred. Its elder brother had died. This had been a tremendous provocation for the Terror Sea Dragon. It had been blasted away by that terrifying explosion as well, and when it woke up it knew that it had been deceived by Zhou Weiqing. It had furiously swam back, but alas it found nothing save for the carcass of the self-detonated Terror Sea Dragon.

The Grand Elders of Xuantian Palace, including Dongfang Hanyue’s mother, had immediately fled after recovering from being blasted away. They had returned to the Xuantian Continent, precisely because they feared running into the other Terror Sea Dragon.

The Terror Sea Dragon had been swimming around for quite some time now, but it still didn’t dare to actually chase towards the continent itself.

In the end, the person it hated the most was probably Zhou Weiqing. If Zhou Weiqing hadn’t summoned that image of the Demon God to frighten it, it would’ve been able to reach the Tenebrous Sealing Formation and prevent its elder brother from dying.

Just as the Terror Sea Dragon had began to leave, filled with frustration and bile, it caught a glimpse of Zhou Weiqing flying through the air. As a Heavenly God, its spiritual senses were incredibly acute. It could sense everything within hundreds of kilometers, and so as soon as it discovered Zhou Weiqing it immediately went into hiding and began to prepare to unleash that sneak attack.

A sneak attack from a Heavenly God-level Heavenly Beast… even if Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was much stronger than it was currently, there was no way he would be able to detect it in advance. Indeed, he was at an immediate disadvantage from the start.

Zhou Weiqing knew right away what he had encountered when that waterspout had arisen. All his hair stood up on end as he felt a sense of absolutely lethal danger! If he wasn’t careful, he’d probably be forever trapped within these seas.

But the more dangerous the situation was, the more level- headed Zhou Weiqing would be. Although he had been injured by that great collision, his injuries weren’t all that serious.

This was the first time he had unleashed the full defensive prowess of the Immortal Deity Shield after mastering it. Although this Heavenly God powerhouse hadn’t been able to use its full power as it had wished to remain hidden, the Immortal Deity Shield had still been able to block the attack. This was a testament as to just how defensively tough it was. The Immortal Deity Shield had instantly weakened the power of that terrifying strike, while the Saint Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body had weakened the remainder. The combined effect was that although Zhou Weiqing’s injuries weren’t light, he was far from being too injured to fight back.

Faced with the pressure from that terrifying claw of sea water, Zhou Weiqing unleashed a halo of faint silvery-white light from his body. Something odd happened. The terrifying Water Attribute energies, which had been suppressing his soul and pressuring him to the point of preventing him from moving at all, was suddenly melted away by the silvery-white light.

Although only part of it was melted away, to Zhou Weiqing it was essentially a life-saving effect. Silver light flickered, and in the next instant he reappeared over a hundred meters away.

Using Saint Energy to cast the Spatial Shuttle increased its powers dramatically. This was the main reason why Zhou Weiqing was never worried about anything he might encounter after coming to the Xuantian Continent.

Thanks to his Saint Energy, he was able to consecutively cast Spatial Shuttle within a certain period of time to flee a tremendous distance. Although this was extremely taxing to his Saint Energy, at critical moments like this it was without a doubt a peerless life-saving measure.

The first usage took him outside the enormous well spout. Zhou Weiqing didn’t dare to tarry at all, immediately using Spatial Shuttle eight more times in a row to move over a thousand meters away.

However, this wasn’t enough against a Heavenly God. As Zhou Weiqing teleported a thousand meters away, which he had thought to be a safe distance, an incomparably awesome pressure suddenly came crashing down upon him from the skies. It was as though the heavens were collapsing! This terrifying pressure shoved Zhou Weiqing into the sea, and it disrupted his ninth Spatial Shuttle.

Saint Energy could ignore any influences from Heavenly God- class Water Attribute energies, but if Zhou Weiqing wished to use a technique he would have to convert it into another Attribute. Just now, all other types of Attributes save for the Water Attribute had been severed away within a very wide region.

Facing off against this Heavenly God by himself, for the first time Zhou Weiqing truly understood how terrifying his foe was. It was like he was the one now trapped within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. All of his power and abilities were suppressed and unable to leave his body. Even his Saint Energy flowed much slower than before.

Yes. He relied on converting Saint Energy into other types of energy in using techniques, but these techniques were limited in that they couldn’t go without the Saint Energy.

The local atmospheric energies were now completely unusable. Before a Heavenly God like this Terror Sea Dragon, his own level of Heavenly Dao Energy was nothing more than a joke. He could no longer use techniques like the Spatial Shuttle.

One dark-gold beam of light after another appeared on his body. This was his Hate Ground No Handle set. He actually grew calmer and more focused, as he knew that there was no way to escape. Only by fighting to the bitter end would he have a chance at surviving.

“Human, you caused my brother to die. I won’t let you die an easy death. I’ll let you taste the torments of a thousand tortures as I slowly kill you.” The Terror Sea Dragon’s enormous head rose out of the sea, staring with viperous hatred at Zhou Weiqing. It wouldn’t be tricked again. Zhou Weiqing was like meat on the chopping board just waiting to be devoured.

Zhou Weiqing laughed coldly. “Who knows which one of us will actually be the one to die, you stupid sea slug. Killing me isn’t going to be easy.” He took a deep breath, his eyes suddenly transforming to become an incandescent silver color. Moments later, a strange aura instantly shot out of his body.

This was an aura which came from his Bloodline, and he was releasing it to the maximum with his Saint Energy.

It was quite odd. When he released this aura, the enormous amount of Water Attribute energies which had sealed off this region actually shuddered repeatedly. As for the Terror Sea Dragon, its eyes widened as the savage spikes across its body instantly transformed into a crystal blue color.

“The Dragon Emperor Bloodline?”

Zhou Weiqing said arrogantly, “So you know of the Dragon Emperor Bloodline, eh? I am the heir of the Dragon Emperor. If you dare to act against me, I’ll summon my comrades and they’ll instantly crush you into pieces.” Zhou Weiqing’s body did in fact contain the pure Dragon Emperor Bloodline within it. It also contained the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline. With the support of his Saint Energy, he fully unleashed the aura of his Dragon Emperor Bloodline. Although it wouldn’t directly enhance his combat abilities, it was still the most exalted Bloodline amongst the dragons that surpassed even the Terror Sea Dragon Bloodline in status. As a result, even the Terror Sea Dragon’s power would be slightly affected once this Bloodline’s aura was unleashed.

“Bullshit. Despicable human, don’t think you can fool me a second time. A noble dragon like myself will never fall for the same trick twice. This is the ocean! Even if other descendants of the Dragon Emperor were to truly arrive, what could they do to me? Die!”

As it spoke, its body flashed with blue light as the Water Attribute atmospheric energies grew even denser, squeezing hard around Zhou Weiqing.

“Screw you, do you really think I’m scared of you?”  Zhou Weiqing could tell that escape was virtually impossible, but this just stirred up his innate stubbornness.

The Saint Energy in his body was fully unleashed, causing even his Hate Ground No Handle set to temporarily turn silver. However, the surrounding Water Attribute energies were simply too dense. Zhou Weiqing simply wasn’t able to form the technique he wished to unleash.

Chapter254: Possession of the Demon God

Facing the severe pressure from the controlled water of the Terror Sea Dragon, Zhou Weiqing was left with no choice but to withstand it with his Saint Energy, holding out against the external pressure. With the assimilation effect of the Saint Energy, he was just barely able to hold on.

If not for the fact that the Terror Sea Dragon hated him so much and wanted to torture him slowly, perhaps it would have activated a far stronger, far more terrifying Skill now.

It was in no rush to kill Zhou Weiqing. It wanted to torture him, to see him suffer, and be lost bit by bit to endless terror.

The pressure that a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could emit was just too horrifying. It was not just on the body, but right deep into the soul as well.

Zhou Weqiing could only feel that if he let up for even just a split second, he would instantly be smashed into smithereens by the massive Water Attribute energies pressing up against him. Not even the slightest fragment of his soul would remain. All he could do now was just hold on… endure...

If he used the Saint Energy to activate the Ward of the Demon God, perhaps he could solve the current problem, but that was a method of last resort. Even with his cultivation stage, he would have to pay a severe price in terms of Saint Energy to summon the Image of the Demon God to descend upon the world. More importantly, he was not able to control it.

If things happened the way it happened last time, where the Demon God looked impressive and caused all of the atmospheric attribute energies around to be suppressed, but in the end was unable to withstand any attacks… then it was of no meaning to him at all. Once the Terror Sea Dragon destroyed the Image of the Demon God and focused its pressure back on him, he would no longer have any chance.

As such, Zhou Weiqing was waiting. Waiting for the moment that the Terror Sea Dragon launched its final finishing blow. In that moment, if he summoned the Image of the Demon God, perhaps there would still be a chance for him to escape.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing still had a few follow-up unique aces up his sleeves, to be used only if he really had no other choices. As such, although he was facing such a terrifying pressure, he did not panic. A chance might show itself at any time.

As the external pressure continued rising, Zhou Weiqing did not even need to control the Saint Energy in his body, which was circulating and accelerating throughout his own body under the pressure.

The thirty six energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points had linked up as one, spinning crazily at an astonishing rate.

Such immense external pressure was not without its benefits. Zhou Weiqing could at least clearly sense that as he continued facing such pressure and held out against it, he was slowly beginning to reach that threshold of the thirty-eighth stage of Saint Energy. He was about to reach the state of breakthrough at any moment.

Of course, given the immense gap in power between him and the Terror Sea Dragon, even if he broke through the thirty eighth stage, it would not be of much use.

It was also at this moment that this locked-out space was shaken by a violent explosion. This explosion obviously didn’t come from the Terror Sea Dragon, and the only function it served was to instantly double the pressure from the Water Attribute energies which were squeezing around Zhou Weiqing.

The Terror Sea Dragon wanted to slowly torture Zhou Weiqing to death, and thus it had not been using its full strength. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing had been waiting for an opportunity. Alas, the explosion had been just too sudden, and he had been unable to react quickly enough.

The pressure which had already been straining his limits was now doubled… what did this represent? Doom! Zhou Weiqing could only use his Saint Energy to summon the Ward of the Demon God as quickly as possible. In the next instant, the terrifying pressure almost completely swallowed him.

A blood red figure pierced right through the thick water attribute ‘wall’, and the slim and long Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear flashed like bloody lightning as it struck straight towards the Terror Sea Dragon.

Dongfang Hanyue had arrived, wearing her entire Tenebrous Demon Dragon Legendary Set, and the previous explosion had been caused by her. Although Dongfang Hanyue did not have the Tenebrous Demon Dragon with her to fight together, she was still different from the current Zhou Weiqing. At least she was a true Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, and one with an entire top-end eleven-piece Legendary Set at that!

The power of the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear was so great that not even the previous previous, more powerful Terror Sea Dragon did not dare to accept a head-on blow, let alone this one.

Its massive body jerked up suddenly, ten spikes on its back abruptly shooting forth a ray of blue light which gathered together in a ball that slammed directly into the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear. Only then did it manage to stop her attack.

Dongfang Hanyue was not Zhou Weiqing. Thanks to the support of her full Legendary Set, even though the Water Attribute lockout still had some influence on her, it was not too large.

A top level Legendary Set was never just as simple as being good looking. Eleven pieces of God Tier Consolidated Equipment forming together as one Legendary Set meant that it was already one of the strongest things in this world. In the Boundless Mainland, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Xue AoTian was overwhelmingly powerful, the only Heavenly God Tier in the entire continent. Yet, the Heavenly Snow Mountain was still not considered the first in the five Great Saint Lands. What was the reason?

Naturally, it was because of the Boundless Infinitum Set! Although the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set was also extremely powerful, if it was compared to the Boundless Infinitum Set, the difference was just too clear. With the Boundless Infinitum Set, even though Shangguan Tianyang was only at the max level Heavenly Emperor stage, he was at least able to fight to a standstill with the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. Of course, he was still unable to defeat him.

Dongfang Hanyue had not reached the max level of the Heavenly Emperor stage, but since she had inherited the powers from her ancestors, along with her own hard work training and cultivating, she had already reached the High Level Heavenly Emperor stage. On land, she could face off against this Terror Sea Dragon all by herself, especially since it had only just reached the Heavenly God Tier stage. As the real Xuantian Palace Master, how could she be so easily disposed of? Just now, she had been on the beach recalling all that happened between her and Zhou Weiqing. All of a sudden, she sensed a powerful energy fluctuation from the oceans, and she immediately realised what Zhou Weiqing must have met with, and so had rushed here as quickly as she could.

As the saying goes, a good man shall be repaid with good rewards. If Zhou Weiqing did not help Dongfang Hanyue recover fully, this current situation where she was able to rush over to save him would not happen.

The sheer destructive power of the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear was sufficient to instantly free Zhou Weiqing from the massive pressure of the Terror Sea Dragon.

However, it was also right at this time that Zhou Weiqing’s body began to undergo some strange changes.

He closed both eyes, his entire body trembling slightly. Gray light began to appear and disappear over his Hate Ground No Handle set, making him look as though he was a crystalline entity that was constantly blinking with light. The energy ripples coming from his body were clearly extremely unstable. Dongfang Hanyue naturally had no clue that this was happening to Zhou Weiqing due to the enormous, terrifying pressure he had faced earlier. Her actions had caused him to suffer that tremendous pressure, but she didn’t have any time to check on his condition. She just cast him a worried glance,
then charged down to face the all-encompassing attacks unleashed by the Terror Sea Dragon.

During the battle against the previous Terror Sea Dragon, although Dongfang Hanyue had borrowed the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s power, its main purpose had been to suppress the aura of the Terror Sea Dragon and to resist its attacks. Dongfang Hanyue, however, was meant to attack.

The Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear was a purely offensive weapon. Everything in her Tenebrous Demon Dragon Set was meant to launch the offensive. In terms of raw attack power, not even the complete Boundless Infinitum Set would necessarily be a match for her set.

In addition, the Terror Sea Dragon before them had just recently reached the Heavenly God stage. Compared to its brother, it was considerably weaker. Given that its brother had died by Dongfang Hanyue’s hands, how could it not feel a sense of fear? As a result, this clash ended up with Dongfang Hanyue’s enormous blood-red attack actually seizing the offensive upper hand.

The previous battle against the stronger Terror Sea Dragon had given Dongfang Hanyue experience in battle against these creatures. Her cultivation was at a higher level than it had been during that fight, and her body had now been strengthened and remade by Zhou Weiqing’s pure Saint Energy. The current Dongfang Hanyue actually had a higher level of combat power than during the previous battle, and her attacks were even smoother. She also discovered to her surprise that the Saint Energy vortex in her Dantian caused the rate at which she absorbed atmospheric energies to noticeably increase, even though it didn’t give her any other special abilities like Zhou Weiqing’s unique Saint Energy did.

Dongfang Hanyue actually had an even greater advantage against the Terror Sea Dragon than the Tenebrous Demon Dragon did. Her advantage lay in the fact that she herself had the Water Attribute in her Jewels as well. This allowed her to fight much more smoothly in the ocean, as it wasn’t as taxing for her as it would be for powerhouses who didn’t have the Water Attribute. Now that she was supported by that vortex of Saint Energy, she was able to rapidly absorb the Water atmospheric energies to sustain herself far longer in battle. This was an advantage which not even Zhou Weiqing had. Although the Terror Sea Dragon’s overall power remained far above Dongfang Hanyue’s, she was able to lock onto its greatest weakness - its fear of death.

Dongfang Hanyue was exceedingly clever. When those two Terror Sea Dragons had appeared at the same time, this one had been so terrified by Zhou Weiqing that it had allowed the first one to perish. It could’ve taken a gamble and launched an attack against the Demon God which Zhou Weiqing had summoned, but it didn’t do so. Why? Because it was afraid of death.

Thus, when she launched her attack she strictly used suicide attacks that would result in harm to both sides. She completely ignored her own defenses and poured her full power into each attack. She didn’t ‘care’ about protecting herself, she only cared about injuring her foe.

This way, although the Terror Sea Dragon remained far more powerful than Dongfang Hanyue, it was also being smacked silly and completely suppressed. When it wasn’t careful, it suffered a few deep injuries from the Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear.

However, it was exactly because of these few wounds that the wild ferocity of the Terror Sea Dragon was ignited. Its enormous body suddenly rose up as all of its spikes straightened. It unleashed hundreds of dense beams of blue light into the skies, aimed not at Dongfang Hanyue but at the airborne Zhou Weiqing, who was in that rather strange state. Given that the Terror Sea Dragon was able to train to the Heavenly God stage, it wasn’t a fool. It was afraid of death, yes, but it wasn’t a fool. Dongfang Hanyue had charged here to rescue Zhou Weiqing – this much was obvious. It had been caught flat-footed by Dongfang Hanyue’s attacks, and what it needed was a chance to regain its footing. Sometimes, the best defense was a good offense. This all-out attack was primarily focused on Zhou Weiqing. Either this attack would succeed in forcing Dongfang Hanyue backwards, or it would succeed in destroying a potentially dangerous threat.

Although the Terror Sea Dragon was disdainful of Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, the Dragon Emperor Bloodline aura emanating from his body caused the Terror Sea Dragon to feel extremely nervous.

Indeed, when she saw the Terror Sea Dragon suddenly switch its attacks to Zhou Weiqing, Dongfang Hanyue abandoned her attacks and instead used flapped wings to fly over to Zhou Weiqing and protect him. The Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear in her hand spun like an impenetrable whirlwind, becoming a red ‘shield’ which blocked all of the dragon’s attacks. The spear was incredibly powerful, but it also used up an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy. Now that it was being used to defend in such a manner by Dongfang Hanyue, her own Heavenly Energy began to drop rapidly.

Her eyes, hidden behind the mysterious mask, had turned hard and incisive. If this continued, both of them would probably die here. They couldn’t continue this fight. They had to leave first. The Terror Sea Dragon wasn’t a true threat; once the Tenebrous Demon Dragon recovered, she would join forces with it to slay this thing.

As she came to this conclusion, Dongfang Hanyue used her right arm to brandish the Dragon Spear while using her left arm to grab Zhou Weiqing and take him with her as she fled. Given her cultivation, if she fled at full speed not even the Terror Sea Dragon would necessarily be able to stop her from fleeing with its attacks. They were fairly close to the Xuantian Continent, after all.

However… when she grabbed Zhou Weiqing, something queer happened. A supremely cold sensation appeared behind her back, and it caused Dongfang Hanyue to shiver uncontrollably. She nearly lost control over the defensive web she was weaving with the Dragon Spear. It must be remembered that she was dressed in the full Tenebrous Demon Dragon Set. For her to be fully armored and yet still shiver due to a cold aura… one could imagine how terrifying that energy was!

A moment later, the cold, Demonic Attribute-filled energies behind her suddenly vanished. However, she couldn’t look backwards and so she didn’t see how Zhou Weiqing had changed.

Moments earlier, when she had grabbed Zhou Weiqing, his body had finally stopped alternating between those ephemeral flashes of gray light. Behind him appeared a gray figure that was just as tall as he was, and it took a step forwards and merged into his body.

Right at this moment, the Hate Ground No Handle Set on his body changed. Its dark-gold color changed to become a translucent, crystalline gray. His entire aura underwent an utterly earthshaking change as well.

Lonely, ancient, cold, remorseless… and boundlessly evil.

In this instant, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes finally opened. His eyes were filled with that unlimited evil gray, and he himself seemed to be bathed in evil.

He stepped forward, moving out from behind Dongfang Hanyue. His body had been completely changed as well. The Dual Legendary Warhammers in his hands had actually transformed into a gray liquid that instantly merged into his arms, while the Yin-Yang Giant Spirit Palms also transformed. The right side transformed into a tiger paw, while the left side transformed into a draconic claw. He had instantly transformed to become much larger. He had actually gone straight into the second mode of the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, ‘Like Dragon Equivalent Tiger’.

His right leg still transformed into a hook, but this time it was a completely gray hook. A wave of gray light instantly burst out of his body, transforming him into a gray meteor that smashed straight towards the Terror Sea Dragon.

This time, he didn’t have the terrifying aura of the Demon God… but when he flew forwards, the Water Attribute energies in his path which had previously stifled him actually melted away on their own, revealing a truly empty ‘tunnel’ in the skies.

By the time Dongfang Hanyue saw him, he had already traversed nearly half the distance to the Terror Sea Dragon. His entire body lashed out in a strange arc, using some sort of simply inconceivable movement to spin around and launch a vicious kick with his right leg against the Terror Sea Dragon.

After entering the ‘Like Dragon Equivalent Tiger’ mode, all of Zhou Weiqing’s physical attributes had increased by a terrifying amount. In this state he was unable to use the vast majority of his techniques, but his physical prowess had risen to an utterly terrifying level.

The Terror Sea Dragon’s attention had been completely focused on Dongfang Hanyue. Zhou Weiqing’s sudden attack had caught it completely by surprise. However, as a Heavenly God powerhouse it still was able to quickly react with an absolutely explosive level of power.

The Water atmospheric energies instantly condensed, transforming into many barriers of ice that appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing. At the same instant, the Terror Sea Dragon’s enormous body swiveled violently, sending its thick draconic tail smashing out at Zhou Weiqing.

“You  dare!”  Dongfang  Hanyue  turned  pale.  She  naturally knew just how much power a physical attack from a Heavenly God powerhouse possessed. She poured out the Heavenly Energy from her body, using almost all of the power in her core essence and filling the Dragon Spear with it. The Dragon Spear then shot out like a bolt of red lightning that hurtled towards the Terror Sea Dragon.

The blood-red Dragon Spear dramatically increased in size, expanding to become thirty meters long. It hurtled down through the skies like a flash of bloody lightning, carrying an aura of indomitable sharpness.

However, Dongfang Hanyue was just a bit too slow. The red lightning simply couldn’t catch up to Zhou Weiqing’s speed or the Terror Sea Dragon’s attack.

The Terror Sea Dragon chose to steel its resolve. It had to first kill Zhou Weiqing, even if it meant fleeing with heavy wounds. This was the ocean, after all. Without the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, it could leave whenever it wanted and there would be no way Dongfang Hanyue could stop it.

The previous Zhou Weiqing would’ve been frozen in midair by the awesome freezing energies. But… the current Zhou Weiqing was clearly in a very strange and marvelous state. When the freezing energies around him touched that blurry layer of gray light, they vanished on their own without being able to impede him in the slightest. Moments later, his attack slammed right into the Terror Sea Dragon’s thick tail. Zhou Weiqing’s right leg and the Terror Sea Dragon’s draconic tail were on completely different levels of size, but when they collided against each other they actually produced an absolutely shocking explosion.

Zhou Weiqing’s body was blasted away like a cannon ball and sent flying into the air. But… but! Dongfang Hanyue stared wide-eyed at what she saw before her.

After blasting Zhou Weiqing away, the Terror Sea Dragon actually froze in its attack pose. Even when the Dragon Spear pierced through its body, leaving behind an enormous gaping wound, it still maintained that frozen pose.

Moments later, a thunderous explosion rang out yet again. This time, it actually came from the Terror Sea Dragon’s body.

Its thick, powerful draconic tail actually exploded as a fist of gray light blasted it apart, sending blood and flesh flying everywhere. More than a third of its entire tail had been blasted apart.

A horrified, agonized howl rang out from the Terror Sea Dragon’s maw. Its vast body instantly dove deep into the ocean, not hesitating in the slightest. Protected by an awesome tidal wave, it began to flee for its life.

Even a Heavenly God powerhouse would suffer heavy injuries when struck by these combined full-strength attacks from Zhou Weiqing and Dongfang Hanyue. Why would this cowardly creature even pause for a second?

Dongfang Hanyue flashed over to the midair Zhou Weiqing. She reached out to touch him. By now, the gray aura had completely vanished from his body. Even his Legendary Set had vanished, and his face was as pale as paper, while his aura was almost gone. Beads of blood were dribbling out of his mouth. Thankfully, his heartbeat remained strong and vigorous. Otherwise, Dongfang Hanyue would’ve believed him to be dead.

Holding onto his body, she carefully tested pouring her own Heavenly Energy into him. However, she was absolutely shocked by what she found.

The thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points in his body were slowly swiveling. As soon as her Heavenly Energy entered his body, it was instantly assimilated into Saint Energy. And, judging from his internal condition, Zhou Weiqing’s internal organs and meridians were actually completely unharmed. He was simply suffering from agitated blood and energies. That silver-white energy was constantly roaming his body, protecting it from harm.

How did he do this? Dongfang Hanyue stared at the man in her arms, completely lost. That strike just now… it had to be just as strong as my own strike with the Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear. What was that gray light? Even though he was now unconscious, his attack had clearly caused a Heavenly God-stage Heavenly Beast to be injured! What type of level of power had this person reached?!


By the time Zhou Weiqing slowly woke up, he discovered that he was on a wooden bed. He himself didn’t know how long he had been sleeping for. This seemed to be a very ordinary wooden room, and it actually stank of fish.

His mental strength restored, the first thing he did was to examine his body. I broke through? This was Zhou Weiqing’s first reaction. Indeed. The Saint Energy in his body had actually broken through the thirty-eighth stage, and so he was now officially at the second stage of Heavenly Dao Energy. It must be understood that after gaining Heavenly Dao Energy, each new stage represented an enormous advance. This was particularly true after the fortieth stage, where each stage represented an entirely different level.

It had been just a few short months, but he had actually broken through yet again. Even though this came at a price of having to face numerous powerful opponents, he was still alive. Being alive was a victory of its own.

As badass as ever! Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but smile smugly. He lay there, not even moving. Although his Saint Energy had recovered, his head was killing him. Even trying to think simple thoughts made him feel as though his brain was being stabbed by needles. What happened that day? He vaguely remembered that something unusual had happened to his body due to the enormous pressure the Sea Terror Dragon had brought. It had resulted in some sort of unique technique being born which had then unleashed an attack alongside the ‘Like Dragon Equivalent Tiger’ transformation. As for what happened after that? He had no clue.

He summoned his Personal Jewels, and upon doing so he immediately noticed something strange.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing had fully stocked his first four Elemental Jewels with Stored Skills within them. Later on, the Six Ultimate Emperor Long Shiya had told him not to casually store Skills unless they were particularly exceptional, because he had too many Attributes. Once his Skills became too many for him to fully take in, it would actually have a negative impact on his cultivation.

Since then, Zhou Weiqing had only Stored a single Skill. It was the 'Nether State' Skill that Tian’er’s mother, Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia had gifted him, and it had been stored in his fifth Elemental Jewel. Right now, however, Zhou Weiqing realized that his sixth Elemental Jewel had changed. It was actually no longer an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. Instead, it had turned into a pale gray gem.

When he poured his Saint Energy into it, he made an even more shocking discovery. He found to his amazement that his sixth Elemental Jewel now completely rejected his other five Attributes. It could only hold the pure Demonic Attribute… and it already had a Skill Stored within it.

This wasn’t the first Demonic Skill Zhou Weiqing had inherited from his bloodline powers. His Ward of the Demon God was a Demonic Skill, and it didn’t even take up any space in his Elemental Jewels; it was a unique thing of its own. He did also have other Skills which took up space, such as the mighty Devour Skill or the Fusion Skill Dark Demon God Lightning.

This new Skill was now his fourth Demonic Skill, but Zhou Weiqing was absolutely certain that this would definitely become his strongest Skill of all. He could vaguely sense that this was a Skill which had come via something within his Bloodline being activated, something which belonged to the Dark Demon God Tiger. The name of this Skill was: Possession of the Demon God. Actually, Zhou Weiqing’s guess wasn’t 100% correct. Yes, the 'Possession of the Demon God' was a Skill that was related to the Dark Demon God Tiger, but it completely surpassed it.

The Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline which Zhou Weiqing had inherited contained a strand of the Demon God Bloodline. This was why he had a connection to the Demon God and was able to summon its image… but, please do not forget that the Dark Demon God Tiger didn’t have a supreme Attribute like Saint Energy!

Zhou Weiqing had on multiple occasions used his Saint Energy to activate his Demon God Bloodline. When he had battled against the Terror Sea Dragon and was in mortal danger, his Demon God Bloodline, in an attempt to protect itself, had actually transformed and upgraded.

In other words, the Demon God power within Zhou Weiqing’s Bloodline was now vastly superior to that of the Dark Demon God Tiger. It had reached a brand new level, which was why this new ‘Possession of the Demon God’ technique had appeared. This was a Skill which didn’t belong to the Dark Demon God Tiger.

It was all thanks to this Skill’s power that he had managed to injure the Heavenly God-level Terror Sea Dragon. Is this for real? Zhou Weiqing chortled to himself in a silly manner. In fact, he was grinning so hard he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. He had trained for so very long and had encountered many marvels, but this was the first time he encountered something wonderful like this.

Although he wasn’t sure as to just how powerful the Possession of the Demon God was, the very fact that he was still alive and had seemingly managed to injure the Terror Sea Dragon was proof of how terrifying the Skill was. Even though using it had resulted in this absolutely miserable headache, it was all worth it! This was now an absolute killer trump card of his.

The door swung opened and a maiden walked in. She looked to be seventeen or eighteen years of age and had a plain face, with a few blotches on her nose. When she came in, she saw Zhou Weiqing lying there while grinning like an idiot. She was badly startled. “Eek! Has he become retarded? What should we do?”

Zhou Weiqing’s smile instantly froze. His face twitched, not sure whether to laugh or cry. “What do you mean, retarded? I’m perfectly fine.”  While speaking, he massaged his temples. Although the Possession of the Demon God was quite powerful, its side effects were just as noticeable. He wouldn’t be able to recover just yet.

The maiden patted her chest in relief, then smiled. “You scared me. I thought you turned retarded. If you did, I don’t know how I would’ve been able to explain things to that beautiful big sister.”

When he heard the maiden’s guileless words, Zhou Weiqing asked, rather puzzled, “Where am I? A beautiful lady sent me here?”

The maiden nodded. “This is Jimu Village, a small fishing village. You’ve been sleeping for two days. That beautiful big sister gave me money and said to let you rest here. She’d come back as soon as possible.”

Zhou Weiqing subconsciously reached out towards his own chest. The necklace with the Spatial Teleportation Gem was still there. Then… why did Dongfang Hanyue leave him here and then depart? Did she have something important to take care of?

“Are you hungry? I can give you some food,” the maiden said to Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Great! I’ll have to trouble you to do just that.”

The maiden smiled bashfully, then turned and left.

After sitting for a while, Zhou Weiqing noticed that his headache had seemingly improved quite a bit. He couldn’t help but sigh. Perhaps it was for the best that Dongfang Hanyue had left. He really didn’t know how to face her. He had taken away her palace’s most important treasure, but she didn’t retrieve it from him. Perhaps she had left to avoid any awkwardness between them. He had completed the mission. It was time to go back and resolve the problems facing the Luster Spatial Realm. This would save Heaven’s Expanse Palace quite a bit of labor; they’d no longer have to worry about how to evacuate Zhongtian City.

While considering this question, he plucked out a silver- white jewel from within his Sumeru Ring. This was a ‘ten thousand kilometer voice transmission stone’. Although it couldn’t actually send messages from ten thousand kilometers away, a few thousand kilometers was still possible. Zhou Weiqing had taken it from Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Both he and Bing’er each had a piece, for fear that they might lose contact with each other in the Xuantian Continent. He infused his gentle Saint Energy into the voice transmission stone, causing it to instantly light up. A dense Spatial Attribute energy ripple flew out, causing Zhou Weiqing’s right hand to become rather blurry. Faint silver- white light scattered everywhere, causing that strange Spatial energy to instantly cover Zhou Weiqing’s body. The voice transmission had begun.

“Bing’er.  Bing’er,”   Zhou  Weiqing  called  softly.  They  had tested this thing out long ago. It was quite effective and very convenient. But… when he called out, there was actually no response at all. Zhou Weiqing’s heart sank. He called out once again, but there was still no response.

By now, that maiden from the village had returned with food. When she saw how Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was glowing with silvery-white light, she was so shocked she couldn’t help but gape with her mouth open.

Zhou Weiqing waved at her, gesturing for her to leave. Being unable to reach Shangguan Bing’er had put him in a state of unease. He was in no mood to explain, much less eat.

He left the bed and stood up on the ground. He tried several more times to contact Shangguan Bing’er, but his calls disappeared like a rock plummeting into the sea. There was no response whatsoever.

What is going on? Why isn’t Bing’er responding?  He  had admonished her long ago that if they were ever separated, she had to keep her voice transmission stone by her side at all times! That way, he could contact her and bring her back at any time.

Something’s  wrong.  Something  has  to  be  wrong.  As  the saying goes, when you cared about someone you would panic if anything happened to them. Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to remain calm, and he began to turn restless and uneasy.

The two of them had come to the Xuantian Continent with a specific goal in mind. Shanguan Bing’er was back in the Xuantian Palace headquarters. If anything happened, it had to be something major.

Zhou Weiqing began to frantically pace back and forth within his room. He couldn’t be sure as to what had happened. Had Dongfang Hanyue regretted her choice and was unwilling to let him leave with the Spatial Teleportation Gem? Or did something else happen? No. Impossible. Although they had only known each other for a fairly brief period of time, Zhou Weiqing was still able to tell what type of a person Dongfang Hanyue was. She was very intelligent, but she wasn’t very rational. In fact, she was a very emotional person… and she really did like him.

When he thought of this, another possible flickered through his mind. Could it be… that Dongfang Hanyue was afraid of losing him and also afraid that he would refuse her request to stay behind, and so she had imprisoned Bing’er and was there waiting for him to go back and find her?

Yes. This was entirely possible. A bitter smile appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face as he felt a sense of powerlessness. He slapped himself, hard. “Oh, Zhou Little Fatty. This is your fault. You sow the seeds of love wherever you go. Now, even Bing’er is in trouble because of it. I can’t stay here, I need to go to Xuantian Palace immediately. As the saying goes, ‘rivals in love can be deadly foes’. What if Hanyue can’t resist taking action against Bing’er? That’ll be troublesome.”

When he thought about Shangguan Bing’er possibly being injured, Zhou Weiqing began to panic even more. However, he was still a person who had experienced many things. He knew that given his current state, even if he returned he wouldn’t necessarily achieve his goals. He had to at least recover and reach peak condition first.

He walked over to the table, picked up the food the maiden had given him, and began to eat.

The most common food in a fishing village was, naturally, fish. Although the fresh fish soup wasn’t exquisitely made, it was still extremely tasty. Mix in a few grains and vegetables and it made for a sumptuous meal. Alas, Zhou Weiqing didn’t have any appetite at all. Even the finest of foods tasted like ash in his mouth.

He wolfed down the food, then immediately returned to the bed and sat down to meditate, entering the cultivation state.

One of his Saint Energy’s finest properties was that he didn’t really need to worry about being disturbed. He could end his cultivation state whenever he wanted, and so he didn’t go out to tell that maiden not to disturb him. He needed to return to peak condition as soon as possible, then go rescue Bing’er.

The Saint Energy in his body began to circulate. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t sure how he was supposed to replenish his mental energies, but he was certain of one thing – his Saint Energy could do anything.

His belief was verified. As the thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points in his body had reached the thirty-eighth stage, his Saint Energy had only become even purer. As it circulated through his body, it constantly reduced the pain from the headache he was suffering.

This was Zhou Weiqing’s first cultivation session after reaching the thirty-eighth stage. He realized that the Saint Energy in his body had increased markedly. On the whole, it had become even purer than before.

Chapter255: Dont Make Me Bathe The Xuantian Citadel In Blood!

The Saint Energy didn’t start flowing that rapidly but even the slightest fluctuation had a great attraction towards the external atmospheric energy. He could feel his cultivation increasing bit by bit. During this process, the atmospheric energies were transforming into Saint Energy while continuing to compress into astral form.

This process couldn’t be considered fast but the majority of Heavenly Jewel Masters in the nine continents would dream about something like this.

Zhou Weiqing has been meditating for one day already. When he opened his eyes the second time, his spirit had been rejuvenated.

The room had been cleaned up, with a new meal ready. Weiqing showed no reservation and quickly ate before leaving behind the payment. He didn’t say goodbye to the fishing girl. After leaving the room, he decided on a direction before leaping up and unleashed his Dragon-Tiger wings before heading towards the Xuantian Palace at maximum speed. How could he not be anxious when Shangguan Bing’er’s life was on the line? In his mind, the Spatial Teleportation Gem was nothing compared to her well being. Nothing was more important than her in his mind.

Xuantian Citadel, seventh level.

The upper echelons of the palace were seated. However, the atmosphere was quite somber at this moment.

This time, Dongfang Hanyue sat in the master seat while her dazzlingly beautiful middle-aged mother, the previous ‘Palace Master’, was sitting where ‘Dreamwake’ used to.

Dongfang Hanyue had just recently returned after receiving the news.

After Weiqing became unconscious, she originally wanted to bring him back to the palace. However, the moment she returned to the Xuantian Continent, she heard the news from the palace.

Her mother and the Grand Elders all returned. Of course, they first subdued and captured Shangguan Bing’er. This was the important reason why Weiqing couldn’t contact her.

The palace also has an item similar to the long-range voice transmission gem. Hanyue’s mother, Dong Fang, used this item to confirm Hanyue’s safety as well as telling her that they had contained Bing’er.

Hanyue was naturally worried and told her mother to release Bing’er. Alas, she was refused. She didn’t dare to bring Zhou Weiqing back and so she had to leave him behind in the fishing village and ran back herself to deal with this matter. Even though she didn’t know the extent of the relationship between those two, Bing’er was still Zhou Weiqing’s woman! If Bing’er was hurt in the palace, Weiqing would probably immediately turn against her. This wasn’t the development she wanted to see.

As a result, Weiqing guess wasn’t quite correct. It couldn’t be, given the complexity of the situation.

“Release Shangguan Bing’er right now!” Hanyue commanded without hesitation.

The Water Elder slightly frowned, “Palace Master, you need to calm down first. We need to discuss this more.” Dongfang Hanyue furiously stated, “What else is there to talk about?! Not only is Zhou Weiqing a Consecrated of our palace while Bing’er is an Elder, the fact is that during our moment of greatest peril, Zhou Weiqing came and saved all of us. We shouldn’t be treating him like this.”

The Water Elder sighed and said, “Yes, Zhou Weiqing did save us. But Palace Master, have you thought about it? Why did this Zhou Weiqing try to hide his power so much? Moreover, none of us were able to detect it. Why is that, and what was the technique used back then? Even a Heavenly God expert’s aura was suppressed by him. That technique might not be an offensive one, but it does reveal that he had the power to threaten us.”

“How old is he? Only around twenty, yet he is already at the nine-Jeweled level and has a type of strange Heavenly Energy. You can’t tell me that there is nothing odd going on here. Moreover, he isn’t the same as you, having inherited a legacy. I’m afraid he had other plans in joining us. While it’s true that we are indebted to him, for the sake of the palace I really must ask you to think it through. We must carefully investigate this matter and wait until Zhou Weiqing returns before making a decision. Shangguan Bing’er is an important card we now hold. And, don’t worry. We are not mistreating her.” Hanyue’s expression became quite unsightly, fluctuating between red and white. She had to admit that the elders were right, since she knew what he had come for. However, if he actually returned, would the elders spare him? What should I do now? How do I deal with this?

“Who gave the order to put Shangguan Bing’er under house arrest? You all dared to be so bold in my absence?” Dongfang Hanyue’s voice was quite awe-inspiring, and she had a murderous glint in her eyes. Her mind was slightly disordered at this moment since she still hadn’t decided how she should handle the issues between her and Weiqing. And now, something like this had happened at the palace?

“It was me.” Dong Fang, who had been quiet the whole time, finally spoke with a serious tone.

After hearing her mother’s voice, Dongfang Hanyue paused for a moment before saying, “Mother, how can you do this? Isn’t this forcing Zhou Weiqing to be our enemy?”

Dong Fang frowned. “Hanyue, you are not thinking clearly because you are too deeply involved. It seems like Zhou Weiqing has actually won you over. If he remains our Consecrated, I won’t object to the relationship, but it now seems his background is unclear. How can we not investigate this? You are the Xuantian Palace Lord and can’t act so rashly. Carefully reconsider, our action is necessary due to the overall situation. Moreover, we are only keeping Shangguan Bing’er under house arrest. This is only something the people sitting here know about. There’s no way Zhou Weiqing can know. Once he comes back, as long as we have investigate everything clearly and can see that he really doesn’t bear any malice towards our sect, then everything will be fine.”

Hanyue could be angry towards the elders but not towards her own mother. Despite being the Palace Master, she had only recently inherited this position. If her mother and the Grand Elders stood together, her influence would be far from enough to change these decisions.

The Water Elder reminded: “Palace Master, no need to be angry. We old men all remember that Zhou Weiqing has saved our lives and we are not the type to show ingratitude to a friend. However, we must think of the palace before all else. We have lost six elders, a terrible loss. If we have internal problems as well, we would suffer a truly grievous blow. We spent quite a bit of time considering this issue before coming to this decision.”

Dongfang Hanyue became quiet. The elders and her mother weren’t being unreasonable. If she could stay calm, she would naturally think that their action was correct. Zhou Weiqing was an outsider, after all. Alas, he had an unshakable position in her mind since she had already given him her most precious thing. Given this situation, she had already chosen to stand by his side.

Rather than say they won this effort against the Terror Sea Dragon, it was more accurate to say that neither side won. Even though the more powerful dragon was killed, there was still another one alive. Moreover, the one dead chose to self- destruct so they didn’t get anything good from it, but instead they had lost six of their top Elders. It made sense that the four Grand Elders would tread so carefully.

After taking a deep breath, Dongfang Hanyue managed to calm her emotions. She gritted her teeth as she made a decision. It was better to make a few things clear instead of letting them play the guessing game.

“There is no need to investigate, I know his background,” Dongfang Hanyue sighed and said quietly.

Dong Fang looked at her in astonishment, “You do? How?” Dongfang Hanyue smiled wryly and said, “Because after the self-destruct, we were blown away to the same place. We drifted to an abandoned island and met there. I had the same questions as everyone too and even wondered if he would attack me, because when we met I had been heavily wounded
and had less than ten percent of my strength.”

The group was shocked when they heard this. When they saw her return, she had been completely fine so they thought that she hadn’t suffered any injuries at all. Dong Fang and the elders had relied on their powerful cultivation and the Tenebrous Sealing Formation to protect themselves. Even though there were some injuries, they still came out relatively unscathed due to being Heavenly Emperors. After hearing her story, they suddenly remembered that Dongfang Hanyue had been at the core of the explosion, since she was the main offensive power against the dragon!

Dong Fang hurriedly asked: “Did he do anything to you?”

Hanyue  sighed  in  response:  “Mother,  if  he  wanted  to  do anything, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. Not only did he not hurt me, but he also used his marvelous Heavenly Energy to cure my wounds. He called this power, Saint Energy. He didn’t need long to treat my injuries, allowing me to recover to peak condition.” “I forced him to answer about his history. He didn’t hide anything. He told me everything without hiding.”

Afterward, Hanyue carefully told everyone of Zhou Weiqing’s background. Everyone’s expressions changed after hearing that Zhou Weiqing was actually from the Boundless Mainland while not belonging to any of the Great Saint Lands.

“... He came for the Spatial Teleportation Gem. Back when we were dealing with the Terror Sea Dragon, if he just stood to the side and wait for the right moment… given his cultivation, I imagine all of you know what his chances for success were. If it wasn’t for him, we would have been facing two dragons! But he didn’t take advantage of the situation and chose to help us instead, risking his life against the second dragon. I admit that I was moved by him at that moment. It was in that instance that I realized that I like him.” Dong Fang and the elders fell silent after hearing Dongfang Hanyue’s words.

“Zhou Weiqing didn’t hide anything from me. I also voiced my suspicions and asked him why he did it. He said he didn’t know why… but, that he had no regrets.”

She took another deep breath, glistening teardrops appearing in her eyes, “Elders, your worries were correct. Zhou Weiqing came with a goal in mind, the Spatial Teleportation Gem. However, has he done anything to harm our palace? No, on the contrary, he saved all of us. And us? We’ve suspected him and even acted against him. I can’t accept something like this… and I have given him the gem already.”

The four Grand Elders became aghast after hearing the last sentence. Dong Fang exclaimed: “What!? You actually gave him the gem? Hanyue, how could you do this?”

Dongfang Hanyue answered calmly, “Why can’t I? At the very least, I am still the Palace Master right now. According to the rules, the Master can use all of the palace’s resources. Think about it, how old is Zhou Weiqing right now? Moreover, he isn’t like me, who relied on inheriting legacy to gain power. He only relied only on his own cultivation talents. Yes, he is from the Boundless Mainland and will return there for sure. But, isn’t befriending someone who is almost guaranteed to reach the Heavenly God realm in the future far better than keeping a gem that can’t be used many more times? I hope to befriend him. Who knows what kind of support he will give us in the future? By choosing to capture Bing’er, you’ve ruined all of my sacrifices and plans. Maybe I can’t convince everyone here but you can’t convince me either. I can accept no longer being the Xuantian Palace Master, but if you wish to act against Zhou Weiqing I absolutely refuse to take part.”

Her eyes became quite fierce as she added, “One last thing. Zhou Weiqing didn’t get the gem for free. He gave a part of his Saint Energy to me, and I can feel that with its magical power, the bottleneck from father’s inheritance shouldn’t be a problem any longer.”

With that, she stood up and left decisively in order to find and talk to Shangguan Bing’er.

The faces of the five people remaining turned ugly after seeing her leave. Dong Fang sighed and said, “A girl’s heart eventually leaves home! This foolish girl, does she not know that they can’t become a couple?”

The Water Elder smiled wryly, “It looks like we need to carefully consider our Palace Master’s words. We can’t lose our relationship to her over a stranger. Besides, it’s not like she didn’t make sense! Maybe she is the one with the better vision.”

A musing glimmer appeared in Dong Fang’s eyes. “If Hanyue could actually reach the Heavenly God level, that would be far more valuable than a Spatial Teleportation Gem.”

Zhou Weiqing naturally didn’t know what has transpired back at the palace as he used his fastest speed to return.

He could already see the distant mountain range where the Xuantian Palace was located, and his fury burned brighter and brighter. He had repeatedly tried to communicate with Bing’er to no avail. That seed of anxiety had transformed into a fiery rage. For the sake of his love, he wouldn’t mind doing battle against the entire world. Alas, regardless of his current mood, he just couldn’t find it in him to be angry at Dongfang Hanyue. What was he going to do now? Sneak into the citadel? No, that’s virtually impossible.

If the people from the palace have captured Bing’er, they would be expecting me to come rescue her secretly. With their numerical advantage as well as the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, a secret rescue would impossible. If that’s the case, then I might as well act a bit more brashly.

Having thought to this point, Zhou Weiqing didn’t slow down and continued flying towards the citadel. The Saint Energy seemed to be boiling inside his body. With his current cultivation, flying long distances in the winged Dragon-Tiger form wasn’t a great burden on his body. The Saint Energy remained ‘full’ from start to finish.

The palace eventually appeared in sight. Right at this moment, shouts rang out, and over a hundred shadows rushed into the skies in order to stop Zhou Weiqing.

He wasn’t too clear on just how powerful Xuantian Palace was in combat, but as the only Great Saint Land in the Xuantian Continent, how could they not be strong? He stopped in the sky and looked down carefully. Those who were flying up weren’t just Heavenly Jewel Masters, they were riding Heavenly Beasts as well. The beasts’ cultivation varied but they were all powerful flying creatures. The weakest was around the Zun Stage while the masters were all at the five-
Jeweled level and above. Clearly, they had immediately rushed up after detecting Weiqing.

He calmly floated there and let this aerial ‘army’ surround him without moving. He shouted towards the citadel’s direction, “Dongfang Hanyue, come out here or don’t blame me showing no mercy.”

Energy came from his dantian to empower this shout. With his Saint Energy and nine-Jeweled cultivation, the flying beasts in front of him all were all blasted backwards, one after another. The overbearing and furious voice resounded across the valley and echoed back.

These Heavenly Jewel Masters still haven’t attacked him… because some of them recognized him.

When joining the palace, Zhou Weiqing had revealed his brilliance during his welcoming banquet and shocked all of the upper echelon members. These commanders of the aerial army had participated in that party as well, so they naturally recognized him as Consecrated Zhou.

The palace has been keeping Shangguan Bing’er’s matter a strict secret, and so these people didn’t know what has happened between Zhou Weiqing and their sect.

“Consecrated Zhou, what are you saying? Please calm down first.”  A nine-Jeweled master controlled his mount and flew before Weiqing. He respectfully saluted him and smiled. At the same time, his eyes were full of amazement.

The large wings behind the Dragon-Tiger Transformation spread out wide, and his skin was covered with violet draconic runes which pulsated with dominating power. More importantly, Zhou Weiqing no longer hid his number of Jewels. He had nine Jewels in each hand! This was an immense difference compared to the five Jewels he had back at the party. How could these experts not feel shocked?

Zhou Weiqing smiled calmly. “This isn’t your problem. As long as you don’t attack me, I won’t hurt you.”

The commander felt a bit speechless. He couldn’t help but think to himself, “We have more than one hundred men on top of supporting Heavenly Beasts. Even if this guy is as strong as nine oxen, how could he hurt us?”

Despite thinking this, he didn’t dare to issue a command to attack. Who knew why this was happening? What if it was only a misunderstanding? If they hurt Consecrated Zhou, how were they going to report this to their superiors? Moreover, he was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master as well. Everyone wanted to be on his good side for further benefits!

Zhou Weiqing’s loud shout was effective. Within the citadel, at least ten more Heavenly Jewel Masters all came out. Among this cluster were Dong Fang and the four Grand Elders.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression sank after seeing this. His rage surged even more. Dongfang Hanyue still won’t come out to see me? Is she feeling guilty?

“Consecrated  Zhou,  please  come  down  and  talk.”   The masked Dong Fang beckoned at Weiqing.

Surrounded by the aerial army, Zhou Weiqing slowly descended. He stared at the other side of the abyss, staring towards Dong Fang and the others. He said coldly, “Are you the fake or real palace master? The only person I want to talk to is the person who is in charge?”

Dong Fang frowned slightly. “Consecrated Zhou, calm down first. We are very appreciative of your help during the crucial moments of the disaster. What are you trying to do right now?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled brightly. “Appreciative? Really? Then where is my wife? Your way of repaying me is to capture her? I’ll have you know, if even a strand of hair from Bing’er is missing, I will bathe the Xuantian Citadel with blood and and erase your palace from this continent.”

This response enraged Dong Fang. She had originally discussed this over with the four Grand Elders previously and decided to repair their relations with Zhou Weiqing for her daughter’s sake. Moreover, they thought that Hanyue’s perspective made sense as well. The Spatial Teleportation Gem was already in his possession. If he actually chose to abandon Shangguan Bing’er, not only would they lose him, but they would also have made an enemy out of this young man, who would definitely become a peerless powerhouse in the future. Thus, it was simpler to return Bing’er to him in order to improve their relationship and let him leave quickly. He had to return to the Boundless Mainland anyhow, so even if he caused trouble it wouldn’t be here at the Xuantian Continent.

Alas, no one expected for Weiqing to act so arrogant at this moment. Dong Fang might not be the real Palace Master, but given her position, she was only below one person and above all others at the Palace. Given her prestige, she has never been yelled at so aggressively by anyone. Not even Hanyue would dare to do so!

Even though her heart had turned cold after realizing that Zhou Weiqing was aware of them having placed Shangguan Bing’er under house arrest, she was also enraged by his behavior.

Even if you are have incredible potential, it is still just potential. You brat, you aren’t even a Heavenly King yet. You dare to boast about bathing the Xuantian Palace in blood? Dong Fang was so enraged that she laughed, “Good, good, good. Let me see just how you will bathe my XuanTian Palace in blood. I’ll have you know that your wife has already been killed by me.”

These words had been blurted out in a fit of anger. However, they were like thunder in Zhou Weiqing’s ears. At that very moment, Zhou Weiqing was rooted on the spot with a blank expression.

Of the XuanTian Palace air force surrounding him in the sky, those facing him could clearly see Zhou Weiqing’s eyes rapidly take on a blood red color that made their hearts shiver with fear.

Zhou Weiqing’s entire body trembled as an extremely unstable energy fluctuation suddenly rippled from his body.

This energy fluctuation could no longer simply be described as terrifying. It was boundless, deathly still and even had traces of grief. Densely packed creaking sounds could be heard from every bone in Zhou Weiqing’s body, while the originally slowly flowing Saint Energy within started to circulate at an astonishing speed.

An intense silver-white radiance swirled around Zhou Weiqing’s body. This radiance was akin to the light of the stars, making him look as if he was filled with an earth shaking aura of oppressiveness.

Bing’er was dead? This could no longer be described as a mere blow to Zhou Weiqing. At this time, Zhou Weiqing had really hit a brick wall. No wonder Dongfang Hanyue did not dare to come out and see me. It turns out that they had actually killed Bing’er.

Bing’er, my Bing’er.

The thought of Shangguan Bing’er dying in this foreign land, together with the fact that he could not even find her corpse, made Zhou Weiqing felt as if his heart was about to explode.

When a person was pushed to the breaking point, he would usually fall into a state of madness. He would perhaps no longer have any reason in such a state, nor the ability to think. However, this state would definitely evoke all the potential within him. “Bing’er, I will offer the entire XuanTian Palace as a burial sacrifice to you.”


A howl that was shrill and forlorn to the extreme exploded forth from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth, while a silver-white halo tainted with the heavy smell of blood abruptly erupted from his body.

At this very moment, all of Zhou Weiqing’s most terrifying power had been brought out. It wrapped around him, and the XuanTian Palace air force, that originally had no intentions of attacking, instantly fell from the sky.

A terrifying bloodline aura exploded from Zhou Weiqing’s body, filled with the scent of annihilation and destruction. How could these flying Heavenly Beasts that had not even reached the Heavenly King Stage possibly withstand it? The XuanTian air force never imagined that Zhou Weiqing would actually dare to attack them first, and were immediately caught off guard.

Zhou Weiqing did not even look at these people. Ray after ray of dark gold light continued to spring from his body. In the next instant, his right hand grasped the rhombus-shape object hanging on his neck and forcefully pulled it off.

“XuanTian Palace, XuanTian Palace, this will not end until one of us is dead.”

“Who dares to speak such big words. Let me see just how you will  annihilate  the  XuanTian  Palace.”  A  deep  and  powerful voice suddenly rang out from the abyss as an enormous black figure slowly rose from the darkness. Titanic wings abruptly lifted as a powerful force caught the XuanTian air force that were falling from the sky, allowing them to smoothly land on the ground.

Tenebrous Demon Dragon, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had actually appeared.

Standing in front of XuanTian Citadel, Dong Fang was a little alarmed when she saw Zhou Weiqing’s sudden change. However, the swift appearance of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon quickly made her feel relieved.

He was a mere brat that had not even reached the Heavenly King Stage. No matter how angry he became, just what would he be able to do alone? The current Dong Fang had already planned to detain Zhou Weiqing. Given how arrogant he was, if he was allowed to leave today, XuanTian Palace’s reputations would surely suffer a huge blow. No matter what, they had to catch him first. As for exactly how he would be dealt with, it was not urgent.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s appearance immediately suppressed and forced back the terrifying aura emanating from Zhou Weiqing’s body. However, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was still secretly shocked. Like the Terror Sea Dragon, he also detected the Emperor Dragon Bloodline contained within the aura from Zhou Weiqing’s body. In addition, there was also another bloodline power, seeming to be even greater than the Emperor Dragon Bloodline, now fused together with the Emperor Dragon Bloodline.

Although his senses told him what it was, all of his mind told him that such a thing could not possibly exist. Yet, the evidence was right before his eyes, and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had no choice but to accept it.

Zhou Weiqing’s Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline was originally weaker than the Emperor Dragon Bloodline. However, ever since he had activated the pure Demon God Power within the bloodline, the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline had undergone a transformation. Zhou Weiqing’s expression remained unchanged even as he gazed at the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Instead, the intense bloodshot color of his eyes grew even deeper. It now looked somewhat similar to the dark red eyes of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

“No one can stop me, not even you.” Zhou Weiqing’s ice-cold voice was emotionless. He lifted the right hand containing the Spatial Teleportation Gem, as Saint Energy that was as silver as the stars itself frantically surged towards it.

What was he going to do? This was the question in the minds of everyone who could clearly see Zhou Weiqing’s actions.

His words had been so bold and arrogant, how could he possibly be using the Spatial Teleportation Gem to leave this place?

Still, that should be the normal response. What chance would he have in the face of so many powerful experts?

However, Dong Fang did not plan on letting Zhou Weiqing leave. Once he left, he would surely become a mortal malady. “Stop him Senior Demon Dragon, we cannot let him escape.” Dong Fang said in a somewhat anxious manner. Meanwhile, the four Grand Elders and her also rose into the sky and headed straight for Zhou Weiqing.

Terrifying energy undulations rippled in the sky. The simultaneous explosion of Heavenly Energy from five Heavenly Emperor Stage experts was a very terrible sight. Even a Heavenly God Tier expert would not dare to be careless in the face of such a lineup.

Zhou Weiqing silently hovered in mid-air as if he was oblivious to everything that was happening around him. Under the strong infusion of Saint Energy, the pendant in his hand shone with dazzling silver light. It was just like a silver sun, emitting incomparably intense rays that no one dared to look directly at.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon had been heavily injured after the battle with the Terror Sea Dragon. It was only logical that it had not recovered after a short few days. The reason why it had appeared was because it had been startled by Zhou Weiqing’s earliest shout. To think that someone actually dared to yell Dongfang Hanyue’s name at XianTian Citadel. Moreover, the rudeness of this person. How could the Tenebrous Demon Dragon not have been shocked? How powerful must one be to say such words!

Thus, he had flew over immediately. What he found, was Zhou Weiqing. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not have any malice towards Zhou Weiqing. In contrast, it had a rather good impression of the latter. After all, Zhou Weiqing did save him back then. If not, it would not even be able to appear alive here today.

However, it could tell that Zhou Weiqing was clearly in a state of madness. Although the Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not know what had happened, it was better to capture him first. The members of XuanTian Palace would naturally handle the aftermath.

Pitch-black light caused the color of the land to change as an enormous curtain of darkness silently descended. It covered the area within a thousand meter radius.

Tenebrous Sealing Formation. That’s right. It was the Tenebrous Sealing Formation once more.

This was one of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s strongest techniques. Back then, it had needed to borrow the power of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation to deal with a powerful existence like the Terror Sea Dragon. As for Zhou Weiqing, although the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was gravely injured, once he used this technique it should be more than enough to take him down.

Upon seeing the curtain of black light engulf Zhou Weiqing, Dongfang and the four Grand Elders breathed out in relief. If this brat was allowed to leave, there would surely be a calamity in future. It was so serious that it could even be said to be a ticking time bomb for Xuantian Palace.

As long as the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was able to control the Tenebrous Sealing Formation and the cultivation level of the person activating the Spatial Teleportation Gem did not exceed it, it would be impossible to leave via teleportation.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze remained frosty as he continued to release his Saint Energy. He did not seem to care about anything that was happening in the outside world. The only things that mattered were the thick bloody light at the bottom of his eyes and the frightening will that seemed to lean towards dying together with his enemies.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said in a low voice, “Young man, I do not know what has happened, but you need to calm down. I will not tolerate your arrogance. Your cultivation level is already very good amongst the younger generation, but it is still impossible for you to teleport away inside my Tenebrous Sealing Formation. Surrender now. We can always discuss everything.”

“Surrender?”     Zhou   Weiqing’s   heart   had   completely descended into a half-crazed state, “You do not have the power to make me surrender. Do you really believe that the Tenebrous Sealing Formation can affect me? It’s too late.”

Hearing his icy voice felt like falling into a snow pit, a feeling that made one tremble all over. It was as if that malicious killing intent was so strong that it was almost visible, making it seem as if a blood-coloured light was actually emitting from his body.

For the sake of his wife, he had come here alone and challenged the entire XuanTian Palace. Such courage was already very admirable. Even in the face of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, his presence and aura did not seem to be the slightest bit inferior to the former. All of this caused the watching XuanTian Palace experts to be dumbfounded.

It was precisely at this moment that a clear cracking sound suddenly emerged from Zhou Weiqing’s hand. An intense silver light shot out and dashed into the skies.

The Tenebrous Sealing Formation might have been able to seal this silver light and prevent it from escaping. However, in the next moment, the silver light had already filled the entire space of the formation within a several thousand meter radius, pushing it to its limits.

A titanic and complicated symbol diagram emerged in the air. The powerful Spatial Attribute Energy fluctuations caused the surroundings to distort.

“Not good, he was not trying to teleport himself away, but do a  summoning.”  The  Tenebrous  Demon  Dragon  cried  out  in alarm. With a sudden flap of its wings, powerful Tenebrous Attribute energies surged towards the silver light.

Chapter256: Summoning? Great Dragons? Two Of Them?!

However… just as Zhou Weiqing said, he was too late.

Not even a Heavenly God was able to prevent Zhou Weiqing’s actions at a time like this. When the black light landed atop the silver light, it actually bounced off. The Tenebrous Attribute was actually unable to breach that incredibly dense Spatial Attribute.

Moments later, that powerful silver light began to twist and distort, transforming impossibly fast into an absolutely enormous vortex. Even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon blanched at this vortex. It frantically beat its wings to stay aloft, while Dong Fang and the other Heavenly Emperors didn’t dare to relax either. They could all tell that this was a Spatial Chaos Rift!

This was no mere technique. It was a true Spatial Chaos Rift. Anyone trapped in the center of it would instantly be ground apart and killed. Even Heavenly Gods wouldn’t be willing to touch that thing. Although Heavenly Gods had tough bodies, who knew where a Spatial Chaos Rift might lead? Right now, there was no one capable of holding Zhou Weiqing back. The silvery-white light emanating from Zhou Weiqing only grew stronger. As the creator of this Rift, he wouldn’t be affected by it because it was all being generated by his Spatial Teleportation Gem.

Terrifying ripples of energy burst out wildly, causing the absolutely awesome Spatial Chaos Rift to widen even further. The dense Heavenly Energy ripples caused the entire Xuantian Citadel to shudder. Moments later, an enormous figure suddenly flew out from the very center of the Spatial Chaos Rift.

It was a dragon. A giant dragon. This dragon was over a hundred meters long, and its wings were the size of giant stormclouds. This was an enormous dragon whose entire body was a fiery red.

Xuantian Palace’s powerhouses were all stunned. None of them ever would’ve imagined that Zhou Weiqing would be able to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem to summon an enormous dragon. And… judging from the size of the thing, it was far beyond the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s capabilities! Zhou Weiqing actually had a card like this? He was even able to summon a great dragon? No wonder he had come for the Spatial Teleportation Gem. He actually had an incredible secret technique to use it with! None of them knew that the Spatial Teleportation Gem could actually be used like this.

Judging from its size, this newly arrived great dragon was enough to be a match for all of the other Xuantian Palace powerhouses combined. Regardless of who won or lost, this would be an apocalyptic blow for Xuantian Palace. It was impossible to defeat such a powerful creature without paying a catastrophic price.

This was what Dong Fang was thinking, but the person who was the most shocked wasn’t her. It was the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. This was because the Tenebrous Demon Dragon could clearly sense that the great dragon before it had the most pure and exalted Dragon Emperor Bloodline. In other words… this was one of the true progeny and descendants of the Dragon Emperor!

It had once stated that even the progeny of the Dragon Emperor wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat the Terror Sea Dragon in the oceans, but that was just hypothetical. Amongst the dragons, without question the descendants of the Dragon Emperor were the most powerful of all. And… this great dragon was clearly an adult one! The Tenebrous Demon Dragon knew very well that the majesty of the Dragon Emperor Bloodline’s aura meant that there was no way it could last long in a fight against this great dragon. This would’ve been true even back when it was at the height of its power… and now, it had just recently suffered severe injuries. Good heavens! What sort of harbinger of doom had Xuantian Palace offended? He had actually summoned a great dragon like this!

If the arrival of the great dragon had caused Xuantian Palace’s forces to feel incomparable awe and horror… then what happened next drove them to absolute despair.

The enormous silver vortex that was the Spatial Chaos Rift didn’t close after the great dragon emerged. After it appeared, it flew straight behind Zhou Weiqing, and the very first thing it did was to lock its gaze unhesitatingly upon the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. A powerful draconic aura instantly swept forth.

In the next instant, yet another enormous figure began to slowly emerge from the Spatial Chaos Rift. When it appeared, the ambient temperature of all the mountains around Xuantian Palace actually began to skyrocket. The Tenebrous atmospheric energies were actually the first to vanish, and the Tenebrous Sealing Formation evaporated like smoke. Yes. This was another great dragon, and this one was actually twice as large as the first one! When this terrifyingly large dragon emerged, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon nearly fell down from the skies when it sensed the second dragon’s aura. The terrifying draconic aura alone was nearly enough to wipe out all four of the Heavenly Emperors.

T-this is…

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s eyes bulged out, and it couldn’t prevent its wings from shuddering. It recognized the second dragon. It genuinely recognized it. Is this the Dragon Emperor…?

Dong Fang and the four Grand Elders were completely stupefied. They were Heavenly Emperors, which meant they were supreme powerhouses amongst humans. Even Heavenly Jewel Masters wouldn’t dare to breathe loudly in their presence. But… when they saw those two enormous Heavenly God-level dragons which seemed to be even more terrifying than the Terror Sea Dragons (while not being weakened on land) they finally felt complete despair.

Bathed in blood. So he wasn’t just speaking out of anger when he said he would bathe us in blood. He’s actually able to do just that. If it had been just one great dragon, then the concentrated forces of Xuantian Palace might be able to just barely match it… but facing them was two adult great dragons!

Worse, the largest great dragon was emanating an aura that was probably close to that of a peak Heavenly God’s. Something like this would be able to kill the Tenebrous Demon Dragon with ease, much less them.

When the second great dragon appeared, it fluttered its wings and actually sent its great bulk flying into the skies. It then flew over to stand behind Zhou Weiqing, lifting him up onto its draconic head and then raising its head proudly. A dense beam of red light shot out, covering Zhou Weiqing within it. Its majestic draconic eyes were filled with a look of excitement.

Why had Zhou Weiqing come to Xuantian Palace to acquire the Spatial Teleportation Gem? It was because he needed to use it to bring forth these two great dragons, so that they wouldn’t have to destroy the Luster Spatial Realm and wreck the entire Heavenly Jewel Island. If he simply needed to bring them out… he could do that whenever he wanted, right?

However, prior to this Zhou Weiqing wasn’t absolutely certain about doing this. This was going to be his final, ultimate trump card. When the second Terror Sea Dragon had appeared, he had considered doing it, but he wasn’t sure if it would work. The Xuantian Continent was tens of thousands of kilometers away. Would he even be able to summon those two great dragons here? The Spatial Teleportation Gem didn’t have many uses left. Unless absolutely necessary, he wouldn’t casually risk it.

But the situation was now completely different. Bing’er was dead, and Zhou Weiqing had been driven mad with grief. Given the situation, how could he remain rational?

He wanted to gain revenge for Bing’er, but he himself wasn’t even close to being strong enough to do this. How could he be a match for Xuantian Palace? And so, he was left with no other options. He immediately made the seemingly-insane decision to summon the dragons… and his success had proven him right.

When Zhou Weiqing had first left the Luster Spatial Realm, the great dragon Hui Yao had placed its location marker within Zhou Weiqing’s mind and also told him the method needed to summon itself and Duo Si.

Zhou Weiqing had been worrying a bit too much. From a certain standpoint, it could be said the two great dragons didn’t quite exist within the Boundless Mainland. They existed in a separate realm entirely, and so ‘distance’ didn’t really come into play when moving from one realm to another. As a result, Zhou Weiqing succeeded. He actually managed to summon both of these great dragons.

Hui Yao’s eyes flashed with lightning. It had already recovered fully, and its majestic gaze became locked onto the Tenebrous Demon Dragon as well. “Thank you, Weiqing. You helped us escape. It seems you have met with some trouble. Speak. What do you need us to do?”

Hui Yao’s voice was very low, but when it spoke it caused the mountains to tremble. Everything around it slowly began to turn red.

This was completely different from how the Tenebrous Demon Dragon or the Terror Sea Dragon used atmospheric energies. When they used atmospheric energies, they clearly had to rely on their own energies to do it. This great dragon Hui Yao, however, had given off a completely different feeling. It was as though the atmospheric energies had voluntarily submitted to it, naturally allowing it to command them.

When the Tenebrous Demon Dragon heard Hui Yao’s words, it felt despair. Dragons were extremely proud, and they would never allow humans to command them without a good reason. The reason he remained here and protected Xuantian Palace was because Xuantian Palace consisted of the descendants of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Bloodline. However, these two great dragons who had the Dragon Emperor Bloodline actually seemed to be submissive towards Zhou Weiqing. This was simply unbelievable.

None of them had any idea that Zhou Weiqing had actually saved the lives of these two great dragons! If it wasn’t for him and his women, Duo Si probably would’ve died long ago, and none of her children would’ve survived. If it wasn’t for them, Hui Yao wouldn’t have been revived either. Thus, although these great dragons were incredibly proud figures, they treated Zhou Weiqing as an absolute equal. He was a friend, a comrade, an ally. Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath. Just as he was preparing to give the order to kill them all, a shrill voiced suddenly shrieked out.  “Weiqing,  don’t!  Bing’er  isn’t  dead!”   The  voice  was followed by two figures charging out of Xuantian Palace at high speed, and they immediately moved over to Dong Fang and the four Grand Elders.

This time, it was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be dazed. Although his gaze had become clouded by bloodlust, he was still able to clearly see who had just come flying out of Xuantian Citadel.

Dongfang Hanyue was dressed in a long green dress, and next to her was Shangguan Bing’er in a long white dress. It looked like she was perfectly fine and as beautiful as always.

Dongfang Hanyue pulled Shangguan Bing’er forwards, her beautiful eyes wide open in shock.

All of this was technically due to a misunderstanding. When Zhou Weiqing had arrived here and started to shout, Dongfang Hanyue had heard him from within Xuantian Citadel. She didn’t realize that Zhou Weiqing already knew for certain that something had happened to Shangguan Bing’er. When she heard him shouting like that, she felt a bit angry. She had given him the most precious thing she had. Did he still view her as being less worthy than his wife? And so, she didn’t immediately emerge.

In addition, just yesterday Dong Fang and the other four Grand Elders had already acceded to Dongfang Hanyue’s suggestion of releasing Shangguan Bing’er. Dongfang Hanyue had casually strolled over to Shangguan Bing’er. When she saw Shangguan Bing’er, she even joked to Bing’er and told her not to rush out right away. They wanted to make that bad man feel impatient and anxious for a time.

She had been afraid that Shangguan Bing’er would hold a grudge, and so she had spent quite a bit of time over the past two days chatting with her. The two had discussed many things, but she had forgotten to return Shangguan Bing’er’s Spatial Ring to her. This was why Zhou Weiqing hadn’t been able to reach Shangguan Bing’er this entire time.

This all took time to describe, but in truth mere moments had passed between Zhou Weiqing first arriving at Xuantian Citadel and the two great dragons being summoned. By the time Dongfang Hanyue led Shangguan Bing’er in speeding out of Xuantian Citadel, Zhou Weiqing’s side was already prepared for war.

The words ‘kill them all’ were stuck inside Zhou Weiqing’s throat, unable to come out. It must be remembered that both Hui Yao and Duo Si had flared their auras and were waiting for the signal. Once he actually ordered for them to kill everyone before him, they would carry it out without hesitation.

That terrifying suppressive aura continued to hang in the air, but Zhou Weiqing just stared wide-eyed. The ancient, deathly aura emanating him melted away like frost in the sun, while the redness in his eyes gradually receded as well.

Bing’er  isn’t  dead.  Bing’er  isn’t  dead.  Zhou  Weiqing  was unable to control himself, and his tears began to slide down his face while his body began to shake even harder.

“Give Bing’er back to me and I’ll spare you,”  Zhou Weiqing said hoarsely. His voice didn’t sound threatening at all… but he had those two great dragons by his side.

Dongfang Hanyue finally came back to her senses. When she looked at Zhou Weiqing’s pathetic, sniveling face, she couldn’t help but feel a sourness in her heart. She forgot that she was the Xuantian Palace Lord and, in this moment, became nothing more than a little girl. If I was the one who was in trouble, would he be this anxious?

“I refuse. Go ahead and kill me.”  Dongfang Hanyue raised her head and stared coldly at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing was dazed. When he saw that Shangguan Bing’er was fine, he suddenly went through yet another mood swing, soaring from the depths of depression to the heights of joy. By now, he no longer felt that much enmity.

When he heard Dongfang Hanyue refuse, he actually didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how he was supposed to handle this situation. Only, when he saw that stubborn look on her face he couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

In the end, it was Shangguan Bing’er who resolved this deadlock. “Little Fatty, what the hell are you doing? Hanyue has been treating me wonderfully. I’m fine!” As she spoke, she summoned her Wings of the Wind God and flew over towards Zhou Weiqing.

Clearly, no one was going to stop her. Dong Fang and the four Grand Elders had completely shut up. They could clearly sense that if anything was to actually happen to Shangguan Bing’er, Zhou Weiqing probably really would’ve ordered these two enormous great dragons to level Xuantian Citadel. No matter how crafty they were, they had no solutions for dealing with these two leviathans.

The Wings of the Wind God were incredibly fast, allowing Shangguan Bing’er to almost instantly appear before Zhou Weiqing. Ignoring the fact that so many people were present, Zhou Weiqing immediately pulled her into his arms while using both hands to roam around her body shamelessly. Only after making sure that she was completely unharmed did he finally and truly relax.

Even though many people were watching, Shangguan Bing’er didn’t resist in the slightest. She just tightly held onto his waist, pressing her face tightly against his chest.

Although she and Dongfang Hanyue had arrived just moments ago, the conversation outside the citadel had been carried out using Heavenly Energy. Thus, even inside the citadel she knew exactly what was happening.

For her sake, this man had been willing to face down the entire Xuantian Palace. He was going to bathe it in blood, all by himself. How could she not feel moved? This was her man, her Little Fatty!

Dongfang Hanyue stared at Zhou Weiqing, who was standing atop the enormous head of Hui Yao. Her eyes couldn’t help but redden, because she knew that a few days from now she might never see this man again. She was jealous of Shangguan Bing’er, jealous of the fact that she could be with him while Dongfang Hanyue herself had to shoulder all those responsibilities by herself. Her father’s legacy, Xuantian Palace’s future… they were the heaviest shackles she had to bear.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er cuddled together for quite some time before slowly separating. None of the Xuantian Palace powerhouses actually dared to disturb them. The awesome presence of the two Heavenly God-level great dragons was simply too terrifying. At a time like this, they no longer worried about Xuantian Palace’s face. They were worried about Xuantian Palace’s continued survival.

“Little Fatty, you were wrong in blaming big sister Hanyue. She treated me very well and she told me many things. Previously, Xuantian Palace did in fact temporarily confine me to my quarters because they weren’t certain as to why we had come, but they didn’t hurt me. When big sister Hanyue heard the news, she immediately came back to persuade them otherwise. I was planning to come out and search for you today.”

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head, sighing mentally to himself. He felt as though his life was changing far too rapidly. He then turned to stare at the distant Dongfang Hanyue, feeling rather awkward.

“So, uh, Hanyue… um… I guess this was a misunderstanding?” Zhou Weiqing stuttered.

Dongfang Hanyue bit her lower lips, struggling to prevent her tears from falling down. However, she simply couldn’t stop them.

Zhou Weiqing spread his wings and flew towards Xuantian Palace. The great dragons Hui Yao and Duo Si simply remained where they were, waiting for him. They were certain that no one would dare to cause trouble for Zhou Weiqing with them present.

Shangguan Bing’er didn’t head over, she just remained on Hui Yao’s head, a rather odd look on her face. Dongfang Hanyue hadn’t held anything back in her talks with Shangguan Bing’er, including what had happened between her and Zhou Weiqing and the feelings she felt for him. At first, Shangguan Bing’er had blamed Zhou Weiqing for this. No matter how gentle she was, she was still a woman…
and she had two sisters back home! This Little Fatty, he really does have a lover in every port. Even when he goes to a different continent, he still won’t stop! But when Zhou Weiqing had risked everything to challenge Xuantian Palace today, that bit of resentment vanished from her heart. Now, she actually sympathized with Dongfang Hanyue.

Dongfang Hanyue was Xuantian Palace’s Palace Lord. There was naturally no way she could return with Zhou Weiqing to the Boundless Mainland. She liked him, but she couldn’t be together with him. This was the most agonizing type of feeling there was. In comparison, Bing’er was much more fortunate.

Dong Fang and the four Grand Elders were now thing more than spectators. In truth, they mostly felt admiration for Dongfang Hanyue. Even though she might’ve guided by her feelings, her evaluation of Zhou Weiqing was spot on. Who would’ve imagined that this young man could actually summon two great dragons? If it hadn’t been for Dongfang Hanyue bringing Shangguan Bing’er out, there would probably be no way to return from what was about to happen. Xuantian Palace’s foundation, built up over thousands of years, probably would have been completely destroyed!

Shangguan Bing’er was now back by Zhou Weiqing’s side, metaphorically speaking. Judging from the looks of things, this wasn’t going to result in a fight after all. Dong Fang let out a slight sigh, then waved her hand and led the four Grand Elders back into Xuantian Citadel. She did this partially because their presence here was superfluous, and partially to show that Xuantian Citadel didn’t have any hostility towards Zhou Weiqing. Dong Fang wasn’t a fool. Letting Dongfang Hanyue chat privately with Zhou Weiqing was actually the best choice right now. Zhou Weiqing dispelled his wings, landing before Dongfang Hanyue. When he saw the tears streaming down her face but that stubborn look remain in her eyes, his heart instantly softened.

“Hanyue,  it  was  all  a  misunderstanding.  This  was  all  my fault, but I never suspected you personally, I just thought that Xuantian Palace was going to do something bad to Bing’er. No matter what, it was all my fault.” Daring to admit fault was one of Zhou Weiqing’s exemplary personal traits.

Sometimes, there were many problems between a man and a woman which were caused by both sides being stubborn and hard-headed. If one side could voluntarily admit fault, even the most serious of disputes would be easily resolved. But of course, this was only if both truly loved each other.

When Dongfang Hanyue saw that sincere look on Zhou Weiqing’s face, she suddenly leapt forwards and threw herself into his arms, sobbing loudly. She wasn’t crying because he apologized, she was crying because after today, she probably would never see him again. She couldn’t bear to let him go!

His arms around Hanyue’s smooth and supple frame, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel excited. He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Yue-yue, come with me.”

Dongfang Hanyue continued to cry without stopping, unable to reply right away. She was very happy that Zhou Weiqing had said these words, but… could she actually leave? She bore far too many burdens on her shoulders. The entire Xuantian Palace needed her!

Thus, after hearing Zhou Weiqing’s sincere invitation, she only cried all the harder, using her hands to pound against Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

As for the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, it was extremely uncomfortable due to the two Dragon Emperors staring at it. It said tentatively to Hui Yao, “If you are willing, you can rest a while at my place. It seems this was all nothing more than a misunderstanding.” Hui Yao glance calmly at it, then said, “We’ll just stay here. We wouldn’t want to disturb your rest or cultivation. Since this was all a misunderstanding, everything will be fine once all has been explained. We’ll be leaving soon. I don’t think this place is the Boundless Mainland.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon secretly let out a sigh of relief. It was better if the two didn’t come to its place. These two were capable of summoning an overwhelming amount of Fire Attribute atmospheric energies, while his own residence was filled with Tenebrous energies. If they actually came to visit, it would probably take him forever to restore his lair to its usual appearance. The only reason it had extended the offer was to demonstrate its sincerity.

“Yes,  this  place  is  the  Xuantian  Continent.  We’re  tens  of thousands of kilometers away from the Boundless Mainland,” the Tenebrous Demon Dragon said respectfully.

A flicker of deep concern appeared within Hui Yao’s eyes. When Zhou Weiqing had summoned them, they had been filled with excitement as they were finally going to return to the outside world and wouldn’t need to destroy the Luster Spatial Realm. That was a place their ancestors had established, after all. If they could avoid destroying it, that would be ideal. But, after a few brief moments of excitement, they became filled with concern for their children as well as towards that nameless, powerful enemy. Even if they were able to find that opponent, would they be able to bring their children back safely?

Zhou Weiqing caressed Dongfang Hanyue’s back. He said softly, “Stop crying, Hanyue. My heart breaks when I see you cry. I don’t want to part from you either! But… just like you, I bear many burdens and responsibilities. I need to go back to save my parents, and there are many other tasks I have to accomplish as well. I want to stay behind with you, but I…”

“Say no more.” Dongfang Hanyue lifted up her head, staring at Zhou Weiqing with her reddened eyes. “I just want to ask you one thing. Once everything is settled, will you come back for me?”

When he saw that stubborn, hopeful look in her eyes, he didn’t  hesitate  in  saying,  “Absolutely!  Of  course  I  will! Anywhere between five and ten years from now, I’ll come back here and find you. Not only am I going to come and seek you out, I’m going to take you away. I’m confident that by then, no one in the Xuantian Continent will be able to stop me. I’ll take you away, even if I have to kidnap you to do so.” Zhou Weiqing’s words were extremely dominating. Dongfang Hanyue’s heartbroken face finally revealed a hint of happiness. “Really? Don’t lie to me. Otherwise, I’m going to lead Xuantian Palace in attacking your Boundless Mainland.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed bitterly, “My strongest point is also my weakest point. I’m soft-hearted! Especially towards my women. Don’t worry, I’ll do what I promised.”

Dongfang Hanyue nodded slowly. “I’ll wait for you. Five years, ten years… even twenty years or longer, I’ll wait for you. No. If you don’t come back to me in ten years, I’ll assume you are dead. I’ll personally lead all the powerhouses of Xuantian Palace to the Boundless Mainland to avenge you.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart trembled. When he saw that stubborn look in her eyes, he grew all the more reluctant to part with her. Even though they had only been together briefly, he could tell from her eyes that she cared just as deeply for him as any of his women did. This was a woman who was worthy of his love!

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely stay alive. For your sake, and for the sake of my wives, I’ll definitely stay alive.” Dongfang Hanyue snorted. “I heard from Bing’er that you are a total lecher. Hmph. I’m the last one, you hear me? Otherwise, once you bring me back I’ll kill the extras that came after me. Five to ten years! I might be able to become a Heavenly God by then. I’m not kidding around with you.”

“I wouldn’t dare. I really wouldn’t.” Zhou Weiqing scratched his head. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to explain you to the others when I get back. It seemed he really would have to keep himself under control in the future. No matter how beautiful the women he met were, he would keep a respectable distance from them. Otherwise, these women would eventually tear him limb from limb!

When she saw Zhou Weiqing nodded his head obediently like a scolded child, Dongfang Hanyue couldn’t help but let out a giggle. The next moment, tears once more began to cascade down from her beautiful eyes.

“G-go on. Beat it. I’m afraid that if you don’t leave right away, I won’t be willing to let you leave at all.” Dongfang Hanyue cast him a final lingering glance, then slowly turned with her back facing him. She didn’t want to watch him leave.

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, just barely able to control his emotions. He gritted his teeth, then stepped forward to pull Dongfang Hanyue over towards him, planting a deep kiss on her lips which completely melted her.

Silver light flashed. A heartbeat later, Zhou Weiqing appeared in the distant skies, landing on Hui Yao’s head once more. “Let’s go.”

Hui Yao and Duo Si exchanged a glance, then simultaneously spread their enormous wings and soared into the skies, flying far away.

Dongfang Hanyue watched them leave, a lost look in her eyes. “Weiqing, you have to come back! I’ll wait for you.”

Zhou Weiqing stood on Hui Yao’s head, unable to control his emotions for a long time. Shangguan Bing’er stood off to one side, not disturbing him. She was a truly good girl who would always be considerate of the feelings of others. She could clearly sense how much it had hurt Dongfang Hanyue to part with him. Hadn’t she felt the same way when she parted with her Little Fatty?

Hui Yao and its wife flew westwards. Their movements seemed very slow, but in reality they were travelling incredibly fast. It had taken Zhou Weiqing two full days of flying to reach Xuantian Citadel, but it took them just a few hours on the way back before they saw the sea once more.

Hui Yao retracted its wings slightly, allowing its ponderous bulk to descend upon the ocean. “Weiqing, why did you come to the Xuantian Continent? If at all possible, Duo Si and I would like to avoid flying through the skies above the ocean. The Water Attribute atmospheric energies above the ocean are extremely dense, which is not good for our cultivation. In addition, if we were to fly through the skies of the ocean, the marine life below would be heavily impacted by us. Some might be so terrified that they’ll die on the spot. I do not wish to see this.”

Zhou Weiqing had finally recovered. He thought for a moment, then said, “We do have a way back which is fairly fast, but… what should we do with the two of you? Your bodies are so huge…”

Hui Yao smiled. “You don’t need to worry about that. Have you forgotten the Spatial Teleportation Gem? We can temporarily reside within it and slumber. If you need anything, you can summon us out as you please. That gem doesn’t seem to stable, so I’ll make use of the time to fix and remake it. Otherwise, this priceless treasure will be useless after a few more activations.” Zhou Weiqing chortled. “That’s perfect. Very well then, I’ll put you two inside.”  While speaking, he flicked his wrist and sent the Sea Emperor Shuttle flying out to land within the ocean, its ‘lid’ opening up.

Just as Hui Yao had said, if the two of them were to fly across the sea it would cause the waters below them to turn a faint red color. Their natural, dense aura of Fire Attribute energy had already caused countless fish to die and come floating up to the surface, completely cooked. No wonder Hui Yao was unwilling to fly across the sea. Even creatures as mighty as dragons were unwilling to commit too much pointless killings.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er entered the Sea Emperor Shuttle. Hui Yao exchanged a glance with its wife. The thick red aura suddenly vanished around them as their giant bodies transformed into two streaks of fiery light that shot into the Spatial Teleportation Gem over Zhou Weiqing’s chest. It felt like an absolutely enormous amount of energy had just poured into it. Before Zhou Weiqing even had a chance to get a clear picture of the energies involved, Hui Yao and Duo Si both completely vanished. As they vanished, the world around them went back to normal and no more red color appeared in the seas. Zhou Weiqing closed the lid to the Sea Emperor Shuttle, then turned over to look at Shangguan Bing’er. It had been nearly a year since the two had come out on this expedition. They had finally completed their mission. It was time to come home.

Zhou Weiqing held Shangguan Bing’er’s slender hand, then said in a piteous way, “Bing’er, I know that I was at fault. I was wrong. I swear, she’ll be the last one. I’ll never touch another woman again, ever. Alright?”

Shangguan Bing’er let out a soft sigh. “Just keep control of yourself. Little Fatty, I just want to tell you that there are far, far too many wonderful women in the world. You can’t make all of them yours. I can forgive you… but back home are my two sisters and Tian’er, and also that Little Witch who sacrificed herself to rescue you.”

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head. “I know, I know. It’s all my fault. This time, when I go back, if I get into another relationship with any other women, you can go ahead and castrate me. I won’t voice a word of complaint.”

Shangguan Bing’er let out a startled laugh. “You said it. Don’t go back on your word.” “Uh… can I take it back? And besides, could you really bear to?” Zhou Weiqing chortled naughtily.

Shangguan Bing’er snorted. “Why wouldn’t I? All you ever do is bully us.”

Zhou Weiqing pulled her into his arms. “You can’t call this ‘bullying’. The term for it is ‘love’. See, its been ages since I’ve loved you. I feel as though you are a stranger. Let me see if my Bing’er was mistreated recently in Xuantian Palace. Let’s see if you’ve grown thinner…”

Chapter257: Do not think you have already won!

With this delay, another two hours passed just like that. At last, the two of them finally activated the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, speeding off directly into the deep ocean waters.

This entire year in the Xuantian Continent could be said to be extremely rewarding for Zhou Weiqing. Not only had he completed his mission, his own cultivation had improved greatly, with his Saint Energy actually reaching the thirty eighth stage, one step closer to his Saint Core Nucleus. Zhou Weiqing could vaguely sense that if he really managed to consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus, his power would rise qualitatively again. Then, perhaps he could even take on Heavenly God Tier powerhouses without being too afraid, let alone Heavenly Emperors.

The speed of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle was already extremely fast, and with Zhou Weiqing infusing as much Saint Energy as it could take, it sped along like a bolt of lightning cutting through the oceans. If they kept up such speeds, Zhou Weiqing estimated that they would take only around two months or so before they could return to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Very quickly, a day passed, and they submerged the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle deeper into the ocean.

Even as Zhou Weiqing was continuously infusing Saint Energy into the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, abruptly the ocean waters in front of them seemed to undergo a strange change. Since Zhou Weiqing was using his Saint Energy to activate the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, his senses had been extended out a great distance and with maximum sensitivity, as if the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle was part of his body. At this moment, the entire Sea Emperor’s Shuttle felt as if it had slammed into a giant, invisible net, the powerful constraints causing their speed to slow drastically.

When they looked out, everything seemed normal, the ocean waters still as clear and as beautiful as ever. However, the sense of being bound up was just too strong, and as the Sea Emperor Shuttle continued slowing, it actually seemed like it was about to stop.

Not Good!

Zhou Weiqing cried out inwardly, abruptly bursting forth with as much Saint Energy as he could infuse. In that instant, the Sea Emperor Shuttle exploded with a piercing silver-white light. Instead of moving forward, it began to rise in a wild, meteoric fashion. In a swoosh, it burst free from the ocean waters.

Right as they left the ocean, a terrifying huge mouth slammed shut where they had been an instant ago. If Zhou Weiqing had not reacted swiftly enough, they would have been swallowed entirely by those giant jaws.

In midair, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had jumped out of the Sea Emperor Shuttle, swiftly withdrawing it back into his Sumeru Ring.

The two of them immediately brought their wings into play, soaring higher into the sky as they focused their vision downwards.

Currently, on the surface of the ocean a massive whirlpool of almost thousand metres in diameter had formed. At the same time, a low, venomous voice rang out from that whirlpool.

“I never really expected that it would be you. Little brat, this time let’s see who can save you.” A giant, ferocious head slowly poked out of the center of the whirlpool. It was the surviving Terror Sea Dragon that had been wounded by Zhou Weiqing and Dongfang Hanyue.

When Zhou Weiqing saw it, he couldn’t help but be stunned momentarily. This fellow was just like a ghost haunting him, always appearing inexorably and seeking vengeance. He had already been pushing the Sea Emperor Shuttle at an extreme speed, yet he had still been intercepted by it. This luck, it was really…

If the situation had been similar to their journey to the Xuantian Continent, Zhou Weiqing would definitely not have overlooked this critical detail, possibly taking a long way around. However, this time he was accompanied by the two great Dragons, and thus he had not bothered trying to hide, just taking the most direct route. Who would have imagined that he would really meet this Terror Sea Dragon once more.

It had barely been a few days since they had last clashed, but it looked like this fellow had not only recovered fully, it had also become larger and stronger. It seemed like its cultivation had even grown severely.

In truth, it was Zhou Weiqing’s own folly in this matter. If he was not using the Sea Emperor Shuttle, in the vast oceans, no matter how powerful the Terror Sea Dragon was, how could it possibly discover them? However, the Sea Emperor Shuttle was after all created using the Heavenly Core of the Terror Sea Dragon’s father, and the aura it gave off was just too familiar to it. How could it possibly not be able to sense it?

Suddenly sensing such a familiar presence, this Terror Sea Dragon had naturally rushed over to investigate. As for the reason why its cultivation had risen so suddenly, it was actually not that it had gained some inspiration or benefit in the big fight, but rather because after the fight, although its brother had self-detonated its Heavenly Core Nucleus, it had not fully succeeded. As such, a portion of its Heavenly Core had remained, sinking to the depths of the oceans. Since the ocean was its domain, how could this Terror Sea Dragon not be able to find it?

It was exactly because it could depend on the remnants of its brother’s Heavenly Core that it was able to recover in such a short period of time, and improve its cultivation level as well.

“It looks like your luck is really not bad at all,” Zhou Weiqing said to Shangguan Bing’er beside him, totally ignoring the Terror Sea Dragon. The only thing he continued to do was soar higher with Bing’er, attempting to draw open the gap between themselves and the Terror Sea Dragon. Currently, Shangguan Bing’er was definitely very nervous. After all, the Terror Sea Dragon was a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, a hegemon over the oceans. Furthermore, its look was so savage and ferocious.

“Is that the Terror Sea Dragon?”  Shangguan Bing’er asked worriedly.

Zhou  Weiqing  nodded  and  said:  “Yes,  but  do  not  worry.
Relax, I will handle it.”

Seeing the two young humans continue soaring into the skies, the Terror Sea Dragon was not anxious at all. Its massive body actually sprang out of the waters. Although it did not have wings, with its powerful cultivation, flying in the air was naturally not a problem.

In the oceans, its senses and perception were extremely powerful. It had been looking out for Dongfang Hanyue, and it had long realised that this time she was not following Zhou Weiqing. As for the other human beside him, she was even weaker, and it dismissed her at once, not worried at all.

The Terror Sea Dragon hated Zhou Weiqing to the core. If it was not able to torture him to death, it would not rest. As for the period of torture, it had decided to lengthen it further.

Both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er flew extremely fast, and they soon soared to more than a thousand metre height. The Terror Sea Dragon was following behind them. Currently, the skies were an azure blue as the Water Attribute energies grew stronger all about them, beginning to exert a binding force upon them that grew stronger by the minute, causing their speeds to slow down as time went by.

This was actually because the Terror Sea Dragon wanted them to slowly feel fear, bit by bit. After all, Zhou Weiqing was now ‘alone’, and though he had launched a surprisingly strong attack previously, what kind of existence was the Terror Sea Dragon? Naturally, it sensed a temporary eruption of power. This time, not only had it grown stronger, it was also fully prepared, ready to squash Zhou Weiqing like the little bug he was.

The terrifying energy reverberations flowed in the sky. At this moment, even Zhou Weiqing was feeling rather nervous. However, this nervousness was not regarding whether or not they could escape from the Terror Sea Dragon, but whether or not they could successfully kill the Terror Sea Dragon before it escaped. “Little brat, today you will not have any other chances. I will tear your skin and break all your bones, letting you die bit by bit. Ohh, it looks like the energy within your body is rather unique, perhaps it will have some use to me. I will definitely have a good meal and digest it properly. Do not bother with your puny resistance any longer.”

The pressure from the water attribute energies was steadily increasing, the energy fluctuations growing more violent. In an abrupt increase of power, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er found they were no longer able to continue flying upwards.

The Terror Sea Dragon had grown to almost a hundred metres long, and it soared arrogantly in the skies near them. Since it was just Zhou Weiqing, it naturally did not deem it necessary to immerse its body in the oceans. Furthermore, this was in the skies above the oceans, and the Water Attribute energies in the atmosphere was still relatively high.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing began to laugh at the Terror Sea Dragon. “Big fellow, do not think you have won like that. This is just the beginning.”

Of course, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were no match for the Terror Sea Dragon. If they took into account the dangers of the oceans, he would not choose such a straight-line fashion to travel back to the Boundless Mainland. However, he was currently so bold because he was now able to rely on others, and his confidence was far greater now, even compared to when he was in the Xuantian Palace. After all, at that time,
he did not know if the summons would actually succeed, but now he had no such worries.

Two balls of red light swelled out from Zhou Weiqing’s chest. One in the skies, one further below near the ocean. Even the powerful Terror Sea Dragon did not have time to react as the skies began to change colour instantly.

In truth, when the Terror Sea Dragon first appeared, Hui Yao had already contacted Zhou Weiqing. With the sudden appearance of a Heavenly God Tier, how could the two dragons not pay attention to it and attach great importance to the matter? Zhou Weiqing luring the Terror Sea Dragon into the skies was actually a suggestion from Hui Yao. He knew that if the Terror Sea Dragon was in the oceans, although they could still easily defeat it, it would still not be easy for them to stop it from escaping. After all, the geographical and attribute advantage was just too obvious. However, once they were all in the skies, the situation would be vastly different. Although it was still above the oceans, the skies were the realm of the Emperor Dragon bloodlines, and how could they all remain arrogant in their domain! When the terrifying red light descended, covered the skies and blanketed the area, the Terror Sea Dragon began to panic. Subconsciously, it began to dive down back for the safety of the ocean.

“Back.” Duo Si’s disdainful voice rang out. A violent explosion, and the massive body of the Terror Sea Dragon bounced back upwards.

When the red light appeared, a searing hot energy enveloped Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. In the next moment, both their bodies soared higher into the skies, and they were no longer able to see the situation below clearly. All they could see was an endless sea of red. Vaguely, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were able to clearly sense the violent energies clashing below behind the cover of the red light. Of course, it was just the fluctuations, as in their position they would not be affected at all.

The fight between three mighty dragons was undoubtedly extremely exciting, but in order to ensure the safety of the two young humans, and also to prevent the Terror Sea Dragon from being a cornered dog that leaps over the wall in desperation[1. Literal translation, depicting a cornered beast often doing anything desperate. In this case, probably referring to it suicide killing Zhou Weiqing], Hui Yao did not allow them to watch.

Very quickly, ten minutes had passed, and the surging energies below the red cloud began to calm down. Abruptly, silence reigned as the red light withdrew, revealing the scene below to Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er.

The originally brutally unmatched Terror Sea Dragon no longer seemed like a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. Although its body was huge, it paled in comparison to Hui Yao. Currently, Hui Yao’s front claws were grabbing the Terror Sea Dragon by its neck and back, just lifting it up like that in midair. Its body had shrunk by a third, its entire tail end had vanished, and there were terrible burn marks all over its entire body. Of all the ferocious looking spikes on its body, more than two thirds had been broken or clipped. In front of two mighty Dragons with the Emperor bloodline, especially now that they were in midair, it naturally had no chance at all.

The Terror Sea Dragon was still alive, but it was fully restricted by Hui Yao’s powerful dragon powers. Currently, its eyes no longer held any venom; all that was left was utter terror.

Zhou Weiqing spread his hands and shrugged, saying: “I told you long before that I have the Emperor Dragon bloodline, but you refused to believe me. This time, you can’t escape right? Well, this time we did snatch the Spatial Teleportation Gem from the Xuantian Palace, but we have in turn helped them solve this big problem, so it isn’t too bad for them at all. Senior Hui Yao, could you please finish him off, lest this big fellow causes trouble in the oceans once more.”

Hui  Yao  laughed  heartily  and  said:  “There  is  no  rush  to finishing it off, it still has a good usage.”  Although they were both considered dragons, but they were separated into different tribe groups. Furthermore, Hui Yao was of the highest and proudest of the Emperor Dragon bloodlines, and he had been helped by Zhou Weiqing so many times. He had always wanted to return the favour, and this was a perfect opportunity.

“Good usage? Could it be that Senior wants it to carry us back  to  the  Boundless  Mainland?”   Zhou  Weiqing  asked curiously.

Hui Yao shook its head, saying: “How could that be possible? Don’t look at its dejected posture now. Once it returns to the ocean, that will change instantly. The greatest innate talent of the Terror Sea Dragon is that it is able to draw upon the powers of the oceans to heal its wounds. It may be severely injured now, but once it re-enters the oceans, it can use its secret arts to escape instantly. Before long, it will be back spry and alive again. As such, we cannot allow it to touch the ocean once more.”

Hearing Hui Yao’s words, the Terror Sea Dragon in his claws couldn’t help but reveal a look of despair. Currently it was fully under Hui Yao’s control, even if it wanted to self-detonate its Heavenly Core, it was already too late. Zhou Weiqing asked wonderingly: “Then… Senior’s meaning is?”

Hui Yao laughed heartily and said: “You little brat, sometimes you can be so unbelievably intelligent, yet you can also be so slow at times. Such a perfect opportunity and target, it isn’t so easy to look for. Do you think your Devour Skill is a mere decorative tool?”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing’s heart trembled. The Devour Skill… Hui Yao had kept the Terror Sea Dragon… all for him to use the Devour Skill?

When they were still in the Lustre Spatial Realm, he had used the Devour Skill on both Hui Yao and Duo Si. However, that was just a very tiny portion of their power, fully under the control of both dragons. At that time, Hui Yao had said that after Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring, he would need a few years to recover. Now, it seemed like that was just a joke, to allow him to search for the Spatial Teleportation Gem without worrying too much.

It was exactly because he had once Devoured these two mighty Dragons before that Zhou Weiqing knew how terrifying a Dragon’s Heavenly Energy was. That was not just a mere tiny sum of energy! Furthermore, if he was using the Devour Skill on the Terror Sea Dragon, he did not even need to consider any qualms or scruples at all, and could just directly Devour its life force as well. The entirety of a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast’s Heavenly Energy, life force and core primordial qi… what kind of terrifying power was that? Even for Zhou Weiqing, he found it hard to imagine it.

Hui Yao nodded to him and said: “Don’t stand around being amazed. Start now. I have already sent my senses through your body. Your cultivation has improved again, and your body has evolved to be strong and flexible enough… there should be no problems Devouring this Terror Sea Dragon. If the energy is too much, you can also share some with this little girlfriend of yours.”

Zhou Weiqing had never been a shy or conventional person, and he did not hide his excitement and joy. After bowing towards Hui Yao, he appeared in a flash in front of the Terror Sea Dragon.

When the Terror Sea Dragon saw Zhou Weiqing approach it, the venom in its eyes returned. Ever since it had met this human, it had been plagued with constant bad luck. What was he going to do now? Before the Terror Sea Dragon could think more, a sudden pain on its neck, and a terrifying pressure caused it to have no chance to move at all, let alone resist.

In order to ensure Zhou Weiqing’s safety, to prevent the Terror Sea Dragon from possibly countering him, Duo Si also flew over to the other side of the Terror Sea Dragon, grabbing it in a painful grip to stabilize its position in the skies.

With the two mighty Heavenly God Tier Dragons wielding the full force of their pressure on it, let alone this Terror Sea Dragon, even if it were its big brother, or its father here instead, there would still be no difference. This was the absolute pressure of two Emperor Dragon bloodlines!

Zhou Weiqing flew all the way to the front of the Terror Sea Dragon before stopping; at the same time he motioned Shangguan Bing’er to hover by his side. As soon as the energy Devoured was too much, he would be able to infuse Saint Energy into Shangguan Bing’er’s body, to help him share some of it.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation stage had already reached nine Jewels, this trip to the Xuantian Continent could be said to be wracked with dangers. No matter entering the Xuantian Palace, or facing the Terror Sea Dragons several times… all of those powerhouses had the abilities to finish him off!

Now that he was about to return to the Boundless Mainland, he knew its current situation was even more complex and complicated than the Xuantian Continent. In the past, Zhou Weiqing might not have met so any powerhouses at once when compared to his time in the Xuantian Continent, but if one considered the total amount of powerhouses, the truth was the Boundless Mainland definitely had a far greater amount. Furthermore, there was still the owner of the Destruction energies; no one knew who he was or where he was hiding. Not to mention the future threat of the Nether Realm.

As such, he really needed to improve his own strength so much. With such a great opportunity in front of him, he would definitely not let it go. In this world, there were not many people with the same fortune as he had.

Just the Devour Skill alone meant he was matchless in the entire Boundless Mainland in that area… added on to the help of the two dragons. Even a top powerhouse like the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord would not have met the same situation!

In the end, Zhou Weiqing simply stood on the Terror Sea Dragon’s massive head, his hands extended, each grasping one of the sharp spikes on its head that hadn’t been broken.

These spikes could once shoot off the terrifying water attribute shots. Alas, with Hui Yao and Duo Si pressuring it and keeping it under control, they were like dead objects.

Zhou Weiqing drew in a deep breath, letting himself calm down first. At the same time, he began to circulate the Saint Energy in his body first in preparation.

He did not rush into using the Devour Skill, as he knew the incoming flow of power would just be too huge. If he was not careful, it might actually have an adverse effect. Zhou Weiqing was an intelligent person, and he would not make such an obvious error in judgement.

It took him nearly fifteen minutes before Zhou Weiqing brought his entire body and powers to tip top condition, staying in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state. A silver- white light was shimmering faintly under the surface of his skin, the creation aura of the Saint Energy releasing from his body.

The feeling of this power did not seem very distinct or powerful, but there was a breadth, a gentle strength to it. As the energy circulated, even the Terror Sea Dragon that was about to be Devoured did not sense any threat. It just did not understand what Zhou Weiqing was trying to do. However, in the next instant, it was sent sinking into abject terror.

The gentle silver-white light abruptly changed colour, and a vague illusory figure began to appear behind Zhou Weiqing’s back. It was the image of the Demon God.

Zhou Weiqing’s hands had turned a pure grey, and a thick grey light was swirling about in the air. A thick Demonic Attribute aura spread out, giving forth a terrifying pressure, as a suction force appeared at Zhou Weiqing’s hands, beginning to draw out the pure Heavenly Energy from within the Terror Sea Dragon and into Zhou Weiqing’s body.

When one’s cultivation reached the Heavenly God stage, the Heavenly Energy in their body would be at the purest form. The entire Terror Sea Dragon’s body was like a massive energy block. Even with the support of his nine-Jeweled Saint Energy, although Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring speed was quite fast, compared to the vast amounts of energy in the dragon’s body, it was like a slow trickle.

Just like what Hui Yao had said earlier, the current body of Zhou Weiqing was far above what he had previously. Although at the time Zhou Weiqing had managed to Devour the Heavenly Energy from the two Dragons to increase his cultivation to the nine-Jeweled stage, that was just a direct increase, reaching the ultimate limit that his body could withstand.

As his Immortal Deity Technique had completed, his Saint Energy had completed a circulation path within his body. Now, a year after the Devouring, Zhou Weiqing’s body had constantly been improved and evolved by the Saint Energy. In this process, his body had not only grown stronger, but cleansed and purified. All the impurities in the body were constantly assimilated or destroyed, expelled from the body. It could be said that the current Zhou Weiqing’s internal primordial qi was as clean and pure as that of a baby. Just his body alone and its toughness… even many Heavenly Kings or Heavenly Emperors would not be able to match it.

This was one of the more important reasons why he had managed to survive without any serious injuries when he had first faced up against the Terror Sea Dragon.

As the body constantly improved and evolved, the meridian channels were naturally one of the most important areas as well. Currently, the sheer power that his meridian channels could transport was astonishing, able to even withstand pure power in the solid state!

The Saint Energy was the strongest attribute that could even ‘steal’ the power and fortune of the world, and how could its effect be compared to any ordinary energies? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing also had the fusion bloodline of the Emperor Dragon bloodlines and the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodlines. Not long ago, his Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline had even evolved in a baptism of fire from the Demon God, allowing his Saint Energy to rise to a whole new height.

Under such a circumstance, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation could be said to be slowly and steadily increasing day by day in a subtle manner. His body’s toughness had also reached a state where even he was unclear about the limits. Two masses of powerful Heavenly Energy began to flow into his body from his palms. However, this time, Zhou Weiqing did not feel the same sensation that he previously had when Devouring from Hui Yao, that of discomfort and being unable to withstand it.

This purest Heavenly Energy, as it flowed into his body, it was immediately absorbed and divided by his thirty six Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools. As the energy was broken down, the thirty six Death Acupuncture Point whirlpools started acting like thirty six funnels, swiftly undergoing the transformation process respectively.

This was the greatest benefit of his cultivation increase. Originally, when Zhou Weiqing was Devouring from the mighty dragon Hui Yao, it was just the one large, and one small personal Saint Energy whirlpool that was working the transformation. Currently, the thirty six Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools might not be as large as the one he formed with Tian’er, but the sheer numbers were just too great and the transformation speed was astonishing indeed. At the same time, the Astral Saint Energy that had been gathered in Zhou Weiqing’s Dantian began to circulate swiftly, quickly taking the freshly Devoured and transformed Saint Energy as its own, merging together without any hesitation. To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, when this Astral Saint Energy began to spin, it seemed to form the thirty seventh energy whirlpool right smack in the middle of his Dantian.

However, this Super Saint Energy Whirlpool was not merely absorbing, it actually began a second filtration process.

Indeed. A second filtration process. The Saint Energy that had already been a product of the Heavenly Energy broken down, filtered, compressed and transformed… drop by drop they were going through another similar process. One by one, cleansed and condensed, and drop after drop of Astral Saint Energy began to appear from the bottom of the new whirlpool before fusing right into the whirlpool to become a true part of it.

The Heavenly Energy of a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse was indeed immense and pure, but after the double filtration and transformative process within Zhou Weiqing’s body, the quantity had dropped obviously. The sensation of this process was just too miraculous for Zhou Weiqing. Every single second, he could actually feel his cultivation and power rising.

Furthermore, this rise in power was totally without any drawbacks or side effects, totally unlike the inherited legacies that Dongfang Hanyue had gotten from her father.

This was once again the power of the Saint Energy! Without its existence, even if Zhou Weiqing was able to Devour from a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse to increase his own cultivation, it would leave a certain amount of latent problems within his body, just like Dongfang Hanyue’s case, or perhaps even worse.

However, the Saint Energy could be considered the base, the absolute core of all energies in the world. It could be said that all attributes were transformed from Saint Energy. As such, when these external energies were absorbed and purified by it, there were no impurities left. As for Zhou Weiqing’s body, having been immersed by the Saint Energy for such a long time, his entire body had become like a massive smelting furnace for the Saint Energy. In such a circumstance, he naturally did not need to fear any problems occurring.

Hui Yao had been observing Zhou Weiqing’s situation all the time. With his cultivation level, he could naturally sense all of the changes within Zhou Weiqing’s body, and his shock and surprise was not small at all. After all, the speed which Zhou Weiqing was Devouring was far beyond the time when he was Devouring from Hui Yao, yet when the massive amount of pure Heavenly Energy entered Zhou Weiqing’s body, the final transformed Saint Energy became such a small amount. Such a terrifying amount of Heavenly Energy could only become that little bit of Saint Energy! To what degree did it have to be purified and compressed for this to happen!

Although the current Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation was still far from Hui Yao, in that instant, Hui Yao could only think that in the future, when Zhou Weiqing entered the Heavenly God stage, what kind of power level would he reach? Perhaps, any Heavenly God Stage powerhouse of the same level… even ten of them, might not be a match for him.

The truth might indeed be so. Simply put, Zhou Weiqing was currently at the nine-Jeweled stage. If ten Heavenly Jewel Masters of an equal level were in front of him now, what could they even do to him? Even if it were Heavenly King stage powerhouses, comparing to the current him, it was likely they would not be able to gain any advantage at all. With the power of the ‘Possession of the Demon God’, Zhou Weiqing even had the chance to challenge a low level Heavenly Emperor. …

As Zhou Weiqing continued Devouring, the grey illusory figure behind his back slowly grew more solid, more real. Although the face of the illusory grey figure was still not visible, as it continued consolidating, the aura it emitted was starting to give even the two dragons a strange pressure.

Hui Yao and Duo Si exchanged startled looks, able to see the shock in each other’s eyes. It had to be known, they had barely parted from Zhou Weiqing a year ago! Yet, in this short year, Zhou Weiqing’s power had grown in such a massive leap, not just quantitatively, but also qualitatively! This was especially so for that grey aura… that pressure… not even a Heavenly God Tier should be able to have that. Although Zhou Weiqing could only be said to have activated a small portion of it, not able to wield it as his own, just the fact he was able to come up with such pressure was more than enough to show what kind of levels he would reach in the future.

The Devouring continued. Zhou Weiqing was carefully controlling the Saint Energy within his body. Although this sensation of constantly improving so quickly was extremely comfortable, giving him much excitement, but this was still Devouring a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. How could he afford to be careless?

In the continued non-stop Devouring process, he slowly began to separate the freshly transformed Astral Saint Energy, infusing it into the other thirty six energy whirlpools. In this way, he could maintain the thirty seven whirlpools in a delicate balance. The output of the thirty six Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools would perfectly match the transformation speed of the thirty seventh whirlpool.

Below Zhou Weiqing, the Terror Sea Dragon’s body was trembling. When the Devour Skill had begun, its eyes were already filled with terror.

What kind of power was that? To actually be able to forcefully draw out his own Heavenly Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s current Devour speed, even for a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, it was still considered quite fast. Although the Terror Sea Dragon’s body would automatically try to replenish itself by drawing from atmospheric energies, its recovery rate could not possibly keep up with Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring speed.

The silver-white light around Zhou Weiqing’s body was growing stronger and stronger. At the same time, the grey illusory figure behind his back was also growing clearer and more solid. By this point, the Terror Sea Dragon had lapsed into a sort of deep sleep. Facing the pressure from the Demon God, it did not even have a chance to withstand it, especially since its Heavenly Energy was being lowered steadily. In this
process, its own life force was also weakening dramatically.

The Devour Skill had never been just as simple as Devouring Heavenly Energy, even life force was not given up on! All energies were fair game to this terrifying Devour Skill.

This was especially so since Zhou Weiqing had no qualms in this Devouring, not holding back anything at all. In such a circumstance, there could only be one final ending for the Terror Sea Dragon… being drained to death.

Day passed, slowly entering the dark of the night… then back into the day.

Zhou Weiqing was still continuing his Devouring. The Terror Sea Dragon truly lived up to its name as a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, especially since it had just recently swallowed its brother’s remnant Heavenly Core to become its own energy. As such, the sheer quantity of dragon Heavenly Energy it had was just too massive.

Time passed in a non stop flow, and before long, three days had just passed like that.

In these three days, Zhou Weiqing was not interrupted in the slightest. With the two mighty dragons holding the fort, even the world around them was fully under their control.

Shangguan Bing’er had been watching to the side nervously. Although she was unable to directly Devour, just the powerful Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing gave out subconsciously while he was Devouring was quite a big aid to her already. She did not even need to do anything, and the Saint Energy within her body would automatically circulate, at a faster speed than even her normal cultivation! This was also the reason why she was able to sustain the Wings of the Wind God for such a long period of time without feeling too tired.

... Three days, and another three. Zhou Weiqing had already been Devouring the Terror Sea Dragon for a total of nine days!

As the ninth day arrived, the Terror Sea Dragon’s body had already lost all of its lustre. Its Heavenly Energy had almost been drained dry.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing seemed to have undergone a total overwhelming change compared to nine days ago. This was perhaps the clearest to Shangguan Bing’er who had been watching from the side all the while. She was surprised to find that her Little Fatty seemed to have become more handsome and suave. The original bronzed skin had become a healthy, glowing white, a faint light swirling beneath his skin. Even though he was still in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his skin no longer had the original scale patterns.

Of course, that was not the only change. The most obvious change was the illusory figure behind his back and the Saint Energy surrounding him.

His Saint Energy had all been transformed into Astral Saint Energy, forming lines of light spinning around his body. Currently, Zhou Weiqing seemed to have become the heart of a galaxy, with everything revolving around him. As for the grey illusory figure behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, it had currently hidden subtly. It had not actually vanished, but had soared higher into the sky. At the same time, it had reached the height of a hundred zhang!

Although Hui Yao and Duo Si could sense there was no enmity in the illusory figure, but they still felt an unparalleled pressure from it. Luckily, they were linked to Zhou Weiqing, and the illusory grey figure did not show any signs of animosity towards them. Otherwise, they truly suspected if they would be influenced and affected.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had been closed all this time. However, the Astral Saint Energy around him was glowing brighter and brighter. Vaguely, they could see that around his chest there was a cluster of stars circling around, as if echoing with the Astral light around his body. As he breathed, his entire body seemed to follow the rhythm, glowing with a faint and indistinct light.

At this point, Shangguan Bing’er did not even dare to breathe loudly. Although she was not clear what level Zhou Weiqing had reached, she could still sense that he had reached a critical point. The Terror Sea Dragon’s Heavenly Energy was almost drained dry. Currently, Zhou Weiqing was actually drawing out its primordial core from its Heavenly Core.

Devour. Perhaps, this would be the final day. And to Zhou Weiqing, this was also the most important day.

As his cultivation level increased constantly, his body constantly undergoing improvement and evolving… Devouring for nine entire days. However, it was only yesterday when his body started to feel an overly ‘full’ sensation.

Just like what Shangguan Bing’er had seen, all of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy had actually transformed into Astral Saint Energy. When all of the Saint Energy had completed this transformative process, Zhou Weiqing began to feel like his body was already too full of energy.

Once he was full to the brim, the first to change was the ‘new’ thirty seventh energy whirlpool.

This energy whirlpool no longer continued its energy transformation. It was no longer necessary. After all the assimilation, the thirty six Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools were already able to directly transform the Devoured Heavenly Energy into Astral Saint Energy!

Chapter258: Saint Core? Astral Core? 

This thirty-seventh vortex slowly rose up from Zhou Weiqing’s DanTian, almost like it was floating up through the air. This was very slow, and it was only rising because Zhou Weiqing’s body had accumulated an even more massive amount of Astral Saint Energy.

At the same time, the other vortexes within Zhou Weiqing’s body began to transform as well. They originally had been spinning at a very fast pace. Now, not only did they begin to absorb energies more slowly, the rotation speed itself became slower.

Zhou Weiqing himself could sense as though his body was filled with quicksilver, dense and highly sticky quicksilver, which was slowly spinning. Even if he wanted to stop, he wouldn’t be able to. His body was like a statue that had become completely solidified inside. His blood flow had already slowed down to an incredibly low rate. If Shangguan Bing’er put her fingers beneath his nose, she would find to her amazement that Zhou Weiqing had completely stopped breathing.

Right. He wasn’t breathing, but this didn’t mean Zhou Weiqing was dead. He was in a very marvelous state which was filled with opportunity and danger.

Due to it only be possible to train to the thirty-sixth stage of the Immortal Deity Technique, Zhou Weiqing hadn’t had any suitable cultivation techniques for him to train in after he entered the nine-Jeweled stage. As a result, he was constantly improving his own Saint Energy. What was happening right now was something he had never even heard of. He had no idea what was going on, and could only continue according to his imagination.

In truth, even if he wanted to stop he couldn’t. A Saint Core. Was he really about to consolidate a Saint Core Nucleus? Although Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to move his body, his head was blazing with flames. Six days ago, his Saint Energy had already broken through to the thirty-ninth stage. He had spent five days devouring energy, resulting in his Saint Energy being fully converted into Astral Saint Energy, which also took a full day. After that, he hadn’t seemed to make any further breakthroughs at all. He had no idea how his Saint Core Nucleus would be consolidated.

It must be remembered that he had Devoured the full Heavenly Energy of a Heavenly God-level Heavenly Beast! However, he still wasn’t able to break through to become a Heavenly King. One could imagine how harder the breakthrough requirements were for Saint Energy than any other Attributes.

According to what the great dragon Hui Yao believed, this time Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill should’ve at least allowed him to rise to the early Heavenly Emperor level. However, it now looked as though it would be good if he could even rise to the Heavenly King level. The only thing remaining of that Terror Sea Dragon was its final core essence.

Although the energy within the core essence was the purest of all, there just wasn’t enough of it. It was hard to say if it would be enough to help Zhou Weiqing break through to the Heavenly King stage.

The Saint Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body continued to climb upwards. Although the process was slow, it was still agonizing to his body, as his meridians were full.

His bones and his meridians were all straining in pain due to being completely full. As for the thirty-seventh vortex, it had already risen to his chest as well. As it did so, it halted its rise and began to continue spinning once more. This time, however, it didn’t seem to be interested in drawing in anything else. And yet, Zhou Weiqing had a very special feeling about it as it continued to slowly spin. This was an unclear, unspeakable level. When the vortex in front of his chest began to spin, he vaguely gained insight into a certain something. In that instant, everything around him seemed to undergo an utterly earth-shattering transformation. It was as though he wasn’t even in the Boundless Mainland.

This sensory world of his mind had become completely dark, but within the darkness there were countless specks of light. These specks of light slowly began to gather around him, spinning and forming a vortex around him.

More and more of the light appeared, slowly coming together into a series of long ribbons. As for Zhou Weiqing himself, his light around his consciousness began to grow stronger and stronger, as though transforming into a giant astral cloud.

Zhou Weiqing had never studied astronomy before, and he had no clue what this state was. He just had the vague feeling that aside from the atmospheric energies, there was another sort of energy that came from an incomparably distant world which was pouring into his body. What was this energy? It seemed to come from the skies. This was the energy of the Big Dipper constellation!

Zhou Weiqing’s emotions were currently quite stable. Although he didn’t know what was going on, upon entering this marvelous state all of his earlier pain vanished. The only thing left in his heart was enlightenment.

As more of those light ribbons accumulated, the entire astral cloud continued to spin at a pace which was neither fast nor slow. The astral cloud itself didn’t rise upwards; in fact, it actually began to shrink inwards. During this process, the ribbons of light began to gather around the larger cloud of astral light, causing it to grow brighter and brighter.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t know that when he had entered this state, the people outside were terrified.

Almost the very first thing he had done was to fully absorb all the final core essence of the Terror Sea Dragon. Then, his body suddenly unleashed an incomparably dazzling silver light. When this light appeared, an enormous gray image actually descended from the heavens and entered Zhou Weiqing’s body. But, even as it merged it wasn’t able to change the silver light which was glowing across his body.

Even if the Terror Sea Dragon didn’t have Heavenly Energy, its body remained at the Heavenly God level. However, just as Zhou Weiqing’s body began to emanate a strong aura of starlight, the dragon’s great corpse began to tremble nonstop. It was as though its flesh and blood had also transformed into energy and had been swallowed away by Zhou Weiqing. In the next instant, the two great dragons latched onto the Terror Sea Dragon and instantly reduced the body to dust.

Right at this moment, the specks of light around Zhou Weiqing’s body suddenly became incomparably tough. They began to rotate rapidly, exploding with a terrifying aura was simply indescribable. Hui Yao’s first reaction was to draw Shangguan Bing’er into its own body, while its wife fled far away from Zhou Weiqing.

It wasn’t incapable of resisting this energy, but if it tried to resist by force it could end up hurting Zhou Weiqing. What type of energy is this? A sense of indescribable awe appeared within Hui Yao and Duo Si’s minds. They had no idea what level Zhou Weiqing had just reached.

In the next instant, something even more stunning occurred. Originally, the two great dragons had completely controlled the weather in this area, ensuring that nothing disturbed Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation. However, the heavens suddenly changed.

The bright day suddenly transformed into night, while the skies became incomparably translucent. Not a single cloud could be seen. They were able to clearly see that every single star within the skies was shining with radiant light. As for Zhou Weiqing, he floated there like the stars above the waters. The lustrous light emanating from him actually resonated with the astral light in the skies, and a few dim strands of astral light actually
gathered within his body.

Not even the long-lived dragons held any memories of such a strange phenomenon, despite their ancient histories. That sense of pressure vanished, but the two great dragons could no longer sense Zhou Weiqing either. It was as though he had completely fused into the stars of the night sky and was no longer a mere human.

Shangguan Bing’er had been covering her lips this entire time, shocked. She was a human, and her senses were different from those of the two great dragons. In this instant, she suddenly felt as though her Little Fatty was no longer on the same level of existence as her. This wasn’t something which came from a disparity of power, it came from an indescribable intrinsic quality he now possessed.

The astral light emanating from Zhou Weiqing grew even denser and thicker, and it coiled around him faster and faster. The ribbons of light sped up to an inconceivable amount, with all of the light suddenly vanishing within Zhou Weiqing’s body. In the next instant, a burst of terrifyingly bright light which couldn’t be stared at blasted out from Zhou Weiqing’s body. This light stretched out for thousands of kilometers, and in that instant all of the stars in the skies turned dim.

The mighty light didn’t have a powerful aura to it, but even so, the two great dragons simultaneously could sense a spiritual pressure pushing them down into the sea.

W-what type of power is this?! The two great dragons were completely stunned. They had no idea what Zhou Weiqing was doing.

In truth, not even Zhou Weiqing himself knew what he was doing. He had the feeling that all of the astral light had merged into his body, which seemed to have immediately exploded. His thoughts and senses sped up to an incredible rate, but the only thing he could sense was that boundless astral light.

He didn’t sense any energy, but Zhou Weiqing realized that almost everything in the starry skies seemed willing to follow his lead. This was an extremely strange feeling. In that instant, Zhou Weiqing discovered to his astonishment that his Saint Energy had completely disappeared. Right. All of the Astral Saint Energy had completely vanished. When he noticed this, he finally sensed that his thoughts had returned to his own body. The Astral Saint Energy had vanished, but something else had appeared within his body. It was a faint golden pearl that was perfectly smooth.

This pearl hovered within his chest, and the strangest thing about it was that it was actually surrounded by slender little ribbons of light that circulated around it. Zhou Weiqing scanned himself and instantly realized that he seemed to have undergone an earthshaking change. His body no longer seemed to exist, while everything within the world was available for him to command, including the endless starry night sky.

I-is this my Saint Core Nucleus? Zhou Weiqing felt incomparably stunned.

Outside his body, the night sky finally turned back into day. Everything quickly went back to normal… but the great dragon Hui Yao couldn’t help but let out an astonished cry.

What could cause a Heavenly God-level great dragon, especially one who was a progeny of the Dragon Emperors, call out in shock? One could imagine how truly stunning this scene was! “Forty-nine days? It was actually forty-nine days?!”  Hui Yao stared dazed as it mumbled to itself. Puzzled, Duo Si asked, “What do you mean, forty-nine days?” Hui Yao looked at her. “Go ahead and sense the changes in our bodies. After being bathed by that astral light, our bodies seemed to have benefited from it. Not just that. Although that night sky only appeared for a brief period, I can sense that in reality a total of forty-nine days have gone past.”

They were Heavenly Gods whose senses regarding the natural world were far more acute than the senses of ordinary humans, especially with regards to time. They often went into long periods of slumber, after all. If they couldn’t sense the passing of time, they wouldn’t even know how old they were!

When Duo Si heard Hui Yao say this, Duo Si immediately unleashed its own senses. A moment later, Duo Si’s jaw dropped own in surprise. Hui Yao was right. Forty-nine days had gone past during that brief moment of astral light accelerating and disappearing.

What was going on? They had no idea, but when they looked at Zhou Weiqing they no longer saw that simple, ordinary human youth. Zhou Weiqing continued to float there, all the light having been completely withdrawn into his body. The only difference was that on his chest, a ball of light seemed to emanate ephemeral flickers.

There weren’t any particularly powerful energy ripples. Zhou Weiqing looked like a very ordinary person, but the wings on his back had already vanished. He himself, however, continued to hover in the air.

His skin had turned as pale as ivory, and it glowed with sleek, glossy light. His features were never particularly handsome, but right now they felt almost holy and sacred. He seemed to have become translucent. As he hung there in the sky, he was like part of the air itself rather than a human. If you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to notice he was there. Not even the two Heavenly God dragons could sense his presence.

Hui Yao let out a long breath, draconic eyes spread wide. If in the past he could easily sense how Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation was changing, even for a powerhouse like him Zhou Weiqing had now turned into an enigma. There was no point in using any type of senses to try and scan him.

Zhou Weiqing, still floating in the air, slowly opened his eyes. When they saw his eyes, the two great dragons and Shangguan Bing’er couldn’t help but stare.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes weren’t glowing with dazzling light as they had imagined. In fact, it was just the opposite. His eyes looked a bit glossier than the eyes of others, but there was nothing particularly powerful to them.

Heavenly Jewel Masters were different from ordinary people. The more powerful a Heavenly Jewel Master was, the more powerful their auras and their gazes would become. And yet… Zhou Weiqing seemed to have completely lost these Heavenly Jewel Master abilities. It was as though he was just an ordinary person… but could that really be true? How could an ordinary person float in the skies?

As he opened his eyes, the dazzling ball of light in his chest grew dim. It was as though everything had gone back to normal.

Zhou Weiqing bowed down in midair, offering his respects to Hui Yao and Duo Si. “Thank you, seniors, for assisting me. Weiqing shall never forget your help.”

His voice didn’t seem to have changed, but it now had a certain charisma that felt extremely comfortable. Hui Yao smiled and shook his head. “No, this was your destiny. You did good deeds and so reaped a good reward. In addition, we benefited from your ascendance as well. I really want to know what cultivation level you have reached.”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “To be honest, I’m not sure either. I think I’m a Heavenly King, but I don’t know what stage.”

The two great dragons were both rather shocked to hear him say he was a Heavenly King. As they saw it, no Heavenly King could’ve caused those phenomena which Zhou Weiqing had just displayed. Clearly, his Attributes had mutated somehow.

However, Shangguan Bing’er had a different interpretation when she heard this. A twenty-three year old Heavenly King! This was a speed of cultivation which was unequalled in past, present, and future in the Boundless Mainland… and the man who did it was her man.

A deep sense of pride pervaded Shangguan Bing’er’s heart. The feeling was quite marvelous. She spread her wings, discarding her embarrassment and throwing herself into Zhou Weiqing’s arms. Zhou Weiqing held Shangguan Bing’er in his arms. He was every bit as excited as Shangguan Bing’er, but he didn’t reveal it. It seemed as though his mentality had transformed and grown just as much as his cultivation had.

Shangguan Bing’er nestled herself into Zhou Weiqing’s arms. She felt that he smelled extremely good right now. She couldn’t explain what he smelled like, but she felt that it was refreshing and comfortable.

Zhou Weiqing said to Hui Yao and Duo Si, “Seniors, I wasted quite some time. Let’s continue on our journey.”

Hui Yao nodded. He exchanged a glance with his wife, then the two transformed into balls of fire that flew into the Spatial Teleportation Gem around Zhou Weiqing’s neck.

Once they actually entered the Spatial Teleportation Gem, they discovered to their astonishment that the gem, which had teetering at the brink of collapse, had actually been fully repaired. Now only was it now extremely sturdy, its Spatial power had increased countless times over.

Zhou Weiqing hadn’t repaired it. Clearly, when Zhou Weiqing had made his breakthrough, the Spatial Teleportation Gem had been repaired by the energies he had emitted. One could simply imagine how marvelous Zhou Weiqing’s Attributes were!

Zhou Weiqing himself had the deepest understanding as to what had happened. To put it simply, only Heavenly King-level Saint Energy was ‘real’ Saint Energy.

The Sea Emperor Shuttle once more descended from the skies into the sea, with Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er hopping into it. They closed the lid, then Zhou Weiqing hugged Shangguan Bing’er and said with a smile, “Bing’er, I think we’ll arrive home a bit earlier.”

Shangguan  Bing’er  said,  “Little  Fatty,  do  you  know  how much time you used up after Devouring that thing and then breaking through?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, puzzled.

Shangguan Bing’er said, “Nearly two months.”

“WHAT?! That long?” Zhou Weiqing had thought that it had been half a month at most. He didn’t imagine that two months would have gone by in the blink of an eye.

“Then  let’s  hurry  up  and  go  back.  The  two  seniors  are waiting for us to return so they can rescue their children.” When he thought of coming back, Zhou Weiqing felt as though he needed to go home immediately. He had temporarily discarded everything else to come here, but in truth he needed to do many, many things. His most important task was to rescue his parents and the others, then re-establish the Heavenly Bow Empire!

Zhou Weiqing didn’t use his hand to press the crystal into the indent. Instead, he just willed it and the Sea Emperor Shuttle instantly shot forward like a bolt of lightning, diving into the sea and disappearing.

This sudden acceleration badly startled Shangguan Bing’er, even though her body didn’t suffer from it. Zhou Weiqing’s body glowed with a layer of faint golden light which captured her as well, sending the Sea Emperor Shuttle hurtling through the seas like an arrow. The water flowing past them turned almost illusory. None of it seemed real. Save for the hazy blue skies, she couldn’t see a thing in the outside world at all. What level of speed was necessary for something like this? This was probably far faster than when she was travelling with her Wings of the Wind God.

In truth, she didn’t need to try and connect to the outside world. Zhou Weiqing doing it was enough. Zhou Weiqing suddenly reached out stealthily with his thoughts. He wasn’t using his own strength right now at all.

His will was infused into the Astral Saint Core Nucleus in front of his chest, and a strange pulling force emanated from his body. He seemed to have become a true star, causing the energies of the sea to instantly transform into his subordinates. It was the powerful atmospheric energies of the sea itself which was propelling them forwards. Otherwise, how could they be going this fast?

In addition, thanks to the influence of Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Core Nucleus, all sea creatures within a thousand kilometers fled in terror. Thus, nothing would impede their path. Without question, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus was what had guided Zhou Weiqing to become a Heavenly King. He himself wasn’t sure just how strong he was after having condensed this Astral Saint Core Nucleus, but what he was seeing had proven a few things.

First, after gaining the Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he was able to truly employ Heavenly Dao Energy to control atmospheric energies. However, he was different from other Heavenly Kings. Any Heavenly Jewel Master, be it Heavenly Kings, Heavenly Emperors, or even Heavenly Gods, had their own domains which they were best suited for. These domains were determined by their Attribute.

Simply put, a Heavenly Jewel Master who had the Fire Elemental Jewel would definitely be able to summon the most atmospheric energies if he was in a place like the mouth of a volcano. The sea would naturally be most advantageous to Water Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, which was why Terror Sea Dragons were so powerful in the ocean.

Zhou Weiqing was different. He didn’t have the Water Attribute, but when he unleashed the aura from his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had an even greater control over the ocean than a Heavenly King who DID have the Water Attribute. This essentially meant that his Astral Saint Core Nucleus would allow him to summon atmospheric energies in any situation, allowing him to use it as though he had that affinity. In other words, he could use atmospheric energies as he pleased. He would always be on ‘friendly terrain’, no matter where he fought.

What was even more important, however, was that the amount of atmospheric energies Zhou Weiqing was able to summon was somewhere between ten times to a hundred times greater than what an ordinary Heavenly King could use. As for exactly how much, he wasn’t sure yet. Most terrifying of all was the fact that the atmospheric energies could actually be converted into Saint Energy in the outside world and used to cast techniques. He no longer had to first compress it and convert it within his body.

This was Saint Energy, true Saint Energy. After gaining the Astral Saint Core Nucleus, Zhou Weiqing’s power had risen to an unprecedented level. Forget about Heavenly Kings, even ordinary Heavenly Emperors wouldn’t necessarily be a match for him.

The Sea Emperor Shuttle’s speed was raised to its truest heights. In truth, they were moving so fast that Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that if he accelerated any further, this divine seafaring artifact which had been created from a Terror Sea Dragon’s core might end up damaged. Thus, he kept the speed within a manageable zone instead of really giving it his all.

What rendered Shangguan Bing’er speechless was… while they were hurtling through the seas at such a terrifying speed, Zhou Weiqing still had the presence of mind to ‘bully’ her. And… his body was now even more freakishly strong than before! Each time, he wouldn’t stop ‘bullying’ her until she repeatedly begged for mercy… and judging from the look on his face, he clearly wasn’t all that satisfied.

For the first time, Shangguan Bing’er began to think that having a few extra sisters might not be a bad thing.

This journey of tens of thousands of kilometers was completed in just half a month. They could now see the outlines of the Boundless Mainland.

If someone had previously told Zhou Weiqing that they would be able to travel from one continent to another in just half a month, he never would’ve believed it. Now, however, it had just happened in front of him. The Sea Emperor Shuttle gradually slowed down. Zhou Weiqing hadn’t simply been trying to travel fast, he also wanted to familiarize himself with his Astral Saint Core Nucleus. The better he understood it, the more stunned he became. He was now certain that after gaining the Astral Saint
Core Nucleus, he was definitely amongst the powerhouses of the Boundless Mainland.

They finally reached the shore. Zhou Weiqing sent the Sea Emperor Shuttle rising back to the surface, then popped the lid open. He took a deep breath, inhaling the moist air of the seashore. Both of their spirits were invigorated.

This had been a much shorter trip, and the sense of loneliness didn’t really set in as much. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er leapt onto the sand with his arm around her shoulders. He waved his right hand, causing a wave to push the Sea Emperor Shuttle to him. It flashed as it entered his Sumeru Ring. This feeling of having complete control over Heaven and Earth was absolutely marvelous.

Two balls of fire suddenly burst out of Zhou Weiqing’s chest. Accompanying the dense Fire Attribute energies were the great dragons Hui Yao and Duosi, who appeared next to Zhou Weiqing. “I really didn’t imagine we’d be back so soon. Even if we flew all the way, we wouldn’t have been any faster. Weiqing, your Saint Attribute is truly marvelous!”

Despite Hui Yao’s power, he couldn’t help but let out a congratulatory sigh. In his heart, Zhou Weiqing’s status rose even higher.

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “Seniors, what do you plan to do next?”

Hui Yao said, “I’m extremely grateful for you having released us from the Luster Spatial Realm, but we cannot continue to stay by your side. We can vaguely sense where our children are, and we need to go find them. Take this.”  Hui Yao opened his draconic mouth, shooting out a streak of red light towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing lifted his hand up and accepted it. He lowered his head, seeing that it was a dark-red scale.

Hui Yao said, “This scale contains my Bloodline Aura. This is how you use it…” His voice disappeared as he instead mentally transmitted the method to Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Thank you, senior.”

Hui Yao shook his head. “We should be the ones thanking you. Alright, let’s part ways here. I trust we’ll meet again in the future.” After finishing, he sent his great bulk soaring into the skies and disappeared.

Duo Si nodded towards Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, then flew after her husband.

Zhou Weiqing watched as the two dragons vanished, then said, “Bing’er, let’s go.”

Shangguan Bing’er said, “Where should we go first?”

Zhou Weiqing said, “We naturally need to return to your Heaven’s Expanse Palace first. We need to tell my father-in-law the good news, that we’ve already summoned the great dragons back. Then we’ll head straight to Heaven’s Bow. It is time to save my parents.”

He had finally broken through to become a Heavenly King and consolidated his Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Zhou Weiqing was tremendously confident in his chances of rescuing his parents. The sooner he saved them, the sooner he could relax.

While chatting, he pulled Shangguan Bing’er into the sky and began to fly forwards. Given his current cultivation level, he no longer needed to rely on horses. Flying didn’t consume too much of his energy, and they didn’t even need for Bing’er to use her Wings of the Wind God.

A gentle breeze brushed past the two of them. As they rose into the air, they began to hasten westwards. To prevent others from noticing them, Zhou Weiqing even summoned some clouds to cover them. They flew forward above the clouds, almost like Immortals or Gods.

Even though Shangguan Bing’er had already experienced how powerful Zhou Weiqing had become while they were riding the Sea Emperor Shuttle, she was stunned once again as they flew. The wind seemed to have become their servant, supporting them, pushing them, and even covering and protecting them. The wind seemed to have become part of Zhou Weiqing’s body, and even high in the air they could still clearly see just how fast they were travelling judging from the land below them. It only took a few days to go from the eastern seas to the Zhongtian Empire. Just a few more days after that, they saw Heavenly Jewel Island and Heaven’s Expanse Palace appear in the distant horizon.

Given Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation, he could’ve led Shangguan Bing’er to head inside directly. There were now very few people, even in Heaven’s Expanse Palace, who could stop him. This might incite some squabbling, but it wouldn’t cause any real problems.

However, Zhou Weiqing didn’t do this. For some reason, after his level had increased his entire mindset seemed to have changed as well. Simply put, he had become much more peaceful and calmer. His spirit had been upgraded, allowing him to reach a brand new level. Compared to the previous him, instead of growing more arrogant he actually became much more reserved.

Shangguan Bing’er had noticed this the most. If Zhou Weiqing previously shone like a dazzlingly sharp sword, he was now like a treasured blade hidden within the sheath.

The two landed outside Zhongtian City, following the Heavenly Pillars upwards. Shangguan Bing’er’s face was more effective than any writ of passage. Everyone knew the three Shangguan sisters! Besides, Zhou Weiqing himself did have a writ, and so they were unimpeded as they reached Heavenly Jewel Island.

As soon as they reached the island, the two were shocked. There were now two people waiting for them there. It was the mother and father of the three Shangguan sisters, Second Palace Lord Shangguan Tianyue and his wife Tang Xian.

However, it looked as though Shangguan Tianyue still had yet to fully win his wife’s heart back. Tang Xian stood four or five meters away from him, but when she saw Shangguan Bing’er she charged out like a gust of wind and pulled her daughter into her arms.

When parents had many children, even when they strove to be fair they couldn’t be completely impartial. Without question, of the three Shangguan sisters, Tang Xian doted on Bing’er the most, as she had viewed Bing’er as important as her own life for many years. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come to wait here alongside Shangguan Tianyue as soon as she heard the news.

“Mother…” Shangguan Bing’er’s voice caught in her throat as she threw herself into her mother’s arms like a baby sparrow. Shangguan Tianyue stood off to one side, watching them with eyes filled with warmth and gratification. He then turned to look at Zhou Weiqing.

“I didn’t expect you to succeed after just a bit over a year. Huh?” Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes lit up, and the way in which he gazed at Zhou Weiqing changed a bit.

Zhou Weiqing said curiously, “Milord father-in-law, how did you know that I completed the mission?”

Shangguan Tianyue didn’t answer. Instead, his gaze grew increasingly stunned as he stared at Zhou Weiqing. “Kid, your cultivation…”

Shangguan Tianyue felt as though Zhou Weiqing was nothing more than an ordinary person. The kid didn’t even seem to be a Heavenly Jewel Master, and didn’t even seem to have any Heavenly Energy ripples emanating form his body. But how could he possibly an ordinary person? If he was, how could he have so easily and calmly ascended the towering Heavenly Jewel Island? If he didn’t lose his cultivation, then… the answer had to be the exact opposite. Shangguan Tianyue was a Heavenly Emperor, after all. If even he couldn’t see Zhou Weiqing’s true level, how could he not be surprised?

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “I was lucky enough to break through. Father-in-law, you can no longer refuse to acknowledge me as your son-in-law, right?” While speaking, Zhou Weiqing strode forwards, his body lifting up off the ground for a brief moment before coming back down again. Being able to physically fly was one of the hallmarks of a Heavenly King.

An amazed light flashed through Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes, but he didn’t pursue this line of questioning. “Let’s go. We’re going to go visit my big brother. Xian’er, take Bing’er and have her get some rest.” He doted dearly on his daughter, but as for this son-in-law? Hmph. This damned brat managed to steal all three of my daughters. ‘Tired’ isn’t a problem for him.

Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes were rather reddened. She turned to look at Zhou Weiqing, while Tang Xian said unhappily, “Silly girl, do you think he’s going to abandon you? Hmph. Zhou Weiqing, you son of a bitch, don’t go anywhere. I’m not done settling accounts with you.” It had indeed been a long time since he had seen his mother- in-law. When he heard her say ‘settling accounts’, he couldn’t help but stare.

Tang Xian did something completely unexpected. She released Bing’er’s hands, then charged over to Zhou Weiqing. She reached out with her right hand, her palm instantly transforming to become fiery red as she slapped out at Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Tang Xian had never been a mild-mannered woman. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left for so many years due to Shangguan Tianyue’s playboy ways. All three of the Shangguan sisters had lied to her, not daring to tell her that all three of them had fallen for Zhou Weiqing. This was why she had never shown herself. Alas, in the end paper could not smother fire. The three Shangguan sisters had grown closer and closer to Zhou Weiqing, while Shangguan Tianyang and his brother had already begun to prepare for their wedding ceremonies. They couldn’t hide all of this from Tang Xian, right?

Chapter259: Beating Up Father-In- Law?

When Tang Xian realized that Zhou Weixing was actually about to marry all three of her precious darlings, she was instantly enraged. She had caused a huge ruckus at Heavenly Jewel Island, cursing Shangguan Tianyue senseless. This was the reason why she was standing apart from him just now.

Although Shangguan Tianyue had an exalted status, Tang Xian was the woman he had loved the most in all his life, and he had always felt rather guilty towards her. Thus, although Tang Xian caused a huge ruckus, there was nothing he could really do.

When Zhou Weiqing ascended the island, Tang Xian and Shangguan Tianyue had immediately received word and so they had both come out. She missed her daughter, but she was also enraged by the fact that the little bastard Zhou Weiqing was going to take advantage of all three of her baby girls. Whenever she thought of this, she was so angry she had to hit something…

And so, we now have before us the sight of the mother-in-law drubbing the son-in-law. Zhou Weiqing was rather astonished by Tang Xian’s sudden attack, but as a clever person he immediately knew what was going on. Shangguan Bing’er let out a startled cry, but Zhou Weiqing didn’t dodge or block. He allowed Tang Xian to land that palm on his chest.

A sickening thud sound rang out, followed by a dense blast of Fire Attribute energies exploding. That wasn’t all. Tang Xian was by nature an impulsive woman. When she saw how Zhou Weiqing neither dodged nor blocked, she instantly took it the wrong way. Is this little brat belittling me? I still have a nine- Jeweled cultivation base!

Rage filled her heart, and so her next attack showed very little mercy. She struck out with both palms, landing a total of eighteen blows across Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Shangguan Tianyue had just learned that Zhou Weiqing had broken through to become a Heavenly King, and so he wasn’t too worried about Tang Xian’s attacks. For a mother-in-law to whack her son-in-law a few times wasn’t that big of a deal. If this resulted in Tang Xian calming down, it would actually be a good thing. And so, he didn’t intervene.

But once Tang Xian actually attacked, Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes bulged out. She was holding back nothing at all! Her two hands blazed such scorching energy that they turned a red-gold color. This was her supreme technique, the Crimson Inferno Palm. It was a type of a technique, but it was an internal technique which accumulated Fire Attribute energies to an extremely dense degree, allowing for an incredibly powerful attack. Not even Shangguan Tianyue would dare to allow her to strike him with this palm.

“Xian’er,  show  mercy!”   By  the  time  Shangguan  Tianyue reacted and said these words, Tang Xian had already finished unleashing her eighteen palms.

In his heart, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think disparagingly to himself about his father-in-law. What’s the point of saying it now? She already hit me.

Shangguan Bing’er flew over, hugging her mother from behind. Just now, Tang Xian had blocked her and so she didn’t manage to see what sort of technique she used to attack Zhou Weiqing. All she had heard was a series of muffled booming sounds.

Tang Xian immediately felt some regret after finishing her eighteen palms. She had heard that Zhou Weiqing had reached the nine-Jeweled level and so she didn’t worry too much about her attacks at first. She was one of the first to know that Zhou Weiqing had six Attributes, and so she understood that his cultivation level couldn’t be weak. But, who would’ve thought that the kid would just stand there without even blocking, allowing all eighteen palms to land? Although she didn’t use her full power, her Crimson Inferno Palms were able to melt gold and steel alike. It wasn’t that easy to take!

What Zhou Weiqing did next stunned everyone present. After taking all eighteen palms, he continued to smile. Suddenly, he fell down on his knees and kowtowed three times respectfully towards Tang Xian. “Mother-in-law, your humble son-in-law greets you.”

Shangguan Tianyue had wanted to go help heal Zhou Weiqing, but his uplifted hand slowly froze in midair. Tang Xian’s eyes bulged out. “A-aren’t you hurt?”

The kid didn’t seem to be hurt at all, no matter how she stared at him. His breathing was even, he had a smile on his face, and most shockingly of all… her incredibly hot Crimson Inferno Palms hadn’t even managed to leave a mark on his clothes. But she had clearly sensed her palms exploding into his body!

After finishing his kowtowing, Zhou Weiqing stood up and said honestly, “I wouldn’t dare to be hurt. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to live up to the favor of Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er.”

“You…” Tang Xian had just calmed down a bit, but upon hearing these words her rage built again. If it wasn’t for Shangguan Bing’er holding her tightly from behind, she would’ve attacked again. “You little son of a bitch! You came here to piss me off, right?!”

Zhou Weiqing smiled bitterly. “Mom, I would never dare to piss you off! If you are still angry at me, you can hit me a few more times. Your humble son-in-law wouldn’t dare to dodge.”

Shangguan Tianyue ambled over, casting Zhou Weiqing an unhappy glance before saying to Tang Xian, “Should I do it?”

“Fuck off already. I’m going to teach this brat a lesson. This is none of your business. You aren’t any better than him. The two of you are birds of a feather.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s jaw dropped at the berating. I was asking for that, wasn’t I? Why the hell did I get involved in you teaching your son-in-law a lesson? Tang Xian charged back towards Zhou Weiqing angrily. “You little son of a bitch, the only thing you ever learned was how to be a playboy. Was my Bing’er not good enough for you? You ended up sleeping your way through half the world. Did you think it was easy for me to give birth to my three daughters? And now, you bastard, you’ve taken all three of them. If you don’t give me a good response right now, I’ll never let you hear the end of it!”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart clenched. He scratched his head, then knelt down once more and said sincerely, “Milady mother-in- law, please allow me to marry Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er. I’ll definitely treat them well.”

“THIS is your response?”  Tang Xiang nearly laughed out of rage. As the saying goes, no one reaches out to slap a face which is smiling at you. The brat had put on a show of being completely filial and obedient. It was as though he was saying, ‘Come and hit me, I definitely won’t fight back or argue with you. As long as you give me your daughters, you can do whatever you want.’

Zhou Weiqing’s skills in shamelessness had definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, he was able to be shameless in such a sincere way! Zhou Weiqing nodded sincerely. “Mother-in-law, aside from this response, I don’t know what else I can say. I just hope that you can marry Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er to me. I’ll agree to any request at all.”

Tang Xian glared at Zhou Weiqing, but her anger seemed to have subsided a bit. “Any request at all? You said it yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing could tell that she was easing up on him. He hurriedly nodded obediently, as though he was a little chicken.

Tang Xian pointed a finger at the nearby Shangguan Tianyue. “Fine. My request is simple. Go over there and kick his ass, and I’ll let my three daughters marry you.”

“Huh!?” Zhou Weiqing stared stupefied at Tang Xian.

Tang Xian snorted coldly. “What? Are you afraid or are you unwilling to obey? I’ve wanted to kick his ass for a long time now, but I can’t beat him. If you can beat him up for me, I’ll accept this!”

Zhou Weiqing turned to look at Shangguan Tianyue awkwardly. Sweet father-in-law, say something! Shangguan Tianyue said irritably, “What are you staring at? If you have the courage to offend your superiors, step up! I’ve been wanting to kick your ass as well. You seduced all three of my daughters. Did you think that didn’t piss me off?”

Right at this moment, a stately voice boomed out. “Enough. Haven’t you embarrassed yourselves enough? Come back to the palace, all of you!”

Upon hearing this voice, even the enraged Tang Xian toned herself down slightly. This was the voice of Shangguan Tianyang, and Tang Xian still felt several degrees of respect for this Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace. She snorted, then pulled Shangguan Bing’er as she headed towards the palace. Shangguan Bing’er glanced apologetically at Zhou Weiqing, then shrugged helplessly and obediently followed her mother away.

Zhou Weiqing stared blankly, then cast his father-in-law a sidelong glance. Both of them hunched over slightly, looking like a pair of roosters who had just been beaten as they followed the two women into Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Heaven’s Expanse Palace. The meeting hall.

Shangguan Tianyang was seated up high. Because Tang Xian and his daughter were both present, Shangguan Tianyue didn’t sit down. Instead, he led Zhou Weiqing over to stand nearby.

Shangguan Tianyang looked at Zhou Weiqing, then smiled. “Weiqing, I didn’t expect you to complete the mission so soon. Just a short while ago, the Luster Spatial Realm became completely calm. It seems as though we can cease our preparations for the evacuation of Zhongtian City. Tell me about what happened at the Xuantian Continent. I’m very interested to hear what happened.” Only now did Zhou Weiqing understand that it was the changes in the Luster Spatial Realm which resulted in them knowing he had succeeded in summoning the two great dragons. He immediately began to narrate the story, starting with him and Bing’er sailing the vast seas. He told the story
simply, but he naturally held back on the affair between
himself and Dongfang Hanyue.

The Shangguan brothers couldn’t help but reveal looks of amazement as they heard Zhou Weiqing’s story. According to what Zhou Weiqing had just said, Xuantian Palace’s total power was probably above the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. If nothing else, they had six Heavenly Emperors and a Heavenly God-level Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Those alone made it impossible for Heaven’s Expanse Palace to compare to them, as it didn’t have any Heavenly God powerhouses.

But of course, if the two Great Saint Lands were to actually battle each other, it wouldn’t be easy for Xuantian Palace to win. In Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Heavenly Kings were as common as the clouds. This was the main reason why they were able to suppress Heavenly Snow Mountain in might.

Shangguan Tianyang nodded repeatedly as he listened to Zhou Weiqing’s story. “Weiqing, I shall thank you on behalf of Heaven’s Expanse Palace. What you accomplished was something incredible for Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the entire Zhongtian Empire. Even though I’ve always viewed you as one of us, I cannot let your accomplishments and the merits you rendered go unrewarded. If there is anything you need, just tell me. So long as Heaven’s Expanse Palace can accomplish it, I definitely will not refuse.”

He was the Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse. If others were to hear Shangguan Tianyang saying such words, the entire Boundless Mainland would be stunned.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Can I make two requests?”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled. “Go ahead. I won’t give you any money, but everything else is negotiable.”

Zhou Weiqing secretly cursed the man for being a sly old fox. He said I can ask for anything I want, but apparently we still have to negotiate it. He really has an airtight defense!

“First,  I  wish  for  the  Zhongtian  Empire  to  support  the Heavenly Bow Empire. When we need aid, I hope that the Zhongtian Empire won’t be stingy with it.” Shangguan Tianyang nodded without even hesitating. “Fine. I accept.” Helping their minor ally, the Heavenly Bow Empire, gradually become strong was to the benefit of the Zhongtian Empire. There was no excuse for him not to agree.

Zhou Weiqing said, “Second, I would like to solemnly offer a proposition of marriage. Please officiate the wedding ceremony for myself and Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er.”

When these words came out, Tang Xian’s first response was to glare wide-eyed at Zhou Weiqing. As for Shangguan Tianyue, he frowned slightly but didn’t say anything. Be it due to Zhou Weiqing’s achievements, his existing relationship with the three, or his talent and his unfathomable future prospects, there was no excuse for Shangguan Tianyue to refuse this marriage proposal.

But… of the three Shangguan sisters, Fei’er and Bing’er weren’t an issue, while Shangguan Xue’er was the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. To marry her to an outsider wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing for the palace.

Shangguan Tianyang hesitated slightly, then said, “Weiqing, from a practical standpoint, I have no reason to refuse. Everything you have done for Heaven’s Expanse Palace, combined with the fact that they already love you, would normally compel me to agree. However… as you know, Xue’er is our choice to be the next Palace Lord. As a result, she is extraordinarily important to Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s future. If she marries you, who shall be the heir to Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “That’s actually easy to solve. You and milord father-in-law are as healthy and hale as you were in the spring of your youth. You should be able to live for another century or two with no problem at all. Although Xue’er is your heir, she won’t have to assume the position anytime soon. If you agree to let her marry me, I agree that the first child I have with any of the three can be the heir to Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

The faces of the two Shangguan brothers instantly turned rather odd. This little bastard really knows how to take advantage of someone. It sounded like what he was saying was reasonable, but if that really happened then it meant the next Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace would be his child. It would be fair to say that he would essentially be in control of Heaven’s Expanse Palace!

Shangguan Tianyue let out an irritated snort, while Shangguan Tianyang laughed. “It isn’t impossible for us to take your suggestion into consideration… but Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er are the children of my second brother and his wife. I can’t make this decision on my own. How about this? As long as you can convince your mother-in-law, I won’t object.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes bulged out. Damn you. Isn’t this legendary technique, ‘throwing the hot potato to someone else’? But there was nothing he could do save to turn and look pitifully at Tang Xian.

Tang Xian glared at him. “Don’t even think about it, unless you do what I just asked you to do and kick that old fart’s ass. Hmph.”

This was a clear refusal. Shangguan Tianyue had been famous for many years and was an awesome figure even amongst Heavenly Emperors. He had recently ascended to become a middle stage Heavenly Emperor. Zhou Weiqing didn’t have any desire to go beat up his father-in-law, but even if he did, how could he possibly be strong enough to?

Tang Xian was getting increasingly unhappy with this brat, which was why she had made such an unreasonable demand. Shangguan Bing’er could see that Zhou Weiqing’s face was growing increasingly ugly, but she herself could do nothing but pull at her mother’s clothes nervously. Tang Xian, however, didn’t seem inclined to back down at all. In the end, it was Shangguan Tianyang who broke the silence. “Sister-in-law, don’t hold a grudge against my second brother. I suggest we resolve this matter like this. Weiqing is a junior; there’s no way we can have him go beat up my second brother. Let’s have them spar instead? If he can withstand my second brother for a joss stick of time without being defeated, the two of you shall no longer make trouble for him and let all him marry all three of them. If he isn’t able to hold on for that long… well, we can’t completely tear their relationships apart. I’ll make the decision on behalf of Fei’er and Bing’er and still allow Weiqing to marry them, but we’ll keep Xue’er behind to inherit my position as Palace Lord. What do you think?”

When he saw that ‘honest’ and ‘selfless’ look on Shangguan Tianyang’s face, Zhou Weiqing really did want to flip this ‘Senior Uncle’ the middle finger. It sounded like he was being reasonable and trying to find a middle ground for both sides, but in reality he was trying to befriend Zhou Weiqing while keeping Xue’er as his heir. Zhou Weiqing’s demonstrated abilities had become increasingly dazzling, after all, and he didn’t want to offend Zhou Weiqing too much. An extra enemy like him could cause tremendous trouble for the palace in the future.

In addition, preventing a marriage wasn’t something you could simply do at will. What if all three of the Shangguan sisters ended up running away? They would’ve ended up with neither the chicken nor the egg! Shangguan Tianyang had long ago decided to marry Fei’er and Bing’er to him, but as for Xue’er? She herself was something who knew the importance of keeping an eye on the big picture. Just a short while ago, Shangguan Tianyang had a long private talk with her, and Shangguan Xue’er had expressed her willingness to remain at Heaven’s Expanse Palace and continue to be his heir.

It could be said that ever since he had returned, Zhou Weiqing had fallen into Shangguan Tianyang’s trap. It couldn’t be said that this was a fait accompli, but the writing was on the wall.

Tang Xian didn’t say a word. She was a clever person, and she knew what Shangguan Tianyang’s intentions were. Keeping at least one of her precious girls safe was better than the alternative!

The Shangguan brothers exchanged a glance. Shangguan Tianyue naturally knew what his big brother was intending. He nodded slightly… and so, everyone’s gazes were focused upon Zhou Weiqing. They were awaiting his response.

In truth, even Shangguan Tianyang was a bit nervous. If Zhou Weiqing was to refuse and left in a huff, Heaven’s Expanse Palace would be in a very tricky situation. No matter what, he had been their major benefactor. If Zhou Weiqing was angered and didn’t marry the three Shangguan sisters, then in the future the Heavenly Bow Empire probably wouldn’t be on good terms with the Zhongtian Empire. In addition, the mainland had undergone earthshattering changes during the year in which he had been gone. Even the Zhongtian Empire was in grave danger. They were in desperate need of an ally like the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes as he sensed everyone look at him. He balled his hands into fists, and a hint of golden light flickered within his calm, glossy eyes. “Very well. I accept.”

Chapter260: Battling Father-In-Law, Winning a Wife

“Very well. I accept.”

When Shangguan Tianyang heard Zhou Weiqing said these four simple words, Shangguan Tianyang felt as though he had been relieved of an enormous weight. He couldn’t help but reveal a hint of a smile.

“But.” Zhou Weiqing suddenly added, “I hope that there will be no further alterations to our agreement. Otherwise, I won’t be needing your permissions in marrying Xu’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er.”

Zhou Weiqing’s words were extremely aggressive. He wasn’t made out of clay, to be molded as others saw fit. In addition, even a real clay man had 30% of the earth’s toughness. Although Heaven’s Expanse Palace was mighty, there was no way Zhou Weiqing would let it repeatedly bully him.

Tang Xian raised an eyebrow. Just as she wanted to say something, Shangguan Bing’er tightly pulled at her hand. She could sense how frantic her daughter was, which startled her for a moment. In the end, she didn’t say anything. As the saying goes, a daughter’s heart will invariably be with her husband. If this really did end up causing such a bitter fight that Zhou Weiqing stormed off with all three of her daughters, she wouldn’t even have a chance to regret her actions.

Shangguan Tianyue lowered his head slightly, as though he hadn’t heard Zhou Weiqing’s words. Although on the surface it seemed as though he had been acting against Zhou Weiqing the entire time, in truth this ‘father-in-law’ cared about him the most and had been helping him out in secret. The ever-smiling Shangguan Tianyang was actually the toughest one to handle, as he was the true controller of Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyue didn’t respond to Zhou Weiqing’s aggressive words, because he knew that Shangguan Tianyang really was bullying him a bit too much. Before Zhou Weiqing had left for the Xuantian Continent, Shangguan Tianyang had already made a vague promise to allow all three Shangguan sisters to marry him. Now, he was putting up new roadblocks. Anyone would be unhappy with this.

Shangguan Tianyang lived up to his reputation as the Palace Master. His smile didn’t change at all, despite Zhou Weiqing’s rather  provocative  words.  He  nodded  and  said,  “We  were waiting for you to return in order to finalize these things. There’s naturally no way that there shall be no further alterations. Weiqing, would you like to rest first?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head. “No need. If I don’t handle this, I won’t be able to fall asleep. Where shall we do this?”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled. “Right here at the Drill Grounds of Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Zhou Weiqing had never before visited the drill grounds here, and he couldn’t help but feel secretly surprised at what he saw. It was a large, empty area filled with swirling clouds that was actually a miniature spatial plane of its own.

Zhou Weiqing was no longer at the same level he had been in the past. He didn’t know what sort of mechanism Shangguan Tianyang had activated, but he was sure that they had been teleported to this place.

Aside from everyone else who had been within the meeting hall, Zhan LingTian was also here in the drill grounds. Or, to be more precise, Zhan Lingtian had been training here. When Shangguan Tianyang saw him, he gestured for him to remain and watch. Zhan Lingtian was also Shangguan Tianyang’s disciple. The chance to view this battle would have varying levels of benefits for any Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although this was a flat plane, it didn’t seem to be different from the Boundless Mainland. The sun shone in the skies as it would anywhere else, but the clouds swirling around it made it look like an Immortal realm.

Shangguan Tianyang brought Tang Xian, Shangguan Bing’er, and Zhan Lingtian over to stand and watch from afar, then nodded at Shangguan Tianyue. At the same time, his lips trembled slightly as though he was saying something to this little brother of his.

Shangguan Tianyue frowned slightly, but then nodded slowly. As for Zhou Weiqing, his lips curved upwards slightly. He didn’t even need to guess; he knew that Shangguan Tianyang was telling Shangguan Tianyue not to show any mercy and to defeat Zhou Weiqing with all his power, ensuring that Xue’er would remain their heir.

A long stick of sandalwood joss incense flew out from Shangguan Tianyang’s hand and hovered in the air. He was the Palace Lord, after all. There was no way he would permit for any cheating. Shangguan Tianyue and Zhou Weiqing had already walked over to the drill grounds and were staring at each other. Shangguan Tianyue said calmly, “Use all the power you have. I won’t show any mercy.”

Zhou Weiqing respectfully bowed towards Shangguan Tianyue. “Go ahead, father-in-law.”

Shangguan Tianyue was very satisfied with Zhou Weiqing’s respect. All my hard work wasn’t for nothing, at least. In truth, if it wasn’t for his hidden support, there was no way that Heaven’s Expanse Palace would’ve supported Zhou Weiqing and the Heavenly Bow Empire at such an early stage. In fact, it wouldn’t even have given him the chance to meet with the three Shangguan sisters on so many occasions. It could be said that the person who favored Zhou Weiqing the most was actually Shangguan Tianyue. The constant complaints he directed at Zhou Weiqing were meant to prevent the kid from becoming too complacent and smug. Now, it seemed, Zhou Weiqing finally understood what his intentions had been, which was why the kid was now so respectful.

But of course, none of that had anything to do with this battle. They had to fight this duel, and Shangguan Tianyue was going to fight with all his power. His brother was watching. If he showed any mercy, it would be discovered. That would just cause more trouble. However… Shangguan Tianyue was thinking something else to himself. Oh, dear brother… did you really think Zhou Weiqing would be this easy to handle?

As soon as Zhou Weiqing had reached the island, Shangguan Tianyue had personally tried to sense just how powerful the kid had become. Alas, he had been unable to do so. It might seem common for a person to be unable to detect how powerful a second person was, but what if the first person was a Heavenly Emperor? What level of power had Zhou Weiqing actually reached for that to happen?

Now, Zhou Weiqing only needed to hang on for the time it took for the stick of incense to burn, not actually win. It wasn’t completely impossible. Although Shangguan Tianyue felt a bit conflicted as to whether or not he really wanted to let this little brat take such advantage of him and steal all three of his precious daughters, he was also a bit eager to test Zhou Weiqing’s strength.

The two, prospective father-in-law and son-in-law, stared at each other from afar. A vast aura that was as awesome as the sea had already begun to emanate out of Shangguan Tianyue’s body… but the strange thing was, he didn’t cause any disturbances in the world around him. Zhou Weiqing quickly scanned the area and learned why this was so. These drill grounds were rather unique. They were completely cut off from the atmospheric energies of the outside world, which meant that neither of them would be able to borrow energy from it. They would have to rely on their own cultivation bases to fight each other. That way, the power of
their attacks would drop dramatically. Otherwise, if a Heavenly
Emperor’s power was to actually explode forth on Heavenly Jewel Island, even the Zhongtian City would be affected by the shockwaves.

In the face of the Heavenly Energy ripples emanating from Shangguan Tianyue, Zhou Weiqing simply stood there unmoving. He looked as calm as ever, almost as though he was nothing more than an ordinary person.

Zhan Lingtian watched from Shangguan Tianyang’s side, staring unblinkingly at Zhou Weiqing. He had heard long ago that Zhou Weiqing had made yet another breakthrough, and so he himself had been training like a madman. Just a short while ago, he himself had broken through to the nine-Jeweled stage as well. He was filled with enmity towards Zhou Weiqing, his romantic rival, and this had served as motivation for him to train harder. Although he didn’t know what had happened, the fact that Zhou Weiqing was actually facing up against Shangguan Tianyue caused Zhan Lingtian to feel stunned. Shangguan Tianyue was a Heavenly Emperor! Forget about surviving for the time of a joss stick to burn, even a casual blow from the
man would be beyond what Zhan Lingtian could withstand. Did this mean that Zhou Weiqing was now at a level where he could actually block attacks from someone like the Second Palace Master? This was impossible, right?

Shangguan Tianyang felt just as shocked. He was a Max Level Heavenly Emperor, and Zhou Weiqing’s calmness caused him to feel incomparably stunned. Just like Shangguan Tianyue, he was actually unable to see through this youth.

“Let us begin,” Shangguan Tianyang said. He waved his right hand, causing the joss stick in front of him to light up. A wisp of smoke began to rise from it.

Zhou Weiqing wasn’t in a hurry to attack. He took a half-step back with his left foot, staring intently at his father-in-law.

Shangguan Tianyue naturally knew what this meant. He snorted, then struck out with his right palm, sending a fierce burst of Heavenly Energy towards Zhou Weiqing. It could be said that he was the first to attack. Zhou Weiqing chuckled, bringing up both hands. His Personal Jewels were already gleaming, and when Shangguan Tianyang and Zhan Tianling actually saw the ten sets of Heavenly Jewels glistening around his wrists, they couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed.

Heavenly King. He’s actually a Heavenly King! In this instant, Zhan Lingtian’s heart plummeted. He had thought that after reaching the nine-Jeweled level, he once more had the right to challenge Zhou Weiqing. Now, it seemed, the distance between them had become as vast as heaven’s moat. He had grown up in Heaven’s Expanse Palace and so he naturally knew how enormous the difference between a nine-Jeweled cultivator and a Heavenly King was. Simply put, Heaven’s Expanse Palace had many powerhouses, but it had less than a tenth as many Heavenly Kings as it did nine-Jeweled cultivators. This was just a single step’s difference, but it represented a distance as vast as the starry sky! In addition, Zhou Weiqing was much younger than him.

Right at this moment, Shangguan Tianyue actually attacked. As he had said, he didn’t show Zhou Weiqing any mercy at all. An incomparably mighty aura came blasting out of his body. The Boundless Infinitum Technique was, by nature, a technique which carried boundless majesty and weight. This powerful pressure he controlled instantly condensed around Zhou Weiqing, completely focusing on him. This showed the difference between a Heavenly King and a Heavenly Emperor. Heavenly Kings also had tremendously powerful auras, but there was no way they could actually control their auras the way Heavenly Emperors could.

A dim layer of golden light emanated from Zhou Weiqing’s body in response to the enormous pressure. Aside from him and his opponent, the only person present who understood what was happening Shangguan Tianyang, because only he was at a level high enough to understand it.

Although Tang Xian didn’t understand how this duel between the two worked, she could tell that the ever-present, calm smile on Shangguan Tianyang’s face had suddenly vanished without a trace. What had he just seen?

He saw that when Shangguan Tianyue’s incredibly dense aura had pushed down upon Zhou Weiqing, it had simply parted and rolled past him without having any effect at all. The faint golden light emanating from Zhou Weiqing looked very weak, but with it covering him it resulted in something not even Shangguan Tianyang could understand.

Shangguan Tianyue didn’t release his Consolidated Equipment since Zhou Weiqing wasn’t using his either. As a senior, how could he possibly summon his equipment first? This impacted his honor as an expert. When he saw how easily Zhou Weiqing had deflected his pressure aura, Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes flickered with a hint of approval. His right hand gestured in midair, causing a stream of fog to condense into an arrow which then shot out towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Shangguan Tianyue was using the purest Heavenly Energy for his attack. It had no Attribute at all, but it was incredibly compressed.

Zhou Weiqing was very calm. He didn’t move, just lifted up his hands and then slowly pushed out in front of his chest. A halo of faint golden light spread out from his palms, forming an extremely slender translucent light barrier before him. Pop! A soft sound rang out, and the arrow actually transformed back into mist after hitting the shield, then began to dissipate.

This didn’t seem to be an especially remarkable clash, but after the mist dissipated and swept outwards a series of howling sounds filled the entire drill grounds. Shangguan Tianyang had to wave his hand and establish a barrier in order to block the chaotic, distorted mist. This was proof as to just how powerful that attack was. “Ehhh?” Shangguan Tianyue let out a surprised sound. In the next instant, he appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing. He struck out with both hands with an attack that seemed neither fast nor slow, and which didn’t seem particularly fierce… but space for dozens of meters around him and Zhou Weiqing suddenly began to twist and distort.

Zhou Weiqing’s face turned much more solemn. Golden light flashed, followed by a pair of faint golden wings unfurling behind his back. The wings spread out to wrap around him, covering him and protecting him. He had finally been forced to use the Dragon-Tiger Transformation.

However, those who were familiar with Zhou Weiqing’s abilities would be able to tell that his Dragon-Tiger Transformation had undergone an absolutely overwhelming transformation. Aside from gaining a pair of wings and the gold light emanating from his body growing a bit brighter, he didn’t seem to have changed at all. He no longer had any of that powerful, dominating appearance he possessed in the past.

Boom! Shangguan Tianyue’s twin palms slammed unhesitatingly upon Zhou Weiqing’s wings. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing shot backwards as though he had been fired out of a cannon. Even in midair, he still emanated that aura of golden light. This time, Shangguan Tianyue’s face actually tightened. If the earlier attack had been nothing more than a test, this last one had contained 60% of his Heavenly Energy. Even though he didn’t use any Consolidated Equipment or any special Attributes and techniques, it still represented a tremendous strike from a Heavenly Emperor!

And yet, he could clearly sense that when he launched this attack, its power had been deflected in waves by Zhou Weiqing’s wings. It looked as though Zhou Weiqing had been sent flying, but in reality he hadn’t been able to injure Zhou Weiqing at all.

What sort of power was this? This was the first time Shangguan Tianyue had encountered such a freakishly powerful defense. He felt certain that not even his own big brother would be able to withstand an attack like this head-on without counter-attacking to weaken the strike!

Zhou Weiqing’s body flew nearly a hundred meters backwards before coming to a halt in midair. His wings were completely unfurled, and a hint of a smile appeared on his face. His foe was his father-in-law; thus he had already held back for three stances to show courtesy, fully relying on his freakishly strong defenses alone. It looked to Shangguan Tianyue as though Zhou Weiqing had endured the attack with ease, but in reality he had endured quite a bit of pressure from this attack.

He himself didn’t know what was the maximum amount of punishment he could take. The experience he had gained from the last few attacks let him know that although he knew he had reached a very high level of power after consolidating his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had still underestimated himself. In other words, his current level of strength was even stronger than what he thought it would be.

“Be careful, father-in-law.”  Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang out. Clearly, he wasn’t injured at all. His hands came together before his chest, each drawing out a triangle. Moments later, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation had formed beneath his feet.

Unlike the past, the current Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation had more than just six Elemental Jewels appearing six different corners. There were also the four remaining Jewels hovering above Zhou Weiqing’s head, gleaming with breathtaking light.

Zhou Weiqing was quite crafty. He wasn’t going to use his Legendary Set, as his Hate Ground No Handle set was still incomplete. As such, it absolutely could not compete against Shangguan Tianyue’s full Legendary Set. So long as he himself didn’t use his own Legendary Set, given Shangguan Tianyue’s status, the man naturally wouldn’t release his own Legendary Set either. That way, the massive difference in power between the two would be slightly lessened.

It had been three attacks already. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t going to hold back any further. Being able to rely on his physical defenses alone to endure three attacks had already stunned everyone present, but this was just the start. Zhou Weiqing pointed with his right hand, causing the strange Image of a feline Heavenly Beast to flicker before him, then bound towards Shangguan Tianyue. He didn’t seem to need to first accumulate power at all.

Shangguan Tianyue waved his sleeves. Now that Zhou Weiqing had used a technique, he himself wasn’t going to be overly courteous any longer. A icy blue longspear shot out and flew straight towards that feline Heavenly Beast.

Was this a Heavenly Skill Image? No. Zhou Weiqing’s technique didn’t have the aura of a Heavenly Skill Image at all.

Something marvelous happened. When the feline Heavenly Beast collided against the icy longspear, its body twisted slightly… and in the next instantly, the icy spear actually flew through it. The feline, however, was landing in front of Shangguan Tianyue. “Eh?” Shangguan Tianyue had a stunned look in his eyes. He quickly sensed his entire body turning slow and sluggish.

Zhou Weiqing’s left hand suddenly struck out as well. The air behind him was broken apart, with silver light flashing and then disappearing. Boom! The extremely dense longspear of ice transformed into countless specks of light, then disappeared. This was what happened when Saint Energy was used to activate the upgraded version of Spatial Rend, Spatial Collapse.

As for that feline Heavenly Beast, it was the evolved version of the control technique, ‘Absolute Delay’!

When Zhou Weiqing released Skills, he no longer emanated particularly powerful auras from his body. He looked just like an ordinary person waving his hand, but the process didn’t slow down in the slightest.

After sweeping out with his arms, he didn’t retract them. Instead, he took advantage of the brief moment where Shangguan Tianyue was affected by the Absolute Delay to rapidly point with both hands, his fingers stabbing out like butterflies drifting through flowers. Over on Shangguan Tianyue’s side, a series of azure lightning bolts began to light up. Twelve consecutive Fetters of Wind landed upon him!

What sort of casting speed was this?! Although this looked like the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation which Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya had developed based on the Six Ultimate Heavenly Dao Formation, in reality Zhou Weiqing was relying on his Saint Energy. The way in which he used these techniques was completely different from how Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya used them.

Simply put, the same Fetters of Wind technique was now at least four times more powerful in Zhou Weiqing’s hands than those of an equivalent-level Heavenly Jewel Master. This was a 7 Star rated technique which when used by him had the effect of a 10 Star technique. When these twelve Fetters of Wind fell upon Shangguan Tianyue, it wasn’t easy for him to break free even though he was a Heavenly Emperor.

Although it was impossible for him to summon atmospheric energies from the outside world here, the local atmospheric energies were still quite dense. Zhou Weiqing didn’t pause after unleashing twelve Fetters of Wind. He flipped over his palms, then placed them facing each other. The spectators could all see the blue-violet light shining between his palms. In the next instant, an enormous lightning dragon burst forth from his palms and shot straight at Shangguan Tianyue.

The lightning moved incredibly fast. Even though it was now in the shape of a great dragon, it didn’t lose this intrinsic property.

Shangguan Tianyue had been caught off-guard and thrown off-balance by the Absolute Delay and the Fetters of Wind. Before he had managed to completely break free, Zhou Weiqing’s lightning dragon had arrived.

At this moment, he put his power as a Heavenly Emperor on full display. Although he had yet to fully extricate himself from the Fetters of Wind, his eyes flashed and a translucent, crystalline shield of ice appeared before him. This ice shield was three meters in diameter, and it securely covered his entire body. Just because he couldn’t move didn’t mean he couldn’t cast Skills.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s control over his lightning dragon technique wasn’t that simple either. Right as the great lightning dragon was about to collide against the ice shield, it suddenly twisted aside to dodge the shield and still blasted against Shangguan Tianyue. An enormous explosion rang out. A layer of blue-violet light appeared across Shangguan Tianyue’s entire body. He had finally managed to break free from the Fetters of the Wind, but now a powerful numbing sensation pervaded his entire body.

This lightning dragon technique was something Zhou Weiqing had created after simulating and testing out multiple variations of Lightning Suffering. Not even Long Shiya, who had the Lightning Attribute, would be able to do this because he wasn’t strengthened by Saint Energy!

Black light suddenly descended upon the area. This black light had actually come from beneath Shangguan Tianyue’s feet, and it manifested itself in the form of a six-cornered black star.

Shangguan Tianyue, as a Heavenly Emperor, had an incredibly tough body. Although Zhou Weiqing had landed the attack, it didn’t actually injure him. However, this black light was simply too fast. He hadn’t had a chance to break free from the numbness. A black-red light suddenly flashed about his head, coming together to form a strange glyph.

This was the Curse of Doom. Of course, it had also been strengthened. Zhou Weiqing didn’t even pause as he used these techniques. It can be said that they all came out one after the other, and each of them was tremendously powerful.

After the Curse of Doom, his movements slowed down for just a brief moment as he pressed his hands together across his chest, then pushed them outwards in an arc while unleashing a dense blast of silver light. By the time his hands were completely unfolded, a Silver Emperor suddenly flew out. It instantly accelerated through the skies, piercing forward at lightning speed. Next, a Silver Emperor Wing Slash fused with the Spatial Rend to produce the Fusion Skill, Silver Emperor Spatial Rend. It almost instantly charged over to Shangguan Tianyue.

The joss stick had only burned down a tiny amount thus far, but during that brief period of time Zhan Lingtian’s back had already been drenched by sweat. Aside from awe, he was unable to feel any other emotions. No matter what, he never would’ve imagined that Zhou Weiqing would reach such a level that he could actually suppress Shangguan Tianyue. He wasn’t a weakling, and he was very familiar with the two Palace Masters. He could tell that aside from not using the Legendary Set, Shangguan Tianyue wasn’t holding back at all. And yet, he was still being suppressed by Zhou Weiqing! Shangguan Tianyang, who stood next to Zhan Lingtian, hadn’t revealed a smile after his first one had vanished. His understanding of the battle was naturally much deeper than Zhan Lingtian’s. These techniques Zhou Weiqing were using… although they were his, they were completely reliant upon being cast through the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. In other words, these were all simulated techniques but just as strong as the real ones.

A dazzling streak of golden light suddenly burst forth from Shangguan Tianyue’s body. The light appeared around his chest, causing him to be filled with a godlike aura. It actually managed to instantly dispel the numbing effect as well as the Curse of Doom. His eyes flashed with divine light as he spat out a streak of golden light which transformed into a golden knife that clashed head-on against the Silver Emperor.

An enormous explosion rang out, resulting in the Silver Emperor falling backwards while Shangguan Tianyue’s shoulders trembled slightly. He had been at a disadvantage and had just barely managed to unleash that Skills, and so he didn’t manage to actually destroy the Silver Emperor.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t let up with his attacks at all. After the Silver Emperor flew out, his hands and his back actually began to glow with two completely types of light. The light coming from his back was purple-red, while his two hands were glowing dark-purple. As these two streaks of light were formed and flew out, his movements finally paused for a moment. However, his technique was completed just as Shangguan Tianyue beat back the Silver Emperor.

Six wings flapped violently as the Hell’s Angel soared into the skies. This was what had been materialized from the dark- purple light, and as emerged it came to hover five meters in front of Zhou Weiqing. Countless globes of dark-violet light burst from it, smashing towards Shangguan Tianyue as the Silver Emperor attacked a second time from the side.

Just at this moment, a human figure with a serpent’s tail and a devilish face suddenly flew out from Zhou Weiqing’s back. A beam of violet-red light shot out from its eyes and burst towards Shangguan Tianyue.

This had all happened in mere seconds. Zhou Weiqing had actually successfully revived the Silver Emperor, Hell’s Angel, and the Demonic Dragon Lady. These three powerful creatures simultaneously launched attacks at Shangguan Tianyue.

Zhou Weiqing’s attacks finally came to a temporary pause after he completed these three revivals. Reviving the Hell’s Angel and the Silver Emperor was easy, as both were at the Heavenly King stage. Given his cultivation, he could complete their revivals with ease. The Demonic Dragon Lady, however, was a Heavenly Beast who was a Max Level Heavenly Emperor. Reviving it had been quite taxing for Zhou Weiqing. Even the Astral Saint Core Nucleus in his chest dimmed slightly.

However, this actually showed how powerful Zhou Weiqing was. Although the Astral Saint Core Nucleus in his chest had dimmed slightly, the golden aura around his body had grown markedly stronger. All types of atmospheric energies in the air were being pulled into him at incredible speeds. In fact, not even the two Heavenly Emperors were far from being his match when it came to controlling atmospheric energies.

When Shangguan Tianyue pushed back the Silver Emperor and then saw the Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady appear, he momentarily felt as though the person he was facing was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor himself.

This was supposed to be a contest to see if Zhou Weiqing could survive for the time needed to burn a joss stick, but this entire time it was Shangguan Tianyue who was being beaten up. He wasn’t trying to hold back on purpose! Zhou Weiqing’s techniques simply came out far too quickly, and they included so many different Attributes. He also was able to control all of the techniques perfectly, allowing him to keep Shangguan Tianyue completely off-balance.

His mindset had originally been that of a senior providing guidance to a junior, but now it had completely changed. This kid was far more freakishly talented than he had imagined.

Ordinary Heavenly Kings would probably be terrified even before the battle started if they knew they had to face a Heavenly Emperor, but Zhou Weiqing was not. He had just returned from the Xuantian Continent. Forget about Heavenly Emperors, he had even battled Heavenly Gods. In his heart, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of nervousness.

Zhou Weiqing himself had been suppressing his temper for quite some time. Heaven’s Expanse Palace wanted to use this sort of trickery to prevent me from wedding Xue’er, right? Fine. I’ll use my power to shut their mouths.

A layer of blurry golden light shot out from Shangguan Tianyue, blocking the Hell’s Angel’s attack. At the same time, Shangguan Tianyue folded his hands together, then spread them apart. His right hand now had a long golden sword within it. The longsword was around 1.1 meters long and three fingers wide. An image of an enormous dragon appeared behind Shangguan Tianyue as well, and it spat out golden light which blocked the Dragon Silencing Seal which the Demonic Dragon Lady had shot out from its eyes.

Shanguan Tianyue’s Elemental Jewels were also of many different Attributes, but the strongest one without question was ‘Light’. The sword in his hand and the light dragon behind him were his most powerful techniques, Skills which he had Stored from a Heavenly God-level Heavenly Beast, the Holy Light Dragon. The Holy Light Dragon was the guardian Heavenly Beast for Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and its position was similar to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon of Xuantian Palace.

Thanks to this mighty technique, he finally managed to find his footing and defend against Zhou Weiqing’s consecutive attacks.

A true Heavenly God Stored Skill was naturally not something a pseudo-Heavenly God like the Demonic Dragon Lady’s could compare to. In addition, the Demonic Dragon Lady herself was partially a Darkness Attribute creature, as was the Hell’s Angel. Both were countered to a certain degree by the Light Attribute. Shanguan Tianyue’s aura suddenly increased in might, sweeping out and transforming into a layer of almost physical golden light which thundered towards those two revived Heavenly Beasts.

Shangguan Tianyue didn’t immediately attack, which was why Zhou Weiqing had been able to catch him off-guard with a series of attacks. He needed to first catch his breath. This was especially true with Zhou Weiqing furiously sucking the atmospheric energies from the surrounding world. If he wasn’t able to assert some control, he probably wouldn’t be able to replenish his energy at all.

The Silver Emperor flew towards him from the side, while the Demonic Dragon Lady and the Hell’s Angel were standing in front of Zhou Weiqing. What was Zhou Weiqing going to do?

His hands were slightly crooked and began to form an arc before his chest, maintaining a circle within his hands at all time. The glowing light on his body grew even stronger, and the golden ribbons began to spread out from Zhou Weiqing’s body and coiled around him.

Even though Shangguan Tianyue’s Heavenly God technique was able to continuously emanate an aura of might, it didn’t have any effect on Zhou Weiqing at all. As the ribbons of light appeared, the entirety of the drill grounds began to shudder.

Shangguan Tianyang was badly shocked. He hurriedly exerted his Heavenly Energy to protect this plane, but he could clearly sense that a terrifying sucking power had exploded from Zhou Weiqing’s body which was draining away even his own Heavenly Energy.

Shangguan Tianyue was even more stunned, because as the surrounding plane had trembled, he found that he was actually unable to draw upon any of the atmospheric energies from this region. It was as though they had found a master, and they were all furiously pouring to him.

A Heavenly Emperor just had all the local atmospheric energies stolen away by a Heavenly King. This had completely upended Shangguan Tianyue’s understanding of the world.

He didn’t dare to continue to try and recover. Without atmospheric energies replenishing him, he wasn’t able to recover much strength at all. Regardless of how Zhou Weiqing had done this, the best solution was for Shangguan Tianyue to end this as soon as possible. Gold light flashed. Shangguan Tianyue charged towards the Demonic Dragon Lady and the Hell’s Angel, meeting their unceasing attacks. The powerful aura of this Holy Light Dragon made it so that he was able to completely dominate these two revival techniques in terms of aura.

An absolutely awesome blade of light slashed out, slicing through the Hell’s Angel and causing it to vanish within the light. This was what often happened when darkness and light clashed, and the difference in cultivation levels made it impossible to overcome.

However, even as the Hell’s Angel fell beneath this sword, an absolutely awesome wave of Demonic energy instantly exploded from behind it.

Shangguan Tianyue had relied on his Holy Light Dragon’s supportive aura to give him the absolute advantage, as it prevented the Hell’s Angel and the Demonic Dragon Lady from using their full power. However, right at this moment, Shangguan Tianyue felt all of the energies in his body suddenly come to a halt. A Demonic aura which caused the deepest parts of his soul to quiver had just appeared out of nowhere, smashing down upon him like a staff. What was this? Shangguan Tianyue’s face had a look of complete shock on it. Was this the Demonic Dragon Lady’s aura? Impossible, absolutely impossible. Even if the actual Demonic Dragon Lady was here, she wouldn’t be a match for him, much less generate such a terrifying energy ripple. But if it wasn’t the Demonic Dragon Lady, then who was it?

Right behind the Demonic Dragon Lady was a gray figure which was slowly increasing in size. By the time the gray figure had truly emerged, the entire drill grounds seemed to quiver slightly in terror.

Zhou Weiqing continued to hover there. They could clearly see that those ribbons of light swirling around him were continuously sucking in atmospheric energies, including the energies of this very plane. The Demonic energy was coming from his back, and as it took form the dim golden light that had been around Zhou Weiqing suddenly turned completely gray, but it was still tinged with astral specks.

Even the Demonic Dragon Lady behind him had actually been stained the same color of gray. The Demonic Dragon Lady was trembling slightly, an extremely excited look on her face as her aura skyrocketed explosively. She no longer feared the Holy Light Sword in Shangguan Tianyue’s hands or the Holy Light Dragon’s aura. “Milord father-in-law, please be careful,” Zhou Weiqing said leisurely, and then those purple-red beams of light shot out from the Demonic Dragon Lady’s eyes once more. This time, the Holy Light Dragon’s light was actually unable to stop it, allowing it to descend upon Shangguan Tianyue.
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