Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 241-250

Chapter241 Controllable Reverse Time! 

Regardless as to whether or not he made any mistakes in terms of process or procedure, his Saint Energy ensured that the precious materials fully obeyed his will. This made fusing them together as one much simpler.

A faint smile appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face as he looked at the faintly flickering light emanating from the Consolidating Ink within the crystal vat. He had at least finished the first step, and everything had been more or less what he had expected.

He didn’t continue with the creation process. If he did, his behavior would be too different from what a five-Jeweled cultivator like he appeared to be could accomplish. He instead sat down into a cross-legged position, beginning to gather his vitality. He had to at least give those two the false impression that he needed to recover his Heavenly Energy.

The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were rather puzzled. Why didn’t Zhou Weiqing first put away that precious Consolidating Ink? It must be remembered that the more precious a Consolidating Ink was, the quicker it would evaporate. Thus, after creating Consolidating Liquid, they would usually put it into a sealed bottle right away to preserve it.

A short while later, they let out amazed sighs. This was because the silver Consolidating Ink which only took up a small fraction of the space inside the basin didn’t appear to be evaporating at all. The rays of the sun were shining down upon it through the windows, but the dazzling astral luster of the ink didn’t change in the slightest.

How was it this stable? The two exchanged a glance, nodding at each other. Even if Zhou Weiqing wasn’t an actually God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, for him to be able to do this much meant that he had already passed the XuanTian Palace’s test. Without question, he was an absolute genius of the Consolidating Equipment world. The XuanTian Palace, at least, had never been able to produce such a tremendously talented figure before!

In the faint, flickering light, Zhou Weiqing spent nearly an hour recuperating. He then finally rose to his feet, and as he did so he once more entered the ‘one with the world’ status.

He had yet to say a single word since he had begun, but the two watching God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters felt as though they were mentally spent. This was because they didn’t dare to be the slightest bit negligent in watching Zhou Weiqing’s every movement.

Even masters like themselves had to constantly learn and improve. A God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master who was capable of creating a nine-piece set was on a completely different level from one who was only able to create an eight- piece set. As for one who was able to create a ten-piece Legendary Set? That represented one which had reached the ranks of legends even amongst the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. As for eleven-piece sets? It had been a long, long time since anyone on the XuanTian Continent had ever been able to produce such a thing.

When Zhou Weiqing once more rose to his feet, he readjusted the crystal vat before him. The two carefully memorized even the slightest of motions he made. He took a deep breath, a focused look once more appearing in his eyes. He waved his hand, causing the highest-quality piece of Consolidating Paper to appear atop the yellow rosewood table in front of him.

This table was extremely flat, and it was almost as slick as a mirror. The Consolidating Paper completely stuck onto the surface. Every single sheaf of Consolidating Paper of this quality was worth above a hundred gold coins, and even then it couldn’t be found for purchase. This was because in order to create it, more than ten different types of precious Spatial Attribute materials had to be consumed. Not even God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters would use such precious materials until they were completely certain that they would
succeed, as there was no place to buy them!

Zhou Weiqing flipped his hand over, producing a Consolidating Pen that glowed with dazzling silver light. When they saw this pen appear, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters could no longer restrain themselves and immediately rose to their feet.

The Consolidating Pen in Zhou Weiqing’s hand was a bit over one foot in length, and it tapered off into an extremely slender tip. It was completely silver in color, and its tip seemed to be a single whole that was one with the shaft. As soon as he had produced the pen, it had instantly emanated a thick Spatial Attribute aura that was highly condensed and focused around the tip of the pen.

Cream of the crop! This was definitely a treasure amongst treasures. As God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, these two were both Heavenly Kings and could clearly see the ancient-looking characters on the silver pen which spelled out the phrase, ‘Legacy of Strength.” So this Legacy of Strength actually existed?

They had no idea that it had been Duan Tianlang who had gifted this pen to Zhou Weiqing. It had been Duan Tianlang’s most beloved treasure for many years. There had only been three such pens in the entire history of the Legacy of Strength. Zhou Weiqing currently had one, the second had gone missing, while the third was still in Duan Tianlang’s possession.

This Consolidating Pen had been created from the bones of a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast of the Spatial Attribute, with the tip having been created from the crushed bones of that beast.

That type of Heavenly Beast had long ago gone extinct in the Boundless Mainland, while the people of the XuanTian Continent had never even heard of such a creature. This sort of Consolidating Pen could definitely be described as a priceless divine artifact to the Consolidating Equipment world. The yellow rosewood table in front of Zhou Weiqing paled in comparison to it.

A flicker of greed instantly appeared in the eyes of the elder God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, while the woman next to him cast him a reflexive glare. Only then did the old man manage to extricate himself from his greed for that pen, a feeling of awe replacing it. It must be remembered that for someone like him, there was virtually nothing which he could not acquire in the XuanTian Continent. It had been countless years since he had even felt the emotion of ‘greed’.

Faint light flickered in front of Zhou Weiqing, whose face was covered with a faint smile. He held onto the shaft of the Consolidating Pen using his right hand, once more closing his eyes.

The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed at him again. There were three critical steps in creating a Consolidating Scroll. The first was the creation of the Consolidating Ink, which could involve many different mysterious formulas. Every single God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master had his own secret legacy and formulas which he would never pass down to outsiders, only people in his own direct line of descent.

The second step lay in designing the scroll. A powerful God Tier Consolidating Scroll was extremely complicated to design, and not the slightest mistake could occur. As for the final step, called ‘sketching’, involved the actual creation of the entire scroll. Not a single mistake could be made in any of these three steps, as a mistake would immediately invalidate all the previous work. Of these three steps, the most important step of all lay in the ‘design’ portion in the second step. So long as you had a working design, any talented Consolidating Equipment Master would be able to use it to calculate and allocate the materials needed for the Consolidating Ink. The most difficult step, ‘sketching’, was actually the least important as it merely tested the Consolidating Equipment Master’s power and the degree of his control.

For Consolidating Equipment Masters, any design diagram for a Consolidating Scroll created by a different God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was a priceless treasure. When they saw that Zhou Weiqing was about to design his diagram, how could they give up such a wonderful opportunity?

This time, Zhou Weiqing kept his eyes closed for much longer than the previous two times. He simply stood there, maintaining a perfectly firm and stable grip over the Consolidating Pen. He didn’t budge at all for the time needed to burn half a stick of incense.

Just as the two were beginning to feel rather impatient, Zhou Weiqing suddenly took a deep breath. As he did so, he seemed to have transformed into an enormous vortex which began to gather all of the energy of the world into his body. The Personal Jewels in his hands began to light up. Although he was still just a five-Jeweled cultivator, in that instant his aura suddenly began to skyrocket.

The two naturally had no idea why Zhou Weiqing had chosen to suddenly increase his power at a time like this, but they didn’t dare to disturb him in the slightest even though they were a bit curious. One had to be fully focused and detail- oriented when designing a scroll. If this was a scroll which he had already designed and used long ago, by all rights this should be the quickest of the three steps… but why did it look like he was pouring all of his power into it? And he even seemed to be using some sort of secret technique that temporarily raised his Heavenly Energy to a level which vastly surpassed his actual cultivation level.

They had no idea that Zhou Weiqing was doing all this just to put on a show for them. They watched, completely stunned, as Zhou Weiqing suddenly dipped his Consolidating Pen deep into the crystal basin, staining its tip with the silver starry Consolidating Ink.

W-what was he doing?! The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were completely stunned. There was no way someone would use Consolidating Ink to simply design a scroll. W-was he actually going to skip the ‘design’ stage and go straight into creating the scroll itself? B-but this was impossible!

Although these two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master were completely confident in their techniques for creating Consolidating Scrolls they had never before created a God Tier Consolidating Scroll without even going through the design phase. They had this kind of ability, but they would only use it for creating ordinary Consolidating Scrolls. The materials needed for creating God Tier Consolidating Scrolls were simply too precious. If you didn’t use a design diagram, your chances of failure would skyrocket. No talented God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would take such a foolish risk… but the youth before them clearly was about to.

Zhou Weiqing’s left wrist trembled, splashing the ink from his pen across the surface of the paper before him. The silver ink instantly began to form a sketch. His movements were very slow, but his fingers and his wrist were extremely stable. All of his feelings and emotions seemed to have vanished as he became one with the Consolidating Pen he held as well as the Consolidating Paper he was sketching on.

He’s insane. He’s completely insane! The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters exchanged a glance. Finally, they had been completely and thoroughly stunned by Zhou Weiqing.

Dense streams of silver light began to spill out of Zhou Weiqing’s body. This was the Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy which he had converted. The silver light flowed down his arm, pooling together within the Consolidating Pen within the palm of his hand before coming together with the Consolidating Ink at the tip of the pen as it continued to slowly sketch.

Now was the time for the yellow rosewood and the godlike Consolidating Pen within Zhou Weiqing’s hands to reveal their importance. The Consolidating Paper was kept extremely steady by the yellow rosewood table, while the Consolidating Liquid which was sketched onto the paper would completely bond together with the paper in an extremely short amount of time. Zhou Weiqing’s cadence didn’t change at all, as though he had already found his own rhythm. For the sake of not revealing his design diagrams, he actually chose to skip it in the creation process. He’s definitely going to fail! Both of these two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters came to the same tacit conclusion. But… would Zhou Weiqing actually fail?

The answer… was yes! Of course!

Yes. Just after Zhou Weiqing’s pen had completed two arcs, before he had finished even a single complete part of the sketch, a few mistakes appeared.

As had already been explained earlier, even the tiniest of mistakes made during the creation of a Consolidating Scroll would result in immediate failure. Every single stroke of this God Tier Consolidating Scroll sketch was finer than a human hair. The entire scroll would only be completed after hundreds on thousands of sketched lines.

He failed. He failed already. I knew he was no God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master! The two stared wide-eyed in surprise at the quick failure… but for some reason, they also felt a sense of relief in their hearts. Perhaps they subconsciously were unwilling to believe that there really was an incredible genius who was just at the five-Jeweled level and twenty-something years of age, yet capable of becoming a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.

But… just as they were about to let out sighs of relief, they suddenly stopped breathing entirely, and their relaxed bodies tensed up once more.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing’s pen had made that tiny mistake, something marvelous happened. The illusory figure of an odd- looking meaty bug suddenly began to slowly appear behind his back. A strange type of energy rippled out from it, causing everything within the entire wood cabin to twist and distort.

The strangest thing was, once the big translucent bug appeared, it gave a bizarre wiggle and caused a stream of silver light to be released from Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Everything began to happen in reverse. Although only a few seconds were reversed, it was enough to go back to the moment before Zhou Weiqing had made the mistake. “Time Attribute!”  This time, the old man was completely unable to hold himself back. He almost instantly blurted these two words out, jumping to his feet in sheer astonishment, no longer able to maintain the slightest bit of calm. As for the woman next to him, she had been completely stunned as well.

Given their cultivation levels, they were naturally able to tell what Zhou Weiqing had just done. Time Attribute! Only the Time Attribute could’ve produced such an effect! Although they didn’t know what technique or Skill Zhou Weiqing had used, just now he had clearly used it to reverse time and cause his pen to return back to the moment just before he had made that mistake, allowing him to continue sketching.

Is this for real? Suddenly, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters felt as though everything they thought they knew about how the creation of Consolidating Scrolls worked had been completely overturned. Not just them – even Shangguan Bing’er, who had come here alongside Zhou Weiqing, stared wide-eyed at the sight.

When they had first arrived, Shangguan Bing’er had actually felt extremely nervous. She understood Zhou Weiqing very well and knew that in recent years, he had almost spent no time on creating Consolidating Scrolls. How could he possibly be God Tier? She wasn’t able to accurately judge just how strong the two people in front of them were, but she could sense that they were at a level beyond what she and Zhou Weiqing could handle. If Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to pass the test, it would be hard for them to leave this place, much less acquire the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhou Weiqing had repeatedly assured her that he would pass this test, Shangguan Bing’er probably wouldn’t have even permitted him to come here.

However, Shangguan Bing’er had only grown increasingly astonished by what she saw here today. That state of becoming ‘one with the world’ didn’t matter, as she knew the mysteries involved. But when Zhou Weiqing first began to create the Consolidating Ink, she immediately realized that she didn’t know nearly enough about her Little Fatty.

Zhou Weiqing had a completely focused look on his face. Even though he wasn’t all that handsome, but a woman would always be captivated by the look of her man when he was completely absorbed in his work.

When she saw this, Shangguan Bing’er finally understood why Zhou Weiqing said that he would be able to produce a God Tier Consolidating Scroll. It might look as though he was relying upon the Time Attribute, but Shangguang Bing’er knew that the key of the matter was actually the Time Attribute Skills being infused with his Saint Energy.

On the journey over to the XuanTian Continent, Shangguan Bing’er had gained a clear understanding of all the many techniques and Stored Skills which Zhou Weiqing had available to him. This Stored Skill he had used just now was actually his highest-class Time Attribute Skill, the ‘Time Reversal’.

This technique had once saved Shangguan Fei’er’s life, which was why Shangguan Bing’er remembered it so clearly. However, normally speaking a technique like Time Reversal would cause time to go backwards by a full hour. Even if Zhou Weiqing improved his cultivation level, he would at most be able to gain enough control to extend it to a day or perhaps even longer, not shorter. More importantly, once used the Time Reversal technique started the user would be unable to stop the process, much less change midway through the process. As such, despite its great power, its practical effects were less so.

However… Zhou Weiqing had somehow succeeded in controlling it. Without question, he must have relied on his Saint Energy to cast the Time Reversal, causing this relatively useless Heavenly God Tier Skill to suddenly become truly monstrous in power.

Zhou Weiqing was no God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in practice, but he had the knowledge. Now, thanks to this ‘Time Reversal’ technique, he was able to slowly complete a God Tier Consolidating Scroll one step at a time. So what if he made mistakes? He’d just reverse time and fix it! So long as he could successfully complete one stroke at a time, he’d eventually succeed in finishing the entire thing.

As for the expenditure in Saint Energy? To Zhou Weiqing, he only needed to use a tiny amount to keep the effect active. The energy expenditure was virtually negligible. He was after all a nine-Jeweled cultivator. However, even if he really was just a five-Jeweled cultivator, the low energy expenditure meant that he should still be able to sustain this process.

Little Fatty, you really are brilliant. The only thing which Shangguan Bing’er felt was approval. Her Little Fatty was simply too brilliant. Clearly, he had already come up with this plan when he first proclaimed himself a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. He had prepared everything.

Zhou Weiqing continued with his manufacturing process. By now, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were completely stupefied. Yes, his manufacturing technique was absolute ‘cheating’; they could see this right away. But… he had the Time Attribute! This was an innate gift, an absolutely extraordinary innate gift!

The attributes which Zhou Weiqing had already demonstrated included wind, space, and time. When you combined these three mighty attributes together, they allowed an incredibly powerful and incredibly talented God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master to arise.

When Zhou Weiqing had first learned of Consolidating Scrolls and had been learning from Huyan Aobo, Huyan Aobo had been absolutely overwhelmed with joy to discover that he had all three of these attributes. Now, Zhou Weiqing had transformed this ‘overwhelming joy’ into ‘overwhelming shock’ and delivered it to the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of XuanTian Palace.

Most importantly of all, they didn’t even recognize the Time Reversal technique which Zhou Weiqing was using. Even if they did, they wouldn’t believe that it was the same ‘Time Reversal’ technique, as Zhou Weiqing’s version allowed him to fully control time within a specific duration. If this technique wasn’t used for creating a Consolidating Scroll and was instead used in battle… how terrifying would that be?! What they didn’t know was that even when activated via Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing was only able to reverse time by five seconds while maintaining ‘absolute control’ over it. In addition, it wasn’t quite as easy as Shangguan Bing’er had thought it to be. Although it was true that this process took up very little Saint Energy, it consumed an enormous amount of mental energy. Zhou Weiqing himself hadn’t expected this.

Thankfully, he wasn’t actually a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, but a nine-Jeweled one. In addition, his mental energy far surpassed that of an ordinary person’s! Given the above, Zhou Weiqing was able to continue with the manufacturing process despite the intensity of it.

Time continued to tick away. Zhou Weiqing’s forehead became beaded with sweat, but there was no way he would ever let that sweat drip down upon the Consolidating Paper. A layer of strange spatial energy had already formed directly above it, flicking away anything besides the pen which fell down upon it.

This was the first time Zhou Weiqing had so seriously and determinedly worked on putting together a Consolidating Scroll, one stroke of the pen at a time. The scroll he was working on was naturally for the equipment he was most familiar with – the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set. He was creating his seventh Consolidated Equipment, which he was desperately in need of.

He had already reached the nine-Jeweled stage, but he only had five pieces of the Hate Ground No Handle set. If you factored in the Overlord Bow, he only had six pieces of Consolidated Equipment in total. If he was able to create another part of the Hate Ground No Handle set, his cultivation power would explode once more as he doubled in strength.

It must be remembered that his physical strength had already reached a terrifying level. If it was doubled once more… Zhou Weiqing felt absolutely confident that he could battle even high level Heavenly Kings! He might be able to given even max level Heavenly Kings a fight.

As for Heavenly Emperor powerhouses? He didn’t even want to think about them, nor did he want to test them out.

Time continued to flow on. Zhou Weiqing had arrived at dawn, but by now it had already begun to darken outside without him realizing it. His skin had lost its luster, transforming to become rather sallow, but the determination in his eyes had never wavered in the slightest. By now, he had reached the very final stages of creating this Consolidating Scroll. Not much of the Saint Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body had been used up, but he could feel that his mind and spirit had been all-but drained empty. Maintaining this process was causing him to feel an ear-splitting headache. If it wasn’t for the fact that his willpower, tested repeatedly by the Immortal Deity Technique, was incredibly strong… he probably would’ve collapsed long ago.

The process of creating a God Tier Consolidating Scroll allowed for brief pauses, but it didn’t allow for any complete halts. If you truly stopped, all of your earlier work would be for nothing. This was yet another reason why God Tier Consolidating Scrolls could only be created by Heavenly Kings. Heavenly Kings not only had a terrifying amount of Heavenly Energy, they also saw their mental energy and spiritual energy skyrocket to an unprecedented new level which was more than enough to sustain the costs incurred by creating a God Tier Consolidating Scroll. Even so, God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters generally were in poor physical shape, precisely because the process of creating God Tier Consolidating Scrolls was just so incredibly taxing.

Zhou Weiqing wasn’t too bad off, because the Consolidating Scroll he was creating was for the sixth piece of his Hate Ground No Handle set. If he was trying to make the final piece, the process of creating the tenth Consolidating Scroll would be terrifyingly exhausting. This was the reason why Duan Tianlang had taught so many things to Zhou Weiqing. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to stay alive after helping Zhou Weiqing finish the tenth piece of the Hate Ground No Handle set.

In the past, Zhou Weiqing didn’t really understand this. Now that he was truly creating a God Tier Consolidating Scroll of his own for the first time, he gradually began to understand what Duan Tianlang’s intentions were. The damn thing is really a pain in the ass! Can he succeed? Can he succeed?! The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters looked just as wan and pale as Zhou Weiqing himself, as if they were using up an enormous amount of mental energy as well. They were firmly memorizing every single stroke of the Zhou Weiqing’s pen, but with Zhou Weiqing occasionally employing Time Reversal to replicate certain strokes, it made the memorization process even more difficult.

Of course, they were also able to tell that Zhou Weiqing had reached the final stages of creating this Consolidating Scroll. It was about to finish.

Faint light flickered across the scroll as Zhou Weiqing’s face turned increasingly solemn. He knew that his mental energy was at the brink of collapse, but this actually spurred on his innate, bone-deep stubbornness even further. He gritted his teeth. No matter what, he was going to persevere.

It wasn’t just for the sake of completing this God Tier Consolidating Scroll. It was also a way for him to demonstrate mastery over his own willpower. So long as he could complete this, it would be very beneficial for his future cultivation. Zhou Weiqing also had the vague feeling that if he could complete this God Tier Consolidating Scroll, then he would also be able to break through to the thirty-seventh stage of Saint Energy, which had vexed him for so long.

How could he possibly resist such an alluring prize? If he gave up this chance, who knew how long it would be before he would make his Saint Energy breakthrough? Once the Saint Energy broke past the thirty-sixth stage, each further upgrade could no longer be achieved simply through hard work and motivation. Fate and fortune both played a role. Chances like today were few and far between!

The world outside slowly began to grow dark, but the three people inside the room didn’t light any candles. They were afraid that even the tiniest of movements would disturb Zhou Weiqing and cause his creation of this scroll to fail.

The dim light from the scroll flickered across Zhou Weiqing’s sweat-covered face. Only a tiny dab of Consolidating Ink was left within the crystal basin.

The final stroke. He had finally come down to the final stroke. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes suddenly narrowed to tiny slits as the Consolidating Pen in his hand began to tremble slightly for the first time. The atmosphere inside the entire room became oppressively heavy, while Shangguan Bing’er clenched her hands into fists. Boom! Failure. Just as Zhou Weiqing finished his final stroke, the Consolidating Paper instantly exploded beneath him. The Time Reversal effect once more took place, but this time Zhou Weiqing’s body shuddered. The intense mental strain he was under caused even his mighty body to suffer serious repercussions. Blood began to spill out from his nose, mouth, and ears. It looked absolutely terrifying.

I must succeed! Zhou Weiqing repeated these words to himself, his right hand once more transforming to become silvery-white, causing his trembling hand to instantly stabilize.

He was willing to sacrifice many things for the sake of completing this God Tier Consolidating Scroll. Even if he had to reveal some of the secrets behind his Saint Energy, he still had to complete this. Otherwise, this failure could well result in his future advancement in Saint Energy coming to a complete halt.

Prior to actually embarking on the process of creating this God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, Zhou Weiqing had been very confident in his chances. He had the Time Reversal Skill, and his nine-Jeweled stage of Saint Energy, which when combined was an unparalleled tool for creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. He had felt certain that he was absolutely the equal of any Heavenly King God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, but when he actually began the process he finally understood just how difficult it was to actually create a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll. If it hadn’t been for the Time Reversal Skill, he would’ve failed more than a hundred times by now. Ordinary God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters couldn’t afford a single mistake, needing to finish it all at once!

In other words, an absolutely gaping chasm in skill existed between Zhou Weiqing and genuine God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. However, he was relying on Time Reversal to forcefully bridge that gap!

Thankfully, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters didn’t notice the change in the attribute of ‘Heavenly Energy’ which Zhou Weiqing had just released. Their gazes were completely focused on that nearly-finished scroll which had just undergone Time Reversal once more.

The final stroke of a pen from a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master… this gave onlookers the highest chances to suddenly be enlightened. These two were no exceptions. Thus, they chose to completely ignore the silvery light glowing from Zhou Weiqing’s arm and the unique aura of the Saint Energy, which whisper that it was the heart of the very world itself. Those things were irrelevant to them, after all. Zhou Weiqing had also produced so many miracles that they simply relegated ‘Saint Energy’ into the category of a secret art which the Legacy of Strength possessed.

Silver light flashed as the tip of the Consolidating Pen in Zhou Weiqing’s hands sketched outwards. Blood covered his entire face, dripping downwards and giving him a rather terrifying appearance.

Suddenly, dazzling silver light exploded forth from the Consolidating Paper, transforming into an incomparably dense silver aura. The blood dripping from Zhou Weiqing’s face was instantly evaporated, while he himself staggered several steps backwards. He only managed to remain upright thanks to Shangguan Bing’er supporting him.

The ball of silver light atop the yellow rosewood table only grew brighter and brighter as the atmospheric energies around it rose to an incredible density. It all furiously poured into the scroll atop the table, which seemed to have come alive.

Consolidating Equipment Scrolls of any level, when first formed, would absorb atmospheric energies from the natural world. The only difference lay in the amount being consumed. Middle level or high level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls only absorbed a tiny amount of atmospheric energies, so little that Heavenly Jewel Masters wouldn’t even be able to sense it. Grandmaster Tier Consolidating Scrolls would absorb a noticeably greater amount of energy, while God Tier Consolidating Scrolls would absorb an absolutely terrifying amount. If one had to give a specific ‘amount’ of energy, any such scroll would at least need to absorb all the energy from the Heavenly Core Nucleus of a Heavenly King in order to be completed.

Thus, any God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would choose to let his new scroll absorb atmospheric energies in order to complete it. This was an important reason why Heaven’s Expanse Palace was able to recruit its three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. There were very few places in all the Boundless Mainland which had densities of atmospheric energies comparable to Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Of course, Heavenly Snow Mountain was also another such place, but when compared to Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Not only was the Heavenly Snow Mountain consisting and ruled by other races, its level of atmospheric energies was still slightly weaker in comparison.

This place, without question, was also such a place with an extremely high density of atmospheric energies. As soon as Zhou Weiqing finished creating the scroll, he himself could clearly sense that an enormous amount of atmospheric energies was rushing out from the gorge around them and flooding into this wooden room. This caused the previously- ordinary levels of atmospheric energy to instantly skyrocket to an incredibly dense level.

Although Zhou Weiqing didn’t know why or how this was happening, it was obvious that the atmospheric energies here were formed by nature itself. There was no way any human force could create it.

The silver glow slowly began to transform into a faint gold color, which then slowly began to transform into a crystal clear gold. At the very end, it finally transformed into deep and highly concentrated dark-gold color.

Suddenly all of the light retreated into the scroll, no longer emanating outwards. As for the torrent of atmospheric energies which had been flooding into the room, they instantly vanished as well.

Everything fell completely silent. The two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters who had jumped over to the other side of the table returned to their seats, slumping exhaustedly into them while closing their eyes. Their chests silently rose and fell as they breathed deeply. Clearly, they were completely exhausted as well. Zhou Weiqing had an absolutely ear-splitting headache right now. He watched as the dark-golden scroll atop the yellow rosewood table slowly floated up into the air, filled with a strange aura. Only then did he finally let out a sigh of relief… and then collapsed into Shangguan Bing’er’s embrace.

In all of recorded history, there had never been a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master who was merely twenty or so years of age, much less someone who was able to create a God Tier Consolidating Scroll the way Zhou Weiqing just did. However, he had succeeded. He had truly succeeded.

Shangguan Bing’er half-carried the fainted Zhou Weiqing over to a nearby chair, helping him sit down. The Saint Energy in his body remained as full and abundant as either, and it was even able to maintain his false ‘five-Jeweled stage’. As a result, she knew that her man was fine. He was simply mentally drained to the point where his body could no longer take it, causing him to lapse into slumber.

After roughly the time needed for half a stick of incense to burn down, the other two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters slowly opened their eyes. The first thing they did was to turn and stare at the scroll hovering above the wooden table. The woman slowly rose to her feet. She was extremely tall, half a head taller than even Shangguan Bing’er. She slowly reached out with her right hand, causing the scroll to drift into it and then unfurl.

She lowered her head to stare at the complicated, abstruse sketches and runes covering the scroll, her beautiful eyes revealing a hint of being mesmerized by what she saw. The old man was standing next to her, staring carefully as well.

“This  is,  without  question,  a  true  and  genuine  God  Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll. It isn’t a Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll.” The old man quickly came to this conclusion after just a few glances.

The young woman nodded. “He cannot be simply described as a ‘genius’. He’s a freak of nature, an absolute monster, a genius without peer.”  She turned, her gaze falling upon the face of the still-fainted Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Bing’er had already wiped the blood off of Zhou Weiqing’s face, and he continued to slumber deeply in her embrace. Shangguan Bing’er lifted her head up and glanced at them. Rather   puzzled,   she   asked,   “What’s   a   Pseudo-God   Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll?”

The woman blinked. “He didn’t tell you?”

Shangguan Bing’er shook his head. “I’m not a Consolidating Equipment Master, and I never disturb him with such questions.”

Chapter242 Breaking Through

The  woman  explained,  “Pseudo-God  Tier  Consolidating Scrolls are also a lower ranked type of God Tier scrolls. Previously, we would thought that no matter how talented or outstanding he was, he would at most be able to create a Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scroll. Even so, his future prospects would definitely be superior to ours, given how young he is.”

Shangguan  Bing’er  laughed  coolly.  “Aren’t  you  young  as well?”

The woman blinked, then slowly shook her head. A strange look flickered through her eyes. “No. I’m different from him. Anyway, Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scrolls will only appear when used to create the first few pieces of a legendary set, and even Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters stand a chance at creating them. This is because each piece of a legendary set is more powerful than the last. If the very first piece of a legendary set is a true God Tier Consolidating Scroll, then the total number of pieces in the set will have to be dramatically lessened. Thus, the first three or four pieces of most legendary sets are usually formed from Pseudo- God Tier Consolidating Scrolls.” Shangguan  Bing’er  now  understood.  “So  that’s  how  it works.”

The woman picked up Zhou Weiqing’s completed scroll. “I can tell that this should be part of a legendary set, but it definitely isn’t just a Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scroll. It has to be either the sixth or seventh piece of a legendary set. Considering the fact that he is at the five-Jeweled level, the sixth piece seems more likely.”

If Zhou Weiqing was conscious, he would definitely let out a sigh of admiration for the accuracy of her guesses and her judgment. Although she wasn’t correct on all the underlying facts, she had actually managed to come to the correct conclusion thanks to her keen judgment. This scroll was in fact the sixth piece of his own ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set, which could only help further confirm the fact that Zhou Weiqing had a five-Jeweled cultivation base.

The way in which both the woman and the old man viewed Zhou Weiqing had completely changed. Shangguan Bing’er could now see a degree of esteem in their gazes, the esteem owed to an expert.

“Please take him over to the room next door to recuperate. We can speak after he wakes up.” The woman walked over to Shangguan Bing’er while speaking, handing the scroll for the sixth piece of the Hate Ground No Handle set to her.

Shangguan Bing’er stared at her, rather astonished. “Don’t you want it? You provided the materials, after all.”

The woman smiled slightly, and the majesty of her smile caused even Shangguan Bing’er to feel momentarily inferior. Shangguan Bing’er was just as physically attractive as this woman, but she lacked the woman’s self-confidence. The woman’s aura emanated a type of absolute self-confidence. Even after encountering a genius like Zhou Weiqing, her confidence in herself hadn’t been lessened in the slightest.

“Our XuanTian Palace isn’t that stingy. These materials are nothing more than a first meeting gift to Master Zhou.”

Shangguan Bing’er naturally wouldn’t refuse, and so she immediately took the scroll and nodded at the woman. Suddenly, she felt as though the way in which the woman was staring at Zhou Weiqing seemed a bit peculiar.

“After  he  wakes  up,  please  tell  him  that  my  name  is Dreamwake. They all call me Master Dreamwake. This person is Master Nie Han.” After speaking, she turned and exited the wooden room. As for the old man named Nie Han, he followed her and departed as well.

“Dreamwake?” Shangguan Bing’er repeated this name a few times. Clearly, this young female God Tier Consolidated Equipment Master was using a pseudonym.

The nearby wooden room was laid out just as simply as the last one. It had a table, two chairs, and a slender wooden bed. However, if you took a closer look you would discover that all of these things were actually constructed out of yellow rosewood. The entire room was filled with the faint, delicate floral scent of yellow rosewood and sandalwood.

Shangguan Bing’er carefully laid Zhou Weiqing onto the bed, but before she even had a chance to sit down, a large and strong arm snaked around her waist, pulling her down into a warm embrace.

“You woke up?” Shangguan Bing’er said, surprised and delighted.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t open his eyes, but he tightly pressed Shangguan Bing’er’s soft body against himself. He sent via voice transference, “I would never dare to slumber for too long in a place like this. What’s the situation?”

Shangguan Bing’er sent back, “You already passed their test.
They gave us the scroll as well.”

Zhou Weiqing said, “Excellent. I’ll rest for a bit longer then.” He had forced himself to wake up by suppressing the aching pain in his head, precisely because he was afraid that there might have been trouble. Now that he knew that they were safe for now, he finally relaxed and allowed himself go back to sleep.

He had used up an absolutely enormous amount of mental energy. However, this process had been tremendously beneficial to him. Even though he was now asleep, his lips were still curved into a smile. The Saint Energy bottleneck which had bedeviled him for so long had finally been broken through in the instant that he had completed the God Tier Consolidating Scroll.

Zhou Weiqing had been in complete control of himself, ensuring that none of the other three in the room had noticed a thing. In truth, however, his internals had undergone an absolutely astounding transformation. The thick silver Saint Energy had previously been swirling rapidly around his thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points, but not it actually began a new filtering and purifying process which further refined his entire body.

This wasn’t a process which Zhou Weiqing himself had to maintain, as it was all carried out naturally by the Saint Energy. Breaking through the bottleneck had allowed him to reach a completely new stage. After he finally allowed himself to truly fall asleep following his conversation with Shangguan Bing’er, he could sense that a completely new Saint Energy had appeared within Dantian.

After this breakthrough, his Saint Energy had transformed to become a completely pure silver color. It had transformed, much like how when he had completed the God Tier Consolidating Scroll the scroll had instantly turned silver.

This pure silver light was filled with sparkling flashes of silver star-light. This pure silver had completely replaced the original silvery-white color. However, it did not become tougher to control due to the higher degree of compression, instead it actually became even gentler. As it flowed through his Dantian, it generated a faint, comfortable warm feeling. The transformation process was still ongoing. At a time like this, staying asleep was clearly the best choice for Zhou Weiqing, as the self-protective powers of Saint Energy ensured that he didn’t need to worry about any problems appearing within his body.

The Saint Energy was continuously flowing through Zhou Weiqing’s body, transforming it. This new, highly purified liquid silver Saint Energy first appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s Dantian and head. Shangguan Bing’er was in Zhou Weiqing’s arms. Although she wasn’t able to sense the transformations occurring within his body, her own Saint Energy was affected and began to circulate on its own.

This wasn’t the first time Shangguan Bing’er had experienced this happening to her Saint Energy, but in the past the process had been incredibly slow. She herself didn’t have any of the Saint Attributes after all, and so she lacked the ‘key’ needed to truly guide and control the Saint Energy in her body. However, since she was currently in Zhou Weiqing’s arms, the higher-level Saint Energy in his body began to ‘guide’ hers. The speed at which her Saint Energy was condensing and purifying made her feel as though she was racing a thousand kilometers each day. So it was possible to train while sleeping? Shangguan Bing’er wanted to laugh. Alas, she herself didn’t dare to fall asleep. They were in a different land, after all. More than that – they were in the headquarters of the XuanTian Palace. How could she lower her guard while Zhou Weiqing was asleep?

Zhou Weiqing actually remained asleep for three full days. During this period of time, servants came to offer them delicacies, fruits, and beverages. Shangguan Bing’er didn’t need to do much for Zhou Weiqing; all she had to do was to stand guard by his side.

Master Dreamwake and Master Nie Han came twice. They weren’t surprised by Zhou Weiqing’s deep slumber, as even they themselves would be exhausted and weakened for a period of time after successfully creating a God Tier Consolidating Scroll. This should be doubly true for Zhou Weiqing, given the absolutely unearthly techniques he used to accomplish it.

They seemed to have fully accepted and approved of Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. Both times they came, they demonstrated great friendliness. Indeed! A five-Jeweled cultivator had successfully become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. When he reached the Heavenly King stage, he would then be able to create God Tier Consolidating Scrolls with ease, right? How could XuanTian Palace not take him seriously?

It wasn’t until the third day that Shangguan Bing’er, who kept her body pressed tightly against Zhou Weiqing’s, suddenly sensed her own transforming Saint Energy (which was being guided by his) suddenly accelerate dramatically before coming to a halt. A strange energy ripple stealthily emanated out of Zhou Weiqing’s body, one which only someone who also possessed Saint Energy like herself could possibly sense. In that brief instant, a strange insight suddenly appeared within her mind.

Zhou Weiqing slowly opened his eyes, only to discover that everything around him seemed to become more clear and distinct. He could now see even the finest of grains on the wood ceiling above him with ease.

His long slumber had been dictated by the Saint Energy in his body. After three days, his Saint Energy had finally completed its breakthrough from the thirty-sixth stage to the thirty- seventh stage.

Ever since he had entered the nine-Jeweled stage, everything seemed to have changed for him. Even though he had simply risen by one cultivation stage, once again Zhou Weiqing saw a brand new world in front of him. The Saint Energy in his body hadn’t been completely transformed, but to him this was already an enormous surprise.

All thirty-six of his Death Acupuncture Points had gained a mass of silver Saint Energy that glowed like the light of the stars. It was like they were ‘cores’ located inside the acupoints. As for the rest of the Saint Energy, it swirled outside these Saint Energy ‘cores’ and became increasingly dense. Both the transformed pure silver Saint Energy and the previous silvery- white Saint Energy had all become a dense liquid which now flowed twice as fast as before. All it took was one thought to activate the Saint Energy inside.

What was even more marvelous was the fact that Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that his mental energy had expanded dramatically. And, thanks to the Saint Energy in his body, he was also able to clearly sense all ripples in atmospheric energy and Heavenly Energy for thousands of meters around him.

This mountain gorge seemed to have been naturally formed into the shape of an atmospheric energy point. It would naturally generate a strong devouring force which was applied to the outside world. So long as any anything happened to the atmospheric energies within the gorge, the entire gorge would began to rapidly draw upon the atmospheric energies of the world outside.

When Zhou Weiqing started to sense all of these things, he felt as though he had essentially become part of those atmospheric energies… and that any atmospheric energy he detected could be controlled by him. The Saint Energy in his body didn’t even need him to activate it; they naturally began to flow and train on their own. This training process seemed to expand the starry silver ‘rivers’ inside of his thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points. Heavenly Dao Energy! Awestruck, Zhou Weiqing suddenly realized what was going on. Right! When his Heavenly Energy broke through to the thirty-sixth stage it remained Heavenly Xu Energy, but this breakthrough had allowed him to truly enter the realm of Heavenly Dao Energy. No – to him, it would be Saint Dao Energy.

After accumulating four more stages of Saint Dao Energy, he would be able to Consolidate his Saint Core Nucleus. It was exactly like how the power of Heavenly Dao Energy could form a Heavenly Core Nucleus. However, upon reaching the Saint Dao Energy state, he had already eclipsed the vast majority of high-level Heavenly Kings. Countless high-level Zong Stage experts had been trapped at the thirty-sixth stage! Now that he had comprehended and gained the Saint Dao Energy, his chances of being able to form a Core Nucleus had just skyrocketed.

This had been a supremely important step. For any Heavenly Jewel Master, this was a step that was incredibly dangerous but filled with tremendous possibilities.

Zhou Weiqing had always trained in the Immortal Deity Technique and had broken through swiftly, which was why he felt as though he had been ‘trapped’ and bottlenecked at this stage for months, and plagued by how slow that was. If other high-level Zong Stage experts found out about this, they’d probably spit out mouthfuls of blood directly into his face. Some of them could go decades without being able to bypass this bottleneck!

Heavenly Dao Energy was energy which came from the Ways of Heaven. It grew and multiplied without end, and it was part of the Ways of Heaven themselves. This single stage of advancement had caused him to reach a completely new level. Only now did the Saint Energy in his body form a true and continuous loop. Thanks to his Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing was absolutely confident that he could battle anyone below the Heavenly Emperor level. Even if an actual Heavenly Emperor powerhouse wanted to kill him, it definitely wouldn’t be an easy feat.

“Little Fatty, are you alright?” Shangguan Bing’er said, rather worried. Although she had been able to sense Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy continuously improving, she knew that he had fallen unconscious due to how much mental energy he had used up.

Zhou Weiqing slowly reached out with his right hand, clenching it into a fist. He could feel the atmospheric energies in the palm of his hand naturally compress. “Heavenly Dao Energy. Bing’er, I’ve broken through.”

Shangguan Bing’er was momentarily startled. Her eyes then revealed flickers of complicated emotions. Even though she had known many years ago that her Little Fatty was extraordinarily talented and would definitely become a true powerhouse of his generation, she never expected that all this would happen quite so quickly.

From start to finish, Zhou Weiqing had only been training for six or seven years. And yet, his cultivation had securely advanced towards the Heavenly King level… one with Saint Energy!

Zhou Weiqing sat up and took a deep breath. Even while doing so, he was able to sense the atmospheric energies furiously gather around him, much like when he used the Devour Skill. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was on XuanTian Palace’s territory, he really felt like using the Saint Energy to activate his actual Devour Skill, just to see what would happen. He wanted to see if he could use it to Devour enough atmospheric energies from the world around him to train. That would definitely be an incredible sight! This breakthrough had resulted in Zhou Weiqing being strengthened in every aspect. Saint Energy, physical strength, mental strength… he had improved greatly in each area. Simply put, he had taken a step into a completely different world.

“Did they say anything?” Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Bing’er.

Shangguan Bing’er shook her head.

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “Time to let them know that I’m awake. However, let me Consolidate that scroll first.”

Five pieces of ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ had already been enough to increase his base physical strength by 32 times. Six pieces would result in an increase of 64 times. He had painstakingly constructed the scroll for his sixth piece of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set. Once he finished Consolidating it, the sheer boost to his raw physical strength alone would result in his overall power skyrocketing dramatically.

News that Zhou Weiqing was awake quickly spread to XuanTian Palace. Nobody came to bother them on that first day, but early the next morning Zhou Weiqing suddenly halted his cultivation and slowly opened his eyes. “They are here.”

He threw on some clothes, left the bed, then walked out of the wooden room with the neatly attired Shangguan Bing’er. After they exited the room, Zhou Weiqing simply stood outside the doorway without going forward to greet their guests. Only three people had come to this gorge, and they were headed straight to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing only recognized one of these three people; Elder Fei Lun, who had brought them to XuanTian Palace. Next to him was an old man who had a single sun emblem on his chest which showed that he had roughly the same status as Fei Lun. The third was their leader, a man who had three sun emblems on his chest.

This person was very tall, and his body was covered by long blue robes. He had a head of long black hair which cascaded down his back, and a wide azure mask that covered his face. Not even the skin around his neck was revealed. He was covered up very tightly.

Three sun emblems? Zhou Weiqing was slightly startled. The three quickly arrived in front of the wooden room. The leader came to a halt, then spoke in an extremely androgynous yet  highly  pleasing  voice,  “Master  Zhou,  greetings.  I’m honored that you came to our XuanTian Palace. I am Palace Master Dong Fang of the XuanTian Palace.”

Zhou Weiqing secretly exclaimed to himself, “I knew it!” He smiled and took a single step forwards, then nodded. “Hello, Palace Master Dong Fang.” This time, Elder Fei Lun didn’t make any snide comments about Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level. As soon as Zhou Weiqing had proven himself a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he had earned the right to act pridefully.

Zhou Weiqing carefully scanned this Palace Master Dong Fang. However, he quickly realized that it was as though he was trying to scan the ocean itself; there was no information coming back to him! All he could sense was that Palace Master Dong Fang’s aura was extremely deep and profound. Just by standing there, he made Zhou Weiqing feel as though his own linkage with the atmospheric energies nearby had been lessened significantly.

Dong Fang said calmly, “I am extremely amazed to see that Master Zhou, despite being at such a young age, already has the ability to create God Tier Consolidating Scrolls. Masters Nie Han and Dreamwake have already informed me of your situation. XuanTian Palace has always been extremely welcoming to geniuses like yourself. If there is anything you need, just speak and I shall do my best to fulfill it.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled slightly. “I don’t have anything I need per se. I’ve come to join XuanTian Palace because I wish to have the chance to gain a better understanding of the crafting of Consolidating Scrolls. Thus, I’d like for the Palace Master to provide me with various types of materials. Also, I don’t have the time to make Consolidating Scrolls for just anyone. Don’t send low-ranked people to come bother me. In addition, I would like to join XuanTian Palace as a visiting scholar, as I don’t wish for other people to order me around. But of course, if you need me to do anything, Palace Master, I won’t decline.”

If anyone else had made these requests, the Elders behind Dong Fang would’ve long slapped that man flying without needing for Dong Fang himself to make a move. However, for these requests to come from a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was a completely different matter.

Dong Fang nodded. “Naturally. I accede to your requests, Master Zhou. So long as XuanTian Palace can find the materials you want, you shall have free usage of them. However… I would like to ask that a portion of the completed works be handed over to me to use as I see fit.”

Zhou Weiqing said without hesitation, “We’ll give you all of the items that neither myself nor my wife need. However, I cannot guarantee my success rates. Please don’t blame me if I waste many materials!”

Dong Fang smiled calmly. “That shouldn’t be a problem for our XuanTian Palace. Is there anything else you need, Master Zhou?”

Zhou Weiqing said, “I’m a bit different from other God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. Possibly due to my fairly young age, I enjoy a bit of liveliness. Quiet and secluded places like this don’t really suit me. I hope, Palace Master, that you can find another place in the XuanTian Palace for me to live in.”

When the two Elders behind Palace Master Dong Fang heard these words, their faces twitched uncontrollably. Fairly young age? You jerk! You are barely twenty years old and already a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. The rest of us are humiliated in comparison. Dong  Fang  nodded.  “That’s  fine,  of  course.”   His  tone suddenly sharpened as he murmured to the two Elders behind him, “On my orders, Master Zhou is now one of the Consecrated of our palace. He is to be treated just like a Grand Elder, while his wife will be given the rank of Elder.”

“Understood,” both Elders said respectfully. Fei Lun took out a tray out from his own Spatial Ring and presented it to Zhou Weiqing. It had two sets of clothes on it.

Dong Fang then nodded towards Zhou Weiqing once more. “Tonight, I shall host a welcoming banquet in honor of Master Zhou joining our palace. All of the important members of our palace shall take part in the welcoming ceremony. Master Zhou has been in seclusion for many years and might not be fully aware of the situation within the palace. Elder Fei Lun, you are to stay behind and introduce the palace to Master Zhou. I have other matters to attend to. I’ll depart for now.”

“Alright.” A flicker of a smile flashed across Elder Fei Lun’s face. An opportunity to ingratiate himself with Master Zhou was clearly a wonderful assignment.

The Palace Master Dong Fang turned and departed with the other Elder. Zhou Weiqing played his role perfectly, bowing slightly as the Palace Master left. Although he didn’t say any flattering words, his actions indicated that he had accepted himself being a part of the XuanTian Palace.

Zhou Weiqing himself secretly felt rather amused. He never would’ve imagined that just like this, the first Great Saint Land he joined would actually be on a different continent.

Fei Lun had long ago discarded the arrogance he had displayed when first meeting Zhou Weiqing. Smiling, he said, “Don’t be offended, Master Zhou. This gorge is actually one of the most secluded and private places in the entire Palace. Normally, only the other two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters are permitted to enter and exit this place freely, unless someone else gets a specific command from the Palace Master. This is why the Palace Master only brought the two of us with him.”

Zhou Weiqing let out a chuckle. “I understand. For the Palace Master to come in person is a testament to his sincerity. Please be seated, Elder. I know nothing at all about XuanTian Palace. I’ll have to trouble you to explain it to me.”

A wide smile crossed Fei Lun’s face as he said: “It would be my honor to do so.” The three returned to the wooden room and sat down before the yellow rosewood table inside of it. There were attendants who were dedicated to taking care of this valley, and they were all women of roughly forty years of age. Someone quickly came in to serve tea and snacks.

Fei Lun drank some tea, then said with a smile, “In the future, I’ll have to address you as ‘Consecrated’, sir. Let me introduce XuanTian Palace to you. I’ll start with our members. XuanTian Palace’s supreme leader is naturally his lordship the Palace Master. Below him are the four Grand Elders, who share the same level of status as our three ‘Consecrated’ God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. Both are given two sun emblems.”

Zhou Weiqing interrupted, “What cultivation level have these Grand Elders reached? Are they Heavenly Emperors?” Judging from how Fei Lun was a Heavenly King, it seemed likely that Grand Elders had to be on an even higher level than him.

Fei Lun nodded. “Our Grand Elders are all Heavenly Emperor powerhouses and they serve as our greatest combat assets. However, it has been many years since the four Grand Elders have been involved in worldly affairs. They rarely leave XuanTian Palace.”

Zhou  Weiqing  asked  curiously,  “Then  what  level  has  the Palace Master reached? Heavenly God?”

Fei Lun hesitated a moment, rather startled, then shook his head. “No one knows what level the Palace Master has reached. There are certain rules which all Palace Masters have been forced to follow – they must wear a mask, and they will be the ones to choose and secretly train their successors. Thus, no one knows what level the Palace Master has reached.”

Puzzled, Zhou Weiqing said, “If that’s the case, how does anyone know if the new Palace Master is strong enough for his position?”

Fei Lun said, “That’s not too difficult to explain. After each new Palace Master is chosen, he or she has to be secretly tested by all four Grand Elders. Only if he is viewed as sufficiently well-rounded and at a sufficient level of power would he be allowed to formally succeed in the role of Palace Master. We sometimes talk about this privately. Based on what we know, our Palace Master has to be at least at the Heavenly Emperor stage, if not the Heavenly God stage. Otherwise, how could he convince the Grand Elders to submit wholeheartedly?” Zhou Weiqing smiled. “If the rank of Palace Master is one which is passed down from generation to generation, is the same true for the Grand Elders?”

Fei Lun shook his head. “No. Grand Elders are chosen according to their power. Anyone who can become a Heavenly Emperor is able to become a Grand Elder. This rule helps to motivate our other members to improve. Let me continue. Below the four Grand Elders are the many Elders, all of whom are also chosen in accordance with their power. All Elders have to be Heavenly Kings, and there are currently twelve of them.”

“These are the most powerful members of XuanTian Palace. Aside from them, we have various departments which are administered by different individuals. I won’t go into detail regarding those levels. All of them will obey your orders when they see you. All you need to know is that their specific ranks are shown by the number of ‘moons’ or ‘stars’ they have. The more they have, the higher-level they are.”

XuanTian Palace was an extremely stratified place, but it was done in an easily recognizable way. The emblems worn across the chest displayed a person’s rank.

Next, Fei Lun gave Zhou Weiqing a simple introduction to the current situation XuanTian Palace was in. Thanks to this introduction, Zhou Weiqing learned that XuanTian Palace’s headquarters was located within this mountain range. To outsiders, this mountain range was strictly off-limits. Not even XuanTian Palace’s members were permitted to enter unless they were at a high enough level.

XuanTian Palace normally didn’t get involved in the governance of the XuanTian Empire, but any of their members who were responsible for a certain area would have status higher than that of the highest local official. This was why Er Chun had completely surpassed W’Batu’s governor, Sang Tan, in power.

There was very little else that needed to be explained. XuanTian Palace had an extremely venerated status in the XuanTian Continent which no other power could compete against. Thus, they could essentially do as they pleased here. This was also the reason why XuanTian Palace only maintained loose oversight of their people.

“Elder,  what  do  I  need  to  do  usually  everyday?”   Zhou Weiqing asked Fei Lun, who was still telling him more information about XuanTian Palace.

Fei  Lun  chuckled.  “Consecrated,  your  status  in  XuanTian Palace is second only to that of our Palace Master’s. Aside from him, no one can force you to do anything. Even the Palace Master himself would first take your opinions into consideration. Normally, you can do whatever you wish. If there is anything you need, you can just ask for it. People will acquire it for you. Your freedom won’t be restricted at all, and you can go wherever you please. However, when our Palace is in grave danger, you have to intervene to help us. But of course, the chance of that happening is virtually zero.”

Zhou Weiqing beamed. The ‘Consecrated’ truly were treated excellently. It seemed as though his plan had been a success. Now that he had such a transcendent position within XuanTian Palace, it would be much easier for him to hunt down the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

Zhou Weiqing asked no further questions. He was a new member of XuanTian Palace; to immediately ask about the Spatial Teleportation Gem would just be too obvious, and extremely foolhardy. He had to handle things stably, step by step, and gain XuanTian Palace’s trust. Besides… given his current status, who knows he might even be granted direct access to the Gem!

After Fei Lun finished giving Zhou Weiqing a rundown of XuanTian Palace, he quickly departed. However, while doing so, he hinted that if Zhou Weiqing needed someone to carry out a mission, he would be willing and able to do it.

To Zhou Weiqing, his first step of joining XuanTian Palace had been a perfect success. Not only had he successfully joined, he had also been given an exalted position. This dramatically increased his chances of gaining access to the Spatial Teleportation Gem. Now that he had also proven his status as a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he might be able to gain even more trust and ask for the chance to study the gem. If that was possible, it would be simply perfect.

After Fei Lun left, Zhou Weiqing didn’t immediately bring Shangguan Bing’er outside for a stroll. Instead, he continued to train within the wooden room to stabilize himself at his new level of cultivation.

Shangguan Bing’er told Zhou Weiqing about what she had felt cultivating next to him as he had been passed out. The two tried it out once more, only to discover that so long as she was cultivating within a meter of him, her own Saint Energy would resonate with his and be guided by it.

Now, Zhou Weiqing’s circulating Saint Energy and the way he absorbed atmospheric energies ensured that Shangguan Bing’er’s body was continuously improved as well, and the rate at which she improved was so fast that even she herself was astonished by it. It must be remembered that when she had re- encountered Zhou Weiqing, she had merely been at the six- Jeweled level. Now, she was already at the middle of the seventh-Jeweled level. It had only been a few short months! Although this rate of improvement couldn’t compare to what
Zhou Weiqing experienced when he Devoured the energies of
the Heavenly God-Tier Dragon, it was still absolutely shocking.

Zhou Weiqing came to a daring conclusion: when his Saint Energy was finally consolidated into a Saint Core Nucleus, perhaps he would finally be able to help the three Shangguan sisters in forming Saint Cores as well. Even though they lacked the Saint Attribute, their bodies were filled with Saint Energy!

Around dusk that same day, two ‘Executors’ who each had a crescent moon emblem came to invite him to a banquet. Only then did the two of them halt their cultivation.

This time, they didn’t ride a carriage. When they exited the gorge, the two Executors gave Zhou Weiqing a quick report before guiding him forwards. They didn’t move too fast; clearly, they were accommodating Zhou Weiqing, who only had the ‘five-Jeweled’ cultivation base. This time, Zhou Weiqing finally had a chance to see the entire mountain range for himself. He wasn’t able to see much because the mountains blocked his vision, but his powerful senses still allowed him to discover just how vast these mountains were. He was able to get a rough sense for the local geographical layout, but he wasn’t able to actually sense past the borders of these mountains. The gorge he had been in was most likely located in one of the fairly outer regions of the mountains.

They advanced while following a bluestone road. Zhou Weiqing was intrigued by the verdant and lush vegetation here, some of which was similar to what could be seen in the Boundless Mainland but some which the two of them had never encountered.

Every so often a breeze would blow past, carrying with it the dense fragrance of plants and flowers. It was quite enjoyable. In addition, the deeper they advanced into the mountains the denser the atmospheric energies became. This was different from the gorge, where one had to actually summon the atmospheric energies.

Zhou Weiqing mused to himself, “No wonder XuanTian Palace is so powerful. The atmospheric energies here are so dense that it is probably on par with Heavenly Jewel Island! In addition, XuanTian Palace is different from Heaven’s Expanse Palace in that the former reigns absolutely supreme here. Not only are they are able to make full use of the entire continent’s resources, even the ocean’s vast resources are at their disposal. At the same time, they are also able to recruit talents from across the entire continent. If a single Great Saint Land from the Boundless Mainland had to compete against them, perhaps only Heavenly Snow Mountain might be able to stand against them, due to the thousands and thousands of powerful Heavenly Beasts the latter controlled. Not even Heaven’s Expanse Palace could match them.”

Although Heaven’s Expanse Palace was ranked above Heavenly Snow Mountain in the Boundless Mainland, this was because the ranking was purely based off of Heavenly Jewel Masters. It didn’t factor in the various Heavenly Beasts which Heavenly Snow Mountain controlled. Of course, the Heavenly Beasts wouldn’t leave the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, as this would result in them being surrounded and assaulted by powerhouses of the entire mainland. Thus, Heavenly Snow Mountain’s total power should be considered a bit greater. After all, when Zhou Weiqing was there personally, he had seen more than one Heavenly Emperor-stage Heavenly Beast there, while the only Heavenly Emperor powerhouses in Heaven’s Expanse Palace were the two Shangguan brothers. Of course, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had the advantage of many top human powerhouses, including dozens of Heavenly Kings. This was quite a bit more than what XuanTian Palace appeared to have thus far.

Thus, Zhou Weiqing came to the conclusion that Heavenly Snow Mountain’s total combat power was probably enough to give XuanTian Palace a good fight, but its chances of success were not extremely high. At least two of the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland would have to join forces in order to stand a chance of beating XuanTian Palace… and that was before factoring in XuanTian Palace’s lower-ranked Heavenly Jewel Masters. Based on Zhou Weiqing’s estimations, the XuanTian Palace probably controlled far more Heavenly Jewel Masters than all five Great Saint Lands combined. Although their process of recruitment resulted in a mixture of good people and bad people, the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland had the opposite problem of being too proud and stringent in their recruitment. They virtually never accepted new disciples from outside into their ranks…

Chapter243: XuanTian Citadel

It was no wonder that the XuanTian Palace had actually escaped relatively unscathed from the Boundless Mainland. Their overall power was indeed astonishing.

The party continued deeper along their journey, and though the two guides were not moving at an exceptional speed, it was still around that of a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. As such, the scenery around them flew past quickly. In around an hour, they had already reached deep into the mountain range.

As they continued walking, all of a sudden the terrain around them became extremely steep and precipitous, almost at a seventy degree upward slope. Luckily, there were small steps cut into the wall of the cliff, and it was still relatively easy for them to climb. Of course, this ‘ease’ was expressed towards Heavenly Jewel Masters; any ordinary human would find it extremely difficult to climb up.

As they continued up the steep cliff, it was almost a thousand metres before the terrain grew gentle once more.

By this point, the biting mountain winds had grown especially chilly; as they had almost reached the layer of clouds, the winds not only brought the bitter cold, they also brought swirls of moisture.

As they continued forward for another eight minutes, they reached a zone where the ground before them lay desolate, with not a single plant in sight. When Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er saw the sight before them, they could not help but be fully surprised.

Indeed, anyone who saw the scene before them for the first time would definitely be just as shocked, as it was one that was just so unexpected and surprising.

There was no longer any road in front, instead a sheer cliff downwards into a bottomless chasm. All they could see was the clouds and mist of the mountain range, and even with their vision they could not see the bottom. Such a strange topographical arrangement advanced from both sides to form a large, circular formation.

It could be said that this place looked like a large and terrifying crater that had been blown in by a huge cannon. Right smack in the center of this bottomless abyss, which was the round sheer precipice, a single mighty pillar stood alone there. Most miraculously, right at the top of that pillar, there was actually a castle, a pure white, highly fortified castle. Neither Zhou Weiqing or Shangguan Bing’er could have imagined that the headquarters of the XuanTian Palace would be situated in such an extreme and isolated area. If one did not have the power of flight, if the castle blocked off all access and routes, then it would be a nigh impossible task to leave this place.

Recollecting their thoughts after a while, only then did Zhou Weiqing and Bing’er realise that the XuanTian Citadel was actually joined to the outer cliffs by metal chains. There were at least a hundred of these metal chains, directly linked to all four cliff walls in all directions. However, even with these chains, if one’s cultivation was not sufficient, it would not be easy to cross to the other side.

The two guides looked at Zhou Weiqing. Although they did not speak, their meaning was clear; asking if Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er would be able to cross on their own. In truth, even a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master should be able to cross as long as he was being very careful. Of course, that was regarding the difficulty; there was still a bottomless abyss below them, and if one’s psyche and willpower was not strong enough, being able to cross successfully would be another matter. Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, using his actions to reply them. With a tap of his feet on the ground, he disappeared in a flash, appearing on one of the metal chains. A faint green light surrounded his back as the Wind Attribute energies pushed his body along, as if he were sliding along the metal chain at a fast pace. The Wind Attribute energies would also protect him from the powerful mountain winds, dissipating them before
they reached him.

To the two guides, Zhou Weiqing had clearly used a Stored Skill. However, if they could have seen his wrists below his sleeves, they would definitely be shocked to see his Heavenly Jewels were not even summoned.

This was the power of the Heavenly Dao Energy stage. Zhou Weiqing was just using the Wind Attribute energies in the air to push his body along, not his own internal power. Currently, it was as if his entire body had transformed into the wind.

Ordinarily speaking, when a Heavenly Jewel Master broke through to the Heavenly Dao Energy state, his greatest expertise would be in controlling the atmospheric energies of his own Attribute. Of course, now that Zhou Weiqing had reached such a height, his advantage was even clearer than ever. After all, he had six Elemental Attributes!! Furthermore, he was used to the powerful existence of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, his communication and control of the atmospheric energies would naturally be far greater than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master.

From the edge of the cliffs to the XuanTian Citadel, there was about a thousand metres. However, just by sliding along like that, it was a matter of moments before they reached the other side.

At the entrance of the Castle, there were two familiar figures waiting for them. Their blue robes, adorned with the two symbols of the sun each. They were the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters that had given Zhou Weiqing his examination the other day, Dreamwake and Nie Han.

Although it was not his first time seeing Dreamwake, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his heart grip as he looked upon her breathtaking features. Currently, he was actually wearing the same robes as the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, with the two suns embroidered on the chest area.

“Greetings.”    Zhou  Weiqing  greeted  the  two  God  Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, but his gaze seemed to only land on Dreamwake. After all, the love of beauty was just human nature, especially this rascal Zhou Little Fatty had always had a strong libido, and his eyes were just too quick to reveal their lascivious light.

Towards his gaze, Dreamwake did not seem to mind much. With a faint smile, she said: “Congratulations, Master Zhou, for joining our XuanTian Palace as a Consecrated. Please, come in.” Being personally received by both God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, that already showed the importance the XuanTian Palace placed on Zhou Weiqing. Today’s gathering and feast was indeed held for his sake.

The two guides who had brought them here bowed respectfully before leaving.

As soon as they entered the XuanTian Citadel, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up. The interior was not decorated especially luxuriously, but all of the constructions and decorations were crafted from a type of jade stone. He had never seen such a jade stone before, but he could vaguely sense that it had an effect of gathering atmospheric energy.

As Zhou Weiqing continued walking in together with the other two, he said smilingly: “The atmospheric energies here are truly thick. Do both of you stay here often?” Dreamwake   nodded,   saying:   “Normally,   when   we   are cultivating, we will stay here in the castle. However, when we are researching or creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, we will go to that previous valley Master Zhou had visited previously. After all, it is much quieter there, and more suitable in that regard. In the future, we will be colleagues, so Master Zhou can just call me by my name.”

As she spoke, she turned to look at Zhou Weiqing with a brilliant smile, her beautiful sapphire eyes seemed to be able to speak, causing Zhou Weiqing’s little heart to beat wildly abruptly.

A sudden piercing pain came from his back; it was Shangguan Bing’er using her nails to lightly poke into his back. Only then did Zhou Weiqing break free of his reverie. With a wide grin, he said: “Heh heh, in the future, both of you please call me by my name as well.”

While they spoke, the group had already reached the second floor. The massive door was already open, revealing the wide hall inside.

There were already quite a number of people gathered in the large hall, and as soon as they saw Zhou Weiqing’s party, they all stood up. Besides the four who were standing in the deepest ends of the halls who remained silent, the others all bowed down respectfully in greeting.

“Greetings, three honoured Consecrated.”

Zhou Weiqing had already been through so much, having seen various aspects of society including the upper echelons. As such, he just smiled faintly and nodded. Dreamwake and Nie Han did not have any other expressions, just leading him and Shangguan Bing’er into the hall.

Zhou Weiqing swept his gaze casually around the hall, but he was inwardly surprised.

There were at least a hundred people in that large hall, most of which were seated behind. Right in the center, there were around twenty or so seated. From the symbols on their chest, those seated in the middle were likely all Elders. As for the four old men who were in the depths of the halls, the four who had stood up earlier but not bowed down, they all had an astonishing Heavenly Energy reverberations around them. Without question, these were definitely the four Grand Elders of the XuanTian Palace. However, one could not just underestimate those present who weren’t Elders. For them to actually be here at this point in time, they had at least two crescent moons embroidered on the front of their robes. In the entire hall, out of the more than hundred people, there was not a single person who was at a cultivation stage lower than the Zong Stage. Even those seated at the edges, with the lowest cultivation levels, were at least
lower level Zong Stage, with seven Jewels! One had to know... these were all Heavenly Jewel Masters!

What kind of massive and terrifying power they held! If these people were to move out together, they could crush most of the smaller Empires in no time at all. This was especially so for the four Grand Elders, as they could give Zhou Weiqing a rather intense pressure.

Led by Dreamwake and Nie Han, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were brought to the deepest seats. Surprisingly, their seats were even further in than the four Grand Elders.

There were a total of four seats, and Dreamwake got Zhou Weiqing to sit at the first one on the left hand side, with Shangguan Bing’er having the second seat beside him. As for Dreamwake and Nie Han, they would be seated on the opposite. From the seating positions, they could see that the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters’ status in the XuanTian Palace was actually higher than the Grand Elders. Of course, this was perhaps just on the surface, when it came to matters of internal affairs and deciding things, it was likely that the Grand Elders would have more say in things. However, this was still more than enough to show how much importance the
XuanTian Palace placed on God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters.

“Palace Master has arrived.”

Upon hearing the announcement, the XuanTian Palace powerhouses that had already seated all rose once more. On the side door, under the escort of four guards, the XuanTian Palace Master Dong Fang walked in front the back, all the in until he stopped at his place.

“Greetings, Palace Master.” Including the four Grand Elders, all of the XuanTian Palace members called out formally.

At this moment, the different ranks and statuses were shown clearly. Those XuanTian powerhouses at the edges who were not Elders were all kneeling on the ground. As for the core Elders, they were bowing respectfully. The Grand Elders were also bowing, but at a much lesser degree. Even the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Nie Han had inclined in a short bow. However, the greatest surprise for Zhou Weiqing was actually Dreamwake. Although she had stood up, she did not have any other actions, just standing there silently.

“Everyone, rise.”  The XuanTian Palace Master, Dong Fang, waved his hands, and his rather neutral voice rang out.

Without knowing why, although this was actually the second time he had heard the voice, Zhou Weiqing was rather curious to find that it felt somewhat different to him. Yet, he could not tell what was the actual difference.

Dong Fang did not sit down, smiling as he remained standing there speaking: “Today is a great day for our XuanTian Palace, and I have some good news to share with all of you. All these years, although Masters Dreamwake and Nie Han have done their best, cracking their brains to help us, alas our Palace still lacks quite a lot of high quality Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.” Pausing momentarily, Dong Fang continued: “This time, we have been lucky to invite a young talent from the Legacy of Strength Sect, who has remained reclusive for so many years, to join us. With the addition of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Zhou, the overall strength of our Palace will definitely rise to the next step. As all of you can see, Consecrated Zhou is still extremely young, the youngest God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in all the history of our XuanTian Palace, perhaps even the entire Continent. I believe that even in the Boundless Mainland far away, there will not be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment as young as Master Zhou.”

“From now on, I ask that all of you treat Consecrated Zhou with the same respect as you treat me. Of course, I also hope that Consecrated Zhou can create more God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and that is closely interrelated with everyone here. Come, let us raise our cups to celebrate this historic moment.”

On the table near their seats, there were all sorts of food and drinks, refreshments, wine. Under the leadership of the XuanTian Palace Master, all those present stood up, raising their cups as they said respectfully to Zhou Weiqing: “Congratulations  Consecrated  Zhou  for  joining  the  Palace.” This time, even the other two Consecrated and the four Grand Elders also stood up together to join in the toast to Zhou Weiqing.

As they drank together, the XuanTian Palace Master Dong Fang looked at Zhou Weiqing. However, his mask covered even the eyes with a crystalline object, and thus Zhou Weiqing could not see his eyes.

“Consecrated Zhou, how about giving us a few words?” The Palace Master smiled.

Zhou Weiqing smiled in return, nodding. Holding his wine glass, he turned to the other XuanTian Palace powerhouses and said: “Thank you everyone for your wishes. My name is Zhou Weiqing. Although I am lucky to have reached the realm of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, I am still after all very young. In terms of cultivation stage, I am far from being able to compare with all of you present. Even in terms of creating God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, I am definitely inferior when compared to Consecrated Dreamwake and Nie Han.” At this point, he paused for a while, leaving the people below rather confused.

No one could understand why Zhou Weiqing would suddenly speak such words, to actually disparage himself to such a degree. “However,  perhaps  there  is  one  point  I  have  an  absolute advantage in. That is, the speed that I can create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. As long as I have enough materials, then I am confident in saying that in this entire world, there is no one faster than I in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Not in the entire history, and even in the future, will that be surpassed.”  His words were calm, spoken in a tranquil tone, but clear and full of resolution.

As soon as his words rang out, even though the XuanTian Palace Master was present, the entire hall burst into an uproar.

Arrogance. This was absolute arrogance. As the saying goes, step back a little then soar ahead; with the self-abasement at the front, and that absolute confidence and arrogant proclamation… such a mix caused the entire XuanTian Palace upper echelons to burst into a commotion. Even the four Grand Elders couldn’t help but furrow their brows. Zhou Weiqing had bragged too greatly, without even leaving any leeway for himself.

Turning towards the XuanTian Palace Master, Zhou Weiqing bowed slightly and said: “Forgive me Palace Master, but since today’s dinner is a reception for myself, then I would like all the XuanTian Palace seniors here to have a greater understanding of myself. I would like to demonstrate my skills; after all, empty words are useless, and I prefer to use actions to speak for me.”

The XuanTian Palace Master hesitated for a moment, but very quickly he nodded towards Zhou Weiqing, giving him an inviting gesture.

Seated to the side, both God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters had their eyes glowing in interest. Ever since Zhou Weiqing had entered the XuanTian Palace, although he appeared arrogant, the power he had shown had also deeply shocked these two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. As such, now that Zhou Weiqing personally requested to show his strength once more, the two of them were naturally happy to watch.

Compared to the other upper echelons of the XuanTian Palace, there was totally no competitive spirit between these God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. That was because no matter what, any and every single God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would enjoy an unshakable position and status. In contrary, it was important that they had a good relationship, only by constant communication and research together would they be able to improve their individual and overall Consolidating Equipment Scroll creation skills and techniques. As such, they were more than happy to see Zhou Weiqing display greater strength and skills, as it would only benefit them too.

Seeing the Palace Master nod, all of their gazes turned to focus on Zhou Weiqing, especially those powerhouses seated on the outer regions who had not reached the Elder status yet; their gazes on him were especially heated and enthusiastic.

It had to be known that usually the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls that these Masters would create would naturally be prioritised for those upper echelons. Besides the Palace Master, it would be the Grand Elders, the most talented core disciples, Elders, so on so forth… There were only two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, and the higher level a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, the more effort, vigor, resources and time it took. As such, these powerhouses who were just below the Elder status were in the awkward position of pretty much being impossible for them to gain any of the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters’ works. However, with the addition of Zhou Weiqing, perhaps this would change. After all, the addition of one more person would greatly increase the speed and total numbers of creation.

Of course, that was not to say that they were hoping to gain God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls from Zhou Weiqing; that was not a realistic dream at all. However, even if it were Grandmaster or Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, those created by a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would be far superior to those created by ordinary Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Masters. As such, when Zhou Weiqing said his creation of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls was the fastest in history, how could these XuanTian Palace powerhouses not look at him in a new favourable light?

Of course, all of this was easily seen through by Zhou Weiqing. Of course, the reason why he was speaking so arrogantly was so that he could gain the recognition and approval of the XuanTian Palace upper echelon. Although the Grand Elders had higher status and recognition, to Zhou Weiqing perhaps these Elders and lower had a greater meaning to him. After all, these powerhouses would be easier to win over. As long as he could display sufficient power, he could gain their approval in a short period of time, allowing him to better complete his quest in the XuanTian Continent.

“Bing’er, come.” Zhou Weiqing beckoned towards Shangguan Bing’er.

Shangguan Bing’er got out of her seat and walked towards him. Zhou Weiqing’s mouth moved silently, as he spoke to her quickly in voice transference. Shangguan Bing’er nodded subtly, walking towards him before turning around, leaving her back to him.

As the onlookers watched in puzzlement, Shangguan Bing’er bent over slightly, her hands propping herself up on her knees.

This was truly a strange position indeed, as her round pert buttocks, covered only with the blue robes of the XuanTian Palace, were now lifted and pointed perkily at Zhou Weiqing.

Although Shangguan Bing’er knew that in such a setting and occasion, Zhou Weiqing would know how far to go, and would definitely not do anything excessive, such a position was just too embarrassing, causing her to blush.

Perhaps in terms of visual impact, Shangguan Bing’er did not give the same kind of stunning and breathtaking reaction as Dreamwake, it was more because of her disposition than her beauty. Dreamwake had the sort of noble aura like Princess Cai Cai, while Shangguan Bing’er had a more gentle, sweet aura, like that of a girl next door. The difference between the two also meant that Shangguan Bing’er gave others a more approachable feeling, perhaps even easier to move others, causing them to want to protect her, whereas Dreamwake would easily become a dream goddess of men. As such, as the upper echelon powerhouses all saw Shangguan Bing’er’s actions and the blush on her cheeks, they couldn’t help but feel a favourable impression towards her. These powerhouses were mostly rather advanced in age, and far past the youthful age of being rash and impulsive towards the opposite sex. Perhaps it was more a deep, inner liking.

However, in the next instant, that ‘liking’ expression disappeared from their faces, replaced with shock. Absolute shock.

Four thick rays of dark gold light sprang forth from Shangguan Bing’er’s body, like surging waves billowing out. At the same time, a massive pair of dark gold wings sprouted out from behind her back.

When they sensed the powerful Heavenly Energy reverberations rolling forth, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters and four Grand Elders who were closest to her stood up abruptly, a fierce aura instantly pressing down on Shangguan Bing’er.

“Stop.” A cold, clear shout rang out. Only then did the four Grand Elders’ auras stop pressing down on Shangguan Bing’er. The one who had spoke was Dreamwake, but although the Grand Elders did not take action, their full attentions were still focused on the pair of wings that spread out behind Shangguan Bing’er’s back.

God Tier Consolidated Equipment. Without question, the four rays of dark gold light had told everyone that these massive wings behind Shangguan Bing’er’s back were actually all God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

Those with slightly lower cultivation levels could only perceive it with their five senses, but for those Elders at the Heavenly King stage and above, the shock was even greater. That was because they could clearly see that the pair of giant wings extending behind Shangguan Bing’er was not just as simple as being God Tier Consolidated Equipment, but it was actually a Set. More so, it was an Assembly Set! Amongst the God Tier Consolidated Equipment, this was considered extremely highly ranked, nearly on the same level as Legendary Sets. Furthermore, it was possible her four-piece Assembly Set Wings might even be part of a Legendary Set. If that were true, then just that single fact alone would place it amongst the absolute top of all God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

Naturally, Dreamwake and Nie Han were the ones able to tell the quality of the goods. As soon as she shouted to stop the Grand Elders from attacking, Dreamwake subconsciously looked at Nie Han, and she was able to see the same shock in his eyes that she was feeling.

Both of them clearly knew that in order to create such Consolidated Equipment, just in terms of material, it was definitely not easy to collect and gather. Furthermore, this was definitely not an accomplishment that a single God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master could perform on his own. Even if it were the two of them working together in fully unity, with all materials abundant, without several years of preparation, they would not be able to create such a level of God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

The large wings spread open, added together they were nearly ten metres long. Since Shangguan Bing’er was bent over slightly, it was as if the two massive wings were spread open right in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Bing’er had after all accompanied Zhou Weiqing here, and to all the other onlookers, it was natural that Zhou Weiqing was about to display this unique God Tier Consolidated Set of Wings.

However, Zhou Weiqing used his following actions to tell them that this was all just a beginning. Both of Zhou Weiqing’s hands waved at once, and sheet after sheet of Consolidating Paper flew out from his hands to land on Shangguan Bing’er’s immense wings. The wings were glowing with a layer of green light, which engulfed the Consolidating Paper, causing them to land on her spread wings, glued close to them and in neat order.

Along the ten metre broad Wings of the Wind God, there were now a total of fifty Consolidating Papers lined up.

With Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, he naturally did not need Shangguan Bing’er’s help. However, he was now displaying a power level of a five-Jeweled stage, and he could not show off too much. Hiding his cultivation stage was definitely necessary; otherwise if he showed that he had already entered the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, he would definitely be looked upon as even more of a monster, and they might even grow wary of him.

What was he doing? Fifty pieces of Consolidating Paper? Was he going to use them all to create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls? How long would that take? Would there even be a point to today’s gathering? Although all present were filled with doubts and confusion, at this point no one would try to stop Zhou Weiqing. They were more than happy to see this new God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master show off his strength, to see if he truly deserved the position of Consecrated.

Once again, Zhou Weiqing waved both hands. This time, fifty small crystal bottles appeared, each holding different types of Consolidating Ink. The bottles landed on a Consolidating Paper each. Of course, once again it seemed like Shangguan Bing’er was using her Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy to help him in doing so.

This time, neither Dreamwake nor Nie Han could remain seated. Almost simultaneously, both of them stood up and walked from behind the table, standing at a position not far from Zhou Weiqing’s back. That was because both of them could tell that those Consolidating Equipment Scrolls that Zhou Weiqing was about to create were actually fifty different kinds!

Zhou Weiqing turned around, smiling to Dreamwake as he said: “Dreamwake, can you please lend me two Consolidating Pens? I only have the single one on my body currently.” Dreamwake nodded, not questioning him at all, just handing him two Consolidating Pens without any hesitation. Although the two were not as high quality as the one Zhou Weiqing had used previously on the test day to create the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, they were definitely high quality ones.

With the two Consolidating Pens in hand, Zhou Weiqing turned back to Shangguan Bing’er’s back. With a Consolidating Pen in each hand, he lifted his arms slightly, closing his eyes.

As the center of attention of the entire hall, as soon as Zhou Weiqing made that action, all of them could sense his aura suddenly change.

Zhou Weiqing was a mere five-Jeweled cultivation level to those present, and in their eyes, such a cultivation stage amounted to nothing. However, in that instant, the feeling he gave them all was that of an insurmountable mountain they could only look up to. His entire aura and presence seemed to have raised to a state that was far above anyone present. This was not a martial presence, but a unique quality that seemed to come from within. Just like a mountain range, or the flowing clouds in the skies, not able to be suppressed externally. Dreamwake stood at the closest position to Zhou Weiqing, and she just able to see his side profile.

Although Zhou Weiqing was not especially handsome, but the unique quality and aura that he emitted, especially the state of being one with the world, actually caused the heartstrings within her that had never been moved before to shiver slightly.

A strong and confident man was absolutely attractive, especially one who had such peerless talent and genius; that was an irresistible attraction indeed. This talent was further exacerbated by the fact that he was just so young. Compared to those suave and handsome fellows who were merely pewter spearhead that shines like silver, only a man like Zhou Weiqing had the greatest draw to those women with real inner beauty and intelligence.

It was exactly because of this fact that Zhou Weiqing had so many beauties surrounding him, falling for him. If not for his talent that far surpassed everyone, allowing him to emerge and prove himself amongst all the other young geniuses in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, perhaps he would not even have had the chance to meet Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Xue’er. Furthermore, if not for the fact his bloodline and Attributes had such a strong attraction for Tian’er, they would not have met, and not have the chance to be together.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing could draw the attention and favour of so many girls, besides that ‘bad-boy’ look that was perhaps easier at making them notice him, was the strong resolution and willpower deep in his bones, his sense of justice, his own power and sheer talent, as well as his heart and deep sincerity.

Even a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master like Dreamwake couldn’t help but subconsciously feel attracted to him. Of course, it was merely an admiration due to his strong talent, but it was clear that at least he had left a deep impression in her mind.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not know that his outstanding performances had already given Dreamwake a different feeling towards him. Instead, currently he was actually fully immersed in a unique, almost miraculous state.

Ever since he had graduated from Huyan Aobo’s teachings, Zhou Weiqing had actually not spent much time and effort on the creation of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Even so, the time he had spent with Huyan Aobo and his teachings had left him with a very solid foundation. At that time, in order not to hold up Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation, Huyan Aobo had just transferred all of his knowledge to him in one fell swoop, many of which he asked Zhou Weiqing to just memorize first.

Zhou Weiqing’s memory was extremely good, and at least in the past few years he had not forgotten anything he had learned from Huyan Aobo. As such, even though he had not spent much time and effort on Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, in terms of knowledge, he was at least no less than Yun Li. Furthermore, the first time he had been in the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had also been taught and guided by the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters for a period of time. As such, his outlook and horizons in that sense were more than sufficient to reach that of a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Do not forget that he had personally witnessed the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters helping him create all those God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

As his Saint Energy had reached the nine-Jeweled stage, it had greatly improved his senses and mind; in this short period of time he had managed to integrate all of the knowledge he had memorized in the past.

To a genius, especially one with Saint Energy, it was always a bountiful harvest to absorb the summarized experience of their predecessors. In truth, when Zhou Weiqing was taking The Pearl to reach the XuanTian Continent, he had already begun absorbing knowledge, to prepare to create some for himself and Shangguan Bing’er. In this regard, Shangguan Bing’er did not know. This was also one of the strongest points of Zhou Weiqing compared to most others, his sense of the big picture as well as preparing himself for the future. As such, he might
not be a good general, but he had the potential to become an outstanding commander. The only thing was he did not focus his time and energies on military matters.

The creation of that God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll a few days ago had indeed helped Zhou Weiqing corroborate, verify and further affirm much of the knowledge he had begun to understand, allowing him to fully master and comprehend it thoroughly at last. In the next few days after his deep sleep, Zhou Weiqing had a whole new feeling, as if he had truly become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Of course, this new God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master currently still required the use of his ‘cheating’ Time Attribute to fully succeed.

All of the XuanTian Palace powerhouses consciously slowed their breathing and withdrew their auras, causing the entire massive hall to silence instantly, afraid they might affect Zhou Weiqing and leave a bad impression to this young God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Zhou Weiqing did not make them wait too long. Within the time it took for three breaths, he began moving.

Along his wrists, five sets of Heavenly Jewels appeared silently, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels on his left wrist instantly drawing all attention.

A thick green light and silver light appeared simultaneously on his hands, causing the two Consolidating Pens to glow brilliantly.

In a few steps, Zhou Weiqing reached Shangguan Bing’er’s spread wings. With a flip of his wrist, two bottles of Consolidating Ink were opened instantly.

Zhou Weiqing’s actions could only be described as quick as lightning, yet his speedy actions did not give others the impression that he was moving blindly just for speed. On the contrary, every action he made seemed to have a unique rhythm, a feeling that was just so enjoyable to watch. Every movement so harmonious and in accord, as if with everything under control, yet at such an unbelievable speed.

The two Consolidating Pens dipped into their respective Consolidating Inks. In the next moment, a scene occurred that caused everyone, even the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters behind him, to be totally shocked.

The two Consolidating Pens actually landed on two different Consolidating Papers, beginning to move and draw respectively at a swift speed on their respective Papers.

It had to be known that the Consolidating Inks that Zhou Weiqing had brought out were all different; this meant they were suitable for different types of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

True Multitasking? Creating two different Consolidating Equipment Scrolls at the same time? Even for a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, this was a task that was nigh impossible.

When a Consolidating Equipment Master was creating a Scroll, one of the most important requirements was to grasp the rhythm perfectly; only then could he or she complete the entire process in a single go without errors. What Zhou Weiqing was doing now seemed to be violating this basic principle. After all, every different Consolidating Equipment Scroll’s creation process would also have very different rhythms. At this very instant, he was actually showing the use of two different rhythms at once! The silver and green colours began to mix and merge together on the tip of the Consolidating Pens. Zhou Weiqing actions, even those surrounding top ranked Heavenly Jewel Masters couldn’t see clearly. It seemed like just a mere twitches of his hands, simple circles, simple strokes, and in moments, two rays of light shone forth from both Consolidating Papers.

When the moving light appeared, even the XuanTian Palace Master seated at the head seat couldn’t help but exclaim. That was because all of them could clearly see that the brilliant light signaled the completion of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls!

Although they could tell from the light that they were just Grandmaster level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, but Zhou Weiqing’s speed had been just too quick. The entire process had barely taken him two breaths, including the dipping of Consolidating Ink.

Such speed was truly unbelievable, and even the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters behind Zhou Weiqing believed that if they were just creating a single Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scroll, they still wouldn’t be able to complete it at such speeds, let alone like Zhou Weiqing creating two totally different Scrolls simultaneously. To them, this looked like an impossible task. To sketch it all out within a single breath, multitasking to do so for two; this was not simply a matter of skill derived from experience.

impressive looking but useless in the end

Chapter 244: Fastest Consolidating Equipment Scroll Master in History

Before he began making Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, the vast majority did not quite believe Zhou Weiqing’s claim of being the fastest Consolidating Equipment Scroll Master in history. But now, all doubts and questions had disappeared like a puff of smoke with his performance.

And this was just the beginning. As the radiance of the two Consolidating Equipment Scrolls spilled out, Zhou Weiqing had already slid over three chi, the Consolidating Pen in his hand faintly swishing back and forth, the remaining Consolidating Ink had already been shaken off, none remaining. This was the wonder of a top-grade Consolidating Pen, able to be fully controlled at will with the skill of the Consolidating Equipment Master.

His Consolidating Pen moved again and opened two completely different bottles of Consolidating Ink, but his penmanship was as smooth and natural as before. The radiance of the first two Consolidating Equipment scrolls had not even completely faded as two more rays of light began shining. It was too dazzling. As everyone watched, they could see two rays of shimmering dark gold light glittering from left to right on Shangguan Bing’er’s wings, like waves billowing to and fro.

From left to right, Zhou Weiqing made fifty Consolidating Equipment Scrolls in only half the time it took to drink a cup of tea. By the time the last two rays of light soared into the air, he was already back at the first scroll, his left hand flourishing, sweeping up every completed scroll into his hand.

The dark gold light faded and Shangguan Bing’er straightened up.

There was total silence. Zhou Weiqing scanned the crowd; he could clearly see almost every XuanTian Palace powerhouse’s jaw hanging open.

When had they ever seen such a terrifying Consolidating Equipment Master?

Yes, the word they were all thinking of to describe Zhou Weiqing right now was indeed ‘terrifying’. Even the other two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of the XuanTian Palace had never had this effect on them. Before, in the eyes of these Heavenly Jewel Masters, God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were mysterious and formidable. But Zhou Weiqing had completely upending that preconception.

When one had real and formidable power, his arrogance was no longer arrogance, but was the showing of self-confidence and actual power. Zhou Weiqing had proven himself and made these high-level XuanTian Palace people truly recognize him for the first time.

Never mind the Heavenly Jewel Masters, even the two God Tier Masters behind Zhou Weiqing has been rocked to the core. Dreamwake was still relatively okay, but Nie Han was currently staring wide-eyed, unable to help himself.

In such a short amount of time fifty Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were made using fifty different Consolidating Inks. What kind of power and latent potential was this?

Originally, Nie Han had felt that it was due to luck and shameless reliance on his Time attribute that had enabled Zhou Weiqing to produce a God Tier Master Consolidating Equipment Scroll. This young man’s latent potential was superb, but his foundation was perhaps barely stronger than an ordinary Grandmaster Consolidating Scroll Master.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s display just now had fully shown that he had more than just latent potential. The use of different Consolidating Inks and production methods for the fifty different scrolls proved without a doubt that he was a true Consolidating Equipment Master with training and legacy.

Applause rang out. The first to clap was XuanTian Palace Master Dong Fang.

Only then did the Heavenly Jewel Masters of XuanTian Palace genuinely react, launching into thunderous applause, spurred on by the two God Tier Masters and the four Grand Elders.

The four Grand Elders looked at Zhou Weiqing much more kindly now, and they now completely overlooked Zhou Weiqing’s age. In this world, if you really had power, nothing else really mattered all that much.

The Master of XuanTian Palace smiled. “Stunning. I can only use stunning to describe that performance. I’m convinced no one present harbors any doubt about you any longer. From now on, Consecrated Zhou is one of the cornerstones of XuanTian Palace going forward. Now I will announce for the banquet to formally begin.”

After Zhou Weiqing’s performance the banquet became animated; The XuanTian Palace Master personally went to Zhou Weiqing and toasted him. With this initiative, more and more followed in coming up and offering him a toast. Fortunately, ranks were obvious in XuanTian Palace. Only those Elders and above ranking dared to come and toast him. As for the high-level members on the periphery, they just raised their cups from a distance with scorching hot gazes.

It wasn’t just Zhou Weiqing who was offered drinks. Shangguan Bing’er’s position increased greatly as well due to her display. At her age, having a seven-Jewel cultivation stage, as well as those four God Tier Consolidated Equipment Assembly Set Wings. Her rank as Elder had now been solidified. After all, to reach the seven-jewel stage at such a young age, it was not out of the question for her to reach the Heavenly King stage. Especially since she had Zhou Weiqing, such a formidable God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, for a husband.

Everyone present was a powerhouse, and thanks to their robust Heavenly Energy it was not easy to get them drunk. So even though the atmosphere at the banquet was quite festive, no one had too much to drink.

“Weiqing, let me offer you a toast.”  Dreamwake appeared before Zhou Weiqing, holding her cup, looking at him with her pretty, sparkling eyes.

Zhou Weiqing clinked glasses with her and drained it. The alcohol was having some effect on him, so much so that his eyes were starting roam. As the saying goes, it’s easier to alter mountains and rivers than alter a person’ characters. It’s just who he was. When he saw a pretty girl he couldn’t help but get restless.

Dreamwake seemed not to notice Zhou Weiqing’s wanton gaze. She smiled. “Weiqing, if I’m not mistaken the reason you were able to make a Consolidating Equipment Scroll before was because you merged the Wind attribute with the Space attribute. But, can you tell me why you have such strong power of control? How can you be so accurate while working so fast? I didn’t sense you using the Time attribute.”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged. “Practice makes perfect. With that much practice normally, I have already committed all these ordinary Consolidating Pen strokes to muscle memory, so when the time comes, it is only natural that I can work effortlessly.”

He would never tell her it was his Saint Energy guiding him that made him so perfect. With his Saint Energy present, any other attribute could be fused without affecting his Consolidating Equipment Scroll making in any way. Plus it was only a Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scroll, nothing difficult to him.

Dreamwake frowned. “Is that so? I wonder if I can come to you some time and learn the secrets of your scroll making?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Of course. You’re welcome any time.”


The banquet came to a successful close. At that moment you could say Zhou Weiqing had finally been formally accepted into XuanTian Palace. His Consolidating Equipment Scroll performance at the banquet had had a large effect. At the very least, no one would ever again doubt his ability. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er stayed at XuanTian Citadel, where they were set up in the highest power position right in the center of the Citadel. Alas, his quarters made Zhou Weiqing feel a bit helpless.

The interior of XuanTian Citadel was vast. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had been set up on the sixth floor of the seven-storey XuanTian Citadel. On the seventh floor was XuanTian Palace Master’s quarters and the place where the highest-level meetings were convened, dubbed the Heavenly Hall. All important XuanTian Citadel matters were decided in the Heavenly Hall.

Aside from the seventh floor, the highest-ranking members lived on the sixth floor. Zhou Weiqing was of course delighted to be so close to core of the XuanTian Citadel. However, the problem was, he wasn’t the only one living on the sixth floor. The four Grand Elders also lived there. As for the other two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, Nie Han and Dreamwake actually even move back into this level to stay after Zhou Weiqing arrived.

Surrounded by six supreme powerhouses, Zhou Weiqing didn’t dare act recklessly. He wasn’t too clear about Nie Han and Dreamwake’s cultivation, but they were at least top level Heavenly King stages. And thinking about the four Heavenly Emperors being present here made his blood run cold. How was he supposed to have room to scout around for the Spatial Teleportation Gem? Extending his senses to scout out wouldn’t work; those four Grand Elders would definitely sense it right away.

With no other choice left, Zhou Weiqing could only settle down first. He was newly admitted; a probationary period of supervision was unavoidable. Anyway, he had plenty of time. He might as well relax a bit. Aside from cultivating, he could spend each day researching Consolidating Equipment Scroll making, and exchange pointers with Nie Han and Dreamwake.

The higher levels of the XuanTian Citadel had extremely thick atmospheric energies, even surpassing that of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Cultivating here would naturally lead to twice the gains with half the effort.


A month passed in the blink of an eye. Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy had thoroughly stabilized at the thirty-seventh stage, and was beginning to steadily increase. More importantly, the rate of increase was even faster than before. Zhou Weiqing could sense that this time there shouldn’t be a bottleneck every stage like in the past, at least before he consolidated his Saint Core Nucleus. After all, he had formally entered the Heavenly Dao Energy stage.

In fact, if anyone learned how he had broken through to Heavenly Dao Energy they’d likely die of envy. A mere several months had been enough time for him to successfully breakthrough, how could that even be considered a bottleneck?! Of course, this was the natural advantage of Saint Energy.

As compared to his advancements in cultivation, on the Consolidating Equipment Scroll- making front, Zhou Weiqing could only describe his advancement speed as a major leap. He had originally gained the legacy and teachings of the Legacy of Strength Sect from Huyan Aobo and Duan Tianlang, and Dreamwake and Nie Han were also God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. With the three of them trading pointers together on Consolidating Equipment Scroll making, it was definitely an invaluable experience for Zhou Weiqing. The Consolidating Equipment Scroll Masters on the XuanTian Continent had some different ideas about making Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, compared to those on Boundless Mainland. You could even say they had forged their own path. This was actually a huge help to Zhou Weiqing. At the same time, although he often had a different point of view than the other two God Tier Masters, since he was known to be from the ‘reclusive sect’ of the Legacy of Strength, it wouldn’t lead to any suspicions. The days passed by just like that, one after the other. It had been a long time since Zhou Weiqing had enjoyed such a relaxed life. Each day was very fulfilling and full of constant self improvement. Of course, he would also create several Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. However, because of his cultivation level, no one forced him to create God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. For XuanTian Palace, it was clearly more important for them to treat him as a backup God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master to groom for the future.

Zhou Weiqing was more than happy with this. However, for the sake of proving his value, he would still create and submit ten sets of Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and a set of Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

Compared to Zhou Weiqing’s constant improvement, Shangguan Bing’er’s progress was actually even more obvious. She was not a Consolidating Equipment Master and did not need to spend her attention on other things. In her daily life with Zhou Weiqing, besides making love to him, all of her time and effort was invested into cultivation. With the impetus from Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy in addition to her own hard work, the rate of her cultivation growth shocked even Zhou Weiqing. In fact, she had already started to advance towards the upper level seven-Jeweled Stage. At this rate, Zhou Weiqing estimated that there was a possibility of Bing’er attempting to breakthrough the eighth-Jeweled Stage in less than three months. One must know that even Shangguan Fei’er, who had lived and cultivated in the superior environment of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace since young, had not yet reached the eighth-Jewel Stage.


“Weiqing, we have to head to Heavenly Hall for a meeting.” Dreamwake’s melodious and pleasant voice was transmitted from outside the door.

Every dwelling in this XuanTian Citidal’s six levels was completely independent, extremely spacious and each room was separate. Without the owner’s permission, even the other high level XuanTian Palace executives that stayed here did not dare to enter someone else's territory.

Upon hearing Dreamwake’s voice, Zhou Weiqing rushed over to open the door.

Today, Dreamwake was wearing a long light-purple dress and looked even more graceful than usual. Zhou Weiqing had become rather familiar with her over the past month or so. The attractiveness of this beautiful God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was even greater than he had imagined. Besides her remarkable beauty, she was also endowed with great intelligence. This smart lady was extremely knowledgeable and could be said to be both a helpful teacher and a knowledgeable friend to Zhou Weiqing in the field of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Dreamwake was also
his most frequent visitor. In contrast, Zhou Weiqing had not
caught a glimpse of the XuanTian Palace Master since the banquet party.

With regards to the contact between Zhou Weiqing and Dreamwake, Shangguan Bing’er only said a single sentence to him,  “Elder  sisters  will  never  agree  to  you  bringing  back another one. You should be very clear about this.”

Zhou Weiqing’s answer was, “Admiration, it is purely admiration only…” Of course, the expression on his face was very splendidly unique when he gave this answer. At the same time, he really did warn himself daily to restrain himself, to no longer get involved with any other girls. H also tried his best to practice this in reality. Besides matters related to Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he seldom interacted with Dreamwake, and never attempted to inquire about Dreamwake’s personal affairs. All he knew about her was that she was not married and was twenty nine years old this year. As Zhou Weiqing involuntarily took a few more glances at Dreamwake’s  body,  he  curiously  asked,  “Meeting?  What meeting?” Even after so much time here, he had not visited the seventh level.

Dreamwake resolutely said, “Quickly follow me. Every time a meeting has been called in the Heavenly Hall, it is definitely regarding matters of paramount importance.”

“Okay.” Zhou Weiqing responded. He only followed Dreamwake out after notifying Shangguan Bing’er, who was cultivating in the room.

Zhou Weiqing walked shoulder to shoulder with Dreamwake as he asked in a puzzled manner, “How are we going up to the seventh storey?”

Dreamwake faintly smiled as she replied, “Just follow me. Only the Palace Master has the authority to open the seventh storey. It will naturally be opened when there is a meeting in Heavenly Hall.”

While she spoke, she had already brought Zhou Weiqing to the center of the sixth storey. This place was normally an empty circular space. However, there was now a strange symbol on the ground.

Zhou Weiqing was surprised when he saw this symbol, because it was actually so similar to his own Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. The symbol was that of a six pointed star, but there was an additional circle on the outermost layer.

“Come.”  Dreamwake took the lead and walked onto the six pointed star symbol. Zhou Weiqing knew that this was likely to be a type of Teleportation Formation. No wonder he had never seen the seventh storey before.

When the two of them stood on the six pointed star, Dreamwake infused some Heavenly Energy into the formation. Light flashed, and they had already appeared in another location.

It was an enormous hall, and the most peculiar thing about it was the dense light of treasure around them. Reverence emerged in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. It seemed that this seventh story of XuanTian Citadel was not an actual place, but a domain similar to the Lustre Spatial Realm. Although it was nowhere near as gigantic, complete and real, the possession of such a domain that was similar to the Lustre Spatial Realm was enough testament to how powerful XuanTian Palace was. There was an oval table at the center of the hall. The four Grand Elders were already seated on the left, while God Tier Master Nie Han sat alone on the right, at the second seat opposite them.

The master seat was still empty, but that giant high-back chair there quickly drew Zhou Weiqing’s gaze.

This high-back chair was enormous. The back of the chair alone was already slightly over ten feet tall. It was made entirely from an unknown material that was akin to extremely transparent black crystal, and was carved into the shape of a giant black dragon. The dragon’s head was located at the middle of the chair’s back. Two red fist size gems were embedded on the head as its eyes. The flickering red light gave it a rather bewitching aura.

Giant black dragon? Zhou Weiqing had never heard of this before. He secretly pondered in his heart. Was this a Terror Sea Dragon? It can’t be. A Terror Sea Dragon should not be black, but deep blue.

Dreamwake silently walked to the most front seat on the right side of the oval table and sat down, while Zhou Weiqing naturally sat on the third seat. The eyes of the four Grand Elders facing him naturally fell on his body. Under the attention of for Heavenly Emperor Stage experts, even Zhou Weiqing could not be completely comfortable.

Like how the Heaven’s Expanse Palace or any of the other five Great Saint Lands, each of them possessed a specialization. Naturally, the XuanTian Palace also had a specialization of its own, namely the Tenebrous Attribute. That's right, Tenebrous, not Darkness. There was a difference between the two.

The Tenebrous Attribute seemed to be unique to XuanTian Palace, and every high level core executive had it amongst their Jewel Attributes. This included the Elders, Grand Elders and even Dreamwake and Nie Han. Zhou Weiqing could be said to be the exception. However, if one considered it, he did actually have a rather unique connection to this Tenebrous Attribute indeed.

As for the difference between the two attributes, the Tenebrous Attribute was half a rank higher than the Darkness Attribute, and the former had several innate properties similar to the Demonic Attribute. It could be said to be a new attribute made from the fusion of the Darkness and Demonic attributes. Of course, compared to the true Demonic Attribute, its power was still somewhat inferior. Moreover, none of those seated here had single attribute Elemental Jewel. Besides the Tenebrous Attribute, the four Grand Elders opposite Zhou Weiqing had the Water, Fire, Earth and Wind Attributes respectively. Hence, the members of XuanTian Palace normally called them Water Elder, Fire Elder, Earth Elder and Wind Elder. In contrast, ordinary Elders were known by their names.

Nie Han’s Jewel Attributes were naturally the Spatial and Tenebrous Attributes. On the other hand, although Zhou Weiqing could be considered to be most familiar with Dreamwake out of all the XuanTian powerhouses, he was actually not fully aware her Elemental Jewel Attributes. He only knew that her Elemental Jewel was actually the same as his own, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. This meant that Dreamwake also had at least four Elemental Jewel Attributes. Perhaps this was the reason why her status was even higher than Nie Han even though they were both God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters.

Zhou Weiqing had always been rather curious with regards to Dreamwake. She was only twenty nine years old! Yet, her cultivation was already at least at the Heavenly King Stage. How the hell did she cultivate? In the entire Boundless Mainland, he had never even heard of a Heavenly King under the age of thirty. This place was the so-called Heavenly Hall. The four Grand Elders seated opposite Zhou Weiqing wore rather solemn expressions. From this, one could tell that the agenda for the meeting today was important to XuanTian Palace. This point caused Zhou Weiqing to be extremely puzzled. What was so important to the upper echelons of XuanTian Palace? One must know that they did not have anymore external enemies in the entire XuanTian Continent. In fact, their overwhelming power allowed them to be an overlord. Even if some of the lower ranks were discovered to be corrupt, the upper echelons did not need to be so serious.

In addition, Zhou Weiqing discovered some unusual points. The God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Nie Han seated beside him also seemed to be clueless about what had happened, and was likewise somewhat dazed like himself. However Dreamwake's expression was just as grim as the Grand Elders. She was clearly aware of what was going on. Since they were all God Tier Masters, why was only Dreamwake aware of the important internal matters of XuanTian Palace beforehand?

While such thoughts swirled in Zhou Weiqing's heart, a shadowy figure stealthily appeared in the master seat. It was the masked XuanTian Palace Master. Everyone hastily rose and bowed slightly towards the XuanTian Palace Master.

The XuanTian Palace Master waved his hands, “No need to be  overly  polite.”   His  masked  face  turned  towards  Zhou Weiqing, “How is Consecrate Zhou adjusting to life within XuanTian Citadel?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled as he inclined his head, “Life is not bad. There are plenty of resources for me to use. It is much better than before when I had to personally search for materials to craft Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Moreover, I can seek advice from Consecrate Dreamwake and Nie Han. I am very happy with my decision to join XuanTian Palace.”

The XuanTian Palace Master nodded, “That's good. Everyone be seated.”

Everyone sat down again as the XuanTian Palace Master continued in a low voice, “Let us go directly into the heart of the matter. A Terror Sea Dragon has recently been active in the coastal regions, and it has destroyed over a dozen ocean faring ships. This is a huge loss for us. If we do not take action, it will likely grow even more rampant. Everyone, let me know if you believe we should directly take action.” Zhou Weiqing was instantly stunned upon hearing the three words, Terror Sea Dragon. I couldn't have jinxed it right? I can't believe a Terror Sea Dragon has appeared at a sea bordering continent like the XuanTian Continent. At the same time, he was inwardly thankful that he had not encountered this fellow on his trip across the sea. However, he now understood why the upper echelons of XuanTian Palace were so serious. It was indeed exceedingly difficult to deal with a
Heavenly God Stage beast that was even in its most familiar
territory, the ocean. The Water Elder, who sat in the main position among the four Grand Elders, spoke gravely: “This matter isn’t easy to deal with. The Terror Sea Dragon is almost an invincible existence in the ocean. Even with our palace’s might, it is still virtually impossible to kill it. Even a successful attempt would definitely result in grievous losses that do not justify the gains. It is better to come up with some other method to chase it away.”

The Fire Elder frowned slightly, “Chase it away? How are we going to chase it away? Will that thing even listen to us? It’ll most likely retaliate with wanton attacks instead. In my opinion, if the plan is sound, it’s not like we don’t have a chance to kill it. If our predecessors could get it done, why not us? Hunting this dragon is definitely dangerous but once we get it done, the benefits towards our palace will naturally be incredible too.”

The two Grand Elders firmly represented two conflicting opinions.

The Earth Elder also voiced his thoughts: “This Terror Sea Dragon might be an offspring from the one killed back then by our predecessors, thus it hates us so much. Once it find out that we use the Tenebrous Attribute, it will most likely be impossible to chase it away. At that point, if we don’t kill it, we might even all perish. We have to deliberate this more carefully.”

Zhou Weiqing chimed in: “Aren’t we able to temporarily pull back on this business from the oceans? Anyway, that Terror Sea Dragon won’t easily go on land either or its power will be greatly reduced.”

Everyone here naturally didn’t think Weiqing would speak during his first meeting. All eyes fell on him as if he was a fool.

Dreamwake  helped  him  out  again  and  said,  “Consecrated Zhou, it isn’t that simple. Our Xuantian Continent is vast, but the arable land suitable for farming is extremely limited. Our geographical landscape is mainly rocky mountains and hills which aren’t suited for growing food. For many years, in order to maintain the livelihood of the ordinary citizens, we have always ventured into the oceans for much of our food and other important goods. It was so much so that the materials near the coast aren’t enough to satisfy the entire continent’s demands any longer. As a result, each year, we send at least one hundred large ships further into the oceans in order to bring more resources back. This is for the people’s welfare, if we can’t fish or treasure hunt anymore, I’m afraid starvation will rear its ugly head eventually.”

“Ah, I see! Excuse me, I rarely dealt with outside matters so I wasn’t  clear.  Please  continue,  gentlemen.”  Weiqing  quickly closed his mouth.

Luckily, the four Grand Elders didn’t become suspicious of him, evident by their friendly smiles. In their eyes, he was still too young. Despite his natural talents, he still lacked maturity.

The XuanTian Palace Master said, “Wind Elder, what do you think?”

The Wind Elder was a thin and tall old man. Weiqing has been here for one month and this person has been the closest to him among the four Grand Elders. The reason was naturally due to Shangguan Bing’er’s Wings of the Wind God.

“If we can guarantee a safe escape as a backup plan, I think we should try to hunt it. Not only would it bring about great benefits, it would also scare the other experts in the oceans. Every years, there are always losses to our fishing expeditions. If we back off this time, not just that dragon but the other powerful ocean sects and creatures might also push it further as well. That might be a devastating blow to us.”

After hearing this, Elder Huo and Dreamwake both rubbed their chins musingly. The Earth Elder grimaced without voicing his concerns, his brow furrowed. However, the Water Elder shook his head as he said: “It is easy for you to say, but how can we guarantee a safe retreat? In the ocean, even if the four of us are together and fighting in unison, we still won’t be able to stop one all-out attack from that Terror Sea Dragon, especially since it can utilize the ocean’s power. Our strength is indeed at the apex on land but we are only drops of salt once in the ocean.”

Meanwhile, Nie Han’s eyes were closed while sitting by Weiqing’s side as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

Weiqing could guess that the ones in charge of deciding were still the four Grand Elders. Consecrated God Tier Masters like them enjoyed great status but truly lacked real power to make decisions compared to these Grand Elders.

The Palace Master glanced at Nie Han and asked, “Consecrated Dreamwake, what’s your take on this?” His question prompted the four Grand Elders to stop their conversation.

Dreamwake answered with a serious expression, “I agree with Wind Elder. This battle against the Terror Sea Dragon is inevitable. Currently, it is already invading the oceans close to our shores to attack the ocean-going ships, a clear provocation towards us. Instead of waiting for greater losses, we should deal with it swiftly. And Water Elder has asked how will we avoid death or injuries? In my opinion, this is what we should be thinking about instead of debating whether to fight or not.”

The Palace Master who has been silent on the matter thus far rubbed his chin, nodding slightly as he said, “Gentlemen, any ideas?”

The Water Elder glanced at Dreamwake, sitting directly in front of him and contemplated for a bit before answering: “There are indeed some methods. If we really want to do it, we need to make two preparations. First, we definitely have to invite that One. If He is willing to help, that will guarantee our offensive potential. Next, we have to take out the Spatial Teleportation Gem in order to build a Teleportation Formation. If things do not go well, we can use that to retreat with haste.” After hearing the words Spatial Teleportation Gem, Zhou Weiqing almost lost his cool and had to struggle to calm down while shouting in his mind. Yes! Please! Take that thing out so I will finally have a chance!

The Fire Elder Huo continued: “I’m afraid that’s not possible. Whether we can ask that One to come is a big issue in-and-of itself. Moreover, the Spatial Teleportation Gem can only be used two or three more times before shattering. The previous Palace Masters have ordered that unless it was a matter of life and death, we can’t use our most defining treasure so easily. Moreover, a Teleportation Formation’s energy drain on the Spatial Teleportation Gem is based on the number of lives. If we are hunting this Terror Sea Dragon, we will need many people... so how can the Spatial Teleportation Gem withstand it? What if the Spatial Teleportation Gem breaks in our hands just like that?”

The Water Elder glared at him angrily, “You old thing, you were the one who wanted to fight and now you’re the one thinking about this and that, being indecisive? Besides these two methods, please tell me, what other methods can be used to stop that Terror Sea Dragon and guarantee our safe return? Without that One helping, if we try to fight the Terror Sea Dragon, it is the same as foolishly walking to our deaths. And if that Terror Sea Dragon is pushed to the edge by us and goes berserk, even if we can kill it, its final throes of death is not something we can withstand so easily. Who would dare fight without the backup of the Spatial Teleportation Gem? Even if we fought in that state, no one would dare to go all out either… which is once again courting death. As for me, these old bones still wish to live for several more years.”

The Fire Elder snorted in response, “You’re already so old yet still afraid of death. It is no wonder you can’t reach the Heavenly God State despite being so much more talented than me!”

“You!” The Water Elder glared angrily at him.

“Okay, okay, Elders, this is not the time to argue.” The Palace Master exclaimed calmly. Only then did the two Grand Elders calm down for now.

Once again, he asked, “Consecrated Dreamwake, what do you think about Water Elder’s suggestion?”

Dreamwake thought about it before answering, “Before we can even decide whether or not to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem, we will need to see if that One will agree to our plans first. Without His help, we won’t be able to deal with the dragon, then the entire point is moot. If He refuses, we might have to reformulate our entire plan again.”

This time, all four Grand Elders nodded; they clearly agreed with Dreamwake’s opinion regarding that.

Weiqing naturally didn’t say anything. His skills in terms of creation of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls had already won everyone’s acknowledgement, but in terms of power, he was at the bottom of the barrel in this place, and was not in any position to talk. As such, he decided to keep silently. Nevertheless, he had finally got news about the Spatial Teleportation Gem. Though it wasn’t clear whether he could actually see them, it did prove that the XuanTian Palace actually had the object. At the very least, he hadn’t wasted all his time coming here.

The Palace Master saw that a consensus has been reached and inclined his head as he said: “In that case, let us go meet that One then.”

He swiped his hands in the air as he spoke. Zhou Weiqing did not know what he had done, but he instantly felt the surrounding space fluctuating, and in the next instant they all appeared again at the Formation on the sixth floor. The Palace Master walked in front with the four Grand Elders right behind him. Dreamwake came next to Weiqing and whispered: “Weiqing, stay by my side. Whatever you see later, do not stray more than three meters away from me.”

“Okay.” Weiqing agreed; as he did so, he noticed that Dreamwake’s eyes were a bit different, a strange light in them.

The group of eight left the XuanTian Citadel, heading to the iron chains that connected the citadel to the outside world. Where are they going? To meet whom? Weiqing had so many questions in his mind. He clearly knew that this person the upper echelon wanted to meet must be quite powerful, even above everyone here including the Palace Master. Otherwise, they wouldn’t all be going at the same time. He became more cautious and channeled the Saint Energy in his body in order to strengthen his disguise.

When he thought everyone was about to cross the iron chain ‘bridges’, the Palace Master suddenly stepped forward directly into the empty space, dropping down towards the bottomless abyss, giving Zhou Weiqing a big scare.

Next, the four Grand Elders actually did the same. All five figures instantly disappeared into the thick fog down at the abyss. Nie Han smiled at Weiqing before jumping down as well. Dreamwake grabbed Weiqing’s right arm as she said: “We’ll go down too, don’t be scared, I’ll protect you.”

Having said that, she gently pulled him forward. He felt a supporting power around him as both of them fell into the abyss.

The person they wanted to meet was at the bottom of this abyss? Although Zhou Weiqing was extremely startled, the thought instantly came to mind. At this point, the most important thing he had to do was to fully act in accordance to the current cultivation stage he had shown, in order to avoid arousing any suspicion. This was his intention in his heart, but in reality, his actual actions were...

Chapter245 When a Man Hangs onto a Woman

“Ah——“ A utterly shrill and desolate scream echoed around the abyss of XuanTian Citadel, alarming the entire building in a split second. As for the source of it, a certain someone in midair had come to his senses, clinging solidly to another certain someone beside him as if he were an enormous octopus.

Dreamwake had never thought that this young God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Zhou, who had acted so coolly composed, self assured, and wise during the dinner, would actually react like this once she brought him off the cliff and into the abyss with her.

She’d been so startled by Zhou Weiqing’s scream, enough so that when he suddenly bear-hugged her, she didn’t have enough time to stop him. Before she knew it, the strong musk of a man filled her nostrils.

Dreamwake’s cultivation was exceedingly high, but at that point, she almost failed to control her body, almost sending them both plunging into the abyss uncontrollably. “What are you doing?!” Anxious and embarrassed, she tried to struggle free of Zhou Weiqing’s grasp, but he had a death grip on her, and despite her best efforts she was unable to break free. Alas, that also had the unfortunate side effect of causing the speed of their descent to increase even more rapidly, forcing her to switch her attention to controlling the air currents to support their bodies to prevent them from free- falling to the bottom.

Holy shit yeah! Zhou Weiqing was grinning from ear to ear inwardly. He was currently hugging Dreamwake tightly and his face was also stuck tightly to her smooth and tender face. He could vaguely sense a certain energy in her body that seemed to be a great match for his own.

Domineering cliff faces surrounded them, and the light dimmed continuously as they descended. Dreamwake really wanted to smack this wretched fellow to death, but she could clearly feel from his increasing heartbeat that Zhou Weiqing really seemed very afraid. Her heart softened and she sighed to herself. The guy was only Five Jewels, and although he had great talent in terms of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was after all only at the Zun stage. It was normal to be afraid when jumping off a cliff. Things are already like this, let’s handle it when we get to the ground. Even though she was already twenty nine, Zhou Weiqing was the first man who’d been so physically close to her in her life.

After a span of around twenty breaths, when the surroundings had grown extremely dim, Zhou Weiqing could feel their momentum slow. They set foot on solid ground in the next moment.

For some reason, Zhou Weiqing felt very cold all over as soon as they landed. The temperature here was much colder than up there, but with his physique and constitution, he shouldn’t be affected by temperature at all.

He raised his head subconsciously and met looks of indescribable strangeness.

All four Grand Elders were staring open mouthed, their jaws gaping so wide that one could shove a dragon’s egg into their mouths. Even the XuanTian Palace Master was looking at Zhou Weiqing a bit stiffly. Nie Han’s expression was rather odd, as if he wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to. The entire group was surrounding Zhou Weiqing and Dreamwake, staring at them.

Indeed, it must be very weird for a large, buff man to be clinging onto a beautiful woman, with the position and posture of an octopus. Not to mention that he was clinging onto Dreamwake, the head of the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters in the XuanTian Palace.

“Eh…” Zhou Weiqing made an embarrassed sound. Slowly, he began to put his legs down first, before slowly peeling himself off of Dreamwake. He could even feel Dreamwake’s full peaks slowly bouncing back into position as he leveraged himself off her. Of course, what also bounced to attention were his ‘important bits’.

Zhou Weiqing barely managed to hold his breath to force his face to start turning red, to look like he was blushing from embarrassment. Otherwise, with his usual thick skin, what did he care about being seen like that…

Dreamwake stood there blankly, staring off into space as her face flushed, her expression changing from red and white and back. The always elegant and noble Dreamwake was now breathing unsteadily, as if she would fly into a rage at any time.

“You—-”  Dreamwake’s  right  hand  suddenly  drew  back  as terrifying power exploded from her. The immense aura forced Zhou Weiqing back a few steps until he fell onto his buttocks on the ground. So strong! Even though he was currently putting on a act, he could still clearly feel how strong Dreamwake was at this moment. She was vastly stronger than he’d imagined.

If this palm landed, there wouldn’t even be bone dust left of him if he really was a Five Jewel Master.

“Mercy!”  The four Grand Elders walked forward and spoke urgently. Such a young genius as Zhou Weiqing was absolutely rare throughout the land.

But, as Zhou Weiqing observed coolly, he noticed another strange point. Although the Grand Elders pleaded for mercy, none of them were really moving to stop Dreamwake. Even the Palace Master was standing there without saying a word.

Dreamwake took a deep breath, her upraised hand shaking twice before she slowly put it down. Her beautiful eyes were locked onto Zhou Weiqing and seemed like they would spit fire. At last, she just snorted angrily and stalked into the depths of the cavern.

The Palace Master shook his head with resignation and followed Dreamwake, seeming to transmit a message via voice- transference to her. The four Grand Elders heaved a sigh of relief, then looked at Zhou Weiqing’s utterly terrified look. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, finally they could only just sigh before turning to follow the first two with a flourish of their robes.

It was Nie Han who walked over and pulled Zhou Weiqing up from the ground. He spoke in a low tone: “Weiqing, you’re quite bold eh! You even dare to take advantage of Dreamwake.”

Zhou Weiqing responded awkwardly: “I thought she was committing suicide with me. It was just too sudden; I’ve never jumped down from a cliff. It was too terrifying!”

Nie Han chuckled and sent him an understanding look. “You probably didn’t know that Heavenly King powerhouses can already fly with their own power. Alright, now follow me. Later on, try not to set her off again. Otherwise, even the Palace Master won’t be able to save you if she really loses her temper.”

“Okay.” Zhou Weiqing nodded honestly. He’d already taken advantage of her anyway. As Nie Han walked at the front, Zhou Weiqing first sniffed at his hand, smelling the faint fragrance on it before grinning as he followed behind. As he did so, he began to scan and observe his surroundings.

In this deep valley, the aura was rather dank and gloomy, even the surrounding rocks were black, as sunlight was unable to shine directly into the valley. The entire valley seemed void of vegetation, only surrounded by jagged rocks of grotesque shapes.

Zhou Weiqing discovered that in this valley, there were two Attributes which were the most vibrant and lively, both of which he was extremely familiar with. The sheer thickness of the two was almost equal to that of the Lustre Spatial Realm when the mother dragon Duo Si had been driven insane and was unleashing Fire Attribute energies without restraint. The two Attributes currently was that of the Darkness and Demonic attributes.

Indeed, there was actually a large amount of natural Demonic Attribute present. Although it was extremely mixed and impure, it was still such a rare sight, one that Zhou Weiqing had never witnessed before.

Although the terrain was extremely rough, it could not affect the powerhouses of the XuanTian Palace, and their speed of advancement was extremely quick. As they advanced deeper, following Dreamwake and the XuanTian Palace Master’s lead, the Darkness and Demonic Attributes grew even stronger and livelier.

All of a sudden, Dreamwake stopped in her tracks, allowing the four Grand Elders to overtake her, returning to Zhou Weiqing’s side. However, the usual faint smile on her face was no longer present, left with a stern and chilly manner.

“Err….  Dreamwake,  I  …   it  was  not  on  purpose.”   Zhou Weiqing stammered an explanation in a low tone.

Dreamwake glared at him savagely before saying: “Follow me closely, do not stray five metres apart from me.

As she said that, a sudden familiar and warm aura appeared around her, enveloping both herself and Zhou Weiqing. As soon as this unique aura appeared, the Darkness and Demonic Attributes around them were actually blocked off, no longer reaching either of them.

The terrain abruptly flattened, and right in front, the Palace Master Dong Fang halted in his tracks. The four Grand Elders arranged in a single file behind him, while Dreamwake actually brought Zhou Weiqing to the front to stand beside Dong Fang.

Right in front where the terrain flattened out, there was a thick black mist covering the entire area. If they entered the mist, Zhou Weiqing did not doubt that they would not be able to even see their own fingers if they waved their hands in front of themselves.

As they reached this spot, both the Darkness and Demonic Attribute energies were clearly even stronger, and purer. However, they did not seem to be purer individually, instead somehow fused together while becoming purer.

Tenebrous Attribute? Zhou Weiqing’s heart jerked in sudden realisation, as he instantly thought about what Dreamwake had described to him previously. That important personage living here that they were here to visit should definitely be well versed in this Tenebrous Attribute. Of course, for all of the XuanTian Palace powerhouses to place such importance on him, one could just imagine what his cultivation level was at. The XuanTian Palace Master looked at Dreamwake, who nodded at him. With a flip of her wrists, a large black crystal appeared in her hands, giving a stark visual contrast to her small tender white hands.

With a flick of her wrists, black light began shining brightly, and in a flash the crystal flew right into the black mist.

Zhou Weiqing turned to look at the four Grand Elders and Nie Han behind them, discovering that they all had a respectful expression on their faces.

Not much time had passed when abruptly, a fierce pressure exploded from the black mist, filled with a bitter cold, filling the entire area at once. The thick black mist billowed out furiously towards all of them.

“Do  not  move.”   Dreamwake’s  voice  rang  out  in  Zhou Weiqing’s ears. In the next moment, the thick black mist had already enveloped all eight of them. Only then did Zhou Weiqing understand why Dreamwake had asked him not to leave her side in the radius of five metres. In that radius, the aura around Dreamwake’s body actually isolated them from everything happening outside. He had just treated her in such a fashion, but she was still concerned about his safety. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel the favourable impression in his heart towards her increase greatly. Of course, towards such a beauty, his favourable impression was always there...

The thick black mist spread all around the air, the entire surrounding was obscured even for their vision. Since he was in Dreamwake’s aura, Zhou Weiqing dared not extend his senses, though he was fully focused and wary. Vaguely, there seemed to be an aura influencing his bloodlines within the thick black mist, making him feel like his blood was boiling and ready to fight.

“What is it?” A low, melodic yet magnetic male voice rang out from all directions. The terrifying aura that even the XuanTian Palace powerhouses had to be careful of also disappeared at the same time.

The XuanTian Palace Master said respectfully: “Sir, along the west coastal seas, a Terror Sea Dragon has recently been appearing in the area. It has caused much destruction to our ships, and seems to be specially targeting us, lingering around the area without moving back. After some discussion, we are thinking of taking the initiative to attack and deal with it, and we hope that you could aid us in that matter.” “Terror Sea Dragon?” The resonant male voice had a hint of surprise. Falling into silence for a moment, he finally continued: “Do we know its specific circumstance?”

The Palace Master shook his head, saying: “We’re still not clear regarding that. The news was passed to us via Spatial Transmission. Alas, anyone who has actually seen it is already dead.”

An angry humph rang out. “A Terror Sea Dragon dares encroach upon the coast, it is looking for death!”

The XuanTian Palace Master asked tentatively: “I’m afraid it is trying to provoke your awe and prestige. Alas, with just our strength alone, especially in the ocean, we are unable to deal with it. As such, we have come to ask for your help.”

“If you are able to lure it to shore just like the previous time, I can help you kill it. However, in the oceans, even I am unable to help.” After a slight pause, the rich male voice rang out once more.

Hearing its words, the expressions of all present changed. Dreamwake said rather recalcitrantly: “Is a Terror Sea Dragon that powerful? Didn’t our ancestors kill one before?” The resonant male voice spoke solemnly: “That was because the slain one was a rash and impetuous one, actually daring to chase them onto land. As such, we managed to work together to kill it. Even so, we had paid a heavy price. In the world today, the Terror Sea Dragon is one of the most powerful of the
Dragon Tribe still alive, its core bloodline is a legacy that is second only to that of the Dragon Emperor Bloodlines, an existence that can reach the Mid Level Heavenly God Tier. More importantly, when it is In the oceans, it is able to borrow the powers of the oceans. Even if the Dragon Emperor fights
against it in a one versus one fight in the oceans, it may not be
match for the Terror Sea Dragon.”

Dreamwake’s brow furrowed as she said: “But… are we just going to allow it to run wild in along the coastal regions? That will have a terrible effect on us all. Even if we can’t kill it, we need to at least find a way to chase it away. Don’t tell me that even you are afraid of it?”

To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, towards Dreamwake’s rather rude query, that powerhouse hiding in the mist did not grow angry. Instead, his voice grew gentler instead: “Naturally, I’m not afraid of it. However, if we were to fight in the oceans, I can definitely escape if the fight goes badly, but you all won’t be so lucky. With just my strength alone, it will be difficult to chase it away. If this Terror Sea Dragon is really here to target you all, then it must have some close connection with the one we killed a long time ago. In that case, it would not have dared come to cause trouble without some preparation. Furthermore, that also means it will be even more difficult to draw into onto shore.”

The Fire Elder said: “Sir, what if were to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem? With it as a backup assurance, we can all ensure we attack at full power. With so many of us gathered together at full power, under your leadership, we should be able to critically injure it.”

“Spatial  Teleportation  Gem…?”   The  resonant  male  voice paused for a moment. “That is not a bad idea indeed. However, the number of attackers cannot be a lot. The Spatial Teleportation Gem’s power is currently a far cry from its previous self, and it can at most be used three more times. More importantly, each time it can only sustain the teleporting of ten life forms or less. If we are only injuring the Terror Sea Dragon, it is not worth using it. But… if we can kill it, then it will be worthwhile. Alright.. Fine… even if I have to risk sustaining severe injuries, I will accompany you all. However, if we succeed in killing the Terror Sea Dragon, I want its Heavenly Core to help me recover. If I can drain its Heavenly Core, I will have the chance to enter the Mid Level Heavenly God Stage, or perhaps even higher.” Dreamwake’s brow furrowed as she said: “We can’t give you the entire thing, just a portion.”

“Little girl, you are being too greedy.”  The resonant male voice was clearly a little unhappy, yet even in that dissatisfaction, Zhou Weiqing could still sense some feelings of doting fondness.

Abruptly, the black mist in the front began to part. Although the surroundings were still dark, they could now vaguely see some shapes within.

Two strange, glowing balls appeared, giving forth a thick aura of the Tenebrous Attribute, shining brightly in the thick darkness.

What was that?! Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at it. Under the strange, demonic shining red light, he quickly saw the vague figure of a massive body stand up several hundred metres away.

Black scales, just like piece after piece of black crystals inlaid on the body. The massive body, it was at least forty metres long. Giant wings spread apart slowly as it slowly stood up, and at last Zhou Weiqing saw that the strange red light was actually its eyes.

It was a Dragon… it was actually a huge Dragon!

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his throat had been gripped tightly by an invisible hand. He was actually looking at a dragon, and from the looks of things as well as the behavior of the XuanTian Palace powerhouses, he could clearly see that this massive dragon was definitely an absolute powerhouse that guarded the XuanTian Palace.

The pitch black scales, that thick aura of Tenebrous Attribute. This was clearly a Tenebrous Demon Dragon, a powerful Low Level God Tier Dragon.

The XuanTian Palace truly lived up to its name as the only Great Saint Land on the entire XuanTian Continent! It actually had a Tenebrous Demon Dragon, such a powerful Heavenly God Stage presence, living in the heart of headquarters, guarding them. Added on to the XuanTian Palace’s own might and resources, even if the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland joined forces to cross the oceans to invade the XuanTian Continent, they might not come up on top in the end. Only now did Zhou Weiqing finally understand why the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland would actually sign the non-aggression pact. The XuanTian Palace definitely had the weight behind it to deserve such respect.

At the same time, he felt a chill run down his spine as a light sheen of cold sweat began to form around his body. Luckily, he had not tried anything during his time here. Perhaps, in front of a Heavenly Emperor, he would still have the chance to escape. However, if he were to face a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, he would not even have the qualification to attempt running, let alone succeeding.

Although the Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not specifically release its aura, just the presence of it standing there had a massive pressure upon all of them. Zhou Weiqing abruptly discovered the bloodline in his body was boiling and raging, as if in severe unrest, causing his entire body to be in a state of excitement and stimulation.

“Ehh?” All of a sudden, the huge red orbs that were the dragon’s eyes, looking like large lanterns, turned to focus on him...

He is using the honorary term here to address

Chapter246 Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s Uncertainty

The sudden irascible restlessness of his bloodlines gave Zhou Weiqing a big surprise, and he quickly circulated his Saint Energy to suppress it. It was even more startling when the Tenebrous Demon Dragon gave that curious sound, causing his heart to jump and grip.

With his current situation, stuck in this place with all of the top powerhouses of the XuanTian Palace, including this Heavenly God Tier Tenebrous Demon Dragon… as soon as he came under suspicion, he would not even have a chance to escape. That would be a feat that surpassed the difficulty of climbing up the heavens. Furthermore, even if he could escape, what would happen to Shangguan Bing’er, stuck in the XuanTian Citadel as she was?

Luckily, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon only gave out the curious ‘Ehh’, but did not continue with any actions.

“Who is this young man? A new core disciple that you have groomed? From his body, it is as if I can sense a familiar and affectionate aura.” The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said curiously. Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. He had already prepared his excuses regarding that; attempting to run was not realistic at all, and even if he could, he still had his mission to consider. Even if his cultivation level was discovered, he still had a chance to talk his way out of things. After all, he was from another continent totally, and in this XuanTian Continent, no one could actually find any
evidence that he had any plots against the XuanTian Palace.

Dreamwake looked at Zhou Weiqing in surprise, as she couldn’t help but repeat the words: “Familiar and affectionate aura? Could you have sensed wrongly? He is not a new disciple that we have groomed. After all, those who are able to come here into your presence are naturally only the most upper echelons of the XuanTian Palace. Let me introduce you, this young man is Zhou Weiqing, he is a Consecrate rank who has newly joined the XuanTian Palace as a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.”

“God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?! A six-Jeweled God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?!”  Indeed, under the cover of the Saint Energy, not even this Heavenly God Tier Tenebrous Demon Dragon was able to discover Zhou Weiqing’s true cultivation level. Dreamwake looked at Zhou Weiqing with much surprise: “You have broken through?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, I’ve only just entered the six-Jeweled stage not long ago.” He had slightly raised his ‘cover’ cultivation stage, in order to better hide his true strength. This was especially so because he knew they might be going after the Terror Sea Dragon, and thus he had carefully adjusted his display of aura and power.

Dreamwake continued looking at him with some surprise before finally nodding to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, saying: “He used his own power to prove that he truly is a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Consecrated Zhou’s spiritual energy is extremely outstanding, far beyond anyone of his level… almost reaching that of a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. Furthermore, his Elemental Jewels include the Wind, Spatial and Time Attributes. These three are the perfect combination for a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, especially with a powerful Skill of the Time Attribute to help control the creation of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, allowing him to reverse time in a very short period, preventing himself from making any mistakes. As such, he is barely able to create a true God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, and we have deemed him to be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Consecrated Zhou is barely twenty years of age, and his future is extremely promising and limitless.” The Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not let Zhou Weiqing because of Dreamwake’s words. Looking him once over with his strange red eyes, he said: “Young man, can you tell me… what is that strangely familiar and comforting feeling you give me… where does it come from?”

Although he was still under Dreamwake’s protection, in that moment, under the dragon’s fixed stare, Zhou Weiqing could still sense an unparalleled pressure pushing down upon him. This was a pressure that came from the spirit itself.

It looks like if he didn’t reveal some secrets this time, it would not be possible to get past this stage.

Zhou Weiqing said respectfully: “Zhou Weiqing greets Senior. I believe I know why you can sense a familiar and comforting feeling from me. Perhaps, that is because my Elemental Jewel Attributes are in sync with yours.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said: “In sync with mine? My Attribute is the purest of the Tenebrous Attribute, but yours is the Wind, Time and Spatial Attributes… how could it be the same or be in sync?” Zhou Weiqing grinned. Whenever he faced such massive pressure, that was the time his brain was the clearest, his finest moments. He also had a unique quality about him, that was he would never back down from fear. In the past, when he was facing the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, it was also the same,
similar to this time. Long before he had even become a Heavenly Jewel Master, Mu En had taught him that the more danger you were in, the calmer you had to be. The more confidence and calmness you showed, the safer you would be.

“Senior, Consecrated Dreamwake only mentioned a portion of my Elemental Jewel Attributes. Originally, this is my greatest secret, but in front of Senior, I guess it is impossible to hide this secret any longer. This junior has a unique cultivation technique, I would like to invite Senior to please advice me.”

As he said that, he took a grand step forward, actually moving out of Dreamwake’s protection.

As soon as he left Dreamwake’s protective aura, Zhou Weiqing instantly felt the pressure on him increase dramatically, almost causing him to be unable to breathe. However, he still stood upright, back straightened, forcefully accepting the pressure. Dreamwake’s expression was not too good at this point, and her gaze at Zhou Weiqing was slightly angered. Wasn’t this rascal so cowardly that he had to hug her because they jumped off the cliff? Yet, facing a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse like the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, he could actually dare to walk out of her protective aura in such a calm and unhurried manner… would he actually be afraid of jumping off a cliff? This… this naughty rascal!

If not for it being such a unique circumstance now, perhaps Dreamwake would have given him a tight slap right now. However, she couldn’t help but admit that when Zhou Weiqing walked out of her protective aura with his head held high, to face the Tenebrous Demon Dragon alone, it was very manly indeed!

Releasing his Heavenly Jewels, six sets appeared on each wrist. When the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels appeared around his left wrist, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s eyes clearly narrowed.

With a wave of his left hand, the six Alexandrite Elemental Jewels rose into the air. In that instant, they all changed colours instantly.

Wind, Lightning, Darkness, Spatial, Time, Demonic. The most shocking thing to all those present was naturally the fully grey Demonic Attribute that accompanied the other Saint Attribute, Time.

With a flourish of both hands, two triangular formations seemed to form naturally, and under the shocked gazes of the onlookers, his six Elemental Jewels began to slowly join together.


A thick Heavenly Energy reverberation, and in the midst of that, a bright light began to shine. The six different lights rose up into the skies, naturally forming a shield of light, enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body. In that instant, the pressure he was enduring clearly dropped. As Zhou Weiqing’s hands swung down once more, the now six-sided star began to descend, stopping beneath his feet. The six lights began to rise once more, and in the pitch black darkness of the zone, they just seemed so brilliant and eye catching.

“This is…”

Even though all present were far superior in terms of cultivation level, when they saw the appearance of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, they were all caught by surprise, unable to restrain the looks of shock and wonder on their faces.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the more they could see in the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, to notice how truly unique it was, especially the high powered self resonance, enabling the six Attributes to be balanced so perfectly in unison. This truly toppled everything they knew about how Elemental Jewels could work. Furthermore… this was six Attributes!!

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up, and in the next instant, his entire body was surrounded by six different lights.

Wind Blade, Lightning Pearl, Spatial Compression Bullets, Time Delay, Ball of Corrosion and the Demonic Pearl of the Demonic Attribute.

These were all the most basic Skills of all the six Attributes, but to unleash six different skills from six different attributes simultaneously… especially in an instant-cast; that was a totally different meaning. All of them could easily see that such a talented Heavenly Jewel Master like Zhou Weiqing would never Store such low level Skills. Yet, he was able to unleash them… what did that mean? Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing spoke, surrounded by the six low level Skills as he was.

“My six Attributes are the Wind, Lightning, Darkness, Spatial, Time and Demonic Attributes. I believe that the reason why Senior feels such familiarity and closeness to me is because I have both the Darkness and Demonic Attributes, which would form a connection to Senior’s Tenebrous Attribute.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon seemed to be extremely interested in Zhou Weiqing. Withdrawing its pressure to the lowest, it lowered its head to look directly at him, saying: “Then… what is this self-resonant Skill you are using?”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  heartily  and  said:  “This  is  the  Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation that I created. When I learned I had six Elemental Attributes, I had been thinking all along, how I could use the power of my six attributes and unleash them to maximum effect. As such, I went through various different experiments, trying out many things. At last, not long ago, when I broke through the six-Jeweled stage, through some coincidence and luck, I created this formation. The profound secret behind this Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation is in imitation and guiding. It is able to guide the atmospheric energies in the air to greatly increase my recovery speed of Heavenly Energy, allowing my fighting capabilities to be greatly extended and sustained. Furthermore, with this Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, I am able to imitate any Skills of my attributes which are at six-star rated and below. However, I have only just created it, so I will still need a lot
more time to properly work it out and use it properly. However, I believe that as my cultivation increases, its power will only improve.

Self-creation? As soon as he spoke those words, Zhou Weiqing could clearly hear loud sounds of deep breaths being drawn.

Dreamwake looked at Zhou Weiqing strangely. Originally, they had all thought that Zhou Weiqing was just extremely talented in the Consolidating Equipment Master arts. Now, it looked like it was not just in this matter, but even in terms of cultivating, he was also an absolute genius level talent! Six Attribute Elemental Jewels… and this Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation of his? Furthermore, he was barely over twenty years old… who dared to say that he wouldn’t become a top powerhouse in the future?

“Hmm, it really is the Demonic Attribute. It has been years since I have seen such a pure Demonic Attribute. Very good, it looks like the future of the XuanTian Palace is truly bright indeed. Who knows, you might even reach the same level as I am now. Alas, you are still too young now, otherwise you could be of great help against the Terror Sea Dragon this time.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not hide its approval of Zhou Weiqing, nodding repeatedly. His Tenebrous Attribute was even slightly inferior to Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Attribute, and sensing the Demonic Aura from his Heavenly Energy reverberations, his appreciation for this young human grew rapidly.

Zhou Weiqing said respectfully: “Although this junior’s cultivation is still low, since I have already joined the XuanTian Palace, I consider myself a part of it. I wish to join Senior and the other XuanTian Palace powerhouses to fight against our enemies.”

Dreamwake furrowed her brow, saying: “Are you looking for death?” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying: “It is not necessarily looking for death. For me to have achieved what I have today, I have experienced many dangers in my life, but I am still alive now. I think that if I am able to witness Senior Tenebrous Demon Dragon killing the Terror Sea Dragon, it will be of great help to my future cultivation.”

This was truly patting the horse’s ass, oh, no, it should be patting the dragon’s ass. This was truly an art-form in its own right, and Zhou Weiqing had done so subtly, without leaving any trace. Added on to the fact that the Tenebrous Demon Dragon already approved of him, it nodded repeatedly and said: “With this Dragon’s cultivation, although I may not be able to win the Terror Sea Dragon in a one versus one fight, it should not be a problem to protect one person. Since you wish to go, then go ahead. It will definitely be a great help to your future. If we can succeed this time, I will allow you to Store a Skill from me. Although it would be a waste to Store it for your Demonic Attribute, but it will be extremely good to add to your Darkness Attribute.”

“Many thanks, Senior.” Zhou Weiqing said delightedly. This was not acting at all; to be able to Store a Skill from a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, that would definitely be a great help to him.

Dreamwake stared at Zhou Weiqing in front of her dazedly, and she couldn’t help but think to herself. This fellow doesn’t seem to be as arrogant as he did before! However, his talent was truly at a point that made her speechless. Even with her own background and cultivation, she was unable to stop herself from being a little jealous.

The XuanTian Palace Master said: “Since Senior is willing to go along, then we should properly plan our next step. We must ensure that we guarantee absolute success.”

“En. The rest of you can return first. Dong Fang, you and Dreamwake   stay.”    The   Tenebrous   Demon   Dragon   said solemnly.

Zhou Weiqing glanced reluctantly at Dreamwake before turning to leave with the four Grand Elders and Nie Han. Originally, he had thought of taking advantage of her again on the return trip. With the revealing of his six Attributes and skills earlier, he believed that even with Dreamwake’s high position in the XuanTian Palace, she wouldn’t dare to finish him easily. He could still remember the softness in his arms earlier. Her body seemed so soft and flexible, if he could just… heh heh…

Of course, he was just thinking it only. That was what he told himself.

This time, it was Nie Han who brought Zhou Weiqing to fly back up. As soon as they returned to the XuanTian Citadel, Nie Han gave him a big thumbs up, before they returned to their respective rooms.

When Zhou Weiqing returned to his room, Shangguan Bing’er was still cultivating as usual. Hearing his return, she opened her eyes.

“What  happened?”   Shangguan  Bing’er  asked  via  voice- transference.

Zhou Weiqing also replied with the entire story, similarly with voice-transference.

Hearing that they had finally heard about the whereabouts of the Spatial Teleportation Gem, Shangguan Bing’er was overjoyed. Although she had never thought of herself as part of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she was still happy to be able to protect the Heavenly Jewel Island and the ZhongTian City. It was after all a major issue.

“Little Fatty, what are you preparing to do? Although the Spatial Teleportation Gem might appear then, but there will also be just too many powerhouses around at that time. It will not be easy to take action.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded silently before saying solemnly: “No matter what, I have to give it a try. Perhaps, this is our best chance, and may be our only chance. From the words and manner of speaking of that Tenebrous Demon Dragon, the Terror Sea Dragon is not so easily taken care of. At that time, perhaps it might end up with both sides sustaining great losses. If that happens, my chance will come. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon will definitely be in the thick of battle, and should not be able to break away to deal with me. As for the others, as long as I am determined to flee, even a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse might not be able to catch up. If I succeed in gaining the Gem, then I will use the Lustre Speech Gem to inform you. You bring the Sea Emperor Shuttle

Shangguan Bing’er’s expression was worried as she said: “But… won’t it be too risky and dangerous?” Zhou Weiqing replied confidently: “Do not worry. Without absolute confidence, I will not easily take action. Furthermore, they are currently not clear about my true power. I have some level of confidence. On the other hand, I am most worried about you. If I do not guess wrongly, as soon as we leave, you will definitely be left here. With a ‘hostage’ here, only then can they be totally confident and relaxed about me. After all, we are still new. As such, as soon as we make a move, and there is a chance that shows itself, you should leave this place as soon as you can. At that point, there should only be some Heavenly Kings left to guard this place, and with the Wings of the Wind God, escaping should not be a big problem.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, saying: “I guess we have no other choice. You do not need to worry about me. If… just in case…”

As she spoke those words, before she could continue, Zhou Weiqing held her in his arms, kissing her heavily. “Silly girl, there is no in case. Compared to your safety, the Spatial Teleportation Gem is nothing.”

As he said that, he had already lifted her up. In a flash, they appeared in his favourite place once more, the bed...

… In the following period of time, the atmosphere in the entire XuanTian Palace had obviously grown rather nervous. Everyone seemed to be wildly beating gongs and drums in preparation for the upcoming fight, but there was no rush to take action. It was obvious that this time the XuanTian Palace
wanted everything prepared perfectly, after all they only had the one chance at success. As for what exactly they were preparing, Zhou Weiqing was not too clear.

The nervous atmosphere did not affect Zhou Weiqing at all. His status in the XuanTian Palace was extremely high and respected, as a Consecrated God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Naturally, he would not need to join in the preparation works.

As such, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er spent the days cultivating with all their might. In such a place with such rich and pure atmospheric energies, it was a breeze to cultivate, gaining twice the results with half the effort. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation rose steadily, and though the speed was no match for when he was cultivating the Immortal Deity Technique, he could still sense the steady increase which would definitely lead to breakthrough in the future. Furthermore, he still needed to familiarize himself with the usage of the Heavenly Dao Energy. ...

“Weiqing, are you in?” A knocking sound rang from the door as Dreamwake’s gentle voice came from outside.

Ever since they had met the Tenebrous Demon Dragon a few days ago, Zhou Weiqing had not seen Dreamwake since. Originally, he thought she was angry with him, but currently from her tone, he could not hear any of that.

Shangguan Bing’er walked to open the door, greeting: “Consecrated Dreamwake, please enter.”

Dreamwake smiled as she shook her head, saying: “I won’t be entering now. We are about to go against the Tenebrous Demon Dragon soon, and I am here to invite Weiqing to come discuss our plans with the others.”

At this point, Zhou Weiqing also walked over. He did not know why but when he saw the gentle smile on Dreamwake’s face, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

“Is it necessary for me to be there for the strategy discussion? Anyway, I am just there to watch.” Zhou Weiqing scratched his head awkwardly.

Dreamwake laughed heartily, saying: “How could you say that? In our eyes, you are a genius unparalleled in history, and will remain unmatched in the future. Furthermore, as you said, you are going there to learn and experience, so this strategy meeting will be of good use to you too. Come on.” As she said that, she turned to leave.

Zhou Weiqing gave Shangguan Bing’er an assuring glance before following behind Dreamwake.

Dreamwake walked at the front, not speaking to him at all. Very quickly, both of them arrived at the teleportation formation of the sixth storey.

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself: Could I have guessed wrongly? Are we really going to the Heavenly Hall to have a meeting?

Dreamwake continued her silence, and before Zhou Weiqing could think further, the twisting light of being warped flashed, and their figures vanished instantly. However, very quickly, Zhou Weiqing realised something was wrong. When they reappeared once more, it was not in the Heavenly Hall like the previous time. Instead, it was in a broad open space.

The floor seemed to be paved with asphalt, but there seemed to be a strange illusory quality to the entire area, though it seemed so vast that even Zhou Weiqing could not see an end.

No good! I’ve been tricked! Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped. Towards Dreamwake’s true power, he did not have a good grasp. Furthermore, in this new spatial zone, he did not know how to leave. If any problems arose, that would be extremely troublesome.

Having reached her destination, the smile on Dreamwake’s face had vanished, her gaze turning cold.

“Zhou Weiqing, die!”  An abrupt pressure, as massive as a mountain smashing down upon him, burst forth from Dreamwake’s body, accompanying her right palm striking forward, a thick Heavenly Energy reverberation descending from the skies like a massive palm down towards his head. Oh crap, has she discovered my identity? This was the first notion in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. This palm strike from Dreamwake was clearly far beyond what a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could withstand.

A silver flash of light, as Zhou Weiqing activated his Blink Skill, appearing more than a dozen metres away from his original position. In a massive explosion, the place he had been standing at a split second ago exploded with a loud bang, the resulting shock waves actually causing him to fly back further.

“Dreamwake, what are you doing? Are you crazy?!”  Zhou Weiqing yelled in shock and fury. The acting was perfect, voice, tone and even the expression on his face. At the same time, his mind and heart was spinning like crazy as he tried to think of a solution as quickly as possible.

The first thing he needed to judge was whether or not Dreamwake really knew about his identity. If that was the case, then this was a fight he could not avoid. The only thing he could do then was to capture Dreamwake; that would be his only ticket out of the entire situation. Furthermore, Bing’er was still in the XuanTian Citadel!

Dreamwake’s first attack had failed, but she instantly launched a second one. A thick white Heavenly Energy coalesced itself into a longsword in midair, the tip of the sword lancing towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest in a flash of white light.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing had made a resolute decision  instantly.  Shouting  angrily:  “Come  kill  me  if  you want!”  He actually stood there, not even attempting to dodge any further.

The white sword glare reached his chest instantly. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s heart had risen up to his throat. Even if he did not make any attempt to dodge or block it, he had the confidence that this sword strike would not kill him outright, or even critically injure him. However, if that really happened, then it meant his worst fears had come true, and Dreamwake had discovered his identity and was adamant on killing him. This would greatly affect his entire plan. As such, this could be said to be one last key bet that would influence his entire quest to the XuanTian Continent.

In a flash of light, the sword abruptly stopped just half chi away from his chest, the keen sword qi even causing goosebumps to appear on his chest area. The Immortal Deity Shield was already gathered at his skin level; if not for Zhou Weiqing suppressing it with his Saint Energy, it would have already erupted out to protect him automatically. Patting the horse’s ass is the literal translation for flattery, just like ‘licking one’s boots’ in english. TJSS is making a pun here on that

intense publicity campaign in preparation “Why aren’t you dodging anymore?” Dreamwake said coldly.

Zhou Weiqing said angrily: “You are at least at the Heavenly King stage or higher. Being able to dodge once is already a miracle, but can I keep dodging? Furthermore, this is in a Spatial area of your choosing… no matter what, the final result is death, right? In that case, I might as well die in a straightforward fashion instead of wasting time. Come on then, kill me.”

Closing his eyes with his head held high, hands behind his back, Zhou Weiqing looked the picture of a heroic martyr accepting his death bravely.

Dreamwake said coldly: “Don’t you want to know why I wish to kill you?”

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing would not fall for such a tactic. His eyes remained close as he retorted: “Dying is dying, what is the point of knowing all that? Hurry up, make it quick and painless.” Suddenly, the stabbing pain on his skin vanished. Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes once more, only to see that the sword- light in front of him had vanished without a trace.

Dreamwake stared at him hatefully. “Zhou Weiqing, you bastard. You dared to molest me! Even if I can’t kill you, I’ll definitely make you pay a price for what you did. Don’t say I gave you no chance at all. I’ll only use the six-Jeweled cultivation level to fight you. If you can beat me, I’ll send you out of this place. Otherwise, I really will kill you.”

Zhou Weiqing actually calmed down when he saw that angry look in her eyes. As he had thought, it was because of what had happened the other day. She hadn’t discovered his true identity after all. It made sense! He didn’t make any mistakes at all; how could she have discovered who he was?

“Then what if I win?” Zhou Weiqing’s eyes spun craftily as he said this.

Dreamwake said coldly, “If you win, then we’ll just forget about what happened the other day.”

Zhou Weiqing snorted. “If you only use the six-Jeweled cultivation stage, you probably won’t be a match for me. However… who can guarantee that you won’t cheat? Your cultivation stage vastly surpasses mine, after all.”

Dreamwake was enraged. “What type of a person do you think I am? I’ve never gone back on my words before!”

Zhou Weiqing didn’t hesitate at all. “Swear an oath! If you cheat and use more than a six-Jeweled cultivation base, you have to spend a night with me.”

“You…!”  Dreamwake  was  so  enraged  she  nearly  vomited blood. “You bastard, you shameless bastard! I completely misjudged you.”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged. “And how am I shameless? You want my life. All I’m asking for is your body. Actually, come to think of it, it feels like you are the one taking advantage of me! And besides, you are the one who instigated this fight. If you aren’t willing to swear an oath, that’s proof that you are already planning on cheating.”

“Fine! I’ll swear the oath! Zhou Weiqing, I’m definitely going to kill you today. This ‘bet’ is nothing more than me giving myself an excuse to do just that. I, Dreamwake, swear that if I use more than the six-Jeweled cultivation stage in my upcoming  duel  against  Zhou  Weiqing,  then…   then…”   She repeated the word ‘then’ twice, her face turning red. She finally gritted her teeth and spat it out: “Then I’ll spend a night with him.”

Zhou Weiqing roared with laughter. “Come on, then! Don’t regret what you just said.”  While speaking, he leapt off the ground and retreated backwards while a dark-gold aura suddenly emanated from his body.

Even though Dreamwake had already guessed that he definitely had access to a God Tier Consolidated Equipment set, when she actually saw those six pieces of dark-gold light flicker she couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. But of course, she didn’t know that Zhou Weiqing actually had a total of seven pieces of Consolidated Equipment, with the final piece being the Overlord’s Bow.

The Dual Legendary Hammers appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s hands. Zhou Weiqing felt as though his entire body was filled with absolutely terrifying power. The two hammers, the Yin-Yang Giant Spirit Palms, the breastplate with pauldrons, and the layered war kilt which protected his waist came together to form the six pieces of his Hate Ground No Handle set. Powerful dark-golden light gleamed from him, causing his entire body emanate an aura of weighty power. Dreamwake let out a cold snort as six beams of dark-golden light suddenly shone from her body as well. The aura, however, was completely different from the mighty, overbearing aura of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ set. Her Legendary Set was more like a set of scales.

The breastplate was the first to appear, and at its center was a series of outwards-protruding diamonds, with a dark-red diamond-shaped rune imprinted at the middle. The pauldrons were long and sleek, stylized to have draconic heads appear to each side which completely covered her fragrant shoulders. The scaled armor stretched to cover her arms all the way to her hands, which now appeared like a pair of sharp draconic claws. Not just that – the armor also stretched down her flank to cover both her legs as well.

It could be said that aside from her head, Dreamwake’s entire body had been covered by this Legendary Set.

Zhou Weiqing stared wide-eyed. How was this possible? This was just a six-piece set of God Tier Consolidated Equipment. How could it cover her entire body? He also had six pieces, but his legs remained uncovered. Unless… unless…

Dreamwake slowly lifted her right hand up. Zhou Weiqing’s heart instantly clenched. Her Jewels were actually the same as Shangguan Fei’er’s; they were Dual Physical Jewels! They granted flexibility and strength. No wonder her Legendary Set was able to cover such a wide area! Even though she only had six pieces, it covered her entire body. If she managed to get all ten pieces of her Legendary Set, then… the seventh piece would be the helmet, but what would the rest be? All weapons? But her draconic claws were already weapons!

Dual Physical Jewels and Alexandrite Cat’s Eyes. This girl’s innate gifts were every bit as amazing as his own! No wonder she was so confident that she could defeat him even if she limited herself to the six-Jeweled stage.

However… when Zhou Weiqing saw how powerful she was, his competitiveness was stimulated. Both of them were limiting themselves to the six-Jeweled stage. Was he really supposed to be inferior to her?

He slammed his Dual Hammers together in front of him, producing a deafening explosion as the light of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation spread out, transforming into a six-pointed star that appeared beneath his feet.

Dreamwake narrowed her eyes, but her movements didn’t slow down. She didn’t use any techniques at all, simply shooting forward lightning-fast to pounce towards Zhou Weiqing with explosive speed and strength, revealing the power contained in her body.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his heart shudder when he thought back to how he had once held his arm around her soft, almost boneless waist. So her gentle, supple body actually was capable of unleashing such terrifying levels of strength?

However, Zhou Weiqing didn’t let his thoughts slow down his movements. He knew that if he lost this battle, even if the enraged Dreamwake didn’t kill him, she’d tear him to shreds.

Faced with Dreamwake’s attack, Zhou Weiqing took a step forwards with his left foot, sweeping upwards with his Dual Hammers while roaring, “Open!”

His Dual Legendary Hammers were absolutely enormous. When Zhou Weiqing made this movement, his hammers struck in succession in a way which completely blocked and sealed off Dreamwake’s attack zone.

Dreamwake’s draconic claws almost instantly fell upon the two enormous hammer-heads of the Dual Legendary Hammers. “Eeeeeek?!” A surprised squawk rang out as her body almost instantly begun to spin in midair. She wasn’t doing this on purpose; it had happened because of the tremendous power the Dual Hammers had applied to her.

Dreamwake had originally simply wanted to test Zhou Weiqing’s power. Although she was merely using the six- Jeweled cultivation level, that wasn’t factoring in her physical strength and might. The fact that she had dual Physical Jewels had given her tremendous confidence in her physical strength. She felt that she didn’t need to use any techniques at all; Zhou Weiqing definitely wouldn’t be her match! However, when she had reached out with her draconic claws towards Zhou Weiqing’s hammers, something completely unexpected had happened.

The laughing-face hammer had avoided her full-strength claw attack, while the crying-face hammer had unleashed a terrifying amount of power which completely surpassed her expectations. One side had been ‘empty’, while the other side had been ‘real’. This disparity in force and momentum sent Dreamwake’s body spinning uncontrollably through the air.

How could Zhou Weiqing give up such a fine opportunity? He lashed out with his right leg like a whip, sending it sweeping towards Dreamwake. At the same time, he activated his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, unleashing a hundred Lightning Pearls without any notice at all and sending them towards the path which the still-spinning Dreamwake was sure to take as she descended. His opponent was a true Heavenly King; there was no way Zhou Weiqing could hold back against her! Now that he was lucky enough to seize the initiative, he was going to follow his normal combat style and press the assault until he won.

However, right at this moment, Dreamwake revealed her own formidable skills. She almost instantly seized control over her body, managing to curl into a ball as she flew through the air while kicking out with her leg. Her kick intersected with Zhou Weiqing’s own kick, and as this happened a layer of blue light suddenly burst out of her body. The light was extremely soft and gentle. It didn’t go ‘block’ the Lightning Pearls, but instead ‘covered’ them and then tossed them far away. In doing so, it completely severed the connection between them and Zhou Weiqing.

What powerful control! Zhou Weiqing was secretly impressed. Right at this moment, their two legs clashed viciously against each other.

BOOM! An explosion rang out, and it was still Dreamwake who was the worse for the wear. Her curled-up body was kicked over thirty meters away by Zhou Weiqing, and when she landed she had to stumble seven or eight steps back before stabilizing herself.

Dreamwake stared at Zhou Weiqing, a stunned look on her face. Naturally, she couldn’t accept this outcome. Her Physical Jewels included the strength attribute, and she had dual Physical Jewels! By all rights, she should be stronger than Zhou Weiqing, especially with her legs being covered by her Legendary Set while Zhou Weiqing’s right leg was unprotected. And yet, she had actually lost this test of strength. Her own right leg actually felt numb. How could she not be shocked?

When Zhou Weiqing saw that stunned look on her face, he knew what had her puzzled. He chuckled: “Dreamwake, have you forgotten my background? I come from the Legacy of Strength. The word ‘strength’ isn’t just for show! I’ll be honest and tell you the truth – my Legendary Set is named ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ and focuses exclusively on increasing strength. Each additional piece will cause my power to double. Six pieces means that I am now sixty-four times stronger! Even in a normal fight with you using Heavenly King-level strength, I still wouldn’t fear you in a test of pure strength, to say nothing of right now with you having restrained your own cultivation level.” But of course, this was also with Zhou Weiqing suppressing his own cultivation level. Otherwise, if he poured his Saint Energy into his real strength, he would dare to fight even Heavenly Emperor powerhouses in a head-on collision.

Chapter247 Battling Dreamwake

“Hate Ground No Handle? The Hate Ground No Handle set… what an impressive Legacy of Strength!” Dreamwake’s eyes lit up. She didn’t display any hint of anger at having suffered a loss just now; instead, her beautiful eyes turned cold and calm.

A calm opponent was the most terrifying of all. Zhou Weiqing was quite wary of her ‘transformation’ and thus said probingly, “Why don’t we just let it end here? Let’s consider it a draw?”

Dreamwake’s reply was hard enough to sever iron and chop nails: “In. Your. Dreams.”

As soon as her words came out, Dreamwake once more charged forwards. This time, she was even faster! She appeared before Zhou Weiqing with a flicker, then suddenly vanished before Zhou Weiqing even had the chance to lift up his two Dual Legendary Hammers.

Spatial Shuttle!

The Spatial Attribute was absolutely necessary for a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. Dreamwake naturally had access to techniques like Spatial Shuttle.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t dare to hesitate at all. As soon as Dreamwake vanished before him, he himself used Spatial Shuttle as well. Two streaks of silver light flashed past each other in quick succession, with Dreamwake’s dragon-claw attack sweeping through Zhou Weiqing’s previous position just a moment after he vanished, tearing through the shadowy blur left behind by his Spatial Shuttle.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing reappeared, he lifted up his dual hammers and spun them around himself. This decision was the correct one, because as soon as he appeared Dreamwake had already moved right next to him. She didn’t really have many options for dealing with the overwhelmingly superior power of the Dual Legendary Hammers, and so she bent over backwards to dodge like a reverse bow. It looked as though she didn’t have any bones in her body! As she did this, she delivered a flying kick with her right foot. This kick came in right within the empty space between the two hammers and was aimed at Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

A thunderous explosion rang out, followed by Zhou Weiqing staggering three steps backwards. Dreamwake wasn’t any better off, as she was sent flying backwards as well. By now, Dreamwake had a thorough understanding of the tremendous power the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation possessed. As her kick had landed against Zhou Weiqing’s chest, dozens of Lightning Pearls had gathered across his chest. Her kick had landed atop those Lightning Pearls, causing a
tremendous explosion which had blasted her and Zhou Weiqing apart. Her kick, which should have guaranteed her victory, was forced to retract as well.

The way in which the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation allowed for techniques to be instantly cast could be described as ‘freakishly powerful’, especially given how little Heavenly Energy it used.

The Flying Lightning God technique was Zhou Weiqing’s favorite technique. As soon as the two had been blasted apart, Zhou Weiqing released a second instant-cast technique. Once again it was the Flying Lightning God, but this time the Lightning Pearls were transformed into bolts of lightning. Over a hundred bolts of lightning appeared simultaneously, shooting straight at Dreamwake.

The flashing lightning was simply too fast, and they had all been insta-cast. There was no way to dodge them at all! With no other options available, Dreamwake summoned a buckler of black light over her head. A series of explosions could be heard as all of the lightning bolts slammed into the black shield of light and then disappeared. However, this ensured that Dreamwake was unable to press the attack against Zhou Weiqing.

Dreamwake had completely discarded her previous contempt towards Zhou Weiqing. This extraordinarily talented fellow was even harder to deal with than she had imagined! This was especially true for the instant-cast skills of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, which could be used to block her attacks at the most critical moments. If she was able to use her full power the formation wouldn’t pose any problem, as she could overwhelm him with her might. However, she was only able to use the six-Jeweled cultivation level, which meant that she didn’t dare to use many energy-intensive skills. In addition, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation insta-cast skills far too quickly. She couldn’t guarantee that her skills wouldn’t be disrupted.

Zhou Weiqing was just as surprised as Dreamwake was. Dreamwake was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. How could she have this much combat experience? Zhou Weiqing felt certain that he himself was extremely experienced in battle, but Dreamwake seemed to be just as experienced. She had instantly discovered the speed-related weakness he had when he used attacks of raw power, and she had been flexible enough to very nearly defeat his defenses. More importantly, thus far both sides were still just launching ‘probing’ attacks, with neither having launched any full-power attacks yet.

Although both had suppressed their cultivation levels to the six-Jeweled stage, this was still an extremely fair fight. Although Zhou Weiqing hadn’t reached the Heavenly King level yet, he had Saint Energy. If he used his Saint Energy, even if Dreamwake was a Heavenly King powerhouse she still wouldn’t be able to gain an advantage against him. For them to both suppress their cultivation bases made for a fair and safe fight.

After the black buckler dispersed the lightning bolts, the two stared at each other silently. Neither continued to press the attack, as they both stared vigilantly. Their auras were completely locked onto each other, ready to attack at any moment.

Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes slightly, the two Legendary Hammers to each side of his body drooping downwards slightly. In his heart, he was celebrating. Thank goodness that Dreamwake’s two Physical Jewels didn’t represent a pairing of ‘flexibility’ and ‘speed’! If it had, he would be in an even more passive situation. It would be hard to defeat her while hiding his true power. Dreamwake suddenly blew out a long breath, causing Zhou Weiqing to instantly sense as though the surrounding area had become much cooler. Specks of blue light began to fly out from Dreamwake’s body, almost instantly covering an area of hundreds of square meters.

Was this an aura? No. This was Heavenly Dao Energy being used to influence the local atmospheric energies.

“You are cheating!” Zhou Weiqing glared at her.

Dreamwake stared back at him coldly. “And how am I cheating? I only said I’d limit myself to the six-Jeweled cultivation level. I never said I would refrain from using the techniques I’m skilled in!”

Zhou Weiqing stared at her, rather speechless. “This is an effect caused by Heavenly Dao Energy manipulating the atmospheric energies. How is it not cheating?”

Dreamwake snorted. “All I said was six-Jeweled cultivation level. It’s not my fault that my will and my senses are superior. It’s your own fault for being weak! Why don’t you go ahead and summon atmospheric energies as well, if you can?” Although they were in a separate Spatial area, this place was still filled with abundant atmospheric energies. For her to use Heavenly Dao Energies to summon atmospheric energies in this manner meant that she had an almost unlimited amount of energy. Her attacks might be limited to the six-Jeweled level,
but she would be able to unleash an unlimited amount of said attacks! Although Zhou Weiqing was strengthened by the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he couldn’t use it in the way she just had. More importantly… he might have the ability to sense and use Heavenly Dao Energy, but he didn’t dare to actually employ it!

“You are being a bully,” Zhou Weiqing complained angrily.

A hint of laughter flashed through Dreamwake’s eyes. “Yes, and I’m going to bully the hell out of you.” As her words came out, she shot forwards towards Zhou Weiqing once more. This time, it was completely different from her previous attacks. The coldness in the air instantly increased in strength, with countless streams of frost wrapping themselves towards Zhou Weiqing as Dreamwake attacked. The cold energy began to furiously drill deep into his body.

Although they wouldn’t have an impact on him right away, given enough time they would result in his movements growing stiff and cumbersome, while he would use up far more Heavenly Energy as well.

Originally, Dreamwake hadn’t been planning on doing this. However, Zhou Weiqing’s tremendous strength paired with his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was quite troublesome for her to deal with. She absolutely had to win this battle. It wasn’t just out of anger; she wanted to suppress Zhou Weiqing and prove her superiority. Even she herself didn’t fully understand why she had brought Zhou Weiqing here today. Was it really just because she was angry over what happened the other day? No. She wasn’t willing to admit that that her heart, which had been untouched for thirty years, had grown restless as of late.

Light flickered in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as he swept out with his Dual Legendary Hammers swept out. As they shot out, his body became covered with a dense layer of azure light. He hurriedly retreated while lifting up those hammers, then delivered a vicious downwards blow with them.

Dreamwake was startled by Zhou Weiqing’s sudden acceleration. This was a speed-enhancing technique of the Wind Attribute. So his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was even able imitate support techniques like this? A thunderous explosion rang out, causing nearly the entire Spatial area to shudder violently. The overwhelmingly powerful shockwave from the blow blasted apart the majority of the atmospheric energies which had been summoned by Dreamwake while halting her attack as well.

Such incredible power! Dreamwake narrowed her eyes. Only now did she truly understand how terrifyingly strong Zhou Weiqing was. He hadn’t been bragging at all; even if she did use Heavenly King-level strength, she still probably wouldn’t be able to match the power of the blow he had just dealt to the ground with his dual hammers.

A heartbeat later, Dreamwake suddenly felt a strong sense of danger in her heart. She stared, astonished, as a streak of purple-red light shot out from behind Zhou Weiqing, transforming into a strange creature that hung in the air above him.

Heavenly Skill Image?

Dreamwake was shocked. Zhou Weiqing was only at the six- Jeweled level and had just recently reached that level. As far as she knew, someone at that level couldn’t possibly be able to access a powerful technique which would result in a Heavenly Skill Image appearing! In addition, she felt a tremendous sense of danger coming from the aura of this attack.

She didn’t hesitate at all. A Heavenly Skill Image instantly appeared behind Dreamwake as well. She didn’t even give Zhou Weiqing to clearly see what the image was before sending it flying straight towards the image of the Demonic Dragon Lady above Zhou Weiqing.

The Heavenly Skill Images clashed against each other. Alas, Zhou Weiqing had prepared for this long ago. After having suffered at the hands of ‘Lion Prince’ Gu Yingbing all those years ago, he had pondered over his painful experiences and decided that he would never again use his Heavenly Skill Image unless he was completely sure of his chances! He let out cold snort, followed by yet another streak of purple-red light flying out. This time, it was aimed directly at Dreamwake’s image! The two streaks of light collided in midair, then disappeared simultaneously.

He actually had two Heavenly Skill Image techniques?! Dreamwake was shocked, but her reaction was incomparably fast. She didn’t continue to try and clash with Heavenly Skill Images… because she had the feeling that Zhou Weiqing was almost done with his technique. A streak of black light suddenly burst out of Dreamwake’s body. The sense of danger she felt forced her to unleash some of her own special techniques.

The freezing aura in the air suddenly became moody and sinister. Dreamwake’s body was now covered with a layer of thick black fog, and there was something writhing within the black fog which Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to see clearly. Right. Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal was about to finish. If Dreamwake could cheat, so could he! He poured a tiny bit of his Saint Energy into it, causing the rate at which it formed to increase dramatically. After enduring just one clash from the opposing image, it became fully formed.

Purple-red light flashed past him, then disappeared. Zhou Weiqing could already see a violet-red vortex appearing about Dreamwake’s head. Heh heh! Easy. Once I make it temporarily impossible for you to use your Stored Skills or your Consolidated Equipment, you won’t stand a chance against me!

However… just as that purple-red light shot out, Dreamwake suddenly pointed her draconic claws at Zhou Weiqing, causing a streak of black light to shoot at him. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to dodge either.

The two streaks of light landed simultaneously. Dreamwake’s body trembled, followed by all of her Legendary Set items vanishing without a trace. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t much better off. He discovered, to his amazement, that he had lost connection to his Hate Ground No Handle set. Although the set remained on his body, it had lost all of its strength-multiplying effects. And… he didn’t seem to be able to summon any further techniques at all?

No way. That’s a crazy coincidence. Shocked, the two stared at each other with rather strange and puzzled looks in their eyes.

Although there were differences in the techniques they had just used, the effects had been essentially the same. Both made it temporarily impossible to use Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills.

Dreamwake’s technique was a bit faster than Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal, but Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal could be used multiple times. It was hard to say which technique was superior.

Since he had lost his connection to the Hate Ground No Handle set, Zhou Weiqing went ahead and discarded it. He stared suspiciously at Dreamwake. “What was that technique just now? How could you use such a powerful technique without needing time to accumulate energy?”

Dreamwake snorted coldly. “And why should I tell you?” Zhou Weiqing shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “If you don’t want to explain, just forget about it. However… this is just the beginning.” He suddenly leapt off the ground with his right leg, shooting straight towards Dreamwake. It was quite the coincidence, or perhaps some sort of unspoken accord, as Dreamwake did exactly the same thing as Zhou Weiqing made his move.

In truth, the two were thinking the exact same thing. Neither knew how long the enemy technique would last for, and once their own sealing techniques wore off the opponent would be able to regain their Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills. If that happened, doom would be swift and certain. It was best to seize the advantage and deal a game- ending blow before that happened.

Without their Legendary Sets, both were now far slower and weaker. The speed at which they used Heavenly Energy, however, was just as fast. In the end, Dreamwake was a bit faster and she delivered a clawing strike with her right hand towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to use any techniques, and even his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation having been sealed by Dreamwake. In the face of this attack, he only revealed a faint, odd smile on his face. He didn’t dodge. Instead, he struck out with twin claws of his own. It looked as though he was aiming at Dreamwake’s shoulders, except… they seemed to be inching downwards slightly. This was a direct ‘attack’, which naturally would be faster than a sweeping attack. This meant that Zhou Weiqing’s strike would land first.

“You pervert!” Dreamwake was enraged. She leapt upwards, delivering a kick towards Zhou Weiqing’s flank. Both were fighting at the six-Jeweled cultivation level. Although they were now slower than previously, they were still quite fast.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t dodge, instead lifting up his own right leg and using it to block Dreamwake’s kick.

A hint of a cold smile appeared at the corner of Dreamwake’s lips. Previously, when you had the Hate Ground No Handle set, I  was  indeed  weaker  than  you.  But  now  that  you  aren’t strengthened by any set, do you still think that you are stronger than me when I have the benefit of dual Physical Jewels?

Boom! Their legs collided in midair. A piercing pain spread throughout Dreamwake’s entire body from her right leg, which had just dispelled that earlier feeling of numbness. Once more, she retreated lightning-fast. She had lost again. She could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing’s right leg didn’t just vastly surpass her in strength, it was also incredibly tough. She felt as though she had just kicked a steel pillar! Although her leg wasn’t broken by the collision, it had suffered a significant injury.

How was this possible? Unfortunately, Zhou Weiqing didn’t give her any chance to consider this question. After winning in that clash of kicks, he used his right leg to propel himself off the ground and pounce like a hungry tiger towards Dreamwake. If he actually managed to land this pounce… ehehehe. Not even Shangguan Xue’er had ‘survived’, much less a Dreamwake who was limited to the six-Jeweled stage. Zhou Weiqing’s lecherous skills were quite outstanding.

Dreamwake’s eyes suddenly narrowed and darkened. Until now, she had yet to truly view Zhou Weiqing as a worthy adversary for herself. Even though she had lowered herself to the six-Jeweled stage, she still innately viewed herself as a Heavenly King powerhouse. By all rights, she should vastly surpass Zhou Weiqing in both battle experience as well as understanding how to apply Heavenly Energy.

However, reality had proven that this fellow was even harder to deal with than she had anticipated, and there was clearly something strange about his right leg. Dreamwake’s power suddenly increased explosively. As Zhou Weiqing pounced at her, Dreamwake suddenly flew backwards and launched a vicious kick at the ground with her left leg. She borrowed from the counter-force to spin through the air to dodge Zhou Weiqing’s pounce, then used her right hand to deliver a chop at the back of Zhou Weiqing’s neck. At the same time, she delivered a lightning-fast kick with her left leg at Zhou Weiqing’s waist. Her long, lithe leg stretched out, allowing her left foot to ‘hook’ itself around his waist and fasten herself to him.

Her flexibility was simply incredible! Zhou Weiqing hurriedly lowered his head, dodging Dreamwake’s chop. However, by now Dreamwake had already moved into close-combat range thanks to her hook-foot.

Clearly, it wouldn’t be easy to throw her off. Dreamwake had already begun to make her move. She twisted downwards, sending Zhou Weiqing flying in the opposite direction while latching onto the clothes on his back and sending him smashing into the ground.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing should’ve celebrated the fact that Dreamwake still wasn’t able to use any strength with her right leg. If she was, it wouldn’t have been a simple grapple/toss. Crack! Zhou Weiqing was sent smashing into the ground, quite dazed. He skidded over ten meters forwards before finally managing to come to halt. Dreamwake didn’t press the attack, because she was still feeling tremendous pain pulse into her from her right leg. She had to temporarily pause and press both hands against her right leg, sending pulses of faint blue light into it which made her feel a bit better.

How could his muscles and his bones be even tougher than mine? I’m…

She stared intently at him as he skidded away. This was the first time Zhou Weiqing had come off the worse in their battle, and a questioning look was in Dreamwake’s eyes. His actual combat ability had been far stronger than what she had imagined. She was absolutely certain that not even a max level six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would be able to gain an advantage over him in combat. How many secrets did he contain?! He was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, but it didn’t seem as though he had used some sort of special technique to increase his powers. How could he have so much actual combat experience?

Zhou Weiqing flipped to his feet. Given his toughness and tenacity, this fall wasn’t able to injure him at all. However, he felt a bit depressed. In terms of close combat ability, he still wasn’t able to match those who had flexibility-enhancing Physical Jewels. Fei’er had dominated him in a similar fashion long ago, and now history was repeating itself.

Both had their own thoughts, but neither lessened their wariness of the other. She continued to rub her leg, while he quickly replenished his own Heavenly Energy. They were both hoping for the other’s sealing skill to disperse, allowing them to put on their Legendary Sets once more.

Alas, this entire exchange had taken less than ten seconds.
Their respective skills weren’t even close to being finished.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes spun craftily, a naughty and delighted smile appearing within them. He stood there without moving, simply flipping over his left hand and producing a long bow within it. This wasn’t Consolidated Equipment, it was nothing more than an ordinary and real longbow that had been fashioned from Star Wood.

He nocked the bow with three arrows, almost instantly pulling the bow to a full draw. Then, with an ear-piercing twang, he sent all three arrows towards Dreamwake at lightning speed. At such close distance, Dreamwake wouldn’t be able to dodge even if she used her Heavenly King cultivation base. She had no choice but to strike out with both palms, unleashing an awesome flood of Heavenly Energy which formed a shield to block those three arrows.

These first three arrows were simply intended as a probe. As they shot out, he hurriedly retreated backwards while shooting out one arrow after another. Some he shot into the skies, some he shot straight at her, while some he shot in arcing curves. Every single one of the arrows filled the skies with ear-piercing whistles as they shot out. Every so often he would use the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill, pouring his powerful Heavenly Energy into the arrows to give them even greater destructive force.

After just a few brief seconds, Dreamwake was unable to defend any longer. She never would’ve imagined that Zhou Weiqing had this sort of technique at his disposal. His archery skills could only be described as ‘godly’, as no matter where he fired the arrows would invariably come crashing down towards her at the most penetrating angles. In addition, the arrows were filled with Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy. Since both of them were limited to six-Jeweled Heavenly Energy, the only way for her to block these penetrating attacks was to use an even greater amount of Heavenly Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s arrows were so fast and densely aimed that she didn’t even have the chance to use her Heavenly Dao Energy to absorb atmospheric energies to replenish her own energies.

This bastard! Dreamwake was enraged, but there was nothing she could do.

“You  forced  me  to  do  this,”   Dreamwake  roared  angrily. Suddenly, a surge of dense black energy exploded forth from her body. The dense Tenebrous Attribute energy instantly skyrocketed in power, forming an enormous black globe of light around her. When the endless stream of arrows Zhou Weiqing fired at her entered the range of that black globe of light, they fell completely silent and then were instantly corroded to the point of disappearing. What was going on? Wasn’t she unable to use any techniques? Just as Zhou Weiqing was feeling rather puzzled, the Tenebrous energy around her suddenly retracted. When Zhou Weiqing saw her body, he couldn’t help but let out a startled cry: “Transformation?!”

Yes. Dreamwake was now completely different from earlier. All of her clothes had vanished, and replacing them was a dense layer of black reptilian scales. The scales actually looked quite similar to her Legendary Set. The strangest thing was, her eyes had become a devilish, blood-red color. Zhou Weiqing felt as though he was staring into the eyes of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon once more.

An enormous pair of wings had already spread out behind Dreamwake. Her entire body was filled with a sense of both beauty and power. She seemed to have become much taller, and her face was now covered with a mask that completely hid her features. All he could see was her devilish, blood-red eyes.

One final arrow landed, and Dreamwake didn’t even move to dodge. Clank! The scales on her body were able to easily deflect the power of Zhou Weiqing’s arrow. “You bastard. There’s no way I’m going to spare you today.” Even Dreamwake’s voice seemed to have grown colder than before. She suddenly flashed forwards, moving twice as fast as she previously did as she instantly swooped over to Zhou Weiqing. Her two hands had already transformed into draconic claws as well, and they tore at his shoulders.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation was one of Dreamwake’s greatest secrets. Not even the Grand Elders had such a powerful ability as this. The Tenebrous Dragon Transformation doubled her speed and strength while quadrupling her defensive power. This was a supremely powerful transformation technique. Although she was currently unable to use any of her Stored Skills, this didn’t mean she was unable to use the power of her bloodline.

Zhou Weiqing was completely dumbfounded. He punched out with twin fists, seeking to block Dreamwake’s claws, but the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation gave her power that was beyond what he could possibly withstand. A loud explosion rang out, followed by Zhou Weiqing being knocked backwards as though he had been shot out of a cannon.

Dreamwake’s wings flapped hard, allowing her to speed up once again as she launched a rainstorm of powerful attacks while chasing after Zhou Weiqing, causing him to let out a series of miserable howls. Thankfully, Dreamwake wasn’t actually trying to kill him and she was holding back slightly. Although she made Zhou Weiqing feel agony, it wasn’t enough to injure him too badly.

“Are you seriously trying to kill me?!”  Zhou Weiqing said angrily.

“Who told you to be so shameless and lecherous! Yes, I’m going to kill you!”  Dreamwake replied, her icy voice echoing nonstop while she continued to launch attacks without any slowdown at all.

“Fine, then I’ll go all-out as well! Do you really think you are the only one with a transformation?!”  A tremendously cold aura suddenly burst out from Zhou Weiqing’s body as well, and all of a sudden he once more launched twin punches against Dreamwake’s claws.

A loud explosion rang out once more… and this time, it was Dreamwake who was sent flying backwards. Dreamwake felt as though an utterly enormous surge of power had just slammed into her, sending her backwards. How did he suddenly become so powerful? My seal should still be active. A heartbeat later, Dreamwake saw that Zhou Weiqing had changed as well.

Zhou Weiqing’s clothes had been torn to ribbons, and his body seemed to have actually swelled in size. A dazzling yet evil aura emanated from his body as the tiger tattoos began to pulse through his body as though they were alive. On his forehead, the symbol for ‘King’ appeared, emanating an aura of dominance. His eyes had become red, while a pair of enormous wings spread out behind his back. His entire body emanated a dense gray aura of energy. He slowly lifted up his right leg, which had actually transformed into the shape of a hook.

What’s this? He can transform as well? Dreamwake could vaguely make out the translucent image of a great tiger appearing behind Zhou Weiqing’s back.

The Demonic Change State! That’s right. Zhou Weiqing used the Demonic Change State, not the Dragon-Tiger Transformation.

When he saw her Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation, he was able to tell that within her veins flowed the blood of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Bloodline. He himself, however, definitely was not going to casually reveal his own draconic lineage, because his lineage stemmed from the Dragon Emperor Bloodline of Hui Yao. The Dragon Emperor Bloodline didn’t belong to this continent; it belonged to the Boundless Mainland. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon had mentioned this before. If he displayed the Dragon Emperor Bloodline,
wouldn’t that be the same as telling everything that he wasn’t from the Xuantian Continent? And so, his only choice was to use the Demonic Change State.

Thanks to the power of his Saint Energy, it wasn’t too hard for Zhou Weiqing to separate his transformation to use the Demonic Change State once more. This transformation focused on providing him with strength, allowing him to increase his power fourfold. His defenses would also be enhanced, but it wouldn’t be by as much as the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation provided. But of course, his Ice Cold Perception wasn’t something the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation could provide.

On the whole, it looked as though the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation was slightly stronger than the Demonic Change State… but even so, its appearance gave Dreamwake quite the shock. The way in which she looked at Zhou Weiqing instantly changed as well. Zhou Weiqing made Dreamwake feel as though she was staring at an enormous treasury. There was an endless number of secrets she could ‘excavate’ from him, and those treasures all whispered of tremendous power or genius talent.

“What transformation is this?”  Dreamwake stared at Zhou Weiqing, puzzled.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Have you forgotten that I possess the Demonic Attribute? This is a first-generation Demonic Attribute at that. This transformation is naturally the Demonic Change State, a Controllable Demonic Change State. Ever heard of it? Do you perhaps feel tremendous awe towards me now?”

Dreamwake smirked, but she had to admit that Zhou Weiqing had stunned her immensely. “Do you really think your Demonic Change State can withstand my Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation?”

Neither side hesitated. At exactly the same moment, pillars of dark-golden light shot out into the air. Apparently, their various seals had been exhausted at the same time, and so they didn’t hesitate at all in releasing their Consolidated Equipment. Both were dressed in dark-gold Legendary Sets and had used their respective transformations. As far as Dreamwake could tell, both had unleashed the maximum amount of power they had access to. As soon as they donned their Consolidated Equipment, they simultaneously shot out at tremendous speed to charge at each other. They didn’t didn’t choose to use any
techniques and instead chose to simply clash against each
other in a furious head-long collision, neither having the advantage over the other.

“Zhou Weiqing, you are very strong. A bit stronger than I had  imagined.”   Dreamwake  panted  slightly  as  she  stared intently at Zhou Weiqing.

Both had used up an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy. Even though Dreamwake had a nearly inexhaustible supply of energy, Zhou Weiqing had unleashed one strange attack after another. After he had used the Demonic Change State, his power had increased fourfold… and that was after his equipment strengthened him by sixty-four times! Although she was able to rely on her innate flexibility and agility to dodge, his attacks were still tremendously dangerous to her. And so, in their latest clash she had used up far, far more Heavenly Energy than Zhou Weiqing had. His strength was simply incredible. She only had access to the six-Jeweled cultivation stage, while she had to deal with the strength of a Heavenly King. How was she supposed to fight him? The only way she could win was if Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was depleted.

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “I could say the same about you! You are limiting the strength of your Heavenly Energy, after all. Dreamwake, why don’t we just call it a day and count this as a draw? We’ll just treat it as a sparring match.”

Dreamwake let out a cold snort. “In your dreams. Do you think you won?” As she spoke, she slowly lifted her draconic claws up high, then sent an awesome burst of Heavenly Energy out from her body. It remained at the six-Jeweled level, but for some reason it seemed to be a bit different.

Zhou Weiqing could vaguely sense that her body seemed to have grown a bit larger… or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the Legendary Set she wore had actually fused together with her Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation.

What type of ability is this? Zhou Weiqing stared, wide-eyed. He had never before seen anyone who had the power to fuse their transformations with their Consolidated Equipment. Dreamwake stared at him coldly. “This is the second form of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form. Feel proud. I won’t lose. Now that I’ve used the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form, all my attributes and powers have been doubled. In this state, even if I merely use the six-Jeweled cultivation level, I can hold off even a Heavenly King powerhouse for a time. You might be very strong, but you are still nothing before my Tenebruous Demon Dragon’s True Form. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form grants me the power of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon for a brief time. Of course, I’ll merely be a six-Jeweled Tenebrous Demon Dragon… but that will be more than enough to deal with you.”

As she spoke, she quickly transformed to unleash a dense miasma of darkness energy from her body. She had actually transformed into an enormous dragon, except in a miniaturized form.

If he hadn’t seen this with his very own eyes, he would never have believed this. Although he also had a second form of his Dragon-Tiger Transformation, ‘Like Dragon Equivalent Tiger’, it only transformed a part of his body. There was no way it could result in something like Dreamwake had just done, transforming into an actual dragon! Xuantian Palace had just become an even more mysterious place in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. How many marvelous techniques did this mighty Saint Land possess?

He couldn’t wait any longer. Zhou Weiqing didn’t want to wait, and he didn’t want to let his opponent maul and dominate him. Dreamwake probably hadn’t called him out simply to test him; there had to be another reason behind it. If he lost, not only would she look down upon him, he’d probably suffer a severe injury.

Red light flashed through his eyes. Before Dreamwake had fully completed her Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation, Zhou Weiqing made his move. He instantly pounced towards her.

Dreamwake stared at him, a disdainful look in her eyes. She snorted,  “It’s  useless.  While  I  am  transforming  into  the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form, I’m in a completely invulnerable state. The only way to break it is if your cultivation level surpasses that of my original level, which means you have to at least be a Heavenly Emperor. Otherwise, there’s no way you can stop my, my… hey, w-what are you doing?!”

Chapter248 Dragon Claws...

Her voice changed midway through her previously-confident words. Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had somehow vanished, and as he charged towards her he instantly used one of his supreme techniques.

It was the legendary ‘Something Something’ Dragon Claws.

Dreamwake’s transformation wasn’t complete. Although her legs were nearly in full dragon form, her upper body was still mid-transformation. Zhou Weiqing’s clawing ‘attack’ made her feel so humiliated she could die. Worse, she could sense an incomparably powerful devouring ability sweep out from Zhou Weiqing’s two hands. A dense stream of Heavenly Energy rapidly began to sweep out of Dreamwake’s body and pour into Zhou Weiqing’s, and her Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form transformation actually came to a halt.

Zhou Weiqing grinned cheekily at Dreamwake, up close and personal.  “Everyone  has  a  few  protective  abilities  up  their sleeves. If you actually managed to finish your Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form, I probably wouldn’t be a match for you. However, this transformation takes a bit too long. The ‘invulnerability’ only prevents me from harming you, but it doesn’t prevent me from touching you. Right?” Dreamwake’s eyes bulged out as she stared at Zhou Weiqing, unable to speak. Not only did her chest feel numb from his ‘claws’, what was even worse was that she could sense how the Heavenly Energy was being sucked out of her body faster and faster. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form was actually unable to keep up with the rate at which she was losing energy. It wasn’t sustainable. Worst of all was that she wasn’t just losing a six-Jeweled cultivation base, she was losing her natural Heavenly Energy!

Zhou Weiqing himself was shocked by what he was absorbing. Dreamwake’s Heavenly Energy was far more terrifying than he had imagined. A vast sea of Heavenly Energy was flooding into him, and it rapidly transformed into Saint Energy before then being converted into that astral, starry Saint Energy halo of light.

Just ten seconds of sucking made Zhou Weiqing feel as though his Saint Energy had improved far more than it had during his previous month of cultivation.

Heavenly Emperor! She was actually a Heavenly Emperor, not a Heavenly King! Zhou Weiqing was thoroughly stunned.

Dreamwake was stunned as well. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form vanished, and even the Consolidated Equipment which had merged into her Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s True Form vanished. The powerful Devour skill’s sucking power was causing her to lose Heavenly Energy at an incredible rate.

“Y-you…” Suddenly, a terrifying burst of energy swept out of Dreamwake’s body. Zhou Weiqing felt his entire body tremble. His Devour skill was forcibly interrupted as he was sent flying backwards for several hundred meters before slamming into the ground.

Even if he had used all his power and reinforced it with Saint Energy, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to stably Devour the energy of a Heavenly Emperor, to say nothing of right now when his cultivation base was suppressed to the six-Jeweled stage.

Dreamwake quickly covered herself with a set of long robes. After losing the Demon Dragon’s True Form, she had become completely nude. After dressing herself, this mighty Heavenly Emperor powerhouse actually collapsed on the ground, panting heavily as her entire body shuddered uncontrollably.

Zhou Weiqing lay on the ground, feeling stunned. Although Dreamwake had sent him flying, she had simply knocked him a way instead of actually releasing enough energy to kill him. Although the fall was a severe one, given his physical strength it wouldn’t result in him suffering any severe injuries.

A twenty-nine year old Heavenly Emperor? How was this possible? He had stunned Dreamwake many times today. Finally, Dreamwake had stunned him as well.

No wonder the four Grand Elders of Xuantian Palace and Master Nie Han had all treated her so respectfully. Her cultivation base had actually reached an incredible level!

The empty space gradually fell silent. No sound could be heard save for the two of them panting.

Dreamwake’s arms were folded protectively in front of her chest, her graceful body trembling nonstop. That strange, indescribable feeling continued to spread out from her chest and into every part of her body.

Kill him. I should kill him. But she wasn’t able to summon any power at all and had no real desire to kill him. Her entire mental state was quite unsteady. Zhou Weiqing lay there, huffing and wheezing, without rising to his feet. He didn’t wish to endure the fiery rage of a Heavenly Emperor, nor would he try to incite Dreamwake by mentioning how she had gone against her oath.

They quietly lay there for the time needed to boil a kettle of tea. Finally, Dreamwake recovered her senses and slowly rose to her feet. As she stood straight, her slender figure couldn’t help but sway one more time.

She glared at the distant Zhou Weiqing, who remained lying on the ground, then viciously tossed a black crystal at him. In the next instant, her body turned illusory then vanished without a trace.

As soon as Dreamwake vanished, the distant Zhou Weiqing quickly clambered back to his feet. He hurriedly switched to a different set of clothes, then adjusted himself. He didn’t want Bing’er to notice anything suspicious. After doing all of these things he picked up the black crystal which Dreamwake had given him, then looked at his arms.

Heavenly Energy poured into the black crystal. Light flared, and when it vanished he had once more reappeared within the sixth level of Xuantian Castle. Dreamwake had long ago vanished without a trace. After secretly celebrating the ‘fun’ he just had, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. This time, he had thoroughly offended her. It would clearly be quite difficult for them to regain their previous camaraderie. Still… it hadn’t
been completely fruitless. At least he now knew just how powerful Dreamwake really was.

A Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, one which was able to use the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation! Zhou Weiqing knew that if Dreamwake used all her power, she would have the ability to cause the very heavens to shudder.

In truth? Our dear little Zhou Little Fatty, always so confident in his own talent, had been badly rattled and disheartened. A twenty-nine year old Heavenly Emperor! He himself knew that unless he encountered more marvels, there was no way he could reach that stage so soon.

He returned to his room. Shangguan Bing’er hadn’t been training; this entire time, she had been waiting for him to return. Zhou Weiqing’s duel against Dreamwake didn’t take too long, and so he actually came back quite quickly. Even though he had cleaned himself up a bit, he still looked rather bedraggled. “What did she summon you for?” Shangguan Bing’er eyed him, puzzled.

Zhou Weiqing let out a bitter laugh. “To kick my ass. She wanted to test out my power… or perhaps she felt jealous of me when I revealed my six Attributes in front of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Or perhaps she is suspicious of us.” He didn’t dare to tell the truth.

Shangguan Bing’er didn’t suspect the truth. She said, worried, “Are you alright?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head. “I’m fine. She just wanted to test my power, and so she battled me while keeping her power down to the six-Jeweled level. However… she’s even more powerful than I had suspected. A Heavenly Emperor… a twenty-nine year old Heavenly Emperor!”

“What?!”  Shangguan  Bing’er  was  shocked  as  well.  “That means there are at least six Heavenly Emperor powerhouses here, plus that Heavenly God Tenebrous Demon Dragon. This level of power completely eclipses our Heaven’s Expanse Palace!” Zhou Weiqing nodded. “It does seem to be the case. They have been the sole rulers of the Xuantian Continent, after all. It makes sense that something like this occurred. However, you don’t need to worry. We’re from the Boundless Mainland and we’ve given them nothing to be suspicious about. So long as we don’t attack, we can continue to stay here in peace. It seems we’ll need to be extra, extra careful when dealing with this Terror Sea Dragon.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, deeply convinced. “Little Fatty, Father and Uncle both said that our safety is paramount. They should have already completed their preparations for Zhongtian City. Your safety is what really matters right now. It is better for us to return empty-handed than for you to take on too much risk.”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “It’s too early to say such things. We still have plenty of time. Let’s take things one step at a time. Staying here a bit longer isn’t a bad thing for us. This place has all the atmospheric energies we need, which is beneficial to our cultivation. Just now, I Devoured some of Dreamwake’s Heavenly Energy. Let me first digest it all.”

He returned to the bed and sat down to meditate. With but a thought, he entered his state of cultivation. This was one of the benefits of having Saint Energy. He didn’t need to worry about suffering from any cultivation deviations. The Saint Energy in his body circulated naturally, and Zhou Weiqing was able to clearly see how at the core of his Dantian, the starry Saint Energy had increased in amount. The starry light within the cores of his thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points had clearly strengthened as well.

Indeed, Devouring was the fastest way to improvement! During the final moments of his battle against Dreamwake he had only been given a brief moment of time to Devour her energies, but she was still a true Heavenly Emperor! That brief instant had granted him an enormous benefit.

Devouring the Heavenly Energy of a Heavenly Jewel Master was completely different from devouring that of a Heavenly Beast. Even the most powerful of Heavenly Beasts would have a hint of impure bestial elements in their Heavenly Energy, no matter how vast and distilled it was. After absorbing it, he would have to repeatedly filter and expel all of those impurities. In addition, Heavenly Beasts trained in a completely different way. Thus, after their Heavenly Energy was filter out only a small fraction would be available for Zhou Weiqing to use.

Dreamwake was different. She was a genuine Heavenly Jewel Master who had reached the Heavenly Emperor stage. The Heavenly Energy within her body was so pure, Zhou Weiqing had to sigh in awe. Although it was of a different Attribute from Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, after he Devoured it he didn’t need to filter it at all. He simply needed to convert it into a replenishing source for his Saint Energy.

The ‘real name’ of this technique is ‘Titty-Squeezing Dragon Claws’. It comes from an old Hong Kong quasi-satirical martial arts TV series that had some really ridiculous techniques in it. In addition, Zhou Weiqing had only Devoured a tiny part of her energy. He hadn’t actually affected Dreamwake’s core essence. Dreamwake would only need a few days to recover, as her core essence would allow her to quickly reach her normal peak power.

If he truly managed to devour a Heavenly Emperor’s Heavenly Energy and core essence then convert it into Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base would probably instantly skyrocket into the Heavenly King stage.

But of course, this was a virtually impossible task. First of all, his body might not be able to endure it, and more importantly there was no way he could resist a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse.

Even so, he had benefited enormously from today’s battle. After completely transforming the Heavenly Energy he had Devoured from Dreamwake into Saint Energy and then fusing it into his own Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing realized that he had saved at least three months worth of hard cultivation.

In truth, if Dreamwake had immediately acted to employ her Heavenly Emperor energy to resist Zhou Weiqing, the latter would’ve only been able to employ his Devour skill for a brief instant. However, she had a bet with Zhou Weiqing! She had also been thoroughly shocked by the perverted Zhou Little Fatty using his ‘Something Something’ Dragon Claws. Not only had this resulted in her ‘allowing’ him to Devour her energies for an extended period of time, she had nearly lost control over herself from the provocations to her body. She had wanted to take revenge on Zhou Weiqing by challenging him to this fight, but instead the one who came out the worse was herself, a Heavenly Emperor.

After this day, Zhou Weiqing didn’t see Dreamwake for the next month. It was for the best. That way, he wouldn’t be beaten again. He had to suppress his energy when he fought her and he couldn’t even use his Saint Energy, which was a miserable feeling. He thus chose to instead stay in his room and continue to cultivate alongside Shangguan Bing’er.

Although it wasn’t as effective as when he cultivated with Tian’er, the Saint Energy in his body had after all already formed a complete circuit. He still improved quite quickly… but after reaching the nine-Jeweled stage, each breakthrough required an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy. To break through from the thirty-seventh level to the thirty-eighth level required an enormous accumulation of energy. Zhou Weiqing also obliquely scouted about for information. Ever since they had met and spoken with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, the entire Xuantian Palace had been in a state of bustling preparation. All ships that had been preparing to go out to sea were temporarily grounded, as the entire Xuantian Palace leapt into high gear.

“Consecrated Zhou.” A familiar voice rang out from outside.
It wasn’t Dreamwake’s voice.

Zhou Weiqing opened his door, welcoming in his fellow God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, ‘Nie Han’.

Nie Han glanced at Zhou Weiqing, then chuckled. “Consecrated Zhou, you are very good at enduring boredom! Ever since you entered Xuantian Palace, you have yet to leave a single time. You usually don’t even go outside. It is rare for young people like yourself to be able to endure boredom and train so hard. No wonder you’ve reached your current level of accomplishments.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled. “Compared to yourself and the various Elders, I’m still far from being a match. How can I not train hard?”   But  in  his  heart,  he  actually  thought  something different.  What’s  the  point  of  leaving?  To  simply  make Xuantian Palace’s people follow and spy on me? Compared to the Boundless Mainland, the Xuantian Continent is quite lacking. If it wasn’t for the Spatial Teleportation Gem, who would be willing to come to this place? Besides, I might end up needing to fight these powerhouses of Xuantian Palace at a moment’s notice. If I don’t train hard, how am I going to be able to safely survive all these dangers?

“Consecrated Nie, are you prepared to go hunt the Terror Sea Dragon? I’ve been eagerly looking forward to it. We’ve been preparing for quite some time,” Zhou Weiqing said.

Nie Han said, “I’ve come to notify you that five days from now, we’ll head out to hunt down that Terror Sea Dragon. The Palace Lord’s opinion is that it is best for you to stand guard at home.”  Although Nie Han didn’t say it aloud, Zhou Weiqing could tell that they were worried that he was too weak.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Chances like this come once in a lifetime. That senior, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, promised to protect me. If I chose to retreat at a time like this, how would that senior view me? I’m definitely going to go. Don’t try to dissuade me, Consecrated Nie. However, my humble wife won’t be accompanying us.”

Nie Han nodded. “Very well. I came to notify you of what is about to happen. Since you have made up your mind, make your preparations. We are heading out in five days. I need to go discuss our strategies with the other Grand Elders.”

Zhou Weiqing watched as Nie Han left, then closed to door. His eyes then flickered briefly. Finally. They had waited for so long, but the day had finally come.

Shangguan Bing’er walked over to Zhou Weiqing. She took his large hand into her own, then sent mentally, “They seem to think very little of you. They aren’t even inviting you into their discussion as to how to handle the Terror Sea Dragon. Little Fatty, I keep on having a bad feeling about this. I think you shouldn’t go with them.”

Zhou Weiqing wrapped his arms around her, placing a tender kiss upon her red lips. “Silly girl. So many powerhouses will be present. If push comes to shove, I’ll just avoid taking part. Do you really think that your husband isn’t even strong enough to protect himself?”

Shangguan Bing’er raised her head, staring at him earnestly. “Little Fatty, I need you to remember something. If you die, I definitely won’t live on by myself.” Zhou Weiqing’s heart clenched hard. His grip around Shangguan Bing’er instantly grew a bit tighter as well.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye. On the morning of the sixth day, Nie Han personally came to summon Zhou Weiqing. All of them headed to the cliffs outside Xuantian Palace.

Shangguan Bing’er came to send them off as well. Often times, men would make decisions that their women couldn’t stop. Even though she felt rather uncomfortable about this, she didn’t try to dissuade him any further. She too believed that given Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation, it wouldn’t be too hard for him to extricate himself.

The others who had appeared at the cliff included the powerhouses of Xuantian Palace, including Palace Lord Dong Fang, the four Grand Elders, and the twelve Elders. Dreamwake, who Zhou Weiqing hadn’t seen for many days, naturally was present as well. However, Dreamwake didn’t even seem to recognize him. She didn’t so much as look at him. Given how many people were present, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t exactly run up to her and greet her either.

After seeing that everyone was ready, the Palace Lord said in a low voice, “Give the signal.” The Water Elder lifted up his hand, unleashing a streak of black light that bound into the depths. Moments later a low draconic roar rang out from below them, then began to rise upwards. The atmospheric energies around them instantly began to grow restless.

The Elders of Xuantian Palace all grew solemn, their faces filled with respect. Less than ten seconds later, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s vast body suddenly shot into the skies above them. Its vast wings looked like giant black stormclouds, propelling its great body into the skies. It circled around the people present, then gradually descended before them.

The Xuantian Palace Lord led everyone in calling out loudly, “Greetings, Lord Demon Dragon.”

“Mm.” The Tenebrous Demon Dragon let out a snort, its enormous draconic eyes actually focusing on Zhou Weiqing. It nodded at him briefly, then said in a thunderous voice, “All of you, climb aboard.”

“Understood,”  the Xuantian Palace Lord said, then led the others in vaulting onto the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back. Zhou Weiqing, however, discovered that not all the Elders boarded the dragon. Only six of the twelve Heavenly Kings boarded, with the other six remaining in front of Xuantian Palace. Clearly, they were going to stay behind and stand guard.

Although Zhou Weiqing felt surprised, he didn’t reveal it. He just turned to glance at Shangguan Bing’er, giving her a look.

Zhou Weiqing had originally judged that given how powerful the Terror Sea Dragon was, Xuantian Palace would send out all of its forces to fight it. Xuantian Palace didn’t have any foes in the Xuantian Continent, after all; it didn’t need too many powerhouses to defend its home. If this was the case, then once Zhou Weiqing acquired the Spatial Teleportation Gem he would immediately notify Shangguan Bing’er. If she wanted to leave, the remaining guards would be hard-pressed to stop her. However, now the situation was different. There were six Heavenly King powerhouses standing guard. Given her cultivation base, even with her Wings of the Wind God it would still be rather hard for her to escape. Zhou Weiqing’s glance was meant to tell her to be careful.

Shangguan Bing’er nodded casually. Although Xuantian Palace hadn’t fully mobilized, they had definitely unleashed the brunt of their power. Xuantian Palace Lord Dong Fang led this squad, which included three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters (including Zhou Weiqing), four Grand Elders, and six ordinary Elders. The fourteen of them, when matched with the Heavenly God Tenebrous Demon Dragon, definitely constituted over 90% of Xuantian Palace’s full power.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s body was more than large enough to seat ten-plus people without anyone feeling cramped for space. It beat its enormous wings, instantly sending itself soaring into the western skies.

Although this wasn’t the first time Zhou Weiqing had seen a great dragon, this was his first time riding on a great dragon’s back. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back was covered with many protruding ridges, with just enough space for each of them to sit between the ridges. Given their respective cultivation bases, they were able to remain seated quite stably atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back.

This was the first time Zhou Weiqing had been in such close proximity to a Heavenly God powerhouse. As the Tenebrous Demon Dragon soared into the skies, his heart was filled with awe. As the Tenebrous Demon Dragon soared upwards, it became surrounded with many dark storm clouds. Zhou Weiqing was able to use the powerful sensing abilities granted by his Saint Energy to clearly discern that the clouds were naturally generated within the atmosphere, rather than summoned by the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s power.

Of course, these were not real ‘storm clouds’. Instead, it was pure Darkness Attribute energy mixed with Evil Attribute energy, which formed Tenebrous Demon Clouds which materialized due to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s natural energies. It was as though this vast dragon had become the absolute hegemon of the world around it.

As for the wind? They could only support the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s great bulk, not resist it or blow against it in the slightest.

This was what truly mighty power was like! Even though the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was carrying at least six Heavenly Emperors on its back, Dreamwake included, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that before a Heavenly God, Heavenly Emperors were like children who had just learned how to walk. All of them combined wouldn’t be a match for this Tenebrous Demon Dragon. No wonder Xuantian Palace was so terrified of the Terror Sea Dragon and needed to make such lengthy preparations. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon was already horrifyingly strong, and the Terror Sea Dragon was probably even above it in cultivation! They would also be fighting it in its chosen environment, the sea. No one who didn’t personally witness it in action would understand how powerful it was.

Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was the lowest of the group, and so he was located right in the middle of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back. In front of him was Palace Lord Dong Fang and Dreamwake, and by accident or design Dreamwake was less than a meter away from him.

Viewing this dazzling woman from behind was quite a pleasing sight. Dreamwake was a classic beauty, with slender shoulders and long, neat black hair which cascaded down her back like a waterfall. As the wind blew past them, her long hair would quietly drift upwards to reveal her fine waist, as well as the round and firm arcs which jutted out below her waist.

Firm and perky! He hadn’t noticed before, but her backside was quite intoxicating as well. Zhou Weiqing unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Right at this moment, Dreamwake’s icy voice rang into his mind: “If you keep staring at me with those filthy eyes of yours, I’ll tear them out.”

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head in resignation. Fine, fine. I won’t stare. Every so often though, he did sneak a peek. Thankfully, Dreamwake didn’t actually attack him.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon flew with astonishing speed. Even though they were high in the air, none of them were able to make out the scenery below with clarity.

The dense tenebrous demon clouds around them blocked out the warmth of the sunlight. From afar, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon looked like a black arrow that was shooting through the skies.

Less than two hours later, they were able to see the vast and boundless ocean appear on the horizons. The light of the sun shone down upon the surface of the sea, causing it to sparkle.

The weather was particularly fine today. There weren’t too many waves, and they were able to see from up high how the light blue of the water at the seashore gradually grew darker as they went deeper into the ocean. The atmospheric water energies around them clearly grew denser. Even the naturally-forming tenebrous demon clouds around the Tenebrous Demon Dragon were affected considerably, as they grew noticeably sparser.

This was the power of nature! Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but exclaim to himself. No wonder even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was afraid of fighting the Terror Sea Dragon in the depths of the seas. The seas was the Terror Sea Dragon’s domain.

Right at this moment, Dreamwake’s mental voice reached out to him once more. “Use your Demonic Change State to stay far away from the battle. No one will have the time or energy to take care of you.”

Zhou Weiqing chortled and sent back, “You care about me that much, eh?”

Dreamwake didn’t respond.

Zhou  Weiqing  continued,  “Honestly,  it  was  all  a  big misunderstanding. I just didn’t want to die, right? I did what I did to stay alive. That’s why I saved that trump card for the very end.” Dreamwake could no longer stay silent. “Misunderstanding? Was what happened when we jumped down the cliff also a misunderstanding? Your Demonic Change State is able to produce wings that allow you to fly. How could you possibly be so terrified when falling down a cliff?”

Zhou Weiqing was a grandmaster at finding excuses. He said reasonably, “That was a different situation. It all happened to suddenly. Besides, everyone has a fondness for beautiful things. You were right next to me, so I unconsciously clung to you in my fear. By the time I recovered my senses, I was already holding onto you. If I released you then, it would look like I was just pretending to be honorable, right? That’s why I just kept on hugging you. You can’t blame me! It’s your own fault for being so comfortable to hug.”

Dreamwake was nearly enraged to the point of laughter. This scoundrel was clearly in the wrong, but insisted on trying to argue his way out of it. He had clearly taken advantage of her, but now he was making it sound as though he had suffered a grave injustice. She had been feeling a bit nervous at the prospect of facing the Terror Sea Dragon, but Zhou Weiqing’s nonsense actually resulted in her relaxing slightly.

“I can’t be bothered with you. Just know that you’ll have to watch out for yourself later, because no one else will,” Dreamwake said irritably.

Zhou  Weiqing  chortled.  “Does  that  mean  you  aren’t  mad anymore? Y’know, you’ve been avoiding me for so many days that I really was heartbroken. I missed you so much I could hardly sleep.”

Dreamwake said angrily, “Shut your mouth. Every day and every night, you ‘busy’ yourself with your wife. Miss me so much that you can’t sleep? Do you take me for a fool?”

Zhou Weiqing stuttered, “Uh, well… I can miss you while being frisky with my wife, right?”

His voice was quite small when he said this, and Dreamwake was already in a fine rage. As a result, she somewhat misheard his words. She angrily turned to glare at him and said viciously, “You bastard! You actually dare to think about me when you are being frisky with your wife?!”

“Uh, t-that’s not what I mean,” Zhou Weiqing hastily replied.

None of the rest could hear what they were saying, but as absolute powerhouses everyone who was seated on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back was able to tell that the two were engaging in a mental conversation. When they saw Dreamwake turn her head to glare at him with an embarrassed look on her face, the various elders couldn’t help but reveal rather odd looks.

Everyone was able to tell that something ha been going on between the two of them ever since Zhou Weiqing arrived. It was especially obvious when the two of them were together. The supreme powerhouses of Xuantian Palace were all wily old foxes. Although their faces remained impassive, it was hard to judge what they thought of all this.

Given how Zhou Weiqing was a handsome and talented youth, as they saw it he would be a good match for Dreamwake in a few years once he grew stronger. The problem was, he had come with a wife in tow!

Zhou Weiqing immediately lowered his head after Dreamwake glared at him, putting on show of being honest and aggrieved.

This was the first time Dreamwake had seen such a look on this fellow’s face. She couldn’t help but stare in shock. In her mind, this bad man was always proud, arrogant, and self- confident! She couldn’t help but soften when she saw him look like this, and so she let out a snort and then turned back, no longer paying him any attention.

By now, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was flying over the deep ocean. The surface of the sea beneath its feet had transformed into a deep blue color, while the tenebrous demon clouds around it had suddenly vanished. It wasn’t because of how dense the atmospheric water energies were; rather, it was because the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had voluntarily dispelled it.

What is it up to? Zhou Weiqing was intrigued.

They continued to fly for an hour, venturing even deeper into the ocean before the Tenebrous Demon Dragon slowly began to come to a halt. All of the Xuantian Palace experts on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon suddenly retracted their auras as well, as though by unspoken accord.

Zhou Weiqing hadn’t taken part in the discussions over how to handle the Terror Sea Dragon, and so he didn’t know what they were going to do. All he could do was watch.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said in a rumbling voice, “Let’s begin. I can vaguely sense its aura. I will mask your energy ripples as best as I can, but you need to move quickly.”

Xuantian Palace Lord Dong Fang nodded, then led the others in rising to their feet atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back. Zhou Weiqing rose to his feet as well. He asked the Palace Leader, “Palace Leader, what do you need me to do?”

Dong Fang replied, “Just wait for us here. Once the battle erupts shortly, retreat and just watch from afar. We don’t need you to get involved.”

“Alright.” Zhou Weiqing immediately agreed. Watching as dragons fought from afar was quite a pleasing experience.

The many Xuantian Palace experts began to move in unison. The weakest was at least a Heavenly King, and the thirteen of them flew separately towards different directions. They each flew nearly a thousand meters before slowly landing on the surface of the sea. From Zhou Weiqing’s perspective, they had all transformed into tiny black dots.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon hovered motionless at its original location, a strange spiritual ripple spreading out from its body. Heavenly Gods truly were impressive. Almost instantly, its powerful spiritual ripple completely covered all of the powerhouses of Xuantian Palace.

Streaks of black light simultaneously rose up off in the distance. Although Zhou Weiqing’s visual acuity was incredible, they were still too far away for him to tell what the Xuantian Palace powerhouses inside those beams of light were doing. All he could sense was that they were emanating ripples of incredible power.

“Senior,   what   are   they   doing?”    Zhou   Weiqing   asked curiously.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon clearly had a favorable impression of him. “Preparing to deal with that Terror Sea Dragon, of course. Terror Sea Dragons are incredibly powerful, and we’re fighting it in the ocean. If we simply try to clash against it head-on, even if we win we will suffer enormous losses in the process… and we can’t avoid the possibility that it might end up escaping. What they are doing right now is setting up a Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation. It is an ancient formation which requires twelve powerhouses who are at or above the Heavenly King level and who have the Tenebrous Attribute to establish. Once this formation is established, not even a Heavenly God who enters it will be able to escape. All of the people who created the formation will have to be slain in order for the trapped person to break free. Within the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation, all types of Attributes aside from the Tenebrous Attribute will be forcibly kept at bay. We’ll do our best to lessen the amount of energy Terror Sea Dragon can borrow from the sea.”

Zhou Weiqing finally understood. “So they spent all this time preparing for this formation! It seems this grand formation requires an enormous amount of materials to establish.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon nodded. “This formation can also increase my power. For the sake of dealing with the Terror Sea Dragon, Xuantian Palace has brought out over half of their complete stockpile of Tenebrous Crystals. During the past month, they’ve been carving the formation onto the Tenebrous Crystals and linking them to their own bloodlines. Only by doing this can they cause the power of the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation to rise to its maximum power. Later, you should fly away and stay out of the range of the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation. So long as you remain outside, you shouldn’t be hit by the shockwaves.”

“Thank you for the guidance, Senior,”  Zhou Weiqing said respectfully. The Tenerous Demon Dragon suddenly let out a low chortle and  then  whispered  to  Zhou  Weiqing,  “Hey  kid.  Have  you fallen for that lass, Dreamwake?”

Chapter249 Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation 

“Huh?!”  When Zhou Weiqing heard the Tenebrous Demon Dragon suddenly ask him if he had fallen for Dreamwake, his jaw dropped and his eyes popped out. He never would’ve imagined that a powerful figure like the Tenebrous Demon Dragon would actually be such a nosy busy-body.

He scratched his head, then let out an awkward laugh. “Senior, don’t make fun of me. I’m merely an upper level Zun Stage, while Dreamwake is a Heavenly Emperor. How could she possibly take any interest in me?”

“Enough, enough. Don’t try to hide it from me. Although you are only at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, this entire time I’ve been able to sense a whiff of danger emanating from you. That means that your actual, full power isn’t as low as the level of power you are displaying. Although Dreamwake didn’t say too much about you, she did mention that you are even more talented than her. And… I’ve watched her ever since she was a little girl. Aside from you, I’ve never seen her take a second glance at any man.”

Zhou Weiqing blinked. “But… I already have a wife?” The Tenebrous Demon Dragon snorted coldly. “Just divorce her. Let me tell you something, kid. If you dare to mistreat that girl Dreamwake in any way… heh heh heh…”

Although the dragon didn’t release its terrifying aura upon Zhou Weiqing, the mere fact that a Heavenly God powerhouse was threatening him was enough to cause his heart to turn clammy. However, he really didn’t understand why this great dragon had suddenly decided to play matchmaker.

Divorce Shangguan Bing’er for the sake of Dreamwake? Impossible. In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, Shangguan Bing’er occupied a special position which was irreplaceable. Even though he also loved Tian’er, Xue’er, and Fei’er, and had a fling with Little Witch, there was no way he would abandon his Bing’er for anyone.

But of course, he wouldn’t say that to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. That’d be asking for trouble. Zhou Weiqing said, a miserable smile on his face, “Senior, all this is talk for later. Marriage isn’t something I can decide upon myself. You should ask Dreamwake for her opinion as well, right? Let’s finish dealing with the Terror Sea Dragon first.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said rather unhappily, “Kid, are you seriously trying to gloss over this topic with me? Fine, then. I’ll first deal with the Terror Sea Dragon, then deal with you. That girl Dreamwake isn’t getting any younger. She needs to find a man, if only for the sake of Xuantian Palace’s future. I’ve taken a liking to you. You have six different Jewel Attributes, which means that the children you two have will be
even more extraordinarily talented.”

Zhou Weiqing felt completely speechless. He really wanted to say to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, “You might be planning things out a bit too far ahead.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon continued, “Kid, if you can win Dreamwake’s heart and take her as your bride, I guarantee that within three years, I’ll ensure that you skyrocket to become a Heavenly King and Consolidate your Heavenly Core Nucleus.”

“Huh?!”  Zhou Weiqing was shocked. “It’s possible to ‘help’ someone else upgrade their cultivation level?”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon let out a chortle. “Why wouldn’t it be? There are many things in this world that you have no clue about. The Tenebrous Bloodline has access to a unique, secret technique which allows for the transfer of power. So long as we can acquire the Terror Sea Dragon’s Heavenly Core Nucleus, after I use it to evolve I’ll use the remainder of the power within the core to help you upgrade. It won’t be too hard. You’ll be a Heavenly King, kid! Spend some time and think carefully about this.”

Rising in cultivation to become a Heavenly King was an enormously alluring prospect for any Heavenly Jewel Master. Alas, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had chosen the wrong person to make this pitch to. Zhou Weiqing was already at the nine-Jeweled stage and had access to Saint Energy. He didn’t need this sort of help at all. However, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s words had accidentally given Zhou Weiqing a great deal of information. For example, he now knew that Dreamwake had probably received such an energy transfer thanks to the Tenebrous Lineage, which was why she had such enormous power.

When Zhou Weiqing realized this, he immediately felt much better about himself. If Dreamwake had purely relied upon her own innate talent to train to the Heavenly Emperor level at age twenty-nine, Zhou Weiqing would’ve suffered a severe blow to his own self-confidence. Zhou Weiqing knew that while this sort of external help could grant you tremendous power within a short period of time, the bottlenecks you later encountered would be far sturdier and tougher than those which normal cultivators had to face. Although Dreamwake had become a Heavenly Emperor at a very young age, it would probably be incredibly hard for her to breakthrough to become a Heavenly God.

As Zhou Weiqing continued to chat with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, he suddenly felt his skin feeling a bit cold. He glanced downwards unconsciously, only to be shocked by what he saw.

The sea below the Tenebrous Demon Dragon within the region surrounded by the thirteen experts of Xuantian Palace had actually turned black as ink, making it impossible to see to the bottom. The dense Tenebrous Attribute energy continued to rise upwards from the region.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s scales rose upwards slightly as it began to absorb that dense Tenebrous Attribute energy into its body. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the aura and might of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was rising at a furious pace.

So this was the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation? What incredibly strong ripples it is generating! Zhou Weiqing was secretly shocked by this. This grand formation was able to counter even Heavenly God powerhouses. Its might was unquestionable! The Terror Sea Dragon might be powerful, but it was facing the full might of a Great Saint Land. From what he was seeing, it seemed very possible that Xuantian Palace would succeed in slaying the Terror Sea Dragon!

This was not, however, what Zhou Weiqing wanted to see. If Xuantian Palace won a complete victory, he probably would stand no chance of even seeing the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

To him, the ideal outcome was one where both sides were wounded. Only then would there be a chance that the Spatial Teleportation Gem would be used. Only then would he have a chance to acquire it.

This was an incredibly important battle for Xuantian Palace, and the same was true for Zhou Weiqing. He had already made a full analysis of all potential outcomes, and had fully prepared for all of them.

On the whole… although Xuantian Palace’s lower-level cultivators were very corrupt and decadent, Zhou Weiqing could tell that the high-level members were all quite decent. If at all possible, he would prefer to take away the Spatial Teleportation Gem without causing Xuantian Palace any harm. He would slip away with Shangguan Bing’er. But of course, that was just an ideal outcome. Actually achieving it wouldn’t be easy.

The Tenebrous energy below was growing stronger and stronger. He was now able to clearly see that the twelve distant streams of black light had grown increasingly dense. What surprised Zhou Weiqing the most was that the only person of the thirteen who hadn’t entered the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation was Dreamwake, rather than the Xuantian Palace Lord. She flew from one position to another, seemingly giving orders to do something.

Zhou Weiqing frowned slightly. He didn’t reveal any traces of an expression on his face, but a few strange ideas were beginning to come to mind.

It took them two full hours to completely set up the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation. Finally, those twelve pillars of black light began to slowly vanish, while the Tenebrous energies below began to dissipate as well. The sea returned to its normal deep blue color, as though the enormous power which had circulated through it earlier had never been there.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation hadn’t failed; rather, it had been completed. However, he didn’t know what technique they had used to retract and mask the formation’s aura so perfectly. The only reason why he was able to sense the formation was complete was because the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s aura didn’t weaken despite the water below it having gone back to ‘normal’.

A shooting star seemed to streak out of the seas, dazzling Zhou Weiqing. In the next instant, a second person was atop the dragon. It was Dreamwake. The other twelve had already disappeared from the surface of the seas.

“Our preparations are complete.” Dreamwake nodded at the Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said, “Go ahead. Weiqing, you can step back now.”

Dreamwake flashed forwards to land atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon had a single thick and sturdy horn on its head, and Dreamwake was standing right in front of him, her back leaning against it. Her heroic, bold posture wasn’t that of a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master’s at all. This was clearly the posture of a dragonrider! “Why haven’t you beat it yet?” Dreamwake couldn’t help but frown when she saw Zhou Weiqing staring dazedly at her, and so she barked out at him.

“Oh.” Zhou Weiqing nodded, his body flickering as he unleashed the Demonic Change State. He flapped the two wings which appeared on his back, then flew off the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and off into the distance.

Dreamwake watched as he flew out of the reach of the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation. Only then did her face turn soft.

“Little  lass…   if  memory  serves,  humans  tend  to  prefer gentler women. If you really like him, be a bit nicer to him.”

Dreamwake’s face sank. “What the hell are you babbling about?”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon chortled. “I’m not ‘babbling’ about anything. Do you really think I can’t tell that you rather like him? This is the first man that you’ve liked. I don’t think it’s just because of his talent and his abilities.” Dreamwake’s face turned slightly pink. Clearly, she had thought of some unspeakable memories. “We’re about to deal with the Terror Sea Dragon. You actually are in the mood to speak of such nonsense?”

The Terror Sea Dragon let out a sigh. “You cheeky, impudent girl. From a bloodlines standpoint, I should be considered your uncle and senior. When your father departed from this world, he asked me to take good care of you. You aren’t getting any younger. Am I, your uncle, not supposed to help you find a good husband?”

Dreamwake blinked, her gaze becoming much gentler than before. “Uncle, stop wasting your time worrying over this. He already has someone he loves. I can tell that his feelings towards his wife are genuine and deep.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon said in an absolutely dominating manner, “We’ll just have him divorce her. If he dares to disobey, I’ll kill him. Or, I’ll just kill his little wife.”

“You  can’t!”  Dreamwake  was  shocked,  and  she  hurriedly spoke out to object. “Uncle, you absolutely cannot do this. If he’s the type of person who would be willing to abandon his own wife, do you think his feelings towards me could possibly be genuine? In fact, if you kill his wife, it’ll be even less likely that we can be together.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon fell silent. Dreamwake took a deep breath, calming her stirred emotions. “Let’s make our preparations, Uncle.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon suddenly suggested, “How about… you marry him as well? I just feel that this is letting the kid off too easy.” Dreamwake was momentarily speechless, then said angrily, “Stop worrying about my business, alright? I’m not going to marry him. Did we really come all the way here to talk about this?”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon actually seemed to be slightly afraid of Dreamwake. It hurriedly said, “Fine, fine. Let’s deal with the Terror Sea Dragon first. Are you ready?”

Dreamwake took another deep breath, then slowly nodded. An aura of tremendous power suddenly burst out from her, followed by rays of dark-golden light shining from her body. She went directly into the Tenebrous Demon Dragon Transformation.

Although Zhou Weiqing had flown very far away, he was still able to clearly make out Dreamwake’s figure atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. He watched as enormous dragon wings emerged from Dreamwake’s back as she put on the Legendary Set she had displayed before him previously. The pieces of dark-golden scale armor appeared in front of her. Soon, all six pieces had appeared. The seventh piece, as he had guessed, was the helmet. Her helmet looked like a dragon’s maw. It didn’t have any feminine beauty at all, but it was filled with an aura of might. It completely covered her beautiful features. Alas, Zhou Weiqing was so far away that he couldn’t see her face at all. If he could, he would’ve realized that her mask was actually identical to that of Xuantian Palace Lord Dong Fang’s.

Seven pieces. This Legendary Set already had seven pieces. However, this clearly wasn’t Dreamwake’s limit. Moments later, the eighth piece appeared as well. The eighth piece sprouted out from her waist, and it flashed with powerful dark- golden light. The eighth piece actually wasn’t to be worn per se; rather, it connected her to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s draconic horn which was behind her, securely latching her to the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head. The dark-golden armor continued to ripple downwards, actually connecting together with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head.

A terrifying Tenebrous Attribute energy swept out from the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s body. A furious, dense flood of Tenebrous energy flowed out of the horn and into Dreamwake’s body. A ninth beam of dark-golden light appeared. This time, the piece of armor actually appeared on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s back. Now, the dark-golden armor reached down from Dreamwake’s legs to securely ‘lock’ her legs atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head. The scales spread downwards across the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s neck, covering the reverse scale at the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s lower neck, which was its weak spot. It then continued to spread downwards until the entire neck was covered.

Good heavens! What type of Legendary Set IS this?

Zhou Weiqing stared stupefied at this sight. He could hardly believe what he was seeing. There was actually a Heavenly Jewel Master whose Legendary Set allowed her to completely merge together with a Heavenly Beast, and a great dragon at that?! Right now, Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon looked as though they were a single entity. The only thing Zhou Weiqing could sense was a single, awesome Heavenly God aura. No other energy ripples were present.

He swallowed hard. If he hadn’t seen this personally, he never would’ve believed or imagined that this type of Legendary Set could be created. Dreamwake’s ninth piece could clearly only been released when making use of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s energy. Otherwise, there’s no way it could’ve covered such an enormous area. In addition, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was now much safer now that its ‘reverse scale’ had been covered, and its combat power had undoubtedly increased dramatically.

The ninth piece. Was it over? Of course not. How could this mysterious, dazzling Legendary Set possibly have just nine pieces?

The tenth beam of dark-golden light flared. This time, the dark-golden light flew out from Dreamwake’s head, and accompanying it was a long, leisurely draconic roar from the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s mouth. The powerful draconic roar caused enormous waves which were three hundred meters high to rise within the seas around them.

The dark-golden pillar of light soared upwards. Dreamwake lifted her right hand, and as she did so an eleventh beam of dark-golden light appeared! The eleventh beam of dark-golden light shone from her entire body!

A giant dark-golden longspear had appeared in front of her. The longspear was roughly seven meters long, and it was thick in the middle but sharp at both ends. It was completely black but covered with the carvings of two giant coiling dragons, with a dazzling red gem located between the dragons where their bodies intersected.

Dreamwake lifted her right draconic claw, gripping the entire double-headed longspear by the center. Boom! An enormous rumble spread out, causing the entire sea to groan as an utterly terrifying aura burst forth from the combined entity that was Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

A dazzling, blood-red light instantly replaced all of the dark- gold light. A blood-red spear, blood-red scaled armor… even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s horn had become blood-red in color. What did this mean? This meant the Legendary Set was complete. Eleven. This was an eleven-piece set! An unbelievable eleven-piece Legendary Set!

Even in the Boundless Mainland, only the number one Legendary Set, the ‘Boundless Infinitum’ set, was comprised of eleven pieces. In the Xuantian Continent, however, Zhou Weiqing had the chance to once again witness an eleven-piece set coming together, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon set. This was truly the Tenebrous Demon Dragon set, and it required one to join together with a Tenebrous Demon Dragon in order for its full power to be released. From a certain perspective, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon set was slightly inferior to the Boundless Infinitum set, as it required the Tenebrous Demon Dragon to be used. However, in terms of actual power it probably actually surpassed the Boundless Infinitum set… because the set’s master was riding a Heavenly God Tenebrous Demon Dragon!

Dreamwake, in her current state, would probably be a match for even the lord of Heavenly Snow Mountain. Although Zhou Weiqing had sparred against Dreamwake and had a very high opinion of her skills, when he actually saw her transform into a dragon rider he finally realized that he had still underestimated her.

Dreamwake was at a level of power where even without the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s help, Zhou Weiqing probably wouldn’t be a match for her. No wonder even Xuantian Palace Lord Dong Fang had chosen to enter the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation while letting her remain outside and stand atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head. She was actually their ultimate combat power in this battle, as her strength had become one with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s strength.

A terrifying burst of energy exploded across the surface of the sea, while the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s draconic roar grew louder and louder. This was a challenge, an incomparably powerful challenged aimed at the Terror Sea Dragon.

Zhou Weiqing flapped his wings, sending himself a bit higher into the air so that he would have a better vantage point for this battle. A valuable experience like this was priceless for his future cultivation, but he didn’t want to end up becoming collateral damage to the shockwaves.

After briefly feeling stunned, he actually felt a bit disappointed. The power demonstrated by the merger of Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, especially when reinforced by the trickery of the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation, meant that even if the Terror Sea Dragon was a bit more powerful than the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, it was still probably going to end off the worse for the wear.

Given the situation, it seemed likely that there would be no need to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem. How was he supposed to accomplish his goal?

But of course, he couldn’t change things just by wishing it. All he could do was keep watching and hope for an opportunity to arise. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s enormous wings were flapping hard, keeping its ponderous bulk aloft in the air above the sea. It blasted out its invincible aura without holding anything back, and its originally-clear draconic roar became thunderous and keening as its terrifying draconic might swept out to cover the world.

The distant Zhou Weiqing was nearly knocked out of the air by the might of this draconic roar. For an instant, it seemed as though the entire world was filled with dark Tenebrous Demon Clouds that were all filled with Tenebrous energy.

Was this the power of a Heavenly God? Even though Zhou Weiqing had previously seen the great dragon Hui Yao and the lord of Heavenly Snow Mountain, he had never before seen what a Heavenly God who was preparing to do battle looked like. As the Tenebrous Demon Dragon released the full weight of its might, Zhou Weiqing gained a brand new understanding of what it meant to be a Heavenly God.

Right now, he felt as though the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had already become the master and ruler of all it surveyed. Even the sea before it had to submit to him. Everything, from the heavens to the seas, seemed to have transformed into an incomparably vast pool of Tenebrous energy, with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s great form serving as the center of this pool.

Zhou Weiqing felt that he himself was tiny in comparison. If he didn’t release his Saint Energy, his body could be torn to pieces at any moment. Even a glance from the Tenebrous Demon Dragon would be enough to destroy anything around it.

As for Dreamwake, who proudly stood atop the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head, she was even more dazzling to behold. The blood-red light completely covered her body, and she held the seven-meter dragon spear up high. Her location was actually where the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was releasing the most terrifying amount of energy.

They were issuing a challenge to the Terror Sea Dragon, demanding it come to them! Although this was a simple, almost clumsy method, it was actually quite effective against Heavenly Gods.

All Heavenly Gods were incomparably proud. They viewed their dignity as being more important than anything else. The sea was the domain of the Terror Sea Dragon, and there was no way it would not respond to a challenge issued within it. If it really failed to come, then in the future it would never be able to raise its head up proudly within the seas.

Zhou Weiqing grew inexplicably nervous. How could he not be? Heavenly Gods were about to do battle before him. Although Xuantian Palace had made ample preparations, this was still the ocean. The Terror Sea Dragon wouldn’t be easy to deal with… and Zhou Weiqing himself had to be ready to seize the Spatial Teleportation Gem at all times. What discomforted him the most was that Xuantian Palace had treated him very well, especially Dreamwake. He had taken advantage of her, and although she had tried to take ‘revenge’ upon him, Zhou Weiqing could sense that she cared about him. Even after he had assaulted her chest in that special Spatial zone, she had never truly evinced the desire to kill him.

And so, Zhou Weiqing’s ideal outcome was to somehow acquire the Spatial Teleportation Gem without harming Dreamwake or these other people. This was just the type of person he was. He’d repay kindness and treachery in like coin. He wasn’t comfortable repaying kindness with treachery!

And so, Zhou Weiqing was feeling rather conflicted. He knew that this was the best chance he would have, but he wouldn’t necessarily actually intervene. It would all have to be based on how the situation developed. He had even considered revealing his true identity. Would Xuantian Palace perhaps agree to loan him the Spatial Teleportation Gem? Probably not. The Grand Elders had already stated earlier that the Spatial Teleportation Gem didn’t have many uses left. To try and borrow it at a time like this was rather unlikely.

Forget it. I’ll play it by the ear. While considering his options, Zhou Weiqing carefully kept watch on the surrounding area. This entire place had been blanketed by the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s mighty Tenebrous energies and its spiritual power, making it so that Zhou Weiqing didn’t dare to fully unleash all of his own senses. If he did, if he was unlucky he might suffer a heavy wound. And so, all he could do was watch with his eyes. Zhou Weiqing was located a bit further back in the direction they had come from, with the Xuantian Continent behind him. The Terror Sea Dragon lived in the deep oceans, after all. If he waited here, it was unlikely that the Terror Sea Dragon would suddenly appear next to him.

This entire time, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had not halted its roar. Its proud, mighty draconic roar only grew louder and louder, while the aura bursting from its body only increased in dominating might. It wasn’t just summoning the natural Tenebrous atmospheric energies, it was also enhancing its own posture and aura.

At the Heavenly God level, every single clash was filled with incredible danger. Even the slightest of mistakes could result in a battle being lost.

Right at this moment, Zhou Weiqing suddenly narrowed his eyes. Far away, a surge of absolutely terrifying power had begun to manifest itself. Zhou Weiqing was actually able to see it clearly when it appeared, because the dark storm clouds which had covered the skies and blocked his vision had actually been swept away like the waves. They left behind not the azure-blue sky, but rather a vast, boundless killer wave that rose up to cover the heavens themselves. That’s right. It was a wave! This terrifying wave was nearly connected to the highest reaches of heaven itself, and it swept out with incomprehensible speed as a horrifying ocean tsunami which hurtled towards them.

It really was the ruler of the seas. This was the power of the Terror Sea Dragon, right? Zhou Weiqing felt tremendously shocked, and he sent himself hurriedly backwards as well.

He could vaguely see that in the exact center of that vast wave, there was an enormous draconic held formed out of ocean water that was bellow ferociously. It was like the roar of the sea itself, and it actually managed to forcibly overwhelm the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s roar.

Such incredible power! The color of the sea almost instantly turned a clear blue color, as though all other colors had been pushed off to one side. The entire sea itself seemed to roil and shudder as the terrifying giant wave rose higher and higher. The dense Water Attribute atmospheric energies burst forth like a geyser, furiously driving away the Tenebrous energies nearby.

This was the ocean, after all. The strongest, densest Attribute here remained Water! In addition, the Terror Sea Dragon’s cultivation base was above the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s to begin with. As their energies clashed against each other, the aura which the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had just established moments ago quickly began to weaken.

However, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon didn’t back down in the slightest. Although it gradually halted its draconic roar, the storm clouds in the air above it solidified to become nearly physical. They continuously clashed against that distant, awesome tidal wave, with flickers of light being generated with each collision. All of the various elemental Attributes in the world were trembling violently.

This was a battle between Heavenly Gods. The sea or the storm clouds… both represented the mighty power of nature. These Heavenly Gods were able to summon the mighty power of nature to do battle against each other.

Zhou Weiqing watched, his eyes shining excitedly. He probably wouldn’t have many chances to see battles like this in his life. Even the tiniest bit of energy or experience he managed to gain out of this would be of tremendous benefit to his future cultivation.

The towering tidal wave suddenly came to a halt, roughly three thousand meters away. The tidal wave slowly parted, revealing to Zhou Weiqing an incomparably massive figure which appeared within the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea.

Terror Sea Dragon. So this is a Terror Sea Dragon? The Tenebrous Demon Dragon looked quite savage, but compared to the Terror Sea Dragon the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was definitely a ‘handsome lad’.

The Terror Sea Dragon’s body was far larger than the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s. It was over a hundred meters long, but it had no wings. Its entire body was long and round, but it was covered with deep blue spikes. The spikes around its head in particular were very large, with each being at least half a meter wide. The spikes matched its open maw in ferocity and ugliness, but they also gave it a sense of limitless majesty.

“You finally came? You are no longer going to hide away in that gorge of yours?”  The Terror Sea Dragon’s voice sounded like that of a strong man’s, and its tone was full of disdain.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s gaze was extremely focused. As it had suspected, this Terror Sea Dragon had reached an even higher cultivation base than itself had… and it had yet to enter the Tenebrous Demon Sealing Formation’s reach. “You’ve been bringing storms and calamities to the seashore, bringing misery to the masses. Are you not afraid of divine punishment? You should know that our level, we need to be prepared for punishment from the heavens at all times,”  the Tenebrous Demon Dragon said coldly.

“Ahahaha…” The Terror Sea Dragon seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, and it laughed with abandon. “Divine punishment? You speak to me of bringing misery to the masses? By what right? And that human on your head… humans bring more misery to their fellows than anyone else! How much profit do you humans take from our vast oceans each year? How many sea-dwelling creatures do you slaughter? You speak to me of misery? Of divine pu nishment? Not even the heavens are necessarily able to subdue me! Tenebrous Demon Dragon, years ago my father was lured onto land and murdered by Xuantian Palace with your help. After all these years, I’ve finally achieved my cultivation goals. So long as I live, the people of Xuantian Palace can forget about making a living off of my seas.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s eyes turned even colder. “Your father? It wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t so damn arrogant. Don’t forget what it did! It used sea beasts to lure in Heavenly Jewel Masters, then devoured them to strengthen itself. It actually devoured many Heavenly King-level Heavenly Core Nuclei! It aroused the wrath of all Jewel Masters, which is why Xuantian Palace intervened. In the end, we paid a great price to deal with it. Are you planning to follow in its footsteps?”

The Terror Sea Dragon said disdainfully, “Don’t give me that nonsense. You should know that our world is one where the strongest rule as kings. Humans? Humans are nothing more than insects. If it wasn’t for the fact that they have an affinity for cultivation which far surpasses that of us Heavenly Beasts, they wouldn’t even be able to survive in this world. The ocean is mine! I am the lord of the entire ocean. For you humans to encroach upon the sea is the same as insulting me. Today, I’ll first wipe out the lot of you, then go deal with the humans on Xuantian Continent. If my cultivation base progresses one step further, it would be possible for me to overturn the entire Xuantian Continent.”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon coveted the Terror Sea Dragon’s Heavenly Core Nucleus, but the Terror Sea Dragon coveted the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s as well! This Terror Sea Dragon probably knew a great about the Xuantian Continent. The only one in the entire Xuantian Continent capable of withstanding it was this Heavenly God-level Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Once it killed the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, the entire Xuantian Continent would be ripe for the plucking. After that, it might even be in a position to lust after the distant Boundless Mainland. But of course, for now that was just a passing fancy. It would have to seriously consider all of its options before actually heading to the Boundless Mainland, as that was the place where the Dragon Emperor Lineage came from.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s wings slowly spread open as it stared at the wave-shrouded Terror Sea Dragon, then growled, “Since you are determined to persist in the error of your ways, today shall be the day of your death. You’ll share the same fate as your father.”

After speaking, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon let out a furious roar, then sent its ponderous body shooting into the air. Moments later, the Tenebrous Demon Clouds in the air suddenly pulled back to instead surround the Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

Just a blink of an eye later, an enormous streak of black light slammed right into the great wave on the opposite side.

The black light was completely formed out of Tenebrous Demon Clouds. As it shot out, it began to reveal the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s form within it. The sky-blotting Tenebrous Demon Clouds suddenly and completely vanished, which meant that this strike had actually consolidated all of the power of those clouds. The Tenebrous Demon Dragon knew just how powerful the Terror Sea Dragon was in the ocean, and so it immediately attacked with maximum power. The enormous streak of black light completely solidified into the form of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, but it was still a pure energy construct. This
terrifying burst of energy flashed forwards, smashing thunderously into the great wave.

The Terror Sea Dragon shook its great head within the wave. Instantly, an incomparably vast draconic head formed from the waves of the sea soared into the skies, clashing fiercely against the cloud-formed Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

Boom! Zhou Weiqing felt as though his soul itself was shaking. He actually plummeted straight into the ocean as his soul seemed to explode. The pressure shockwave from that terrifying collision had actually blasted him into the ocean!

If Zhou Weiqing had been any other six-Jeweled Heavenly Master, he probably would’ve been killed by that shockwave. Thankfully, he had an incredibly strong body and Saint Energy.

A collision between Heavenly Gods was definitely enough to destroy the world around them! Moments later, the real energy shockwave from that collision completely exploded. The sea itself was thrown into turmoil. By the time Zhou Weiqing’s head popped up above the surface of the sea, he saw the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s vast body hurtle backwards. Clearly, it had come off somewhat the worse in that clash.

A beam of blood-red light suddenly shot out from the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head. That light had been unleashed from the dragon spear in Dreamwake’s hands.

Something strange happened. That arrogant Terror Sea Dragon revealed a rather nervous look when it saw the blood- red light. It ceased its pursuit and instead sent its vast bulk diving deep into the ocean.

Chapter250: Zhou Weiqings Choice

As the blood-colored streak of light pierced into the ocean waters, this time there was no accompanying explosion. Instead, the entire patch of ocean water instantly turned into a brilliant red, as if stained by fresh blood.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was in the ocean water, rather far from the actual battle ground. However, in that instant, he felt as though the entire waters around him was turning cold; the terrifying energy fluctuations so strong that it felt as if his entire body was being torn apart.

What kind of energy was this?

Vaguely, Zhou Weiqing could sense that the icy power was filled with both the Darkness and Demonic Attributes. Besides that, there was also a strange destructive power that seemed to bring a tearing sensation.

A Fusion Skill. This had to be a Fusion Skill.

Zhou Weiqing immediately made the judgement. Furthermore, this was a true Fusion Skill between the Darkness and Demonic Attributes. Zhou Weiqing had six- Attributes of his own, and more importantly, he was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s disciple. In that short period of time, he had already accurately assessed this blow from Dreamwake and analysed it thoroughly.

The blow that Dreamwake’s Dragon Spear had released was indeed the Tenebrous Attribute, but it was not as simple as that. Instead, it was a subtle sublimation and evolving, tantamount to a true Fusion Skill of the Darkness and Demonic Attribute.

As for what this Skill was exactly, he was not clear. However, he understood that if the target had been himself, when that spear pierced down, and he did not have proper preparation, even the Saint Energy would not be able to save him.

Dreamwake’s power was actually so strong to such a degree. Even that arrogant Terror Sea Dragon had been forced by the single blow to duck back into the ocean.

“ROAR---” A ferocious dragon howl rang out, filled with utter rage. At the same time, a dark blue ray of light soared out from the ocean waters abruptly, splitting into countless water arrows shooting out at lightning speeds. Instantly, they shot towards the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake in midair.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s wings spread out, and a massive purplish black whirlpool appeared below its body. The water arrows all slammed into the whirlpool, vanishing into nothingness at once.

The Dragon Spear in Dreamwake’s hands pierced out once more. This time, a total of twelve streaks of blood-colored light shot forth one after the other, actually splitting up into different directions.

Without even another second of thought, Zhou Weiqing flew out from the ocean waters once more, flying back as quickly as he could in retreat. Previously, it was just a single spear strike, and it had already affected him despite the distance. This time, it was twelve spear strikes, and he could just imagine how terrifying the power behind those strikes added up would be. He did not want to become the misfortunate hapless one again.

The alarming amount of energy in the air rose constantly, and a resplendent light abruptly rose from the oceans to meet it. It was a bright blue shield of light, forcefully blocking all twelve piercing streaks of blood-coloured light.

However, a strange sight occurred next. The seemingly solid blue shield of light was actually unable to fully block the piercing of the twelve streaks of blood-coloured light. Instead, twelve small holes were forcefully pierced in it, causing it to shatter.

It was no wonder the Terror Sea Dragon had been so afraid of the previous streak of blood-coloured light. Even when it released a Heavenly God Tier defensive Skill, it was still unable to block them. Was this the true power of Dreamwake’s full eleven-piece Legendary Set, fusing her own strength with that of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon? Eleven pieces of Legendary Set God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Their strength truly lived up to their name indeed.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was slightly envious. After all, although his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set was also extremely powerful, it currently had the limit of being a ten- piece Legendary Set. Just thinking about the power boost he would gain from completing ten pieces of his own Legendary Set, Zhou Weiqing could vaguely guess the sheer terror that would be this eleven-piece Set, and what it granted to both Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. The oceans water parted, almost as if split apart, and in a massive clashing sound, the Terror Sea Dragon rose from the ocean, soaring into the skies. Although it did not have wings, as a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, how could it not be able to fly?

Horrifying energy reverberations exploded from its body instantly, its ferocious body pouncing directly at the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. At the same time, all of the spikes on the Terror Sea Dragon’s body turned a sapphire blue colour, and more than a thousand rays of blue light shot forth in all directions.

The speed of the blue light was just too quick. Although Zhou Weiqing saw it extremely quickly, it was already too late to dodge it. That was because as soon as the blue light appeared, the water attribute in the atmosphere was actually frozen solid, causing his entire body to be freeze and harden in midair.

This was not even the Terror Sea Dragon purposely targeting him, but the power of a Heavenly God Tier was just too great, and even a casual swipe could cause the entire world around to shake. Not good! Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in his heart. Left with no choice, he could no longer hide the Saint Energy, forced to use it to protect himself.

Just as he was circulating his Saint Energy and preparing to protect himself, to break free of the Water Attribute Fetters.

All of a sudden, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon turned slightly in midair, swooping down in a sloping fashion. At the same time, tens of thousands of the blood-coloured lights sprayed forth from Dreamwake’s Dragon Spear.

Instantly, the world itself seemed to distort around them. However, to Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, all of the blue light that was in his direction were now blocked by a ray of blood light.

She is doing this to save me! Zhou Weiqing’s heart shook, as a strange warmth rose in his heart.

Even as they were facing such a powerful foe like the Terror Sea Dragon, Dreamwake was still looking out for him at such a distance. Putting their power levels aside, just this sentiment alone had seared itself deeply into Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Although this rascal Zhou Weiqing was definitely a perverted and wretched fellow, he placed much importance on feelings and emotions. When someone treated him well, he would pay back ten times in return. Dreamwake herself did not know that just this subconscious action of hers had caused Zhou Weiqing
to have a sudden rise in approval and opinion of her.


For the very first time, the two massive bodies of the Terror Sea Dragon and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon slammed savagely into each other.

In terms of absolute strength, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon was definitely no match for the Terror Sea Dragon. Its body was sent flying by the impact, and it was also struck by more than a hundred rays of the blue light, causing scales and blood to spray from the air.

However, the Terror Sea Dragon did not get off easy as well. If it were just facing the Tenebrous Demon Dragon alone, then it would definitely be able to tear the Tenebrous Demon Dragon to shreds by paying a certain price. However, standing on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s head, Dreamwake was actually posing a far greater threat than even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon itself. By this point, more than forty spikes on the Terror Sea Dragon had actually been vaporised from their attacks, and its injuries were no less than that of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. Although with its powerful defense, it could still normally block Dreamwake’s attacks, when it seized the chance
to injure the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, Dreamwake’s Dragon
Spear had also reach the front of its face.

Naturally, it did not want to use its own body to accept a blow from that terrifying Dragon Spear. After all, the Dragon Spear in Dreamwake’s hands was a fusion piece of the last two pieces of her Legendary Set. In any Legendary Set, the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls of the later pieces were definitely harder to create, and their power was correspondingly stronger. Furthermore, this was even a fusion of two pieces… that of an eleven-piece Legendary Set! Added on with the power of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, one could just imagine the sheer power behind this spear.

The reason why the Terror Sea Dragon was so afraid of this Dragon Spear was because in the past, its father had perished to this very spear. The power of this spear… even a Mid Level Heavenly God Tier powerhouse like itself would not be able to accept so easily. The terrifying energy reverberations shook throughout the air around them. Zhou Weiqing did not know what the Terror Sea Dragon was thinking, but in that clash, it seemed like it did not gain any advantage.

The massive body of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon spun in midair, a magnificent dragon roar emitting from its throat. Previously, the successful blow they had landed caused its confidence to grow. It had been a long time since it had fought in unison with a companion with the full Tenebrous Demon Dragon Legendary Set. In fact, it had almost forgotten the true power of that Dragon Spear. Even it had not imagined that Dreamwake could wield that Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear to such a degree.

That scary Dragon Spear pierced forward once more, and the bloodshot eyes of Dreamwake did not seem to hold any emotions as her attention and spirit were fully locked onto the Terror Sea Dragon.

The Terror Sea Dragon gave an enraged roar, its body beginning to glow brightly once more. This time, it was not just its body, even the ocean beneath it began to glow. A shocking amount of Water Attribute energies gathered instantly, forming a huge cage of atmospheric power, forcefully enclosing the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake in it. The Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear pierced out several times in succession, and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon also launched several powerful attacks simultaneously. However, as soon as the attacks touched the icy blue cage, they actually disappeared just as swiftly. Even if it was damaged slightly, the constantly gushing water attribute flowing from below would
quickly replenish and repair the damage done.

Having unleashed this powerful skill, the Terror Sea Dragon clearly showed signs of fatigue, but its eyes were extremely excited.

“This is my Domain, so what if your combined powers can match mine? You will never be able to match the power of the entire oceans. Die, all of you… die! Hahahaha… once your Tenebrous Attribute energy is expended, that will be the time you will remain forever in my oceans.”

Right at that moment, Dreamwake’s eyes suddenly lit up. She lifted the Dragon Spear high above her head, and a ball of blood-coloured light shone from the tip of the spear, forming the semblance of a petal.

The blood-red petal did not destroy this Ocean Cage that the Terror Sea Dragon had summoned. Instead, in the next moment, twelve pillars of pitch black light suddenly soared into the skies from all directions.

The Tenebrous Sealing Formation that had been prepared for such a long time had finally been activated.

Both Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had known that even with their joined forces, they would never be able to actually kill the Terror Sea Dragon in the middle of the ocean. To be able to fight it to a standstill and retreat fully intact would already be a feat in itself. However, they had come fully prepared for this! The Tenebrous Sealing Formation, this was a ‘gift’ they had prepared specially for this Terror Sea Dragon. It could be said that all of the previous fighting, all the changes and variances, while real, was all bait for the Terror Sea Dragon. The true reason was for it to enter the boundaries of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. Once that happened, it would truly become the meat on their chopping board, easy pickings for them to slay.

As expected, when the twelve pillars of black light rose into the sky, the Terror Sea Dragon started in surprise. Soon, that surprise turned into alarm, even panic, as its massive body shot forward in a flash. A thousand metres was a distance that could be covered in a mere blink to a powerhouse like it, but alas as soon as it reached the borders of the formation, it smashed savagely into one of the pillars of light and was sent bouncing back. With the XuanTian Palace Leader Dong Fang at their head, the four Grand Elders, six of the strongest Heavenly King powerhouse Elders, and the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Nie Han, the twelve of them formed this Tenebrous Sealing Formation together.

This was a Killing Formation completed by five Heavenly Emperors and seven Heavenly Kings! Such a massive gathering of power, even if they were to take on the Terror Sea Dragon head-on, though they would never be able to win, they would be able to hold it off for some time. Furthermore, they had spent so much time and resources preparing for this moment, using many precious treasures… all of it for this instant, the chance to finish off the Terror Sea Dragon.

The Terror Sea Dragon was sent flying back into the ocean waters. Alas, as it dove deep into the waters, they were no longer the same as before.

The pitch black ocean waters was no longer translucent at all, and as soon as it was immersed into the waters, the Terror Sea Dragon could clearly sense its own body being enveloped by a massive amount of Tenebrous energies. The pressure that gave it a suffocating feel was instantly pushing at it from all directions. Originally, the surroundings had been full of water attribute energies, but they had now vanished totally. Instead, the surrounding waters seemed to have totally become liquid formed from Tenebrous Attribute energies.

Without Water Attribute energies, without the support of the ocean, how could the massive Ocean Cage continue holding the Tenebrous Demon Dragon?

“Hahahaha, bet you never imagined this right? Although we knew it would be impossible to lure you to the shores just like the previous time, we still have this method. Now, in the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, how much of your power can you actually use?”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon laughed smugly. The Terror Sea Dragon had finally fallen for their trap, the painstaking efforts they had gone through had indeed pain off. This Tenebrous Sealing Formation formed by so many powerhouses, even if the Tenebrous Demon Dragon wasn’t within as well, it would take the Terror Sea Dragon quite some effort to break out of it.

The effect of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was formidable indeed, with the thick Tenebrous Attribute energies within causing the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s power to greatly increase. As the saying goes, as one waxes, the other wanes. The original inferior position had been reversed to a vastly superior one now.

*hwalala* The sound of water falling rang out as the massive body of the Terror Sea Dragon burst out of the ocean waters. In that instant, its entire body seemed to become transparent, somehow turning into a bluish crystalline state. This was its method of pushing its cultivation to the maximum. With its Heavenly God state of power, even without the aid of the ocean, its power was not to be underestimated. At the same time, a unparalleled loud and resonant dragon cry resounded from its throat.

To the surprise of all the Xuantian powerhouses, although it was in a tight corner, the Terror Sea Dragon did not seem panicked at all.

The Tenebrous Sealing Formation might be able to trap its body, to block out all of the Water Attribute energies, causing it to be filled with Tenebrous energies… but it was unable to block out its penetrating voice.

“No good! Quick, take action now, we need to kill him now! I’m afraid he has a companion!” Even hidden behind her mask, Dreamwake’s expression changed. With her intelligence, how could she not see through what was going on?

Even when driven to such a tight corner, the Terror Sea Dragon did not seem worried or anxious, instead giving out such a resounding cry. The only explanation that made sense could only be that. Furthermore, its companion was definitely of high cultivation as well, otherwise it wouldn’t remain so calm.

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake were emphatically connected, and with a thick mass of Tenebrous Attribute energies, they charged towards the Terror Sea Dragon like a flash of lightning.

At such levels of power, many Skills had already lost their meaning. Their powerful bodies could even withstand some Heavenly God Tier Skills without too much issues. Only by using their Personal Fusion Skills to launch attacks could they actually deal serious injuries to their opponents.


Once again, the two massive bodies slammed savagely into each other in midair. The Tenebrous Sealing Formation’s effect was definitely strong indeed, and the previously arrogant and all-powerful Terror Sea Dragon was actually sent flying back this time. The Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear in Dreamwake’s hands directly left a row of holes on its body.

However, the life force of a Dragon was just too strong. Despite its injuries, it gave off a furious roar before launching a flurry of crazed attacks at both the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake.

A Heavenly God Tier powerhouse was a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse after all! With the Terror Sea Dragon going berserk and going all out in a desperate fight, even though the Tenebrous Sealing Formation giving the two of them an absolute advantage, both Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon could not possibly kill it in such a short period of time. Naturally, with this advantage, given enough time they could easily drag it to death. Without replenishment from atmospheric energies, its berserk fighting style would never be able to last for a long period of time. Alas, since it had chosen this method of fighting, it definitely had no fear and was likely emboldened by its incoming companion! No matter Dreamwake, the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, or the other Xuantian powerhouses, they couldn’t help but feel a vague sense of unease. The power fluctuations in the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was extremely violent, and each exchange of blows caused a strong shockwave that resulted in the twelve pillars of black light also shuddering.

In the end, it was Zhou Weiqing who was entirely outside of the formation that was now the most comfortable. With the separation of the entire Tenebrous Sealing Formation, he was not even the slightest affected.

Once again, he flew out from the ocean waters. At last, he had the feeling of watching two tigers fight from a hilltop.

Although the Terror Sea Dragon was pitting its life in a desperate fight, it was clearly much weaker in the Tenebrous Sealing Formation. Zhou Weiqing could only watch on helplessly. It looked like it would not be able to last too long.

The most critical issue was the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear in Dreamwake’s hand. It was just too powerful, and every time it struck out, it would leave an injury on the Terror Sea Dragon’s body. What kind of level had its offensive power reached? Zhou Weiqing could not even begin to imagine it, but he knew that if this continued for much longer, the Terror Sea Dragon would definitely die. That was to say.. Perhaps he might not even get to see the Spatial Teleportation Gem. Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt his soul pulse strongly in warning. Subconsciously, he looked into the distance, and as soon as he did so, he drew a cold breath as goosebumps appeared all over his body, his hair standing on end.

Far in the distance at the horizon, a clear, eye-catching ‘shoreline’ was speeding towards their direction. When he looked closer, Zhou Weiqing realised that was not any shoreline, but an immense wave that seemed to reach the skies! Outside of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, his senses were once again heightened to the max, and he could clearly feel a terrifying pressure appear once more. Although it was slightly weaker as compared to the first appearance of the Terror Sea Dragon, since there also wasn’t the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s aura to help counter it, Zhou Weiqing felt as if the new, powerful aura was pressuring so hard that he could barely breathe.

If it were any other time, even if it was today before he witnessed the fight, perhaps Zhou Weiqing’s judgement would be slightly inaccurate. However, having just witnessed the clash between the Heavenly God Tier powerhouses, which had left such a deep impression on him, how could he forget?! Heavenly God Tier! That pressure was actually from another Heavenly God Tier powerhouse! How… how could this be?!

Alas, the facts spoke for themselves. In this world, never deem anything impossible. That massive wave that soared to the skies was indeed speeding towards them at a nearly impossible rate.

Since Zhou Weiqing had seen it, naturally those within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation had also seen it.

“Damn. What is going on?! How could there be another Terror Sea Dragon?” The Tenebrous Demon Dragon howled in both shock and anger. Another resounding explosion, as his huge tail flung out, slamming into the trapped Terror Sea Dragon once more, causing it to be slammed into the barrier of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation again.

“Hahahaha! You all never imagined this right? Today will mark all of your death anniversaries. Did you really think I was so foolish to make the same mistakes as my father? Since he fell to you contemptible humans and your trickeries in the past, This Dragon has naturally made preparations. If not for the fact I was waiting for my little brother to also reach the Heavenly God Stage, would I have waited until now? Although he has only just reached this stage, and hasn’t properly stabilized it fully, it is more than enough to take care of you all. Your rubbish formation might be difficult to break out of, but if it is attacked from outside…? Hahaha, you are all dead!”

The Terror Sea Dragon snarled hysterically, its berserk state growing instead of receding. Although it would sustain great injuries and hurt its primordial qi, as long as it could endure until the incoming Terror Sea Dragon reached them and destroyed the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, with the combined might of the two of them, none of those present, not even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon, would be able to survive.

Indeed, this trapped Terror Sea Dragon’s judgement was extremely accurate. The Tenebrous Sealing Formation was targeted towards those trapped within, and even a Heavenly God powerhouse would not be able to break free so easily. However, if one attacked from outside… the situation would be vastly different.

In order to greatly increase the internal defenses, the majority of the power of the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was naturally focused within. Once an external attack came, it would be much easier to injure those who were made out the structure of the formation. If that other Terror Sea Dragon really reached them, all of them would definitely die. Without the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, the trapped one would even recover its full power; even though it was already injured, both Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon had expended a lot of energy to deal those injuries. The end result would be a single Heavenly God powerhouse against two… Naturally, let alone defeating them, even surviving would be an issue unless
they made use of the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

The mantis stalking the cicada, alas unaware of the oriole behind. This Terror Sea Dragon actually had its own cunning scheme! Despite all their preparations, the Xuantian powerhouses were now facing the awkward situation of their possible incoming deaths!

If those two Terror Sea Dragons really succeeded, then the highest power in all of the Xuantian Continent would be destroyed in one fell swoop. Just like what the Terror Sea Dragon said earlier; if that really happened, even if they were Ocean Heavenly Beasts, they could still conquer the entire Xuantian Continent easily. After all, they were still Heavenly Gods!

How fast could a Heavenly God powerhouse move? In just the short period of time, the Terror Sea Dragon in the distance had already closed half the gap. If not for the fact that it had been hiding its aura and not wanting the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and the other Xuantian Palace powerhouses to discover it, and if it chose to hide much closer, perhaps they would already be facing their deaths right now.

Dreamwake gritted her teeth as she continued attacking in unison with the Tenebrous Demon Dragon. At the same time, she asked it: “What should we do now?”

The Tenebrous Demon Dragon was currently feeling slightly panicked. Although it had lived for more than ten thousand years, it still did not wish to die now! “Fight with everything you have. Before the other one arrives, let’s injure this one as much as we can. Every second matters right now. Once the Tenebrous Sealing Formation is broken apart, don’t hesitate; immediately use the Spatial Teleportation Gem to depart. ‘So long as the mountains remain, there will always be firewood to harvest’ – as long as we can make it out, we’ll have a chance. If we are too slow, we won’t be able to escape.”

Dreamwake was feeling extremely conflicted. So long as the core components of the Spatial Teleportation Gem remained undamaged, it could at most teleport away a total of ten living beings at once. The choice of the ten had to be made within a certain range, which meant that not only would they have to sacrifice several of the Elders, even the distant Zhou Weiqing would be doomed. He wasn’t within the range of the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

Once the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was broken… unless Dreamwake and the Tenebrous Demon Dragon immediately flew over to him and ensured he was in range, he would without a question perish. However… if she did this, what would happen to the powerhouses of Xuantian Palace? Even though they had five Heavenly Emperors, it was virtually guaranteed that they would die when facing a pair of Heavenly God Terror Sea Dragons!

The distant Terror Sea Dragon was drawing closer and closer. Although the one within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation was suffering more and more wounds, there wasn’t enough time for the Tenebrous Demon Dragon and Dreamwake to deal a truly lethal injury to it. Looks of terror appeared simultaneously upon the faces of the Xuantian Palace powerhouses who had set up this formation. The Grand Elders weren’t as worried, as they knew that they wouldn’t be abandoned once the Spatial Teleportation Gem was activated... but that wasn’t the case for the six ordinary Elders. If a few people had to be abandoned, it would definitely be some of them! Their trembling hearts and minds even caused the Tenebrous Sealing Formation which they were maintaining to grow a bit unsteady.

Dreamwake was agonizing over what to do, but she had no idea that someone outside was even more agonized than her. Dreamwake needed to consider whether or not she would rescue Zhou Weiqing, but Zhou Weiqing needed to consider far, far more things. He was already able to clearly see their distant new visitor. Yet another Terror Sea Dragon had appeared within his field of vision, ensconced by the awesome tidal wave. Compared to the previous Terror Sea Dragon, it was noticeably smaller and weaker. It was only eighty meters long… but even so, it was already at the Heavenly God level! Even though it was just a new Heavenly God, there was no way a Heavenly Emperor could be a match for it.

What to do? Zhou Weiqing was already beginning to panic. Yet another Terror Sea Dragon had appeared. Without question, it was his chance to seize the Spatial Teleportation Gem… but would he really be able to survive, even if he did manage to acquire it? Even if he did survive, Dreamwake and the others would probably all die here!

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with many contradictory impulses. The worst part of it was, he didn’t have any time to really think things over.

He took a deep breath, finally making a decision. Even though he knew this decision was perhaps rather unwise, he also knew that this was the only choice he wouldn’t regret later on. His enormous wings flapped. Moments later, six dark-golden beams of light simultaneously emanated from different parts of his body. The wings propelled him forward like a streak of dark-golden light, and he headed straight towards that awesome, heaven-covering wave.

Right at this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang out within the  Tenebrous  Sealing  Formation.  “Dreamwake,  kill  that Terror Sea Dragon as soon as possible. I’ll help you hold off the other one for a while.”

Zhou Weiqing’s voice was fairly calm and not many emotions could be detected within it, but when the experts of Xuantian Palace heard this voice, all of their eyes turned red. Dreamwake was no exception.

As the saying goes, true friendship is revealed through adversity. As far as they knew, Zhou Weiqing was nothing more than a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master! They were now facing great danger, but instead of being scared silly or fleeing for his life, he stepped up and moved into the path of danger for the sake of buying them what would probably be just a fleeting moment.

Prior to this day, the Elders respected Zhou Weiqing, but only for his Consolidating skills. His voice wasn’t that loud, but when the Elders heard it they gained a completely different view of him. No matter what his real cultivation base was and regardless of if he would be able to actually block the Terror Sea Dragon for even an instant, for him to be able to say something like that at a time like this instantly ignited the fighting spirit of all the Xuantian Palace powerhouses.

Several of the Elders had been filled with nervous fear, but their spirits instantly blazed up. Even a weak little six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was able to view death with such aplomb, to have the courage to face the other Terror Sea Dragon by himself. What did the rest of them have to fear?!

Dreamwake gritted her teeth so hard, they sank deep into her lips. She had always been calm and noble, but in this instant she  let  out  a  throat-rending  scream.  “BASTARD!!!  YOU BETTER STAY ALIVE…!”  Her voice was extremely loud and shrill, but anyone who heard it would sense the powerlessness within it.

How could a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master possibly survive an encounter against a Heavenly God Terror Sea Dragon?

Tears uncontrollably fell down Dreamwake’s face. Regret like she had never felt before had completely suffused her heart. She regretted having gone back on her oath. She still clearly remembered what she had sworn on that day, and if she was given another chance she would’ve given herself unhesitatingly to this man. She knew she liked him. Why did she have to be so conservative and keep herself at a distance? Why?!

Was everything which was now happening due to the heavens punishing her for breaking her oath?

No… no… Weiqing… you have to live! Grief transformed into power. Within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, it was no longer just the Terror Sea Dragon which had gone crazy in fighting for its life. Dreamwake had gone berserk as well, and she led even the Tenebrous Demon Dragon in erupting with all its power.

The terrifying darkness instantly transformed into a bloody crimson. Starting from Dreamwake’s position, the blood color began to stretch downwards across the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s body, almost instantly reaching out to cover every inch of it.

An incomparably terrifying aura caused the Tenebrous energies within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation to wildly pour into the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s body. So much energy was being drained out of the powerful formation that it actually grew weaker and brittle.

The Terror Sea Dragon’s writing body came to a sudden halt. Mad. They’ve gone mad. They are clearing igniting their core essences! The Tenebrous Demon Dragon had set its vital essence alight. It was already advanced in years, and by igniting its core essence it had caused its remaining lifespan to instantly drop by a hundred years!

That dense blood-colored aura instantly locked onto the Terror Sea Dragon. Dreamwake’s teeth had almost completed embedded themselves into her lips. If he dies… then… all of you will accompany him into death!

Was Zhou Weiqing dead? No, he wasn’t. At least, he wasn’t yet.

When he made that decision, he discarded all other thoughts from his mind. When he flew out, he no longer held any more reservations.

None of the powerhouses in Xuantian Palace so much as glanced at Zhou Weiqing. In their hearts, he was already a dead man. As a result, they didn’t see that stream of silvery-white light which burst from Zhou Weiqing’s body, carrying with it a halo of astral light. The Tiger Tattoos on his body had completely transformed into scales, and an incomparably mighty aura swept out from him as he charged towards the terrifying tidal wave that was crushing all before its path. He
was like a sharp sword soaring through the air, pressing rapidly towards the swiftly approaching Terror Sea Dragon.

How could Zhou Weiqing dare to use less than his full strength when dealing with a Heavenly God? He was now in absolute peak condition and had unleashed everything he had. When that silvery-white light appeared, even the waves which had been under the complete control of the Terror Sea Dragon began to slightly shudder. The vast tidal wave was actually split apart by the awesome aura emanating from Zhou Weiqing. A Heavenly God’s pressure was actually only able to slide past his body, rather than exterminate him.

Zhou Weiqing had a solemn look in his eyes. This was probably going to be the most difficult fight he would ever have in his life. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to last, but he was going to try and buy the people within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation as much time as he could. Of course, he wasn’t going to gamble his life away on this. If he truly felt that he could no longer hold on, he would immediately flee from this place at maximum speed. However, he absolutely could not do that just yet. No matter what, he had to at least try his best.

For some reason, when he made the choice to charge at the second Terror Sea Dragon, his mind and his will became incomparably pristine and clear. Suddenly, his mental strength seemed to have broken through to a new level. This feeling of his spirit being so clear throughout his entire body was indescribably comfortable. It was as though perhaps facing off against an incredibly powerful Heavenly God wasn’t all that frightening after all.

The Terror Sea Dragon was startled by Zhou Weiqing attempting to block it, and it couldn’t help but briefly pause its charge. The power of Saint Energy caused it to feel a sense of tremendous danger. It discovered, to its astonishment, that part of the dense Water Attribute atmospheric energies in the range of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was no longer obeying its commands.

How was this possible? We Terror Sea Dragons are the lords of the oceans! How could this human actually possess a power which is capable of influencing Water energies to the point of preventing me from using them? It had no idea that it was Saint Energy, which transcended all other Attributes. Saint Energy’s might was capable of assimilating any other Attribute. After Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation broke through to the Heavenly Dao Energy level, his Saint Energy’s effectiveness was finally put on true display. Zhou Weiqing was merely in the ocean, which was filled with Water Attribute energies. Even if Zhou Weiqing was within the Tenebrous Sealing Formation, he still would’ve been able to convert the Tenebrous Attribute energies and make use of it himself. This was what made Saint Energy so marvelous. It was suitable for any battlefield, and it allowed him to unleash 100% of his power no matter where he was.

Even Heavenly God powerhouses wouldn’t dare to be overconfident when they faced an Attribute disadvantage. The amazed Terror Sea Dragon didn’t know what Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base was. He was a human and had clearly come alongside the other powerhouses of Xuantian Palace. For this human to suddenly appear by himself and challenge the Terror Sea Dragon meant that he clearly wouldn’t be easy to deal with.
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