Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 231-240

Chapter231 Breakthrough!

Perhaps, this was as the saying goes, good-heartedness often meets with unforeseen recompense. If they had been trying to train their Saint Energy by Devouring the Heavenly Energy of Heavenly Beasts, in order to gather three thousand drops of Saint Energy, who knows how long that would take. After all, even on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the number of Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beasts was still limited, and they could not just Devour recklessly and without a care in the world.

However, the amount of destructive energies in front of them was just too massive. Both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could clearly sense that they were still barely beginning, and the large Saint Energy whirlpool between them was already growing larger and faster.

Wax and Wane. This phrase was perhaps a good way to describe their current situation; as their Saint Energy rose, the amount of destructive energies they could Devour at one go also increase, as did their speed and efficiency of Devouring.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had both entered a state of complete obliviousness and selflessness. The Heavenly Energy within their bodies was slowly being replaced by the purest Saint Energy, and as the Saint Energy nourished their bodies, they were slowly improving and evolving.

The three Shangguan Sisters also gained many benefits, sitting behind them cultivating, and they could feel their cultivation level rising by leaps and bounds.


In this Lustre Spatial Realm, time no longer seemed to be an issue to them. They did not know how much time had passed when all of a sudden, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er shuddered violently, and their eyes opened.

Their sudden awakening gave both of them a surprise as well, but as they exchanged looks, the expression on their face was quickly replaced by joy. They suddenly realised that their entire bodies no longer had any Heavenly Energy at all. Instead, every single corner of their bodies was filled with Saint Energy, and it was continuously growing as well.

By now, more than half of the destructive energies in Hui Yao’s massive body had already been Devoured by them. This was part of the reason why Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were so overjoyed. At the same time, they couldn’t help but feel secretly shocked inwardly.

After all, at this point, each of the two of them already had three thousand drops of pure Saint Energy! Under such a circumstance, there was still so much destructive energies that hadn’t been Devoured… one could just imagine how truly terrifying the energies were.

However, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er also realised a new problem had cropped up… in that moment, they realised that their bodies could no longer hold any more Saint Energy!

Indeed… unable to hold anymore! When they had passed three thousand drops of Saint Energy, they felt as if their bodies were filled to the brim, almost to bursting point. Although their Saint Energy was still increasing slowly, their bodies were starting to even feel pain. This was clearly not a good sign at all. Furthermore, the Saint Energy did not seem to be starting to form a Saint Nucleus Core even though they had reached the three thousand drops point, not even a sign of it happening at all.

What was going on? Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er exchanged glances, both of them at a total loss. Alas, the Devour Skill was still ongoing, and their Saint Energy was still increasing. If this continued, they would soon surpass their limit to true bursting point… possibly self-imploding from within. No matter how tough their bodies were, in front of the Saint Energy, they could not withstand it.

“Bing’er, quick, come here.” At this instant, Zhou Weiqing’s intelligence sparked an idea and he quickly called out.

The three Shangguan Sisters who had been cultivating behind the duo were caught by surprise, jolted out of their cultivation and opening their eyes one after the other. Shangguan Bing’er’s trust in Zhou Weiqing was absolute, and she quickly rushed to his side, her face filled with surprise and worry. “Little Fatty, what is wrong?”
“Kiss me, quick.” Zhou Weiqing said without hesitation. Looking at the anxious and urgent look on his face,
Shangguan Bing’er could not care about her shyness. She knew
that at this moment, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly be joking around or just simply trying to take advantage of her.

Red lips moved forward, and their lips joined. Instantly, Shangguan Bing’er’s slim figure began to tremble, and her entire body was stained a silver-white colour as thick Saint Energy flowed right into her like a unstoppable stream, spreading throughout her body.

Indeed, the idea that Zhou Weiqing had swiftly come up with was simple and straightforward. Since their bodies could no longer contain any more Saint Energy, they couldn’t possibly waste it right? As such, he had thought of a good way to ‘drain off’ the excess Saint Energy, transferring the Saint Energy to the three Shangguan Sisters was definitely a good thing.

With Shangguan Bing’er joining in to share their ‘burden’, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt the stress on their bodies instantly dissipate. As more Saint Energy continued flowing in, they continued Devouring and transforming the destructive energies swiftly.

As Zhou Weiqing was afraid that infusing Shangguan Bing’er with too much Saint Energy at one shot would have an adverse effect on her, after around five hundred drops, he stopped and called Shangguan Fei’er to his side.

Shangguan Bing’er moved back, her face red in embarrassment. As Shangguan Fei’er stepped up, she was far more straightforward, actually taking the initiative to circle her arms around Zhou Weiqing’s neck comfortably as she kissed him. It was her turn to take in more Saint Energy. When Zhou Weiqing infused five hundred drops of Saint Energy to her as well and called upon Shangguan Xue’er, even the mother dragon Duo Si couldn’t help but stare at him curiously, thinking to herself: Although this young human is very good, how could he have so many women!

Shangguan Xue’er was more shy and bashful than her two younger sisters, but with Zhou Weiqing’s urgent calls, and with both Shangguan Bing’er and Shangguan Fei’er urging her on, she eventually moved right in front of Zhou Weiqing.

As their eyes met, Shangguan Xue’er subconsciously lowered her head shyly. Even so, she could see the gentle warmth in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Suddenly, she drew in a deep breath of air, closing her eyes as she clumsily followed Shangguan Fei’er’s example, arms encircling his neck as she placed her trembling lips onto his.

The thick Saint Energy began flowing into her, and in that instant, Shangguan Xue’er just looked so beautiful. Her exquisite face was blushing red. Although she had kissed Zhou Weiqing before, that was when they were alone. Currently, they were right in front of Tian’er and her sisters, and it took so much courage for her to actually accept such a kiss! Their relatively cold lips were quickly warmed by the large amount of Saint Energy. All of a sudden, Shangguan Xue’er’s eyes widened in surprise, as a certain shameless fellow actually seized the opportunity as he was infusing Saint Energy to stick his tongue in as well, finding her little tongue to begin sucking on as well.

This rascal! This terrible rascal! Fei’er, Bing’er… they all are still watching! Shangguan Xue’er wanted to struggle, but was afraid it would affect Zhou Weiqing absorbing the destructive energies. In that instant, her entire mind was in a blank as she totally lost the capacity for thought. However, a strange sense of bliss was also flowing into her heart.

Having known Zhou Weiqing for so long, this was perhaps the first time Shangguan Xue’er had the awareness of being his woman. Since she could not avoid it, then she would enjoy it fully!

Transferring Saint Energy mouth-to-mouth, to Zhou Weiqing, this was an enjoyable experience that he would never grow tired of. Once each girl had five hundred drops of Saint Energy, he began anew from the start.

As the three Shangguan Sisters gained such a large amount of Saint Energy, they too began to have a totally new feeling. The warm Saint Energy did not clash at all with their Heavenly Energy, and they began to feel their bodies slowly go through an inexplicable and indescribable change.

At last, after four rounds of infusion by Zhou Weiqing ended, all of the destructive energies in Hui Yao’s massive dragon body was finally Devoured. When the last thread of destructive energies was transformed into Saint Energy, the massive dragon body actually trrembled slightly.

Naturally, this was not a sign of him coming back to life, but the body having a slight sign of life force returning. This was the powerful life force of the Dragon Tribe naturally.

The reason why Tian’er had a certain amount of confidence in reviving Hui Yao previously was exactly because of that, the Dragons had the most powerful bodies amongst all of Heavenly Beasts. Even if they had passed away, their Dragon Bodies and Soul would not dissipate so easily, gathering in their Heavenly Core Nucleus. As for the life force and bloodline powers, it would take quite a long time before dissipating from their bodies as well.

A silver glow immediately appeared around Zhou Weiqing and the girls. Having ended this round of Devouring, all of them could be said to have been given a massive gift. Within Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies, they were still totally full of Saint Energy. As for the three Shangguan Sisters, they each had gained two thousand drops of Saint Energy!

Besides the pleasant surprise and excitement, Zhou Weiqing also felt a secret shock and a tinge of fear. What kind of terrifying destructive energies that was! To be able to transform into twelve thousand drops of Saint Energy in total. No wonder the mother dragon Duo Si had said that the destructive energies were far beyond their Heavenly God Tier.

If not for these destructive energies, with the power of the Heavenly God Tier dragon couple, how could they be injured or killed by the few attackers?

“At last, we are done.”  Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath of relief. On the other side, Duo Si slowly spread her wings once more. As compared to the human youths in front of her who were all filled with energy, currently she was extremely exhausted, the light in her eyes much dimmer than before.

All this time while Zhou Weiqing and the others were gaining Saint Energy, Duo Si had to use all of her might to control the destructive energies. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring and grown faster and faster, she did not know if she could have continued all the way. However, in order to help her husband revive faster, she had forced herself to last through this massive exhaustion.

Looking at Duo Si’s exhaustion, Zhou Weiqing said: “Let us all rest a while. At least, from the current situation, our chances seem to have increased substantially.”

Duo Si nodded, the great sorrow in her eyes seemed to have lessened slightly. Her gaze landed back on her husband as she slowly lay down beside his body, slowly watching the gaping wounds close.

Indeed, although he had already lost his life, Hui Yao’s massive dragon body had actually begun to heal slowly now that the destructive energies had all been drawn out. The regeneration was at a rather astonishing pace… This was truly the terrifying regeneration capabilities of the Dragon Tribe. If not for the fact that the entire ground was stained red with dragon blood, Zhou Weiqing might have thought this was a live dragon sleeping in front of him.

“When  can  we  begin  reviving  him?”  Duo  Si  asked  Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er anxiously. Zhou Weiqing said: “You are too exhausted now. When we begin the revival, we will still require your help. The power required to revive a powerful dragon like Hui Yao will likely take an unbelievable amount of Heavenly Energy, and even both Tian’er and myself added together will not have sufficient Heavenly Energy. When Tian’er and myself are unable to sustain it, we will need to make use of the Devour Skill on you to use your Heavenly Energy on the Resurrection Skill. As such, you need to recover to your best condition as quickly as possible. When you recover fully, we can begin the process.” Duo Si nodded towards Zhou Weiqing as she slowly closed her eyes. Despite her exhaustion, her gratitude was clear.

The three Shangguan Sisters stood at the side, their cheeks blushing furiously. At the other end, Tian’er was smiling radiantly at them.

Zhou Weiqing looked at the four girls, and even he was slightly embarrassed as he said innocently: “What are you all looking at me for? Hurry up and cultivate… after gaining so much Saint Energy, you should fully integrate it into your bodies as quickly as possible.”

Shangguan Fei’er giggled and said: “You thick skinned rascal, you also know how to be embarrassed? Hmph, just now when you were kissing us all, we could not see any bit of that oh?”

Zhou Weiqing immediately said uprightly: “Of course that was for the sake of Devouring the destructive energies. I’m going to cultivate now!” He knew that he was now one against four, and trying to argue would always be a losing position. As a result, he just sat down right away and began cultivating. The Saint Energy in their bodies were already full, yet the Saint Core Nucleus did not form like they had expected. To Zhou Weiqing, this was a major problem. At this moment, the energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points were whirling as usual, full of Saint Energy, but he dared not continue drawing upon the atmospheric energy, otherwise he would face the same problem with being full to bursting point. That was to say… if he did not solve his current situation, he
would not be able to continue cultivating.

Naturally, Tian’er was facing the same problem as Zhou Weiqing, and she also sat down in a cross-legged meditation position to start cultivation.

Zhou Weiqing was not too impatient or agitated about the current situation, after all in a worse case situation he could just use some Saint Energy, and he would once again have ‘cleared space’ again. Of course, that was a last resort solution… it was such a rare opportunity that they had been able to gain three thousand drops of Saint Energy each, how could he possibly be willing to give it up just like that!

The energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points continued whirling. Even though Zhou Weiqing did not dare draw in more atmospheric energy, it was enough to just keep his Immortal Deity Technique running. In his DanTian, the originally tiny personal Saint Energy whirlpool had grown several times over, almost comparable to the original size of the large Saint Energy whirlpool that was formed between him and Tian’er. However, this personal Saint Energy whirlpool was not able to produce ‘new’ Saint Energy on its own, let alone forming the Saint Nucleus Core.

Zhou Weiqing tried circulating the Saint Energy, and there were no issues. However, it still did not solve the problem of being unable to cultivate.

He attempted several different methods, but he was still unable to find a good solution for the problem. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked towards Tian’er.

When he looked at Tian’er, he couldn’t help but start in surprise, staring in shock.

At this moment, Tian’er was totally surrounded by a layer of thick Divine Light, the strong divine aura around her making her seem like a Saintess. That aura of divinity and inviolability caused even Zhou Weiqing to feel a sense of pressure.

Zhou Weiqing discovered that Tian’er was actually cultivating, and the sheer amount and speed of her drawing in atmospheric energy could be described as terrifying.

She had actually found the method to continue cultivation?
How did she do so? Zhou Weiqing was instantly surprised.

Right in that moment, Zhou Weiqing abruptly noticed that the Heavenly Jewels around Tian’er’s wrists which had been spinning rapidly suddenly slowed down. As a faint glow began to light up around her hands, coalescing into a solid form.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning as he instantly understood, slapping his own  thigh  hard,  he  exclaimed:  “Right!  How  could  I  be  so stupid, such a simple solution, why didn’t I think of it!?

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing felt like slapping himself hard. Such a simple principle, yet he had overlooked it, instead overthinking things too much. In truth, the solution to their problem was the easiest and most straightforward one.

Indeed, both Tian’er and his own Saint Energy was totally full, but that was just for their meridian channels, not their entire body. More importantly, even though their Saint Energy was full, their own cultivation level and state of attainment was still far from being able to consolidate a Core Nucleus. As such, what they needed to do now was not increase their Saint Energy, but to use their Saint Energy to breakthrough to the next level! Only after reaching the Upper Level Zong Stage would they have the chance to consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus.

As soon as he thought of it, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt fully refreshed, quickly returning back to cultivating, silently going through his Immortal Deity Technique once through, circulating his Saint Energy to begin breaking through his twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point.

Different cultivation techniques would have different methods of breaking through, and naturally some were difficult and some were easy. Of course, in terms of ‘simplicity’, there was likely no other cultivation technique that could compare with the Immortal Deity Technique, as all that was needed was to breakthrough the required Death Acupuncture Point.

All of the previous times that Zhou Weiqing had broken through his Death Acupuncture Points, even for the twenty eighth one, he had used Heavenly Energy to do so, and he had never tried directly using Saint Energy to do so. After all, before today, his Saint Energy had been always at an extremely low amount, and he was unwilling to use it up for breaking through! However, now that his body was only left with Saint Energy, he naturally could only use Saint Energy to do so.

Under Zhou Weiqing’s control, the silver white Saint Energy began to circulate around his meridians according to the Immortal Deity Technique, heading directly for the twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point.

The fourth portion of the Immortal Deity Technique was targeting the Death Acupuncture Points in the head to neck area. The first Death Acupuncture Point which he had already broken through earlier was the RenYing Acupuncture Point, situated about one and a half inches from the throat area. Now, he was about to attempt to breakthrough the second Death Acupuncture Point at his head area.

FengChi Acupuncture Point. https:/ baike.baidu.com/item/%E9%A3%8E%E6%B1%A0%E7% A9%B4/1978338

Situated below the occipital bone in the slight concave area, between the trapezius muscle and sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Normally, once struck, it would effect the body all the way through the bulbar center to the spine, causing one to be struck unconscious instantly.

With his Saint Energy circulating at full speed in his meridians, the narrow and closed meridians were easily smashed through by the powerful Saint Energy without any delay. Furthermore, with the creation power of the Saint Energy, it continually healed up, fortified widened and strengthened the meridians, causing Zhou Weiqing to have no worries about breaking through the Death Acupuncture Point.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing also realised that when he began circulating his Saint Energy to breakthrough the Death Acupuncture Points, the ‘full’ feeling he had was beginning to dissipate as Saint Energy was being used up. Although the expenditure was not large, at least it was being used in the cultivation.


In a suspense-less, swift sweep, the FengChi Death Acupuncture Point was broken through in no time. Much to Zhou Weiqing’s shock, when his Saint Energy broke through the Death Acupuncture Point, he actually did not feel any pain at all, instead feeling his entire body lighten. In that instant, the Saint Energy within his body surged wildly, and an energy whirlpool formed in the FengChi Acupuncture Point fully formed of Saint Energy. Unlike all the previous times, there was no vent leakage of Heavenly Energy causing his own core energy to be dispersed, let alone any other danger.

This… it was complete just like this?

Zhou Weiqing could only stare in shock as his twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point succeeded in breaking through. Looking at the large amount of Saint Energy entering the Death Acupuncture Point and its energy whirlpool, he could sense that it was further improving his body.

A whole three hundred drops of Saint Energy, vanishing just like that. At the same time, the full and bloated feeling that had plagued Zhou Weiqing had also vanished.

So… using Saint Energy to breakthrough was such a simple thing? Could it be… this Immortal Deity Technique of mine is created specially for Saint Energy?!

Chapter232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique!

Was the Immortal Deity Technique designed with Saint Energy in mind? Or was it just a coincidence?

To breakthrough the twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point so easily, without any pain or problems, Zhou Weiqing was left muddleheaded. After all, he had just broken through the twenty eighth Death Acupuncture Point, reaching the seven- Jeweled stage not long ago! Yet, he had just broken through to the twenty ninth stage like this? Besides feeling incredulous and finding it incomprehensible, Zhou Weiqing could think of nothing else.

Using Saint Energy to cultivate the Immortal Deity Technique, it seemed like there wasn’t even a accumulation process. As long as he had sufficient Saint Energy, then breaking through seemed to be as simple as a hot knife through butter, seemingly with no issues at all.

Of course, this was also a massive toll on the Saint Energy. Without even testing it, Zhou Weiqing knew that it would likely take him much more Saint Energy to breakthrough the next Death Acupuncture Point. Even for this current one, three hundred drops of Saint Energy would not have been easy for him to gather without all that had happened in the Lustre Spatial Realm. Resisting the joy and urge to try to breakthrough once again, he slowly stopped his cultivation.

At this moment, he clearly did not wish to just keep breaking through without holding back. Although he still had a lot of Saint Energy left in his body, both he and Tian’er were going to revive the Dragon Hui Yao, and who knew how much energy that would take. Even if it was the Saint Energy, it would definitely be a massive drain. In order to not just stop short of success, he would naturally try to keep as much Saint Energy as possible, in order to best support Tian’er during the revival process. As for his own cultivation and breakthrough, now that he had already learned about this, it was just a matter of time for him! After all, his plans had always included going to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. As such, it was still more important to settle the problems in front of them right now.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing discovered another intriguing, almost marvelous thing. After he had expended the three hundred drops of Saint Energy, it was almost instantly replenished by Heavenly Energy. However, at this point, it seemed like his Heavenly Energy no longer seemed like real Heavenly Energy, but filled with a thick scent and aura of Saint Energy… clearly it was not what his previous Heavenly Energy could compare to. However, it was definitely still far from being close to Saint Energy. Still, with his Saint Energy and this ‘new’ Heavenly Energy, he could vaguely sense that if he was fighting, as long as he didn’t directly use his Saint Energy to activate Skills, it was likely he would almost never run out of Heavenly Energy.

Although his cultivation level was still at the seven-Jeweled stage, with so much Saint Energy, how could it be measured simply by a mere seven-Jeweled stage? In terms of actual combat power, even he was not too sure what he could currently measure up to now.

The mother dragon was still resting, and it would take her some time to fully recover. As such, after Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes, he called out to Tian’er softly.

Tian’er opened her eyes, and seeing the hand that Zhou Weiqing extended towards her, she instantly understood his meaning. Reaching out, the two of them joined their hands, and the large Saint Energy whirlpool formed once more.

Instantly, thick Saint Energy spread out in a steady reverberation from the duo. No matter the mother dragon or the three Shangguan Sisters, their bodies trembled slightly for a moment. Bathed in the light of the Saint Energy, it was a pretty good boost for them. Without Devouring any external energies, when Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er used the four Saint Attributes to form the large Saint Energy whirlwind to cultivate their own Saint Energy, in the past they would only be able to gather around ten drops of Saint Energy after an entire day of cultivation, and
that was also dependent on the density of atmospheric energy around them.

However, this time, when they once again formed the large Saint Energy whirlpool, they were both pleasantly surprised again. They discovered that although the size of the large Saint Energy whirlpool did not change, it was several times more consolidated and denser than before. Added to the fact that the atmospheric energy in the Lustre Spatial Realm was far higher, it was being drawn into the whirlpool at an astonishing rate.

Although vast amounts of atmospheric energy was pouring into the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it was easily received. In the middle of the whirlpool, drop after drop of Saint Energy slowly formed.

Of course, one could not describe that speed as being fast at all, but compared to their previous cultivation speed, it was already like the difference between heaven and earth. Currently, after a single drop of Saint Energy formed, it took only five or so breaths before the second drop began to form again. Such a cultivation speed, perhaps they could even consolidate more than a hundred drops of Saint Energy in a day, or even more! If they could maintain this speed, even if they did not Devour Heavenly Beasts, it was sufficient for their cultivation!

In order not to disrupt the others’ cultivation, Zhou Weiqing used Heavenly Energy voice transmission to inform Tian’er about how his Immortal Deity Technique seemed to react to the Saint Energy in terms of breaking through.

After hearing his description, Tian’er couldn’t help but feel shocked. Staring at Zhou Weiqing for a moment, she lapsed into deep thought. At last, after a while, she replied silently: “Weiqing, I think you should continue trying to breakthrough. After all, Duo Si was overly exhausted previously, and I estimate that it will take her at least ten days to recover. At this point, our consolidation and gathering of Saint Energy is so fast that in ten days, it should be sufficient for us to sustain your consumption for breaking through. This is such a great opportunity, do not waste it! After reviving the Dragon, who knows how much Saint Energy we will have left… we might as well seize this opportunity to push your cultivation level up as much as possible.” Zhou Weiqing said: “What about you? Don’t you have the same feeling? Like your cultivation level can be raised quickly?”

Tian’er shook her head and said: “No, my cultivation speed has definitely increased a lot, and I can sense that I am quite close to breaking through. However, it cannot be compared at all to your Immortal Deity Technique. It looks like once your Immortal Deity Technique is complete, and all of your Death Acupuncture Points have been broken through, you should have reached the nine-Jeweled stage. When that time comes, you can also start to experiment with consolidating the Saint Core Nucleus. Currently, both of us added together have at least six thousand drops of Saint Energy, even if it isn’t enough, it should not be far. Everytime you breakthrough once, we can cultivate together for some time to recover some Saint Energy. This is really the best way… after all, In the future, we will have to face many more dangers. Furthermore, from the nine- Jeweled stage of the Upper Level Zong Stage to the Heavenly King Stage, you will need bring your Heavenly Energy from the thirty sixth stage to the fortieth stage. At that point, your Immortal Deity Technique has already ended at the nine- Jeweled stage… and you will need a lot more time to explore the way for yourself then.”

With Tian’er’s encouragement, Zhou Weiqing lapsed into deep thought for awhile before agreeing with her. However, as suggested, he would not use up all the Saint Energy in breaking through at once. After some discussion, they agreed that they would go through cultivation and gathering of Saint Energy after his every breakthrough, to ensure that they would maintain a level of two thousand drops of Saint Energy minimum each.

The second breakthrough continued swiftly soon after. Just like the previous time, when Zhou Weiqing circulated his Saint Energy according to the meridian paths of the Immortal Deity Technique, no matter if it was at the most sensitive head area, there was no impediment or delay at all. Just like that, the thirtieth Death Acupuncture Point was swiftly broken through without any problems. This time, three hundred and fifty drops of Saint Energy was expended. If not for the fact that he knew the Saint Energy wasn’t really ‘wasted’, but spread throughout his body after breakthrough, Zhou Weiqing’s heart would have ached at the sheer loss.

Pressing the advantage in one go, he began to breakthrough the thirty first Death Acupuncture Point as well. Originally, Zhou Weiqing wanted to stop to recover for a while before continuing, but he was stopped by Tian’er. From her hands, a thousand drops of Saint Energy flowed over, supporting him to continue breaking through as quickly as possible to reach the eighth-Jeweled stage. …

When the thirty second Death Acupuncture Point was broken through, Zhou Weiqing felt as if the pores around his entire body was open to the max, all of his thirty two energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points seeming to spin at an insane rate. At the same time, the large Saint Energy whirlpool between him and Tian’er was also stronger and spinning even faster now, drawing in energy at an even greater rate. In nearly every three to four breaths, a single drop of Saint Energy was formed. Under such a circumstance, their cultivation rate was nearly a hundred drops every two hours.

Heavenly Jewel Masters breathing was far different from ordinary humans, with their breaths far longer, and the time between each breath was also much longer than ordinary humans.

After he had successfully broken through the eighth-Jeweled stage, Zhou Weiqing had already used up a thousand five hundred drops of Saint Energy in total, causing his heart to ache a little. Luckily, it was a shared burden between the two of them, so they could still bear to accept it.

He did not continue breaking through, stopping to continue cultivating with Tian’er with the large Saint Energy whirlpool to recover as much Saint Energy as possible.

In truth, what all of them did not realise was that by this point, they had already entered the Lustre Spatial Realm for three entire months. Previously, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had taken almost two months to completely Devour all the destructive energies from Hui Yao’s body. Due to the fact that they were completely immersed in the mysterious profound state, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er did not have much feeling about time passage.

Time passed day after day, and seemingly in moments, ten days had passed once more.

A low dragon’s cry slowly rang out, startling the three Shangguan Sisters from their cultivation. When they opened their eyes, they saw the mother dragon Duo Si slowly stand up. Currently, her eyes had regained their usual lustre.

Right at that instant, a clear howl rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s throat. Instantly, a bright silver-white light burst forth from around him and Tian’er, soaring into the sky like a silver pillar. Releasing Tian’er’s hands abruptly, under the shocked looks of the onlookers, Zhou Weiqing’s body began to levitate up into the air just like that… the bright silver-white glow around him slowly turning into a brilliant gold light.

As compared to the gold of Tian’er’s Divine Attribute, the gold light around Zhou Weiqing’s body was a tyrannical and overbearingly powerful aura. It was not just a simple imposing manner, but a unique quality in itself. The powerful gold light did not seem to have any inherent energy feel to it, instead seeming like an actual entity of its own.

In that moment, the gold light around his body slowly withdrew, and one by one, his Death Acupuncture Points began to light up as if stars in the sky slowly winking and appearing in the night sky. The gold light began to slowly shine once more, as Zhou Weiqing’s entire body started to become a giant whirlpool, the atmospheric energy around them being drawn in crazily into his body.

“What… what is going on?” Shangguan Bing’er asked Tian’er worriedly.

Tian’er smiled faintly, a sign of happiness in her voice as she said: “His Immortal Deity Technique is finally complete.” Indeed, ten days of great effort between the two of them, ten days of breaking through and gathering Saint Energy. In this last breakthrough of the final Death Acupuncture Point, it had even taken a thousand drops of Saint Energy for Zhou Weiqing to succeed. After that, both he and Tian’er had cultivated together to bring their Saint Energy back to full state, holding back the last bit before joining all of the Death Acupuncture Points together in the final step of the Immortal Deity Technique. It was only after Duo Si had awoken that Zhou Weiqing finally relaxed and took the final step.

At this moment, all of his broken-through Death Acupuncture Points seemed to form a star-map in his body, all joined together to form a whole complete entity. The powerful and overbearing gold light that was glowing around him was actually the Immortal Deity Shield that had risen to the next level, and it seemed like it was no longer just pure defense like before. All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei’er exclaimed in shock. “Look at his wrists!”

The three Shangguan Sisters’ eyes immediately widened in shock as their gaze turned to his wrist. Nine eye-catching Heavenly Jewels were spinning around Zhou Weiqing’s wrist.

This had already surpassed their comprehension level. Just a mere short ten days had passed! Yet, Zhou Weiqing had somehow risen from the seven-Jeweled stage to the nine- Jeweled stage! More importantly, Zhou Weiqing was currently not even twenty two years old. In the entire history of the Boundless Mainland, it was not that there weren’t any who had reached the Upper Level Zong Stage before the age of thirty, but it was considered as rare as phoenix's’ feather and qilin’s horns. More importantly, he was far younger than most who had done so even, and from his current situation, perhaps before he reached the age of thirty he would already reach the Heavenly King Stage.

As the gold light continued shining and being absorbed, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body seemed to be undergoing a mysterious change, as if he had become a gold statue descending from the heavens, landing upon the ground. The previous overbearing aura had disappeared into his body, and soon everything seemed to turn normal. However, the four girls who were so familiar with him could sense that the current Zhou Weiqing was so different from previously, as if his world had turned upside down.

In the past, Zhou Weiqing could be said to be relatively average in terms of look, not considered suave. Currently, he now had an added wild attraction to him, his eyes filled with a strange light, like that of a treasured sword, keen and sharp. The feeling he gave others was like that of a powerful god weapon, ready to destroy any enemies at given notice.

More shockingly, in just a matter of moments, all of the atmospheric energy in a several hundred square metres radius had actually been drained dry by Zhou Weiqing. Currently, the atmospheric energy was flowing back in from the other areas of the Lustre Spatial Realm, and the large energy reverberation that it caused gave all of them a deep impression.

Nine Jewels. Upper Level Zong Stage. To most Heavenly Jewel Masters, this was already the absolute peak that they could ascend to in their lifetimes. Zhou Weiqing had already accomplished it at such a young age, and the current him already had sufficiently power Heavenly Energy. Once he could complete his corresponding ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set pieces, his power would once again grow by leaps and bounds. At that point, even if he were to face any Heavenly King Stage powerhouse in single combat, it was likely he could hold his own.

“How is that possible?” Shangguan Xue’er couldn’t help but mutter to herself as she stared at Zhou Weiqing, her eyes filled with a strange light.

As the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had always known that she was outstanding, the top echelon amongst all of the younger generation Heavenly Jewel Masters. Yet, currently as she looked at Zhou Weiqing with his nine Heavenly Jewels, she knew that she was no longer on the same level as he was.

That was because after the short period of shock, Shangguan Xue’er quickly guessed the reason behind Zhou Weiqing’s quick rise… it had to be the Saint Energy. What else could possibly have such a miraculous effect? Although she did not know why Tian’er did not have a similar raise, she knew that could be the only reason. More importantly, the Saint Energy was something that the three Shangguan Sisters could not cultivate, though Zhou Weiqing had shared it with them and it greatly benefited them, it did not change the fact they could not cultivate it on their own. However, even though Shangguan Xue’er felt so surprised by the sudden power of Zhou Weiqing, she found that she actually did not even feel a tinge of jealousy or competitive spirit, only a deep joy.

Her heart gripped with sudden surprise. Could it be… I have truly started to think of myself as his woman, to just become his supporting cast? Looking at herself, her two sisters, then at Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er couldn’t help but think helplessly to herself. This scoundrel playboy!

Looking down at his own body, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire body was filled with a explosive power that could burst forth at anytime. Strangely, he discovered that the Saint Energy in his body had actually gone through some colour changes. The original homogeneous silver-white colour of the Saint Energy now had a layer of faint gold light, as if a membrane covering over the Saint Energy.

It had to be known that the Saint Energy was already considered the top of all energy forms, yet this layer of gold light was not assimilated by the Saint Energy… one could imagine that the power inherent within it had already reached an absolute top as well. This was the effect brought by the final completion of the Immortal Deity Technique, and even Zhou Weiqing did not know what it was or what its effects truly were, but he could clearly sense its powerful aura.

Zhou Weiqing was definitely not the first person to cultivate the Immortal Deity Technique, but he was definitely the first one to actually complete the Immortal Deity Technique and breakthrough all of the Death Acupuncture Points. In the process of the Saint Energy circulating, it was actually self- readjusting, and as he drew in all of the massive amount of atmospheric energy just now, Zhou Weiqing was surprised to find that the small Saint Energy whirlpool in his body had vanished. Only the energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points remained, but these whirlpools had all become filled with pure Saint Energy, and as they spun swiftly, Saint Energy was actually beginning to circulate and generate. That was to say… the current him no longer needed to worry about using up his Saint Energy as he could now recover it. In the process of completing the Immortal Deity Technique, he had successfully and completely transformed all of his Heavenly Energy into Saint Energy permanently, and from now on he would only have Saint Energy, not Heavenly Energy.

Perhaps because of this exact change, the Heavenly Jewels around Zhou Weiqing’s wrists had also undergone some unprecedented changes. The Icy Jade Physical Jewels on his right wrist had all turned into the silver-white of the Saint Energy, while the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels on his left wrist remained the same, but were now covered with an additional layer of faint gold light.

Although Zhou Weiqing did not know to what extent his power had grown, there was one direct difference he could perceive. That was, when he looked at the mother dragon Duo Si, he no longer felt the powerful and overwhelming pressure.

The Immortal Deity Technique had brought him many benefits, but in order to cultivate it, Zhou Weiqing had gone through countless pain and suffering. Currently, he had finally completed the Immortal Deity Technique, cultivating it to its culmination. Although he did not yet know how he would continue cultivating from here on, at least he had accomplished this matter, cultivating the Immortal Deity Technique that no one else had ever succeeded in doing so. More importantly, the pain, suffering and worry that he had to undergo throughout the cultivation process would leave him for good. The sheer joy and sense of freedom of that suddenly caused him to raise his head and howl once more, as he felt an incomparable sense of comfort.

“Congratulations, young man. Even I am unable to fully see through your abilities now.” Duo Si’s large dragon eyes were filled with surprise, with a hint of joy. The more powerful Zhou Weiqing grew, it could only be great news to her, as it meant the chances of reviving her husband was even higher now.

“Let us begin then.” Looking at Duo Si’s hopeful gaze, Zhou Weiqing nodded towards her. After such a long period of preparation, they were all fully ready, and it was time to begin the revival of the Dragon Hui Yao.

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing, her heart filled with pride. Although she was still at the late stages of the seven-Jeweled cultivation level, her man had already become so strong, and somehow she felt even happier than if it had been her cultivation level rising. Furthermore, she knew that even for her father, when he was at Zhou Weiqing’s age, he did not have such a cultivation level yet!

Holding hands, the pair walked towards the dragon Hui Yao’s body. Turning to Duo Si, Zhou Weiqing said: “Duo Si, I’ll have to trouble you to stay by my side. If our Heavenly Energy is insufficient to revive Hui Yao, I will need to borrow your strength.”

Duo Si took a single step forward, her giant stride bringing her massive body right beside Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Once again, she lay down on the ground as she said: “Thank you both once again. As long as my husband can be revived, no matter what price I have to pay, I am willing. You can draw from my strength as you need.”

As she spoke, she lifted a claw and placed it in front of Zhou Weiqing. Currently, she was actually extremely nervous, though she tried her best to hide it. As the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the possibility of disappointment. She did not know if this revival actually failed, would she actually breakdown.

Zhou Weiqing said earnestly: “Duo Si, do not worry, no matter what we will do our best to help you revive Hui Yao. Perhaps, we might even be able to do so without borrowing your strength, I am currently filled with confidence that we can let Hui Yao stand before you once more.”

His words were not just all big talk. After all, the Saint Energy in his body was finally able to circulate and generate freely. That was of utmost importance in the following revival, as it meant he could substantially increase the amount of Saint Energy he could infuse to Tian’er. With a large amount of Saint Energy to support the Resurrection Skill, the success rate would naturally increase greatly as well. Zhou Weiqing nodded towards Tian’er, saying: “Let’s begin then.”

With a single thought, the large Saint Energy whirlpool formed between the two of them under Zhou Weiqing’s lead. The current Zhou Weiqing gave Tian’er a totally different sensation, as if he was as vast and deep as the ocean, and with his lead, the large Saint Energy whirlpool did not seem to have an end or limit.

A series of dark gold light sprang forth one after the other in sudden brightness, as the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set appeared around Tian’er’s body. With the Saint Energy casting light upon her along with the Divine aura around her caused the entire surroundings to be covered with a sheen of gold holy light.

Raising the God Spirit Staff up high, Tian’er began to chant a long series of strange and choppy incantations. This was in a language that Zhou Weiqing and the three Shangguan Sisters did not understand at all, but though they did not recognize it, the mother dragon Duo Si instantly recognized it as a sort of ancient incantation. It was nearly impossible to find anymore Heavenly Skills that actually required incantations to unleash now, but they were definitely inherently powerful. Sensing the powerful divine aura around Tian’er growing stronger and stronger, the hope in Duo Si’s heart also grew larger.

Behind Tian’er’s back, the illusory figure of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger slowly appeared in midair. In just a few blinks of the eye, the illusory figure of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger had actually turned seemingly solid, the massive tiger looking imposing in midair as it raised its head and gave a bone chilling howl, before its huge body abruptly charged downwards, actually speeding and entering right into Tian’er’s body from her back.

Instantly, Tian’er’s entire body burst forth with brilliant gold light, the divine lustre enveloping both herself and Zhou Weiqing. The thick Heavenly Energy reverberations in the air were raised to the maximum, and they could see tiger tattoos appearing on Tian’er’s smooth skin. However, in contrast to Zhou Weiqing’s usual tiger tattoos when he entered the Demonic Change State or Dragon-Tiger Transformation, hers seemed more decorative, causing her already absolute beauty to be given a wild nature.

In a stark contrast to the brilliant gold light of divinity around her, Tian’er’s eyes had turned a deep purple, and purple light sprang forth from them in a powerful spiritual movement. To the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline, using the Resurrection Skill took a great toll upon them, and it was also impossible without both the Divine and Spirit Attributes in unison. Even for the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, if he wanted to use the Skill, he would have to be extremely careful. Of course, the amount of energy required for the Skill was also different depending on the revival target. For example, reviving a little ordinary mouse and a powerful dragon would definitely be extremely different in terms of the power required.

Tian’er grasped the God Spirit Staff tight in her right hand, slowly brandishing it as she chanted, and the God Spirit Staff arced through the air in a mysterious profound manner, as the gold light of the God Tier Consolidated Equipment began to form a complicated gold symbol in the air.

As the symbols appeared, they began to rise in the air, floating above the body of the dragon Hui Yao. Every time an additional symbol appeared, it would join the others, and another ray of gold light would be emitted from the respective symbol into Hui Yao’s body. At this moment, although he had already established the large Saint Energy whirlpool with Tian’er, he did not have much other sensations. After all, Tian’er was still using her Heavenly Energy to begin the Resurrection Skill; unlike him she had not fully transformed her Heavenly Energy into Saint Energy and formed a full cycle of creation. As such, when she used her Skills, she would still first prioritise Heavenly Energy.

The usage of the Ressurection Skill was far longer than either of them had imagined… almost two hours had passed before the one hundred and eighth last gold symbol was formed, and all of the gold symbols began to rearrange themselves to form a large diagram of light in the air.

At this point, Tian’er paused for a moment, glancing at Zhou Weiqing. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing also grew nervous. He knew that it was time for the ‘real’ revival to begin; all of the preparatory work had finally ended.

Raising the God Spirit Staff up high, Tian’er’s chanting instantly became faster, as if agitated or excited. Her entire body could no longer be seen from the outside, all that could be seen was the bright gold of the pure Divine Attribute.

Floating above the dragon Hui Yao’s body, the one hundred and eight gold symbols seemed to be primed and activated, and a hundred and eight bright gold light rays instantly shot down from above into the Hui Yao’s body.

Right at this moment, the atmospheric energy in the air began to fluctuate violently, and the God Spirit Staff also burst forth with a ray of brilliant gold light, shining up high into the air.

Instantly, the entire Lustre Spatial Realm began to shudder violently, as if due to that ray of gold light. Soon after, the one hundred and eight gold symbols began to flow towards the light, forming themselves around it as the central focal point.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing could sense the Heavenly Energy in Tian’er’s body surging out from her as if in torrents, being released crazily from the God Spirit Staff.

A layer of gold misty light surrounded the one hundred and eight symbols, slowly covering Hui Yao’s body entirely. Its originally crimson red body was now fully a brilliant gold.

The Resurrection Skill was a Skill that could wrestle fortune from heaven and earth, and anyone who looked upon the Resurrection Skill as it appeared would have a different comprehension and understanding in their mind. Zhou Weiqing slowly closed his eyes, his Immortal Deity Technique circulating fully again, and he turned into a gold coloured whirlpool once more. It wasn’t exactly a gold whirlpool, just that when Zhou Weiqing’s entire body turned gold, the atmospheric energy started to draw in a terrifying pace, forming the look of a giant whirlpool. Even the absorption rate of Tian’er’s God Spirit Staff was no match for him.

It wasn’t that the God Spirit Staff wasn’t powerful, but Zhou Weiqing’s completed Immortal Deity Technique was just too strong, especially since his cultivation now was above Tian’er by quite a substantial amount.

By this point, the light rays that the God Spirit Staff was emitting was now with a hint of silver white. Tian’er’s Heavenly Energy was almost drained dry in such a short period of time, and she was beginning to infuse Saint Energy into the Resurrection Skill. However, as she did so, her face relaxed slightly.

As she switched the infusing Saint Energy into the Resurrection Skill, the drain lessened abruptly, a far cry from the previous massive drain on Heavenly Energy. The mother dragon Duo Si was at the side, watching nervously. Her claw was already set in a stable position in front of Zhou Weiqing, ready to help at any moment’s notice. Her other claw was now digging deep into the tough granite, showing how nervous she truly was.

The three Shangguan Sisters stood at the back watching nervously, not even daring to breathe too loudly. The most nervous was naturally Shangguan Xue’er; after all whether or not they could succeed in reviving Hui Yao would also determine the future safety of the Lustre Spatial Realm, and more importantly, the safety of the entire ZhongTian City and the millions of ordinary citizens. How could she not be nervous?

The gold light that shone upon Hui Yao’s body continued seeping into it, the body like a massive sponge as it absorbed the huge amount of Divine Attribute energy.

Even compared to Tian’er, the current Zhou Weiqing was actually the one who was working the hardest now. With the Immortal Deity Technique circulating at full power, the atmospheric energy was continually transformed into Saint Energy before being sent to Tian’er. Tian’er was more like a giant converter, infusing the Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing sent her into the Ressurection Skill. At this point, Tian’er’s face had a faint smile. She had never imagined that once she had successfully completed the Resurrection Skill, the drain upon them was far lower than expected. Of course, whether or not it finally succeeded in reviving the dragon Hui Yao would be up to the heavens.

An entire day passed just like that. At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s face was already very pale. Although he could recover his Saint Energy on his own, he could barely sustain the continued drain from the Resurrection Skill! Being able to last for an entire day, he had already gone all out with all his might, and it was already more than enough to prove how strong he was. Such a recovery speed, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would not possess.

Abruptly, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes snapped wide open, and he looked towards Duo Si.

Duo Si’s gaze was currently fixed on Hui Yao. As his wife, Duo Si’s senses towards Hui Yao was definitely the strongest, and she could clearly sense that her husband’s life force was slowly recovering under the Resurrection Skill. She could even hear a very faint, weak beating sound of his heart slowly growing stronger. Right at that moment, Duo Si’s body shuddered violently. Turning to look, she saw Zhou Weiqing place his palm on her claw, the grey swirl of the Devour Skill around his hand.

Duo Si nodded towards Zhou Weiqing, releasing her powerful Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Energy open without holding back, allowing Zhou Weiqing to Devour at will.

For Zhou Weiqing to persevere in sustaining the Resurrection Skill for an entire day was already far beyond her expectations, causing her to strongly admire the youth. She could clearly sense the terrifying amount of energy used thus far, yet this young human was able to last for so long. Even as a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, she felt rather shocked and a little fear.

The Devour Skill began to do its work, and Zhou Weiqing’s expression began to recover. After the completion of his Immortal Deity Technique, the thirty six Death Acupuncture Points and all of his meridian channels were far stronger and more flexible than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. As such, as he began Devouring, he did not have to hold back at all, and he began to regain Saint Energy at an unbelievable speed. Previously, Zhou Weiqing had Devoured Heavenly Energy from Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beasts. However, if he compared those Heavenly Beasts to Duo Si, it could be likened to a difference between a frail ant and a powerful elephant. Duo Si’s pure Fire Attribute energy was as deep and vast as the
oceans, and though it could not be compared to Saint Energy,
the purity and sheer amount of it was as if a boundless horizon. Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring rate was already at an insane speed, but it felt like it was barely a drop in the ocean, not even affecting Duo Si slightly.

With such a guarantee backing him up, Zhou Weiqing immediately increased his infusion of Saint Energy to Tian’er. Tian’er had once told him before that once the Ressurection Skill was used, the faster it took to complete it, the greater the chance of successful revival.Since he no longer had any worries about replenishing his Saint Energy, he naturally decided to increase the overall speed.

Slowly but surely, Hui Yao’s body began to undergo some strange changes. The massive body which had been stained gold by the Divine Attribute aura was now glowing, and they could see stars of gold light slowly rising up, and the giant body was also beginning to show signs of life force emitting. Having reached such a stage, the Resurrection Skill could be considered to have completed the first portion in terms of reviving the body. What would follow next would be to call back and awaken his Soul. Only by having the Soul of Hui Yao return to his freshly recovered body would the actual revival
be considered a success.

This was also the main reason why normally speaking the Resurrection Skill should only be used within two hours of death. That was because this was the period in which the Soul has not dissipated from the body. Of course, the powerful dragons had their Heavenly Core Nucleus which could help maintain their Souls, preventing them from dissipating too quickly. However, in the history of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers, none had ever attempted to Resurrect a Dragon, so whether or not they could succeed was still unclear.

Tian’er’s expression grew even more serious as she raised the God Spirit Staff in her hand once more, starting to draw another symbol which was far more complicated than all of the previous ones. As she began chanting in a low tone once more, the silver lines formed a rays of light, directly imprinting on Hui Yao’s large forehead.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt his Saint Energy being drawn from him at once, as almost half of his Saint Energy was immediately depleted. As the gold symbol imprinted on the forehead successfully, Hui Yao’s giant head suddenly raised up. Right in the center of his eyes, on the bone of the forehead, a ball of brilliant glowing gold light burst forth.

Instantly, a terrifying energy reverberation shook through the entire area, the powerful oppressive aura causing the three Shangguan Sisters standing behind to stagger back involuntarily.

Duo Si hurriedly summoned a barrier of red light, enveloping all the young humans within. Currently, her eyes were brightly lit as she stared at her husband’s reared head. The claw that Zhou Weiqing was holding was trembling uncontrollably… the Resurrection Skill was clearly at the last stage, and her heart was nervous and anxious.

Tian'er pointed the God Spirit Staff outwards once more. By now, her body had also began to tremble slightly. It was clear that she was reaching the limit of Saint Energy that she could endure.

Even so, Tian’er continued without stopping. As she summoned all of her might, she drew another gold symbol, glowing brilliantly as it was imprinted directly on Hui Yao's forehead once again. The dazzling gold light was so blinding that they could barely open their eyes. However, in the next instant, the gold light abruptly vanished into Hui Yao’s body as its giant head raised even higher.

Alas… just as the mother dragon Duo Si was about to cheer in joy, the massive dragon head of Hui Yao’s slumped down on the ground once more.

Chapter233 Hui Yao’s Revival

Bam!! Duo Si’s heart almost broke into two when Hui Yao’s head smashed viciously into the ground. Everyone’s heart sank, as if Hui Yao’s enormous body had returned to that of a large dragon corpse.

“No—-!!” Duo Si cried out, grief stricken. She charged over, her enormous wings flaring open to cradled Hui Yao’s large head in her embrace. A desolate dragon croon erupted as her head lifted high, pained tears continuously streaming out of her great eyes.

One step short of success? Destruction of hope? Duo Si’s agonized heart could no longer take such blows.

Tian’er’s charming face had drained of all color as she collapsed into Zhou Weiqing’s embrace, but she kept her eyes unblinkingly fixed on Hui Yao’s body.

Duo Si lowered her head and looked deeply at Hui Yao, then turning her gaze to Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing. Her tears suddenly  stopped  flowing.  “Humans,  I  said  before  that  no matter what happens, I still thank you for trying. I no longer have any strength to save our children. I beg you that when you leave, please help me save my children. I will follow Hui Yao into death, and this Lustre Spatial Realm will no longer continue fragmenting, so there is no longer any need for you all to worry. I really can’t live on without him.”

The look in her eyes turned gentle. The days of waiting and all being for naught in the end had utterly crushed the last hope in her heart. She was going to go with him. She would be with her husband even if it was in another world.

The three Shangguan sisters were weeping soundless tears at this point as they watched the dragon couple’s tragic scene. The were caught up in a thick sense of grief.

Zhou Weiqing’s brow was tightly furrowed. He wasn’t able to voice any words that would discourage Duo Si. Even if he could stop her this one time, how would he continuously stop a woman taking her life to follow her husband, much less a mighty dragon!

Duo Si’s enormous eyes began to close slowly, her strong life force just moments ago beginning to fade. She was closing off her soul, and when it was fully closed off, she would lose her life forever. Outsiders who wished to rob a dragon of its life would have to pay a heavy price, but it was very simple for a dragon to take its own. Whether Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er or the Shangguan sisters, all parties present were extremely saddened in this moment. Such a strong and majestic lifeform was choosing to leave this world in this manner! How would they not be depressed?

“Duo Si, don’t.” A low and somewhat weak voice suddenly sounded out at this time.

Duo Si’s rapidly dispersing life force suddenly halted when this voice rang out. The humans all widened their eyes, and everyone’s gaze was focused on the enormous body on the ground. What was going on? What was happening?

In the next moment, an enormous and extremely frightening power suddenly exploded within Hui Yao’s body. An eye- searing red light erupted like a volcano and tore through all bindings. Great energy spewed forth in the air, and the terrifying power of the heavens dyed the vicinity red.

Duo Si’s closed eye suddenly snapped open as she lowered her head and looked at her husband’s body.

Hui Yao’s fallen body slowly began moving. He didn’t move quickly, but did so steadily. First to rise was his proud head, followed closely by his enormous body as he slowly stood up. The great dragon eyes opened slowly and thick, broad wings unfurled to embrace Duo Si. A strong life-force rose steadily as his domineering dragon aura exploded in this instant to soar to the skies.

Yes, he had come back! The dragon Hui Yao who’d once controlled the Lustre Spatial Realm had come back!

A remarkable energy emanated from Hui Yao’s body and transformed into five red rings, circling Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er, and the Shangguan Sisters in an instant.

All of them felt an odd pulse of energy drill into their brains via their foreheads, and their minds went blank in the next second.

There was no change to the power and strength in their bodies, but their spiritual energy was exploding beyond all of their expectations in this moment.

Hui Yao’s gaze landed on his wife’s body, finding her eyes and never looking away again. Duo Si’s life force began slowly rising again as her two claws gripped her husband tightly. She didn’t dare relax her hold on him for anything. She was so afraid that everything in front of her was just an illusion. However, as she felt the dragon aura grow and recover in Hui Yao’s body, she knew that her husband had come back at last. He’d returned to her side.

There was only one thought in their minds at the moment, and that it was wonderful to be alive. Even creatures who’d lived for tens of thousands of years as they still felt that life was terribly precious. Perhaps, it was even more so for them.

The red light slowly faded from the five youths, restoring the splendor in their eyes. They looked at each other with surprised delight as their spiritual strength seemed to have ascended to another level, and the strength of their souls as well. Zhou Weiqing was already at the nine-Jeweled stage, and he could vaguely feel that after this short enhancement in this short period of time, his spiritual strength had already risen to the level of a Heavenly Emperor’s. This held untold benefits for his cultivation to come, and would definitely be of enormous help for forming a Saint Core Nucleus in his future breakthrough.

With the strength of his soul combined with the power of his bloodline, he was confident that he wouldn’t be overcome even if he had to face up against a Heavenly Emperor’s aura now.

This was Hui Yao’s repayment for their help. He’d used the core power of the dragons to elevate the souls of Zhou Weiqing and the others. This was a highly consuming matter even for a dragon such as him, which could affect him to the core.

The recovery of life force, the completely revival of Hui Yao, Tian’er’s successful Ressurection Skill … not only that, but Hui Yao had also gained a trace of the Saint Energy, which held great benefits for him as well. Most importantly, he was back alive again, able to see his beloved wife and children again.

“Thank you, young humans. You saved my life. Thank you all.” Hui Yao’s gaze finally shifted from his wife and landed on Zhou Weiqing and the others. A great sense of gratitude exuded from the dragon couple. Although they didn’t say much, the raw emotions from two dragons was more than sufficient testimony.

“There is no need to thank us,”  Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “I just hope that you can continue to protect this Lustre Spatial Realm and not destroy it. That would be the greatest thanks to us.” Hui Yao looked closely at Zhou Weiqing. However, just as Duo Si who was by his side was about to to slowly nod in agreement, he shook his head. In a solemn tone, he said: “I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing and the others were taken aback, their expressions changing as they looked at Hui Yao with incomprehension. They’d just saved his life! Why wouldn’t he agree to this condition that really wasn’t much of anything at all?

Hui Yao continued staring at Zhou Weiqing, not a hint of compromise present in his gaze. “My children have been taken, and I must destroy this Lustre Spatial Realm for their sake. I can only save them if I leave here. Even though you’ve saved my life, that won’t stop me from saving them. I can at most return my life to you after I rescue my children.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew ugly, but he could not bring himself to voice any opposition. Indeed, if he was in Hui Yao’s position, as a father, how could he be willing to sit back if his children had been taken? He’d likely make the same decision himself!

“Is there no other way?” He smiled bitterly. “Or perhaps, we can rescue your children for you?” Hui Yao looked at Zhou Weiqing, a red light dancing in the dragon’s eyes. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was being seen quite through, and a faint layer of golden light appeared around him. It seemed to have sensed a threat to Zhou Weiqing and automatically appeared.

“This…   this  is  the  energy  saved  me!”   The  dragon  was astonished. “What, what attribute is it?”

“We call this the Saint Energy, it is actually refined from merging the four Saint Attributes: Divine, Time, Demonic and Spirit.” Zhou Weiqing didn’t hide anything.

Instantly, Hui Yao’s eyes lit up with a bright glow. “Saint Energy… for it to be refined from the four Saint Attributes…! But… how could this be? You’re just an ordinary human. And yet… perhaps it might actually be possible…”

Zhou Weiqing had been thrown for a bit of a loop by this seeming random response. “Senior, we’ll do our best to achieve your wishes as long as you don’t destroy this realm. Perhaps I’m not strong enough at the moment, but as long as I can coalesce a Saint Core Nucleus, I’m confident of being able to hold up against even a Heavenly Emperor. Let us humans resolve human matters. I’ll definitely try my best to save your children.” Hui Yao nodded slowly, the light in his eyes flickering. “Your strength is far from enough. Even I wouldn’t dare say with certainty that I’d get our children back. That power… it is simply too terrifying, it’s as if it’s from…” A trace of fear actually appeared in the mighty dragon’s eyes.

“From where?” Zhou Weiqing asked in surprise.

The dragon remained silent for a moment. “From the Nether Realm.”

Zhou  Weiqing  stared  blankly.  “Nether  Realm?  What’s  the Nether Realm?” Hui Yao heaved a deep sigh. “You all saved my life, so there’s no harm telling you. The Nether is a place. You could say it doesn’t exist in our world. You see, it’s a reality like the Lustre Spatial Realm, another parallel world. Only this place is much larger and much more terrifying than the Lustre Spatial Realm. There are many nether creatures there. There is no light there, only slaughter and destruction. Simply put, within the Nether ordinary nether creatures are much stronger than you human Six-Jeweled Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. If the Nether connects to your human world, your world will be thoroughly annihilated.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck by what the huge dragon, Hui Yao, had said. He’d never heard anything like that. His eyes shone with doubt.

Hui Yao of course could tell what Zhou Weiqing was thinking. “You don’t have to believe it,” he said flatly. The Nether Realm’s existence is real because the Lustre Spectre Realm was established by the Nether Realm. A hundred thousand years ago the Nether Realm barely managed to link up a portal to the human world. In those days there were a lot of huge powerful dragons like us, and with their help they managed to completely seal off the portal, and someone was assigned to guard it. Later us dragons took up guarding it. That’s why we rarely appeared in the world. The successive dragon clan leaders took charge guarding the Nether Realm. Us dragons paid a hefty price for guarding the Nether Realm. We were affected by energy from the Nether Realm, which made it difficult for future generations to procreate. So our ancestors set up the Lustre Spatial Realm and sent a young Dou Si and myself into it in order to preserve our dragon bloodline.”

Zhou Weiqing gasped. If what Hui Yao said was true, and the Nether Realm’s power was really what was behind the abduction of their children, then wasn’t the human world in danger?

“The force that caused a rift in space might have been from the Nether,” Hui Yao said. “Only the Lord of the Nether has the kind of power to rip open space. Even though it and the Nether creatures can’t come to our world, they can help its representative come here. It was they who captured my children. I don’t know what they want, but it won’t be good for you humans. Your cultivation is good for a human, especially your astonishing Saint Energy. However, I’m afraid it’s not near good enough to match the Nether Realm representative.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment. “What is the Nether Realm representative?” “Humans,”  Hui  Yao  said  without  hesitation.  Some  of  you humans thirst for power and will stop at nothing to get it. They can be tempted by the Lord of the Nether Realm and become his lackey. The Lord of the Nether Realm will give them a certain amount of power and have them assist the lord with
various tasks. When an opportunity appears they will help the Lord of the Nether Realm in his assault on the portal seal.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes shimmered. “So then our world is in danger. Those nether creatures definitely can’t come to our world, right?”

Hui Yao nodded. “As long as the seal is not broken even the almighty Lord of the Nether Realm will not be able to come to your world. The most he could do is rend space every now and then and teleport some energy fluctuations. And he will have to pay a large price to do it. So in order to prevent the portal to the Nether Realm from opening up you must first resolve the petty matters of your world. Dou Si and I leaving the Lustre Spatial Realm is not a bad thing for you humans. We have keen insight into the Nether. I’m a descendent of the dragon emperor. The power of the dragon emperor that flows through my bloodline veins can guide me to these existences.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled wryly. “But, once you leave here it will be a devastating blow for the entire human race. Perhaps you all don’t know, but there is a place called Heaven’s Expanse Palace on Heavenly Jewel Island within the Lustre Spatial Realm. At the south end of the island there is a huge city with a population of over ten million. Once the Lustre Spatial Realm is destroyed, the most populous city in the human world will
be no more. That’s why we have to do everything we can to stop you.”

Hui Yao’s eyes shut slightly as he thought. “There’s nothing else to be done,”  he said flatly. “Our children have not yet hatched. No matter what those people want to use my children for, they just have to wait until they hatch. But without our husband and wife’s powers there, no matter how they try to hasten it, it will still take about five years. It’s already been over half a year. If you can help us out here within three years, we will still have a chance.”

Shangguan Xue’er, off to the side, said, “Just tell us what you require and we’ll do our best. Do you have a way to get out of here without destroying the Lustre Spatial Realm?”

Hui  Yao  nodded.  “There’s  another  way  to  do  it  besides breaking through space. Teleportation. Forcefully tear open space and teleport us out. Just like they tore open space in the past to teleport the humans.” Zhou Weiqing gasped. “Won’t it take a hell of a lot of power to do that? I don’t know if even a Heavenly God Tier Powerhouse would be able to do it.”

“A lot of power is part of it,” Hui Yao said. “If you can find a Spatial Teleportation Gem you can cut down on a lot of power. You can use your Saint Energy to open the Spatial Teleportation Gem. I can give you a coordinate. Just cut the coordinates into the Spatial Teleportation Gem. I’m not really sure how to activate it. After all, the Spatial Teleportation Gem is an incredibly precious object from the ancient past.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Xue’er. “Do you know what that is?” The richest place on the mainland was Heaven’s Expanse Palace. There were countless treasures there. Maybe there was a Spatial Teleportation Gem there?

Unfortunately, Shangguan Xue’er shook her head. “I’ve never heard of such a thing. But if it exists in this world we have a chance to find it.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the gigantic dragon, Hui Yao. Even if the Nether Realm didn’t exist he would still do all he could to get it, so that the dragons wouldn’t destroy the Lustre Spatial Realm. But matters were very grave now. It was not as simple as the Nether Realm merely threatening ZhongTian City, but was now threatening the existence of the entire human race. What was he to say?

Zhou Little Fatty’s boldness emerged. He thought for a moment,  then  looked  at  Hui  Yao.  “Elder,”  he  said  gravely, “what do you think about this. We’ll do this one of two ways. You give three years to do all we can to find the Spatial Teleportation Gem, and at the same time begin evacuating the people of ZhongTian City. If we are really unable to locate a Spatial Teleportation Gem by then, then you two can break open the Lustre Spatial Realm. That will give us time to evacuate its inhabitants. Of course it’s best if we can find it. If so, I will be the first to open up space and get you out of here.”

Without a doubt this was the best course of action they could hope for.

Hui Yao nodded. When he saw the look in Zho Weiqing’s eyes he praised, “You are an intelligent human. We’ll do as you suggest. I’ll give you three years.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Thank you, elder. Well then, we mustn’t let time go to waste. We’re leaving at once to help you search.” “Wait,”  Hui Yao said. “Before you go, absorb some of my Heavenly Energy. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee I will be able to restrain my urge to go find my children.”

Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, but the dragon Hui Yao had already extended its dragon claw before him. Its eyes calm, but Zhou Weiqing knew what he intended. He smiled. “Then this junior will go ahead.”

Heavenly Jewel Island, Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang and Tianyue were standing before the Lustre Spatial Realm Opening Formation with awful looks on their faces.

Half a year had passed since Zhou Weiqing and them had entered the Lustre Spatial Realm. But there had been no activity whatsoever. The occasional energy fluctuations had not been as intense as before.

In a certain sense the existence of the Lustre Spatial Realm was clearly more important than the lives of Zhou Weiqing and the five of them. But, the three Shangguan sisters were the brothers’ only descendants! If they all perished in the Lustre Spatial Realm it would be a fatal blow to Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Plus there was Zhou Weiqing and Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue Aotian’s daughter. In the past WanShou Empire people had also entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, but were all expelled due to the danger. They returned to the WanShou Empire and told of Tian’er entering the Lustre Spatial Realm. If they all died there then before long Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya and Lord of Heavenly Snow Mountain Xue Aotian would likely come looking. Heaven’s Expanse Palace was mighty, but they didn’t dare gang up on the likes of them!

Shangguan Tianyue knitted her brows. “Big Brother, send someone in there to go see. It looks like things have calmed down in there now. If they’re alive we will find them. If dead, we will find their bodies!”

Shangguan  Tianyang  sighed.  “Second  Brother,  it’s  all  my fault. I shouldn’t have agreed to their requests and let them enter.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes flashed with a hint of deep worry. He shook his head. “That’s all over now. What’s done is done. We can only pray for our children. Big Brother, I…” Shangguan Tianyue, the Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, cut himself off there as his eyes welled up. Shangguan Tianyang didn’t know how to console him.

Suddenly, the Lustre Spatial Realm fluctuated violently and the two brothers looked at the golden light shooting out.

Lights and shadows flashed and five figures appeared in mid- air. Another flash of light and the five were before them. Zhou Weiqing was in front, smiling. Except, he clearly looked different than when he had entered before. With their cultivation the two brothers could sense in the moment he appeared before them an intimidating aura. This was a shock to them. No doubt, this kid had had some adventures in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

Their eyes swept over Zhou Weiqing and landed on the three Shangguan sisters. Shangguan Tianyue teared up when he saw they were unharmed and he was before them in a flash, arms wide open, hugging them close.

“You all finally made it out. You worried your father to death.”

The deep worry in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes was swept away and he smiled at Zhou Weiqing. “You bum, you have some luck. Looks like you made out okay this time!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed. “You could say we helped Heaven’s Expanse Palace resolve a big problem. You can count it as a dowry for Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er.” Shangguan Tianyang laughed. “You sly dog, you’re just not willing to pay the hundred million in cash, right? Okay. If the Lustre Spatial Realm’s danger has been averted then I’ll let you off.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled wryly. “It’s not completely settled.” He has just left the Lustre Spatial Realm, yet it was still very serious and he didn’t want to delay, so he quickly told Shangguan Tianyang all that had happened while they were in there.

Shangguan Tianyue soon came over and joined in listening to Zhou Weiqing’s story. The more they heard the more troubled they became, especially when he came to the part about the Nether Realm. They knitted their brows.

“Uncle, Father-in-law,” Zhou Weiqing said, “have you been to the Nether Realm? Does it really exist? It all sounds so mysterious to me.”

Shangguan Tianyang frowned. “That gigantic dragon is not lying. Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace elders mentioned the Nether Realm in their ancient records, but there was not much detail. We never thought anything of it before. If it’s really like that dragon says, then we’re in for some trouble.” “The Nether Realm is still far from us,” Zhou Weiqing said. “So let’s not worry about that for now. First let’s talk about the problem with the Lustre Spatial Realm. The dragon gave us three years, but that’s not really very long. Have either of you heard of a Spatial Teleportation Gem?”

Shangguan Tianyue shook his head, at a loss. Shangguan Tianyang, however, looked to be deep in thought. “I think I have read of it in some classical record. Well. You all go rest while I think carefully about where I read about it.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. After all that time in the Lustre Spatial Realm, they really did need a rest.

This time Zhou Weiqing didn’t stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island Hotel, but stayed in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace instead. However, perhaps by the three Shangguan sister’s arrangement, Tian’er was dragged off by them, and our dear Zhou Little Fatty had to stand guard in his room all by his lonesome.

Despite that, Zhou Weiqing didn’t show the slightest sign of dissatisfaction with regards to this point. Instead, he’d worn a lascivious leer when he parted from the four girls. It was no wonder he did so. After all, one had to know that he’d already completed Shangguan Tianyang’s demand.

After reviving Hui Yao, the dragon had offered to let Zhou Weiqing Devour his energy. As he continuously Devoured the dragon’s incredible power as well as the atmospheric energies within the Lustre Spatial Realm, not just his own, but even Tian’er and the three Shangguan sisters were completely filled with Saint Energy. The four ladies had broken through in their cultivation once again. Tian’er had reached the eight-Jeweled Stage and was close to creating her own circulation path.

The three Shangguan sisters didn’t possess any of the Saint Attributes and thus couldn’t create a similar circulation path for Saint Energy like Zhou Weiqing. However, since Shangguan Tianyan’s demands had already been met, Zhou Weiqing now had the right to marry the three sisters. This time, he was going to take them with him no matter what. It was only that he’d just left the Lustre Spatial Realm and hadn’t had time to bring it up to Shangguan Tianyang yet.

Zhou Weiqing already had his plans and although he no longer needed to Devour Heavenly Beasts, he still needed to make a trip to the Heavenly Snow Mountain after departing from here. According to Hui Yao’s words, and his experience with the terrifying destructive power in Hui Yao’s body previously, Zhou Weiqing had some speculations about the Nether Realm. Previously, when they’d been on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, Tian’er’s mother Phelia had gifted Zhou Weiqing the the
Nether State Skill. More importantly, from the conversations he had heard, she seemed to be keeping watch over a place, some sort of guard… and it was very likely connected to this Nether Realm. The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was the foremost powerhouse in the world, the only Heavenly God Tier
amongst humans. He was definitely the most likely one to know about the existence of the Nether Realm.

As for the Spatial Teleportation Gem, Zhou Weiqing currently did not think of looking for it by himself. After all, with his just his own strength alone, it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. It was more reliable to just ask the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to bring all its considerable resources to search for it. While they did so, he could still head to the Heavenly Snow Mountain and request the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord to help as well. If the two greatest Saint Lands in the world couldn’t find the Spatial Teleportation Gem, then it was likely it was even more impossible for him to find it on his own. If he really couldn’t find it, the only thing they could do would be to evacuate the citizens of the ZhongTian City. Although the destruction of the Heavenly Jewel Island would be an enormous blow to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the preparation period of three years should allow them to deal with it properly.

Early next morning, disciples from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace came to invite Zhou Weiqing to meet up with Shangguan Tianyang.

It was still that familiar palace, the ethereal white mist making it seem like a celestial realm on earth. The Shangguan Brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue were both present. The three Shangguan sisters and Tian’er were off to the side, looking rather close and familiar with each other, putting Zhou Weiqing at ease.

“Uncle,  father-in-law.”  Zhou  Weiqing  was  quickly  getting familiar with calling out these titles.

Somewhat to his surprise, his future father-in-law didn’t seem to reject these titles this time. However, the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters had somewhat stern expressions on their faces. “Have there been no clues?” Zhou Weiqing frowned.

“We  have  found  some  clues,  but  things  will  be  a  bit troublesome,” Shangguan Tianyang responded.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped as he snapped to attention. Shangguan Tianyang was after all the First Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, one of the Great Saint Lands in the mainland. If even he felt things were tricky, it could only mean that the Spatial Teleportation Gem could not be so easily obtained.

“My memories were correct,” Shangguan Tianyan recounted grimly. “There is indeed a record of the Spatial Teleportation Gem in my Palace’s ancient tomes. A Spatial Teleportation Gem once appeared, and it is the utmost treasure of the Xuantian Palace.”

“Xuantian Palace? What kind of place is that?” Zhou Weiqing was rather lost and confused. The five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland were the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Heavenly Snow Mountain, Passion Valley, Blood Red Hell and Heavenly Demon Sect. He had never heard of this Xuantian Palace. However, if this place wasn’t one of the Great Saint Lands, why would Shangguan Tianyang place such importance on it? Shangguan  Tianyang  continued:  “Even  I  wouldn’t  be  too familiar with this place, let alone you… If I hadn’t looked through the historic archives, I would not even have remembered this place.”  Pausing for a moment, he continued solemnly. “That is because the Xuantian Palace isn’t even on
the Boundless Mainland.”

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Tianyang in surprise and bewilderment.

“In truth, apart from our continent, in this world, there is another smaller continent far out on the seas, called the Xuantian Continent. Very few people know of it because of its great distance from the Boundless Mainland. The only reason we know about it is because their people once came to our lands and conflict erupted. That was was the reason why our archives recorded it. They also seem to have organizations similar to our Great Saint Lands, and the XuanTian Palace is their strongest one. The first time they came, they were defeated by an alliance between all five of the Great Saint Lands, but we could not cause them any serious problems because of the Spatial Teleportation Gem. In the end, we finally set a treaty that the two continents would not interfere with each other, and that powerhouses from the Great Saint Lands of each continent wouldn’t set foot on the other. However, this was a millennia ago, so even amongst the Great Saint Lands, very few know of the existence of the Xuantian Continent now.”

“There’s another continent entirely?”  Zhou Weiqing asked. “Is there a map? The oceans are so different from land. Setting aside the question of how many Heavenly Beasts there may be in the oceans between us, how can we even begin to attempt to reach the Xuantian Continent across the vast oceans if we don’t know where it is?”

“For that at least, you do not need to worry about it,” Shangguan  Tianyue  responded.  “We  once  seized  a  detailed maritime map from their hands and the position of the Xuantian Continent is clearly labeled. It’s a large landmass after all, not a mere island, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate. Even so, it is tens of thousands of miles away from us, so it won’t be easy to reach. Not to mention that the treaty we made is still in effect. If we send someone to find that Spatial Teleportation Gem, it would not only worsen relations between the two continents, it could possibly start a war. We already have many matters to attend to in the Boundless Mainland, and it might be unwise to make more enemies.”

Zhou Weiqing was quick witted and immediately understood what the ramifications of what the brothers were saying, as well as their subtle hidden meaning. He chuckled and cut straight to the chase. “I’ll go. I’m not part of any of the Great Saint Lands, and my goal is more humble. Even if I can’t steal or rob them, I can still try to borrow it right?”

Of course, in his mind, there was no difference between this ‘borrowing’ and taking without a word.

Shangguan Tianyue was quite satisfied with this response and revealed the trace of a smile. Although his future son-in- law wasn’t a match for his daughter in the looks department, there were few peers in the younger generation that could measure up to his abilities.

Chapter234 Eradicating a Heavenly King! Little Fatty’s Power

Shangguan Tianyang stared at Zhou Weiqing, then said in a low  voice:  “Weiqing,  for  the  sake  of  the  Heaven’s  Expanse Palace and for the sake of this continent’s very survival, I’m not going to stand on ceremony any longer. I have to admit that you are the most suitable person for this matter.”

Zhou Weiqing rubbed his head, then said, “But… there’s honestly a lot of things I need to handle. I probably won’t be able to head out just yet.”

Shangguan Tianyang said, “The Xuantian Continent is tens of thousands of kilometers away from us, and Xuantian Palace is also incredibly strong. To ‘take food from the tiger’s mouth’ from them won’t be easy. You will need a great deal of time, so I hope you begin to act as soon as possible. As for your other matters, leave them to us. This old man swears to you as the Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace that before you return, I absolutely will not permit the Heavenly Bow Empire to suffer any harm at all. I’ll also take care of your father’s safety. Once you return, I’ll send people to support you in restoring the kingdom and in rescuing your family members. Before you go, Tianyue and I will also officially engage you to Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er. What do you think?” Shangguan Tianyang’s words were extremely enticing to Zhou Weiqing. He had never imagined that the Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace would be so straightforward! Without question, Zhou Weiqing’s worries were centered around his family and the Heavenly Bow Empire. With this promise from Heaven’s Expanse Palace, he now had nothing to fear.

He had never imagined that his marriage to the three Shangguan sisters would be approved so handily as well. As he saw it, there was definitely no problem with him marrying Bing’er, and he had a chance at Fei’er, but Shangguan Xue’er? Who was she? She was the heir and successor to the Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace! If he was going to be officially engaged to her, then that meant that Shangguan Tianyang was virtually handing over half of Heaven’s Expanse Palace into his hands. In other words, the old man had shown the greatest amount of sincerity possible. It wasn’t really a ‘conditional offer’; something like this could only be described as ‘sincerity’. Zhou Weiqing was truly surprised that Shangguan Tianyang would act in such a way towards a junior like himself.

The nearby Shangguan Fei’er couldn’t help but say: “Senior Uncle, does Weiqing really have to go? We have no idea what is going on in the Xuantian Continent. It’ll be very dangerous!” The other three women had ugly looks on their faces as well. Shangguan Tianyang let out sigh. “Weiqing might not be a truly supreme powerhouse, but his future potential is limitless. This is especially true now that he has Saint Energy. Now that he has changed a misfortune into a blessing and broken through to the nine-Jeweled stage, on the whole he’s just as strong as any Heavenly Emperor powerhouse. He’s also extremely young. It’ll be easy for him to hide himself in the Xuantian Continent and he won’t be easily noticed. That’s why I cannot think of a better choice than him.”

Shangguan Tianyang was telling the truth. Although there were some other powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters outside the five Great Saint Lands, such as Zhou Weiqing’s master the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, they were incredibly rare. It would be very hard and time-consuming to find them, and even if they were found these Heavenly Emperor powerhouses wouldn’t necessarily agree to act on the behalf of Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Moreover, Zhou Weiqing was agile, clever, knew many survival techniques, and could use Saint Energy. There was no way the others could compare to him in these regards. He was also on extremely good terms with Heaven’s Expanse Palace!

Zhou Weiqing chortled. “I agree that I’m the best suited. Since you’ve made the request, Uncle, I’ll move as fast as I can. I’ll put down everything else I’m working on and head straight to the Xuantian Continent to take back that Spatial Teleportation Gem. However, I cannot guarantee that I will succeed. You need to make backup preparations at Heavenly Jewel Island and ZhongTian City.”

When Shangguan Tianyang heard Zhou Weiqing accept, his face revealed a hint of a smile. “Weiqing, thanks in advance for the hard work. This matter involves our palace’s very survival. Once we lose Heavenly Jewel Island, we’ll soon no longer be considered the number one Great Saint Land of this continent. If there’s anything you need done, just leave it to us.”

Zhou  Weiqing  shook  his  head.  “Aside  from  handling  the dangers facing the Heavenly Bow Empire and my family members in Heavenly Bow City, there’s nothing else I need done. I’ll go by myself right away. You can simply update me on the situation a bit later.”

“Unacceptable!” Right at this moment, all four of the woman shouted the same thing simultaneously.

Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue, the two brothers, couldn’t help but stare at them in astonishment.

The four women’s faces reddened slightly. In the end, it was the lively Shangguan Fei’er who gave the reason why. She gave Zhou  Weiqing  a  hard  look,  then  said:  “This  guy  is  a  total playboy. What if he brings more girls back from the Xuantian Continent? That’s why we have to go with him.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s face sank. “What nonsense! All of you are members of the Great Saint Lands. Are you going to have us go back on our word and the first to break our vows? Moreover, sending additional people will make us more conspicuous. If Weiqing goes by himself, he’ll also be able to slip away much more easily. He’s also already reached the nine- Jeweled stage. This experience is also a chance for him to establish his path for advancing to become a Heavenly King.”

Shangguan Fei’er pouted unhappily, but she was rather afraid of her Senior Uncle and didn’t dare to say anything else.

Right at this moment, Shangguan Bing’er suddenly summoned all her courage and walked forward: “I’ll go with Little Fatty. I don’t belong to the Saint Lands, I’ve never promised to join the Heaven’s expanse Palace, and I didn’t grow up here either.”  After saying these words, she lowered her head in embarrassment. She had already been apart from Zhou Weiqing for three years. She truly did not wish to part with him again. The nearby Shangguan Xue’er nodded. “I agree that having Bing’er go with Weiqing is more suitable. She can take watch over him and take care of his food and lodging. Bing’er is also skilled in speed; if anything dangerous happens, she would be able to escape alongside Weiqing.”

As she said this, she turned to glance at the nearby Tian’er. Her opinion clearly carried a great deal of weight. If she insisted that she was going to go with Zhou Weiqing, it wouldn’t be easy for Heaven’s Expanse Palace to stop her. Once she joined forces with Zhou Weiqing, both would be strengthened.

Something unexpected happened. Tian’er actually nodded and said to Zhou Weiqing, “Letting Bing’er go with you is a good choice. However… Bing’er, don’t be too merciful. Don’t let this bad man bring another one back! I’ll go back to Heavenly Snow Mountain to visit Father.”  The final sentence was aimed at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head. “I’m fine with whoever wants go with me.”

Shangguan Xue’er said, “After you go, Fei’er and I will go to the Heavenly Bow Empire.” Zhou Weiqing naturally didn’t know that the reason why Tian’er didn’t insist on going with him to the Xuantian Continent was partially because the Saint Energy inside his body had already formed a perfect loop; there was now no longer any worry that it would wither away. The second, more important reason was because she wanted to demonstrate her friendship towards the three Shangguan sisters.

Without question, none of the four could bear to part with Zhou Weiqing. Three of them were sisters of the Shangguan family! Tian’er had the feeling that she was all by herself, and so it was important to her for her to build up good relationships with the others. Bing’er had also met Zhou Weiqing before she did. Although she wasn’t really happy about this, in the end she managed to accept it.

Shangguan Tianyang nodded. “Excellent. It is settled, then! Weiqing, Bing’er, the two of you follow me. I’ll tell you all the details of the situation in the Xuantian Continent.”

They stayed at Heaven’s Expance Palace for a few more days. Zhou Weiqing disposed of all the things he needed to address, engaging in multiple secret conversations with Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue. As for what they discussed? Not even the three Shangguan sisters knew. However, they could guess that it had something to do with the destructive energies.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Tianyang to escort Tian’er back to Heavenly Snow Mountain. Although Tian’er was at a level of cultivation where she didn’t really need an escort, she was pregnant with Zhou Weiqing’s child! Zhou Weiqing just felt uneasy when he wasn’t by her side.

As for the Heavenly Bow Empire, Zhou Weiqing sent several letters addressed to Ming Yu, Hua Feng, and the others which he had the Shangguan sisters deliver. Now that the two Head Drillmasters Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er were headed back, Zhou Weiqing wasn’t too worried about the situation there. He wasn’t really good at war or commanding troops; leaving these matters to Ming Yu and the others was far better than him handling it personally.

On the dawn of the third day, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er secretly left Heavenly Jewel Island, departed from Zhongtian City, and began to hurry eastwards.

Zhou Weiqing was pulling Shangguan Bing’er by the hand, and every so often she would look at his rather ashen face. “Little Fatty, are you uncomfortable?” Zhou Weiqing smiled. “I’m fine! My body’s in perfect shape. Why would I be uncomfortable?” There was naturally no way he would tell her that in recent days, Tian’er had ‘squeezed him dry’ on the bed due to his impending departure. She had taught him a thorough lesson! But of course, to Zhou Weiqing
this ‘punishment’ was a wonderful and pleasurable experience.

After leaving Zhongtian City, Zhou Weiqing released his Ghost Demon Horse and let Shangguan Bing’er ride in front of him. He himself wrapped his arm around her slender waist from behind while spurring the Ghost Demon Horse to gallop on the road eastwards.

According to the map which Shangguan Tianyang had given him, the Xuantian Continent was located east of their continent, and so they had to enter the ocean via the easternmost Mi Ou Empire and then keep pushing east.

For the sake of ensuring this mission’s success, Heaven’s Expanse Palace had not been stingy at all. Shangguan Tianyang had given Zhou Weiqing many fine things that were meant to handle all sorts of problems.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely curious about the Xuantian Continent. It was a distant land past the seas, and it had been a thousand years since there had been any communication between it and the Boundless Mainland. The Xuantian Continent was definitely a very special place… and it would be no easy feat for anyone to steal one of the greatest treasures from a place like that!

After travelling just thirty or so kilometers out of Zhongtian City, Zhou Weiqing suddenly forced his Ghost Demon Horse to slow down. He lowered his head, resting his chin against Shangguan Bing’er’s neck. His warm breath blew across her earlobes, causing her to feel itchy. She whispered, “Little Fatty, what are you doing?”

Zhou Weiqing laid a gentle kiss against her tender cheeks. Just as Shangguan Bing’er was beginning to think that this bad man was about to resort to his usual tricks, he suddenly whispered something into her ears. Her slender body trembled, and the charming look in her eyes instantly vanished.

The Ghost Demon Horse once more accelerated, but just a second later Zhou Weiqing suddenly disappeared from the back of the horse. Without any warning at all, he appeared in the air above a nearby copse of trees, then slammed both hands down. A terrifying blue light instantly came out of his hands, producing a purple-blue cloud of light. Thousands of Lightning Pearls instantly appeared, blanketing a spherical area of hundreds of meters. It must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing’s Flying Lightning God was now on a completely different level compared to the past. As his Heavenly Energy had been transformed into Saint Energy, all of his techniques were activated via Saint Energy.

The nucleus of every single Lightning Pearl was filled with dim, silvery-white light. When the thousands of Lightning Pearls exploded at the same time, they instantly tore the very air itself apart. Within that area of hundreds of meters, an enormous black hole appeared. Dimensional space itself had been obliterated by those thousands of exploding Lightning Pearls!

Right! Zhou Weiqing had sensed someone following him and Bing’er early on. In fact, he had sensed this person as soon as he had left Heavenly Jewel Island. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had fused his Saint Energy and his Ice Cold Perception together, he never would’ve been able to discover those two hidden, faint auras. These two auras had followed from behind ever since he left Zhongtian City, and the faint murderous feelings emanating from them made Zhou Weiqing certain that they were not coming with good intentions. Thus, he had lured them here and then suddenly attacked. As soon as Zhou Weiqing attacked, Shangguan Bing’er had drawn the Ghost Demon Horse into her ring. A pair of enormous wings appeared behind her back, and with a flick of her wings she instantly vanished. That way, she wouldn’t be hit by Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying Flying Lightning God

Two haggard-looking figures were blasted out of the area where the Flying Lightning God had just exploded. They immediately unleashed an awesome aura of destruction, preventing more of the terrifying explosive power from hitting them.

Their bodies were emanating red-colored Heavenly Energy with the aura of the Destruction-attribute. Zhou Weiqing didn’t need to ask who they were; he knew they had to be powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell. He never would’ve thought that during the entire half year he had spent at Heavenly Jewel Island, the Blood Red Hell had kept people stationed at Zhongtian City the entire time. Without question, their goal was to kill him. And… Zhou Weiqing was able to sense their levels.

Heavenly Kings! These two people secretly following him were Heavenly King powerhouses. Indeed. Even the powerful Dan Dun Battle Team of the Blood Red Hell with its two promising young eight-Jeweled Destruction-attribute powerhouses had been defeated by Zhou Weiqing. If they wanted to be certain of killing him, their best chance lay in sending Heavenly King powerhouses.

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had only sensed that the people following him from behind were not weak. He never would’ve imagined that the two were actually Heavenly Kings! Although they were only low level Heavenly Kings, they remained Heavenly King powerhouses! As he laughed bitterly to himself, he continued to press the assault.

Heavenly Kings possessed the ability to fly. It wasn’t very realistic for him to try and escape them, as that would only result in death. Zhou Weiqing was different from the past! Although his set of Consolidated Equipment wasn’t complete, as a nine-Jeweled expert he was no longer the same Zhou Little Fatty who had been completely unable to resist Heavenly Kings at all.

The Hate Ground No Handle equipment instantly appeared on his body. As the Flying Lightning God exploded, Zhou Weiqing didn’t pause at all in immediately charging towards one of the two Heavenly Kings of the Blood Red Hell. It had to be said that the two Heavenly King powerhouses looked to be in a sorry state. Holes had been blasted into their clothes by that terrifying explosion! Zhou Weiqing had simply moved too fast and had given them no warning at all, while the Flying Lightning God had been far more powerful than they had imagined. If it wasn’t for the fact that Heavenly King
powerhouses were able to vaguely sense danger, causing them
to immediately unleash their own Consolidated Equipment, they probably would’ve immediately suffered severe injuries.

Even so, their situation was still grim. That explosive Lightning-attribute energy was causing wild havoc within their bodies, and the powerful numbing sensation caused their movements to be slowed. What astonished them the most was that their Destruction-attribute energy was actually unable to withstand the surging Lightning energy. How could they not be stunned by this?

The twisting light almost instantly shone upon one of the Heavenly King powerhouses. Zhou Weiqing’s Blink skill was unleashed in a seamless, perfect fashion.

The Heavenly King powerhouse felt his entire body tense up as though everything around him seemed to slow down, while Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers came smashing down directly at his head. Absolute Delay! Now that it was being used by Saint Energy, it was even more powerful than Zhou Weiqing could imagine. Even a Heavenly King powerhouse had no immunity whatsoever against his Absolute Delay. The Heavenly King powerhouse was only able to struggle to lift up his arms, using the longsword in his hand to block against Zhou Weiqing’s
Dual Hammers.

Alas, right at this moment, he saw Zhou Weiqing’s eyes shoot out twin beams of purple-red light. The strange thing was, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had also instantly turned purple-red in color!

This had all happened without any warning. A beam of purple-red light suddenly shot out of the Crying-face Hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, shining down upon the Heavenly King. Under the effects of Absolute Delay, the Heavenly King had no chance to dodge at all. His Consolidated Equipment suddenly and silently vanished, and so he now had nothing he could use against Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers. Faced with tremendous danger, all he could do was to cross his arms and sluggishly attempt to defend against the oncoming strike.

BOOM! He let out a miserable scream as his arms were instantly torn apart into bloody bits of flesh by Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers. He still only had five pieces of the Hate Earth No Handle, which meant that they only multiplied his power by thirty-two times, but it must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing was now at the nine-Jeweled level. In other words, it was a nine-Jeweled level of power which was multiplied. This was thirty-two times the power of a nine-Jeweled Strength- type Physical Jewel, not the original six-Jeweled level. What did this mean? It meant that even a Heavenly King powerhouse who had lost his equipment and had to face this head-on would suffer miserably!

The Dual Hammers had destroyed his arms, then delivered a vicious blow to the Heavenly King’s chest. His body was smashed into the ground, caving in the dirt beneath him. The Heavenly King spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he was still alive for now thanks to his mighty power, Zhou Weiqing’s strike had thoroughly and heavily wounded him.

Even Zhou Weiqing himself was stunned by this, to say nothing of this Heavenly King. He never would’ve imagined that a Heavenly King powerhouse would crumple like paper before his strikes. Even if his attack was very powerful and very sudden, his opponent was still a Heavenly King! How was it that his foe had folded so easily before his strikes?

Right at this moment, a terrifying ripple of power coming from behind him caused him to feel a sense of shock. Not hesitating at all, Zhou Weiqing spun in midair as he spun his Dual Hammers, a dense stream of silver light that forming a ‘shield’ behind him.

A loud explosion rang out. The sudden attack had actually been blocked by his shield of silver light! The powerful stab had sent sparks flying everywhere, but it was unable to breach the shield which Zhou Weiqing had Consolidated using Spatial Rend technique. The attacker was the second Heavenly King powerhouse!

When the second Heavenly King had seen as his comrade was heavily injured by a single blow from Zhou Weiqing, he had immediately felt a sense of amazement. He wasn’t even able to see or understand how Zhou Weiqing had done this!

Two streaks of azure light suddenly shot out from the skies above, sweeping downwards. It was a pair of enormous wings, and it was like an azure tornado had suddenly swept across the Heavenly King.

Zhou Weiqing lifted up his Dual Hammers, shooting out yet another streak of purple-red light. Just now, he had used the same beam of light to dispose of the first Heavenly King. He was going to use the same technique again. What was it? It was the Dragon Silencing Seal, which had been used without first accumulating power at all!

The dazzling purple-red light flashed and then vanished almost instantly. The Heavenly King had just lifted up his longstaff to block the descending attack from Shangguan Bing’er, but all of a sudden he realized that his Consolidated Equipment had melted away.

However, he still had a few pieces of equipment left which he had used before the purple-red light had arrived. An enormous illusion of a turtle instantly formed behind him, glowing with thick red light that was intermixed with terrifying Destruction-attribute energy which formed a barrier of light which knocked away the attack from Shangguan Bing’er.

However, in the next moment his technique vanished alongside the rest of his Consolidated Equipment. Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers had instantly appeared before him as well!

The Heavenly King finally understood why his comrade had been heavily wounded by Zhou Weiqing. This youth who they were targeting was able to instantly employ techniques without needing to build up power first. Worse, his techniques were vastly more powerful than they had imagined. Nine-Jeweled? How could he be nine-Jeweled?! Wasn’t this target supposed to be just six-Jeweled?

Alas, there was no time for him to ponder these questions. In fact, he was given no chance to do anything at all. His entire body stiffened as countless streams of light simultaneously shot down upon him, and in that instant he discovered that they had transformed into a powerful binding force which immediately began to crush away at every single part of his body. He was a Heavenly King powerhouse, but he was actually unable to unleash any attacks at all!

Shangguan Bing’er was able to see everything perfectly. Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had been used in conjunction with the Fetters of Wind, Absolute Delay, and Touch of Darkness. These techniques fell upon the Heavenly King in succession, causing it so that even the arms he wanted to use to defend against Zhou Weiqing immediately froze in position.

However, Heavenly King powerhouses were still Heavenly King powerhouses. The Heavenly King’s movements had been completely restricted and the Dual Legendary Hammers were crashing down towards his head, but Zhou Weiqing suddenly saw the man’s eyes become filled with a berserk aura of Destruction-energy. “Not good.” He once more used his Blink skill, no longer caring about attacking this opponent. Zhou Weiqing instantly reappeared next to Shangguan Bing’er. He pulled her into his arms, then unfurled the wings of his Dragon-Tiger Transformation behind him to completely protect Shangguan Bing’er.

Just as he finished doing this, a surge of power filled with madness and Destruction-attribute energy suddenly exploded behind him. The Heavenly King from the Blood Red Hell instantly transformed to become a terrifying blood red color, then exploded in terrifying fashion. A ball of red fire exploded forth from his Dantian, then flew straight towards Zhou Weiqing’s back.

He had actually managed to break free from the bindings of the Dragon Silencing Seal. This was because he had actually chosen to self-detonate, blowing up his Heavenly Core Nucleus! This was definitely the most powerful strike a Heavenly King powerhouse could unleash, and the aura of this strike was such that there was no way Zhou Weiqing could flee from it with Shangguan Bing’er.

The Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell who had chosen to self-detonate his Core Nucleus had an insane look in his eyes. He had no choice but to do this. His comrade was clearly incapable of fighting any further, while he himself was unable to block Zhou Weiqing’s bizarre attacks. Rather than let Zhou Weiqing kill him, he would rather fight to the very end. The Blood Red Hell had a secret technique that could allow someone to survive even a self-detonation of a Heavenly Core Nucleus, but it would take him ten years in order to slowly rebuild his body again. This was an agonizing price to pay, but it was much better than being killed.

When Heavenly Jewel Masters fought, they would generally try to end the battles quickly even if they were stronger than their foes. Unless you were significantly more powerful, if your foe managed to seize the initiative with his techniques he could end up killing you in a short period of time. Thus, he chose to immediately use a suicide attack to try and kill his foe.

His flaming red Heavenly Core Nucleus smashed directly into Zhou Weiqing’s back, causing terrifying Destruction flames to instantly erupt and cover both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, who was protected within his twin wings.

As for the Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell, he collapsed to the ground, his entire body covered with countless bleeding wounds. The giant bloody hole in his Dantian was the most terrifying of all. All he was able to do was to just barely use the final scraps of his Heavenly Energy to try and seal his blood vessels. At the Heavenly King level, if you didn’t instantly die then you could have a chance to survive even if you lost all of your blood.

However… his movements suddenly froze as a golden light appeared before him, filled with an aura of sharpness. The terrifying Destruction-attribute attack had been so powerful that not even Heavenly Kings would’ve been able to tolerate it. And yet, the attack began to dissipate with incredible speed, revealing the unharmed figure of someone who should’ve been burnt to a crisp. A dazzling golden light had formed a membrane around his body, preventing any of the terrifying destructive power of the Heavenly Core Nucleus detonation from bypassing it.

“T-this is impossible...”  the Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly King rasped hoarsely. His disbelieving eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Silver light flashed. A light swishing sound could be heard, followed by the head of the first (and heavily-injured) Heavenly King being severed from his neck. Silver Emperor Wing Slash!

There was no way that Zhou Weiqing would make the second mistake twice. He chose to start with killing the first wounded Heavenly King, who was also in a state of disbelief. He certainly wasn’t able to endure a second Heavenly Core Nucleus detonation! The fiery light and the golden light vanished at the same time. Zhou Weiqing released his two wings which had been wrapped around Shangguan Bing’er, a strange smile appearing at the corner of his lips. It seemed as though his opponent was now unable to fight back. In fact, the Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly King was no longer even able to staunch his blood loss.

“I’ve always been a really kind person. I know you are very puzzled, so I’ll won’t let you die and become an ignorant ghost. The thing I used to block your self-detonation was a defensive technique included in my cultivation technique which is known  as  the  Immortal  Deity  Shield.  See  ya.”  As  his  final words came out, he remorselessly struck out with the crying- head hammer and smashed the Heavenly King’s head into a pulp.

Shangguan Bing’er stared at the gruesome sight before her, her face rather pale. Her eyes, however, were only filled with amazement. She turned to stare disbelievingly at Zhou Weiqing: “T-they were Heavenly King powerhouses?”

She couldn’t be blamed for her disbelief. It must be remembered that her most important memories were of the Zhou Little Fatty who had become a Jewel Master alongside her! Back then, he had known nothing about Jewel Masters at all and needed to be taught so many things. But now, just a few short years later, he had eradicated two Heavenly King powerhouses with his Dual Hammers as easily as cutting cabbage. Not even a Heavenly Core Nucleus explosion had been able to injure him in the slightest. What sort of power was this?!

Zhou Weiqing panted loudly as he listened to her question, a streak of blood trickling out of his mouth. He was every bit as shocked as she was! Before this battle just now, if anyone had told him that he would be able to dominate and defeat a pair of low level Heavenly Kings, he would’ve thought that person to be insane. And yet, the truth was right in front of them. Those two low level Heavenly Kings hadn’t even given him too much pressure.

W-was this the power of Saint Energy? A sense of deep understanding slowly began to rise within Zhou Weiqing’s heart as a marvelous feeling suffused his entire body. He ignored the two corpses and shouted, “Bing’er, let’s go. You control the horse!”

Shangguan Bing’er immediately released the Ghost Demon Horse. The two once more mounted the horse, with Zhou Weiqing handing over control of the horse to Shangguan Bing’er. He himself held onto her slender waist, eyes closed as he entered a state of meditation. That battle had seemed to be very fast and very simple, with Zhou Weiqing gaining a complete victory, but in truth he had immediately used all his power from the very start. This had allowed him to catch his opponents off-guard. Otherwise, there was no way he could’ve so easily defeated a pair of Heavenly Kings attacking in concert.

The other reason for his victory had been the Dragon Silencing Seal. He hadn’t needed to accumulate power, nor was a Heavenly Skill Image manifested. And yet, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that its power had increased tenfold. The two Dragon Silencing Seals had caused the two Heavenly Kings to temporarily lose their Consolidated Equipment and their Stored Skills. This was what had swung the fight!

After his Saint Energy was able to form a continuous loop, Zhou Weiqing realized that when he used the energy it gained some different properties, especially when activating techniques which produced a Heavenly Skill Image. Right! Even the Destruction-attribute members of the Dan Dun Battle Team had been able to avoid their Heavenly Skill Images clashing. What he was using was Saint Energy. Of course he could do the same!

He carefully meditated on everything. Soon, he discovered that his powerful skills could apparently be used in two different modes. The first mode was the old mode which could be used after accumulating energy. The second was instant mode!

Instant mode wasn’t very powerful and it was roughly on par with his previous level of power, but its advantage lay in how the skills could be instantly used! Skills like the Dragon Silencing Seal might only be able to affect the foe for five seconds when instantly cast, but that was more than enough to gain victory.

The reason why the two Heavenly Kings had died by Zhou Weiqing’s hands was all thanks to his Saint Energy. As a nine- Jeweled master, when he converted his Saint Energy and used it to cast techniques there were only strengths and no weaknesses when compared to actual Heavenly Kings. Saint Energy didn’t conflict with any attributes while dramatically strengthening all techniques. Although Zhou Weiqing had yet to form a Saint Core Nucleus, as a nine-Jeweled expert with Saint Energy he was able to fight Heavenly Kings as equals. This was why Saint Energy was described as the most powerful type of energy in the world!

As for the self-detonating Heavenly Core Nucleus of that Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell, it had brought Zhou Weiqing quite a bit of trouble. Alas, that attack had primarily been fire-based, while Zhou Weiqing himself had fire immunity. Moreover, this was the first time he realized just how powerful the Immortal Deity Shield was.

When he had first gained the Immortal Deity Shield, he had felt that it was nothing more than an ordinary defensive technique. After upgrading it to the second stage, it didn’t seem to become that much more powerful either. But… after he had fully mastered the Immortal Deity Shield, he discovered that its defensive prowess was so great that it could actually compare to the Assembly Set Shield of Lin TianAo!

It must be remembered that when a Heavenly King self- detonated his Heavenly Core Nucleus, even other Heavenly Kings would have to flee the attack. Zhou Weiqing had actually taken the strike head-on. He might have been injured, but his injuries were light. Just a short while later, he had already recovered considerably. His intrinsically strong body now healed faster than ever thanks to the Saint energy.

Zhou Weiqing began to carefully evaluate his current level of power. He felt certain that based on his current strength, he was actually able to compare to a middle level Heavenly King! In fact, he even had a chance to fight against high level Heavenly Kings. Didn’t this mean that once he formed his Saint Core Nucleus, he would be able to battle even Heavenly Emperors?

Within this brief span of half a year, he truly had undergone some earth-shaking changes. It was precisely because Shangguan Tianyang saw all of this that he had so stubbornly chosen for Zhou Weiqing to go to the Xuantian Continent as their best agent.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing didn’t realize that his skyrocketing power had an important connection to the great dragon Hui Yao. If it hadn’t been for the great dragon using his own Dragon Soul to enhance their spiritual strength, how could Zhou Weiqing have improved so quickly? He might not even be able to control his energies! Alas, he didn’t have enough time to overhaul all of the Consolidated Equipment he could now use. Otherwise, given how his strength was being multiplied so much by the Hate Ground No Handle set, he truly would be able to face high level Heavenly Kings without being at a disadvantage.

In other words, after leaving the Lustre Spatial Realm Zhou Weiqing could now be considered a powerhouse of this era.

Shangguan Bing’er leaned into Zhou Weiqing’s warm embrace as she sent the Ghost Demon Horse galloping forwards, her heart filled with serenity and warmth. Only one thought was in her mind: her Little Fatty had actually become very powerful!

During the next half month of travel, the two rarely dismounted to rest. It was all thanks to the Ghost Demon Horse’s endurance that they were able to continue traveling at a gallop for such long periods of time. During this half month, Zhou Weiqing spent most of his time in a rather dazed state as he continued to ponder and meditate. Shangguan Bing’er didn’t disturb him, simply ensuring that he was fed and clothed properly. What caused her to not know whether to laugh or cry was the fact that although he spent all his days in a meditative state, every single night he would immediately become as active and eager as a lusty dragon or a lively tiger…

Chapter235 Sumeru Ring, Sea Emperors Shuttle

The single-horned Ghost Demon Horse was indeed moving astonishingly fast, and as it galloped forwards Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er followed the fastest route out of the Zhongtian Empire and entered the Mi Ou Empire. They didn’t pause at all as they crossed through the eastern provinces, finally reaching the strategic town of the Blue Ocean City, located on the eastern shores of the Mi Ou Empire.

They had spent nearly twenty days travelling. Although Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had been travelling at maximum speed, this had been an extremely important period of time for Zhou Weiqing. He had made use of this period of time to slowly fuse together all of the powers he had gained within the Lustre Spatial Realm, making it so that he could make complete use of that power.

In addition, he realized that although he didn’t have any follow-up cultivation techniques which would allow him to continue to train his Saint Energy, it didn’t even seem necessary. Now that the Saint Energy had formed a perfect cycle, it would continuously loop through the cycle and draw upon the atmospheric energy of heaven and earth to replenish itself, strengthening his body in the process. The Saint Energy in his body was growing denser and denser. This upgrade process was slow but extremely stable. Zhou Weiqing even had the vague feeling that if he wished to form his Saint Core Nucleus, all he needed was to keep accumulating energy like this.

The two of them purchased large quantities of food and beverages at Blue Ocean, placing them within a Spatial Ring inlaid with a silver gem. This ring was one of the many treasures which Zhou Weiqing had acquired from Heaven’s Expanse Palace. When he saw the agonized look on Shangguan Tianyang’s face, he had felt rather puzzled. It was just a ring, right? Heaven’s Expanse Palace was extremely wealthy. Why would it care about a ring?

But after he actually used his Saint Energy to probe the ring and understand just how powerful it was, he completely understood why Shangguan Tianyang, an exalted Palace Master of Heaven’s Expanse Palace, would have such a pained look on his face.

This Spatial Ring was called the Sumeru Ring, and it was able to contain an entire mountain within it! Simply put, if he wanted to use this ring to store grain, he would be able to keep an army of a hundred thousand soldiers fully fed for half a year without needing to be resupplied. The insides of Spatial Rings were completely sealed off from the outside world and were composed of perfect vacuums, making it very difficult for food placed inside to rot away.

Any item could become priceless if upgraded to the maximum level possible. The Sumeru Ring was no exception. It was likely that there was no finer Spatial Ring in all the Boundless Mainland. Obviously, it was unlikely that Zhou Weiqing would be willing to give up an item like this now that it was in his hands. This was why Shangguan Tianyang had such a helpless and pained look on his face! However, Zhou Weiqing was heading to the Xuantian Continent strictly for the sake of helping Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Compared to the Heavenly Jewel Island, this ring was nothing at all. After all, no one could be sure how much time would be needed to traverse the great sea. With this ring, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er could sail the seas for years without worrying about running out of food.

After buying enough food, water, vegetables, and fruits, the two of them departed from the Blue Ocean City and headed towards the shore.

It was dusk. The stars glittered in the skies, while the bright moon’s reflection could be seen from in the waters of the sea. The moon illuminated the waves, bringing a special sense of peace and quiet. As the two stared into the endless seas, they felt as though their hearts had become just as boundless.

This was their first time seeing the sea. No mere human construct could ever compare to the stunning natural majesty of the ocean.

Shangguan Bing’er leaned against Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, a dreamy look in her eyes. “A bright moon above the seas. This is such a beautiful image.”

Zhou Weiqing chortled and said, “We’re probably going to be spending months on these seas. By then, you probably won’t think it is all that beautiful. I can’t even imagine how many dangers are lurking within the ocean, waiting for us.”

Shangguan Bing’er rolled her eyes at him. “You jerk. You have no sense of romance. Let’s head out right now. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can return.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. He took a deep breath of the briny sea wind then waved his hand. The Sumeru Ring on his hand began to glow, followed by a strange object falling into the ground before them with a plonk. The moon cast a pale glow across this object, which reflected the beautiful moonlight. It was roughly seven meters long and had two narrow ends and a round center. It was completely translucent and looked almost like an enormous crystal which had been carved into the shape of an enormous date seed. It
had been engraved with certain special runes that looked like those of strange sea beasts, none of which Zhou Weiqing or Shangguan Bing’er had ever seen before.

Even Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel intoxicated as he stared at this thing. Regardless of its use or function, its design alone was enough to enspell anyone who saw it. It was simply too beautiful.

Not even Heaven’s Expanse Palace had any records on what this thing was made out of it. The only record it had stated was that not even a full-strength blow from a Heavenly King would be able to damage it in the slightest. One could imagine just how terrifyingly tough it was!

The two ends of the shuttle tapered off into sharp spikes. One could vaguely see the scrawling, spiral shadows which lay hidden within it. There were some mechanisms inside, but the crystalline surface diffracted light in such a way that it wasn’t possible to clearly see just what those mechanisms were. This was the first time Zhou Weiqing or Shangguan Bing’er had ever gone out to sea. They had no guide and not the slightest scrap of experience when it came to seafaring. Why was it that Shangguan Tianyang would dare to let them sail tens of thousands of kilometers towards the Xuantian
Continent? It was precisely because of this little bauble before them.

Zhou Weiqing flipped his hand over, glancing at the adorable little crystal in his palm. This octahedral crystal was covered with thousands of cross-sections, and as the moonlight fell upon the crystal it glowed with absolutely dazzling rainbow light.

Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Bing’er, then chuckled. “Let’s see just how useful this ‘Sea Emperor’s Shuttle’ really is! Your Senior Uncle praised this little thing to the moon. He even insisted that we had to give it back to Heaven’s Expanse Palace after we returned. What a cheapskate.”

Shangguan Bing’er felt rather speechless. “Oh, you! Stop being so greedy. Still… for Senior Uncle to value it so highly means that it must be truly remarkable.”

He sent a stream of Saint Energy into the crystal in his hand. Instantly, a faint sheen of golden light emerged from the crystal. Almost instantly, the golden light expanded to cover the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle. With a clear ‘ding’ sound, a crystal lid slowly began to rise up from the now-glowing central part of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle.

Zhou Weiqing was rather disappointed. “Is that it? We’re supposed to sail for tens of thousands of kilometers in this little thing?”

Shangguan Bing’er said, “We don’t have to use it, you know. We’re both able to fly. As long as we can take the occasional break inside after flying for long distances, we’ll be able to make it to the other side of the sea.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head. “Sailing the seas won’t be as simple as that. How are we even supposed to tell which way we are going when we are flying? How are we supposed to even know where the Xuantian Continent is? Remember, a tiny mistake at the beginning can result in us being off by a thousand kilometers. Your Senior Uncle already told us that the maps are all inside this thing, alongside everything else we need. Let’s go take a look first.”  As he spoke, he flew straight into the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle.

The crystal seats within the shuttle emanated a cold aura that went straight through their bodies, but they were a bit too large. Even Zhou Weiqing found them to be slightly too large for him. As for Shangguan Bing’er, when she followed him inside and sat down on one of the giant throne-like seats, she appeared to be particularly miniscule.

Zhou Weiqing placed the crystal in his hand into the cavity in front of him. This was as Shuangguan Tianyang had taught him, but the crystal didn’t have any response at all after he inserted it. Even the lid above them remained open.

“It’s  been  in  storage  for  ages.  Maybe  it’s  broken?”  Zhou Weiqing was rather depressed.

Shangguan Bing’er glanced at him. “It’s meant to be used in the ocean. Should we perhaps put it into the ocean first?”

Zhou Weiqing removed the crystal from the cavity. “Then you just keep sitting here. I’ll push it into the sea and give it another try.” As he spoke he hopped out of the shuttle, then moved behind it and gave it a push.

Zhou Weiqing had felt certain that given his power, this push would be enough to instantly shove the shuttle into the sea. However, the shuttle only advanced by a single foot. This thing was much heavier than he had imagined! It must be remembered that he was strong enough that even a casual push from him would contain a thousand kilograms of force. The Sea Emperor’s Shuttle looked very delicate and light, but he was only to push it forward by an inch across the soft sands of the beach.

“It’s really heavy!”  Startled, Zhou Weiqing summoned his strength and pushed with both arms while shouting, “Move!”

This time, the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle finally slid all the way into the ocean. Zhou Weiqing was now certain that the shuttle had to weigh 1,500 kilograms at the very least, and most likely a bit more. Zhou Weiqing himself wasn’t sure how physically strong he had become, now that he had reached the nine- Jeweled level. The shuttle slid into the waters, but it only sank into the waters by a tiny amount despite its great weight. Half of it remained floating above the surface, while the lid remained open. However, Zhou Weiqing could see that something was different this time. As soon as the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle had touched the water, it began to emanate a hazy halo of light which made it look dreamlike and mesmerizing within the darkness of the night.

Zhou Weiqing once more entered the shuttle. This time, something marvelous happened as soon as he pushed the octahedral gemstone into the impression. The lid above them slowly slid shut, separating them from the outside world. As it completely closed and as the vessel completely sank down into the ocean, the insides of the entire shuttle suddenly lit up.

Line of dazzling blue light appeared within the interior of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, creating a dream-like world. The crystal screen in front of them suddenly became completely clear, seemingly magnifying everything in the outside world and making everything visible. “How beautiful!”  Shangguan Bing’er instantly let out a sigh of amazement as she stared at the blue light around her. No girl could possibly resist this sort of beautiful luster.

Zhou Weiqing’s focus, however, was on something else. He had just noticed that after the cabin ‘lid’ had sealed, the shuttle had instantly stabilized. The waves of the sea didn’t seem to have any effect on it at all, nor was there any sort of rocking sensation.

Right at this moment, a smooth crystal globe armrest slowly began to arise between the two. It was located right below Zhou Weiqing’s right arm, and he could comfortably rest his entire arm atop it.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely clever. He instantly knew exactly what he had to do. He slowly tested out sending his Saint Energy into the crystal globe, and the scene around them instantly changed once more. The blue light inside the cabin dimmed, but the outside world suddenly lit up. It was night, but they were now able to see everything as clearly as though it was day. This wasn’t simple illumination, it was some sort of unique luminescent transformation.

That wasn’t all. An even greater marvel appeared in the form of a helmet-like object slowly descending from up above him, coming to a rest over Zhou Weiqing’s head. Moments later, the chairs they were seated in began to transform as well. The crystal seats actually seemed to come to life, slowly shrinking as they molded themselves to their two occupants. The seats actually became so connected to them that it was as though they had been ‘embedded’ into the seats. Not only did they feel extremely stable, the crystal seats actually gave them a soft and comfortable feeling.

“So this is actually a thing?”  Zhou Weiqing let out a loud, amazed sigh. Finally, he understood why Shangguan Tianyang had repeatedly emphasized that they had to return this thing to him. He had no idea how this thing had been built, but so long as it wasn’t too slow then without question it could be described as a divine instrument for traveling across the seas.

Right at this moment the cold helmet sent a pulse of strange energy into Zhou Weiqing, startling him. A heartbeat later, he discovered to his astonishment that his mind and consciousness had been instantly expanded. It was as though this helmet had some sort of special psychic ripple within it that actually allowed him to link his mind into it.

Zhou Weiqing closed his eyes. He was now able to ‘see’ everything around himself with even greater clarity, but this time he wasn’t just looking at what was ahead of him. It was more like he himself was outside the ship, with ‘eyes’ covering all 360 degrees around the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle. He had no blind spots at all.

With a rumble, a strange new sense entered his mind. In that instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as though the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle had transformed into part of his body. The pulse of strange energy had linked up with his mind, making it so that all of the secrets of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle became embedded into his consciousness. He now knew the history of the shuttle and how he was supposed to control it.

Apparently, the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle had been fashioned from a Heavenly Core Nucleus harvested from one of the Terror Sea Dragons, the hegemons of the seas. This particular Terror Sea Dragon had been at the Heavenly God stage, and it was at the absolute top of the oceanic food chain. It had been so large that it was actually larger than the two giant dragons Zhou Weiqing had recently met. It had been nearly a thousand meters long! One could imagine how much energy its Core Nucleus contained.

For the sake of fashioning the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, the people of the Xuantian Continent had expended incalculable amounts of resources and manpower. They had first extracted very last bit of the Heavenly Energy from the Terror Sea Dragon’s Core, then had begun the manufacturing process. Countless grandmaster artificers had worked together before finally succeeding in creating this unparalleled ocean-crossing ‘vessel’. It had been meant for the Xuantian Palace to use, and alongside the Spatial Teleportation Gem they were the most supreme treasures the Xuantian Palace possessed.

When the Xuantian Palace had led people to the Boundless Mainland, they had been planning on fighting a grand war of conquest. However, the Boundless Mainland was far, far more powerful than they had predicted, and in the end they had suffered an utterly crushing defeat. They had only survived and escaped thanks to the Spatial Teleportation Gem, which was able to teleport them to the location it had locked onto no matter how distant it was. After they fled, the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle had been taken away by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace as spoils of war. That was why it was now available for Zhou Weiqing to use.

Because the shuttle had been fashioned from the Heavenly Core Nucleus of a Terror Sea Dragon, the aura it emanated in the seas would be enough to cause the vast majority of sea beasts to stay far away from them. The shuttle itself was almost indestructibly tough, and it relied upon a Heavenly Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy to advance. It was incredibly fast, making traversing the seas a completely pain free prospect. Not just that – the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle also included records and maps of the sea within it. These were complete maritime maps which the forces of Xuantian Palace had created as they had travelled to the Boundless Mainland, and so they by following these maps they could avoid getting lost or taking any accidental detours. They would go straight to the Xuantian Continent!

“A divine artifact. This is definitely a divine artifact!”  Zhou Weiqing put away his Saint Energy, while the helmet on his head retracted on its own. He didn’t explain anything to Shangguan Bing’er, simply asking her to switch positions with him. Once she poured in her Heavenly Energy, she was able to sense everything for herself.

Everyone is filled with curiosity towards new items, especially young people like them. They then switched places again, pouring their Heavenly Energy into the sea maps and activating them. Thanks to the 360 degree vision the helmet provided, Zhou Weiqing was able to see everything around him with absolute clarity. He poured his Saint Energy into the shuttle in accordance with the imprinted mental instructions he had been given, instantly activating this marvelous artifact.

Zhou Weiqing discovered that when he filled the crystal globe with his Saint Energy, it was instantly magnified by the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle . This was the marvelous, powerful effect the Heavenly Core Nucleus of a Heavenly God-ranked Heavenly Beast would have. A light blue stream of fire instantly erupted out from behind the shuttle, sending it shooting through the seas like an arrow.

The Sea Emperor’s Shuttle ‘swam’ through the seas like a fish, with the world around the two still perfectly clear and visible. Thanks to the special abilities of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, Zhou Weiqing would be able to clearly see everything around him up to a distance of a thousand meters, even if he was in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. As for his senses, they stretched out even further.

The seawater almost seemed to be nonexistent for the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle. As Zhou Wenqing sent the shuttle hurtling forwards with his mighty Saint Energy, it instantly sped up to an incredible pace which vastly eclipsed the galloping speed of the Ghost Demon Horse.

What was even more marvelous was that very little of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was being used! It was only depleting at a very slow, gradual rate. At the same time, the energies of the outside world didn’t seem to impede the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle at all. Instead it became purer as it went past the Sea Emperor Shuttle, allowing Zhou Weiqing to absorb it and use it to replenish his own Saint Energy. The Water-attribute energy of the sea was even able to transform into air, making it so that the insides of the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle didn’t feel stuffy at all.

The Sea Emperor’s Shuttle was like a giant fish swimming through the seas under Zhou Weiqing’s mental control. It was incredibly fast, and the feeling of perfect swimming control was quite refreshing as well. He was like a child who had just discovered a big new toy, and he continuously played around with all of the shuttle’s marvelous functions.

Because the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle strictly advanced underneath the surface of the ocean, no events which were occurring above the surface would hinder its speed in the slightest. In the sea, there was no such thing as ‘terrain’ to worry about, and so they were able to send the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle hurtling forward in a straight line as they hastened towards the Xuantian Continent.

After repeated tests, Zhou Weiqing quickly discovered that although there were Heavenly Beasts in the ocean, as soon as they sensed the faint blue aura and light emanating from the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle they would swim away in terror. None of them dared to get in the way! Every so often, they would encounter some slower-swimming ocean beasts which were in their way. When this happened, the terrifyingly fast shuttle would almost instantly pierce straight through the beasts without even slowing down. Thanks to the incredibly tough ‘shell’, they suffered no damage from this whatsoever. As the water continued to surge past them, no traces of the beasts’ entrails would be left.

At first, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were filled with curiosity towards the ocean. They had perfect visibility within the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, and so they would excitedly stare at the many marvelous scenes the ocean contained. To them, this was all completely new and fresh. The many marvelous sea-dwelling creatures were of particular interest to them. There were so many types of fish and coral reefs, and all of them were mesmerizing.

However, as time flowed on this sense of curiosity began to recede. By the fifth day, loneliness had replaced it.

Yes. When sailing the seas, their greatest enemy was not the sea beasts. It was loneliness. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er took turns controlling the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle, with the other person using the time to train. In the vast and endless sea, time became an all but irrelevant concept. They just continued to advance through the sea in an unchanging straight line, doing and seeing the exact same thing every day. They didn’t know how long they had travelled for or how far they had travelled. All they felt was a sense of unending repetition.

Zhou Weiqing really began to celebrate the fact that he had brought Shangguan Bing’er with him him this voyage. If he had to do this alone, he might well have gone crazy from the silence and loneliness. Thankfully, the two of them were able to chat with each other. When the loneliness was too much to bear, they’d ‘park’ the shuttle on top of the surface of the sea and enjoy the sun. They’d stare at the ocean, resting for a while before continuing their journey.

The amount of Heavenly Energy or Saint Energy they used up was irrelevant, as they had more than enough to keep the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle advancing at maximum speed. However, it was becoming harder and harder for them to control their emotions as this sort of life continued. Five days went past. Ten days. More. By the time they had spent a full month traversing the seas, they felt as though they were about to go mad.

“Bing’er, I can’t take this any longer. How much farther away from   the   Xuantian   Continent   are   we?”    Zhou   Weiqing complained miserably to Shangguan Bing’er while controlling the shuttle.

Shangguan Bing’er’s face was rather ashen as well. She smiled bitterly as she shook her head and said, “All I know is that we’ve been out here for ages. Even if we wanted to turn and go back, it would take us forever to return. We must have advanced at least twenty thousand kilometers. Let’s continue. Little Fatty, if you really can’t take it any longer let’s rest for a while on the surface of the sea or take a nice nap.”

Zhou Weiqing let out a sigh. “Forget it. Let’s keep advancing. I never would’ve imagined that I would be almost unable to take it despite not having even reached the Xuantian Continent. Thank goodness you are here. If I didn’t even have someone I could talk to, I probably wouldn’t be able to last long enough reach it.”

Shangguan Bing’er smiled warmly, reaching out to take him by the arm and giving him a gentle message. Her warmth against him caused Zhou Weiqing’s mood to improve fractionally.

The vast sea was truly boundless, and they had no idea when this would all come to an end. Only now did Zhou Weiqing understand why some people claimed that the ocean was the most powerful of all forces. It was true! Human strength, in the face of nature’s might, was absolutely miniscule.

“Little Fatty, why don’t we fly in the skies for a while? The Sea Emperor’s Shuttle has an automatic guidance system. Even if we go the wrong way, it’ll be able to help us find the right path to take.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up. “Great idea! We fly even faster than the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle advances, and I’ll feel much better with a fresh breeze blowing past me instead of staying inside  here.”  He  immediately  accepted  Shangguan  Bing’er’s suggestion, sending the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle to the surface of the ocean and then removing the octahedral gem.

Once the gem was removed, the ‘lid’ over the cabin would automatically open while the faint blue light permeating the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle would vanish. Zhou Weiqing unleashed his Dragon-Tiger Transformation, while Shangguan Bing’er summoned her enormous Wings of the Wind God. They put away the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle and soared into the skies together.

The sea breeze blew against them, immediately refreshing their senses. Bathed by sunlight, the two felt much more comfortable than they were previously. They continued to follow the path the Sea Emperor’s Shuttle had been taking, and after exchanging a glance they began to accelerate, transforming into streaks of light that advanced at high speed.

Zhou Weiqing was a nine-Jeweled cultivator, but in terms of flying speed Shangguan Bing’er was every bit his match. The Wings of the Wind God were formed from four pieces of God Tier Consolidated Equipment, after all. In terms of raw flying speed, there was probably no equipment which could surpass them.

Although the Sea Emperor Shuttle was extremely fast, you simply couldn’t sail through the sea as fast as you could fly through the air. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er moved through the skies like a pair of blurs, the waves of the sea quickly vanishing behind them as they pressed onwards. Zhou Weiqing had incredible vision, but all he was able to see was at the horizon was the sea and the sky. The Xuantian Continent remained extremely far away, but the change in travel mode made them at least feel a bit better.

By now, they were deep in the ocean. The waves were all deep blue, and no other living creatures could be seen anywhere. There weren’t even any birds flying in the blue skies, which stretched off into infinity. Below them were the endless waves. This feeling of being like an uprooted blade of grass that was just floating in the middle of nowhere was uncomfortable, but they had no other choices. All they could do was advance in a straight line.

As they were continuing to press onwards, a different color suddenly appeared before them in the form of dim light. Zhou Weiqing was startled when he saw it. He hurriedly called Shangguan Bing’er over, and the two immediately slowed down.

They stared carefully, only to discover that a rainbow had appeared in the distant skies. This dazzling, seven-colored rainbow instantly drew their attention.

“A rainbow! I’m going to go take a look,” Zhou Weiqing said happily. This month of utter loneliness and repetition had finally been broken by something new, causing both of them to feel happy. They were in desperate need of something new to break up the monotony and improve their moods. They sped up and soon managed to reach the source of the rainbow.

There was an enormous waterspout here, belching up enormous amounts of water from the surface of the sea which then fell back down. This was what was generating the rainbow. What was even more exciting was the fact that not too far away from the giant waterspout was a great ship.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had seen a few ships when they were in the coastal waters of the Mi Ou Empire, but they were absolutely tiny compared to the great vessel before them. More importantly, a ship meant people! They couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of seeing other humans.

However, this ship seemed to be in trouble. Streams of light were shooting out from the sides of the ship and blasting into the seas, while the waterspout coming out of the sea seemed to be targeting the ship.

The ship was protected by multiple layers of glowing barriers, making it impossible for the powerful waterspout to damage it. However, the ship was also clearly rather unsteady, and it rocked so heavily on the surface of the sea that it seemed ready to capsize at any moment.

“They’ve encountered a Heavenly Beast,” Zhou Weiqing said. Shangguan Bing’er responded, “Then what should we do?”
Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “Save them, of course. Bing’er, we’re almost free. For us to see a ship here means that the Xuantian Continent can’t be far away.”

In truth, both of them had underestimated how fast the Sea Emperor Shuttle moved. The shuttle was an absolutely divine artifact when it came to crossing the seas, and it moved far faster than any ordinary ship possibly could. Although they had only been travelling for a month, they had travelled more than thirty thousand kilometers across the ocean. As Zhou Weiqing had said, they were extremely close to the Xuantian Continent now.

If they didn’t have the help of the Sea Emperor Shuttle, they probably wouldn’t have come this far even if they were given twice as much time. The auto-navigation system of the shuttle ensured that they didn’t get lost, after all. Right at this moment, an enormous ripple suddenly appeared in the seas before them. A dense aura of blue light erupted forth from the area around the giant waterspout, slowly solidifying in midair and then shooting out towards the warship. As this happened, an enormous head slowly began to rise up from beneath the waves.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were in midair and so saw the whole thing clearly. When they saw that enormous oceanic Heavenly Beast, they couldn’t help but take deep breaths.

This Heavenly Beast was simply terrifying in size. Its head alone was more than fifty meters in diameter, and it looked like a titanic turtle. After its head appeared, the enormous shell on its back broke the surface of the sea as well, making it look like a small island.

That thick pillar of water was coming from the giant turtle’s mouth. Clearly, the turtle was feeling rather impatient. The deep blue light repeatedly slammed against the barriers protecting the ship, causing them to flicker dangerously. They were starting to be damaged.

This had to be a Heavenly Beast which was at least a high level Heavenly King. Zhou Weiqing had a great deal of combat experience. Although he had never battled an oceanic Heavenly Beast, he was able to judge from the power of its aura as to roughly how strong it was.

“Little Fatty, shall we help them out?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Let’s go give them a hand. However, we can’t fly over to them. As the saying goes, when you meet strangers only tell them 30% of the story. We still need to be cautious. It’s best to keep some things from them. Come, let’s go  underneath  the  sea.”  As  he  spoke,  he  released  the  Sea Emperor Shuttle and boarded it alongside Shangguan Bing’er. He affixed the octahedral crystal, causing the shuttle to sink into the sea and the lid to swing shut over them.

After spending more than a month commanding the Sea Emperor Shuttle, Zhou Weiqing was now able to control it like it was part of his own body. He sent the Sea Emperor Shuttle hurtling lightning-fast towards the source of the trouble.

The giant sea turtle suddenly came to a halt, perhaps because it was able to sense the aura emanating from the Sea Emperor Shuttle. It then completely submerged its giant body beneath the waves as it turned to stare at Zhou Weiqing’s direction. A cold smile flickered across the corner of Zhou Weiqing’s lips. The Sea Emperor Shuttle was no mere tool of transportation. It also had tremendous power in combat. The thirty-six Death Acupuncture Points in his body began to activate, sending an enormous amount of Saint Energy out
from his hands and into the Sea Emperor Shuttle.

Instantly, the faint blue glow surrounding the Sea Emperor Shuttle transformed into a gentle silver light. This silver light was able to illuminate a large amount of the sea around them… and moments later, a barrel-thick beam of silver light erupted from the seas and shot straight towards the sea turtle.

The sea turtle was also one of the lords of the seas. For it to have reached such an enormous size meant that it had already become a Heavenly King-class Heavenly Beast. However, in terms of either power or purity of bloodline, it wasn’t even close to being a match for a Terror Sea Dragon.

This is why it had instantly come to a shocked halt when it sensed the Terror Sea Dragon’s aura and had immediately dove back into the seas. However, when it saw the Sea Emperor Shuttle it couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Terror Sea Dragon’s were terrifyingly large, even larger than the turtle itself was, but while the shuttle before him was tiny. Just as it was feeling puzzled, Zhou Weiqing launched an attack against it. The Saint Energy was multiplied in power by the Sea Emperor Shuttle, unleashing a level of power than was ten times greater than normal. Unfortunately, the Sea Emperor Shuttle was only usable in the sea. Otherwise, if Zhou Weiqing was able to activate it on land he’d probably be able to challenge
Heavenly Emperor powerhouses.

The enormous silver beam of light blasted against the sea turtle’s enormous body without hesitation. Instantly, a muffled explosion rang out, and the sea turtle’s enormous body was sent flipping backwards through the water. The enormous amount of water generated by its giant body flipping backwards actually created an underwater whirlpool! The terrifying whirlpool from this blast spread outwards, causing even the ship above them to continuously spin in circles. Thankfully, this ship was large and steady and thus was not destroyed by the powerful whirlpool.

This Saint Energy blast was incredibly powerful. The giant sea turtle had been alive for many years, and it was no fool. It could sense that it was in danger, and so it didn’t hesitate at all, immediately fleeing and diving deeper into the sea.

If it hadn’t been for the ship ‘waiting’ for them up above, Zhou Weiqing probably would’ve chased the turtle down. With the Sea Emperor Shuttle on his side, he was virtually invincible in the ocean. He might very well have taken this opportunity to Devour the giant turtle’s Heavenly Energy! However, that wasn’t where his attention was focused right now. The chance to meet other humans and escape the hell of loneliness was clearly much more enticing to himself and Shangguan Bing’er. He simply watched as the turtle fled, then murmured a few words to Shangguan Bing’er before opening up the Sea Emperor Shuttle.

The two soared out from the Sea Emperor Shuttle, put away their treasures, then began to float upwards towards the surface of the sea.

Chapter236 The Pearl

As the great ship on the surface began to spin around due to the power of the whirlpool below it, the people aboard the ship felt gripped by despair. Although their vessel was not lacking in powerhouses, they were deep in the ocean. They would be doomed if a powerful Heavenly Beast caused their ship to sink. Even Heavenly King powerhouses wouldn’t be able to rely on themselves to fly all the way back to land.

However, after the ship spun about for a period of time it actually began to settle down once more. The giant turtle didn’t actually launch an attack. What had just happened? Had the big creature chosen to give up on attacking them? Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, they suddenly heard people crying for help.

Floating above the ship was a gray-robed elder who looked like he was seventy or eighty years old. He had been the one controlling and maintaining the barrier protecting the ship. If it hadn’t been for him, the ship would’ve been destroyed long ago. Next to him were ten-plus Heavenly Jewel Masters. When they heard the cries for help, the gray-robed elder immediately waved his hand and said, “Go take a look.” A number of people immediately ran over to the side of the boat and stared towards the ocean waters. They were vaguely able to make out two struggling figures that looked like they were at the verge of drowning.

“Grandmaster Guyu, there’s two people in the sea. They look like they can’t hold on for much longer,” a sailor said hurriedly.

The gray-robed elder named Grandmaster Guyu frowned. “Two people? How could there be humans so deep in the sea? Save  them  first,  I  suppose.”   While  speaking,  he  led  his Heavenly Jewel Masters to the side of the boat and stared down as well. He had been worried that they might have encountered enemies in the ocean, but when he saw Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er the worried look vanished from his face.

This was because he could immediately see how young the two of them were. A Heavenly Jewel Master’s power was closely correlated to his age. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er looked like they were less than twenty years of age. Even if they really were Heavenly Jewel Masters, how strong could they be? The old man immediately waved his hand, having someone throw down a rope to save Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. After the two climbed up and reached the decks, they couldn’t help but sway and nearly fall. The people of the ship could see that they seemed to be extremely weak. The two of them had actually used Heavenly Energy to make their faces look rather ashen, but in truth the only thing they felt was
excitement! Even though they were still on the ocean, the feeling of standing on something solid was absolutely wonderful.

Zhou Weiqing sat down on his rear and said in a sincere voice, “We’ve finally been rescued. Thank you. Thank you all.”

The gray-robed elder looked at the two of them, puzzled. “My young friends, where are you from? Why are you so deep in the ocean?”

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had already settled upon a story. He didn’t hesitate at all, smiling bitterly as he said: “My humble wife and I had come out to hunt ocean beasts, but our ship accidentally ran into a Terror Sea Dragon. Even though we were merely buffeted by its passing, our ship was completely destroyed. My humble wife and I have been drifting on the sea ever since. Thankfully, we’re both Heavenly Jewel Masters and have far stronger bodies than ordinary people. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have survived for as long as we did. Thank you all for saving our lives.” The gray-robed elder’s eyes flickered. “You are also Heavenly Jewel Masters?”  He was the only person who still appeared calm and unperturbed. Everyone else’s faces turned completely ashen when they heard Zhou Weiqing say the words ‘Terror Sea Dragon’. It must be remembered that these creatures were like gods in this vast ocean. Running into one was the same as
running into a god of death.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Right! My humble wife and I are both Heavenly Jewel Masters, but we’ve depleted a rather large amount of our Heavenly Energy. There’s no way for us to prove it to you right now. I’d like to ask you to bring us back to the continent. We’ll definitely repay you for this.”

While speaking, Zhou Weiqing kept a close look on the others around him. The gray-robed elder had an ordinary- looking face, but his eyes blazed with intelligence. His Heavenly Energy was reserved, but he was definitely a Heavenly King powerhouse. No wonder these people dared to venture deep into the sea. It was because they had a powerhouse like him standing guard over them!

But of course, this was only a preliminary conclusion based on the man’s appearance. While he was inspecting them, they were inspecting him as well. The sincere look of gratitude in his eyes caused their wariness towards him to diminish. Zhou Weiqing wasn’t putting on a show in that regard. He was sincerely excited to meet these people! Just having other people he could talk to was a wonderful thing. He had spent a long period of time with just Bing’er in the ocean. Now that he had other humans in front of him, he was so happy he could cry. And it must be remembered that he had a very resilient spirit! Someone else might’ve broken down after just ten days.

The gray-robed elder slowly walked towards Zhou Weiqing, then reached out with a shriveled old hand. Zhou Weiqing was briefly startled but quickly understood what the old man intended. He reached out with his own hand as well, allowing the gray-robed man to feel his pulse.

A powerful surge of Heavenly Energy instantly surged from the gray-robed elder’s hand into Zhou Weiqing’s body, causing it to tremble slightly. The grateful look on his face became even more sincere.

Zhou Weiqing was protected by his Saint Energy and the ring which Tang Xian had given him all those years ago. For him to disguise his true power was simplicity itself. Not even Heavenly Emperors would be able to penetrate his active disguise and discover his true power without actually fighting him, to say nothing of Heavenly Kings. A look of surprise appeared on the gray-robed elder’s face after his quick inspection. “Kid, you aren’t bad at all! You are very young but have already reached the five-Jeweled level. Your future potential is limitless! For us to meet here is a form of destiny. Since we’ve saved you, stay with us for now. Come!
Someone give these two a room of their own, then give them some food. We’ll talk after they settle in.”

“Understood.”  A  sailor  immediately  walked  over,  helping them to their feet. Shangguang Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing leaned on each other, stumbling slightly as they walked into the cabin.

When they finally vanished, the middle-aged man next to the old  man  named  Guyu  whispered,  “Grandmaster,  don’t  they seem suspicious to you?”

Guyu shook his head. “That young man trains in a very just and orthodox type of technique, and he isn’t weak. Furthermore, even if our enemies wanted to send someone after me, there’s no way they would risk the depths of the oceans to do it. It should be a coincidence. A five-Jeweled cultivation level… even if they come with bad intentions, they won’t be able to cause my trouble. We were unlucky on this trip. I can’t believe that we actually ran into a beast as terrifying as the Xuanwu Demon Turtle. Still, we’ve already profited enough on this trip. Order the captain to return.”

“Yes, Grandmaster.”

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er naturally had no idea what these people were doing here. Once they entered the simple cabin they were assigned to, they couldn’t help but let out celebratory whoops and hug each other tightly.

Without question, they were now extremely close to the Xuantian Continent. They had even run into other humans! The loneliness they had felt was naught but a distant memory. Given how well he could hide his power, Zhou Weiqing felt certain that these people wouldn’t pay too much attention to him. So long as they behaved in an honest and obedient manner, they wouldn’t suspect too much. Riding this boat back to the Xuantian Continent was much more comfortable to them than travelling on their own. Besides… even if the people on this ship DID have evil designs, the two weren’t afraid.

A short while later, someone came to deliver food to them. It was actually a steaming bowl of fish soup! Zhou Weiqing instantly felt even more well-disposed towards the people on this ship. When he had pretended to be in a dangerous situation, they had taken pity on him and ‘saved’ him. The two lay there on the bed, taking a long rest. Although the cabin was rather crude, they were overwhelmed with delight when they saw the crude wood furnishings. This joy came from the very depths of their soul! Oftentimes, we only understand how valuable something is once we lose it.

The skies slowly darkened. Just as the two were about to doze off, someone began to bang on their cabin door.

Zhou Weiqing sat up and opened the door, only to see a young man he had seen earlier during the day standing outside.   The   young   man   said,   “Come   and   follow   me. Grandmaster Guyu wishes to see you.” The youth’s tone wasn’t all that respectful, but he wasn’t rude or distant either. The only thing in his eyes was curiosity when he looked at the two of them.

Zhou Weiqing immediately assented respectfully. When Shangguan Bing’er heard this, she rose as well. The two quickly cleaned themselves up and then exited the cabin.

When the youth saw Shangguan Bing’er after she had put on a change of clean and simple clothes, his eyes nearly popped out and he found it hard to even walk. It wasn’t until Zhou Weiqing let out a gentle cough that the youth was awoken from his awe.

The youth hurriedly lowered his now-blushing face, leading the way rather embarrassedly. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but secretly laugh. The kid had to be a young virgin! Bing’er’s beauty was most effective at enticing young male virgins.

When Shangguan Bing’er had first followed Zhou Weiqing all those years ago, she was already quite dazzling. The only difference was that back then she had seemed a bit fresh and immature. As three years had gone by, she had fully blossomed into a truly peerless beauty. Although the three Shangguan sisters were identical, their auras were completely different. Shangguan Bing’er had a soft, gentle quality to her beauty that was the most enticing of the three. Right now, she was dressed in water-green robes and wearing no makeup. She looked like a young orchid, filled with grace and spirituality. Anyone who saw her would feel that her only ‘fault’ was that the only man in her eyes was Zhou Weiqing. She didn’t seem to even notice the way the youth had stared at her just now.

The youth guided Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er into the interior of the ship. This ship was truly enormous, over three hundred meters long and eighty meters wide. Ships of such enormous size were extremely uncommon in the Boundless Mainland, and they wouldn’t even rock when beset by great waves in a storm. They were extremely stable vessels for venturing deep into the ocean. Although this ship couldn’t match the Sea Emperor Shuttle in speed, it could hold far more than just one or two people!

The youth continued to guide them deeper into the ship until they finally reached an enormous cabin. This cabin actually had a banquet prepared within it, and the dishes prepared were all rather foreign and exotic to Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing. Clearly, they weren’t from the Boundless Mainland. Grandmaster Guyu sat in the main seat, while a serious-faced man who looked to be in his forties sat next to him. Zhou Weiqing didn’t see this man earlier during the day, but judging from his clothes he was probably an important member of the crew. It was very possible that he was the captain of the ship.

Three tables had been prepared in total. Aside from the Heavenly Jewel Masters he had seen earlier, the others were probably all important members of the ship’s crew.

Guyu beckoned towards Zhou Weiqing and Bing’er, indicating that they were to join him at his table. Zhou Weiqing understood that it was time to put on a play. These people definitely wanted to figure out what their background was.

As soon as he entered, he had put a grateful look upon his face. When it came to acting, Zhou Weiqing was without a doubt one of the top figures in all the Boundless Mainland.

He pulled Bing’er over to Guyu’s table, then bowed respectfully. “Grandmaster.”

Guyu nodded towards them, indicating that they should sit. The two youths seated below Guyu had appeared earlier in the day, and they couldn’t help but stare at Shangguan Bing’er. Although they didn’t exactly look ‘lascivious’, they were pretty close. After having changed her clothes, Shangguan Bing’er looked like an orchid hidden within a gorge. She put all the other women on this entire vessel to shame.

Shangguan Bing’er didn’t even seem to notice their gazes. She simply lowered her head, moving slightly closer to Zhou Weiqing to indicate that every part of her belonged to him.

Guyu’s gaze flickered across the two of them. He then smiled and said, “We were in a bit of a rush when we saved you earlier. Can I ask where you are from? Can you tell me a bit more about the disaster which befell you? I’m responsible for this entire ship’s safety in this dangerous ocean, after all.” His words were quite restrained, but he had made it unmistakably clear that he wanted to know more about Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er’s backgrounds.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, a flicker of grief flashing through his eyes. Even Shangguan Bing’er, who knew that he was just putting on a show, couldn’t help but feel moved by his incredibly realistic grief. How could the others not do so as well? “Grandmaster, you and your friends rescued our lives. Of course we have to tell you about ourselves! My humble wife and I came from a small clan located near W’Batu Harbor. We were riding a great vessel when we went out to sea. Our clan fell long ago, leaving behind just myself and my humble wife. We had been hoping to hunt some sea monsters on this trip and claim their Heavenly Cores to make some money and improve our luck.

“We never would’ve imagined that we’d run into a Terror Sea Dragon, one of the rulers of the seas. I’m not even sure what happened. All I heard was someone scream the words ‘Terror Sea Dragon’, and in the next instant our ship was completely destroyed. We were fairly lucky, as we were swept away by the waves and sent drifting across the seas. If a few more days went by, we probably would’ve both died. Oh, right! My name is Zhou Weiqing, while my humble wife is Shangguan Bing’er. We are tremendously grateful for having been rescued by everyone, and we’ll find a way to repay you for saving our lives.”

Zhou Weiqing spoke with what could only be described as ‘absolute sincerity’. It was perfectly in keeping with his status as a disaster victim, and it also gave a clear explanation as to who he and his wife were. As for W’Batu Harbor, it was one of the other destinations that had been marked within the Sea Emperor Shuttle’s maps. The only other name Zhou Weiqing knew was the ‘Xuantian Continent’ itself, and these people here obviously wouldn’t suspect that he was from the Boundless Mainland. For him to simply report W’Batu to skip over this question was more than enough.

When they saw the bitter look on his face and heard him narrate his tale, most of the people present revealed looks of pity. The only one to be unmoved was Grandmaster Guyu. He said calmly, “In other words, you are independent cultivators? Judging by appearances, you are less than twenty years of age. For an independent cultivator of your age to become a five- Jeweled expert couldn’t have been easy.”

Zhou Weiqing let out a sigh. Not seeming to have heard the suspicions underlying Guyu’s words, he explained, “Although my clan has fallen upon hard times, we’ve never lost our legacies and our cultivation techniques. Grandmaster, how about this? Since you saved our lives, if you wish I can hand over my clan’s cultivation techniques to you. This is just a small token of gratitude from the two of us.”

If there was anyone else who still felt suspicious of him, their suspicions were now completely allayed by his words. Everyone could sense his absolute sincerity. In both the Boundless Mainland and the Xuantian Continent, ancestral cultivation techniques were incredibly valuable to any and all Heavenly Jewel Masters. Zhou Weiqing expressing willingness to hand his over was more than enough to demonstrate his sincerity. Every single person’s cultivation technique was unique in its own way, and it could be used to judge many things. For him to not even hold back on
something as priceless as an ancestral technique meant that he was essentially laying himself completely bare.

Indeed, when Guyu heard these words his expression instantly became much friendlier. He waved his hand and said, “When we have some spare time, let’s spar a little. For you to have reached the five-Jeweled level at such a young age means that you are a promising talent. This old man is willing to give you a pointer or two.”

Zhou Weiqing’s words were beautifully spoken, but Grandmaster Guyu wouldn’t be so easily convinced. If you wish to offer up your techniques, then I’ll first see for myself just how your techniques are. Besides, any technique which could allow a twenty-year-old to reach the five-Jeweled stage had to be a decent one.

The hidden verbal exchange between the two was ‘invisible’, but it  was the  most dangerous of  all confrontations. If something went wrong, the two sides could instantly find themselves enemies. The reason why Zhou Weiqing was able to remain composed was because he truly didn’t have any intentions of harming the people aboard this vessel. In addition, even if something did go wrong he didn’t have to be afraid. So long as he had the Sea Emperor Shuttle, they would still be able to reach the Xuantian Continent. However, if they reached the continent via this vessel they would have a new, proper identity. They would also be able to learn many things regarding the continent, which would be of great use to them.

The meals on the ship were naturally centered around seafood. Large ships like this would only bring fruits, vegetables, and a small amount of dried meat and grains. The vast majority of their provisions, they had to catch for themselves from the sea. This was the only way for them to continue to sail for extended periods of time.

However, this rather plain banquet was more than enough to awaken the appetites of Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. Any sort of hot food would be unspeakably appealing after the month they had spent subsisting on grains! Their very voracity served as another testament to the terrible experience they had suffered at sea. After the meal, Grandmaster Guyu didn’t release Zhou Weiqing. Instead, he invited Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er to his private quarters.

Compared to Zhou Weiqing’s residence, Guyu’s cabin was much larger and better furnished. This single cabin took up all the space in the ship’s highest level, and it even came with its own exercise area. From here, they had a superb vantage point to see the ocean around them.

Shangguan Bing’er waited outside, while Zhou Weiqing was ushered inside the cabin. The two peculiar-looking youths were Guyu’s disciples, and they waited outside as well. They tried to strike up a conversation with Shangguan Bing’er and get closer to her. If it had been Shangguan Fei’er who was here, all their secrets would’ve been revealed in a snap. Bing’er, however, was different. No matter what they said, she simply listened with a smile while saying very little. This simply spurred them on, but they remained quite courteous and didn’t act improperly at all.

Roughly an hour later, Grandmaster Guyu let out a startled cry from within his cabin. “This cultivation technique of yours is absolutely suicidal! For you to have reached such a level is just incredibly lucky. ‘Immortal Deity Technique’? More like ‘Doomed Deity Technique’!” The door to the cabin swung open. Zhou Weiqing walked out with a rather helpless look on his face, Grandmaster Guyu by his side. Guyu had an absolutely stunned look on his face, and he couldn’t help but stare at Zhou Weiqing strangely.

As soon as Shangguan Bing’er heard this, she knew what had happened. She lowered her head and forced back her laughter as she walked over to stand next to Zhou Weiqing. The cute and reliant way she acted towards him filled the two youths with jealousy.

Guyu let out a long sigh. “Weiqing, this old man has honestly never even heard of a technique like this, nor can I give you any pointers. Go back to your cabin and have a rest. We’re already on our way back. If we run into any enemies enroute to the continent, I’ll need to ask the two of you to lend a hand.”

Zhou  Weiqing  said  respectfully,  “Of  course.”   His  earlier performance had clearly won him Guyu’s acknowledgment, and he was now a member of this vessel’s crew.

Next came the long trip back. To the people on the boat, this was an extremely boring trip. All they did was occasionally hunt a few weaker sea beasts to add to their harvests. To Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, however, this was a far better life than the one they had experienced on the Sea Emperor Shuttle. They didn’t need to do anything at all, but they were still headed where they needed to go. Most importantly, they were learning many new things about the Xuantian Continent.

Zhou Weiqing was highly adaptable to any new environment, and he made friends very easily. He quickly began to learn a great deal of information through his conversations with the people aboard this ship. The Xuantian Continent was really small compared to Boundless Mainland. It was about half the size of the Fei Li Empire and was much smaller than the Zhongtian Empire. Therefore, it had to rely much more on the sea for resources than the Boundless Mainland did, so when it came to oceangoing vessels they were a far cry from Boundless Mainland.

As for Heavenly Jewel Masters? Xuantian Continent had many sects, but they were different from Boundless Mainland’s Great Saint Lands. Xuantian Palace stood alone on Xuantian Continent, and was the cornerstone for the Xuantian Empire’s unification of the continent 1,300 years ago. There were no other nations on this continent, while the smaller Heavenly Jewel Master sects existed under Xuantian Palace’s graces.

So it was very simple on Xuantian Continent. The Xuantian Empire and Xuantian Palace took center stage, and there wasn’t too much quarreling. Xuantian Palace flourished for a time, but with no competition or foreign enemies the Xuantian Empire had also become complacent.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing wasn’t really interested in any of that. The most useful information he obtained was about how to join Xuantian Palace.

Xuantian Palace was unsurpassed on Xuantian Continent. There were only two ways to join. The first way was to be selected by the Palace before the age of ten. Once selected you could directly join the Palace, at which point you had to undergo more screening to test your gift for cultivation and the state of your Personal Jewels Awakening. Only the most outstanding youths were given the the opportunity to enter Xuantian Palace’s Inner Palace.

There was another way to join Xuantian Palace, but it was different from the Great Saint Lands of Boundless Mainland. The Palace recruited independent cultivators, possibly because it was not worried about being infiltrated by enemies as it was the only Great Saint Land on Xuantian Continent. Naturally, they only accepted the most outstanding unaffliated cultivators.

Every year Xuantian Palace held its annual Xuantian Trials.

The Xuantian Trials were first held in each major city in the Xuantian Empire. The top three independent cultivators in each major city were able to participate in the finals held at the capital Heavenly City. There was no set number of independent cultivators who would be admitted to Xuantian Palace each year; it was all determined by their strength and potential.

The first requirement which new admissions were subjected to was the age requirement. Generally speaking, only independent cultivators below thirty years of age were accepted into Xuantian Palace. Of course, they would only be placed in the Outer Palace first, where they would be able to accumulate merit points in order to acquire techniques from Xuantian Palace. If someone with exceptional potential appeared who managed to pass Xuantian Palace’s various trials, they would also have a chance to join the Inner Palace.

But of course, the age restriction didn’t apply to powerhouses at or above Heavenly King level. All who were at or above the Heavenly King level who wished to join Xuantian Palace would have to undergo a different set of trials. As for what they entailed, Zhou Weiqing wasn’t able to find out aboard this vessel.

Without question, Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing’s ages meant that they could only attempt the ‘second’ method. To the Heavenly Jewel Masters of the Xuantian Continent, being able to join Xuantian Palace was not only an enormous honor, it was also enormously beneficial. Inner Palace disciples of Xuantian Palace could receive materials needed for Consolidation and Skill Storing without any conditions attached. Even Outer Palace disciples were given countless benefits.

In the Xuantian Continent, all Skill Storing Palaces belonged to Xuantian Palace. One could imagine how unbelievably massive and powerful Xuantian Palace was! Even the selection of each Xuantian Emperor had to be approved by Xuantian Palace.

Zhou Weiqing’s target was the Spatial Teleportation Gem. After learning this information regarding Xuantian Palace, he realized that this meant he and Bing’er would become enemies of the entire Xuantian Continent! The difficulty involved in acquiring the Spatial Teleportation Gem was far greater than he had expected.

However, Zhou Weiqing had already thought of a solution. No matter what, he had to first join Xuantian Palace so that he would be proximity to his target. Only upon entering the organization would he have a higher chance of success. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t even be able to find out where the Spatial Teleportation Gem was even located.

The rest of their journey was uneventful, and the ship didn’t encounter any difficulties at all. It had a Heavenly King Expert guarding it, after all! So long as it didn’t encounter another terrifying sea beast like the giant turtle, it wouldn’t be in any real danger.

Zhou Weiqing was an affable person, while Shangguan Bing’er was dazzlingly beautiful. They were quickly welcomed into the ranks of the Heavenly Jewel Masters, who were just as honored here as they were back home. The ordinary sailors didn’t dare to show them any discourtesy at all.

This great ship was named ‘The Pearl’, and it was owned by Grandmaster Guyu himself. Grandmaster Guyu wasn’t a member of Xuantian Palace; he was one of the very, very few clan leaders in the Xuantian Continent who ruled a powerful clan and yet was not part of Xuantian Palace.

But of course, all Heavenly Jewel Masters had to subordinate themselves to Xuantian Palace. If he did not, his fate would be eradication. This particular ocean voyage had been a very profitable one. Their goal was to collect some valuable gifts which they could send to Xuantian Palace, so as to better the chances of their clan’s children being granted admission into the Inner Palace.

In the Xuantian Continent, the various clans didn’t try to compete in wealth or combat power. Instead, they competed in how highly placed their members were in Xuantian Palace. This odd phenomena was something which did not exist in the Boundless Mainland.

Grandmaster Guyu had been planning on accepting Zhou Weiqing and his wife into his own clan, but after learning about the ‘Immortal Deity Technique’ which Zhou Weiqing trained in, he gave up on that notion. No clan would be willing to accept and put resources into training someone who could die at any moment due to his own cultivation technique.

Thus, when Zhou Weiqing sought out Grandmaster Guyu and asked him to provide a letter for himself and his wife in support of them taking part in the Xuantian Trials, Guyu immediately agreed.

Zhou Weiqing performed beautifully aboard this vessel. Whenever he encountered middle-ranked ocean beasts, he would immediately fight with all his power to help the ship’s defense along with the other Heavenly Jewel Masters. He never asked for the slightest bit of compensation. Each time, he would claim that this was all for the sake of repaying them for saving him. His behavior was perfectly proper, and he gave no excuse for anyone to suspect him of anything. As a result, Guyu was happy to do this favor for him. Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Immortal Deity Technique’ wasn’t necessarily guaranteed to result in failure, after all. If he truly did manage to succeed in mastering it, he would become a freakishly powerful figure.

Guyu had no idea, of course, that in the Boundless Mainland which was far larger than the Xuantian Continent, Zhou Weiqing had long ago become viewed as an absolute freak of nature.

The ship spent a full month on the return journey. Slowly, a dark shore appeared on the distant horizon. They had all been at sea for far too long. Even the Heavenly Jewel Masters aboard the vessel couldn’t help but let out whoops of glee when they saw the shore appear. To be able to survive the fickle oceans and come back safely was something worth celebrating for any seafarer.

Zhou Weiqing held Shangguan Bing’er by the hand. They stood on the deck of the ship, staring off into the distance. In this moment, their hearts were filled with boundless heroism as they silently celebrated. Xuantian Continent! We’ve made it.

An hour later, The Pearl slowly slid into the dock. By the time the ship came to a halt, the wharf had already become filled with countless noisy welcomers. “Coming back alive is a wonderful feeling.” Guyu’s voice rang out from behind. Zhou Weiqing turned to look, only to see the Heavenly King powerhouse walk towards him.

During the course of their interactions, Zhou Weiqing had come to have a good impression of Guyu. Guyu was a very reserved senior, but his personality was extremely kind. He was a high-level Heavenly King powerhouse who had no chance of breaking through to become a Heavenly Emperor, but on the Xuantian Continent he was still a true powerhouse of his generation.

“Grandmaster, how could someone as powerful as you fear the ocean?” Zhou Weiqing said with a smile.

Guyu let out a startled laugh. “How could I not fear it? I don’t want to be disrespectful, but even the current Palace Lord of Xuantian Palace would be just as cautious when traveling on the oceans.”

Zhou Weiqing asked curiously, “Do the members of Xuantian Palace also voyage out into the oceans?”

Guyu nodded. “Of course. The ocean itself is a bottomless vault of treasures. I heard that long ago, when Xuantian Palace was first formed, it actually managed to kill a Terror Sea Dragon which had somehow suffered a heavy injury elsewhere. They made an absolute fortune from its corpse! In fact, it was this matter which jump-started them into becoming the pre- eminent Xuantian Palace which then expanded over the course of many years to their present heights.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled. “Grandmaster, I’m afraid we’re going to have to bid you farewell.”

Guyu  nodded.  “Stay  safe.  If  things  don’t  work  out  at  the Xuantian Trials, we’d welcome you here within our clan.”

“Thank  you,  Grandmaster.”   Zhou  Weiqing  bowed  again before leading Shangguan Bing’er off the vessel.

Guyu’s two disciples stood behind him. One of them said, “Teacher, I keep on having the feeling that this Zhou Weiqing fellow is a bit odd. He doesn’t seem to care about anything at all.”

Guyu smiled, nodding in satisfaction. “If you were able to notice that, you’ve improved quite a bit. Even I am unable to see through this youth, to say nothing of you! His background isn’t as simple as what he claimed. However, as far as we should be concerned, an extra friend is always better than an extra enemy.”

Zhou Weiqing had no way of knowing what Guyu’s evaluation of him was. He just led Shangguan Bing’er off the boat, then squeezed his way past the thronging crowd at the docks.

Whenever a great long-distance vessel such as The Pearl came back safely from a voyage, it would come laden with spoils. The countless people waiting at the docks were almost all merchants who wanted to try and buy some precious items from the vessel, then resell it at a higher price.

After squeezing past the grounds, Zhou Weiqing led Shangguan Bing’er into this coastal city. The feeling of dry land underfoot was absolutely wonderful! They were once more able to sense the deep, rich Earth-attribute energy pulsing through the ground below them, and it felt like it had been ages since they had last done so.

“I really want to cast everything away and just stay here at the Xuantian Continent. No one recognizes us here, and I don’t have to worry about all of those troublesome matters,”  Zhou Weiqing said. Shangguan Bing’er glanced at him, a not-quite smile playing around her lips. “Could you really bear to?”

Chapter237 XuanTian Trials

“Uh…” Zhou Weiqing swallowed hard. “Let us enter the city to look for the place where they are holding the XuanTian Palace Trials. Master Gu Yu said that the W'Batu City would have a place holding the trials.”

Shangguan Bing’er just smiled faintly at our dear Zhou Little Fatty’s awkward and unsubtle changing of topics; she didn’t call him out on it. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but hold her hand tighter. Bing’er was always so thoughtful like that.

W'Batu City was a port city, and it was also the final destination transcribed on the maritime maps in the Sea Emperor Shuttle. They were feeling great now that they had finally reached their destination and actually stepped onto the XuanTian Continent.

The first thing Zhou Weiqing did was purchase a map of the continent. He did not have any XuanTian Continent currency, but Heavenly Cores were treasures everywhere. After selling a few Zun Stage Heavenly Beast Heavenly Cores, he had enough money for both himself and Shangguan Bing’er to spend for quite some time. After wandering around idly in the city for a time, Zhou Weiqing discovered that it was actually pretty similar to the Boundless Mainland in many ways. Besides a few minor differences in attire, he could not see any other differences.

After looking for an inn to stay in, they simply asked around and quickly gained news about the XuanTian Trials.

W'Batu City was after all an important port city, and how could such a large and populated city miss out on holding the trials. It seemed like they were in luck, as this year’s trial for the W'Batu City would be held in a month’s time.

After learning about all the news, Zhou Weiqing decided to go into closed door cultivation for the duration. During this long journey on the ocean, although they had not really faced any true danger, both he and Shangguan Bing’er had undergone several trials of their own, and they had their own individual understandings and comprehensions, leading to some increase in cultivation. It was a good opportunity for them to use this time to fully comprehend these understandings and merge them with their own cultivation.

Naturally, Shangguan Bing’er also began cultivating with Zhou Weiqing. By now, the Saint Energy in her body was full, and with Zhou Weiqing by her side to support her, she could actually directly use the Saint Energy in her training and cultivation. Once she used up a certain amount of Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing could easily infuse some into her once more. This allowed Shangguan Bing’er’s cultivation speed to rise rapidly. After only three days of cultivating, she had already
broken through to the seven-Jeweled stage.

As for Zhou Weiqing, his own cultivation speed was just as quick as before. Although the Immortal Deity Technique was complete, the improvement of his Saint Energy did not show any signs of slowing down. In the process of gathering, transforming and cleansing, his cultivation seemed to grow naturally. At this point, his Saint Energy was already barely a step from the thirty seventh stage.

However, due to the fact he had completed the Immortal Deity Technique and did not have another cultivation technique, Zhou Weiqing still did not know how he would actually break through the thirty seventh stage. He could only continue growing, improving and gathering, hoping that in the process his Saint Energy would automatically breakthrough.

A month passed in the blink of an eye. Besides cultivating, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er would sometimes go out for walks to experience life in the new continent and to better understand it.

Their closed door cultivation was indeed effective. In the past month, with the powerful aid of the Saint Energy, Shangguan Bing’er had managed to increase her cultivation by another level, directly reaching the twenty ninth stage. As for Zhou Weiqing, though he was not able to break through to the thirty seventh stage, after a month of meditation and comprehension, his Saint Energy had not only increased in amount but also quality, further compressed and purified. His own understanding towards the Saint Energy and its usage had also deepened. At this point, it seemed like there was just a mere paper thin barrier between him and the thirty-seventh stage, but Zhou Weiqing still did not know how he could puncture that barrier. However, he was extremely clear that as long as he continued improving and accumulating, he would definitely succeed eventually.

In the central square of W'Batu City, it was a big day for them, an annual event of sorts. The W'Batu Governor was already seated on the main platform. A stage which had been built temporarily for the trials was now surrounded by a crowd of excited onlookers, and it was only the presence of a large number of soldiers that maintained order. “Governor,   this   is   the   name   list   of   this   year’s   trial participants,” a servant reported, handing over a paper.

The W'Batu Governor Sang Tan received the list, but he did not even look at it. Instead, he passed it respectfully to an old man seated next to him. “Master Er Chun, for your perusal if you wish.”

“En.” The elder named Er Chun was wearing a blue robe with a silver crescent symbol embroidered on the left breast.

Opening the list, Master Er Chun swept his gaze through it swiftly  before  saying  passively:  “There  are  more  than  a hundred participants who have registered for these trials… that is far too many. Pass the order down: only those who are four-Jeweled and above need stay; the rest will be disqualified.”

Sang Tan started momentarily before saying in an awkward tone, “Master… are you sure that’s okay? Previously, our rules stated that the participating limit was three-Jewels!”

Er Chun glared at him coldly, and Sang Tan instantly felt a cold chill run down his spine. “This Elder does not wish to waste so much time here. You just need to announce that this is the decision made by our XuanTian Palace. Do you think our XuanTian Palace needs to answer to those little independent cultivators? If their power is insufficient, what’s the point of joining the trials?”

“Yes, yes.” Sang Tan wiped away the sweat on his forehead, as he thought to himself inwardly. Of course your XuanTian Palace isn’t afraid, but I’m just the W’Batu Governor, I’m still afraid of these Heavenly Jewel Masters causing trouble!

The selection process for the XuanTian Trials was extremely harsh, and Physical Jewel Masters and Elemental Jewel Masters were rejected outright, with only Heavenly Jewel Masters allowed to participate. Originally, the criteria was for them to be below the age of thirty, and at the three-Jeweled stage or higher. This was already considered very strict prerequisites, yet they were now increasing it to the four- Jeweled stage! How could the independent cultivators not be resentful? Of course, they wouldn’t dare do anything about the resentment; after all who dared to offend the XuanTian Palace?

Indeed, after the news was proclaimed, it caused a large disturbance among the participants. Several of the young three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters who were confident in their strength, Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills were all complaining. After all, they had already paid to register for the Trials. Of course, just as the W'Batu Governor Sang Tan imagined, though they were dissatisfied and complaining, none of them dared to actually cause trouble. They would not dare offend the XuanTian Palace. This Master Er Chun seated beside Sang Tan was merely the representative for the
XuanTian Palace in their W’Batu City, yet his arrogance was already so high that his chin was almost touching the sky!

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were currently in the crowd of participants. Hearing the dissatisfied voices around them, Zhou Weiqing spoke in voice-transference to Shangguan Bing’er. “It looks like although this XuanTian Palace is extremely powerful in the XuanTian Continent, they do not own the hearts of the populace!”

Shangguan  Bing’er  replied  in  a  similar  fashion.  “This  is natural. Since the XuanTian Palace is so powerful that they have a monopoly, their disciples and subordinates will definitely be extremely arrogant. How could they gain the hearts of the normal populace? However, since they are suppressed by power, these folk will only dare be angry but not speak out or take action. Even so… if the XuanTian Palace does not take care and continues on this path, the XuanTian Empire could possible fracture from within.” After the proclamation, the original number of participants of more than a hundred had shrunk by more than half, with only slightly more than thirty remaining.

On the VIP platform, Sang Tan asked Er Chun, “Master, can we begin now?”

Er Chun did not even move his head, just grunting out an “En”.

Only then did Sang Tan stand up to proclaim, “Our annual XuanTian will officially begin now. Powerhouses of W'Batu City, please display your strongest prowess, and work hard to enter the finals and the chance to enter the Heavenly City! Alright, the first round shall begin, the Heavenly Energy test.”

On the contestant stage, workers had carried in five stone pillars, each about one metre tall. On top of each pillar was a transparent crystal. Clearly, this was for the purpose of testing the participants’ Heavenly Energy.

On the VIP platform, Master Er Chun slowly stood up. In a somewhat ‘show-off’ fashion, he strode into the air before landing on the stage. As soon as he appeared, the entire audience fell silent. This arrogant elder put his hands behind his back as he instructed passively, “Those participants at the four-Jeweled stage and above, take turns to undergo the Heavenly Energy examination. Begin, five at a time. We will record the strength of your Heavenly Energy.”

Along with his entrance, a middle-aged man dressed in similar blue robes walked out from the side. If one examined both closely, the symbol embroidered on his chest was a silver star, and his status was clearly below that of Master Er Chun. He was holding a large book in his hands, which looked to be used for recording purposes.

Very quickly, the remaining thirty-odd participants began to ascend the stage in fives, led by assigned personnel.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were both positioned at the back. As they watched, the first batch of five ascended the stage. As soon as the middle-aged man gave the order, the five of them immediately circulated their Heavenly Energy.

Instantly, the five crystals on the pillars lit up, giving forth a faint white light. As more Heavenly Energy poured into them, the white light slowly rose. By now, they could all see the differences. The white light would rise to a higher level for those with higher cultivation levels. This continued for almost five more minutes, at which point the columns of white light were no longer rising. The one- starred XuanTian Palace executive member who was recording the results waved his hands, indicating that their exam was over. Soon, the second batch of five ascended the stage, undergoing the same test.

Zhou Weiqing smiled as he spoke to Shangguan Bing’er in a low tone, “That is rather interesting, to go through a Heavenly Energy examination. However, if it’s just a normal test on Heavenly Energy, it is still insufficient to determine how powerful a Heavenly Jewel Master is. I guess that there will be other tests after this.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded and was about to reply when all of a sudden, a disharmonious voice rang out from behind them. “Even if there are other tests, it will not have anything to do with people like you. You will never be selected.”

This voice was rather sharp and piercing, giving them a very uncomfortable feeling. Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed as he turned his head, only to see a youth of over twenty years of age, drooling as he stared at Shangguan Bing’er’s pert buttocks. When he saw Zhou Weiqing turn to look at him, he immediately raised his head in an extremely arrogant fashion. A cold light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes before disappearing, but his face maintained its smile. “What do you mean by those words? We have not even gone through the examination; how would you know our cultivation isn’t sufficient to be selected?” The youth was not very tall, only around 1.7 metres in height. He was skinny, with sunken eyes and almost greenish eye bags. His looks were actually decent, but any discerning person would be able to tell that this was a youth who had overindulged in debauchery. Previously, Zhou Weiqing had not even noticed him, and he could not imagine that such a person could actually attend the XuanTian Trials.

“What is there to know or not, this Young Master here will definitely be selected. You both aren’t locals right, otherwise you will definitely know who this Young Master is.”

Even as he was speaking, his perverted eyes were fixed upon Shangguan Bing’er, roving up and down her body. Alas, he did not know that this was already rubbing against Zhou Weiqing’s 'reverse scale'.

Zhou Weiqing maintained his curious look as he said: “Isn’t the XuanTian Trials all about selecting talents for the XuanTian Palace? Everything depends on power, what has that got to do with status?”

The youth gave a disdainful humph, ignoring Zhou Wieqing totally. Instead, he grinned at Shangguan Bing’er and said: “Heh, this beauty here, you are looking good! After the trials are over, how about I treat you to a meal? This year’s selection quota have already been fixed, and you do not have any chance. However, you are still young, as long as I help you prepare in advance, you might have a chance next year. My father is the Governor of this City, and my name is Sang De. Let us get to know each other more.”  As he said that, he actually reached out his hand in an attempt to hold Shangguan Bing’er’s hand.

He was successful in holding a hand. Alas, it was not Shangguan Bing’er’s small hand, but a large and powerful hand. Zhou Weiqing’s smiling face appeared right in front of him, shaking his hand vigorously as he said happily: “Oh, it is actually the Young Master of the Governor, forgive me for my ignorance.”

“Bastard! Let go of my hand!” Sang De tried his best to pull his hand out, but realised that Zhou Weiqing’s large hand was like a steel vice. No matter how much he circulated his Heavenly Energy, it was as if a clay oxen going into the sea, never to return. He found no matter what he did, he was unable to pull his hand out. Instead, Zhou Weiqing’s hand continued tightening his grip, and soon an acute pain began to travel from his hand. Right at that moment, a stern voice rang out. “What are you all doing, it is your turn to ascend the stage and take the test.”

In the time that they spoken, several groups of five had already completed their tests, and it was their turn.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing release Sang De’s hand. After all, this was their territory. More importantly, they needed to pass the XuanTian Trials to enter the XuanTian Sect. As such, he held himself back from exacting revenge. Of course, with Zhou Weiqing’s character, he would definitely not let this Sang De go so easily.

Besides the three of them, there were still two others in front of them who would join them in the group of five. As they ascended the stage, each of them stood in front of a stone pillar.

That Master Er Chun stood there all along, his face impassive and expressionless, his hands behind his back as he did not even watch the participants closely. It was as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

As the personnel gave the sign to begin, the five of them began infusing their Heavenly Energy into the transparent crystal before them.

Zhou Weiqing did not rush to circulate his own Heavenly Energy, instead turning his head to look at Sang De. To his surprise, this Sang De’s Heavenly Energy level was not low, even with his body that was hollowed out by debauchery, he was still actually at the five-Jeweled stage. White light rose steadily in front of him.

Zhou Weiqing smirked to himself inwardly, knowing that for such a fellow, it was highly likely his Heavenly Energy was not fully cultivated by himself. Although the white light rose rather rapidly, it was clearly mixed and impure, a little weak and unstable even. That could only prove that his Heavenly Energy was most likely either raised with the help a lot of medicines, or with some experts using unique means to raise his cultivation level externally. Such a method was undoubtedly able to raise his cultivation level quickly, but it was detrimental to him in the long term. Everything else aside, it was probable that he would not even be able to pass the threshold between the Zun Stage and Zong Stage in the future.

Zhou Weiqing turned his head again, giving an imperceptible nod to Shangguan Bing’er on the other side. At the same time, he began to transform his Saint Energy into Heavenly Energy, slowly infusing it into the crystal, causing the white light from his crystal to begin catching up with Sang De. However, he did not overdo it, only releasing sufficient Heavenly Energy to maintain his position to be slightly higher than Sang De as they both raised up.

Right at that moment, Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes flashed brightly, as a powerful Heavenly Energy reverberation burst forth from her body. A mass of shocked cries rose from the audience as they witnessed the ray of white light burst forth from the crystal in front of her at a shocking speed, the thick white light instantly surpassing the other four all the way to an unprecedented five metre height. With a sudden loud Peng, the crystal in front of her actually shattered, unable to withstand the massive Heavenly Energy.

Previously Er Chun was still impassive and unmoved, but he was given a fright by the sight before him. Staring at the shattered  crystal,  he  couldn’t  help  but  exclaim:  “S-seven Jewels!?”

Currently, his expression no longer held that arrogance, as he looked at Shangguan Bing’er with a shocked gaze.

This young lady looked to be no older than twenty years or so, yet she already had reached a height of seven Jewels? How was that possible? Even for those young talents cultivated from young in the XuanTian Palace, they might not even have such a power right?

How could he know that Shangguan Bing’er’s cultivation level was also considered the cream of the crop even amongst the younger generation of the entire Boundless Mainland. Although the XuanTian Continent was powerful, with the existence of a Great Saint Land like the XuanTian Palace, when it was compared to the Boundless Mainland, there was still some difference.

Shangguan Bing’er withdrew her tender small hands, smiling gently as if she had done something insignificant.

At this point, the radiance she emitted totally eclipsed all the other participants. A seven-Jeweled cultivation stage, in the history of the XuanTian Trials, it was not that this had never happened before, but it was definitely extremely rare. Even when it did, it was usually only at the final stages which was held in the Heavenly City, not a preliminary trial of a outskirts city. More importantly, those were usually powerhouses who were extremely close to the age of thirty. Not only was Shangguan Bing’er extremely beautiful, she looked like an ordinary young lady of twenty who was defenseless. With such a stark contrast to her powerful cultivation level, how could it not increase the shock value? Taking a deep breath, Er Chun nodded to Shangguan Bing’er, saying: “May I ask, young lady, what is your name?”

Shangguan Bing’er smiled as she replied: “My name is Shangguan Bing’er.”

Hearing her name, Er Chun discovered he had no impression of such a name, and he could only nod without saying anything else. However, deep in his heart, he was feeling rather awkward.

Just like what Sang De had bragged about earlier, the current Trials that were being held were no more than a sham, a mere formality. In truth, Er Chun had already fixed the three selected participants under the table. Of course, that was because those three had already given more than sufficient bribes to him, and only those who had given the most would be given the positions. These people were not fools, as long as they could enter the XuanTian Palace, even if it was just an outer disciple, not only would they profit from it, just with the increase in status alone, would they be afraid of recouping those bribes?

Zhou Weiqing had his own plans in having Shangguan Bing’er reveal her true strength. After all, she was unable to control the appearance her own cultivation like he could, and instead of trying to hide things and invoke suspicion, they might as well show her cultivation. In this way, with the talents that Shangguan Bing’er had shown, they would be able to quickly enter the inner core of the XuanTian Palace. This would be a great benefit to them gaining the Spatial Teleportation Gem.

This was just the first step in Zhou Weiqing’s plan. Whenever he acted, he usually only did so after proper planning, and all the future steps had already been arranged.

Very quickly, all of the participants had completed their Heavenly Energy examination.

Er Chun swept his gaze over the participants before he said impassively: “The top ten of the Heavenly Energy will go on to the second round. Announce their names.”

As soon as he spoke, the participants burst into an uproar.

It had to be known that most of the participants had nearly the same cultivation level, and it was definitely unfair to just determine their suitability from Heavenly Energy cultivation alone. Furthermore, this was not the original rules of the trial! “Master Er Chun, that isn’t proper right? Heavenly Energy is just one facet of the power of Heavenly Jewel Masters, and it can’t represent everything! Furthermore, according to the rules of the XuanTian Trials, the Heavenly Energy Examination should only to see if we have the qualification, not an actual elimination round.” One of the participants piped out.

Er Chun glared angrily at him. “Do you think this Elder needs you all to teach me how to do things? Each area has its own method of doing things, its own rules. In the W'Batu City, my rules are the rules of the W'Batu City. Remove his name.”

Instantly, the crowd was silenced. Although their feelings were still tempestuous, no one else dared to speak out.

“Do you see now, it is useless. No matter how strong you are, you will not be able to gain the selection spot.” Sang De stood by Zhou Weiqing’s side as he spoke mockingly. However, this time, he dared not use the same gaze to look at Shangguan Bing’er. The power she had displayed was far too terrifying for him. Although his father was the governor, he would not dare offend a Heavenly Jewel Master who had already entered the Zong Stage, especially one so young. Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, nodding to Sang De as he said: “Let us wait and see then.”

Soon after was the proclamation of the ten names who would be able to enter the next round of selection trials. Naturally, Shangguan Bing’er would be in the list. As for Zhou Weiqing, he had maintained the appearance of his Heavenly Energy to be slightly higher than Sang De, and was still amongst the top few of the remaining ten. Besides that, Sang De had proven his words to be accurate, smoothly entering the top ten without any problems.

As the ten stepped onto the stage to form a single row in front of Er Chun, the youngest there were clearly Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. If anything, Zhou Weiqing’s looks were actually more mature than his actual age.

Er Chun said passively: “If anyone thinks that my rules are not fair, you can choose to withdraw. If your Heavenly Energy isn’t even able to reach the top ten, what right do you have to complain? Indeed, Heavenly Energy is just one facet when evaluating a Heavenly Jewel Master, but it is also the root of all Heavenly Jewel Masters. Without a strong Heavenly Energy at your core, even if you have some powerful Stored Skills, can you unleash it properly? There are only three positions, naturally I will be choosing them from those who have a good cultivation level and strong talents. Next, this Elder will be personally testing each of you ten.” “If we use the original method of drawing lots to fight, not only will it take much longer, it can also be unfair due to the factor of luck in terms of drawing lots. This Elder would rather suffer a little to ensure the fairness of the XuanTian Trial. If anyone else dares question my decisions, you will be punished for being disrespectful to the XuanTian Palace.”

Er Chun’s voice was slightly overcast, filled with pressure. Towards the Heavenly Jewel Masters, this pressure was negligible, but to the common audience, it was more than enough. As soon as he finished speaking, the audience thought about it and felt he did make sense. Very soon, the discussion and dissent stopped naturally.

Er Chun motioned for the first participant to come before him, saying passively: “Later on, all of my testing will be the same. No matter what Skill you use, as long as you can receive a palm strike from me without falling off the stage, you will have passed the second round. If in the end, only three people succeed, then they will be the final three who will be selected. If more than three pass, then they will enter the third round.”

The ten participants all nodded to show they understood. Er Chun nodded towards the youth in front of him in a magnanimous fashion, indicating he should prepare himself.

Naturally, the youth did not dare to be careless. He was at the five-Jeweled stage, and he quickly released four pieces of Consolidated Equipment. As an independent cultivator, it was already not easy to get so many Consolidated Equipment. Once he had finished his preparation, he faced Er Chun, fully focused.

“Be  careful.”   Er  Chun  took  an  abrupt  step  forward,  his Heavenly Jewels appearing around his wrists, nine of them glowing brightly. Without any further flourishes, he sent a straight punch flying towards the youth.

The youth quickly blocked, unleashing an ice shield instantly, circulating all of his Heavenly Energy in a mighty effort.

*PENG* A muffled thump, and the ice shield shattered. At the same time, the youth’s body flew back, landing directly on the ground outside of the stage.

On the side of the stage, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth curled in a smirk, almost laughing out loud. Such minor trickery, perhaps it could fool commoners, but how could it escape his eyes, that of a skilled actor and con man himself? On the surface, this test might seem fair, but was it really?

This Er Chun’s power was not bad at all, at the Upper Level Zong Stage currently. However, with his nine-Jeweled power against a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, could anyone really block a single blow from him? As for how much Heavenly Energy and strength he put behind the blow, wasn’t it all up to him?

Under such a circumstance, there was no true ‘fairness’ at all, not even a single bit. Sang De’s words previously, Zhou Weiqing totally believed it now. Of course, he had not expected that the XuanTian Palace would have become so corrupt and degenerate to such a degree. In comparison, the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland would never allow such a thing to happen, and the situation was far better in that sense. At least, he had never personally heard of the five Great Saint Lands having such occurrences.

A single fist, a single punch. One after the other. In a matter of moments, four of the participants had already been knocked off the stage. When it reached the fifth person, the situation changed abruptly. This was a youth that looked rather unassuming. As Er Chun punched out, he staggered back several steps, but in the end he managed to barely stabilize himself just a metre away before he fell off the stage.

A faint smile flashed across Er Chun’s face as he nodded, saying: “Not bad at all, a decent method of transforming and dissipating power. You have passed.”

Zhou Weiqing’s face twitched slightly. He almost couldn’t help  himself  to  scold  out  “What  a  damn  fake!”  Luckily,  he managed to restrain himself in time.

Sixth was that Sang De’s turn, while Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were respectively placed in the eighth and seventh position.

As expected, Sang De also managed to ‘accept’ a fist without being sent flying, even performing better than the previous youth  by  a  metre,  gaining  Er  Chun’s  “smile”  before  being allowed to stay on the stage.

At last, it was Shangguan Bing’er’s turn, and everyone’s gaze, audience and participants alike, fell upon Er Chun. At the side, Zhou Weiqing watched with a spurious smile on his face. He truly wanted to see how this old fox Er Chun would deal with the ‘problem’ of Shangguan Bing’er. After all, she had already displayed the power of her seven-Jeweled cultivation, and out of all the other participants besides her, there weren’t even any with six Jewels.

Er Chun looked at Shangguan Bing’er, and a sudden smile spread across his face as he said: “Lady Shangguan, being able to cultivate to the seven-Jeweled stage at such a young age, your talent must be extremely outstanding, and you definitely deserve a position. However, since Lady Shangguan’s cultivation has far surpassed all of the ordinary participants, thus this Elder has decided to make an exception for you to have an additional guaranteed spot. Please wait below the stage, you will not need to continue joining the further trials.”

Shangguan Bing’er started momentarily, and she couldn’t help but look towards Zhou Weiqing.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing smiled broadly. This Er Chun was no fool either! In front of so many people, he dared not make his acting too obvious.

Sure enough, once the crowd heard Er Chun’s words, even those who were harbouring feelings of dissatisfaction were not able to retort. Similarly, Shangguan Bing’er received a signal from Zhou Weiqing to follow Er Chun’s instructions and head off the stage.

It was time for the eighth participant, and naturally that was Zhou Weiqing, with the last two behind him.

Er Chun had seen the signals between Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing, but his expression remained impassive.

“Are    you    ready?”     Er    Chun    asked    Zhou    Weiqing emotionlessly.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I am ready, please go ahead.”

Er Chun looked at him with some surprise. That was because Zhou Weiqing had just casually replied him without even showing any signs of preparations at all. He had not even summoned a single piece of Consolidated Equipment.

Er Chun gave a cold smirk inwardly, but did not say anything. Similarly, he took a step forward, his fist careening towards Zhou Weiqing. This time, the punch of his was filled with Heavenly Energy. Outwardly, it did not seem to have much power and presence behind it, but as the fist flew towards him, Zhou Weiqing could sense the powerful stress upon his chest, causing him to momentarily feel difficulty breathing.

Such an attack, let alone an ordinary five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master… perhaps even one with a seven-Jeweled cultivation might be sent flying from this punch. The difference in Heavenly Energy was just too huge.

A faint smirk crossed Zhou Weiqing’s lips. Facing Er Chun’s fist, he replied with a single slap of his palm.

*PENG* A loud sound rang out, and a sight occurred that caused everyone to stare in shock, jaw agape. Accompanying the explosive sound was the sight of Zhou Weiqing standing there, unmoved. Er Chun’s fist had actually been slapped away by Zhou Weiqing’s palm strike.

“En?!”  Er  Chun  was  given  a  huge  shock.  Once  again,  he looked towards Zhou Weiqing just to reaffirm he was not imagining things. Five Jewels… It really was five Jewels! As he looked upon Zhou Weiqing’s wrist, he saw that it truly was five sets of Heavenly Jewels. How could this be? He subconsciously wanted to punch out again, but Zhou Weiqing said: “Master, does that mean I have passed this round?”

Only then did Er Chun stop himself from punching out once more. With a curious look on his face, he asked Zhou Weiqing: “Young man, how did you manage to do that?” After all, that punch of his just now was not holding back like the others who had ‘passed’.

Zhou Weiqing gave him a wide smile as he said: “Master, my physical strength has always been larger than normal. In the past, my folks back home always said I was born with superhuman strength.”

Er Chun couldn’t help but scold inwardly, but he did not think much further about it. After all, Zhou Weiqing had come together with that genius girl Shangguan Bing’er, and it was not suspicious at all that he had some unique qualities of his own. Nodding to him, he did not continue speaking to Zhou Weiqing, instead continuing the exam.

This was only the second round after all, and Er Chun did not believe that this variable, Zhou Weiqing, could foil his plans. For the last two participants, one was eliminated, while one remained. Without needing to think, Zhou Weiqing understood that besides himself, the three remaining participants should have been ‘fixed’ long ago.

Er Chun looked at the four remaining on the stage, especially giving Zhou Weiqing a deep meaningful look. At last, he said: “Since you four have passed the second round, we will have to go on to the third round. In the previous round, you have all succeeded in blocking this Elder’s single punch, but that doesn’t mean you will succeed a second time. This third round will be similar to the second round, with this Elder personally take charge of the exam.”

Once again, the first two participants smoothly accepted Er Chun’s ‘attack’, and it was Zhou Weiqing’s turn once more.

Zhou Weiqing smiled as he looked at this so-called Master. Facing Zhou Weiqing, Er Chun’s expression was normal, as if everything was going on in a fair manner. He even specially told Zhou Weiqing: “Young man, be careful now.”

“Master, please.” Zhou Weiqing smiled as he said. A cold light flashed in Er Chun’s eyes as he took a step forward, punching forward with his right fist directly towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest. An icy cold aura burst forth from his fist, but strangely the cold was concentrated and focused, not spreading out at all. It was as if an invisible field of ice was surrounding his fist as he smashed hard towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

A Skill? This old fellow actually activated a Skill against me? To be able to hide it so well, damn, he is truly a talent in his own right! Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think as he watched the incoming fist, the smile on his face unchanging. In an exact copy of his previous reaction, his palm slapped out once more.


Another massive explosion. This time, even Er Chun was totally stunned. That was because his fist was once again slapped away by Zhou Weiqing, who remained standing there as if nothing had happened, not even moving an inch.

“Thank you Master for being lenient.”  Zhou Weiqing said cheerfully. Er Chun looked at Zhou Weiqing. At last, he was finding it hard to tolerate as his face clearly turned cloudy. This young man was not simple at all, wasn’t that strength just too overbearing? That punch earlier, he had even used eighty percent of his might, and even though he had hidden his Skill, causing some of its power to be lost, he was confident that even a seven-Jeweled powerhouse would not be able to take that blow easily. This inborn superhuman strength… wasn’t it just too much?

In truth, Zhou Weiqing did not use much Heavenly Energy, keeping it at the five-Jeweled stage. However, do not forget that his physical strength had long since reached a terrifying level. His physique had always been far superior to any Heavenly Jewel Master, with the bloodlines of the Dark Demon God Tiger and the Dragons, the nine-Jeweled cultivation stage, Demonic Change State and having evolved several times due to the Saint Energy… all of these boosts added together had allowed his pure physical strength to reach a tyrannical level. As for the hidden Ice Attribute inherent in Er Chun’s attack, in front of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, what could it possibly do?

With a gloomy look on his face, Er Chun continued the exam on the fourth participant. Naturally, it was another pass. Four participants. Surprisingly, there were still the same four remaining on the stage, yet there were only three selection spots. Two consecutive rounds, yet these four had still remained. At this point, even if the audience did not find anything strange about it, those Heavenly Jewel Masters below
began to find something odd about it.

If one were to look on the surface appearance of things, the one which looked the most ‘fake’ was definitely Zhou Weiqing’s test. After all, both times he had not even moved a single step in receiving the attack. However, in the eyes of the perceptive, such an overly obvious fake instead looked to be the real one. After looking at the other three participants besides Zhou Weiqing, very quickly their identity and status were recognized.

Chapter238 Instant Kill!

One was the governor’s son, another was the son of the W’Batu Financial Chief and the last fellow was the son of a great merchant. Not only did the Heavenly Jewel Masters below the stage recognize their identity, they were also aware of the strength of these three. After calming down, they became quite puzzled. Why was it that these three guys with such different battle capabilities could stay on the stage?

Er Chun’s expression became quite unsightly. He naturally knew that the longer this went on, his sham regarding the trial selection would be easily exposed. Alas, there was nothing he could do. He used eighty percent strength earlier with that fist. For the guise of fairness, he simply couldn’t use more heavenly power because the spectating Heavenly Jewel Masters weren’t fools. Even though the XuanTian Palace on this continent had supreme authority, his own position wasn’t that high, nor was he in charge of everything. If this matter were to be exposed, it would require an exorbitant amount of money to quell it. The losses did not make up for the gains.

After thinking it through, Er Chun decided to try one last time. If he still couldn’t do it, he could only apologize to those paying fellows. As he thought about it, he said in a leisurely tone: “Very good indeed, I am very happy and gratified to see you guys passing the third examination. Unfortunately, there are only three final spots, so, among you four, one must be eliminated. This next round is added by me for this purpose after deliberation, to be held between the four of you. I have thought of the best way for everyone to show their strength. By drawing lots, we’ll decide the order of testing. The first chosen will be attacked by the other three to see how long they could last, and so on so forth. Just like that, the competitor who lasts the shortest amount of time against the others will be eliminated.”

Zhou Weiqing stared amusingly at this Er Chun in his clumsy attempts to come up with a way to eliminate him. He decided to play along with the guy and didn’t reveal anything.

Er Chun continued, “Everyone knows that a Heavenly Jewel Master can’t use his full strength in a regular bout. Because of this, I will allow for everyone to go all out. As the judge, when I think someone can’t handle it any longer, I will personally stop the fight. Okay, draw the lots now.”

Having said that, he turned towards the main platform and signaled at governor Sang Tan. The two knew each other for a while now so Sang Tan understood his intention right away, while being secretly excited. This Er Chun guy might take an exorbitant fee but he was still quite capable. The only type to be afraid of are those bastards who take the payment yet fail to carry out their promise. My son might not be capable at all but if it is a three- on-one scenario, there should be no need to worry about taking that brat down.

Sure enough, after the drawing, Zhou Weiqing became the ‘lucky’ guy to go first against the surrounding attacks of the other three.

During this process of drawing lots, Er Chun used Weiqing’s blind spot and gave the other three a sharp glare. These young masters weren’t fools either so how could they not understand his meaning? Moreover, since they had been chosen by their respective clans to be groomed, though they were rather foppish, they definitely still had their own capabilities.

Weiqing didn’t cry foul. After all, the entire thing had a guise of fairness over it. Even though many of the Heavenly Jewel Masters below could see that there was a problem, they were at most just angry without daring to speak up. Er Chun stepped to the side and nodded his head towards Weiqing: “Young man, it is time to show off all your strength. Remember, with my protection, everyone is safe so no need to worry. Begin.”

Weiqing was mumbling curses in his mind. This old bastard, even at this point, he didn’t forget to remind these young masters to kill me. Once they have killed me off, all he needed to do would be to give the excuse that he wasn’t able to take action on time and just act apologetic.

Only three would be left once Weiqing was dead and there was no need to continue this competition. All three would naturally entered the final round. Such craftiness, huh! Plus, no one would criticize him for the sake of a dead kid even after it was exposed.

Unfortunately for Er Chun, it was Zhou Weiqing he was scheming against this time. How could he know that this youth ahead was the number one among the young generation of the Boundless Mainland, whose cultivation was even higher than his.

The three young masters immediately surrounded Weiqing on three sides after hearing the order, summoning out their Consolidated Equipment without hesitation. Everything else aside, all three of these fellows actually had five full pieces of Consolidated Equipment. Sang De had the best among them, actually having a five piece Set. Besides a long sword as his weapon, he also had a chestplate, helm, waist protector, and a pair of gauntlets. This was a relatively decent set. The other two were a bit inferior but they at least had all five that their cultivation level could support currently.

They three fellows all knew each other and this wasn’t their first time scheming against someone else. Sang De and another spear-user shouted before attacking Weiqing in unison.

Sang De’s Elemental Jewel was of the Wind Attribute, and his long sword was accompanied with a Wind Blade. On the surface, it seemed like it was pretty powerful, with a strong presence, and its area of effect was quite wide as well.

His cultivation might be unstable but under the empowerment of his Consolidated Equipment, his destructive capability was fairly extraordinary.

On the platform, Sang Tan watched his son showing his abilities on the stage with a satisfied smile. The other young master with the spear had the Fire Attribute for his Elemental Jewel. His flame synergized with Sang De’s Wind Attribute attacks as he thrusted his spear at Weiqing’s stomach. Along with his Agility Physical Jewel, his speed and destructive power was not bad at all.

Their Consolidated Equipment weren’t bad either but in terms of their fighting capabilities and especially Stored Skills, it was rather lacking. Weiqing understood that this had something to do with their willpower. There was an integral relationship between a Heavenly Jewel Master and their willpower in terms of their success rate of Storing Skills. The stronger the willpower, the greater the chance for success. But for these foppish young masters, what willpower do they have to speak of?

Nevertheless, they were wily enough. Two of them launched a direct frontal assault while the guy behind Weiqing didn’t make a single sound. He wielded an obsidian knife and slithered on the ground like a poisonous snake in order to close his distance in silence. This was their real killing move.

This was a Stored Skill from a Serpent Type Heavenly Beast, with extremely effective stealth effects. Moreover, his Elemental Jewel Attribute was the Darkness Attribute, and it was a very synergistical combination. These three normally conspired against others together so their teamwork was quite good. It seemed like Zhou Weiqing did not notice the ambusher behind him and even looked apprehensive regarding the two frontal attacks, so much so that he actually took a few steps back. At this point, he could see the smug expression on Sang De’s face. Alas, how could they be more gifted at scheming than Zhou Little Fatty?

Sang De and his allies were ecstatic at the sight, and in their excitement, their attacks became even stronger and faster as they charged towards Zhou Weiqing. In that moment, Weiqing acted as if he was flustered as he swung his right hand insectival in the air and stomped his right foot on the ground as if he had lost his balance.

A strange scene occurred, so swiftly that even that Master Er Chun couldn’t react in time.

“Pluff! Pluff!” With two quiet sounds, inside a dazzling silver light, Sang De and his ally suddenly struck each other. Their body actually split in halves. The top half was frozen; there was still a gloating and ferocious expression since they were certain of victory. Their bottom half was still lunging forward despite this separation. Blood and innards all gushed out.

Sang De felt this Weiqing person ahead becoming larger and larger. Moreover, his own body felt strange as if something was leaving it. He instinctively looked down before shouting with a miserable, inhuman scream that echoed across the sky.

It was even worse for the ambusher from the back. He was slithering on the ground but Weiqing’s right stomp emitted an extremely terrifying force. This shockwave blasted through the ground all the way to his body. The reverberation shattered all of his bones and inner organs. With blood gushing out, the guy couldn’t be any deader.

An instant kill! Just one second earlier, the other three had the upper-hand but now, they have been slaughtered by Weiqing in just a moment in such a terrible manner of death.

Both the platform and the spectators were completely speechless. City Lord Sang Tan seemed to be held by the throat as he couldn’t utter a single sound. Er Chun was astounded before this scene as well.

“Sigh! Why did this happen? Why can’t the three of you withstand a single blow? Master Er Chun, you should have realized that they couldn’t handle it, why didn’t you stop me!” Weiqing cried out in shock.

Shangguan Bing’er in the audience initially frowned after seeing this bloody scene on the stage. However, she almost burst out in laughter after seeing Weiqing’s near flawless acting. This scoundrel...

Weiqing didn’t come here to start trouble but Sang De’s perverted eyes and Er Chun’s nefarious act have enraged him. He was a person who never took things lying down. Thus, when these people schemed against him, it would be strange if it ended well for them. Moreover, he had other backup plans ready as well.

“You…  you have actually killed them?”  Er Chun reacted to Weiqing’s scream while the crowd was in a clamor under the stage.

Weiqing put on an innocent and aghast expression as he replied, “I didn’t know that it would end like this? Sir, didn’t you tell us to go all out? With your cultivation, you should have been able to stop me, right!?”  Despite being quite vague, he dumped all the responsibility back on Er Chun. On the main platform, Sang Tan struggled to finally breathe but he still couldn’t speak. In all of these years, he has given Sang De all of the resources he had embezzled from W’Batu City just so that his son could enter the XuanTian Palace. Alas, he didn’t expect that this guarantee would actually develop in
this sudden manner. His only son was dead now; his eyes turned bloodshot even as he sat on the platform, glaring at Weiqing on the stage.

“Bastard, you came here, inciting trouble on purpose! This is the greatest provocation against our palace. Men, capture him!”  Er Chun was also livid. Even though he had a pivotal position at W’Batu, the three dead brats were not commoners either. Moreover, he had already accepted the bribes.

With that, he didn’t care for anything else and instantly unleashed a palm strike at Weiqing. The temperature on the stage suddenly dropped. One could see snowflakes condensing in the air.

Weiqing didn’t bother dodging this coming attack while sneering:   “Very   good   indeed,   XuanTian   Palace,   how disappointing…”

A thick, yellow glow suddenly lit up with a loud explosion. Weiqing stood motionlessly without even lifting a single finger yet he managed to dispel Er Chun’s attack. Meanwhile, the Dual Legendary Hammers appeared in his hands.

“Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura?!”  Er Chun was a knowledgeable man as he exclaimed in shock. His attack also halted instantly.

A God Tier Consolidated Equipment was extremely rare in both the Boundless Mainland and XuanTian Continent. Weiqing has seen quite a few from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, but do not forget, the ones who had the God Tier Consolidated Equipment were all incredible talents painstakingly groomed from the Five Great Saint Lands. For common Heavenly Jewel Masters, even an ordinary equipment was hard to come by, let alone those of this level.

Er Chun’s rage immediately paused as he stopped from any thoughts of revenge after suddenly seeing the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, especially considering Zhou Weiqing’s young age. In the XuanTian Continent, those who could have God Tier Consolidated Equipment must have an incredible background. Even as a representative of the XuanTian Palace to watch over this city, he still didn’t have any Consolidated Equipment of this level. Weiqing slightly pursed his lips with disdain, “You know about Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura? Then do you also know the Legacy of Strength?”  He was the best at duping people. In the past, he once duped a Heavenly King powerhouse until he didn’t dare to fight. At that time, Zhou Weiqing’s strength couldn’t even begin to compare to his power now. Now that he was so much more powerful, he was far more confident and easygoing, and his natural trickery came into play once more. After all, it would be extremely strange if someone on the XuanTian Continent would be able to recognize the Legacy Of Strength.

Er Chun instinctively shook his head in confusion.

Weiqing hummed with contempt, “You don’t even know the Legacy of Strength. It looks like our branch of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters have been forgotten by the world.”

Before anything else, when Weiqing uttered the words “God Tier Masters”, even the downtrodden Sang Tan who wanted nothing more than to eat his flesh as revenge for killing his son suddenly calmed down after realizing something.

“What did you say? You are a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?” Er Chun’s eyes were full of disbelief. As an inner-disciple of the XuanTian Palace, the top sect of the nine continents, he knew quite a bit about these God Tier Masters. At the very least, he knew that they must be at least a low-level Heavenly King. This youth ahead was only at the fifth jewel cultivation level yet he called himself a God Tier Master with
such forceful conviction.

“You  don’t  believe  me?”  Weiqing  posed  with  both  hands behind his back. He truly looked like a transcending cultivator under this acting skill.

“I descended this time in order to befriend the XuanTian Palace in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Who would have thought that I would see these evil deeds from all of you right away. I’m too lazy to explain anything. Watch, the truth is better than any words.”

Having said that, he swung his left sleeve. A Consolidated Paper made from the softest and best quality material flew out. Just this thing alone was more than one hundred gold.

Gold was also the common denomination at Xuantian. However, the carved diagrams on their money was different from the Boundless Mainland. This soft sheet of paper hovered before Weiqing while he acted quite dignified with his left hand behind his back. The reputation of a God Tier Master was too much. All eyes were on him at this moment.

Suddenly, no one saw how he did it. A silver glow suddenly flashed while the paper slightly trembled in the sky. One second later, this silver glow became dazzling. Weiqing swung his hand and this paper flew then fell before another Heavenly Jewel Master below the stage who came to participate in this selection.

He instinctively accepted the scroll. At the same time, his eyes  widened  as  he  shouted,  “This,  this  is  a  Consolidated Scroll! Oh Lord! A Consolidated Scroll of the Great Master level.”

Just like Weiqing has said, the truth is better than any words. There was no need for him to say anything when reality was unravelling before everyone’s eyes.

This master lifted his head and crazily stared at Weiqing. Yes! He was a Heavenly Jewel Master. When someone like him face a Consolidated Master, this would undoubtedly be their emotions. Moreover, this wasn’t an ordinary Consolidated Master. This was a God Tier Master, a near legend in XuanTian!

At the very least, this particular Heavenly Jewel Master didn’t question Weiqing’s identity at all. He casually threw out a Consolidated Scroll of the Grand Master level. Who else could do this outside of God Tier Masters?

Weiqing chuckled in response, “This scroll will be yours, just a little gift. However, I respectfully bid every Heavenly Jewel Masters here to be the witness. I spent twenty years immersing myself in the art of creating Consolidated Scrolls. In terms of cultivation, I am no match for Master Er Chun, so if I can’t show up to the Xuantian selection’s competition, I hope everyone will report what you have seen today to the Xuantian Palace. I trust that they will give a fair judgement towards a God Tier Master like me.”

The Heavenly Jewel Masters in the crowd quickly agreed after hearing this. They were already unhappy about Er Chun. Weiqing, on the other hand, was a God Tier Master. Being recognized by one would mean a straight path paved with gold ahead for any Heavenly Jewel Master! Moreover, the crowd was above the laws. There were more than one hundred masters present, all with great status and background. Even if Er Chun was fierce with City Lord Sang Tan on his side, he still didn’t dare to antagonize so many masters at the same time.

Chapter239 Thousand Year Golden Pearl

Er Chun’s expression was incredibly dark, but he was unable to conceal the stunned surprise in his eyes.

As one of the Heavenly Jewel Masters present with the highest cultivation, he knew how difficult it’d been for Zhou Weiqing to create a master rank Consolidated Scroll in a split second.

Creating a Consolidated Scroll didn’t only require the Spatial Attribute, but in terms of creating Consolidation Liquid, allocation of it, a proper management of time, as well as a good sense of the rhythm of changes. All of those were critical to the success of creating any Consolidating Equipment Scroll.

Zhou Weiqing had created a scroll with such utter speed, completely breaking through the requirements needed to craft a scroll in terms of rhythm. A Consolidating Equipment Master who could create Consolidated Scrolls at will in spite of the requirements, even claiming to be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master… this was someone Er Chun had no choice but to take seriously. After a series of changes in his expression, Er Chun finally managed to squeeze out an absolutely ghastly smile. “Honored God Tier Master, please forgive my earlier transgressions. It wasn’t your fault that you were unable to save their lives. You’ve successfully entered the next round and have the right
to enter the finals of the XuanTian Trials. I firmly believe that you will excel in the finals as well and enter XuanTian Palace.”

He had no other choice. If his superiors knew of what’d occurred before, then his days in XuanTian Palace were at an end. Compared to the benefits that Governor Sang Tan and the other two offered, his position at XuanTian Palace was much more important. Not to mention, offending a God Tier Master? No normal person would do so. So no matter how dejected and vengeful he currently felt, he could only swallow his blood, sweat and tears and display none of it.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. “That’s good. But Master Er Chun, are you feeling unwilling? Your reaction was rather slow.”  After  leaving  that  last  mocking  sentence  behind,  he drifted away casually, holding onto Shangguan Bing’er’s hand as they turned to leave.

He’d left the address of the inn he was staying at when he signed up, and someone would naturally be by with the paperwork for the finals. The Heavenly Jewel Masters below parted before him, and the pair left under a sea of enthusiastic gazes.

Back on the judges’ panel, Governor Sang Tan had actually lapsed into a coma from his sheer rage. Er Chun didn’t dare harbor ulterior motives after what’d just happened, so he made his selection anew and picked two more for the finals, finally closing the curtains on this farce.

Shangguan Bing’er was a bit anxious after they returned to the inn. “Little Fatty, aren’t you being a bit too high profile? You’re not a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master yet! It’ll be too easy for you to be revealed after you go to XuanTian Palace.”

“Who said I am not?” Zhou Weiqing chuckled. “I can play at being a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master with the appropriate paper and materials. Although my cultivation isn’t yet at the Heavenly King level, it’s not too difficult to complete a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll with the aid of Saint Energy.”

Shangguan Bing’er fell silent in surprise, she really found it hard to believe Zhou Weiqing’s words. “Isn’t it too easy for you to be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master? Don’t you need more experience?” Zhou Weiqing shook his head. “You don’t get it. Because of Saint Energy, I have a few Stored Skills that can absolutely became heaven defying throughout the course of crafting a Consolidating Equipment Scroll. When has your husband ever indulged in braggadocio? You’ll see when the time comes.”

Zhou Weiqing had come up with two plans after learning of the XuanTian Trials. The first centered around Shangguan Bing’er. With her cultivation level at Seven Jewels, it would be a snap of the fingers to become a core disciple of XuanTian Palace. She would be the key player then and he would be support, hidden in the shadows. There would certainly be a chance to investigate the matter of the Spatial Teleportation Gem within the palace. This was also a more conservative approach as well and less easy to be detected. The only problem was Shangguan Bing’er’s captivating looks. Zhou Weiqing hadn’t revealed his strength before because it was better for him to stay out of sight in the shadows and easier for him to make his moves.

Alas, who would’ve thought that they’d run into such depraved affairs during the Trials? If he still refused to take action, then he wouldn’t even have the right to enter the finals. Besides, that Sang Tan had crossed his bottom line. Zhou Weiqing had just gone with the flow and disposed of the good- for-nothing disciples as well, picking the second plan. The second plan was naturally the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master identity that Zhou Weiqing had mentioned before. Compared to the other, this plan was much tougher to pull off, but also more watertight. With this identity, in the future if Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were forced to
use their God Tier Consolidated Equipment, it wouldn’t elicit
suspicion. Even though he would be entering as a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, Zhou Weiqing would still conceal his level of cultivation. This plan’s only problem lay in that it was a high profile one. Entering XuanTian Palace as a God Tier Master would undoubtedly draw too much attention from the Palace’s senior executives. It’d be much more difficult to take any further action. But at the same time, there was higher likelihood that they would come into contact with the Spatial Teleportation Gem.


The W’Batu Governor Mansion.

“Master,  are  our  kids  dead  for  nothing?”   Sang  Tan’s breathing was labored as he smacked his thick palm savagely on the table.

There were only four present. Aside from him and Er Chun, the other two had also lost their sons today. Er Chun’s facial muscles twitched as he pointed at the pile of wealth on the table. “I will return you these items. You have seen for yourself today… how matters weren’t under my control at all. Your sons are dead, but…” Emphasis grew in his tone. “You’re still alive.”

He suddenly rose after this sentence and left, leaving behind three people with resentful expressions.

These three were heavyweights in W’Batu City, but at the moment, none of them could actually give voice to any of the rage and resentment they felt.

That was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master! Was this someone they could afford to offend? Er Chun’s last line had been correct. Although their sons were dead, they were still alive. If they dared seek revenge against a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, XuanTian Palace would never let them hear the end of it. XuanTian Palace was one that dominated XuanTian Continent, but even they only had two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters in residence. Those two were the absolute top existences within the Palace and had supreme positions. Even the current Palace Master had to treat them with all decorum. Zhou Weiqing returned to his room with Shangguan Bing’er after dinner and was about to engage in a bout of lovemaking when a respectful voice sounded from outside the door.

“God Tier Master, Er Chun requests an audience.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes darted around as he wiped off his leering expression towards Shangguan Bing’er. He became lofty and relaxed, almost as if he’d stepped into another body. He responded faintly, “Come in.”

Er Chun walked in with a respectful expression when the door opened. The awkwardness and arrogance from the day had disappeared. He was completely submissive and held something in his hands.

Zhou Weiqing sat down properly and didn’t invite him to sit. “Master Er Chun, what business do you have?”

“I’m not qualified for the title of master.” Er Chun responded hastily. “Please just call me by my name. I’m here to bring the finals qualifications to you and your wife.” He handed over the items as he spoke. There were two red envelopes and two black medallions.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t even look at them before he stored them into his Sumeru Ring with a wave. “Is there anything else?” He said passively.

Er Chun sweated profusely. He’d offered to bring these things personally because he wanted to repair his image in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Otherwise he’d be done for if this God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master said a few bad things about him in the XuanTian Palace. He didn’t have much of a background within the Palace, otherwise he wouldn’t have been sent to a city so far away.

“Sir, I’ve already reported your appearance to the upper echelons. It was indeed my greed overcoming my reason this morning and clouded my eyes. However, I hope Master can understand that our lives aren’t well off in a forsaken place like this! We need to come up with our own funds to purchase a Consolidated Scroll. We really have no choice. Your safety is of paramount importance and I wish to personally escort the two of you to the Heavenly City. Also... this is just a small gift. It’s not much, I hope you will accept it.” Another box appeared in his hands as he spoke, as if he was turning a magic trick, and respectfully brought it up to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing was slightly surprised when he took the box. A slight fragrance had wafted in the air when the box appeared. The unique scent was that of aloeswood.

Aloeswood was also present on Boundless Mainland, and some Consolidated Scrolls used it in their crafting. What was inside the box was definitely priceless given that the container was made out of aloeswood.

Ordinarily speaking, one didn’t open a gift as soon as they received it, in front of the giver. However, Zhou Weiqing didn’t have that concern at all. He flicked open the exquisite lock on the aloeswood box and opened it.

The box itself was rather heavy. It was a dense wood that would actually sink in water. As soon as the box was open, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes widened with delight when he saw what was inside. Even someone as widely experienced as him was quite surprised when he saw what was inside. There was a layer of yellow silk inside the box, giving the contents an additional noble feel. There were two pearls inside the size of an infant’s fist, glowing with a soft, faint and gentle hue.

Even an ordinary pearl was priceless when that large and flawless. These two were golden in color, marking them as the rarest of pearls. Furthermore, they were almost the exact same sizes, making them rare, precious treasures.

Pearls were divided into white, black, and golden, going from most common to rarest respectively. Zhou Weiqing found himself even hard pressed to estimate how valuable these were.

Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes were sparkling. All girls liked jewelry, especially when it was as precious and beautiful like these rare golden pearls. Although the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had many precious treasures, Shangguan Bing’er had after all grown up in the Heavenly Bow Empire, and had never been part of Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Even now, she still considered herself a part of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Despite her gentle appearance, Shangguan Bing’er was the most stubborn among the three Shangguan sisters. Once she set her mind on something, there was no changing it. Just like her relationship with Zhou Weiqing. If Shangguan Tianyue insisted on getting in between them, she would definitely run off and elope with Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing held up one of the golden pearls, utterly fascinated. The pearl emitted such a gentle aura. It must have come from a clam that was at least a thousand years old! Such a large pearl didn’t need to be paired with any other adornments. Just placing it in one’s room would have a vitality consolidation effect.

However, that wasn’t the reason why Zhou Weiqing was so interested in the pearl. He distinctly remembered Duan Tianlang telling him once that if he could find a thousand-year golden pearl he might have a chance to increase his ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set and allow it to thoroughly catch up to the level of the Boundless Infinitum Set.

Towards those blueprints of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set that Zhou Weiqing already owned, it was no big deal at all for Duan Tianlang to create them. However, ever since he had met Zhou Weiqing he had been hard at work researching how to further improve the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set and surpass his predecessors. He had mentioned those golden pearls to Zhou Weiqing only because they were exceedingly rare; Zhou Weiqing had not even been able to purchase one in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Naturally, he didn’t expect to find one here.

Well, it was a different continent, after all. Just because it was rare in Boundless Mainland didn’t mean it would be equally rare on XuanTian Continent. XuanTian Continent was not as vast as and had fewer resources than Boundless Mainland, but that actually resulted in its oceanic development being far superior to that of the Boundless Mainland. Clams containing golden pearls only existed in the deep ocean. Although they were still considered treasured objects in on XuanTian Continent, but they were not one of a kind here as they were on Boundless Mainland. Er Chun was good at paying attention to the words and mannerisms of others. One look at Zhou Weiqing’s reactions and he knew this young God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was pleased with his gift. In his heart, he was delighted by the result, hastily saying: “I’ve built up a humble collection of the last few years. If the Young Master would like, I can present you with something else later on.”

Belongings were important, but for a Heavenly Jewel Master what could be more precious than a God Tier Consolidated Equipment Scroll? Furthermore, Er Chun had his own views. With Zhou Weiqing’s status as a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, all he had to do was to join the XuanTian Palace and he’d certainly obtain an incredibly high position. More importantly, he was still so young. Within the next hundred years, it was likely that his position within the XuanTian Palace would not waver. If he could play up to such a high ‘branch’, why would he care about the current items in his collection? He’d be able to find ten times, even a hundred times more if he succeeded!

Zhou Weiqing carefully placed the golden pearl back into its aloeswood box and handed it to Shangguan Bing’er. “An outstanding treasure. Er Chun, you have a good sense. I will overlook what happened today. However, you must restrain yourself. Understood?”
 Er Chun was delighted. Running into a person with a passionate sense of justice was what he feared most. He’d really be done for then. Since Zhou Weiqing accepted his gift so easily, it clearly showed he was not that sort of person. Someone willing to accept gifts was much easier to deal with.

Shangguan Bing’er hugged the aloeswood box close to her. She was ecstatic about the pair of golden pearls and looked down at the box. But she was forcing herself to restrain the laughter in her eyes. This Little Fatty was truly rotten. He was clearly still playing the role of a greedy official. No. Greedy God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was more like it. Still, she would never go against it. This was after all the XuanTian Continent and what they took off them was the belongings of the XuanTian Continent, so what of it? They might as well just take it.

Just then, there was another knock at the door. Zhou Weiqing was puzzled. They had only just arrived in the W’Batu and did not know anyone else, who could be looking for them?

“Enter,” Zhou Weiqing said passively. Er Chun also looked at the doorway curiously.

An old man appeared at the door. As soon as he entered, he said with a wide smile on his face: “My dear Zhou Little Brother, you really had me fooled there!”  It was none other than Grandmaster Guyu from The Pearl.

Guyu’s clan wasn’t in W’Batu City, but was close by. Some members of his clan had actually participated in the XuanTian Trials today, and because Zhou Weiqing had gotten rid of those three dandys, a young disciple from his clan had been given another chance and had made it onto the participation list to the finals.

Guyu had been deeply remorseful once he learned that Zhou Weiqing was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, and he had hastened over to express his goodwill. He knew that he couldn’t be blamed for not thinking about such a possibility, after all that Zhou Weiqing was just too young. Alas, he couldn’t help but feel such regret… a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master had been released by him like that. If he had only known sooner he was a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he would have roped him into joining his clan, even if he had to tie him up! With a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master amongst their ranks, perhaps in time they might actually have the chance to become another Saint Land! What depressed him most was the fact that he had been the one to write Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er’s letters of recommendation. That’s it! No wonder such a beauty as Shangguan Bing’er would fall for such an ordinary-looking person like Zhou Weiqing: he was a great talent, a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master!

Of course, it was too late for regrets now. Since Zhou Weiqing had indicated he wished to join XuanTian Palace, Guyu didn’t have the guts to try to stop him. That would only bring a heap of trouble onto his clan. Either way, he still needed to come here. No matter what, he had to deepen the friendly relations with this young God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master whose life he had saved. It would be greatly beneficial to his entire clan.

Zhou Weiqing smiled and stepped forward in a welcoming fashion when he saw it was Guyu. “So it’s Grandmaster Guyu. Don’t blame me for covering it up. After all, anything can happen on the open seas. I had to be careful. Don’t worry, Grandmaster, Weiqing will never forget how you saved my life.”

An unsightly look flitted across Er Chun’s face momentarily when he saw it was Guyu. His cultivation wasn’t at Guyu’s level, but since he was from XuanTian Palace, he wasn’t really afraid of him. Only then did Guyu notice Er Chun was also in the room. He smiled faintly and said: “Brother Er Chun, you’re here too. You’re doing great things for XuanTian Palace this time!”

These two were both crafty old foxes. Plus the crafty young fox, Zhou Weiqing was here too, so just a few simple words between them was already enough to make their meanings crystal clear. Zhou Weiqing had relieved Guyu’s heart, while the latter had expressed to Er Chun that he would not interfere with Zhou Weiqing.

Er Chun smiled. “My dear Guyu, you just mentioned saving Young Master’s life. What’s the story there?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed. “I was out in the oceans with my humble wife hunting ocean beasts to obtain Heavenly Cores to make Consolidating Ink. Who knew that we would actually run into a Terror Sea Dragon and were nearly lost at sea. Fortunately, we encountered Grandmaster Guyu’s ship The Pearl and made it out alive. Isn’t that saving our life? In fact, if not for this experience, I might not have steeled my resolve to actually enter the public world and approach the XuanTian Palace. A person’s individual strength and resources are limited. If I want to continue researching how to make these Legendary Sets, I need a lot of financial backing. I figured that only XuanTian Palace could provide it.” “Legendary Sets?”  Guyu and Er Chun exclaimed, nearly in unison. Shangguan Bing’er noticed them both gulp.

Zhou Weiqing smiled. “I’ve only recently joined the ranks of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. It’s just that the materials needed to make Consolidating Ink are far too rare. That’s not good for my cultivation.”

Er Chun recovered himself and quickly put in, “Master, don’t you worry, in the entire XuanTian Continent, our XuanTian Palace can definitely supply your needs, and with the best service. A respected God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master such as yourself will not encounter any restrictions.”

Guyu sighed inwardly. It was too late to say anything now. Luckily, Zhou Weiqing still remembered how he had saved his life. He thought about it and repressed the urge to beg for the desired Legendary Set. There was plenty of time for that later. If he got over-eager and asked now, Zhou Weiqing might not be able to do it even if he was willing, because he had just become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. He would wait until Zhou Weiqing was settled into XuanTian Palace first. In any case, with the favorable relations they had, whatever he asked for in the future would be like a repayment. Neither of them wanted to be first to leave so they dawdled for a while with some small talk. They only took their leave when Zhou Weiqing said he had to cultivate. Er Chun set an appointment with him to leave tomorrow, where he would personally escort them to XuanTian Palace headquarters in the
Heavenly City, and participate in the annual XuanTian Trials finals.

Zhou Weiqing didn’t know what method of communication XuanTian Palace used, but it seemed to be very speedy. Early the next morning when Er Chun met them he told him that XuanTian Palace had already replied and said that he must see to Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er’s safety. They also sent instructions to Lord of W’Batu City, Sang Tan, to suppress word that a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master had appeared. He had to keep it a secret.

A lavish horse carriage was prepared for them. It was wide and spacious, pulled by eight fine steeds. It had been sent specially for Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er. Including Er Chun, a total of eight XuanTian Palace members followed them. You could say W’Batu City’s XuanTian Palace had sent its best and brightest.

After squaring things away with Zhou Weiqing the night before, Er Chun was more careful about his safety. Whether or not he would benefit by being with Zhou Weiqing, just by safely escorting a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master to the XuanTian Palace headquarters would already be a great achievement for him.

The carriage was extremely roomy, so much so that there would be no problem carrying ten people. The interior was upholstered in leather and was carpeted with soft animal pelts. There was a large bed in an inner compartment, a chair and table outside that. The table was stocked with food. This carriage was better than that one he had been in with Hua Feng from the Heavenly Bow Unit.

Climbing into the carriage, Zhou Weiqing chuckled to Shangguan Bing’er. “Er Chun knows how to enjoy himself, but it ends up benefiting us instead this time.” Who did not desire a little more comfort? Riding such a carriage would not disturb their cultivation. Zhou Weiqing had always felt that he was not far from breaking through into the thirty seventh stage of Saint Energy and naturally would not waste this opportunity to cultivate.

Under the protection of Er Chun and the others, once they left W’Batu City, they headed straight for the central plains of XuanTian Continent. According to Er Chun, they would reach the Heavenly City in an estimated 15 days at the fastest and 20 at the slowest.

Along the way, Er Chun’s care for the young couple could be said to be extremely meticulous. Various delicies of the XuanTian Continent were endlessly sent into the carriage that they were more than happy to enjoy. Besides savouring their meals and indulging in the scenery, the rest of their time was spent cultivating. This trip was really several times better than their journey through the ocean.

For the sake of escorting Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er to their destination as quickly as possible, the group seldom stayed in inns. Most of their time was spent on the road and new mounts would be exchanged at every relay station.

To Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, this was not considered tough on them at all. Although it was slightly harder on the Heavenly Jewel Masters who were in charge of protecting them, they were able to push through by relying on their cultivation foundations.

They reached their destination in only fourteen days.

“Lord God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, we are about to enter Heaven City.” Er Chun’s voice was transmitted from outside the carriage.

“Noted,”  Zhou  Weiqing  responded.  He  lifted  the  window curtains of the carriage and looked outside. He could already see the silhouette of a city in the distance. Compared to ZhongTian City, this Heavenly City was much smaller. Furthermore, it was not as bizarre as Heavenly Jewel Island. However, compared to most of the other cities he had visited, the Heavenly City was indeed still considered a large city and its scale was approximately equal to Fei Li City. Zhou Weiqing had been rather depressed over the past few days. He had already felt that his Saint Energy was about to breakthrough when they reached the XuanTian Continent. Yet he was still stuck in a bottleneck after training for the past few days, and there was ultimately no breakthrough. Currently, he even started to reminisce the initial days of training the Immortal Deity Technique. Although breakthroughs were excruciatingly painful, the entire process was rather swift.

However, even after he had dedicated his efforts into cultivation for such a long time, he was still unable to advance to the next stage. More importantly, he still did not have a cultivation technique for his Saint Energy, and thus did not know how he should actually undergo that breakthrough. The only thing he could do was slowly accumulate power. It was only the first layer of Saint Energy after the nine-Jeweled Stage, and yet breakthrough was already so difficult. This naturally led him to think of how challenging it would be to condense a Saint Nucleus Core.

Of course, even if he was depressed, there was nothing else he could do. Shangguan Bing’er had also consoled him several times. After all, he was already at the nine-Jeweled stage. For any Heavenly Jewel Master, it was natural that progress after this level would definitely slow down. Why else would there be less Heavenly King Stage and above practitioners when compared to nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters? Er Chun rode over on his horse and said to Zhou Weiqing, “Lord God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, should we head straight to our XuanTian Palace or find a place to stay first?”

Zhou Weiqing took a look at him and replied, “Why head directly to XuanTian Palace? We have not even participated in the selection finals, won’t it be bad to break the rules?”

Er Chun cursed to himself. You are a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, why is there a need to participate in the selection? However, he did not dare to go against Zhou Weiqing. In any case, they had already arrived at Heavenly City and his mission was mostly completed. Hence, he could only nod his head in response.

After entering Heavenly City and finding a rather luxurious inn to stay at, Er Chun did not dare to rest. He assigned his subordinates to protect the Zhou Weiqing duo in the inn while he headed directly to XuanTian Palace to report.

The luxurious room was two hundred square metres in area, and the various facilities within could be described as lavish. Zhou Weiqing leaned against the soft genuine leather sofa while a light flickered in his eyes as if he was deep in thought. Shangguan Bing’er stood before the window as she looked outside. Although they were in another continent, it was after all still a world of men. In most areas, it was not much different from the Boundless Mainland.

“Little  Fatty,  what  are  we  going  to  do  next?”  Shangguan Bing'er turned to Zhou Weiqing.

Sunlight shined in from outside the window, bathing her in a misty layer of gold. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes could not help but sparkle as he watched her. He beckoned to her with his hand, indicating for her to come to his side.

Shangguan Bing’er walked to the sofa. In the next moment, she fell into Zhou Weiqing’s lap. Zhou Weiqing stealthily said to her, “Bing’er, we need to be careful when we speak from now onwards. From this point onwards, I don’t really have a concrete plan yet and intend to take it one step at a time. For the time being, the top priority is to enter the inner section of XuanTian Palace.”

Shangguan Bing'er looked at him in a puzzled manner as she replied, “In that case, why did you reject Er Chun when he asked if he should send us into XuanTian Palace?” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. “A transaction that is sent all the way to one’s doorstep does not have much worth. We need to be somewhat aloof to make them value us more. Don’t be anxious. Hasn’t Er Chun already went to report? Someone will likely be sent to receive us later.”

Shangguan Bing’er stifled a giggle and said, “You are really a swindler.” After which, her expression suddenly became rather stern, “Little Fatty, promise me something. Whether or not we are able to succeed this time, don’t take any risks, alright?”

Zhou Weiqing did not reply but instead gently kissed her red lips. On the giant sofa, he completely buried her slim and lovely figure in his embrace.


An hour later.

“Lord God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.” Er Chun’s voice rang out from outside the door.

Having taken a bath and changed into clean clothes, Zhou Weiqing was currently seated on the sofa as he ate the fruit which Shangguan Bing'er had peeled. He said passively, “Enter.”

The door opened and Er Chun walked in from outside. However, he had only taken a single step in and respectfully stood to one side as he made an inviting gesture.

Following his gesture, a tall elder walked in from outside. This elder was a whole two meters tall. Although his white hair and beard indicated that he was not young, his back was rather straight and his muscular frame propped up his clothes. On a whole, he gave off a very vibrant feeling which did not lose to any youngster.

He too wore the long blue robes of XuanTian Palace, but Zhou Weiqing immediately saw a gleaming gold sun emblem on his left breast. It was very clear that this person’s status in the XuanTian Palace was much higher than Er Chun’s. In addition, the presence and aura given off by his body the moment he appeared was far beyond what Er Chun could compare to.

Zhou Weiqing was still seated on the sofa and showed no signs of getting up to receive the old man. The elder’s gaze directly landed on his face as two sharp gazes seemed to stab towards him like sharp swords, while a powerful pressure instantly locked onto Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Zhou Weiqing remained seated while he ate the fruit, as if he was unable to feel anything. This tiny bit of pressure was really nothing to him.

“Eh, he does indeed have some ability. Er Chun, is he the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master you mentioned?”  The elder also ignored Zhou Weiqing as he sent an inquiry towards Er Chun by the side. His low and deep voice brought with it an intense shock wave that made one’s ear buzz.

“Yes,   esteemed   Elder.   Lord   God   Tier   Consolidating Equipment Master, let me introduce you. This is Elder Fei Lun, one of the twelve Elders of our XuanTian Palace. He is in charge of external affairs.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and pointed towards the sofa. “Kindly be seated, Elder.”

Fei Lun waved his hand. Er Chun quickly took the hint and withdrew, closing the door behind him. Fei Lun walked to the sofa opposite Zhou Weiqing and unceremoniously sat himself down as the pressure from his body receded. “Young man, Er Chun tells me that you are a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, but he did not look at the elder and instead continued to eat the fruit from Shangguan Bing’er.

A flash of fury glinted in Fei Lun’s eyes as he said in a low voice, “You are still so young, are you not afraid that your arrogant manner will bite you in the back?”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him, faintly smiled and retorted, “Aspiration is not related to age. A hundred years of living without aspiration is the same as not living at all.” He purposely cast his gaze at the elder when speaking the latter half. With his Saint Energy cultivation and the presence Fei Lun had released prior, he was able to judge that this elder’s cultivation was around the High Level Heavenly King Stage. The peak Heavenly King Stage was still rather far away from him.

Fei Lun’s expression turned even uglier. However, he was after all an elder of XuanTian Palace and his capabilities were far beyond what Er Chun could compare to. He spoke in a low voice, “You should know what kind of price there will be to pay if one deceives XuanTian Palace. Of course, if you can really prove your identity as a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, let alone myself, even the Palace Grand Elder, no, even the Palace Master will welcome you with open arms.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled a little. “Does this mean that you are here to verify if I have the ability of a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master?”

Fei Lun did not beat around the bush and immediately nodded.

Zhou Weiqing heartily chuckled. “Right here and now? It looks like XuanTian Palace does not treat their guests very well! How can I prove my ability? Creating a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll should be the most direct right?”

Fei Lun replied, “Of course.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed coldly and suddenly stood up. “Since that is so, Elder Fei Lun can leave now. We will not be participating in XuanTian Palace’s selection any longer. Bing’er, let’s go.” Fei Lun was taken aback. There were no gaps in Zhou Weiqing’s arrogant attitude. He hastily stood up and said, “What do you mean?”

Zhou  Weiqing  disdainfully  snorted,  “As  a  Consolidating Equipment Master, creating a Consolidating Equipment Scroll not only require materials and a blueprint, the environment is likewise of utmost importance. Places with dense atmospheric energy will allow the Consolidating Scroll to be more easily created. Your distinguished self cannot possibly not know of this right?” He no longer addressed Fei Lun as Elder.

Fei Lun subconsciously nodded his head. Although he was not a Consolidating Equipment Master, he had some knowledge of them.

Zhou Weiqing laughed icily. “Since Elder understands, yet you are still purposely trying to make me create a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll here? Is this the sincerity of your XuanTian Palace? Furthermore, if I really had the materials to create God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, why would I still need to come to your XuanTian Palace?”

“Uh…” Fei Lun was rendered speechless. He frowned a little and said, “Your distinguished self should know that if you are really a proven God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, absolutely no tests are needed to join our XuanTian Palace. We will treat you as an honored guest and even give you a top position. Therefore, no matter what, we still need you to display your abilities.”

Chapter240 God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master? Monster?!

A faint smile crossed Zhou Weiqing’s lips as he swept his gaze across Fei Lun, but his expression turned cold in the next instant.

“Wanting to see me create God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls… you still do not have the qualification. Return and tell your Palace Master, if he wants to test my abilities, that is no problem at all. I am not a unreasonable person; since I have come here, I will definitely show my sincerity. However, do you really think that with your capabilities, you can tell whether or not I have personally created a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll? With my techniques, simply swapping out a Scroll for you to see is not difficult at all. I will give you a list of materials, go back and prepare it. I would also require your XuanTian Palace to clear a suitable place for creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and please invite the most outstanding Consolidating Equipment Masters then. Only Consolidating Equipment Masters have the qualification to examine other Consolidating Equipment Masters.

As he said that, with a flick of his wrist, a piece of white paper appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. Holding up the goose feather quill which had been ready in the inn, he began writing on the paper. In a matter of moments, he had written an entire long list, inscribed with the various materials needed for creating Consolidating Ink.

After he had finished writing, he passed the paper to Fei Lun and said passively: “You may leave now.”

Fei Lu received the piece of white paper. Although he felt like there was something stuck in his heart from being suppressed by Zhou Weiqing’s actions, in the end he did not flare out. Without commenting on whether or not this youth was really a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, the pride and arrogance he showed was definitely that of one. From the looks of things, he seemed to be too bold and confident, as if he truly had nothing to fear. Although Fei Lun was one of the Elders of the XuanTian Palace, if Zhou Weiqing was really a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, even he dared not offend him. As part of the upper echelon of the XuanTian Palace, he still had his family, his disciples, many of whom still needed Consolidating Equipment Scrolls!

“Very well, since that is the case, please wait for my return. I will report directly back to the Palace Master with your words.”   After  saying  that,  Fei  Lun  nodded  towards  Zhou Weiqing before turning to leave. As the door closed behind him, Shangguan Bing’er could no longer hold back the wide grin on her face. Just as she was about to speak, Zhou Weiqing gave her a silencing motion, using voice transference he said quietly: “Don’t say anything out loud, the walls may have ears.”

Shangguan Bing’er stuck out her cute little tongue as she looked at Zhou Weiqing, her eyes brimming with thick emotions. Her Little Fatty was becoming a powerhouse who could hold his own and take responsibilities on his broad shoulders. In the XuanTian Continent, the two of them were all alone, but from the beginning until now, Zhou Weiqing had been planning everything out without showing any signs of being flustered, easily taking things as they came and dealing with it, always calm and unhurried. Looking inwardly, Shangguan Bing’er had to admit that if she had been the one in charge, she could not have possibly done as well as Zhou Weiqing. Seeing her beloved devising strategies and looking like he had everything in hand, the love in her heart only increased greatly. It was as if when she followed by his side, even if it were in the undertaking of such a dangerous quest, she felt safe and unworried.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not truly have everything in his grasp. However, since he was young, Mu En had taught him that to be a true scoundrel and rogue, no matter what happened, he had to first believe in himself, to truly believe that he was always correct. Even if he had been exposed, never admit it. It was this mentality which had been finely groomed in, one that allowed Zhou Weiqing to survive all of these years in the Boundless Mainland, especially in his early years. More so, it had definitely helped his current self grow to such heights. Although this XuanTian Continent was a totally different world to their own, the current Zhou Weiqing was also no longer his old self. With his Saint Energy and all his various powers, he could be said to have great confidence, and more importantly; to have the strength to backup that confidence. No matter what situation he would have to face, he had sufficient certainty that he would be able to get through it, and not allow his opponents to see through things so easily.

For the entirety of the following day, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er mainly remained in their room to rest. During that period, he had also brought her out to have a walk along the streets, enjoying some of the street food and refreshments of the Heavenly City.

The food of the Heavenly City was rather different from that of the Boundless Mainland. For example, the flavour of all their foods were comparatively much stronger, and they also enjoyed a lot of spicy food. Both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had definitely enjoyed their ‘food tour’, inundating their taste buds with these different flavours. Besides that, they had also purchased some cheap but interesting handcrafted trinkets and baubles.

Whenever they left their room, they would be followed, naturally with the excuse of protecting them, though both of them knew it was also to keep watch on them. Of course, these XuanTian Palace personnel did not understand why this God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would purchase these cheap baubles that even they would spurn. Naturally, they did not know that Zhou Weiqing was buying some souvenirs for his friends and family. After all, this could be considered a totally different world, a fresh new continent; if he returned without bringing back anything, would those tough girls he had at home let him go so easily?

At last, three days after they had entered the Heavenly City, the XuanTian Palace sent someone to look for them again.

Once again, it was Fei Lun. This time, Er Chun was no longer present as well, perhaps he had already returned to the W'Batu City. “Master, we have already prepared the items and place you requested. Please follow me.”  As soon as Fei Lun saw Zhou Weiqing, he did not waste time on small talk, directly inviting him to move out.

The list of materials that Zhou Weiqing had provided had actually given the XuanTian Palace some trouble. Even though they dominated the entire XuanTian Continent, it was still not easy for them to look for so many precious materials. In truth, there were quite some differences between the XuanTian Continent and Boundless Mainland in terms of resources. Some of the more precious resources in the Boundless Mainland were more plentiful here, but at the same time, some of the relatively common resources in the Boundless Mainland were actually considered rare and precious here.

Zhou Weiqing nodded towards Fei Lun, and both he and Shangguan Bing’er walked out of the inn together, hand in hand.

A horse carriage was outside waiting for them. To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, after they boarded the carriage, it did not head towards the inner city, instead moving out of the Heavenly City entirely. Of course, as the saying goes, those talented are often very bold, and Zhou Weiqing did not worry about it at all.

Fei Lun had also boarded the same horse carriage as them, seated facing the young couple, and his gaze constantly landed upon Zhou Weiqing.

For anyone else, if they were constantly stared at by a Heavenly King powerhouse, it would definitely not be a comfortable feeling, making them feel nervous. However, Zhou Weiqing was an exception. To him, if you liked to look, so be it. He even kissed Shangguan Bing’er’s beautiful soft cheeks a few times, giving Fei Lun a provoking glance as he did so.

Naturally, Fei Lun pretended he did not see anything. In fact, through the entire journey, he did not even speak to Zhou Weiqing.

The horse carriage traveled for more than two hours. Seated within, they could sense that the path they were taking was slowly sloping upwards. Although they did not draw open the curtains to look outside, Zhou Weiqing could still sense that they were moving up a hill. Furthermore, every time they traveled for a distance, they would be stopped by a large number of guards, who would look at their horse carriage before allowing them to pass. The XuanTian Palace is outside the Heavenly City?

Zhou Weiqing mused to himself inwardly, though his face remained expressionless.

At last, after about another hour of travel, the horse carriage finally stopped for good. Fei Lun nodded towards Zhou Weiqing, taking the lead to disembark, even helping him keep the door open as he descended.

Zhou Weiqing and Bing’er took turns exiting the horse carriage, and as their feet touched solid ground once more, both their faces couldn’t help but reveal looks of surprise.

The scene before them was especially beautiful and moving. They were in a valley, fresh greenery all about them, with soft green grass carpeting the ground before them. All sorts of vegetation were growing all around, some of them were even precious treasures that even Zhou Weiqing could recognize. Since they were in a valley surrounded by flowers and greenery, the faint scent of flower fragrance mixed with cool fresh air entered their noses, giving them a refreshing and energetic sensation. Just beyond the valley, Zhou Weiqing could sense more than twenty presences, with at least two Heavenly King powerhouses. One could imagine how important this place was to the XuanTian Palace in order to have such a strong guard. However, it was also extremely clear that this was not actually the XuanTian Palace itself.

The entire valley could be seen in a single glance, and the situation was thus clear to him. Deeper in the valley, the only man-made objects were a little wooden cabin right in the center of the valley, as well as three log houses. At most, they could house seven or eight people in total… how could this be the Headquarters of the XuanTian Palace?

Seeing the curious looks on both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, Fei Lun explained in a solemn tone: “The two honoured God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of our Palace usually stay here. Since Master Zhou wanted a suitable place to create the Consolidating Equipment Scroll, after some deliberation, the XuanTian Palace has decided that this would be the most suitable spot. As such, we have invited Master Zhou here. The items you have requested are also in there.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, and he was just about to step towards the cabin when he was suddenly stopped by Fei Lun, and Zhou Weiqing gave him a questioning look.

With a deep and meaningful look, Fei Lun said slowly: “Master Zhou, this old man has heard of your deeds in the W'Batu City. Even if Master Zhou isn’t a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master yet, just the fact that you are able to create Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scrolls at will… you are still an outstanding talent. It is not too late for you to regret now, but once you step into the cabin to take the test and do not pass it… it will be too late.”

His meaning was extremely clear. If Zhou Weiqing admitted that he wasn’t a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master now; with all his talents, the XuanTian Palace would still place high importance upon him. However, once he actually entered the wooden cabin but failed the test; no matter how talented he was, the XuanTian Palace would not allow him to leave this place alive.

Zhou Weiqing did not say anything else, smiling widely as he pushed Fei Lun’s hand aside lightly. Holding onto Shangguan Bing’er’s hand, he walked directly to the wooden cabin.

Looking at his retreating back, Fei Lun’s surprise was unconcealable. He couldn’t help but think to himself: Could it be this young man was really a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master? If that was really so, then perhaps even in the entire history of the continent, of all Consolidating Equipment Masters, he would truly be a genius and prodigy amongst all prodigies!

According to Fei Lun’s considerable knowledge, in the entire XuanTian Continent, the youngest God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in history was still over fifty years old. That was a legendary figure in the past. Unless…

Time did not allow him to continue thinking, as Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had almost reached the wooden cabin. In a flash, Fei Lun quickly rushed to catch up. As for the rest of the XuanTian Palace members who were around, they remained outside, none of them allowed into the deeper part of the valley.

As he walked to the front of the cabin and to the door, Zhou Weiqing’s Ice Cold Perception had subtly raised to the maximum. He could clearly sense that there were two life forces in the cabin, but to his shock, he actually couldn’t sense their cultivation levels.

Although they hadn’t actually met yet, his Ice Cold Perception was already at an extremely sensitive level especially with the boost from his Saint Energy. Even if it was just gossamer threads of a spider and the trail of a horse, he was still usually able to judge a Heavenly Jewel Master’s cultivation from this distance. Yet, he was totally unable to judge that of the two within the cabin. This could only mean one thing… the cultivation stage of the two was at least at the Max Heavenly King Stage, or even higher. Of course, by this point, it was already too late for regrets. Even if it was two Heavenly God Tier powerhouses in the cabin, Zhou Weiqing could only brace himself and enter.

Exchanging glances with Shangguan Bing’er, he held her hand as he pushed open the door and entered.

The wooden door was very light, and just a slight push was enough to open it. The illumination within was very good, as sunlight streamed in through the windows on all four walls, along with the fragrance of flowers.

As soon as he entered through the door, the first thing Zhou Weiqing saw was a broad desk. The entire desk was large, almost ten metres long, and it pretty much extended from one end of the cabin to the other. With a single glance, Zhou Weiqing could instantly tell that it was actually crafted from an entire piece of Fragrant Rosewood.

Fragrant Rosewood was also named Dalbergia Odorifera, and it had a unique scent. More importantly, this type of wood actually had an unique and interesting property towards Consolidating Inks. It was actually able to increase the success rate of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls by almost ten percent, and to Consolidating Equipment Masters, it could be considered an ultimate treasure.

Behind the large fragrant rosewood desk sat two people, and their gazes were currently fixed on Zhou Weiqing.

The one on the left looked to be around eighty years of age, an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion, the wrinkles on his face almost able to clamp a fly to death. However, its eyes were as clear as that of a baby’s, yet so sharp and piercing as if they could see right into one’s soul.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing met his eyes, he could feel a strange external pressure. Luckily, his spiritual energy had been raised by the dragon Hui Yao, so he did not lose his composure there and then.

Seeing that old man, Zhou Weiqing was not surprised. After all, for a pure Consolidating Equipment Master to reach a certain level, the sheer amount of effort and vigor one had to pour into the profession was just too immense. As such, it was common that they looked older than ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. Those who looked like Duan Tianlang, having eaten some unique medicinal treasures that enabled him to retain his youthful looks, were definitely the minority.

However, seated right beside the old man was a lady, and this time even Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. She looked to be around twenty six, twenty seven years of age. More importantly, he could clearly sense that this lady was not just using some unique treasures or arts to look young, but she was actually around that age. The active and lively youth brimming within her was not something that could be attained just from those treasures.

Regarding these two, Zhou Weiqing was totally unable to read them, and he could just imagine what kind of cultivation level they had. Of course, the most surprising was still that lady, as he could definitely say for sure that she was not beyond the age of thirty. Yet, her cultivation level had to be at least max level Heavenly King Stage. How could that be possible?! Even for himself, with all of his fortuitous encounters, luck and talent, he still dared not guarantee that he would reach the max level Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty!

Besides her cultivation level, this lady was also especially attractive to Zhou Weiqing. He had seen many ladies with absolute beauty; after all, all of his own ‘intimate’ ladies were extremely beautiful. However, this lady in front of him gave him an extremely different sensation. If one had to force a comparison, perhaps this striking lady in front of him could be associated with the combined qualities of Shangguan Xue’er and Princess Cai Cai.

Cai Cai’s impressive, dignified and noble manner, along with Shangguan Xue’er’s cold distinct beauty. Even though Shangguan Bing’er’s looks and beauty were definitely no lesser than her, she somehow slightly lacked that unique quality.

As if unhappy that Zhou Weiqing had been staring at her, the lady gave a soft cough, furrowing her brow slightly at him.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said, “I apologize, young Miss, you are just too beautiful and I lost myself. Much apologies.” He did not attempt to hide his admiration as he nodded towards the lady.

Standing beside Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Bing’er gave him an exasperated glare. She couldn’t help but think to herself that it was definitely the right choice for her to follow him here. Otherwise, who knew how many more women this naughty rascal would bring back after this trip to the XuanTian Continent. The lady said passively, “Your purpose of coming here is not just to praise me right? You did say one thing correctly that I agree with: only God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters have the qualification to examine another God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. So… we invite you to present your abilities now.”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  heartily  and  said,  “Aren’t  you  two going to introduce yourselves? Isn’t that a little rude?”

The old man smiled faintly and said, “This old man has been in the Consolidating Equipment Master world for almost a hundred years, but I have never heard of this Legacy of Strength. If you have the capabilities, you will naturally know who we are soon. If you are unable to pass this test before you, then there is no reason to know who we are.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “I still remember just a few days ago I spoke to Elder Fei Lun… Aspiration is not related to age, and a hundred years of living without aspiration is the same as not living at all. You might not know of the Legacy of Strength that I belong to, but that does not mean it does not exist.”

A bright light flashed in the old man’s eyes, but his aura did not change in the slightest. “Young man, are you trying to provoke this old man?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, a cold light flashing in his eyes. “So what if I am?”

The old man nodded. “It has been a long time since anyone dared to speak to me like this. If you are truly able to prove yourself and create a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, then your words will be proven right. Otherwise, you should know the consequence.”

Zhou Weiqing had been observing the two of them closely. The reason why he spoke so bluntly was because he wanted to see if he could sense their character and reactions through this method. Without question, these two before him were the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of the XuanTian Palace. If he were to join the XuanTian Palace, whether or not he could gain the Spatial Teleportation Gem in the future would also be closely related to these two.

To his surprise, he discovered that when the old man was speaking, he would subconsciously glance towards the lady. Zhou Weiqing was extremely sensitive, and he immediately judged that of the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, it was actually the lady who was in the leading position. “Begin then.”  The lady pointed to the Spatial Ring on the Fragrant Rosewood table before she lapsed into silence.

Shangguan Bing’er quietly closed the door behind her. Although her cultivation level was no match for Zhou Weiqing, her body was still filled with Saint Energy, and her spiritual energies and soul had also been boosted by Hui Yao previously. As such, she didn't care much about the oppressive aura drifting in and out of existence from the two in front of her.

Zhou Weiqing picked up the Spatial Ring from the table. Sweeping through it with his will, he could sense the materials were all present within. His eyes couldn’t help but reveal a hint of gratified joy. The value of these materials could not be measured by mere gold!

Standing there, he slowly closed his eyes, entering a state of deep thought.

As the saying goes, as soon as an expert takes action, one would instantly be able to tell. The moment Zhou Weiqing closed his eyes, both the old man and the lady’s faces revealed a hint of surprise. They could clearly sense that in that instant, Zhou Weiqing entered a state of absolute harmony with the world, as if one with the world. It might sound like an easy thing to accomplish, but it was definitely extremely difficult to reach such a state. One with the world, this was a unique quality for Heavenly King stage powerhouses, but it was also a necessary quality for God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters to have. After all, when they
were creating the highly complicated God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, they would have to be fully immersed in the process, not able to lose concentration for a split second or make a single mistake. Without a state of absolute harmony with the world, there was almost no possibility of success in creating a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll. This was also the most important reason why they were usually all Heavenly King stage powerhouses or higher.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing entered, these two powerhouses had already clearly sensed that he was only at the five-Jeweled stage of Heavenly Energy. This was the reason why they had been so sure that he was definitely not a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. However, as soon as he entered the state of harmony with the world, both their expressions finally changed. To be able to enter such a state at a mere five-Jeweled cultivation level, this could not be described with the mere word of genius. He was literally a monster amongst geniuses!

A one chi diameter crystal vat appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, and his eyes snapped open. As they did so, there were no impurities within his gaze, just an infinite resolution.

Right in that moment, the other three in the room showed their different understanding towards Consolidating Equipment Masters. Shangguan Bing’er only stood by the side, watching silently. Although she did not make any sound, she continued staring at Zhou Weiqing without blinking an eye, and did not seem to have any change at all. However, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters seated instantly withdrew their aura, totally erasing their presence at once. It was as if they had become a mere speck of dust in the room, bringing any possible influence they might cause to Zhou Weiqing to an absolute minimum.

This was the tacit understanding between Consolidating Equipment Masters. Normally, for one to be able to withdraw and restrain their auras to such a degree, only a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would be able to do so.

However, to both their surprise, the instant they withdrew their aura and presence, Shangguan Bing’er seemed to sense something. After glancing at them, in the next moment, she actually followed suit to erase her own presence and aura. Just like Zhou Weiqing, it seemed like it was easy for her to enter a harmonious state with nature. In truth, the reason why both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were able to enter such a state that usually only Heavenly King stage powerhouses were able to do was naturally the power of the Saint Energy. As the strongest Attribute existence in the world, since their bodies were full of
it, they could also naturally integrate themselves into any environment. This was because their actual bodies were already beyond any environment or attribute.

Although the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were surprised at that sight, they did not show any emotions, instead turning their gazes back to Zhou Weiqing.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing sprang into motion. His right wrist flickered, and three of the materials appeared from within the Spatial Ring.

The three materials were clearly from plants. One was a crimson red fruit, one was a black vine, while the last was an entire emerald green plant.

When the three materials appeared, Zhou Weiqing’s left hand drew an arc in the air, a faint silver light glowing in the air abruptly to form a silvery round disc, as if it was about to hold the three materials. However, as soon as the materials touched the silver disc, they vanished like snow in the summer. Below the silver disc, only a layer of mixed liquid and powder remained. The powder looked like frosting on a cake, so fine that one could actually sense the exquisiteness of it with their eyes. Such control! The approval in both the old man and the lady’s eyes was not concealed at all. As God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters in their own right, they naturally had the Spatial Attribute as well, and they could easily tell that Zhou Weiqing was using the Spatial Rend Skill. However, for him to wield the Spatial Rend Skill to such a fine degree of control, with all subtleties within his grasp… not even wasting a single bit of materials. This was not something any ordinary person could accomplish. In that instant, they gained a much deeper understanding about Zhou Weiqing. This young man who claimed to be from this Legacy of Strength definitely had a powerful spiritual energy and soul; otherwise he could not possibly reach such a fine degree of control.

Next, two blocks of ores appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. One blue, one purple, both the size of a fist, each grasped in one of his hands.

A low shout rang out from Zhou Weiqing, and the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were surprised to see his sleeves shatter apart and scatter to the sides, revealing his muscled arms. The clear lines of his muscles were filled with the manly yang qi that had its own ‘beauty’, causing even the lady to suddenly blush. His arm muscles clearly flexed as his hands gripped tight. In the next moment, the two tough ores in his hands actually gave out a cracking sound as they began to break apart quickly.

The lady’s eyes widened in shock. What kind of strength was that?! Was this fellow really human? She naturally recognized the two ores; the blue was Kyanite, while the purple was Devil’s Amethyst. Both were considered extremely tough precious rocks. Yet, he had just used pure physical strength to shatter them… wasn’t that just too terrifying?

At the same time, a one chi tall green whirlwind appeared right in front of Zhou Weiqing, silent and sudden. The entire whirlpool was an azure green, and though its surface area was small, all of them could see that it consisted of highly compressed powerful Wind Attribute energies. The azure green was so bright, almost as moving as the purest precious jade.

Zhou Weiqing’s hands moved above the whirlpool, dropping the crushed stones into it. With the terrifying piercing winds whipping and slicing, when they came out from the pointed end, they had been ground into fine dust.

Standing to the side, Shangguan Bing’er was rather puzzled. Since the final result was to grind to such fine dust, why didn’t he just use the Spatial Rend again for the same effect? Why did Zhou Weiqing choose to use another, seemingly more complicated, method?

She was not a Consolidating Equipment Master, and she naturally did not understand the profound secrets behind such a decision. However, for the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters watching, the suspicion in their hearts had already been diminished by a large amount.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing had chosen to do so was exactly because of his understanding of the materials. Previously, when cutting the plant, fruit and vine, he could safely use the Spatial Attribute without any problems as they were all previously alive. However, in terms of the two ores, it was totally different. If he had used the Spatial Attribute to undergo the cutting, the ores which were already inherently filled with Spatial Attribute energies would definitely undergo some subtle changes, losing their original effects. As a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, how could one make such a mistake?

At the same time, since Zhou Weiqing’s arms were now bared, they could actually see his Heavenly Jewels for the first time. Naturally, there was nothing too surprising about the Strength Attribute Physical Jewel on his right wrist, but on his left wrist, the rose red glow of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels caused even their hearts to grip in shock.

Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.... that was the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel! This… this meant he had at least four Elemental Attributes! Such a Jewel would glow a brilliant bluish green under direct sunlight, but at night or where there wasn’t sunlight, it would glow a moving rose red. Though this room was lit by sunlight, it was only near the windows, and at the center where Zhou Weiqing was standing, the sunlight did not reach him directly. As a result, his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewels were the rose red colour.

Previously, these two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters felt that Zhou Weiqing was just too arrogant, but their expressions grew solemn. Putting aside the matter of whether or not he was really a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, just with these Elemental Jewels and what he had shown so far, he definitely had the right to be arrogant. Furthermore, he looked to be only around twenty years old; even if he wasn’t really a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master yet, he was definitely one of the top geniuses and talents in the entire XuanTian Continent. His hands still glowing with the light from his Heavenly Jewels, he held the crystal vat which now held the five materials, the five colours slowly mixing together. Zhou Weiqing’s movements did not stop there, as one after the other, various precious materials were continuously taken out from the Spatial Ring.

From the looks of it, his speed was extremely fast, but if one examined his actions closely, they would be able to discover that his actions contained a unique rhythm of their own. Every single material that appeared had its strict sequence and its own method of being prepared. All in all, forty two materials were used, and by that time, the crystal vat had already been filled halfway.

After finishing this first step of his preparations, Zhou Weiqing slowly raised the crystal vat carefully with both hands, a thick Heavenly Energy clearly moving from both his palms, infusing into the crystal vat in a careful, well- distributed fashion. The forty two different powders or liquids formed by the materials began to slowly mix together, fusing as one under the activation of his Heavenly Energy.

In this moment, Zhou Weiqing actually closed his eyes. This time, it was as if he had become a giant vat, a unique aura enveloping the crystal vat and the mixed materials within, not allowing any of the slightest scent to spread out.

At this point, both God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters had their gazes fixed unblinkingly. Every God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was different, with each having their own expertise, and even the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls they created would have some differences. Even the compounding ratio of each Consolidating Ink would be different. Previously, when Zhou Weiqing was concocting his Consolidated Ink, they had tried their best to record the sequence and process. To their knowledge, this was the first time they had seen this style of concocting Consolidating Ink, and without question it was a new type of Consolidating Ink as well. Since it required so many precious materials, one could imagine what type of Scrolls it would be used to create.

As Zhou Weiqing infused more Heavenly Energy, his actions became more and more gentle. Slowly, the Consolidated Ink in the crystal vat began to swirl, forming a small cyclone in the vat. A faint glow began to emit from below, and in the continued process, the glow began to strengthen.

This was a glow of silver light. It seemed as if silver mercury was being dissolved and solvent, the faint silver light filled with an overbearing feel. Although the aura was not being leaked out, the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters could still sense the violent mania within.

At last, Zhou Weiqing’s action stopped totally. The crystal vat had already been raised above his head. In that instant, his eyes snapped open and he gave a great shout.

A thick silver light soared above from the crystal vat, warping into a silver flame as it burst through the confines of the roof and into the skies.

A strong fragrance began to spread, and it wasn’t just the few of them in the room that could smell it, but even those powerhouses guarding outside began to smell the fragrance that seemed to refresh the mind.

It was a fragrance that would even cause one’s soul to tremble, and all of those who smelled it instantly felt as though their pores had burst open. It was truly a strange feeling, and even the Heavenly Energy within their bodies seem to circulate faster than normal. Of course, this phenomenon only lasted for a split second, and as the silver flame extinguished, the fragrance also disappeared silently. Towards the strange happenings in the wooden cabin, the XuanTian Palace powerhouses outside did not do anything. After all, there were often such strange happenings in the cabin, and their duty was just to guard the area and not allow any outsiders to enter, and definitely not to disturb those

As soon as the silver flame vanished from the silver vat, only then did the other three in the wooden cabin clearly see the situation. Originally, the half vat of liquid was now reduced to barely a thin layer at the bottom. A faint silver liquid, looking as moving as the silver galaxies above, drawing their attention as if they couldn’t bear to tear their eyes from it.

As soon as the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters saw that, they drew in a cold breath. They knew that Zhou Weiqing had indeed succeeded in creating Consolidating Ink that was used for the creation of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Furthermore, the entire process had barely taken an hour. Both of them were experienced God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, especially the old man who had been one for almost forty years. However, even he had to admit that if it was up to him to use so many treasured materials in creating Consolidating Ink, he could not be as quick as Zhou Weiqing. After all, as long as any single step failed, the entire vat of precious materials would be destroyed and wasted. Those were not any ordinary materials, all precious treasures! Just that small vat of liquid had cost an estimated minimum of several million gold coins, and many of those treasures could not even be purchased even if you had the money.

Zhou Weiqing also breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. Naturally, he wasn’t a real God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master yet. At least, not before today. However, he had the Saint Energy to aid him, and possessing it meant possessing an unparalleled tool for cheating.

He always had the knowledge on how to create God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, but when he was still in the Boundless Mainland, he never had the time to delve deeper into it without practice and research. Even so, as the greatest hope of the Legacy of Strength, Duan Tianlang would still find some time to teach and guide him, especially in the creation of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. After all, Duan Tianlang did not know when he would actually pass away.

However, this was Zhou Weiqing’s actual first attempt in creating a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll. Although it seemed like he had such perfect rhythm in merging all of those materials earlier, in truth he had made so many mistakes. If the two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters actually tried following his methods, they would never be able to learn it.

In the end, the only reason why the treasured materials could actually succeed in merging together perfectly was solely the merit of the Saint Energy. In the final step when Zhou Weiqing was infusing his Heavenly Energy, causing the contents of the silver vat to turn silver, within his transformed Heavenly Energy he had hidden some Saint Energy.
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