Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221 War between Destruction and Creation!

Although they were faced off in a fight, all this time Zhou Weiqing had been pondering where this Destruction Attribute had actually come from. After all, creating an entirely new Attribute, even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could not possibly do so. For the Blood Red Hell to suddenly come up with a new legacy, that of the Destruction Attribute, how could he not feel strange about it?

Just as TianFeng and TianMa released their Legendary Sets, in the next instant, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had no choice but to release their own Consolidated Equipment. If they did not do so, perhaps the two brothers with their Legendary Sets could use that moment of advantage to launch their attacks.

Another series of dark-gold lights flashed in swift succession, causing all the battle teams watching below, especially those from smaller empires, as well as the audience, to stare in shock.

Has God Tier Consolidated Equipment become common goods? How many bouts of lights was it this time? Another eleven dark-gold shield of lights flashed above the pair. If both sides were added up, that was already twenty six God Tier Consolidated Equipment!

Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set was still currently two pieces, as his Overlord Bow was not part of his Legendary Set.

On the other hand, Tian’er had six pieces of her Legendary Set, as her seventh Jewel was broken through after she left the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and she would need to return before she could gain the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for the next piece.

Zhou Weiqing held his dual Legendary Hammers in his hands. Compared to him, Tian’er looked much more gentle and beautiful. If one were to describe Shangguan Xue’er’s Boundless Infinitum Set as the ultimate close combat Legendary Set in the world today, then Tian’er’s God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set would be the ultimate ranged combat Legendary Set.

Even for Zhou Weiqing, this was the first time he had seen Tian’er wear all of her current God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set. In Tian’er’s hands, a two metre long staff appeared. Of course, due to the fact her Legendary Set was also not complete, it was dark-gold in colour, and along its dark gold length, there were many complicated tattoos etched upon it, with faint light swirling in those tattoos. At the tip of the staff,
there was the statuette of an absolute beautiful lady, whose hands were raised above her head in carrying a small, fist-sized pearl. Strangely, this pearl was not dark-gold colour like the rest of the staff, instead a bright and brilliant gold colour. As soon as it appeared, it began to shine so brightly, covering the
entire stage. One could clearly sense that all the various Attributes were gathering around the staff, so thick that it was almost sticky in nature.

God Spirit Staff, a powerful Consolidated Weapon on the same level as the Boundless Infinitum Sword. It was because these weapons were at such a greater level that they could display a bit of their own colour.

Besides the staff, a crown had appeared on Tian’er’s head, extremely beautiful and exquisite, a total of twelve spikes surrounding it, each tipped with a small gold jewel. Right in the center, there was a larger, purple gemstone.

Shoulder pauldrons, chest plate, equally beautiful. Added on to Tian’er’s gloves on both hands, that was Tian’er’s current six pieces of her God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set.

As Zhou Weiqing was right next to Tian’er, and he had an intimate connection with both her and Shangguan Xue’er, he could vaguely sense that Tian’er’s God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set seemed to be actually stronger piece by piece when compared to the Boundless Infinitum Set. However, the Boundless Infinitum Set was still ranked ahead because it was an eleven piece Set, as compared to the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set which was ten pieces.

Seeing the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set appear around Tian’er, both TianFeng and TianMa’s expressions changed. TianFeng said coldly: “When has the Heavenly Snow Mountain come together with the Heavenly Bow Empire?”

Tian’er said passively: “This is my own business, and has nothing to do with the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Zhou Weiqing is my man.” It could be said that she was not actually human, and compared to human females, she was not as shy regarding such matters. To declare that Zhou Weiqing was her man in front of such a massive audience, it was a matter of pride to her.

When Zhou Weiqing heard her words, he was originally in a good mood. However, very quickly, he heard someone below say: “What kind of world is this, all the best cabbages are always eaten by pigs.”

Zhou Weiqing scolded inwardly: Your Sister! Since when did I, Your Father, become a pig? Am I that ugly?!

In the ZhongTian Battle Team Rest House, Shangguan Xue’er smiled faintly upon hearing that. At her side, Shangguan Fei’er said in admiration: “This Tian’er is really daring. Sis, would you dare to speak out like that in front of so many people? Haven’t they not married yet?”

Shangguan Xue’er glared at her sister, a faint blush staining her icy-cold cheeks.

Zhou Weiqing took a side step forward, using his body to block Tian’er as he spread the hammers out, his eyes turning purple. Compared to the brothers TianFeng and TianMa’s bright purple orbs, Zhou Weiqing’s was a far deeper purple.

At the same time, in a *swoosh*, the pair of massive wings spread out from Zhou Weiqing’s back, and his entire aura exploded forth greatly. As he stepped forward in front of Tian’er, in that instant his own aura was able to suppress the combined aura of both TianFeng and TianMa back to their original state.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had entered his Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, the ‘King’ word on his forehead clear and glowing, as a thick energy reverberation burst forth to the extreme fro his body. Originally the six coloured lights around him surged, forming a large light column into the skies that seemed actually solid.

Both hammers streaked to the front, each forming a triangular formation which merged together, a resplendent star shaped hexagon forming before settling below his feet, glowing brilliantly. As he wings beat gently, one could even clearly see circles of the various Attribute Heavenly Energies forming rings of light, swarming into Zhou Weiqing’s body.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing had become the focal point of the entire audience, the wild and ferocious aura he gave forth could even fully suppress the eight-Jeweled TianFeng.

This was the true Zhou Little Fatty in his full glory, the Zhou Weiqing who had ascended the Heavenly Snow Mountain to snatch a bride, and defeated Gu Yingbing. “Come on then. Let me see what you Blood Red Hell brothers have that you dare to come at I, Your Father.”  Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily as he shouted. With the explosive aura and power that the Dragon-Tiger Transformation awarded him, he bounded forward in a single step, the Dual Legendary Hammers swinging out towards TianFeng and TianMa respectively. From the looks of things, he was actually planning to fight them alone.

Those wings of his was actually not Consolidated Equipment! This was the current thought that had entered both TianFeng and TianMa’s mind. Just like how Zhou Weiqing had never seen the Destruction Attribute before, they had also never seen anyone like Zhuo Weiqing with his transformation.

From Shen Little Demon, they had learned that Zhou Weiqing’s right leg was extremely dangerous, and he had the ability to control his Demonic Change State. However… this ability displayed in front of them… was it really the Demonic Change State? Even the Demonic Change State could not possibly bring up a person’s aura to such a powerful degree right? Let alone… those wings?

TianMa had long since been unable to hold back. In truth, his Legendary Set did have some slight differences when compared to TianFeng, that was in his weapon. Both brothers had wings behind their backs, but when it came to weapons, TianMa was using a long spear, while TianFeng was using a longsword.

As Zhou Weiqing charged forward, TianMa’s body spun in a half circle, the long spear in his hands darting out in a swift lightning strike. He totally ignored the incoming Hammers from Zhou Weiqing, instead piercing towards Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

The length of his spear was far superior to that of the Dual Legendary Hammers, and this strike of his was attacking his enemy’s key points to force his attacks back. On his spear, a thick gold-red flame sprang up, glowing with the hue of the Destruction Attribute. In the blink of an eye, along with the abrupt burst of flames, his attack seemed to strike first though he had attacked later.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold humph, the hammer in his left hand subtly turning into the crying-face symbol as he spun his wrist in a light fashion, allowing it to block perfectly in the spear’s path.

A massive crash, as the spear and hammer smashed into each other explosively. With Zhou Weiqing and TianMa as the center, a powerful burst of light spread out. Although TianMa was at the seven-Jeweled stage, being blocked by Zhou Weiqing, he staggered back five, six steps before regaining his balance.

This was not because of a difference in Attributes or Heavenly Energy, but suppression of pure strength. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s pure physical strength and the terrifying boost of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, even if Zhou Weiqing was just blocking his attack, it was not something that TianMa could easily handle. If not for the powerful Heavenly Energy he had been using, perhaps this hammer blow would have already cost him his life.

TianMa had taken action, and TianFeng had moved at the same time. Grasping his four chi long broadsword, his body seemed to slide close to the stage, the sword slashing upwards in an uppercut fashion. In his movement, his body seemed to flicker in an illusory fashion. Before his sword even reached, a powerful gold-red light already spread through the stage.

However, abruptly, a gold light appeared, perfectly appearing at Zhou Weiqing’s side, forming a gold shield, blocking all of the gold-red light.

The brilliant gold light was filled with a divine aura, and as soon as both sides clashed, a powerful energy fluctuation reverberated out.

The Light Flames that TianFeng had unleashed in his sword blow was totally neutralized by the Divine Attribute easily, only the final purple hue of the Destruction Attribute was left to slam into the gold shield of light in a true clash.

Another massive explosion, and the gold shield that Tian’er had unleashed showed several cracks. However, the purple light was also consumed and vanished.

Zhou Weiqing did not even bother about TianFeng, ignoring him totally as he charged forward towards TianMa. His Dual Legendary Hammers swinging once again, the heads of his hammers imbued with the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ from his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, crackling with a powerful lightning as he struck out at TianMa.

TianMa was no pushover as well, even after being knocked back by Zhou Weiqing’s hammer, his spear swiftly warped into tens of thousands of blurry illusions as he blocked Zhou Weiqing’s attack.

Zhou Weiqing was now faced off against TianMa, while Tian’er was facing off against the stronger TianFeng. However, as compared to the more exciting clash on the other side, their fight seemed silent and sombre.

TianFeng’s attacks were not quick, but each and every sword he struck out was filled with great destructive power. However, Tian’er only responded with a light flick of her God Spirit Staff, and a gold shield of light would appear, blocking his attacks. In truth, both of them were still tentatively probing in their attacks, and they did not use any of their powerful Skills for now, waiting for a better opportunity. At least from the outward appearance, both sides were extremely equally matched. As for Zhou Weiqing and TianMa’s side, the fight had risen to a white hot stage. Similarly, they did not unleash any of their stronger Skills, but a close combat fight like they were in was far more dangerous.

Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were just too powerful. Even though TianMa’s Heavenly Energy was at an advantage, and he had two more Consolidated Equipment than Zhou Weiqing, he was still at a major disadvantage.

The Dual Legendary Hammers were one solid and one illusory, and he did not know when Zhou Weiqing would swap the two, causing him many issues. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was far beyond his expectations. With the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, even a Heavenly King stage powerhouse could not match Zhou Weiqing’s strength, let alone TianMa. Even if he was from a Great Saint Lands, he could not match a Heavenly King Stage at his current leve.

As such, TianMa could only engage in guerilla tactics with Zhou Weiqing, using his spear mastery to continuously attempt to look for any weak points that Zhou Weiqing might have, attempting to pierce his critical spots.

However, very quickly TianMa discovered that this Zhou Weiqing fellow was just too shameless. Every time he seemed like he was unable to dodge his spear, he would instantly choose a suicidal type attack. If he pierced him, the hammers would smash back instantly, causing TianMa to have no choice but to give up. Having felt the strength behind Zhou Weiqing’s hammer once, who dared to allow him to smash him directly?

As Zhou Weiqing attacked, he was carefully observing the Destruction Attribute held within the Light Flame of TianMa.

After entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing’s overall power was more than sufficient to fight against an eight-Jeweled powerhouse, perhaps even some ordinary nine-Jeweled stage powerhouses. With the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, it could be said that he was not afraid of anyone below the Heavenly King Stage. Even if the enemy was from the Great Saint Lands. After all, do not forget he had six Elemental Attributes!

TianMa’s power was definitely very strong, but compared to Shen Little Demon, it was not that much greater, with only a slight increase in terms of cultivation level and Consolidated Equipment. There was one more thing, his Destruction Attribute seemed to be more pure, stable and stronger than Shen Little Demon’s.

After his continuous sensing, Zhou Weiqing was already pretty clear that this Destruction Attribute was not from the bloodline, seeming more similar to his Saint Energy instead. Of course, it was not merged from the Saint Attributes, but it was also definitely not a product of Light and Fire… instead, it seemed like it was from an external source. Indeed, an external source infusion.

The Destruction Attribute had the unique property of being able to dissolve or disassemble other Attributes, and everytime Zhou Weiqing’s hammers with the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ came into contact with it, he could clearly sense that the explosive nature of the Lightning Attribute was unable to fully flourish before being dissolved by the Destruction Attribute.

However, this fight was also extremely enjoyable for Zhou Weiqing. After entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, no matter speed, defense or strength, it was all boosted to a terrifying rate. With the added boost of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his pure strength alone was beyond any Stored Skill. Although TianMa was of the Agility type Physical Jewel, his speed was actually not that much faster than Zhou Weiqing’s, allowing him to put his full strength into play. Both had clashed several times, and it had always resulted in TianMa’s disadvantage.

“Bastard! Die!!”  TianMa’s eyes suddenly burst forth with a startling light, and his entire body began to glow with a brilliant gold-red as the aura of Destruction Attribute erupted around him. Behind his back, the massive illusory image of a giant crab slowly lit up. Although the image was not very clear, Zhou Weiqing could still vaguely distinguish the outline of the crab. As for TianMa’s long spear, the original gold-red colour was now turning a bright purple.

A thick Destruction aura was causing the energy reverberation around TianMa do slowly vanish, as if he was a giant black hole, and even the other various attribute energies in the air was also being taken apart.

As the bright purple spear pointed forward at him, Zhou Weiqing could only sense a terrifying Destruction power surge towards him. Even with his Dragon-Tiger Transformation’s sheer defensive strength, he still felt a sense of alarm. Placing his hammers before his chest, Zhou Weiqing’s wings flapped abruptly, not in an attack but a sudden retreat.

This was the true power of the Destruction Attribute! As Zhou Weiqing’s heart screamed in amazement, his entire body flew back to Tian’er.

With the full force of his power behind it, TianMa’s now bright purple spear pierced out at Zhou Weiqing once more, filled with even greater Destruction Attribute power than Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix.

TianFeng had been fighting with Tian’er, and he furrowed his brow as he sensed his brother’s actions, clearly not happy with TianMa’s rash act. However, since TianMa had already launched such an attack, he could no longer hold back.

Pointing his longsword forward, TianFeng’s eyes suddenly glowed abruptly as well, a thick purple light shooting forth. The sword pierced forward in an abrupt lightning strike, as nine purple knives of light struck out towards Tian’er. In terms of speed, it was in perfect unison with TianMa’s spear.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s expressions grew serious. Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath as Tian’er disappeared in a flash behind Zhou Weiqing, placing her hands on his back.

Zhou Weiqing gave a sudden explosive shout as his hammers crossed in midair, intersecting with a up-down swing respectively. A silver-white light flashed in his eyes as the hammers collided.

Instantly, a terrifying Spatial Attribute reverberation burst out from Zhou Weiqing’s hammers where they intersected, the silver light gathering into a point. All around the silver light, everything seemed to slow down, even TianFeng and TianMa’s approaching attacks.

In the next instant, a silver ring of light gushed out from the intersection of Zhou Weiqing’s hammers. In the middle of the ring, there was a black hole; not large at all, only a metre in diameter. However, this black hole seemed to swallow everything.

All of the purple light was crazily torn and scattered about as soon as it reached the black hole, with most flying towards the air, with only a few hitting the stage floor. However, just the small portion that hit the floor actually tore the entire stage into bits, causing a massive hole in the ground. The terrifying energy fluctuation caused the all the surrounding battle team members to fly back, even having to abandon their rest houses. *BANG* A twisting energy reverberation soared up into the air, as if forming a massive pillar of light. The terrifying destructive aura causing the entire audience to fall into silence, as they all held their breaths, almost forgetting to breathe.

Most of the audience was just here to watch and enjoy themselves, however at this moment they truly understood how terrifying such a fight could be.

Even with just a tiny amount of the purple light landing on the stage, the tough stage floor was still fully destroyed, leaving such a massive hole in the ground. The four members of the Heavenly Bow and Dan Dun Battle Teams were standing right in the middle of the gaping hole.

There was no cloud of dust from the hole, as all the shattered earth had been disintegrated by the Destruction Attribute and swallowed by the black hole in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing’s current expression was bleak, while Tian’er still had a hand pressed to his back. Clearly, this defensive strike of their was their combined efforts.

With the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, Zhou Weiqing could do more than just wield his Lightning Attribute. At that moment, in order to deal with the powerful Destruction Attribute attack of the brothers, he had no choice but to use a Fusion Skill… one infused with the Saint Energy.

Upon the Dual Legendary Hammers, he had unleashed a Skill each, before fusing them together as they struck each other. On the crying-face hammer, it was the Spatial Rend, while the smiling-face hammer held the Time Disorder Skill. The Fused Skill was the Time Space Black Hole Skill, a purely defensive Skill.

The Spatial Rend and the Time Disorder was fused perfectly with the help of the Saint Energy, forcefully swallowing the powerful combined destruction attacks of TianFeng and TianMa, scattering them away.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s bleak expression was because the strike had not reached his targeted degree. In his original judgement, with the power of the black hole, he should be able to swallow the entirety of the enemy’s Destruction Attribute. However, the facts had proven otherwise, as evidenced by the fully destroyed stage.

Shangguan Longyin was currently levitating in mid air, a speechless look on his face. He couldn’t’ help but think to himself: Youngsters these days… are they all so terrifying now? Is that really an average of a seven-Jeweled stage? Indeed, such an attack, even if he were to take it on, it would definitely not be easy.

However, the fight was not over. Just as Zhou Weiqing’s expression was bleak, the brothers TianFeng and TianMa did not have a happy face either.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s powers had far surpassed all their previous judgements. The two brothers did not expect that even after they had used the full power of their pure Destruction Attribute, they were still unable to destroy Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er… not even one of them!

As the terrifying energy reverberations in the air slowly settled, the smell of gunpowder the air between both sides was now unbelievably thick. As the four stared at each other, their Heavenly Energy began to raise continuously as they prepared for the next clash.

Both TianFeng and TianMa’s eyes were spitting purple, as if an actual purple flame was rising within. Even their original gold-red flames had been transformed to the purple flames of Destruction. This was their final ace that they had been prepared to use in the finals, but clearly if they did not use their full strength, they would not able to even get past this stage.

Not only had Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er blocked their attacks, that silver-white light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had struck a sense of fear and danger in their hearts. At least, Zhou Weiqing knew that they had the Destruction Attribute, but they did not know anything about that strange silver-white light. All they could be certain of was that it was definitely not one of the six Attributes Zhou Weiqing had. However, without that silver-white light, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly fuse the Time and Spatial Attributes?! In truth, with Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level and his current control over the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he was still far from being able to fuse any Skill of the Heavenly King stage or above.

In a flash, TianMa disappeared, as did the spear in his hands. However, in the next instant, he reappeared behind his elder brother TianFeng, making an action that no one else could understand. His arms wrapped around TianFeng from under his arms, around his chest as he placed his face on TianFeng’s back.

No matter how one looked at it, the action seemed just to… strange… ambiguous…

However, in the moment that he embraced TianFeng, the bright purple flames around them rose to the extreme, and that terrifying purple light actually caused the already massive hole in the ground they were standing in to slowly sink even further. That was to say… just the aura of those flames alone was able to destroy everything around them. Any Attribute Heavenly Energy close to the purple flames would be instantly disassembled into … nothing. The horrifying energy reverberation in the air was so strong that Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew even bleaker. The Destruction Attribute energy they were facing was already far beyond the eight-Jeweled stage, and the sense of danger he felt was far beyond even that he had when he was facing the
Heavenly King assassin. It was clear that this incoming strike that their foes were preparing was far beyond anything he had faced before.

As soon as TianMa put his arms around him, TianFeng’s eyes closed as his sword pointed into the skies. As the thick purple flames and light wrapped around them, behind the two brothers, the illusory image of a single massive crab, brightly lit in purple, slowly appeared.

This time, the image of the crab was extremely clear, and the entire audience could see the countless massive spikes around the entire crab’s body, as well as the destructive aura it held, as if it was about to destroy the entire world.

The giant crab in the air was more than twenty metres long, its massive pincers slowly raising up, and the bright purple flames around TianFeng and TianMa was slowly being devoured by the crab. Slowly, the tiny eyes, so disproportionate from its giant body, opened… It was a pair of eyes that were like looking into the depths of hell, and as soon as they opened, the air around seemed to freeze totally. In that instant, even Shangguan Longyin in midair could no longer maintain flight, actually falling down. At the same time, his shocked voice rang out: “Quick! Evacuate the citizens!”

This was the first time in the entire long history of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament that something like this had happened… for a fight between two Battle Teams to actually rise to a point that an evacuation was required. However, Shangguan Longyin could clearly sense that the Destruction power of the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, especially after infusion into that huge, strange crab, had the ability to even threaten him. Furthermore, in that instant, it was as if the giant chasm the four were in was filled with an indescribable aura, and even a top level Heavenly King like him dared not intervene, as if he would be taking on all four of their powers at once.

In the end, everyone was afraid of death, and Shangguan Longyin was no exception. He dared not take the risk.

Both Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er’s smiles had vanished long ago. Shangguan Xue’er had even unleashed her Boundless Infinitum Set, ready to intervene at anytime. Of course, with their cultivation level, all that Shangguan Longyin had sensed, they could also sense it, and they knew that if they forcefully intervened, it was tantamount to seeking death. Even so, their concern for Zhou Weiqing was so great that they primed themselves to do so if things looked bad.

What kind of creature is that? Looking at that massive crab, Shangguan Longyin was left with that burning question.

Previously, the Silver Emperor that Zhou Weiqing had created, at least he had recognized it, though he still wasn’t sure what had happened. However, in his entire life and considerable experience, he had never even heard of such a powerful Heavenly Beast like this crab.

Naturally, Crab Heavenly Beasts were plentiful in the ocean, but they were mostly the bottom of the food chain, and there had never been a case of one with such power, let alone such a terrifying aura. That was to say… this bright purple illusory figure was not as simple as a mere Crab Type Heavenly Beast. In its eyes, there was a wild mania, the cold light of destruction, as it focused on Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Just as the giant illusory figure of the crab opened its eyes, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt as if their Heavenly Energy was freezing in their bodies, as if they were about to self destruct from within. This was no simple Heavenly Skill Image! The thought instantly entered Zhou Weiqing’s mind. He was no longer the ‘newbie’ Zhou Weiqing that had first started learning about Heavenly Jewel Masters from Shangguan Bing’er. The current him had seen, experienced and learned so much over the years, and could even be called experienced and well informed. This was especially so after he had taken Long Shiya as his Master, he had learned so much knowledge from his Master, things that he had never even dreamed about previously.

The reason he could tell this crab was not just a Heavenly Skill Image was because within its eyes, Zhou Weiqing could sense… emotion.

A Heavenly Skill Image was merely the reflection of a Skill, that was too powerful to contain and thus was displayed out. Even if there was any emotion, it was just an illusion. Although these Skills could use those images to undergo their attacks or effects, the illusion itself was just that… an illusion, without any life of its own. However, true emotion could only be found on a living creature. For an illusory figure to show illusion… what did that mean?

That could only mean it was not a Heavenly Skill Image. Perhaps, a totemic figure, or even a figure of bloodline creation. Both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had a similar totemic bloodline image. For Zhou Weiqing, it was currently the Dragon and Tiger, while Tian’er’s was the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger.

However, it was exactly because they had a similar bloodline image that the shock in their hearts was so powerful. That was because they could clearly sense that this bloodline image of the giant crab was far beyond their own, even Zhou Weiqing’s powerful dragon and tiger bloodline fusion. Otherwise, how could the brothers TianFeng and TianMa use this terrifying bloodline power to form an attack?

Heavenly Jewel Island. Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Deep in cultivation, Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes suddenly snapped open. As a max level Heavenly Emperor, in that instant, his eyes were filled with shock.

“Brother.”  Shangguan Tianyue’s voice also rang out at the same time. “What is going on? That power…” In a flash, Shangguan Tianyue appeared before Shangguan Tianyang.

A cold light flashed in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes. “It is from the ZhongTian Grand Plaza.”

Shock flashed in Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes. “The Heavenly Jewel Tournament? How is that possible? The strength of the power is not that high, but that level… it actually reminds me of the pressure of that Old Monster Xue AoTian…”

Abruptly, the two brothers’ expressions changed as they both sensed a icy cold aura rise, filled with power. That feeling, it was as if the entire Heavenly Jewel Island was about to be destroyed.

“Quick!  Summon  all  the  Elders,  deploy  the  Boundless Infinitium Formation. The ZhongTian Plaza still has more than  a  million  citizens!”   As  the  Heaven’s  Expanse  Palace Master, Shangguan Tianyang was extremely anxious as he gave the order.

… ZhongTian Plaza.

“Tian’er,  support  me!”  Zhou  Weiqing  said  softly.  In  this moment, if they just made a simple attack, they would definitely die to the destructive power of the large crab. At this point, it was clear that it was too late to disrupt the Skill that TianFeng and TianMa was using, and any attempt at doing so would result in the last crazed killing blow of the massive crab.

The silver white light appeared in both Zhou Weiqing’s and Tian’er’s eyes. If one would describe what was in the crab’s eyes as infinite destruction, then what was in their eyes was infinite light of creation.

Circles of silver white light rose from the two of them without reservation as they held hands. Where their hands met, the silver white light was the strongest, as if their hands had become a gemstone, glowing brilliantly. In their jade-like palms, the energy fluctuation was not especially strong, but when the silver white light rose up, the feeling of self destruction within their bodies vanished.

The pair of massive wings behind his back spread open, and in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, the silver white light began to grow stronger. At the same time, a massive illusory figure began to slowly rise up behind their backs. Even compared to the massive crab, this illusory figure seemed far more terrifying. It was at least a hundred metres tall, fully grey in colour. The instant it appeared, the entire ZhongTian City fell in temperature, an icy cold feeling causing the entire skies to darken, as if dark clouds had blotted out the
entire sun.

An indescribable feeling of awe and dignity rose from the grey figure. Including even Shangguan Tianxin, the ZhongTian Empire Emperor seated on the VIP stand, everyone couldn’t help but feel an urge to kneel down and pay obeisance towards the figure.

Along with the appearance of the illusory figure, the silver- white light around Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body grew even more brilliant, as if flames that were constantly rising and soaring. At the tip of the flames, a circular halo of silver and white began to infuse into the massive grey figure, causing its illusory body to constantly turn more solid.

Under the orders of Shangguan Longyin, the citizens in the ZhongTian Plaza began to slowly retreat. However, there were so many people there, how could it be so easy for them to evacuate swiftly? Currently, the entire ZhongTian Plaza was a mess of chaos. Even the ordinary citizens could sense the sheer scale of power that both sides facing off in the chasm. Everyone wanted to leave as quickly as they could, but there were just too many people in the plaza, and it was not so easy to do so as chaos reigned.

As the chaos grew to the point where the crowd was almost beginning to hurt each other as people fell as were almost stepped on, a sudden voice rang out in the air, filled with stately dignity.

“Do not panic. You do not need to leave. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace will take care of the defense for this fight. Boundless Infinitium Formation, Deploy!”

Accompanying the voice were bouts of lights appearing all over the skies, each of them formed from pure Heavenly Energy. Massive amounts of Heavenly Energy poured all over the skies, forming a white cloud, slowly pressuring downwards before spreading out. It was as if a massive shield of light was formed around the chasm, and the four ‘culprits’ within.

Chapter 222 Demon God Finger!

The area the shield of light encapsulated was extremely large, not just the original stage, but several times over, especially up into the air. The shield was a faint milky white, but still transparent in nature, allowing those outside to look in. The thick Heavenly Energy reverberations were subtle and well hidden. In the skies, no one knew when but forty nine figures had appeared, all floating in midair. At their head were the Shangguan brothers, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue. The forty nine of them unleashed their Heavenly Energy in a unique formation that melded together perfectly, fusing together in a subliminal distillation, rising together to form the strange energy reverberation. Although the shield did not seem particularly thick, but the powerful energy fluctuations and aura that Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er, TianFeng and TianMa gave off, no matter Destruction or Creation, all of it had vanished; at least from the perspective of the outside world.

To the entire ZhongTian Empire, the words Heaven’s Expanse Palace was of paramount importance, of supreme height. As such, as soon as the citizens heard the three words, their fear, panic and nervousness calmed down dramatically. As soon as they saw the miraculous sight in front of their eyes, all of them stopped, silenced, their gazes drawn back to the center of the plaza once more. Since the Boundless Infinitium Formation’s Shield was translucent in nature, they could all still at least see what was happening within.

As compared to the ordinary citizens and audience members, the respective members of the various Battle Teams had a totally different feeling.

The power that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the Dan Dun Battle Team had displayed had already far surpassed their knowledge and experience, even those from the other Great Saint Lands were no exception. However, when the Heaven’s Expanse Palace showed their hand, revealing the Boundless Infinitium Formation’s Shield, the shock in their hearts could only grow stronger, to the max.

All along, everyone accepted that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was the strongest of the five Great Saint Lands. However, no one had ever seen the true power of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, what happened before their eyes truly shocked them to the core.

For the forty nine figures floating in the air, not a single one of them had wings at all. That was to say, all of their cultivation level was at least of the Heavenly King Stage or higher; after all, that was the minimum requirement for flight, outside of wings, to use the Heavenly Dao Energy stage of power to soar in the air.

Forty nine Heavenly King stage powerhouses… and possibly higher! What kind of notion was that? Even the powerful Heavenly Snow Mountain could not present such a powerful formation.

Their overall strength being the strongest had always been the reason why the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was the top of the five Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, who dared say that this was the entirety of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s power?

Of course, for the four combatants still facing off against each other, they did not pay much attention to all that had happened outside their fight. Currently, no matter Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, or the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, they only had their opponents in their eyes. This was especially so for TianFeng and TianMa. When they had unleashed the full power of the Destruction Attribute, they were only left with basic combat instinct. That terrifying Destruction Attribute,, it was even burning up their life force from within to sustain itself, how could they possibly care about anything else? They massive grey figure behind Zhou Weiqing’s back was growing more and more solid, and slowly they were starting to see that the figure was that a huge man dressed in a grey robe. The grey robe extended all the way past his legs, while on his shoulders, a pair of massive grey pauldrons that were crafted from some unknown materials, lined with bright decorative patterns. A head full of black hair hung loosely behind his back, falling on the massive grey cape that flowed from below the pauldrons, covering his entire back. 0

All around the massive grey figure, the entire air had turned cold to the extreme. His eyes had been closed all this time, and the only thing that could be clearly seen on his face was a strange symbol, which looked like three silk threads tangled with each other, with the three ends sticking out. The sheer aura that the figure emitted was actually able to suppress that terrifying destructive aura of the giant crab across the side.

The giant crab lifted its eyes towards the giant grey figure, but its eyes did not show any hint of fear at all, still filled with the promise of death and destruction. Even though its aura was being suppressed, if one examined them closely, they would discover in its eyes there was a strange light of pondering, as if absorbed in thought. The silver-white light that was emitting from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er was growing weaker and weaker, and their faces were also growing paler by the second. This was especially so for Zhou Weiqing, as the one who had actually activated the Skill, his entire body was now trembling slightly. Even he had
not imagined that unleashing this Skill would bring such a heavy burden to both of them.

In preparation for today’s fight, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could be said to have done the maximum they could have. Yesterday, why had they ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island? Naturally, it was to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Skill Storing Palace, and there, misfortune fell upon all the powerful Heavenly Beasts. An entire night of Devouring, and they had ‘visited’ more than twenty Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beasts. Although they had only Devoured a little from each Heavenly Beast, it was already sufficient for both of them to each gather about a hundred drops of Saint Energy. Of course, in order for Tian’er to access the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhou Weiqing had also told the Heaven’s Expanse Palace everything they had learned about the Destruction Attribute.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing had thought that since they had almost three hundred drops of Saint Energy between the two of them, and the support of the Saint Energy whirlpool, it should be more than sufficient to sustain the unleashing of this Skill. Alas, when he actually used the Skill, he realised that even the three hundred drops of Saint Energy was actually insufficient! As the Saint Energy infused into the Skill, he felt as if his soul was being sucked out. If not for the large Saint Energy whirlpool swirling violently, perhaps they would have
already been drained dry, but even though the whirlpool was working overtime to help replenish them, it was barely able to do so.

That’s it, this is the limit, I can’t hold on much longer! Zhou Weiqing’s body began to shudder violently, as an intense feeling of frailty caused him to be on the verge of breakdown.

Perhaps sensing the condition of his body, just like the previous time when he had revived the Hell’s Angel, at this critical point, the suction of the Saint Energy stopped abruptly, and the massive grey figure stopped the draw of Saint Energy.

However, it was clear that the grey figure looked rather strange, with most of his body still illusory, and only his face was still relatively clear and solid. It was definitely clear that the infusion of Saint Energy from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er was far from sufficient.

“You only have one second.” An ancient, vast and boundless voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, shaking him down to his very core and soul.

Only a second? Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped with shock.

However, he did not hesitate as he raised his left hand instantly, pointing towards the bright purple crab in the air, which had already drawn in the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, and was currently staring at the grey figure.

The giant crab looked extremely fierce, vicious and terrifying, with several hundred sharp spikes from all directions of its body, especially on the edges of its pincers, where the spikes were interlocked in a jagged crisscross pattern. The thick destructive aura constantly burst forth from its body, as its two pincers pointed towards the grey figure that Zhou Weiqing had summoned. Purple light blazed from its eyes, filled with a sense of provocation.

Both Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing were panting heavily from exhaustion, with Tian’er staring at ZHou Weiqing in shock. That was three hundred whole drops of Saint Energy! In both their bodies, there was only the last ten drops that could maintain their little Saint Energy whirlpool, and in a short period of time, it would definitely be difficult to recover to more than a hundred drops of Saint Energy. “What Skill did you use?! We already used up so much Saint Energy, and it is still far from being complete!”

Tian’er asked Zhou Weiqing, her expression still filled with shock. Luckily, after this period of cultivation and training, they had managed to practice using Saint Energy alone when infusing, ensuring that most of their Heavenly Energy was still unused. That way, at least when they used Saint Energy to infuse a Skill, they could still protect themselves after that.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “I used… the Ward of the Demon God.”

Tian’er’s beautiful eyes widened as she stared at Zhou Weiqing speechlessly. Slowly, she raised her head, looking at the giant grey figure behind his back in disbelief. With a trembling voice, she said: “You… you … actually… wha… revived… the Demon God…?”

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had truly been just too daring. With just the previous feeling of the summoning of the Hell’s Angel, he had actually dared to attempt to revive the Demon God this time. He knew that it couldn’t possibly be the real Demon God, as a result he had made the attempt. Alas, he had never expected that the requirement for even this illusory Demon God would be such a terrifying amount. In truth, Zhou Weiqing himself did not know that originally, when he revived the Hell’s Angel, it was just a powerful Heavenly Beast’s Skill. That was to say, the Hell’s Angel was just a normal revival and amplification.

However, the Ward of the Demon God was different, an innate Skill that was granted to him through the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger. The reason why the Dark Demon God Tiger was so powerful was actually because within its bloodline, it had a hint of the actual Demon God’s bloodline power. In fact, what Zhou Weiqing had just attempt to revive was not just a Skill, but the actual Demon God. Let alone three hundred drops of Saint Energy, even thirty thousand drops of Saint Energy would not have been sufficient. Unless… one day, his cultivation level could reach the same level as the Demon God, would such a possibility exist.

However, thanks to the inbuilt self protection of the Saint Energy, the infusion of the Saint Energy had stopped before they were drained dry, allowing the illusion of the Demon God to still have some offensive capabilities.

Just as Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were speaking, the giant grey figure behind Zhou Weiqing finally moved. His actions were extremely simple, just lifting his massive right hand, extending his index finger and pointing towards the giant bright purple crab.

*Puuu* A soft sound, but in that instant, the entire Boundless Infinitium Formation began to shake violently. The brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue’s expressions grew bleak and serious.

The shaking was not due to Heavenly Energy or any energy fluctuations, but a sort of willpower… the will of the Demon God. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had just infused too little Saint Energy, no matter how strong the Boundless Infinitium Formation was, it could not possibly contain the Will of the Demon God. With the pride of the Demon God, how could it possibly allow anyone to seal or contain it? Alas, Zhou Weiqing had only revived an illusion, a projection, and the Will was still a bit too weak in that regards. One second. It was truly only a single second. An abrupt spread of grey, from the outlook it was just like the grey of chimney smoke, spreading out from the finger. The large, bright purple crab froze instantly, its eyes filled with unwillingness, with even a hint of disdain.

Zhou Weiqing could faintly hear a cold humph that shook through his soul once more. In the next instant, a muted explosion, and the entire bright purple crab vanished instantly in a puff of smoke.

The brothers TianFeng and TianMa, still locked in their embrace, fell limply to the ground, deeply unconscious, as blood began to leak out of their seven orifices.

Forcefully unleashing such a powerful destruction Skill, yet failing to kill or even defeat their enemies… All that was left for them was not just a simple wound or exhaustion. Even the Destruction Attribute in their bodies had been totally drained dry, and perhaps within the next few years they would not be able to recover.

As the terrifying Heavenly Energy reverberation swirled in the sky, a brilliant light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes to concentrate on the currently weak large Saint Energy whirlpool, working together with Tian’er to spin it and recoiver. At least, they were still standing.

This fight could be said to be a total lack of fighting skills at all, and the final victory had been determined by a single clash between their ace skills. However, it was without question that this clash of their powerful Skills had almost brought destruction and ruin to the entire ZhongTian City. Perhaps the Heavenly Energy inherent within the two Skills was not considered extremely high, at least not sufficient to bring shock to Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue. However, the ideological stage at which they were at was just too terrifying, unbelievable. It was at the true Heavenly God stage, or even higher!

For the brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue to rush here personally, it was not just to protect the ZhongTian citizens, but also to feel for themselves this stage.. This was a stage that they had been yearning for all their lives, working towards all this time, and this sensation was of utmost importance to them. If they were lucky, perhaps with this sensation, it could give them enough understanding to breakthrough once more. Especially for Shangguan Tianyang, as any breakthrough would mean reaching the Heavenly God Stage. The Demon God behind Zhou Weiqing’s back did not vanish instantly after unleashing its attack. Raising its head slowly, his eyes still closed, his Will shot towards the skies.

Shangguan Tianyang was personally managing the Boundless Infinitium Formation, and he instantly shouted out loud without hesitation: “Release the formation!”

The milky white shield of light instantly dissipated as all forty nine powerhouses swiftly withdrew their Heavenly Energy. As the ones who released the formation, they could vaguely sense the terrifying presence and aura of the Demon God.

As the Boundless Infinitium Formation vanished, the projection of the Demon God behind Zhou Weiqing also vanished, as if it never had the intention to attack the formation in the first place.

However, Shangguan Tianyang’s back was already soaked in cold sweat. He could clearly sense that if he did not give the order to take down the formation in time, allowing the wisp of that Will of the Demon God to leave, perhaps it would have drawn in the true Will of the Demon God to descend upon them. If that truly happened, perhaps everyone in the entire area would have perished. Whether or not the Demon God truly existed or not, no one dared to bet on it. However, even if it was just a gathered consciousness from all of the Demonic Attribute energy in the world, it was not something that humans could easily block.

Shangguan Tianyue’s sensations were not as direct or clear as Shangguan Tianyang, but he still vaguely sensed something.

“Big bro, that aura… that sensation, are there really gods in this world? Heavenly God Stage…?”

Shangguan Tianyang sighed and shook his head, saying: “Heavenly God Stage…  that is just a name, an estimation on our part. In the legends, only when we breakthrough the Heavenly God stage, then can we shatter the chains of this world, entering a whole different realm. That is the legendary Heavenly Transformation. Only those who have the power of Heavenly Transformation can truly be called Gods. Zhou Weiqing, that little brat, he actually managed to use that Saint Energy to summon a bit of a will of the Demon God here… luckily his cultivation level is insufficient… otherwise, today might not have ended well at all.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s heart was also twisting inside, especially as he looked at the massive chasm below them. Seeing Zhou Weiqing holding Tian’er’s hands so intimately, as a father, he was even more dissatisfied. However, at this point, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace clearly could not reveal too many things.

Shangguan Tianyang waved his hands, and the forty nine figures rose into the air, flying up back towards the Heavenly Jewel Island. Of course, only the powerhouses that belonged directly to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace like them could fly to the Heavenly Jewel Island like that.

At this point, the citizens were no longer cheering. In truth, for this huge battle, in their eyes, they could not have too many feelings, nor could they understand the underlying profound meanings behind it. To them, it was just a huge grey figure pointing at a large purple crab, and everything had ended. The pressure was terrifying, but without a baseline understanding, any pressure from a powerhouse would seem the same to them. If not for the fact that the brothers TianFeng and TianMa crumpling to the ground unconscious and not knowing if they were still alive, perhaps some of the audience might even think this was a joke fight, an empty show of strength.

Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath, feeling the over-twenty energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points spin at full speed. Only when his Heavenly Energy had recovered to full did he relax slightly. For him, he was no better than Shangguan Tianyang, his entire clothes soaked in sweat after all that happened just now.

He made a decision inwardly… no matter what happened, he would never attempt to summon this Demon God easily again. It was just too abnormal, too frightening… not a power that he could control at all. He clearly sensed that the reason why the Demon God Projection actually helped him to destroy the giant crab was not because of his orders. He did not have the power or right to order the Demon God. However, it was the provocation of the giant crab that caused the Demon God Projection to act as he wished, destroying the crab.

Still covered in a faint, flickering light, Zhou Weiqing’s face finally relaxed in a relieved expression.

Tian’er looked towards Zhou Weiqing, her eyes gleaming brightly. Her feelings were different from Zhou Weiqing; after all, the Skill was not unleashed by her, and all she did was to support him and infuse the Saint Energy into him. Although she could still sense the sheer terrifying power of the Demon God, Tian’er understood that by sensing the advanced state of that Will of the Demon God, it was definitely of immense benefit to their future breakthrough. Currently, Tian’er’s heart was full of pride, as it was her man who had unleashed that terrifying power just now. Zhou Weiqing had been her own choice, a man who would not be any weaker or less accomplished than her father in the future. She was truly proud of her own man.

“Senior Shangguan? Where are you?” Zhou Weiqing looked around in puzzlement.

As if hearing his voice, a figure appeared in a flash hovering over the chasm. It was Shangguan Longyin. At this moment, the head judge of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was truly speechless. Everything that had happened was far beyond any of their expectations, any of their imaginations, and it all gone way past his control, even alarming the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters to activate the power of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Only then had they been able to suppress the powers of the clash.

From the surface appearance, the clash between both parties did not have any repercussions, without any rippling effect. However, Shangguan Longyin was extremely clear that if any bit of the Will of the Demon God had escaped the Boundless Infinitium Formation, it would have brought an unimaginable destruction to the entire ZhongTian City. This area now would be an ocean of corpses. “You… you two…” Shangguan Longyin looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, wanting to scold them in his heart, but realising that he could not just bring himself to do so. In truth, that level of Skills, he did not know what he could do if he met it. The only choice for him would to not allow them to have the chance to gather and infuse those Skills and unleash them.

Zhou Weiqing shrugged, smiling bitterly as he said: “Senior Shangguan, you can’t blame us for that. In truth, we did not wish to use such a things, nor did we want all this to happen. However, we had no choice if we wanted to survive. Their attacks were just too strong, and we could only use our own strongest attack to deal with it. If it caused any problems to you, I hereby apologise sincerely.”

A similar bitter smile flashed across Shangguan Longyin’s face. “Problems? Is it just so simple as problems? Luckily, the Palace Master and Second Palace Master came in time and took action. Alright, enough of that, let us just go according to the rules of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. The Third Match of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus the Dan Dun Battle Team, the victor is the Heavenly Bow Battle Team.”

The last line was using the voice-transference with his Heavenly Energy, and all the audience could clearly hear it. At this point, the disorderly comments and discussions began to rise from the citizens.

Although they had experienced the panic and fear earlier, in this current instant, they were all starting to get excited once more. Indeed, such an experience, such a splendidly large scene, perhaps they would never get to experience a second time in their ordinary lives. This would definitely be imprinted in their memories forever. In the future, they could even tell their stories to their grandchildren, it was something to be proud of.

At this point, only then did the rest of the Dan Dun Battle Team members come to their senses. Quickly, the rest of the team members rushed to carry TianFeng and TianMa back to rest.

This time, the entire Dan Dun Battle Team consisted of Blood Red Hell core disciples, and naturally some of them had the Light Attribute. Quickly, Light Attribute healing Skills were used one after the other on the two brothers, at least barely stabilizing them. In truth, their bodies were not injured at all, what was critically wounded were their souls and bloodline power. However, at this point, as both were unconscious, it was clear they could no longer continue fighting in the round. Originally, TianFeng could still participate in the individual matches, but that was no longer possible.

The Rest Houses were all gone…

When Zhou Weiqing brought Tian’er back to their Rest House to rest, only then did he realise that all the Rest Houses were gone, destroyed. In their first violent clash, the destruction was not limited to the stage and the newly created chasm, even the Rest Houses of all the Battle Teams had been affected, and all the other battle team members had been forced to withdraw. Still, It was lucky that happened, as what happened next was the giant crab unleashing its Destruction Aura, disintegrating the Rest Houses. If not for the swift reaction of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, when the Demon God Projection appeared, perhaps it would not have been so simple as just the destruction of the Rest Houses.

Returning to their companions, all of them looked at the two with gazes as if they were monsters. Especially for Yun Li, who had always had a hint of recalcitrant air in him. After all, they were both at the six-Jeweled stage. However, at this point, that had totally vanished, and there was even a hint of fear as he looked at Zhou Weiqing. This fellow was just too powerful, too terrifying. Previously, the sheer horror of that aura, Yun Li did not even wish to try and remember it. He knew that in his life, he would never be able to catch up to Zhou Weiqing in terms of cultivation level and power, and the only thing he could do was to focus and work harder on his Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. On the other hand, Ma Qun’s look at Zhou Weiqing was a totally different matter. It was definitely a type of worship, a fiery, flattering and worshipful look that caused a chill to run down Zhou Weiqing’s spine.

“Crow! You have to keep an eye on your husband, be careful of his sexual preferences, in case any trouble happens.”

Crow giggled, saying: “No, it should be him having to keep an eye on me. Boss, if you keep presenting yourself like that, I am afraid I will fall for you instead.”

Looking at her sweet smile and laughter, and the contrasting massive body, Zhou Weiqing was struck speechless. At last, he said: “Please give me a break, you two. Today, this round we have already guaranteed our victory. The Dan Dun Battle Team should have their spirits broken by now, and without morale or fighting spirit, the rest of the fights should be in the bag. Crow, the fourth fight is yours. Tian’er, you shouldn’t need to, but the fifth fight is yours just in case.”

Tian’er nodded as she smiled. Although the fight today was alarmingly dangerous, with the Destruction Attribute Skill that the brothers TianFeng and TianMa had unleashed far beyond Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s expectations. However, they had at least proven one thing – comparing the Saint Energy and the Destruction Attribute, there was still a gap in their levels. Today, even if they had used a weaker Skill and not summoned the Demon God, any other powerful Skill powered by the Saint Energy should still have ensured their victory.

This gave them further confidence in the Saint Energy, and the future of their cultivation, as well as the path they were taking.

Just as Zhou Weiqing had said, after the top three of the Dan Dun Battle Team, TianFeng, TianMa and Shen Little Demon, had already lost, the morale of the entire Dan Dun Battle Team was at a record low. For the fourth fight, Crow used her powerful strength to easily defeat a six-Jeweled member of the Dan Dun Battle Team. In the end, the round today ended with the Heavenly Bow Battle Team’s victory with a 3-1 score, and they became the last team to advance to the top eight of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. After the massive battle between the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the Dan Dun Battle Team, the rest of the fights were pretty much nothing in comparison, especially since there was nothing left to fight for. At last, when Shangguan Longyin proclaimed the end of the preliminary round, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had become the focus of the entire plaza.

The entire ZhongTian battle Team, led by Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er, headed over to the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. There were no longer any Rest Houses, so everyone was standing around.

As Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er walked to the front of Zhou Weiqing, a barrier of faint Heavenly Energy covered them, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er.

“Is that the power of the Saint Energy?”  Shangguan Fei’er asked eagerly.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Xue’er should have seen it for herself previously, when I summoned the Hell’s Angel. Of course, this time, it was truly an unintentional mistake… the Demon God that I summoned was just too powerful. I believe that even if we consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus, such a summoning is still beyond our abilities. Luckily, the Saint Energy has a inlying self-protection of sorts, otherwise both of us would have been drained to death today.”

Shangguan Xue’er took a deep breath and said: “It is truly impressive and shocking. In truth, the previous time, I did not really see you summon the Hell’s Angel. After all, I was fighting at another wall. I could only sense the energy fluctuations of the Hell’s Angel, and see the end results of the Skill. However, today, you have truly let me witness something shocking.”

At the side, Tian’er burst into giggles as she said: “This time, even your father will no longer have any reason to stop Little Fatty from ‘shooting three birds with one arrow’ right? They have truly witnessed the power of the Saint Energy.”

Shangguan Xue’er furrowed her brow slightly and said: “Weiqing,  if  we  knew  beforehand  that  the  Dan  Dun  Battle Team was so strong, to force you to use such a Skill of your own, I would rather you not attend the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing knew what she meant, and he smiled faintly as he said: “We cannot hide it forever, and it will eventually be known. So what if the power is known, even if they know about it, trying to sense the Saint Energy or its underlying meaning is not so easy, let alone gaining it for themselves.”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded, saying: “That is true, but in the future, you will need to be very careful of the Blood Red Hell. This time, for them to be able to use this Destruction Attribute… it gives me a truly uncomfortable feeling. This matter has also stirred up our entire Heaven’s Expanse Palace, as they are attaching much importance on it. Of course, we cannot see the future, but the recent developments and actions of the Blood Red Hell are extremely suspect, and both we and the Passion Valley are rather unsettled by it all. The entire situation in the south is also so chaotic… at the Heavenly Bow Empire side, you will need to be extremely careful as well.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “When the tournament is over here, I will be heading to the Heavenly Snow Mountain with Tian’er for a while. Do you all want to come with me? As I promised previously, I will help you three consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus.”

Shangguan Xue’er sighed gently, shaking her head as she said: “Unfortunately, I do not think it is possible for us to consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus.”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. “What? Why?” Shangguan Xue’er said: “The little Saint Energy whirlpool in my body has already dissipated, and only the pure Saint Energy is left.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed instantly. With Shangguan Xue’er’s talents in cultivation being at the genius level, and how hard she worked, it was not possible that her little Saint Energy whirlpool had dissipated due to her not cultivating. That meant it was definitely a totally different reason.

Shangguan Xue’er continued: “I have thought about it in detail… it should be because I do not have any Saint Attribute. The Saint Energy originates from the gathering and fusion of the four Saint Attributes, and now I believe that only those who have at least a Saint Attribute will be able to maintain a perfect cycle. However, even just this bit of Saint Energy has given me countless benefits, improving my cultivation quality and speed. Even after breaking through to the Heavenly King Stage in the future, if we have some Saint Energy to assist us, it will make things a lot easier.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before saying: “In that case, it is even more important that you all come with us to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Towards the Saint Energy, we just do not have sufficiently deep understanding. Only through constant testing and experimentation can we fully unearth more profound secrets. Even if you are unable to form the Saint Core Nucleus, being able to infuse more Saint Energy for you all can only be a good benefit.”

Shangguan Xue’er saw Zhou Weiqing’s unreconciled look, and her face broke out in a rare smile. “Wait until you win before we discuss this again, don’t forget we won’t go easy on you!”  After saying that, she released the barrier of Heavenly Energy, nodding towards Tian’er before she turned and walked away.

Before Shangguan Fei’er left, she made a face at Zhou Weiqing, her lips moving in a ‘mouth’ shape.

Zhou Weiqing could tell that she was telling him ‘Sis is just being outwardly stubborn.’

After the ZhongTian Battle Team left, the BaoPo Battle Team approached them.

As the BaoPo Battle Team members looked at Zhou Weiqing, their expressions were rather complicated. The leader XiHua and his wife Butterfly Orchid stepped to the front. XiHua sighed and said: “Team Leader Zhou, I never expected that after the last tournament where you rose to fame after being the dark horse of the tournament, you would once again repeat the feat this year. Team Leader Zhou, just tell me the truth please. If you are able to repeat what you did today in the
upcoming top eight fight, using that Skill, we will surrender directly.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “How can Secret Arts be used so easily? This time, it has taken a huge toll on us as well. As for the top eight fight, it is hard to say who will advance. I can say that the same Skill we used today, we will definitely not be able to use it then. I look forward to have a good spar with your BaoPo Battle Team.”

XiHua looked deeply at Zhou Weiqing and said: “In that case, when the time comes, please show mercy.”

After the BaoPo Battle Team left, the WanShou Battle Team were also about to approach and greet them. However, they were stopped by Tian’er, who motioned them to move away. Seizing the opportunity, Zhou Weiqing quickly led the team away, otherwise who knew how long they would be surrounded for. If in the previous days, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team was considered a dark horse in the tournament, one that wasn’t considered too strong, then after today’s fights, they had risen to become one of the favourites to seize the championship.

In order to quickly recover their Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er once again ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island.

This time, as soon as they reached the top of the island, they ran into a familiar face. Zhan LingTian looked at them coldly, saying passively: “Come with me, the two Palace Masters wish to see the two of you.”

Zhou Weiqing had already anticipated something like this would happen, and he ignored the enmity in Zhan LingTian’s eyes as they followed him. After all, matters of the heart was not something that one could yield easily. Although he did not have any enmity towards Zhan LingTian, being a love rival was something that can’t be helped.

… Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue stood there, looking at the two youths in front of them, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. At this moment, their hearts were definitely unsettled. The Demon God Projection and the shock it had brought was still there. The higher one’s cultivation was, the greater their impression and sense of the Demon God Projection.

“Speak then, how did you two do this.” Shangguan Tianyue was direct, asking as he pinned Zhou Weiqing with his gaze.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Honestly speaking, it is not considered ‘difficult’, just infusing Saint Energy into a Skill. I have tested it before, and it seems like any Heavenly King Stage Skill and above, once infused with Saint Energy, there is a chance to ‘revive’ it.”

He had already told the secret of the Saint Energy to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters, and towards this point, there was no need for him to hide it.

A flash of surprise appeared in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes. “What about this Demon God that you summoned today? Where did it come from? What kind of Heavenly Beast did you Store such a Skill from?”

Zhou Weiqing replied: “It is actually an innate Skill, a power that belongs to my bloodline. Perhaps, my bloodline has a trace of the Demon God’s power, which is the reason all of this happened today. In truth, I never expected that we would be able to summon the Demon God Projection.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes were filled with surprise and amazement. At last, after a time, he said slowly: “This Saint Energy truly lives up to its name of being top of everything. It looks like the legend of it being the key to breaking past the Heavenly God Stage to reach a higher state is not impossible! I believe Xue’er should have told you about her Saint Energy whirlpool and how she was unable to sustain it. What do you think about it?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “It is currently impossible for us to know for sure yet, and we can only continue experimenting. After all, we have barely uncovered the uses of the Saint Energy yet. As such, after this Heavenly Jewel Tournament ends, I want to bring them with me. Only by continued testing can we find the problem and any possible solution. Of course, it might be that since Xue’er does not have any Saint Attribute, she is not able to to maintain the Saint Energy whirlpool of her own. Even so, infusing Saint Energy into her will still be a great benefit to her cultivation.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s brow furrowed slightly, as he looked towards Shangguan Tianyue.

Shangguan Tianyue’s gaze was somewhat unfriendly as he glared at Zhou Weiqing. With a humph, he said: “Wait until you gain the Heavenly Jewel Tournament championship before we speak. This year’s championship is not that easy to achieve, not just something luck can bring you.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Father in Law, do you still not believe in my power?”

The literal words of that is ‘Mouth’’Hard’, hence the symbolism

Chapter 223 Top Eight Fight | BaoPo Battle Team!

Shangguan Tianyue glanced coldly at Zhou Weiqing, saying: “Your power? Is your power to bully those poor Heavenly Beasts of my Heavenly Jewel Island?”

“Uhhmm… that…”

Shangguan Tianyang said: “Alright, we already know about you using the Skill Storing Palace Heavenly Beasts, cultivating the Saint Energy with the Devour Skill right? You need to ensure that no Heavenly Beasts will die because of that. Every Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast and above that you Devour, you will need to pay a million gold. Yesterday, you two Devoured from over thirty Heavenly Beasts right, I will round it down for you. Later, pay up thirty million gold before you leave the island. Of course, if you wish to continue Devouring, you can do so. The price is the same.”

“Ahh?” Zhou Weiqing stared with jaw agape at Shangguan Tianyang, who looked serious and stern. “This… Uncle, we are all a family right? Isn’t mentioning money too much of an outside matter?” Shangguan Tianyang smiled gently: “A family? I wonder who it is who won away two hundred million gold from our ZhongTian Empire, you certainly aren’t courteous in that regard! Oh, right, one more thing, you all destroyed my ZhongTian Plaza today, as one of the main culprits and the victorious side, you should take up the payment for it as well. Let’s give it a discounted price of ten million gold. Also… those three girls, their bride price and betrothal gifts, you still need to give right? Hmmm…. Another hundred million gold… that isn’t considered much right?”

As Zhou Weiqing listened up to this point, his mouth was already gaping open so wide, unable to shut. This… this was daylight robbery! However, the critical thing was…. He was unable to reject it!

At the side, Tian’er was covering her mouth and giggles, but she did not say a word.

Lounging back casually, Shangguan Tianyang said in a relaxed fashion: “So… are you giving or not?”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was bleeding! Alas, as one was under the eaves, how could he dare to not lower his head? This was a matter of his own future happiness, could he not give the money? “Give, give, of course I’ll give. Uhh, Uncle, Father-in-law, after our fight with the Dan Dun Battle Team today, we are just too exhausted, our condition isn’t too good. We are going to head back to rest first. Haha, well I didn’t bring the gold with me today, when it is time for the Finals, I will bring it.”

After saying that, he practically dragged Tian’er along as he fled the scene.

Looking at his sorry figure fleeing into the distance, a smile crossed the Shangguan brothers faces.

However, what they did not know was… As Zhou Weiqing brought Tian’er to leave the Heavenly Jewel Island, his panicked face turned into a sly grin, as if a cunning plan had succeeded.

Tian’er asked curiously: “You were just forcefully cheated of more than a hundred million gold, and you can still smile so happily?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Why shouldn’t I laugh? As the saying goes ‘The wool still comes from the sheep’s back, a good sheep means good fur, and a good fur means good money. That one hundred million gold was originally their money after all, and we won almost two hundred million in the bets for the preliminary stage, and we are only returning them slightly more than half. That means we have almost a hundred million gold left still. Furthermore, by giving that amount, that means they have subtly agreed to my relationship with Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er…”

“Also, it brings an official relationship to ourselves and the ZhongTian Empire as proper allies… before this, we were merely just a chess piece to the ZhongTian Empire. However, our Saint Energy, and the performance of our people in the Crescent City Battle… we have managed to fight for this status. Of course, from the current state of things, the ZhongTian Empire will not treat us as equal allies, but at least we are no longer a mere chess piece. This is a very good beginning. Without the ZhongTian Empire supporting us from behind, with just our powers alone, it will be nearly impossible to fight against the Bai Da Empire, let alone the Dan Dun Empire.”

Tian’er was stupefied. “Why do I suddenly feel like you are such a schemer?”

Zhou Weiqing gave a defeated look as he said sadly: “What scheme is this, you should say this is intelligence and wisdom! Your husband, I, am a wise man! Although I may not have much ambitions, I will still do my best to ensure that in the near future, my homeland will have the power to ensure no one dares offend us easily.”

Tian’er burst into giggles, saying: “Anyway, no matter if you are an Admiral, General or just a farmer, I will follow you.”

The Heavenly Jewel Tournament preliminary round had ended, and the top eight fights would only begin after a few days. This year’s Heavenly Bow Battle Team could be said to be far ‘Darker’ than the last tournament’s Fei Li Battle Team. After all, at least the Fei Li Battle Team was from a major empire, and even prior tournaments they had good results of fifth position previously. However, it was the first time that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had attended the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and they had already entered the top eight stage. This was truly unbelievable in most people’s eyes.

In the top eight round, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would be facing up against the BaoPo Battle Team. This time, no one would dare to look down or underestimate this dark horse team. Ever since the last day of the preliminary stage ended, almost the entire ZhongTian City audience who had watched the fight that day were discussing it with great relish, the fight which had brought that so much surprise to them. It was being spread so much that they had almost become myths.

Although Zhuo Weiqing and Tian’er did not go through another round of Devouring Heavenly Beasts, their Saint Energy had after all already reached a level of one hundred and fifty drops each. Just by their normal cultivation using the large Saint Energy whirlpool, though it was slow, they would eventually recover a large portion.

Ever since they had gained the Saint Energy, although Zhou Weiqing would try his best not to depend too much on the Saint Energy, it was considered his last and most critical secret ace in hand for any danger.

Currently, though the Heavenly Bow Empire was in the development stage, perhaps they could even be considered as just starting out; however, with the Peerless Regiment and the Fei Li God General, or rather the now Heavenly Bow God General Ming Yu at the head of development and commanding, they were definitely on the right track. However, the problem was the Heavenly Bow Empire lacked absolute powerhouses.

Without sufficient powerhouses, facing the Kalise Empire was still alright, but in the future when they had to face the Bai Da Empire, things would become far more complicated. This was also the main reason why both Zhou Weiqing and Ming Yu were focusing on building up their strength instead of rushing to extend their territories and destroy the Kalise Empire. After all, with the current Peerless Regiment, it would not be too difficult to take down the Kalise Empire!

If Zhou Weiqing could bring his own personal strength to a much higher level, especially if he could enter the Heavenly King Stage, it would be an immense aid to their future development. This was the reason why he could leave the Heavenly Bow Empire in such a critical point of the Empire’s development, and the Heavenly Bow Empire upper echelons did not have any issues with that, as they knew how important this was.

After descending from the Heavenly Jewel Island, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er would rest for the next days, not even leaving their rooms. If Zhou Weiqing would have to describe it, the sun was shining brightly outside, but the windows were closed, curtains shut and comforters drawn tight.

In truth, they were deep in cultivation these few days. With continued use of the Saint Energy, they began to have a deeper understanding of it.

Besides the power of Creation of the Saint Energy, they had another feeling regarding the Saint Energy, which was its extremely powerful self protection. Simply put, no matter how they used the Saint Energy, it would never actually cause any harm to themselves. Just the example when they had infused the Saint Energy into the Ward of the Demon God, releasing such a terrifying and powerful Skill. With the aura and scale of the Demon God, if it continued devouring their Saint Energy, not only their energy would be drained dry, even their life force and souls would be devoured totally, with nothing left.

However, at the critical moment, even with the powerful Will of the Demon God Projection behind it, the remaining Saint Energy was able to automatically cut off the connection, protecting them from harm, so much so that their little Saint Energy whirlpool was still maintained. It could be considered a ‘last second’ save even.

The importance of this could not be stressed more, especially since they were still at the beginning stages of training in the Saint Energy. After all, with their current cultivation level, they were still far from being able to use the true power of the Saint Energy, but with this recognition of the self defensive capabilities, at least when they were experimenting and training in its usage, they could be bolder and take more risks, which would definitely be a good aid in their progress.

Of course, that was not just the only benefit to the Saint Energy. In fact, that day after Devouring from so many powerful Heavenly Beasts and bringing their Saint Energy past a hundred drops, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could sense that in their original Heavenly Energy, there was starting to show signs of a very faint silver-white glow. The glow about their Heavenly Energy might be very dim, but it was extremely beneficial to their cultivation process and speed. Firstly, it seemed like the glow was attached to their meridian channels, not only strengthening the channels but also increasing their absorption rate substantially. Secondly, with this seeming remnant of Saint Energy around, it also greatly increased the absorption rate of the Heavenly Energy they drew in, making the entire process easier… almost by half! The Saint Energy was on a level far above any other individual Attribute, and thus when any Attribute Heavenly Energy had any interaction with the Saint Energy, it became much ‘tamer’.

When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er sensed this new discovery, they were extremely delighted. Previously, although there had been improvements to their cultivation, it was not as obvious as it now was. They understood the underlying meaning and how it would affect their future cultivation speeds drastically. As long as they had enough time, and enough external energy to transform into Saint Energy, it would perhaps not be too long before they truly consolidated the Saint Nucleus Core. Once that happened, they would no longer need to fear anyone.

Cultivation had always been a dry and monotonous activity, but with the continuous experimentation of the wonders of the Saint Energy, it brought a new and interesting facet to the cultivation. It also gave them much joy and wonder as they tried out various things, experimenting in all sorts of methods. After all, the Saint Energy would not harm them, and thus they were starting to be bolder.

However, Tian’er was also a little vexed. With her background from one of the stronger Great Saint Lands, the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the only daughter of the strongest powerhouse in the world… yet her cultivation speed was still no match for Zhou Weiqing!

That Immortal Deity Technique of Zhou Weiqing’s was just too overbearing. With his current over twenty Death Acupuncture Points broken through, and the energy whirlpools at work at the same time, it was as if he was a black hole, making a clean sweep of the atmospheric energy around, drawing in all sorts of attribute energies. As soon as those energy whirlpools held a hint of Saint Energy, the sheer cultivation speed he could maintain was shocking, even to Tian’er. It had to be known that currently Tian’er was at a higher cultivation level than Zhou Weiqing, already at the seven-Jeweled stage. Even with such an obvious advantage, she was still slower than him in terms of cultivation.

It could be said that the Saint Energy’s benefit to Zhou Weiqing in this regard was far greater than Tian’er. Of course, this had a strong connection with his Immortal Deity Technique. In the past, Zhou Weiqing always had some qualms and worry about cultivation in his heart. After all, the pain and suffering that the Immortal Deity Technique brought to him everytime he broke through was just too memorable. Even with his considerable willpower, he would still feel fear thinking about it.

Basically means in the long run, you have to pay the price for what you gain. It’s usually only the first line, this is the first time I’ve seen the later 2 portions, not sure if he just added it or it’s the original saying that is now shortened

As in Dark Horse However, now that he had the Saint Energy, it was different. With the protection of the Saint Energy, even when breaking through it became a lot easier than before, at least he no longer needed to fear that his body would breakdown. Furthermore, now that he had completed the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, fully inheriting the powers of both the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodlines, the toughness and flexibility of his body was far beyond any Heavenly Jewel Master. As such, his progress in the Immortal Deity Technique had already long surpassed that of the creator!

Early in the morning, the ZhongTian Plaza was already crowded and bustling with life. The citizens had long since started to gather in the plaza and the surroundings, some having come the night before to camp out at the plaza grounds the ensure they had a good place. As long as they did not enter the central zone, the guards around the plaza would not bother them.

To some of the citizens’ amusement, the freshly rebuilt competition stage looked very different from that of the preliminary stage. The first and most obvious change was in the size, at least double that of the previous stage. Secondly, it was clear that the stage was no longer crafted out of granite, instead giving off a faint green glow. Some of the people who had knowledge in this area quickly pointed out it was a green
gold stone, a metal several times harder and tougher than granite. Obviously, that battle on the last day between the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the Dan Dun Battle Team had caused so much destruction that it had left a deep impression on the organizers, and they were trying to prevent it from happening again. After all, in the top eight fights, the others
notwithstanding, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would once
again be facing a strong opponent, yet another team with the background of a Great Saint Lands, the BaoPo Battle Team.

The Passion Valley was behind the BaoPo Battle Team, and at least from the previous rankings, the Passion Valley was above the Blood Red Hell. This top eight fight was an elimination type match; that was to say, the team members on the stage would continue fighting until they were beaten, until all of one side’s members had lost. As such, the competition and degree of fighting could only be more intense. Of course, once again this fight was the most anticipated amongst all of the top eight fights.

… “Boss, today we really aren’t going to bet anymore?” Ma Qun asked, a look of regret on his face.

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him, a look of stern justice on his face as he said grandly: “One must not be too greedy, we have already won enough.”

The current time was not considered early anymore, with the morning sun relatively high in the sky.

The immediate surroundings of the stage was also different now. Although there was no restriction regarding the other teams who had not entered the top eight, and they would still be able to watch from their rest houses, there were only eight rest houses closest to the stage, belonging to the top eight to use. The rest of the teams had their rest houses further behind.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house was right next to the ZhongTian Battle Team’s one, and Zhou Weiqing was definitely very satisfied with that arrangement. At least, he could now see his two wives at close proximity easily now. The top eight fight was just as important to him, as this would be the determining factor whether or not he could ascend the Heavenly JEwel Island and see Bing’er. It seemed like just a blink of an eye and three years had just passed like that. As the saying goes, the closer one was, the more one grew nostalgic about things. Now that he was on the verge of seeing Bing’er, his heart yearned for her even more. Towards this point, Tian’er could already sense it. As long as he was not deep in cultivation, Zhou Weiqing would constantly be dazed and distracted, his eyes filled with memory and remembrance. However, Tian’er never interrupted him. In truth, amongst all of Zhou Weiqing’s other women, the one Tian’er could accept the most was actually Shangguan Bing’er. More than anyone else, she knew how much Bing’er meant to Zhou Weiqing.

The ZhongTian Empire officials still had not appeared in the VIP Stands yet, and as soon as Shangguan Tianxin appeared on the VIP Stand, the entire audience erupted into cheers of ‘Long Live’, a startling sight indeed. However, Shangguan Tianxin’s expression was not too good, though why that was so, only he would know.

In the fight a few days ago, the Demon God Projection that Zhou Weiqing had revived had caused this ZhongTian Emperor to almost kneel down in obeisance. Luckily, at that time, no one had really noticed him. However, that feeling had left a deep impression in Shangguan Tianxin’s psyche. Amongst the three Shangguan brothers, both Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue placed all of their hearts and mind on cultivation. However, for Shangguan Tianxin, he had to run the entire Empire, and in terms of cultivation, he was much more slack in comparison. Of course, with the sheer amount of precious resources available and the power of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace techniques, he had still managed to
reach the Heavenly King Stage. However, in terms of both
cultivation and fighting capabilities, this Emperor was definitely no match for his brothers. That day, after experiencing the power and aura of the Demon God for himself, different thoughts had sprang up in Shangguan Tianxin’s heart. He finally understood why both his elder brothers did not wish to be bogged down by the power of the Emperor. The truth was, when their power had reached a certain point, titles like Emperor was just a joke.

Seated at the head of the VIP Stand, Shangguan Tianxin’s eyes subconsciously found the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house. Inwardly, he sighed. He had received news from Shangguan Tianyang yesterday to request that the ZhongTian Empire fully support the Heavenly Bow Empire’s growth, and to also help them restrict the Bai Da Empire. At that point, Shangguan Tianxin knew that his three nieces were likely to be ‘taken advantage’ of by that little brat Zhou Weiqing.

… On the other side, the Dan Dun Battle Team silently appeared in their rest house in the back row.

The brothers TianFeng and TianMa were conscious now, but their faces were still pale and ashen, and they had to be supported by their team members to even enter the rest house. However, they still insisted on coming to watch. Shen Little Demon was able to walk on her own, but her face was almost just as pale as theirs, and it was clear that all three of them had not recovered. Her expression was extremely complicated indeed.

“Big Bro, the news has already been sent back.” TianMa said softly to TianFeng.

TianFeng nodded and said: “This is of utmost importance, and it is imperative that the Hell Master learns of it. Today, let us just keep watch on things for now, let us see if anyone else has that energy besides Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er.”

TianMa’s brow furrowed as he asked: “Brother, what do you think that energy is? How could it possibly be so strong that even our Destruction Attribute isn’t able to move it? Didn’t Hell Master say that the Destruction Attribute is the strongest Attribute in the world? Above even the four Saint Attributes?” TianFeng said: “I do not know either, brother. Alas, we are unable to test further. Unless, we can catch that Zhou Weiqing and imprison him, to do further tests on his Heavenly Energy… only then can we find out.”

A cold smirk crossed TianMa’s face as he said icily: “It looks like our failure this time may not fully be a bad thing. No matter what, we cannot let them go. We must catch them back no matter what before we can discuss anything further.”

TianFeng nodded and said: “Have we communicated with the Elders?”

At the side, Shen Little Demon said: “Yes, communications have already been established. However, we can only wait for them to leave the city before we think about taking action. After all, this is still the Heaven’s Expanse Palace territory.”

“Heaven’s  Expanse  Palace…  hmph!”  TianFeng  gave  a  cold humph, as his mind couldn’t help but think back to the Boundless Infinitium Formation, a cold look of disdain flashing in his eyes.

… Perhaps to ensure the top eight fights proceeded smoothly, the judge for the fights today would once again be personally assumed by Shangguan Longyin.

In a manner of speaking, the Fei Li Empire had some decently good luck. Although they had lost a round in the preliminary matches, they were still able to ascend to the top eight as the second position of their group. However, their luck was used up by now, as in the top eight, they would be facing up against the WanShou Battle Team.

At last, the fights officially began. As usual, the ZhongTian Battle Team was the first to start. Perhaps due to the nature of the elimination formation, this time, Shangguan Fei’er was actually the first to start the fight.

What happened next was pretty much without any suspense. With her powerful close combat powers and seven-Jeweled cultivation level, within less than an hour, Shangguan Fei’er had defeated six opponents easily. One versus six, clinching the first victory of the day, and the ZhongTian Battle Team was the first to enter the top four. The second round was the WanShou Battle Team against the Fei Li Battle Team. Once again, it was another easily predictable fight. The brother and sister duo of Ye Paopao took turns on the stage one after the other, and each of them managed a single victory before being knocked out, but the
rest of the team fell just too easily. Still, they managed to save some face with those two victories.

“At last, it’s our turn.” Zhou Weiqing exercised his limbs as he looked towards his companions. “Ma Qun, you go first. Xixi, second. Crow, third. Yun Li, fourth. Today, I will be the fifth. Tian’er, you close up if necessary.”

Besides Tian’er, the other four showed some surprise on their faces. In their minds, Zhou Weiqing would be fighting first, taking down as many as he could to bring victory for the team. They did not think that they would actually have the opportunity to fight today.

Zhou Weiqing could naturally see the puzzlement in their eyes,  and  he  laughed  heartily  as  he  said:  “This  is  a  great opportunity to gain experience and train yourselves, do not waste it! The Passion Valley is different from the Blood Red Hell, as close allies to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the BaoPo Battle Team members will not easily resort to killing methods. It will be a good fight and experience for you all, so you all just need to do your best and see how far you can go.”

As the team leader, Zhou Weiqing would not care about showing off at all. Furthermore, in truth, Zhou Weiqing never really thought that highly of the BaoPo Battle Team in terms of this top eight fight.

After all, the greatest strength of the Passion Valley was the teamwork and unity of their husband wife couple teams. According to Zhou Weiqing’s words, it was ‘man and woman working together, no matter what they did it would not be tiring’.

In terms of one versus one, singular combat prowess, it was likely they were not even a match for the Dan Dun Battle Team members, let alone the brothers TianFeng and TianMa. Since this top eight elimination fight was all a one versus one style fight, Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence that in the entire Passion Valley, no one could defeat him. As a result, he did not feel any sense of urgency at all, and felt it was a good opportunity to allow his companions to gain experience.

With a single bound, Ma Qun leapt up the stage, fully dressed in his Peerless Heavy Cavalry armour, the pair of massive spiked maces in his hands, striking an imposing figure indeed. Perhaps because his form was so tall, grand and imposing, or perhaps because of his previous performances… as soon as he ascended the stage, the ZhongTian Plaza audience erupted in cheers.

Towards most of these audience, they were here to watch for the thrill and enjoyment, to have fun! Fighters like Ma Qun, with such direct styles, ferocity and pure strength… their fights were usually the most enjoyable to watch. At least, it would give the audience a sense of blood boiling, hearts afire, and free of inhibitions. As such, he had actually gained quite a few fans indeed.

On the Passion Valley side, the opponent who had ascended the stage was a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

After both sides introduced themselves, the first fight officially began.

Ma Qun’s appearance and his character was definitely a stark contrast. He knew very well that against a disciple from a Great Saint Lands, with his four Jeweled cultivation level, it would be extremely difficult for him to achieve victory. As such, he had decided to take it slow and steady, in a ‘seek not to be meritorious but only to avoid blame’ defensive fighting style. Although he had a pair of massive spiked maces, the truth was that most of Ma Qun’s abilities were defensive, and offense was his weakest point. As such, as soon as the fight started, he maintained a defensive position.

In terms of offense, he might not be the best, but in terms of defense, Ma Qun was definitely a good hand. After all, he had trained a lot under Lin TianAo and had even received some pointers from Long Shiya himself. With the two massive spiked maces, the heavy armour, and his four-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield and his various Earth Attribute defensive Skills, he was like an impregnable fortress! Lin TianAo’s teachings had also come into full play here, his steps and movement simple but effective, able to avoid direct clashes at critical moments, utilizing his defense to its ultimate max.

This fight lasted almost an entire hour before Ma Qun finally lost. However, his loss was because he had fully ran out of Heavenly Energy. Up until that point, his opponent had not broken through his defenses a single time.

Ma Qun’s persistence and perseverance allowed Xixi to gain any easy victory when she came up. Originally, Xixi’s overall combat prowess was already stronger than Ma Qun, though her expertise was the reverse of Ma Qun’s, far more adept in offense than defense. Under her ferocious onslaught, the poor BaoPo Battle Team member who was already exhausted from his fight with Ma Qun fell, though he did manage to force her to expend a considerable amount of Heavenly Energy before her victory.

… BaoPo Battle Team Rest House.

“Bro XiHua, let me fight.” Butterfly Orchid said eagerly, clearly itching for a fight.

XiHua looked at her in surprise, saying: “Are you that eager to fight today?”

Butterfly Orchid gave a mysterious smile. Even though they had been married for so many years, XiHua was still bedazzled by the smile.

“If I go up now, we can perhaps force that Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er to fight with us both!”

XiHua laughed heartily and said: “You are still as competitive as ever. Do you really think we can defeat Zhou Weiqing though?”

Butterfly Orchid smiled and said: “If we do not try, how will we know? Alright, I shall go up to fight then.”

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team had been suppressed and disadvantaged since the start of the fight, and as soon as Butterfly Orchid entered the stage, they were fully suppressed all the way. Previously, the defensive capabilities that Ma Qun had displayed was all of his power. Those who followed him, Xixi, Crow and Yun Li, were all very good fighters in their own rights. Alas, they were facing one of top talents in one of the Great Saint Lands, one of the top few in the younger generation of the Passion Valley, Butterfly Orchid.

It was an absolute suppression of Attributes and cultivation level, and the next few fights ended rather quickly. Butterfly Orchid’s cultivation level was actually at the later stages of the seven-Jeweled.

As Yun Li lost in a helpless fashion, the score had suddenly become a shocking 4 to 1, with the BaoPo Battle Team leading by such a large margin.

At last, Zhou Weiqing stood up in their Rest House. In a flash, he appeared on the stage.

Seeing that he had finally come on stage, Butterfly Orchid smiled sweetly and said: “At last, you are here. Team Leader Zhou, I have a proposal. How about we simplify the entire fight for both of us. Myself and XiHua, against you and Tian’er. If you win, we will surrender all the rest of the fights.” Although Butterfly Orchid’s voice did not seem loud, all of the teams in their rest houses could still hear them.

This might seem like an obvious advantageous proposal for the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, after all the BaoPo Battle Team was already leading with such a massive advantage. However, those who truly knew the profound secrets of the Passion Valley knew that such an ‘advantage’ wasn’t truly that at all.

With a faint smile on his face, Zhou Weiqing said: “Lady Butterfly, that is a very interesting proposal, such fine calculation!”

Butterfly Orchid smiled winsomely, saying: “Your powers are so strong, letting us get some advantage, it isn’t too much right? I just do not want to lose in such a unreconciled fashion.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Very well, if the rules allow it, I do not have a problem.”  As he said that, he turned to look questioningly at Shangguan Longyin.

Shangguan Longyin nodded and said: “As long as both sides agree, I will allow it as well. We can go through with that fight.” Zhou Weiqing and Butterfly Orchid both nodded, beckoning to their respective partners.

As soon as XiHua ascended the stage, he gave a bitter smile towards Zhou Weiqing, saying: “Team Leader Zhou, I am truly sorry. We just want to experience Team Leader Zhou’s power for ourselves.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “No problem at all. Coincidentally, I also wish to truly experience the power of the Passion Valley, and the manipulation of the Time Attribute.”

Shangguan Longyin’s voice rang out throughout the plaza with  his  Heavenly  Energy  voice  transference.  “After  some discussion, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and BaoPo Battle Team have come to an agreement to hold a last two versus two fight to determine the final victory of today’s fight. Due to the fact that the BaoPo Battle Team is especially adept in two versus two fights, I deem this to be fair. Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

“Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er.” “BaoPo Battle Team, XiHua, Butterfly Orchid.” Shangguan Longyin glanced at Zhou Weiqing and said passively: “If you all cause such a huge commotion like the last fight, your payment will not be so low any longer.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes twitched. Low? Because of the damage last time, it cost me ten million gold! Is that considered low? Even if they rebuilt the entire ZhongTian Plaza, it wouldn’t cost that much right. Of course, he only dared think it in his heart, but would not say it out, only nodding towards Shangguan Longyin.

“Fight, begin.”

As Shangguan Longyin shouted the proclamation, the four of them on both sides instantly circulated their Heavenly Energy. Powerful Heavenly Energy reverberations rose abruptly over all four of them.

XiHua’s cultivation was about the same as Butterfly Orchid, though he seemed slightly stronger and more profound. Still, he was at the later stage of the seventh-Jewel, at least not giving Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er another insane eight-Jeweled opponent. In a similar fashion to the fight against the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, as soon as both sides clashed, it was firstly a clash between their auras. Interestingly, for Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s side, both of them instantly held hands, and exactly at the same time, XiHua and Butterfly Orchid also
held hands. It was as if there was some sort of couples meeting going on.

Both XiHua and Butterfly Orchid had a constant faint smile, but the aura and Heavenly Energy reverberations emanating from them was not gentle at all.

Zhou Weiqing was surprised to discover that all external sound seemed to have been fully isolated and blocked, and both XiHua and Butterfly Orchid in front of him became rather illusory in look.

In terms of strength of their aura, XiHua and Butterfly Orchid added up together was perhaps lesser than the brothers TianFeng and TianMa. However, they had their own strange tricks.

The aura around their bodies seemed to hold a certain illusory feel, and did not directly clash with Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s aura. Instead, it was soft and gentle like waves, ebbing and flowing one wave after the other, and their aura was slowly growing as well.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing realised it was a profound mystery of Time Control.

Somehow, with the control of the time Attribute, the pressure of their aura was able to adjust constantly in tiny and fluid changes, and the ‘past’ aura could somehow overlap with the ‘new present’ aura, in the constant waves of overlapping, their pressure was increasing, slowly but surely, soon surpassing the maximum that their own cultivation level could have reached.

So… the Time Attribute can actually be used in such a manner! Zhou Weiqing felt he had witnessed a massive eye opener, nodding to himself inwardly. It looked like today, they would have no choice but to attack first.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were connected in their hearts, and abruptly, the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set released simultaneously. In that instant, their aura was boosted far above their opponents. XiHua and Butterfly Orchid’s expressions changed, and they were also forced to quickly release their Consolidated Equipment as well.

The Passion Valley was after all not the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and XiHua and Butterfly Orchid did not both have Legendary Sets. As the seven Consolidated Equipment appeared around XiHua’s body, they were all accompanied by the now-familiar Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. However, Butterfly Orchid’s one was not so, as around her body appeared a set of white armour, also seven pieces in total including the weapon. Although it was not a Legendary Set, it was clearly a fully complete seven-piece set of Consolidated Equipment.

Never ever underestimate a completed set just because it isn’t a Legendary Set… that was especially because Butterfly Orchid’s Set was already complete, and could fully unleash the effect of the Set. Compared to an incomplete Legendary Set, though the former would have greater future potential, currently their boost and combat strength was not that much weaker.

After all, in the end she had come out from a Great Saint Lands, one of the top in the Passion Valley, and this Set of Consolidated Equipment could not possibly be weak. Zhou Weiqing moved then, the wings behind his back spreading out as he entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state. In a flash, he moved out towards XiHua in a swift pounce. As his body flew forward, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation appeared below his feet as a thick Lightning Heavenly Energy reverberation appeared instantly, forming several hundred lightning pearls flying towards XiHua in a concerted fashion.

As Zhou Weiqing launched this massive attack instantly, XiHua was given a shock. He was also able to launch instant Skills, but these were usually much smaller and weaker, definitely not to the extent that Zhou Weiqing had just shown, a few hundred lightning pearls blasting out at him so quickly. These Lightning Pearls did not seem to be that powerful, at least individually, but stacked together in such numbers and proximity, their power could not be dismissed.

Furthermore, right behind the massive patch of lightning pearls, there was still Zhou Weiqing and his swinging Dual Legendary Hammers.

With a low shout, XiHua continued maintaining a hand linked with Butterfly Orchid, and together they advanced forward. Instantly, the air began to warp in a strange fashion, and as soon as any of the lightning pearls reached a range of three metres from their bodies, they began to fly off in various different random directions, just unable to hit them.

Zhou Weiqing’s charging body stopped in his tracks, unable to get through the twisting light. The Legendary Hammers in his hands suddenly slammed into each other, causing a strange
*Weeeng* sound, as the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation under his feet glowed brightly.

Instantly, the lightning pearls which had been sent flying away suddenly came back, all of them still intact. Just that level of control alone was enough to shock anyone else. In the next instant, along with that strange buzzing sound, all of the lightning pearls abruptly exploded in near XiHua and Butterfly Orchid.

After countless practice, especially as Zhou Weiqing grew more familiar with his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, his control over the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ was also growing finer. Do not underestimate the fine control over just a single attribute; with the boosts of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ LEgendary Set, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation’s control and consolidation, this Skill was more than sufficient to compare with most Heavenly King Stage powerhouses’ skills. More importantly, it had so many myriad changes to go along with the speed of its usage.

The violent explosion was almost enough to cause one’s ears to go deaf. The greatest feature of the Lightning Attribute was definitely its explosive power, but many people neglected the sound that came along with the explosions. An abrupt explosion like that could greatly affect one’s hearing, and the six senses were all linked together. Once the hearing was affected so suddenly, the overall senses would also be affected.

Of course, the couple XiHua and Butterfly Orchid were extremely powerful. Even facing such a massive explosion of the lightning pearls, they instantly reacted with the best possible choice. They did not attempt to go too aggressive in hopes for a overreaching win, instead playing it safe and focusing on defense in that point.

In their eyes, though Zhou Weiqing’s attack might seem ferocious, but since he had exploded out with so many lightning pearls, covering a relatively large surface area like that, though the power was not bad, it should still be no match for an extremely small area of effect powerful Skill. At the same time, such a Skill should also be a large toll on his Heavenly Energy. As a result, they were not in a rush at all. As the saying goes, there is a limit to one’s energy, and the stronger his attacks, the faster he would decline.

Chapter 224 To be confirmed!

Both of them still remained hand in hand, the unique characteristics of the Time Attribute flourishing to the max as the strange Time energy reverberations caused warping in time all around their bodies, occasionally causing tiny rifts in time and space about them. The lightning explosion attacks were indeed terrifying, but they were just unable to breakthrough their defenses.

All of a sudden, XiHua seemed to realise something. “Not good!” He exclaimed. Before Butterfly Orchid could understand what was going on, his Heavenly Energy flared up explosively, the sword in his hands drawing a circle in midair as he pulled on Butterfly Orchid, and both of them entered the circle. In a flash, they suddenly appeared outside of the area of effect of the lightning pearls.

As soon as they left the area, Butterfly Orchid quickly realised why XiHua would suddenly exclaim out like that.

Zhou Weiqing had been going all out in his attacks, and they were doing well in their defense against him. However, that was a 2v2 fight, not a 1v2 fight! Besides him, there was still that equally dangerous Tian’er! With their status in the Passion Valley, how could they not know where Tian’er was from? XiHua had suddenly thought about how both him and Butterfly Orchid were so focused on the explosions of the lightning attribute attacks, and thus had not sensed any danger from Tian’er, who had not been seen for so long. As a result, that instinctive sense of unease had caused him to not stint on using such a Skill to swiftly leave the area.

Currently, Tian’er had her God Spirit Staff held high above her head, a thick gold light rising into the skies. Behind her back, the illusory image of a six-winged angel was flickering into existence.

A Heavenly Skill Image Skill!

Without even thinking further into it, XiHua already knew that it was just too late to unleash a Skill powerful enough to fight against Tian’er’s Skill in a direct clash. They had already given Tian’er just too much time to slowly gather and unleash that Skill.

The twisting energy fluctuations flowed in the air, forming the illusory figure of a strange creature that Zhou Weiqing had never seen before. As soon as the illusory image appeared, it did not continue to gather into a Skill, instead flying directly towards the six-winged Angel above Tian’er’s head. However, just as the illusory image flew out, the illusory image of a large, fat insect appeared in the path, blocking right in front of it and forcefully intercepting it. At the same time, a purplish red glow lit up at the other side.

As XiHua and Butterfly Orchid glanced to the side, they saw Zhou Weiqing grinning at them evilly. Above his head, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady was swiftly gathering.

Towards the reactions of XiHua and Butterfly Orchid, Zhou Weiqing was inwardly very impressed. Originally, his goal had been to used a continuous onslaught of powerful lightning pearls, forcing them to maintain a defensive state to allow Tian’er to gather a powerful Skill. However, though XiHua had not realised it at first, as soon as he did so he had not hesitated to use a powerful Skill to escape his attack range. In truth, Zhou Weiqing was rather envious of the Skill he had just used, which he recognized swiftly though he did not have it himself. It was a Skill called Spatial Shuttle, very similar to the Blink Skill he had, but not only was the range far greater, it also had greater flexibility in movement, and more importantly, it could bring someone along as well. Of course, the expenditure of Heavenly Energy was correspondingly much higher compared to the Blink Skill as well. However, Zhou Weiqing’s combat experience was just too rich. As soon as he saw XiHua’s reaction, he counterattacked in a similar fashion, swiftly using the Time Attribute Heavenly Skill Image Skill he had, the Time Reversal. Both sides were using the clash of Heavenly Skill Images to Neutralise the other’s Skills, alas the mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind called Zhou Weiqing!

The crux of the situation was that Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate right after he had disrupted their Heavenly Skill Image Skill, instantly starting on the Dragon Silencing Seal right after.

At this point, one of the major advantages of Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation showed itself. The greatest difference between his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation and Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was that he could ‘store’ a Skill in each of the six ‘angled’ corners of the star hexagon, and with the resonance of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he was able to use his Heavenly Energy and activate them at a far faster rate than any other Heavenly Jewel Master.

To unleash any Heavenly Skill Image Skill was a great toll on any Heavenly Jewel Master, no matter if it was just for the purpose of the clash of Heavenly Skill Images. It was extremely difficult to use them in quick succession in such a chaining fashion, unless one’s cultivation level had broken past the Heavenly King Stage, then it would become slightly easier.

In the first place, ordinarily speaking such Skills could only be used by Heavenly King Stage powerhouses and above. The four fighters right now could be said to be highly exceptional and talented, richly endowed by nature. With their mere cultivation stages of six or seven Jewels, they could all use such powerful Skills. However, it was only Zhou Weiqing who could continuously unleash Heavenly Skill Image Skills like that.

XiHua had just unleashed one, and it had been disrupted by Zhou Weiqing. In a short period of time, he would not be able to unleash a second one. Of course, Butterfly Orchid might be able to unleash one, but in the current state of things, she could only disrupt one! Under such a circumstance, no matter Zhou Weiqing or Tian’er, as long as they could unleash their Skill, it would definitely put them in an unassailable advantageous position.

It could be said that from the start of the fight, both XiHua and Butterfly Orchid had fallen into Zhou Weiqing’s trap. Of course, this was also because they were not familiar with his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, allowing such a circumstance to occur. XiHua and Butterfly Orchid instantly exchanged looks. Both of them were also linked empathically, and their greatest strength was fighting together. Even if they were in such a disadvantaged position, they managed to instantly react.

In a flash, XiHua appeared behind Butterfly Orchid, both his hands pressing on her back. Instantly, with their bodies as the central focal point, a twisted light shook violently outwards, and Butterfly Orchid’s eyes shone brightly at once.

A brilliant, gorgeous coloured butterfly image rose swiftly above her head, but she did not use it in a clash of Heavenly Skill Images. The beautiful butterfly quickly turned clear, and a clear sound rang from Butterfly Orchid’s mouth as the white Consolidated Armour she was wearing flashed with a layer of white, forming a column of white light fusing into the giant butterfly image.

The butterfly was originally a faint blue colour, but as soon as the light column infused into it, many spots of light began to appear on its wings.

Butterfly Goddess of Light. In the world of the Heavenly Beasts, it was the most powerful amongst all Butterfly type beasts, and it was at the same level as the Demonic Dragon Lady, belonging to those which were one step from entering the Heavenly God Stage.

Although its name had the words ‘Light’ within, in truth the Butterfly Goddess of Light was actually a Time Attribute Heavenly Beast. With a brilliant flash along its wings, a faint, twisting light fell upon Zhou Weiqing, who was still in the midst of unleashing the image of the Demonic Dragon Lady.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if everything around him turned unreal. Inwardly, he muttered to himself. No good! It was the Cage of Time Skill, able to cause the time he experienced to slow down. That was to say, the Dragon Silencing Seal he was unleashing would also be much slower.

It was not that Zhou Weiqing did not want to use his own Heavenly Skill Image to directly disrupt Butterfly Orchid’s Skills, but she had just unleashed the Skill too quickly.

Such a powerful Skill, yet she had somehow managed to unleash it in barely the time it took for two breaths. Without question, this was because of XiHua’s support. The couple had somehow managed to join their Heavenly Energy together perfectly, to unleash a Skill as one, before actually using the power of the Time Attribute to greatly increase the speed of using the Skill. This had to be one of the exclusive secret arts of the Passion Valley. As one of the Great Saint Lands, how could they be so easily taken down after all.

A single Cage of Time had caused the Dragon Silencing Seal of Zhou Weiqing’s to become so much slower. However, at this point, for Tian’er’s side, she had finally completed her Skill.

The six-winged angel above Tian’er’s head flapped its wings, and a wave of gold light floated out like a water wave, rushing towards Butterfly Orchid and XiHua.

Butterfly Orchid took a deep breath, and the Butterfly Goddess of Light actually flew out just like that, throwing itself into the sea of gold light.

A strange sight occurred next. The Skill which could summon the Heavenly Skill Image of the six-winged Angel was undoubtedly strong. However, when the Butterfly Goddess of Light touched the gold light, all of the light went through a strange change, fluctuating violently in the air, but it was just unable to fly towards XiHua and Butterfly Orchid.

No matter what a Skill’s effect was, no matter how powerful it was, if it was unable to reach the target, then it would not be able to use its power… it would be useless.

However, one could clearly see that although the couple Butterfly Orchid and XiHua were working together, it was a major struggle for them to face up against Tian’er’s Skill. Both husband and wifes’ faces were extremely bleak, and the Butterfly Goddess of Light in the air was slowly growing dim. However, the six-winged Angel above Tian’er’s head was still brilliantly bright.

A faint purple light lit up in Tian’er’s eyes, and the next sight that appeared was of immense shock to Butterfly Orchid and XiHua. The gold light that soared into the skies actually warped in a strange parabolic arc right back down to return to the six-winged Angel. In that next moment, it actually formed a sword of gold light in the angel’s hands.

How was that possible?!

Shock flashed uncontrollably in XiHua and Butterfly Orchid’s eyes. Being from the Great Saint Lands, they knew that currently the power that Tian’er was using was actual control of the Heavenly Skill Image, a power that only Heavenly King Stage powerhouses and above should be able to use. Furthermore, to be able to carry out control of such offensive nature, not only did it require a massive amount of Heavenly Energy, a sustained level of it, there was also a need for an extremely powerful Spiritual Force to maintain control. Otherwise, it could cause a severe backlash instead.

Tian’er had followed Zhou Weiqing for such a long period of time, and most of the time it was Zhou Weiqing fighting, and she had fallen into the role of supporting him, healing and boosting as required. As such, she had rarely shown her true powers.

Even for Zhou Weiqing, it was the first time that he had seen Tian’er in full power, and he had never expected that her combat abilities were at such an astonishing level. No wonder she had taken so long to actually gather this six-winged Angel!

The blade of light in the six-winged Angel’s hands flashed across the skies, a powerful divine aura spreading out at once, so powerful that even the ordinary audience members in the crowd of the ZhongTian Plaza could sense it. However, not only did this divine aura not harm them, it actually gave them a feeling of being perked up, rousing their vigor and energy. Any of the audience members who felt the aura couldn’t help but reveal a light of devotion in their eyes, with some with lower willpower actually kneeling down right there. If one observed closely in detail, they would discover that layer after layer of faint and indistinct gold light was continually being given forth by the six-winged Angel, spreading over the entire plaza. As the citizens felt the divine aura and the benefits it brought them, a large amount of gold light began to rise up from them, across the entire ZhongTian Plaza, gathering towards the six-winged Angel above Tian’er’s head.

On the VIP Stand, Shangguan Tianxin couldn’t help but stand up in shock, exclaiming involuntarily: “This…  this is… the power of Faith!”

Tian’er’s beautiful face revealed a sweet smile. By now, the six-winged Angel above her head was even more solid, and as the countless spots of light surged into its body from all directions, an unbelievably strong gold light burst forth from its body, so much so that no one could look directly at it, as the divine aura around it grew stronger and stronger.

In comparison, the Butterfly Goddess of Light was growing dimmer and dimmer. In a flash of the blade of light, the Butterfly Goddess of Light disappeared totally, destroyed fully as it dissipated into the air.

In truth, when the Butterfly Goddess of Light had charged towards Tian’er, it had already unleashed a powerful Skill on Zhou Weiqing, before being forced to block Tian’er’s attack. It could be considered to have been relatively weakened already. Furthermore, the six-winged Angel that Tian’er had released was far more powerful than anyone could have imagined. At last, the six-winged Angel flew up into the air, and in a flash, it appeared right above XiHua and Butterfly Orchid.

Tian’er’s voice rang out casually. “Surrender now.”

Butterfly Orchid still wanted to continue trying, but she discovered that behind her, XiHua had already removed his palms from her back, stepping forward with a helpless look on his face. With a sigh, he said: “I never would have imagined that you have already grasped the power of Faith. In this entire plaza, no one below the Heavenly King Stage can possibly be a match for you… perhaps not even the heir to the Boundless Infinitium Set.”

Tian’er stepped forward slowly, the six-winged Angel flew back to behind her, as if taking up a guarding position, silently standing there. At the other side, Zhou Weiqing had also broken free of the seal on him, although his Dragon Silencing Seal was no longer necessary now.

Did we win just like that? Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with surprise, looking at the gold spots of light that were still continuously gathering towards Tian’er, filled with both curiosity and surprise.

Tian’er smiled at Zhou Weiqing, extended her hand towards him. In a single stride, Zhou Weiqing returned to her side, holding her hands. Instantly, an extremely thick and rich amount of Light Attribute Heavenly Energy began to rush into his body, startling him suddenly. He quickly formed the large Saint Energy whirlpool with Tian’er’s help, and they began to transform the Light Attribute Heavenly Energy.

Tian’er’s  voice  rang  softly  in  Zhou  Weiqing’s  ears:  “The Divine Attribute’s Faith is like the counterbalance to the Demonic Attribute’s Devour, at the same level, considered the top powered Skill in their respective Attributes. I have only just comprehended and begun to grasp this ability in these few days of closed door cultivation with you. In fact, even Father has not comprehended this ability yet.”

“Simply speaking, Faith is not really a Skill, but a sort of attached Attribute to the Divine Attribute, and it can even be considered one of the top final forms of the Divine Attribute. Its greatest use is actually when the Divine Attribute aura is released, improving it and causing feelings of respect and prayer in people, which will then imperceptibly invoke the Power of Faith, which will slowly infuse into any Divine
Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, strengthening their Skills and their Light aura. Once a Heavenly Jewel Master with such a Skill had sufficient followers, they could have a nigh-infinite source of Heavenly Energy. Unless one used a terrifying power far above their own to destroy them instantly, otherwise the
Power of Faith would constantly sustain them, nearly forever.

Even for the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Divine Attribute Faith had not appeared for more than a thousand years, and had almost been relegated to an object of legend. Who could have imagined that Tian’er would actually comprehend it so suddenly. With the six-winged Angel she had summoned, she decided to use the Divine Faith attached attribute for the first time, matching it with the Power of Faith, which was the reason why it had taken her so long to unleash the Skill.

In the ZhongTian Plaza, there were more than a million audience watching, with so many affected by the Divine Faith… one could imagine the sheer amount of Power of Faith provided. Let alone XiHua and Butterfly Orchid, in the current situation, even if they added on TianFeng and TianMa to the opposing side, as long as they didn’t use the Destruction Attribute to instantly kill Tian’er, they would eventually lose for sure.

Zhou Weiqing had never felt the Saint Energy whirlpool spin so quickly before. At the current moment, with the massive infusion of the Power of Faith, along with Tian’er and himself controlling the Saint Energy whirlpool with all their might, drop after drop of Saint Energy was constantly being churned out, and the drops of Saint Energy were automatically separated evenly, flowing into both their bodies.

After the major expenditure of Saint Energy from their previous fight, through this process they were recovering rapidly as the concentrated and thick Power of Faith covered both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er with a layer of faint gold light.

The Divine Faith was only effective on those with relatively weaker wills, more accurately, those ordinary living beings that were not Jewel Masters or Heavenly Beasts. To unleash the Skill with so many ordinary people gathered together was normally an impossible occurrence. Perhaps, one could even call it a chance that could only occur once in a blue moon.

Of course, the Divine Faith power was a win-win situation; to be able to gain faith from the citizens, not only would there be any bad influence on the citizens, it would actually greatly improve their bodies and constitution, removing many impurities from them and was of great benefit to them overall.

This was the biggest difference between the Divine Attribute and the Demonic Attribute. The Demonic Attribute’s strongest power was the Devour Skill that was absolutely a great benefit to oneself at a major cost to others. In contrast, the Divine Attribute was a great benefit to oneself, but also benefiting others as well, and was definitely much easily accepted.

As the affected citizens and audience sensed the benefits and comfortable sensations, the stronger the Power of Faith would grow. Very quickly, the Saint Energy transformed in Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body had grown to more than a hundred drops. Shangguan Longyin looked towards the VIP Stand, where Shangguan Tianxin’s brow was slightly furrowed. Although this Divine Faith was a good benefit to the citizens, it was also not a good sign for the ZhongTian Empire’s governing. After all, if their citizens really had a strong faith towards someone from the Heavenly Snow Mountain, that was a very dangerous and unstable element deep within their borders.

Shangguan Tianxin gave an imperceptible nod towards Shangguan Longyin, who immediately understood. Clearing his throat, he said solemnly: “Heavenly Bow Battle Team has defeated the BaoPo Battle Team, advancing to the Top Four. This round is now over.”

His voice was low, but deep and resonant, instantly knocking Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er out of that mysterious state. The two of them looked at each other, but were helpless in the matter. Nodding to Butterfly Orchid and XiHua, they jumped off the stage to return to their Rest House. At the same time, Tian’er quickly recalled the six-Winged Angel as well.

Of course, the recalling process was as slow as possible. The longer they could draw in as much Power of Faith as possible meant another possible drop of Saint Energy, and she did not wish to waste such a rare opportunity to gain it. By the time she had no choice but to end the Skill, the little Saint Energy whirlpools within them had grown back substantially, with almost two hundred drops respectively as they spun happily.

Chapter 225 Breakthrough! Saint Energy entering Death Acupuncture Point!

An unexpected joy, a totally unexpected cause for celebration! Zhou Weiqing had certainly not expected it, and even the initiator of the Skill, Tian’er, had not expected it as well.

For a Heavenly Jewel Master with the Divine Attribute to comprehend and gain the Faith (sub)Attribute, it was almost as rare as a Demonic Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master to have the Devour Skill. Of course, the difference was that the Demonic Attribute Devour Skill was an inborn talent, while the Divine Faith was something that had to be comprehended and grasped after cultivation.

In truth, if not for the Saint Energy, Tian’er would most likely never be able to comprehend the profound mysteries of Faith, but she had already succeeded now.

In terms of actual ‘usual’ practical applications or effectiveness, the Divine Faith definitely seemed to pale in comparison to the Devour Skill. However, under unique circumstances like this, the usefulness of the Divine Faith was far more terrifying than even the Devour Skill. Currently, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er realised that their gain was not just the two hundred drops of Saint Energy each; even their Heavenly Energy had increased greatly. In fact, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had already been at the twenty fifth stage, although it had been for quite some time already, he had still been quite a distance from the twenty sixth stage. However, in just a matter of those few moments, he suddenly had a vague feeling of breaking through once more. Tian’er had pretty much the same sensation as Zhou Weiqing feeling was about the same, but due to the fact she was the one who had used the Divine Faith, the increase in Heavenly Energy was even greater for her. Previously, she had been at the first level of the seven-Jeweled stage, and in that short period of time it had reached the maxed level.

However, this time, they could really not continue any longer. Although using the Power of Faith gained from the Divine Faith had given them so much in such a smooth fashion, the Power of Faith in their bodies was already packed to the brim. If they continued trying to absorb it, perhaps it would have an adverse effect or backlash. 0

“Let’s go back.” Although the top eight fights had not ended, Zhou Weiqing could no longer wait. Both Tian’er and him needed to start cultivating as soon as possible to quickly transform all the energy they had just absorbed, and make it fully their own. Only at that time could they truly call all this energy their own.

Tian’er’s feeling was far deeper than Zhou Weiqing’s, and she quickly nodded without hesitation. Before the next fight even began, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had stealthily left their Rest House, heading towards the inn.

As soon as they reached their inn, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er quickly disappeared into their rooms.

The other four team members, including Crow and Ma Qun, gathered together instead.

“What  happened  in  the  ZhongTian  Plaza  just  now?  Does anyone know?” Ma Qun asked curiously.

Amongst the four, the one with the widest experience and knowledge was definitely Yun Li, and the other three instantly turned to look at him.

Yun Li gave a bitter smile and said: “Don’t look at me, if I knew what was going on, it would be the stranger thing. That fellow Zhou Weiqing is just too disgusting, even his wife is just as disgusting as he is! In the past, I still thought that Lady Tian’er was mainly focused on supporting, who could have guessed… only today would we learn that her combat prowess is actually so strong, to such a shocking level. From the looks of things, perhaps even Zhou Weiqing cannot compare to her!”

Crow nodded in firm agreement, saying: “Just now, that gold light was gathering from all around the entire ZhongTian Plaza, the sensation was truly shocking indeed. This is truly something that no one can confirm… perhaps only those with the backgrounds of the Great Saint Lands might have any idea of what that was.”

Ma Qun grinned and said: “Heh heh, no matter what, it is still our Boss’ wife, the stronger she is, the better it is for us all! We have also managed to enter the top four already, and we can soon enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. Ahh, I wish we can hurry up and go up, I truly want to experience it for myself. Crow, didn’t you say there are many good things there? We have won quite some money this time, later you can go choose what you want, your beloved husband will buy it for you!”

For the Heavenly Bow Battle Team side, they were relaxed and easygoing. However, no one noticed that as they left, the Dan Dun Battle Team had also left stealthily. There was one thing that Ma Qun had been correct. Only those from the Great Saint Lands could possibly recognize what Tian’er had unleashed.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er sat cross legged in a meditative position, their four palms held against each other. Naturally, the large Saint Energy whirlpool was necessary for their cultivation. No matter what type of cultivation they were undergoing, with the presence of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it would bring a result of twice the result with half the effort.

As their Heavenly Energy circulated around their bodies at a crazy speed under their control, they began cultivation in their own respective systems. As their Heavenly Energy crossed the path of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, the impurities in their Heavenly Energy were also swiftly stripped away, disintegrating in the power of the Saint Energy whirlpool.

At the same time, the smaller Personal Saint Energy whirlpool was also spinning swiftly. With the support of over two hundred drops of Saint Energy, the small whirlpool was clearly spinning at a much faster speed than before. Although it was still not able to form a proper full cycle that could generate Saint Energy by itself, as it slowly grew bigger, their own Heavenly Energy, bones, meridians, internal organs, almost every part was being strengthened slowly, bathed in the silver white light.

Even for Zhou Weiqing’s body, which had evolved several times from the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, he could clearly sense that the Saint Energy was still slowly remoulding and improving his body. From this, one could imagine how powerful and overbearing the Saint Energy truly was.

The twenty five energy whirlpools of the Death Acupuncture Points were spinning crazily, at such speeds that his internal senses and inward vision could not distinguish the actual frequency of the spinning. Subconsciously, he had already entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, the wings behind his back unfurled as it crazily devoured the various atmospheric energies.

As compared to Zhou Weiqing’s crazed speed in cultivation, Tian’er was much slower and stable. With the Divine Faith ability, all Tian’er needed to do was to allow the devout Power of Faith to course through her body, enriching her and improving her. Compared to Zhou Weiqing, her physique and body state was definitely much weaker. Of course, that was only compared to the monstrous Zhou Weiqing, who else could dare say they had a stronger physique or body than a top bloodline Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger? In the entire world, perhaps Zhou Weiqing with his Dragon-Tiger Transformation was one of the rare few had the right to do so.

Comprehension and understanding had already dawned upon Tian’er when she had first gained the Divine Faith, and she could now clearly sense that with the Divine Attribute, she would definitely gain a lot from the Power of Faith. As long as she continued allowing herself to bath and soak in the Power of Faith, then her future cultivation bottlenecks that other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters might meet would definitely be much smaller.

As such, as compared to Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er did not rush to breakthrough. Do not just look on the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique and how it caused him so much pain or be on the verge of death all the time. However, it had also built up that steel clad will that he had, forging it in the fires of immense torture. The sheer toughness, strength and flexibility of his meridian channels and acupoints were also greatly improved through that. Although Zhou Weiqing was only at the six-Jeweled stage, his foundations were extremely stable, and with his physique, he did not need to worry about being able to withstand it at all. Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique was split into four sections, and currently he was at the later stages of the third section. Amongst all four sections, the third section had the greatest amounts of Death Acupuncture Points, fourteen in total, and they were all Death Acupuncture Points in the chest area. Currently, there were still the last two remaining before he would finally complete the third section of the Immortal Deity Technique and reach the fourth stage.

With a soft *Puuu* sound, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body shuddered. Tian’er could clearly sense the changes within him. He had broken through!

At this moment, the tacit understanding between Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing showed itself. Without any hesitation, without any prompting, she instantly stopped her own cultivation, fully sending her Heavenly Energy into the large Saint Energy whirlpool and allowing Zhou Weiqing to fully control and access the large Saint Energy whirlpool.

The thirteenth chest Death Acupuncture Point, the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point.

Position: Right at the median axillary line, at the front of the first costa fluctuantes ribs, at the point where the elbow would reach one’s body. Characteristics: The Liver Meridians, meeting the branch of the spleen meridian and jueyin meridian, considered the focal accumulation point of the abdomen front. Once struck, it would cause spleen and liver trauma, destroying the stomach muscles and even stalling blood flow in the area.

The Zhangmen Acupuncture Point was one of the more important Death Acupuncture Points, and once attacked could definitely cause death swiftly. Breaking the ribs where the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point was would instantly puncture the liver as well.

The Zhangmen Acupuncture Points on both sides of Zhou Weiqing’s body broke through almost instantly, and in that moment, the entire room was filled with a silver white light, shining brightly.

Originally, the Saint Energy whirlpool which was only at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s hands suddenly appeared outside, a massive silver-white whirlpool forming around the two of them entirely as it spun violently. The smaller Saint Energy whirlpool within Zhou Weiqing’s body also began to spin faster and faster, and his entire body, including his wings, were stained a silver-white colour. Zhou Weiqing began to shudder violently, but it only lasted the time to take three breaths before he stopped, the expression and colour of his face returning to his normal calm. Vaguely, one could observe that all of his currently open Death Acupuncture Point, there was an energy whirlpool swirling around with the Saint Energy from the air, starting to turn a silver white colour.

Including the freshly opened two Zhangmen Acupuncture Points, one left and right, became part of this whirlpool. At the same time, the Heavenly Energy reverberations that Zhou Weiqing was giving off was obviously increasing.

To complete such a massive breakthrough of the Immortal Deity Technique, and at such a fast pace, allowing his cultivation level to increase dramatically… all of this, Zhou Weiqing had not dared to imagine. Although the pain of breakthrough was still extremely intense, it had only lasted for such a short time before the Zhangmen Acupuncture Point had completed its transformation. This was definitely the contribution of the Saint Energy.

Everytime Zhou Weiqing opened a new Death Acupuncture Point, his entire Heavenly Energy circulation would flow smoother and swifter, and each of the individual energy whirlpools of the respective Death Acupuncture Points would also have slight changes. Currently, he could clearly sense that when his Heavenly Energy had burst in such an increase, all of the silver white light of his meridian channels had grown stronger, especially that of his energy whirlpools in the Death Acupuncture Points. At the same time, the amount of Saint Energy in his own personal Saint Energy whirlpool had dropped by a hundred drops!

After discovering this situation, Zhou Weiqing was not startled or afraid, instead feeling overjoyed. He knew that this could only be a good thing for him. Having the Saint Energy fully infused into the Immortal Deity Technique meant that it would be able to support the cultivation of his Immortal Deity Technique, further improving his speed of cultivating Heavenly Energy. If he could, he would even be willing to infuse all of his Saint Energy into all of his Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools.

Of course, that was not possible at all. After some testing, Zhou Weiqing quickly discovered that he was unable to accomplish that.

After gaining the Saint Energy, this was the second time that he had broken through in his Heavenly Energy stage. The previous time he had broken through, both he and Tian’er still had very little Saint Energy. This time, they had far surpassed the hundred drop mark, and he had a totally fresh and new sensation. After a few tries, Zhou Weiqing realised what it was.

In order to allow the Saint Energy to fully merge into his Death Acupuncture Points permanently, it could only be accomplished in that single instant when his Heavenly Energy was breaking through, right as the Immortal Deity Technique was taking the next step and breaking through one of his Death Acupuncture Points. This time, having infused and fully merged a hundred drops of Saint Energy into his Immortal Deity Technique and Death Acupuncture Points, would he be that far from his next breakthrough? However, that also meant that his requirement of Saint Energy was going to be far greater.

This entire experience also sparked a thought in Zhou Weiqing. As their cultivation level grew they drew more Saint Energy, his Heavenly Energy would also begin to take on more characteristics of the Saint Energy, as more and more of it was joined fully with him. Perhaps this might not actually increase his overall cultivation level, but with the same amount of Heavenly Energy, if it was mixed with some Saint Energy, or at least some characteristics, it would mean the power of any Skills used would increase dramatically.

At last, Zhou Weiqing finished his cultivation. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Tian’er looking at him with a concerned look.

“How is it?” Tian’er asked. Zhou Weiqing beamed as he said: “Success, beyond even my imagination! This Saint Energy is truly beneficial indeed, I love it so much! With it, my Immortal Deity Technique can now be cultivated without much danger. I have broken through the twenty sixth stage. Just one more stage, and I will have completed the third portion of my Immortal Deity Technique. Although at that point that will not reach the seventh Jewel yet, my overall power should still have quite some growth.”

As such, Zhou Weiqing began to describe the entire process of how he broke through and all the sensations and inspirations he had to Tian’er, not hiding anything from her. Although Tian’er was not cultivating the same Immortal Deity Technique, Zhou Weiqing believed that when she broke through, she would meet with something similar in nature. This was the benefit of the Saint Energy after all.

Tian’er paid full attention to Zhou Weiqing’s descriptions earnestly. This was yet another benefit for them cultivating together, especially since they shared the same source of the Saint Energy whirlpool, and they could exchange their thoughts and inspirations at any time. In this way, their understanding of the Saint Energy could grow at a much swifter rate. For the next few days before the Heavenly Jewel Tournament Finals would begin, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er shut themselves in the room, cultivating all the time. Perhaps before this, they might not be just as hardworking, but the miraculous draw and feeling of the Saint Energy was just too attractive, so much so
that they became twice as industrious as before.

Two days later, Tian’er’s Heavenly Energy had also successfully broken through to the twenty ninth stage. Just like what Zhou Weiqing had expected, when her Heavenly Energy broke through, a hundred drops of Saint Energy also infused and merged into her Heavenly Energy. However, for Tian’er, the effect of the Saint Energy improving and evolving her body was even more obvious than for Zhou Weiqing. Although both of their cultivation levels only raised a single stage, their overall powers had an obvious and large growth.

Heavenly Jewel Island.

Early in the morning, the Heavenly Jewel Island Personnel who were in charge of receiving the guests were already fully prepared. This time, there were actually two dark horse teams in the top four teams. Besides the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, there was also the Hariott Battle Team from the Hariott Empire.

The Hariott Empire was actually an Empire only slightly bigger than the Heavenly Bow Empire. However, for their team to be able to enter the finals as one of the top four, it was a totally different notion from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. For them, it was truly due to some unbelievable good luck.

All the way, they did not even meet any truly strong teams. Of course, at the same time, the Hariott Battle Team was also far stronger than it had ever been before, and the combination of power, skill and lots of luck had somehow brought them into the top four… definitely becoming the luckiest team in the entire tournament. Of the traditional four Great Saint Land Battle Teams, this time only the ZhongTian and WanShou Battle Teams had actually entered the finals, a result that had truly come as a surprise to most. Of course, the reason why this had happened was totally due to the Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

In their entire procession up the Heavenly Jewel Island, Ma Qun’s mouth never remained idle. Indeed, as a youth who was experiencing such majestic sights for the first time, how could he not be astonished and amazed. In comparison, Yun Li was much better off, but the shock in his eyes could not be hidden. Of course, compared to the others, for Yun Li to ascend to the Heavenly Jewel Island, there was another purpose besides the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Naturally, that was to pay a formal visit to Little Miss Muddle’s Master, the most famous God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in the Consolidating
Equipment Master world, Xing Tianyi. Only if he could gain this Master’s approval could he truly be together with Little Miss Muddle.

The Heavenly Jewel Island was unchanged. Towards this area, Zhou Weiqing was almost familiar with it already. Led by their guide, they were soon brought coincidentally to the same location where the previous Fei Li Battle Team had stayed. Perhaps, this was also purposefully arranged by the Heavenly Jewel Island.

As soon as they ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhou Weiqing no longer had any thoughts of cultivating. By his side, Tian’er could clearly sense his urgent feelings, clearly focused on a single name: Shangguan Bing’er.

Three years. Three years without meeting, and they would finally meet, how could Zhou Weiqing not be anxious?

After they had settled down, Zhou Weiqing quickly brought the team to the Heavenly Jewel Island Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. Clearly, this was the place that the entire team was most interested in.

“Go on in and have a look, as long as there are sufficient funds, you can just buy whatever you all need. Yun Li, the place you want to go is at the top level. You know how to get up there?” Zhou Weiqing turned his gaze towards Yun Li.

Yun Li nodded. This time, he had clearly made ample preparation. Little Miss Muddle had described everything to him so many times, and currently in his hands he had a plaque from her.

Looking at Yun Li who was clearly very nervous, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Don’t worry, there is nothing to be afraid of. The three Senior God Consolidating Equipment Masters are all very nice. Your talents are no lower than anyone, and your feelings are there. You can definitely succeed, I believe in you. We will cheer for you!”

Yun Li nodded. Of course, it was impossible for him not to be nervous at all, but this was something he had to go through. After waving to the rest, he stepped forward resolutely, heading towards the top of the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. “You go too.” As they watched Yun Li leave, Tian’er said softly to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing turned to look at her, an ashamed look on his face. However, he did not try to hide his thoughts. “Tian’er, I…”

Tian’er giggled and said: “What! As if I do not already know about your playboy ways? Go then, you haven’t seen Bing’er for so long, how can I possibly stop you? Even if I stop you once, can I stop you forever? Since it is impossible, why not just let you go directly, lest everyone ends up uncomfortable. Go on, just remember to return.”

Seeing the sincere smile on Tian’er’s beautiful face, Zhou Weiqing took a step forward and gave her a big hug. In front of everyone, he kissed her on her soft red lips before turning around.

Seeing his leaving figure, still feeling the lingering warmth on her lips, the smile on Tian’er’s face did not disappear, growing richer instead. If she were to say she wasn’t jealous, that would be impossible, as Tian’er was extremely clear about the place Shangguan Bing’er held in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. However, so what if she was jealous? There was nothing she could do to stop it. However, Tian’er also had her own thoughts, just like he loved Shangguan Bing’er so much, didn’t that mean he couldn’t leave her as well? Although sometimes Tian’er might seem casual and careless outwardly, she was actually very sensitive inside. She could sense that Zhou Weiqing’s feelings for her were not much lesser than
Shangguan Bing’er, and that was enough.

As he walked out of the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath, a light in his eyes. Currently, he did not know how to describe his feelings. If he did not get to see Bing’er anytime soon, he felt he would go crazy.

Bing’er, Bing’er, where are you!

Zhou Weiqing walked out of the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, heading directly for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace at top speed. Without question, Bing’er should be there, and if they did not allow him to enter, he would yell outside like the previous time. He did not believe that Bing’er would not be able to hear him. Very quickly, he had reached the front of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, before he could enter, he was once again stopped by the guards.


“I  am  here  to  see  Shangguan  Bing’er.”   Zhou  Weiqing forcefully suppressed the urgency in his heart, but his expression was not good.

Right at that moment, a low voice rang out. “Do you think you can see her just because you say you want to? Zhou Weiqing, defeat me first before we talk about that.” Zhan LingTian’s tall figure stepped out stealthily from Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Compared to the previous time they had met, Zhan LingTian’s expression was even uglier, as icy cold as the first time Zhou Weiqing had seen Shangguan Xue’er.

“Bro Zhan, do not make things difficult for me. I am really not in a good mood now. I want to see Bing’er.” If it were the normal Zhou Weiqing, he would definitely not speak in such a stiff manner. However, he was just yearning for Bing’er too much, to be unable to see his beloved despite being so close to her. Three years! His feelings and emotions were rather unstable right now.

Dark gold light flashed all about Zhan LingTian, and his Light-Dark Divine Spear appeared in his grasp. A strong enmity flashed in his eyes as he said: “I don’t care what mood you are in now, as if I am in a good mood? Who do you think you are, you already have Lady Bing’er’s heart, and its not enough for you? You actually still dare to provoke Fei’er and Xue’er? You should know my feelings for Xue’er, and I have waited so long for this opportunity. If you want to see Bing’er, you better defeat me first.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Zhan LingTian, his aura suddenly surging out irritably. In his eyes, a faint red flashed, as his entire aura burst forth, in a brutal and overbearing fashion, causing all the nearby gods to pale in shock, stepping back subconsciously. Even Zhan LingTian was startled by the sudden fighting spirit that burst out of Zhou Weiqing, and his face changed.

They had not met for a few years, and the current Zhou Weiqing was no longer the Zhou Weiqing of the past. These few years, Zhan LingTian had been training hard, and his cultivation level had improved. However, it was without a doubt that Zhou Weiqing’s improvement was far greater. “In that case, Bro Zhan, don’t blame me for being too hard on you too.” Let alone Zhan LingTian, if there was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse in front of him, Zhou Weiqing would not hesitate to take action. In his heart, there was a fire burning. Zhan LingTian’s blocking was causing that fire to

Thick dark gold light sprang out one after the other around Zhou Weiqing, and the Dual Legendary Hammers appeared in his hands instantly. As the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set appeared around him, in a flash he charged towards Zhan LingTian without any flourishes. He wanted to end it as quickly as possibly, and he even released the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. The only difference was that the usually purple eyes were now bloodshot. Naturally, Zhan LingTian was not afraid of Zhou Weiqing as well. He had waited for this day for such a long time. He hated Zhou Weiqing, hated him for stealing the heart of Xue’er from him. Not long ago, when Shangguan Xue’er had returned to the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhan LingTian had realised something had gone wrong. That was because Shangguan Xue’er’s face had such a gentle expression. Furthermore, when she spoke with Fei’er about something, her face actually showed the youthful embarrassment of a young girl. Without question, that was not because of him.

Zhan LingTian was an extremely intelligent man, being one of the top geniuses in the entire younger generation, otherwise he would not have such high status in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. His associative imagination was definitely not weak at all, and after some devious roundabout questioning and tentative veiled references, he realised a shocking news. Zhou Weiqing, it was that Zhou Weiqing once more. He actually had such an unclear relationship with Fei’er and Xue’er as well! From that moment onwards, the fury and hate in Zhan LingTian’s heart burned bright. A few days ago, when Zhou Weiqing had ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had already wanted to cause trouble for him. Alas, due to Shangguan Tianyue’s sudden appearance, he had not succeeded. However, today he had calculated that Zhou Weiqing would definitely be coming to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and he had long since been waiting here. He wanted to defeat Zhou Weiqing, to prove that he was the stronger one, more worthy one. He was not reconciled at all!

From a young age, he had always liked Shangguan Xue’er, and though the Shangguan Sisters had exact same features, the only one in Zhan LingTian’s heart was Xue’er. All these years, he had been training so hard, fighting with all of his might to gain a higher status in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. A big half of that reason was because of Shangguan Xue’er. Now, seeing the love of his life being stolen right in front of his eyes by someone else, how could he not be enraged?

What so great about Zhou Weiqing… with his looks, how could he match Xue’er! Furthermore, he already had the love of Lady Bing’er!

Towards Zhou Weiqing’s playboy ways, Zhan LingTian was extremely dissatisfied. As such, now that they were here today, he had made preparations to totally defeat Zhou Weiqing, letting him not have the face to stay on the Heavenly Jewel Island.

Both men, filled with fiery passion and fighting for their love… clashing in that instant with dazzling fireworks.

Zhan LingTian’s reactions were extremely fast; facing Zhou Weiqing’s charge, the Light-Dark Divine Spear piercing forward, totally ignoring Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers as he made use of the length of the spear to aim directly at Zhou Weiqing’s throat. A thick Light Attribute and Darkness attribute energy exploded out, the two opposing Attributes causing a violent shockwave, the terrifying energy fluctuations bursting forth from the Light-Dark Divine Spear instantly, a concussive wave that spread out towards the Dual Legendary Hammers.

Eight Jewels. Indeed, Zhan LingTian’s cultivation level had reached the eight-Jeweled stage. When he released the Light- Dark Divine Spear, his Heavenly Jewels had already told Zhou Weiqing his cultivation level.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not change styles, instead using the Blink Still instantly. His Dual Hammers had already been smashing downwards, but with the aid of the Blink Skill, his body appeared abruptly right in front of Zhan LingTian. The Light-Dark Divine Spear swept to the side, and without warning Zhan LingTian’s body also moved to the side by three chi. Somehow, the Light-Dark Divine Spear was being used like a whip, slamming savagely into Zhou Weiqing’s hammers.

A massive explosion, one so violent that almost the entire Heavenly Jewel Island could hear and even feel. The opposing forces and terrifying energy held within the Light-Dark Divine Spear exploded without any holding back. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had been struck with all his strength behind it, also an equally terrifying power indeed.

In the violent explosion, Zhan LingTian’s body staggered back a few steps. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not fare much better, the Dual Legendary Hammers surrounded with gold and black light as he staggered back three steps as well, and he was forced to channel his Heavenly Energy to dispel the terrifying mix of Light and Darkness energies.

In terms of just pure destructive power, the Light and Darkness fusion held an inherent explosive capability that was actually above any single Saint Attribute. That was Zhan LingTian’s strongest point. All his years of focusing on this area had allowed him to enter combat with these two attributes so easily, manipulating them at his beck and call. With the two terrifying energies merged together, it was more than enough to tear through any defenses of equal level.

Alas, today he was facing Zhou Weiqing. Although Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was still no match for Zhan LingTian, in terms of pure strength, even two Zhan LingTians would be no match for him. With the five ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set pieces, his strength was already at a horrifying level. With his Heavenly Energy on top of that, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would not dare to let him strike out at will so easily.

As such, Zhan LingTian was also forced back in their clash. Similarly, Zhou Weiqing had been affected by the opposing energies of his Light-Dark Divine Spear… that was a pure union of Heavenly Energy and power of one’s attributes. However, even though the Light and Darkness Attribute’s Heavenly Energy reverberations were so tyrannical, when they met with the Saint Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body, they vanished like snow in springtime.

Zhan LingTian’s Light and Darkness Fusion Attribute was definitely extremely power, however in terms of power and the stage it was at, it was still far from the pure Destruction Attribute that the Blood Red Hell had used. Even the Destruction Attribute had fallen to the Saint Energy, let alone Zhan LingTian’s attack.

Despite that, it was clear that Zhou Weiqing’s fighting capabilities were still greatly affected by it; at least not allowing him to swing a follow up attack quickly.

Zhan LingTian staggered back in a cross step, feeling an aching and tingling sensation in his arms. Though his emotions were in great agitation, it did not stop his heart from gripping in shock from that exchange of blows. This Zhou Weiqing’s strength had already reached such a point? The pure strength he had was actually able to disregard the sheer gap between their power levels… This fight was not going to be easy at all.

However, Zhan LingTian had never planned to underestimate Zhou Weiqing, having known him for a time. In fact, he even felt that in terms of Stored Skills, he was definitely no match for Zhou Weiqing. After all, Zhou Weiqing had six Attributes, with even two Saint Attributes. If he tried to compare Skills with him, he would definitely be at a disadvantaged position.

As a result, even though his arms weren’t in top condition, Zhan LingTian still launched a follow up attack as soon as he could, his left leg stomping on the floor savagely as he soared into the air, the Light-Dark Divine Spear bursting into millions of gold and black threads of light, enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Since your strength is so startling, then I will use pure combat skills to defeat you!

Do not even think of underestimating these gold and black lights, each and every one of them held the fusion attribute of Light and Darkness. As long as they could pierce into their enemy, or met any obstruction, the protective layer around that energy would disappear, resulting in an explosion.

Facing Zhan LingTian’s swift attack, Zhou Weiqing stood there, an icy cold look on his face. In that instant, the wings behind his back abruptly sprang wide open. On his Dual Legendary Hammers, bluish purple light burst out abruptly, the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ coming into play at once.

It was clear that Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ was no match for Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear. However, all Zhou Weiqing wanted was to stall him for a moment. When he had been knocked back from the clash earlier, Zhou Weiqing had not remained idle, instantly releasing the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. It was only with the support of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation could he maintain such a high level of combat and expenditure of Heavenly Energy without too much problems. This was even more so since they were on the Heavenly Jewel Island, as the concentration of Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere was just so high, allowing the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation to work to its maximum effect.

In the skies, a patch of crackling lightning that burst out like a angry roar. As countless lightning bolts crashed and exploded in air, dissipating. At this moment, a thick grey light sprang forth around Zhou Weiqing, warping into a strange layer of grey crystalline shield of light. He was actually attempting to purely defend against the Light-Dark Divine Spear that had just broken through his ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’.

Looking for death! That was the only thought in Zhan LingTian’s mind. A six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was trying to block his Light-Dark Divine Spear’s Thousand Light Strikes with just a defensive skill? That was preposterous! After all, his Light-Dark Divine Spear was exactly specialised in piercing through defenses. However, that was just Zhan LingTian’s thoughts. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had his own plans as well. As soon as he saw the light from Zhan LingTian’s spear about to land on him, the Dual Legendary Hammers swinging out as he totally ignored the incoming attack from Zhan LingTian. It seemed like he was going on an attack that would burn stone and jade alike, directly striking at Zhan LingTian as well.

By this point, it was already too late for Zhan LingTian to change his attacks. If that happened, he would lose his first strike advantage. Furthermore, he had already struck out with his full might, and if he tried to change attack now, he would have to suffer the backlash of changing and sustain an injury. As a result, he could only grit his teeth and push his offense to the greatest. To Zhan LingTian, as long as his attack could land on Zhou Weiqing and injure him, then it would also automatically ward off his attacks. Furthermore, the length of the Light-Dark Divine Spear was beyond the Dual Legendary Hammers.

However, as the bouts of black and gold light began to land on the grey shield, Zhan LingTian’s expression changed.

Bursts of energy and strange light began to spark upon the grey shield upon contact, but the Thousand Light Strikes which had already been weakened by the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ actually only caused the grey shield to ripple constantly upon impact, but did not seem to be able to break through.

How was this possible?! What kind of powerful defense was that?! Zhan LingTian’s heart was filled with shock. However, at this point he no longer had any other choice. Biting down hard, the thousands sparks of light suddenly gathered together, forming a single point as if warping into an extension of the Light-Dark Divine Spear, piercing forward as one.

*Puuu* A soft sound, followed by a series of violent explosions in the air.

The Ward of the Demon God had a truly startling defensive capabilities, but Zhan LingTian was no pushover. At last, with the merger of all the remaining Thousand Light Strikes and sheer power behind it, he had finally managed to break through the Ward of the Demon God, piercing towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

“No!” Right at that moment, three female voices rang out at once. Both Zhan LingTian and Zhou Weiqing felt their hearts grip just as they were about to take action. However, by this time, neither of the two fighters could stop themselves.

With the soft *Puuu* sound, Zhou Weiqing was pierced right through. However, it wasn’t his body, but his wings. At the last possible second, his wings had wrapped around himself, blocking in front of his body, forcefully blocking the Light- Dark Divine Spear. The actual spear had been blocked, but the energy held within the spear still managed to pierce through.

A layer of black and gold light burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s chest, traveling around his entire body. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing grunted in pain at the impact.

Direct translation, basically means killing an opponent in a suicidal type attack

Chapter 226 Bing’er: But, I want…

With the fight down to the last critical moment, at this point due to the cover of the wings, no one else could see the strange look on Zhou Weiqing’s face. Gritting his teeth, a strange energy reverberation appeared in his eyes.

*BANG* Even as Zhou Weiqing was struck by Zhan LingTian’s piercing attack, how could it be without any price to pay? The crying-face Hammer slammed savagely into his shoulders, and Zhan LingTian’s entire body flew like a cannonball several hundred metres away. As for Zhou Weiqing, though his body was swaying, he still stood firmly there.

The wings behind his back slowly retracted into his body as he left the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, and Zhou Weiqing pointed his Hammers towards Zhan LingTian, shouting coldly: “You have lost.”

Indeed, Zhan LingTian had lost. Although he had a Legendary Set, one uniquely tailored for his Light-Dark Divine Spear… he had still lost.

His armour could not withstand the final blow, and as soon as Zhou Weiqing’s savage hammer blow landed, it totally shattered the Consolidated armour around Zhan LingTian’s shoulder. At the same time, his entire shoulder was smashed up, the Heavenly Energy in his body almost scattered totally by the blow. His defenses were far from being able to handle such a hit from Zhou Weiqing.

Zhan LingTian no longer had any capacity of fighting left within him. He had never imagined that even with such a mighty blow that held all his power, in the end he was still unable to defeat Zhou Weiqing. The damage from this final hammer blow, he would need to cultivate and recuperate for at least half a year to one year before he could fully recover. This was an estimate that was even after the aid of the precious Heavenly Jewel Island medicines.

Zhou Weiqing had won this fight between love rivals, but as he spoke the words ‘You have lost’, his eyes subconsciously turned to the other side.

Three young women, looking exactly the same, with astonishing beauty that could topple kingdoms, were rushing towards them at a surprising speed. In a flash, they had appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Perhaps the true tragedy was that these three beautiful women only had eyes for Zhou Weiqing, none of them even looking at Zhan LingTian who had been blown away. “Little  Fatty!”   A  voice…   so  familiar…   one  that  he  had dreamed of countless times… rang out suddenly. In that instant, Zhou Weiqing felt his entire soul shudder.

A rich, strong sense of yearning, filled with love. His body glowed in a flash as the Consolidated Equipment disappeared. Looking at the worried and concerned figure in front of him, he abruptly opened his arms, pulling her into his embrace.

However, in that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s body slowly fell back, toppling down onto the ground even as the startled cries of the young girl rang out.

The other two beautiful young ladies could clearly see that at Zhou Weiqing’s chest area, a scary looking ‘flower’ of blood slowly appearing. In that instant, it was as if they had lost their ability to breathe.

The three young ladies who had just appeared were naturally the three Shangguan Sisters. The news that Zhou Weiqing had ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island had traveled to them rather quickly, and Shangguan Bing’er’s yearning and longing for Zhou Weiqing was no less than his! With her strong pleading, the three sisters had rushed towards the inn where the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had settled in. Alas, Zhou Weiqing had been too urgent, having rushed out after the team settled in and bringing the team to the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. As a result, the three sisters had missed the Heavenly Bow Battle Team totally.

After which, the three sisters had headed to the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, but after walking through it once, they were still unable to find Zhou Weiqing. It was only until they met Tian’er there did they realise Zhou Weiqing had actually gone to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, thus delaying their arrival so much.

As Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er saw the spreading flower of blood at Zhou Weiqing’s chest, both stared in shock momentarily before throwing themselves down, supporting him from each side.

This was the front of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and the guards in front could only stare in shock, their mouths agape. Naturally, they recognized the three Shangguan Sisters, they were the three Princesses of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace! However… they were actually currently… for the same man… This… this was something far out of their imaginations!

Shangguan Bing’er held onto Zhou Weiqing tightly, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. Looking at the ashen complexion of Zhou Weiqing, she said anxiously: “Little Fatty, Little Fatty, don’t scare me!”

Zhou Weiqing stared at Shangguan Bing’er, unable to tear his eyes off her. “Bing’er, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

After the three apologies, Zhou Weiqing fainted right in her arms.

Shangguan Bing’er held Zhou Weiqing tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks as she was sobbing uncontrollably.

Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er both had worried looks on their faces. As Shangguan Xue’er’s cultivation level was the highest, she started to infuse her Heavenly Energy slowly into Zhou Weiqing’s body, and she could instantly sense the Light and Darkness energy still raging wantonly in his body. Luckily, it wasn’t a large amount of it, and as Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy circulated, it was slowly being dissipated by the energy whirlpools of the Death Acupuncture Points.

On the other side, although Zhan LingTian was severely injured, he was still able to barely stand up. Upon seeing the three Shangguan Sisters all surrounding Zhou Weiqing and ignoring him, he suddenly vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and also fainted. As the one who injured Zhou Weiqing, even if he was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, at this current moment the three Shangguan Sisters did not sympathize with him, and the other Heaven’s Expanse Palace members quickly supported Zhan LingTian away.

“That’s  not  right!  With  his  current  combat  abilities,  how could he be injured so easily by Senior Brother Zhan?” After sensing the light and darkness energies in Zhou Weiqing’s body slowly dissipating, Shangguan Xue’er couldn’t help but say curiously.

Shangguan Fei’er did not have her usual demeanor of the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, saying urgently: “What’s so wrong about that? Didn’t you see as we were rushing here, he was just trying to end the fight as quickly as possible so that he could see Bing’er quickly, so he actually used his body as bait to lure his opponent in.”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded, the shred of uncertainty in her heart vanishing.

Shangguan Fei’er was indeed correct. At that time, when Zhou Weiqing had struck out at Zhan LingTian, he was prepared to use such a method of direct clashing to resolve their fight quickly; after all, Zhan LingTian was no easy foe, so it was considered a type of tactics to lure in the enemy. However, one thing she had not realised was that Zhou Weiqing had actually purposely allowed the spear blow to hit him, and he had been willing to do so.

To accept Zhan LingTian’s blow like that was not because Zhou Weiqing wanted to garner sympathy from the three Shangguan Sisters, but it was a form of self punishment. He felt that he had let down Shangguan Bing’er so much, three days he had not seen her, yet he had ended up having unclear relations with Tian’er, Fei’er and Xue’er one after the other. Now that he was about to see Shangguan Bing’er again, although he missed her so much, he did not know how to face her. As such, he had purposely let down his own guard and defenses, allowing Zhan LingTian to injure him. Of course, since it was under his control, that was not too serious an injury.

If not for him allowing that, with the Light-Dark Divine Spear of Zhan LingTian that had already expended so much energy, it would definitely not be able to break through his Immortal Deity Shield and the powerful physique and skin of him in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state. The three Shangguan Sisters carried Zhou Weiqing into the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, directly entering Shangguan Bing’er’s room. However, when they removed his shirt to check his wounds, they discovered that the previously severe looking wound on his chest was actually closing and healing at an
astonishing rate, and the light and darkness energy Zhan LingTian had infused in had disappeared totally.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing was no longer in any danger, the three Shangguan Sisters heaved a sigh of relief. In truth, at that time when Zhou Weiqing fainted, the wound on his chest was secondary. More importantly, when he saw Shangguan Bing’er he had been overly agitated, thus aggravating the wound in his chest, and he had thus lapsed into a short faint.

Although Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er really wanted to stay here to continue looking after her, in the end the two sisters exchanged looks and left stealthily, leaving the room to Shangguan Bing’er, who had tears in her eyes.

Zhou Weiqing’s physique was extremely powerful indeed, and it did not take long for him to slowly regain consciousness. As he woke up, Zhou Weiqing instantly sensed a small, soft hand gripping his own tightly, as if afraid that he would disappear as soon as it let go. “Bing’er.” As soon as Zhou Weiqing’ opened his eyes, he saw the beautiful, gentle eyes that were red from crying. The emotions and love in his heart burst forth, and he sat up abruptly, enveloping her in his embrace tightly. In that instant, it was as if he wished he could hug her so hard that they
merged together.

It was just a normal, pure hug. With Zhou Weiqing’s character, he actually did not make any further intimate contact with her, just hugging her tightly as the emotions and love surged in his heart. In his warm embrace, as if his entire chest was molten, Shangguan Bing’er felt as if she were melting right into him.

Zhou Weiqing held Shangguan Bing’er for a time, not even knowing how long he did so, until his feelings calmed down slightly. At last, he murmured: “I’m sorry, Bing’er. I…”

Bing’er moved her face to nuzzle Zhou Weiqing’s neck closely, saying: “Don’t say anymore, Little Fatty. If I really blamed you, would I come to see you now? I should be the one to apologise to you…”

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing was given a fright, almost thinking that Bing’er was speaking in opposites. Subconsciously, he looked up at her, but all he saw was a pair of beautiful, gentle and loving eyes.

Lifting her hand to stroke Zhou Weiqing’s cheek, Shangguan Bing’er said gently: “Little Fatty, it is my fault. I was not able to be by your side during your toughest times, to accompany you through that suffering. I only discovered what happened to our Heavenly Bow Empire not long ago when I came out of the closed door cultivation… our homeland… your family… all destroyed; yet at that time I was not able to accompany you by your side. I can imagine how much you have suffered these three years, how much pain you must have been in… all the stress and pressure you must have been under, that you had to shoulder everything, all the responsibilities. I do not blame Tian’er, nor do I blame sisters. In that most difficult time, the pain and weakness in your heart, I can imagine that. As long as there was someone to accompany you and help you through it, I can only be happy and ashamed. I should not have chosen to stay here… at that time, I only thought that if I did not work hard and improve my strength, I would not be able to follow your footsteps any longer. I’m so sorry Little Fatty, can you forgive me?”

Seeing Shangguan Bing’er’s apologetic look, Zhou Weiqing once again held her tightly in his arms, as he couldn’t help but cherish her even more. With such a wife, what else could a man want? In that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was full of love and tenderness.

Indeed! She was his Bing’er, forever only thinking about him… even when he had other women, she had never complained or showed any ‘colours’ towards him, instead blaming herself… pulling all the burdens upon her own shoulders! Zhou Weiqing held onto Shangguan Bing’er tightly, tears flowing uncontrollably from his eyes. Just like that, he held onto her, unable to speak for quite some time.

Still holding on tight onto Shangguan Bing’er, Zhou Weiqing slowly lay back down onto the bed, but he did not have any other actions, just holding her tightly like that as they lay down.

Shangguan Bing’er gently stroked his back. “Little Fatty, love me, okay?” As she spoke those words, her beautiful face turned a shy red.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, lifting his head to look at her. However, he shook his head, gently kissing her luscious red lips as he said: “Bing’er, I just want to hold you like this. I do not want you to think that my love for you, my feelings for you is just because of lust.”

Shangguan Bing’er smiled and said: “Silly, how could I think that… do I still not know you well enough? I want it, I also miss you and want you, I like the feeling when you possess me. Three years… we have been apart for three years, and I also really want to feel like your woman again.” Luscious red lips moved forward of their own accord as she kissed him, and the love between the two burst forth like a volcano erupting.


The various members of the top four battle teams gathered early, led by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace guides to the cloudy entrance area. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was about to begin, and all of the battle team members were fully prepared

Relatively speaking, both the WanShou Battle Team and the Battle Team from the HuaLuo Empire which had entered the top four for the first time in history were slightly more nervous. On the other hand, the leading Shangguan Sister seemed to be in an absent minded trance, not really paying attention to things around her. On the other side, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team was actually being led by Tian’er instead, and there was no sign of Zhou Weiqing at all. However, Tian’er’s expression was calm and relaxed, with no sign of being nervous that he was missing. “Where did that rascal Weiqing run off to?”  Yun Li asked curiously. Compared to the others, today he was in extremely great spirits; clearly things had gone well for him. Yesterday, he had not only succeeded in meeting Little Miss Muddle’s Master, he had even gained the approval of the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. The relationship between him and Little Miss Muddle was pretty much settled, and Master Xing Tianyi had even agreed that when they left, Little Miss Muddle could go with them. As ‘bride price’, Yun Li had even gifted three pieces of his God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll Legendary Set designs to Master Xing Tianyi.

Of course, due to the secrets and legacy of his own clan teachings, he naturally could not hand over the entire Legendary Set designs, but even gaining three pieces was already a great benefit to the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Of course, in return as a betrothal gift, Master Xing Tianyi decided to personally create the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls of those three designs and gift them to Yun Li. With those three Legendary Set pieces, Yun Li’s power would definitely have a massive leap and improvement; how could he not be overjoyed about it? Furthermore, Master Xing Tianyi had also promised that when the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was over, the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would personally guide him for a short period of time in terms of Consolidating Equipment Scroll creation. With such an opportunity, it was highly likely that in the near future, Yun Li could possibly ascend to one of the young generation God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters.

Hearing Yun Li’s words, Tian’er smiled faintly and said: “That fellow is probably still immersed in the warmth of love. However,  he  should  be  rushing  here  soon.”   Although  her words held a hint of sour tones, she had already been fully prepared in her heart, and her emotions were not influenced at all.

Right at that moment, from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, two figures appeared side by side. When the four Battle Team members saw clearly the swiftly approaching pair, their eyes couldn’t help but widen in surprise.

Ma Qun swallowed hard on his saliva, muttering to himself: “This is the true state of attainment…  we all came from the inn, but Boss actually came directly from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. This… this is true difference.”

Indeed, the rapidly approaching pair was Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, holding hands and walking in such an intimate fashion that even a fool could tell that their relationship was definitely extraordinary. The WanShou Battle Team and the HuaLuo Battle Team members were especially surprised. Let alone the fact that Zhou Weiqing could actually come out from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, just the girl whose hands he was holding… that already drew all the eyeballs of the two teams.

Features that were exactly the same as the two Shangguan Sisters that were the Leader and Vice Leader of the ZhongTian Battle Team. What was going on?!

Although Shangguan Bing’er had appeared on the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, at that time the two Shangguan Sisters had not shown themselves. In truth, there were extremely few people who knew that the Shangguan Sisters were triplets. Currently, looking at her for the first time, especially since she was holding hands so intimately with Zhou Weiqing, how could they not be surprised?

Zhou Weiqing’s skin had always been extremely thick, and even as he was the center of so much attention, he did not feel anything; instead showing a smug look, and anyone could see the pride in his face.

In a flash, Shangguan Fei’er appeared in front of them, snatching  Shangguan  Bing’er  from  Zhou  Weiqing.  “Hmph!” She glared at Zhou Weiqing before pulling Bing’er back to the ZhongTian Battle Team.

“Bing’er, you are too good! Towards such a playboy like that rascal, you should teach him a lesson!”

Shangguan Bing’er laughed out loud, but she allowed Shangguan Fei’er to pull her without saying a word. However, her eyes never left Zhou Weiqing’s figure.

Zhou Weiqing also returned to his own Battle Team, standing beside Tian’er. However, in the next instant, the smile on his face froze. Sneaking in from a position no one else could notice, a small white hand was now pinching the soft meat on his waist, unkindly giving a full one hundred and eighty degree ultimate style pinch.

Yet, the owner of this small hand was deliberately having a casual and relaxed expression, a sweet smile on her face, as if not paying any attention to what had happened.

From the side, Ma Qun sidled over to him and asked: “Boss, was that Bing’er just now?” Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “At last, I have seen Bing’er again.” All of a sudden, he felt an abrupt pain on his waist once again, causing him to be unable to speak. Of course, he still had to prevent himself from revealing any signs of pain.

Ma Qun grinned and gave Zhou Weiqing a big thumbs up. “Heh  heh.  Boss,  awesome,  that  is  awesome.  I  am  most impressed.”

Zhou Weiqing gave him an evil glare. “Would you die if you don’t cause trouble?”

Ma Qun gave an innocent look, as if he had been unjustly wronged. “How was I causing trouble? I am praising you Boss! So many unbelievably beautiful women falling for my Boss, you are truly impressive. Who else could possibly accomplish that?!”

Looking at his faux ‘I am not trying to cause trouble’ expression, Zhou Weiqing truly felt like giving him a tight slap.

Luckily, right at that moment, Shangguan Longyin appeared, along with a group of Heaven’s Expanse Palace Elders with the Spatial Attribute. Shangguan Longyin first glanced at Zhou Weiqing, before turning to the rest of the present battle team members, saying solemnly: “The finals of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament are about to begin. Once again, the finals will be held in the Lustre Spatial Realm. As there are new teams this year, I will give a simple introduction to the Lustre Spatial Realm and the current situation.”

“The  Lustre  Spatial  Realm…  you  can  comprehend  it  as  a certain type of unique power formation. This power formation has been handed down since ancient times, inscribed on the Heavenly Jewel Island. No one actually knows how it was formed, and when the ancestors and forefathers of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace first came to the Heavenly Jewel Island, it was already here.”

“From a certain perspective, the Lustre Spatial Realm can be considered a totally different Spatial Area that exists outside of our own realm. It isn’t that large in comparison, fully formed by a patch of primeval forest. Although we do not know how this Spatial Realm was created, I can tell all of you now that everything that happens in the Lustre Spatial Realm is indeed real. That is to say… if you die inside, then you will really die. It is no illusion.” “In the primeval forest of the Lustre Spatial Realm, various different kinds of Heavenly Beasts live there… from the lowest ranked to the top most. Furthermore, there does not seem to be a pattern on how they live or appear in the forest, and no one can say for sure how what kind of Heavenly Beasts you will meet. Even our Heaven’s Expanse Palace members do not know for sure, as every time we access the Spatial Realm, the situation within will undergo all sorts of different changes.”

Speaking up to that point, Shangguan Longyin paused momentarily, his face growing bleak and serious. “What I am about to say next… I hope that all of you will remember it clearly. It is extremely important, with regards to your own precious life.”

“First of all, those Battle Team members whose cultivation level has not reached the six-Jeweled stage, I suggest that you do not join in the incoming finals. That is because your Heavenly Energy cultivation is not sufficient, and it is extremely likely that you will lose your life in the Lustre Spatial Realm.”

As soon as he said that, even Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. The previous words that Shangguan Longyin said was pretty much the same as what he had heard in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and he did not pay much heed. However, the last line caused Zhou Weiqing to perk up instantly and pay full attention. From Shangguan Xue’er, he had already learned previously that something strange was going on in the Lustre Spatial Realm, but as for what had really happened, no one knew. Since this time entering the Lustre
Spatial Realm would be so dangerous, every little bit of extra information was crucial.

Shangguan Longyin’s expression was extremely grave as he continued: “Not long ago, we discovered that some unique changes were going on in the Lustre Spatial Realm. Due to the fact that entering the Lustre Spatial Realm is restricted to youths of less than thirty years of age, even if we wanted to enter to investigate all the changes, we were unable to do so. As a result, we will be making use of the current Heavenly Jewel Tournament to invite you all to investigate. The team which brings out the most information will be awarded the final championship.”

“Since the finals this time will be far more dangerous and unknown compared to the previous rounds due to those changes, we have decided to discourage those Heavenly Jewel Masters below the six-Jeweled stage from entering the Lustre Spatial Realm, lest there be too many deaths. As for the others, we hope that you will be extremely careful. As soon as you feel that things are not going well, do activate the Lustre Gem as quickly as possible to leave the Lustre Spatial Realm. In summary, investigating the Lustre Spatial Realm is extremely important, but your lives are just as important too.”

Shangguan Longyin’s words did not have much use for Zhou Weiqing, as it did not differ much from what Shangguan Xue’er had already told him. Amongst the four Battle Teams, both the ZhongTian and WanShou Battle Teams were all made up of six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters and higher, and they naturally did not have any problems. However, for the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the HuaLuo Battle Team, they were in a relatively miserable stage, with each only having three who could actually attend.

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before turning to Yun Li, who wasn’t far off, saying: “For this expedition, you do not need to join up. This time, Tian’er and I will go by ourselves.”

Yun Li looked at him with slight dissatisfaction. “Why so?”

Zhou Weiqing threw him a significant look, saying: “Do you want Little Miss Muddle to live in widowhood for the rest of her life?” Yun Li’s heart gripped tightly momentarily, as he instantly understood Zhou Weiqing’s meaning. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had obviously already sent an investigative team previously, no matter what Shangguan Longyin had said, and it must have been the elites of the young generation from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. If even they had not been successful in their investigations, then Yun Li knew it would also be a difficult task for him. Furthermore, after entering the Lustre Spatial Realm, their positions would all be random, and not placed together. As such, if there were any sudden dangers, they would have to deal with it on their own without help from their team. Zhou Weiqing was thinking of his safety after all.

Although he was rather unwilling to do so, in the end Yun Li nodded in agreement. As for Ma Qun and Crow, they were also disappointed about not being able to participate, but they had no choice. After all, their cultivation level had not reached the required stage yet.

Shangguan Longyin waved his hands, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace personnel moved forward to present those Battle Team members who were entering the Lustre Spatial Realm with a set of Spatial Ring and Lustre Gem. Nodding his head, Shangguan Longyin said: “In the Spatial Ring you just received, there is sufficient food and water for thirty days. Prepare yourselves now, the teleportation will now begin.” As he said that, he lifted his hand and nodded towards the ten Elders behind him.

Ten white figures moved as one immediately, as they moved backwards in a flash, disappearing into the thick mist.

The mist around the Heaven’s Expanse Palace slowly began to change colour, the original white taking on a faint silver hue as the energy reverberations of the Spatial Attribute grew stronger and more obvious.

The rich Heavenly Energy around gave all of them an extremely comfortable feeling, and the silver colour of the mist grew stronger and stronger. Slowly, the silver mist began to swirl around Shangguan Longyin’s body in a whirlwind.

Piercing silver light began to shine forth from the centre of the whirlpool, and slowly the silver began to turn to gold from within the centre, as if a door was being opened. If one focused hard enough, they could almost sense that another world lay behind the gold light. As the gateway to the Lustre Spatial Realm was open, Zhou Weiqing subconsciously held onto Tian’er’s small hand. Both of them exchanged looks, and nothing else need to be said, as they instantly understood each other.

As for the three Shangguan Sisters, their gazes all landed on Zhou Weiqing, though the three sisters had different expressions.

Shangguan Xue’er was her usual icy cold self, as if expressionless. However, if one who knew her well examined her closely, they would be able to see a slight hint of envy in the depths of her eyes.

Shangguan Fei’er had her lips pursed, looking at Zhou Weiqing with unfriendly eyes, while Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes were gentle, without any reaction as looked at Zhou Weiqing holding onto Tian’er’s hand.

Abruptly, Shangguan Longyin shouted out loud: “You may enter now, hurry up! Remember, no matter what, do not risk yourselves unnecessarily. As soon as you discover anything isn’t right, immediately use the Lustre Gem to transport yourselves out…” Zhou Weiqing, still holding onto Tian’er’s hand, was actually the first one to step forward. In a bright flash, both of them disappeared into the Lustre Spatial Realm.

In a step, they entered the gold light. Instantly, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt an indescribable sense of freedom filling them, and the entire world around them turned illusory. Next, a massive suction force began to pull upon their bodies, and in a swoosh, they felt as if they had moved an uncountable distance in a single instant.

Right at that moment, the immense force of the Lustre Spatial Realm attempted to separate the two, but at the same time, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had been constantly keeping up the large Saint Energy whirlpool, and in that instant they circulated their Saint Energy to the greatest effect, unleashing it around them.

With Shangguan Longyin’s warning, they naturally understood that entering the Lustre Spatial Realm this time would not be an easy task, and they would have to face large troubles. Under such a circumstance, if they wanted to investigate clearly what had happened, safety was their paramount importance first. To ensure that, being together was also of critical importance. As a result, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had decided to give a try to see if they could still maintain their transport together.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing did not call upon the three Shangguan Sisters was not because they were on a different Battle Team, but because he did not have the confidence that this would work in the first place, let alone being able to protect so many others as well. However, if it were just him and Tian’er, that might be different.

As the large Saint Energy whirlpool churned rapidly, a layer of thick silver white light instantly encapsulated the couple. The rest of the world around them was still a misty gold hue, but as soon as the silver white light appeared, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt the dragging sensation on their bodies disappear at once.

Their judgement had been accurate after all. The Saint Energy was an Attribute that was above all others, and even with the extremely powerful Spatial Attribute power of the Lustre Spatial Realm, it was unable to influence them under the protection of the Saint Energy. This was a total difference in stage.

… In a flash, the world began to reappear around them.

Unlike the previous time they had entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, this time Zhou Weiqing did not feel the sense of out-of- sorts discomfort. After all, not only was his cultivation level much higher than before, his body and ability to withstand pressure was also much stronger. More so, he was also much more familiar with the Spatial Attribute and the pressure, far beyond the state he had been in the previous time.

However, in the next instant, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s expressions changed.

The sensation of searing heat instantaneously overwhelmed their entire bodies. It had to be known that they were currently at the sixth and seventh Jeweled stages respectively, and ordinary high temperatures would not easily affect them. Furthermore, both their physiques were far tougher and stronger than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, and for them to actually feel such heat, one could imagine the sheer temperature in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

The truth of the matter was as bad as they had thought. As soon as the world came into clarity around the pair, both of them immediately saw a patch of hazy red in front of them. Indeed, it was an entire hazy red. Besides red, in a short period of time, they actually could not see any other colours around.

Just around them, there were large amounts of trees which were burning up in violent flames, and all the smaller plants around were already dried and withered. All about them, they could see the earth was parched and even cracked. Terrifying Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy raged through the skies, wave after wave bringing the heat continuously, as if wanting to turn them into mere fuel.

Facing such an environment, though both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were surprised, it was still not sufficient to affect them much. Instantly, their Heavenly Energy released, forming a milky white shield of light around them, forcefully cutting off the flames and temperature from affecting them.

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed slightly and he said solemnly: “It looks like things have really gone seriously wrong in the Lustre Spatial Realm.”

Tian’er nodded and said: “What do we do now? Which direction should we head?” Originally, she had planned to nag at Zhou Weiqing slightly once they were alone in the Lustre Spatial Realm. However, from the way things looked, the situation would no longer allow her to do so.

Zhou Weiqing paused to think for a while, before he finally said: “Wait here a moment, I’ll fly up to have a quick look.”

Tian’er was caught by surprise, saying: “You want to fly up?
Haven’t you forgotten what happened the last time?”

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “We do not have much of a choice now with such an environment… While it might not be too harmful for us, it is just too difficult to navigate or find anything. Furthermore, since the Lustre Spatial Realm has become like this, I am certain it has something to do with the dragons. Besides the two Dragons, who else would have such power to turn the entire Lustre Spatial Realm into an ocean of fire? I need to fly up to have a look, at least determine what is going on in the surroundings first before I can make any decisions.”

Tian’er nodded, convinced. However, she still said: “Alright then, but do be very careful. As soon as you think anything is amiss, use your Saint Energy to protect yourself.” Nodding, Zhou Weiqing did not speak any further, instantly entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation State. The wings behind his back unfurled, beating hard abruptly as he soared into the skies.

The vegetation in the Lustre Spatial Realm were all extremely precious treasures. After all, it was obvious that such flames had been burning violently for much more than a day or two, yet the ‘fuel’ that these vegetation had become were still able to endure and hold on. Zhou Weiqing had to charge past a massive patch of flames before he finally reached the skies.

However, as soon as his body burst through the canopy into the skies, he was immediately stunned by the sight before his eyes.

Fire. Fire everywhere. As far as his eyes could see, the entire Lustre Spatial Realm was completely immersed in red flames. Even stranger, although the flames were everywhere, there was no smoke at all. The thick Fire Attribute energies in the air seemed to repel the existence of any other attributes. The temperature in the skies was surprisingly even higher than that of the ground, as the blazing flames engulfed the entire air wave after wave, making it truly look like an ocean of flames. Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath. Facing such a situation, even he did not have any bright ideas left. All he could do was to attempt to find a direction to advance towards, and see what they could find.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s expression abruptly changed as he suddenly felt an incomparable and terrifying spiritual pressure force down upon him.

Without any hesitation, the wings behind Zhou Weiqing’s back wrapped around his body. Around the wings, he poured in his Saint Energy without thought about wastage.

*Puuu* A soft sound rang out, as the flames around Zhou Weiqing’s body in a hundred zhang radius were instantly extinguished by the massive blow, and his body plummeted down from the skies, smashing down onto the ground in a moment.

“Dragon…  it’s one of the dragons…”  Zhou Weiqing gasped out instantly.

Tian’er rushed to his side, holding Zhou Weiqing’s hand as the pair quickly established the large Saint Energy whirlpool to help him recover. “What happened?” Tian’er asked concernedly.

Zhou Weiqing replied: “I am certain that it was one of the Dragons who attacked me. Just now, a powerful spiritual blow sent me falling down. If I hadn’t used the Saint Energy to protect myself, perhaps I would have been severely injured just now…”

The Dragons were Heavenly God Tier powerhouses, and their strength was definitely far beyond what Zhou Weiqing or Tian’er could handle.

However, even as he spoke about that, Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed as he continued: “I still think something is amiss. Although that spiritual pressure was definitely from one of the Dragons, but I could sense that its spirit was filled with craziness… as if from deep within, wanting to destroy everything. Previously, when we entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, even when their child was in trouble, they did not show any of such craziness. I am now absolutely certain that the core reason for the troubles of the Lustre Spatial Realm is because something happened to the Dragons.”

Tian’er also furrowed her brow, saying: “In that case, are we really going to look for them? It will be a huge risk… after all, in front of those Dragons, even if we have the Lustre Gem to teleport us back, it will still be a great danger. If we are not careful, we can be utterly destroyed even before we can activate it.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “That might be true for others, but since we have the Saint Energy to protect us, at least it should grant us sufficient time to activate the Lustre Gem and escape. Come on, just now I sensed the direction from which the spiritual pressure came from. We might as well investigate right now. After all, previously we have helped the Dragons, and as long as they have some lucidity and senses left within them, we should still be able to communicate.”

Right at this moment, Tian’er was placing Zhou Weiqing at priority and as a leader. As a woman, she wanted to support her man no matter what he did, and not try to assert herself over him.

Chapter 227 Mine, All Mine!

Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er’s hand as both of them used their ‘Lightness’ movement skills, swiftly moving towards the direction Zhou Weiqing had determined earlier.

As compared to Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, the other Battle Team members who entered the Lustre Spatial Realm were not so lucky. The raging flames all about the Lustre Spatial Realm left them at a loss. In fact, just to endure the searing flames and temperature, they had to constantly use their Heavenly Energy to protect themselves.

Very quickly, some of the weaker members had run out of Heavenly Energy and were forced to use their Lustre Gem to escape.

Of course, Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing would not meet into such a problem. With their large Saint Energy whirlpool, they could still easily draw in the fire attribute energies to replenish themselves, something none of the others could do. Furthermore, with their current physiques, even if they did not use Heavenly Energy to protect themselves, the flames were not sufficient to actually injure them.

Zhou Weiqing’s speed was extremely fast, especially with the wings behind his back supporting him, it was as if he was flying along at ground level, especially since he did not even bother dodging around those burning trees. Instead, with his powerful Heavenly Energy and the defense of the Immortal Deity Shield, he just smashed through in a straight line flight. At this point, he had just started carrying Tian’er in his arms to maintain the large Saint Energy whirlpool between them.

Slowly, the surrounding temperature around them began to rise, and Zhou Weiqing knew this was because they were getting ever so close to the Dragons. However, he still could not understand why the Dragons would release such powerful Fire Attribute energies without a care in the world, pretty much attacking anything indiscriminately in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

Time passed… second after second, minute after minute. Soon, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had flown for more than two whole hours before he was actually forced to stop. The surrounding temperature was just too high, and the terrifying heat was so massive that even their Heavenly Energy expenditure was starting to take its toll, and they needed to stop to rest slightly.

After all, they were about to face a possibly insane Dragon or worse, and if they were not in top condition, it could possibly lead to their deaths unnecessarily.

Tian’er asked worriedly: “Should we really continue? Is it too dangerous?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head resolutely, saying: “No, we must at least go over and have a look, I must try my best to help. The Dragons have helped me a lot, if not for the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the bloodline of dragons that he passed to me, allowing me to complete my Dragon-Tiger Transformation, I could never have beaten Gu Yingbing at that time in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. From a certain perspective, you could say that the Dragon was our matchmaker and benefactor. Now that they are in trouble, possibly in danger, how could I possibly sit back and ignore it?”

Tian’er nodded and said: “Very well, I’ll listen to you.”

In truth, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was extremely worried. He was a very intelligent person after all, and though he had much gratitude and goodwill towards the Dragon Family, he knew that in this Lustre Spatial Realm, the Dragons were definitely the top of everything, with ultimate power within. With such a terrifying Heavenly God Tier power, what could possibly anger them so much? To cause them to become so crazy? It definitely had to be a major matter, could it be that their child had once again gotten into some trouble… worse than the previous time?

Yet… in the Lustre Spatial Realm, who or what could even threaten the child of the Dragons? This was especially so since the Lustre Spatial Realm had the age restriction of thirty, and no powerhouses could enter! Ordinarily speaking, the Dragons should have more than enough capabilities to defend and protect their children.

With such analysis and thoughts, Zhou Weiqing could conclude that something else… strange… had definitely happened within the Lustre Spatial Realm.

Perhaps this situation … even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not be clear about. That meant… the possible danger might even be worse than he had imagined. Do not think that just because the Lustre Spatial Realm is a separate realm from the Boundless Mainland that it could pose no threat to the Heavenly Jewel Island. In truth, it was in an almost overlapping space with the Heavenly Jewel Island, and once this Spatial Realm broke apart, then it would be an absolute disaster for not just the Heavenly Jewel Island, but also the ZhongTian City right below.

Although Zhou Weiqing had never identified himself as a good person, but if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and ZhongTian Empire suffered such great trouble, then it would also greatly influence the future development of his own Heavenly Bow Empire. Without the support of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, how could he defeat the Blood Red Hell? All that aside, it was also the home of his loves, the Shangguan Sisters!

As such, since he had already come in, then no matter what he would give it his best, to try and find out what was the true problem behind the current Lustre Spatial Realm.

After a short rest, the duo had recovered their Heavenly Energy back to their maximum. Although the heat around them was extremely uncomfortable, the thick and pure Fire Attribute energy was actually beneficial to their cultivation.

After all, no matter what type of Attribute energy, the large Saint Energy whirlpool was able to draw in and transform it, and this pure fire attribute energy was naturally no different, perfect for their needs. Not only did they recover their Heavenly Energy, even their Saint Energy was slowly growing once more in this environment. If not for the fact that this was the Lustre Spatial Realm, and that there were possible major troubles ahead of them, Zhou Weiqing might even want to stay here to just cultivate as long as he could.

Once again, the pair continued their journey ahead, and the temperature resumed its constant rise as they did so. Due to the sheer heat, their sight of the environment around them was hazy and illusory, the warping of the air around them like ripples in a patch of water. As they walked on, the couple almost felt as if they weren’t walking in a jungle, instead more like walking underwater.

The terrifying energy flow and ebb swirled around them in the air, but Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er continued walking forward resolutely.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing abruptly stopped. Due to the aid of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, the Ice Cold Perception that he entered when he was in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation had been raised to the max, and he suddenly sensed that not far ahead from them, there were signs of life. Whatever Zhou Weiqing could sense, Tian’er who was sharing the large Saint Energy whirlpool with him could naturally sense as well. Exchanging glances, they did not hesitate to release their Legendary Sets.

The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Legendary Set appeared around them respectively. The power of the God Tier Consolidated Equipment was indeed extraordinary, and the energy reverberations that they gave off as soon as they appeared forced the fiery hot Fire Attribute energy to part before them.

The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation appeared below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, and as he lifted his left hand, a thick green light flew out, warping into a large gust of wind, blowing apart the Fire Attribute energy and flames in a path towards the source of the life energy, as the pair looked in that direction.

Although they had not met any Heavenly Beasts since they entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, that did not mean they did not exist. Any Heavenly Beasts that could survive in such conditions definitely had respectable cultivation stages, and they needed to be very careful. However, as soon as Zhou Weiqing’s eyes landed on the life forms that he had sensed earlier, he was overjoyed.

Three beautiful figures entered his sight, a layer of white icy mist covering the three figures as they stood still in the midst of the ocean of fire. However, the surrounding flames did not seem to be able to approach a five metre radius of them.

It was the three Shangguan Sisters!

At the same time, the Shangguan Sisters also discovered their presence, and both sides rushed towards each other.

“Xue’er, Fei’er, Bing’er, you all have come too.” Zhou Weiqing quickly greeted them.

Currently, they were all surrounding by the sea of fire, and though the four girls meeting had a slight awkwardness, under such a unique environment, it was no time for argument.

Shangguan Xue’er said exasperatedly: “Why did you run so fast! I was planning to have you both join us in entering the Lustre Spatial Realm.” Only then did Zhou Weiqing see the small icy blue pearl in Shangguan Xue’er’s palm, and it was this pearl that was emitting a faint icy mist that was isolating them from the surrounding flames and heat.

Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er’s hands as they walked into the range of the icy mist. Instantly, a cooling feeling spread across them, extremely comfortable as if washing off their entire body of raging heat.

The Heaven’s Expanse Palace truly lived up to their name. This precious pearl in Shangguan Xue’er’s hands was definitely a top level treasure.

“It is great to meet up with you all…  where are the rest?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously.

Shangguan Xue’er said: “The rest of our team have dispersed in the teleportation. I was only able to protect Fei’er and Bing’er using this Ice Heart Pearl Treasure to ensure we did not separate. Furthermore, the rest of the team would not be of great use. By now, you should have guessed, the changes in the Lustre Spatial Realm should be linked to the Dragons right?” Sudden inspiration struck Zhou Weiqing and he said: “The Heaven’s Expanse Palace knew about the situation? You can speak about it now right, what is actually going on?”

Shangguan Xue’er replied: “We only know very little about the situation, and are not clear about what actually happened. A few months ago, there was a sudden violent energy reverberation from the Lustre Spatial Realm, catching our attention. When we dispatched a team to investigate, we discovered that the Lustre Spatial Realm had already turned into such a state. The Lustre Spatial Realm was built up with a large number of Spatial Attribute Gemstones as a foundation, as well as an incomparable amount of Heavenly Energy to maintain it. It must have taken at least four Heavenly God Tier powerhouses working together to create such an existence.”

“The  Lustre  Spatial  Realm  was  created  long  before  our Heaven’s Expanse Palace existed, and ordinarily speaking, it would be able to continue its existence in a stable state in the future, ensuring the existence of the realm. However, the current situation is extremely different… with such an explosive raging energy within the Spatial Realm, especially if it’s only a pure Fire Attribute, if this continues, it could possibly lead to the collapse of the entire Spatial Realm. Currently, in the massive formation that maintains the Lustre Spatial Realm, some of the Spatial gemstones have already started to show some cracks, and our Heaven’s Expanse Palace have actually been constantly swapping in the gemstones when some reached their limit… only then has it barely been able to continue lasting so long. However, this is definitely not a long term plan, and we can’t keep going on like this… after all, the number of Spatial gemstones that we have is limited. If this continues, in less than a year’s time, the Lustre Spatial Realm will definitely collapse.”

Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath, staring fixedly at Shangguan Xue’er as he said: “If the Lustre Spatial Realm really collapses… what will the fallout be?”

Shangguan Xue’er’s expression turned grave. “If the Lustre Spatial Realm collapses, then the Heavenly Jewel Island will be finished as well. That is because the Spatial Formation not only maintains the existence of the Lustre Spatial Realm, it is also the core formation of the Heavenly Jewel Island. For such a massive island like the Heavenly Jewel Island to remain floating in midair, it is not possible just to be supported by the few pillars, and it is actually the powerful Spatial energy that is allowing it to balance so. Furthermore… right below the Heavenly Jewel Island is the ZhongTian City, with tens of millions of citizens living there. If the Heavenly Jewel Island falls, it could possibly smash right into the ZhongTian City. That would be a disaster that could spell the destruction of the ZhongTian Empire. When that happens, it is not just our Heaven’s Expanse Palace that will no longer exist, perhaps the entire government of the ZhongTian Empire will be in deep trouble. Zhou Weiqing sucked in a cold breath. Although he had already guessed that the Lustre Spatial Realm would have an adverse effect on the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had not expected the effects to be so serious.

“Have you all discovered the root problem that caused the current situation? Also… is there any way to solve it?”

Shangguan Xue’er gave a bitter smile as she said: “In truth, the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals entering the Lustre Spatial Realm was a major cover… the true goal was for one person to enter.”

Comprehension dawned upon Zhou Weiqing as he said: “You mean… me?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  nodded,  saying:  “Indeed,  it  is  you. Currently, the problems that the entire Lustre Spatial Realm had gone into is a top level secret in our Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and only the absolute core few know about it. Before entering, even Fei’er and Bing’er did not know the true situation. In order to maintain stability, we did not even let the Elders know that the Heavenly Jewel Island is actually facing such a potential major disaster and danger, otherwise undue panic might ensue. After much analysis, Father and Uncle think that you might be the only one who could possibly have a chance to solve the current problem.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded slowly. “I understand now… it is because of the connection between the dragons and myself right?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  nodded,  saying:  “Yes,  exactly.  With  the current problem and situation the Lustre Spatial Realm is facing, there can only be one explanation… the Dragons. As Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts, perhaps even peak level of such, their strength is without question. It could even be said that the entire existence of the Lustre Spatial Realm is actually to protect the last bloodline of the Dragons. The Dragons living here are definitely the strongest of all Heavenly Beasts in the world. In the past, they always lived peacefully in the Lustre Spatial Realm, and for this to happen now, it can only mean that the Dragons are trying to break free of the Lustre Spatial Realm. Such searing flames, such terrifying Fire Attribute power… only the Dragons are able to release or manipulate it. They are using the powerful Fire Attribute to burn up the entire Lustre Spatial Realm, to destroy it and allow them to break free of the confines.” Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “Do you really think I will be able to speak to the Dragons, let alone convince them?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  shook  her  head  and  said:  “Perhaps  not convince, but at least a chance to succeed… or just to buy time even.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “I understand, it is to make use of the connection between the Dragons and myself, to at least gain a chance to speak to the Dragons and find out the core problem. After all, the Lustre Spatial Realm has existed for such a long time, but they have never shown any signs of wanting to break free of the realm. There has to be an underlying reason for the sudden change, and you all want to borrow our connection to undergo negotiations, to see if we can help them solve the issues and stop them from the efforts… Right?”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded. They were all intelligent people, and there was no need to speak further, as it was clear that was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s goal. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, there was a hint of apology in her beautiful eyes. It was because the Heaven’s Expanse Palace could not afford to allow the other members of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to know about the sheer danger of the Lustre Spatial Realm that they had used such a method of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament to get Zhou Weiqing into the realm, perhaps even using his feelings for the Shangguan Sisters.

Shangguan Xue’er knew it was so, but as the future heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had no choice but to help it achieve its goals. As such, she now looked at Zhou Weiqing with such apology in her eyes. However, though she wanted to say sorry, this was not a matter that could be solved by a simple apology. As for her clarification that both Shangguan Bing’er and Fei’er did not know about the situation earlier, it was because she was afraid it would affect Zhou Weiqing’s feelings for her two sisters.

As for herself, Shangguan Xue’er tried not to think too much about it. In her heart, she would eventually have to remain in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. After all, she was the heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace! Furthermore, as the elder sister, she still felt some resistance in stealing the loves of her two little sisters, even if both Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Bing’er were willing, as an older sister she was willing that Zhou Weiqing give more love to her sisters.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Since things have already progressed to such a degree, there is nothing else to be said. No matter what, I am the son in law of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, how could I possibly sit back and watch the Heaven’s Expanse Palace be destroyed like that? Furthermore, the Dragons have helped me in the past… This matter, I will definitely do my best.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Shangguan Xue’er started momentarily, her eyes reddening slightly. “You… you don’t blame me?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her in surprise, saying: “Blame you? Blame you for what? Why should I blame you, did you do anything wrong?”

Shangguan Xue’er looked at him and said: “But… I did not tell you the truth of the situation, and tricked you to enter such a dangerous place…”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Don’t use the word tricked… it isn’t that serious. I am a man after all, I’m not so petty. Furthermore, you are still the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there is no wrong in thinking about the Heaven’s Expanse Palace right? Since I am going to be your man, naturally I have to think for you on your behalf, and also as your future husband, naturally I also have to help you solve your problems as well right? More so, I treat the Dragon Family as friends… since they might be in trouble, even if you did not ask me to come, I would also do so. You do not have to think so much…”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, at the side, Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Bing’er breathed a sigh of relief. It was indeed true that they only knew the truth about the Lustre Spatial Realm after entering it, but they were extremely worried that Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Xue’er’s relationship would be affected. They knew that because of their relationships, Zhou Weiqing would definitely help the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but they did not want this to cause any cracks in Zhou Weiqing’s heart and affect the future feelings between the two. Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words now, they were at least more relieved.

Shangguan Xue’er looked at Zhou Weiqing, tears hazy in her eyes. If not for the fact there were so many people around, she really felt like jumping into Zhou Weiqing’s arms and have a good cry. At this point, the way she looked at Zhou Weiqing seemed to be somewhat different than usual.

Although in the past she liked Zhou Weiqing, due to the responsibilities of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had always tried to keep a certain distance from Zhou Weiqing. Even when she had lost that bet, in her thinking, as soon as Zhou Weiqing met Bing’er again, it would all be fine. She had never really thought that she would really end up together with Zhou Weiqing, after all the responsibilities on her were just too heavy.

From the time she was born, she had been raised and trained as the future heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. All these years, it could be said that almost everything she had done was for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

This time, her heart had really been in despair, thinking that this would be the event that tore them apart… and she would never leave the Heaven’s Expanse Palace again, continuing to be her heir.

However, she had never expected that when she was enduring all her sorrow and telling Zhou Weiqing the truth of the matter, all she got was just so simple and direct, an answer that caused her heart to shudder.

He had not tried to shirk the responsibilities, there was no anger, not even an admonishing look, but a full on support without questions. In that instant, Shangguan Xue’er felt like her heart was fully given, totally to Zhou Weiqing.

What did a person truly need? Especially someone like Shangguan Xue’er who was bearing such a heavy responsibility. What she needed was understanding. Those words by Zhou Weiqing were not tender words of love, but the understanding in them had touched her to the core.

Zhou Weiqing stepped up to her, hugging her tight abruptly. “Silly girl, what is there to cry about. If you are really touched by me, when we get out of the Lustre Spatial Realm, you can marry me then. I won’t mind at all, heh heh.”

Shangguan Xue’er lifted her head to look at Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, she did not look at all like the heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. In tears, she said: “You really don’t blame me? Why would you trust me like that?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Why shouldn’t I trust you? Since I have a chance to solve this issue, then you could have just told me about it before entering, using the three of you to lure me in. You did not have to enter alongside me, to risk yourselves, but all all came anyway without hesitation, to share the danger with me. Is there any need to speak any further? Furthermore, I have already said everything I need to earlier, my trust in you all is absolute.”

Shangguan Fei’er had somehow appeared right next to Zhou Weiqing, giving his waist a savage pinch as she said: “You… naughty fellow… you really know how to steal someone’s heart.”

Although her words were savage, her red eyes betrayed her true feelings right then.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily once more, opening his arms and pulling both Fei’er and Xue’er into his arms. Looking towards Bing’er and Tian’er, he said tyrannically: “Mine, all mine!”

Such a shameless proclamation, it naturally induced the four girls to ‘treat’ him to a flurry of punches. However, none of them would actually say anything to rebut it. In this fiery red hot world, their hearts seemed to have been melted together as one. Originally, their nervous feelings from the danger had somehow relaxed.

With the painful yet joyful cries of Zhou Weiqing ringing in the air, the laughter finally stopped. The gazes of the four girls landed upon him, and Shangguan Xue’er blushed as she looked at him with a gaze that made him melt. “Alright, what do we do next, you take charge.” Zhou Weiqing said: “I can sense the source of the flames. Let us head over there to look first. You all be very careful, as soon as anything seems amiss, I want you to immediately use the Lustre Gem to leave.”

The five of them continued on their journey once more, with Zhou Weiqing at the head of the party, and Tian’er beside him. With the protection of the Ice Heart Pearl, they no longer needed to use their Heavenly Energy to protect themselves from the temperature, and thus their speed of advancement increased greatly. The three shangguan Sisters followed behind the two of them, as they all advanced towards the source Zhou Weiqing could sense.

As they moved along, the flames around them began to change in colour. The originally red flames turning darker, so much so that they were no longer able to see much around them, as if they were immersed in magma. The zone of icy mist around them from the Ice Heart Pearl was also starting to shrink around them, and Shangguan Xue’er actually had to start infusing her Heavenly Energy into the Pearl to ensure that it was sufficient to protect all five of them. Knowing that they were about to reach their target, all of them carefully released their Consolidated Equipment. At this point, none of them had any mood to play around any longer, their faces bleak and serious. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the heart of the flames was extremely close, the sheer amount of energy bursting forth was just so terrifying.

The four girls did not hesitate to follow Zhou Weiqing, each of them releasing their respective Legendary Sets. As for the other three girls, Zhou Weiqing had actually seen their Consolidated Equipment previously, but this was the first time he saw Shangguan Bing’er’s new Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment.

The familiar dark gold light sprang forth, and behind Shangguan Bing’er’s back, a pair of dark gold wings appeared. However, in contrast to Shangguan Fei’er, her wings seemed much larger, even folded in behind her back, it could actually still cover her entire body from the back. Besides that, Shangguan Bing’er also had a beautiful looking breastplate covering her front, and though it was also dark gold in colour, the center of it had a faint green gemstone that was filled with a thick Wind Attribute aura. Breastplate, girdle and war kilt, two pieces of Consolidated Equipment in total, yet Shangguan Bing’er’s current cultivation level was at the sixth Jeweled stage

Zhou Weiqnig was a Consolidating Equipment Master in his own right, and with a single look he could tell that the wings behind Shangguan Bing’er’s back were not ordinary at all, actually made out of four Consolidated Equipment. It had to be known that those were all God Tier Consolidated Equipment! For the pair of wings to require four whole God Tier Consolidated Equipment to form, one could just imagine their strength. Furthermore, it looked like this was going to be an entire Legendary Set, perhaps nine pieces in total, or maybe even ten. Having been in closed door cultivation for three entire years, although her cultivation level had not reached the seventh Jeweled stage, it was clear that she was catching up to the rest of her sisters. Besides a freak like Zhou Weiqing, it was only the Heaven’s Expanse Palace which had the power to groom a Heavenly Jewel Master to such heights in just three short years, and even so, that must have taken an unimaginable amount of resouces.

Seeing the dark gold light spring forth around the four girls almost simultaneously, each with their own gorgeous and brilliant Legendary Sets, added on Zhou Weiqing’s own ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, the worry in his heart was mostly dispelled. It could be said that the five of them were the top of the entire young generation now, With the five of them working together, even if they met a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, they should be able to take him down.

“Fei’er, Bing’er, come here.” Zhou Weiqing beckoned towards Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Bing’er.

Both girls headed towards him, and Shangguan Fei’er asked curiously: “What is it?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, come, let me kiss you.” As he said that, he did not even give her a chance to react as he pulled her into his embrace, kissing down onto her lips, which were opened from surprise.

Although Shangguan Fei’er was known as the Little Demon Girl, being kissed forcefully in front of her sisters and Tian’er, how could she not be embarrassed. However, she quickly realised that Zhou Weiqing was not just trying to be intimate with her.

A strange but thick and pure energy entered her mouth from Zhou Weiqing, and with a weird energy reverberation, she suddenly felt as if all of her pores opening at once, the soothing and comfortable feeling causing her eyes to widen in surprise, as she subconsciously put her arms around Zhou Weiqing’s neck and leaning into the kiss.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing released her lips. “There isn’t anymore ohh… I’ll be squeezed dry like that, I still have to leave some for Bing’er.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at that wicked smirk right in front of her, but she was unable to retort at all, as the energy that had entered her body was slowly circulating around towards her DanTian.

With a swipe of his arm, Zhou Weiqing pulled Shangguan Bing’er in his embrace. Similarly, kissing her red lips. She was even more embarrassed than Fei’er, trying to struggle free, but was tyrannically held in Zhou Weiqing’s arms.

Saint Energy. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing was infusing them with some Saint Energy. Of course, though it was possible to transfer the Saint Energy by holding hands, how could Zhou Weiqing give up a perfect opportunity like that to righteously be intimate with them?

After kissing Shangguan Bing’er and infusing her with Saint Energy as well, Zhou Weiqing restrained the wide smile on his face. In a serious tone, he said: “I have given each of you ten drops of Saint Energy, do not unwilling to use it or think it is a waste. When you use a Skill, if you infuse it with Saint Energy, it will greatly increase its power. This is not for you to attack enemies, but to protect yourselves. After all, the possible
danger is just too great… but with the Saint Energy protecting you when you use any defensive Skills, you should have sufficient time to activate the Lustre Gem.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him exasperatedly and said: “If you dare surprise attack me like that again, I’ll bite you!”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, if I were to spread the news about giving ten drops of Saint Energy for a kiss, who knows how many girls will flock over. Even if the condition was to marry me, they would definitely agree.”

As soon as he spoke those words, he was in big trouble, stirring up ‘public’ anger. Four angry glares fixed on him, and all of a sudden, Tian’er who had been silent for most of the time spoke up: “I’m afraid at that time, even men will flock over to look for you.”

Zhou Weiqing also knew that he had spoken out of line, and he quickly put on a serious face, saying: “Come on, let’s head out.” The instant his words landed, all of a sudden, the dark red world seemed to surge violently, and a powerful force abruptly struck at them from the front.

Zhou Weiqing was in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, and the Ice Cold Perception it gave him. In terms of cultivation level he might not be the highest, but his reaction was actually the fastest.

His Dual Legendary hammers struck forward at once. Time was just too limited, and he did not have time to even use any Skills.

A resounding explosion, and a loud resonant dragon’s cry rang out in their ears. Zhou Weiqing remained standing, but in front of him a golden red fire dragon had been sent flying back.

However, Zhou Weiqing was not excited just because he had successfully blocked the attack. The golden red fire dragon was not a real dragon, just one formed out of pure energy.

“Fire Spirit?” Both Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er exclaimed instantly. Zhou Weiqing did not recognize it, but the two girls who had come from a top level Great Saint Lands background instantly did. “Fire   Spirit?   What   is   that?”     Zhou   Weiqing   asked subconsciously, even as he prepared himself for another attack from the fire dragon.

Shangguan  Xue’er  said:  “When  there  are  flames  that  are raised to the maximum in both quality and quantity, it is possible to birth a Fire Spirit. They can be said to be the ultimate essence and core of the flames. Although they do not have any intelligence, they are able to instinctively attack any enemies which enter their territory. The concentration and potency of the flames here have actually reached such a degree.”

As she spoke, the fire dragon once again charged towards the group. By now, the entire group could clearly see that the fire dragon was about a dozen metres long, baring teeth and fang aggressively. Besides being much smaller than a normal dragon, its appearance was no different from a real dragon.

Having clashed with it earlier, Zhou Weiqing had a clearer picture of this fire dragon’s power. Its offensive strength was equal to that of an ordinary seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and with the power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and its terrifying boost to his strength, he had been able knock the fire dragon back with relative ease. This time, however, he did not use his Legendary Hammers to face the incoming attack.

Holding both hammers in his left hand, Zhou Weiqing grabbed outwards with his right hand right towards the incoming flying fire dragon in an abrupt move.

The four girls only saw a sudden thick grey light burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s body. In that instant, the dragon scaled tattoos around his body which appeared whenever he was in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation suddenly seemed to come to life. A thick grey swirl appeared in front of the fire dragon, and as it slammed into the grey, a strange dragon cry emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth.

With the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing had the purest bloodline of Dragons in his blood, and this fire dragon was clearly formed from the flames that the Dragons had unleashed. With this dragon’s cry of Zhou Weiqing’s, it actually had a pretty good effect in restraining the fire dragon.

In the next instant, the fire dragon was swallowed up by the grey whirlpool. The Legendary Hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand suddenly disappeared as he grabbed Tian’er’s small hand. Next, the three Shangguan Sisters could clearly see that where the duo’s hands were connected had lit up with a silver white light.

As soon as the fire dragon entered the grey whirlpool, it immediately began to struggle violently. Alas, it was facing Zhou Weiqing… the strongest Skill of the Demonic Attribute, the Devour Skill.

Ever since Zhou Weiqing had gained the Saint Energy, especially after having summoned the Projection of the Demon God previously, his understanding of the Demonic Attribute and especially the Devour Skill had grown substantially, and he was growing to understand how truly tyrannical and powerful this Skill was.

If it was only him alone here, he would naturally not take the risk to attempt to Devour such a massive amount of Fire Attribute energy. After all, such a massive amount of extremely pure Fire Attribute energy, even if he tried to devour it, it would take far too long to absorb and transform it, perhaps causing adverse side effects to his cultivation and body.

However with the Saint Energy, especially with Tian’er’s aid, it was very different. Although his and Tian’er’s Saint Energy still could not be cultivated by themselves when they were alone, but when they joined hands to form the large Saint Energy whirlpool, any Attribute energy which entered it could only be absorbed, assimilated and then purified to become their own.

Earlier, when they had taken the short rest in the Lustre Spatial Realm, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had already experienced the benefits of absorbing the thick fire attribute energies from the atmosphere, and how it had actually grown their Saint Energy. Currently, seeing that the fire dragon was not actually of real danger to them, how could Zhou Weiqing let go of such a perfect opportunity?

This time, Zhou Weiqing only infused a single drop of Saint Energy into his Devour Skill. This was a new method of using the Saint Energy that he had just discovered not long ago. By only infusing a single drop of Saint Energy when he was doing so, instead of doing so uncontrolled, he would no longer experience the uncontrollable drain of Saint Energy for the powerful Skills.

Even with just a single drop of Saint Energy, the power of the Devour Skill was greatly increased. Added on to the suppression of Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline, although the fire dragon was still struggling violently, it could not break free from the whirlpool of the Devour Skill no matter how hard it tried. Ever since his cultivation level had reached the sixth-Jewel stage, Zhou Weiqing no longer needed to touch his target with his palm to use the Devour Skill, and its power was slowly starting to really show itself.

At the start, the struggles of the fire dragon could still give Zhou Weiqing a little bit of trouble, but as the Devour Skill began to take effect, the struggles grew weaker and weaker.

By the time the fire dragon disappeared totally, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had expressions of being pleasantly surprised on their faces. That was because just this seven- Jeweled fire dragon alone had actually given them twenty drops of Saint Energy… each! The ‘loss’ of Saint Energy from infusing to Fei’er and Bing’er had been recovered just like that.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression turned strange as he laughed heartily: “It looks like… danger is often accompanied by opportunity as well!”

The original text says four Jewels, but all the explanations point to it being six

Chapter 228 Mother Dragon!

After Devouring an entire fire dragon of energy, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had some growth in their Saint Energy, causing them to be overjoyed.

Towards the cultivation of Saint Energy, it was a long and arduous task ahead of them. Not only did the two of them need to train hard in absorbing Saint Energy, they also needed to infuse into the three Shangguan Sisters. Even if they did not have a Saint Attribute of their own and would be unable to consolidate a Saint Core Nucleus, but with a large amount of Saint Energy within them, it would still be extremely beneficial to their cultivation and power.

“Hopefully, this fire spirit isn’t the only one.” Zhou Weiqing grinned wickedly.

However, before his words even completed, his expression changed abruptly. As the first fire dragon disappeared, the entire dark red world around them began to tremble violently, as if they had activated some mechanism. A thick dark red light began to fluctuate intensely, and a powerful pressure came from all around them. With a loud cry, Shangguan Bing’er’s massive wings spread out fully for the first time. Each wing was at least four metre long, and as they spread out, it instantly enveloped all five of them within.

On the massive wings, a thick green light sprang forth abruptly, the green light actually advancing as the wings shook, spreading out into a shield of green light that spread outwards.

This pair of wings that Shangguan Bing’er had was called the Wings of the Wind God, and it was a recent peak creation for Heaven’s Expanse Palace three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. Each of the wings was made out of two God Tier Consolidated Equipment, and they could be considered a sort of mini – God Tier Assembly Set in their own right within an entire Legendary Set, definitely a type of fresh invention in its own right. The power of these wings could not be underestimated, flying, attack and defense all in one. Not only did they allow Shangguan Bing’er’s Ultimate Agility to be flourished to her maximum capabilities and beyond, they were also precious treasures that could protect her perfectly or used offensively. With this set of Wings of the Wind God, although Shangguan Bing’er’s cultivation stage was only at the six- Jeweled stage, her speed was already comparable to any ordinary (non speed type) Heavenly King Stage powerhouses. From that alone, one could see the sheer power of these Consolidated Equipment.

As the green light spread outwards, the thick dark-red flames were temporarily pushed back. The rest of the team were finally able to see the surroundings about them, alas in doing so, the five of them all sucked in a cold breath.

Right around them in a radius of a hundred ‘zhang’, more than a hundred gold-red fire dragons were charging right towards them.

Unfortunately, they did not have much knowledge and understanding regarding these energy type beings. These Fire Spirits were ‘born’ from these ultimate flames around, and being the essence and core of these flames, they had a rather intimate connection with each other.

With one fire dragon being Devoured totally by Zhou Weiqing, it instantly drew all other Fire Spirits in the area to them.

It had to be known that these Fire Spirits were not actually summoned by the Dragons, but a byproduct creation of the flames that the Dragons had summoned, transforming into them.

Luckily, it seemed like Lady Fortune was still smiling upon Zhou Weiqing’s group. These Fire Spirits had not been formed for a long time. If they had been given sufficient time to grow, then they would eventually all reach at least the Heavenly King Stage. By that time, let alone Zhou Weiqing’s group, even if the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord came personally, it would be extremely troublesome to deal with.

“Crow  mouth!”   The  four  girls  instantly  glared  at  Zhou Weiqing and cried out.

Zhou Weiqing gave an innocent look as he said: “This can’t be my fault right… Dammit, Your Father, I, will deal with them. All of you, gather by my side.”

This was more than a hundred fire dragons! Even if they were only at the seven-Jeweled, in this world of flames, they were not easily dealt with in such numbers, even for a party like Zhou Weiqing’s. At this moment, they had to either use the Lustre Gem to teleport out, or fight to the death. Although Zhou Weiqing was afraid of death, he was not miserly, especially in times of critical danger like this… being miserly would only mean their deaths.

A thick silver-white light sprang forth from Zhou Weiqing’s body. In that moment, he dared not hold back at all, circulating Saint Energy to the max.

More than a hundred fire dragons, all of them Fire Spirits! Charging at them with crazed ferocity. Who knew what kind of combined attacks they would finally launch together.

As the saying goes, he who strikes first gains the advantage, and Zhou Weiqing naturally chose that route as well.

Holding onto Tian’er’s hand, the large Saint Energy whirlpool began to spin at top speed crazily, and a thick grey coloured light began to burst out from Zhou Weiqing’s body.

The current scene in front of them was strange. In this fiery red world, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er turned silver white fully, the grey that was welling out of his body rising crazily. In moments, a giant grey whirlpool of almost ten metres in diameter had grown. The thick and pure fire attribute energies were being devoured swiftly by the giant whirlpool, and it began to grow continuously.

Zhou Weiqing dared not summon the Projection of the Demon God once more, as he did not know what kind of reaction the Projection would have to such a scene in front of them. Instead, he directly infused a hundred drops of Saint Energy into his Devour Skill, circulating all of his Heavenly Energy without holding back as he unleashed it with all his might.

With Tian’er to share his burden, both of them had infused the hundred drops to fully power up the Devour Skill, and fire attribute energy was now being drawn in like a whale sucking in water, transforming swiftly into pure Saint Energy to replenish themselves. The surrounding dark red colour about them was actually diminishing at a rate that a visible to their eyes.

Zhou Weiqing did not know something like this would happen. At this current moment, all that was in his mind was survival.

Although the dragons formed from the Fire Spirits did not have intelligence yet, they still had their base instincts. Sensing the terrifying power of the Saint Energy and Devour Skill, their charging bodies paused slightly.

Right at that moment, in Zhou Weiqing’s senses, he had a strange feeling. He realised that after infusing a hundred drops of Saint Energy into the Devour Skill, the whirlpool of ‘Devouring’ that had formed… he could actually control it! However, during the process of control it would actually cost him additional Heavenly Energy expenditure.

Due to the fact that neither Tian’er nor himself could cultivate the Saint Energy individually, if they used it apart, it could be said to be a ‘one-time use’ energy, any Saint Energy used up would be gone for good. As such, ordinarily speak he would definitely not use Saint Energy to control his Skills without a good reason, otherwise his Saint Energy would be used up just too swiftly.

However, the current unique situation before him was a great chance. The sheer amount of fire attribute energies in the surroundings was continually being transformed to feed into him and Tian’er. Although the Saint Energy formed from this was not as much as their expenditure, it would allow him to last a lot longer. With this discovery, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to seize control of the Devour whirlwind. His eyes abruptly turned the grey of the Demonic Attribute, and in a flash, a thick grey light burst forth from the Devour whirlwind, spreading across the space.

In just that short simple moment, a total of six fire dragons vanished, forcefully dragged by the grey light into the Devour whirlpool.

The Devour Skill with a hundred drops of Saint Energy was truly terrifying. In a matter of moments, the six fire dragons had totally disappeared into the whirlpool, and both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt a ‘stuffed’ or full sensation, a large amount of Saint Energy flowing into their bodies from the large Saint Energy whirlpool, instantly replenishing the Saint Energy they had used up.

With this discovery, Zhou Weiqing was delighted and overjoyed. These fire dragons in front of him no longer seemed like a threat, but a treat! The perfect supplements!

The grey light flashed once more. With the previous experience in mind, this time the grey light managed to hold on for a while longer, and more than a dozen fire dragons were swept in, fusing into the grey whirlpool before entering Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies.

If it were any other Heavenly Jewel Master meeting such a situation, they would definitely not have it as easy as Zhou Weiqing. Alas, these fire dragons were formed from Fire Spirits, made out of pure energy and without actual intelligence, without Stored Skills or Consolidated Equipment. Facing the Demonic Attribute boosted by the Saint Energy, they seemed to become mere lambs to the slaughter.

However, after Zhou Weiqing had swept through them twice with the grey light, the fire dragons seemed to react as well. In their instincts, there was no such thing as fear or terror, and they instead charged towards Zhou Weiqing in an all out attack.

There were still slightly more than a hundred fire dragons, and the sight of all of them charging together as one was definitely very horrifying. The sheer heat in the skies could possibly melt metal. However, since their attacks were all focused on the Devour whirlpool that was threatening their lives, the pressure was totally on Zhou Weiqing alone.

*Puuu* A mouth of fresh blood spurted out from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth. No matter how tough his body was, facing such immense pressure, even he was finding hard to withstand.

“Little Fatty, all out!” Tian’er cried out, channeling all of her Saint Energy into Zhou Weiqing without reservation.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing still felt a little unwilling to use so much… but facing such immense pressure, he no longer had a choice. Survival was after all of utmost importance.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool in his body rose, their remaining Saint Energy and the freshly generated ones moving out again to infuse into the Demonic Devour whirlpool. They were now ‘all in’; either they were destroyed or they would Devour all of the fire dragons.

In all five of their hands, they were holding their respective Lustre Gems. If Zhou Weiqing could no longer withstand it, he would give the signal to the four girls, and they would use the Lustre Gem to get out of the realm at once.

The faint glow of light, a cold look on Zhou Weiqing’s face as the massive grey whirlwind exploded forth with full power. In that instant, it expanded to nearly a hundred metre diameter, soaring up into the skies. Behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, a hundred metre tall grey illusory figure appeared in a flicker. It looked to be the Demon God that Zhou Weiqing had summoned previously. However, this time, it seemed to be just a Heavenly Skill Image, without signs of being revived.

The giant grey whirlpool burst forth with a powerful suction force. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s powerful spirit energy showed its full use. If they tried to Devour so many fire dragons at once, perhaps the sudden influx of so much energy would cause them to implode from within, and even their large Saint Energy whirlpool might not be able to withstand it. There needed to be a progressive process in doing so.

Literal translation – basically means by speaking of something one caused an event of bad luck to happen

In this case, though he uses this word, its more in the sense of ‘not afraid of wastage’ The massive grey whirlpool seemed to shudder slightly, and the several dozen fire dragons in the center of it felt a massive suction power forcefully dragging them at a greater speed than the other fire dragons.

In the current moment, a huge energy reverberation was in the air. Zhou Weiqing and the four girls did not notice, but in that moment, in the eyes of the large grey illusory figure, a thick grey light also lit up.

The Demonic Attribute was extremely powerful indeed, and in the process of the absorption of power into the large Saint Energy whirlpool, everything had been raised to their ultimate stage. The immense pressure caused Zhou Weiqing to vomit blood once more, but he grit his teeth to hold on.

He was unwilling to leave this place unless absolutely forced to, and even then only at the last moment. Just like what he had said previously, danger was often accompanied by opportunities. If they could successfully Devour so many fire dragons at once, the benefit it would bring to him and Tian’er was unimaginable… perhaps at least a thousand drops of Saint Energy each! If they were to just slowly cultivate that amount, perhaps even ten years would not be sufficient to gain that much Saint Energy. Even if they tried the ‘shortcut’ method of Devouring Heavenly Beasts, without at least a hundred Heavenly King Stage beasts or higher, it would be unlikely they could gain so much.

*Peng* A soft crash as Zhou Weiqing was forced to kneel down on a single knee, the immense pressure he was under causing even him to be unable to stand stably. The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set around him was glowing with a bright dark-gold light, clearly doing its best to help Zhou Weiqing reduce the pressure as much as possible.

The three Shangguan Sisters exchanged looks, and crying out in unison, they abruptly burst worth with their strongest ranged attacks towards the fire dragons. Only by helping Zhou Weiqing Tian’er share some of the pressure would the chances for their final success be increased.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool was gaining an unprecedented huge infusion of power, and currently, where Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were holding hands, their entire hand and arm was turning into to look like a transparent jade stone, the silver white light which was shining about their entire body turning translucent. This was also because it was Zhou Weiqing’s body, strengthened and far more flexible and tough from the Dragon- Tiger Transformation, allowing him to somehow resist the terrifying pressure. The accumulated pressure from all of these fire dragons had even reached the level of a single Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse. Any other six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, even one like Shangguan Xue’er… perhaps they would have already broken down in front of such terrifying pressure.

Zhou Weiqing felt as if all the bones in his entire body were creaking and rattling from the sheer intensity of the pressure. However, in that moment, the benefits were starting to roll in.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool was brighter than ever, the Saint Energy flowing in like a stream, separating into two flows towards Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body.

However, at this moment, Tian’er actually stopped the flow of Saint Energy into her own body, reversing the flow and causing it to infuse into Zhou Weiqing’s body instead.

After all, Zhou Weiqing was the one who was mainly facing the majority of the massive pressure, and although Tian’er was sharing some of it, it was much lesser, especially since the Devour Skill whirlpool was being fully controlled by Zhou Weiqing. In Tian’er’s heart, nothing was more important than Zhou Weiqing’s safety after all.

With the major infusion of thick Saint Energy into his body, Zhou Weiqing did not need to control it at all, and the Saint Energy automatically flowed into his body and to his twenty six energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points, further channeled by them through all of his meridian channels and enriching his entire body.

As the Saint Energy flowed through his body, Zhou Weiqing instantly felt the pressure reduce on him, and he could finally stand up again. As for the fire dragons in the air, they were slowly and steadily being drawn into the terrifyingly huge Devour whirlpool, crazily eaten up and transformed into Saint Energy.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing could only feel as if his entire body was turning into that translucent silver-white colour, the torture of the massive pressure slowly turning into an enjoyable comfort, as if his entire body and all his powers were being transformed and evolved by the Saint Energy. He was not even able to determine how much Saint Energy was in his body at that moment. As the fire dragons disappeared one after the other, the thick dark red light in the air around them also dissipated mostly, at least in the nearby vicinity. The Devour whirlpool had not just Devoured all the fire dragons, even the fire attribute energies in the air was not let go.

The fire attribute energies in a several thousand metre radius had been swept aside, revealing the cracked, browned burnt earth below at last.

The four girls simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like they had gotten past this first crisis for now, and their gazes all landed upon Zhou Weiqing. Having just Devoured so many fire dragons, the large whirlpool of the Devour Skill was slowly rescinding, and the look of satisfaction on Zhou Weiqing’s face also caused their hearts to settle down.

However, right at that moment, an abrupt howl of anger rose from nowhere. In the next second, a small red dot appeared in their sights, beginning to grow rapidly by the second. An even more terrifying pressure than the over hundred fire dragons abruptly appeared, bursting forth upon them at once.

At first, it was just a small red dot, but in moments, it had grown substantially in their eyes… it was an incoming giant fireball! The size of the fireball was far beyond anything they had ever witnessed in their lives before, or even imagined… at least thirty metre in radius, almost fully consolidated like an actual solid ball, looking extremely terrifying. The air around the fireball was not even warped like the normal water-like symptom, instead with a patch of pitch-black darkness, clearly a sign of the space around it being torn apart. This was a fireball after all, not a spatial type attack… and this could only mean one thing… the power of this fireball was far beyond their recognition.

The four girls instantly executed the same action as one, various powerful lights of different colours springing forth around them. At this point, Zhou Weiqing had been having a face full of comfort abruptly stepped forward with his left foot, the surface of his feet causing a violent explosion as it struck the ground, causing the ground to crack viciously, as his right foot soon followed suit. Now, this was the truly terrifying one, as his pitch black right foot slammed savagely onto the ground, the entire air actually warped violently, an ear piercing screech ringing out as the four girls were sent back at the same time as his own body was sent flying towards the fireball like a cannonball.

As a man, how could Zhou Weiqing let his own women place themselves in danger in his place? None of them knew the source of the fireball yet, and under ordinary circumstances, he would definitely get everyone to use the Lustre Gem to escape this place immediately. However, in his current status, it was not normal at all, as he had at least two thousand drops of Saint Energy or so in his body, feeling as if his body was stuffed full to bursting point, and the world was in his hands.

They had forged their way to this point with such difficulty, and he would not give up so easily. Otherwise, if they had to try to enter again, they would have to go through all the trouble once more. Furthermore, who knew how long more the Lustre Spatial Realm could last?

Zhou Weiqing’s glowing silver-white body instantly appeared in front of the fireball, ready to receive it. The Devour whirlpool which had been slowly shrinking suddenly expanded once more. Against such a massive fireball, Zhou Weiqing had no other choice, the freshly recharged Saint Energy once again pouring into the Devour Skill without holding back.

In the blink of an eye, the grey whirlpool turned white, exploding to a hundred zhang radius, and the terrifying Devour power met the giant fireball.

At the same time, the illusory figure of the Demon God behind Zhou Weiqing suddenly floated forward together with him. Perhaps it was because Zhou Weiqing had suddenly infused a large enough amount of Saint Energy, in that instant, its body suddenly turned more solid, as it floated in front of Zhou Weiqing, its arms spreading wide as if holding the devour whirlpool, receiving the giant fireball.

*Puuu* A loud tearing sound caused the entire Lustre Spatial Realm to shake violently, but there was no explosion like one might expect for such a collision.

When the giant fireball smashed into the Devour whirlpool, it was like a snowball smashing into a red hot metal plate, with an ear splitting hissing sound, it vanished right into the massive whirlpool.

However, the attack was not over. The Projection of the Demon God blocking in front of Zhou Weiqing turned red instantly, the temperature all about them raising to the max. In the next instant, the entire Devour whirlpool shattered, and Zhou Weiqing’s body was suddenly sent flying back as if he had been slapped by a giant palm, smashing savagely into the ground with a sickening thud. What a terrifying blow.

The four girls who had been sent back by Zhou Weiqing charged towards him without thinking, and at the same time, a enraged howl rang out through the entire Lustre Spatial Realm. “It’s all you detestable and abominable humans again! All of you… die!!” In the distance, a massive figure appeared in their sights, a giant red dragon more than a hundred metres long, and a terrifying pressure blotted out the skies as it surged down upon them. Originally, the area around them had been cleared of fire attribute energies, but it now turned dark red once more.

Heavenly God Stage. A powerful Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast, pretty much top ranked in the world today. This was the reason why Zhou Weiqing was unable to fully dissipate its attack even though he had infused more than a thousand Saint Energy. In front of a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, just surviving its attack was something to be proud of already.

Zhou Weiqing did not stay long in the deep crater that was created when his body was smashed into the ground. At this time, though his entire body was hurting as if it was being torn apart, almost feeling like he was about to die at anytime, while his Heavenly Energy and Saint Energy was in disorder in his body.. However, he knew he had no other choice but to react as quickly as possible.

As his wings flapped, he forced himself to rise up again. At the same time, a resonant dragon’s cry rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth, cutting through the air and spreading out. A thick bloodline aura spread forth from his body, boldly sweeping throughout the area.

The large red dragon had already shot out another five of those giant fireballs, some even larger than the original one. However, that dragon’s cry that Zhou Weiqing issued out actually saved their lives.

The massive fireballs abruptly stopped in midair, and the originally crazed and enraged eyes of the red dragon were suddenly filled with curiosity as it stopped its attack temporarily. Zhou Weiqing dared not stop his dragon’s cry. Currently, all four girls had reached his side, and they could clearly see blood streaming down Zhou Weiqing’s mouth, nose and ears. Clearly, when he had blocked the previous fireball, he had already sustained severe injuries, and the flicker of silver white around him was now rather unstable.

Tian’er quickly grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing’s hand, reestablishing the large Saint Energy whirlpool as quickly as she could, also infusing the last remnants of Saint Energy in her body to him.

When she sensed the Heavenly Energy reverberations in Zhou Weiqing’s body, she couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath.

The Heavenly Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body was extremely unstable, not only was his own energy raging about in an unruly fashion, a thick fire attribute energy was also slowly eating away at his insides. If not for the Saint Energy protecting him, perhaps he would have already been finished off by now. Even so, he was still forcing himself to continue the dragon’s cry despite his condition. In fact, Zhou Weiqing would have to thank his Immortal Deity Technique for his ability to do this. Ever since he started cultivating it, he had been constantly tortured and tormented with unimaginable pain, slowly increasing his resistance and willpower to far beyond any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. In the current situation, no matter how much pain he was in, the willpower that had been forged and tempered allowed him to pull himself together and do what he needed to do.

In the distance, the massive dragon slowly flew towards them. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were resolute and stubborn. Currently, with Tian’er’s help, the large Saint Energy whirlpool was able to start siphoning away the terrifying fire attribute energy that was causing destruction in his body, transforming it into Saint Energy. The pain within him was also slowly easing up.

Very quickly, the massive dragon stopped before them, its eyes fully dark red. They could clearly sense the violent emotions raging within it, though it was trying its best to control itself, the terrifying pressure still caused Zhou Weiqing and the others to fall to the ground.

Although Zhou Weiqing and the girls were at the top of the young generation, in front of a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, they were no different from ants. If the massive dragon really wanted to kill them, perhaps a single claw would be sufficient to destroy them all simply. Even with the Lustre Gem in their hands, it was unlikely any of them could escape.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was actually extremely anxious. He was hoping that the four girls would use their Lustre Gem to leave this place swiftly. If it was just him alone, even if he was facing the dragon, he still had confidence in escaping with his lives. However, with the four girls here, how could he possibly leave on his own? As such, he could only continue maintaining the dragon’s cry as he forcefully generated the bloodline aura from within him. However, he was still not clear if the dragon, clearly in a crazed state, was actually able to recognize him or not.

As the terrifying energy reverberations flowed through the air, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze fixed upon the dragon, carefully lowering his dragon’s cry.

The massive dragon’s eyes were also fixed upon him, the crazed aura in its eyes filled with a hint of confusion. Just like what Zhou Weiqing feared, it seemed to be unable to recognize him fully.

As Zhou Weiqing slowly stopped the dragon’s cry, his left hand was behind his back, waving frantically, motioning the four girls to step further away. However, at such a period of critical danger, how could the four of them be willing to allow him to stay there alone? This was especially so for Shangguan Xue’er, and she was standing by Zhou Weiqing holding his arm, showing her resolve that she would live and die with him.

Although Zhou Weiqing had not felt that she was wrong at all, in Shangguan Xue’er’s heart, she had let him down. Currently, facing the massive dragon, she was actually the one with the least fear in her heart. At least, if they really died here together, she would be able to die with him, and there was no longer any need to think about responsibilities.

As the fiery red light flickered around them, sweat beaded around Zhou Weiqing’s head to fall constantly. How could he not be nervous? Especially now that he was being stared at by the massive dragon, the pressure on him was definitely the greatest.

“Bro Dragon, do you still recognize me? Do you remember three years ago when your child was born? We were there… We have no ill intentions… Can we talk?” Zhou Weiqing tried to have his voice as gentle as possible as he spoke slowly at the dragon. In fact, he even infused some Saint Energy into his voice as he spoke, filling it with a deep magnetization, and even the girls who heard his voice felt their emotions soothed slightly.

The confusion in the dragon’s eyes slowly vanished, but the red in them did not. Its emotions were still clearly distraught and unstable. “Humans…  you are humans…  humans need to die… die… die…”

With that low angry howl, the pressure which had been held back suddenly increased once more, and Zhou Weiqing and the others suddenly felt their legs sink into the ground as blood spurted out from their mouths.

In front of the Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, no matter if it was just their pressure, it was like a natural disaster to them.

“Senior,  please  wake  up!”  Tian’er  was  right  beside  Zhou Weiqing, and as she cried out, her eyes turned purple as two bright purple lights shot forth from them towards the dragon’s eyes. Within the purple light, there was a faint hint of silver white as well.

The dragon was clearly not in sound mind, and for it to wake up, they had to calm down its emotions. Tian’er’s Spirit Attribute was one of the four Saint Attributes, and as she released the two bouts of spiritual shocks, a gold light filled with divine aura shot forth from the God Spirit Staff in Tian’er’s hands, landing on the massive dragon.

This was the Divine Attribute’s Light of Healing, accompanying the spiritual shocks specialised to heal those whose spirits and minds are in trouble. Although dragons have a strong resistance and even immunity to many elements, this was after all healing, not an attack, and the resistance would be limited. Furthermore, Tian’er had infused some Saint Energy into these Skills, and even the dragons would also be affected by the Saint Energy.

The gold light and purple light landed on the dragon almost simultaneously, causing it to give off a low roar as it raised its head.

That really gave Zhou Weiqing a big scare, as the five of them stared into the dragon’s eyes. If the dragon really attacked them, they would have to give a last ditch fight, and whether or not any of them could escape would be down to luck.

It seemed that luck was on their side after all. The dragon’s attack did not come, and accompanying the low and pained roar was the sudden vanishing of the pressure on them. When the dragon lowered its head once more, they could hear heavy breathing from it, as drool dripped down from its mind. Although its emotions still seemed unstable, there was a light in its bloodshot eyes as a hint of consciousness had come to them.

Tian’er’s choice definitely had her reasons behind it, as she had recognized that this dragon was not the final male dragon that had appeared last in the Lustre Spatial Realm, but the mother dragon who had given birth to her child.

At that time, Tian’er had healed this mother dragon before, and she believed that the mother dragon would possibly recognize her Divine Attribute. As such, she attempted to use her healing to try and rouse the dragon.

“Such a familiar energy… a familiar aura. It’s you?” The dragon’s eyes landed on Zhou Weiqing once more, and the original enmity in them slowly dissipated.

“Senior, how are you. I do not know what happened, that you are in such rage?” Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively.

The dragon seemed to have fully awakened by now, but upon hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, its eyes were filled with pain and sorrow. Lowering its head, it looked at Zhou Weiqing, and sensing the strong dragon bloodline scent in him, the craziness in its eyes subsided slowly.

“My husband…  my child…  my husband…  my child!!”  The dragon’s voice was actually trembling. Such a powerful Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, yet it was sobbing in sorrow, its emotions actually affecting all five of them.

Although it was just a few simple words, but Zhou Weiqing heard so many things within. It looked like the male dragon who had given him the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the dragon bloodline, as well as their child, had something happen to them. Yet… in this Lustre Spatial Realm, who could possibly even pose a threat to them?!

Was it humans? From the dragon’s previous strong enmity, Zhou Weiqing immediately thought of the answer. However, that only increased the confusion in his heart. How could humans possibly threaten them? After all, in the Lustre Spatial Realm, only those below the age of thirty could enter!

The dragon’s sorrow lasted a long time before it finally calmed down once more; lifting up its head, a sorrowful dragon’s roar burst forth, rumbling throughout the entire Lustre Spatial Realm, causing the entire realm to shake violently. The crazed aura that had just subsided began to rise once more.

Tian’er dared not risk it, quickly releasing her Divine Light of Healing to bathe the dragon once more, trying to calm its fury down.

The dragon’s roar lasted for quite a while before finally settling down, as its head lowered, its gaze landed upon Zhou Weiqing and the others once more. “Come with me.”

In the low voice, the dragon slowly turned around, its massive wings beating as it flew off. Zhou Weiqing quickly signalled towards the four girls before taking off in flight after the dragon. Although his body was still injured, he could still barely maintain flight.

The dragon was truly the lord of the Heavenly Beasts indeed. Wherever it passed, the thick fire attribute energies automatically spread aside, as if receiving their king or emperor, and the surroundings became clear once more.

The current Lustre Spatial Realm looked so different from the previous time they had entered, with burnt ground everywhere, and only some hills and mountains could be seen in the distance.

Led by the dragon, they flew almost an entire hour before they reached the foot of a tall mountain, and a massive cave entrance was before their eyes.

Although they would always be teleported to a different place every time they entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, Zhou Weiqing could recognize that this cave before his eyes was the exact same location where the mother dragon had birthed the dragon egg last time. A sudden feeling of unease suddenly entered his heart. What had actually happened?!

Chapter 229 To be confirmed!

The mother dragon slowly landed before the cave, the air of sorrow about her was even thicker. It did not say anything, instead walking directly into the cave. Zhou Weiqing and the girls exchanged puzzled looks, but they followed suit into the cave.

The dragon’s cave was extremely huge, the entrance alone was more than thirty metres in height. As such, even as the massive dragon entered it, the cave did not seem squeezy at all, instead Zhou Weiqing and the girls felt extremely tiny when they entered it.

They advanced nearly a thousand metres into the cave and deep into the mountain before the wings of the dragon suddenly flapped hard. Instantly, a fire rose up around them, lighting up the cave instantly.

When Zhou Weiqing and the girls saw the situation in the cave, they couldn’t help but exclaim in shock involuntarily.

Right in the depths of the massive cave, another huge dragon lay down peacefully on the ground. However, there were no signs of life on it. On this dead dragon, there were terrifying huge wounds all over. There was one final lethal blow that was on its neck, nearly half of it cut off by some unknown force. Although this dragon was clearly dead, the sheer presence of a powerhouse could clearly be sensed from it.

The entire floor was stained red with dragons blood, and the horrifying sight before their eyes rendered all five of them speechless.

No wonder the mother dragon was in such pain and sorrow. Her husband… that immensely powerful dragon, had been killed just like that… and the state of death was just so horrifying and tragic. From one of the massive wounds in its belly, they could even see some innards poking out.

However, in this massive cavern, there seemed to be a strange force around. This dragon had clearly been dead for some time, but its corpse still looked fresh. Although there were no signs of life, the powerful dragon force had not dissipated.

“How did this happen? Who could possibly hurt the dragon?” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed out loud. The mother dragons’ body lay down beside the body of her mate, using her head to rub against his softly and repeatedly as tears flowed down her eyes, her massive body trembling nonstop.

Only at this point did the five of them realise that on the mother dragon’s body, there were also many wounds, though they were not on any fatal or critical areas. No one could have imagined that the dragons in the Lustre Spatial Realm had actually been killed, and they finally understood the reason behind the explosive outbreak in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

The mother dragon’s emotions were clearly filled with anger and hatred, and she wanted to break free of the Lustre Spatial Realm, to take revenge for her love! It was obvious that her hatred was some humans from the outside world.

Zhou Weiqing and the girls fell silent. At this moment, though they understood the reason behind the troubles of the Lustre Spatial Realm, they found themselves even more confused. Who could it be who was actually able to hurt and kill the dragons? They really wanted to ask the mother dragon, but her sorrowful look affected them so much they couldn’t even bring themselves to do so. As the large teardrops rolled down and splashed onto the ground, they seemed like small streams. The red colour returned to the mother dragon’s eyes, as if she was about to go crazy at any time again. Using her claws to gently stroke her husband’s body, the sentiment, the unwillingness to let go, the sorrow… causing Zhou Weiqing and the girls’ eyes to turn red. Subconsciously, it was as if they were thinking… what if the one who had lost his life was Zhou Weiqing, what would they do then?

Not willing to interrupt the mother dragon, the five of them stood there silently, watching.

All of a sudden, Tian’er seemed to remember something, and abruptly she flew forward towards the corpse of the male dragon, using her right hand to press upon it.

“ROAAAARR —” The mother dragon was enraged. How could she allow anyone to touch and desecrate her husband’s corpse? The terrifying pressure burst forth instantly once more.

“Wait, wait! Perhaps there is still a chance to revive him.” Tian’er’s voice rang out at once. At that point, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was already in his throat. If the mother dragon really took action, none of them could possibly survive. Hearing Tian’er’s words, the mother dragon’s massive body suddenly stood up in a swoosh, her eyes open wide as she exclaimed: “You… what did you say… he can still be revived?!” Her voice was trembling, and in that trembling tone there was a note of surprise and joy. The pressure instantly vanished again; from Zhou Weiqing’s perspective, he could see her lower jaw trembling, teeth chattering. One could just sense how agitated her emotions were at that point.

Tian’er looked at the mother dragon seriously, nodding earnestly. “I cannot gaurantee that it will work, but I can assure you that there is a chance that we can still revive him.”


The mother dragon’s power legs suddenly bent down, that abrupt thud sound was that of her suddenly kneeling down. The scales around her body were trembling violently, making a soft *weng**weng* sound, and she just kowtowed down to Tian’er like that.

“Please, please I beg you, please save him. As long as he can come back to life, even if you want my life, I will give it to you. My Heavenly Core, my scales, my body… I can give you anything. As long as you save him, please save my husband.” Her  voice  was  weeping  as  she  cried  out:  “We  have  been together for several tens of thousands of years. Without him, I already do not feeling like living… I beg you, please save him.”

As she spoke up to that point, the mother dragon began to cry, in such a human fashion.

Dragons, perhaps the proudest of all the Heavenly Beasts. Yet, the mother dragon was actually kneeling towards Tian’er. One could imagine how much it must have taken for her to do so, how much her love for her husband was.

Shangguan Bing’er was the first to lose control, bursting into tears and rushing into Zhou Weiqing’s arms, hugging him as she cried. Sensing the mother dragon’s sorrow, she suddenly felt afraid as if she would lose her Little Fatty.

The same feeling spread to the other girls as well. In that instant, any bit of jealousy and alienation vanished. Indeed! As long as the man they loved was alive, and loved them back… being able to see him everyday… what else was there to be jealous about? Was there anything more important than being alive together? “Senior, please do not do so.” Although Zhou Weiqing did not cry out, but his eyes were reddened. He had always been a person who placed most importance on his emotions, and sensing the sheer sorrow from the mother dragon, he also set his resolve that as long as they had any chance, no matter the
price to pay, he would definitely help her revive her husband.

“Senior, please get up, let us discuss how we can successfully revive your husband.” Zhou Weiqing said gently.

The mother dragon slowly lifted her head, but remained kneeling there, unwilling to get up. “What do you need me to do, what will it take for you to save him?”

Tian’er returned to Zhou Weiqing’s side, saying: “Senior, can you please tell us what happened? Who was it who actually hurt and killed your husband? I can sense that there is an extremely powerful destructive power in his body, and it is this strange energy that has caused him to lose his life. Otherwise, with a Dragon’s strength and regenerative power, he should not die so quickly. However, his body is just too tough, and though that energy was able to destroy its innards, it was unable to cause it to rot. Your husband has been dead for some time, but there seems to be a unique power protecting his corpse, preserving it in near perfect condition as if he has just passed away, with the last bit of vigor still in his body. It is because of this that I say that we still have a chance to revive him. However, the first step is we have to think of a way to remove this destructive energy remaining in his body… otherwise even if we revive him, he will not last long again.”

“Alright, sure, I will tell you, I will tell you all everything.” The mother dragon said hastily.

Speaking up to that point, the mother dragon finally stood up, walking to the front of Zhou Weiqing and the girls before crouching them, with her head close to them. With a last sad look at her husband’s corpse, she began to explain the entire occurrence that had taken place to lead up to this point.

“Ever since our child was born, due to what had happened previously, my husband and I had always been staying by our child’s side, fully focused on protecting them during their gestation period and also helping them to get through this period as swiftly as possible…”

“Them?” Tian’er exclaimed, startled.

The mother dragon’s large eyes were filled with a gentle look. “Yes, them. Do you still remember? Three years ago when you all came, I had a difficult labour because the egg was just too big. That is because… in that dragon’s egg, there were two little lives! I am extremely certain that this was a pair of dragon twins! We were about to have two babies… this is extremely rare in the entire history of dragonkind!”

“Everyday, I could feel their life growing stronger…  To me and my husband, that was an unbelievably happy time. Even if we were just watching our egg and not doing anything else, we could feel so peaceful and overjoyed. The gestation period of our dragonkind is very long, but around half a year ago, I could clearly sense that there were signs that they were about to break out of their shell. However, at that moment, a major shakeup occurred in the entire Lustre Spatial Realm.”

As she spoke the last line, her tone turned vicious, as anger, hate and venom flashed in her eyes once more.

“That day, I still remember very clearly. The weather was originally very good, with the air very suitable indeed. I could sense that in around ten days time, with my husband and I infusing energy into the egg, our children were about to come into the world. However, all of a sudden, the entire Lustre Spatial Realm underwent a massive change. At that time, I sensed the spatial realm begin to shake violently, in an unstable fashion… as if the entire space was about to shatter. “Towards  such  a  circumstance,  both  my  husband  and  I weren’t that worried. Even if the entire space shattered, it would not be able to hurt us. With our power, we could definitely charge out in that instant and leave this place. Although the Lustre Spatial Realm is safe, we have also lived here for tens of thousands of years, and we have long been bored of it. Leaving this place was not a bad thing in our eyes. However, we did not understand why the spatial realm would suddenly shake like that… it was not something that should happen in normal circumstances.”

“This Lustre Spatial Realm was created by the ancestors of our dragonkind… my husband is of the purest royal bloodline of the Dragon Tribe, and if the Lustre Spatial Realm was in any trouble, by right he should be the first to sense it. However, all along everything was calm and peaceful. We did not dare to take any action before knowing what was going on, instead staying by our children’s side to protect them. In that instant, high up in the skies, a massive rift appeared. Hearing those words, surprise and shock flashed across Zhou Weiqing and the girls’ faces. “Rift?!”

The  mother  dragon  nodded,  saying:  “Yes,  a  rift…  a  pitch black rift like a tear in the skies. When it appeared, both my husband and I sensed a terrifying aura, one that was filled with destructive power, as if wanting to destroy the very heaven and earth. Such a horrifying aura and pressure, even we were not able to withstand it. After that… an evil sounding voice rang out.”

“The voice, it did not seem either male or female, but it was definitely very arrogant, laughing for a time before saying: ‘Finally, I have found it, to actually be hidden in such a deep corner. Now, let’s see how you will run now.’”

“As  soon  as  he  finished  speaking,  a  monstrous  power descended from the skies, filled with that same terrifying destructive power that you talked about… instantly falling upon both myself and my husband… just like two pitch black lights, but that was definitely not the Darkness Attribute. Even with my own, and my husband’s, cultivation of several tens of thousands of years, under the surge of energy, we were actually unable to move. We could actually feel our bodies being destroyed slowly.”

“At that time, my husband somehow managed to drag himself in front of myself, using all his might to block that destructive attack… to protect me and my child! The terrifying destructive might lasted almost an hour before it vanished, and by that time he was already severely injured… even myself, protected by him, was also greatly influenced and injured, with my powers greatly reduced.”

“Right at that moment, several dozen humans charged out from the black rift, launching attacks on us. Their attacks held the same destructive power as well, and all of them were at least what you humans call the Heavenly King stage, with the four leaders being at the Heavenly Emperor stage. Under any normal circumstances, neither I or my husband would have cared about those few of them. However, at this time, both of us were severely injured, and we were unable to fight against them properly. My husband used the last of his breath and we killed seven or eight of them… but he…”

As she spoke up to that point, tears were once again streaming down the mother dragon’s cheeks, causing the ground below Zhou Weiqing and the girls’ feet to become wet. Without question, the male dragon had fought to the death to protect his wife and children, but the critical key of the matter was the two bouts of destructive black light after the spatial rift had appeared. It was those two streaks of light that had severely injured the dragon couple and caused their strength to fall sufficiently that those human enemies had succeeded in
their attacks. Furthermore, those dozens of humans were
definitely above thirty years of age, especially the four Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses… for them to join forces to attack the two dragons… did even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace have that many powerhouses?!

“My husband’s final blow also critically injured the four Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, but when he died, I went berserk. I would rather die and take these enemies with me, instead of letting them hurt my children. At that time, I also thought I would definitely die. However, I do not know why but right at that moment, the black rift in the sky began to slowly shrink, as if the energy was insufficient to hold it up. Alas, while we were still locked in frenzied battle, one of the powerhouses sneaked behind me and stole our children. At that time, I had already lost control of my emotions, and I did not realise it until it was too late. In the end, I killed another five or six of them, but the rest of them managed to make their escape.”

The mother dragon’s body was trembling once more, this time with sheer rage. Her husband had been killed, her children stolen from her… any female from any species would never be able to accept that!

“I want to take revenge, I want to find our children again. As such, I received the dragon spirit that was generated from my husband’s death, and began to attack the entire spatial realm in an attempt to break free. I had used two months of time to recover slightly from my wounds, before attempting to break free of this Lustre Spatial Realm. Only by first leaving this area will I be able to find those enemies of mine, and destroy them… taking back our children. I will never forget that black rift… those bastards managed to escape it because of that.

At last, Zhou Weiqing and the girls finally knew the entire happenings from the mother dragon’s description, but all five of them lapsed into deep thought.

One could imagine the shock they were in currently. What the mother dragon described was clearly a deliberate and planned action. Yet, let alone being able to gather so many Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly King stage powerhouses together, just the thought of the power needed to tear such a spatial rift alone caused their expressions to change.

It had to be known that this Lustre Spatial Realm was created by the combined efforts of four Heavenly God Tier stage powerhouses, and just like the mother dragon said, the power that tore open the rift and attacked the dragons was at a stage above them. Above the Heavenly God Tier… what kind of level was that? Could it be the legendary Heavenly Jewel Change?! Even so… why was this person targeting the dragons? With such a cultivation level, who in the world would be match for this person? All of them were filled with so many unanswered questions, so much puzzlement.

At  last,  Zhou  Weiqing  asked  the  mother  dragon:  “Is  that destructive power still in your body as well?”

The mother dragon shook her head, her eyes filled with sorrow. “In the last moment before my husband died, he forcefully drained all the destructive power from me, allowing me to regain some portion of my strength. Otherwise, I would have probably died before the enemies left. Alas, I was still unable to protect our children… it’s all my fault, all my fault! If I had been able to stay calm and in control, to protect our children… they might not have been able to steal them before the rift closed!”

Once again, the mother dragon burst into tears, and sorrow lingered about the entire massive cavern, as if a tangible source even. Zhou Weiqing looked at Tian’er and said: “Let us first take things step by step… no matter what, we should first try to save her husband before we decide on what to do next. Tian’er, what idea did you have, let us discuss it?”

Tian’er  nodded  her  head  and  said:  “As  everyone  knows, amongst the four Saint Attributes, our Heavenly Snow Mountain core bloodline has the Divine Attribute, which has the capability of Resurrection. Although the Resurrection Skill has not appeared in the world for a long time, it does truly exist. However, it only has a thirty percent chance, and cannot work on any life form that has passed away for more than two hours. At the same time, the Resurrection Skill itself does not have any healing capabilities. That means, we have to actually heal all the wounds of the corpse before it can work as well.”

Hearing Tian’er’s words, Shangguan Xue’er couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. “Tian’er, to Resurrect a dragon of such power, how much energy would be required?”

Tian’er said resolutely: “No matter what, we need to try.” She had truly been touched by the mother dragon’s story. Furthermore, their Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger Tribe had always had strong connections with the Dragon Tribe since ancient times. Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I understand what you mean… we have to first heal the dragon’s corpse before we can even begin to Resurrect him. However, he has already died for such a long period of time… will that really work?”

Tian’er gave a bitter smile and said: “In truth, I also do not know… but from what I can tell, his body still has vitality within it. Dragons are one of the strongest Heavenly Beasts in the world, and it isn’t so easy to kill them. Furthermore, this Lustre Spatial Realm was originally constructed by the Dragon Tribe, and here, their life force is maintained and supported to the maximum possibility. As such, we should still have a thin thread of chance. More importantly, we have the Saint Energy… that is the real reason why I have some hopes that it will succeed. With the Saint Energy’s creation powers supporting my Resurrection Skill, the chances of success might be much higher than normal.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flashed with resolution. “In that case, let us try. The problem of energy, I believe I can use the Devour Skill to solve.”

Tian’er nodded slightly, saying: “We can only do so then.”

After the simple discussion, they turned back to the mother dragon, and Zhou Weiqing said: “As you already know, Tian’er is of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. Our only chance now is for her to use the Resurrection Skill of the Divine Attribute to bring your husband back to life… but there is no guarantee of success.”

The mother dragon was overjoyed upon hearing that. “That’s right! Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger! She is a Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger with the Resurrection Skill! As long as you can Resurrect my husband, I can agree to any requests. He is already dead now, there can’t be any worse consequence. Please go ahead boldly and do what you need to do, even if it doesn’t succeed, I will not blame you. However, if that is the case, I can only continue to break free of the Lustre Spatial Realm to look for my children.”

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed and said: “If we can successfully revive your husband, can you two not break free of the Spatial Realm? If the realm is destroyed, the Heavenly Jewel Island will also be destroyed as well, and below the island there are more than tens of millions of humans living in a major city.”

“Humans?”  A thick hatred showed in the mother dragon’s eyes. She really wanted to say that what do the lives of humans mean to me… however, these few in front of her who could possibly save her husband were also humans, and in the end she did not speak the words. “But… our children…”

Zhou Weiqing saw the sorrow in her eyes, and sighed inwardly, saying: “Nevermind, no matter what, let us first try to revive your husband. Whether or not we succeed or fail, I hope that you can give us a chance to discuss the matter first, to see what else can be done. That is all we ask.”

Facing such a wife and mother in such dire straits, Zhou Weiqing could not bring himself to ask for any conditions. She had suffered too much. In truth, it rang deep into his own soul as well, as he did not know whether his own parents were still alive or dead, and he could fully understand how she felt at this moment.

The  mother  dragon  nodded  rapidly.  “Very  well,  I  agree. Please revive my husband first, we can always discuss with you. What do you need me to do?”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before replying: “Reviving   your   husband   is   not   something   that   can   be accomplished in one simple strike, we need to do so step by step. When we need your help, I will definitely let you know. Earlier, your attack left me quite severely injured, so I need to first recover before we can begin.” A hint of embarrassed shame flashed in the mother dragon’s eyes, but she did not say anything, just nodding towards Zhou Weiqing. Just like what Tian’er said, although her husband had already passed away, in this Lustre Spatial Realm, his corpse would not easily rot away like that, and they could not rush things in order to ensure the greatest success rate. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er directly sat down where they were in a meditative position, knees facing each other as their hands met. The large Saint Energy whirlpool formed and began to spin.

The fireball from the mother dragon earlier had dealt a pretty serious blow to Zhou Weiqing, and even his tough meridian channels had been damaged in several areas. Luckily, the large Saint Energy whirlpool had been able to take care of most of the fire attribute energies earlier, otherwise his body might have broken down long since.

Currently, as the pair sat down cultivating, Zhou Weiqing’s first priority was to nurse himself back to health, at the same time circulating the Saint Energy to recover their strength.

The three Shangguan Sisters also sat down by their side. With the mother dragon here, unless that rift she spoke about appeared again, they would not be in any danger in this place.

Zhou Weiqing had the bloodline of the dragons and the Dark Demon God Tiger, and his regeneration and recovery rate was so strong that it was more than comparable to the dragon tribes. Very quickly, his meridian channels were all repaired, and the energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points were also spinning at maximum speed, drawing in Heavenly Energy and replenishing his drained self. With the large Saint Energy whirlpool, Zhou Weiqing was able to gather the scattered Saint Energy in his body, returning it back to his personal Saint Energy whirlpool.

Although the Saint Energy was undoubtedly strong, against absolute power it was still not able to overcome it to victory. Just like earlier, the massive fireball had scattered most of his Saint Energy. Luckily, a lot of it was still scattered into his body, and one of the unique characteristics of the Saint Energy was it would protect its user. Currently, with Zhou Weiqing’s circulation, the silver white Saint Energy began to flow through his body like the flow of a stream, gathering back at his DanTian as Zhou Weiqing began to resume calculating his total amount.

Ever since he entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, Zhou Weiqing had Devoured at least three thousand drops of Saint Energy or so. Those fire dragons made from Fire Spirits were definitely a great nourishment to his Saint Energy, but the next two fights also forced him to use a large amount of Saint Energy. Currently, as he consolidated them together, he realised the remaining amount was really not much. Even so, if it was compared to the amount that both he and Tian’er had before they entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, it was not a small increase. In the end, Zhou Weiqing found he had around five hundred drops of Saint Energy left in his DanTian, but in the previous process, a small portion of Saint Energy had already merged into his Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools, so the benefits he had received was definitely not to be underestimated.

A heavy Heavenly Energy reverberation raced through his body, and to Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, his Heavenly Energy cultivation level seemed to have a decent rise as well, almost on the verge of breaking through once more as his twenty seventh Death Acupuncture Point seemed to be loosening.

The surprise was because he had just broken through the twenty sixth Death Acupuncture Point not long ago, perhaps not even ten days ago… yet, he was now on the verge of breaking through again. That was truly inconceivable.

It was clear that this was the benefit of the Saint Energy and his Devour Skill. The Devour Skill had not only helped the large Saint Energy whirlpool to gain so much Saint Energy, it hd also drawn in a large amount of Heavenly Energy into his body, greatly increasing his Heavenly Energy cultivation level. The Saint Energy would in turn help purify the Heavenly Energy and prevent any side effects from drawing too much Heavenly Energy in such a short time, able to fully use it to purely increase his strength.

This was just too fast right? While Zhou Weiqing was so pleasantly surprised, he was also extremely satisfied. The twenty seventh Death Acupuncture Point was also the last Death Acupuncture Point of the third portion of the Immortal Deity Technique, and though he would still be at the sixth Jeweled stage after this last Acupuncture Point, by completing this third stage of the Immortal Deity Technique, it would still advance his power a whole step forward. Not only would the speed of regeneration of his Heavenly Energy increase, his Immortal Deity Shield would also grow greatly in strength. Overall, this was definitely a good thing.

In truth, it was actually normal that Zhou Weiqing would be about to breakthrough. The fire dragons formed by the Fire Spirits were of the purest of Fire Attribute energies. Such a pure Fire Attribute energy was equivalent to the fire energy in the Dragons’ bodies. More importantly, as Zhou Weiqing had infused so much Saint Energy into the Devour Skill, it had greatly improved it, turning all of the fire dragons back into Saint Energy. All of that Saint Energy had temporarily mixed with his Heavenly Energy, and with the enrichment, his Heavenly Energy had actually gone through a qualitative change… and thus breaking through to the next stage was like a canal forming when water flows.

It could be said that Zhou Weiqing had totally profitted from that previous misfortune, but it was also the Demonic Attribute’s Devour Skill once again showing its extraordinary power again.

Just like the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set that Zhou Weiqing had, the greater one’s cultivation stage, the greater the boost it would give.

Tian’er could naturally sense the changes in Zhou Weiqing’s body immediately. While she was still pleasantly surprised, Zhou Weiqing had already begun slowly infusing the Saint Energy into Tian’er’s body, helping her enrich and improve her body as well.

However, this time both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er felt their cultivation had gone through some changes. They discovered that with the large Saint Energy whirlpool’s movement, their own personal small Saint Energy whirlpool was also affected to spin along, and the five hundred drops of Saint Energy were no longer divided equally between the two of them, instead forming a full circulation between all three Saint Energy whirlpools across their bodies. Not only was it slowly recovering their Saint Energy, but also enriching and improving their bodies at the same time.

The reason such a situation was happening was simple, the massive gain in their overall amount of Saint Energy previously.

In the past, when their Saint Energy had broken past the hundred drop stage, the connection between them and the Saint Energy had changed. This had happened again when they reached three hundred drops. Previously, the highest amount of Saint Energy in Zhou Weiqing’s body had already gone past two thousand drops, and it was natural that a similar occurrence had already happened, though he had not previously noticed it.

At the side, the three Shangguan Sisters could clearly see that both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies were slowly turning a silver-white colour as they continued cultivating. The energy in the air was obviously growing thicker, and the Saint Energy aura that they were giving off gave them all a comfortable feeling, even the mother dragon was no exception.

The three Shangguan Sisters could sense that this was extremely beneficial to them as well, and they instantly began their own cultivation at the side as well. Feeling the aura of the Saint Energy around them, the Heavenly Energy in their bodies was clearly more energetic and reactive than usual.

The mother dragon looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, her eyes filled with surprise. Originally, she did not have a lot of hope within her regarding the success of them reviving her husband.

After all, the difference in power levels was just too huge.

It still had some understanding regarding the Resurrect Skill of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger. Ordinarily speaking, if the person using the Skill had a far higher cultivation level than the target, the chances of success would be much higher, but the reverse was also true. However, Tian’er’s current cultivation was only at the seven-Jeweled stage, but her husband was a Heavenly God Tier stage, one far more powerful than ordinary as well. One could just imagine what the chances of success for the revival would be… but no matter what, she still hoped to try, even if there was just a slim chance of success, she was not willing to give up!

However, right at this moment, as she sensed the Saint Energy aura coming from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, she suddenly thought back on how Zhou Weiqing had actually blocked her attack previously. That should never have been possible for someone of their power level! Slowly, the mother dragon’s heart began to heat up fervently… perhaps, they would really have a chance to succeed in reviving her husband! If that power that had killed her husband could be said to be full of the aura of destruction, then the current aura that these
two youths were giving out was full of the power of creation.

They could succeed, they definitely could! The mother dragon just lay there, slowly closing her eyes, praying for them.

Ever since her husband had been killed, this was the first time she had really calmed down. A powerful sense of exhaustion overwhelmed her, and she actually fell into a deep sleep.

Although her wounds were relatively recovered, the crazy frenzy of her past weeks had taken a massive toll on the mother dragon’s body as well. She did not resist the sleep, as it was the best way for any dragon to recover. She knew that when the time came to revive her husband, it was highly likely that they would need her help, and the only way she could increase the chances of success was for herself to recover and be in tip top condition.

… Time passed swiftly, especially when lost in cultivation.

The three Shangguan Sisters had already woken up and returned to cultivation several times over, each time they only ate and drank a little before resuming cultivation.

Bathed in the aura of the Saint Energy, their cultivation speed was far beyond their usual speed, even compared to being in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace where the concentration of atmospheric energy was far higher. This was especially so since all three girls had been infused with Saint Energy by Zhou Weiqing previously, and it worked as a great primer for them, allowing them to accept the aid of the Saint Energy around them at a greater rate. This allowed their cultivation to grow at a much faster rate without sacrificing stability, improving all this time. Such a chance was not easy to come by for anyone.

As for Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, they had entered a deep, profound mysterious state, not even needing to eat or drink, totally unknowing of the time around them.

The silver white Saint Energy traveled to every single corner of their bodies, enriching them. In the first day of cultivation, Zhou Weiqing had already broken through the twenty seventh Death Acupuncture Point, bringing his cultivation stage one higher. However, it had not ended there, and with the fresh circulation of the Saint Energy, their Saint Energy was actually increasing continuously at a rapid pace, much faster than their previous cultivation speed had been. It was only until the total Saint Energy between the two had reached over a thousand drops that the speed finally slowed down.

As compared to previously, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s meridian channels were now all covered with a layer of faint silver white light. Their bodies had been improved and reconstructed by the Saint Energy, as if their world had been turned upside down, and their cultivation levels had improved greatly as well.

The atmospheric energy in the Lustre Spatial Realm had always been higher than the outside world; after all this was a place for the dragons to live, and was also the core area of the Heavenly Jewel Island. It could be said that the sheer concentration of atmospheric energy in the Heavenly Jewel Island arose from the Lustre Spatial Realm, and it was through several powerful formations that drew in the atmospheric energy that the Lustre Spatial Realm could last until now. As such, as they cultivated here, they did not have to worry about atmospheric energy running out. When they had entered the Lustre Spatial Realm, they had brought with them thirty days worth of food and water in the Spatial Ring that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had provided. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were not eating or drinking at all, and thus the group of them could easily last a long time here. Furthermore, since they were all cultivating, during that process, they would be enriched by the atmospheric energies, and even the three Shangguan Sisters only needed very little sustenance every day.

Literal translation, basically means success will come automatically when conditions are ripe

Chapter 230 Seven Jewels. Low Level Zong Stage!

Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

The two brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue were seated face to face, their expressions bleak and sombre.

“Big Bro, it has been more than twenty days, why haven’t they come out yet?” Shangguan Tianyue was clearly less able to maintain his composure.

Shangguan Tianyang shook his head and gave a bitter smile as he said: “How could I possibly know what is going on inside… neither of us are able to enter the Lustre Spatial Realm… we have no choice but to continue waiting for them.”

Shangguan Tianyue said worriedly: “Should we gather another team to go in to have a look?”

Shangguan Tianyang replied: “No, that isn’t necessary. If even they are unable to accomplish anything, who else under the age of thirty can possibly succeed in their place? They are already at the top of the young generation… and if something happens to them, sending in anyone else is just sending them to their deaths. Tianyue, you must hold your composure, otherwise things will get messy. As you have seen as well, the current Lustre Spatial Realm has finally calmed down, and is no longer breaking down… this is still a piece of good news for us. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing and the others all have the Lustre Gem… with their cultivation level, even if they meet the dragons, as long as they use the gem at once, they should not be in too much trouble.”

Shangguan Tianyue sighed, saying: “How could I not feel urgent? I only have those three daughters, and they have all been snatched away by that rascal Zhou Weiqing. I really don’t know what’s so good about that brat, that Xue’er, Fei’er and Bing’er would actually all want to follow him. Sigh… I truly do not know if we have made the right choice in asking them to enter the Lustre Spatial Realm.”

Shangguan Tianyang said helplessly: “It is too late to say all that now… at least, his connection and relationship with the Dragons is good, and he has the best… perhaps our only, chance to help us resolve this critical danger. Relax, the heavens will bless those who do good, that brat Zhou Weiqing does not look to be the type who would come to a premature end. Haven’t you seen those companions of his remaining on the Island, none of them are worried at all… they even left a few days ago first.” Shangguan Tianyue nodded, saying: “We can only continue waiting. Big Bro, I’ll go look for Xian’er first… Previously, I hid the fact that all three of our daughters would be entering the Lustre Spatial Realm, and these two days she has been so mad at me.”

Shangguan Tianyang couldn’t help but chuckle, saying: “You… ahh… you… being a playboy for half your life, but at least in the end you could not escape Xian’er’s clutches. Hurry up then. Tell Sister in law that they will be fine, the peace and calm of the Lustre Spatial Realm speaks volumes no matter what.”

Although his words were as such, how could Shangguan Tianyang really be that confident? If they were all fine, why didn’t they come out?


ZhongTian Empire. Main Road.

Five massive Ghost Demon Horses were galloping down the road In the end, Yun Li had gained the approval of all three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, and during their stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island, they had given him directions and guidance for ten whole days. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing had left them a letter of instructions before entering the Lustre Spatial Realm, it was likely they would not have left the Heavenly Jewel Island so early.

Zhou Weiqing’s letter was simple - if he did not exit the Lustre Spatial Realm in fifteen days, he asked them to return to the Heavenly Bow Empire and listen to Ming Yu’s arrangements.

After all, the Heavenly Bow Empire was still in the most important stage of development, and they were already originally lacking powerhouses. How could foresee when the Kalise Empire or Bai Da Empire would launch an attack against them? As such, these young powerhouses could not leave for too long.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had played a little trick here, handing most of the money over the Yun Li to bring back. He had not paid back the hundred million gold that he had promised Shangguan Tianyang that time, and now that Yun Li had brought it all away, even if he wanted to pay back when he returned from the Lustre Spatial Realm, he would not be able to do so.

It was not that Zhou Weiqing did not want to pay a bridal price, but there were priorities of varying importance. The current Heavenly Bow Empire did not have much revenue or any avenues of earnings, and it was just too critical to get this sum of money. As such, after much thought, he decided to send the money back first to support the development of the Heavenly Bow Empire. As for the problem of their marriages, it was not something that could be completed or solved quickly. In the first place, without saving his parents, how could he have the mood to think about marriage! In the future, once the Heavenly Bow Empire was revived and built up, his parents safe, he could then start thinking about a fresh new bridal gift.

When Zhou Weiqing wrote that letter, he did not know the full extent of the troubles that the Heavenly Jewel Island was facing, otherwise he would not even feel troubled about the money. If he could save the Heavenly Jewel Island and solve their problems what was that mere hundred million gold!


Crescent City. Governor’s Mansion Meeting Hall. Ming Yu sat on the main seat, with all the various ranking officers of the Heavenly Bow Empire seated there. With Zhou Weiqing away, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire’s military was now under his control, while the internal affairs was under the control of the original Vice Commander of the Peerless Battalion, Wei Feng.

For Ming Yu to be able so sit so stably at the head and commander position, it was not just because of Zhou Weiqing’s strong support, but also his own proven capabilities.

In the beginning when he had first assumed the position, some of the Peerless Regiment officers were not fully convinced by him, feeling unwilling to submit so easily. However, as time passed, Ming Yu’s arrangements and decisions, all that he had done, had brought him the respect and admiration in deserving that position.

The Fei Li God General was truly the Fei Li God General. In just barely half a year, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire army had now changed dramatically.

Originally, the Heavenly Bow Empire’s true fighting prowess only came from the Peerless Regiment. However, at this point, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire now had a sixty thousand strong army, all of whom had the capabilities of fighting. In the past, while he was still in the Fei Li Empire, despite his reputation, due to the fact that so many of the upper echelons of the government disliked him, he had been constantly held back, and his military talent had not been able to flourish to the maximum of his capabilities. However, now Zhou Weiqing
had given him a real stage to perform on. Here, he was given the utmost support, and even if Zhou Weiqing was here, he would still have the full support behind all his decisions. As the saying goes, if you want to use someone, trust in them fully, otherwise don’t use them at all. In this area, Zhou Weiqing
knew that his while he had some minor talent in the area, his
own military capabilities were far from being sufficient. Still, his knowledge of men, personality and human nature was quintessential.

Under Ming Yu’s leadership, the current Heavenly Bow Empire had incorporated more than a dozen large forces of the original Heavenly Bow Empire army that had been scattered messily about the countryside, hiding as they attempted to do their own small rebellions in their own way. At the same time, he had also undergone major recruitment, thus forming the current situation.

When their army strength had reached a total of sixty thousand, Ming Yu had finally stopped their expansion. He knew this was already pressing the limit that the current Heavenly Bow Empire could sustain, and if he continued expanding the army, their finances would crumble under the weight of sustaining this military force.

In the next few months from their recruitment and gathering, these soldiers would experience what could be called training from hell, but a well thought system of supremely attractive prices as well as punishment was designed to give them optimum participation without any complaints.

In this, Ming Yu’s system of punishment and reward followed the spirit of Zhou Weiqing’s original directions against the Peerless Regiment, improved further before using it for the entire army. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s original rewards were just too extravagant; if it were just the Peerless Regiment, it was still fine, but if the entire army used such a reward system, the Heavenly Bow Empire would crumble economically before long.

As for the Peerless Regiment, they had been broken apart by Ming Yu. The sixty thousand strong army was now six Regiments, and in each of them there was now a Peerless Battalion, with eight hundred Peerless Archers, as well as a five hundred strong Peerless Heavy Cavalry Battalion. This spread their forces uniformly amongst all six of the new Regiments. The Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry originally numbered two thousand official warriors and two thousand reserve warriors. With this rearrangement, three thousand of them were separated out into the six Regiments.

Besides that, Ming Yu also formed a new personal guard Battalion. This Battalion would be under his direct command, consisting of his original Personal Guard which was a thousand strong, a thousand Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry soldiers, as well as the five hundred Snow Deer Cavalry soldiers. Although it was called a Regiment, they were two thousand five hundred strong.

As such, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire army formation was fully set up, stationed in the various parts of the north of the empire, covering the current territory of the Heavenly Bow Empire.

At the same time, Ming Yu had also recruited city guards for each city, three thousand per city. With some simple training, they were basically used as city guards maintaining order and basic patrols and defense. This would also be an avenue for uncovering talent. With the help of Wei Feng, the current Heavenly Bow Empire was perfectly rounded up in both governing and military, prepared to enter war at any time. “Commander, the latest batch of supplies from the Fei Li Empire have arrived, and the armaments and supplies from the ZhongTian  Empire  have  also  reached.”   Wei  Feng  spoke, standing at the left of the main seat. On the other side was naturally Hua Feng.

Ming Yu smiled faintly and said: “The ZhongTian and Fei Li Empires are really going all out in their support for us.”

Wei Feng laughed lightly as he said: “The envoy from the Fei Li Empire even asked us when are we thinking of launching an attack towards the Kalise Empire again.”

Ming Yu said passively: “Tell them it is still the same answer.
As soon as possible.”

As soon as he said that, all the officers couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This was not the first time the Fei Li Empire had asked the Heavenly Bow Empire about counterattacking the Kalise Empire, but Ming Yu had always replied them with the same simple answer.

Ever since the Heavenly Bow Empire had stabilized itself and fortified its foothold, the Fei Li Empire had actually increased the sending of supplies to them by a substantial amount. To the Fei Li Empire, the south had always been a major threat that could cause them to lose sleep. The Kalise Empire did not amount to anything, but the Bai Da Empire was extremely troublesome. Furthermore, from the current situation of the mainland, the Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire in the South of the Mainland was clearly preparing to ally together in major movements. Perhaps they might not dare to easily contest the massive ZhongTian Empire yet, but since they had already made an attack on the Geritimo Empire, how could they not dare to attack the Fei Li Empire as well? With the WanShou Empire in the north, if the south also erupted in war, this would be a empire destroying calamity for the Fei Li Empire.

Wei Feng said with some worry: “Commander, if we keep replying like this, will the Fei Li Empire break off their support to us?”

Ming Yu shook his head and said confidently: “As long as they are not fools, they will not do that. Even if we do not actually attack the Kalise Empire, we are still a natural barrier in the south for the Fei Li Empire. At least for the current situation, the stronger we are, the better it is for the Fei Li Empire. As such, they will definitely continue supporting us and helping us grow. If I am the leader of the Fei Li Empire, I would actually not want the Heavenly Bow Empire to attack… after all, defense is always far easier than offense. They would still have to worry that we might get swallowed up by the Bai Da Empire if we attacked too hastily. As such, by holding back and waiting as we constantly build up our forces and train, the Fei Li Empire will definitely not feel dissatisfied. However, from the way that the ZhongTian Empire has also increased
their material support for us, we can see that the situation in the south is really not good.”

Turning to Kou Rui, Ming Yu asked: “How is the situation in the Kalise Empire?”

By now, Kou Rui had followed Ming Yu for quite some time, and he had grown into a far more mature, capable and experienced scout now, no longer with the youthful naivety of a student. In terms of scouting and information gathering, he definitely had the talent, and had gained Ming Yu’s approval. “Reporting, Commander. The Kalise Empire has established a defensive line in the north with a total of twelve Regiments of army strength, of which five come from the Bai Da Empire. I have already noted the position on the sand table map.”

As he said that, he pointed to the huge sand table in the middle of the meeting hall. “From the looks of things, the Kalise Empire does not have any intention of attacking us. In a similar fashion to us, their formations are all in defensive positions and arrangements. According to our scouts, the Kalise Empire do not have any plans to attack. In fact, the Bai Da Empire has stationed another six Regiments in the south region of the Kalise Empire, ready to reinforce the defensive lines at short notice.”

Ming Yu nodded before his gaze turned to Yan Zhexi. “Zhexi, when you return, I want you to begin recruitment of troops again. I will give you three months… I need you to recruit another forty thousand troops and begin their training.”

“Ahh?” Yan Zhexi was greatly surprised by the command. “Commander, if we do so… our supplies…” Ming Yu smiled passively, revealing a look of wisdom with everything in his grasp. “Do not worry, just do as I say. I’m afraid that in the very near future, there will be massive changes coming to the south. Our previous deductions were not wrong at all, the Bai Da Empire has definitely come to an agreement with the Dan Dun Empire, and they are united in purpose at least.”

Pausing as he looked around at the confused and curious looks around him, Ming Yu continued: “The reason why I am so sure of that is by looking and analysing the situation from a military point of view. Simply put… if I am in charge of the Bai Da Empire, and I find a nail has pierced into my body… this Heavenly Bow Empire… what would I do? I should definitely pull it out as quickly as possible, otherwise the damage the nail does will keep growing. However… the Bai Da Empire did not do such a thing, to gather a massive army to wipe us out as quickly as possible. What does that mean? That can only mean they have something more important to do…”

“Looking at the current situation as well as the map of the mainland… in the south, the Bai Da Empire is closely situated to the Dan Dun Empire. If there was anything important for them, it can only be two possibilities. One - they are about to start a war with the Dan Dun Empire. Second - They are allying with the Dan Dun Empire to accomplish something big. Clearly, the latter is what is happening now.” “The Dan Dun Empire is one of the stronger empires in its own right, especially with one of the Great Saint Lands, the Blood Red Hell. Added on to the Bai Da Empire, they pretty much already have the power to try and contest the ZhongTian Empire. With such a major power gathered in the south, I cannot believe that they will sit around doing nothing. It looks like the Geritimo Empire is in big trouble. This time, the Dan Dun Empire will not be giving them another chance to

“With all those possibilities in mind, our existence and continued presence could possibly become the future defensive line that the Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire chooses to breakthrough after… In such a circumstance, do you think that the ZhongTian Empire and Fei Li Empire would possibly reduce sending us as much resources as possible? Zhexi, this time, when you begin your recruitment, do not limit it to our Heavenly Bow Empire borders. Go to the various border cities of the Fei Li Empire and ZhongTian Empire, don’t let either of them go. You can raise the pay and treatment promised slightly, but try to draw in more of their citizens to join in our army. Our Heavenly Bow Empire is just too small, and our population cannot sustain too much more recruitment. Since they are using us as shields, we do not need to be too polite in this matter.” Hearing the step by step analysis by Ming Yu, all the officials slowly revealed convinced looks. At the other side, Hua Feng smiled faintly and said: “I begin to understand why that rascal Weiqing was willing to leave full power in your hands. This is truly a wise and accurate decision. He is no match for you in this matter.”

Ming Yu smiled and stood up, his eyes shining brilliantly. “Heroes arise when times are troubled. All of us present here, myself included, we all wish to become the heroes for the Heavenly Bow Empire, even heroes for the entire Mainland. The Bai Da Empire and Dan Dun Empire are indeed powerful in combination, but this is also a chance for us. I love war, especially the sense of control I can feel in the midst of war. Let us use victory after victory to bring up our Heavenly Bow Empire together.”

As he spoke up to that point, Ming Yu’s voice paused for a moment as he looked into the distance in the direction of the ZhongTian Empire. After a while, he turned back to Hua Feng and said: “Teacher, you are wrong, it is not that Zhou Weiqing is no match for me… in truth, he is already standing in a position far above mine.”

Ming Yu’s face revealed a hint of mixed emotions, respect, disappointment and unwillingness, but it was quickly replaced with a faint smile. “Although I am not willing to admit it, that fellow is able to take a far and broad view from a much higher position than I have at an earlier time.”

Looking at the curious expressions on the officials faces around him, Ming Yu laughed and said: “Do you think I am exaggerating things or trying to flatter him? No, I have always been a person who speaks the truth bluntly, no matter for myself or others. This was also why I was not able to have a good time in the Fei Li Empire… in terms of military matters, I have never been a person who was willing to be under others. However, I have to admit that Zhou Weiqing has earned my respect. Even for myself, all of what I said earlier was an analysis that I had come up with recently. Yet, have you all thought about who it was who brought all of you into the Heavenly Bow Empire in such a perfect timing. If he did not grasp the situation of the entire mainland, how could you all possibly succeed in grabbing a piece of pie from the Bai Da Empire’s mouth so easily and build up your own power again?”

The entire meeting hall turned silent, as a look of helpless respect flashed across Ming Yu’s face.

Only one person was the exception, looking nonchalant. Mu En’s tiny frame was not obvious in the entire meeting hall at all, but he was thinking to himself secretly: What bullshit vision and vantage point… that little brat has just some insane luck!

Brilliant, eye-catching silver light soared into the skies, the boundless Saint Energy that seemed to encompass everything turning into circles and circles of light, spreading out everywhere. In the center of the light, two people slowly opened their eyes. Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er as they jumped up as one. Laughing heartily, he looked to his arms. On his wrists, the Icy Jade Physical Jewels and Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels swirled around beautifully, displaying the now seven Jewels each now.

Currently, he was not in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, but his skin was glowing with a layer of faint gold light. Within his eyes, a dim silver light could be vaguely seen.

One month. From the time they had arrived in the Lustre Spatial Realm up until now, it had been an entire month. Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and the other girls had been cultivating non stop in closed door cultivation for this entire month. After Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had broken through to the twenty seventh stage, he did not stop as it continued rising. At last, in the previous moment, Zhou Weiqing had finally broken through to the twenty eighth stage, which was also the first successful Death Acupuncture Point in the head area for him. At the same time, his cultivation stage had finally reached the seventh Jewel.

It was not just Zhou Weiqing. Tian’er, as well as the three Shangguan Sisters who were just opening their eyes behind them… all of them had raised at least one level of Heavenly Energy.

Shangguan Xue’er had even stepped into the realm of the eighth Jewel.

The true strength and use of the Saint Energy was slowly presenting itself. At this moment, the Saint Energy within both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body had reached six hundred drops respectively. Constantly bathed and nourished by this large amount of Saint Energy, their bodies were also undergoing constant evolving.

At that moment, a sudden feeling in their soul roused their attention. The mother dragon who had been in a deep sleep all this while slowly opened her eyes. “You all have finally awoken.”  Although she had just awoken from deep sleep, her eyes revealed an obvious restless impatience. Clearly, her sleep had not been a good one.

Although the mother dragon had been resting all this while, she had kept a threat of awareness focused on Zhou Weiqing and the others, awaiting the end of their cultivation so they could begin reviving her husband. If not for the fact that the Saint Energy reverberations that Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were giving forth continually nourished her husband’s body, allowing it to maintain its life, perhaps she would not have been able to resist waking them earlier.

She could definitely understand the principle that grinding a chopper will not hold up the cutting process [1. Literal translation which is pretty much as it says, ie. more preparation usually quickens the speed in doing work], and was thus able to hold herself back until now.

“Senior, may I know how to address you properly?”  Zhou Weiqing asked. At this current moment, he felt as if his entire body was filled with immense power, the sense of power and freedom upon breaking through gave him a bit more confidence towards reviving the dragon. Breaking through from the sixth-Jeweled stage to the seven-Jeweled stage could be said to be one of the major barriers for most Heavenly Jewel Masters, from the Zun Stage to the Zong Stage, tantamount to breaking past the ‘second-rate’ Heavenly Jewel Master into the ranks of the ‘first-rate’ ones. At the Zong Stage, their senses towards the atmospheric Heavenly Energy would increase drastically, and the strength of their physique as well as the ability to use atmospheric energy in their own Skills was all strengthened in an overall major power boost.

Previously, though Zhou Weiqing had been able to use the Demonic Change State, and later on the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, to increase his own power, that was still after all not an actual Zong Stage body. Now, he had full confidence that he could face any enemy below the Heavenly King Stage, even if they were top elites from any Great Saint Lands.

The mother dragon nodded towards Zhou Weiqing and said: “My name is Duo Si, my husband’s name is Hui Yao.”

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Duo Si, let us begin then. We will need you to act together with us.”

Duo Si nodded, her eyes filled with fervent glow as she looked towards her husband. Slowly, her giant dragon body got up, eyes filled with love. If she could revive her husband, even if it was at the expense of her life, she would be absolutely willing. Zhou Weiqing continued: “There will be two steps to the revival process. First of all, what we need to do is to draw out that destructive energy from your husband’s body before we can actually revive him. However, the sheer power of that energy is far beyond what we can contain or withstand, as such, during this process of drawing it out, we will need to trouble you to control that power, and prevent the outflow of it from being too great. I will be using the Devour Skill to slowly draw it out with your aid, only then can we ensure safety.”

Duo Si’s eyes were filled with worry. “That energy…  it is extremely terrifying. Even just a little bit of it isn’t that easy to withstand. Are you certain you can handle it?”

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er both exchanged looks before saying: “We have confidence. No matter what, we have to give it a try.” Although Zhou Weiqing knew that Duo Si could have sensed a little about their Saint Energy, he did not wish to spell it out. The Saint Energy was of utmost importance, and he would prefer to keep it a secret as much as possible.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s resolute eyes, Duo Si felt her own confidence increase slightly. The massive wings behind her back unfurled, and in a single stride, she reached her husband’s body, slowly wrapping her wings around them to embrace the still warm corpse of her husband. ... At this point, she had no other choice, and she could only trust these humans in front of her. This was her last chance.

“Let  us  begin  then,  thank  you  all.”  The  last  words  were extremely earnest, her eyes filled with gratitude. In the next instant, a thick red light sprang forth from her body, slowly infusing into the male dragon, Hui Yao’s body.

When Duo Si released her Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing and the others couldn’t help but feel shocked inside. The sheer terrifying presence of the Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Energy, even if it wasn’t directed against them, they could still feel the massive pressure.

With the infusion of Duo Si’s Heavenly Energy, Hui Yao’s body lit up with a faint red glow. In this instant, if they did not know he had long since passed away, none of them would have imagined this was actually a corpse. The aura that was emitting from Hui Yao’s body was just that terrifying.

Zhou Weiqing nodded towards Tian’er, holding her hand as they moved towards Hui Yao. Duo Si had already covered the majority of Hui Yao’s upper body with her wings, and Zhou Weiqing deliberated for a moment before he made his choice, placing his target on one of Hui Yao’s claws.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing was in currently in tip top condition as he steeled himself. His right hand holding onto Tian’er’s hand, the large Saint Energy whirlpool forming between them, the dimming silver light springing forth once more around the two of them, especially around their joined hands, where the faint light of the whirlpool could be seen. In that instant, a faint aura rose about the two of them, and even Duo Si’s terrifying Heavenly God Tier energy reverberations were no longer able to affect their aura.

Zhou Weiqing’s left hand slowly rose up, a thick grey colour swirling around it, covering his entire palm. The aura filled with the Demonic energies caused his entire palm to turn a greyish crystalline state, and in the center of his palm, there was another small grey whirlpool.

A light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and at last he placed his left hand onto the massive claw in front of him. The next moment, the wings behind his back unfurled instantly as he entered the Tiger-Dragon Transform, plunging into the Ice Cold Perception immediately to sense the changes in the dragon’s body. Within a moment, Zhou Weiqing could sense the destructive power that Tian’er had spoken about.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing was still suspecting if this destructive energy was similar to that of the Blood Red Hell disciples he had experienced previously. However, when he actually came into contact with this power, he knew he was wrong. At least, from his current senses, the terrifying power within the dragon’s body was not on the same level as that of the Blood Red Hell disciples and their Destruction Attribute.

If one were to liken the Destruction Attribute of the Blood Red Hell disciples as full of destructive capabilities and excluding all other attributes… then the current energy in the dragon’s body was truly the power that could destroy worlds, heaven and earth alike.

The purest black energy. There was no way to determine whether it was in a gaseous or liquid form, but just the slightest sense of the terrifying energy reverberations caused Zhou Weiqing to feel as if his entire body was plunged into ice cold water. Due to the fact he was in the midst of the Ice Cold Perception, his senses were so sensitive that in that moment, he felt as if his entire spirit was about to be doused by the terrifying destructive aura. His own body shuddering violently, Zhou Weiqing felt his hand was almost ‘bounced’ away. In that instant, the large Saint Energy whirlpool activated, a thick Saint Energy suddenly infusing into every corner of his body, including his inner spiritual world.

A vast, boundless Saint Energy aura, filled with life and the power of creation, forcefully removed the terrifying destruction aura from his spiritual inner world.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that within the confines of Hui Yao’s body, a pure red energy of fire suddenly enveloped the pitch black destruction energy. Clearly, Duo Si had taken action.

Without any other thoughts about having a lucky fluke, Zhou Weiqing instantly circulated the Saint Energy all around his body before infusing a large amount into his Devour Skill. Instantly, the grey and silver lights began to intertwine around his left hand, glowing brightly as the Devour Skill was unleashed. A strong suction force began to transfer into the massive dragon body of Hui Yao, drawing upon the destruction energy to begin flowing out slowly.

The Devour Skill truly lived up to its name as the most powerful Demonic Attribute Skill. Even Duo Si was unable to force out the destructive energies, but with the Devour Skill, the destructive energies began to shudder.

A trace of pitch black energy began to charge towards Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill, along the dragon’s massive blood vessels, as if sensing danger and retaliating. This thread of destructive energy might be small, but its offensive power was brutal and unreasonably powerful, as if it held life of its own.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing dared not be careless and underestimate it. Gritting his teeth with full preparation, he began to draw the thread of destructive energy into his own body.


Just as the pitch black energy entered his body, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire body was about to explode. Just that tiny amount, a single thread, its power was already far beyond all of the Destruction Attribute power that the entire Dan Dun Battle Team had unleashed on them.

This was especially so in terms of the state and stage it was at, far beyond that of the Dan Dun Battle Team, especially since there was a shade of the Will of Destruction held within, almost causing Zhou Weiqing to break down instantly.

Standing behind Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, the three Shangguan Sisters could clearly see that in that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s clothes billowed out to almost bursting point, his twenty eight energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points expanding to their limits, and they could even clearly see the swirls of air current that these Death Acupuncture Point whirlpools were spinning and drawing in. In that moment, a layer of fine, black lined tattoos began to appear all around Zhou Weiqing’s originally silver-white body. His appearance was horrific, as if about to break down at any moment.

Zhou Weiqing grit his teeth as he endured through it all, the Saint Energy within his body pouring out without any restraint. He knew that the start was always the most difficult, and if his Devour Skill could not take care of this first thread of destructive energy, he would not be able to survive. No matter what, he had to take the risk and use all he had to overcome this first barrier.

Luckily, with Duo Si’s help, the vast majority of the destructive energy was imprisoned in Hui Yao’s body, otherwise, if Zhou Weiqing continued Devouring, perhaps just another small thread entering his body simultaneously would be enough to cause him to disintegrate.

Still, Saint Energy was after all Saint Energy, and by now, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could clearly sense that the large Saint Energy whirlpool was beginning to spin at an unprecedented speed. As for the Devour whirlpool that was around Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, it was also spinning like a small scale Saint Energy whirlpool at breakneck speed, constantly eating away, and transforming the tiny thread of powerful destructive energies.

In such a short period of time, Zhou Weiqing was not only expending his own Saint Energy, even a large amount of Tian’er’s Saint Energy had been expended. However, to their shock, under such a circumstance, their large Saint Energy whirlpool did not seem to shrink at all. This could only mean that the energy Devoured and transformed into Saint Energy was able to completely make up for their vast expenditure!

This was just a mere thread of destructive energy! For it to be able to turn into so much Saint Energy… could it be… this destructive energy was actually at a higher level than the Saint Energy? How was that possible? The Saint Energy was already the final product of the four Saint Attributes, what other energy could possibly be above it?

Towards this problem, Zhou Weiqing quickly learned the answer. It was not that the destructive energies were at a stage above the Saint Energy, but rather the tiny bit of Will of Destruction within the destructive energy was perfectly married together, and more importantly compressing it to an unbelievable extent. As such, even a seemingly tiny thread of it was actually a horrifyingly huge amount. Although Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s Saint Energy was extremely powerful, they amount they had was after all extremely tiny, and they also had not truly grasped the full usage and underlying profound meanings behind the Saint Energy, only passively using some of its functions. With all of these reasons in mind, it was no wonder the Saint Energy seemed to be inferior to the destructive energies.

Even so, Zhou Weiqing could sense that these destructive energies were perhaps at the same level as the Saint Energy. Even if it was slightly inferior, it was just a tiny half step behind. Compared to any single Saint Attribute, it was considered far superior already. The black tattoos around Zhou Weiqing’s body were slowly vanishing once more, and the silver-white light was brightening again. The facts had once again proven themselves… the combination of the large Saint Energy whirlpool and the Devour Skill was able to counter the destructive energies. If the current Zhou Weiqing or Tian’er had a Saint Nucleus Core, perhaps it would be extremely easy for them to Devour and Transform all of the destructive energies.

Their success not only allowed them both to breathe a sigh of relief… on the other side, the mother dragon Duo Si began to look at them with a greater hope. It was the terrifying destructive energies which had almost taken away both of their lives, and if these youths could truly take care of these energies, then it was clear that the chance to revive her husband was much greater.

With the first taste of success, Zhou Weiqing was able to continue Devouring with much more confidence. With a signal from him, Duo Si once again released another thread of destructive energies to be Devoured by Zhou Weiqing and into his own body.

Perhaps because they already had experience, this time both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er found it much easier to Devour and Transform the energies. Furthermore, they could now clearly sense that they were no longer ‘breaking even’ in terms of Saint Energy, but the overall amount of Saint Energy was actually steadily growing as they transformed the destructive energies.

The destructive energies were indeed terrifying and filled with offensive power, yet one had to admit its purity was equally astonishing. In terms of quality, purity and density, a single drop of this destructive energy was able to transform into ten drops of Saint Energy. This was the reason why Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could not only maintain their Saint Energy but also have it begin grow as they took on just a tiny amount of destructive energies.

Thread after thread… Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s Saint Energy continued growing stronger and stronger as time passed slowly.

Every cycle of suction, devouring, transformation… once that had been established into a rhythm, it all began to seem to simple. At least, now all of them could see hope in front of them.

As the Saint Energy within Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s body grew steadily, it was also being used constantly. In this process of usage and growth, the Saint Energy was also circulating throughout their bodies, nourishing them, improving and evolving their physiques. Their overall amount of Saint Energy and Heavenly Energy was also growing at an astonishing pace.
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