Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211 Bribing Father-in-Law!

Zhou Weiqing was very angry, and the consequences were grave. As a man, who would be willing to hear others say he was not worthy of his woman? Furthermore, it looked like if he did not take action, he would not be able to see Bing’er.

The dozen or so white clad youths were clearly the outer disciples of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and only the leader who had insulted Zhou Weiqing might possibly be part of the inner or core disciples. Zhou Weiqing totally ignored the others, just punching him directly.

Although he did not unleash his Heavenly Jewels, Zhou Weiqing’s physical body was already far stronger than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. The step forward was as at unparalleled speed, and all the other white clad youths only saw a blur before them before Zhou Weiqing had reached their leader. The rest of them could only surround him from the back, but they were far too late to stop him.

Facing Zhou Weiqing’s punch, the white clad leader was also given a fright. This was the Heavenly Jewel Island, where the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was situated. Even if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace disciples did not become arrogant from that, they would still have a sense of pride that held them at a lofty position. At least, they had never seen anyone dare to take action here. Even a Heavenly King stage powerhouse would be polite to these workers here. Who would guess that Zhou Weiqing would actually attack him first just like that?

Flustered and caught by surprise, the white clad leader had not time to use any Skills, and he could only gather his Heavenly Energy as he tried to block Zhou Weiqing’s punch.

*BANG* Zhou Weiqing’s fist slammed savagely into his opponent’s crossed arms which he had just put up in a defensive guard. He struck right in the intersection where the defense was supposed to be the strongest. Both sides were almost equal in cultivation level, but the sheer difference in physical strength was just too huge.

The white clad leader was sent flying like a cannonball released. This was also because Zhou Weiqing had held back, withdrawing some strength at the last moment, otherwise it could have just destroyed his arms from the sheer tyrannical impact.

Almost simultaneously, the ordinary four-Jeweled Heaven’s Expanse Palace outer disciples attacks from the back reached Zhou Weiqing. Right at that moment, an inconceivably powerful aura burst forth abruptly from Zhou Weiqing’s body. The charging Heaven’s Expanse Palace disciples felt as if they were suffocating, as the suppressing force caused their Heavenly Energy to be pushed back, even stalled, making them falter in their charge.

A giant pair of wings erupted from Zhou Weiqing’s back, and a thick Heavenly Energy reverberation joined the immense aura.

All of the attacks landed on the pair of wings. However, all the white clad youths were shocked to discover that instead of their attacks taking effect, a vast power instead sent them flying back.

If there had been any onlooker at the side, they would have seen a stunning sight. A dozen white clad youths leaping at Zhou Weiqing simultaneously, and all of them swept off and sent flying by the appearance of the massive pair of wings.

This was at the edge of the Heavenly Jewel Island. In the sweep, some of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace disciples were actually sent flying off the island, about to fall down. If they were to fall from such a heights, perhaps it would be difficult to even find a proper piece of their remains. Several bouts of black light sprang out from Zhou Weiqing’s body instantly, as if they had eyes of their own, encircling all of the white clad youths who were about to fall and pulling them back. The giant wings which had sent them flying unfurled once then returned back into Zhou Weiqing’s body, hidden once again.

At this point, the white clad youths were now looking at Zhou Weiqing with gazes filled with shock. When Zhou Weiqing first ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island, they had not paid much attention to him due to his youth and his simple dressing.

However, they now realised that this youth in front of them had powers that far surpassed even their imaginations. He had not even unleashed his Heavenly Jewels, and he had already defeated all of them with such ease.

The white clad leader who had been sent flying back with Zhou Weiqing’s punch finally regained his balance. The arms that he had used to block the blow were now totally numb, almost having lost all feeling in them.

“You… you actually dare attack us on the Heavenly Jewel Island?!”  He had lost so miserably, and the extreme shame turned to red faced anger. He quickly drew out a gemstone from his pocket, infusing Heavenly Energy within. Instantly, a brilliant gold light shone forth.

It was as if Zhou Weiqing did not even see what he had done, instead a faint silvery-white light lit up in his eyes, and the aura around him changed suddenly. In the white clad youths’ eyes, after the change, there were only two phrases to describe him. Illusory… boundless…

Under any ordinary circumstance, with Zhou Weiqing’s character and intelligence, he would never be so rash and impetus. However, he had been parted from Bing’er for so long, and at long last he had finally gotten to know that she was out of closed door cultivation. He was now at the Heavenly Jewel Island, just a few steps from her, and one could just imagine how excited, agitated and urgent he was. At this moment, he only wanted to see her. As for manners…. He couldn’t give a damn now.

“BING’ER, I— HAVE— COME —.” All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing lifted his head, shouting up into the skies. As he shouted, the surrounding Heaven’s Expanse Palace disciples felt dizzy, their eyes shocked.

All around Zhou Weiqing, there was a shield formed by layer of silver white light. His voice instantaneously covered the entire Heavenly Jewel Island, the soundwaves assisted by the strange reverberation of the Saint Energy. Zhou Weiqing believed that even if there was a Spatial Separation, with the help of the Saint Energy, it would not be able to block his voice.

“Who dares to shout and howl around in our Heavenly Jewel Island…” A solemn voice rang out. Next, two figures appeared near the front of Zhou Weiqing.

The two figures looked to be elders of around sixty years of age, both dressed in white as well, though their sleeves were adorned with silver thread. As Zhou Weiqing had previously been to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, he knew that these were Guardians of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had several administrative levels. Those who remained outside to receive guests and guide them along, they were all ordinary outer disciples, and they could only wear the pure white without any decorations. These disciples might have differing cultivation levels, but the highest would not be above the seven-Jeweled stage. Once their age reached a certain point, but their cultivation level did not keep up, they would be sent down to the ZhongTian Empire to hold some important positions, but they would no longer be able to remain in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, if they could meet the requirements, they would raise one stage up, which were the Guardians. According to Zhou Weiqing’s memories, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Guardians were ordinarily eight or nine Jeweled in stage. However, these Guardians were still considered outer disciples.

As for the true core of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Zhou Weiqing did not really know what the requirement was. In any case, those core disciples he had seen all had gold thread embroidery around their sleeves, for example Zhan LingTian. Anyone above should be at least of Elder status. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not know how many Elders the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had, but he knew that one needed to be at least of the Heavenly King Stage to be even considered an Elder, and their cultivation level would also determine the number of gold threads on their sleeves. For example, for the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters he had seen previously, the First Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang had nine gold threads around his sleeves, while Shangguan Tianyue only had seven. It was clear that there was some difference between the two brothers’ cultivation level, though he did not know what they were exactly.

Zhou Weiqing looked at the two Guardians innocently, saying: “I am here to look for people, but they insulted me first. You can’t blame me for taking action.” The two old men’s faces fell, and the one on the left said: “No one can take action at the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Surrender now, otherwise we will kill you.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “So fierce! Come and try then!”

By now, he was really angry. The previous time, he had reached the Heaven’s Expanse Palace without any problems. Why did he have so many problems now? Was it just so difficult to see Bing’er?

The two Guardians’ expressions changed. Both of them did not continue speaking, instead charging towards Zhou Weiqing in a flanking maneuver. In their eyes, how could someone as young as Zhou Weiqing have much strength? Even if he came from another Great Saint Lands, he should not be beyond the seven-Jeweled stage. As such, the two of them did not even bother releasing their Consolidated Equipment, just charging straight at him. The old man on the left had the Wind Attribute Elemental Jewels, and he unleashed a Fetters of Wind. As for the old man on the right, he directly used his hands to strike out at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold humph. He also did not summon his Consolidated Equipment, instead the wings behind his back spread out once more as he instantly entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state. Strange purple tattoos covered his entire body at once, and his body turned left abruptly, with the wings on the left actually turning silver at the same time. As he turned, the left wing swiped down with a ear splitting shrill sound. At the same time, with his turn Zhou Weiqing was able to face the old man trying to strike out at him directly.

Although the Fetters of Wind was invisible, one needed to use the Wind Attribute in the atmosphere to bind their enemies. However, the old man was shocked to discover that when Zhou Weiqing’s left wing struck down, the air actually coagulated around him. The Wind Attribute Energy that was about to bind him actually split into two, dissipating… no longer able to affect him.

Silver Emperor Wing Slash. One of the Silver Emperor’s powerful Wind Attribute Skills.

Zhou Weiqing’s fist also received the other old man’s hands.
No Skills, just a pure clash of strength.

Another massive explosion. Although this old man was not sent flying like the previous white clad youth, he still staggered back eight steps before regaining his balance. He couldn’t help but think to himself: Such strength! “The  Heaven’s  Expanse  Palace  also  needs  to  speak  reason right!”    Zhou   Weiqing’s   eyes   were   piercing   with   anger. Although these two old men had a decent cultivation level, both at the eight-Jeweled stage, they were after all still outer disciples of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and did not have the real legacy and teachings of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. If they were to really fight it out, Zhou Weiqing was definitely not afraid of them.

Right at that moment, a surprised voice rang out. “Zhou Weiqing, why are you here?”

When Zhou Weiqing turned his head to look, he saw Zhan LingTian leading four Heaven’s Expanse Palace core disciples flying right at him.

They had not seen each other in quite some time. Currently, Zhan LingTian looked like his aura was solidified and more consolidated than before. However, his gaze at Zhou Weiqing was no longer as friendly as it had been on the northern borders. Besides surprise, there was a sullen anger.

“Bro Zhan, it has been a long time. Your Heaven’s Expanse Palace has such great rules!” Zhou Weiqing said to him. Very quickly, Zhan LingTian arrived at the scene, turning to the  two  old  men,  he  said:  “Guardians,  let  me  handle  this matter.”

Seeing that it was Zhan LingTian, the two old men bowed slightly and stepped back. Moving to the front, Zhan LingTian looked at Zhou Weiqing with furrowed brows, saying solemnly: “Zhou Weiqing, you are here for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament right? Since that is the case, why did you come to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. “Did you not hear my shout just now? I am here to look for Bing’er.”

A cold light flashed in Zhan LingTian’s eyes. “Just for Miss Bing’er?”

Seeing his cold and aloof look, Zhou Weiqing was somewhat unhappy. “Bro Zhan, what do you mean? It seems like who I am looking for is none of your business. I have earned the plaque to come to the Heavenly Jewel Island, and I do not need to report to you why I have come here.”

Zhan LingTian took a deep breath, calming himself down. Fixing Zhou Weiqing with a fiery gaze, he said: “Zhou Weiqing, I challenge you. If you lose, you are not allowed to provoke First Young Miss any longer.” Understanding dawned upon Zhou Weiqing. “You know about that?”

Zhan LingTian said coldly: “Whatever your relationship is with Second Young Miss and Third Young Miss, I do not care. However, First Young Miss is the heir to our Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the next Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master. You will not be disrespectful to her.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying: “Even if we discuss this matter, it should be the two Palace Masters discussing it with me. Can you make the decision for Xue’er?”

“Very well, let me discuss with you then. Shall we discuss?!” All of a sudden, a clear voice rang out, with a hint of anger.

The air in front of Zhou Weiqing warped slightly, and the next instant, a figure appeared.

The figure was none other than the father of the three Shangguan Sisters, the Second Palace Master of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Tianyue. Shangguan Tianyue’s expression was even uglier than Zhan LingTian. Looking at Zhou Weiqing as if he was some thief that had stolen his most precious possession.

Seeing that it was his future father-in-law, Zhou Weiqing instantly turned honest and polite. He quickly bowed in greeting: “Greetings, Father-in-law.”

“Who’s your father in law?!” Shangguan Tianyue waved his sleeve, and Zhou Weiqing felt as if the air tightened around him, forcefully making him straighten his waist.

Shangguan Tianyue said angrily: “Zhou Weiqing, you little brat. Let me ask you, how has my Heaven’s Expanse Palace treated you? How has my ZhongTian Empire treated you?!”

Towards this father in law of his, naturally Zhou Weiqing could not treat him the same way as he did Zhan LingTian. Quickly, he said respectfully: “Both the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and ZhongTian Empire have treated me very well.”

Shangguan Tianyue said: “You also know that we have treated you well? Not speaking of how Fei’er helped you trained those men of yours, even to the point of using our secret recipe and medicines to help them. Just the fact that we allowed you to bring away so many Jewel Masters, how much help is that to you? We even supported you financially in your efforts to revive your Empire… What about you? How have you repaid me?!”

“You little bastard, not only did you take Bing’er’s virtue, and you even provoked Fei’er… fine. Now, you won’t even let Xue’er go. You little playboy brat! I just want to smack you dead with a single slap.”  As he continued speaking, his anger grew, and a powerful aura burst forth from Shangguan Tianyue, causing the entire air around them to freeze.

Of course, as the saying goes ‘Don’t wash one’s dirty linen in public’. Despite his anger, his voice could only be heard by Zhou Weiqing; even Zhan LingTian standing next to him could not hear anything else.

Seeing Shangguan Tianyue’s rage, with a sudden thud, Zhou Weiqing just knelt down on the ground, kowtowing to Shangguan Tianyue three times. “Father in Law, I am wrong. I have no objections no matter how you wish to punish me.”

Suddenly getting three kowtows from this fellow, Shangguan Tianyue was also stunned. Originally, he had already resolved to teach this brat a lesson. However, now that he was honestly kneeling in front of him, ready to take the punishment, it actually caused him to feel like he couldn’t take action.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing acted like this was because he had suddenly thought things through. Simply put – if he had been in Shangguan Tianyue’s shoes, having a youth steal all three of his daughters’ hearts, he would probably be even angrier than Shangguan Tianyue. It was true that it was his fault for being such a playboy, so he had nothing else to say. Since it was his fault, he would accept the punishment.

However, if it were Zhan LingTian who came pointing fingers, he would not be so polite; he had never been afraid of a fight. In his eyes, the difference was Zhan LingTian was just being envious and jealous, they were love rivals in this matter. Instead, Shangguan Tianyue was his future father in law, so Zhou Weiqing was extremely well behaved. No matter how Shangguan Tianyue dealt with him, as long as it did not cross the bottom line, he would take it. If he wanted to enjoy the marriage of these few girls, he had to pay the price first.

“Get up!”  Shangguan Tianyue said exasperatedly. Another flick of his sleeve, and the air around forced Zhou Weiqing up, not allowing him to kneel any longer. Looking at this Zhou Weiqing’s honest, well behaved, earnest and flattering look, Shangguan Tianyue almost burst out laughing. He could not understand how such a brat like this could actually steal the hearts of his three precious daughters. Although Xue’er did not admit it outright, as a father and a person who had experienced love before, how could he not see it?

“Zhou Weiqing, let me ask you. If I force you to choose one of my  three  daughters,  who  would  you  choose?”   Shangguan Tianyue said solemnly.

Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively: “Can’t I choose all?”

“No!” The flames of rage that had just subsided rose up once more.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, then I shall not choose at all. I’ll find a chance to steal them all away in the future.”

“You must be daydreaming. This is the Heavenly Jewel Island, where my Heaven’s Expanse Palace is. With just you alone, you think you can steal my little girls away?” Shangguan Tianyue said disdainfully. Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Of course I am not able to do so currently, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do so in the future. Father in law, how about this, shall we place a bet? Within five years, if I am able to steal them away, you will no longer intervene in our matter, how about it? If I can do it, it will also prove my abilities.”

“Bullshit, what do you take my daughters for? If you dare steal   them,   I’ll   destroy   your   Heavenly   Bow   Empire.” Shangguan Tianyue wished he could just destroy this little brat with a single slap.

Zhou Weiqing gave an aggrieved look as he said: “Father in Law, I am wrong. But… I can’t control my heart like that! I will definitely treat them well. The relationship between me and Bing’er, well, I don’t need to speak more about that. For my sake, Fei’er almost died, how could I abandon her? As for Xue’er, you understand her the most. I was intimate with her unwittingly, and with her temper, she would never marry anyone else. Furthermore, she had made a bet to marry me. So, I really cannot let anyone go!”

The more Shangguan Tianyue heard, the angrier he got. Taking a step forward, he kicked Zhou Weiqing on the chest, sending him flying off the Heavenly Jewel Island. “Bastard! Asshole!”

Zhou Weiqing was also rather depressed. Shangguan Tianyue’s kick had not been light at all. Although he did not use any Heavenly Energy, it was still a kick from a Heavenly Emperor! That was a terrifying blow indeed!

*Swoosh* The wings behind his back spread out instantly, stopping his fall in mid air. Looking at Shangguan Tianyue’s rage, he dared not fly back too quickly.

All of a sudden, a sudden spark of inspiration struck Zhou Weiqing. In the air, he said to Shangguan Tianyue: “Father in law, please let me on the island first? I have a matter of utmost importance to report.”

Shangguan Tianyue was still on the edge, in the midst of his fit of anger. Glaring at Zhou Weiqing, he snarled: “Stop talking rubbish. Get lost now, otherwise I’ll beat you up until you can’t even take care of yourself. We’ll see how you join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament then.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a distressed expression as he said: “Father in law, just let me say a few words. If you still want me to leave, I will do so without any other protest, and I will promise never to bother Xue’er, Fei’er and Bing’er again. What do you say? What I am about to say is regarding the rise or fall of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

For Shangguan Tianyue to appear here, it was truly because as a father, he could not take it, and he really wanted to teach Zhou Weiqing a lesson. Of course, he was still very satisfied with Zhou Weiqing as a son in law.

Ever since the first time he had seen Zhou Weiqing, right up to this point, his feelings had undergone an unbelievable transformation. The news sources of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace were far beyond Zhou Weiqing’s imagination. Furthermore, the Shangguan Sisters had pretty much each followed him all through his journey, accompanying him one after the other. As a result, Shangguan Tianyue could be said to be extremely familiar with all his experiences.

What Zhou Weiqing had done in the north borders… even when the Shangguan brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue discussed it, they could only use the word ‘miracle’ to describe it. To form such an army troop by himself… one that actually had the power to turn the tides against a sure-loss scenario against the WanShou Empire. Of course, there was the support of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace which allowed it to happen, or even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s financial support. However, if it were anyone else, could they even duplicate the feat even if they were given all the same resources?

Perhaps the bigger surprise for Shangguan Tianyue was that Zhou Weiqing had actually dared to charge up the Heavenly Snow Mountain for Tian’er’s sake… to cause trouble! And that Master of his, he had actually accompanied him along on such a crazy quest. The craziest thing was that they had succeeded! Besides feeling that it was inconceivable and beyond their comprehension, the Shangguan Brothers could only feel good about it. After all, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain had fought for such a long time. For the Heavenly Snow Mountain to suffer a loss, no matter how small, how could they not be happy?

As such, even though Shangguan Tianyue was scolding Zhou Weiqing, wanting to teach him a lesson, deep in his heart he was still very satisfied with this son in law. Zhou Weiqing could truly live up to the saying ‘A Dragon or Phoenix amongst men’. However, he was afraid that in the future Fei’er or Bing’er would suffer in the future if they followed him, so he still wanted to teach him a lesson. As for Shangguan Xue’er, it was true that in his heart, he was really unwilling to let her marry Zhou Weiqing. After all, Shangguan Xue’er was the heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace! “Get down here and speak.” Shangguan Tianyue said coldly. At the same time, he waved his hands, motioning for the others to leave.

Zhan LingTian hesitated a moment, but with the signal from Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes, he had no choice but to leave unwillingly.

Towards Zhou Weiqing, Zhan LingTian actually had quite some understanding. In his eyes, Zhou Weiqing was unbelievably sneaky and cunning. Who knew if that fellow had some method to talk to and persuade Shangguan Tianyue. Alas, he did not have any choice, and he could not speak too much regarding it to Shangguan Tianyue, and could only turn and leave.

Flapping his wings, Zhou Weiqing returned to the Heavenly Jewel Island in a flash, his face still with the aggrieved look.

The mandarin saying is family troubles should not be talked about in public Shangguan Tianyue glanced at the wings behind his back, secretly examining all the changes that the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state brought to Zhou Weiqing. Sensing the terrifying bloodline aura within him, a flash of surprise flickered across Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes.

This Dragon-Tiger Transformation, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had never seen or heard of before. It could be said to be one of a kind in the entire Mainland. Although Shangguan Tianyue had heard Xue’er speak of it, it was an entirely different matter to look upon it with his own eyes, to feel it with his senses… only then did he truly sense how miraculous it was. He couldn’t help but nod to himself inwardly. This little brat’s power… one definitely could not judge him with ordinary logic.

“Alright. We are alone now. Speak then. If you aren’t able to satisfy me, I’ll kick you down again.” Shangguan Tianyue crossed his arms, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a bleak face.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, moving forward a few steps, a fawning look upon his face. Looking at him like that, Shangguan Tianyue couldn’t help but chuckle to himself inwardly, thinking: This little brat, why does he not have the proper look of the powerhouse that he is… Still, this is also a good psychology…  at least he doesn’t have the overbearing arrogance that most young talents have. No wonder he is able to accomplish so many impressive things.

“Why do you need to get so close to me. Hurry up and speak.” Shangguan Tianyue furrowed his brow and said unhappily, despite his thoughts.

Zhou Weiqing lowered his voice dramatically as he said: “Father in law, this is a matter of critical importance, no one else can hear it!”

Shangguan Tianyue glared at him exasperatedly before he waved his hands. Instantly, a faint milky white shield of light enclosed the two of them.

This was naturally Shangguan Tianyue’s terrifying Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Energy. With this layer of Heavenly Energy covering them, even if the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was outside, he would not be able to hear what they were speaking of inside. Only then did Zhou Weiqing speak, still in the low tone: “Father in Law, I know that I am wrong to want to marry all three of your daughters, I indeed have a heart that loves too much, and it is my fault. However, it is true that for Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er, following me is absolutely the right choice… the best choice.”

“In fact, as long as you agree to our marriage, I have confidence that not long in the future, all three of them sisters will definitely reach the Heavenly God Stage. Isn’t that a matter that would truly determine the future of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Shangguan Tianyue looked at Zhou Weiqing’s confident expression and couldn’t help but be stunned slightly. “Hmph, even if you say Heavenly God Stage, does it really mean Heavenly God Stage? Anyone can make empty promises. Nonsense… nonsense…”

Zhou Weiqing said in surprise: “What do you mean empty promises… Father in Law, didn’t Xue’er inform you about the Saint Energy?”

It was Shangguan Tianyue’s turn to be surprised. “Saint Energy? What Saint Energy?” Zhou Weiqing fell silent. If one examined him closely and knew him well, they would be able to see within his eyes … a hint that he had been greatly moved.

Shangguan Tianyue actually didn’t know about the Saint Energy… what did that prove? Shangguan Xue’er had not even told her father about the Saint Energy that they had. As the Heaven’s Expanse Palace heir, even when she had returned home, she had kept his secret even from those closest to her. How could Zhou Weiqing not be touched… be moved?!

Shangguan Tianyue looked at Zhou Weiqing, puzzled. “Speak then! What is this Saint Energy you speak of? How come Xue’er never spoke of it to me?”

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, calming his agitated emotions. Originally, in his heart, Shangguan Bing’er was the most important, followed by Shangguan Fei’er, while his feelings for Shangguan Xue’er was perhaps relatively more surface or lighter. However, at this moment, he had already set his resolve that no matter what, he would definitely marry all three Shangguan Sisters, and he would never forgive himself if he had to give up on any one.

When Zhou Weiqing set his resolve to do something, he would definitely give it his all. Furthermore, at such a time, it was when his mind was clearest and at its peak.

Taking another deep breath, he cleared his mind and ensured all his lines of thoughts. At last, Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “Father in Law, have you heard about the miracles of the four Saint Attributes gathered together?”

Shangguan  Tianyue’s  eyes  flickered.  “Time,  Spirit,  Divine and the original Demonic Attribute… all four Saint Attributes gathered together?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Exactly. There are legends which say that when the four Saint Attributes gather together, one can breakthrough past the Heavenly God Tier, the restriction of the twelve Jewels of the Heavenly Jewel Change, to gain the thirteenth Personal Jewel. This is the Legendary Heavenly Change.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s heart was sent in turmoil by Zhou Weiqing’s words, but he nodded calmly and said: “I have heard that legend. Continue.”

Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “As  you  know,  my  Elemental  Jewels consist of six Attributes. Amongst them, there is the Time Attribute and the Demonic Attribute… two Saint Attributes. My Demonic Attribute can be said to be the only original- Awakened Demonic Attribute in the world today, at least currently one of a kind. As for the Heavenly Snow Mountain Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger direct descendents, they have the Spirit and Divine Attributes. That is to say, when I am …
ahem… cultivating together with one of the Divine Heavenly
Spirit Tigers, we would have gathered the four Saint Attributes together.”

Shangguan Tianyue’s brow began to twitch, and the light in his eyes began to fluctuate. He nodded and said: “You are referring to Tian’er right? I know.”

Zhou  Weiqing  nodded  and  said:  “Yes,  it  is  Tian’er.  After countless experiments, we have begun to have a feel for the true cultivation technique of the four Saint Attributes together… and from there, we have formed a strange new energy… a whole new one that does not belong to the knowledge of any Heavenly Jewel Master. We call it the Saint Energy.”

Pausing, Zhou Weiqing finally continued. “… It is difficult for me to describe it with words alone, and perhaps just by saying it you might not understand. Let me show you my Saint Energy and once you feel it, you will understand.” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand, moving it before Shangguan Tianyue. A silvery white light flashed in his eyes, and instantly, that right hand turned the similar silver- white colour.

The faint glow of light surrounded his palm, moving gently and rhythmically. As soon as the light appeared, the powerful Heavenly Energy shield that Shangguan Tianyue had surrounded them with began to shake violently.

As the owner of the Heavenly Energy, Shangguan Tianyue’s sensation was the deepest. He was shocked to discover that his own Heavenly Energy had began to produce… an emotion akin to fear?! Was it actually afraid of the faint silvery white light in Zhou Weiqing’s hands?

How was this possible? As a Heavenly Emperor, his Heavenly Energy had already reached the Heavenly Dao stage, and more so, was already at the later stage. Even his elder brother Shangguan Tianyang, or even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, though their cultivation levels were higher than him, just using a bit of energy reverberations, they would never be able to cause his Heavenly Energy to show such a strange fear. This was something impossible as far as he knew. Yet, Zhou Weiqing had done just that. Shangguan Tianyue’s heart could be said to be surging with turbulent thoughts and emotions. Slowly lifting his hand, he grasped onto Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, his powerful spiritual energy gathering to sense the energy on Zhou Weiqing’s palm.

As soon as he did so, Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes were instantly filled with shock.

When he extended his spiritual energy to sense, he naturally needed to infuse some of his Heavenly Energy to increase his senses. However, as soon as he did so, Shangguan Tianyue felt his Heavenly Energy was like ice water which had entered lava, disappearing in an instant.

Furthermore, the energy in Zhou Weiqing’s palm seemed as boundless and infinite, not belonging to any type of attribute, instantly causing his spiritual energy to shrivel in moments.

As such, his hand could only stay on Zhou Weiqing’s palm for a split second, before he let go immediately, subconsciously taking a step back.

Standing there, Shangguan Tianyue closed his eyes, his full concentration on what he had felt in that instant, and the changes in energy.

Boundless… infinite… with no attributes, yet seemingly encompassing all attributes. Saint Energy… this was the Saint Energy that was created from the gathering of the four Saint Attributes?

Zhou Weiqing withdrew his right hand and his Saint Energy before saying solemnly: “Father in Law, Tian’er and I have only just begun cultivating this Saint Energy. It can be said that we have barely scratched the surface on the intricacies of the four Saint Attributes and this Saint Energy. However, I truly believe that with this Saint Energy, we can perform countless miracles in the future. As for the interflow of this Saint Energy, it requires … intimate relations between man and women to undergo. Through this method, we can transfer Saint Energy. That is to say, my future wives will all gain the benefit of the Saint Energy, which is boundless and inexhaustible. Currently, what we know of the Saint Energy is its greatest strength is in creation. You should have heard about the strange Hell’s Angel phenomenon that appeared at our Crescent City, causing countless destruction right. In truth, that Skill was unleashed by myself and Tian’er, using this very Saint Energy. As long as you are willing to marry Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er to me, I can guarantee that with the help of Saint Energy, they will definitely reach the Heavenly God Stage. When that happens, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace can truly become the First Great Saint Lands.”

Shangguan Tianyue furrowed his brow, an uncertain light in his eyes. If one were to say that he was not drawn in or attracted by Zhou Weiqing’s words, that would definitely be impossible. After feeling the Saint Energy and its terrifying strength by himself, he knew deep within himself how scary it truly was. If what Zhou Weiqing said was true, the future that lay in the Saint Energy was infinite. With this unique energy, it should not be too difficult to break through to the Heavenly God Stage. However, if he had to give up all three daughters for that, especially Shangguan Xue’er, to marry Zhou Weiqing, he still did not feel too willing.

“Come with me.” Shangguan Tianyue waved his hands once more. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing felt himself covered with a hazy white. In the next instant, he could sense that he had left their original position.

It did not take long, and by the time the surroundings cleared up in his eyes, Zhou Weiqing discovered that he was in a clean stone room. Clearly, they had entered the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Shangguan Tianyue’s voice traveled out. “Wait here.” As soon as he said that, his presence vanished instantly.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing understood that Shangguan Tianyue must have gone to look for Shangguan Tianyang. Such a serious matter of major importance, the two brothers definitely had to discuss in detail before making their decision, and Shangguan Tianyue alone could not do so.

Zhou Weiqing was not urgent at all. Previously, when he had spoken those words, he had already thought things through. The story about needing intimate relations between man and woman to transfer the Saint Energy, naturally that part was made up by him. However, everything else was true, and with the sheer power of the Saint Energy, he knew that Shangguan Tianyue would definitely believe him. After all, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had always cultivated in paired cultivation.

He is probably referring to just the three Shangguan Sisters here, I personally believe #2Tian’er


Chapter 212 Spatial Collapse!

The reason why Zhou Weiqing had decided to use the Saint Energy to draw in Shangguan Tianyue and let this father in law of his to approve of him, it was after much serious considerations.

Before entering the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had already anticipated that this time he would not have a nice reception. After all, he had ‘seduced’ all three of his daughters, how could Shangguan Tianyue give him a good face.

However, Zhou Weiqing also knew that this was an important chance for him. If he failed to grasp this chance, it would be even tougher for him to be together with the three Shangguan Sisters in the future. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament might be a good test in most eyes, but Zhou Weiqing was clear that for the Shangguan brothers, Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament would not count for much.

As such, after much thought, Zhou Weiqing decided to speak out regarding the Saint Energy, also indicating he would definitely help the Shangguan Sisters cultivate with the Saint Energy. However, to his surprise, Shangguan Xue’er had not informed her father and uncle about the Saint Energy when she had returned.

Of course, that had not influenced Zhou Weiqing’s entire plan. Another reason why Zhou Weiqing was willing to speak of the Saint Energy was to gain the trust of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

The Heavenly Bow Empire had just started the revival of their Empire, and though it seemed like everything was proceeding well, the problem was that the Heavenly Bow Empire’s border wasn’t just the Kalise Empire alone! There was still the powerful Bai Da Empire, and the shadow of the Dan Dun Empire beyond. With just the Heavenly Bow Empire alone, how could they possibly stop them? As such, Zhou Weiqing needed to obtain the support of the ZhongTian Empire without any reservation… only then could he have a go at it freely.

The Saint Energy, no matter to which Heavenly Jewel Master, it was definitely a top secret matter. For Zhou Weiqing to be willing to speak of it, it would only show that he had absolute trust and close relations with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. With that, he believed that Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue could make their own judgements. To gain the Heaven’s Expanse Palace support, and his three beautiful wives… it was a matter of killing two birds with one stone. That was Zhou Weiqing’s thought. After all, even if others knew of his Saint Energy, they could not cultivate it on their own. This was something that could only be done with the four Saint Attributes.

Even if someone else really gathered the four Saint Attributes, without Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill, they would still not be able to cultivate the Saint Energy. This was another area which Zhou Weiqing had held back in. Of course, if it were an enemy or opposing influence, if they knew he had the Saint Energy, they would definitely try to kill him off. However, Zhou Weiqing believed that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not do so… as they did not need to! Even if Shangguan Tianyue decided to only marry a single daughter to him, he would still be a son in law to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace!

With all of those thoughts in mind, that was the reason Zhou Weiqing actually dared to speak out regarding the Saint Energy to Shangguan Tianyue. He also believed that this time, his trip to the Heavenly Jewel Island would not be a waste.

Zhou Weiqing waited for more than an hour before Shangguan Tianyue finally returned. He did not even speak, and once again a gust of Heavenly Energy enveloped Zhou Weiqing’s body. Moments later, he was in another room.

Towards this room, Zhou Weiqing was actually familiar. That was because the first time he met Shangguan Tianyang was also in this hall.

As expected, Shangguan Tianyang was seated in the main seat above. In the entire hall, there were only the three of them.

“Greetings Uncle.” Zhou Weiqing stepped forward and bowed in greeting. With his thick skin, he called out ‘uncle’ with such feelings, as if he was returning to his own home.

Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly and said: “Weiqing, your speed of growth is truly amazing, even I am extremely surprised! In just a few short years, you have already reached the six-Jeweled stage. I know about what you have done in the northern borders, well done indeed.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, thank you uncle for your praise. I had no choice in that matter, like a duck forced onto a perch. In truth, I do not have much ambition towards authority. However, for my family and my home, I had to fight it out no matter what.”

Shangguan Tianyang nodded and said: “What you told Tianyue, he has already told me. Enn… it isn’t so easy to marry a girl from our Heaven’s Expanse Palace… especially since one of your targets is Xue’er. You should know… to our Heaven’s Expanse Palace, what Xue’er means. Ever since she accepted the Boundless Infinitum Set, she has already been bound as the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Furthermore, you still have entanglements and relations to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

Zhou Weiqing also smiled faintly, however he did not act humble at all. “Uncle, for Xue’er to marry me, that is the best choice. Indeed, she has inherited the legacy of the Boundless Infinitum Technique and the Boundless Infinitum Set, this might be slightly more troublesome. After all, my wife will follow by my side. However, I have some tentative thoughts, and I’m not sure if I should speak them out now.”

Shangguan Tianyang laughed heartily and said: “You little brat, for Xue’er to inherit the strongest Legendary Set in the world, in your mouth it actually turned into trouble. Speak then, let’s see if you can convince me.” Zhou Weiqing said seriously: “Uncle, with your cultivation stage, and the fact that you are still in your prime, you would have no problems leading the Heaven’s Expanse Palace for another hundred years or more. Although Xue’er is considered your heir, but in the near future she would not be able to inherit the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Am I right?”

Shangguan Tianyang laughed in spite of himself. “You sure know how to talk. Indeed, it is unlikely that I pass away anytime soon. However, that does not mean I want to hold on to the burden of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace forever! In any case, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace definitely needs a declared heir.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What if I were to give you three new heirs, letting you choose whoever you prefer?”

Shangguan Tianyang started, not really understanding what Zhou Weiqing meant. “Three new heirs?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “I can have a child with Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er… isn’t that three new heirs? At that time, you can choose any of them to be the heir to your Heaven’s Expanse Palace.” Hearing his words, both Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue were totally stunned. Both brothers exchanged looks, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. This little brat really knew how to imagine things creatively!

“I  have  not  yet  agreed  to  let  my  daughters  marry  you!” Shangguan Tianyue said huffily.

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head sheepishly and said: “Father in Law, if you do not agree, it is a huge loss to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace! With such an awesome son in law like me, who could also become an important ally in the future, there can only be a hundred benefits to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and no harm!”

Shangguan Tianyang lifted his hand to stop Shangguan Tianyue from continuing. Turning to Zhou Weiqing, he said: “Weiqing, use your strength to convince me. Let me see how miraculous that Saint Energy truly is, whether or not it is worth dozens of years of my time in waiting.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, his expression turning sombre and serious. Since he made the decision to use the Saint Energy as a betrothal gift in marrying the three Shangguan Sisters, he had already expected this scene before him. In order to gain the approval of the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, to prevent them from stopping him from being together with his loves, he had to show them his own personal strength.

“So, will Father in Law or Uncle be the one testing the Saint Energy attack?”

Shangguan Tianyang said: “Let me. Just go ahead, attack with all your might.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, taking a deep breath as he slowly lifted his left hand. At the same time, he released his Heavenly Jewels. “Uncle, be careful. I am about to use the Spatial Rend.”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly. With his max level Heavenly Emperor stage power, he naturally did not think that much about Zhou Weiqing’s attacks. However, he still raised his senses to the maximum. After hearing Shangguan Tianyue’s description of the Saint Energy, he was extremely curious and interested about it. Perhaps more accurately, the attraction of the Heavenly God Tier stage was of greater importance to him than anything else. He knew that although he had been trying to break through that stage for years of closed door cultivation, it was already highly unlikely that he would ever be able to succeed in this lifetime. If Zhou Weiqing was truly able to prove that this Saint Energy could guarantee the three Shangguan Sisters would break through the Heavenly God Tier, marrying them to him was not impossible. After all, they truly did love him as well.

Of course, it was also because Shangguan Tianyang could see that Zhou Weiqing had limitless potential, and a great future ahead. That was the reason why he even gave him a chance to prove himself now. He knew that once they gave this youth enough time, his future ahead could only shock the world.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression grew even more serious and focused. At the side, Shangguan Tianyue was surprised to find that the previous Heavenly Energy around Zhou Weiqing that he could sense easily, had now changed in that instant. When the silvery-white light appeared around Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, his entire body seemed to be encased in a special aura. Even with his Heavenly Emperor senses, he was unable to feel the energy movement in Zhou Weiqing’s body. Shangguan Tianyue was astonished at that, and his curiosity towards that Saint Energy increased even more.

Zhou Weiqing drew out five whole drops of Saint Energy from his little Saint Energy whirlpool. This was already not the first time he had used the Saint Energy, and his understanding of it was already far stronger than those previous times, and he now had relatively more control over it.

The Spatial Rend was considered a Heavenly King stage Skill, without the Heavenly Skill Image. Zhou Weiqing infused the five drops of Saint Energy into it under full control, otherwise if he could just use any amount of Saint Energy, and the result would be according to the amount used.

Zhou Weiqing’s left hand slowly moved towards Shangguan Tianyang. In the next instant, a strange sight occurred. A silver light that did not have any Spatial Attribute appeared abruptly.

Shangguan Tianyang suddenly felt as if the entire Space around him was crumbling, an unforeseen sense of danger caused him to subconsciously channel his Heavenly Energy around his entire body.

Shangguan Tianyang’s Heavenly Energy was at the forty seventh stage, the later stage of the Heavenly Dao Energy. He was after all at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor stage, only slightly less than Long Shiya. Currently, with his Heavenly Energy circulating at the maximum, a layer of milky white crystalline light covered his whole body. However, even as his powerful Heavenly Energy appeared, the center portion of the milky white crystal began to crumble. Next, Shangguan Tianyang gave a shocked exclamation, and he actually staggered back one step. At the same time, he waved his hand, a brutal surge of immense power swelling up. Only then did the Space around him recover and become steady once more.

Literal translation, basically like a fish out of water Seeing that sight, Shangguan Tianyue’s expression truly changed. Even if it were him, he dared not say that he could use a single Skill to force Shangguan Tianyang to stagger back one step! Yet, Zhou Weiqing had actually done so, and it was even after he had said what Skill he was about to use.

“What a powerful Saint Energy that is.” Shangguan Tianyang couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath as he expelled the Heavenly Dao Energy around his body. However, when he looked at Zhou Weiqing again, his expression was very different, as if he was looking at the greatest treasure in the world. All along, he was extremely calm and impassive, never showing any of his emotions; but at this moment his eyes showed earnest hope.

“Saint Energy… so that is the Saint Energy? This is the result of you infusing that Saint Energy into your Spatial Rend Skill?” Shangguan Tianyang asked the series of questions urgently.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “When I first got the Saint Energy, we went through a series of tests. I discovered that the Saint Energy could be infused into any Skill. Furthermore, it would cause a qualitative change in any Skill it was infused in, but the issue is that I am currently unable to control the type of change. More accurately speaking, the stronger the Skill originally, the greater the requirement of Saint Energy it has, and the amount of Saint Energy infused also determines the extent of change in terms of power.”

Shangguan Tianyang nodded, saying: “This Saint Energy is definitely one that is above all other Attributes, powerful and domineering. Just now, when your Skill landed on me, I had the feeling of my Heavenly Energy being absorbed and turned, as if my Heavenly Energy was also being used by the Saint Energy against myself. Although its strength was far from enough… but if you can cultivate it to a greater level, perhaps any other energy or attribute will quail before it.”

With his status as the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, for Shangguan Tianyang to have such high praise for the Saint Energy, one could imagine the shock in his heart currently.

Although it was just a short and simple attack, the impression it had left on him was deep and lasting. Shangguan Tianyang had discovered that for his own Elemental Jewels, facing this Skill that was infused with Saint Energy, he could sense that they were slightly suppressed. It had to be known that although it was just a minor suppression, the gap between him and Zhou Weiqing was just too huge, and for any sort of suppression to happen was already considered pretty unbelievable, showing the gap in levels between the Attributes. It was similar to the previous case on the Heavenly Snow Mountain where Zhou Weiqing had used his Dragon-Tiger Transformation’s bloodline superiority to suppress those Heavenly Beasts whose cultivation level was far above his.

Zhou Weiqing said: “I have only just touched and explored the surface of the Saint Energy. According to my estimations, we need to at least reach the Heavenly King Stage before we can truly dig into the true profound secrets of the Saint Energy. However, there is one thing I am certain of; once I can use this Saint Energy to form the Heavenly Core Nucleus at the Heavenly King Stage, in the future when I am attempting to breakthrough to the Heavenly Emperor or even Heavenly God Stages, there will no longer be any bottlenecks or barriers for me.”

Shangguan Tianyang nodded and said: “That is very possible. I have to say, this Saint Energy of yours is very convincing indeed. Tianyue, please bring Xue’er here to join us.”

Shangguan Tianyue nodded. He gave Zhou Weiqing a strange glance before disappearing from the hall. When Shangguan Tianyue left, only Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Tianyang were left in the hall. At this point, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master had regained his usual impassive self.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Tianyang suddenly said: “Weiqing, if you are willing to join the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, I can make the decision now to marry Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er to you as your wives. What do you say?”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart leaped for a moment, but he kept silent. After a moment’s thought, he shook his head resolutely, saying: “Uncle, I’m afraid that will be impossible.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s gaze turned cold, and a sudden pressure caused Zhou Weiqing to subconsciously stagger back a few steps. He had to focus all his strength to even withstand the sheer pressure.

“Why do you say it is impossible? You should know what this Saint Energy means. If I am not able to use it, I just need to kill you off here… at least to ensure that you will not act against the Heaven’s Expanse Palace in the future.” A thick killing intent surrounded Zhou Weiqing, causing his blood to almost freeze. In front of this Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse, even if he had the Saint Energy, there was no chance for him to resist.

“Uncle, why don’t you let me analyze it for you before you jump to conclusions.” Zhou Weiqing said calmly. Currently, he was not flustered at all, even facing Shangguan Tianyang’s pressure… as if he had turned into someone else.

Shangguan Tianyang looked at him with some surprise, but was nodding in approval inwardly. With his experience and sight, he could easily see that Zhou Weiqing had already long thought of all possibilities happening before speaking of the Saint Energy, and it was not some last minute rash decision. He definitely had a full plan up his sleeve.

“Speak then.” The pressure slowly withdrew, and Shangguan Tianyang resumed his benevolent elder pose.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Uncle, in truth, it is not a big deal for me to join the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. In the first place, once I marry Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er, I can be considered the son in law of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and we are all a family. I don’t have any issues against joining the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. However, have you thought about it closely at all Uncle. Once I join the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… what will it bring. I dare say that it will be the destruction of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace once and for all.”

“Oh? Weiqing, are you exaggerating things with such alarmist speak.” Shangguan Tianyang said with a faint smile.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “I am definitely not exaggerating things at all. There are several reasons. First of all, this Saint Energy is not something that I can cultivate on my own, and I need Tian’er’s full cooperation to do so. And Tian’er is the only daughter of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Even if you have the ability to kill her, she will never join the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. To this point, you can’t possibly deny it right? Without her, I am unable to continue cultivating the Saint Energy, so then what will be the point of me joining the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

“Next, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord also knows about the Saint Energy. Once I proclaim that I have joined the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… what will he think? Naturally, he knows the power of the Saint Energy. At that time, he just needs to proclaim and spread the word of the Saint Energy. At that time, I can guarantee that I will no longer have the chance to reach the Heavenly King Stage… and all we can do is wait for the Heavenly Snow Mountain to gather all the other Great Saint Lands to charge up the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and destroy us all.”

“I am the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s son in law, but I am also the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s son in law. As such, no matter which side I join, the other side will never let me go. As such, the only choice I have is to stay neutral, to never join either side or to help either side… to ensure that I am individual and separate. This is the only way that both sides will accept. I have already promised the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord that in the future, I will no longer join in the fight between the ZhongTian Empire and WanShou Empire… naturally I am also unable to join in any fight between the two Great Saint Lands. In such a circumstance, at least in the future, even if I become a powerhouse, I will not pose any danger to both your Great Saint Lands… after all I am still your son in laws. Even if I build up a new Great Saint Lands in the future, I will never forget the aid that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has given me.”

These words, Zhou Weiqing spoke with honesty and conviction, and Shangguan Tianyang also paid full attention to them.

“Forming a new Great Saint Lands… Weiqing, looks like your ambitions are not small after all!” Shangguan Tianyang smiled faintly as he said. Zhou Weiqing shrugged and said: “Who knows, no one can tell what will happen in the future. However, if it were just myself, I would rather enjoy a simple and easygoing life, just bringing my wives to wander the land, to explore it and be carefree. We humans only have one life, and my dream has
always been to experience everything possible, to see all the various beautiful sceneries of the world, the taste all the delicious food possible in the world.”

Shangguan Tianyang sighed faintly and said: “That is indeed a wonderful life. However, in the future you will understand… many times things are not as easy as we wish them to be.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “As long as one is willing to let go, there is nothing difficult.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes. “Let go? Let go… what a good phrase indeed, to let go. However, can one truly let go? I have to admit that today, you have convinced me. However, whether or not you can really marry Bing’er, Fei’er and Xue’er, it will still be up to your final abilities and efforts.”

Right at that moment, Shangguan Tianyue appeared in a brilliant flash of light in the hall, along with Shangguan Xue’er. When Shangguan Xue’er saw Zhou Weiqing, her gaze wavered slightly, but she did not speak at all, not even looking at his eyes. Instead, she walked towards Shangguan Tianyang and curtseyed before standing respectfully at the side.

Shangguan  Tianyang  said:  “Tianyue,  Bing’er,  Fei’er  and Xue’er are your daughters… naturally their marriage will be under your charge, I will not intervene. Xue’er, its not often that Weiqing gets to come to the Heavenly Jewel Island, you can bring him around to look around. However, one thing I have to stress… in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you all can’t go easy. Haha.”

Hearing Shangguan Tianyang’s words, both Shangguan Tianyue and Shangguan Xue’er gave obvious looks of surprise. The underlying meaning behind his words were extremely clear, he had been convinced by Zhou Weiqing, and would not interfere in the relationship between Zhou Weiqing and the three sisters. As the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, his attitude could even represent the entire Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

After saying all that, Shangguan Tianyang nodded towards Zhou Weiqing before moving off. Shangguan Tianyue looked at Zhou Weiqing with a bleak, overcast expression, saying: “Stinking brat, don’t think that just because you have convinced my big brother, I will also agree to marry my three daughters to you…”

Zhou Weiqing quickly said with a flattering smile: “Of course, that is natural. Xue’er and her sisters, their marriage is definitely according to what you say.”

“Hmph, its good that you know it. You better complete these two things well first before coming to ask for their hand in marriage again. First of all, this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you and your Heavenly Bow Empire have to gain the final championship. Our ZhongTian Battle Team will not go easy on you, so don’t think this will be an easy task. If you can accomplish this, I will allow my three daughters to follow you out. When you help them complete the so-called Saint Core Nucleus that you speak of, then you can actually marry them. That is the second condition.”

Hearing Shangguan Tianyue’s words, Zhou Weiqing was instantly overjoyed. Without question, he knelt down before Shangguan Tianyue, kowtowing three times again. This swift, unhesitant and flowing action gave even Shangguan Xue’er a fright. Although the saying goes that men have gold under their knees, kneeling to one’s father in law was a serious matter. After all, one can only kneel to the heavens, the earth and one’s parents.

Literal translation – basically means men should not kneel easily “Thank you Father in Law for fulfilling us. This little son in law will not let you down.”

Shangguan Tianyue gave another humph before saying: “Xue’er, bring him around before chasing him off. I will not allow him to see Fei’er or Bing’er. When he gets the Heavenly Jewel Tournament Championship, then we can speak of it again.”

After saying that last line, Shangguan Tianyue stepped forward, as if walking into an illusory realm, disappearing from sight.

Zhou Weiqing bounced up to his feet, laughing heartily. Seizing the opportunity that Shangguan Xue’er was still slightly stunned, he embraced her in his arms, twirling around in the air in a circle before letting her down.

Shangguan Xue’er gave a startled cry. “What are you doing? Father didn’t even agree to anything yet, why are you so happy? Do you really think that this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament is going to be easy? To gain that Championship? Furthermore, that Saint Core Nucleus is so far off in the future, who knows if it is even possible.” Zhou Weiqing grinned, releasing the struggling Shangguan Xue’er as he said: “Heh heh, who said that Father in law did not agree to anything? What I told him was that only when a man and a woman goes through intimate relations can we transfer the Saint Energy. Heh heh, you know, Paired Cultivation. Since
Father in Law is willing to allow me to help you three consolidate the Saint Core Nucleus, doesn’t that mean he is already silently agreeing to us? Heh heh heh.”

Only the did Shangguan Xue’er understand. Instantly, her face turned beet red. “You… you… you shameless…”

Zhou Weiqing held on to her hands. “If I am not shameless enough, how can I gain all of you as my wives? Come, quick, give your husband a nice good kiss.”  As he said that, his face moved forward.

Shangguan Xue’er quickly lifted a hand to press against his mouth. “Behave yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing did not insist, just giving her soft smooth hand a quick kiss before letting her go. No one could blame him for being so excited, after all with the tacit approval of Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue, the greatest difficulty he had to face was already over. It could be said that since Shangguan Tianyue personally brought up those two ‘conditions’, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had pretty much officially confirmed him as the son in law… more so, the common one between all three Shangguan Sisters.

In the entire Boundless Mainland, perhaps there was nothing more difficult to accomplish than this. For Zhou Weiqing to gain such approval, it was not just as simple as the existence of the Saint Energy, it was also the potential he had shown, all of his previous actions and accomplishments to gain their approval, and his wisdom and intelligence in persuasion… all of it added together in a package which sealed the deal.

“Xue’er, since Father in Law has forbidden me to see Fei’er and Bing’er, I will head back to prepare first. Do not worry, this time in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, I will definitely seize the  final  championship  once  more.”  In  that  moment,  Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with fighting spirit, firm in his resolve to earn that right. No matter how strong his opponents were, he would charge ahead without any qualms.

Seeing that he wanted to leave, Shangguan Xue’er grabbed onto his hand instead. “What is the rush? I have something to talk to you about.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the blushing beauty in front of him, and he couldn’t help but want to move towards her once more. However, he was quickly stopped by Shangguan Xue’er’s hand at his chest, now allowing him to move closer.

“Don’t play around, I am serious. This year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament is not as easy as you think.”

Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing immediately calmed down. He knew that Shangguan Xue’er was about to reveal the situation behind this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

“This year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament can be said to very different from all the past years. There are two main reasons.” Shangguan Xue’er allowed Zhou Weiqing to hold her hands while she spoke seriously. “The first reason is actually because of the Fei Li Battle Team that you led the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, seizing the Championship from the hands of all the Great Saint Lands. It could be said to have caused all four Great Saint Lands to lose a lot of face… especially so for the Dan Dun Battle Team, who did not even make it to the top four. As such, this time, all four Great Saint Lands are definitely putting out their top teams.”

“The second reason is the Lustre Spatial Realm. There seems to be a strange change in the Lustre Spatial Realm, and the entire zone is filled with a violent, frantic unknown energy reverberation, causing it to be very unstable. Several times, there were signs that the entire Spatial Realm had splits and cracks in it, but it was suppressed by the many powerhouses of our Heaven’s Expanse Palace… even so they were barely able to maintain the stability. As such, this year’s top four battle teams will be given the responsibility to investigate the changes in the Lustre Spatial Realm.”

“The  Lustre  Spatial  Realm  can  be  said  to  be  the  most important place in our entire Heavenly Jewel Island. Not only is there the majestic Dragons that you have seen previously, there are many other precious and rare Heavenly Beasts. Previously, the Lustre Spatial Realm that you experienced was actually only a portion of the entire realm. After all, our Heaven’s Expanse palace needs to maintain the secrecy of the entire Lustre Spatial Realm, and we never open the entire thing to outsiders. However, this time will be different. In order to solve the sudden energy unrest that has appeared, we will actually be opening the entire Lustre Spatial Realm. Some of the rarer medicines, treasures, ores and even Heavenly Beasts will now be in front of everyone. Furthermore, in order to have the other Great Saint Lands place more importance in it, this time all that is gained from the Lustre Spatial Realm can be kept by the Battle Team. Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace will not restrict it.”

“With those two reasons in mind, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of battle team the Great Saint Lands will form, and the strength they will hold. Furthermore, this is not just restricted to our four Great Saint Lands… the news has been spread to all the Empires in the world. As such, this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament can be said to be of unprecedented quality and power. To gain the championship in this current tournament, the difficulty level far outstrips any of the previous years. You must have the preparation in your heart regarding this. It will not be easy, even for you.”

Zhou Weiqing finally understood the gravity of the situation, and he said: “No wonder even you three sisters will join the competition… so that is the true reason. The Lustre Spatial Realm has restricted entry to only those below thirty years of age… so even with your Heaven’s Expanse Palace will not have sufficient manpower to check it out fully. Did you all send anyone inside to investigate yet?”

Shangguan Xue’er gave a bitter smile and said: “Of course we have. In that Spatial Realm, there are lots of strong and violent fire elemental attributes, causing the entire spatial realm to feel as if it was burning. Anyone below the six-Jeweled stage cannot even stay for long in there, let alone spending enough time to investigate the reasons. Father and Uncle do not allow us to enter on our own, as it is too risky. After all, even for our Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there aren’t that many people who are below thirty years old and above the six-Jeweled stage… and they are all the top elites. It is definitely safer to gather the strength of all four Great Saint Lands, and also with greater hopes of success.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I understand. This time, the other three Great Saint Lands… is there anyone special for me to look out for?”

Shangguan Xue’er said: “Yes. Especially for you, you need to be careful of the Blood Red Hell. That Shen Little Demon which you severely injured last time is back again.”

“I heard that in this past three years, her cultivation level has already raised to the seven-Jeweled stage. However, in such a circumstance, in the Battle Team, she could not even make the position of Vice Leader. One can imagine how strong the Dan Dun Battle Team will be this year. However, even for us, we have not been able to gain news about the exact news about all their team members.”

“As for the Passion Valley, their strength is also not to be underestimated. The leaders this time are the heirs to the Passion Vallley, a couple who have been cultivating in ‘Paired Cultivation’ ever since the age of eighteen. Both of their cultivation levels are at least seven Jeweled or higher.” “Lastly…  the Heavenly Snow Mountain…  we are even less clear about their Battle Team. However, I am certain that they will not be weak at all. As such, no matter which Battle Team from a Great Saint Lands that you meet… it will not be an easy matter.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned, saying: “Heh, no problems. Let the storms blow even more violently, without pressure, how will I have the motivation? Furthermore, for the sake of my three beautiful wives, I will not sit back and lose!”

Shangguan Xue’er glared at him exasperatedly, saying: “At such a time, you can still be so cheeky. If you are to be eliminated, I’ll see what you do then. Although Father has grudgingly accepted you, he will not change his words. If you really want to….. You better not lose this time!”

Zhou Weiqing exerted force in a pull, holding Shangguan Xue’er in his embrace once more. “How about giving me a small reward first?”

“Stop it, you better go now. Don’t let Tian’er wait so long that she is worried.” Blushing, Shangguan Xue’er slipped free of his embrace, tapping him lightly on the head. Next, she actually gave him a quick hug around the neck and kissed his lips. Zhou Weiqing had never imagined that Shangguan Xue’er would take such intimate initiative towards him, and in that instant, he was stunned. At that moment, he suddenly saw a cunning look flash in ‘Shangguan Xue’er’s’ eyes.

Her lips parted, and ‘Shangguan Xue’er’ flew back, giggling. “Bing’er asked me to tell you that she is very very angry about your playboy actions. Since she is so angry… the repercussions will be very serious. Good luck to you! You have to think about how to solve it yourself. Heh heh.”

“You’re Fei’er?”  At last, Zhou Weiqing figured out who she really was.

The Shangguan Sisters just looked too alike. If one just used their eyes to see, even for someone as familiar with them like Zhou Weiqing and her father, they were still unable to differentiate them. Only with their different aura and temperament could they barely differentiate them.

It was clear that Shangguan Fei’er had been imitating Shangguan Xue’er all that time. It was not just Zhou Weiqing, even Shangguan Tianyue had been fooled. Seeing Shangguan Fei’er again after being apart for some time, one could imagine how agitated Zhou Weiqing was. In a flash, he chased after Shangguan Fei’er. “In this place, you can’t catch up with me. Hurry up and go back to prepare for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. In the Tournament, I won’t go easy!” With a small laugh, Shangguan Fei’er disappeared in white mist.

Zhou Weiqing stood there, staring blankly at the empty air for a few moments, silent. Seeing Shangguan Fei’er again, it could be said his heart was filled with many mixed feelings. In that moment, it was as if something was stuck in his throat. Although he was a bit of a playboy, his feelings for the three Shangguan Sisters were true and deep. Xue’er, Fei’er, Bing’er, those three names kept spinning around in his mind.

After standing around for almost fifteen minutes, Zhou Weiqing finally roused up. Unknowingly, his fists were now gripped rightly. Under his calm expression, it was as if a storm was broiling beneath.

“Wait  for  me.”   He  muttered  those  three  words,  before turning around to leave as well.

Behind another hidden patch of white mist, three young girls, with exactly the same features, stood silently behind a lit screen. One of them was already sobbing her heart out, being hugged by another of the girls with a cold expression. She was only remaining standing with that support. As for the last girl, she had her tongue stuck out, but the fire in her eyes were no less than Zhou Weiqing who had just left.

“Fei’er, why are you so mischievous. Bing’er asked you to tell him that she did not blame him, and that she misses him so much.  What  did  you  say!”   Shangguan  Xue’er  glared  at Shangguan Fei’er.

Chapter 213 Cunning bets!

Shangguan  Fei’er  giggled  and  said:  “We  three  sisters  are already being given to that naughty fellow, he is already getting such a big advantage… how can we let him go without some pressure? That fellow, we need to punish him a bit first.”

Shangguan Xue’er gave a humph and said: “Is that really a punishment? More like a gift.”

Shangguan Fei’er giggled, saying: “Big sis, don’t just say me. What stage have you and that naughty fellow advanced to? If I did not guess wrongly, he must have taken advantage of you somehow. Otherwise, with your character, how could you easily fall for a man?”

Shangguan Xue’er blushed faintly, glaring slightly at her sister before saying: “If you keep talking about this, I’ll disqualify you from participating in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Furthermore, if you want to marry him, just go ahead and marry him, what connection is there with me?”

Shangguan  Fei’er  continued  smiling,  saying  teasingly:  “Is that true? Hmmmm… but… I don’t know who it was who heard Papa speak about how Zhou Weiqing told him about the Saint Energy, using the fact that he can help us consolidate Saint Core Nucleus in exchange for Papa’s agreement to our matter… who was it who was so touched? Sis, I have never you seen you so touched by another man. Us sisters have such strong empathy with each other, it is no point acting.”

Shangguan Xue’er gave a humph, but she did not refute Shangguan Fei’er’s words. “That is because you do not know what the Saint Energy truly means. I never expected he would do such a thing. That Saint Energy that he and Tian’er cultivated, as long as he is given sufficient time, he will become the most powerful in the entire… not one of.”

Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Even that one on the Heavenly Snow Mountain also can’t?”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded seriously.

Right at that moment, Shangguan Bing’er suddenly lifted up her head where she had been crying in Shangguan Xue’er’s embrace. With eyes still blurred from tears, she said: “Big sis, Second Sis, I miss Little Fatty, I really miss him…”

Shangguan Xue’er gently patted her sister’s back, saying softly: “Bing’er, don’t be so anxious, you will get to see him very soon.” “You have just finished your closed door cultivation, and you need to recuperate your body in this period; you need to refrain from overwhelming yourself with emotions. He won’t run away, don’t worry. He is no longer the same Zhou Weiqing as he was years ago. Currently, even if a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse tries something against him, it won’t be so easy to succeed.”

Zhou Weiqing returned to the inn, telling Yun Li and the others that he would be entering a short closed door cultivation with Tian’er before heading back to his room.

He told Tian’er about everything that had happened in the Heavenly Jewel Island, not hiding anything at all. This was where Zhou Weiqing showed his intelligence. He knew he had been a playboy, and if had to keep trying to hide or balance the relationships between the girls, he would never have time for anything else. As such, Zhou Weiqing had long decided that he would treat all his wives equally, speaking the truth about matters. Although sometimes the truth wasn’t comfortable to listen to, at least once you told the truth, you didn’t have to worry about covering up lies and stumbling.

Tian’er listened to Zhou Weiqing’s telling, and she just remained quietly in his embrace, holding his hand but remaining quiet. Zhou  Weiqing  asked  tentatively,  a  little  nervous:  “Dear, aren’t you jealous?” As soon as he asked that, he wanted to slap himself. Who would ask such a question? Alas, the words were already out of his mouth, and he couldn’t take it back.

Tian’er gave a light humph. “What is the point of being jealous? If I really was jealous, would you abandon them? I have already thought things through, if you really don’t want me in the future, I will take the child and live by myself. Anyway I already have a precious baby, you aren’t so important anymore.”

“Ehhh… Why does it sound like I’m just a studhorse…” Zhou Weiqing gave a depressed look as he said.

Tian’er giggled and said: “You are exactly  just a stud horse.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Dearest, since you want a child, then we should make the best use of our time. After all, we don’t really know if we truly have a child together yet right? Heh heh.”

Tian’er gave him a light punch, saying: “Didn’t you say we were going to cultivate in closed door cultivation, to do some last minute training?” Zhou Weiqing looked at her beautiful face and smooth skin, and his hands couldn’t help themselves as they ‘roamed’ about. “Well… it won’t take that long… it’s just to get us in the mood for cultivating.”

Tian’er: “…….”

Days passed, one after the other, and as it got closer and closer to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the ZhongTian City also grew more crowded, bustling with life. Although the ordinary citizens did not know the unique underlying currents in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and they did not know about the changes in the Lustre Spatial Realm of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace which caused it; to them, it was still one of the grandest events they could experience every time it was organized.

All the rooms in the inns were already filled up, and some of the Battle Teams which had come later had to go to the ZhongTian Empire to arrange places for them to stay.

The lively atmosphere infected almost everyone in the entire ZhongTian City, and various news about the Heavenly Jewel Tournament also spread like wildfire. This was especially so for all the estimations of each Battle Team’s strength; there were so many various editions spreading around.

After all, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was also one of the ZhongTian Empire top betting events. After all, there were so many people joining the Tournament, and if one could seize the opportunity to bet on a dark horse, they could possibly gain a fortune overnight. For example, the last Tournament’s Fei Li Empire… Although many had lost a lot of gold, there were the few who had made off like kings with the sheer odds… especially during the fight against the Dan Dun Empire where it had been a 100 to 1 odds… Zhou Weiqing was not the only one who had earned from that.

Amongst the over twenty Battle Teams that had joined, the most attention was naturally focused on the powerful Battle Teams which had the Great Saint Lands behind their backs. This was a normal situation that happened every single Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, this year, another team was also under high scrutiny, and that was naturally the Fei Li Battle Team.

After all, the Fei Li Battle Team had been the biggest dark horse in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, perhaps even in the history of the Tournament itself. More so, it had actually won all the way, even obtaining the final championship, shocking the entire world. This round, naturally there were many who looked at them with high hopes and expectations. Of course, every single Battle Team was doing their best to keep their team members and strength
secret. As such, the news that ordinary citizens could get was highly limited, and amongst them, the Fei Li Battle Team was one of the most mysterious ones… and also one that had greatest anticipation for many.

As for the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, no one would pay attention to them. Every session of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, there would be countless of small empires joining the Tournament, but all of them just served as a foil or contrast to the large empires.

Only a few observant people would notice that this Heavenly Bow Empire which had already been destroyed, had actually appeared on the main namelist of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament… what did that mean? Of course, even if they noticed it, they did not pay much attention to it. Who would treat such an unknown Battle Team as one of the hot favourites?

By this time, the registration period of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had ended. This year, there were a total of twenty five Battle Teams, representing their respective Empires. Similarly to past years, they were split into four groups, three with six teams each and a fourth with seven Battle Teams. For that particular group, it would perhaps be relatively harder to advance.

The lot-drawing ceremony has also completed yesterday, and the one to represent the Heavenly Bow Empire to draw lots was Yun Li. However, when he returned with the results of the lots and told Zhou Weiqing, it gave Zhou Weiqing such a huge shock that he could only stare with jaw agape.

The group which the Heavenly Bow Empire had been placed into could truly be called the ‘Group of Death’. Not only was it the only group with seven Battle Teams, the real reason it was called the Group of Death was because there were actually TWO of the Battle Teams backed by the Great Saint Lands! Perhaps what made Zhou Weiqing speechless was that several of them were even old enemies and foes, or those with links to them.

This group had seven teams which included the ZhongTian Battle Team, Dan Dun Battle Team, Bai Da Battle Team, Kalise Battle Team, Mi Ou Battle Team, Geritimo Battle Team and of course, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. “Big bro… are you toying with me? Please say you are.” Zhou Weiqing looked at Yun Li’s calm face, then back down at the group list and schedule, his brow twitching violently.

Yun Li glanced at him, but did not speak.

Zhou Weiqing had a ‘speechless’ look on his face, as he said: “My dear big boss, this is not true right?! Are you trying to play me to my death?! What kind of enemies did you draw!! All old friends and old foes! If you want me to die, you should just say so directly. This must be a prank right? Quick, take out the real schedule.”

Yun Li said exasperatedly: “This is the real result. If you don’t believe it, you can go look for yourself. Isn’t it just a bit of bad luck, it’s not like I did it on purpose. Anyway, this is also a good thing right? Any enmity, we can deal with it all at once.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was bleeding! “Big brother… is this really just a ‘bit’ of bad luck?! Look at all the enemies? ZhongTian Empire… nothing much more needs to be said right? With the three Shangguan Sisters… we don’t have to imagine that they will go easy on us. Don’t forget your precious Little Miss Muddle will be part of them… I dare say their average cultivation level is at least seven Jewels or higher.” “Next is the Dan Dun Empire… that is an old enemy of mine. I heard that the previous team leader Shen Little Demon has already reached the seven-Jeweled stage, yet this time she couldn’t even make it as the Vice Leader. So… yeah, they can’t be underestimated either. Besides that, well… at least the Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire are great, those are the two that I had hoped to meet the most. At least I can vent my anger then…”

“Then, there is the Geritimo Empire…  This is also a large Empire equal to the Fei Li Empire, and they have just lost a war against the Dan Dun Empire… they will definitely be gearing up their best to take revenge in this Heavenly Jewel Tournament… so it will be safe to say that their Battle Team will also not be weak.”

“Overall… besides the Mi Ou Battle Team which should be an easy fight… we will have three extremely tough fights ahead of us just in the group stages alone. And there will only be two Battle Teams which can advance from ths group stages. I… I…”

Yun  Li  said  helplessly:  “The  lots  have  been  drawn,  it  is already set in stone… what else can I do?”

Zhou Weiqing said savagely: “What else can you do… hmph… every round you will be the first to fight. Let’s see what else you can do. Hmph Hmph.”

Yun Li was also staunch and unyielding. With a humph of his own, he retorted: “Fine, I’m fine with being first to fight!”

At last, the official start date of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was finally here. Before dawn, the entire ZhongTian City was already bustling with life and cheer. The sounds of sales, shouting, breakfast, all of it rose and fall from every single corner of the city.

After having breakfast, the ZhongTian Battle Team members were all called to Zhou Weiqing’s room.

“Wear these clothes, and these bamboo hats. We will set off soon.” Zhou Weiqing pointed to the pile of clothes on the table. Both he and Tian’er had already changed into them.

These were unbelievably simple clothings. Grey, plain common clothes. Indeed, simple cotton clothing which weren’t even military attire. The only redeeming feature about the clothes was that they were of pure cotton, so they were at least relatively comfortable. There was pretty much no difference between these clothes and that of ordinary work attire of porters and haulers… without any decorations or embellishments.

Besides the grey clothes, there was a simple bamboo hat, with a simple tassel. In any case, once they wore that hat, as long as it wasn’t someone with x-ray vision, no one could tell how they looked like.

He is making a pun here. 种⻢ literally means stud horse, but is also ‘net’ slang for harem stories “Boss,  isn’t  this  a  bit  too  shabby?”  Ma  Qun  held  up  his clothes as he complained.

Zhou Weiqing shot a glance at him and said: “If you think it’s too shabby for you, you don’t have to join the tournament. What do you know, haven’t you heard of the term acting as a pig to eat tigers?! Or do you prefer to write on your forehead ‘I AM VERY STRONG’ before you are happy? Do you know what it means to feint some weak points for your enemies to draw them in?! Don’t forget that besides winning, we still need to work hard to earn money!”

Crow burst into giggles at the side, saying: “Just listen to Boss. The art of acting like a pig to eat tigers, no one is better than him at it. Both Weiqing and I have attended the previous Tournament, and we were also pivotal in achieving victory. Anyone could easily identify us. As such, it will be best for us to delay revealing ourselves as much as possible. Otherwise, how can we earn any money at all. Right, Boss?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Looks like it’s Crow who knows me best. Alright now, hurry up and change clothes, I still have a mission for each of you to accomplish.” Under Zhou Weiqing’s forceful request, the group of them grudgingly changed into this team uniform that was not really a team uniform. At least, they were relatively neat and in sync. If not for Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi’s heights, they could have been easily lost in the sea of people in the crowded streets. This was exactly the result and effect that Zhou Weiqing was looking for.

Once everyone had changed and returned to Zhou Weiqing’s room, he placed a stack of crystal cards on the table.

“Each of you take five cards. Each of these cards contain one million gold coins. I want you all to place bets according to my instructions. Once you have finished betting, only then do you take your participant badge to the competition ground by yourselves.”

As such, he handed out the cards to the various individuals, and he began informing them of the bets they were to place, each of them having different bets. This was the result of the past few days, which he had spent calculating the best odds for them to maximise their winnings.

Tian’er couldn’t help but find it amusing, saying drolly: “If I didn’t know that you were targeting the championship, I would really think you are just a professional gambler.” The first round of fights had also been arranged and scheduled after drawing lots, and the schedule had also been released to the public for the sake of betting. However, all the bets would only start this morning, from daybreak until the sun is high in the morning, which was the arranged time for
bets to be placed before the actual fighting began.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Winning money is also a grand accomplishment, one that grants you much satisfaction. Very soon, you will all feel it for yourselves. Oh right, for your own money, if you want to bet, do not follow my instructions. Our first fight will be against the Mi Ou Battle Team… so you can just bet on ourselves.”

This first fight could be said to be stress-free for all of them. It was perhaps the easiest fight in their entire group, and thus Zhou Weiqing found it extremely easy to arrange for their first day.

The team stealthily left their inn, mixing into the crowd as they split up, each heading to their own destinations according to Zhou Weiqing’s directions. They would be betting in different betting stations, and with their nondescript clothings, it should not draw much attention. Naturally, they would not just dump a million gold coins at once on a single battle team. Instead, Zhou Weiqing’s method was to get them to scatter their bets here and there, even placing a few tiny bets on those battle teams which did not seem to have a chance to win, while having the majority on his
targets. In this way, those above mentioned targets would not be too obvious.

Early in the morning, the odds of the day’s fight had already come out.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team and the Mi Ou Battle Team’s odds had also come up, 1.5 to 1. That was to say, if the Heavenly Bow Battle Team won, bettors would gain 1.5x their bet, and if the Mi Ou Battle Team won, bettors would gain 1x of their bet.

The odds were constantly fluctuating, and it was determined by the ZhongTian government authorities, while the adjustments were done according to the bets.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er quickly arrived at their destination betting booth. After some observation, he discovered that many more people were betting on the Mi Ou Battle Team than their Heavenly Bow Battle Team. After all, the Mi Ou Empire had joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament many times before. Although their results weren’t astounding, more people would look to them rather than the Heavenly Bow Empire which had never joined a single Heavenly Jewel Tournament prior to this.

“Little Fatty, aren’t we going to place our bets? It isn’t early already.” Tian’er asked curiously.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Very well, let us begin. You go first, bet one million gold on the Mi Ou Battle Team.”

“Huh? Did you get that wrong? Bet on the Mi Ou Battle Team?” Tian’er was caught by surprise. “Are you planning on giving up the first fight?”

Zhou Weiqing continued grinning widely as he said: “Heh heh, just do as I say first.”

Although Tian’er was filled with puzzlement, her trust in Zhou Weiqing won out in the end. Furthermore, in her eyes, one million gold wasn’t much, so she did as he said and placed the bet. Barely two minutes after Tian’er had placed her one million gold coin bet, the odds were adjusted, changing dramatically, reaching a high of 1 to 4.5!

After all, these two Battle Teams were not popular at all, and most did not have information on them. As such, the amount of total funds bet on them was not much. With a sudden addition of a one million gold coin bet, the odds would naturally be influenced greatly.

When he had joined the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Zhou Weiqing had already spent some time observing all the details of the betting stations. These odds were controlled by objects similar to the Lustre Gems on the Heavenly Jewel Island. As long as one betting booth had a large infusion of bets, then all of the booths would change the odds.

As for the citizens, when they placed their bets, there was usually some distinguishing signs. That was, the popular battle teams and fights would definitely have a greater amount of bets in total. For example, if it were down to the top eight fights, and a Great Saint Land Battle Team was facing another Great Saint Land Battle Team, perhaps the total bets would amount to several billion gold coins or more! Conversely, in the preliminary stages, due to the large number of fights, some of the smaller empires would have much lesser bets. After all, most would not want to place their bets on unfamiliar teams.

Indeed, as Zhou Weiqing had expected, after trying it out, the bet of one million gold had greatly increased the odds, proving Zhou Weiqing’s guesses to be accurate. He was instantly overjoyed.

Odds was a rather tricky thing. Sometimes, when it went high, it would cause others to follow suit. Seeing the Mi Ou Battle Team’s odds, before long, there were other people following suit, causing the odds to continue rising.

Humans had a habit of the inertia of thought. To many of them, since someone had dared to place such a heavy bet on the Mi Ou Empire, that must be because they had absolute confidence.

This year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament betting had some variations from previous ones. Besides being the banker as usual, the ZhongTian Empire also added a rule that they would be taking a small cut from all the winnings. That was to say, if someone won money in a bet, a tiny portion would have to be paid up as ‘taxes’. The current declared ‘tax’ was about five percent.

Do not underestimate this mere five percent. After all, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was sufficient to draw in all the richest people of the world to come watch and enjoy, and bet at the same time. The final tally of gold inflow and outflow could be more than a hundred billion gold coins. A mere five percent of that was already a massive sum of money.

If it were any other empire, they might be called into question for daring to take a small cut. However, who dared to challenge the ZhongTian Empire? If they weren’t willing to pay the cut, they could just not bet. However, this Heavenly Jewel Tournament could only be held by the ZhongTian Empire. As such, though there was some unhappiness due to this new rule, the dissenting voices were quickly drowned out.

Very soon, the time for the fights were about to begin. By this time, the odds of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and Mi Ou Battle Team had risen to 1 to 7. That was to say, the Mi Ou Battle Team’s odds were 7 to 1, and the ‘profit’ for betting on them was very minimal now.

At this time, Zhou Weiqing finally placed his own bet. He placed every single cent he had with him and Tian’er onto their Heavenly Bow Empire, all at once. Once he placed the bet, he quickly left with Tian’er.

Although the odds would continue changing from there, but the fight was about to start soon. Of course, the payout would have a instant change from his bet, but it was unlikely many would be able to follow suit. The final odds should not be very different from the 1 to 7 payout rate.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that the ZhongTian Empire would lose money. The ones who truly lost would be those who had bet on the Mi Ou Empire. Although Zhou Weiqing had savagely bet on themselves, even a 1 to 7 odds was a far cry from the past tournament’s 1 to 100 odds.

“You are just too sly and cunning.” As Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing walked towards the entrance of the competition ground, she couldn’t help but comment with a smiling face. “Didn’t you say we should not raise too much attention?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, Since I didn’t place all thirty million gold on this betting round, that is already giving the ZhongTian Empire a lot of face. To be honest, this will be our biggest opportunity to earn money in the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Since no one knows of us yet, and the Mi Ou Battle Team is also the easiest fight, we only have this chance to use our wealth to manipulate the odds… as such I can only seize this opportunity to earn a large sum first. The same situation should happen for most of the other bets I planned. Those I have chosen are mostly those fights between smaller empires. However, the betting process will be different from what we did just now… after all, I only have fifty percent certainty about the results. Although we cannot win it all, we have a major advantage in terms of the odds. As such, though we are splitting our bets, I estimate that we will at least earn ten million gold coins for this round.”

“Although this will definitely draw the attention of the ZhongTian Empire, perhaps even causing them to change some rules, at least we will have earned the base of what we need. From here on, we will not be able to duplicate that feat. We can only wait for those tough fights before we bet on ourselves to win and rake it in again. This time, I want to bring back at least sufficient funds to run our Heavenly Bow Empire for at least five years without issues.”

As the pair spoke, they entered the competition grounds.

On the surface, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament did not seem any different from the previous one. It was still that same central stage, surrounded by the various resting rooms of all the Empires. At the front, there was the VIP viewing stand. However, for this year’s four best resting rooms, the Dan Dun Battle Team did not have a place. Instead, the Fei Li Battle Team had taken their position. More so, it was the best room, the one which had belonged to the ZhongTian Battle Team the previous time. Seeing the Fei Li Battle Team’s insignia on their resting room, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt his heart grow warm and fervent.

By now, the entire ZhongTian Plaza was filled with crowds of people, an audience that was literally awash with countless bodies. Cheers, shouts, even screams rose and fell, and the entire scene was extremely lively and bustling with excitement.

In such an atmosphere, any participant would easily feel their blood boil with excitement. Zhou Weiqing was no exception. Here, he had once helped the Fei Li Empire to fight for and win the greatest achievements and honour. It was also at that time that he had said he would lead the Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team to this stage, to prove the power of their Empire. Now, he had done it… he was really here again, with his Heavenly Bow Battle Team, bringing their hopes and resolve towards the championship.

Taking a deep breath, taking in the air filled with the smell of smoke, Zhou Weiqing instantly forgot all about the betting. His gaze froze upon the fighting ring, and his fighting spirit raised instantly. Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing’s hearts were linked due to their constant cultivating of Saint Energy together. Naturally, she could sense the sudden change in his feelings. Grasping his hand, feeling the sudden sweat in his palms, she thought to herself: Little Fatty, you can do it.

“Get out of the way.” A cold voice suddenly rang out behind the two of them. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er subconsciously turned back to look, only to see a battle team dressed in red behind them.

The fresh blood red of the battle team’s uniform could easily stimulate one’s eyes. The one at the front of the team was a young man, an icy cold aura belying the fiery hot eyes he had. The strange mix of heat and ice was easy to give others a wrong sensation.

Zhou Weiqing pulled Tian’er back, stepping aside to give way. The battle team members dressed in red did not even look at them as they passed by them with grand steps, headed towards the resting house in the centre.

“It’s the Dan Dun Battle Team, looks like they have changed their team uniforms.”  Zhou Weiqing instantly recognized his old foes, as Shen Little Demon was walking at the fourth position in the team. It had been a few years since he had last seen Shen Little Demon, and she now looked to no longer have the impetus and rash character she had in the previous tournament, with a hint of maturity now. From her looks she was actually married now! Shen Little Demon was not young anymore, for a girl to be near the age of thirty, how could she not marry?

Tian’er pursed her lips, saying disdainfully: “Aren’t they just the Blood Red Hell, look at how arrogant they are. Hmph!” She had never been one to back down, and she was currently not in a good mood at all.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “It looks like I truly have fate with this Dan Dun Empire! We’ll take care of them when it is their turn to fight us. For now, we need to stay low, we need to earn as much as possible. We will meet them in the sixth round, at that time, we will vent our anger.”

As he said that, his gaze turned to the resting room of the ZhongTian Empire. Alas, he did not see any sign of the three Shangguan Sisters at all. In fact, only four members of the ZhongTian Battle Team were there, none of them familiar to him at all. From the look of things, the three Shangguan Sisters were not intending to come today. As usual, the ZhongTian Battle Team was the first to fight, and their opponent would be the Kalise Battle Team. Naturally, with such a calibre of opponent, the Shangguan Sisters would not even have a chance to take action.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team’s rest house was at one of the most remote corners. After all, it was the first time they were attending the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er entered the rest house, the rest of the team had already gathered.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were pretty much some of the latest of all the competitors. Not long after they entered the rest house, the ZhongTian Emperor Shangguan Tianxin stood up at the VIP stand, proclaiming the start of the entire Tournament along with loud cheers from the audience. This year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament’s chief judge was still the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace’s Palace Master, Shangguan Longyin.

Normally, the first round of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament always ended in the shortest possible time. That was because the first round would always be the seeded team of the particular group. For the first group, the ZhongTian Battle Team stepped forward, and the Kalise Battle Team directly surrendered without a fight.

As for the other three groups, the same scene occurred except for the Fei Li Empire’s group. However, their opponent was merely a Battle Team from a small Empire, and with the leadership of the powerful brother sister team of Ye Paopao and Ye Xuan, they quickly won their fight.

Very quickly, the second round began.

Shangguan Longyin’s rich voice rang out. “First stage, First Group Second Round. Heavenly Bow Battle Team vs Mi Ou Battle Team. Both sides, please send your first fighter to the stage. Judge, to the stage.”

According to the lots drawn, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would be fighting in the second fight for the first group. Instantly, Yun Li bounced to his feet, ready to head out. However, Zhou Weiqing grabbed hold of him, preventing him from walking out.

“What?” Yun Li asked Zhou Weiqing curiously. “Didn’t you say I will be the one to fight first every round?” Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “Not this round. Ma Qun, you go first. Xixi, you will fight second. For the third fight both of you go together. Do not use your Heavenly Energy, wear your full heavy armour.”

Zhou Weiqing’s instructions were simple but extremely clear.

Upon hearing those words, Ma Qun was delighted. He had always been a person who loved to show off, and he had been yearning to join this Heavenly Jewel Tournament for such a long time. As soon as he heard Zhou Weiqing wanting him to lead the fight, he instantly charged out with an excited look on his face.

With a bounce of his feet on the ground, he leapt directly onto the stage.

As for the Mi Ou Battle Team, the one who walked out was a youth of about twenty six or twenty seven. The entire Mi Ou Battle Team was also no longer the same as three years ago, with pretty much everyone changed, and Zhou Weiqing had not seen this youth who had walked out before.

Crow sat by Zhou Weiqing’s side, laughing heartily as she said: “I still remember… the previous time when we were representing the Fei Li Empire… our first round was also against the Mi Ou Empire. What fate we have together!”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, but remained quiet. In truth, against the Mi Ou Battle Team, he did not feel like they would be any under any stress.

On the rostrum, Shangguan Longyin glanced naturally to the side of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house. Looking at the entire team wearing their bamboo hats low even in the room, his mouth twitched slightly momentarily, the flicker of a smile in his eyes. Clearly, he knew who was part of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

On the stage, the judge said solemnly: “Both sides, introduce yourself.”

Ma Qun stretched his powerful muscles, shouting out loud: “Heavenly Bow Empire, Ma Qun.”

When the youth from the Mi Ou battle Team saw Ma Qun’s size and stature, he was given a small fright. His own 1.8 metres height was not considered short, but he only barely came up to Ma Qun’s chest. “Mi Ou Empire, Qian Shu.”

The judge continued: “The rules of the fight are simple, both sides can attack at will, any weapons are allowed. However, if you are fighting as a Beastmaster, you cannot use any Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills. Once the enemy surrenders, you cannot continue attacking. Understood?”

Both sides indicated they understood, but just as the judge was about to proclaim the start of the fight, he was suddenly stopped by Ma Qun. “Judge, sorry, could we wait a moment.”

The judge started momentarily, saying: “Do you have any other questions?”

Ma Qun said: “I forgot to wear my armour below. Can I still wear it now?”

The judge’s face darkened, but he said: “Why didn’t you prepare before the fight? That’s what a schedule is for! Hurry up.”

The Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules allowed any weapons or armour, and he could not stop him. Originally, the youth called Qian Shu was a little nervous upon seeing Ma Qun’s huge size, but he laughed out loud directly at that. In truth, most of the competitors joining the Heavenly Jewel Tournament would be depending on their Consolidated Equipment, and for Ma Qun to request to wear
armour, wasn’t that revealing that his cultivation level wasn’t sufficient? In that instant, the fear and worry in his heart lowered by more than half, converted to excitement. If he could gain a first victory for his Empire, it was an honour for any team member.

However, very quickly, that smile froze on Qian Shu’s face.

Ma Qun stood on the stage, right in front of millions of audience as he took out his heavy armour piece by piece, wearing it as quickly as he could.

Let alone the judge and Qian Shu on the stage, even the honoured guests on the VIP audience stand were staring, stunned.

What kind of armour was that!? It was more than half chi thick all around, and more so, when Ma Qun had placed the entire armour on the competition stage, it caused a clear loud thumping sound, even causing reverberations throughout. How heavy did that armour have to be for something like that to happen?

By the time Ma Qun finished wearing his heavy armour, all the onlookers couldn’t help but feel their hearts wrench. Ma Qun’s height and stature was immense enough, and with the entire body of Heavy Cavalry Armour, he was like a single moving steel fortress. Standing there, even without releasing his Heavenly Energy or a hint of aura, he already exuded an incomparable pressure. Standing in front of him, Qian Shu looked like a little lost sheep, as if he could be swallowed by this immense monster in front of him.

After wearing his armour, Ma Qun grinned and said: “Peerless Regiment Cavalry, Transformation Complete. Judge, I am ready.”

Qian Shu stared blankly at the judge. “He…  Is…  Is that not against the rules? Isn’t that armour just too massive?”  From Ma Qun’s armour, he could sense a thick cold aura, and he was truly suspicious that if his own attacks could even get through that thick armour.

The judge’s heart was also twisting inside, but the Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules had never prevented anyone from using any weapon or armour! “Competitors can use any weapons or armour. If you wish to wear armour now, you can do so. If you do not require it, I will proclaim the start of the match.”

Qian Shu could only resign himself to his fate. Since he had been chosen by the Mi Ou Empire, he was also one of the top of the generation, and he quickly calmed himself down, shaking himself free from the shock as he nodded towards the judge.

As the judge proclaimed the start of the match, the historical first fight of the Heavenly Bow Empire in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finally began.

Qian Shu swiftly released his Heavenly Jewels. As the vanguard fighter of the Mi Ou Battle Team, his cultivation level was not weak. Four Heavenly Jewels appeared respectively on his right and left wrists, with his Physical Jewels the Dragonstone Jade of Agility, and his Elemental Jewels the Emperor Sapphires of the Water Attribute.

Pressing his hands together, his arms were instantly covered with Consolidated armour. It was a small set of two Consolidated Equipment pieces, in a thick blue light and the assistance of his Consolidated Equipment, a pair of ice blades formed in his hands, each three chi long. Facing Ma Qun’s body which looked like a massive armoured fortress, he did not try to retreat, instead charging forward in a flash, instantly reaching Ma Qun’s side, the ice blades swiping down at him.

Chapter 214 ‘Gentle’ Xixi!

This Qian Shu from the Mi Ou Battle Team was a rare Agility/Water close combat specialist.

In truth, Qian Shu’s combat experience was quite decent. After being shocked by Ma Qun’s armour, he immediately judged that Ma Qun’s greatest strength should be his defense, and his speed would not be too good. As such, he was confident in using his own speed and agility in taking the fight to Ma Qun, and he still had a chance of winning. After all, for Ma Qun to wear such an armour, it should mean his Heavenly Energy cultivation level wasn’t too high.

Just as Qian Shu attacked, Ma Qun did not choose to dodge. Instead, he waved his arms, withdrawing his weapons. At the same time, he stepped towards Qian Shu’s direction, his arms twirling the massive spiked maces in direct swipes towards Qian Shu.

If not for his insane armour, such an attack from Ma Qun would normally be deemed as a suicide-attack type move, pitting their lives against each other. After all, Qian Shu had attacked first, and though his weapons might not be as large Ma Qun’s he would definitely hit first. However, with the Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry Armour, everything changed.

Seeing the two terrifying massive spiked maces, Qian Shu couldn’t help but shiver in his heart. He dared not care about hurting his opponent, instead lowering his body down, striking the ground with his feet in a swift movement to dodge the spiked maces, before his ice blades struck out again towards Ma Qun’s legs.

Qian Shu’s reactions could be considered very fast. Alas, it did not change the fact that Ma Qun was not even looking at his actions, only enacting his own plans and actions.

The two large spiked maces swung in a sweeping motion, not changing its path because of his enemy’s dodge. With his legs as a pivot, he just spun himself totally, one spiked mace swerving upwards, the other swerving downwards. With his body moving, he was like a meat grinder smashing towards Qian Shu’s direction.

*Puu**Puu* Qian Shu’s ice blades smashed hard into Ma Qun’s leg. However, his attacks merely left two faint scratches on the Frozen Steel Armour, and instead the ice blades showed signs of cracking on impact. At the same time, the large spiked maces had already spun an entire round and returned. The length of the spiked maces were almost two metres, along with their thickness and Ma Qun’s spinning, the area of effect of their reach was just too large. Even though Qian Shu was an Agility type Heavenly Jewel Master, being overextended in position from his attack, he was unable to dodge it a second time.

Lifting his arms, he put his ice blades in a parrying position as his right foot stomped on the ground, using the momentum to push his body to the ground, his back on the stage floor as he tried to slide away.

Alas, on the first spin, Ma Qun had already noticed that Qian Shu had gone down low, and the lower mace of his reached all the way to the ground.


The massive spiked mace smashed savagely onto the crossguard of Qian Shu’s ice blades, and a terrifying sight occurred. Qian Shu felt an incomprehensible strength transferring to him, and both ice blades in his hands shattered instantly. The next instant, the spiked mace smashed into the Consolidated Equipment of his arms. His entire body, Consolidated Equipment and all, was sent flying out of the stage like a golf ball, careening across the stage floor. In midair, Qian Shu’s Consolidated Equipment around his arms also shattered. Luckily, it was because of the protection of the pair of Consolidated Equipment that saved his arms, escaping with minor injuries instead of being broken straight away.

With just the single strike from Ma Qun, it sent Qian Shu flying more than thirty metres before falling to the ground, almost reaching the rest houses.

Although Qian Shu was not heavily injured, he had already been knocked off the stage, and the victory had been determined.

“This…  does  this  also  work?”  Such  a  sentence  occurred throughout all the rest houses.

All of them had discerning eyes, and they could naturally tell that this was not even considered a clash between Heavenly Jewel Masters… more like a clash between a Heavenly Jewel Master and raw physical strength. Ma Qun did not even summon his Heavenly Jewels or use his Heavenly Energy, let alone any Stored Skills or Consolidated Equipment. He had just used raw unadulterated physical strength to send Qian Shu flying out of the stage. That was a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master! Yet, he had lost the fight without even much resistance… in such a short period of time!

On the VIP Stand, the ZhongTian Emperor Shangguan Tianxin had a slightly stunned look on his face, and he was muttering  to  himself:  “So  this  is  the  notorious  Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry? No wonder, no wonder. It looks like the news from the west is indeed accurate. If that brat Zhou Weiqing actually led several hundred of these powerful warriors, it is definitely possible to repulse the Kalise army.”

Shangguan Tianxin had long since read the report about the bloody battle in the Crescent City. His news was from Shangguan Xue’er, and thus was rather detailed. However, at that time, when Shangguan Tianxin heard her say that Zhou Weiqing had only used three thousand fresh recruits and seven hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers to withstand the crazed onslaught of fifty thousand Kalise soldiers, he had only smiled passively. In his eyes, perhaps Xue’er had overestimated the numbers of the Kalise armies. However, now that he had seen Ma Qun’s terrifying display of power, he immediately readjusted his thinking about Zhou Weiqing’s Peerless Regiment.

After proclaiming the result of this fight and for the next match to begin, Shangguan Longyin walked beside Shangguan Tianxin.

“Your Majesty.”

“En. What do you think?” Shangguan Tianxin asked Shangguan Longyin.

Shangguan Longyin was silently for a moment before saying: “These Peerless Heavy Cavalry should not be from the Ruffian Battalions. According to the news from the Northwest Army Camp, it seems like Zhou Weiqing had taken in some warrior tribes; the entirety of their tribes, and incorporated their warriors as part of his forces. These Tribes have some impressive natural inborn talents indeed. If I did not see wrongly, just now that Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry warrior’s armour was no less than a thousand jin heavy, but it did not influence his movement at all. Any ordinary warrior, even for a Heavenly Jewel Master, he would not be able to wear it. From that alone, we can see that this person’s physical strength alone is already at a terrifying stage. At this point, I can truly understand how is it that the WanShou Empire forces had lost so much to the Peerless Regiment. That little rascal Zhou Weiqing is definitely no ordinary person.”

As they were speaking up above, on the stage, Ma Qun was howling smugly, raising his massive spiked maces in the air, as if he was some invincible general who had defeated an enemy army.

“Hey, it’s time for you to go down. We are about to start the next match.”  It was only after the judge’s reminder that Ma Qun realised he had to leave the stage, and he walked off the stage with some discontent, as if he still wasn’t satisfied.

The members of the Battle Teams with the four Great Saint Lands as background all revealed disdainful looks. Their judgement of Ma Qun was the mere words: Simple minded, mere brute force.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing did not hear their appraisal, otherwise he would have fallen to the ground laughing. For someone to deem Ma Qun, a fellow who had dared to try trick him when they first entered the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy, as simple minded? Perhaps in the entire Berserker Tribe with their Titan Bloodline, no one else was as cunning and sneaky as this fellow. En… even as he judged Ma Qun as cunning, the sneakiest Zhou Weiqing did not blush or blink at all.

The other Mi Ou Battle Team members had extremely ugly expressions. When Qian Shu returned to his team rest house, he felt like he couldn’t lift up his head. To lose to a brute like that who only used physical strength, his heart was extremely gloomy and unreconciled. In his eyes, he should have the chance to defeat Ma Qun, but he had underestimated that heavy armour of his.

The second member of the Mi Ou Battle Team quickly ascended the stage. Since the first match was a loss, this time their team leader decided to take the fight personally.

As compared to the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, this year’s Mi Ou Battle Team seemed to be weaker overall. Even this team leader was only at the five-Jeweled stage. It could be said that the Mi Ou Battle Team was the complete reverse of almost all other battle teams, who were far stronger than all their previous incarnations. To be more accurate, they were just here to ‘buy soy sauce’. However, even if they didn’t have high aspirations, they did not want to lose in too ugly a fashion, especially against a team like the Heavenly Bow Empire’s who were only participating for the first time. In their eyes, this was something that was unacceptable.

As the Mi Ou Battle Team leader ascended the stage, Ma Qun was just walking down. Just as he was prepared to look at what kind of opponent the Heavenly Bow Empire would send for him, another massive figure jumped up.

*BOOM* *CRASH* A horrendous crashing sound rang through all the rest houses, even giving the VIP Stand a huge scare. Both the Mi Ou Battle Team Leader and the judge on the stage were sent staggering back with the sheer sound shockwave and reverberations of the stage. If not for the fact that their cultivation levels were not low, perhaps they might have even fallen down.

The Mi Ou Battle Team leader’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch uncontrollably. One moving steel fortress had just gone down, and another one had sprang up. Looking at the height and stature, it did not pale compared to the previous one. Even their armour was exactly the same, with the only difference being the weapons in their hands.

It couldn’t be that fellow who went down had just changed weapons and jumped back up right? Otherwise, how could the Heavenly Bow Empire have so many insanely strong fellows like that?

The judge had been given a rather large scare, and his heart was still thumping wildly. Mouth twitching, he said: “Both sides, introduction.”

“Mi Ou Empire. Zhao Hui.” After reporting his name, the team leader stared savagely at his opponent, concentrating fully on his opponent’s voice. If it was exactly the same, he would definitely voice out his suspicions to the judge, asking the opponent to remove his helmet.

“Heavenly Bow Empire. Xixi.”

As soon as the voice rang out, even the judge started slightly. A warrior with such a massive physical stature… he.. Was a she…? Furthermore, Xixi’s voice was a stark contrast from her figure… such a silky sweet voice, it was definitely not something that a man could imitate no matter how he tried, sounding extremely comforting.

This… this was really a girl? Zhao Hui was extremely gloomy. The judge was still in shock, but he quickly proclaimed the start of the match to prevent himself from suffering any further shocks.

Below the stage, in the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house, Zhou Weiqing was observing the fight very closely. Amongst all his team mates, the one he was least familiar with was Xixi, and he had not seen her fight before. As such, he had dispatched her to fight in this first round of battles. After all, he needed to familiarize himself with his team member’s capabilities so that he could better arrange their strategy in the later stages of the tournament. Ma Qun smiled faintly and said: “Boss, do not worry. In terms of defense, Xixi is definitely no match for Ma Qun. However, if we speak of offensive strength, even two Ma Qun’s cannot compare to her. In the Crescent City battle, Xixi was at the west gates, so you did not see her fighting. There, she killed more than five hundred enemies by herself. She earned herself the nickname Gentle Fiend Goddess. Normally, she is extremely gentle, but once she enters battle mode, her ferocity scares even myself.”

Literal translation – internet slang for ‘just passing by’ Zhou Weiqing started, saying: “How did that happen?”

Crow sighed softly, saying: “Xixi… when she was very young, she joined her parents in hunting in the hills. Alas, at that time, she wandered about and was lost. Eventually, she was taken up by a tiger. Perhaps because of our inborn tough skin and bones, the tiger was unable to eat her, and ended up raising her up all the way until she was eight years old, when the tiger died. She wandered around the hills, no one knows for how long, until she was discovered by other Tribesmen and brought home. Her voice is always so soft because her speech patterns are still not very accurate. In truth, since she grew up in the jungles where the law of the jungle truly prevailed… once that wild side of her bursts free, her fighting capabilities also rises. Amongst the entire Gold Crow Tribe young generation, her overall power is second only to me. However, if it was a fight to the death between the two of us, I dare not say I can really defeat her.”

This… this was a true female tiger! Zhou Weiqing’s heart palpitated savagely. Perhaps, Master Han Mo had also fallen for her because of this past of us. However, he truly suspected if Han Mo fought with her in melee combat, he would not be able to beat her. As they spoke, the match on the stage had already begun.

As the judge retreated on his announcement, Zhao Hui also flew back swiftly, a crimson staff appearing in his grasp. With a flick of his wrist, a series of fireballs flew towards Xixi.

Just like Qian Shu earlier, Zhao Hui’s Physical Jewel was also the Agility Attribute, but his choice of training was long ranged combat. With his Fire Attribute Elemental Jewels and its explosive power, it was not a bad choice to choose ranged combat. From the fact he was able to release such a chain of fireballs in quick succession, one could tell that the control he had over his element and Skills was fine grained indeed.

As Zhao Hui launched his attacks, Xixi also reacted swiftly. Her fighting style could be said to be very different from Ma Qun. As soon as the judge shouted to begin, her entire body had begun to crouch low, as if she had become a beast about to devour its victims.

As Zhao Hui flew back, Xixi’s right leg stomped down on the ground savagely, her entire body shooting forth like a cannonball. With her kick, a deep hole measuring almost a metre in diameter and half a metre deep was actually opened in the tough granite stage. With the propelling impetus from this terrifying kick, Xixi charged towards Zhao Hui like a gust of evil wind, seemingly totally unaffected by her heavy armour.

In terms of length, the broad axes of the Gold Crow Tribe were lesser than the massive spiked maces of the Berserker Tribe. However, in terms of destructive power, they were more than a match, and their weight was pretty much the same.

The head of the axe was extremely thick and heavy, and to ensure that the edge of the axes wouldn’t break too easily, when it was forged the blade wasn’t too fine and sharp. Still, when it was swung around at such power, there was the sound of forceful cutting of air.

The pair of broad axes seemed to come to life in Xixi’s hands, and the series of fireballs flying at her did not even have a chance to land on her armour, each and every one of them smashed by her swinging flurry of axes.

Xixi’s actions were just too quick. Who could imagine that a massive fortress of steel like that could attack at such speeds? Before Zhao Hui could react, all of his fireballs had been destroyed, and Xixi was already in midair, her axes crossing in wide cross sweeps at him. The area that the wheeling axes covered was just too great, and at this moment it was no longer possible for Zhao Hui to dodge. Using her sudden powerful explosive might, Xixi had forced him into such a corner, where he had no chance to make full use of his agility and with no choice left but to block the blow head-on.

A huge fiery shield appeared at the last second, right in front of Zhao Hui, blocking perfectly at Xixi’s heavy axes.


A loud crash.

The defensive capabilities of the fire shield was not bad at all, actually managing to block Xixi’s axes without being shattered instantly. After all, Zhao Hui was a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. However, when everyone looked around for the Mi Ou Battle Team Leader, they were startled to find that he could no longer be seen.

Indeed, Zhao Hui had successfully blocked Xixi’s attack. However, as he had been retreating all this while, he was already close to the edge of the stage. When the fire shield had been smashed so savagely by Xixi’s axes, though it had successfully blocked the attack, the sheer force of the blow and the reverberations had been out of Zhao Hui’s expectations, and he was actually knocked off the stage by the shockwave and backlash from his own fire shield.

As soon as Xixi saw that he was off the stage, the thick killing intent around her vanished. With a spin of her wrists, the two axes spun and fell into place at her side.

Let alone the audience, even Zhou Weiqing was looking on with shock. This… this was just too ferocious and valiant! Absolute violence! Master Han Mo, should I say a prayer for you?!

“… Heavenly… Heavenly Bow Empire’s victory.” When the judge declared Xixi’s victory, he was almost stuttering. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was clearly a stage for Heavenly Jewel Masters, yet this pair from the Heavenly Bow Empire were unbelievably unique indeed, just using pure physical strength and the thick heavy armour of theirs to gain victory.

Of course, by now discerning eyes could tell that though the armour that both Ma Qun and Xixi were wearing had an insane defense, it was not something that ordinary people could wear at all! One had to have the requisite physique, strength and constitution to even move while wearing it, let alone fight. “This fighter, you may head down already.” Looking at Xixi in her full set of heavy armour, the judge said helplessly.

Xixi shook her head, saying gently: “I still need to fight in the next match.”

Hearing her voice, the judge felt like his heart was being trampled upon once more. The stark contrast between her voice and her actions and size… it was just too huge.

Right at that moment, another massive crash, and the judge’s heart almost jumped out of his chest.

It was the full armoured Ma Qun once more, and this time he had jumped up. The judge flew into a rage, glaring at Ma Qun as he shouted: “Can’t you be more gentle, there are stairs there, don’t you know how to walk! If you jump up like that once more, I’ll award you a loss straight away for scaring the judge…”

Ma Qun laughed heartily and said: “I don’t think there is such a rule for the tournament right? Since they can all jump up, why can’t we? Judge, are you biased against our Heavenly Bow Empire?” After the sudden fit of rage, the judge suddenly calmed down. That Ma Qun, suddenly pinning such an offense on him, caused the judge’s face to turn red and white in succession, but he was unable to retort. After all, this was in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, open to so many audience watching. No matter how much he scorned a small Empire like that, he could not possibly state it out in front of so many people.

Forcefully suppressing his own rage and beating heart, he turned to the Mi Ou Battle Team. “Send you fighters for the third match.”

Oddly enough, the two fighters that the Mi Ou Battle Team sent out was also Qian Shu and Zhao Hui again. The fighters from the first two matches would be facing off once more.

These two fellows could be said to have lost in such an absurd fashion, losing before they could even see their opponent’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level. How could they possibly be satisfied?

As soon as they ascended the stage, Qian Shu couldn’t help but shout at Ma Qun: “Your Sister! Aren’t you here to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament? Are you two even Heavenly Jewel Masters? Judge, I highly suspect whether or not they are truly Heavenly Jewel Masters… they are clearly just violent Heavenly Cavalry Soldiers.”

The judge had previously been angered by Ma Qun, and upon hearing this he seized the opportunity to cause trouble. Turning to Ma Qun and Xixi, he said: “Release your Heavenly Jewels and prove your status as Heavenly Jewel Masters.”

Right at that moment, Xixi lifted her axes. Looking at the bright glint of the axes, the six-Jeweled judge quickly stepped to the side. Xixi’s target was not him, instead pointing at Qian Shu. Her gentle, soft voice rang out. “He is my brother in law, so in a sense I am his sister. You have insulted me, just wait.”

If it were any other circumstance, hearing such a beautiful voice threatening him, Qian Shu might burst out laughing. Such a voice, could it actually threaten anyone?

However, currently he did not feel like laughing at all. It was the owner of this gentle voice who had sent his team leader flying off the stage with a single axe blow. As soon as he was fixed with Xixi’s gaze, Qian Shu felt all the hairs of his back rise as a chill ran down his spine.

“Let them see.” Ma Qun gave a disdainful humph, before raising his right hand, along with his spiked mace. Xixi followed suit. Instantly, the Icy Jade Jewels of the Strength Attribute appeared. Both of them were at the four-Jeweled stage, and the pure type Physical Jewels were enough to prove that they were definitely
Heavenly Jewel Masters.

Looking at the sight before them, both Zhao Hui and Qian Shu felt as if something was stuck in their throats, and they were both unable to speak in that moment.

The judge also stared at the two terrifying killing machines in front of him speechlessly. At last, he gave up and just declared for the fight to start.

Zhao Hui quickly shouted. “Make full use of our speed and agility, we’ll fight with them slowly on our terms, don’t give them the chance to close in on us.” Both he and Qian Shu were of the Agility Type, and they were confident that since they were now prepared, they would no longer be easily be struck by either Xixi or Ma Qun. As long as they did not clash directly with the duo’s terrifying strength, they still had some confidence in claiming their own victory. Hopefully, in the upcoming matches, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would no longer have such scary tin cans. Alas, sometimes things seemed very simple … only in imagination. Xixi was actually the first to move, her body moving like lightning as she charged directly at both Zhao Hui and Qian Shu. At the same time, her axes flew out at them savagely.

Instantly, Zhao Hui and Qian Shu dodged in different directions. However, they were shocked to find that… the axes were still flying at them.

Although they were of the Ability Type Attribute, their speed still could not compare to a flying axe!

When they had seen Xixi charging, both of them could only depend on their instincts to dodge at once, but the two axes acted as if they had eyes on them, actually changing directions in midair.

Right at that moment, they suddenly felt a frigid cold aura surround them instantly, as the two axes actually spurted out a white mist.

Both Qian Shu and Zhao Hui were in the midst of dodging and running, being chased by Xixi’s axes. How could they expect that these giant axes would suddenly spray out the white mist.

In panic, both used their own Skills respectively to try to block the mist. However, the icy cold swirl of air still caused their actions to slow down. The next moment, both them and their blocks met with Xixi’s axes.

Two muffled thumps.

This time, Zhao Hui and Qian Shu were not knocked off the stage instantly, but they still staggered back several steps from the blow. Although the large axes had changed directions in mid flight, the force within them was still not to be trifled with.

He uses the term ⾁搏 which can also be slang for … intimate relations, perhaps a pun? Right at that moment, the giant axe facing Qian Shu suddenly disappeared, the the axe that was facing Zhao Hui also moved back. However, in the next instant, Xixi appeared in front of Zhao Hui, and at the same time, before Qian Shu could even breathe a sigh of relief, a massive spiked mace appeared before his eyes.

Having just been knocked back by the powerful blow, and still reeling from the shockwave, it was extremely difficult to dodge nimbly. In truth, the Skill that Xixi had unleashed through her axes had no offensive capabilities at all, but it was able to lower the temperature dramatically, causing their blood to freeze momentarily, slowing them down just a little.

A few more last ditch attempts at blocking, but at last the two unfortunate souls were once again sent off the stage ignominiously. The Heavenly Bow Battle Team had won with a great disparity of a three to zero score!

Zhou Weiqing sat in the rest house, greatly satisfied. Nodding to himself, he said: “Not only is Xixi extremely powerful, she is extremely intelligent and meticulous in fighting style too! The Stored Skill she chose might not have any offensive or destructive capabilities, but it is a perfect choice for her, a great counter against speed or agility type opponents. In the first place, with her own physical strength, her offense is already sufficiently strong. As long as she can control her opponent’s speed, at least in the same level, not many will be able to defeat her.”

Of course, a large part of Zhou Weiqing’s satisfaction was also the excitement of winning several tens of millions of gold coins.

The audience couldn’t help but stare in silence. Many of them had watched many years of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, but it could be said that this pair of Ma Qun and Xixi and their fighting style was truly a fresh sight. Pure physical strength and a uniquely powerful armour. Yet, the effect was unbelievably good.

The other Battle Teams in their rest houses also glanced at them meaningfully. Of course, these Battle Teams who felt they were stronger did not place much importance on the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. Pure strength might seem extremely useful in a fight against the same level, but if they were to face a strength type Heavenly Jewel Master of greater cultivation level, they wouldn’t be afraid of them. Furthermore, in most others’ eyes, this was already the greatest ace of the Heavenly Bow Empire. As such, though they had won the battle seemingly easily, there wasn’t much sensation caused around.

The rest of the fights all proceeded in a stable and methodical fashion. The Dan Dun Empire met with the Bai Da Empire in the first round, and the Bai Da Empire actually surrendered without fighting. It seemed like they were not even trying to hide the connection between their two Empires any longer. As for the other fights, most of them were won by the theorized stronger team. Each of the Empire’s strength were laid out to the world, and it wasn’t so easy for ‘dark horses’ to appear all the time.

When it was time for the last three fights, Zhou Weiqing stood up from the rest house, saying: “Let’s go, it’s time collect our winnings.” The results of each match would be transferred to each betting station at first notice, and those who had won could go claim their winnings quickly. This was also to reduce too much crowding after the fight ended for the day.

On the VIP stand, Shangguan Longyin whispered in Shangguan Tianxin’s ears: “Zhou Weiqing, that little brat, he has won a lot again. This round, he has won a few tens of millions of gold. He purposely increased the odds by betting on the Mi Ou Battle Team first, before placing a nine million gold bet in the last minute.” Shangguan Tianxin shook his head helplessly, saying: “That little brat, he has really gotten a taste for the betting scene huh! You keep watch on this matter, we can’t let them come here every Heavenly Jewel Tournament and make off like bandits. Gifting him some money is no problem, but it can’t be too much.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”  Shangguan Longyin agreed. However, his mouth also twitched in a faint smile, thinking to himself: To dare to come to the ZhongTian Empire and ‘steal’ money in such an outright fashion, this Zhou Weiqing is truly the only one.

The team split up and headed to their respective betting stations to collect their winnings, and they returned to the inn. Of course, not all of their bets won, perhaps even the majority of the smaller bets they placed losing. However, Zhou Weiqing’s heavy bet on their own team had paid great dividends. At final count, they had bet thirty million gold coins and ended up with more than seventy million, almost reaching eighty million gold. This was even after the ZhongTian Empire had ‘taxed’ them on their winnings.

All in all, it had been a great day, and the only regret Zhou Weiqing had was that he still had not been able to see his beloved Bing’er. With lifted spirits from their victory and the earnings in their pocket, the team had a large meal in their inn before grouping up in Zhou Weiqing’s room once again. After all, this first day was just the beginning of the entire tournament.

“Boss…  tomorrow  our  opponents  will  be  the  ZhongTian Battle Team… what is the plan?” Ma Qun asked curiously. Although he was eager to fight, he knew that they might possibly face the Shangguan Sisters. As such, he dared not volunteer to fight, as he knew that he could not face up against any of the Shangguan Sisters.

Towards the incoming fight, Zhou Weiqing was also at a loss. He did not really know how to face up against the ZhongTian Battle Team. The three Shangguan Sisters could be said to be the opponents that Zhou Weiqing did not wish to face most… facing them, how could he actually bear to take action! Furthermore, without using the Saint Energy, he did not have absolute confidence in defeating any of them. Of course, he couldn’t possibly use the powerful Saint Energy to actually injure his own women right?

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing’s awkward and difficult expression, before smiling faintly, saying: “Little Fatty, you are far too concerned about the matter that you have overlooked the simplest things. Have you forgotten that every group has two Battle Teams that can qualify out of the preliminary stage right? Why do we definitely need to fight? As long as we can guarantee our advance to the next stage, everything will be fine. In truth, Yun Li’s lot drawing might seem tough, but it is quite advantageous to us. By being in the same group as the ZhongTian Empire, if we both can advance to the next stage, in the top eight fights we will no longer need to face them. As for the finals, who knows what would happen then? In any case, don’t you have confidence in defeating the Dan Dun Battle Team?”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up instantly. Indeed! He had been so focused on the fight with the ZhongTian Battle Team, so concerned about the Shangguan Sisters that he had totally missed the big picture. Why did they need to fight? As long as they beat the Dan Dun Battle Team, they would naturally advance together with the ZhongTian Battle Team!

This was a huge cave, extending so deep that one could not see the end with the naked eye. Strangely, there was a massive stalactite hanging from the roof of the cave, a weird blood-red colour. Below the cave, it was also a sea of blood red. The thick scent of blood. The thick liquid that swirled around non-stop. If one looked with their eyes alone, they would never be able to know how deep the thick blood-like liquid went. Even the air around here seemed to have a red tinge to it.

Right in the center of the cave, there was a large, pitch black stone platform. It was not large at all, only about five metres long, but in the midst of all the red, the black was especially attention drawing.

Right smack in the center of that platform, there was another strange… black… consolidating into literally a black hole. The black hole had a diameter of about a meter, glowing a faint red in its surroundings. If one looked closely, they would discover the red glow was actually consolidated from the red in the air.

Currently, right in front of this black hole on the platform, stood a figure. The figure was dressed in long red robes, with crimson hair. Right above the demonic looking eyes, in the forehead, it had a red, crystalline jewel embedded. This person’s features were simple, but there was an unspeakably strange feel to him, and one could not tell his age from just looks alone. However, his eyes were glowing in a faint gold light, and his pupils were actually a mix of gold and red. Currently, he was staring right at the strange black hole in front of him, a look of respect on his face.

“My Lord, I sense that I am about to breakthrough. I will never forget how My Lord has taken care of me and trained me. Also, My Lord, your instructions have been carried out and should be complete before long.”

he red clad man’s voice was cold, and as he spoke, the red liquid around the stone platform actually rolled violently, rising to form patches of red flame… the entire scene was highly suspect, almost demonic.

“En. Very good, FenTian, you have done well. However, I still need much more blood essence. Once we gain that object, I’ll see if that old fool can still imprison me. What you need to do now is to gather more blood into this Blood Grotto.” A sudden voice rang out from the black hole. The voice was sharp, but one could not tell if it were male or female. However, as the voice rang out, all the red liquid in the blood grotto seemed to boil, and large patches of blood flame welled towards the black hole and was swallowed up. “Yes,  My  Lord.”   The  red  clad  man  once  again  bowed respectfully to the waist.

“Hahahaha…” The piercing sound from the black hole suddenly burst out laughing. “Old Fool Feng Tian, do you really think you can seal me forever? Once I use your bloodline to destroy your Seal, I’ll see how you still stand against me. At that time, I will colour this entire continent with blood.”

The second day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had begun.

As the chief judge, Shangguan Longyin’s expression was slightly overcast, and he came glancing over towards the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house.

Just last night, he had personally visited the Heavenly Bow Battle Team’s inn to look for Zhou Weiqing, telling him that he could only bet on their own Heavenly Bow Battle Team, and not any other teams. Otherwise, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would confiscate all their earnings. When Shangguan Longyin told Zhou Weiqing that news, to his surprise Zhou Weiqing had just agreed without any protest. Clearly, he had already expected something like this to happen.

However, the reason why Shangguan Longyin’s expression was so ugly was because in the first round of matches, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had surrendered directly to the ZhongTian Battle Team, not even bothering to fight.

To any other person, this was something very normal. However, in Shangguan Longyin’s eyes, this was a totally different thing. That little brat Zhou Weiqing, he was clearly still trying to act like a pig to eat the tiger! By surrendering without a fight, those who might have placed some importance on the Heavenly Bow Battle Team after yesterday’s fight might just dismiss them again, and at least for a time, the future bets would not be placed on them. It looks like just a simple warning is not enough for that little fellow, we’ll have to do some preventive measures.

Thinking up to this point, Shangguan Longyin went to have a simple discussion with Shangguan Tianxin, and got orders from him that from tomorrow onwards, no matter who the Heavenly Bow Battle Team faced, they would bet a hundred million gold coins on them. No matter how intelligent he was, Zhou Weiqing was after all just a single youth, how could he win in such a battle of wits against the entire ZhongTian Empire? In the past, they had let him get away with it, but now Shangguan Tianxin knew that after this round of surrendering, he could no longer lose anymore. As such, with the one hundred million gold bet in advance, and the resulting other bets, one could just imagine the final odds for the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Chapter 215 Surrender!

The Dan Dun Battle Team’s second round was against the Kalise Empire, and naturally there was no suspense regarding the result once more. Like the Bai Da Empire, the Kalise Battle Team also surrendered without a fight. As such, though this Group One looked to be a Group of Death, it was more for the other teams within. In truth, in such a preliminary phase, it did not draw as much attention at all.

After the Heavenly Bow Battle Team admitted defeated, Zhou Weiqing did not remain for long in his own rest house, instead silently heading towards the ZhongTian Battle Team rest house. The reason was simple; before the fights had begun, he had already spotted Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er there. Only the two sisters were there at the ZhongTian Battle Team rest house, and the reason why he was certain Shangguan Bing’er wasn’t here was because of their eyes. Zhou Weiqing believed that if Bing’er was here, she would be extremely agitated to see him, and her eyes would be different from Xue’er and Fei’er.

Before Zhou Weiqing could enter the ZhongTian Battle Team Rest House, he was stopped. One of the ZhongTian Battle Team members lifted his hand to block him, saying: “What are you doing?” Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “I am the Team Leader of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, here to greet your Team Leader. Is that alright?”

His words and tone were polite, and thus the ZhongTian Battle Team member was not rude in return. Before he could speak, Shangguan Xue’er’s voice rang out from within. “Let him in.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and walked on into the ZhongTian Battle Team, not being polite in just finding a seat to sit in. His sneaky eyes hidden behind the bamboo hat were roving on both Shangguan Sisters.

Today’s ZhongTian Battle Team was clearly very different from yesterday’s. Not only were the two Shangguan Sisters Fei’er and Xue’er here, even Little Miss Muddle was here. It could be said that besides Shangguan Bing’er, this was the ZhongTian Battle Team’s strongest power gathered here.

“Xue’er,  from  the  looks  of  things,  you  all  were  actually planning on giving us a good fight today?” Zhou Weiqing said with a speechless look on his face. Shangguan Xue’er did not open her mouth, and it was Fei’er who spoke instead. “Tsk…  little coward, drinking cold water. How could you just surrender to us like that? Aren’t you afraid of not being able to advance to the next stage?”

When Shangguan Fei’er spoke, Shangguan Xue’er who was right beside her waved her hands, and a light blue shield of light enveloped the three of them. This was a Water Attribute Skill that could shield them from prying ears. Anyone below the cultivation level of Heavenly King Stage who tried to eavesdrop would not be able to hear anything.

Zhou  Weiqing  grinned  and  said:  “Heh  heh,  how  could  I possibly take action against you all, my heart would ache too much.”

Shangguan Fei’er stuck out her tongue at Zhou Weiqing. Looking at her cute look, if they weren’t in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament competition grounds, Zhou Weiqing truly felt like holding her in his arms and getting intimate.

Shangguan Xue’er remained her usual icy self. This time, it really wasn’t against Zhou Weiqing, but rather she was afraid that the other ZhongTian Battle Team members would suspect. She could only bring up a sound proof barrier, but was unable to block their vision. If anyone saw the usually cold and icy her smile at Zhou Weiqing, it would cause too much suspicion.

“Aren’t you trying to act like a pig to eat some tigers? Why did  you  run  here  today,  wouldn’t  it  spark  suspicion?” Shangguan Xue’er said passively.

Zhou Weiqing immediately said: “I’m being wronged totally! Who can I be acting like a pig to eat a tiger here? My Battle Team’s overall power is really below your ZhongTian Battle Team! As such, I decided it was a wiser strategy to surrender. Furthermore, for yesterday’s fight, I did send out our core power members, and did not try to hide anything.”

Shangguan Fei’er burst out in giggles, saying: “Come on now, others might not know you, but wouldn’t we know you well enough? If you weren’t trying to act, why wear that bamboo hat and even veils to mask all your appearances? Isn’t it because you are afraid many people will recognize you? By admitting defeat today, you are planning on sitting on the hill to watch tigers fight right? Aren’t you afraid that we will lose to the Dan Dun Empire tomorrow?”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, saying: “Is the Dan Dun Battle Team that strong this year? Even you all do not have absolute confidence in beating them?” Shangguan Xue’er nodded and said: “Indeed, we do not have absolute confidence. If Bing’er was here, perhaps we would have a much stronger chance.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “You all are really torturing me! You know how much I miss Bing’er, how come you do not allow her to come see me today?”

Shangguan  Xue’er  said:  “Bing’er  also  misses  you  a  lot. However, she has only just come out of closed door cultivation not long ago. In the last few years, she has spent in closed door cultivation, and her cultivation level has risen dramatically. However, that also means her current state is very unstable, and she cannot have too much emotional upheaval. Once you enter the finals, if you can enter the Heavenly Jewel Island then, you will naturally be able to see Bing’er.”

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “I hope that the Dan Dun Battle Team can be sensible and strategic then, and just surrender tomorrow. If I were them, I would not waste time clashing against you in just the preliminary matches.”

Both Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er started momentarily. However, the next instant, both of them understood his meaning. Indeed, they had neglected that possibility because they knew how strong the Heavenly Bow Battle Team was, but… the Dan Dun Battle Team would not know that! Shangguan Fei’er couldn’t help but exclaim: “So… your plan is to actually force out the Dan Dun Battle Team in the preliminary stages!? No wonder you would choose to admit defeat today… that is targeted at the Dan Dun Battle Team and cause them to underestimate you. With their confidence and arrogance, they would not deem you as a worthy foe at all. In that case, they would think that it is guaranteed for them to advance along with us… and because of that they might actually just surrender to us without fighting. In that case… as long as you can defeat them in the sixth round, then the Dan Dun Battle Team would not even be able to advance from the preliminary stages. That is your real plan right?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “You are truly my precious Fei’er, so intelligent! I am also helping you all! To remove a strong opponent in the preliminary stages, it will be much easier in the finals.”

Shangguan Xue’er was left speechless momentarily, before she said: “However, did you think that if you advanced as the second rank in the First Group, then you would likely have to face the top ranker of the Third Group in the top eight fights. That would definitely be the Bao Po Battle Team. Even if you can defeat the Dan Dun Battle Team, it will not be without injuries. Do you have the confidence to beat the Bao Po Battle Team in that state then?” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Why should I not have confidence? The top eight matches are all single combat fights. The Bao Po Battle Team’s greatest strength is their husband and wife team combos. In one versus one fights, their greatest strength will be diminished. Furthermore, don’t you have confidence in your own husband?”

“Whose your wife?” Both Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er retorted as one. In that instant, even Shangguan Xue’er’s face blushed slightly.

The other ZhongTian Battle Team members were not blind, and after Shangguan Xue’er had used the sound insulation barrier, they would glance in often. At this point, seeing Shangguan Xue’er blushing, their eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. What kind of situation was that? First Young Miss… was actually… actually showing such a feminine side?

At the same time, not far off from the ZhongTian Battle Team Rest House, the Dan Dun Rest House.

“Why did that Heavenly Bow Battle Team fellow enter the ZhongTian Battle Team Rest House?” The youth seated at the main seat asked with an overcast expression.

One of the other Dan Dun Battle Team members said disdainfully: “I guess that they are seizing the chance since they surrendered to express their goodwill towards the ZhongTian Empire.”

Shen Little Demon was seated a few seats down, and her brow furrowed deeply as she said: “I’m not sure why… but that person from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team gives me a strangely familiar feeling… as if I had seen him … or her… before?”

The youth on the main seat looked at Shen Little Demon, and his eyes grew slightly gentler. “Just a mere bunch of cowardly fools who hide themselves. When it is our turn to fight them, it will be the end of their act. There is no need to worry about them. On the other hand, our fight tomorrow is with the ZhongTian Empire… what do you all think?”

Shen Little Demon thought for a moment and said: “This time, the ZhongTian Battle Team is being led by the Shangguan Sisters, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er. Their powers are both beyond mine. If we truly wish to clash headon against them and defeat them, I’m afraid we will have to reveal all of our hidden aces in order to do so. Our main aim is to enter the finals, so I recommend we do not draw too much attentions to ourselves.”

The youth at the head nodded slowly. In the depths of his eyes, a cold blood-red light flashed momentarily before vanishing.

The second day of the competition continued without a hitch all the way. There were a few dark horses, but they were relatively minor, with more of the traditional stronger teams winning.

This time, Zhou Weiqing had chosen not to bet at all. In fact, there was no way for him to bet at all. For their fight against the ZhongTian Battle Team, the odds were 1 to 1000, and it was pretty much pointless even if he wanted to bet on the ZhongTian Battle Team. Of course, the thought of betting on themselves and pushing through to win the fight. However, if they did so, the ZhongTian Empire would not let him go so easily. After all, even with the ZhongTian Empire’s wealth, they could not afford to pay out almost a hundred billion!

As such, Zhou Weiqing could only give up that dream. Two days of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had already passed, and the bettors already had a certain judgement of all the Battle Teams’ overall power, and there were already favourites regarding the teams who would advance from each groups.

For the second day’s fights, perhaps the most surprising result was that the Fei Li Battle Team had actually lost. Ye Paopao and his sister had strong powers indeed, but they met a powerful team from one of the southern empires who had used strategy against them to win in a final result of 3v2. However, the group which the Fei Li Battle Team was in could be said to be relatively weakest, and they would have no problems advancing into the top eight. One could say that sometimes, luck was part of strength, equally important.

Third day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

Early in the morning, Zhou Weiqing led his entire team out, stealthily heading to a betting station to begin his bets. Today was one of the most anticipated fights in the preliminary stages, that was the First Group’s ZhongTian Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team. Of course, the anticipation was mostly a view of the citizens, and Zhou Weiqing did not think any fight would happen at all.

However, he still placed a lot of importance on today’s competitions. Of course, his main focus was on earning money.

Alas, when they reached the betting station, Zhou Weiqing could only stare in shock… as he looked on at a 1 to 100 odds.

In this third day of the tournament, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would meet the Geritimo Battle Team, also one of the stronger teams in the Group. Normally speaking, even if the odds was 10 to 1, Zhou Weiqing would not be surprised, but 1 to
100 was rather exaggerated. What Zhou Weiqing could not accept was that the odds was to his disadvantage instead! Someone had actually placed a massive bet on them!

She is just making a pun/rhyme. It sounds much better in Chinese After a moment of shock, Zhou Weiqing quickly understood. This had to be done by the ZhongTian Empire. Besides them, who else would bet so much on their team?

Looking at such terrible odds, Zhou Weiqing could only sigh speechlessly. Furthermore, with such terrifying odds, normal citizens would not dare to easily bet. Although no one would think that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would defeat the Geritimo Battle Team, but what did those odds mean? For the odds to be pushed so high, it had to be at least several dozen million gold or more! For someone to be willing to place such a heavy bet on the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, there should be a reason! As such, most citizens would rather place their bets on ‘safer’ options.

“This is toying with me to death!” Zhou Weiqing said with a sorrowful look. “Aren’t they afraid that I would just bet on the Geritimo Empire and lose on purpose? 1 to 100 odds!”

“You won’t do that, because you are an intelligent person.” A low voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s ears.

When Zhou Weiqing turned around, he realised that unknowingly, a figure had appeared behind him, his appearance similar to them, down to bamboo hat and veil. However, though he could not see the person’s features, he could identify the person through his voice.

“Senior Shangguan, is this necessary. It’s just some small bets, surely that isn’t necessary…”  Zhou Weiqing said with a bitter smile.

Standing right beside him was the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master, the head judge of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Shangguan Longyin!

Shangguan Longyin smiled faintly and said: “Towards any other person, perhaps it might just be a small bet. However, to you, it isn’t so simple right. Are you trying to cause us to go broke! Little brat, don’t think that will happen. His Majesty has already given the order that no matter who you meet in the preliminary rounds, there will be a hundred million gold coin bet placed on you at the start. If you dare, you can just lose the fight, but in that case, you can forget about seeing the three Young Misses forever.”

“Alright, fine… I admit defeat.” Zhou Weiqing’s head drooped forward as he gave up. Facing the power of a full state machinery, especially for the strongest Empire in the mainland… what chance could he have? Furthermore, he had so many connections with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Longyin laughed heartily, saying: “You don’t need to show me that look. You already wooed all three precious daughters of the Second Palace Master, no one will ever feel pity for you. In any case, since you all are facing the Geritimo Battle Team this time, I am guessing I will be able to see you take action right. Let me see how you have grown in the past three years.”

After saying that, Shangguan Longyin strolled off casually. However, within a few steps, he had vanished from their sights.

Zhou Weiqing said helplessly: “No choice, we have no way to play against them. At least we have already earned a few dozen million gold coins already. We can only hope for the fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team, perhaps we will be able to earn a decent sum then.”  Although Shangguan Tianxin had ordered a hundred million gold bet on them for every fight, the Dan Dun Empire’s strength and popularity were far beyond the Geritimo Empire, and they could still make some profit by betting then. As they entered the competition grounds, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the excited atmosphere of the crowd, far beyond the previous two days. Indeed! The ZhongTian Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team, such a huge battle, it was definitely worthy of all anticipation.

Especially with the Dan Dun Empire’s domineering actions in the past few years, the ZhongTian Empire citizens had also heard of it. Everyone wanted to know how the clash between the Blood Red Hell and Heaven’s Expanse Palace would end up.

Shangguan Longyin saw that the time was up, and he stood up  in  the  VIP  Stand,  proclaiming:  “The  Heavenly  Jewel Tournament, Preliminary Stage, Third Day, Officially begins. First Group, First Fight. ZhongTian Battle Team vs Dan Dun Battle Team. Both teams, please send your first fighter to the stage.”

“Judge, please enter the stage.”

Along with his proclamation, Shangguan Fei’er stood up from the ZhongTian Battle Team Rest House, appearing on the stage in a flash. For most people, all they saw was a blur before someone appeared on the stage. Ordinary citizens would not know who Shangguan Fei’er was, but there would always be some rumours or news. Furthermore, she was such a top level beauty, and as soon as she appeared on the stage, tens of thousands of citizens cheered in an overwhelming wave.

Right at this moment, the Dan Dun Battle Team also reacted.
Shen Little Demon leapt up, landing before Shangguan Fei’er.

The judge for this fight today was also a nine-Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master which had been specially chosen by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. After all, everything else aside, Shangguan Xue’er, Shangguan Fei’er were of extremely high status in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and they needed to ensure no accidents would happen in the fights.

The judge looked at both girls and said solemnly: “Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

Shangguan Fei’er was about to speak when Shen Little Demon spoke out first. “Dan Dun Battle Team, Shen Little Demon. Judge, we are choosing to surrender.” The judge started momentarily. “Are you surrendering for your fight, or your entire team?”

Without hesitation, Shen Little Demon said: “Our entire team is surrendering.”

As soon as she spoke, the entire audience erupted in an uproar, with boos rising from all around. The entire ZhongTian public square could hold more than several hundred thousand people, and most of them were from the ZhongTian Empire. The boos were so loud that perhaps the entire ZhongTian children would have the urge to go to the toilet.

When Shangguan Fei’er heard Shen Little Demon’s words, she started slightly. In her heart, she couldn’t help but think: As expected, that naughty fellow has guessed correctly again. Towards Zhou Weiqing, she felt another rise in respect in that regard.

Hearing all those boos cascading throughout the area, Shen Little Demon’s expression grew ugly. However, she could not do anything about it, just giving Shangguan Fei’er a slight bow before descending the stage. Shangguan Fei’er could only shrug helplessly, giving a feminine curtsey to the audience before slipping down as well. In the end, this most highly anticipated fight of the preliminary stages ended with a whimper.

Zhou Weiqing lounged casually in his seat at their Rest House, a satisfied smile on his face as he muttered to himself: “Dan Dun Battle Team, you will be ended in I, Your Father’s, hands!”

What followed next was the fights from the Second, Third and Fourth Groups, all relatively exciting in their own right, though once again there were no surprises. After all, every day the first fight of each group was that of the seeded teams. Very quickly, a round had been completed, and it was back to the First Group.

Shangguan Longyin stood up on the VIP Stand once more, saying solemnly: “First Group, Second Fight. Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus Geritimo Battle Team. Both sides, please send out your first fighter.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at Ma Qun, who had an urgent look on his face. However, this time he shook his head, saying: “Yun Li, this time you go first. Safety first. I want you to try to achieve victory but with the priority of keeping yourself uninjured. We cannot underestimate the Geritimo Battle Team this time, as they are here burning with righteous indignation having fallen so badly earlier. Although their target is not us, they will not be easy to handle.”

Yun Li nodded in agreement before heading out of the Rest House, heading up the stage calmly. On the other side, the first member of the Geritimo Battle Team was already standing on the stage.

Yun Li’s opponent was a youth of about twenty seven or twenty eight years of age, dressed in their black uniform, a serious aura about him as he fixed his gaze upon Yun Li.

The judge said solemnly: “Both sides, introduce yourselves.” “Heavenly Bow Empire, Yun Li.”
“Geritimo Empire, Bai Qiu.”

The judge proclaimed: “Fight, begin.”

As the proclamation sounded off, both Yun Li and Bai Qiu from the Geritimo Battle Team instantly chose to back up at once. This was the normal competition style in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. After all, fighters would not be familiar with each other, and to just charge in blindly would perhaps allow their opponent to counterattack with ease. It was a safer method to start gaining information with probing and
exploratory attacks.

As both retreated, they each released their respective Heavenly Jewels. When they did so, it immediately caused a huge sensation.

That was because around both Yun Li and Bai Qiu were six pairs of Heavenly Jewels. That was to say, both these youths were Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters.

Bai Qiu’s Physical Jewel was the agility Type, with the Wind Attribute… an Ultimate Speed type Heavenly Jewel Master!

However, Yun Li’s was not to be dismissed as well. The Elemental Jewels on his left wrist was the Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye of the Spatial Attribute.

Just from the looks of things alone, both of them seemed equal, and in their hearts, the phrase ‘formidable opponent’ rose up. As Yun Li already had Zhou Weiqing’s warning earlier, so he did not think much about it. However, for Bai Qiu, he was truly caught by surprise. Originally, he thought he would be facing one of those ‘tin cans’ of the Heavenly Bow Empire, and with his speed and powerful attacks, he had absolute confidence in countering either of them. Who knew that the opponent would instead be a Spatial Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, and one who was also at a similar six-Jeweled cultivation stage. It looked like this was the strongest member of the Heavenly Bow Empire. He had never imagined that such a tiny Empire would have a Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master below the age of thirty.

Without a doubt, as Yun Li revealed himself on stage, everyone watching would have their judgement of the Heavenly Bow Empire totally overturned. At least, no one would look down on them any longer.

Yun Li made an inviting gesture with his hand, and with a flick of his right wrist, a faint silver light appeared in his grasp.

Towards an opponent of the same level as him, Bai Qiu naturally dared not be careless, unleashing his Consolidated Equipment at once. A pair of green boots, a pair of gloves, and a pair of Wings. This was all of his six Consolidated Equipment. Although it was an entire set of six Consolidated Equipment, at least it was three sets of paired Consolidated Equipment.

In a flash, he appeared beside Yun Li, his speed so fast than Yun Li was given a surprise.

This Bai Qiu was of the Wind Attribute, and he naturally did not have a Spatial Skill like Blink. However, with that charge of his, the impression one would get was almost like the Blink Skill.

Upon the Consolidated Gloves on Bai Qiu’s hands, there were sharp claws. As he appeared in front of Yun Li, those claws struck out towards his shoulders.

Bai Qiu’s focus was clearly not something an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master would go for, perfectly tailored towards his own abilities. It could be said that of his six Consolidated Equipment, both wings and boots were fully for the sake of increasing his speed, added on to his own full Agility and Wind Attributes, his speed was truly at a terrifying level. Even a Zong Stage powerhouse might not be able to compare with him in that aspect. Of course, the clawed gloves were his main offensive weapons. It’s more like hissing or xuuuu sound which people use to show their disapproval like boos, which is similar to the sound which parents use to help their infants to pee, hence the joke Facing such a swift attack, it was clear that Yun Li would definitely be unable to dodge it through normal means. In the last critical moment, a flash of silver light, and Yun Li appeared five yards away. It was the Blink Skill.

Having missed his first attack, Bai Qiu was not discouraged at all. In another flash, his arms extended, the wings behind his back flapping abruptly. Just like that he appeared again behind Yun Li, those spread arms closing together strongly, ten wind blades bursting forth from the Consolidated Claws towards Yun Li.

Although the Blink Skill was good, one could not use it continuously, and Bai Qiu was certain that Yun Li would not be able to use the same method to dodge this new attack, enhanced with his Stored Skills.

Indeed, Yun Li was unable to dodge it. This time, his right hand waved out in front of him, and an ear splitting tearing sound rang out. A black hole in space was torn, almost one chi long. A strange sight occurred next as all ten of the wind blades were actually sucked in by the powerful suction of the black hole, and in a flash it was Yun Li’s turn to strike out at his opponent. The Skill that Yun Li had unleashed was the Minor Dimensional Slash, one of the powerful Skills of the Spatial Attribute. It was actually very similar to Zhou Weiqing’s Spatial Rend Skill, but it did not last as long as the Spatial Rend and its area of effect was also smaller. As a result, its Rating
was only at Eight Stars.

Bai Qiu gave a cold smirk, his body abruptly moving to the side about three chi, dodging Yun Li’s attack. At the same time, his hands moved, and a dozen wind blades formed a small tornado, striking out at Yun Li.

Everyone watching could see that though Yun Li had the Spatial Attribute, in front of his opponent’s absolute speed, he was being suppressed.

In the entire Geritimo Battle Team, Bai Qiu was the third ranked powerhouse. Not only did he have six-Jeweled cultivation level, his fighting experience was also rich and plentiful.

Yun Li quickly took a step back. Just as he was about to dodge that small tornado of blades, Bai Qiu had reached his back, his strike was accompanied by the shrill sound of air sliced apart and the Wind Attribute, blocking Yun Li’s path of retreat. Along with the tornado, it was a perfect pincer attack. In the rest house, seeing Yun Li caught in such a position, Ma Qun said worriedly: “Big Bro Yun Li looks to be in a bad position.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said confidently: “In terms of control of Skills, who can compare to a Consolidating Equipment Master? He creates tons of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls every day, that is training his control. Watch and see.”

On the stage, as if he was trying to prove Zhou Weiqing’s words, the dance of offense and defense between Yun Li and Bai Qiu suddenly changed.

Facing a pincer attack like that, Yun Li’s left hand slapped out at the tornado. In his palm, a brilliant silver light glowed.

At the same time, he did not even turn his head to look at the incoming attack from behind. As the light grew brighter, his speed seemed to increase, and it was as if his body was being propelled from behind in a sudden burst of speed.

Strangely enough, when that tornado with such powerful cutting powers touched the silver light around Yun Li’s hands, a soft *Puuu* rang out, and it dissipated into a cloud of green smoke. Yun Li’s body continued moving forward unobstructed right through the green cloud.

The sudden burst of speed from Yun Li caused Bai Qiu to start momentarily. Originally, due to his success in trapping Yun Li in his pincer attack, he had relaxed slightly, and this fresh burst of speed had been faster than his expectations. In the short surprise, he was just a little too slow.

Stopping his charge in midtrack, Yun Li abruptly spun around, his eyes glowing silver. In truth, Bai Qiu had neglected one point… Yun Li’s Physical Jewel was also that of the Agility Type, though he did not have the Wind Attribute. However, one of Yun Li’s Stored Skills was one called the Spatial Explosive Propulsion, able to increase his speed abruptly in an instant. As for the silver light in his palm, it was actually two compressed Skills, perfectly controlled with precise accuracy to use the Spatial Attribute to break apart the tornado’s structure while causing it to be unable to attack. That was the reason why Yun Li was able to escape such a disadvantageous position.

Unknowingly, a spike appeared in Yun Li’s grasp. Still in midair, he took a step forward, and Bai Qiu who had just shook off his surprise had a foreboding premonition when he saw Yun Li disappear. Blink… clearly Yun Li’s Blink had come off cooldown and could be used again.

Subconsciously, Bai Qiu took a step forward, ready to charge away. Since he could not see his opponent, he had to be behind. However, in that moment, his body froze abruptly for just a short instant.

Spatial Freeze. One of the Spatial Attribute’s control Skills.

As Bai Qiu had guessed, Yun Li was indeed behind him, and the spike in his hands struck out directly towards Bai Qiu’s back, where his heart would be.

This Bai Qiu was no pushover either. Even in such a disadvantageous state, the Heavenly Energy within his body exploded forth, unleashing his strongest Tornado Slash Skill. His entire body forcefully spun in midair, breaking free of the Spatial Freeze. Although that sacrifice the majority of his Heavenly Energy, at least he managed to break free just before the spike reached him. With a swipe of his right hand, his glove clashed against Yun Li’s spike.

This was the first head on clash between the two, and in the resulting explosion, Bai Qiu’s entire body was sent flying back by the powerful Heavenly Energy imbued in Yun Li’s spike.

In terms of Heavenly Energy, Bai Qiu and Yun Li still had a certain gap. First of all, the Spatial Attribute was of a slightly higher boost to Heavenly Energy than the Wind Attribute, as it was one of the greater attributes. Even if one just compared Heavenly Energy alone, Yun Li was still ahead of Bai Qiu. Although both were at the six-Jeweled stage, Bai Qiu had just reached the stage, while Yun Li was already at the twenty seventh stage of cultivation, just one step away from his seventh Jewel. Let alone Bai Qiu having spent so much Heavenly Energy breaking free of the Spatial Freeze.

The Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy brought a strong tearing sensation, causing Bai Qiu’s speed to be restricted, and only then did Yun Li’s attack fully explode forth.

The Spatial Explosive Propulsion appeared once again with a loud bang, and in a flash, Yun Li had caught up to Bai Qiu’s flying body, the spike in his hands striking once more. At the tip of the spike, a silver white light consolidated.

Left with no choice, Bai Qiu could only gather the remnants of his Heavenly Energy, putting up his claws in a crossguard in a forced attempt to block it. Another ear splitting explosion. This time, the audience only saw Yun Li’s spike pierce lightly onto Bai Qiu’s hands, and with the accompanying explosion, Bai Qiu’s body was sent flying right out of the stage.

Having defeated his opponent, Yun Li landed on the ground gracefully, a faint smile on his mouth. An opponent who had lost his balance, how could he possibly block the dual compressed Skills he had imbued on his SPike? Such a powerful and explosive attack along with his Consolidated Weapon, the destructive power could reach that of a seven- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

It could be said that right from the beginning of the fight, Yun Li had been hiding his true strength, showing weakness to his opponent. It was a strategy he had no choice but to use. Although his Heavenly Energy was stronger than his opponent’s, he had his weak points… that was his lack of Consolidated Equipment. The only Consolidated Equipment was that single spike he used as his weapon.

The reason was simple… his nine piece Legendary Set. Indeed, although his Legendary Set was only nine pieces, and he technically had three ‘extra’ slots to use. However, that was only if he managed to reach a Heavenly God Stage cultivation level. Although Yun Li was a confident person, he had never dreamed he could breakthrough to such a stage. As such, he dared not give himself any other Consolidated Equipment, sacrificing his current strength until a time he could begin creating his Legendary Set.

At this point, he was already very close to reaching the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master. Once he reached that stage, he could begin creating the first few pieces of his Legendary Set. Even so, at this current point, he would be using a single Spike Consolidated Equipment against his opponent’s full six Consolidated Equipment. In such a circumstance, though Yun Li was still confident that they were equal in strength, he had no way of defeating his opponent easily. As a result, from the beginning he had planned to show weakness, allowing his opponent to underestimate him, and the burst forth with all his might in a critical moment. With the explosive strength of his Spatial Skills, he could force victory in a short period of time. In the end, his plan had indeed succeeded.

“Heavenly Bow Battle Team victory. Both sides, please send up your second fighter.”

Yun Li returned victoriously, the smug look on his face could not be hidden. Zhou Weiqing sent Ma Qun on the second fight, before looking at Yun Li and giving a sigh, saying: “You should just behave yourself and stick to being an honest Consolidating Equipment Master.”

The smug smile on Yun Li’s face froze. “Your Father, I, won this round!”

Zhou Weiqing gave a pained expression. “You can only fool that idiot. This fighting strength of yours, you haven’t improved much in these few years!”

“Hmph” Yun Li glared at Zhou Weiqing before ignoring, sitting down at the side before saying passively: “It’s easy to make sarcastic remarks. These few years… have your Consolidating Equipment Scroll creation skills improved even a tiny bit?”

Tian’er, Crow and Xixi watched the two squabble at the side, giggling away to each other.

Ma Qun had not expected that he would be dispatched to be the second fighter, and he could not contain his excitement, leaping right onto the stage. The opponent facing him there was a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. After all, in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, even the seeded teams backed by the Great Saint Lands weren’t all six-Jeweled and above. In the Geritimo Battle Team, Bai Qiu’s strength was already considered rather high. However, the first loss did not give them much cause for fear. The second fighter
they dispatched was a young lady of about twenty four or twenty five. She was not exceptionally beautiful, with average features, but she had a rare steady and stable feeling about her.

“Heavenly Bow Empire. Ma Qun.” “Geritimo Empire. Yuling.”
Ma Qun was still wearing his Peerless Heavy Cavalry armour, and coupled with his height and stature and those massive spiked maces, facing such a small-sized lady, the visual impact was extremely stunning. Instantly, the young lady called Yuling gained the compassion of the majority of the audience, as all of them began to support her!

Chapter 216 Spiritual Body of Earth!

As the judge proclaimed the start of the fight, Yuling lifted her hands. Facing Ma Qun, this young lady did not seem afraid at all, her expression calm and steady as she charged towards him. At the same time, she released her Heavenly Jewels.

Strength Attribute Physical Jewels… Earth Attribute Elemental Jewels… her Heavenly Jewels were actually exactly the same as Ma Qun!

Seeing his opponent charge at him, Ma Qun hesitated instead. After all, his opponent was a young lady, and he was just slightly unwilling to swing that massive spiked mace at her so easily.

In a flash, Yuling had arrived in front of Ma Qun. her speed was not too fast, but her steps stable all the way. Just as Ma Qun had been hesitating, she had already reached him, both hands striking out in a shoving motion at Ma Qun’s chest.

Ma Qun had his own thoughts. In his eyes, with this young lady’s figure and stature, her strength should not be anywhere equal to his own. Even if he allowed her to attack him at will, he thought she should not be able to break through his defense. On the other hand, if he smashed down at her with his large spiked mace, that wouldn’t be too good right? As such, he didn’t even attempt to dodge, puffing up his chest in readiness to accept the blow, allowing these seemingly gentle palms to press up against his chest.

Alas, a surprising sight occurred next. The instant that Yuling had pressed her hands to Ma Qun’s chest, her entire body suddenly turned an earthen yellow, the thick yellow light spreading across the entire stage, causing all the other attribute energies to be expelled, leaving only Earth Attribute energies.

Soon after, Yuling’s body disappeared, and in the position where she had been standing, a huge cone appeared, smashing hard onto Ma Qun’s chest.

Ma Qun’s own strength was definitely on the level, and with the weight of his armour, one could just imagine how strong and tough he was. Currently, he was even in the state of preparedness to receive the blow. However, even so, when the massive yellow earthen spike smashed savagely into his chest, he was sent flying all the way, landing out of the stage.

In a single step, Crow stepped forward, her hands lifting to receive the falling Ma Qun. She had to spin three times to fully relieve the immense power and momentum. The entire area fell silent. A few seconds later, cheers erupted like the waves crashing upon a shore.

Who could have imagined that with Ma Qun’s size and power, he would be smashed off the stage in moments after facing such a small looking lady.

The earthen yellow light on the stage slowly dissipated, revealing Yuling. The young lady was expressionless, her stable aura not changing the slightest despite her victory, only nodding towards Ma Qun. When the judge proclaimed her victory, she turned and walked off.

In the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House, Zhou Weqing and Tian’er stood up, both their faces filled with shock.

“That… that is?” Tian’er exclaimed in a low tone.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “Spirit of Earth! That is the Spirit of Earth! I never dreamed that such a legendary spiritual body would actually exist.”

Spiritual Body. Even amongst Heavenly Jewel Masters, they were considered a unique presence. As soon as they were born, their bodies were without any impurities, and would remain so forever, filled with the single Attribute Heavenly Energy through their existence.

Those who had spiritual bodies were not able to use Consolidated Equipment. However, in terms of Stored Skills, they had unparalleled possibilities. That was to say, they could Store any Skill that belonged to their particular Attribute. Furthermore, when they used those Skills, it would be far more powerful than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master using the same skills.

Earlier, that young lady named Yuling had used pure Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy. It was not her own strength that had sent Ma Qun flying, but borrowing the strength of the earth. No matter how strong Ma Qun was, how could be compare with the power of the earth itself? As for how exactly she was able to borrow such strength, even Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er who had the Saint Energy was not clear. Without question, this young lady named Yuling’s cultivation level was not comparable to Bai Qiu, but her fighting capabilities were superior to Bai Qiu. Even Zhou Weiqing did not dare guarantee what would happen if he met her.

The shock was not just amongst them. The Earth Attribute Spiritual Body, or Spirit of Earth, was so powerful that even the various seeded teams were stunned. The various team members of the Dan Dun Battle Team also revealed serious, gloomy looks on their faces. The Geritimo Battle Team was a lot stronger than they had expected. If that Bai Qiu had not lost the first round, it was likely that Yuling would not reveal
herself in this second round.

On the stage, the judge said: “Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus Geritimo Battle Team. Third match. Please send your fighters on the stage.”

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team focused their gazes on Zhou Weiqing. Who were they sending next?

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Let me fight.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: “How could I let you go? If I have not guessed wrongly, that lady who has the Spirit of Earth Body will fight again, perhaps together with that Bai Qiu.”

“Boss, let me. I was too careless just now.” Ma Qun was not injured at all, as he stood with a shamed look at the side. Indeed, he had not fully flourished all his strength, his Consolidated Equipment Shield, or his Stored Skills were not used at all.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, glancing at him coldly, saying: “If you were on the battlefield, you would have died once already. Today, you will no longer be allowed to fight, this is a good time for you to reflect on it. Don’t you understand the principle of a lion catching a rabbit? If your Drillmaster Fei’er was here, what kind of punishment would she give you? Sit down.”

Ma Qun could only scratch his head embarrassedly and take a seat at the side. Zhou Weiqing’s gaze turned to Crow and Xixi, saying: “You two sisters, go ahead.”

Crow nodded, beginning to wear all of her full armour. With the full armour covering her features, no one should recognize her.

Yun Li said with a slight discontent. “Why don’t you let me fight? I haven’t used much Heavenly Energy in the previous fight.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, your fighting capabilities are no match for Crow.” Yun Li’s eyes widened. “What did you say? Zhou Weiqing, if this tiger doesn’t show his power, are you treating me as a sick cat?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Look for yourself… once this fight is over, if you still think you are stronger than Crow, I won’t mind letting you two have a duel after that.”

Currently, Crow and Xixi had both worn their armour, taking large strides up the stage.

Perhaps to give the judge face, the two sisters did not jump up directly onto the stage, stepping up the stairs.

In terms of height, Crow and Xixi were about the same, and with their armour, no one could really tell the difference. As for their weapons, the axes were very similar, with Xixi’s ones slightly larger. Of course, the axes in Crow’s hands were the Legendary Axes of the Gold Crow Tribe.

As Zhou Weiqing had expected, the pair facing them was Bai Qiu and the one who had just beat Ma Qun so easily, Yuling. Facing the heavily armoured pair, Bai Qiu’s face showed a clear disdain, saying mockingly: “Did you all not learn from the previous lesson? Or does your Heavenly Bow Empire not have anyone else? Strength does not mean everything.”

Xixi did not utter a sound of protest, but Crow just said passively: “Strength might not mean everything… However, it is more than enough to deal with you two.”

As she said that, both Crow and Xixi did something strange, springing away from each other, pulling the gap between them to about a seven to eight yards distance.

There was a reason why Zhou Weiqing had sent the two sisters to this fight. In terms of fighting capabilities, amongst all six of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Crow’s fighting strength was only below Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Furthermore, she had said that Xixi’s combat powers were not that much lower than her own. Lastly, they were both from the Gold Crow Tribe, and had grown up together. Fighting together, their tacit understanding and cooperation would be superior.

Yuling’s gaze focused on Crow. She did not speak, just giving both Crow and Xixi an inviting gesture. Cheers erupted once more, as the ZhongTian citizens’ emotions were roused to the max.

Originally, they had been here to watch the ZhongTian Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team, but who knew that the Dan Dun Battle Team would surrender so easily, and many were extremely discontent or resentful. On the other hand, this fight between the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and Geritimo Battle Team was far more exciting and interesting than they had expected. Especially watching Yuling send Ma Qun flying off was such a shocking sight that caused their blood to boil. As the saying goes, laymen would just be watching for the bustle and excitement. In their eyes, this was a scene of the weaker side defeating the stronger side.

At this moment, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had sent another two ‘tin cans’, and that Yuling appeared on the opposing side again. Instantly, the citizens were filled buzz once more.

“Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

“Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Xixi, Crow.” When Crow spoke, she purposely lowered her voice, keeping it muffled. At least, most of the other Battle Team members in the Rest House were unable to hear clearly. “Geritimo Battle Team, Yuling, Bai Qiu.”

As the announcement came for the fight to start, it entailed a massive battle… the spirit of earth and an Upper level Zun Stage powerhouse against the famous Fire and Ice pair of the Gold Crow Tribe’s younger generation. This would definitely be a intense and violent fight.

Crow and Xixi burst into action at the same time, and their movement was exactly the same. Their legs stomped on the ground and in a burst of power, they charged towards their opponents. Xixi targeted Bai Qiu, while Crow targeted Yuling. The two sisters’ movements and their stature was such a huge contrast.

Bai Qiu was just as vexed and gloomy as Ma Qun. When he had lost to Yun Li in the first fight, he realised he had fell for a trick. He still had many powerful Skills he had not managed to use. Seeing Xixi charging towards him, he did not hold back at all, summoning all six Consolidated Equipment instantly. In a flash, he received her incoming charge. This time, he charged his speed to the max, filling the air with several illusory figures.

However, right at that moment, Crow and Xixi suddenly went through a change. Previously, when they were charging, Crow was clearly faster than Xixi by a little, and she was thus in front. The battle between her and Yuling should have exploded first. However, in that instant, the entire battleground changed.

They are cousins, but they address each other as sisters Crow had been charging in a straight line, and all of a sudden her left foot struck down at the floor, her massive body executing a flip in midair. Xixi completed the same action simultaneously, and the two sisters actually slammed towards each other abruptly.

At the same time, right where Crow had been about to pass, a giant earth spike slammed out from the ground.

Crow and Xixi slammed together at an unbelievable speed.
Strangely, there was no clashing sound of metals.

Crow’s Legendary Axes somehow managed to hook onto Xixi’s axes, and both girls exerted their full power at once, actually flinging each other out.

Indeed. Flinging each other out. Crow was sent flying into the air in a parabolic arc, while Xixi was sent flying in a straight line. As for how their strength had been used in such a manner, no onlooker could tell just from the surface. In such a strange transference of movement, both girls had exchanged opponents, turning into Crow against Bai Qiu and Xixi against Yuling. Xixi flew directly towards Yuling, but Yuling did not take it lying down. Taking a step forward, the thick yellow light flooded the area, and another large earth spike struck out at Xixi.

On the other side, Crow rose further into the air, her legendary axes spreading out at her sides. The strength of both sisters combined was just too huge, and Crow actually rose more than twenty metres into the air, causing Bai Qiu to stare slack jawed at her.

Right at that instant, a fiery heat burst forth from the skies. From the soaring Crow, a piercing red light shot out, even causing her heavy armour to turn a crimson red. Especially eye catching was her pair of Legendary Axes, directly turning a rich golden red.

The red light from her body formed a giant pillar of light in the air, directly shrouding Bai Qiu’s body.

Bai Qiu’s speed was not bad indeed, but no matter how fast he was, how could he be faster than light itself?

In that moment, Bai Qiu felt as if his entire surrounding was fiery hot. However, he did not sense any offensive attacks on him, instead a powerful control. He was shocked to find that he was actually unable to escape out of the confines of the red light.

A Fire Attribute Control Skill?! Bai Qiu thought to himself, stunned.

It had to be known that amongst all the elemental Attributes, the Fire Attribute was possibly the weakest in terms of Control Skills. However, what Crow was using now… wasn’t it exactly a Fire Attribute Control Skill? Furthermore, such a Control Skill was so strong that even Bai Qiu with his six-Jeweled cultivation level wasn’t able to break free.

Almost as if on cue, Crow, who had been in midair glowing like the sun, began to swoop down like a falling meteor, targeted straight at Bai Qiu.

Even Zhou Weiqing did not know Crow actually had such a powerful Skill. His confidence in Crow stemmed from his past experiences with her. When Crow was just a mere three- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master in the past, she had dared to fight to the bitter end, defeating opponents at the five-Jeweled stage… let alone now! Furthermore, her current fighting experience was already far beyond what it had been at that time. With all the time spent in the Peerless Regiment, the countless tough training and also battles, it could be said that she had improved in every single aspect.

Bai Qiu couldn’t help but stare dumbfounded. At this point, the only thing he could think of was if he was struck by that massive meteoric fireball that was Crow, he would die for sure. He definitely could not block it.

The terrifying pressure and aura that Crow gave forth was far beyond Bai Qiu’s imagination. Furthermore, he could vaguely sense that the power that she was releasing was not just as simple as Heavenly Energy alone.

“If you do not wish to die, jump down now.” Xixi’s soft and gentle voice rang out. At the same time, a massive explosion rang out as Xixi’s axes smashed directly into Yuling’s earthen yellow spike.

A spiritual body of Earth truly lived up to its name indeed. With the aid of the earth itself, her strength had reached a terrifying stage. Even for Xixi with all her strength, and in full preparation, exploding out with all her might, she was still sent flying back by the backlash of the blow. By this time, Yuling had also realised that Bai Qiu was in a bad state, but Crow’s descending meteor-like body was just too quick. Facing Xixi’s full strength had not been too easy for her, even if she had gained the advantage, and she no longer had the chance to rescue him.

Anyone would be afraid of death, let alone a Heavenly Jewel Master who had a bright future ahead of him. Facing an attack that he obviously wouldn’t able to block, Bai Qiu could only sigh inwardly. He burst forth with all of the Heavenly Energy he had, his entire body spinning urgently. With his own body as the central focal point, his Heavenly Energy burst forth without holding back at all, a massive amount of green Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy forming a dragon-like figure charging into the skies towards the fireball that Crow had become. After firing this strongest attack of his own with all his might, he swiftly jumped off the stage. Even if he had to save himself, he still wanted to use up as much of his opponent’s Heavenly Energy as he could, to aid Yuling as much as possible.

Just as Bai Qiu jumped off the stage, the giant fireball and the wind dragon smashed into each other in a massive explosive. However, at the same time, a single axe flew out of the fireball stealthily. Its target was not the other member of the Geritimo Team, Yuling, instead it flew towards Xixi who had been sent flying. Are they infighting or something? Yuling had also been forced to stagger a step back from the backlash of Xixi’s strength, and as she looked at the flying axe, she couldn’t help but think to herself, puzzled.

Infighting? Naturally, Crow and Xixi would never do such a thing. Xixi lifted up a hand, the axe in her hand miraculously hooking onto the incoming Gold Crow Legendary Axe. Abruptly, she swept it outwards in a powerful fling. In that instant, the falling massive fireball which had just broken past the wind-dragon was actually changed directions, sent flying towards Yuling. Only then did everyone realise that there was a chain attached to the flying Gold Crow Legendary Axe.

Due to Yuling’s spiritual body of Earth, when this fight started, everyone had not looked well upon the pair of Crow and Xixi. In truth, everyone thought that this Geritimo duo would win easily. However, as soon as the fight started, those who had estimated the Heavenly Bow Battle Team realised that they were severely wrong.

From the start of the fight, Crow and Xixi had displayed amazing teamwork and tacit understanding, a perfect mix along with their strength. As a Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouse, Bai Qiu had actually been forced to jump off the stage by them so quickly, and more so… Crow’s attack had not even been ‘wasted’ by that.

When Crow was sent flying towards Yuling, she abruptly tugged onto the chain of the Gold Crow Legendary Axe with all her might. As a result, Xixi was also sent smashing towards Yuling suddenly at high speeds.

In that moment, Xixi’s entire body began to glow with a brilliant blue light, a thick Water Attribute energy reverberation swiftly transforming into ice. Her massive body actually began spinning in mid flight, seeming to huddle into a ball which began to roll. Pulled by the axe and chain, her entire body slowly formed into a massive ice ball full of destructive power rolling at Yuling.

Yuling’s expression turned grave, her legs retreating slightly as she gave a soft shout. Stomping her right foot on the ground, instantly the entire stage turned a thick yellow colour, the Earth Attribute Energy rising fully. Spinning around, her body began to draw in the yellow light, and instead of continuing her retreat, she began to advance towards Crow.

Another massive explosion, and sparks of fire flew about. Crow’s body finally reappeared, and she had to stagger back seven, eight steps before she finally regained her balance. Covered by the large amounts of Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy, Yuling had transformed into a stone attribute giant. However, she did not have a chance to chase Crow in a follow up attack, as Xixi’s attack had also reached. An Ice Ball following a Fire Ball, this was truly a dance of Fire and Ice.

Both fists slammed upwards, and yet another explosion rang forth. Such a tremendous strength, it actually shook the entire stage, causing dirt and earth to fly out in all directions, as if it had been smashed deeper into the earth.

Xixi’s body was also sent flying just like Crow, while the yellow stone giant that Yuling had transformed into had her legs buried deep into the floor.

The Geritimo Battle Team members who knew Yuling best couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. They were extremely clear how powerful Yuling was when she used the power of the Spiritual Body of Earth to draw in the strength of the Earth, the terrifying heights of strength she could reach. Even if she had to clash directly with a nine-Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage powerhouse, in terms of pure physical strength alone she was comparable! Yet, in just two direct clashes with her opponents, her legs had been buried into the earth. One could imagine the sheer strength these two ladies dressed in full heavy armour held. Xixi’s stumbling body was caught by Crow. Both sisters were equally shocked by Yuling’s strength. Spiritual Body of Earth… one truly could not use normal logic to understand it.

The Earth Attribute Giant that Yuling had transformed into stood unmoving, almost five metres tall.

“Your strengths are truly terrifying indeed. If not for the aid of the earth, even if there were ten of me, I could not possibly compare in terms of strength with just one of you. However, as long as my feet are on the ground, the earth will aid me. As such, even if I am the only one left, you will still be unable to obtain victory.”

Yuling’s voice traveled out to them. In just the short clash earlier, both sides had expended a considerable amount of Heavenly Energy, and currently they needed a short time to catch their breaths.

Crow smiled faintly and said: “Your Spiritual Body of Earth is truly strong indeed. Perhaps, if you are able to unleash its full power and capabilities, neither of us will be your match. Alas, you are too stubborn in matching physical strength with us, insisting on clashing head on. Perhaps you are just too confident in yourself. You are right, the Earth Attribute is very strong, having the strongest defense. However, how could a single Attribute, no matter how much to the extreme you bring it, compare with two Attributes at once? Especially… when these two Attributes are perfect reverse polarities? Try for yourself, are you still able to move?”

Yuling started momentarily. In the next instant, a thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy rose up, the yellow light bursting forth once more.

Any discerning audience could tell that the stone giant Yuling had warped into was starting to show cracks on its surface.

“Trying  to  break  free  now…  it  is  too  late.”  Crow  smiled faintly. Lifting her axes, both girls launched their attacks simultaneously. Four giant broad axes flew out, smashing savagely into the stone giant, sending it flying out of the stage.

*PENG* The stone giant shattered in midair, revealing Yuling’s original body. As she flew back, she vomited out a mouth of fresh blood before she was caught by one of the other Geritimo Battle Team members.

In the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house, Zhou Weiqing smiled as he said: “Extreme burning heat to dry all moisture, before applying extreme cold to turn the earth brittle. A dance of Fire and Ice indeed! They truly live up to their name… That Yuling did not lose shamefully. Alas, she did not have proper teamwork and tacit understanding with her teammate, otherwise it would have been more troublesome.” In each of the battle team’s rest houses, including the seeded teams, more than a hundred fiery gazes landed on Crow and Xixi. Their strength had surpassed all of their expectations… especially since Crow was the fourth person that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team revealed, and they even had the six-Jeweled Yun Li as well. In this moment, no one dared to underestimate the Heavenly Bow Battle Team anymore. Clearly, it was not an ordinary team, not one that could be underestimated.

The most dazzling was naturally Crow. The Skills that she had shown, warping to a sun-like presence, the Control Skill, her sheer strength… even the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master Shangguan Longyin could not recognize those Skills. Only Zhou Weiqing could vaguely guess that those Skills might have some connection to the Gold Crow Legendary Axes. As her strength grew, it seemed like the legendary weapon of the Gold Crow Tribe was able to burst forth with even greater strength.

“Third match. Heavenly Bow Battle Team victory.” With some difficulty, the judge finally proclaimed the results of the third match. With the corresponding metallic screeches, Crow and Xixi took great strides down the stage, returning to the rest house. Yun Li sat to the side, not speaking any longer, swallowing hard as he looked on. Thinking back to Zhou Weiqing’s words, he could no longer retort at all. The power that Crow had shown left his heart full of shock. Examining himself, he knew that he would also be unable to take those Skills head on.

The entire ZhongTian Central Square was now rather noisy, a hubbub of voices as everyone was still eagerly discussing the previous fight, chatting about the surprise of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

Not far from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, the members of the Kalise Battle Team had extremely ugly expressions, even slightly panicked. That was because in the next day’s fight, they would be facing off against the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. Looking at the terrifying weapons and armour of Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi, how could they not feel a chill down their spines? The Kalise Empire and Heavenly Bow Empire had long since reached a state of mortal enemies who would kill each other without question.

Zhou Weiqing gave the returning Crow and Xixi a big thumbs up, as he slowly stood up. His gaze did not focus on the stage, instead looking at the panicking Kalise Battle Team, a cold smirk crossed his lips. Next, he turned to look at the Bai Da Battle Team in their rest house, and the cold killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

It was only when the judge on the stage announced for the members for the fourth match to ascend the stage did Zhou Weiqing withdraw his gaze. In a single leap, he landed upon the stage.

Out of the six members of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, four had already fought their battles. Only Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er remained. Naturally, he was not willing to let Tian’er fight, and thus he could only fight in this fourth match.

Zhou Weiqing’s appearance also brought some surprised voices. The reason was simple this time – he was still wearing his bamboo hat and veil as he ascended the stage. Previously, due to their armour, Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi did not wear their bamboo hats, and Yun Li also did not wear his hat. However, Zhou Weiqing did not remove his; he did not wish to be recognized too easily.

The Geritimo Battle Team member who would fight in this fourth match also ascended the stage at the same time as Zhou Weiqing. It was a tall, well built youth with short spiky hair, having a grave, stable bearing. The first impression Zhou Weiqing had upon seeing him was like the first time he saw Lin TianAo so many years ago. Stable, stable, profound… with a greater dignity and majesty than Lin TianAo at that time. Indeed, a strange majesty that was definitely not normal at all.

“Both sides, introduce yourselves.”
Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Zhou Little Fatty.” The youth from the Geritimo Battle Team said solemnly: “Yu
Yun. Are you not planning to remove that hat of yours?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: “No need, I am too ugly, and I’m too shy to show my face to scare others.”

Yu Yun’s brow furrowed slightly, but his eyes were just as calm and steady as before. “The Heavenly Bow Battle Team is far stronger than I have expected. Although we have never thought of you as enemies, but we will not allow you to stall our advance. We cannot afford to lose here.” Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Naturally I know who your enemies are, but my target is the final championship… so, I also cannot afford to lose.”

Yu Yun started momentarily, at last a hint of surprise breaking the calm in his eyes. If anyone else heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, they would only think of him as arrogant and foolish. For example, the judge who was standing by the side. However, Yu Yun had the strange feeling that this youth in front of him was not just speaking nonsense.

“Very well, let us use our own strength to speak then.”  Yu Yun said solemnly.

The judge glanced at Zhou Weiqing with a hint of disdain before proclaiming the start of the fight.

Unlike all the other previous fights, when the judge moved back, both Zhou Weiqing and Yu Yun did not choose to attack at once. Instead, they both stood there unmoving, a vastly different sight from the previous sights where they would spring into action to gain first advantage.

However, any discerning viewer could tell that the fight between them had already begun. On the stage, the thick reverberation of Earth Attribute Heavenly Energies rose instantly. As compared to Yuling’s previous earthen yellow, the audience could clearly see that the current stage had turned a deep yellow.

Spiritual Body of Earth! Without question, this Yu Yun in front of Zhou Weiqing was the same as Yuling, also having the Spiritual Body of Earth! Furthermore, his cultivation level was even higher than Yuling… to the point where there was a qualitative change!

Seven sets of Heavenly Jewels appeared around Yu Yun’s wrists, an exact match to Yuling. However, having reached the Zong Stage, his aura and presence were far stronger than Yuling’s.

Seeing Yu Yun’s Low Level Zong Stage cultivation level, even the youth who was the leader in the Dan Dun Battle Team rest house had his brow furrowed deeply. In the eyes of most competitors, a seven-Jeweled cultivation level was already an amazing feat, but it was nothing much to them. The greatest surprise to them was that seven-Jeweled cultivation level was accompanied with the Spiritual Body of Earth!

Thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy began to force all the other Attributes out of the stage area. Although Yu Yun did not attack, as Zhou Weiqing stood there he could clearly sense the Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy begin to pressure upon him crazily. H knew that as long as he made any move, then the Earth Energies with Yu Yun as the central focus point would explode forth instantly.

“You are no match for me, and I do not wish to hurt you. After all, in a certain perspective, my Heavenly Bow Empire and your Geritimo Empire are on the same battle-lines, sharing the same fates.” Even being surrounded by such a thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing still spoke calmly and in a relaxed tone.

Just because Zhou Weiqing did not attack, Yu Yun did not relax. On the contrary, this youth with the bamboo hat gave him an unbelievably deep and profound feeling, as if he was facing a vast chasm that could swallow everything. This was also the reason why he did not activate his attack at first reason. He had been confident that his cultivation level, his power, was at the top echelons of this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, yet he was still unable to penetrate the opaqueness of this youth in front of him.

“If you only know how to talk glibly, I will not be courteous.” Yu Yun said coldly. Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Alright then, it is true that I have to show some things before I can be taken seriously… otherwise I will not have any chance in convincing you, right?” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing’s right foot suddenly tapped lightly on the ground.

His actions instantly struck a response in Yu Yun, and a thick, deep yellow light sprang forth from the entire stage. There was no actual attack, but this purest of elemental lashes was definitely powerful, and it had myriads of changes and possibilities. No matter what Zhou Weiqing did, Yu Yun was confident he could react in timely fashion.

Alas, soon Yu Yun realised he was very wrong.

As Zhou Weiqing’s right foot landed on the ground, a soft thud rang out, and the deep yellow Earth Energies that had been gushing out from below his foot was actually forced out of the area. Although it was still gushing out from the earth, it could only do so around Zhou Weiqing’s body, as if forming a yellow pillar of light around him, but not actually reaching him or hurting him.

As the column of deep yellow light appeared, a strange grey glow erupted from Zhou Weiqing’s body. It was in that instant that shock appeared on Yu Yun’s face. Originally, it was in the depths of his soul that he had sensed such a thing, but it had become truth. Zhou Weiqing’s body seemed to actually turn into a massive chasm, and the Earth energies that he had activated using his Spiritual Body of Earth was swarming into Zhou Weiqing’s body crazily, as if being thrown into a bottomless pit, vanishing as they did so.

Besides the single stomp of his foot, Zhou Weiqing did not make any other move. However, all that was left in Yu Yun’s eyes was pure unadulterated shock.

He had never met such a circumstance, even against opponents far stronger than he was he would at least still have some confidence in fighting to the end. However, in meeting such a strange situation, he couldn’t find the confidence within himself to continue holding out anymore.

“What thick and powerful earth energies, truly lives up to the name of Spiritual Body of Earth.” Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing was still able to speak in such a relaxed tone.

Yu Yun’s forehead was already beading with sweat. Although he was able to use his Spiritual Body of Earth to activate the earthen energies, it still took his own Heavenly Energy to do so. Furthermore, as the large amount of Earth energies was being Devoured non-stop by Zhou Weiqing, his own Heavenly Energy was also being drained constantly. Facing Zhou Weiqing,

Zhou Weiqing might seemed relaxed and having it easy, but in truth, this battle was one that he had racked his brains and painstakingly arranged so. He did not wish to reveal his identity too early. Facing a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master with the Spiritual Body of Earth, if it were an ordinary fight, even for him it would be extremely tough, even if he was confident of winning in the end. However, in doing so, it would definitely reveal his own identity. After all, Shen Little Demon was very familiar with some of his powers.

As a result, Zhou Weiqing had used a single drop of Saint Energy, and this time it was infused into his Demonic Attribute Devour Skill.

Behind his bamboo hat and veil, Zhou Weiqing’s face was smiling. The only thing in his mind now was… I’m earning big now!

The Spiritual Body of Earth was indeed domineering, and the earth energies it was able to wield was unbelievably pure. As Zhou Weiqing Devoured the energies, in just a short period of time, he had already formed two drops of Saint Energy! Not only had he recouped his losses, he had even earned a drop! As such, he was not in any rush at all.

Yu Yun gritted his teeth with all his strength, taking a swift step towards Zhou Weiqing in a short charge. The thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy around him causing his entire body to bulge up, turning into a massive stone giant as he sent a fist careening towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

Chapter 217 Devouring Earth Spirit!

Zhou Weiqing lifted his left hand, his palm spread out to receive the blow. Yu Yun’s seemingly vicious and ferocious fist was stopped directly by the palm, not able to move any further from there.

Clashing in terms of strength? With Zhou Weiqing’s current physical strength, even Ma Qun could not compare with him! He had inherited the terrifying bloodline of both the Dragon and Tigers. In terms of pure strength, he had already reached a degree that was unheard of. If he used his Legendary Set, his strength alone would allow him to hurt an unprepared Heavenly King Stage powerhouse.

When the audience saw the sight before them, they couldn’t help but stare with jaws agape.

Although they might not be able to tell how powerful Yu Yun was from looking, but the seven sets of Heavenly Jewels were clearly presented there. Having turned into the stone giant form, extrapolating from Yuling’s performance earlier, they could easily imagine just how powerful that punch was. Yet… it was still stopped by Zhou Weiqing’s palm. A terrifying suction force spread out throughout Yu Yun’s entire body, and everyone could clear see throughout the stage, the deep yellow light of earthen energies was swarming crazily into Yu Yun, and Zhou Weiqing seemed like a little boat in the sea of yellow as their ‘waves’ crashed into him. However, no matter how they tried, he stood there unmoving.

In a short time, the yellow light had brightened to the max, and began to weaken slowly.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “As I said, you are not a match for me currently. However, do not worry… Just like they are for you, the Dan Dun Empire is also my enemy. What you had planned to do, I will complete for you on your behalf.”

Yu Yun’s heart was totally overturned right now, welling with shock. Zhou Weiqing’s mystery and depth. Even in the process of using his strongest attacks, he was still unable to investigate this youth fully. With his stable character, his heart was actually feeling a faint sense of fear. Indeed, the unknown was always the most terrifying.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing shook his arm, and Yu Yun’s entire body stumbled back a dozen steps before he finally regained his balance, the yellow light around his body dissipating as he returned to his original form. “I have lost.”  Yu Yun’s expression was extremely ugly as he gritted his teeth. This time, both he and his sister had joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament together to look for the Dan Dun Battle Team’s trouble. However, he had never expected that he would actually lose to such an opponent.

Although he did not know what Skill Zhou Weiqing had used, he was certain that it was one that happened to counter their Spiritual Body of Earth perfectly, and their ability to greatly bring the earthen energies into play. That was the reason why he had lost so miserably. Luckily, at least this team was not allied to the Dan Dun Empire.

Yu Yun did not continue speaking, just giving Zhou Weiqing a long, meaningful look before jumping off the stage.

When Yu Yun jumped off the stage, the entire audience erupted.

It could be said that this fight between Zhou Weiqing and Yu Yun was the simplest and most direct fight, at least visibly. In the entire process, it was just Yu Yun turning into stone giant form and giving a punch, which was blocked by Zhou Weiqing. After being in that stalemate for a few moments, Zhou Weiqing knocked him back… and the fight… ended? Was this an arranged match? Was there some cheating going on? Similar thoughts ran throughout the minds of all the audience. Without question, this round of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team defeating the Geritimo Battle Team was truly unexpected.

However, was this really arranged? Any Heavenly Jewel Master could tell that though this fight seemed simple on the surface, it was extremely complicated. Indeed, no one could really tell for sure what had happened, even Shangguan Longyin on the VIP Stand was unable to do so. However, any discerning person would have noticed one thing. That is, Yu Yun was currently the highest cultivation out of all the contestants that had appeared on stage since the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament had started, the only Zong Stage powerhouse. Yet, even though he was at the seven-Jeweled stage, he had still lost to this Heavenly Bow Battle Team fellow who was wearing a bamboo hat. Due to Zhou Weiqing’s attire and long sleeves, no one could tell how many Heavenly Jewels he had, and his cultivation level was still unknown. For a time, this fight had become the center of attention. This was especially so for those citizens who had bet on the Geritimo Battle Team, they were beginning to shout about cheating and arranged matches.

The judge on the stage was just as confused, standing there looking at Zhou Weiqing, who was standing there with his arms crossed calmly. His eyes were filled with confusion, not knowing what to do, and he subconsciously turned his gaze towards the VIP stand. The shouts and yells from the audience was resounding, and the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was always known for being absolutely fair. He did not know how
to proceed from here.
“Silence.” An old but hearty voice rang out at that moment. Shangguan Longyin strode forth from the VIP stand,
hovering in midair. With just his voice alone, he covered all of the angry shouts. Instantly, the entire ZhongTian Central Square fell quiet.

All of the participating Battle Teams, especially those from the Great Saint Lands, and even including Zhou Weiqing, were all surprised by this shout from Shangguan Longyin. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think to himself: It looks like this Senior Shangguan has improved since I last saw him as well. He should not be far from the Heavenly Emperor stage now.

Shangguan   Longyin   continued:   “The   Heavenly   Jewel Tournament has always been held by our ZhongTian Empire, and our strongest core value is to be open, fair and just. If any fight breaks the rules, they will be punished. However, I will say that for the fight just now, as the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master, I guarantee that no rules were broken. As for this young contestant from the Heavenly Bow Empire and how he achieved victory, it is a profound secret that only those with sufficient cultivation level can understand. I can speak honestly to tell everyone that he is the strongest
contestant I have seen in any of the past Heavenly Jewel Tournaments. The Geritimo Battle Team did not lose unjustly. I declare, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team is the victor for this round.”

Without question, Shangguan Longyin had extremely high prestige and status in the entire ZhongTian Empire. Having him step up and say such words, how could anyone dare question him? Especially his appraisal of Zhou Weiqing, it had truly drawn much attention.

In the end, the only gloomy one was Zhou Weiqing himself, who  was  currently  thinking:  Senior  Shangguan,  aren’t  you throwing me to the wolves like this? Alas, the milk had already been spilt. In any case, though he would have preferred it not to happen, it was not a big deal. After all, the Dan Dun Battle Team had already surrendered to the ZhongTian Battle Team previously, and even if they recognized him now, it was too late. Zhou Weiqing went back to their rest house, and Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi instantly gave him a big thumbs up. Towards Zhou Weiqing’s victory, they were not surprised at all. After all, they had seen Zhou Weiqing defeat a nine-Jeweled powerhouse previously. Though this opponent had the
Spiritual Body of Earth, he was still at the seven-Jeweled stage after all.

Although Yun Li was sitting in the corner with curled lips, his eyes could not hide the shock in them. In truth, it had been a long time since he had personally seen Zhou Weiqing fight, and he did not know how strong Zhou Weiqing had grown into. However, he had seen for himself how strong that opponent was, yet Zhou Weiqing had won just so easily.

Zhou Weiqing walked to Tian’er, sitting down by her side, instantly grabbing hold of her, pulling her into his embrace and kissing her lips.

The few who were still giving Zhou Weiqing their approval were instantly embarrassed. Xixi turned her head away, Crow blushed slightly, but Ma Qun gave Crow a wicked look instead.

Only Tian’er knew why Zhou Weiqing was doing so right now, as Zhou Weiqing passed her six drops of pure Saint Energy through his lips. As the Saint Energy entered her body, it began to fuse with her own personal little Saint Energy whirlpool, filling her with the satisfying sensation… as if her very soul was evolving.

After Zhou Weiqing had finished transferring the Saint Energy, he laughed heartily, saying: “This Spiritual Body of Earth is truly great. Perhaps even an eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could not give me so much Saint Energy, let alone with such purity.”

Tian’er gave him a light punch on the chest. “Couldn’t you wait until we returned before doing that?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “That’s nonsense, you know very well that I can only transfer the Saint Energy in a short period of time I gain it. If I had absorbed it, it would become mine fully. Alright, come on, let us return now. There isn’t much to watch in the later fights, I still have some things to do.”

The entire team stood up, wearing their bamboo hats before leaving under Zhou Weiqing’s leadership.

If this had happened in the past two days, no one would have noticed them in their remote little corner. However, having just defeated the Geritimo Battle Team, leaving now gave the impression that they were just being too arrogant.

Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House.

“Leader, can you tell ability that fellow was using just now?” The youth seated at the right hand side of the leader asked, seeming to be of even greater status than Shen Little Demon.

“It looks to be the Demonic Attribute… that grey colour could only mean the Demonic Attribute. Could it be… the Heavenly Demon Sect?”

Shen Little Demon’s brow furrowed as she said: “It shouldn’t be the Heavenly Demon Sect right? If it was them, could the ZhongTian Empire allow them to appear so obviously like that? Unless…… it shouldn’t be… right?”

The icy cold youth which was their leader looked up, a light in his eyes as he said: “It looks like we need to hasten our actions. There is no such thing as impossibilities. Let us go as well, I need to send a message to Master. Heavenly Demon Sect… hmph… Heavenly Demon Sect.”

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not know that his actions today had caused some things to be set in motion before their time. Leading his team back to their inn, he asked them to take a rest before he snuck out of the inn silently again, bamboo hat and all.

At the ZhongTian City West Gate, two horse carriages moved out of the city casually, following the official roads towards the west.

It was still early in the afternoon, and due to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the roads within and outside the ZhongTian City were relatively empty, allowing the two horse carriages to move rather swiftly. Soon, both carriages had driven more than a dozen li away from the city.

In the first horse carriage, there were four people seated. One of them was a skinny youth, looking rather pale and ashen. He seemed to heave a sigh of relief before saying: “At last we have left. Sigh… we should never have joined this Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

One of the other youths furrowed his brow as he said: “Leader, isn’t it a bit too hasty for us to leave now? Are we really that scared of that mere Heavenly Bow Empire?”

The pasty looking youth gave a cold humph, saying: “What do you know? The war isn’t going as well as you think. Recently, that Heavenly Bow Empire has recruited a few hundred ultimate death warriors, who knows from where. Along with a couple of fresh recruits, they actually managed to throw back a fifty thousand strong army of ours, and we lost so many in that battle. His Majesty has even ordered a retreat back to the Heavenly Bow City to fortify our position… For us to take a defensive stance instead of continuing our rampage, you can imagine how tough that Heavenly Bow Empire is. Currently, we can only wait for the Bai Da Empire to send more powerhouses before we counterattack. It is rumoured that this time, the Heavenly Bow Empire is being led by that Princess Difuya, the only remaining royal family member who escaped our net last time. “True enough… those Heavenly Bow Battle Team fellows are indeed strong, and we are not able to fight against them. Even so, I just feel like by leaving in this manner, it is just so humiliating. We even had to ask the Bai Da Battle Team to help us inform the ZhongTian Empire about us giving up on the tournament. Leader, you saw for yourself what expression those Bai Da Empire fellows had. Hmph… even if they meet the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, they may not fair much better than us.”

The team leader gave a long sigh before saying: “Somehow, I feel like our Kalise Empire is not going to have a good time ahead of us. The Bai Da Empire only treats us like a dog, but the Heavenly Bow Empire looks to be growing stronger and stronger. If I did not guess wrongly, the Heavenly Bow Empire should be supported by the Fei Li Empire. Otherwise, where are they getting so much manpower and resources to revive their Empire? It looks like they, are just a dog for the Fei Li Empire.”

“Your guess is only half right. Your Kalise Empire will not have good times ahead. However, our Heavenly Bow Empire is still our Heavenly Bow Empire, and the Fei Li Empire is just our ally. Do you really think that everyone is like your Kalise Empire, willing to become mere dogs?” Along with the abrupt appearance of the voice came a loud crash of lightning, and the horse carriages stalled.

A series of smashing sounds, and all the Kalise Battle Team members rushed out of their horse carriages. All they saw was a grey-clad figure standing right in their path in the road.

Simple grey clothes, bamboo hat, veil. He just stood there, but the impression he gave all the Kalise Battle Team members was that of an insurmountable mountain.

Slowly taking off the bamboo hat, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were filled with a cold light. Under his feet, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation began to glow brightly, with the purple light of the Lightning Attribute.

“You… you are that person on the stage just now?” A quiver could be heard in the voice of the Kalise Team leader, whose face had changed swiftly. All of the Kalise Battle Team members released their Heavenly Jewels as one as their leader spoke.

It had to be said, when compared to most of the other teams, especially in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Kalise Battle Team was definitely much weaker. Amongst the six official team members, even the strongest leader was only at the five-Jeweled stage, with two four-Jeweled members, while the rest were only three-Jeweled stage. The two reserve members were also at the three-Jeweled stage. With their team makeup, perhaps it would have been alright for the previous tournament, but in the current one, it would have been impossible for them to go far.

Having just defeated a seven-Jeweled powerhouse, how could Zhou Weiqing not give them immense pressure?

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  coldly,  saying:  “Let  me  introduce myself. My name is Zhou Weiqing. Perhaps, you might not be familiar with my name. If I did not guess wrongly, you Heavenly Jewel Masters should have been recruited by the Kalise Empire after they destroyed my Heavenly Bow Empire. However, perhaps you will know who I am after I speak of another relationship. My father, he is the Heavenly Bow Empire Admiral Zhou Shui Niu.”

The Kalise Battle Team Leader’s face paled further as he looked at Zhou Weiqing, saying: “Sir, you are right. We are Heavenly Jewel Masters who have only been recently recruited by the Kalise Empire, and we are not actually Kalise citizens. If you are willing to let us go, we promise to leave the Kalise Empire, and not work for them any longer.” Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand, waggling his index finger at them, saying: “Being afraid before you fight, you are not a good leader. If you are already like this, how could your team members possibly have any fighting spirit? I can only say, once you made the choice to join the Kalise Empire, it was already a mistake. What reason do I have to believe you? The only interest I have is crushing all of my enemy’s power, isn’t that right?”

The lifted right hand dropped down at the end of his words, and a thick bluish purple light burst forth.

Eight bouts of lightning, each perfectly landing on one of the Kalise Battle Team members.

With Zhou Weiqing’s control and the speed of the lightning, as well as the absolute suppression of Heavenly Energy levels, these Kalise Battle Team members did not even have time to react, let alone release their own Skills to defend themselves.

As lightning spread through their bodies, they were all left numb and in shock… a sickening burnt smell emitting from their bodies. In the next instant, a black light appeared stealthily, enveloping all eight of them, and a thick grey light lit up around Zhou Weiqing’s hand.

A few minutes later, the only thing remaining on the road were the shattered remains of the horse carriages and the corpses of the horses which had been slain by the initial lightning attack. The eight Kalise Battle Team members had disappeared totally.

A flash of blood red crossed Zhou Weiqing’s eyes before disappearing, as he looked to the west with a heated gaze. “Kalise Empire… this is just the beginning. Step by step, I will give you back the payment you deserve.”

The Heavenly Jewel Tournament proceeded smoothly. As the fourth day of the tournament arrived, the citizens which were now highly anticipating the next performance of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team were disappointed, as their opponent for the day, the Kalise Battle Team, had withdrawn from the tournament, giving them a default win. Currently, with three victories and one loss out of four fights, they were at the third position in the First Group. Naturally, the top of the group was the ZhongTian Battle Team, and the second was the Dan Dun Battle Team. The latter’s results were currently exactly the same as the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, three victories and one loss, but as the team with the better results last year, they were temporarily
positioned at second place.

However, for this fourth day, once again the First Group exploded in another major fight. That was between the Dan Dun Battle Team and the Geritimo Battle Team.

The round lasted four fights, and the Dan Dun Battle Team actually lost one.

The four fights could only be described with the phrase ‘horrifying’. Bai Qiu and another one of the Geritimo Battle Team members were actually killed in battle. The brother and sister pair, Yu Yun and Yuling, managed to achieve victory in the 2v2 fight. Alas, in the fourth match, Yu Yun had lost, not giving his sister chance to fight in the fifth match. The one who defeated Yu Yun was Shen Little Demon, who had also reached the seven-Jeweled stage.

However, though Yu Yun had lost in the end, it could be said that both sides were greatly injured. Shen Little Demon had one arm severely injured, while Yu Yun lapsed into a coma from his serious injuries.

For this round, though the final victor was the Dan Dun Battle Team, the Geritimo Battle Team had definitely won the respects of everyone. They used their blood, courage and fighting spirit to show everyone that the Geritimo Empire would not admit defeat to anyone easily. If someone dared to invade them, they would fight to the bitter end.

The fourth day of the Tournament ended in such a bloody process, after a relatively quiet day.

Zhou Weiqing held Tian’er’s hand as they walked along the streets of the ZhongTian City. Both of them had changed clothes, but they were still wearing the bamboo hats. The reason for that was because Tian’er was just too beautiful, and the selfish Zhou Weiqing did not want to let his wife be seen by others so easily.

“Little Fatty, why did you drag me out here? We’ll be fighting against the Dan Dun Battle Team tomorrow, do you really have that much confidence? You have seen for yourself… their two strongest fighters have not even fought today.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “We are going to gift a favour to others. Our Heavenly Bow Empire needs allies, even if this ally is a little far from us.”

Chapter 218 Destruction Attribute!

Zhou Weiqing brought Tian’er wandering through the streets, swerving through alleys and corners before they finally reached a rather luxurious hotel. Entering the lobby, they headed directly to the stairs on the side and headed to the third floor.

Standing at the third floor, Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before grinning at Tian’er. The next instant, a powerful Heavenly Energy reverberation spread out from his body.

Only Jewel Masters would have an obvious sense to such a Heavenly Energy reverberation. Any normal person, even if they were standing right next to him, would not feel anything.

A few seconds after Zhou Weiqing released the Heavenly Energy reverberation, one of the doors at the end of the corridor opened abruptly, a figure appearing from the room. It was the Geritimo Battle Team member with the Spiritual Body of Earth, Yuling.

Her original stable presence was currently disrupted, and her eyes were bloodshot. Seeing the pair of Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er at the stairs, wearing a bamboo hat, she immediately howled angrily: “You are here to finish the job? Exterminate us? I’ll give you a fight!”

As she said that, a thick Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy burst forth from her body.

“Don’t misunderstand, we are not enemies.”  Zhou Weiqing quickly said, removing the bamboo hat from his head.

Yuling’s aura stalled momentarily, but she continued staring at them with a wary look.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “I am the Heavenly Bow Battle Team leader, Zhou Weiqing, also known as Zhou Little Fatty, the one who fought with your brother the other day. Today, we saw your brother injured by those Dan Dun Battle Team fellows, and we are here specially to see if we can help in any way.”

Although Yuling did not recognize Zhou Weiqing, when he revealed his face she could see that he was not the anticipated enemy she had imagined. Her face relaxed slightly, but she said coldly: “What else is there to see… my brother… my brother… he… he is almost dying.” As soon as she said that, tears started pouring down her cheeks. Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise, and he quickly stepped towards Yuling. “Quick, bring us to have a look. Who knows, we might be able to save him.”

Yuling clearly did not trust Zhou Weiqing, and she did not have the intention of letting them in. Just as she was about to stop them, Tian’er lifted a hand, and a brilliant gold light appeared around her palm. Passively, she said: “If there are any wounds that even I am unable to cure, only then can you determine that your brother will perish.”

Yuling was knowledgeable and experienced indeed, and as soon as she saw the gold light in Tian’er’s hands, a strong light of surprise and delight flashed in her eyes. “This… this is the Divine Attribute? Please, come in.” She quickly opened the door, allowing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er to enter.

In the room, the surviving members of the Geritimo Battle Team were gathered there, their expressions grief stricken. Yu Yun lay silently on the bed, his face pale and his breathing weak. One of the team members with the Water Attribute was standing beside him, constantly releasing healing skills on Yu Yun, trying to keep him alive and heal him.

“Team Leader Zhou…”  Yuling was about to say something but Zhou Weiqing lifted a hand to stop her. “No need to say anything else, saving him is more important. Tian’er?”

Tian’er nodded and walked to the side of the bed. Yuling quickly pulled the teammate with the Water Attribute healing Yu Yun to the side, saying something in a low voice into his ear.

Tian’er sat down beside the bed, placing her palm on Yu Yun’s chest. A faint gold light spread out. Using the Divine Attribute meant that she had to unleash her Heavenly Jewels.

Yuling and the other team members could clearly see the seven sets of Heavenly Jewels around Tian’er’s wrists, and their faces were immediately filled with shock.

That day, having lost to the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, in truth many of them were still rather unreconciled towards that result. All the way, up until the point he had lost to Zhou Weiqing, Yu Yun still did not know how he lost the fight, only vaguely sensing that Zhou Weiqing had used a skill that perfectly countered him.

However, now they understood that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team actually still had another powerful team member who hadn’t fought that day. Seven Jewels… Divine Attribute? What did that mean? In their impression, they had only heard that the Divine Attribute belonged only to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Even for the WanShou Battle Team members, none of them had the Divine Attribute. After all, they were not core bloodline members of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. A Lower Level Zong Stage powerhouse with a Saint Attribute, one could not use simple levels to measure them.

A faint gold light covered Yu Yun, causing his pasty white face to look like a piece of gold paper.

Tian’er’s brow furrowed slightly. After a moment, she said solemnly: “His wounds are extremely serious, even his internal organs are on the verge of breaking down. Furthermore, there is a very strange Heavenly Energy reverberation in his body, and… it isn’t any known Attribute that I have seen or heard of.”

Yuling quickly interrupted: “That’s exactly it, the reason why Brother isn’t able to recover despite all our efforts. Originally, we just thought Brother had sustained severe injuries, but we weren’t too worried. However, when we got back, we realised it wasn’t so simple. We even invited some healers from the ZhongTian Empire to help Big Bro heal, but it is that strange unique energy filled with some destructive powers that remain in his body, and even those ZhongTian healers were not able to do anything. Senior Shangguan Longyin even personally went to look for the Dan Dun Battle Team to help, but they refused to do so. Our two Empires are already mortal enemies.”

A cold light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and he looked at Tian’er, asking: “Can you heal it?”

Tian’er nodded at Zhou Weiqing, but secretly, she said in voice transfer: “I think it can only be done if we use the Saint Energy. Our Saint Energy is above all other Attributes, and with its support, there should be no problem.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Alright, then go ahead. I will support you.”

Tian’er extended her other hand for Zhou Weiqing to hold. As the other Geritimo Team members looked on in puzzlement, a strange energy began to gather around their hands.

When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er circulated their Saint Attributes, forming the Saint Energy whirlpool, it meant that when they used the Saint Energy there would not be an actual loss of it, and the Saint Energy would eventually recover. However, if they used it individually, when too much was used, it could possibly lead to a permanent loss of the used Saint Energy.

Currently, their individual Saint Energy was barely fifty drops, and they naturally weren’t going to waste it easily. It was just too difficult to cultivate the Saint Energy.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool appeared silently within Zhou Weiqing, and he infused Saint Energy. A thick gold light rose, and in an instant the entire room was filled with the divine aura. Although Tian’er was still wearing the bamboo hat and just simply seated there, all of the Geritimo Battle Team members suddenly felt a sensation like they should be paying homage to her. That aura and presence, it was as if they were at a whole different level.

With the infusion of the Saint Energy and the Divine Attribute Healing Skills, Yu Yun turned a gold hue, his shattered innards beginning to heal and reknit themselves at an astonishing rate. The strange, unknown energy that was rampaging through his body was slowly forced by Tian’er into a single area, at last gathering in his left arm.

With a soft sound, Yu Yun’s left arm sleeve split apart, and they could all clearly see circles of bright purple light fluctuating there. “Weiqing.” Tian’er gave a low shout.

Zhou Weiqing immediately understood, using his other hand to grasp that glowing spot of Yu Yun’s arm. Instantly, he activated the Devour Skill, and that strange energy filled with destructive power began to be drawn out of Yu Yun.

As soon as the energy entered his own body, Zhou Weiqing shuddered slightly. He could clearly sense that this unknown energy was filled with a destructive and negative aura. Indeed, destruction. If Zhou Weiqing had to give this unknown energy a name, it would definitely be the Destruction Attribute.

This Destruction Attribute had a powerful explosively offensive power, almost a calamitous destructive capability, as if the only thing it was good for was to destroy things. Even as Zhou Weiqing used this strongest Skill of the Demonic Attribute, the Devour Skill, to receive it, he felt as if the Devour Skill was being broken apart from within, with slight cracks even appearing. Although it was minor, rather weak even, but It had to be known that this Destruction Attribute was just a remnant energy, not unleashed as part of an attack, and Zhou Weiqing was still in the midst Devouring it. For it to have such an effect, one could just imagine how powerful this Attribute Energy really was. However, as soon as this Destruction Attribute entered Zhou Weiqing’s body, it could no longer continue its overbearing arrogance. In front of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it could only panic, trying to escape, but how could the Saint Energy whirlpool give it the opportunity.

Very soon, it had been transformed into part of the Saint Energy whirlpool, and Zhou Weiqing was surprised to discover that this tiny bit of Destruction Attribute energy had actually turned into five whole drops of Saint Energy! It was just a tiny portion of Destruction Attribute Energy, yet it could actually transform into such an amount. Immediately, Zhou Weiqing realised that this Destruction Attribute was at the same level as the four Saint Attributes, perhaps even slightly higher.

Zhou Weiqing was fully immersed in his own senses, but at the same time, the Divine Attribute of Tian’er was nourishing and healing Yu Yun’s body, boosted by the Saint Energy.

By the time the gold light slowly dissipated, Yu Yun’s breathing had stabilized, and his face had recovered some of its colour. He had lapsed into a proper sleep.

Without Zhou Weiqing or Tian’er’s reminder, Yuling and the others knew that Yu Yun would be fine. In her excitement, Yuling was about to step forward and kneel to them, but she was stopped by Tian’er. At that point, Zhou Weiqing also broke out of his reverie.

“Lady Yuling, there is no need for that. To be honest, although we are not familiar with each other, the Dan Dun Empire and Bai Da Empire are our common enemies. As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and I hope that we have the chance to help each other against our common enemies in the future. Today can be considered a good start to that. Your brother should be fine now. When he wakes up, please let him know that I will definitely ensure what I promised to him. I will not allow the Dan Dun Battle Team to advance into the top eight and beyond. If you all have any other difficulty in the future, please do come look for us. Our Heavenly Bow Empire is currently situated in the Crescent City.”

Yuling said gratefully: “I really do not know what to say to this. You both have saved my brother, and such a great kindness, we will never forget it, and remember it deeply in our hearts.” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, but did not continue the conversation. After bidding farewell to the Geritimo Team, they left the hotel. Although they were here to do them a favour and get on their good side for the future, if they did too much, it would also induce suspicion. Zhou Weiqing was just here to plant the seeds of good karma. Whether or not it would be of use in the future, he was not too concerned about it. At least, with this baseline established, in the future the Heavenly Bow Empire should not become enemies with the Geritimo Empire.

“Little Fatty, what did you sense?”  After exiting the hotel, Tian’er asked Zhou Weiqing curiously. Naturally, as connected as they were, she had sensed how distracted he had been during the Devouring process.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “It is truly a powerful destructive power, a new attribute even. No wonder the healers from the ZhongTian Empire weren’t able to do anything. If not for the Saint Energy, I’m afraid that even you might have trouble healing Yu Yun fully.”

Tian’er  nodded  and  said:  “Indeed,  that  energy  is  very strange, with the level of a Saint Attribute, yet without the aura of one. It feels a little like a fusion Attribute to me, yet I have never heard of anything like this… any previous fusion of attribute energies have never reached such a state as far as I know. To unleash a Skill with this Attribute, I can imagine the sheer offensive and destructive power it will hold. It looks like
the Dan Dun Battle Team will be more difficult than we expect.”

Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “This  small  portion  of  destructive energies… it was actually able to transform into five whole drops of Saint Energy. It looks like we have to be very careful when we fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team. This energy is extremely strange, we will have to further ponder regarding how to deal with them properly. Luckily we came today, otherwise we might have suffered a great disadvantage or even a loss facing such an energy without preparation. One good deed begets another indeed. When we face the Dan Dun Battle Team the day after, we cannot allow everyone to risk themselves, I’m afraid this time both of us will have to take action personally.”

They would be facing the Dan Dun Battle Team in the sixth day, and for their fifth day fight, it would be another old foe… a mortal enemy even… the Bai Da Battle Team. The preliminary stage of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had already reached such a point, and most of the groups were already pretty obvious what their final results would be. Only the first group was still in an intense fight. The ZhongTian, Dan Dun, Geritimo Battle Teams, those were the traditional strong teams that were still in the running, plus the dark horse of the entire tournament, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. As a result, the infighting in Group One was still extremely tight. Besides the ZhongTian Battle Team which had already secured an advancement spot, the last one would have to be between the Dan Dun Battle Team and the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. As the Bai Da Battle Team had already lost to the Geritimo Battle Team, they were also already out of consideration.

However, the fights still had to go on as planned. The Kalise Battle Team might be able to run off without fighting, but the Bai Da Battle Team definitely could not do so. If they dared to surrender without a fight, when they returned to the Bai Da Empire, they would definitely be punished severely.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team had gathered in their rest house early in the morning of the fifth day. Zhou Weiqing sat in the central main seat, saying passively: “Towards today’s fight, there is nothing more to say. My only order is… do not leave anyone alive.”

Ma Qun gave a hideous grin, saying: “Boss, do not worry, we all understand.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “If you dare make the same mistake as you did against the Geritimo Empire… for the rest of the Tournament you can forget about fighting anymore.”

“Uhh..” Ma Qun gave an embarrassed look as he said hastily: “I won’t, Boss, please give me another chance.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Today, you fight first. Xixi, you second.
Third match will still be Crow and Xixi together.”

Yun Li said with a dissatisfied tone: “Why don’t you let me fight?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “You killing someone… isn’t as satisfying to watch as them killing…” When he said that, Yun Li shivered involuntarily as a cold chill ran down his spine. This was the first time he had sensed such a powerful killing intent and emotionless cold from Zhou Weiqing.

Indeed, towards the Bai Da Empire, Zhuo Weiqing’s hatred was far above even the Kalise Empire. After all, without the Bai Da Empire, how could the Kalise Empire possibly have enough power to breakthrough their Heavenly Bow Empire battlelines and actually succeed in conquering the Heavenly Bow Empire?

The Bai Da Empire could be said to be the main culprit, with the Kalise Empire as their ‘figurehead puppet’. Zhou Weiqing was a man who bore grudges, and his target was not just as simple as destroying the Kalise Empire.

Right at that moment, a clear and bright voice rang from outside their room. “Team Leader Zhou, are you in? Yu Yun and Yuling from Geritimo Team are here to see you.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, standing up and walking over to receive them. Indeed, the brother sister team of Yu Yun and Yuling were standing at the door. Seeing Zhou Weiqing walk towards them, Yu Yun bowed deeply. “Thank you Team Leader Zhou, and your Heavenly Bow Battle Team, for saving my life. Such a major gratitude, I shall not thank too much. In the future, if you all need any assistance from our Geritimo Empire, Team Leader Zhou,
please feel free to request it. As long as we can accomplish it, we will definitely do it.”

Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. He immediately realised that this Yu Yun was not just so simple as the Geritimo Battle Team Leader… he could actually represent the entire Geritimo Empire!

In the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House.

The leader looked at Shen Little Demon with a bleak and serious  look  on  his  face.  “Little  Demon,  you  used  the Destruction Attribute yesterday?”

At this moment, Shen Little Demon had a puzzled, uncertain look on her face. “Yes, I did! That Yu Yun is one of the Princes of the Geritimo Empire, and the one with the greatest chance to be the heir, and we already decided to kill him off. During the fight, I used the Destruction Attribute to ensure his death… how could he possibly survive?”

The leader said coldly: “That question, you shouldn’t be asking me. As you have seen for yourself, he is still living and healthy. The two of them have just entered the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House.”

Shen Little Demon said with great uncertainty: “Could it be… someone from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team saved him? That should still be impossible! Even if it is the Divine Attribute, without a cultivation level three Jewels above mine, they wouldn’t be able to dispel my Destruction Attribute.”

The youth leader narrowed his eyes, his gaze like a knife slicing through the air as he said: “It looks like we will have to treat this Heavenly Bow Battle Team seriously after all.”

“Heavenly  Bow  Battle  Team  versus  Bai  Da  Battle  Team.
Please send your first fighters onto the stage.” Ma Qun instantly rushed out of the Rest House, eager and unable to hold himself back. He was dressed in his full heavy armour, and he landed directly on the stage.

When the first member of the Bai Da Battle Team ascended the stage, the rest of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team members furrowed their brows.

Zhou Weiqing and the others had watched all the other Bai Da Battle Team matches. However, this time, the first one to come out was actually the Bai Da Battle Team Leader, Noris!

For the Battle Team Leader to actually fight in the first match, it was a very rare sight on the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Caught by surprise, the rest of the team turned to look at Zhou Weiqing questioningly.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: “It should be fine. A tougher match is more meaningful for a Heavenly Jewel Master.”

Crow’s eyes showed an obvious hint of worry. After all, this Bai Da Battle Team leader was a six-Jeweled powerhouse, and his Heavenly Jewels were the Strength and Darkness Attributes respectively. As compared to the four-Jeweled Ma Qun, he would definitely have a superior advantage.

Sitting there, Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh. He did not plan to change his battle formation today. He knew his opponent was trying to use their strongest against their so- called weakest, to gain as much advantage as possible. However, would that be of any use at all?

Ma Qun might seem like a brute who only depended on strength on the surface. However, in truth, the cunning and sneakiness in his heart was no lower than Zhou Weiqing. As soon as he saw that his opponent was the enemy’s team leader, he immediately took note, paying full attention. At the same time, his mind began to churn to form plan after plan.

“Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Ma Qun.” “Bai Da Battle Team, Noris.”
“Fight, Begin.”

Noris was a young man of about twenty seven or twenty eight years old, with highly average features with the exception of his eyes, which definitely drew attention. His gaze was cold, and anyone fixed with those eyes would feel as if they were targeted by a venomous snake.

As soon as the judge proclaimed the start of the fight, a thick Darkness Attribute aura burst forth from Noris, and his Consolidated Equipment appeared around him.

Noris’ Consolidated Equipment were rather interesting. From his left hand, a pitch black rapier appeared, followed by gloves, bracers, shoulder pauldrons, chest plate and girdle. Six pieces in total.

In terms of quality, those six Consolidated Equipment were not the best. Both Yun Li and Zhou Weiqing had some experience in terms of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and they could instantly see that these were just Grandmaster Consolidated Equipment. However, these six pieces all belonged to a single Set. It was clear that it was already a prime example of set equipment pushed to the limit. Of the six pieces, only the rapier in his left hand was a Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment. All of the equipment were focused on boosting his Darkness Attribute. From the equipment he had chosen, it was clear that this Noris was a close combat type Heavenly Jewel Master. As he released his Consolidated Equipment, a cold light flashed in Noris’ eyes. In a single swift step, he charged towards Ma Qun.

Ma Qun’s attacking style was no different from all his previous matches, ignoring his opponent’s attacks totally as he raised his huge spiked maces, smashing them towards Noris’ body directly. His attacks gave the impression of being crude and impetuous.

A thick sense of disdain flashed in Noris’ eyes, a thick black light emanating from his body as if it were the plague, instantly spreading to Ma Qun’s body.

The large spiked maces that Ma Qun swung slowed obviously, and a black symbol appeared above his head.

Curse. It was a Curse-Type Skill.

The Darkness Attribute’s greatest strength, the Curse-Type Skills. The Skill that Noris had unleashed this time was the Slowing Curse. Facing Ma Qun whose cultivation level was far lower than him, even this Slowing Curse that wasn’t considered a high powered one could immediately show its effect.

Although Noris wasn’t an Agility Type Heavenly Jewel Master, his speed was still decent. In a flash, he dodged to the side, perfectly sliding through the gap between the two large spiked maces’ attacks. At the same time, the rapier in his hand blurred towards Ma Qun’s throat.

At this point, it was clear that Ma Qun would not be able to dodge that. The gap in cultivation level was just too obvious.

At the last critical moment, Ma Qun’s body forcefully pushed slightly to the side, as his spiked maces continued chasing Noris’ body.

A soft sounds of impact; a black shadow slid through the coverage of the spiked maces once more. In the next moment, a massive crash and the large spiked mace originally in Ma Qun’s left hand smashed savagely into the granite floor of the stage.

On Ma Qun’s left shoulder, a bloody hole appeared, and his entire body staggered back from the blow. All those prior are only on the left, hence the ‘interesting’ part, not sure if my phrasing was clear enough Although he had managed to prevent the rapier from hitting his throat, Noris’ attack still managed to land on his shoulder. Even the thick Frozen Steel armour was not able to perfectly block a full powered blow from a six-Jeweled powerhouse, and the rapier pierced right through. There was even smoke emitting from the wound, clearly showing the corrosive nature of the Darkness Attribute attack.

Ma Qun howled in pain, as if a wounded beast. Flying into a rage, he swung the spiked mace in his right hand towards Noris as he charged forward.

In a single engagement, he had already suffered a serious injury. In the audience’s eyes, Ma Qun had no hopes of winning. Currently, he was just like an arrow at the end of its flight, fighting desperately with the last bit of spent force. The difference between four Jewels and six Jewels was just too huge. Even those seeded team members, they felt that after Ma Qun’s heavy armour had proven insufficient to defend him, it was clear that Ma Qun was no match for Noris.

For the Bai Da Battle Team to send Noris out in the first match, it was after deep thought. The reason was simple, his rapier was actually the most adept at breaking through the powerful defense that so many of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team members favoured. No matter if the Heavenly Bow Battle Team sent out any of the three Heavy Armoured warriors, they would be countered by Noris. Gaining the first victory would definitely be a good method of raising their morale for the rest of the matches.

From the way things were progressing, it seemed like this plan of the Bai Da Battle Team was successful. Alas, they had not been watching the rest of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team members’ expressions in their rest house.

Yun Li’s expression was anxious and urgent, and Xixi’s brow was furrowed deeply. On the other hand, the one should have been most worried, Crow, was smiling, her previous anxiety seemed to have vanished totally.

As Ma Qun’s wife, who could understand Ma Qun and his abilities more than her? In terms of pure combat capabilities, it was definitely true that Ma Qun was no match for Noris, after all the gap in cultivation level was there. However, losing in just a single engagement, in such a miserable fashion… that was definitely impossible. If that was really the case, how could Zhou Weiqing be willing to allow Ma Qun to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament? Noris did not know what Crow was thinking, nor would he have cared. Having succeeded in his first strike, his eyes were filled with bloodlust, glowing brightly in excitement.

These few days, the dominating performance of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had given him a rather suppressed feeling. He knew that in terms of overall power of the entire team, their Bai Da Battle Team was definitely no match for the Heavenly Bow Battle team. However, that did not mean they would have no chance at all. In the history of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, there were many examples of weaker teams beating stronger teams. Wasn’t the Fei Li Battle Team in the last tournament a perfect example of that? As such, he had planned a specially tailored counter strategy to the Heavenly Bow Battle Team for today’s fight. Even if they were to lose, he did not want the Heavenly Bow Battle Team to have a good time.

Seeing Ma Qun still charging at him while howling in pain, without any style or reason, Noris gave a cold smirk. In a flash, he stepped to the left besides the spiked club that Ma Qun had left behind. The rapier in his hands flashed out like the fang of a venomous snake, striking out at Ma Qun’s jugular vein.

Although his speed was not particularly fast, with his six- Jeweled cultivation level, no matter how anyone looked at it, he was definitely faster than Ma Qun, especially since Ma Qun was now wounded, and his left side defense was the weakest. Noris did not plan on delaying any further, not even wanting to give Ma Qun the chance to surrender, hoping to kill him swiftly. He was even imagining after he killed Ma Qun, he
would not let his corpse off, destroying it fully.

Ma Qun’s charging body stumbled slightly, barely sliding to the side and dodging the incoming rapier. At the same time, the remaining large spiked mace swept savagely towards Noris’ head.

Once again, a mocking disdain flashed in Noris’ eyes, followed by a cold light. The Slowing Curse appeared once more, causing Ma Qun’s body to further slow down. Simultaneously, his rapier chased Ma Qun towards his heart.

As Ma Qun had barely dodged the blow to the throat earlier, his body was mostly greatly imbalanced now. This current sword blow, he was definitely in no position to dodge it any longer. In Noris’ eyes, once he pierced through his opponent’s heart, he would still have the time to dodge Ma Qun’s mace, and he would not even be touched.

When anyone felt he was in a sure win position, their spirit would relax slightly. This was a phrase that Zhou Weiqing had told Ma Qun a long long time ago.

The confused, muddled and bloodshot eyes of Ma Qun suddenly lit up. “DIE!”  This time, his shout was not crazed, instead filled with an overbearing tyranny.

Right in that instant, the presence and aura of Ma Qun burst forth, a sensation that was fully different. The huge spiked mace whistling in midair that had been slowed by the Slowing Curse abruptly sped up, much faster than even his usual speed. A thick yellow light erupted from his body, and at the same time, his injured arm which had been flopping uselessly at the side suddenly lifted up, holding up an unbelievably thick shield in front of his chest.

All of this had been accomplished by Ma Qun in the blink of an eye, and he had only done so when the black rapier was less than one chi from his chest. At this point, Noris no longer had any chance to change his strike.

A terrifying energy reverberation blew up. The current Ma Qun gave everyone the impression that he was an exploding volcano. *Puuu* A soft sound rang out. Even though Ma Qun had burst forth with an abrupt speed, even breaking free of the Slowing Curse… Noris’ attack still struck first, piercing savagely into the shield in Ma Qun’s hands.

Alas, just as the rapier and shield came into contact, Noris’ eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

It did not pierce through fully… not fully through…! Furthermore, a sudden powerful suction force began to drag upon his rapier, forcefully holding it in place, preventing him from pulling it back.

The next instant, another *Puuu* sound. The massive spiked mace, glowing with a thick earthen yellow colour, smashed into Noris’ head.

Noris was not wearing a helmet, and everything happened in just a split second. Just as he realised something was wrong, the rapier had pierced into the shield, and in the moment he was shocked, the large spiked mace came into intimate contact with his head.

Blood. Like a beautiful fountain of fireworks, made its appearance on the stage. Imagine a watermelon being split by a giant hammer? In midair?

Currently, Noris’ head was that exact watermelon. White, red… grey? Even some unknown colours, spraying everywhere in midair. At the same time, the rest of his body was sent flying, slamming hard onto the ground outside the stage.

Ma Qun staggered back several steps on the stage before he finally regained balance. Although Noris’ final blow had not broken through his shield, it did contain the full power of his six-Jeweled cultivation level and a strong piercing force, and he could only diminish it slowly as he staggered back.

The Consolidated Shield in his hands vanished, and a powerful angry howl rang forth from Ma Qun as he gave vent to all his feelings. His right hand lifted up the massive spiked mace, still covered with blood and brains, as if he was a god of war.

Below the stage, the audience could only stare in stunned silence. The fight had ended just too abruptly. In the eyes of the ordinary audience members, they had barely blinked a few times before it ended. No one could have expected that the ending would be such an abrupt reversal, and in such a strange fashion. Ma Qun had actually won, and he had even managed to totally smash Noris’ head into bits.

“Well done!”  Zhou Weiqing jumped up in the Rest House, gripping his fists savagely.

He had been too agitated, and his sudden movement caused the bamboo hat to fly off his head.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear how Ma Qun had won. This entire battle could be said to have been planned and executed perfectly by Ma Qun, all part of his calculations.

From the start, Ma Qun had already come up with a complete plan. As soon as they exchanged blows, he purposely accepted a blow, purposely misleading Noris, allowing him to think that Ma Qun only knew how to fight brainlessly. Furthermore, he had ‘lost’ one of his spiked maces, and that naturally meant a drop in his combat prowess.

What followed next was all guided by Ma Qun step by step, fully bringing Noris into his trap… all the way to the end when Noris no longer had any chance of changing his attack, only then did Ma Qun burst forth with all his power.

An ordinary four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could not possibly block the full powered blow of a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master with a single shield. However, Ma Qun’s shield was a four-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield. Even for a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, how could he pierce through it fully so easily?

Originally, Lin TianAo’s six-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield had managed to even block a single blow from the Heavenly King Assassin without dying. From that alone, one could imagine the sheer defensive capabilities of this Assembly Set.

Furthermore, at that very instant, Ma Qun had unleashed the full power of his bloodline powers, entering the Berserk state, which allowed him to break free of any Curse or Sealing Skills. Of course, the gap between them couldn’t be too huge. Luckily, the Slowing Curse wasn’t a very powerful Skill, and it was easily broken.

In the Berserk state, that severely damaged left arm was still barely able to move. At the same time, the huge spiked mace infused with Earth Attribute Heavenly Energy… how could Noris’ head defend against it? Noris’ death was truly not a worthwhile death. He still had so many Skills he had not used, but he had just died like that to Ma Qun’s spiked mace.

On the side of the Bai Da Battle Team, all the team members’ eyes reddened, and they were about to charge up to pit their lives against Ma Qun, but they were stopped by the ZhongTian guards. Before this fight had even started, the ZhongTian Empire had already made preparations. They knew that the clash between the Heavenly Bow Empire and the Bai Da Empire would definitely not be a calm or easygoing fight, and the facts had proved their preparations were indeed a good choice.

“It… it’s him… it’s actually him?!” Right at the same time, in the Dan Dun Battle Team rest house, Shen Little Demon exclaimed in shock, her expression extremely ugly. When she saw Zhou Weiqing’s bamboo hat fly off his head, she finally understood why she kept having a sense of familiarity towards this Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

“It’s Zhou Weiqing! That Zhou Weiqing who brought the Fei Li Battle Team to victory in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament!” Shen Little Demon’s grew urgent and laboured as she exclaimed. It could be said that her hate for Zhou Weiqing was as high as the skies, with a hint of complicated feelings. In the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, she had lost to Zhou Weiqing, and because of that the Dan Dun Battle Team that she led was knocked out of the finals. It was this Zhou Weiqing who had
used that strange tri-attribute venom to almost kill her, but he
had also saved her life under the persuasion of the ZhongTian Empire.

Chapter 219 Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix!

Later on, she had met Zhou Weiqing in the northern borders once more, and that fellow had actually succeeded in bluffing the Heavenly King Stage powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell, even injuring him severely.

Originally, when Shen Little Demon did not see Zhou Weiqing in the Fei Li Battle Team, she had heaved a sigh of relief. However, she had never imagined that Zhou Weiqing had still participated in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, just that he no longer belonged to the Fei Li Battle Team, nor the ZhongTian Battle Team… instead representing this Heavenly Bow Empire. No wonder… no wonder he would keep wearing that bamboo hat to keep himself hidden. That was clearly targeted at the Dan Dun Battle Team!

Upon hearing the name Zhou Weiqing, the two youths heading the Dan Dun Battle Team had their eyes turn cold. Towards this name, they were not unfamiliar at all. After the last tournament, they had heard Shen Little Demon bring up that name many times. It was also that person who had given the Blood Red Hell an unprecedented disgrace and humiliation. Hearing that this Zhou Weiqing had appeared before them again, becoming the tiger blocking their way again, naturally these two youths were not surprised, but filled with an unparalleled fighting spirit. Both their gazes fixed upon Zhou Weiqing, who had stepped out excitedly to receive the returning Ma Qun, a cold killing spirit bursting forth from both of them.

Zhou Weiqing did not even look at them, as if he could not sense anything, just supporting Ma Qun back to their Rest House. As he did so, his left hand subtly extended towards the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House, pointing out a long middle finger at them, making a pumping motion.

“Bastard!”   Some  of  the  Dan  Dun  Battle  Team  members jumped up, about to charge at him.

“Stop there.” The leading youth said coldly. He ignored Zhou Weiqing’s mocking gesture.

“We will be facing the Heavenly Bow Battle Team tomorrow, what is there to be anxious about. All that he is doing now… is digging his own grave. “

Hearing the youth’s voice, including the agitated Shen Little Demon, all of the team members nodded in full acceptance. At this point, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team and Bai Da Battle Team began the next fight.

If the first match gave the audience the impression that the victory had been by accident, then the second match was a total one sided slaughter.

Xixi’s overall combat power was even stronger than Ma Qun, and her opponent was weaker than Noris. Furthermore, it was truly unfortunate that this opponent was a Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, with the same attribute as Ma Qun, a Strength and Earth Heavenly Jewel Master.

This was a direct clash of strength versus strength, and Xixi only used a single round of crazy flurry of blows to break past her opponent’s defense. Once her terrifying axes slammed into her opponent’s body, along with a cold stream of air… in a flash of white light, the opponent had been sliced into several pieces. Furthermore, there was no blood at all, the shattered corpse having been frozen into a large ice cube before being broken.

After the first match had ended, the Bai Da Battle Team members were filled with rage. However, after the second match ended, the Bai Da Battle Team members became silent like a cicada in cold weather. Without their leader, they had lost their core and backbone… and Xixi’s merciless slaughter had crushed their confidence and fighting spirit.

The third match did not even proceed, as the Bai Da Battle Team chose to surrender. After all, no one wanted to die, and they would not choose to charge into sure death. At this point, they suddenly remembered how the Kalise Battle Team had run off without fighting, and their scorn towards them, and they felt a sense of shame. Of course, they did not know that by now, those Kalise Empire members were no longer alive.

The fifth day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament ended smoothly. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not lead his companions to leave early, staying all the way until the end of all the fights before walking out with his companions. Standing at the door of their rest house, his eyes stared straight at the Dan Dun Battle Team.

By then, the Dan Dun Battle Team had also walked out of their own rest house, and their gazes met.

Zhou Weiqing revealed a disdainful smirk on his face, before making a wretched sign at them, his hands lifted towards the Dan Dun Battle Team, gripped in fists, with his thumb sticking out from between his forefinger and middle finger, before waggling them at the Dan Dun Battle Team members. Yun Li stood behind Zhou Weiqing, and he just covered his eyes, muttering to himself: “I don’t recognize this fellow.”

The youth leader at the head of the Dan Dun Battle Team looked coldly at Zhou Weiqing’s actions, but remained silent. After a while, he said passively: “Let’s go.”

Looking at the Dan Dun Battle Team members leave like that, Zhou Weiqing slowly put down his hands, his eyes turning cold and serious. He knew that tomorrow’s fight would definitely be far tougher than the previous Tournament’s fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team with the Fei Li Battle Team.

At this point, the ZhongTian Battle Team walked towards them, with Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er at the head of their party.

As they reached Zhou Weiqing, they stopped. Shangguan Xue’er said coldly: “For Bing’er’s sake, good luck for tomorrow’s fight.”

Shangguan Fei’er giggled, glancing at Tian’er beside Zhou Weiqing as she said: “Tomorrow, if you win, I’ll let you kiss me once. Let’s go.” As soon as she said that, the ZhongTian Battle Team members behind here all stared with jaws agape, looking at Zhou Weiqing with strange looks.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was not too good; that was because he was actually enduring pain. Tian’er was behind him, pinching a soft area of his waist, executing an extremely difficult movement, the famed 360 degree pinch. Of course, the difficulty was for Zhou Weiqing’s skin.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team returned to their inn, and Zhou Weiqing told the others to rest inside without heading out. He then spoke for a while with Yun Li before leaving with Tian’er.

“Where are we headed today?”  Tian’er asked curiously as soon as they left the inn.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Since the Dan Dun Battle Team isn’t easy to handle, we should make some preparations. Let us head up the Heavenly Jewel Island.”

Tian’er said in surprise: “But… I do not have the plaque to ascend the Heavenly Jewel Island.” Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “That  is  not  a  problem.  I  think,  the Heaven’s Expanse Palace should be extremely interested in news regarding the Destruction Attribute… exchanging it for a temporary ascension to the Heavenly Jewel Island should not be a big issue.”

By the time the sun rose in the east, bringing light and warmth to this largest city in the continent, it also signalled the beginning of the sixth day of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. This would also be the last day of the preliminary rounds.

Amongst the four groups, only the First Group matches had not ended. That was because they had an extra team compared to the other groups, and naturally needed one more round of fights.

However, none of the citizens would miss today’s fight just because of the limited amount. On the contrary, their emotions were stoked to the highest point. That was because today’s fight had ended up being one of the anticipated highlights, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team against the Dan Dun Battle Team.

In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, these two teams were not seeded teams, but at this point, no one would dare to underestimate any of them. In their previous matches, they had both only surrendered to the ZhongTian Battle Team without fighting, but had won every other match against all the other teams. Today’s fight was the one which would determine which of the two would actually be able to advance to the next round. From that alone, one could imagine the intensity of the fights.

It was not just the citizens and audience members who were excited. Even the other teams who had completed their preliminary matches did not want to miss this fight, all of them appearing with exception in their respective rest houses.

To be able to witness such an exciting and high quality fight with their own eyes, it could only be of benefit to them.

The Four Seeded Battle Teams. Bao Po Battle Team Rest House.

As everyone knew, the BaoPo Empire was backed by one of the Great Saint Lands, the Passion Valley. For this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Passion Valley had sent out their absolute elite team, managing to advance as the first in Group 2. This also meant their opponent would be the second position of Group 1… and they would face the victor of today’s fight, the Dan Dun Battle Team or Heavenly Bow Battle Team.

The Bao Po Battle Team had a total of eight team members, six regular members and two reserve. Currently, seated at the main seats were a couple acting intimately.

“Big Bro XiHua, what do you think are the odds that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team can defeat the Dan Dun Battle Team?”

The young lady on the main seat asked softly. She was extremely beautiful, looking to be barely twenty years old. However, those who knew her well knew that she was about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She had a beautiful name, called Lan HuDie, but the rest of the Passion Valley members called her Butterfly Orchid, a beautiful flower indeed.

The youth seated beside her also had dashing features, looking extremely suave with an aura of refined and graceful spirituality.

Shaking his head gently, the youth named XiHua hesitated before saying: “It’s really hard to say.” “Hard to say?”  Butterfly Orchid stared at her husband in surprise. “Why is it hard to say? The two leading fellows of the Dan Dun Battle Team, they are both at the seven Jeweled cultivation level. Although that Shen Little Demon is also at the seven-Jeweled cultivation stage, she is positioned at the third. It’s clear that their overall power should be far stronger. Do you really think that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team actually has a chance to threaten the Dan Dun Battle Team?”

XiHua sighed gently, saying: “Originally, I also thought that the Dan Dun Battle Team would definitely win. However, yesterday I actually saw their team leader’s face… and I began to think that it’s not going to be just that simple. Although we did not attend the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you should have heard of the reason why the Fei Li Battle Team won that time. At that time, they had a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master who turned the tides of battle, defeating Shen Little Demon in their fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team. That person’s name is Zhou Weiqing. Yesterday, when we returned, I asked someone from the ZhongTian Battle Team and confirmed my suspicions. That person who dared to use those vulgar signs towards the Dan Dun Battle Team… it is that Zhou Weiqing. Three years… it can change many things, especially for a genius level talent. To them, three years can be an extreme qualitative change. Since he was able to defeat Shen Little Demon three years ago, who’s to say he won’t be able to create another miracle three years later? That day, when he fought against Yu Yun, even I was unable to perceive through him.”

Butterfly Orchid stuck her tongue out, smiling sweetly at him as she said: “I also couldn’t understand it. When you visited Yu Yun, what did they say? That day you snuck out, but I forgot to ask you when you returned.”

Literal translation – basically just means obstacle / stumbling block

Literal translation, basically means keeping quiet out of fear

Her name is 兰蝴蝶 (Lan HuDie), and they call her 蝴蝶兰HuDie (butterfly) Lan, which is also the name for the Butterfly Orchid XiHua sighed gently and said: “Yu Yun only told me one sentence… that Zhou Weiqing is his savior.”

Butterfly Orchid giggled and said: “Interesting… it looks like today’s fights will be very interesting indeed.”

XiHua gave a bitter smile and said: “I don’t find it particularly interesting, no matter who we have to face in the top eight, it will not be an easy fight for us.”

Back in the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House.

Zhou Weiqing and the others had come early in the morning. In the previous two days, Zhou Weiqing had not bet on anyone. With the influence of the ZhongTian Empire, the betting odds were just too low, and it felt pointless to bet. However, today was different… their fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team was the highlight of today, perhaps even the highlight of the entire preliminary round. It was safe to say that almost every single bettor was betting on their fight, and the Dan Dun Battle Team clearly held the absolute advantage. As such, even the massive bet from the ZhongTian Empire side did not greatly influence the odds too much.

In the end, Zhou Weiqing placed all of their seventy million gold on themselves. The odds were 1 to 3. To Shangguan Tianxin’s amusement, the way the bets were going, it was almost as if the Royal Family was working together with the Heavenly Bow Battle Team to earn money. After all, they had bet heavily on the Heavenly Bow Battle Team as well.

Of course, that was not a big influence on the ZhongTian citizens. The majority of the large bets were those officials, merchants or various rich men. Even if the ordinary citizens placed bets, they were extremely limited. Shangguan Tianxin was more than happy to earn from those fellows. The only heartache would be that once the Heavenly Bow Battle Team won, they would be taking away almost two hundred million gold. With such a sum of gold, within the next ten years the Heavenly Bow Empire could spend extremely comfortably.

However, Shangguan Tianxin could only let it be. A few days ago, he had ascended the Heavenly Jewel Island to speak with his two elder brothers. As such, towards this fight and the bet, Shangguan Tianxin could only treat it as ‘If one doesn’t sacrifice children, they would never catch the wolf’, or ‘if one doesn’t sacrifice one’s daughter, they would never catch the scoundrel’…….. Indeed, this fellow was truly a scoundrel, otherwise how could he steal the hearts of his three nieces? Everytime he thought about that, as an uncle, he felt vexed and gloomy.

“Today, it should be time to let me fight first right?” Yun Li was itching to go. It was time to face the Dan Dun Battle Team, and the Heavenly Bow Battle Team members were all filled with fighting spirit.

However, to Yun Li’s surprise, Zhou Weiqing shook his head. “No, the first fight is not for you. Today, our main goal is not just to win, but to ensure that we do not have any losses or severe injuries, otherwise it will not be worth it. If anything happens to you, how can I account to Little Miss Muddle?”

Yun Li said exasperatedly: “Who are you preparing to send then?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, I will be going first.”

Hearing those words, the entire team was caught by surprise. Without question, Zhou Weiqing was the strongest in the entire team. Of course, that was a judgement made without knowing Tian’er’s actual combat strength.

Still, as a team leader, to be the first to fight was already a rare and surprising thing.

Yun Li furrowed his brow as he said: “You want to learn from that Bai Da Battle Team?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Wait and see how it goes. If we are lucky, we might only need to fight a single tough fight today. Even if we are unlucky, with my arrangement, we should only have two extremely tough fights. Tian’er, are you sure that your body is alright?”

Tian’er was still satisfied with his concern, smiling as she said: “Do not worry, I will not joke around with our child’s life.” The last line was said very softly, and only Zhou Weiqing could hear it.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the sixth day of the tournament finally began officially. Without exception, the first round was a quick and simple surrender to the ZhongTian Battle Team, as they became the first official team to advance to the top eight stage.

At last, it was time for the second fight, the highlight of the day.

Shangguan Longyin stood up in the VIP Stand. With a single step, he walked into the air, and in another step, he landed on the tournament stage.

“This upcoming fight will determine which is the final team to advance to the top eight stage. Since this is such an important fight, this old man will personally be the judge for it. Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus Dan Dun Battle Team. Teams, please send out your first fighter.”

Towards Shangguan Longyin actually taking on the role of judge for this fight, no one had expected it. For the Dan Dun Battle Team, the leading youths’ expressions turned ugly. However, for the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly.

This was a relatively good favour from the ZhongTian Empire! Why was Shangguan Longyin personally being the judge for this fight? With his cultivation level, he could naturally prevent any unwanted deaths. From any angle, this was of no detriment to the Heavenly Bow Empire.

Walking out of the Rest House, Zhou Weiqing did not have any intention of seeking popularity by doing anything sensational. On the other side, the first member to represent the Dan Dun Battle Team had already walked out and jumped onto the stage. From her position, she just saw Zhou Weiqing walking up the stage.

The team member representing the Dan Dun Battle Team was Zhou Weiqing’s old foe, the ex team leader of the last Dan Dun Battle Team, Shen Little Demon.

When he saw Shen Little Demon, Zhou Weiqing gave a wide grin, as if it was all within his grasp.

Zhou Weiqing had long guessed that the Dan Dun Battle Team would not underestimate his side. As such, they would definitely send out a powerhouse for the first fight, but not their team leader. As such, he estimated that either Shen Little Demon or the vice leader would be the one in the first fight. The facts had proved that Zhou Weiqing was right. This time, the reason he decided to fight first was to take a victory from one of their top few powerhouses.

In the preliminary stages, besides the 2v2 fights, every member could only fight once. To be able to take down one of the enemy’s powerhouse was definitely something Zhou Weiqing wanted to do.

Seeing that it was Zhou Weiqing, Shen Little Demon’s eyes lit up with two fiery red gold flames, a powerful fighting spirit rising up in her as her aura burst forth towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing totally ignored her aura, as if he could not feel a thing. Laughing heartily, he said: “No need to be so anxious, Lady Shen, or are you afraid?”

Shen Little Demon glared coldly at Zhou Weiqing, her hands balled  in  fists  as  she  said  solemnly:  “Three  years  ago,  the humiliation that you granted me, I will definitely return to you today.”

Zhou Weiqing ignored her instead, turning to Shangguan Longyin, bowing respectfully as he said: “Greetings, Senior Shangguan.” Shangguan Longyin smiled faintly and said: “No need for such formalities.”

Zhou  Weiqing  sighed  faintly,  saying:  “Senior  Shangguan, looks like I made a terrible mistake in helping someone heal the poison in the previous tournament! This time, if something like that happens again, I apologise in advance for not giving you face. Please do not blame me for that.”

Shangguan Longyin smiled faintly and said: “I owe you one for that.” His words, only Zhou Weiqing could understand, and even Shen Little Demon looked rather confused. Clearly, Shangguan Longyin had already known about how Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had healed Yu Yun. It was also because of this matter that this ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master was so dissatisfied with the Dan Dun Battle Team. In the past, when they had been poisoned, he had helped them get the antidote. However, when he had asked for a favour back, they had refused to heal Yu Yun. This would forever be imprinted deeply in Shangguan Longyin’s memory.

“Both  sides,  introduce  yourselves.”  The  procedure  of  the tournament still had to be followed.

Zhou Weiqing grinned wickedly at Shen Little Demon, saying: “Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing.” Shen Little Demon continued glaring at him coldly: “Dan Dun Battle Team, Shen Little Demon.”

Right at Shangguan Longyin was about to proclaim the start of the fight, Zhou Weiqing suddenly interrupted him. “Senior Shangguan, I have a question I need to clarify before we start the fight.”

“What is it?” Shangguan Longyin looked at Zhou Weiqing’s serious expression, and his heart twitched inside. When this fellow had that kind of serious, officious expression, it was likely he was trying to scheme against someone. Previously, when they were in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, facing the Palace Master, he was also like that… in the end… that Immortal Deity Technique of his……

Zhou Weiqing said: “For the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, is there any restrictions on flying? Does it mean as long as we do not leave the zone above the stage, it should be fine?”

Shangguan Longyin nodded and said: “Exactly.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned widely at Shen Little Demon, revealing a row of perfect white teeth. “Alright, then I have no further questions.” Shen Little Demon suddenly had a sinking feeling, but she did not have the chance to think deeply before Shangguan Longyin proclaimed the start of the fight.

*Fooomp* Golden red flames sprang forth from Shen Little Demon’s body instantly. Her Elemental Jewels were the Light and Fire Attribute, and as soon as she came up, she fused her two attributes into Light Flames. At the same time, she summoned all seven of her Consolidated Equipment, the powerful pressure and temperature of the flames causing the entire stage to become a sea of flames.

“Three years ago, you couldn’t defeat me. Three years today, how can you possibly defeat me? Surrender now, lest you lose in an ugly fashion later.”

Zhou Weiqing stood there, unmoving, but the burning Light Flames could not get within a radius of three chi from him.

Shen Little Demon looked at him coldly, the Consolidated Equipment around her had turned the same golden red. She did not conceal her strong killing intent as she said: “Die!”

The massive Light Flames formed into the shape of a phoenix, swooping crazily at Zhou Weiqing. However, in the next instant, she lost sight of Zhou Weiqing totally.

In a flash of silver, Zhou Weiqing appeared in midair, more than ten metres above ground. It was his Blink Skill. At the same time, his palms pressed downwards, activating the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce. However, it was not targeted at Shen Little Demon, instead causing his body to pull upwards abruptly, thrown higher into the sky.

It’s pretty complicated this one – another literal translation. The basic meaning is one has to sacrifice something / pay the price in order to reach their goals. The phrase originates from an old dialect phrase which is actually sacrifice one’s boots to catch the wolves? In that dialect, the word for boot and child is the same, and somehow across time when it was transferred to mandarin, the phrase became the current incarnation, but the overall meaning remains the same

Not sure if its phrased in an understandable fashion. Basically means he can fly above the stage, but not out of the confines At the same time, the giant wings unfurled from behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, flapping abruptly. His entire body rose up like an arrow shot from a bow, and within moments he was more than a hundred metres above ground.

Looking down from such a height of more than a hundred metres, Shen Little Demon on the stage was barely a black dot the size of an ant. Zhou Weiqing spread his wings, stopping just like that in midair, an evil laughter traveling down from above. “Come on! Come hit me then! What are you waiting for?!”

Shen Little Demon missed her first blow, and by the time she realised it, Zhou Weiqing was already far up in the skies. In that instant, even she couldn’t help but stare up, stunned. Previously when she met Zhou Weiqing in the northern borders, he did not have the ability to fly yet! Furthermore, at that time he was already ‘full’ on Consolidated Equipment, even if he raised his cultivation level to the sixth stage, he shouldn’t be able to Consolidate a pair of wings! How did those wings come about? Zhou Weiqing did not care about what Shen Little Demon was thinking about, casually lounging in the air as he released his Overlord Bow, muttering to himself: “Just shooting a live target, not much of a challenge huh!” His ‘muttering’ was just a tad too loud, so much so that the entire audience could hear him clearly.

It was quite rare that a Heavenly Jewel Master would choose to Consolidate a pair of Wings. After all, it would influence their overall combat prowess. It was definitely more commonly seen for Physical Jewel Masters.

In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, this was the first time that someone with wings had appeared, giving the common audience a very interesting sight, as if their eyes had been freshly opened.

A shrill, earsplitting shriek rang out above in the skies, as Zhou Weiqing’s first arrow shot towards Shen Little Demon.

Shen Little Demon gave an angry humph, punching towards the air. A massive explosion, as Zhou Weiqing’s energy arrow was shattered. Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Block then, let’s see how many arrows you can block.” As he said that, he continued firing away with his Overlord Bow, with his Rapid Fire Archery, as if he was a cat playing with a mouse.

In the ZhongTian Battle Team rest house, Shangguan Fei’er was already laughing so hard that she almost collapsed. “That fellow is just too evil, to think of such a method. Sis, what if he uses such a method against you? Luckily, he surrendered to us…”

Shangguan Xue’er said exasperatedly: “That’s what we have you for right? Furthermore, with my sword intent, I can fly temporarily.”

Shangguan  Fei’er  giggled  as  she  said:  “Even  then,  you wouldn’t have the confidence in knocking him down. His archery is accurate in a thousand metre range. Previously, when he first had the idea of creating the Peerless Battalion, he already came up with this plan to bully his enemies from the skies. Such an evil fellow hehe.”

Shangguan Fei’er was laughing at her side, but on the stage, Shen Little Demon was fully enraged. If Zhou Weiqing clashed with her head on, both sides unleashing their biggest skills, even if she lost in the end, it would not feel so bad. However, in this current situation, Zhou Weiqing had already put himself in an impregnable position. With those arrows shooting down at her so rapidly, she did not know what the drain on Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was,
but it was definitely a massive drain on her. That was because
she did not know which arrow he shot out would be imbued with Skills.

Originally, even that Heavenly King stage powerhouse from the Blood Red Hell had been blindsided by Zhou Weiqing’s arrows, losing an arm. How could she dare to be careless against him? In such a circumstance, her Heavenly Energy was being expended too quickly, at a much higher rate than Zhou Weiqing.

“Bastard! If you have the ability, come down and slug it out with me!” Shen Little Demon yelled into the skies.

Zhou Weiqing rolled his eyes and said: “Are you an idiot? I am already in an advantageous position, why should I slug it out with you? What is the point? If you have the ability, come up here!” “Bastard!”  Originally, Shen Little Demon was already filled with hate for Zhou Weiqing. Now that she was in such a disadvantaged state from such an approach, how could she take it?

Abruptly raising her head, Shen Little Demon’s eyes suddenly flashed with a thick purple. A deep breath, and her hands raised towards the skies. Instantly, the gold-red flames on the stage rose up, forming a massive fire pillar. Besides the original Light Flames, there was a strangely crazy aura.

Standing at the corner of the stage, Shangguan Longyin could clearly sense the terrifying power within that column. He thought to himself, it’s that Destruction Attribute again!

However, he was not too worried about Zhou Weiqing’s safety. That year, he had just been a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master when he faced up against Shen Little Demon… let alone now when he was at the Zun Stage.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth curved into a cold smirk. Although he was more than a hundred metres from the stage, with his vision, how could he not see the flash of purple in Shen Little Demon’s eyes? Destruction Attribute… come on then, give me a taste of it! A shrill and forceful piercing sound. No one knew what secret arts Shen Little Demon used, and a fire phoenix coalesced above her, one zhang long and with a similar wingspan.

Zhou Weiqing shot a few exploratory arrows, but before they could even reach that strange fire phoenix, they evaporated into nothing.

Although the fire phoenix was not too large, not even comparable to the first attack which Shen Little Demon had shot out at Zhou Weiqing, any discerning audience could tell how terrifying and destructive this Skill would be.

Behind Shen Little Demon, a dark red illusory figure of another fire phoenix subtly appeared. This was clearly a powerful Skill which had a Heavenly Skill Image.

When Zhou Weiqing saw the illusory image, a strange sensation entered his heart. Having entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, it greatly enhanced his Icy Cold Perception. This sensation told him that this Skill that Shen Little Demon had unleashed… using the clash of Heavenly Skill Images would be useless against it. That was to say, even if he unleashed a Heavenly Skill Image against it now, it would not disrupt Shen Little Demon’s Skill. Could it be because of the Destruction Attribute? This Destruction Attribute seemed to be far above any ordinary Saint Attribute, not even as simple as being fused from Saint Attributes.

That fire phoenix above Shen Little Demon was like an actual entity, every feather could be clearly seen. Its entire body was a gold red colour, which caused the entire air around it to be continually warped and distorted. What Zhou Weiqing noticed most was that this fire phoenix had such a pair of bright purple eyes, making it look even more alive.

In the process of forming the Skill, a unique aura gathered around Shen Little Demon’s body. Even the stage below her was slowly sinking… perhaps more accurately, it was dissolving.

As for Shen Little Demon, her face was growing paler. Even with her seven-Jeweled cultivation level, it looked like it was extremely difficult for her to maintain this Skill.

*Puuu* Shen Little Demon spat out a mouthful of blood and flame. Indeed, blood and flame. As it sprayed onto the Destruction Fire Phoenix in front of her, she crumpled to the ground, and the Fire Phoenix seemed to change instantly. Its gold red body abruptly turned a blood red, shrinking rapidly until it was about half its original size. However, it had truly coleased into nearly a crystalline statue like realism.

“Die, Zhou Weiqing! Destruction Fire Phoenix, Scorch the Earth!”  As Shen Little Demon spat out the words, the Fire Phoenix gave off an bright call, flying directly towards Zhou Weiqing swiftly.

Currently, Shangguan Longyin’s expression was filled with shock. Was this girl crazy? That last mouthful she spat out was not just her Natal Core Fire, but also her Natal Core Blood. Her attack might have been strengthened greatly, but at least within a year or more, she would not be able to recover. This was the definition of ‘Killing an enemy by one thousand, losing out by eight hundred! From that alone, one could tell how much she hated Zhou Weiqing.

In mid air, Zhou Weiqing’s expression also changed. The Destruction Fire Phoenix had locked onto him, and his senses towards this terrifying Skill was naturally the deepest.

“This  crazy  woman.  Your  Father,  I,  did  not  carry  her children and jump into a well, did she have to go so far…” Zhou Weiqing scolded softly, but dared not delay any further. Instantly, the wings behind his back flapped hard, carrying himself higher and higher. Of course, this was not an attempt to deplete the power of the Fire Phoenix, as he knew that was impossible.

Having gained nourishment from Shen Little Demon’s Natal Core Fire and Natal Core Blood, it was as if the Destruction Fire Phoenix came to life, definitely not giving up before accomplishing its task. Furthermore, its energy was contained within, and it could even draw upon the atmospheric Fire Attribute Energy to replenish itself, without worrying it would run out of energy. The act of flying higher now by Zhou Weiqing was just to buy himself time to properly react.

A silver white light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and his hands extended on both sides of his body. His left hand turned silver, and his right green, as a thick Wind Attribute and Spatial Attribute Heavenly Energy gathered around his respective hands, compressing together.

Zhou Weiqing’s flying speed was extremely fast, but his hands were moving extremely slowly, as they pressed against each other. The Destruction Fire Phoenix was extremely fast as well, and where it passed, pitch black cracks were left in the air. Although they quickly closed behind it, the sheer fact it could leave cracks in the space as it passed, was enough to shock everyone.

Finally, Zhou Weiqing’s hands grasped together. In that instant, a strange sight occurred.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body exploded forth with a weird aura, a thick green and silver light gathering before his chest, forming a massive ball of light. At the same time, behind Zhou Weiqing, a faint silver image gathered.

It looked like a bird as well, but compared to the Destruction Fire Phoenix, it was much smaller. Due to the fact that Zhou Weiqing was so far up in the sky, very few could actually see clearly what that bird was.

Naturally, Shangguan Longyin was not one of them. In his heart, he exclaimed in surprise: Silver Emperor! That illusory image behind Zhou Weiqing… it’s the Silver Emperor?!

If the illusory image behind Zhou Weiqing’s back was a giant dragon, it would not have given him such a shock. After all, a dragon was a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, and it was normal to have a Heavenly Skill Image. However, the Silver Emperor was merely a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast! He had never heard of a Silver Emperor having any Skill that could bring forth the Heavenly Skill Image. As the Skill Storing Palace Master, Shangguan Longyin was extremely familiar to many various Stored Skills. In the entire mainland, there might be people more powerful than him, but almost no one else would dare say they knew more than him about Stored Skills!

What… This… What is going on? Shangguan Longyin’s heart was filled with shock, and he could no longer understand what Zhou Weiqing was doing.

Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! 

The Heavenly Skill Image of the Silver Emperor behind Zhou Weiqing’s back slowly drifted to the front, and just like that it began to merge with the green-silver ball of light in front of him. This merging caused the silver light around Zhou Weiqing’s hand to brighten drastically, warping in an even stranger change.

As soon as his hands grasped together, the green-silver ball of light seemed to come to life. With violent reverberations, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body erupted with a powerful green and silver light. However, since he was so high up in the sky, no one else could see that his eyes had turned a full silver-white.

Zhou Weiqing’s arms shook abruptly, and his hands slowly spread apart again. A tiny bird, fully silver in colour, appeared before him.

“Silver Emperor?!”  Even with Shangguan Longyin’s status and power, when he saw what Zhou Weiqing had done, he couldn’t help but exclaim out loud, unable to restrain himself. What Zhou Weiqing had done had toppled everything he thought he knew. He… he had actually used his own Heavenly Energy to coalesce a Silver Emperor!

The scariest thing was… this Silver Emperor was clearly not just an image. As soon as it appeared, with Shangguan Longyin’s powerful senses, he could clearly sense a powerful life force from that Silver Emperor, far stronger than the Destruction Fire Phoenix.

If he had to point out a difference between this energy- formed Silver Emperor and an actual Silver Emperor Heavenly Beast, it would be the colour of the eyes.

As a Heavenly King stage Heavenly Beast, the Silver Emperor had red eyes. However, for this Silver Emperor that Zhou Weiqing had formed, its eyes were a silver-white. Even so, as compared to an actual Silver Emperor, this energy-formed bird seemed to have a divine aura about it, as if it were above

“Go.” Zhou Weiqing said softly, pointing his right hand downwards. The Silver Emperor before him cried out in a clear, bright cry, streaking down like a bolt of silver lightning towards the Destruction Fire Phoenix that was larger than it several dozen times over. Even Shangguan Longyin could not tell what Zhou Weiqing had unleashed, let alone the others. In truth, Zhou Weiqing and Shen Little Demon’s battle had not started for a long time, but anyone could tell that this was one of the most exciting battles for the current Heavenly Jewel Tournament, at least up
until now. Both sides had unleashed Skills that were far above any ordinary Stored Skills, and the power that they displayed was definitely far beyond the six or seven Jewels they showed on the surface.

A faint smile caused Zhou Weiqing’s mouth to form a wicked smirk.

His entire plan had been to force Shen Little Demon to use her Destruction Attribute. Otherwise, how could he learn more about the profound secrets behind the Destruction Attribute?

Light and Fire… could these two Attributes fused together form the Destruction Attribute? No matter what, Zhou Weiqing could never believe that. Even if they were fused together, these two Attributes would be pure and upright, how could it be like the Destructive Attribute?

What was the Silver Emperor’s strongest Skill? Without a question, it was the Dual Attribute Skill Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, a fusion Skill of the Silver Emperor Wing Slash and the Spatial Rend. Currently, the Silver Emperor swooping down was exactly unleashing that very Skill, forming a piercing green silver light that collided instantly to the Destruction Fire Phoenix.

*Hisss Laaa* A strange sound rang out, as if a red hot soldering iron had a bucket of ice water poured on it.

In mid air, the light dimmed abruptly, as if the sun’s light was being suppressed.

They could clearly see a silver light fly into the head of the blood red Destruction Fire Phoenix, charging right down. Wherever it reached, it started breaking apart the entire body of the Destruction Fire Phoenix, and the green-silver body also began to shrink slowly as it charged down lower.

There was no violent explosions, but the terrifying energy reverberations in the skies could be clearly sensed by any Jewel Masters. Many watchers were secretly feeling lucky that this clash was in the skies; if it were on ground level, who knows what would have happened.

Creation. Once again, Zhou Weiqing had used the Saint Energy’s Creation, with the price of five drops of Saint Energy, to unleash the fusion Skill Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, coalescing the actual Silver Emperor. Ever since he had done so with the Hell’s Angel, he had been experimenting in repeating the process with other Skills.

Without question, the power of this Skill was far above the original Silver Emperor Spatial Rend. With the power of the Saint Energy, the Destruction Attribute was being totally suppressed.

Zhou Weiqing had left a strand of his own spiritual energy in that coalesced Silver Emperor, allowing him to sense the energy reverberations and fluctuations of the Destruction Fire Phoenix, and any myriad changes it might have. He discovered that this Destruction Attribute energy had a crazy dissolving or disassembling effect on any other Attribute. Only the Saint Energy was able to resist this dissolving effect, but it wasn’t able to gain too much advantage either.

Of course, on the reverse side, the Destruction Attribute was also left helpless in front of the Saint Energy. It was destruction, and the Saint Energy was creation. Both sides were not even on the same level.

Just from visual effect alone, when that single wisp of green- silver light pierced and traveled right through the Destruction Fire Phoenix before disappearing stealthily, the Destruction Fire Phoenix looked as if it had been sliced into two from the middle before falling apart totally. Only Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that in terms of pure strength of energy, his Silver Emperor was actually lesser than the Destruction Fire Phoenix. The reason he could destroy it was actually because of the core of the Destruction Fire Phoenix. Once the core of the Destruction Attribute had been destroyed, it had lost its soul, not allowing its full power to be unleashed. In that terrifying collision, both the powerful Skills disappeared just like that.

“No…   that’s  not  possible!”   Pale  and  ashen,  Shen  Little Demon was barely standing with sheer exhaustion on the stage, her eyes staring up in total disbelief and shock. No matter what, she could not believe that what had happened in front of her eyes was true. Due to her fatigue, she had not been able to see clearly what Zhou Weiqing had done, only seeing a flash of silver before he Destruction Fire Phoenix vanished.

As the Destruction Fire Phoenix held her Natal Core Flame and Natal Core Blood, when it vanished, she couldn’t help but involuntarily vomit out another mouth of fresh blood.

When she unleashed that Skill, her goal had been to fight to the bitter end, to kill Zhou Weiqing no matter the price she had to pay. In her eyes, Zhou Weiqing would not be able to take this blow of hers. These three years, she had spent every single day training as hard as she could, putting her entire life into it. In the entire younger generation, she was one of the only three who had gained the Destruction Attribute. In order to do so, she had paid such a heavy price, withstood an unbelievable amount of pain and hardship, worked so hard in order to succeed. This time, coming to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, she had not imagined that she would run into Zhou Weiqing again. However, the moment she saw him, the sparks of hatred within her had been reignited, causing her to unleash such a powerful killing Skill without holding anything back. Her only goal was to kill Zhou Weiqing.

It could be said that the past three years of labour and toil for Shen Little Demon had been warped into that Destruction Fire Phoenix. Yet, all of it had been just destroyed so easily by Zhou Weiqing.

Trembling as her body barely stood, Shen Little Demon grit her teeth, once again lifting her hand. She could not accept it, would not accept it! Even if she had to use her last bit of strength and life, she would destroy Zhou Weiqing!

“Enough.” A cold voice rang out. The next instant, the voice said solemnly: “Senior Shangguan, the first round, our Dan Dun Battle Team admits defeat.” Accompanying the voice was a figure who appeared onto the stage in a flash, gracefully holding onto Shen Little Demon’s waist as he brought her back down the stage.

“Let me go, let me go, I haven’t lost yet. He has to be just as spent as I am. Bro Feng, I cannot accept it, let me kill him, please!”

“Calm down.” The one who had carried Shen Little Demon off the stage was the Dan Dun Battle Team Leader, the youth with the cold expression. He did not hesitate to give her a slap, before enveloping her in a full embrace.

“Your shame and humiliation, I will help you take revenge. However, you must survive and stay alive. You are already severely injured, with your vitality sapped to the limit. If you continue fighting, you will definitely die. The day you married me, your body no longer belongs to just yourself.”

After saying that, he gently laid Shen Little Demon onto one of the chairs in the Rest House. Turning, he looked upon Zhou Weiqing who was slowly descending from the skies onto the stage, his eyes filled with cold light. His name was TianFeng, the true top genius of the Blood Red Hell younger generation. He was also the son of the Blood Red Hell Master. As for Shen Little Demon, she was the Princess of the Dan Dun Empire Royal Family. Although her status in the Blood Red Hell was very high, it could not be compared with TianFeng. In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, for
TianFeng to personally lead their team, it could be said that
they were determined to achieve victory at all costs.

Naturally, TianFeng had heard about everything that had happened in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament from Shen Little Demon, down to every little detail. This time, since they had met with another Battle Team led by Zhou Weiqing, though TianFeng was always so calm and collected, the competitive spirit in his heart was hidden but stronger than anyone else.

Zhou Weiqing stood on the stage, looking towards the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House. Laughing heartily, he said: “Ahhh, the Dan Dun Battle Team has the Blood Red Hell at its back, and I originally thought your fighting spirit would be not bad. Who knew you would admit defeat just like that, how disappointing, how disappointing.”

“Bro, let me fight in the second round. I will take revenge for Sister in Law.” The one who spoke up now was the second youth, seated at TianFeng’s right hand side. He was TianMa, TianFeng’s younger brother, and his strength was above Shen Little Demon, second only to TianFeng. Clearly, he had been provoked and angered by Zhou Weiqing.

TianFeng looked at Zhou Weiqing on the stage, as if he disdained to speak to him. Nodding to TianMa, he said: “Only victory is allowed. Do not lose.”

TianMa nodded. He did not even wait for Zhou Weiqing to descend the stage, and in a flash he leaped up the stage.

TianFeng gave a cold smirk inwardly. Zhou Weiqing, you might be strong, but you are only a single person. Do you really think that you can stop my Dan Dun Battle Team just by yourself? Later, in the 2v2 match, I will let you remain on the stage… forever. In his eyes, the only person in the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team that could enter his eyes and let him pay attention to was just Zhou Weiqing, and he totally ignored the others. They had already lost the first round, and the Dan Dun Battle Team could not afford to lose another round. His pride would not allow the Dan Dun Battle Team to be behind by two to zero, not even for strategy’s sake. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had already fought, and in his eyes, it was a certain victory for his little brother TianMa in any one versus one situation.

As for the two versus two fight, naturally that was even more of an assured victory to him, since he would be participating personally. Although Zhou Weiqing had given him some surprises when he had fought in the first match, to TianFeng the overall result could only be a 3 to 1 victory for the Dan Dun Battle Team.

As soon as TianMa ascended the stage, with a swooshing sound, a pair of wings spread behind his back. His wings looked very different from Zhou Weiqing’s, smaller and thinner, more like a pair of bat wings. The tips of his wings were sharp, looking to be lined by something like bone spikes, causing the entire edge of the wing to be extremely sharp. Looking coldly at Zhou Weiqing who was preparing to walk off the stage, TianMa said coldly: “If not for the rules of the Tournament not allowing you to fight again, I would kill you this match.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him with a warm smile, but his mouth was just as evil as ever. “I’m so afraid! Come and bite me then? Oh, no, that’s not right, someone like you should have too many diseases. Later I’ll send you a little tortoise and you can slowly play with it and bite on it.”

“Bastard!”  TianMa was enraged, and in a flash he pounced towards Zhou Weiqing.

However, the only thing that met him was a thick layer of Heavenly Energy blocking him. Shangguan Longyin stood in the distance, his face stern as he said: “No breaking of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules. Heavenly Bow Battle Team, send your second fighter to the stage.”

“Yes, Senior Shangguan.” Zhou Weiqing replied honestly, but as he did so he still pointed a middle finger towards TianMa before jumping off the stage lightly. The brothers TianFeng and TianMa were the representative of the younger generation in the Blood Red Hell, just like how Shangguan Xue’er and Zhan LingTian were for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, or how Tian’er and Gu Yingbing were for the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Naturally, they had a similar status as well. From young, they had been cultivating hard, but that also meant they did not have much worldly experience… how could they have met such a situation and face such low brow mockery? Instantly, TianMa was further enraged, but unfortunately for him, Shangguan Longyin was there blocking him, and he couldn’t lash out no matter how much he wanted to.

Returning to their Rest House, Zhou Weiqing gave a signal to Ma Qun, who gave a wicked grin. This time, he did not wear his Heavy Armour, just leaping up onto the stage immediately.

Seated at the side, Yun Li muttered out loud: “I have decided, no matter what I will not offend you in the future. You are just too evil.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him innocently: “You can’t blame me for that, who asked the Dan Dun Empire to act so overbearing in the south. More importantly, having such connections with the Bai Da Empire? Against enemies, we can never be merciful, sweeping them away with all our might, like the autumn wind sweeps away the withered leaves.”

Ma Qun’s massive body appeared on the stage once more. For the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team, if one were to think about who had the most appearances on the stage, it would be him and Xixi, who had fought almost every single round.

Seeing Ma Qun ascend the stage, Shangguan Longyin couldn’t help but furrow his brow. Having placed much importance and attention to the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, he naturally knew the power of this huge youth in front of him. Although he had managed to sneakily kill the Bai Da Battle Team Leader, that did not mean he had the equivalent power. Perhaps this youth had much potential within him, but at his current state, he could not compare to TianMa at all.

After releasing his wings, TianMa also revealed his Heavenly Jewels. Seven sets. Low Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. Furthermore, with Shangguan Longyin’s senses, he could naturally tell that this TianMa was already at the later stages of the seven-Jeweled stage, not too far from reaching the eight-Jeweled stage. One could imagine his power. Furthermore, his Physical Jewel was the Agility Type, while his Elemental Jewel was Alexandrite. That meant, he had at least two Attributes to work with. That was not even counting the possibility of the Destruction Attribute. With such an overall power, how could Ma Qun and his four Jeweled cultivation level face up against him?

However, rules were rules. Since the Heavenly Bow Battle Team had already sent Ma Qun to fight, Shangguan Longyin could not intervene in a personal fashion to force them to change their fighter. In a solemn tone, he said: “Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

Ma  Qun  grinned  and  said  casually:  “Heavenly  Bow  Battle Team, Ma Qun.”

TianMa’s cold eyes were filled with the light of bloodlust as he snarled: “Dan Dun Battle Team, TianMa.”

Just as Shangguan Longyin was about to proclaim the start of the fight, Ma Qun suddenly lifted a hand in a ‘stop’ gesture. “Senior   Shangguan,   please   hold   on   a   moment.   I   have something important to say.”

Shangguan Longyin asked: “Does it have something to do with the tournament?” Ma Qun laughed heartily and said: “Of course, it definitely has a strong link.”

Only then did Shangguan Longyin nod and say: “Alright then, speak up quickly. Don’t waste time.”

Ma Qun bowed respectfully towards Shangguan Longyin and thanked him, before he turned his gaze to TianMa. He then proceeded in an action that both Shangguan Longyin and TianMa did not understand – his hands to his hips, taking a deep breath.

In the next moment, Ma Qun’s voice boomed out from the stage like a machine gun firing, the volume of his voice was so much that the surrounding battle team members in their rest houses could all hear it.

“Your name is TianMa right? Why aren’t you called ZhongMa instead? Look at you, as tall and beautiful as a jade tree, so handsome and suave, such a playboy style, everyone would fall for you upon looking at you, even the flowers would bloom as you walked past… I’m sure you are the top quality amongst all trash, beasts amongst the beasts. Furthermore, according to my keen observations, you must have been lacking calcium since a young age, growing up to look like you lack love, even your grandmother doesn’t love you, your uncles do not love you.

Your left face is asking to be slapped, your right face asking to be brutally stepped upon. Even a donkey would feel like kicking you, a pig would feel like stomping on you. You are born to be like a cucumber, to be beaten! Yet, you have grown up to be like a walnut, to be ground to dust! Look, look, look, your little face is so skinny, like a pig! If we threw you into a toilet bowl now, even the toilet bowl would vomit. If we threw you into a Spatial Rend, the Spatial Rend would commit suicide and blow up!

Siighhh, look and see what you have done, this Great Young Master wants to teach you to use the knife, but you just insist on learning the sword, but you don’t learn the sword properly, instead always using the ‘down sword’. There are so many styles of your ‘down sword’, yet you insist on learning the ‘Drunken Sword’, instead of the ‘Gold Sword’, you learn the ‘Silver Sword’! I think you can just learn the ‘Drunken Silver Sword’!

You could have been a sword saint, or a sword immortal, alas you cried and insisted on being a ‘sword man’! Really… there is no need for you to do so. Even though your looks are like that, you should live on with courage! Even so, you do not need to use your buttocks to cover your face! I wanted to see you speaking, but why did you bury your face in your buttocks? Oh? I am so sorry, I did not know that is your actual face, then where are your buttocks? Why are your buttocks so red? Are you a monkey?

Sigh… in truth, living is a waste of air for you, but if you die you are also wasting earth to bury you, staying at home you are wasting gold for your family, how how how? You might as well urinate into a pool and drown yourself in it?”

After saying that entire long sentence, Ma Qun took an abrupt deep breath. He had rattled it all off without even taking a breath, and his entire face was now red from lack of oxygen, but he still stuck his chest out in a righteous look, as if he was a great hero who was speaking the truth of the world, sacrificing himself to save the citizens from a great evil.

After finishing all of that, he looked towards TianMa and Shangguan Longyin, who were both staring at him, stunned silly. Bowing towards Shangguan Longyin, he said: “I surrender.” After which, he turned around in a suave fashion, walking off the stage.

In Ma Qun’s rapid fire speech earlier, his words had been spewed out at an unbelievable speech. Since when had TianMa seen anyone speak like that before? By the time he came to his senses, his entire mind was filled with the mass of chaotic nonsense that Ma Qun had rattled off.

What was a state attained… scolding without any curse words, this was a true attainment of state. In this entire rapid fire speech of Ma Qun’s, he rambled on about so many different things in scolding TianMa, but he had not uttered a single curse word

“Bas… Bastard!” TianMa did not know how to scold others, truly. From young, he had grown up in the Great Saint Lands, and in there, who would dare to scold others? Let alone in front of him? By the time he recovered his senses, he was in such a rage that he felt like his lungs were about to burst.

A thick gold-red flames with an astonishingly brilliant hue of purple smashed crazily towards Ma Qun.


The thick Heavenly Energy shield appeared once more, forcefully blocking TianMa’s attack. No matter how powerful TianMa’s Destruction Attribute was, the gap between Zong Stage and Heavenly King Stage was just too immense, not something they could cross so easily.

In truth, when Shangguan Longyin blocked this attack, his eyes were twitching uncontrollably. Even he had the urge to smash Ma Qun with a single palm himself, let alone the target of the scolding, Ma Qun. Disgusting, that was just too disgusting. That big fellow had clearly just come up here to tease TianMa, scolding him before instantly surrendering. No wonder… no wonder Zhou Weiqing would send a mere four- Jeweled little fellow against TianMa! Zhou Weiqing ahhh Zhou Weiqing, you are truly shameless to the utmost degree!

Another *Puuu* sounds, and TianMa vomited out a mouth of fresh blood. His eyes were bloodshot as his entire body shuddered violently. He pointed towards the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House, but he could not speak a single word.

That mouthful of blood was not because of the backlash from Shangguan Longyin’s blocking of his attack. As the head judge of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Shangguan Longyin would never do such a thing. It was clearly because he had been just too angered by Ma Qun and Zhou Weiqing!

Back in the Heavenly Bow Battle Team rest house, Crow was staring  at  Zhou  Weiqing  with  her  jaw  agape.  “Boss,  this… this… you taught Ma Qun that?”

Zhou Weiqing stood with arms crossed, calm and at ease, as if he was a lofty presence in the wind. “This is called strategy. Sigh, I also did not wish for this to happen. Who asked him to be the second to fight? In truth, I was just doing an experiment, I needed to test if the old saying ‘Angered to death’ can really be true? Alas, the facts have proved themselves, we have failed. Look, that fellow didn’t die right?”

Tian’er and Xixi were clutching their stomachs, laughing helplessly at the side. On the other hand, Yun Li was covering his face, as if ashamed to be seen together with Zhou Weiqing.

*PENG* Ma Qun had jumped down from the stage, an excited look on his face. “Ahhhh, that felt good, so good! Boss, you are truly a genius! I will definitely memorise those words so I can use them in the future! Ahhh! No, I forgot!”

Stud Horse

下贱 vs ‘ 下剑’ homonym pun. The former is being ‘low’ or degrading, while the other is literally ‘down’ and ‘sword’ homonym – slang to acting lewdly while drunk homonym – being a slut
I don’t think there’s an exact meaning, he just combined the two lol

‘Little bitch’ That last startled exclamation drew everyone’s gaze to him, and as they looked at him curiously, Ma Qun said gravely, full of regret: “I forgot to give a loud fart before I went down…”

Zhou Weiqing gave him a kick, sending him to the side as he scolded laughingly: “That was not what I taught you! This big bro here is not so shameless!”

Including Tian’er, the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team gave Zhou Weiqing a contemptuous look.

On the stage, another figure had appeared. TianFeng stood next to TianMa, one hand on his shoulders, helping him nurse his chaotic Heavenly Energy due to his rage.

“Calm down. The humiliation they have given us, we will pay back ten times, hundred times more. There is no point raging pointlessly now. Senior Shangguan, the third match, both of us will be the fighters.”

Shangguan Longyin looked at Tianfeng and nodded in agreement. However, he felt his heart grip inwardly. This TianFeng was much calmer and more stable, far beyond his brother TianMa, especially that cold calculation that lay in his bones. It was clear that he was narrow minded person who would seek vengeance for any minor grievances, but one who could complete control his emotions. Such a person was far more dangerous and deadly than his strength alone could account for.

With his brother’s help, TianMa managed to gradually calm down, his Heavenly Energy also easing up. However, the bloodshot red in his eyes did not withdraw, clearly he truly hated the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team now.

Shangguan Longyin said: “Dan Dun Battle Team against the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. Two versus Two. Third match. Both sides, please send your fighters up the stage.

In a flash, two figures appeared from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team, hand in hand. Tian’er had already removed her bamboo hat, revealing her beautiful features.

When Zhou Weiqing held her hands and they ascended the stage, instantly the phrase ‘fresh flower stuck on bull crap’ and similar phrases crossed all the rest houses. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, both brothers TianMa and TianFeng’s eyes contracted, a powerful killing intent released without any attempt at hiding.

Shangguan Longyin was also secretly surprised in his heart. He knew that this next match was of utmost importance to both sides. Zhou Weiqing had used a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master to ‘waste’ the second strongest powerhouse in the Dan Dun Battle Team, TianMa. Although that had been a loss of a match, in terms of strategy, it was a perfect victory. However, this current 2v2 match was perhaps the most critical one which would decide the outcome between both teams. After all, it was the fight between the strongest of both teams, and it would definitely be the most exciting fight of the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament thus far. Being the judge for this match, it would not be so easy!

“Zhou Weiqing, today I will tear you into bits!” The rage and venom that TianMa had just suppressed burst free once again, rising up as he saw Zhou Weiqing.

Standing at Zhou Weiqing’s side, Tian’er gave a cold humph. “Aren’t  you  afraid  of  bragging  so  much  you  sprain  your tongue? A mere Blood Red Hell, and you dare to be so arrogant in front of us.” …

As soon as Tian’er appeared on the stage, the entire WanShou Battle Team members subconsciously dashed out of their rest house. In this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the WanShou Empire had definitely sent an elite team as well, and since they were mostly from the Heavenly Snow Mountain, how could they not recognize their Young Miss? However, at this point, it was clearly not the time or place to greet her.

At the head, a youth who was clearly the leader couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “Now, it looks like that Dan Dun Battle Team will be in trouble after all.”

At his side, another youth asked curiously: “Boss, didn’t you just say earlier that the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would not be a match for the Dan Dun Battle Team? Young Miss might be powerful, but she is just alone. Her cultivation level may not even be a match for the TianFeng and TianMa brothers right?”

“Zhou Weiqing… that name… don’t you all find it familiar at all? Use your brains, why would the Young Miss actually appear here? Haven’t you forgotten what happened on the Heavenly Snow Mountain?” Hearing his words, the entire WanShou Battle Team members’  jaws dropped. “He…  he is that fellow who came to steal the bride?”

The leader sighed and said: “Indeed! Even Senior Brother Gu was defeated by him… hmph, do you think the brothers TianFeng and TianMa can be compared to Senior Brother Gu? So, the truly dangerous one is not Young Miss, but him. Watch carefully and learn, this will be a true fight between top powerhouses. We are indeed very lucky not to meet the Heavenly Bow Battle Team in the top eight.”  Clearly, he had already affirmed his belief on who the final team ascending to the top eight would be.

On the stage, Shangguan Longyin’s expression grew bleak. “Enough, both teams, there is no point fighting with words. Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

“Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er.” “Dan Dun Battle Team, TianFeng, TianMa.” Shangguan Longyin swept his gaze across all four of them, before saying: “Know your limits. This is the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, not a life and death fight. Alright, fight, begin.”

With both sides confronting each other with daggers drawn and sabres rattling, in such an aggressive manner, he couldn’t help but remind in a line. Of course, he did not have any goodwill towards the Dan Dun Battle Team. However, he did not want to see Zhou Weiqing suffer any loss. Even for him, he did not have a lot of hopes for Zhou Weiqing’s success. After all, Zhou Weiqing had just fought against Shen Little Demon, and to unleash that strange Silver Emperor, it should have taken quite a toll on him. The brothers TianFeng and TianMa were not only fresh, but also stronger than Shen Little Demon. Clearly, it would not be an easy fight at all.

Along with Shangguan Longyin’s proclamation, the aura and presence that both sides had been holding in and building up smashed into each other instantly. Aura and presence was invisible and intangible, but it could put immense pressure on an opponent’s spirit.

If it came to a clash of auras, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er would definitely be able to laugh to the end. Previously, on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, Zhou Weiqing had been able to clash auras with a Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beast with the bloodline pressure. This was a type of clash of auras.

The two brothers TianFeng and TianMa instantly felt a boundless and terrifying pressure, filled with noble grace and royal presence pushing down upon them from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Vaguely, they sensed one black, one white, two massive tigers pouncing towards them.

In that instant, both sides unleashed their Heavenly Jewels. Zhou Weiqing had six sets of Jewels, actually ending up the lowest of the four. Tian’er was at seven-Jewels, as was TianMa. However, when TianFeng released his Heavenly Jewels, even Zhou Weiqing’s pupils narrowed in surprise. He was at the eight-Jeweled stage!

Indeed, TianFeng had released eight pairs of Heavenly Jewels. His Physical Jewels were the Icy Jade of the Strength Attribute, while his Elemental Jewels were also the Alexandrite Jewels of Dual Attributes. Powerful Heavenly Energy mixed into their auras, and the clash resumed.

Both sides did not take action instantly; in this clash of auras, whoever took action first meant their aura and pressure was already at the disadvantage. This would not be a good sign. All of the four were top powerhouses in the younger generation, and they were all able to defeat enemies above their cultivation level. Naturally, they knew very well the advantage in moving first. However, that had to be in unison with a suppression of aura to be of proper use, rather than the reverse.

Anyone could clearly see that from the aura that rose above the brothers TianFeng and TianMa, there was a faint gold-red light of Fire and Light, giving the audience a sensation like they were the rising sun in the skies.

On the other side, TIan’er gave forth a brilliant gold, along with a swirling purple. The beautiful purple eyes of hers were also glowing brightly.

The light around Zhou Weiqing was the strangest, six colours rising in unison, swirling around his body as they rose up. In terms of attributes, it was without question that Zhou Weiqing was the strongest amongst the four.

Very quickly, the clash of aura and pressure showed the victor. Zhou Weiqing had the Dragon and Tiger bloodlines, while Tian’er had the pure Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. As both of them held hands, the four Saint Attributes were present as well. Although their overall cultivation levels and Heavenly Energy was lower, their aura and presence was far superior to their enemies. TianFeng and TianMa’s expressions turned grave. When Tian’er released her aura, they instantly recognized where she was from. However, at this point, it was too late to say anything, and it was more important to defeat their enemies.

By now, all of the Battle Team members had walked out of their respective rest houses. Towards this major battle in front of them, they paid close attention, placing high importance upon it. The brothers TianFeng and TianMa were definitely shocking, but at the same time, this Heavenly Bow Battle Team had yet another hidden seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, with such powerful Attributes as well. They were equally shocking indeed. Besides the ZhongTian Battle Team who already knew of them beforehand, and the WanShou Battle Team who recognized them, all of the other teams were just filled with surprise and shock.

This was destined to be a clash of the top! Originally, those who had looked down upon the Heavenly Bow Battle Team currently had very complicated feelings in their hearts.

Facing the terrifying bloodline powers and the suppression of their enemies’ aura, both TianFeng and TianMa began breathing heavily. TianFeng withdrew his gaze, and abruptly, he took a half step forward, the gold-red in his eyes changing suddenly as the purple of the Destruction Attribute appeared. TianMa and TianFeng could be said to be connected on a certain level. As soon as TianFeng activated his Destruction Attribute, TianMa’s eyes also flashed in a similar fashion. The powerful Destructive aura gave their highly suppressed auras a huge boost; though it wasn’t sufficient to turn to tides and allow them to suppress Zhou Weiqing and TIan’er, at least they were able to hold on.

Despite that, the two brothers were still forced to make the first move, and their Consolidated Equipment appeared.

Flashes of dark gold lit up around them one by one, as the light shield representing the God Tier Consolidated Equipment sprang up individually, causing the entire audience to erupt in surprise.

It had to be known, normally it was extremely difficult to even see a single God Tier Consolidated Equipment, enough to shock anyone. However, in that series of bright flashes, the two brothers had unleashed a total of fifteen dark-gold light shields!

Besides Legendary Sets, there was no other explanation for them having so many high level Consolidated Equipment. That was a hideous and savage scale armour. Indeed, hideous and savage was a very apt description. Their armour was clearly not fully completed yet, as the Consolidated Equipment was still the dark-gold colour that represented an incomplete Legendary set. Almost the entire armour was covered with sharp spikes, and on the chest area, there was a strange symbol of a crab. Even their helmets, both sides of them had four sharp spikes twisting about, as if the eight legs of a crab. The two of them had exactly the same Consolidated Equipment, fifteen God Tier Consolidated Equipment in total, and instantly
their aura exploded forth in a massive boost, not only
regaining all lost ground, but actually starting to be the suppressor instead.

In terms of Consolidated Equipment, Zhou Weiqing could be said to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced already. As soon as both sides faced off, he could clearly sense that this TianFeng, in terms of cultivation level and overall combat prowess, was perhaps already a match for the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing. As one of the top in the Great Saint Lands younger generation, he was definitely top quality.

Of course, that did not mean that Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er and Shangguan Fei’er could not compare to Gu Yingbing or this TianFeng. However, Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er and the other girls were still much younger, far from reaching thirty years old. As a result, it was normal for them to have some gap in cultivation levels for now.

No matter Shen Little Demon, TianFeng or TianMa, they all had the Destruction Attribute. It was clear that this Destruction Attribute was not inborn, but somehow cultivated by them in recent times.
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