Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201 Saint Energy – Recalling to Life! Hell’s Angel!

After he had finished reading the letter, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. “It looks like our luck is not too bad once more. As the saying goes, a hero is the product of his times, it looks like the current circumstances of the world is also increasing our chances of reviving our Empire!”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing passed the letter to Shangguan Xue’er at his side, letting her read it first. Shangguan Xue’er could definitely represent the ZhongTian Empire, and since the letter was from the ZhongTian Empire, Zhou Weiqing naturally wanted her to have a look first.

After reading the letter, Shangguan Xue’er’s brow furrowed as she said: “From the current situation, it looks like the Dan Dun Empire has far greater ambitions than I had imagined. Our ZhongTian Empire is situated right in the middle of the continent, and we share borders with many Empires. The total surface area of our land is the largest amongst all the Empires, but that can be a boon or detriment depending on the situation. Even so, I highly doubt that the Dan Dun Empire would dare to attack us directly.” “Still, their geographical position holds many advantages. They would be able to encroach and nibble up all the smaller empires around them, growing gradually. If they have truly made an agreement with the Bai Da Empire, then it will be a huge threat. The war with the Geritimo Empire might have
ended for now, but it could be said that the Geritimo Empire was pretty much broken by that attack. Although the Dan Dun Empire ‘retreated’, they will be able to slowly digest their massive gains at that time. If the Bai Da Empire declares war and invades the Fei Li Empire, then the entire southwest will
be in massive turmoil. The few small empires between our ZhongTian Empire and the Dan Dun Empire will not be any deterrence to the Dan Dun Empire, almost like meat on the chopping block to them, waiting to be gobbled up. As for our ZhongTian Empire, the majority of our forces are occupied with the WanShou Empire, and at least at the current moment we do not have excess energy to intervene in the south.”

Zhou  Weiqing  nodded  and  said:  “As  I  said,  a  hero  is  the product of his times. If we can seize this opportunity to help the ZhongTian Empire and Fei Li Empire to delay the plan of the Bai Da and Dan Dun Empires, it will be a major change to the landscape of the mainland. We could possibly be the critical key affecting the changes in these troubled times.”

Hearing his words, all the officers present had rather strange expressions on their faces. After all, even if they counted the entire Peerless Regiment, they only had less than ten thousand men. Yet, in Zhou Weiqing’s words, they could actually be the most critical key to influence the entire situation in the south. Despite their strength and confidence in themselves, it just seemed too much like bragging.

Seeing their expressions, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Don’t be too quick to disbelieve it. In terms of geographical position, our current location is actually extremely important with the state of things as they are. If we can succeed in reviving our Empire quickly, then we would definitely become the most important chess piece in the west. What you all are thinking is true, we are currently far from being strong enough. However, as long as we have sufficient time and opportunity, and I am able to recruit all the armies of the previous Heavenly Bow Empire, our strength can only grow stronger. With our Peerless Regiment at the core of the armies, forming the sharpest edge of a formidable blade, we can definitely cause a lot of trouble for the Bai Da Empire. At least, I am confident that the Bai Da Empire does not have a single troop that can compare with our Peerless Regiment.”

“As long as we can successfully destroy the Kalise Empire, letting the ZhongTian and Fei Li Empire see our strength, then they will also continue or even increase their support to us in terms of supplies and gold. Furthermore, what we need from them is just finances and supplies, not troops, and that is something the Fei Li Empire and ZhongTian Empire hope for the most… that is because they do not have additional troops to support us.”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded her head, actually being the first to approve of Zhou Weiqing’s words. “Your words make sense, but all of that is conjecture built upon the premise of us defeating the Kalise Empire. Furthermore, it cannot just be a simple defeat, but a crushing defeat that has to be done before the Bai Da Empire places too much importance and focus on us.”

“According to the letter you just gotten, we have news that the Bai Da Empire has been secretly building their armies during these years of peace, and their entire nation’s forces number more than 1.4 million soldiers. That is not counting any possible hidden aces they have. Although that cannot compare to the Dan Dun Empire, it has already surpassed the Fei Li Empire by quite a margin. No matter how strong and powerful our Peerless Regiment is, in the end we only have ten thousand soldiers. Furthermore, the powerhouses in the Bai Da Empire also cannot be compared to the mere ones in the Kalise Empire.”

Smiling faintly, a cold expression crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face. Folding his arms across his chest, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and the air seemed to grow colder and solidifying all around as a powerful aura burst forth from him. Abruptly, he stood up, his eyes narrowed as he said solemnly: “The Kalise Empire… it should not take long for us to crush and disable them. When our main force arrives, we will give them a savage blow. Kou Rui, what is the exact situation in the Xinyue City?”

Kou  Rui  took  a  step  forward  and  said:  “Commander, according to reports from our scouts, they currently do not seem to have any intention to move out yet. It looks like they are waiting for something, but we have not been able to find out what exactly. However, we have also scouted the surroundings of the Xinyue City and beyond, and at least it looks like there are no other signs of any other incoming forces. If the Kalise Empire launches their attack at us, it should be just this three Regiments. From all signs, my guess is that they are waiting for powerhouses to arrive… that is to say, when their next attack comes, we will likely be facing their Heavenly Jewel Masters. Furthermore, since we have already opened the Crescent City and resumed the usual trade, though we have increased checks and caught many spies, I do not doubt that some would have snuck through. As such, we can expect that they should already know the actual numbers of our troops, at least a rough gauge. The only thing they will not know is our actual combat prowess. I would guess their knowledge of us to be just having five thousand soldiers…” Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh as he said: “Looks like the Kalise Empire has plans to crush us in one fell swoop! Hmph, waiting for Heavenly Jewel Masters? If I do not remember wrongly, the Kalise Empire should have a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and their total Jewel Masters number
about fifty. It looks like they are taking us very seriously. The only thing we do not know is whether or not the Bai Da Empire would send any Heavenly Jewel Masters as well… Zhexi, currently how goes the training of the three thousand new recruits?”

Yan Zhexi said: “The training thus far has been progressing well. There were actually more than ten thousand applicants to join up in our army, and the three thousand that we finally decided upon had gone through several qualification exams before we selected them. All of them are between the age of eighteen and thirty, healthy and strong in their prime. Their morale is very high, and the pay that we give them is also very generous for recruits, so their current state is not bad at all, and they put in a lot of effort in training. However, they are after all still fresh recruits, and they have not been on the battlefield before. In fact, even their commander, myself, is in the same state. As such, regarding their actual combat prowess, I do not think we can place too much hopes on it. However, if it is just defending the city walls, they might still have some use.“ Zhou Weiqing was highly appreciative of Yan Zhexi’s practical and realistic attitude towards reporting, able to call a spade a spade no matter if it didn’t exactly paint them in a pretty picture. Nodding with satisfaction, he said: “It has only been a month, and to be able to reach such a state is already not easy. It has been tough on you Zhexi. Currently, we should only count our main fighting force to be the seven hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers, and our enemies number three entire Regiments. We cannot place our hopes fully on having our main forces of the Peerless Regiment arriving on time, so we have to prepare for the worst case scenario that it will just be us seven hundred against thirty thousand. From now on, I want full preparation on this. This time, our mission is to dig in and just defend tenaciously. Our seven hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers and three thousand fresh recruits… to hold the Crescent City until our reinforcements arrive.”

Those words of Zhou Weiqing, in the ears of Kou Rui and Yan Zhexi who still had not witnessed the true power of the other Peerless Regiment soldiers, were rather crazy. Seven hundred soldiers and three thousand fresh recruits, facing more than ten times their numbers in enemies… besides the word ‘crazy’, they could think of no other description. However, for the rest of the Peerless Regiment officers, it seemed rather normal.

Perhaps it was more accurate to say that they had never placed any importance on the Kalise Empire armies at all. Even the powerful WanShou Empire armies had fallen to them in the battlefield, what could those Kalise Empire soldiers amount to? Sometimes, a numbers advantage was not an absolute guarantee of victory.

Looking at Kou Rui and Yan Zhexi’s expressions, Zhou Weiqing could tell that they were worried, However, he did not place too much concerns on it. They would soon understand when actual fighting broke out in the future.

“Kou Rui, from now on, I want constant tight surveillance on the Kalise Empire armies. As soon as there is any movement, report back immediately. Zhexi, I leave the defense of the city to you. Although the Crescent City walls aren’t particularly tall or sturdy, but as long as we have sufficient defensive siege weapons, we should be able to hold on for much longer. Commandeer all the blacksmiths in the city to start creating arrows and other weaponry for us. I want us to start full preparations for war. Currently, every day that the Kalise Empire delays, it means our chances of victory increases.”

“Yes Sir.” Both of them responded immediately.

Towards the three Regiments of the Kalise and Bai Da Empires, Zhou Weiqing was actually not too worried. However, he was extremely clear that once the fighting started, it would give the hidden Heavenly King assassin many chances to attack him. That was the most troublesome thing now, and he had to treat the situation with utmost care.

It was almost ten days after Zhou Weiqing called the meeting that Kou Rui finally sent word back. The three Regiments of the Kalise army had finally started moving out towards the Crescent City at full haste. Amongst the three Regiments, there were actually two entire Battalions of Heavy Cavalry soldiers. Clearly, the news of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry had been sent back, and they were prepared to use absolute numbers to even things up, and hopefully gain an advantage.

Once again, the Crescent City gates were sealed. Although their back was to the Fei Li Empire, it was still of some distance, to the current Crescent City and their relationship with the Fei Li Empire, they could not expect any reinforcements. They could consider themselves an isolated city.

After sealing the city, Zhou Weiqing immediately ordered his soldiers to spread the news in the city about the incoming attack, but that there would be reinforcements as well. Atop the city walls, the large flag representing the Heavenly Bow Empire flew tall and proud. All of the soldiers immediately began preparing to receiving the incoming attack.

As they had estimated, the three Kalise Regiments reached the outskirts of the Crescent City. This time, they directly camped about ten li from the Crescent City, showing that they were determined to achieve victory at all costs. With their numbers, the arrangement of their encampment was even subtly showing signs of nearly surrounding half of the Crescent City.

Zhou Weiqing was dressed in simple military attire, standing proudly on the city walls. Facing the mass joint forces in front of him, he did not look worried or urgent at all.

Looking down from the top of the city walls, it was clear that the three Regiments were ranked differently. The Regiment in the middle had the Bai Da Empire flag raised up high, and their formation was neat and disciplined. Clearly, this was the main force in this attack against the Crescent City. Naturally, the Bai Da Empire soldiers were better trained and stronger than the miscellaneous regiments of the Kalise Empire. It was also this Bai Da Empire Regiment that caused Zhou Weiqing to feel some pressure.
 “Boss, let us sally forth to fight them for a bit, so what if they have three Regiments? They will not be able to hold us down.” At Zhou Weiqing’s side, Ma Qun was raring to go.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, this time the enemy is not the same. Furthermore, you all have already revealed yourselves in the previous fight, and the enemies will definitely have prepared something against us doing something similar. If your two entire Main Companies were here, I would definitely send you to destroy their confidence. However, you currently only number two hundred in total, and if you were to be entangled with the enemy’s two Heavy Cavalry Battalions for too long, even with your combat prowess and strength, it will not be easy to get out without any losses.”

At the other side, Lei Zi said: “Boss, then let us go instead. We’ll fly above their heads and let them know what is the meaning of heavenly soldiers descending from the skies.”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  heartily  and  said:  “There  will  be many chances for all of you to take action soon. However, I do not want to reveal our Peerless Air Force quite so early. It isn’t time yet. After all, it is one of our aces. Prepare your javelins for now… those will be even more effective than arrows in a siege battle.”

Lei Zi nodded and said: “We have already prepared that long ago. Ever since we entered the Crescent City, we have ordered blacksmiths to continue crafting them. Furthermore, we have brought quite a number ourselves.” As he said that, Lei Zi even gestured towards his own Spatial Ring.

Previously, Lin TianAo had been tasked with purchasing as many Spatial Containment objects as possible, and besides all the high ranking officers of the Peerless Regiment, the excess Spatial Rings had been issued to the elites of the First Main Company.

Although Zhou Weiqing only had seven hundred proper fighting forces, never forget that even amongst the Peerless Regiment, those were the cream of the crop, the elite in all aspects.

“Alright, very good. Prepare for battle at any moment. We still have at least half a month before our reinforcements arrive. During this period, we must ensure our city walls stay secured. We must not give our enemies any opportunity.” The Peerless Regiment officers saluted in agreement as they received the command.

In truth, what Zhou Weiqing was most worried about was not a full on frontal attack on the main gates. With the city walls and defensive advantage, it was nearly impossible to breakthrough the walls guarded by the Peerless Regiment soldiers. However, they only numbered seven hundred, and they could not split themselves or appear in more than one places. If the enemy chose to surround and attack from all sides of the city, their true problem of having a lack of manpower would reveal itself.”

In order to counter such a possible scenario, Zhou Weiqing had meticulously assigned his troops. For the Peerless Regiment archers, he placed two hundred men on the frontal walls, and a hundred on each of the other three walls. As for the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, in such a siege they would be Heavy Infantry instead, and with each wall assigned fifty of them. With their numbers, it was just too difficult to take everything into account, and this was a difficult but necessary choice to make. As long as the enemy commander wasn’t a fool, he would have such plans in mind.

Currently, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry were already in position, but the five hundred Peerless archers were still on the main south wall facing their enemies. With their Consolidated Wings, they could easily rush to the other walls when necessary, so they did not need to get into position too quickly.

On the enemy’s end, the Kalise army did not seem to be in a rush at all as well. After setting up camp, they actually did not attack for three days. However, since their camp was merely ten li away from the Crescent City, the invisible pressure they exerted upon the city was palpable. Without question, this was a form of psychological warfare, and the current commander of the Kalise forces was definitely an excellent one.

It was the morning of the fourth day since the Kalise Empire arrived, just after breakfast, when Zhou Weiqing received an urgent summons to the city walls. As soon as he reached the walls and looked at the sight before him, even for Zhou Weiqing’s stable character, he couldn’t help but have an ugly expression on his face. He finally understood what the Kalise Empire armies had been waiting for these last three days, and it wasn’t just a psychological tactic.

A large number of sieging weapons were arriving from the distance into the Kalise encampment. Amongst them were several siege vehicles specially for attacking city walls. These siege vehicles were not for knocking down the city gates, but for holding troops. Each siege vehicle was five metres wide, ten metres tall, with wheels below them on all four sides. On the top, there were metal plates covered with cured cowhide, while the front was extremely thick and heavy with spikes jutting out.

Each of these siege vehicles were able to hold at least fifty soldiers, and there were push rods within the towers which enabled them to move the siege vehicles. This way, they could ignore any risks from heavy cavalry charges or arrows from the walls to move directly to the foot of the walls.

These siege vehicles actually numbered more than fifty. Besides that, there were also ten large trebuchets, several battering ram carts and various other specialised siege weapons. Amongst them, the most eye catching were the four massive siege towers which could be slowly pushed to the front. All in all, it was clear they were fully prepared for war.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had not expected that even knowing that the defending force of the Crescent City was merely three thousand, especially with the majority being fresh recruits, the Kalise Empire would actually spend so many resources to launch their attack. From this alone, one could see how much importance they had placed on this attack. These siege weapons would definitely bring a lot of trouble to their defending side, especially those siege vehicles. With them, the advantage of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry and archers facing open plains before them would be greatly reduced. With the siege vehicles in front, besides those soldiers in the actual
vehicles, they would also be able to cover another four to five thousand men to reach the city walls. Along with the siege towers, ladders, catapults and various siege weapons, it would definitely increase the pressure on their defending side.

Looking at the siege weapons bearing down upon the Crescent City slowly, the Kalise Empire armies also began their movement.

The fifty siege vehicles were intermingling between the various other siege weapons, and they were clearly already filled with soldiers. Two Battalions of Heavy Infantry and the two Battalions of Heavy Cavalry moved forward along with them, both guarding the siege weaponry while also using them as cover. At the back, there were at least four more Battalions of infantry soldiers advancing at a slower pace behind. In just this first offensive wave, the Kalise army had already sent its main force. From the looks of things, they did not even seem to be placing much importance on attacking from the other sides, focusing most of their attention on the frontal assault. Tricked! Zhou Weiqing immediately realised his mistake. The enemy commander had seized upon the fact that he would prepare for the surrounding all-out assault, and instead changed tactics to focus on the full frontal assault. With the various siege weapons to assist in their assault, this was not going to be an easy fight.

“Boss, let us charge out and destroy those siege weapons!” On the city walls, the feelings of all of them were rather oppressed, and Ma Qun couldn’t help but offer to attack once more.

Zhou Weiqing waved his hands and said: “No, there are too many enemies now, especially with the siege vehicles to cover them. It is just too dangerous for you to charge out now.”

Yan Zhexi said: “Boss, how about transferring back the rest of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry from the other walls?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, the other walls might not be attacked now, but they may be attacked at any time. Look far off in the distance, the Kalise Regiment behind has started sending light cavalry troops using a roundabout fashion to loop around. Although their offense and sieging capabilities aren’t that strong, just leaving the fresh recruits alone to withstand their attacks will be a definite loss. Brothers, we will have a tough fight ahead of us, let’s pluck up our spirits. Once we can achieve this first victory, we can definitely hold on until our reinforcements arrive.”

If not for the Heavenly King assassin who might be hiding anywhere close by, even if the enemy forces were stronger, Zhou Weiqing would not be so dismal. However, with such a powerful hidden enemy who could attack at anytime, he had to spend so much focus on being alert for that, keeping his guard up. This was not a comfortable feeling at all.

The enemy drew closer bit by bit. It was clear that the Kalise commander was extremely experienced, and his directions were very well placed. He was not rash or impetuous, not charging forward, instead moving at a slow stable pace, maintaining perfect formation to fully take advantage of the siege weapons.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh. “Your Father, I, will give you a greeting gift first.” As he said that, he waved his hands before him, and the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation appeared as he unleashed it. At the same time, he also entered the Dragon- Tiger Transformation state, the large wings spread out behind his back. All the Jewel Masters present could instantly sense a huge amount of Heavenly Energy gathering towards Zhou Weiqing, swarming crazily to him. Standing at his two flanks, Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er subconsciously drew closer to him, looking about warily at this point. Zhou Weiqing was about the launch an attack, and this was undoubtedly a good chance for the Heavenly King assassin to make his move. As the saying goes, ‘caution is the parent of safety’, and the two girls naturally raised their guard further in preparation.

It was not just the two of them. Naturally, Lin TianAo also took up his position right behind Zhou Weiqing. He was even more direct, with his seven-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield already released and at the ready. His eyes were cold as they scanned the area, fully ready to spring into action at any time.

The Overlord Bow gave forth a chilling aura as Zhou Weiqing drew it to a full crescent. Abruptly, he gave a loud shout, and with the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation glowing about him, in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, he truly looked like a demon god atop the city walls. Especially with the loud shout that was like a tiger’s roar, giving all the soldiers on the city walls a morale boost.

Facing such a formidable looking force, along with invisible pressure of the threat from the last few days, the morale of the soldiers on the walls was slightly suppressed, especially those of the fresh recruits. Zhou Weiqing may not be an outstanding commander, especially in terms of ‘normal’ military tactics, but in terms of his grasp of the big picture view, he could match any top commander. He was extremely clear on what he needed to do right now.

A layer of black light covered the Overlord Bow, and in an instant, using the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, Zhou Weiqing gathered a massive amount of Heavenly Energy and transformed it into the Darkness Attribute. At the same time, one of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye on one the edges of the hexagon glowed brightly. Clearly, Zhou Weiqing was not using a mimicked skill, directly unleashing one of the Stored Skills of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

A pitch black figure appeared silently above Zhou Weiqing’s head, hovering for a moment before spreading out and forming a humanoid figure with three sets of wings behind its back.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing gave another loud shout, his eyes actually turning a vast expanse of white. A strange aura burst forth from his body next, swarming up above his head and forming a small trail of silvery white mist, infusing into the pitch black figure of light above him.

The silvery white mist seemed like the best fertilizer, and within an instant, the figure expanded to almost three times its original size, reaching a height of almost ten metres. The six wings behind its back spread out wide, and the figure seemed to become clearer, more focused and consolidated.

The soldiers on the city wall found they were almost unable to breathe. Although the huge black illusory figure was not directed at them, they still felt the oppressive presence that was almost unbearable. Zhou Weiqing took a step forward, right over the city walls, actually hovering in midair. Above his head, the giant black illusory figure also did the same, and in that instant, its features were fully shown to all the soldiers on both sides, several tens of thousands of men. It was the image of a youth, the giant but slim black figure giving forth a faint purple glow… bloodshot eyes filled with endless ruthless killing intent, a cruel aura about it. The features were handsome, but pale, and the sheer power of the aura the figure released was enough to cause even the heavens to change colours.

In the skies, no one knew when a large patch of dark clouds had suddenly gathered, forming a strange black whirlpool shape right above the black, six-winged youth.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing had his eyes closed. His entire body was shaking gently, even down to his hands and the Overlord Bow. His entire aura was raised to the max, and a terrifying energy reverberation could be felt all around. Let alone the enemies, even his own companions were trembling from the sheer presence.

Shangguan Xue’er’s eyes were filled with shock. “This… this is an actual manifestation of a Heavenly Skill Image… right?” Although she knew, or perhaps had guessed, how Zhou Weiqing had actually accomplished it, even so her heart was still filled with disbelief. The sheer energy reverberations were just too powerful, and it looked like even if a Heavenly King stage powerhouse used the same Skill, it might not have the same formidable power as Zhou Weiqing’s.

Tian’er was the only one not afraid of the huge black figure in the air with the terrifying aura. At this moment, she was standing right behind Zhou Weiqing, both her hands on his shoulders. All around her palms, gold and purple, two lights glowing as the different energy surged into Zhou Weiqing’s body from her.

In truth, no one else knew but the actual initiator of the Skill, Zhou Weiqing, was also filled with shock at that point. He had never expected that this would happen.

Without question, the Skill that he was trying to unleash was the Hell’s Angel, and he had planned to use the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation’s powerful but fine control and the powerful Heavenly Energy absorption, infusing the Hell’s Angel Skill into the Overlord Bow to unleash the powerful AOE Skill into the mass of enemies.

In order to bring the Skill to its greatest effect, the silvery white mist that had rose above his head was the Saint Energy which Zhou Weiqing had infused upwards into the Skill. Zhou Weiqing had experimented with the Saint Energy many times, and he had long discovered that when using his Skills, as long as he infused a single drop of Saint Energy, the power of the Skill would explosively increase several times over. Originally, Zhou Weiqing’s plan was to infuse a few drops of
Saint Energy to further strengthen this Hell’s Angel Skill.

However, he had never imagined that for this powerful Skill with the Heavenly Skill Image, even after he had already infused three drops of Saint Energy into it, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Hell’s Angel in the sky seemed like a bottomless pit, beginning to drain the Saint Energy directly from his body.

Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing pretty much trained everyday together with the Saint Energy whirlpool, and the connection between them was extremely strong, almost like they could sense each others’ emotions or thoughts. Instantly, she realised something was wrong with Zhou Weiqing, and came to his side to assist him, quickly forming the large Saint Energy whirlpool. Only then did the Hell’s Angel begin to stabilize, just before the Zhou Weiqing’s smaller internal Saint Energy Whirlpool was drained dry.

In a matter of moments, a grand total of over thirty drops of Saint Energy had been devoured from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies. Besides their own personal internal Saint Energy whirlpools, there was nothing left.

By now, Zhou Weiqing realised that empowering Skills with the Heavenly Skill Image was vastly different from his ordinary Skills, and it was definitely not a wise idea for them to do so in their current state. However, it was too late at this point, he could no longer apply the brakes to it, and all they could do was to grit their teeth and hold on for the ride.

Right at that moment, the massive black figure above Zhou Weiqing’s head began to move. In a flash, he appeared right in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Bloodshot eyes stared right at Zhou Weiqing, an aura of extreme cold caused the entire group of people on the Crescent City south wall to shudder uncontrollably.

“My Lord, thank you for granting me life with your purest energy. I can serve you for three seconds.”

A thick, deep voice rang out in the depths of Zhou Weiqing’s soul, and it seemed like he was the only one who could hear it. The massive black youth had a face glinting with an evil light, and within the blood red orbs, he could sense an endless killing intent and frenzied presence.

It’s alive… alive?! Towards what was happening right before their eyes, no one could refrain from being shocked. Especially so for Zhou Weiqing himself… only he truly understood that he had actually given a Skill its own consciousness! This… this was something that the Saint Energy had done! However, what could this Hell’s Angel that was brought to live actually do? Zhou Weiqing did not know, but he felt a burning fire raging in his heart. He knew he had found another of the Saint Energy’s deepest profound secrets.

“My Lord, although your energy is pure, it is just too minimal. If you do not give an order, I will vanish soon.” The Hell’s Angel’s voice rang out once more, snapping Zhou Weiqing out of his reverie.

“Destroy. Please do all you can to destroy my enemies outside the  city  walls.”  Zhou  Weiqing  did  not  hesitate  any  longer, quickly giving his order to the live Hell’s Angel.

“As you wish.”  The Hell’s Angel moved, his actions smooth and so natural, that unbelievably handsome face was filled with an icy cold killing intent. In a flash, he disappeared into the clouds above. The next instant, a shocking sight occurred.

The dark clouds that were swirling about them in a whirlpool fashion actually started moving crazily. In a blink of an eye, the dark clouds formed another, even larger, illusory figure of the Hell’s Angel.

The dark clouds were also changing colours, a dark purple light rising to encompass everything.

Six giant wings spread out in the air… an oppressive pressure descended from the skies.

The wings behind the giant Hell’s Angel abruptly moved, and within moments a huge circle of light spread out in the skies, glowing a deep purple.

From the giant ring of purple light, hundreds of large balls of purplish black air bubbles dropped down, each almost ten metres in diameter.

The generation of the air bubbles lasted only three seconds, and the illusory Hell’s Angel in the sky disappeared, warping back into the patch of dark clouds. However, in those three seconds alone, more than a hundred of the purplish black air bubbles had descended from the skies right onto the three Kalise Empire Regiments.

Zhou Weiqing’s body crumpled to the ground, and at his back, Tian’er also slid down together with him. Right at the same instant, a pitch black flash of light struck out like cold lightning from the side… it was one of the fresh recruits! The light struck out directly towards Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

In truth, the black lightning had arrived a little late, and it wasn’t the absolute perfect moment. That was because Shangguan Xue’er had already blocked at Zhou Weiqing’s side. Perhaps the reason for that was even the attacker had been just too shocked by the scene beforehand.

When Zhou Weiqing had released his Skill, after a tiny moment of shock, Lin TianAo had already made full preparations to react to any trouble, his mind and spirit fully focused and alert. When the abrupt black light appeared, he was the first to react. The seven-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield ready in his hands moved forward in a flash, and his entire body and shield blocked right in front of Zhou Weiqing. Still, the black rapier’s offense was just as terrifying as always. In a massive explosion, Lin TianAo’s seven-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield was destroyed in just a single strike despite its powerful defensive capabilities. At the same time, Lin TianAo was sent flying into the sky.

However, in the end Lin TianAo had still succeeded in blocking the blow, if only just barely. He had just been at a too severe a disadvantage, not just in terms of the gap in cultivation level, but also the fact that his Assembly Set Shield was one piece lesser than his enemy’s Assembly Set Sword.

Still, Lin TianAo had earned a precious second, and Shangguan Xue’er’s Boundless Infinitum Sword also struck out at that moment. The snow white sword, glowing with a crystalline light, piercing straight at the owner of the black rapier.

Without question, the Heavenly King assassin had come again, seizing the opportunity of the moment of Zhou Weiqing’s weakness when he had finished releasing his powerful Skill.

“Eh…?” A surprised sound emitted from the Heavenly King assassin’s mouth. He originally wanted to continue attacking Zhou Weiqing. However, strangely enough, Shangguan Xue’er’s attack suddenly gave him a strong sense of danger.

Having been an assassin for so many years, living on the edge, his personal senses were far more developed than anyone. It was also these senses that had saved him from many potential disasters over the years. At this point, he could clearly sense that if he continued attacking Zhou Weiqing and ignored Shangguan Xue’er, he would not be able to dodge it… and it would mean his death!

How is that possible?!

Despite his disbelief, this Heavenly King assassin was too used to trusting his own senses. Swiping the black rapier in his hand, he struck out horizontally towards Shangguan Xue’er’s Boundless Infinitum Sword.

Another earsplitting explosion rang out. Shangguan Xue’er’s cultivation level was just too low compared to her opponent, and despite her sword mastery, with the assassin’s sheer offensive power and cultivation level gap, both her and her sword were also sent flying back. However, the Heavenly King assassin was unable to continue attacking Zhou Weiqing. That was because the black rapier in his hands had abruptly turned a silver white colour.

The Heavenly King assassin’s body suddenly began to shake violently, pausing in mid-movement. He was shocked to realise that a strange energy he had never sensed before had wormed into his palm through his rapier, an energy that he didn’t even know… an unknown attribute even. The energy was warm, filled with life, but when his Darkness Attribute Heavenly Energy made contact with it, the darkness energy dissipated. This new energy did not hurt his body at all, but with a posture like a sovereign over his subjects, it was beginning to devour all the Heavenly Energy within his body at an alarming rate.

What was going on? For the Heavenly King assassin, it could be said that the majority of his power was in the rapier in his hands. It was after all an eight-Jeweled Assembly Set Sword, just a step away from being a Legendary Set. Furthermore, the offensive strength of such a assembly weapon was far above any ordinary Consolidated Equipment, chasing the ultimate. Yet, he had currently lost contact with his own sword. Furthermore, though the strange energy that entered his body was swallowing his Heavenly Energy, it would not be able to finish doing so any time soon… but the problem was he could not find any way to deal with it. Added to the fact that he had lost contact with his precious rapier… he couldn’t even recall it back!

This is a saying, not literally the skies are changing colours

Chapter 202 Living Hell!

The previous time, after Zhou Weiqing’s powerful kick, he was able to take care of the tri-attribute venom by self-injury and sacrificing a serious injury to cut his losses. However, this time was very different! This unknown energy had invaded his hand, and all of his abilities were focused on his rapier and sword-wielding hand! If he wanted to do the same, he would no longer be the top assassin in the world. Alas, in just a few moments of his hesitation, the strange energy had already settled into his arm and reached his shoulder.

Right at this moment, a bright, clear voice rang out, though it was currently filled with a cold anger. “Since you have come, then stay here forever.”

A brutal and overbearing force of HEavenly Energy appeared right in front of him without warning, a massive silver hand grabbing towards the assassin’s neck.

As soon as the person appeared, the Heavenly King assassin was shocked to judge that it was a Heavenly King stage powerhouse!

At this point, he no longer dared hesitate or even use his most familiar weapon. He knew if he stayed any longer, it would mean death. Frantically circulating all of his Heavenly Energy, his feet tapped the ground as he launched himself backwards in full retreat.

Despite his fear, at the same time, joy rushed in his heart. The strange energy that had reached his shoulder had finally stopped, and was showing signs of slowly vanishing. As long as he could save his arm and hand, there would always be another chance for him to try again.

The silver white light on his rapier also vanished, and the rapier warped into eight black lights before disappearing back into the assassin.

This new Heavenly King stage powerhouse that had abruptly appeared was naturally Duan Tianlang. Now that he was here, how could he allow this assassin to leave so easily? The large silver hand in the sky abruptly exploded, warping into countless threads of silver, forming a large silver cage, enveloping the Heavenly King assassin.

Currently, Duan Tianlang was dressed in the full ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set. As the crafter of the set for Long Shiya, how could he not have one of his own? It could be said that God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters were definitely some of the most powerful forces in the entire world. The reason why the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was so feared was also because of the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters, just that they would not usually take action.

A layer of silver light burst forth, warping instantly into a huge shield of light, covering the Heavenly King assassin once more. It was the Spatial Shackles.

This was a Skill that Zhou Weiqing also had. However, when compared to Duan Tianlang using it, his seemed like mere child’s play.

The Spatial Shackles of Duan Tianlang covered more than several dozen square metres, and its strength was terrifying indeed. For the Heavenly King assassin, he could only bounce off ineffectually. Without his black rapier, he was unable to breakthrough the barrier.

A horrifying strength exploded forth as the octagon plum blossom hammer in Duan Tianlang’s hands smashed forward. Yet, perhaps even more terrifying was the fact that the Spatial Shackles was actually rapidly shrinking in around the assassin.

What kind of power did Duan Tianlang have? His cultivation level had reached the maximum level of the Heavenly King stage years ago, just that he was unable to breakthrough to the Heavenly Emperor state. Added to the fact that he had an entire Legendary Set, his current strength was boosted to a monstrous degree. From Zhou Weiqing and the others’ descriptions, along with his own observations earlier, he could
naturally tell that this Heavenly King assassin’s greatest strength was his speed, agility and offensive powers.

According to Zhou Weiqing’s original plan, he would purposely leave a weak point for this Heavenly King assassin to exploit and launch his attack. By drawing him out, Duan Tianlang would be able to launch his own sneak attack against the assassin since he did not know they had a Heavenly King stage powerhouse on their side.

However, Zhou Weiqing had never dreamed that the Hell’s Angel Skill of his would end up like that, causing both him and Tian’er to lose their abilities to fight as all their energy had been depleted. Otherwise, if Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er had joined forces with their Saint Energy, it wouldn’t just be a simple matter of causing the Heavenly King assassin to lose control of his rapier for a short period of time.

However, the trio did not understand Duan Tianlang’s power clearly. Currently, the usually gentle and warm God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master truly erupted with his full power. His overall combat prowess was indeed terrifying, far beyond the unbalanced Heavenly King assassin.

Although the black rapier had been recalled, the Heavenly King assassin was still temporarily unable to use it. The rapier along with his right hand had been Sealed with Shangguan Xue’er’s Saint Energy earlier, and although it was on the verge of vanishing, recovery would still take a little while more, and he was temporarily unable to connect to his Physical Jewels. Alas, that was the drawback of focusing one’s power to the extreme, and now that he was unable to use it, it was a loss of the majority of his power. Yet, Duan Tianlang’s attack was already reaching, and with the Spatial Shackles power affect, the assassin’s speed and agility was severely restricted. Duan Tianlang attacked, and the Heavenly King assassin dodged, and just like that the two of them exchanged blows at lightning speed in the rapidly decreasing space. In order to prevent himself from being fully trapped, the Heavenly King assassin was forced to unleash his Heavenly Energy at full force to hold back the Spatial Shackles from shrinking too rapidly.

The assassin was groaning inwardly secretly. He dared not have allow that terrifying hammer of Duan Tianlang’s to even touch him, his senses telling him that this Heavenly King powerhouse in front of him was not someone he could handle even at his full power. No matter the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ or ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Sets, they chose to chase physical strength to the extreme. In a certain sense of things, it was similar to the Assembly Sets in a manner, just far stronger and more well rounded. Facing the massive hammer, though both sides were at the Heavenly King stage, the assassin knew that if it even brushed against him, he would definitely be
severely injured. That was the terrifying power of a full
Legendary Set. Currently, he could only keep dodging, hoping to wait for the time when he could use his rapier again to break free, or the time of the Spatial Shackles to run out… only then would he have a chance to escape.

All of this happened on the city walls in a manner of seconds, and by the time the two Heavenly King powerhouses were entangled in their fight, the several hundred air bubbles from the Hell’s Angel had also fallen to the ground.

It was as if the purplish black air bubbles had eyes upon them, spreading out to land perfectly on important targets. One of the first to get into trouble was one of the large siege towers.

Below these siege towers were mainly wooden wheels. All of the materials had been brought by the three Kalise Regiments, and they had spent the last three days assembling them together. The siege towers were about twenty metres tall, almost at the same height as the Crescent City walls, able to hold thirty archers at the top, allowing them to face off against the archers atop the city walls.

Of course, for the Peerless Regiment soldiers, out of all the siege weapons, the most useless were actually these siege towers. However, due to the sheer height of the towers, they were naturally the first few to be ‘taken care’ off by the giant purplish black air bubbles.

*Swoosh* One of the air bubbles landed on the siege tower, causing a strange screeching sound. The closest one could describe it would be when cooking with a pot of hot oil, and pouring a ladle of cold water inside.

A dreadful scene played out next. The thirty archers and the over dozen shield bearers protecting them did not even have time to scream before they vanished along with the strange sound.

All that everyone could see was just the purplish black bubble descend from the sky, creeping over the entire siege tower and it just vanished like that. As the bubbles fell on the ground, it was like a splash of a wave smashing onto the ground, spreading at least several dozen metres before dissipating. However, in that entire large radius of the each bubble’s fall, every single living being was just like the men on the siege tower… vanishing into thin air.

Of the three Regiments, one was from the Bai Da Empire, and naturally they had their share of Jewel Masters and archers. Almost instantly, they reacted, and along with cries of surprise and shock, a rain of arrows and light beams of Skills flew upwards.

The arrows did not have any effect, disintegrating before they even reached the air bubbles. As for the various light bolts that the Jewel Masters released, it actually caused the situation to grow worse.

Those purplish black air bubbles actually broke upon contact from the skills… but what then? As they broke apart, a rain of purplish black liquid fell from the skies from each broken bubble instead!

What was a living hell on earth? For the first time, the Heavenly Bow side on the city walls witnessed it firsthand. Each of the purplish black air bubbles had a horrifying destructive power, and just looking at the scene before them made them almost stop breathing. No enemy, no skill, nothing could hold back or withstand the purplish black air bubbles. Each of them burst when they landed or came into contact with something, spraying the light all about. Anything that came into contact with it, be it human or weapon, they were all assimilated.

Everywhere they struck, it wasn’t even necessary to clear up the battlefield. Even the earth… all that was left were giant holes in the ground.

Just watching from the vantage point of the city walls, it was truly a grand sight. Whenever an air bubble landed, it was like the entire ground became molten lava. All of the gathered siege weapons did not have a chance to come into play, and they were all disintegrated, including the fifty siege vehicles… not a single one was left. All that remained were countless of deep holes in the ground.

At the back, the Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry soldiers were considered much luckier. At least, they were still quite some distance away, and the Hell’s Angel only lasted three seconds. As such, only about ten or so of the bubbles actually struck them.

Even so, just the mere ten bubbles exploding in their midst caused the two Battalions of Heavy Cavalry and two Battalions of Heavy Infantry to lose more than a third of their numbers.

There were no violent explosions, no special lights or effects. The entire process was just so quick and simple, like an invisible giant hand had poured a immense jug of lava over the entire area. At least three thousand Kalise soldiers and all their various siege weapons disappeared instantly, with not even a single token to show that they had once been there.

No matter how outstanding the Kalise army commander was, meeting such an unbelievable situation, he could only be shocked to the core.

What kind of power was this… an act of god! No one could have expected, or even imagined, that something like this would happen. This had all happened under the circumstance that the siege weapons were rather spread out, and there were not many of the attacking soldiers packed into the area. Even so, they had suffered such a major loss in seconds. If the thirty thousand troops had been charging together in the attack? Perhaps… the number dead would have doubled or more!

In that instant, everyone could only stare in stunned shock, even the two who had caused the entire thing to happen. When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were supported up by Shangguan Xue’er to the side of the wall to see what had happened outside, they were struck speechless. Indeed, neither of them could even find words to describe the entire scene in front of them. At the same time, the price they had paid was heavy. Besides the last remaining ten drops of Saint Energy that was barely enough to sustain their internal little Saint Energy whirlpool, they did not have a single drop of energy left in both their bodies. That was including even the normal Heavenly Energy that they had painstaking cultivated in the past month, with not a single drop left once more. For the next dozen to twenty days, they would not be able to recover to their maximum state, let alone taking any action.

Even so, everything the Hell’s Angel did definitely caused them to be filled with shock and awe. Perhaps, the sheer amount of killing was not bloody at all, but it was even scarier and unnerving than a bloody massacre.

Shangguan Xue’er could only say in a stupor: “What… what kind of power is that? Even if a Heavenly King stage powerhouse unleashes a powerful AOE Skill, it will not have such a massive effect. Weiqing… you… you both… just too scary…” Zhou Weiqing smiled bitterly and said: “Don’t ask me, I don’t even know what happened. I had only planned to destroy some of the siege weapons…”

Tian’er opened her mouth slightly, but remained speechless.
In truth, she did not know what to say at this point.

In the entire mainland, it was restricted for Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses to interfere in ordinary wars between empires, and the reason for that was exactly because of such situations. However, who were they? Were they Heavenly Emperor powerhouses? They were merely a six- Jeweled and a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters!

Saint Energy, it was the Saint Energy that had caused all of this. In their previous training and experiments, though the three of them had already known that the Saint Energy was extremely powerful and had many miraculous effects… but only now did they truly understand how powerful it was.

Zhou Weiqing was now certain that if he could consolidate a Saint Core Nucleus, and release that Hell’s Angel once more, he estimated that he might even be able to bring it to life for more than a minute. Within that mere three seconds, it had already done so much damage. If the Hell’s Angel could be maintained for a whole minute… perhaps the entire Kalise Empire Regiments would be wiped out totally.

Terrifying Saint Energy, what kind of power did that hold! Exchanging glances, Zhou Weiqing and the two girls set the resolution in a tacit understanding without exchanging words. From now on, they would not use such a power easily. Otherwise, if this was revealed too early, it would definitely bring them much trouble. Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er were still not too bad, after all they each had a Great Saint Land behind them. However, it was definitely not a good thing for Zhou Weiqing. He had just begun his path upwards, and at this point, the thing he was afraid most was drawing attention from the powers that could destroy him easily now. For example, the five Great Saint Lands.

Zhou Weiqing forced out a faint smile. “I really do not know if I should be laughing or crying. However, I’m sure that by now the Kalise Empire fellows are totally frightened.”

Almost as soon as he said that, coincidentally, the rest of the Kalise Empire armies began fleeing like the receding tide from a shore. The speed of their frenzied retreat was nearly a few times that of their arrival. Facing such an attack like the Hell’s Angel, more like a force of nature than anything, any Jewel Master worth his salt would immediately guess it was at least a Heavenly Emperor who could do such a thing! In the continent, Heavenly Emperors were restricted from interfering in normal human
wars, as such a destructive power could not be countered by any ordinary army. Still, all the restrictions aside, if one was really here, why should they stay and wait for death?

On top of the city walls, the Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers were all stunned silly, even the Peerless Regiment soldiers were no exception. Although they knew their boss was extremely powerful, they had never expected such a degree of strength. They had personally seen Zhou Weiqing unleash that Skill, and the sight before them was truly a landscape of hell on earth. Perhaps, if the fresh recruits earlier were all extremely nervous and afraid from the sheer scale and power of their enemies, then at this moment, the only thing left in their hearts was awe.

For these ordinary soldiers, they did not have much understanding about Jewel Masters, or Heavenly Jewel Masters. Their confidence in Zhou Weiqing was a blind one, strengthened in conviction by their own eyes. From their perspective, all their powerful Commander needed to do was just unleash a few more attacks like that, and the thirty thousand enemies would never be able to succeed in occupying the Crescent City.

After a moment of being stunned, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire side erupted into cheers as their morale shot sky high. The cheers resounded throughout the air like waves crashing into the shore. Without a doubt, this battle, which should have been so tough, had ended so quickly, so unexpectedly.

On the city walls, the fight between the two Heavenly King stage powerhouses was also nearing the end. The assassin was being severely pressured by the powerful God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, Duan Tianlang.

In truth, even without Shangguan Xue’er’s attack earlier, the assassin’s overall power could not compare to Duan Tianlang. Now, it just helped Duan Tianlang save a lot of time and effort.

“Hate…  Sky…  No…  Handle…”  Facing his enemy’s constant dodging, Duan Tianlang finally grew tired of wasting time. As a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he was extremely sensitive to Consolidated Equipment, and he could sense that the sealing on his enemy’s black rapier was ending soon. He did not want to lengthen the fight any longer, and he released one of the powerful imbued Skills of his Legendary Set. ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ was not just simply the name of the Legendary Set, but it was also the name of the Skill that the Legendary Set granted when it was complete. Duan Tianlang raised his warhammer with both hands, savagely smashing it down in the air.

A terrifying scene occurred next. The cheering Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers suddenly felt an unprecedented pressure explode out. The suppression was so strong that it even surpassed the presence of the Hell’s Angel powered by Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy earlier.

Everyone had the same feeling – the sky was about to fall down.

Indeed, in that instant, it was as if the entire sky was straining, on the verge of collapsing, as a series of massive explosions rang through the air. On the city walls, even for the powerhouses like Shangguan Xue’er, everyone fell down to the ground from the sheer pressure, and even the city walls began to tremble.

One had to know that when Duan Tianlang released his Legendary Set Skill, it was fully focused on the Heavenly King assassin who was still Sealed in his Spatial Shackles. Everything that could be felt outside was just the resultant product that he was already doing his best to minimize.

*Puuuu* Originally constantly dodging, the Heavenly King assassin suddenly collapsed, as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, caving in as if the entire heavens had collapsed down upon him. There was a sickening sound of bone snapping from his body, and in that instant, all of his Heavenly Energy burst forth in an explosive manner that was far beyond his limits, forcefully breaking through Duan Tianlang’s Spatial Shackles.

Alas, it was just too late. How could the strongest imbued Skill of a Legendary Set, especially one as high quality as the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ set, be something so easily endured just like that? Even if he had the black rapier in his hands, he would definitely still be injured, let alone now with him being suppressed so heavily. After all, his defense was one of his weakest points.

The Heavenly King assassin’s body was now forcefully smashed down upon the ground, his entire body sunk down into the tough rock of the city walls. Duan Tianlang gave a cold laugh, his warhammer striking down once more. *Splat* This time, the assassin’s body was entirely smashed into meat paste by the terrifying force of the hammer blow. Zhou Weiqing stared with jaw agape at it. At this point, he couldn’t help but ask: “Senior Uncle, did you really just pull down the sky?”  As the heir to the Legacy of Strength, the owner of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, no one had a clearer feeling than him just now.

From the surface, the final blow that Duan Tianlang used was that of the Spatial Attribute. However, Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear that it was not any particular elemental Attribute at all, but pure, unadulterated strength. An incomparable, horrific strength. That was the reason he asked the question.

Duan Tianlang smiled faintly. Having just killed a Heavenly King powerhouse, his breathing was uneven, and he looked exhausted. After all, despite his power, the state of his body still had not been in perfect condition all this while.

“Of course we can’t actually pull down the skies, but the effect of this ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ is to mimic the effect of the skies being pulled down.”

“This Skill can be considered a single target attack, or an area of effect attack. If I had used this Skill on the Kalise Empire armies, and I was standing right in their center, then the destructive power of it could only be higher than your Hell’s Angel just now. In truth, such a Skill does not necessarily need our particular Legendary Set, but its requirement is having absolute strength, just like one is really pulling down the entire skies. As a result, besides our ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ or ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Sets, there should not be any other possible situation where one can accomplish this. In the future, when you have gathered nine pieces of your ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, you should also be able to use this Skill. If you actually complete your tenth piece, besides the ‘Heaven’s Falls’, you should also be able to cause the earth to sink. ‘Heaven falls, Earth crumbles’, such a state, even if it were compared to the Boundless Infinitum Set, it should not be any weaker.”

In the past, since Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was just too low, Duan Tianlang had never explained all of this to him. However, after witnessing the terrifying Hell’s Angel Skill, Duan Tianlang would no longer judge Zhou Weiqing just by his cultivation level any longer.

Although he did not know exactly how Zhou Weiqing had accomplished it, it was without a doubt that the power of the Hell’s Angel just now had stunned even Duan Tianlang. Of course, he would not question Zhou Weiqing about the secrets behind the Hell’s Angel; in the end he was not Zhou Weiqing’s teacher. To any Heavenly Jewel Master, this was definitely a top secret. With his own status and position, how could he possibly ask such sensitive questions at will?

“Boss, the enemy has retreated, what should we do?” Lei Zi said respectfully to Zhou Weiqing.

Earlier, that Hell’s Angel could be said to have ‘conquered’ all those present. In all their eyes, Zhou Weiqing had raised to all whole different level.

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “What else can we do? Continue holding down the fort in the Crescent City. However, I expect that the Kalise Empire will not easily come back again. I am heading back to the governor’s mansion first, but no matter what, do not grow careless just because of our victory just now. Keep the gates sealed for now.”

“Yes Sir.”  All of them acknowledged. Lin TianAo took over Zhou Weiqing from Shangguan Xue’er, supporting him as they left, while Shangguan Xue’er supported Tian’er. Along with Duan Tianlang, they headed back down the walls and into the city. With Duan Tianlang’s status, he would not help Zhou Weiqing in the war. If not for the Heavenly King assassin, he would not even have appeared here today. As Lin TianAo supported Zhou Weiqing to walk along, only then did he truly sense how weak he was. Zhou Weiqing’s current state was truly terrible, his entire body nearly drained dry of energy, and he had to lean almost all of his weight on Lin TianAo as he ‘flopped’ along.

However, despite his weakness, Zhou Weiqing’s current feelings were considered very joyous. The two greatest problems he was facing had been solved, and it was without a doubt that he had taken a huge step towards the revival of his homeland.

Duan Tianlang did not return to his own abode, instead still going along with Zhou Weiqing and the others to the governor’s mansion. Currently, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were fully drained dry of energy, almost to the point where they couldn’t even sit down to cultivate at that point. They could only wait for their bodies to slowly recover at their natural regeneration state, and within three days it would be impossible for them to move properly.

“Weiqing, I’m afraid that you will soon have to face a lot more trouble, you better have preparation for that in your heart.”  As  soon  as  they  were  away  from  the  crowd,  Duan Tianlang said with furrowed brows.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, alarm in his heart as he asked: “What trouble?”  For a person like his Senior Uncle, whose cultivation level was almost reaching that of any ordinary Heavenly Emperor, to say that he would meet trouble… it just showed that this trouble was not small at all.

Duan  Tianlang  sighed  and  said:  “Just  now  you  really shouldn’t have used that Skill! Killing so many at once, it is going against the heavens. Furthermore, that offensive power of that Skill, it is almost able to match a Low Level Heavenly Emperor’s area of effect skill. As long as those Kalise Empire soldiers aren’t fools, they will spread the news out. That will definitely bring about some Heavenly Emperor powerhouses to look into the matter. After all, there is an agreement between all Heavenly Emperors that restrict them from interfering in human wars, or taking action on battlefields. Even for Heavenly King powerhouses, we are restricted from using area of effect skills on the battlefield. In this area, even for your Master, as proud as he is, he would not dare to offend all the Heavenly Emperors in the world in this.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed immediately as he exclaimed: “There will be Heavenly Emperors investigating the matter… or causing trouble?”

Duan Tianlang shook his head and said: “Not necessarily causing trouble. For Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, all of them are either living a free and easy life, otherwise they belong to one of the Great Saint Lands. Amongst the five Great Saint Lands, it is clear that the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect won’t come causing trouble for you. As for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they already know you are here so that isn’t an issue either. As for the Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell, as long as they don’t have anything better to do, they shouldn’t interfere as well. As such, according to the normal circumstance, you would just be receiving a warning from the Great Saint Lands, but there shouldn’t be any actual action taken yet. However, if this happens again, I’m afraid that even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace won’t sit back and let you continue.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile as he said: “But… I’m not even close to being a Heavenly Emperor yet!”

Duan Tianlang looked at him and said: “Silly boy, so many people know that your Master is by your side, and that Fatty Long also has the Darkness Attribute. Do you think you really can explain yourself clearly? If you said he wasn’t the one who did it, who would believe you?! Furthermore, if they actually truly believed you, it would be even more troublesome. A six- Jeweled and seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters joining forces to release a Skill that reaches the power of the Heavenly Emperor stage… such secret arts… how many people would be drawn to that? My boy, do not underestimate human greed… If that really happens, even if you run off to the Heavenly Snow Mountain or the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there will still be people who will come after you.”

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed deeply as he said worriedly: “Senior Uncle, what should we do then?”

Duan Tianlang said: “Keep a low profile, and do not ever use that Skill on the battlefield again.”

“I believe that within ten days, you will receive some warnings. At that time, you just need to maintain a low profile and reply politely. Anyway, they will assume it is your Master who did it, so you might as well just throw the shit onto Fatty Long’s head. You can then express that your Master has already left, and will no longer interfere in your battles. Overall speaking, the situation shouldn’t be too bad, I just wanted to give you a heads up of the possible ramifications. In fact, things should be going well. Those three Regiments of the Kalise Empire should not dare return in the next ten days due to that matter, and after that, when they return, enough time should have passed that you do not have to hold out long before your reinforcements arrive.”

Zhou Weiqing released the breath he didn’t even know he was holding, grinning relaxedly as he said: “Heh heh, as long as it isn’t some Heavenly Emperors coming here to cause trouble, then its fine. Poor Master! He will get shot even when he is lying down! I hope that he won’t beat me up when he returns.”

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: “He treats you like his most treasured prize, how could he bear to beat you up? Alright, it is time for me to return as well, these old bones have not fought for so long, I am also very tired now.

Duan Tianlang left, and only the trio of Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er remained in the room.

Shangguan Xue’er closed the door before releasing a long breath, saying: “I never imagined… the power of the Saint Energy would be so monstrous. That instant, even I was terrified. Weiqing, what happened with that Hell’s Angel?”

Zhou Weiqing began to describe the entire process of him unleashing the Hell’s Angel’s Skill. Hearing his words, the two girls’ eyes were filled with shock.

“The  Skill…  the  Heavenly  Skill  Image…  actually  came  to life?!” Even though Shangguan Xue’er came from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and had the most experience and knowledge amongst them, she had never seen or heard of such a strange circumstance. For a Skill to come to life… she couldn’t even imagine such a thing!

A light of wisdom flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes momentarily as he said: “This should be another use of the Saint Energy that we hadn’t previously uncovered. As we know, the Saint Energy is a product of the fusion of the four Saint Attributes, and without question it is the strongest known power in the world. I would not find it strange no matter what kind of other unique effects it may generate. We were once again lucky this time, that Senior Uncle’s power was far beyond my expectations. Otherwise, after this strange abrupt change from the Saint Energy, we might not have been able to survive that Heavenly King assassin, let alone kill him. Well, at least now that the fellow is finally dead, we can all breathe easily once more. At least, we don’t have to keep worrying that someone is always about to ambush us.”

Tian’er said: “You still need to be wary. Whoever the employer is, if they can send one, who’s to say they won’t send a second assassin?”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  heartily  and  said:  “When  soldiers come, we will fight them off with a general, when the water rises we will use earth to blockade it off. Let them come. Alright, let’s not speak of that for now. Xue’er, come aid us in circulating our Heavenly Energy, we are drained too dry to begin it ourselves. This time, we have definitely benefited in influence and awe, but that energy consumption was just too scary. I can barely even move my hands now.”

In the next few days, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were lost in the state of recovery. However, both of their bodies were in much better state than he had first feared. With Shangguan Xue’er’s help, their Heavenly Energy recovered relatively quickly. Zhou Weiqing was able to determine that this was also because in the end, both of them had managed to save enough to maintain their personal little Saint Energy whirlpool. Otherwise, they would have to start everything from zero once more. If that truly happened, perhaps even three months of recovery would not be sufficient.

The Kalise Empire army did not retreat far, setting up camp about thirty li from the Crescent City instead this time. When Zhou Weiqing heard that news, he knew that his Senior Uncle’s judgement should be accurate. The Kalise Empire should have already sent out news about the devastation caused by his Hell’s Angel Skill, and was waiting for others to come to warn and restrict him. More accurately, to them it would be to restrict the Heavenly Emperor on his side. They would not just give up just like this, and were now just waiting for their next opportunity.

Let them wait then. The more time that passes, the greater the advantage we will have. Since these Kalise Empire fellows weren’t in a rush, Zhou Weiqing was naturally happy to keep status quo.

On the eighth day since the repulsion of the attack, a letter from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace came. Of course, it was not directed at Zhou Weiqing, instead for Shangguan Xue’er. Within the letter, it was clearly asking about what had really happened.

Regarding this, Zhou Weiqing had already planned a draft reply. Their return letter was simple, and he told the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that during the battles he had twice been ambushed by the Heavenly King assassin, further describing the Heavenly King assassin in detail. Naturally, this had caused his Master to fly into a rage, and he had been unable to restrain himself and struck out in a fit of anger. As his Master knew he had violated the agreement, he had left, and promised that this would not happen again.

Zhou Weiqing’s reply was seamless and perfect indeed. Those who knew Long Shiya well knew that this fatty was extremely protective of his own, even to a fault. It was quite normal that something like this would happen.

What followed next was a query from the Passion Valley, also asking similar questions. Naturally, they replied with a similar answer. After that, the Blood Red Hell followed suit, though their wording was much stricter and stern, saying that if something similar occurred, they would personally send powerhouses to deal with them.

As for the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect, they did not even send any query or warnings. However, two days after the Blood Red Hell’s questioning, the Kalise Empire armies began to show signs of movement once more.

This time, they did not choose the full frontal assault again, instead spreading out in the distance to fully surround the entire Crescent City. As they started surrounding the city, in the distant plains, another two Regiments of soldiers actually appeared.

As the three Kalise Regiments had still been camped on the outskirts of the city, they had strictly barricaded them from sending out scouts. The Peerless Regiment currently numbered so few, and they naturally dared not risk moving out without reason. Yet, the Kalise Empire had actually sent another two Regiments. It was clear that not only did Zhou Weiqing’s actions the other day not scare them off, it had actually just rang warning bells to them, and it was clear that their objective was to nip this growing resistance here in the bud, destroying them totally. This was totally out of Zhou Weiqing’s expectations.

Previously, there were still around twenty seven thousand remaining soldiers from the three Regiments, and they were now joined by another two Regiments numbering twenty thousand. This was already two thirds of the original Kalise Empire army!

Furthermore, the two new Regiments had brought another batch of siege weapons. Of course, the numbers were not as much as the first time, but it was still a sight to behold. Standing on the city walls, Zhou Weiqing had already recovered all his basic Heavenly Energy in the past ten days. However, his Saint Energy was still barely less than half recovered. At this point, he couldn’t help but scold out loud: “Are these Kalise Empire fellows crazy? We only have seven hundred men, and they actually sent out fifty thousand soldiers….”  No matter how much confidence he had in the Peerless Regiment and their combat prowess, facing such an unbelievable difference in numbers, how could he still remain fully positive?

The surrounding Kalise main army was not in a rush to attack. It was as if the Crescent City was already meat at their mouth, and they could swallow it anytime.

With nearly fifty thousand soldiers, it was more than enough to totally surround a small city like the Crescent City. From the distance, the soldiers which had looped around joined up with the two new Regiments, moving in slightly as they closed ranks in perfect formation all around the Crescent City, in a containment that not even a single drop of water would leak out.

Literal translation, meaning getting blamed for something he didn’t do, or getting involved/dragged into a matter when it has nothing to do with him Why do I think Zhou Weiqing the troll is being trolled?

Literal translation of an idiom. Basically means we will deal with whatever comes

Chapter 203 Peerless!

On their own side, the overall number of troop was a mere three thousand seven hundred, and they were defending a city which didn’t even have a moat. How could Zhou Weiqing deal with this?

Their reinforcements would reach in at most ten days, at top speed and some luck, perhaps five days was sufficient. However, would the Kalise Empire really give him five to ten more days?

The answer was a clear no.

The next morning after the Kalise Empire armies had surrounded the Crescent City, they finally began their attack.

Zhou Weiqing and the others were actually still considered newbies in terms of commanding troops. Even for Yan Zhexi and the other top students in the Fei Li Military Academy, as they did not have any battle experience. When the enemy started attacking at dawn, the entire Crescent City walls was thrown in a bustle as everyone rushed around in reaction. The Kalise Empire armies charged forward simultaneously from all four sides. Of course, the frontal assault was still the strongest. Just like the previous time, all of the siege weapons were focused on the south front. However, the other three sides were no longer fake attacks, each with a massive number of soldiers actually charging in.

Facing such a situation, Zhou Weiqing did not have Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er stay on the front walls with him. The four sides were all being attacks, and each side needed a powerhouse to stabilize the core of their defense. Not just for morale purposes, but also to do their best to save the situation if possible. Furthermore, the Heavenly King assassin had been killed, so there was no need to gather all their powerhouses together.

As such, Tian’er, Shangguan Xue’er and Lei Zi were each dispatched to one of other walls for defense, while Lin TianAo remained by Zhou Weiqing’s side. The other powerhouse remaining at his side was also Xiao Yan.

Just like the previous time, besides the fifty Heavy Cavalry soldiers, Zhou Weiqing only kept two hundred Peerless Regiment archers on the front. Both Ma Qun and Crow had also been dispatched to the east and west walls respectively. Zhou Weiqing had sufficient confidence in himself. As long as the enemy did not have a Heavenly King stage powerhouse, he believed that with his strength, he could still hold on for some time.

After all, at such a level, just in terms of sustained fighting capability, who could compare to him with the Immortal Deity Technique and Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation?

In the distance, a large number of siege weapons were being pushed slowly to the front again. However, this time there was a notable exception of siege towers. Clearly, there had not been sufficient time to craft them. Even so, there were still fifty siege vehicles like the last time, as well as a few battering ram carts and trebuchets. This was already all of the siege weapons that the Kalise Empire could gather in such a short period of time.

To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, the soldiers standing on the Crescent City walls, even the new recruits… none of them revealed any nervous or fearful looks at all. Instead, many of them looked at Zhou Weiqing with a hint of excitement.

Zhou Weiqing did not realise that the previous time where his Hell’s Angel had wrought such havoc, it had given him the unconditional trust of his soldiers. So what if their enemies came in the numbers? Our Boss can get rid of a few thousand with just a single Skill! No matter how many came, they were just ants! After all, they did not know much about the Heavenly Jewel Master world or Heavenly Emperors restrictions, as well as the warning he had received.

Especially when the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation and Dragon-Tiger Transformation appeared, along with the Overlord Bow with a faint icy mist around it. The morale of the Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers raised to a maximum.

Zhou Weiqing gave the order solemnly: “All ballista turrets, focus on the enemy siege vehicles. I do not need you to shoot quickly, but you must be accurate. Take down as many siege vehicles as you can.”

In Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, these siege vehicles were actually the greatest threat to the Crescent City. If they were allowed to continue transferring soldiers to the front of the city walls, it would greatly restrict the greatest power of the Peerless Regiment archers. As such, to him destroying the siege vehicles was of utmost importance.

There were four ballista turrets along each of the four walls. This was definitely one of the most powerful defensive siege weapons in the world, and each required eight soldiers to even draw the mechanism and properly man it. One load was seven of the ballista shot heavy arrows, each two metres long and with a thickness diameter of twenty centimetres. The ballista range easily reached a terrifying eight hundred yards, and the destructive power was definitely extremely high. No ordinary bow and arrow could match these. Of course, the shortcomings
were obvious as well. Their weight was just too heavy, and could not be moved around, so they could only be used for siege defenses. Furthermore, they were extremely expensive to create, and took a long time to assemble as well. However, as long as their aim was good, it should not be too difficult to take
down siege weapons.

The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation glowed brightly below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, and the wings behind his back unfurled as a large amount of atmospheric energy swarmed towards him.

Pulling his Overlord Bow to a full crescent, Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes in focus. Instantly, he locked onto his first target. Naturally, this time he dared not use his Saint Energy so easily.

In an instant, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation under his feet which had been glowing in six different lights turned a full bluish purple. He did not even need to nock any arrow, as a bluish purple arrow formed in position in his Overlord Bow.

A variant of his ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ forming the arrow, and Zhou Weiqing’s full concentration was on the further siege vehicle, almost one thousand five hundred yards from the Crescent City walls now. Even with his cultivation level, archery skills and the powerful Overlord Bow, this was already at the limit of his accuracy.

A shrill, ear-piercing screech covered the buzz of the bowstring releasing, and the bluish purple lightning that streaked across the skies only left a faint illusory light behind. The soldiers on the city walls nearby could clearly smell the faint burnt smell that the lightning left behind.

Wherever the illusory light passed, the very space and air around it was warped.


The bluish purple light struck directly onto the siege vehicle targeted, one thousand five hundred yards away. The next instant, it exploded in a violent bang. From the city walls, they could even see a small mushroom cloud rise up in the distance. As for the siege vehicle, known for its frontal defense, it just disintegrated in the bluish purple light of the explosion.

Screams of agony rang out. For the Kalise soldiers in that siege vehicle, it was likely that more than half had perished instantly. The terrifying explosive power of the lightning strike caused broken limbs and flesh to fly up and around in the mushroom cloud.

Cheers rang out from the Crescent City walls. Once again, Zhou Weiqing had brought them shock an awe. After all, a distance of one thousand five hundred yards, most ordinary people could barely see at such distance, and even an object the size of the siege vehicle would just be a small black dot far off. Yet, Zhou Weiqing had still managed to destroy one with just an arrow. What kind of accuracy, what kind of destructive power was that!

Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath as he stood on the city walls, the twenty five energy whirlpools at his Death Acupuncture Points whirling crazily and drawing energy. Behind his back, the wings also helped him draw more energy and his Heavenly Energy recovered at a rapid rate. The arrow just now had indeed used up a large amount of his Heavenly Energy, but with the assistance of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, he did not worry at all. Just two days ago, along with the recovery of his Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing had finally broken through to his next cultivation stage. The Immortal Deity Technique had reached the next point, causing him to breakthrough his next barrier only three months after reaching the six-Jeweled stage, and his
Heavenly Energy was now at the Heavenly Xu Energy stage.

This time, as he broke through, his Saint Energy had once again given Zhou Weiqing a pleasant surprise. As he broke through the next Death Acupuncture Point and his body was at its frailest state, the Saint Energy in his body had automatically reacted by forcing out a drop of Saint Energy, entering that particular Death Acupuncture Point, causing the energy whirlpool to form at a much faster speed. The intense pain that he used to have to endure was thus greatly diminished.

This also gave Zhou Weiqing an even greater understanding about the Saint Energy. Vaguely, he realised that the greatest use of the Saint Energy was perhaps in the word – Creation.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing drew his bow once more. The bluish purple light arrow formed again at the bowstring. His aim was to destroy as many siege vehicles as he could before the enemies reached the city. The familiar shrill cry rang out once more. For this type of straightforward, single-lined shooting, even at such a great distance, Zhou Weiqing’s archery and accuracy was absolutely a hundred percent.

Yet another explosion, and another siege vehicle was destroyed.

Zhou Weiqing did not spare his Heavenly Energy at all, firing five arrows one after the other. Just like that, five of the siege vehicles had been destroyed totally, along with a large number of Kalise soldiers in them.

However, just as Zhou Weiqing was about to shoot his sixth arrow, there was a sudden change in the situation.

In the distance, over a dozen figures suddenly charged to the front of the Kalise army. One of the figures at the front jumped up abruptly, a thick green light forming a blade, striking savagely onto the sixth arrow that Zhou Weiqing had shot out.

It had to be known that the speed of the arrow formed by Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ was unbelievably quick. To be able to block it so accurately, this person’s cultivation level was at least equal to or higher than Zhou Weiqing!

Another explosion rang out, and the figure that had blocked Zhou Weiqing’s arrow was sent flying back. However, the siege vehicle had been saved.

On the city walls, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were dismal and dissatisfied. He did not continue firing any longer. After six arrows in succession, even for him with his various insane recovery rates, it wasn’t sufficient to fully recover all his Heavenly Energy. It would be better for him to take a short break to recover for the upcoming fight. After all, since the dozen figures had come to the front, they were clearly the Jewel Master powerhouses on the enemy’s side. They had already successfully blocked an arrow, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they could block any others. Zhou Weiqing naturally did not want to waste time and energy on fruitless efforts.

“Prepare   to   fight!”    Zhou   Weiqing   shouted   out   loud. Currently, the siege vehicle which had charged closest to the Crescent City was only about a thousand yards from them.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were cold. One could just imagine how much pressure the Heavenly Bow side were in for this battle, and as their commander, the stress he was facing was definitely the greatest.

The Kalise Empire army had held back for so long to gather everything into their favour. Today’s fight, they would definitely be going all out. If they could repulse the Kalise forces today, it would definitely be an important step in enduring and surviving until their reinforcements. However, towards this point, even Zhou Weiqing did not have absolute confidence.

I’ve  just  been  too  careless!  Zhou  Weiqing  admonished himself. He had not imagined that after they had entered the original Heavenly Bow Empire lands for such a short period of time, the Kalise Empire would place such importance on them and actually respond with such a huge show of force so quickly. Such a scenario did not even give him a chance to gather his own Peerless Regiment here, throwing back his plans dramatically and putting them in danger now.

Still, there were still advantages and disadvantages to this. If they were just destroyed here by the Kalise Empire, then there was nothing else to speak of about the situation. However, if they could actually dig in and really hold on against the Kalise Empire long enough for their reinforcements to arrive, with the full power of the Peerless Regiment, he was confident in destroying these several tens of thousands of Kalise soldiers.

From the overall strength of the Kalise Empire, even if they had been taking great efforts in conscription and recruitment in the past few years, their total army numbers should not be much more than a Legion. If they could destroy all fifty thousand soldiers here, along with the Sixth Regiment that Zhou Weiqing had crippled previously, it could be said that almost half of their army would be totally destroyed here. If that truly happened, it would undoubtedly be a major step in the process of the revival of his homeland. The entire Heavenly Bow Empire lands would be relatively open to him as the Kalise Empire’s forces would be greatly reduced. It could be said that in just this short period of time, Zhou Weiqing would be expending all his efforts to recover at least half of his empire’s original lands. This would definitely be a great advantage to him… if he could succeed and survive.

As such, to Zhou Weiqing, and to the Heavenly Bow Empire, this was probably the most important battle for a long time to come. Once they succeeded, even if the Kalise Empire sent more troops, they would likely have to shrink back into the area around the Heavenly Bow City and have a standoff with Zhou Weiqing.

Towards this, Zhou Weiqing was already very clear, having thought through all the various possible scenarios in the past few days. As such, no matter what, he did not choose to retreat and would go all out to hold off the enemy.

In truth, with Zhou Weiqing and his Peerless Regiment forces, if they wanted to escape from the Crescent City, it would be easy for them to breakthrough any encirclement. However, he would never do such a thing. If he escaped, he would lose all credibility and the heart of the populace. In the future, if he wanted to regain the support of the populace, especially that of the Crescent City and the nearby citizens, it would be just too difficult.

Furthermore, there were still five thousand logistic troops in the Crescent City that the Fei Li Empire had sent to them. How could he just abandon them like that? If he really did so, perhaps the alliance with the Fei Li Empire would just be broken like that.

Lastly, if the Kalise Empire side actually took back the Crescent City, they would definitely fortify it and station a large number of troops there. It would be many times the trouble for them to take it back again once all that occurred, and things could possibly be even tougher.

Although Zhou Weiqing was not too experienced at commanding troops, he definitely knew that defending a city was a totally different concept from sieging and invading a city. For the attacking side, if they did not have three times the power as the defense, it would be tough to succeed, and the losses in doing so would definitely be high. Instead, now that they were on the defending side, it would also be a good opportunity to destroy as many enemies as they could. Of course, this chance was also pushing himself onto the barbeque pit to cook, and whether or not he could succeed would depend on his own capabilities.

The enemy grew closer and closer. The Kalise Empire armies were definitely very careful in the attacking process. Besides the siege vehicles and other siege weapons at the front, right behind him at the vanguard of the entire force were all heavy infantry soldiers. Although a large number of them had been slain during their first attempt, they still numbered more than a thousand five hundred. As they marched forward, they held their massive tower shields layered upon one another, slow and steady in formation. At their backs, the Heavy Cavalry soldiers were also arranged in a powerful defensive formation.

With the thickness of those tower shields, even the Peerless Regiment archers and their Consolidated Bows would have a tough time piercing through.

As the enemy advanced to a thousand yard radius, by now Zhou Weiqing was starting to feel the pressure on him increase. They could already see the enemy clearly, and that the trebuchets were filled with stones. Although those weapons could only be useful at the two hundred yard range, but if they truly got into action, then it would be a disaster, especially for the ordinary Heavenly Bow soldiers on the walls. “Peerless Air Force, prepare yourselves to rise up with me. Ready  your  javelins!”   Zhou  Weiqing  gritted  his  teeth  and finally made the decision. He could not allow these enemies to reach the foot of the city walls and attack them at will. With the protection of the siege vehicles and other weaponry, it was hard for the Peerless Regiment archers to unleash their true power. Once the actual siege began, the numerical advantage of their enemies was just too great, and there were barely over a thousand men on this side of the wall, how could they possibly take care of every inch easily? He had to take down the heavy armoured troops first, and especially take care of the siege weapons, or at least slow them down greatly. Only then could the Peerless Regiment archers be of greater use in fighting off the enemy.

“Come with me!” As he shouted out loud, the wings behind Zhou Weiqing’s back unfurled. His entire body soared into the air like a cannonball, and he passed the command of the remaining soldiers to Lin TianAo at his side.

To the shock of the entire battlefield, the two hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers also released their Consolidated Wings simultaneously. Just like two hundred rays of light, they surged up into the skies. When the Kalise Empire armies saw the sight, their first reaction was that the Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers had gone crazy! Were they just jumping off the walls like that?

However, the next instant, their jaws dropped. That was because the two hundred figures did not fall to the ground like they imagined, instead each and everyone of them had wings appear behind their backs, sending them soaring into the skies.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Facing such a major battle, his emotions immediately calmed down. His character was the sort that would explode into his true potential the greater the stress he faced. Currently, in his heart, it was as if a huge ball of fire was burning. Strangely, he did not feel any fear. All along, he had always been the kid who feared death, but when his heart was burning with righteous fury, he was always the craziest. This… this was the bloodline of Admiral Zhou that he had inherited!

Under the leadership of Zhou Weiqing, the two hundred Peerless Regiment Air Force soldiers disappeared above into black dots. By the time the Kalise Empire soldiers reacted and wanted to shoot at them with arrows, it was far too late and they were beyond range. Any ordinary longbow would only be accurate or have the force behind it at a range of two to four hundred yards. Yet, in just a matter of moments, the Peerless Air Force had already soared to a height of over five hundred yards.

Not a single Kalise Empire powerhouse rose up to follow them. Taking aside the fact whether or not they had Consolidated Wings or the ability to fly, just looking at the sight in front of them, they were just too startled and frightened to do so.

As Jewel Masters, they knew more than any ordinary soldiers what these two hundred flying soldiers actually meant. To have Consolidated Wings… that meant they were the very least two-Jeweled Physical Jewel Masters.

Perhaps in the eyes of the powerhouses, a two-Jeweled Jewel Master was nothing. However, that was such a numerical difference! Two hundred Jewel Masters! What kind of notion was that? Even the entire Kalise Empire did not have two hundred Jewel Masters in total. Even for larger empires like the Bai Da Empire or Fei Li Empire, two hundred Jewel Masters was already a considerable amount. As the saying goes, sometimes a quantitative change can result in a qualitative change. So many Jewel Masters together… the offensive and destructive power on the battlefield could just be imagined. Just as the Kalise troops were staring, stunned, a patch of fine black dots suddenly descended from the skies.

The throwing javelins of the Peerless Regiment had been changed and improved many times over. When they first started, the throwing javelins were just a smaller version of the normal javelins and lances. However, after many versions and repeated improvements, there was truly a major difference by now.

For the current throwing javelins that the Peerless Regiment Air Force was using, the entire front third of it was a tapered spike, fully crafted from titanium alloy. Although the weight was light, it was extremely tough and durable, with a powerful piercing effect. As for the remaining two thirds, they were far thicker and tougher, in order to increase the total weight.

At the end of the javelins, there was a cross-shaped tail fin. This was to ensure that as the javelins fell from the skies, they would be balanced to remain facing tip first, and not skew or deviate from their path.

Chapter 204 Bloody Battle in Crescent City!

The benefit of throwing javelins like this was that even if they didn’t use much strength, the sheer weight, the balance of the tail fin, and the piercing power of the titanium tip would mean an overall terrifying downward piercing thrust.

Originally, when they completed research and development on these throwing javelins, the goal was to reduce the Heavenly Energy expenditure of the Peerless Air Force. After all, though they were all Jewel Masters, their cultivation level was still not considered very high yet. Just maintaining flight with their Consolidated Wings alone was no small consumption. With these javelins, they could still ensure their killing power even while saving as much Heavenly Energy as possible.

Currently, the large patch of black dots descending down upon the Kalise soldiers were naturally the javelins that had been thrown down. Their targets were simple – the Kalise Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry in the front.

The Heavy Infantry subconsciously reacted swiftly, raising the tower shields in their hands. As for the Heavy Cavalry, though their reactions were just as quick, they could only use the small round shields bound to their left hands. Throwing javelins down from a height of five hundred yards was definitely not the same as shooting arrows, and naturally accuracy suffered. However, one could not dismiss the fact of their sheer numbers! Two hundred javelins raining down, and the enemy formation was so tightly packed. Even if they wanted to miss, it would be extremely difficult.

*Puu**Puu**Puu**Puu* A series of grating, harsh and horrific sounds rang out, along with screams of agony that were often cut off abruptly.

The Heavy Infantry soldiers were relatively okay. Even facing such powerful javelins, their tower shields were barely able to hold on. Although the javelins were able to pierce through the shields, by the time they did so the remaining force was much smaller, with only the front titanium tip able to pierce through. Besides a few that were unlucky enough to have it land directly at their head and killing them, most of them only received minor injuries.

Alas, for the Heavy Cavalry soldiers, misery befell them. The small round shields in their hands, how could they possibly withstand the javelins thrown from a height of five hundred yards! Clouds of bloody mist rose from the backs of the horses as the soldiers were lanced right through, some even piercing right through the human and deep into their warhorses. Although their heavy armour weighed at least twenty jin, with those terrifying javelins that were thrown from such a height, the armour was torn through like paper, not having any use at all.

Originally, each of the Peerless Regiment Air Force soldiers were equipped with six throwing javelins, and after several volleys of such javelin rain, several dozens of Heavy Infantry soldiers had fallen, while the Heavy Cavalry was nearly wiped out.

Furthermore, having prepared for this battle for so long, how could Zhou Weiqing still leave his men with only six throwing javelins? Out of the two hundred Peerless Air Force soldiers, there were at least ten Spatial Rings, filled with large numbers of javelins. From just a rough estimate, they had at least two thousand more.

The owners of the rings did not even need to pass them to the other warriors, only needing to toss the javelins down as soon as they took them out of the Spatial Rings. The javelins would automatically fall down tip first, still resulting in the terrifying piercing effect.

Zhou Weiqing remained floating in midair. He was actually the busiest one of all. Right by his side, there was a member of the Peerless Air Force with one of the Spatial Rings, specially passing him javelins one after the other. In fact, the several dozen Heavy Infantry soldiers that had been killed were mostly all slain by him. He did not even need to use Heavenly Energy, just using his powerful natural strength and accuracy of throwing… how could their tower shields hold out against

By the time the Kalise Empire soldiers advanced another two hundred yards, the two Battalions of Heavy Cavalry had been wiped out. More than a hundred Heavy Infantry soldiers had also lost their lives.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing stopped the others from wasting their javelins, ordering them to ‘gift’ their final throws to the mass of infantry behind. As for himself, after taking a few more lives of the Heavy Infantry soldiers, he gathered his Air Force to return to the city walls.

Cheers erupted like a volcano’s explosion, all around the Crescent City walls. In just this burst of attacks, more than two thousand Kalise Empire soldiers had died. More importantly, most of those were the most elite and ‘expensive’ Heavy Cavalry soldiers! One could imagine the current expression on the Kalise Empire Army Commander. “Boss, let us go again. Even if we just bring some rocks, we can smash those fellows to bits.” One of the Peerless Regiment soldiers said excitedly.

A notion rose its head in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, but he shook his head and said: “No, all your Heavenly Energy is not sufficient. Especially when the load is too heavy, the expenditure of Heavenly Energy is just too huge for you. Hurry up and recover your Heavenly Energy. Prepare to start shooting. I want all of you to focus on the soldiers who are manning the siege weapons. Your goal is to stop them all before they reach five hundred yards from the city walls.”

The Peerless Regiment First Main Company was the strongest elites of the entire Regiment, and their members all had ranges absolutely accurate up to eight hundred yards. After Zhou Weiqing gave his orders and arranged everything, he immediately went to look for two massive rocks, grabbing them as he flew up into the skies once more.

These rocks were part of a collection of fallen logs and rocks that were prepared for use in dealing with enemies who came closer. With that reminder from the Peerless Regiment soldier earlier, Zhou Weiqing flew up with the two giant rocks. Naturally, his targets now were the trebuchets. Soon, the Kalise soldiers below could only stare in shock as two trebuchets were just smashed into smithereens by the two giant rocks. It had to be known that they only had a total of eight trebuchets for this entire battle!

However, when Zhou Weiqing returned to the city walls and rose again with another batch of rocks, he no longer had the opportunity to repeat his feat once again. The Kalise Empire powerhouses were not there just too look pretty, especially since most of them were not even from the Kalise Empire, but from the Bai Da Empire. This time, they worked together to block the falling rocks, protecting the trebuchets.

Foiled once more, Zhou Weiqing could only return to the city walls. He was not at all excited by their achievements thus far, as he knew that this was only the beginning. The hidden aces that he had were slowly being flipped open, but the attack of the enemy was only just beginning.

Just on this frontal assault on the south wall, the Kalise Empire still had at least twenty thousand soldiers. For just a small city, once their attack actually started, it would be wave after wave crashing against them. Furthermore, if the giant battering ram cart actually reached the gates, how long could the weak gates of the Crescent City hold out? Come then! Zhou Weiqing yelled in his heart. At this moment, he suddenly thought about how the Kalise Empire had invaded his homeland, and how his father had fought to the end, almost sacrificing his life to Seal the Royal Palace. His eyes turned red slowly. The true battle was about to begin.

The Peerless Regiment archers began to display their true strength. They began to focus on firing at those soldiers that were pushing the various siege weapons. At this point, they did not even need to use their Consolidated Bows, each using their personal longbows, causing the movement of the siege weapons to drop dramatically.

However, the Kalise Empire commander also reacted quickly. They still had more than a thousand Heavy Infantry soldiers remaining, and they quickly stepped forward with their tower shields to protect the soldiers pushing the siege weapons. Once again, the siege weapons resumed their slow march towards the city walls.

From the vision up on the city walls, at least fifty sets of sieging ladders were prepared right behind the rest of the siege weapons. Once they all reached the two hundred yard range, the true offense would begin. “Summon  your  Consolidated  Bows.  Fire!”   Zhou  Weiqing shouted angrily. The enemies had finally reached the five hundred yard range. At this moment, it was time to show another ace. It was imperative that these siege weapons were stopped!

Once again, the Peerless Regiment soldiers showed their power. The Consolidated Bows sprang into existence one after the other in bright light. Soon, the earsplitting sounds rang out explosively as they fired as one.

The tower shields of the Heavy Infantry truly had an amazing defense. Even with the explosive effect of the Consolidated Bows, they still weren’t able to destroy them with a single shot. However, the explosive effect was still stunning, able to knock them back or even send them flying.

For a time, the Heavy Infantry soldiers at the front were under great pressure. The explosive power of the arrows caused their neat formation to stumble and be thrown into disarray. Furthermore, for some of the skilled Peerless Regiment archers, their Consolidated Bows did not have the explosive effect, instead with a powerful piercing effect. The arrows that these fired out were not stopped by the tower shields, each claiming a life upon hitting. At this point, the defensive line that had been the sturdy bedrock of the Kalise soldiers finally suffered a catastrophic loss. With the Peerless Regiment soldiers no longer sparing their Heavenly Energy, the remaining thousand Heavy Infantry soldiers all perished by the time the formation
reached the three hundred yard mark.

Three hundred yards. At last, the Kalise Empire soldiers began to come into range to return fire as well, and a large number of arrows began flying up in an arc towards the city. In such a large scale battle, there weren’t many soldiers who could be as accurate in their archery as the Peerless Regiment soldiers. However, they just had too great of numbers, and they just needed to shoot upwards in an arc towards the Crescent City walls.

A large patch of arrows fell upon them. The Peerless Regiment archers and Heavy Cavalry were naturally not afraid due to their armour, but for the ordinary soldiers, the injuries and death were starting to add up. Although they were all equipped with shields, they were after all still fresh recruits with minimal training! Facing such a battle, how could panic not ensue?

*Bang**Boom**Bang**Boom* The ballista turrets on the walls also began their fire. One by one, the siege vehicles were smashed apart by the heavy bolts of the ballista. Although they weren’t as effective as Zhou Weiqing’s previous arrows, even down to killing the soldiers within, but at least the main goal of taking down the siege vehicles had been met. For a time, the death toll on the Kalise side continued rising higher.

Out of the fifty siege vehicles at the start, the number which had actually reached the three hundred yard range now was only about twenty or so. Just from that alone, one could imagine how crazy the fight for the Crescent City had been thus far.

However, by this point, a large majority of Zhou Weiqing’s hidden aces had already been revealed. Yet, there were still six more trebuchets, and they were closing in soon. The remaining siege weaponry were also reaching soon.

This was especially so for the giant battering ram cart, the lumbering giant which seemed to be the next greatest threat soon. Those things were just too huge, and Zhou Weiqing had tried using a massive rock to smash one earlier, but it did not have a big effect. It seemed to difficult to destroy them outright. At this point, Zhou Weiqing did not dare to spend too much Heavenly Energy. After all, those Kalise Empire powerhouses were not to be trifled with, and when the actual onslaught began, they would charge forth as well. On his own side, there was only Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan who could help him deal with those powerhouses, so it could be said that the majority of enemies had to be dealt by Zhou Weiqing.

As such, standing on the city walls, Zhou Weiqing could only continuously fire arrows with his Overlord Bow at the Heavy Infantry soldiers, not even using much Heavenly Energy. At such a range, even his ordinary arrows were not so easily blocked.

It wasn’t just the Heavy Infantry soldiers who suffered. Even some of the Kalise powerhouses who tried to charge forward were sent on a retreat by Zhou Weiqing’s Overlord Bow.

Since the fight had already reached such a point, it was already infinitely close to the most savage and ruthless point, hand to hand combat. It wasn’t just the frontal south wall though, all the other three walls of the Crescent city were also facing the frenzied attacks of their respective enemies.

Currently, this Crescent City was just the first stop in Zhou Weiqing’s revival of his Empire, and just like a boat in the torrential winds of the fifty thousand Kalise Empire armies, on the verge of capsizing at anytime. Closer… closer… closer… As the siege vehicles entered the two hundred yard range, so did the trebuchets, which were already primed and ready.


Six Trebuchets. Almost as one, they launched their loads with an angry roar. The trebuchets did not launch a single large rock, instead each of them having six decent sized rocks. As they were flung up into the air in an arc, all in the same direction but spreading out as they flew. For these rocks, thrown at a distance of two hundred yards, even ordinary Heavy Cavalry soldiers would be severely wounded or even killed if struck.

The greatest weakness of the trebuchet was its accuracy. For the first volley, the majority of the rocks smashed ineffectually onto the city walls, causing a round of explosions. However, just the small percentage that actually hit the top of the walls managed to take the lives of eight ordinary Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers. This was time for the show of the Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry once more. Out of all the soldiers, these rocks from the trebuchets posed the least threat to them. For a time, the large spiked maces or giant battle axes waved in the air, and any of the large rocks that came near them were smashed into bits instantly.

F**k your sister! Zhou Weiqing screamed angrily in his heart. All around his body, a bluish purple light burst forth as he nocked another arrow. This time, his arrow was not shot at any particular target, instead towards the skies. Instantly, along with a chain of explosions, a large patch of lightning struck down from the skies, fully enveloping the six trebuchets. Immediately, many of the soldiers in charge of reloading the trebuchets fell to the ground.

Thousand Lightning Strikes.

The destructive power of this Skill was not strong, definitely not sufficient to destroy the trebuchets. However, it was enough to disable the Kalise Empire soldiers who were manning it. Left with no choice, Zhou Weiqing could only use such a method to delay the attacks from the trebuchets.

However, since the Kalise soldiers had reached the two hundred yards, they could also begin their actual charge. No matter how skillful the Peerless Regiment soldiers were, they only numbered two hundred. Facing the charge of several thousands at once, even with their firing rates they could only take down a portion of enemies. They could only watch as the rest of the Kalise Empire armies charged to the walls despite
their best efforts.

One by one, siege climbing ladders were placed onto the walls as soldiers scrambled to climb up. Right behind them, the plodding giant battering ram cart still moved on, advancing slowly and steadily like an unstoppable force.

This was the first time Zhou Weiqing truly felt the terror of the battlefield. No matter how powerful he was individually, he still could not take care of everything that was happening. When he tried to deal with the trebuchets, the battering ram cart moved on unimpeded. Even the delay on the trebuchets did not last long, as more soldiers ran forward to continue reloading them. Taking a deep breath, a thick purplish black light began to gather crazily about him, and with an explosive shout, Zhou Weiqing flew up once more.

Ten days ago, the purplish black light which had shocked everyone, taking thousands of lives instantly, it appeared once more. When the six giant wings spread out and the illusory light spread across the entire field with the oppressive pressure… the charging Kalise soldiers suddenly stalled, stunned.

All of a sudden, some of the soldiers just turned and ran, not even caring about their orders. In their haste to flee, they did not even care about their siege ladders, just dumping them on the ground in the sudden trample of movement.

This was something that Zhou Weiqing did not expect. The fear the Hell’s Angel caused even before he unleashed it was actually at such a level.

For the first time since the battle had started, a cold smile flashed across Zhou Weiqing’s face. However, it was not one of happiness, but one filled with a cold killing intent.

This time, the Hell’s Angel Skill did not show any signs of coming to life. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not dare to infuse Saint Energy within once more, and it was just an ordinary Skill that was close to the Heavenly God Tier stage. A thick darkness aura welled up, and with the powerful control of his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, the terrifying skill that had been stored into his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was not transformed into a purplish black arrow nocked to his Overlord Bow. Above Zhou Weiqing’s head, the illusory figure of the Hell’s Angel flapped its wings hard, and along with the explosive release of the Overlord Bow and the shrill screech, the arrow flew towards the trebuchets.

This time, none of the Kalise powerhouses dared to block it. When they saw the image of the Hell’s Angel above Zhou Weiqing’s head, they had been scared silly. After all, it was just too similar to what had happened ten days ago, and they did not even care to be curious why the Heavenly Emperor on the Heavenly Bow Empire side would actually dare to break the rules again. The powerhouses were the ones who fled the fastest, and within moments they were back at the end of the army lines.

One could clearly see that currently, all of the Kalise soldiers who had been charging forward were now retreating like the waves which had crashed upon a shore. Indeed! Who would be willing to withstand the terrifying force of nature they had witnessed ten days ago?!

Even Zhou Weiqing did not realise the awe and deterrent power his Hell’s Angel Skill suddenly had. In that moment, he felt laugher almost bubbling up to the front. Without question, as the enemy started retreating, the pressure on their defense was greatly reduced. *Boom*

Once again the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow caused another violent detonation. Next, the six trebuchets were totally swallowed by the purplish grey swirls of air that rose from the very earth, the terrifying corrosive nature and destructive power causing the six trebuchets to disintegrate into thin air. Some of the slower Kalise Empire soldiers who did not flee in time were also swallowed up.

Once again, the Kalise Empire soldiers were stunned silly, but this time for a totally different reason. Indeed, the Hell’s Angel Skill of Zhou Weiqing’s was extremely powerful, and the area of effect was not small at all; otherwise it couldn’t have swallowed all six trebuchets at once. However, when compared to the horrifying image ten days ago and the deep impression it left, this current Hell’s Angel was like child’s play! The Hell’s Angel that had been brought to life was just at a whole different level, and the force that defied nature did not appear once more. However, by the time they realised it, the Kalise forces had already retreated back past the three hundred yard range.

With that, the Peerless Regiment soldiers on the wall burst out laughing at the sight. They did not hesitate to make full use of the opportunity, arrow after arrow chasing after their enemies’ butts, and wave after wave of Kalise soldiers fell like wheat harvested in the fields.

From the start of the battle until now, out of the twenty thousand Kalise soldiers on this front, at least three thousand would never witness the dawn tomorrow. In stark contrast, the Heavenly Bow Empire had only lost a few dozen soldiers. Such a huge difference in death and wounded could only be found in a siege battle.

The Kalise Empire army command were no fools, after a short moment of shock, they immediately reacted. Indeed! Since the Heavenly Bow Empire had already received strong warnings, how could they possibly dare to use the same terrifying Skill again? Instantly, a series of strict orders were issued again, and only then did the Kalise soldiers barely stabilize and begin to turn back, charging back towards the Crescent City once more.

However, in just the matter of retreating and returning, the Kalise had left behind another thousand or so corpses before they reached the city walls again. The Peerless Regiment soldiers were all godly archers, and they might not be able to take down the Heavy Infantry soldiers in the front, but that did not stop them from focusing on the backlines. Furthermore, there were still the ballista turrets. In the extra time given, it was sufficient for four more salvos from them. Once again, they focused on the siege vehicles, and by now only a dozen or so actually remained fully intact.

However, despite all of the success, this also spelled the end of some of the main defensive advantages of the Crescent City. The true siege had begun, and once again siege ladders were thrown against the wall, arrows flying up and towards them like swarms of locusts.

Without a doubt, the destruction of the trebuchets meant they were facing much less pressure, but the waves of attacks from their enemies were just as crazy as before.

The Heavy Infantry soldiers had accomplished their goals. Actually attacking the walls were not their forte indeed, as climbing would be difficult. As such, they slowly moved back to continue escorting other Kalise soldiers to charge to the front once more.

On top of the city walls, the piles of fallen logs and large rocks which had been prepared over the past months were now put to good use, thrown down to smash into the climbing foes. This also caused many casualties on the Kalise side. However, there were elites mixed within those soldiers, especially some of the powerhouses who had reached the front along with the ordinary soldiers. Although the Heavy Cavalry soldiers were still pushing down and destroying ladder after ladder, they just couldn’t take care of the entire section of wall.

As soon as the enemies reached the top of the walls, the arrows of the Peerless Regiment soldiers would no longer be as effective, and they would have to resort to hand to hand combat. Still, their effectiveness had proven itself. More than four thousand enemies had fallen by the time the first Kalise soldier reached the top of the walls, and this was under the fact that they still had a large number of siege weapons

The Peerless Regiment only numbered seven hundred in total, and on this wall alone, Zhou Weiqing and his men only totalled two hundred and fifty. With just this two hundred and fifty core of elite soldiers, they had actually already managed to kill a total of more than ten times their number. For any defending army, that was already something to be proud of.

However, despite all their resistance, their enemies had still reached the top of the wall. At this moment, the terrifying combat prowess of the Heavy Cavalry soldiers truly came into play.

The fifty Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers were spread out along the wall, so thinly spread that there was only one of them every hundred metres. However, as soon as any enemy broke through the barricade and reached the top of the walls, the destructive force of the Heavy Cavalry soldiers would greet them.

This was especially so for the Berserker Tribe warriors, whose performance stood out strikingly. In terms of destructive powers, perhaps they were slightly inferior to the Gold Crow Tribe members; after all the large spiked maces and massive battle axes could not be compared in terms of destructive power.

However, the length of the spiked maces were far beyond the battle axes, and these Berserker Tribe members who had inherited a hint of the ancient Titan Bloodlines, they all stood even taller with a startling arm reach. Even if they stood there unmoving, the pair of supreme spiked maces in their hands could reach and area of more than a dozen square metres. As long as enemies climbed up to the city walls, before they could take action, a terrifying blow would greet them.

From below the city, it was an even scarier sight. For those Kalise soldiers, they could clearly see their fellow soldiers who had painstaking climbed all the way to the top, and within moments, it was as if an entire cart had slammed into them, their bodies exploding out from the city walls and smashed several dozen metres away before falling to the ground. Before they could even land on the ground, they were already mangled corpses.

The Peerless Heavy Cavalry stood there on the city walls, just like gods of war. Unmoving bedrocks of the defense which could not fall. As for the rest of the Peerless Regiment archers, they had long since switched to long spears, and for some time at least, they were still barely able to hold their own and defend the city walls. However, they no longer had any excess energy or time to spare with regards to the enemies outside the wall.

When the enemies had reached the the city walls, Zhou Weiqing had instantly changed his weapon. Although the Overlord Bow was powerful, it was no longer important now that they were climbing up. The most important thing now was to stop them from actually overwhelming the top of the walls.

The two Legendary Hammers in hand, the rest of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set worn around him, along with the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the wings behind his back. Where there was the most enemies, Zhou Weiqing would appear there, slaughtering countless numbers of enemies. Even he did not know how many he had killed, having lost count long ago, and before his eyes was just a sea of red. In any war, the most horrifying part was when both sides were fully embroiled in hand to hand combat. Once that happened, it was usually a matter of only one side surviving. Furthermore, the Kalise armies had expended so much to actually charge up the city walls, and this was their greatest chance. If they actually retreated to recover and try again, wouldn’t that mean an even greater loss? As such, the Kalise Empire commander had given the death order. No matter what the cost, they had to take the Crescent City today!

In a full scale, mass battle, Zhou Weiqing’s combat effectiveness was definitely terrifying. No one would believe he was just a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master from all he had done.

It could be said that for the entire section of the wall, nearly a third of it was covered by Zhou Weiqing alone. The dual Legendary Hammers in his hands were like cannon turrets, constantly spitting out large amounts of lightning pearls, which spread out to knock down countless of enemies.

With the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, Zhou Weiqing could maintain such attacks for a long time, but the Kalise army would not give him the chance to keep doing so. In that moment, more than a dozen figures appeared on the city walls like the wind, all directed at Zhou Weiqing. All of them could tell how important Zhou Weiqing was to the Heavenly Bow Empire, and as long as they could kill him, there would be no
longer any suspense about the outcome of the war. Even if they could not kill him, they could at least prevent him from attacking their ordinary troops.

When the over dozen figures appeared on the city walls, the pressure the frontal wall was under increased greatly. The reason was simple, the Bai Da Regiment had finally joined the battle. They had treated the Kalise soldiers like cannon fodder, and now that they had reached the city walls, they had also begun their own attacks.

Although the Bai Da Regiment had lost their Heavy Cavalry soldiers and a large number of Heavy Infantry soldiers, their ordinary infantry soldiers’ fighting capabilities were already far beyond that of the Kalise Empire soldiers.

Even for their ordinary light infantry soldiers, these Bai Da Empire fighters had a full set of leather equipment and helmet, even their left hands had a small round shield buckled on. This allowed them to have a greater survivability on the battlefield, not to mention their better training. Furthermore, the officers of the Bai Da Empire were all Jewel Masters, and for their Company Leaders and above, they had to be at least a two-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master or higher. Battalion Commanders and above had to be Heavenly Jewel Masters.

With these powerhouses joining the fight, the pressure the Peerless Regiment faced instantly increased.

Firstly, the fresh recruits of the Heavenly Bow Empire were being injured or even killed rapidly. Although they had been given basic training, and with Zhou Weiqing’s actions and words inspiring them to bloodlust and they were just giving it their all, but they were still fresh recruits with no real combat experience. Unfortunately, facing the crazed onslaught of their enemies, these fresh recruits were the first to perish.

On the frontal wall, there were only a total of a thousand fresh recruits, and under such a circumstance, the injury and death toll began to rise. Only those luckier ones who were right beside the Peerless Regiment warriors were saved.

At this moment, the rest of the Peerless Regiment soldiers also showed their considerable fighting abilities. By now, the two hundred Peerless Regiment archers had morphed into close combat fighters. Not long after this bloody battle began, they started to truly feel so much gratitude for their beloved drillmaster Shanggaun Fei’er. It was her merciless training and spurring that had given them their current skill in hand to hand combat.

All of the Peerless Regiment soldiers were dressed in titanium mail, light, flexible but extremely tough. Ordinary arrows, swords and sabres could not harm them easily. This allowed them to fight on without too many distractions. Furthermore, all of them were Jewel Masters. To be able to enter the First Main Company, they were at least four-Jeweled Physical Jewel Masters or higher. Even if a lot of their Heavenly Energy had been expended earlier with their Consolidated Wings and Consolidated Bows, as Jewel Masters their physique, physical attributes and even toughness were far beyond any ordinary soldiers.

In the hands of the Peerless Regiment soldiers, the long spears thrust, pierced, flick, dodged, all the various simple yet effective techniques working wonders in their hands. Even for the Bai Da Empire soldiers, none could last around them. Almost every time they took action, the Peerless Regiment soldiers could severely injure or kill an enemy, and already a large number of enemy troops had been sent off the wall. Melee combat had barely started for more than fifteen minutes, and the Peerless Regiment soldiers, including the Heavy Cavalry soldiers were all drenched in blood. However, none of them were injured yet, and they even had to intervene or take blows to protect the fresh recruits beside them. It was
their powerful presence and performance that kept the Crescent City from falling there and then.

Without a doubt, the pressure that Zhou Weiqing was under was the greatest. Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan had both been dispatched by him to protect the other sides of their wall. Currently, more than a dozen Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Masters were surrounding Zhou Weiqing on his side of the wall. This was a war, not an arena fight, and there was no such thing as being ‘fair’ on the battlefield. As soon as these Heavenly Jewel Masters appeared atop the wall, they instantly surrounded Zhou Weiqing and began attacking crazily together.


The crying-face hammer savagely smashed one of the Bai Da Heavenly Jewel Masters into meat paste, but at the same time, Zhou Weiqing had took take blows from two enemies at his back. With the wings behind his back, Zhou Weiqing’s speed was extremely fast. However, amongst the surrounding Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Masters, two of them were at the eight- Jeweled cultivation level, while the rest were at least four Jewel or higher, with some six and seven Jeweled respectively.
This force gathered together was definitely a formidable one.

Despite his speed and agility, Zhou Weiqing could not dodge everything and still go on the offensive. As such, he had done his best, accepting the hits from the weakest four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, while forcefully killing one of the six- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s tremendous physique and constitution proved its true use in actual combat.

As the two four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters struck Zhou Weiqing, they felt as if his body was just like a tough and flexible rubber. Not only did their attacks seem to lose strength immediately, there was a return counter-force.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s body was surrounded by lightning, and his Dual Legendary Hammers continued to constantly spit out large amounts of lightning pearls which spread out in the area, causing the Bai Da Empire powerhouses to have to react to them. This barely allowed him to hold his on for now, but Zhou Weiqing had definitely been contained by his foes, and would not be able to affect the rest of the battle.

More and more enemies climbed up the walls, and the stacks of corpses piled up there was already so much that there was barely space for more to stand.

The Bai Da and Kalise soldiers that climbed up the walls after were forced to actually clear some of their fallen comrades before they could continue fighting.

The intensity and viciousness of the fight far surpassed the expectations on both sides. For Zhou Weiqing’s side, he had never imagined that the Kalise Empire would be so resolute in their efforts to take down the Crescent City, and to bring so many forces into play now. There were no probing attacks or exploratory moves like he had expected, instead this all-in attack with more than fifty thousand soldiers. The sheer amount of resources and powerhouses channeled into this was astonishing. Although Zhou Weiqing knew that the frontal assault was the toughest, he could imagine that the other three walls were also facing their own uphill battles.

At this point, there was no time for regrets, nor was there any meaning in doing so. All they could do was to fight, to put everything on the line and fight. There was no chance left to retreat, as everyone was full of bloodlust. Now, it was kill or be killed.

As for the Kalise Empire side, they had never imagined that this tiny force of Heavenly Bow Empire soldiers would actually cause them so much trouble, so many casualties. Unlike the various other Heavenly Bow rebellions that they had quelled, the Peerless Regiment’s terrifying combat abilities had just caused them far too much death and losses.

The battle raged on from dawn all the way to high noon, and the city walls were bathed in a river of blood.

The Peerless Regiment soldiers were still hanging on. However, even their titanium mail was mostly in tatters, not a single piece of their armour was fully intact. Although their wounds were not serious, the remaining fresh recruits by their side had dropped drastically.

Of course, the death toll on their enemies were far greater, and none of the Peerless Regiment soldiers actually knew how many they had killed. All they could see before them was a spread of blood red. The Peerless Regiment soldiers might have the best training, the best equipment, being powerful Jewel Masters… but they were still human, not machines. They could still feel exhausted; by now all the Heavenly Energy in their bodies had long been used up. Even for the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribe
warriors, with their powerful physiques and constitutions, they were barely even able to hold their massive weapons any longer. Luckily, their armour was just too thick and strong, for the moment no matter how their enemies struck at them, they were unable to break through their defense; otherwise they might have already suffered casualties.

After these several hours of fighting, there were still seven powerhouse enemies surrounding Zhou Weiqing. They were the strongest of all the Heavenly Jewel Masters who had come from the Bai Da Empire. All of the others had died to the Dual Legendary Hammers. With his own six-Jeweled cultivation level, to have done so much up until now, that was already close to the limit for Zhou Weiqing.

The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was indeed powerful, especially in terms of sustainability. Even so, an entire morning of constant high pressure fighting had pushed Zhou Weiqing’s body to the limit. By now, he couldn’t even maintain the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. All about his body, where the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set did not cover, countless wounds covered him. If not for the fact his constitution was so strong, with the bloodlines of the dragon and tigers mixed within him, perhaps he would have fallen by now.

No! I can’t fall here. I mustn’t fall here! At this point, all that held Zhou Weiqing up was his own willpower. He was no longer able to use any Skills, just using the strength that was brought to him by the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set to keep fighting… fighting. He was extremely clear that if he fell down now, then the war would be over, and all would be lost.

He had long since witnessed many of his Peerless Regiment soldiers wounded, but these soldiers who had come from the Ruffian Battalion had a strong sense of survival, able to cover and protect each other as best they could. All of the injured Peerless Regiment soldiers gathered together in a defensive bunch. Zhou Weiqing did not know if any of them had died, or if so, how many. However, he could see that barely a third of them were still able to continue fighting.

As for the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribe warriors, they were now just resorting to using their weight to shove enemies down the walls. Most of them could not even lift their weapons anymore, let alone fight.

For a battle to reach such an intense, horrifying state, one could use the word ‘meat-grinder’ to describe it.

Chapter 205 Reinforcements | Fei Li God General

However, the exploits and results of these Peerless Regiment soldiers was glorious indeed. From the start of the fight until now, the Kalise and Bai Da soldiers had all been thrown into the fight, but no one could even know the current death and injury toll. No matter atop the city walls or below, all that could be seen was a sea of corpses.

*BANG* One of the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters slammed his weapon savagely into Zhou Weiqing’s back, causing his entire body to smash into the city wall, almost sinking in with an explosive sound. At last, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation below Zhou Weiqing’s feet dissipated with the final violent blow.

“Bastard!”  Zhou Weiqing howled angrily, abruptly turning around and giving a furious swing with his Legendary Hammers, causing his enemies to step back momentarily.

Perhaps it was because they saw the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation below Zhou Weiqing’s feet dissipate, the Bai Da powerhouses surrounding him finally heaved a sigh of relief, their attacks stopping momentarily. These enemies were not in particularly great condition either, none of them remained injury free. More than a dozen Heavenly Jewel Masters! All of them had been surrounding a single person, Zhou Weiqing, all this time, and more so right on top of the city wall that was not wide at all… more than half
of them had actually died at his hands.

Besides the strong killing intent they had, all of the Bai Da Empire powerhouses couldn’t help but look at Zhou Weiqing with a hint respect.

This youth in front of them was just too powerful. Amongst any Heavenly Jewel Master they had seen before, in terms of six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, no one could compare with him.

The Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master who had just struck Zhou Weiqing continued panting as he said: “Young man, surrender yourself. Your future is just too bright, with limitless potential behind you. Why do you need to sacrifice your life for an impossible dream, working to revive your empire… that is an empty and illusory dream for you. As long as you can bring your men and surrender to us, our Bai Da Empire will definitely welcome you with open arms, and treat you with top honours.” With a temporary halt from his enemies, naturally Zhou Weiqing was more than happy for the delay. His personal regeneration speed for his Heavenly Energy and even his body was far beyond anyone else, and currently his twenty five energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points were
working overtime, whirling at maximum to recover as much as possible before the fight started once more.

These Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Masters were far strong, far more persistent than he had imagined. Clearly, these were not just Heavenly Jewel Masters who were flowers grown in a greenhouse, each of them having a lot of battle experience. After one of their numbers had been destroyed by Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill, none of the other stronger powerhouses had given him the opportunity to Devour anyone else.

“Surrender?”    A   faint,   disdainful   smirk   crossed   Zhou Weiqing’s lips. His voice was hoarse as he said: “I am very afraid of death, and I truly do not want to die. However, if I surrender now, I might as well just die. Haha, come on then, I don’t know if you believe me or not, but I will tell you now, even if you can kill me, I will ensure that all of you accompany me in death.”  At this moment, a sudden figure appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, his father’s broad figure, and it was as if he could see his father Admiral Zhou before his very eyes. Father, do not worry. No matter how afraid of death I am, I will never surrender to them. I am your son! Just like you, I can have a steel backbone. How could I possibly surrender to these fellows who caused you to end up like that?

“Kill him.” Hearing those words, the Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master did not want to give Zhou Weiqing any other chance to rest. Having fought this youth for so long, how could he not know that his recovery rate was just so astonishing? In the previous fighting, if not for the fact they had been able to cover each other, either helping each other take or soften Zhou Weiqing’s blows, or just striking him to disrupt some of his blows, perhaps the fight would have already ended in Zhou Weiqing’s favour.

These Heavenly Jewel Masters from the Bai Da Empire were actually from the Bai Da Empire’s Hundred Killer Hall. They had undergone the strictest training and many cruel, inhuman battles. Compared to most ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters, their actual fighting capabilities were much stronger. Yet, this youth before them had caused them so much trouble, even causing them all to feel an unprecedented spark of fear in their hearts.

Once again, all the Bai Da Empire powerhouses sprang towards Zhou Weiqing again. At the same time, a piercing light shot forth from Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, a silver white replacing the originally bloodshot eyes. Our dear Little Fatty was about to pit his life on the line. Even if there was just a single thread of chance for survival, he did not want to give it up. He still had one last ace up his sleeve, one that he dared not use
previously… the last few drops, slightly more than a dozen, of Saint Energy. Zhou Weiqing believed that if he burst forth with the full potential of the Saint Energy, even if he was to be crippled or killed finally, he could bring these enemies down before he fell.

Right at this very instant, all of a sudden a gold light descended from the skies out of nowhere, enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body. Zhou Weiqing felt a gentle warmth around his entire body, and his drained and exhausted body and Heavenly Energy actually started recovering rapidly in this warmth.

A violent explosion, and the gold light shattered. The Bai Da Empire powerhouses had struck out, but the gold light had managed to stop their blows, and had actually knocked them back with the backlash.

A figure appeared silently out of nowhere to land right beside Zhou Weiqing. It was Tian’er! Currently, Tian’er looked far better than Zhou Weiqing did. At least, she wasn’t totally covered with blood. Even so, her white clothes had blood specks all over them, and her face looked pale and ashen.

“Tian’er why have you come? Could it be… the north gate has fallen?” Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise.

Tian’er grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing’s left hand with her own right. “Let’s face these enemies first. The north gate is fine.”

With her words, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. As the two of them held hands, the remaining Heavenly Energy in their bodies reacted almost automatically, fusing together with the four Saint Attributes, forming the familiar large Saint Energy whirlpool almost instantly.

They had been training together for such a long period of time, and their tacit understanding of each other was extremely strong. Even their respective circulation of Heavenly Energy, how they reacted with each other, all of them was just too familiar to them, and with the four Saint Attributes drawing upon each other, there was no hint of any rejection possible. With Tian’er by his side, it was without question that Zhou Weiqing’s fighting capabilities were magnified severalfold. The Saint Energy whirlpool did not only just help them refine and transform Saint Energy, it also greatly increased the recovery rate of both their Heavenly Energy.

The Bai Da Empire powerhouses senses were definitely clearest. Seeing Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er hold hands, they sensed the Heavenly Energy reverberation in the air around grow stronger. Despite their own cultivation level, it was as if they had been abandoned by the atmospheric Heavenly Energy, all of which were gushing towards Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. At the same time, they could clearly see that around their linked hands, there was a faint silvery white light glowing.

The seven Bai Da Empire powerhouses exchanged glances, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes. Due to Zhou Weiqing’s sheer power and performance in the past few hours, even though they could clearly see that Tian’er only had seven Heavenly Jewels around her wrist, but Zhou Weiqing was already so strong… Furthermore, Tian’er’s Elemental Jewels seemed to also be that of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, and her cultivation level was even higher. With these two joining forces, what kind of level would they reach? More importantly, it seemed like as they joined hands, they clearly had some sort of ability to fight together! “Attack! Even if we can’t kill them now, as long as we hold them back, we will still win the battle. Their soldiers cannot hold on for much longer.”

Indeed, the fighting on the city walls was reaching its end. By now, most of the Peerless Regiment soldiers were driven to gather together, making their last desperate stand.

The Kalise armies on the frontal onslaught were not just the strongest amongst all walls, but also numbered the most. Furthermore, all of the siege weapons and powerhouses were gathered here, especially the Bai Da Regiment. To be able to hold on for such a long time, the Peerless Regiment had already gone far and beyond their usual strength.

Perhaps the only thing saving them now was the fact that there wasn’t much space to stand anymore. Many of the Bai Da soldiers were now clearing some corpses away so they could properly surround the Peerless Regiment soldiers gathered together on the city walls.

Still, pushed to such a corner, the Peerless Regiment soldiers showed their firm and unyielding spirit. Those too critically injured to fight were right in the middle of their formation resting, while those with light injuries were relatively outside, still resting for now to await their turn to fight. Gathered together, they were able to use this method to take turns resting before slaughtering their enemies once more. Although every time their resistance grew weaker and weaker, they were still the Peerless Regiment soldiers after all! And they continued killing … and killing.

All of them cherished their lives so much. As long as there was still a chance to hold on, no one would give up easily!

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had seen the danger the Peerless Regiment were in. Currently, with Tian’er by his side, he suddenly drew in a deep breath, forcefully suppressing his own injuries. With some Heavenly Energy recovered, he pushed himself to enter the Dragon-Tiger Transformation once more, and the powerful aura burst free again.

“Come here!” A silvery white light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and his right hand grabbed out at one of the Bai Da Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouses closest to him.

This Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouse was the most injured out of the remaining seven Bai Da enemies, his entire right arm had been destroyed by one of Zhou Weiqing’s hammer blows earlier, flopping uselessly at the side. With such a critical injury, he had also not participated as much in the surrounding fight. Currently, he suddenly felt an unbelievable suction force on him, and he stumbled, falling towards Zhou Weiqing.

“Hold!”  Just as the other Bai Da Empire powerhouses were about to spring to his aid, all of a sudden, Tian’er shouted out loud. A thick purple light sprang from her beautiful eyes, enveloping the other Bai Da Heavenly Jewel Masters in an instant, covering them totally.

Although Tian’er was also exhausted, the Saint Energy whirlpool had given her Heavenly Energy a quick recovery boost in the last few seconds. With this shred of energy, she was able to use this spiritual attack to cause the other Bai Da Empire powerhouses to black out for a split second, delaying their rescue for that critical moment.

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing had seized the chance and sprang into action. The wings behind his back flapped hard, and he carried Tian’er along as they appeared in a flash right in front of the six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

The terrifying suction force caused the Upper Level Zun Stage to have no chance of resistance. He could clearly sense that the suction force was not just devouring his Heavenly Energy, but his life force and soul! He could only try his best to struggle, to do his best not to be Devoured, but he could no longer fight anymore.

Zhou Weiqing was actually currently more than ten yards from him. For him to be able to use the Devour Skill at such a range, it was without question that he had used a drop of Saint Energy and infused it within his Devour Skill.

Previously, when Zhou Weiqing was alone, he dared not do such a thing. After all, he was not confidence in success, and it might instead put him in peril as the other enemies struck out at him. However, it was far different now. With Tian’er here to stop the others momentarily, and with the support of the Saint Energy whirlpool, using a drop of Saint Energy was no problem for him. Right before this, when Zhou Weiqing had taken the major blow, and because he had run out of Heavenly Energy, his Dual Legendary Hammers had vanished. Now, his hands still had the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms on them, and his right palm savagely struck out towards the shoulder of the Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouse who had lost the ability to resist. With the Saint Energy powering the Devour Skill, it was truly just too strong. All his attempts to resist were futile.

With Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying strength, his other arm was also instantly shattered. What followed next was the increase of the shocking suction force from Zhou Weiqing’s right palm as contact was made, not even giving him time to scream in agony.

This was truly the first time since Zhou Weiqing had gained the actual Saint Energy that he could use the Devour Skill without holding back at all, with the aid of his Saint Energy!

The Bai Da powerhouse in his hands was trembling violently, and a strange sight occurred. Everyone could clearly see him actually growing old right in front of them as not just his Heavenly Energy, life force and even soul was drained out of him. The speed of Devouring was just too terrifying when it was powered with the drop of Saint Energy. When the other Bai Da Empire powerhouses recovered from Tian’er’s spirit attack, the Heavenly Jewel Master in Zhou Weiqing’s hand had already become a dessicated corpse, and in the next instant the corpse actually disintegrated into dust, blown away by the wind.

This time, the Devour Skill gave Zhou Weiqing a totally different feeling. He found that when the Heavenly Energy mixed with life force and soul energy entered his body, it instantly entered the Saint Energy whirlpool automatically, and drops of Saint Energy were transformed quickly, directly entering his own personal little Saint Energy whirlpool.

For this six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, with his Heavenly Energy expended to a certain degree, he had only given Zhou Weiqing a total of seven drops of Saint Energy. It had to be known that this was also having his entire life force and soul drained. Similarly at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, Zhou Weiqing’s own Heavenly Energy alone had been transformed into more than twenty drops of Saint Energy. This was the massive difference between those who had the Saint Attributes and those without. Despite the fact that the Devour Skill in its current state would only bring him Saint Energy, the addition of the seven drops of Saint Energy instantly perked Zhou Weiqing up, giving his entire mind and spirit a huge boost.

At this point, he did not transfer any Saint Energy back to Tian’er. Currently, he needed to fight, and they could balance things out after he had dealt with all these enemies in front of him.

He quickly infused a drop of Heavenly Energy directly into his QiHai Acupuncture Point. With the fusion of the Saint Energy, it was as if a fresh breath of life was blown into the QiHai Acupuncture Point, drawing in more Heavenly Energy from outside, with the absorption rate greatly increased, Zhou Weiqing’s ordinary Heavenly Energy also began to recover at a even more terrifying pace.

“All of you, come meet your maker at I, Your Father’s hands!” Zhou Weiqing shoutedly loudly. However, his actions were contrary to his words, as he abruptly sprang upwards, still holding on to Tian’er tightly. His wings flapped hard, and instantly the pair of them shot up into the skies. Above his head, a purplish red light appeared at once… forming an illusory image… it was the Demonic Dragon Lady! Previously, during the hours of fighting, Zhou Weiqing had to take into account the entire battlefield, and he had too many enemies surrounding him. As such, he did not have any chance to use the Dragon Silencing Seal. Furthermore, in the first place he had not even prepared the Dragon Silencing Seal in his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, as it took too long to prepare this powerful Skill.

Currently, with Tian’er’s assistance and the additional fresh new seven drops of Saint Energy, coupled with the fact that there were much fewer enemies left, he could finally fully flourish this extremely useful Skill.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing would not infuse his Saint Energy directly into the Dragon Silencing Seal. He did not want the Demonic Dragon Lady to come to live. It wasn’t that he was too afraid of any Heavenly Emperor powerhouse questioning him, though that was also a consideration. However, the main point was that with both his own and Tian’er’s current state, if they tried to bring a Heavenly Skill Image to life like the previous time, it would be their turn to be drained to death.

Even without the infusion of Saint Energy, the Dragon Silencing Seal was undoubtedly an extremely powerful Skill. The remaining six Bai Da Empire powerhouses could only stand there and watch Zhou Weiqing fly away. They did not have their own Consolidated Wings, and before the Heavenly King stage, how could they chase him?

“Not good…!”

Alas, by the time they wanted to react, it was too late. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. The Dragon Silencing Seal unleashed… with his current six- Jeweled stage, he was able to use the it six times daily, and without holding anything back, he used them all at once.

One of the greatest benefit of the Dragon Silencing Seal was that it did not consume any of his Heavenly Energy at all. Six bouts of Dragon Silencing Seals, and the six Ba Da Empire powerhouses were instantly struck with it. Their Consolidated Equipment, Stored Skills, were all Sealed away. At this point, Zhou Weiqing had also recovered some of his Heavenly Energy with the aid of his scary regenerative rate and the Saint Energy whirlpool, and he at least had the strength to fight once more.

His heart was currently bleeding! He had personally built the Peerless Regiment from ground up, all the way from when it was just a mere Ruffian Battalion, and he had deep feelings for these brothers of his. The Peerless Regiment was also his greatest dependence towards his dream of reviving his homeland. Now, looking at things, he did not even know how many of the Peerless Regiment soldiers still survived, how could he not be enraged?

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had long forgotten any of those useless sayings about killing too much being against the heavens. This was war! War! If he did not destroy his enemies, then his enemies would destroy him.

In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, there was not even the slightest bit of pity or mercy left for these enemies before him.

The effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal gave the six Bai Da Empire powerhouses a huge shock. Facing this ‘fresh’ Zhou Weiqing who had suddenly become so powerful, they no longer felt the need to stubbornly continue fighting. However, their fighting experience was extremely abundant, and they did not panic. Instantly, the six of them flew off in different directions.

Zhou Weiqing’s reactions were just as quick. He immediately chose one of the eight-Jeweled Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters as his prey, pouncing upon him instantly. At this point, he was no longer using the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, and he just swept his hand and unleashed a Fetters of Wind. A Blink Skill, Absolute Delay, and Touch of Darkness. Instantly, he appeared next to his restricted foe, and two more powerful Control Skills followed suit. This poor Mid Level Zong Stage powerhouse who had already expended so much energy in the past hours, and no longer had access to his Stored Skills and Consolidated Equipment… how could he
possibly withstand for long, especially now that his mind was
fully on retreat? Even when he tried to put up a last minute resistance, Tian’er quickly dealt with him using another Spirit Attack.

Zhou Weiqing’s right palm clapped savagely on his throat, and the Devour Skill activated once more. This time, due to the fact that he did not infuse his Saint Energy, the Devouring process was much slower. However, this eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was still unable to escape from Zhou Weiqing’s grasp.

Drop after drop of Saint Energy formed in Zhou Weiqing’s body. An eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was just different! By the time he crumbled into dust, he had ‘gifted’ Zhou Weiqing with twenty six drops of Saint Energy!

By now, the other five enemies had fled down the city walls and away. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing used the opportunity to share half the Saint Energy with Tian’er. With the additional dozen or so drops of Saint Energy, both of them could clearly sense the life force in their bodies brimming and thriving, their original sense of exhaustion weakening greatly.

However, though they had killed most of the enemy powerhouses and sent the rest fleeing, the battle was still not over.

“Little Fatty, help me.” Tian’er abruptly said to Zhou Weiqing before he could decide what to do. Next, he instantly sensed a great suction force from Tian’er, directed at the Saint Energy whirlpool.

Tian’er’s entire body started glowing a brilliant gold, and she was soon covered in a layer of gold light. A thick Heavenly Energy reverberation began to emanate from her along with the rising gold light.

Their minds were so connected that Zhou Weiqing instantly knew what she wanted to do. Besides the ten drops of Saint Energy that was required to maintain his personal little Saint Energy whirlpool, he quickly sent all of his remaining Saint Energy, including the freshly devoured ones, into Tian’er’s body through their connected hands. Towards any other person, he might need to use his mouth to transfer Saint Energy. However, for Tian’er, it was no longer necessary. With the support of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it was as if their bodies were like one.

With the over thirty drops of Saint Energy he had just Devoured, along with the remaining usable from both of them, they had more than fifty drops of Saint Energy total. As Tian’er unleashed her Skill, it was diminishing quickly.

Above Tian’er’s head, a cloud of gold light was slowly forming. Next, a streak of gold light rose into the skies, as if the illumination of dawn. Under this streak of gold light, the cloud of gold also began to expand rapidly.

Seeing such a strange sight, the warriors on both sides couldn’t help but lift their heads, their eyes filled with surprise as they gazed upon it. However, in a stark contrast from the terror that Zhou Weiqing’s Hell’s Angel brought, this patch of gold light only gave them a peaceful feeling, a holy, divine aura that was calming and peaceful.

Currently, Tian’er had been fully covered with this gold colour, and she looked just like a goddess descended from the heavens, causing anyone who looked at her to have the urge to kneel down and pay obeisance. After more than twenty drops of Saint Energy had been expended, the streak of gold light finally disappeared, and the gold cloud in the skies suddenly trembled slightly as it began to rain… golden droplets of rain.

This gold rain did not differentiate between friend or foe, covering the entire south walls. It wasn’t just the Peerless Regiment soldiers, even the enemy soldiers were bathed in the light gold rain.

The rain painted the entire city walls a gold hue, the brilliant light giving everyone a sense of awe and beauty.

When a drop of rain fell upon one of the soldier’s, no matter how thick his armour was, it did not stop the rain.

This small, thin, weak looking rain, yet what it brought to them was an endless pleasant surprise.

No matter any kind of wound, soaked in this gentle gold rain, they just healed as such a rapid pace that could be seen with the naked eye. Not only that, everyone could clearly sense their physical strength and vigor being restored even as their wounds healed, even the Heavenly Energy in their bodies was being regenerated at a greatly boosted pace, their connection with the atmospheric energy increased.

This Skill was called the Holy Light Skill, an area of effect type recovery and restorative Skill. The gold light in the air earlier was actually its Heavenly Skill Image. Within the area of effect of the Skill, it was able to heal any wounds, even clearing some of the negative influences that other skills or attributes might have brought, even undoing some light Seals. At the same time, it would also boost the recovery of vigor and even Heavenly Energy. This was one of the strongest support Skills in the world, in terms of healing and restoration. With Tian’er’s current cultivation level, when she used the Skill without any Saint Energy, it would be a good day for her if she could cover a hundred square metres. However, with the infusion of the Saint Energy and Zhou Weiqing’s aid, she had increased the area of effect by more than five times, managing to cover all of the Peerless Regiment soldiers, almost enveloping the majority of the south city wall. The regenerative and restoration powers were also at least thirty percent stronger than her normal usage of the Skill.

Zhou Weiqing’s judgement of the Saint Energy had indeed been accurate. One of the underlying profound secrets of the Saint Energy was in Creation, not Destruction. As such, even though both times the Heavenly Skill Image had change induced in them, this Holy Light Skill that Tian’er had unleashed had taken up far less Saint Energy than Zhou Weiqing’s Hell’s Angel Skill. When the Skill ended, both of them still ended up with an average of more than twenty drops of Saint Energy.

Although using an area of effect restoration Skill would also bring their enemies much benefit, do not forget that it would not have any effect on the dead, nor could it cause severed limbs to grow back again. As such, though more than a thousand enemy soldiers had also benefited from the restoration, but more importantly, the Peerless Regiment soldiers on the city walls could stand up tall once more.

To the Peerless Regiment archers, perhaps the restoration of their physical strength and vigor was still far from bringing them back to their full power. However, to the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, it was like a second life.

The long spiked maces and massive battle axes which had drooped down were now raised up high against, while those previously injured Peerless Regiment soldiers also grabbed weapons from the ground and sprang to their feet again. The tides of the battle were finally turning.

Zhou Weiqing did not dare to slack off. However, the sheer exhaustion he was in was not something that even Tian’er’s restorative Skill could help him fully recover. Holding on tight to Tian’er’s hands, both of them began circulating their Heavenly Energy with full strength, concentrating on recovering as best they could. In using more than twenty drops of Saint Energy just now with Tian’er’s Skill, it had also drained them dry of the Heavenly Energy they had just regenerated. However, with the aid of the Holy Light Skill, the Peerless Regiment warriors who had recovered some of their combat abilities were once again rejuvenated, once again charging into the fray like tigers into a flock of sheep. At least for a short period of time, there should not be any large problems.

After an entire morning of fighting, the Kalise Empire soldiers were just as exhausted and drained. For now, it looked like an uphill task for them to actually conquer this south wall.

“Tian’er, what actually happened over at your end?”  Zhou Weiqing was urgent to hear news about the north wall, and couldn’t help but ask as soon as he regained enough breath. After all, Tian’er had been the only powerhouse on that side.

Tian’er smiled faintly, saying excitedly: “It is the Fei Li Empire, we have some reinforcements from the Fei Li Empire. In the first place, the amount of pressure on us was much smaller than on this south wall. With my smaller and controlled area of effect healing and recovery Skills and my own help, the scale of fighting there was far easier than over here. After all, the enemies there do not include any powerhouses or even any siege vehicles. They could only depend on swarming us with numbers, charging us endlessly and spending lives to reach us. We repulsed them many times, but we were just too few. After such a long time fighting, just as they were about to overwhelm the gates with just numbers alone, the Fei Li Empire reinforcements arrived.”

“How  many  reinforcements?”  When  Zhou  Weiqing  heard that news, to be honest, he was extremely surprised. He did not think that the Fei Li Empire had such a good opinion of him, that they would actually send military reinforcements even despite not promising any.”

“Just a thousand men. However, they are extremely powerful indeed. With just a single charge, they pierced right through the enemy formation at the north gates and out all the way. They did so several times over, and by that time the Kalise soldiers were no longer able to attack us properly any longer. Even if they could, it had already bought us more than enough time to handle things for now. If I did not see wrongly, it should be those fellows that fought against us on the Fei Li City drilling grounds.”

Hearing her words, understanding finally dawned upon Zhou Weiqing. In joy, he exclaimed: “So, it is actually Ming Yu! Haha, he has really come at the right time!”

Tian’er nodded and said: “Since I didn’t see much problems at my side, I asked those reinforcements to head to the west gate. After all, Lei Zi’s strength is not comparable to Xue’er or mine, and they should be in the next greatest danger. After that, I also ran over here by myself. Luckily, you were alright. These Kalise fellows are truly crazy, they are really going all out, not caring about the cost it takes to take the city no matter what.”

Looking at Tian’er’s worried expression and her slightly reddened eyes, the bloodlust in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes faded slightly. “The Kalise army no longer has any chance. We have killed more than ten thousand of them here on this south wall alone, and now that everyone has recovered some measure of strength, the longer we drag it out, the greater our chances of victory.”

Both their Heavenly Energy was recovering bit by bit. Although it would be impossible for them to recover fully in a short period of time, they would have no problems recovering enough Heavenly Energy to just fight. With their cultivation level, as long as they recovered sufficient Heavenly Energy to re-enter the fight, the Kalise army would no longer have any chance, especially with no more powerhouses left on their side. At that point, victory would be sealed.

The large Saint Energy whirlpool had just too great a draw on Heavenly Energy. Even when it was compared to Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique, Dragon-Tiger Transformation and Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation added together, it was still slightly stronger.

If one could magnify their vision, they might be able to see the Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere actually gathering around them and swarming into their bodies… one could imagine how thickly gathered it was for them to almost be able to see it with their naked eyes.

“Weiqing.” An exhausted voice rang out, and Zhou Weiqing turned to see Lin TianAo carrying Xiao Yan, who had clearly fainted, towards them in a slow pace. Even with Lin TianAo’s power and defensive capabilities, his titanium mail was almost fully destroyed, the wounds on his body could clearly be seen.

Zhou Weiqing quickly headed towards him with Tian’er. “Bro Lin, how are you both.”

Although Lin TianAo was clearly exhausted, the spark of excitement in his eyes was dancing. “I am fine. This was a great fight indeed! I never expected that at the last moment, we would still have the chance to turn the tides. Weiqing, this time you must give Xiao Yan top merits. At the time when you had drawn the attention of all the Bai Da Empire Heavenly Jewel Masters, he unleashed his secret arts and burned his own life force with his Flame of Life, forcefully destroying the giant battering ram cart. Otherwise, our gate and wall might have been destroyed a long time ago.”

Hearing Lin TianAo’s words, Zhou Weiqing was indeed shocked. He turned, leaning over the walls to look down, only to see the remnants of the giant battering ram cart still burning, a large portion of it already burnt down to ash.

Previously, he had been just too overwhelmed by the large numbers of powerhouses surrounding him, preventing him from doing anything else on the battlefield. He had to spend every single bit of energy and focus just to survive and destroy his enemies, and could no longer take care of other things on the battlefield. Looking at the burning remains of the cart, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine, and he thought to himself: What a narrow escape we had!

It had to be known that this battering ram cart was finely crafted using the toughest thousand-year metalwoods. Not only was it lined with metal plates, cured cow leather, it was extremely tough and solid. Ordinary flames would not stand a chance of even harming it.

Lin TianAo was indeed right. If not for Xiao Yan risking his life to destroy this battering ram cart, perhaps it would have been destroyed long ago. “How is Xiao Yan?” Zhou Weiqing asked urgently.

Lin TianAo gave a bitter smile and said: “He is not injured, but his vigor and life force have been greatly drained. Still, it is relatively alright, he exceeded his limit and fainted, but he should be fine. Earlier, some of our Peerless Regiment soldiers were protecting him.”

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, asking the question he feared the most. “Big Bro Lin, our Peerless Regiment soldiers… what is the death toll?”

The light in Lin TianAo’s dimmed as he said softly: “There are definitely some heavy injuries and deaths, but I’m not sure exactly how many. Although we killed more than a dozen times our numbers of enemies, it is definitely impossible to go without death or injury. Luckily, everyone was vigilant in protecting each other, though we have many injured, but not too many dead.”

Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they were not dead, it was alright. With Tian’er’s Divine Attribute, in terms of healing, she was definitely unparallelled. “Big Bro Lin, you protect Xiao Yan and rest here for awhile. I’ll bring Tian’er to fight once more.”  In this short period of time, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy had recovered slightly, and he was confident of at least being able to fight.

“Be careful.”

Lin TianAo nodded towards Zhou Weiqing. Currently, his emotions were highly agitated and excited. He knew that a miraculous victory was about to come to the Heavenly Bow Empire. And the key to the victory had definitely been Zhou Weiqing himself!

If not for Zhou Weiqing holding out against all the enemy powerhouses… if not for him dealing such major damage to the enemies and their siege weapons, how could the Crescent City possibly hold against such hordes of enemies?

Even if the majority of siege weapons had not been able to come into play, most of the Crescent City walls were already greatly broken down.

With three thousand seven hundred men against fifty thousand enemies, to be able to hold on like that, how could it not be described as a miracle? Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er, and both of them charged directly into the thick of battle. At this point, Tian’er did not even bother trying to attack, fully concentrating on circulating the Saint Energy whirlpool and recovering energy for both of them. As for Zhou Weiqing, though that meant he could only use one hand to fight, that was already a weapon of mass destruction.

Zhou Weiqing’s fighting style was a nightmare to the Kalise Empire soldiers. He focused on looking for those officers, especially the Bai Da ones. These army officers all had some form of Heavenly Energy cultivation level, but in front of Zhou Weiqing, they could not even put up any resistance. As long as Zhou Weiqing’s right hand grabbed hold of one, within moments they would be drained dry, turning into dust.

Their Heavenly Energy would directly become food for Zhou Weiqing’s large Saint Energy whirlpool.

Although these were only mere two or three Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, almost useless for Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, every little bit counted for something. Every seven or eight he killed actually managed to give them one drop of Saint Energy. With this additional replenishment of energy, Zhou Weiqing did not even have much expenditure of energy, instead his reserves growing larger and larger, allowing him to unleash an AOE Skill once in awhile, killing the enemies in drove.

Under his leadership, the enemies on the city wall grew lesser and lesser, until they were starting to be pushed back.

Right at that moment, a disturbance sounded out below the city walls.

After Zhou Weiqing finished off another Bai Da Company Leader, he looked down to see what the noise was, only to find a triangle formation of black armoured cavalry troops charging deep into the enemy formations below the city, forcing the constantly climbing foes to have to stop.

Chapter 206 Tian’er… is pregnant?

This cavalry force that had arrived so suddenly, right in front of them was the Fei Li God General, Ming Yu. Under his leadership, his thousand personal guard wheeled and moved about, constantly changing formations. Even facing the Bai Da elite troops, they mowed them down without any problems, cutting through the enemy lines like a knife through hot butter. As they passed by, they just left a large patch of corpses behind.

At this point, the surviving enemy forces who still could fight at the south gate numbered less than ten thousand. With this fresh new force of a thousand breaking their lines so suddenly, they were immediately thrown into disarray.

All of a sudden, the sounds of drums and gongs rang out from behind the Kalise Empire lines.

Instantly, the enemies on top the city wall and also below the city wall began to retreat, like the receding tide from a shore. The thousand black armoured cavalry did not give chase, only killing off the few enemies who passed them in their retreat, before forming up with their long lances pointed towards the retreating Kalise Empire armies. Ming Yu jumped off his mount, his feet striking the broken down wall several times for momentum, and soon he had reached the top of the wall.

Fully dressed in military attire, Ming Yu looked especially handsome and fresh. The first person to entire his sight was Zhou Weiqing, totally drenched in blood.

“Impressive.  Very  very  impressive.  I  cannot  help  but  be impressed…  I defer to you in this truly!”  As soon as Ming Yu saw that Zhou Weiqing was alright, he laughed heartily, giving him a big thumbs up.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “What so impressive! If you had come a few minutes later, we would have all perished. You have my everlasting thanks, and I will repay you in future, no need for me to speak about that.

Ming Yu laughed once more and said: “It is not me who saved you, but you who saved yourselves.”

Zhou Weiqing started, saying: “What do you mean?” Ming Yu smiled and said: “As a general, I would never bring my soldiers into a fight in which I deem there is no chance at all, a fight that is certain death. In truth, I reached the outskirts of the Crescent City three days ago. However, due to the fact that the fifty thousand Kalise soldiers were camped
there, I did not approach too closely. Furthermore, since they were about to attack, I did not try to meet up with you. In my eyes, with the mere numbers you had, it would be impossible for you to hold out against the Kalise forces. This Crescent City, I had deemed lost for sure. As such, I had never even thought about coming to join the fight. All this time, I was
waiting until you all failed the defense and tried to escape, then
I would come to your aid in helping you escape back to the Fei Li Empire before we think of our next step.”

“Yet, who could have guessed that you… this fellow… would actually create such a miracle. I have to admit that your Peerless Regiment is truly the finest… the strongest troop that I have ever seen in my life… to even be able to hold on for so long, to do so much… it could be said that ninety percent of the work had already been done by you all, so how could I not come join in for the last ten percent. Even without my aid, if the Kalise army really wanted to totally capture the Crescent City, the price they would have to pay would truly be unbelievably huge. Zhou Weiqing was an intelligent man, and upon hearing Ming Yu’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh in understanding: “You cunning fellow!”

Ming Yu did not mind at all as he said seriously: “This is not cunning, it is the rule of survival on the battlefield. I only have a thousand men, and while I am confident in them, saving you and helping you escape is no problem at all. However, clashing against the Kalise armies in such numbers was pointless. That was the reason why I said it was you who had saved yourselves. By fighting off these Kalise armies for an entire morning, killing off more than a dozen times your numbers… If I still did not seize such an opportunity to appear at this point, I would not deserve the name of the Fei Li God General.

“Now, at least, the Kalise Empire has been crippled. Even if they wanted to launch an attack like this again in the near future, it will be impossible. If their commander is smart enough, the best path for them now is to retreat.”

Not caring about how they looked then, Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er as he flopped down on his ass onto the floor with a satisfied sigh, giving Ming Yu a bitter smile as he said: “I’m afraid my men will not have any energy left to open the city gates for you. Why don’t you just pop over down there to open the gates yourself, let your men come in.” Ming Yu laughed out, shaking his head as he said: “No, we’ll pass for now. I’m still not part of your team yet, and such rules I still do know. I’ll get my man to keep watch, send out scouts to see what they are up to, and clear up the battlefield. You all get some rest first.”

After saying that, Ming Yu waved towards Zhou Weiqing and turned around, jumping right off the city walls.

In doing so, he was avoiding any possible suspicions. After all, currently the Peerless Regiment was totally helpless, without any fighting capabilities left, while his thousand men were still rather fresh. At the same time, he was not just simply a Fei Li General, and also represented the Heavenly Demon Sect. Avoiding any possible suspicions would help improve overall relations with the Peerless Regiment, and also let Zhou Weiqing feel his good faith and sincerity.

By this time, Lin TianAo had already settled Xiao Yan and returned to Zhou Weiqing’s side. “What do we do now?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Let all our brothers rest right here. Send someone who is in relatively better condition to get the logistics personnel to send some meat soup and other food here. Also, get all the medical personnel to come here as quickly as possible and start treating everyone. Everything else, we can wait to discuss later.

Compiling stats of injuries and death, all of that could be done later. Everyone was just too tired, and they had earned their rest. Once they had recovered, they could speak of all the other admin matters.

Of course, though they had all just fought through an entire morning, and everyone was exhausted to the maximum, they had after all won, and their spirits were still extremely high. The logistic troops had already made some preparations, and before long large cauldrons of meat soup were being carried to the city walls. At the same time, the medical personnel were starting to treat the wounded.

The logistics troops that the Fei Li Empire had provided was extremely complete, from smelting and smithing, medical, cooks… pretty much everything was covered. These were also experienced veterans who had battlefield experience; it was something that Zhou Weiqing had specially requested. Of course, they would not be of help in combat, but having such a complete logistical support would bring the Peerless Regiment to another level. Drinking the meat soup, having some simple food, along with the treatment of the medical troops… soon, the city walls rang with the sound of snoring. The soldiers were just too tired, and though there were corpses all about, they could not even summon the energy to care, just falling asleep directly on
the city walls.

Zhou Weiqing was no exception. With one hand holding Tian’er, they leaned on the stairs of the walls, falling deep into sleep. Just like the rest of his soldiers, he was not only exhausted physically, but mentally as well. The pressure he had been under in his heart was far beyond any others.

Although they had definitely won this battle, Zhou Weiqing did not feel happy at all. Previously, even when he had been in the northern borders facing off against the WanShou Empire, no matter the enemies he faced, the Peerless Regiment had been victorious without any losses. As such, he still had not been used to the full cruelties of war, at least towards his own side.

However, in the intense and horrifying battle just now, he was truly exposed to the brutal cruelty of war. He may not be clear of the exacts of the other three walls, but at least on the south side, out of the thousand fresh recruits, less than a hundred still survived. All of them had families! Let alone he still did not know how many of his Peerless Regiment brothers had perished. This weight on his heart greatly diluted the joy of victory of defeating his enemies. No matter that this battle, this victory, could be considered a miraculous win. No matter that their deaths had caused so many times more deaths of their enemies. All of that would not change the fact that these soldiers had paid the final price, and would forever leave this

Their sleep lasted all the way until deep in the evening, and only then did Zhou Weiqing finally rouse up. The Dragon-Tiger bloodline showed its power in a subtle form here… anyone else who had been in such a frantic battle would definitely be aching everywhere after the sleep, but Zhou Weiqing felt in tip top condition, full of energy. All his wounds had already healed fully by now, and his Heavenly Energy had actually been fully restored by the automatic regeneration of the Immortal Deity Technique. Only the Saint Energy was still in the same state as before his sleep, as the amount of energy required to be drawn in to form the Saint Energy was just too large.

The situation on the city walls had been greatly improved since Zhou Weiqing was last conscious. At least, all the corpses had been cleared off the walls to the grounds outside. Of course, to completely clear the battlefield would take quite some more time.

Only some of Peerless Regiment soldiers who had lighter injuries were still on the city walls, working together with the Peerless Regiment Heavy Cavalry to continue standing guard. Naturally, the Heavy Cavalry soldiers were uninjured due to their heavy armour.

Tian’er was no longer in Zhou Weiqing’s arms, and standing by his side were two Peerless Regiment soldiers guarding him. He also realised that unknowingly, someone had placed a mat below him, allowing him to sleep more comfortably.

Zhou Weiqing climbed to his feet, stretching himself fully with all his strength, feeling his muscles and tendons stretch fully in comfort. At last, he said: “What is the situation now?”

“Commander.” The two Peerless Regiment soldiers instantly saluted towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing waved his hands, looking out beyond the city walls. In the distance, the Kalise army camp was still there, lit brightly. However, as he looked directly below the city walls, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but furrow his brows. The piercing scent of blood was enough to make him remember the bloody battle this morning.

“Commander, Report. The allies from the Fei Li Empire are helping us clear the battlefield outside the walls. Most of our men are back in the city getting medical treatment for their wounds. Sir Yan Zhexi is handling most of the aftermath administration.

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. With Ming Yu and his men outside, the enemies would not dare to easily attack again, at least not anytime soon. “I will be returning to the governor’s mansion first. One of you, go notify Zhexi to come look for me there.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing headed off the city walls and into the city.

As he walked deep into the city, his heart sank deeper. He could hear sounds of crying all about him, clearly the families of the departed soldiers were in sorrow for the warriors who had sacrificed themselves for their sakes.

Zhou Weiqing gripped his fist tightly, swearing in his heart that in future, he would do all he could to reduce any deaths on his side. For him, victory should not be at the price of his soldiers’ blood!

As he walked into the governor’s mansion, Zhou Weiqing was given a small fright. The mansion was crowded and bustling with noise. All about, the Peerless Regiment soldiers and the remaining fresh recruits who had survived were crowded in the once-wide courtyard of the mansion.

Soon after, he saw two busy figures. No matter looking at them from the back, he could clearly sense their shocking beauty. It was Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er.

Shangguan Xue’er was examining all the wounds of the wounded, and by her side, Tian’er was truly like an angel in white, using her Heavenly Energy to form the gold light of healing, aiding the wounded soldiers.

When Zhou Weiqing walked near the two beautiful ladies, he could clearly see exhaustion in their eyes and face, and on their foreheads, there was a layer of perspiration. However, without question, they looked unbelievably beautiful then.

“Tian’er, let me help you.”  Zhou Weiqing quickly stepped forward, holding onto Tian’er’s hand. If she had the support of the Saint Energy whirlpool, it would undoubtedly be of great aid for her in recovery, and even in using her healing Skills.

Tian’er turned her head to see Zhou Weiqing, and her ashen face brightened up in a faint smile. She slowly stood up from her squatting position, and before she could even stand firmly, her legs buckled before her, and she toppled into Zhou Weiqing’s arms.

“Tian’er… Tian’er…!” Zhou Weiqing was startled, exclaiming at once. Shangguan Xue’er was equally exhausted, but she looked much better than Tian’er. Currently, her eyes were filled with deep respect. “Tian’er is just too strong. After you fell asleep on the city walls, she returned here and began healing the wounded soldiers. At least thirty critically wounded on the verge of death were dragged back by her. Everyone is now calling her Goddess of Life.”

Looking at Tian’er fainted in his arms, Zhou Weiqing felt a twinge of pain in his heart, but also filled with love. To Shangguan Xue’er he said: “Hurry, call a doctor here.”  As he said that, he quickly carried Tian’er back to his room.

He could sense that Tian’er was currently extremely weak and exhausted, almost frail to the point that she couldn’t even accept external energy. As such, he dared not even infuse his own Heavenly Energy within her to aid her.

In a matter of moments, Shangguan Xue’er had led a doctor into the room.

“Commander.”   The  doctor  was  about  to  salute  to  Zhou Weiqing, who quickly stopped him and dragged him to the bedside. “Quick, have a look at her. Do you have any medicine to help relieve her current exhausted and frail status?” As long as Tian’er was able to recover a little, Zhou Weiqing would be able to use his Heavenly Energy to help her.

The doctor saw that Zhou Weiqing was in such an agitated state that his eyes were red, and he dared not say anything else, quickly bending over Tian’er to check on her.

It took more than fifteen minutes before the doctor completed his examination, and Zhou Weiqing asked urgently: “How is it? Is it serious?”

The  doctor  quickly  replied:  “Commander,  please  do  not worry, Lady Tian’er is not in serious condition, just that she is too exhausted both physically and in terms of Heavenly Energy. It is not suitable for her to use any medicines now, just let her have a good rest. When she wakes up, let her have some simple foods that can be easily digested. Her physical condition is good, so a few days of rest should bring her back up to top condition.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief, saying:  “That’s  good,  that’s  good.  Indeed!  Tian’er  is  of  the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline, how could she be in trouble? I was just too worried…” “But… but…” The doctor clearly hesitated for a moment, looking at Zhou Weiqing, then at Tian’er, as if swallowing back the words he was about to speak.

At the side, Shangguan Xue’er said: “But what? Is Tian’er all right? Is there anything wrong?”

Reluctantly, the doctor looked at Zhou Weiqing once more before saying: “I am also not too sure, but from Lady Tian’er’s pulse and meridians, it seems like she is expecting. However, though the signal from the meridians seems to have a strong life force, but it isn’t obvious. I am not very sure at all.”

“What?! Expec…Expecting?!” Zhou Weiqing was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak clearly. Indeed, the doctor’s words were truly stunning, leaving him standing there stupidly, his body trembling as his entire mind went blank.

It was not just him, even Shangguan Xue’er at the side was so stunned that she couldn’t speak. This little brat was just too ‘powerful’, expecting…? Pregnant?!

It took a few moments for Zhou Weiqing to regain his senses, and abruptly he grabbed hold of the doctor. “You… did you see correctly?” The doctor was given a terrible fright, but seeing Zhou Weiqing’s anxious and urgent eyes, he quickly said: “What I sensed from her pulse and meridian should not be wrong, just that the life force beating was very different from any other normal pregnant women. Perhaps it is because Lady Tian’er is a Heavenly Jewel Master, and her physique is very unique as well.”

Zhou Weiqing let go of him, saying almost in a muttering tone: “Alright, you can leave first. Thank you.”

The doctor quickly rushed out of the room, and Zhou Weiqing slowly turned around to look at Shangguan Xue’er with a strange look on his face. Slowly, he said: “I… I’m… I’m going to be a father?”

Shangguan Xue’er glared at him exasperatedly and said: “Pregnant  before  marriage,  you  rotten  scoundrel.  How  can Tian’er face the world like that?”

However, she quickly discovered that Zhou Weiqing was not even listening to her. Just as she was starting to get worried about him, this fellow suddenly jumped up high, almost knocking into the ceiling of the room as he burst forth in excitement. “Wahahaha. I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father!
Hahaha, our Zhou Family has descendents at last!”

“Oeii! Quiet! Are you trying to disturb Tian’er?!” Shangguan Xue’er hissed exasperatedly.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing shut up instantly, clutching his mouth at once as he looked at Shangguan Xue’er, nodding. “Sorry, let me go out and be excited for a bit, I’ll be back in a while.”

As he said that, this fellow disappeared in a flash. Shangguan Xue’er could hear his excited voice ringing from outside. “Wahahaha, I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father!”

Hearing his wild howls from outside, Shangguan Xue’er’s gaze turned slightly vacant. “Are men so happy about becoming fathers…? What if…” As she thought up to that point, her face turned red, and she quickly slapped herself lightly. “What am I thinking!”

Her gaze turned to Tian’er, sleeping peacefully in the bed. Shangguan Xue’er did not realise that her eyes were now filled with envy. …

Tian’er slept for an entire day and night before she finally woke up. When she opened her eyes, she saw Shangguan Xue’er, lying at the side of her bed asleep.

Seeing the exhausted features of the sleeping Shangguan Xue’er, Tian’er felt a warmth in her heart. Having gone through so much together, the enmity which the two girls had between them at the start had mostly diminished, and they held a new appreciation for each other.

“Xue’er,  Xue’er…”  Tian’er  shook  Shangguan  Xue’er  lightly, waking her up.

“Ah! Tian’er, you’re awake? Don’t move.” Shangguan Xue’er was startled out of her sleep, and as soon as she saw Tian’er was seated up, she quickly supported her back to lie down again.

Tian’er looked at her curiously. “Xue’er, what are you doing?
I’m not tired anymore. You should take the bed and sleep…” Shangguan Xue’er shook her head repeatedly, saying: “How can I do that, you are the patient now, so you must rest well. Otherwise, that bad fellow will have a heartache.”

Tian’er giggled, saying: “What so bad about him? Is what he said really right, women only like bad boys? You obviously have feelings for him, and you can’t let him go, but you just aren’t willing to admit it.”

Shangguan Xue’er blushed faintly and she said: “Who said I have feelings for him. You wait here, don’t move, I’ll go call that fellow. He went to make soup for you.”

“Ah?” Tian’er started momentarily. Just at that moment, the door opened, and Zhou Weiqing entered, carrying a pot with his bare hands, as if not caring about the heat. Seeing that Tian’er had awoken on the bed, he was delighted, instantly putting the pot aside and moving to her.”

“Dearest, you are awake! Quick, lie down properly, I’ll feed you some soup to restore your body. You women, at such a critical time, we cannot be careless at all! You must drink well, eat well, and rest well, don’t get all exhausted like last time. It’s all my fault, how could I let you follow me on the battlefield at such a key period? Ahhh, it’s all my fault!” Tian’er stared at Zhou Weiqing with jaw agape. “Oei, what are you going on nattering about? Like an old woman…”

At the side, Shangguan Xue’er burst into giggles, saying: “This is called being overly concerned. Who asked you to no longer be representing one person, but two people now?”

“What do you mean not a single person, but two people! What are you two talking about?” Tian’er looked at both Shangguan Xue’er and Zhou Weiqing with great puzzlement.

Zhou Weiqing looked deeply into Tian’er’s eyes and said: “Dear, you already have it.”

“What do you mean I have it?” Tian’er stared at him puzzled. All of a sudden, she realised something, and her eyes widened abruptly, filled with shock and disbelief as her lips trembled. “What… what did you say? I… I’m expecting?”

Zhou Weiqing held onto Tian’er’s hand and said: “You have the fruit of our love! We are going to be mother and father!”

Tian’er held her mouth, a small voice escaping: “This, this is impossible…” Zhou Weiqing started. “Why is it impossible?”

Tian’er stared at him with wide eyes, before looking back down at her flat stomach. “Our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline has always not been very fertile. Father has many other women, other concubines, though Mother is his only wife. However, not a single one of them has had a child so far. We… we…”

Zhou  Weiqing  grinned  and  said:  “Heh  heh,  that  is  no problem, this big bro’s capabilities are just too strong! Furthermore, you are fresh and fertile, heh, when the conditions are ripe, success will automatically come! Come, be good, I’ll feed you the soup.”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing opened the lid of the pot, ladling out a full bowl of delicious smelling soup. Taking a spoon of it, he blew lightly on it for awhile before carefully bringing it to Tian’er’s mouth.

Only when she had finished the bowl of soup did Tian’er break out of her reverie. She held onto Zhou Weiqing’s hands, saying: “Little Fatty, I… I need to go home. Can you come to my house when you finish up here? Our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline is very different from humans, so only Father can confirm whether or not I really… really am pregnant.” “Okay, sure, whatever you say.”  Zhou Weiqing’s expression was totally that of a loving father, the love in his heart for Tian’er was unconcealed.

Seeing his dazed and silly look, Tian’er couldn’t help but burst out in giggles, blushing deeply as she said: “Don’t be too anxious. I am fine. Even if I really am pregnant, it will be a long time before I can give birth. Our Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline usually have a gestational cycle of five to ten years. Furthermore, although we are not very fertile, once we have a child, there should not be any problems due to our strong bloodlines. Our bloodline powers will act to protect their legacy.”

“Five to ten years?! So long?!”  Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in surprise.

Tian’er nodded and said: “We are not truly human after all. Although, I do not know whether our child will be born like you or like me, a little tiger.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “No problems, no problems, as long as it is ours, no matter what I will love!” Tian’er looked at him exasperatedly and said: “Alright, go handle your business. Such a huge battle was just finished, and there are many things for you to settle. I am totally fine, and Xue’er is here to accompany me too.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “What can be more important than my precious wife?! Alright, since you are alright… when things are settled here, I will also rush to bring you back to my father-in-law to let him see you. Xue’er, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Tian’er for a while, there are indeed quite a lot of things for me to settle.”

Literal translation, this is a slang for ‘you’re pregnant’ Shangguan Xue’er nodded gently in agreement.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing turn to leave. However, not long after, both girls soon heard his voice traveling from outside. “Hahaha, I’m going to be a father…”

It took another entire day before the clearing of the battlefield was finally complete. All the enemy corpses had been thrown into a massive hole dug far outside the city walls, while the soldiers on their side were brought back into the city for their families to claim. For those without families, they were also buried with military honours.

In terms of pension payments for the bereaved, Zhou Weiqing was extremely generous. Every family with a deceased soldier was given fifty gold coins. This battle had been brutal and cruel indeed, but to the Heavenly Bow Empire and the Peerless Regiment, it was a crucial turning point in history. It was this fight that had truly cemented their place in the Crescent City, properly establishing their foothold in the lands. Ming Yu and his personal guard were also welcomed into the city. Ming Yu had also taken the initiative to have his men temporarily help take over some of the guard duties on the walls.

Governor’s Mansion. Grand Meeting Hall.

Zhou Weiqing’s brow was slightly furrowed as he looked at all his officers before him, all of them still bearing their wounds of battle. Taking a deep breath, he turned to Yan Zhexi before him, saying: “Alright, what are our wounded and death toll numbers?”

Yan Zhexi nodded, the light in his eyes dimming slightly as he said: “Of our three thousand fresh recruits, one thousand seven hundred and sixty two have lost their lives on the battlefield, three hundred and forty one critically injured, and the rest have minor injuries. In the future, those who can still fight… we have barely a thousand left.”

Hearing Yan Zhexi’s words, everyone drew in a deep cold breath. This was truly the cruelty of war! Of three thousand fresh recruits, all of them were injured, and those out of commission or dead was more than two thirds! This was mostly because of Tian’er’s powerful support and healing on the north gates, where the injury and death toll was the lowest. After all, they had also been the first to get help from Ming Yu. For the south gate where the fighting had been the toughest, out of the thousand fresh recruits, more than eighty five percent had perished.

Zhou Weiqing subconsciously gripped both fists so hard that his bones creaked out loud.

Yan Zhexi continued: “For our Peerless Heavy Cavalry, due to the sheer defensive power of their heavy armour, they are in the best condition. Besides exhaustion, they are pretty much unhurt. As for the five hundred men from the Peerless Regiment First Main Company, two hundred and sixty one have minor injuries, a hundred and three with heavy or critical injuries… and… forty nine dead.”

When Zhou Weiqing heard the words ‘forty nine dead’, he stood up abruptly momentarily, before he fell back in his seat once again helplessly.

His heart was bleeding in pain! Each and every one of his Peerless Regiment soldiers had been painstaking trained and cultivated with so much time, effort and resources. They were truly elites, especially his First Main Company which were the cream of the crop. This time… having a tenth of his Peerless First Main Company perish… although this was a very small percentage compared to the fresh recruits, or even compared to their enemies, but it was truly a massive blow to Zhou Weiqing.

Even in the northern border wars, the Peerless Regiment had rampaged through their enemies without any losses. Yet, this time, almost fifty of his brothers had left the world forever. How could Zhou Weiqing accept it in his heart.

At the side, Lei Zi’s eyes were already red, his aura unstable around him.

‘Weiqing.” Lin TianAo reminded Zhou Weiqing instantly.

Zhou Weiqing took in another deep breath before letting it loose slowly. After he had calmed down, he said: “For our Peerless Regiment brothers, I want their bodies to be escorted back to the ZhongTian Empire for burial. Fallen leaves must return to their roots, let them go home. If they have families, that would be best. Otherwise, invite the ZhongTian Empire to bury them with accolades. Once they have been sent away, we will see them off together with all our brothers.” As he spoke up to this point, his eyes had also turned red. This battle might be a miracle to any onlooker, but in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, it was also a terrible blow.

This heavy atmosphere lasted for almost fifteen minutes before Zhou Weiqing finally spoke up once more: “Kou Rui, what about the Kalise Empire side?”

Kou Rui stepped forward and said: “The remnants of the Kalise Empire armies have already started retreating this morning. According to our observations, their retreat of wounded and unwounded soldiers was barely twenty five thousand in total. That is to say that more than twenty five thousand of their soldiers had perished in their attack on us. We have indeed made them pay a huge price for this attack.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, his expression finally easing slightly. His gaze turned to Ming Yu at his side, saying: “Bro Ming, once again I truly thank you for your aid. If not for your timely arrival, although we might not have all perished, our losses would definitely have been far greater, possibly losing the Crescent City as well.”

Ming Yu laughed heartily and said: “To be able to offer fuel in snowy weather, I am truly honoured. In war, it is inevitable that deaths occur, you should look ahead to the future instead.” By now, Zhou Weiqing had finally recovered from his emotional turmoil, and he said calmly: “Bro Ming, this time, your presence here… is it under orders from the Fei Li Empire, or is it on your own accord?”

Ming Yu smiled faintly and said: “Do you remember our previous agreement? I have already arranged whatever necessary and tendered my resignation. These men that I have brought are all my personal guards and trusted subordinates. Will Commander Zhou still honour that promise?”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing was delighted. “Of course, of course, that is my greatest wish, how could I not agree. Bro Ming, you have already seen the power of our Peerless Regiment, but what we lack the most is an outstanding general and commander like yourself! No problem at all, I will give up my position. From now on, you will be the commander of the Peerless Regiment.”

Ming Yu started, giving Zhou Weiqing a profound look as he said: “Aren’t you worried I will steal your Peerless Regiment away?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “As the saying goes ‘If you use a man, don’t suspect him. if you suspect him, don’t use him in the first place.’ As i said previously, I have nothing against your Heavenly Demon Sect. Furthermore, what benefit is there for you to do harm to me? I still remember the terms you asked for clearly. In this matter, cooperating together is definitely a perfect win-win solution. Bro Ming, I trust that you are an intelligent person, so why bother testing me?”

Ming Yu joined him in laughter, saying: “It looks like you are truly the one with great wisdom. Very well, since you trust me that much, I will not say anything else. Leave the commanding and tactics to me. However, the position of Commander, I will not accept the actual position of Commander, I can be your Vice Commander. This Peerless Regiment was set up by you, and every single army troop has its own nature, character, and this is greatly connected to their first commander and his character. It can be said that you are the very soul of the Peerless Regiment. As such, it is imperative that the soul exists.”

Originally, the other officers looked rather anxious when Zhou Weiqing announced he was stepping down from the Commander position. When they heard Ming Yu’s words, they nodded in agreement, their faces relaxing once more.

For Kou Rui, Yan Zhexi and even Zang Lang, those officers who had graduated from the Fei Li Military Academy, all of their eyes were fiery hot. In their hearts, Ming Yu had always been their absolute idol throughout their time in the academy! The Fei Li God General, he was one of the most respected amongst the younger generation. To be under his command, they would definitely learn much from him as well!

Zhou Weiqing said: “Bro Ming, towards our future actions, do you have any suggestions? The main force of our Peerless Regiment should arrive within five to ten days. At that time, even if the Kalise Empire sends an entire Legion against us, I will not be afraid.”

Without hesitation, Ming Yu said: “Expand, recruit, training and rallying.”

A hint of surprise flickered in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as he said: “Expanding at this time, isn’t it a bit too quick?”

Ming Yu smiled faintly and said: “It is not too soon. On the contrary, the timing is quite perfect. With the Battle of the Crescent City, we have used almost a tenth of the enemy’s numbers to deal them a crushing defeat. Everything else aside, just in terms of reputation and momentum, this will give us a massive advantage, especially since the hearts of the people here are already on our sides. Furthermore, if we consider the Kalise Empire side, in the near future they should not be able to launch any further attacks. If my estimations are correct, they have only two possible ways to deal with us.”

“Firstly,    due    to    your    outstanding    and    prominent performance in this battle, the Kalise Empire will definitely know that if they do not finish you off first, any future battles will still result in a great loss to them. As such, before they launch another such major attacks, not only do they have to gather an army even greater than this time, they also need to gather a bigger, and stronger batch of Heavenly Jewel Masters from the Bai Da Empire. However… if they choose this method… Hmph.”

As he spoke up to this point, a cold light flashed in Ming Yu’s eyes. “Our current greatest advantage is that the enemy does not know that our Peerless Regiment does not just number this amount, but with a large main force behind us. More so, they are not clear about the true strength about the Peerless Regiment. As such, all of their estimations will not be accurate. If they dare to attack once more, this time, we will not just defeat them and send them packing… I dare to say that we can finish them off totally right here. If that happens, unless the Bai Da Empire actually sends a major force into the Heavenly Bow Empire, it will be easy for us to revive the Heavenly Bow Empire without any other trouble.” “Of course, this is also the path that I hope the situation develops into the most.”

“As for the second method, it will be a relatively conservative method for the Kalise side. However, if I am there Kalise Commander, I will definitely choose this path. That is to fortify their own lines and wait for a good chance.”

“If they choose such a path, then their best option is the draw most of their forces back to the Heavenly Bow Empire capital, the Heavenly Bow City as the point to shore up their lines, and greatly fortifying the Heavenly Bow City. After all, sieging a city and defending a city are two totally different concepts. Furthermore, the Heavenly Bow City has the advantage of the Stars Forest as a natural defensive terrain. As long as they have sufficient numbers guarding the city, even if we want to attack them, it will not be easy at all, and we will have to expend many resources and lives to succeed.”

Of course, even if the enemy choses this path, we do not need to be afraid either. This will give us sufficient time to build up and accumulate power. The Heavenly Bow Empire has not been occupied for long by the Kalise Empire, and before this, the conflict between the Heavenly Bow Empire and Kalise Empire has lasted for a long time, deeply rooted in the hearts of the citizens. As such, we can use this to show that we represent a just cause, and it will be far easier for us to recruit new troops. In terms of finances, we have the support of the ZhongTian and Fei Li Empire… if you give me half a year, I can recruit and gather five more Regiments of soldiers… train them well in the strictest possible way. If I have a year, even if we have to face the Bai Da Empire head on, I am still confident in holding them off.”

The Fei Li God General truly lived up to his name. The series of analysis he laid out caused Zhou Weiqing and the other officers to nod continuously in agreement.

Ming Yu stood up, taking out a map. Yan Zhexi and Kou Rui quickly stepped forward to help unfurl the map, and all of them surrounded it.

The map was extremely detailed, filled with various small symbols and denotations, dazzling Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. He could barely make out that this was a map which included the Fei Li Empire, Heavenly Bow Empire, Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire.

Literal translation of idiom, basically offering timely assistance

Chapter 207 Sis Ru Se!

Ming Yu lifted a finger, pointing to a segment on the map, saying: “This is our Crescent City, situated in an important point in trading routes. Previously, your tactic of a year of tax exemption was truly an inspired one. However, we can add an addendum to that… the tax exemption should only be for original citizens of the Crescent City, and the merchant traffic that comes in and out constantly should still be taxed. These traders are all extremely rich; if we do not shave some off of them, then it would be a major disadvantage, even a disservice, to ourselves.”

“Weiqing, have a look there. To our east and west flanks, there lies a city each not far from us. The distance from those two cities to our Crescent City is about a hundred and fifty li to two hundred li, and their sizes are actually not too different from the Crescent City. Within the area controlled by these three cities, there are a total of two hundred and sixty three villages, and the overall population of the cities and villages added together is actually shockingly high if we add them all up. This has a historical reason, after all this is close to the Fei Li Empire borders, and the safety and prosperity of the Fei Li Empire is naturally more attractive; thus almost two thirds of the original Heavenly Bow Empire citizens are actually at the north. As long as we take control of those two cities, not only will we be able to greatly increase our income and resources, we can also gain much influence. More importantly, we will have the manpower to begin proper recruitment. We can also seize the chance to spread the word about our great victory over the Kalise Empire, and hopefully draw the attention of the Heavenly Bow Empire army whose remnants are scattered all over the lands.”

By occupying all three cities, that means we will form a line of control that is easy to guard, and it also means we will truly have our backs to the Fei Li Empire. If the Kalise Empire chooses to defend and are not urgent about attacking us, it is even better for us. For now, gathering our strength is the most important. With the full might of the Peerless Regiment as our ace, when the time comes, even if the enemies send two Legions, we do not need to be afraid. Furthermore, if the Bai Da Empire really sends a major troop against us, that will give us the perfect opportunity to request for aid from the Fei Li Empire. They will not condone having such a huge army from their enemies so near their borders, and by fighting in our lands with us as a barrier, it is far more attractive than having the Bai Da Empire invade them instead… so they will most likely agree. Once our army strength is sufficient and with proper training, it will be easier to do anything we plan from there.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Bro Ming, your thoughts truly coincide naturally with mine, we are indeed perfectly in harmony. Taking the north of our original Heavenly Bow Empire territory, recruitment, stocking up of supplies… growing our strength to wait for a good opportunity. Very good, now I can feel easy in passing you the direct command of my army.”

“The greatest benefit of a lateral expansion like that is that it will be less likely to cross the baseline tolerance of the enemy. We can stay silent and unmoving while building up, and once we act, it has to be a swift and crushing movement that has great effect, so slice through our enemies like splitting bamboo. Not only do I want to revive our Heavenly Bow Empire, but I also want to wipe out the Kalise Empire from the map. They have given us such pain and suffering, and I will definitely return it ten times, a hundred times!”

As he spoke up to that point, Zhou Weiqing’s fists were gripped tightly, a cold light in his eyes.

Zhou Weiqing had a relatively simple style of judgement towards things. He believed in the old saying ‘Words are but wind , but seeing is believing’. In the Fei Li Empire, although Ming Yu and his personal guards had lost to his Peerless Regiment, Ming Yu had also shown him his strength and skill in commanding his troops. In that respect, Zhou Weiqing held great respect for Ming Yu. He had been able to command and wield his thousand men as if they were part of his body, an extension of his will. Such an ability, it was not something any ordinary commander could do.

It was also due to this respect for Ming Yu that he actually felt a stronger good will towards the Heavenly Demon Sect. One of Zhou Weiqing’s strongest points was that he had a good judge on his own abilities, knowing where his own strength and weaknesses lay.

In terms of pure fighting and combat prowess, even five of Ming Yu added together was no match for Zhou Weiqing. But… in terms of commanding an army, perhaps ten Zhou Weiqings could barely catch up with the Fei Li God General!

As such, although Ming Yu had just joined them, Zhou Weiqing instantly declared his absolute trust in him. Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear that the type of human being Ming Yu was… they were often proud and aloof. If he presented himself as wary and on guard against him, perhaps this Fei Li God General would leave… after all the Fei Li Empire was a good example. What Zhou Weiqing wanted was to allow Ming Yu to use all his talents to their maximum. He could understand why Ming Yu had come… the Heavenly Demon Sect aside, perhaps it was more that he truly wanted to have a chance to command the Peerless Regiment of his.

For someone like Ming Yu, even though his cultivation level was not higher, but his rank and status in the Heavenly Demon Sect was perhaps even higher than his father Ming Wu. If he was not willing to do so, even the Heavenly Demon Sect would not be able to force him to go aid Zhou Weiqing.

The Peerless Regiment had been built from ground up by Zhou Weiqing, after so many trials and tribulations. He knew how much effort and resources he had poured in the Peerless Regiment. Even if one ignored the massive amounts of gold and resources, just in terms of the spirit, vigor and thought he had invested, without Shangguan Fei’er and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s precious medicines, without Long Shiya’s Heavenly Cores to create those medicines, and without so many skilled Consolidating Equipment Masters painstakingly creating so many Consolidating Equipment Scrolls… how could the Peerless Regiment be at its current state? Even now, the entire Peerless Regiment had not been fully outfitted. To have lost forty nine of his elite warriors and brothers, Zhou Weiqing’s heart truly ached deeply. Of course, it wasn’t that Zhou Weiqing’s heart did not ache when he passed the command of his precious Peerless Regiment to Ming Yu. However, he was clear that only an outstanding commander like Ming Yu could truly make full use of the Peerless Regiments entirety, to flourish their true power and strength. He did not want to see another time like the fight in the Crescent City. Despite the fact that they had achieved final victory, and Ming Yu did not speak of anything, but Zhou Weiqing knew that their losses were because of his own mistakes in command. If he had been able to hold back longer, waiting a month before he actually attacked the Crescent City, they would never have suffered such losses. He might have the talent at military command, but it was definitely extremely undeveloped and immature. Zhou Weiqing did not want to see the force he had painstakingly built up wasted away due to his own commands.

It was because of all these factors and considerations that he did not hesitate to pass command to Ming Yu, while he remained at the background overseeing everything. Of course, that did not mean that his existence was useless. On the contrary, just like what Ming Yu had said, he was the spiritual leader of the Peerless Regiment, the soul and backbone of the entire Regiment. It would not be easy for Ming Yu to even attempt to take over his position. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing would still be the decider in matters of the big picture. In terms of direct military command, perhaps Zhou Weiqing was still lacking, but in terms of big picture strategy and the entire political structural layout of the world, he was no lesser than Ming Yu. Perhaps in terms of level, he was at an even higher state than Ming Yu.

Only Zhou Weiqing himself knew clearly what connection he had with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Heavenly Snow Mountain, and how to make use of that connection.

Furthermore, the Peerless Regiment was created by Zhou Weiqing and his companions. Even if Ming Yu had the command of the Regiment, he did not need to worry. After all, no matter what, Ming Yu would never be able to take away the Peerless Regiment.

This bloody battle in the Crescent City could be said to have taught Zhou Weiqing a massive, painful lesson, but it was valuable experience nonetheless. Towards any future battles and wars, Zhou Weiqing was beginning to have a clearer picture and understanding.

Ming Yu laughed heartily and said: “Very good, I shall not be too courteous then. I hope that you are truly letting me have full command, and absolute control in that sense.” Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Your every order is to be executed without fail. If anyone disobeys, they will be punished with martial law.”

Ming Yu said: “Very good. Next, what we shall do first is to build up our campaign. Our losses this time are extremely high, and the citizens in the Crescent City will not be able to recover from the pain so quickly. As such, recruiting should not be our top priority any time soon. After all, our Peerless Regiment main force should be arriving soon. Of course, my dear Commander Zhou, I have to say that if the rest of your Peerless Regiment are just flowers in a mirror and the moon’s reflection in water, and not as you promised, don’t blame me if I just walk away! As a commander and general, it is your Peerless Regiment that drew me here, and I would be extremely honoured to be able to command an elite regiment like that. Otherwise, I might as well remain in the Fei Li Empire and continue scheming along with them.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “You will definitely be satisfied. Without question, this First Main Company that I have brought are the finest of the entire Peerless Regiment, the cream of the crop. However, the rest of the troops are not to be dismissed easily. Especially so for the Peerless Heavy Cavalry… they definitely have equivalent strength, or perhaps even stronger.” Ming  Yu  nodded  and  said:  “Let  the  Peerless  Regiment brothers rest and heal up. I will send my personal guard out to begin spreading news and propaganda, to let the brilliant results we have achieved spread through the north. We must let the citizens in the north know that our Heavenly Bow Empire armies have returned. Next, we just need to continue moving step by step and it should be without any problems. After all, the most difficult and important fight is now over.

Zhou Weiqing began to introduce Ming Yu to the various structure and formations of the Peerless Regiment in detail, their powers and strengths. After which, this Commander once again passed the reins of power totally to Ming Yu. By leaving halfway, firstly it was to show full support for Ming Yu, and secondly was also because his heart was now with Tian’er and his precious one in her stomach.

After a few days of sorrow, the Crescent City slowly regained a sense of normalcy. The four gates opened wide, and normal operations resumed bit by bit.

Ming Yu was definitely the sort who carried out his tasks with speed and vigor, with the force of thunder and speed of lightning. Within these few days, he had already familiarized himself with all of the Peerless Regiment, all the various formations within and their strengths and weaknesses. After some discussion with Zhou Weiqing, he had also added his personal guard to the Peerless Regiment, splitting them into two ‘Main Companies’ to suit the Peerless Regiment’s formations. As such, the total strength of the Peerless Regiment was actually now that of an actual Regiment.

Unexpectedly, in just four days, the main force of the Peerless Regiment had passed through the Fei Li Empire borders and reached the Crescent City. When Zhou Weiqing caught sight of the familiar sight of his closest armies arriving, tears almost threatened to fall! The arrival of the Peerless Regiment meant that they could finally hold steady in the north of the Heavenly Bow Empire, no longer needing to worry about enemy attacks.

Currently, the entire Heavenly Bow Empire armies were fully ready to begin the revival of their empire, their various departments deployed out, especially in terms of their proper formations.

Literal translation – basically similar to our ‘knife through hot butter’

Literal translation of idiom. Basically means a beautiful dream/illusion The Peerless Regiment’s original total army strength was about seven thousand men, including the five thousand Peerless Archers, and two thousand Peerless Heavy Cavalry Soldiers. That was the true core of the Peerless Regiment. Of course, there were also the two thousand backup Heavy Cavalry Soldiers. Including them, the Peerless Regiment numbered nine thousand.

As the main force of the Peerless Regiment arrived, there was yet another force of five hundred cavalry soldiers. This force was one that Zhou Weiqing had specially given orders to be invited before they left the northern ZhongTian borders. It was the Snow Deer Cavalry Troops from the WanShou Empire that had been promised as aid to him by their tribe leader.

Although the Snow Deer Cavalry only numbered five hundred men, these five hundred could be considered amongst the top three cavalry forces in the entire WanShou Empire. From that, one could imagine how strong they were. Of course, the reason they would join him was because of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and their debt to him, and Zhou Weiqing would never forget it. Naturally, he would also treat these Snow Deer Cavalry soldiers extremely well, directly bringing them into his Peerless Regiment and awarding them the same pay and treatment. With Ming Yu’s personal guard also integrated into the Peerless Regiment, their total strength was now up to more than ten thousand, a full and proper Regiment at last.

The first full military meeting in the Crescent City was currently being held now, directed by Zhou Weiqing.

The meeting was attended by the upper echelons of the Peerless Regiment. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing was using Princess Difuya’s name to issue a series of orders.

The Peerless Regiment Commander would still be Zhou Weiqing. Besides that, there were now a few Vice Commanders. Amongst them, Ming Yu was named the First Vice Commander, and he would be in charge of daily matters. Towards this point, before the meeting had started, he had already communicated this to the other higher ranked officers of the Peerless Regiment, and only after getting their approval did he announce it to rank and file. Besides Ming Yu, the other Vice Commanders were Hua Feng, as the Heavenly Bow Unit Leader and overall archery drillmaster. The original Ruffian Battalion Commander Wei Feng was also still one of the Vice Commanders of the Peerless Regiment. However, they now had their own responsibilities. Hua Feng would be mainly in charge of his duties as the Archery Drillmaster, and Wei Feng would be in charge of logistics. Both of them would complement Ming Yu in commanding the entire army.

Besides them, the other officers were also given their responsibilities as under Ming Yu’s advice, the entire Peerless Regiment had their formations reestablished.

The main unit of choice was still the ‘main company’, with five hundred men to a single ‘Main Company’. The First Main Company was now converted to Zhou Weiqing’s personal guard, while the other Main Companies would remain unchanged. Ming Yu’s personal guard battalion had been changed into two light cavalry Main Companies when they entered the Peerless Regiment, while the Snow Deer Cavalry soldiers formed a Assault Main Company in the formation.

Speaking of the Snow Deer Cavalry soldiers, it had truly given Ming Yu a large amount of respect towards Zhou Weiqing. When he had first seen the tall and robust Snow Deer Tribesmen amongst the arriving main force of the Peerless Regiment, Ming Yu had been totally shocked.

In his many wars in the northern borders, Ming Yu had witnessed the terrifying power of the Snow Deer Cavalry with his own eyes. At that time, he had said that if he could command ten thousand Snow Deer Cavalry, he could be undefeated on land combat. One could imagine the impression that the Snow Deer Cavalry had left on him to actually say something like that.

Upon seeing the Snow Deer Cavalry, Ming Yu no longer had doubts regarding the overall strength of Zhou Weiqing’s Peerless Regiment.

Naturally, there was no need for the Snow Deer Cavalry to undergo any changes or improvements. Even compared to the Berserker or Gold Crow Tribe warriors, their individual strength and power were equal or even stronger. Furthermore, the Snow Deer Heavenly Beasts that were their beloved mounts were far more powerful Heavenly Beasts than the Unicorn Heavenly Beasts.

As for Ming Yu’s original personal guard, now the two light cavalry Main Companies, they would require a serious change in outfitting. In this, Zhou Weiqing was extremely generous. Not only were they issued nearly the same equipment as the Peerless Regiment Archers, even the secret medicines to awaken their Heavenly Energy as well as provisions of the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, all of them were given the same treatment as the other Peerless Regiment soldiers. These two Main Companies would be directly commandeered by Ming Yu.

Zhou Weiqing’s trust truly touched Ming Yu, and he used his own actions to prove that he indeed deserved the name of the Fei Li God General.

On the tenth day after the Peerless Regiment main force had arrived in the Crescent City, Ming Yu personally led his two Main Companies out on an expedition. Using his strategy and plan to trick open the city gates, he took two days to conquer the two cities on the east and west flank of the Crescent City. Although the enemies did not put up much resistance, it did not tarnish the fact that Ming Yu had captured the two cities without losing a single soldier. With them in their command, the three cities formed a triangular formation that would feed off each other, surrounding and protecting one another. This would be the base of the entire Heavenly Bow Empire armies.

What followed next was no longer any of Zhou Weiqing’s business, as he had passed on the responsibilities to his men. As for him, once again he entered close door cultivation. Besides a few required business he had to attend to daily, he and Shangguan Xue’er basically cultivated together with Tian’er everyday. The recruitment was far more smooth sailing than any of them had expected. After capturing the other two cities and settling them properly, they had begun recruitment. At the same time, all other aspects were moving along in proper motion as well.

In another half month, the Fei Li Empire had sent a second batch of supplies and resources. At the same time, the ‘shopping list’ that Zhou Weiqing had ordered had also reached the Crescent City. The main armies of the Heavenly Bow Empire began their outfitting.

This time, the recruitment process was far different from the previous times.

The previous recruitment process had been the responsibility of Yan Zhexi. The facts had proven that when compared to Ming Yu, he still had much to learn. Originally, Yan Zhexi had undergone a strict screening process before recruitment, but Ming Yu was the total opposite.

When Ming Yu underwent the recruitment process, his only rule was that the age requirement was from fifteen to thirty five, and anyone of the age could join the army. Anyone who signed up were taken. After which, he did not issue them any army uniforms or supplies, directly throwing them into an integrated training camp. This would be his screening process instead, using the training as a means of testing over a period of time. From the various strict trainings, different talents would show themselves in different ways, and they would be thus allocated to the different formations that suited them. In this way, not only was it more effective, it also prevented the loss of any possible hidden talents and a far more accurate allocation of talents.

In just a matter of one month, with the three cities on the north of the Heavenly Bow Empire as the base, they had already recruited two Regiments of soldiers, undergoing a strict series of training.

Ming Yu’s training methods were simple, split into two portions. Individual combat training and group combat training.

When it came to individual combat training, he directly delegated the task down, splitting the Peerless Regiment up totally. Each of the Peerless Regiment soldiers would be in charge of two fresh recruits, and they would train in personal combat together. As for group combat training, even the Peerless Regiment would have to attend training. After all, though the Peerless Regiment were extremely powerful individually, their group combat had a lot of room for improvement.

“Little Fatty, Little Fatty, look who’s here…” At the moment, Zhou Weiqing was accompanying Tian’er, sunbathing in the courtyard. He had asked several doctors and received information that sun was good for an unborn child. Although Tian’er did not currently show any signs of being pregnant yet, Zhou Weiqing was clearly becoming more and more like a foolish doting father.

The sudden voice that rang out was all too familiar to Zhou Weiqing. It was his first teacher, the one who had initiated him to the world, teaching him everything about being an adult and surviving in the world, and perhaps the one with the greatest influence on him in making him the man he was today. The God Eye Scoundrel, Mu En!

Mu En’s time in the past months had been great. He now had a wife, a daughter, and he didn’t have to handle much in the entire Peerless Regiment. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing was his disciple, and within the entire Peerless Regiment, his status was no lower than Hua Feng’s.

“Master,  what  good  thing  has  come  up,  that  you  are  so exci……” Seeing that Mu En had come, naturally Zhou Weiqing stood up to receive him personally. However, before he could even complete his sentence, it was as if someone had gripped his throat, and he could no longer speak. He was so excited that his body was trembling violently.

Naturally, Mu En had not come alone. Right behind Mu En, a general followed behind him, dressed in chainmail, looking valiant and gallant indeed. However, the handsome face of the general had a hint of delicateness.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing, the young general was just as excited, trembling so much that the chainmail began to give forth a scraping sound.

“Little Fatty.. You… you’re finally back.”

Under Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er’s surprised looks, Zhou Weiqing suddenly charged forward, enveloping the youth in a big hug as he began to sob. “Big Sis Ru Se, you are still alive! You’re still alive! That’s great… that’s great…”

Indeed, this valiant general, wasn’t it Zhou Weiqing’s childhood friend and ‘big sis’ Xiao Ru Se. Ever since he knew that his homeland had been invaded and conquered by enemies, Zhou Weiqing had been suppressing the sorrow in his heart. Currently, seeing Xiao Ru Se in front of him, one could imagine the sheer agitation in his heart. Xiao Ru Se was still alive, and this news was of extraordinary importance to him, holding great meaning. He had deep feelings for this sister of his. After the destruction of his Empire, finally meeting his kin once more, all the suppressed
emotions and feelings in Zhou Weiqing’s heart finally burst

Xiao Ru Se was also crying hard, hugging Zhou Weiqing back, and the pair of brother and sister just stood there hugging and crying.

At this side, they had been crying, but both Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er were both thrown in confusion, both of them exchanging glances. Although Zhou Weiqing had called out ‘Big Sis Ru Se’, in their eyes this young general in front of them was a man. Furthermore, both girls were extremely familiar with Zhou Weiqing, and the way he had called out was obviously not just an ordinary relationship! What was going on?

At the side, Mu En was grinning away happily, but his eyes were growing wet. Seeing Zhou Weiqing and Xiao Ru Se hugging and reunited, with the hopes of reviving his Empire right in front of him, how could he not be overjoyed?

After crying for awhile, Zhou Weiqing finally regained control. Holding Xiao Ru Se by the shoulders, he asked: “Big Sis Ru Se, how have you been these few years?”

Xiao Ru Se rubbed her eyes, saying bitterly: “Our home has been destroyed, how could I have been having a good time?”

Mu En clapped the two on their shoulders and said: “Come on, let’s go in before speaking. Ru Se has rushed here, and it has been tough on her these few years…”

“Right, right…” Zhou Weiqing quickly invited Xiao Ru Se into the courtyard.

Before they had taken a few steps, Xiao Ru Se spotted Shangguan Xue’er, and her face froze momentarily before she smiled happily. In her original female voice, she exclaimed: “Bing’er, it has been a long time! You’re even more beautiful now…” Shangguan Xue’er started, but she quickly realised that it was another case of mistaken identity. However, upon hearing that Xiao Ru Se’s voice was female, she couldn’t help but ask: “You… are you male or female?”

Xiao Ru Se exclaimed in surprise: “Bing’er, I’m Xiao Ru Se! We have been apart for just a mere few years, and you have already forgotten this poor ex Company Leader under your command?” Originally, many years ago, when Xiao Ru Se was still a Company Leader, Shangguan Bing’er had already been her Battalion Commander. When Zhou Weiqing heard her call out ‘Bing’er’, at her side, his heart was filled with a thick sentiment as he remembered those times. Indeed! He had been apart from Bing’er for so long, and he truly missed her so much. He began to wonder when she would actually come out from her closed door cultivation.

Although he was thinking of that in his heart, he quickly stepped forward to explain the situation. “Big Sis Ru Se, you have got the wrong person. This is not Bing’er, she is Bing’er’s sister, part of triplets, Shangguan Xue’er. Naturally, she does not recognize you. Xue’er, Tian’er, let me introduce you both. This is Big Sis Xiao Ru Se, I grew up together with her. Due to the fact she wanted to join the army, she disguised herself as a man. Big Sis Ru Se is a heroine in the army indeed!”

Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er instantly glanced at Zhou Weiqing with a similar, meaningful look, before they greeted Xiao Ru Se.

Naturally, Xiao Ru Se was also examining the two girls. Shangguan Xue’er and Bing’er looked exactly alike, so much so that she was literally amazed. As for Tian’er’s lustrous white hair and purple orbs accentuating her beauty, it was also extremely shocking. She couldn’t help but think to herself: It’s only been a few years, and that little rascal Weiqing has managed to meet with such beautiful women. Looking at their eyes…  it seems their connection with him isn’t that simple after all!

Zhou Weiqing invited Xiao Ru Se into the house, as he couldn’t wait to ask about the circumstance on how their Empire was destroyed previously.

Xiao Ru Se took some time to calm herself down before following him into the house.

At that time, the Kalise armies had attacked just so suddenly. No one knew how they had gotten news that Admiral Zhou was not at the frontlines, and had returned for the capital city for a short time. At first time, they had sent all their armies in a massive surprise attack.

Besides the Kalise Empire’s own entire army of six Regiments of soldiers, there were also five more Regiments from the Bai Da Empire. Furthermore, the Bai Da Empire had dispatched more than a dozen powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters, led by a Heavenly King powerhouse in a concerted attack. There was no chance at all. The Heavenly Bow army line crumbled almost instantly, and the army rampaged all the way through the capital city. At that point, although Admiral Zhou had led his personal guard and the armies in the Heavenly Bow City to put up a last ditch stubborn resistance, the gap between both sides was just too huge. At the last moment, Admiral Zhou was forced to sacrifice himself to use his Darkness
Consolidated Fate Denying Seal, Sealing the Heavenly Bow
Emperor Di Fengling and some of the other higher ranking officials of the Heavenly Bow Empire in the Royal Palace.

During that time, Xiao Ru Se had been on the frontlines of the Kalise border, and she had been one of those who had first faced off against the Kalise and Bai Da armies. After the large battle, when all was lost, they had no choice but to flee in all directions. These defeated troops ended up springing up in small rebellions in the past year, attempting to revive their homeland.

Due to Xiao Ru Se’s identity, rank and status, her own rebellion troop was one of the largest of them all, numbering almost six thousand in total as they hid in one of the remote hills. Alas, their strength was just too low, and just by themselves, besides using the complicated terrain of the hills to protect themselves, they were unable to do much more in terms of resistance. However, not long ago, it was Ming Yu’s spreading the word which had indispensable in letting them learn that a force of Heavenly Bow Empire armies had actually taken back the Crescent City, even managing a magnificent defensive victory after the Kalise armies laid siege once more. More importantly, after some more scouting, Xiao Ru Se had heard the names of Princess Difuya and Zhou Weiqing, and she immediately rushed over.

Hearing Xiao Ru Se’s descriptions, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

“Sis Ru Se, do not worry. This time, not only are we here to revive our homeland, to bring back the Heavenly Bow Empire, we will also destroy the Kalise Empire. In the past, we were just too weak. However, those days are long past. Soon, we will firmly stand strong as one of the powerhouses in the mainland.”

Tears brimmed in Xiao Ru Se’s eyes, as she looked at Zhou Weiqing with a smile on her face. “Little Wei, it is so good that you are back. We can finally have a mainstay, a pillar to support us. I do know where most of the remnants of our armies are, and I will dispatch some men immediately to contact them and gather them together. Once we can mass our forces back together, we can start to regain our homeland as quickly as possible.”

Zhou Weiqing was delighted, and exclaimed: “That would be great. We are now in the stage of gathering strength, to invade and reoccupy the Heavenly Bow City in one fell swoop.”

Xiao Ru Se asked: “Little Fatty, how have you spent the past few years?”

Zhou Weiqing also went through the events of his life simply, since he had last parted with Xiao Ru Se. As compared to Xiao Ru Se’s simple army life, his experiences were far and varied, definitely a rich and plentiful one, and as Xiao Ru Se listened to his story, she couldn’t help but be visibly moved in countenance.

Both Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er had left the room, leaving it for the brother and sister pair to catch up with each other, and there were only the two of them alone in the room.

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s description, Xiao Ru Se couldn’t help but move her lips in a hint towards the door, saying in a low tone: “What is with those two girls? Aren’t you with Bing’er? How did you end up swapping with her sister? And that Lady Tian’er… it looks like her relationship with you isn’t that simple…”

Zhou  Weiqing  grinned  and  said:  “Just  intimate  friends, intimate friends…Heh heh”

Xiao Ru Se glared at him exasperatedly: “You terrible fellow, trying to be a playboy eh. Later I’ll tell Uncle Zhou, and get him to beat you up…”

Those were the words that Xiao Ru Se was so used to threaten him with since young, and she subconsciously said them. As soon as she did so, she regretted it instantly, looking at Zhou Weiqing with an apologetic look.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “Sis Ru Se, I’m fine. Father will definitely have the chance to beat me up again.” With firm resolution in his eyes, he said savagely: “Before long, we will be able to return. I will definitely save my father.. No matter how difficult or tough that Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal is… I will definitely save him!”

Regarding the Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal, how to release it and to save his father, Zhou Weiqing already had a set of plans. Normally speaking, if one released or broke the Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal, it would also mean the death of Admiral Zhou. After all, he had burnt everything he had, even his life force, in unleashing such a Skill… in exchange for a chance that the Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Family could have a chance to turn the tables.

However, was the Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal really unbreakable or without a solution? Zhou Weiqing already had some ideas about it, and he was still in the midst of refining and perfecting his plans.

Right at that moment, a knock sounded on the door, and Shangguan Xue’er’s voice rang from outside. “Weiqing, may I come in?”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, but opposite him, Xiao Ru Se blushed slightly, glaring at him exasperatedly as she said softly: “Look, what kind of terrible character you have in those girls’ hearts.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “My character is extremely good! Xue’er, come in.”

The door opened, and Shangguan Xue’er walked in from outside, with Tian’er following behind her. In her hands, there was a letter.

“What is it?” Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Xue’er in puzzlement.

Shangguan Xue’er replied: “Father has just sent a letter. The next Heavenly Jewel Tournament has begun, and Father and Uncle have suggested that you join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament once more, representing the Heavenly Bow Empire.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s heart sparked with sudden inspiration. He was an intelligent person, and he instantly understood what the two heads of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace intended.

The Heavenly Bow Empire had just began their quest to revive themselves, and they were rising up in an abrupt but dominant fashion. At this time, if they could give a show of strength in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it would undoubtedly be a perfect time, allowing them to once again spread their name.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing did not reply her immediately, Shangguan Xue’er thought that he had some misgivings or worries, and she quickly continued: “What Father and Uncle mean is that they hope you can show the rest of the Empires in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament that the Heavenly Bow Empire has returned. Furthermore… Bing’er has finally finished her closed door cultivation.”

If at first Zhou Weiqing heard about the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, his mind was fully immersed on how he could use that to the benefit of the Heavenly Bow Empire. However, as soon as he heard Shangguan Xue’er’s last sentence, his emotions overwhelmed his reason. Abruptly, he leaped up from his seat. “Bing’er, Bing’er has finally come out? Great, that’s just too great!”

Seeing Zhou Weiqing’s excited expression, Shangguan Xue’er smiled faintly. Behind her, Tian’er’s smile was rather strained. She knew that in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, no one could replace Shangguan Bing’er.

It could be said that without Shangguan Bing’er at the start, there would be no current Zhou Weiqing, and he would not have the power he had… or perhaps he would not even be alive.

Shangguan Xue’er said: “Weiqing, don’t be so quick to be happy. Father asked me to inform you that this is also your best chance to earn his approval. However, it will not be an easy task. Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace will be sending our strongest ever team to participate in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, to regain our lost championship. Unless you can lead your Heavenly Bow Empire to defeat us, otherwise Father will not allow you to bring Bing’er away.”

Zhou Weiqing started. “Strongest team ever? What is the strongest team?”

Shangguan Xue’er giggled and said: “What do you think?”

Zhou Weiqing instantly understood, and his eyes widened in shock. “Wha… No… It can’t be… Uncle wouldn’t let you three sisters…”

Shangguan Xue’er nodded gently, saying: “Do not think that we will go easy on you. If you do not defeat us head on in front of all the younger generation of all the Empires, how can you prove  that  you  deserve  to  marry…  marry  Bing’er?”  As  she spoke up to that point, her face blushed slightly. She had originally been about to say marry the three of us, but when the words were on her lips, she just couldn’t bring herself to say it in front of Xiao Ru Se. Zhou Weiqing said with a distressed expression: “That is just too difficult right, after all I am just a single person.”

The usually cold and impassive face of Shangguan Xue’er broke up in a rare teasing expression. “That is your problem. Whether or not you can succeed, that is up to your own ability. Don’t you have Tian’er by your side too?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Tian’er, but sighed. How could he bear for Tian’er to fight by his side in her current state! Although Tian’er had said that even if she was pregnant, it would not influence her ability to fight, and the baby would be safe. However, in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, the current Tian’er was fragile and he would not allow her to risk herself and the baby.

Although Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence in himself, just like he said, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was never about a single person… but an entire team. Lin TianAo’s power was definitely more than sufficient, but his age had already surpassed the age restriction of thirty years old. Just like the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s Zhan LingTian and Heavenly Snow Mountain’s Gu Yingbing, both would not be able to join this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament. “So, are you going or not?” Shangguan Xue’er asked as her mouth curled up in a faint smile.

“Of course I’m going. For Bing’er’s sake, no matter what I will have to pit everything to win the tournament again!” Zhou Weiqing instantly agreed, his heart already in the midst of planning what he could do. Although Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan was no longer of age and could no longer assist him in this new Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he could still build up a whole new team!

Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team!

“Xue’er, could you please invite everyone over for a meeting.” After setting his resolve, Zhou Weiqing naturally needed to settle everything here before he could leave for the Tournament.

Tian’er looked at his expression and instantly knew what he was thinking. “Little Fatty, you must definitely bring me along. Do not worry, I will be fine. As the saying goes, when one marries a chicken, then one will follow the chicken. If one marries a dog, then one will follow the dog. I am now considered a member of the Heavenly Bow Empire, and it is natural that I play a part as well.”

Zhou Weiqing did not reject her, nodding as he said: “That is natural, no matter where I go, I will definitely bring you along.” However in his heart, he added one more line that he did not speak out loud. As for whether or not you fight, that is another matter.

… In about an hour, the upper echelons of the Heavenly Bow Empire had gathered into the governor’s mansion grand hall.

Ming Yu was the last to enter the hall, and when Zhou Weiqing saw him, he was startled. This handsome and suave Fei Li God General was looking extremely shabby, clearly haggard and exhausted, his attire in disarray and unshaven face. However, his eyes were lit up, clearer than they had ever been, showing his spirits were extremely high.

“Weiqing, why have you called us so urgently? I was in the midst of reorganizing and incorporating the forces Lady Xiao had brought to us.” As soon as Ming Yu sat down beside Zhou Weiqing, he asked.

These few days, Zhou Weiqing had thrown off all the responsibilities and had been leading a relaxed life. However, for Ming Yu, as the First Vice Commander and overall director of the Heavenly Bow Empire forces, his job was extremely difficult and onerous. Although the others could help him share some responsibilities, the absolute trust Zhou Weiqing had in him, as well as the absolute power in commanding the army was something that Ming Yu had always wanted. Now that he finally had his chance, he had put his heart, mind and soul fully into the matter. In the past, when he was in the Fei Li Empire, although he was considered a high ranking officer in the army, he just had too many restrictions upon him. Furthermore, the Fei Li Empire was already a powerhouse Empire, with its strength already there, and basically their only enemy was the
WanShou Empire in the north. However, the Heavenly Bow Empire was very different. It could be said that they were starting from scratch, and to a military specialist and lover like Ming Yu, this was definitely an exciting challenge to meet. All his life, he had chased after this, and although it was extremely
tiring, ever since he had come here, he had spent everyday leading a substantial and rich life. Being able to use all the he learned and knew, it was also a type of happiness.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Bro Ming, you do not need to deal with everything personally. The most outstanding commanders do not need to handle every single matter personally, and they can trust in others to complete their tasks. Look, am I not a perfect example of that?”

Ming Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that, saying: “If everyone does it like you, then when can we actually conquer the world?”

As soon as Ming Yu said that, the entire meeting hall fell silent, and everyone looked at him in shock. Ming Yu realised that had spoken too much, and he gave an embarrassed chuckle, saying: “Our achievements are only limited by our daring. At least, thinking about it is one thing right. Anyway, my dear Supreme Commander, please hurry up and speak your mind. I still have many things to do.” Ever since they had recruited two new Regiments of soldiers, besides the position of Regiment Commander of the Peerless Regiment, Zhou Weiqing had also ‘risen rank’ to become the Supreme Commander of the current Heavenly Bow Empire forces. This was a rank that no one could steal from him, and Ming Yu was still only the Vice Commander.”

Zhou Weiqing swallowed hard before laughing once more, saying: “I have not misjudged you indeed. You truly have great ambitions! Alright, I will not waste all your time any longer, let me be direct. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had sent word to invite our Heavenly Bow Empire to send a Battle Team to join the upcoming Heavenly Jewel Tournament. There is about one and a half months before the Heavenly Jewel Tournament begins.”

Hearing the words Heavenly Jewel Tournament, everyone’s eyes lit up, especially Lin TianAo, Xiao Yan and Crow, those who had joined the previous tournament and won the championship. It could be said that the previous tournament had forged them into what they currently were… not only giving them the confidence boost they sorely needed, but also giving them the chance to become one of the stronger powerhouses amongst the younger generation. It had also given them the honour and glory of a lifetime.

Originally, Ming Yu had been rather impatient, but as soon as he heard the words Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he perked up. “Of course, we definitely need to join that! Spreading the word… gaining reputation… nothing can beat having a good ranking in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament! It will greatly accentuate all our efforts! We must participate indeed. Supreme Commander, who are you planning to bring?”

The others also nodded rapidly. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was of great fame and status in the entire mainland, and could be said to play a decisive role. It was perhaps second only to the ranking tournaments between the five Great Saint Lands, but in terms of actual influence, it surpassed even that. After all, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was open to all Empires, and even ordinary citizens could view it… one could just imagine the influence and reputation it had.

Even Hua Feng, who was normally calm and unflurried, actually looked both agitated and excited. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, something glittered in his eyes as he said: “Little Wei, do you know? All these years, your father’s greatest wish was for our Heavenly Bow Empire to one day have the chance to participate in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Now, his wish has been fulfilled by you. Go… you do not have to worry about us here, leave it to us. Before you return, our Heavenly Bow Empire will never fall to any enemies.”

The other God Archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit also nodded in unison, their eyes filled with hope and anticipation as they looked at Zhou Weiqing. Because of the Shangguan Sisters and their relationship with him, it was without question that he would not be in danger in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and the current Zhou Weiqing was definitely outstanding amongst the younger generation, and even his cultivation level had already long caught up and was above average for his age. With him leading a battle team, the Heavenly Bow Empire could fight against any opponent without any worry, even if they met an opponent backed by a Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was one of the previous champions of the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Although that had an element of luck in that victory, it was without question that the previous experience could only increase his chances of victory once more.

Zhou  Weiqing  nodded  and  said:  “Since  everyone  has  also agreed, then there should be no problem. Now, we need to decide who will be joining me in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. According to the participation rules, any participants must be below the age of thirty. Bro Lin and Xiao Yan who joined me in the previous Tournament are no longer eligible to participate. Of course, I will be going, but besides myself, I have only confirmed one other person to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament- Tian’er. Who else is willing to go with me?”

Almost as Zhou Weiqing finished speaking, an urgent voice rang out. “Me, me! Boss, you must bring me this time!”

A massive figure strode to the front, with a toady-ing smile on his face, that expression was truly a mismatch for his massive, valiant and impressive figure. It was Ma Qun.

“Stinking little brat, what do you look like now, are you trying to throw your father’s face?” The Berserker Tribe leader gave his son an exasperated kick on his ass.

Ma Qun grinned and said: “Heh heh, Dad, don’t you hope to see me represent our Berserker Tribe in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament? To show the power of our Titan bloodline in this greatest stage? Boss, this time, you must definitely bring me along! Although my cultivation level isn’t too high, only at the four-Jeweled stage, but wasn’t Crow just at the three-Jeweled stage when she attended the previous Tournament? My current state is at least equal or stronger than she was at that time. Bring me along, I will not throw your face!” Looking at Ma Qun, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly as he nodded in agreement. Indeed, though Ma Qun’s cultivation level was not high, only at the four-Jeweled stage… this fellow was born with a godlike physical strength. In terms of pure physical strength, he was even above Crow! In the previous battles, wielding his pair of long spiked maces, his power and destructive capabilities were perhaps even beyond any ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Furthermore, his age was definitely suitable. That fellow was the same age as Zhou Weiqing, and more so, he was the future heir to the Berserker Tribe. Without question, the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was a great training ground for any youth, a perfect place where one may forge themselves in the fires of high level battles. Perhaps, Ma Qun would also be able to spark his own potential in this tournament.

“Very well, you’re counted as one.” Zhou Weiqing nodded to Ma Qun.

Ma Qun was overjoyed, jumping up happily. Instantly,
*PENG*… This fellow’s head smashed into the ceiling, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Crow also took a step forward and said: “Weiqing, count me in  as  well.”  Currently,  Crow’s  cultivation  level  had  already reached the five-Jeweled stage, and her aura and presence was far more stable than previously. Her age was also eligible, and her overall combat prowess was above Ma Qun’s. Furthermore, she also had experience from the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

“Very good, you were originally part of my plans as well.” Zhou Weiqing exchanged glances with Crow, and in that instant, their tacit understanding as teammates in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament seemed to return.

Zhou  Weiqing  continued:  “The  main  battle  team  for  the Heavenly Jewel Tournament needs to be six people, and two reserve members. Currently, we have four ready to go, so we need at least two more before we can actually form a battle team. Does anyone else have anybody to recommend? Their cultivation level must be at least four Jeweled or higher.”

This requirement by Zhou Weiqing, both Yan Zhexi and Kou Rui could barely reach it. However, neither of them volunteered. The reason was simple; as compared to the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, both would rather be by Ming Yu’s side, learning from him. After all, their goal was to be an outstanding commander and general, not a powerhouse.

All of them exchanged helpless glances, as they all hesitated. Amongst all present, there were many powerhouses, but there weren’t many who met the requirement of being below the age of thirty.

Right at that moment, a delicate voice suddenly broke the silence.  “Weiqing,  bring  me  back  this  time.  I  have  left  the Heavenly Jewel Island for so long, and I want to go back to see Master.”

The one who had stepped forward was Little Miss Muddle. Seeing her, Zhou Weiqing instantly smiled. It could be said that for the success of Zhou Weiqing’s Peerless Regiment had a lot to do with Little Miss Muddle. Originally, it had only been her and Yun Li as Consolidating Equipment Masters, and it was their hard work and toil which had given the Peerless Regiment soldiers so many Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

“Indeed! You had followed me since the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and it is a good time to return. Right… you still aren’t thirty years old yet right? Do you want to join us to play around in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament?”

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s beaming smile, those familiar with him all felt as if they were watching a big bad wolf trying to con and kidnap a little white rabbit. This Little Miss Muddle’s cultivation level was no lower than Shangguan Xue’er. Although her combat prowess could not match Shangguan Xue’er, she still had the Spatial Attribute after all, and with her cultivation level so high, she could scare off most opponents. At the side, Shangguan Xue’er suddenly raised a brow, and she said passively: “Naturally, Little Miss Muddle will be joining the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, she will not be joining your Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team, but our ZhongTian Battle Team. Later, I will be leaving with her to head back first.”

Upon hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth began to twitch uncontrollably. At last, he gave a bitter smile and said: “Xue’er, are you really trying to form the greatest battle team in history of battle teams before you are satisfied?”

In front of so many people, Shangguan Xue’er naturally assumed her usual icy cold demeanour, saying passively: “This is all part of your test, if it were too easy, there would be no point. Only stress and pressure will give you sufficient motivation. As the saying goes, when one gets too comfortable, they will just drift along. You must work hard. Come on, Little Miss Muddle, let’s go.”

As she said that, Shangguan Xue’er nodded to the others, and pulled Little Miss Muddle out of the room. Zhou Weiqing could only stare after them helplessly, left speechless. Facing a ZhongTian Battle Team with the three Shangguan sisters and Little Miss Muddle… was there a chance of success? Besides the difference in cultivation level between both sides alone, all three Shangguan sisters could be said to
have accompanied Zhou Weiqing respectively from the start of him becoming a Heavenly Jewel Master all the way until this very day. Although it would be an exaggeration to say they knew him down to the last hair… well, it wasn’t that far of an exaggeration! Towards the other powerhouses of the Peerless
Regiment, they were also extremely familiar. Without a doubt, there were very few secrets they had against the three sisters. If they truly went all out against his team, how could they fight?

Just as Zhou Weiqing was sitting there vexedly, Shangguan Xue’er suddenly reappeared at the doorway, saying to Zhou Weiqing: “There is one more news I have to tell you. We have also heard that this year’s Dan Dun Battle Team will be their strongest ever. Clearly, they have a similar wish as you all, to spread the reputation and show the power of the Dan Dun Empire. Previously, they had been eliminated by your team, and with the character of the Blood Red Hell and how they will seek revenge for any small matter… you better pray hard… and watch out. I am leaving now.” After finishing her speech, only then did Shangguan Xue’er turn to leave. As she did so, a faint smile crossed her lips. She could imagine the dazed look on Zhou Weiqing’s face right now. Indeed, Zhou Weiqing was stunned momentarily before he said helplessly: “What can this brother do now!”

Lin TianAo spoke up seriously: “Weiqing. Remember, when we first moved out as a team, when we were representing the Fei Li Battle Team? At that time, no one fancied our chances as a Battle Team. No one would have imagined we would actually become the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Indeed, our power would not be able to match the four Empires backed by Great Saint Lands. However, we still did it. We managed to achieve victory. Why? Because we always had the heart to charge forward no matter what.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Big Bro Lin, you misunderstand me. It is not that I do not think we will lose… it is just that the ZhongTian Empire Battle Team are all my women… It is hard for me to actually attack them!”

“Bullshit, what do you mean all your women. Don’t you have face at all?” At the side, Yun Li suddenly said angrily.

“Ehhh… Yun Li, how come you didn’t follow Little Miss Muddle home?”  As soon as Zhou Weiqing saw it was him, he quickly changed the topic. Yun Li said with an ugly expression on his face: “That is because I am joining you to attend the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes widened in surprise. “What? You are below the age of thirty?” In his impression, four or five years ago when he had first met Yun Li, that fellow was already thirty years old… right? In truth, he had never asked Yun Li what his age was.

Yun Li ‘sweatdropped’.”Do I really look that old? There are still more than two months before I turn thirty!”

In the grand hall, everyone couldn’t help but break out in smiles at that. Even Lin TianAo, who was the most familiar about the relationship between Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li, couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing react, grinning as he said: “Heh heh, mature, that is maturity. Men, it is good to be more mature! No problem, it’s no problem at all! Anyway, you have already found your wife, even if you look a bit older, there’s nothing to be afraid.” Looking at the black lines forming on Yun Li’s head, Zhou Weiqing hastily added: “Alright, we’ll add you as well. Later, if Little Miss Muddle’s Master isn’t willing to accept you, I will help you!”

Upon hearing the last sentence, only then did Yun Li’s anger turn into joy. In terms of cultivation level, Yun Li was not weak at all. These few years, although he had spent most of his time and energy on Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, it was without a doubt that during the creation process, not only did he have to focus fully with all his spirit, he also had to expend large amounts of Heavenly Energy all the time. Naturally, that was another form of cultivation process. Furthermore, his Heavenly Energy cultivation level had originally been higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, and currently he had already entered the six-Jeweled stage. For him to do so before the age of thirty, that was already very impressive.

By now, five of the six members of the Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team had already been chosen, and they still lacked a final member for their main team.

Right at that moment, Han Mo suddenly stepped out. As one of the seven God Archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit with the nickname of ‘Arrow Tower’, Han Mo was usually the most silent of them all. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help be surprised that he stepped forward so abruptly.

“Master Han Mo, don’t tell me that…  you’re also not thirty years old?!” Zhou Weiqing smiled as he said.

Han Mo acted as if he never heard those words, saying: “I will introduce you to someone. Hold on.” After saying that, he walked out of the room.

After some time, Han Mo returned with a person, and as soon as the person entered the room, Zhou Weiqing had to actually look up to see the person’s features.

It was a girl. Her height was even taller than Crow, and from her heavy steps, she was clearly one of the Gold Crow Tribe members. Although her stature was tall and great, her features were indeed very beautiful, and she looked to be only about eighteen or nineteen years old, a bashful look on her face as she walked behind Han Mo into the grand hall.

Towards this girl, Zhou Weiqing did not have any impression at all. Curiously, he asked: “Master Han Mo, who is this? Could it be… you are the same as Master Mu En, having a secret daughter in the Gold Crow Tribe?” “Bullshit!” The usually silent Han Mo, who seemed impassive no matter what happened, suddenly burst out angrily. He glared at Zhou Weiqing for a moment before saying at last: “She is my girlfriend, her name is Xixi.”

“Girlfriend?!”  Zhou  Weiqing’s  shock  was  palpable!  In  his memory, Han Mo had always been a quiet enigma. Besides fighting, where he displayed his power and valiant side, he seldom spoke at all. At most, he had an occasional line of cold humour. Yet, unknowingly, he had actually found a girlfriend, and one so young!

Luo Ke Di couldn’t help but mutter out loud: “This is the legendary ‘Old Bull eating Nubile Grass!”

Han Mo said savagely: “If you do not want to die, shut your smelly mouth!”

At this point, the girl named Xixi stepped up to Han Mo’s side. With her height and stature, she was even taller than Han Mo by at least two heads, but she leaned at him shyly. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think wickedly… with her weight, would she crush Han Mo when they were…

“Hello everyone, my name is Xixi.” Clearly, Crow knew about the relationship between Han Mo and Xixi, and she was the first to speak up with a faint smile: “Weiqing, Xixi is my cousin. If we had to speak of the greatest talent in our Gold Crow Tribe younger generation, she would definitely take the spot. In terms of pure combat ability, although Xixi is younger than me, she is no weaker than I am. She is also a Heavenly Jewel Master, currently at the four- Jeweled stage. Her Physical Jewel is the Strength Attribute, and her Elemental Jewel is the Ice Attribute. In our entire Gold Crow Tribe younger generation, she is of equal fame with myself, and we are known as the ‘Fire and Ice Duo’.”

Hearing the words ‘Fire and Ice’, Luo Ke Di who had just resumed drinking suddenly spat out the mouthful of wine. Han Mo and Mu En sprang to their feets instantly and dragged the fellow out. Alas for this ‘Drunken Rogue’, he would soon be gifted with some ‘inhuman treatments’.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing knew what that perverted Luo Ke Di was thinking about. Of course, he was still able to control himself to not show it. With a straight face, he said seriously: “Very  well,  since  both  of  you  have  recommended  her,  Xixi welcome to our Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team. I think that we do not need any reserves, at least from the looks of things. In three days time, we will leave and head towards the ZhongTian Empire.” Just like that, the first Battle Team in the history of the Heavenly Bow Empire was formed, a historic representation to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. The Team Leader was naturally Zhou Weiqing, with the final members being confirmed as Tian’er, Yun Li, Crow, Ma Qun and Xixi.

Such a group was definitely far stronger than Zhou Weiqing’s previous Fei Li Battle Team. Especially when one looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, they were definitely amongst the top in their age group. Crow was also far more matured and stronger than she had been that time. Yun Li’s cultivation level was above Xiao Yan and the others at that time. As for Ma Qun and Xixi, though their cultivation levels were relatively lower, they had the innate talents of their bloodline. Overall, in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, the strength of their entire team was no weaker than any team from a Great Saint Lands.

In the next three days, Zhou Weiqing, Ming Yu and the rest of the upper echelons of the Heavenly Bow Empire began discussing in detail the follow up plans and strategy regarding their defense and building up. They arranged a whole series of plans and contingencies since Zhou Weiqing would be leaving for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

This time, Zhou Weiqing had already decided that not only would they be going to attend the Heavenly Jewel Tournament… once the Tournament ended, he would bring Tian’er home to the Heavenly Snow Mountain for a visit.

No matter what, the news that Tian’er was pregnant had to be verified by the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. There was also the matter of their Saint Energy. The Heavenly Snow Mountain had many powerful Heavenly Beasts under their command, and if Xue AoTian was willing to ask them to aid in their cultivation, the gathering of their Saint Energy would undoubtedly be much faster.

Having experienced the assassination from the Heavenly King assassin, Zhou Weiqing deeply felt his own lack of power. Although his overall combat prowess was far above his own cultivation level, it was without a doubt that only when one entered the Heavenly King Stage would they finally be deemed a real powerhouse. No matter that he was still young… his enemies would not wait for him to grow slowly.

In his previous experiences, he did not have much chances to fight against Heavenly King stage powerhouses, which was why Zhou Weiqing did not have such a strong feeling previously. However, ever since he had almost died to the Heavenly King assassin, it had sparked great alarm in his heart. As a person who was so afraid of death, what was more important than keeping himself alive? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear what his Heavenly Bow Empire currently lacked most.

In terms of overall military strength, though the Heavenly Bow Empire armies were not high in numbers, but with the Peerless Regiment as the core, he was confident in facing any other Empire head on.

However, their greatest weakness was that they just lacked a top end powerhouse… one that could awe and frighten their enemies… or at least be a deterrence. Heavenly Emperor Powerhouses were not allowed to interfere in ordinary wars, but currently the Heavenly Bow Empire did not even have a Heavenly King stage powerhouse of their own. Of course, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly keep bothering his Senior Uncle to help him, especially since he was immersed in Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

As such, the only right solution was for Zhou Weiqing to reach the Heavenly King stage as quickly as possible. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not know how long he would be gone, so he needed to ensure everything would continue running well without his presence. After all their plans and contingencies, and with Ming Yu and the officers to run things, there should not be any problems. His only worry was if any enemy powerhouse entered the fray.

Before leaving, Zhou Weiqing left a letter for his Master, inviting him to stay in the Heavenly Bow Empire during the period he was gone. If a large amount of enemy powerhouses came, he would ask the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to take care of them. As for the fact that Long Shiya previously mentioned he would not help him revive his Empire, our dear Little Fatty totally ignored it. In his letter, he gave the excuse of asking his Master to help him ‘protect a few people’, not to help him revive his homeland. Of course… the ‘few people’ was… quite a large number in the end.

Third day since the meeting.


Six warhorses quietly left the Crescent City, heading directly into the Fei Li Empire and eastwards.

The six warhorses were extremely conspicuous and attention drawing. The one at the head was extremely huge, covered with thick and sturdy looking scales, with a single horn on its head. It was the single-horned Ghost Demon Horse. Naturally, the youth seated comfortably atop it was Zhou Weiqing.

Their group of six was definitely attention grabbing. Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Yun Li were all mounted on Ghost Demon Horses, while Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi were mounted on their Unicorn Heavenly Beasts. These were all top horse-type Heavenly Beasts in the entire mainland. Furthermore, the figures and stature of the six of them were indeed massive. Besides Tian’er and Yun Li who looked relatively normal, even Zhou Weiqing was nearly two metres tall. Of course, even he paled in comparison to Ma Qun and the two Gold Crow Tribe girls.

Of course, though they drew much attention and gazes on their journey, perhaps due to their massive sizes, they did not actually meet any trouble. Within ten days, they had reached a city in the east of the Fei Li Empire, called the Green Jade City. As soon as they passed through the Green Jade City and headed east for another few hundred li, they would enter the ZhongTian Empire.

There was still more than a month before the Heavenly Jewel Tournament began, and they had a lot of time to spare. The reason they moved out so early was because Tian’er wanted to care for Tian’er, and wanted to take their time in traveling. Although they currently could not see any outward signs that she was actually pregnant, but he did not want to take any chances! As such, in their current travels, they did not rush or would also find a comfortable place to rest every night.

“Weiqing, I have heard that there is a special delicacy called the Green Jade Cake Roll in this Green Jade City. Shall we go try it since we are here?” Yun Li said to him. Ever since he met Zhou Weiqing, he had never been able to experience a relaxed day again. If he wasn’t researching Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was creating them. This time, he was finally getting a chance to rest and relieve stress, and he was happy that Zhou Weiqing had chosen this slow method of traveling. Watching the scenery as they moved, enjoying the good food as they traveled, it was quite a good feeling.

“Sure, that sounds good! You’ve been to this Green Jade City before?” Zhou Weiqing asked Yun Li.

Yun Li shook his head, saying: “No I haven’t, I only just heard of it. You all wait a while, I’ll go inquire about it and see which place sells the best Green Jade Cake Rolls.”  As he said that, he passed his reins to Ma Qun before heading off to inquire for more information.

Before long, Yun Li returned. “Not far up ahead, there is an inn called the Green Jade Palace. We can find the Green Jade Cake Rolls there. Come on, we can also stay there for the night.”

Following Yun Li, the group soon reached the Green Jade Palace he had mentioned. Although its name was impressive, it was just a three story inn. Of course, for a small border city like the Green Jade City, it was considered one of the luxurious inns.

Handing their horses over to the stablekeep and paying for the best fodder for it, the group entered the inn.

They checked in three rooms. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er would share a room. Alas for Ma Qun, he had been abandoned by Crow as soon as they left the Crescent City, so he had to share a room with Yun Li while Crow and Xixi shared a room.

The six of them first went to their rooms for a short rest and clean up, arranging to meet up in the dining hall of the inn later to try the Green Jade Cake Roll.

“Dear, hug!” Zhou Weiqing grinned as he enveloped Tian’er in his arms.

Tian’er giggled, saying: “Don’t! I want to take a bath and change before we go eat.” She was not like human females who might feel shy so easily, instead feeling happy that Zhou Weiqing was so infatuated with her.

“How  about  we  take  the  bath  together?  Heh  heh.”  Zhou Weiqing grinned.

Tian’er blushed slightly, rolling her eyes at him, saying: “Well, now you aren’t afraid of harming your child?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said: “I’ll be gentle… who knows our precious will be in your stomach saying… Wahh, papa is here to visit me again.”

*Pfft* Tian’er laughed at that, ‘savagely’ punching him a few times. At last, she fell into the shameless perverted fellow’s arms.

Zhou Weiqing was best at shamelessly following up on things when given the slightest opportunity, and he immediately began ‘helping’ Tian’er remove her clothes. Taking a bath together, such a great temptation, a certain person’s ‘beastly blood’ began to boil instantly. Right at that moment, a knocking sound rang on their door.

“Who is it!” Zhou Weiqing asked exasperatedly. Anyone who was interrupted at such a time would definitely not be in a good mood.

“Sir, the situation is like that. There are a few new guests outside who have taken a fancy to your mounts, and they are asking if you would sell the mounts to you.” The waiting staff’s voice traveled from outside.

Zhou Weiqing said: “We’re not selling. Stop disturbing our rest.”

After a slight pause, the staff’s tentative voice said: “Those guests said that they are willing to pay a high price.”

Zhou Weiqing felt his anger rising, and he let go of Tian’er, stalking to the door and opening it. The staff immediately nodded at him respectfully and with humility. He could naturally tell that Zhou Weiqing’s group were not ordinary at all. “Go tell those people, ten million gold coins per mount. If they can afford it, then we will sell, otherwise tell them to stop bothering me.”  After saying that, Zhou Weiqing slammed the door shut.

The staff stood there, stunned momentarily. Only after a few moments did he finally react. Ten million gold coins? This gentleman truly knows how to demand an exorbitant price.

Returning to the room, Zhou Weiqing ignored Tian’er’s sudden startled cry as he picked her up and walked into the bathroom. In the misty hot bath, the sounds of spring pervaded the room.

Two hours later, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team met in the dining hall. They sat together at a table in the corner, having ordered the Green Jade Cake Roll and a large amount of other food.

“Why are you all looking at me?”  Tian’er said shyly as she glanced at the others.

Xixi blinked and said: “Sis Tian’er, you are so beautiful. Why is your face so red, you look so cute and beautiful!” Tian’er was left speechless, and below the table, she stomped savagely on Zhou Weiqing’s foot. She was originally extremely beautiful, and after just being ‘enriched’, she naturally looked especially attractive. It was no wonder that the others couldn’t help but look at her.

“Err,  come  let’s  eat,  let’s  eat.”  Zhou  Weiqing  could  only endure the pain in his foot and quickly change the topic.

As he glanced at Yun Li unwittingly, he realised that fellow was mouthing a line: Wanton actions in the day!

Zhou Weiqing’s skin had always been thick, and he did not care what others thought about him. Looking at the beauty beside him again, his heart was filled with satisfaction. He was growing more and more infatuated with Tian’er.

Soon, their food was served. They were no refined nobles or the like, and they immediately began eating voraciously.

Just as they were in the midst of their meal, another group of guests arrived, seating near them. As it was in the afternoon, and not during any meal time, the dining hall was relatively empty. This new group numbered five, four males and one lady. Their clothes were showy, especially the lady’s. She looked about twenty years of age, dressed in a purple skirt with a gold peacock embroidered upon it. Her features were above average, with a curvaceous figure, though she paled in that department compared to Tian’er. Still, she could still be considered a beauty.

The lady sat down first, and the other four men were clearly very attentive of her, helping her pull out her chair, ordering dishes etc. Their voices were especially loud in the dining hall.

“I wonder which bastard is the one who owns those horses, actually quoting us ten million gold coins, how sick.” The lady was clearly in a bad mood as she said angrily. She did not lower her voice, and Zhou Weiqing and his group could clearly hear her.

When she finished speaking, she happened to glance over at Zhou Weiqing’s table. When she saw the strange mix of people there, especially the absolute beauty Tian’er, her gaze froze momentarily.

“Xuan’er,  don’t  be  angry.  Isn’t  it  just  some  Ghost  Demon Horses and Unicorn Beasts, I’ll get one for you later, whichever you prefer. Although those are indeed expensive, ten thousand gold should be enough to get one.”  One of the youths seated beside the lady called Xuan’er said fawningly.

Xuan’er gave a cold humph. “Do I need you to pay ten thousand gold for me? Do I lack money? Hmph, some people just don’t know what’s good for them. Don’t let me know who it is, otherwise I’ll teach them a lesson.”

Obviously, Zhou Weiqing knew she was speaking of them, but he ignored them, continuing to eat with large mouthfuls. Guzzling down his food, he did not look civilized at all. However, with Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi there, he was not too obvious. The table which was filled with food was swept clean in a short time.

Ma Qun called out loudly: “Boss, another round, same order as just now.”

If one had to point out the biggest flaw of the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribe, it was definitely their insane appetite.

Their appetite was no joke at all! For the two tribes to actually run into survival issues, their sheer capacity for food was one of the reasons. It was no surprise really, with their massive stature and strength, it was normal to have a larger appetite.

One of the other youths at Xuan’er’s table, with thin lips and clearly with an acrid tongue, said in a low tone: “What a bunch of gluttons. Xuan’er, do you think those horses belong to them?”

The phrase ‘吃货’ literally means those who eat. Can be used to describe foodies, people who eat a lot, or slang for ‘those who only know how to eat’, or being good for nothing. In this case, I used glutton but his meaning would likely be tending towards the latter

Chapter 209 Meeting Ye Paopao again! 

Who were Zhou Weiqing and the others? With their cultivation levels, although the youth tried to speak in a low volume, they could naturally hear him loud and clear.

Zhou Weiqing could easily control his expressions, and Yun Li also relaxed, ignoring the comment. However, Ma Qun had always had a character who loved to cause trouble. Hearing someone call them gluttons, how could he hold back. Instantly, he slammed his palm on the table as he stood up abruptly.

“Dammit,  you  little  gigolo,  who  did  you  say  is  good  for nothing?”

Ma Qun’s height and stature was definitely a terrifying one, but it wasn’t too obvious when they were all seated. As he stood up abruptly, he gave the group of youths a scare. Towering at than 2.3 metres of height, he could definitely be considered a giant amongst these ordinary humans, almost as if he were a crane in the midst of a flock of chickens. Furthermore, Ma Qun was extremely muscular, his broad shoulders more than twice that of normal human. As he stood there now, it was as if a mountain was towering over them. “I am only speaking out facts, who is the one eating the most and responding is the one. What so great about being big sized, I’m afraid that one could be a pewter spearhead that shines like silver, looking fine but useless in reality…” The tart youth said caustically, not willing to admit defeat, looking at Ma Qun disdainfully, not even caring about his palpable anger.

What kind of temper did Ma Qun have? If no one else came to cause trouble, he might even be the one causing trouble! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been taught a lesson by Zhou Weiqing when they first met. Now that someone had actually spoken to him in such a manner, and right to his face, how could he possibly hold back. He was just about to step out when Crow at his side grabbed him.

“Don’t cause trouble, listen to Weiqing.”  As she said that, Crow forcefully dragged Ma Qun down to his seat.

Ma Qun glared at the harsh youth savagely, saying: “Little rabbit, if you talk some more trash, I’ll destroy you.”

“Who are you calling rabbit?!” This time, it was the youth’s turn to slam the table and get up. However, this time, the young lady called Xuan’er frowned, her brow furrowing slightly as she said: “Ah Dou, how can you lower yourself arguing with a bunch of commoner bumpkins. Don’t affect my mood for eating…”

The youth pointed at Ma Qun, a cold savage look in his eyes. Ma Qun did not back down, pointing his middle finger back at the youth.

The young lady called Xuan’er suddenly took out a dark gold card and placed it on the table. “Staff. Send us some of your best food at once. Also, please cleanse this area of these irrelevant rabble. I will pay one thousand gold coins.”

By saying that, she was literally slapping their faces. After all, Zhou Weiqing and the others had not finished eating yet, and if she wanted them to clear the site, wasn’t that tantamount to chasing them out?

After Xuan’er said that, she even turned to the youth called Ah Dou, saying: “Don’t always be so rash. Anything that can be solved by money is never a problem. A bunch of country bumpkins, just chase them away…” The server had long heard the commotion between both groups. At this point, he knew it was no longer possible to hide, and he quickly stepped forward with an embarrassed expression towards the purple clad young lady, saying: “Young Miss, that isn’t too good right? Those customers there have not finished eating. How about, I bring your group to a reserved room? How about that? We have large reserved rooms here, quiet and far more luxurious than sitting in the dining hall.”

Xuan’er’s face darkened. “No need. I just want to eat in the dining hall, not your reserved rooms. I will cover their bill, let them leave now. I will add another thousand gold to book the entire dining hall.”

“But…” Although the gold was very tempting, the server could see that Zhou Weiqing’s group were no ordinary bunch as well, and he dared not go over to chase them out.

“Three  thousand…”   Xuan’er  held  up  the  dark-gold  card, saying passively. The act of using money to smash into other’s face, truly overbearing and tyrannical.

“Young Miss, please do not make it tough for us.” The staff was clearly tempted. Though he was not the boss, if he could help the inn earn such a large sum of money, there would definitely be a bonus for him. “Four thousand…” “…”
Zhou Weiqing finally finished eating his Green Jade Cake Roll, lifting his head he muttered: “This Green Jade Cake Roll is really not bad… soft and spongy, sweet and fragrant, with just a faint hint of the freshness of bamboo leaves. An exquisite delicacy indeed!”

Ma Qun couldn’t help but say: “Boss, when has your temper become so good? You can even endure this?!”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “Ma Qun, do you know what reason there could be for a young lady to show off her wealth like that?”

Ma Qun started momentarily, but he played along, shaking his head quickly. He had known Zhou Weiqing for quite awhile, and hearing those words, he knew this boss of his definitely had something else up his sleeve.

Zhou Weiqing said calmly and in a dignified fashion: “For a young lady to show off her wealth like that, there can only be two reasons. One, the one who ‘suns’ her is extremely formidable. Second, the one who ****s her mother is extremely formidable.”

As soon as Zhou Weiqing’s words left his mouth, Ma Qun’s jaw dropped. At the side, Crow had just drank a mouthful of tea, and she sprayed it all out onto the table. At the end, she turned unwittingly and even got some on Ma Qun’s body.

Yun Li had been eating a Green Jade Cake Roll calmly, and he choked on it as he heard that. Even Tian’er couldn’t help but cover her mouth to suppress a giggle. Only Xixi, who was still relatively innocent, had a puzzled look on her face, not understanding what Zhou Weiqing was saying.

With great difficulty, Yun Li recovered and managed to force the mouthful of Green Jade Cake Roll down his throat. Mutteringly he said: “Weiqing, are you trying to murder me?”

Zhou Weiqing said with an innocent look on his face: “I’m just speaking the truth…”

Yun Li gave a humph and said: “So vulgar… but there is truth in that…” “For a young lady to show off her wealth like that, there can only be two reasons. The one who ****s her is extremely formidable or the one who ****s her mother is extremely formidable… Boss, that line of yours is just too amazing, such an analysis, such a brilliant exposition indeed. Impressive, impressive.”  Ma Qun burst out laughing as he repeated Zhou Weiqing’s words, the anger his heart having been swept away by his own laughter.

Zhou Weiqing had not spoken too loudly, and on the other side, they had been haggling and did not hear his words too clearly. However, with Ma Qun repeating it out loud, with the massive volume of his, even those on the road outside would be able to hear him, let alone those just a few tables away.

As soon as the young lady Xuan’er heard those words, her body froze. She stood up slowly, and the rest of the four youths also stood up one after the other. Ah Dou shoved the serving staff aside, his eyes filled with killing intent as he snarled savagely: “You are asking for death!”

A cold light flashed in Xuan’er’s eyes. “Tear off their mouths and throw them out. If they resist, kill them.”

Ah Dou was clearly eager to impress, and with a large stride he bounded forward. At the same time, an obvious Heavenly Energy reverberation sprang forth from his body, as he struck out at Ma Qun.

Around his wrists, four Jewels sprang into existence respectively, whirling about. He was actually a Low Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

Seeing that this youth was actually a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing and the others started momentarily. It looked like the group of youths did have the capital and ability to back their arrogance.

The youth called Ah Dou had the Icy Jade Physical Jewels, a Strength Type Heavenly Jewel Master, while his Elemental Jewels were of the Fire Attribute. As his fist flew towards Ma Qun, thick flames rose around it, causing the entire air around to grow heated.

Ma Qun gave a cold humph, not even bothering to stand up. He raised his massive hand, looking almost like a fan as he did so, slapping out towards his opponent’s fist. At the same time, he also unleashed his Heavenly Jewels. Since his opponent was also a Heavenly Jewel Master, he did not want to lose by underestimating him. *PENG*

A muffled thump.

Ah Dou had come at them so quickly, but his ‘return’ was even faster. He had been sent flying with a single slap from Ma Qun.

In terms of Heavenly Energy cultivation level, both of them were pretty equal. However, Ma Qun was of the Berserker Tribe with a trace of Ancient Titan bloodline. How could Ah Dou’s strength even begin to compare with Ma Qun? As such, he staggered back more than a dozen steps, smashing apart two tables while doing so, before he finally barely regained his balance. The expressions of the rest of his group also changed instantly.

Being Heavenly Jewel Masters had always been something they were proudest off. However, they not not expected that this strange looking bunch in front of them also had Heavenly Jewel Masters amongst them, and that huge fellow was actually at the four-Jeweled stage too!

After sending Ah Dou flying off with a slap, Ma Qun stood up once more. His hands gripped together, making a grinding sound as he said: “You want to fight? Your Father, I, loves to fight the most!”

A thick, heavy aura burst forth from Ma Qun. In the first place, ignoring the fact that his strength was far above his opponent, just in terms of aura alone Ma Qun far outstripped his opponent as well. Having been through several actual battles, Ma Qun had slain hundreds of enemies, and currently when his aura burst forth, it held the scent of blood. How could it be compared to a youth who had never been blooded before?

Ah Dou shouted angrily as he charged forward once more. This time, he was no longer so rash and impetuous. His hands circled twice, and a large flaming sword appeared in both hands, striking out at Ma Qun’s head as his entire body flew along sword first.

Ma Qun laughed heartily. He lifted his left hand, and a yellow shield coalesced in his hands. Simple, without flourishes, he just moved it directly into the path of the flaming sword.

That Ah Dou clearly knew his strength was no match for Ma Qun, and the Earth Attribute that Ma Qun had was a slight counter to his own Fire Attribute. In a flash of movement, he had spun to the back of Ma Qun, the flaming sword in his hand abruptly changing directions, drawing an arc in the air as it sped towards Ma Qun’s throat.

This change was extremely subtle but ingenious. Ah Dou had clearly been thought by a master, and his actual combat experience was not bad at all.

Alas, the one he was facing was Ma Qun. Ma Qun’s close combat skills had been ‘tortured’ out by Shangguan Fei’er, and he also had been in massive scale battles before. Facing an opponent of the same level, with his own innate talent and battle experience, how could he let his opponent gain an advantage over him so easily?

From Zhou Weiqing’s group angle, Ma Qun’s body seemed to slow down suddenly, and he was unable to dodge his opponent’s attack.

Xixi couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, but as she was about to spring forward, Crow pulled her back.

The next instant, the flaming sword swept across Ma Qun’s throat. However, a shocking scene occurred next. The instant that it swept across his throat, all of a sudden a strong yellow light burst forth, and along Ma Qun’s skin, a thick yellow armour appeared out of nowhere.

*Pfft* The flaming sword struck into it, Heavenly Energy bursting forth, but it did not seem to have the slightest chance of breaking the stone armour.

This is a literal translation of an idiom that he is actually using literally – the original meaning is being an outstanding talent/distinguished person amongst common folk

Literal translation of another idiom. Impressive looking but useless person

Different Slang for f**k

He uses Niu Bi here, I believe I mentioned it previously in translations Ma Qun’s obviously slowed body abruptly exploded into motion, the shield in his left hand smashing out savagely into Ah Dou, who was in the midst of extending himself in the strike.

*BANG* Ah Dou was sent flying once more, blood spurting from his mouth.

In truth, if one compared their total combat strength, he shouldn’t have been taken down so easily by Ma Qun. However, he had lost fully in terms of calculations and schemes. Ma Qun had purposely revealed a seeming weak spot for him to exploit, using his own powerful defense to just take the blow instead. As soon as he successfully struck Ma Qun, he would be extended out, and his state of mind would inadvertently relax slightly. Although he had seen Ma Qun’s shield strike out at him, but in his mind, as long as he could kill Ma Qun before the shield reached him, then it wouldn’t have much power behind it to worry about. In doing so, he could still act cool in front of Xuan’er, naturally he was happy to do so. Alas, it was this mindset that let him throw away the fight totally. Ma Qun’s strength was so terrifying. With just a single strike, though it was with the flat of the shield, it was more than enough for Ah Dou to deal with. His entire body flew and smashed into the side of the inn.

However, it was clear that Ma Qun would not let him go so easily. After all, that fellow had tried to deal a killing blow to Ma Qun, how could he let that pass like that? The shield in his hand flew out like a bolt of lightning, forming a giant earthen yellow round knife as it flew towards Ah Dou with an ear splitting shrill. If that struck, Ah Dou would not be able to escape the fate of being sliced into two.

Right at that moment, Xuan’er sprang into action. In a flash, she appeared beside Ah Dou. With the support of her right hand, her entire body flipped and a shield of ice appeared in midair, right in the path of Ma Qun’s flying shield.

To Zhou Weiqing and the others’ surprise, the ice shield did not block the incoming weapon directly, instead deflecting it from an angle. As such, though Ma Qun’s shield was extremely heavy and with a spinning momentum, it was still deflected by the ice shield to fly off, missing Ah Dou. Grabbing hold of Ah Dou, Xuan’er brought him back to the front of their table. The entire process of her saving him was clean, neat and quick.

It had been a good display of her power. Furthermore, around her wrists, five sets Heavenly Jewels sparkled. Her Physical Jewel was Coordination, while her Elemental Jewel was of the Ice Attribute. She looked just barely twenty, yet she was already at the five-Jeweled stage, a Mid Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. That was already quite a feat. In any place, with such a cultivation level at the age, she would be considered a young genius. There was a reason behind her pride and arrogance after all.

Ma Qun started momentarily, withdrawing his shield. He gave a big thumbs up, before slowly turning it down. “Well done, very good indeed, you truly know how to hide behind a woman’s skirts. You are great indeed.”

Xuan’er passed Ah Dou to one of her other companions, and she stepped forward slowly. With her abilities, she could naturally sense that though Ma Qun was only a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, the terrifying strength he had and pure defensive capabilities, even a five-Jeweled powerhouse might not be able to deal with him. Furthermore, she was currently extremely furious. In truth, she did not really care about Ah Dou being injured, but she had taken to heart the words Ma Qun had repeated.

“You have insulted me, and more so you have insulted my mother.  Today,  either  you  die  or  I  die.”  As  she  said  that, Xuan’er waved her right hand, and a Consolidated light blue staff appeared in her grasp. Next, an aquamarine necklace, an aquamarine crown circlet and another an aquamarine belt appeared one after the other around her. It was four Consolidated Equipments!

Furthermore, these Consolidated Equipment were not ordinary at all. From the energy reverberations around them, they were actually all Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment… and pieces of a Set to boot. With Xuan’er’s five-Jeweled cultivation level, to have a four-piece Zong Stage Set, she had to have come from an extremely rich background, even for a Heavenly Jewel Master.

Interestingly, the four Consolidated Equipment she summoned clearly had a rather unique boost, one that was not often seen at all. When the four equipment appeared, the Water Attribute element reverberations around her clearly grew much stronger, almost explosively. A thick Water Attribute aura filled the area, almost reaching that of most six Jeweled Water Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. Clearly, she had chosen the route of a long ranged attacker, and with the boost of her four Consolidated Equipment, her combat prowess was definitely not to be underestimated.

However, facing Xuan’er like that, Ma Qun’s expression did not change at all. Instead, his face split in a wide grin as he said: “Not bad, not bad. This girl’s cultivation level is not bad! Her Consolidated Equipment looks quite interesting as well… unique indeed. Aiii, if I had not brought my wife along, perhaps we could have some fun together.”

Towards Xuan’er, he was not worried at all. In terms of fighting capabilities beyond their cultivation level, in this entire place, who could compare with Zhou Weiqing? He had been Zhou Weiqing and the others for long enough, and his vision and horizon had been broadened to a height far beyond his past self. This Xuan’er’s fighting capabilities and skill were not bad at all, but she lacked any true battle to the death experience. Although Ma Qun did not know if he could defeat this girl, he was confident he would not lose to her. After all, he was Lin TianAo’s disciple!

“Ma Qun, come back. If you keep wasting time, you won’t have enough time to eat.”  Zhou Weiqing’s voice came from behind as he stepped up besides Ma Qun. Clapping Ma Qun on the shoulders, he motioned him to return. In truth, amongst the entire Heavenly Bow group, any one of them was no weaker than this Xuan’er. However, Zhou Weiqing did not want to waste time, and he couldn’t possibly ask Tian’er to fight. He had long decided that in this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he would not allow Tian’er to fight at all
unless absolutely necessary. As for Yun Li, Zhou Weiqing did not think he could get him to fight on this small matter. After all, all these years, Yun Li had laboured so hard and contributed so much to his own personal homeland revival plans. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing would not want to trouble him
over such a small and simple matter. As such, in order to settle things quickly, he decided to step forward himself.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing step forward, Xuan’er’s gaze narrowed. Although this tall and robust youth had a lazy look about him, yet… with her cultivation level, she was not able to sense his power at all.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Little girl, you might have some power, but don’t be too overconfident. Just a small matter and you are spouting nonsense about kill or be killed. Everyone only has one life… one life only has a few dozen years. Looking at you, you’re still a virgin right, you’ve not even experienced the wonders a man can bring you. Wanting to die now, isn’t that a shame? Why go to such an extent?” “You..  you’re  asking  for  death!”  Xuan’er’s  voice  came  out through gritted teeth. From young, she had been lauded as a genius in cultivation, and had led a very sheltered life. No one had ever dared speak to her like that. The disdain and mockery from Zhou Weiqing’s words were extremely clear, and her anger rose to the maximum.

Tipping her staff forward, she pointed it directly at Zhou Weiqing. Instantly, a blue light flashed out, and an ice cone formed instantly, flying towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

This was no ordinary Ice Spike Stored Skill. Its length was more than one chi, and when it flew, a powerful icy cold burst forth. At the same time, Xuan’er’s right leg kicked out at a distance towards Zhou Weiqing, and a strange blue circle of ice flew out, moving along the ground towards Zhou Weiqing’s legs.

The circle of ice was extremely sharp, perhaps its destructive capabilities were far beyond even the ice spike.

Facing the two attacks, the lazy smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face did not change. With a lazy swipe of his right hand, a faint silver light flashed out, and the two Skills that were just about to reach him just vanished into thin air, not a trace of them remaining. Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Such a little girl, but such a fiery temper. In the future, who would dare marry you?! Let me help your family teach you a little lesson alright. This is after all someone else’s inn, it won’t be good to destroy their things, we’ll have to pay for damages!”

Zhou Weiqing’s words might have caused Xuan’er to rage, but at the same time, her heart gripped in shock and fear. The instant that Zhou Weiqing had taken action, his Heavenly Jewels had released. The Icy Jade Physical Jewels of Strength were familiar, but on his left wrist, a strange red gemstone that glowed with a brilliant light… something that she had never seen before. What was that? Fire Attribute? No… that did not look correct. Furthermore, he had clearly used a Spatial Attribute Skill just now!

Currently, the two were still fighting, so Xuan’er quickly dismissed her thoughts. Her attacks did not stop or slow down at all, as she pushed her staff forward in front of her, a row of ice spikes appeared one after the other… nine in total. At once, they flew towards Zhou Weiqing simultaneously, each of them directed at different vital points of the body.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression remained impassive. Once again, he just lifted a hand, waving it in a strange arc. Another silver light flashed in the air, forming an arc for an instant, and the nine Ice Spikes just disappeared like that again.

What kind of Skill was that? The youths who accompanied Xuan’er were all stunned silly. Zhou Weiqing’s actions were just too weird… seeming to disperse all of Xuan’er’s attacks with such ease.

Xuan’er’s surprise had to be the greatest. This time, the staff in her hands lanced down onto the ground. Instantly, a layer of icy blue light began to spread. At this time, Zhou Weiqing no longer wanted to play around and tease her. Waving his right hand in the air, Xuan’er suddenly felt the hair of her entire stand as fear gripped her. Subconsciously, her body flashed backwards. Right where she had been standing, a silver circle of light appeared silently, the entire air and light around there warping in a violent turbulence. Without question, if she had stayed in that position, perhaps her head would have been separated from her shoulders.

“Your senses aren’t too bad at all. However, if I had been trying to hide the position from you, you would not be able to discover it. Alright, enough already.”

Zhou Weiqing waved his right hand once more. Another flash of silver light, and the icy cold aura that had been spreading seemed to meet a strange suction force, disappearing once more. Xuan’er could clearly sense the Heavenly Energy in her body lurch and fall, as if being drawn away by some strange force, and a large chunk disappeared at once.

After showing that, Zhou Weiqing just turned around and headed back towards his table. The Devour Skill of the Demonic Attribute. Towards someone who was at an even lower cultivation level than he was, he could easily Devour their Heavenly Energy even at a short distance. Of course, such a tiny amount of Heavenly Energy was not much use to him.

Xuan’er stood there, just stunned. All along, she had believed that in the entire younger generation, no one could compare with her. With her strength, she thought she could compare to even those younger generation geniuses of the Great Saint Lands. Alas, the sight before her eyes was toppling her belief. Although Zhou Weiqing spoke like an arrogant senior, from his looks he was barely twenty as well. Yet, in front of him, she did not seem to even have the slightest chance.

Anger. Vexation. Unwillingness to accept such a situation. All sorts of complicated emotions burst forth in that instant, and Xuan’er suddenly screamed out loud. “Die!!”

The staff in her hands abruptly pointed at Zhou Weiqing once more. In the twinkling of an eye, a wheel of ice appeared behind her back… the thick blue light slowly turning black. This was the Ice Attribute Element, pushed to the limit and beyond. This was something that could only happen when one used their Life Force to power a Skill!

The originally only Heavenly Energy reverberation suddenly turned violent and restive. Without warning, a pitch black ice spear appeared in front of Xuan’er, floating there restlessly. At the same time, her face turned pale and ashen. It was clear that unleashing such a Skill had a great toll on her.

Zhou Weiqing turned back around. This time, his expression was extremely ugly.

Previously, although Xuan’er had been provoking them all this time, in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, they were just a bunch of kids who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth, and just teaching them a lesson was sufficient. After all, with his status and horizon outlook, he wouldn’t lower himself to the same level as these kids.

However, Ah Dou had tried to kill Ma Qun, and Xuan’er with the attitude of fighting to the bitter end, wanting to kill them. Now, she had even resorted to using burning her Life Force in using a Skill to attempt to kill him. With that, the flames of anger were finally fanned in Zhou Weiqing. He had always been one who loved his life and treasured it so much, and if someone tried to kill him, he would definitely treat them as an enemy, an enemy to be slain.

The black ice spear flew towards Zhou Weiqing like a bolt of lightning. Wherever it flew, the very air around it was warped and twisted. In that moment, even Tian’er, who had been sitting calmly at the table, had a sudden change in expression.

Zhou Weiqing’s right hand lifted suddenly. Upon close examination, one might discover that in that instant, his entire right hand had also turned pitch black, with faint glow of purple tattoos writhing on the skin.

Lifting hand.

Grab. As if grabbing at empty space.

To any onlooker, such a slow movement would never be able to affect the black ice spear.

However, as soon as Zhou Weiqing actually attacked, the energy reverberations in the air all around them suddenly turned strange, as if everything was being warped, giving a powerful illusory feel to everything. When the ice spear entered this warped space, it stopped momentarily all of a sudden. In that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s right hand grabbed onto it, actually grasping the ice spear in his hands.

A strange sight occurred next, as a thick grey light flared up, covering Zhou Weiqing’s right hand and the spear in a layer of crystalline like grey. Next, the ice spear began to melt rapidly, as if its ice had met with an unbelievably strong fire, slowly turning smaller and smaller before it vanished totally.

By this time, ‘stunned’ was no longer sufficient to describe what Xuan’er was feeling. She had never imagined that her most powerful attack could be dissipated in such a way by Zhou Weiqing. The strength and power that he had displayed had caused her to truly lose all hope.

Right at the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s other hand lifted up towards her, a thick blue light flickered, and a round lightning pearl tumbled towards Xuan’er at a deceptively fast speed, crackling with purple lightning.

Xuan’er’s face had already been pale, but it somehow grew even more ashen at that moment. Although the lightning pearl that Zhou Weiqing had shot out was not large, when it appeared the powerful cold in the dining hall actually disappeared, filling the area with the ozone scent of raging lightning attribute.

In that instant, the several youths who had been fawning over her actually stumbled backwards in retreat, not wanting to be affected by the spread of electricity. Shockingly, no one attempted to rescue her, and having lost most of her Heavenly Energy, how could Xuan’er withstand this simple angry strike by Zhou Weiqing.

It might just be a single lightning pearl, but with the fine control of Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’, that particular lightning pearl was actually compressed with a massive amount of lightning attribute Heavenly Energy. Towards someone who tried to kill him directly, he did not feel the need to hold back. Even if that person was a beautiful lady, in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, she was just a femme fatale.

“Show mercy!”  Right at this moment, an urgent voice rang out. The next instant, an icy blue light engulfed it. It was a massive water bubble. As soon as the bubble appeared, it enveloped Zhou Weiqing’s lightning pearls. To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, the water bubble actually severed the connection between him and the lightning pearl. Next, the water bubble flew out towards the door, up into the skies. After a few moments, the loud explosion of lightning and thunder rang out, as if someone had detonated a massive lightning bomb in midair.

Xuan’er subconsciously staggered back several steps, her body knocking into a table which toppled to the ground. Currently, her eyes were filled with shock. She knew that if not for the bubble appearing at the last second, she would have been blown to bits by that lightning pearl’s explosion.

A tall and slender figure appeared at the doorway. “Please show mercy. I apologize deeply on behalf of my sister.” As soon as the figure appeared, his words and attitude were extremely courteous, but in a flash he appeared in front of Xuan’er defensively.

When he saw the person, Zhou Weiqing started momentarily. The figure first looked at Xuan’er, making sure that his sister was fine, before he turned to look at the other side.

Four eyes met. The person who had saved Xuan’er suddenly shuddered violently, eyes filled with shock as he staggered back a step, exclaiming in shock: “It… it’s you?!” This person who had saved Xuan’er was actually someone Zhou Weiqing knew… was even familiar with. It was Ye Paopao, son of the Fei Li Empire Prime Minister… once his treasured companion who had been in the same Battle Team with Zhou Weiqing in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, fighting alongside him… but also the same person who had ran off early and reported Zhou Weiqing’s information to the Fei Li Empire… causing him so much trouble… 0

A shadow of a smile crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face… a strange, even conflicted look. “Why can’t it be me? Is this your little sister? Not bad, not bad at all! So young, and already at the five-Jeweled stage.”

Seeing that it was Zhou Weiqing, Ye Paopao’s face changed dramatically. If there was one single person that he wished most not to meet, it had to be this youth standing right in front of him now.

Originally, when Lin TianAo, him and the others had represented the Fei Li Empire to join the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Ye Paopao had definitely gained many major benefits. Not just in terms of the raise in cultivation level… even the simple reward of being able to ascend the Heavenly Jewel Island after winning the championship was an unbelievable benefit. Currently, his cultivation level had already broken through to the six-Jeweled cultivation stage, which would have been far above his own expectations before he had attended the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

Alas, he had betrayed Zhou Weiqing, informing his own Family about Zhou Weiqing’s details, and influencing the decision for the Fei Li Empire to break ties with Zhou Weiqing, forcing him to flee from the Fei Li Empire. It could be said that at that time, Ye Paopao had affected Zhou Weiqing the most. All these years, Ye Paopao had also been filled with guilt and regret.

Not long ago, Zhou Weiqing had led a diplomatic party to visit the Fei Li Empire, he had learned about it. However, at that time, he had only looked at him in the drilling ground from a distance for a short moment.

How could he dare, have the face to meet Zhou Weiqing? However, just that single look was sufficient for him to see how powerful Zhou Weiqing had grown in the few years apart.

Previously, when he was only at the three-Jeweled stage, Zhou Weiqing had already done so much, caused so much wind and rain in the last Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Let alone now, when he was already at the six-Jeweled stage. It could be said that the person Ye Paopao feared most was Zhou Weiqing, and now that he appeared so suddenly in front of him, one could imagine the sheer shock in Ye Paopao’s heart.

“Weiqing, how are you. It’s been a long time.”  Ye Paopao forced a smile. At last, he gathered his spirits and greeted Zhou Weiqing.

“Ye Paopao, he hurt Ah Dou, and Xuan’er. You must take revenge for us!”  One of the youths sidled up, saying angrily towards Ye Paopao.

Ye Paopao swept a cold gaze over him, before saying quietly: “Shut up. Take Xuan’er and get lost. Wait for me outside.”

“Ye Paopao, you aren’t so afraid of things right.” The youth said vexedly.

All of a sudden, Ye Paopao just gave him a backhand slap, sending him flying, fixing his crashed form with a cold gaze. This time, no one else dared say anything else, and even Xuan’er stood up quietly, glaring savagely at Zhou Weiqing before leaving gloomily with the other youths. Ye Paopao looked at Zhou Weiqing with an embarrassed expression. “Weiqing, my apologies, they are just too young, arrogant and willful.”

Zhou  Weiqing  smiled  faintly,  saying:  “They  did  not  do anything to that they have to apologize about, just a bunch of kids. On the other hand, if I did not remember wrongly, you were the one who actually let me down right…”

Ye Paopao gave a bitter smile, saying: “Yes…  yes I let you down indeed. All these years, I have lived in regret. I have also always been running away from the truth, avoiding the past. Now that I have seen you today again, I know that I can no longer run away. Do it then, no matter how you deal with me, I accept it. Although I had my own reasons for doing it at that time, it is true that I betrayed you… that I let you down.”

Looking at Ye Paopao’s sorrowful face, Zhou Weiqing gave a cold smirk. Waving at him, he said: “Go, get lost. Killing you will only dirty my hands. I am too lazy to talk about the past, I can only blame my own eyes for being blind.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing turned back to his own table. Indeed, when he had been betrayed, he had once been filled with hate and anger against Ye Paopao. At that time, if not for the fact he had just barely been strong enough, perhaps he would have died at the Fei Li Empire, died in the hands of his so-called allies.

However, so much time had passed, and just too many things had happened to him since. Especially since he had gained so much more in the ZhongTian Empire, meeting all his Peerless Regiment brothers. Perhaps, if not for Ye Paopao’s betrayal and actions, he would not have what he has today. As such, a lot of the hate towards Ye Paopao had vanished. He had never been a person to dwell on hatred, always preferring to look towards the future. In his heart, Ye Paopao was no longer of any importance at all, just a mere past guest that had once been in his life briefly.

Naive / have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities

Chapter 210 Ascending Heavenly Jewel! 

Ye Paopao had thought of many possible reactions Zhou Weiqing would have when they met again. However, he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Zhou Weiqing would actually just let him go like that. For a moment, he stood there, stunned and speechless.

“Do you still need me to send you off?” Zhou Weiqing glanced at him coldly.

Only then did Ye Paopao come to his senses. Gritting his teeth, a complex light in his eyes, he finally gave a long sigh, bowing deeply to Zhou Weiqing before turning to leave. The knot in his heart that had been there for years had finally come loose, but it didn’t make him feel any better. Alas, there was no such thing as medicine for regret in this world. So, no matter how gloomy he felt, there was nothing he could do to change things that he had already done.

Ye Paopao left, and Ma Qun couldn’t help but say: “Boss, that fellow betrayed you in the past, and you just let him go like that?” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “It isn’t about letting him go or not. In my eyes, he is no longer anyone important. It is pointless to make a fuss over people like him. Furthermore, killing him is of no benefit to us. After all, we are currently still allies with the Fei Li Empire. Alright, go back and eat, see if eating more can’t keep your mouth shut?”

Ye Paopao walked out of the inn, still in a distracted and dazed state. Ye Xuan’er and the others were already waiting for him outside, and as soon as they spotted him, they gathered around him quickly.

Ye  Xuan’er’s  eyes  were  filled  with  anger.  “Brother,  why? What abilities does that fellow have that you are actually so scared of him? Are you still a man?”

Ye Paopao glanced at her coldly. “Do you know who he is? If I hadn’t come back in time, you would already be dead in there. All of you. I had just gone out for a while, and you all caused so much trouble. If you all continue on like this, we don’t even have to speak about entering the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals, I’m afraid we can’t even get past the preliminary rounds.” The anger in Ye Xuan’er’s eyes did not lessen due to Ye Paopao’s words. “Brother, have you forgotten the honour of our Family?”

Ye Paopao’s gaze suddenly froze. All of a sudden, he slapped Ye Xuan’er viciously on the face, sending this beloved sister that he had always doted on so much falling to the ground.

“Honour of our family? Do you know, that person can easily destroy our family. You all want to know who is he? Fine, let me tell you. His name is Zhou Weiqing. Not long ago, he led the diplomatic party from the Heavenly Bow Empire to visit our Fei Li Empire. Yes, that Zhou Weiqing. That Zhou Weiqing who defeated the nine-Jeweled Vice Commander of the Royal Family Guards with his six-Jeweled cultivation level. At the same time, he is also the person who led our Fei Li Battle Team in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament. At that time, he was only at the three-Jeweled stage. In the entire Fei Li Empire, he is the only one in my heart who can be called a legend. I was once his team member, and I personally witnessed the countless miracles that he created. Who the hell do you all think you are, you dare to provoke him?!”

Hearing Ye Paopao’s words, these youths were stunned. Even Ye Xuan’er totally forgot the pain on her face. Years ago, when Zhou Weiqing had led the Fei Li Battle Team to achieve the championship of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it had shook the entire Fei Li Empire. This was especially so for the younger generation of Heavenly Jewel Masters, he could be considered an idol even.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team, and their series of actions and achievements on the Heavenly Jewel Tournament… it had long been turned into stories, passed down through all the various Academies. How could Xuan’er and the others not know about it? Their respect and idolizing of Ye Paopao was also because Ye Paopao had been part of the team!

Just like what Ye Paopao said, in their hearts, Zhou Weiqing was a legend… and this legend had been right in front of them just now!

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing could guess the meaning behind Ye Paopao bringing all these outstanding youthful Heavenly Jewel Masters such a outlying border city at this time. It was clear that they were headed to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, this year’s Fei Li Battle Team would no longer be able to reproduce the glorious results of the previous tournament.

… They rested for the remainder of the day in the small border city. The next morning, the six members of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team resumed their journey, officially entering the ZhongTian Empire.

They moved on for fifteen more days, at a pace that was even slower than ordinary folk riding normal horses. Still, at last they reached their destination.

In the distance, the giant and wondrous capital city of the ZhongTian Empire in the horizon, with the great pillars that supported the Heavenly Jewel Island, a stunning sight for anyone.

Zhou Weiqing stopped his single-horned Ghost Demon Horse, and his eyes blanked a moment as he drifted into remembrance.

Several years ago, it was this exact place where he had led the Fei Li Battle Team to achieve a miracle. It was this place where he had met Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Xue’er. It was also this place where he had received the news about the destruction of his Empire. Returning to this place of so many memories, but things had changed so much already. The current Zhou Weiqing was no longer the young and green youth. He was now a powerhouse and true leader in his own right.

“What is it, did many thoughts and feelings spark in you? Or are you just thinking of your three Shangguan Sisters?” Tian’er was by Zhou Weiqing’s side and she couldn’t help but teased him.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “All I guess, I don’t know how Bing’er has been.”  In front of Tian’er, he did not attempt to hide his feelings and yearning for Shangguan Bing’er. In Zhou Weiqing’s life, not only was she his first woman, it was also Bing’er who had helped him become a Heavenly Jewel Master, saving his life in the process and helping him since. It could be said that Bing’er’s position in his heart was irreplaceable. They had not seen each other for years, and he did not know how her cultivation had been after such a long closed door cultivation. However, no matter what, in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, she was still the gentle, amazing Bing’er forever.

They entered the ZhongTian City. With the experience from the last time, Zhou Weiqing easily brought the others to the same inn they had stayed during the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, when they were registering to stay, they met Ye Paopao once again.

“Weiqing, you…  you all are also here to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament?”  Unlike Zhou Weiqing who had already guessed Ye Paopao’s purpose, Ye Paopao had not actually guessed at Zhou Weiqing’s goal. They had been moving at such a faster speed than Zhou Weiqing’s group, and had already been staying here for days. Perhaps because of the old cherished memory, Ye Paopao had actually also brought the current Fei Li Battle Team to stay at this same inn.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying: “Why? Can’t we join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament as well?”

Ye Paopao quickly came to his senses, saying: “Right, you all must be representing the Heavenly Bow Empire. Just a short three years, and things have changed so much. Weiqing, may I speak with you personally?” The last sentence, Ye Paopao had gathered up all his courage to say. Zhou Weiqing glanced at him, saying: “There is no need. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament is starting in half a month, and we will only be rivals then. Good luck to you then.”

Looking at Zhou Weiqing and his group’s retreating figures, a hint of bitterness crossed Ye Paopao’s lips. It was too late to speak about some things, and all of it had mostly been caused by himself. If, originally, he had not rushed back to the Fei Li Empire, spilling everything on Zhou Weiqing and adding fuel to the fire in pushing the Fei Li Empire to treat Zhou Weiqing as an enemy… perhaps this year’s Fei Li Battle Team would still be led by Zhou Weiqing.

A few years had passed, and everyone had grown up, much more mature. The way they looked at things had also changed. By now, Ye Paopao truly realised that what he had done previously, besides the slight reason for his family, more of it was because of his jealousy of Zhou Weiqing.

However, now that he saw Zhou Weiqing again, he realised that he no longer had even the right to be jealous of Zhou Weiqing.

… After they had settled down in their rooms, Zhou Weiqing called the others to his room for a short meeting.

“Everyone, take a seat. Let us discuss the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, which will be starting in half a month.” Zhou Weiqing gave a signal, and everyone found a place to sit. Tian’er just sat cross-legged on his bed, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a faint smile on her beautiful face.

As time had passed, the original perverted little rascal had grown more mature and stable. Perhaps it was a case of ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’, and Tian’er’s love for him had influenced her thoughts. However, in her eyes, heart, there was only this young man in front of her. Even if she may not admit it outright, Zhou Weiqing’s position in her heart had already surpassed her father. This was perhaps a real life scenario of the old saying ‘a grown girl can’t be kept at home’.

Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “We have already reached the ZhongTian City. This time, we are here to represent my homeland, the Heavenly Bow Empire. Although most of you are not original citizens of our Heavenly Bow Empire, you have chosen it to be your new home. This current Heavenly Jewel Tournament is truly very important to me, and it is the best chance for our Heavenly Bow Empire to rise up. With the sheer power and influence of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, we must seize this opportunity to let everyone know that our Heavenly Bow Empire has returned… returned much stronger and greater.”

“As   such,   we   only   have   a   single   goal.   The   final championship.”  As he said the last sentence, Zhou Weiqing’s words were filled with resolution.

Towards this state of his, Tian’er was the most familiar. Everytime Zhou Weiqing spoke like that, it meant he had truly set his resolve, to accomplish this task no matter what he had to do.

The rest of the group looked at him, nodding, but no one interrupted him.

Zhou  Weiqing  continued:  “This  year’s  Heavenly  Jewel Tournament will be very different from the previous ones. During our journey here, I have already considered it very closely. In the past, the reason why I was able to snatch the final championship with the Fei Li Battle Team… I can say it was probably eighty percent luck. Even for the final battle, if not for the massive dragon, we could never have defeated the other three battle teams with the backing of the Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, the more I recall things closely, even those Battle Teams backed by the Great Saint Lands, they definitely did not send their strongest teams. That gave us a huge opening, coupled with our luck and hard work… only then did we win.”

“However, this time will be very different. Before Xue’er left the Crescent City, she told me that all three of them Shangguan Sisters will be joining their ZhongTian Battle Team in the Tournament. In telling me this, she is not just informing me about the decision of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but also reminding me that this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament will not be so simple. There are likely many political reasons behind this… so we must be ready that we will be meeting far stronger opponents than the previous round. At least, I believe it isn’t just the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… all of the other Great Saint Lands will also be sending their strongest teams… strongest formations. This means that I need everyone to be prepared for the toughest possible fights, not just cultivating, but also preparing yourself in your heart. Of course, as the team leader, I will do my best to bear a larger burden, but I will not accept any failure.”

Pausing for a moment, he then asked: “Tian’er, how much money did we bring this time?” Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Besides the bare minimum we need for our Heavenly Bow Empire to continue running properly, we brought all excess funds. We currently have around thirty million gold in total.”

Hearing that sum, everyone was surprised, staring at Zhou Weiqing in shock. To bring such a large sum of money, what was he trying to do? Previously, Zhou Weiqing had not told them about this.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Building up the reputation of our Heavenly Bow Empire is indeed important, but to us, perhaps the more important thing now is to earn money. We can never have enough money, there are just too many ways we urgently need to spend in. Furthermore, I have just declared a year of tax exemption for our Empire, but we have to keep building up our troops. With just our current funds, I’m afraid we can’t last too long. As such, before we finish our empire’s revival and build the economy back to self sufficiency, we need to get fresh infusions of gold. Only by doing this will we be able to continuing further upgrading and improving our troops. This Heavenly Jewel Tournament is definitely one of the best chances we have.” It could be said that Zhou Weiqing was currently the highest commander in the entire Heavenly Bow Empire, with Princess Difuya only as a figurehead, and she would not interfere in his decisions. This time, since he was leaving the Heavenly Bow Empire for such a long time to join the Heavenly Jewel
Tournament, naturally he had to do something for the Empire during this time.

Attending the Tournament was indeed very important, but Zhou Weiqing had also definitely placed much importance on the chance to earn gold. After all, the previous time he had joined the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he had won slightly more than one hundred million gold. This time, his capital was even greater, and he would not give up the chance easily.

Of course, Crow had one of the previous Fei Li Battle Team members who had earned much from the last Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Instantly, her eyes lit up as well as she said: “Boss, tell us what to do then? Do we still bet everything on ourselves? We can already earn a decent amount in the preliminary stages.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “It will be tough to just throw everything betting on us, it is too obvious a target. After all, this time our capital is much higher, and if we bet everything on us, it will greatly influence the odds. We need to spread our web in betting. Of course, we will definitely bet on ourselves too. Thirty million gold… it should be impossible to multiply it by a hundred, but if we are careful, multiplying it by ten times or more should not be a problem. With the wealth of the ZhongTian public, and the other Battle Teams’ ‘investment’, I have no worries about success. As for how we do so exactly, it will have to wait until we all draw lots and the groups are settled.”

Crow grinned and said: “That is your business already, in any case I will just bet all my personal funds on us, that is the safest.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “That is good too. I think all of you can just bet all your personal funds on ourselves, that will be safer. However, when it comes to some critical matches, we also need to be careful. After all, we might not necessarily be able to win every single fight. Alright, you guys have a rest in the inn first, I am going out for a while, to trying and find some information about our opponents this Heavenly Jewel Tournament. I should not be back too early, so Tian’er, you do not need to wait for me tonight.”

Tian’er nodded in agreement. Zhou Weiqing opened the door and left. As they watched his retreating bet, Yun Li couldn’t help but ask Tian’er curiously: “Why don’t you follow him, all this time you both haven’t been apart.”

Tian’er smiled faintly and said: “He is going to the Heavenly Jewel Island to look for his loves, what use is there for me following him?”

Yun Li started momentarily. “You know about it? Why did you just let him go then?”

Tian’er smiled and said: “There are some things that are not worth fighting about. If I cannot hold onto his heart, what is the point of holding onto him? If he really leaves me because of other women, that only proves my own attractiveness is insufficient. However, I am confident.”

Ma Qun gave Tian’er a big thumbs up and said: “Sis-in-law, impressive. We’ll head back first then.”  After saying that, he stood up and left together with Crow and Xixi.

Yun Li also scratched his head sheepishly before following them. He did not really understand Tian’er’s psychology in that. In truth, for the past few days, Tian’er had suddenly become open minded. This fellow Little Fatty had this many women, why should she continue finding trouble for herself? Forcing him to be so troubled about having to chose. Furthermore, the three Shangguan Sisters were not tough to get along with. No matter what, Zhou Weiqing would not leave her, or leave them, so she did not want to give him excess trouble that could be avoided. She had decided not to fight with them about this, and it would be much better.

Tian’er’s guess was indeed accurate. After Zhou Weiqing left the inn, he headed straight for the Heavenly Jewel Island. With the previous plaque he had from the last Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it was no trouble for him to ascend the Heavenly Jewel Island. Furthermore, with his current cultivation level, it did not take long for him to cross the clouds and reach the top.

In truth, even before they stepped into the ZhongTian City, as they neared it, his heart had already flown up there. Before Shangguan Xue’er had left, she had told him that Bing’er was already out of her closed door cultivation, and he could no longer hold back the longing in his heart. Of course, he would still be looking for information about the other Battle Teams, but the most important thing for him now was to look for Bing’er. “Is  your  Third  Young  Miss  here?  Please  help  me  send  a message that Zhou Weiqing is here to look for her.” As soon as he reached the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to look for one of the workers of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

The few white clad youths did not recognize him, and as soon as they heard he was looking for Shangguan Bing’er, they were surprised.

The Heavenly Jewel Island wasn’t a place that most people could easily access. One had to be a Upper level Zong Stage to even have the right to be given special access, or the only other way was through the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. This youth in front of them clearly seemed to be the latter, and they not know which Great Saint Land he had come from.

One of the white clad youths at the head said passively: “I’m sorry, Sir. We are not able to help you send such a message. Our Third Young Miss will not see any ordinary person easily.”

Zhou Weiqing’s face grew bleak. “I am her husband, how can you not send the message?” As soon as he said that, the white clad youths’ eyes widened, and they stared at Zhou Weiqing with disbelief.

The leader’s face turned ugly, and he shouted angrily: “You dare insult our Third Young Miss? Arrest him!”

Instantly, the dozen or so Heaven’s Expanse Palace white clad youths surrounded Zhou Weiqing, unleashing their Heavenly Jewels.

They were all Heavenly Jewel Masters, and though their average cultivation level was at the four-Jeweled stage, with only the leader who was about thirty years of age being around six-Jeweled stage. However, they definitely had the numbers advantage.

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “I really am Bing’er’s husband, what do you mean I am insulting her?!”

The leading white clad man gave a disdainful hmph. “Why don’t you urinate in a puddle and look at your own reflection? You think you are worthy?!” “Your sister…” Little Fatty flew into a rage, stepping forward and sending a punch flying towards the white clad leader, totally ignoring the rest of the youths charging at him.

Instantly, the entrance of the Heavenly Jewel Island lapsed into a mass of chaos and confusion.
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