Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171 Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation!

“Master,  what  is  the  Six  Ultimate  Skill  Manipulation Formation?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously as he looked at Long Shiya.

Long Shiya gave a humph and said: “Do you really think my reputation of Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor is just merely about perfect control and fine usage of the various Attribute Heavenly Energies? As long as one’s cultivation level is up there, in order for a Heavenly Jewel Master to gain fine control of Heavenly Energy and their Skills, it is not that difficult. However, my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts is matchless even today, and that is because of my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. Keep your senses full on and keep watch carefully.”

As he spoke, Long Shiya’s body lit up, eleven Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels floated out, forming a formation with six on top and five below. A six-coloured shield of light rose up, emitting from the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his senses to the outside extremely intense. Furthermore, Long Shiya did not even attempt to hide what he was doing, and he could instantly sense the sheer changes in the atmospheric Heavenly Energy.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing had sudden illusion in his heart, as if Long Shiya had become the dictator, the controller of the entire world around. Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness… the six different Attribute Heavenly Energy did not fuse together, instead spinning about in perfect synchrony, arranging themselves around his body like soldiers, ready to listen to his orders and follow them at any time.

Long Shiya’s right hand waved gently, and immediately the six Attribute Heavenly Energies in the air each split out a strand, flying right in front of him before merging into a six coloured knife of light. Behind his back, the now-familiar Heavenly Skill Image of himself appeared.

“The  true  profound  secrets  behind  the  Six  Ultimate  Skill Manipulation Formation is in the words fusion and mixing. Towards those Heavenly Jewel Masters with multiple Attributes, fusion has always been an important lesson to learn. However, for most of them, when going through fusion of multiple Attributes. It would take a massive amount of Heavenly Energy while doing such an unstable task, and more so to maintain it. The more attributes one tried to fuse, the more difficult it would be. However, for my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, the secret lies in using the formation to undergo any fusion, and not just mere Heavenly Energy control. In this way, the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation actually becomes the vessel which contains and
controls the fusion, allowing the fusion without the Attributes clashing.”

As Zhou Weiqing listened to Long Shiya’s explanation, his eyes grew wider in surprise. Such a thing was possible?!

He was no longer the little newbie who had first become a Heavenly Jewel Master those few years ago with Shangguan Bing’er, not knowing anything. Although Long Shiya said it so simply, he instantly understood the sheer audacity and meaning behind those words.

No matter how many Attributes, they would not clash? That meant that even if one tried to fuse as many Attributes, it would still be easy! Furthermore, his Master was using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation to unleash all the various Fusion Attribute Skills using atmospheric Heavenly Energy, not his own personal Heavenly Energy. Under such a circumstance, even when unleashing an extremely powerful Fusion Skill, it would not take a huge toll on himself, and his sustainability in combat was also terrifying indeed. With the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he would not need to worry about running out of Heavenly Energy.

From Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, Long Shiya could tell that he already understood what he meant. He continued his explanation: “There are many underlying profound secrets to the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. Previously, the basic Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts that I taught you can be counted as a beginner’s test… to test your powers of understanding and your temperament. Although you are a little dumb, at least you are very hardworking and willing to exert yourself to learn. Now, you can truly inherit the profound secrets of my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.”

“In our world, there are six pivot points. North, South, East, West, Heavens above and the Earth below. As such, the basis of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is that one must have at least six-Jeweled cultivation level or higher; otherwise the formation cannot be complete. This was the reason why I have never taken a disciple before I met you. A Heavenly Jewel Master with Six Attributes is just too rare. In my entire memory, amongst all the many Heavenly Jewel Masters I have seen, only you and I, Master and Disciple, have that ability.” “Little  Fatty,  you  will  need  to  listen  carefully  to  all  my subsequent words. The most difficult part about learning the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is in actually forming it, its very base structure. However, once you can actually form it completely, then all Skills will be truly within your reach, and it will just be a matter of practice and familiarizing yourself with them and improving.”

“Master,  I  have  a  question.”  Right  at  that  moment,  Zhou Weiqing asked. “Your Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation will fully control all Heavenly Energy within, and you will be the sole ruler in there. However, that needs the Heavenly Dao Energy as foundation and basis right? I have not reached the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, can I actually unleash the full power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation? Another question is… if you meet a powerhouse of the same level, what if he purposely disrupts or destroys the Heavenly Energy rhythm or patterns around your Formation?”

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing with surprise before nodding in satisfaction: “Not bad at all. Just from a quick look, you can already think of such problems, that means you are not stupid after all. Indeed, before you reach the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, the full power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is still limited for you.” “That is because at this stage, even after you have successfully set up the formation, you will still be depending on your own Heavenly Energy for fusing Skills, not the atmospheric Heavenly Energy. However, do not forget that within the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, there
will not be any clash in the various attributes due to fusion. As such, you can still be able to have most of the benefits of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, mainly the easier fusion of the powerful skills. Furthermore, you have already reached the Heavenly Xu Stage. Even if you aren’t able to fully manipulate the atmospheric energies, you should already be starting to be able to borrow their powers slightly. More importantly, you have one major factor that would differentiate you from other Heavenly Jewel Masters – your Immortal Deity Technique and those wings that appear during your Dragon-Tiger Transformation. With those, your recovery rate of Heavenly Energy far surpasses any Heavenly Jewel Master of your level, or even above you. Under such a circumstance, the drawback of the current you using the Six
Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is pretty much negated, and I do not foresee any problems.”

“As for your second question, I can answer you very simply. Unless my opponent is able to kill me off with a single powerful blow, otherwise the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation will not be so easily broken. The key of the matter is that with the pivotal points of the Formation being formed with the six Elemental Jewels is Heavenly Dao, and how can the Heavenly Dao be so easily disrupted by humans? Even if the Heavenly Energy that the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation controls is influenced by outside factors, once I draw them into the Formation, it will automatically harmonize them once more. I have spent seventy long years labouring on my Six
Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, and all of those problems you mentioned and more, I have considered them and tested or accounted for them.”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were filled with respect. Seventy years of hard work. It was just a simple line when spoken, but once could just imagine the sheer difficulty of the task, and he was once again filled with heartfelt respect for his teacher.

Long Shiya gave a faint sigh and said: “Regrettably, I did not manage to break through the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty; otherwise I would have the chance to break through the Heavenly Shen Stage, and be able to form the Dual Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation that I have theorized for a while now. That Old Monster Xue would then be just a joke in front of me. Who knows… perhaps I would even have the chance to break through to the Heavenly Transformation Stage.”

“Heavenly  Transformation?  What  is  that?”  Zhou  Weiqing asked curiously. Long Shiya explained: “Heavenly Transformation… that is a higher stage than even the Heavenly Shen Stage. Legend speaks of it, that it once existed. If one can break through past the twelve stages of the Heavenly Jewels, breaking past the maximum Heavenly Shen stage… then it is possible to produce a thirteenth Power Jewel. With that, one would have the power to control the heavens. Of course, whether or not this Heavenly Transformation truly exists is not known to living humans, and even in the oldest of records, they do not have
any details.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. At most, he had some interest upon hearing about the Heavenly Transformation, not any obsession. After all, his current cultivation level was just too far away to even think about such things now.

“Master,   in   that   case,   since   your   Six   Ultimate   Skill Manipulation Formation is so powerful… even if you have not reached the Heavenly Shen Stage cultivation stage, with the aid of it, your Six Attributes and the Max Heavenly Emperor stage, are you still not able to win that Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord?”

Long Shiya’s brow furrowed, clearly remembering some bad memories. With a bitter smile, he said: “How could it be so easy? Do you really think the Heavenly Shen Stage is that easily reached? Although our Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation can be said to be extremely profound and great, but it is not invincible, with its own faults. Little Fatty, you must remember that in this world, things are fair. If you want to go against the heavens, you will need to pay the price.”

“For our Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, there are two main weaknesses. Firstly, power. The greatest power that the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation can unleash will always be limited by maximum of the user’s own personal strength. That is to say, even if I am the one using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, the offensive strength of it will be limited to the maximum Heavenly Emperor stage. No matter what, it will never reach the Heavenly God Tier stage. Of course, that is not considering Consolidated Equipment, as well as the Set bonuses on top of that… with all that there is still room for growth. However, just depending on the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, with your current cultivation level, you will still at most be able to wield power of the Six Jeweled cultivation level. However, with that offensive power, the amount of Heavenly Energy you will need to use is extremely minimal, and our Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts have always been famed for our sustainability in combat.”

“The second limitation of the formation lies in the Skills. Once you use the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, you will not be able to use the Skills you have Stored in your Elemental Jewels. Unless you terminate the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, otherwise you will only be able to use your simulated Skills.”

“The reason is simple. The Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation allows us to ignore the restraints of fusing all our six Attributes of Heavenly Energy, but it can’t make use of the different Skills to come up with the same effect.”

Only then did Zhou Weiqing realise that what Long Shiya had previously said was just so true. In this world, there was no such thing as truly going against the rules of heavens. The Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation would allow him to gain much, but at the same time he would have to lose something. It would be up to him to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to use each to his maximum benefit.

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing’s slightly disappointed look, and he clapped him on the shoulders encouragingly, saying: “Little Fatty. You are different for me. Perhaps…  the heights that I have never reached, you will be able to reach them in the future.”

“Ahh?” Zhou Weiqing looked at his master, puzzled. Long Shiya nodded at him and said: “Although you also have Six Elemental Attributes like myself, but amongst your six Attributes, you have two of the Saint Attributes, the Demonic and Time Attributes. You know very clearly how much more powerful these two Attributes are… and how they truly live up to their names as Saint Attributes. As such, no matter your Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts or Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, your offensive power will reach a
greater height than myself. I estimate you will be able to go beyond your current cultivation level. Furthermore, you also have the Dragon-Tiger Transformation that I do not have… due to the fact that you did not have the Fire Attribute element, the Solidified Dragon Spirit has instead spent all of its energy reconstructing and improving your body.”

天道, as I translated literally to Heavenly Dao here for the type of energy, also means natural law or the will of heaven “With the Solidified Dragon Spirit merging with your original Demonic Change State, it has had an unbelievable benefit to your body, and even more, it does not have any clash with the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formations. Adding your ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set… all of these together, even I am not certain to what degree the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts can bring you to.”

As he spoke up to this point, Long Shiya’s words turned grave and   earnest.   “Furthermore,   these   Six   Ultimate   Skill Manipulation Arts were created by your Master, me. However, your talent is not below mine at all… don’t you think you can have the ambition to further improve it? I believe that the future of the world is in your hands. In less than twenty years, I doubt that anyone in the entire Boundless Mainland will be a match for you. The target I have set for you is to reach the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty, Heavenly Emperor before the age of forty. Beyond that… that will depend on yourself.”

Yes, Master. I will definitely not disappoint you.” In Long Shiya’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing could see a deep affection and appreciation. He knew that although his Master often made fun of him, saying he was stupid or things like that… in truth, he was extremely satisfied with him.

At the same time, although Zhou Weiqing did not speak of it, it did not mean he did not know how well Long Shiya treated him. For his sake, his master had spent so much time and effort to bring him all the way here, spending all the time here with him protecting him as he Awakened his Solidified Dragon Spirit. For his sake, his Master would even bring him up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain… he knew that although Long Shiya seemed to be dismissive of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, how could he not know the danger of doing so? It was the strongest powerhouse in the entire world after all!

For him, Long Shiya had even sacrificed his own reputation, going against his own conscience to grab Little Witch for him. Although these past few days Zhou Weiqing had been fully caught up in testing his body’s new limits as well as training, and he had not had time to think about his emotions, feelings or relationships. However, everything else aside, even if it were just for his Master’s reputation, he could not possibly abandon Little Witch. After all, he had been the one who had stolen her virtue, conscious or not.

Amongst all of Zhou Weiqing’s teachers, the one he had spent the least time with was Huyan Aobo, the longest time, Mu En. However, the one who had truly touched him the most was Long Shiya. In truth, his feelings for Long Shiya now were more like father and son, and this newest teacher of his was not nearly as strict as his father’s steel-like personality.

As such, Zhou Weiqing might have only spoken a very simple sentence, a simple promise. However, that pledge was filled with his determination. He would not let Long Shiya down, no matter what. Otherwise, how could he be worthy of all that his Master and all that he had done for him?

In the subsequent time, Long Shiya started officially teaching Zhou Weiqing about all the profound secrets of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts. Just the theory alone took him more than a day to pass on, and what followed next was personally teaching every technique and trick to the entire Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, helping Zhou Weiqing structure his own personal Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

It was far more difficult to construct Zhou Weiqing’s personal Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation than Long Shiya had expected. Originally, when he had constructed his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, due to his six Attributes all being elemental in nature, it was relatively easier to stabilize. Although the Light and Darkness attributes were stronger than the other four Attributes, they were opposing in nature, allowing them to form the two apex of the formation to maintain stability.

However, for Zhou Weiqing’s situation, it was different. What were his six Attributes? Wind, Lightning, Darkness, Spatial, Demonic and Time.

Of the six Attributes, besides the Wind Attribute, the other five were not ordinary at all. The Lightning Attribute was considered a ‘mutated’ Attribute of sorts, while Darkness and Spatial were all Greater Attributes, while Demonic and Time were Saint Attributes. It was definitely not easy to find a balance.

Without finding a right balance, a Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation that belonged to Zhou Weiqing could not be constructed. Yet, that balance point was just too difficult to find.

The Time and Demonic Attributes might both be Saint Attributes, but unlike the Light and Darkness Attributes, they were not polar attributes that could play off each other. Instead, they could be said to have no relation at all, and could not be used as apex points. It was the same case for the Spatial and Darkness Attributes. For a time, even Long Shiya was stuck, totally at a loss.

In that critical moment, suddenly inspiration struck Zhou Weiqing. He finally thought of something… since their situation differed so much between him and Long Shiya, perhaps their actual Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had to be different as well. After some serious pursuing of that line of thought, he came up with an idea.

Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was an equilateral hexagon, and the idea that Zhou Weiqing had would have his own formation taking a different shape… a star-shaped hexagon of two triangles stacked upon the other.

Why two triangles? The reason was naturally because of the word balance once more. Within Zhou Weiqing’s Six Attributes, there were two Saint Attributes, two Greater Attributes, and two relatively ‘normal’ Attributes.

Since there was no way to apply a balance from the Attributes themselves, with no link between any of his Attributes, Zhou Weiqing decided he might as well keep them separated. The Lightning, Darkness and Demonic Attributes in a group to form the first triangle, and the Wind, Spatial and Time Attributes together in the second group to form another triangle. This arrangement was not at random as well. Simply put, the Demonic Attribute and Darkness Attribute did share some commonalities, and the Time and Spatial Attributes did so as well.

As for the Lightning Attribute, since it came from the Dark Demon God along with the Darkness and Demonic Attributes, he decided to put them together. Similarly for the Wind Attribute, it was what he often worked together with Spatial and Time Attribute for Consolidating Equipment Master work, and that was a tentative relationship at least. Once the six Attributes were separated as such, the each of the two triangles could form a balance within themselves. Once the two triangles were stacked together to form the star-shaped hexagon, the center would automatically form an ordinary equilateral hexagon shape as well, allowing the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation to fall into place neatly.

When Long Shiya heard Zhou Weiqing’s idea, he was so surprised that his jaw almost dropped. Although he did not know if this could work, he was certain that just from theory alone, this had a high probability of working.

The most important thing for the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts was balance, and since Zhou Weiqing had found his own balance between his six Attributes, it was definitely worth giving it a shot. In Long Shiya’s own experiments, his personal Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had to be an equilateral hexagon before it worked… but his attributes were very different from Zhou Weiqing. Who was to say that Zhou Weiqing’s star-shaped hexagon could not succeed? Perhaps, it might even have a better effect?

As such, the master and disciple pair started a fresh round of experiments.

Despite being unfamiliar with the entire process, Zhou Weiqing had Long Shiya guiding him from the side, even using his own Heavenly Energy to guide in the process, and it was much easier to form the basic structure in such a case. Even so, they experienced failure after failure. The reason was simple – forming the two triangles were simple, but when stacking them together, it had to be perfectly precise. Even with Long Shiya’s help, it was not easy for Zhou Weiqing to do so.

“Master, do you think we can actually succeed?”  After yet another failure, Zhou Weiqing finally said, dejection and unreconciled vexation in his eyes.

Long Shiya glanced at him and said: “Do not ask me. Ask yourself. In this world, nothing is impossible. It is just a matter of how much we are willing to put in, what price we are willing to pay when doing something. Originally, when I first came up with my Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, I did not have anyone to teach me, and I could only slowly structure my personal Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation at a painstakingly slow speed, fumbling my way in the darkness
and slowly perfecting it. Did you think it was easy even forming an equilateral hexagon formation? It took me five years of my life, working full time on it, to finally complete it. Compared to me, you have far fewer wrong paths to tread upon. If you are going to give up just after a few days, then perhaps you are not worthy of these arts after all.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped in stern warning, and he bowed, saying: “Master, I am wrong. Let us continue.”

Long Shiya nodded. The most satisfactory part about Zhou Weiqing was that he would not dwell on things, able to listen to other’s opinions and suggestions.

The six Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels swirled around Zhou Weiqing’s left wrist, glowing brilliantly. Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath and centered himself once more, focusing hard as the wings spread out behind his back, beating gently. The various Attribute Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere also swirled around, welling into his body. Abruptly, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up. With a slight flick of his left hand, the six slowly spinning Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewels sped up, floating up into the air, each of them undergoing a different change.

These few days of tough training was not without any results. At least, to this beginning procedure, Zhou Weiqing was already extremely familiar.

The Six Alexandrite Cat’s Eye turned into different colours, according to the various Attributes. The rubellite representing Wind, Emperor Sapphire representing Lightning, the chrysoberyl cat’s eye representing Spatial, black opal for Darkness, and lastly an unknown grey gemstone that represented the Demonic Attribute and a translucent, almost transparent gemstone representing time.

The Six Elemental Jewels glowed brilliantly in their respective colours, floating before Zhou Weiqing.

No matter Physical Jewels or Elemental Jewels, to any Heavenly Jewel Master, they were their most important Personal Power Jewels, and could be said to be part of their own bodies. Forcing their Personal Power Jewels to leave their bodies like that was quite a dangerous act; not only did it require a large amount of Heavenly Energy to do so, it also required sufficient spiritual energy to control it.

Under the control of Zhou Weiqing’s will and Heavenly Energy, the six Elemental Jewels slowly split into two groups, forming two triangles; with each group floating in front of Zhou Weiqing on either side. Currently, his brow was matted with sweat, which poured down the side of his face as he was in full concentration.

Very slowly, very carefully, Zhou Weiqing started moving the two groups simultaneously to the center, right in front of him. Floating above was the single triangle, and below the other in reverse. Soon after, the two slowly floated towards each other.

In truth, the success or failure of the formation was all in a single key instant. Besides his own control, there was a measure of luck involved as well. Not only to maintain the balance between all six Elemental Jewels, but also for the six Attributes to actually form the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formations and start operating at the same time in unison.

The process of forming the structure was actually not complicated at all, but success was definitely not easily achieved. In the past few days alone, Zhou Weiqing had already tried more than a hundred times. Every time, he always felt like he was about to succeed, but it always resulted in failure at the last possible second. Such a feeling was extremely terrible indeed, each and every time a continued blow to his confidence.

However, having just listened to his Master’s lecture, Zhou Weiqing’s faith had been renewed, and conviction blazed in his eyes once again. As the two triangles came together slowly, one could sense the various different fields of energy each of the six Elemental Jewels were emitting, and the forced warping as they approached each other. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing suddenly entered an unknown, rather miraculous or fantastic state. He did not know what had happened, as all his senses seemed to magnify several times over, everything surrounding him becoming exceedingly clear. The six Elemental Attributes and their energy fields were all fully presented in his subconscious, every ebb and flow, reverberation, energy movement displayed before his eyes.

Abruptly, delight sparked in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as comprehension dawned upon him. He realised that if he did not fully grasp and master all those energy reverberations, even if he tried another hundred thousand more times, million times, he would never succeed.

Even within the same group, the three Elemental Jewels had extremely different energy signatures and reverberations, almost drastically different.

As he slowly began to understand the sheer magnitude of the task before him, Zhou Weiqing did not immediately try to gain control. Instead, he did not move at all, allowing himself to stay in that strange, miraculous state, observing every single change in all the six Elemental Jewels. Every tiny miniscule change, any ebb or flow, slightest movement or change… all of it imprinted into his mind.

At the side, Long Shiya was a little surprised to see Zhou Weiqing freeze like that. Naturally, he knew it was a very troublesome process while merging the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formations. However, sensing the energy fields and signatures of the various Elemental Jewels was not something that could be simply taught or spoken about.

This was something that had to be discovered by oneself, to stumble in the dark and grasp it. If he told Zhou Weiqing about it beforehand, he would definitely intentionally be seeking it, and the likely result would be that he would never be able to find it. He could only hope that with Zhou Weiqing’s intelligence and power of understanding, he would be able to understand it eventually.

Currently, when he clearly saw Zhou Weiqing’s originally urgent and impatient eyes calmed down abruptly, and the six Elemental Jewels floating in front of him settled down in stillness. Not only then, within those deep purple eyes of Zhou Weiqing’s, a brilliant light shone, and Long Shiya could sense a powerful spiritual energy reverberation from his body… despite the fact that Zhou Weiqing did not have the Spirit Attribute. Such a powerful spiritual energy reverberation was far beyond any Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master.

“This is…  power from the Solidified Dragon Spirit?! Or… perhaps  that  strange  tiger  bloodline  he  has…?”  Even  Long Shiya was left puzzled. In truth, one could say that no matter a Dragon or the Dark Demon God Tiger, both had extremely powerful spiritual energy. When both their bloodlines were fused together, there was a qualitative change, causing their spiritual energy to become even stronger. As Zhou Weiqing focused his full attention, it also slowly brought up this powerful spiritual energy for his use, otherwise his senses could not have boosted to such a degree in an instant.

A faint smile. A faint smile revealed upon Zhou Weiqing’s face, as the two triangles in front of him slowly started to show change.

Lightning, Darkness, Demonic. The three Elemental Jewels shone with a gentle light. Slowly, the triangle started spinning, the individual light which each gave forth growing stronger as time passed.

What followed next was the triangle with the Wind, Spatial and Time Attributes, also starting to spin, but in a different direction. From just the outlook alone, with the two triangles both spinning, it would be even more difficult to merge together. However, Long Shiya watching calmly at the side knew fully that Zhou Weiqing was allowing the two triangles to maintain a temporary balance before bringing them to the actual fusion.
In this way, as long as the two moving energy frequencies reached a compatible state, they could be fused together, and not like previously attempting to match six energy signatures.

As the two triangles moved closer to one another, six different colours started flashing in the center, in erratic fluctuations. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing once again stopped the two triangles. This was not a time to advance too quickly and impulsively, otherwise he would fail on the last moment again.

The reason he stopped the two triangles was simple – to wait for resonance between the two. Perhaps, it would be a long wait, but this was after all a resonance between two. It was a simple matter of probability, waiting for it to happen between two energy signatures was definitely a greater chance than between six energy signatures!

Time passed, seconds… then minutes… Zhou Weiqing’s forehead was now beaded with fine drops of sweat. To maintain the six Elemental Jewels in such a manner was a huge toll on his Heavenly Energy and Spiritual Energy. Even though the wings behind his back was drawing in Heavenly Energy from the atmosphere, it was still far from being sufficient to replenish the massive drain.

15 minutes… half hour… one hour…

Zhou Weiqing still maintained in the exact same position, not having even moved a muscle as he maintained full control on the two triangles, keeping them both in the same position as they spun away. The only visible change was the gathering sweat on his forehead was clearly much more than before.

Zhou Weiqing’s vision was starting to blur, the two spinning triangles seeming to turn almost illusory, unreal. Maintaining full concentration and focus for such a long period of time, no matter how strong his spiritual energy was, there was still a limit.

This is it, I’m at my limit…  I can’t hold on any longer. No matter Heavenly Energy or Spiritual Energy, Zhou Weiqing was already nearing the limit. However, he was at the awkward position that he could not allow himself to breakdown now, as his six Elemental Jewels were separated from his body. If he did not withdraw them back before breaking down, then he was in danger of losing his Power Jewels permanently. If that really happened; even the best case scenario would be him being crippled for life.

I guess this is it. I’ll rest a while and try again. Zhou Weiqing sighed deeply inwardly. Just as he was prepared to withdraw his six Elemental Jewels with a fluctuation of his will, all of a sudden the two triangles shuddered momentarily. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing sensed that the two triangles had suddenly miraculously entered a state of perfect resonance.

Not a hint of warning, happiness just came too quickly. Of course, Zhou Weiqing had prepared for this for so long; how could he possibly give up this long-awaited chance.

His spiritual energy exerting at maximum in that instant, and the two triangles came together at once, accompanied by a loud explosion, all six Elemental Jewels glowing brightly as they burst forth with energy. The original two triangles suddenly became a full star-shaped hexagon as they merged together, and the six different coloured lights rose forth, a powerful Heavenly Energy reverberation resonating through the entire air.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the last bits of remaining Heavenly Energy in his body being drained at a crazy rate by the six glowing lights, his entire body felt like it was being sucked dry. At this critical moment, an unbelievably pure Heavenly Energy surged into his body through his back, replenishing his almost fully-drained reserves at the last second. At the same time, the six lights in front of him shone brilliantly, and they clearly changed.

Success! At that point, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the harmony between all six Attributes. No matter how exhausted he was physically, mentally and spiritually; he would not give up such a perfect opportunity. Hiw own personal Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had finally been formed, and this was his chance to fully explore its entire structure, energy signature and multitude of changes within. He did not dare to waste anytime celebrating; once again putting his full focus in controlling his spiritual energy. The six lights slowly lowered down to his feet, and Zhou Weiqing sat down right at the side of the newly raised formation, closing his eyes as he extended all his senses to their maximum to explore the formation and the energy reverberations around.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation did not have the same bright brilliance that Long Shiya’s one did; and it was also currently unable to unleash the same insane power that Long Shiya could, able to mimic Heavenly God Tier Skills. However, he had finally taken his first step in this major breakthrough. It could be said that he had finally entered the realm of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts and achieved some small measure of success.

A faint smile crossed his lips, his face glowing as he placed his hands on his knees, still fully concentrating on the six Attribute Heavenly Energy reverberations in front of him.

At present, Long Shiya was standing right behind Zhou Weiqing. Indeed, at that previous moment of near-failure, that infusion of pure Heavenly Energy had been from this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. Currently, he was standing there, a clear look of delight on his face. It had only been a few days, and his disciple had already succeeded! More so, that Little Fatty’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was totally different from his own, and Long Shiya was truly excited to see what sort of differences would occur from that.

After all, Long Shiya had been researching these arts for so many years, and he could clearly sense that this newly created Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation by Zhou Weiqing was truly a miraculous feat in its own right, and would have its own unique capabilities compared to his own. As for what those changes were, he would have to wait for Zhou Weiqing to awaken from his own explorations to find out. Slowly pulling back his hands from Zhou Weiqing’s back, Long Shiya stopped the infusion of Heavenly Energy to Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, he no longer needed the extra infusion; the fusion had been complete and the wings behind his back from the Dragon-Tiger Transformation was sufficient to sustain his energy expenditure.

There was still some time before their deadline of the Winter Solstice, and Zhou Weiqing’s training speed and achievements had already far surpassed Long Shiya’s previous expectations. From the looks of things, they would be able to prepare more before they ascended the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Thinking about it with much satisfaction, Long Shiya’s gaze subconsciously turned towards the direction of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The normally cold and cheerless, almost desolate Heavenly Snow Mountain, had suddenly turned lively, bustling with noise and excitement. The reason was simple, the ‘True God’ of the entire northern ice plains, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, had announced that his daughter was about to be married. Furthermore, the person she was about to be married to was the heir of the throne of the Royal Family of the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, and he could possibly even be the heir to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position as well… the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing.
Not long ago, Gu Yingbing had actually officially announced
that he would be stepping down from the position of heir to the Royal Family, to focus on cultivation and training in the Heavenly Snow Mountains.

Of course, this news did not cause Gu Yingbing’s status in the WanShou Empire to drop by any means, instead rising in stock drastically. The entire WanShou Empire knew of Gu Yingbing, and how talented and outstanding he was. Although he did not succeed in breaking through the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty, he was still one of the top in the entire younger generation, a leader in his own right amongst his peers. Just not long ago, he had broken through to the nine- Jeweled stage at the extremely young age of thirty two, becoming a Upper Stage Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, just a step away from reaching the Heavenly King Stage.

As the saying went, breaking through to the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty would give one the chance to actually reach the Heavenly God Stage, but that was not an absolute thing. The main thing was that the early one broke through to the Heavenly King Stage, the greater the chance one would actually have to actually reach the Heavenly God Stage, however low that was still.

Furthermore, Gu YingBing was the main disciple of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, with all the resources of the entire north at his disposal. Who could say that Gu Yingbing would not reach the same height as the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, to ascend to the Heavenly God Stage in the future?

I previously translated this literally as ‘coldest day of winter’, after some reading I think this should be referring to the Winter Solstice, though technically that is the ‘shortest day’ or ‘longest night’ of winter. In any case I’ll use it from now on when that term is used. Haven’t been reading comments in the past few chapters so I’m not sure if anyone already mentioned this previously

Chapter 172 True might of Emperor!

As such, as Gu YingBing announced that he was giving up the Royal Heir position, it would revert back to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodlines. From then on, the stock of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions in the entire WanShou Empire grew, to such a height that no one could shake, not even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers who were at the same level.

The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodlines had always been at the head of the entire north. One bloodline would be in charge of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the other would then be in charge of the Empire. This was a rule that had been passed down from their ancestors long past, and both bloodlines could be said to be inseparably interconnected in complementing each other; no one would ever dare to destroy such an equilibrium. In the entire WanShou Empire, the Lion Tribe and Tiger Tribes could be said to be the two strongest tribes absolutely. Each of them had five Regiments of soldiers, and the two tribes combined was already more than a fifth of the entire WanShou Empire armies… furthermore, they were undoubtedly the strongest fifth!

No matter the Lion Tribe or the Tiger Tribe Regiments, when they entered the battlefield, they always brought about the blood of their enemies as well as their defeat. Of course, in the recent history, these two tribes seldom participated in the war against humans. After all, the war against the humans were mostly raids meant for looting, not an actual invasion.

In the entire WanShou Empire, there were over a hundred Beastmen Tribes in total, large or small. Amongst them, those which could actually form an effective fighting force numbered at least a few dozen, but only about a dozen to a score actually could form an entire proper Regiment that was accepted into the army. Of those tribes, all their leaders and chiefs were all heading towards the Heavenly Snow Mountain; with those at a closer distance having already reached.

The war in the north was already closing in on the end. After all, every year the battles on lasted for two months. Furthermore, in a few days time, it would be the Winter Solstice, also the the date that the marriage between the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s daughter and the Lion Prince. This wedding was definitely considered far more important than a mere annual skirmish on the borders.

Of course, this year’s war between the human Empires could be said to be the worst in history. The main reason was naturally the ZhongTian NorthWest Army area. During that fight, due to a unique new troop in the ZhongTian NorthWest Army, the WanShou Empire had suffered an unprecedentedly massive loss. Worse still, since the larger army had been sent to the NorthWest side, the successful raiding from the other zones were actually slightly less than normal.

The North had now fallen into deep winter, and even the Beastmen Tribesmen would be hard pressed to continue fighting. They had no choice but to retreat at the usual time, but this time they had not succeeded in raiding and looting enough resources, and it would not be an easy winter for the WanShou Empire to get by. They would probably have to dig deep into their reserves to survive the winter.

At the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the weather was as severe and bitter as normal, a stark contrast from the warmth at the feet of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens that was at the feet of the immense mountain; a contrast that was definitely hard to take for many.

Since the early morning, Gu Yingbing had been standing at the entrance of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Castle, personally receiving all the incoming guests. His long, fiery golden-red hair whipped in the cold wind, but he seemed unaffected by the bitter cold, even dressed in the simple thin golden red robes he was adorned in. Currently, he had a warm, welcoming smile on his face, a far cry from his usual haughty and heroic demeanor.

After all, he was about to be married… married to his most beloved Tian’er. How could Gu Yingbing not be overjoyed? Furthermore, marrying Tian’er would also mean he would be confirmed as his teacher’s heir, to become the next Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord.

His Master would definitely go all out in assisting his own cultivation, aiding him in reaching the necessary power to inherit the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord post.

More importantly, he truly did love Tian’er in his heart. At the same time, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers had a great draw towards the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions.

The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers’ bloodline was slightly higher grade than that of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions’, and they had held control of the Heavenly Snow Mountain all these years. Perhaps, it was finally a time for change this generation. Of course, that would mean the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions would lose the Royal Crown, but in comparison to the throne of the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position was far more important! As long as the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord wished it, a simple order could replace even the king! To the entire North, perhaps the Royal Family was able to command all the Tribes, but the Heavenly Snow Mountain was tantamount to being the totem of the entire WanShou Empire. He could finally be the pride of the entire Heavenly Divine
Earth Spirit Lion Tribe.

The guests came in a constant stream, their gifts were all the most precious items in the entire north. Of course, accepting gifts was not a task that Gu Yingbing needed to personally do. Much earlier, the WanShou Emperor, the Lion King Gu Si Te, had sent two hundred disciples from the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions to help out. Just like that, there was a slight feel that the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe was starting to become the master of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Naturally, only those incoming guests, the heads of the various tribes could sense that. These bloodline disciples of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe were still very respectful towards the people of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Deep within the Heavenly Snow Mountain Castle. Tian’er sat on her bed silently, not moving an inch. She was dressed in a white full dress, her similarly white hair hanging down behind her back. The two blue strips of hair in front seemed to have lost their original lustre. Sitting there, she seemed like a beautiful statue… a lifeless one to boot.

All of a sudden, a faint glow appeared, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord appeared out of nowhere with a single step. Looking at his daughter like that, Xue AoTian couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

These few days, Tian’er had stopped cultivating at all, just spending all her time sitting there silently as if deep in thought, yet at the same time strangely not thinking at all. Only when he came with Gu YingBing came would she speak a few words.

“Tian’er, it’s your big day in two days time. Although it is tradition that the bride does not appear in public, you should be happier. After all, you already agreed to marry Gu Yingbing; you should be a good wife.” Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Tian’er lifted her head to look at her father, her empty eyes finally with a slight light within. With a faint smile, she said: “Father, don’t worry, I will definitely marry Big Bro Gu, I won’t let you down.” Seeing that obviously forced smile on his daughter’s face, Xue AoTian felt that something was off. Walking towards Tian’er, he placed a hand gently on her forehead, but he did not find anything wrong with her.

“Father.” Tian’’er said in rebuke.

Xue  AoTian  sighed  gently  and  said:  “You’re  still  thinking about that human brat?”

Tian’er’s heart flinched slightly, and she gave a forced smile before saying: “No, of course I’m not! How could I be thinking of him. Father, I’m already going to marry Big Bro Gu, don’t mention that person anymore; if Bro Gu hears about it, he will not be happy.”

Xue AoTian smiled and said: “Father is very happy that you are sensible enough to say that.”

Tian’er smiled and said: “Father, both you and Big Bro Gu have promised me that as long as I marry him, you two will not hurt Zhou Weiqing, right? Big Bro Gu has already beaten him up previously… and I will not have any other association with him in the future, no matter what. So please, Father, do not mention him again, and do not go and hurt h im alright?” Xue AoTian nodded and said: “Of course, since when have I not kept my promises? Sigh… I must say that if not for your … connection with him, I truly do feel like bringing him back to teach him a lesson… he is truly an outstanding youth with a bright future ahead. Although this time due to your Big Bro Gu, he has been unable to join in the battlefield, that whatever Peerless Battalion of his has given us quite a big loss.”

“Father, please do not say anymore. I do not want to know anything else about him.” Tian’er suddenly burst out violently.

Xue AoTian did feel apologetic and regretful towards his daughter, and he just smiled faintly and said: “Alright, Father will not speak of this anymore. You just have a good rest then. I hope that my Tian’er will be the most beautiful bride in the world.”

Xue AoTian left the room. After a while, Tian’er’s hands subconsciously gripped her bed sheets tightly, her impassive face finally showing some emotion as she said softly: “Little Fatty… Little Fatty… I’m so sorry. I’m truly sorry… I cannot keep the promise that we made each other previously. I had no choice but to write that letter to you… to hurt you… However, I had no choice… if I did not do so, Big Bro Gu would definitely kill you. You still have Bing’er… she can still be with you and take care of you… Sorry Little Fatty, I cannot be your wife anymore. However, do not worry, as I said before, Tian’er will only ever belong to you. A good woman will not have a second husband. In my heart, you will always be my only man. Once the wedding ceremony between myself and Big Bro Gu is complete and both his and my father’s face can be satisfied, I will leave this world forever… clean and proper… I will make sure I give a good act that I have passed from cultivation issues. Little Fatty, even if I go to the next world, I will pray for you and Bing’er…”

As she thought up to that point, Tian’er could no longer control her tears, and she fell down onto her bed sobbing, face down. She did not hold any hope in her heart, as she knew Zhou Weiqing’s strength was just too low now. There was no longer any possibility between the two of them. She did not regret any of her choices; if she could just choose again, the only change she would ever make would be to stay a longer time on the Heavenly Jewel Island with Zhou Weiqing, to make more precious happy memories with him. All these past few days, the only thing that had given her strength to get through those miserable days were all the memories of them together, immersing herself in them all day long.

The normally chilly and empty Heavenly Snow Castle was now decorated with bright lights and coloured hanging decorations, bustling with life. It was now getting very close to the wedding, and the clash and noise of drums and gongs rang out. The entire Heavenly Snow Mountain was also extraordinarily lively due to the arrival of the various tribe leaders and officials.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s daughter marrying out, it was definitely a major event. Although there were still two more days before the day of marriage, all the invited guests had arrived, and even some of those who weren’t invited had also come.

Standing at the entrance of the Heavenly Snow Castle, the smile on Gu Yingbing’s face had not lessened a bit. Seeing the sky darken as night was coming, and most guests had already come, and he was about to head in. However, just as he was about to do so, 2 figures appeared in the distance, one fat, one thin, trudging up the path. Gu Yingbing’s feet stopped instantly, the smile on his face vanishing, a chilly expression flashing across his face.

The one walking at the front was a large fatty, dressed in black. The reason why Gu Yingbing stopped suddenly and had his face change was naturally because of the black clothing of the large fatty. In the Heavenly Snow Mountain, black was a taboo colour, and anyone who arrived on the mountain was supposed to change to white. However, Gu Yingbing’s face quickly resumed his normal expression, once he saw clearly who that man was. Even if he were the Lion Prince, even if he was the future heir to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, towards this man, he did not have the qualification to be angry. Taking two quick steps forward, he said respectfully: “Junior greets the Heavenly Emperor.”

The big fatty glanced at him, his face overcast as he said coldly:  “Where  is  that  Old  Monster  Xue?  This  old  man  is looking for him, I have things to speak to him about.”

Gu Yingbing’s brow furrowed slightly and he said: “Senior Long, the day after tomorrow is this Junior’s wedding date, and I will be marrying my Master’s daughter. If it is convenient for Senior, why not stay and join the wedding feast. As for your issue with Master, is it possible trouble you to please wait a few days until it is all over?”

Without question, the large fatty in front of Gu Yingbing now was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Long Shiya. Of course, the one following behind him was naturally Zhou Weiqing. However, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had his cloak drawn up around him fully, covering his entire face. Long Shiya had been up the Heavenly Snow Mountain several times, and every time it was to challenge Xue AoTian. Naturally, Gu Yingbing thought that this time was no exception. His wedding was upcoming, and he naturally did not wish that Long Shiya’s arrival would ruin the festive

“Oh? You are going to be marry?” Long Shiya looked at Gu Yingbing with an exaggerated look of surprise.

Gu Yingbing quickly said: “Yes Sir. This Junior and Tian’er have been in love for many years, and it is my greatest luck to be able to marry her and have her as my wife.”

Long Shiya suddenly smiled and burst out laughing. “Very good, very good, your greatest luck. However, you haven’t asked this old man whether or not I agree to it!”

Hearing Long Shiya’s words, Gu Yingbing almost couldn’t believe his own ears. Although Long Shiya often came to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to challenge his Master, it could be said that the two of them actually had a pretty good relationship. In fact, while it was true that Long Shiya was fully bent on defeating Xue AoTian, and they should technically be considered enemies, the two of them shared a sense of together-ness of sorts, both almost similar in nature. As such, he had never expected that Long Shiya would come here purposely to cause trouble now.

Gu  Yingbing’s  expression  soured  instantly:  “Senior  Long, what do you mean? At such a time that Master is marrying off his daughter, you are actually here to cause trouble?”

Long Shiya gave a few disdainful hmphs, saying: “Causing trouble… far from it… however, I need Old Monster Xue to give me a reckoning.”

Two figures flashed out of the shadows abruptly. It was the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses that had previously accompanied Gu Yingbing to the border to take care of Zhou Weiqing, and they were currently looking at Long Shiya with an unfriendly look on their faces. From the looks of it, as soon as Gu Yingbing gave the order, they would immediately take action against Long Shiya.

They had not witnessed the power of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor for themselves.

“Just the mere two of you, and you want to take on this old man? If I wasn’t giving that Old Monster Xue a bit of face, I wouldn’t have come here to speak so nicely. If not… when your wedding date comes, it won’t be as easy as this.”

As he said that, Long Shiya waved his arm lazily, and a massive amount of Heavenly Energy appeared abruptly, pressuring Gu Yingbing and the two Lion Tribe Heavenly King Stage powerhouse to stagger back a few steps. Almost at the same time, six different coloured lights shone forth from Long Shiya’s body, soaring up into the skies. It was evening time, and the spray of lights gave a brilliant show in the darkened skies of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Sensing the terrifying boundless Heavenly Energy from Long Shiya, the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses’ expressions changed, paling drastically. However, they did not back off, instead both moved to the side to stand in front of Gu Yingbing protectively, afraid that Long Shiya would take action against their Lion Prince.

This was after all the Heavenly Snow Mountain. If it were any other place, they would never dare to stand so easily in front of a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, but this was the sacred land of the entire WanShou Empire, the grand Heavenly Snow Mountain. Let alone the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, the only Heavenly God Tier powerhouse in the entire world, they also had other Heavenly Emperor powerhouses in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. As such, to them, protecting the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing was more important than anything, even their own lives.

Long Shiya did not care about them at all, standing right there with an proud and unyielding look on his face. Two mere Heavenly King Stage powerhouses were not worthy of him to take action.

Gu Yingbing’s expression was now extremely ugly. After all, someone was coming here to cause trouble at his own upcoming wedding, who could be comfortable hearing such a news. However, just like Long Shiya said, he had not come on the wedding day itself, and though Gu Yingbing was rather vexed, he was at least not resentful.

Right at that moment, a deep and resonant voice rang out. “Who dares to barge in our Heavenly Snow Mountain to cause trouble?”

Accompanying the voice was a sudden lightning quick figure streaking down from the top of the Heavenly Snow Castle in a flash of light. As the light came down, the figure appeared, a tall and large man appearing out of nowhere. Seeing that man appear, Gu Yingbing and the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses instantly bowed deeply. Gu Yingbing said respectfully: “Uncle Xue, how do you do.”

The man who had just appeared looked to be a middle aged man around forty odd years old, a head of short white hair upright. His features were rather handsome, a squarish face with well defined features, his two metre tall height and broad shoulders matching his dignified and majestic bearing. His simple white robes were laced with gold thread patterns, and he did not have any other ornaments, all of which just added to the noble and stately air he had. Standing still right there, he was like a tall and majestic tower.

“En?” The man glanced at Gu Yingbing and the other two before his gaze landed on Long Shiya. With much surprise, he said: “Isn’t this Fa… Big Bro Long? What brings you here?”

He had almost blurted out the words Fatty Long, luckily he had seen Long Shiya’s face start to turn black, and he had managed to change his words in time. Long Shiya gave a cold humph and said: “Old Tiger, you are here as well… to attend that wedding?”

This middle aged man with the short white hair was naturally the current Tribe Leader of the Tiger Tribe, also one of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. In fact, he was the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian’s younger brother, Tian’er’s uncle, Xue Aoying.

Of course, his features and actual age were not proportional. Although he was not like Long Shiya being over the age of hundred, but he was already over ninety years old.

He was also at the Heavenly Emperor cultivation level, but he did not have the same talent as his elder brother Xue AoTian, only at the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor stage. Even compared to Long Shiya, the gap was clear.

Xue Aoying laughed heartily and said: “My niece is about to be wed, as her beloved uncle, how could I not come. Big Bro Long, since you are here, come join in the festivities and have a drink with me. Even if you want to challenge my big brother, you can wait until my niece is married right?”

Long Shiya gave a cold humph. “Old Tiger, this matter has nothing to do with you… you better not meddle in this matter. This time, I am here to look for your brother and get him to proper reckoning for this matter. If not, this wedding cannot be held.” Hearing those words, Xue Aoying’s expression also changed. He knew clearly the relationship between his brother and Long Shiya, and though they were considered adversaries, under normal circumstances, Long Shiya would not go to such an extent and not give his brother face at all. As compared to Gu
Yingbing, his thoughts went much deeper, and he immediately knew that Long Shiya truly had something to bring up this time.

Just as Xue Aoying was lost in thought, a strong and loud voice rang out. “Such big talk! Fatty Long, aren’t you afraid that you will sprain your tongue?”

Another flash of light, and another figure appeared. An old man, with a similar large built to Xue Aoying, but with a hair of golden red hair, abruptly showed up beside him. As soon as he appeared, Gu Yingbing and the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses immediately bowed respectfully to him.

“Father.” Gu Yingbing said respectfully. As for the two elders, they greeted him “Lion King.”

Under the influence of Long Shiya’s six coloured lights, all Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses and above could sense it. As for the man who had just appeared, it was naturally the Lion Tribe’s Tribe Leader, the strongest powerhouse of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, the Lion King Gu Site, also Gu Yingbing’s father.

As compared to the steady nature of the Tiger King Xue Aoying, Gu Site’s nature was like fire, and his cultivation level had also reached the High Level Heavenly Emperor level. Seeing that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was here to cause trouble at his son’s wedding, how could he not be angry? In that moment, he could not refrain himself from calling out ‘Fatty Long’.

“What did you call me?” Long Shiya’s eyes narrowed, a cold light flickering within.

The Lion King Gu Site did not back down, saying: “I called you Fatty Long, what about it? Look at your whole body of fats, and you won’t let anyone call you?”

Long Shiya smiled, a strangely wicked smile. “Good, very good. Since Xue AoTian hasn’t come yet, let me teach you, this little watchdog, a lesson first.” As he said that, with a wave of Long Shiya’s arms, instantly the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation at his feet glowed brightly, a thick and terrifying Heavenly Energy reverberation rising into the air instantly along with the brilliant six coloured lights. The next moment, a palm struck out at Gu Site. At their cultivation level, fighting was now extremely simplified, and all they used were just the simplest, most basic, fighting styles.

Although Gu Site’s words had been so unforgiving and arrogant, he was actually very wary towards Long Shiya. He was after all a King, an Emperor, the sole leader of the entire WanShou Empire, and he had never had the chance to fight against Long Shiya previously. Towards this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and his strength, all he knew was what he had heard from the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian. Against this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, that even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had praised, he did not dare let down his guard at all or underestimate him in the slightest. Responding instantly as well, his right hand struck out as well towards Long Shiya’s incoming strike.

All around could clearly see that along with Gu Site’s palm strike, a layer of red light sprang forth around his body, and his right palm seemed to turn into a ruby, glowing brilliantly. It was clear that his Elemental Jewel Attribute was that of Fire, yet as he struck out there wasn’t the usual fiery hot aura that one would associate with a Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. The air around still remained icy cold as ever. Just from that alone, one could see how much control he had over his Heavenly Energy. As the palms from both sides slammed into each other, there was no sound, no explosion; yet the shield of lights around both their bodies flickered and shrank slightly. In the next instant, Gu Site’s expression changed drastically, his palm shrinking back as his entire body staggered back three steps before he barely regained his balance.

Long Shiya did not continue attacking. By now, his left hand had also retracted, a slightly disdainful expression on his face as he glanced at Gu Site. “Compared to Old Monster Xue, you are far from him. Hmph, just with your abilities, you dare to call me Fatty Long? You have not earned such a right.” As his said that, his right hand lifted once more, and all around Long Shiya’s body, a total of thirty six blades of various coloured lights appeared. Each were at least a metre long, with the width of the blades almost reaching half a metre. The brilliant glow of the six lights consolidated into a terrifying energy that any onlooker could sense, each and every one of them locked onto the Lion King Gu Site.

Direct translation, basically means brag too much that one is unable to uphold his own end of bragging

Pronounced Si Te, but I didn’t want to separate it as it Both sides were Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, but as soon as they exchanged blows, Gu Site’s heart was filled with shock. He was an Emperor, a King, one that held himself above all others, and he was used to his subjects deferring to him. Naturally, his aura and bearing were beyond question, strong as one could be. Yet, right at this moment, in front of Long Shiya, he truly felt that his strength was of no match at all.

Just in that single palm strike alone, though it might have seemed very simple, he had truly suffered a major disadvantage. With Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, his six Attribute Heavenly Energy had truly merged together, and though his overall Heavenly Energy output was only slightly higher than Gu Site, the effect and offensive capabilities of the fusion was far superior to his own output. It was truly a case of quality over quantity. Furthermore, that was not even considering that Long Shiya was at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor Stage, even higher than himself. In just the single blow, the Lion King felt a terrifying power overcome him like waves from a boundless ocean… as if the entire space around them was fully under Long Shiya’s control.

Seeing the thirty six blades of light spring into existence in front of him, the Lion King could no longer care about face. Along with several continuous bouts of dark gold light flashing, an entire set of nine God Tier Consolidated Equipment appeared, coalescing into form around his body. Although it was no match for the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s own God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set, it was already a rare and exceptional Legendary Set in the entire mainland.

The Lion King Gu Site’s weapon was a massive heavy bastard sword, and as it pointed ahead, a strong red light shot forth into the skies. Behind his back, the illusory image of a huge gold-red ferocious lion appeared. It was clear that he was going all out now.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying stood at the side unmoving, without any thought of intervening. Regarding Long Shiya, he was far more familiar than Gu Site was, especially since he had twice personally witnessed fights between Long Shiya and his brother Xue AoTian. He knew that Xue AoTian had an extremely high opinion and appraisal of Long Shiya. He had once told Xue Aoying that even for himself, even if he wanted to defeat Long Shiya, it would be extremely tough even for him, and would take him a lot of time and effort to do so. The Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation that Long Shiya had created could be said to be the greatest formation and invention today, and nothing could compare. If not for the fact that Long Shiya had not managed to break through to the Heavenly God Tier, the title of strongest powerhouse alive today would possibly be different now. At the same time, Xue AoTian had also told Xue Aoying very seriously that even if they offended the other four Great Saint Lands, they must never offend Long Shiya. The reason was simple – he was alone in the world with no other care. Such a powerhouse, if he truly
wanted to cause trouble for them, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain would be hard pressed to deal with them. Of course, this was also because Xue AoTian did not have any reason to attempt to kill Long Shiya as well.

Without question, Long Shiya coming here today to cause trouble definitely had some reason behind it, and without knowing the true reason, Xue Aoying would not take action.

The competition and rivalry between the Lion Tribe and Tiger Tribe could be said to be existent since the start of the WanShou Empire. This time, for Gu Yingbing to marry Tian’er, in truth Xue Aoying was rather vexed by it in his heart. He was extremely clear that once Gu Yingbing inherited the position of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, their Tiger Tribe would be in a downward spiral and their future would not be good.

Even though the Tiger Tribe would take over the position of the Royal Family and Emperor of the WanShou Empire, that would not mean they could control the Lion Tribes. On the contrary, when that time came, the Lion Tribe would have the backing of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, having a higher status above all, and they would not need to listen to the Tiger Tribe even if they were the Royal Family. It was the exact status that the Tiger Tribe enjoyed right now, not Royal but having a status above the Lion Tribe. This was the power of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, one of the top Great Saint Lands.

As a result, watching the Lion King Gu Site taking a disadvantage right now, Xue Aoying was more than happy to just keep watching; how could he possibly lend a hand? Let alone the fact that he did not think he could take on Long Shiya; even if he could he would still not take action. The fact that the Tiger Tribe did not have any talented geniuses in the younger generation that were outstanding enough to inherit the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position was already vexing enough to him, and he was definitely in no mood to assist the Lion King without a good reason.

Each and every one of the thirty six blades of light could be said to have the offensive power of maximum Heavenly Emperor. However, even at the Heavenly Emperor Stage himself, the Lion King Gu Site did not think he could come up with thirty six similar attacks at the same time; otherwise how could he not care about his own face and unleash all of his entire Legendary Set at once before his opponent had even used one. With a wave of his large hand, Long Shiya continued standing there unmoving, but the thirty six blades of light flew towards the Lion King Gu Site at top speed, as if they had eyes of their own.

From an outside perspective, the clash of these two Heavenly Emperors did not seem particularly flashy or powerful, perhaps even less startling than two nine-Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. Yet, in truth, that was because all their attacks were highly compressed, and may not look as impressive as their true power might be. Furthermore, this was after all the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the two restrained themselves to prevent too much possible property damage.

The Lion King Gu Site’s body starting spinning abruptly, gripping his heavy bastard sword in both hands, his entire person becoming like a massive fiery tornado. Spinning crazily, he ignored the six coloured lights striking towards him, instead charging straight towards Long Shiya.

With his entire crimson red Legendary Set boosting him, currently the Lion King’s power had reached the Maximum stage of the Heavenly Emperor cultivation state. Facing such a whirlwind attack, if it had been the Tiger King Xue Aoying, he could only attempt to dodge it. However, Long Shiya did not even make a move, nor did he seem to care at all.

A spark of light flashed in Long Shiya’s eyes, and the thirty six blades of light formed an array in front of him like a beautiful necklace stringing various different coloured beads, before intercepting the fiery red spinning figure of Gu Site.


A series of strange sounds rang out, as the blades of light smashed into the fiery whirlpool of crimson one after the other, vanishing as they did so. However, every strike from a blade would cause the crimson glow of the tornado to lower a little, slowing it down bit by bit.

Long Shiya’s right hand lifted once again. This time, in a grab towards the empty space above his head. At once, lights of the same six colours started gathering at crazy speeds above his head, slowly gathering into and forming a massive six-coloured hammer.

The consolidation speed of the hammer was rather slow, and behind his back, the illusory image of Long Shiya seemed to become even more solid and real. For the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to have to gather power in order to unleash this Skill, one could imagine its power.. However, at this moment, Lion King Gu Site could not do anything else as all his attention was in blocking the thirty six blades of light.

Suppression, an all-round, total suppression. As an outside observer, this was the only phrase that the Tiger King Xue Aoying could use to describe this fight. In front of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, even the High Level Heavenly Emperor Lion King Gu Site did not have any chance at all!

Originally, when he was watching Long Shiya fighting against Xue Aotian, Xua Aoying did not have such a strong and intense feeling. However, when the opponent was changed to Gu Site, only then did he truly feel the terrifying power of Long Shiya. If that person fighting was himself, he knew that he would most likely fare even worse than Gu Site.

Seeing that massive, nearly ten metre long, six-coloured hammer forming, the Lion King Gu Site was also both surprised and getting worried. Those blades of light that seemed so easily summoned by Long Shiya had taken so much to deal with, and every time one of them detonated against his whirlwind, it would spark a chain reaction of the six Attributes.

More surprising to Gu Site was that the chain reaction for each blade was different, causing him to have to use all his strength and care in blocking each and every one of them. He estimated that he had to use almost two to three times the amount of Heavenly Energy that Long Shiya used, in order to actually take care of each blade.

Furthermore, even while Long Shiya was controlling those thirty six blades of light to attack him, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor actually had the strength and attention to spare to charge up another Skill, one that was obviously far stronger. This was a total shock to Gu Site. Only at this point did he realise the true gap between him and Long Shiya, and he knew that it was likely his opponent had not even shown the extent of his strength.

A gold light sprang forth from Gu Site’s body. At this point, he could not hold anything back. The Divine Attribute, one of the Saint Attributes, showed itself, and the giant illusory lion behind his back also turned gold, with Golden Saint Flames surrounding him. At last, he could start moving while blocking Long Shiya’s attacks, and he continued doggedly step by step towards his foe. “Scram!”  Long Shiya gave a cold humph.. The massive six coloured hammer descended from the skies, but it did not slam down directly, instead sweeping horizontally to smash savagely into the whirlwind of gold flames that was Gu Site.

This time… there was finally a loud explosion… an explosion that seemed to resound deep into every single one of the observers. In the huge ringing sound, the mass of gold and red light and flame actually flew back, smashing right off the Heavenly Snow Mountain and flying off into the distance.

With another wave of Long Shiya’s right hand, a three metre long six-coloured sword appeared out of nowhere. The entire atmosphere seemed to warp around it, and in a flash of light, the sword flew towards Gu Site’s body, which was still flying off into the distance, the light surrounding him having dimmed to almost non-existence.

“Fatty Long, show mercy!”

Right at that moment, a gold light descended from the skies, warping into a shield to block the final six-coloured sword that Long Shiya had unleashed. The sword and shield slammed into one another, and both visible swayed violently before they dissipated into the air simultaneously. Throughout the fight, Long Shiya had not moved a single step, but at this point he actually swayed slightly, though he still did not stagger back.

A snow-white figure appeared out of nowhere, silent and swift. No one had seen how he had appeared, but as soon as he did so, everything seemed to become a mere background to his presence.

“Bro Long, how are you?” The one who had stopped Long Shiya’s final blow and even caused him to shake slightly was naturally the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, the strongest powerhouse in the world, the only Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Jewel Master… Xue AoTian.

Looking at him, Long Shiya gave a cold smirk and said: “Old Monster Xue, you are finally willing to show yourself.”

At that point, the Lion King Gu Site had finally recovered his balance, and with his own powerful Heavenly Energy, he flew back to them. Although he did not have the Wind Attribute, that just meant he would not be able to fly too quickly or for long periods of time. For a short distance, using his Heavenly Energy to fly was still a possibility. Currently, Gu Site was extremely vexed and disappointed. That blow from Long Shiya’s hammer had not actually harmed him, but it had almost dissipated all of his protective aura and Heavenly Energy. If that final sword had actually landed on him, even if it did not kill him, he would definitely be severely wounded. Yet, Long Shiya had not even unleashed a single Consolidated Equipment… It was clear how far the gap between the two of them were.

“Mountain Lord.”

Gu Site glared angrily at Long Shiya, but he still bowed respectfully to Xue AoTian first.

Xue AoTian smiled faintly and said: “Lion King, you do not need to be vexed. Losing to Bro Long is not something to be ashamed of. In this entire mainland, Bro Long can be considered the strongest Heavenly Emperor. Even for myself, I dare not say that I can definitely defeat him.”

Xue AoTian’s words could be considered extremely kind, giving Long Shiya a lot of face. Even if Long Shiya was acting aggressively now, his expression couldn’t help but ease up.

Chapter 173 ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning!

Gu Site gave an angry humph towards Long Shiya, clearly still vexed and unwilling to accept his loss. After all, he still had several powerful aces up his sleeve that he had not used. If this was not the Heavenly Snow Mountain and he could unleash his full power, he still thought he had some chance of fighting against Long Shiya. He did have the Divine Attribute after all.

At this moment, on the top of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there was now four of the strongest powerhouses in the entire Boundless Mainland. One Heavenly God and three Heavenly Emperors! These four were not only terrifying presences who could awe the lands, they were also some of the strongest in the entire land.

No one dared approach to be an onlooker, no matter how tempting that might be. This was the Heavenly Snow Mountain… the Heavenly Snow Castle! Even the various tribe leaders that had come to celebrate the wedding dared not move out, fearing that they might annoy or anger the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, and cause trouble for their entire tribe. Xue AoTian smiled faintly at Long Shiya and said: “Bro Long, let us move inside to speak in private? Standing here for everyone to see isn’t the best way to solve any issues, and it is not how I greet my guests.”

Long Shiya nodded and said: “Very well, Old Monster Xue, I will give you that face.”

Xue AoTian waved his hand and said: “Come then.”  As he said that, he headed for the castle entrance.

Long Shiya’s gaze swept across to land upon the Lion King Gu Site and the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing. “You two come as well. The matter I have come to speak off concerns you both as well.” After saying that, he beckoned to Zhou Weiqing who was still behind him, still covered with the cowl of his cloak, but his hidden face was filled with shock and awe. He then followed behind Xue AoTian as he entered the castle, easily taking the second position.

All that had just happened was just so quick, and naturally Zhou Weiqing had witnessed everything. With his intelligence, he could easily guess who all these people were as well. Ever since he had formally acknowledged Long Shiya as his Master, this was the first time that Zhou Weiqing had actually seen him take action. Previously, when Long Shiya had fought, Zhou Weiqing had clearly sensed that around his own body, there was an invisible shield protecting him, so that he would not be affected by any of the energy reverberations from the clash of the two powerhouses.

This was also the first time he had witnessed the true terrifying power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. As the only disciple and heir of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, Zhou Weiqing was naturally much clearer about the uses of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation and the intricacies of what Long Shiya had done, even compared to the Lion King Gu Site who had experienced it for himself. Indeed, what Gu Site had guessed was true… Long Shiya did not use his full strength at all, and his control was so impressive and fine to such an unbelievable degree. If Long Shiya had wanted, he could have totally destroyed the Lion King in a flow of continuous attacks.

Invincible amongst the same stage. This was what Long Shiya rated his own Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. This was not hubris at all; and regarding such a rating, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had never refuted it; otherwise he would have never said that this formation was the greatest formation in the entire Boundless Mainland.

Even though the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had its own drawbacks and disadvantages, the sheer amount of advantages and superiority it had far surpassed those drawbacks. If one were to pick at it stringently, its worst flaw would be the unbelievable demanding amount of innate talent a user would need to have in order to even start learning it. After all, in the entire world, the number of people who could possibly have six Attributes was just too few… too few.

That was the true power of THE Heavenly Emperor! Look at his Master! Just a single person alone, and he had actually intimated all the powerhouses from the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, while not intimated, treated him with much respect. The pride for his master swelled up in Zhou Weiqing’s heart.

His feelings for Long Shiya was not just gratitude, but had grown to true familial love.

The moment when Long Shiya had told him that he would personally bring him up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, within Zhou Weiqing’s heart, Long Shiya’s status had risen up to almost the same level as his own father, not just a respected teacher.

As they walked into the Heavenly Snow Castle, Zhou Weiqing focused his will inwards protectively, not paying much attention to his surroundings. That was because he could clearly sense that the Tiger King Xue Aoying who was following behind his teacher was silently observing him. As compared to the Lion King, Gu Site, who kept all his attention on Long Shiya, Xue Aoying was clearly much more interested in this unknown person following behind Long Shiya, face hidden.

After all, everyone knew that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was the ultimate lone wolf! No one had ever heard of him having any relatives, kin, descendents or even disciples. Yet, this time, ascending the Heavenly Snow Mountain, he had actually brought along this person. For the Tiger King, being so familiar with Long Shiya, how could he not have his interest sparked?

With the Tiger King’s cultivation level of Heavenly Emperor, he could naturally sense that Zhou Weiqing was around the six-Jeweled stage. However, that was all his senses could detect on the surface. After all, Long Shiya was right there, and he could not just extend his Heavenly Energy to fully investigate. Furthermore, he could sense that around Zhou Weiqing’s presence, Long Shiya’s aura remained present protectively.

Zhou Weiqing did his utmost best to keep his breathing steady. He knew that it would soon be his turn to be on the stage. Although the past few months he had spent fully preparing for this very moment, doing all he could to prepare for it, just standing right here in this strongest of the Great Saint Lands, his heart couldn’t help but race. However, no matter how nervous or afraid he was, the greatest feeling in his heart was still resolve. No matter for Tian’er’s sake, or for his Master’s reputation, he would no longer back down at all.

With Xue AoTian in front personally leading the way, the group of them quickly reached the central Grand Hall, right in the middle of the Heavenly Snow Castle.

The Lion King Gu Site had brought along his son Gu Yingbing; as for the two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, they did not have the qualification to follow the group.

In following the group, it was not that Gu Site was really that afraid of Long Shiya. As the Royal Emperor of the WanShou Empire, he would never have such an emotion. However, he did want to find out the reason why Long Shiya had come here so aggressively and righteously.

As they entered the Grand Hall of the Heavenly Snow Castle, Xue AoTian took his seat at the head of the table, while the Lion King Gu Site naturally took the primary seat at his left. After all, in the entire WanShou Empire, his rank and status was second only to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, Xue AoTian.

However, strangely enough, something that might cause others to ponder was that the right hand primary seat was normally for the Tiger King to seat, yet he took the initiative to let Long Shiya have that seat, instead taking the one beside him.

As for Gu Yingbing and zhou Weiqing, they naturally just stood behind the Lion King and Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor respectively. In such an occasion, how could they have any seat?

The Lion King Gu Site glanced at the Tiger King Xue Aoying. Although he did not say anything, a flash of discontent crossed his eyes, and even Zhou Weiqing could clearly notice it. However, very quickly, his attention turned back to Long Shiya, his gaze filled with strong enmity and dissatisfaction with the previous fight result.

Very quickly, servants came to bring tea to the table, the faint fragrance of the tea bringing some life to the icy cold hall. Xue AoTian gave an inviting gesture to Long Shiya, and he did not hesitate. The famous Icy Mist Tea of the Heavenly Snow Mountain was extremely delicious after all.

As they drank their tea, Long Shiya totally ignored the glares from the Lion King, instead looking passively at Xue AoTian, as if in the short period of time his emotions had all calmed down.

The Lion King might seem to have a short fuse and violent temper, but in truth he was not foolish or headstrong, his mind detailed indeed. Otherwise, how could he successfully arrange things to have his son end up as the main disciple of Xue AoTian and possible heir to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

For Long Shiya to come to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to cause trouble at this critical period, especially with what he had said earlier… it was without question that it had something to do with his own Lion Tribe. The reason why he displayed such an intense enmity towards Long Shiya was also a way to show Xue AoTian his stance and resolve, to attempt to influence him.

“For Bro Long to come here this time, I’m guessing it is not to join in the wedding festivities right?” Xue AoTian said with a faint smile. If one just looked at his outward appearance, no one would imagine that he was the top powerhouse in the entire world. Zhou Weiqing had been observing this possible father-in-law of his, and he was shocked to find that he could not even sense the slightest bit of Heavenly Energy reverberations around Xue AoTian. Yet, he had a strange aura about him that seemed as if he was naturally in control of everything around him.

Long Shiya said coldly: “Of course I’m not here to join any so- called wedding. Old Monster Xue, this time, I have come to get a reckoning from you.”

Xue  AoTian  arched  a  brow  slightly.  “Reckoning?  What reckoning do I owe Bro Long, I do not recall anything?”

Long Shiya’s immense body slowly stood up. Immediately, a powerful and forceful presence emitted from him, but the target was not Xue AoTian, but the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing opposite him. The Lion King Gu Site immediately stood up, not daring to delay a second, circulating his Heavenly Energy to protect his son as he glared angrily at Long Shiya. “Fatty Long, you are now in the Heavenly Snow Castle, and you dare to behave so obnoxiously?”  His words were simple but effective, aiming to sow discord and instigate something if possible.

Xue AoTian’s expression also clouded. “Bro Long, I have treated you as a guest here, and it is about to be my daughter’s wedding day… I do not wish to clash with you on such an occasion. Please state your business clearly. Yingbing is my son in law.”

“Son in law?” All of a sudden, Long Shiya laughed out loud with no warning. “Well, it is hard to say who is your son in law right now. Old Monster Xue, you know my character very well. I, Long Shiya, all my life I have spent alone, chasing the pinnacle of cultivation and the theories of heavens, and I have no other living relatives. Have you ever seen me bring anyone along with me before?”

Xue AoTian started momentarily. He had never expected that Long Shiya would change the subject so quickly. Subconsciously, he said: “No…” “… Bro Long has always been alone, coming and going freely as you wish. Yet…  this time…”  At this moment, his interest was also piqued as he turned his attention to Zhou Weiqing.

Of course, compared to his brother Xue Aoying, Xue AoTian’s senses were far superior. With just a single glance at Zhou Weiqing, a light of surprise flickered in his eyes. Although he could not fully determine what Zhou Weiqing’s Attributes were, he could immediately sense that his Elemental Jewels had six different Attributes.

Long Shiya said: “Not long ago, I finally accepted a disciple. This disciple of mine… he is like me, his Elemental Jewels having six Attributes. At long last, the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts that I have created can finally be passed down, and I have a heir of my own as well… I was so overjoyed, like I had found some precious treasure. I trust that Old Monster Xue, you can understand my feelings in this matter.”

Hearing Long Shiya’s words, some understanding dawned upon Xue AoTian’s heart, but at the same time a sense of foreboding came over him. Towards Long Shiya, he was just too familiar. With that character of his, it was nearly impossible for him to find a disciple. Yet, now that he had truly found one, he could just imagine the sheer protectiveness. Furthermore, he could indistinctly guess who Long Shiya’s disciple was… and he knew that it would not be an easy matter to settle.

Long Shiya said coldly: “This old man has already lived for more than a hundred years, and finally I have a relative.. a descendent. Yet… he was almost killed by this disciple of yours. Although he barely managed to survive, but his four limbs were all broken. Old Monster Xue, if do not give me a good reckoning that satisfies me, then this old man will declare war on your Heavenly Snow Mountain and even the WanShou Empire. For the rest of my life, I will make sure that you all will know no peace.”

In chinese culture (and hence these stories by extension, seating is extremely sensitive to position/rank/status Hearing Long Shiya’s words, not just Xue AoTian and Xue Aoying, even the Lion King Gu Site… all their expressions changed instantly, their faces paling. Gu Site might have a fiery temper, especially on the surface, but he was always in control, ensuring he did not cross any limit. In truth, he could not afford to actually fully offend Long Shiya, and as a King he would never do such a thing. After all, for a person like the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to hold enmity for the WanShou Empire, it would bring them an unprecedented loss. Not even the Heavenly Snow Mountain could endure such losses! In the end, it came down to that line… the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was all alone…

Instantly, the Lion King Gu Site turned his gaze to his son, saying angrily: “Yingbing, what is going on?”

Gu Yingbing’s expression was also bewildered. “I also do not know! Senior Long, when has this Junior hurt your disciple?”

Long Shiya’s countenance remained icy cold as he gave a humph. Turning to Zhou Weiqing, he said: “Little Fatty, let him see who you are.” On the other side, Zhou Weiqing immediately lifted his hand to pull down the cowl of his cloak, revealing his features.

For the others present, when they looked at him, they would not have any other thoughts about it. Howver, Gu Yingbing’s expression changed instantly, staring at Zhou Weiqing with utter shock. “You… it is you…?!”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively. After the thirty six days of cultivation, having gone through all the pain and suffering and being on the verge of death so many times, he had matured and grown much more. Facing Gu Yingbing now, his aura was not any lesser than him.

“Lion Prince, it has been a while. Hope you are still well.”

In that moment, no matter the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, the Tiger King Xue Aoying, or the Lion King Gu Site, all their attention was focused on Zhou Weiqing. Everything else aside, they were extremely curious about this new disciple of Long Shiya’s.

After greeting Gu Yingbing, Zhou Weiqing walked out from behind Long Shiya’s seat. He first bowed deeply towards Xue Aotian, greeting him. “Junior Zhou Weiqing greets Senior Xue.”

He then turned towards the Tiger King and bowed once more. “Greeting Senior Tiger King.”

After saying both greetings, only then did he turn towards the Lion King. However, this time he only inclined his head slightly in greeting, almost as if his status was same as the Lion King.

“You are Zhou Weiqing?” Although Xue AoTian had guessed as such in his heart, when he actually heard Zhou Weiqing speak his name, a light flashed in his eyes. Towards Zhou Weiqing, he had heard too much about him… this young man that had drawn his daughter to him… one with such unbelievable talents, with two Saint Attributes – the Demonic Attribute and Time Attributes. More so, one that had six Elemental Attributes. Now… this young man was actually standing right in front of him in such a fashion. This was something he had not expected at all.

As for Zhou Weiqing, he was experiencing a totally different feeling. To him, Xue AoTian’s gaze was like a magnifying glass, as if every inch of his body was under examination, as if it could even pierce through him. Just from his gaze alone, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire life and death was under Xue AoTian’s full control.

“Yes Sir.” Zhou Weiqing answered respectfully.

“Zhou Weiqing, I spared your life, and you dare appear in front of me here?”  Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing, Gu Yingbing could no longer maintain his composure. In a flash, he stepped out, his entire body glowing with fiery light, as if he was ready to take action at any time.

Long Shiya gave a cold humph, a powerful presence bursting forth from him. The Lion King quickly stepped forward as well, blocking in front of his son, afraid that Long Shiya would suddenly take action.

Long Shiya said coldly: “The series of events… I do not need to go into detail any longer; I guess Old Monster Xue you can already guess what happened. Your disciple heavily injured my disciple. This matter, you have to give me a reckoning.”

Xue AoTian’s expression was extremely ugly. This was truly not an easy situation to resolve. Long Shiya had already spoken things out clearly, not leaving any leeway at all. Even as the top powerhouse in the world today, he could not easily ignore such a threat from Long Shiya. While it was not that difficult for him to defeat Long Shiya, but even if he were to join forces with the Lion King and Tiger King, they might not be able to kill Long Shiya. The entire WanShou Empire could not withstand the anger of the someone like the Six Ultimate
Heavenly Emperor. Knowing it, this was also why Long Shiya dared to actually bring Zhou Weiqing up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

“Bro Long, what kind of reckoning are you looking for. Let us discuss it then.” Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Long Shiya said coldly: “Very simple. A debt of blood must be paid. What your disciple did to my disciple, I will do to him in return.”

“You dare!” Gu Site howled angrily. This was the first time he had actually heard the name Zhou Weiqing. In truth, he did not know anything about the current situation.

Gu Yingbing leaned closer to his father and spoke softly in his ear: “This is the human who stole Tian’er away.”

Hearing Gu Yingbing’s words, only then did Gu Site finally understand what was happening, and his expression grew ugly as his face turned overcast. The atmosphere in the room turned dangerous as killing intent filled the entire Grand Hall.

The only one who was highly relaxed was the Tiger King Xue Aoying. Currently, his expression was rather weird; his eyes flashing with a hidden glee, almost as if he was delighting in the Lion King’s troubles. The entire matter did not really have anything to do with him, and he could naturally sit back and watch the show for now.

“I dare? In this world, what is there that I, Long Shiya, dare not do?” Long Shiya glared at the Lion King disdainfully.

Xue AoTian looked coldly at Long Shiya and said: “Bro Long, are you saying that the two of you, Master and Disciple, have come here specially to cause trouble?”

“Cause trouble? Old Monster Xue, if your disciple was the one who was beaten nearly to death, four limbs broken, what would you do? If I really wanted to cause trouble, I would have come two days later, during the actual wedding, to cause trouble in front of all your WanShou Empire Tribe Leaders… a proper trouble. I have chosen to come early, that is already to give you a lot of face.” In truth, if anyone else had been beaten by Gu Yingbing, Xue AoTian would not have any sense of guilt at all. However, with all he knew about the matter, and with this Zhou Weiqing somehow becoming Long Shiya’s disciple, he knew this matter was very troublesome.

Looking at how Long Shiya was being so protective, he knew his character very well, and that Long Shiya would definitely do as he threatened if pushed to it. In a short moment, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was given a big headache, not knowing what to do.

“Bro Long, how about this, I can give your disciple some compensation in other areas… After all, Yingbing is about to wed my daughter. If you heavily injure him, how can the wedding be held? We can discuss what sort of compensation… what do you think?”

For Xue AoTian to speak like this, it was already a huge compromise for someone of his stature.

However, Long Shiya immediately rejected the proposal. “No way.” Just as Xue AoTian’s expression turned sour from that, Zhou Weiqing who was standing beside Long Shiya quickly tugged at his sleeve, shaking his head tentatively.

A sudden suspicion struck Xue AoTian, and he said: “Bro Long, why not listen to what your disciple has to say? After all, he is the main party in this matter.”

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing irritably; as if dissatisfied with his cowardly appearance. “Little brat, I am here trying to get justice for you. What are you trying to say?”

Zhou Weiqing said humbly, trembling with awe and trepidation: “Master, even if you break that Lion Prince’s four limbs, the pain that I have suffered cannot be returned. We might as well get the compensation.”

At the head of the table, Xue AoTian laughed heartily and said: “Bro Long, look, your disciple is much more reasonable than you are. Little fellow, speak out then, what do you want? In this entire mainland, as long as this old fellow wants to do it, there should not be any issue.”

Zhou Weiqing quickly seized the opportunity and said respectfully: “In that case, this Junior thanks Senior respectfully.”  As he said that, he abruptly fell down on his knees in front of Xue AoTian. “Senior, the compensation I wish to have is… please let me marry Tian’er.”

In terms of power and strength, Zhou Weiqing was no match for any of these powerhouses in front of him right here. However, in terms of cunning and shrewd planning, perhaps none of them were a match for him at all.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing and Long Shiya were actually acting out a planned scene, to make concessions in order to gain an advantage. Long Shiya was naturally acting the ‘red-face’ to perfection, and with this ingenious and timely teamwork with Zhou Weiqing… in moments they had both encircled the others in their trap. Currently, all they had done was to construct a scenario where they were perfectly justified to ask for such a request.

“No way!” Without thought, Gu Yingbing retorted. Actually, with his status as the Lion Prince, under such a scene with all his elders and powerhouses here, he would never have spoke out so rashly. However, since it was to do with Tian’er, his heart was already in disorder, especially with Zhou Weiqing right here. No matter how much Gu Yingbing did not wish to accept it, he knew that the man Tian’er truly loved was this Zhou Weiqing. Furthermore, not only did Gu Yingbing love Tian’er deeply, their marriage was also a huge affect on his future. If he could not marry Tian’er, who knew if his master would actually pass down the position of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord to him.

Zhou Weiqing continued looking at Xue AoTian, as if he had not heard Gu Yingbing at all.

At this point, the Lion King Gu Site could no longer resist. Turning to Xue AoTian, he said: “Mountain Lord, this pair of master and disciple are clearly here just to cause trouble.” His expression was even uglier than his son. However, though he might be speaking as such to Xue AoTian, he dared not overdo it. After all, Long Shiya’s earlier threats had definitely taken effect. As the Emperor of the WanShou Empire, he dared not risk his tribe and Empire.

Xue AoTian’s eyes grew cold. As the top powerhouse in the world today, not only was his talent exceptional, his intelligence and understanding definitely had to be top notch as well. The act between Fatty Long and Zhou Little Fatty, how could he not see through it? The truth was likely that all the reckoning was false, and their true goal was his daughter. Yet, at this point, the two of them had reason on their side, and it was not so easy to handle it. “Zhou Weiqing, my daughter has already been betrothed to Gu Yingbing… you should already know about it, and you are purposely using it as your compensation? What kind of position are you trying to put me in?”

Zhou Weiqing continued kneeling there, his gaze fixed upon Xue AoTian. Steadily and calmly, he said: “Senior, have you ever asked Tian’er whether she was willing? In a relationship between man and woman, the most important thing is love between the two. You only have one daughter, do you really want to see her suffering for life? Tian’er got Gu Yingbing to give me a letter that she wrote, and within she asked me to forget her, to give up on her. I know her too well. If she did not agree to write that letter, perhaps that previous time, the Lion Prince would have already killed me. Tian’er loves me, and she only loves me. We have already been through intimate relations.”

Literal Translation – basically acting as the ‘bad cop’ or ‘bad guy’ “Originally, when Tian’er first left me, she had told me that if you did not agree to the relationship between us, she would threaten you with her death. I am sure that you, above anyone else, know full well how Tian’er’s character is like. Perhaps she might marry Gu Yingbing to give you face, but I am certain that she will never be his true wife. As a father, if you are willing to see your daughter suffer for the rest of her life, perhaps even to the extent of taking it herself… then I can only say that you are not a qualified father, almost not deserving to be one.”

Zhou Weiqing’s words were firm and resolute. In front of the top powerhouse in the world, Xue AoTian, he did not show any fear at all. As he spoke to his last words, his tone was even reproachful.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying could only stare at the side, his jaw agape. It had been years since he had seen, or even heard of, anyone daring to speak to his elder brother like this. This little fellow truly has guts indeed!

Xue AoTian’s face turned green, then white. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, the energy reverberations around his body fluctuated violently, as if he was on the verge of taking Zhou Weiqing’s life.

Long Shiya stood right beside his disciple. He did not dare be negligent at such a moment. Without a doubt, he was confident in escaping even if the three top powerhouses here surrounded and attacked him. However, he knew he did not have the ability to do so and bring Zhou Weiqing along as well.

That was to say… if Xue AoTian actually fell out with him; then Zhou Weiqing would forever be left here. Even though in Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing’s plan, such a situation was highly unlikely to occur, but there was always that small possibility.

For Zhou Weiqing to actually dare to anger Xue AoTian like this, even Long Shiya had not expected it. In his heart, he couldn’t help but give a big hidden thumbs up to Zhou Weiqing, but at the same time he also felt like breaking into a cold sweat for his precious disciple.

“Senior, Tian’er will only be truly happy with me, we are in love with each…” “Enough!”  At  last,  Xue  AoTian  interrupted  Zhou  Weiqing abruptly. Currently, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord seemed to be in a rage, standing up suddenly from his seat.

Just the action of standing up alone did not seem much, but everyone in the room grew nervous at that. The one who felt it the most was naturally Zhou Weiqing, taking the brunt of the powerful and violent aura, causing his entire body to stagger back, almost falling down. Long Shiya instantly stepped in front of his disciple, while both the Tiger King Xue Aoying and Lion King Gu Site also stood up in succession. Of course, the two had very different expressions on their faces.

The Tiger King looked at his elder brother, his face showing signs of worry and anxiety. On the other hand, Gu Site’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. His only thought now was how to best leave Long Shiya here ‘permanently’, and not allow him to escape. “You all wait here.” All of a sudden, Xue AoTian said angrily. With a sweep of sleeve, his entire figure flashed and disappeared from the grand hall.

Zhou Weiqing stood up, looking at his shocked teacher. With a  low  tone,  he  said  to  Long  Shiya:  “Looks  like  we  have  a chance… Mountain Lord Xue does love Tian’er very much after all. He must have gone to speak with Tian’er about what I said earlier. Perhaps, he has also sensed something wrong with her, that perhaps her current circumstance is not far from what I described.”

With Long Shiya’s powerful Heavenly Energy surrounding them, the master and disciple pair were not afraid of having their conversation heard by the others. Long Shiya nodded upon hearing that, saying: “Very good. In the end, being able to bring home the beauty, it will all depend on yourself.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I will definitely succeed.”

Gu Yingbing stood there, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a venomous glare. At this moment, he was filled with regret. He truly regretted not killing Zhou Weiqing at that time when he had the chance. During that time, he had two Heavenly King Stage powerhouses with him. If he had killed Zhou Weiqing then and burned all evidence, killing Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo at the same time, who would know it was him? There would be no such trouble right now! Of course, that was also because he had never dreamed that Zhou Weiqing would suddenly gain a Master like Long Shiya. The notorious Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor… his own father had personally tested his cultivation just now. The strongest of the Heavenly Emperors… one could even call him the second strongest powerhouse in the entire world! With his threat there, his own Master would have to think twice about everything… would he actually still agree to let him marry Tian’er? No, the chances were dropping astronomically.

As Gu Yingbing thought up to that point, he immediately felt as if his heart was being burnt by a raging flame, almost to the point of physical pain. An intense jealousy overwhelmed him… Tian’er… she loved this man after all! But, no matter what, I will never give up on marrying Tian’er! Master must never leave her to him! I am Master’s main disciple! Furthermore, this is an important and critical chance to bring the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribes closer together… how could Master possibly change his mind about this important marriage alliance?

As he thought further, Gu Yingbing’s expression finally turned better slightly, though the Lion King Gu Site’s expression remained cold and wary, and he seemed to be subtly speaking to the Tiger King Xue Aoying. A few lines of something, but Xue Aoying only shook his head slightly, as if rejecting whatever suggestion.

Without question, Long Shiya could easily guess what the Lion King was telling the Tiger King, likely trying to instigate the Tiger King to attack him. Of course, he was not too worried, after all he was extremely confident in his own cultivation and strength. More so, he knew that both Xue AoTian and Xue Aoying knew him well enough, and without Xue AoTian’s word, Xue Aoying would never take action against him. Now, it would all depend on Xue AoTian.

The battle of wits in the grand hall aside, on the other side, Xue AoTian had already arrived at his daughter’s room once more.

Tian’er was still sitting dazedly on her bed, as if she had never moved a muscle since he last saw her. Unlike the previous time, Xue AoTian did not walk directly to his daughter, instead standing at the room entrance, watching her silently.

Tian’er’s eyes were void and empty. Those beautiful eyes did not seem to not seem to have any soul left in them. Watching his daughter, Xue AoTian suddenly felt as if his heart had been stabbed brutally.

Tian’er being unwilling to marry Gu Yingbing, how could he not know? Yet, Xue AoTian stubbornly believed that feelings and emotions could change as time passed. As long as Tian’er married Gu Yingbing, and the two spent more time together, she would eventually grow to love him. Furthermore, their marriage could also determine the future of the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the WanShou Empire. No matter how much he loved his daughter, he still had to think about the picture of his land and subjects.

The facts had also proven itself, that his daughter was also willing to follow his orders for the big picture, finally agreeing to the marriage. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s words had also stabbed deeply into Xue AoTian’s heart. The deepest resonance was that Tian’er was his only daughter!

Indeed! He only had a single child… a single daughter! From young, he had always loved Tian’er so much. Yet, due to his cultivation, how much time had he actually managed to spend with her?

Now, his daughter had finally grown up… yet for his own reasons, he was about to force her to marry someone she did not love. In that instant, Xue AoTian felt deeply uncomfortable in his heart.

Especially when he saw his daughter’s empty eyes… that was a heavier blow than any words or thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, Xue AoTian steeled himself before walking slowly to his daughter. Sensing someone entering the room, Tian’er finally lifted her head subconsciously. “Father.” Tian’er gave a forced smile.

Originally confident that Tian’er would eventually comply to everything he imagined, only now did Xue AoTian realise how much bitterness there was in her smile, how forced it look. Once again, he felt his heart twist in pain. “Tian’er, is it that you truly do not want to marry Yingbing?”

“Ahh?” Tian’er gave a startled cry, but she quickly lowered her  head,  shaking  it  as  she  said:  “No!  Of  course  not!  I  am willing to marry Big Bro Gu.”

“Really? But… just a few moments ago, someone told me that I am not qualified to be a father… not qualified to be your father… because I am forcing you to marry someone you do not love. In fact, it is possible that after your marriage, you will leave me forever… permanently… is that true?”

Xue AoTian did not beat around the bush any longer, instead asking the question that was burning right in the forefront of his mind.

“What?” Xue AoTian’s words was like a bolt of lightning in Tian’er’s ears. Her entire body trembled as she stared at her father, unable to speak at all. Xue AoTian’s shock in his heart was no less than his daughter. From her eyes, he could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing’s words were truly accurate. It was likely that Tian’er would complete the marriage to Gu Yingbing, to bring about the alliance between the tribes, before ending her own life.

As a father, his understanding for his daughter was far less than a young man who had only known his daughter for over a year. In this moment, besides anger and indignation, the greatest feeling in his heart was guilt. What a close call! His daughter could have left him forever due to his own actions!

Thinking up to that point, Xue AoTian’s heart was throbbing in pain.

“Who… who said something like that…” Tian’er’s voice was trembling as much as her body, her eyes filled with disbelief. She had not actually noticed that someone would actually dare to speak to her father like this, but was fully shocked by the fact that someone had actually read her thoughts so completely.

Xue AoTian looked at his daughter, muttering to himself: “You would really abandon father like that?” Tian’er said mournfully: “Originally, I have always lived happily, without a care in the world. Even when I originally ran away from home, it was more a rash, childish piquish thing to do, more to get back against Father for not asking me before formalizing the betrothal between Big Bro Gu and
myself. It is not like I dislike Big Bro Gu… in fact if everything had advanced slowly and gradually, perhaps everything would have proceeded as you planned. However, when I ran away from home, I met him… these few years of being together, I lost my heart to him. Perhaps, he may not be the best, the most talented of all, but Tian’er’s heart can no longer hold anyone else but him. Father, don’t you know my character? If I have not truly given my whole heart to him, how could I possibly give myself to him? Father, don’t you love Tian’er anymore?”

As she spoke up to that point, she was already sobbing hard.

Xue AoTian abruptly raised his arms, pulling his daughter into a tight hug; as if he did not do so, she would disappear from his eyes. As the top powerhouse in the world, with the grand cultivation level of Heavenly God Tier… Yet at this very moment, his heart was filled with an emotion that he had not felt in a long time… sheer and utter fear… even terror. In that instant, Xue AoTian realised that compared to his daughter, everything else did not seem important anymore.

Chapter 174 To be confirmed

Being hugged so abruptly and almost roughly by her father, Tian’er was startled momentarily. Next, the tears fell from her eyes, her arms encircling her father’s waist in a return hug. In that moment, she felt as if that father who loved her most had finally returned.

“Please don’t leave daddy, never ever… do you hear me?” Xue AoTian said tyrannically, but his voice was clearly trembling.

Tian’er bit her lower lip before she finally said softly: “I’m sorry… Father, but if you do not wish to bet on that thirty percent chance of the Resurrection Skill working on me, then… then… please do not let me marry Big Bro Gu. I… I cannot let down Little Fatty.”

Xue AoTian let go of his daughter. “You have really set your resolve?”

Tian’er  smiled  faintly  and  said:  “Father,  I  just  thought  it through and finally came to a decision. Even if you really want to kill Little Fatty because of this, I will no longer change my mind. I am not even willing to go through that marriage with Big Bro Gu anymore. If you both kill Little Fatty, then I will just have to reunite with him down below.” Her tone was soft, mild, but the resolution in them was clear.

Looking once more at his daughter, Xue AoTian’s eyes held a complicated look. After a short moment, he finally gave a sigh. “A grown girl cannot be kept at home indeed! You have really made this decision?”

Tian’er did not hesitate to nod her head.

“Very well, come with me then. However, you have to listen to everything that I say, and do as I instruct. Otherwise, I might change my mind again.” As he said that, Xue AoTian pulled his daughter’s hand, pulling her outside.

Back within the Heavenly Snow Castle Grand Hall.

The Master Disciple pair of Long Shiya and the Father Son pair of the Lion King might be at loggerheads, with the smell of gunpowder strong within, but both sides at least controlled themselves. The reason the Lion King controlled himself was naturally because of the gap between himself and the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, while Long Shiya’s control was naturally due to their goal in coming here, and he did not want to risk that just to satisfy himself momentarily.

At last, in a flash of bright light, Xue AoTian reappeared in the Grand Hall. However, when the members within the hall saw his face, they were secretly surprised.

Xue AoTian’s face could truly be described with the expression ‘the turbulent wind precedes the coming torrential storms’, dark and clouded as if he was about to explode at any moment. Furthermore, his gaze was glaring right at Zhou Weiqing; that ferocious glare causing even Long Shiya to be surprised and nervous.

Xue AoTian swept his gaze between Zhou Weiqing, Gu Yingbing, then to Long Shiya and Gu Site.

“Bro Long, you have brought your disciple all the way up here to my Heavenly Snow Mountain, but don’t think that I cannot see your true reasons with my own eyes. Still, it is true that Yingbing was the one who harmed your disciple first, so you have reason on your side. Fine, I will give you that reckoning you requested… a chance…” “Regarding this Zhou Weiqing and my Tian’er, I have already learned about what happened between them. However, as Bro Long you should know, our WanShou Empire has always believed in ‘Might is Right’. Today, I will give your disciple a chance. With myself as the examiner, he will have to contest against Yingbing in a test. If he can defeat Yingbing, I will annul the betrothal between Yingbing and Tian’er. On the other hand, if he fails, I ask that Bro Long do not continue causing trouble, and leave my Heavenly Snow Mountain along with your disciple. Of course, I have already given you face in this matter, and if Bro Long still wants to continue causing trouble to my WanShou Empire after that, don’t think I will be afraid. I will not hesitate to leave the Heavenly Snow Mountain to hunt you down, no matter what it takes.”

The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord’s overbearing presence was indeed terrifying, his eyes flashing with thick killing intent. On the surface, he seemed to be totally against Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing, this master disciple pair who had come to cause them trouble.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying’s eyes flashed with respect, but also a slight disappointment.

Naturally, the respect was due to the fact that it was without question that this was the best method of dealing with this entire matter; both sides given sufficient face and with a proper method of resolution. Furthermore, no matter how one examined this resolution, it was of utmost benefit to Gu Yingbing, who was almost about to reach the nine-Jeweled cultivation level! Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was undoubtedly far from Gu Yingbing, and from the Tiger King’s perspective, no matter what, Gu Yingbing was at a vast advantage. As for the disappointment, it because he had never wanted the Lion Tribe to gain from this and had hoped Long Shiya’s current presence would be the chance to turn things around.

If even the Tiger King thought this way, naturally the Lion King also thought the same way. Naturally, Gu Yingbing breathed a subtle sigh of relief. He had fought against Zhou Weiqing just a few months ago, crushing him then, and he was absolutely confident in defeating him again. Furthermore, Gu Yingbing knew his Master’s character very well; once Xue AoTian had spoken out a promise, he would never change it.

Long Shiya’s brow furrowed tightly, and he said solemnly: “Old Monster Xue, please pay attention to one detail – your disciple is already over thirty years old, and my disciple is not even twenty years old yet. Fighting each other, can that even be fair? Might is right, that is a principle I adhere to as well, and indeed only one with outstanding talent and power can have the right to be the son in law of an old monster like you. However, such a competition still needs to be fair.”

Xue AoTian said coldly: “Bro Long, hold your horses. Since I have already brought up such a competition or examination method, I will naturally be fair. This fight between Yingbing and your disciple, I plan to have it be a total of three different stages.”

A thought struck Long Shiya, and in that moment, he suddenly realised that when Xue AoTian was looking at him, he seemed to be giving a strange meaningful look to him. Although it was very subtle, with the change almost imperceptible, but in terms of everyone in the grand hall, only his own and Xue AoTian’s spiritual power was the greatest. This Old Monster Xue… was he signalling something to him?

Just like how Xue AoTian respected Long Shiya, in truth Long Shiya was also extremely respectful of Xue AoTian. At their level, Xue AoTian did not need to pretend or act in front of him, and in that glance, Long Shiya seemed to understand something.

In a deep, solemn voice, Xue AoTian continued: “Although I am giving him the chance, Yingbing was after all originally going to be my son in law already. As such, I will be upfront about this – for the three competitions, my rules will naturally be favouring Yingbing slightly. If Zhou Weiqing wants to be my son in law, it will not be an easy task… he will have to prove himself.”

By directly speaking out that the rules would be favouring Gu Yingbing before the competitions even started, Xue AoTian was already being completely open and aboveboard. Although Long Shiya furrowed his brow at that, he did not retort. After all, he was the one who brought Zhou Weiqing up here to cause trouble. Just in terms of Tian’er’s marriage, they did not actually have a very high moral ground in a traditional way.

Xue AoTian said: “The first examination –  comparing the power and influence of their auras.”

“Aura?” Long Shiya looked at Xue AoTian with surprise.

Xue AoTian nodded his head and said: “In our WanShou Empire, we rule over thousands and millions of Heavenly Beasts. In front of Heavenly Beasts, bloodline and aura is the most important. In the world today, in front of myself, no Heavenly Beast below the Heavenly God Tier would even be able to come up with the notion of fighting of resisting against me. That is the power of aura. I will personally choose ten Heavenly Beasts and seal them. After which, both Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing will use their own aura against these beasts. If the Heavenly Beast in question falls to their feet, it is considered a success. Whichever of the two succeeds the most will be considered the victor of this round.

At this point, Xue AoTian paused and looked to Long Shiya before saying: “Bro Long, let me say this outright first. Though the rules favour Yingbing, but during the actual competition, I will definitely be fair and just. However, as I mentioned, since Yingbing is the original betrothed of Tian’er, for your disciple to make me annul this marriage, he must defeat Yingbing in ALL three tasks, to prove that he is far superior to Yingbing… only then will he be considered the overall victor. If he loses any one of the competitions, then Yingbing will be the victor.”

“Old Monster Xue, that is just far too unfair.” Long Shiya immediately said, much discontent apparent in his voice.

As for the Lion King Gu Site and Lion Prince Gu Yingbing, both couldn’t help but grin in glee. They had no reason at all to be opposed to Xue AoTian being the judge of this huge competitive ‘bet’. From all appearances, Xue AoTian was leaning heavily to their side, and this so-called bet was just to prevent Long Shiya from having any excuse. Just from the first test alone, Gu Yingbing felt that he could never lose. No matter any Heavenly Jewel Master, their aura was extremely dependent on their own power and cultivation level. More importantly, against Heavenly Beasts, not only was aura important, bloodline was as well, and it was without a
doubt that Gu Yingbing held the purest of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodline, one of the strongest bloodlines in the entire Mainland. In his mind, with his own higher cultivation level and the addition of his own bloodline, these two advantages would add up to give him an absolute advantage, and he could not imagine how he could possibly lose to Zhou Weiqing. He was confident that their competition
would not even reach the other two.

Xue AoTian looked at Long Shiya coldly and said: “Bro Long, you brought your disciple up here to break up my daughter’s marriage, is that fair to my Heavenly Snow Mountain? If you are not happy with the bet I have proposed, you can choose not to accept it and leave now. I, Xue AoTian might respect you, but I am not afraid of you. If you want to push me, this old man can spend the rest of my life following you around forever, until one of us dies.”

Long Shiya’s expression changed several times in succession, his eyes filled with rage, so much so that it was if fire was spitting out of them. Still, he seemed to be silenced by Xue AoTian’s words, not able to retort at all. In that moment, his breathing grew ragged.

At the side, the Tiger King had been watching on, and he gave a silent sigh inside. From the current scenario, it looked like there would be no chance to give the Lion Tribe a sneaky side blow. What a shame…

As for the Lion King Gu Site, he was naturally elated and proud, his chest puffed up airily.

Alas, both of them did not know that the current Long Shiya was howling with laughter inside, happy as could be. Heh heh, who said that Little Fatty and mine’s acting is top notch, in terms of acting skills, this Old Monster Xue is actually far beyond the two of us!

Earlier, when Xue AoTian had said all that, he had once again given Long Shiya an eye signal. This time, Long Shiya was truly confident that Xue AoTian had something else up his sleeve. In fact, he guessed that this sudden change in Xue AoTian was probably due to what Little Fatty had told him… and his own verification with his daughter.

In truth, in coming up the Heavenly Snow Mountain today, Long Shiya did not hold any confidence at all. After all, he was all alone in bringing Zhou Weiqing here, and he did not have any other backup at all. Long Shiya was also afraid that Xue AoTian might throw caution to the wind and just go crazy. If that truly happened, Long Shiya knew that while he was still confident in escaping with his life, he would not be able to do
so with Zhou Weiqing. That would mean his precious disciple
would forever remain in the Heavenly Snow Mountain… his life lost for nothing.

With regards to Zhou Weiqing, Long Shiya could now be said to look to him as one of the most important, if not the most, person in his life. In Long Shiya’s entire life, he had spent all of it immersed in cultivation and training. Now that he was already more than a hundred years old, he no longer had any kin or relations alive. Ever since he had accepted Zhou Weiqing as his disciple, he had grown to like this precious disciple more and more, to the point he considered him kin; not just because he also had six Elemental Jewels like himself, but more because of his character.

In this matter, if it were up to Long Shiya’s own thinking, he would not have brought Zhou Weiqing up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, as the odds were not favourable enough. Putting Zhou Weiqing’s current power level aside, it was impossible for any two people to go up against the Heavenly Snow Mountain by themselves. Even for Long Shiya, it was impossible to have any confidence in their endeavour. After all, who could truly grasp the mind and thoughts of the man in front of them… the top powerhouse in the world today, Xue AoTian?! However, despite his reservations, Long Shiya still brought his disciple here. Although he had never married, he could still understand Zhou Weiqing’s thinking. As a man, if he could not even protect his own woman, then it would undoubtedly leave an unforgettable shadow in his heart and mind. If that really happened, perhaps it would cause trouble in the future if he met any cultivation bottlenecks, possibly preventing him from breaking through in future. This was not something that Long Shiya wanted to see. Furthermore, in terms of feelings, he did not want to see Zhou Weiqing suffer as well.

Regarding Zhou Weiqing’s Empire’s destruction and lost family, Long Shiya could stand aside and not give full assistance… that was mainly to put him through the hard school of adversity, to allow him to grow through the experience. However, in this current matter, if Long Shiya did not come forward, it would be impossible for Zhou Weiqing to actually come up the Heavenly Snow Mountain, let alone solve anything. As such, Long Shiya had come forward without hesitation.

Of course, there was one other reason. Long Shiya’s lifelong greatest goal had always been to become the strongest in the world; and to do that he had to defeat Xue AoTian. However, he knew that in this life it was unlikely he would have such a chance any longer, as he was unable to breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage after so many years.
As such, he had placed all his hopes on his precious new disciple. Of course, now there was a chance of ‘defeating’ Xue AoTian within his lifetime… if Zhouo Weiqing could actually marry Xue AoTian’s daughter, and bring her back with him, it could be said that it would be a victory of sorts over Xue AoTian. Although this was not exactly a victory of might, but Long Shiya would still feel extremely happy. As such, no matter from which angle, he would do as he promised and bring Zhou Weiqing up the Heavenly Snow Mountain, even if the chance of success was barely ten to twenty percent.

After they arrived, the series of actions that both Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing had gone through were fully designed towards constructing an atmosphere that was of great advantage to them. From the current situation, Long Shiya knew that Little Fatty’s chance of success had definitely risen far beyond their own expectations. At least, it was clear that Xue AoTian’s inner feelings were no longer against Zhou Weiqing, perhaps even partial towards him!

Of course, this was just Long Shiya’s own estimation, and he still did not know what was about to happen in the near future. Would he still be worried about the competition rules of this first test that Xue AoTian had proposed? If one would ask Long Shiya that question, his reply would only be a cold laugh.

Putting on a vexed and annoyed look, Long Shiya suddenly grit his teeth and said angrily towards Xue AoTian: “Fine. Old Monster Xue, you are indeed ruthless. I accept those conditions. However, you better keep your word. If my disciple wins all three of those tests, none of you are allowed to prevent him from bringing your daughter away.”

Xue AoTian gave Long Shiya a dismissive glance and a cold humph before turning to the Lion King Gu Site. “Bro Gu, what do you think?”

Gu Site laughed heartily and said grandly: “I will follow your lead, Mountain Lord.” In his eyes, his son could not possibly lose with such favourable terms. Just in terms of bloodline, their Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodline might lose out to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline by a narrow hair, but it was already at the top tier in the entire continent. How could he possibly lose to a mere human disciple of Long Shiya? Furthermore, he also had the advantage of cultivation level. With his own Heavenly Emperor cultivation level, he could easily tell that Zhou Weiqing was only at the six-Jeweled stage. Although a youth of lesser than twenty years reaching the six-Jeweled stage was an astonishing feat, it would not change the fact that he still had not grown to his full potential yet, and was still much lower than his son.

Xue AoTian nodded and said: “In that case, this old man will be the judge of this competition, along with Xue Aoying. We will ensure absolute fairness in the actual competition. Alright, both you young men can start preparing yourselves. I will personally select the Heavenly Beasts for this first competition.”

“Old Monster Xue, wait a moment.” Long Shiya said. Xue AoTian turned to him questioningly.
Long Shiya continued: “Old Monster Xue, you said there are three competitions. What are the other two?”

Xue AoTian gave a cold laugh and said: “Wait until your disciple actually wins the first round before we talk. If he loses the first round, what is the point of talking about the second or third round now?” After saying that, he turned and walked off, not even giving Long Shiya the chance to retort. At least from an outward appearance, Xue AoTian was totally on the side of Gu Site and Gu Yingbing. That was also a reasonable assumption, as the WanShou Empire should technically be fighting on the same side.

However, at this point, the Tiger King’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. The Tiger King Xue Aoying had grown up from a young age together with this big brother of his. Xue AoTian was ten years older than him, and had always taken care of him all the way. To Xue Aoying, Xue AoTian was not just a big brother, almost even like a father figure. Having grown up together, Xue Aoying was knew his big brother extremely well.

Under any normal circumstance, especially in front of outsiders, Xue AoTian would usually not act so domineering. The terms of this competition just seemed way too unfair, and so unlike his big brother’s character! Xue Aoying’s heart was puzzled, but just a little. After all, to him, no matter who won this competition, it did not really affect him at all. He was just a relatively indifferent bystander who would just watch the show on the sidelines.

Leading Zhou Weiqing along, Long Shiya went to the side to sit down. With a simple thought, powerful Heavenly Dao Energy sprang forth to surround both of them in a protective barrier, preventing them from being heard. “Little Fatty, how sure are you of winning this first round?” Long Shiya asked solemnly.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Master, I can say with confidence that this round is a guaranteed victory for myself.”

“Ohh?” Long Shiya looked at his precious disciple with an amused look, his lip curling in the shadow of a smile. “Pride comes before a fall, and it is a dangerous vice for a Heavenly Jewel Master to have.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Master, you should know how important this competition is to me, I would not want to lose due to overconfidence as well. All that is in my mind now is how I can win. Master, I am sure that you can tell as well… the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord does not seem to actually hold much enmity towards me. Furthermore… this first test he has brought up is extremely strange!”

It was Long Shiya’s turn to be surprised. The reason why he could judge that about Xue AoTian was because of the meaningful glance that he had given him. Yet, Long Shiya was extremely sure that he was the only one who could have seen that, with how Xue AoTian did it, even the Lion King and Tiger King, powerhouses that they were, had not detected anything amiss. As such, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly have seen it as well. Yet, he was still able to make such a judgement call. From that alone, one could tell how powerful his disciple’s observation skills and analysis was.

“Master, in this matter, I am certain that my bloodline has a vast advantage. If I have not guessed wrongly, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue must have changed his mind after speaking to Tian’er, and his heart has softened. Although he might not have actually fully approved of me yet, in bringing up such a test, he is definitely giving me a chance. This is a true test for me in his eyes.” Zhou Weiqing said confidently.

Long Shiya said passively: “In doing anything, there is always a chance. The only difference is how great the chance is. Since you have already chosen to come here, then you must put your all, go to all lengths to win. At the same time, you must not look down on the bloodline of their Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion tribe. After all, the power of bloodlines will be influenced by cultivation level, and the cultivation level gap between you and Gu Yingbing is not inconsiderable. I never expected that little brat to have broken through to the nine- Jeweled stage. So, you better be careful. Don’t think of anything else, just focus on gaining this first victory, and it will also give us an edge for momentum and presence, increasing our overall chances of victory. Furthermore, it looks like the Tiger King is not on good terms with the Lion King, see if you can make use of that point in any way.” Zhou Weiqing nodded. He was not one to be careless, especially when this concerned both his own and Tian’er’s future! This was his only chance!

At once, Zhou Weiqing sat down at the side in a meditation position, closing his eyes as he began cultivating, trying to ensure that his Heavenly Energy was at his peak before the competition. Although technically his Heavenly Energy would normally be at the peak even if he didn’t do that, due to his Immortal Deity Technique, he would not waste any chance to improve his spiritual energy, even just a little.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s appearance, in Gu Yingbing’s eyes that translated to severe lack of confidence. He would not follow suit. In his eyes, this so-called competition or test was merely a formality, something his Master had came up with to shut Long Shiya’s mouth. After this first round, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and his lowly disciple would have to slink off dejectedly.

At the same time, the Lion King Gu Site was also not worried for his son. Gu Yingbing could be said to be Gu Site’s greatest pride. He was extremely clear that despite the sheer strength and power of the WanShou Empire, which was far superior to any individual human Empire, but with the existence of the other Great Saint Lands, they would not be able to annex all the human Empires. No matter how strong the Heavenly Snow Mountain was, they would not be able to take on the other four Great Saint Lands, or even three, ignoring the Heavenly Demon Sect.

If not for the shared counter restraints of the five Great Saint Lands, perhaps the war between the WanShou Empire and the human Empires could have already destroyed the entire mainland.

Yet, the Lion King Gu Site still had his own ambitions. On all outward appearances, he seemed to be a coarse or negligent person, but he was actually a very careful and detailed person. In his lifetime, he might not be able to accomplish all his goals, but that did not mean his son would not be able to do so in the future. As long as Gu Yingbing was able to gain the position of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, then anything might be possible! At least, the first step was for the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe to gain control of the entire Heavenly Snow Mountain, and thus true control of the WanShou Empire.

All these years, although the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers ruled the Heavenly Snow Mountain, but in the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions had also controlled the Royal Family for so many years. If Gu Yingbing inherited the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position, although the Royal Family would change to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers, but who would truly control the power? More importantly, if one day Xue AoTian was no longer with them, then… would there be a need for the Divine
Heavenly Spirit Tigers any more?

Of course, these were all just possibilities in the future. The most important thing now was to solidify his son’s position in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. This Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor might cause the Lion King Gu Site to be wary, but it was just keeping on his guard. After all, Long Shiya was just alone. This was a huge advantage of his, but also a great disadvantage. On the larger scale of matters, or the big picture, just his lone existence would not be able to influence things too much, no matter his power. Furthermore, in this matter, it seemed clear that Xue AoTian was fully on their side. This Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was just a joke in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Xue AoTian had left the Grand Hall for quite some time, much longer than the group had anticipated. Zhou Weiqing continued sitting there cultivating. The amount of time did not affect him at all, as he was fully immersed in his cultivation, and time seemed to breeze past. On the other hand, Gu Yingbing’s mindset was a little unstable. Although his cultivation level was very high, there was a severe shade in his heart regarding Zhou Weiqing. Naturally, that was because of Tian’er. The one that she truly loved was this mere human, not himself. Whenever he thought of this, Gu Yingbing’s heart was filled with pain and rage. He truly itched to tear Zhou Weiqing into shreds, only then would it assuage the sheer rage in his heart.

At this moment, all Gu Yingbing could think of was to defeat Zhou Weiqing as quickly as possible; to chase him away and allow him to marry Tian’er as quickly as possible. As long as all of this ended, he could have Tian’er to himself. It was more important to marry her and be intimate with her first, he could slowly cultivate her love for him over time.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, he felt as if that fellow was looking more and more disagreeable to the eye by the second. He could only hope that this torturous wait would finally be over. After more than two hours of waiting, Xue AoTian finally reappeared in the Grand Hall. As he did so, his previously overcast expression had vanished, resuming his usual impassive face; as if the previous events had not happened.

“Lion King, Bro Long, I have already prepared all the Heavenly Beasts for the first competition. Come, lets go.” As he said that, he headed back out once more towards the door.

Long Shiya quickly roused Zhou Weiqing, while the Lion King Gu Site led his son in following. As for the Tiger King Xue Aoying, he was the first to follow behind his brother, as the entire group headed towards the depths of the Heavenly Snow Castle.

Xue AoTian walked at the head of the group, but he moved slowly. From the back, none of the others could see his face or expression, but even as he moved at that stately speed in front, this top powerhouse of the world gave them all a feeling as he could not be overtaken.

Looking at Xue AoTian from behind, Long Shiya’s face changed slightly. He knew that in this life, he would truly never be able to pass this great mountain or obstacle that was Xue AoTian. All of his hopes could only fall upon his precious disciple. No matter how powerful a Heavenly Emperor was, in the end he was still restricted at the Heavenly Emperor stage.

The group walked for almost fifteen minutes, twisting and turning throughout the castle before they finally reached a large room. Within the sides of the room, there were stairs headed down, and Xue AoTian continued leading the group down. After almost three hundred yards down the spiralling stairs, at last they reached a strange holed out crypt.

This crypt did not have obvious signs of being man made, almost as if it was a naturally formed cave of sorts, filled with glowing brilliant ice crystals around, as well as snowy white Heavenly Cores studding the ceiling, providing light illuminating the entire area in a strangely dazzling yet warped sensation. As soon as the group entered, it felt as if they had entered some strange fantasy world. Without question, this was part of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and one that was deep within the heart of it. It was also one of the most important sacred areas of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Normally, if there were no critical issues or unique circumstances, no one was allowed to enter this place, let alone outsiders like Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing. Even the Lion King Gu Site had never actually entered this area before. On the other hand, Gu Yingbing was relatively familiar with this place. It was the zone where the Heavenly Snow Mountain kept and raised Heavenly Beasts.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was very different from other Great Saint Lands. For the other Great Saint Lands, when they captured Heavenly Beasts, they would Seal and imprison them in order to let their Jewel Masters Skill Store from them. Of course, the Heavenly Snow Mountain was very different. The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion were in a sense also Heavenly Beasts, top level Heavenly Beasts on the same rank as Dragons. As such, their own presence was of great deterrence and awe to any Heavenly Beasts. To be able to stay in the Heavenly Snow Mountain was considered a great honour, utmost honour, to any Heavenly Beast. As such, these Heavenly Beasts here could only be described as raised or cultivated, not caught or imprisoned.

Of course, to be able to stay in the Heavenly Snow Mountain, most of these Heavenly Beasts were of the Ice Attribute. Only then would they be able to survive in the cruel icy conditions of the peak.

One should not think that the depths of the Heavenly Snow Mountain would be warmer than the outer regions. On the contrary, the depths were much colder. Only the direct bloodline of the Heavenly Snow Mountain would know that deep in the heart of the mountain there lay an unimaginably huge slab of Ice Jade. This Ice Jade could not possibly be harvested out, not even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could. This was the true reason why the Heavenly Snow Mountain maintained such a low temperature even right in the middle of the warm climate of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens.

One of the main reasons why the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers had always suppressed the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions was also due to this. The Elemental Attributes of the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers were Divine, Spirit and Water, while the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions were that of Divine, Spirit and FIre. There was normally no difference in power between Water and Fire Attribute, but in the Heavenly Snow Mountain… that difference was clear.

The immense Ice Jade Slab had an impressive supplementary assistance to cultivation of ice and water Attributes. This was also a huge reason why Xue AoTian could actually reach the Heavenly God Tier stage. His own talents were undoubtedly outstanding, but it did not guarantee he could actually reach such a stage. However, with the aid of that massive Ice Jade Slab, his cultivation speed was fast enough to reach the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty, slowly allowing him to step by step climb up the paths towards the Heavenly God Tier.

The surrounding temperature continued dropping as the group moved along. Besides Xue AoTian, all the remaining members found that a thin layer mist had formed around their bodies.

Xue AoTian continued walking down the icy path, his slow measured strides seeming so casual like that of an ordinary human. As for the Lion King and Prince, the mist around them was glowing with a faint red, while that around Long Shiya was a six-coloured glow. After all, Long Shiya had the Water Attribute as well, and this environment was of no effect to him. In truth, when one reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage, it was difficult for external environment to affect them.

As for Zhou Weiqing, the mist surrounding him was extremely strange, grey in colour, surprising the rest of the party. In fact, he seemed to be totally fine, in an even more relaxed state that Gu Yingbing. Although Zhou Weiqing did not have the Fire or Water Attributes, one should never forget what his bloodline contained. The Solidified Dragon Spirit had given him immunity to fire, but at the same time it had also strengthened his resistance to cold far beyond that of any ordinary person. Although the current temperature was at a terrifying low, he still did not feel anything. In truth, he himself was puzzled about the grey mist around his body. Strangely, he seemed to
sense an evil aura about the icy depths, drawing his own Demonic Attribute, causing it to automatically come out of his body and surround him. In such a situation, his own cultivation level was actually aided. At least for his Demonic Attribute, his power levels was increased by at least thirty percent.

As for the Tiger King Xue Aoying, a blue mist surrounded his body. Although he was at the front of the party, his senses were extended out, continuously keeping watch over Zhou Weiqing. Xue Aoying had watched Tian’er grow up, and he knew this niece of his too well. For a man to draw the eye of his proud niece, how could he be ordinary? At least, the current changes around Zhou Weiqing’s body gave him a strange sensation, almost startling even, and he began to have some doubts about his original judgement on this entire competition.

At long last, under the lead of Xue AoTian, the entire group reached a wide space, almost a thousand square metres, with a height of more than thirty metres. This was possibly the biggest piece of open space in this icy caverns. At the side of the of this open cave, there was a dark hole, an entrance to another pitch black cave. It seemed very deep and quiet, but all of them could sense several powerful auras deep within. Some cold, some ferocious, some frenzied. Without question, those were the Heavenly Beasts Xue AoTian had referred to.

Xue AoTian said solemnly: “The first competition will soon begin. For the purpose of fairness, besides the last Heavenly Beast, I have prepared a pair of each of the first type of nine Heavenly Beasts, with each single of the pair for each competitor. As long as you manage to succeed in overwhelming one, you can go on to the next one, until one of you actually fails.”

Long Shiya said: “What if both of them successfully overwhelms all ten of your chosen Heavenly Beasts?”

Xue AoTian said proudly: “That is impossible. The last Heavenly Beast… is my partner.”

Hearing his words, Long Shiya couldn’t help but be caught by surprise: “You mean… it is…” Xue AoTian nodded towards him and said: “Of course, otherwise, how can I truly test the true limit of these two? If they can successfully overwhelm the first nine Heavenly Beasts, then the final judgement will be determined by my old partner. I am sure my old partner will give a fair judgement, with its pride, it will never lie. Bro Long, what do you think?”

This time, Long Shiya did not hesitate to nod in agreement, saying: “I agree.”  One could imagine, for a Heavenly Beast to gain the approval of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, even respect and even a slight fear, one could imagine how powerful this Heavenly Beast was. A power that even Long Shiya would not doubt its judgement.

Of course, Gu Site would not have any objections, and before Xue AoTian could ask him, he nodded in agreement as well.

Xue AoTian smiled faintly and said: “In that case, let us begin. Both of you, stand apart at a distance of thirty metres.”

Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing immediately walked forward. Their gazes met momentarily, and it was as if obvious sparks flew in the air from the tension. Although Gu Yingbing had the Fire Attribute, and would be slightly affected by such intense cold of the environment, he was after all a member of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and he had already grown used to such an environment. Furthermore, as the saying goes, when the extreme meets, some good will come of it. In truth, when he cultivated his Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy in such intense icy conditions, it was also of some benefit.

At this moment, Gu Yingbing’s eyes were filled with palpable hate, as if he wanted to devour Zhou Weiqing. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing looked calm and peaceful, and that calm caused Gu Yingbing to rage even more. To him, Zhou Weiqing was dreaming that he could even beat him!

Abruptly, Xue AoTian clapped his hands.

With that, two huge figures slowly walked out from the side cave. When the two Heavenly Beasts appeared, both the Tiger and Lion King’s expressions changed slightly. Although they knew that Xue AoTian would not choose some weak Heavenly Beasts, they had not expected that just the first one would be so powerful. After all, both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing had not reached the Heavenly King Stage, and such a test seemed just too tough.

Chapter 175 First Test. Power.

The two huge Heavenly Beasts slowly lumbered all the way to the front of both youths before they stopped. They looked almost exactly the same, their body length about seven metres large, covered fully with a thick layer of icy blue scale armour. In contrast, their height was only one and a half metres tall, with their entire body down close to the ground, showing a stark difference between their heights and lengths.

Zhou Weiqing did not recognize such a Heavenly Beast, but it looked like a huge pangolin. Its eyes flashed with cold light, and from the aura, both were Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts.

It had to be known – the task for both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing was not to defeat these Heavenly Beasts, but to overwhelm them with their aura. To an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, perhaps they might be able to defeat a Heavenly Beast of equal level, maybe even higher level. However, in order to just use their aura to overwhelm a Heavenly Beast, they had to be at a much higher cultivation level! Yet, these two Heavenly Beasts in front of them… let alone Zhou Weiqing, even Gu Yingbing was at a lower cultivation level! After all, Gu Yingbing had only just reached the Nine Jeweled stage. This test would truly be highly dependent on both their bloodlines now! The two huge Heavenly Beasts were extremely obedient, their eyes fixed upon the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, as if waiting for any instruction. From the looks of it, they were unbelievably well behaved and honest.

Xue AoTian said passively: “You both can start now. The time given is five minutes. If in this time, any of you have not succeeded in overwhelming them, it counts as a failure.”

As Xue AoTian gave the command to start, Gu Yingbing was the first to act. Gold-red light sprang forth around his body, and his eyes also turned a brilliant gold. At the same time, a powerful aura burst forth from him, the terrifying presence enveloping the huge pangolin-like Heavenly Beast in front of him.

The Heavenly Beast’s body trembled slightly, and it seemed to hesitate slightly before it stepped back a few steps. Its four limbs buckled, and it fell to the ground, its body still trembling. Success… it had been overwhelmed.

The gold-red light slowly dimmed slightly, and Gu Yingbing put his hands behinds his back in a relaxed position, as if nothing much had happened. In a matter of a few short breaths, he had successfully overwhelmed a powerful Heavenly Beast living in the depths of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. One could imagine how powerful his aura was.

In truth, with Gu Yingbing’s bloodline and current cultivation level, he normally would not be able to overwhelm such a powerful Heavenly Beast at such a speed. However, he had been in quite an unstable state for the past few hours, with all the hate towards Zhou Weiqing raging in him. This time, he wanted to give Zhou Weiqing a quick blow first, and he had burst forth with a massive power boost at the start, succeeding in an instance.

As soon as Gu Yingbing succeeded, he naturally turned his gaze to Zhou Weiqing at the side, waiting to see if he could actually succeed.

As he did so, his eyes naturally gleamed with an obvious disdain and contempt.

As compared to Gu Yingbing’s dazzling performance and impressive presence and aura, Zhou Weiqing’s performance was vastly different. He actually took a few steps forward right in front of the powerful Heavenly Beast, placing his palm on its huge forehead. The faint grey mist around his body started glowing more, swirling around, though his body did not have any other obvious changes, nor did he seem to release his aura much at all.

Gu Yingbing gave a cold smirk. He had been waiting all this while for Zhou Weiqing to take action. This first Heavenly Beast was already at the Upper Level Zong Stage, and with that puny cultivation level that Zhou Weiqing had, how could he possibly overwhelm it? Still, why didn’t he release that Demonic Change State of his? If he used that, at least he might have some chance of success.

Just as Gu Yingbing was getting slightly curious about that, all of a sudden, the huge pangolin Heavenly Beast in front of Zhou Weiqing collapsed onto the ground. It was success for Zhou Weiqing as well! Although its body was not shivering, it had actually collapsed cowering down on the ground.

Gu Yingbing subconsciously turned his gaze to Xue AoTian, and actually saw slight surprise on his teacher’s face.

In a way, one could say that this form of overwhelming Heavenly Beasts was of no meaning in actual combat. After all, in any normal fight, Heavenly Beasts would never stand there obediently allowing you to slowly overwhelm it. At the same time, Heavenly Jewel Masters would usually not spend their Heavenly Energy on strengthening their aura and pressure. Despite all that, it was no question that it was a shockingly impressive feat for Zhou Weiqing, a mere six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, to be able to successfully overwhelm a nine- Jeweled Heavenly Beast! More so, he had not taken much more time than Gu Yingbing did!

On the scene, there were six people in total. Of them, three were at the Heavenly Emperor Tier stage, and one Heavenly God Tier stage. In the entire world, that was already considered the apex of power. Yet, out of all four of these powerhouses, somehow none of them could figure out how Zhou Weiqing actually succeeded in overwhelming the Heavenly Beast. Indeed, not a single one. Even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian was not able to figure out. Only Long Shiya could vaguely guess how Zhou Weiqing managed to do so, but he was still not sure.

Even though he seemed to have succeeded in overwhelming that nine-Jeweled stage Heavenly Beast, Zhou Weiqing still did not emit any powerful aura or presence. It was truly a strange sensation. How did he manage to pull that off?

In fact, when Zhou Weiqing placed his palm on the massive pangolin Heavenly Beast’s forehead, his eyes had subtly turned a deep purple. However, his back was facing the group, and the others did not see it. As for the Heavenly Beast, in the next instant it felt a strange presence emitting from the palm, an aura filled with despair.

Icy cold, despair, darkness, gloom, deathly stillness.

Uncountable negative emotions swarmed into the pangolin’s mind. A Zong Stage Heavenly Beast already had some intelligence, but it was no match for those Heavenly King Stage or higher Heavenly Beasts. As soon as it was filled with those powerful negative emotions, its only feeling was that it could only surrender or die.

In this first round, Zhou Weiqing had actually resorted to skillful trickery. He did not want to reveal his true powers too quickly. What he had done was actually very simple – hiding the Devour Skill of the Demonic Attribute within his palm, but not actually releasing it out. As such, none of the others could detect it, but the sensation and aura of it was still emitted through his palm to the Heavenly Beast’s head, even if it had not taken action yet.

As his cultivation level had grown, and his body had gone through evolution twice, Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill had also improved drastically. It could be said to be full of many different miraculous uses, and it truly lived up to its name as the strongest Skill of the entire Demonic Attributes, able to improve infinitely. More importantly, the Heavenly Beast had been given strict instructions not to fight back, and his strategy of using the hidden Devour Skill had been a straightforward, yet miraculously effective one.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing completed overwhelming the Heavenly Beast in front of him, he did not even look at Gu Yingbing. Instead, he took a few steps back, standing there in a calm and relaxed position.

When the two Heavenly Beasts stood up once more, the one that faced Gu Yingbing did not have much change, just a hint of fear in its eyes. However, the one which faced Zhou Weiqing had its head held down low, not even daring to look at Zhou Weiqing. It was ingrained into its mind that even if it just looked at Zhou Weiqing, he would Devour it totally.

The term used here is ⼀炷⾹, or time for one incense stick to burn. From my research, I believe in the old days it’s their reference for 5 mins Xue AoTian waved his hands, and immediately the two Heavenly Beasts slunk back to the cave from which they had come from, dejected and with their tails between their legs.

Xue AoTian continued passively, not giving any comments on the duo’s performance. “Second one, prepare yourselves.”

None of them detected how the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord managed to do so, but from within the depths of the dark cave, the next two Heavenly Beasts appeared. However, as compared to the large lumbering pair previously, these two were much smaller and more agile. They were extremely familiar to Zhou Weiqing, a pair of Silver Emperors.

The two small figures flashed in midair, encircling around Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s heads respectively.

This pair of Silver Emperors were still young, and their cultivation level was also at the Upper Level Zong Stage, just like Zhou Weiqing’s old pet Little Red Bean.

Thinking about Little Red Bean, Zhou Weiqing felt his heart wrench suddenly. Previously, Little Red Bean had been killed while protecting him from Gu Yingbing, and even up until now, he still remembered that scene clearly, as well as the heartache it brought him. Looking at the two Silver Emperors encircling them, Zhou Weiqing’s calm finally broke, and he glanced towards Gu Yingbing.

As if sensing Zhou Weiqing’s gaze, Gu Yingbing also looked towards him, his eyes flashing with both disdain and an unhidden killing intent. With a cold humph, the golden-red light flashed brightly once more, bursting into the skies.

If one were to liken Gu Yingbing’s Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion aura and presence to that of an ocean, then the Silver Emperor would be a tiny boat within that ocean, thrown about by a tempestuous storm, doing its all to break free of the restraints of the powerful aura.

Both were Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, but it was clear that the Silver Emperor with the potential to reach the Heavenly King Stage was much stronger and more resistant than the first Heavenly Beast. Furthermore, it was much more agile and with an impressive speed. If not for Xue AoTian’s restriction, it would have already broken free of Gu Yingbing’s aura and fled swiftly. Of course, if these Heavenly Beasts could attack them, it would be far more difficult to oppress and overwhelm them with just their auras. On the other side, Zhou Weiqing had also taken action. Due to the fact that his first round had been ‘won’ so strangely, currently all the powerhouses were focused on him.

The thick grey swirling mist rose forth once more from Zhou Weiqing’s body, a pure and thick Demonic aura. The next moment, Zhou Weiqing simply raised his head and looked at the Silver Emperor encircling him. With a single rumbling command, he said: “Come down.”

A miracle happened next.

The next instant, the freely circling Silver Emperor stopped abruptly, its wings folding as if some invisible power had gripped it, a power it was unable to break free from. As it spiralled down, it landed onto Zhou Weiqing’s outstretched right hand, lowering its proud head.

This time, Zhou Weiqing’s speed was actually even faster than Gu Yingbing!

The bloodline of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion was undoubtedly strong, but they were after all Heavenly Beasts of the land. The Silver Emperor belonged to the skies, and thus Gu Yingbing did not have any easy way to reach it. He could only use his own powerful aura to continue pressuring it, and by the time he succeeded in overwhelming his Silver Emperor, Zhou Weiqing had already released the Silver Emperor in his hands.

Of course, the reason why Zhou Weiqing could deal with the Silver Emperor so easily… only he and Long Shiya knew the reason. It was actually very simple – the dragon bloodline within his body.

What was a dragon? One of the strongest Heavenly Beasts around, even higher level than the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions. More importantly, they were overlords of the skies, holding absolute sovereignty over the skies. As soon as Zhou Weiqing released his aura with the Demonic essence, it held a hint of his dragon bloodline, and the little Silver Emperor could no longer resist.

The Solidified Dragon Spirit may not have brought Zhou Weiqing any Skills, but the number of benefits it had was numerous. Power over the flying beasts was one of them.

At this moment, the Lion King Gu Site’s face had turned overcast. Originally, the test that he thought would be a crushing victory had turned to be a far more even fight than he had imagined. He couldn’t help but worry a little, as this disciple of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was not as simple as he thought. With a mere six-Jeweled cultivation level, he had actually managed to succeed in overwhelming those two Heavenly Beasts. More so, this second round was even faster than his own son!

Chapter 176 Heavenly Emperor Beasts! 

As for the Lion King Gu Site, the moment he saw the Demonic Change State around Zhou Weiqing, the thought that sprang in mind was very different. His gaze on Zhou Weiqing also changed, turning cold and overcast. Such an unbelievably talented youth, yet he could not be used by himself. If I give him enough time to grow… that could lead to unforeseen, even disastrous circumstances…

Only the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian remained standing there impassive, his face still expressionless as if he did not care about anything. However, if one examined him closely, they would discover his gaze was also transfixed on Zhou Weiqing

From Xue AoTian’s perspective, he was rather curious about Zhou Weiqing. He had heard a lot of news about this youth from his daughter, and at present, what he was about to do was to create a truly fair fight, although on the surface appearance he was helping Gu Yingbing.

Regarding this young fellow who had stolen his daughter’s heart, Xue AoTian’s feelings were rather mixed. However, it was without a doubt that he was very curious about him, especially when he learned that Zhou Weiqing had the two Saint Attributes, Demonic and Time, that had piqued his interest even more.

Of all the people present, the one who had the strongest impression on Zhou Weiqing’s current aura and presence was naturally Xue AoTian. Just like his daughter years ago, his own Divine and Spirit Attributes, the other two Saint Attributes, could clearly sense the Demonic and Time Saint Attributes from Zhou Weiqing. Vaguely, the four Saint Attributes were resonating with each other.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying also felt a strange connection to Zhou Weiqing as well, and that was the reason why, though he did not know it. As for the Lion King and Prince, although they both had the Divine and Spirit Attributes as well, in terms of purity and strength, it was no match for the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodlines. In addition to the fact that they had strong feelings of enmity and hatred for Zhou Weiqing, the ‘connection’ with Zhou Weiqing was much weaker, even negligible.

Perhaps, a large portion of why Xue AoTian was willing to give Zhou Weiqing a fair chance now was because of his two Saint Attributes. After all, he would never allow a useless person, a person without a good future, to become his son in law.

Currently, all of Xue AoTian’s senses were focused on Zhou Weiqing, and almost as soon as Zhou Weiqing unleashed it, he sensed something different from his Demonic Change State.

As the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, how could Xue AoTian not have any prior contact with the Heavenly Demon Sect? He had faced many of the powerhouses from the Heavenly Demon Sect in his time, and he naturally knew how powerful the Demonic Change State was. Even for himself, he was also wary about the unique powers of the Demonic Attribute and its special changes. However, Zhou Weiqing’s current Demonic Change State was different from any that he had seen before… perhaps at a higher state than any, even the current Heavenly Demon Sect Master’s!

Heavenly God Tier. That was a terrifying state that could fully control and dominate all energy within their sphere of control. Xue AoTian could naturally sense every minor change, detailed flux in Zhou Weiqing’s body.

The first thing about Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State that he felt was the change in his spirit. For all the previous Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses that Xue AoTian had met, even the Sect Master, when they entered their Demonic Change State, their spirit would fluctuate and be unsettled. However, this was not present for Zhou Weiqing. Indeed, when he entered the Demonic Change State, though his aura and presence underwent an entire upheaval, his spirit was still
calm and peaceful like a lake of water. What did that mean? It was no longer as simple as a controlled Demonic Change State!

The next was the sheer power within Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline. The Demonic Change State was originally a kind of mutated power that joined bloodline power with the Demonic Attribute. Generally speaking, it was unique factors within human bloodlines mixed with the Demonic Attribute, and it was exactly because the power held within the Demonic Attribute was far greater than that of the human bloodline, thus many Demonic Jewel Masters entered a crazed state, losing control etc etc.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s situation was clearly very different. The bloodline power that merged with his Demonic Attribute was not just his own human bloodline, but also another bloodline that was no weaker… perhaps even stronger… than his own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline. This bloodline… even this strongest powerhouse in the world, Xue AoTian, who controlled all the strongest Heavenly Beasts in the entire Heavenly Snow Mountain… he had never seen any bloodline like this before. In fact, he had not even heard anything like it before.

When these two powers merged together, it caused Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State to become far stronger than anything he had seen before. The aura emitted by Zhou Weiqing was already far beyond any ordinary Demonic Change State.

Tian’er had told Xue AoTian regarding Zhou Weiqing, and how he had an incomparable talent in overwhelming Heavenly Beasts. Previously, when he his cultivation level was still very low, he had already managed to Skill Store so many powerful Skills. This was also the reason why Xue AoTian had chosen the route of overwhelming Heavenly Beasts during this first competition. After all, just in terms of cultivation level, he was just too far from Gu Yingbing, and the age difference was not inconsiderable. To keep the competition actually fair, he did not want a direct frontal clash between the two youths.

Currently, as he continued sensing all the changes of Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State, but Xue AoTian’s face remained impassive and expressionless. Despite that, his heart was actually filled with shock. What kind of bloodline did this Zhou Weiqing have? How could it be so powerful?! Furthermore, as time passed, the shock in Xue TianAo’s heart grew stronger and stronger, so much so that one could almost describe it as tempestuous storms brewing and raging turbulent waves rolling. That was because he discovered that Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline was also of the Tiger type. More importantly, that bloodline seemed to have a strange complementary relationship with their own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline!

In that instant, Xue AoTian could fully understand why his daughter had looked for Zhou Weiqing to accompany him on such an easy whim. At that time, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was low, and he was not able to hide any of his presence or aura.

At that time, Tian’er had not only sensed the draw of the Four Saint Attributes reverberating and drawing upon each other, but also that complementary aura of their bloodlines that had so strongly drawn her to him.

As he thought up to that point, Xue AoTian’s heartbeat couldn’t help but beat rapidly. Even as the top powerhouse in the world, he was somehow unable to control his own heart from racing. That was because from Zhou Weiqing, he saw a possibility. The possibility of breaching the thirteenth Jewel – the legendary Heavenly Change! In that instant, the scales in his heart were trembling.

At last, with a plop sound, the Snow Wolf King in front of Gu Yingbing fell to the ground. Overwhelming success. Wolves and Lions were not on the same level after all, and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion perfectly countered the Snow Wolf King, especially since Gu Yingbing was already at the nine- Jeweled stage. More so, Gu Yingbing had already used his Spirit Attribute in pressuring the Snow Wolf King. The power of a Saint Attribute along with the superior bloodline; it was not that difficult to overwhelm the Snow Wolf King. The Divine and Spirit Dual Saint Attributes was one of the important techniques of the Heavenly Snow Mountain in suppressing or controlling Heavenly Beasts, so in a way the Snow Wolf King could be said to be used to being overwhelmed like that.

Just as Gu Yingbing succeeded, on the other side, Zhou Weiqing also succeeded at almost the exact same time.

Zhou Weiqing had raised his Demonic Right Leg behind him, his palms extended out. They could clearly see that between each ‘paw’, there was a ball of grey mist swirling. As for his bloodshot eyes, they were glowing with a shocking intensity, with a thick aura of suppression that somehow succeeded in overwhelming the other Snow Wolf King at the same time.

Of course, this Snow Wolf King was not just afraid of Zhou Weiqing’s Dark Demon God Tiger aura, but also the Devour Skill in his hands. Any Heavenly Beast below the Heavenly God Tier stage would instinctively be terrified of the Devour Skill, and this was also one of the reasons why Zhou Weiqing had been able to overwhelm those powerful Heavenly Beasts in the past when his cultivation level was much lower, allowing him to Skill Store far beyond his normal level.

The reason why he used the simple Demonic Change State instead of his newly gained Dragon-Tiger Transformation was because he still wanted to hide his true power. After all, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was not like his Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline inheritance, affecting his entire body. As such, after melding with the Solidified Dragon Spirit, he was no longer able to enter transformation state without entering the Demonic Change State. Of course, he could still not activate the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and only use the Demonic Change State. Furthermore, even as he used his current Demonic Change State, it was mainly only focused on presence and aura, and was not a large toll on his energy. He could even hide his wings, not allowing his full transformative state to be displayed in front of all the others. Even so, he had managed to succeed in overwhelming the Snow Wolf King. After all, overwhelming Heavenly Beasts was what he excelled in even in the past, let alone now that he had reached the six-Jeweled stage.

The next few Heavenly Beasts, the fifth sixth and seventh, were all also at the Heavenly King Stage, just at the Mid Level, High Level and Max Level respectively.

So far, Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing had used the same method as in the fourth round, in order to complete their overwhelming. Of course, the time taken had also continued increasing, but the two still continued succeeding.

Seven out of the ten rounds had already completed, and both were still fully equal. Originally fully confident in his victory, Gu Yingbing’s disdain and scorn had changed to seriousness. He had a strange feeling that this current Zhou Weiqing was very different from the puny fellow he had easily trashed just a few months ago. Even his Demonic Change State seemed different. It might not be that easy to defeat him in terms of overwhelming Heavenly Beasts. For the entire group of onlookers, perhaps the most easy going one was surprisingly the Six Ultimate Emperor Long Shiya. He knew that Zhou Weiqing had not even used the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, but had already completed seven rounds of overwhelming. Although both sides looked exhausted, he was still confident that Zhou Weiqing had this in
the bag.

“You both may rest for an hour.” Once again, Xue AoTian proclaimed a rest time. This time, Gu Yingbing did not speak out, and the two youths sat down at once, quickly trying to recover their spirit and energy. They might have completed the first seven rounds, but that did not mean that the last three would be easy for them. Without question, it would be time for them to meet Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beasts!

Just like Heavenly Jewel Masters, in terms of cultivation level for Heavenly Beasts, it was also a massive gap between the Heavenly King stage and Heavenly Emperor stage. Both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing were not confident in continuing to succeed. After all, no matter how strong a bloodline was, there was a limit to how much it could bridge the gap in cultivation level and sheer power. Even if the Heavenly Emperor Beast was restricted from attacking them, it was still a difficult task. The superior feeling in Gu Yingbing’s heart had long dissipated, but he still did not think he would lose. As a nine- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, he was confident that his recovery speed was far superior to Zhou Weiqing, especially since he had the Spirit Attribute, his Spiritual Energy and recovery speed was definitely astonishing. However, one hour passed, and when the two youths stood up once more, Gu Yingbing was surprised to see that Zhou Weiqing looked refreshed and rejuvenated, as if he was back in tip top condition. How could he not be surprised?

Xue AoTian looked at the two of them and said in a serious tone: “Next, you will both be facing Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beasts. I do not need to remind you too much, for Heavenly Beasts to reach the Heavenly Emperor stage, it is without question that they also have extremely high quality bloodlines. As such, your advantage of bloodline will not be that obvious, and you may even run the risk of being counter- injured.”

Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s faces turned serious. Overwhelming a Heavenly Emperor stage Heavenly Beast. They had never even dreamed of doing it at their current levels, let alone trying it out, and they did not know whether or not they could succeed.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* A low, rumbling thunder shook the entire cave as it rang out. The Heavenly Beasts that they would face had not even appeared, but a terrifying and oppressive presence could already be felt.

The expressions of both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing instantly changed. In their hearts, they suddenly had the strange misconception – Who was the one doing the overwhelming?! The two Heavenly Emperor stage Beasts had not even appeared, and they were already barely able to hold on. Such a level of power, was it really possible for them to succeed? Wasn’t that just a fantastical dream?

Even if it were a lowest level Heavenly Emperor Stage Beast, it was still the difference of heaven and earth compared to a max level Heavenly King Stage Beast!

The two youths were not the only ones whose expressions changed. Long Shiya, the Tiger King and Lion King also looked serious. With their cultivation level, they could easily sense the sheer power of the two incoming Heavenly Beasts – not Low Level Heavenly Emperor Stage, but at the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor Stage! Besides Xue AoTian, only Long Shiya actually had any confidence that they could overwhelm Beasts of such a level with only their aura and presence. Soon, two unbelievably immense figures appeared in their sights, so massive that it was almost terrifying. This cavern was extremely huge and spacious, but as soon as the two Heavenly Beasts appeared, it was as if the cavern had suddenly become too tiny.

Both Beasts were more than ten metres tall, fifteen metres in length, their bodies covered with long white fur with huge tusks protruding out like two terrifying lumbering mountains of doom.
Mammoths! These were Mammoth – Type Heavenly Beasts! Mammoth Type Heavenly Beasts were extremely talented,
their bloodlines ensuring they could reach at least Upper Level Zong Stage or higher. These two were magnificent species amongst their kind, obviously with their Heavenly Emperor Stage, and they were Lords and Leaders amongst all Mammoth type Beasts.

Long Shiya muttered: “Snow Lord Mammoths. These huge fellows. Old Monster Xue, you are already bringing these out on the eighth round? How can they possibly succeed in overwhelming them? Do you think they have already reached our level?” Xue AoTian glanced at Long Shiya before saying passively: “From this round onwards, the test is reversed. Yingbing, you and Zhou Weiqing will have to withstand the oppressive pressure of these Snow Lord Mammoths for 5 minutes. If anyone fails in that time, you will have lost the round. If both
of you can withstand the pressure, then we will go on to the ninth round…”

“Yes,  Master.”  Gu  Yingbing  said  respectfully.  He  couldn’t help but heave a huge sigh of relief in his heart. At least it was not an impossible task. Withstanding pressure and attempting to overwhelm these Heavenly Beasts was a hugely different task.

By this time, the two massive mammoths had already lumbered to the front of Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing respectively. If one thought their presence was terrifying just now, the addition of their massive bodies in front of them brought some strange new pressure!

Snow Lord Mammoths. These monstrous beasts had the Ice, Earth and Wind Attributes, and their innate talent was to berserk. In the entire Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, they were highly ranked and respected. In the WanShou Empire, there was a Legion of controlled Heavenly Beasts controlled only by the Heavenly Snow Mountain. It was also one of the main reasons why the other four Great Saint Lands feared them so much. The Legion Commander of that Legion had a Snow Lord Mammoth mount, and one could imagine how powerful it was for such a high ranked powerhouse.

They were able to control winds and snows, trample across the earth in stampedes. They were considered a rare breed that were equally power in both offense and defense.

Such powerful Heavenly Beasts, even Long Shiya would have a bit of trouble in defeating them. For Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, it was definitely impossible for them stand against them. The Snow Lord Mammoths might not seem to have any scales or armour, but their pure white fur was actually deceptively tough, one of the strongest defenses. Even a full powered attack from a Max Level Heavenly King Stage powerhouse might not be able to cause any damage to them. Of course, one had to consider that these powerful Heavenly Beasts were under full control of Xue AoTian, and from that alone one could tell how powerful this Heavenly God Tier powerhouse was.

The Lion King Gu Site’s somber eyes were suddenly filled with a burning heat. Even he had not expected that the Heavenly Snow Mountain held so much power. If… his son could control the Heavenly Snow Mountain in the future… perhaps… they would be able to sweep over the entire mainland!

*ROARR* Almost at the same time, two resounding roars rang out from the two Snow Lord Mammoths, their long trunks raised up in the air. Instantly, a powerful layer of green- blue light sprang forth from their bodies, enveloping Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s bodies respectively.

In the next instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was trapped in a world of ice and snow. The surrounding air plummeted to absolute zero, the frigid temperatures buffeting him along with the cruel pressure of the Mammoth’s terrifying aura, feeling like uncountable sharp ice shards slicing all over his body. A massive spiritual pressure descended upon him like a huge mountain from the skies, smashing down over his head.

Zhou Weiqing gave a muffled grunt as he staggered back subconsciously. Even under the Demonic Change State, he was almost unable to withstand this terrifying pressure.

On the other side, Gu Yingbing was in a much better state than Zhou Weiqing. After all, his cultivation level was at the nine-Jeweled stage, much higher than Zhou Weiqing. He had not staggered back, holding his ground, though his expression had turned very ugly and his body was trembling slightly. The golden-red light around him was so thick that it was as if an actual solid burning shroud was around him, as the thick Heavenly Energy reverberations around him denoted his channeling of his spirit to the maximum.

Alas for these poor two young souls, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing had just been foolish enough to be relieved and think that withstanding the pressure would be easier than overwhelming. Now, they knew what a joke their previous thoughts had been just an instant ago. Facing a Heavenly Emperor stage was never a trifling task.

Having reached the Mid Level Heavenly Emperor stage, as soon as the Snow Lord Mammoths’ powerful aura smashed down upon them, they realised it was far more difficult than when they were trying previously to overwhelm the Max Level Heavenly King Stage Beasts!

Furthermore, this pressure was now reverse. That was to say, they definitely had to hold on the best they could, otherwise failure would also lead to serious injury. More importantly… that already-terrifying pressure was still increasing slowly!

The terrifying pressure was crushing down upon both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, draining their energy at a crazy rate. When Zhou Weiqing staggered back a step, he felt as if he could no longer hold on. However, after moving back one more step, he finally stopped staggering back just like that. Although he was still having trouble holding on, at least he had finally stabilized himself and not lost just immediately.

At this moment, even the Tiger King Xue Aoying couldn’t help but reveal a hint of admiration on his face. For a six- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, even with the aid of the Demonic Change State, to be able to withstand a Mid Level Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast for so long, it was already unbelievably astonishing. He could imagine that any other six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master would have already imploded internally from facing such pressure. After all, the gap in cultivation level was just too huge.

*Haaahhh* Gu Yingbing yelled softly in exertion as his arms raised up abruptly, palms facing upwards. The next moment, the golden-red light around his body actually turned pure golden, as if flames rising into the air.

Divine Flames. This was not any Skill, but the pure merger of Heavenly Energy of the Divine and Fire Attribute merging together fully. This was also one of the ultimate secrets of the Heavenly Snow Mountain that was never to be passed outside. With the sheer power of the Divine Flames, Gu Yingbing finally managed to hold his ground, but his Heavenly Energy expenditure was now several times his original.

Gu Yingbing finally had a moment of respite to turn to look at Zhou Weiqing. In his mind, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly hold on for five minutes. Although the Divine Flames was a huge drain on himself, he was confident of at least holding on for that long, and without question that would put him as the ultimate victor.

However, a shocking sight followed next. Just as everyone thought the swaying body of Zhou Weiqing would fall, abruptly a tearing sound rang out, and the back of Zhou Weiqing’s shirt ripped apart in a burst. A pair of huge wings sprang forth from his back without warning.

The black grey wings were like an artifact calming the seas. When they appeared, the massive amounts of various energies suddenly started surging crazily towards Zhou Weiqing. At the same time, it was as if Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline aura abruptly raised up to an even higher state. Although his cultivation level was still the same, the gap between them still like an unbreachable chasm, his bloodline aura was suddenly at a massive advantage against the Snow Lord Mammoths! Using bloodline alone to suppress a Heavenly Emperor Stage Snow Lord Mammoth of noble blood!??

Both the Tiger King and Lion King widened their eyes. This time, as Xue AoTian saw the wings spreading out from Zhou Weiqing’s back, even he was not able to maintain his impassive expression.

Paired wings that could actually upgrade one’s bloodline?!
What the h*** was going on?!

In that instant, Xue AoTian suddenly realised that he had severely underestimated that ancient tiger bloodline of Zhou Weiqing’s. He had previously thought he had already judged it very highly, but it appeared it wasn’t as simple as he thought… perhaps… it was even at a far higher level than his own bloodline… a nobler and higher grade than even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers!

As soon as the wings burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s back, shock filled the eyes of Snow Lord Mammoth in front of him. Abruptly, the pressure on Zhou Weiqing almost halved, and in the short instantaneous respite, Zhou Weiqing had actually taken a huge step forward, regaining the footing lost previously. Black and grey light swirled around him as if burning into the air. It was a mix of his Darkness and Demonic Attributes.

The Divine Attribute and Demonic Attribute were both Saint Attributes, and it was hard to compare which was stronger than the other. However, if one compared Darkness and Fire Attribute, there was an obvious difference. Zhou Weiqing had somehow managed to just use his Demonic Change State to somehow merge his Darkness and Demonic Attributes, fusing them perfectly like the Divine Flames of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. All this without any secret arts! This was the advantage of his bloodline power!

The Dark Demon God Tiger was originally of the Darkness, Demonic and Lightning Attributes, and had full control over all these Attributes, able to merge them easily. As such, under the Demonic Change State, instinctively having them fuse together was not that difficult a task. Furthermore, although Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was far lower than Gu Yingbing, do not forget about his Immortal Deity Technique! With the twenty four opened Death Acupuncture Points and the energy whirlpools, along with the pair of wings behind his back, his energy regeneration was somehow able to sustain the massive drain on his Heavenly Energy.

“What… what kind of bloodline is that?!” The Tiger King Xue Aoying was finally unable to control himself, turning to the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor beside him and asking.

Long Shiya was eyeing his disciple with unbridled smug satisfaction on his face. There was nothing to hide about the name of Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline; after all, it was his alone. “It is called the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline, a perfect match for your own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline! One black tiger, one white tiger… That is why I said that my Little Fatty is more suitable for your little Tian’er. How about it, Tiger King, my precious disciple is not bad huh?”

Xue Aoying smiled bitterly and said: “Bro Long, if you are willing to let me have him as disciple instead, I will satisfy any condition you have! Even that marriage, I will do everything in my power to ensure it happens.” He spoke softly to Long Shiya, though he was not afraid of the Lion King listening in.

Long Shiya gave an exasperated humph and said: “Don’t daydream. Even if you use the entire WanShou Empire to swap with me, I will not do so! My precious disciple is one of a kind!”

Both sides had already stabilized, but in comparison, at least in outward appearance, Zhou Weiqing was slightly better off. The Snow Lord Mammoth facing him showed a hint of fear towards his bloodline aura, and even its powerful aura now seemed slightly weaker than than the other one.

Looking at Gu Yingbing’s side, his expression was extremely ugly. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Zhou Weiqing could last up to this round, let alone take the advantage here. He could clearly see that this had to be because when Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level had broken through to the six-Jeweled stage, his Demonic Change State had either mutated or evolved somehow, with those wings appearing.

Thinking up to this point, Gu Yingbing suddenly calmed down, breaking out of his state of rage and jealousy. At that moment, he suddenly realised he had been ignoring all this time, a serious problem indeed – Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level.

Previously, he had been disdainful of Zhou Weiqing’s mere six-Jeweled cultivation level. Yet, all of a sudden, as he thought about it, the last time he faced Zhou Weiqing, he had just broken through to the five-Jeweled stage! However, now, in just a matter of months, he had somehow already reached six Jewels! This was something that was impossible just from cultivating… something else must have happened.

As he thought about that, Gu Yingbing’s scorn and underestimation of Zhou Weiqing was wiped away. At last, he realised that for Zhou Weiqing to dare to come here today, especially since he was brought by Long Shiya, he had to have been fully prepared. If there was no chance at all, even if Zhou Weiqing was crazy enough to do so, would the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor be that crazy?

As comprehension dawned upon him, Gu Yingbing turned calm and cool. He knew that if he wanted to defeat Zhou Weiqing today, it would not be an easy task, and he could not afford to underestimate his foe.

Time passed, second after second, minute after minute. Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing were both gritting their teeth as they held on with all their might. The two Snow Lord Mammoths aura continued raising up to a certain before maintaining equilibrium. After all, they were not able to actually strike out in an attack, and if they raised their presence too far, they would have no choice but to strike.

Five minutes was not considered a long time, but it was not too short either. By the time the time ended, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing were surrounded by mist – their bodies generating so much sweat that was then quickly evaporated by the vast amounts of Heavenly Energy around them.

The two youths, perhaps the absolute top of their entire generation, had finally passed this round. When the pressure from the two Snow Lord Mammoths disappeared, both of them instantly sank down onto the ground, quickly assuming a meditative position to recover their energy.

This round of testing had not only pushed the two to the limit, but also squeezed out their potential and talent. Facing these two powerful Heavenly Beasts, the drain had been far more than all of the last seven rounds added up together.

When the Snow Lord Mammoths stopped, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing had felt utterly exhausted. After all, facing a healthy Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast in top condition was far different from those Sealed in the Skill Storing Palaces.

“You both only have one hour of rest.”  Xue AoTian’s voice rang out, in a rather emotionless and almost unreasonable way.

Currently, all the powerhouses present were interesting in finding out what the limit was for both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing. There was still two more rounds of this test to go, and since the eighth was already with Mid Level Heavenly Emperor Beasts, the last two were definitely even stronger. How far could they go?

Besides Xue AoTian, not even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya could claim to do the same as these two youths when he was at their age… let alone the Tiger and Lion King! However, the strongest emotion in his heart now was pride. After all, Zhou Weiqing was not even twenty years old yet! If Long Shiya previously only held some hope that Zhou Weiqing would reach the Heavenly God Tier, now, he was extremely confident that as long as his precious disciple could continue growing and improving at his current speed, he would definitely reach the Heavenly God Tier eventually. One hour passed quickly, and when Zhou Wieqing and Gu Yingbing stood up once more, their expressions were quite different.

Gu Yingbing’s face was grave and serious, his face still pale. As for Zhou Weiqing, he was still covered in the black tiger tattoos, but his eyes were bright and clear. The powerhouses present could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing’s spirit and Heavenly Energy recovery was no less than Gu Yingbing! Was this a recovery speed of a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master?! Especially since he was still maintaining his Demonic Change State…

The Lion King Gu Site’s expression was rather ugly. He could not believe that this mere six-Jeweled little brat was holding his own against his son. In theory, that was truly impossible.

A Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master withstanding a Heavenly Emperor’s pressure? Even if they said it out who could believe it?

Before Xue AoTian could summon the next group of Heavenly Beasts, Gu Site suddenly spoke out. “Mountain Lord, I have a suggestion.” “En?” Xue AoTian turned to him and said passively: “Lion King, what is your suggestion?”

Gu Site continued: “Mountain Lord, from a certain perspective, we can be considered Heavenly Beasts. How about, for this ninth round, let me and the Tiger King be the testers. The Tiger King can suppress Yingbing, while I will do the same for this Zhou Weiqing. My cultivation level is about the same as the Tiger King’s, so that is fair. What do you think?”

“Haha.” Long Shiya burst out laughing heartily. “I never expected that the Lion King, head of an entire Empire, would be so shameless. Your WanShou Empire is trying to band together to bully me and my disciple? I do not reject your suggestion, but the one who suppresses your son will have to be me for it to be fair.”

“Bullshit. How is that not fair? My cultivation level is the same as the Tiger King’s, but you are already at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor, with the boost of your Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. Your suggestion is the unfair one!” Gu Site said angrily.

Long Shiya said coldly: “Don’t forget that your son is nine- Jeweled, and my disciple is only six-Jeweled. That evens things out.” Xue AoTian swept them both with his gaze before saying solemnly: “Both of you need not argue. This test is mainly about their bloodline power, and though cultivation level is definitely of help, it is not as huge as difference. Bro Long, as I said, in this test, Yingbing will have some advantages. Both of you need not argue, I will still go on with my original test.”

As he said that, he waved his hands as he sent out a command. Instantly, all the air in the cavern seemed to freeze and still, as two calm, stable and boundless auras came forth from the cave entrance.

Sensing the two auras, even Long Shiya’s expression changed swiftly.

This was the true hidden background power of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. In the Heavenly Snow Mountain, they did not have the sheer numbers of powerhouses like the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, nor their terrifying wealth and Consolidated Equipment. However, the Heavenly Snow Mountain had many powerful Heavenly Beasts, and many of these were under the control and command of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. Without question, if Xue AoTian were to command these powerful Heavenly Beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens to war, he could almost wipe out all of humanity, bringing about a holy war between Heavenly Beasts and Humans. Of course, such a scenario was not just feared by the human empires, but even the WanShou Empire or the Heavenly Snow Mountain did not want something like this to happen. After all, there was no benefit in doing so. Most of the powerful Heavenly Beasts were already divested of their requirement of
food, able to gain their nourishment from absorbing the atmospheric energies. As such, their existence in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was safe, nor did they fear interference from humans. The best case scenario was for both sides to coexist without interference from each other. At the same time, if the four Great Saint Lands joined forces against the Heavenly Snow Mountain, it would be hard for them to hold out as well.

Two faint gold lights approached, and before Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing could actually see clearly, they felt their vision blur momentarily and there was a man standing in front of them respectively.

Indeed. A man, middle aged, with short gold hair.

Both these middle aged men were gold in colour, their skin a faint gold colour with a yellow-gold short hair. In fact, their entire body was shining with that faint gold light, and even the pupils of their eyes were gold. It was as if they had been carved out of gold. Long Shiya’s face was full of surprise as he exclaimed: “Old Monster Xue, you have even called upon your Heavenly Snow Mountain Guardians, the two Light Titan Apes… you truly think very highly of this two young fellows huh?”

The two middle aged men looked exactly alike, clearly a pair of identical twins. Hearing Long Shiya’s words, the two smiled at Long Shiya, nodding in greeting as they said: “Since the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor is here to visit, how can we not show up.”

Indeed, these two middle aged men were actually the two Light Titan Apes. Some Heavenly Beasts, even if they cultivated up to the Heavenly God Tier stage, they were still unable to take human form. Some were able to do so at a low cultivation level. For example, Tian’er, she had already been able to take human form even though her cultivation level was not too high. Although that did not mean anything for their power or cultivation level, it usually meant their intelligence was higher than those which could not take human form.

Chapter 177 To be confirmed!

Both these Light Titan Apes were at the Upper Level Heavenly Emperor stage. Although they might not be able to compare with the human Heavenly Emperor Jewel Masters, their strength was undoubtedly terrifying.

In fact, the main difference of power between Heavenly Beasts and human Heavenly Jewel Masters was in their Consolidated Equipment and the restrictions of Skills. Long Shiya had fought with these two Light Titan Apes several times before, the first time when he had first reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage. At that time, Xue AoTian had not reached the Heavenly God Stage as well. Although these two Light Titan Apes did not have any Consolidated Equipment, they were a pair of twins which could work together very well. During that fight, Long Shiya had barely won by a hair. It was only in the future as he finally completed his ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set, and his cultivation level increased, that he could finally guarantee defeating them in a fight.

Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts could not possibly be controlled or commandeered by others, not even the Heavenly Snow Mountain. As such, it was already the absolute limit to command Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beasts. Furthermore, only a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse like Xue AoTian could fully convince such powerful Heavenly Beasts. These two Light Titan Apes could be said to be a core backbone of the Heavenly Snow Mountain power base, and whenever Xue AoTian entered closed door cultivation, they would personally guard him.

Currently, for them to be invited to test Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, it was no wonder that Long Shiya was so astonished.

Xue AoTian’s originally impassive face finally revealed a faint smile as he nodded towards the two Light Titan Apes, making an inviting gesture towards the two youths. This was a treatment that not even the two Snow Lord Mammoths had gotten.

Gu Yingbing’s eyes showed some clear nervous tension. He was not foolish enough to think that these Heavenly Snow Mountain Guardians would take it easy on him. These two Light Titan Apes only listened to Xue AoTian alone.

“This time, you both only need to withstand their pressure for  2.5  minutes  to  pass  this  round.”  Xue  AoTian  told  Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing. A thick gold light sprang forth the moment the words ended. The entire cavern was surrounded with ice, and in the sudden brilliant light, it painted a miraculous picture of astounding beauty.

In the midst of the pure gold light, the two Light Titan Apes’ bodies shimmered and slowly became transparent. Their aura and pressure did not seem like the Snow Lord Mammoths, compared to the massive mountains pressuring down, it was more like an intangible yet all-encompassing environmental energy. That did not mean it was any weaker, as terrifying pressure swelled around the two youths from all directions. Behind the two Light Titan Apes, a huge, illusory image of themselves appeared.

Looking at that, Long Shiya, the Lion and Tiger Kings, all of them suddenly realised that these two Light Titan Apes had strengthened once more, now only a step away from reaching the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage. On the surface, their aura and pressure was more ‘gentle’ than the Snow Lord Mammoths, but it was strengthening at a frightening pace, far faster than the Mammoths earlier. More so, it was a pervasive pressure that came from everywhere, invaded everywhere.

It was as if all the Light Attribute Energy in the world was focused here in that instant, fully pressuring against Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing. What was in front of them did not seem like two Heavenly Beasts, but two bright suns shining with radiant light.

Such pressure was not just on their spiritual energy anymore, the pressure almost like a solid presence, actually oppressing their bodies. If their cultivation level was insufficient, such a pressure alone would be able to crush them into dust, vanishing from this world forever.

Without any delay, the gold Divine Flames blazed forth around Gu Yingbing’s body. Facing the Light Titan Ape, he dared not hold back at all, circulating all of his Heavenly Energy, bloodline power as well as all his Attributes at once, fully powering his Divine Flames which burned and rose in the middle of all the incoming pressure. Even so, the Divine Flames that blazed so strongly momentarily was quickly pressured back in all the way to a tiny area surrounding his body.

Looking at the situation, the Lion King Gu Site was no longer frowning, instead feeling joy. The reason was simple – the Attributes of the Light Titan Apes!

The Light Attribute was the natural counter to the Darkness Attribute. At least, Gu Yingbing had the Divine Attribute, which could be in a certain way described as an sublimed upper state of the Light Attribute. At least, it had a natural resistance towards the Light Attribute. Yet, the Darkness and Demonic Attributes of Zhou Weiqing were naturally countered by the Light Attribute of the Light Titan Ape. As such, even facing the same amount of pressure, Zhou Weiqing should fare much worse. Seeing his son having such difficulty, he expected that
Zhou Weiqing would be in dire straits.

Alas, the truth of the matter that happened next surprised all the watching powerhouses.

With a low tiger’s howl, the grey-black swirling mist around Zhou Weiqing’s body grew thicker, the wings around his back flapping gently rhythmically, causing his entire person to seem to be wrapped in layer of thick black mist. At the same time, within the mist, arcs of bluish purple electricity flashed about erratically. The most surprising thing was that the large layer of black mist was somehow being suppressed at a slower rate than Gu Yingbing’s Divine Flames!

His bloodline actually had some other hidden powers that hadn’t been released up to now? Both the Lion and Tiger Kings were taken aback. What kind of bloodline power was that? It was no lower than even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger! Indeed, the Light Attribute was a natural counter for the Darkness Attribute, and they were on the same level. However, if one counted the Demonic Attribute, how could the Light Attribute alone possibly counter it fully?

Furthermore, Dragons had the Light and Fire Attribute. While Zhou Weiqing’s Light Attribute resistance was far lower than his Fire Attribute resistance, it was definitely not as weak as Gu Site had estimated. Hidden deep within the black mist, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had turned from the deep red to a purple. In order to withstand the Light Titan Ape, he had already started entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation.

After all, this was just pressure from aura and presence, not Heavenly Energy. The main fighting was bloodline power. It was without question that Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline was far superior to Gu Yingbing.

The Light Titan Ape in front of Zhou Weiqing revealed a hint of surprise in his eyes. He could clearly sense Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, and for a mere six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master to withstand his own pressure, even giving him an indistinct hint of a threat. That sense of danger came from the bloodline power of Zhou Weiqing, and was definitely not obvious, but the occasional twinge in his heart made the Light Titan Ape unwilling to push his own aura and pressure to the maximum.


At the other side, Gu Yingbing was no longer able to hold on. Abruptly, the gold flames around his body burst out in a sudden rise. The next moment, his entire body seemed to drop to the ground, and in the middle of the thick gold light, he turned into a massive four metres long gold lion. The circle of blood red fur around his neck obvious.

Under the sheer pressure of the Light Titan Ape, Gu Yingbing had no choice but to release his original Heavenly Beast form. In his Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form, his bloodline power was greatly boosted, a similar case to Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State. Once again, both youths entered a sort of equilibrium state; both holding on with all their might, both refusing to fall.

Sweat poured down from their bodies, only to evaporate a few moments later to disappear into the air. Their breathing grew heavy and ragged; with such pressure beating down upon them, their sweat soon turned to fine blood droplets appearing along their skin. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing felt like his entire body was being squeezed to the limit, as if he were about to explode at any moment. Yet, under such pressure, his twenty four energy whirlpools at the Death Acupuncture Points somehow broke through their previous limitations, speeding up at least fifty percent of their previous maximum speed. His body had already far surpassed his limit, and the suffocating feeling
made him feel like he was about to be destroyed at any moment.

In truth, perhaps Zhou Weiqing was in a lot more trouble than Gu Yingbing. However, in terms of withstanding pain and suffering, Gu Yingbing was no match for Zhou Weiqing. Just his Immortal Deity Technique alone had given him a massive experience in withstanding pain, let alone the period of time he had spent immersed in lava while at the Fire Spirit Mountain. Having gone through the spiritual suffering during the merger of the Solidified Dragon Spirit and his Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline, his nerves were now unbelievably steely and his resistance to pain was unparalleled. Even a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse might not be able to match him in that regard. Right now, this level of pain was nothing, definitely within his limits. With that, he forcefully did not fully enter the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. After all, this was only the ninth test, and there was one final one. He was certain that the final round of test would be a Max Level Heavenly Emperor Beast. If he revealed all of his Dragon-Tiger Transformation now, it would be difficult to achieve victory later. Even so, Zhou Weiqing’s potential was being fully pressed out of him. At that moment, behind his back, an illusory light appeared abruptly.

The figure of light was not clear at all, but it vaguely seemed to be a huge black tiger, wings spread out behind his back, just like the ones on Zhou Weiqing’s back.

This is his bloodline lineage! Xue AoTian thought to himself. In a certain perspective, this little brat can be considered a beastman, with such powerful Heavenly Beast bloodline within him. The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline was already considered the top in the entire world, king of all Beasts. Could this unknown Dark Demon God Tiger’s bloodline actually be superior to his own Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger?!

Towards this, Xue AoTian was not willing to admit it, but the facts in front of him were almost too much to ignore.

2.5 minutes was half the time of the previous round. However, to Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing, that time was like an eternity. By the time the two Light Titan Apes halted and left stealthily, the two could not control their own bodies, flopping down onto the ground panting and gasping for breath. Long Shiya had his hands behind his back, a huge smug smile on his face. Zhou Weiqing had managed to reach this point, and he was extremely proud. Having gone through this entire test this time in the Heavenly Snow Mountain, no matter the final result, it was already a cleansing and possible evolving for Zhou Weiqing in all matters. He now truly had the power to protect himself.

Xue AoTian’s gaze swept across Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, a hint of appreciation in his eyes. Gu Yingbing was his disciple, his pride, and he was not too surprised that he had managed to succeed. After all, he had spent a lot of time on effort on developing Gu Yingbing.

From Xue AoTian’s status and perspective, he could see things from a whole different level from the Tiger King Xue Aoying. He had long grown past the restrictions of tribe or race, and could look down at the bigger picture from his stage up above. No matter the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger or the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion, both belonged to the WanShou Empire. The reason why he spent so much time and effort to groom Gu Yingbing was simple – he was the most talented and held the most potential amongst the entire young generation. What he needed was a heir who could hold up and support the entire Heavenly Snow Mountain, and he would not hold back just because Gu Yingbing was from the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe.

Zhou Weiqing had already brought more than enough surprise to the unflappable Xue AoTian. From this youth, he had seen so many impossibilities, challenging so many things that he had taken for granted. Xue AoTian could not help but admit the how outstanding this young man was, his sheer talent and potential… and that he was truly worthy of his own beloved daughter.

The first test was reaching the end, and at this point, Xue AoTian’s inner heart was already more on Zhou Weiqing’s side. In his ears, Zhou Weiqing’s previous words from the Grand Hall resonated. Indeed! He was not a good father… did he really have to sacrifice his daughter just for the sake of the Heavenly Snow Mountain? As the Mountain Lord, did he still need to use such means to solidify the alliance between the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger or the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribes?

No. He did not need to. Thinking back to how his daughter’s bright eyes and life when he told her about Zhou Weiqing coming, Xue AoTian finally made his resolute decision. This young man Zhou Weiqing had the courage to ascend the Heavenly Snow Mountain for his daughter’s sake, and that very courage and resolution was more than enough to ascertain how much feelings he had for his daughter.

I guess I have to help them now. Xue AoTian sighed inwardly, closing his eyes slowly as he sent a message to the strongest Heavenly Beast in the other exit.

This last rest for Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing lasted two whole hours. Their recovery rate was rather astonishing, and their Heavenly Energy had fully recovered before that time. The reason why they took two whole hours was because their spiritual energy was just too huge.

Two hours later, when both youths stood up once more, they looked at each other, and they could see the fatigue in each other’s eyes. Somehow, the enmity between them lessened slightly. As love rivals, it was nearly impossible for them to ‘cherish’ each other, but it did not stop a slow respect from growing towards each other. In the end, the most important thing in the Heavenly Jewel Master world was after all still power!

Xue AoTian slowly walked to the two of them and said solemnly: “You both have gone through the first nine rounds to reach this step, and that has already proven how outstanding and talented you are. I am very pleased, gratified, to see this. Well, this last round will be a true test of your deepest potential. Similarly, you will be facing an oppressive pressure, and you will have to withstand it. However, this time, there will only be a single Heavenly Beast, and it will unleash its aura and pressure on both of you at the same time. With its control, it will refrain from hurting you. Whoever lasts the longest time will be the final victor of this last round. I will go according to your status to judge this round, when I feel that your body or spirit is about to breakdown, I will stop this round. Do you both understand?”

At once, both Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing nodded their heads, and as their eyes met once more, they saw the resolution in each other’s eyes. Gu Yingbing no longer dared underestimate Zhou Weiqing, nor had the slightest bit of disdain left in his eyes. In this first nine rounds of competition, though the two had not actually fought against each other, their ‘fight’ had already been violent and difficult. Gu Yingbing had quickly adjusted his own attitude, treating Zhou Weiqing as a worthy opponent, an equal.

“Come on then, I know you have already awaken. I have already waited twenty years for this day.”  Xue AoTian’s face suddenly turned gentle, as if speaking to his greatest kin. As he spoke, the light around suddenly dimmed.

No matter the Tiger King or Lion King, both of them had a puzzled look on their faces. None of them knew which Heavenly Beast could be deemed Xue AoTian’s old partner, nor had they even heard anything about it!

Only Long Shiya’s face suddenly changed, shock in his eyes as his gaze was fixed in front of Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing.

From the shadows, as if it had only taken a simple step forward, a transparent looking Heavenly Beast suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. In a somewhat similar fashion to Xue AoTian, when it appeared, it did not have any of the overbearing presence or aura that any of the previous Heavenly Beasts have, as if it was just part of the surroundings, having always been there and appearing just so natural. It was a greyish black tiger Heavenly Beast, only about two metres long and eighty centimetres tall. It’s sleek black fur was gleaming, but its body seemed to have a sort of transparent or translucent feel to it, the grey colour seeming to shift and move, while the most obvious stripes were that of a tiger tattoo. On its forehead, there was a glowing crystalline ‘King’ tattoo, greyish in colour yet glittering like a crystal.

When he saw the Heavenly Beast in front of him, Xue AoTian’s face, which had remained emotionless for most of the day, suddenly showed an excitement and agitation, his body flashing as he appeared in front of it. Right in front of everybody, he knelt down on one knee, extending his arms and hugging the Heavenly Beast’s neck.

The Tiger Heavenly Beast’s eyes were also gentle, its head nuzzling against Xue AoTian’s face as it said: “AoTian, I have missed you too.”

Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing stood there, not far away, exchanging helpless glances. They could see the surprise in each other’s eyes. Who or what was this Tiger Heavenly Beast? Weren’t they supposed to be having their final test? Why was Xue AoTian being so affectionate with it, saying they had not met for twenty years!? Xue AoTian gave a bitter smile and said: “Alas, it is my fault that I do not have the ability to stay by your side. If not for Tian’er being married, I’m afraid ‘he’ will not allow you to come back, to reunite with us father and daughter.”

As the Tiger Heavenly Beast heard Xue AoTian’s words, its eyes dimmed slightly. Lifting a front paw, it gently laid it on Xue AoTian’s shoulder. “I’m sorry AoTian, I can never betray Master. He has given me my life, especially since Master is doing so for the sake of the lives of all in the Boundless Mainland. How could I possibly leave him?”

Xue AoTian nodded his head and said: “I understand. Unless someone can defeat him in the future, otherwise, he can never be free. We can only depend on all of you guardians and his own sheer willpower for now. Phelia, these two young men in front of you now both love our daughter, you have already seen their performance in the first nine rounds. This tenth round, having you as judge will be the fairest, and you are the only one who has the qualification to make the final decision.”

Phelia’s gaze turned to Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, who were just standing there dazed in shock. Xue AoTian had not used his Heavenly Energy to hide his conversation with Phelia, and all present had heard his words. This Tiger Heavenly Beast in front of them was actually Tian’er’s mother, and, it seemed like she came from another secret place. Everything else aside, the fact that she was Tian’er’s mother had already left them all shaken. Even the Tiger King and Lion King had never heard of Phelia’s existence, let alone seen her before.

Phelia turned her gentle gaze towards Gu Yingbing and Zhou Weiqing, nodded slightly to them. “Not bad, not bad at all, both of you are outstanding young men. I have already seen your efforts just now. In fact, I already have a choice in my heart, but if I were just to say it out like that, none of you will think it is fair right? So, let me give you this final test.”

Phelia had actually said she had her own choice in her heart! Hearing those words, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s hearts skipped a beat. This was their possible future mother in law in front of them! As long as either of them could gain her approval, that would be half the battle won! Alas, who could know what was her choice right now.

The ‘King’ word on Phelia’s forehead grew brighter, and she smiled faintly before saying: “I am just a Entropic Nether Tiger, and to be more accurate, I am not wholly of this world. You can count me as a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast. So, be careful.” Heavenly God Tier. These three words were like a battle hammer, smashing into the already-stunned bodies of Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, causing their bodies to tighten up in shock once more as their spirit entered an excited state. At the side, the Lion King, Tiger King and even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s faces were all grave. No matter any of them, they knew they had severely underestimated the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Especially for Long Shiya, whose
feelings were the strongest. From Xue AoTian and Phelia’s conversation, he could naturally hear that behind this Phelia, there was another person that even Xue AoTian could not compare to. The Master of a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, what kind of existence was that? For an instant, Long Shiya fell into a dazed trance.

Right at that moment, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing suddenly felt the air around them twist and warp, as everything turned illusory about them.

Instantly, the two of them entered a strange state. Everything around them seemed to vanish in the twisting vision. As for the rest of those present, all they could see was a faint layer of grey-black colour glimmering as it enveloped the two youths, yet there was no powerful aura or presence. The only thing they could see was the sudden glitter in the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia’s eyes. It all happened so quickly and suddenly, and Zhou Weiqing felt as if his soul was being torn apart. The violent pain in his soul was no less than the time of the merger of the bloodlines during his time in the Fire Spirit Mountain.

Luckily, this pain did not last for a long time, just a few seconds. All of a sudden, the pressure lessened, and Zhou Weiqing was surprise to see that he had appeared in another place.

This was a dense and thick forest. Everything seemed so real, and there was no hint whether or not this was an illusion or reality, though all signs pointed to the latter.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing suddenly realised that his surroundings had darkened. Yet, his heart was shocked to realise that this darkness was because of himself. Subconsciously, he looked down, and he was shocked for the upteenthed time today. He realised that he was no longer human, but a pitch black massive tiger!

王 (Wang) As he looked down upon himself, all of a sudden his vision actually left his body, soaring into the skies, giving him a bird’s eyes view down.

It was a massive black tiger, fully pure black with not a second colour. Its red bloodshot eyes were cold and ferocious, with its body length more than eight metres long. Its huge size belied its sleek but muscled body, looking to be at least three thousand jin heavy or more. The ‘King’ word on its forehead was black, but somehow a different shade from its black fur, more a deep, gloomy black like the mist around the moon. The strangest thing was its tail… as compared to ordinary tigers, its tail was much longer, standing up straight upwards into the air, made out of several bone joints ending in a giant hook which gleamed with a scary shine.

Dark Demon God Tiger.

As he continued watching from above, Zhou Weiqing felt his heart clench. He finally understood what he was looking at – the original owner of his bloodline inheritance! The huge forest had been brimming with life, but as soon as the Dark Demon God Tiger released its aura, the entire area turned icy cold and dead silent, its evil energy spreading crazily in all directions.

The next instant, the Dark Demon God Tiger seemed to sense something, its gaze turning to fix upon something in the distance, its bloodshot eyes filled with cold killing intent and powerful bloodlust.

Very quickly, Zhou Weiqing’s vision perspective followed the Dark Demon God Tiger to see a human man… a man who was actually flying!

He had a head of long blue hair, and his handsome features were more than sufficient to cause any man to feel jealousy. In his hands, there was a glowing trident raised up, showering brilliant light all around. At the same time, that man seemed to have discovered the Dark Demon God Tiger’s existence, and a blue light shot out from his forehead, while the gold trident in his hands also lit up even brighter, the powerful Light Aura causing Zhou Weiqing to feel a sense of aversion and fear. He could not sense how powerful this man actually was, but just the energy reverberations around him was as vast as the oceans, as if it was about to devour the entire surroundings at all time, yet his body seemed filled with pure life and vitality. Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. Nine rings of light rose from below the handsome youth’s feet, encircling his body. Man and tiger faced off, and tension rose as a battle seemed inevitable. Observing from the side, Zhou Weiqing could only feel his own heart starting to fill with bloodlust, as if he was about to turn back into the Dark Demon God Tiger.

The fight between the two erupted almost in the next instant, but alas Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to see clearly. Their speed was just too fast, multi colours flashing out non-stop from the youth’s body, and the Dark Demon God Tiger was just as fast, its terrifying strength and boundless energy smashing into its foe’s attacks. Very soon, their clashes had destroyed everything around.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing saw a layer of grey light spring forth around the Dark Demon God Tiger. He instantly recognized it; for it was the Ward of the Demon God that he had once used before! Next, he saw countless of lightning arcs strike out… a sudden yet familiar sight, the Dark Demon God Lightning that had saved him several times! However, in comparison to his own, the lightning just burst forth from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s body, and not a single bolt, but thousands striking out in different directions towards the youth! What followed next was a sudden glow on the tail hook of the Dark Demon God Tiger, a terrifying burst of energy followed suit, shooting out in a powerful offensive attack, and in the sudden onslaught of attacks, the handsome youth almost failed to take on all the attacks.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level and power did not allow him to see all the details of this fight, and he was thus unable to gauge who was having the upper hand, it did not stop him from feeling his blood boil with excitement. It was as if he could see his future in front of him, and he swore that he would become as powerful of them one day! At that point, Zhou Weiqing suddenly saw the entire Dark Demon God Tiger turn into a similar gray colour as the energy that had burst out of its tail. It was a crystalline grey light, spreading across the entire battlefield.

Seeing that colour, all of a sudden Zhou Weiqing was reminded of a similar ‘King’ word, of the same colour. A cold shiver ran down his spine as his entire body trembled. Instantly, he remembered that he was still in an illusion! This entire scene was created by the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia!

Alas, the next instant, the Dark Demon God Tiger had suddenly lost… lost to the trident of the handsome youth. Zhou Weiqing felt a strong sense of sorrow overwhelm him. As he watched the Dark Demon God Tiger stumble and throw up with large mouthfuls of grey liquid, how he wished he could rush forward and accept the blow on behalf of the Dark Demon God Tiger. Alas, he could not.

Another green light shot forth from the young man, enveloping the entire Dark Demon God Tiger. However, right at the same time, the Dark Demon God Tiger abruptly looked up, the dimming light in its eyes suddenly flashing with a sudden brightness.

The pain and exhaustion in its eyes disappeared, and the grey mist turned black, bringing its entire body like a grey cloud which pounced onto the youth. The speed was unbelievably quick, even faster than all their fighting had been earlier. However, the instant it pounced up, the tail hook lashed out, a bright light appearing between itself and the handsome youth. An intense black light burst forth, swiftly becoming a three metre radius black hole.

What… what was that?! Zhou Weiqing stared in shock at the sight before him. All of a sudden, he understood. That black was not Darkness as he first thought, but Time. Indeed, it was a Time Attribute Skill! Almost simultaneously, Zhou Weiqing heard a heartrending scream, and he quickly focused away from his thoughts back to the battlefield, only to see two bolts of bluish purple light shoot forth from the youth’s eyes, smashing into the protective greyish black layer of light around the Dark Demon God Tiger, destroying it instantly.

That youth was indeed powerful. Even caught by surprise by the Dark Demon God Tiger’s acting, he still managed to launch such a counterattack.

Yet, a strange sight happened in the next second, and Zhou Weiqing’s eyes almost bulged out in surprise as soon as the scene changed in front of him. The forest seemed to have vanished, replaced with a massive round arena. His true surprise came when he saw the two parties on the arena stage.

What was that?! A six year old boy… and a one and a half metre long black tiger?!

This… this is?!

Zhou Weiqing was no fool, but even he was taken aback for a moment, his mind blank. After a moment, he finally recollected himself and understanding dawned upon him. This was the handsome youth and the Dark Demon God Tiger that had been fighting earlier! Somehow, they had turned into their youthful selves again!

At once, Zhou Weiqing realised that the Skill which the Dark Demon God Tiger had unleashed, in forming that huge black hole. It had to be the Time Attribute Skill that forced the two to reincarnate back into their younger selves. More so, he guessed that it was because the Dark Demon God Tiger’s protective shield had been destroyed, otherwise it would still remain in its original form to face the young child form of its foe… one could imagine the ease of victory then? That Skill was truly unbelievable, not just in sheer strength, but also in how odd it was. Alas, the Dark Demon God Tiger had not expected things to progress this way.

“Welcome to the Life and Death Arena. This will be a fight to the death, and only the sole survivor can ever leave this Spatial Zone. Countdown begins – Five, Four, Three, Two, One. Start!”

A strange voice rang forth, reverberating throughout this strange new Spatial Zone. The next instant, the new fight against the two young forms began.

To Zhou Weiqing, this was a fight without suspense at all. He could easily guess the victor; after all, even if both sides were transformed to their youthful states, the young Dark Demon God Tiger should be far stronger than a mere six year old child right?

Alas, very quickly, Zhou Weiqing realised he was dreadfully wrong. The six year old child actually managed to nimbly dodge the Dark Demon God Tiger’s attacks. Once. Twice. And suddenly, there was a black box in the child’s hands.

A soft mechanical *QIANG* sound, as the black box was slowly lifted up.

*SWOOSH* … A Dark Demon God Lightning shot out, just a small bolt far weaker in comparison to the waves of thousands that its adult form had shot out. Alas, at the same time, another resounding crack *QIANG*, and intense buzzing sounds erupted. Sixteen lines of black light spat out from the black box in the child’s hands, flying out in a blur.

*BOOM* The first explosion was the Dark Demon God Lightning. Even diminished, its explosive power was truly astonishing, smashing away at least six of the black shadow lines and sending them spinning in various directions. However, the remaining twelve black lines continued shooting towards the Dark Demon God Tiger in the same instant. *Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud* A series of muffled impact sounds, and the Dark Demon God Tiger froze in place. Large clouds of grey burst forth from its body, each causing its body to tremble slightly. Its bloodshot eyes were filled with pain and disbelief.

The handsome youth opened his mouth to speak. During the entire long battle between man and beast, this was the first time Zhou Weiqing had heard any words exchanged.

“My apologies, you have indeed been a worthy opponent. I must admit that out of all the spirit beasts I have seen, you are the most cunning and treacherous, perhaps the most intelligent one. Not only do you have such formidable strength, but such calculation, strategy and battle planning… It’s no wonder you are able to survive up to now, even as a Dark Demon God Tiger who all attack. I believe that you would be considered a king amongst the entire Dark Demon God Tiger Tribe, however few they number. I must admit that in terms of planning and control, I have lost terribly. I underestimated your strength too much, and my overconfidence let me overlook the possibility of danger. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on your side today. I have to say that even if I am six years old, I may or may not have lost to you, but I remain confident because I am a Tang Sect disciple. But more importantly, even though your Time ability is exceedingly powerful, it was not able to restrain my Spirit Tool. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow has once again become the key to my victory. When you and I were returned to childhood and arrived in this strange Spatial Zone, your loss was already destined. But I will admit that you are an enemy worthy of respect. A powerful opponent indeed.”

Saying so, the handsome youth gave the Dark Demon God Tiger a slight bow, expressing his respect. At the same time, the Dark Demon God Tiger also seemed to understand what had been said to him, giving the youth a hateful glare and a last unwilling roar. Its bloodshot eyes seemed to blaze with fire, as if spitting out flame.

All of a sudden, the youth shuddered all over, as if he had understood something from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s gaze. His face paled, and at last he said: “Well, it seems my luck has really been excellent. Goodbye then.”

Chapter 178 Phelia’s Approval!

*Qiang**Qiang**Qiang* *Pupupupupu*

The mass of blood and grey mist once again exploded out from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s body. No matter how tough or resilient it was, this time all its life was fully extinguished by the exploding shrapnel of the metal crossbow bolts. This arduous fight was finally over.

The entire area twisted and shimmered once more, distorting as the entire Spatial Zone shattered. Darkness fell once more, and the handsome youth finally relaxed his tensed body, slowly lowering the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Light flashed, and his entire body grew lighter. By the time his feet were once again firmly planted on the ground, the youth was already back in the Star Dou Great Forest, everything restored back to the previous original state. The Gold Trident also lay quietly at his feet once more. Not far ahead of him, the Dark Demon God Tiger’s giant corpse lay silently, and on top of it floated a strange pearl. The pearl was entirely pure black, but green and blue colored lights seemed to swirl within as well. What was that? Before the youth could react, the black hole which had been the Time Skill seemed to burst forth with a strange but powerful suction. Instantly, the strange pearl flew inside. Without hesitation, the handsome youth promptly used the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, but just at the same
moment as he caught hold of the pearl, the black hole closed with a bang, the spatial rend in the skies sealing back to normal state. The strange pearl from the Dark Demon God Tiger’s corpse had disappeared.

Shock. Zhou Weiqing was totally shaken by the entire experience.

As soon as the black hole closed, the entire scene in front of Zhou Weiqing distorted once more, blurring into an illusory sight. However, he knew that everything that had happened was true… all those events had definitely happened before, and he finally knew the origin of the black pearl he had swallowed so long ago. It was the Nucleus Core of the Dark Demon God Tiger after its death! An origin that was from another world totally, a world where the Dark Demon God Tiger was not a Heavenly Beast, but called a Spirit Beast. What Zhou Weiqing had inherited was its bloodline!

A sudden powerful exhaustion filled Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, but the distorted reality around him did not vanish. Right in the midst of the illusory environment, a solid figure slowly appeared. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing found that he was no longer in ‘perspective mode’, finally appearing in his own body as well.

The figure that appeared was a woman dressed in black, looking to be about twenty seven years of age or so. She was extremely beautiful, her features at least seventy percent similar to Tian’er. Her gaze was gentle as she looked at Zhou Weiqing silently, not making any sound at all.

A powerful alarm rose in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Even though he had been caught in this illusory reality for such a long time, he still managed to keep the last bit of clarity in his mind’s core. He knew deep inside that this was not reality, and it was all a created illusion.

“Child, you are far more outstanding than I even imagined, and not only that, you also have this bloodline that shocks even myself. Demonic and Time together, this is a talent that I have been searching for for all these years. Are you willing to help me?”

A familiar voice, as the black clad lady spoke out. Her gentle gaze on Zhou Weiqing was kindly and amiable as she did so. “You…  you are Phelia?”  Zhou Weiqing instantly recognized that familiar voice. Wasn’t it the exact same one as the Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia?

Phelia nodded and said: “Indeed, I am Phelia. Just now, you have already heard my conversation with AoTian. We had the fortune to have relations of man and wife, but unfortunately we have never been able to stay together. That is because I am a guardian, and I have to stay back to guard it. This role of guardian will stay forever unless the Heavens Transform. As for you and Tian’er, it has given me a hope for that to finally happen.”

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily: “Aunty, I’m afraid I do not really understand what you mean.”

Phelia smiled faintly and said: “It is not time for you to understand yet. Some things are not meant for you to learn too early, otherwise it will not be beneficial for your growth. If you are willing to help me, I will teach you a mating-cultivation technique for you and Tian’er, and it will be of great benefit to both of your cultivation. Of course, one day, when you finally have the power to aid me, I will look for you.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Weiqing was overjoyed. “Does that mean, I am the son-in-law that you approve of?” Phelia sighed gently and said: “No, you are wrong. It is not my approval, but Tian’er’s. That year, when I gave birth to Tian’er, I had no choice but to leave her and continue my Guardianship. Twenty years… I have never played my role as mother, never executed my responsibilities to her.”

“If Tian’er did not love you, then no matter how talented you are, I will never choose you. I have chosen you because my daughter has already chosen you, and you just happened to have the other two Saint Attributes, and such a young age as well. Treat Tian’er well, and love her well. She has been so pitiful since young, never knowing the love of a mother, and she was even prepared to meet death for your sake.”

“I will.” Zhou Weiqing said firmly, the resolution clear in his voice and eyes.

Phelia smiled faintly and said: “I believe you. In truth, the current you is just like AoTian so many years ago. For the sake of your lover, you can do anything, fight anything to win. Of course, the only difference between you and AoTian is that you have more fraternity in love. You do not need to suspect anything, I can see into your heart. In this world, a powerful man is always able to draw the attention of the opposite sex… that is the natural way of life. I will not blame you, but I hope that you will never disappoint Tian’er or break her heart. This is not a threat, but the request of a mother.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was rather embarrassed. He truly did not know what to say. Being called that by his woman’s mother, that was a feeling that only someone who experienced it personally could describe.

Phelia took a step forward, and in the distorted reality she appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, holding onto his left hand.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, he suddenly saw Phelia’s eyes turning into the deep black, just like before, as if the orbs had become two black holes of infinity.

“Count this as a present for you.” Along with Phelia’s voice, Zhou Weiqing felt a strange cooling energy well into his body. That energy was not Heavenly Energy or even Spiritual Energy purely, but a strange fusion of many types of energies.

The cool feeling quickly spread across Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, and he only felt a soothing comfort all around. The fatigue he was feeling was wiped out, and he could sense that something had been added to his mind. …

While Zhou Weiqing was experiencing all that in the illusory world, back in the real world, what the four powerhouses saw was very different.

When the strange entropic field of light enveloped Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, both their bodies started to shudder violently, as if suffering unimaginable pain.

In an instant, Gu Yingbing turned into his Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form, and Zhou Weiqing crouched down onto the ground, his right leg lifted up high as the black tiger tattoos around his body grew thicker and more obvious.

Both the Lion King and Long Shiya were extremely nervous. After all, the Entropic Nether Tiger was a Heavenly God Tier Beast! She was at the same level as Dragon kind. Facing the aura suppression of a Heavenly God Tier Beast, let alone these two little fellows, even for them as Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouses, it would not be easy at all.

Barely a minute passed before the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form of Gu Yingbing vomited out a mouth of blood. In a flash, Xue AoTian appeared before him, forcefully breaking through the entropic barrier of light to grab him back to the main group, personally circulating his Heavenly Energy to heal Gu Yingbing.

Almost at the same time, a fresh new miracle seemed to happen to Zhou Weiqing, drawing the rest of their attention. From the wings on his back onwards, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body started to change colour.

The original greyish black slowly became a mysterious shade of purple, and the original tiger tattoos were being replaced by scales. The powerful aura of the Dark Demon God Tiger burst forth even stronger, and his entire body started trembling even more violently. Fainitly, they could hear the sounds of tigers and dragons roaring.

“This…  this  is…”  The  Tiger  King’s  eyes  opened  wide  in shock.

He was not the only one. Even Xue AoTian couldn’t help but stare dazedly. “Dragon… Aura of a Dragon?”

Xue AoTian, the Lion King and Tiger King. All their eyes suddenly turned to Long Shiya. Long Shiya said proudly: “Old Monster Xue, in terms of power I may have lost to you, but in terms of disciples, you are far from me. My precious disciple’s bloodline is truly one of a kind in the entire world, not even you can compare in that sense. He once helped a Dragon in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Lustre Spatial Realm, and from that he gained the Solidified Dragon Spirit. Just before coming here, he managed to complete the blood fusion between his original bloodline and the Solidified Dragon Spirit. Otherwise… do you think I would bring him here to make a fool of himself?”

The meeting of Dragons and Tigers, Bloodline Fusion! The eight words instantly appeared in the minds of the three powerhouses. The Lion King’s expression was now extremely ugly. He had never dreamed that this mere puny little six- Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could be of such threat to his own son.

However, Long Shiya did not remain smug for long, instead turning to Xue AoTian worriedly: “Old Monster Xue, the victor is clear. Hurry up and get your wife to stop, and let my disciple go.”

Phelia’s barrier of entropic energy, even Long Shiya did not dare to easily enter it. It was not that he was afraid of her, but he was afraid that if he entered, it might cause a chain reaction that ended up in harming Zhou Weiqing. With Phelia’s Heavenly God Tier power, even her little finger could destroy Zhou Weiqing easily.

Right at that moment, they suddenly saw Phelia move. In a single step, she appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing, her front claw gently resting on his left shoulder. The entire entropic shield turned hazy, and they could no longer see into the depths from outside.

Long Shiya was extremely worried, and was about to move in when Xue AoTian stopped him with a hand.

“Phelia knows what she is doing, Bro Long, do not worry.” Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Long Shiya was just too worried because he cared too much. However, he had his own thinking. After all, now that they were in the cavern deep within the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the other side had two Heavenly God Tier and two Heavenly Emperor Tier powerhouses. If they truly wanted to take down him and Zhou Weiqing, it would be hard to say that they could successfully escape. Of course, the chances of that happening were minuscule. With Long Shiya’s experience, how could he not see the approval that Xue AoTian held for Zhou Weiqing. Otherwise, with his status and power, he need not even give Zhou Weiqing the chance to compete.

Taking a deep breath, Long Shiya forced himself to calm down, though he kept his guard up and senses extended to the max. If he sensed anything amiss, he would definitely take action first.

As Xue AoTian sent wave after wave of Divine energy into Gu Yingbing’s body, his wounds slowly mended and his spirit also recovered slightly. However, he eyes were currently filled with a conflicted expression. Without question, he had lost at this last round of the test. Up until now, Zhou Weiqing was still withstanding the pressure. Furthermore, when Zhou Weiqing had actually entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, he had already left the suppression area and clearly sensed it. Power aside, the patience and thought behind Zhou Weiqing’s actions caused Gu Yingbing to be filled with alarm.

There were still two more competitions ahead, and as his Master had said, Zhou Weiqing had to defeat him in all three before he could claim victory. Currently, Gu Yingbing truly wanted to know what the contents of the next two tests were, and the one he hoped for most was a direct confrontational clash with Zhou Weiqing. Only then did he feel that he could grasp victory in his hands. After all, in terms of cultivation level, he was still so far ahead of Zhou Weiqing, almost an insurmountable gap between them. No matter how powerful and pure his bloodline was, he would not be able to fully bring it into play in an actual fight.

If those were the terms of fighting, Gu Yingbing was still confident in his own victory.

Just as the others were still nervously lost in their own thoughts, all of a sudden, the entropic barrier dissipated. The Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia had already disappeared, leaving on Zhou Weiqing sitting there cross-legged in a meditative position.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was sitting there with his eyes closed, his face peaceful. The Dragon-Tiger Transformation had already vanished, though his upper body was naked, showing his solid bronzed muscles.

Without Phelia’s shield covering Zhou Weiqing, Long Shiya could instantly sense his condition. Seeing his disciple was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Turning his gaze to Xue AoTian, he said: “Old Monster Xue, the outcome of this first test is very clear right, you should proclaim it now.”

Xue AoTian nodded his head and said: “Very well, as you all have seen, the first round of overwhelming with aura, the results are out. Zhou Weiqing has lasted longer in the tenth round, so he is the victor of the overall competition. I will give you both another two hours to rest and recover before we start on the next test.”

Towards Xue AoTian’s proclamation, the Lion King Gu Site was not able to say anything. The outcome had been very clear to everyone’s eyes, and if he tried to argue it would be beneath his status. Furthermore, there were still two more rounds. However, his feelings were no longer as relaxed as they had been earlier. Zhou Weiqing’s showing had proved that he could be of actual threat to Gu Yingbing.

“Mountain Lord, while bloodline and aura suppression is important, actual combat is the most important to any Heavenly Jewel Master. For the second test, shouldn’t they compete in actual combat?” Gu Site asked Xue AoTian curiously. His thinking was the same as Gu Yingbing, that it would be faster and more direct to just defeat Zhou Weiqing in a face to face clash.

Although Zhou Weiqing had the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor as his Master, Gu Yingbing also had the strongest powerhouse in the entire world as his Master, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. Even if their fighting skills were similar, or with Zhou Weiqing’s slightly higher, but the difference in cultivation level was too huge that no amount of talent or skills could overcome. Actual combat was very different from aura suppression and overwhelming after all.

Xue AoTian nodded and said: “That is correct. The second test is actual combat.”

Hearing those words, Gu Site finally smiled once more. Long Shiya did not say anything; he knew that since he dared to bring Zhou Weiqing here, there was no avoiding some fighting. Towards Zhou Weiqing, this would be his most difficult test, and the most important as well. If he wanted to go home with his girl, he had to pass this round as well, otherwise everything else was false.

In truth, Long Shiya was not sure whether or not Zhou Weiqing could succeed, but he wanted to give his precious disciple a chance. After all, one could lose a fight, it was just a matter of your skill being below your opponent for now, and he had the confidence he could still bring his disciple back down safely. Having the courage to fight for yourself was the most important thing. In any case, at least from the way things were going, it was still relatively smooth sailing. However, this next test would be a critical point ahead.

Time passed, minute after minute. No one else knew what had happened between Zhou Weiqing and the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia in the last round, but they could all sense that his Heavenly Energy was still brimming. Sitting there cross legged, it seemed like like he had already recovered from the previous test, perhaps just some fatigue in terms of spirit.

The bloodline of Dragon and Tiger… was this bloodline of that unknown black tiger fused with the Solidified Dragon Spirit so strong? Even the Entropic Nether Tiger was not able to fully suppress him. That only meant one thing – just in terms of bloodline quality alone, Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline was already above that of the Entropic Nether Tiger, and naturally that also meant that it was superior to both the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodlines. One could imagine what a shocking news that was! Towards Zhou Weiqing, all the powerhouses present had a fresh recognition towards him. Two hours passed very quickly. Previously when Xue AoTian was speaking out the time for their rest, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing could clearly hear it. Although Gu Yingbing was injured, his spirit somewhat damaged by the invasion of the entropic field, but under Xue AoTian’s healing and the two
hours of rest, he had pretty much recovered back to his prime

Gu Yingbing stood up once more. Currently, this Lion Prince was once again filled with a powerful fighting intent. He had not expected to lose the first round, but he would not allow himself to lose again this time. Otherwise, even if he finally won the third test, he would not be able to live with himself as it would be an overall loss in his eyes. How could he live up to his name as the Lion Prince? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was more than ten years younger than he was! If he could still lose, then in the near future as that fellow grew stronger, could he have a chance?

Filled with all sorts of complicated thoughts, Gu Yingbing’s fighting spirit was fuelled to the maximum.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing had slowly gotten up from the floor. His eyes had returned to their normal black colour, looking as if he was totally fine, and he had not just been aura suppressed by the Entropic Nether Tiger. However, the one most familiar with Zhou Weiqing, Long Shiya, could tell from the details that Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had some changes. An additional calm and tranquility, and a hint of joy within as well. Seeing that, Long Shiya finally relaxed. With Zhou Weiqing’s intelligence and wit, he would not be taken advantage of so easily, and if he had been, then he would not have such a look in his eyes. It was clear that the future mother in law had given him some benefits. Furthermore, he could judge from it that the one Phelia had chosen was clearly Zhou Weiqing.

Although this was the first time Long Shiya had met Old Monster Xue’s wife, he could just imagine how much feelings Xue AoTian must have for her. Twenty years apart! Without question, Phelia would have a great influence on him, and if this future mother-in-law had approved of Zhou Weiqing, then his chances would increase greatly.

Xue AoTian motioned Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing to come before him. As they did so, Xue AoTian said solemnly: “The first test was on your personal potential and bloodline power.”

“Zhou Weiqing is the victor for the first test, but there are two more tests to go. Now, for the second competition, it will a test of your actual fighting capabilities. If either of you want to marry my daughter, you will need to have the ability to protect her.”

“This fight will not between the two of you. After all, you are more than ten years apart in terms of age, and your cultivation level gap is large too. If it is just a fight between the two of you, then it will be too unfair to Zhou Weiqing.”

Hearing Xue AoTian’s words, the Lion King Gu Site was anxious. Taking a hurried step forward, he said: “Mountain Lord, that isn’t good right? Although his age is younger, he was the one who came here to snatch the bride. You said it yourself earlier, Yingbing deserves to have an advantage right.”

Xue AoTian’s face darkened. “Lion King, do you think that my disciple is not able to win a fight under fair circumstances?”

Although Gu Site was the King of the WanShou Empire, and his character had always been strong, in front of Xue AoTian he dared not be too impetuous. His face changed several times, before  he  sighed  softly  and  said:  “As  the  Mountain  Lord instructs.” Xue AoTian continued passively: “This second test, Bro Long, you and the Lion King will be participating. For fairness sake, you will each be testing Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing. Bro Long, you will be testing Yingbing, the Lion King will test Zhou Weiqing. In this way, there will not be any unfairness.”

The Lion King Gu Site was still having a vexed look on his face a moment ago, but he started upon hearing that, and joy replaced it. He thought to himself: “The heavens are with me. Hmph, for this King to take care of that little brat, won’t it be a simple task?”

Long Shiya’s expression grew ugly. Although he did not think that Gu Yingbing could defend against himself for long, but with Zhou Weiqing at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, it was even worse for him against the Lion King Gu Site! How could they possibly compete like that?”

Xue AoTian said: “My words are not done, both of you do not need to be so anxious. In order to properly test their power, I will be binding both your powers. I will use a Sealing Skill to restrict your Heavenly Energy… once the Heavenly Energy you use goes beyond my Seal, then it will be breaking the rules, and that means the disciple or son of your side will be considered to have lost. If that does not happen, then whoever loses first between Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing will have lost the fight.”

Hearing his words, Long Shiya’s expression settled. “Old Monster Xue, to what levels will you be restricting our cultivation level during the fight then?” Xue AoTian smiled faintly and said: “Bro Long and the Lion King, both of you have countless experience in fighting. Compared to the two young ones, both of your fighting capabilities are much stronger. However, Bro Long’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation is unparalleled in the world. If at the same level, even I will not be Bro Long’s match. As such, let’s have Bro Long be at the limit of nine-Jewels while testing Yingbing. In such an arrangement, Yingbing will be able to fully spark his potential as well. As for Zhou Weiqing, he is at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, and should have already learned Bro Long’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. In addition to that, as I said previously, Yingbing will be given some advantage in the test. As such, the Lion King can test Zhou Weiqing at the limit of eight Jewels. How does that sound to both of you?”

“I do not agree.” Long Shiya said without hesitation, his face angry. “Old Monster Xue, that is too obviously a bias. What difference is there from a eight-Jeweled Lion King and a nine- Jeweled Gu Yingbing? In that case, we might as well let the two youths fight each other. Who needs your so-called fairness?”

Xue AoTian smiled and said: “Bro Long, hold your horses, let me finish. During the entire process of the test, both Bro Long and the Lion King are not allowed to use any of your Consolidated Equipment. You can only use your Elemental Jewel Skills. Alright, now, that is fair right?”

Hearing his words, Long Shiya couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. Indeed, if it were the Lion King restricted at Eight Jewels and not allowed to use any Consolidated Equipment, then he would be slightly weaker than Gu Yingbing who could use everything in his arsenal. As for himself, even if he did not use any Consolidated Equipment, just with his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation alone at the nine-Jeweled cultivation level, he was confident of taking down Gu Yingbing fairly quickly.

Seeing that Long Shiya was no longer protesting, Xue AoTian turned to the Lion King questioningly.

Almost without thinking, Gu Site immediately nodded. As a King of an entire Empire, how could he not have faith in himself? Even if he could only use the Elemental Jewels, his restricted strength would still mean he would be two Jewels higher than the little brat. Furthermore, do not forget that as the King of the WanShou Empire, in terms of Skill Storing, he was definitely at the top of the entire world. It could be said that all the Skills that he had Stored were amongst the most powerful. Furthermore, he had many years of combat experience, and Gu Site was absolutely confident in himself. As for his son, although he knew Long Shiya was strong, without the use of his Consolidated Equipment, he felt that Gu Yingbing would be able to hold on for enough time.

This competition was no longer a competition between Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing; it had also become a competition between Long Shiya and Gu Site!

Xue AoTian looked at both sides and said: “This round, both the Tiger King and myself will be the judge. Bro Long, Lion King, I will now start to place the Seal on you both.”

Long Shiya gave a cold laugh and said: “Old Monster Xue, no need for my Seal. This is your Heavenly Snow Mountain, how can I possibly trust you with that? With you at the side judging, are you still afraid that I will use any Heavenly Energy above ninth Jewel? Well, on the other hand, that Lion King, you better Seal him, otherwise who knows what he will do with his character.”

The Lion King immediately retorted angrily: “Fatty Long, you dare say that about my character?”

Long Shiya said arily: “Whose character is bad, we know by ourselves. Stop acting with that rash face, you think this old man still can’t see through all your acts? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be called the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. You fake old lion, better be careful, with only an eight-Jeweled cultivation, you better not stumble and capsize before my disciple. Heh heh, we’ll see then if you still have the face to remain King.”

“You…” Gu Site’s eyes turned cold, as he snapped out of that ‘rash anger’  he had been acting with. Coldly, he said: “Very good, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. We shall see who is the one who actually fails miserably and capsizes in a storm drain!”

At Xue AoTian’s signal, both sides slowly separated. In the end, Xue AoTian really did not Seal Long Shiya, but he still personally Sealed the Lion King, with the excuse of not allowing outsiders to call them out. The judges were then split as well, with the Tiger King keeping watch on the Lion King and Zhou Weiqing, while Xue AoTian personally kept watch on Long Shiya against Gu Yingbing. As such, the second test was finally ready and about to begin.

Ever since Xue AoTian had revealed the details of the second competition, Zhou Weiqing had been keeping silent at the side, waiting for the test to start without making a sound. He did not bother thinking about the third test, or when that might happen. Everything depended on getting through this fight first. As such, he now placed full attention on the Lion King Gu Site.

Facing a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse, Zhou Weiqing dared not be careless at all. Although the rules were that the Lion King could only use Heavenly Energy up to the eight- Jeweled stage, but Zhou Weiqing still decided to treat him as a Heavenly Emperor. In the midst of the dim light falling upon him, Zhou Weiqing’s face was grave and solemn. Although he had just gained an unexpected benefit earlier, facing the King of the entire WanShou Empire, he could only do his best, put his all, and the result could only depend on how well he could bring all his powers into play against the restrained Lion King.

Xue AoTian looked at both sides. The Lion King and Zhou Weiqing were about ten yards apart, and the same case for Long Shiya and Gu Yingbing. At such a distance, towards people of their caliber, any Skill would already be effective. Any attack would be able to work from there, crushing down with irresistible force, and it would be up to the other to handle it. This was a good starting distance indeed.

“Begin.” At last, Xue AoTian shouted the word out loud, and both sides sprang into action as combat began. For the sake of his precious disciple, Long Shiya did not hold back at all. Instantly, six coloured lights rose from his body, flashing brightly. His Heavenly Jewels rose and spun over his head as his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was unleashed. Instantly, a vast amount of atmospheric Heavenly
Energy gathered around him, as well as his Six Attribute powers, revolving around Long Shiya.

Xue AoTian was watching from the side all this while. From Long Shiya, he could only sense the Heavenly Energy of the Nine-Jeweled stage. Of course, Long Shiya did not hesitate to use the Max Level Nine Jeweled stage, not the Low Level Nine Jeweled Stage that Gu Yingbing currently was.

As the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation sprang up around Long Shiya, Gu Yingbing did not remain idle. He did not bother attempting to use his Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to slowly block the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s attack individually. He had long since heard from Xue AoTian before that Long Shiya’s fighting style was extremely different from any other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. In a fight, if you gave Long Shiya any advantage, his offense would then be a crazed flurry like the cascading waters of a raging river. With the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he did not have any cooldown or waiting time, and even the smallest, tiniest Skill… in Long Shiya’s hands it would be at full power, maximum effect. Even when Xue AoTian was facing Long Shiya, he did not dare to let him get a good head start and build up momentum… Let alone Gu Yingbing now.

As such, as soon as the fight started, Gu Yingbing did not hesitate to unleash all of his Consolidated Equipment. Six God Tier Consolidated Equipment and three Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment appeared around his body instantly, all nine of his current possible Consolidated Equipment.

A resplendent gold light of his Equipment mixed with the dark-gold light of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, and Gu Yingbing’s aura was extended to the max. From just the outward appearance of the intensity of lights alone, even Long Shiya was lesser than he was currently.

However, just from the Consolidated Equipment that Gu Yingbing had summoned, one could see the difference between the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain’s advantage and superiority lay in its vast numbers of powerful Heavenly Beasts, which also led to them having a massive advantage in Skill Storing. More so, with these Heavenly Beasts, though they might not be able to attack out so easily, protecting themselves was a guarantee. Otherwise, they might have been long since crushed by the other four Great Saint Lands.

However, in terms of wealth, The Heavenly Snow Mountain was no match at all for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Do not forget that Gu Yingbing was the Lion Prince, not only was he the Crown Prince of the entire WanShou Empire, though he had given up the position as heir to the throne for now, but he was also the main disciple to the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord! It was without a doubt that the Lion King Gu Site had placed so much hope on this eldest son of his, and even under such a circumstance, with Gu Yingbing reaching the Ninth Jewel Stage, he was still only able to have six God Tier Consolidated Equipment instead of all nine. From that, one could just imagine how lacking the WanShou Empire were in terms of Consolidated Equipment.

If it were any of the main or core disciples of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, for example of Shangguan Fei’er reached the Nine-Jeweled stage… she would definitely have nine pieces of an entire Legendary Set. If the Legendary Set only had nine pieces in total, then she would have already completed the entire set at this stage… and her future Consolidated Equipment would surely still be God Tier Consolidated Equipment. The sheer difference between an entire Legendary Set of Consolidated Equipment as compared to just nine ordinary pieces of even God Tier Consolidated Equipment was like Heaven and Earth. If Gu Yingbing really had an entire Set like that, then perhaps even a restrained Long Shiya who could only use the nine-Jeweled Heavenly Energy and not his own ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set would be hard pressed to
take him on. Perhaps even to the extent of having a chance of
losing! After all, the boost of an entire Legendary Set was just too terrifying.

Even so, under the current circumstance, a six piece Legendary Set of God Tier Consolidated Equipment still brought quite a massive advantage, but compared to Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, it was still just not enough. Of course, Gu Yingbing had already brought out all of his current power and was in tip top condition for this fight.

After unleashing all his Consolidated Equipment, Gu Yingbing instantly launched his own attacks. In a flash, he already appeared in midair. A distance of ten yards, it was perfect for him to strike out with the large gold long cudgel which had appeared in his hands. An earsplitting whistle as he smashed through the air alongside a massive surge of Heavenly Energy that morphed in a gold blur smashing out at Long Shiya. In his first attack, Gu Yingbing had already used his strongest Divine Attribute. Having a Saint Attribute was his greatest weapon, and without a doubt he had to go all out from the start. He could only win this round, or hold out for a longer time than Zhou Weiqing, only then would he smash through
all the barriers between him and Tian’er as his wife.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing’s thoughts on this fight was almost identical to Gu Yingbing. Both youths could be said to have set full resolve to pit their lives in this fight. They did not focus on the ‘opposing’ side at all, only focusing all their attention on their own fight. At least, even if they lost in the end, they had to have given their all. Only then could they have no regrets in this competition.

Chapter 179 Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation!

Facing Gu Yingbing’s attack, Long Shiya’s expression remained impassive. He waved his hand towards Gu Yingbing in mid air. His reaction seemed slow even, but even if he struck second, his attack reached first. As Gu Yingbing’s cudgel came smashing down, six blades of light had already came to greet it. Not just one set, but an entire chain series of them!

Upon seeing that sight, even Xue AoTian at the side couldn’t help but reveal a hint of surprise. He could clearly sense that in terms of Heavenly Energy control, Long Shiya had improved from the last time they had fought.

Ever since Long Shiya’s cultivation level had reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage, it had stalled there. This was also his greatest regret. However, since his Heavenly Energy was unable to raise up, then the only way he could improve his fighting capabilities was to strengthen his control over Heavenly Energy, to better control how he used it, timing and explosive effect to deal stronger blows. Only then did it allow him to hold his own against the Heavenly God Tier Xue AoTian. Of course, his chances of winning were still extremely minimal. A series of explosions rang out in the air in a chain, and Gu Yingbing was shocked to find that although this cudgel strike of his had been nigh perfect, no matter in terms of power or momentum, it was already at the maximum he could have possibly done, yet the strike had still failed to actually smash

Gu Yingbing’s body remained suspended in midair. He could clearly sense the six coloured blades of light did not seem to hold the power to block his God Tier Consolidated Cudgel filled with the his own Divine Attribute Heavenly Energy, and he did not sense any powerful impact blocking him. Yet, he was just unable to complete the blow!

What is going on!? Gu Yingbing’s heart was filled with shock, and he continued trying to circulate his Heavenly Energy at full power.

Upon seeing that sight, Xue AoTian’s face changed slightly. With a single look he had seen how Long Shiya had managed it.

The reason why Gu Yingbing had not been able to discern the reason was simple – he just had not reached that state yet. Although Long Shiya was only using the Heavenly Energy of the nine-Jeweled stage, but his state attained was already at the Heavenly Emperor stage, and his control over Heavenly Energy was also at that state, or even further. In that short instant, Long Shiya had set a trap for Gu Yingbing, making use of his own powerful offense against him to lead him into the cunning trap.

In fact, the attack that Long Shiya had activated looked to be a bunch of blades of light. However, each and every blade held their own myriad of changes and profound meanings behind.

For example, amongst the six blades of light, the Earth Attribute was focused on blocking, the Fire Attribute focused on exploding and causing momentum, the Wind Attribute to throw off the opponent’s body and movement. Etc etc. The Six Attributes each had their own small but important role to play, but it was as they came together that fit everything into a sum that was far greater than its parts. Although it wasn’t sufficient to break apart Gu Yingbing’s attack, it was able to stop him from actually landing the blow. In such a way, the succession of continued blades of light would have the similar effect, causing a final situation that had come into play – Attrition.

Indeed, it was Attrition. What Long Shiya was using was the simplest and most effective way to fight against Gu Yingbing.

Gu Yingbing’s body was already in midair, and he dared not change anything now. If he retreated, then Long Shiya’s blades of light would be able to chase up and attack him in a crazed flurry. When that happened, perhaps Gu Yingbing would no longer have any chance to retaliate anymore, and lose the fight directly. As such, he could only continue circulating all his Heavenly Energy into the cudgel, to smash down with all his might upon Long Shiya, hoping he could break free of the continuous stream of blades of light, to change a blow suddenly and gain advantage to continue fighting.

Alas, now that he was already locked in this state, how could Long Shiya possibly give him the chance to recover? With the aid of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, Long Shiya did not even need to use any powerful or high rated Skills, just using the six Attribute blades of light to continuously drain Gu Yingbing. In this way, whoever’s Heavenly Energy ran out first would lose the fight.

Without question, for Long Shiya, this was considered a rather ‘stupid’ method. However, there was one benefit for this
– stability.

With the power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, its terrifying recovery rate, as well as the advantage of being able to use Max Level Nine-Jeweled stage against a Low Level Nine-Jeweled Stage, using this method Long Shiya was able to guarantee victory in a stable method, and also almost at a time he could predict.

The reason why he did so was the truly intelligent part about Long Shiya. No matter what, Gu Yingbing was still Xue AoTian’s disciple, and his planned son-in-law. He knew Xue AoTian must have taught him everything, let alone the support from the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe. Long Shiya would never underestimate Xue AoTian, having a healthy respect for him. Who knew how many Skills or Secret Arts Gu Yingbing had? Long Shiya did not know. Although he still had absolute confidence he would not have the tables overturned against himself, but what if he had some secret arts that enabled him to escape? In that case, Long Shiya would not be able to defeat him in time. Instead of having all these unknown variables in the equation, he decided to just use the safest, stablest and most direct method, however stupid it might seem, to guarantee his victory, and hopefully Zhou Weiqing’s victory as well!

By the time Gu Yingbing could discover this plan, he should have already expended a huge amount of Heavenly Energy. Furthermore, even if he wanted to back out now, it would not be an easy task. As Gu Yingbing strengthened the circulation of Heavenly Energy in an attempt to overwhelm his opponent, he started unleashing Spirit Attribute attacks to harrass Long Shiya at the same time. Alas, although the Spirit Attribute was a Saint Attribute, there was just too massive a gap between his own spiritual energy and Long Shiya’s.

Amongst all Elemental Jewels, even compared to other Saint Attributes, perhaps the Spirit Attribute was the most unique. If at the same level, when one compared the Spirit Attribute to any other single Attribute, it was considered practically invincible. Suppression of the spirit could cause one’s opponent to be confused or mess up, or it could even become an actual attack.

Unless one had unique methods to defend oneself from such spiritual attacks, or perhaps using other Saint Attributes to weaken the power of the Spirit Attribute, otherwise in a fight it was already a major disadvantage.

At the same time, the Spirit Attribute also had one weak point. Strangely, its strongest point could also be its weakest point – spiritual energy. If an opponent’s spiritual energy was more than three times that of the Spirit Attribute’s user, then they were practically immune to all of those spiritual attacks. Unfortunately for Gu Yingbing, Long Shiya’s spiritual energy… how could it be as easy as merely three times that of Gu Yingbing’s! Having trained so much in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, although Long Shiya did not have the Spirit Attribute of his own, it could be said that of those present here, besides Xue AoTian, no one else could compare to him… not even the Lion King.

As such, when Gu Yingbing continued trying to harrass Long Shiya with his spiritual attacks, it was a totally futile attempt. As for his Fire Attribute… nothing more need to be said for that. Even his Saint Attributes had failed, adding a Fire Attribute to the mix, an Attribute which Long Shiya also had himself, was merely just a further waste of energy.

Gu Yingbing was so vexed by his continued failure that he was almost speechless. He had so many powerful Skills, but at this point, Long Shiya would not give him a chance to use anymore of them. On the surface it seemed like Gu Yingbing was the one attacking, but by now he was being fully suppressed on all fronts by Long Shiya. Control over the entire fight was totally in Long Shiya’s hands, and having a fight go like this, how could one not be vexed? Yet, Gu Yingbing had no other choice in the matter, and could only continue in this stalemate. Even though Xue AoTian could easily see through this with a single glance, there was nothing he could do or say. After all, before the fights, he had not set any rules about how they would go about fighting. Furthermore, Gu Yingbing had been the one who attacked first, and he could not comment on Long Shiya’s strategy on meeting that attack. He could only stand at the side and watch helplessly as Gu Yingbing’s Heavenly Energy continued being eroded away.

Of course, Gu Yingbing was no pushover either. As soon as he realised that he was stuck in this stalemate, he began to start exerting finer control over his Heavenly Energy.

Naturally, his control over Heavenly Energy was no match for Long Shiya, definitely not as fine as the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. Still, he had the Spirit Attribute, and being so well trained, he was definitely much more skilled and had finer control over his Heavenly Energy than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. As he focused on that, he was able to slowly bring down his expenditure, turning some of his offense into defense to form a more equilibrium state in midair. In this way, he would not waste as much energy as previously. At the same time, Gu Yingbing also turned into his Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion form, allowing his rate of absorption of atmospheric energy to grow. Even if that was still affected by the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he was at least able to stem the tide slightly. At least, he would not lose to Long Shiya too quickly in the near future.

Now that both Long Shiya and Gu Yingbing had gone through the series of clashes and adaptations, both sides were pretty much in a forced stalemate. Gu Yingbing had no way to break out of it, but Long Shiya also did not have a good way to end things quickly. Instead of risking things, he might as well continue on the guaranteed route to success, as it was only a matter of time, no matter how much Gu Yingbing had delayed the inevitable.

As they had achieved a temporary equilibrium, both of their gazes turned to the other side. Naturally, Long Shiya hoped that Zhou Weiqing could hold off the Lion King, at least until he defeated Gu Yingbing. As for Gu Yingbing, he could only pray that his father could quickly finish off Zhou Weiqing before his own Heavenly Energy was drained. Both sides held such similar yet opposite thoughts as they turned their attention to the other pair of fighters on the battlefield. Even the judge for their side was no exception, as Xue AoTian also turned his attention to Zhou Weiqing and Gu Site.

While Long Shiya and Gu Yingbing’s fight was pretty much settled, it had not influenced the other side at all. The reason Long Shiya had chosen this route was also in a sense because he did not have much choice. Long Shiya had very good judgement over such fine details, and after all Gu Yingbing had already used nine Consolidated Equipment, with six pieces being a Legendary Set as well. With the cultivation
level gap not being much, the risk of having any unforeseen circumstances and variables happening was just too great to take.

On the other side, the Lion King Gu Site was far more confident than Long Shiya. He did not use the same strategy and Long Shiya did, nor did he have the insane recovery speed that the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation gave. As such, as soon as their fight started, it was far more violent and intense than Gu Yingbing’s side.

As soon as Xue AoTian’s order came out, both Zhou Weiqing and Gu Site sprang into action.

Zhou Weiqing did not summon his Consolidated Equipment at first notice, instead his right foot springboarding onto the ground lightly, his entire body flying back rapidly in a retreat. Gu Site was originally about to launch an attack when he saw that Zhou Weiqing did not have the courage to face him directly and was flying back in a retreat. Immediately, he made the judgement call that Zhou Weiqing was about to use guerilla tactics. Without question, this was not just an ordinary fight, but a fight for time. In such a manner, guerilla tactics was indeed a good option. As long as Zhou Weiqing could buy enough time, he could achieve final victory.

However, how could the experienced Gu Site give Zhou Weiqing such a chance? As soon as he saw Zhou Weiqing flying back, a thick gold light sprang up around his body, and in a flash, gold-red flames spurted out of his back, actually pushing Gu Site’s body in a sudden terrifying burst of speed.

Zhou Weiqing had no idea what kind of Skills the Lion King had, nor did he have any interest in guessing. In truth, what he was actually doing now was not running away, but bringing forth all his power to maximum capacity. As he flew backwards, he did not hesitate to enter the Dragon-Tiger Transformation State, bringing his body to his strongest state.

The wings behind his back spread out fully, his entire skin surface now purple, with the purple tattoo and scales. Even his eyes were now purple orbs, the powerful aura of his Dragon- Tiger Transformation bursting forth. Only when one truly faced Zhou Weiqing in that Dragon- Tiger Transformation State would he be able to understand how powerful that bloodline was.

Even the Lion King Gu Site, with his pure Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodline… as soon as he sensed the shocking aura in front of him, he couldn’t help but skip a step.

Such a powerful aura! I must not allow this brat to grow up, otherwise he might become the next Heavenly God Tier!

In that instant, a powerful killing intent rose in the Lion King’s heart. He was no longer thinking about his son’s wedding, but the future of the WanShou Empire. Without question, Zhou Weiqing would never belong to the WanShou Empire, and in the future no matter if he was an independent Heavenly Jewel Master or belonged to a Great Saint Lands, it was not something that Gu Site wanted to see. All his life he had spent building up the WanShou Empire and all he thought of was its future, and his own ambitions. To have such an unbelievably outstanding talent in front of him, and not for his own use… then he would have to totally destroy him and not allow him to grow to reach his potential.

Thinking up to this point, Gu Site had already made up his mind. As long as he gained any advantage, he would definitely try to find a chance to strike hard. Even if he did not manage to kill Zhou Weiqing, he would try to deal a serious injury, enough to leave lasting hidden damage that could not be easily healed. Although the Tiger King Xue Aoying was watching at the side, but Gu Site was not too worried about him. After all,
Xue Aoying was not Xue AoTian, and the Lion King was confident that he was more powerful than Xue Aoying. As long as he was careful about things, making it appear like it had been an accident, he was confident in killing Zhou Weiqing before Xue Aoying could react. Once that was accomplished, even if Long Shiya was angry, so what? This was after all right in the depths of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not know his opponent’s thoughts, but he could clearly sense a sudden thick killing intent from the Lion King. Upon releasing the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing’s senses and judgement was raised up to a new max, even compared to his previous Demonic Change State it was more than double. As such, though Gu Site was using an eight-Jeweled cultivation level which was much stronger than him, Zhou Weiqing was still able to sense the various changes in the Lion King’s body, even any tiny reverberations of Heavenly Energy.

This was a truly strange feeling, being able to grasp hold of the changes in his opponents, that was already a huge first- mover advantage to him. With the sudden burst of speed from the gold flames on his back, Gu Site almost caught up with Zhou Weiqing instantly. However, at that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s body suddenly executed a sudden turn that was totally against the laws of physics.

Zhou Weiqing had been flying backwards at high speeds, but all of a sudden his body flew up perpendicularly into the air. As compared to his backward movement, he had suddenly shot up an entire ninety degrees. Even with the Lion King Gu Site’s full powered strike, under such a circumstance, he was unable to react in time, passing by Zhou Weiqing’s feet. By the time he wanted to turn around, Zhou Weiqing was already in midair.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing had been able to turn directions so abruptly was of course due to the wings behind his back. The power held within those wings were terrifying; not only could they be used to fly, they could be used for attack and defense. In fact, one could be said that even under a circumstance where Zhou Weiqing was unable to use Consolidated Equipment, this was another deadly weapon available to him, comparable to his Demonic Right Leg.

With the power of the wings and the toughness and flexibility of his own body, Zhou Weiqing was able to force the abrupt change in his flying direction, buying time for himself. This time was far too important for Zhou Weiqing. As he flew high up into the air, his six Alexandrite Elemental Jewels flew off his wrist, sparkling with different colours.

In this icy cavern, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eyes’ lights refracted into a rose red. Their brilliance glowing was obvious in the air of the caverns, drawing everyone’s attention. Even the Tiger King Xue Aoying could not help but exclaim in marvel and jealousy.

Heavenly Jewels with multiple Elemental Jewels were already extremely rare, let alone someone like Zhou Weiqing with that many Elemental Attributes. Such a Heavenly Jewel Master, if he was able to truly grow, one could just imagine the combat power, it would be more than several times that of any normal cultivation level.

Six Alexandrite Elemental Jewels flying out… what did that mean? All the powerhouses there knew that it meant Zhou Weiqing was about to unleash the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation!

The Lion King Gu Site did not think he was able to stop Zhou Weiqing from unleashing the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. As the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s greatest art, he definitely had many ways to unleash it no matter who tried to prevent it, and Gu Site was sure he would have passed them down to Zhou Weiqing.

As such, after missing the first strike, he did not rush to chase Zhou Weiqing up in the air, instead staying on the ground to gather energy slightly. An illusory image of a giant gold lion slowly rose up behind him, the original thick Heavenly Energy reverberations seeming to calm down. Gu Site’s eyes both turned gold, fully showing his bloodline as a Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion. His right hand slowly raised up, and in that moment his entire right arm turned a golden yellow, chilling long claws extending, turning into that of his main form’s actual arm.

Although it was just a single arm, but the aura that burst forth from Gu Site was far beyond any ordinary eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, yet he was still using the Heavenly Energy of one. This was the state that a powerhouse had attained, and no one could say he was cheating, even though his next attack just felt so terrifying.

However, the next moment just overthrew everyone’s expectations, leaving them with shock on their faces.

The Six Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels in the air did not turn into a normal hexagon like Long Shiya’s formation to form the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. Instead, the six Elemental Jewels seemed to shuttle back and forth, glowing in an eye-catching brilliance. Instantly, they had formed a strange star-shaped hexagon!

In truth, this star-shaped hexagon was a simple ‘drawing’, just the stacking of two triangles. However, to those powerhouses watching, it was a whole different meaning.

Although Long Shiya had invented the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation by himself, that did not mean it could be easily changed. The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had spent so many years, gone through so many trials and tribulations, to perfect his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation to what it was today. The main profound secret behind it was balance – this was clear to all who saw it… but such a balance was just not so easily achieved! Even for Xue AoTian, he did not think he could easily achieve such balance even if he had six Elemental Attribute Jewels!

Yet, right at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had proven that he had not only achieved it, but it was an almost miraculous change.

If Zhou Weiqing had just set up a similar Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, all the powerhouses would have just been marveling at his talent, but they would not think too much else. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s power and innate talent had already surprised them so many times today. However, actually changing the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation from ground up… that was a whole different meaning.

How long has he even learned the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation? One year? Less than a year!

That was because the previous time Gu Yingbing had met Zhou Weiqing, he was only at the five-Jeweled stage. And… training with the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation had the prerequisite of needing six Elemental Jewels!

A time of less than a year… perhaps to be more accurate, it was barely two to three months! Not only had Zhou Weiqing learned the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he had even changed it totally to fit himself. That was just too shocking. Furthermore, it looked like the changes he had wrought made it even more balanced.

A hexagon just meant a shape with six sides, but six obtuse angles and six acute angles were totally different. Each acute angle was like a shining point, and this star-shaped hexagon looked to be more offensive than Long Shiya’s original hexagon shaped Formation.

Zhou Weiqing’s six Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels finally halted in their position within the Formation, and their colours also changed accordingly. However, it was again unlike Long Shiya’s Formation, where each took on the colour of a different Attribute.

Instead, Zhou Weiqing’s six Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewels took their own position in an acute angle edge respectively, and they were somehow still in their Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel form.

A whole new, equally balanced yet different Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. This had totally broken away from all the onlookers’ imaginations. This was the first time it had appeared on a battlefield, and it belonged to only one person – Zhou Weiqing.

Xue AoTian’s feeling was perhaps the strongest. Besides Long Shiya, he could be said to be the only person in the world who understood the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation the most. Only he had fought with Long Shiya so many times, and he had previously studied it in detail as well. Almost instantly, Xue AoTian discovered how different Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was, or perhaps its difference from Long Shiya’s one.

Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was like an art of nature, a harmonious and integrated whole, with the six Attributes each holding the fort in each corner, allowing the six Elemental Attributes to have a miraculous balance. Such balance allowed a major draw on environmental energy, also allowing them to easily transform between each other, or fuse. In that way, Long Shiya was able to use powerful Skills with minimal expenditure. Xue AoTian had once estimated that if both he and Long Shiya were on the battlefield, facing enemies of a certain strength, then after a certain amount of time, just from overall killing power and sustained fighting capabilities, he may not even be equal to Long Shiya.

This was already extremely high praise, and perhaps no other person in the world deserved such praise. Still, from that alone, one could imagine how powerful Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was.

Yet, when Zhou Weiqing released his own new Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, Xue AoTian suddenly saw a whole new world in front of him.

As compared to Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, Zhou Weiqing’s one was still a unified whole, but before completion it was in two different portions.

That’s right – two different portions; made out of an assembly of two triangles. Yet, the end result was that there was a smaller portion that was similar to the old Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, having the same effect though perhaps to a smaller scale. However, there was now the addition of the outer six acute angles.

What did these six acute angles entail? Xue AoTian did not currently know, but somehow he knew that Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation might even surpass Long Shiya’s one in the future! Furthermore, as he suddenly remembered in startlement. Zhou Weiqing’s six Attributes were not of the normal elements, but including the two Saint Attributes of Time and Demonic!

This strange new formation of his was perhaps forced due to these two Saint Attributes… Instantly, Xue AoTian realised the key to the matter. This child is truly a genius, no one can deny that fact… not just his talent, but his sheer intelligence in being able to create his own Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation! Even if he had Long Shiya’s tutelege, to be able to balance two Saint Attributes amongst his own six Attributes, that was a feat of the ages!

Although the Lion King Gu Site and Tiger King Xue Aoying were shaken by the sight, knowing how special this Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation of Zhou Weiqing’s was, their feelings were definitely not as strong as Xue AoTian. Gu Site suddenly decided not to continue storing energy for his attack. He had the abrupt feeling that he should never have let Zhou Weiqing successfully form that Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. He realised his mistake now; as though the formation looked more magnificent than Long Shiya’s one, from the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s actions which weren’t too smooth, it was clear that he had just created this formation not too long ago, and would not be like Long Shiya who could successfully set it up despite any interruptions.

Gu Site’s judgement was indeed correct, but unfortunately for him it was just too late. In fact, what Zhou Weiqing had created was no longer called the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation; after he had successfully created the formation, Long Shiya had named it the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. The reason why he had changed the name was because it had some different profound mysteries behind it, and the Lion King Gu Site was about to experience it for himself.

Lifting his right hand, the right arm of Gu Site which had warped into his original lion form made a swipe in the air towards him. Instantly, a solid looking gold claw shot out, flying towards Zhou Weiqing. From the Heavenly Skill Image that appeared, it was a powerful Skill with at least an eleven-star rating, perhaps even a Heavenly God Tier Skill.

However, as Long Shiya once told Zhou Weiqing, a true Heavenly God Tier Skill could only be truly and properly used by a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. Anyone without sufficient cultivation level could still use it, but there would be a large difference in effectiveness and power.

Seeing the massive gold claw speed towards him, Zhou Weiqing remained calm and unflurried in midair. He did not attempt to dodge it; facing a Skill of such a level, he knew dodging was pointless, as most Skills would be able to track or follow their target.

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, and of his six Icy jade Physical Jewels, five lit up. In the next moment, five sets of dark gold lights sprang forth around him, five layers of shields appearing just as the brilliant gold claw struck at him.

*Pupupupupuu* A stunning sight happened next, and the Lion King Gu Site’s power gave Zhou Weiqing a shock as well. The five Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura shields just vanished one after the other, smashed aside by the gold claw. These auras that were so ‘invulnerable’ in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, under the offense of the gold claw, seemed just like mere paper to be torn aside.

However, they were not totally useless. After the gold claw had smashed through all five of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras, its light had clearly dimmed significantly. The ‘crying-face’ hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s right hand lashed out, smashing right into the gold claw. With a massive explosion, Zhou Weiqing was sent flying back in the air, while the gold claw vanished totally.

In just the single blow, Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped tightly. Do not think that just because the Lion King Gu Site seemed so weak in front of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya meant that he could be easily dismissed. He was still after all a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse! It was only that Long Shiya was just that more powerful. Even restricted to an eight-Jeweled cultivation level, Gu Site was still that terrifying. The power of the single claw Skill was already so strong, and without the five layers of Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras, if Zhou Weiqing had tried to take the blow head on, he would definitely have failed. What Zhou Weiqing didn’t know was that the Lion King Gu Site’s surprise was even greater than his own. Despite what Zhou Weiqing thought, that gold claw strike Gu Site had unleashed was no ordinary attack, certainly not a casual strike like it had seemed. It was after all a Skill which had summoned out a Heavenly Skill Image, and more so, he had actually spent some time storing power before unleashing it. One could just imagine how powerful it was. In truth, Gu Site had been trying to end things as quickly as possible, and had thus used one of his strongest Skills at the start to at least gain an advantage. However, he had not expected that Zhou Weiqing would be able to deal with his attacks so easily. More importantly, this merely six-Jeweled little brat, he had actually summoned five God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Furthermore, they seemed to be part of a Legendary Set, only one less than his own son! How could Gu Site not be shocked by that? Legendary Sets and God Tier Equipment had nothing to do with talent, but it had a huge connection with one’s wealth and connections.

His right foot striking down on the ground, Gu Site also launched himself into the air. The Heavenly Emperor level of control allowed him to use his Heavenly Energy to fly into the air easily, almost imitating a flying skill of sorts. Both hands extended in claws, he once again struck out and two similar gold claws, smaller but faster, rushed towards Zhou Weiqing. Currently, Zhou Weiqing had shown his fifth Legendary Set piece. Besides the previous Legendary Hammers, the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm (2 gauntlets), and the Heart Mirror, the fifth was actually a layered war kilt that protected him from waist down. Altogether, the Heart Mirror connected the four protective equipment to form an entire breastplate to bracer and gauntlets, joining down to the war kilt to complete the entire costume.

With the addition of this piece of God Tier Consolidated Equipment, Zhou Weiqing’s body could be said to be finally fully protected. This was the effect of a Legendary Set, as the area covered was far beyond ordinary four pieces of God Tier Consolidated Equipment. The war kilt was giving forth a glow that seemed to have a spiral spin to it. Besides the usual protective capabilities that equipment had, its main effect was similar to all the other pieces of the Set, to greatly boost their user’s strength.

The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had very few imbued Skills. According to Duan Tianlang’s estimation, perhaps only once the Legendary Set was fully complete would the true imbued set Skills be activated.

However, that was not to say that the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set was not strong. On the contrary, its strength was all in the word ‘extreme’. Indeed, it was only focusing on the basics, but to the ultimate extreme!

Each and every piece of the Legendary Set would increase the user’s strength one-fold, and this was stacked multiplicatively.

That was to say, when Zhou Weiqing was wielding only the Legendary Hammers, his strength was double of his original. With the two pieces that made the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, it was not three or even four times… but after stacking twice it was a massive eight times his original strength! If Zhou Weiqing managed to complete all ten pieces of his Legendary Set, that would mean just in terms of strength alone, it would be five hundred and twelve times his original strength! What kind of terrifying number was that?! Do not forget that not only was Zhou Weiqing a Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, his own body had been evolved several times from his bloodlines, and he also had the boost from the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. One could imagine once he really finished the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his strength would reach a state that was unparalleled in history, and possibly in future. This would be the true meaning of the saying ‘In the face of pure strength, all tricks are useless’.

As Zhou Weiqing slowly gained piece after piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his strength would grow further and further. At the beginning, it was not obvious at all, but by now, the terrifying power was starting to reveal itself.

The fifth piece of the Legendary Set was naturally created by Duan Tianlang, his first piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Previously, Long Shiya had personally flew back to the Peerless Battalion camp to get it for him, before flying back to the Fire Spirit Mountain where Zhou Weiqing had quickly succeeded in Consolidated it.

With this fifth piece of the Legendary Set, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was now thirty two times of his original strength. In addition to the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his strength was truly something to be reckoned with.

At first, Zhou Weiqing did not have a real understanding of the power and effectiveness of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, and he had never fully flourished its strength. His previous use of it was rather limited to the trickery of the Legendary Hammers and the boost to his Skills. However, do not forget who his Master was… the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor… whose own Legendary Set was the ‘little brother’ set with a similar boost, the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set!

In fact, the boost of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set was exactly the same as the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’. Of course, with only nine pieces, the total boost would only amount to a maximum of two hundred and fifty six times! That was to say, the difference of a mere one piece in a Legendary Set was actually the difference between Heaven and Earth! Under Long Shiya’s careful tutelage, Zhou Weiqing finally understood the true power of his Legendary Set and how to carefully control and use it.

Facing the Lion King’s charge at him, Zhou Weiqing remained unafraid. Swinging the two Legendary Hammers before him, he burst forth with a massive wave of Heavenly Energy. Two balls of thick grey mist gathered around each Hammer respectively, with the ‘crying-face’ Hammer in his right hand blocking out at the Lion King’s attack, while the ‘laughing-face’ Hammer in his left hand smashing towards the Lion King’s head.

The Lion King was clearly using the Divine Attribute Heavenly Energy, while Zhou Weiqing was using the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy. The clash of two directly opposite and opposing Saint Attributes, equal in level, but the victor would go to the stronger.

Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was only six-Jeweled, and naturally he could not compare to the Lion King, even restricted to eight-Jewels as he was. However, with the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his Heavenly Energy was far beyond any ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, let alone with the terrifying strength from his Legendary Set.

A thick dark gold light sprang forth around Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set Equipment, gushing towards his right arm. If one observed closely, the dark gold light was like waves of power rippling towards his right arm, causing it to grow several times larger.

Chapter 180 Little Fatty vs Lion King!

Naturally, while a Legendary Set was extremely powerful, making use of the power was not just so simple. To make full use of the thirty two times of strength, one had to fully activate the power of each individual Consolidated Equipment piece, transferring and gathering all the power together in a concentrated burst. That was exactly what Zhou Weiqing was doing now, gathering all the power into his right arm, to the ‘crying-face’ Hammer in his right hand!

The ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set had finally made its debut appearance in the annuls of history, and its opponent was actually a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse. This Legendary Set could be considered a unique one, without any imbued Skills like most other Consolidated Equipment had, but in focusing in stacking the basics, it had turned a basic stat of Strength into a terrifying maximum.

The Lion King’s two Divine Claws instantly smashed into the ‘crying-face’ hammer, quickly tearing apart the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy surrounding it. In terms of power of Heavenly Energy or control, Gu Site far surpassed Zhou Weiqing. However, to his surprise, the hammer just flashed with a thick glow of dark gold light, and in that next instant, both claws were destroyed with a muffled poof sound. The next moment, the ‘smiling-face’ hammer was smashing down at his head.

How is that possible? Without any Skills, he is actually able to break apart my attack?

Gu Site did not have time to think further. Lifting his left hand, he slapped it at the ‘smiling-face’ hammer, Heavenly Energy gathering quickly in a large burst. His right hand continued forward, blocking towards the ‘crying-face’ hammer that was still continuing its blow after dissipating the two claws.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing’s seemed to slow down, keeping the ‘smiling-face’ hammer a half second back. In this way, both hammers would now strike the Lion King at the same time.

A little way off, Long Shiya, who was still suppressing Gu Yingbing while watching his disciple, smiled faintly as he thought to himself: This little brat, truly the epitome of sneakiness!

*Poof**Boom* Two different sounds rang out at once. Xue Aoying’s jaw dropped; as judge of the match he had been watching closely, and he was shocked to suddenly see Gu Site’s body sent flying back by Zhou Weiqing’s strike.

Facing the two hammers of Zhou Weiqing’s, Gu Site had naturally divided his Heavenly Energy equally. Alas, being the first time he was facing the Dual Legendary Hammers, how could he know the secret behind those tricky hammers?

The *Poof* sound had been Gu Site’s left hand passing right through the ‘smiling-face’ hammer upon impact, his powerful Heavenly Energy smashing right through and up into the skies. An unexpected lack of connection with anything solid threw him off balance, catching him off guard momentarily. Although he was able to catch his balance quickly due to his power and skill, but even for a powerhouse like him it was definitely not a good feeling to strike out in such a missed blow.

More importantly, as the missed blow came from the ‘smiling-face’ hammer, the ‘crying-face’ hammer had also smashed down. This time, it was an actual strike, but with the sudden loss of balance on the other side, it definitely affected the Lion King on this side. The Heavenly Energy on this defending side shook for just a split second, but it was more than enough. Since the Heavenly Energy had been split equally compared to a full powered blow from Zhou Weiqing… this time he was at severe disadvantage. The ‘crying-face’ hammer currently held all of Zhou Weiqing’s power, including his thirty-two times of power. With the aid of the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, how terrifying was that?! Just in terms of pure physical strength alone, Zhou Weiqing already surpassed any eight-Jeweled Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, let alone with the thirty two multiplier. Currently, if one were to only take physical strength into account, with his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, he could match most strength-type Heavenly King Stage powerhouses.

So what if he did not have Heavenly Energy powering it up. No matter what kind of ability, when it was powered up to an absolute maximum, its strength was not to be underestimated. As the saying goes, ‘All roads lead to Rome’. There was no one correct path for fighting.

Under such a circumstance, Gu Site felt a terrifying strength behind the blow, one that he was unable to withstand. With the massive explosion of impact, his entire body was sent flying but the one fake and one true blow. The greatest loss of face to him was that the strength of the blow was just too powerful; not only was his hand numb from the impact, his entire chest area was still constricted from the blow. Gu Site was forcefully stopping himself from spitting out a mouthful of blood, but he had already suffered some internal injuries. Right at the next instant, Zhou Weiqing suddenly appeared behind Gu Site. Gripping his Dual Legendary Hammers in his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, he smashed them down savagely in a top-down fashion towards Gu Site’s head.

Blink. Indeed, in that moment, Zhou Weiqing had used one of his most practiced skills, the Blink Skill.

As a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, Gu Site’s senses were definitely extremely powerful, and he instantly discovered Zhou Weiqing’s follow-up attack. Yet, the first thought in his mind was just this: Impossible!

Previously, when Long Shiya was using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, even though he could control his various Attributes to interchange at will, or fuse them at will, or even increase the regeneration of his Heavenly Energy… but he had never been able to use his Stored Skills! How then did Zhou Weiqing manage to use the Blink Skill?!

However, this was not the time for Gu Site to overthink things. Having just been sent flying by Zhou Weiqing’s hammer blow, he naturally knew how terrifying the strength behind the hammer was. Even with his Heavenly Emperor stage body, he dared not let such a blow land on him unprotected. A huge illusory figure of a mammoth suddenly appeared above and behind Gu Site. At the same time, a bright gold light sprang forth, like a sudden growth of bramble rising up to greet Zhou Weiqing’s hammers.

This Skill was one of the Lion King’s strongest defensive aces, Stored from a powerful Splendid Mammoth King Heavenly Beast. This Splendid Mammoth King Heavenly Beast was also one of the WanShou Empire’s strongest, a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse. To be more accurate, it was the Totem and Tribe Leader of the Mammoth Tribe. It was only because its intelligence was not high that it did not manage to enter the true leadership and ruling class of the WanShou Empire. Even so, it still had a very high rank and respected status in the entire WanShou Empire. In terms of bloodline power, these Splendid Mammoth Kings were second only to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions. Similar to the former two, they also had the Divine Attribute, and this Skill of theirs was called Splendid Bramble Holy Shield, a powerful Skill that was both offense and defense in one. Being able to force the Lion King to use such an ace-in- the-hole Skill not long after they had clashed, Zhou Weiqing could truly be proud of himself.

However, at this moment, a truly unexpected thing happened next, shocking Gu Site to the core. From behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, an illusory figure rose as well, a huge, fat one that looked like a big insect. As soon as the illusory figure appeared, it wriggled forward and flew right into the Mammoth illusory figure above Gu Site’s head. Both tangled with each other momentarily, before the two vanished along with the Splendid Bramble Holy Shield!

This was the clash of Heavenly Skill Images, an Absolute Neutralisation.

Originally, the Lion Prince Gu Yingbing had used this exact method to neutralise Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal, and now Zhou Weiqing was using this method to on Gu Site to neutralise his Splendid Bramble Holy Shield!

Clash of Heavenly Skill Images referred to when both sides unleashed a Skill that would bring about a Heavenly Skill Image – either side could instead use the Heavenly Skill Image to actually neutralise the other, if quick enough. Nobody knew the reason why this would occur, and according to guesses of the forefathers, this was because the heavens were having mercy on the world, not wishing such powerful Skills to cause too much death and destruction upon the world, allowing such a neutralising effect to happen.

In the past, Zhou Weiqing had no proper training, having to figure everything out by himself. Naturally, he did not know about the Clash Of Heavenly Skill Images and had been caught by surprise so easily by Gu Yingbing, thus being taken down so easily. However, in this period of time, under Long Shiya’s tutelage, he had also grasped the principle of this effect, and at least knew the concept of how to deal with it both offensively
and defensively. At least, his spiritual energy had grown to barely be able to control the Heavenly Skill Images. At this moment, he had suddenly made use of this very effect, instantly changing the state of the current battlefield.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying had been watching all this while, and when Zhou Weiqing had used the Blink Skill, his jaw had dropped as well. He was rather familiar with the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, having talked to his brother about it previously. As such, he knew that with the Blink Skill being of higher rating than six stars, especially with Zhou Weiqing being new to the formation, he should not have been able to use that Skill! Furthermore, the Blink Skill should have been one of the toughest to mimic. At that moment, his mind was left with the same thought as Gu Site – How could this be?!

However, when Zhou Weiqing summoned the Heavenly Skill Image, under Xue Aoying’s close observation, he finally noticed something that could possibly be the profound secret behind it. When Zhou Weiqing had unleashed those two Stored Skills, one of the ‘Star’ Angles would light up in that hexagon shape of the formation below his feet, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel flashing brightly before the Skill appeared.

Having noticed that, Xue Aoying could guess the secret behind Zhou Weiqing’s usage of such Skills. However, that did not diminish the surprise in his heart. Could it be that when he used his new Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, he could still use Skills? That would be too overpowered!

In truth, Xue Aoying’s guess was fairly accurate. The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation of Zhou Weiqing, when compared to the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, was far worse in terms of Heavenly Energy efficiency and recovery rate. However, the inferiority in this portion was easily compensated for by his Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the Immortal Deity Technique. As for the extra six acute ‘Star’ angles of the formation, each of them could ‘save’ a particular Stored Skill for use every time the formation was created.

That was to say, with the underlying basis of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was able to temporarily bind six Skills whenever he summoned his Formation, and he would be able to use them just like in normal combat. These bound Skills would be chosen from all of his own Stored Skills, but the Heavenly Energy used would be affected by the efficiency of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation as well as the recovery rate.

Without question, in an overall combat capability standpoint, especially for Zhou Weiqing, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation was far superior to the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. The reason was also simple – although both held six Attributes, Zhou Weiqing’s one contained two Saint Attributes. Adding to the fact that the structure of his formation was different, the logic behind it had caused such a change.

One of the bound Skills had naturally been the Blink, which Zhou Weiqing had used to close the gap in a quick follow-up attack. The second Skill he had bound and just unleashed was actually the Time Reversal Skill. The reason why he had even selected this Skill to be bound was actually for the purposes of Clashing Heavenly Skill Images. Since the Lion Prince also had Skills which could summon the Heavenly Skill Images, how could the Lion King not have some? As such, Zhou Weiqing had intentionally planned to use this ‘useless’ Time Reversal Skill to gain such a nearly perfect result. As the Splendid Bramble Holy Shield vanished, Gu Site was once again shocked and caught off guard. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s hammers were already striking down at him, and in such a short period of time it was too late for him to use another Skill. In astonishment, Gu Site could only use his
hands to block forward, bursting forth with his powerful Heavenly Energy to forcefully defend himself. Naturally, while a Legendary Set was extremely powerful, making use of the power was not just so simple. To make full use of the thirty two times of strength, one had to fully activate the power of each individual Consolidated Equipment piece, transferring and gathering all the power together in a concentrated burst. That was exactly what Zhou Weiqing was doing now, gathering all the power into his right arm, to the ‘crying-face’ Hammer in his right hand!

Another massive explosion, and Gu Site’s entire body was savagely smashed into the ground without any suspense, with both his legs drilled right into the icy ground of the cavern. Although with his tough and powerful Heavenly Emperor Stage body, his arms and legs were not broken by Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying strength, the blood he had been forcing himself not to spit out previously finally came out. Zhou Weiqing landed right beside Gu Site, his hammers striking out at Gu Site’s head for the third time in an explosive strength. Taking on the impact of the previous hit was no issue for his powerful body in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state.

Gu Site was extremely vexed! The reason why he was now in such a disadvantage was because he had severely misjudged Zhou Weiqing’s power, and that underestimation had led to him being surprised by him so many times. Growling angrily, he concentrated hard and the brilliant shimmer of the Divine Guardian Angel appeared around him, protecting his body.

Alas, almost at the same time, another illusory figure appeared behind Zhou Weiqing. This time, it was the Demonic Dragon Lady.

How many Skills with the Heavenly Skill Image does this brat have?! The thought sprang up simultaneously in both the Lion and Tiger King.

Still in shock, Gu Site had no time to be angry as he hurriedly circulated his Heavenly Energy to the maximum with his hands facing upwards, his entire body spinning in a whirlwind as powerful gold light sprang forth. The light soon turned into a massive gold tornado, fully enveloping his body.

In Gu Site’s eyes, it was without question that Zhou Weiqing was once again using a Heavenly Skill Image to neutralize his Divine Guardian Angel Skill before his hammer with that terrifying strength landed once more. Having just used two powerful Skills, he was for a short time indisposed from using too much Heavenly Energy, and he had no choice but to now use his strongest Skill to defend himself. Alas, this time Gu Site had guessed wrongly. Zhou Weiqing had been striking down at him with such swift and fierce momentum, but the next moment he actually stopped in midair, his wings spreading apart and causing his body to hover right before he actually reached the Divine Guardian
Angel barrier. In the short moment of time, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady had fully coalesced and his prepared Skill was ready to be used.

As the purple red light glowed in the air, Xue AoTian couldn’t help but furrow his brow. How could the Lion King make such a ‘newbie’ mistake?

Although Gu Site had told himself over and over that this young man in front of him was no ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, he was still a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse… how could he not have feelings of disdain and underestimate his opponent? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s series of actions and abilities had truly gone beyond any of the present powerhouses’ expectations and judgement. It had just been too shocking. Even Xue AoTian had been caught by surprise several times, let alone Gu Site. As such, the Lion King had not been able to bring his full power into play, falling into Zhou Weiqing’s rhythm and trap. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had made use of this ‘Inertia of thinking’ that Gu Site had fallen into to spring this new trap. The purple red flash of light appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s formation, and his body did an about-turn in midair, as he retreated to the side to wait. A faint smile appeared on his face as he looked at the Lion King Gu Site. He was in no rush at all, and he could now afford to sit and wait for a while.

The Divine Guardian Angel Skill had indeed come into effect, and this powerful Skill had an ‘Absolute’ effect as well. If Zhou Weiqing tried to use his Dragon Silencing Seal on Gu Site now, it would be totally wasted. However, though the Divine Guardian Angel Skill was indeed powerful, but just like the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, it had its own set of limitations. In this case, the flaw was simple – when the user was within the Divine Guardian Angel Shield, he would not be able to move about, or unleash another Skill. This was the reason why Gu Site’s spinning body was unable to move, and could previously only circulate his Heavenly Energy into the gold whirlwind of light to protect himself.

As a result, Zhou Weiqing could now wait calmly at the side. No matter how fast the Lion King could unleash his next Skill, it could not be faster than the Dragon Silencing Seal that Zhou Weiqing now had prepared to go at anytime. As for Clashing of Heavenly Skill Images, it had to be activated within a certain time limit of the Heavenly Skill Image being summoned; once it was fully coalesced, that was no longer possible. Due to that fact, normally a Clash of Heavenly Skill Images was done by a later Skill used to neutralized an earlier one. That was to say, Zhou Weiqing could have used his Heavenly Skill Image to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel, but not the reverse.

As such, Gu Site was now stuck using a powerful defensive Skill for nothing, as well as wasting his Heavenly Energy in the whirlwind of light, and was unable to do anything about Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal.

Calm, unhurried and confident. Those words could be used to describe Zhou Weiqing at this point. Who could have imagined that a mere Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master could push a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse to such a degree, even one so restricted like Gu Site had been!

Abruptly, two bouts of purple-red light shot out from Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, before it flickered off once more. All of a sudden, the Divine Guardian Angel Skill around Gu Site vanished without warning.

It was the Clash of Heavenly Skill Images! However, just as Gu Site was overjoyed, thinking that Zhou Weiqing had not been able to resist in using his Dragon Silencing Seal to neutralise his Divine Guardian Angel Skill… the next instant, a purple-red vortex appeared over his head. His Skills were suddenly all restricted!

What … what the **** is going on?! Once again, Zhou Weiqing’s actions were unreadable to the Lion King Gu Site. the Dragon Silencing Seal had clearly been used to Clash with his own Divine Guardian Angel Skill, yet… yet… how could it still come into effect?

Let alone Gu Site, even the Tiger King Xue Aoying who had a bird’s eye view of everything going on was utterly confused. Of all the powerhouses present, only Long Shiya who was familiar with all of Zhou Weiqing’s Skill could fully understand what was going on. Even Xue AoTian could only vaguely guess what had happened.

Xue AoTian’s judgement was that Zhou Weiqing had somehow activated yet another hidden Heavenly Skill Image Skill, using that to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill before activating the Dragon Silencing Seal in the same instant.

His judgement was indeed accurate. Zhou Weiqing had actually used the Demonic Dragon God Seal, also from the Demonic Dragon Lady, to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill. As the Heavenly Skill Image was also of the Demonic Dragon Lady, he was able to superimpose and disguise it perfectly. In truth, if he had attempted to actually use this Skill, it would be Zhou Weiqing himself asking for death. After all, not only was Gu Site far stronger than him, he also had the Spirit Attribute. The Demonic Dragon God Seal would not only have been useless, it would have probably been returned to damage himself. However, just like with the Time Reversal Skill, using it to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill was a whole different matter. Once again, another perfect timing and a worthwhile trade of a useless Skill to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill.

Zhou Weiqing might not have much, but he definitely had tons of Skills. In fact, the powerful Heavenly Skill Image Skills he had were no lesser than most Heavenly King or Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses. Six Attributes! He could pretty much go Skill Storing at will. In fact, even now, after reaching the fifth and sixth Jeweled stage, he still have many ‘empty slots’ that he had not Stored Skills yet.

The Absolute effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal had come into effect! That meant that within the next minute, the Lion King Gu Site was no longer able to summon his Consolidated Equipment or use his Stored Skills. Even if the former was already restricted, but the latter was a major blow indeed. So what if he was using Heavenly Energy of the eight-Jeweled stage? Facing a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master with Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, five God Tier Consolidated Equipment of a Legendary Set… what could he do? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing still had the Dragon-Tiger Transformation!

With a hearty laugh, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body pounced towards Gu Site like a bolt of lightning, the twin Hammers in his hands swirling eagerly. This time, he was not trying to last as long as he could, but was actually attempting to defeat the eight-Jeweled Lion King Gu Site!

Seeing Zhou Weiqing leap at him, Gu Site suddenly understood. This fight, even if were his son with his full power, facing this six-Jeweled little brat, he might not even win.

With no Stored Skills to use, restricted at the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Energy… am I really going to lose?

Gu Site’s eyes suddenly turned calm and serene. Facing the pouncing Zhou Weiqing, his face turned expressionless, only lifting his right hand slowly towards to incoming youth.

Ten yards. Zhou Weiqing was barely ten yards from Gu Site. With his charging speed, that was closed in barely a blink of an eye. Gu Site’s raised right hand had his palm outwards facing Zhou Weiqing, as if attempting to stall Zhou Weiqing’s attack. Yet, everyone around could see that he might block one attack, or even two, but without any Skills or Consolidated Equipment and with his Heavenly Energy restricted, how long could he last against that terrifying strength of Zhou Weiqing?

A relieved and satisfied expression flickered across Long Shiya’s face, while a hidden flicker of happiness flashed in Xue AoTian’s eyes before it disappeared, hidden away. The Tiger King Xue Aoying also had a gleeful look on his face as he chuckled at the Lion King’s misfortune. However, in an instant, an abrupt change erupted.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to strike Gu Site, he suddenly saw the Lion King’s palm light up with a crimson red glow.

In that moment, the Seal restricting Gu Site burst apart, and he resumed his Heavenly Emperor stage cultivation level.

Smashing apart the Seal, releasing an attack. The entire process happened in a split second. Just as the expressions of the other three powerhouses froze, a resonant lion’s roar rang out as a huge gout of crimson flame swallowed Zhou Weiqing entirely. The flame connected right back to Gu Site’s palm, and the fire spouting out formed the image of a giant lion in midair. As the huge crimson lion formed, the temperature of the entire icy cavern rose abruptly. Besides a single leg that was outside the flames, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was engulfed in the flames.

“NOOOOO!!!!”  Long  Shiya  howled  in  crazed  rage.  He  no longer cared that it was a competition, and with a flicker of his arm, a terrifying Heavenly Energy smashed into Gu Yingbing, sending him flying. Another palm strike lashed out at Gu Yingbing while at the same time, his entire body pounced towards the Lion King Gu Site.

Xue AoTian was already by his side in a flash. Naturally, he would not allow his disciple to be killed like that, and he quickly blocked the enraged blow which would have finished Gu Yingbing off. However, he did not attempt to block Long Shiya from pouncing on Gu Site.

A terrifying aura burst out from Long Shiya’s body, his entire ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set appearing all at once. The Silver octagon plum blossom Hammer still glowing with the dark gold light of being summoned, smashing down hard on Gu Site in a frenzy. Indeed, Long Shiya had almost gone crazy. He instantly recognized the Flame that Gu Site had released, taking on the form of a huge lion. It was the Personal Core Fire of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, the Earth Spirit Heart Flame! Let alone Zhou Weiqing with a mere six-Jeweled cultivation level, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would evaporate from such an attack, an instant death indeed. It was no easy feat to summon the Earth Spirit Heart Flame, even for Gu Site. Not only was it a massive drain, it would seriously damage his life force and vitality.

No matter what calculations and expectations Long Shiya had, he had never imagined that Gu Site would actually break the rules of the competition just like that, resuming his Heavenly Emperor Stage cultivation level and using his Personal Core Flame to destroy Zhou Weiqing.

When Gu Site had realised he had been tricked, the fury in his heart was burning to an unbelievable point. He had always had a hot temper, and with the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion blood burning hot within him, in his sheer rage he had lost control. Who was he? He was the King of the WanShou Empire, a noble Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse! To be forced to such a stage by a mere brat of six-Jewels, to even lose to such a person, how could he stand it?! As the saying goes, ‘Anger rises from the heart, and evil will then rise from the gall bladder’ Gu Site instantly made the decision not to let Zhou Weiqing leave this place alive, even if he had to fall out with Long Shiya. There were three powerhouses here on the side, including himself, and if the Entropic Nether Tiger was willing to help out, they might even be able to kill Long Shiya as well. As such, he had flung caution to the wind and launched his attack. He had been confident that Xue AoTian would not sit back and watch Long Shiya kill Gu Yingbing.

The Lion King’s estimations had all been correct, but he had missed one point. That was… he was still stuck in the Absolute effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal, and he now had to withstand the crazed fury of Long Shiya in that state.

*BOOM* A single hammer blow. The Lion King’s body was sent flying by Long Shiya like a cannonball shot from a cannon, smashing savagely into the mountain. The next moment, a bout of light followed suit into the freshly opened hole. Gu Site had actually been smashed by the hammer right through the Heavenly Snow Mountain and back outside! This time, even if he did not die, he would definitely be severely injured. “Show mercy!” At this point, the Tiger King Xue Aoying had no choice but to intervene. Although he did not like the Lion King, and did not get along well with him, he could not just sit back and watch the King of the WanShou Empire get slaughtered by the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor!

“Get lost.” By now, Long Shiya did not care about anything or anyone else. The brilliance behind his back forming his own figure, almost making it seem like own body had grown huger. The light around the octagon plum blossom Hammer brightened a hundredfold as it whistled brazenly towards the Tiger King.

Xue Aoying’s expression changed. Although he was able to use his own Skills and Consolidated Equipment, he dared not take such a furious blow from Long Shiya! Immediately, his body moved aside.

“Bro Long, calm down. Zhou Weiqing is not dead.”  At last, Xue AoTian appeared, using his own body to block the fresh new hole, a snow white long spear in his hands. Behind his own back, a similar glow of his own illusory figure flashed. With a flick of his spear, he blocked Long Shiya’s hammer, and the entire cavern seemed to groan slightly in the massive impact. Originally, the exit which housed the large number of Heavenly Beasts had constant sounds of heavy breathing, but it was instantly silenced. After these Heavenly Beasts sensed the sheer aura and power of the two powerhouses clashing, they did not even dare let any sense of their presence be felt.

In a direct clash of physical strength, even Xue AoTian would not dare to do so against Long Shiya with his entire ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set. As such, he could only subtly parry the blow as best he could.

As soon as Long Shiya heard Xue AoTian’s words clearly, his anger diminished. Subconsciously, his head snapped to where his precious disciple had been.

The next moment, Long Shiya was dumbfounded, staring dazedly as he stopped.

Zhou Weiqing had not been devoured by the Earth Spirit Heart Flame like he had thought, and he was just standing right there. His entire set of Consolidated Equipment had all disappeared, but he seemed totally unharmed. The only embarrassing thing was that he was now totally naked, standing right there in his birthday suit in a rather ridiculous sight that even Zhou Weiqing himself was stunned by. Luckily, his entire skin was still covered by the purple scales, so it still wasn’t too obvious. The certain ‘object’ between his legs was swinging slightly, and if one looked closer they would be able to see it.

Long Shiya almost slapped himself silly. Indeed, how could he have forgotten!

No matter how powerful that Earth Spirit Heart Flame was, how could it be of any effect to his disciple? After absorbing the Solidified Dragon Spirit, Zhou Weiqing was pretty much immune to fire.

The Earth Spirit Heart Flame was the Personal Core Fire of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, and under the restriction of not being able to use his Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, this was the strongest attack that Gu Site could use. Alas for the poor Lion King, his attack was fully of the Fire Attribute. Although that terrifying attack has caused Zhou Weiqing’s entire Legendary Set to dissipate, his body remained unharmed.

In a flash, Long Shiya appeared beside Zhou Weiqing, examining his precious disciple up and down, even that ‘certain object’ got a glance. Only after he was certain that Zhou Weiqing was totally alright did he heave a sigh of relief. However, despite the fact that Zhou Weiqing was fine, that did not mean the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s rage was assuaged. He spun around abruptly, turning his gaze to Xue AoTian. His eyes were cold, but he did not say anything. Pulling  Zhou  Weiqing’s  hands,  he  said  solemnly:  “Let’s  go, Little Fatty.”

“Bro Long, wait a minute. I will give you a reckoning on this matter.”  Even  for  Xue  AoTian,  seeing  Long  Shiya  like  this caused him some anxiety. He knew that if he allowed Long Shiya to leave like this, there would be severe repercussions. In fact, let alone Long Shiya, currently Xue AoTian’s heart was filled with rage. He had never imagined that the Lion King Gu Site would actually disregard his own pride and status to do something so shameless as to attack Zhou Weiqing with full power. If Zhou Weiqing truly died, Long Shiya aside, Xue AoTian would not let Gu Site go so easily.

“Aoying, go bring the Lion King back here.” Xue AoTian said gravely. His expression was already extremely ugly.

Long Shiya took a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. After all, this was still the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and they still had not achieved their original goal in coming here. Zhou Weiqing said softly: “Master, I am fine.”

Long  Shiya  glared  at  him  and  said  exasperatedly:  “Just because you gained a slight advantage, you thought you could press it? Did you forget who your opponent was?!”

Zhou Weiqing gave a helpless look. He had also been given a huge fright, not having expected that the Lion King would actually go all out on him. In that instant, there had been zero chance for him to dodge the blow. Although Long Shiya did not spell it out, Zhou Weiqing knew that his Master was reminding him that if Gu Site had not used a Fire Attribute attack, perhaps he would be dead now.

However, was that really the truth of the matter? At that moment, Zhou Weiqing did not try to explain himself to Long Shiya; after all, his Master was not wrong to lecture him. In truth, when he had sensed the Lion King’s attack, in the last split second Zhou Weiqing had managed to react and release a Skill. With that unique Skill, even if the Lion King was not using a Fire Attribute attack, Zhou Weiqing still had some confidence that he could at least survive it, if barely.

Before long, the Tiger King had brought the Lion King back. Gu Site’s current look was truly miserable and desolate. His right hand hung limp at his side, looking like the bones within had been totally shattered. Even if he could keep the arm, it was not going to be a simple matter to heal it.

At the same time, his chest area had clearly sunk in, and his face was ashen. Blood seeped out of all his seven orifices, and his eyes were clearly dim. From just one look, it was clear that Gu Site was severely injured.

Long Shiya had previously thought that he had killed Zhou Weiqing, and in his rage, he had struck out with all his might, supported by his entire ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ LEgendary Set. The Lion King had originally been weaker than Long Shiya, let alone without any of his Consolidated Equipment. Being able to stay alive was already a testament to how powerful his body and cultivation was.

Seeing the Lion King once more, Long Shiya’s eyes were filled with a violent killing intent. Raising the hammer in his hands, he said coldly: “Gu Site, you bastard. We are now mortal enemies, I swear I will kill you. You don’t want your face anymore? You even dare bully a mere junior. Just you wait, this old man will ensure that your entire Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe is wiped out.” “Bro Long, please calm down. Allow me to handle this matter.” Xue AoTian’s face was stern as he spoke.

Gu Site did not react to either of their words, instead staring dazedly at Zhou Weiqing. He could not believe that Zhou Weiqing was still alive, even unharmed, after taking a head-on blow of his Earth Spirit Heart Flame. Yet, there he was standing there, wearing his clothes!

How could this be!? Why is this happening? Zhou Weiqing had given him just too many shocks today. Was that brat really six-Jewels? Gu Site’s heart was filled with questions.

Gu Yingbing remained uninjured, as Xue AoTian had received the blow that Long Shiya had struck at him. He quickly rushed to his father’s side, and rays of healing Divine energy shone upon his father’s body. However, his head remained bowed down, and he did not dare look at Zhou Weiqing, as his face was filled with shame. He was still young, not as experienced and vicious as his father. Having such a thing happen had diminished his strong fighting spirit.

Xue AoTian looked at the Lion King coldly and gave a cold humph. “You have thrown away the face of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. There is no longer any need to continue with the competition. You can go now, and tell all the guests that the wedding is cancelled.”

“Ahh?” Only then did Gu Site react, his face darkening as he said:  “Mountain  Lord,  I  admit  that  I  have  made  a  grave mistake. We have indeed lost this second test, but… isn’t there still a third test?”

Xue AoTian said coldly: “You still have the face to mention a third test? What is your status, your power? Have you gone stupid being the King of the WanShou Empire? How old is Zhou Weiqing? What did I tell you previously? I said. You can get lost now. Yingbing will no longer inherit my Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position. Yingbing, you escort your father back. In a month, I want to hear that you have assumed his position as King of the WanShou Empire. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking care of it myself.”

Enforcing his will strictly and swiftly. That was truly the way to describe Xue AoTian. In a matter of moments, he had already made his choice and judgement. He did not even give Gu Yingbing a third chance. Not because of Long Shiya’s threats, but because of his own face, and the honour and dignity of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. A clumsy literal translation! Basically it means that when one is enraged, he can do anything/people can do sudden rash things in a fit of anger, things they would not do otherwise with a clear mind
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