Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131 Just die for him like this…

The intense cold, laced with evil aura, invaded her body first. Despite the protection of the Infinite Saint Flame and her own boosted Heavenly Energy, it was as if the cold could still seep through in various myriad little ways, causing her to almost stop breathing. The next instant, the heat followed suit, and the mix of the two caused Shangguan Fei’er’s entire blood flow to surge turbulently, as her vital energy was disrupted, causing her to almost spit out blood.

If she continued hugging onto Zhou Weiqing, perhaps it would not just be Zhou Weiqing falling to his death alone, but the two of them smashing to the ground together.

Right at this moment, Shangguan Fei’er showed her powerful adaptability and ability to think fast and work under intense pressure. With a half twist of her supple waist, she threw Zhou Weiqing upwards with all her might, first reducing the acceleration force and inertia he had built up over the two hundred metre fall, before she regained her balance and flew up once more.

In such a way, hugging and throwing in an almost endless cycle, the two continued ‘flying’ into the distance, descending swiftly all the while. Even with the Infinite Saint Flame, it took everything Shangguan Fei’er had in her to keep this up, and all the while, her body was wrecked by the two vastly different pulses of energy from Zhou Weiqing’s body, eating her up with unbelievable pain.

At last, they were almost fifty metres from the ground. Shangguan Fei’er took another deep breath before throwing Zhou Weiqing upwards for one last time. Immediately after doing so, she swooped down, landing down hard onto the ground like a meteor, right at the spot at where she estimated Zhou Weiqing would also land. At the same time, she raised her hands, and a gust of Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy rose up in the air, almost consolidating into solid form as it caught onto Zhou Weiqing’s body and eased him down onto the ground.

When she had finally succeeded into bringing him down onto the ground safely, she had passed the limits of her endurance. With a cry, she vomited out a full mouthful of blood before crashing down onto the floor, panting and gasping for breath.

She had already used the Infinite Saint Flame once earlier in the day today, and that had already caused some harm to her body. Using it again now, along with the heat-cold mixed ‘attack’ from Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Fei’er was already severely injured. This was truly the first time in her life that she had been injured like that.

However, at this moment, she did not even attempt to heal herself, Due to her worry, urgency, and heartache, tears fell from her eyes.

“Little Fatty… Little Fatty… I was wrong… What happened to you?  Don’t  scare  me  please…   wake  up!  Little  Fatty…” Shangguan Fei’er did not dare to touch him again, and could only call out softly near his ears.

Even though she was not touching his body, she could still feel the intense twin yet polar opposite auras affecting her.

The vegetation that grew in the northern regions were all extremely tough and durable to survive in such climates, and where they fell had a patch of vegetation and trees. Yet, now, the two closest pine trees to Zhou Weiqing were clearly starting to wither. One could imagine how terrifying the two auras he was emitting was.

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing’s violent fits intensified, and in the next moment, he jerked up and spat out a mouthful of blood, which flew like an arrow almost fifty metres away, causing the entire air around to be filled with the mix of hot and cold. When Zhou Weiqing lapsed back down on the ground again, the fits continued.

“Why did this happen? I did not mean to do so, Little Fatty, I’m wrong… Please get better… if you are alright I will do anything you say.” Shangguan Fei’er gritted her teeth hard and leaped forward once more to embrace Zhou Weiqing. She did not care about her own safety any longer, or even the fact that he was currently totally naked, and as she held hold of him, she circulated her Heavenly Energy into his body unhesitatingly, allowing the cold-hot auras to overwhelm her.

The hot-cold air was just too overbearing, criss crossing one after the other, Shangguan Fei’er felt as if her body could not take it, subconsciously wanting to let go. Even with her six- Jeweled cultivation level could not withstand the continual invasion of the dual temperatures.

However, she continued holding on tightly, refusing to let go as she gritted her teeth hard. In her view, this had all been caused by her. Just by touching Zhou Weiqing, she was already in such pain… then what kind of suffering would Zhou Weiqing himself be going through? At this moment, all Shangguan Fei’er wanted to do was to help Zhou Weiqing shoulder some of his burden, to take on some of the massive pain he was in. Perhaps, partly from guilt, but more so because of heartache. She only wanted to do something for him, and as the intense pain wrecked her body, she gripped Zhou Weiqing tighter, afraid that she might subconsciously let go of him.

I cannot let go of him, otherwise perhaps it might be forever.

Along with the increasing pain, Shangguan Fei’er herself did not realise that her own clothes had also evaporated along with that twin temperatures. By this time, her nervous system was already numb, and the damage to her body and meridians caused blood to flow out uncontrollably from her mouth, dropping onto Zhou Weiqing’s chest. Under the different intense temperatures, the blood turned into eyes before evaporating into a dim red steam and dissipating into the air.

Have I really fallen for him? Despite the numbness of her body, Shangguan Fei’er’s consciousness still stayed extremely clear.

Yes… I think I have really fallen for him… but… he is Bing’er’s man…  how can I snatch her husband, my dear little sister that I have lost for so long. Perhaps… dying for him like this, as long as it can help him stay alive… this would be the best result. It’s all worth it.

If… if we have to die together… I will be willing too.

As two clear lines of tears streamed down her cheeks, Shangguan Fei’er suddenly opened her mouth and bit down on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder. Closing her eyes, she focused on the heartache and emotions in her heart, ignoring the state of her body.

Under the power of such conviction, Shangguan Fei’er did not loosen her grip of her arms. At this point, her skin was starting to follow Zhou Weiqing’s, turning red and white intermittently, and her beautiful hair was also starting to drop down, turning grey, white and disintegrating into dust, and her own life energy was starting to ebb away.

In truth, the changes in Zhou Weiqing’s body was undoubtedly sparked off by Shangguan Fei’er’s series of actions in mid-air, but it was not caused by her, but happened within his own body on its own accord.

At that point, when they were whirling around in midair, Zhou Weiqing had abruptly felt his entire body starting to grow hot. That bout of heat came just so suddenly, so violently, an intense and incomparable heat that seemed to well up from every corner of his body, starting from the skin then turning inward to the rest of his body.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing thought of the Solidified Dragon Spirit. At that point, inspiration struck him as he suddenly thought of the Green-Gold Flame that Shen Bu had unleashed upon him and enveloped him before disappearing without warning. That was definitely not something that he had accomplished on his own accord… and the only explanation could be the Solidified Dragon Spirit/

Dragons were mighty creatures with the Fire and Light Attribute, and the one he met was a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. For its Solidified Dragon Spirit to be able to easily absorb that Fire Attribute Green-Gold Flame, that easily explained everything.

But… why would that heat suddenly rise up within him now? What was going on? Didn’t Old Xing say that his Solidified Dragon Spirit would only be activated when he reached at least the Nine Jeweled stage?

Just as Zhou Weiqing was filled with uncertainty, an equally powerful, unrelenting cold and evil aura rose up as if in response, intercepting and attacking. One hot, one cold, the two powerful forces clashed, causing Zhou Weiqing to lapse instantly in indescribable pain, losing control of his body. That was the reason why Shangguan Fei’er had seen him like that.

In truth, all of what had happened was because of Zhou Weiqing’s own body.

He had inherited the bloodline power of the Dark Demon God Tiger when he ate the black pearl years ago, as it was the core of the Dark Demon God Tiger that held all of its essence. As such, he was slowly gaining many of the Dark Demon God Tiger’s powers, becoming stronger and stronger. It was also the powers of the Dark Demon God Tiger which had saved him many times, especially when he was training in the Immortal Deity Technique, where he had been on the brink of death just too many times. It could be said that without the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger, Zhou Weiqing would have died the first time he tried to breakthrough to the Death Acupuncture Point.

As for the Solidified Dragon Spirit, it came from the power of the great dragon. It was a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, and in terms of ranking, it was on the same level as the Dark Demon God Tiger, and it would be extremely difficult to compare which was actually stronger. The Solidified Dragon Spirit had been sealed under Zhou Weiqing’s skin, and when he had broken through to the 3rd stage of the Heavenly Shen Energy, it had slowly started merging with his body.

Xing Tianyi’s judgement was not wrong at all. Under ordinary circumstances, if Zhou Weiqing wanted to activate the Solidified Dragon Spirit, it would only be accomplished at the nine-Jeweled stage.

Alas, due to a series of unforeseen circumstances and coincidences today, things had changed drastically. Zhou Weiqing had guessed correctly. The Gold Green Flames that Shen Bu had unleashed on him had been absorbed by the Solidified Dragon Spirit hidden right below Zhou Weiqing’s skin. Dragons were the forefathers of Fire, and no fire was greater than theirs. As soon as Zhou Weiqing had gotten the Solidified Dragon Spirit, he was already immune to almost all fire in the world.

To the Solidified Dragon Spirit, the Gold Green Flames were like a supplement, hence it was directly absorbed into Zhou Weiqing’s body. To be more accurate, it was directly absorbed by the Solidified Dragon Spirit. The Gold Green Flames were an ultimate Skill of Shen Bu’s, one of the most powerful of her own attacks, already reaching the seven Jeweled stage. To the Solidified Dragon Spirit, it was a pretty good supplement, and as such, after absorbing it, the Solidified Dragon Spirit started accelerating its absorption and digestion of energy, replenishing itself.

For the Solidified Dragon Spirit to Awaken was originally dependant on absorbing Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy and Life Force gradually in order to do so. Of course, that had to be done at a extremely slow rate, as it could only absorb Zhou Weiqing’s extra energy to not harm him. For example, if Zhou Weiqing Devoured Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy, it would absorb some of it, but would not actually harm Zhou Weiqing’s body.

This time, after having absorbed, and ‘digested’, so much of the Green Gold Flames, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was able to send back some of the energy to him. That was the reason Zhou Weiqing why he felt such heat earlier. Sending some energy back was after all the Solidified Dragon Spirit using excess energy to vitalize Zhou Weiqing’s body, and it was supposed to very good for his body.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing was no ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. He already had the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger. As such, trouble befell him.

When the energy sending of the Solidified Dragon Spirit occurred, bringing about the heat energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body, it had sparked the energy of the Dark Demon God Tiger. Sensing an intruder, how could the overbearing Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline allow it? As such, the two bloodline powers had clashed savagely against each other.

If not for the power of the Dark Demon God Tiger at this point, perhaps Zhou Weiqing would have only felt the heat rise within him, and before long he would have been pleasantly surprised to find that his body had gained much. Alas, that had not happened, and the current situation was extremely troublesome. The strength of the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline powers were equal, and clashing against each other, it was as if his body was being used as a battlefield. With the two totally opposite powers clashing against each other, one hot and one cold, how could he be well at all?

This was a huge problem for Zhou Weiqing, causing to be in critical danger, even more so than when he was breaking through his Death Acupuncture Points.

Just like what Shangguan Fei’er had guessed, currently Zhou Weiqing was in unbelievable pain, more than he had ever felt before. Alas, he did not have control of his body, but his consciousness was still awake, and he could feel everything.

He could clearly sense everything that Shangguan Fei’er had done and hear her voice. When he sensed that she was heavily injured by touching him, he felt urgent in his heart. Yet, Shangguan Fei’er had actually hugged him instead.

Her thick Heavenly Energy entered Zhou Weiqing’s body, greatly reducing his pain. However, at the same time, Zhou Weiqing could sense that the life was draining from her at a rapid rate along with her shuddering.

No… Fei’er… stop… let go of me… Zhou Weiqing could only scream that out in his heart, as he could not move his mouth.

Fei’er is going to die… Fei’er is going to die. Zhou Weiqing felt as if his brain was about to explode. Currently, he hated himself so much, hated the energy within his body. When Shangguan Fei’er hugged him and said that she was willing to give up everything for him, he felt as if his heart had melted.

All he wanted to do now was for her to leave him, to stop her from feeling this pain.

The piercing pain of the spirit was also influencing his body. The sixteen energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points were whirling intensely, trying their best to bring harmony between the two clashing bloodlines. Alas, it was like quenching the fire of a cartload of firewood with one cup of water, barely keeping an equilibrium so that did not explode and kill Zhou Weiqing.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was crazed. In order to save Shangguan Fei’er, he did not care anymore, and without hesitation, he did something that was literally crazy. He could not move his body, but he knew his will could still slightly affect the energy within. In order to rescue Shangguan Fei’er, he had to regain control of his body, at least momentarily. In order to achieve that, he had to stop the two bloodline powers in his body from fighting with each other.

With Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation, he could not possibly do that even if he could regain full control of his Heavenly Energy, and he was very clear about that. As such, his next move was a bold one, perhaps one that could be described as almost suicidal.

Zhou Weiqing actually withdrew all the Heavenly Energy automatically circulating from the sixteen energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points which had been protecting him. Using all his willpower and all his might, he shoved all of the energy right towards his seventeenth Death Acupuncture Point.

ShenQue Death Acupuncture Point.

Location: Right between the lungs

Belonging to the category of the Ren Meridians. Once broken through, will cause shock to the nerves, intestinal tract, arms, overall loss of function to body parts.

Zhou Weiqing had already broken through to the sixteenth Death Acupuncture Point for quite some time, and ever since he had left the Heavenly Jewel Island, he had been training extremely hard, though he had stopped using the Devour Skill for cultivating purposes. Previously, he had used it to breakthrough the Sixteenth Death Acupuncture Point, and the instability it brought to his foundation was indeed considerable. It had taken him all this time to restabilize his foundation, and it was actually still some time before he was ready to break through the seventeenth Death Acupuncture Point safely.

However, at this moment, he still made the decision to do so without hesitation.

Due to the pressure from the two bloodline powers, his energy whirlpools had already been circulating to the max, at least twice faster than normal. By withdrawing them so swiftly would cause the void to be quickly filled by the spinning energy whirlpools in a sudden burst towards the ShenQue Acupuncture Point.

The ShenQue Acupuncture Point was the fourth Death Acupuncture Point of the Third Portion of the Immortal Deity Technique, the seventeenth overall. In that instant, with such a crazed movement, the rapid moving Heavenly Energy was actually further accelerated by the pressure from the bloodline powers, and despite his overall Heavenly Energy being insufficient for such a purpose, it was still able to forcibly
charge into the ShenQue Acupuncture Point.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear that as soon as he broke the Death Acupuncture Point, his body would be like an inflated balloon punctured. At that point, all the energy in his body would rush towards that broken Death Acupuncture Point, including the two bloodline powers. The most likely result of his action would be the two bloodline powers surging out of his body, causing him to explode and die. However, Zhou Weiqing was also confident that before that happened, he would be able to regain his ability to move, and give him the chance to save Shangguan Fei’er.

In order to prevent Shangguan Fei’er from dying right at his side, he was pitting his entire life in this one crazy move. He did not have any choice. No matter what, he would not let her die for him. Otherwise, even if he survived, he would never be able to forgive himself.

*Poof**Poof* In that miraculous instant, the ShenQue Death Acupuncture Point was actually broken through. Zhou Weiqing instantly felt all his energy swirling about within him. To his surprise, as the energy surged of him speedily, it actually gave him a comfortable sensation, relieving him of the torturous pain.

Alas, another problem arose. Although he had successfully broken through the ShenQue Acupuncture Point, things did not proceed as per his expectations. The surging of the bloodline powers did not cause him to regain control of his body.

His body remained still, unmoving, and no matter how hard he tried he could not control it. The two bloodline powers surged towards the ShenQue Acupuncture Point, and this time they had stopped fighting, instead both rushing to repair the hole in the ShenQue Acupuncture Point.

In that instant, inspiration struck Zhou Weiqing, and he suddenly understood that he had somehow stumbled onto a way to resolve the danger.

In fact, it all seemed to simple once one thought through it, yet no one would have ever thought of such a solution directly. The two bloodline powers within his body was the extreme heat of the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the overbearing cold of the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodlines respectively. Both could be said to be totally opposite, and at the maximum of their representative. If they continued clashing and fighting like that, Zhou Weiqing would definitely die, no matter if Shangguan Fei’er sacrificed herself for him. That was because these two powers had just no possibility of merging like that, with only emnity for each other. This was a fight to the death.

However, this time, Zhou Weiqing’s action to break the cauldrons and sink boats in using his Heavenly Energy to breakthrough his Seventeenth Death Acupuncture Point, the ShenQue Acupuncture Point. At that point, his Heavenly Energy and life force were all gushing out of him. This forced the two bloodline powers, who would not give in to each other, to finally have a common ground. That was, a subconscious instinct to protect Zhou Weiqing.

Without question, once Zhou Weiqing broke through his Death Acupuncture Point, both the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline powers would protect him and aid him in completing the energy whirlpool. Previously, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was not able to do this, but having absorbed all the power of the Green Gold Flame, it was now able to do so.

As such, once the ShenQue Acupuncture Point was broken through, the two bloodline powers managed to find a common ground, a point of truce.

Surrounding the ShenQue Acupuncture Point, the two bloodline powers pulsed rhythmically as they got to work. At this point, their only goal was to protect Zhou Weiqing, and not to clash against the other.

As the energy whirlpool of the seventeenth Death Acupuncture Point slowly formed, the two bloodline powers gradually slowed and stabilized. The Solidified Dragon Spirit returned to its original position beneath his skin, while the Dark Demon God Tiger subsided deep within Zhou Weiqing’s body once more. The danger had been resolved.

To Zhou Weiqing, this could be said to be gaining unexpectedly from misfortune. Not only did he survive, he had actually broken through to the next cultivation stage.

However, at this point, Zhou Weiqing could not feel any excitement or happiness. He still remained unable to move, unable to save Shangguan Fei’er.

Finally, almost after another fifteen minutes, the energy within his body subsided and resumed its normal status, his Heavenly Energy back to its maximum. He also regained control of his body, able to move once more.

Abruptly, Zhou Weiqing flipped himself over into a sitting position, holding Shangguan Fei’er tight in his embrace.

The next instant, he was sent into shock.

Shangguan Fei’er lay there silently in his arms. The mischievous, lively young Second Miss of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was just so uncharacteristically quiet.

Her beautiful face was pale, devoid of colour. Even her normally luscious lips were almost white, the only colour being the slight stains of blood on them. Due to the sheer intense pain, her teeth had bitten down hard on her lips.

Two red lines, tracing a straight path down from her eyes. A ghastly sight that stuck like a knife right to his heart. Blood tears. Her entire body was naked, but emitting a grey white aura … lifeless…

There was no heartbeat. Not a shred of spirit or soul. Yes, she was dead, devoid of all signs of life. In order to save Zhou Weiqing, she had sent all all of her Heavenly Energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body, abandoning her own defenses totally. With the two raging bloodline powers, her body was totally open to their hot and cold mix of energies.

However, there was no regret on her face, a peaceful, almost satisfied expression… as if death was the right path she had chosen. Her arms were still encircled around Zhou Weiqing’s neck. Even though he had sat up so abruptly, their grip did not loosen even a little.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that Shangguan Fei’er’s innards were totally destroyed, even her entire meridian system was literally melted down.

She was dead. She had died to save him. Even if that had not been the thing that saved him, she had still done so without hesitation, without turning back… without regrets.

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth opened, but he felt his throat could no longer produce any sound, as if he had lost the power to speak as his body trembled uncontrollably once more. When he looked at her again, her beautiful flowing locks totally burnt to ash, with not a single strand of hair left, he felt as if his heart was about to explode.

She was dead. For his sake. And he had not been able to save her. At this point, Zhou Weiqing could only of one thing to revive her… the Divine Attribute of the Heavenly Snow Mountain and their famed resurrection skill.

However, using that Divine Attribute resurrection skill would undoubtedly mean a heavy price, and… there was no time now for him to even get to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Shangguan Fei’er’s body was broken down to such an extent that Zhou Weiqing knew if he tried to move her body, he was afraid that it would break down, and even the last piece of her left on this world would disappear forever.

Zhou Weiqing could not make any sound, and even tears could not fall from his eyes. In his mind, it was as if he lost the power of thought, his body no longer able to move. He only felt like his heart had been pierced through thoroughly, right down into his soul.

Fei’er…  Fei’er…  you…  how can you die just like that. If I could reverse time… I … I…

All of a sudden, the dull grey, lifeless eyes that Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had turned into shone with an abrupt brilliance. Reverse time… reverse time. At this moment where he had been thrown into the pits of despair, the two words were to him like a drowning man catching at a straw.

The air all around him in a ten metre diameter suddenly started twisting violently.

All about, the air swirled around in a strange undulation, unpredictable and weird. The air was colourless, but yet at this time it seemed to hold a terrifying and overbearing energy.

Almost imperceptibly, a whirlwind started to form within this ten metre diameter area, and the strange shockwave continued appearing at an unpredictable rate. The four sets of Heavenly Jewels around Zhou Weiqing’s wrist all lit up at once, especially the last of his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel, shining with a brilliant light.

The Attribute Wheel in his eyes had flown to the last zone, the transparent one, and a terrifying aura burst forth from Zhou Weiqing. Lifting his left hand towards the sky, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes abruptly turned totally white, as if covered by a milky screen… a white that was so pure, but yet so profoundly deep. “Time Reversal!” He shouted out loud suddenly. At long last, he was finally able to regain control of his voice, and it was filled with fear and hope.

Around the back of Zhou Weiqing’s neck, a massive shadowy figure slowly formed. This illusory figure was much larger than even the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady. Its body was in a strange cylindrical shape, and as soon as it formed, it towered all the way up twenty metres into the sky. From just a single look, it was like a massive worm, and though its entire body was transparent, its eyes seemed so lifelike and glowing.

Indeed, it was another Heavenly Skill Image. More so, it was one that belonged to one of the Great Saint Attributes, the Time Attribute.

If anyone who did not know the actual effects of this skill looked upon this Heavenly Skill Image, they would definitely be shocked and frightened, even those from the Passion Valley, known for their prowess in the Time Attribute. That was because ordinarily, anyone who could release a Heavenly God Tier Time Attribute Skill was definitely be one of the top powerhouses in the entire world. Even if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang saw such a Heavenly Skill Image, he would be startled til his expression changed. However, if they were to know the actual use of the Skill, perhaps they would mock Zhou Weiqing instead.

This Skill was called ‘Time Reversal’, and it had actually been Skill Stored by Zhou Weiqing in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace when he had reached the Four-Jeweled stage.

Even in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace, there were only three Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts. Amongst the three, two of them were restricted from any non – Heavenly Jewel Island personnel, no matter what. Only one was an exception, because that Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast was somewhat of a joke compared to most others of the same stage. It had so much power and energy, but did not have any offensive or defensive skills at all. Its Attribute was the Time Attribute, and its only Skill was just that Time Reversal Skill.

According to the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace records, that massive worm was called a Time Worm. Although it was at the Heavenly God Stage, actually even a strong Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast could easily kill it.

When facing enemies that were lower ranked than itself, it would use the Time Reversal Skill to torment and scare them off. When a Time Worm used the Time Reversal Skill, it was able to affect an area around it for a hundred metres diameter and return it all to one day prior and redo it. With its boundless Heavenly Energy, it was able to use this Time Reversal Skill countless of times. As such, although it was not strong or powerful, normally no one would want to waste time attacking it.

It had been a total coincidence that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had gotten a baby Time Worm a long time ago, and they just had just reared it in the Skill Storing Palace. When it had grown to an adult, this lazy creature just enjoyed a danger-less life in the Skill Storing Palace.

That day, Zhou Weiqing had ran across it unknowingly. Seeing that it was a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, Zhou Weiqing had just decided to try his luck and attempt to Skill Store.

Originally, he had not expected to succeed. To his surprise, he had succeeded in just a single try, without even making use of the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline aura. In a sudden swoop, he found himself with a Heavenly God Tier Skill, the Time Reversal. At that point, Tian’er had suddenly found the description of the Time Worm and the Time Reversal at the corner of the room. Upon reading it, Zhou Weiqing almost vomited blood. This Skill had totally no use in combat. Firstly, it took some time to unleash, and was very easily interrupted by any outside disturbance when trying to unleash it. It also had no offensive or defensive capabilities. Its only use was to reverse time in an area back to its old state.

This powerful yet almost valueless Time Attribute Skill could only be of good use to the Time Worm itself, with its ability to almost unleash it for unlimited times. Even so, it did not use it to attack its opponents, but only to disgust them.

At that time, Zhou Weiqing had almost wanted to cry, but what was done could not be undone, he couldn’t possibly redo it! At that time, his mind had been wandering due to what had happened to the Heavenly Bow Empire, and he had just rushed into things without thinking. As such, he could only accept his fate and dismiss it to the back of his mind.

However, just at that moment, when he had been thinking about reversing time, he suddenly remembered that he had this seemingly useless Skill. He clearly remembered that this Time Reversal Skill had an Absolute effect, that was to say, as long as it was within his control, then the reverse of time would be absolute.

Although Zhou Weiqing did not know if it would work or not, it was still his only chance to save Shangguan Fei’er. As such, without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing activated this Skill.

With Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level, his Time Reversal Skill could affect an area of a ten metre diameter, and he could only reverse time back up to two hours. Of course, what to reverse and how long (up to the limit) was still under his control.

Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy, bloodline power, even spirit and soul… along with that invisible whirlpool that appeared, all of that started to bleed away from him.

Another huge problem for this Time Reversal Skill for Heavenly Jewel Masters was that no matter what cultivation level they were when they unleashed the Skill, it would instantly drain all of the user’s maximum energy, no matter how much they reversed. That was to say, even if they reversed time for a single minute, it would still take all their energy. As such, even if not for the fact that the Time Attribute was so rare, even if a Heavenly Jewel Master had such an Attribute, who would be willing to waste a precious Skill Slot for such a Skill? After all, someone like Zhou Weiqing with so many Attributes was unbelievably rare.

“Absolute… Absolute…”

At this point, Zhou Weiqing felt like this word was just so lovable. This word was perhaps the key to bring Shangguan Fei’er back!

Everything around seemed to shimmer and turn ethereal, almost unreal, as the invisible vortex spun increasingly violently. The entire world in that ten metre diameter seemed to twist and turn in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, warping about. Currently, in his eyes, only this ten metre diameter zone was all that remained, focusing mainly on Shangguan Fei’er.

Zhou Weiqing’s body started to topple back slowly as the time reversal started and everything that happened slowly turned back. At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s spirit was unbelievably clear and awake.

As the user of the Skill, he found that he could not do anything else besides speaking, and his body was also within the area of effect, restricted by the Skill, he could not move an inch again.

Shangguan Fei’er fell back onto Zhou Weiqing’s chest, as the entire process that had happened earlier started again in reverse, everything reverting back to its previous state in progression.

The intense pain from earlier that had vanished came back, but Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat as he thought he heard another heartbeat seem to restart.

The Time Reversal was still continuing, and as the pain within Zhou Weiqing’s body grew stronger, that faint heartbeat seemed to grow stronger.

“Fei’er, Fei’er, can you hear me? Fei’er!”

Zhou Weiqing screamed and yelled her name with all his might. He was clear that this Skill would drain him of all his energy, and he only had one chance to unleash it. After all, he could only reverse time back two hours, and once he was out of energy, he would never be able to recover all his Heavenly Energy in two hours, no matter how strong the recovery rate of the Immortal Deity Technique was. This was his only chance to use the Time Reversal Skill, and no matter what, he had to seize this opportunity, otherwise he would lose Shangguan Fei’er forever.

“En?” Shangguan Fei’er murmured softly as she slowly opened her eyes.

Chapter 132 Death and Revival!

As the user of the Time Reversal Skill, Zhou Weiqing could not move, but other living creatures within the zone were not affected in such a manner.

Shangguan Fei’er heard Zhou Weiqing’s call, and back in the midst of extreme pain, she opened her eyes slowly and said softly: “En? Little Fatty, Little Fatty, are you okay?”

“Feier, listen to me. You listen to me.”  Zhou Weiqing said urgently. As the pain in his body grew towards its penultimate, he was afraid that in moments, he would no longer be able to speak.

“Fei’er,  you  must  listen  to  me.  My  current  condition  is because my body is in the midst of breaking through, it is a part of my cultivation method, and it will not have any permanent damage to me. However, if you keep holding on to me, it will cause my bloodline to be blocked. I have used the Time Reversal Skill, returning things back to what they were earlier. We only have a chance now. Later, as our bodies return to the state before the time reversal, you must leave my body instantly. Do not try to touch me at all, but do not leave ten metres of my body either. All that happened will be reversed and resume again.” “Ahh? What are you talking about?” Shangguan Fei’er exclaimed as she stared him slackjawed.

Zhou Weiqing shouted harshly: “You must follow my instructions, otherwise both of us will die. Remember that!” As he spoke up to the point, the intense pain and violent shuddering of his body caused his voice to turn hoarse, and it grew too hard for him to continue speaking.

As Zhou Weiqing had spoken too quickly, Shangguan Fei’er was still in shock. However, she could sense from her body that Zhou Weiqing’s words were indeed true, as her body was rapidly recovering, and the vanished Life Force and Heavenly Energy was welling back into her.

Very quickly, under the control of the Time Reversal, they returned to the time when Shangguan Fei’er had just touched down on the ground with him, right before she pounced onto him. At this instant, time seemed to settle and freeze.

Shangguan Fei’er stared around her in shock. This Time Attribute Skill gave her an unbelievable earthshaking shock. Was this Little Fatty’s power?! Her beautiful long hair fell before her… the green locks had returned.

Right at that moment, the Time Reversal Skill ended abruptly, and time resumed its normal flow. However, everything around would happen again as it had previously. For Zhou Weiqing himself, he would not be able to change anything happening to himself. That was to say… in this time reversal, anything else could affect changes to what would happen next, but he could not.

Almost subconsciously, Shangguan Fei’er nearly jumped onto Zhou Weiqing once more. Seeing his body shuddering violently, she struggled with her heart and his instructions.

Time Reversal… He actually had such a Skill. Wait… he has to be lying to me. If by holding him previously I affected him, how could he possibly use such a Skill?

Growing up in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, her knowledge was not to be underestimated. With just a look, she could see how much Heavenly Energy such a terrifying Skill would consume. Why would he lie to me? Am I thinking too much? Is this really due to his own cultivation technique?

It was only at this point that Shangguan Fei’er’s mind and consciousness really woke up.

At the other side, Zhou Weiqing could sense that Shangguan Fei’er had listened to him and not embraced him this time, and he was overjoyed in his heart. He knew that every second that passed meant Shangguan Fei’er would be safer, as everything else would follow its previous path.

“Little Fatty, you are lying to me right? Previously, when I embraced you… I don’t remember anything else after that. I… I… died? Or… was severely injured? You were afraid of me dying so you used the Time Reversal to let everything revert back right?”

Zhou Weiqing wanted to cry at this time… alas, he could no longer speak. If he could speak, he just wanted to say one line to Shangguan Fei’er. “Big sis, can you not turn so smart so suddenly?!”

Shangguan Fei’er’s emotions were at least much more stable than previously, and she said: “Little Fatty, will you really be okay? But… you seem to be in such pain, and the energy reverberations in your body are just so violent. I… I’m so afraid that you will leave me. I don’t want to die, I want to accompany you. But… if… if you die, what am I to do? Did my previous actions save you? If not, at least give me some reaction!”

Due to the reversal of time, Shangguan Fei’er’s clothes had been restored, but Zhou Weiqing was still naked as his clothes had been lost before that.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with terror. He was truly afraid that Shangguan Fei’er would embrace him once again. However, how could he react to her words, he could not even move an inch, or even speak. How could he prove anything?

All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing thought of a solution that was well… not exactly a solution. In his mind, he started thinking back to earlier when Shangguan Fei’er was naked. He could not change anything, but such an innate physiological reaction was just still at the edge, outside that restriction. As such… Shangguan Fei’er suddenly saw his ‘reaction’.

“You…  you shameless!”  Shangguan Fei’er saw that straight, tall, evil looking pink mushroom, and she quickly closed her eyes in embarrassment. The truth had proven itself, and Zhou Weiqing’s efforts had indeed paid off. At that point, Shangguan Fei’er was thinking to herself: Since he can still do that, he should be fine hmph! “Little Fatty, if you really die, I will accompany you in death, so you better stay alive.”  In the end, Shangguan Fei’er followed his instructions and dismissed the thought of embracing him to help him. She sat down beside him, circulating her Heavenly Energy to heal her injuries.

Everything else carried on as history repeated itself. When Zhou Weiqing forcefully broke through his Death Acupuncture Point, Shangguan Fei’er paled in shock, finally embracing him once more. Luckily, at that point, the two bloodline powers within Zhou Weiqing had stopped fighting and the terrifying power no longer attacked her.

Circulating her Heavenly Energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body, Shangguan Fei’er could sense that the danger was slowly receding for him, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

After successfully breaking through his Death Acupuncture Point once more, the warping of the air around them disappeared. Zhou Weiqing once again broke through the seventeenth stage, and the originally dead Shangguan Fei’er lay there in his embrace. However, the other difference was that Zhou Weiqing was no longer at full energy. After the Time Reversal, his Heavenly Energy had been totally drained.

Opening his eyes, when Zhou Weiqing saw Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes on him, filled concern, tears streamed down uncontrollably.

Only after one had gone through loss would one know about cherishing, losing someone and finding her again, that agitated his emotions to the maximum. Black suddenly overcame him in a flash, as the combination of exhaustion with having his Heavenly Energy drained totally and the emotional roller coaster, he fainted.

Shangguan Fei’er was given a big fright, but she was currently in contact with Zhou Weiqing’s body, and she could immediately sense that it was just a normal unconsciousness, not anything serious.

Very soon, her eyes grew dazed as she looked at him, especially the streaks of tears from his eyes, and she felt her heart beating quicker. Did he cry because of me? What happened before that Time Reversal? Did I die? “Little Fatty… how am I supposed to treat you?! I actually fell for my little sister’s man? I…”

Just like that, she stared at Zhou Weiqing while regulating her breathing, circulating her Heavenly Energy to recover herself, while also sending a strand of gentle Heavenly Energy into Zhou Weiqing to help him recover, stimulating his energy whirlwinds to resume spinning.

Time passed, minute after minute. The two of them had left the Peerless Battalion Camp before the sky had darkened, as Zhou Weiqing had planned to use the time after the army had eaten dinner and their guard was more relaxed to sneak past. However, by now, after having gone through so much, it was already deep into the night.

Previously, because they were facing death, although Shangguan Fei’er had seen Zhou Weiqing naked, she had not thought anything about now. However, now that all danger was over and they were quiet and alone, her heart could no longer be quiet in front of his nudity.

Zhou Weiqing’s skin was not white, but a healthy bronze. Although it was dark at night, with Shangguan Fei’er’s cultivation level and sight, how could she not be able to see clearly? His shoulders were broad, the muscled lines clear, thick and solid, giving a very reassuring, safe feeling. His arms were thick, his muscled ‘wings’ clear. All in all, it was a package of strength and grace.

After looking for a while, Shangguan Fei’er’s beautiful face turned red, and she quickly retrieved a spare piece of clothes from her Spatial Ring to cover him up.

However, she was after all the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and her character had always been bold and mischievous. After a moment of her heart racing, her curiosity acted up once again. Previously, she had been staring at his chest muscles, and had not looked downwards. A man’s body… what difference was there from a woman…?

As such, after waging war with herself for a while, Shangguan Fei’er reached out with her trembling little hand, gingerly lifting up the clothes as she peeked beneath with a thumping heart.

Just one look, I’ll just have a quick look. There’s no harm in that right? Now that Zhou Weiqing was safe and sound, she was in a good mood, and she didn’t know for sure what had actually happened to her in that ‘alternate future’. As such, her Little Demon Girl personality and curiosity reared its head, and she started peeking at a man’s body. Amongst the three Shangguan sisters, only she would be so bold to do such a thing.

“Fei’er–!”  Zhou Weiqing suddenly yelled loudly, sitting up abruptly. As his Heavenly Energy had started recovering, he had finally roused from his unconscious stupor. When he gained consciousness, the first thing he thought of was Shangguan Fei’er’s safety. He was afraid that what had happened was just a dream, and the vision of her dead body crossed his mind.

Shangguan Fei’er had not expected that Zhou Weiqing would suddenly sit up, and that loud shout of his startled her so much that she froze in place. At that point, she had been in the midst of lifting up the clothes and staring at the ‘difference between men and women’. Being startled by Zhou Weiqing so suddenly, her mind blanked, and she froze in that awkward position just like that.

I’m dead… I’m dead… Shangguan Fei’er’s heart skipped like a little fawn. Having been caught in the act of peeking at him, she was unbelievably embarrassed.

What am I to do? How can I face him in the future?! Although she was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Little Demon Girl, she was after all an innocent, virgin young lady. Seeing that ‘evil looking’ part, she was at a loss.

In her mind, with Zhou Weiqing’s character, he would tease her and laugh at her… perhaps using this as material to laugh at her for the rest of their lives. Thinking about the phrase ‘rest of their lives’, her heart trembled once again.

However, her embarrassment did not last long. Almost at the next instant, a strong arm enveloped her, savagely sweeping her up in a rough embrace.

A thick man scent overwhelmed her as her face was pressed into Zhou Weiqing’s neck area. The powerful arms hugged her hard, almost causing her to stop breathing for a moment. “Fei’er, Fei’er, you’re all right. You’re alive! That’s good, that’s good…” Zhou Weiqing babbled and rambled on almost incoherently as tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably. Shangguan Fei’er felt that her shirt grow wet from the tears.

He continued hugging her tightly, and Shangguan Fei’er felt her mind blanking. The next instant, an alien feeling warm sensation that she had never felt before welled up from her heart and spread around her body.

That was not any feeling from any energy, but from deep within her heart.

He did not tease her or laugh at her. All he cared for was her safety. That true sentiment and emotions was clear, and it was as if a fire had been sparked in her heart.

Although he was a shameless rascal, a ‘bad boy’ indeed, but in that instant, he was just so real. The release of that emotion caused Shangguan Fei’er to feel as if she was melting in his embrace. Subconsciously, her arms moved slowly behind his back, and she hugged him back as well.

“Fei’er, do you know that you almost scared me to death? How can you be so foolish! You knew that hugging me at that time would mean your death, yet you still did so resolutely. Do you know that if not for that Time Reversal Skill, you would be dead! If you died, what would I do?! Follow you into death? Or suffer for the rest of my life! Fei’er… Fei’er…”

Releasing his emotions crazily, Zhou Weiqing was a little hysterical at this moment. However, Shangguan Fei’er had never felt he was cuter than this time. The broad embrace and powerful arms, all of it seemed to tug at her heart, as it was pierced by an invisible arrow.

She could sense his love, a love without reservations. In that moment, Shangguan Fei’er did not want to think about anything else, throwing all her misgivings and apprehension to the wind. She only wanted to be held by him like that, even for life, forever. At least for this short instance, Little Fatty was just hers alone.

Embracing Shangguan Fei’er like that, Zhou Weiqing was unwilling to let go as well. Hearing her heartbeat, matching with his… feeling her warmth… this just felt so good. He now felt so much love for that Time Worm that he had cursed previously… who said that the Time Reversal was a useless Skill?! It had saved his Fei’er! After some time, Zhou Weiqing finally calmed down. Lowering his head, he looked at the beauty in his arms. Shangguan Fei’er had her head buried in his chest, feeling his chest muscles. Currently, she looked nothing like the Little Demon Girl, instead looking cute and harmless like a little rabbit.

“Fei’er…” Zhou Weiqing said softly.

“En…” Shangguan Fei’er closed her eyes and replied softly.

Hearing her voice, it was as if Zhou Weiqing heard the sound of the heavens. That meant she was really right in front of him! Seeing the luscious lips in front of him, he could no longer hold back.

Holding her face gently, the two slowly met…

Shangguan Fei’er did not open her eyes, her cheeks flushed red as her long brows trembled slightly. However, she did not try to dodge away or resist.

Finally, their lips met gently, and when Zhou Weiqing felt her soft wet lips, he couldn’t hold back any longer and kissed her deeply.

Shangguan Fei’er’s kiss was young, almost awkward. Although this was not technically her first kiss, it was still the first time she had actually truly accepted one.

Zhou Weiqing’s kiss was invasive, as he held onto her tightly, letting her lean on his leg as he continued kissing her deeply.

However, he did not try to continue pushing things too far. At this moment, there was only love for Shangguan Fei’er in his heart, not lust. She was alive, and that was all that mattered, he was so afraid that she would be like a porcelain doll, shattering once more in front of him. If that happened, he would not be able to take it.

That kiss, neither of them knew how long it lasted, until Shangguan Fei’er bit down lightly on Zhou Weiqing’s tongue before it ended.

Zhou Weiqing raised his head as he opened his eyes, seeing that Shangguan Fei’er had also opened her eyes and was looking him, her long eyelashes blinking. “Little Fatty, why do I feel so dizzy?” Shangguan Fei’er said softly, her beautiful face blushing red, looking extremely cute.

“Ah? Dizzy?” Zhou Weiqing was surprised and quickly hugged her down, holding a hand to her head.

“Silly, there’s nothing wrong with my body.” Shangguan Fei’er punched him lightly in exasperation, but leaned into him blissfully.

“Fei’er, don’t scare me like that okay? My heart cannot take it. If you were to die again, I wouldn’t have to do anything, I’m afraid my heart would burst and I would follow suit.”  Only then did Zhou Weiqing heave a sigh of relief.

“Silly.” Shangguan Fei’er giggled.

Zhou Weiqing hugged her once more, as he was finally really recovering from the shadow of her previous ‘death’. Taking a deep breath, he let the cold wind of the night wash over him, cooling and refreshing him. With an arm around Shangguan Fei’er’s soft waist and seeing her obedient semblance, the love in his heart couldn’t help but grow. “What  is  that  poking  into  me?”   Shangguan  Fei’er  felt something pressing against her lower body and subconsciously lifted her hand to grab at it.

Zhou Weiqing did not stop her, and when Shangguan Fei’er really grabbed the offending ‘item’, she was stunned for a moment. Looking up at Zhou Weiqing, she caught his wicked grin, and the light in his eyes as if he wanted to gobble her up.

“You… you…”

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head, using his forehead to prop against hers as he said: “Weren’t you curious and wanting to have a look? Now I’ll let you have a good look to increase your knowledge. This thing of mine is different from yours… but it has two forms, one is the sleeping form, and one the awakened form. Now, it has awakened.”

“Zhou   Weiqing,   you   shameless   scoundrel!”    Shangguan Fei’er’s slim waist twisted and she jumped away.

How could Zhou Weiqing let her escape like that? He quickly reached out for her, but alas calamity befell him. He had been beguiled by her gentle and obedient semblance earlier, but the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Little Demon Girl was still the Little Demon Girl after all, and the hand around the ‘offending tool’ gripped tightly a little, and instantly Zhou Weiqing froze in place.

“Hmph, scoundrel, if you dare to mess around, I will beat your ‘Awakened thing’ into its ‘Sleeping State’, so that it will never be able to Awaken again.” Shangguan Fei’er’s face was deep red, but she still boldly peeked at the ‘Awakened’ object, feeling a warmth overwhelm her. Finally, she hurriedly let go, and skipped away to the side.

“Fei’er.” Zhou Weiqing quickly jumped up, pouncing towards her with a wicked look on his face once more, like a hungry tiger pouncing upon its food.

Shangguan Fei’er giggled once more, dodging adroitly with a quick flash. She was after all not Shangguan Bing’er, and it was not that easy for Zhou Weiqing to succeed.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing was starting to regret that he had not pressed the advantage when he was kissing her just now…

“Come  on,  let’s  go,  don’t  play  around  anymore,  proper business is more important.” Shangguan Fei’er dodged his next pounce and said laughingly.

Zhou Weiqing stopped and scratched at his head embarrassedly, only then remembering why they had come out to do. He quickly took out a clean set of clothes from his Spatial Ring and wore it as the flames of desire in his heart slowly subsided. However, looking the happily smiling Shangguan Fei’er at the side, he felt a sense of content in his heart. No matter what, my Fei’er is still alive, I will never let something like that happen again in the future.

At this point, Shangguan Fei’er sidled closer to him, generously holding his hand and smiling as she said: “Come on, let’s go.”

She had always had a bold character, and now that she had a grasp on her own feelings, she wouldn’t try to hide it. Seeing Zhou Weiqing, there was a joy in her eyes.

Zhou Weiqing held onto her soft hands and couldn’t help but feel the flames in his heart rise up once more. “Fei’er, come on, let’s kiss a bit more.”

Shangguan Fei’er gave him a sour look and said: “No way. Although I have already admitted that I like you too, but you are still Bing’er’s man. Before gaining her consent, you are not allowed to touch me at all, otherwise don’t blame this drill master for teaching you a lesson.”

Zhou Weiqing mourned to himself inwardly, he now felt a sudden understanding to Ma Qun. When a man couldn’t even defeat his own woman, that was sad for him!

However, Zhou Weiqing had always been an optimist. After a moment of depression, he immediately thought of something to cheer him up. Now that Shangguan Fei’er had also fallen for me, if she and Bing’er were willing to be with him together, that would be twin sisters! Almost exactly the same looks, heh heh. Without knowing why, Zhou Weiqing suddenly thought of Shangguan Xue’er’s icy cold look. Thinking back, he still had to defeat her to be with Bing’er… what if she found out about Fei’er too, what would she do?

At this time, far off in the horizon the sky dawn was arising, and the sky slowly turned the colour of a fish belly as the last hours of the night slowly ended. Hand in hand, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er took note of their positions and headed towards the TianBei City once more. By the time they reached the north gate of the Tianbei city, the sun had already risen in the sky.

Through the distance, Zhou Weiqing could see Little Four standing a little distance from the entrance of the gate. As per the agreement with Lin TianAo, they would send someone to wait for him there everyday. After all, he did not know where Lin TianAo and the others had settled down.

Spotting Zhou Weiqing, Little Four was overjoyed, hurriedly waving at him and Shangguan Fei’er. However, when the two of them walked closer, he couldn’t help but stare at them in shock. Are they holding hands? Was there a swap of persons?!

“Little  Four,  what  are  you  looking  at?”  Shangguan  Fei’er glared exasperatedly at the stunned Little Four.

“Eh? What? Are you Shangguan Fei’er or Shangguan Bing’er?
You guys swapped around?” Little Four muttered. Shangguan Fei’er smiled faintly and patted him on the shoulder. “Do you want to try for yourself and see who I am?”

Little Four shuddered and hastily said: “No, no, there’s no need, I understand. Weiqing, you’re indeed strong, no wonder you are the Boss. Such skill, such standards, you’re too great! Twin sisters… orgy! I’m impressed! AHHhhhhh—-”

Naturally, the last sound was a scream of agony. As soon as he said the words ‘Twin sisters… orgy’, his heart sank as he realised what he had done. Alas, before he could run, it was too late. Shangguan Fei’er had raised her hands, and his body had come into intimate contact with the ground.

Zhou Weiqing stood at the side, looking on beamingly. Although Little Four had spoken his own inner thoughts, he would never admit it out loud.

Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt a sense of danger tingling, and he quickly turned his head to another direction. At the same time, he took a swift step forward, blocking in front of Shangguan Fei’er.

That sense of danger was as if he was being watched by a venomous snake, and could be bitten at any time. In a dark corner at the side of the walls, a shadowy figure walked out slowly towards Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Fei’er naturally sensed Zhou Weiqing’s movements as well, and she too turned to look in the direction he was focusing at. To her surprise, Zhou Weiqing’s body was frozen in place, his jaw agape and his eyes blank as he stared ahead.

The person walking towards them was about thirty plus, forty years of age. He was quite handsome, though the image was slightly ruined by the wine bottle in hand, and as he walked towards them, he did not forget to take a swig of wine. He walked along with a slight sway and stagger, but the joy in his eyes was not hidden at all. Holding up the hand with the wine bottle, he waved towards Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Fei’er could clearly see Zhou Weiqing’s eyes redden as tears welled up from within. The next instant, his body charged forward like an arrow shot from a bow, not caring about all the guards at the gate who could see everything.

Within a split second, Zhou Weiqing had reached the middle aged man, enveloping him in a big bear hug. Although the wine bottle of the middle aged man spilled all over his shirt, he did not even care a whit.

Little Four exclaimed in surprise: “What’s up with Weiqing?
Did he have some other unique tastes as well?”

“Hmph, if you want to get beaten, you can just ask for it directly.” Shangguan Fei’er glowered at him.

“Errr, keep calm, Fei’er Beautiful Lady.” Although Little Four had somewhat of a rotten mouth at times, he also knew clearly it was unwise to trifle with some people.

“‘Rogue’  Teacher!”  Zhou Weiqing’s voice was clearly joyous but trembling.

Indeed, this middle aged man he was hugging so tightly was indeed the Drunken Rogue of the Heavenly Bow Unit, Luo Ke Di! Zhou Weiqing had never in his wildest dreams expected to meet him here.

His home destroyed, the Heavenly Bow Empire fallen, all of that weighed down on Zhou Weiqing’s heart like a massive mountain all this time. He always tried to avoid thinking about what happened at home, of what had befallen his friends and family. He pressed himself so hard in training and cultivation, thinking of all possible methods to raise his own power and forces, wasn’t that all for his own home country?

At this moment, seeing Luo Ke Di here was an unbelievable joyous event! The teachers of the Heavenly Bow Unit were all extremely important to him, not just as teachers, but as friends and kinship. If not for the two years in the Heavenly Bow Unit, it could be said that there wouldn’t be the Zhou Weiqing of today. Perhaps these teachers did not give him much in terms of his cultivation level, it was without doubt that much of his power had been taught by them, not to mention many simple truths about being a person, living, and surviving in the world.

“Oei, oei, don’t be so sentimental like a woman. Let me tell you, this suave gentleman here is straight, don’t think I will have interest in you.”

Luo Ke Di’s mouth was just as despicable as ever, but hearing his voice was just so warm and gentle in Zhou Weiqing’s ears.

Releasing  his  hug,  Zhou  Weiqing  said  urgently:  “Rogue teacher, you are alright, what about the others? What about my master? Is he alright? How are all the rest?” Luo  Ke  Di  said  exasperatedly:  “This  suave  gentleman  is alright, how can anything happen to the rest? Do you think us Heavenly Bow Unit will die so easily? Although the Bai Da Empire assholes sent quite a few powerhouses, but with myself and your scoundrel teacher’s power, all of them were useless. All of us managed to escape, and they are all in this TianBei City. You can see them later.”

“Haha, great, that’s great!” Zhou Weiqing was so excited that he jumped up. He had never dreamed that the entire Heavenly Bow Unit would still be alive. The Heavenly Bow Empire had been invaded, but they were still alive… that meant he still had people to depend on, still had family!

Right at that moment, a group of soldiers had surrounded them. After all, they had made quite a commotion earlier, and Zhou Weiqing had displayed his considerable speed earlier, how could they not be suspected.

However, before Zhou Weiqing could open his mouth, Shangguan Fei’er had already sent them away, using the Battalion Commander plaque that she had gotten from Shen Yi could solve all problems easily.

“Ahhh, Bing’er! You’re becoming prettier and prettier. Quick, come let rogue teacher hug you.” Luo Ke Di spotted Shangguan Fei’er and was immediately overjoyed, spreading his arms and heading over.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, and in the next moment, a wicked smile crossed his lips. He would not stop Luo Ke Di at all, instead leaning back to watch the show.

“AHHHH—, Aiiyahhh. Bing’er, how can you be so violent!”

Trying to hug Shangguan Fei’er, how could there be any good result? Furthermore, Luo Ke Di had proclaimed himself as a rogue before approaching her. Instantly, Shangguan Fei’er grabbed hold of his wrist, with a twist and a locking technique, followed by a sweep of the legs, he was instantly sent to the ground.

“Hmph, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone call themselves a rogue. Trying to take advantage of this young lady, you are dead.” Shangguan Fei’er said coldly.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily before saying: “Fei’er, don’t be rude. This is my master, his nickname is called Drunken Rogue. Of course, he is really a rogue, but you can just keep your distance from him.” Luo Ke Di clambered up from the ground, muttering to himself before saying exasperatedly: “Bing’er, you young girl, how can you be so violent. Look at Little Weiqing, when he saw this suave master, he gave me a warm hug. You… actually dared to hit your teacher instead, wait and see I’ll tell Hua Feng!”

“Hmph, whose teacher are you?” Shangguan Fei’er said exasperatedly. “Look clearly before you say. I’m not Bing’er.”

“Ahh?” It was Luo Ke Di’s turn to be surprised, and he turned to Zhou Weiqing and asked: “What’s going on?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Haha, let’s head into the city and sit down to talk, no point standing here for so long. I’ll tell you on the way.”

As such, the four of them entered the TianBei City. With the Battalion Commander plaque in hand, the guards naturally let them in respectfully without any problems.

As they walked along, Zhou Weiqing and Luo Ke Di answered each other’s questions, questions that had been burning deeply in their hearts for so long. Zhou Weiqing simply described what happened after he left the Heavenly Bow Unit, especially regarding the three Shangguan sisters. As for Luo Ke Di, he described how they had ended up here waiting for Zhou Weiqing as well.

At that time, the Bai Da Empire had attacked the Heavenly Bow Empire just so suddenly. Due to the sheer surprise factor, by the time the Heavenly Bow Unit had learned of the attack, the Heavenly Bow City was already under attack. However, before they could take action, the Bai Da Empire had dispatched a bunch of Heavenly Jewel Masters to attack the Heavenly Bow Unit.

After all, although the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit were not powerful in terms of cultivation level and personal strength, their archery and assassination skills were just too terrifying. The Bai Da Empire did not want to leave such a unit alive to harass them in the future; as such, they had sent a considerable force to take care of the Heavenly Bow Unit.

Being ambushed like that, Hua Feng and the others were naturally no match for so many Heavenly Jewel Masters. In a critical moment, Mu En and Luo Ke Di brought the others to a secret tunnel that the two had dug out in the past, and the Unit had left the Heavenly Bow Empire borders. After leaving the Heavenly Bow Empire, the first thing the thought of was to find two people. That was because these two were the only ones who had the leadership and ability to call to arms to revive their Empire.

One was naturally part of the Royal House, Princess Difuya who was studying in the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy. The other was naturally Admiral Zhou’s only son, Zhou Weiqing.

As such, they had rushed to the Fei Li City and managed to find Princess Difuya. However, they had learned that Zhou Weiqing had went to the ZhongTian Empire to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

As such, they had waited in the Fei Li City, planning to reunite with Zhou Weiqing before thinking of their next step.

Alas, they had not expected that as soon as Zhou Weiqing returned to the Fei Li City, he only returned to the Academy, and had barely stayed for less than a day before being attacked and leaving the city again. By the time the Heavenly Bow Unit members discovered that, Zhou Weiqing had already left. With no other choice, the Heavenly Bow Unit members could only make use of spider’s web and horse’s footprints for detective workand chase them. Midway, they had actually managed to catch up with Zhou Weiqing’s group.

Hua Feng, Mu En and the others had discussed it and decided not to alarm Zhou Weiqing, instead seeing what he had planned first. As such, they had all followed the group stealthily. With their skill in hunting and tracking, Zhou Weiqing and the others had not realised they were being followed.

When they saw Zhou Weiqing enter the ZhongTian Empire and head towards the northern border, they had a vague idea of what Zhou Weiqing wanted to do. As such, they continued following all the way to the TianBei City. Just as they were about to look for Zhou Weiqing, that rascal had ran off to the army camp instead, and they had just missed him.

Since Zhou Weiqing was not there, they could not contact Lin TianAo and the others instead. After all, they would not know them, and would only rouse suspicion. As such, the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit just kept watch over them, and when they realised that Lin TianAo would send someone to the gate every morning to wait for Zhou Weiqing, they followed suit. It was only until today when they finally managed to successfully wait for Zhou Weiqing and reunite.

Chapter 133 Reuniting with the Heavenly Bow Unit!

“Shall we head to your place first, or our place first?” Luo Ke Di asked Zhou Weiqing.

Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing said: “Of course we’ll head over to your place first. That being said, Rogue Teacher… That Princess Difuya is together with you… that girl is rather dumb, you all better not listen to her.”

Luo Ke Di pursed his lips and said: “Don’t say that, although Princess Difuya is rather spoiled, but she is not bad at heart. Furthermore, she is your fiancee.”

“What fiancee?” Shangguan Fei’er’s voice had a hint of anger.

Zhou Weiqing quickly gave Luo Ke Di a look, but he acted like he did not see a thing, saying to Shangguan Fei’er: “Our Weiqing is the son of Admiral Zhou, and they have been promised to marry since birth. Alas, before they could actually be married, our Empire has fallen.”

“Hmph! Very good! Zhou Little Fatty! You actually have a fiancee as well, how many women do you have relations with?!” Shangguan Fei’er said savagely.

Zhou Weiqing looked at Luo Ke Di speechlessly and said with a bitter smile: “I was going to annul that engagement with Difuya, but before I could go back and do it, our Empire was invaded. Don’t worry, no matter who I have relations with, it will definitely not be with her. Previously, I almost died at her hands…”

Luo Ke Di grinned and said: “Heh, Well, that is not up to you alone. Now that your father and godfather are both Sealed, who will annul the engagement for you? Weiqing, we have discussed this earlier… in order to revive our Empire, not only do we need a good leader and reason, then can we recruit the previous forces of the empire. From what I know, although the Heavenly Bow Empire armies had crumbled before the Bai Da Empire armies, there are still survivors scattered across the lands. As long as you and Princess Difuya marry, we will have the drawing power to recruit these men.”

Zhou Weiqing face palmed his forehead, saying: “Let it go, Rogue Teacher. Don’t come up with such plans like that, it’s not possible Come on, let’s go meet the other teachers before we discuss this further.” Luo Ke Di led Zhou Weiqing and the other three around several small lanes before turning into one, stopping at the deepest courtyard. After tapping on the door rhythmically, the door opened, revealing Shui Cao (Little Grass)’s face.

“I’m back! That little scoundrel Weiqing finally showed up!” Luo Ke Di pointed towards Zhou Weiqing. Shui Cao was overjoyed and immediately jumped forward to give him a big hug.

“Bing’er!” Shui Cao saw Shangguan Fei’er next. She had been in love with Hua Feng for so long, and towards Hua Feng’s little female disciple, she had a very close relation with her. Alas, this was not Shangguan Bing’er, but Shangguan Fei’er.

Before Shangguan Fei’er could do anything, Zhou Weiqing hastily pulled her aside. “Big Sis Shui Cao, let’s go in first.” Naturally, it was Shui Cao’s request that he call her big sis, after all that would make her feel younger.

“Very good! Zhou Little Fatty! Even the older ones you do not let go off.” Shangguan Fei’er said to him in a voice that only the two of them could hear. “That’s  one  of  my  teachers!  Don’t  talk  nonsense.”  Zhou Weiqing pinched her hand lightly before saying seriously: “Fei’er, no matter to myself or Bing’er, the Heavenly Bow Unit teachers are extremely important to us. You must be respectful towards them.”

Shangguan Fei’er stuck out her tongue and said: “Alright, I understand.”

At this moment, the other members of the Heavenly Bow Unit rushed out of the house. Mu En still looked his old self, with nary a change, and he laughed heartily as he said: “Weiqing, you little brat! Hahahaha!”

“Teacher!”   Seeing  Mu  En,  Zhou  Weiqing  was  overjoyed, dashing forward to hug him.

Hua Feng’s expression was much gentler, as he walked towards Shangguan Fei’er.

Although Luo Ke Di already knew Shangguan Fei’er’s identity, he did not attempt to stop Hua Feng. After all, he had already been thrown to the ground just now, how could he let Hua Feng escape the same fate so easily? “Bing’er, how are you?”  Hua Feng walked up to Shangguan Fei’er and said.

To Luo Ke Di’s surprise, having been warned by Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Fei’er’s attitude changed. Smiling faintly, she said: “Greetings, you are Bing’er teacher right? I am her twin sister. My name is Shangguan Fei’er.” As she said that, she gave Hua Feng a respectful curtsey.

Hua Feng started, and Luo Ke Di at the side stared at them with his jaw agape, mourning in his heart: That… that is just not fair!

Zhou Weiqing gave all his teachers a hug, even the Snake Lady Transvestite Yi Shi. After all, being able to meet them after all that had happened, he was just too overjoyed… especially since they were the last of his home remaining.

Meeting everyone now, Zhou Weiqing once again repeated what had happened to him after leaving the Heavenly Bow Unit, of course, in much more detail this time.

Hearing that he had actually managed to bring the Fei Li Battle Team to gain the Heavenly Jewel Tournament championship, all of them were both startled but overjoyed. Difuya was also there when Zhou Weiqing entered the house, but she was clearly rather embarrassed to greet him, and she only stood at the side without making a sound. As compared to the past, she was much thinner, and clearly much more subdued.

Difuya was not feeling good at the moment. Previously, when she was still in the Fei Li City, she had learned that Zhou Weiqing and the others had won the Heavenly Jewel Tournament Championship. Meeting Zhou Weiqing once again after this time, she found that his disposition and aura was very different from previously, more mature, profound, even deep. Even though he wasn’t considered handsome or suave, he was still tall and well muscled. Looking at him closely, he did not seem as irritating as before. However, she was despondent to see that since she entered the room, Zhou Weiqing had not even looked at her at all. She felt that although the distance between her and her fiance was just a few yards, it was like a gaping chasm.

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s story, Hua Feng nodded and said: “So, your decision is to stay here and develop here, before returning back home?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes. With just the few of us, our combined strength and power is just too weak. Even if we return back to our old headquarters, how many can we have? At most, we might be able to gather what… a Regiment of soldiers? However, we aren’t going to be facing just the Kalise Empire, but the immense Bai Da Empire. Only a troop which can be unsurpassed on the battlefield will give us the chance of reviving our empire. Perhaps… that target of reviving our empire is too far off for us now, our main target should be to have enough power to save father and godfather in the Heavenly Bow City after ten years. For that, we need a force of elites with sufficient strength.”

A worried look flashed within Hua Feng’s eyes as he said: “Your plan is not aiming too far out of our reach indeed. I had wanted to warn you about just that as well, that without any external help, it would be nearly impossible for us to beat back the Bai Da Empire. However, if we are aiming to save His Majesty and Admiral Zhou, perhaps we might just be able to do so. That will be our focus in expanding our forces, training and building; to the target of saving them. Only then can we start thinking about reviving our empire.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Exactly that. It is just too good to see all you masters. I was just plagued with the decision on how I can train my Peerless Battalion. Now that you are here, I do not need to think too much, I want to turn the Peerless Battalion into an archery battalion.” “Oh? Tell me your idea.” Hua Feng said in interest.

Zhou Weiqing said: “This is just a rough plan. In my Peerless Battalion, we have more than three hundred Physical Jewel Masters alone. That is quite a terrifying number indeed, far more than the total Jewel Masters that our Heavenly Bow Empire used to have. Although they may not have a high cultivation level, with an average of about two to three Jewel stage, it is still not difficult for them to become archers. If all of them can have a Consolidated Bow and have good training in archery, then no matter what foes we face, we can still have a deadly force while still protecting ourselves.”

Mu En said exasperatedly: “In order to become an outstanding archer needs a lot of talent as well.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned shamelessly and said: “That is not something I have to concern myself about right? With so many of my teachers, all great archery masters in their own right, this should not be a problem right!”

Yi Shi made a orchid shaped hand gesture, pointing to Zhou Weiqing and saying: “Don’t try to sweet talk us into that little Wei. Our archery skills are not that easily learned as well. However, over three hundred Physical Jewel Masters… that is indeed interesting. Are there any particularly strong and stout ones? I love those…”

Zhou Weiqing had long been used to Yi Shi’s speech patterns, but both Little Four and Shangguan Fei’er beside him, hearing his saccharine sweet tones, had a strange look on their faces.

Hua Feng thought for a moment and said: “Our Empire is already gone, what use is there to keep our archery arts secret. Very well, Weiqing, I agree… we will become your archery trainers for your Peerless Battalion. However, you have also learned from us, and you know how difficult it is. Your Peerless Battalion has so many Physical Jewel Masters, will they actually listen to your orders?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Not my orders… to be more accurate, it is using profit to induce them to do what I need. As for keeping them in check, such a thing doesn’t need me, Fei’er is more than sufficient to do so. Just leave those who are not willing to listen to Fei’er, and I believe that they will have much more interest in learning archery than close combat. Heh heh.”

At that, all of them turned to look at Shangguan Fei’er, and as they did so, the members of the Heavenly Bow Unit couldn’t help but marvel to themselves at the wonder of it all. From just her appearance, they really could not tell the difference between her and Shangguan Bing’er, and especially after learning that Bing’er was actually the daughter of the Second Palace Master of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the shock in their hearts was considerable.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Alright, let’s go then to meet up with my guys. After that, I’ll need to buy some things and we can head back to the Peerless Battalion.”

As he thought about how he could turn the Peerless Battalion into an archery troop full of godly archers, Zhou Weiqing felt his blood boiling with excitement.

As compared to the courtyard house that Hua Feng and the others were living in, Lin TianAo and the group were staying in a much richer looking house. Previously, after Lin TianAo had parted with Zhou Weiqing, they had bought a large courtyard house near the north gate of the city. After all, if they were using it as a base, it couldn’t be too small. Furthermore, with the gold card that Zhou Weiqing had given him, and their own funds to boot, they were definitely extremely rich.

A type of hand gesture in traditional dances (joined thumb and middle finger, the rest extended) The courtyard was the three-entrance type, with over a dozen rooms and even if they doubled their number, it would not be a problem. Zhou Weiqing brought the Heavenly Bow Unit members to Lin TianAo’s house, and after making some simple introductions, he passed a list of items he needed to buy to Lin TianAo.

There were several portions of things he needed to buy. Firstly, he needed to convert out a large amount of actual gold coins. After all, in order to let those Peerless Battalion scoundrels to listen to him, he had to have enough gold. Of course, that would just be seed money as he would also use low priced Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to recoup the gold, but before he could do so he would need this large sum first.

Next, he needed Lin TianAo to buy as many Spatial carrying objects like rings or the like as possible. In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, the army he had in mind did not need to have large numbers, but they had to be all skilled elites, and speed was one of great importance to him. As such, he could not possibly have them carry a heavy load all around right? With a sufficient number of Spatial objects, that would solve this problem. Of course, only someone like them would be able to do something like that. After all, Spatial Rings and the like were extremely expensive, one with a cubic metre of Spatial Space already cost more than five hundred gold coins, and the greater the Spatial Space it contained, the more expensive it would be.
Top quality Spatial objects would at least be several tens of thousands of gold coins, perhaps even hundred thousands. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not require those top quality ones, just a large number would be enough. His ultimate goal would be to equip all his Peerless Battalion soldiers with Heavenly Energy with one.

Next would be long bows and an immense number of arrows. Of course, he could attempt to get these from the northern army command, but weapons were after all quite well controlled, and it would be quite difficult or troublesome to get large numbers. Furthermore, he did hold those ordinary army ones in disdain.

A good workman needed to have great tools. What he wanted were top quality bows.

Besides that, Zhou Weiqing also asked Lin TianAo to dispatch someone to the other portions of the ZhongTian Empire to order a batch of armour. He did not want to do that in the TianBei City, as it would be just too easy to rouse suspicion. Splitting that order into the various cities of the ZhongTian Empire would be much better in such a case.

The armours he had in mind did not have to be so large, not full body armours, but one thing that Zhou Weiqing wanted for sure that they were to be crafted out of titanium alloy, including the Wind Hat he had designed so many years back.

Although Zhou Weiqing had spent some of the hundred million he had won in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he still had a large amount left. Now, this was the time to put those funds to good use. He did not worry too much about finishing it. After all, with three Consolidating Equipment Masters, it would not be too difficult to earn more.

Besides all of that, there were some other sundry goods that he wanted to purchase, and he left all of that too Lin TianAo as well.

“Big bro, I’ll have to trouble you for these. The Peerless Battalion should be slowly going well, you all stay here for now, and if we need anything else I’ll send a messenger. Bro Yun, Dou Dou, you two stay here as well. From now on, I need you to focus on creating these two types of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. The required materials you just get funds from Bro Lin to buy.” Zhou Weiqing told the two of them about the Consolidating Equipment Scroll designs that he needed. He now had just too many things to do, and he could not spend too much time in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Yun Li and Dou Dou could be said to be his most precious resource he had right now, and it would be best for them to stay protected and stable in the backlines. Especially for Dou Dou, since Xing Tianyi had asked Zhou Weiqing to take care of her, her safety was of paramount importance in his eyes.

For the entirety of the following day, Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo continued discussing and completing the details of their upcoming plans. Without question, being able to become the Peerless Battalion Battalion Commander was already an unexpectedly big step in accomplishing his plan in the northern borders. With that as his base, it would be much easier than trying to prove himself in the regular army and recruiting from there. After all, the ruffians of the Ruffian Battalion did not have the respect or love towards the army like normal soldiers would, perhaps even hate. As long as he could provide them enough advantages, Zhou Weiqing was confident in leading them through to the future.

Of course, that would not be possible at this moment, as the northern border war zone was an extremely dangerous place. However, it would undoubtedly also be the best grindstone to put the Peerless Battalion through. It was not possible to build an elite troop overnight, and it would be a process indeed.

After dinner, Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo headed to the auction house of the TianBei City, buying over twenty Spatial Objects. After which, they purchased their first batch of large amount of bows and arrows to put into the Spatial Objects, before he stealthily left the TianBei City. Of course, as he did so, he was accompanied by the Heavenly Bow Unit members and Shangguan Fei’er.

When Zhou Weiqing released his single-horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader, the eyes of the Heavenly Bow Unit members lit up. Finally, Mu En made use of his status as Zhou Weiqing’s teacher to forcibly occupy it. Luo Ke Di tried to shamelessly sit together with him, but was rejected brutally.

Finally, the usually quiet Han Mo opened his mouth, clapping  Zhou  Weiqing  on  the  shoulder  and  saying:  “Little Wei, since we are to be the archery instructors for your Peerless Battalion, what will the treatment be like for us?”

“Treatment?  What  treatment?”   Zhou  Weiqing  asked  in confusion. “Pay… remuneration.” Having partnered with Han Mo for so long, the red headed Gao Shen licked his lips and added on, a bloodthirsty look on his face.

Zhou Weiqing said with a startled look: “You two… aren’t trying to extort from your precious beloved disciple, me… right?”

Shui Cao smiled and said: “It’s not extortion, it’s a reasonable request. In fact, our requirements aren’t high at all.”

Luo Ke Di nodded in agreement, saying: “Yup, not high at all. Just a Ghost Demon Horse for each of us, all must be as good or better than yours. As for the other remunerations… we can discuss that later. Battalion Commander, Vice Battalion Commander… right?”

Yi Shi said gently: “I’m so pretty… would riding a Ghost Demon Horse be too big a visual difference?”

By this time, Zhou Weiqing knew that he was definitely being extorted. With a last shred of hope, he looked towards Hua Feng. Hua Feng raised his brow slightly, sweeping his gaze across the other Heavenly Bow Unit members before saying: “How could you all extort Little Wei like that?”

Mu En quickly said: “Exactly, you all have no humanity!”

Zhou Weiqing did not make a sound, he was not so naive to think that Hua Feng’s words would cause those fellows to let him go so easily.

As expected, Hua Feng continued: “Little Wei, in order for your Peerless Battalion to develop and grow well, just archery alone is not enough. Of great importance is to have extremely quick reactions and speed, to move in and out of the battlefield at will. As such, mounted archers would be the best choice. Of course, such mounted archers require extremely good horses, and Ghost Demon Horses would be a great choice. We, too, need to get used to these Ghost Demon Horses in order to better teach the soldiers as well.”

Luo Ke Di grinned and said: “Boss is indeed the boss, he even makes extorting people so natural and righteous.”

Zhou Weiqing looked helplessly at the seven shameless middle aged teachers. All of a sudden, he turned to Shangguan Fei’er and asked: “Fei’er, what is the maximum load you can carry when you are flying?”

Shangguan Fei’er had been with him for quite some time, and she easily caught his meaning. “It will be no problem for all of them.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “Teachers, let us experience the joys of flying for a while, so we can rush back to the Peerless Battalion as quickly as possible. This is the only way.”

An hour later. In the night skies far above the northern army camp, a rope swung wildly in the cold night breeze, eight people tied and hanging from it. Seven sad, shrill, almost forlorn screams rang out in the air, reverberating through the night.

Chapter 134 WanShou Wolf Cavalry!

The rope drifted and swung in the sky wildly. It was a very tough and flexible and strong rope, as it was crafted from titanium fibres and a mix of other metal strands. Even if a Heavenly Jewel Master wanted to cut it, it would take quite some effort.

Zhou Weiqing had just been extorted by his few masters, as such, as the one highest up and closest to Shangguan Fei’er, he couldn’t help but ‘accidentally’ shake the rope once in awhile. Of course, there was no real danger, but for the Heavenly Unit Bow members who were flying for the first time, it was definitely no small excitement.

When they finally landed, Mu En jumped up, his face pale and ashen, and he gave Zhou Weiqing a thwap as he exclaimed: “Little brat, are you trying to kill your teachers?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him innocently and said: “Teacher, you can’t blame me for that! I’m also afraid of flying! It is not on purpose.”

The only one who seemed excited was Shui Cao, who exclaimed: “Litlte Wei, flying is just too fun and exhilarating. Aren’t you a Consolidating Equipment Master? Can you make a Wings Consolidating Equipment for me too? Your big sis still has an unused Physical Jewel.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing suddenly stopped, his heart skipping a beat. Indeed! He was a Consolidating Equipment Master, and it would not be too difficult to create a Consolidating Equipment of wings which could fly. Although those would not have any actual fighting power, but if used well, not only could they be used to save lives, but also to move incredibly quickly.

“Consolidating Equipment Wings would require two Physical Jewels. As long as you have the space, the scroll is not a problem. That said… teachers, what do you think if I were to give every one of the Physical Jewel Masters in the Peerless Battalion a pair of Consolidated Wings, and form an airborne archery unit. What do you think?”

Hua Feng furrowed his brow and said: “How many Consolidating Equipment Scrolls would that take?”

Yi Shi thought for a moment and said: “Little Wei, that is not a bad idea. If it really works, then you would have an unbelievably strong army, one unparalleled, almost unbeatable even. As long as they can have a good aim at a five hundred yard distance, even if they meet Heavenly Jewel Masters of higher cultivation, they will not be afraid.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked strangely at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Little Fatty, such a troop, we actually have something similar in our ZhongTian Empire Army.”

“Ohh?” Zhou Weiqing quickly asked “Tell me more details?” He was not at all surprised that the ZhongTian Empire had such a troop, after all it had the Heavenly Jewel Island behind them, and as the biggest Empire, they certainly had the wealth and manpower to create such a troop. Just seeing how the northern army could abandon a couple hundred Jewel Masters to the Ruffian Battalion was the best example of that. Without question, the ordinary Jewel Masters that the Heavenly Bow Empire treated like priceless gems were just so common in the ZhongTian Empire.

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Our ZhongTian Empire northern central combined army has a specialised airborne troop, used mainly against the airborne troop of the WanShou Empire. It is known as the Heavenly Wing Battalion, and though it numbers only a thousand men, they are all Physical Jewel Masters of at least six-Jeweled cultivation level, each of them having a pair of Consolidating Wings. However, they are mostly focused on airborne combat, and the airborne archery unit like you mentioned does not exist. After all, these Physical Jewel Masters mainly spend their time cultivating their Heavenly Energy, and do not have that much time to spend practicing archery.”

Han Mo, normally quiet and reserved, actually spoke out then: “I think this is definitely worth a try. As long as the bows and arrows are powerful enough, it should work. However, such a troop would mean sacrificing their close combat capabilities, and they cannot allow their opponents to get close to them.”

Gao Shen, on the other hand, had a vexed look on his face, standing beside Han Mo silently. The reason was simple, both he and Yi Shi were Elemental Jewel Masters, and without Physical Jewels, how could they Consolidate Wings?

Mu En said leisurely: “It is still much too early to discuss all of this. Let’s see these subordinates of Little Wei first, and whether or not they have the talent for archery. They must at least have a decent archery skill before we can even think of talking about such things.”

Luo Ke Di agreed: “Old Mu En is right. Without the required archery, all the best plans you have here are for naught. Also, Little Wei, you must consider one thing… in order to sustain flight for long periods and long distances, sufficient Heavenly Energy is required. I think that is the reason why that Heavenly Wing Battalion of the ZhongTian Empire Army requires their men to be at least at the six Jeweled cultivation level.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Alright, let’s go. We can discuss   further   when   we   return.”    Indeed,   some   things definitely sounded amazing and perfect in theory, but actually accomplishing them or putting it into practice in reality was much more difficult. However, he considered himself extremely lucky to be able to reunite with his teachers. With their help, and all their combined minds and experience, it would be much easier to do anything.

However, when Zhou Weiqing brought them all to the Peerless Battalion Camp, his first reaction was shock. The reason was simple. The Peerless Battalion had disappeared…

Indeed. They had disappeared totally.

The rolling hills were totally empty, the original messy rows of tattered tents, flags, campfires, everything was now gone, not even a slightest bit of trash could be found, with only the coniferous forest of the cold north shaking in the bitter wind left alone. “What’s  going  on?”  Shangguan  Fei’er  was  also  taken  by surprise, looking to Zhou Weiqing with a questioning look.

Luo Ke Di laughed heartily and said: “Little Wei, this Peerless Battalion of yours isn’t just something you made up right? Why isn’t there anything here?”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment, and his expression suddenly changed. Next, he closed his eyes, brow furrowed as he stood there unmoving.

As the others looked at him, they saw a faint dark red symbol appear above his brow, and in moments, a shrill bird cry rang out, and in a silver flash, a little silver bird appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s arms before the others could even react. It was the Silver Emperor.

“There  must  be  an  enemy  attack.  Everyone,  follow  me, quick.” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed as he quickly headed towards one of the hills.

“Battalion Commander!” As soon as he reached the hill, Wei Feng popped out from behind a tree. The tree was situated in front of one of their entrances to their tunnels. “Old Wei, what is going on? Did everyone retreat into the tunnels?”  Wei Feng glanced towards the Heavenly Bow Unit members that were following Zhou Weiqing for a moment, before saying solemnly: “Our scouts spotted a troop of enemies heading in this direction, and they will be reaching in a while. As such, I ordered everyone to retreat into the tunnels.”

It was exactly as Zhou Weiqing had expected, an enemy attack. Zhou Weiqing knew that those tattered tents and encampment were mainly for the view of the ZhongTian Northern Army eyes, and when the WanShou Empire army attacked, they would retreat totally into the tunnels without leaving a trace. This was how the Peerless Battalion had survived in such conditions and being severely outnumbered all this while.

“How many are there?” Zhou Weiqing asked.

Wei Feng said: “About one company. They should be here as a scouting party, or perhaps just to kill some scouts of the northern army.”

Zhou Weiqing started. “Just a single Company? One hundred men? Then what are we afraid of? We outnumber them more than ten to one, how could we possibly lose?” Wei Feng gave a bitter smile and said: “Battalion Commander, it’s not just like that. Firstly, the issue is not whether we can defeat them or not, but whether or not we can afford to! Once we start a fight, it could mean revealing that we have this hideout here. If even one enemy escapes, the WanShou Army might learn of this place, and in the future they may search this area and find us, and we will be doomed. Caution is of utmost importance here, after all, it is a matter of life and death for all our brothers.”

Only then did it dawn upon Zhou Weiqing, for the Ruffian Battalion to survive this long in such a place, they truly had their own set of ways of doing things.

“Old Wei, what sort of troop type is here from the WanShou Empire? What kind of power?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously. After all, he had not met any of the WanShou Empire armies before.

Wei Feng’s expression turned ugly as he said: “They are the WanShou Wolf Cavalry troops. These Wolf Cavalry troops may not be the strongest technical arms of the WanShou army, but they still hold quite an important role. After all, they are extremely speedy, much faster than even our light cavalry units. Furthermore, their destructive capabilities are not to be underestimated, with much offensive strength indeed to accompany their speed and agility. The WanShou Empire consists of many tribes, with each tribe having their own totem. Within their bloodlines, they also have some beast genes. For example, the Wolfman tribe, they have a certain amount of wolf bloodlines, and they are able to tame powerful war wolves to be their mounts.”

Wei Feng also knew that Zhou Weiqing did not have any understanding about the WanShou Empire, so he continued explaining all that in detail. “No matter which tribe of the WanShou Empire, they are all much stronger physically than any ordinary humans. Just take the wolfman tribe as an example; they have an average height of 1.9 metres, usually taller, and their strength, agility and speed are all far higher than normal. Their arms, legs and hands are larger, also with tipped claws. Their body hair, more fur than hair, is thicker than normal humans, allowing them greater resistance to this climate. In terms of combat, they are well versed in fighting together in unity, and they are also ferocious and bold, unafraid of death. Usually, facing a Company of ordinary Wolfman Tribe soldiers, our ordinary troops require an entire Battalion to deal with them. Even for our cavalry Battalions, they may not be able to take on a Company of Wolfman Cavalry troops.”

Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, exclaiming in surprise: “So strong? Doesn’t that mean the other more powerful tribes of the WanShou Empire are even more terrifying?”

Wei Feng gave a bitter smile and said: “That is naturally the case! Every time there is a battle, our casualties are at least five times that of the WanShou Empire armies. However, although the WanShou Empire has a massive amount of land, their total population numbers less than a tenth of our ZhongTian Empire. Even so, with just the strength of their single empire alone, they are able to fight with us ZhongTian Empire, Fei Li Empire and Bao Po Empire at once, holding us at bay.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “That is to say… even for our entire Peerless Battalion to take on the Company of Wolf Cavalry troops… we will not be able to defeat them?”

Wei Feng nodded without hesitation, saying: “Wolfman Tribe soldiers and their warwolves… the combination of this pair is extremely strong, not just in terms of sheer power but also their teamwork, unity. That is something we cannot match. If we were to clash, we might have some chance of winning, but to be honest that would depend a lot on Battalion Commander and Drillmaster’s personal strength to bring us to victory. More so, it is nearly certain that we will not be able to kill them all.” Standing by Zhou Weiqing’s side, Luo Ke Di couldn’t help but say: “Isn’t that rather exagerated? Are they that great? I would like to see for myself how strong these WanShou Wolf Cavalry troops are for myself. Isn’t it just a Company? Boss, shall we try our hand?” His last line was naturally directed towards Hua

Hua Feng looked at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Little Wei, you are the Battalion Commander, you make the decision.” Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment and said: “Only when we know both our own strength and the enemy’s strength, can we be be certain of victory. I definitely want to experience these WanShou Wolf Cavalry Troops for myself, to see how strong they really are. Alright, here is the plan. Wei Feng, bring seven of the best horses here, as well as nine of those personal guard armour sets we had previously. We will disguise ourselves as an ordinary patrol from the Northern Armies and fight with these Wolf Cavalry Units. Even if we lose or aren’t able to kill all of them, we will not reveal the existence of our Peerless Battalion or our position.”

Wei Feng hesitation for a second, then nodded. Thinking about how Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er had faced nine six Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters and greater without losing, he regained some confidence.

Wei Feng had seen all the changes that the Peerless Battalion had undergone since Zhou Weiqing had arrived, and towards this young Battalion Commander, he definitely had respect and approval. He also knew that he had earned that too, of the entire Battalion. At least, Zhou Weiqing was able to let them eat their fill, have warm clothing, and even some unexpected profits. More importantly, Zhou Weiqing had given them something they had never even dreamed for. A hope. A hope that they would one day leave this godforsaken place.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Old Wei, you can bring the others to hide around the trees far off to see how we fight. These few here are my teachers. This time, they are here to be all of your archery instructors. This is a good opportunity to witness the godlike archery of these teachers of mine.”

Hearing that these few were actually Zhou Weiqing’s teachers, Wei Feng’s look at them instantly changed. Zhou Weiqing was already so disgustingly powerful, how could these few be weak?

In a manner of moments, the horses and equipment were sent to them. The Heavenly Bow Unit members, plus Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er, all changed into the Sixteenth Regiment Personal Guard armour. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er mounted their Ghost Demon Horses, while the others mounted the ordinary warhorses, before all nine of tehm charged down the hill together, heading towards the plains.

“Master Hua Feng, you direct us.” Zhou Weiqing said to Hua Feng. Hua  Feng  smiled  faintly  and  said:  “Just  a  hundred  wolf cavalry troops, that shouldn’t require much direction. You and Lady Fei’er just take care of our defense, and deal with any who might actually succeed in closing in on us. Leave everything else to us.”

Just a few simple sentences, but it displayed the Heavenly Bow Unit’s absolute confidence. Although they only numbered seven, and their enemies were the powerful Wolf Cavalry Troops that they had not faced before, but do not forget that the Heavenly Bow Empire had once depended on these seven to put fear into the Kalise Empire, even the Bai Da Empire. Previously, Hua Feng had not told Zhou Weiqing about the unit of Heavenly Jewel Masters that had been sent to kill them. The leader of that unit was actually a Heavenly King Jewel Master. From that alone, one could imagine how much importance the Bai Da Empire had placed upon the Heavenly Bow Unit.

Indeed, the Heavenly Bow Unit members might not be strong in terms of cultivation and personal power, but they had already trained their archery to an ultimate maximum. When the seven of them were together as one and with enough distance, they could even have a chance against a nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Shangguan Fei’er remained beside Zhou Weiqing. She was extremely curious as to what sort of abilities or powers these teachers of Zhou Weiqing’s had. With her cultivation level, she could easily sense that none of them had Heavenly Energy that even equalled hers, and more so, none of them were Heavenly Jewel Masters, only ordinary Jewel Masters. Yet, she could clearly sense the respect and admiration Zhou Weiqing had for them.

Right at that moment, far in the distance, a cloud of dust could be seen, heading in their direction at an extremely high speed.

“So fast!” A glint of surprise flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Without question, that was the wolf cavalry unit. Just from observing the formation of the dust cloud and the speed it moved, he could tell that these wolf cavalry were even faster than ordinary Ghost Demon Horses, almost the same speed as his own single-horned Ghost Demon Horse. Furthermore, when these wolves were running, they were extreme silent. Although he could already see the dust cloud ahead, he could not hear anything, unlike the loud hoof stomps for normal cavalry units.

All of their vision were far superior to any ordinary person, and at this point, they could see all hundred of the Company of wolf cavalry soldiers speeding along, about a thousand yards from them.

The war wolf mounts had a greyish black fur, much larger than any ordinary wolves, about three metres of body length and almost as tall as an ordinary warhorse. Although they were sitll a distance, they could sense a wildly ferocious aura from them.

The cavalry soldiers mounted upon the war wolves were dressed in simple leather armours, and the most striking part of their appearance was the dual-horned helmet they were wearing. Each of them were rather massive as well, ferocious looking with a wild look in their eyes. In their hands, they held a huge, nearly two metre long, cavalry sabre.

The speeding wolf cavalry troops also seemed to adjust their direction the moment Zhou Weiqing and the others spotted them. Clearly, they had also seen Zhou Weiqing too. At that point, their speed actually increased, charging forth towards them.

“Arrow Tower, Cannon, you two are in charge of offense. Yi Shi, battlefield support. Rogue, you finish off any leftovers or those trying to escape. Any that reach within two hundred yards, Shui Cao and Mu En you two take care of them. I will swap around as necessary.” Hua Feng’s voice rang out lazily as he swiftly did a quick arrangement. In truth, with their years of cooperation and fighting together, even if he didn’t give the instructions, they would not have any problems.

Yamcha was one of the finest warriors of the WanShou Wolfman Tribe, and with the military deeds and contributions on the battlefield, he had risen to the position of Company Leader. At this point, he just needed a few more battlefield merits and he could possibly rank to Vice Battalion Commander.

The WanShou Empire population was far less than the ZhongTian Empire, but their entire population was able to fight in the army. This time, Yamcha had brought his entire Company to sneak into the ZhongTian Empire borders, hoping to kill a few patrols or scouts.

The food that they had plundered last autumn had been almost finished, and their wolfman tribe was struggling a little to make ends meet. Although they were disdainful towards the ZhongTian calvary, those horses were still great as food. Furthermore, if they managed to kill more enemies, perhaps he might even be able to become the Vice Battalion Commander.

This was not the first time Yamcha had done something like this. With the superior speed of their war wolves, they were often able to move in past the border for a swift guerilla strike and gain. In Yamcha’s eyes, this time would not be any different.

In the distance, he spotted a small troop of the ZhongTian Empire army, likely a patrol of cavalry units. Thinking to himself, he cackled: Haha, they all have horses! This time is going great! Once we grab all those horses back, it will be enough food for the tribe for several days.

Instantly, Yamcha gave the order and their entire Company veered off and charged towards the little patrol of ZhongTian soldiers.

Their charge had barely started for a while and all of a sudden, Yamcha had a sinking feeling in his heart. As wolfmen with the bloodline of wolves, they all had stronger senses than any ordinary humans, and more so for fine warriors like him. Right at that moment, an earsplitting sound rang through the air, and an arrow came speeding right at his face.

Yamcha was indeed worthy of being one of the finest of the Company Leaders of the Wolfman Tribe. In such a critical time of danger, he almost subconsciously lifted up the cavalry sabre in his hands; the thick blade just barely blocking the arrow.

*Clang* A loud sound as the arrow hit, and Yamcha’s cavalry sabre shook so hard with the shockwave that his upper body was sent reeling back.

Such strength! We’ve met the human Jewel Masters!

This was Yamcha’s first judgement. Next, he saw another arrow, glowing with red light, whiz past him.

Another huge explosion, and a wolfman soldier exploded into flames, thrown off his war wolf’s back. His reaction was not as fast as Yamcha, and the front of his leather armour was ripped apart totally, revealing a torn mess of flesh.

However, this moment also displayed the fine warrior spirits of the WanShou Wolf Cavalry. The wolfman soldier who had been thrown off his horse flew towards two other wolfmen cavalry soldiers, but they easily wheeled to the side, avoiding him without causing any clash. The ones behind those had more time to react and were able to catch their companion.

“Damnit, those are ZhongTian Jewel Master archers! TuLuLu!”  Yamcha  shouted  loudly,  the  cavalry  sabre  in  his hands sweeping up. In that instant, a green light appeared above both him and the war wolf mount below him, and their bodies also grew larger.

“TuLuLu!” A similar shout rang out from all the other wolf cavalry soldiers.

In the WanShou Empire, there were no ordinary Jewel Masters, only Heavenly Jewel Masters. That was to say, they did not have singular Physical Jewel Masters or Elemental Jewel Masters. It was either ordinary soldiers or Heavenly Jewel Masters.

However, that was not to say that they were lacking any way. The various tribes of the WanShou Empire all had their own advantages, the power of their totemic bloodlines. For the wolfman tribe, the incantation to evoke their bloodline powers was ‘TuLuLu’.
 The wolfman tribe bloodline worked on both them and their war wolf mount, allowing their defense and speed to increase for a time.

On the other side, Han Mo and Gao Shen, who had each released one arrow, had looks of surprise on their faces.

The arrow that Yamcha had blocked was shot by Han Mo, and the one that had knocked the other cavalry soldier away was naturally Gao Shen’s arrow, imbued with his Fire Attribute.

Although both sides were around seven hundred yards apart, the two were extremely clear and confident about how powerful their arrows were. Yet, their Company Leader had been able to block Han Mo’s arrow so easily, and although the ordinary wolfman soldier had been struck by Gao Shen’s arrow, he was still not dead, just heavily injured.

Shouts and cries rang out from the hundred wolf cavalry units, and in flashes of green light, their war wolf mounts all sped into a sudden burst of speed, charging ferociously towards them. “No wonder they are all able to win against ordinary soldiers at a one versus ten disadvantage. These soldiers of the WanShou Empire are indeed strong and valiant indeed.”  Hua Feng was still with his usual refined, quiet elegance, but a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Shangguan Fei’er looked on from the side, also extremely shocked inwardly. However, for her, the surprise was not the strength of the wolf cavalry troops, but rather Han Mo’s and Gao Shen’s archery.

That was a distance of seven hundred yards! For an ordinary person, trying to look from such a distance, they would likely only be able to see a tiny black dot. Furthermore, with the weather in the chill north, the winds were extremely strong. Yet, even at such a distance and conditions, the arrows they shot out seemed like they had eyes on them. This was not just any ordinary master archer. For Zhou Weiqing to describe their archery skills as godlike was truly not an exaggeration indeed.

In case anyone has forgotten, Arrow Tower is Han Mo, Cannon is Gao Shen Zhou Weiqing was extremely familiar with his teachers’ archery skills, and he had been keeping close watch on the wolf cavalry soldiers. Along with the loud ‘TuLuLu’ shout, the formation of the wolf cavalry soldiers changed. With Yamcha at the head, the hundred wolf cavalry soldiers no longer charged as a group, instead forming a line as they streamed towards Zhou Weiqing and the others. As long as Yamcha in the front could handle the incoming arrows, this would undoubtedly be a great plan to reach the archers’ line.

Such powerful wolf cavalry troops indeed! Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly, feeling a sense of admiration and envy. If only he had a few tens of thousands of these wolf cavalry soldiers, what difficulty would there be in reviving their empire.

Seeing the wolf cavalry soldiers in the straight line formation, the Heavenly Bow Unit members instead revealed smiles on their faces. In that short moment of time, the wolf cavalry had already charged within the six hundred range.

“Alright, stop playing already. Let’s take action.” Han Feng said passively. However, he himself did not move yet. Yi Shi was the first to strike, and a silent arrow wrapped in white light disappeared in front of them like a bolt of lightning. Right behind the white arrow came a beam of red; Gao Shen’s arrow.

They did not even need to make a sound to coordinate, and they had already done the best possible movement with tacit understanding. As for Han Mo, he jumped off his horse, standing together with Luo Ke Di, and the two started firing arrows in a strange motion.

Shangguan Fei’er was startled to see that both Han Mo and Luo Ke Di’s arrows were actually arcing in a large path in mid air before striking directly towards the wolf cavalry formation. Furthermore, they were shooting out streams of arrows in such an arc without stopping. No wonder they had smiled like that as soon as they saw such a straight line formation.

Yamcha once again sensed danger. This time, he was ready, and he quickly held his cavalry sabre in front of himself instantly again.

*Clang* a thick cold enveloped Yamcha’s body, spreading throughout, and just like that, his entire body became an ice statue, all the way down to his war wolf mount. The next instant, a violent explosion, and the Company Leader Yamcha had been blown back by the following arrow.

Yi Shi laughed and said: “That is called the Twin Blows of Ice and Fire.”

At this moment, the Heavenly Bow Unit members finally displayed their true power. After the first few arrows mainly for testing purposes, they had a grasp on the powers of the wolf cavalry troops.

In the end, only four of them took action. Drunken Rogue Luo Ke Di, Snake Lady Tranvestite Yi Shi, Cannon Gao Shen, and Arrow Tower Han Mo.

Han Mo’s firing speed was the greatest, while Luo Ke Di had the strangest angles. Yi Shi’s arrows always found the one in front, straightforward and true, but with the power of her Ice Attribute and its freezing effect, it was able to greatly slow the speed of the enemy’s charge. As for the Cannon Gao Shen’s arrows, each of them was like a bomb, striking out. Strangely, he and Yi Shi always seemed to be able to supplement each other, the fire arrows exploding towards the slowed front cavalry soldiers. The true killing blow was from Han Mo and Luo Ke Di. The two’s godlike archery causing their arrows to constantly change direction in mid air.

The defense and strength of the wolfmen cavalry soldiers were indeed extremely powerful, especially after activating their totemic bloodline, their defense was pretty astonishing. Even as Physical Jewel Masters, if they were to shoot their muscled areas or meaty areas, a few arrows wouldn’t be able to kill them off like that.

However, no matter what, the wolfmen were still mortal, with vital points to strike. Luo Ke Di and Han Mo’s arrows always seemed to strike down at their eyes. No matter how strong their defense was, they were not able to defend their eyes. From the distance, the observers could see puffs of blood constantly bursting out, each cloud of blood meant a wolf cavalry getting thrown off his war wolf mount.

The most inconceivable was that although Luo Ke Di and Han Mo were both shooting their enemies’ eyes, up until the point they struck their target, the target was not able to see their attacks from the front.

Shangguan Fei’er felt a cold chill down her spine. Such archers were indeed too terrifying… no wonder Zhou Weiqing was so respectful to them. If she herself were at several hundred yards from them, with these few working together… could she actually reach them? Their archery was just too crafty.

Right at that moment, Hua Feng suddenly burst into action. A green bow appeared in his hands, and when Shangguan Fei’er looked at him, all she saw was a shimmering blur of his hands.

Just like that, Hua Feng sat calmly on his horse, his actions graceful and elegant, as if he were playing a zither. Green arrows flew out one after the other, clearly Consolidated Equipment, flying out in a seemingly messy formation. However, the war wolves whose owners had been killed and were fleeing the scene were all found by these green lights. Similarly struck through the eyes, they fell lifelessly to the ground.

Hua Feng said with a chiding tone: “Don’t let those war wolves go either, who knows if those things will be able to send news back.”

Luo Ke Di said exasperatedly: “Alright, I got it, I got it.” As soon as he said that, the rhythm of his firing changed. He no longer fired one arrow at a time, but three at a time. The most important thing was that though he shot three at once, it was actually all at different targets.

Four hundred yards. By this time, the wolf cavalry troops had reached four hundred yards of the party, but of the hundred of them, only one third remained on their war wolves.

The members of the Heavenly Bow Unit not only had godlike archery accuracy, their shooting speed was unbelievably quick. Even with the activation of their bloodline totem powers and with the increased speed, they were only able to reach within four hundred yards at this time. Of course, that was also in part thanks to Yi Shi and Gao Shen’s powerful blocks and slows.

Shangguan Fei’er at this side was undoubtedly surprised, but for the Peerless Battalion soldiers hidden on the forests of the hills to the side, they were all so shocked that their eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

As experienced soldiers, this was not the first time they had clashed with some of the WanShou Empire troops, and they were extremely clear about how powerful these wolf cavalry units were. Even three-Jeweled Physical Jewel Masters and below facing these wolf cavalry soldiers would not be certain of victory, especially since their teamwork was so very strong.

With the Peerless Battalion’s current strength, if they were to clash headlong with this Company of wolf cavalry soldiers, even if they could win, they would definitely have to pay a hefty price.

However, these few people that their Battalion Commander had brought with him were just so calmly and coolly shooting their arrows, and these powerful wolf cavalry soldiers were falling like wheat in a field, only a cloud of blood marking each fallen soldier. From the looks of things, the entire company would not even be able to reach their group… Since when had Wolf Cavalry Soldiers become so weak?!

Mu En was the calmest, standing there unperturbed, without even bothering to take out his bow. From the looks of things, he did not even expect to need to take action.

However, the viciousness and savage nature of the wolfmen tribe were indeed not to be underestimated, as they were savage even towards themselves. Carrying themselves through with sheer fortitude, tenacity and rage, along with some relaxation on the part of the Heavenly Bow Unit members who thought the battle was pretty much ended, in the end around a dozen wolf cavalry soldiers managed to charge to about two hundred yards from them, without any sign of stopping or retreating. They stubbornly strove to continue, as they believed as long as they could reach these human foes, with the frail nature of humans they would still be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Alas for them, they did not have any chance to close in on them. At that moment, Shui Cao burst into action as she joined in. Arrow after arrow streaked out towards the battlefield, each glowing with the yellow of the Earth Attribute. The arrows did not fly towards the wolf cavalry soldiers, instead onto the paths that they were heading. Each arrow was imbued with a small stone wall Skill, but these stone walls appeared just too suddenly, and even with the agility of the war wolves, they still lost their balance. With her help, it was barely moments before the remaining wolf cavalry soldiers had their heads blown up by Luo Ke Di and Han Mo.

The fight had ended. All their foes had been vanquished, and not a single wolf cavalry soldier had even reached a hundred yards of them.

Luo Ke Di looked towards the others and said: “Four in One Attack?” Yi Shi, Han Mo and Gao Shen all nodded at him. Shangguan Fei’er was still trying to puzzle out what they meant when the four suddenly shot an arrow each into the sky.

“What… what are they doing?” Shangguan Fei’er couldn’t help but turn to Zhou Weiqing and ask.

Zhou Weiqing grinned as he replied: “Heh, there is still one fish trying to escape from the net. That Company Leader of theirs is acting dead. Alas for him, these teachers of mine may not be great at anything else, but counting is their forte indeed. If they did not finish off anyone, how could they not know?”

Indeed, Yamcha was not dead yet. For him to be raised to the rank of Company Leader, and one of the top ones, it was not just by courage alone. When he was shot by the ‘Twin Blows of Ice and Fire’, he had been thrown off his war wolf mount. However, he had rolled with the blow but did not get up. The two arrows, while powerful, were still not enough to take his life. Compared to his subordinates, he was undoubtedly much stronger and tougher. Seeing his subordinates and comrades shot to death, he decided to play dead, thinking angrily to himself: As long as they dare try to loot the battlefield, they will get a nasty surprise from me indeed! Unfortunately for him, the Heavenly Bow Unit members were experienced fighters, that could even have some strength even in a place like the ZhongTian Empire. If they could not see through such a simple ruse, they would not be worthy of their name indeed.

Four arrows flew into the sky, arcing differently but falling right at the same time.

By the time Yamcha could react, the four arrows had already reached him.

Dodge? The wolf cavalry archers’ speed was mainly from their war wolf mounts, and though they had a decent physique of their own, speed was not their top. Furthermore, these four arrows were shot by the godlike archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit, each arcing from an angle that he could not spot until it was too late. How could he possibly succeed in dodging.

Once again, he got to enjoy the ‘Twin Blows of Ice and Fire’ once more. This time, it was joined by two powerful piercing arrows, each thudding deep into one of his eyes.

What was tacit understanding and teamwork? This was a true display of it indeed. Luo Ke Di and Han Mo’s targets were both Yamcha’s eyes, but both of them had shot one respectively, without even discussing it beforehand.

Hua Feng kept his green longbow, smiling faintly as he said: “None of them have escaped. We can loot the battlefield now.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Haha, teachers, you all are becoming more vigorous and energetic with age!”

Shui Cao glared at him angrily, saying: “Little Wei, who are you calling old?”

“Ehhh, forget I said anything. Brothers, time to loot the battlefield!”   Zhou  Weiqing’s  last  shout  was  towards  the members of the Peerless Battalion.

With that shout, only then did the ruffian soldiers of the Peerless Battalion break free of their stunned reverie and react. Led by Wei Feng, the entire Peerless Battalion charged down in a mad rush. They still remembered Zhou Weiqing’s words previously, that any equipment they looted would belong to them! In terms of robbing and snatching, no one was more professional than these Peerless Battalion soldiers. Under the astonished gazes of the seven godlike archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit, the corpses of the wolf cavalry soldiers were soon stripped totally naked.

Chapter 135 Peerless Training!

“Little Wei, these bunch of brothers of yours are all part locusts?” Mu En couldn’t help but ask as he stared with his jaw agape at the scene before him.

The ruffians of the Peerless Battalion were just too skilled at robbing. Without any hesitation, it was as if a crowd of humans crashed down like a wave down upon the field before spreading away again, leaving nothing in the wake; even the war wolf corpses were carted away. After all, that was food, and the ruffian soldiers of the Peerless Battalion, used to and afraid of hunger, would definitely not waste any food. Furthermore, the leather of these wolves would be great against the biting cold weather, how could they waste any of it?

As the Vice Battalion Commander, Wei Feng naturally wouldn’t join the others in looting. Instead, he quickly headed towards Zhou Weiqing and the others, saying: “Battalion Commander, Trainers. It will take a while for the camp to be set up again. Trainers, all your archery is godlike indeed, this is indeed an eye opener for Wei Feng.”

Looking at Wei Feng clearly, the seven members of the Heavenly Bow Unit were also secretly surprised. They could sense that this Wei Feng’s cultivation level was above theirs. This Ruffian Battalion was indeed interesting.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Vice Commander Wei, why don’t we just retreat directly into the tunnels? It is rather cold outside anyway.”

Wei Feng smiled bitterly and said: “Battalion Commander, don’t you think we are afraid of the cold as well? Alas, as you know, these tunnels were only created to hide out to save our lives, and it is small, constricted and without much airflow. We haven’t had time to expand the tunnels yet, how can we stay there.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Right, no wonder you would rather sleep in those lousy broken tents outside. Alright, get everyone to bury those wolf cavalry soldiers corpses properly, bring back their equipment and war wolves, those are our spoils of war. Tonight, I will be coming up with a proper reward and punishment system. From tomorrow onwards, our Peerless Battalion will start a proper system of training.”

Wei Feng smiled faintly and nodded towards Zhou Weiqing. Although the Ruffian Battalion was not easily controlled, he was still confident that under the benefits that Zhou Weiqing was providing, it would be much easier. Furthermore, this young Battalion Commander already had some prestige and respect amongst the Peerless Battalion.

For the next few days, Zhou Weiqing planned a series of trainings for the Peerless Battalion. All one thousand two hundred of the men were split into twelve groups, each a Company of hundred men. He selected two more Company Leaders, to make a total of twelve Company Leaders, each leading one group.

Everyday, the twelve groups would split into three to undergo training. Shangguan Fei’er would take four to undergo close combat training, the seven god archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit would take another four groups to undergo archery training, while the last four groups would be under the charge of Wei Feng, digging tunnels. Zhou Weiqing and his teachers, along with the other officers of the Peerless Battalion, had come up with a planned architecture to expend their underground tunnel system.

Naturally, to undergo the archery and close combat training, they had to pay fees, totally 5 gold coins per person per month. As for digging the tunnels, the monthly pay was also 5 gold coins. That was to say, every month’s pay and payout was neutralized in a cycle of working and training, but they would still be able to get their normal monthly pay.

Of course, to the ruffian soldiers of the Peerless Battalion, this was not stimulating enough, but Zhou Weiqing had another system of rewards and punishment set in place.

He got Wei Feng to have the entire Peerless Battalion soldiers register with him, including everyone’s current physique and Heavenly Energy cultivation level; everything in detail. Once anyone’s Heavenly Energy cultivation raised, they would be richly rewarded with a hundred gold coins.

Every month, there would also be a grand battalion competition between the Companies. Whichever Company won, that Company would be rewarded with the most delicious food for that day. The entire Company would also be rewarded with a thousand gold coins. As for the Company who got the last place, for the next month their tunnel digging would be increased for two hours per day. The last four Companies of the entire Battalion would also lose their pay for that month.

Besides the Company level competition, there was also a personal competition. Amongst the entire one thousand and two hundred men, those at the officer level were not allowed to join the competition. The final champion of the personal competition would be awarded with a free set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Furthermore, this competition was held every month.

At the same time, previously, the method that Zhou Weiqing had said about being able to challenge officers at any time was still in place. As long as anyone could defeat their Company Leader, they could take his or her place.

Ten days had passed, and the training of the entire Peerless Battalion was starting to be set in proper order. Zhou Weiqing had brought back a hundred longbows this time, along with the hundred that they had robbed from the Sixteenth Regiment previously, it was enough for their training purposes. In any case, there were only four hundred men training at a single time.

The seven masters of the Heavenly Bow Unit were pretty good at teaching, and the basics of archery was rather simple. Besides the basic training, their targets were not simply ordinary targets, but shooting against each other.

Two men would face off, soldier A would shoot at soldier B, then vice versa. Of course, the arrow tips were all removed, but this still encouraged a competitive spirit between them all. At the same time, they wouldn’t get into actual fights. The reason for that was simple, as Hua Feng had sent an order down. If you wanted revenge, sure, use your archery to fight back. If you wanted to fight with your fists, no problem! You can fight against the close combat trainer, Shangguan Fei’er!

There were other, more fun, training methods as well. For example, the seven members of the Heavenly Bow Unit would run ahead three hundred yards, and then the four hundred trainees would chase them, both sides shooting at each other. Anyone who got shot by an arrow would be sent out of the game.

According to reason, the seven god archers of the Heavenly Bow Unit would definitely win. However, the result was surprising, as the seven of them were nearly beaten into pigs’ heads. The reason was simple, how could those ruffians possibly listen to rules, and all those struck by arrows did not back out of the game. In the end, only Hua Feng with his speed, and Mu En with his cunning, managed to escape. Shui Cao and Yi Shi were still relatively okay, with their savage attacks they managed to hold off most of the ruffians. The worst were Luo Ke Di, Han Mo and Gao Shen who were eventually caught up. The three were beaten up so thoroughly, and they were so surrounded that they couldn’t even make out who beat them. As such, that was the only time that training ‘game’ was played before it was switched to the ruffians against each other, a larger group against the other. Of course, the seven members of the Heavenly Bow Unit would take the role of judge and supervisor, and any ruffians who broke the rules would be taken care of by them.

In theory, Shangguan Fei’er’s training should be extremely tough for her. After all, she was one person alone training four hundred men.

However, in truth, she had it the easiest. Every lesson, she only taught one move, before separating the men into groups to practice. She would then go by all around one by one to correct them. Just like that, they would continue fighting against each other, but only with the move that she had just taught. The ones who won would be okay, but the half that lost would continue fighting again. This would continue all the way until there were only twenty five ‘losers’ left. These twenty five were definitely on a bad patch, as it would mean that Shangguan Fei’er would personally train them for the last hour under the watch of the other three hundred and seventy five.

After this had happened once, for the next lessons, when they ruffian soldiers fought against each other, it was as if they were in savage frenzies, treating their opponents like hated enemies that had killed their families. The reason for that was naturally because Shangguan Fei’er was just too savage.

Just like that, all of them started training. One day close combat, one day archery and one day tunnel digging. Also, every month, there would be three days where there would be a general battalion training, where they would be trained in working together. For this, Zhou Weiqing was not experienced in it, and he left it to Hua Feng.

All of that might seem like Zhou Weiqing had nothing to do, but in truth, he was one of the busiest. First of all, he had to arrange all the resources and split it up, arranging everything while trying to get more resources. Planning all the tunnels, furnishing them, changing gold coins, and generally harmonizing everything.

For ten whole days, Zhou Weiqing was immersed in all the work. He passed the heavy duty of handling money to Wei Feng, and not the Heavenly Bow Unit members. Towards this, Hua Feng saw it and nodded inwardly.

The reason Zhou Weiqing did this was not because he was afraid of being accused of nepotism, but an action to try to win him over. After all, he was still very new as a Battalion Commander, having only been here for a short time. Although his actions had earned him to respect of the Peerless Battalion, giving them much gain, his status was still not fully stable yet.

Wei Feng was after all one of the original officers, and the original bunch of officers might still have some wary feelings towards them. In such a circumstance, the trust and respect Zhou Weiqing showed towards Wei Feng would definitely help ease any uneasiness on both sides and remove any gaps.

More so, Zhou Weiqing always felt that as a leader, he would not want to be busy to death, but to be free and easy. As the main leader, what he needed to do was to guide them all, to be in charge of the overall direction. As for the exacts of things doing, it should be left to his subordinates. As the saying goes, if you suspect someone, don’t use them, if you use them, don’t suspect them. If he did everything by himself, he would be busied to death, with no time to even cultivate.

After the ten days of training, everything was settling into place as they were all heading down on the path together. After all the time and gold investment, the Peerless Battalion was starting to change, even the aura about them was different; at least, the originally lazy, bored ruffians who were just waiting to die were now energized and enthusiastic. Zhou Weiqing had promised them that within a few years he would bring them away from this place. Just as Zhou Weiqing finally freed himself from all the nitty gritty and was about to enter his personal training, the Sixteenth Regiment came once more.

This time, their Regiment Commander Shen Bu had come once more. However, she only brought a Company of cavalry with her, without the enmity that she held the previous time.

Knowing that Shen Bu was here, Zhou Weiqing came out to receive her welcomingly, as if the two had never clashed before. Secretly, he sent the order to stop all training and digging. He did not want anyone to know what he was doing down here.

“Regiment commander Shen Bu, such an honoured guest. Come, come to my tent to have a seat.” Zhou Weiqing came up to her with a warm smile on his face.

Shen Bu’s expression was still not good, but she dismounted and  said  politely:  “There  is  no  need,  Battalion  Commander Zhou. I am here just to pay for our heavy cavalry equipment. As you know, in the army, every regiment has a limited supply of heavy cavalry equipment, and in a few days we have a live training exercise. As such, we would need the hundred sets of heavy cavalry armour back please.” Zhou Weiqing readily agreed and said: “No problem, we’ll hand everything over as soon as we are paid. However, the horses, bows and shields we will be keeping. Apologies, Regiment Commander Shen Bu, as you know, we are severely lacking food here, and my brothers have already eaten those horses. They have also taken the shields and bows to play, so I can’t return those. As you know, these ruffians don’t listen much to orders… but at least the heavy armour should be no problem.”

Shen Bu’s eye muscles twitched noticeably. Facing that innocent smile of Zhou Weiqing’s, she truly felt like giving him one tight slap and beat him to death. However, could she really do something like that? Of course not!

That day, after they all left, Shen Ji had not told the others what happened, but he would not hide it from his junior little sister. That Shangguan Fei’er was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was definitely a shock to them. Although Shen Ji had some status and power in the army, he was nothing compared to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. As such, they naturally thought that both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er were from the same place, otherwise with their age, how could their cultivation level be so high and power so great? As soon as they thought about the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they naturally thought that the two were here on secret missions, and they would have to endure and tolerate them no matter what. Shen Ji had warned her severely not to disturb the Ruffian Battalion any longer, and if Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er had any requests, to aid them without hesitation.

For the Heaven’s Expanse Palace members to appear here, it was definitely a major issue. Shen Ji had reported it to their godfather / master, and had gotten the order to blackout the news, and let no one else learn of this.

After all, the five Great Saint Lands… or more accurately, the four Great Saint Lands with the exception of the Heavenly Demon Sect, had previously had an agreement that none of them would interfere in ordinary wars, as that would bring the entire continent into a major war that could destroy everyone’s lives. At this point, since the Heaven’s Expanse Palace members had come here secretly, if the Heavenly Snow Mountain learned about this and took action, it could escalate into a major problem! As such, no matter what, they had to hide this secret as best they could, otherwise this might not end well.

“Alright, how much do you want.” Shen Bu said solemnly. Zhou Weiqing said with an embarrassed look on his face: “So sorry that Regiment Commander Shen Bu has to go through all this expense. You have already come all the way here personally, I would be embarrassed to ask for too much. Thirty thousand gold pieces, three hundred gold coins per set of heavy cavalry armour is cheap right? That is definitely a reasonable price.”

Three hundred gold coins per set of heavy cavalry armour was indeed cheap, but the problem was, that was originally her Regiment’s armour! Having to pay for it again, Shen Bu’s feelings were indeed extremely vexed.

However, she could only endure it, taking out thirty thousand gold coins, handing it to Zhou Weiqing, who immediately gave the order and had his men bring out the hundred heavy cavalry armour. They had already prepared the armour, as he had expected that Shen Bu was here to send them the gold.

As for the thirty thousand gold coins, as he had promised, he did not keep any, dividing it to the Peerless Battalion soldiers who had snatched the armour originally.

Shen Bu did not want to spend anymore time here, and now that  her  business  was  over,  she  quickly  said:  “Battalion Commander Zhou, I’ll take my leave then. Legion Commander Shen Ji asked me to pass the message to you that if you have any requirements, you can look for me directly.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “That would be so embarrassing! However, since Legion Commander Shen Ji has already said that, if I am too courteous, that will not be giving him face. Could I get two hundred thousand arrows and two thousand longbows as well as some food supplies? As you know, my brothers often go hungry.”

Shen Bu had just mounted her warhorse, and she almost fell down when she heard that. Whipping her head around angrily, she glared at Zhou Weiqing as she exclaimed: “Why don’t you say you want a thousand two hundred heavy cavalry armour instead?! You only have that many people, why do you want two thousand longbows?!”

Zhou Weiqing said with an aggrieved look: “I’m just afraid of any wear and tear. As for heavy cavalry armour, I do not need any, those are just too heavy, not suitable for us. If you really want to give me that, I’ll rather have that in gold coins.”

Shen Bu quickly left. Facing such a shameless person, she felt if she stayed any longer, she would be enraged until she vomited blood. However, to Zhou Weiqing’s immense surprise, within two days, the two thousand longbows and two hundred thousand arrows really arrived along with a round of supplies, including new tents, blankets, army uniforms, food etc. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but marvel to himself about how much face the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had. Hmm, with this ‘tiger skin’, could he possibly command a Regiment without any complaints from them?

Of course, he was just daydreaming about that, he would not try such a thing. Firstly, he had to get by Shangguan Fei’er about that first, and secondly, the Northern Army command were not fools, such a massive movement of troops was not something that could be done so easily.

It seemed like the blink of an eye, and almost half a month passed since they had arrived at the Peerless Battalion. After these days of training and working, the emotions of these Peerless Battalion soldiers had been roused, no longer the bored and torpid semblance they had been last time. As for how much they had actually learned from the training, Zhou Weiqing was not too worried. After all, training was a process, a progressive thing. However, he had a very important question to ask Shangguan Fei’er, but these few days she had been hiding from him, causing him to be rather vexed.

With all those new tents and bedding, it was much more comfortable to live in now, and Zhou Weiqing sat on his chair comfortably, his eyes closed. All of a sudden, the tent flap lifted and Shangguan Fei’er entered from outside.

With a quick step in, Shangguan Fei’er stopped right there and said: “Why are you looking for me?”

Ever since they had come back from the previous round, she had been in a fluster. After calming down from the high of emotions, when she thought back about it, no matter how she thought about it, her being together with Zhou Weiqing was definitely not proper. Just going past the rest of her family alone would be a huge problem, and more so, she did not want to become enemies with her sister. That was why she had been so focused on the close combat fight with the ruffian soldiers these few days, as the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Little Demon Girl, she was used to shifting her flustered emotions into violence, alas for the poor trainees.

Zhou Weiqing stood up and walked towards Shangguan Fei’er, with an expression on his face that made him look like an aggrieved little kid. “What are you doing?” A hint of worried flurry appeared in Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes.

Zhou Weiqing stopped about two yards from him, saying: “You’ve been avoiding me this past few days, right?”

“No!” Shangguan Fei’er turned her head, refusing to look at him.

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath and said: “Alright, let’s get down to proper business.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him subconsciously. Originally, she thought he would stick to her and insist, but he did not do so. She was surprised to see that Zhou Weiqing’s expression was calm, expressionless, but yet such an expression caused her heart to feel a flavorless ache.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Fei’er, these few days you have seen for yourself. Amongst our Peerless Battalion soldiers, besides the over three hundred Physical and Elemental Jewel Masters, the rest of them might have some Heavenly Energy cultivation level, but mostly only at the second stage. However, their age is already past that of sixteen. My question is… does the Heaven’s Expanse Palace have any secret arts that can allow them to Awaken their Personal Power Jewels as well?”

Shangguan Fei’er started, forcefully stabilizing her previously uneasy feeling, and she nodded, saying: “Yes, there is.”

“Really?” It was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be surprised.

Shangguan Fei’er said: “After the age of sixteen, the reason why people are unable to Awaken their Personal Power Jewels is because it has passed the time of their greatest growth and time for their bloodlines. If they want to Awaken it beyond that time, it will require the assistance of some treasured medicines, as well as the external assistance of Heavenly Energy to push through their meridians. As long as they break through the Third or Fourth stage of Heavenly Energy with that aid, they have the chance to become a Physical, Elemental or maybe even Heavenly Jewel Master.”

Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “Can  we  use  that  secret  arts  on  our people? I believe the key would be some training technique?”

Shangguan Fei’er shook her head and said: “No, the key is actually the treasured medicines. En… in order to Awaken their Personal Power Jewels, the medicines are the most important. It requires several precious treasured materials together, but the important thing is it will not have any side effects, and more so has a good effect on future cultivation. Telling you this is not a problem, all our Heaven’s Expanse Palace disciples use this at a young age when we first start cultivating. Otherwise, how can our cultivation level raise so quickly? This sort of secret arts is not uncommon amongst the five Great Saint Lands, just that we do not spread it outside easily. Furthermore, such precious treasures are not so easily found.”

“Would the Heavenly Jewel Island have those for sale?”

Shangguan Fei’er nodded her head and said: “Hmph, yes, but the price would be too expensive, you won’t be able to afford it.”

“You have at least eight hundred men who need this medicine to Awaken their Personal Jewels. If you spend money to buy that, not just you, even an Empire like the Fei Li Empire would not be able to afford it.”

Sometimes, when there was hope, and that hope was dashed, that was the most painful thing. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Seeing Zhou Weiqing furrow his brow, Shangguan Fei’er said:  “Actually,  it’s  not  totally  impossible.  These  materials might not be easily found elsewhere, but it is definitely available in the WanShou Empire. That is because only the WanShou Empire has that many Heavenly Beasts. The materials I mentioned are all various Heavenly Cores of different Heavenly Beasts.”


Shangguan Fei’er continued: “A total of Five Heavenly Cores from different type of Heavenly Beasts, ground into dust and mixed together in a proper alchemical procedure. After which, it is mixed with a type of Heavenly Beast blood, then it will be complete.”

Zhou Weiqing’s interest was greatly sparked, and he said: “Which five Heavenly Beasts? Oh right, and which Heavenly Beast blood?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Amongst the five Heavenly Beasts, there are three which are relatively easier to find, all Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, not too powerful, and can be found even the northern borders. However, the other two are extremely rare, and they are also very powerful. When fully grown, they are at least at the Heavenly King Stage. If we meet an adult one, we will not be able to deal with them. Especially one of them, a Life Attribute Heavenly Beast, the totem of one of the three great tribes of the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Life Tree Tribe. The Heavenly Beast blood that is required to mix the materials belongs to it as well.”

Literal translation. Basically comes from an idiom literally called “fox borrows the tiger’s ferocity.”, basically meaning to bully people by virtue of somebody else’s influence. The old story goes as such: ‘One day, a tiger was out hunting for food. He caught a fox and was just about to eat it when the fox said: “How dare you to eat me? I am sent by heavenly god to this forest to rule all the beasts. If you eat me, you’ll be going against god’s will and you know what’ll happen when God is angry.”The tiger looked doubtful and thus the fox continued, “If you don’t believe me, just walk behind me and see if any animal dares to approach me.”The tiger agreed. The fox went ahead and the tiger followed closely. Seeing the tiger coming, all the animals ran away. The tiger thought that these animals were really in awe of the fox. Totally being convinced, the tiger let the fox go.’ As Zhou Weiqing listened to her, he furrowed his brow several times. According to what she said, the difficulty was just too great. In the first place, entering the WanShou Empire was already especially dangerous, and if they had to face a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast, the chance of returning was pretty much zero. Furthermore, there was no guarantee they could even find those particular Heavenly Beasts even if they tried. Yet, if his plan would be to put to the fullest use, it would be best to pull this off as soon as possible.

Shangguan Fei’er continued: “It’s not totally impossible… but it would depend a lot on luck. If our luck is good, for example like how we met Little Red Dot previously, a Heavenly Beast that isn’t fully grown, then both of us together should be able to barely deal with the such. If we have few others to aid us, our chance of success would be higher. Still, no matter what, it will be a very dangerous attempt.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment, then said slowly: “Perhaps it is worth a try…  after all, we still have Little Red Dot. Its power is no weaker than yours, and more importantly, its speed is almost incomparable, and the key would be it scouting out danger for us. I’m actually more worried about the other dangers we face after entering the WanShou Empire. After all, the WanShou Empire is an enemy to our human Empires, we might not be able to get far into the borders…”

Shangguan Fei’er giggled and said: “You little fool, I see you have not tried to inquire clearly about the WanShou Empire at all. Who told you that humans would definitely be in danger in the WanShou Empire?”

Zhou Weiqing started in surprise. “Isn’t that so?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Of course not. In fact, you have it in reverse, it is the WanShou Empire tribesmen who are in danger when they enter our human Empires. Do not forget that it is always them who are invading us, trying to rob us. Yet, towards human traders and merchants, they are extremely welcoming. Of course, the premise would be that you are able to cross the borders and actually enter the WanShou Empire. Ordinarily, as long as you show your merchant status and enter via proper routes, and register for a trading plaque with the WanShou Empire, then we will be safe in there.”

Zhou  Weiqing  stared  at  her,  jaw  agape.  “That’s  even possible?! So… how do we procure that trading plaque?” Shangguan Fei’er giggled once more and said: “That would be even simpler. Didn’t that Legion Commander Shen Ji say that you could look for him for anything? He should be able to help you with that. As a matter of fact, although the WanShou Empire always starts the war with us every year, in truth they lose far more than us.”

“After all, every time our merchants and traders enter, the profits they bring back are far beyond whatever they loot and plunder. Most of the tribes in the WanShou Empire, with the exception of a few unique tribes, are all plain and simple. As such, it is rather easy to trade with them. Towards merchants and traders, our Empire naturally taxes them… so… there are naturally some that attempt to smuggle things secretly for massive profit.”

Zhou  Weiqing’s  gaze  turned  strange  as  he  said:  “Indeed, there is no real right or wrong in the world after all. It is all a matter of perspective. In a way, the invisible plunder you all indulge in is even more savage than the WanShou Empire’s!”

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph and said: “It’s not just us ZhongTian Empire. Do you think the Fei Li Empire and Bao Po Empire wouldn’t do the same? Besides the severe lack of food, the WanShou Empire could be said to be an amazing treasure trove. They are filled with various rare, precious treasures, minerals and ores. In fact, more than ninety percent of the rare Heavenly Beasts live there. If not for the fact that most of them are simple in mind, and they do not know how to make full use of their resources, plus the constant suppressing from the various human Empires, perhaps the WanShou Empire would have conquered the whole world by now.”

What sort of intelligence did Zhou Weiqing have? With Shangguan Fei’er’s words, he quickly understood some of these secrets of the land. It was obvious that these so-called trades were the humans using frilly but useless things to exchange for the treasured resources of the WanShou Empire. Naturally, in the trades, they would not sell food or weapons to the WanShou Empire.

“If that is the case, it might be worth a try…” Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself.

Shangguan Fei’er continued: “It will be best to wait two to three months. When the weather is warmest, and the WanShou Empire does not lack food, that is the time they have the best attitudes to humans. Furthermore, that is also the most prosperous time of that land.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Indeed, it would be best to wait. Anyway, we have quite a lot of things to prepare before we set out on such a venture. Fei’er, what do you think about my power? Or perhaps more accurately, what do you think I am lacking in?”

Without hesitation, Shangguan Fei’er said: “Your combat experience is decent, but your flaws are also clear. You are too reliant on your many Attribute Skills. When you are fighting, you often do not hesitate to use your Demonic Change and just throw a whole bunch of Skills to beat down your foe. However, have you thought about it. If when you fight an enemy and do not succeed in Devouring Heavenly Energy to replenish yourself, at your current cultivation level, how long do you think you can last?”

“Let me give a simple example. If you do not have such a disgusting Skill like that Dragon Silencing Seal, then against that Legion Commander Shen Ji, you would not have any chance at all. He would not give you any chance to Devour any of his Heavenly Energy, and even if he didn’t destroy you outright, he would be able to slowly wear you down just with the sheer advantage of Heavenly Energy. Even if you use the Dragon Silencing Seal, his Heavenly Energy is just too far above yours, you might not even be able to break through his plain Heavenly Energy protective shield. You have so many Skills, but are you really able to use all of them well? To most Heavenly Jewel Masters, we only have a few Skills, and each and every one of them are extremely precious, and we refine their usage over and over like a beaten metal in a forge. In this, you are still lacking much, especially the art of maximising your offensive power with the least possible usage of Energy. Conserving Heavenly Energy in battle, finding an opponent’s weak points, those are not your strong points at the moment.”

Hearing Shangguan Fei’er point out so many problems without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but stare in a daze, exclaiming sadly: “Do I have that many problems?!”

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph and said: “Good medicine usually tastes bitter, and helpful words often grate upon the ear. All I have said is the truth. From my perspective, you have just too many problems at this moment, a lot to grow. With the power of your Skills currently, if you use them well, in theory I should not be a match for you. Yet, if you actually fight with me now, i have a seventy percent confidence of beating you, ninety percent confidence of killing you.”

The chance of killing being higher than the chance of beating him was naturally due to the difference when one can fight without holding back.

Zhou Weiqing said in a dissatisfied tone: “Don’t I have any good points at all…” Shangguan  Fei’er  giggled  and  said:  “Well,  that’s  not  true, your archery is not too bad. However, you still aren’t up to your masters’ standards, but with all your many powerful Skills, perhaps you are slightly stronger than them.”

Zhou Weiqing lowered his head, silent.

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him from the side for a while before saying quietly: “Have you suffered a major blow?”

Zhou Weiqing glance at her and grinned, saying: “Your husband, I, have a very thick skin, how could I be taken down just like that? I was just thinking, in the next three months, how am I going to improve on all those problems you mentioned. I need to come up with a concrete and complete cultivation and training plan. In any case, before we enter the WanShou Empire, I need to grow much stronger.”

Shangguan Fei’er gave him a roll of eyes, and before she turned to go, she said: “That’s it then, I’m heading off first.”

Zhou Weiqing watched her leave with a faint smile on his lips. He could tell that she truly cared for him, though she still could not pass that barrier in her heart. Zhou Weiqing did not think of himself as an indiscriminate rake, just one who had more love in his heart. Since she was not ready to accept it, then he would not press her and let her think things through on her own. However, no matter what, he would not give up on her. Ever since that day she had given up her life for him, Zhou Weiqing had resolved that he would not do so.

At this point, to Zhou Weiqing, the most important thing was still to increase his own power.

Now that he had completed and delegated most of the work, he could concentrate fully on cultivating and training. His own power was perhaps even more important than the Peerless Battalion. Simply put, if he was a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Jewel Master now, he could just walk into the Heavenly Bow Empire now and free his father and godfather without any problems. In such a case, would he need to wait ten years? Need an army? Furthermore, the deterrence and threat that an absolute powerhouse brought was far beyond that of any army. If the Peerless Battalion wanted to have a name in the mainland, and they wanted to revive the Heavenly Bow Empire, they would need such an absolute powerhouse to lead them. In this case, Zhou Weiqing had no choice but to try to step up to that position.

As compared to love and relationships, training was far more important to Zhou Weiqing now. Although Shangguan Fei’er had been rather insulting to him, the words had pierced to the heart of the matter. Some of it had actually been known to Zhou Weiqing himself, but some were things that he had not been clear about. With the words of her as his guide, he was able to straighten his thoughts.

Without a doubt, she was right. He had more than enough Skills, but he was still not able to use them to their maximum potential, to wield them together as a cohesive unit. Without question, the first thing that Zhou Weiqing thought of was the Three Thousand Tempering Training method.

Combat experience, fighting skills and the ability to use Elemental Skills in such fights could be learned in actual fighting training. However, that had to be with a base of absolute understanding of that Skill. The Three Thousand Tempering Training method might be one that was tough and painful that made one want to die, but Zhou Weiqing had experienced its impressive effects as well.

He had previously used the Three Thousand Tempering Training method on a few Skills, and after that, the usage of that Skill had reached a whole different level. Now that the Peerless Battalion had stabilized, their training would undoubtedly bring the Peerless Battalion to greater strength. It was time for him to go through that once more. As compared to the previous time he had underwent the Three Thousand Tempering Training method, he was now at the four Jeweled cultivation level. Without question, he would now be able to complete more Tempering in a shorter period of time.

Chapter 136 Three Months Training!

Having made the decision, Zhou Weiqing would not hesitate to begin. After arranging things simply, he began his first tempering training.

This time, Zhou Weiqing had set his mind and steeled his resolve. As long as it would not affect his body foundation, he would set each Three Thousand Tempering period to be at five days.

Ordinarily speaking, if a person did not eat and only drank water, his body could only last for seven days before perishing. Of course, for Heavenly Jewel Masters, that could extend up to perhaps fifteen days or more. However, in such a case, it would be extremely detrimental to the body, down to the foundation. Although Zhou Weiqing only chose a five day period, do not forget that he was going to continue doing this many times over.

Five days of cultivation, two days of rest and recuperation. That was the training schedule that Zhou Weiqing had set for himself. Each time he would focus on a single Skill, and after five days of tempering it, he would spend the day to let his body heal and re-nourish it, at the same time reflecting on the experiences of the past few days and what he had learned.The seventh day would be to deal with any administrative matters of the Peerless Battalion. As for the communication with the TianBei City and Lin TianAo, and any other things, he would leave it to Shangguan Fei’er.

Shangguan Fei’er would bring back any goods that Lin TianAo had bought, as well as any completed Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

Zhou Weiqing began his arduous journey of training. He had four Jewels, six Attributes, twenty four Skills. Amongst the twenty four Skills, besides the few that had already gone through the Tempering, and a few that were not able to go through such training like the Dragon Silencing Seal, Demonic Dragon God Seal and the Time Reversal Skills, the rest needed the training. According to his training schedule of seven days per cycle, the three months would be just nice for him to temper his Skills once through.

When Zhou Weiqing first started on this training method, Shangguan Fei’er was still rather approving. The Thousand Tempering Method was known to all, but no one had such a great effect like Zhou Weiqing. After all, due to his Immortal Deity Technique caused his Heavenly Energy recovery rate to be far faster than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, and he could use his Skills far faster than others. As such, he could complete the Tempering Training in just five days, and as long as he could withstand the torturous five days, the effect would be extremely great.

However, after just two cycles, Shangguan Fei’er’s heart began to ache for him.

In just that two weeks, Zhou Weiqing had lost weight noticeably, though not emancipated, he was clearly a lot thinner, having lost at least five jin or more. Although he still looked energetic, the normally huge musculature of him seemed an entire size smaller.

Shangguan Fei’er had also tried to stop him from continuing, but deep in this hellish training, Zhou Weiqing refused to stop at all. She knew that once someone had set their resolve to undergo such a training, if they stopped it halfway, they would most likely be unable to muster the courage to go through it again. For Zhou Weiqing’s sake, she could only hold herself back from stopping him forcibly, watching from the side with an aching heart.

However, she also tried to do her best to help with what she could. Each tempering cycle of Zhou Weiqing’s was seven days, and before every fifth day had ended, Shangguan Fei’er started to prepare food for him.

Normally, she would leave earlier, and no one else would know where she went, and she would return with a hunted Heavenly Beast and brew some meat stew for Zhou Weiqing, adding some ground Heavenly Core and some medicines that she had brought out from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. After which, she would make some simple porridge from the stew, so that the meat would be cooked until it was extremely soft. When Zhou Weiqing came out of his training, he would be immediately be greeted with a fragrant and delicious bowl of nourishing meat porridge, helping him recover.

Furthermore, while Zhou Weiqing was training, she would continuously help replenish the water if he finished it, and she also added some Heavenly Core mixture she had prepared, helping to keep him as nourished as possible during the process.

In this way, the severe slimming of Zhou Weiqing was reduced. Although he still grew skinnier, but with her detailed and thoughtful care, Zhou Weiqing remained much better after each cycle of training. In such a way, three months passed by in a flash, and Zhou Weiqing’s training had come to an end.

A long shrill cry rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s tent, a ferocious roar like a tiger claiming ownership of a mountain. All the horses in the Peerless Battalion Camp fell to the ground, shuddering.

In the middle of teaching the Peerless Battalion soldiers, Shangguan Fei’er looked up with a look of pleased surprise on her face. Without hesitation, she ran towards Zhou Weiqing’s tent. This was the last time, and she had already prepared the meat porridge earlier.

The Peerless Battalion soldiers in the midst of training immediately beamed happily, but none of them dared to laugh at Shangguan Fei’er. They were clear that everytime Zhou Weiqing completed a cycle of training, their drillmaster would be extremely happy, and today the last twenty five would be saved from a beating.

In this last three months, Shangguan Fei’er had already forged a position of absolute authority and respect in the Peerless Battalion, perhaps even above that of Zhou Weiqing. The ruffians of the Peerless Battalion were all utterly convinced in their hearts about Shangguan Fei’er’s power, but the real reason why the were so willing to listen to Shangguan Fei’er was not just because of her power and violence, but more importantly because of what she had taught them.

In just three months, each and every one of the Peerless Battalion soldiers could clap their chests and guarantee that their close combat capabilities now were like heaven and earth compared to previously. Currently, no matter any one of the soldiers of the Peerless Battalion, if brought out to any of the normal armies, could definitely defeat any of their Company Leaders.

They had felt their strength and power grow and escalate as the days passed through the tough training. Although it was definitely tougher than anything they had experienced before, they could only accept it. Furthermore, the fighting styles that Shangguan Fei’er taught them seemed to have a great effect on Heavenly Energy cultivation, and many of the Physical Jewel Masters of the Peerless Battalion had actually advanced to their next stage of cultivation level.

As for the seven masters of the Heavenly Bow Unit, they too took turns to learn from Shangguan Fei’er. One could imagine how great the close combat skills that Shangguan Fei’er were teaching. Not caring about shy about it, Shangguan Fei’er quickly ran back to the camp. From Zhou Weiqing’s loud cry, she could easily tell that his Heavenly Energy had improved once more.

After all, after that previous ‘accident’, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level had just raised up to the seventeenth stage, or the fifth stage of the Heavenly Shen Energy. At that level, it was already much slower to raise up each rank of Heavenly Energy. However, with the Immortal Deity Technique, Zhou Weiqing was definitely extremely ‘disgusting’, and just within this short three months, he had not only stabilized his fifth stage of Heavenly Shen Energy, he had actually broken through to the sixth stage! As such, he was only two stages away from the five- Jewel cultivation stage.

With just a quick comparison to herself regarding Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation speed, she realised that after leaving the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she had not even raised a level of Heavenly Energy cultivation level. At that point, her Heavenly Energy was at the twenty seventh stage, just a single stage away from the seven-Jeweled stage. According to her own estimations, in order to breakthrough to that stage, it would take her at least half a year to a year to do so. Although that was because entering the Heavenly Xu Energy Stage meant each stage was even tougher and slower to raise, but she had already been at this stage for more than six months. Just from this alone, one could see how insanely fast Zhou Weiqing was raising his cultivation level. If he continued at such a speed, perhaps he would even reach the five-Jeweled stage within the year.

One Jewel per year… such a speed was definitely inconceivable to any Heavenly Jewel Masters!

Taking a step out of his tent, Zhou Weiqing felt his legs a little wobbly. After all, he hadn’t eaten for five days, and no matter how nourishing the water was, it was still just water!

His nose twitched slightly, and he could smell the familiar scent of the meat porridge, and his stomach rumbled loudly in response.

“Dearest, come quick, I’m starving to death!”

Shangguan Fei’er carried a small pot of meat porridge as she walked towards him, saying: “You deserve it! Who asked you to train like that. Eat up.” As she said that, she passed him a bowl of porridge.

“Ahh that smells so good… just a bit too little.” Zhou Weiqing gulped down the entire bowl of porridge, which had already been brought down to the right temperature. Instantly, a warm feeling started to spread through his body. Although he did not know what Shangguan Fei’er had added to the porridge, he knew that the reason why he was able to raise a stage of Heavenly Energy in just three months was not just because of
his tough training, but also because of the porridge and water she prepared for him for the past few months.

Shangguan Fei’er said: “You have not eaten for five days, how can you suddenly eat too much?” The small pot of meat porridge was the best essence of all the food and medicines, but it could only fill three small bowls. It would definitely not fill his stomach, but it was more meant to nourish and reawaken Zhou Weiqing’s physiology. After a bit of time for recovery, he would be able to eat properly without harming himself.

Finishing the three bowls of porridge swiftly, Zhou Weiqing collapsed onto the ground, not caring about his image.

Shangguan Fei’er kept the bowls and pot, saying: “So, how did it all go? Did you finish training all your Skills?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Yup, I did! I finally completed all the tempering. You were right indeed, I really had just too little understanding of all my Skills. This three months might have been a tough and torturous time, but it was definitely worth it. I feel like I have totally been reborn. Oh right, how has the registration for the trading to the WanShou Empire gone?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Relax, I personally went to look for that Legion Commander Shen Ji, and everything has been arranged properly. We can leave at any time, and I have also brought Lin TianAo and the others here to stay here in preparation.”

Zhou Weiqing abruptly flipped himself over, pulling Shangguan Fei’er into his embrace and giving her a gentle kiss on the side of her beautiful face. “Dearest, you are really a great wife.”

Getting kissed so suddenly, Shangguan Fei’er blushed a deep pink, struggling a bit but not succeeding in breaking free, she gave him a light punch on the shoulder. “You haven’t bathed for five days, so stinky! Hurry up and go bathe. Since you have finished your training, you’ll need to be updated on the status of the Peerless Battalion. I’ll go get the others.”

Zhou Weiqing had just eaten the delicious porridge and the warm feeling was making him feel rather lazy, but he knew he had to get up to wash up and he clambered to his feet. Shangguan Fei’er walked away a few steps, then stopped suddenly. Turning around abruptly, she said to him: “There is something else I have to tell you, someone has come from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

“En?”  Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in surprise: “They already know you are here?” Shangguan Fei’er said: “Naturally they did not know I was here before coming. However, having someone from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace appear at the borders is extremely serious, and the northern command had reported it above to the command. After all, it is a very sensitive issue for someone from the Great Saint Lands to enter the border wars. Furthermore, there is the possibility that it was someone masquerading as one from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, how could they not send someone?”

Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow. This was not a good sign. After all, he did not know what the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would do once they knew he was here, up to no good. Any half- intelligent person would be able to tell that a person like him, from a conquered Empire, training the soldiers from the Ruffian Battalion, was up to something indeed. Even with his connection to Bing’er, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace might not do anything against him, but they might not support him like that.

Shangguan Fei’er giggled and said: “Alright, you don’t need to think so much. My Father and Uncle won’t quibble over just a thousand men. They aren’t so petty or shortsighted. Our ZhongTian Army numbers over two million soldiers, this thousand men does not count for much. Furthermore, haven’t you realised that they have been trying to draw you in to our side? Otherwise, the previous time when you ruined our chances in the Lustre Spatial Realm to get the dragon egg, would they let you off so easily? That only shows that they look upon you even more favourably than a dragon’s egg.”

Zhou Weiqing started and a small smile crossed his lips and he said: “Hmm, so… that means your husband is hot property eh!”

“Cheh, whose husband are you? Let me warn you …  you better watch yourself. This time, Big Bro Zhan is here. I gave the excuse that I am keeping an eye on you in order to stay here. When you see him later, you better show some restraint, he does not have any liking towards you.”

“Zhan LingTian?” Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat. He did not like that fellow either. “His wounds are all healed?”

Shangguan Fei’er nodded and said: “Since they did not know who was here, Father specially sent Big Bro Zhan, who had just recovered from his wounds. He has already been here for about a month, but I was afraid of affecting your training, so I did not tell you before this.” Zhou Weiqing felt a migraine coming on as soon as he heard it was Zhan LingTian who came here. He knew that that fellow hated his guts, and was one of the top of the younger generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Even against Shangguan Fei’er, he could hold his own.

“He  wants  to  bring  you  back?”  Zhou  Weiqing  asked  the question that was currently worrying him the most.

Shangguan  Fei’er  gave  a  humph,  saying:  “Whatever  this young lady wants to do, he can’t stop me. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good, good. I would not be able to bear for my Fei’er to leave me.”  Zhou  Weiqing  beamed  happily.  As  long  as  Shangguan Fei’er did not leave with Zhan LingTian, he did not really care who came here.

Shangguan Fei’er continued: “Alright, hurry up go and go bathe. I will go call everyone here.”

… Zhou Weiqing took a quick and simple cold water bath. For the Peerless Battalion, the only thing they had no lack of was definitely water, with several underground wells, even in the deep harsh winter, the wells would not freeze over; otherwise, the Ruffian Battalion would have perished a long time ago. Zhou Weiqing’s tunnel planning was purposely designed to include those wells and making sure they were well protected.

By the time Zhou Weiqing returned to his tent, Shangguan Fei’er had brought the entire group there. However, she did not call Zhan LingTian. After all, some of the secrets of the Peerless Battalion were not for his eyes and ears.

Lin TianAo, Dou Dou, Yun Li, Wei Feng, Hua Feng were all here. Due to the small size of the tent, Shangguan Fei’er did not call everyone to the tent.

“Master Hua Feng.” Zhou Weiqing greeted him first.

Hua Feng smiled faintly, looking Zhou Weiqing up and down before saying: “A lot thinner, but you have managed to keep your powers well hidden. Not bad, looks like you have quite a good improvement over the last three months.” Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Of course, your great disciple is definitely outstanding! How is everyone’s archery?”

Hua Feng said: “A lot better than I had expected. These soldiers of your Peerless Battalion are old experienced hands, and they have a pretty decent foundation of skills. Furthermore, your reward and punishment system is really quite good. After the past few months of training, their basic accuracy should be no problem. Furthermore, most of them have a Heavenly Energy base, and they should be accurate to about a three hundred yard distance. Some of the better skilled ones have a range of about five hundred yards.”

Hearing Hua Feng’s words, joy overwhelmed Zhou Weiqing. With Hua Feng’s level of skill in archery, for him to give any amount of praise, that would mean they definitely had an acceptable accuracy against moving targets. For the Peerless Battalion soldiers to accomplish this in three months, that was already really good.

Zhou Weiqing turned to Shangguan Fei’er and asked: “What about your side?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Still alright… one hundred and sixty nine men improved their Heavenly Energy, of which thirty one actually increased one Jewel. All of them have at least improved drastically in terms of reaction time, and overall close combat skills. At least, they are no longer a heap of loose sand. They are still not fully adept at fighting together though, but it is definitely a good improvement. If those Physical Jewel Masters can get a full set of Consolidated Equipment, they will be an impressive force that cannot be dismissed easily.”

“So many people raised in rank?” Although the Peerless Battalion soldiers were all at a relatively low stage and it was much easier for them to rank up, for so many of them to be able to do so in such a short period of time was something Zhou Weiqing had not expected. Shangguan Fei’er was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and her eyes and vision were extremely high. If she said that they were a force that were not to be dismissed, one could imagine how much the Ruffian Battalion had grown in this time.

Lin TianAo said: “I’ve left Little Four and Drunken Bao back at the TianBei City to take care of things. The armour we ordered to be custom made still needs quite some time to complete, but the first batch of a hundred sets is done and in the midst of shipping; it should reach the TianBei City soon. As they are rather large to ship, we will be moving them in batches. Since the northern army command had sent us the bows and arrows, we have no lack of that. I brought five hundred thousand gold along this time, that should be enough to take care of any training requirements for a long time, and I’ve passed it to Big Bro Wei to take care of it.”

Lin TianAo had always been stable and dependable, and Zhou Weiqing could always set his mind at ease when he was in charge of something.

Wei  Feng  smiled  and  picked  up  the  conversation:  “The digging of the tunnels is going well; currently the few main tunnels have already been connected, and a few of the hidden ventilation shafts have also been well done, some connected directly to tree patches in the jungle. Unless someone knows about it beforehand, otherwise it should be nearly impossible to discover. With those ventilation shafts, even if our entire Battalion moves to live in the tunnels, there should be no problems. However, we are still continuing the expansion, giving us more space to use. In terms of water supply, we have already managed to connect one of the wells to part of our tunnels. With such preparations, along with all the stored food we have, by the time the WanShou Army attacks this year, we should have a far easier time in comparison. Oh right, after these few days of various rewards, the total gold spent is…”

Zhou Weiqing waved his hand and said: “You don’t have to report the amount of gold spent to me, I leave this to you. As long as you think there will be a good effect, you can add rewards and punishments as you see fit.”

Wei Feng looked at Zhou Weiqing, clearly touched. “Battalion Commander, ever since you arrived, I may not say that our Peerless Battalion has become so cohesive, but at least everyone is so much livelier and … alive. All these years I have been with the Ruffian Battalion, I have never spent such a fulfilling time like these past few months. Although every day is so busy, I just feel like everything is filled with hope. Most of our brothers also feel the same like me, and all of this was brought by you. Do not worry, even if there was no profit or gain, no matter what you asked us all to do, no one would dare to be against it, otherwise I too won’t let them off.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Profit is still a must. Furthermore, I still want to let our brothers enjoy the fruits of labour. What you need to instil in them is that no matter what, our lives are always the most important, because our lives are worth everything. No matter what, if we die, and we have the money but aren’t able to spend it, won’t it be so painful?”

Wei Feng nodded. He was growing to admire that nature of Zhou Weiqing. As a Battalion Commander, he would only take care of the overall direction, not fussing over every tiny detail, allowing his men to take care of that. That… was the mark of a good leader.

Yun Li said: “Myself and Dou Dou do not have any problems. The longbow Consolidating Equipment Scrolls you requested, we have already prepared three hundred sets. As for the Wings, we have also completed one hundred and fifty sets.

We also did a few Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. These may not be too tough to complete, but they cost a lot of materials, some quite expensive. Along with the titanium alloy armour you custom ordered, and calculating the time and cost, your money can only last us half a year. It’s up to you.”

If they were to see who was the most pleased with themselves over the past few months, it would definitely be Yun Li. Everyday, creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls together with Dou Dou, he felt full of strength and motivation. With all this time working together, he felt like he was falling for her more and more. Although this Little Miss Muddle was just as muddleheaded about emotions and feelings as everything else, these few months had definitely brought her closer to Yun Li. At the same time, creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls together with Dou Dou had also let him learn so much from her. After all, Dou Dou was the disciple of the greatest Consolidating Equipment Master in the world, and she did not have any thoughts of hiding anything from him. Yun Li’s skill in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls could be said to have improved by leaps and bounds. Although he still had some distance to go to reach Dou Dou’s standards, such an improvement gave him the confidence that Zhou Weiqing could never catch up with him, how could he not feel pleased with himself? At the same time, Dou Dou was also getting closer to becoming a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master, and he trusted that she would do so very soon.

Despite hearing that so many Consolidating Equipment Scrolls had been completed, Zhou Weiqing was not too overly excited. With Dou Dou and Yun Li’s skill level, creating these relatively simple High Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were rather easy for them, and it was all within his expectations.

However, these same words in Wei Feng’s ears had a totally different effect. Four… almost five hundred Consolidating Equipment Scrolls! Even if the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion were to try to provide that, it would not be so easy. With these two Consolidating Equipment Masters in addition to Zhou Weiqing, the future of the Peerless Battalion definitely had a very promising future ahead. This gave him even further confidence in Zhou Weiqing, firming his resolve to follow him no matter what. After hearing Yun Li’s words, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “It looks like our Peerless Battalion is growing very well! We still have six more months before the annual major invasion of the WanShou Empire, and I hope that by that time, our Peerless Battalion can be in fighting shape.

Literal translation of a chinese idiom. Basically, as it suggests, in a state of disunity, utterly lacking cohesion Continuing, Zhou Weiqing said: “Fei’er and I have discussed this previously, that we want to go to the WanShou Empire for a trip. We have already prepared all the necessary procedures and documents to masquerade as merchants, so there should not be much danger, so on this part you all do not need to worry. This time, we will be going there to look for some materials, treasures that will enable us to make some secret medicines. These secret medicines will allow those with Heavenly Energy but not Awakened their Personal Jewels to do so. Of course, I am not clear whether or not we can actually manage to get those materials, or how many we can get, but I believe that this will be of great importance to those brothers.”

“What?! Can Personal Jewels still be Awakened after passing the requisite age?”  Wei Feng couldn’t help but exclaim with great surprise as soon as he heard Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Yes, that is why we have to make this trip. Vice Battalion Commander Wei, you go back and gather everyone and tell them what I said. Also, tell them that amongst the eight hundred or so brothers who have not Awakened their Personal Jewels, only those who are the most outstanding will have the chance to gain the Awakening medicine. During the time that we are gone, let them all work as hard as they want. I believe that with such a motivation to become Jewel Masters, that will truly spark their motivation. Also, you can distribute the first batch of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Every Physical Jewel Master should get one longbow Consolidating Equipment Scroll. We already have three hundred of them, and Yun Li or Dou Dou will quickly finish the remaining ones.”

“After that, I want you to choose one hundred and fifty of the most outstanding brothers who still have two empty Jewels after that, and to give them the Wing Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to Consolidate. If you aren’t able to find that many, keep the Scrolls first. In that case, once anyone reaches the requisite cultivation level, you can give a set to him. Of course, you need to collect gold for all these Scrolls. As for how much, you decide according to how much they have at that moment. After all, we can’t keep letting those fellows get gold from Your Father, I, it’s time to get some back.”

As he spoke up to that point, Zhou Weiqing laughed, but Wei Feng’s eyes reddened slightly. He suddenly knelt down on the ground, saying: “Battalion Commander, on behalf of all our brothers, I thank you sincerely.”  He knew that the so-called collection of payment was merely a token. After all, Wei Feng clearly knew the price of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls in the market. To let each and every one of the Jewel Masters of the Peerless Battalion be geared with Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, what kind of power, riches and boldness did one need to have?”

Zhou Weiqing quickly stepped forward to support him up. “Vice Commander Wei, this is just the beginning. We have many more good times ahead to look forward to. However, you must remind them that if they want to gain more Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, they better train hard with all their might. These are just merely Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for the first three Jewels… As long as they work hard enough, providing them all with all nine Jewels of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls should be no problem.”

Wei Feng gave Zhou Weiqing a proper standard military salute.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Alright, you go ahead then. Right, wait until we have left before informing the others, we do not want anyone else outside to learn anything.”

Without question, the ‘anyone else’ that Zhou Weiqing was referring to was definitely Zhan LingTian. Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side and rolled her eyes at him. Wei Feng quickly took his leave, and Zhou Weiqing turned to Yun Li and Dou Dou and said: “Tonight, Fei’er will send you back. The living arrangements, resources available and safety in the TianBei City is much better than here, and it is also easier for you all to buy any materials you need. Big Bro Lin will be joining me to go to the WanShou Empire, so Bro Yun you take charge of the finances. If you need to buy any materials, you just take care of it as required.”

Yun Li gave a humph and said: “You sure are squeezing every last drop out of us.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed again, saying: “Although you are no longer my Follower, the previous bet we had about who would reach the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master stage first is still in effect. Of course, we will have to change the wager. If you become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master before I do, and help me in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls before that, the day you become a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master I will give you a copy of my ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set Design.”

“Ah?” Yun Li’s eyes lit up. “For real?”

Zhou Weiqing winked at him, looking at Little Miss Muddle at the side before saying: “I’ll count it as your wedding gift. However, you still have to get past Old Xing’s judgement first. Also, I ask that you never spread the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Design to anyone else, you can only research it for your own learning.”

“That is no problem. You just prepare your set design for me then.”  To any Consolidating Equipment Master, what could hold more attraction than a Legendary Set Design?

Zhou Weiqing said: “Later on, pass me those Consolidating Equipment Scrolls that you have completed. Besides giving some to our Peerless Battalion brothers, since I am going to the WanShou Empire as a merchant, I need to have some goods to trade. If we can trade for our requirements, we will not need to go hunting; that would save us a lot of time as well.”

Yun Li agreed contentedly. At that moment, he felt a burning within his heart, all he could think of was the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set Design. After all, he had seen the design of one of the pieces previously, and in terms of quality, complexity and sophistication, even the effect, it was far beyond the nine-piece Legendary Set that he owned. More importantly, the design principles of the two sets of Legendary Sets were extremely different, and that would be the greatest benefit to him. Furthermore, with two Legendary Set designs in hand, he would have more confidence in the future if he really went to the Heavenly Jewel Island to ask Elder Xing for Dou Dou’s hand in marriage. That was the true meaning in what Zhou Weiqing had meant by saying it was a wedding gift.

Zhou Weiqing turned to Lin TianAo and said: “Big Bro, this time, heading to the WanShou Empire, you will have to follow me. Besides yourself, Fei’er and me, who else do you think will be suitable to bring along?”

Zhou Weiqing had always been very respectful towards Lin TianAo, and truly treated him like a real big brother.

Lin TianAo thought for a moment and said: “I would recommend bringing Crow and Ma Qun. Ma Qun has improved at an outstanding speed. Furthermore, although his Physical Jewel is not of the Strength Attribute, his natural strength is extremely powerful. His improvement over the last few months has truly shocked us all, and with Dou Dou crafting custom Consolidated Equipment for him, he already has a three-Assembly Set Shield. With his supernatural strength in complement, he can hold his own in defensive capabilities.”

“Ohh,  that  Ma  Qun,  he  has  improved  so  quickly?”  Zhou Weiqing was also caught by surprise. Lin TianAo smiled faintly and said: “If your strength is also weaker than your wife, you would probably be even more desperate in training than he is.”

“Oh right, there is another good news. However, that must be told to you personally by Crow and Ma Qun.” He continued in a secretive manner.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Don’t tell me they already have kids?!”

Lin TianAo smiled faintly, but did not speak. At the side, Shangguan Fei’er could not resist saying: “Do you think everyone is like you, mind only full of dirty thoughts?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “I just like having dirty thoughts indeed. How about, you can also birth one for me?”

It was Lin TianAo and the others’ time to be given the surprise. Although they had previously seen signs that the relationship between Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er wasn’t that simple, they had not expected things to have progressed so far between the two. Shangguan Fei’er’s beautiful face was flushed a deep red as she glared angrily at Zhou Weiqing, her eyes full of ill intent.

How quick was Zhou Weiqing’s reactions; seeing all that, he hastily changed the subject. “That said, what are we to do about that Bro Zhan of yours? We are leaving in about three days or so, are you able to send him off before that?”

As expected, once Shangguan Fei’er heard Zhou Weiqing mention Zhan LingTian, she immediately furrowed her brow, saying: “I will try my best. However, he will not listen to me. How about, you meet him?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head, agreeing readily as he said: “Alright,  you  bring  him  here  then.”  He  knew  that  it  was unavoidable for him to meet Zhan LingTian.

As such, Shangguan Fei’er left to look for Zhan LingTian. Zhou Weiqing had already assigned everything to everyone, and according to their plans, they would leave in three days time. They would take the only trade route between the ZhongTian and WanShou Empires, heading directly into the heart of the WanShou Empire. Before long, the tent flap raised once more, and Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian entered together.

Strangely similar to Zhou Weiqing himself, Zhan LingTian was a lot thinner than the previous time Zhou Weiqing had seen him. Of course, that was because of the severe injury he had suffered previously.

When he saw Zhou Weiqing, a strong enmity flashed in Zhan LingTian’s eyes, and he subconsciously rubbed his fists.

Since a young age, Zhan LingTian had always been outstanding, top of his generation in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Even compared to Shangguan Xue’er, he was confident that he was comparable to her. If not for the fact that she had the Boundless Infinitum Set, she would not be that much stronger than him. However, this had also developed that pride and arrogant attitude.

However, that day in the Lustre Spatial Realm, during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he had been metaphorically slapped in the face by Zhou Weiqing and sent smashing down from the heavens to the dust. Not only had he lost, but he had lost so terribly, sustaining such a heavy injury. If not for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace having a powerful Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master being able to help him heal, he would have been left crippled and permanently disabled.

Furthermore, perhaps more importantly, all of that loss had been in front of all the top youths of the generation of the Great Saint Lands! Such a loss of face, Zhan LingTian could not take it. His hate for Zhou Weiqing could be said to be at a terrifying height. It was only until he heard that Zhou Weiqing’s home had been destroyed, the Heavenly Bow Empire being annihilated, only then did his hate subside slightly.

However, the blow to Zhan LingTian from that loss had a great effect on him, causing him to be lost in his hate for quite some time. Due to that, Shangguan Tianyang had to personally guide him for a period of time before he had finally been climbed out of the pit of fury and hatred. After all, no matter what, Zhou Weiqing was most likely going to be a son-in-law, and Zhan LingTian could only hide that hatred deep in his heart.

Towards that failure in the Lustre Spatial Realm, Zhan LingTian was not convinced or satisfied at all. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was far below his. If not for the fact that he had been taken by surprise at a time when his Heavenly Energy had been very drained, and also with that terrifying Dragon Silencing Seal used, Zhan LingTian believed that he could tear into that little brat so quickly without any problem. Facing him, he just needed to be careful and not give him the chance to use that Dragon Silencing Seal, then Zhou Weiqing would definitely be no match for him!

This time, when he was sent to the northern border to investigate, he had been greatly surprised to see it was Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er here. At that time, he had almost not been able to resist looking for trouble towards Zhou Weiqing. It was only after much thought, especially with Shangguan Fei’er keeping watch on him, that he had abandoned that idea.

Now that he saw Zhou Weiqing once more, although Zhan LingTian had done his best to control himself, that sheer hatred and enmity could not be hidden so easily.

However, Zhou Weiqing walked forward with a smile on his face, extending his right hand towards Zhan LingTian as he said: “Bro Zhan, how are you.”

It’s written 姑爷 (Gu Ye) here, which is like Young Master version for son in law

Chapter 137 Triangular Basin, Ten Thousand Beast Heavens!

“Hmph.” Zhan LingTian lifted his head, ignoring the extended hand, not even looking at Zhou Weiqing.

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side looking on coldly. In the past, she had always had a good impression of Zhan LingTian. After all, he was young, handsome and powerful. Amongst the young generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, he was truly stood out, a dragon amongst men.

However, at this time, she was surprised to discover that when she stood looking at Zhan LingTian and Zhou Weiqing face off, her heart was fully on Zhou Weiqing’s side. In her eyes, Zhan LingTian was too small minded and petty, too simple minded and easily displaying all his emotions outwardly. In contrast, Zhou Weiqing was smiling so sincerely. Although she knew that the rascal was acting, but facing an opponent like Zhan LingTian who was displaying his enmity so outright, being able to do such a thing just proved how much stronger his psyche was. In such a comparison just showed a stark contrast between the two.

My Little Fatty is indeed the best. Shangguan Fei’er couldn’t help but say inwardly. Of course, she did not realise that this was a case of love being blind. In terms of looks alone, Zhou Weiqing was actually no match for Zhan LingTian.

Facing Zhan LingTian’s outright enmity, the smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face grew as he said: “Bro Zhan, there is no need to be like that. In the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, I had no choice but to do so. After all, everyone wants to get the championship, alas I accidentally injured Bro Zhan, it is truly a misunderstanding. In terms of power, how can I compare with Bro Zhan? You are one of the future successors to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, how can you bother yourself with the likes of me?”

Hearing him say that, although Zhan LingTian knew that this rascal probably didn’t mean it, it still sounded good. Of course, that honest smiling face of Zhou Weiqing still made him feel like giving him a tight slap.

“Zhou Weiqing, don’t think I do not know what you are doing here. Hmph, trying to make use of the power of our ZhongTian Empire to try to revive your Heavenly Bow Empire? Stop  daydreaming.”   Zhan  LingTian’s  piercing  gaze  landed upon Zhou Weiqing, as if trying to shoot right through him.

A gloomy look crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face as he lamented: “How could I possibly have such thinking! How could I revive my Empire just by myself? I came here to join the army because the Fei Li Empire chased me out, so I had no other choice but to come to the northern border to temper myself on the battlefield, to maintain my training and cultivation. My home has been destroyed, and I am homeless, and I do not
know where else to go, so my only option is to stay on the battlefield, to reduce my pain by fighting and killing. Alas, who knew that I somehow offended the Sixteenth Regiment Regiment Commander, and I was sent here. This place is so frozen, cold, and isolated from the world, who could be worse
off than me? Although I managed to become a Battalion Commander from the Dueling Corner, what use has it been to me? Bro Zhan, you don’t really think that I can actually use this thousand men and run back to revive my Empire just like that? Not to mention, these brothers might not even be willing
to follow me back, that isn’t realistic at all!”

This speech of Zhou Weiqing’s was delivered almost perfectly, making absolute sense and yet full of rich emotion, almost as if tears were about to fall. Let alone Zhan LingTian, even Shangguan Fei’er who knew the truth was almost convinced by him. She almost began to suspect that in the last three months Zhou Weiqing had been practicing his acting skills and facial expressions, not tempering his various Skills. That performance just now was definitely worth an academy award. Seeing the emotional Zhou Weiqing, almost on the verge of tears, as he gave his fervant speech, Zhan LingTian’s expression softened slightly. “Since you’re willing to fight on the battlefield, no one will begrudge you that. In any case, a mere Low Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master like you won’t be able to cause much trouble. You better watch out, don’t try to have any designs on Third Young Miss. Who do you think you are? Trying to marry into our Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Zhou Weiqing blinked and said: “Such a thing is not up to me, nor is it up to you.”

A cold light flashed in Zhan LingTian’s eyes and he said: “As long as you don’t go and stick to Third Young Miss, there is no up to anyone. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking care of you.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him, then said: “Bro Zhan, you must be mistaken. I heard Fei’er say that… the person you like is Bing’er’s big sister, the heir to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, that ice lady, and not my Bing’er. So, why are you looking for trouble with me? In fact, your thinking is on the wrong track, you should instead be trying to have a good relationship with me. If in the future I actually become a son-in-law of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and me and Bing’er support you in chasing Shangguan Xue’er, that would be more beneficial to you. After all, if we both are son-in-laws of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, we would be considered related.”

“En?” Zhan LingTian started momentarily. Indeed, he had never thought about it in that way, and hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, his heart was definitely tempted. He was clear how important Shangguan Bing’er, as the youngest of the three sisters who had been missing for so long, was to Shangguan Xue’er. Yet, he had not had any prior contact with Shangguan Bing’er. If he wanted to gain her support, perhaps this little rascal in front was a good route.

However, though he was tempted in his heart, he did not reveal it in his words. “That would have to depend on whether or not you can gain the approval of the two Palace Masters first.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed inwardly to himself. He could tell that after his words, Zhan LingTian’s psyche and attitude had definitely changed. At least, he would not think too much about him and the Peerless Battalion.

“Bro Zhan, in a few days, I will be leaving for a few days. Will you still be staying here or returning to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?” Only at this point did Zhou Weiqing ask the question in an innocent manner. In truth, he would not feel good about leaving Zhan LingTian here.

Without hesitation, Zhan LingTian said: “It is time for me to return to report on my task. Second Young Miss, you should pack up and return with me as well. This time, both Palace Masters were extremely worried and urgent when you ran away from home.”

Shangguan Fei’er was startled, and she quickly said: “No, I’m not leaving. I have things to do as well.”

“What things could you possibly have to do? Keep watch on this little brat? Even if you want to do so, you don’t have to do it personally. I will let the northern command know to take care of him.” Zhan LingTian furrowed his brow.

Shangguan Fei’er shook her head and said: “No, I will be going with him to the WanShou Empire.”

“What?! No way.” Zhan LingTian said firmly. “What is your status?! How could you possibly go to the WanShou Empire? If the Heavenly Snow Mountain catches any wind of it and catches you, the two Palace Masters will be left in a very difficult position. You have to return to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace with me.”

All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes reddened, and she said vexedly: “Big bro Zhan, you haven’t even learnt what I am trying to do and you are already stopping me?”

Seeing that she was on the verge of crying, Zhan LingTian furrowed his brow. Although Shangguan Fei’er looked exactly like Shangguan Xue’er, he did not have any feelings for her. Since a young age, the amount of people pranked by Shangguan Fei’er were just too many, and he was one of them. Towards this Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the only feeling he had was to keep away from her if possible.

Shangguan  Fei’er  continued:  “Father’s  birthday  is  coming soon. This time, I am following Zhou Weiqing and the others to the WanShou Empire to look for some rare and precious Heavenly Cores of Heavenly Beasts, as a present for Father. That is a just a token of filial love from me, yet you want to stop me? You don’t need to say anything else, if you don’t let me go, when I go back I’ll tell big sis. You know she is the most filial one! Hmph Hmph!”

“You…” Looking at Shangguan Fei’er, Zhan LingTian felt a migraine coming on as his brow furrowed deeper and he said: “How long will you all be going for?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “I have already gotten the northern army command to prepare all the various merchant documents and necessities. We leave in three days, and I estimate it will take us between one to three months or so before we return. Big bro Zhan, you go back to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace first and inform Father and Uncle. I will definitely return when I am back.”

Zhan LingTian looked to Shangguan Fei’er, then towards the expressionless Zhou Weiqing who was quietly looking down to the ground. He couldn’t help but hesitate, not knowing what to do.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing had lowered his head in order to keep himself from laughing. Just now, he had been acting with all his might, and now, Shangguan Fei’er was doing the same!

“No, that’s alright. I will go along with you. If I go back just like that, what if anything happens to you, how can I account to your sister and the two Palace Masters? When we return from the WanShou Empire, you can come back to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace with me. I will send a letter back first so that the two Palace Masters can rest easy.” Zhan LingTian finally made his decision, though it rendered the two amazing actors speechless.

“You  want  to  come  with  us  to  the  WanShou  Empire?” Shangguan Fei’er said reluctantly. The reluctance was of no other reason besides the fact she was worried that Zhan LingTian might notice that the she and Zhou Weiqing might be a little too close. Furthermore, with Zhan LingTian there, she would not even want to get intimate with Zhou Weiqing!

Zhan LingTian gave a cold humph and said: “Why? You don’t want me to come along? Could it be you have something else up your sleeve? Second Young Miss, you only have two choices now, come back with me or let me go with you. Do not try to command me on this, I have known your ways since young.”

“Go then, go then. It’s up to you.” Shangguan Fei’er said huffily. She could not think of any reason not to allow Zhan LingTian to accompany them to the WanShou Empire.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “In that case, let’s all go together then.”

As such, things were settled. Shangguan Fei’er did not know why Zhou Weiqing had agreed so readily. From his expression, it was as if he had hoped that Zhan LingTian would accompany them.

As such, Zhou Weiqing handed the Peerless Battalion fully to Wei Feng and the teachers of the Heavenly Bow Unit. Three days later, he brought Lin TianAo, Zhan LingTian, Crow, Ma Qun and Shangguan Fei’er, and the six stealthily returned to the TianBei City before heading north to the largest city on the borders, the ZhongBei City. From there, they advanced on the only trade route directly into the WanShou Empire.

As all the documents had been properly prepared and handled, their movement was smooth and not delayed. In order to raise their overall speed, they even gave Zhan LingTian a Ghost Demon Horse as they headed northwards deep into the belly of the WanShou Empire.

In truth, a huge reason why Zhan LingTian actually decided to follow them was because of his own reasons. He had always been very curious about the WanShou Empire, and that would be his first time entering it.

This time, Zhou Weiqing’s target was the northern part of the WanShou Empire, an area called the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens. The WanShou had over a hundred different tribes, big or small, and amongst them there were over a dozen of the strongest tribes. One of those which had ruling power was the Lionheart Tribe. The Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was a place with an extremely complicated terrain, set in the mountainous regions of the north with various tall rolling mountains. Most important was the two lines of mountains that crossed the north of the WanShou Empire, of which there was one intersection of the two which was actually crossed with another mountain line, forming a triangular basin.

Compared to the rest of the icy snow of the north, this particular triangular basin was at a much higher temperature than the rest of the surroundings; in fact, many vegetation that only grew in temperate climates could be found there. This unique basin was actually rather huge, and with such a suitable climate for living in, and over hundreds and thousands of years, more and more powerful Heavenly Beasts were either attracted here or grew strong here. As such, this triangular basin was known as the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens.

The Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was a rich land abundant with natural resources all of types, with some of the greatest Heavenly Beasts, alone or in groups, living there. The Ten Thousand Beast Heavens truly lived up to its name as the most dangerous place in the Boundless Mainland. However, perhaps not many people in the entire mainland would have heard of this Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, but if they were to speak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, everyone had heard of it.

Amongst the Five Great Saint Lands, in terms of individual power, the strongest definitely belonged to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. And the Heavenly Snow Mountain was actually situated right deep in the middle of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, one of the snowy peaks there. It could be said that the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was like a guardian zone to the Heavenly Snow Mountain, while the Heavenly Snow Mountain ruled over this most dangerous area in the entire mainland.

As such, there was a saying that the Heavenly Jewel Island was easy to enter compared to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain could be said to be formed slowly over thousands and tens of thousands of years as the strongest Heavenly Beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens gathered and grew, gaining the power of human form and after much fighting, slowly gathering together to form the Heavenly Snow Mountain. The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers were not just the rulers of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, but also of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens. This was also why the other Great Saint Lands were so afraid of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, as they could command all the powerful Heavenly Beasts within the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens. If the Five Great Saint Lands actually fought in the wars of the land, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain activated the Heavenly Beasts to join their armies, it would be a catastrophe for the entire mainland.

Although the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was extremely dangerous, since it held some of the most powerful and rarest Heavenly Beasts in the world, it still had an unbelievable draw to Heavenly Jewel Masters. Everything else aside, if they could beat a wild Heavenly Beast and bring it close to death and Skill Stores from it, the success rate would be much higher than in a Skill Storing Palace. Furthermore, there were many treasures to be found in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, and even the Heavenly Cores of the Heavenly Beasts were priceless treasures; no matter as medicines or in creating Consolidating Equipment Ink.

It could be said that as long as one entered the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, if he survived to leave, he would definitely earn an unbelievable profit. As long as one had the luck, who knew if he might even be able to pick up a Heavenly Core from the ground. After all, the number of Heavenly Beasts in the entire Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was just insanely high. As such, every year, the number of Jewel Masters entering the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was crazy high. Of course, the number that survived was extremely minimal.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain did not have a strict control over the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens. As such, as long as they did not enter the restricted core area of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens, it would be unlikely they met any members from the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Even so, the powerful Heavenly Beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was still an enormous deterrent force, and the deeper regions of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was considered a restricted zone, and no ordinary tribes could enter without permission.

Crossing the vast borders, Zhou Weiqing’s party of six finally entered the WanShou Empire. If they were to claim they were not nervous, it would have been a lie. After all, to all of them this empire was a totally new world, alien to them.

The WanShou Empire did not have any cities, as they did not need such things. After moving along the road for two days, they finally saw the first small tribe.

As compared to the ZhongTian Empire’s borders where their arrangement was filled with preparation against their enemies, as long as it wasn’t the time to attack, the WanShou Empire did not even have any armies stationed at the borders. The various tribes would return to their tribal lands and do as they please. In history, none of the human empires had ever even thought of attacking them.

After all, what benefit would there be in attacking the WanShou Empire? The climate there was so cold that it was nearly impossible to live in, not to mention there wasn’t much to rob easily as all the important treasures and ores were all deep within the WanShou Empire territory. Once they sent armies deep within, the result could be imagined. The WanShou Empire was so huge, and even if a million strong army attacked them, they would likely not be able to return.

“Should we stop to rest a while?”  Lin TianAo asked Zhou Weiqing.

“We’ll stop to rest a while.”  However, the one who replied was not Zhou Weiqing, but Zhan LingTian, still riding tall on his Ghost Demon Horse. His tone was that of a command, and he did not even look at the others, instead giving a hand signal to Shangguan Fei’er as he moved towards the tribe ahead.

“Who does he think he is? Our leader?”  Ma Qun gave an angry, exasperated humph. Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Let him be.”

Ma Qun asked in a low tone: “Boss, you aren’t afraid of that fellow right?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “You don’t need to try sow discord, I know what I’m doing. Come on, after rushing for two days, it’s time for us to rest.” It was already evening time, and so far up north, that meant the temperature was even lower than the usual chill.

Very quickly, the party had advanced to the front of the tribe. It was not very large, with almost fifty stout large tents occupying a flat land. Right beside the tents, there was a small stream, clearly the main reason why they had chosen to camp here.

Many of the WanShou Empire tribes were nomadic in nature, and clearly this was just a temporary settlement for this particular tribe.

When Zhan LingTian reached the tribe, he jumped off his mount. At that point, two stout men walked out from the tribal encampment. Zhou Weiqing had only seen the wolfman tribe members before, and in comparison, these two stout men were even taller and larger than the wolfmen. Another obvious difference was that they had a pair of horns on their head, looking rather strange.

Seeing the party of humans approach their camp, the two stout men did not appear to be surprised. One of them walked forward to greet them, saying: “Human guests, do you want to have a rest in one of our tents before continuing on your journey? We have delicious deer milk and cheese.”

The rest of the party dismounted, and Zhan LingTian said proudly: “Give us a few clean tents, we will rest here today.”

The expressions of the two stout, horned men changed, and the one on the left said: “I’m sorry, we do not have too many extra tents, and we can only spare one. Ten gold coins a night, with food and drink included.”

Zhan LingTian’s expression changed as well as he snapped out: “Asshole, you want us all to stay in a single tent?” His was used to being arrogant in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and all the younger disciples all listened to him, and it was not easy to change such a lofty attitude.” “You dare to insult us?” A ferocious light flashed in the eyes of the stout man on the left. With a quick step forward, his powerful body appearing before Zhan LingTian.

Zhan LingTian was considered extremely tall and well built by human standards, but in contrast to that stout man, he was at least half a head shorter. In that instant, his large hands struck out towards Zhan LingTian.

How could Zhan LingTian possibly let his attack succeed. With a cold humph, his leg kicked out like lightning towards the stout man.

“Stop, keep your cool.” Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang out right at that point. With a muffled crashing sound, Zhan LingTian’s foot smashed against Zhou Weiqing’s right foot, which he had barely managed to get up in time.

Although the horned stout man was not successfully kicked, the shockwaves from the clash of the two legs actually knocked him back. Clearly, if he had been kicked by Zhan LingTian, he would have probably died by now.

“What  are  you  doing?!”  Zhan  LingTian  glared  angrily  at Zhou Weiqing. At this point, he had withdrawn his leg. With his cultivation level, he was shocked to find that his leg was actually feeling numb after his kick had been blocked by Zhou Weiqing’s leg.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s surprise was even greater. After all, he had been using his Demonic Right Leg, the strongest part of his entire body. Although he had not used his Demonic Change State, Zhan LingTian had also not released his Heavenly Jewels. It could be said that both legs just now had been just purely a clash between their bodies and physical strength. Yet, in such a clash, Zhou Weiqing’s leg had almost been knocked away. Just from that alone, he could tell how powerful Zhan LingTian’s body was. No wonder Fei’er had said that this fellow’s overall power was even greater than her.

Zhou Weiqing did not show any of his inner thoughts, instead giving Zhan LingTian a significant look, saying: “Bro Zhan, how can we pick a fight here? Are you going to fight every tribe we come across? Don’t forget our ultimate goal.” As he said that, he turned to the two stout men and smiled faintly, saying: “Two big bros, I’m sorry, my bro here has no other meaning, he just has a bad temper. One tent is fine. In such a weather, it is good to have a place to rest. As an apology and a sign of good faith, we will pay double to rest here, twenty gold coins. Is that okay?” No matter how simple the WanShou Empire citizens were, they could easily tell that these youths in front of them were no ordinary folk. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was paying extra, and they did not say anything more and brought the party into the encampment, finding a large tent for them.

As soon as they entered the tent, before the party could seat down, Zhan LingTian strode right in front of Zhou Weiqing, saying angrily: “I’m warning you, don’t try and interfere with my business again. Otherwise, don’t blame me if I take it out on you instead.”

After saying that, he stalked off to the deepest part of the tent and sat down there.

Lin TianAo, Crow and Ma Qun subconsciously turned to look at Zhou Weiqing. In their eyes, this Zhan LingTian was just too arrogant, and even they could barely tolerate it.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head at them, signalling for them not to take action. He walked to the side and sat down as well, the faint smile still on his face.

Shangguan Fei’er looked on coolly from the side. She could not understand what Zhou Weiqing was thinking. That rascal was never one to take a disadvantage easily like that. Previously in the Lustre Spatial Realm, he had already dared to break Zhan LingTian’s bones despite all odds. Now, with so many of them outnumbering Zhan LingTian, what was there to be afraid of? He must have some plot or scheme against Zhan LingTian… She thought to herself.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had a plot against him. With such a powerful thug like Zhan LingTian, how could Zhou Weiqing not want to make use of his talents fully. He would tolerate it for now, but although our dear Little Fatty was smiling so naturally, this young little rascal was definitely a petty person who would bear a grudge for a long time! After a while, one of the tribe members brought some piping hot milk tea and delicious looking cheese to them. Although there was a slight raw taste to it, its special flavour was still rather delicious on the whole.

Ma Qun walked around for a bit, learning as much as he could about the tribe. It was a very small tribe, known as the Snow Deer Tribe, which was also the totem they worshipped. The entire tribe was only several hundred strong, split into over a dozen large families, and they were all in that encampment. Just like all the other beastmen of the WanShou Empire, the Snow Deer Tribe were extremely well versed in fighting, able to endure hardships and work hard, skilled at rearing the strong and powerful Snow Deer. When necessary, they would use their Snow Deer as mounts to become Snow Deer Cavalry.

“Boss, I have seen the Snow Deer that they rear, they are even larger than our Ghost Demon Horses. Furthermore, those horned male deers… those horns are definitely deadly weapons indeed. This WanShou Empire is indeed richly endowed by nature, although these Snow Deers aren’t Heavenly Beasts, when used as mounts, perhaps they can be even better than ordinary low level Heavenly Beasts. Their carrying capacity seems pretty strong too, and they can easily seat Crow without any problem.”

“Are you complaining that I am too heavy?” Crow eyed him coldly, and Ma Qun was immediately silenced with an embarrassed look on his face.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart twitched, and after a quick glance at the mediating Zhan LingTian, he stood up and said: “Come, lead me there. I want to have a look myself.” After saying that, he pulled Ma Qun along and left the tent.

Mounts were extremely important to the future of the Peerless Battalion. Even if they would hopefully have Consolidated Wings in the future, due to the restriction of Heavenly Energy, they could not possibly keep flying all the time. As such, flying could only be done during an actual fight. In that case, a suitable mount was of great importance. Those war wolves they had faced previously was a good example, but not a good choice for them due to their ferocity and difficulty to tame. These strong Snow Deers should be gentler, and Zhou Weiqing’s interest was instantly piqued.

Zhou Weiqing and Ma Qun left the tent, and they were met with the two stout Snow Deer Tribesmen who had brought them in, who had also brought in another group of people. Looking at the attires and appearances of the newcomers, Zhou Weiqing could tell that they were all humans. They were all fully dressed in winter clothes, covered with a large cloak that covered their heads. The party of newcomers numbered six in total, some tall and well built, some small and petite, but he could not see their actual appearance.

The two Snow Deer Tribesmen were just guiding the group to another tent deeper within. It looks like these Snow Deer Tribesmen were quite smart in their own right, choosing to camp on the trade route. Charging ten gold coins for a night’s stay in a tent, that was definitely a high price.

“Ehh, it’s you.” Right at that moment, a surprised voice rang out. Amongst the six newcomers, one of the smaller petite bodies stopped abruptly, lifting up the cowl of her cloak.

A beautiful face revealed, seeming to bring some warmth to this bitter cold winter air. However, the gaze that landed on Zhou Weiqing was one that definitely dropped the temperature several degrees, filled with strong enmity.

Looking at this young lady, Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help but groan inwardly. She was no other than the Blood Red Hell disciple who had almost died at his hands during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Shen Little Demon.

His luck was just too terrible this time… before even properly entering the depths of the WanShou Empire, they had actually met with the members of the Blood Red Hell. Without question, the others accompanying Shen Little Demon were likely to be powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell as well. The only thing Zhou Weiqing could pray for was that these companions of hers would be the same generation as them, and not some elder powerhouse.

Alas, Lady Luck was fickle, and this time she was definitely not on Zhou Weiqing’s side at all.

“What’s wrong, Little Demon?”  A deep, low voice rumbled out from the person in front of the group, a clearly older voice. The rest of the Blood Red Hell contingent stopped in their tracks, looking towards Zhou Weiqing.

By this point, Zhou Weiqing could see clearly that this person in front was an old man looking to be about over sixty years of age. The others were middle aged men above the age of forty, and Shen Little Demon was the only young person there, the only lady as well. It was as if a cold hand clutched around Zhou Weiqing’s heart. This time they were definitely in deep trouble. Even if he wanted to try to avoid them at this time, it was already impossible, and he could only brace himself and take a few steps forward, smiling as he said towards Shen Little Demon: “Miss Shen, how are you. It’s been a long time, how have you been?”  At  this  point,  he  could  only  hope  that  Shen  Little Demon could remember that he had saved her life, and the promise that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had made.

Alas, Shen Little Demon glared at him coldly and said: “Zhou Weiqing, I never thought my luck would be that good, to actually be able to meet you in the WanShou Empire. Today, even if you grow a pair of wings, you will not be able to escape. I’ll give you a good icy cold burial.”

Crap. Zhou Weiqing felt a bitter taste at the back of his mouth as he cursed inwardly. It was clear that the hate Shen Little Demon had for him had not lessened when he expelled the venom from her.

However, he had thought about it from her perspective. After all, that time when he had expelled the venom from her, he had been grabbing onto her chest. It was a miracle that she had not been angered to death at that time. This time, Shen Little Demon had followed her seniors from the Blood Red Hell out to the WanShou Empire to hunt some Heavenly Beasts, but it was mainly to get some distraction and relax herself. Who knew that not long after just entering the WanShou Empire they would meet up with this personal enemy of hers, Zhou Weiqing.

“Little Demon, what did you say? He is the one who killed Han Bing?” The old man leading the Blood Red Hell contingent turned to look at him, his eyes seemed to light up with two balls of fire, and his once peaceful face turned savage in anger.

Shen Little Demon said coldly: “Although he was not the one who killed Han Bing, he was the leader of the Fei Li Battle Team. If not for him, how could we possibly lose that fight?”

The old man suddenly burst out laughing. “Good… good… very good. Looks like even the heavens have guided me to help Bing’er take revenge. Capture them all, even the ones in the tents, don’t let anyone escape. I want them to feel the taste of hell. It is time for this old man’s nickname of Live Hades to come back once again.”

“Respected guests, if you have private enmities, please settle it  outside,  not  in  our  tribal  lands.”   The  two  Snow  Deer tribesmen furrowed their brows and said. The Live Hades swept his gaze over them coldly, a powerful aura bursting forth from him. The two Snow Deer Tribesmen gave a muffled grunt, staggering back a few steps as blood streamed down from their seven orifices, before they fell down to the ground, dead.

This time, Zhou Weiqing was definitely struck dumb. To kill two people with his aura, especially with the powerful bodies of the Snow Deer Tribesmen, one could imagine how powerful that old man called Live Hades was.

However, when the two Snow Deer Tribesmen collapsed and died, two faint mists of snow rose from their bodies stealthily, drifting away.

With the command from the Live Hades, all the Blood Red Hell members released their Heavenly Jewels instantly, including Shen Little Demon.

Shen Little Demon was still at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, but she was actually the lowest level of all their entire party. Of the other four middle aged men, two were seven Jeweled and two were eight Jeweled, all Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters.
 Any ordinary Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master when compared with one from a Great Saint Lands would be at a totally different power level. Even ignoring that unfathomable Live Hades old man, just these five alone was a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

When the Live Hades gave the order and killed the two Snow Deer Tribesmen, Zhou Weiqing had already burst into action. Dragging Ma Qun with his right hand, he flew towards the tent at the back immediately.

With just the two of them, they wouldn’t even last a round against all of them. Only by reuniting with their entire party would they have the slightest chance of survival. At this point, Zhou Weiqing had no more expectations of any luck, and he knew the only thing he could do was to pit everything they had. At this point, the only thing he could pray for was that the Live Hades was a Nine Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage, not at the Heavenly King Stage. If that was so, they might still have a shred of chance, but if he was really a Heavenly King Stage… they would likely be dead.

Of course, besides fighting head-on, another possibility that could help them survive would be Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian’s status in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Zhou Weiqing hoped that these members of the Blood Red Hell would not dare kill them.

Shen Little Demon hated Zhou Weiqing so much, and with a quick strike of the ground with the tip of her foot, her entire body charged forth towards Zhou Weiqing like an arrow in flight. Having lost to Zhou Weiqing previously was an ultimate humiliation in her heart, and now that she saw him again, her eyes blazed red with hatred. How could she possibly hold back now? All her energy circulating as her palms moved along in front of her, already a blood red colour as she struck out towards him.

“Enemy attack!” At the same time as Zhou Weiqing charged into the tent, he shouted out loud. In the next instant, he used a Blink Skill.

In terms of cunning, who could compare to Zhou Weiqing? As soon as he activated the Blink Skill, he flung out with his right hand, throwing Ma Qun towards Crow so he would not be in the line of fire of Shen Little Demon’s attack. As for himself, in the instant he Blinked, he appeared behind Zhan LingTian.

Originally, according to Zhou Weiqing’s plan, he had been tolerating Zhan LingTian all this time just so he could make use of his power in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens. Now, at this time, though they hadn’t reached their destination, it was certainly time to pit their all with their lives on the line. Naturally, it was time to make use of him.

Zhan LingTian had been meditating with his eyes closed, taking a rest before having a meal as he was preparing to cultivate for the rest of the night. Zhou Weiqing and Ma Qun had just left and they had rushed back in, and he was quickly startled awake.

In a silver flash, Zhou Weiqing, who had just charged into the tent, disappeared, but the fiery red light burned through onwards.

Being attacked all of a sudden, Zhan LingTian reacted extremely swiftly. With just a quick sidestep, his right hand struck out with a palm and his Heavenly Jewels sprang out around his wrists.

In a loud clash, Shen Little Demon was sent flying back out after their palms met. In terms of cultivation level and power, she was no match for Zhan LingTian at all. Zhan LingTian’s Heavenly Energy had already reached the thirtieth stage, the sixth level of the Heavenly Xu Energy Stage. In terms of Heavenly Energy alone, he was even higher than the heir of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Xue’er. Shen Little Demon was only at the Six Jeweled stage, twenty sixth Heavenly Energy Stage. In addition to the fact with Zhan LingTian having an advantage in terms of attributes, in just a single clash she had taken a disadvantage.

Right at that moment, a loud crash reverberated throughout as violent flames rose from all directions. The tough tent actually evaporated in that instant as the heat raised drastically from the raging flames. In the next instant, the entire tent was revealed to the evening sky.

Chapter 138 Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together!

As for Zhou Weiqing’s party, everyone reacted instantly as well. In a flash, Lin TianAo charged in front of Zhou Weiqing, his Heavenly Jewels releasing swiftly. For Zhou Weiqing to run away in such a panic, how could the enemy be ordinary?

Crow also grabbed and pulled Ma Qun over to the other side of Zhou Weiqing, while Shangguan Fei’er flew up into the air. With her fearless nature, she would not hide so easily, instead looking towards the Blood Red Hell contingent.

However, when she saw their opponents, she drew a sharp breath. She definitely recognized Shen Little Demon, and those with her were at an even higher cultivation level. She could immediately guess who they were.

Shen Little Demon had been knocked back with a single palm from Zhan LingTian, being caught and stabilized by her companions. Her eyes narrowed as she also spotted Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er at the same time.

“It’s you two?” Shen Little Demon quickly raised her hand, stopping her companions from taking action. That Live Hades saw Shen Little Demon getting knocked back and started momentarily, but the aura around his body grew even colder.

“Zhan LingTian, why are you together with him? You… are Shangguan Fei’er?”  A surprised and bewildered look crossed Shen Little Demon’s face.

She still remembered clearly how the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had stepped in between herself and Zhou Weiqing, and the promise that she had made. However, she had not dreamed that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would actually send two of their elites to protect Zhou Weiqing. From her perspective, that was what was happening right here.

Zhan LingTian gave a cold humph, standing up as he said: “Who we are with is none of your business. You dare to take action against me, are you trying to declare war against us Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Despite facing so many powerhouses, he still had his pride from being from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and did not have a high opinion of the Blood Red Hell, of much lower ranking amongst the Great Saint Lands. “You are just a mere little junior, you think you can represent the  Heaven’s  Expanse  Palace?”  The  Live  Hades  opened  his mouth, walking forward slowly to the front. At the same time, he also released his Heavenly Jewels.

On his right wrist, ten black Jade Physical Jewels revolved slowly, and the very air around them seemed to freeze in place.

Black Jade Physical Jewels signified the Stamina Attribute, representing the ability to take hits and sustainability in fighting. Although its defense might not be equal to that of the Defense Yellow Jade, it was without a doubt that Heavenly Jewel Masters with Black Jade Physical Jewels were one of the most troublesome to deal with.

“Heavenly King Stage…” Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath of cold air. It was indeed the worse case scenario that he had thought about. This old man from the Blood Red Hell was a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master.

Even for such a proud and arrogant person like Zhan LingTian, his face changed abruptly when he saw the old man’s ten Physical Jewels, looking rather unnatural. As soon as a Heavenly Jewel Master entered the Heavenly King Stage, it was a whole different level, definitely a powerhouse that was like a nuclear deterrent amongst empires. Even in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there weren’t that many powerhouses above the Heavenly King Stage. Calling him little junior was definitely his right.

“May I know which senior you are from the Blood Red Hell?” Zhan LingTian steeled himself and asked, his hands held respectfully in front in greeting.

Live Hades said passively: “This old man is the Live Hades, Han Tianyou, a mere unknown junior in the Blood Red Hell
.Since I’m just an unknown junior, even if I provoke you, it doesn’t count as us Blood Red Hell provoking the Heaven’s Expanse Palace right.”

Zhan LingTian’s expression was extremely ugly, but he could not do anything about it. In that moment, he did not even know how to reply to that.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s wily cunning showed itself once more. He stood behind Zhan LingTian, silent and looking down, acting totally as if he was like a follower of Zhan LingTian, totally pushing the proud Heaven’s Expanse Palace young talent to the forefront. Alas, at the side, Shangguan Fei’er could not hold back. “Live Hades? I have really not heard of you before. It looks like Senior has just reached the Heavenly King Stage not long ago right. This time… you should be heading to the WanShou Ten Thousand Beast Heavens to look for a suitable Heavenly Beast to Skill Store? From your words, it seems like you look down on our Heaven’s Expanse Palace. My fourth uncle had already said that the enmity between the Fei Li Battle Team and Dan Dun Battle Team in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament be erased, and he personally made that guarantee, so that Weiqing will expel the venom from Shen Little Demon. Now… you all are planning to repay that kindness with ingratitude? Is that not provoking us Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Hearing Shangguan Fei’er say that, Shen Little Demon subconsciously looked at Live Hades. Indeed, with Shangguan Longyin’s guarantee, it was indeed their fault in attacking Zhou Weiqing, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was in the right to interfere. Perhaps it might not be to the extent of a war between the two Great Saint Lands, it was clear from the situation in front of them that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not let this go so easily.

Live Hades gave a humph and said coldly: “Heaven’s Expanse Palace, what a great Heaven’s Expanse Palace indeed. If not for the fact that you all were lucky enough to occupy a treasured land like the Heavenly Jewel Island, with your backgrounds and fundamentals, could you possibly become the top of the Five Great Saint Lands?”

As he said that, he raised his left hand, and everyone could see that it was missing the little finger and ring finger. “These two fingers were destroyed years ago by Shangguan Longyin. Just because he could rely on his Consolidated Equipment being better than mine, he beat me until I was heavily injured. The reason… your Heaven’s Expanse Palace so called face. This old man has been in closed door cultivation for so many years, and I finally entered the Heavenly King Stage, and I do not intend to tolerate your Heaven’s Expanse Palace any longer. Today, meeting you little juniors here, since you dare to provoke this old man… very good… very good. Well, let’s see, if this old man kills you all and all these beastmen here, who would know it is us Blood Red Hell who did it?”

This time, both Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er’s expressions changed. If a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Jewel Master from a Great Saint Lands did not care about his own status and face, and was intent on killing them all… could they really survive?

Zhan  LingTian  said  solemnly  in  a  soft  tone:  “Fei’er,  run. Return and inform the two Palace Masters, and ask them to take revenge for me.” As he said that, he twisted his wrist, and a dark gold light flashed. The twin coloured gold and black long spear which Zhou Weiqing had seen previously appeared in his palm, and with a flick of his wrist, it struck out towards the Live Hades Han Tianyou.

A powerful killing intent rose forth from Zhan LingTian, and in the midst of that killing aura, his entire body seemed to integrate with the world and atmosphere. In that moment, he ignored the face of oncoming death, channeling all his power and spirit to the maximum.

Shen Little Demon said hesitatingly to Han Tianyou: “Elder Han, that isn’t very good right? Should we just ask them to give up Zhou Weiqing?”

Han Tianyou gave a cold humph: “What’s so ‘not good’ about it? Weakening the Heaven’s Expanse Palace can only be good for us. If we let them go, it would actually cause the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to look for trouble. As long as we do this cleanly and not leave any evidence, what trouble can there be instead? You few, do not take action, encircle the area. Do not let anyone come close, and also prevent any of these little brats from escaping.”

As he said that, Han Tianyou disappeared in a flash. Even Zhan LingTian did not manage to see how he had moved, and in the next instant he had appeared in front of Zhan LingTian, striking out with a palm.

That strike was with his left palm, and the others could clearly see around his left wrist the glowing red light of Star Rubies. Although his Elemental Jewels were only a single attribute, the Fire Attribute, having cultivated to the Heavenly King Stage, this Han Tianyou’s power was far beyond Zhou Weiqing and his party.

Han Tianyou’s left hand expanded several times over in that instant, and though the fiery heat was mainly focused towards Zhan LingTian, it also enveloped all the others.

At this point, the gloomiest of the group was actually Zhou Weiqing. When Zhan LingTian had asked Shangguan Fei’er to escape, Zhou Weiqing knew that they could no longer run away. He knew Shangguan Fei’er’s character well, and she would never abandon a companion to fighting on her behalf to death and run away by herself, alone. Of course, while being gloomy, his dislike for Zhan LingTian had lessened considerably. He was truly a disciple of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Although that fellow’s arrogance was grating and irritating, at critical moments he truly acted like a good senior brother. To be able to step forward to face a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse opponent to allow Shangguan Fei’er to run away, that took considerable guts and spirit to be able to do so, enough to change Zhou Weiqing’s impression of him.

Just like what Zhou Weiqing had expected, as Han Tianyou struck out at Zhan LingTian, Shangguan Fei’er also took action.

Two dark-gold lights sprang forth from Shangguan Fei’er, and her two bracer-claws appeared as she struck out like lightning at Han Tianyou from the side.

Zhan LingTian shouted out loud, the glowing Light-Dark Divine Spear striking forward with a resolute firmness and terrifying aura. He totally ignored Han Tianyou’s incoming palm, instead striking out towards his throat. From his expression and demeanor, he was prepared to die together with Han Tianyou in that moment.

In such a critical moment, Zhou Weiqing made a swift decision, shouting out loud: “Together!” As he did so, he flew back a step, his eyes gleaming. In a thick reverberation of Heavenly Energy, the massive Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady rose up into the sky. Since they could not escape, the only choice would be to pit their lives with all their might. Even if they added all their cultivation levels together, they were still far from reaching Han Tianyou, but no matter what, each of them were confident that their power levels were far beyond their cultivation level.
As long as they worked together, there might still be a slightest chance. Furthermore, none of them were the type to lie back and die without a fight.

Previously, Lin TianAo had been standing beside Zhou Weiqing, awaiting his command. His main role was to protect Zhou Weiqing, and although the situation was extremely bleak, it had not caused him to panic at all. As soon as Zhou Weiqing shouted out, Lin TianAo sprang into action, charging out with his Six-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield out to smash into Han Tianyou.

Crow also took action at the same time, her immense six hundred jin body leaping up abruptly, the Gold Crow Legendary Axes along with the Consolidated Equipment Chains smashing down savagely from midair in a crossed attack.

Besides Ma Qun, although the other five of them took action one after the other, it seemed to form an amazing tacit understanding and cooperation. Each of them had an immeasurable talent and latent potential, and under such terrible conditions and stress, it often allowed one to spark their potential to the maximum. At this point, this was such a situation. Facing a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, their only chance was to work together.

Alas, very quickly, they witnessed the terrifying power of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse with their own eyes and bodies.

When Han Tianyou struck out towards Zhan LingTian, he had already set the resolve to kill these few youths in front of him in the shortest possible time, before destroying the entire beastmen tribe here to hide all evidence.

Zhan LingTian’s reaction was undoubtedly the best possible in that situation. With his cultivation level, it was impossible for him to directly block Han Tianyou’s attack, and he could only use this sort of suicidal exchange method to deal with it. Alas, with Han Tianyou’s power, how could he not know what Zhan LingTian was planning to do. In that moment, the left palm he had struck out with turned and made a circle, grabbing towards Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear, before abruptly spinning his right hand up and striking out towards the sky.

At that moment, there was a hint of surprise in Han Tianyou’s eyes. However, that surprise was not because of Zhan LingTian or Shangguan Fei’er, who was charging in from the left, but because of Zhou Weiqing at the back.

As soon as the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared, it drew his attention. That was also the reason why he suddenly struck out into the air with his right hand.

He did not recognize what Skill it was that Zhou Weiqing had used, but no matter what it was, any Skill which could produce a Heavenly Skill Image was definitely worth paying attention to. He could not possibly let Zhou Weiqing unleash that Skill on him. In the sky, a massive explosion rang out, and in that instant, everyone present felt as if the sky was falling down. The party of five attacking Han Tianyou gave a muffled grunt at that moment.

Zhan LingTian was considered the best of the lot, only staggering back two steps as he quickly pulled back his Light- Dark Divine Spear. Shangguan Fei’er was noticeably shaken by the explosion, her body pausing for a moment. The Gold Crow Legendary Axes that were slamming down were also sent flying back, knocking into Crow and smashing her back as well. With her body in midair and in a bad position, even with her powerful physique, Crow couldn’t help but vomit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Zhou Weiqing was in no better state. He had been in the middle of unleashing the Dragon Silencing Seal, and it had not fully formed when he felt the Heavenly Energy in his body abruptly spin around in chaos. At the same time, the connection between his body and the Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere was broken. Just like that, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady dissipated, his entire Skill not being able to complete.

What kind of power was that? Could he actually control the air? Zhou Weiqing was filled with shock. In the next instant, three words entered his mind: Heavenly Dao Energy.

When one’s cultivation level reached the Heavenly King Stage, it also meant his Heavenly Energy had entered the Heavenly Dao Energy stage. That was the power to control the heavens! Even if this Han Tianyou had only just reached the Heavenly King Stage and was only at the first level of the Heavenly Dao Energy, his grasp of Heavenly Energy and knowledge and manipulation of it was far beyond what they could comprehend. As such, just in their first round, Zhou Weiqing had taken a huge disadvantage as his Dragon Silencing Seal was totally disrupted.

No matter how powerful a Skill was, if it could not be unleashed, what use could it be?

At this point, Shangguan Fei’er had finally reached Han Tianyou, and she slashed out with both claws to his throat and abdomen.

Han Tianyou gave a cold humph and his right hand, which had struck out in the air earlier, swung back down, and a violent thick gust of Heavenly Energy exploded in the air once more. He did not attempt to fight with her with close combat skill, but Shangguan Fei’er felt like her body had slammed right into a thick wall, the shockwave sending her flying all the way back.

On the other side, Han Tianyou’s left hand moved in a circular motion. Although he did not actually grab hold of the Light-Dark Divine Spear, his palm seemed to have a strange suction force, causing Zhan LingTian to stumble to the side.

Without question, in Han Tianyou’s eyes, the greatest threat to him was still Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear, especially after he had easily dispelled that Heavenly Skill Image of Zhou Weiqing. Although up until now Zhan LingTian had not used any Skills, Han Tianyou could still sense that within the Light-Dark Divine Spear there was a constant build up of gathering power. From that alone, he could tell that there were at least two Skills hidden within, and that Zhan LingTian was waiting for the opportunity to strike to give him an instant killing blow. With that knowledge, how could Han Tianyou possibly give him that opportunity? As such, he had only knocked back Shangguan Fei’er and instantly turned his attention back to Zhan LingTian, preparing to kill him off as soon as possible. Once that happened, none of the others would be of any slightest threat to himself. Although Zhou Weiqing had a Skill that could invoke a Heavenly Skill Image, with his Heavenly Energy only at a mere Four-Jeweled stage, Han Tianyou did not place any importance on him. Just as Zhan LingTian sensed that he was totally in check by Han Tianyou, a sudden figure charged forward.

One step forward, a perfect angle, and a massive shield cut into the path, forcefully putting a block between Zhan LingTian and Han Tianyou, breaking the connection between the two.

The next instant, Han Tianyou’s left palm slammed savagely onto the shield.

A huge explosion, and the heavy shield was sent flying back along with its owner. However, to Han Tianyou’s surprise, the shield was not shattered, and its sheer weight actually caused him to slow down for a split second.

Naturally, the one who had charged forth and blocked in that moment was Lin TianAo. Although his cultivation level was far from Zhan LingTian’s, his combat experience was definitely much richer than Zhan LingTian. Furthermore, as a Heavenly Jewel Master specialised in defense, his grasp and big picture view of the battlefield, overall positioning and movement were all extremely refined. As such, he was able to choose a time when Han Tianyou’s strike was at the weakest point to cut in, to resolve Zhan LingTian’s danger at a critical moment. No matter what conflict they had with each other, when Zhan LingTian stepped up boldly to face their enemies to let Shangguan Fei’er escape, he had earned Lin TianAo’s respect, and some modicum of favourable impression, at least towards his courage. Furthermore, they were now facing the same enemy, and if they did not work together, they would definitely die terribly.

With that help, Zhan LingTian was able to recover, and the gathered power within his spear exploded forth in that moment. Becoming one with his spear, right at the same time as Lin TianAo was sent flying out, he pounced forward, the sharp tip of the Light-Dark Divine Spear glowing almost three chi ahead as a series of explosions rang out. Indeed, like Han Tianyou had gleaned, Zhan LingTian had hidden two Skills within his spear, gathering power all this time, and they were his two most powerful Skills.

Being blocked by Lin TianAo, Han Tianyou gave an angry humph as violent flames rose from his body, and a shield of fire appeared silently in his right hand. With his Heavenly King Stage cultivation level, being forced to use a Consolidated Equipment by a few juniors far weaker than him, that was truly an insult and humiliation. However, the power he could sense held within that Light-Dark Divine Spear truly gave him a shock. To be safe, he would take some precautions and defend a bit. Once he blocked this blow, he would unleash a flurry of irresistible power on those little brats.

However, their unspoken tacit understanding and unity was displayed at such a moment. Abruptly, seven glowing arrows of various colours appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the sky. The seven arrows all came from different directions, striking out at Han Tianyou, but all at an undoubtedly crafty, difficult angle. 0

Each arrow was glowing with a different colour, showing that they each held a different Skill. Yet, each of them seemed to arrive at a different time, the first of which reached a smidgen of a second before Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear did.

In the distance, an extremely soft ‘Ehh?’ sound rang out. The few in the midst of battle were too focused to hear it, but Shen Little Demon and the other Blood Red Hell members on the edge of the fight had their expressions changed instantly, as that soft sound seemed to come up from nowhere, like from the depths of hell, and even they had no idea about the source of the sound. Furthermore, the strange thing was that even with all the large amount of noise and action, up until now, the Snow Deer Tribe had not sent anyone to investigate. Without question, the seven arrows were shot by Zhou Weiqing. At this moment, he was no longer the mere Three- Jeweled cultivation level he had been, but Four-Jeweled. More so, his Heavenly Energy had already reached the eighteenth stage, and using the Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon Archery Skill once more, it was much easier for him. However, it was extremely clear that these seven arrows were no ordinary ones, and after he had shot out the last one, he slumped down onto the ground, panting heavily as he lay there unmoving. The Demonic Change State he had been in while shooting the arrows also dissipated, right at the same time as the disappearance of his Overlord Bow.

Seven arrows. Seven Skills. Seven different directions. All different, sneaky angles. It could be said that Zhou Weiqing had put everything he had into these seven arrows, using his most powerful archery skills and Elemental Skills at once.

However, a Heavenly King Stage was still a Heavenly King Stage after all. Facing the seven arrows, Han Tianyou’s old face showed only a disdain, and he did not even seem to have the slightest notion of dodging. Around his body, a thick red aura shield appeared, enveloping him like a blood red shield.

This was not even a Skill, but just a high level usage of Heavenly Energy. When one’s Heavenly Energy reached the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, their Heavenly Energy would take on a colour depending on the Heavenly Jewel Master’s cultivation level and Attribute. It could be said that almost no Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy would be exactly the same colour, no matter even if they were the same Attributes, as the shades of colour would be slightly different.

Towards the protective shield aura that his Heavenly Dao Energy formed, Han Tianyou had given the name as Fire Cloud Shield, and its defensive capabilities was nothing to scoff at indeed.,

Zhou Weiqing was after all only at the Four-Jeweled Stage, and facing his attacks, for Han Tianyou to use his Fire Cloud Shield was already considered giving him a lot of face. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that his character was extremely careful.

As Shangguan Fei’er had been sent flying back, in midair she released her Consolidated Wings, and with a sweep of the large wings, she came flying back. Of course, she had been delayed by it overall and was unable to fully work together with Zhou Weiqing and Zhan LingTian.

*Poof* A soft sound as Zhou Weiqing’s first arrow landed on the Fire Cloud Shield. WIthout question, this arrow that had been formed out of his Heavenly Energy could not even release the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow before dissipating into the shield. That was the sheer difference in cultivation level. Heavenly Shen Stage Energy versus Heavenly Dao Stage Energy, that was a gap that did not give a chance.

However, as planned, the Skill imbued within the arrow still drilled itself into the Fire Cloud Shield.

“En?” Han Tianyou couldn’t help but exclaim abruptly as he suddenly felt himself slow down noticeably. How could this be possible? It was an absolute type Skill!

Indeed, the Skill that Zhou Weiqing had imbued in his first arrow was the Absolute Delay.

What followed next closely was the second arrow, which struck down with a massive explosion. This time, the second arrow held the Lightning Explosive Palm, and though it did not deal any damage to Han Tianyou, the third arrow followed suit as it struck down on the same position as the second, exploding likewise.

Afflicted by the Absolute Delay, Han Tianyou’s control of his speed and Heavenly Energy was affected, and though the second arrow with the Lightning Explosive Palm only caused the Fire Cloud Shield to reverberate for a moment, the third arrow had been shot with his Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill; added on to the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow, the resulting quadruple explosion of the two arrows caused the shockwaves to grow violently.

As such, the Skill imbued within the third arrow managed to burrow right through the Fire Cloud Shield. Lightning Suffering Skill was that third Skill. It originally already held a powerful piercing effect of its own, especially coupled with the explosive shock waves of the two arrows. Although the Fire Cloud Shield was extremely powerful, lightning and fire were considered of the same source; with all the above series of foreshadowing support, a spark of the Lightning Suffering managed to enter. Although it only caused Han Tianyou to feel a slight numbing sensation for a split second, it was enough to give him a mixture of shock, surprise and rage. A mere little Low Level Zun Stage could actually use arrows to let him experience a Skill’s effect, that was truly an unbelievable humiliation.

However, that was not the end of Zhou Weiqing’s arrows. The fourth and fifth arrows followed suit almost in the next instant.

The most surprising thing was that although the seven arrows of Zhou Weiqing’s seemed to be all from different directions and angles, when they actually struck Han Tianyou, they somehow arrived exactly on the same spot. The fourth arrow held the Time Disorder Skill, and it landed right where the Lightning Suffering had pierced through. Striking that weak point, the fourth arrow managed to actually sink into the Fire Cloud Shield before being destroyed, and the Time Disorder Skill erupted from within the shield, causing it to be in disorder. At the same time, the fifth arrow managed to worm its way from behind to enter.

A dark red glow appeared above Han Tianyou’s head; it was the Curse of Doom effect.

With an ingenious combination of five arrows and four skills, Zhou Weiqing had accomplished an impossible task, causing a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse like Han Tianyou to be struck by his Darkness Attribute Curse Skill. Although Curse Skill effects would be weakened by the difference in cultivation levels, it was still an accomplishment that Zhou Weiqing could be proud of.

Of course, the main reason why Zhou Weiqing could succeed was two factors. Firstly, although Han Tianyou had used his Fire Cloud Shield, it was more as a precaution than anything, and he had still severely underestimated Zhou Weiqing’s arrows. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, most of Han Tianyou’s attention was drawn by Zhan LingTian. Even so, those five arrows could be said to be unbelievably clever, with such accuracy, precise timing and calculation that had to be down to the very millisecond. Now, at the same time as the Curse of Doom’s effect came into play, Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear also reached.

So many things happened at almost the same time that it might seem like it all took a long time, but the truth was that this all happened within an instant.

When Zhan LingTian saw the Curse of Doom symbol appear above Han Tianyou’s head, he couldn’t help but be delighted. After all, this spear strike of his held all of his power.

Facing a powerhouse like Han Tianyou, trying to beat him in a war of attrition was akin to suicide. Only if they pit their all as quickly as possible, then they would have a one in a thousand chance.

At this point, Han Tianyou could no longer take care of Zhou Weiqing’s other arrows, as he needed to actually focus on the spear in front of him. The shield in his right hand struck out in a parrying move, and at the same time his left hand slapped down on his shield.

The reason for that was because Han Tianyou had clearly seen that right on the instant that the Light-Dark Divine Spear struck his shield, three bouts of bright dark-gold light sprang forth around Zhan LingTian’s body. It was evident that he had released another three more God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

These three God Tier Consolidated Equipment of Zhan LingTian’s were rather unique, neither used for attacking or defense, but used to actually supplement his own Attributes, allowing this spear attack of his to be brought to the absolute maximum. Of course, the reason he waited until this moment to release the three Consolidated Equipment was to delude Han Tianyou.

Although Zhan LingTian was only at the seven Jeweled cultivation level, he was after all the top of generation in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and as the leading figure it was not unusual for him to have four God Tier Consolidated Equipment. Han Tianyou couldn’t help but curse at the rich upstarts of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but he dared not underestimate this young Heavenly Jewel Master in front of him.

~SSssss~ A strange sound rang out from Han Tianyou’s shield. There was no explosion, no sound of impact, yet in that very instant, Zhan LingTian’s Light-Dark Divine Spear actually lost all its glow and it disappeared. The only thing that was left a tiny glowing spot of light in the middle of Han Tianyou’s shield, glowing eerily with a mix of black and gold light.

Han Tianyou’s expression changed, and he subconsciously tried to fling the Consolidated Equipment Shield in his hands away. Alas, this time, his actions were just a tad too slow.

An ear piercing screech rang out from the shield in Han Tianyou’s hand, and in a flash, his shield actually shattered into pieces as an unparalleled aura pierced through with a terrifying presence.

If Han Tianyou had not been afflicted with the Absolute Delay and Curse of Doom, this strike might have been slightly problematic for him, but not a huge issue. Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s previous harrassments had indeed come into huge effect now, and at this point, Han Tianyou could no longer care about face anymore.

A dark gold light lit up around him, and a dark-gold fighting glove appeared around his right hand. Without question, that light was a Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura of his own. However, to Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura that Han Tianyou unleashed did not encase his entire body, instead forming a focused half metre light shield around him.

Control, this must be absolute control! Zhou Weiqing yelled in excitement inwardly. He had not realised that when one reached the Heavenly King Stage, they would be able to control even the formation of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

By shrinking the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura that originally would cover his entire body to a small shield in front of him, it would undoubtedly greatly increase the defensive capabilities. With his Heavenly King Stage cultivation level and power, for him to treat this strike of Zhan LingTian’s with such caution, one could imagine how terrifying the power held within that Light-Dark Divine Spear had been.

When Zhan LingTian saw that dark-gold shield form in front of Han Tianyou, his expression changed and he turned a pale ashen. He knew that no matter how much he had put into this attack, expending all his Heavenly Energy in all his might, it would be of no use. Drained of all his energy, he slumped to the ground, filled with unreconciled regret and discontent. Alas, no matter what, he knew that with all his power, he would not be able to break through a compressed and concentrated Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura of a Heavenly King Stage Master.

The result was as expected, and with another earsplitting chafing sound, the gold and black speck of light smashed down into the dark-gold shield of light, burrowing deep into it. Alas, it finally failed, expending itself as it burrowed through. However, Zhan LingTian’s strike had indeed shocked everyone.

Even with the controlled and compressed Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura to defend himself, Han Tianyou still staggered slightly with a muffled grunt. A thread of energy had managed to actually break through all of his defenses, leaving a tiny hole in his clothes. Although it had not actually broken through his Fire Cloud Shield, it had pressured down the Fire Cloud Shield so much so that it actually burned through his clothes. Still, Zhan LingTian could definitely be proud of that accomplishment, to be able to push a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse to such an extent, even if it were with help. If this spear had struck true, even Han Tianyou would have his body pierced right through.

However, though Han Tianyou had indeed fully blocked the attack, the cooperation of the team was not over yet. As Zhan LingTian’s powerful spear strike burst out with such immense power, everyone’s attention was drawn to it, and they forgot that Zhou Weiqing had shot out seven arrows, not just five.

In terms of control and grasp of time, Zhou Weiqing’s precise calculation was indeed impressive. The first five arrows he had shot out were truly more of a harassment effect, to disrupt, weaken and also enable Zhan LingTian. Of course, amongst them, the most important was the first arrow with the Absolute Delay Skill, helping to give Zhan LingTian the best opportunity. The four arrows behind were mainly to harass, and having the Curse of Doom actually take effect was a small bonus. After all, with Han Tianyou’s cultivation level, it was unrealistic to expect the five arrows to actually damage him the slightest.

Now, besides the first five arrows, the last two arrows were actually arcing around in the sky, clearly meant to reach a few steps slower.

This was purely a calculated move. In truth, Zhou Weiqing did not know if his attacks would have any use, after all the enemy was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. However, no matter what, he would do his best, to squeeze every drop of power he could and use every bit of it to the maximum effect. This was their only hope, each of them betting everything into their full powered strike. The last two arrows being slightly slower was specifically designed to let Zhan LingTian’s attack strike Han Tianyou first, and in such a case, if he could actually shake Han Tianyou’s defenses, then their chance would come. In fact, a major percentage of Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was actually in the last two arrows.

The chance had been created indeed in such a situation; when Han Tianyou’s Fire Cloud Shield was almost pierced through, he subconsciously gathered more energy to the chest area to cancel out the last bit of remaining offensive power from the Light-Dark Divine Spear.

At this point, Han Tianyou’s heart was indeed filled with shock. Despite all his caution, he had never dreamed that with Zhan LingTian’s sheer gap of cultivation level with himself, he could actually break through his own compressed Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. As such, his entire focus was on Zhan LingTian, and though his powerful senses told him that Zhou Weiqing still had two more arrows, in his heart Zhou Weiqing was too far below Zhan LingTian, even his earlier arrows had been slightly surprising, but they had only caused him trouble and not much damage behind them. As such, he dismissed the last two arrows. His Fire Cloud Shield was now mainly focused at his chest area, and the other areas were much weaker, but in his eyes, that was still not something Zhou Weiqing could break through easily. Alas, the truth of the matter was that Han Tianyou was wrong once more, and this mistake almost cost him his life.

Zhou Weiqing’s sixth arrow, glowing with a piercing silver light, struck right into the Fire Cloud Shield and sparked with a mix of flames and silver light. Having just finished blocking Zhan LingTian’s blow, Han Tianyou’s face abruptly changed.

The reason was simple – his Fire Cloud Shield was instantly pierced through by Zhou Weiqing’s sixth arrow. Totally pierced through. What Zhan LingTian had not accomplished with all his might, Zhou Weiqing had actually succeeded!

Without question, the glowing silver light of the sixth arrow showed the imbued Spatial Attribute Skill, the Spatial Rend Skill. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing did not have anymore spare Heavenly Energy, he would have used the Fusion Skill of the Spatial Rend Skill, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend instead.

Just a single Spatial Rend Skill, but with Zhou Weiqing’s fine grained control, he focused all of the cutting and piercing power into the tip of the arrow, causing its destructive power to be focused into a point which was a major increase, able to express to its fullest perfection. Of course, with their gap in power, a single Spatial Rend was definitely not enough to break through the Fire Cloud Shield, no matter how weakened it had been. After all, it was still the protective aura shield of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, and Zhou Weiqing was merely a Four-Jeweled Zun Stage Master. The difference in their Heavenly Energy alone was more than twenty stages!

However, a single Spatial Rend could not work, but that did not mean other forces could not. More accurately, this Spatial Rend Arrow was actually only a mere decoy, with Zhou Weiqing making use of its brilliant flash of silver light.

Under the cover of the brilliant silver light, a tiny form was hidden. Yet, the power held within this tiny form was such that not even the Fire Cloud Shield could block. It was the Silver Emperor, Red Bean.

@Chapter 139 Produce clouds with one turn of the hand, and rain with another turn!

Indeed, this sixth arrow of Zhou Weiqing’s greatest secret was it was actually a vessel to hide the Silver Emperor Red Bean. With the powerful flare of the Spatial Rend’s light and aura hiding it, it was able to perfectly conceal itself. As a top level Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, with it specially keeping itself hidden, and the fact that Han Tianyou was also rather distracted, even with his Heavenly King Stage senses, he did not realise it was hidden behind the arrow.

A single Spatial Rend from Zhou Weiqing could not break through the Fire Cloud Shield, but what if it was added onto a Silver Emperor’s Fusion Skill Silver Emperor Spatial Rend? Even if the Fire Cloud Shield was at full power, there was still a chance for the two Skills to break through it, let alone under such a surprise attack on a weakened one.

The piercing glare of the silver light penetrated right through, and at this point, even if Han Tianyou wanted to unleash another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, it was already too late. This strike caused him to feel an actual threat of death, a hidden attack from a Silver Emperor was just too deadly. At this critical moment between life and death, Han Tianyou showed his full power as a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. The attack was towards his ribs area, and in that instant, he reacted swiftly by taking a deep breath, causing his chest and stomach area to suck in. At the same time, his Heavenly Energy burst into action, and his internal organs were forcefully pushed down lower towards his abdomen area. At the same time, his right hand slapped down at his chest.

Knowing it was too late to block the attack, the only thing he could do was to reduce the damage taken from this Silver Emperor Spatial Rend to the lowest possible.


The sound of the piercing impact was combined with a cloud of blood mist, followed by the muffled impact of Han Tianyou’s palm impacting on his own chest.

The Silver Emperor smashed directly into Han Tianyou’s left side, all the way through and out through his right, bringing with it a thick cloud of blood mist.

This palm of Han Tianyou was a desperate move that he had no choice but to make. Although it would accentuate his injuries, he had to do so to set a seal within his body with his own powerful Heavenly Energy, stopping the Silver Emperor from exploding out with its powerful cutting powers in his body, and expelling it out. Otherwise, if the Silver Emperor stayed a moment longer in his body and unleashed some of its havoc, it was not just a simple penetrating injury.

Even so, his entire body had been pierced right through. Bones, muscles, meridians, all of which had sustained some injury. With the own self inflicted pressure from the palm and pressuring his internal organs down, blood spurted out from Han Tianyou wounds and he vomited out a mouthful of blood as well.

He had never in his wildest dreams think that he would actually capsize his boat in a mere sewer drain, to be injured so severely by Zhou Weiqing.

This sixth arrow of Zhou Weiqing’s was truly insidiously crafty. If not for the fact that Han Tianyou was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, even a Nine Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage would have died instantly.

Against his enemies, Zhou Weiqing had never been one to hold back. At the same time as the sixth arrow pierced right through Han Tianyou, his seventh arrow struck down. Han Tianyou was after all a Heavenly Stage powerhouse; with the severe damage the sixth arrow had brought to him, how could he dare to let Zhou Weiqing’s seventh arrow pierce through the hole in his Fire Cloud Shield? Wouldn’t that be suicide?

As such, forcibly suppressing the pain and his wounds, he barely managed to spin slightly, striking out with his left hand to smack the seventh arrow away.

Zhou Weiqing’s seventh arrow also held a single Skill. However, on this arrow formed by Heavenly Energy, it actually held three colours. Blue, Black, and Grey.

If it were to say that the Silver Emperor Red Bean’s sneak attack was extremely powerful, this seventh arrow was Zhou Weiqing’s true personal attack, holding the majority of his power. Its name was the Dark Demon God Lightning.

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing was still at the Three- Jeweled cultivation level, he had used this Skill to defeat the Six-Jeweled Shen Little Demon. Now, he was already halfway through the Four-Jeweled stage, and by expending the last shreds of Heavenly Energy, he was finally able to unleash this Skill after shooting out the earlier six arrows. According to Zhou Weiqing’s original plan, the first six arrows, even the Silver Emperor hiding under the sixth arrow, all of it was building a foundation for this last arrow. Zhou Weiqing was certain that if his seventh arrow could burrow into his enemy’s body, following the Silver Emperor, let alone a Heavenly King Stage, perhaps even a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse would die.

Alas, he was too unfamiliar with a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse’s reactions. Even with such a heavy injury, Han Tianyou was able to knock the seventh arrow away.

*Poof* There was no explosion, just a soft sound of impact.

Han Tianyou shuddered violently, as his entire left hand turned into the three colours blue, black and grey.

The Dark Demon God Lightning did not have a powerful explosive offense, but it had an incomparable penetrating and permeating power. Han Tianyou was already heavily injured and his Heavenly Energy was unable to react to all the many abrupt changes. Instantly, the terrifying Skill permeated into his palm, moving up his arm at an alarming speed. Still, Han Tianyou was not Shen Little Demon. Previously, when Shen Little Demon had been struck by the Dark Demon God Lightning, she had instantly been knocked unconscious as it immediately spread throughout her body. With his Heavenly Dao Energy cultivation level, the creep of the Dark Demon God Lightning’s poison was much slower. Of course, if it truly spread throughout his entire body, it would become that deadly, fatal poison.

In that moment, Han Tianyou judged that this strange triple Attribute Venom was not something he could withstand. Even with his Heavenly Dao Energy Stage, the only thing he could do was to slow it down.

The Live Hades truly lived up to his name as Live Hades; not only was he ruthless towards his enemies, he could be just as ruthless to himself. Without any hesitation, Han Tianyou struck out with his right hand, and in a burst of blood, he had chopped of his entire left arm.

His right hand moved like lightning, swiftly jabbing a few points around his broken arm, sealing his meridians and preventing anymore blood loss. At the same time, the internal organs he had forced down returned to their usual place. Currently, Han Tianyou was truly at an unbelievably weak position. When the Silver Emperor had actually pierced through Han Tianyou’s body, all the Blood Red Hell members watching had been shocked. After all, Elder Han was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse! How could they possibly accomplish that?

Of course, the sheer shock only lasted for a moment, and they could no longer hold back and watch, all of them charging forth instantly.

One of the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master quickly charged towards Shangguan Fei’er, blocking her delayed attack against Han Tianyou. As for the others, they all took their pick of opponents on Zhou Weiqing and the others.

The Silver Emperor had by now flown out of the other side of Han Tianyou, and flying back around in a brilliant glow, it struck out at the other eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master of the Blood Red Hell. Lin TianAo and Ma Qun each took on a seven-Jeweled opponent, while Shen Little Demon took on the weakest of Zhou Weiqing’s side, Ma Qun.

Amazingly, it had to be said that just by following Lin TianAo for a few months and learning from him, Ma Qun’s power had increased massively, his now Three-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield moving along swiftly, looking extremely skilled as he moved around, changing positions with a faint resemblance to Lin TianAo. For a moment at least, he was able to hold back Shen Little Demon.

Even so, things were not looking good at all for them. Zhou Weiqing and Zhan LingTian were both rendered useless, totally drained of their Heavenly Energy in the fight. Zhou Weiqing was slightly better off, with the sheer regenerative capabilities of the Immortal Deity Technique, as long as his companions could hold on for a while more, he could regain some measure of fighting capabilities and Heavenly Energy. However, Zhan LingTian had already burnt himself out with that single spear strike, and it would be nigh impossible for him to rejoin in the battle.

The situation was indeed dire. Their opponents were after all powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell, and even Shangguan Fei’er was having a tough time with the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Only the Silver Emperor Red Dot was able to take on its opponent, but only to a standstill. As for the others, they were all on the losing ground, especially Ma Qun and Crow who were in extreme danger, almost on the verge of losing at any time.

Zhou Weiqing quickly released Da Huang and Er Huang out from his Spatial Ring. At this time, he could only try his best. Placing both his hands each on the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears respectively, he started Devouring their Heavenly Energy to replenish himself. Only by gaining some Heavenly Energy as quickly as possible could he rejoin the fight.

Alas, after a few moments, Zhou Weiqing’s heart froze.

Han Tianyou slowly lifted up his head. In just that short period of time, he had stabilized his injuries. Indeed, although moving his internal organs had taken a huge toll on him, they had at least been protected from the Silver Emperor. With his massive store of Heavenly Energy, he was still able to fight albeit not at full power.

Looking on the ground at his arm, being devoured by the three different coloured lights as it slowly melted into a pool of blood, Han Tianyou’s eyes turned bloodshot.

Even in the past when he had faced off against Shangguan Longyin and lost, he had not suffered such a huge disadvantage! This was a humiliation, a shame beyond anything he had experienced in his long life. At this moment, his heart was filled with endless venom and rage. He did not even want to just simply kill these youths in front of him, but to use thousands of torturous methods on them, to let them wish for death’s mercy. Lifting his remaining right hand, a thick red light gathered. With a loud shout, Han Tianyou struck out into the air with his right palm four times, and the red light flew out in four directions. This time, he did not hold anything back, his remaining Heavenly Energy blasting out at once.

Shangguan Fei’er, Lin TianAo, Crow and Ma Qun flew back instantly, spewing blood. When a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse burst out his full strength in rage, they all seemed so frail in comparison.

“All  of  you,  stop.”  Han  Tianyou  shouted  angrily,  and  the Blood Red Hell members instantly took a step back. The Silver Emperor Red Dot also quickly returned to Zhou Weiqing, landing on his shoulder.

Next, his freezing cold eyes landed on Zhou Weiqing and he said: “You dared to harm me, to destroy my arm… if I don’t make you suffer through all the different pains in the world, I won’t let you die so easily. When I have killed everyone else, little brat, I’ll bring you along everywhere and let you scream for ten years before you die.”

As he said that, he lifted his palm up and struck down towards Zhan LingTian. He wanted to kill someone right now. Zhan LingTian closed his eyes. He knew that his time was up. The hate within his heart was no lesser than Han Tianyou, after all, as the top of his generation in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, his future was bright and almost immeasurable. Without question, he would be able to breakthrough to at least the Heavenly King Stage when he was older, yet he was now going to die at this Live Hades’ hand. The worst thing was they could not even send news back, and he would die an ignoble death, unavenged. Han Tianyou, even if I have to become a ghost, I will not let you go.

Just as Zhan LingTian thought he was about to die, all of a sudden, he felt something tighten around his waist. Next, his entire person flew into the sky in an arc, and his eyes opened abruptly.

Literal translation of a chinese idiom (阴沟中翻船). Basically means unexpectedly failing miserably in a simple task In the next moment, he appeared right before Zhou Weiqing. Right where he was standing a moment ago, a terrifying- looking massive red palm imprint was on the ground, almost a whole metre deep into the ground.

“I do not need you to save me.”  Even at this point, Zhan LingTian’s enmity towards Zhou Weiqing was still high. The reason why he had just survived was because Zhou Weiqing had just recovered enough Heavenly Energy to use a Touch of Darkness Skill, forcefully dragging him back.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “A living dog is better than a dead lion, living a second longer is still better than nothing. Senior Han Tianyou, can you hear me out for just a mere line?”

At this point, Han Tianyou did not want to rush into killing them, wanting to savour their deaths. Looking coldly at Zhou Weiqing, he said: “What do you have left to say? No matter what, it will not change all your fates.” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Yet, what I am saying is totally to do with you. Indeed, your reaction was extremely quick just now, chopping off your own arm instantly and stopping the spread of my Dark Demon God Lightning Tri- Attribute Venom. However, there is something I have to warn
you, this venom of mine is extremely unique… although your cultivation level is extremely high, once it enters your body, it has already spread throughout your entire body. Although the source of the venom was cut off instantly, it has already left a seed within. Before long, when it acts up again, even an
immortal god will not be able to save you.”

Han Tianyou started momentarily, then gave a cold humph, saying: “Little brat, you’re trying to scare me? Do you think I will believe you?”

Zhou Weiqing said calmly and unhurriedly: “It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe. However, I’m not sure if Lady Shen has told you previously about this Triple Venom of mine, and even Senior Shangguan Longyin was not able to do anything about it. To be more accurate, in this world, only I can actually get rid of this venom. If you wish to bet with your life, please do take action and kill us all. To have a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse accompany us in death, I am already satisfied.” As he said that, he closed his eyes, the faint smile still on his face, the expression on his face like that of a martyr willing to face his death in a relaxed manner.

Han Tianyou did not move, scrutinising Zhou Weiqing carefully, checking every single detail on his face and not letting go of even any slightest change. However, he was soon disappointed, as he could not sense any weakness or flaw in that impassive expression.

No one would joke around with their own life, and though Han Tianyou was able to sacrifice his own arm ruthlessly earlier, if that arm was his neck, he would definitely not do such a thing. Who didn’t cherish their own life? Especially a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse like himself, under ordinary circumstances, living up to two hundred years old was no problem. In Han Tianyou’s eyes, all of the people right here added up together were not even as valuable as his own life! As such, he did not dare bet, not at all.

The rest of Zhou Weiqing’s companions began to clamber up to their feet. Lin TianAo had his six-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield, and his defense capabilities were astonishing, and of all the entire party, he was the least injured. Next was the highest cultivation level, Shangguan Fei’er, she did not have any major problems as well. As for Crow and Ma Qun, though their cultivation levels were much lower, their physiques were all top notch, almost far beyond human, and though their wounds were severe, it was not up to the point where they could not even stand.

At this point, they all gathered together and stood behind Zhou Weiqing. Towards his words, it could be said that everyone in the entire area did not know what to think of it, as it did sound rather dubious, yet with a hint of truth. No one could tell whether or not he was lying or telling the truth, not even his own companions, who were all rather startled by his words.

Of course, they were at least smart enough to keep silent.
After all, this was perhaps their last chance.

Was there really a remaining seed of venom in Han Tianyou’s body? The answer was naturally no… the Dark Demon God Lightning might be extremely powerful, but it was not that strong with such a gap in power that a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would be totally affected by it in an instant. Of course, Zhou Weiqing was exaggerating, making an inflammatory statement to incite fear.

What Zhou Weiqing had grasped onto was Han Tianyou not being willing to bet with his life. With the state of things, fighting was already a lost cause, and this was truly their last hope. What he needed to do now was to induce Han Tianyou to believe him, using an excuse to help him draw out the venom and make use of the Devour Skill, and hopefully be able to control him somehow and menace the other Blood Red Hell

In truth, Zhou Weiqing knew clearly that the chance of this plan working was close to zero, and he hadn’t even thought it through yet. Still, at least if he tried, there would be a chance; if he did not try, they would all just die like that. Just like what he told Zhan LingTian, surviving for any additional second was just so precious, and he would grasp onto any thread of survival possible, no matter how thin it was.

Han Tianyou’s bloodshot eyes turned to Shen Little Demon, and he asked: “Little Demon, is what he said true?”

Looking at his terrifying eyes, Shen Little Demon couldn’t help but shiver. Although she knew that if they did not deal with today’s happenings properly, they could bring a mortal enemy of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to the Blood Red Hell, alas things had already developed to such a point.. With Han Tianyou’s crazed emotions at this point after losing his arm, attempting to stop him was useless, and the only thing they could do was to help him cover things up to the best of their abilities.

As such, she nodded her head and said: “At that time, Shangguan Longyin did indeed say that no one else was able to take care of the Tri Attribute Venom of his, and even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was unable to do anything. At that point, he was the one who personally brought me to look for Zhou Weiqing to ask him to expel the venom.” As she said that, she subconsciously looked at Zhou Weiqing, who opened his eyes at that moment coincidentally. Looking at the slightly mocking eyes, she couldn’t help but stall, as she suddenly remembered how Zhou Weiqing had only agreed to save her because of Shangguan Longyin’s promise.

Han Tianyou’s gaze, filled with killing intent, returned to Zhou Weiqing, and he snapped: “Fine. You, come here and help me expel the venom. If you dare try anything funny, I will instantly slaughter all of you.”

Zhou Weiqing burst out laughing, laughing so loudly as if he had come across the funniest joke in the world.

“What are you laughing at?” Han Tianyou took a step forward, a terrifying pressure instantly pressing down on them all, so much so that it was difficult to even breathe. Zhou Weiqing smirked coldly and said: “Senior Han Tianyou, Senior Live Hades… Please may I ask why should I help you expel the venom? If I do so, would you let us go free? I’m afraid not right? Since that is so, let us die together then. Come on, kill them all, then let me see how your torture methods are. If I, Zhou Weiqing, scream from the torture, I’m no real man.”

“You’re  asking  to  die!”   Han  Tianyou  lifted  his  hand, preparing to slap down at him. Zhou Weiqing was not afraid at all, standing up with his hands behind his back, taking a step forward with a look of readiness on his face.

In the end, Han Tianyou’s blood red palm stalled in midair, and he did not slap down. Although he hated Zhou Weiqing so much, he still did not want to bet with his own life.

He did not know that currently, Zhou Weiqing’s clothes were totally soaked in sweat. Without question, if Han Tianyou’s palm were to strike down, he would have died instantly.

“Little brat, with the current situation, do you really think there is a possibility that I will let any of you go? This also concerns the future of our Blood Red Hell, so your deaths are certain. If you are willing to expel the venom for me, I will let all of you die an easy, painless death.” Han Tianyou said coldly. Although his voice was still cold and filled with killing intent, his words showed that it was without a doubt that he was already starting to make a concession.

Zhou Weiqing waggled a finger at Han Tianyou and said: “No, no, Senior Han, I’m afraid that there is something you have not understood clearly. In truth, no matter whether we live or die today, everything that has happened here today will be known by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

“What did you say?” Shen Little Demon could not retain her composure and exclaimed: “You’re bullshitting. If you all die here, how could the Heaven’s Expanse Palace know?”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at her disdainfully, saying: “You have also attended the Heavenly Jewel Tournament right? You should not be unfamiliar with the amazing Lustre Gem that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has right? Yet, how could you mere Blood Red Hell members know how miraculous those gems are? No matter Bro Zhan or Fei’er, they are of utmost importance to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they can be said to be the legacy of the Heaven’s Expanse palace. In order to ensure their safety, how could the Heaven’s Expanse Palace not have certain safeguards in place? In fact, all that has happened here was already sent back not long ago. If you do not kill us, there is still some hope of settlement. If we all die, heh heh, if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace does not wipe out your Blood Red Hell, Your Father, I, will take your surname.”

Zhou Weiqing stood there, speaking calmly, totally looking like he was in control; not only did he cause the Blood red Hell members to feel fear in their hearts, even his companions felt their hearts convulsing.

Of course, the ones whose hearts convulsed the most was naturally Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er. What safeguards? What sending news? All of that was utter rubbish that Zhou Weiqing had come up with himself, and nothing like that was true. However, just looking at him speak so confidently, let alone their enemies, even Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian felt like what he said made so much sense, and that all seemed so true.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing’s famed acting skills exploded in this critical time of life and death, and he was now risking everything on it. If he could not fool the members of the Blood Red Hell, they would all die here now. If he could, they would have a slight chance of survival. In such a circumstance, how could he not lie with all his wits, finding every possible chance.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Han Tianyou’s expression turned ugly. If what Zhou Weiqing said was true, even if he killed all of these people here today, it would not be long before the masses of powerhouses from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace descended upon the Blood Red Hell. He might be a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, and of much rank and status in the Blood Red Hell, but even he would not be able to bear the
burden of such a consequence.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and continued: “Senior Han, I know that you might not believe what I said. Let me remind you one more thing which you can definitely believe in. I believe that Senior Han’s injuries are not minor, and although you can use your Heavenly Energy to suppress it all, I’m certain it will still have not a small effect on your current strength. As Senior has seen, I have a Silver Emperor right here. Let me ask you, Senior, with your current state of injuries, and with everyone else here, who can stop my Silver Emperor if it uses its full speed with the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce? If we are forced, we will pit all our lives to stop all of you for a split second, and I believe that we can definitely do it, and my Silver Emperor will definitely be able to send news back to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. As such, I have no need to lie to all of you… by now, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has already received news of us meeting powerful enemies here.” This was actually Zhou Weiqing’s ace in the hole, and it was his greatest key to the negotiations with the Blood Red Hell. By this point, his Heavenly Energy had secretly recovered to a decent level, and if the Blood Red Hell members truly insisted on killing them all, Zhou Weiqing trusted that by pitting their lives, he could still get Little Red Bean out to send news. He also trusted that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would have some methods to communicate with a Heavenly Beast. It was not too rare for Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters to have such means.

This time, all six of the Blood Red Hell members faces changed, their expressions all ugly. Although both sides were Great Saint Lands, with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s power, if they went all out, it would not be too difficult to actually wipe out the Blood Red Hell.

The main reason why they had actually dared to attack Zhou Weiqing and the others was firstly because they were confident in their absolute overwhelming power in taking them down, and along with that, the confidence in ensuring no one could escape. Alas, the Silver Emperor was a major unexpected variable that totally changed things. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had said that news had already been sent back to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

They were extremely clear what status both Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er were to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and Zhou Weiqing’s words were certainly possible. After all, when comparing wealth in the world, who else could fight with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Shen Little Demon had personally seen the Lustre Spatial Realm and Lustre Gems and their miraculous effects, and who dared say that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace did not have a long distance message delivery system?

The rest of the Blood Red Hell members turned towards Han Tianyou, their gazes urgent and anxious.

Han Tianyou was in a dilemma, and he truly did not know what to do. The reason he had taken action was mostly because of his own personal hatred. He only had a single disciple, Han Bing, and his death in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was a huge blow to him. Furthermore, he had once lost his fingers to Shangguan Longyin years ago, and that exacerbated the hate he had for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Meeting with Zhou Weiqing and the others here, it had been such an opportunity that he could not pass up, and all that hate had burst forth at once.

However, this speech of Zhou Weiqing’s had caused him to be stuck in an embarrassing situation, caught between a rock and a hard place, and at that moment he was at a loss.

What Zhou Weiqing said was indeed true, his injuries were extremely severe and he needed to tend to his wounds and start a healing process as soon as possible. Although he had forcefully suppressed his injuries and sealed his meridians with just his sheer power, the Silver Emperor’s Wing Slash and its piercing destructive capabilities had totally broken four of his ribs, and he was barely holding them together with Heavenly Energy. If the Silver Emperor really used the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce to escape, he would not be able to stop it.

All of their expressions fell into the astute eyes of Zhou Weiqing, and he thought to himself: There’s hope!

“Senior  Han,  actually  there  is  always  a  possibility  for  a turnaround.” Before Han Tianyou could make a decision and speak out, Zhou Weiqing continued easily. “At least, up until now, nothing too serious has happened. Undoubtedly, in order to protect ourselves, we have injured Senior Han, and all of us have also been injured.” “However, at least on both sides there have not been any deaths. If Senior Han is willing to drop the matter and withdraw your killing intent, there is still a possibility for a favourable resolution. Perhaps, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace might be slightly angry at the Blood Red Hell, but if Bro Zhan and Fei’er are unharmed… added on to the fact that Senior has taken a serious injury, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace wouldn’t do anything towards the Blood Red Hell for such a small matter. After all, there would not be any strong enmity. Of course, this junior will be willing to expel the venom for Senior as well, and we will count it as even. We will immediately inform the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that we are all fine.”

Han Tianyou exclaimed angrily: “You all injured this Elder, and I even lost an arm, and you want to count it as even?”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged and said: “If Senior did not attack first, this all would not have happened. Oh yes, there is one more thing I need to remind Senior, actually I am also now considered part of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… The Third Young Miss of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Bing’er, is my fiancee. If Senior is not worried that my father in law will look for you, you can always kill me after I expel your venom. Alright, I have finished speaking, the decision is all up to you now, Senior.” Han Tianyou’s face turned red and white intermittently as he warred with himself internally. Zhou Weiqing’s words definitely sounded reasonable, and in truth, if they stopped right now and Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er were unharmed, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would definitely not do anything to the Blood Red Hell. However, how could Han
Tianyou be satisfied with that? Old hatreds and new hatreds together, this would not be a good compromise for him, not even a slightest bit of satisfaction at all.

“Elder Han.” Shen Little Demon moved in a flash beside Han Tianyou, tugging lightly on his sleeve as she said softly to him. “Elder, we cannot afford to bet, as we cannot afford to lose on this. Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Indeed, the Blood Red Hell could not afford to lose, as this was the sheer difference in power. Han Tianyou was so furious that his entire body was trembling, but he could only forcefully suppress the venomous hate in his heart.

“Alright. You, come here and expel the venom for this Elder.” At last, Han Tianyou howled out in a low angry tone, and all of them could hear the sheer humiliation and vexed anger in his voice. Zhou Weiqing said seriously: “Senior is indeed one of the pillars of the Blood Red Hell, making the best decision at the critical time.” As he said that, he walked towards Han Tianyou.

At this point, even Zhan LingTian was sweating on behalf of Zhou Weiqing. The few of them had been watching Zhou Weiqing use his silver tongue and speak so glibly and convincingly. What was once a confirmed death situation had been forcefully turned just through his words alone! Even someone as proud and arrogant as Zhan LingTian couldn’t help but feel respect for that.

Zhou Weiqing walked to two yards from Han Tianyou before stopping. The nearer he got, the more nervous he became. After all, the hatred and enmity from a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse was a palpable pressure that almost seemed like he could be killed at anytime, and one could imagine the amount of stress and pressure he was under. However, things had already progressed to such a state, and he could only persevere.

When Zhou Weiqing stepped forward, the Silver Emperor on his shoulder had flown back, not following him forward.

Zhou Weiqing bowed respectfully towards Han Tianyou and said: “Senior, in a while, I will be using the Devour Skill to draw out the venom from your body. This is just to inform Senior beforehand, so there will not be any misunderstandings.”

This was truly an overt plot, and Zhou Weiqing would not allow Han Tianyou any chance to act up.

Han Tianyou looked towards Shen Little Demon, who nodded at him, indicating that Zhou Weiqing was telling the truth.

“Come on then.” Han Tianyou’s angry look slowly turned icy cold as he forced himself to calm down.

Zhou Weiqing took two steps forward to beside Han Tianyou, lifting his right hand towards his left shoulder. Circulating his Heavenly Energy, he activated his Devour Skill.

This was Zhou Weiqing’s first time Devouring a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master, and the moment he activated the Devour Skill, he could clearly sense Han Tianyou’s energy flooding into him like a boundless ocean crashing down towards him. Too strong! He’s way too strong! Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in his heart. Previously, in their fight, he estimated that perhaps Han Tianyou had not even used a tenth of his Heavvenly Energy. If not for the fact that he had severely underestimated them, along with a good measure of luck, cunning and great
usage of unique abilities together with all of their teamwork, they could not possibly have injured Han Tianyou. If Han Tianyou was not injured, and his mind was in a stable state and without any threat to his life, he would most likely not have succeeded in persuading him to let them go.

Feeling his own Heavenly Energy surge out of him, Han Tianyou’s expression did not change. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was just too far below his own, and no matter how strong the Devour Skill was, it was impossible for the current Zhou Weiqing to drain Han Tianyou dry. Just a tenth of his Heavenly Energy would be enough to totally fill Zhou Weiqing and more.

After a moment, Zhou Weiqing withdrew his hand. With the Devour Skill, at least he was now at full Energy once more.

“Alright, done. I have already drawn out all the venom from your body.” Zhou Weiqing said with a smile on his face. At that point, surprisingly, Han Tianyou also smiled. Clapping his hand on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, he said: “Good, very good. You are truly the most outstanding youth I have seen in your generation. Let’s go.” The last sentence was naturally towards the Blood Red Hell members, and after that, he rose up into the air along with them.

After they all left, Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed instantly, looking extremely ugly. When Han Tianyou had clapped his shoulder, he could clearly sense a stream of heat entering his body. That old fellow had not been able to resist to take action against me after all?

His expression remained shadowy and gloomy, but Zhou Weiqing did not say anything, instead jumping up to the top of a nearby tent, watching the Blood Red Hell members disappear into the distance. He kept watch all the way until they disappeared far off, and he could no longer see them, before he finally jumped back down onto the ground.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, his legs buckled and he sat down on the ground.

At that moment, he was almost instantly drenched with sweat as he panted for breath. His companions all surrounded him, including Zhan LingTian.

“Little Fatty, how are you?” Shangguan Fei’er was the first to charge to Zhou Weiqing’s side, holding his arm in support.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “Finally, that old fellow has been tricked away. This time, it is truly unbelievably lucky that we could survive.”

Previously, the confidence and bold speaking appearance he had put on, as if he had everything in his grasp, disappeared totally. In truth, he had been under an unbelievable amount of stress. Han Tianyou could have struck out at any time, and if that happened, he would have been wiped off the surface of the world forever. At every moment, he had been subjected to the full pressure of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse’s strength and scrutiny. Without talking about the impact it had on his body, just the sheer assault to his spirit was incredible. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing knew that this was their only hope between life and death, and had burst forth with a sudden willpower, he might have crumpled under such pressure long ago.

“What do we do next?” Most surprisingly, the one who asked the question was Zhan LingTian. Lifting his head to look at him, Zhou Weiqing did not sense any goodwill in Zhan LingTian’s eyes, but at least the previous ill intentions had disappeared, and the arrogant pride that had been there was restrained.

Chapter 140 Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor!

Zhan LingTian’s question might seem like a very simple question on the surface, but it truly showed many things. Firstly, with his status at the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, asking such a question already showed that he now thought of Zhou Weiqing as someone on the same level as himself, and no longer with that superior lofty attitude he once had.

Next, it was clear that he had been impressed, or at least held some respect, towards Zhou Weiqing’s intelligence; otherwise, he would not have asked such a question.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not answer his question directly, instead laughing and saying: “Bro Zhan, being able to step forward at such a critical time of danger, such a courageous and bold move to be able to stare death in the face like that, this little brother here admits freely that I cannot compare in that regard. Respect, respect.”

Towards Zhou Weiqing’s flattery, Zhan LingTian showed some disdain, only giving a humph. However, if one looked carefully, they would see the enmity in his eyes towards Zhou Weiqing had already subsided. At the side, Shangguan Fei’er chided him slightly: “Bro Zhan asked you what we should do next.” As she said that, she shook Zhou Weiqing’s arm.

Zhan LingTian’s gaze was filled with a hint of surprise. The subconscious close intimacy that Shangguan Fei’er displayed towards Zhou Weiqing gave him curious pause.

Shangguan Fei’er also noticed the strange look in his eyes, and she quickly let go of Zhou Weiqing’s arms. Alas, by attempting to cover it up like that, it only made things seem more suspicious.

Zhou Weiqing said: “There is no rush to leave this place. We have already entered the WanShou Empire borders, it will be better for us to heal up and recover our Heavenly Energy first before we discuss any further action. Otherwise, if we meet any other danger, we might not be so lucky again. After all, it is a rare occurrence that we will be able to just talk our enemies into letting us off.”

Originally, Zhan LingTian thought that Zhou Weiqing would recommend that they leave immediately, and was surprised to hear him recommend the reverse. Starting momentarily, he asked: “Aren’t you afraid that the Blood Red Hell members will turn back and attack us?” Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “No, they won’t. That Han Tianyou might seem like a rash and impetuous person, but he is a wily old fox indeed. Do you really think he can’t tell that I was intimidating him with some lies? The Lustre Gem and sending of news, he would at most have a fifty percent belief in it. The main reason is because of Little Red Bean that he actually retreated. Furthermore, it looks like his injuries are more serious than it looks. Otherwise, with his cultivation level, there is no other reason he would be unable to stop Little Red Bean. As such, I judge that they will not return. Having his entire midsection pierced through, and losing an arm, that is definitely something serious for him to take care of. Alright, let’s all start treating our wounds and recovering Heavenly Energy. Fei’er, you stand guard for us first. Hmm… strange… with such a major commotion here, how come the Snow Deer Tribe hasn’t reacted at all?”

Right at that moment, a loud booming voice rang out. “That is because this old man ordered them not to.”

As soon as that voice rang out, Zhou Weiqing and the others’ faces changed.

That booming voice seemed to come from all directions, as if they were in a wide and spacious valley, with it echoing all around. The voice rumbled on in their ears, and they all felt as if their blood was actually trying to break free of their bodies from the reverberation of the voice.

*Chitter* The Silver Emperor Little Red Bean gave out a shrill cry as it rose into the sky, looking out for an enemy.

However, in the next moment, its body froze in midair, a faint green light appearing all around it, clearly what was restricting its movement totally.

That faint green like was extremely familiar, a Skill that Zhou Weiqing had used many times, the Fetters of Wind. However, Silver Emperors were Dual Attribute Heavenly Beasts with both the Wind and Spatial Attributes, and Little Red Dot was also at the maximum Zong Stage power… being able to restrict its movement totally with just a Fetters of Wind, what kind of cultivation level and power did that require?

Shock filled the hearts of all the watching companions. The Wind Attribute signified that the owner of the booming voice was not one of the Blood Red Hell members from earlier. Yet, his cultivation level was definitely not lower than Han Tianyou’s. After all, without a Heavenly King Stage level or higher, how could his Fetters of Wind be that powerful? “Who is it?” Shangguan Fei’er exclaimed out loud. In a flash, she took a defensive stance in front of Zhou Weiqing.

At this point, one could tell a bit of her feelings. She did not stand in front of Zhan LingTian, who also came from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and was equally exhausted, but defended Zhou Weiqing. It was clear that in her heart, Zhou Weiqing held a much higher place than Zhan LingTian.

A figure appeared in their sights, walking from the Snow Deer Tribe tents. His height was average, but had a large paunch indeed, with his waistline almost like his height. A head of short black hair, the equally rotund head with a maroon red face. From just a first look, it was as if he was some rich man who had eaten too much good food, and his walk almost seemed unstable.

He was dressed in long black roles, clearly custom made, otherwise it would not be able to totally cover his immense round body like that. The robes were not adorned with any extra ornaments, and the man looked to be around forty-ish years old.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing had already stood up. His could clearly sense that when this man appeared, both Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian seemed at a loss; clearly neither of them knew who this man was.

Forty odd years old Heavenly King Stage powerhouse? That was not impossible, but such a person could not possibly be unknown in the world. Could it be someone from the Heavenly Snow Mountain?

However, Zhou Weiqing quickly denied that thought. From Tian’er, he knew that those from the Heavenly Snow Mountain would usually be garbed in white. Even if they were not dressed in white, as those who self profess to be powerhouses born from the snow, the colour they hated most was black. As a result, even the entire WanShou Empire disdained the colour black. For this oversized man to be wearing black, he should not be from the WanShou Empire or the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Furthermore, he did not have any signs of being a beastman.

“You do not need to guess anymore, you young kids will not know who this old man is. In the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the only who would know who I am would be that little rascal Shangguan Tianyang.”

As soon as the fat man opened his mouth, his words shocked them all. He had actually called Shangguan Tianyang a little rascal.

Zhan LingTian was enraged, taking a step forward as he exclaimed: “You dare insult my master?” Gathering the bit of Heavenly Energy he had just recovered, he brought out his Light-Dark Divine Spear once more.

However, the fat man did not even look at him. Lifting his hand, it was as if Little Red Dot frozen in midair was dragged along by a rope, falling into his palm.

An insidious, crafty smile appeared on the fat man’s face as he said: “Although I have not personally seen this Lustre Gem you all speak of, I do know that no matter what object tries to send anything, there will be a certain level of energy fluctuations. Only that little fool Han Tianyou would believe you. As for this little Silver Emperor, trying to escape from my hands would be impossible. So… you… Zhou Little Fatty right, come on and try and fool this old man, let’s see what means you have to get me to let you all go.”

This fat man had appeared so suddenly, and his words were indeed strange. His gaze was fixed on Zhou Weiqing, and though Shangguan Fei’er stood before him defensively, Zhou Weiqing could somehow sense that he could not hide anything from this fat man’s eyes. Zhou Weiqing held back Shangguan Fei’er by the shoulder, walking up beside her before stopping. Grinning wide, he said: “Heh  heh,  Senior,  you  do  not  have  any  real  ill  intentions towards us right, you do not need to try and scare us. Furthermore, we have one similarity, one look and we know we are linked by destiny.”

“Oh? Say then, what is this similarity between us?” The fat man looked on at Zhou Weiqing with interest, a faint smile on his face. Of course, that smile caused the fat on his face to squeeze his eyes until they were almost invisible.

Zhou Weiqing was about to open his mouth when the fat man  suddenly  waved  towards  Zhan  LingTian:  “Little  brat, behave yourself. Do you think I am like Han Tianyou, so arrogant and thinking so highly of himself but amounting to nothing but dogshit?”

There was no sign of any energy fluctuations, no light of attributes energy or the white of pure Heavenly Energy. However, in that moment, Zhan LingTian sensed an unbelievable pressure coming from above, like an entire mountain range was pressing down upon him. *Poof* He sat back down on the ground as his legs buckled, and even the Light-Dark Divine Spear disappeared.

“Heavenly Emperor Invisible Energy!” Shocked exclamations rang out from Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian almost simultaneously. Their voices held a tremble that was not even there when they had faced Han Tianyou.

Amongst the people present, Zhou Weiqing, Lin TianAo and the others might not know what had just happened and what that entailed. However, how could Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er not know?

‘Heavenly Emperor Invisible Energy’, as the name suggested, referred to Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouses, with Eleven Heavenly Jewels. At that level, their Heavenly Energy no longer had any colours, and they could control the energy in the atmosphere without any signs. Previously, the pressure on Zhan LingTian was not the fat man’s Heavenly Energy, but just his sheer control over the air. At the Heavenly Emperor Stage, all energy in the world was under his control, even the heavens and atmosphere.

‘Heavenly Emperor Invisible Energy’. These four words might seem simple, but they represented the absolute top echelons of the world. Heavenly King Stage powerhouses might be very rare, but in the entire mainland, there were still quite a few. Besides the Heavenly Demon Sect, every Great Saint Lands had a few Heavenly King Stage powerhouses. Of course, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had the most, with at least twenty Heavenly King Stage powerhouses.

However, when it came to the Heavenly Emperor Stage, perhaps the entire mainland had only ten or so, each and every one of them were either Great Saint Land Leaders or top tier powerhouses known in the mainland. After all, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang was at the max level of the Heavenly Emperor Stage.

Who could have imagined that in this tiny little Snow Deer Tribe encampment, they would actually meet a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse?

Even Han Tianyou and all the other Blood Red Hell members added up together, when compared to this fat man in front of them, would all be considered mere ants. Heavenly King Stage and Heavenly Emperor Stage might seem to be only one stage apart, but in truth it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Sensing the terrifying power of a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse, both Shangguan Fei’er and Zhan LingTian did not have any thoughts of resisting. In front of such a powerhouse, resistance was futile.

Although Zhou Weiqing did not know what that ‘Heavenly Emperor Invisible Energy’ meant, his mind was extremely quick and intelligent. Hearing those words shouted out by the two, he quickly understood what it could possibly signify. As such, his face turned rather strange as well.

“Speak then! What similarities do we have?” The big fat man looked at Zhou Weiqing with a big smile on his face.

Only then did Zhou Weiqing break out of his slight reverie, laughing heartily as he said: “My nickname is Zhou Little Fatty, I would think Senior is called Big Fatty. We are both one Big Fatty and one Little Fatty, isn’t that a great point of similarity? What do you think Senior?”

“Hahaha.” As he said that, he started laughing out loud. Alas, none of the others standing beside him could laugh. Making fun of a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse’s looks, had he lived for too long as decided to commit suicide?

However, the large fat man still looked smilingly at Zhou Weiqing: “Little Fatty right? Let me tell you one thing, in the past, those who called me fat, with the exception of one person, the rest are all dead. It looks like your glib tongue won’t be able to save you this time!”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, but I’m still alive now right? Senior, don’t try to scare me anymore, I am a coward. We do not have any possible hatred between us, no enmity, and you clearly do not have any ill will towards us, why are you trying to scare us then? If you really wanted to kill us, with your power, that could be done in seconds and there is nothing we can do about it. Why bother with all the nonsense with us?”

The large fat man gave a humph and said: “I’ve never seen a little rascal as cunning as you. Alright, I won’t beat around the bush with all the crap. Hurry up, kneel down and kowtow to me, beg this old man to accept you as my disciple.”

“Ahh?” Although Zhou Weiqing could easily tell that this large fat man had no ill will towards them, he had not expected something like this to happen.

All the others also started in surprise. What was going on? This large fat man wanted to accept a disciple, yet he still wanted Zhou Weiqing to beg him. “No way.” To their even greater surprise, Zhou Weiqing did not even think about it, and rejected the offer instantly.

It was the fat man’s turn to start in surprise. “What? Why no way? Don’t think that this old man cannot tell that you totally aren’t part of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Or… could it be you already have a teacher? That does not matter, I’ll wring your teacher’s head off, that solves the problem right?”

Far off, deep in the Peerless Battalion camp, Mu En suddenly shivered involuntarily as a cold chill ran down his spine for no reason.

Zhou Weiqing gave a humph and said: “Nothing forcibly accomplished will have a good effect, Senior, you wouldn’t force me right? Indeed, I already have a teacher, and although his cultivation level is far below yours, he is someone I respect the most. I will not betray my teacher.”

The fat man started once more. “Aren’t you afraid that I will be angry and kill you all?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying sternly with a righteous air. “I’m not afraid. As the saying goes, never surrender to power and force’, haven’t you heard of it before, Senior?” “Cheh.”  The large fat man said disdainfully. “If anyone else says that, I might still believe it. For you… little brat, you’re too cunning and wily, and way too afraid of dying. Trying to act in front of this old man is of no benefit to you. Just now, before Han Tianyou left, he clapped your shoulder. That was not a simple clap, but an infusion of yin fire. Within three years, that yin fire will continuously invade and eat up your body from within until you die. I do not even need to do anything, with your cultivation level, you won’t be able to resolve this problem on your own. If you don’t want to die, you should beg me now.”

“Yin fire?” Hearing the large fat man’s words, Zhou Weiqing blinked. “Senior Large Fatty, how about this, shall we make a bet?”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing asking to make a bet, Lin TianAo, Shangguan Fei’er, Crow all rolled their eyes involuntarily. This rascal was trying to con someone again. In their memories, every time Zhou Weiqing wanted to bet with someone, that rascal definitely felt he had a hundred percent guarantee of winning.”

“Bet? Bet on what? That you won’t die in three years?” Large Fatty looked on at Zhou Weiqing with interest again. Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “No, no, three years is far too long. WIth Senior’s cultivation level, it should be extremely easy for you to check whether or not that yin fire will actually harm me. We can bet now, whether or not I can take care of this yin fire by myself. If I am unable to take care of it, I will
beg you to accept me as a disciple. However, if I can take care of it by myself… heh heh, then it’s your turn to beg me.”

Large Fatty suddenly burst out laughing, saying: “You little brat, truly a wily one eh. Alright, I won’t play with you any longer.” As he said that, he suddenly burst into action, yet no one could actually see him move.

In an instant, he appeared in front of Shangguan Fei’er, a single hand pressed upon her forehead.

Shangguan Fei’er did not struggle at all, not because she did not want to, but because she found she could not move at all. Once again, the Fetters of Wind, and she was left totally helpless. At the same time, the Silver Emperor Little Red Dot was actually still caught in the previous Fetters of Wind, even though quite some time had passed it was still in effect.

“Hurry up and kneel down and beg this old man, otherwise, I will kill this little lover of yours. My patience has a limit.” Originally, Zhou Weiqing had wanted to gain some advantage with a bet, but who knew this large fatty was more cunning than he thought, not falling for it at all. Instead, he had quickly taken hold of his weak point easily.

“How do you know she is my love?”  Zhou Weiqing asked curiously. As Zhan LingTian was with them, both he and Shangguan Fei’er had been extremely careful not to show any intimacy.

“The way you look at each other, breathing, heartbeat.” The large fatty grinned and said: “Heh, every time you all look at each other, both your heartbeats and breathing will have some small change. Also, the way you look at each other, that cannot fool me. You two are already at such a stage, what else can you be but lovers? Earlier, when you were facing Han Tianyou, even when you were in extreme danger yourself, a lot of your attention was on this little girl. Alright, enough trash talking, hurry up and kneel down and beg me to accept you as my disciple. Otherwise, every minute, this old man will scratch an un-healable scar on this little girl’s beautiful face. You little brat, you might not have heard of my name, but this Heaven’s Expanse Palace little girl should have heard of me. Anyone else might be afraid of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but since when have I, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor, been afraid of anyone? Furthermore, I am known to be ruthless… heh heh.” Hearing the words ‘Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’, both Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er’s face changed again. Clearly, the name had a stunning effect on both of them.

“That…  Senior Large Fatty, then I have one last request.” Zhou Weiqing said with a wronged look on his face.

“What request?”  The large fatty gave a cold humph, clearly getting rather impatient.

Zhou Weiqing’s face suddenly turned very serious, with a hint of sorrow as he said solemnly: “I can acknowledge you as my master, but you cannot harm my original teachers. They will still be my teachers no matter what. Just think, if every time someone stronger wants to take me as a disciple, and I betray my old teacher, wouldn’t I become someone that also betrays you in the future? If you do not agree to this term, no matter what, even if you kill all of us, I will not agree.”

The large fatty looked at Zhou Weiqing with piercing eyes, but they slowly turned gentle. Nodding his head in satisfaction, he said: “That does make sense. Alright, I agree to that. Damn it, looking for a successor is so tough. If not for the fact you little brat also has six Attributes, do you think I will waste so much time with you?” Right at that moment, there was an abrupt thud as Zhou Weiqing knelt down on the ground. This little rascal changed faces as quickly as others flipped the pages of a book indeed. Facing the large fatty, he kowtowed: “Senior Large Fatty, please accept me as your disciple!”  That expression, so sincere and earnest. In terms of acting, Zhou Weiqing was definitely second to none.

Such a sudden change of attitude, let alone the others, even the large fatty couldn’t help but feel his mouth twitch.

The actual direct translation is A forcefully plucked fruit is not sweet

Part of a famous chinese phrase 富贵不能淫,贫贱不能移,威武不 能 屈 which means, indulge never in money and rank , apostatize never when in poverty and hardship , surrender never to power and force
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