Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111 Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal!

As they galloped along, besides for the sake of Crow who needed to continuously change horses due to her weight, they did not take many stops to rest, spending most of their time on the road. Dou Dou did not complain about suffering; as long as she could have food in her mouth, she was willing to do anything without objection. Truly a naive young lady indeed.

Zhou Weiqing suspected that if one day he sold her off, perhaps she would still help me count his profits.

As compared to their journey from the Fei Li City to the ZhongTian City, this time, their return trip took almost less than half the time. By the time the Fei Li Battle Team returned to the Fei Li City, they were all tired and covered in the dust of travel.

They stopped outside the city gates, vaulting off their horses before turning to Zhou Weiqing. Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “Big  Bro,  you  all  head  back  to  the Heavenly Jewel Academy first before coming to the Fei Li Military Academy to look for me.”

Lin TianAo said: “I shall not head back, I’ll follow you.” He was actually rather worried about Zhou Weiqing. Although the young man had not said anything about Tian’er leaving, Lin TianAo could clearly tell that it had affected him a lot as well.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly as he shook his head, saying: “Big Bro, you head back. It is good to carry through to the end once you begin; since the Heavenly Jewel Academy has groomed you for so long, you should go back once to give a final accounting. Do not worry about me, I am fine. No matter how much pain I am in, so what? Things have already happened, and Tian’er has already left. There is no point in moping about in the past, and all I can do is to ensure I do my best for the future. Rather than focusing on the pain, I will do what needs to be done. I will be fine, I’m heading back to my academy first.” As he said that, he passed the reins in his hands to Lin TianAo, before pulling Dou Dou along as he strode through the city.

He was definitely not trying to take advantage of Dou Dou… It was just that after these last few days of, he was now afraid of her getting lost in such a large city. “Boss?”  Xiao Yan said to Lin TianAo with a querying lilt of his brow.

Lin TianAo nodded and said: “Come on then, let’s head back to the Academy first.”

As he walked along the familiar roads of the Fei Li city, Zhou Weiqing’s frame of mind was vastly different from when he had previously been here. The current him was definitely much more mature now.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing truly understood what Mu En had meant when he had said that men had to experience some things personally before they could truly grow up. Mu En… teacher… are you all still alive? Are all you teachers from the Heavenly Bow Unit still all right?

Although logically speaking, he was clear that with the demise of the Heavenly Bow Empire, it might also mean the death of his teachers. However, in his heart, he still hoped that they would all be alive and well.

The large door to the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy was as quiet as normal. Besides the time of the year when they were enrolling new students, this place always had a silent, serious and imposing air about it.

Once again, he had returned to this place, but Zhou Weiqing’s feelings were extremely different, as if he was in a different time and place, and that he no longer belonged here. More so, he felt rather helpless; he no longer had the time to win over the classmates and even fellow schoolmates in this Academy as he had planned.

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing had entered the Fei Li Military Academy, he had come up with an entire set of plans. In coming here to study, learning was actually of secondary importance, and his priority had actually been to make use of his own talents to attract and recruit other outstanding talents for the Heavenly Bow Empire. That had indeed been his plan, and it had been working thus far. That was the reason why he had started acting in such a high profile manner and attracting so much attention since he entered the Academy; and he had definitely started achieving his goals.

However, it now seemed that it was too late for him. After leaving for several months, he had actually gone through the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament and even won the final championship. This could have been the best tool for him to continue recruiting talent, alas the Heavenly Bow Empire had fallen, and he had no time to continue staying in the Academy.

“Big Bro Little Fatty, I am hungry.” The naive young lady Dou Dou tugged on Zhou Weiqing’s sleeve. Although she was twenty three years old, and mature physically, her mental disposition was still that of a young girl. Zhou Weiqing had used a bag of potato chips to cheat her into calling him Big Bro.

Zhou Weiqing retrieved a bag of almonds from his Spatial Ring and passed it to her, and she immediately quieted down, digging into the almonds with gusto. Although she loved eating, she was actually not picky; as long as she had something to eat, it was all great. Of course, if it were something extremely tasty, she would immediately give Zhou Weiqing a happy smile, and if it didn’t taste as good, she would have a sad look on her face, though she still continued eating. Even stranger, even though she ate so much everyday, she was still slim, as if she would never grow fat.

“Little Miss Muddle, come with me.” Zhou Weiqing beckoned to her as he entered the Fei Li Military Academy.

It was still in the morning, and the students were all in their respective classes; and the main square was empty and quiet. Zhou Weiqing went directly into the main building; Principal Cai Cai had been good to him, and since he was back and not planning on continuing in the Academy, he had to give this beautiful young lady principal a notification at least.

Little Miss Muddle was the nickname that Zhou Weiqing had given Dou Dou, mainly because she was so naive and blur to such an unbelievable state, and he had experienced it a lot in their journey back. Sometimes, they were rushing along, and she disappeared into the forests around, or even getting lost after going to the toilet. Calling her a little miss muddle, Zhou Weiqing already felt he was being so polite. Currently, she was following behind him obediently.

Entering the school building, Zhou Weiqing was just about to lead Dou Dou up the stairs when the bell for the end of class rang out.

As class ended, the students rushed out of class in a mass. The Commoner Class One’s classroom was on the first level, and the first to rush out of class was Kou Rui. He was about to rush to the main square, before he saw Zhou Weiqing standing there and skidded to a stop.

Rubbing his eyes hard, he realised that he was not seeing things, and with a loud whoop of joy, he charged towards Zhou Weiqing. “Boss!”

Zhou Weiqing was startled by Kou Rui’s sudden cry, and before he knew it, he had been enveloped by a big hug.

Kou Rui’s cry was indeed loud, and instantly the rest of the Commoner Class One students’ attention was drawn. Like bees to honey, they swarmed forward, and as they saw Zhou Weiqing, cheers and cries rang out as they surrounding him, almost blocking the entire main building entrance.

“Boss, you are finally back! You are now the hero of the Empire Ahhhh! The Champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament! We have all heard about it, that you were the one who led the Fei Li Battle Team to win the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament!” Kou Rui exclaimed as he stared at Zhou Weiqing with an excited look on his face, grabbing his arm tightly as he shook it wildly.

Our Little Miss Muddle Dou Dou was hiding behind Zhou Weiqing, munching away on her almonds as she looked around at everything around them with wide eyes, rather confused.

“Boss, if I knew you had gone to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, I would have followed along to sneak a champion for myself, how great that would be! Boss, let me tell you… I have already reached the second Jewel stage, it’s time for you to help me make another Consolidating Equipment Scroll! Heh heh.”  That large figure of Ma Qun seemed even larger than Zhou Weiqing remembered. He was indeed huge, towering over the rest of the students, and even though he was on the outskirts of the encircling students, he could easily spot Zhou Weiqing.

Yan Zhexi was standing beside Ma Qun, and he gave a disdainful humph as he said: “With your powers, you still dream of joining the Heavenly Jewel Tournament?”

The rest of the class was also chattering away; with Zhou Weiqing’s return, the entire Commoner Class One was boiling with excitement. It could be said that all of them were in an overly excited state.

For the past few months that Zhou Weiqing had left, all of the Commoner Class One students had been working and studying with all their might, and also focusing especially hard on their cultivation. With the money and Consolidating Equipment Scrolls that Zhou Weiqing had left behind, all of them had at least gotten one piece of their own Consolidated Equipment. Let alone for a commoner class to have such a sight, even in the noble classes, that was something that could barely be seen! After all, not all of the nobles were Jewel Masters. Indeed… for an entire class to all have at least one Consolidated Equipment, the Commoner Class One was the first.

It could be said that the current Commoner Class One had a rather unique position in the entire Academy. After that time when the noble class had been beaten up by them, the aftermath from that, as well as the warning by Ye Paopao and Zhou Weiqing before they left from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, none of the noble students dared to take revenge on the Commoner Class One.

Furthermore, in terms of direct strength, none of them were a match for the Commoner Class One anyway. This year’s Commoner Class was truly one of the strongest freshmen in the history of the Fei Li Military Academy, and the person who had given them that honour was Zhou Weiqing.

In fact, it could be said that without Zhou Weiqing, there would not be the Commoner Class One of today. It was he who had used his own power and strength, talents and abilities, and even money, to help the Commoner Class One to gain confidence, more importantly, to be able to stand up straight and tall in the academy. Even Principal Cai Cai had commented that this year’s Commoner Class One would definitely grow into talents in their own right, and perhaps into the future pillars of society.

From Zhou Weiqing, they had learned how to respect themselves. Only when one has self respect, can they start to earn other people’s respect. Self respect, self improvement, self reliance, confidence. This was what they had slowly learned from Zhou Weiqing, even after such a short period of contact with him.

This was especially so after learning that in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Fei Li Battle Team had surpassed all expectations to clinch the championship, and more so, Zhou Weiqing had actually been of vital importance to that. In that moment, their feelings for Zhou Weiqing had grown from gratitude and respect to almost the idolizing stage.

Zhou Weiqing had finally returned, and from his bearing and countenance, he seemed more mature and stable. In the eyes of his fellow classmates, their class leader was even greater than their teachers.

The Commoner Class One had just finished with their class, and as they headed out, it wasn’t just the students, but also the teacher who had just been teaching them. Coincidentally, the one teaching them had just been their teacher in charge, Ming Hua.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing, Ming Hua’s eyes were complicated. Not long ago, she had received news from the Heavenly Demon Sect, and that her instructions were to fulfil any requests that Zhou Weiqing wanted, no matter what it was, and to support him. Seeing those words, even if that little rascal forced her to do it with him, those superiors above would not do anything about it, and would be delighted instead.

That’s a rewriting of a chinese saying – basically an exaggerated describing someone as being innocent / naive to the point of foolishness. Standing at the edge of the crowd, Ming Hua couldn’t help but stare dazedly at Zhou Weiqing. It had been a few months since she had last seen him, and he seemed taller and more muscled. As compared to before, his face did not wear his customary smile, and his eyes seemed to hide a deep sorrow. He did not look that much different on the surface, but to a mature and ripe young woman in her prime, the current Zhou Weiqing definitely had much more attraction.

“Is everyone okay?”  Zhou Weiqing put an arm around Kou Rui’s shoulder. Sensing the warmth and enthusiasm from his classmates, a faint smile appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face. At least, his efforts had not gone to waste; even after leaving for several months, his classmates had not forgotten him.

Kou Rui laughed heartily and said: “Boss, we have never been better. Our Commoner Class One is unrivalled in the Academy, and even those higher level noble classes do not dare provoke us. We are a full team, an ensemble, and if anyone dares touch any one of us, we will all work together and retaliate as one. This is what you taught us, unity is strength!” Yan Zhexi also squeezed his way to Zhou Weiqing, saying: “Leader,  you  are  finally  back.  We  have  not  let  you  down! Currently, out of all twenty nine of our students, besides you and sister in law, the twenty seven of us remaining, no matter Heavenly Jewel Master, Physical Jewel Master or Elemental
Jewel Master, we have all broken through to the Two-Jeweled stage. Amongst that, eleven of us have at least one Consolidated Equipment, and three Elemental Jewel Masters have also Stored one Skill. The Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and money you left behind has not been fully used, I will pass you the remaining left.”

Zhou Weiqing fell silent for a moment, then said: “Alright, how about this, all of you return to the class to wait for me. I have only just returned, and I need to report to Principal Cai Cai first. After that, I need to speak to all of you.”

Kou Rui laughed and said: “Okay, no problem at all. We will return to the classroom to wait for you, even if they need to go to toilet, they’ll have to hold it in!”

Yan   Zhexi   shouted   out   loud:   “Commoner   Class   One, everyone, turnabout, return to class!”

A united voice of agreement rang out, and under the leadership of Yan Zhexi and Kou Rui, the entire class returned back to their classroom. However, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see a glow, a fire, in each and every one of his classmates’ eyes.

They have not forgotten me indeed… alas… it’s a shame but I have to leave soon.

Zhou Weiqing sighed inwardly. He believed that if he had even just one more year with them, he could totally win these classmates of his over to the Heavenly Bow Empire, to become his loyal men, and with their help, it would not be difficult to build up the Heavenly Bow Empire into a force to be reckoned with.

Alas, everything had changed so quickly, so suddenly.

Discarding those random thoughts, Zhou Weiqing focused in front of him, spotting Ming Hua. She nodded towards him and said: “You’re back. I’ve heard all about it, this time you have really proven yourself in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively and said: “We’ll speak later, I need to go speak to the Principal first.”  As he said that, he pulled Dou Dou along towards the stairway. Watching his retreating figure, only then did Ming Hua react. What, I’m the teacher, but his tone is like ordering a maid around. This little fellow is even more arrogant than before!

Reaching Cai Cai’s office, Zhou Weiqing knocked on the door and waited. Soon, her voice rang out again, that noble yet slightly lazy sounding voice, comforting to the ears but seemingly always causing others to look up to her. “Come in.”

Zhou Weiqing opened the door and walked in along with Dou Dou.

Cai Cai was currently sitting behind her large office table, reading something, her brows furrowed slightly as if she were pondering hard about something. She was still as beautiful as she had been the last time he saw her, the noble regal beauty as if the mundane world could never touch her.

“What is it?” Cai Cai did not even look up as she asked. “Principal Cai Cai, I am back.” Zhou Weiqing said solemnly. “En?” Only then did Cai Cai look up subconsciously. When she saw Zhou Weiqing in front of her, a surprised but happy look crossed her face. “You’re finally back. Don’t you know that these few days, the entire Royal Family of the Fei Li Empire has been shaken by news from you?” A complicated look appeared on her face.

“Shaken because of me?” Zhou Weiqing started a little before asking curiously. “Why so?”

Cai Cai heaved a loud sigh, walking out from behind her desk. Pointing to the couch at the side, she motioned for Zhou Weiqing to sit down.

Standing beside Zhou Weiqing, Dou Dou had been staring transfixed at Cai Cai. When she walked to the front, Dou Dou immediately exclaimed in praise: “Big sister, you are so beautiful!”

Cai Cai couldn’t help but laugh in spite of herself: “Big sister?
Weiqing, you still haven’t made introductions, this is?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “This is my friend Dou Dou, she came back with me this time. Principal Cai Cai, how is the situation in  the  Heavenly  Bow  Empire?”   He  could  not  help  but  to question her directly about the question that had been plaguing him the most, not even bothering about the other pleasantries.

After asking that question, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was trembling as he stood still. Originally, when Shangguan Xue’er had told him the terrible news, she had mentioned that the Heavenly Bow Empire was being surrounded and invaded, but not what happened after that for sure. Now that so many days had passed, whatever had happened would have already happened. No matter the guesses and expectations of what had already happened, but he would still maintain hope in his heart before everything was confirmed.

Cai Cai looked at Zhou Weiqing, but remained silent. Seeing her eyes, Zhou Weiqing’s heart sank to the depths. He knew that what he feared worst had likely happened.

Cai Cai sighed and said: “Originally, your father and the Heavenly Bow Empire Emperor had a chance to escape. They could have easily broken through the encirclement at the first chance before the Kalise Empire could fully surround them. However, they did not choose to do so, instead standing to fight to the end in the Heavenly Bow City.” Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was blacking out, and he sat down heavily on the couch, his teeth chattering and his fists clenched hard.

Cai Cai said: “Weiqing, wait, hear me out first. Things are not at the worst possible yet.”

“En?” Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing immediately opened his eyes wide.

Cai  Cai  said:  “The  Heavenly  Bow  City  has  already  been captured, and the Heavenly Bow Empire destroyed. However, your father and the Heavenly Bow Empire Emperor are both still alive, at least for now.”

“Is what you said really true? Have they been imprisoned?” Zhou Weiqing was delighted, his eyes gleaming as he exclaimed loudly.

Cai Cai shook her head and said: “No, they are not imprisoned. With your father’s stubborn character, you know he would rather break than bend; how could he possibly be taken prisoner? At that time, when the Palace was about to fall, your father used all his power to unleash his most powerful Skill yet, something he had never used before – the Darkness Self Sacrificial Skill. Perhaps the stress and pressure he was facing was just too huge, and in that instance, Admiral Zhou actually broke through the nine-Jeweled stage, allowing him to use that final, most powerful skill of the Darkness Self Sacrificial Skills, the Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal.”

Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal?! Zhou Weiqing’s heart was filled with questions, as he had never ever heard of such a skill.

Cai Cai explained: “The Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal is the highest grade seal amongst all the Darkness Self Sacrificial Skills. Even if a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse unleashes it, they may not succeed. With your father’s cultivation level, the success rate of it was actually less than twenty percent; perhaps the heaven’s had smiled down upon him at that moment, or perhaps your father’s sheer tenacity and determination then had pulled him through and he had actually succeeded.”

With the Darkness Consolidated Fate Denying Seal, your father actually formed an Absolute Seal around the entire Heavenly Bow City Palace, and a hundred metre radius around it. That Seal has an Absolute effect, and in that entire area, everything is Consolidated and frozen, including time, space and even life. It will last for a whole ten years.”

“Once this Seal has been unleashed, there is only two ways to break through it. The first, is to use at least ten times the power used for Sealing, in order to forcibly destroy it. In doing so, everything within the Seal will be destroyed, disintegrated into nothingness. The second would be to wait. In ten years, the Seal will be automatically cancelled, and all life forms within the Seal will be in a feeble, weakened state. In order to restore their life force, one would require the Divine Attribute’s restorative capabilities. That is to say, your father has made use of that Skill to stall for time, to leave a last hope and dignity for the Heavenly Bow Empire. I can only say that I have the utmost respect for your father indeed.”

Hearing Cai Cai’s words, a spark of hope was once again ignited within Zhou Weiqing’s heart. This time, it was a fiery blaze as he finally saw a possibility. At least, his father and godfather had not yet perished, and if father was there, it was highly likely that his mother was as well. No matter what, they were still alive, and his father had even managed to give him ten years of time to work with.

Ten years… ten years… It sounded long, but to Zhou Weiqing, it was just too short. In that ten years, he had to come up with enough strength and power to counter invade the Heavenly Bow City, occupy it. At the same time, he would also have to find a Heavenly Jewel Master with the Divine Attribute to help him, to save his father, godfather and others trapped within.

“Principal Cai Cai, will there be anyone from the Bai Da Empire who can destroy the Seal forcibly?” Zhou Weiqing asked worriedly.

Cai Cai shook her head and said: “No, your father had already broken through the nine Jeweled stage before unleashing the Seal. In order to have ten times more power than him, it will at least require a Top Level Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, or even a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouses. Furthermore, when destroying such a Seal, the backlash from it is extremely powerful. The Bai Da Empire does not have a powerhouse like that, and even if they did, it would be highly unlikely that they would do so and risk severe injury to themselves. To the Bai Da Empire, just a mere hundred metre radius of a city block around the Palace is nothing, since they already have control of the rest of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Furthermore, they just need to wait ten years, and they can easily kill off your father and the rest. Why would they bother to find a powerhouse to take such a risk?” Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at Cai Cai, his eyes sparkled with hope once more, and he said gratefully: “Thank you Principal Cai Cai, this is the best news I have heard in the last few days.”

Cai Cai shook her head and said: “You do not need to thank me, I’m afraid that you will hate me in a while. I’m really sorry Weiqing, although I am the Princess of the Fei Li Empire, I was not able to help you.” Zhou Weiqing’s gaze froze. Since he heard that his father and godfather were still alive, he had recovered quite a lot, and his mind was racing at top speed. Instantly, he said solemnly: “Just now you said that I have caused a shockwave through the Royal Family of the Fei Li Empire… so I guess… Can you tell me about it now?”

Cai Cai nodded, saying: “Not long ago, Ye Paopao rushed back and informed us regarding your efforts and results in this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Without question, by defeating and killing the Bai Da Battle Team, beating the Dan Dun Empire and even gaining the final champion, you all are heroes of the Empire. Such an honour, no one has ever gained before. His Majesty was overjoyed, and wanted to confer a noble title to all of you, granting each of you the greatest honours. After all, you all have brought back the Heavenly Jewel Plaque and also brought much honour to the Empire. It could be said that in the entire history of the Fei Li Empire, no one has ever done anything that could match your accomplishments. Indeed, if you were not in the Fei Li Battle Team, this would have happened… Alas, when the Heavenly Bow Empire was suddenly destroyed, it caused much trouble…” “You are the son of Admiral Zhou from the Heavenly Bow Empire, and more so you have proven your outstanding talent during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. If our Fei Li Empire gives you a huge reward, then your draw and appeal will reach a terrifying state. When the Heavenly Bow Empire was
destroyed… our Empire had decided to guard our own borders and not counter attack the Bai Dai Empire… Do you understand what I mean?”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned cold, and he slowly nodded, saying: “So… that is to say… the Fei Li Royal Family is afraid that I will have a bad effect on the Fei Li Empire, and for the sake of revenge, draw too many of their talents right?”

Cai Cai smiled bitterly and sighed, before nodding as she said: “Yes, that is the gist of the matter. Because of this matter, the Royal Family has been embroiled in a massive debate. A portion thinks that you have already done so much for our Empire, and you have to be rewarded. However, another portion things that if you continue staying in the Academy, learning too much and perhaps enter our Fei Li Empire Army, it will have severe repercussions for us in the future. You are after all not a Fei Li Empire citizen…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively. Towards all of that, he did not want to argue. The moment he had heard the news regarding his father and that he was still alive, his heart had already brightened.

“That is alright, Principal Cai Cai, just tell me the result, I can accept it.”

Cai Cai said: “The final result of all the debate was…  two choices for you… Firstly, you proclaim to the world that you have left the Heavenly Bow Empire and joined our Fei Li Empire as a citizen. Your reward for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament will be given out to you, but you must leave the Academy, and also will never be able to join the Army. The second choice… is you do not join our Empire as a citizen, you will get a million gold coins, but you must also leave the Academy.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively and said: “I am only seventeen years old this year, is it necessary for the Fei Li Empire to be so nervous? Ally… this is our Heavenly Bow Empire’s Ally…”

Cai Cai lowered her head in shame. “I’m sorry Weiqing. Each Empire has their own troubles… The WanShou Empire border has much conflict, and their armies have been attacking in greater strength this year. We just do not have the resources and manpower to counter attack the Bai Da Empire, and we can only guard ourselves against them. This is also the reason why they have been so daring as to attack your Heavenly Bow Empire… they have exactly seen that happening and seized the opportunity. In the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, you may have created many miracles, but at the same time, you also offended
the Blood Red Hell…”

Zhou Weiqing stood up and said: “Principal, I understand, you do not need to say anymore. I will leave the Academy. In a while, I will bid farewell to my classmates, then I will leave. I will never give up my own nationality, even if my Empire is already gone for now. As for that million gold coins, it is not necessary. However, please help me inform the Royal Family that from today onwards, our Heavenly Bow Empire will no longer be allies to the Fei Li Empire.”

After saying that, he pulled up Dou Dou, who had been listening at the side, confused. Turning around, he walked out of the office.

Cai Cai looked at Zhou Weiqing’s disappearing back and couldn’t help but sigh. She did not tell Zhou Weiqing that she had fought so hard for him, and this was the best she could do. In the Fei Li Empire, there were actually many who were against him, with a few even wanting to imprison him or kill him, to prevent any future problems. Regarding Zhou Weiqing, Cai Cai knew that deep within, she admitted to herself that she could not read this young man. She did not know exactly how far he could go in the future, but she knew it would be far indeed. Alas, no matter what, she was just a woman. Despite all her talents, she did not have a status that matched it in the Fei Li Empire, especially regarding the policy decisions of the Empire; she was just not given a say, and it was all she could do to influence it as best she could. And
now, all she could do was stand there and watch as a young
man with unlimited potential be given up just like that, just for the short sighted, short term gain of the Empire.

To give up on Zhou Weiqing, it would seem to be of great benefit to the Fei Li Empire now. First, and perhaps most importantly, it would get the Blood Red Hell off their backs. Next, they would not need to worry that Zhou Weiqing would grow in influence within the Fei Li Empire, and perhaps have a negative impact on them in the future. If Zhou Weiqing was just an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, perhaps they would not care so much, no matter how powerful he grew. Alas, he was not of ordinary background. As the son of Admiral Zhou, it was without question that he would step on the path of revenge.

What Zhou Weiqing did not know was that one of the main reasons why the Fei Li Empire had finally gone on this path in treating him like this was because of Ye Paopao’s father, the Premier of the Empire. Indeed, it was he who had been a greatest influence in having this decision set in stone. That was also because Ye Paopao had been by Zhou Weiqing’s side for so long, and he was quite familiar with his character. It was he who had described the possible threat Zhou Weiqing might pose to his father.

Without a doubt, Ye Paopao admired, even respected Zhou Weiqing. However, with the interests of his Empire in mind, and perhaps more so because of that ugly jealousy in his heart, he had finally chosen to describe Zhou Weiqing as a threat.

Cai Cai did not tell Zhou Weiqing all of that, as she was hoping that he would not regard the Fei Li Empire as an enemy. Alas, from the way things were going, her hopes were just too naive on her part.

Cai Cai did not blame Zhou Weiqing for making such a decision. If it had been her, she might not been able to remain as calm as him.

As he walked out of the office, a cold smile touched the lips of Zhou Weiqing. Fei Li Empire, very good indeed, Fei Li Empire! In truth, Zhou Weiqing was not disappointed. That was because, on their way back to the Fei Li Empire, he had already lost hope in them.

The Heavenly Bow Empire had been invaded by the combined armies of the Kalise and Bai Da Empire for so long, if the Fei Li Empire had truly wanted to help the Heavenly Bow Empire, they would have started taken action long ago. However, they did not even seem to have the intention of moving at all.

So what if I do not have the help of the Fei Li Empire? In fact, Zhou Weiqing had never planned to stay on at the Fei Li Military Academy, and his current feelings were not disappointed at all. On the contrary, he was overjoyed; hearing that the Heavenly Bow Palace was still intact, his father, godfather, and possibly his mother all still alive. There was still hope for the Heavenly Bow Empire, and at least, there was still a hundred metre radius of land that was still, in name, under the Heavenly Bow Empire. To Zhou Weiqing, this was enough.

Pulling Dou Dou along with him back down the stairs, Zhou Weiqing soon reached the Commoner Class One’s classroom. Although Cai Cai did not say much, he could easily guess that since the Fei Li Empire did not welcome him any longer, it would be best for him to leave as quickly as possible. When Zhou Weiqing entered the Commoner Class One, he saw that besides his entire class and Ming Hua, there were two others in the room as well. The first was Yun Li, his Lifetime Follower that had entered the school as a temporary teacher, and the other was the leader of the senior classes, Zang Lang.

When they had heard that Zhou Weiqing had returned, these two had rushed to find him as soon as they could.

Zhou Weiqing bade Dou Dou to sit at his original seat, and he walked up to the teaching platform at the front of the class, ignoring Ming Hua who had been standing there.

Ming Hua was speechless with anger, but she could not say anything at that point. With a humph, she backed to the side to stand together with Yun Li.

Behind the podium, Zhou Weiqing looked down to see a sea of heated gazes looking excitedly at him. All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing bowed down in a ninety degree angle towards all his classmates.

“Boss,  what  are  you  doing?”   All  of  the  students  were shocked, and Kou Rui couldn’t help but jump up and exclaim loudly. The rest of the students also stood up. “Everyone, sit down…” Zhou Weiqing stood up straight once more, and said solemnly.

What was prestige and status? At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s status truly showed itself. All the students who had stood up sat down, and the entire class fell into silence.

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “I bowed to everyone because I have to apologise to all of you. I’m afraid that I will not be able to fulfil my previous promise to you all. In a moment, I will be leaving the Academy, and I’m afraid I can no longer study with all of you again. I will leave a sum of money behind, and if you all scrimp and do not waste it, it should be enough for most of your Consolidating and Skill Storing needs. I’m sorry, all of you.”

“Boss, you… you are leaving?” This time, even the normally quiet Yan Zhexi exclaimed urgently, and the rest of the students also showed a shocked look on their faces.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I’m sure you have all heard… my homeland… the Heavenly Bow Empire has been invaded and conquered by the Kalise and Bai Da Empire. The Fei Li Empire has already decided not to counter attack on our behalf, and have also forbidden me to continue studying here in the Academy. As such, I can only leave. There is nothing much else to say, but no matter what, you will all still be my good brothers. At least, we have all sat in the same classroom, and studied together before. Please do not forget what I have said to you all, although we are commoners, but we need to stand up straight. I cannot bear to leave you all, but this is a path I have to take. I hope that in the future, I will be able to meet with you and fight with you all together on the
battlefield. Zhexi, come here…”

Yan Zhexi walked up the Zhou Weiqing, still in a daze.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, clapping on the shoulders as he said: “It looks like in the few months I have gone, you have done a good job in leading the rest, and everyone is able to accept you. In that case, once I leave, you will be the class leader of our Commoner Class One. Do not forget our legacy, unity is strength. As long as you all work together as one, no one can bully us. Here, this card has ten million gold coins stored within, and it is all I can leave for you all. Although I can no longer fulfil my full promise, and cannot continue creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for you all, but at least I can do this much. I trust that you will use this wisely for everyone…”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing shoved the card that he had prepared into Yan Zhexi’s hands. Once more, he swept his gaze around to look at all his erstwhile classmates. Taking a deep breath, he spun around to take his leave.

Chapter 112 Three-and-a-Half Year

“Wait, Boss!”  Kou Rui jumped up and leaped to the front, blocking Zhou Weiqing from leaving.

Zhou Weiqing looked at him, a bitter smile on his face: “Good bro, don’t make it so hard for me.”

Kou Rui shook his head, his eyes glittering in a sharp look as he  said:  “Boss,  I  will  not  make  things  difficult  for  you. However, I said that I will follow you, and I trust in my vision. Since you are leaving the Academy, I will leave together with you. It was you who taught me how to stand up straight, you who gave me the chance to actually gain my Consolidating Equipment. No matter where you go, I will follow you, and trust in my choice. Without Boss, there is no point staying here and studying.”

Looking at Kou Rou’s determined eyes, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be in a daze. He had not expected that this young man, Kou Rui, who had not really spent that much time together with him had actually so much confidence and trust in him. Even knowing the reason why Zhou Weiqing was leaving, he was resolute in leaving together with him, and fighting together with him. “Ahhh, this is so vexing!!” Right at that moment, a sorrowful voice rang out, and the huge Ma Qun charged forth as well. I am so vexed, it is tough to be large and tall. Having to sit behind, and my movement is just too slow, even though I charged forward so quickly, I am still behind you again. Kou
Rui, you rascal, you actually came first again. Boss, you can’t play favourites! I also want to follow you, this time I am resolute about this, no matter how much you beat me I will still follow you!”

Ma Qun sidled up closer brazenly, shamelessly grabbing onto Zhou Weiqing’s sleeve, as if nothing would cause him to let go.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel as if he didn’t know whether  to  laugh  or  cry.  “Since  when  have  you  so  much confidence in me?”

Ma Qun grinned and said: “Heh heh, of course, it is because of power. Boss, in terms of understanding what the Heavenly Jewel Tournament is, I am likely the one who knows the most amongst all our classmates. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament top four has always been taken by the four Great Saint Lands, yet you managed to wrest victory from their grasp, and more so become the champion. They are also saying that you are not just a mere substitute, but the key to victory. What this means, how can I not know… Furthermore, you are also a Consolidating Equipment Master. I can’t go wrong following you right?”

Pausing, Ma Qun spotted Zhou Weiqing’s look of disbelief. Finally, he scratched his head sheepishly and said with a bitter smile: “Alright alright, I’ll tell the truth. This year, I have failed all of the theory classes and exams thus far… If I continue like this, I am going to be expelled from school, and I might as well follow Boss.”  This fellow had joined the Academy because of his Heavenly Jewel Master status, but his knowledge and theory was even worse than Zhou Weiqing’s.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head helplessly, and just as he was about to say something, Yan Zhexi walked forward once more, pushing the gold coin storage card he had been handed in front of Zhou Weiqing.

“Boss, we cannot take your money. At this moment, your homeland has been invaded, occupied, and this is a critical moment. You will have just too much expenditure for so many different things, and you definitely need it more than us. I will not accept your money, and I believe that everyone of us here will not accept it as well. You have already given us more than enough help. It can be said that, in the path of life, you are our most important teacher, and you are also the first person that I have truly respected. However, I will not follow you. I will continue staying in the Academy, to continue studying and learning all that I can. When I graduate, no matter what the others decide, no matter where you are, I will come to look for you. This is a promise of a man.”

In the Commoner Class One, it was without doubt that Yan Zhexi was the top student, and with the best results in almost every class; definitely a student that excelled in both character and studies. Besides his cultivation level and power which was far below Zhou Weiqing’s, in terms of military knowledge, he was far beyond Zhou Weiqing.

Their eyes met, and Zhou Weiqing could see the sincerity and resolution in Yan Zhexi’s eyes, something within that was almost indescribable. Spreading his arms, he gave Yan Zhexi a warm embrace and said: “Good bro, I understand. This money, please take it, I have enough from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. As commoner students, the thing you lack most is money, and I trust that you will use it to its best value.”

Yan Zhexi looked at Zhou Weiqing deeply before finally nodding in agreement. “Just Three and a half years.”

“Boss! We also want to follow you!” Very soon, student after student started standing up, exclaiming excitedly. Zhou  Weiqing  raised  both  hands  and  said:  “Everyone  sit down, listen to me please.”

“I am really touched by all of you, and I am glad that my efforts have not been ignored. I truly believe that our Commoner Class One is a true team, united as one. Of course, I do wish to always be together with each and everyone of you, but not now. Zhexi is right, what you all need now is to study, to learn what you can in an age where you can best absorb it. Besides Ma Qun, I will not bring any of you along. There are three and a half years before graduation, and this will be our time of promise and agreement. I want you all to have the time to think things through and not jump into danger. In this three and a half years, all of you must work hard, to enrich yourselves and to learn all you can, and of course cultivate as hard as you can. At the same time, I will also strive hard, and you all will hear of my deeds in some other part of the world. If, on the day of your graduation, you still decide to follow me, then I will sincerely wait for your arrival.”

Zhou Weiqing knew it was useless to just speak empty words. Although the Commoner Class One students respected him, and perhaps even idolize him, but not to the point of worshipping him. He did not want them to blindly follow him and regret it, but at the same time, if he wanted them to follow him after three and a half years, then he would have to gain enough power and strength by then. Three and a half years, it was the time he would give to them, but more so, a time limit for himself. These classmates of his were currently very limited in both power and knowledge, and it would be best for them to continue studying and training in this Fei Li Military Academy, but at the same time he too had a long road ahead to grow.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze fell upon Kou Rui and he said: “My post of official reconnoitre leader will always be open for you. However, now is not the time for you to follow me.”

A struggle showed in Kou Rui’s eyes, but as he looked at the resolute look in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, he knew that this boss of his had already made his decision.

“Okay, I will remain.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly before turning to Ming Hua, saying:  “Teacher  Ming  Hua,  I  leave  them  in  your  capable hands. I’ll take my leave now. Farewell.”

As he said that, he finally stepped out of the Commoner Class One, and perhaps forever leaving the Fei Li Military Academy. Dou Dou and Ma Qun followed behind him, followed quickly by Yun Li. Since Zhou Weiqing was leaving for good, there was no reason for him to stay behind any longer.

As the three left the main building, Zang Lang rushed out from behind. “Zhou Weiqing, have you forgotten our agreement?”

Zhou Weiqing stopped in his tracks, saying with a hint of surprise: “You know my current situation… you are still willing to follow me?”

Zang Lang nodded and said: “I am willing to follow you, I trust in you.”

When Zhou Weiqing had arrived at the Academy, he had only used barely a month to unite the entire Commoner Class One, to make them a true whole unit. The other commoner students had witnessed all of it for themselves.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly before saying: “How many are there with the same feelings as you?” Zang Lang said: “Including myself, there are sixteen of us.
We are all willing to follow you.”

“So many? My future days will not be easy at all, you should know that.” Zhou Weiqing looked at him simply.

A fire lit in Zang Lang’s eyes and he said: “Towards those classmates who may not even join you in the future, you are able to treat them so well. What do we have to worry about?! I am willing to be your Lifetime Follower. After all, following you is much better than following those noble fellows. I have always wished to have an exciting, fulfilling life, not lead a mediocre existence. We are Jewel Masters, trained for war, and we want to best use our abilities, not hide away from danger.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Very good. You know where my house is right? Bring them to look for me. I will only be waiting for one night. Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving the Fei Li City.

Zang Lang nodded before he turned to leave.

Yun Li looked at Zang Lang’s retreating figure before saying: “They have not had a good time at all. Your Commoner Class One has been assertive enough, and the nobles have left them alone. However, the price of that was that the other commoner students have suffered doubly in place. Perhaps that is the reason why they are so resolute in following you.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “No matter what their reason for joining me is, at least they will be a good boost to our strength, and that is something I sorely lack now. Yun Li, you have already reached the Grandmaster stage?”

Yun Li said proudly: “Of course. In the future, please call me Grandmaster Yun Li.”

Zhou  Weiqing  laughed  heartily  and  said:  “Very  good, Grandmaster Yun Li! You stay at the Academy for now, you remember Lin TianAo right? Later on, he will be bringing a few people to look for me, and when they arrive, you just bring them to our house.”

Yun Li said: “What is your plan after what happened to the Heavenly Bow Empire? Are we heading back there?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, I will not return just yet, it is not the right time for that just yet. This time, there should be many people who have an eye on me after I returned to the Fei Li City, so we need to leave as soon as possible and disappear without a trace. The Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire have both entered the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, so they are very clear about my existence. The news of my return should reach them soon, and they will definitely not want to let me continue living.”

Yun Li nodded and said: “Be careful.”

The house they had rented when they first came to the Fei Li City was still unchanged, and when Zhou Weiqing returned there, he stopped for a moment. His eyes fixed upon Shangguan Bing’er’s room.

It had just been a few short months, but so many things had happened. Bing’er had left, Tian’er had also left, and even his home, the Heavenly Bow Empire had been conquered. All of this had indeed forced Zhou Weiqing to grow up quickly.

Ma Qun looked around curiously, saying tentatively: “Boss, I remember you said that you will introduce a teacher to me? When?! Where are we heading next?” Zhou Weiqing said: “You will meet the teacher I mentioned soon, you better learn well from him, and if you do so, I guarantee that you will become a powerful defensive Heavenly Jewel Master. As for where we are going, I will keep that a secret for now, you just need to follow me. Dou Dou, you go
rest in the room for now. Ma Qun, come with me.”

“En.” Dou Dou made a sound of agreement, before entering Shangguan Bing’er’s original room. After all, Xing Tianyi had told her to listen to Zhou Weiqing before they left the Heavenly Jewel Island.

Zhou Weiqing brought Ma Qun to his room and said: “You rest here for a while, make preparations as we should be leaving tonight. Perhaps, we will not be able to wait until tomorrow.”

Ma Qun looked at Zhou Weiqing. He did not know why, but he suddenly felt a sense of pressure in his heart. Just a few months back, even though there had been a huge gap between him and Zhou Weiqing, but at that time, he did not have such a feeling. The current Zhou Weiqing was much more stable, matured than that time. He could sense an occasional cold light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, giving him a chill down his spine, even if it weren’t directed at him.

Originally, Ma Qun had thought that in breaking through to the second-Jeweled stage, he would be able to close the gap between himself and Zhou Weiqing. Alas, now, he realised that this was not true at all. From the pressure he sensed from Zhou Weiqing, the gap had not closed at all, and the reverse was true instead, with the gap between them widening further. This gave him a chill in his heart, as a slight fear towards his young leader was added to the respect he had.

Zhou Weiqing stood at the doorway, looking out into the small yard outside. His hands behind his back, he stood silently with his eyes closed.

Sixteenth Level of Heavenly Energy, his energy whirlpools spinning silently automatically, the atmospheric energy from all around drawn into his body. At that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was totally one with the environment, as if the world’s energy was part of him. Is this the feeling of the Zun Stage? Zhou Weiqing thought to himself curiously. However, when his mind wandered, that feeling of being integrated with nature disappeared.

All of a sudden, his eyes snapped open, his gaze focusing on a spot in the distance. In a biting cold tone, he said: “Since you are already here, why are you hiding yourselves?”

As if responding to his words, six men jumped out from all around the yard, forming a semicircle around Zhou Weiqing.

They were all dressed in black, with black cloth covering their faces, looking at Zhou Weiqing with clear killing intent in their eyes.

Hearing the noise outside, Ma Qun dashed out. When he peered out from behind Zhou Weiqing, he couldn’t help but draw a cold breath as he saw the six men outside. All of them were actually Heavenly Jewel Masters, and more so, with all of them at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, depicted clearly by the pure coloured Physical Jewels revolving around their right wrists.

Six Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. In any ordinary empire, this was already considered a force to be reckoned with. Yet, now, this force was right in front of them, and their target was clearly Zhou Weiqing.

Just a few moments ago, Ma Qun had thought Zhou Weiqing had been exaggerating about the dangers, and hadn’t thought much about it. However, it seemed like his judgement was unfortunately just too accurate. In fact, their enemies had moved even faster than Zhou Weiqing’s expectations, appearing not long after they had returned to the house.

Of the six black clad men surrounding them, the one who seemed to be their leader said coldly: “You’re the remaining spawn of the Heavenly Bow Empire, Zhou Weiqing?’

Zhou Weiqing pursed his lips disdainfully, saying mockingly: “You are the trash of the Bai Da Empire, six disreputable little rats hiding in the shadows?”

The black clad leader said coldly: “You sure are full of wind for someone about to die.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily: “Mere trash like you think you can kill me?” “Take action!” The leader knew that a long night was fraught with many dreams This was after all the Fei Li Empire, and they did not want to risk failure. With that command, the six black clad men sprung into action, striking out directly at Zhou Weiqing together.

Zhou Weiqing’s first action was not to retaliate, instead kicking out backwards right onto Ma Qun’s chest, sending him flying back into the room. Facing so many six-Jeweled powerhouses, Ma Qun would not be of any aid, and would only be a free kill.

The six black clad men were extremely good teamwork, with the tacit understanding of a team which had worked together for a long time. To send such a strike team of so many Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters against Zhou Weiqing, they truly had a high opinion of him.

The two centermost black clad men charged forward directly towards Zhou Weiqing, while two others jumped up into the air to strike down from above. The last two remained at a distance, both with staves in their hands. One of them waved his staff, and a bolt of green light flew out towards Zhou Weiqing. That was an extremely familiar Skill to Zhou Weiqing, one that he had Stored as well, the Fetters of Wind. The other man also held out his staff, fire bursting out from it as an array of fireballs flew out towards Zhou Weiqing.

Close combat, Ranged combat, aerial combat. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing was facing attacks from every corner.

If it were the Zhou Weiqing from the past, facing so many powerful enemies, his instinct would definitely be to think of a plan how to flee. However, the current Zhou Weiqing was totally different; not only was his power at a whole new level, just the sheer hatred in his heart towards the Kalise and Bai Da Empire had already reached a boiling maximum, and he would not retreat so easily without a fight.

In a flash step, Zhou Weiqing did not retreat, but advanced instead, shooting forward like a cannonball towards the two incoming close combat enemies.

In the next moment, an aura of light twisting about appeared around Zhou Weiqing’s body, at the same time that the Fetters of Wind hit him, causing it to lose effect. That was Zhou Weiqing’s powerful Time Attribute Skill, the Time Disorder Skill. To the black clad men, with the six of them versus a single opponent, all at a higher cultivation level to boot, the only option left for Zhou Weiqing was to retreat back into the house, to make use of the restricted space of the rooms to flee. In truth, this was what they had expected and planned for, as the actual team sent this time was eight men, not six! These Heavenly Jewel Masters were all from the Bai Da Empire; due to Zhou Weiqing’s astounding display in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, they were resolute in killing him off. As such, they had sent eight powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters, with the highest one being at the seven-Jeweled stage! Once Zhou Weiqing retreated into the house and fled from the other side, the two had already set an ambush at the back of the house, ready to deal the final blow. Even if they couldn’t kill him off straight away, they could easily hold him off and allow the other six to surround him in the shortest possible moment.

Alas, things had not gone according to their plan at all. Even facing six powerhouses, Zhou Weiqing had made the unbelievable choice of taking them head on. Who could have ever imagined that he would do such a thing instead of the sensible option?

Four Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared instantly around Zhou Weiqing’s right wrist, and as his Time Disorder Skill blocked off the Fetters of Wind, the two sides had already clashed. These two men had a pretty complementary set of skills, one with the Strength Attribute and the other with the Flexibility Attribute. The one of the left, with the Flexibility Attribute, directly stuck close to Zhou Weiqing, a short blade in each hand, striking out towards Zhou Weiqing’s vital points. As for the other man, he charged towards Zhou Weiqing with lowered shoulders ahead, around which was surrounded by a thick Consolidated Equipment pauldrons. At the same time, the two men in the air were dove downwards at him, fully surrounding him.

Immediately, Zhou Weiqing’s already large and robust body bulked up drastically, as he entered the Demonic Change State. The change was most obvious in his arms and legs, almost bursting out from his sleeves and pants, revealing the black tiger tattoos on his skin and the terrifying looking muscles.

At this moment, his battle experience combined with his top rated Skills showed their nigh unparalleled powers.

The Curse of Doom landed instantly on the black clad man charging at him with his shoulder. At the same time, his right hand struck downwards at him.

His target was indeed powerful; his Elemental Jewel Attribute was the Earth Attribute, and when Zhou Weiqing unleashed the Curse of Doom on him, he quickly responded with a quick protective Stone Skin Skill.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing was after all Zhou Weiqing, and in the next moment, the familiar dark gold glow of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura sprang forth around him.

Almost immediately, the incoming fireballs from the other ranged enemy smashed ineffectively onto the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, the difference between their cultivation level and power was insufficient to break through it. That short split second was enough to decide that black clad, Strength Attribute man’s fate.

That was the literal translation of the chinese idiom 夜⻓梦多. Basically means that the longer the delay, the more possibility of hitches/things going wrong.

Chapter 113 Legendary Set! Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm!

The timing of Zhou Weiqing’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura was indeed immaculate. It alone had not just blocked the chain of fireballs, but also the attacks of the Flexibility Attribute Physical Jewel enemy. As he did so, his right hand had smashed down onto the Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master’s shoulder.

Under the glow of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, Zhou Weiqing’s entire right forearm was covered with a dark gold armoured bracer-gloves, covering the entire area from his elbow to his palm.

On the outer layer of the bracer-gloves were a series of diamond studs, tough and strong, and at the hand area, each finger was tipped with a gleaming inch-long claw

Despite some similarities, his bracers were different from Shangguan Fei’er’s, after all she had the Mutated Duo Physical Jewels, and her bracers extended all the way up to her shoulders. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s God Tier Consolidated Equipment, though part of his Legendary Set, only reached up to his elbow. Even so, it gave a very steady, solid feel. Shangguan Fei’er’s claws were extremely long, and could be used as an offensive weapon, while Zhou Weiqing’s one inch claws were slightly curved inwards, looking like a wild beast’s claws

*Peng* A loud explosion ensued, and a startling image presented itself to all the shocked black clad men. Their companion, who had already used his Stone Skin Skill in addition to the Consolidated shoulder pauldrons, had actually gotten his entire shoulder pauldrons smashed into smithereens by Zhou Weiqing’s blow, the claws digging savagely into his shoulder.

This braver-gloves of Zhou Weiqing’s was the second piece of his Legendary Set, and combined with his third piece of the Legendary Set, it was called the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm.

The right hand was the Giant Spirit Yang Palm; similarly it was a huge boost to his strength. Although it was not as overbearing and savage as the Twin Legendary Hammers, the piercing power it held was far beyond the hammers’.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was already at a terrifying level. Now, boosted even further with his Legendary Set, along with the Giant Spirit Yang Palm’s destructive effect, even a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could not withstand the single blow. The heavy palm shattered the enemy’s right shoulder totally, and Zhou Weiqing’s Giant Spirit Yang Palm energy was sent deep into his shoulder bones, and a powerful suction force abruptly burst forth from his right palm deep into his enemy’s body. After sustaining such a huge blow, the black clad man had been in intense pain, and how could he properly control his Heavenly Energy then. As such, his Heavenly Energy flowed like water bursting from a dam, streaming into Zhou Weiqing.

With a sudden flex of his right arm, Zhou Weiqing flung outwards, using the black clad man in his hands like a weapon, striking and shoving the other close combat black clad man aside, then throwing him up into the air.

As his cultivation level reached the four-Jeweled stage, his Skills had all evolved as well. Although he had only Devoured for only a few seconds, it was already sufficient to give him a large amount of Heavenly Energy. When he flung the black clad man up into the sky, he had already infused his body with a large amount of Immortal Deity Technique’s swirling Heavenly Energy; along with the previous Curse of Doom and a freshly infused Lightning Explosive Palm, he had mixed them all to turn the black clad man’s body into a bomb.

Accompanying the massive explosion, blood and gore was splattered everywhere. Zhou Weiqing sprung backwards in an explosive motion, at the same time throwing out a Thousand Lightning Strikes into the midst of his enemies.

With his current level and remaining Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s Thousand Lightning Strikes was not sufficient to deal any damage to those black clad men. However, it was more than sufficient to help delay them for a few moments.

Although they were all six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, these black clad men were far less powerful than Shen Little Demon, who had been trained well in the Great Saint Lands she had come from. Just with the Devour Skill he used just now, Zhou Weiqing had already replenished most of the Heavenly Energy he had used previously.

It was clear that these black clad men were from the Bai Da Empire, as the Kalise Empire did not have the power or finances to send such powerhouses.

Previously, when the Bai Da Battle Team had entered the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, most of their main team members had actually been killed off, and the remaining members had rushed back to the Bai Da Empire as soon as possible. As such, they did not know that the Fei Li Battle Team had actually become the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and more so they did not know about Zhou Weiqing’s accomplishments in the Finals. As such, though the Bai Da Empire had already placed much importance on Zhou Weiqing, highly estimating him in their eyes, but that was still according to his power in the preliminary heats. This time, sending eight powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters to assassinate him, it was already far beyond necessary in their eyes.

Alas, they could never have imagined that Zhou Weiqing’s power was even greater than they had expected. More so, they did not know that he was no longer at the three-Jeweled stage, but with four Jewels now! In just that short instant they had fought, Zhou Weiqing had already killed off one of their own!

Retreating swiftly, Zhou Weiqing’s movement did not slow down at all. As he flew backwards through the door, the Overlord Bow had already been summoned into his left hand, and almost instantly, two arrows flew out towards the two black clad men in the skies.

The two black clad men had been blocked by their companion’s exploding body, and their momentum had been diminished. Zhou Weiqing’s movement had just been too fast, and they had no choice but to change from offense to defense. After all, that strike of Zhou Weiqing’s had killed off one of their companions instantly, giving them all a shock. At this point, they could only hope to block this attack and survive, and think about offense later.

At the same time, the two ranged attackers, one Wind and one Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, unleashed their second round of attacks. Having one of their companions killed off, one could imagine how angry they could be now.

The Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master pointed his staff at Zhou Weiqing, and circles of green light reverberated out of it, from large to small, speeding out towards Zhou Weiqing.

This Skill was called the Demonic Wind Ring, a very rare type of Skill; not only was it a mix of a Control and Offensive Skill, it was also a sustained one that lasted a while. Once struck by it, not only would the victim’s movement be restricted, the rings of Wind Energy would continually slice at his body until he was totally cut into bits. As long as the user had sufficient Heavenly Energy to sustain it, it would continue going! It was definitely a powerful Skill indeed.

The Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master was no inferior, shooting forth a purple flame from his staff, looking like a little purple snake, darting towards Zhou Weiqing. From a simple surface look, this purple flame was inferior to the large and brilliant Demonic Wind Ring, but in truth, this purple flame was filled with Yin Flame Energy, once struck by it, it would worm its way into its target’s body, destroying it from within.

Surprisingly, the only remaining close combat Heavenly Jewel Master reacted slightly slowly. Previously, when Zhou Weiqing had killed his companion in a single blow, he had been the closest, and had clearly seen the terrifying effect of that claw of Zhou Weiqing’s. Even against that double protection of Stone Skin and the Consolidated shoulder pauldrons, that dark gold claws had sliced through both like knife through a butter. Such a sight had unnerved even an experienced fighter like him.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing was cold in his heart, the absolute calmness he was feeling allowing his senses to extend out to the maximum. Without even needing to use his eyes, he could somehow form a three dimensional image of the surroundings in his mind of everything going on about him.

The two arrows that he had not shot out were not imbued with any Heavenly Energy or Skills, but was fired out with the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill. At the four-Jeweled cultivation level, added on to the effect of the Overlord Bow and the powerful Archery Skills, and more so the close range that it was fired from, even though his enemies were at the six- Jeweled stage, it was sufficient to block them, though not to damage them. Still, it had given Zhou Weiqing the opportunity to charge forward once more, unimpeded.

The Tornado Strike Skill came into effect, launching Zhou Weiqing into a sudden surge of speed, as if his entire body was warped into a black lightning bolt as he charged forward towards the last close combat Heavenly Jewel Master.

His target was shocked. Previously, Zhou Weiqing’s close combat abilities had definitely left a deep impression on him, but he had worked with his team for so many years, and he would not dodge aside at such a time, otherwise he would open his ranged specialist teammates to Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying attacks.

The twin short blades in his hands immediately wove in a dance of death, the Flexibility Attribute joining with his Wind Attribute Elemental Jewel to criss cross the blades to form a razor thin net of light in order to block Zhou Weiqing. No matter what, Zhou Weiqing was only at the four-Jeweled stage, and he was confident that even with Zhou Weiqing’s God Tier Consolidated Equipment, as long as he could use his weapons, skills and Heavenly Energy in a direct clash, he would be able to hold his own for a while, to delay Zhou Weiqing enough for his teammates to finish him off. Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s target was not him. Just as both sides were about to collide, and the Demonic Wind Ring and Purple Yin Flames were also reaching at the same time, a silver light flashed out bright, and the charging Zhou Weiqing vanished abruptly.


A simple Blink Skill, but once again with impeccable timing. Zhou Weiqing appeared five yards behind the close combat Heavenly Jewel Master, the inertia of his charging body still full. With this simple but highly rated, highly useful support Skill of the Spatial Attribute, he had once again dodged three of his enemies’ attacks.

Of course, the ranged attacks were locked on to him. Although he had dodged them momentarily with the Blink Skill, the two attacks spun around and continued following him, striking forth towards his back.

Under the effect of the Tornado Strike, Zhou Weiqing was just too fast. In barely the time to take a breath, he had already reached the two ranged enemies. The two were experienced powerhouses in their own right, and facing Zhou Weiqing’s sudden closing in, they reacted swiftly as well.

Both black clad men retreated in different directions, pulling apart the distance between them so that Zhou Weiqing could only attack one of them at a single time. At the same time, the staves in their hands waved in a blur, as they simultaneously released a shield of light in front of them. Ranged combat specialists like them would always have a good defense prepared; besides this Elemental Jewel Defensive Skill, they also each released a Consolidated Equipment Shield in front of them. Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s body burst forth with a brilliant silver light, as if his entire body had turned into a beam of silver. Originally, under the Tornado Strike, his speed had already been extremely fast. However, when the silver light enveloped him, his speed actually rose to a whole new level, his entire body like a shuttle, piercing through the air.

The Wind Attribute Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master had just released his Consolidated Shield, and a silver light flashed before his eyes. He had not even seen what had happened clearly, and all he felt as a sudden cold invading his entire body.

Breaking Shield, Instant Death.

Zhou Weiqing’s body appeared behind the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. His speed had just been too fast, and he had only activated it when he was already near the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. As such, the two Skills from his enemies that had been locked onto Zhou Weiqing actually smashed onto the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master as well. An ear splitting slicing sound rang out, but no screams of pain resounded together. In truth, the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master had already lost the ability to scream as soon as Zhou Weiqing passed right through him.

Struck by both the Demonic Wind Ring and Purple Yin Flames, the final end of the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master was no better than the previous Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, with nothing much left of him but pieces.

The Skill that Zhou Weiqing had used was the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, and it was the Fourth Wind Attribute Skill that he had Stored.

Ever since Zhou Weiqing had met with the Silver Emperor in the Fei Li City’s Skill Storing Palace, he had been greatly attracted by the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce; it was after all one of the Silver Emperor’s three great skills. Alas, at that time, he could only choose two out of its three Skills, and he had no choice but to give it up then. This time, when he had reached the Four-Jeweled cultivation level, he had managed to find another Silver Emperor in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace, and he had succeeded in Storing it this time. As such, he now had all three of a Silver Emperor’s greatest skills. The Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce: Wind Attribute Skill of the Silver Emperor. Able to warp into a silver point, instantly piercing through anything. At the same time, moving at 300% speed. This is a skill that can be used for both offense and defense, and the Silver Emperor uses it for both attacking and fleeing

The reason why Zhou Weiqing chose it was not just because of its unbelievable piercing powers, but also because of that instantaneous burst of speed it granted. Of course, at his power levels, that would only last for an extremely short period, but in a critical moment, it could actually help save his life as well if used to flee.

Zhou Weiqing was very clear about his own situation, and the sheer danger he was in. He knew that he had to plan for the worst, and as such, when he reached the Four-Jeweled stage, in choosing his new Skills to Store, he had placed a greater importance on Skill that could help protect himself, especially when being hunted down by his enemies.

The Tornado Strike in addition to the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce was an unbelievable boost to his speed and offensive capabilities, and with the Giant Spirit Yang Palm spearheading the attack, it was not something that could be easily taken on head-on by any ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, unless one had a powerful offensive or defensive Skill to deal with it. Alas, his enemy was neither a close combat or defensive specialist. Their attacks were still chasing Zhou Weiqing, and needed to be controlled, but before they could hit, Zhou Weiqing had actually managed to kill a second enemy.

Zhou Weiqing naturally had his reasons for choosing the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master – he was the one who gave him the sense of being a greatest threat, especially after seeing that he had a Control Skill, and not just one. Zhou Weiqing might seem to be on the upper hand, with his myriad of powerful Skills, but he was also a careful person. He knew that if he got caught by any Control Skill, then he would be easily brought down and killed by an onslaught of attacks, outnumbered as he was. As such, after taking down his first enemy, he had quickly decided to finish off this Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master next.

The four remaining black clad men were dumbfounded. From the start of the fight, though so many things had happened, it had been only slightly more than ten seconds, and already two of their companions had been slaughtered. What Zhou Weiqing brought to them was a feeling that he could not be stopped. Of course, Zhou Weiqing’s actions would not stop at that; after killing off the Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, he was not that far off from the Ranged Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, though they had tried to separate themselves.

However, after using so many powerful Skills in rapid succession, the Heavenly Energy he had Devoured previously had been fully depleted, and even his own Heavenly Energy was almost used up.

The Devour Skill was known as the most powerful Skill of the entire Demonic Attribute, and it truly deserved its name. Although it did not seem to have a great offensive power, it was without a doubt that it was this Skill alone that had helped Zhou Weiqing to face so many powerful enemies. Without it, the only choice he would have would be to run for his life. After all, no matter how powerful he was, he was at a lower level than them. Even if he could kill off one or two enemies with his many powerful highly rated Skills, he would quickly run out of Heavenly Energy. Despite having so many Skills at his disposal, once he ran out of Heavenly Energy, they would all be useless. Yet, with the Devour Skill, Zhou Weiqing was able to constantly replenish his energy in the midst of combat. As long as he managed to activate it on his enemies, he would be able to continuously fight at peak power and use these high powered Skills. Stamping his right foot on the ground, Zhou Weiqing shot forth like a cannonball towards his target, the Ranged Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master.

Zhou Weiqing’s performance earlier had just been too impressive, and the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master was shocked and afraid. Quickly pointing his staff at the rapidly advancing Zhou Weiqing, he did not care about saving Heavenly Energy, swiftly launching three powerful Fire Attribute Skills one after the other at him.

Previously, the two airborne enemies who had been blocked by Zhou Weiqing’s arrows finally landed onto the ground, and they charged forth from the back together with the melee Heavenly Jewel Master. In their eyes, Zhou Weiqing was only at the Four-Jeweled stage, and despite all his power, after unleashing so many powerful Skills, he had to be running low on Heavenly Energy. At this point, their confidence in killing off Zhou Weiqing was even higher.

These three black clad men were obviously not well versed in ranged combat. Most Heavenly Jewel Masters would only specialize in one; taking Zhou Weiqing as an example, if one only considered his Skills alone, he did not have much ranged Skills at all. However, he had his outstanding archery to complement him, and with the Overlord Bow, he was able to more than offset this ‘weak point’ of his.

The explosive power of the Demonic Right Leg was so strong, and it sent Zhou Weiqing’s body hurtling almost instantly into the midst of the Fire Attribute Skill, and he was just about to be struck by it without chance of evasion.

Right at that moment, all the remaining black clad men were surprised to see another dark glow aura spring up around Zhou Weiqing’s body, blocking all the Fire Attribute Skills. It was another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura!

This time, what appeared was the Giant Spirit Yin Palm of the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms around his left arm. From the surface, it looked exactly the same as the Giant Spirit Yang Palm, dark gold coloured armor, with the glove area tipped with the sharp thick claws.

With the aid of his second Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, Zhou Weiqing was able to charge to the front of the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. Once a melee specialist Heavenly Jewel Master managed to close in onto a ranged specialist Heavenly Jewel Master, one could imagine the result; let alone with them having a prior example. However, it was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be surprised. The Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master did not look surprised or afraid, instead his lips turned upwards in a cold smirk. At that point, a thick burst of fire exploded out from his body, warping into a ring spreading outwards in all directions.

The golden flames brought an intense heat, but more so a repulsive force that pushed backwards violently. It was the rare Fire Attribute protective Skill, shoving enemies away from oneself, one of the prime skills for ranged combat Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. The Fire Ring of Repulsion Skill.

A huge backward-pushing force repulsing all assailed him from all directions. This was a highly rated Skill powered by the six-Jeweled cultivation stage after all! With enemies behind him, and the Fire Ring of Repulsion blocking him from the front, Zhou Weiqing was momentarily in a dangerous state.

A piercing silver light appeared without warning from Zhou Weiqing’s right palm, along with an earsplitting tearing sound across the air, reverberating across the area as a silver tear appeared, almost four yards along, ripping into the Fire Ring of Repulsion, causing the powerful backward force to slide past Zhou Weiqing harmlessly instead. Leaping up and contorting his body to squeeze through in a flash, Zhou Weiqing was abruptly in front of the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, his hands in front of his opponent’s horrified face. His palms smashed down onto each shoulder, and with the Giant Spirit Palm’s piercing power and sheer strength, along with the Demonic Change State’s physique, he instantly broke through the shield, and with an accompanying shriek of agony from the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, he grabbed onto his shoulders forcibly.

By now, the Fire Ring of Repulsion, originally meant to knock Zhou Weiqing away, was now a detriment and downfall to the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, instead helping to keep his companions away, blocking the three black clad men. At this point, no one could save his life any longer.

Such a massive expenditure of energy, Zhou Weiqing needed to replenish it as soon as possible in order to keep fighting, and immediately he activated the Devour Skill.

Both side’s Heavenly Energy had a certain gap between them, but the Demonic Change State and Devour Skills had both been raised up to the four-Jeweled stage, and the Devour Skill’s draining rate had been raised drastically. Adding to that the boost from Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set’s Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, as well as the momentary dazed senses of the Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master from having both shoulders smashed, he was not able to resist the Devour Skill.

A large amount of Heavenly Energy flowed into Zhou Weiqing, re-nourishing his body and replenishing the substantial Heavenly Energy that he had already used in this short fight, almost topping him to full again. Although this Heavenly Energy did not belong to him, as long as he used it in a short period of time, it would be no different in terms of his combat strength.

It was not just his Heavenly Energy which was Devoured, along with it came the black clad man’s life force as well. As the time passed, the difference in power between the two grew, and they could clearly see the black clad man’s body withering, starting from his shoulders. When that withering effect reached his chest, his heart was instantly torn apart by the two suction forces from both sides, and with a spurt of blood, the black clad man died.

Zhou Weiqing’s hatred for these Bai Da Empire enemies were at an all time high, and his attacks were savage and vicious. The Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm pulled apart in an outward motion, tearing the enemy into two, before tossing his remains behind casually. Six versus one. Seemingly insurmountable odds. Yet, in just a short period of time, Zhou Weiqing had already killed off three enemies. What kind of terrifying power was that? As compared to when he had been in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Zhou Weiqing’s power had already increased by leaps and bounds, and facing these ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, he was no longer had to fear them. After killing three enemies in rapid succession, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with violent emotion. The past few days, the worry, pain, sorrow, all the negative emotions that had been plaguing him were all expunged in this process of killing.

His hands held up in front of his chest, Zhou Weiqing yelled out loudly. Turning around to the three enemies who had finally broken free of the Fire Ring of Repulsion, he cried out loudly: “Come then!”

Seeing the torn body of their companion right in front of them, his dead limbs still twitching, a chill ran down the spines of the remaining three black clad men. At this point, their blood ran cold with fear. In their eyes, Zhou Weiqing was no longer just a mere Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, but a demon. That explosive, violent strength of his, that was already far beyond what they had dreamed possible, more than able to bridge the gap between their Heavenly Energy levels. Added to that those strange, powerful, unknown Skills that he used, it was far beyond their imaginations. *Swoosh**Swoosh* Two figures flew in from behind the house; it was the other two black clad team members who had been preparing to ambush Zhou Weiqing from the other side. They had clearly heard the clashes and cries from the front and had been extremely confused. According to the large difference
in power levels, they had thought that the fight should have been over by now, yet the sounds of fighting still continued. Furthermore, the pained cries did not seem to come from anyone else, but their own familiar teammates.

As clash after clash sounded out, the two finally could not bear to wait there any longer, rushing to check what had happened. Now, they appeared before Zhou Weiqing… one six- Jeweled and one seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, with a strong reverberation of Heavenly Energy about them as they reunited with their three remaining companions.

“What is going on?!”  Seeing the blood and gore splattered about the ground, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master cried out in shock and rage.

“Boss, be careful. There is something off about that little brat… Second Bro and the rest are all dead…” The other melee specialist with the Flexibility Attribute spoke, his voice clearly trembling with a hint of fear. With a single glance, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master spotted the two Consolidated Equipment, the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, of Zhou Weiqing’s. He was clear what that dark-gold glow about it signified, and his pupils contracted. “… All of you, concentrate on ranged attacks. Do not go near him, do not care about wasting Heavenly Energy, throw everything you have at him! You bunch of trash, so many of you attacking a four-Jeweled brat, and three of you can still die…”

With that look, he had immediately noticed Zhou Weiqing’s weak point. While it was true that the difference between Heavenly Energy levels could be bridged by physical strength, Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, but as long as they did not give him a chance to use his Skills, assailing him with their powerful Skills from afar, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly block them?

As he said that, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master took action first. Abruptly, he struck the ground with his foot, and a thick layer of yellow light sprang forth from his foot, swiftly following the ground in a straight path towards Zhou Weiqing. As it travelled along its path, thick earth spikes continually shot out from the ground. This was an area of effect Skill, and one could only dodge it by jumping into the air. Alas, if Zhou Weiqing did so… it would undoubtedly turn him into an easy target for the other enemies. A disdainful smirk touched Zhou Weiqing’s lips. The next instant, a noble, arrogant aura seemed to appear abruptly, a five metre tall shadowy image appearing behind him, looking down upon the earth like a Queen. Human body, snake tail, long flowing hair… it was the Demonic Dragon Lady!

Among all of Zhou Weiqing’s Skills, the only one which could cause a Heavenly Skill Image to appear was just this single one. When he had reached the four-Jeweled stage, he had thought of looking for a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast to Skill Store, but in the end he had not succeeded. Alas, Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts were just too terrifying, and at his current power levels, even with Tian’er’s assistance, he would not be able to succeed. Furthermore, the rules of the Heavenly Jewel Island was clear; without the permission of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Palace Master, there was no price that would allow one to Skill Store from a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast.

Indeed, a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast’s Skill was just at a totally different level. That could already be seen from Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal. In fact, the Dragon Silencing Seal was technically not at the Heavenly God Tier yet, and could only be considered Half Heavenly God Tier, a step below. Even so, it was already so powerful, easily able to turn the tides of any fight. One could imagine how truly terrifying a real Heavenly God Tier would be. Seeing more hidden enemies come out, Zhou Weiqing could no longer hold anything back, and as the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared, all the enemies were shocked to the core.

If Zhou Weiqing was at the six-Jeweled stage, he was confident that he could kill off all these enemies in front of him without any problems. After all, his advantage in terms of his Physique and Elemental Jewels was just too huge. Added to that, his Demonic Change State, Devour Skill and Legendary Set pieces, how could any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master compete with that? For any Heavenly Jewel Master of the same level to be able to fight with him head on, he or she had to be at least a core disciple of one of the Great Saint Lands, and have equal or more God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal was just too overbearing, and it was nigh impossible to dodge as well, with only some unique skills giving the possibility, and even then, it would depend on how both sides used and controlled their Skills.

However, the current Zhou Weiqing was after all only at the four-Jeweled stage, and more so had only just reached it not long ago. Although he could continue fighting and sustaining himself for a long period of time with the help of his Devour Skill, it was after all borrowed energy that did not belong to him, and his own Heavenly Energy was constantly being depleted to an extreme low. In this process, it would be also taking a huge toll on his body, and he would not be able to do this forever.

Heavenly Skill Image. A Skill that reached the state of Gods. How could an ordinary six or seven Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master have witnessed something like that before? It was a sight from tales and legends!

As such, these Heavenly Jewel Masters from the Bai Da Empire were, on the contrary, not as impressed and shocked as those members of the Battle Teams in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals. As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless, and this was a prime example indeed.

A purple-red vortex symbol appeared above the head of the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master immediately. In the next moment, the encroaching earth spikes Skill disappeared in a flash of purple.

This low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, who had been arrogantly planning to kill Zhou Weiqing in a single swoop just a moment ago, was filled with shock.

Not only did the Skill he unleashed earlier vanish abruptly, even the Consolidated Equipment he had summoned had disappeared as well, and he felt as if he was spinning in middle of some strange whirlwind, unable to contact his own Physical and Elemental Jewels.

When the Dragon Silencing Seal struck him and disrupted his earth spike Skill, his other four companions immediately realised something was wrong. When they looked at their strongest companion, they were immediately given a fright by his look, as he was totally bathed in that purple-red colour. Alas, in that moment of shock, Zhou Weiqing had moved once more.

With the Dragon Silencing Seal activated, it was without a doubt that this was Zhou Weiqing’s best opportunity. In a flash, the Tornado Strike Skill was activated once more.

With an abrupt burst of speed, it was as if he was totally ignoring the other four black clad enemies, charging straight towards the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. That aura of pressing forward with indomitable will, along with that heavy killing intent, and the still-fresh imagery of how he had slaughtered their three other companions, caused a chill to run across the hearts of his enemies.

Still, they had after all been fighting together for so many years, and their teamwork was tacit indeed. Despite the fear and shock in their hearts, it did not slow them down at all, each launching their strongest Skills towards Zhou Weiqing.

The Tornado Strike’s advantages were obvious; with the sudden burst of speed and boost to offense in doubling strength. However, it also had its disadvantages. Once activated, the user would be charging in a straight path, and was not able to change directions easily.

Towards all the varied high rated, powerful Skills that Zhou Weiqing used, most of them were not known by the black clad men. However, the Tornado Strike Skill was a relatively common one that they could still recognize. As such, since Zhou Weiqing was charging forth at such high speeds, they were confident that when they launched their attacks, it would be in Zhou Weiqing’s path of movement.

Sadly for them, when they had decided to come here to assassinate Zhou Weiqing, they had already been doomed to failure. That was because they just did not know enough about Zhou Weiqing, the number of Skills he had, and what effect they had.

The Tornado Strike brought Zhou Weiqing’s body in a charge for about five yards, but he did not launch any attacks. Instead, before he even reached his original target, his body abruptly changed directions, as his right foot stomped hard on the ground in an angle.

According to the effects of the Tornado Strike Skill, if Zhou Weiqing forcibly did that, he would sustain heavy self-injuries. However, he had wisely made use of a Skill that was normally deemed difficult to use well, due to its effect working on both friends and self as well. The Time Interrupt Skill.

With the Time Interrupt Skill, Zhou Weiqing had actually disrupted his own Skill, thus managing to change directions easily, totally going counter to what the original Tornado Strike Skill should do. In such a way, he had managed to catch all his enemies unawares.

The sudden switch in direction at such high speeds had totally disrupted the judgement of the four six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, while the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was still in shock from the Dragon Silencing Seal; even if he could break free from his shocked state, without only the use of his Heavenly Energy, and being so far from Zhou Weiqing, he would not be able to do anything anyway.

The Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms struck towards one of the black clad enemies that had originally attacked from the air, and without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing had already unleashed his prepared Skill.

From the start of the fight up to now, Zhou Weiqing had not stopped moving. This was not only to continuously bring the fight to the enemy, to not let them regain the upper hand, but also because the Devoured Heavenly Energy was better to be used as swiftly as possible if he wasn’t planning on cleansing and melding it as his own. Otherwise, if it stayed in his body for too long, it would take a toll on him.

The Fetters of Wind instantly landed on the enemy; with the boost from the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, even with the difference of two Jewels worth of cultivation level, it was still able to cause the black clad enemy to halt in his tracks for an instant. That moment, was sufficient for Zhou Weiqing to do many things.

Following the Fetters of Wind Skill was the Absolute Delay Skill landing. Zhou Weiqing usually tried to refrain from using the same Skill repeatedly in a fight. Naturally, there were advantages to doing so, keeping the enemy on his toes with unexpected surprises, and also to prevent himself from being caught at a bad time with the skill cooldowns.

Chapter 114 The power of Little Miss Muddle.

With the Absolute Delay landing on his chosen target, the first effect was that he no longer had any chance to dodge or escape, and Zhou Weiqing’s Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms had forcibly smacked down upon him. When a person was faced with impending danger, it might spark a subconscious reaction to save himself. Although the black clad man was struck by both the Fetters of Wind and Absolute Delay, as a Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, when his life was in critical danger, he somehow managed to explode forth with all his hidden potential, his hands held up in a defensive posture, turning totally red. It was clearly a type of melee Skill of the Fire Attribute. Although his movements were slowed drastically, he was still able to barely block Zhou Weiqing’s blow.

Zhou Weiqing did not change tactics; if he did so, he had absolute confidence in killing off this enemy delayed by Absolute Delay. However, at the same time, if he did so, it would open him up to the other three six-Jeweled enemies.

To take attacks from three enemies, or to just clash head on with a single enemy, with the advantage of two Legendary Set God Tier Consolidated Equipment. The choice was clear. As the saying goes, one has to seize the opportunity, as once it is gone, it may not come back again. Having created such an opportunity with the Dragon Silencing Seal, it was definitely one that did not come by easily, and he would not give it up like that. Even though when he reached the Four-Jeweled stage, he could now use the Dragon Silencing Seal four times per day, with his character he would not easily use them all out. After
all, he always preferred to keep an ace up his sleeve for desperate times, especially to save his life. Furthermore, he did not know if there were any other hidden enemies besides these few.

*BANG* Four palms slammed hard into each other, and Zhou Weiqing immediately sensed something was wrong. Although with his Demonic Change State and the boost from two Legendary Set pieces he should have been able to more than rival his enemy’s greater Heavenly Energy, he was meeting with unexpected resistance.

The black clad man’s palms seemed like a red hot molten soldering iron, and even though he had the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms to protect his hands, Zhou Weiqing could still sense the searing heat. That was not the only thing; the more critical issue was that there was a strange suction force emitting from his enemy’s palms, causing Zhou Weiqing to slow down. At that point, he could see the ferocious grin on his enemy’s face. With so many enemies surrounding him, Zhou Weiqing knew he could not let himself be cornered, and if he was slowed, it would undoubtedly be a harbinger of doom for himself. WIthout question, this black clad enemy wanted to be the one who brought it to him.

However, that smirk on the black clad enemy’s face only lasted for an instant. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s pure physical strength was just too terrifying. As their four palms pushed against each other, although the black clad enemy had been able to forcibly stop Zhou Weiqing’s Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms for a moment due to the sudden burst of power from his Skills, but as their palms continued to press against each other, he realised that with the Absolute Delay in effect, he couldn’t even break free if he wanted to.

In the next instant, Zhou Weiqing reacted in the best possible way. Ignoring the intense heat from his palms, he changed swiftly from a palm strike to a death grip, gripping down hard on his enemy’s hands.

Ultimately, Zhou Weiqing was wearing the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, and the sharp claw tips of the fingers and their sheer piercing power came into effect right then. With Zhou Weiqing’s strength, he did not even need to use another Skill, and with that sudden burst of power, an ear-piercing sound of bone shattering accompanied by the cries of agony from the black clad men rang out simultaneously. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing activated the Devour Skill, as he continued gripping onto the shatter hands of his enemy.

However, the black clad man had indeed bought his companions enough time, and the three others’ Skills were flying out at Zhou Weiqing. This time, they went all out, bursting forth with all their maximum effort and power, sparing no costs as they launched their strongest attacks. Even the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, though unable to use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment, charged forward, his hands glowing with white Heavenly Energy as he struck towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

After totally crushing his enemy’s hands, Zhou Weiqing started Devouring his Heavenly Energy, and at the same time, he did an abrupt Suplex Move

Just like that, the large black clad enemy in his hands was thrown backwards behind him, and at the same time, the third and last Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura sprang forth around Zhou Weiqing.

*Bang**Bang**Bang* The sounds of explosions came in an almost continuous stream at Zhou Weiqing, the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura successfully blocking the attacks from the three black clad enemies. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing infused a Lightning Explosive Palm into the body of the black clad enemy in his hands, throwing him out as he exploded in an attempt to block the three behind him.

After fighting for so long, Zhou Weiqing was already an arrow at the end of its flight. At this point, it was down to see which side could burst forth with that last bit of killing power.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s plan had finally failed. The Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura had successfully blocked the ranged attacks from the three enemies, but was unable to block the strike from the incoming seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although he had been struck with the Dragon Silencing Seal, his powerful Heavenly Energy was still there, full as ever. Seeing the dark gold aura spring out around Zhou Weiqing, this low level Zong Stage Master actually managed to forcibly pull himself back from his attack, striking the air to let himself stall in midair for a moment, managing to wait out the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura before striking downwards once more. In such a way, it would undoubtedly weaken his own attack, but at the same time, he had successfully avoided the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura and struck down at a point where Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to dodge it.

Still in the middle of the suplex throw position, Zhou Weiqing was struck hard by his enemy’s palm right smack on the chest.

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State and Immortal Deity Shield showed their effects, as a thick white vortex of light appeared below the low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master’s palms. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s chest muscles rippled, doing his best to weaken the blow as much as possible.

Despite all of that, Zhou Weiqing was still smashed down hard onto the ground, savagely crashing into the ground, cracking it. Even the dual Legendary Hammers that he had just summoned was actually disrupted by the sudden flux of energy and disappeared almost as fast as they appeared.

Fresh blood erupted from his mouth as Zhou Weiqing fell onto the ground. However, he was extremely stubborn and indomitable, especially when it came to his fear of death. At any point of time, his survival instincts were incomparable to any others, even in such an unbelievably unfavourable situation. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing used a Blink Skill at the last second, sending himself ten feet away, barely dodging the next strike from the low level Zong Stage enemy.

If not for the Dragon Silencing Seal, that low level Zong Stage powerhouse would have severely injured or even killed Zhou Weiqing in that single blow.

However, one could not underestimate the importance of Zhou Weiqing killing off another opponent at the expense of taking an injury. In truth, he was already at the end of his sustaining capabilities, and dared not Devour any more Heavenly Energy. His own Heavenly Energy was already at such a low that he could barely control any more of the Devoured Heavenly Energy. According to his original plan, with the Dragon Silencing Seal and a last burst of effort, he should be able to kill off three of the remaining five enemies. Alas, he had met with unexpected resistance from the first target, and the swift actions of the other enemies had also caused him to lose that chance. Still, being able to kill off one was already the best result after all the surprises. After all, do not forget that our dear Zhou Little Fatty was only at the four Jeweled stage! Blinking ten yards away, Zhou Weiqing could no longer contain himself, and spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. Although the low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master could not use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment, his Heavenly Energy level was still at the Heavenly Xu Stage, far beyond Zhou Weiqing’s level. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s current Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set was mostly
boosting his strength and offensive capabilities, and not his defense. Currently, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his internal organs were all inflamed, his insides churning as the pain struck him. The energy whirlpools of the Death Acupuncture Points at the chest area were also slowing drastically, as the injury was truly no mere trifle.

“Boss, I’m here to help!” A tall figure suddenly charged forth from behind, standing in front of Zhou Weiqing. It was Ma Qun.

Even Zhou Weiqing had not imagined that Ma Qun, this cunning wily fellow, would actually be so loyal. Currently, Ma Qun had charged forward, his eyes bloodshot, breathing heavily, but with a resolute look on his face. Standing in front of Zhou Weiqing, the yellow glow of the Earth Attribute shining forth around his body, his arms extended in a protective stance in front of Zhou Weiqing. In truth, when the fight had first started, Ma Qun had been sent flying back into the house before he could react. Startled, he had climbed up and thought to jump out to help.

Alas, when he saw that the enemies were all at the six- Jeweled stage, he was stunned silly. Even in the entire Fei Li Military Academy, it would not be easy to see so many powerhouses together at once, yet he managed to see six of them here, and being enemies to boot. At least, Ma Qun knew his own limits, and facing enemies of such capabilities, he knew that he would not only be useless, but a detriment to Zhou Weiqing if he tried to help.

Just as Ma Qun had been left confused, overwhelmed and at a loss, trying to think how Zhou Weiqing could possibly offend so many powerhouses, the fight had already started.

As compared to the appearance of the six Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters, Ma Qun was even more surprised when he saw Zhou Weiqing’s four sets of hEavenly Jewels. He was even more so when Zhou Weiqing actually started fighting against the six powerful opponents!

Ma Qun had witnessed with his own eyes how Zhou Weiqing, only at the four-Jeweled Stage, had actually managed to kill six-Jeweled powerhouses one after the other, in such a bloody, savage fashion. Although Zhou Weiqing did look rather scary in his Demonic Change State, to someone like Ma Qun who highly regarded strength as the most important, that was all he was concerned about. He was after all still a young man, and his feelings were easily infected, and seeing Zhou Weiqing tear apart enemy after enemy, though Ma Qun knew he could not help, his blood was already boiling with excitement.

He did not know why Zhou Weiqing was so powerful, but he was definitely rejoicing that he had made such a choice months ago, and more so now to Follow Zhou Weiqing. Originally, he had not been fully willing to do so, but seeing the rest of the class do so, he had not wanted to be left behind and jumped out to make such a decision. After all, he knew that he would never be able to graduate from Fei Li Military Academy with his results.

Of course, by that point, Ma Qun did not feel any sense of regret. Having seen Zhou Weiqing killing his enemies like some demon god, he knew that he had made the right choice. His Boss Zhou was already so powerful at the four-Jeweled stage, what would he be like at the six, nine stage or even higher? Would he be invincible? With such a boss, if they survived today, what would he have to be afraid of in the future? He would definitely have a good life ahead of him! Just as Ma Qun was starting to daydream about the beautiful future he would have, the situation abruptly changed for. Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing be injured and coughing up blood, Ma Qun, who was in such an emotionally charged state, did not even think before charging forward. It was only until he was standing in front of Zhou Weiqing protectively, that he suddenly remembered that he was only at the two-Jeweled stage, without a single piece of Consolidated Equipment…

“Good brother…”  Zhou Weiqing’s voice came from behind, causing Ma Qun’s quivering heart to stabilize a little.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing’s first meeting with Ma Qun had been his wily tricks, trying to fool him. As such, he did not have a good first impression of him, and did not think too highly of him. It was only at this point that he truly started to look upon Ma Qun as a true brother.

The remaining three black Zun Stage enemies and the single seven-Jeweled powerhouse paused slightly at the sight of Ma Qun’s appearance. Zhou Weiqing had given them too huge of a shock, and they subconsciously thought that anyone together with Zhou Weiqing would be powerful as well. That was especially since they knew of the existence of Lin TianAo, that ultimate Defense Heavenly Jewel Master. Seeing the yellow glow around the large body of Ma Qun’s, they immediately stopped, and did not charge forward.

However, in the next moment, they spotted the puny two Physical Jewels around Ma Qun’s wrist, and an embarrassed look crossed their faces. They were all at least upper level Zun Stage or higher, and they had actually been intimidated by a mere two-Jeweled little fellow. That was such a huge loss of face.

Zhou Weiqing was not in a good state currently. The coughing out of blood was actually not the main issue, after all, in the Demonic Change State, his toughness, resistance, and ability to take hits was not to be underestimated. Furthermore, his own physique and healing capabilities was also extremely strong. Added to the fact, the Immortal Deity Shield had also helped blocked a large portion of damage, and the enemy’s strike, while powerful, was not his full strength too. Although Zhou Weiqing had been injured, it was not very serious.

However, the true problem was that in that attack, it had caused Zhou Weiqing’s Devoured Heavenly Energy to be in trouble. His energy whirlpools had already slowed down to almost a halt, causing his internal Heavenly Energy to be in a messy flux, and he was unable to fully control the external Devoured Heavenly Energy. As such, he was in a total mess internally, even his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms were on the verge of losing control and dissipating.

What now?! Zhou Weiqing’s mind spun rapidly. If Ma Qun was not here, he believed that he could still manage to attempt to escape, and perhaps barely succeed. As long as he could escape, with his recovery rate and many Skills, he definitely had a chance of staying alive. However, Ma Qun was now right in front of him… how could he possibly run away at this time. If he did so, Zhou Weiqing would never be able to forgive himself. As such, he could only stay and fight.

Making a prompt decision on the spot, Zhou Weiqing instantly dismissed the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, taking out the Black Dawn Bow from his Spatial Ring and nocking an arrow to it. At his current state, he could no longer afford to use any more Consolidated Equipment, and could only fight with his archery. Although his efforts might be, and would most likely be futile, there was always a small thread of hope if he fought with all his might…

All of a sudden, at this critical moment, a door of a small room to the side opened, and Dou Dou walked out in a confused state. “What are you all doing…  so noisy… I was sleeping so soundly…”

Seeing her blurry look, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel a sense as if he did not know whether to laugh or cry. They had been fighting so loudly outside, yet this girl could still sleep so soundly.

With the appearance of Little Miss Muddle, the four black clad men who had been about to launch their attacks paused once more. However, this time, they did not delay for long. After all, Dou Dou did not seem even as threatening as Ma Qun, and they dismissed her quickly. Instantly, the four of them jumped up and pounced towards Ma Qun and Zhou Weiqing.

“You all can’t hit him!”  Dou Dou said urgently. As she said that, no one else could clearly see how she moved, and in a silver flash of light, Dou Dou was standing right in front of Ma Qun and Zhou Weiqing, blocking the four black clad men’s route. The next moment, another bright screen of silver light rose up, and four muffled thumping sounds rang out, and the four black clad men all flew backwards about ten yards before landing hard. Dou Dou spread apart her delicate, thin hands, making an action like a mother chicken protecting her young chicks. She was not tall, her figure that of a petite young lady, and that action of hers in contrast to her figure would have seemed rather funny. However, at that moment, no one found it funny at all, because around those delicate hands of hers, seven glowing Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewels revolved around her left wrist, while seven blue-green Elemental Jewels revolved around her right wrist.

It was a unique blue-green colour, a gem that was rare enough that the black clad men did not recognize it at once. However, Zhou Weiqing instantly did. They were Alexandrite Gemstones!

What did Alexandrite Gemstones signify? It meant that Dou Dou’s Elemental Jewels had at least between two to four Elemental Attributes!

As such, the ones who were the most shocked weren’t their enemies, but Zhou Weiqing and Ma Qun!

None of them had imagined that this Little Miss Muddle who only seemed to know how to eat all day long would be such a hidden powerhouse. In terms of age, Dou Dou was actually a little older than the three Shangguan sisters, but even so, Zhou Weiqing had not expected her to be actually at the seven-Jeweled stage.

As for the four black clad enemies, their expressions were extremely ugly. After a short moment of stunned dullness, they finally recognized the rare Alexandrite gemstone, and that she had used a Spatial Attribute earlier against them.

Then again, Dou Dou’s teacher was the greatest God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master in the world today, Xing Tianyi. For him to fancy her talents enough to take her as his disciple, how could her talent and gifts be low at all?

In fact, Dou Dou’s Elemental Jewel Attributes were that of Spatial and Wind, with her Physical Jewel being that of the Agility Attribute. Although in terms of Consolidating Equipment Master talent, she could not compare to Zhou Weiqing with the additional Time Attribute, she could already be considered to be one of the rare talents that came about only once in a hundred years. Furthermore, in terms of disposition and character, Dou Dou definitely had a large edge over Zhou Weiqing. She was much more simple, pure in nature, and it was definitely a lot easier for someone like her to focus on one thing, and not be distracted easily by anything else. If not for the fact that Xing Tianyi approved of Zhou Weiqing and thought well of his character, he would not have allowed his precious disciple to leave together with him!

As for Dou Dou’s cultivation level, that was even simpler. As the only main disciple of the greatest Consolidating Equipment Master, who was also a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master in his own right, how could she lack any teachings. Furthermore, she was also older than Shangguan Xue’er, and with her simple nature, she had definitely spent a lot of time focused on cultivating as well. More so, in terms of treasures and supplements for her training, how could she possibly lack those with Xing Tianyi behind her?

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth trembled a little. No wonder Old Xing had said that Dou Dou could protect herself. From what she had shown so far, she was probably even more powerful than he was now.

“Dou Dou, beat them up, and I’ll give you something good to eat.”  After spending these few days with her, Zhou Weiqing had a very good understanding about Dou Dou, and he immediately threw out his top ‘weapon’ of allure to her.

Dou Dou blinked her eyes, looking at Zhou Weiqing awkwardy, saying: “But… but… Big Bro Little Fatty, I do not know how to beat someone up! However, I won’t let them beat you too… if they beat you til you are broken, then I won’t have anything to eat.”

“Let’s  go.”   The  Low  Level  Zong  Stage  enemy  could  not withstand the pressure any longer. Seeing Dou Dou’s power, he did not think that Dou Dou was telling the truth, and assumed that she was mocking them.

Alas, at this point, it was too late for them.

Along the walls of the courtyard, a few figures appeared, and Lin TianAo’s voice rang out from above. “Did you think you could leave so easily after taking action in our Fei Li City? Get them!”

It was not just Lin TianAo. Crow, Little Four, Xiao Yan, Drunken Bao and Yun Li had all arrived.

The reason why they had taken so long to was due to the fact that they had won the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and they been delayed by some celebrations in the Heavenly Jewel Academy. After which, they had joined up with Yun Li before heading down to Zhou Weiqing’s house. Luckily, they had clearly seen the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady in the distance while en route, and they had rushed down immediately, to arrive just in time at this point.

Lin TianAo and the others did not have time to be shocked about Little Miss Muddle’s power, and they quickly launched their attacks.

With his companions all here, Zhou Weiqing no longer needed to hold back anything. Of course, in his current state, he couldn’t do much else to help. Still, the Dragon Silencing Seal did not require any Heavenly Energy to use, and he expended the last three of his remaining Dragon Silencing Seals on the low level Zong Stage and two other upper level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters.

These black clad men might have a high cultivation level, but in terms of Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, they were no match for the members of the Fei Li Battle Team.

The Fei Li Battle Team could be said to be the cream of the crop of the younger generation of the entire Fei Li Empire. This was especially so for Lin TianAo, who had actually already broken through to the six-Jeweled stage a day before, and he had already Consolidated the sixth shield of his Assembly Set. Let alone these six, seven Jeweled Masters in front of him, it would not be easy for even ordinary eight or nine Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters to break through his defense. Furthermore, these black clad men had already expended a lot of their energy in the fight against Zhou Weiqing, and now with the Dragon Silencing Seal, they could be said to be fangless tigers. Instantly, they were in a severely
disadvantageous position.

Seeing his companions surround and attack the enemies, Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief. Under the protection of Ma Qun and Dou Dou, he backed down to the side and sat down cross-legged to start to cultivating and recovering. Before that, he did not forget to summon the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears to head to the walls, as a precaution in case the four enemies tried to escape.

In this fight today, Zhou Weiqing had used so many of his Skills, and if possible, he did not want any of the enemies to escape and allow the Bai Da Empire to learn more about his own abilities. As such, when Lin TianAo and the rest had charged forward, he had already given them the signal to kill them off. Towards members of the Bai Da Empire, he did not have any shred of mercy, as they were already mortal enemies.

… In the end, Zhou Weiqing’s ace-up-the-sleeves Icy Soul Heavenly Bears did not get to do anything. Under the effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal, the seven-Jeweled Zong Stage Master was not even able to take on Lin TianAo, and the other four naturally did not stand any chance against the rest of the

Xiao Yan managed to kill off one, while Crow also chopped down another with her Axes. The last two were also taken down by the others working together. The Bai Da Empire had truly suffered a great loss today, having lost all eight of the powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters they had sent to assassinate Zhou Weiqing.

In the end, clearing the battlefield was a simple task. Lin TianAo was an Earth Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, and he easily commanded the earth to swallow up the bodies before restoring to its original state.

“Weiqing, are you alright?”  After getting rid of the bodies, Lin TianAo walked up to Zhou Weiqing. At this point, no one knew why, but Ma Qun had cowered to another corner with his head lowered, and only Dou Dou was at Zhou Weiqing’s side. Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath he had been holding. After recuperating and cultivation for that short while, his energy whirlpools had finally managed to ease away most of the Devoured Heavenly Energy and began spinning relatively normally again. However, this had also given him a severe warning that even the powerful Devour Skill was not invincible, and there was a limit to everything. This was especially so when he was facing multiple enemies or extremely powerful ones, and that restriction could mean his life if he was not careful.

“Just some minor injuries, I will be fine.” With the bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger, his regenerative rate was extremely strong, and his injuries weren’t too serious in the first place, and a few days of rest would be sufficient for him to fully recover.

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow tightly before saying: “Bai Da?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, then paused before saying coldly: “Maybe.” At the side, Little Four said curiously: “Besides them, who else could it be?”

Lin TianAo sighed and shook his head lightly, but did not say anything further.

Zhou Weiqing looked at him, his mouth twitched upwards in a cold smile as he said: “You have also thought of the same thing…”

Lin TianAo nodded solemnly. “Besides that, I cannot think of any reason to explain what happened today. Yun Li has already told me what happened to you in the Fei Li Royal Family Military ACademy. Although I do not want to believe that this is true, but I have no choice but to suspect him. Sigh… He has after all been through life and death with us, and I cannot understand it.”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged and said: “It is nothing, everyone has their own thoughts and choices. After all, he is the representative of the nobles, and to him, we are all just commoners. More importantly, if he is just thinking for the sake of the Fei Li Empire, his choice is not totally wrong. As for whether or not jealousy has played a part in his decision… that is hard to say. My dear Senior Paopao, perhaps next time we meet, we will no longer be comrades, and will be enemies instead.”

No matter Zhou Weiqing or Lin TianAo, both of them suspected Ye Paopao. If not for the news that Ye Paopao had brought back and reported, how could the Fei Li Royal Family know so much about how Zhou Weiqing had offended the Blood Red Hell during the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, or the other news about the Passion Valley and Heaven’s Expanse Palace. It was just exactly because of this news about how Zhou Weiqing had helped the Wanshou Battle Team against the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and Passion Valley that had caused the Fei Li Empire to be so unreasonable and exile him from their Empire even after Zhou Weiqing had helped them gain such honour by winning the Championship of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing and the rest had just returned, and he had barely entered his own house when he had been attacked. What could that mean? Even if the black clad men really came from the Bai Da Empire, for them to be able to be here at such a time, that could only mean that they had somehow gotten news about his whereabouts… And there weren’t many people who could actually feed them with such news. Besides Ye Paopao, there was almost no other good explanation. As for whether or not the black clad men actually came from the Bai Da Empire or were men from the Premier, that was not important any longer.

Lin TianAo asked Zhou Weiqing: “What do we do now? What are your plans?”

Zhou Weiqing thought about it for a moment, then said: “We will leave later tonight, at least the Fei Li Royal Family and officials do not have any plans to kill me, and they will not forbid us from leaving. In any case, we will leave in the cover of the night, but I need to wait a while for some of the Seniors graduating from my Academy. Every extra man is an additional strength that is critical for our advancement in the future.”

As they were speaking, all of a sudden, they were interrupted by an abrupt howl of anger. “Ma Qun! You bastard! You are actually here!!”

*PENG* A loud but muffled sound rang out, and everyone stared in the direction the sound came from, confused.

The sight of Ma Qun’s immense body being held by Crow by one hand by the sleeve, pressed against the wall, greeted them. In terms of size and figure, Ma Qun was actually larger and stouter than Crow. However, in terms of strength and power, he was far from her. Currently, being shoved against the wall by Crow, he looked helpless, his face the colour of earth, and his expression as if he was about to cry but unable to do so.

Zhou Weiqing started a moment, shocked. The next instance, a long-missed mischievous grin appeared on his face as he said wickedly: “Crow, wait a minute.”

Crow turned her head to look at Zhou Weiqing. Towards this young man whose age was even younger than hers, yet whose strength grew at such a rapid pace that he had even eclipsed her, such a terrifying fellow had indeed earned her respect. Furthermore, she had always treated Zhou Weiqing as her valued companion. As such, she loosened her grip momentarily, but did not let Ma Qun down.

Zhou Weiqing looked at Crow, then at Ma Qun, who cried out in a wail: “Boss, for the sake of our brotherhood, save me please!”

Zhou Weiqing patted Crow on the back and said: “Crow, don’t tell me that Ma Qun is the fiance who ran away from your marriage?” Crow nodded hard, gritting her teeth as she said: “Besides this bastard, who else could it be? Originally, our families had already arranged our marriage, but when he met me, he ran off without telling anyone, with nobody knowing where he disappeared to. It took me a while of searching before finding traces that he was in the Fei Li City. Today, I have finally found this bastard. Ma Qun, speak now, why did you run away? Is it because I’m ugly?”

Even facing the most powerful enemies, Crow could face them valiantly without changing expressions. However, at this moment, facing this fiance who ran from her, her face was red with anger.

Facing Crow in such a state, Ma Qun could only stare at her helplessly, not knowing what to say; especially when he looked to everyone else, he realised that no one would stand by his side. Immediately, he could only remain silent dejectedly.

Dou Dou was beside Zhou Weiqing all this while, and at that moment, she blinked and said: “Teacher said before that one cannot judge beauty from appearance, and the beauty in the heart is the most important. I feel that Sister Crow’s inner heart is very beautiful.” Zhou Weiqing glanced at her, secretly thinking to himself: This girl, could it be that Crow bought her a few roast lamb legs on the way back, so she says that?

Once again, Zhou Weiqing patted Crow on the back before pointing at the large room at the side, saying: “Don’t injure him too badly, otherwise he is in your hands. Some things, you will need to vent out. No matter whether or not you two end up together, one has to pay for their mistakes. Go then, you do not need to give me face.”

Ma Qun looked at Zhou Weiqing with a plaintive, pitiable look, as if wanting to say something. However, when he saw Crow’s teary eyes, he could not say anything. At that moment, he suddenly felt an itch in his ear, and a soft thin voice rang out in his ears almost imperceptibly. Wasn’t that his boss Zhou Weiqing’s voice?

If it were in the past, Zhou Weiqing would not have cared about Ma Qun; if he didn’t let Crow beat him up until he was half dead, Zhou Weiqing would not have his own anger assuaged. That fellow ran away from his marriage, forcing his own fiancee to search for so long; he was definitely the very definition of ‘Asking for Trouble’. If he did not want to marry someone, he just had to speak out, why run away like that? However, just a few moments ago, Ma Qun had stood out in a moment of critical danger, blocking in front of him despite the danger to himself. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing had already treated him as a true brother already. As such, he could not burn the bridge after crossing it, and helping him a little was something he had to do.

As such, for this matter between him and Crow, Zhou Weiqing decided to help him just this once. Whatever happens between them in the future, that would be up to them, and he would no longer interfere.

Ma Qun said with a pitiable look on his face towards Crow: “Let me go first, this is between the two of us husband and wife, don’t let the others look at us as a joke. We can go to the room and talk, and you can do whatever you want with me. I am a man, at least leave me some face in public.”

These words he said were according to what Zhou Weiqing had just taught him.

Crow started for a moment, then said angrily: “You still know you are a man? Who is husband and wife with you?!” Although she said that, in the end she still let go of Ma Qun, stomping off huffily into the room. Ma Qun looked at Zhou Weiqing, who gave him a significant look. Ma Qun had nothing left to lose, knowing he could not hide any longer, and he gave Zhou Weiqing a hidden thumbs up before following behind Crow. As he passed by Zhou Weiqing, he was quickly given something.

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself. Brother, I have thought you all I can, you can only pray for yourself now.

The reason why he told Ma Qun to say that earlier was because he knew Crow very well. Although she might seem very bold unrestrained and forthright, in truth she was extremely quick witted and sharp, with an eye for detail. Her art of ‘acting like a pig to eat a tiger’ was almost even better than Zhou Weiqing. To give her own man face was something important to all women, especially for intelligent women like her. After all, they had not truly torn apart their relationship, and were still considered fiance and fiancee.

Ma Qun followed Crow into the room, before turning to close the door, forcing himself to look as composed as possible.

Having entered the room first, Crow spun around abruptly, glaring at him with a cold light in her eyes. Ma Qun sighed, and this two metre tall young man took a step forward towards Crow before sighing once more and said: “Crow, I know that I have done an irreparable harm to you, and no matter how many times I apologize, it is not enough. There is nothing more to say, take action then. As long as it can
let you vent your feelings, I will take it, I have let you down.” As he said that, he crouched down in front of Crow, his arms covering his head in a submissive position as if accepting any hits.

This was the second step that Zhou Weiqing had taught him before Ma Qun had entered. Facing such an intelligent girl like Crow, any flowery language, tricks or lies would never work, and admitting his own wrong and apologising at the first possible time was the best way to be dealt with leniently. Since Zhou Weiqing’s first step had actually worked so well, Ma Qun’s confidence in him had been boosted.

Ever since Ma Qun had ran off, it could be said that Crow really hated this fellow. However, when his two metre tall figure was crouching down before her and allowing her to beat and scold him as she wished, her heart softened instead. He was such a huge fellow, and if she really beat him up, how could he face Zhou Weiqing in the future? The Gold Crow Tribe members were extremely loyal and steadfast, especially in love too. Once she had been promised in marriage to Ma Qun, she had already considered herself as his, even though they had barely interacted a few times, but such an ingrained core value was not something easily changed. This also caused her to actually think for her man despite her massive anger.

As such, she held herself back and did not take action in the end, saying angrily: “Ma Qun, speak then, what do you want? If you do not want to marry me, then we will go back to our tribes to clear things up, and we can null the agreement. Hitting you would just dirty my hands.”

Chapter 115 Self-Torture Trick!

“Null the agreement?” Ma Qun stood up suddenly, speaking agitatedly. “No, no way, definitely not.” This time, it was not Zhou Weiqing’s teaching him. Although he had found it hard to accept Crow’s size, but to null a wedding agreement was not something he would do. Firstly, this was a serious matter which was not just personal, but to do with the relations between both their tribes. More importantly, he also knew that once a Gold Crow Tribe female had her marriage nulled, then it was a serious matter. The Tribe Rules of the Gold Crow Tribe was that no matter what the reason, a woman who had her marriage nulled was considered a disloyal woman. Not only would Crow no longer be able to remain the heir of the Gold Crow Tribe Chieftain, her life might even be in danger. Although Ma Qun did not think of himself as a good person, he could not possibly destroy a young woman’s life like that! That was also the reason why he ran away previously instead of nulling the marriage agreement.

Crow looked at him coldly before saying: “Why not? Since you do not like me, I’ll give you back your freedom.”

Ma Qun shook his head, his heart thinking back to the third step that Zhou Weiqing had told him. Previously, he had still been a little hesitant, but now he knew he could no longer hesitate any longer. “Crow, originally when I ran away, the mistake was mine. At that time, I did not think clearly, and I did not want to get married at all, and I hated the thought of being forced into one by the order of the tribes. However, since that time, I have already thought things through clearly; no matter you or me,
we have a heavy weight on our shoulders, a responsibility. This has been more and more clear to me after entering the outside world, seeing how the human Heavenly Jewel Masters have such power, and I truly hate myself for my laziness and uselessness in the past. I am starting to work hard now, cultivate hard. In truth, I had already planned to complete my training first, at least to be at the same level as you before
returning to look for you. No matter what… I need to be at
least equal to my own woman…”

“Earlier, in that instant when I saw you, I was so ashamed that I could not face anyone, and was wishing that the very earth would swallow me up. I know that you Gold Crow Tribe members will not leave your home so easily, and I cannot think of another reason for you to be here besides looking for me. For a young lady like you to leave home alone and travel so far, I am really touched.”

“To the mistake that I have made back then, I really do not know how to make it up to you. I just wish that I had the chance to understand you, to make it up to you, to love and cherish you…” As he spoke up to this point, Ma Qun gave a sad, bitter smile, before continuing: “Of course, I know that one has to pay for their mistakes. If you do not want to give me that chance, I will understand it, but at least let me protect your name and purity, that is the best way for me to pay for my sins.”

As he said that, Ma Qun lifted his right hand. No one knew when a short dagger had appeared in his hands, and without hesitation, he stabbed it down savagely towards the left portion of his chest.

The words that Ma Qun had spoken was truly from his heart, and the third step that Zhou Weiqing had taught him was called the Self-Torture Trick.

Zhou Weiqing had told him that if Crow did not hit him after entering the room, that meant she had some feelings for him. If that was so, he could make use of the Self-Torture Trick to make things up with her. However, whether or not he decided to use it would be up to him.

When Ma Qun had spoken those words to her, he was suddenly enveloped by a sense of sorrow and regret. Looking at the tearing Crow, his Self-Torture Trick suddenly morphed from an act to a reality. Zhou Weiqing had originally told him to stab down in the right side of his chest, as that would be a serious injury but not fatal. However, he had actually stabbed down on the left side, where the heart was.

To the Gold Crow Tribe, if a woman’s husband passed away, that would not affect a woman’s reputation, and she could remarry. In doing so now, Ma Qun was offering his own life as a price to redeem Crow’s reputation.

“What   are   you   doing?!”    Seeing   Ma   Qun   stab   down unhesitatingly with his dagger, Crow’s heart melted. Her hands lifted up swiftly, grabbing onto Ma Qun’s wrists.

She was actually quite clear about Ma Qun’s power, and as their hands met, Crow could instantly tell that he had stabbed down hard with all his might, and it was definitely not an act. Due to the amount of strength he used, even though she had caught onto his wrist on time, Ma Qun’s dagger had still stabbed into the muscles of his chest, and blood flowed out immediately.

Crow quickly grabbed the dagger from his hands and flung it away, before quickly tending to his wounds. At that time, Ma Qun finally displayed his girl-chasing abilities, perhaps no weaker than Zhou Weiqing. Swiftly, he turned back and held Crow in his embrace with all his might, as if afraid she would run away. With Ma Qun’s raw physical strength, hugging a girl with all his might, perhaps only one like Crow would able to withstand it so easily without using any Heavenly Energy.

In the courtyard, Yun Li stood beside Zhou Weiqing and said softly: “That little rascal Ma Qun… will he be alright? That girl, she is definitely not one to be trifled with!” Previously, he had clearly seen Crow’s battle prowess and her valiant actions when fighting against the black clad men. These few days, Crow had also broken through to the four-Jeweled stage, and adding on to her terrifying physical strength and her axes, she would definitely leave a deep impression on anyone.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, whether or not he is fine depends on how much of this great Don Juan’s legacy he has learned and mastered.

Yun Li gave a disdainful humph and said: “Don Juan my foot, you have ran back alone and lost your girlfriend instead…”

At the side, Lin TianAo looked at Zhou Weiqing with a surprised look. He suddenly sensed that the old, mischievous, rascally and perverted scoundrel, Zhou Weiqing, had somehow returned. Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo had a rather strong understanding between each other, and seeing his eyes and look, Zhou Weiqing immediately smiled and said: “Although I was chased out today, I learned the best news I have heard in a long time. My Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Family has not been
totally destroyed, and at least my father and the rest are still alive.” As such, he described what he had heard from Cai Cai.

“Ten years. We still have a chance.” Lin TianAo said solemnly after hearing him out.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Yes, we definitely have a chance. The next ten years will be the time for us to rise up. I will make them spit out everything that they have taken from me, ten times and more!”

Right at that moment, they suddenly heard Crow’s startled cry from inside the room.

Yun Li’s face changed. “What do we do now?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, as if everything was in his grasp. “Everything is fine then, we do not need to care about them. This Ma Qun…  his talent isn’t too bad!”  From Crow’s startled cry and the worried tone, Zhou Weiqing could hear that the Self-Torture Trick had worked, and they were relatively okay.

Since the Self-Torture Trick had already worked what else was there to say? What was left was for Ma Qun handle, and that was not anything that anyone else could teach any longer.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng* A knocking sound rang out from the door. Before Zhou Weiqing could speak, Little Four charged forward to pull open the door, while the rest of the team took on guarded positions. After all, none of them were clear who the previous black clad men were. If the Fei Li Empire was actually taking action against Zhou Weiqing, then none of them would have any chance of escaping.

There were more than ten people standing outside, with Zang Lang standing at their head. Besides him, Zhou Weiqing also recognized a few others, including that bald headed bro of his. However, their actual number was lesser than what Zang Lang had told him previously. Including Zang Lang himself, there were only a dozen standing there.

Seeing so many people in the courtyard, Zang Lang gave a small sound of surprise before leading his fellow brothers inside. “Boss Zhou, we have come.” Zang Lang walked all the way to Zhou Weiqing before stopping, saying in an abashed tone: “Originally, there were a few more of us. However, when some of them heard about you being chased out of the Academy…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively, saying: “I understand. For you to be able to bring so many people, I am already very pleasantly surprised.”

Zang Lang took a deep breath. He did not know why, but in front of Zhou Weiqing, he always felt a unique pressure. “… Boss Zhou, we are after all here to be your Lifetime Follower. Besides me, the rest of them are all Physical Jewel Masters. To be able to Follow a talented Consolidating Equipment Master is our honour and luck. However, there are so many of us, and we are a little worried whether or not you are able to help us all with Consolidating Equipment Masters. In your opinion…”

After all, it was a Lifetime Following, and one that required a Darkness Seal’s restriction. Zang Lang had to be responsible for those brothers who had followed him. When he said those words, he did not dare look into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Honestly speaking, when Zhou Weiqing was forced to leave the Academy this time, Zang Lang had been extremely hesitant about his decision to Follow him. However, the draw of a talented Consolidating Equipment Master was just too great, especially one so young like Zhou Weiqing.

However, when he finally reached here and saw so many people in the courtyard, he started to worry whether or not he and his brothers be able to actually gain Zhou Weiqing’s support on Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

At the side, Yun Li couldn’t help but say exasperatedly: “He alone might not be able to do so, but with my help, how can it not be possible?”

Previously, Zang Lang had been too nervous, and did not notice the nearby Yun Li. At this point, spotting him here, he couldn’t help but start in surprise. “Teacher Li, you are here too?”

Ever since Yun Li entered the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy, he had always been rather proud and arrogant, and not all the students could be easily taught by him. In fact, he had only given the Commoner Class One a bit of teachings.

Yun Li glanced at Zhou Weiqing momentarily before saying passively: “He is my boss. Since he is here, I am naturally here as well. Did you really think his Followers would just be the mere few of you?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “With an additional High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, you should at least feel better and set your mind at ease right.”

Before Zang Lang could nod in agreement, Yun Li had already interrupted in a dissatisfied tone. “What High Level Consolidating Equipment Master. My dear boss, I have already reached the Grandmaster stage!”

It was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be startled. “So fast?!”

Yun Li said airily: “Originally, I was already about to breakthrough to the Grandmaster stage, and after competing with you and exchanging notes and learning, these few days I have been working extremely hard, and I have finally broken through successfully. A Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master before the age of thirty, have you seen that before? Haha, I will definitely reach the stage of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master before you, and at that time, who knows, maybe you will be the one who wants to be my Follower. Zhou Weiqing looked at him for a moment, then suddenly said seriously: “Yun Li, I think that when someone is too full of himself, it is not good for their cultivation; in fact it is not good at all. As such, I have decided to help you out and knock you off your pedestal. Little Miss Muddle.”

a trick of having oneself tortured to win the confidence of the enemy, a famous trick by one of the generals in the Three Kingdoms period “Big brother Little Fatty, what is it?” Dou Dou skipped around to Zhou Weiqing’s side.

As if performing magic, a chicken drumstick appeared in Zhou   Weiqing’s   hands.   “Create   a   good   Consolidating Equipment Scroll for this big brother here to see, then you can eat this delicious chicken drumstick.”

“Okay! Okay!” Seeing something to eat, Dou Dou’s eyes lit up. Before anyone could see her move, a Consolidating Equipment Paper floated into the air.

As the paper floated in the air, in the next moment… Abruptly, four different coloured rays of light shone forth, and the others could see that four Consolidated Equipment Brushes had appeared out of nowhere into her hands, with each hand holding two. Waving them in a rapid fashion, the brushes seemed to fly around up and down. It was as if all the coloured lights were focused and imprinted onto the Consolidating Equipment Paper.

It took barely the time for them to take three breaths, and all of a sudden, a bright flash of gold light shone, and the Consolidating Equipment Paper flew towards Yun Li. The four brushes in Little Miss Muddle’s hands disappeared, and the chicken drumstick in Zhou Weiqing’s hands moments ago appeared in hers instead.

When the Consolidating Equipment Scroll fell into Yun Li’s hands, he could only stare foolishly at it, stunned totally. After a while, he muttered to himself: “No design… Consolidating in mid air… This… this is a top Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scroll!”

No matter designless creation or Consolidating in mid air, these were all top level Skills for Consolidating Equipment Masters, and more so, only those with legacies passed down would be able to learn it. Yun Li also knew in theory how to learn them, after all he did have a legacy as well. However, he was extremely far from either step, and he knew that even after he reached the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master, perhaps he might still not be able to learn them.

Although he had already reached the Grandmaster Stage, at his level it was still not easy for him to create any Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, with his success rate being extremely low. Even in the near foreseeable future, working hard, he might not reach such a state like this young lady in front him, to be able to create that scroll so easily. Previously, he had still been bragging to Zhou Weiqing about being a Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master before the age of thirty, but this young lady in front of him was also a Grandmaster… one that was many times better than he was… and she looked barely twenty years old!

In that instant, Yun Li was totally shocked.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, Dou Dou is also not yet thirty, and she is already reaching the Zong Stage very soon! Yun Li, pride is good, but too much of it or arrogance would cause one to regress. You need to work harder!”

In truth, Zhou Weiqing himself had been given a rude shock. He had not known how terrifying Dou Dou’s Consolidating Equipment Master abilities truly were. It was only because he had seen her seven-Jewels before, so he had a slightly better preparation in his heart than Yun Li.

Besides Yun Li, Zang Lang and his dozen were also standing there, jaw dropped and fully stunned. Three Consolidating Equipment Masters… it was actually three! Each scarier than the other, with one actually almost reaching the Zong Stage! Although Zhou Weiqing did not give them any actual promise, but in just this tiny courtyard, there were already three Consolidating Equipment Masters, with one almost at the Zong Stage! What better promise, what better guarantee was there?

After all, in the entire Boundless Mainland, Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters were already of utmost honour and of grand status. To raise one’s level of Consolidating Equipment Master skill, each level was several times more difficult than just raising a level of Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although Zang Lang had already looked very highly upon Zhou Weiqing, otherwise he would not have made the decision to become his follower, he truly had not expected that even this proud and talented Teacher Yun would also be Zhou Weiqing’s Follower! Not to mention, there was even another Consolidating Equipment Master who was far above even Teacher Yun!

Without any further hesitation, Zang Lang knelt down on one knee, and the other eleven who had followed also followed suit quickly.

Solemnly, Zang Lang said: “Boss Zhou, please give us the Sealing then. I, Zang Lang, am willing to be your Lifetime Follower.” Zhou Weiqing waved his hands and said: “No need, you all get up.”

Zang Lang thought that his questioning and suspicions earlier had angered Zhou Weiqing, and he immediately said urgently: “Boss Zhou, I was not suspecting you, it is just that there are so many of us, so I…”

Zhou Weiqing laughed slightly, shaking his head gently with a faint smile on his face. Beside him, Lin TianAo stomped hard on the ground with his right foot, and immediately, a powerful vibration was sent through the earth, reverberating all the way through to force the kneeling twelve to their feets. In front of Lin TianAo, Zang Lang and the rest were just no match for him.

Looking at their dejected faces, Zhou Weiqing did not pause too long, saying: “Zang Lang, and these other brothers. For you all to have come even knowing my situation, and knowing how I have been chased out by the Academy, that has already proven many things. I am overjoyed that you all are willing to be my Followers, and though Seals may be a good restriction, I have already thought things through. What I need is not a bunch of soldiers or ordinary men, but a band of brothers beside me.” “From today onwards, you are all brothers to me, Zhou Weiqing. I do not need to Seal you all. If one day, any of you feel I am no longer worthy of being Followed, you can leave at any time.”

Making such a decision was not difficult for Zhou Weiqing. Although not a long time had passed, he was no longer the same young man who had first stepped into the Fei Li Military Academy.

Confidence rose from power, and it was exactly because of this confidence in himself, that he could deal with anything that came at him, to gain their loyalty without using the Seals. As such, he did not want to use Seals to restrict these men who would be fighting beside his side, his brothers in arm.

Hearing the words ‘brothers’, Zang Lang and the other eleven graduates who had come with him started. They had never dreamed that something like this would happen. Amongst them, some of the more sensitive ones had worried look in their faces.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing could tell what they were worried about, and with a faint smile, he said: “You do not have to worry that I will not treat you the same without Seals. Everyone here are my brothers, and none will have a Seal as well.”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing suddenly struck out with his palm onto Yun Li’s forehead.

With Yun Li’s cultivation level and power, being ambushed with a sneak attack suddenly, he would normally react instinctively. However, he abruptly realised that he had no chance of dodging that blow. In the first place, he had never expected that Zhou Weiqing would attack him, and more so, as Zhou Weiqing struck down with the palm, the Fetters of Wind had already been unleashed on Yun Li.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing had already almost caught up to Yun Li’s cultivation level, and they were both at the four- Jeweled stage. A highly rated Control Skill like the Fetters of Wind was not so easily broken free off for those of equal levels. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing only needed a split second in order to complete his strike.

A dark red flash of light appeared around Yun Li’s forehead, and the symbol for the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness flickered momentarily, and was wiped away… forever. “Weiqing… you…” Yun Li stared at him blankly.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Lying is not good after all! You are the only one in the entire place who has been Sealed… Now that I have removed it, I am indeed no longer lying. What… are you not willing to be my brother, and would rather be my Follower instead?”

Yun Li gave a humph, saying recalcitrantly: “Without the Seal, I’m leaving now.” Although he said that, but his legs did not move at all, as he looked at Zhou Weiqing with a strange look in his eyes.

Lin TianAo stood at the side, smiling faintly as he looked at Zhou Weiqing’s actions, nodding inwardly. Zhou Weiqing’s leadership, charisma and stage was already growing higher and higher. When he did these things, the charm and charisma that he unconsciously revealed… even an older, more experienced man like Lin TianAo was subconsciously affected.

Let alone those of the same age as Zhou Weiqing.

With a *Putong* sound, Zang Lang knelt down before Zhou Weiqing once more, a fire in his eyes as emotion filled him. Agitatedly, he said: “We are brothers indeed, but also loyal men who will die for you!”

These words were spoken resolutely and decisively. In the Academy, many of the nobles had dreamt and planned on how to make use of them, how to enslave them. Even though they were Jewel Masters, even Heavenly Jewel masters, but those nobles had never treated like brothers, at most like high class servants to be used well. All that Zhou Weiqing had done was using his actions alone. He did not give any promises or some pretty words, just speaking passively and calmly, but Zang Lang’s inner heart was just boiling.

The other eleven were almost in the same state, but they did not know how to express their feelings. With Zang Lang in the lead, they all followed suit instantly, kneeling down, this time on both knees. “Brothers… and loyal soldiers!”

This time, Lin TianAo did not take action to force them to their feet, and Zhou Weiqing personally supported them up to their feet one by one. He knew that he finally had his own group of men.

Lifting his head to look at the sky, it was already past noon, and Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “I guess it is time for us to leave. We cannot stay long in the Fei Li City anymore.” After saying that, he turned towards the room that Ma Qun and Crow were in and yelled out loud: “Are you all done yet?”

The door finally opened, and as Crow and Ma Qun walked out, all the Fei Li Battle Team members, even Lin TianAo, widened their eyes so much so that they almost popped out, and they could feel jaws drop.

Crow had always been valiant, forthright and well, not too feminine. Yet now, she was like a little bird, snuggling up in Ma Qun’s arms, who was holding on to her shoulders with a big loopy grin on his face, a content expression on his face and gentle look in his eyes as he looked at her.

Drunken Bao swallowed hard, whispering to Little Four beside him: “Am I seeing things? Is that still our Crow, the one who chops down enemies faster than anyone else?”

Little Four muttered: “I do not know… I do not know… However, I can say that only this bro’s figure can match up to her…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled. Looking at Crow and Ma Qun, how could he not know that the two of them had made up. “The two of you, stop showing off your intimacy. Are you following us, or staying back?”

Ma Qun grinned and said: “Go, of course we’ll go. Crow will also be going along with us. As the saying goes, when the husband sings, the wife will be the accompanying harmony. Without forging a name for myself, how could I have face to go home. I do not want to be beaten to death by my dad. Crow has already forgiven me for running away from the marriage, but I have not forgiven myself yet. I must prove myself to be worthy of her before I return, and only then will we be married.” Zhou Weiqing said playfully: “You can do it! There is a vast gap between you and Crow now, and you better not make her wait for you and delay her own cultivating and power gain.”

Ma Qun said angrily: “Boss, how can you look at me like that!
Am I not working hard? My talent is also very outstanding!”

Zhou Weiqing walked over to Lin TianAo, clapping on the shoulders and looked to Ma Qun before saying: “Actions speak louder than words. In the future, Bro Lin will be your teacher, learn well from him. He will teach you how to make use of your ultimate defense to the maximum… Alright, brothers, let us head off!”

As soon as he said that, they took action. The black clad men’s attacks had given Zhou Weiqing a severe warning. Although he was confident in his own abilities, he knew he was still at the four-Jeweled cultivation level. Amongst all of them, the one with the highest cultivation level was actually Little Miss Muddle Dou Dou. If one or two nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters came over to kill them, they would not be able to do anything. A small numeric advantage was useless against absolute power. Zhou Weiqing, Lin TianAo, Ma Qun, Crow, Yun Li, Little Four, Xiao Yan, Drunken Bao; eight of them, in addition to Zang Lang’s twelve men, they were a party of twenty in total. If twenty of them were to move out together, it would draw too much attention. As such, after a quick discussion, they split
into four groups, with five people in each group, and they would leave from different directions and times.

After all, the first attack against Zhou Weiqing had just barely ended, and it would be some time before they were discovered to have lost. Even if they had truly been sent by the Fei Li Empire, as long as they did not seal the gates, there should not be another attack in the near future.

After about two hours, the twenty of them finally regrouped outside the Fei Li City. They had not purchased mounts, and were all on foot. Now that they had gathered, they started heading towards the east under the leadership of Zhou Weiqing.

As they hurried along, Lin TianAo moved along beside Zhou Weiqing, and he asked: “Weiqing, where are you planning to go? Are you not heading back to the Heavenly Bow Empire?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “We only number twenty, and even if we return to the Heavenly Bow Empire, we will not be able to do anything. It would be like an egg striking a rock. My father has already managed to fight for and give me ten years to work with. In this ten years, I need to gather enough power to shake the Bai Da Empire. Even if it isn’t enough to defeat them, at least I need to be able to save my father and others. The Fei Li Empire has already taken notice of me, and staying here is useless. As such, I need to find a place where I can gather strength, to build up a troop of my own.”

Lin TianAo thought about it for a moment, then said: “So, where are we going?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “War might not be a good thing, but it is also the place with the best opportunities. In battle, we will be able to better improve ourselves. My original plan had been to join the Fei Li Empire’s army and fight in the northern border. However, now that they view me as a threat, I can only change my plan a little. Instead, I have decided to head to the northern border of the ZhongTian Empire to join the army, to find a relatively desolate area to grow my strength.”

Lin TianAo nodded and said: “Very good, we’ll follow your arrangements then. We’ll take it a step at the time.” Joining the army, battling hard against enemies was every young man’s dream, and no one protested Zhou Weiqing’s arrangements.

Just as they were about fifty li from the Fei Li City, all of a sudden, a black shadowy figure dropped down from the trees ahead, smashing down onto the road right ahead of them.

Almost subconsciously, Lin TianAo and the others moved in front of Zhou Weiqing. Although he did not release his Assembly Set Shield, he looked on with a guarded look upon his face. The rest of the Fei Li Battle Team members also took their positions near Zhou Weiqing. As for Zang Lang and the others, although their cultivation levels were not very high, they were after all top graduates from their commoner class of the Fei Li Military ACademy, otherwise they wouldn’t have fought against working for the nobles. In that moment, the twelve of them spread apart in a crescent shape, in a formation that would allow them to protect the rest while also maintaining their own offense.

It was only at this point that all of them finally saw that what had smashed onto the ground was actually a corpse… dressed in black. His neck seemed to have been snapped, and there was not much blood around, but there was clearly no signs of life any longer. “Come out.” Zhou Weiqing looked to the trees with piercing eyes. His Dragon Silencing Seals had already been fully used today, and if they met with any powerful foes, that would be troublesome.

*Swoosh* A beautiful figure appeared silently at the front, and when Zhou Weiqing saw her face, he was totally shocked. “What… why is it you?” His expression turned ugly in that instant.

That person pursed her lips, saying: “Why can’t it be me? What sort of expression is that? I took the trouble to kill off the scout following you, and not only did you not thank me, you are still giving me that look?”

At Zhou Weiqing’s side, Yun Li looked at them curiously, and asked: “Weiqing, isn’t this Lady Bing’er?”

Indeed, in Yun Li’s eyes, wasn’t it Shangguan Bing’er standing right in front of them? However, after all his experiences, Zhou Weiqing would definitely not recognize the wrong person, because around that ‘Shangguan Bing’er’s’ right wrist was a dark gold bracer-claw. Amongst the three Shangguan Sisters, Zhou Weiqing had only seen Shangguan Fei’er have a Consolidated Equipment like that. Of course, he did not know if Shangguan Xue’er also had a Consolidated Equipment like that, but he was definitely sure than she would not be so bored or senseless as to run all the way over here to just help them kill a spy.

Zhou Weiqing was speechless for a moment. “That is not Bing’er, it is her sister, Shangguan Fei’er. Why are you here?” He looked at this young girl who looked like the one he loved so much, a slight hint of wariness in his expression as he dared not let his guard down. After all, he had experienced first hand how powerful Shangguan Fei’er’s close combat abilities were. In fact, with both sides in top condition, even if he used the Dragon Silencing Seal, he might not be able to defeat her, as her close combat fighting capabilities was just too terrifying.

Shangguan Fei’er laughed lightly, walking towards Zhou Weiqing, and on seeing that she was known to him, Zang Lang and the others backed away to the side. The Fei Li Battle Team members clearly knew the tangled relationship between him and the three Shangguan Sisters, and they also moved aside while suppressing laughs.

Shangguan Fei’er walked all the way to Zhou Weiqing before stopping, saying grandly: “I am here on behalf of Third Sister.”

Zhou Weiqing started a little. “Bing’er asked you to come? What for? Could it be… Bing’er asked you to marry me as well, to be her substitute for this period of time, to wait upon me?”

This young rascal always managed to trash talk while keeping a straight, serious face. Such a skill had to be learnt over years of practice……

Shangguan Fei’er’s beautiful cheeks turned red, but she refused to back down so easily. “Wait upon you? Hmph, more like you wait upon me. I’m your sister in law after all, quick, call me big sister. I am here to help Bing’er keep an eye and monitor you, lest you be unfaithful to her and let her down!”

“Bullshit, Your Father I still need you to monitor me? Shoo Shoo, if you want me to call you Big Sis, you can wait until Bing’er actually marries me then I’ll think about it.” Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly.

Shangguan Fei’er gave a cold humph and said: “Fine, I can leave, but when I go back, I’ll tell Bing’er that you have cheated on her, and fallen for that Heavenly Demon Sect Little Witch. Ohh and that Heavenly Snow Mountain’s Tian’er, that Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger. Ahhh… Siighhh… My poor little sister, so foolish of her… having a sneaky third party right beside her as a tiger without her knowing it! Hmph, I will definitely tell her everything and show her your true colours. Zhou Little Fatty, you’re dead meat!” After saying that, she turned around and left, but after doing so and with her back to Zhou Weiqing, a mischievous look flashed across her face. Indeed, Shangguan Fei’er was not called the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace for nothing.

Zhou Weiqing stared at her with his jaw agape. If anyone else were to tell tales and try to sow discord between him and Shangguan Bing’er, he would scoff at the thought, as no matter what, he trusted that Bing’er would believe him. However, this Shangguan Fei’er was a tricky one indeed, and she was also Bing’er’s own sister. She had after all taken the trouble to follow him all the way, and if she returned to say that to Bing’er, wouldn’t Bing’er be hurt? From what Zhou Weiqing knew of Shangguan Fei’er, she would definitely do as she said.

“Wait!”  Zhou  Weiqing  quickly  stepped  forward,  grabbing hold of her shoulder.

Shangguan Fei’er did not struggle out of his grasp, instead turning her head to look at him. “Why are you grabbing on to me?”  As she said that, she somehow remembered that scene where she had lost her first kiss to Zhou Weiqing, and gritted her teeth in sudden remembered anger, her tone turning accusatory. Zhou Weiqing could sense the accusatory tone, and immediately thought that Shangguan Fei’er was really going back to sow discord. Instantly, he put on a smiling face and said sweetly: “Big sis…”

Shangguan Fei’er shuddered involuntarily, looking at him strangely. “Alright, enough. I’m getting goose pimples all over. Can you even act better?”

Zhou Weiqing gave an apologetic smile and said: “Big sis, I’m wrong. I was such a bastard just now, it was because I was in a bad mood from what I suffered in the Fei Li City… As you can see for yourself, I’m all alone right now, no Little Witch or Tian’er with me ah! I’m wrong, I’m wrong, if you wish to stay and monitor me, please do so. I am happy to use my actions to prove how outstanding I am, that I am worthy of Bing’er.”

Seeing this different Zhou Weiqing, with his obsequious apologetic smile, almost fawning on her, Shangguan Fei’er started momentarily, thinking to herself: What kind of person is he really?

Originally, when Shangguan Fei’er had her first kiss stolen from Zhou Weiqing, she hated him so much that she wanted to kill him. She did not have the overall view of the situation like Shangguan Xue’er, or her control, and so she had done all she could to sneak into the ZhongTian Battle Team in an attempt to cause trouble for Zhou Weiqing.

In the Lustre Spatial Realm, when she had fought with Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch, Shangguan Fei’er had been extremely vexed to have lost to the two of them. However, it was what happened next that had been deeply ingrained into her heart, and had also totally turned her view of Zhou Weiqing upside down.

Shangguan Fei’er would never forget the resolute figure of Zhou Weiqing standing protectively before the mother dragon and her egg, and how he had spoken so righteously and boldly. It was as if she was looking at a totally different person. Was that still the man who stole her first kiss?!

Chapter 116 Joining! Shangguan Fei’er! 

In that instant, all that pent up anger that Shangguan Fei’er had towards Zhou Weiqing for stealing her first kiss had dissipated. She also forgot for a moment that she was part of the ZhongTian Battle Team, and should be thinking for them.

This was truly a man who was responsible and accountable; a man who was willing to stand up for his own ideals, no matter the cost. Perhaps, some might think of him doing such a thing at such a time as being foolish, to help the WanShou Battle Team against the ZhongTian and Bao Po Battle Teams. However, Shangguan Fei’er did not think the same. Her character was already a rather rebellious one, coupled with a rather mischievous and eccentric nature. Deep inside, she appreciated a man like Zhou Weiqing who was confident, daring, and so resolute in his actions. Furthermore, he was the one who had stolen her first kiss.

That time, Zhou Weiqing had planted a tiny seed in her heart, so much so that after leaving the Lustre Spatial Realm, she had actually pled on his behalf to her father and uncle. That was also one of the reasons why the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had been treated him so well after that incident. After which, Zhou Weiqing had gotten the bad news from home and led the Fei Li Battle Team back. Shangguan Fei’er had originally been confined for a period of time as punishment, but she was after all rather favoured in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and that did not last long. After Zhou Weiqing and the rest had left, she had snuck out and followed them, learning from Tian’er as she ran away from home. With her cultivation level, it had been easy for her to follow them without being discovered.

When Zhou Weiqing had been ambushed in his own home, Shangguan Fei’er had been prepared to take action. However, she held back to see how Zhou Weiqing had grown, and had definitely been surprised.

She had seen Zhou Weiqing, at a mere four-Jeweled stage, able to take on eight Upper Level Zun Stage Masters and above. That decisiveness. The savage viciousness. His sheer power and intelligence.

Just by himself, he had finished off four out of his eight enemies, and in the end, with the Dragon Silencing Seal, had allowed his friends to finish off the other four easily.

Although Shangguan Fei’er was also confident in taking on these eight without problems, but even she would not be able to do so without injury. More so, in a eight versus one situation, she would not be able to guarantee that she would be able to finish them all off without some escaping.

Yet… the worst thing about the comparison was that… she was after all a genius level Heavenly Jewel Master from a Great Saint Lands! Although Shangguan Fei’er was rather playful normally, she was still extremely diligent in terms of training and cultivation. She was still slightly behind Shangguan Xue’er, but that was in part because of the sheer power of the Boundless Infinitum Set. In fact, Shangguan Fei’er’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level was already at the 26th level, not too far from the seven-Jeweled stage’s 28th level. Even so, she knew that when she was at the four-Jeweled stage, she would have not been a match for the current Zhou Weiqing.

What did that all mean? It meant the difference in sheer talent. Indeed, it was a difference in innate, inborn talent. Zhou Weiqing’s talent was just too terrifying, defying even the heavens. Although she did not know that it originated from the black pearl of the Dark Demon God Tiger, it was enough to pique her interest in Zhou Weiqing.

As such, Shangguan Fei’er decided to follow Zhou Weiqing to the outside world to have fun and enjoy herself. Earlier, she had noticed that she was not the only one following them, and she had taken out the spy. By then, she was unwilling to continue hiding any longer, and showed herself.

Shangguan Fei’er eyed Zhou Weiqing for a moment before saying self righteously: “I will definitely keep an eye on you and monitor your actions. If you dare do anything that lets down Bing’er, I will not let you off.”

Looking at Shangguan Fei’er, Zhou Weiqing felt a headache encroaching. He would rather interact with Shangguan Xue’er than this mischievous young lady in front of him. She was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and if she continued following along, how could he keep any secrets? Especially so with what he was planning to do ahead. If it were Shangguan Xue’er, she would just be an icy exterior, but this young lady was different. From how she was willing to sneak into the Lustre Spatial Realm to deal with him, one could tell how problematic she would be.

Alas, he could do nothing about it, and Zhou Weiqing said helplessly: “In that case, let’s head off already.”

Once again, they moved out and continued on, and it was only then that Zhou Weiqing finally knew what torture was. Shangguan Fei’er had almost never left the Heavenly Jewel Island, and even when she had, it was to the ZhongTian City. This was her first time leaving home for such a distance. Previously, since she had been following Zhou Weiqing secretly, and did not have time to look around at her surroundings too much, but now that she could take her time, her curious eyes did not stop. Every time she saw something
new and interesting, she asked Zhou Weiqing about it, chattering non stop.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing had been intending to fully polish his plan for their upcoming activities on the trip, but being pestered by her non stop, he was unable to do so. Alas, he was unable to offend her, and no one else seemed to want to help him out, instead sniggering secretly at the side.

This time, their trip took almost half a month, and by the time Zhou Weiqing finally started getting used to having a ever-questioning Shangguan Fei’er beside him, they were already deep in the ZhongTian Empire territory, heading to their northern border.

The twenty one of them continued along their way, pausing momentarily at a crossroads. Zhou Weiqing spread out a map of the area, while the others stood around him. The map had been purchased on their way here, one of the most detailed ones they could find, costing them more than ten gold coins in total, made of goat leathers and was extremely durable, while it was also detailed and accurate.

In terms of cultivation and power levels, the Heavenly Jewel Masters of the Fei Li Battle Team were undoubtedly miles ahead. But in terms of reading maps, strategizing and large scale combat, they paled in comparison to Zang Lang and the other graduates of the Fei Li Military Academy.

Zang Lang stood by Zhou Weiqing’s side, looking through the map together with him. Pointing at the crossroads ahead, he said: “Both the roads in front can lead to the ZhongTian northern border, the one of the left is much shorter distance, at least three to four days worth of less travel, but it passes through an area called the Ghost Demon Forest. If we take it, we should reach the north border within five days, if we do not run into any trouble. The road on the left is winding and complicated, but they are all official roads that will be much easier and safer to traverse.”

“According to the symbols on the map, the Ghost Demon Forest is full of Heavenly Beasts. To be safe, I recommend that we take the right path, though it might take a slightly longer time, but it is a smoother route. If we rush along, we might at most take 2 more days than if we took the left road.” “Take the left, take the left!”  Shangguan Fei’er jumped up excitedly. How could she be afraid of Heavenly Beasts, and with her mischievous nature of wanting to stir trouble, she would definitely chose the more ‘exciting’ route.

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow and said: “However, we do not know what kind of Heavenly Beasts live in that Ghost Demon Forest.”  In truth, with the strength of their party, as long as they did not meet any Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beasts or higher, they should not have any problems. If they truly wanted to move as fast as possible, then the left road would undoubtedly be more worthwhile. Although Zhou Weiqing did not say anything, Lin TianAo knew for sure that he was definitely hoping to reach their destination as soon as possible, to start his plan quickly. After all, they were on a limited time table, and ten years might sound like a long time, but facing the odds that they did, it was truly unbelievably short.

As such, all of them turned to focus on Zhou Weiqing. He would be the one to make the final decision, and all the rest waited for him.

If it were only him and the Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing would have chosen to take the left road without hesitation, cutting straight through the Ghost Demon Forest. In doing so, not only would they save time, they could also possibly earn from any Heavenly Beasts they killed on the way.

However, things were different now, as they had Zang Lang and the other eleven members. Amongst the twelve of them, besides Zang Lang, a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, the rest were all only Physical Jewel Masters, at most at the three to four Jeweled stage.

In terms of cultivation level, a three or four Jeweled Physical Jewel Master could not be compared to a Heavenly Jewel Master. Not only in terms of having Elemental Jewels, but even their cultivation levels – after all, a Heavenly Jewel Master needed four levels of Heavenly Energy to gain a Jewel, but ordinary Jewel Masters only needed three. That was to say, just in terms of cultivation level alone, none of them were even as high as Zhou Weiqing! If they met with any powerful Heavenly Beasts, especially those who were skilled in sneak attacks or ambushes, Zhou Weiqing could not guarantee that they could pass through without death or injuries.

The reason why Zhou Weiqing placed such importance on them was not because of their combat abilities, but because of their outstanding talent and training in military affairs. For those commoners to be able to enter the Fei Li Military Academy, besides those like Ma Qun who totally depended on the status of a Heavenly Jewel Master, each of them were extremely talented in their own way! The twelve of them was tantamount to having twelve commanders or advisors of his army, and they were all extremely precious to Zhou Weiqing, possibly of great use in the future. Zhou Weiqing would definitely not want them to perish in any useless way.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhou Weiqing finally suppressed his desire to go through the Ghost Demon Forest. Solemnly, he said: “Alright, we’ll do as Zang Lang suggested. We will take the right path, if we pick up the pace, we shouldn’t be delayed too much.”

“Oei, you aren’t such a coward are you.”  Shangguan Fei’er said exasperatedly.

Zhou Weiqing eyed her for a moment, then said: “You might be extremely powerful personally, but not everyone is. All of us here are my brothers, and I have to be responsible for everyone’s lives. They have chosen to follow me, how could I let them endanger themselves unnecessarily for nothing?”

When he said that, those seniors of his from the Fei Li Military Academy all showed looks of gratitude on their faces. If he had chosen to go via the Ghost Demon Forest, none of them would have backed down, but they would definitely feel fear in their hearts. After all, in terms of actual combat, they did not have much experience and were not well versed in that.

Shangguan Fei’er pursed her lips disdainfully, saying: “What danger can there be? Don’t you know, our ZhongTian Empire does not have any really powerful Heavenly Beasts?”

“En?” Zhou Weiqing looked at her curiously. Shangguan Fei’er was the little princess of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and naturally she would know much more about the situation within the ZhongTian Empire than outsiders like the rest of them.

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Within the Boundless Mainland, most, if not all, of the powerful Heavenly Beasts are in the WanShou Empire lands. As for the other Empires, it is extremely difficult to find any Heavenly Beasts at the Heavenly King Stage or higher. Those powerful Heavenly Beasts you saw in the Heavenly Jewel Island are mostly captured by those ancestors of ours from within the WanShou Empire. Although I do not know why that is so, I am certain that within our ZhongTian Empire, the strongest Heavenly Beasts should only be at the Upper Level Zong Stage or so. With all of us, as long as we are careful, the Ghost Demon Forest should not be a problem to us! After all, as long as we do not meet any Heavenly King Stage beasts, we have no need to fear!” “Furthermore, I have heard of this Ghost Demon Forest. The reason for its name is actually because it is home to a very unique Heavenly Beast, known as the Ghost Demon Horse. It is a social Heavenly Beast that lives together in a large group, and are generally at the lower level Zun Stage. Although this Heavenly Beast’s cultivation level is not considered low or high individually, it is one of the easiest to tame. In fact, I actually have the taming method for them. If we manage to catch some Ghost Demon Horses as our mounts, we can probably reach the northern border of the empire within three days.”

“These  Ghost  Demon  Horses  have  superb  endurance,  and they are best at charging, especially with their powerful physiques. In fact, within our ZhongTian Empire northern armies, we have a specialised Legion called the Ghost Demon Heavy Cavalry Legion. It is only this Legion that is able to fight against the WanShou Empire armies with equal numbers, and it is the credit of the Ghost Demon Horses. However, their Ghost Demon Horses are all bred and raised in human captivity, and are no match for those which grow and live in the wild.”

Hearing Shangguan Fei’er’s words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his heart palpitate in excitement. If each of them could have a Zun Stage Heavenly Beast mount, not only would their overall strength and power increase, their mobility and speed would greatly benefit as well. This was especially so in the future on the battlefield, where a good mount was of utmost importance to a general.

“Are  these  Ghost  Demon  Horses  easy  to  catch?”   Zhou Weiqing asked.

Seeing that he was tempted, Shangguan Fei’er grinned to herself inwardly before saying: “It should be alright… it isn’t exactly easy, but should not be too hard for us. They do not have any ranged attacks, and the main reason why they are rated as low level Zun Stage is actually because of their bodies and physiques. On their bodies, they have a layer of black scales covering every part of them, easily able to defend against a powerful crossbow bolt. In addition to their speed, endurance and sheer strength and carrying load, they can be said to be the best horse-type mounts in the entire mainland.”

Zhou Weiqing hesitated, looking towards Zang Lang and the others, his brow furrowed.

By now, the others already knew who Shangguan Fei’er was and her status; and for someone like her from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to praise these Ghost Demon Horses so much, one could definitely imagine how suitable these Heavenly Beasts were as steeds. In that moment, all of them were revealing looks of excitement on their faces.

Lin TianAo said to Zhou Weiqing: “Weiqing, if there really isn’t any Heavenly King Stage beasts and higher, it might be worth the risk for us.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded slowly. He knew that he actually had an advantage to this as well, when in the Demonic Change State he was able to give forth the aura of the Dark Demon God Tiger, and those Heavenly Beasts which weren’t far above him would submit to that presence. Furthermore, with his current cultivation level and the second evolving he had gone through, it would not be to difficult for him to put awe into low level Zun Stage Heavenly Beasts.

After some more thought, Zhou Weiqing finally made his decision, saying: “In that case, we will go through the Ghost Demon Forest. However, we will need to move in a formation. Big bro, you will be in front, and be in charge of the direct defense. Fei’er, you will remain at the back of the party, and be the main defense at the back. Yun Li, you will remain our mobile force, and whichever side requires help, you can judge for yourself to lend aid.” Lin TianAo nodded, and Shangguan Fei’er grinned excitedly. “Do not worry, with me around, anyone or anything that tries to ambush us from behind, I will take care of them!”

Zhou Weiqing ignored her, continuing: “Crow, you will be on our left flank. Drunken Bao, on our right flank. The rest of us will be in the center. Little Four, you will be in charge of scouting and relaying information. Xiao Yan, you and I will be in the direct center to provide ranged firepower. Zang Lang, you and the other brothers will surround myself and Xiao Yan. When we meet any enemies, do not engage at all without my command, understand?”

Zang Lang agreed respectfully.

Ma Qun sidled over huffily: “What about me, Boss?”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “You remain together with Crow.”

Ma Qun gave a vexed look as he said: “Boss, you’re not trying to have her protect me right. I’m quite strong now…” These past few days on the road, he had indeed learned much from Lin TianAo. Of course, his current cultivation level was still low, especially since Zhou Weiqing and the rest had not managed to find time to create Consolidating Equipment Shields for him yet. As such, in terms of cultivation level, he was still below Zang Lang; even with the advantage of his physique and his ultimate Attributes, he would at most be at equal level as Zang Lang.”

“You are indeed strong, that’s why I’m entrusting you to protect Crow!” Zhou Weiqing grinned as he said.

After this basic arrangement of their formation, the group took a rest for a while, having a quick meal of dry rations before moving out once more, following the road on the left towards the Ghost Demon Forest.

The sun was high in the sky, and the air was clear and clean. Bathed by the warm rays of the sun, the hurrying group felt like their body was bathed in a comfortable warmth.

After about two hours of travel, they came to the end of the road, and a large thick forest was before them. Strangely, the trees and their leaves here seemed to have a deeper colour than most other ordinary woods, giving the entire forest a inky- green hue; when the wind blew, it was as if it was a sea before them. The entire scene was a little eerie, and the Ghost Demon Forest truly deserved its name.

At the end of the road, a large road sign presented itself before their eyes.

“Ghost Demon Forest. Be warned, Heavenly Beasts live here, with powerful ones in the core of the forest. Enter at your own risk.”   The  warning  sign  had  clearly  been  placed  by  the ZhongTian Empire.

“Powerful Heavenly Beasts?” Zhou Weiqing turned to look at Shangguan Fei’er querying-ly once more.

Shangguan Fei’er said dismissively: “That is for ordinary people, are you an ordinary person?”

Zhou Weiqing was normally a resolute person who did not like being wishy washy. Since he was already here, he wouldn’t easily turn back, and he also believed in what Shangguan Fei’er said. As such, he said solemnly: “Alright, we will be heading into the forest now. Everyone, close ranks into the formations and we need to be on full alert. Little Miss Muddle, you stay by my side; if any danger appears, you help support and defend us.” Dou Dou agreed listlessly. Traveling non stop at full speed for the last few days had indeed bored her.

Zhou Weiqing sidled closer to her, saying in an enticing tone: “If we manage to hunt any wild game, I’ll personally barbeque some delicious meat for you to eat, alright?”

Hearing his words, Little Miss Muddle’s eyes immediately lit up, and she nodded vigorously towards him.

Yun Li stood by the side, giving a humph as he said: “Boss, it’s not nice to keep enticing little kids like that.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Yun Li, then at Little Miss Muddle, saying: “Shouldn’t you be jealous of her talent? Why are you so protective of her?”

Yun Li’s face turned red as he said: “She is just a little girl, so innocent and naive, is it wrong for me to be protective?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him in surprise, saying: “Old Yun, could you have fallen for Little Miss Muddle?” “Bullshit! I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” Yun Li said angrily. However, no matter how Zhou Weiqing looked at it, he seemed to be avoiding the topic.

Zhou Weiqing’s lips twitched in an amused grin as he said: “Liking someone is a natural thing. You are not young anymore, one has to marry and raise a family in the future, what are you afraid of? To find a innocent girl like Little Miss Muddle is extremely rare in the world today, you might not be able to find a second one. Old Yun, you’ll have to work doubly hard. Especially in terms of cooking… if you want Little Miss Muddle to fall for you too, you better be able to please her stomach.”

Dou Dou looked at Zhou Weiqing, then at Yun Li, a confused look on her face. “What are you all talking about? How come I do not understand?”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at Yun Li, who was looking rather nervous, then said: “You do not need to understand now, but I believe that in future, Old Yun will give you some delicious food. Come on, let’s go, we need to maintain the formation.”

Looking at Zhou Weiqing, Yun Li couldn’t help but praise him inwardly. That fellow’s observational skills were just too strong, he had barely revealed a hint of interest, and Zhou Weiqing had already guessed his thoughts.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had guessed correctly, and Yun Li had already fallen for Little Miss Muddle Dou Dou. These past few days that they had all spent together; at first due to the amazing display of Consolidating Equipment talent that she had shown in the Fei Li City previously, Yun Li had paid much attention to her.

However, the more he noticed her, the more he had started liking her character. Innocent, naive, totally pure like a piece of white blank paper. Besides eating, she did not seem to have any other hobbies. She did not speak much, and also was not fussy about her food; as long as she had something to eat, she had a blissful look on her face. Yun Li started to enjoy watching her eat, and these few days, he had been spellbound several times.

Towards Yun Li’s feelings, Little Miss Muddle naturally did not notice or feel anything, and she continued staying well- behaved beside Zhou Weiqing. Although she loved to eat, she would follow her teacher’s instructions.

… As the group entered the Ghost Demon Forest, the first thing they noticed was the change in temperature, as it was much colder here than outside. In truth, for all forests with dense vegetation, when the weather was hot, it would seem much cooler within due to the vegetation blocking the sun. However,
it was a lot more obvious in this Ghost Demon Forest, at least five degrees or more lower than normal.

From the outside, the Ghost Demon Forest had seemed rather gloomy and eerie, but it was only when they really entered it that suddenly felt a refreshing, free feeling. Not only was the air crisp and clear, it was slightly moist as well. Taking in several deep breaths, it was as if all the worries and fatigue would melt away, giving them a carefree and relaxed feeling in both body and spirit.

Without any prompting from Zhou Weiqing, Little Four disappeared into the distance as he scouted ahead. The entire group slowed down slightly as they headed deeper into the forest with caution.

At first, everyone was walking along gingerly and full of caution, as this forest was after all supposed to be full of Heavenly Beasts. However, as time passed, this caution slowly vanished. There were indeed Heavenly Beasts, but their numbers were few and far between, and were also not too powerful, mostly of the Shi or Low Zun Stage, and were easily finished off by either side’s defense.

Zhou Weiqing held his Black Dawn Bow in his hands at the ready, keeping a close watch on the surroundings. Because they were rushing along, he could not keep his Overlord Bow Consolidated all the time as that would be a huge drain on his Heavenly Energy. With the Black Dawn Bow, he would be able to deal with most ordinary situations that cropped up.

Four hours later, the skies slowly darkened, and Zhou Weiqing decided to stop and set up camp.

Setting up camp properly was a skill unto itself, and thus Zang Lang and the other Fei Li Academy graduates were entrusted with the task. They chose an area of relatively high ground, cutting a section of trees to form a small barricade. In such a way, they could still have a wide view of the area around without compromising a barrier which would help delay any attacks from Heavenly Beasts. Seeing Zang Lang and the others setting up camp, Lin TianAo nodded inwardly. Although Zang Lang and the others’ cultivation level was very low, but they were fast and orderly in their setting up of camp, with every detail impeccable. They truly lived up to being top graduates of the Fei Li Military Academy. Perhaps in one versus one combat, they were not great, but in terms of leading troops and various military knowledge, Lin TianAo was sure that those who graduated from the Heavenly Jewel Academy like himself were no match for them. At the same time, he was also marveling at how Zhou Weiqing had been able to let these talents follow him with such trust and faith. Zhou Weiqing was not even twenty years old, and he already had such charisma and leadership. When he was older… what would he grow into?

Very soon, the camp was ready, and the tents that they had purchased on the way had been set up. They did not light a fire, instead taking out dry rations to eat.

Shangguan Fei’er sat beside Zhou Weiqing, sneaking glances at this future brother in law of hers. Zhou Weiqing sat there quietly, his eyes calm and placid as he looked to be deep in thought. No matter what angle one looked at him, Zhou Weiqing was not considered to be a very handsome young man, but he was tall, muscular and well built, and was slowly growing to have the unique flavour of a grown
man. Shangguan Fei’er did not know why, although her own
power was currently beyond his, but just sitting beside him, she felt a strange sense of security and peace.

If at this moment, it was Shangguan Bing’er beside Zhou Weiqing, then she would definitely lean into him as she sat down, enjoying the comfort and security of his broad shoulders. However, Shangguan Fei’er could not do that; although she was from the same parents, her character was extremely different. Sitting a while was alright, but she would not be able to stay still for a long time.

“Oei, let’s practice actual combat.” Shangguan Fei’er nudged Zhou Weiqing after a while.

“Actual combat?”  Zhou Weiqing looked at her warily. “Are you trying to take revenge on me?”

Towards Shangguan Fei’er’s power, he had a very deep impression of it, and a deep ingrained wariness. Shangguan Fei’er replied angrily: “Why do you always think the worst of me? I am after all your future sister in law, what is there to take revenge about? I just want to practice a bit, to learn from each other by exchanging notes in actual combat… Don’t you think that your close combat fighting skills are a little too lacking?” 0

Zhou Weiqing looked at her helplessly. Weak? In the entire younger generation of the whole mainland, perhaps only Shangguan Fei’er could say that his close combat fighting skills were weak. After all, in comparison to a Mutated Duo Physical Jewel like hers, his close combat fighting skills were indeed lacking.

Towards such a point, Zhou Weiqing truly admired, and even respected, Shangguan Fei’er. Just in terms of close combat fighting ability alone, she leaps and bounds ahead of him. Indeed, if he were to learn some fighting techniques and skills from her, it would undoubtedly benefit him greatly.

“Now is not the time, you know this is the Ghost Demon Forest right… any Heavenly Beast might pop up at any time. If one attacks us suddenly, and our Heavenly Energy is drained in our practice, what do we do?” Zhou Weiqing’s words were truth. Amongst the entire group, Shangguan Fei’er was definitely the most powerful, with Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo behind her. Although Zhou Weiqing’s personal combat strength was not the strongest, but he was of the greatest use in the party; not just for coordination and harmonizing all of them, but also because he had many powerful Control and Support Skills. With these control and support skills, he could raise the entire power level of the whole team.

Shangguan Fei’er grinned happily and said: “That’s okay, we can fight without Heavenly Energy. After all, we are practicing close combat techniques, and we do not need to use Heavenly Energy at all, just purely our bodies and abilities. How about that?”

“En?” Upon hearing that, the perverted Zhou Little Fatty’s eyes lit up, as he eyed her body with obvious ‘ill intentions’.

“Hmph, bastard, what nonsense are you thinking about?” Being stared at like that by him, Shangguan Fei’er’s face turned red. That rascal, he was always looking at her like that, how could Bing’er fall for him!

“Are you a man or not? Do you want to train or not? Hurry up and make up your mind!” Shangguan Fei’er said huffily. Zhou Weiqing gave a humph of his own as he said: “Actual combat… so be it. We’ll have to move a little further from the camp site. We have to agree first though, no using Heavenly Energy, Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills!”

In his heart, he was thinking, how could he be afraid of her? Although in terms of cultivation level he was no match for her, and her own techniques were likely better than his, he was still very confident in his sheer physical strength. He trusted in being able to use pure strength and power in to overcome any techniques. After all, as the name of his own Legendary Set suggested, as long as one had enough strength, they would hate the fact that the earth did not have a pull lever. Such a feeling was definitely incomparable.

Shangguan Fei’er stood up, walking to the trees at the side. Zhou Weiqing gave Lin TianAo a signal to inform him that he wouldn’t be heading out far, before following suit.

Zhou Weiqing had just entered the trees behind her when he heard her shout out loud: “I’m coming!”

Before Zhou Weiqing even had the time to think lewdly to himself about the other possible meaning of the phrase, a faint fragrance had entered his senses. Shangguan Fei’er had charged directly towards Zhou Weiqing. However, without her Consolidated Bracer-Gloves, her slim little hands did not seem to pose much threat.

Her hands instantly grabbed out towards both his shoulders, and her entire body was like a swooping swallow. Along with her words earlier, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but daydream that she was flinging herself at him.

“Come on.” Zhou Weiqing grinned, replying shamelessly. He knew his own Flexibility and Coordination was no match for Shangguan Fei’er’s, and did not bother attempting to dodge her blow, instead lifting both his hands towards hers to force it into a match of strength.

As the four hands were about to meet, all of a sudden, her actions changed, her body dipping downwards in a strange position, and her hands also dipping down abruptly.

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was not slow as well, as he quickly took a half step back, both hands elbowing downward in mid motion in an attempt to strike at her incoming arms, in an attempt to force her to be unable to attack him. A faint smile tugged at Shanggaun Fei’er’s lips. She was originally already with the exact same look as Shangguan Bing’er, and with that faint smile, it was almost as if Bing’er was right in front of him.

Zhou Weiqing’s heart softened momentarily, and the strength he used subconsciously lowered.

Alas, at the same time, Shangguan Fei’er moved swiftly. Her feet did not move, but her upper body suddenly leaned backward slightly, barely half a chi, but her hands turned from a grabbing motion to a lifting motion, and in a lightning swift strike, her index fingers and middle fingers of both hands had struck down on Zhou Weiqing’s elbows.

A human’s elbow was extremely tough, but at the center of the joints, there was a weak point known as the funny bone. Normally, one would not touch it, but if it was struck, it would give a momentary numbness. This time, Shangguan Fei’er had obviously struck it on purpose.

Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire body was struck by lightning, and both his arms flopped down momentarily as he lost control of them. At that moment, Shangguan Fei’er advanced a step, her hands gripping Zhou Weiqing’s strength- less wrists, and once more her fingers pressed down onto the meridian points on his wrists, causing the numbness to spread from his arms to his body. The next moment, Shangguan Fei’er had made use of his second moment of weakness to pull backwards on his hands as she leaped backwards, her entire body topping back as her right leg lifted up right into Zhou
Weiqing’s chest muscles. *Swoosh* Zhou Weiqing was sent flying all the way back to land hard on the ground.

*Peng* Zhou Weiqing’s body flew almost five yards before landing savagely on a tree, sliding down slowly.

Without the usage of Heavenly Energy, with Zhou Weiqing’s physique, he was naturally not injured by such a throw and fall. Even so, he lay spreadeagled for a moment, stunned.

A peal of laughter came from Shangguan Fei’er as she turned around to see him clambering up from the ground. She waggled a finger at him, as if saying In terms of close combat, you are no match for me!

Zhou Weiqing gave an angry humph, and his right leg exerted a sudden burst of power, and his entire body pounced forward like an angry tiger towards Shangguan Fei’er. This time, he learned his lesson, his hands held before his chest as he gathered all his physical strength, his muscles tightened as he locked his eyes on Shangguan Fei’er in preparation for any move she made.

Shangguan Fei’er revealed a cunning grin in her eyes. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s reckless charge, she did not retreat, instead advancing forward. Lifting her right leg like a battle axe, she swung it towards his head, the motion so smooth and swift, a perfect marriage of strength and flexibility.

Seeing Shangguan Fei’er’s leg strike down, Zhou Weiqing did not bother dodging. At such a moment, he still couldn’t help himself as he thought: If she was wearing a dress, what kind of sight would this be!

*Peng* Shangguan Fei’er’s right leg smashed down savagely on his left shoulder, causing him to grit his teeth in pain. Although she did not have the Strength Attribute, she was after all already at the six-Jeweled stage, and the boost to her physique was no laughing matter.

However, this time, Zhou Weiqing had taken the blow on purpose. After all, he knew that with Shangguan Fei’er’s flexibility and coordination, under any normal circumstance, he would not be able to touch her. The reason why he had taken the blow on purpose was because he had already judged and planned his next move. The very instant that her leg struck him, his hand shot out like a bolt of lightning, grabbing onto her calf.

If she had not kicked him, with Shangguan Fei’er’s reaction speed, she would have definitely been able to dodge his hands. However, when her leg struck onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, the rebounding force from his tightened muscles had caused her movement to slow imperceptibly, and it was just that tiny lapse in movement that had allowed Zhou Weiqing to succeed.

Although it was through her pants, when Zhou Weiqing’s hands grasped onto Shangguan Fei’er’s calf, he could feel the startling elasticity of her smooth skin, giving him a surprise.

Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Bing’er were sisters, triplets even, and they looked exactly the same. However, the feeling of their bodies were totally different indeed.

Chapter 117 “Evil Demonic Form” | Silver Emperor!

Zhou Weiqing had pretty much explored almost every inch of Shangguan Bing’er’s body, and her body was extremely soft, flexible, fragrant; like flowing warm water that could enrich the world, enveloping and cleansing his body and soul.

However, Shangguan Fei’er was different, her body was like a springy jelly, filled with immeasurable enticing springiness.

Zhou Weiqing’s hands were large, and filled with heat, and just like that the two of them stayed motionless in that position of him holding her legs in some strange tacit understanding. Zhou Weiqing had started because of the sudden feel of her legs, while Shangguan Fei’er had been too shocked, along with the rush of sudden heat.

With Shangguan Fei’er’s legs on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders, even though she was wearing pants, it was still quite an unbecoming position.

After a moment of shock, the two of them suddenly looked at each other, once again with that strange understanding as if they were both on the same page. Shangguan Fei’er’s beautiful face immediately flushed full red, and Zhou Weiqing immediately took action according to his original plan. With a sudden pull, he exerted all his considerable might, dragging Shangguan Fei’er off the ground.

Isn’t your flexibility so good? Without any leverage, let’s see how you can react to my throw!

As he thought that, Zhou Weiqing had exerted strength to throw Shangguan Fei’er in revenge for earlier.

Alas, he had once again underestimated Shangguan Fei’er. Her right leg might be caught by his hands, but she still had her left leg. At the same time as her body was flung into the air, her left leg dipped forward swiftly in a small motion, the tip of her legs hooking onto Zhou Weiqing’s neck. Instantly, Zhou Weiqing’s throw was rendered useless, and in the end it was his neck suffered the immense pulling force, causing him to stumble, while Shangguan Fei’er’s flexible body twisted in midair, landing down safely.

“Hmph” Shangguan Fei’er gave a cold humph, her body flipping around again, totally ignoring the fact that one of her legs was still being held, and she instead grabbed Zhou Weiqing by the waist. Zhou Weiqing did not dare to let her get a good grasp. This girl’s close combat techniques were plentiful, and terrifying to boot. If she got a good hold onto him, he would definitely be in trouble.

Switching quickly to a single-hand grasp, his other palm shoved out forward on Shangguan Fei’er’s back. She was after all his sister in law to be, and looked exactly the same as Shangguan Bing’er, and he could not strike savagely.

Shangguan Fei’er did not seem to realise that Zhou Weiqing had used a hand to push her away. From appearance, her entire body had to flip all the way down, but Zhou Weiqing only had to push forward simply with his palm, and with such a difference in movement required, it was certain that Zhou Weiqing would be faster. As long as he managed to push her away, she would not be able to grab onto his waist.

However, at that moment, Shangguan Fei’er gave him a lesson on what was the extremes of flexibility. Under such a movement that already seemed to disregard the natural laws of a human body, she actually changed positions once more, twisting suddenly to the left, and Zhou Weiqing’s palm actually grazed her back, missing her by just a little. Right at that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt his waist go numb, and his hand on Shangguan Fei’er’s leg loosened its grip involuntarily.

“Are you finally convinced?” Shangguan Fei’er said airily.

Zhou Weiqing lay there unmoving, as if he had been thrown to his death. That was because Shangguan Fei’er’s thumbs were on his eyelids, and he dared not open his eyes, though he lay there silently, as if even if he were to die he wouldn’t admit defeat.

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph, saying: “Not bad, very stubborn eh, since you are unwilling to submit, I’ll sit until you die!”  As she said that, her incomparably elastic little buttock moved about around Zhou Weiqing’s chest area.

Zhou Weiqing’s body was trembling slightly now, but he still did not make a sound.

It was not that our dear Zhou Little Fatty was stubborn or unwilling to admit defeat. It was just that, in such a scenario, how could this young little rascal be willing to do so! Such a beautiful young lady, sitting on his chest, that highly intriguingly springy buttocks rubbing along his chest, the faint fragrance of her entering his nose. Although it was a little difficult to breathe, but Zhou Weiqing was enjoying himself in an unprecedented fashion. It took all the control he had not to
lift his hands to touch that bounty right in front of him.

Seeing him shivering, Shangguan Fei’er started momentarily. “Why are you shivering, I’m not using that much strength, are you really injured?”

As she said that, she lowered her head, rather uncharacteristically scatterbrained. She could not understand how her extremely low weight could injure him at all.

Could it be that when she threw him down on the ground, he had smashed down on some sharp rocks or something? Shangguan Fei’er turned her head to examine Zhou Weiqing’s body.

She spotted something sticking up, a large bulge that was like a proud tent, propping up the material of his pants.

“Ahhh!” Shangguan Fei’er cried out loud. “Little Fatty, I did not mean to do that!” In a flip, she jumped up from his body. She was in truth still an untouched virgin, innocent and naive to the core in that manner, and with her preconceived idea earlier, she had already made the judgement. In her eyes, that large protrusion should be some sharp rock, piercing right through Zhou Weiqing’s body. In that moment, she was greatly
and urgently worried in her heart, forgetting in that instance
that with Zhou Weiqing’s toughness and physique, how could he be easily injured by a mere rock, and that there was no sign of any blood anywhere.

She did not dare to pull out the object for fear of aggravating his wounds, and instead she quickly pulled down Zhou Weiqing’s pants to reveal the ‘critical and deadly’ protrusion.

The pinkish-purple, pigeon-egg sized little head reared out as it was freed from its confines, presenting itself to her. She had moved too quickly, and in her urgency, that thing that ‘bounced’ out actually struck her cheek once.

Stunned and dazed. That was Shangguan Fei’er. She had never seen such an ‘evil demonic object’, yet something that caused her heart to race.

Frozen stiff. That was Zhou Weiqing, who had never in his wildest dreams imagined that things would progress in such a way. Naturally, earlier when Shangguan Fei’er’s soft, springy buttocks had been moving around on his chest, it would have been just too strange if he had not had a ‘reaction’. After all, he already had intimate relations with both Shangguan Bing’er and Tian’er, and at such a young virile age, his urge for such
things were quite high. Furthermore, Shangguan Fei’er and Shangguan Bing’er looked exactly the same, and were top beauties to boot. How could he possibly not have any reaction?

However, Zhou Weiqing had not expected that this mischievous young lady, the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, would actually be so innocent and naive regarding such matters. Even Shangguan Bing’er, when he first met her years ago, had known more than she did! She… had actually thought his ‘raised bump’ as an injury… !!!

Especially so when Shangguan Fei’er had actually looked upon his ‘state’ at such a close range, Zhou Weiqing was stunned, frozen and totally in shock. Such a circumstance was also something totally new to him, and although he was usually so shameless, he was totally left at a loss. After all, Shangguan Fei’er was not Shangguan Bing’er, and whether or not she was really here to supervise and monitor him was true or not, if she really ran back to Bing’er to complain about him, to say that he had molested her, what would happen? Although he also liked Tian’er a lot, and had already had intimate relations with her… in truth, within Zhou Weiqing’s heart, Shangguan Bing’er’s place was irreplaceable, and no one could match her.

What Shangguan Bing’er had taken hold of… taken over… was the part of his heart that was the softest.

“Ahhhhh!!!”  A shrill, high-decibel shriek rang out, piercing the skies, as if even more powerful than any spirit based attacks. Zhou Weiqing was just beside her, and he suffered the effects of it the most. That sudden shrill cry causing him to almost lose his hearing, dazing him momentarily into silence.

Shangguan Fei’er was in short momentarily, before finally reacting. This was not the first time she had thought about what was the difference between man and woman, and had even asked others about it. However, in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, who would dare talk to her about such a thing? In that moment, she finally understood the difference between the two, and in her heart, a strange, indescribable fire was burning, causing her to scream out shrilly involuntarily.

The first thing Zhou Weiqing did was to quickly pull up his pants. If any of his companions saw this sight, he truly did not know what they would think. The second thing was to charge forward in a flash to cover her mouth, not allowing her shrill cry to spread out.

Shangguan Fei’er bit down on Zhou Weiqing’s hand savagely, causing him convulse in pain and cry out angrily: “What are you doing?!”

Shangguan Fei’er shoved his hand away, saying: “You… you… bast…”

Zhou Weiqing said angrily: “Is it me? Is it me? If you didn’t sit down on me, would I have such a reaction? It was you who pulled down my pants, you scoundrel girl! I’m going to tell Bing’er that you molested me.”

“You…” Being accused with an unfounded blame by Zhou Weiqing before she could blame him, Shangguan Fei’er was enraged, and she leaped to her feet, about to beat him up.

Her shrill cry was just too too high, and in the camp, Lin TianAo and the others started heading out to their location, worried. At that moment, something happened abruptly. A shrill, ear piercing sound rang out, along with a bone chilling cold that caused Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er, who were in an excited state, to be given a shock. Abandoning their argument instantly, Zhou Weiqing grabbed onto Shangguan Fei’er, and the two dropped down to the ground. The next moment, a silver light passed through where their bodies had been a split second ago before disappearing into the sky. “What’s that?!” Shangguan Fei’er cried out in alarm. In that moment, she had felt a fatal threat to her life. At her cultivation level and power, for her to have such a feeling, it was clear what strength this attacker of theirs contained.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s expression had changed, pale and ashen in fright. His senses and perception were far beyond the ordinary, and when he had dragged down Shangguan Fei’er, he was facing upwards. He had seen that silver light that had passed over them, and it was just too familiar to him indeed.

“Silver Emperor!”

Zhou Weiqing’s voice was filled with shock. Indeed, the silver light that passed over them in that flash was the figure of the Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast, the Silver Emperor, that Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored from before! However, this Silver Emperor was smaller than the ones that he had Skill Stored from, but was just as fast and agile. Previously, that silver light had been it passing through with one of its three powerful skills, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce. Zhou Weiqing also knew that Skill, but naturally the power when he used it compared to when the Silver Emperor used it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Shangguan Fei’er had said that there were no Heavenly King Stage Beasts in the mainland, then… what was that?! Zhou Weiqing was both shocked and enraged, but now was not the time for blame, and he immediately shouted out loud: “All of you,  do  not  come  here!”  As  he  shouted  that,  he  held  onto Shangguan Fei’er hard, rolling swiftly to the side. Another silver light struck down to where they had been lying down, exploding in a loud bang, leaving a large, ten yard long hole in the ground. It was the Spatial Rend.

Lin TianAo and the others heard Zhou Weiqing’s instructions and stopped in their tracks, and at the same time, the silver light in the sky launched another attack at Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er.

The Silver Emperor was just too fast. In such a critical moment of danger, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er activated their Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment at the same time.

Two layers of dark gold light bubbles appeared almost simultaneously, causing the two of them to be shoved apart. The new incoming silver light flicked against their respective Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras. Shangguan Fei’er’s one gave a ear-piercing sound as it clashed, cracks forming all around it, but did not shatter. However, Zhou Weiqing’s one shattered almost instantly, and he had to make use of a Blink Skill to barely avoid getting destroyed by the silver light.

So strong! Such power!

Zhou Weiqing paled in shock and fear, but his character was such that when he was in intense danger, he was better able to make full use of his power and abilities.

Sometimes, a person who feared death so much was able to show much courage in the face of death; that was because, his most treasured life was being threatened, and he would fight with all his might to stay alive.

Zhou Weiqing was such a person. At the same time as he Blinked away, his second Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura flickered and formed around him, along with the Demonic Change State. On the other side, Shangguan Fei’er had sprang to her feet in a combat stance. The difference in their cultivation level showed right then. With Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy stage, he was only able to summon his Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment one piece by piece, while Shangguan Fei’er instantly summoned all four of her God Tier Consolidated Equipment at the same time.

The wings behind her back flapped hard, and her figure darted about like a bolt of lightning in mid air, fluttering about in a sort of rhythmic pattern, causing two illusory figures to form and charge towards the Silver Emperor.

Another ear piercing explosion, and Shangguan Fei’er’s body was slammed back down onto the ground, but at the same time, the Silver Emperor’s next attack was sent soaring into the skies, disappearing.

“It’s not at the Heavenly King Stage yet, it’s at the top level Zong Stage, on the verge of breaking through!”  Shangguan Fei’er’s voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s ear softly.

That Silver Emperor was clearly angered by Shangguan Fei’er’s blocking of its attack, and with a shrill bird-cry, it finally showed itself. The silvery white feathers glowed in the sunlight, as a brilliant silver light shone forth from its body, threatening to overwhelm even the bright sun.

Zhou  Weiqing  shouted  out  loud:  “Careful!  It  is  about  to unleash its ultimate Fusion Skill, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend!” As he said that, he did not hesitate to unleash his most powerful skill, and the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared in the sky.

Naturally, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend was unleashed much faster than Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal, and before he could even prepare to do so, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend descended upon them.

Zhou Weiqing could also use the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, and it had saved him or snatched victory for him against powerful enemies. This time, seeing it unleashed by the Silver Emperor with his own eyes, it just had a whole different feel about it.

The Silver Emperor glowed a brilliant resplendent silver once more, leaving behind a black space behind it, and the air all around rushed towards that tear in the space. There was no sound at all, but every inch it moved, that terrifying pressure increased several fold. Zhou Weiqing was suspicious, how could this fellow not be at the Heavenly King Stage yet?

Right at this moment, a huge shield flew in a diagonal motion from the side, blocking right in front of Shangguan Fei’er. A loud clash, and the shield was shattered into bits, and far off at the side, blood spurted out from Lin TianAo’s mouth. Even with his six-Jewel Assembly Set Shield,

Even so, it had helped block the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend for a time.

Shangguan Fei’er’s close combat skills were extremely powerful, and how could she let go of such an great opportunity? Jumping up in a flash, the wings behind her flapping hard, and her claws struck out at the silver light.

The Silver Emperor was definitely one of the most powerful Heavenly Beasts amongst its level, mainly because its speed was just too fast. With the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend blocked momentarily, its body twisted to the side, the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce activating in a bright flash, its speed increasing wildly by three hundred percent, and it flew off towards Lin TianAo. Heavenly Beasts generally had stronger senses than humans, and it could clearly sense that there were many other humans at the other side, much weaker than these two troublesome ones over here. The Silver Emperor loved eating brains the most, especially human brains, and with easy food at the side, it would not waste the time and effort to clash with these two.

However, just at the very instant it activated the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, a purple red vortex appeared silently over its head even as it sped away, enveloping its entire body in that purple red light, causing its insane speed to slow down drastically.

The Overlord Bow had appeared out of nowhere into Zhou Weiqing’s hands, and a lightning fast arrow flew right through the purple red glow onto it.

Zhou Weiqing did not plan for the arrow to actually hit, and just as the Silver Emperor dodged it swiftly, the arrow exploded, bearing two Skills, a Lightning Explosive Palm and the Absolute Delay!

With the difference between Zhou Weiqing and this top level Zong Stage Beast, most of his Skills would not have any effect on it. However, those Skills with absolute effects were different, and the Dragon Silencing Seal and Absolute Delay were two such Skills indeed.

No matter how fast the Silver Emperor maximum speed was, after being afflicted with the Dragon Silencing Seal and losing its Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, it was considerably slowed, especially after being also inflicted with the Absolute Delay.

At this time, Shangguan Fei’er finally caught up to it, her claws glinting in the light as she clashed together with the Silver Emperor.

The Silver Emperor’s sheer power and terrifying strength was put out on display here. Despite being afflicted by both the powerful Dragon Silencing Seal and the Absolute Delay, just from its own raw power alone, it was able to block most of Shangguan Fei’er’s attacks from her powerful Consolidated Claws. It was only because of the Absolute Delay causing its speed to slow drastically that she managed to strike it once, out of all her attacks, clashing against its back and tearing away a bunch of feathers.

*Chitter* *Chitter* The Silver Emperor sensed that it was in danger, and at that moment, it did not plan on staying around. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing did not stay idle at the side. Although he knew that most of his skills would be useless against this high level beast, even just a tiny effect could turn the tides of battle. As such, he threw Control Skill after Control Skill at it… Fetters of Wind, Touch of Darkness, Curse of
Doom… throwing them out so swiftly as if he did not know
what the meaning of saving Heavenly Energy was. The vast numbers of Control Skills lit up against the little terror, powered by the Overlord Bow.

Four seconds passed just so quickly, and the duration of the Absolute Delay ended. The Silver Emperor’s speed rose back drastically to its usual. However, it was still caught by surprise by the sudden change, causing its defenses to slip momentarily. Shangguan Fei’er immediately seized the opportunity, twisting in an almost impossible hundred degree turn in midair, her claws savagely smashing down onto the Silver Emperor’s back. As if in a choreographed motion, Zhou Weiqing’s Overlord Bow, Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill powered arrow reached at the exact same time.

This arrow was Zhou Weiqing’s final attack, using up the last of his Heavenly Energy in doing so. He had long since calculated that the Silver Emperor would be momentarily disconcerted by the ending of the Absolute Delay and had prepared for this moment. At the same time, Shangguan Fei’er also knew the timing of his Absolute Delay, and at that moment, they had been in a perfect rhythm.

Zhou Weiqing had gained ten Socketing Scrolls in the Heavenly Jewel Island, and he had used one on his Overlord Bow. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to add more, but if there were too many sockets, it would greatly increase the drain on his Heavenly Energy when he used the Overlord Bow, which could be more of a detriment than gain, especially with his current cultivation level. Even so, with three Sockets and the number of powerful skills he had, the current Overlord Bow was already comparable to most ordinary Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment.

With this arrow, Zhou Weiqing had imbued three Skills within. The first that activated was called Lightning Suffering, the fourth of his Lightning Attribute Skills that he had Stored in the Heavenly Jewel Island.

The Lightning Suffering Skill. On striking an enemy, it would instantly release a number of extremely powerful lightning bolts, striking through the enemy, causing much damage and numbness at the same time. Of course, the number of Jewels the user had would determine the number of bolts. This was also a Heavenly King Stage Skill. Lightning Attribute Heavenly Beasts were considered rather rare, and if not for the Heavenly Jewel Island, Zhou Weiqing might never have been able to Store such a Skill.

They could clearly see four powerful lightning bolts pierce through the Silver Emperor’s body savagely. This Lightning Suffering Skill might seem like a powerful offensive Skill, but it was actually also a Control Skill as well, and as the numbness from the four bolts began to add up to the Silver Emperor, it was definitely not something to be dismissed easily. Even for a Heavenly Beast as powerful as the Silver Emperor, with its cultivation level, without being able to use any Skills and numbed by the Lightning Suffering, it was difficult to even muster its own Heavenly Energy.

The next instant, the second Skill imbued within Zhou Weiqing’s arrow activated. To be more accurate, both the second and third Skills activated at the same time in a fusion Skill. The Silver Emperor’s own famed Skill, the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend Slash!

An ear piercing explosion, as this too was Zhou Weiqing’s greatest offensive Skill, exploding with full effect on the Silver Emperor which had just been struck hard by Shangguan Fei’er. It gave a loud shriek as silver feathers fell from its body.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing had let loose of the arrow, he had dismissed his Overlord Bow and charged forward with all his might. Without hesitation, he renewed the Dragon Silencing Seal on the Silver Emperor, not caring about wastage at this moment. At the same time, the Giant Spirit Yang Palm of his right hand grabbed onto the Silver Emperor’s body. The Devour Skill activated instantly, and simultaneously, Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, encased with the Giant Spirit Ying Palm, also slammed hard on the Silver Emperor.

Zhou Weiqing’s current action now was just too sly and even ironic, almost derisive.

That fellow was Devouring the Silver Emperor’s Heavenly Energy with his right hand, before quickly using its own Energy to pump out a Skill from his left. More so, he was using the Silver Emperor’s own Spatial Rend!

Soon, even this powerful and tough Silver Emperor was no longer able to handle such abuse. After three, four hits, it was knocked unconscious by Zhou Weiqing, with most of its Heavenly Energy Devoured as well.

It was only then that Zhou Weiqing heaved a sigh of relief, relaxing a little. If this Silver Emperor had managed to charge into the midst of his companions, who knows how many deaths would have occurred. Tossing the Silver Emperor to Shangguan Fei’er, he said angrily: “Didn’t you say that there were no powerful Heavenly Beasts in this Ghost Demon Forest? What’s this?!” Shangguan Fei’er pursed her lips and said: “How could I know? The Silver Emperor definitely does not live here, they are all from the north east, still beyond the northern border. Occasionally a Silver Emperor might wander the mainland due to unique circumstances, but that is rare and far between. How could I know that our luck would be so bad, to actually meet one which is wandering the mainland.”

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “You still dare say? This fellow was obviously drawn here by your cries earlier!”

Shangguan Fei’er glared at him, her eyes wide opened: “You!! I haven’t dealt with you yet for that, and you still dare to bring it up?”

The two of them stood there arguing, while at the other side, the others stood staring at them in shock.

Naturally, they were not shocked because of the two of them arguing, but because of the sheer power the pair had just shown.

Zang Lang and the others might not know what type of Heavenly Beast the Silver Emperor actually was, but it did not change the fact that they could sense how terrifying it was. All of them had witnessed that sheer speed of that silver glow in the sky, the intense pressure that caused their legs to feel like jelly even at such a distance.

This beautiful young lady who had followed them all the way… who had not displayed anything else on the road besides her beauty and mischievous nature, was actually a Upper level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master! Heavens! Her Physical Jewel… was double the usual amount?! Her power was just too terrifying!

At the same time, Zang Lang and the others had also noticed Zhou Weiqing’s four sets of Heavenly Jewels, adding on to that terrifying Skill that they did not know the name of. At this moment, they truly understood how powerful this young boss that they were following.

On the other hand, Zang Lang and the rest might not recognize the Silver Emperor, but Lin TianAo and the other Fei Li Battle Team members certainly did, and they had a clear judgement about the Silver Emperor’s power. This Silver Emperor might not have reached the Heavenly King Stage yet, but amongst all Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, it was already considered one of the top, with its speed and terrifying offense. Especially that offensive power. The original Fei Li Battle Team members were extremely clear about how strong Lin TianAo’s Assembly Shield Set was, especially after he had reached the sixth Jewel, its defense had increased several fold once more.

Despite that, his shield had been destroyed in a single blow. From that, one could tell how horrifying the attack of that Silver Emperor had been. Yet, such a powerful Heavenly Beast had been taken down by Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er in such a short time, with only that tiny help from in TianAo. These two were just too unbelievable.

In truth, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er had expended everything they had in that fight. The fight might have seemed quick and easy, but in just that short period of time, Zhou Weiqing had used up all of his Heavenly Energy, even the large amount he had Devoured. Shangguan Fei’er was slightly better off than him, but she had also unleashed all of her Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment. Of absolute importance was also that single block of Lin TianAo’s shield, which was only a seemingly tiny contribution, but critical in allowing them to accomplish it all; otherwise, even if they managed to beat the Silver Emperor in the end, Shangguan Fei’er would have taken critical damage. Finally, Lin TianAo gave the order to the others. “Alright, it’s over. Everyone, let’s go back to rest.” As such, the rest of them returned to the their camp, leaving Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er to their own devices. Lin TianAo would not even attempt to think of intervening. After all, with their relationship, nothing really big would come out of it.

“So, we’re even now, alright?” Zhou Weiqing was no longer willing to continue arguing with her, and he took the initiative to say it.

Shangguan Fei’er gave and angry humph, looking up into the sky. The intense fight earlier had lessened the embarrassment she had been feeling previously, but even now when she thought of that evil looking thing, her heartbeat couldn’t help but start beating faster.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “I have discovered that close combat skills are really useful indeed. Who knows, I might meet an opponent with powerful Control Skills and need that. Every bit of power and ability has a time and use. Can you teach me please?”

Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes lit up, and she looked at him, saying: “You really want to learn?” Zhou Weiqing nodded.

Shangguan Fei’er shook the Silver Emperor in her hand and said: “Learning close combat has to start from being beaten up.”

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “What? Didn’t you already beat me up just now? What about the Silver Emperor, why do we do with it? Do we just kill it off?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “You have the Darkness Attribute, don’t you have any Darkness Skills? If you can Seal it, that’d be great. Although this Silver Emperor has not evolved into a Heavenly King Stage yet, it is still worth a lot. Next time when you come to our Heavenly Jewel island, you can sell it off there. We have a lot of requirements for any high stage Heavenly Beasts.”

Zhou Weiqing’s interest was sparked, and he said: “I do have a Sealing Skill, the Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness. Will that work?”

Shangguan Fei’er said in surprise: “You actually have that Skill? If you can actually succeed in Sealing it, you might actually be able control that Silver Emperor. However, its cultivation level is just too far ahead of yours, I don’t know if you can actually succeed!”

Zhou Weiqing walked up to Shangguan Fei’er and said: “You’ll never know if you don’t try.” He had after all even Skill Stored a Heavenly Emperor Stage Beast, and this Silver Emperor was only at the Zong Stage, albeit at the maximum. In terms of cultivation level difference, he was not too worried.

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him disdainfully, before saying: “Don’t be too overconfident, With your Heavenly Energy, you still want to enslave the Silver Emperor?”  She did not know why, but whenever she could succeed in knocking him down, Shangguan Fei’er felt a strange happiness.

Looking at her with a provoking gaze, he said: “If I were to succed in Sealing? What do you say? Do you dare bet with me?”

Shangguan Fei’er thought about it for awhile, before saying with interest: “What do you want to bet?”

If Lin TianAo were here, he would immediately think that this Zhou Weiqing was going to take advantage of others by betting once again. Both he and Yun Li had lost to Zhou Weiqing just like this!

Zhou Weiqing said: “If you lose, then you’ll have to marry me along with Bing’er. If I lose, then I’ll marry into the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to you and Bing’er. How about that?”

“Get lost!” Shangguan Fei’er said angrily, giving him a kick.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, jumping back and avoiding her kick skillfully. “You are the one who asked me what to bet, I’m just speaking the truth.”

Shangguan Fei’er said huffily: “You already have Bing’er and you’re not satisfied? Trying to take advantage of me, stop dreaming! Even if I have to marry a pig, I won’t marry you!”

Zhou Weiqing gave a humph and said: “As if I want it that much! What do you want to bet then?”

Shangguan Fei’er’s eyes spun in their sockets and she said cunningly: “How about this, if you do not succeed, when we return to the camp, you act as my horse. If you succeed, I’ll forgive you for what you did earlier.” Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “You are still trying to take advantage.”  Thinking about her riding on him like a horse, that taut little buttocks of hers in contact with himself once more, he couldn’t help but feel his body heating up, and his eyes naturally fluttered to the abovementioned portion.

“What are you looking at?!” Shangguan Fei’er said angrily.

Zhou Weiqing changed the topic hastily: “Are you going to bet or not? If you want to bet, it has to be fair stakes. How about this, if you win, we’ll do as you say and I’ll act like a horse for you. If you lose, I’ll get to smack your bottom ten times to assuage my anger.”

“Scoundrel!”    Shangguan   Fei’er   flushed   deeply   as   she snapped.

Zhou Weiqing said naturally with a beatific smile: “How did you know my middle name? So, do you want to bet or not? Make up your mind!”

Shangguan Fei’er thought about it for a moment, but she just could not see how Zhou Weiqing, at the four-Jeweled stage, could possibly Seal the Silver Emperor. After all, no matter how powerful Darkness Seals were, they would still be restricted by Heavenly Energy levels. As long as there was a difference of more than five levels of Heavenly Energy, it was already nearly impossible to successfully Seal… and the difference between Zhou Weiqing and the Silver Emperor was almost twenty levels! Unless there was some miracle, she could not see any possibility of success.

Thinking about a win and how she could get her revenge on Zhou Weiqing, letting him lose face in front of all his companions, Shangguan Fei’er immediately felt better. Gritting her teeth, she said: “Alright, I’ll bet with you.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at her appealing little bottom again, grinning  as  he  said:  “Heh  heh,  alright,  you  watch  and  see then.”

As he said that, he grabbed the Silver Emperor in one hand before crouching down. All this while, he had not dismissed the Demonic Change State, and currently, with his right foot on the Silver Emperor, he took a deep breath to regain his Heavenly Energy and smoothen his meridians before starting on his action.

Chapter 118 Tian Bei City

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side watching, and she suddenly sensed a cold aura emitting from Zhou Weiqing, especially from the right leg he was using to step on the Silver Emperor’s body, a spine chilling sensation. Soon after, the entire atmosphere around them seemed to warp around them, as the Silver Emperor, originally white-silver turned colour drastically.

The unconscious Silver Emperor was immediately jolted awake, but it did not have any strength within to resist, instead shuddering violently as three lights intertwined around its body. Black, Grey and Blue, and it could sense its own life draining away swiftly.

It was originally already heavily injured, and with this new attack, it knew it was almost at the end of its life.

Without question, what Zhou Weiqing had used on it was the Dark Demon God Lightning plus Time Interrupt combo he had used before, causing the three attribute poison to enter the Silver Emperor’s body.

No matter what living creature, when it met with a threat to its life, it would feel a sense of panic, despite its power. The Silver Emperor was no exception. This was especially so since this unique venom was something so strange that it had not experienced before. Its remaining shreds of Heavenly Energy was low, and no matter what it tried, there was no effect on the poison.

The Tri-Attribute Venom of the Dark Demon God Lightning was extremely overbearing, so much so that even powerful Heavenly Energy could not force it out. Even the Heavenly King Stage powerhouse Shangguan Longyin had failed to do so previously.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, stepping harder on the Silver Emperor as he said: “Little thing, you can sense the threat of death right. If you want to live, then you better cooperate with Your Father, I. When I start Sealing you, you better not resist at all, otherwise, you can just wait for your death. This Tri- Attribute Venom of mine… the feeling is not too good right?”

This was not the first time he had tried out this Tri-Attribute Venom, and not only was it fatal, but it was relatively slow acting and extremely painful. Previously, Shen Little Demon had not been able to take it, even with the Heavenly King Stage powerhouse Shangguan Longyin helping her to alleviate the pain with his Heavenly Energy. Alas, this Silver Emperor did not have such help. Sometimes, death was not the most scary thing. This sort of incomprehensible pain, that made one want to beg for death but being unable to die… that was the most terrifying thing.

As he said that with a big grin, Zhou Weiqing did not forget to place a hand on the Silver Emperor’s body, continuing to Devour its Heavenly Energy. After a while, he bit on his other hand, squeezing out a drop of blood, before starting to unleash a Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness on it.

Under the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing could truly release the aura of the Dark Demon God Tiger to its maximum, especially from his Demonic Right Leg. Using his right leg to step on the Silver Emperor was not just to release the Dark Demon God Lightning, but also in order to let it sense that aura.

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side, watching all of that. Originally, she had thought that she was familiar with all of Zhou Weiqing’s abilities, but now watching him threaten the Silver Emperor, she felt a mixed feeling. On one hand, she found it amusing, doing actions that in her eyes were futile. On the other hand, she had a strange sensation, as if Zhou Weiqing was doing something to the Silver Emperor, some unique hidden ability that she did not know about. “Stop dreaming already. Threatening the Silver Emperor… you can still think of such a thing. This little thing is not just savage, but it is also very stubborn. If you do not overpower it when Sealing forcefully, you won’t succeed. You just wait, soon you’ll be my horse!”

Although Shangguan Fei’er was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she was after all not a Heavenly Beast, and she could not sense that powerful, intense pressure that only Heavenly Beasts could. If this Silver Emperor was at the Heavenly King Stage, then it would not be too susceptible for this pressure at this moment. Alas, it had not yet successfully evolved.

The bloodline of the Dark Demon God Tiger was no lesser than the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger, one of the top in the Heavenly Beast world. From the perspective of a Heavenly Beast like this little Silver Emperor, it would be submitting to a powerful Heavenly Beast of greater bloodlines, not a human.

Finally, it stopped struggling. The Blood Rites – Seal of Darkness symbol on its forehead stabilizing under the blood drop of Zhou Weiqing. Its body started shuddering violently again, as if wanting to struggle, but not daring to do so. Its little eyes just happened to look right into Zhou Weiqing’s bloodshot eyes. At this point, in the eyes of the Silver Emperor, Zhou Weiqing was definitely no human. The law of the jungle of the Heavenly Beast world, in addition to Zhou Weiqing’s tri- Attribute Venom and the suffering it brought, finally caused it to submit. Given reason, no one would be willing to sacrifice
their own life.

The bloodline pressure from the Dark Demon God Tiger was such a higher level that the Silver Emperor had to look up to, even though it knew Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was still far beyond its own. It was the same like itself, not having broken through to the Heavenly King Stage yet.

However, the bloodline pressure was of extremely high importance to Heavenly Beasts, and at least allowed it to accept Zhou Weiqing. If it were any human, without an absolute power difference, it would definitely not choose to submit, no matter torture or death.

Finally, the last shreds of its Heavenly Energy was drained away, along with the torturous venom. It still continued trembling, but much lighter now, as the venom had all been drained away as well. The dark red symbol on its forehead flashed brightly once, then disappeared into its body. Its head dropped down to the side, and the Silver Emperor lapsed back into a deep unconsciousness. Zhou Weiqing did not place it into his own Spatial Ring, instead hugging it into his bosom, a smug look on his face.

When the dark red symbol flashed across the Silver Emperor’s forehead, Shangguan Fei’er was totally stunned. She could not believe what was happening before her eyes. How could this Silver Emperor actually submit like that? This Zhou Little Fatty was only at the Four Jeweled Stage! What basis did he have to let such a powerful and stubborn Top Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beast submit to him? How could this be? How could this be?!

“Oei, I know I am very handsome and suave, but if you keep staring at me like that, I will be shy.” Zhou Weiqing flashed a teasing grin at Shangguan Fei’er as he said that. At the same time, his gaze swooped down to her buttocks once more.

“You? Shy?” Shangguan Fei’er was so angered by his words that she almost laughed. “Your skin is so thick to almost an invincible point.”

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “Haiz, although you are from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, you are after all a woman. Our bet is already set, if you really renege on it, I won’t be surprised, but just feel sorry for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him, blinking her beautiful eyes. All of a sudden, she laughed. “Zhou Little Fatty, you’re trying to provoke me? Nope! The one who represents the face of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace is my sister, not me. You are right, reneging is the right of women, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. What are you going to do about it? Did anyone see me betting with you? Who can prove it? No one right? Heh heh, that is to say, we never placed such a bet.”

“Ahh?” Zhou Weiqing stared at Shangguan Fei’er with his mouth agape. Originally, he thought that by provoking her like that with the name and reputation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, she would never renege on the bet. Who could have imagined that this Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was so tough to deal with, and she did the reverse instead. Furthermore, his own strength was no match for hers… Zhou Weiqing was immediately vexed.

Looking at his depressed look, Shangguan Fei’er laughed happily, skipping joyously towards the camp. “Ahhh, today’s weather is so good. It feels so good to infuriate someone. I have decided to reward myself by eating more today!” Seeing her retreating figure, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but twitch in his heart, thinking to himself: Both are from the same mother, but why is there such a huge difference in character? This Shangguan Fei’er and my own Bing’er, they are just too different indeed. Thinking back to the time when he had teased Bing’er ages ago, the way she had reacted so innocently and at a loss, Zhou Weiqing’s gaze suddenly wandered into the distance. How great it would be if Bing’er were here with him!

No matter the first time when Shangguan Bing’er had became his Sacrifice in his first Demonic Change, or his ‘adult ceremony’ in the Heavenly Jewel Island… Both were memories that Zhou Weiqing would never forget, ingrained deep within his heart. This was also why no one could ever be more important than Shangguan Bing’er to him.

The Shangguan Sisters were just too similar, and though Zhou Weiqing did not really want Shangguan Fei’er to follow him, but somewhere deep in his heart, seeing Shangguan Fei’er every day by his side was like seeing Bing’er as well, and it was this conflicted deep thought, along with the fear of Shangguan Fei’er talking bad about him in front of Bing’er, which was what made him keep her by his side. The difference in character did not detract from Shanggaun Fei’er’s beauty, but displaying a totally different sort of beauty. Lively, youthful, spirited, things that Shangguan Bing’er did not display, while Shangguan Fei’er did not have Bing’er’s soft, quiet beauty. These two sisters could be said to be different but equal.

The sounds of the birds and insects in the forest was forming a moving melody. Life in the forest was never quiet.

Due to the Silver Emperor’s sudden ambush, Zhou Weiqing asked Lin TianAo to arrange a schedule of guards for the night, with the twenty one of them split into groups of guards, with the original Fei Li Battle Team members each leading a guard duty.

The truth was proven that this Silver Emperor was indeed an exception. Through the rest of the night, besides a few weak little Heavenly Beasts disturbing them, they did not meet with any other troubles.

Dawn. A simple meal of dry rations, and the party gathered up their belongings before leaving once more. Once again, Zang Lang’s group of twelve showed their high skill and grit, taking barely fifteen minutes to take down everything swiftly. As they continued on their travels, Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Fei’er: “Fei’er, are you sure there are Ghost Demon Horses here?”

Shangguan Fei’er glanced at him, saying: “I am also not certain. They definitely do live here, but in the past decades they have been hunted so much, that I’m not sure if we can find any more wild ones.”

Zhou Weiqing widened his eyes. “Are you joking?! If not for the fact that you told us there were these Ghost Demon Horses here, we would not have taken this route!”

Shangguan Fei’er nodded vigorously, saying: “They definitely live somewhere in this forest, but whether or not we meet with them depends on our luck. After all, the forest is extremely massive, and these wild Ghost Demon Horses are already much rarer now, and we might not come across them.” Zhou Weiqing suddenly laughed. From Shangguan Fei’er’s angle, that rascals smile looked so crafty and sinister.

“As long as you can confirm they exist, then all is good. We will definitely not leave this place empty handed.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him in surprise. “Even I have no certain way of finding them, and you think you can?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “As long as they exist, then I definitely can.”

Shangguan Fei’er looked at him with disbelief. “I don’t believe you, let’s bet again.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a humph and said: “You do not honour your bets, I won’t bet with you again.”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “If you don’t dare to bet, that means you can’t do it!” Zhou Weiqing glanced at her pert bottom before saying: “Pay up your debts, then I’ll bet with you again.”

Shangguan Fei’er pursed her lips, her face reddening slightly, saying in a low tone that only Zhou Weiqing could hear: “Don’t dream about it, there’s so many people here. How about, we bet first, and I’ll pay you back tonight… okay?”

No matter how Zhou Weiqing looked at it, he could not see any hint of sincerity in her words. However, he was a man, and would not really dispute over such things with her. Laughing heartily, he said: “Alright, what do you want to bet this time?”

Shangguan Fei’er thought about it, then said: “How about the same as yesterday. If I lose, then you get ten more times. If you lose, we are even.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s interest was sparked. That was because, since she had already spoken like that, it meant that she had really taken the bet to heart. That was to say… he actually had a chance to win those stakes. Heh heh.

Not giving Shangguan Fei’er any more time to think about it, Zhou Weiqing nodded immediately and said: “Alright, I’ll bet with you.” Shangguan Fei’er smiled happily, saying: “You’re bound to lose then! I want to see what kind of ability you have to actually look for those Ghost Demon Horses in this massive forest. That’s like finding a needle in a haystack!”

Zhou Weiqing smiled mysteriously, then said: “You just watch and see.” As he said that, he tapped his chest lightly. The next moment, a silver light lit up, and the Silver Emperor flew out from his bosom, landing onto his shoulder.

The Silver Emperor was after all extremely tough and powerful, with a high cultivation level. Although it had sustained a heavy injury yesterday, and had most of its Heavenly Energy drained by Zhou Weiqing, with a whole night of rest, it had somewhat recovered; at least able to fly normally. Of course, if it really wanted to fully recover, that would still take some time.

Zhou Weiqing stroked the Silver Emperor on the head and said: “Bring us to look for some Ghost Demon Horses, any ones closest to this location, but there must be at least twenty or more.”

The Silver Emperor’s beautiful red little eyes blinked, as if deep in thought. After a minute, it nodded towards Zhou Weiqing, flapping its wings and flying off into a direction. Shangguan Fei’er was staring at them with a dazed look, her mouth slightly open, looking unbelievably cute in her shock.

“You… you… you’re cheating…” She said unwillingly.

Zhou  Weiqing  said  easily:  “Please  may  I  know,  dear  Miss Shangguan, how have I cheated?”

“You…” Shangguan Fei’er had a resentful expression, her face slightly red, but she could not come up with any reason for him cheating.

Without the certainty of success, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly bet with Shangguan Fei’er? The Silver Emperor’s greatest skill was its speed in flying, and since it lived here, with its flying speed, it naturally flew around the entire forest to hunt for food. As such, it would likely be extremely familiar with most of the forest. As long as this Ghost Demon Forest still had Ghost Demon Horses staying within, it would have seen them. With it leading the way, would it be difficult to hunt them down?

Soon after, the fact was proven that the Silver Emperor was indeed reliable. Although it twisted and turned throughout the trip, it took only two hours before the entire party spotted their target.

A small stream about three metres wide that passed through the forest. Ahead, beyond the stream, a herd of strong and robust horses were either drinking from the stream, or grazing on the green grass beside the stream.

Looking at these huge horses from the distance, the entire partys’ eyes were wide and fixated. Without Shangguan Fei’er prompting them, they immediately knew that these had to be the Ghost Demon Horses.

This was definitely quite a large herd. Besides a few shorter and smaller young ones, the rest were all fully grown adults. All of them were black in colour, and as compared to ordinary horses, they were more than half a metre taller, their entire body more than two metres tall, with almost five metres in length. They were stout and robust as well, as they could clearly see the powerful muscles on all four limbs.

Amongst all the land based walking animals, horses’ muscles lines were considered one of the most beautiful to humans, let alone these grand horses amongst all horses. All along their muscled bodies, there was a layer of thick scales protecting them. The sunlight shone down through the trees, landing on their bodies, but did not reflect at all, giving them the sensation that these scales were indeed powerful.

Once in a while, one of these Ghost Demon Horses would turn their heads, and they could clearly see that their eyes were bloodshot. Due to the fact that the scales covered all the way to their heads, they looked extremely fierce and terrifying, definitely living up to their name. Just their looks and aura alone would definitely scare off any ordinary horse.

The herd consisted of almost forty of these Ghost Demon Horses, and the herd leader stood there proudly. It was not grazing or drinking, instead standing there like a king or emperor, keeping watch over its people.

This Ghost Demon Horse Leader was even larger, more muscular and robust than the other Ghost Demon Horses. More importantly, it was the only one which had a small, half chi long horn on top of its head, and the glitter of its eyes had a hue of gold mixed within the red, and its scales were clearly thicker than the others as well. It was without a doubt that this was the leader of the herd.

When they were slightly closer to the Ghost Demon Horses, Zhou Weiqing and the rest stopped down to prepare to launch a sneak attack. Lin TianAo said softly to Zhou Weiqing: “What is the plan? These Ghost Demon Horses are at very minimum Lower Level Zun Stage or higher, and worse so, they are all adept at running. Defeating them alone might not be too easy, but capturing them all would be extremely tough.”

Zhou Weiqing also had his brow furrowed while he was also thinking through the same problem. On the first look, he had already taken a fancy to the horned Ghost Demon Horse leader, but he knew that it was definitely not easy to capture these Ghost Demon Horses. After all, the huge forest was extremely open on all sides, and these Ghost Demon Horses lived here and were all extremely familiar with the roads. As soon as they spooked and ran in all directions, they would not be able to capture many.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was trying to figure out a plan to capture as many Ghost Demon Horses as possible without compromising their safety, the leading Silver Emperor flew back to land on his shoulder, turning its little red eyes to look at Zhou Weiqing in puzzlement.

As a powerful, high staged Heavenly Beast, the Silver Emperor was extremely intelligent, otherwise Zhou Weiqing wouldn’t have been able to communicate with it previously to lead them here. Though they were all Heavenly Beasts, Da Huang and Er Huang were obviously not as intelligent as them, perhaps because of their age or maybe because the Silver Emperor’s food was the brains of other animals, Heavenly Beasts and humans. Of course, after enslaving it, Zhou Weiqing would not allow it to eat other humans.

“What’s up, Little Red Bean? I warn you, don’t kill these Ghost Demon Horses, I want to capture them for our mounts. Sigh, so troublesome, how do we ensure we can capture them without injuring them, or ourselves?”

All of a sudden, he felt a movement on his shoulder, and Zhou Weiqing was surprised to see that the Silver Emperor, which he had named Little Red Bean, had hung its head down to touch his shoulder. He was given a fright, thinking that Little Red Bean’s injuries had been reopened, quickly grabbing it to examine it.

“Hahaha, it is looking down on you!” Originally, Shangguan Fei’er had been feeling rather depressed for losing the bet again, but seeing Little Red Dot’s actions, she couldn’t help but let loose a peal of laughter.

“Looking  down  on  me?”   Zhou  Weiqing  looked  at  her curiously. Right at that moment, Little Red Dot wriggled out of Zhou Weiqing’s hands, flying out swiftly into mid air, its wings spreading out, hovering right there before letting loose a shrill cry.

The Silver Emperor might be extremely tiny, but its cry was not to be underestimated, extremely loud and shrill, the powerful piercing powerful causing even Zhou Weiqing and the party to feel their hearts shudder.

At the same time, the Ghost Demon Horses which had been leisurely grazing heard the cry, and they were immediately sent into a disorderly frenzy. The few young Ghost Demon Horses immediately fell onto the ground, almost paralyzed, while the adult Ghost Demon Horses raised their heads, their red eyes filled with fear and panic. Although they were still quite far from them, Zhou Weiqing and the rest could still clearly see that amongst these powerful Ghost Demon Horses, besides the horned Leader, all the others were trembling violently, as if they did not even have the energy to run.

The Horned Ghost Demon Horse displayed the power of a leader then, raising its head and giving forth a series of low cries. Standing right in front, the black fur at the back of its neck raised up, while it pawed the ground with its right front hoof. It was clear that although it was not as affected as its other herd members, it was still extremely uneasy.

“What? This is possible?” Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself in shock. Previously, he had not believed Shangguan Fei’er’s words, but now he had no choice but to believe it. It was clear that Little Red Dot had been speechlessly hanging its head earlier, looking down upon him.

Heavenly Beasts were much clearly about ranking of bloodlines, and a Upper Stage Heavenly Beast was able to put a lot of pressure on a Lower Staged Heavenly Beast, with only a few exceptions.

Although the Silver Emperor Little Red Dot was not yet at the Heavenly King Stage, but to these Ghost Demon Horses, its cultivation level and bloodline was already much higher. Furthermore, in the Heavenly Beast world, the Silver Emperors were notorious devils, even Heavenly Beasts of the same stage would not dare to take them on easily. As such, its powerful cry caused much more violent pressure.

In truth, if it really wanted to kill these Ghost Demon Horses, even the one with the single horn, it would have been extremely easy. After all, it was a lot higher level, and though the protective scales of the Ghost Demon Horses had a great defense, they would be like paper in front of the Silver Emperor’s powerful Skills.

“Let me try.” Seeing the performance of the Silver Emperor, Zhou Weiqing immediately thought of the scene where he and Shangguan Bing’er had ran afoul of the Forest Direwolves many years back.

Taking a large step forward, as his body was in motion, a cold, evil, overbearing aura burst forth from his body. At the same time, the muscles of his body bulged out, the black tiger tattoos wriggling all over the skin not covered by his clothes. Especially so for the large ‘King’ word on his forehead, as well as the change to his right foot.

His Controllable Demonic Change State had been activated. Turning to face the direction where the Ghost Demon Horses were, Zhou Weiqing puffed up his chest, before unleashing an angry howl like a ferocious tiger.

Including Lin TianAo, all the humans there suddenly felt that in that instant, the entire surrounding Ghost Demon Forest seemed to have a strange tornado whip through. That piercing, bitter cold aura, gave all of them a grave chill down their spines. Although they knew that it was Zhou Weiqing which had howled out loud, they still felt as if a huge majestic tiger of unparalleled magnificence and awe-inspiring, dignified bearing was standing there proudly before them, and all would bow before it.

When they heard this new howl, the Ghost Demon Horses which had barely been standing all fell down like culled wheat in a field. Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level might not be high, but the aura that he had when in the Demonic Change State was that of the Dark Demon God Tiger, a bloodline far beyond even the Silver Emperor, let alone these Ghost Demon Horses.

*Pashan* The horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader was the last to fall, but even so, it did not fully fall down, with only its two front legs kneeling down, as if kneeling down in obeisance, its eyes filled with fear and panic.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, his body standing up straight proudly, his right leg striking down heavily on the ground and accompanied with a whistling sound, he charged forth and in moments was at the river side. Ignoring the ordinary Ghost Demon Horses fallen on the ground, he immediately jumped on the Horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader’s back.

There was not even a bit of resistance. As Zhou Weiqing had charged closer, that powerful Demonic Aura he was giving forth pressured the Ghost Demon Horses so much that they could not even move.

Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Change State had already gone through evolving twice, and he already could pressure Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts and below, just like how he had done so for the Silver Emperor. These Ghost Demon Horses were only at the Zun Stage, and with the Silver Emperor’s help, how could they possibly take their combined pressures?

Seeing the sight before them, the original Fei Li Battle Team members were still relatively okay; after all they had witnessed Zhou Weiqing create countless miracles. However, Zang Lang and the other eleven Military Academy graduates could only stand there swallowing hard. This was the Boss that they had chosen… was he really human? That powerful, terrifying aura… what was that? They were after all not from the Heavenly Jewel Academy, and besides Zang Lang who was a Heavenly Jewel Master and could suspect it was the Demonic Change State, no one else could even guess what these changes on Zhou Weiqing were.

What followed next was extremely simple. With the dual pressure of Zhou Weiqing and the Silver Emperor, all thirty eight Ghost Demon Horses were caught, even the three little younglings.

Besides giving each and every party member one Ghost Demon Horse, Zhou Weiqing handed the remaining Ghost Demon Horses to Lin TianAo, who kept them into a Spatial Ring that could contain living beings. As for Zhou Weiqing himself, he took the Horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader as his own mount, feeling a great sense of satisfaction.

Zhou Weiqing’s figure and stature was considered rather tall and robust for a human, but riding on this horned Ghost Demon Horse, he felt as if he was extremely tiny. Riding on it gave him a sensation like he was filled with strength, and with his legs gripping the sides of the horse, he could sense the sheer strength below his legs. As long as he exerted any pressure on his legs, his steed would instantly follow his directions swiftly.

All throughout, there was no resistance. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline pressure, the horned Ghost Demon Horse Leader chose to submit without a hint of resistance, just like if any ordinary Heavenly Beast met with the Heavenly Snow Mountain Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger. To it, being able to submit to such a powerful noble was an honour, not a disgrace.

Out of the entire party, the most excited should be Crow. Her weight was much heavier than any ordinary human, and normal horses could never carry her for long. However, her six hundred jin weight was nothing to her Ghost Demon Horse mount

Zhou Weiqing had specially chosen one of the strongest and most robust ones for her, and now mounted, if she wielded her Legendary Axes, she would be like an overbearing Queen!

The hooves of the Ghost Demon Horse were also rather different from ordinary horses, much larger and able to traverse difficult terrain. Furthermore, seated on the large, broad backs of these horses was a very stable, comfortable experience. …

After capturing these Ghost Demon Horses, Zhou Weiqing and the party took about three more days to reach the northern border of the ZhongTian Empire.

The Tian Bei City was one of the important cities in the north border of the ZhongTian Empire, situated strategically for their defense, and in terms of importance, it was the second in the entire north.

In order to defend against the WanShou Empire, the ZhongTian Empire had built three huge cities in the northern border, at the central, and of most importance, was the Zhong Bei City, the one on the northwest was the Tian Bei City, and northeast was the one closer to the Bao Po Empire, called the Bao Bei City.

These three cities lay in a straight line, forming a defensive line along with several dozen other smaller cities. At the same time, they also held large amounts of reserves and resources to sustain their long border wars.

These three huge cities were all built as main defensive structures, and with war in mind. In terms of just defensive capabilities alone, they even surpassed the ZhongTian Capital City, the ZhongTian City.

The Tian Bei City was actually the one closest the to WanShou Empire, and outside of the TianBei City lay the camps for the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth Legions of the ZhongTian Army, more than three hundred thousand men in total.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest entered the Tian Bei City on foot. The Ghost Demon Horses were just too attention drawing, and his own identity and status was rather sensitive at this point. Furthermore, his entire plan was to conceal his identity to enter the ZhongTian Army, and he naturally did not want to draw attention to themselves.

Currently, their party had been lessened by twelve. Zang Lang and the other graduates of the Fei Li Military Academy were no longer with them.

After exiting the Ghost Demon Forest, Zhou Weiqing had asked them to join the ZhongTian Army from the Zhong Bei City, instead of following him. He had given Zang Lang a mission, for the twelve of them to split up and join the ZhongTian Army. With Zang Lang as their lead, but too much contact between themselves, and they were to train themselves within the army, displaying their talents to become officers of the ZhongTian army. They were all to
recruit and train their own trusted men, to gain control of
some troops, while awaiting Zhou Weiqing’s next order.

This was part of a plan that Zhou Weiqing had come up with previously. If everyone followed by his side, they would be too large a target; a party of over twenty Jewel Masters, with many Heavenly Jewel Masters to boot, how could that not draw attention? Furthermore, Zang Lang and the others were already outstanding graduates from the Fei Li Military Academy, with each and every one of them outstanding in terms of military capabilities and leadership. If they were to stay together, it would be hard for them to flourish individually. As such, he decided to split them up to develop further in the actual army, to best grow and develop themselves. These twelve would be like twelve of Zhou Weiqing’s chess pieces, placed subtly into the ZhongTian Army.

These orders had been given in secret, even Shangguan Fei’er did not know about them. After all, such an action by Zhou Weiqing was that beneficial to the ZhongTian Empire. After giving them their orders secretly, they had left without speaking to the others. “So, this is the Tian Bei City? Such an amazing City it is indeed.” Lin TianAo couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement.

On the surface, the Tian Bei City was not as beautiful as any of the other cities they had seen. The city walls were a plain grey in colour, with no flourishes or decorations. However, the immense wall that did not seem to have an end had such a majesty to it, a grand thickness as if it could never be brought down.

The city walls were about a hundred metres tall, and its thickness was not visible to their eyes. The huge gate was already eight and a half metres tall, twenty metres wide; more than enough for twenty cavalry soldiers to ride out side by side, and there were actually three such gates visible to them.

Zhou Weiqing stood there looking at the huge, thick walls, a serious, solemn look on his face.

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side, looking at Zhou Weiqing absent-mindedly. That day, after losing the bet once more, she had ultimately reneged on it once again. Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not force her, only teasing her about it once in awhile. This was her own brother-in-law to be, this rascal, and somehow he seemed very different today. Standing right before this Tian Bei City, his entire appearance and aura was just so different; he did not seem so tiny like most others standing before the huge city, but as if his presence could swallow up this entire city.

Without knowing why, Shangguan Fei’er suddenly found that she no longer had the mood and inclination to take revenge on Zhou Weiqing anymore. At this point, she only felt like she had to help him as much as possible, to not look so solemn and serious.

She still liked his wicked smile more.

Like?! All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei’er snapped out of her reverie. No way, how can I… how can I like him? This is my brother in law!

In order to cover the panic within her heart, she subconsciously asked Zhou Weiqing: “Zhou Little Fatty, we are already at the Tian Bei City, what’s your plan?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Joining the army.” Shangguan Fei’er furrowed her brow, saying: “You’re really bringing everyone to join our ZhongTian Army?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, not everyone.
Just myself.”

“Just you?” This time, even Lin TianAo was dumbstruck.

All throughout their travels, Zhou Weiqing had not discussed his plans with anyone. All along, Lin TianAo had thought that he was bringing them all to join the ZhongTian Army, to gain some status within the ZhongTian Empire as a base to launch an attack to regain his Empire.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “There are so many of us, and if we join the army together, it is just too obvious. The ZhongTian Empire is the strongest Empire in the entire mainland, and its army will definitely have many powerhouses, and we will likely not be able to hide our power. In that case, with so many of us Heavenly Jewel Masters joining at the same time, how could we not be suspicious? As such, only I will be joining the ZhongTian army for now.”

“Soon after this, we will look for a place to stay in the Tian Bei City. Bro Lin, you will be in charge of purchasing a large house in this Tian Bei City, to stay here and continue training and cultivating, while waiting for my news. Once I have gained sufficient status and ranking within the army, and I’m able to have my own personal soldiers, I will get you all to join under me then. By that time, there should not be any problems.”

Chapter 119 Disguise

“You want to go alone?” Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Lin TianAo was extremely surprised, and he furrowed his brow in worry.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “Big bro, you should know by now not to worry about me right? Such a person like me who is afraid of death, if there is any real danger, I will definitely avoid it as best I can. Furthermore, as a lone person, I will be a small, nondescript target, and with my cultivation level and power, I should not need a lot of time to distinguish myself. At that time, you all can join the army by my side much easier. After all, our Fei Li Battle Team had already put on quite a display in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. If we join the army together, wouldn’t it be very obvious to anyone who had watched the tournament?”

Lin TianAo thought about it for a moment before saying: “You do have a point. Alright, we’ll do as you say. Rest assured, you can leave things here to me. When do you plan to join the army?”

Zhou  Weiqing  said:  “The  earlier  the  better.  Every  day  is critical, and the earlier I join, the earlier I can go about putting my plan into motion.” Lin TianAo nodded and said: “Very well. In the future, every day at sunrise I will dispatch someone to wait at the north gates for you. Once you have arranged everything in the army, you find a chance to come out to meet him and arrange things with us.”

Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes slightly and said: “Alright then, that’s settled. In that case, I shall leave now. Big Bro, all you brothers and sisters, take care. I’ll see you soon.”  With that, he turned around to leave. However, before he could even take a step, he felt a tug on his clothes. It was Shangguan Fei’er.

“You may be right in not bringing the rest, but you must bring me along. I am not part of the Fei Li Battle Team anyway, one additional person will not be a problem.”

Looking at the brightly lit eyes of Shangguan Fei’er, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of helplessness. “Why are you following me around? Do you really think I am here to play around?”

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph and said: “Don’t think you can abandon me here. First of all, I must help Bing’er keep watch on you. Our ZhongTian Empire Army does recruit females as well, and we do not have any prejudices against promoting capable female officers as well. You, this fellow, are too much of a playboy. What if you find some other woman? Furthermore, you are now sneaking into our ZhongTian Army. As part of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, I need to keep watch on you, lest you do anything that is against our ZhongTian Empire’s benefit, then it will be too late for me to regret. In any case, I don’t care, I am following you in.”

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly as he glared at her: “Don’t give me all those noble reasons. Don’t think I don’t know, you must be thinking how interesting and fun joining the army will be, that’s why you want to follow me. Looking for something fresh to play with right?”

Shangguan Fei’er flushed slightly; clearly Zhou Weiqing had hit the nail upon the head. However, she continued saying boldly: “So what? No matter what, I’m following you!”

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing was helpless against Shangguan Fei’er. Let alone the fact that he wasn’t able to defeat her, even if he could, he couldn’t possibly beat her up right? Just looking at her, and how she looked totally like Bing’er, Zhou Weiqing’s heart would be too soft to actually strike her.

“My dear Second Miss… please don’t play around. Even if your ZhongTian Army is liberal enough to let women join the army, that is still considered much rarer than males. Furthermore, even if you join the army, you can’t possibly stay with me too. No matter how liberal your ZhongTian Army is, they would not place a man and woman together in the same camp to stay.”

Shangguan Fei’er grinned and said: “Heh heh, isn’t that easy? I’ll dress up as a man. You just wait!”  After saying that, she spun around and ran off, disappearing in a flash.

Seeing Shangguan Fei’er disappear, Zhou Weiqing immediately said to Lin TianAo in a low tone: “Big bro, I’ll head off first then. You all take care. Do help me train Ma Qun well. That fellow has talent after all, and if he works hard, he should do well in the future. I’ll leave some money here for everyone to get their required Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and Stored Skills, you take charge of it.” As he said that, he tossed his gold coin storage card to in TianAo before running off swiftly.

Only a fool would really wait for Shangguan Fei’er to dress up and come out. If he didn’t seize this opportunity to run off, he wouldn’t be Zhou Weiqing.

Lin TianAo watched as Zhou Weiqing’s figure disappeared into the distance, and couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. “Alright, let’s go then. First we have to find a place to stay.” Little Miss Muddle Dou Dou looked at him hesitatingly and said: “If Weiqing goes… who will I look for to get food then?”

Yun Li patted himself on the chest and said: “After he leaves, I’m still around. Don’t worry, if you want to eat something, just let me know.”

Hearing that there was food, Dou Dou immediately smiled happily: “You are such a good person.”

Lin TianAo stumbled and almost fell from that, and he turned to look at Yun Li before finally saying: “That girl is too naive, you better not bully her, otherwise I will not be able to account to Weiqing.”

Yun Li said in a mix of embarrassment and irritation. “What?
Do I look like someone who would do that?”

“Yes!”  Little  Four,  Drunken  Bao,  Ma  Qun  and  the  others chorused out loud at the same time. These few days, they had gotten used to each other, and it was common for them to tease each other. “Fine  fine,  you  all  just  wait,  don’t  ask  me  to  make Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for you all!”

Ma Qun laughed heartily, saying: “Teacher Yun, your threat won’t work anymore. With food, with Dou Dou, there will be Scrolls!”

Lin TianAo shook his head helplessly and said: “Alright, enough playing around. Let’s go look for a place to stay, so we can have a good rest after this long trip.”

Hearing his words, the rest of the team finally stopped, and they headed into the Tian Bei City.

It might seem like Zhou Weiqing had left in too much of a rush, without even giving much instructions to the rest. However, with Lin TianAo there, Zhou Weiqing did not have to worry. Lin TianAo was the steady bedrock of the team, and as long as he was there, Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence that they would be fine.

After entering the Tian Bei City, Zhou Weiqing quickly crossed through the streets. Although he was not familiar with the place, he knew that he just needed to head north. After all, the whole purpose of the Tian Bei City was to defend against the WanShou Empire in the north, and their northern wall would likely be where the army would be stationed. In order to join the army, that was where he would have to go to look for them. That was also the reason why Lin TianAo had arranged for their meeting to be in the north gates.

Zhou Weiqing crossed through street after street swiftly, and before long, he could see the north gates in the distance. Taking a quick look back, he did not spot Shangguan Fei’er, and he heaved a sigh of relief, thinking to himself: Lucky I ran fast!

Right at that moment, a hand appeared out of nowhere, grabbing onto his shoulder without warning.

Zhou Weiqing’s senses were far beyond any ordinary person, even most Heavenly Jewel Masters of his cultivation level. Even so, he was unable to dodge the hand, which held down gently onto his shoulder, just happening to grip onto his clavicle acupuncture point. Although his Clavicle acupuncture point energy whirlpool was able to dissipate a large amount of the strength, Zhou Weiqing still felt almost half his body go numb.

Without looking back, his face already had a depressed look. It seems like no matter what, he would not be able to dodge the bullet. Those hands of Shangguan Fei’er which had tortured him in the past few days of teaching him… he was just too familiar with them. “My Dear Heroine, please let me go.” Zhou Weiqing sighed helplessly as he turned around.

However, when he saw the person who had grabbed onto his shoulder, he started visibly.

It was not Shangguan Fei’er there as he had expected, but an ordinary looking cloth-clad youth.

The young man looked very average, not tall or short, average in almost all sense of the word. His clothes were simple, with black hair bound in a ponytail at his back, granting a valiant air to his average looks. No matter what, Zhou Weiqing was certain he did not recognize this person.

On seeing it wasn’t Shangguan Fei’er, a sense of warning sparked in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, and without hesitation, he drew upon his Immortal Deity Shield to the maximum. At the same time, he kicked out with his right leg at lightning speed towards the youth. It was not anything good to be grabbed by a stranger suddenly. Alas, his efforts were futile. The hand grabbing onto his shoulder moved along with his own motions, and Zhou Weiqing felt his body weaken and soften. His Immortal Deity Shield did not manage to shake his opponent’s hand away, and the kick from his right leg was extremely weak, easily dodged
by the youth.

“Zhou Little Fatty, are you trying to die?” Shangguan Fei’er’s voice rang out, suppressed in a low tone and filled with embarrassment. How could this rascal kick at a girl’s lower abdomen!

“Fei’er, you’re Fei’er?!”  Zhou Weiqing’s jaw dropped as he stared wide eyed at the young man in front of him.

Shangguan Fei’er gave a cold humph as she said: “This Young Master is now Shangguan Fei. You better watch out!”

Although Zhou Weiqing had witnessed Shangguan Fei’er’s amazing disguising skills in the Lustre Spatial Realm, she had after all been disguising herself as another girl. At this point, she had actually disguised herself as a man, even down to having an Adam’s Apple. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but shake his head in amazement. “Hmph, now you know how skillful I am right, if you want to praise  this  young  master,  go  ahead.  I  won’t  stop  you!” Shangguan Fei’er said smugly.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Indeed, that is extremely skillful. Alas, your figure is just too bad.”

“Whose  figure  are  you  saying  is  bad?!”  Shangguan  Fei’er almost went crazy, and the hand grabbing onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder involuntarily exerted greater pressure.

“Uhhh, I’m wrong…” Under such a threat, Zhou Weiqing could only lower his head and say helplessly. “Since you insist on following me into the army, then let’s go.” He had no way of escaping this young miss, and could only accept his fate.

Shangguan Fei’er finally let go of him, saying in a satisfied tone: “That’s more like it. Come on, let’s go.”

The two of them continued on towards the north gate. As they moved along, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but examine Shangguan Fei’er. No matter how he examined her from every angle, he could not find any problems with her disguise. If not for the fact that she had used her original voice to speak to him, he would never have been able to guess this was her indeed.

“So, where are we going to join the army?” Shangguan Fei’er asked him. This time, she heven changed her voice, though still clear and melodious, it was clearly no longer a female voice.

Zhou Weiqing said: “First, we have to head to the north gates to see what the situation is before we decide. Since the combat situation on the north is never-ending, I’m sure your ZhongTian Empire is constantly recruiting fresh blood right.”

Shangguan Fei’er nodded and said: “Yup, that is true. Are you preparing to join as a Heavenly Jewel Master?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Of course, only then can I reach a relatively high rank as soon as possible.”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “What about me? This disguise of mine is barely twenty years old; if I reveal my powers, it would be easy to draw suspicion.” Zhou Weiqing rolled his eyes and said: “Of course you can’t use your powers, do you still have to ask? Besides those from the Great Saint Lands, it is virtually impossible to reach the six-Jeweled stage at the age of twenty! If you want to join the army with me, you have to listen to me. When I report, I’ll say that I am from a declining noble family, and you are my follower. WIthout my permission, unless in critical danger, you cannot use your powers, at least until I achieve the required rank and can have my own unit.”

“No way, how can I possibly be your follower.”  Shangguan Fei’er immediately objected.

Zhou Weiqing said savagely: “If you don’t want to be my follower, that’s fine, but you have to let me get the twenty slaps you owe me.”

Shangguan Fei’er muttered to herself: “So petty… Fine, follower it shall be. But don’t you dream of having me wait on you.”

Zhou Weiqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief and said: “As long as you don’t speak too much, and just stay by my side, that is all. I wouldn’t dare to have the Second Miss of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace wait on me…” At last, the pair reached the north gate. Unfortunately, to their disappointment, there was no recruitment center there like they had expected. The north gates were wide open, and the streets were bustling with people. The only soldiers they could see were the fifty or so well armoured ones guarding the

“So, what now?” Shangguan Fei’er looked at Zhou Weiqing curiously. Although she was a citizen of the ZhongTian Empire, she had stayed most of her life in the Heavenly Jewel Island and not left it; in terms of dealing with worldly situations, she was no match for Zhou Weiqing, and did not know much about the situation about the ZhongTian army either.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Let me ask.”

Stepping up quickly to one of the guards at the gates, the familiar honest smile that Zhou Weiqing had not used in a long time appeared again. “This big brother here, can I ask you a question? Is our ZhongTian Army recruiting soldiers?”

The soldier looked at him before nodding, saying: “Of course we are recruiting. You’re not from around here right, otherwise you would know this for sure.” Zhou Weiqing immediately nodded vigorously, saying: “Indeed!  I’m  not  from  around  here,  but  I’ve  travelled  here because I want to join the army, especially the border armies, to actually fight against our enemies!”

Hearing his words, the soldier smiled, lifting up a hand to clap Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, saying: “Very good, very good. Looking at your figure, it should be no problem at all in joining the army. Let me give you the directions – once you exit the north gate, keep heading north towards the border. You’ll need to travel about two hundred kilometres before you reach the main camp of our army. Besides any special circumstances, recruiting is all over there. You just need to report there and say that you are here to join up, no matter which Regiment, someone will be there to receive you. As long as you pass a simple test, you will be able to enter the army.”

“Thank you very much, Big Brother. Two hundred kilometres, that is quite far away.”

The soldier laughed heartily, saying: “It is indeed quite a distance away, but that is also a form of training in itself. Oh, right, if you have confidence in yourself, you can also try your luck in the Duelling Corner just outside of the main camp.” “Oh? Duelling Corner? What sort of place is that?” Zhou Weiqing had been about to leave when the soldier had suddenly told him about such an unheard of place, and his interest was immediately sparked.

The soldier said: “The Duelling Corner is one of the unique parts of our ZhongTian Empire northern zone. How do I put it… it is one of the rare entertainment areas in this war zone here, and also a main morale booster for us. It is actually a colosseum arena, and any soldiers can join in at any time.”

“With Regiments being the base, each Regiment has their own Duelling Corner. Of course, there are rules to competing in the Duelling Corner; seriously injuring, maiming or killing your opponent is strictly forbidden. Achieving a victory will award the victor with a certain monetary reward, but more importantly, it is also one avenue for earning rank and status. If a soldier manages to achieve consecutive victories, he will be able to gain rank, tantamount to joining a battle. I’ve heard that the highest rank you can raise from the Duelling Corner is up to the Battalion level. Many powerful Jewel Masters have used this method to raise rank quickly.”

“Ohh? Such a thing is possible?” Zhou Weiqing started for a moment, and he couldn’t help but exclaim in praise inwardly. The ZhongTian Empire truly lived up to its name as the strongest empire in the world. Although he only heard a simple introduction by the soldier, Zhou Weiqing could already read into the matter in his heart, and had a simple understanding of it.

The benefit of this Duelling Corner was clear. First of all, it would allow the army to easily unearth and choose talents, promoting them into officials. To the army, for low rank officials at least, their combat prowess was more important than their commanding capabilities. For a small unit, a powerful commanding officer would be of a greater influence on the unit’s survival and effect on the battlefield.

Chapter 120 Duelling Corner

Looking at the sea of army camps in the distance, Shangguan Fei’er looked at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Zhou Little Fatty, which Regiment should we join?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “It doesn’t matter which one we join, let’s just go to the closest one.”

The pair placed their Ghost Demon Horses back into their Spatial Rings, before walking towards the nearest army camp.

As they got closer, they realised that in the outskirts of each of the five hundred metre sized camp, there was a unique structure. It was round in shape, and was pretty large, almost a hundred metre in diametre, though it was extremely simple in design; just almost like a large circular rock, without even a cover. They could not see what was going on inside, but there were many soldiers entering and exiting the structure.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing thought to himself. This should be the so called Duelling Corner!

As they got closer to the army camp, all of a sudden, a unit consisting of ten light cavalry soldiers came charging forth, stopping right in front of them.

These light cavalry soldiers were garbed in light leather armour, with a sabre sheathed at their waist and long bow on their backs. On the sides of their horses hung two quivers each, and the heads of their mounts were protected by leather armour. Coupled with the blue army uniform of the ZhongTian Empire Army, they looked valiant, with a ferocious aura.

“Halt!” The leader of the unit shouted towards Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er. “This is a restricted military zone, do not enter.”

Zhou Weiqing quickly put forth his signature honest smile, saying: “This big bro, we are here to join the army.”

“Join the army?” The cavalry unit leader gave them a long measuring look before nodding, saying: “From the looks of your stature, you should be fine. As for him… he might be slightly lacking.” Naturally, the one who was ‘lacking’ was the slender Shangguan Fei’er.

Shangguan Fei’er had never been criticized to the face all her life, and instantly she was angered. However, before she could lose her temper, Zhou Weiqing hastily grabbed onto her hands and pressed on them as a signal.

Shangguan Fei’er knew that he was signalling her not to lose her temper, but having her hand grabbed by him so suddenly, she suddenly felt her heart race a little. Zhou Weiqing’s hands were very hot, his large hands stable and thick, and being held by him, she did not know why but feel a sense of safety. At that moment, she somehow swallowed the angry words on her lips.

“Come  with  me  then.”  Under  the  leadership  of  the  unit leader, the cavalry unit wheeled around and headed towards the army camp. Zhou Weiqing quickly pulled Shangguan Fei’er along, following behind the unit.

With the escort of the cavalry unit, they quickly reached the abovementioned round structure, and the cavalry unit leader dismounted.

“Sixteenth Regiment Brothers, anyone around?”  He yelled out loud towards the round building.

Almost immediately, three men headed out from within. They were infantry soldiers, also dressed in leather armour, but much thicker and covering more. Their weapon was also a long spear, not the sabre that the light cavalry units had.

“What is it?” One of the tallest, stoutest infantry soldiers stepped forward and asked.

The cavalry unit leader pointed towards Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er before saying: “These two young men want to join the army, I’ll leave them to you then.”

The tall infantry soldier laughed heartily and said: “Thanks a lot.  Alright,  you  two  come  with  me.”  As  he  said  that,  he beckoned towards Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing had let go of Shangguan Fei’er’s hands. After all, in others’ eyes, they were both men, and if they continued holding hands, that would be extremely strange.

The registration process was actually held in this round building, and Zhou Weiqing’s interest was immediately sparked, quickly following. He also noticed that the other infantry soldiers had naturally taken positions around them, clearly they were not too trusted right away. As soon as they entered the round building, the pair of them instantly felt a searing hot aura emanate from within.

The inside of the round building was extremely simple, perhaps more so than even its exterior. In the circular interior were lined with metal stands of different size and height. It was clear that they were very well built and stable, just very simple. At that moment, they were all seated full of people. Right in the center was a large empty patch of land; besides the central area of about thirty square metres which was a circular stage fully carved out of stone, the other areas were split into ten different zones, and there were different fights going on in all zones.

The area was a cacophony of noise, cheers, joyous cries, angry cries and even some unknown yells.

Just entering the area, even Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er felt their emotions sparked, their blood boiling along with the crowd.

The tall infantry who had led them in smiled and said: “How is it? Our Duelling Corner isn’t too bad right? Come on, let me help you register first; later on if you are interested, you can come and play in the Duelling Corner. We of the Sixteenth Regiment respect the strong and brave!” As he said that, he brought the pair to the corner at the deeper end of the building, where there were several tables lined up. Stepping behind the tables, he brought out a huge book from under the table.

“One by one, your names.”

“Zhou Little Fatty.” Once again, Zhou Weiqing used his familiar alias. What followed next was a simple registration process. Zhou Little Fatty and Shangguan Fei, both citizens of the ZhongTian Empire.

Very soon, the registration process was complete, and the tall soldier passed them each a simple metal plaque, saying: “Alright, from now on, you are a part of our Sixteenth Regiment, and this is your identification plaque. Firstly, there are a few things to note that I’ll inform you about now. Our Sixteenth Regiment is part of the Empire’s Seventh Legion, which consists of Ten Regiments in total. Although you have already been conscripted, you will still need to be given your assignments depending on your abilities. After all, if your abilities aren’t up to speed, you will be assigned to the logistics or cooking division, so you all must work hard.”

The entrance exam is actually very easy; later on you will each join a beginner’s competition in the Duelling Corner. If you win, that means you have passed the exam. Of course, you can continue fighting as long as you win, and the more rounds you win, the better the assignment and service arm. Naturally, if you do well, you do not even need to join the recruit training, otherwise you will need to go through that. Amongst our
service arms, the best is of course our heavy cavalry team, but in order to enter that, you will also have to go through specialised training.”

Zhou Weiqing said curiously: “Big bro, can you please tell us about the rules of the Duelling Corner? In the Tian Bei City, I heard that if we do well here, we can even be promoted to be an officer.”

The tall soldier smiled a little disdainfully, saying: “Little bro, it isn’t that easy to become an army officer. In every Duelling Corner, there are countless of soldiers hoping to take this shortcut to reach the heavens at a single bound, to make a name for themselves at once. Alas, the success stories are far and few between. Well, since you are interested in knowing, I will tell you anyway; it is pretty much the same for all Regiments.”

“You should have seen for yourself, our Duelling Corner is made up of the ten smaller zones and the central stage zone. For the ten outer zones, anyone can join in, and they are also what I referred to earlier as the beginner’s competition. All the fights are carried out without the use of any weapons, and only if one wins ten rounds consecutively in the beginner’s competition do they have the qualification to enter the intermediate competition. At the same time, in doing so, they
can get a direct promotion to become a Squad Leader. After which, there are a total of twenty intermediate ringmasters in charge of the intermediate competitions, and they will draw lots to compete with the one who has won ten rounds consecutively in the beginner’s competition. Similarly, if that
person   wins   five   of   these   intermediate   ringmasters
consecutively, he will be directly promoted to being a Company Leader, leading a hundred men! At the same time, he will also be given the opportunity to challenge our Regiment’s overall arena ringmaster. Do you understand?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What if I defeat the overall arena ringmaster? Do I become a Battalion Leader?”

The tall soldier laughed heartily, saying: “Young lad, don’t try to run before you learn how to walk, lest you bite off more than you can chew. Just with you, you are dreaming of defeating the overall arena ringmaster? Stop dreaming. Alright, come on, I’ll bring you to the beginner’s competition area.” Led by the tall soldier, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er followed him to one of the ten beginner zones. Stopping in his tracks, the tall soldier explained: “In the beginner’s competition zone, every victory will have a reward of a silver coin. At the same time, the competitor can also bet on themselves, but each time only one silver coin. Audience members are not allowed to bet. Do you understand?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I understand.”

The tall soldier continued: “Very well, you just wait here for now, I will arrange for you to get a fight as soon as possible, so you just stay here and prepare yourselves. Let me warn you first, all of our brothers here have been through the fires of war, have bled and killed in real combat, so they aren’t as easy to deal with.”

At the side of each beginner’s competition zone, there were a few men in charge of the zone. For the one that they were at, there were two men fully dressed in ring mail and wearing helmets, tipped with a red feather.

In the ZhongTian Army, an officer’s ranking could be differentiated from the feather in their helmet, according to the colours of the rainbow. From low to high, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. However, for an officer to have the feather in their helmet, they had to be at least a Company Leader or higher. That was to say, these two men were Company Leaders, relatively low ranked officers in the army.

The tall soldier stepped forward to report to the two Company Leaders respectfully, and one of them nodded to him, saying something softly.

After a while, the tall soldier returned to Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er’s side, saying: “Come, follow me.”

It just happened to be a break between fights, as the previous fight in this zone had just ended, and the zone was quickly cleared out.

The tall soldier led Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er to the two Company Leaders, both of whom looked to be about thirty years of age, large and robust in stature. Although they were not as large and overstated as Lin TianAo, Crow or Ma Qun, in terms of figure they were pretty much the same as Zhou Weiqing.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s healthy, robust body, the two Company Leaders nodded satisfactorily, and one of them said: “Alright, send two brothers to play with the newbies next round, let’s see how they do. Be cautious, don’t use too much force and injure our fresh recruits.”

Zhou Weiqing signalled to Shangguan Fei’er with his eyes, and she understood his meaning. Naturally, he was reminding her not to reveal too much of her power, especially her Heavenly Jewels. After glaring at him for a split second, she strode ahead into the fighting zone.

Looking at the slender, almost delicate, frame of Shangguan Fei’er, who would be fighting first, the Company Leader on the left nodded his head and said: “Not bad, not bad, you are brave indeed. Give him a set of protective gear.” A soldier at the side quickly brought over a set of thick leather armour and a helmet.

Shangguan Fei’er shook her head, indicating that she did not need them. By this time, her opponent had already entered the fighting zone.

Her opponent was a robust looking youth, full of youthful spirit and vitality, his bulging muscles straining his army uniform, giving him a tough valiant look.

“Little bro, don’t worry, this Big Bro will go easy on you; after all we are all in the same Regiment.” The youth laughed heartily as he said to Shangguan Fei’er.

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph, but did not retort, instead crooking a finger at him and saying: “Come then,.”

The youth laughed and said: “Ohh, you have an attitude, I like it. Here I come then!” As he said that, he charged forward in a quick step. Zhou Weiqing stood at the side of the fighting, watching coolly. With a single look, he could tell that the youth did not have any Heavenly Energy. However, his physique was top notch, his movements crisp, and from the looks of things, his strength was far beyond any ordinary human. This was
definitely a well trained, elite soldier.

Indeed, this youth was clearly a well trained, experienced fighter. In a single charge, he quickly reached Shangguan Fei’er, his left hand feinting a strike towards her face, mainly designed to draw her attention, while his right hand flew out towards her chest.

Like he said, he did not have the intention to injure Shangguan Fei’er, and his attack was designed to grab hold of ‘him’ and throw ‘him’ out of the zone.

Seeing that attack, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but close his eyes, lamenting inwardly to himself. Sigh, this brother is screwed. Although he has good intentions, how could he know that this person he was facing was actually a girl. To grab towards a girl’s chest, especially with this girl known as the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… how could he not be in trouble. What cultivation level was Shangguan Fei’er at? Even without her cultivation level, her close combat capabilities were far beyond ordinary; how could she be tricked by such a simple feint? Seeing her opponent grab towards her chest, she was immediately enraged, stepping forward instead of
retreating. With a slight dip of her body, she twisted in mid air, her hands striking out.

The youthful opponent, who had severely underestimated her, suddenly felt both his hands go numb. The next instant, his large body flew up into the air, twirling around before slamming savagely down on the ground with a loud thud.

There had been a crowd of soldiers watching the fight with interest, and at that instant, they were all stunned. Shangguan Fei’er’s movements were just too fast, and none of them had clearly seen how she had done it. It was as if their two blurred figures had intercrossed before that young fighter had been thrown down.

Even the two Company Leaders could sense that Shangguan Fei’er had not used Heavenly Energy, totally depending on skilled close combat skills.

“Impressive  fighting  skills!  Looks  like  our  Seventeenth Regiment has a new valiant warrior!” The Company Leader on the left started clapping.

Shangguan Fei’er did not even look at her defeated opponent, and she had already returned to Zhou Weiqing’s side. After a while, the young man finally clambered to his feet. Although with his physique, that throw had not injured him at all, it had still taken the breath out of him. More importantly, he had been shocked and surprised by his sudden loss, and did not even know how he had lost, and he quickly walked to the side in shame.

The Company Leader gave Shangguan Fei’er a big thumbs up, saying: “Very good, I did not expect that little bro has such great skills despite your slender frame. Do you want to go another round? This time, I’ll find someone stronger.”

Shangguan Fei’er shook her head, the picture of harmless obedience as she said: “I am just here to join my Young Master in the army; as long as I can stay by Young Master’s side, I am satisfied. I am nothing compared to our Young Master, he is truly powerful indeed.”

Looking at her harmless, honest, obedient look, Zhou Weiqing almost puked out a mouthful of blood. He had always thought that his acting skills were top notch, but he realised that in comparison to Shangguan Fei’er, he was just a mere calefare. Luckily, she was listening to his instructions, otherwise if she acted up, that would be a big problem.

Zhou Weiqing’s impression of Shangguan Fei’er improved drastically in that moment. At least, no matter what, she was able to keep the big picture in mind.

“Ohh?” The two Company Leaders immediately turned to Zhou Weiqing, looking at him with great interest.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, a honest, simple look on his face as he said: “My family has long fallen, besides this little attendant willing to follow me, we do not have anyone else. That is why I have come to join the army.”

The Company Leader on the right said with a serious expression: “Alright, no use just talking. Go ahead and show us your power. As long as you have the strength, you will not be neglected or buried in our Seventeenth Regiment.”

“Very  good.”   Zhou  Weiqing  agreed  in  a  straightforward manner, striding directly into the fighting zone. When he entered the fighting zone, everyone had the strange feel that this young man was some old experienced soldier. In truth, this was not Zhou Weiqing’s first time in the army. After all, when he had entered the Heavenly Bow Empire army, he had been thirteen, fourteen years old. Although he had not spent much time in the army camp, that had given him a lasting impression, especially since he had been together with Shangguan Bing’er.

Watching as Zhou Weiqing entered the fighting zone, the two Company Leaders exchanged a look before nodding. They were in charge of this particular beginner’s competition zone, and they were able to arrange the fighting sequence and opponents.

Another young soldier of about twenty years of age jumped into the center of the fighting zone. His eyes had a stable, solemn quality to them, much more so than the previous opponent of Shangguan Fei’er’s. He stared fixedly at Zhou Weiqing, as if making sure every move he made was under his watch. Clearly, he would not attempt to underestimate his opponent like the previous soldier.

The Company Leader shouted out: “Begin!”

Without hesitation, the young soldier charged towards Zhou Weiqing, then abruptly side stepped in a sudden change of direction, circling Zhou Weiqing in an attempt to look for a weak point.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “You do not need to go through such troubles, I have many weak points you can exploit. Here!”  As he said that, he actually spread his arms wide, leaving himself totally open.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing was underestimating and disrespecting him, an angry look crossed the young soldier’s face, and in a flash,he charged towards Zhou Weiqing. His movements were swift, and held a slight undercurrent of Heavenly Energy. Using his elbow, the hardest part of the human body, he struck towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest.

To the audience’s surprise, Zhou Weiqing did not even attempt to dodge the attack, standing there with his arms spread open, allowing his opponent to strike his chest directly.

*PENG* A muffled thud as the elbow slammed savagely into Zhou Weiqing’s chest, but it was the young soldier whose expression changed into shock and fear, as he felt like his elbow had slammed into a metal board, the sheer impact and resulting force causing his entire arm to go numb. It was only at this point that Zhou Weiqing took action, his spread arms finally closing in, grabbing hold onto the young soldier’s shoulders, easily lifting him up as he pressed down on his clavicle Acupuncture Point, causing his entire body to go numb.

“You’re not my match. Next?” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing had placed him back down heavily onto the ground.

In the Duelling Corner, there were at least a dozen or more fights each day. During periods of non combat, the soldiers were given staggering periods of rest days, and most of the soldiers spent their off time here. However, since when had the surrounding audience of soldiers seen a fight like this before?

The two Company Leaders’ knowledge and vision was naturally stronger than the ordinary soldiers, and they could tell that while this fight seemed ordinary, it was definitely not so.

They knew very well how strong that young soldier was, with a cultivation level at the first level of Heavenly Energy. Although he was not a Jewel Master, he was definitely stronger than most ordinary people. Furthermore, he had used his elbow in striking, and the force of the blow would have been at least a hundred jin or more, and being struck on the chest area, any person, even with a few levels of Heavenly Energy to protect themselves, would feel the effects.

For Zhou Weiqing to finish off his opponent so easily, and in such a manner, to the two Company Leaders, there were only two possibilities: One, this Zhou Weiqing was born with unnatural toughness and resilience, able to take hits no ordinary humans could. Two, he was a Jewel Master of decent rank.

“One more. Old Mo, you go.” “Yes sir.”
A middle aged soldier around forty years old or so jumped out. He was not tall or stout, only about 1.5metres in height, and in front of Zhou Weiqing, he seemed like a little child. He was slim, almost scrawny, but his movements were quick and agile.

There weren’t too many other rules in the Duelling Corner, and he just greeted Zhou Weiqing with a fist in palm salute, and in a flash, he had already charged towards Zhou Weiqing. Just before he reached Zhou Weiqing, the soldier named Old Mo suddenly jumped to the side swiftly, the tip of his feet striking the ground as he slid behind Zhou Weiqing. With a leap, his hands struck down towards Zhou Weiqing’s neck without hesitation in a nimble, swift motion.

Alas, he was facing Zhou Weiqing, who did not even look back, instead leaning his body slightly forward, allowing Old Mo’s hands to strike on his neck. Just as his opponent’s palm reached his neck, he grabbed hold of them. With his superior senses, it was easy for him to make such a judgement.

In the next instant, the scrawny Old Mo had been lifted with a single arm over, dragged over and slammed down onto the ground. At the same time as Old Mo’s body touched the ground, Zhou Weiqing pushed forward with his right leg, tipping him on his buttocks and preventing him from landing too hard, sending him flying out of the zone gently.

It was clear that he had been lenient, and Old Mo retreated with a red face.

With two consecutive victories, Zhou Weiqing became the center of attraction. His fighting style was direct, but extremely effective. He did not have any flourishes or showy fight moves, a simple accepting hits from his opponent, grabbing hold of his opponent during that time, and then… the fight was over. Just as simple as that.

However, at this point, the two Company Leaders were extremely conflicted. It was great to find new talent, but to have a fresh recruit run rampage so easily over the Duelling Corner zone they were in charge off, it made them rather uncomfortable. However, even if they wanted to teach him a lesson, who could they send?! “Great  strength!  Let  me  try.”  At  this  point,  a  loud  voice suddenly rang out.

Without warning, a soldier sprang out of nowhere, striding in large steps to the beginner’s competition zone.

“Who asked you to go up!” Both Company Leaders exclaimed angrily in unison. However, their voices were soon stilled, surprise in their eyes.

Zhou Weiqing looked towards his new opponent, to see that it was another soldier dressed in infantry garb. However, the difference from all the other soldiers he had seen previously was that he was not wearing any leather armour, and even his army uniform was old and ragged, a head of short green stubble for his hair. He was ferocious looking, pugnacious, even a little ugly, with a huge stature like a mountain, almost two metres tall. His army uniform had been strained open, revealing his bulging chest muscles, and a wolf heads tattoo. Besides that ferocious aura, he seemed to have an air of banditry.

Rubbing his short green hair, his eyes flashed dangerously as he stared at the two Company Leaders. It was this very glare that caused the two Company Leaders to stop talking.

Zhou Weiqing’s senses were all extremely fine, and he could hear whispers at amongst the audience saying: “It’s the Ruffian Battalion.”

Ruffian Battalion? There was such a formation in the ZhongTian Empire Army?

Zhou Weiqing did not have more time to dwell on his thoughts, and that stout man had already crooked a finger at him. “Little brat, looks like you are very confident in your strength right? Come on then, this big bro will compete with you in that.”  As he said that, he strode forth towards Zhou Weiqing.

“Stop!”  The two Company Leaders immediately rushed into the combat zone, standing in front of Zhou Weiqing.

The one on the left said solemnly to the stout man: “Green Wolf, are you trying to cause trouble in our Sixteenth Regiment?” Green Wolf curled his lip in scorn, saying: “What? Is your Sixteenth Regiment scared of losing that one silver? You all can’t even handle a little newbie recruit; it just happens that Your Father, I, am feeling the itch to fight, I’ll just be kind enough to help you out. Don’t come and act in front of me, in terms of ranking, Your Father, I, am the same as you. If you don’t dare to fight, all you Sixteenth Regiment folks here can shout out loud now: Big Bro Green Wolf, I’m terrified. If you do so, I’ll leave right now.”

The two Company Leaders were enraged, and they were just about to retort when Zhou Weiqing’s voice travelled from behind them. “Company Leaders, please let me try.”

The two Company Leaders turned to look at him, their brows furrowed, and the one on the right said: “The members of the Ruffian  Battalion  all  do  not  hold  back.  Be  careful.”  At  this point, for the honour of the Sixteenth Regiment, they would not be able to stop this fight. There was nothing to be afraid about losing a fight, but if they did not fight, it would be endless mocking and loss of face.

Seeing the two Company Leaders step away, Green Wolf pursed his lips mockingly, saying: “Hmph, always acting so much, what sort of thing are you, didn’t you lose to Your Father, I, anyway. Alright, come on then, little brat.” As he said that, he crooked his finger towards Zhou Weiqing once more.

Zhou Weiqing was not angered at all, his customary honest smile on his face, looking like a normal person as he walked slowly towards Green Wolf. “Be careful, I am coming.”

The two of them were not too far apart, and just a few steps brought him right in front of Green Wolf. Without any flourishes or gaudy, useless actions, he just punched directly towards Green Wolf’s face directly.

Green Wolf gave a cold smile. Although he had said that he wanted to compete in strength with Zhou Weiqing, when he actually took action, he did not shown any sign in doing so. Instead, his body moved slightly to the side, sidestepping Zhou Weiqing’s fist, while his left hand lashed out like a whip towards the joints of Zhou Weiqing’s right arm. At the same time, his right leg stepped inward between Zhou Weiqing’s legs, as his right elbow slammed hard towards Zhou Weiqing’s face.

With Green Wolf’s actions, a violent ferocious air rose up. From his actions, it was clear that he was extremely skilled and experienced in close combat. Facing Green Wolf’s chain of actions, Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was just too simple. It could be said that Shangguan Fei’er was his teacher in close combat, and she had taught him that every short instant in a close combat fight was critical, and every second could mean the difference. As such, often times, the simplest moves were the best, directly striking out towards the enemy’s weak points to achieve victory in a single strike.

Of course, compared to Shangguan Fei’er, there was still a massive gap between Zhou Weiqing’s skill and hers. However, these few days, he had not been beaten up so many times for nothing, and he had definitely learned a lot from her.

The punch he had thrown out was withdrawn at lightning speed, and thrown out once more; Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was undoubtedly swift, but simple, without any other actions.

His right hand slammed hard into the incoming left hand of Green Wolf’s, and the audience could only hear a loud *PENG* as their arms clashed. All of Green Wolf’s other extra actions were rendered useless, because as soon as their arms clashed, he was knocked back, staggering three to four yards before he finally regained his balance. All his well planned series of attacks had been destroyed in the single attack. Green Wolf’s was notorious for being violent and ferocious, well known throughout the camp, and before the fight had started, no one had thought that it would end well for Zhou Weiqing. No one had expected that as soon as the fight started, the one who would have the upper hand would be this honest looking fresh recruit.

Being struck aside with a single blow, Green Wolf was stunned. He too had not dreamed that with his own power, he would actually be knocked back so easily by this young fellow.

The wild ferocity in his eyes grew stronger, and around his right wrist, four shimmering Physical Jewels consisting of a mix of Icy Jade and Yellow Jade appeared. He was actually a Four-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master, specialised in Strength and Defense.

A Four-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master was already considered quite a powerhouse in the army, and that was why the two Company Leaders had previously been so afraid of Green Wolf.

Seeing that Green Wolf had actually unleashed his Physical Jewels, both Company Leaders exclaimed angrily. According to the rules here, if the opponent was not a Jewel Master, they were not allowed to use their own Physical or Elemental Jewels.

Green Wolf’s actions was extremely quick, and the instant that he unleashed his Four Physical Jewels, he was already charging towards Zhou Weiqing. With the boost of his Physical Jewels, even if he did not use any Consolidated Equipment, his strength and defense was already much higher than before.

To have been knocked away by a fresh recruit so easily, it was a terrible humiliation, and he wanted to gain his face back in a strike.

Besides Shangguan Fei’er, almost everyone shouted out to Zhou Weiqing to be careful. In their eyes, Green Wolf with his Physical Jewels unleashed was just too terrifying. However, the result that came next was just too unexpected for them all.

*PENG* A loud clash, and everyone watched as that quick and powerful charge of Green Wolf’s was stopped in its tracks, and he was sent flying more than ten yards to land outside the combat zone, smashing heavily onto the ground.

In the middle of the combat zone, Zhou Weiqing simply put down his leg. It was clear that Green Wolf had been sent flying by that single kick.

The two Company Leaders who had been about to charge forward suddenly stopped, staring at each other helplessly, and they could see the sweat start beading on each other’s forehead.

For Zhou Weiqing to be able to defeat Green Wolf with a single kick was not what surprised them. After all, with Green Wolf’s cultivation level, there were many people more powerful than him in the army. More importantly, it was because when Zhou Weiqing had kicked out earlier, they had not sensed any hint of Heavenly Energy at all. That was to say, he had purely used his physical strength to send Green Wolf flying with a kick. That was what was terrifying. What kind of physical strength was needed to defeat a Four-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master, especially one who had the Strength Attribute?

Green Wolf sprawled down on the ground, and he struggled for a while before finally getting up. By now, when he looked towards Zhou Weiqing, his eyes were totally changed. Still, he was an adaptable person able to take setbacks, and without hesitation he left the scene without even saying another word.

At that moment, the entire beginner’s competition zone erupted in joyous cheers, instantly drawing attention from the other nine zones.

To the other soldiers, Zhou Weiqing was after all part of their Sixteenth Regiment, and to be able to defeat Green Wolf, he had definitely gained a lot of face on behalf of the Sixteenth Regiment.

The two Company Leaders walked up to Zhou Weiqing, simultaneously giving him a thumbs up. “Little brother, your strength is indeed impressive! Well done, you have truly helped our Sixteenth Regiment gain face.”

Zhou Weiqing thought to himself inwardly: I joined this Duelling Corner not to gain face for your Regiment! However, he still maintained the honest smile on his face, saying: “Company Leader, let’s continue then. Didn’t you say I can become a Squad Leader once I win ten rounds consecutively?”

The two Company Leaders exchanged looks once more, and they nodded simultaneously. The one of the left said: “Your strength is more than sufficient to become a Squad Leader, and we will process it through here. How about this, if you come directly to my Company, I can give you a Squad Leader position right away, and you do not need to continue fighting here anymore.” “Oei,  this  little  brother  should  join  my  Company.  I  am currently lacking one Squad Leader.”

Before Zhou Weiqing could even open his mouth, both Company Leaders had already started arguing in hopes to gain such a powerful Squad Leader subordinate.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “Two Company Leaders, please don’t argue first. Since you both have agreed to let me pass through the ten fights of the beginner’s competition, then I would like to try fighting with the Intermediate ringmasters. Is that alright?”

“Eh? You want to challenge one of the Intermediate ringmasters?” The two Company Leaders immediately stopped arguing, looking at Zhou Weiqing strangely.

The Company Leader on the left said: “Little bro, you must consider your options first. All the Intermediate ringmasters are Jewel Masters, some are even Heavenly Jewel Masters. Although your strength is indeed impressive, these Intermediate ringmasters are not to be trifled with. You have seen that Green Wolf’s strength right, but he can only stay in the beginner’s competition as well. At the Intermediate level, strength alone cannot carry you to victory. Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and said: “I would like to try.”

“Alright, in that case, you wait here for now. I need to report up to our superiors, and the ringmasters also have to draw lots. It has been some time since there has been a challenge to the Intermediate ringmasters, so we will need to see which of them are actually here today, and they can draw lots to decide who fights you. Little bro, your bravery is commendable, but I hope you can pull through this.”

After saying that, the two Company Leaders quickly arranged the next few fights in their beginner’s competition zone and left in a rush.
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