Douluo Dalu Chapter 91-100


Chapter 91

The officiant on the side of the VIP platform said in a clear voice: “, please welcome his majesty, Heaven Dou Empire’s emperor, to declare this tournament open.”

Just like Tang San guessed, the person seated in the center of the VIP section’s first row, his majesty the Heaven Dou Empire’s emperor wearing gold and red robes, slowly stood amidst thunderous applause.

Raising his right hand to wave at the spectator seats as well as the competing Spirit Masters below, the applause quickly stopped, and the vast space became quiet.

A grave and clear voice transmitted to the entire audience via sound amplifying spirit tools, “I, emperor of Heaven Dou Empire, Xue Ye[1], represents Heaven Dou Empire, and also this time’s tournament host to declare, the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament now open.”

Applause thundered once again, cheers rising and falling. But in the center of the arena, Tang San suddenly discovered that this emperor’s smiling expression was a bit forced, as if he himself wasn’t particularly excited for this tournament.

After waiting for this round of applause to die down once again, the emperor continued: “Here, I hope, the Spirit Masters participating in this tournament, can amply display their strength, and obtain good records.

You are all the pride of Heaven Dou Empire. For the sake of the Empire’s glory, display your brilliance.”

Applause rose for a third time, and this time the eyes of the Spirit Masters in the center revealed a scorching brightness. To them, this tournament was the best stage to reveal themselves.

The emperor sat back in his seat, and the officiant’s voice rose once again, “, please welcome the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s school master, mister Ning Fengzhi, to address this time’s tournament.”

Along with Ning Fengzhi getting up, applause rose once again, and there were even more attentive gazes. Who didn’t want to take a look at the grace of the Spirit Master world’s number one Support Spirit Master.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, holding both hands together, “I’m very happy to be invited as an honored guest to this tournament opening. As school master of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, I have already seen very many Spirit Masters grow. As the Continent’s noblest vocation, each Spirit Master must experience many things to grow. In my experience, a sword’s point comes from sharpening, and plum blossom fragrance follows bitter cold. The Spirit Masters joining this tournament are undoubtedly the elite of the young generation. Just as his majesty just said, I hope you can win honor for the Empire, and also for your own academies. The Empire needs your talent. Thank you.”

Listening to Ning Fengzhi’s address, the Heaven Dou emperor finally revealed a sincere smile.

The officiant said: “School master Ning, you are the most formidable support system Spirit Master, so I represent the spectators of the battles this time to ask, among the twenty eight teams joining the Heaven Dou City district’s preselection competition, which one do you support?”

Ning Fengzhi still wore a slight smile, “Besides Heaven Dou Imperial Academy& rsquo;s first team entering the finals as seeds, among these twenty eight teams, I still think highly of one other. I think that they possess not only the capability to pass the preselection tournament, but at

the same time may very possibly obtain the final victory of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.”

“Eh?” The officiant said, astonished: “May we know which team could gain school master Ning’s favor?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled mysteriously, saying: “As for which academy this team belongs to, forgive me for holding back the climax. For the moment I can’t reveal it. But I believe, that the final champions of this tournament, will certainly belong to the Empire.”

Sitting next to emperor Xue Ye, the platinum bishop at this moment opened the eyes he had so far kept almost closed. His eyes appeared very turbid, without any luster, and his gaze fell on the twenty eight competing teams in the center of the arena, as if searching for the team Ning Fengzhi spoke of.

By now the spectators had already begun discussing, everyone speculating on which academy Ning Fengzhi supported. With a bit of thought it was clear that Ning Fengzhi wouldn’t be indicating Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team. Since their strength couldn’t compare to the first team, how could they be the final champions? But there were twenty eight teams in the preselection tournament, and in the end only five teams could remain, how would it be so easy to guess.

Ning Fengzhi sat back down, and the officiant smiling said: “I regret that school master Ning won’t reveal the team he supports. , Heaven Dou City’s Spirit Temple hall master, Spirit Hall platinum bishop, lord Salas[2], will conduct the preselection competition’s first round draw. Afterwards, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s secondary team will fight their first drawn matchup. This is also the only match today.”

Platinum bishop Salas slowly stood, and was led by a maid to the side of the officiant, starting to draw the lots. He was apparently very unwilling to speak, and each pair of opponents he drew was announced by the officiant.

“Preselection competition first round, Blue Sunshine Academy versus Purple Star Academy.”

“Preselection competition first round, Auckland Academy versus Blazing Radiance Academy.”

“Preselection competition first round, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy versus Shrek Academy.”

The Shrek Academy group didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the matchups. When they heard their first opponent would actually be Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team, everyone couldn’t help their expressions becoming grotesque.

Oscar muttered: “Such an unlikely coincidence.”

Ma Hongjun squeezed his fingers, issuing bone popping noises, “Excellent. They aren’t rushing us off. This time we’ll let them have a look at what’s called strength.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai smiled wryly. They were naturally looking forward to fighting Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, but becoming the focus of the tournament’s first day in their present attire, was really somewhat……

Not just the Shrek Academy people were astonished, the audience was too. The other academies might not have paid attention, but the Shrek Academy was really too gaudy, how couldn’t they attract notice?

For a moment, jeers flowed continuously. Very many spectators were all shouting the word ‘fraud’, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team was clearly looking for pushovers, and Shrek Academy didn’t seem like a Spirit Master team as much as a pack of clowns.

The lottery done, that platinum bishop Salas swept his gaze across everyone, indifferently saying: “I[3] drew the lots, and sensed no falsehood. I swear on the honor of Spirit Hall. At the same time, I hereby declare, of the participating Spirit Master academy students, Spirit Hall will make an exception for anyone capable of reaching the finals, letting them directly enter Spirit Temple.”

These words weren’t anything to the spectators, but the Spirit Masters were already in an uproar.

What kind of place was Spirit Temple? It was the highest place in Spirit Hall apart from Supreme Pontiff Palace and Douluo Palace, in the entire Continent only the two great imperial capitals had one each. Supreme Pontiff Palace was for the Supreme Pontiff’s use, and Douluo Palace was a symbolic existence. Therefore, the Spirit Temples’ position were in fact the highest ranked institutions in Spirit Hall. To a Spirit Master, being able to directly enter Spirit Temple could be a shortcut to improving his strength. Not only would he have the best treatment, but all kinds of cultivation aids as well as Spirit Temple’s prestige, no part lacked extreme attraction to ordinary Spirit Masters.

Hearing the platinum bishop’s words, emperor Xue Ye’s expression clearly dropped. Ning Fengzhi on his side softly shook his head at the emperor, and emperor Xue Ye’s complexion eased somewhat.

The people nearby were behind them and naturally didn’t catch this little exchange, and the Spirit Masters below were very far away. But, this didn’t escape Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye. He clearly saw the subtleties within, and combined with what Grandmaster had once told him about some matters, Tang San understood that the conflict between Spirit Hall and the Empire was already growing deeper and deeper, almost to the degree where it couldn’t be reconciled. Otherwise, that platinum bishop wouldn’t dare recruit outstanding Spirit Masters right in front of this emperor.

“Good, then next we will conduct the first match of the first round of the preselection competition, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy facing Shrek Academy. All competing academies leave the field. The two academies taking part in the match later please prepare. In one hour, the match will formally begin.”

“Third brother, let me go up.” Fatty didn’t pay the slightest attention to those contemptuous expressions in their surroundings, and spoke to Tang San while rubbing his fists and wiping his palms[4].

Tang San glared at him, “We’ll follow the original plan. No need to argue.”

Tai Long laughed out loud and clapped Fatty’s shoulder, “Junior, don’t worry. Later big brother will help you properly teach those Heaven Dou Imperial Academy fellows a lesson.”

Fatty deflated like a ball. If one described his current expression with two words, it would be ‘secret grudges’.

As a result of the other academies not competing today, after stepping off the field they directly left the rest area, guided by functionaries to specially prepared viewing platforms for competitors to watch the fights. Because the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was the symbol of the Heaven Dou imperial family, they were naturally treated different from normal academies and didn’t rest here. Inside the vast rest area, very quickly remained only the Shrek Academy team.

Flender, Grandmaster, and Liu Erlong weren’t here. Clearly, this match was left in their control.

Dai Mubai lowered his voice: “Little San, you plan it.”

Tang San didn’t need to be urged, nodding: “When we go up we’ll have Dai Mubai, Me, Xiao Wu, Jing Ling, Huang Yuan, Jian Zhu, Tai Long. We’ll attack according to the first plan. At that time we suffered that kind of humiliation at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, even though it was caused by prince Xue Xing, the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy symbolizes the imperial family. Dean Flender and the other teachers aren’t here, but we understand what they think. If we want to have a good future, then today we must thoroughly smash our opponent. I think, to us, one minute should be enough.”

Tai Mubai’s tiger palms slapped together, the four pupils of his evil eyes glinting ominously, “That’s right, we only need one minute.”

An incorporeal harsh atmosphere spread in Tang San and Dai Mubai’s hearts. The scene of that time they powerlessly withdrew from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy in front of Dugu Bo would never be erased from their minds. Even though Tang San didn’t say it clearly, everyone understood that they not only had to prevail over this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team, they still had to keep them from passing this time’s qualifying competition.

Not long after, a special functionary arrived and hurried everyone to the stage. The organizers clearly weren’t optimistic about their chances, and they were even brought by just one functionary. Just as they were leaving the mouth of passage, the Shrek Academy group could already hear the officiant outside declaring the names and spirits of each member of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team. Golden beams of light shot down on the high stage from the side of the Great Spirit Arena, accompanying each member of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team as they appeared.

Before speaking of strength, the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy members were excellent in terms of appearance, the faintly golden uniforms had the words ‘Heaven Dou’ embroidered on the left side of the chest, and on the back was a design of seven silver stars, the symbol of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Each one was valiant and formidable-looking, all appearing over twenty years old. Under the illumination of those spirit tools, even though it was daytime, they still seemed to release a dazzling radiance, just like little golden suns, attracting the audiences attention.

“Fuck, they’re clearly taking us as extras, setting off this kind of fireworks.” Huang Yuan said angrily. Even though this Lone Wolf Spirit Master’s stature wasn’t as doughty as Tai Long, he was still fairly robust. Like Dai Mubai he was also a power attack system Spirit Master. Because of his straightforward nature, he was very quickly accepted by the Shrek Seven Devils.

To the side, Jing Ling uneasily said: “Wrong. We’re not extras, but considered cow dung. Fresh flowers stuck on top of manure, isn’t that even more dazzling?” Contrary to Lone Wolf, his appearance was somewhat wretched. The slender agility attack system Spirit Master gave a

somewhat feminine impression. Together with him, most people would feel uneasy. His cold gaze at people was like a poisonous snake, and even when everyone were exchanging pointers, he would never let himself be in a disadvantageous position. He would frequently team up to attack, but when defending there would rarely be a trace of him. He was called a coward by the ferocious male students Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, and Tai Long, but fortunately, this fellow only had a somewhat strange character, and his strength was still fairly outstanding.

“We’ll let them know who is manure.” Tai Long resolutely waved his fist.

Dai Mubai coldly said: “Let’s go. It’s our turn to go up.”

The lights in the arena faded, and the Shrek Academy competing students slowly went on stage amidst loud hissing voices.

In the arena there had already occurred a change. In just that brief half hour, a long ago prepared stage had been constructed. The stage was ten meters tall and circular, with a diameter of thirty meters, a fairly large area. Of course, this was still only one stage. Once the preselection competition truly started tomorrow, there would be five stages here simultaneously. The twenty eight teams would conduct twenty seven rounds of the preselection competition, each team confronting twenty seven opponents. The victors would obtain one point, the defeated none. After twenty seven rounds, the five teams with the most points would advance to the promotion competition. And entering the promotion competition was equal to entering the finals. This month long qualifying competition was equal to a trial for each of the academy teams. Twenty seven days of continuous matches was enough for teams that lacked endurance to collapse.

In the entire Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, this preselection competition would occupy the first half of the time. The finals after the promotion competition would take place on the common border of the Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire, in the public plaza in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace. The final champions would be issued the award by the Supreme Pontiff personally, an immense honor.

It truly was a difference in treatment. Tang San squinted slightly, the expression on his face still serene. Together with Dai Mubai, they brought the Shrek Academy’s altogether eleven members into a line in the center of the stage, standing opposite to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s members.

This Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team had altogether sixteen members. At that time the Shrek Academy only stayed at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy for a very short time, and these people naturally didn’t recognize Tang San and the others. These aristocratic children naturally looked even more at the Shrek Academy members’ attire. If this hadn’t been on stage, some of them might have already burst out laughing.

“Truly a group of toads. This type also participates in the Spirit Master Tournament?” Standing furthest ahead in the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team was a petite male student. His skin was fair, and his long hair also very beautiful, seemingly like a girl. Even his voice was soft and feminine.

“Captain, why would we draw an opponent like this. Toads on your foot really won’t bite people, but are still disgusting[5]. Look at those uniforms, I’ll die laughing.” A gorgeously dressed female student with ample chest next to the petite man covered her mouth as she spoke. That gesture was apparently for fear of smelling the Shrek Academy students.

That captain nodded consideringly, his gaze somewhat lecherously floating over to Xiao Wu, “It’s only a pity on such a little beauty.”

Xiao Wu snorted coldly, “A hermaphrodite and a prostitute, how did we draw an opponent like this.”

“Little slut, who are you calling a prostitute?” That hot bodied female student immediately flipped out. That male student addressed as a hermaphrodite also immediately went ashen.

Dai Mubai laughed out loud, “Xiao Wu, you’re too talented. Why didn’t I think of such a good description? Hermaphrodite and prostitute. Really a perfect match!”

The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s petite captain coldly said: “Fine, you’re very good. Even if the competition prohibits killing opponents, injuries really are hard to avoid. Since you’re courting death, don’t blame us.”

The competition still hadn’t started, but both sides already stood with swords drawn and bows bent, the taste of gunpowder thick and clear.

Dai Mubai clearly didn’t like having his own lines snatched by the other side, but now the referee had already walked over.

“Both sides salute, non competitors withdraw from the stage.”

Whether it was Heaven Dou Imperial Academy of Shrek Academy, both sides unwillingly forced themselves to bow in salute to their counterparts. The superfluous withdrew from the stage, only leaving seven people each to participate in this first match.

On the Shrek Academy’s side, Dai Mubai, Tai Long, and Huang Yuan stood furthest in front. Tang San was in the center, with Xiao Wu and Jung Ling on either side. Jiang Zhu stood furthest back.

On the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy side, besides the man and woman who spoke up before, the remaining five were all robust people, standing in a line in front, obstructing the two behind them like a wall. That petite captain stood in the center, doubtlessly this side’s control system Spirit Master. And that fiery bodied young woman stood in the rear.

In the VIP section.

Emperor Xue Ye looked at the stage with a smile, asking Ning Fengzhi at his side: “School master Ning, It seems this first match doesn’t hold any suspense!”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, nodding, expressing agreement.

The platinum bishop Salas on the other side suddenly said: “School master Ning, could you tell me which of the twenty eight teams you before

said could be championship contestants?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “Your grace, is a bit of mystery no good? I think you also certainly have teams to support.”

Salas tightlipped said: “Since you say this, school master Ning, are you unwilling to reveal it?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly, saying: “This is a school secret, it appears unrelated to your grace.”

“You……” Salas’ complexion clearly dropped. His gaze colliding with Ning Fengzhi’s in front of emperor Xue Ye, neither yielding the slightest bit.

Emperor Xue Ye sitting in the middle frowned minutely, mediating: “No need to be impatient, after this tournament ends, we will naturally have the results. Bishop Salas, what school master Ning said wasn’t wrong, who he favors is his own matter. You see, I also didn’t ask about it. Even though I’m also very curious.”

Platinum bishop Salas glanced at emperor Xue Ye, indifferently saying:
“As your majesty says. Then let us look at the match.”

Prince Xue Xing in the second row proudly said to everyone next to him: “Look, his majesty and school master Ning have both already noticed that this match is without any suspense. Our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s students truly are elite. This is still only the second team. This time our main team only has one goal: final champions.”

He was the person in charge of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and if they could obtain a good record, his reputation would naturally shine. He had already forgotten the words ‘Shrek Academy’. As an imperial prince, what happened that time at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was to him only a tiny interlude.

“I think maybe not. School master Ning only agreed with his majesty that the match didn’t hold any suspense. He didn’t say who would win.”

Hearing this dissenting voice, prince Xue Xing immediately turned in its direction with annoyance. The speaker was no stranger, but rather the head of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy board of education, Spirit Douluo Meng Shen Ji.

Prince Xue Xing coldly said: “Board member Meng Shen Ji, don’t enhance the power of others when you’re directly in charge of the Academy.”

He and Meng Shen Ji had never gotten along, only both sides were unable to sway the other’s position. Because of the matter with Shrek Academy last time, Meng Shen Ji had once gone to find emperor Xue Ye to lodge a complaint, but the emperor was busy with official business, and his health wasn’t too well. He also didn’t particularly pay attention. Prince Xue Xing was his only little brother, and he still had faith in his brother.

Prince Xue Xing didn’t see who the competing Shrek Academy members were, but how could Meng Shen Ji fail to notice? At a glance he recognized the one who had originally left him with a profound impression, Tang San. When he saw that Shrek Academy largely hadn’t brought out the Shrek Seven Devils, inwardly he couldn’t help feeling sorrowful. The magnificent Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, unexpectedly couldn’t make the opponent go all out. But what could he do? Practically each student at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy had some background, and he couldn’t reorganize even if he wanted to.

With formidable teachers and material conditions, yet rarely produced outstanding disciples. Were it not for receiving the grace of the imperial family, he would have long ago already left this board member position.

“The qualifying competition’s first round, first match, formally starts.”

The referee’s announcement declared the official start of the first round of the qualifying competition of the current Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.

Similar to the spirit arena, the tournament gave one minute for both sides to deploy their spirits.

While coldly gazing at the other side, Dai Mubai raised his hands to his chest, shouting, “Brothers, release spirits! White Tiger Body Enhancement.”

As both sides released their spirits, all the spirit rings that appeared made surprised voices immediately spread through the spectator seats.

Two yellow and two purple, four dazzlingly beautiful spirit rings flashed around Dai Mubai. Tai Long and Huang Yuan at his side both released two yellow and one purple spirit ring. The valiant aura released by the three power attack system Spirit Masters unexpectedly wasn’t inferior in any respect when facing off against the five opposing people.

Xiao Wu, Jing Ling as well as Jiang Zhu behind, also each released two yellow and one purple spirit ring. None of these six lacked an optimal spirit ring configuration.

But what startled the audience the most, and even caused shock, was the person in the central position of the Shrek Academy’s formation, Tang San. Two yellow, one purple and one black, four spirit rings simultaneously appeared around him.

Black, originally the most inconspicuous of colors, but, people with the slightest bit of knowledge about Spirit Masters all understood what that signified.

Not just the spectator seats, even the VIP section now cried out in alarmed surprise. Who could have imagined that in the first round of the preselection competition, they would actually see a ten thousand year spirit ring appear on stage.

Prince Xue Xing, unable to control his emotions, shouted: “No. This is impossible. How can it be a ten thousand year spirit ring?”

Meng Shen Ji painfully closed his eyes, “This should originally have been the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s glory. No wonder. No wonder they didn’t even field their full strength.”

Even Seven Treasure Glazed Tile school master Ning Fengzhi who had already had a very favorable opinion about Shrek Academy was gobsmacked when he saw the black spirit ring around Tang San. The fourth spirit ring already reached ten thousand years? As school master of one of the seven great schools’ three upper sects, how couldn’t he understand the problem within? That was a spirit beast with a five thousand year cultivation gap!

Platinum bishop Salas’ previously squinting eyes now abruptly shone, staring fixedly at Tang San. Even if he didn’t forget his manners like prince Xue Xing behind him, the hands resting on his knees unconsciously tightened.

“Ten thousand year fourth ring?” Light flashed in emperor Xue Ye’s eyes, a dazzling luster flitting past the corners of his eyes, “School master Ning, it seems, this should be the team you were optimistic about?”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression had already recovered to normal after the brief shock. Despite the raging storm Tang San’s ten thousand year fourth ring raised in his heart, at this moment he could still maintain a calm attitude. Calmly smiling, he said: “Your majesty, my daughter is also a student at this Shrek Academy, she just didn’t appear in this match.”

“Eh? In other words, this Shrek Academy is fostered by your honorable school?” Emperor Xue Ye said with a smile. His eyes clearly displayed a cheerful look, without any worry about the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team running into such a formidable opponent. But the expression of platinum bishop Salas on the other side clearly grew more unsightly. Ning Fengzhi declaring that his daughter was part of this team, was clearly to tell him that Spirit Hall mustn’t have the notion of striking at this team. And the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had also always had a good relationship with the Heaven Dou imperial family.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “I also can’t say it’s raised by our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, it’s just that the child with the ten thousand year fourth spirit ring is also a disciple of our upper three sects, that’s all. Originally, they were going to join Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, but unfortunately they were turned back by his highness prince Xue Xing. Afterwards they joined another academy in Heaven Dou City, the forerunner of the present Shrek Academy, Blue Tyrant Academy.

“What?” Emperor Xue Ye was inwardly alarmed, only with difficulty restraining himself from turning around and questioning prince Xue Xing. But in his mind he still immediately recalled the complaint Meng Shen Ji had lodged with him, and his brows drew down.

After hearing Ning Fengzhi say this, Salas’ expression recovered somewhat, and there was even a light of taking joy in calamity in his eyes.

Compared to the Shrek Academy side, the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s spirit rings were inferior, they didn’t lack in quality; being able to represent Heaven Dou Imperial Academy in battle, these students also all had optimal spirit rings. After all, relying on the strength of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s formidable teachers, as well as the power of nobility, getting hold of optimal spirit rings wasn’t too strenuous. Unfortunately, right now the seven people on stage didn’t have one Spirit Master at the fortieth rank, and all had three spirit rings. As they saw Tang San, and his muted black ten thousand year spirit ring, they couldn’t keep their pupils from contracting, dully.

But this was a match, equivalent to a battlefield, and daydreaming on the battlefield was a major taboo. The opponents might stare blankly, but the Shrek group wouldn’t. In combat experience, this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team in front of them couldn’t even compare to Tai Long and the other Shrek latecomers, let alone the Shrek Seven Devils.

“Blitz——” Tang San shouted loudly. While the opponents were still lifeless, the Shrek seven already initiated their attack.

Dai Mubai took the lead, his muscles swelling suddenly as he lead Tai Long and Huang Yuan in a forward charge. Xiao Wu and Jing Ling also

simultaneously went out on the flanks. Jiang Zhu behind Tang San now held a fantastic scepter in her hand, the scepter tapered on the lower end, growing thick and heavy at the top, carved with exotic inscriptions. Right now the third spirit ring around her flashed, and with a wave of her hand, the scepter stuck into the surface of the floor, a ring of saffron light quietly spreading out. Only once Dai Mubai’s trio charged did the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team members react, that petite male control system Spirit Master angrily shouting: “What are you staring at, fight!”

The five people in front of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team were without exception power attack system Spirit Masters, their spirits were each: Lion, Bear, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf. The impact force of this assembly was clearly unusually powerful. Even if they reacted a beat slow, on hearing the petite man’s shout they acted immediately, fiercely going to meet Dai Mubai’s trio. It seemed to them that even though Dai Mubai’s spirit was over the fortieth rank, they still held the numerical advantage. Their five spirits had all reached the thirty fifth rank or higher, and coming into contact with the opposing three they weren’t at a disadvantage. As long as they first defeated the opponents’ three main attackers, victory wasn’t far away.

The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s five front power attack system Spirit Master clearly had the right idea. Their goal was to take the first take the initiative in the early stage as both sides just came into contact.

Unfortunately, they came into contact with Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai whose spirit power had already reached the forty fourth rank. And still the pressure behind him, the Thousand Hands Asura with the ten thousand year spirit ring.

The Evil White Tiger faced upwards and roared, and the instant both sides were about to engage, without holding back he immediately opened with his third spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Tai Long was even simpler, his three spirit rings launching simultaneously, immediately changing into a ruthless orangutan with his pure strength amplification.

Huang Yuan’s third spirit ring ability was somewhat similar to Dai Mubai’s, the boost was just a bit inferior. Called Sky Wolf Transformation, it instantly gave him a fifty percent attack power and speed boost.

The Shrek Academy’s three power attack system Spirit Master actually all opened with their thousand year spirit abilities, this was something nobody had expected. After all, when opening with spirit abilities that had such a large consumption, if the opponent blocked them, they wouldn’t be able to follow up.

But, did Shrek’s team members need to follow up?

Black light floated around Tang San, he didn’t even give the opponents’ control system Spirit Master the chance to act, before his ten thousand year spirit ring ability Blue Silver Prison had already launched.

Without any warning, more than a hundred strands of black Blue Silver Grass suddenly rushed out of the ground, becoming seven solid cages, completely trapping Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s seven within.

Cries of alarm resounded in the whole arena, some spectating Spirit Masters shouting the words ‘crowd control’. Crowd control, a control system Spirit Master’s most menacing tool in battle, appeared in this first round of the qualifying competition.

[1] (雪夜) “Snow Night”

[2] (salasi 萨拉斯)

[3] He refers to himself as (本座), an uncommon personal pronoun that in fantasy fiction might be used by someone of great magical power, or perhaps someone with a very senior position in an organisation.

[4] Idiom: Preparing to fight. Probably also used literally here.

[5] Idiomatic expression. Toads won’t bite, but they’ll still be intimidating when they crawl over your feet.

Chapter 92

The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s five charging power attack system Spirit Masters ran directly into a solid Blue Silver Prison and were immediately confused. Relying purely on physical momentum, it was impossible to break the Blue Silver Prisons. And that control system Spirit Master and the support system woman behind them were even more firmly restrained. Through clever control, Tang San used Blue Silver Prisons to directly cut off their line of sight. Even though this spirit ability couldn’t prevent them from using their spirit abilities, with their vision obstructed, how could they assist their teammates?

The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s five assault members ran into Blue Silver Prisons and their forward momentum naturally stopped. But right now was when the attack of Dai Mubai’s trio reached its peak.

Those five Blue Silver Prisons only appeared for an instant, blocking the five power attack system Spirit Masters’ charge then instantly fading away. But black Blue Silver Grass already engulfed their legs from below, in the blink of an eye completing Binding. By combining and switching abilities, Tang San didn’t give the opponents any chance to resist.

“White Tiger Meteor Shower.” Dai Mubai shouted and all the tiger stripes on his overbearing body became golden, with a roaring sound, golden light burst out, countless fist sized golden balls of light appeared with him as the center, and instantly locked on and blasted the opponents head on.

Tai Long also took advantage of the opportunity to grab his opponent who was struggling in the Blue Silver Grass, heaving him up high and heavily smashing him down on the ground. And Huang Yuan was like a sandstorm in front of his opponent, his attacks pouring down like howling wind and torrential rain.

Was Blue Silver Grass so easy to throw off? After the nourishment of the fourth spirit ring, and a ten thousand year spirit ring at that, the current Blue Silver Grass had already reached a terrifying degree of toughness. Through the thorns its poison flowed into these universally thirty fifth ranked Spirit Masters. Being bound by Tang San’s initial move, struggling free was no doubt a pipe dream to them.

Control system Spirit Masters restrained the majority of other Spirit Master systems, and Tang San’s spirit power and spirit abilities were even more beyond these opponents. Further adding their distraction at the start, the moment Blue Silver Grass twisted around them, the outcome of this battle was already set.

Xiao Wu and Jing Ling had now also reached their chosen opponents. Jing Ling’s target was that petite control system Spirit Master. He wasn’t as fast as Zhu Zhuqing, but as an agility attack system Spirit Master it was already astonishing. While moving like the wind, his whole body had transformed into a bulky skeleton, appearing exceptionally terrifying. His large hands had turned into two bone knives, and as he arrived in front of that control system Spirit Master he already directly unleashed his third spirit ability, Mad Battle.

Attack speed and attack power simultaneously rose by fifty percent. Just as the Blue Silver Prison disappeared, the two bone knives chopped directly at the opponent like a whirlwind.

That petite man’s spirit was a Ring, categorized as a Tool Spirit, his control relied mainly on this ring, but needed time to use high level spirit abilities. If he had power attack system Spirit Masters to block the enemy offensive for him, that bit of time wasn’t much. However, as he himself was restrained by that Blue Silver Prison, his heart was already in disorder. Right now, where would there still be time to launch spirit abilities?

Helplessly, he could only use his first and second spirit ability to strengthen the Ring’s attributes and block.

Hundred year spirit abilities clashing with a thousand year spirit ability, it was no contest.

Xiao Wu and Tang San no doubt had the deepest mutual understanding. When Xiao Wu was still five meters away from that auxiliary system Spirit Master, Tang San already withdrew the Blue Silver Prison. He didn’t even use Blue Silver Grass to bind the opponent. After all, that was only an auxiliary system Spirit Master.

Teleportation, Soft Skill, Waist Bow. Xiao Wu’s motions were like moving clouds and flowing water, being derided and insulted before, her Waist Bow was ruthless. Slender thighs coiled around the opponent’s neck, throwing her up into the air.

A loud miserable shriek rose practically simultaneously over the stage, and as the female Support Spirit Master was caught by Xiao Wu’s graceful backwards somersault, the blood curdling shriek cut in half as she already fainted. As for just how many bones she broke, that was something only Xiao Wu knew.

Skeleton Spirit Master Jing Ling was ordinarily cold, but this attack was extremely fierce. With Tang San’s cooperation, the agility attack system Spirit Master could exhibit his full attack power, and the opponent’s Ring was basically unable to keep up with his attack speed. A moment later, blood blossomed in all directions, and a miserable shriek rose. If it hadn’t been for the tournament banning killing, his attack would have been even fiercer, striking directly at the vitals.

As for the five power attack system Spirit Masters, their physique was no doubt valiant, but they confronted three who were even more powerful.

Dai Mubai took on three opponents alone, and as his White Tiger Meteor Shower fell on the opponents, the outcome was already completely without suspense, let alone when the three were already caught in Tang San’s Blue

Silver Grass Binding. Tiger paws swung in succession, and miserable shrieks, sounds of snapping bones, and blood blossomed in all directions.

Blitz, this word was very simple, but to the Shrek Academy team it was a secret signal, representing precisely a burst assault. Without holding back anything. Relying on accurate control, Tang San didn’t participate in the attack, but he successfully fulfilled the proper responsibilities of a control system Spirit Master. Controlling the battlefield, controlling the enemy, and also controlling his own side so his team members could reveal their full strength.

Originally there was a gap between the two sides, but this gap was only in that Tang San and Dai Mubai were Spirit Ancestors, and not decisive. If it had been a head on confrontation, while the Shrek Academy side would still have won, the battle would also have lasted a while. But Tang San’s moves didn’t give the other side the chance to catch their breath, letting his side open up with an assault of their most powerful spirit abilities, the instantly arising burst power basically didn’t give the opponents time to react before they were already drowned in attacks like howling wind and torrential rain.

“Stop, we concede.” When the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s coach saw that their circumstances were far from reassuring, he hastily threw in a white towel. In addition he quickly went on stage, preventing the Shrek Academy team from continuing.

The referee had already been stunned since as early as when the White Tiger Meteor Shower’s dazzling light appeared. Let alone a match between academies, even if it was a spirit battle in the Great Spirit Arena, it would still be rare for such a miserable scene to appear. Heavens, were these really students?

Right now, all the eighty thousand spectators in the Great Spirit Arena were completely silent. If previously the Shrek Academy team members’ clothes had been the target of their ridicule, then by now those snot green uniforms seemed dazzling.

Without the least suspense. This really was a match without the least suspense. Or it might be described as a unilateral massacre. But the target of extermination wasn’t the Shrek Academy as they’d thought, but rather the target of their hopes, the symbol of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team.

Tang San’s gaze coldly swept across the audience, seemingly using his expression to tell them who the strong was. Shrek’s seven, using their own tyrannical strength, had choked all insults to them. Contempt or disdain, these expressions had disappeared long ago. What remained was only shock and disbelief.

“Referee, I must file a complaint. They basically weren’t competing, but murdering. They’ve violated the rules of the competition. I demand they be judged.”

Seeing each and every one of his team members covered in blood, bones broken and tendons snapped, the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy coach snarled at the referee.

The referee had already come back to himself, and immediately gazed strictly at the Shrek Academy team members.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “Respected referee, I only want to ask you one thing: Are they dead?”

The referee looked distracted a moment, turning his head to look at the seven members of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team on the ground. Indeed, even though these seven were all severely injured, they still breathed and shouldn’t be in danger of dying.

Tang San indicated Jiang Zhu behind him, “The ability of our auxiliary system Spirit Master is healing. She deployed her spirit at the beginning, releasing the healing capability. This healing ability is enough to cover the whole stage. That wasn’t in order to heal us, but rather for them. If we really wanted to kill them, would we heal the opponents? But it seems they don’t need our healing. Senior Jiang Zu, stop.”

Tang San’s voice was very loud, and he carefully amplified his voice with spirit power to spread across the whole arena, letting everyone hear.

Letting their side’s Spirit Master heal the opponents from the beginning, what kind of contempt was that? But the Shrek Academy really revealed enough strength to justify such contempt.

The referee looked at this side, then again at that side, and for a moment he also didn’t seem to know just how to call it. At this moment, another two referees ran up, and after the three bowed their heads to talk it over, the first referee loudly declared, “Preselection competition first round, first match, Shrek Academy’s victory.”

This was a one minute victory.

Hong——, the audience instantly erupted in an enormous discussion. For a moment there were doubtful voices, praising voices, even more were still just shocked. The grand Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team was actually smashed in under a minute by some unknown Spirit Master team. The shock it produced was really too large.

Emperor Xue Ye stood up with an ashen complexion, his gaze falling on the despondent prince Xue Xing. With a cold snort, he brushed with his sleeves and left.

Ning Fengzhi followed emperor Xue Ye from the VIP section with a smile on his face, but platinum bishop Salas still sat pondering in his seat, reflecting on something.

In the seats specially furnished for competing academy spectators, Flender stood up with a smile across his face, saying to Grandmaster and Liu Erlong: “I’ll leave first.”

Liu Erlong distrustfully asked: “Boss Fu, where are you going?”

Flender laughed out loud,

“The little monsters have made such an outstanding display, and the advertisement on our clothing has been revealed. I think that some people with a little bit of insight should have seen the power of our Shrek Academy. I still need to properly consider the advertisement, opening at a high price, to earn a bit of money for the Academy. This time I think it’ll be impossible for our Academy’s reputation not to spread.”

Pulling on the lapels of his clothes, he meticulously arranged the Academy symbol to reveal it clearly. Flender didn’t know how long it had been since he vented his anger like now. He had never forgotten the humiliation from that time at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and this moment the stifling haze in his heart had been swept away. He clearly understood that Tang San and Dai Mubai leading the students to defeat the opponents in such a thunderous manner, even to the extent that they used their fourth spirit abilities to pursue complete victory, wasn’t because they were angry with the opponents, but rather for him, to rinse the resentment of Shrek Academy.

‘Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, that dog fart prince Xue Xing, want to chase us off? Fine, then we won’t let you pass the qualifying rounds.’

Practically each of the seven members from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team before had broken bones, those weren’t injuries that could heal in a few days. Lacking this seven member main force, how could the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team still reveal their talent in the preselection competition?

He hadn’t been as joyous as he was today for quite a while. At this moment, the always avaricious Flender even considered whether to give all the advertising income to the little monsters.


“Third brother, you’re too ferocious.” Fatty greeted Tang San with a bear hug, “Let’s see if that Heaven Dou Imperial Academy still dares look down on us.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “But we also revealed strength. The later teams will certainly draw up tactics to counter us.”

Oscar smiled: “In front of absolute strength, even better tactics might not be useful. If it really won’t do, we might as well put the whole Shrek Seven Devils on stage and let them have a good look.”

While speaking, he pulled at the uniform he wore, “What if it’s snot green? As long as we can win, color is no problem.”

“Let’s go. We’ll return to the Academy first. I don’t want to have people standing around in a circle watching us later.” Dai Mubai called out to everyone, quickly bringing the Shrek Academy team into the competitor passage, quietly departing the stadium.

In order to keep from being the focal point, after returning to the rest area, everyone without the slightest hesitation changed out of their snot green uniforms, putting on their own clothes to leave the Great Spirit Arena. Since they left very quickly, when they left the Great Spirit Arena the spectator seats had only just started emptying. Today was after all only the beginning, tomorrow was when the preselection competition would truly begin. And when the round robin tournament went into motion, it would take up a full month of matches.

The Shrek Seven Devils now finally understood more and more clearly the benefit of Grandmaster’s special training. With the previous experience of a month of continuous matches at Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, the competition now about to unfold was even a bit relaxed compared to then.

“Rongrong.” The Shrek party was just moving away from the Great Spirit Arena and preparing to directly return to the Academy, when they were stopped by a familiar voice.

Ning Fengzhi, changed into ordinary clothing, stood in a corner not far from the entrance, waving a hand in their direction.

“Dad.” Ning Rongrong excitedly ran over, throwing herself into her father’s embrace.

Meeting this Seven Treasure Glazed Tile school master, Oscar couldn’t help appearing somewhat artificial.

Ning Fengzhi pulled Ning Rongrong’s hand and walked over, “Hello, Shrek Academy’s little friends.”

Even though he had been far away, the Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitute team members had all recognized this school master, and hastily saluted.

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “No need to be formal, right now I’m only Rongrong’s father, don’t consider me a school master. I’m only your senior.”

Ning Fengzhi’s amicability doubtlessly gave a favorable impression to the Shrek Academy team members. Ning Fengzhi’s gaze fell on Tang San, and he smiled slightly: “Congratulations, little San. I didn’t expect you would actually already possess a ten thousand year spirit ring.”

Tang San said: “Uncle Ning’s praise is too much. Rongrong has also already obtained her fourth spirit ring. Only to conserve strength we didn’t let her appear today.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded with a smile, saying: “I’m very optimistic about you all. Perhaps you will only meet a true opponent in the finals. However, even though you have strength, you still need to guard against pride and impatience. I understand the reason you injured your opponents today, but the less such circumstances appear later, the better. After all, Shrek Academy is also one of the advanced Spirit Master academies. Antagonizing too many others is no good. You don’t need to worry about the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. I’ve already informed his majesty. His majesty is extremely displeased with prince Xue Xing’s way of handling things back then. If it wasn’t because signups can’t be altered after the fact, his majesty would still be of a mind to invite you to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.”

Tang San calmly said: “We’re very happy at Shrek Academy. Thank you, uncle Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi said: “I should be the one to thank you. The quality of your hidden weapons is excellent, if there’s any new research later, make sure to come find uncle first. You set the conditions.”

While speaking, Ning Fengzhi released his daughter’s hand, rubbing her head and saying: “Go back to your Academy comrades. You’re a member of Shrek Academy, while dad is a member of the organizational committee. I can’t be together with you much, or people will say I’m biased.”

Ning Rongrong pouted resentfully: “Let them talk, we’ll speak with strength.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled,

“At fourteen you’re also considered a young lady, you can’t be so mischievous. Well, before leaving, won’t you introduce me to your comrades?”

Seeing Ning Fengzhi’s expectant expression, besides the Shrek Seven Devils, of the four substitutes only Tai Long could keep calm. The light in the eyes of the other three was somewhat fiery.

Who was this in front of them? The school master of one of the three upper sects, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could be called a paradise that countless Spirit Masters yearned for. Not only was its reputation in the Spirit Master world extremely good, and its strength robust, at the same time it was reputed as the richest school in the Spirit Master world. If a Spirit Master could attach himself to this school, there would be nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

Ning Rongrong’s gaze swept across her companions, and as her gaze met Oscar’s, she couldn’t keep her heart from beating a bit faster.

“Dad, this sister Jiang Zhu is our senior, thirty fifth ranked healing system Tool Spirit Elder. Just now she was also on the stage.”

Jiang Zhu hastily bowed to Ning Fengzhi, “In front of school master Ning, how dare junior call herself an auxiliary system Spirit Master.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly. Even though he was already past fifty, he only appeared to be perhaps thirty, and that mature charm made Jiang Zhu bow her head, not daring to look at him.

“Miss Jiang Zhu’s spirit is extremely peculiar, as long as you focus on expanding in the healing system, your future will certainly be good.”

“Many thanks for your directions, school master Ning.” Hearing Ning Fengzhi’s words, Jiang Zhu’s downturned face turned a bit scarlet. She was already nineteen, and truly a grown young lady. To a girl like this, formidable strength and mature charm held the greatest attraction. When she raised her head to look at Ning Fengzhi again, she couldn’t help blushing even more.

Ning Rongrong continued with the introductions: “This senior Huang Yuan’s spirit is Lone Wolf, thirty fifth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Elder. Senior Jing Ling, spirit is Skeleton, agility attack system Battle Spirit Master. You’ve met big brother Tai Long, a direct descendant of the Strength Clan, thirty eighth ranked pure strength type Battle Spirit Master.”

Along with Ning Rongrong’s introductions, Ning Fengzhi nodded to each one and gave a few words of encouragement.

Ning Rongrong now reached the introductions of their Shrek Seven Devils, and pointed to Dai Mubai: “Boss Dai, the eldest brother of our Shrek Seven Devils, and also the team captain. His nickname is Evil Eye White Tiger. Even though Dai Mubai is only seventeen this year, he’s already a forty fourth ranked Battle Spirit Ancestor. Power attack system. His strength is the greatest among us.”

Dai Mubai’s mood didn’t show any change because of Ning Fengzhi’s appearance, his evil eyes looking straight at the school master as he spoke: “I don’t dare call myself the strongest. In a duel, I couldn’t beat little San.”

Seventeen years old and forty fourth rank? Really a little monster. Ning Fengzhi didn’t conceal his admiration, “Just now I saw your whole battle. Young man, your spirit and spirit abilities are all outstanding. At seventeen you already have such achievements, it truly makes me gasp in admiration. I don’t know whether you are willing to come take a place at our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School after this tournament?”

Hearing Ning Fengzhi toss out an invitation to Dai Mubai, the other Huang Yuan, Jing Ling and Jiang Zhu couldn’t help having somewhat envious expressions.

But to their surprise, Dai Mubai shook his head with a calm expression, saying: “Junior appreciates school master Ning’s kind intentions. If there’s an opportunity in the future I will certainly visit the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.” Even though he didn’t outright refuse going to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, his first sentence was no doubt a rebuff of Ning Fengzhi’s invitation.

Ning Fengzhi seemed to recall something as he looked at Dai Mubai’s double pupils, and somewhat pondering said: “Evil Eye White Tiger, eh, so it’s like that.”

Dai Mubai understood that Ning Fengzhi had already seen through his background. Fortunately, Ning Fengzhi was observed his words, and didn’t reveal it, only smiling at him somewhat mysteriously, “You’re all Rongrong’s companions. If there’s anything the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School can do for you, just come find me at the school.”

Ning Rongrong next pointed at Oscar, “He’s called Oscar, second oldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, forty first ranked food system Tool Spirit Ancestor, his spirit is Sausage.” For some reason her voice was somewhat weak when she introduced Oscar, her flickering gaze didn’t dare meet Oscar’s eyes, and her heartbeat constantly sped up.

Ning Fengzhi looked at Oscar, inwardly praising such a handsome youth,
“Food system? May I know how old you are?”

Oscar suppressed his nervousness with difficulty, and replied deferentially: “I’m sixteen this year, one year younger than boss Dai.”

Ning Fengzhi was gobsmacked, even more than when he found out Dai Mubai was forty fourth rank. As a great scholar level figure in the auxiliary system, how could he be unaware of the difficulties in cultivating as a food system Spirit Master? If an outstanding auxiliary system Spirit Master could be said to bring out the best in a team, then an outstanding food system Spirit Master was enough to substantially increase an entire army’s battle sustainability. Let alone meeting, he had never even heard about a sixteen year old forty first ranked food system Spirit Master.

Seeing Ning Fengzhi’s shocked gaze, Oscar was inwardly a little bit satisfied, calming somewhat. He rushed to speak before Ning Fengzhi could, “School master Ning, I’ve always admired you. As another auxiliary system, could I have the privilege of joining the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School after graduation?”

Laughter escaped from Ma Hongjun to the side, thinking, ‘Do you admire school master Ning, or adore his daughter!’

Ning Fengzhi secretly exulted. Knowing Dai Mubai’s identity, he naturally understood he wouldn’t join his school. But from his daughter’s introduction of these Shrek Seven Devils, they didn’t seem to have any less terrifying talent. If he could recruit any one of them would be ideal, let alone such an outstanding food system Spirit Master. At such a moment he wouldn’t put on any airs of the three upper sects, and hastily nodded: “Exactly what we’ve been looking for. What the school needs the most are talented little brothers like you. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s door will stand wide open for you at any time.”

Ning Rongrong somewhat resentfully said: “Dad, why do you call him little brother? Call him little Ao, otherwise the hierarchy will be mixed up, and how would I address him then!”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud, saying: “See, aren’t I confused from excitement? Little Ao’s future as food system Spirit Master is boundless.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Dad, you’re already familiar with third brother, so I won’t introduce him to you. He just has a spirit ring more than before, that’s all.”

Ning Fengzhi tapped his daughter’s head, “‘That’s all’? He already left me and his majesty unable to hide our shock. The fourth spirit ring being of the ten thousand year level doesn’t seem like something that’s been ever accomplished before. Even his father didn’t have this kind of achievement. Ah, it’s a pity, little San, it would’ve been much better if you’d been my son.”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue at her father, “What? Do I make you lose face?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “How would you? You are my little treasure. My point was that it would have been perfect to have a son like Tang San.”

Without a doubt, among these children, Tang San was the one Ning Fengzhi paid the most attention to and was most optimistic about. Even though he couldn’t recruit Tang San because of his background, he would still maintain a good relationship with Tang San no matter what.

Tang San scratched his head, but didn’t speak up. In his heart appeared his father’s mien, ‘Dad, would you praise me like uncle Ning?’

“This is my fourth brother, we all call him Fatty. Is real name is Ma Hongjun. Forty first ranked power attack system Spirit Ancestor, his spirit is Fire Phoenix. Ning Rongrong continued with the next introductions.

“Fire Phoenix?” Ning Fengzhi’s eyes brightened as he saw Ma Hongjun nod repeatedly. Among spirits, dragon and phoenix were both considered first rate. This little Fatty appeared a bit young, but still had forty first ranked strength. Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help saying to his daughter: “Rongrong, you wouldn’t be telling me that all of your Shrek Seven Devils have already reached the fortieth rank?”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “We haven’t, Xiao Wu still hasn’t reached it. However, she didn’t eat the immortal treasure herb third

brother gave her, otherwise her rank would no doubt be higher than mine.”

Ma Hongjun said: “Hello uncle Ning, don’t you have another daughter as beautiful as Rongrong? If you do, I’ll join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School as long as you marry her to me.” His nature was always very straightforward, and what he said immediately had everyone roaring with laughter.

Ning Fengzhi helplessly said: “Unfortunately, I only have my darling daughter Rongrong. If she wanted to marry you herself, I wouldn’t have any objections.” Even though he was joking around, Ning Fengzhi’s words weren’t unconsidered. A power attack system Spirit Master with the Phoenix Spirit who broke through the fortieth rank as a teenager, in strength he really was entitled to his daughter’s hand.

Ma Hongjun grinned, saying: “Then I’ll just go find a beautiful wife first. Anyway, didn’t you already say the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s doors would always stand wide open for us.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded earnestly, his gaze sweeping across these children,
“Yes, each of you will be welcome at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Huang Yuan couldn’t help asking: “I as well?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “Of course. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School never refuses talent.”

Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, and Jiang Zhu were ecstatic. They had found a good place to go before even graduating, what could be more exciting than this?

Ning Rongrong said: “Xiao Wu is little San’s little sister. I think that wherever third brother goes, Xiao Wu will follow. Thirty seventh ranked close combat power attack system Battle Spirit Master. Big sister Xiao Wu’s close combat strength is very powerful. Without using spirits, perhaps we would all be unable to defeat her. Even third brother.”

Xiao Wu slightly bowed to Ning Fengzhi, but didn’t say anything. Just like Ning Rongrong said, she was only interested in being together with Tang San.

Ning Rongrong last introduced Zhu Zhuqing, “Zhuqing is a forty first ranked agility attack system Battle Spirit Master. She’s together with boss Dai. I’m afraid she wouldn’t join our school. Only, Zhuqing, you definitely have to come with boss Dai to play at the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School later.”

When meeting other people, Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t as cold as she was to Dai Mubai. Just like Xiao Wu, she slightly bowed to Ning Fengzhi.

By now there were more and more spectators leaving the Great Spirit Arena. Ning Fengzhi said: “I’m very glad I could meet talented youths like you here today. Alright, you return to the Academy. Little San, can I speak to you alone?”

“Alright.” Hearing Ning Fengzhi ask to talk to him alone, Tang San was at first distracted a moment, but immediately agreed. No matter what else, in his eyes Ning Fengzhi was a venerable elder, and also Ning Rongrong’s father.

Ning Rongrong resentfully stuck out her tongue, saying: “Dad really is biased, more concerned with third brother than me.”

Ning Fengzhi laughed, saying: “I need your third brother for serious matters. Be a bit calm at the Academy, go quickly.”

The other Shrek Academy people all left, leaving only Tang San. Ning Fengzhi brought Tang San to the most bustling street of Heaven Dou City, Heavenly Emperor Street.

While walking, Tang San asked: “Uncle Ning, what did you need me for?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “I’m bringing you to see someone. After I learned of your background back at Shrek Academy, I made some

inquiries into why your father originally vanished without a trace. This person knows some of it. Even though it’s not the complete story, at least it’s some news. Ai, even now I still feel sorry for your father. At that time he left the Spirit Master world just after reaching the Title Douluo stage.”

On hearing it was related to his father, Tang San’s heart immediately tightened. Originally he hadn’t wanted to have too much contact with Ning Fengzhi; after all, Ning Fengzhi was the master of a school, and also good to him. If he was determined to recruit him it wouldn’t be too easy to refuse. But was he heard these words now, Tang San couldn’t help feeling gratitude. This uncle Ning had apparently asked around for his sake, this concern wasn’t only to win him over.

Ning Fengzhi brought Tang San straight to an antique tea house. The size of the teahouse didn’t seem to be very large, only three stories with ancient decorations. At this hour there were only two or three customers inside, seeming very peaceful.

The two reached an elegant room on the second floor, and pushing open a folding screen, Ning Fengzhi drew Tang San inside.

There was only one person inside the room, and having heard the voices of the two arriving he had already stood up. This person appeared to be around seventeen or eighteen, and even though he wasn’t as handsome as Oscar, he still had a straight nose and square mouth. He wore clean blue robes, giving people a very fresh and cool impression. A head of long black hair was tied up with blue cloth, and hung neatly behind his head.

Even though his clothes were extremely ordinary, he still had a kind of extraordinary charisma. Looking at this person, Tang San couldn’t help having a somewhat familiar feeling. But he was certain this was the first time he had met this person.

“Uncle Ning, you’ve come.” The youth deferentially bowed to Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “Qinghe, I’ve told you so many times, no need for that.”

The youth smiled: “How could that do? You’re a senior, and also Qinghe’s teacher. If father learned I’d been disrespectful to you, he might break my legs.”

Chapter 93

Ning Fengzhi brought Tang San to a teahouse to meet a youth.

Qinghe’s gaze shifted to Tang San, “This should be uncle Ning’s esteemed brother Tang San.”

“I don’t deserve the praise.” Tang San nodded lightly at the youth.

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “I’ll introduce you. Little San, this is the Heaven Dou Empire’s present crown prince, his highness Xue Qinghe[1].”

Tang San was inwardly alarmed, and immediately understood why this youth felt familiar. That was it, his appearance was somewhat similar to both emperor Xue Ye, as well as the ones that originally inconvenienced Shrek Academy, fourth prince Xue Beng and prince Xue Xing.

“So it’s his highness the crown prince. Tang San offers his respect.”
Bowing slightly, Tang San was neither servile nor overbearing.

Xue Qinghe praised: “If uncle Ning hadn’t told me, I really would have found it difficult to believe you’re only fourteen. To think that when I was fourteen, I was just an ignorant boy. I’m happy to meet you, and if you don’t mind, call me big brother Xue. It’s better not to mention the words ‘crown prince’.”

Tang San couldn’t help being astounded by the other party’s manner of speech and bearing; did he really have the same father as that prince Xue Beng? Why was there such a difference? As a person of two lifetimes, Tang

San inferred from Ning Fengzhi bringing him to meet this crown prince that the prince had already obtained the support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Recalling that emperor Xue Ye wasn’t exactly young, could it be that there was a struggle for position in the Heaven Dou imperial family?

Ning Fengzhi said from the side: “Alright, let’s sit down and talk. The green tea here is pretty good. Little San, you try it as well.”

The three host and guests sat down, and Xue Qinghe personally poured tea for Ning Fengzhi and Tang San. Without need to drink, just the scent had a feeling of penetrating deep into the heart. Further adding the antique decorations in the room, it was very easy to feel relaxed both mentally and physically.

Tang San said: “Big brother Xue, I heard from uncle Ning that you knew something about my father going into seclusion.”

Xue Qinghe nodded, saying: “Actually, I don’t know everything. Only what I heard from the court officials. Your esteemed father was always my idol, so I asked around at that time. According to what I learned, the reason your esteemed father disappeared from the Spirit Master world, was related to Spirit Hall.”

“Eh? Big brother Xue, do you know something concrete?” Tang San somewhat anxiously asked. According to what Strength Clan chief Tai Tan and Ning Fengzhi said, his father was one of the twin Douluo of the first ranked of the seven great schools, Clear Sky School. With such a venerable position, how could he have degenerated into a drunkard blacksmith? The reasons for this had always been what Tang San wanted to know.

Xue Qinghe didn’t keep him in suspense, nodding: “What I learned was this. Approximately fifteen years ago, counting back, it should have been before you we re born. Spirit Hall was apparently looking for something. That thing was extremely important to Spirit Hall. Consequently, Spirit Hall dispatched a formidable line-up to search all over. Not only did four platinum bishops all participate, but even the Supreme Pontiff at that time as well as his two personal guards participated. The people I talked to didn’t know what specifically they were looking for, but from the way Spirit

Hall’s senior members came out in force, that was certainly something extremely important.

“And this thing seemed to have fallen into your father’s hands. At that time your father wasn’t at the Clear Sky School, but should have brought your mother to travel the Continent. Abruptly getting involved in this matter was presumably also made things extremely difficult. I also don’t know the details of the negotiations between him and Spirit Hall. I only heard that your father declared his separation from Clear Sky School not long after. At that time, your father was still a Spirit Douluo and hadn’t yet reached the Title Douluo realm.

“Not long after this was another piece of news. It was said your father and Spirit Hall had a decisive duel somewhere, and was injured. But they apparently still didn’t successfully obtain that thing. It was precisely from that battlefield that it was known your father had already reached the Title Douluo stage. Spirit Hall admitted to this themselves, and said your esteemed father had become the nowadays youngest Title Douluo.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help asking: “Then my mother?”

Xue Qinghe shook his head, saying: “My information doesn’t have anything pertaining to your mother. Only that less than a month after that battle, Spirit Hall announced the death of the Supreme Pontiff, and the succession of the new Supreme Pontiff. Therefore, my sources judged it very possible that the Supreme Pontiff was severely wounded in the battle with your father, dying not long after, and that your father chose to go into seclusion for this reason. Even though he had separated from Clear Sky School, he was after all still their most important direct disciple. His hiding was presumably also to keep the School from getting involved. After all, Spirit Hall really is too powerful, even so much that they’re on an equal footing with the two great empires, not something a single school has the capability to resist. Even the present age’s number one great school wouldn’t be capable. It was also starting from this time that the Clear Sky School distanced itself from peoples’ eyes, and very rarely moved in the Spirit Master world.”

Ning Fengzhi interjected: “If all this is true, then what’s most important is finding out just what that thing Spirit Hall fought over was, and the true circumstances of that fight. This is perhaps also something only those involved would know. Only, it’s certain that battle is closely related to your father’s reason for going into seclusion.”

Tang San silently nodded. Even though Xue Qinghe’s words were somewhat discrepant from his own conjecture, it was still extremely reasonable. In the Douluo Continent, only Spirit Hall would have the strength to force a Title Douluo into seclusion, and force the number one great school into seclusion. If his father had really killed the Supreme Pontiff, then the hatred and desire for revenge between him and Spirit Hall were enormous. In order to avoid implicating the School, in order to avoid pursuit, he had brought him to live in a small mountain village.

But in Xue Qinghe’s entire story there was no mention of his mother.
Could it be that his mother had been killed by Spirit Hall in that battle?

Unconsciously, Tang San’s fists gradually tightened. Even if he had no relationship with his mother in this world, his life was after all given him by this mother. In his body flowed the blood of her and his father. He could not live under the same sky as his parents’ enemies. If it truly was done by Spirit Hall, then…...

Thinking of this, an uncontrollable threatening cold light appeared in Tang San’s eyes.

Xue Qinghe said: “That’s all I know, I truly find it embarrassing. I’ve dispatched people to investigate, but it’s already been more than ten years, and I’m afraid it won’t be very effective.”

“Many thanks for the information, big brother Xue. As far as I’m concerned, being able to learn this is already very useful.” Tang San’s expression very quickly recovered to normal.

Xue Qinghe smiled faintly, saying: “No need for brother Tang to be polite, it’s as easy as lifting my hand.”

With the serious matters concluded, the trio drank tea and chatted idly. Tang San discovered that this Xue Qinghe wasn’t only extremely entertaining in conversation, but also had extensive knowledge and learning. His style of conversation relaxed people, and throughout the conversation he never argued. Tang San discovered from his own observations that this person’s mind was extremely broad, different as black and white from prince Xue Beng and prince Xue Xing.

“Brother Tang, it would be better to eat lunch together.” Xue Qinghe proposed.

Tang San shook his head, saying: “No, I’ll still return to the Academy.”

Xue Qinghe smiled faintly, and pulled out a golden medal from his chest. The golden medal design was simple, but it contained a stream of unusual energy, and on the surface was carved a Heaven character[2].

“Since it’s like that, as a brother I won’t keep you. I’ll give you this medal. If there’s any matter later on, use it to come find me at the imperial palace.”

Tang San hesitated a moment on seeing the gold medal, and Ning Fengzhi to the side said: “Qinghe doesn’t have any other intentions, take it. This badge is only Qinghe’s personal seal, there are no other uses.”

Hearing Ning Fengzhi say this, Tang San didn’t decline. Picking up the heavy gold medal, he put it into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Xue Qinghe and Ning Fengzhi personally saw Tang San to the door of the teahouse, and Tang San bid farewell to the two and returned to Shrek Academy.

Seeing Tang San’s gradually disappearing back, Xue Qinghe praising said: “Teacher, you’re right. He really isn’t like an only fourteen year old child. Not only does he conceal his thoughts, but his discourse and manner are all very steady. Truly worthy of being a child of the Clear Sky School.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “This child’s brilliance can’t be accorded the Clear Sky School, it all relies on his own capability. Even I can’t see his future clearly. If it was another Spirit Master, it would be very difficult to succeed with Blue Silver Grass as a spirit, but he’s different. At such a young age he has not only already reached the fortieth rank, but the strength he has displayed is also not a bit different from fortieth ranked Spirit Masters with first rate spirits. In the future, if he can settle the issue of twin spirit backlash, this child is bound to become a character who calls the wind and summons the rain in the Continent, he will even surpass his father.”

Xue Qinghe thought deeply and nodded, “I will pay special attention to researching the matters related to Clear Sky Douluo’s withdrawal, I hope I can find some accurate information soon. As for Tang San, I’ll first build a good relationship with him. Even though he’s outstanding, right now he’s still too young.”

Ning Fengzhi sternly said: “Qinghe, I must remind you of one thing. Judging by the time I’ve interacted with this child, if you want his assistance in the future, then you can’t try to recruit him, only try to be a true friend.”

Xue Qinghe looked distracted a moment, his gaze meeting Ning Fengzhi’s. After a long time, he slowly nodded, “Teacher, I understand. Thank you for your directions.”

On the way back to the Academy, Tang San’s head was filled with what Xue Qinghe said. ‘Father, for what reason did you clash with Spirit Hall, what about mother? Even though what Xue Qinghe had talked about hadn’t mentioned his mother, Tang San still felt that his father’s seclusion was directly related to his mother.

The teahouse wasn’t far from the Academy, and Tang San returned very quickly. He headed directly to the log cabin in the Academy forest, it had practically become their exclusive training spot.

Right now, not only had the team returned, but Grandmaster and Liu Erlong were also back. Only Flender wasn’t present.

“Little San, you’re back.” Grandmaster saw Tang San return, and waved at him.

“Teacher, are you looking for me?” Tang San asked as he walked over.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “I will train Rongrong alone, you come too. What I say should be useful to you as well. Training her also needs your cooperation.”

“Eh?” Tang San looked at Ning Rongrong to the side. Right now the others were all in the vicinity of the log cabin, perhaps cultivating, or perhaps sitting together and chatting, but Ning Rongrong was at Grandmaster’s side.

“Follow me.” Grandmaster brought Tang San and Ning Rongrong into the depths of the forest, and not even Liu Erlong followed.

Having walked several hundred meters, Grandmaster stopped in a relatively spacious area.

Ning Rongrong somewhat nervously asked: “Grandmaster, what special training do you have in mind for me?” Even now she still had a trauma from Grandmaster’s special demonic training.

Grandmaster said: “Rongrong, if I’m not mistaken, your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School should have a technique called Heart Separation Control[3]. To what degree have you cultivated it?”

Ning Rongrong looked distracted a moment, afterward answering: “Right now I’ve just cultivated it to Three Aperture Governing Heart. I can just manage to use it.”

Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled slightly, “Which means, still only the most elementary level. My special training for you is in this special area.”

“Even though the battle today was an easy win over the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team, their second team absolutely doesn’t represent the overall strength of all advanced Spirit Master academies. Especially now that Tang San and Dai Mubai’s strength has already been revealed. The opponents you will confront in the future will only be stronger and stronger. And that evolved Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit of yours can be said to be extremely gifted and rich in resources, one might say that your ability will have an extremely effect on whether you will be able to become champions.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “Grandmaster, are you praising me?”

Grandmaster’s complexion was stiff: “I’m not praising you. Rather praising your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s spirit. It’s still very difficult to reveal its might with your present capability. It doesn’t have a very large effect on the team in a fight.”

To the side, Tang San astonished said: “Teacher, Rongrong is already on the fortieth level, her auxiliary is already outstanding. Able to simultaneously boost us fifty percent in four categories at the same time, that instantly erupting strength is practically enough to let us promote one class!”

Grandmaster calmly said: “You’re not wrong, right now she can boost you fifty percent in four attributes. Then, you ask Rongrong, if you Shrek Seven Devils were in a fight together, and she boosted the six of you at the same time, how long could she keep it up?”

Tang San puzzled looked at Ning Rongrong, whose complexion had also changed somewhat, “Grandmaster, how do you know the secrets of our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School?”

Grandmaster said: “Don’t forget that I come from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, also one of the three upper sects. The secrets of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Spirit aren’t so secret, it’s not strange that I know about it. Not just me, but practically all formidable Spirit Masters would know. But despite this, the Seven Treasure Glazed

Tile School is still the most powerful auxiliary system Spirit Master clan, do you know why this is?”

Ning Rongrong blankly shook her head.

To the side Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Don’t tell me it’s because of that Heart Separation Control you mentioned? Teacher, can’t you explain it clearly, what’s the secret of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit?”

Ning Rongrong looked at Grandmaster who nodded, saying: “Right, the reason why the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda holds the title as the number one auxiliary system spirit is admittedly related to the spirit itself, but this Heart Separation Control is even more important. It’s admittedly important to raise spirit power, but to your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, this Heart Separation Control is even more important. If my guess is correct, then Rongrong’s father, school master Ning’s ability in Heart Separation Control should already have reached the Seven Aperture Exquisite Heart level. Tell me if I’m wrong, Rongrong.”

Ning Rongrong nodded, and at the same time cleared Tang San’s doubts, “Our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit’s secret lies in spirit power consumption. The higher the level of spirit power, the higher the spirit ring, the more clear the disadvantage is. In my present condition, if I simultaneously boosted the six of you fifty percent in all four aspects, at most I could only endure for three seconds.”

“Three seconds?” Tang San was gobsmacked.

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “I called out Rongrong alone in order to keep everyone from hearing this secret. This world is impartial. Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is powerful in support, it also has its limitations. Because a Spirit Master’s spirit power is finite, no matter how good your spirit is, if you don’t have spirit power to support you it won’t be able to show sufficient results. Because the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s support ability is too powerful, its spirit power consumption is subsequently also frightening. Consider, for Rongrong to boost all six of you with fifty percent in four attributes with

her fortieth level spirit power, what kind of concept is that? If it could be kept up for a long time, then wouldn’t it be unparallelled? I recalled this issue that day when Rongrong assisted Flender and the others in when we were hunting spirit beasts. If it can’t be settled satisfactorily, then it will be very difficult for her Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit to show adequate results in your future matches.”

Tang San now understood, “Then you’re saying that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Heart Separation Control is the way to deal with it?”

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “That’s right. What’s called Heart Separation Control has the effect of controlling different spirit abilities at once. This control method is useful to any Spirit Master, but the effect is particularly pronounced for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. For common Spirit Masters, more powerful abilities consume more spirit power, but this isn’t the case for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Each of their spirit abilities will consume the same amount of spirit power on the same level. Simply put, if Rongrong was a twentieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster, then the spirit power consumption of her two spirit abilities would be the one. Once she reached the thirtieth rank, the spirit power consumption of her three spirit abilities would still be the same. But because the boost rate has gone up, the spirit power consumption has also changed to two, and so on in a similar fashion. Thus, if she simply releases all her spirit abilities to boost at once, the spirit power consumption would be an astronomical figure. Let alone her, even a Title Douluo would find it very difficult to support that kind of drain.”

“And Heart Separation Control is the key point to settling this issue. One might say that in battle, the support needs of each combatant is different. For example, with Rongrong’s current four spirit abilities, what’s most important for you is only the spirit power boost, and her other three effects would be useless, it would only drain her spirit power. But Dai Mubai needs attack, defense, and spirit power boosts, agility amplification isn’t as important. Being able to amplify them all would admittedly be good, but when spirit power is limited, boosting the key areas is undoubtedly where the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda can completely display it’s support capability.”

“The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Heart Separation Control is split into five levels, Three Aperture Governing Heart, Four Aperture Constant Heart, Five Aperture Dispersed Heart, Six Aperture Wishful Heart, and Seven Aperture Exquisite Heart. Each level represents how many spirit abilities can be controlled at once and how many times they can be released. Such as Three Aperture Governing Heart, it indicates you can simultaneously manipulate three kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support three targets, Four Aperture Constant Heart indicates the ability to simultaneously manipulate four spirit abilities to support four targets. And under such accurate control, you can accomplish the degree I spoke of before, conducting the most suitable support to the people that need them the most.”

Here, Grandmaster paused a moment, continuing after giving Tang San a meaningful glance: “The effect of Heart Separation Control isn’t very large for common Spirit Masters, because the spirit power consumption of each spirit ability is different and there is little need to release all spirit abilities in one. Consequently, the cultivation method for this Heart Separation Control has been gradually lost with time. Only the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would have it. Rongrong, I hope that before the finals you will be able to at least reach the Four Aperture Constant Heart stage. Like that, you can at least support four of your comrades at once, releasing different supporting spirit abilities at different times. This is the true secret of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Understand?”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue, saying: “Grandmaster, you really are difficult to deal with. What you said is practically the same as what dad said. He also told me that if I wanted to really show the effects of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, I had to assiduously cultivate Heart Separation Control. Only, the method for cultivating Heart Separation Control is too difficult, and it’s so boring. That’s why……”

Grandmaster indifferently glanced at Ning Rongrong, “You’re not going to say that even your Three Aperture Governing Heart isn’t completely mastered?”

Ning Rongrong’s charming face turned red, but she still nodded, somewhat ashamed not daring to look at him again.

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying: “Rongrong, as a direct descendant of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, you possess circumstances that other people don’t. If such a gifted spirit isn’t treasured, you will definitely come to regret it. You have to cultivate the esoterics of Heart Separation Control. Otherwise, even if you can become a Title Douluo in the future, you still won’t meet the standards of a Support Spirit Master. Can you understand teacher’s efforts?”

Grandmaster’s voice was very mild, but such a gentle rebuke instead made Ning Rongrong feel even more ashamed. Exerting herself to nod, she said: “Grandmaster, don’t worry. From today on, I will definitely work hard to cultivate Heart Separation Control. I’ll strive to reach Four Aperture Constant Heart shortly.”

Grandmaster’s face held a trace of a smile, saying: “Even though I also haven’t learned this Heart Separation Control, I can teach you a method. Remember, when using your support abilities hereafter, you must become the most miserly Spirit Master possible yourself. Even bits and pieces of spirit power must be conserved as far as possible. Each time you support must be done just perfect, not too much, not too little. As long as you can accomplish this, your support capabilities will be on the right track.”

Ning Rongrong recorded what Grandmaster said in her heart, and even if she didn’t completely comprehend it, what Grandmaster said let her adequately recognize the effect of Heart Separation Control.

Grandmaster sighed lightly, his gaze falling on Tang San to the side, “My reason for calling little San over is actually selfishness. Heart Separation Control isn’t much use for ordinary Spirit Masters, but it’s different for him. He’s a control system Spirit Master, and moreover has twin spirits. The spirit power of his new spirit ability can’t be considered high. If he can master Heart Separation Control, then his control capabilities will be even greater on the battlefield. Especially when he possesses the spirit abilities of his second spirit later. Such circumstances will change even more clearly. Rongrong, I don’t know what the rules of your Seven

Treasure Glazed Tile School say, but if it isn’t expressly stipulated, when you cultivate Heart Separation Control, can you let little San cultivate with you?”

“Teacher.” Tang San looked at Grandmaster, somewhat eagerly saying: “That’s no good. Heart Separation Control is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s secret skill, how can it be taught to me?”

Being from Tang Sect, he clearly understood how much the sect’s most profound techniques were valued. Let alone teaching it to outsiders, even if someone lusted after it he would immediately suffer Tang Sect’s severe reprisals.

“Why can’t I teach it? Third brother, train together with me. This actually doesn’t matter. As Grandmaster said, this Heart Separation Control originally wasn’t our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s sole property, but since it was useful to us we always passed it down. What’s more, with your favors to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, even if dad was here, he would definitely agree.”

“But……” Tang San still hesitated and wanted to decline, but Ning Rongrong interrupted.

“But what? Third brother, did I say anything when you gave me the immortal treasure tulip? Did I refuse? I didn’t, because I really consider you my big brother. If a big brother gives something to his little sister, why should I refuse? Although at that time I didn’t know how precious that immortal treasure herb was, even if I knew, I would still definitely receive it. Right now is the same, we Shrek Seven Devils are all one family. You’ve always been selfless to everyone. This is just one tiny technique, if you refuse again, it will be like you don’t consider me your little sister.”

Listening to Ning Rongrong’s rapid fire interrogation, Tang San was immediately left speechless. Of course he had a mind to learn this Heart Separation Control, but this was after all a school’s secret skill.

“It’s not like that. Rongrong, ask uncle Ning first. If uncle Ning says I can learn it, then I’ll cultivate together with you, how’s that?”

Ning Rongrong somewhat resentfully pouted, saying:

“Hmph, you still won’t believe me? Dad definitely won’t refuse. Since you insist, I’ll go find him now.”

“Don’t go now. You don’t even know where uncle Ning is.” Tang San wanted to hold back Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong said: “Don’t worry, I can find dad. How couldn’t our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School have ways to communicate? Grandmaster, I’ll leave first.”

Finished speaking, Ning Rongrong ran directly towards the edge of the forest.

Grandmaster laughed in spite of himself: “This girl, she really is impetuous. Little San, don’t worry. Since I proposed it, Ning Fengzhi naturally won’t refuse. Even though this Heart Separation Control is important to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, it’s not a secret that can’t be passed on to others. If my guess is correct, Ning Fengzhi will be eager to let you learn it. Like this, you will owe a favor to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. As school master, Ning Fengzhi stands tall and sees far, whether you or your father, you’re both important targets. While Rongrong is off looking for her father, tell me, what did Ning Fengzhi want to talk to you about?”

Hearing Grandmaster say this, Tang San felt more at ease. Immediately, he related in detail his meeting with Xue Qinghe and the conversation the three of them had.

Having heard Tang San’s recount, after Grandmaster muttered to himself a while he said: “This crown prince’s information shouldn’t be common knowledge. Able to find out so much couldn’t have been easy. Spirit Hall has comprehensively blocked everything about that matter.”

“Teacher, you know something?” Tang San eagerly asked. In front of Grandmaster, he never concealed anything.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “I don’t. But in theory, there shouldn’t be any problem with the information the crown prince gave you. Right now the key point lies in just what made all of Spirit Hall turn out in full strength, and when they returned in defeat, could be worth the loss of the Supreme Pontiff.”

Tang San’s eyes suddenly brightened, “Teacher, wouldn’t it be a spirit bone? To Spirit Masters, most precious should be spirit rings and spirit bones. Spirit rings can’t be taken away, but spirit bones can.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “No, I think not. If it was a spirit bone, it would be impossible for Spirit Hall to fail. Even though your father became a Title Douluo, it would still be impossible to contend with Spirit Hall. In fact, besides the Supreme Pontiff, Spirit Hall still has at least three Title Douluo. Even if your father was even more powerful, it would still be impossible to deal with so many powers by himself. If I’m not mistaken, the reason Spirit Hall didn’t persist, isn’t because that thing was damaged, but because it already lost its use. Don’t tell me, it was a spirit beast? But how would spirit beasts be related to your father? Leaving aside how high the level of a spirit beast would have to be to draw the attention of Spirit Hall, just with the unreconciled conflict between spirit beasts and humans, it still wouldn’t be near your father. And it would be impossible for your father to break away from the school to offend Spirit Hall without hesitating for a spirit beast.”

Grandmaster’s power of deduction was doubtless powerful, but hearing his analysis, Tang San was even more confused. Just what was that thing? It seemed that the only way to know was to see his father again.

Ning Rongrong wasn’t gone for long, and after an hour she had already excitedly come running back with a letter in her hand.

“Third brother, for you. As I said, dad definitely agreed.”

The message was very simple, and Tang San recognized Ning Fengzhi’s handwriting. It said: Little San, Heart Separation Control really isn’t some secret skill, if it’s useful, train together with Rongrong as much as possible.

How could such a tiny skill compare to your contributions to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School? —— Ning Fengzhi

Even though it was only a few simple words, and even though Tang San clearly understood Ning Fengzhi’s words held some intent of drawing him in, his heart still eased, unspeakably comforted. No matter what was said, Ning Fengzhi was the master of a school, and also a tolerant and generous senior.

And so, from this afternoon on, Tang San and Ning Rongrong cultivated this skill together.

The method for cultivating Heart Separation Control wasn’t complex, but the method for cultivating this skill was different for different Spirit Masters. Ning Rongrong’s cultivated by continuously releasing her different abilities, releasing each ability with different speed and time, looking for as great precision as possible, smoothly releasing and receiving. Right now, she simultaneously released three abilities, starting to cultivate the most basic Three Aperture Governing Heart.

[1] (雪清河) “Snow Clear River”

[2] (天)

[3] (分⼼控制) This is when the first two characters are read separately, they could also be read together for “Distraction Control”, but that doesn’t fit the ability.

Chapter 94

With the sect skill training method Ning Rongrong handed over to Tang San, in order to grasp the Separating Heart Control, first of all required powerful perception. Therefore, Tang San’s cultivation was even simpler than Ning Rongrong’s. Assigning three different things in three different directions, and constantly shifting his gaze between these three, and moreover each time use his Blue Silver Grass to twist around these three things, twisting in three directions, binding and releasing in one second intervals.

Heart Separation Control cultivated to the peak should be capable of controlling every change in one’s surroundings. Not only was it necessary to observe these changes, but they still had to be brought completely under one’s control.

When described it seemed very complex, but in fact cultivating it was using one mind for multiple tasks, moreover letting the scattered mind focus. Not only did it require very high mental strength, at the same time it still required superb reaction.

Tang San practiced for a full afternoon, but still didn’t sense any threshold. Instead, because of constantly paying attention to three things in different directions, his eyes ached.

Because Shrek Academy had already finished their fight of the second day of the qualifying competition in advance, on the second day they

simply didn’t go to the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, but stayed at the Academy to cultivate.

Tang San rose at dawn, customarily exercising his Purple Demon Eye. As a result of Tang San having taken the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, his cultivation was a lot easier than before.

Faintly breathing in the purple qi from the distant horizon, while Tang San gazed, he slowly exhaled and inhaled, harmonizing his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength. He seemed to be bathing in that purple qi, purple and gold light glittering in his eyes, Purple Demon Eye imperceptibly advancing.

Along with the sun rising from the east, the purple qi subsequently disappeared. Tang San drew a deep breath, and leapt down from the tree.

Should he continue cultivating that Heart Separation Control? Tang San somewhat helplessly reached the cultivation area from yesterday. He had always been very talented in cultivation, but he couldn’t even find the threshold for this Separating Heart Control. Yesterday he had practiced for an afternoon, but instead felt that the spirit abilities he used were somewhat chaotic. Now that he again prepared to cultivate, inwardly he couldn’t help feeling some conflicting emotions.

“What? Can’t grasp the feeling?” A familiar voice echoed, and Tang San didn’t need to turn around to know it was Grandmaster.

“Teacher, why did you come here so early?”

Grandmaster smiled calmly, saying: “I saw your circumstances when you cultivated yesterday. This Separating Heart Control cultivation is indeed challenging. Without perseverance and willpower, it’ll be very difficult to succeed. The starting stage is especially difficult. Once you can grasp the threshold, the later cultivation will instead become easier. Three Aperture Governing Heart means letting the mind master three apertures. Don’t be too anxious to control, first you need perception. Experience it with your heart, whether it’s the air, smell, color, sound, touch, they will all tell you a great many things. When you can sufficiently understand

what these changes represent, then your control will subsequently become a lot easier. Let the use of each spirit ability become a conditioned reflex. Even if you can’t divide your heart into three this way, the end result won’t be much different. It should be a bit easier to let yourself first reach the same effect, then again slowly grasp the feeling of Separating Heart Control.”

Carefully sensing everything around, this was what Grandmaster could give Tang San. Even if he didn’t know Separating Heart Control’s cultivation technique, relying on his understanding of spirits, his comprehension of cultivation methods, he was using a different path to tell Tang San to step past the threshold even easier.

Listening to Grandmaster, Tang San seemed to find a trace of sensation, and he immediately closed his eyes. In order to not let this trace of sensation get away, he had to truly capture it.

Tang San stood there motionlessly, Grandmaster to the side no longer uttering a word, only calmly watching his disciple.

Tang San very quickly entered his cultivation state, constantly inhaling, slowly exhaling, his surroundings seeming to become empty and silent.

The scent of plants flowed into his nose, his skin sensed the surrounding temperature, the calls of insects and birds transmitted through his ears. Tang San stood there quietly, using his heart to grab that trace of sensation from before.

Gradually, Tang San was disappointed. That trace seemed more and more distant. He could sense some changes in the world around him, but these changes still passed far, far too quickly. Let alone grasping them, he was even unable to tell what was going on outside.

“Spirits can increase all your attributes, including perception.”
Grandmaster’s magnetic voice rose once again.

Tang San shook, and that trace seemed to return again. Raising his right hand, blue and purple light rushed out of his palm. With Tang San as center,

black Blue Silver Grass became an extension of his body and slowly spread out in all directions, making rustling sounds as they passed.

Just like Grandmaster said, as he released his spirit, the instant Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated along with the spirit, Tang San felt his perception grow several times stronger. It was as if a veil was lifted from the originally unclear sensations. Everything around him became clear at the same time.

Each spreading strand of Blue Silver Grass brought back more and more information, being summarized in Tang San’s ind. Even though he didn’t use his eyes to see, he still already had a vague outline of the world around him.

Using his heart to be able to sense something? Blue Silver Grass showed Tang San that even though they couldn’t become his eyes, it was still able to make him sense the surrounding world even better. Of the spreading Blue Silver Grass, three strands moved. One curled around a small tree, making dew drops left from the night fall. One swung over the ground, pushing open the surrounding bushes. The last one curled around a fresh flower. The three strands of Blue Silver Grass did three different things, and even though it wasn’t an ability, at this moment Tang San finally succeeded in the simplest three part heart separation.

At this moment, suddenly, Tang San discovered his Blue Silver Grass seemed to change. Originally vague outlines became clear, and from all around, countless peculiar energies quietly rushed into his body through these Blue Silver Grass, then slowly diffused. It was such a simple process, but it let Tang San clearly see each detail within an area of several hundred square meters.

Why was it like this? Tang San inwardly started, and along with the change in his mood, that clarity immediately faded. He hastily made himself calm down again, then continued controlling the triple heart separation, and those bizarre energies started arriving again.

The bizarre energies were very scattered, each strand minute, an entirely different kind of existence from Mysterious Heaven Skill. Their energy

unexpectedly had its origins in emotions, and these emotions were familiar.

While Tang San maintained his condition, he very carefully sensed the changes in these energies, trying to determine their source.

Along with the clear perception in his mental world, he gradually discovered their origin. What made him extremely astonished was that these energies came from the vast expanse of blue silver grass growing.

Blue silver grass, the most common plant on the Douluo Continent, practically omnipresent. Lacking any effect besides tenacious vitality. It was because of this that Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass Spirit was known as the standard for trash spirits.

But at this moment, Tang San felt all the blue silver grass around him transmitting familiarity, those blue silver grass that weren’t his were apparently telling him something, just like orphans finding relatives. It was precisely this familiarity that let them become Tang San’s eyes, ears, and nose, everything they sensed was transmitted to Tang San’s brain. At this moment, Tang San seemed to become the heart of the forest. His perception even gradually extended beyond a kilometer. He could clearly feel that, within this Shrek Academy forest, all the blue silver grass was swaying slightly at the same rhythm because of conforming with his aura.

This kind of feeling was unspeakably moving. Tang San discovered that each strand of his own Blue Silver Grass seemed to be spurring the vitality of the wild blue silver grass. All kinds of information from the wild blue silver grass transmitted to him, and those Blue Silver Grass he released also softly moved according to this information.

Right now, Grandmaster was looking at a bizarre scene. Spreading from Tang San’s feet, all the blue silver grass stood up sharply, softly swaying at the same rhythm, releasing a joyful feeling, and the white spirit power Tang san originally released gradually changed into a faint blue.

Variation? This was Grandmaster’s first thought. Practically immediately, he thought to interrupt Tang San. Variation could admittedly bring even

more power, but it could equally possibly turn him useless. In no way did he want his disciple to follow his course in life.

However, Grandmaster still restrained his impulses. Because he discovered that right now, Tang San seemed to be the same as the surrounding blue silver grass, all blending into the forest, even his human aura disappeared. Right now he was just like an enormous strand of blue silver grass, his body also swaying softly like the blue silver grass around him.

The complex energy fluctuations of variation didn’t appear, but rather became soft and harmonious. As time passed, Tang San seemed to melt into the surrounding world.

Even with all his knowledge, Grandmaster still didn’t understand what was happening. After considering it from all angles for a moment, he didn’t dare rashly interrupt.

With the strange feeling constantly spreading through his body, Tang San felt himself become unprecedentedly relaxed. Gradually, the blue silver grass on the ground began to change, as if washed in his aura, it unexpectedly began to turn black.

Just at the start, only the several square meters of blue silver grass under Tang San’s feet showed this change, but as time passed, the affected range began to grow larger and larger. Even more bizarre, those blue silver grass clearly didn’t have the support of Tang San’s spirit power, but they still grew frantically, each strand swaying along with Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

Watching the spreading black, Grandmaster was inwardly somewhat panicked. Besides the toxicity, these blue silver grass appeared to become exactly the same as Tang San’s.

And at this time, Tang San felt another kind of condition. He discovered that among the changed blue silver grass, he also sensed a loneliness in the

hearts of the blue silver grass that had grown in the forest for who knew how many years. That kind of particular feeling made the spirit power within him fluctuate and release, and after interacting with the strange energy from the blue silver grass it again condensed within him.

Suddenly, Grandmaster’s eyes flashed, and his gaze at Tang San filled with incredulity. He had finally thought of one circumstance that matched Tang San’s current appearance: a first rate mimicry environment cultivation.

So called first rate mimicry environment cultivation was when one cultivated in the most suitable environment, allowing oneself to completely fuse with the surroundings, becoming a part of it. In this way, not only did cultivation speed improve, but it also let the spirit become even more pure, and increased attributes overall.

But, as far as Grandmaster knew, it was only possible for such first rate mimicry environment cultivation to occur for Spirit Masters above the seventieth rank. It required tremendous mental strength. And even then, it still wasn’t something any spirit master could accomplish. It was only possible for some special spirits. Tang San was only on the forty first rank, how was it possible for this state to appear?

The greatest benefit of Heart Separation Control could be summed up in one word: simultaneity. Simultaneous control of different things, capable of letting abilities be fully used without gaps. With outstanding Heart Separation Control one could grasp each property of one’s own spirit abilities as well as the effect on the target. This was what the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School pursued as the number one auxiliary system spirit.

What Tang San accomplished right now wasn’t actually Heart Separation Control, but rather another, even more terrifying ability, environment control. Relying on the aura of one’s own spirit to control organisms with similar attributes. What kind of frightful scene was that?

With Tang San as its center, blue silver grass showed growth in an area of more than a hundred square meters before stopping. Right now, Tang San was within a dense ocean of blue silver grass. From this moment on, he

didn’t need to separate Blue Silver Grass from his own body. As long as it was an area with blue silver grass, any blue silver grass could become a part of his spirit.

Let alone Tang San, even Grandmaster hadn’t even imagined that this cultivation would produce such a result.

When Tang San awoke from his immersion, it was already an hour later. Ning Rongrong had already arrived at some point, and stood at Grandmaster’s side. The two were both looking at him with odd expressions.

“Teacher, why are you looking at me like that?” Tang San puzzled asked. Right now, as he separated from the previous feeling, that frantically growing blue silver grass had returned to normal, as if nothing ever happened.

Grandmaster said in a low voice: “Little San, what did you feel just now? What you did, tell me in detail.”

Tang San was equally puzzled, and recounted everything he felt after immersing himself in that strange ambience.

After listening to him, before waiting for Tang San to raise any questions, Grandmaster rushed to say: “First I’ll tell you what I saw before…”


“How is it possible?” Tang San dumbstruck looked at Grandmaster, “Teacher, you’re saying that the wild blue silver grass here just now grew just like my Blue Silver Grass? But, my spirit power wasn’t consumed! Moreover, it even seems to have increased a lot, about the same as one night of cultivation.”

Grandmaster nodded affirmation, “I also don’t know why such circumstances would appear for you. According to what you said, this blue silver grass was all very familiar to you, without the slightest trace of rejection. As a low grade plant, blue silver grass can at most be

considered as having instinct, it basically can’t be regarded as an intelligent organism. Their sense of familiarity towards you might only be originating from your own aura. But I haven’t met many plant system Spirit Masters, and never one who could attract similar plants like you.”

Hearing that Grandmaster was also unable to explain what happened just now, Tang San couldn’t help feeling perplexed. He could only feel that what happened was beneficial and harmless to him, but also couldn’t say why.

“Anyway, there’s no harm, so there should be no need to insist on finding a cause? Third brother, you’re just this confused by yourself. In the eyes of outsiders you’re already a freak, a bit more freakishness doesn’t matter.” Ning Rongrong wasn’t particularly shocked. Tang San had already astonished everyone too many times, and she was already used to it.

Tang San helplessly said: “It seems I can only let it be confusing.
Perhaps I will understand it later. Rongrong, look.”

While speaking, three strands of Blue Silver Grass shot out from Tang San. He didn’t even move, but those three strands already accomplished three entirely different actions in different directions. One strands struck like a whip, one strand formed a circle in the air, and the last strand directly launched the Binding ability to twist around a large tree.

The three strands of Blue Silver Grass moved simultaneously, without any gap in between. The three actions were also accomplished at exactly the same time.

“Ah? Third brother, you succeeded?” Ning Rongrong opened her eyes wide, “Even though I was slacking when I was at home, I still practiced for several years without reaching your current level. You, how did you do it?”

Tang San smiled wryly: “I didn’t really succeed. If it was somewhere else it wouldn’t work. It’s just that because of the state I was in just now, every change in the surroundings is already branded in my mind. I only need to simultaneously transmit my thoughts, and without even needing to use my eyes to lock the target, I can easily perform three actions. But

it’s still impossible to constantly control their changes, that still requires a certain delay. If it wasn’t here, even controlling them to do the first action would be impossible. But no matter what is said, I seem to have already grasped some tricks.”

Ning Rongrong suddenly stalked over in front of Tang San, staring at him fixedly.

Her beautiful eyes were breath catching, and further adding their proximity, able to feel each other’s breath, Tang San immediately started. Hastily awkwardly avoiding Ning Rongrong’s gaze, he simultaneously retreated a step, “Rongrong, what are you doing?”

Ning Rongrong said grimly, with a blank face: “Third brother, you know? Sometimes I really want to beat open your head and take a look at what’s inside. to you, the rest of us can’t call ourselves monsters.” Before she’d even finished speaking, she couldn’t help laughing herself.

Grandmaster said: “Fine, no need to be noisy. Since little San has also grasped some threshold, both of you continue practicing. If you want to succeed, you need to make one hundred percent effort, otherwise even talent will become mediocrity.”

The dull cultivation continued. While Tang San practiced Heart Separation Control, in his mind always appeared the mental relaxation and the feeling from when he released his Blue Silver Grass Spirit to the surrounding wild blue silver grass. He vaguely understood that this kind of feeling didn’t seem to be something that plant system Spirit Masters possessed. Could it be that his Blue Silver Grass Spirit was somehow special? Only, for such a long time of cultivation, it still hadn’t exhibited any special characteristics!

This question always hung in Tang San’s mind. He was still pondering it even when the third day of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament began.

The tournament had already been going for two days, and all Spirit Master academies had also completed their first round of the qualifiers.

Among these twenty eight Spirit Master teams, the unluckiest was certainly Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team. Even though they had the help of healing system Spirit Masters, broken bones and snapped tendons wasn’t something that could be healed in one or two days. To recover from the advance match wasn’t very likely. Even the strength of their main force was so ordinary, let alone their substitutes.

Today was the start of the second round of the qualifiers. When the Shrek Seven Devils and the others arrived outside the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, they immediately felt the difference in treatment.

When the spectators assembled outside of the Great Spirit Arena saw their green attire, they took the initiative to get out of their way. There were still comments, but they were a lot fewer. Those gazes like brambles and thorns had also disappeared, replaced by respect.

As the first match of the first round of the qualifiers, Shrek Academy left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Even though the fight was very short, the burst power of the seven Shrek Academy members on stage, and their merciless attack, none failed to make the audiences’ hearts flutter.

The strength they revealed made these spectators no longer dare underestimate this strangely dressed team. Showing two fortieth level Spirit Masters alone already made them the hot topic of the qualifying competition.

Today Flender didn’t run forward on his own. Instead he was dressed in the same kind of uniform as the students, striding forward with his head high, a proud expression on his face.

Even though there weren’t any jeers from the onlookers, the Shrek Academy team members still lowered their heads. Sure enough, they had used strength to tell everyone they weren’t fishbellies. But now the words on their backs had changed.

As a result of Shrek Academy’s perfect display in the first match, and further adding Flender’s silver tongue, they successfully found sponsors. That was a business selling top quality flower nectar. Reportedly, half the flower nectar in the entire Heaven Dou Empire was produced by them.

Flower nectar was juice extracted from fresh flowers, and passing a certain mixing and compounding, it was put into the bath water, giving people the corresponding fragrance after bathing. It was a favorite of women, whether nobles or commoners, none had immunity to flower nectar. Of course, they purchased different grades.

By now the letters on the Shrek Academy team members’ backs had become: Bottomless charm, wonderfully fragrant flower nectar, bathe healthier.

When seeing the new uniforms, the Shrek Seven Devils were all struck dumb, besides Ma Hongjun who was comparatively familiar with Flender, and had comforted everyone that at least his teacher hadn’t found a chamberpot manufacturer. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed go out.

The price for those ‘wonderfully fragrant flower nectar’ words was also rather attractive. One thousand gold spirit coins for one match, until the whole competition ended, through the qualifiers. When the promotion competition came the award would increase to two thousand gold spirit coins. If they could reach the final three, there was another fifty thousand gold spirit coins. Calculating it, if the Shrek Academy could take the championship, then they could also receive more than a hundred thousand gold spirit coins. Obtaining such income simply by having words like that on their backs made Flender quite satisfied. In order to make the Shrek Seven Devils wear the clothes, today he led by example.

If it was someone other than Flender, perhaps the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t have agreed to wear it no matter what. But, they could never forget Flender’s expression when he had to close the previous Shrek Academy because of financial problems. Therefore, despite the pain in their hearts, they still wore these more than extraordinary uniforms.

As they entered the Great Spirit Arena under the gazes of the spectators, this time they were greeted by two functionaries, bringing them to the competing teams’ rest area.

Starting from yesterday, each day would have fourteen matches. Seeing the Shrek Academy’s arrival, there were a lot of gazes from the other teams. The one who earned the most attention was no doubt Tang San with the ten thousand year spirit ring. The skill he had revealed indeed proved his peak skill. By now the words on the backs of the Shrek Academy uniforms had changed, but these Academies about to become their opponents didn’t pay attention to that. What they cared about was how to defeat Shrek Academy.

“Dean, who are our opponents today?” Dai Mubai asked Flender.

Flender looked distracted a moment, saying: “How should I know? Is it me participating in the competition or you!” He had spent these days finding advertisers, not just the present flower nectar shop, but he’d also discussed prices with several more, how could he have the time to pay attention to the competition.

Dai Mubai was speechless a moment, “Sir, you can’t only care about money. You should still have some concern for us.”

Flender grinned, saying: “Stinking brat, do you have a point?”

Seeing the monstrous expression in Flender’s eyes, Dai Mubai shivered, and hastily shook his head: “No, none.”

Flender smiled: “Even if I’m the dean, I still delegate the work. Don’t worry, Erlong has been observing your opponents. She’ll give you a detailed rundown of your opponents later. I must remind you, if you can’t obtain the championship, I won’t let you graduate.

As he spoke, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong came walking over together. They hadn’t followed Flender’s example, and both wore their own clothes.

Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s expressions seemed somewhat strange, and the Shrek Seven Devils could read a serious mood from their faces.

Could it be that they would actually meet trouble in the qualifiers?

Seeing everyone’s attentive gazes, Grandmaster spoke in a low voice: “Your opponents for the second round of the qualifiers are very powerful. You have three options right now. The first is to give up on this match, preserving your strength. After all, in the qualifiers, the five teams with the most points can enter the finals. Second, is to go up with the formation from the first fight, but you won’t have even one percent chance of victory. Third, is bringing out your full force, but even if you can win, your full strength will certainly have been exposed.”

The Shrek Seven Devils all looked at each other. They couldn’t understand just what kind of opponent could make Grandmaster put on such a serious face. Could this opponent even compare to the Emperor Team?

To the side Liu Erlong said: “You’ve all heard of the Elephant Armored School. Ranked the sixth of the seven great schools. Your opponents today come from the Elephant Armored Academy run by them. The seven members on the other side are all directly related disciples of the Elephant Armored School. Three of them have reached the fortieth rank, the other four also have close to fortieth ranked strength. You might say it’s the elite of the Elephant Armored School’s young generation.”

Elephant Armored School? Hearing these three words, the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help having serious expressions. They were very clear on what these words represented. Just like the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was named the most powerful support school, the Elephant Armored School had their own title: the most powerful defensive school.

The Elephant Armored School’s hereditary spirit was the Diamond Mammoth, a super spirit with extremely high defense, its attributes mainly embodying strength and defense. Of equal level spirits, practically no Spirit Master could breach their defense. If it wasn’t for their lack of a Title Douluo, perhaps their ranking among the seven great schools wouldn’t have been merely sixth.

Despite this, the Elephant Armored School master, an eighty seventh ranked Spirit Douluo, could rely on his tyrannical defense to stiffly block

the attacks of Title Douluo that weren’t offensively focused. It clearly showed the power of their spirit.

Hearing Grandmaster’s words, everyone sunk into contemplation.

Grandmaster continued: “If it was in a spacious battle, perhaps your first formation would still have a chance, the Elephant Armored School’s worst area is speed, relying on movement to exhaust the enemy’s spirit power is a good choice. But with the size of the competition stage, you practically won’t stand a chance. Even though the opponents don’t have a Support Spirit Master, because they all have identical spirits, their overlaying might is astonishing. From a theoretical standpoint, in order to gain the final victory, I advise you to give up this match. After all, you’re safe as long as you’re in the top five in the qualifiers. There’s nothing improper about hiding your strength in the early stage.”

Flender shrieked, “If you avoid battle, I’ll fucking……”

Liu Erlong unhappily glared at him, “Boss Fu, I can see the coins in your eyes. You have to look at it long term. Just in case the little monsters are seriously hurt in this fight, later matches will be even harder to handle. There are a lot of talents among the advanced Spirit Master academies. Don’t forget that their opponents are up to twenty five years old. If they were twenty five as well, then of course there wouldn’t be any question, but their strength development is restricted by their age.”

Flender looked at Dai Mubai and Tang San with a bitter face, “Decide on your own.”

Dai Mubai and Tang San looked at each other, but neither made a sound. To the side Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “If we all appear on stage, what does it matter if others learn of our strength?”

Oscar said: “Of course it’s no good if we let others see our strength beforehand. That way the opponents can come up with tactics against us. Perhaps these qualifiers don’t matter, but don’t forget that we’ll face even more powerful opponents in the promotion competition and the finals. Losing the element of surprise would be disadvantageous to us.”

Dai Mubai asked Tang San: “Little San, what do you think? You’re the soul of the team, the main director. It’s your decision.”

Faint radiance flashed through Tang San’s eyes, tightly clenching both fists, “Fight.”

Even though his reply was just one simple word, this word simultaneously roused the spirits of all the Shrek Academy people, an intense fighting spirit pervaded the air around Tang San.

Tang San’s gaze turned to Grandmaster who was watching him intently, “Teacher, I understand the three options you raised. But I think there’s still a way to compromise. We admittedly want to obtain the final victory in the competition, but at the same time we also want to practice our live combat capability and adaptability. If we shrink back when faced with a powerful opponent, there would be a large influence on morale. Therefore, I think it would be better to take a middle route. Adjusting the members going up, without exposing our entire hidden strength, but also bringing enough strength to defeat the opponents.”

Chapter 95

Grandmaster always emphasized tempering Tang San’s ability to direct, and nodded to this, saying: “Tell me, what do you propose?”

Tang San lowered his voice: “I’m thinking like this. Three of us Shrek Seven Devils appeared in the last fight, this fight we adjust it once. Zhuqing replaces Tai Long, little Ao replaces Jiang Zhu. If five of us seven can’t defeat the opponents, how can we take the final championship?”

Hearing Tang San speak, Grandmaster revealed a smile, “Pretty good, very focused. It seems you’ve already planned in advance.”

Tang San’s brows wrinkled slightly: “Can’t say that, anything can happen in the match. But I believe this is the best way to fight, it’ll give us a chance at victory without exposing our full strength.”

To the side Tai Long Couldn’t keep from saying: “Young master San, why not let me fight? Aren’t the opponents all defense and strength type Spirit Masters? With me there, at least I could block them head on. There’s no question about my ability to take a beating.”

Grandmaster smiled: “The reason he lets Zhuqing take your place is because he’s not planning to fight head on.” Who understood the mind of his direct disciple better than him?

How would Dai Mubai want to avoid battle? His evil eyes shone, “Little San, you arrange it.”

Tang San nodded, gathering the fighters around him. In a low voice, he began to explain the tactics he had in mind. Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and Flender listened quietly on the side, without adding further opinions. They all understood that only relying on their own strength and wisdom to temper themselves in battle, was the best method for these little monsters to grow in strength.


The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament third day competition officially began.

Only ten of the twenty eight competing teams walked into the arena. The spacious arena was already arranged differently from the first day. Besides the original stage Tang San and the others used in the first match, another four equally sized platforms were built to the sides. Despite the size of these five stages, this Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena that was capable of holding eighty thousand people still didn’t appear crowded.

The twenty eight teams fighting on this third day were split into three series, and Shrek Academy was part of the first to go on stage. As a result of their terrifying display in the first match, as well as the expectations for the Elephant Armored Academy to be able to compete for the first place, the match between them was arranged for the central main stage.

As a major occasion that only happened every several years, plus the attraction competing Spirit Masters held to all parties, today the VIP’s present on the viewing platform was practically nothing like the first day opening ceremonies. Not only was the upper crust of the Empire all here, emperor Xue Ye still sat in the center of the front row. However, today the people at his side had changed from two to four. Besides Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas, there were another two people. One was one of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School ’s two Title Douluo, Bone Douluo Gu Rong. The other was comparatively strange. Let alone attracting the gazes of a lot of the people

in the VIP section, even comparatively distant spectators on both sides paid attention to him. Because, this person’s appearance really was a bit extraordinary.

Using ‘extraordinary’ to describe him seemed somewhat insufficient, this person’s body really was too enormous. Even sitting he was a lot taller than most people standing up. The Bone Douluo’s build was already very lofty, but compared to this person next to platinum bishop Salas, he was still a bit inferior.

Estimating this person’s height by eye, he was at least two meters fifty or more, he occupied three of the spacious VIP seats by himself. Just like a mountain of meat. His skin was dark, and he had large eyes like bells. His dark skin seemed to release a special radiance, and just sitting there he gave a very powerful impression. His hair and beard were all white, apparently more than seventy years old.

Ning Fengzhi also hadn’t expected this person to show up in the VIP seats, and Bone Douluo at his side asked him with voice transfer: “Fengzhi, why would Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen[1] this old brat also come?”

Ning Fengzhi equally used a method to compress his voice to a string to reply: “When you see who Elephant Armored School’s opponent today is, you’ll understand. I’m afraid the reason Salas called Hu Yan Zhen over is also because of them.”

The reason why Spirit Hall was known as the most powerful on the Continent, even to the extent where they could compare to the two Great Empires, was inseparably linked to the support of the lower four sects of the seven great schools. Among the seven great schools, of the upper three sects Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School always backed Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, while Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan remained neutral, and Clear Sky School secretly supported Star Luo Empire’s imperial family. But the lower four sects had a close relationship with Spirit Hall. Even though they weren’t affiliated, they were still absolutely intimate. The Elephant Armored School wasn’t located far from Heaven Dou City, and the mountain of meat now sitting next to platinum bishop Salas was precisely the Elephant Armored School master, Heaven

Elephant Hu Yan Zhen. If he wasn’t the master of a school, how could he be entitled to sit in the front row of the VIP section?

Gu Rong smiled faintly, saying: “It seems this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is getting more and more interesting. It really is the emergence of the new generation. Fengzhi, when you originally predicted they were the golden generation of the Spirit Master world, I still doubted you a bit. But now it seems you were right. But I still don’t know what teams will appear in the finals. Today Shrek Academy’s opponents are the Elephant Armored School, are you still optimistic?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “Why not? Even though the Elephant Armored School isn’t weak, their flaws are extremely clear. With Tang San’s intelligence, and further adding the directions of an unequalled theoretician like Grandmaster, as long as they go all out, victory shouldn’t be a problem. Hold on, why is it like this……”

As he spoke, Ning Fengzhi finally saw the two teams walking onto the central stage. He had met all the Shrek Seven Devils, but the ones he saw going up first right now were Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, and Jing Ling. Seeing Huang Yuan and Jing Ling, Ning Fengzhi immediately understood that Shrek Academy still wouldn’t go all out in this fight.

Lightly clapping his forehead, Ning Fengzhi helplessly shook his head, saying to the Bone Douluo at his side: “This Shrek Academy really is ferocious, they’re confronting the Elephant Armored School but still won’t use their full strength. Fortunately they’ve exchanged two members. I hope they don’t make any mistakes this time.”

While speaking, Ning Fengzhi’s gaze unconsciously floated over to platinum bishop Salas on emperor Xue Ye’s other side, just in time to catch a cold ferocity flit through Salas’ eyes.

At the time of the first match, Ning Fengzhi once made clear the relationship between the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Shrek Academy. This moment, Ning Fengzhi’s heart suddenly tightened somewhat. He faintly understood the reason Salas had called over Heaven

Elephant Hu Yan Zhen. And Shrek Academy meeting this opponent in this match apparently also wasn’t due to bad luck.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was organized by Spirit Hall, assisted by the two great empires. Even though the rules embodied the two words ‘Absolute Impartiality’ to the greatest extent, right now the words the came to Ning Fengzhi’s mind were: Hidden Manipulation.

Salas had seen that recruiting them was hopeless, and clearly intended to beat down Shrek Academy’s reputation from before. Perhaps the Elephant Armored School’s methods today would be the same as Shrek Academy’s last fight. What a platinum bishop.

As he understood this point, Ning Fengzhi’s complexion dropped immediately. Fortunately he didn’t see his daughter appear in Shrek Academy’s current formation. At the same time he sighed inwardly, hoping his protection wouldn’t turn into a bad thing. Who won this competition was no longer important, Ning Fengzhi only hoped that the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Even though the Shrek Academy team members were mentally prepared, as they truly saw their opponents, they couldn’t help drawing a deep breath. Were they really human?

When the Elephant Armored School’s seven members stepped onto the stage, the whole platform constantly trembled along with their pace. What stepped onto the stage basically wasn’t seven people, but seven mountains.

They were all black clothed, and the shortest of the Elephant Armored Academy’s seven team members was already two meters tall. The tallest surpassed two meters fifty. Standing in front of the Shrek Academy team, all of them had to look down.

Compared to height, even more frightening was their weight. Estimating it by eye, Tang San guessed that the smallest one weighed more than three hundred jin[2], while that tallest one perhaps exceeded five hundred jin[3].

The same black hair, shaved short on both sides, with only the hair in the middle combed into a strange pony tail, with black skin not much different from the clothes they wore. The seven of them standing in a line was like a solid city wall, blocking the view of the Shrek Academy team.

Standing in the middle was that particularly doughty giant. He took a step forward, and as his feet landed, the entire stage made a booming sound, shaking violently.

“Elephant Armored School team, captain, Hu Yan Li[4]. Forty third ranked defense system Battle Spirit Ancestor.” This captain spoke in a muffled voice, his fat seemingly quivering along with his voice. A pair of small eyes glared at Dai Mubai, glinting ominously.

Rather than taking it lying down, Dai Mubai took a step forward. Even though his body weight wasn’t enough to produce vibrations, his imposing manner was accurate to perfection, “Shrek Academy team, captain, Dai Mubai. Forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor.”

“Both teams, salute.” The referee called out.

Led by Dai Mubai and Hu Yan Li, the altogether fourteen competing members of both sides bowed to each other. The mood in the ring became serious in practically a split second.

“Qualifiers second round, first match, officially begins.”

The five simultaneous matches under way were pronounced started at practically the same time. Also at that moment, the seventy members of ten academies in five matches simultaneously released their spirit rings. Suddenly, the entire Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena became dazzlingly beautiful. The cheers of the spectators also erupted at this moment.

Spirit body enhancement, tool spirit summoning. Dazzling spirit ring light filled the air in an instant.

The seven direct disciples of the Elephant Armored School in front of the Shrek Academy team simultaneously threw off their jackets, exposing their fat. Very quickly, they used their body enhancement to show the audience why they took of their jackets.

The originally already imposing bodies, swelled up once again with explosive shouts of spirit body enhancement. Somewhat flabby fat unexpectedly stretched out, becoming exaggerated muscles, a layer of deep yellow keratin appeared over the skin, flickering with metallic luster. Making them seem even more inhuman was their noses extending, growing longer, and at the same time their upper lips rose, two fierce tusks extending more than one chi[5].

The seven simultaneously raised their right feet, then stomping heavily on the stage. The loud sound not only attracted the audience’s attention, but at the same time left everyone worried whether the stage would hold up in front of such violent energy.

The three in the middle all had two yellow and two purple spirit rings, and the four on the side each had two yellow and one purple.

From the opponents Tang San discovered that among Elephant Armored School disciples, the bigger their bodies the more powerful they were. Their strength could be determined by their outside appearance.

In the VIP seats, platinum bishop Salas looked at the flesh mountain beside him. Hu Yan Zhen nodded at him, speaking in a low voice: “Ah Li[6] is the most outstanding disciple of my Elephant Armored School’s young generation, my eldest grandson. His innate talent is even a bit better than mine in those days. I’m hoping he will one day be able to become the Elephant Armored School’s first Title Douluo.”

Hu Yan Zhen didn’t try to conceal his voice, and not only did it reach Salas, but also the others in the first row, emperor Xue Ye, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong.

Emperor Xue Ye smiled faintly, saying: “With such a grandson, school master Hu Yan is truly worthy of congratulations!”

Hu Yan Zhen laughed out loud, the sound shaking the VIP seats, “Your majesty’s praise is too much, for now let’s look at Ah Li’s performance. This competition the Elephant Armored School’s goal is the final three.”

Emperor Xue Ye calmly said: “Only, if I’m not mistaken, this time your grandson’s opponents have four[7] fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors.”

Hu Yan Zhen stared blankly a moment. He basically hadn’t even considered that his school’s disciples would lose, and further adding that the stature of his Elephant Armored School disciples wasn’t something other people could compare to, he naturally hadn’t paid attention to their opponents. Now hearing emperor Xue Ye’s words, his gaze fell on the Shrek Seven Devils.

Just as emperor Xue Ye said, apart from the Evil Eye White Tiger furthest in front, besides the two three spirit ring Jing Ling and Huang Yuan, as well as Xiao Wu, the other three people all also had four spirit rings. Especially Tang San’s black fourth spirit ring was particularly attention grabbing.

Hu Yan Zhen looked shocked at Salas, but discovered Salas expression was equally stunned.

In the last match, Shrek Academy revealing two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters had already shocked him enormously, and in this fight they actually added two more. In other words, they had concealed their strength in the first match. Very clearly, his estimation of this academy’s strength had been somewhat lacking.

Emperor Xue Ye asked Ning Fengzhi at his side: “School master Ning, you’re quite familiar with this Shrek Academy, do you know who the academy’s dean is? I’m rather curious as to just what person could raise such outstanding disciples.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “Your majesty, Shrek Academy’s dean is called Flender. Perhaps you haven’t heard this name, but you certainly heard about the triple nova that shone brilliantly in the Spirit Master world with their spirit fusion ability twenty years ago. They were called the Golden

Iron Triangle. This Flender was the flying corner of the Golden Iron Triangle. This current Shrek Academy was founded by the three of them, and these children should be growing under the instruction of the wisdom corner, Grandmaster. The most outstanding of them is Tang San, Grandmaster’s only direct disciple.”

“Grandmaster?” Emperor Xue Ye didn’t have any impression as he heard this name, but the expression of platinum bishop Salas to his side changed enormously. Even so much that he immediately undisguised passed a few low sentences to Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen next to him.

Hu Yan Zhen looked at him with shock, muttering: “But, the match has already begun, there shouldn’t be enough time.”

Salas’ expression immediately turned ugly, talking to himself: “Why would it be him? Why him?”

This time, even Ning Fengzhi felt baffled, and couldn’t keep from asking: “Bishop Salas, do you also know Grandmaster?”

Salas returned to himself, expressionless, “Who hasn’t heard of the Golden Iron Triangle. Isn’t this Grandmaster reputed as unparallelled in theory? His relationship with our Spirit Hall isn’t common. I didn’t expect he would end up in an academy. No wonder. Only he could cultivate such outstanding disciples.”

Ning Fengzhi stared blankly a moment. He understood the character of this platinum bishop Salas very well, not only was this person obstinate and self-opinionated, but also petty and small minded. He had already made explicitly clear the familiar relationship between him and Shrek Academy, but now he unexpectedly praised Grandmaster, and further had an anxious expression. There was definitely some secret here.

Emperor Xue Ye smiled: “Since the two of you both think so highly of this Grandmaster, We would like to experience his elegant manners. For now, let us look at the competition.”

Sure enough, while the several people in the VIP seats were opposing each other with needle and spear, the five qualifying matches had already officially begun.

The seven flesh mountains in front of Tang San’s seven hadn’t launched any attack like the power attack system Spirit Masters in the last match against Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team. Instead the seven stood in a line, their first spirit rings simultaneously flaring, and step by step, steadily walked over.

Under the effect of the first spirit rings, these seven flesh mountains originally deep yellow keratin grew a lot more sparkling, as if each was covered in a layer of porcelain glaze. The seven of them really were too enormous, and advancing from the center, they practically occupied half the diameter of the stage. Even though their pace was slow, with each step forward, their imposing manner would subsequently increase somewhat. Whether it was in physique or spirit power, they accorded the Shrek Academy’s seven enormous pressure.

“Retreat.” Tang San shouted. This time he didn’t conduct his members to advance an immediate attack.

The two power attack system Spirit Masters Dai Mubai and Huang Jun, and close combat system Spirit Master Xiao Wu all withdrew quickly, the two agility attack system Spirit Masters Jing Ling and Zhu Zhuqing retreating on either side of Tang San. It was also at this moment that black Blue Silver Grass appeared on stage.

That black vine-like Blue Silver Grass quickly spread along the ground, swiftly scattering in all directions. One strand among them twined around the thick legs of an Elephant Armored School disciple. But terrifyingly, the Blue Silver Grass after the growth of Tang San’s four spirit rings unexpectedly could only make the opponent pause for a moment. The next instant, the Blue Silver Grass immediately emitted tearing sounds.

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted. By this simple test he immediately discovered a lot of things. Not only did these Elephant Armored School disciples have astonishing strength, and knew

exceptionally well to use their advantage. This terrifying body weight was in no way a decoration, not only could they rely on the power of their bodies to reduce spirit power consumption, but at the same time, after their bodies combined with their spirit power, they could erupt with even more frightful strength and defense. Even though his Blue Silver Grass was durable, a bit of twisting was insufficient to restrict the added terror of their strength after fully using their spirits. It clearly showed how scary their opponents’ strength was.

As a result of the stage being circular, the center where both sides first started was the widest area, but now along with the unceasing advancement of their opponents, the space the Shrek Seven Devils had to use on either side was becoming smaller and smaller. In battle, the opponents’ enormous bodies allowed them to control a much larger area than ordinary people. If their opponents were force to where no space remained between them, then their strength could also be displayed to its greatest degree.

This was also the reason why the Elephant Armored School’s seven didn’t anxiously rush forward, they didn’t want to expose the slightest gap. Even though there was space between the two sides at the moment, they still maintained their formation. They didn’t need to catch all the opponents, as long as they could settle the agility attack system, and especially the auxiliary system members, it was already a success. Another side of defense was endurance. These seven Elephant Armored School disciples by far wasn’t something those Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second stringers could compare to. Seeing that four of their opponents had spirit power that reached the fortieth rank, they immediately used their most dependable strategy.

On the Shrek side, nobody panicked. Everyone condensed their spirit power, quietly waiting for their team soul to pass down the orders. Even though the two new members Huang Yuan and Jing Ling began to breathe quickly under the tremendous pressure, the calm of the five Shrek Seven Devils spurred them to keep a calm heart.

“Advance, three steps.” Tang San shouted.

Besides him and Oscar, the other five swiftly took three steps forward, their auras rising, clashing in the air with the pressure from the opponents. Among the five, both Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing surpassed the fortieth rank, and their imposing manner didn’t lose out to the opponents.

Five black lines of light shot out simultaneously, twisting around the waists of the five people, precisely Tang San’s invented special formation technique, human meteor hammer. It was relying on this technique that the Shrek Seven Devils once defeated the Emperor Team. At that time their ranks were a step below their opponents. This time Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass was a lot more durable than back then, and the length he could extend it also surpassed fifty meters, absolutely incomparable to that time. How much had this human meteor hammer’s strength improved?

“Little Ao, come.”

Oscar swiftly reached Tang San’s side. Tang San flicked his wrist, stuffing a flying mushroom sausage down his throat, one hand grabbing Oscar and loading him onto his back. Immediately afterward, he leapt up, soaring straight into the air.

The flying mushroom sausage took effect quickly, a set of transparent wings quietly appearing on Tang San’s back. Just like that he brought Oscar flying into the air.

“Soften.” Tang San shouted once again. The five people who previously stepped forward immediately drew a deep breath, condensing their spirit power, making themselves as agile as possible.

Among the seven, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, as well as agility attack system Jing Ling were like gas, their bodies already almost weightless. Even though Dai Mubai and Huang Yuang were a bit heavy, they still weren’t any problem. Under the effect of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill cooperating with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, he unexpectedly simultaneously sent all five into the air.

Tang San once carefully researched the limits of Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage, and discovered empirically that the flying mushroom

sausage could support a weight of about five hundred jin[8] or so. The combined body weight of the seven of them absolutely exceeded this number, but not by too much. After all, besides Huang Yuan and Jing Ling, the Shrek Seven Devils were all still in their early teens, and only Dai Mubai’s physique was a bit imposing. Under such circumstances, as long as everyone lightened themselves as much as possible, it was just in the range of what the flying mushroom sausage could support. This was also the key to their strategy. A major reason they didn’t bring Tai Long was that he was too heavy. Otherwise, the impact Tai Long could have right now would even be a bit bigger than Xiao Wu.

Tang San suddenly soaring up, immediately brought an outcry from the audience. Even though there had been a few Spirit Masters with flight capability since the start of the qualifiers, there had been no one who like Tang San brought six people into the air. Relying on the Blue Silver Grass link to simultaneously bring the whole seven man team into the air was astonishing to see.

The fight between Shrek Academy and Elephant Armored Academy had originally already drawn close to sixty percent of the audience’s attention, but now practically all the spectators focused on their direction.

In the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye cried out in surprise, “That Tang San actually has flight capability as well?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled faintly, saying: “I’d say this isn’t his ability, but rather that auxiliary system Spirit Master’s. I don’t think they would do something pointless, with these people, there will inevitably be a reason.”

Oscar being carried on Tang San’s back was equivalent to making him Tang San’s housekeeper. Without hesitation, he immediately condensed a large recovery sausage and stuffed it into Tang San’s mouth. The consumption had only just started, but he immediately helped Tang San recover in advance. The key to this match didn’t lie in how the other five attacked, but in how Tang San executed his control.

Suddenly seeing their seven opponents all flying into the air, made the Elephant Armored Academy seven who were just pressing forward stare

blankly. How could they have expected that they would encounter such a situation on the stage. Just as Grandmaster said, their strength and defense were admittedly matchless, but that also came at the expense of speed. Agility attack system Spirit Masters weren’t bad, at least they had ways to deal with them, but these flying type Spirit Masters no doubt had the greatest restraining potential to them.

If everyone were on the ground, then the Elephant Armored School disciples could naturally display the features of their defensive strength, but with the opponents in the air, the part closest to their opponents were their heads. Even though their head defense also wasn’t weak, they couldn’t display that fat defense power their bodies had. More importantly, the seven opponents simultaneously flying into the air immediately broke their rhythm.

Tang San used both hands to control the five strands of Blue Silver Grass, and the five people below were like puppets. In a split second they left the attack range of the fatties.

Tang San rotated half a turn in midair, throwing out the five human meteor hammers simultaneously, each of the five landing in a separate location below. The places the five of them fell were all surrounding the seven opposing fatties, and at the same time, countless Blue Blue Silver Grass released from Tang San as he used the Binding ability on all seven opponents.

The whole process from everyone being sent flying to launching their attack was less than a dozen seconds. What Tang San somewhat didn’t expect was the the Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples reaction also wasn’t a beat slow. The largest, Hu Yan Li, shouted loudly, and the seven fatties swiftly gathered together, forming a back to back formation. At the same time they extended their palm leaf sized hands to swat at the five people dropping from the air.

Watching this scene, Tang San couldn’t help being secretly alarmed. The defensive power of these seven was astonishing, and with this kind of formation their defense was even more flawless. Breaking through their

formation absolutely wasn’t easy. This was just the scene Tang San wanted to see the least.

The five strands of Blue Silver Grass pulled back Dai Mubai’s five just as they were about to enter attack range, pulling the five back up. Tang San clearly understood that even though he grasped the opponents’ greatest weakness, these fatties were extremely shrewd. Right now they were willing to take a beating in order to pull down even one of the Shrek Academy members. With that terrifying weight and strength of theirs, if they grabbed any one, it was the same as breaking the whole human meteor hammer.

Even though the people were pulled back, the Blue Silver Grass Binding didn’t halt. Pure black, sharp thorned Blue Silver Grass twisted frantically around the seven fatties, and in just a moment, they were densely bound.

These Blue Silver Grass could be said to spread from Tang San’s body, and the moment the Binding completed, Tang San immediately discovered the problem. The thorns of the Blue Silver Grass was basically unable to pierce the other side’s frightening skin, even so much that the highly toxic corrosive and paralysing poisons were unable to take effect. The opponents’ defensive strength was even beyond his estimation.

The Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples roared practically simultaneously, explosive force bursting out in a moment. That extremely tough Blue Silver Grass could be seen being slowly pushed open under that explosive strength, gradually rupturing. But Tang San also clearly saw the opponents’ second spirit ring brightening simultaneously.

He immediately made an accurate judgement: the opponents’ first spirit rings were defensive, and their second spirit rings should be of the strength boosting category.

Blue Silver Grass was the physical form of Tang San’s spirit, and after the nourishment of four spirit rings, especially the added properties of that last ten thousand year spirit ring, this originally known as a trash spirit had long ago already become extremely durable. Not long ago when Tang San experienced that melding with the wild blue silver grass in his

surroundings, his own Blue Silver Grass had also undergone a certain change. Even though the change was minute, it’s texture had become even finer. Right now as it was twisted around the opponents, even with the fatties’ astonishing strength, they still couldn’t just throw it off.

One, two, three, four, five. Tang San counted silently, at five seconds the three fortieth ranked team members on the opposing side managed to struggle free of the Blue Silver Grass. The most powerful, Hu Yan Li, even more needed only four seconds, and the other four who still hadn’t reached the fortieth rank, all needed more than seven seconds to break free.

Oscar once again swiftly stuffed his mushroom sausage in Tang San’s mouth, simultaneously readying a big recovery sausage.

After simply counting time, all sorts of information flashed through Tang San’s mind, immediately proposing a second attack.

“Twenty seconds, defeat Hu Yan Li.” Tang San shouted, at the same time launching Binding once again, his first, second, and fourth spirit rings flaring practically simultaneously.

With the massive bodies of the seven Elephant Armored Academy students, standing there they made practically ideal targets. Blue Silver Grass swiftly twisted, bundling them up once again. At the same time, the five led by Dai Mubai landed swiftly, and under the effect of Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, simultaneously pounced at Hu Yan Li.

Hu Yan Li snorted disdainfully, ‘Still restraining? Don’t tell me this isn’t a waste of spirit power?’ With the enormous bodies of the seven people on his side, a few rounds of Binding alone could substantially consume that control system Spirit Master’s spirit power. Once he was unable to persevere and dropped from the sky, this match would be over. ‘Want to defeat me? That might not be so easy.’

[1] (呼延震) “Shout Extend Shock” [2] 300⽄ = 150 kg

[3] 500⽄ = 250 kg
[4] (呼延⼒) “Shout Extend Power”
[5] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[6] The elephant is using the prefix (a 阿), which indicates familiarity.

[7] RAW here says five, and it seems Tang Jia San Shao basically forgot Xiao Wu still only has three rings for the next little bit. I’ll correct it for this translation.
[8] 500 ⽄ = 250 kg

Chapter 96

The Elephant Armored School always relied mainly on defensive countering to attack, now seeing the Shrek Academy about to launch an all out attack, Hu Yan Li was happy more than alarmed. As long as he could deplete their spirit power, how could he fear defeat? ‘Twenty seconds, I want to see just how you’ll restrain these brothers of mine for twenty seconds.’

Tang San very quickly used action to tell Hu Yan Li just how he would do it. At the same time as he launched Binding, apart from Hu Yan Li, sixteen strands of Blue Silver Grass erupted from below the feet of each of the other Elephant Armored six, instantly condensing into a cage, precisely his fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison. And at the same time, his second spirit ability, Parasite, launched, covering each of them in a thick layer of Blue Silver Grass, including Hu Yan Li.

That it took four seconds to struggle free of one layer didn’t mean it took eight seconds to break out of two layers. The overlayed restraint ability was much stronger than Hu Yan Li had imagined. Apart from his head, right now his whole body was already covered in Blue Silver Grass.

Ever since the start of the battle, Tang San had used his keen judgement and detailed planning to grasp control of the whole battlefield. Relying on the flying mushroom sausage, he as far as possible crippled the opponents’ greatest advantage, and relying on his own three potent restraint abilities, he now also restrained the opponents below. Twenty seconds, this was already his lowest estimate for restraining the six people.

Tang San swiftly swallowed a big recovery sausage, his face pale. He had not only used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to precisely control the movements of his five team mates, but also released three great spirit abilities at the same time, this had consumed more than half his spirit power in practically an instant. Due to the seven opponents’ massive size, Binding especially consumed a lot of spirit power. If they could throw it off another few times, Tang San would inevitably be exhausted.

Fortunately, Tang San still had Oscar on his back, and under the unending support of his big recovery sausages, the spirit power Tang San consumed could be recovered to some extent.

Tiger’s roar, cat’s cry, rattling bones, all sorts of sounds filled the air. Five people simultaneously launched their attacks at Hu Yan Li’s exposed head.

Tang San’s goal was very simple. Hu Yan Li was the most powerful of the opponents, and also the most important link. As long as they could defeat him first, then this fight would become a lot easier. The opponents didn’t have a control system Spirit Master, so as captain, Hu Yan Li wasn’t only the team’s heart, but also their soul. Defeating Hu Yan Li would be an enormous mental blow at the opponents’ morale. Even though Tang San had also determined that Hu Yan Li’s defense was astonishing, even if it was even more powerful, it would still be impossible to endure the combined assault of five Spirit Masters at almost the same level as him for twenty seconds.

From the moment both sides had released their spirits, Tang San had been searching for a weakness in the opponents. Just like when they dealt with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s Yu Tian Heng. But these fatties were really too good at keeping formation, and as a last resort, Tang San was forced to create this opportunity to defeat Hu Yan Li.

In the VIP seats, Hu Yan Zhen’s furious eyes opened wide, and he suddenly stood up. Watching the grandson he was most proud of about to come under the focused attack of five Spirit Masters, immediately made a powerful light fluctuate at the corners of his eyes. His lips buzzed a few times.

To the side, Ning Fengzhi calmly said: “School master Hu Yan doing this seems to be against the competition rules.” He didn’t need to know what Hu Yan Zhen was saying to understand that he used a voice compression technique[1] to give instructions to his grandson.

Hu Yan Zhen snorted, sitting back down in his seats, “I don’t know what school master Ning means, what did I do?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly, without uttering another word. After all, voice compression wouldn’t leave behind any evidence. He also wanted to see just what directions Hu Yan Zhen could give that would let Hu Yan Li break this certain kill situation Tang San had created.

However, Ning Fengzhi hadn’t expected that the two words Hu Yan Zhen had passed to Hu Yan Li with voice compression could completely transform the situation Tang San had with great difficulty created.

Hu Yan Li gave off an explosive roar, his fourth spirit ring suddenly flaring. Not only did it speed up the damage to the Blue Silver Grass around him, at the same time his skin changed once again, adding a protective layer of icicles.

Hong——. The first chop of the skeleton incarnated Jing Ling’s third spirit ability Mad Battle landed on Hu Yan Li’s head. In a flash, both his arms transformed into bone sabers erupted in several dozen strikes. But terrifyingly, his Bad Battle ability only left clouds of sparks flying over the opponent’s head. Unexpectedly it was unable to cause the slightest bit of harm. Jing Ling even saw Hu Yan Li grin at him.

Following tightly behind Jing Ling was Zhu Zhuqing. Her most powerful single target attack, Hell Decapitation, instantly erupted. Both hands clasped, further adding the momentum of falling from above, relying on her more than fortieth rank spirit power, this one attack by far exceeded what Jing Ling could compare to.

At a tremendous explosive sound, even with Hu Yan Li’s defense, both his legs still completely sunk into the ground under this one attack. A white

mark was left in the center of his forehead, and the outermost layer of icicles ruptured instantly. Hu Yan Li’s body also swayed once.

In fact, when only passively taking a beating, not suffering any injuries from the full strength attack of the similarly leveled Zhu Zhuqing, was already extremely amazing.

Huang Yuan and Dai Mubai’s attacks arrived practically simultaneously. Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave and Huang Yuan’s Furious Wolf Howl Bullet landed almost the same instant. And this moment was also just when Hu Yan Li’s outer layer of defense was broken, when he was at his weakest. When Dai Mubai launched his White Tiger Light Wave, he had already used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, instantly boosting his attack power.

If it wasn’t for the rules forbidding killing the opponents, Dai Mubai would have used White Tiger Meteor Shower for this attack.

However, something the Shrek Academy group had never anticipated occurred. Without any warning, Hu Yan Li’s head suddenly wore a helmet. That’s right, definitely a helmet. An earth yellow helmet that seemed conspicuously not dazzling.

But it was such a helmet covering the whole head that stiffly resisted the combined attacks of both Dai Mubai and Huang Yuan.


Hu Yan Li’s both feet and calves had sunk into the ground. In fact, this stage was built from meter thick granite. Light scattered in all directions, and with a roar, the Blue Silver Grass twisted around his body disintegrated into thumb long pieces, as he completely threw off all restraints.

Dai Mubai and Huang Yuan who were closest, could both clearly feel that this big fatty’s strength had increased once again, and moreover increased to an extremely terrifying degree. Not only did his whole body swell another size, but even all four spirit rings around him shone simultaneously.

Helmet? The rules of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament clearly stipulated that contestants couldn’t use any implements. The opponent couldn’t fail to know this. Light instantly flashed through his mind, and in the air, Tang San’s eyes immediately contracted. Two words immediately appeared in his mind, and these two words were precisely what Elephant Armored School master Hu Yan Zhen had just spoken to Hu Yan Li with voice compression: Spirit bone.

Indeed, that helmet on Hu Yan Li’s head, was a spirit bone.

Spirit bones had six main slots, the head, the four limbs, and torso. This helmet proved Hu Yan Li had one of those six, a cranial spirit bone.

This sudden appearance of a spirit bone broke Tang San’s stratagem. But being capable of forcing the counterpart to use a spirit bone, undoubtedly made all the Spirit Masters who understood what happened gobsmacked.

Everyone knew the value of spirit bones, each one sold for astronomical figures, and they only appeared for sale very rarely. If it was revealed one had a spirit bone, it would no doubt become the target for some peoples’ greed. Even though this Hu Yan Li’s strength was pretty good, he still only had forty something ranked spirit power, preserving his spirit bone in front of some senior experts definitely wouldn’t be easy.

Were it not for fear that continuous attacks to the head would cause irreversible after effects to his grandson, Hu Yan Zhen absolutely wouldn’t have allowed Hu Yan Li to use this spirit bone. Not even if it cost them the match. But in front of the situation Tang San had created, in order to avoid being beaten into an imbecile or suffer serious head trauma, Hu Yan Zhen had no choice but to make the call. This grandson of his could be said to be the future of the whole Elephant Armored School.

The ordinary spectators might not identify the helmet, and low level Spirit Masters might not guess it, but how could the crowd in the VIP seats fail to see it?

Platinum bishop Salas looked at Hu Yan Zhen next to him with astonishment, an envious light flashing through his eyes. But Ning Fengzhi

by contrast said with a beaming smile: “Congratulations, school master Hu Yan. Your grandson possessing a spirit bone at such an age, is truly worthy of celebration. But, school master Hu Yan, be a somewhat mindful. By all means don’t fall for the plots of ambitious people.”

Hu Yan Zhen’s face was flat as water. Even though Hu Yan Li had dispelled the crisis, he still wasn’t the least bit happy. Having a spirit bone exposed in such a public place with so many people, absolutely wasn’t a good thing. He snorted coldly, “School master Ning doesn’t have to worry about my Elephant Armored School’s disciples.”

Gu Rong at Ning Fengzhi’s side was somewhat unable to endure watching the school master being contradicted twice in succession, and was about to flare up. But Ning Fengzhi pulled him down, raising a finger to the stage, “Watch the competition.”

As Hu Yan Li threw of the restraints, his eyes were practically spouting flames. Even though he had used the spirit bone to resist the attacks, he was still dizzy. Two Spirit Masters over fortieth rank as well as two Spirit Masters over thirty fifth rank all striking the same place, were it not for the spirit bone, he would already have keeled over long ago. Now relying on the additional properties from the spirit bone to break free of the Blue Silver Grass, how could he still hold back? His whole skeleton made a burst of cracking noises, as he raised both massive hands to grab directly at the last person to pounce, Xiao Wu.

Tang San’s group control had now reached ten seconds, and the other six Elephant Armored School members were still unable to break free.

If at this moment, Hu Yan Li hadn’t chosen to attack Xiao Wu, and rather rely on his defense to withstand another attack, then helping his comrades break free of the restraints, then the outcome of today’s battle might truly have been hard to tell.

However, his head dizzy from the successive attacks made him unable to keep as calm as usual, and all he could think of right now was to first deal

with the enemy.

Watching the counterpart grab at her, Xiao Wu was calm and unhurried, both legs shooting out simultaneously, separately landing on Hu Yan Li’s arms. In terms of agility, how could this old fellow compare to Xiao Wu? Drawing on the rebound from both legs, Xiao Wu soared into the air, and under the help of Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, she was instantly whisked into the sky.

Xiao Wu had disappeared, but the other four already had their feet firmly planted on the ground after the attack. By now Hu Yan Li was already in a kind of half berserk condition, and charged at the four without the slightest hesitation. His third spirit ring suddenly brightened, and his obese body actually leapt into the air. His whole body was covered by a layer of dazzling purple light, and he directly locked down the one who hurt him the most, Zhu Zhuqing, pressuring her from the air.

The instant she was locked in on, Zhu Zhuqing discovered that she was suddenly unable to move, and faced with the massive opponent, her only choice was to block.

The Elephant Armored School after all didn’t like the Strength Clan choose all their spirit rings in the same attribute. Along with defense, they also had their attack abilities. The Pressure Kill that Hu Yan Li now used was one of those. If locked down by this spirit ability, the opponent’s legs would temporarily lose the ability to move, able only to block head on. This was also the greatest characteristic of this thousand year spirit ring of his, and it was the most suitable ability found after generations of research by the Elephant Armored School.

With their enormous bodies falling from the sky, and further adding their spirit power, the effect could well be imagined. As long as the opponent was unable to move and had to block, then let alone agility attack system Spirit Masters, even strength type Spirit Masters might not be able to resist. Of course, this ability still had a condition in order to use, namely that the opponent was within ten meters of the user.

Unfortunately, the no longer clear headed Hu Yan Li had forgotten one thing. Indeed, Zhu Zhuqing was unable to move right now. But don’t forget that her movements weren’t all under her own control.

Blue Silver Grass acted just in time, as Tang San easily pulled Zhu Zhuqing away from her original position over towards Dai Mubai, and under his control, Jing Ling and Huang Yuan also directly flew over to the other still restrained Elephant Armored School disciples.

“Hell White Tiger.” Tang San’s calm voice reached Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s ears, and the two immediately leapt at each other. By now, Tang San had already temporarily withdrawn the Blue Silver Grass from them.

This was Tang San’s carefully prepared finishing move. The Shrek Seven Devils possessed two most powerful hidden abilities, one was Tang San’s external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, the other was Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability. At this moment Tang San needed to control the entire battlefield, and subsequently it was clearly unsuitable for him to use Eight Spider Lances. And the reason why he had replaced Tai Long with Zhu Zhuqing for this fight, was this Hell White Tiger spirit fusion ability.

If they could rely on just the midair human meteor hammer to win would be best, but if that didn’t work, they still had Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s super attack. Tang San believed that even if the Elephant Armored School had even more powerful defense, alone it was still impossible to resist Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s combined attack. In fact, after the two of them had reached the fortieth rank, their spirit fusion ability had also subsequently evolved.

Hong—— A depression was forcefully smashed into the stage, as Hu Yan Li’s enormous body was practically embedded in the ground. With him as the center, cracks immediately spread to practically every corner of the stage. The terrifying might of this Pressure Kill was evident.

“Xiao Wu.” Tang San shouted, and with a flick of his wrist, a pink ray of light flew accurately in front of Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu opened her mouth and

bit down on precisely Oscar’s newest fourth spirit ability, stimulating pink sausage.

With no need for words, relying only on the pull of Blue Silver Grass, Tang San clearly showed Xiao Wu what to do. Her target was the smallest member of the opposing team.

At this moment, Tang San’s battlefield control capabilities were vividly exhibited. First by saving Zhu Zhuqing from the danger of Hu Yan Li’s Pressure Kill, and at the same time directing two people to use spirit fusion ability, taking Oscar’s stimulating pink sausage and using his hidden weapons techniques to throw it to Xiao Wu, and furthermore delivering her to the weakest opponent. This whole process was accomplished practically simultaneously. Even Tang San himself didn’t notice that right now he had already used Heart Separation Control’s Three Aperture Governing Heart.

A tiger’s roar erupted from Dai Mubai’s throat, and along with the roar, his body that was already under the effect of White Tiger Vajra Transformation swelled up once again, white fur mixed with black tiger stripes rushing out all over him.

Zhu Zhuqing was completely covered with a faint black light, moving swiftly, she unexpectedly seemed transparent, as she quietly floated towards Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai revealed a faint smile, twin pupils uniting, both arms spreading, welcoming Zhu Zhuqing’s illusory figure. Their two silhouettes quietly fused into one.

A three meter wide beam of black light instantly soared up from where they met, a terrifying tiger’s roar filling the whole arena. At this moment, not only did the spectators look on with stunned expressions, but at the roar, even the teams competing on the other four platforms stopped moving for a moment, subconsciously turning to look in the direction of the black pillar of light.

The burst of black light dissipated, and at the same time the figures of Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai vanished along with it. Where they previously

stood, now only remained the graceful figure of an enormous white tiger. The white tiger was transparent, white furred with black stripes, and purple double pupiled eyes that coldly watched the dust covered Hu Yan Li crawling out of the floor.

Last time the Hell White Tiger had been eight meters long and two meters tall. This time, the Hell White Tiger reached an even more terrifying length of ten meters, and three meters high. Even though the Elephant Armored School’s fatties each had astonishing builds, in front of this enormous white tiger they still seemed insignificant.

Unlike last time it didn’t use the spirit fusion burst ability Hell White Tiger Break immediately after appearing. Instead that enormous white tiger charged directly at Hu Yan Li. From its wide back a pair of enormous wings unfurled, and its massive body suddenly glided through the air.

Under the terrifying pressure of the winged tiger, even after using the spirit bone, Hu Yan Li still felt it hard to breathe.

Last time they used this spirit fusion ability, Zhu Zhuqing still hadn’t reached the thirtieth rank. But now, both she and Dai Mubai had already passed the fortieth. The spirit fusion ability grew along with the strength of the users, and to them right now it was no longer as simple as a single attack. That immense white tiger gracefully and leisurely, pounced at Hu Yan Li.

By now, Jing Ling and Huang Yuan’s attacks simultaneously poured down on the head of an opponent, as the Blue Silver Prison around him instantly withdrew. And on the other side, Xiao Wu also showed a bizarre change.

As the Blue Silver Prison there equally withdrew, Xiao Wu was inundated in a layer of dazzling pink, her entire tender body seemed to grow somewhat, causing her sleeves and the trouser legs at her calves to rupture, she landed extremely gracefully on the shoulders of the weakest Elephant Armored School member, her feet pressing at his neck in a ⼋
shape. The next moment, Waist Bow launched.

With Xiao Wu’s original strength, it would be impossible for her to throw the opponent, even with Waist Bow. After all, the opponents were far too heavy, and their strength so astonishing. However, under Tang San’s careful calculations, after eating a stimulating pink sausage to temporarily boost strength, and further adding her superior spirit power compared to the opponent, it was just enough for Xiao Wu to deal with this weakest Elephant Armored School disciple.

Watching Xiao Wu’s still slender body turning in midair, bringing along that massive flesh mountain, then again heavily slamming him into the ground, the forces this Elephant Armored School disciple’s neck had to endure could well be imagined. Unfortunately, right now everyone’s attention was still fixed on that enormous Hell White Tiger, otherwise, Xiao Wu’s attack would definitely have left a deep impression in the hearts of a great many people.

Hu Yan Li naturally wouldn’t wait helplessly. Right now, along with Tang San’s spirit power being consumed, his brothers were already starting to break free of the restraints. Relying on his five hundred jin[2] body weight, Hu Yan Li crouched in place, using both arms to block the two immense tiger claws swinging at him.

As a disciple of Elephant Armored School, one of the seven great schools, he naturally knew about the characteristics of the spirit fusion ability. The power of the spirit fusion ability was enormous, but it also required immense spirit power expenditure. He knew that as long as he could withstand two attacks, even if he was defeated, two of the opponents’ fortieth ranked powers would lose all fighting strength due to spirit power exhaustion, and at that time, once his brothers had recovered they would certainly take the final victory.

Hu Yan Li’s idea was correct, but unfortunately, he underestimated the might of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger.

With extremely high harmonization, as well as both having strength over the fortieth rank and their complementary spirits, Hell White Tiger didn’t

only unite their strength, but moreover amplified it enormously. That was an immense gap that couldn’t be bridged by a single spirit bone. Let alone Hu Yan Li, even if Tang San and Hu Yan Li stood together, and both used their spirit bones, it still might not be enough to withstand this spirit fusion ability.

Two tiger claws swung down simultaneously, causing an enormous explosive sound. Hu Yan Li only felt an irresistible force, feeling explosive pain all over his body, and immediately afterward, flying through the air, he no longer felt anything.

The Hell White Tiger used the momentum from this strike to dash forward, Hell White Tiger Break, launching.

That tremendous silhouette, like lightning, struck the other two fortieth ranked Elephant Armored School disciples who had just freed themselves from the restraints.

More explosions, and those two Elephant Armored School disciples were thrown away by the strike of the Hell White Tiger, directly striking the stage. And at this moment, the illusory form of the Hell White Tiger also vanished, exposing the two equally pale, bodies already returned to normal, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. The pair’s spirit body enhancement had already worn off.

The Hell White Tiger’s attack didn’t take long, but it left an incomparably profound impression in the minds of all the spectators. One claw had sent Hu Yan Li directly into the stage, penetrating the granite surface. Then the Hell White Tiger had further sent flying two fortieth ranked team members that had fully used their fourth spirit abilities, that icicle like protective layer. In practically a split second, it had disintegrated the strength of the Elephant Armored School’s three strongest members.

And at this time, under the frantic attacks of Jing Ling and Huang Yuan, one Elephant Armored School disciple had already been struck unconscious before he could even struggle free of the Blue Silver Grass. And Xiao Wu had also used the power boost from the stimulating pink sausage to easily

throw the weakest member into unconsciousness, also unable to throw off Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

The human meteor hammer had now been completely rescinded, and Tang San didn’t eat a third flying mushroom sausage, bringing Oscar down from the sky.

Tang San threw the several big recovery sausages in his hands, tossing them to the Shrek Academy members. The seven formed up in a circle, with the last two opponents in the center.

The Elephant Armored School disciples had commendable fighting spirit. Despite only remaining two of them, and moreover ones who hadn’t reached fortieth rank of cultivation, they didn’t have the slightest intent of backing down. Clearly, they also saw that the Shrek Seven Devils were equally at the end of their strength. Continuously using large scale control abilities was a huge spirit power drain on Tang San, and after using the spirit fusion ability, their two strongest attackers, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, were temporarily unable to use their spirits. And Jing Ling, Huang Yuan and Xiao Wu might not be able to break their defense. Therefore, after the two fatties looked face to face, they launched their attack abilities without the slightest hesitation.

Just like Hu Yan Li, the third spirit abilities of these two was also Pressure Kill. And the targets the two fatties chose were Tang San and Xiao Wu.

The audience might not have caught that throw Xiao Wu used just now, but standing on the stage, they had still seen it with incomparable clarity. They didn’t want their enormous bodies to be flung through the air like that, with great weight, the fall would also be heavy! The reason their comrade had fainted wasn’t because he was unable to bear the strike, but rather because the bones in his neck had been displaced by the whiplash caused by his own enormous weight and Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow, thereby causing unconsciousness.

Therefore, when the two launched their attack, they chose the targets they thought were the greatest threat, Tang San and Xiao Wu. As for Jing Ling

and Huang Yuan, they believed that the two didn’t have the attack power to break through their defense. After all, by now the restraints were already gone.

However, they neglected one person, although this person was the most unremarkable one on the Shrek Academy team. From the start to the end of the fight he hadn’t participated in the battle. He also didn’t have any attacking strength. But his presence enormously strengthened the Shrek Academy team’s battle endurance. That was the forty first ranked food system tool Spirit Master, Big Sausage Uncle Oscar.

Continuously using recovery sausages let Tang San constantly replenish his spirit power. Even though the consumption was enormous, he still wasn’t without fighting strength.

Tang San’s estimate of the Elephant Armored School was very accurate. Superb defense, superb strength, but low agility, few means of attack, without auxiliary support, without control capability. When dealing with such an opponent, as long as they crushed the most powerful members, they would inevitably lose the ability to turn the tables. Being without Support Spirit Master reduced the likelihood of suddenly recovering their strength. After all, it was impossible for each one to possess such an unlikely treasure as spirit bones.

Tang San and Xiao Wu were instantly locked down by the two enormous fatties, and even though Jing Ling and Huang Yuan immediately attacked them, now that the Elephant Armored School disciples were free of their restraints, they could show their full defensive power and didn’t pay the two attackers any attention, leaping high up with all their might, pressuring Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Having their feet locked down didn’t mean their hands couldn’t move. Tang San didn’t panic, and with a wave of his right hand, a strand of Blue Silver Grass flew out, accurately twisting around Xiao Wu’s waist, pulling her over. And at the same time, Tang San half crouched in a horse stance, drawing a deep breath, as white light rushed out from his body, Mysterious Heaven Skill already gathering in his palms.

Xiao Wu and Tang San hadn’t been cooperating for just one or two days, and being pulled to Tang San’s side, she immediately astonishingly flipped into a handstand, both legs pointing up. Right now, the lock on her had already been removed due to Tang San’s pull.

Xiao Wu had both legs towards the sky, and Tang San held both hands up high. Watching that fatty tumbling towards them, the two exerted strength simultaneously.

Waist Bow launching, Xiao Wu accurately planted both feet in the fatty’s belly, instantly retarding his downward momentum, and when her legs even under the effect of Waist Bow was unable to bear that enormous weight, Tang San’s hands already supported that fatty’s abdomen, launching Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. It was the martial skill Two Liang Pushing Ten Thousand Jin[3].

Of the two, one was forty first ranked and one thirty eighth ranked, even though the fatty’s weight and this ability were both overbearing, against the cooperation of the two, and moreover Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow amplifying effect, it lost all threat.

The downwards momentum instantly became a horizontal movement, and under the precise control of Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, that enormous body flew sideways, just striking the other fatty as he was about to hit the ground.

A loud bang echoed, and just at this moment, a yellow green ball of light quietly spread, wrapping up the two inside the instant they collided. Their enormous bodies immediately became like a giant bottle gourd, crashing heavily to the ground.

By now, the entire Elephant Armored Academy team’s seven members had already completely lost the ability to continue the fight, that one hundred percent toughness boost of the Spider Web Restraint wasn’t something that could be thrown off in a short time. Even with their astonishing strength it was impossible. After all, both of them only had thirty something ranked spirit power.

As the Shrek Academy’s seven members once again encircled the two, the referee had no choice but to declare the winner of this match.

“Second round, first qualifiers match, Shrek Academy defeats Elephant Armored Academy.”

Bang. A bursting sound in the VIP seats, as the Elephant Armored School master Hu Yan Zhen crushed the handrails on his seat, bell like big eyes looking like they were about to shoot flames.

He was unresigned, he was really unresigned. He obviously felt it was impossible for Shrek Academy to break the Elephant Armored Academy defensive formation led by his grandson. But they had still done it. The erupting strength of the spirit fusion ability Hell White Tiger was admittedly tremendous, but under ordinary circumstances, Hu Yan Zhen believed that three fortieth ranked Elephant Armored School children headed by his grandson, still wouldn’t be unable to resist it. As long as they had dispelled that spirit fusion ability, the outcome of this fight wouldn’t have been in doubt.

But in such a fight that he had thought couldn’t be lost, the Elephant Armored School was still defeated. How? How could they lose?

Let alone Hu Yan Zhen being unable to understand, even platinum bishop Salas next to him stared blankly.

Even if four of Shrek Academy’s seven members had strength over the fortieth rank, the Elephant Armored School still had three people on this level, and Hu Yan Li had used a spirit bone. By all reason, that was enough to make up the difference with the spirit fusion ability. Further adding that the seven Elephant Armored School members all had the first rate spirit Diamond Mammoth, their overall strength clearly surpassed the opponents. But how had they still lost?

Ning Fengzhi’s face was already covered with a smile, looking at the Shrek Academy seven cheering their victory, inwardly he couldn’t help sighing in praise. The eyes of the Bone Douluo at his side were also currently big and bright, muttering to himself: “Using a point to break the

surface, fostering strength and avoiding weakness. The effect of a control system Spirit Master in a team fight really is formidable.”

[1] The literal meaning is (逼⾳成线地能⼒) “Forcing sound to become a string ability”, and is also what Gu Rong and Ning Fengzhi used to talk to each other last chapter. I’ll use “voice compression” for short.
[2] 500⽄ = 250 kg
[3] 100 g pushing 5 ton. The principle of a small force diverting a large force.

Chapter 97

Even though Gu Rong spoke softly, everyone nearby heard him. At the words ‘using point to break the surface’, platinum bishop Salas immediately understood.

Against the Elephant Armored School’s seven united in a defensive formation, let alone Shrek Academy, even with all the competing Spirit Master teams, it would still be difficult to break. How could such a tyrannical defensive formation be broken? Tang San gave the answer.

Under Tang San’s control, the Shrek Academy seven had first risen into the sky to break the opponent's’ pressure, and immediately afterward, Tang San’s three great control abilities had reduced the Elephant Armored School to passive defense. Under such circumstances, the Shrek Academy team had simultaneously unleashed their most powerful attacks on Hu Yan Li. The strongest point was often also the weakest point, the so called weak point, indicated Hu Yan Li’s impact on the whole Elephant Armored Academy team.

If Hu Yan Li was broken, then the whole Elephant Armored Academy’s formation would immediately break. Without their backbone, their defense was no longer perfect. At this moment, as the soul of the team, Tang San had controlled his team members to launch the most suitable attacks in the most suitable locations. The Hell White Tiger spirit fusion ability was admittedly powerful, but without Tang San’s control to let them act at the most suitable moment, it would have been unable to cause such a large impact.

The Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples gathered with great difficulty. It had to be said, Hu Yan Li with a spirit bone truly had abnormal defense. Even though he had been slapped into the ground by the Hell White Tiger, when he crawled out, he just seemed a bit dispirited. He hadn’t suffered any true injuries, and was just a bit dizzy.

Both sides formed up anew to salute. Hu Yan Li looked at Tang San with burning eyes, “You’re very fierce, only, before long, we’ll definitely meet again.” Even if his body was well developed, his mind wasn’t simple. Even though he had been beaten by the Hell White Tiger, he clearly understood just whose hand had defeated him.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “You’re welcome at any time.”

Both sides bowed simultaneously. The difference was that the eyes of the Shrek Academy’s seven members all expressed the excitement of defeating a powerful enemy, while the gazes of the Elephant Armored School’s seven were brimming with unreconciliation. From start to finish, they’d all had a kind of helpless feeling, encountering such an opponent was somewhat difficult to bear. Even though they’d lost this fight, as Hu Yan Li said, they still believed their strength was greater than the Shrek Academy. Just like when the Shrek Seven Devils defeated the Emperor Team. However, they’d still forgotten that wisdom was equally a part of strength. The strength of spirit power and spirit abilities didn’t represent everything.

The crowds was already boiling the instant the fight ended. At the start, only a small number of people shouted Shrek Academy’s name, but just like a lit fuse, more and more joined in. As the Shrek Academy seven stepped down from the ring, the crowd had already forgotten that there were still several matches that hadn’t ended, and a cheer of ‘Shrek’ rose from the stands like a wave.

The majority of the match weren’t Spirit Masters, and just like amateurs following the crowd, the Shrek Academy team had given them the most dazzling match. Whether it was Tang San using the universal sky flow tactics at the start, or later that extremely astonishing Hell White Tiger, or just when the spirit rings appeared, everything gave the audience an extremely profound impression.

With the extreme disparity in body size, the audience had seen Shrek Academy as the weaker side, and ordinary people could most easily sympathize with the weak. When the Shrek Academy ultimately prevailed over their opponents, in the eyes of the audience, it was a classic battle of winning from a position of weakness.

“Xiao Wu, help me a bit.” Tang San used a quiet voice that only the people next to him could hear.

Xiao Wu was inwardly alarmed, discovering that Tang San’s uniform was already soaked through with sweat, and his face was even paler than Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai.

Hastily she pulled on Tang San’s arm, using her strength to support his weight.

Even though Tang San had eaten Oscar’s big recovery sausage, his consumption had really been too large. The weak feeling of spirit power exhaustion constantly attacked his mind. If not for his unwillingness to let the opponents and the audience notice, he would have been unable to endure long ago.

This match would seem to have been under Shrek Academy’s complete control from start to finish, but for the sake of this victory, Tang San had still spent too much.

Relying on the flying mushroom sausage to fly, in order not to be encumbered by the weight, he had been forced to focus his Mysterious Heaven Skill with all his strength. At the same time he had still had to pay attention to each change on the battlefield, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to pull his companions to attack, attending to each corner there. This didn’t just consume spirit power, it was an even greater drain on the mind.

Afterward, Tang San had simultaneously released his first, second, and fourth control spirit abilities, on more than one occasion. His spirit power had already been substantially drained. Even though the big recovery sausage could help him recover a bit, it was by no means complete.

Especially in that final moment. Even though it seemed like only two opponents remained, and they were still seven, the strength gap hadn’t been as wide as that. Of their four fortieth ranked powers, besides Oscar who couldn’t attack, only Tang San still had a speck of spirit power left. And Jing Ling, Huang Yuan and Xiao Wu would have found it difficult to break the defense of the two rested opponents.

For the final victory, Tang San had first used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to support the enormous pressure of the falling opponent, and then fully used his already substantially depleted spirit power for Spider Web Restraint. That moment had not only exhausted his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength, but had even overdrawn it.

Now that the fight was already over, Tang San even found it somewhat difficult to walk, and had no choice but to draw support from Xiao Wu.

The seven stepped down from the stage, and three gentle lights already quietly fell on Tang San, Dau Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. The three felt a warm flow enter their bodies, immediately rousing their spirits and restoring some color to their faces.

The light spread from behind the shelter of Ma Hongjun’s plump body, and Ning Rongrong poked her head out from behind him, giving everyone a small smile.

After all, it was still the Shrek Seven Devils that had the most tacit rapport and they had clearly seen what happened on the stage, so just as the seven stepped off, Ning Rongrong immediately used her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit power boost. Even though it was only temporary, it could at least help the three condense a bit of spirit power. When overdrawn, this kind of boost could easily make up for the overdrawn part. Of course, that was with the premise that it greatly consumed Ning Rongrong’s own spirit power, but the battle was already over, and she didn’t worry about the expenditure.

Altogether eleven people stood together in a ring, Dai Mubai took the lead to extend his right hand, immediately followed by Tang San, Xiao Wu,

Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, Jiang Zhu, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, Tai Long.

Eleven gazes focused on the same spot.

The smiles on their faces grew as they shouted, “Shrek will win!”

Passing this fight, the four new substitute members finally felt like a true part of the team, and at the same time they also truly recognized the power of the Shrek Seven Devils. Further adding that they knew the Shrek Seven Devils’ ages, they had a heartfelt admiration for these seven junior brothers and sisters.

The one smiling the widest was Tai Long. He had already on more than one occasion regretted originally provoking Tang San. Wasn’t this following the path to one’s own doom?

From these two fights, he could already clearly see that when Tang San had beaten him, he had absolutely started off leniently.

Again thinking of how even his father’s fiftieth ranked strength hadn’t been enough to beat him, Tai Long was even more ready to prostrate himself in admiration for this young master.

Originally when Tai Tan had let Tai Long follow Tang San as a bodyguard, Tai Long’s heart had still been unwilling. At that time he had still considered Tang San as a rival in love. But now he felt exceedingly happy with his grandfather’s decision.

Even if he even more honestly saw just how outstanding Tang San was, following such a young master, there would be no need for concern over his own future.

Quickly changing into their own clothes, the Shrek Academy eleven took advantage of the spectators still not having come out to swiftly leave the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena. In the space of a breath they had returned to the Academy.

However, the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena didn’t calm just because they left. The mood in the arena had already become incomparably boiling, and cheers of ‘Shrek’ continued even until the end of the other four matches.

Shrek Academy was of course not the only team to take two successive victories, but the opponents they had defeated one after another was the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team symbolizing the Heaven Dou Empire, and the Elephant Armored Academy subordinate to one of the seven great schools, Elephant Armored School.

Their powerful opponents and Shrek Academy’s offbeat clothing, no doubt made them the focus of the entire audience.

In the stands, Flender also hadn’t expected them to cause such a big sensation. But, with his meticulous mind, he had already begun to calculate how to gain the most benefit from the uproar.

In the VIP seats, Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen had already calmed down, and sat there as placid as water. Platinum bishop Salas at his side seemed to have a somewhat pondering appearance.

Emperor Xue Ye smiled the whole time, occasionally saying something to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi in a low voice.

Behind them, the three Heaven Dou Imperial Academy board members were watching prince Xue Xing with incomparably furious gazes, and that prince, just two days ago heavily reprimanded by emperor Xue Ye, was already completely speechless. Even if his insight had been even worse, seeing just how promising the Shrek Academy team was, inwardly he couldn’t keep from regretting that he even listened to fourth prince Xue Beng and drove them away. In fact, this glory should originally have belonged to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy!

In a corner of the competitors’ stands.

There was a hazy expression in the eyes of the team wearing the moon white Blue Sunshine Academy uniforms. They hadn’t expected that the opponents they had teased would turn out to be so powerful. Even opponents like the Elephant Armored Academy couldn’t beat them. In fact, their opponents in the first match had been the Elephant Armored Academy, and the result had been a crushing defeat.

Led by Spirit Sage Shi Nian, the goal of this Blue Sunshine Academy team was the ranking competition and the finals. They’d already lost one match, and if they continued losing, how could they reach their goal? They naturally understood that their jibes at the Shrek Academy from before would be repaid in full in the competition. If by some chance they were completely broken like the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team, they would be finished.

These Blue Sunshine Academy team members were all exceptionally outstanding, but even more outstanding students would only get one opportunity to compete in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. How would they wish for an opportunity like this to slip from their hands? Unlike the Elephant Armored School they didn’t have absolute confidence in advancing through the tournament.

Shi Nian stood with both hands held behind him, sweeping his gaze over the team, “You don’t have to think about it too much. First obtain victory in your second match. Constantly increasing the number of victories, is what you should do. As for the Shrek Academy problem, I will deal with it.”

Listening to Shi Nian roused the spirits of the whole Blue Sunshine Academy team. They were quite clear on the character of this academy vice dean, and for a moment their smiles all became twisted.

One week passed very quickly. The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament qualifiers also smoothly completed six rounds of matches. In that time there were three academies that got six successive victories, and Shrek Academy was among them. Besides the trouble with the Elephant Armored Academy in the second round, the next four opponents were easy wins. Of the Shrek Seven Devils, only Tang San, Dai

Mubai, and Xiao Wu appeared. Their opponents also didn’t reveal any Spirit Masters over the fortieth rank.

The other two academies that earned six consecutive victories were the Thunderclap Academy[1] and the Godwind Academy[2].

Today was the eighth day of the competition, and also the start of the seventh round of matches. Shrek Academy’s opponent had only obtained two victories, Othello Academy[3], and it was also because of the weak opponent that this time they didn’t fight in the central ring. Because the the fight in the central ring was the highlight of the day’s matches, a collision between two powerful teams at the same time as them, the Elephant Armored Academy and the Thunderclap Academy.

In the rest area, Oscar leaned his head against the chair, “It’s really good not having to go on stage. We can leisurely watch the matches.”

Laughter escaped from Jiang Zhu: “How about you take my place? Your strength is already exposed anyway.”

Oscar immediately shook his head, saying: “How could a spotless beautiful youth like me talk about going on stage?”

Ning Rongrong snorted unhappily, “What beautiful youth, it’s a Big Sausage Uncle.” While speaking, she still sneakily pinched the flesh at his waist, causing the previously rather leisurely person to immediately sit up straight, drawing in a deep breath.

Jiang Zhu chuckled to the side. At this moment, Ma Hongjun stretched out his head, “Sister Jiang Zhu, how about I take your place? Even if I’m a secret weapon, if you’re tired, I can still help you out. If you get exhausted it’s no good.”

Jiang Zhu pinched the cheeks of Ma Hongjun who was half a head shorter than her: “Little Fatty should still be the most obedient. Later big sister will buy you something tasty. Leave this match to me. For the sake of ultimate victory, this still isn’t tiring. Moreover, this is also a chance to gain real combat experience.”

Ma Hongjun’s face had a naive look, repeatedly nodding.

Oscar and Ning Rongrong looked at each other, both having difficulty holding back smiles. Since everyone started training and competing together, Fatty had always hovered around Jiang Zhu, showing an obedient darling appearance.

Even though this fellow wasn’t particularly handsome, that porkface was still somewhat cute, and under his deliberate coverup, Jiang Zhu unexpectedly didn’t catch on to his true appearance.

But the Shrek Seven Devils were after all the best of brothers, and the other six were all couples. Watching Fatty all alone, they couldn’t easily expose him.

Adding that Fatty’s evil fire problem had also been settled, if he wanted to pursue Jiang Zhu himself, even if the others wouldn’t support him, they also wouldn’t stir up trouble.

“Fine, don’t be noisy. Even though our opponents this fight aren’t strong, we still can’t be careless. A lion still needs to use all his strength to chase a rabbit. If by chance we encounter a team with hidden strength, it’s very possible we’ll stumble into a ditch.”

Dai Mubai showed off the proper responsibilities of a captain, reminding everyone to prepare for the match.

Just at this moment, Grandmaster walked in from outside, “Dai Mubai is right, it’s very possible some academies will hide their strength. However, not this time. Your opponents have already forfeited.”

“Ah? Forfeited?” The whole Shrek Academy team couldn’t help looking at Grandmaster in astonishment.

Grandmaster smiled faintly, saying: “The strength you’ve showed off has made some academies with insufficient strength forfeit, this is quite ordinary. No need to be so astonished. You can also just use this chance to go watch the match between Thunderclap Academy and Elephant

Armored Academy. These two teams are both capable of threatening you. Know yourself and know your enemy, only then can you be ever victorious. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the competitors’ stand.”

Not needing to compete meant a day of rest. In such a high density round robin system as the qualifiers, this was undoubtedly an extraordinary benefit for the Shrek Academy. Everyone immediately cheered, following Grandmaster towards the lobby outside.

At this moment, they encountered a group of people entering from outside.

Moon white uniforms, those familiar ‘blue sunshine’ characters, as well as that gloomy old man Shi Nian in the lead. It was the Blue Sunshine Academy team.

The gazes of both teams met in midair, and everyone could see sparks flying from the eyes of their counterparts.

Dai Mubai even further raised his hand, pointing a forefinger at that leading youth, afterwards making a beheading gesture.

The Shrek Academy didn’t have any good impression of the Blue Sunshine Academy, and Grandmaster didn’t even give them a glance, directly leading the Shrek Academy group away.

That old man Shi Nian stopped walking a moment, a strange color flashing in his eyes. He turned his head and glared at his own team, stopping some who wanted to move. Both sides crossed and passed.

Tai Long clenched his fist, issuing bone cracking sounds, “I’m really looking forward to facing them.” His words gave voice to all the Shrek Academy members’ thoughts. Fatty couldn’t help saying: “Fuck, what do these fellows have to be arrogant about, as if they have a winning hand, they couldn’t even take down the Elephant Armored Academy. Third brother, let me go up when we meet them, I’ll definitely let them learn what’s called real strength.”

Grandmaster calmly said: “Alright, you all keep calm. They’re not opponents that should concern you. Over these past few days of competition, I’ve made some investigations into all the competing teams. Among these teams, only five are capable of threatening you. Only these five might have some hidden strength. Of these five, you’ve already faced the Elephant Armored Academy. Considered a difficult victory. They also have the smallest chance of still having hidden strength. After all, Hu Yan Li’s spirit bone has already been revealed. I’ve heard the Elephant Armored School master Heavenly Elephant Hu Yan Zhen has been together with these clan disciples every day, perhaps he’s concerned about Hu Yan Li.”

Besides the Elephant Armored Academy School, the other four academies that might threaten you are the Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, Skywater Academy[4], and the Blazing Academy[5]. From their names, you should also have discovered that these for academies each represent four formidable capabilities. Thunder, wind, water, and fire. Add the Elephant Armored Academy representing the defensive strength of earth. In the Heaven Dou Empire academy scene they’re collectively known as the five great elemental academies. Each academy has a certain degree of backing.”

“The Elephant Armored Academy’s backing is the most direct, it was founded by the Elephant Armored School. The other four academies equally have unconventional backgrounds. Behind the Thunderclap Academy is actually the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan, only their support is comparatively indirect, only some branch family disciples enter there, directly related disciples are fostered within the clan. Only Yu Tian- Heng entered the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. But even the branch families of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan have great strength. You can’t look down on the strength of this Thunderclap Academy. I don’t know what the backgrounds of the Godwind Academy, Skywater Academy, and Blazing Academy are, but I can sense that these three academies also has deep backgrounds. They each have their own characteristics, and they’re each very difficult for you to deal with.”

“The advancement quota from the qualifiers is only five. Therefore, you must plan for passing the qualifiers, then, one of these five academies will inevitably wash out. The five elemental academies have a close relationship, and if my guess is correct, they will inevitably move. Therefore, in the later matches you will encounter stronger and stronger opponents. Your hold your fate in your own hands. If you want to advance to the finals without trouble, then the best way is to obtain victory in each match in the qualifiers, entering the next stage with a total win record.”

“Yes.” The Shrek Academy team agreed loudly.

Leaving the rest area, everyone’s gazes first floated towards the stage.
Right now, the spectators all around were constantly booing.

Tang San puzzled asked Grandmaster: “Teacher, what’s going on? Why is the audience reacting so much?”

Grandmaster said with a wry smile: “Isn’t it because of you? Your opponents forfeited, there are a lot of spectators who came especially to see all of you compete. When you don’t appear, they will naturally be dissatisfied.”

In the stands, at least one third of the spectators were dressed in green, or perhaps it should be called ‘snot green’.

Even Grandmaster and Liu Erlong had to acknowledge Flender’s sense for finance, but they could understand even less how the former Shrek Academy could fail like that.

Ever since the Shrek Academy team had caused a sensation, Flender had found partners to begin mass production of Shrek Academy uniforms and dumping them on the market. Moreover, each uniform was embroidered with the name of a team member.

Among them, Tang San’s uniform sold the most, followed by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. In just one short week, Flender had ruthlessly dredged up quite a sum on these uniforms.

These two days he had begun thinking about making team mascots for sale. He was so busy he had completely handed over all tournament matters to Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

They didn’t know who first saw the Shrek Academy group leave the rest area, but immediately, a large amount of spectators began to shout the word ‘Shrek’, and the mood in the arena grew a lot more enthusiastic.

If this had been a spirit fighting match, the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena would have invited the Shrek team on the stage for a fight no matter what, as soon as they saw such a surge of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, this was the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, and they didn’t have that authority. They could only regretfully watch the Shrek Academy’s absence from this day’s matches.

The first round of matches had already begun. Grandmaster immediately pointed out which of the ten teams competing below were the Godwind and Skywater teams. What made Tang San astounded was that all the Godwind Academy’s team members had flying abilities.

This was no doubt highly headache inducing. And the Skywater Academy’s team consisted entirely of women, and each was a beauty.

Their opponents still hadn’t acted, and they all already looked half charmed. What was the point in continuing a match like that?

In the shortest time possible, without hurdles, the Skywater Academy had already obtained victory.

The Godwind Academy’s method of attack was very simple. All the members circled in the air like seven goshawks, constantly swooping down to attack. Their grasp of rhythm was exceptional.

With each attack, they struck with the five thousand ton force of thunder, after three rounds of dive attacks, the opponents no longer had anyone who could stand.

Observing these two matches, Tang San said in a low voice to Grandmaster next to him: “Teacher, why aren’t these five great elemental academies matching up elements and competing together? Whether it’s the Elephant Armored Academy or these two teams, they’re all the same single attribute Spirit Masters. Even though this means one aspect will become very powerful, in practice, the weak points also become glaringly obvious. If they can’t display their strong points, doesn’t that leave them without the strength to follow up?”

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying: “This is the difference between Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire. Heaven Dou Empire’s advanced Spirit Master academies have always relied mainly on these five great elemental academies. This time around the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy has the Emperor Team, which is pretty good. But in the previous several tournaments, the ones capable of entering the top three from Heaven Dou Empire’s side has always been one of these five elemental academies.”

“Just as you said, the style of the team members from these five academies all tend to the extreme. Entirely different from the balanced nature the Star Luo Empire strives for. This has both advantages and detriments. When they encounter enemies that can’t restrain their strong strong points, they can often destroy the opponents in a single blow. But if they encounter opponents that can restrain them, they will also frequently lose in a short time. But in all these years, these five great elemental academies has never had the slightest notion of changing their policies. Do you know why this is?”

Tang San blankly shook his head.

Grandmaster spoke in a low voice: “Because this is the struggle between the Spirit Master world’s two great streams of thought. One faction stands for balance, one faction stands for extremism. The extreme faction believes that a Spirit Master’s capabilities should as far as possible follow a pure route, letting their strength grow in only a single direction, to become as outstanding as possible within this one direction. But the balanced faction believes a Spirit Master’s capabilities should develop harmoniously, balancing attack and defense. These two great streams of

thought have always been warring. The Spirit Master world of the Heaven Dou Empire largely favors the extreme faction, you’ve also seen that your Clear Sky School’s Strength Clan is a typical example. And the Clear Sky School’s four subordinate clans also have another three great extreme limit followers, you will no doubt come into contact with them in the future. But the Star Luo Empire’s Spirit Masters largely follow the balanced route. Perhaps they have a bit less burst power, but they also have a lot fewer weaknesses, and their follow up capabilities are also more outstanding.”

“Then Spirit Hall? Does Spirit Hall follow one stream?” Tang San asked.

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “Spirit Hall has never expressed support of any side. Spirit Masters of both streams of thought enter Spirit Hall, but strangely there has never been any internal conflict between them. Our Shrek Academy is actually considered to be following a half balanced, half extreme limit route. Or you might say, extreme individuals, balanced as a group. After many years of research, this is what I believe to be the most suitable route to cultivate.”

“Individual strength, or a bit extreme is comparatively preferable. This can let one’s strength increase to the maximum. As for later lacking endurance of having weak points, that can be completely complemented by relying on teammates. In a team, if each person can be expert in one extreme ability, and complement each other, then this team will succeed. Strength will inevitably be above equal level teams. Do you see what teacher means?”

Tang San said in a flash of understanding: “So it’s like that. Extreme limit flow and balanced flow each have their characteristics. Then in other words, for all these years, balanced flow has always held the advantage?”

Grandmaster laughed grimly, “No, I should say it’s the fusion flow that’s held the advantage. I’m not the first person to propose fusing the extreme limit flow and balanced flow. The ones who truly raised this proposal was Spirit Hall. Only, Spirit Hall doesn’t show off this idea. But

each team Spirit Hall has sent to participate in the competition has used it. Consequently, the champions of the previous several Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament have also all been from Spirit Hall.”

Tang San frowned: “Since Spirit Hall knows these mysteries, why doesn’t it take the initiative to come forward? With their authority in the Spirit Master world, they could completely……”

Grandmaster shook his head, “This involves politics, influence, and all sorts of interests. It’s not as easy as you think by far. You’re still young. It’s fine if you don’t pay attention to these things yet. What you must do now, is to improve your own strength as far as possible. If you want to take the championship, you only have one true opponent. That is the team dispatched from Spirit Hall. Even though I can’t be certain just what degree their strength has reached, I think that their ferocity will certainly be above the Emperor Team and the five great elemental academies. Spirit Hall’s true strength is far greater than anyone imagines.”

As he spoke, a terrified light flashed unconsciously through Grandmaster’s eyes, as if he had thought of some frightening scene.

Tang San suddenly raised his head, saying: “Teacher, I’ll go back to the Academy first.”

Grandmaster looked startled a moment, “You’re not watching the competition?”

Tang San nodded, “My Three Aperture Governing Heart still isn’t skillful. You’re right rather than researching others, it would be better to strengthen myself. The strength of these five great elemental academies should all be similar to the Elephant Armored School. Even though they’re strong, just as you said, if we went out with our full strength, defeating them wouldn’t be challenging. In order to face our true opponents, it would be best to raise our own strength.”

Over this week, besides competing, Tang San had carried out special cultivation every day.

His Three Aperture Governing Heart was cultivated completely while fused with the surroundings. Communicating with the wild Blue Silver Grass in the forest each day had already become a mandatory course for him.

Continuing for a week, he had discovered that his spirit power promotion speed had clearly increased, and his Blue Silver Grass Spirit had also quietly changed in some way.

Tang San couldn’t say what the internal change was, but he was certain it was completely in a beneficial direction.

Right now his control of Blue Silver Grass was even more harmonious, each strand of Blue Silver Grass spreading with a thought. Further adding the effect of Three Aperture Governing Heart, even though his spirit power hadn’t increased, Tang San could clearly feel himself progressing in control capability.

[1] (雷霆学院)
[2] (神⻛学院)
[3] (奥赛罗学院)
[4] (天⽔学院)
[5] (炽⽕学院)

Chapter 98

Tang San always worked hard at cultivation, never stopping. This kind of cultivation by communing with wild Blue Silver Grass made him feel as if he’d discovered some secret. Just what it was would have to be seen after a time of cultivation.

When Grandmaster heard Tang San’s explanation, he smiled faintly: “Fine, then you go back first. Never mind them, these days of matches have been exhausting. Let them rest. Change your clothes before you leave, and mind your safety on the way.”

“Yes.” Tang San smiled and agreed. Grandmaster’s words brought him a fatherly kind of concern and warmth. Faintly saluting Grandmaster, he didn’t bother the others who were watching the matches, and silently left the through the back.

The Shrek Academy group were all watching the matches with keen interest, and nobody noticed Tang San’s departure.

It was instead on the other side of the competitors’ viewing platform that a pair of gloomy eyes all along attentively followed Tang San, and as Tang San disappeared from the platform, that cold gaze also vanished.

Changing into proper clothes, Tang San slipped quietly out of the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena.

Right now, besides some people who hadn’t gotten tickets and some scalpers, the area outside the Great Spirit Arena was calm.

Leaving the Great Spirit Arena, Tang San stepped quickly in the direction of Shrek Academy. Right now his mind was deeply pondering how he could become even stronger, and also the mysteries of the Blue Silver Grass changes.

It was still morning, the warm light from the bright sun giving people a comfortable feeling. Tang San quite liked immersing himself in sunlight, and while contemplating the cultivation problem and walking by feeling, his whole body relaxed, unspeakably comfortable.

For some reason, Tang San felt that today the road seemed a bit long. Though he had been immersed in pondering the Heart Separation Control skill, he felt he should have already arrived at the Academy.

But raising his head to look, it seemed he was still quite a ways from the Academy.

‘Could I have been walking slower today?’ Tang San frowned, speeding up once again.

Walking and walking, Tang San’s steps suddenly slowed. Vaguely, he already felt something amiss.

The sunshine clearly shone on him, but that warm feeling was already gone. In its place a faint gloomy and cold feeling quietly spread from all around.

Slowing to a stop, the light at the corners of Tang San’s eyes immediately became vigilant. Nothing around him seemed to have changed, an endless stream of pedestrians passed around him. The distance from here to Shrek Academy wasn’t very far.

‘Could it be that I was oversensitive?’ Tang San turned his head to look in the direction from which he came, his gaze sweeping across the

pedestrians around him, but he didn’t discover anything wrong. Everything was quite ordinary.

Concentrating, Tang San raised his foot once again, stepping forward, Mysterious Heaven Skill unconsciously condensing.

He trusted his own senses, and since his tempering in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, these senses had become exceptionally sharp. That keen intuition made the unease in Tang San’s heart constantly grow.

His calm demeanor kept him from speeding up once again, instead slowly walking forward. At the same time he spread his awareness as far as possible, looking for the slightest clue in his surroundings.

After walking a short time, Tang San suddenly stopped, his expression already serious. Wrong. There was definitely a problem.

Even though his senses hadn’t discovered any issue, Tang San’s mind was meticulous. From the first step until now he had altogether walked six hundred five steps. Under ordinary circumstances, he should already have reached the Shrek Academy gate.

But right now it seemed there was still a short distance to the gate. Perhaps there would have been a change in his pace, but that change absolutely wouldn’t have been so large.

Even though he didn’t know how this situation came about, Tang San immediately went on the alert. A Godly Zhuge Crossbow falling into his grasp and he directly summoned his Blue Silver Grass, not paying any attention to the pedestrians nearby.

From that trace of cold air, a faint killing intent seeped out. That was a spirit murderous enough to threaten his life.

The surroundings suddenly became very still. Those proper street sounds from before quietly faded away at the same time.

The scenery in front of him also became misty, everything turning indistinct at the same instant.

A faint silhouette gradually became clear about ten meters in front of Tang San.

“Worthy of being Shrek Academy’s most outstanding disciple. You really are very vigilant. Unfortunately, you discovered it too late.”

That was a white clothed old man, a person Tang San had met more than once. It was that Blue Sunshine Academy team’s coach, the seventy second ranked Spirit Sage Flender once warned them of, Shi Nian.

Seeing this person, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from falling lower and lower. Quietly watching Shi Nian, he said: “So it’s Blue Sunshine Academy’s teacher. I don’t know whether you might have stopped me here for some advice?”

Shi Nian smiled calmly, saying: “No advice, I just need you to disappear.”

Tang San coldly said: “For the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament?”

The corners of Shi Nian’s mouth showed a trace of a cold smile, “I’ve always been looking for an opportunity these last few days. Unfortunately, you were always together with the other Shrek Academy students, leaving me unable to act. But today you still gave me this chance. It really is a pity you’re not one of my Blue Sunshine Academy’s disciples.”

“You want to kill me?” The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted slightly.

Shi Nian snorted coldly, “You can only blame yourself for being too outstanding. Even though the Shrek Academy team is strong, its true strength is precisely you. As long as you disappear from this world, our Blue Sunshine Academy will have the chance to advance.”

Tang San laughed grimly, “You think that by killing me, your Blue Sunshine Academy can beat our Shrek Academy?”

Shi Nian spoke indifferently: “If killing you won’t do it, I’ll just keep killing. Until I’ve killed enough. Perhaps that student called Dai Mubai is suitable next?”

Tang San looked at the hazy surroundings, “You’re going to do it here? Don’t forget, this is an open street. Once you’ve killed me, don’t think you can stand up in the Spirit Master world.”

Shi Nian smiled, the expression making his wrinkles deep enough to trap house flies, a pair of cold eagle eyes flickering with cold light, “Since I decided to act, I’ve long since made thorough preparations. You’re hoping your relation to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will save you? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave behind evidence for them. Look, is this really a street in Heaven Dou City?”

The hazy scene in the surroundings suddenly became clear, and Tang San discovered to his shock that he stood in a desolate area outside of the city. Turning to look around, he could vaguely see the top of Heaven Dou City’s city walls. He judged that this should be a small grove outside the city.

Tang San reacted quickly, a sonorous sound erupting from the long ago prepared Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand as soon as the surroundings became clear. Sixteen sharp iron source crossbow bolts instantly smashed into Shi Nian’s chest with overbearing penetrating power.

Light flickered, and the sixteen crossbow bolts disappeared. However, Tang San’s expression became even more serious.
No blood. Yes, even though the sixteen bolts entered Shi Nian’s chest, not a trace of blood flowed out. The sixteen crossbow bolts seemed to have disappeared in midair, they didn’t even make another sound.

Shi Nian somewhat startled looked at the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hands, “What’s that? Such a powerful weapon. Is it a spirit tool?”

Tang San didn’t reply, only quietly watched Shi Nian.

Shi Nian smiled, and this time his smile seemed quite relaxed, “Among people your age, you’re no doubt very powerful. Even I haven’t seen a more remarkable young Spirit Master. Unfortunately, the gap between the two of us can’t be bridged by the word ‘talent’. Your weapon is pretty good, but unfortunately, everything you see right now, the position of things, they’re all part of my Brutal Dream. Even though I let you see the true scene just now, it was still an illusion. Within my Brutal Dream, I’m the ruler of everything, let alone some of the fortieth ranker like you, even Spirit Masters of the same rank as me would be unable to break free.”

Tang San’s expression became ugly, withdrawing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand into Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

“Tang San, do you know what the greatest pleasure in my whole life is?” Shi Nian’s smiling expression suddenly became somewhat eccentric. If it were to be described, perhaps the word ‘perverted’ would suit him the best right now.

“What?” Tang San weakly asked.

Shi Nian smiled slightly, saying: “In this life, what I like the most is seeing my opponents go insane within my Brutal Dream, until they die. When I’m about to see a youth regarded as a genius degenerate like that, I’m already excited.”

“Do you have to kill me? Isn’t there any chance to save myself?” Tang San weakly asked.

Shi Nian’s expression suddenly became severe, “Since I’ve let you see me, do you think I would still let you go? There’s no use struggling, everything’s already without any meaning to you. year today will be the anniversary of your death. If people have souls, then, use your soul to watch Blue Sunshine Academy destroy the qualifiers, entering the next stage.”

Tang San didn’t say anything else, but sat crosslegged on the ground. Blue Silver Grass formed naturally, deploying into his surroundings as a slowly spiralling defense.

Shi Nian laughed out loud, “Do you believe you can resist my spirit like this? Young man, you really are too naive. If my Brutal Dream was so easy to resist, I wouldn’t be worthy of the title Spirit Sage. Wait and see. You’ll die in extreme suffering, and this suffering will be brought on by yourself.”

Shi Nian’s voice gradually weakened, the surroundings becoming hazy once again, as if he had already moved away, already left.

Tang San sat motionless on the ground, quietly condensing his spirit power. Because of the Blue Silver Grass hovering around him, from the outside it was very difficult to see just what kind of expression he had right now.

The surroundings began to change, and Tang San discovered to his shock that the Blue Silver Grass circling around him under his control seemed to disappear. Even though he could feel its existence, there wasn’t a trace of it in his line of sight.

The surrounding scenery changed, no longer that small grove from before, but a precipice. An incomparably familiar precipice.

‘Hell’s Peak, how come I’m at Hell’s Peak?’ Tang San’s originally calm eyes suddenly opened wide.

He had left behind far, far too many memories in this place. Several meters ahead was an abyss with clouds and mist rising in spirals, and behind him, ten white silhouettes gradually grew distinct.

Lowering his head, Tang San clearly saw that his clothes had changed, that enormous ‘Tang’ character told him a lot.

‘A dream, don’t tell me that everything in the Douluo Continent was a dream? That in the end I’m still that Tang Sect disciple who offended the sect rules?’

Tang San stupidly looked ahead, becoming utterly perplexed. Those ten silhouettes gradually becoming clear completely blocked all routes of retreat. Familiar and indignant faces gradually appeared in front of him.

“Tang San, you’ve actually stolen the sect’s Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, your evil crimes overflow to Heaven.”

“Tang San, Tang Sect raised you, taught you, what you’ve done is detested by men and gods……”

One by one, the voices constantly grew in Tang San’s mind, those faces also constantly grew. Very quickly, those ten Tang Sect elders were already in front of him, surrounding him.

“Elders, listen to me.” Tang San couldn’t help saying.

“There’s nothing that can be said. Tang San, your crimes are great, your evil extreme, you will take the sect’s most severe punishment.”

Tang San could no longer move his four limbs, simultaneously detained by four elders, one of them had already raised his hand, internal Big Dipper qi spilling out of his palm. The palm struck his arm. Tang San emitted a blood curdling scream, his entire left arm shattering into thumb sized fragments. Pain, enlarged tenfold, instantly spread through his brain, his entire body spasming violently.

Immediately afterward was his right arm, and both legs. In front of the elder’s internal Big Dipper qi, the bones of Tang San’s body were continuously smashed, until not one intact bone remained.

However, he still wasn’t dead. His whole body constantly convulsed, but no matter how strong the pain was, his mind still worked. A working mind meant he completely endured each painful sensation that came.

The elders’ faces gradually dulled, and they left Tang San on top of Hell’s Peak, all the bones in his body in pieces. They told him they would leave him there to scream for seven days and seven nights, to die from the eagles and falcons.

Tang San’s eyes had already become hazy. The violent pain constantly swept through him, making his entire body jerk and twitch.

The scene in front of him was still Hell’s Peak, but another silhouette began to take shape.

Slender, graceful, long scorpion braid, charming young face, it was Xiao Wu.

At the same time as Xiao Wu appeared, so did another person, a forty something uncle, a vulgar uncle whose every bone had been disintegrated by Xiao Wu. Bu Le[1].

“Xiao-, Xiao Wu……” Tang San wanted to shout, but he couldn’t utter a word. He didn’t understand. Why would Xiao Wu and Bu Le be here together?

Bu Le’s one hand tightened around Xiao Wu’s neck, and he looked at Tang San with a cold smile. And on Xiao Wu’s face was grief and unwillingness.

“Ge, Ge, help me, h-help me……” Xiao Wu did her utmost to struggle, but no matter how she tried she was unable to escape the strange uncle Bu Le’s grasp.

Making Tang San almost weep blood was that Xiao Wu’s clothes were being torn off piece by piece by Bu Le, exposing skin like suet white jade[2].

Apart from watching Bu Le’s coarse big hands start to wander over Xiao Wu’s body, watching his mouth constantly drool and smile evilly, Tang San couldn’t do anything.

Blood began to drip from the corners of his eyes, but with all his bones broken, right now he could only look on helplessly as Xiao Wu was disgraced.

Xiao Wu’s eyes were brimming with despair and hatred, and this despair and hatred were unexpectedly completely aimed at Tang San.

‘No, don’t——’ Tang San wanted to shout, wanted to get up, but no matter what he said he was unable to move. In a moment, Bu Le’s evil hand already stretched towards…...

“Little beauty, since you can’t resist, I’ll enjoy it slowly. Uncle loves you. Hahahaha……” Bu Le’s voice was as unpleasant as a night owl, each word like the point of a needle, piercing Tang San’s heart.

“No——” A heart tearing, lung rending scream resounded in Tang San’s mind. He had already gone completely mad. However, the scene before his eyes became even more clear.

Bu Le’s nauseating panting, Xiao Wu’s despairing gaze, it was all magnified in his six senses.


Shi Nian leaned against a large tree, his seventh spirit ring constantly releasing a dazzling light, his face covered with a cruel and perverted sly smile.

Just ten meters in front of him, Tang San lay convulsing violently on the ground, Blue Silver Grass spiralling around him. Shi Nian basically didn’t need to look with his eyes, he could clearly sense that Tang San was already on the verge of collapse.

‘I haven’t had the pleasure of torturing someone to death for a very long time. It’s a pity on such a young genius, who let you go against me? Very well, I want to see just how you’ll die.’

‘I really want to see it, just what kind of illusion is he experiencing right now?’

‘My seventh spirit ability, Nightmare, can only bring out what you fear the most in your heart. What is it that this genius youth fears?’

The convulsions of Tang San’s body among the Blue Silver Grass had gradually weakened. He was only lightly twitching.

The coiled Blue Silver Grass gradually slid to the ground, and Shi Nian could clearly see Tang San with a deep red face, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

‘So what if he was a genius? He still died most painfully within my Brutal Dream.‘ The smile on Shi Nian’s face became even crueler, “It really is a pity, if my strength could reach Title Douluo, I could have seen everything he experienced within my spirit. That would have been even more perfect.”


Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena.

While she was focused on watching the match, Xiao Wu’s right hand suddenly trembled, a burning hot feeling in her chest.

With astonishment, Xiao Wu stretched a hand inside her chest, pulling out the unbreakable as diamond Yearning Heartbroken Red.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red seemed to have made a fantastic change. The flower was glittering with faint red light, and a burning hot draft hit her in the face.

What was this? Xiao Wu stared blankly. She didn’t know why, but looking at the red light on the petals, an intense unease welled up from the bottom of her heart.

Turning her head, she searched for the person who concerned her the most, however, she discovered that seat was already empty.

Blood colored light heralded disaster, Xiao Wu’s heart instantly tightened.

“Where did little San go?” She nervously asked. Her loud voice simultaneously stunned the Shrek Academy group.
Grandmaster said: “Little San said he’d go back to cultivate first.” “Little San’s in trouble. He’s definitely in trouble.” Xiao Wu’s hands
clutched the Yearning Heartbroken Red, without the slightest hesitation running outside.

Ning Rongrong looked in the direction Xiao Wu ran, “What’s up with Xiao Wu? Didn’t Grandmaster say little San went back to the Academy? What can happen in Heaven Dou City?”

“No matter what it is, we’ll go take a look as well.” Dai Mubai also stood up, chasing after Xiao Wu. The Shrek Seven Devils were like siblings, and everyone got up one after another. Even though they didn’t believe Tang San would be in any trouble, just in case they still moved as a team.


The illusion still continued, and vulgar uncle Bu Le prepared to move to the last step, already loathsomely stuck to Xiao Wu. The whole scene constantly grew in Tang San’s eyes, that heart tearing, lung rending pain seemed to tear his heart into shreds.

At this moment, the blood red eyed Tang San suddenly changed. What changed was his eyes.

Instantly, the blood red in his eyes suddenly disappeared, and purple golden light shot out, that light instantly shattering the ‘Xiao Wu’ and ‘Bu Le’ in front of him. The illusions surrounding him practically disappeared in an instant.

Left hand clapping the ground, his body shooting up, Tang San made a half turn in the air, his right arm flinging out in this turn. Those purple golden eyes of his just met with the stupefied gaze of Shi Nian.

A noiseless black light had already arrived in front of Shi Nian without warning. As a Spirit Sage, Shi Nian reacted extremely quickly, but at this moment it was already too late to dodge. Both his arms rose in that practically impossible moment, his spirit power extremely condensed. His left arm tingled, as that black light already entered within. He hadn’t obstructed it even when when he didn’t hesitate to injure his body to urge his spirit power to the limit.


Tang San was like a deflated rubber ball, his body spinning in midair fell heavily to the ground, gasping for breath in great mouthfuls. The light in his eyes had already recovered to normal, he used one hand to strenuously raise himself from the ground, and the other to wipe the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth.

Even though he had already blocked that black light, Shi Nian’s gaze was still lifeless, muttering: “No, this is impossible. You’re only a fortieth rank Spirit Ancestor, how could you break my seventh spirit ability?”

Tang San looked coldly at him, leaning on a nearby tree, only with difficulty managing to stand.

“In this world, nothing is impossible. You’ve lost.”

“Hahahaha——” Shi Nian laughed wildly, “I’ve lost? You’re such a tiny brat, but your mouth is unexpectedly big. Even if I don’t know how you saw through my seventh spirit ability, Nightmare, do you really believe this is enough to defeat me? Really too ridiculous. With my seventy second rank spirit power, even if I didn’t use any spirit abilities, that still isn’t something you could guard against or restrain. Even if you’ve broken my ability, the conclusion hasn’t changed. Only, before you

die, I’ll give you a chance. I’m very curious as to how you broke my my Nightmare divine ability. Tell me, and I’ll let you die a bit happier.”

Tang San stood there leaning against the tree, “You’re not qualified to know, you’re just an idiot ghost. When Yama calls for your death at midnight, who dares keep you until morning? Good——bye——.”

Shi Nian first looked distracted, but immediately afterwards, his face suddenly became grotesque, his entire body standing there rigidly. Raising his right hand, pointing at Tang San, he wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out. Both his eyes seemed as they were about to pop out of their sockets.

Tang San still calmly looked at his opponent, as for everything that happened in front of him right now, it seemed he had anticipated it long ago.

With a peng sound, Shi Nian’s body fell to the ground. Black blood flowed from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, his entire body already permeated with a layer of black, black blood spreading on the ground, seemingly constantly leaking out of his body. Gradually, including skin and bones, Shi Nian’s body actually vanished like smoke within that black.

Was Shi Nian’s death really so mysterious? No, of course not. Heaven is impartial. Something like luck is only relative. His death was by Tang San’s hand, or perhaps it should be said his death was by Tang San’s plan.

Shi Nian, a seventy second ranked Spirit Sage, could never have suspected that Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye was the nemesis of all illusions.

If it was the original Purple Demon Eye, perhaps it would still have been unable to break Shi Nian’s seventh spirit ability due to the difference in spirit power between them. However, after Tang San had taken the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, his Purple Demon Eyes had become like piercing eyes. Let alone a seventh spirit ability’s illusions, even a ninth spirit ability, as long as it was an illusion, would be unable to deceive his eyes.

As soon as Tang San had discovered something was weird, he had secretly applied Purple Demon Eye to carefully examine everything in his surroundings. Shi Nian had believed Tang San was trapped in the illusion, but in fact, Tang San had always known where he was, only he didn’t act from the start.

The difference in spirit power from forty first to seventy second rank was really far too great. Tang San knew that even if he wanted to escape, it wouldn’t be easy. Therefore, from the time Shi Nian revealed himself to begin killing him, he had created his opportunity, creating an opportunity to kill the opponent in one hit. Tang San knew that was the only chance he had to survive.

Therefore, he always waited. Even when he suffered such painful torment in the illusion, he still endured silently, only the moment Xiao Wu was truly about to be disgraced did he erupt. Even though that wasn’t the optimum opportunity Tang San wanted to find, that moment was already more than he could bear.

With Tang San’s intelligence, wouldn’t he be unaware that the shroud of Blue Silver Grass would be unable to protect him in the illusion? No, of course not. He didn’t use that Blue Silver Grass to protect himself, but rather to block Shi Nian’s line of sight. Sheltered from Shi Nian’s gaze, Tang San took out one thing from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, the only thing that could turn the tables in this situation.

Third ranked of Tang Inner Sect hidden weapons, Soul Chasing, Life Taking, Yama’s Invitation.

He didn’t take out his mechanical class hidden weapons, and he didn’t take out that wide area Cluster Soul Chasing Ball. Because Tang San knew he would only have one chance. If he failed, then with the difference in spirit power between them, he would die even if his opponent didn’t use his Brutal Dream Spirit. Besides Yama’s Invitation, Tang San couldn’t think of any other weapon that could penetrate the opponent’s defense.

He didn’t even use any control ability to lock down the opponent, because there was basically no need. Partly because Tang San basically

didn’t have enough spare spirit power to use spirit abilities, and secondly, would Yama’s Invitation need to lock down the opponent? If it was like that, how could this hidden weapon be third ranked in Tang Sect? And how would it be famed as Yama’s Invitation?

That faint black light was condensed with Tang San’s entire spirit power. After reaching the fortieth rank in his cultivation, he possessed the strength for one attack.

Originally at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, Tang San had refined three Yama’s Invitations. And now, their terrifying efficacy had been revealed.

Yama’s Invitation had a two tiered effect, also known as ‘one invitation kills twice’. Poison, undissolvable poison. Even if one cut off the limb the instant the poison entered the body, they would still be unable to prevent the poison’s instantaneous spreading. Even if it was Tang San himself, when handling Yama’s Invitation he had to boost his Mysterious Jade Hand to the limit, not daring easily touch it.

Besides the poison, even more frightening was the structure of Yama’s Invitation. Immediately after entering the body, it would disintegrate and spread through the veins, and simultaneously also follow the blood vessels to enter the heart.

This was ‘one invitation kills twice’, Yama’s Invitation left no survivors. Even Tang Sect itself didn’t have any antidote. That didn’t mean there was no way of removing Yama’s Invitation’s poison. Everything in the world had a counter, and naturally there would be antidotes for poisons. However, Yama’s Invitation really spread far, far too fast. Even if there was an antidote, there would be no time to use it.

As Yama’s Invitation entered the body one would only feel a slight tingle. It didn’t cause any pain, and once one discovered something was wrong, it was already time to die. Even with Shi Nian’s seventy second ranked spirit power, he was still only able to say a few words before he had completely turned into a puddle of black liquid.

Tang San didn’t leave right away, since at the moment he lacked the strength. How would Yama’s Invitation be so easy to use? Condensing inner strength to a point, just to the limits of what Yama’s Invitation could endure, and only then releasing it, that was the only way it could ignore defense. Any defensive Big Dipper qi was unable to obstruct the attack of Yama’s Invitation, this was where it was the most terrifying. Further adding a particular technique, and dodging became almost impossible.

Perhaps it was different in this world, after all, some formidable defensive type spirit abilities might not be unable to block Yama’s Invitation, like that Black Tortoise Spirit Master Tang San and the others met. If a spirit like Black Tortoise was cultivated to a certain degree, and unleashed some defenses beforehand, that could stop Yama’s Invitation. Unfortunately, Shi Nian was an Illusionist Spirit Master. Defense wasn’t his strong suit. Furthermore, how could he know Tang San possessed such a terrifyingly potent hidden weapon?

Panting for breath, Tang San looked at the place where the black liquid had already drained into the yellow earth, and inwardly he couldn’t help feeling a burst of lingering fear.

It was after all a seventy second ranked Spirit Sage that had wanted to kill him. If the opponent hadn’t used illusions, but rather was a power attack type Spirit Master, even if he had been able to use Yama’s Invitation to kill the opponent, perhaps it still might have ended in mutual death. In his heart, he intensely felt that his own strength was insufficient.

Even though he could be considered a genius among his peers, compared to true powers, the distance was still way too far.

Pulling out a Dragon Zoysia Leaf from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and stuffing it in his mouth and recovering his strength, when Tang San prepared to harmonize his breath and return to Shrek Academy as soon as possible, out of the corner of his eye he suddenly caught a brilliant light from that puddle of black liquid that had been Shi Nian.

An intense astonishment rushed out of his heart. He was only too clear on the corrosive effect of Yama’s Invitation’s poison. Let alone clothing, even

solid gemstones would be corroded into smoke by that violent poison. What thing had actually not been destroyed by that toxic fluid?

Forcing himself to his feet, Tang San cautiously approached the side of the black liquid, and as he clearly saw that brightly glittering object, the pupils of his eyes suddenly contracted.

That was a round skull, three cun[3] in diameter, entirely glittering with rainbow-colored light, seemingly like a shrunken human cranium.

Two words abruptly flashed through Tang San’s mind, making his brain completely turn blank for a moment.

Spirit bone.

Yes, this was definitely a spirit bone, and it was even an extremely precious skull bone. That Brutal Dream Spirit Shi Nian actually also had such a treasure?

Tang San didn’t feel pleasantly surprised, but rather fearful. If before, Shi Nian had used the effect of this spirit bone, then…...

[1] Vulgar strange uncle Bu Le, whose chicken was roasted by Fatty back in Suotuo City. On a related note, “strange uncle” is slang for pedophile.

[2] “Sheep fat white jade” is a high grade type of jade.
[3] 3⼨ = 10 cm

Chapter 99

From the toxic liquid that used to be seventy second ranked Spirit Sage Shi Nian, Tang San saw a glittering with rainbow-colored light spirit bone.

At the appearance of this spirit bone, Tang San felt a burst of fear. How couldn’t he be afraid?

If Shi Nian had used the might of this spirit bone before, even without using his spirit, Tang San would still have been unable to resist the enormous spirit power gap between them, as well as this spirit bone.

Tang San knew he was lucky. If not for the care of the goddess of luck, perhaps he would have become a corpse by now.

Shi Nian had truly underestimated Tang San, with his seventy second ranked strength, it was practically unthinkable to use his spirit bone on Tang San. That he directly used his seventh spirit ability was already quite cautious.

If Tang San hadn’t possessed Purple Demon Eye’s ability to break all illusions, if he hadn’t had that tyrannically deadly Yama’s Invitation, if not for Shi Nian not making an all out effort…..

If even one of these had been missing, then Tang San would be dead right now.

Tang San’s clothes were already soaked through with cold sweat. He snapped off a twig from the side, cautiously pulling out that spirit bone. By

the time he’d moved the spirit bone out, the branch in his hand was practically completely corroded.

He pulled out his always prepared reserve of fresh water from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and began to wash the spirit bone.

What Tang San didn’t expect was that this seemingly extremely dazzling spirit bone hadn’t been infected by any poison, even when it was instead touched by fresh water, it would instantly roll off, without leaving behind even a droplet.

Worthy of being a priceless treasure among spirit bones. After resting a short while, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill had recovered somewhat. Moving his right hand, he used Mysterious Jade Hand to pick up the spirit bone.

As the spirit bone fell into his hand, he immediately had an extremely strange sensation, as if it was part of his body. Especially when Tang San used his left hand to touch the spirit bone, the energies contained within seemed even more like they wanted to enter his left arm.

Tang San believed that as long as he used the slightest bit of Mysterious Heaven Skill as guide, he would immediately fuse with this spirit bone.

To Spirit Masters, was there anything that held more attraction than spirit bones? Even as a person of two lives, right now Tang San couldn’t keep his pulse from accelerating. His hand trembled slightly just from holding the spirit bone.

In his heart, a voice constantly urged him to quickly fuse with the spirit bone, before it was too late.

If he completed the fusion, Tang San would become a Spirit Master with two spirit bones. One more spirit bone would be like one more ability that might save his life or maybe annihilate the enemy. Even though Tang San couldn’t see what kind of ability this spirit bone might give him, he could be certain that this spirit bone definitely wasn’t common goods. One might say that it was impossible for any spirit bone to be common.

Spirit bones were special materials that might appear after the death of a spirit beast. After Tang San had once listened to Grandmaster’s exhaustive account of their uses and difficulties in obtaining, he had related them to his knowledge from his previous world.

He vaguely felt that the existence of spirit bones was equivalent to the Buddhist relics of his old world. Just that spirit bones were the relics of spirit beasts.

The higher the cultivation of the spirit beasts, the greater the chance of spirit bones appearing. But only hundred thousand year spirit beasts could drop spirit bones with a hundred percent certainty. This was another important reason why hundred thousand year spirit rings had always been at the top of the Continent’s list of rarest things.

When one could possess enough strength to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, not only could one obtain an incomparably powerful hundred thousand year spirit ring, at the same time one could also immediately obtain a spirit bone from a hundred thousand year spirit beast.

Unfortunately, hundred thousand year spirit beasts were truly far, far too rare. In the entire history of the Spirit Master world they had only appeared a handful of times.

Tang San drew two deep breaths one after another, and managed with difficulty to suppress the desire to fuse with this spirit bone. Clenching his teeth, he deposited it within his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

He of course wasn’t reluctant to fuse with the spirit bone. The reason he didn’t rashly absorb it was because of Grandmaster’s teaching.

Spirit bones were admittedly top quality goods, but just like spirit rings, different spirit bones would have different effects for different Spirit Masters. Even though spirit bones would drop after the death of a Spirit Master, as long as the Spirit Master still lived, it couldn’t be replaced.

In other words, if a Spirit Master fused with a spirit bone, then, just like a spirit ring, it would follow him his entire life.

In this respect, spirit bones were even more potent than spirit rings. There was still a method to remove spirit rings, though at the price of never being able to obtain a spirit ring again.

For instance, if a nine ring Title Douluo renounced one of his spirit rings, then he would never be able to again obtain a ninth spirit ring, and would only be an eight ring Spirit Douluo.

Therefore, the method for renouncing spirit rings was only theoretical. But spirit bones would only drop under one circumstance, the death of the Spirit Master. Otherwise, they couldn’t be given up.

Originally when Grandmaster taught Tang San he said that even though spirit bones were good, he had to choose one that suited him. If he wasn’t clear on the effect of the spirit bone, he mustn’t assimilate it impatiently. Otherwise, it was possible he would waste one of his six spirit bone slots.

A theoretician like Grandmaster of naturally wouldn’t be wrong, but to Spirit Masters the allure of spirit bones was far too great. If not because of Tang San’s staunch willpower and unswerving determination, perhaps he would have fused with it as soon as he recognized it.

Even a lacking spirit bone would have a certain effect, and having one was always better than not having one.

Let alone ordinary Spirit Masters, even Title Douluo might not possess spirit bones, much less six.

Even though the poison in Yama’s Invitation was potent, after being released into the blood, it would lose its effect once it left the blood. Therefore Tang San didn’t need to worry about the black puddle that was once Shi Nian would have any major effect on the surroundings.

Resting a moment, Tang San didn’t dare stay here long. Who could say whether any other Blue Sunshine Academy people apart from Shi Nian would be causing trouble from him? After his physical strength had recovered somewhat, Tang San immediately left the grove. Mindful of his own safety, he had no choice but to urge Purple Demon Eye to observe his

surroundings as far as his eyesight permitted after leaving the grove, while he cautiously returned to Heaven Dou City.

Fortunately, the grove wasn’t far from Heaven Dou City. After entering, Tang San resisted the hollow feeling of his spirit power and swiftly returned to Shrek Academy.

Even before he had reached the Academy gate, Tang San could already see Xiao Wu standing there, anxiously waiting.

“Ge——” Seeing Tang San, tears flowed from Xiao Wu’s eyes, and she leapt at him as if flying.

After that ominous premonition, the Shrek Academy party had swiftly returned to the Academy. When they discovered that Tang San really wasn’t there, Xiao Wu immediately sunk into panic. Everyone went out to search, only leaving Xiao Wu to wait here.

Finally having waited until Tang San’s return, the extremely emotional Xiao Wu dashed at him. Normally Tang San could naturally have caught her, but as he was weakened right now, he was unable to withstand her charge. As she ran into Tang San’s chest, both of them went to the ground.

Fortunately, Xiao Wu’s flexibility and reaction was outstanding. When the two were about to hit the ground, she pushed up with one hand, and even though it didn’t stop them from falling, it substantially reduced their momentum.

A fragrant tender body rushing into his embrace, Tang San only felt the sky spinning and ground revolving, but he also equally felt at ease. Subconsciously, he pulled Xiao Wu into a tight embrace as they fell. This moment, his heart was filled equally with fiery heat and dread.

Even though he successfully used Yama’s Invitation to kill Shi Nian, in order to keep Shi Nian from discovering anything odd, he had still completely had to endure the Nightmare illusion of Shi Nian’s seventh spirit ability. Even though Purple Demon Eye had been able to see the truth, the terror from that illusion still hadn’t completely left him. Holding Xiao Wu,

Tang San couldn’t keep the scene of Xiao Wu being molested by that vulgar uncle from his mind. To him, there was practically nothing that could be more terrifying.

Pulling in Xiao Wu tight, he even wanted to blend her into himself, carefully protecting her.

Xiao Wu also clearly sensed the change in Tang San’s mood, and that burning aura of his alone already made her pulse accelerate. But the fear in her heart was even more intense than Tang San’s. She hadn’t waited for long, but each second had been a kind of torment. She didn’t know what she would have done if something truly had happened to Tang San.

This brief separation made both of them profoundly feel each others’ importance in their hearts.

Tang San’s consciousness gradually grew faint, but his arms were still tight around Xiao Wu, not changing until the moment he completely lost consciousness.

Yama’s Invitation had required more internal strength than he had imagined. Whether it was his mind or internal strength, the drain on Tang San had already reached the edge of danger.

Now seeing Xiao Wu again, returning to the Academy gate, the tight strings of his heart finally relaxed. His body could no longer endure the strain of exhaustion, and shut down out of self preservation.

Not knowing how much later, when Tang San slowly woke from unconsciousness, he was already back on his bed in the dorms.

Consciousness gradually returning, the weak feeling had already improved a lot, his inner strength already somewhat recovered under his body’s autonomous adjustment. Slowly breathing in through his nose, urging his internal strength to circulate through his energy channels once, Tang San then opened his eyes.

He wasn’t injured, he had simply exhausted too much of his mental and internal strength, leading to unconsciousness. Now, after a moment of rest, he had already recovered to some extent.

Only now did Tang San discover a small hand in his, naturally it was Xiao Wu’s. At the moment she was sitting by the side of the bed, leaning over next to him, deep asleep. He could vaguely see that her eyes were still red, and her tender little face somewhat red. Her slender scorpion braid hung over the bedside, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly from time to time. Clearly, her sleep was uneasy.

Seeing that gentle and beautiful face, that black long hair, as well as the pursed brows still not recovered from dread, Tang San found it difficult to control the overwhelming tenderness in his heart.

Softly getting off the bed and gently picking her up, carrying her like a piece of muslin, he placed her on his bed to let her rest a bit more comfortably.

Whether it was because Tang San moved too softly or Xiao Wu was too tired, but she didn’t wake up, only unconsciously winding her arms around his neck in her sleep, refusing to let go no matter what.

Everything happened very naturally, and he pulled her soft body into his embrace, covering them with the quilt. Without using cultivation to recover his internal strength, but with a warmth in his heart, he once again slept together with her. Without a trace of worry, only endless tenderness.

Her brows unconsciously smoothed, and his heart comforted by the warmth at his chest, an unprecedentedly peaceful warmth blossomed on the simple bed.

In early morning, as the first rays of sunshine filtered through the windows, Xiao Wu wiggled a bit in Tang San’s embrace. Perhaps it because of a mutual tacit understanding, both opened their eyes practically at the same time, then quickly closed them again at the same time.

A rich red color spread across her face, and he awkwardly wanted to let go, but was again held onto by her.

Neither of them spoke up, and neither of them had anything to say. Only their heartbeats peculiarly sped up.

At the sound of footsteps approaching the room, both of them quickly separated like startled birds. Unable to manage the embarrassment, Tang San swiftly leapt off the bed and pulled on his outer clothes.

“Xiao Wu, is little San a bit better?” A knock resounded, followed by Oscar’s voice.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu. By now Xiao Wu had already gotten off the bed, but was unable to conceal that blush on her face in any way. The two looked face to face, Xiao Wu pointed first to herself, then to the door, again at Tang San, and finally to the bed.

Wordless understanding let Tang San lay back down on the bed, while Xiao Wu drew a deep breath. Calming her heartbeat, she then opened the door.

Seeing the blushing Xiao Wu, Oscar was somewhat puzzled: “Xiao Wu, how is it?”

Xiao Wu said: “He still hasn’t woken up, but his breath has already evened out. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

Oscar gave her a deeply meaningful glance, and grinned: “That’s fine, that’s fine. Let him sleep a bit longer. I’ll go eat breakfast first. No need to go together. Oh, that’s right, Grandmaster said to have Tang San go find him as soon as he wakes up.”

Xiao Wu nodded hastily. At this moment she was eager for Oscar to leave quickly, so she could steady her mood a bit.

Once Xiao Wu had closed the door, Tang San sat back up from the bed. The two looked face to face, and Xiao Wu somewhat panicked lowered her

head. Tang San walked over to her side, rubbing her head, “I’m already alright. I’ll go find Grandmaster.”

Only once Tang San had left the room did Xiao Wu’s mood gradually calm. Both hands cupping her face, she discovered that things she hadn’t been able to see clearly before were becoming clearer and clearer in her mind. Her beautiful eyes displayed a somewhat extraordinary radiance and resolution, and she had a trace of a smile.

She gave the bed a final look, then quickly stepped out.

“Grandmaster, it’s me.” When Tang San reached Grandmaster’s room, the door was open.

There was a sumptuous breakfast arranged on Grandmaster’s table.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying: “Eat something first. We’ll talk after eating.”

Tang San didn’t refuse. He hadn’t eaten anything last night, and having never lacked appetite, he immediately sat down and began to eat heartily. Grandmaster didn’t ask any questions in the meantime, only quietly pondered something.

Once Tang San had swept the table clean of breakfast, Grandmaster looked at him with a meaningful gaze, saying: “Did someone ambush you yesterday? Tell me about it in detail.”

Tang San wouldn’t hide anything from Grandmaster, and he nodded immediately, saying: “It was Blue Sunshine Academy’s Shi Nian.”

Grandmaster’s complexion suddenly changed, the pupils of his eyes contracting, “You’re talking about Brutal Dream Shi Nian?”

Tang San nodded, “Yes.” While speaking, he walked over and carefully closed the door; some things shouldn’t be seen by others.

Grandmaster’s expression was very unsightly, his brows tightening,
“Does he have such good intentions that he would actually let you go?

Shi Nian was always widely known as a cruel person, and further adding that special spirit of his, whether attacking or escaping, both are fairly troublesome. Considered an atypical control system Spirit Master, he’s very difficult to deal with.”

“He’s dead. I killed him.” Tang San directly delivered the result.

Grandmaster was stunned, raising his head to look at Tang San, “You killed him?”

Tang San nodded, “It went like this……” Immediately, he gave a detailed narration of what happened to him after he left Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena yesterday.

He didn’t even conceal the secret of Yama’s Invitation. If he had to say who he trusted the most in this world, it might not be his father Tang Hao, but rather Grandmaster.

From Tang San’s point of view, Grandmaster had given him far more than Tang Hao. He felt affection for his father, but affection and respect for Grandmaster.

Listening to Tang San’s account, Grandmaster couldn’t keep his expression from becoming bizarre. As he heard Tang San say he had taken that rainbow-colored spirit bone from Shi Nian, he almost cried out in surprise, shooting up from his chair.

Looking at Tang San with extreme agitation, he even trembled somewhat.

“Take it out so I can see it. Quickly.” Grandmaster said somewhat impatiently.

Tang San took out the rainbow-colored spirit bone from Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, leaving it in Grandmaster’s hands.

As Grandmaster held the spirit bone, his heartbeat accelerate constantly. Even though he had researched spirits all his life, this was still his first time seeing a spirit bone so clearly.

He had never been in such close contact with a spirit bone even when he was at the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.

To Grandmaster, spirit bones were like a second life. Nobody would easily reveal their spirit bones, and kept the fact they had one under even more extreme secrecy. Even Title Douluo were the same.

Even fewer people would carry a spirit bone on them. As long as they obtained such a priceless treasure, anyone would instantly absorb it, increasing their strength.

Grandmaster focused his attention on that spirit bone, beside himself for a long time.

“Little San, you truly have grown.” Sighing softly, Grandmaster cautiously and solemnly returned the spirit bone to Tang San’s hands, indicating he should immediately put it back in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Putting away the spirit bone, Tang San somewhat puzzled looked at Grandmaster. He didn’t understand why Grandmaster would say something like that.

Grandmaster sighed, “On encountering a spirit bone, you still didn’t forget my warnings, and didn’t absorb it directly. This already proved that your temperament is already far beyond ordinary people. Now I can also finally at ease let you graduate after this tournament.”

There was some yearning in Tang San’s eyes, “No, Teacher, I still want to continue learning from you.”

A laugh escaped from Grandmaster: “You’ve long ago practically already learned what I can teach you. What you must do now is constantly take my theory and turn it into reality. This is also what I hope for the most. Little San, you must remember, no matter when, real combat is most important. If not for plentiful combat experience, right now you might already be a corpse. I didn’t expect that mysterious eye skill of yours could actually break Shi Nian’s Brutal Dream Spirit, and then that

toxic hidden weapon as well. I think you should also be aware just how lucky you were in that fight yesterday. Only the slightest difference would have turned you into a corpse.”

Of course Tang San knew. Let alone the spirit bone, if Shi Nian hadn’t been so cruel and insisted on using his abnormal spirit ability, if he had only relied on strength, perhaps Tang San would already be dead. And then Shi Nian even had a spirit bone on top of that.

Grandmaster’s expression suddenly became serious, “Don’t speak of this matter to anyone again. Not even the Shrek Seven Devils, Flender and the others. Brutal Dream Shi Nian has gone missing, but that’s entirely unrelated to you. That goes double for this spirit bone, don’t let anyone know about it. What is called ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’[1], I don’t want you to provoke some deadly calamity because of it. Understand?”

Tang San nodded, but he still couldn’t help asking: “Grandmaster, just what is the effect of this spirit bone?”

Grandmaster muttered to himself:

“From observing its appearance and aura, it seems it was extremely wise of you not to absorb this spirit bone. Because it doesn’t suit you. This spirit bone should be a gem type, most applicable for auxiliary system Spirit Masters and illusionist type Spirit Masters, a very good match for Shi Nian. But you’re different, you’re not that category of Spirit Master. Even if you used it, the ability you would gain would be of little value. The added properties also wouldn’t be too good. Of course, it’s still a lot better than not having one.”

“Originally, the reason I repeatedly warned you not to anxiously absorb spirit bones after getting one, was because of this. Even if this spirit bone doesn’t suit you, it will suit others. Ideally, you can use it to trade for a spirit bone that fits you. Therefore, even though this spirit bone doesn’t suit your direct use, to you it’s still the necessary capital to

trade for something more suitable. As long as you can grasp the opportunity, there will be no doubts as to the benefits.”

Tang San couldn’t help asking: “Then what kind of spirit bone does suit me?”

Grandmaster said without the slightest hesitation: “Strength type spirit bones and plant system spirit bones.”

Tang San stared blankly. Plant system spirit bones he could understand, but why strength type spirit bones?

Tang San had been Grandmaster’s disciple for many years, and naturally he saw the doubt in his mind, “The benefit of plant system spirit bones goes without saying. As for strength type spirit bones, the greatest benefit is to strengthen you. At the same time, it’s also in order to prepare for your second spirit. Your Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer walks the strength route, and it’s even the most tyrannical strength route. Remember what I told you, what is the greatest difficulty for twin spirits? It’s that the body is unable to endure the added attributes from so many spirit rings. And strength type spirit bones will remould you one step further, making you able to endure even greater pressure.”

“So it’s like that.” Tang San now understood Grandmaster’s painstaking effort, “Then at what time should I go replace this spirit bone?”

Grandmaster pondered, saying: “Don’t be hasty, this isn’t something you can accomplish on your own. Spirit bones are really too sensitive a topic in the Spirit Master world, if you don’t have sufficient threat of strength behind you, not only won’t you be able to trade for a suitable spirit bone, you will even attract deadly misfortune. Wait a few years. If you can meet your father, then you can shift it to an earlier date. With him there, nobody could touch you. Or if you could return to Clear Sky School, and obtain their backing.”

“Don’t participate in the match later. It’s not suitable to participate after such a massive exhaustion. Your opponents today aren’t powerful, the others are enough to deal with them. As for the others, just tell them

that you had a flash of insight yesterday and went to cultivate outside the city for a while, and almost overdid it, that’s why you exhausted your spirit power. I’ll help you cover it up.”

Even though Tang San somewhat disapproved of Grandmaster’s caution, he still wouldn’t go against Grandmaster. His Teacher was doing it for his sake, and there was no harm in being a bit careful.

The qualifiers continued, and after the tenth round had finished, the teams participating in the Heaven Dou City qualifiers had already pulled open a lead.

Shrek Academy’s record of ten fights and ten wins, left them clearly competing for the first position.

There were still a few teams that had amassed identical records. That was also the four elemental academies other than Elephant Armored School.

Strangely, apart from facing the Elephant Armored Academy at the start, Shrek Academy didn’t encounter any of the other five elemental academy teams.

But the Elephant Armored Academy successively encountered the other four academies, and without exception, lost each time. It seemed as if their defense didn’t have any effect.

So far, Shrek Academy had been competing with the other four elemental academies for the top five positions, and they all still had complete win records.

But Elephant Armored Academy was extremely miserable. After ten fights with five wins and five losses, their position was only in the middle of the rankings. Let alone the Elephant Armored Academy themselves, even the organizers hadn’t expected such an outcome.

This made each team in the qualifiers pull open the distance, and the first group of five teams led by a wide margin.

However, the next match wouldn’t be so easy. Shrek Academy’s eleventh opponent was from the five elemental academies, the Blazing Academy. A formidable team composed entirely of fire type Spirit Masters.

This match, due to Shrek Academy and Blazing Academy’s previous matches, undoubtedly became the greatest focal point. It came as a shock to nobody that they were arranged for the central stage.

The match still hadn’t started, but the stands were already bustling. At least a third of the audience was dressed in the emblematic green of Shrek Academy’s uniforms.

Even though the five elemental academies were equally strong, a grassroots background like the Shrek Academy resonated even easier with the audience. Especially their out of the ordinary poise had already swept Heaven Dou City with a green wave.

This moment wasn’t far from when they signed up, but Shrek Academy was already receiving applications like snow flakes. This showed how much reputation the Shrek team had brought their Academy.
Flender was even more pleased as the profit filled both basins and pots. As Grandmaster made a detailed introduction of the Blazing Academy,
his expression was clearly somewhat serious. These days he had constantly been researching the strength of the five element academies, and now he had finally grasped a general outline.

“Teacher, we’ll go out as usual for this match.” Tang San said to Grandmaster. What he called ‘as usual’, was him, Dai Mubai, and Xiao Wu, bringing along the four reserve members.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “No. This time your opponent is fairly powerful. Little San, you’ve always been competing these last days, do you know why the Elephant Armored Academy successively lost against the other four elemental academies?”

Tang San shook his head. He had led the team to participate in matches every day. Having to analyze the circumstances of the match, as well as being the mainstay, he basically didn’t have the time to pay attention to such things.

Grandmaster said: “Originally I couldn’t be sure, but in these few days I’ve been observing the battles between the other four great elemental academies and the Elephant Armored Academy, and I already have a vague grasp on the details. They’re also hiding their strength. It seems the extreme limit flow has already begun to use strength to make up for weakness.”

Seeing Tang San’s somewhat astonished gaze, Grandmaster quickly said: “There’s not much time, I’ll make it brief. You’ve already faced the Elephant Armored School’s disciples, they were a typical extreme limit flow team. In the past there wasn’t much difference between them and the other four elemental academies in strength. The reason they’ve kept losing this time is because the other four elemental academies have changed their fighting style. Even though they’re all Spirit Masters of the same attribute, they’ve already started splitting the work. In other words, these four great elemental academies are fully using extreme limit flow according to the balanced method. Do you understand?”

Tang San had studied under Grandmaster for so many years, and he naturally found it easiest to understand what he said. Complexion changing, he said with astonishment: “Teacher, you mean, the other four great elemental academies have also begun using separate classes?”

“That’s right. The Blazing Academy you’re about to face possesses fire element power attack, fire element battle control, fire element agility attack, fire element support. They just didn’t reveal this when they were facing weaker opponents. Only when they fought the Elephant Armored Academy did some of their strength appear. That’s why, even if the Elephant Armored Academy’s chief disciple has a spirit bone, they still couldn’t endure their bombardment. Blazing Academy and Thunderclap Academy are both known for their attack. Their strike is bound to be like the five thousand ton weight of thunder. That’s why you have to be even more careful. If it seems impossible, I would rather you concede without

being stubborn. After all, these are just the qualifiers, it’s fine as long as you pass the goal line. No need to worry about Flender.”

Hearing what Grandmaster had to say, Tang San couldn’t help sinking into a brief moment of consideration.

Fire element power attack, fire element battle control, fire element agility attack, fire element support, he had never come across a team like that.

Same attribute amplification and support, even if it was just more of the same, the burst intensity when attacking would absolutely be frightening. This Blazing Academy really didn’t seem easy to deal with.

“Teacher, I’ve decided. We’ll still go out as usual.” Tang San’s words were resolute, without a trace of hesitation.

Grandmaster stared blankly a moment, then nodded and smiled: “Fine, do as you wish. I believe you will do very well. Sometimes, giving up when necessary is also a very good kind of tactic.”

Tang San knew Grandmaster had misunderstood his intent, but he still didn’t try to explain. He only smiled calmly and nodded to his Teacher.

“First round, central stage, Shrek Academy facing Blazing Academy.” The announcer declared the names of the entering teams in a loud voice. The teams on either side stepped into the ring with their heads held high.

In a split second, the entire audience surged like a raging sea, cheers rising and falling, some supporting Blazing Academy, but even more supporting Shrek.

Shrek Academy had already defeated one of the five elemental academies, if they could also take down Blazing Academy, then their status would inevitably rise another step. All the spectators were looking forward to this moment.

Dai Mubai still walked furthest ahead, Tai Long and Huang Yuan at his side, behind them were Tang San, and standing next to him were Xiao Wu

and Jing Ling.

Jiang Zhu still stood furthest in the back as customary. Their uniforms no longer had just that ‘wash even healthier’ advertisement, but still had even more logos.

Perhaps it was because the effect of the advertisement was out of the ordinary, but Flender had already found more than ten sponsors for the team uniforms. The uniforms appeared even more hilariously gaudy, but Shrek Academy’s profit had also become even greater.

Faintly flickering light, Tang San’s eyes displayed a trace of ice cold light, both hands folded across his chest, quietly observing their opponents, equally unhurriedly strolling onto the stage.

The Blazing Academy’s seven students all seemed to be about the same age, a bit over twenty.

Seven people, in a triangular formation.

[1] Idiom: Just possessing a treasure is enough to invite disaster.

Chapter 100

The person walking furthest ahead was medium sized, with an extremely ordinary appearance, a pair of eyes flickering with red-hot radiance, broad shoulders, the contrast between a gold and red uniform and that not particularly handsome face still made him imposing and threatening.

This person was Blazing Academy’s team captain, Huo Wushuang[1]. A forty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master. His spirit was somewhat similar to Liu Erlong’s, a Fire Dragon. Only Liu Erlong’s Fire Dragon was more partial to Yin flame, while his Fire Dragon was a One- Horned Tyrant Dragon, completely walking the explosive route. In these qualifiers he was already known among Spirit Masters as most powerful head-on. He was also Blazing Academy’s unyielding mainstay attacker.

All the seven Blazing Academy students stood very close, and directly behind Huo Wushuang was another power attack system Spirit Master, thirty eighth ranked, without any outstanding features. Data showed that this person’s spirit was a Fire Leopard. Further behind were two people, two youths with gloomy expressions. Their appearances were exactly identical, unexpectedly a pair of twins. One was called Huo Yun[2] and the other Huo Yu[3], their spirits were Fire Crane[4]. They were also the agility attack system fire element Battle Spirit Masters Grandmaster spoke about. Their spirit power had both reached the thirty ninth rank, only a fine line away from the fortieth rank.

Furthest behind were two men and one woman, the two male Spirit Masters were extremely tall and wide, their faces valiant, and if going by

appearance, they would absolutely be taken for power attack system Spirit Masters. But Grandmaster had told the Shrek Academy team that the two weren’t power attack system, but rather auxiliary system. Only their support contained a certain attack capability. If the opponents weren’t especially powerful, their support characteristics wouldn’t even be seen. Their spirits were also strangely identical, both had Sparks[5]. That’s right, Sparks, a kind of unusual spirit.

And between the two was the whole Blazing Academy team’s only woman, an extremely beautiful girl, the golden uniform she wore complementing her, matched with deep red long hair, able to stir any man’s fire, she was extremely attention grabbing.

Even though she was the only woman among the Blazing Academy, she was the tallest among the seven members, and her body was extremely well shaped. Standing in the middle with a constant faint smile, there was a faint red light around her.

If someone thought she was the Blazing Academy’s weakest member in a fight, then that would be a fatal mistake. Because apart from the captain, this girl was Blazing Academy’s other fortieth ranked Spirit Master, and even the highest ranked in the whole team. Forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master, Huo Wu[6]. She was the soul of the team, as well as their vice captain. Her spirit was she herself, using her own shadow, Fire Shadow[7].

Before the start of the match, Tang San only had time to look over the Spirit Master formation on the other side. It wasn’t that Shrek Academy had received the information late, but rather that Grandmaster deliberately gave them a rough run down of the opponents before the match. Winning was admittedly important, but to Grandmaster, it was even more important for th e children to mature. In battles between Spirit Masters, you would frequently have to adapt to the enemy. When confronting the enemy, they would never tell you about their circumstances. What Grandmaster wanted to cultivate was Tang San’s ability to judge the enemy. As the soul of the team, his adaptability was clearly the most important.

Of the seven opponents, the one that drew Tang San’s attention the most wasn’t the one reputed as the most powerful frontal attacker, Huo Wushuang, but rather the control system Spirit Master Huo Wu between the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters in the rear.

Even though the opponents this time were still inferior to Elephant Armored Academy in terms of spirit power, what with having only two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors, since they could defeat the Elephant Armored Academy, there was no need to doubt their strength.

The referee walked into the middle, “Both sides, salute.”

The altogether fourteen members of both teams lined up, saluting their counterparts. Dai Mubai’s gaze met Huo Wushuang’s, and Tang San couldn’t keep his gaze from meeting Huo Wu. The competition still hadn’t started, but the smell of gunpowder filled the space between them.

Huo Wushuang glared at Dai Mubai, their gazes colliding. In a low voice he said: “Today is the moment your winning streak ends.”

Dai Mubai faintly said:

“That’s what I wanted to say. Today, one of our two teams will be unable to keep winning.”

Huo Wushuang’s gaze shifted to Tang San at Dai Mubai’s side, “It’s a pity. If your control system Spirit Master wasn’t a plant type, then perhaps you still might have had some chance. But, now…… I advise you to forfeit, that way you can at least conserve your strength for the next match.”

Dai Mubai sneered in reply. In fact, inwardly he was also uncertain.

How couldn’t he know that plant type Spirit Masters were naturally suppressed by fire type Spirit Masters?

And the seven opponents were all fire type.

Tang San was undoubtedly the most important part of the Shrek Academy team. If he was suppressed by the opponents, then beating Blazing Academy with their current formation was undoubtedly lunatic ravings. Even if he and Zhu Zhuqing had the Hell White Tiger, they still might not be able to beat all the opponents.

To say nothing of the fact that Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t in this fight. To whom the deer would fall, was still a riddle.

“You can release your spirits.” The referee’s voice rose once again. In an instant, the central stage was covered by light.

Intense spirit ring light flooded the whole stage, without doubt, both sides had optimal spirit ring configurations. Comparing spirit rings, they were completely balanced. Both sides had two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors along with five thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders.

Both sides were completely balanced in level. Of course, there was still a gap in Tang San’s terror-inducing ten thousand year spirit ring.

But how did a team fight? As a whole. A small gap absolutely couldn’t become a key to change the entire battle.

Tang San’s gaze swept across the formation, but always landed on the tall young woman called Huo Wu.

Her name was the same as Xiao Wu, both having the word ‘wu’. But this girl gave Tang San a very unusual feeling.

Even if she was always smiling, her aura was extremely reserved. Even with Tang San’s strength and Purple Demon Eye, he was still unable to clearly see what strength this girl hid.

Spirits leapt up, and intangible pressure squeezed both sides like two immense walls.

After the referee retreated, both sides simultaneously returned to their familiar formations. Blazing Academy still had a triangular formation,

while the Shrek Academy side still had Dai Mubai, Tai Long, and Huang Yuan in front, Jiang Zhu in the back, and Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Jing Ling in the middle.

Going by formations, no doubt the Blazing Academy arrangement seemed even more offensive, while the Shrek Academy’s side seemed relatively conservative.

“Match begin!” Along with the referee’s command, both sides moved in the first instant.

Dai Mubai abruptly took a step forward, making the whole stage shake. Huang Yuan and Tai Long followed at his side, the three simultaneously pressuring their counterparts with the weight of five thousand tons of thunder. At their waists appeared a slender and extremely durable strand of Blue Silver Grass.

Hong—— At this moment, raging flames leapt up in a flash in the middle of the enemy ranks. Fiery red light filled half the stage with scorching hot air.

Raging flames rose practically simultaneously from all the seven Blazing Academy team members, each person’s first spirit ring releasing dazzling light.

Sparks radiated all around the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters, countless little flecks of light in the air swiftly condensed towards those sparks. Along with the red flecks of light gathering, the sparks swiftly grew larger, spiraling over the heads of all the seven.

Huo Wushuang brazenly stepped forward with the other power attack system Spirit Master. A resonant dragon’s roar rose from his throat, and the raging flames all over his body vaguely took the shape of a dragon behind him. Spirit Body Enhancement made his body swell a size, covering his skin with a layer of blazing hot deep red scales.

The two agility attack system Spirit Masters Huo Yun and Huo Yu detoured around them, a pair of dazzlingly beautiful wings extending

behind their backs. Even though they couldn’t fly, they still advanced in a bizarre curving way, gliding around, their target at the center of the Shrek Academy team, Tang San.

After the dazzling sparks condensed in the air one after another, they swiftly poured into the others. As each spark entered, it made the Blazing Academy students’ flames even fiercer.

Without a doubt, this was a team with extremely tacit cooperation; the match had only just started, but they had already established a total advantage.

On the battlefield, there were only three people that didn’t move. On Shrek Academy’s side was Tang San and Jiang Zhu, and on the opposing side, control system Spirit Master Huo Wu.

Jiang Zhu being motionless was because of her healing capability, and now still wasn’t the time to heal. But Tang San and Huo Wu were still looking at each other, neither acting.

Xiao Wu and Jing Ling simultaneously flashed out to the side, meeting the opponents’ two agility attack system Spirit Masters, loudly colliding together head-on on the battlefield.

Dai Mubai and Huo Wushuang loudly erupted with their second spirit abilities, both jolted simultaneously. Huo Wushuang retreated a step, but Dai Mubai didn’t move a hair’s breadth.

The two both had extremely powerful spirits, but Dai Mubai still had an edge in spirit power.

However, Dai Mubai also wasn’t unscathed. His tiger palms were already somewhat licked by flames, emitting a scorched smell.

Wu Shuang was clearly enormously unreconciled to being pushed back. With an explosive roar, he once again stiffly charged forward without using

any spirit abilities, striking at Dai Mubai without any garishness. His defense was his own unparallelled ‘head-on’ reputation.

The other Blazing Academy power attack system Spirit Master was somewhat out of luck, facing the attacks of both Tai Long and Huang Yuan.

Tai Long’s spirit was Vajra Orangutan, and now under Spirit Body Enhancement, his body’s sturdiness was already extremely frightening. Even if he still couldn’t compare to those abnormal Elephant Armored Academy fellows, his muscles like coiling serpents gave a feeling of even more power. His attack was also the simplest, pure force. Basically no matter who the opponent was, he would let the opponent bombard him, and he would equally throw out his fists. And Huang Yuan swiftly leapt up, yellow light releasing from his sharp claws, going straight for the opponent’s chest.

When there was little difference in level, a two against one battle should be without any suspense. But at this moment, Blazing Academy’s strength immediately emerged.

Those constantly condensing sparks in the air were originally evenly distributed across the all the other five team members, but when the combined attacks of Huang Yuan and Tai Long struck that Fire Leopard Spirit Master, the sparks in the air suddenly accelerated, their collected power shooting into the body of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master in a flash.

Immediately, a circle of golden red light released from within the Fire Leopard Spirit Master, a tremendous energy suddenly expanding, unexpectedly repelling both Tai Long and Huang Yuan’s attacks.

Even if it didn’t injure the two, the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s crisis was already easily resolved. He immediately went straight for the seemingly weaker of the two, Huang Yuan. Whether attack power or speed, both had abruptly increased when that big cloud of sparks had poured in.

‘Good auxiliary control.’ Tang San’s eyes brightened, he had already clearly judged the opponents’ condition.

That trio of two support and one control should actually be considered a trio of control system Spirit Masters. The two big fellows weren’t just common auxiliary system Spirit Masters, but of an exceptionally uncommon auxiliary control system.

In a battle, relying on their support capabilities to conduct control, selectively helping their team members. In some sense, this method was somewhat similar to the Shrek Seven Devils’ Ning Rongrong.

Even though their spirits weren’t as out of the ordinary as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, when the two simultaneously supported one person, it could undoubtedly substantially boost his strength for a short time. This was also an important reason why they only had two power attack system Spirit Masters.

Having seen this clearly, Tang San finally moved. With the speed of thought, Blue Silver Grass abruptly withdrew, pulling back Huang Yuan and Tai Long, simultaneously having them retreat in one direction under Tang San’s precise control. And withdrawing at the same time was Dai Mubai who was fighting Huo Wushuang.

Dai Mubai and Huo Wushuang could be said to be evenly matched. Both were power attack system Spirit Masters, both had overbearing spirits, there was very little difference in spirit power, making the fight between them inspire a kind of unrestrained feeling.

But just as they were happily trading blows, Dai Mubai’s sudden retreat was undoubtedly beyond Ho Wushuang’s comprehension, but his feet unconsciously followed, automatically pulled along, both fists simultaneously bursting out, straight at Dai Mubai’s chest.

However, the moment Huo Wushuang’s dashed forward, he already felt something amiss.

Dai Mubai’s retreat was too fast, and at the same time as he advanced, Huang Yuan and Tai Long also simultaneously retreated to either side, the three forming a perfect triangular formation, with him in the center.

Even though this wasn’t the first time Tang San used these tactics in a fight, with Blue Silver Grass’s increasingly accurate control, it could often acquire enormous effect. In the ten previous fights, at least six team captains had been ensnared in Tang San’s control like this.

Even though Huo Wushuang wasn’t weak, in a moment, he would become the seventh.

Dai Mubai and Tang San had been cooperating for a very long time, and as he retreated, he had already understood Tang San’s intentions. Without the slightest hesitation, he directly unleashed his potent third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Instantly, white fur burst with golden splendor, and even though he was retreating, his imposing manner instantly increased. Seeing the encirclement almost complete, Dai Mubai stepped down, halting his backwards momentum. He crouched like a tiger about to pounce, and immediately afterward, struck like lightning.

Everything happened extremely fast, this encircling and annihilating joint attack was fast, precise, fierce, exploiting numerical advantage and instantaneous burst power to first destroy the strongest of the opponents. As long as they could smash Huo Wushuang, the rest of the battle would no doubt become a lot easier for the Shrek team.

However, was it really that easy?

Grandmaster had always observed the other team’s matches, so how couldn’t the other teams also have paid attention to Shrek Academy’s ten successive victories?

The moment both sides were about to complete their encirclement, suddenly, a red whirlwind erupted from the floor.

Even though Tang San manipulated his Blue Silver Grass, his gaze had never left the opposing side’s control system Spirit Master, Huo Wu. Sure enough, at this moment, Huo Wu moved.

Huo Wu acted without any warning, her movements also extremely simple, but what shone was her third spirit ring. The dazzling purple light mixed with the golden red around her, and a dazzling ring-shaped flame instantly erupted where it was needed the most.

Her control was extremely precise, and when that great ring of flame arrived, was precisely when Dai Mubai’s trio completed their encirclement and attacked.

Bizarrely, even though that instantly erupting ring of flame appeared extremely grand, the moment it touched, it still didn’t make any sound.

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan or Tai Long, none of them felt any threat of harm to them, the trio was only sent flying in a split second by a scorching hot powerful elasticity.

It wasn’t just them being ejected, even Xiao Wu and Jing Ling who were fighting to two opposing agility attack system Spirit Masters.

These five were struck practically simultaneously by that bizarre ring of fire, flying out in five different directions, perfectly destroying the Shrek team’s formation all at once.

Tang San, originally protected in the middle of everyone, was immediately exposed. That flame ring disappeared just in front of him, without flinging him away with the others.

This was Huo Wu’s third spirit ability, Defying Flame Ring[8]. This ability didn’t have any attack power, but its greatest characteristic was the ability to eject all enemies within the range of the Defying Flame Ring a certain distance.

As for how far they were rejected, and differentiation between friend and foe, that was up to the Spirit Master’s own control. It the ability of a kind of peculiar spirit beast.

This spirit ability would appear to be used to save one’s life, when it appeared in the hands of an outstanding control system Spirit Master, it

wasn’t that simple. Even though Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan and Tai Long were all bound by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, the instant they were shot out by the Defying Flame Ring, Tang San was still left by himself.

And without opponents to block them the two agility attack system Spirit Masters, along with Huo Wushuang, and the other power attack system Spirit Master, practically simultaneously pounced at Tang San, and moreover from four different directions. Right now, even Tang San didn’t have enough time to use Blue Silver Grass to pull back his team members to help him.

From the start of the battle, this situation was what the Blazing Academy had arranged for Tang San, using Shrek Academy’s best team tactic against them to deal with Tang San.

Four against one, they had even taken Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint into account.

Attacking from different directions, Tang San’s Spider Web could at most only restrain one person. There absolutely wasn’t enough time for him to launch a second.

And that moment, he would already be besieged by three people, not even luck could save him then.

Anyone who looked could see that Tang San was the core of the Shrek team, as long as he was routed, the Shrek Team would be like a toothless tiger, and dealing with them would be a lot simpler without the threat of Tang San’s ten thousand year spirit ring, and even more without his powerful control capability.

For insurance, the Blazing Academy’s two auxiliary system Spirit Masters’ third spirit rings flared simultaneously, and the previously constantly condensing sparks in the air unexpectedly split from one into two, from two into four, instantly increasing fourfold, and rushed at the four responsible for the attack.

Dazzlingly beautiful balls of flame fell from the air like a meteor shower, blazing flames already impassably surrounding Tang San.

The four people attacking Tang San simultaneously launched their third spirit abilities. Regarding this one attack, they were determined to win.

Sharp claws appeared on Huo Wushuang’s hands, his body swelling once again, golden red light erupting from the scales. His third spirit ability and Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation were different approaches leading to the same outcome. His whole body erupted with raging flames.

With two crane calls, two enormous flame crane shadows flew out, Flame Shadow Doppelgängers.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Master erupted with seven deep blue flame bullets.

The quadruple attack sealed all Tang San’s routes of escape.

Confronted by four people attacking him, Tang San seemed very serene, very calm.

However, within his body burned a raging inferno. He longed to fight, longed to use his own true strength to smash these four people before him.

Perhaps he would be injured, but he believed he had that kind of strength. But, could he really do that? No, he couldn’t. It still wasn’t time to expose his true strength.

In such a moment of crisis, Tang San still had time to glance at that Huo Wu, her charming face already showing a trace of pride after releasing that Defying Flame Ring.

Huo Wu was very beautiful, her build somewhat like Xiao Wu, only somewhat more well rounded than Xiao Wu. Deep red waves of long hair hanging to her waist, a fair face with exquisite facial features, a pair of big

eyes faintly flickering with silvery light. If the most beautiful women in the tournament were lined up, she would definitely be in the top five.

If others looked at her, Huo Wu would definitely think it was out of admiration. However, as her gaze met Tang San’s, she saw his gaze was still brimming with confidence and stubbornness. Tang San’s lips moved, and even though he didn’t make a sound, Huo Wu could still vaguely make out what he was saying.

“You’re too naive.”

Indeed, this was what Tang San wanted to say. The next moment, he shot out like an arrow from a bow. Moreover, what he chose was the most difficult route out, attacking the densest seven star balls of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

Huo Wu was somewhat dazed. She couldn’t understand why Tang San would make such a suicidal charge, he was only a control system Spirit Master! Without control, a control system Spirit Master was nothing. Could he really want to collide head on with a power attack system Spirit Master? And still a power attack system Spirit Master’s third spirit ability? Wasn’t that suicide?

Even more, Huo Wushuang, Huo Yun, and Huo Yu’s attacks would follow directly afterward. Let alone breaking through the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s obstruction, even if he did have that strength, as long as the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s attack slowed him down for just a moment, he would be met with three powerful attacks from behind.

Was Tang San truly suicidal? Impossible.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Master couldn’t help inwardly exulting when he saw Tang San dashing at him. He immediately arrayed his third spirit ability, Explosive Seven Star Bullets, in a perfect formation to hit Tang San. He had complete confidence in his spirit ability, especially when under the boost of the two auxiliary system Spark Spirit Masters. Even if it couldn’t compare with most Spirit Masters’ fourth spirit abilities in strength, it wasn’t far off.

Indeed, the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s third spirit ability was very powerful. Even Tang San would inevitably be injured if he was hit, let alone going on to block the attacks coming from behind. But the Fire Leopard Spirit Master had forgotten one thing, or perhaps it should be said he basically hadn’t expected it to happen. Even the most powerful spirit abilities were useless if they didn’t hit the opponent.

Tang San had never been a simple Spirit Master, that had never been his destiny ever since arriving in this world. Because he came from the Tang Sect of a different world, and he had inherited Tang Sect’s peak secret skills.

Could the scattering Explosive Seven Star Bullets truly block Tang San’s every path forward? Seventy might, but never seven.

To the eyes of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master, Tang San’s body suddenly seemed to have become illusory, completely turning into light and shadow. He seemed weightless, twisting bizarrely in the air a few times, stepping at a mysterious pace that unexpectedly let him bore straight past the seven energy bullets. Not only didn’t he touch even one, he didn’t even make a sound. Everything he saw was like a hallucination.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Masters’ pupils abruptly expanded, he also had plentiful combat experience. Even though he didn’t know how Tang San had been able to simply ‘walk’ through his attack like that, he still reacted instantly, using all his strength to control the Explosive Seven Star Bullets he had shot out to return and strike Tang San’s back. In terms of spirit ability control, this was already the limit of what he could accomplish.

However, no matter how exquisite his control was, those seven energy bullets were still only chasing a back. And Tang San advanced.

In the crisis, the Flame Leopard Spirit Master’s battle ability erupted completely. Extending both hands, a ball of intense flames erupted from his palms. In this limited time, all he could use right now was his first spirit ability, Flame Howl[9].

He knew, as long as he could block Tang San for a moment, his closely following Explosive Seven Star Bullets as well as his companions’ attacks would catch up. At that time, Tang San would be defeated.

Even though he knew that Tang San’s spirit power was higher than his, he still didn’t believe that his strength wasn’t enough to block Tang San for just that long.

This moment, besides the ongoing fights on the other four stages, the entire arena became silent. Almost all the gazes from the onlookers were focused on Tang San. They all wanted to see just how the soul of Shrek Academy’s team, possessing a ten thousand year fourth spirit ring Tang San, would face this situation.

Could he be blocked? Tang San gave the answer under the gazes of several tens of thousands of spectators. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he didn’t just step past the attack of the seven Explosive Seven Star Bullets, but simultaneously also stepped past the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

He really was too fast. Even though he wasn’t an agility attack system Spirit Master, relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, with just one slightly staggering movement, he had already moved around the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

Just this one simple action completely changed the situation. The one confronting the attacks of the three Blazing Academy team members from behind and the attack of the Seven Star Bullets was no longer Tang San, but rather the Fire Leopard Spirit Master himself.

Standing stably, dropping his shoulder, striking back. The three motions were as smooth as breathing, Tang San didn’t give the Fire Leopard Spirit Master any more time to react, before his shoulder heavily struck his opponent’s back.

Accumulated Mysterious Heaven Skill erupted in a flash. The Fire Leopard Spirit Master only felt an irresistible force spread from his back through his whole body, and immediately afterward he was launched flying.

The Flame Howl was confronted with the returning Seven Star Bullets, and those three pursuing comrades of his watched helplessly as foe became friend, and all they could do was to as much as possible redirect their attacks to the sky.

Otherwise, their team member would inevitably be turned to ash by their combined assault.

At this moment, Blue Silver Grass quietly acted. The Blue Silver Grass twisting around Dai Mubai, Tai Long, and Huang Yuan’s waists suddenly tightened, their speed increasing in the blink of an eye.

From surrounding the enemy, from being surrounded by the enemy under the Defying Flame Ring’s effect, then again back to surrounding them. Everything happened at lightning speed.

At this very moment, Tang San had for the first time in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament revealed his own talent for battle.

Spirit abilities would never be the full strength of Spirit Masters, and this was even more so for Tang San. Just relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and his own keen judgement, his tactics had already successfully reversed heaven and earth.


The Fire Leopard Spirit Master crooned miserably, his body scorched black by the bombardment of his own Seven Star Bullets. If not for his own fire attribute, and his exceeding familiarity with his own third spirit ability, this alone would have caused him serious injuries.

His three comrades also didn’t feel much better. The feeling of misusing strength to forcefully change direction of their spirit abilities was extremely painful, almost making them spit blood. The three staggered uncontrollably, and behind them, Dai Mubai’s trio already arrived swiftly.

If their attack struck, then the White Tiger Vajra Transformed Dai Mubai alone would have been enough to smash the three staggering opponents before him.

The battle had already advanced to a white hot stage, each moment could be the key to victory or defeat.

At this moment, the control system Spirit Masters of both sides completely showed their importance as the souls of the teams. Seeing absolute advantage turn to absolute disadvantage, Blazing Academy team’s control system Spirit Master Huo Wu acted once again.

Another ring of intense flame erupted, Defying Flame Ring appearing on the battlefield for the second time. Practically the same scene as before appeared again. The instant Shrek Academy was about to defeat their opponents, they were shot out by the Defying Flame Ring. While on the brink of catastrophe, the crisis of Blazing Academy’s main assault force was resolved.

Even though Huo Wu had saved her teammates at the crucial moment, right now she was already covered with a layer of sweat. She knew that even though she already had a high estimation of Tang San, she had still underestimated him.

His close combat abilities were in no way as simple as an ordinary control system Spirit Master’s. That bizarre footwork, could it be some spirit ability? But, he couldn’t have any more spirit abilities. Then, was it a spirit bone?

It was in no way just Huo Wu thinking along these lines. In the VIP seats, a lot of people already had similar notions.
“Was that the power of a spirit bone?” Nobody knew who spoke first. Sitting in the front row of the VIP section, emperor Xue Ye, as well as
Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas shook their heads practically simultaneously. At this moment, their eyes were filled with shock.

But the three could still be certain, that wasn’t the power of a spirit bone.

Because Tang San’s pace lacked the particular spirit power fluctuations that came with the use of a spirit bone. That should only be a technique, a simple close combat technique.

Ning Fengzhi held his forehead, laughing wryly in his heart, ‘Ah, Tang San, how many times are you going to shock me before you’re done?’
[1] (⽕⽆双) “Fire Incomparable”
[2] (⽕云) “Fire Cloud”
[3] (⽕⾬) “Fire Rain”
[4] ( ⽕鹤) The term is also the name for Anthurium andraeanum, Fire Crane Lily, but in this case it should simply be the literal meaning.
[5] (⽕星) Literally “Fire Star”
[6] (⽕舞) “Fire Dance”, same wu as in Xiao Wu.
[7] (⽕影) Alternatively “Fire Reflection”
[8] (抗拒⽕环) Or “Resisting Flame Ring”, “Anti Flame Ring”.
[9] (⽕啸)
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