Douluo Dalu Chapter 81-90


Chapter 81

Grandmaster meaningfully and heartfelt said to Tang San: “Although you now know your identity as part of the Clear Sky School, I hope you will be able to keep a common heart, don’t lightly go looking for your school, also don’t easily let out your thoughts. You can understand your teacher’s painstaking efforts?”

Tang San nodded without the slightest hesitation: “Teacher, I understand. No matter what I do, I must have strength first, before I believe I have sufficient strength I won’t lightly go looking for the Clear Sky School. I might say, I must at least wait until my father appears, before I might return to the school. Moreover, you should also know that I’ve always liked freedom, the life in a school doesn’t seem to suit me. Actually, I’d rather be a blacksmith’s son, to me, what’s the point of status?”

Grandmaster looked astonished at Tang San, after all, Tang San in his eyes still only a teenaged child, he hadn’t expected this disciple of his to be able to see so deeply. His rigid face couldn’t help revealing a smiling expression, and he once again patted Tang San’s shoulder, “Words like these put my heart at ease. In another half year the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition will begin, this isn’t only a stage to reveal you, it’s also the ideal opportunity to gain experience. At this Continental Grand Competition, you will meet all the Spirit Master powers of your generation. Fighting them, vanquishing them, will not only promote your battle experience, at the same time it’s also an opportunity to establish confidence. I’ve already talked it over with

Flender. Once this time’s Spirit Master Grand Competition is over, you children will graduate from the Academy.”

“Graduate? Teacher, isn’t it too early for this?” Tang San said, shocked.

Grandmaster shook his head with a smile, “No, it’s not early. At ordinary advanced Spirit Master academies you can already graduate when your strength reaches thirty ranks, moreover be considered a first rate student. But right now you’re not just at the thirtieth rank, even from the point of view of the Shrek Academy, I think that after you’ve participated in this Grand Competition, you should have reached the fortieth rank or so. Little San, the Academy isn’t everything. To your lives, cultivating at the Academy is only one stage, even more important is to temper yourselves in the outside world, that is the battlefield of your true test.”

Whether it his last life or this one, Tang San didn’t have too many experiences with society, but as he saw the certain gaze in Grandmaster’s eyes, he knew Grandmaster’s judgement wasn’t mistaken.

Perhaps it was because he had never stayed in the outside world, to the possible unknowns, in his heart was still some amount of fear.

Of course, right now wasn’t the time to reflect on this. Tang San naturally also didn’t expect that when he truly left for the outside world, it would already be six years later.

Leaving Grandmaster’s office, that kind of flash of insight feeling made Tang San’s heart indescribably free from worry. He had already again found his purpose in life. What about being descended from a school? What about father being a Title Douluo? All of that was after all not him.

panHe only had to first make himself become strong. This was meaningful.

Tang San already thought very clearly, at his current age, without anything more important than cultivation, all his physical and mental efforts should naturally be focused on this, and not on flights of fancy.

From this point on, whether it was Tang San or the other Shrek Seven Devils, they all entered half a year of arduous cultivation.

Grandmaster didn’t conduct any more special training with them, only regularly giving them tactics guidance, especially to their mutual teamwork, as well as how to use their own spirit abilities even more effectively.

It would appear that everyone had their own spirit abilities, they only had to use them fully.

But in fact, within this was contained enormous knowledge. Fully using any spirit ability at any time, fully using any spirit ability under any spirit power situation. Each circumstance held profound hidden theory. But Grandmaster had expended several decades on researching just this field. Under his guidance, the Shrek Seven Devils could be said to walk countless steps along a winding road.

Just like Tang San said when he presented everyone with the immortal treasure herbs, the medicinal effect wouldn’t just show at the time they took them. Along with their unceasing cultivation, apart from Xiao Wu who hadn’t used the ‘Yearning Heartbroken Red’, each person felt their bodies changing.

Not only did their spirit power growth rate become even faster than before, even more significant was the immortal treasure herbs’ transformation of their spirits and bodies. Tang San chose the herbs very carefully, and practically all were the ones that suited each person best.

Imperceptibly influencing them under their constant cultivation, the heaven and earth power contained within the herbs gradually fused with their bodies, making their comprehensive strength grow.

Even the Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia that wasn’t considered a real immortal treasure still assisted Grandmaster, in that brief half year his spirit power went from thirtieth rank to the thirty fifth rank. And everyone in the Shrek Seven Devils, making use of this half year, besides Dai Mubai’s spirit power which only rose one rank and a half, reaching the forty fourth and

close to the forty fifth rank, of the remaining six only Xiao Wu didn’t reach the fortieth rank bottleneck.

The first person to break through the fortieth rank bottleneck was someone everyone felt was unexpected, against everyone’s expectations it wasn’t Zhu Zhuqing who had already reached the thirty eighth rank when taking the immortal treasure herb, or the most assiduously cultivating, intrinsically differently talented Tang San.

Taking everyone aback, the first of the six to break through the fortieth rank was the least adept at cultivating food system Spirit Master Oscar. When he had cultivated for four and a half months he successfully broke through the bottleneck, just stepping on the threshold to the fortieth rank, only requiring a spirit ring to formally go from Spirit Elder to Spirit Ancestor.

Others might not know about Oscar’s hard work, but Tang San understood clearly. Even though Tang San didn’t know what had happened, since the time Ning Rongrong returned from her clan, Oscar’s cultivation was a lot more diligent than before.

ly Oscar was most addicted to sleeping, but in these few months Tang San hadn’t seen him sleeping once, even so that he rarely returned to the dorm, every day painstakingly cultivating his spirit in the dining hall that suited his cultivation best.

His strength being able to promote this quickly was admittedly related to the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, but his great efforts and invested energy also finally had a conclusive effect.

After five months of cultivation, Zhu Zhuqing also broke through the fortieth rank, and after two days Tang San broke through. In another ten days, Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong also successively broke through the bottleneck.

So far, besides Xiao Wu who hadn’t taken the immortal treasure herb, the strength of the other six Shrek Seven Devils had all reached the fortieth rank stage.

In Grandmaster’s amassed theory, breaking through the bottleneck didn’t necessarily require first going to get a spirit ring. Continued cultivation would still accumulate spirit power that would be released when a spirit ring was obtained.

As a result of everyone’s spirit power being close, Grandmaster decided that after everyone had reached the fortieth rank they would again go hunt spirit beasts.

Of course, they couldn’t wait for Xiao Wu, and as everyone reached the fortieth rank, because she hadn’t taken the immortal treasure herb, she was still at the thirty seventh rank and attacking the thirty eighth. To reach the fortieth rank would still require at least another half year.

Tang San had on a few occasions advised Xiao Wu to take the Yearning Heartbroken Red, but Xiao Wu still wasn’t willing, and would keep the Yearning Heartbroken Red at her side every day, regarding it as indescribably precious.

But that Yearning Heartbroken Red was also very strange. Without any nutrients or moisture, following at Xiao Wu’s side it could unexpectedly absorb the strength of heaven and earth on its own, not only without any signs of wilting, but on the contrary becoming even more brightly colored and alluring, reflecting dazzlingly on Xiao Wu.

That seemingly delicate sprig and petals was even more durable than any metal.

Making people click their tongues in wonder.

In this half year Tang San also completed his agreement with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s financial resources were indeed formidable, in barely half a year they had manufactured the required components, and following Tang San’s assembly had completely outfitted the directly related disciples of the school, and furthermore kept some remaining ones stored in reserve.

It was also because he had to spend time on making these things that Tang San’s cultivation was slower than Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing, making him the third person to break through the fortieth rank.

In this period of time, there was still one small interlude. After Ning Fengzhi brought back the blueprints he ordered his subordinate craftsmen to manufacture and research them, even using the finished goods to compare. But no matter how they tried, they were still unable to make even one hidden weapon. Even if those finished hidden weapons were dismantled to their components, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School craftsmen still couldn’t think of a way to fit them together.

Helplessly, in the end they could only leave the final assembly to Tang San.

Even though this still couldn’t be considered a loss to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, it was still somewhat embarrassing for Ning Fengzhi.

How could he know that Tang San used manufacturing skills that had been developed by the Tang Sect over centuries, how couldn’t the Tang Sect fear that others would counterfeit the sect’s hidden weapons? Everything they manufactured would contain some special skill that only Tang Sects disciples knew, just like a passcode existing for each hidden weapon. As long as no code was leaked by mistake, it would be impossible to reveal the secrets of the hidden weapon making.

This was a major reason why Tang San could completely at ease hand over the blueprints to Ning Fengzhi.

At nightfall, in a rare moment when Tang San wasn’t cultivating, sitting in front of the log cabin, leaning against the cottage and gazing up at the points of starlight in the night sky.

As a plant system Spirit Master, his mimicry cultivation naturally had to be made among plants, and the secluded wooden cottage that was originally Liu Erlong’s dwelling was considered Tang San’s.

Tang San quite liked the environment here. Cultivating here was not only quiet, that fresh and clean air and the fragrance released by the plants was even more what he liked the most.

Xiao Wu sat next to Tang San, her feet swinging slightly, both hands resting on the logs they sat on, raising her face, the light of the moon and stars made her even more conspicuously charming.

In the past half year, the high intensity cultivation and abundant food made all the Shrek Seven Devils just in their period of development change somewhat. Tang San’s height already surpassed Xiao Wu slightly, reaching close to one meter eighty or so. Xiao Wu was also the tallest of the three girls, reaching an astonishing one meter seventy five. But by now Tang San had only just passed his fourteenth birthday, and Xiao Wu was still some ways off.

Tang San’s shoulders were somewhat wider than before, overall still appearing ordinary, his expression reserved, if the Shrek Seven Devils walked together he would absolutely attract the least attention.

Dai Mubai frequently teased him, saying the most unremarkable was the most dangerous.

Xiao Wu’s growth rate had already slowed down, and in the last two months she had no longer grown in height. Her scorpion braid still hung down to her calves, perhaps she had been influenced by Ning Rongrong, but her skin had become even more exquisite, and some places exclusive to girls had begun to develop.

What attracted the most attention was still her long legs, perfectly round and perfectly straight, without the slightest flaw to be found. Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were both equally beautiful, but they also both envied Xiao Wu’s legs. The three girls each had their own characteristics, if saying Xiao Wu previously was slightly inferior to Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong in appearance, then in this past half year she had become prettier, not only catching up to the other two, but even slightly overtaking them.

But because they were together everyday, no one had a very strong impression of this.

“Xiao Wu, it’s late, go back and rest. We’ll set out tomorrow.” Tang San bumped Xiao Wu at his side with his shoulder.

Xiao Wu nodded softly, picking up that Yearning Heartbroken Red from her thighs, looking at the brilliantly colored petals, she brought it to her mouth to kiss it gently, smelling that faint fragrance only she could perceive: “Ge, I still haven’t reached the fortieth rank. Aren’t you very disappointed?”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Why would I? Your cultivation speed is already faster than I imagined. If everyone didn’t eat immortal treasure herbs, perhaps your cultivation speed would even surpass me. Let alone the others. Xiao Wu, cultivation must be done step by step, shortcuts can’t be taken with undue haste. Otherwise would be no good, if by chance you took a misstep out of impetuousness, that would be greatly troubling. You must remember your big brother’s words. You can’t keep it on your mind by any means. By now our overall strength is already very powerful, you don’t need to think of anything, before long you will also be able to step on the goal line of the fortieth rank. I can guarantee that if you agree to eat this Yearning Heartbroken Red, then your spirit power will definitely be even higher than everyone’s, reaching the highest stage among us.”

Xiao Wu giggled, jumping up, she said: “Don’t worry, I won’t drag everyone down. Ge, what spirit beast are you preparing to hunt this time?”

Tang San said: “Who can say. Even though I have a few choices, the concrete circumstances still depend on our luck. When we meet a spirit beast suitable to someone, that someone will kill it. The few of us all have dissimilar spirits, inevitably there will be something suitable.”

Xiao Wu nodded, saying: “I hope everyone will have good luck. Ge, can’t you help me comb my hair? My hair is a bit messy.”

Tang San looked distracted, “Comb your hair?” This was the first time Xiao Wu had made such a request to him, “But, you’re going back to sleep, won’t your hair be messy anyway?”

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue at Tang San, “You blockhead, after I return won’t I cultivate straight till early morning?”

While speaking, Xiao Wu pulled out a comb from her chest and handed it to Tang San.

It was a wooden comb, seemingly very simple. But the wood was exceptionally good, the grain on the deep purple wood extremely exquisite, fitting well in the hand and tough and durable. A trace of faint wood fragrance rose from it.

If it wasn’t for Tang San having Purple Demon Eye to clearly see details in the darkness, he would also have thought this comb was black.

t was also just because he was unable to find any flaw in the wood even with his Purple Demon Eye at the mustard seed stage that he was astonished.

“The wood of this comb is amazing!” Tang San couldn’t help saying.

Xiao Wu nodded, there seemed to be something in her eyes, “My mom gave it to me, it was made by her personally, carved from first rate red sandalwood. Even though it doesn’t have any decorations, this is still the last thing mom left me.”

Tang San had never heard Xiao Wu mention her family, and now suddenly hearing her speak of her mother, his heart skipped a beat. When he looked at her, in her beautiful eyes he could clearly see something sparkling and translucent.

Xiao Wu raised her scorpion braid, untying the lowest pink ribbon, her eyes all along attentively watching Tang San, left hand supporting her braid, right hand little by little combing it out, using five fingers to separate the originally braided black hair, gradually spreading like a black waterfall.

Enveloped in the light from the moon and the stars, watching that braid come undone over Xiao Wu’s shoulder, Tang San’s gaze couldn’t help being somewhat stupid. Right now Xiao Wu was truly beautiful, the moon and the stars seemed to become a backdrop for her, only she was at the center of this painting.

Xiao Wu looked deeply at Tang San, and along with her braid dispersing slowly turned around. As the last tangles came undone, with a slight shake of her head, that supple black waterfall shook out, unexpectedly completely sheltering her delicate body.

The long hair like black satin hung all the way to the ground, at least one chi stroking the logs underfoot. Right now Xiao Wu seemed to blend into the darkness, and from Tang San’s perspective he could only see that moving black.

Perhaps it was because it had been too long since the hair had been combed, but when the long hair separated it took on a wavy shape, swaying slightly as Xiao Wu moved.

“Xiao Wu, you really are beautiful.” Tang San couldn’t keep himself from blurting out.

Xiao Wu’s back was to Tang San, but in her eyes teardrops were quietly falling, because, she thought of her mother.

“Ge, comb my hair.” Xiao Wu’s voice was very soft, with a slight tremble, also a trace of fear and expectation. She waited quietly.

Tang San came to himself, and quietly walked forward, as if afraid to startle the black waterfall under the light of the moon and the stars, noiselessly reaching Xiao Wu’s back.

Left hand gently and carefully lifting Xiao Wu’s long black hair, right hand stroking the red sandalwood comb, bit by bit combing through her hair.

A faint fragrance came out, a fragrance Tang San felt was very familiar. It wasn’t the smell of perfume, because Tang San knew that Xiao Wu had never needed such things. It was even less possible for it to be the fragrance of the Yearning Heartbroken Red, because only Xiao Wu could perceive it.

Right now, what kind of picture was this?

A stunning young woman standing quietly in front of a log cabin, surrounded by that quiet forest, those bashful moon and stars in the sky, that young woman lightly clasping a flower in her hands, behind her a dim- witted youth, just using a deep purple comb to softly comb and gather her long soft hair.

Tang San was silly, constantly repeating the motions of his hands. Xiao Wu was also silly, a sad past twinkling in her gaze.


“Mom, this comb is so pretty! How can there be purple wood?” A charming voice echoed in the mountain forest.

“Silly girl, mom used red sandalwood to make this, since you’ve already chosen, mom will give this comb to you. In the future, if you find a man you truly love, then, let him help you use this comb to comb your hair. A woman’s hair can only be combed by one man in all her life. Mom will bless you, and hope that one day, you will find that man you can trust with your hair.”


Mom, you know? I already found him.” Revealing a smile on her tear stained face, along with the man behind her back combing her hair, her gaze turned to the bright moon, that shining bright moonlight seemed to be her mother’s smile.

Long hair being combed, soft light roaming, this moment, time seemed to stand still. Whether it was Tang San or Xiao Wu, neither wanted to break the tranquility.

Early morning, Shrek Academy main gate.

Flender, Liu Erlong, Zhao Wuji, ang Grandmaster stood outside the Academy gate, looking at the seven children assembled before them with spirits trembling with excitement, hearts all brimming with pride.

Fortieth rank, this was the boundary a Spirit Master had to reach before thirty years old or so, in order to be a Spirit Master of a certain talent.

But of these children, the oldest was only seventeen. The youngest still wasn’t fourteen. But they had already reached this stage.

Admittedly there had been some miracles on the way, but what was important was that these little monsters all had such astonishing talent.

And as the ones who had unearthed them, how could Flender and the others not feel pride?

Ning Rongrong bumped into Xiao Wu’s back, saying in a low voice:
“Xiao Wu, how come your braid is combed a little askew?”

Xiao Wu’s charming face blushed, and her glance unconsciously floated over to Tang San at her side. Tang San’s hearing wasn’t as good as his eyesight, but it still wasn’t bad. Ning Rongrong stood next to him and Xiao Wu, and Tang San naturally heard her words. At the same moment he also awkwardly looked at Xiao Wu, and as the pair’s eyes met in the air, they both couldn’t help hastily moving apart.

To the side Oscar spotted a clue, lowering his voice, he said shocked:
“No way, little San, you wouldn’t……”

Tang San immediately interrupted him, “Less nonsense, it’s not what you think.” This morning he had with great difficulty persuaded Tai Long not to follow.

Tai Long’s cultivation speed was clearly inferior to theirs, by now he had just reached the thirty eighth rank, still not the thirty ninth.

Moreover, Tai Long was after all not part of the Shrek Seven Devils. Even though he always followed his grandfather’s instructions and considered himself Tang San’s bodyguard, Tang San couldn’t think of him like that. Even though he had cultivated in this half year and his time with Tai Long wasn’t long, he had still given Tai Long some of the cultivation techniques Grandmaster had taught him.

The relationship of the two changed from the previous rivals in love to become ordinary friends.

Of course, it was already impossible for Tai Long to pay attention to Xiao Wu, let alone the change in Tang San’s status, even without this he understood that he would perhaps never be able to be Tang San’s match.

Xiao Wu also even more wouldn’t choose him.

Let alone he, practically every student at the Shrek Academy knew that the only woman in Tang San’s eyes was Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu also wouldn’t encourage any other man. There were a lot of female students who had tried to approach Tang San, but been blocked by Xiao Wu.

Even though Tang San knew about this, he never said anything.

The two of them hadn’t done anything in front of anyone that would establish a relationship as lovers, but the people at the Academy had long ago already regarded them as such. Only the Shrek Seven Devils knew that Tang San and Xiao Wu’s relationship was pure and honest.

Oscar immediately displayed an understanding appearance,

“En, it’s not what I think, you needn’t explain. Everyone understands.”

By now it wasn’t just Oscar, but Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, and even Zhu Zhuqing all looked at them with strange gazes.

Tang San couldn’t help cursing, “You understand farting.”

As these words came out, everyone couldn’t help smiling. And Xiao Wu’s face became adorably apple red.

“Hai hai, what are you doing?”

Flender said unhappily. At this the Shrek Seven Devils hastily restrained their smiles, straightening their backs.

Flender said: “We’ll set out immediately, our goal is the Sunset Forest. Even though this time there are four of us along, I must announce an important point. Even though the fourth spirit ring doesn’t have such an effect of connecting the past and future like the third spirit ring, the fourth spirit ring is still equally important. In order to conduct even better actual combat drills before you join the Spirit Master Grand Competition, me and Grandmaster have decided after discussing it, that for this spirit beast hunting process, you will complete it yourselves. Unless it’s an absolute last resort, we won’t easily act. Under normal circumstances, not only won’t we protect you, we would instead have you carry out the protection. This trip for hunting spirit beasts is also considered the first stage of your graduation exam. And the second stage is the next Advanced Spirit Master Grand Competition. Understood?”

Ma Hongjun was the least afraid of Flender, and couldn’t keep from asking: “Teacher, then how will we pass the test?”

Flender said: “Good question. Passing actually isn’t difficult. For the first test you can rely on your collective power to hunt spirit beasts suitable to you, as long as the four of us haven’t acted in the meantime, you will be considered to have passed. And the second stage, as long as you can casually return with the championship, you can also graduate fairly well.”

“Ah? This is called ‘not difficult’?” Oscar couldn’t help crying out.

Even though they were all rare talents, given the age limit their strength couldn’t after all reach the degree of opposing heaven, and what they had to confront was nonetheless the elite of Spirit Masters under twenty five. Destroying the opposition from start to finish and obtaining the championship was no easy matter.

Flender’s eyes glinted, “What? You have any objections, Oscar?”

“No, no objections. Dean is wise.” Oscar knew Flender’s character. If he raised any dissent, perhaps this graduation would become even more difficult.

“If you don’t that’s fine. We’re leaving.” Flender issued the order to set out, and a group of eleven people set foot on the avenue heading to Sunset Forest.

Flender’s quartet walked in front, and the Shrek Seven Devils followed behind.

Flender also wasn’t worried. With Grandmaster, Liu Erlong, and Zhao Wuji all slowly advancing while talking and laughing, such an appearance was more like an excursion.

Dai Mubai brought up the Shrek Seven Devils behind, saying in a low voice: “I’ve already obtained my fourth spirit ring, have you all thought properly on what kind of spirit ring you need this time? Since dean Flender’s party isn’t prepared to help us hunt spirit beasts, we will have to plan it out. According to Grandmaster’s calculations, this time the best result would be to obtain spirit rings between three and five thousand years. Of course, the closer to five thousand years, the greater the strength growth rate. My fourth spirit ring was from a roughly over four thousand year spirit beast. But, the closer to five thousand years, the more difficult it will be to absorb the spirit ring. I don’t think any of you have forgotten little San’s appearance when he absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring last time. Even though he endured that time, he also suffered enormous pain, not something a weak heart can accomplish. Therefore, you must quickly think of a good goal for yourselves. Under the premise of maximizing benefit, you must still consider what degree you can absorb.”

Everyone nodded one after another. Grandmaster’s theories were naturally established, but each Spirit Master’s own circumstances were different, and the limit of what they could support were actually somewhat disparate. Like Oscar and Ning Rongrong, the limit of spirit rings they could support were clearly a bit lower than the others, they were after all auxiliary system Spirit masters, and their physical conditions were different

from Battle Spirit Masters. But for Tang San, who had in succession suffered absorbing the potent amplification of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring as well as the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot’s transformation, the resilience of his body was terrifyingly higher than that of Spirit Masters of comparable rank, the target spirit ring ages to absorb would naturally be a bit higher.

Tang San said: “It would be better like this. Right now we don’t know concretely what spirit beasts we’ll come across. Once we encounter spirit beasts not reaching the age limit, we’ll beat them down until it can’t resist, and afterwards we’ll carefully determine its age. The one it suits the most will absorb it. If it suits no one, we’ll release it. What do you think?”

Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple, and further the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, these words immediately obtained everyone’s approval.

Dai Mubai said: “Good, we’ll do it like that. How to set about it will still follow little San’s directions.”

Tang San said: “Little Ao, before we enter the Sunset Forest, first make a batch of flying mushroom sausages for everyone, so if we encounter danger we can evade more easily. At the same time, everyone don’t forget the Flying God Claws, those can not only help you navigate difficult terrain, they can also be used to escape and seize spirit beasts. But you must be careful when using them, don’t use it easily if the spirit beast is too strong, otherwise you’ll rush to help the spirit beast. When encountering a suitable spirit beast I will give priority to restraining its movements with control abilities, afterwards you attack collectively, just don’t kill it.”

“Oscar, you’re not only in charge of supplying everyone, at the same time you must also pay attention to replenishing the spirit beast. If by some chance everyone acts severely, putting the spirit beast on the verge of death, don’t be stingy with your big recovery sausages.”

“Rongrong, your mission is the simplest, in an encounter directly start assisting everyone with the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Zhuqing is

in charge of scouting, while me, Mubai and Xiao Wu will be mainly in charge of attacking. Everyone clear?”


Although Flender’s quartet walked in front, their ears were all along directed at the activity in the back. Now listening to Tang San’s deployment, this Shrek Academy dean’s face couldn’t help revealing a smiling expression, bumping Grandmaster at his side and saying: “Little San really isn’t like a child, his mind is meticulous, and he doesn’t panic in new situations. Even learning of his own background didn’t influence his cultivation. I heard he even made a profit from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Xiao Gang, how about you give him to me? Or how about having him also take on the role of teacher?”

Grandmaster glanced across at Flender, saying: “Isn’t it enough for you to be his dean? No matter what you say, little San will graduate from the Shrek Academy in the future.”

Flender nodded, “That’s so. Frankly, I really hope time would pass a bit faster. Thirty years, eh, no, in maybe twenty years, perhaps this world will belong to these children.”

Grandmaster’s face showed a rare smile, “If we directly skipped twenty years, wouldn’t you and me already be old?”

Flender snorted, “You know it! So don’t waste time.” While speaking, he pursed his lips in Liu Erlong’s direction.

Grandmaster’s expression went rigid, once again resuming his original appearance, looking at Flender with a burst of heat. But these feelings were a matter for two people, and even though he was very close to the two of them, he after all couldn’t make decisions for others, and there was no way to catch Grandmaster.

He also knew that if he forced things too urgently, there was a chance Grandmaster would go missing again, and that would be even more unbearable for Liu Erlong.

Heaven Dou City was very close to Sunset Forest. This Sunset Forest could also be said to be the place where Spirit Masters from the majority of the heart of the Heaven Dou City’s surrounding towns hunted spirit beasts.

Of course, not many people knew about the places like the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well in the core areas.

Chapter 82

Although Tang San lived here for the past half year, during that period he was always at the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well, only when leaving under the guidance of Poison Douluo did he hurriedly appreciate the surroundings of Sunset Forest.

Once again coming back to Sunset Forest, Tang San still felt a sense of unfamiliarity.

Comparing both Sunset Forest and Star Dou Great Forest, other than their size differing by a lot, there were also many different factors. Star Dou Great Forest was situated in the central zone of the continent; it was the center zone’s biggest spirit beast forest.

That place belonged to the tropical zone, majority of the forest was primarily tropical vegetation.

Whereas Sunset Forest’s location was at the center of Heaven Dou Empire, although it wasn’t really considered polar climate, but its temperature was much lower than Star Dou Great Forest, this resulted in more of its plants belonging to the north’s characteristical temperate vegetation.

Tropical vegetation gives people a sense of denseness and moistness. While temperate vegetation gives a more refreshing feeling, it does not have such a high density that of tropical vegetation. Hence, when moving

about in the forest, it was much easier for Sunset Forest than for Star Dou Great Forest.

Of course, powerful spirit beasts generally still preferred the tropical rainforest of Star Dou Great Forest. Therefore, although Sunset Forest’s spirit beasts weren’t low in numbers, there weren’t many who had managed to cultivate to ten thousand years and beyond, the majority’s cultivation remained in between one thousand years and ten thousand years. Adding in the unrestrained hunting by the spirit masters, the spirit beasts’ quality generally dropped to some extent. By now, to want to hunt a spirit beast suitable for oneself, not only did it require strength, but patience was needed at the same time.

The official start of the Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition was half a month away, this was also the limit for Shrek Seven Devils to hunt spirit beasts. In half a month, regardless of what they gained they had to return back to the academy, participating in Heaven Dou Empire’s Heaven Dou City’s subdivision qualifiers.

Half a day had passed after entering Sunset Forest, the number of spirit beasts encountered on the road was similar to Star Dou Great Forest, but their quality was poorer to some extent. Although they also encountered several thousand year grade spirit beasts, most of them just passed the thousand year level, clearly not what everyone wished for. Also, these spirit beasts did not come forth to provoke a large unit like theirs.

“Let’s take a break. We will continue searching tomorrow.” Flender on seeing the darkened sky, shouted towards the Shrek Seven Devils who were searching about.

Due to the spirit tools’ assistance, everyone were amply prepared. In a moment, two tents were already set up. To able to react faster in this spirit beast forest, the tents chosen by everyone were big and durable. The four teachers resided in one, and the Shrek Seven Devils resided in the other. Also, the task of keeping watch at night is naturally to be alternately carried out by the Shrek Seven Devils.

It was by far not their first time working together, and the coordination betw een the Shrek Seven Devils had a tacit mutual understanding. Ma Hongjun, Oscar and Dai Mubai were in charge of setting up the tents, the girls under the leadership of Liu Erlong prepared the food, while Tang San walked one round about their surroundings, using some unusual medicinal powder of his to cordon off their camp zone. Not only did it have a certain deterring effect on spirit beasts, it could also prevent some undesirable animals[1] from encroaching.

When Tang San came back to the campsite after patrolling one round, the tents were already set up. Ma Hongjun was currently using his purified phoenix flame to kindle a fire. A metal pot rested on top of the fire, the water voluntarily brought over by everyone’s spirit tools is currently in the process of being heated up.

Tang San looked towards Grandmaster with some doubt, “Teacher? Isn’t lighting a fire not good?”

Without waiting for Grandmaster to speak, Flender smilingly said: “Relax, this isn’t Star Dou Great Forest, there are no terrifying beings similar to the Titan Giant Ape. Even if spirit masters come here to search, they won’t create any sort of trouble for us. Don’t forget, our Golden Iron Triangle is gathered here now. As long as it is not a Title Douluo, nobody can harm you all. In the entire continent, Title Douluos only number ten or so. Even if we happen to meet one, there is also nothing to clash about. With their status, why would they vie with you all over some spirit beasts. The north and the south are not the same, the nights here are very cold. With a fire and hot soup, you will all be able to be more comfortable, with a good spirit we can better search for spirit beasts tomorrow!”

Tang San suddenly saw the light, so that is how it was. This was precisely experience. It appears that his own experience was still too lacking. The same situation would change under different circumstances. Perhaps, this was exactly the area he himself needed to develop the most.

Dinner was very sumptuous. After eating, Flender simply briefed the Shrek Seven Devils and then entered the tent to rest.

Although there were only four people residing in this tent, the volume of this tent was a bit smaller than Shrek Seven Devils’s.

Long before the tents were finished setting up, Flender had already finished the sleeping arrangement. Liu Erlong was on leftmost side, followed by Grandmaster, himself, and Zhao Wuji on the rightmost side. Regarding this arrangement, even Grandmaster was unable to raise any complaints. After all, although he didn’t dare accept Liu Erlong’s affection, he absolutely wouldn’t wish for his beloved to be overly close to other men, especially in the kind of dim ambience during nighttime.

Flender and Zhao Wuji returned to the tent to rest. Liu Erlong who was at the side of the bonfire gave Grandmaster several glances before entering the tent too. But right now Grandmaster was hesitating.

He had attentively checked out the tent’s beds, and almost everyone were right next to each other, turning the body over one could touch the bedding across. Although he flattered himself as an upright gentleman, if the woman he had loved for so for many years lay beside him, he couldn’t be sure his heart wouldn’t waver. In that moment, Grandmaster was sitting beside the bonfire, his mind somewhat confused.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, the one in charge of keeping watch for the first half of the night was Dai Mubai, this request was by his own initiative. As the boss of the seven devils, regardless of age or spirit power, his was the greatest; naturally he had to play an exemplary role. The latter half of the night was up to Tang San, while Oscar and the girls could naturally rest with ease.

Camping out in the wilderness and cultivating in the academy wasn’t the same.

At the academy, one could use meditating cultivation to completely pass the night.

However, meditating cultivation’s biggest weakness was the need to concentrate. With a night of cultivation, although the body’s condition would become better, there would be a period of mental exhaustion.

Hunting spirit beasts didn’t permit the emergence of such situations, in the event that the mind was unable to focus under the attack of a spirit beast, this could possibly result in irreparable losses. So in the process of hunting spirit beasts, when resting at night everyone had to rely on sleeping to restore their condition to the very best.

And the funny thing was that this theory was proposed up by Grandmaster.

The rest of the Shrek Seven Devils had also entered the tent, only Dai Mubai was still beside the bonfire. “Grandmaster, please go and rest. Let me go patrol one round around the surroundings.”

Grandmaster nodded his head, said: “You go ahead. I will sleep later.”

Dai Mubai hesitantly said: “Aren’t you tired? It’s better to rest early.
Tomorrow we still have to keep searching in the spirit beast forest.”

In terms of spirit power, Grandmaster was the lowest out of everyone here. Today, from hurrying with their journey till they reached Sunset Forest as well as searching for spirit beasts afterwards, there was nearly no time to rest. Even Dai Mubai felt somewhat weary, he didn’t believe Grandmaster didn’t feel so as well.

Regarding the matter between Liu Erlong and Grandmaster, Tang San naturally wouldn’t casually go gossipping, hence the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils weren’t too clear about it.

Grandmaster secretly let out a sigh. Forget it, anyway he was also tired, after entering he’d just go to sleep immediately. With this in mind, Grandmaster nodded to Dai Mubai, finally entering his living quarters.

The profoundness of bedding wasn’t only a matter in Grandmaster’s tent, inside the Shrek Seven Devil’s tent the sleeping arrangements were also decided after discussing it through.

The girls were most unwilling to be near Ma Hongjun, directly kicking him to the berth on the leftmost side.

And Zhu Zhuqing took the initiative to request to be on the rightmost side.

A problem appeared. Out of the seven people within Shrek Seven Devils, three were female and four were male. This resulted in that inevitably one female and one male’s beds had to be adjacent.

Dai Mubai was naturally willing to lean against Zhuqing and sleep in the center, but Zhuqing vehemently refused.

Oscar is even more willing to sleep beside Ning Rongrong at the center, but was immediately rejected by Ning Rongrong.

Thus, the female to sleep at the center of the tent was left with Xiao Wu.
And sleeping next to her could also only be Tang San.

At first Tang San is unwilling, but being unable to stand up against everyone’s excuse that they were brother and sister, the beds were arranged just like that. From left to right were: Ma Hongjun, Oscar, Dai Mubai, Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing.

Right now, Dai Mubai was keeping watch outside. Although everyone had tucked into bed, but for Tang San and Xiao Wu who are in close proximity, their hearts were beating furiously[2].

Xiao Wu is slightly more natural, after all on her other side there was still Ning Rongrong, but the berth on the other side of Tang San was empty. After lying down, he immediately straightened his body, not daring to make any movement, fearing to come into contact with Xiao Wu.

But in spite of this, that faint fragrance from Xiao Wu’s body constantly entered his nostrils.

Last night, when brushing Xiao Wu’s hair, Tang San had already recalled why he found the fragrance from Xiao Wu’s hair to be familiar. This is because the fragrance from her long hair was very similar to the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure which could restrain a hundred poisons. Tang San vaguely remembered written in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure

Record, this sort of fragrance that appeared on one’s body was called Innate Silk Beauty Fragrance. Although it was unable to restrain a hundred poisons like the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, it brought vast benefits to the human body. If one was able to smell it every day, not only did it have the effect of prolonging life, it could also strengthen one’s immunity and give others a sense of intoxication.

Xiao Wu’s black hair in itself already made Tang San feel intoxicated, not to mention the current addition of Innate Silk Beauty Fragrance. Currently lying beside Xiao Wu, Tang San felt his whole body slightly feverish. Although he repeatedly told himself to hurry up and sleep, the more he thought like that the more awake he became, not having a wink of sleep at all.

On the other side, Ning Rongrong leaned closely against Xiao Wu. At this time she nestled beside Xiao Wu’s ear, laughing in a low voice: “Xiao Wu, why do I feel that you are very nervous! What is there to be nervous about when leaning against your own big brother? If not shall we swap?”

Xiao Wu snappily pinched Ning Rongrong’s thigh. “Annoying, not swapping.”

Ning Rongrong cannot help but let out a giggle, saying: “I knew it that you couldn’t bear to. Hurry, don’t stick so close to me, I’m squeezed until I can’t turn over.” While speaking, Ning Rongrong deliberately turned her back over, using her tender buttocks to butt Xiao Wu once.
Xiao Wu let out a soft exclamation, unable to avoid touching Tang San. Although separated by a blanket, Tang San was still taken aback. Hearing
Ning Rongrong’s chuckling sounds on the other side, all the more he didn’t want to make a single movement. This feeling was somewhat agonizing.

The scene of combing Xiao Wu’s hair last night repeatedly played in his mind. Although Tang San himself wasn’t clear about it, but actually after

last night’s incident, the feelings he had for Xiao Wu had already started to change from the pure relationship between a brother and his sister.

Compared to Tang San, the agony now suffered by Grandmaster was even more intense.

After entering the tent, Grandmaster used the fastest possible speed into burrow into his bed. He was even more careful than Tang San. Lying on his side, turning his back to face towards Liu Erlong, doing so not only allowed him to occupy a smaller area on the berth, it also made his heart somewhat steadier.

Hearing the regular breathing sounds of Flender, Zhao Wuji and Liu Erlong, Grandmaster’s worried heart gradually settled down, his body also gradually relaxed.

In specific settings, sometimes deep memories are evoked. Right now, although silence filled the tent, Grandmaster couldn’t help but think back about that scene a few decades ago.

That day, was the day he and Liu Erlong married. If so many setbacks hadn’t occurred, perhaps, on the night of that day, Liu Erlong would have become his. But all this had already changed, and even though his most beloved woman lay beside him, he didn’t dare make a single movement. Let alone trying to get close, he even wanted to hide.

Only he himself knew the pain in his heart, that indescribable pain that he had endured silently over so many years. ‘Heaven, why do you have to punish me in this way, insisting that my most beloved be my cousin, why? Why this?’

While Grandmaster’s heart twitched, his whole body unconsciously convulsed. Hidden within the blanket his fists clenched, himself not sensing that even the nails are embedding into the skin.

Once again meeting Liu Erlong, what kind of resolve did he use just to suppress the fire in his own heart? If not for Tang San, this disciple he had entrusted with his hopes, Grandmaster would have long ago run away again. He simply didn’t wish to stay together with Liu Erlong for too long. The human heart is made of flesh, everyone has their impulsive moments. Grandmaster was truly afraid that one day he wouldn’t be able to control himself and do something beastly. Of course, these were all his own thoughts.

Just when Grandmaster’s mind was in a state of chaos, a cool and satiny hand suddenly wrapped around his fist. Grandmaster’s whole body instantly went stiff.

Liu Erlong’s soft voice sounded beside his ear, “Xiao Gang, being together with me, does it really make you suffer so much?”

Grandmaster didn’t dare to move, and was even more afraid to utter a sound. His whole body just stiffly lay there, trying to remove his hands from Liu Erlong’s grasp, but Liu Erlong grabbed tightly, not willing to let him run away no matter what. In terms of strength, Liu Erlong was simply much stronger than him, with a spirit energy difference of several tens of grades; escape was no easy matter for him.

When Grandmaster didn’t know what he should do, the situation that he was most afraid of finally happened. The blanket slightly cooled, and a satiny body burrowed inside, that fiery body tightly nestled up to back. The hand grabbing his unexpectedly let go, but was immediately followed by Liu Erlong’s two arms encircling and tightening around his waist, making their two bodies tightly sticking together.

Although Grandmaster wore clothes, right now he shockingly discovered that Liu Erlong who is tightly sticking to him wasn’t wearing a stitch.

Startled and turning pale, Grandmaster could only suppress his voice,
“Erlong, don’t be like that. There is still Flender and others around.”

Liu Erlong serenely said: “If not for them being here I wouldn’t have this opportunity. Xiao Gang, this time round no matter what you say I will not let you go, even if it’s rape, I will will still obtain your body first.”

Grandmaster sufferingly said: “No, Erlong, listen to me. Even if you take my body, you cannot have my heart. We cannot be like this, we are brother and sister!”

Liu Erlong spat: “I don’t care. I have already waited for you for so many years, waiting from when I was a young woman in my prime to an old woman[3]. Don’t tell me you really want me to wait until my hair turns white? Xiao Gang, stop tormenting me, and stop tormenting yourself. Are worldly prejudices that important? Since we have already got back together, just liberate your heart.”

While speaking, one of her hands slipped inside Grandmaster’s lapel. Right now, whether it was Grandmaster or Liu Erlong, both their hearts beat furiously. For Flender and Zhao Wuji on the other side, their breathing was seemingly not so regular now.

Flender also specially leaned towards Zhao Wuji’s side, as if wanting to give them a bit more space, while Zhao Wuji kept chanting in his heart: ‘I see nothing, I hear nothing……’

The constrained feelings burst forth like a volcano. Although Liu Erlong was full of enthusiasm, she was after all still a virgin, and regarding matters between men and women she had only an ambiguous understanding. When it really came down to the real exercise, other than tearing off Grandmaster’s clothes, she truly didn’t know what else to do.

However, every single action Liu Erlong did kept lighting up the fuse in Grandmaster’s body. Grandmaster suddenly discovered that his own determination seemingly wasn’t as firm as he imagined it to be.

At last, he made up his mind. ‘Just go for it, even if I were to die tomorrow, it will still be worth it.’

“Erlong, release me.”

“Not releasing. I am not letting go no matter what.”

“You, if you do not let go of me, how do I turn around, don’t tell me you want to remain in this position?”

Saying this, Grandmaster wasn’t the only one dumbfounded. All sounds within the tent abruptly ceased. Liu Erlong’s arms around Grandmaster’s waist gradually loosened.

Grandmaster fiercely shut his eyes. Under the spur of the raging fire that was lit in his body, he fiercely turned around, pushing Liu Erlong below him. No matter how big the strength difference was, at this kind of moment, the man has to always be on top of the woman.

“Erlong, I……”

At one side Flender scolded in his mind: “At this moment you’re still talking, fuck, aren’t you a man.” While thinking, he swiftly raised his hands and lightly poked both of his ears twice, sealing his own hearing. He didn’t wish to be provoked further.

Liu Erlong’s answer is even simpler, “Come……”

Right at this crucial moment, suddenly a shout from outside the tent caused Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s to freeze.

“We have a situation, everyone be careful.” This shout came from Dai Mubai.

If one were to describe Grandmaster just now as an ignited raging fire, then right at this moment, that recently lit fuse immediately got doused with a basin of cold water.

“There is a… there is a situation.” Right now Grandmaster was as fragile as a child, his hands that were hugging Liu Erlong gradually loosened.

“For fuck’s sake, this old woman is going insane.” Liu Erlong really wanted to go crazy, seeing her long awaited wish about to be fulfilled yet suddenly interrupted, that was already something the word ‘furious’ couldn’t describe. Her body sharply slid out from below Grandmaster, Grandmaster didn’t even see clearly before she already had her clothes back on and had jumped out.

Grandmaster discovered that on his other side Flender and Zhao Wuji didn’t have a single reaction. Knowing his own strength was insufficient, he hurriedly thumped Flender, “Go out quickly and take a look, something’s happening.”

Little did he know that right now Flender and Zhao Wuji had already sealed their hearing, naturally they couldn’t hear Dai Mubai’s shouts outside.

Flender furiously smacked away Grandmaster’s hand, saying a line that shook Grandmaster’s sides, “Fuck, if you’re going to do it then do it, what are you groping me for? I’m not interested.”

Grandmaster stared blankly, giving him a kick. No need to ask, tonight’s incident was obviously planned by Flender for Liu Erlong.

Flender then felt something amiss. Grandmaster’s strength is also not weak, and this kick of his sent him directly sticking onto Zhao Wuji’s body.

Making Grandmaster even more speechless, Zhao Wuji whose hearing was also sealed immediately scolded, “Flender, I have no interest in you, some husband and wife are having sex, don’t tell me you want to screw me?”

Flender just released his hearing. Naturally he heard Zhao Wuji’s words, using almost the same action as Grandmaster, one kick to Zhao Wuji’s butt.

Grandmaster’s strength couldn’t compare to his, and although Zhao Wuji’s rough skin and thick flesh did not suffer any injuries, Flender’s kick sent him straight out of the tent.

The confusion in this tent naturally wasn’t known to the Shrek Seven Devils on the other side. In contrast to Grandmaster, after hearing Dai Mubai’s warning, Tang San jumped out of his berth as if he liberated, leaping out immediately. His actions were even a little bit faster than Liu Erlong.

Once out of the tent, Tang San saw a nearby Dai Mubai swiftly running towards him. Behind him, a ray of fiery light shot towards the sky, almost

burning his back. With a leap Dai Mubai reached the side of the camp grounds, his face not having a trace of panic but a happy expression.

“A suitable spirit beast delivered itself to our doorsteps. Little San, your medicine seemingly has no effect on it. It’s at least a four thousand year old or so spirit beast.”

Before Dai Mubai has finished speaking, Tang San has already sighted the spirit beast he spoke of.

It was a scorpion with a gigantic stature. Its body wasn’t at all small compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider which Tang San killed previously; it was even several sizes bigger. What was bizarre was that this huge scorpion’s entire body was snow white in colour. Entire body emitting a strong murderous aura, its pale body moved keeping close to the ground with a surprisingly fast speed. A tail made of a chain of nine tailbones rose high up, on top of it a fiery red tail hook was connected to it.

Just as Tang San saw it, a pillar of fire sprayed out from its tail, rushing towards Dai Mubai.

“Hey.” Dai Mubai exhaled, “Do you think I’m still afraid of you.”

White Tiger Spirit instantly enhancing his body, two yellow, two purple, four spirit rings appeared over him. With his body enhanced by his spirit, his stature was even more magnificent than before. Both hands clasping in

front of his chest, the first spirit technique White Tiger Barrier already activated.

A loud peng sound rang out. The light of fire scattered all around Dai Mubai, his body taking three consecutive steps backwards before standing firm.

Currently, Tang San could already discern this spirit beast’s species. From its outer appearance, he could conclude that this was a Giant Earth King, belonging to the fire based spirit beasts.

This scorpion called Giant Earth King was exceptionally tyrannical with a bloodthirsty nature. Although spirit beasts weren’t as fearful of it as the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, not many spirit beasts of the same grade dared provoke it. From its nine tailbones, one could see this Giant Earth King had a cultivation age of four thousand five hundred years or so. This was because every five hundred years, its tailbones would increase by one.

The Giant Earth King was categorized into three different colours. A red coloured Giant Earth King had a cultivation of less than a thousand years, each tailbone representing fifty years of cultivation. Once it had cultivated to a thousand years, its gigantic body would return to its original form, becoming small again but its body’s colour would change from red to white. Also, if it cultivated to the level of ten thousand years, it would change colour once again. At that time, it would become dark blue in colour.

From its colour and the number of tailbones Tang San immediately concluded its strength. Correct, this spirit beast coincided with what they needed at the fortieth level spirit energy.

Just when Tang San was preparing to cooperate with Dai Mubai, as the rest of Shrek Seven Devils were exiting the tent, a shadow suddenly rushed out from the other tent. That was Liu Erlong with her hair in a terrible mess.

Right now Liu Erlong’s clothes were slightly disheveled, looking as if she had gone insane. On seeing that four thousand year Giant Earth King after rushing out from the tent, she suddenly let out a howl, directly rushing towards the Giant Earth King. Not only were her movements surprisingly fast, but that burst of momentum shocked even Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others who were watching. Due to their attention being all focused on Liu Erlong, they did not see the miserable look of Zhao Wuji getting kicked out of the tent by Flender.

“Letting you to destroy this old woman’s happy occasion, this old woman shall fight it out with you.” While Liu Erlong scolded angrily, she released her own Fire Dragon Spirit, rushing on without a single pause.

It could be considered that this Giant Earth King was unlucky. Originally with its cultivation, when facing Tang San and the others it might have an opportunity to escape, but what appeared in front of it right now was an utterly furious Liu Erlong. It had already lost any chance.

Suddenly seeing a human rushing towards it, the Giant Earth King’s first reaction was to spray fire from its tail stinger, the same attack as it used on

Dai Mubai earlier, a pillar of fire rushed towards the leaping Liu Erlong.

But Liu Erlong wasn’t Dai Mubai. Without even dodging, intense flames soared from her whole body. In the next moment, Tang San and the others clearly saw a fiery light exploding from Liu Erlong. Her seventh spirit ring instantly shined, clothes instantly disappearing, scales covering her skin, a terrifying dragon cry reverberated throughout the air.

Tang San blankly said: “Just to handle a thousand year spirit beast, teacher Erlong doesn’t seem to require releasing her seventh spirit technique Scarlet Dragon Avatar. Didn’t principal Flender say that we are to handle spirit beasts ourselves? Why did Teacher Erlong go up by herself?”

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes are also lifeless, “Before I always thought that the tigress was the most ferocious, now I understand that the female dragon is even more horrifying than the tigress.”

“Dai Mubai, who did you say is a tigress?”

“Of course that’s my Zhuqing……, uh……, no, Zhuqing, listen to me, I wasn’t referring to you……” After Dai Mubai subconsciously answered, he discovered the one asking him this question was Zhu Zhuqing.

Right now Zhu Zhuqing’s expression wasn’t one of icy cold, but one full of smiles. She who was originally very beautiful, with a smiling expression

she became even more thrilling. But right now Dai Mubai wore an expression of panic.

Spirit beasts’ senses were very keen, the higher the cultivation, the level of keenness naturally also increased. This Giant Earth King who had cultivated to close to five thousand years felt something wasn’t right when Liu Erlong displayed the Scarlet Dragon Avatar. On seeing enormous dragon wings stretching out from behind Liu Erlong, it knew it couldn’t run even if it tried to, only fighting with its full strength did it have a chance to escape.

Suddenly, red light burst forth from the entire body of Giant Earth King. With its body as the center, the air several tens of meters around it completely distorted, the ground below its body instantly cracked. Using its two front claws to forcefully smash the ground, the distorted air instantly produced an intense shockwave.

Even Liu Erlong who used Scarlet Dragon True Body couldn’t help but delay faced with this shockwave. And at this moment, along with a booming sound from the cracked ground below the Giant Earth King’s, a crimson pillar of fire soaring up.

This fire pillar was two meters in diameter, coincidentally covering the center of that distorted air. Right now Liu Erlong’s body instantly stiffened in midair.

Tang San had heard Grandmaster explain this skill in detail before, this Giant Earth King’s innate skill was also its strongest ability. Along with its

cultivation it would keep getting stronger, called Magma Earth Rending Strike. What was most scary about it wasn’t its strong attack power, but that distorted radiance covering a semicircle shape before its attack was released.

The air in the radius of that distorted radiance could make enemies experience dizziness. The duration of dizziness was based on the distance between the Giant Earth King itself and its opponent. If the opponent’s could withstand it, then in the next moment what sprayed out, was a fire pillar that was as hot as magma which would fatally hit the opponent.

Right now, the distance between Tang San and the others and the battlefield was very large. Even if this was right in front of them, they still didn’t have any effective method to block this attack by the Giant Earth King. That time Grandmaster taught Tang San, the way to handle this type of spirit beast, was to never ever keep close to the Giant Earth King’s body. Only distancing over twenty meters from it, would there be no need to fear this terrifying technique of it. As for a ten thousand grade Giant Earth King, this distance would increase to fifty meters.

The furious Liu Erlong naturally didn’t have this kind of battle plan, watching the fire pillar violently knock into the chest of the enormous dragon body.

At this moment, Flender and Grandmaster had also walked out from the tent. Of course, Grandmaster has an ugly facial expression, while Flender wore a face of innocence.

They naturally also saw the appearance of Magma Earth Rending Strike. Grandmaster only furrowed his brows, while Flender’s hands formed the shape of a prayer, muttering a sentence, “Pitiful Giant Earth King.”

Yes, the Giant Earth King was indeed pitiful. In the next moment Liu Erlong responded.

When that enormous fire pillar rushed and hit her, a bizarre scene occurred. The slowed down body of Liu Erlong in midair didn’t get knocked away by the fire pillar, but rather she was immersed within it. The enormous fire pillar that is like magma instantly spread over her entire body, under the heat of the flames, the crimson scales on her body dazzled like cut rubies.

The body of the Giant Earth King was gigantic, but its eyes were extremely small. If right now anyone here was able to discern the expression in its eyes, then he or she would definitely see a panicked expression.

In the next moment, Liu Erlong’s body descended from the sky. Without any fancifulness, nor using any abilities, she only furled the two wings on her back. Just like that she descended from the sky. Her hind dragon claw heavily stomped on the back of Giant Earth King with a booming sound, causing more than half of the King of the Desert’s body to sink below the ground.

The Giant Earth King let out a sharp, tragic howl, its two front claws swiftly brandishing about, but it couldn’t even make contact with Liu


Was the body of the Scarlet Dragon True Body released by Liu Erlong really that colossal? Was its weight really that terrifying? Just with that descent and directly stamping onto the body of Giant Earth King, although it didn’t immediately crush it to death, it wasn’t too far off.

“Too violent.” Right now Dai Mubai couldn’t pay attention to placating Zhu Zhuqing, totally shocked by Liu Erlong’s actions.

Ma Hongjun’s eyes shined, “I have decided, from now on Teacher Erlong will be the target of my worship. Don’t tell me this is the rumored aesthetics of violence?”

The Giant Earth King struggled violently under Liu Erlong’s body, but no matter what how hard it tried it couldn’t break free from that terrifying dragon claw. If this Giant Earth King were to possess human intelligence, then he would quickly come to regret not getting instantly crushed to death by Liu Erlong’s legs.

[1] Undesirable animals ( 蛇⾍⿏蚁) – directly translates into “snake, worms, rats and ants”.

[2] Heart beating furiously (⼼如⿅撞⼀般) – translate into heart beating like a deer’s ramming

[3] Old woman( ⼈⽼珠⻩) – One getting old like the pearl becoming yellow

Chapter 83

Under everyone’s dumbstruck gazes, a wrathful flame burst in Scarlet Dragon Avatar Liu Erlong’s eyes, facing the Giant Earth King she raised her front claws.

“Careful!” Grandmaster shouted in the distance, since from his perspective he was able to see the Giant Earth King’s scorpion tail whip up.

Although the flame shooting from that scorpion tail was unable to cause the Scarlet Dragon Avatar any harm, its own attack power was still excessive. No matter how it was described, this was still a close to five thousand year spirit beast.

Liu Erlong very quickly showed everyone her violent side. One hind claw still standing on the Giant Earth king’s back, the other hind claw rapidly rose and fell. With a peng sound, the Giant Earth King’s whole tail was stomped into the ground, the scarlet scorpion tail trembling, but no longer whipping about.

In force, this thousand year spirit beast basically couldn’t match Liu Erlong.

Raising the front claws and smashing down simultaneously, one slamming down on top of the Giant Earth King’s head, Liu Erlong roared ferociously, “I’ll show you wrecking an old woman’s happy occasion.”

The Giant Earth King’s sharp cry stopped abruptly, of its giant body only those two claws were still above ground.

“If this old woman doesn’t play until you’re dead, my name isn’t Liu Erlong!”

Hong, hong——

Completely without abilities, using only the brute force of the Scarlet@ Dragon Avatar, Liu Erlong’s both front claws unhesitatingly struck at the Giant Earth King’s front claws, and immediately following her claws cut downwards, precisely at the joints where the Giant Earth King’s claws connected to its body.

With a terrifying kaka sound, the Giant Earth King’s head and body shuddered violently, but Liu Erlong’s strength was too great, and no matter how it struggled it didn’t have any chance of escaping.

With a pupu sound, the two enormous scorpion claws were torn off by Liu Erlong while the beast was still alive, and deep red blood sprayed out.

However, to Liu Erlong, this was only the beginning.

In front of everyone’s stupefied attention, Liu Erlong’s tremendous body turned, one front claw already gripping the Giant Earth King’s tail stinger. In fact, this tail stinger was the Giant Earth King’s most powerful weapon, not only incomparably hard, but also surprisingly hot.

Only a fire attribute Spirit Master like Liu Erlong would dare directly grab it like this.

The next moment, Liu Erlong leapt down from the Giant Earth King. Of course, this wasn’t to let it off.

Swinging her front claws, the already embedded in the ground Giant Earth King whirled up, and then again heavily smashed onto the ground.

In Liu Erlong’s hands, the Giant Earth King was like a broken burlap sack, continuously thrown up and smashed down again.

That brutal scene made everyone’s stomachs churn. Even Tang San with his calm and steady temperament wanted to ask his Teacher, ‘She, is she really human?’

Right now, none of the Shrek Seven Devils dared step forward to speak to Liu Erlong, telling her that this spirit beast still had its use.

After throwing it around several times and it could be seen that the Giant Earth King had completely lost any ability to fight and seemed somewhat lifeless, Liu Erlong stopped moving. Just when everyone thought the brutal scene was over, they could just hear Liu Erlong muttering to herself: “Having you wreck an old woman’s happy occasion, this time I’ll have you……”

As she muttered, using her dragon claws she began to dismantle that Giant Earth King into its components. Starting with the minutely varied tailbones, afterwards the joints of the tail, in a moment, of this supposedly magnificent spirit beast only remained the head and torso, the surroundings filled with discarded remains and sprays of blood.

However, this Giant Earth King’s vitality was indeed unyielding, even now it still breathed.

Liu Erlong swung her dragon claw, throwing the Giant Earth King’s body in a parabola in the air, falling heavily to the ground in front of the Shrek Seven Devils. “There, Fatty. It’s yours. You’re also fire attribute, it suits you well.”

The instant the Giant Earth King crashed loudly onto the ground, the Shrek Seven Devils practically simultaneously retreated a step. The three girls’ complexions were already pale from watching the gruesome spectacle, and if it wasn’t for Grandmaster’s special training before, perhaps they would already have vomited.

“For-, for me……” Ma Hongjun looked at that terrifying scarlet dragon, probingly asking.

“Still not moving? This old woman let you have what you wanted, why so much nonsense.” Liu Erlong’s dragon eyes widened, the intimidation almost knocked Ma Hongjun to the ground, before he hastily moved, with a heart filled with mercy finally ending that pitiful Giant Earth King’s life.

The red light withdrew, and Liu Erlong again recovered her human form. The fiery gaze had now become completely ice cold, somewhat bitterly sweeping across Grandmaster, then without saying anything she returned to the tent to sleep.

Besides Ma Hongjun who quickly sat on the ground and released his spirit to begin absorbing the spirit ring, the others stood there motionless, seemingly afraid that a single sound would infuriate Liu Erlong again.

After a long time, Zhao Wuji furtively glanced at the tent behind him, saying in a low voice: “It’s really difficult to imagine, before I actually shared a tent with a humanoid tyrannosaurus rex. Flender, when you said before that your sister Erlong had a temper I didn’t quite believe you, she’s so pretty. But now I know, you weren’t exaggerating a bit, even so much that you didn’t say enough. I’ve decided, I’ll take the night vigil from now. Don’t fight me over it.”

Flender nodded repeatedly, saying: “Fatty’s absorbing the spirit ring, as his teacher I should still watch over him. Xiao Gang, you go rest. Me and Wuji will handle things here.”

“Rest your face.” Grandmaster extremely depressed glared at Flender. By now the burning flames in his heart had completely gone out. Glancing at the tent, he walked straight to a tree stump to the side, and sat down closing his eyes without a word.

Dai Mubai coughed, “Teacher Erlong really is my idol. Now I know what true violence is. No wonder she’s called the slaughtering corner of the Golden Iron Triangle.”

Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were unwilling to stay here another second, and swiftly returned to the tent. As for whether the scene Liu Erlong’s displayed affected their sleep, only they knew.

Oscar pulled Tang San, “It seems tonight there’s no need for you to keep watch. Little San, boss Dai, let’s go back to sleep.”

Returning to the tent, because they were one Ma Hongjun less, Tang San had a flash of inspiration and had Dai Mubai and Oscar shift aside, leaving an empty space between him and Xiao Wu, then again lay down. However, in the minds of each of the six within the tent, the scene of the havoc wrought by the scarlet dragon played repeatedly.

This was the true strength of a high level Spirit Master, a five thousand year spirit beast perished in a flash, and moreover was still dismembered by that ‘particular’ method.

After an eventless night, when everyone woke from their dreams early the next morning and left the tent, Ma Hongjun was still sitting where he had been last night. Only now he had already changed considerably.

The first thing to catch the eye were the four spirit rings, two yellow and two purple.

Only his body that had slimmed down some because of taking that immortal treasure herb seemed to have grown a size fatter. The atmosphere around him seemed to be brimming with fiery bursts.

Flender stood beside Fatty with a satisfied expression, his disciple being able to obtain his fourth spirit ring even earlier than Tang San made him extremely pleased.

People will inevitably have vanity, and he was no exception.

“Dean Flender, has Fatty still not finished?” Tang San asked somewhat astonished. Generally speaking, for absorbing a spirit ring half that time was enough, but this had already taken a full night.

Flender said: “The absorption finished long ago, I had him continue cultivating to let the spirit ring’s energy merge completely with his body. This Giant Earth King suits him precisely, it seems that this fourth spirit

ring’s ability of his should be pretty good. You work hard as well, quickly find a suitable spirit beast.”

Making the three girls feel much more comfortable was that last night’s Giant Earth King remains had already disappeared, clearly Flender and Zhao Wuji had cleared them away. Only the depression in the ground still reminded everyone of the purely one sided battle that took place last night.

As everyone simply washed up, and after eating breakfast, Ma Hongjun woke from his cultivation.

A resonant phoenix cry rose from his mouth, his chubby body leaping up, covered in flames, golden red light releasing in a flash, then vanished again, the four spirit rings quietly merging into his body. The instant his little eyes opened, a radiance flickered. His expression was lively and spirited.

Just as everyone were about to ask Fatty how he felt absorbing the fourth spirit ring, and angry voice berated from within the other tent, “Who has nothing better to do that shouting things at first light?”

When the originally somewhat complacent Fatty heard this voice, his whole body shivered immediately, and without the slightest hesitation he dodged behind Flender.

Flender frowned, “Alright, what are you hiding from. Don’t tell me you really thing teacher Erlong would hit you? You must understand that she’s after all no longer young, her hormones are somewhat out of tune. Her character is mostly as usual.”

“Flender, do you want to die?” Even though Flender spoke very quietly, Liu Erlong’s hearing was even better.

A messily dressed humanoid tyrannosaurus rex burst out from the tent.
Liu Erlong’s eyes were somewhat red, clearly she hadn’t slept well last night. In the beginning she had still hoped Grandmaster would enter the tent

and continue what they were doing before, but as she waited and waited, with no sign of Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s mood was as one might expect.

“Eh…… Erlong, I wasn’t talking about you.” At this time Flender didn’t wish to provoke her, and simultaneously sighed inwardly, somewhat pleadingly looking at the apathetic Grandmaster, eating breakfast to the side.

Erlong, enough.” Grandmaster finally spoke up.

Liu Erlong stopped her charge at Flender, turning her head to look at Grandmaster, her delicate body trembled slightly, “You’re even less good, even bullying me.” After speaking, she turned sharply and dashed back into the tent, leaving a string of sparkling drops in the air.

Grandmaster painfully closed his eyes, and even though he didn’t say anything, the steamed bun in his hand had already been squeezed into paste.

After an hour the packing was done and the party set out once again, only the mood had clearly become a lot more delicate.

Liu Erlong gloomily walked behind the group, while Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji took the front, against expectations letting the Shrek Seven Devils walk in the center.

Oscar bumped Ma Hongjun, “Fatty, dealing with the fourth spirit ring, how does it feel? Easily absorbed?”

Ma Hongjun nodded, saying: “Very easy, it was settled in just an hour. It didn’t even bring me any trouble. Really strange. Don’t tell me, did that Giant Earth King already give up its wish to live under teacher Erlong’s tyranny and believed I helped liberate it, letting me absorb it?”

Tang San said: “In some sense, such circumstances can occur. In Teacher’s research, if a spirit beast doesn’t have any deep resentment when it’s killed, then absorbing it will be a bit easier, relatively speaking. Vice versa, if the spirit beast carries extremely deep resentment, then absorbing the spirit ring will become severely challenging. Last time when

I absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring was under such circumstances. But, Teacher also said, absorbing the spirit ring after the spirit beast died under these two kinds of circumstances will have benefits to the Spirit Master. One kind is when the spirit beast is brimming with extreme resentment, under such circumstances the chance of a spirit bone dropping is substantially increased. The other kind of circumstances is when the spirit beast dies voluntarily, voluntarily letting itself become a Spirit Master’s spirit ring, there’s practically a one hundred percent chance of a spirit bone dropping, and moreover the spirit ring will be perfectly absorbed, not suffering the restrictions of age limit. In other words, even if we’re now only fortieth rank, if a ten thousand year spirit beast wanted to let us kill it and absorb its spirit ring, we still wouldn’t suffer any backlash.”

“So good?” Oscar and Ma Hongjun spoke in unison.

To the side Dai Mubai said: “Good how? You think it’s easy! Why would a spirit beast wish to let you kill it, wish to give you its spirit ring? This is only an ideal situation, one might say it’s basically impossible for it to happen.”

Xiao Wu rocked the ‘Yearning Heartbroken Red’ in her hands, calmly saying: “Nothing is impossible. With a destined coincidence, perhaps it will happen.”

Fatty somewhat disappointed said: “Then tell me, was this spirit ring I absorbed the first kind, or the second kind of circumstances?”

Tang San said: “If that Giant Earth King had been killed by senior Erlong, perhaps it would be the first kind of circumstances.”

Listening to him, everyone couldn’t keep from shivering, recalling Liu Erlong’s berserk attack yesterday. Each person were somewhat shaking in fear at the bottom of their hearts.

Tang San continued: “There’s equally a large problem with the first kind of circumstances, in order to have the spirit beast’s resentment reach such an extreme, it requires fighting it yourself. You can’t use others, or

the spirit beasts resentment will be scattered. But, in ordinary circumstances, the strength of the spirit beast a Spirit Master wants to hunt would be a bit stronger than himself. Something as difficult to accomplish as the one sided pattern like teacher Erlong yesterday would naturally be impossible to achieve. And although teacher Erlong could oppress the Giant Earth King like yesterday, since the strength difference between it and teacher Erlong was too great, even if teacher Erlong needed another spirit ring right now, she definitely wouldn’t choose it.”

Oscar thought deeply and said: “No wonder spirit bones are so rare. These circumstances are too extreme. Oh, right, Fatty, what’s your fourth spirit ability?”

Fatty had a secretive expression, “Wait until there’s a chance to use it, and I’ll let you see. But it really seems very good! It’s a pity the attack range is a bit small. Moreover there’s no way to lock down the opponent again.”

The morning air temperature in the Sunset Forest was low and the air was extremely humid, forming a morning mist.

The fog was extremely cold, and along with a fluttering breeze, right now when the sun still hadn’t risen, the fog was very dense.

Tang San pulled out a small porcelain bottle from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and dumped out some small black pills from inside, handing out one for each person, including Flender, Grandmaster and the others.

“What’s this?” Flender looked at that only rice grain sized pill, puzzled asking Tang San.

Tang San said: “This is a miasma pill I made myself. In the woods and deep mountains, miasma will frequently appear. The miasma air is incomparably poisonous, and eating this pill you can at least avert the majority of the misma attack. It also has an invigorating effect.”

Flender said with sudden understanding: “This is what that old freak Dugu Bo taught you. It seems you indeed learned a lot of things from


Tang San smiled faintly, not explaining. With the cover of his half year together with Dugu Bo, the medicines he used wouldn’t provoke anyone’s doubts. It would be even less likely someone would associate this with his innate gifts.

The morning mist grew denser and denser, and although the morning cold didn’t influence a group of generally over fortieth rank Spirit Masters like them, the visibility grew worse and worse.

Flender cautiously said: “Everyone be careful, some spirit beasts are especially fond of moving in the early morning. With the visibility so poor right now, gather a bit closer just in case there are any surprises.

Liu Erlong quickly took a few steps forward, reaching Flender’s side and patting Zhao Wuji’s shoulder, “You go in the back. We’ll change places.”

Although Liu Erlong seemed to have recovered her calm, Zhao Wuji didn’t dare say anything against her and hastily changes positions with her.

Liu Erlong glanced at Grandmaster, standing on his other side and protecting him from both sides along with Flender. Even though this process was very simple, nobody would miss that Liu Erlong was afraid the weakest Grandmaster would meet any danger in the mist, and wanted to personally protect him.

Grandmaster naturally also understood Liu Erlong’s intention, and secretly sighed, but didn’t have anything to say, still silently moving forward.

Before they had moved forward three hundred meters, suddenly, a strange wind blew from the front, unexpectedly causing a change in color in the morning fog. The originally dense white mist instantly became pink, directly shrouding everyone within. That pink fog held a faint sweetness, giving people a kind of addictive sensation.

“Everyone careful, the mist’s poisonous.” Flender shouted loudly, simultaneously as Liu Erlong making a palm strike forward, relying on their profound spirit power to scatter the poison fog in front. At the same time he also couldn’t keep from inwardly sighing in admiration over Tang San’s previous foresight. This seemed to be the miasma he spoke of.

However, everyone quickly felt something was amiss, this suddenly appearing poison fog was even thicker than they had imagined, and even though Flender and Liu Erlong’s spirit power could scatter it, it condensed again very quickly, and in just a few eyeblinks their surroundings were already pink. Most shocking to the Shrek Academy party was that within that pink fog their visibility dropped to its lowest point, and it was difficult to even see the people next to them.

“This isn’t miasma. Little Ao, detoxifying small sausages.” Tang San suddenly shouted, and immediately afterward a purple golden light was emitted from his eyes. The others might not see clearly in the thick fog, but the influence on his mustard seed stage Purple Demon Eye was a lot less, and he could vaguely see the surrounding scenery.

“Careful, it’s spirit beasts.” Tang San called aloud once again. Stretching out his right hand, he pulled in Xiao Wu’s hand, simultaneously swiftly releasing his Blue Silver Grass spirit, spreading it out in all directions, creating an early warning system around everything within several dozen square meters.

Stretching a hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, he pulled out a large, faintly pink flower. The flower was leafless, its stalk three chi[1] long, with an enormous flower with a diameter over one chi. Each petal was sparkling and translucent like crystal, the stamen was faintly purple as if it was a purple diamond inlaid there. A touching fragrance wafted out from the flower, penetrating the heart.

After Tang San drew out this flower, a bizarre scene immediately appeared. With Tang San at its heart, within a ten meter diameter that pink fog seemed to instantly melt away like snow meeting boiling water, forming a faintly purple stream of air that swiftly scattered into the surroundings, allowing the Shrek Academy group to again see their companions.

“Nobody leave this circle.” Tang San’s left hand carefully held that large flower, calmly observing the thick pink fog in front. Everyone clearly saw that right now there was an incorporeal faintly purple air around them, and no matter how thick that pink fog was, or how the wind in the forest blew, that pinkness was unable to get into the ten meter range around them.

“In my hand is an Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, it has the effect of neutralizing ten thousand poisons, and within its range any poison will lose its effect. For the moment don’t leave this range, this thick fog seems to be caused by spirit beasts, and it’s not just one. We’re surrounded.”

Grandmaster knew the capability of Tang San’s eyes and immediately questioned closer: “Little San, can you see the appearances of those spirit beasts?”

With his experience, as long as Tang San could describe the spirit beasts, he could determine what kind they had encountered, and dealing with them would naturally become a lot easier.

Tang San said:

“I’ll try.”

Urging his Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang San congregated it at his eyes, purple golden light suddenly flashing out of them in chi[2] long rays of light in the direction he was looking.

The immortal treasure herb ‘Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew’ changed Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, not only could he see more clearly, but also more penetratingly.

Even to the extent that it could be used as a mental attack.

Right now, with Tang San using his full strength, his gaze cut through the layers of fog, gradually seeing clearly the spirit beasts around them.

As he saw these spirit beasts, he couldn’t help drawing a deep breath. These spirit beasts own strength wasn’t so scary, what was scary was that their numbers really were too high.

“Teacher, it’s ‘Pink Maiden’ spirit beasts.”

Grandmaster looked distracted, “You didn’t make a mistake? Even though the Pink Maidens have poison, even at the ten thousand year level they still can’t produce a poisonous fog over such a large area to attack us.”

Tang San’s expression was serious: “Teacher, I’m certain. Moreover I also know why there would be such a dense poison fog. Because, there are no less than one thousand Pink Maidens out there. Even though for the most part they’re only on the hundred year level, such an amount of Pink Maidens can rely on the morning mist to release poison to such a degree.”

“What? A thousand? Is this possible?” There was a shocked light in Grandmaster’s eyes, and his stiff face immediately grew serious.

“What are you talking about? What ‘Pink Maidens’?” Liu Erlong couldn’t keep from asking.

Grandmaster said in a heavy voice: “Pink Maidens are a kind of spirit beast. It’s shape is similar to a scorpion, but compared to the Giant Earth King it’s considerably inferior. It’s a flock spirit beast. It’s nature is comparatively mild. Because its body appears to be pink and translucent, its profile dazzling, it’s given the name ‘Pink Maiden’. Generally speaking, it will very rarely take the initiative to attack humans, and seems to only keep away from Spirit Masters.”

“Each group of Pink Maidens only number around a few tens to a hundred, with the most powerful one as leader. In order to keep other members from surpassing it, if there is a member that evolves faster, the most formidable one will kill it. This leads to this kind of spirit beast very rarely resulting in ten thousand year level existences. Even to the extent that thousand year levels are very few.”

Flender frowned: “Then what’s the attack capability of such spirit beasts? Only poison?”

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “Yes, but their poison also isn’t very strong. The Man Faced Demon Spider that Tang San killed is their natural predator. One Man Faced Demon Spider can even easily kill a group of a hundred Pink Maidens. Among all spirit beasts that attack with poison, they’re still considered pretty inferior. Their poison is very particular, a kind of stimulating poison. Breathing in a little bit wouldn’t be harmful, and would instead cause the victim to become excited. But if too much is inhaled, and gradually causes excitement, once the stimulation reaches a certain degree it will overdraw one’s vitality, until death. Precisely because its body is weak, it’s also extremely difficult for them to evolve, and they become food for a lot of high level spirit beasts. If it’s like little San says, and we’ve now encountered a thousand member Pink Maiden community, then I can say with certainty that within this community there must have appeared a ‘Pink Queen’.”

“The Pink Queen is a variant Pink Maiden. It’s also the most powerful Pink Maiden, and in order for this mutation to occur it will first require at least three thousand years of cultivation, next it requires eating at least a hundred of its own clansmen. Once such a Pink Queen emerges, it will gather its kin on a large scale, using them as food. Because her strength is much more powerful than ordinary Pink Maidens, as a result, even if there is the risk of being eaten, the majority of Pink Maidens will still obey.”

“A single Pink Maiden is even unable to harm a tenth rank or so Spirit Master, but the poison secreted by a Pink Queen is enough to stimulate a fiftieth rank Spirit Master to death. This kind of peculiar poison can’t be guarded against, it will even invade the body through the skin. The poison fog released by these thousand Pink Maidens is in order to poison us to death here. But I don’t understand why a mild tempered Pink Maiden would show such hostility towards us. It’s as if they ambushed us here.”

When Grandmaster talked about the characteristics of the Pink Maiden, Tang San silently reflected by his side. Now hearing Grandmaster say this, he said: “Teacher, wouldn’t you say it’s because of that Giant Earth King

last night? The Giant Earth King is the same as the Pink Maiden, they’re both scorpion shaped spirit beasts, perhaps it would be related to it?”

Light flickered in Grandmaster’s eyes, “It’s possible. Don’t tell me, this community’s Pink Queen unexpectedly was the mate of that Giant Earth King? This is very possible. The intelligence of spirit beasts will grow along with their age, even if it’s a Pink Queen, among spirit beasts it’s still considered fairly weak. And the Giant Earth King is nevertheless a similar kind of creature, the Giant Earth King’s Magma Earth Rending Strike even has a certain restraining effect on the Man Faced Demon Spider. If one said the Pink Queen committed herself as the price for its protection, the theory holds water. That Giant Earth King’s strength should be considered pretty good in this Sunset Forest. Further adding this enormous Pink Maiden community, it’s sufficient to control a corner.”

Flender looked at Liu Erlong at his side, unable to keep from laughing:
“You bullied the husband, so now the family’s come for revenge.”

Cold light flashed in Liu Erlong’s eyes, “Revenge? Fine! Then I’ll keep killing, making them a pair of mandarin ducks[3].”

Grandmaster firmly said: “The poison fog aggregated by more than a thousand Pink Maidens is no small matter, we absolutely can’t be careless. Just now we were all affected by a bit of the poison, and were it not for little San having this bizarre anti poison flower, it would be hard to say what would have happened. Right now there are several ways to settle the issue. One is to rely on this flower’s poison resisting properties to break through, an even more dependable method is to rely on Flender’s flying ability to shift us one by one out of this area, as long as we get out of the affected region it wouldn’t be a problem. But that also confronts us with the danger of ambush by other kinds of spirit beasts. Little San, you have a comparatively better understanding of poison, what’s your proposal?”

Tang San said: “Pink Maidens after all lack attack power, with our strength it’s still preferable to break through. As long as we keep a close formation it’s possible. Best would be if that Pink Queen couldn’t keep

from coming out to attack, as long as we could dispatch her, the headless spirit beast group would naturally disperse. As long as everyone stays within a ten meter diameter from me, the poison wouldn’t take effect.”

Flender nodded, saying: “Good, then it’s settled. Let’s not delay, little San, since you can see the surrounding circumstances, we’ll follow your directions. Wuji take up the rear, Erlong and Grandmaster, we’re in front. Mubai, all of you coordinate in the center, make sure to protect little San, little Ao and Rongrong. Especially this Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure little San holds.”

With an accurate analysis of the situation, naturally there was less bewilderment. Everyone’s battle lust ignited, even Grandmaster, each person released their spirit.

As a result of obtaining a third Spirit Ring, Grandmaster’s spirit Luo San Pao’s body had changed somewhat, not only growing a size larger than before, but also gaining some golden color in its deep purple fur. Looking at his appearance, if Grandmaster really could obtain nine spirit rings, maybe it would really be capable of evolving into a Golden Saint Dragon.

Under Tang San’s directions, using the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s poison resistance, everyone advanced cautiously.

Grandmaster and Tang San’s judgement was exceptionally correct. This group of Pink Maidens leader was precisely a Pink Queen, and it was also the mate of last night’s unfortunate Giant Earth King.

Spirit beasts had methods of communicating between each other, and the Giant Earth King naturally released a kind of scent when it died, informing the Pink Queen. Further adding the existence of the Giant Earth King’s aura on Ma Hongjun, naturally the family would come calling.

The area the Pink Maidens surrounded wasn’t too large, but Tang San very quickly found something wrong.

Along with their movements, the entire encirclement also moved.

Right now, even though the morning mist had already gradually dissipated in the sunlight, their surroundings were still concealed by a pink poison gas, only appearing a bit thinner than before.

Pausing, Tang San said: “This won’t do. These Pink Maidens are also moving. My line of sight is unclear, and within the forest our speed is also limited. If this continues, we can only continue within their encirclement. Even though we have the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, we still can’t continue this way. Little Ao, prepare mushroom sausages.”

Oscar looked inquiringly at Flender, and Flender used his hand to point to Tang San, “Little San directs.”

After Oscar’s spirit power progressed, when consuming his entire spirit power he could produce twelve flying mushroom sausages, just enough to satisfy everyone’s requirements.

Even though the effect would reduce by half when he himself used these flying mushroom sausages, but he could prepare two (Flender had his own flying spirit, and didn’t need a mushroom sausage), he could still fly for one minute like everyone else.

[1] 3尺 = 1m

[2] It’s two rays that are ⅓ m long.

[3] Mandarin ducks in pairs (or any animals in pairs) is a common symbol of love.

Chapter 84

Tang San’s objective was simple. Relying on the mushroom sausages granting the ability to fly swiftly, this allowed everyone to pass through the poison fog area. By killing and wounding the ‘Pink Maidens’ outside, the passive situation could then be solved.

In half an hour, Oscar had almost used up his entire spirit energy, and finished producing twelve flying mushroom sausages. After a short rest, everyone immediately launched the operation.

Eating the mushroom sausage, everyone first flew into the air. To prevent anyone entering the poison fog region due to their inconsistent flying speeds, Tang San released his blue silver grass, twining around everyone’s waist respectively, using the length of blue silver grass to control the distance between everyone and him. Rapidly mobilising and establishing a direction, they swiftly flew towards it.

While it wasn’t impossible to travel along the ground’s surface as the speed of Pink Maidens wasn’t considered too fast, but one would get obstructed by the trees when travelling just above the ground. After all,

their vision wasn’t clear. Even with Tang San’s guidance, the eleven-man team couldn’t achieve a consistent speed. Right now the poison fog was even stronger than just now, Tang San absolutely didn’t wish for anyone to accidentally breathe in the poison fog and cause unnecessary trouble.

Even for him, it was extremely troublesome to get rid of this type of stimulating poison gas.

Following the increase in Oscar’s strength, not only did the flying mushroom sausages’ speed somewhat increase, the duration it lasted also increased by about ten seconds or so. Although compared to it before that it wasn’t considered very long, this amount of time was sufficient to allow them to fly out of the poison fog region.

The pink poison fog got split apart by the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s smell, heavily rolling past their two sides. When the mushroom sausages’ flying effect is was roughly used up by half, everyone’s vision suddenly cleared up. Having rushed out of the poison fog’s encirclement, the surrounding scenery became clear instantly.

Liu Erlong let out a strong howl. Swaying her waist and breaking off the blue silver grass on it, her body descended towards the ground like a meteor. Before she landed, large flames had already rushed forth. A shrill scream suddenly came from below.

Everyone looked downwards, just in time to see the dense amount of spirit beasts below their feet. The true appearance of the Pink Maiden appeared in front of them.

Just like what Grandmaster had described, each of them looked like a crystal clear pink scorpion, as if it was formed by carving a pink crystal. Each of them was about two chi in body length, moving about on the ground, their bodies continuously emitting a faint pink gas that coagulated towards their front.

Due to last night’s incident Liu Erlong’s mood was already bad, again getting stranded by the poison fog for half a day, right now she couldn’t tolerate any longer after getting out of the poison zone. Although she wasn’t as reckless as last night when she used the Scarlet Dragon Avatar, but right now just like a flaming demon king rushed towards the group of poisonous scorpions. That was a one-sided massacre. With just the first wave of flames, at least ten Pink Maiden bodies got melted.

“Let us go down too.”

Fearing that Liu Erlong may have some mishap, Flender nodded towards Tang San.

Tang San withdrew the blue silver grass, and everyone controlling their own flying ability, descended from the sky.

“Don’t overkill.”

Grandmaster shouted. He wasn’t only speaking to the Shrek Seven Devils, but more importantly towards Liu Erlong.

Liu Erlong kicked a Pink Maiden beside her into the air, turned around and looked at Grandmaster. Coldly letting out a snort, her speed increased again. On the surface, although she didn’t seem to agree with him, in reality she still highly respected Grandmaster’s opinions. In the end, these pitiful scorpions that flew into the air were able to live to see another day.

Dai Mubai whispered in Flender’s ear: “Dean, didn’t you say this time round we are to handle the spirit beasts ourselves? Look, teacher Erlong she…”

Flender helplessly replied: “Women with hormones that are out of tune cannot be judged using common sense. Xiao Gang, why not let us leave this area, since we aren’t going to make these Pink Maidens suffer, and dealing with them is after all somewhat troublesome.”

Contrary to Flender’s expectations, Grandmaster shook his head and said:
“No hurry, let’s wait a while more.”

At this moment, a piercing animal cry came from the poison fog region. Immediately, a pink shadow leapt out from within the poison fog with a whooshing sound, opening its mouth and spraying a thick fog towards Liu Erlong.

Liu Erlong was momentarily surprised. Smacking both palms towards her front, her body instantly sprang backwards, however she cannot help but sniff a trace of the poison fog. Luckily, there was the miasma pill given by Tang San beforehand, giving her a certain resistance to the poison fog.

With the addition of her solid cultivation, a small amount of poison fog was unable to cause her harm easily.

“Erlong, come back. Little San, all of you go, don’t kill it. Leave it breathing.”

Grandmaster calmly gave out the commands to attack.

Coming out from the forest was an enormous Pink Maiden. Its size wasn’t too different from yesterday’s Giant Earth King that was abused by Liu Erlong. Not only was the pink colour on its body much deeper, its entire body was covered by a fine layer of scales. On its head, six tiny eyes that are dark red in colour glinted a faint cold light.

Liu Erlong’s sudden retreat avoided the poison fog it sprayed, making it angrier. Lashing its scorpion tail on the ground, it chased towards Liu Erlong.

That’s right, this was a Pink Queen. From the outer appearance, Grandmaster could determine that this Pink Queen’s cultivation was approximately between three thousand five hundred years and four thousand years.

“Third brother, assist me.”

Ma Hongjun let out a shout, a phoenix cry ringing out from his body. This sound wasn’t made by his mouth, but produced by the rising flames on his body themselves. Blazing hot flames that were gold-red in colour instantly spread over his entire body, the third spirit ring on his body

scattering a purple light. In a moment, a pair of enormous flaming wings instantly spread out from Fatty’s back.

Wings spanning over four meters, although that somewhat didn’t fit with Fatty’s chubby body, the blazing hot air current made the Shrek Seven Devils swiftly retreat a couple steps, increasing their distance.

Everybody had been cooperating for such a long time, of course Tang San understood Ma Hongjun’s intentions. He wanted to try out the newly acquired spirit technique.


Tang San only gave him a simple instruction. Lifting his right hand, a green ball of light was thrown out.

The flaming wings on Ma Hongjun’s back suddenly flapped. Once again flying up with a gorgeous flaming tail, he chased after the green ball of light that was flying towards the Pink Queen, just like a raging meteor.

This was Ma Hongjun’s third spirit technique, Phoenix Ascension.

Relying on this spirit technique, he was able to temporarily have the ability to fly. During the process of flying, spirit energy would be drained continuously. At the same time, this technique would ignite his second spirit technique, Bathing Fire Phoenix. Combining the two spirit techniques into

one, the attack power of his flames was temporarily increased by one hundred percent, and the attack range was increased by fifty percent.

Starting from the third spirit technique, Ma Hongjun’s powerful Phoenix battle spirit started to show the strength beyond ordinary battle spirits. With the help of Tang San in removing his variant spirit’s evil fire restriction, this allowed him to release his spirit technique without second thoughts.

The six tiny eyes on Pink Queen’s head immediately revealed a horrified expression.

Not even Liu Erlong’s flames earlier gave this sort of feeling. At the same time, an intense anger was also contained within that fear. This was because she has already clearly sensed the presence belonging to the Giant Earth King from Ma Hongjun’s body.

The reason why it felt horrified was naturally due to the flames on Ma Hongjun’s body, poisonous insect-type spirit beasts just like it were all afraid of fire, but after all, the Pink Queen did have nearly four thousand years of cultivation, it wouldn’t be bothered by ordinary flames.

However, the phoenix flames on Ma Hongjun’s body was the nemesis of all poisonous insects. And the phoenix was the king of ten thousand birds, the suppression from its presence had already made the Pink Queen confused.

The green light spread out in a flash, the enormous spider web not even giving the Pink Queen the chance to dodge. That was how exquisite Tang San’s technique was. The effect of Spider Web Restraint was instantly shown.

In a puff, Pink Queen’s huge body was bound securely by the spider web. At this moment, it was already not fearful, but completely terrified. The spider web’s presence belonged to its natural enemy, the Man Faced Demon Spider, causing its entire body to become limp. Powerful toxins entered it body, instantly causing its defensive power to greatly decrease, and at this moment, Ma Hongjun dove down, landing in front of it with a bang.

His flames suddenly dimmed. Everyone clearly saw the flaming wings on Ma Hongjun’s back spread out towards the sky as he landed onto the ground, his right fist heavily smashing the ground. In that instant, the air became violently distorted. A cage of light that was five meters in diameter enveloped the bodies of Pink Queen and him.

The Pink Queen who was desperately struggling in the Spider Web Restraint became stiff in that distorted air, completely losing the ability to move. Following up, Fatty roared, “Fourth spirit technique, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.”

Boom—, a powerful phoenix blaze exploded in an instant. A loud and clear phoenix cry pierced the heavens, containing a majestic strength.

A strong and heavy phoenix-shaped blaze spewed out from below the ground, soaring into the sky while bringing along Ma Hongjun.

The area that was enveloped in that distorted air just now was now completely covered in flames. The fiery phoenix directly rushed ten or so meters into the sky, spreading out its wings in mid-air, surprisingly it looked just like a phoenix descending on the world.

The Shrek Seven Devils who saw this beautiful sight couldn’t help but be somewhat dumbfounded. Although they all knew the effect of the fourth spirit technique was considerably good, but they all didn’t imagine Ma Hongjun’s strength would be that powerful to such an extent.

Although Fatty’s flames were strong before gaining the Giant Earth King’s spirit ring, he didn’t have any effective means to attack. While Phoenix Fire Wire’s power wasn’t bad under the empowerment of Bathing Fire Phoenix, but at best it was only able to contend against spirit masters of the same rank, moreover there was only one method of attack.

The large increase in fire effect and the slight increase in the duration of the flying ability from Phoenix Ascension were also unable to largely increase his attack capability. As a power attack system Spirit Master, this was something that had been nagging Fatty for a while.

Yet right now, the fourth spirit technique Phoenix Cry Sky Strike released by Fatty completely changed the situation. With the combined boost from the second and third spirit technique, this attack had such a terrifying attack effect that even Flender, Zhao Wuji, Liu Erlong and the rest couldn’t help but contract their pupils. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai whose spirit energy was the strongest also acknowledged that it was impossible to not fully retreat under this kind of attack.

The sharp cries of Pink Queen inside the phoenix flames abruptly halted. Accompanying the gorgeous flaming phoenix slowly dispersing in the sky, Fatty lightly landed onto the ground. Although his face was somewhat pale, his expression was filled with excitement.

Peng——, Pink Queen’s body dropped heavily onto the ground, its glittering and translucent body had completely transformed to a dark red colour, the entire body emitting an unpleasant burnt smell. Other than some mild convulsions, it couldn’t stand up anymore.

If not for Fatty showing mercy by controlling the strength of the flames, that attack just now was enough to take its life.

What made Fatty somewhat puzzled was that the spider web that bound the Pink Queen unexpectedly still remained, only turning into a fiery red colour and not turning into ashes.

Only right now after releasing his fourth spirit technique, being in a state of excitement, he didn’t think so much about it.

Grandmaster suddenly said: “Oscar, hurry. Kill it. The vital point is where the eyes are, then immediately start absorbing the spirit ring.”

Oscar was momentarily taken aback, but once he saw the urgency radiating from Grandmaster’s eyes he immediately understood.  Quickly

rushing to the front, not even thanking Ma Hongjun, a dagger was drawn out from around the waist and immediately stabbed downwards. Although forty ranks of spirit energy did not give him any offensive ability, his strength compared to ordinary people was still much stronger.

The Pink Queen’s shell had already been softened by Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flames. This beast’s life was ended effortlessly.

Crossing his legs and sitting beside the Pink Queen, Oscar immediately started the spirit ring absorption process.

At this moment, large amounts of the surrounding Pink Maidens had already retreated like a tide. What caused them to retreat was not only the death of the Pink Queen, but more importantly the powerful pressure coming from Fatty’s phoenix flames made them so.

Flender walked to the side of Ma Hongjun, slapping the back of his plump head, “Stop being smug already. Hurry up sit down and start recovering your spirit energy.”

Ma Hongjun who got hit stuck out his tongue, hurriedly sitting down not far from Oscar, silently starting to cultivate.

While his attack just now was very beautiful and its attack extremely powerful, simultaneously using the second, third and fourth spirit techniques to him who had recently gained a spirit ring and hence advancing to the forty one rank boundary, was still an immerse drain.

In addition, in pursuing the flames’ visual effect, he went all out in depicting that perfect phoenix form in the sky, using up at least seventy percent of his spirit energy.

Ning Rongrong muttered: “Every spirit technique gained is indeed a qualitative improvement. Who knows what my fourth spirit ring will be. Grandmaster, why do you let Oscar absorb that Pink Queen’s spirit ring? While the number of years of this spirit beast’s cultivation isn’t too bad, but it isn’t strong at all!”

Grandmaster replied: “Regarding Spirit Masters who need spirit rings, there are no spirit beasts that are the most powerful, only spirit beasts that are the most suitable for them. This Pink Queen is much better for Oscar than the effect of any other spirit beasts. If I guessed correctly, after he has gained this fourth spirit ring, it will somewhat help the offensive strength of you all as a whole.”

Tang San was taught by Grandmaster, with regards to Grandmaster’s way of thinking, he understood him the best. Getting an inspiration, “Teacher, do you mean that Little Ao’s fourth spirit ring will mix in the stimulating toxin from the Pink Queen’s poison fog?”

Grandmaster nodded his head, said: “That is correct. What Oscar has is a food system spirit, even if he absorbs the spirit of poisonous spirit beasts, his spirit techniques will not produce toxins. So, this technique that originally belonged to the Pink Queen will have a certain transformation after he has absorbed it, the effect should be increasing the level of stimulation within a short period of time. I am unable to

guarantee the extent of increase, but it should increase all attributes, just like back then the entire Mad Battle Team entering into a frenzy effect that you all had encountered. While his technique may also have after- effects, but I reckon it should not be as tyrannical as the Fanaticism ability.”

Increasing all attributes? Just these few words were enough to make the hearts of the Shrek Seven Devils beat faster.

The one with the most distinct expression was Ning Rongrong.

Since that day Oscar confessed to her, she watched him diligently cultivate every day. Seeing Oscar getting a considerably useful spirit technique again, how could she not be happy for him? However, her heart also became more perturbed.

Deciding at the start that she would reveal her secrets to Oscar after the spirit master competition, but as that moment got nearer Ning Rongrong’s mood changes also became faster.

She discovered that right now she would thoughtlessly take more notice of Oscar, not because of his looks, but because of the dedication in his eyes. Ning Rongrong clearly knew, this dedication in Oscar’s eyes was formed completely because of her.

He truly liked her, and so to be able to have the qualifications to chase her he continuously worked hard.

Two yellow, one purple, the three spirit rings moved up and down Oscar’s body. Right now, the body of the Pink Queen continuously emitted traces of pink glitter, integrating into Oscar. When the pink light entered his body, Oscar’s expression slowly revealed a painful look.

Grandmaster had mentioned before, the difficulty of absorbing a spirit ring was greatly related to the level of the spirit beast’s resentment.

Not only did the Pink Queen bear a hatred for her murdered husband, she also died under Oscar’s hands, her resentment could not possibly be small.

Absorbing it was naturally not easy, but after all it was still within the range that can be absorbed. At the same time its ability was not as tyrannical as the Man Faced Demon Spider back then. Although Oscar had to bear some pain, he would not be in any danger.

Flender moved close to Grandmaster’s side, whispering: “Xiao Gang, you saw Hongjun’s attack effect just now, what do you think?” Although his mouth asked a question, the exaltation on his face could not be covered up at all.

Seeing his direct disciple becoming stronger and stronger, he also felt a sense of fulfillment.

Tang San’s radiance among the Shrek Seven Devils was overly blinding, the strength Ma Hongjun displayed just now made Flender rejoice beyond all expectations. To say the least, he felt that his disciple was finally not too far off compared to Tang San.

As expected, Grandmaster approvingly nodded his head, said: “Remarkably not bad. Just now Hongjun’s outburst of attack power was not too different from the attack strength when Mubai uses up all his energy. It is enough to inflict fatal injuries onto fiftieth ranked spirit masters and those below it. What’s more important is that his attacks contain the effect of phoenix flames. Not only is the temperature of his flames very high, it also has a very strong adhering property, the boosted harm inflicted by the flames is almost comparable to the spirit power burst forth from the main attack. In terms of explosive power, right now among the Shrek Seven Devils Fatty is the strongest, slightly stronger than Mubai.”

Flender laughed and said: “This is all thanks to Liu Erlong, if not for her pulling back just in time last night, Little Fatty would not have such a good reward.”

Grandmaster was very familiar with Flender, this fellow had always regarded his reputation to be important, and while Grandmaster himself and him are close brothers, he wouldn’t mind giving him some criticisms. Of course, this was a reminder completely out of goodwill.

“Flender, have you discovered Fatty’s current disadvantage?”

Grandmaster faintly asked.

“Disadvantage? You mean his ability to sustain his attacks?”

Flender muttered.

Grandmaster nodded his head and said: “Although Fatty’s instantaneous explosive power is very strong, but the drain on the spirit energy is simply too much. His ability to maintain combat is inferior to Mubai. Once his attack does not achieve the expected results, his combat strength will be weakened to a great extent for a short period of time. This is one of the restrictions on his ability for now. At the same time, there is another problem. His fourth spirit technique inherited the Giant Earth King’s Magma Earth Rending Strike, combining it together with his body’s phoenix flames, it transformed into the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, but the fundamental issue did not change.”

“This Phoenix Cry Sky Strike of his is divided into two parts. The first part is causing his opponent to become dizzy within the distorted air, and the second part is then taking advantage of the period where the opponent is dizzy to release the strongest attack. The time the opponent is dizzy is also the time he charges up, am I wrong?”

Flender nodded his head, said: “You are the Grandmaster, of course you are not wrong.”

Grandmaster said: “And so because of it, Fatty also inherited the Magma Earth Rending Strike’s disadvantage, which is the attack range. Think about it, will the opponent casually let him come close to activate his attack? As long as one escapes about five meters in distance away

from him before he releases the first phase of Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, his attack will then become a futile effort. This can not only be achieved by agility attack system spirit masters, but even power attack system spirit masters who are slightly cautious can also easily do so. Speed is originally not what Fatty is proficient at. Although Phoenix Ascension enables him to fly temporarily, the more important functions of it is to boost the effect of the flames and its power, and not boosting his speed. Hence, although the explosive power of his attack is very strong, he has to coordinate with others.”

Listening to Grandmaster’s explanation, Flender immediately understood.

“What you meant is that there must be someone to first help Hongjun lock down the opponent’s movements, and then he can unleash the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s greatest power.”

Grandmaster nodded: “Just so. Because Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike requires close proximity for the stun effect, it doesn’t lock down the opponent, therefore in my theory it’s used after the opponent has been restrained. And I would use little San’s Spider Web Restraint to restrain the opponent. Later restraining abilities requires coordinating with previous restraining abilities. Spider Web Restraint restrains the opponent’s movement, also bringing out its poison to decrease the opponent’s defense, at this time Fatty can further supplement with the additional restraint and display the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike. Only then will it be a one hit certain kill. This is only one among many methods of coordinating it, but concretely how still requires careful study. The key area is, spirit power cannot be wasted, to let each strength show its best effect.”

Speaking of this, Grandmaster couldn’t keep an admiring light from his eyes, “These childrens’ gifts are exceptional. Take any one at random, they can all be considered top geniuses. Mubai’s toughness and strength,

Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s dual support, Hongjun’s burst power, Zhuqing’s speed, Xiao Wu’s close combat technique, as well as little San’s cool mind. Combined together, it’s practically perfect. Perhaps right now they’re perplexed by having one less attacker from the dual support, but as each of their spirits gradually comes into its own strength, and the support effect advances one step further, this little team will only become even more frightening.”

Flender looked at Grandmaster with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “Why don’t you mention little San’s strength, and only his mind?”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying: “I can’t keep a face like yours. Although little San’s strength is pretty good right now, that is because the quality of his spirit rings is excellent, along with having an external spirit bone. But looking at his foundation, Blue Silver Grass is after all Blue Silver Grass. Along with everyone’s strength increasing, and as they gain more spirit abilities, Blue Silver Grass’ weaknesses will will gradually appear. That’s why I say that his ability to direct the team is even more significant. This is most important as the team’s soul.”

Flender said in a low voice: “When are you prepared to let him start cultivating his second spirit?”

Grandmaster resolutely said: “He must at least wait until after the eightieth spirit power rank. Twin spirits is a heavenly gift, I don’t wish for little San’s talent to be wasted in any way. At the same time, right now I still haven’t figured out a way to dissolve the many negative side effects that will arise after the spirits’ amplification of his body. Unless I figure this out, I won’t let him take chances. Otherwise, if his body is unable to endure the excessive added attributes from the spirits and breaks down, I will inevitably regret it all my life. If I can’t think of a method, I would rather have him be only a Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master. I think even his father would agree with me on this. For Little San’s sake, perhaps, after this time’s Spirit Master tournament ends, I will have to make a trip to Supreme Pontiff Hall.”

When Flender heard this he couldn’t help being alarmed, “You’ll go see her? Aren’t you afraid Erlong will flip?”

Grandmaster said with a wry smile: “Help me out when that moment comes. For little San’s sake, I must go see her.”

Flender’s brows furrowed deeply, looking at Grandmaster with a serious expression, “Xiao Gang, you have to think clearly. You should know she isn’t like Erlong. Perhaps, you might not be able to return from this trip.”

Grandmaster shook his head: “No, this bit I’m still certain of. Well, let’s not talk about this. Everything will have to wait until after this time’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament ends. You have to keep this confidential for me. You especially can’t let Erlong know.”

Flender nodded, “Don’t worry, I know how serious it is.”

As a result of the Pink Queen’s resentment, Oscar’s absorption was a lot slower than Ma Hongjun’s was last night, using a full two hours to complete the whole process.

Perhaps it was because he was influenced by the dazzlingly beautiful form of the Pink Queen, but after absorbing the spirit ring, Oscar seemed to have become even more handsome. Seeing him after his cultivation, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “Worthy of being a prostitute’s face.”

Oscar didn’t pay any attention to Fatty’s mocking, “You’re jealous, I just won’t listen. Anyway, if you want to be as handsome as your big brother, you won’t have the opportunity in your whole life.”

Everyone gathered around, and Dai Mubai somewhat impatiently asked:
“Little Ao, what’s your fourth spirit ring ability?”

Among Spirit Masters, asking about spirit abilities was a major taboo, and ordinary Spirit Master would in no way want knowledge about their spirit abilities to be revealed to others. But the feelings among the Shrek Seven Devils had long ago transcended mere friends.

An excited light like what Fatty had that morning flickered in Oscar’s eyes, “My fourth spirit ability is stimulation. For five minutes it can give the taker a ten percent increase in all attributes.”

Dai Mubai somewhat disappointed said: “Only ten percent? And only five minutes? This spirit ability……”

Oscar snorted, saying: “Boss Dai, listen clearly. It’s ten percent increase to all attributes. In other words, after taking it the overall strength will increase by ten percent, that’s not as simple as you think. Moreover, it should be able to stack with any other support effect. Within these five minutes, it can make bring your strength to one hundred ten percent, at the same time counteracting all negative conditions.”

Grandmaster’s voice came from behind the Shrek Seven Devils, “Correct, this fourth spirit ability of his is in no way as simple as it seems on the surface.”

Hearing his voice, the gazes of the Shrek Seven Devils all focused on Grandmaster.

Grandmaster looked at Oscar with satisfaction, saying: “All attributes increasing by ten percent doesn’t sound like a large proportion, but it can let you immediately reach the one hundred ten percent level, and this is under the premise it cancels out all negative conditions. No Spirit Master dare’s say he can use a hundred percent of his strength in every fight. It’s possible to be able to use only eighty percent, or even lower. Especially in circumstances where the opponent has some weakening effects among their spirit abilities, the restrictions will be even greater. But this stimulation ability of Oscar’s is able to completely counteract these negative effects. By my calculations, it should even be able to elevate your mind, adding a further ten percent amplification. It can also make each of you for a short term break out your most powerful strength. In later battles you will come to understand how wonderful this fourth spirit ability is.”

Oscar nodded agreement, “Only, Grandmaster, this spirit ability also has two flaws. One is that it sustains for too short a time. The other is that it can’t be preserved. After it’s been summoned, it has to be taken within one minute to be effective. In other words, I can’t make it in advance before battles. In comparatively better news, it doesn’t use up too much of my spirit power, about the same as my flying mushroom sausage,

moreover it doesn’t have any side effects. I, your father, have a pink sausage.”

The last line was the spirit incantation for this new spirit ability.

Pink light could be seen condensing in Oscar’s palm, and in a moment, a sparkling and translucent, thick like a little finger, pink sausage appeared in the hollow of his palm.

Ma Hongjun to the side grinned oddly, “Little Ao, when did yours become so small?”

As he spoke, the girls couldn’t keep from blushing, and they firmly glared at him.

Oscar snapped: “Whether big brother’s sausage is big or not you won’t get to eat it.”

Grandmaster sternly said: “Just by being without side effects, this fourth spirit ability of yours is much better than those of many other Support Spirit Masters.”

Flender held back a smile, saying: “Well, don’t talk nonsense, let’s keep going. You still need three spirit rings. Let’s hope our luck continues to be this good and we can find what you need as quickly as possible.”

Even though the size of the Sunset Forest wasn’t as enormous as Star Dou Great Forest, it still wasn’t something that could be covered in a few days, and the Shrek Academy party continued searching in this vast forest.

In terms of overall quality, the spirit beasts in Sunset Forest was perhaps a bit better than Star Dou Great Forest, but there weren’t any truly powerful creatures among them.

After two days, they still hadn’t encountered a spirit beast that suited the other three.

Flender also couldn’t help being somewhat impatient.

The sleeping arrangements were no longer a problem. Grandmaster didn’t give Liu Erlong another opportunity, each night cultivating outside the tent. Flender and Zhao Wuji also feared Liu Erlong and kept Grandmaster company. Unfortunately they didn’t bring more than two tents. After a few days, the Shrek Seven Devils were in excellent spirits, while Grandmaster’s trio were a bit unwell. Especially Grandmaster whose cultivation was lowest, without several days of proper rest he already had dark circles under his eyes.

Stopping, Flender frowned: “Let’s rest here first. Searching like this is no method. Although there are many types of spirit beasts in Sunset Forest, aren’t the top quality ones pitifully few? If it drags on like this, I’m afraid the Spirit Master Tournament will have begun.”

In two days of searching it wasn’t that they hadn’t encountered spirit beasts with suitable cultivation age, but Grandmaster wasn’t satisfied with the properties of these spirit beasts.

With him following, naturally he wished to match everyone with the most suitable spirit rings.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t lack talent, and whether it was Grandmaster, Flender or Zhao Wuji, none of them wanted to see their futures influenced by an unsuitable spirit ring.

Chapter 85

"Dean Flender, I actually have a solution, however it is quite dangerous." Tang San suddenly put forward, his voice drawing everyone's attention.

Flender grumpily said, "Why didn't you say so earlier? What is it?"

Tang San said, "Do you still remember the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure that I used two days ago to suppress the poisonous fog? As an immortal treasure herb, it can be considered to be one of nature's rarest gems. If I were to expose it to the surroundings, just its aura alone should attract the attention of powerful spirit beasts. However, as such, it would be impossible for me to guess what manner of beasts it could bring. It is quite possible that it could summon an exceedingly high quality spirit beast that we cannot hope to defeat, furthermore, the quantity it can summon will not be low either."

Hearing this, Flender realized it wasn't because Tang San purposely withheld a solution earlier, but because this solution was truly far too dangerous. In the worst case scenario, it was possible that they could face total annihilation.

Even though Flender, Zhao Wuji, and Liu Erlong were all rank 70 plus spirit masters, some especially powerful spirit beasts could easily destroy them.

Just like the Titan Giant Ape they encountered in the Star Dou Great Forest; a terrifying existence that even a Titled Douluo dare not easily provoke.

"Xiao Gang, what do you think?" Flender posed the question to Grandmaster

Grandmaster pondered for a moment and said, "Little San's idea is not necessarily unusable; it all depends on how we approach it. Little San, can you still find the lair of Dugu Bo?"

Hearing Grandmaster's question, Tang San's eyes immediately lit up, his inner thought progression closely mirrored Grandmaster's so even though Grandmaster had not revealed his idea, he already understood.

"Master, you mean to use the venom left behind by the Old Freak to protect us?"

Grandmaster smiled faintly and nodded. Right now everyone else were still baffled, not understanding what this pair of master and disciple were talking about.

Tang San at Grandmaster's indication explained that because this Sunset Forest housed Poison Douluo Dugu Bo's private hideout, the perimeter near the location of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was protected by Dugu Bo's poisonous formation.

That poison formation came from Dogu Bo's horrifyingly potent venom abilities.

Even a ten thousand year spirit beast wouldn’t dare take a step past the boundary.

Of course, such a poison posed no challenge to Tang San. Even if Dugu Bo had not already given them the antidote, he could still easily produce an antidote himself or rely on the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure to suppress the poison.

By exposing the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure outside of the poison formation, they could attract many spirits beasts and should at any time the beasts become too powerful, they could retreat back into the protection of the poison and no longer fear being overwhelmed.

When they wanted to leave, they could simply exit the Suns et Forest in a different direction.

Now that they had a method, everyone immediately set out for the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well under Tang San's directions.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was located in the center of the Sunset Forest, equidistant to the edges of the forest, and since the Shrek Academy group had already been inside the Sunset Forest for some time, it took them less than half a day to reach the outside perimeters Dugu Bo’s poison formation.

Tang San with a serious expression passed out two pills to each person, "The poison the old freak used for protection here is extremely insidious, although it will affect spirit masters to a lesser degree compared to spirit beasts, if your spirit energy is less than 70 ranks, a single step inside the protected ground and your death will be assured. First take one of the pills, it will ensure your safety for a day, tomorrow at the same time take the second pill. I believe two days should provide us ample time.”

Finished saying this, Tang San began the preparations. He first entered the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well alone and retrieved some of the fertile mud from the banks where the two sides of the well flowed together. After that he returned and dug out a hole outside of the poison formation and placed the mud within before carefully planting the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure on top.

The Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure was different from Xiao Wu’s Yearning Heartbroken Red that would never wilt. Once it had left the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, if it didn’t receive enough nature’s spiritual nourishment, it will slowly wilt.

Thankfully, the soil from the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well had sufficient energy to nourish it; otherwise Tang San would never let it touch regular soil.

Having completed the temporary planting of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, Tang San took out a small jade bottle from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. As he removed the stopper from the bottle, a thick cloud of briny stench wallowed out, immediately filling the air. Even the fragrance of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure couldn’t suppress its terrible smell.

“Little San, what is that thing? The smell is killing me” Dai Mubai who always loved cleanliness, immediately dodged far away when he smelled it.

Tang San smiled slightly, and thought to himself, ‘Boss Dai, how can you possibly know that this liquid with it unbearable stench was synthesized by me using more than ten kinds of precious ingredients. Its rarity is almost comparable to that of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure.’

He very carefully tilted the bottle above the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, allowing a single drop of black liquid to fall onto its stamen. Tang San then carefully resealed the jade bottle and returned it into his Hundred Treasure Purse.

An extraordinary scene unfolded. The Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s stamen began emitting a dense of purple gas, it’s originally gentle fragrance immediately growing more powerful. The smell of the flower was no longer limited to within its area of effect, instead started to quickly permeate the surrounding air and beyond.

Even Dai Mubai who had evacuated the area previously to escape the stench could feel perfumed air tickling his nose.

Tang San explained to his group,

“The medicine I used on the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure will nourish it, causing it to temporarily lose its poison suppression effect for about two hours, however, within this time its scent will rapidly spread to a minimum of ten li[1]. This should be more than enough to attract some spirit beasts. After all, the scent belongs to one of the exceedingly rare heavenly treasures; there should no beasts that wouldn’t like it.”

The rest of the group couldn’t help but be amazed at Tang San’s application of medicine. Of course they all attributed this to the half year Tang San spent studying under Dugu Bo.

Nourishing the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and attracting spirit beasts, for Tang San, this could be considered two birds with one stone. As the gentle scent slowly saturated the air, the Shrek Academy party also became increasingly alert.

The three with the weakest fighting power, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Grandmaster were positioned closest to the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, the rest are around them, carefully observing in all directions.

Having finished preparing the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, Tang San did not immediately join his friends in surveying the surroundings but rather walked around the flower a distance away. The scent produced by the divine flora held great attraction to all spirit beasts regardless of their cultivation level.

In order to prevent the spirit beast with too low of a cultivate level to disturb them and disrupt their planning, Tang San prepared his own layer of protection via poison.

His poison formation clearly wasn’t as severe as the one created by Dugu Bo, but it should be effective in filtering the spirit beasts. According to

Tang San’s calculations, spirit beasts that had less than two thousand years of cultivation should not be able to easily enter.

Spirit beasts were different from humans; their senses were much sharper. Especially towards dangers such as poison, their judgement was rarely wrong.

Once they discovered that the poison was not something they could resist, they would never risk their lives.

With the assistance of this poison protected ground, the Shrek Academy’s group of people could save a lot of energy. They only need to choose targets among the sufficiently cultivated spirit beasts.

The stage had been set, all that was left was to tighten their formation and wait. Even though this hunting method could easily attract more powerful spirit beasts, it was equally dangerous. Whether the spirit beasts that came were too powerful or too weak, neither would satisfy Tang San and the others’ requirements. As a result, no matter how you put it, luck held a certain part.

The lure of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s effect was even bigger than Tang San had expected. Once they have finished setting up, less than a cup of tea’s time had passed before the first spirit beast appeared.

A low rumbling roar and a faint stench reached them, the trees to their left started to sway, as if brushed by a gale.

“Cloud follows the dragon and wind follows the tiger. It should be a spirit beast of the tiger family. Everyone be careful.” Grandmaster calmly deduced.

Just as Grandmaster finished speaking, a gorgeous yet ferocious tiger burst through the thickets.

The tiger was covered from head to toe in murky black fur; the only exception being the “king” character[2] on its forehead patterned in white. The length of its body was over three meters long and stood at one meter fifty shoulder height. Although it was quite large, it was nevertheless very nimble.

Even before anyone had a clear look at the beast, it already pounced towards them. Its movement like a trail of shadows and its aim was precisely the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure being protected behind everyone.

“Begin combat!” Tang San roared, and without withholding any spirit power raised his arm, releasing a Spider Web Restraint. Due to his spirit power increase, his limit had now increased to four Spider Web Restraints.

Spirit beasts from their outer appearance can be seen that generally those with cultivation less than ten thousand years would increase in size the more they cultivate, but those that have surpassed ten thousand years instead will start decreasing in the size the more powerful they grow.

Of course, there are some exceptions, but other than spirit beasts that are especially powerful or weak most do follow this development path. The black tiger before them could easily be identified as one that has cultivated between three thousand to five thousand years, perfectly suitable.

Tang San without hesitation chose to fight rather than flee.

The green light expanded in a flash. Sometimes having too fast of a speed is not always good; such as the case for this spirit beast Phantom Tiger[3] that only has the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure in its eyes.

The Phantom Tiger’s horrific speed and combat prowess was well known, it can be considered to be among the strongest spirit beasts. It was

also incredibly aggressive and will not hesitate to fight anyone that dares intrude in its territory to the death.

Because its speed was incomparable, even other spirit beasts that had achieved similar years of cultivation, ordinarily would not seek to fight it.

Seeing Tang San unleash Spider Web Restraint at the Phantom Tiger, its body flickered strangely, and the originally one Phantom Tiger suddenly turned into three.

The one in the Spider Web Restraint faded away unseen like a mirage, while the other two advanced even faster.

Phantom Tiger’s innate ability, Shadow Doppelgänger.

Dai Mubai roared deeply, four spirit rings simultaneously flashing up from below. When the Phantom Tiger appeared, his body already swiftly swelled up, and now watching the Phantom Tiger dash forward he went head to head with it without the slightest hesitation.

A pair of tiger paws slapped forward, and from his mouth a white light jetted out, already releasing White Tiger Light Wave.

Spirit power rising substantially increased the might of spirit abilities, and Dai Mubai’s goal was also only to block the Phantom Tiger’s charge.

In the flash of white light, another Phantom Tiger disappeared. Without a doubt, Dai Mubai’s target had also been a shadow.

Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu went up simultaneously, preparing a cooperative attack on the Phantom Tiger’s true body. It’s enormous body flashed with black light, once again separating two silhouettes. By now it was already in front of everyone, the three forms simultaneously charging at the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure from different angles. With the

previous lesson in mind, right now nobody actually knew which form was after all the real Phantom Tiger.

At this moment, purple golden light flashed out of Tang San’s eyes, his gaze sweeping, already shouting, “The left one is real. Careful, Zhuqing.”

Under the gaze of Purple Demon Eye there was nowhere for the Phantom Tiger to hide. Even though Tang San’s eyes still couldn’t be called ‘piercing eyes’, after reaching the mustard seed stage, his eyes could even distinguish energy attribute differences, and could naturally differentiate the the aura fluctuations around the three Phantom Tigers.

Right now, the only one confronting the real body was Zhu Zhuqing, and behind her back were Ning Rongrong and Oscar. This Phantom Tiger was undoubtedly clever, choosing the weakest direction to attack from.

Flender, Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji were all already waiting for action with their strength stored up. If the Shrek Seven Devils were unable to withstand the attack of this Phantom Tiger, they would act immediately.

The Shrek Seven Devils had cooperated for so long that the tacit understanding between them had long ago already reached a certain boundary. Seeing Zhu Zhuqing in danger, the gold purple light in Tang San’s eyes suddenly intensified, everyone seeing a glaring light flash past.

That Phantom Tiger hissed sharply, and its forward momentum immediately slowed down somewhat, and even the other two disappeared like smoke.

Zhu Zhuqing very clearly understood that there was no space to dodge behind her, and advanced rather than retreating, going up to meet the Phantom Tiger’s charge. It was also now that three streams of warmth entered her body from behind, strength, agility as well as spirit power simultaneously upgrading substantially, immediately letting her condition surpass her peak.

Hell Rush Stab unleashed, Zhu Zhuqing’s delicate body directly struck the Phantom Tiger, the keen blades at her fingertips ruthlessly flitting across

the Phantom Tiger’s throat, leaving behind several deep cuts.

The pain woke up the Phantom Tiger from Tang San’s mental attack, and with a fierce roar, black light rushed out from its whole body and it distorted, inconceivably shifting sideways, just dodging away from Zhu Zhuqing’s followup Hell Hundred Claws.

However, this brief moment’s obstruction was already enough. Dai Mubai’s tall figure already charged over from the side. The tiger stripes all over his overbearing form had all turned golden, and snarling, golden light burst out. With his body as the center, countless fist sized golden spheres of light locked on to the Phantom Tiger, flocking towards it. It was precisely the fourth spirit ability Dai Mubai obtained not long ago, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

In terms of burst attack power, perhaps this fourth spirit ability of Dai Mubai’s couldn’t compare to Fatty’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, but its greatest feature was that it could lock in on the opponent. Once the target was locked in, all the White Tiger Meteors formed from spirit power would launch as a concentrated volley.

The entire attack power could be concentrated on one opponent, and they could also disperse to attack multiple opponents.

The attack power contained by each ball was equal to one tenth of Dai Mubai’s spirit power, which showed how powerful growth potential this spirit ring gave him. He could launch more than a hundred meteors.

If the Phantom Tiger hadn’t suffered Tang San’s mental attack it could still have used its Doppelgänger ability to as much as possible of Dai Mubai’s attack, but right now its mind was injured by Purple Demon Eye, and it was temporarily unable to fully use Doppelgänger. Helplessly, it could only stiffly resist Dai Mubai’s attack with its own body.

Black light flashed out and transformed into a black light cover that enveloped the Phantom Tiger. Each White Tiger Meteor that bombarded it would erupt in a loud explosion, and concentrated booms echoed continuously, ring after ring of golden ripples erupting on that black light.

The Phantom Tiger curled up its body as much as possible, making the area suffering the attack smaller in order to increase its defense.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ cooperation was so implicit, Ning Rongrong’s hand supported the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, already releasing her three spirit abilities on the five people in charge of attacking.

Besides strength and speed amplification, her third spirit ability, also a thousand year spirit ability, directly amplified spirit power. In other words, currently the effective spirit power of Tang San and the others was one hundred forty percent that of normal.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s effect as the first support spirit had become more and more clear as Ning Rongrong’s strength grew.

Of course, as a result of the spirit ability effects increasing, the consumption of Ning Rongrong’s own spirit power was no doubt immense. Amplifying three aspects simultaneously, even though she already possessed fortieth ranked spirit power, she could at most persevere for ten minutes.

Intense explosions made the soil turn, the Phantom Tiger was like an angry wolf in a small boat, constantly rocked by the shocks. But it was indeed powerful, under this kind of attack it actually still didn’t collapse.

When the White Tiger Meteor Shower finally ended, the instant all the explosions finished, suddenly the Phantom Tiger’s curled up body instantly unfolded. Immediately followed by an immense flash of black light and shadow bursting from within its body, going straight for Zhu Zhuqing.

That black light and shadow suddenly condensed in midair into an identical form as the Phantom Tiger, with even the same size. Terrifying energy fluctuations made the air issue ear-piercing sharp hisses, as if cut open by that black light.

The five Shrek Seven Devils in charge of attack now surrounded the Phantom Tiger, but it movements were really too fast, and nobody had expected that after just now having endured the White Tiger Meteor Shower

bombardment and with blood flowing from its nose and mouth, it could still so quickly issue an all out attack.

There wasn’t even enough time for Tang San to release Blue Silver Grass to save Zhu Zhuqing.

A more than three thousand year spirit beast’s all out attack was terrifying, the Phantom Tiger’s attack capability couldn’t be any less than the Pink Queen. The reason it chose to attack Zhu Zhuqing was because behind her was the closest way to the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure.

As long as it could break out from this situation, it could not only grab the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, but also turn and escape.

Unfortunately, this Phantom Tiger still underestimated Zhu Zhuqing’s strength and resolve.

Confronting this black light and shadow attack, Zhu Zhuqing didn’t dodge or escape, her third spirit ring flashed with purple light, both hands like lightning folding over her head, the claw blades of the five fingers on each hand fusing together with astonishing speed, becoming a one chi[4] long sharp blade.

Black light also rushed out from within Zhu Zhuqing, and her whole body seemed to become a part of that sharp blade, swinging both hands down to meet the black light released from the Phantom Tiger.

This was the thousand year spirit ring ability Zhu Zhuqing obtained after reaching the thirtieth rank —— Hell Decapitation.

Equally ear piercing tearing noises resounded, on both sides of the Hell Decapitation, the air distorted like rippling water, clearly splitting open.

The black light blade only condensed in a straight line, and just as it struck down it heavily bombarded that Phantom Tiger’s transformed shadow.

With the assistance of Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, this attack could be said to be Zhu Zhuqing’s most powerful attack at present.

There was no noise of a collision, only a teeth ache inducing grinding sound.

In midair, the Phanttom Tiger shadow paused before that sharp Hell Decapitation attack, and the instant the Hell Decapitation struck it was cut in half.

But, this was after all only the third spirit ability, while this shadow attack could be said to be the Phantom Tiger’s all out attack. Its body already came charging closely behind.

The might of the Hell Decapitation was in the end still by far counteracted by the Phantom Tiger’ far superior energy.

Perhaps it was because it was stopped, after that black shadow halted, it immediately used even higher speed to strike at Zhu Zhuqing.

And this moment was just after Zhu Zhuqing had just released her full strength attack, the dangerous juncture when new strength had not yet been born.

A massive silhouette just like a shield moved across in front of Zhu Zhuqing, and without any fanfare struck out head on with a white furred tiger palm.

With a loud bang, that massive silhouette swayed once, but still didn’t agree to retreat a single step. It was precisely the Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai.

Even though Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Decapitation couldn’t completely cut open the Phantom Tiger’s attack, it could still fight for time. The instant he discovered the danger Dai Mubai had rushed over, just in time to shield Zhu Zhuqing.

Using his tyrannical spirit power to shield her from the remaining attack.

In spite of wisps of blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, Dai Mubai immediately revealed his overbearing side. Faced with the Phantom Tiger’s charge, condensing spirit power he released White Tiger Body Barrier, stiffly blocking the Phantom Tiger’s charge.

White Tiger collided with Phantom Tiger, a muffled grunt and a sharp hiss echoed practically simultaneously. Dai Mubai staggered back before turning, but that Phantom Tiger was also sent flying by him.

A slender figure quietly appeared behind the Phantom Tiger, a pair of slender perfectly straight thighs quietly winding around its neck, Waist Bow launching, Xiao Wu completed a graceful backwards summersault in the air, and under the powerful strength of her Waist Bow the Phantom Tiger’s more than three meters long body was thrown directly into the air, and slammed back down heavily on the ground.

There was an intense boom.

In the blink of an eye, the Phantom Tiger was stunned.

A flicker of red light, Ma Hongjun’s plump body already since long ago waited where the Phantom Tiger fell, and the instant Xiao Wu’s long legs released it, his right fist also accurately struck the ground. He and the Phantom Tiger were completely enveloped within distorted air.

A resonant phoenix cry once again echoed in the Sunset Forest, and along with an immense bird of flame soaring up, and the large Phantom Tiger no longer even whimpered.

From Zhu Zhuqing halting the Phantom Tiger with Hell Decapitation, to Dai Mubai tyrannically blocking it from the front and sending it flying, Xiao Wu’s midair Soft Skill linking up to Ma Hongjun’s right hand restricting it with Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, all of this flowed as smoothly as running water and moving clouds.


The Phantom Tiger’s body covered in flames fell heavily on the ground.
Even if it wanted to crawl it wouldn’t be able to succeed.

The red hot phoenix flames were constantly eroding its body. Successively enduring Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Meteor Shower and Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, even though this Phantom Tiger was any number of times stronger than the Pink Queen, in the end it still suffered life threatening injuries.

“Zhuqing, do it.” Tang San’s calm voice promptly echoed.

Zhu Zhuqing moved around Dai Mubai, transforming into a series of incomplete shadows, and the instant the Phantom Tiger drew its last breath she relied on her Hell Rush Stab to make the last attack, her right hand claws thrusting into the Phantom Tiger’s left eye to reach its brain, ending its life.

Ma Hongjun opened his mouth wide and inhaled, withdrawing the phoenix flames on the Phantom Tiger and polluting Zhu Zhuqing’s arm, putting a satisfactory period to this time’s perfect kill scene.

But at this moment, Grandmaster’s somewhat impatient voice suddenly reached them, “Little San, quickly take back your Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure.”

Now that the Shrek Seven Devils paid attention, on their side they had dealt with the Phantom Tiger, but on the other side, Zhao Wuji, Flender and Liu Erlong were all already fighting.

They didn’t know when, but during the fight seven wildly different spirit beasts had appeared, in the process of besieging Flender’s trio. If it wasn’t for the trio’s immense strength, if even one slipped by them it wouldn’t have been easy for the Shrek Seven Devils to handle.

Originally, when the Phantom Tiger appeared and drew the attacks of the Shrek Seven Devils, one after another seven spirit beasts arrived. Tang

San’s seven could cope with one five thousand or so years spirit beasts, but if there was another, they might take casualties. Flender, Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji immediately went to meet them, helping them block the attacks of later spirit beasts.

After this the amount of spirit beasts grew greater and greater, one more powerful than the other. If it went on like this, perhaps even they would be unable to resist.

Therefore Grandmaster had Tang San quickly take away the target of these spirit beasts.

With just a glance, Tang San already had a grasp of the battle circumstances, and without the slightest hesitation said to Dai Mubai: “Mubai, you bring the Phantom Tiger’s corpse and Zhuqing into the poison formation first, let her absorb the spirit ring. The rest of you follow me.”

Dai Mubai looked distracted a moment, but only hesitated slightly. He naturally had confidence in Tang San and only smiled wryly inside. Zhu Zhuqing’s character wasn’t too good to begin with, and when further absorbing this tiger type spirit, how couldn’t she become even more like a tigress? However her spirit was also a cat type, and this Phantom Tiger excelled at speed, seemingly it was also suitable.

Along with Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing first stepping into the poison formation, Tang San took the variety of sausages Oscar handed over. After each of them first at a recovery sausage, they immediately gathered towards Flender’s trio.

Strength. This was strength!

Watching Flender’s trio fighting, the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t keep from inwardly sighing in admiration.

Flender, Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji were all three Spirit Sage powers over seventieth rank. Right now the three weren’t coordinating at all, only

fighting their own battles, but withstood the attacks of those seven spirit beasts without allowing them to take one step past the line.

The reason they didn’t cooperate wasn’t because they didn’t want to, but rather because they couldn’t. The might of the trio’s spirit abilities was too great, and if they cooperated with each other they would instead cause disturbances, making them unable to bring out their full strength.

At such a time, Ning Rongrong showed the effect of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit she had inherited.

When the Phantom Tiger was defeated, she had already stopped assisting Tang San and the others. Right now the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s three rings of light flashed once again, becoming three lines of light that simultaneously poured into Flender’s trio.

The more powerful the Spirit Master the greater effect the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s support would have, this was something all the Shrek Seven Devils knew. Because its support increased by a percentage, the higher the base value the more powerful the upgrade effect. But when truly used in combat, that reversing heaven and earth terrifying effect still shocked Tang San and the others.

The light around Flender’s trio simultaneously rose sharply, and the seven spirit beasts that had previously been constantly attacking them were forced to retreat practically simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Ning Rongrong’s support could also only continue for a few short breaths. This was still the first time she supported Spirit Masters with so much higher spirit power than her own.

The feeling was as different as black and white compared to supporting the Shrek Seven Devils, in just a few seconds she could feel her spirit power draining away, her whole body unspeakably unwell.

“Retreat into the poison formation.” Flender shouted. He had no choice but to make this decision, because he saw more than ten spirit beasts more rushing out from the forest, their target on their side.

The Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s fragrance was dense and lasted long without scattering, even though right now it had already been withdrawn by Tang San into the Hundred Treasure Purse, the scent was still there. The later arriving spirit beasts unexpectedly had a lot that were over the ten thousand year level, this wasn’t something Flender and the others could hold back.

The Shrek Seven Devils and Grandmaster swiftly retreated into the poison formation Dugu Bo had set up. Although Flender’s trio had lost Ning Rongrong’s support, with their strength, even if they couldn’t win, they could still run.

Perhaps it was because the poison formation had been here for so long, but just as Tang San expected, when the approximately twenty spirit beasts reached its edge they immediately stopped, and could only make some long range attacks.

Unfortunately their range was limited, and Flender and the others blocked them a few times as the Shrek Academy party already moved within the poison formation where they couldn’t reach.

“Little San, that Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure of yours really is too effective.” Flender looked with some trepidation at the still increasing number of spirit beasts outside. Who said Sunset Forest didn’t have formidable spirit beasts? Among the twenty nine spirit beasts already gathered outside, there were at least six or seven whose strength exceeded ten thousand years, even so much that one spirit beast’s cultivation approached thirty thousand years. The other spirit beasts were also all over three thousand years.

Even the impulsive Liu Erlong understood that such high level spirit beasts wasn’t something they could match, and could only avoid.

Grandmaster’s gaze turned to the side where Zhu Zhuqing was already absorbing the spirit ring, and happily said: “At least we didn’t waste our strength. That Phantom Tiger is quite good, whether in ability or attributes, they’re both very suitable for Zhuqing.”

Tang San was now constantly observing the spirit beasts outside. Due to the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s scent still not scattering, right now the spirit beasts were still pacing outside the poison formation, while absorbing the scent left in the air they glared like tigers watching prey at their side.

At least until the fragrance scattered they clearly wouldn’t leave.

Tang San raised the sleeve on his right arm and swiftly removed the Flying God Claw and handed it to Flender to the side.

Flender puzzled said: “What is it?”

Tang San said: “Dean, there are so many spirit beasts outside, and there are a few that suits us. They don’t dare enter the poison formation, so we need to pull them inside to hunt them. With your, teacher Zhao and teacher Erlong’s strength, pulling them inside shouldn’t be any problem.”

Flender astonished said: “Little San, you’re joking. Can’t you see how many spirit beasts are outside? As soon as we go out, we’ll definitely be mobbed. Even we couldn’t retreat intact. There really are too many spirit beasts outside, the instant burst power they could produce would give a headache even to Title Douluo.”

Tang San smiled slightly, always planning in advance pointed to the Flying God Claw in his hand, saying: “That’s why I’m giving you this. With it you basically don’t need to go outside. Mubai, little Ao, give your Flying God Claws for teacher Zhao and teacher Erlong to use.”

Listening to Tang San, Flender was immediately greatly curious, “Well, so you kids still had another move.” Even though he still didn’t understand what Tang San wanted them to do, he could see from Tang San’s expression that he held considerable certainty.

From the suggestion of setting up by the poison formation, he clearly had already planned ahead, one plan after another, his mind was even more meticulous than the majority of adults.

Could it be that Clear Sky Douluo’s genes were this good?

Tang San helped the curious trio set up the Flying God Claws on their right arms, then gave them a detailed explanation in its use.

[1] 5km

[2] (wang 王)
[3] (⿁虎) “Ghost/Crafty Tiger”
[4] 1 尺 = ⅓ m

Chapter 86

With their curiosity greatly increased, the trio immediately tried using it within the poison formation, unable to keep from gasping in admiration over the elaborate Flying God Claw. Especially the quality of the material and craftsmanship made them adore it even more.

Now Flender didn’t need to worry about dealing with the spirit beasts outside, a cunning light flashed in his eyes, with his particular lisping voice saying to Tang San: “I say little San, how about we strike a deal?”

Tang San was astute, his face immediately showing a smiling expression:
“No problem, besides this Flying God Claw, anything else is fine.” “Eh……” Flender immediately choked on his next words.
To the side Liu Erlong looked disdainfully at Flender, “And you call yourself a teacher, you actually want the childrens’ things. Little San, how about this, teacher Erlong will trade with you. Later you pick any spirit beast outside and tell me, I’ll catch it for you, and afterward you make me a Flying God Claw.”

As a result of Liu Erlong’s figure being different from a man’s and being more observant than Flender, she discovered that each Flying God Claw was different, immediately understanding that this thing was made to size.

Flender didn’t give up, and without waiting for Tang San to speak up he couldn’t keep from saying: “What you can catch, don’t tell me I can’t?

Little San, I’ll also pre order. I’m also your Teacher’s old brother, so give me this piece.”

Looking at Flender, then again at Liu Erlong, Tang San laughed inwardly.

Actually, it was no wonder that Flender and Liu Erlong were so interested in this Flying God Claw. This thing was extremely practical, and what’s more, in a key moment it could be a life saver. The quality was superb, extremely durable, when worn on the arm it didn’t feel cumbersome, no more than a wrist protector. That weight was basically no problem to them.

Helplessly, Tang San could only say: “Fine. However, making this thing takes a lot of time. Once this time’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament is over I’ll make one for each teacher.”

Flender laughed out loud, “Fine, then teacher will be impolite. Erlong, Wuji, we’ll do it. Little San, just pick any one of these spirit beasts outside. We’ll catch it for you.”

Grandmaster to the side looked at Flender’s appearance of accomplishing lowly ambitions and helplessly shook his head, but also didn’t say anything.

Tang San said: “Help Rongrong catch one first. I’m in no hurry, I’ll still observe a bit.”

Flender nodded, saying: “That’s also fine. Grandmaster, do you see something relatively good for Rongrong’s fourth spirit ring?”

Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple, and Flender could naturally ask him directly for his opinion, but the others still followed Grandmaster’s opinion on the most suitable.

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across those spirit beasts glaring like tigers outside, and raising his hand he pointed to one among them, “Rongrong’s previous three abilities separately increase speed, strength and spirit power. Then, mainly this fourth spirit ability should increase defense.

That four thousand year or so Unicorn Armored Beast[1] is comparatively suitable.”

Everyone turned to look in the direction Grandmaster indicated, seeing a spirit beast shaped like a crocodile. Its bulk wasn’t especially large, five meters long or so, a head with four eyes, four limbs as thick and solid as buckets. Its most outstanding feature was that its whole body was covered in black plate armor. Each armor plate was roughly palm sized, appearing extremely thick and durable.

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “The Unicorn Armored Beast is mainly specialized in close combat, it has enormous strength, and relying on its astonishing defense it can practically ignore most attacks from spirit beasts of similar cultivation age. You three had best work together to secure it.”

Grandmaster’s words were naturally convincing, and Flender’s trio’s gazes simultaneously locked on that Unicorn Armored Beast. Stepping forward, in the blink the distance had closed to within thirty meters, Flying God Claws simultaneously shooting out, steel claws spreading in the air, in practically an instant that thousand year Unicorn Armored Beast had been accurately grabbed.

Flender and the others only felt a slight jolt at their wrists as the action completed. The tactile quality of the Flying God Claws was extremely good, just like a real hand spreading open.

But, as the maker of the Flying God Claws, the pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted. Because, the three Flying God Claws that landed on the Unicorn Armored Beast unexpectedly couldn’t pierce through its armor. Despite each grabbing an armor plate, they were unable to penetrate the slightest bit. In fact, with the Flying God Claw’s own mechanical strength and sharpness, even metal or rock could be easily pierced. From this could be seen just how abnormal the defense of this thousand year Unicorn Armored Beast was. No wonder it would mix in with ten thousand year spirit beasts, who would have the least bit interest in bones so difficult to gnaw.

Without waiting for the Unicorn Armored Beast to struggle, Flender’s trio exhaled simultaneously, spirit power condensing in a flash and releasing.

Even though that Unicorn Armored Beast was astonishingly strong, controlling the Flying God Claws on its body were three Spirit Sage level powers with more than seventieth ranked spirit power. How could their instantly erupting power be resisted by a thousand year spirit beast?

The five meter long body was thrown directly into the air, flipping in their direction.

Grandmaster’s voice echoed at this opportune moment, “Its weakness is inside its mouth. Only from there can the inside of its body be injured. The armor plates on other parts of its body are half as thick as its body. Its defense is even more abnormal than some ten thousand year spirit beasts. Fortunately it doesn’t have any particular attack abilities.”

Grandmaster’s reminder was clearly just right, watching the Unicorn Armored Beast tumbling from the sky, Liu Erlong leapt up fiercely. As the slaughtering corner of the Golden Iron Triangle, what she liked the most was this kind of opponent that could take a beating. Only this was sufficient to let her blood reeking side come out.

Zhao Wuji and Flender simultaneously withdrew their Flying God Claws, Flender shouting loudly: “Erlong, there are so many children here, don’t make it too gory.”

“Got it.”

Liu Erlong agreed. She had already grabbed the thousand year Unicorn Armored Beast’s tail with one hand, and using strength she unexpectedly whirled the entire five meter long, weighing more than a thousand jin[2] Unicorn Armored Beast into the air.


Everyone’s eyelids unconsciously twitched simultaneously, and the spirit beasts outside the poison formation also seemed to be still for a moment as the ground shook. That Unicorn Armored Beast with its astonishing defense had actually been completely slammed into the ground by Liu Erlong’s brute strength, only a section if its tail stuck up above the surface, held in Liu Erlong’s hand.

The Shrek Seven Devils finally saw a smiling expression on Liu Erlong’s face, and by their reckoning, this should be the smile of a demon.

Even though the Unicorn Armored Beast had high defense, with its enormous body being thrown so heavily, even if it wasn’t injured it would still be confused. Further adding that it had already breathed in the poison Dugu Bo arranged in the poison formation as soon as it entered, its bodily functions were quickly dropping. Right now in Liu Erlong’s hands it was as defenseless as a common animal.

Liu Erlong basically didn’t give it time to prepare to struggle, blazing red light blossoming from her entire body, with a smile on her face saying to everyone: “I’ll bring this little fellow aside to play for a moment, you do the rest. Rongrong, cover your eyes and follow teacher.”

Ning Rongrong looked stupidly at Liu Erlong, her feet not shifting a single step, her face clearly displaying a dismayed expression.

Liu Erlong’s expression chilled, “What? You don’t believe your teacher has the capability to subdue this Unicorn Armored Beast? That’s fine too, no need to cover your eyes. Teacher will give you a class.”

“I, I……” When Ning Rongrong was panicked and at her wits’ end, her eyes suddenly blackened as a strip of cloth stretched out from behind her, blinding her eyes. Just when she was even more panicked, Oscar’s soft magnetic voice rose next to her ear.

“Rongrong, don’t be afraid. Teacher Erlong has good intentions. I’ll go with you. With me here, nothing will happen. Teacher Erlong, can I go along?”

Liu Erlong glanced at Oscar, nodded and said: “Then come together. However, you’re a man, no need to cover your eyes. Increasing your experience a bit is also good.” While speaking, she once again whirled up the by now regained consciousness Unicorn Armored Beast in her hand as it began to struggle, relying on brute force throwing the Unicorn Armored Beast further into the poison formation, into a piece of forest to the side.

Oscar pulled Ning Rongrong’s hand and followed. Right now Ning Rongrong unconsciously took full advantage of Oscar’s grip on her hand, clutching his hand like a life saving rice straw.

Flender helplessly shook his head, “Oscar this kid is unexpectedly so brave. Really, that Erlong. After so many years her old defects have gotten even more intense.” As he spoke, his gaze floated over to Grandmaster with a rebuking light.

Grandmaster didn’t meet Flender’s gaze, but lowered his head, what he thought of unknown.

“Little San, have you thought of what spirit beast you want? Me and your teacher Zhao will settle it for you.” Flender loudly asked Tang San.

Tang San’s eyes revealed a hesitant light. To be precise, among the spirit beasts outside there were a quite a few that suited him, but he chose a different spirit beast. The roads of cultivation actually had a great number of differences. Even though the fourth spirit ring wasn’t as important as the third, it had a bridging effect; once chosen, he would be unable to change his future development direction. Therefore he hesitated, not knowing just what to choose for himself.

At this moment Grandmaster spoke up, “Pick that Man Faced Demon Spider. It’s roughly close to six thousand years cultivation, compared to those other spirit beasts outside, absorbing its spirit ring shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the same kind as the spirit beast you hunted last time, so as long as you absorb its energy you could not only empower your third spirit ring, but at the same time you might also have a fourth spirit ability

for self defense. Your external spirit bone would also improve because of absorbing a spirit beast with the same attributes. It should be your best choice at present, with enormous benefits for your strength.”

While saying this, Grandmaster looked at Tang San with a somewhat puzzled gaze. He had already taught Tang San enough that what he could see, Tang San clearly should also be able to see. Since it was like this, why would he still hesitate? Man Faced Demon Spiders were extremely rare. Because of their tyranny, they would frequently be jointly attacked by other spirit beasts. Able to reach six thousand years of cultivation was already extraordinarily powerful. For Tang San it was bound to have superb effect.

But against Grandmaster’s expectations, the always unusually obedient Tang San now shook his head, “I’m sorry, Teacher, can you let me choose this fourth spirit ring for myself? Dean Flender, teacher Zhao, I choose that Pit Demon Spider[3].”

“What did you say?” Without waiting for Flender and Zhao Wuji to react, Grandmaster already spoke up with alarm and anger, reaching Tang San’s side with big steps, one hand grabbing his shoulder, “Are you insane? Don’t you see that’s a ten thousand year spirit beast? Moreover, I’m certain that even though it’s a ten thousand year level, the advantages to you are in no way greater than the Man Faced Demon Spider. Don’t forget, you have a unique External Spirit Bone. Strengthening it is even more important that strengthening your Blue Silver Grass.”

Hearing Tang San’s choice, how couldn’t Grandmaster be anxious? He clearly understood that even though this disciple of his had twin spirits, without settling the issue of his body collapsing from later excessive attributes of the second spirit, right now he was still only a Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master.

Along with spirit power increasing and spirit rings adding up, this standard of waste spirits Blue Silver Grass would reveal more and more weaknesses. Both Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit and Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Spirit were no doubt first rate spirits, and their spirit abilities would also become more and more terrifying because of their foundation. But Tang San wasn’t as fortunate, and even though Blue Silver Grass had a

powerful adaptability, it still couldn’t compare to the Fire Phoenix or Evil Eye White Tiger, let alone the number one support spirit Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Among the other six Shrek Seven Devils, any one spirit was stronger than his.

If Tang San didn’t possess plentiful knowledge, a cool head, as well as obtaining the Man Faced Demon Spider’s external spirit bone at the thirtieth rank, then right now his strength would already be far away from the others’. Of course, Grandmaster never believed Tang San’s hidden weapons and the poisons he studied with the Poison Douluo could have any effect. In his world, as a Spirit Master, one's own strength was most important.

Right now Grandmaster was so agitated precisely because of these reasons. The most important growth from choosing a second Man Faced Demon Spider for his spirit ring was for his Eight Spider Lances. Even though Grandmaster couldn’t be sure what level the Eight Spider Lances would grow to, the Eight Spider Lances’ was bound to increase, and would also bring up Tang San’s strength. With the evolution capability of this external spirit bone, Tang San’s strength wouldn’t be too far behind the others.

But right now even though he couldn’t say Tang San’s own first choice of the Pit Demon Spider was no good, to his future development it clearly wasn’t as good as the Man Faced Demon Spider.

The Pit Demon Spider and the Man Faced Demon Spider were both considered top tier existences among arachnid spirit beasts, they only walked different routes. The Man Faced Demon Spider was widely known for its tyrannical attack power and extreme toxicity, while the Pit Demon Spider hunted its enemy in a different fashion. Even though it wasn’t as famous as the Man Faced Demon Spider, it also wasn’t as addicted to killing, but the Man Face Demon Spider also couldn’t compare to it in hidden danger.

The Man Faced Demon Spider specialized in terror, speed, and potent attack power, but the Pit Demon Spider was best at taking advantage of the terrain to create all sorts of traps for the opponent, relying on its special

ability to ensnare its prey. Its spider thread was completely different from the Man Faced Demon Spider. It wasn’t poisonous, but could take any kind of shape. Unlike the single use of the Man Faced Demon Spider, it was used to bury the opponent alive.

In strength, the Pit Demon Spider certainly wasn’t a match for the Man Faced Demon Spider in a frontal attack, but if it was given familiar terrain or perhaps allowed to pull open the distance, then the Man Faced Demon Spider would certainly die.

Outside the poison formation there were just one of each. That Man Faced Demon Spider was alone outside the throng of spirit beasts, ice cold light flickering in its little eyes, attentively watching their side. The Pit Demon Spider clearly had a much better affinity with animals than it, mixed in together with the other spirit beasts, its build one size smaller than the Man Faced Demon Spider, but as long as one observed carefully one could discover that this Pit Demon Spider should have just entered the ten thousand year level. Its body and eight spider legs were slim, but clearly without the Man Faced Demon Spider’s kind of slender vigor, its ash gray body not the slightest bit eye catching among the seemingly very powerful spirit beasts. But in the vicinity of its body were some yellow filaments, that was its spider web.

The way Grandmaster saw it, the reason Tang San chose the Pit Demon Spider was no doubt because it wasn’t as ruthless as the Man Faced Demon Spider, and its spirit ring would be easier to absorb. Moreover this Pit Demon Spider possessed ten thousand years of cultivation. But such a choice was clearly unwise, far from as good as the result that six thousand years Man Faced Demon Spider could give his external spirit bone.

But, what Grandmaster didn’t expect was that as Tang San looked at him his eyes were extremely resolute, “Teacher, please let me choose the Pit Demon Spider. I believe, right now it should be even more useful to me.”

“Why? Justify it to me.” The pride at the bottom of Grandmaster’s heart was far from comparable to Flender, but right now looking at his always clever disciple unexpectedly disobeying him, his voice clearly grew colder.

But he also wasn’t an autocratic senior, therefore he wanted Tang San to tell him a reason.

Tang San only spoke very simply, at once making clear his reasons for choosing the Pit Demon Spider, “Teacher, I choose it because the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament is about to begin.”

Grandmaster first looked distracted, then immediately reacted, the ice chill at the corners of his eyes melting, looking at the disciple in front of him, he couldn’t keep a regretful light from showing in his eyes, his grip on Tang San’s shoulder unconsciously tightening, “But, haven’t you thought of yourself?”

How couldn’t Tang San know the benefits of the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring would be even greater, but, while choosing the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring would strengthen his own Eight Spider Lances and Spider Web Restraint, his fourth spirit ability would very possibly only be a support effect for his third spirit ability.

Without doubt, Spider Web Restraint was extremely powerful in restraint and complemented Tang San’s hidden weapons techniques well, but, it consumed too much spirit power. Even after Tang San’s spirit power rose to the fortieth rank, with full spirit power he could only use it four times. If the fourth spirit ring strengthened the third, then perhaps the restraining capability would grow even stronger, but at the same time the spirit power consumption would be enormous. It would very possible become a one use attack.

This was of course no problem when facing an opponent one versus one, but Tang San didn’t forget that he was part of the Shrek Seven Devils, and even more the only control system Spirit Master among them. As the soul of the team, with the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament about to begin, he couldn’t think only of himself, but had to consider the entire team as a whole.

Even though the Pit Demon Spider was unable to strengthen Tang San’s external spirit bone like the Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San was certain that the Pit Demon Spider spirit ring definitely would improve his

control capability. Moreover it could very possibly be a group control type ability. This would possess enormous benefits to a team like the Shrek Seven Devils, in a team fight there was no need to doubt the advantages of crowd control capability.

In order to balance the gap in assistance to himself between the Pit Demon Spider and Man Faced Demon Spider, as well as as far as possible not let himself fall behind the others, after careful consideration that ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider was clearly his best choice.

Grandmaster understood all this, and secretly sighed with regret. Even though Tang San’s choice wasn’t the best for himself, it was no doubt the most proper one. His view of the big picture already surpassed his own. Having such a selfless disciple made him feel happy on one hand, but at the same time also somewhat regretful.

“Teacher, perhaps, this Pit Demon Spider will also give me a spirit bone?” Tang San consoled Grandmaster in his own way.

Grandmaster snorted, saying: “Little San, even though your body is already more resilient than Mubai and also have the energy from the level surpassing spirit ring, don’t forget that this time you’re skipping a whole five thousand years of cultivation. Do you believe that you could successfully absorb a ten thousand year spirit beast? For the sake of the team it’s even more important not to endanger yourself, do you understand? Therefore I will persist in my opinion, the man Faced Demon Spider is still the best choice for you.”

Tang San tightened his fists, “Grandmaster, believe in me, I can definitely do it. I once took two immortal treasure herbs at Dugu Bo’s place, these two herbs had a muscle developing and essence exchanging effect on my body, recreating it from the bone, my physique is even more resilient than you imagine. Moreover, right here I still have another advantage. Taking those two immortal treasure herbs lets me absorb the spirit ring in a special place. Thus, I have practically a ninety percent certainty in succeeding.”

“Out of the question, unless it’s a hundred percent, I won’t let you take the chance!” This time the speaker wasn’t Grandmaster, but rather Xiao Wu quietly listening to their side.

Even Tang San couldn’t help being startled by Xiao Wu’s sudden agitation, “Xiao Wu, don’t be like that, listen, nothing will happen to me.”

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San, her eyes brimming with obstinacy, “Absolutely out of the question. Even if it was a nine thousand year spirit beast I would believe you could try it, but a spirit beast that has broken through ten thousand years is an entirely different concept than a thousand year spirit beast. There’s a qualitative change from hundred year to thousand year, and from thousand year to ten thousand year is an equally qualitative change. Do you think a ten thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring is so easy to absorb? First let alone the tremendous energy strike, it’ll be difficult for you to withstand just the soul shock that remains after its death when you absorb it.”

“Soul shock? What’s that?” Not only Tang San, even Grandmaster was startled by Xiao Wu’s words. He had never heard of a concept like soul shock.

Xiao Wu calmly explained: “Soul shock is a special capability that arises after a high level spirit beast is dead, but before its soul has dissipated. Only ten thousand year spirit beasts or above can possess it. Generally speaking, to absorb a ten thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring requires at least fiftieth rank or above spirit power. By that time the Spirit Master already possesses a certain degree of functionality in all aspects, and mental strength has also matured to a certain extent. But in spite of this you would have to be especially careful when absorbing a ten thousand year spirit ring. Besides the energy contained in the spirit ring, there’s also the danger of this soul shock. To an adult, and moreover a fiftieth ranked Spirit Master, when both the body and mind has matured, the effect of such a soul shock would decrease substantially. Generally, Spirit Masters wouldn’t suffer any harm. But little San, right now you’re just fourteen, your body has still far from matured, and your spirit power is only fortieth rank. How can you take the risk? Even if your body can

endure the energy attack, if your mindscape is destroyed by the soul shock, you’ll become an idiot. Understand?”

Listening to Xiao Wu, Grandmaster couldn’t keep from drawing a cool breath, “Xiao Wu, how do you know this?”

Xiao Wu looked distracted a moment, lowering her head: “My mom told me.”

“Soul shock, soul shock……” There was a pondering light in Tang San’s eyes.

Xiao Wu believed she had already moved him, “Ge, you said you would always protect me. That’s why you can’t let anything happen to you. I beg of you, listen to Grandmaster, that six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider is still good, why take the risk on a ten thousand year spirit ring?”

Tang San naturally wouldn’t explain to Xiao Wu just what made him choose the Pit Demon Spider, but his decision hadn’t weakened because of Xiao Wu’s words.

“If I can avert the soul shock, does that mean I can make the attempt? Originally I only had a ninety percent certainty, but after listening to you, I have a hundred percent certainty instead.” Tang San rubbed Xiao Wu’s head, his face relaxed.

Xiao Wu doubtfully looked at him, “I don’t believe you. Ge, you’re not fooling me.”

Tang San asked: “Did I ever cheat you?”

Xiao Wu subconsciously shook her head.

Tang San said: “Xiao Wu. You forget I ate the immortal treasure herb ‘Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew’. With your warning, relying on Purple Demon Eye I have absolute certainty in making that ten thousand year spirit beast unable to cause me soul shock. I can even substantially

reduce its resentment. Trust me, I won’t play with my life. You’re right, I still need this life to protect you in the future.”

Looking at Tang San, Xiao Wu suddenly smiled. Her smile was exceptionally beautiful, especially in Tang San’s eyes it was even more perfect.

Pulling the scorpion braid in front, Xiao Wu took a step forward, her whole body practically pasted to Tang San, gentle red lips gathering at Tang San’s ear, quietly saying: “Fine, then you go. Only, Ge, you have to remember: if you die, then I’ll accompany you.”

Even though her voice was very quiet, the force of the shock the sound made in Tang San’s ear was comparable to Liu Erlong’s explosive scene a few nights ago. Especially her last words were especially brimming with certainty. Clearly she wasn’t joking.

Honestly, right now Tang San’s heart began to hesitate. Just like he said before, he only had a ninety percent certainty in absorbing the Pit Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Even if he could avert the soul shock with Xiao Wu’s warning, he still only had a ninety percent certainty. The higher level absorption, if any uncertain element could appear and he couldn’t retreat, how could it go well for Tang San?

Tang San of course wasn’t willing to die, and he was even more unwilling to play with his and Xiao Wu’s lives. But at this moment he didn’t have a better choice. Truly choosing that Man Faced Demon Spider? No. In an eyeblink he thought clearly again. He wouldn’t go back on decisions he had already made. When doing something, while adequate preparation was important, equally important was confidence in success. What Xiao Wu said was equal to pushing him over the edge. Just like last time when he took the chance on absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring. For Xiao Wu he could definitely endure, and even more, he still had his preparations.

Thinking of this, Tang San nodded resolutely to Xiao Wu, then turned to Flender, “Dean, teacher Zhao, I’ll trouble you. I want that Pit Demon Spider.”

Flender sternly said: “Little San, have you really thought it through? You should understand the consequences of absorbing something like it.”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation: “Dean, I’ll definitely succeed. Don’t forget, I have two spirits, and I still have the external spirit bone and immortal treasure herbs. What’s a ten thousand year spirit beast?”

“Well, ambitious. Then I’ll wish you success.” Flender saw the conviction to push forward in Tang San’s eyes. He knew that it would be useless to say anything more; even Grandmaster and Xiao Wu couldn’t persuade him.

Right now, not far away in the forest, boom after boom echoed constantly. Even though nobody saw it with their own eyes, they could still imagine the lamentable fate of that Unicorn Armored Beast. At the same time it made everyone’s resolution not to provoke Liu Erlong even stauncher.

People needed to vent, and women especially so. Liu Erlong was unable to be together with the person she loved the most, making her original killing intent grow close to a frenzy. She had been born as a woman, but had never had a childhood. In order to become even stronger, in order to provide justice for her mother, she had worked hard practically without rest as a child. But the final result? Before she could win success and recognition, her mother had already gone far away. Since then, slaughter had been her greatest pleasure, only seeing the blood of her enemies blossoming in her hands, seeing her enemies life trickle down her fingers, would she feel relaxed and delighted.

Afterwards, the extreme pain from the even more tragic affair between her and Grandmaster made her blood purge a spirit beast forest. The massacred place was since irredeemable. Encountering her hands, even if it was only a small evil, it would still be extinguished without chance of life. Until Flender saw her again one day, and after continuously straightening her out, Liu Erlong restrained herself somewhat. After parting with Flender she established the Blue Tyrant Academy, cultivating her character by herself in the Academy forest to restrain her killing instinct.

Grandmaster appearing was both a good thing and a bad thing in Liu Erlong’s opinion. What was good was that they could finally meet again, reigniting the flame of hope in Liu Erlong’s heart. But at the same time, the heart she had calmed with great difficulty boiled once again, and after being rejected by Grandmaster several times, the bloodlust in her heart burst forth again, even more seriously than before. If it wasn’t for Flender and Grandmaster being here, as well as these several children, perhaps her bloodlust would have expressed itself even more violently.

Flender understood this, and naturally Grandmaster also understood. But right now which of them could persuade Liu Erlong?

The Flying God Claw flashed out like lightning, accurately landing on the Pit Demon Spider.

Perhaps it was because the Unicorn Armored Beast’s previous experience had been seen by these powerful spirit beasts, and perhaps also because they were too intelligent, but the instant it saw the Flying God Claw about to grab the Pit Demon Spider, that ten thousand year Pit Demon Spier suddenly moved swiftly, a layer of yellow spider web shooting out from below its feet, blocking its front like a shield.

With two pu pu sounds, the Flying God Claws grabbed the spider web. Flender and Zhao Wuji hurriedly controlled the God Claw to fly back, but making them not know whether to laugh or cry, at the same time as the claws flew back, so did a massive yellow spider web. Using one phrase to describe their current circumstances, it would be ‘walking right into the the trap’.

The ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider was even more devious than everyone had imagined, not only sending back a spider web with the Flying God Claws, but at the same time that Pit Demon Spider retreated extremely quickly, dodging behind a large spirit beast, and moreover running swiftly towards the forest. It moved quickly, not a bit inferior to the Man Faced Demon Spider.

[1] (麟甲兽) The first character is the female half of Qilin ( 麒麟), which isn’t quite a unicorn and has a tendency towards antlers more than horns,

but unicorn is more expressive than “Lin Armor Beast”.
[2] 1000⽄ = 500 kg
[3] (地⽳魔蛛) “Ground Hole Demon Spider”

Chapter 87

“Fatty.” Tang San calmly called out.

Flame blossomed, great puffs of phoenix flame engulfing Flender and Zhao Wuji, the spider web on the Flying God Claws immediately turning to ash. Fatty’s high temperature phoenix flame was the perfect nemesis for this kind of spider web. Although in strength he was far inferior to the Pit Demon Spider, the phoenix flame still wasn’t something the spider web the Pit Demon Spider had hurriedly sent out could resist.

Flender and Zhao Wuji were both furious, two Spirit Sages being toyed with by a just ten thousand year spirit beast, and in front of their students as well, this was absolutely a loss of face.

Flender grinned angrily, “Want to run, it won’t be that easy.”

A resonant eagle cry echoed to the horizon, the Shrek Seven Devils only saw Flender leap up, instantly huddling up, floating in the air above Zhao Wuji’s arms. The next moment his body already shot out like a cannonball, thrown out with all of Zhao Wuji’s strength. In the blink of an eye he had already flown out of the poison formation’s range, passing over the heads of those formidable spirit beasts, and in another blink he was overhead of that slippery Pit Demon Spider.

In order to catch it, right now seven spirit rings flickered around Flender in midair, his body changing into an enormous owl with a five meter wingspan, unexpectedly he used his seventh spirit ability, Owl Avatar.

The Owl had the keenest strength, capable of seeing minute details at night, its ability to pounce and catch prey from the air not the slightest bit inferior to the goshawk. Watching Flender drop from the sky, sharp claws stretching out below, grabbing straight at the Pit Demon Spider. Before they had even touched, his enormous spirit power pressure made the swiftly escaping Pit Demon Spider shudder uncontrollably.

What spirit beast would save another? Let alone when the Pit Demon Spider was running away so swiftly, already having pulled open the distance to those spirit beasts outside the poison formation. In order to distract the spirit beasts from interfering with Flender catching the Pit Demon Spider, right now Tang San had taken out the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and handed it over to Xiao Wu at his side.

The muted fragrance immediately drew the gazes of those spirit beasts outside, each and every one drooling, staring rigidly.

Even though the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure was good, life was more important. Tang San had Xiao Wu stand just where it wouldn’t envelop the poison formation, so the spirit beasts couldn’t take advantage of its anti toxic effects.

With the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure handed over to Xiao Wu, Tang San used the same method Flender did, getting thrown out by Zhao Wuji. He of course wasn’t worried Flender couldn’t deal with that Pit Demon Spider, only with his help and his control capability, capturing it could only become even easier. After all, the crowd of spirit beasts outside the poison formation weren’t vegetarians, and even with the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure there to draw their attention, it still couldn’t be guaranteed not to get involved. If they let that Pit Demon Spider get away, then finding another suitable one definitely wouldn’t be so easy.

In a moment the Pit Demon Spider was unable to even dodge the pouncing Flender when faced with the tyrannical pressure, even Tang San who came soaring out of the poison formation soon after believed Flender would succeed. But it was also at this moment that the Pit Demon Spider revealed its devious side.

A yellow spider web suddenly sprayed out behind it, going straight for Flender. At the same time two yellow spider threads stretched out forward like lightning, twisting around a large tree ten meters away, using strength to pull made the Pit Demon Spider immediately change direction.

Flender beat his wings, a blast of wind blowing away the spider web, but with this brief delay his attack had already come to nothing. And at the moment Flender approached the ground, with a flash of yellow light, countless spider threads rushed out from underground, swiftly enveloping him, holding Flender within like a prison made out of spider web.

Compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider, the Pit Demon Spider’s spider thread was a bit thicker, and even though it wasn’t poisonous, its durability exceeded that of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spider thread. Moreover a thick liquid adhered to it, and the instant it came into contact with the air, the spider web hardened like steel, becoming a true spider cage.

This was precisely the Pit Demon Spider’s devious ability, Spider Web Prison. As long as the Pit Demon Spider had passed over the location once it could hide its spider thread in the ground, and this kind of spider thread could be controlled by its mental strength. As long as the enemy stepped into the range of this trap it would launch immediately, relying on its special spider thread characteristics to form a cage around the enemy. If the enemy was weak it would take advantage of it and attack, and if the enemy was strong it could take advantage of this ability to gain time to escape.

As a result of the spider web prison launching without any warning or energy fluctuations, it was possible for even stronger enemies to fall into the trap.

Unfortunately, the enemy this Pit Demon Spider had come across was the seventy eighth ranked spirit power Spirit Sage Flender. Seeing he was caught in a trap, Flender immediately revealed his strength. A layer of pale yellow light released from his Owl Avatar form. Immediately afterward the light spread in a flash, as if a sun was trapped within the spider web prison.

An an ear piercing friction sound resounded, and crack after crack spread over the spider web prison. In just a few breaths, that spider web prison burst into a fine powder.

Flender wouldn’t give the Pit Demon Spider the chance for a second plot. Both wings unfolding, he flew directly into the air. Even though the spider web prison was sinister, it required the ground or a substantial foundation to work, a bit like Tang San’s second spirit ring ability Parasite, but it was also more tyrannical than Parasite. But now that Flender flew into the air, clearly he wasn’t afraid of this ability.

As Flender once again flew into the air he was secretly alarmed, because that Pit Demon Spider was even faster than he imagined. In the moment he had spent breaking out of the spider web prison, that fellow had already vanished without a trace in the forest, not even leaving a hint of its aura.

This was precisely the other ability of the Pit Demon Spider, concealment. It wasn’t an ability to hide, but rather relying on its control of its own aura to completely restrain it, making it even easier to hide to ambush the opponent or escape.

Having lost track of the Pit Demon Spider, Flender couldn’t help being angry. A sharp light at the tips of his wings, about to unleash it on this piece of forest.

“Dean, no need for that. It’s on this side.” At this time Tang San’s voice came from ahead. With Flender’s speed of reaction, opening up he swiftly chased after the voice, just in time to see the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back releasing to catch him. Not far in front, that Pit Demon Spider was struggling with all its strength in Tang San’s spider web, in a moment already tearing open a gap.

Originally the Pit Demon Spider had caught Flender in the spider web prison, but following close behind him, Tang San had calmly chased after it. Relying on his keen judgement, the moment Flender was trapped in the spider web prison, Tang San had quickly used the peculiar mental attack of the Purple Demon Eye, making the fleeing Pit Demon Spider mind dizzy, sinking into a brief stunned condition.

‘You can use abilities, don’t tell me I can’t?’ Spider Web Restraint accurately hit the Pit Demon Spider, and this time, Tang San’s spider web held intense poison. As a result, despite the Pit Demon Spider’s ten thousand year cultivation, as it struggled its mind was affected by intense pain from the neurological poison that covered its whole body, while the corrosive poison eroded its carapace. The speed with which it threw off the spider web immediately slowed, winning enough time for Flender to arrive.

Flender smiled in spite of his anger, “What a cunning thing, if I let you run again, then I’m not called the Four Eyed Owl.” A resonant eagle cry echoed with fury as Flender dropped from the sky. Both his wings beat twice in midair, sharp rays of light left four deep scores in the ground, just right to crowd the Pit Demon Spider in between. The ten meter deep ravines left its location completely isolated.

Right now the Pit Demon Spider had with great difficulty freed itself from Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, the sharp pain making it panic even more, but the sharp energy suddenly erupting right next to it made it flinch back, and at this moment Flender also dropped from the sky.

Pu——, yet again a yellow spider web flew up from below the Pit Demon Spider’s feet, but this time it wasn’t an attack at Flender, but rather enveloping itself in that spider web prison.

With a sonorous striking noise, Flender’s sharp claws tore up the cage, but taking advantage of his speed slowing down, the Pit Demon Spider leapt directly into the ravine in front of it. This Pit Demon Spider’s name wasn’t in vain, among arachnid spirit beasts it was the only one that dug holes. Its eight spider legs wouldn’t appear as powerful as the Man Faced Demon Spider, but its two front legs were especially robust and sharp, and if it hadn’t been chased too closely before, it would have already looked for an opportunity to drill away through the ground. Right now it was faced with the ravines made by Flender, and it took advantage of just these to run away.

“I won’t let you.” The Flying God Claw shot down from the sky, accurately grabbing the Pit Demon Spider’s back carapace. It was powerful,

and even though Tang San urged his full spirit power after releasing the Flying God Claw he was still rapidly pulled forward.

The spider web prison only stopped Flender briefly, and with Tang San delaying it the Pit Demon Spider lost its last chance to escape. A massive claw firmly gripped the back of its carapace, and even though it couldn’t directly penetrate the carapace it could still drag back the rigid Pit Demon Spider.

“Come up little San, let’s go back.” Flender shouted.

The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back bent and straightened, throwing him into the air to land on the back of the owl incarnated Flender. Carrying Tang San on his back, claws gripping the Pit Demon Spider, Flender’s wings beat fiercely once sending him into the air. This time even if the Pit Demon Spider was even more cunning, it still wouldn’t have had any chance. The acute spirit power transmitted into its body from the claws paralysed it completely, making it unable to use any more abilities.

Tang San and Flender flew out of the forest, and with a few beats of Flender’s wings they had already reached the poison formation. Flender shifted his wings, and they slowly descended towards the ground.

By now Liu Erlong and Oscar had already returned. Ning Rongrong wasn’t here, clearly she was absorbing the Unicorn Armored Beast’s spirit ring in the forest. Oscar’s complexion seemed very unsightly, white as a sheet of paper, and even somewhat green. There were some stains left over at the corner of his mouth, evidently he had vomited heavily. Liu Erlong didn’t give the impression of anything being wrong, and standing with her hands behind her back she looked at Flender dropping from the sky with the Pit Demon Spider in his claws.

At this moment Tang San suddenly shouted, “Xiao Wu, watch out!”

As a result of Flender dropping from the sky with Tang San on his back, and the spirit beasts outside not daring to enter the poison formation, right

now everyone’s eyes were on the two of them. But at this moment a sinister silhouette entered the poison formation from the side, swiftly pouncing towards Xiao Wu. The place it attacked from was extremely crafty, just in a blindspot for everyone, but just right to be caught by Tang San on Flender’s back.

This sudden attack wasn’t launched by a stranger, but precisely the Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San and Grandmaster had paid attention to before. This six thousand year or so cultivated Man Faced Demon Spider had constantly waited for its chance. It could of course sense the strength of those humans in the poison formation, and the moment Flender and Tang San dropping from the sky drew their attention, it got the perfect moment to strike.

As one of the peak poison attribute spirit beasts, and with six thousand years of cultivation, even though the Poison Douluo’s poison formation held a certain danger to it, it wasn’t to the extent of being fatal. Relying on its poison resisting physique, this Man Faced Demon Spider had confidence in surviving in the poison formation, and with the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, leaving the poison formation didn’t pose any problem. Therefore it chose this moment to mount a sneak attack the other spirit beasts didn’t dare attempt.

The place the Man Faced Demon Spider chose was closest to Xiao Wu. Right now, the strongest in the Shrek Academy party, Flender, was in the air, Liu Erlong was also standing together with Zhao Wuji furthest away from Xiao Wu. Dai Mubai had gone to help protect Zhu Zhuqing while she absorbed the Phantom Tiger’s spirit ring. Oscar also stood next to Liu Erlong. Closest to Xiao Wu were only Grandmaster and Ma Hongjun.

The first to react was unexpectedly Grandmaster. In a flicker he already blocked in front of Xiao Wu, Luo San Pao releasing. The figure soaring directly into the air and turning, a farting noise echoing towards the charging opponent. Precisely that ‘fart like thunder, shake the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao.’

Although Luo San Pao already had three spirit rings, and Grandmaster’s spirit power had also reached the thirty fifth rank, compared to a six

thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider, the strength gap was still too large.

That smelly attack only made the Man Faced Demon Spider slow its advance, and it kept dashing at Grandmaster and Xiao Wu as if it basically didn’t smell the stench of that fart, one forelimb swinging to and fro, whipping out to strike Luo San Pao from the air.

If it wasn’t for the Man Faced Demon Spider already having entered the range of the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, the poison supplemented to its spider legs would have been enough to leave Luo San Pao barely alive.

Another three limbs stretched forward simultaneously, the legs sharp like spear tips thrusting straight at Grandmaster’s chest. Its target was of course not only Grandmaster, but at the same time Xiao Wu behind him, and with the length of its spider legs it completely held the capability of piercing both of them together.


A dazzling red column of flame shot out from the side, heavily bombarding the Man Faced Demon Spider. The flames adhered directly to it, issuing an unpleasant stink. Fatty in impatience was unable to launch more powerful spirit abilities, and could only spit out the Phoenix Fire Wire to injure the opponent as much as possible.

Originally a two thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider put Tang San at risk of dying, to say nothing of this six thousand year existence in front of them. Even a ten thousand year spirit beast wouldn’t easily want to provoke this butcher. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s ice cold little eyes didn’t reveal any emotions over Fatty’s attack, and was still so sinister and unfeeling, as if its body wasn’t burning at all. The position its spider legs aimed for didn’t vary in the slightest, still thrusting at Grandmaster’s chest.

With a flicker of light and shadow, Xiao Wu quietly appeared in front of Grandmaster. Her one hand borrowed leverage by pushing at Grandmaster’s shoulder, both legs flying out simultaneously, accurately kicking below two

of those spider legs. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs rose slightly, practically brushing the top of her head.

In order to fight for time, Xiao Wu couldn’t help the mental backlash she would suffer, and the light of Demon Confusion stung the little eyes on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen, making it delay for a short moment. At the same time Xiao Wu once again stepped on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs, using the rebound as leverage to forcefully push away Grandmaster behind her, just right to meet the hastily dashing over Liu Erlong.

At this very moment, the Man Faced Demon Spider and Xiao Wu were practically pasted to each other while attacking. Grandmaster had been pushed away from the danger zone, Fatty’s spirit power had just now congregated, and the others basically didn’t have enough time to strike away that Man Faced Demon Spider.

In an instant, Tang San’s heart had already leapt into his throat. Nobody understood the terror of the Man Faced Demon Spider more clearly than him. At that time, if it wasn’t for him acting when least expected and the potency of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, he would already have died in the Star Dou Great Forest. The pain absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider gave him he would never forget for a lifetime. Right now, Xiao Wu and the Man Faced Demon Spider in close combat, that was a six thousand year butcher, and Xiao Wu had the weakest spirit power among the Shrek Seven Devils.

Each of the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs had orderly rows of small barbs, and even though the toxin on its body was unable to cause any harm to Xiao Wu under the effect of the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, if it pierced Xiao Wu’s skin, the toxin would still spread through her veins. That was in no way something Xiao Wu could resist. Moreover, just because of these barbs Xiao Wu didn’t dare use her Soft Skill on the Man Faced Demon Spider.

The use of Teleportation had a cooldown period. Xiao Wu had use it once just now, and right now in close combat with the Man Faced Demon Spider

she couldn’t rely on it to dodge again. The only thing she could do was endure, endure until her companions arrived to help her.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was clearly completely infuriated, its rear legs propping it up, its four lance-like forelegs thrust at Xiao Wu from four different directions, deathly pale light erupting from its body. This time, it clearly used its full strength.

Just the opposite from Xiao Wu, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s only chance was to take advantage of nobody else having reached attack range to grab the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and escape. It had seen with its own eyes what happened to the Unicorn Armored Beast and the Pit Demon Spider, so how couldn’t it know how frightening these humans in front of it were?

Xiao Wu moved extremely quickly, and also had abundant combat experience. When doing her utmost she wouldn’t stint on her spirit power in any way, and pouring strength into her legs, while escaping danger by a hair’s breadth, she kicked out four times, separately striking the weakest points of each of those four stinging spider legs. She knew that as long as she was able to get out of this attack, the help of her comrades would arrive.

The moment Xiao Wu’s legs kicked at the four spider leg pikes with full strength, her heart was already ice cold. That instant, she clearly felt that her kicks at those spider legs was like a butterfly shaking a stone tower, fundamentally unable to alter their attack power, and even more unable to change their direction.

Xiao Wu after all only had thirty seventh ranked spirit power, the gap to the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider attacking with all its strength the gap was really too large.

The little eyes under the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen revealed a malevolent light. It had long ago planned ahead: as long as it could kill this human girl in front of it and snatch the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, it would immediately spray out several spider webs at the people around to obstruct their attacks. In speed, relying on those four meter long

spider legs, its running speed wasn’t something the Pit Demon Spider could compare to.

When Xiao Wu’s for kicks accurately struck the spider legs, all the Shrek Academy group almost cheered, but as they saw those four spider legs didn’t change direction, their hearts went completely cold.

In this extreme crisis, Xiao Wu could only curl up as much as possible, making herself the smallest possible target. However, even if she curled up even more, it would still be impossible to evade all the attacks. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s four spider lances perfectly sealed all her possible routes of escape.

Three spider lances thrust past, practically pasted to Xiao Wu’s body, but that final spider leg in the end couldn’t be dodged, and ruthlessly ran into Xiao Wu’s chest.

Instantly, everyone’s brains blanked out. Even though the piercing blow should hit the right side of Xiao Wu’s chest, how powerful was the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison? Xiao Wu would inevitably be run through, and such an injury combined with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison wasn’t something Xiao Wu could possibly survive.

Everything happened too fast it was practically hard to catch it with the naked eye. Xiao Wu’s body was directly flung away close to twenty meters by the spider leg, but her hand still tightly gripped that Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, refusing to let go no matter what.

As Xiao Wu was flung away, the Man Faced Demon Spider seemed to stare blankly a moment. Even though it’s goal in attacking Xiao Wu was attained, it still hadn’t obtained the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure.

“Go die!” Fatty who was closest was the first to erupt, his Phoenix Ascension had now finally finished coalescing, and he struck that Man Faced Demon Spider with all his strength and burning hot flame in the side.

At the same time, having caught Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s eyes turned scarlet. Xiao Wu had pushed away Grandmaster while in a crisis herself, separating him from danger. Just this point made Liu Erlong full of gratitude towards her. Seeing her without a chance to survive under the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack made the ruthlessness in Liu Erlong’s heart practically reach a new peak.

With a close to frenzied dragon’s roar, her whole body emitted flames that directly formed into an enormous fire dragon, chasing after the Phoenix Ascension to strike away the Man Faced Demon Spider several meters, swallowing it up in a flash.

The six thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider struggled in the dragon shaped flame, but it was still unable to escape the tyrannical gravity within the flame.

Fire in itself possessed a restraining effect on poisonous things, whether it was Fatty’s phoenix flame or Liu Erlong’s dragon flame, they were both among the most potent existences among flames. Fatty’s flame possessed the even more powerful adherence property that was comparatively insidious, but Liu Erlong’s dragon flame only possessed one property: explosiveness. Under the simultaneous effect of these two kinds of flame, even the Man Faced Demon Spider’s solid outer shell softened, its entire body trembling violently.

The third to reach it wasn’t the flying Flender, but rather Tang San who dropped like a stone from the sky. Seeing Xiao Wu in danger, Tang San leapt from Flender’s back at the same time as he shouted. Blue Silver Grass condensed into wing shapes in midair, sending him gliding in that direction.

Unfortunately, all that was really far, far too late, even if he used all his power he still couldn’t reach the Man Faced Demon Spider before it speared Xiao Wu.

Watching Xiao Wu flung away, Tang San’s heart instantly froze like a ten thousand year glacier, as if it had already stopped beating, and he was even unable to breathe. Looking at the conflagration below, his gaze was

completely lifeless, and just like a moth drawn to flame he still fell downwards.

“Get out of the way, do you want to die?” Liu Erlong was shocked. She was only too clear on just how potent her dragon flame was, and even though Tang San could glide with the Blue Silver Grass wings on his back, he still fell downwards. Everyone understood Tang San’s place in Grandmaster’s heart, and Liu Erlong naturally wouldn’t want him to destroy his life in her dragon flame like this.

But Tang San didn’t even seem to hear anything, and still dropped towards the Man Faced Demon Spider. Helplessly, Liu Erlong had no choice but to stop sending out her dragon flame, but despite this that dragon shaped flame wasn’t extinguished immediately.

The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back thrust through the top of the dragon flame, and from the point of view of everyone, right now he seemed to be lying on his stomach on the back of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

The Eight Spider Lances were sharp, and right now that Man Faced Demon Spider’s carapace had been further softened by the heat of the phoenix flame and dragon flame. In an instant, Eight Spider Lances had pierced into the Man Faced Demon Spider’s carapace, the front half entering completely as white and red luster rose from Tang San. Strangely, Liu Erlong’s tyrannical dragon flame was unable to enter within a one chi[1] range of Tang San’s body.

The instant the Eight Spider Lances entered its body, that Man Faced Demon Spider shuddered violently, and seemed as if its entire body had frozen.

Immediately afterward, it no longer struggled, but started to tremble quickly. The Eight Spider Lances Tang San had stuck into its body began to turn pale white, as if pulse after pulse of light was constantly drawn into Tang San’s body via the Eight Spider Lances.

Nobody knew what was going on, and since Tang San lay prostrated, everyone was unable to see his facial expression. But with Xiao Wu’s

survival unknown, they could understand the suffering in Tang San’s heart. Liu Erlong wanted to rush over and pull Tang San away, but was caught up to and stopped by Grandmaster.

“He’s alright, help Xiao Wu first.” Grandmaster knew something of Eight Spider Lances’ drain capability. Further adding that the Man Faced Demon Spider was left barely alive after Liu Erlong’s dragon flame, and that Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had already pierced its vitals, this six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was essentially incapable of resisting further.

Oscar had already dashed over to Xiao Wu’s side, and while running he had already finished summoning a small sausage and a large sausage. After falling Xiao Wu’s body hadn’t stirred, and he hastily but cautiously supported her back.

Mouthful after mouthful of blood flowed from Xiao Wu’s mouth, but what astonished Oscar was that there wasn’t a trace of blood on her chest.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, how are you?” Oscar rocked Xiao Wu gently, right now he also didn’t have any means of getting Xiao Wu to eat his big sausage.

By now Flender had also reached Xiao Wu’s side, and grabbing one of her hands he pressed at her wrist, slowly infusing his own spirit power into Xiao Wu.

“Yi……” Flender’s face very quickly revealed bewilderment, “Why is it like this?”

Oscar’s heart tightened, the Shrek Seven Devils had been together so long that the feelings between each other were profound, nevermind Xiao Wu being Tang San’s little sister, their friendship alone made him extremely anxious about Xiao Wu, “Dean, can Xiao Wu still be saved?”

A smiling expression suddenly appeared on Flender’s face, pulling up Xiao Wu he turned her over and gave her back seven quick slaps.

With a vomiting sound, Xiao Wu once again spouted out a mouthful of purple black blood. Supported in Flender’s hands, she unexpectedly slowly opened her eyes.

“What, what’s going on?” Oscar looked dumbstruck at all this. He was unable to understand how Xiao Wu still wasn’t dead after that powerful blow from the Man Faced Demon Spider. When he first ran over he was with the expectation that Heaven didn’t listen to the plans of humans. But now it seemed that, although Xiao Wu’s complexion was pale, it was far from the expectations everyone had before.

Flender said: “She’s alright, she only stopped breathing just now, that’s all. Xiao Wu, how do you feel?” While speaking, he slowly infused his spirit power into Xiao Wu, helping her calm her energy and pacify the roiling qi and blood.

Xiao Wu’s voice was somewhat hoarse, “My chest is very tight, a bit constricted. Otherwise nothing. Don’t worry, I won’t die.”

While speaking, Xiao Wu slowly stretched a hand into her chest, and under Flender and Oscar’s attentive gazes, a brightly colored flower appeared in her hand. Precisely that Yearning Heartbroken Red.

Originally, when Xiao Wu saw she was unable to dodge the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack she curled up as far as possible. When she was finally still sent flying by a spider lance, that spider lance fortunately struck precisely the Yearning Heartbroken Red at her chest.

Before the Yearning Heartbroken Red recognized its master it couldn’t be plucked with force, and after it recognized Xiao Wu it gained even more unbreakable properties, more durable than anything. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack was powerful, it still couldn’t pierce this bizarre immortal treasure flower. Otherwise Xiao Wu wouldn’t be flung away, but rather directly run through, and the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure in her hand would naturally also end up in the Man Faced Demon Spider’s grasp.

Even Xiao Wu hadn’t expected that her life would actually be saved by her tenderness keeping her from eating the fantastic immortal treasure.

Under the assistance of Flender’s spirit power, Xiao Wu with difficulty roused her mind. After eating one of Oscar’s big recovery sausages, her mind was immediately much better. Now she also noticed Tang San and that Man Faced Demon Spider, and instantly changed color.

“My Ge, he……”

Grandmaster and the others also finally noticed the circumstances on Xiao Wu’s side, and they all understood Xiao Wu’s circumstances. Grandmaster said: “Nothing will be wrong with little San. If I’m not mistaken, right now his Eight Spider Lances are ending the life of that Man Faced Demon Spider. I only don’t know if he’s prepared to absorb this spirit beast’s spirit ring, or if he still insists on that Pit Demon Spider.”

That treacherous Pit Demon Spider had been thrown to the side by Flender, right now it lay on its back facing upward. Flender knew it was cunning and had chopped off its legs, leaving it unable to run.

Perhaps it was because Liu Erlong’s dragon flame was too terrifying, but the spirit beasts outside of the poison formation had for the most part withdrawn, only a few especially powerful ones still watched the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure in Xiao Wu’s hand.

“Little San, Xiao Wu is alright.” Flender shouted in Tang San’s direction.

Flender’s judgement here was extremely correct. Hearing the two words ‘Xiao Wu’, Tang San slowly raised his head from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s back, and everyone discovered that at some point his eyes had turned completely red. Within the red light roamed a purple radiance.

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

Chapter 88

Tang San glanced at Xiao Wu sitting there anxiously watching him. His expression was blank a moment, then the bloody light in his eyes gradually withdrew, and his mind also gradually recovered to normal.

Actually, even he himself didn’t know just what he did just now. Piercing the Man Faced Demon Spider with Eight Spider Lances was all something he did subconsciously while his mind was blanked out. Now, seeing Xiao Wu was still alive, Tang San’s heart also subsequently came back to life. Then he noticed his current situation.

The Man Faced Demon Spider still constantly twitched below him, pulse after pulse of powerful energy entering his body via Eight Spider Lances. What made him astonished was that after this ruthless energy had circulated one turn within him, it would again be transmitted to his Eight Spider Lances to coagulate at his vertebrae, and the vertebrae and eight ribs where Eight Spider Lances attached became incomparably hot, absorbing the energy like a deep abyss.

This was the first time Tang San truly used the Eight Spider Lances’ drain ability, and the target was a Man Faced Demon Spider.

Eight Spider Lances’ drain ability could originally only temporarily give him an immediate energy boost, and after a short term of use it would automatically disperse. But right now the target of the drain was the same as the source of Eight Spider Lances, another Man Faced Demon Spider, and

Eight Spider Lances showed an autonomous reaction; or to say that it was transforming itself.

The energy sucked out of the Man Faced Demon Spider was absorbed and transformed by Tang San’s external spirit bone, becoming its own energy. This was also a chance coincidence. If Tang San hadn’t already reached the fortieth rank of spirit power, just the condition for evolving Eight Spider Lances, the energy now being absorbed from the Man Faced Demon Spider wouldn’t directly shift into the external spirit bone.

External spirit bones really were too rare, that’s why even Grandmaster didn’t have too much research into it. Actually, the evolution of external spirit bones didn’t stop because of different spirit rings. As long as a Spirit Master absorbed a new spirit ring, it would evolve together. The conditions for evolution were just the same as for obtaining a new spirit ring: the Spirit Master’s strength reaching the next stage.

Under the conditions that Tang San already had a full forty ranks, and the Eight Spider Lances had absorbed the energy most suitable to it, how would it still hesitate? Right now those originally three meter long Eight Spider Lances gradually extended to four meters, and on the surface orderly rows of small barbs began to grow, exactly the same as the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider below him. The difference was that right now Tang San’s Eight Spider Lanes completely appeared just as deathly pale as while draining, and under this pale white, red and white colored light roamed dizzyingly to create a dazzlingly beautiful pattern on the Eight Spider Lances.

Along with returning to consciousness, Tang San very quickly made a proper judgement about his own condition. He already inferred the reason from the circumstances of his body, and simply let the absorption continue. The benefits to his Eight Spider Lances from a similar Man Faced Demon Spider were clear and easy to see. Even though right now he didn’t know in what respect it would show, he still urged the spi rit power within him to speed up the absorption. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider was immune to the similar to his own poison Tang San had, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances not only possessed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison but also the ice and fire poisons from those two immortal treasure herbs.

The two kinds of extreme ice and fire forces rising from the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot wreaked havoc within its body, and further adding the destruction from the previous dragon flame, right now this Man Faced Demon Spider didn’t have the slightest bit of strength to resist and could only let Tang San keep draining. Its vitality swiftly drained away, and the eight spider legs supporting its body gradually softened, its whole body starting to lie down on the ground, its outer shell gradually turning ash grey.

Xiao Wu carefully put the Yearning Heartbroken Red back in her chest. She also had her own grievances. There was a burst of lingering fear in her heart; if it wasn’t for the Yearning Heartbroken Red, perhaps she would have had to part with Tang San forever.

Liu Erlong stood at Xiao Wu’s side, stroking her head. Even though she didn’t say anything, the ominous energy in her eyes largely left, instead revealing a tender expression.

Xiao Wu raised her head, looking at Liu Erlong. She suddenly felt a kind of maternal brilliance from this brutish slaughtering corner. This kind of feeling was extremely cozy, and further adding her tiredness after sustaining injuries, she couldn’t keep from leaning her head against Liu Erlong’s soft thigh.

“Good child, with me here, I won’t let anyone or anything bully you again.” Liu Erlong said softly.

Everyone couldn’t keep from looking at Liu Erlong with astonished gazes. Was this still that slaughtering corner that was just brimming with killing intent and seemingly looking to massacre everything?

“Teacher Erlong……” Xiao Wu’s eyes revealed a grateful light, even so much that they had a somewhat teary brilliance. At this moment she recalled her own mother. Wouldn’t her mother also frequently look at her with this kind of gaze? But, she was already gone.

“Xiao Wu, do you want to become my direct disciple?” Liu Erlong asked.

Xiao Wu nodded without the slightest hesitation, “I do. Teacher.” She was clever, and while speaking she knelt and bowed to Liu Erlong as a student formally becoming apprenticed.

Liu Erlong pulled Xiao Wu from the ground, letting her lean against her chest, “I don’t need those clichéd courtesies. Xiao Wu, teacher hasn’t married all her life, right now I still don’t have any close relatives. I don’t want you to call me Teacher. If you don’t dislike it, I would like you to call me mom.”

Hearting Liu Erlong say this, Flender to the side couldn’t keep from sadly lowering his head, and Grandmaster’s gaze was already stupid. Looking at her, for a moment all sorts of feelings welled up, lips quivering about to speak, but not a word came out.

Xiao Wu was equally shocked. Looking at Liu Erlong’s hopeful eyes, her already reddened beautiful eyes began to grow misty, and weeping held Liu Erlong tightly, “Mom, mom……”

‘Mom’, this word was held such a significant place in Xiao Wu’s heart. It had already been eight years since her own mother left her, how much she wanted to call out this word! Right now Liu Erlong not only gave her a feeling of a replacement mother, but at the same time Xiao Wu found the comfort of maternal love. For a moment her heart surged, and she immediately revealed her true feelings.

Liu Erlong softly caressed Xiao Wu’s long scorpion braid, a faint smile on her pretty face, teardrops uncontrollably rolling down her face.

She loved Grandmaster, but he never dared accept this taboo love. For all these years Liu Erlong’s heart had been empty, but this moment it was like she found someone to entrust with her heart, placing her hopes on her just now accepted daughter. This moment it was as if Grandmaster’s shadow over her heart rocked a little. While Liu Erlong sensed the pure feelings Xiao Wu released, in her heart she secretly vowed that even if she had to spend her life to protect her, she would still be willing.

“Erlong, congratulations.” Flender suppressed his dashing heart with difficulty, speaking to Liu Erlong who was smiling from ear to ear.

Liu Erlong looked at Flender, a sentimental light in her eyes, “Boss Fu, I have a daughter. Did you know? I have a daughter.”

“Yes, I know. From hereon, you won’t be lonely, you have a daughter.” Hearing Liu Erlong’s words, Flender couldn’t control the tears in his eyes. Didn’t he also love Liu Erlong? For Liu Erlong’s sake he had never married, for Liu Erlong and Grandmaster’s sake he had buried that love deep within his heart. But, he had never seen his beloved live happily. Could this be blamed on Grandmaster? No, it couldn’t, it could only be blamed on how fate toys with people.

At this moment, when he could feel Liu Erlong’s current mood, how couldn’t he be happy for her?

Everyone stepped forward to congratulate her one after the other, only Grandmaster stood there, unable to take even a step, his heart aching as he looked at Liu Erlong. He knew that he really owed her far too much. But between him and her it was as if a tight knot was tied, and no matter what it couldn’t be undone. He was happy that Liu Erlong had obtained a daughter, but at the same time how couldn’t he be sad for his and Liu Erlong’s fate? How much didn’t he want to hold Liu Erlong in his arms and declare his love for her? But, it was impossible. That shadow of ‘bloodline’, that haze, always hung between them.

Tang San finally finished draining, and a faint halo of light began to release from that six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider. As long as he wished, right now he could already absorb this spirit ring.

But right now Tang San wasn’t even slightly in the mood to absorb spirit rings. Withdrawing Eight Spider Lances, he rushed over to Xiao Wu and Liu Erlong.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu……” There were no tears in Tang San’s eyes, but his voice was somewhat distorted, what kind of emotions would get his voice to change like this?

Xiao Wu raised her head from Liu Erlong’s bosom, and seeing Tang San almost within reach her tears flowed even more uncontrollably.

Liu Erlong sighed lightly, releasing her embrace and sending Xiao Wu towards Tang San.

Despite all the people around them, and further the few spirit beasts glaring like tigers outside, Tang San didn’t pay them any attention and fiercely spread his arms, burying Xiao Wu’s delicate body deep in his own embrace. He didn’t say anything about being sorry, but his teeth had already broken his lip. How couldn’t he regret handing the Fragrant Beautiful Silk Immortal Treasure to Xiao Wu? If not for that, how would Xiao Wu have been ambushed? This wasn’t the first time Xiao Wu had been hurt for him. Tang San hated himself, hated his inability to protect Xiao Wu.

Liu Erlong raised her head to gaze at the sky, serenely saying:

“You must never let me hear you let her down. Otherwise, no matter whose disciple you are, or what your background is, the Giant Earth King from that day will be your example.”

Even though she didn’t mention any names, everyone knew her words were aimed at Tang San.

Softly patting Xiao Wu’s back, Tang San released his embrace, the light in his eyes suddenly turning stubborn. From the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse he pulled out a dark green leaf and stuffed it into Xiao Wu’s mouth. At the same time he took the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure from Xiao Wu’s hand and returned it to the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

That was a Dragon Zoysia leaf with strong healing efficacy. It was also something he originally took from around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Xiao Wu swallowed the leaf, and a refreshing feeling immediately spread through her whole body, the tightness in her chest growing a lot better.

Tang San gazed at the mountain peak to the side,

“Senior Dugu’s secret cultivation grounds is in this mountain, here there’s an Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well rich in resources. If people or animals approach they will definitely be influenced by the extreme cold and hot energies, and die suddenly after a short time. But this place is also where many heavenly treasures are born. The herbs I currently possess were all taken from here. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well is harmful to others, but because I once took two kinds of herbs it’s instead beneficial to me. Absorbing the spirit ring here is bound to be twice the effect for half the effort. I’ll trouble everyone to wait for me here. I’ll finish absorbing the spirit ring as soon as possible. You must also by no means approach the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, to avoid being harmed by its energies.”

Giving a simple explanation, Tang San didn’t pause. With that stubborn heart, in a few leaps he reached the side of that Pit Demon Spider. Weaving Blue Silver Grass around that sinister spirit beast, the Eight Spider Lances on his back released and brought him towards the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well with astonishing speed.

Tang San’s explanation soothed everyone. But his stubbornness was because of strength. Everything that happened just now proved that his strength was insufficient. The only thing he wanted right now was to become even stronger, gaining the strength to protect his companions and beloved.

Watching Tang San pick the Pit Demon Spider without a second thought, Xiao Wu was just about to say something but was stopped by Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong’s low voice rose next to her ear,

“This kind of man is a true man. Relying on that stubbornness he will definitely succeed. As a woman, no matter what your man decides is right or wrong, you should always support him unconditionally. When he’s right, you should be happy for him. Even if he’s wrong, let him make his mistake. At worst, follow him to make it.”

Liu Erlong’s words were nothing special, but her voice was brimming with sorrow, that sadness of the helpless.

Xiao Wu muttered:

“At worst, follow him to make it. Mom, you’re right. I should support him in all things.”

Liu Erlong’s words seemed like a wide open door for her, a realization.
Xiao Wu suddenly felt a burst of relief.

But on the other side Grandmaster had an entirely different kind of feeling. Standing behind Liu Erlong and looking at her, right now Grandmaster was unable to speak a single word. He resembled nothing more than a wooden statue, standing there dumbly without speaking for a long time.

Flender looked at Grandmaster with a gloomy expression,

“Xiao Gang, come with me, I need to talk to you.”

Speaking, Flender walked to the side, followed by the expressionless Grandmaster giving people the impression of a walking corpse.

Her eyes following Grandmaster following Flender walking into the distance, Liu Erlong sighed to herself, ‘Oh, Xiao Gang, in all my life I can never love a second man. If you truly will not accept me, then I will only spend my last years like this. Fortunately, now I have a daughter. Now I somewhat understand what you feel for Tang San. At least, we can entrust our hearts to the children.’

Thinking of this, Liu Erlong suddenly had a feeling of her heart opening up to a wide panorama, her depression easing, her body much more relaxed. As the expression on her face relaxed, she seemed to become even more beautiful. Softly drawing in Xiao Wu’s shoulder at her side, she gazed into the horizon.


Tang San climbed the mountain and very quickly reached that familiar place.

On returning to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he couldn’t help being stunned by the scene before his eyes. The treasure ground that had originally practically been plundered by him had by now already recovered to a verdant and lush green. Even if there weren’t such beautiful purples and brilliant reds as before, that full of vitality feeling made people feel comfortable.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was worthy of being called a treasure ground, those seeds Tang San left behind had already sprouted. Relying on that tenfold growth rate, after a brief half year, this place was already pregnant with life. Even though it was impossible for immortal treasure herbs to appear here again quickly, at least this was still a treasure ground. In a hundred or perhaps a few hundred years, it would restore its elegance again.

Tang San threw the Pit Demon Spider aside, the Eight Spider Lances without any restraint thrusting directly into its vitals. The vitality of this restrained sinister spirit beast constantly flowed out under the Eight Spider Lances’ drain.

Tang San’s way of dealing with the Pit Demon Spider was practically the same as when he killed the Man Faced Demon Spider just now, but he discovered that even though the energy being swallowed let him feel more powerful for a brief time, that energy would very quickly flow away, without being absorbed by the external spirit bone like before. He understood that this should be because the Eight Spider Lances already absorbed sufficient energy for this time’s evolution. This drain ability couldn’t use outside force to transform itself after all. As for the reasons, it was very simple. One was because Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill didn’t have the method to retain this energy, and another was because the attributes of this energy was different. Not only wouldn’t rashly absorbing it have any benefits, it would on the contrary be harmful.

In a moment the Pit Demon Spider was about to lose its life under the Eight Spider Lances, and the little eyes on its head were brimming with a

fierce light. The corners of Tang San’s mouth showed a trace of a monstrous smile, and the golden purple light in his eyes suddenly intensified, just like two sharp swords piercing deep into the Pit Demon Spider’s eyes.

The Pit Demon Spider’s massive body shook, and Tang San used this chance to launch the poison and drain of Eight Spider Lances at full effect.

The violent struggling gradually faded, and the Pit Demon Spider’s life finally reached the end.

From what Xiao Wu said about soul shock, Tang San figured the way to resolve it was to use his Purple Demon Eye, suddenly shocking the Pit Demon Spider’s soul when it was on the verge of death, making its resentment dissipate in the moment before its death. Like this, the subconscious soul shock would naturally also subsequently fade, and absorbing the spirit ring would become a lot easier.

Faint black light began to release from the Pit Demon Spider’s body, condensing next to him. The spirit ring’s power appearing proved that this ten thousand year spirit beast had finally lost its life.

Tang San removed his clothes and, spreading his arms, directly leapt into that yang spring hot enough to melt gold, and afterwards swam to where the two kinds of spring water flowed together.

To other people, there was nothing about these two springs that wasn’t fatal, but to Tang San who had taken the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, the sensation being in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well gave him was only warm or refreshingly cool.

The two different energies simultaneously merged into him, conforming with the immortal treasure herbs within his body, quietly moving rhythmically. Tang San lay flat in the spring waters, slowly raising his right hand. Blue purple light emitted from his palm, and Blue Silver Grass issued a summons to the Pit Demon Spider’s spirit ring on the shore.

The black energy flow finally found a drainage channel, and rushed towards Tang San’s right hand like a river running into the sea.

The split second that black energy came into contact with the Blue Silver Grass in Tang San’s palm, intense ripples suddenly rose in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s waters with Tang San as the center.

Tang San choosing this place to absorb his spirit ring was the result of careful deliberation. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well would not only not be harmful to him thanks to the two immortal treasure herbs he took, but would on the contrary nourish him, imperceptibly forming a protective layer within his body. And because of the spring waters, the medicinal properties of the two immortal treasure herbs within him would also be completely roused, forming a second protective layer. Further adding the external spirit bone on his back, even though a ten thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring held tremendous energy, in order to harm him it would still have to pass these three protective layers first.

With Tang San’s strength he could absorb a six thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring. Right now with these three safeguards, he naturally had a very large chance of success when absorbing a Pit Demon Spider that had just entered the ten thousand year level. This was also an important reason why he dared make the attempt.

Plan and practice will always be different. Right now this also went for Tang San’s circumstances. Without truly trying, he would never have been able to know just how tremendous the spirit power of a ten thousand year spirit ring was.

The split second that black energy flow reached his right hand and entered his body, Tang San only felt the surrounding light dim, as if he was submerged in a tidal wave that reached the sky.

This was in no way an exaggeration. The spirit ring’s energy that entered him filled every nook and corner of his body in a split second. There wasn’t even any need for him to circulate it himself, that enormous energy already forced the motion.

The Pit Demon Spider’s spirit power wasn’t as overbearing as the Man Faced Demon Spider’s, but it was brimming with a dark and cold feeling. Cold like that was different from the cold of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well,

it was a cold that evolved from the depths of the mind, a dark and cold attack on the psyche.

Tang San’s nerves seemed to have already grown numb in this cold. The three original spirit rings oscillated with frightening speeds over him, making him look like he was encased in a giant yellowish-purple cocoon.

The rank-bypassing absorption this time brought not only pain to Tang San, but also a horrifying feeling. His preparations were indeed perfect. The energy from the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well successfully filtered the impurities out of the Pit Demon Spider spirit ring. However, the energy was still too massive for Tang San at that moment. Every attack made Tang San feel like he was tossed around ruthlessly, as if his body wasn’t his anymore, and all he could do was watch detachedly. The feeling of no control was even more unbearable than the pain that came with the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring.

With last time’s experience, Tang San knew that he couldn’t do anything about it except wait and strengthen his resolve. No matter what happened to his body, he knew he couldn’t panic. Or else, in a moment, he would be engulfed by the massive energy.

A black current unceasingly flowed out of the ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider, constantly getting absorbed by Tang San. The glow on his three spirit rings slowly faded, replaced with a layer of black currents. Tang San’s bones continuously emitted bursts of cracking noises. The black current entered from every pore and into every energy channel.

Very soon, Tang San discovered every time the massive black energy passed through the broken open Yang Linking Meridian and Penetrating Meridian, the energy would weaken a bit, as if the two meridians were absorbing energy as well. This feeling made Tang San instantly elated. He vaguely understood that the existence and breaking open of the eight extraordinary meridians helped specially with absorbing foreign energy.

It was a pity he only had two meridians broken through. If he had more than four broken through, the absorption of this ten thousand year spirit ring might become a piece of cake.

Gradually, the pain appeared. It was a swollen pain. From the outside, Tang San’s body didn’t change, but in his senses, he clearly felt his entire body swell up like a giant balloon, as if it could explode any second.

Although the black current stored up within his body was absorbed continuously by Tang San’s Penetrating Meridian and the Yang Linking Meridian, the energy coming in was also getting greater and greater. Every bone and energy channel of his was tingling, as if innumerable ants were crawling over him.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and the two immortal herbs he once ate started to show their uses. After experiencing the process of Ice and Fire Alchemical Body, Tang San’s energy channels had become very durable. Though the black current kept expanding his energy channels, the elasticity of his energy channels meant there were no signs of rupturing.

The Pit Demon Spider’s spirit ring energy, though massive, wasn’t endless. When the output of energy reached it’s extreme, Tang San’s energy channels had been filled to a very horrifying degree. But even then, he still persevered. At that moment, no pain could waver his resolve. For himself, and also for Xiao Wu, he knew he couldn’t fail.

The Pit Demon Spider’s body silently shattered, the result of losing all its energy. The only thing it could do now was become fertilizer for the ground.

Pain started sliding down from its peak. Not only the Penetrating Meridian and the Yang Linking Meridian, but accompanying the circulation of spirit power, Tang San’s normal energy channels started absorbing the foreign energy as well, merging it into his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

The reason the energy within spirit rings could be absorbed is because after the energy of the spirit beast forms a spirit ring, it splits into two parts. One is pure and filtered energy to raise the spirit master’s rank, letting them

gain the next title, and the other big half inherits the spirit beast’s characteristics. This different energy condenses into a spirit ring, becoming the spirit master’s spirit ability.

Accompanying the gradual decrease in swelling, pain decreased as well. The feeling of relaxation lulled Tang San’s weary mind. It was in the last part of the absorption that he slowly fell into slumber, letting the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well nourish his body.

If anyone could see Tang San’s face, they would discover his face was continuously changing colors. A moment white, a moment red, a moment black. And other than the original two yellow and one purple spirit rings, a black spirit ring was slowly appearing from the misty currents.

Perhaps Tang San wasn’t the only one that had a ten thousand year spirit ring for his fourth spirit ring, but undeniably, he was one of the more gifted ones. Blue Silver Grass had evolved once again. So what if it was Blue Silver Grass? So what if it was a trash spirit? Under Tang San’s effort, it still held the same power as formidable spirits of equal rank.


“Xiao Gang, tell me the truth. How are you going to manage your relationship with Erlong?”

Flender stared at Grandmaster, his gaze very angry. Grandmaster stared blankly back at Flender,
“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Twenty years. Tell me, how many twenty years does a person have? A woman’s youth was wasted in vain just because of your ‘I don’t know’. Though I’m your brother, I still really want to slap you.”

Grandmaster smiled bitterly:

“Slap then, but leave me a breath to stay alive. I don’t want to make Erlong sad if I die. In reality, even I want to slap myself. This is all my

fault, but Erlong bears the same amount of pain, if not more, than me.”

Looking at Grandmaster’s smile that looked worse than crying, Flender went silent. He also knew that Grandmaster didn’t do anything wrong. If he really took in Liu Erlong, then it would be incest. Grandmaster rejected Liu Erlong not because of himself, but for Erlong’s reputation. He didn’t want Erlong to take up such a heavy shame because of himself. At that time Grandmaster chose to leave because of that very reason. However, he didn’t anticipate that Liu Erlong loved him that deeply, always painfully waiting for him until now.

Flender sighed,

“Xiao Gang, is there really no way? If it keeps going like this, though you guys haven’t had incest, you guys will spend the rest of your lives in pain! You should be able to see, other than you, Erlong can’t love any other man. If you really must keep hurting her like that, then why don’t you just leave. At least, she won’t be able to see you, and she might feel better.”

Grandmaster silently nodded his head,

“I’ll leave after we go back. You’re right, I shouldn’t stay with her and let her feel this pain. Flender, it’s been this many years and I never said thank you. For our relationship, you’ve also borne pain. Sorry, Flender.”

Flender’s eyes moistened,

“What silliness are you spouting. I’m your big brother. I was before, I am now, and I will be, forever. I don’t need you to say thanks, I just want to see you happy with Erlong. Do you understand? Xiao Gang, you bastard, why are you so obstinate? Don’t tell me you can’t go live in seclusion after you join with Erlong? If you don’t tell anyone, who will know of your sibling relationship?”

Grandmaster raised his right fist and hammered his left chest,

“But, I can’t lie to my heart. I really can’t.”

Flender suddenly had a flash of intuition and thought of a possibility.

“Xiao Gang, tell me, do you love Erlong?”

Grandmaster stared unexpectedly,

“Boss Fu, are questions like that still meaningful? If I didn’t love her, then would it still be this way?”

Flender suddenly had a devious smile,

“Then good, I’m sure Erlong loves you deeply as well. Then, spiritually you guys have had incest already, I can say as much.”


Grandmaster was furious. That was all he was trying to protect, but when he looked at Flender’s eyes, he couldn’t think of a single rebuttal. He was right, they were in love, so spiritually they have gone off track already. If it wasn’t incest then what was it?

“Flender, I know you mean well. But, spiritual is spiritual. At least, our bodies are both still pure.”

Flender smiled slightly and said,

“As long as you admit you’ve had spiritual incest. And also, I believe, it will stay that way. Since you’ve already had incest spiritually, why don’t you merge with her spiritually? No need for real titles, just the recognition from each other. You can totally be a couple spiritually!”

Grandmaster this time really blanked out. “Flender, I don’t get what you mean.” Flender said exasperated,
“You’re that smart, what don’t you understand? My idea is simple. You can merge still and become a couple, just don’t change your titles.

According to your current idea, as long as there isn’t a bodily relationship, it isn’t called incest. You can start at emotions and stop at motions. Then, as long as you are in love spiritually and keep pure bodies, then who can gossip about you?”

Chapter 89

Hearing Flender’s words, Grandmaster heart beat, and he muttered: “Is, is something like this really possible?”

Flender grandiosely said: “Is there anything impossible? At least like this, both your hearts will feel a lot better. As long as you defend that last perimeter and keep apart every night, is there anything bad about being able to feel each other’s love? Let alone cousins, even if you were siblings, so what? You are only kind to and love each other, so outsiders will only see the affection of siblings, even that conservative heart of yours wouldn’t have any objections.”

Listening to Flender, Grandmaster stood there completely lifeless like a sculpture. After a very long time, a sentence fiercely leapt out of Grandmaster’s mouth, “Flender, why didn’t you say so long ago.”

Leaving behind these words, Grandmaster sharply dashed away, dashing towards Liu Erlong as if flying. As a result of his speed, the teardrops he left in the air formed graceful strings of water.

‘Erlong, Erlong, I can finally love you fairly. As long as I can love you, what need is there for being physical? Spiritual love is already enough!’

Watching Grandmaster’s receding back, Flender’s face showed a heartfelt smile. ‘Xiao Gang, you idiot, being together rubbing heads day after day, don’t tell me you can truly hold back?’

Seeing Grandmaster madly dashing over, Liu Erlong’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

Grandmaster rushed over in front of Liu Erlong, staring at Liu Erlong’s somewhat perplexed beautiful eyes, suddenly he fiercely spread his arms and used all his strength to embrace Liu Erlong to his chest, “Erlong, I’m sorry.”

Just these three words seemed to open a sluice gate for tears. Liu Erlong just felt everything before her eyes go fuzzy, and right now she couldn’t use even the slightest bit of her more than seventieth ranked spirit power. She completely softened in Grandmaster’s embrace, tears flooding down.

She had already waited far, far too long for these words. Twenty years, just like Flender said, it had already been twenty years! How had she dealt with these twenty years? Even if she was even stronger on the surface, in the end she was still a woman. What woman didn’t long to be cherished by her beloved? What woman didn’t long for her own happiness?

Perhaps it was because this happiness really arrived too suddenly, but Liu Erlong only felt her body flutter like in a dream, as if everything was imaginary.

Flender quietly waved his hand to Zhao Wuji, Xiao Wu and the others. Everyone slowly retreated to the side, setting aside a wide space for Grandmaster and Liu Erlong alone.

Outside of the poison formation, because the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure disappeared, the last remaining spirit beasts also unwillingly left, and along with their disappearance, the surroundings went quiet.

“Xiao Gang, Xiao Gang, do you know how long I’ve waited? More than seven thousand days and nights[1]. Do you know how I’ve endured? You really won’t escape, you really want to be with me?” Liu Erlong lost her voice from c rying, leaning over Grandmaster’s shoulder and mumbling.

Grandmaster nodded sharply, “Erlong, I’m sorry, I swear, afterwards I will never again run from our feelings. Even if we perhaps can’t be like normal married couples, I will definitely always guard at your side and love you.”

Immediately, Grandmaster explained the idea Flender spoke about before. Liu Erlong constantly leaning against his chest listened quietly, and as she heard Grandmaster speak about having the love of a husband and wife but without the true time of a husband and wife, she understood. Grandmaster still couldn’t completely throw off that obstruction. But, after waiting for so many years, with great difficulty getting the man before her to agree not to run away, at least he agreed to stay at her side and love her, why would she force him for more?

Perhaps it was because of taking Xiao Wu as an adopted daughter had greatly influenced Liu Erlong’s emotions, but right now in her heart she only felt like letting nature take its course. Obediently within Grandmaster’s embrace, first being together with the person she loved was most important.

After an hour, Zhu Zhuqing had smoothly absorbed the Phantom Tiger’s spirit ring and returned together with Dai Mubai. It seemed that her aura had become even colder, her countenance with a bit of heroic spirit, and she was also a little bit taller. Even though she still didn’t have Xiao Wu’s height, only looking at external appearances she already felt like she had the grace of an adult beauty.

The addition of the spirit ring’s properties would no doubt cause a certain change in the Spirit Master’s body. Even though the Shrek Seven Devils were still very young, they still had at least three spirit rings, and the additional energy from the spirit rings promoted their physical growth. Their faces still possessed the innocence of childhood, but by external appearances they were already close to adults. Compared to one year ago, everyone seemed to have grown several years. As long as they didn’t tell anyone, it would perhaps be very difficult for someone to imagine that the youngest of the Shrek Seven Devils still hadn’t turned fourteen.

The next to return was Ning Rongrong, and her face wasn’t as pale as Oscar’s. ly when Liu Erlong butchered the Unicorn Armored Beast, Oscar

had kept her company at her side the whole time, covering her eyes, constantly comforting her at her side. Once Ning Rongrong began to absorb the spirit ring, Oscar had run aside to vomit. After vomiting, he cleaned up the terrifying mess Liu Erlong had made. Consequently, after Ning Rongrong absorbed the spirit ring she hadn’t seen any nauseating scene, and her condition was instead much better than Oscar.

By now, of the Shrek Seven Devils only Tang San still didn’t return, and everyone quietly waited within the poison formation.

Liu Erlong nestled against Grandmaster’s chest, and with her eyes closed fell asleep. For twenty years she hadn’t slept as smoothly as she did right now. Seeing the contented smile she revealed as she slept, Grandmaster had a kind of indescribable satisfaction in his heart.

Flender and Zhao Wuji sat on the other side speaking about something in low voices. Watching Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s current appearances, Flender’s heart relaxed a lot, his face revealing a difficult to conceal smile.

Zhu Zhuqing silently sat together with Dai Mubai. Even though her expression was still cold, she didn’t oppose Dai Mubai sitting practically pasted to her.

Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s situation was about the same, only Ning Rongrong’s expression was instead tender, taking the initiative to lean on Oscar’s shoulder, talking to him about something with a smile on her face. Judging by her excited smile, she should have obtained no small benefit from the fourth spirit ring.

Fatty had consumed a lot of spirit power before and leaned alone against a big tree cultivating, condensing his spirit power. Xiao Wu wasn’t far away, and though with the condition of her injuries what she should do the most was harmonize her spirit power to heal, she couldn’t calm her heart.

The others had all returned, and they only lacked Tang San, how couldn’t she be anxious? Sitting and leaning back, she she constantly prayed silently for Tang San. And not just her, no matter the others’ expressions, deep in the corners of their eyes was some worry. Even though Tang San himself

said he had absolute certainty, but, the spirit ring level gap was really too large.

Two hours passed, and Xiao Wu told herself that absorbing such a powerful spirit ring would definitely take time.

Four hours passed, and Xiao Wu told herself that it should still be a while.

Six hours passed, and Xiao Wu constantly told herself ‘hurry, hurry’.

Eight hours passed, and the sky gradually darkened. Xiao Wu stood there, looking at the distant mountain peak where Tang San disappeared, in her heart constantly shouting, ‘Ge, why are you still not back?’

Ten hours passed. Night gradually deepened. Tears constantly flowed from Xiao Wu’s eyes, not stopping no matter who came to console her. Right now, in her heart was only one thought, ‘Ge, as long as you can return alive, even if you don’t have the slightest bit of strength, even if you’ve become an ordinary person, or even handicapped, I’ll still be happy. As long as you’re alive.’

Waiting for ten hours was what kind of torture? Not just Xiao Wu, the others also became fretful. If not for Grandmaster stopping them, everyone would already have gone up the mountain to take a look.

Moonlight illuminated the ground, the shining clean brightness making long shadows of all the Shrek Academy people on the ground. Xiao Wu’s heart also gradually became ice cold and despairing, the expectation in her eyes changing in the deathly stillness.

At this moment, suddenly, a clear and resonant long whistle resounded.
In the quiet night, the energy in that long whistle was completely clear.

Just like a fuse had been lit, the Shrek Seven Devils simultaneously stood up. A flaming excitement ignited frantically in Xiao Wu’s close to despairing eyes, and she ran recklessly with all her strength towards the mountain.

“Ge, Ge……” She shouted. Her voice had already become hoarse from crying, she only wanted to be the first to see that fated man.

Yes, that long whistle was Tang San’s. At the mountaintop, Tang San’s slender figure made a long shadow in the moonlight. He didn’t rely on Eight Spider Lances to descend the mountain, but rather leapt up high, Blue Silver Grass forming an umbrella behind him to drop down the mountain.

Two silhouettes, one falling from the sky, one scrambling as if it meant her life, came closer in the radiance of that full moon, closer…...

At last, those two silhouettes met one third of the way up the mountain, two becoming one, tightly clinging to each other on the mountainside, witnessed by the bright moon.

Tang San had become taller, and his muscles also more sturdy. That warm embrace was like a perfect nest, and the moment Xiao Wu threw herself inside, she already completely lost consciousness in satisfaction.

Even though Xiao Wu had been dosed with Oscar’s recovery sausage and Tang San’s Dragon Zoysia leaf, she still hadn’t harmonized her breath. Ten hours of bitter waiting, if she hadn’t been supported by that last conviction, she would long ago have been unable to endure.

Finally letting her awaited Tang San return, the relaxation of her taut heartstrings finally let her body bring her into unconsciousness out of self preservation.

Folding his arms around Xiao Wu’s slender legs, Tang San held her close. Even though Xiao Wu hadn’t had time to say anything, at this moment how couldn’t he understand what Xiao Wu endured?

This night Tang San held Xiao Wu as she slept, not only didn’t he escape out of embarrassment this time, but he moreover let Xiao Wu rest at his chest all along.

This night Tang San didn’t sleep, his hand from beginning to end massaging the blood flow at Xiao Wu’s back.

This night nobody went to disturb them, just like nobody went to disturb Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

To the eleven members of the Shrek Academy party, this night wasn’t tranquil. From this night on, the Shrek Seven Devils truly started to transform into powers.

Even though there were twists and turns, at long last they accomplished their objective this time. Early the next morning, after everyone woke from sleep, Flender perhaps afraid of new branches growing from old knots[2], urged everyone to leave the Sunset Forest as soon as possible.

As dean, the heaviest responsibility clearly rested on Flender’s shoulders. Let alone several of these Shrek Seven Devil children having profound backgrounds, even if they didn’t, as dean he still didn’t want to see any one of them suffer any injuries in this dangerous place. Everyone had already obtained their spirit rings, so he would naturally be urgent to immediately leave.

After being treated by Tang San for a night, Xiao Wu had already recovered for the most part. After waking early she didn’t say anything about the events of last night, but her gaze at Tang San was even more reluctant to part.

“Little San, what is your fourth spirit ability? Let us see.” While leaving the forest, Oscar bumped Tang San’s shoulder with his own.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “It’s nothing much, it’s more or less the same as the ability the Pit Demon Spider used yesterday, with some variations. You really want to see?”

“Of course. You’re the first of us to get a ten thousand year spirit ring, show us.”

Their dialogue also attracted the others’ attention, not just the Shrek Seven Devils, but Grandmaster and Flender and the others also wanted to see just what kind of spirit ability Tang San had received from that Pit Demon Spider.

“Fine.” Tang San’s eyes revealed a trace of an evil smile. Raising his right hand, deep blue light rushed out from the palm of his hand.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass appeared in Tang San’s palm. Apparently, its thickness wasn’t much different than before, the only difference was its color: the current Blue Silver Grass had unexpectedly turned completely black, giving people a kind of stifling feeling. Most shocking was still those simultaneously appearing four spirit rings.

Two yellow, one purple, one black. Two hundred year, one thousand year, one ten thousand year, four spirit rings revolved around Tang San moving up and down. The spirit rings came out with an incorporeal pressure that immediately made Oscar take several steps back, the expression on Tang San’s body giving people a feeling of impenetrable mystery.

In a moment, that black spirit ring quietly brightened. Compared to the dazzlingly beautiful thousand year spirit ring, the feeling the ten thousand year spirit ring gave was grave and reserved.

Without the slightest warning, sixteen strands of pitch black Blue Silver Grass suddenly rushed out from the ground around Oscar, converging above his head to form a prisoner cage.

As a result of not having made any energy fluctuations, Oscar basically didn’t have any thought of dodging, and further adding the speed with which these sixteen strands of Blue Silver Grass appeared, by the time he reacted this Blue Silver Grass pen was already strong like refined steel.

“This is my fourth spirit ability. Born from the Pit Demon Spider’s spiderweb prisoner cage, since my cage uses Blue Silver Grass, I call it Blue Silver Prison[3].”

Dai Mubai raised his hand to flick that pitch black Blue Silver Grass, causing a sonorous clang. The soft Blue Silver Grass unexpectedly became as solid as steel under the effect of the spirit ability.

Dai Mubai drew a deep breath and released his own spirit with a great roar. White light surging from his right fist, condensed spirit power bombarding one of the sixteen strands of Blue Silver Grass.

With a peng sound, that strand of Blue Silver Grass immediately showed a fine crack, and under Dai Mubai’s next blow it shattered, becoming faint black light and disappearing.

Ma Hongjun frowned: “This seems very ordinary, apparently it’s not as durable as the Spider Web Restraint. Third brother, is this all there is to a ten thousand year spirit ability?”

“Is that so?” Tang San’s eyes revealed a strange smile. Black light once again sprung up around him, and in practically a split second, besides he and Xiao Wu, black light appeared underfoot of even Flender, Liu Erlong, Grandmaster and Zhao Wuji. In just the blink of an eye, another eight Blue Silver Prisons appeared, trapping everyone inside.

Even powers like Flender and Liu Erlong couldn’t dodge when faced with the completely warningless suddenly appearing black Blue Silver Grass, and were instantly trapped. Flender couldn’t keep his expression from changing and involuntarily cried out: “It’s a crowd control ability. But this isn’t something a control system Spirit Master under the fiftieth rank can possess?”

The capability to control the battlefield with poison the poison Spirit Master Dugu Yan originally showed could also be called a crowd control ability, but compared to the Blue Silver Prison Tang San used, it was practically comparing heaven to underground. What was true crowd control? Only leaving the opponent completely without chance of dodging, instantly locking down each opponent, this could be called crowd control.

One Blue Silver Prison might not count for much when a forty something ranked power attack system Spirit Master like Dai Mubai could rely on his

strength to break it. But, breaking through the cage required time, and that time was enough to let the control system Spirit Master’s companions cause a great deal of trouble. Even more, this ten thousand year spirit ability of Tang San’s was a crowd control ability in the true sense of the word. Perhaps its power wasn’t as awesome as the Spider Web Restraint, and also didn’t have the adherence and intense poison, but, the spirit power consumed by each Blue Silver Prison was only a tenth of that of the Spider Web Restraint.

Tang San waved his right hand, and the light of the fourth spirit ring vanished. All the black Blue Silver Grass instantly entered the ground and disappeared unseen, as if they had never been.

In this time’s spirit beast hunt, the one with the greatest bounty was no doubt Tang San. Not only did he obtain this ideal crowd control ability, but at the same time his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances also obtained its ideal evolution. Relying on a lowest end spirit, not only didn’t he fall behind his companions, but his strength even kept slightly ahead of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Fatty now also came to himself, “Third brother, can this ability of yours coordinate with mine?”

Tang San smiled: “Of course it can. Blue Silver Prison can be considered a first move control ability, while that Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike of yours contains a finishing move control ability. As long as they can be used flexibly, they can naturally display our most powerful attack power.”

Flender somewhat pondering said: “I think, giving them the assignment to become champions was a bit easy. Even as the founder of Shrek Academy, I feel the power of this group of little monsters is a bit abnormal.”

Liu Erlong let a laugh escape, saying: “Come on, you’re sighing too hard. Are you still bragging about yourself?”

Flender feigned anger: “Well, Erlong. I just helped you fulfill your wishes and you at once answer me like that. You’re lucky your old brother is good to you.”
Liu Erlong smiled without speaking, hugging Grandmaster’s arm tightly. After obtaining the fourth spirit abilities, the Shrek Seven Devils’
strength had once again made a qualitative leap.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, forty fourth rank power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Light Wave, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Sausage Monopoly Oscar, forty first rank food system Tool Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Big Recovery Sausage, Small Detoxifying Sausage, Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage, Stimulating Pink Sausage.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, forty first ranked control system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow, one purple and one black spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Binding, Parasite, Spider Web Restraint, Blue Silver Prison.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, forty first ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Phoenix Fire Wire, Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.

Soft Boned Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, thirty seventh ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Elder, two yellow and one purple spirit rings, three spirit abilities separately were: Waist Bow, Demon Confusion, Teleportation.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, forty first ranked auxiliary system Tool Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Strength Amplification, Agility Amplification, Spirit Power Amplification, Defense Amplification.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, forty first ranked agility attack system Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Hell Thrust, Hell Hundred Claws, Hell Decapitation, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger.

Besides Xiao Wu, the other six had completely climbed the fortieth rank threshold. Dai Mubai had even reached a terrifying forty fourth ranked spirit power at the age of seventeen.

There were no accidents on the return trip, and the party of eleven smoothly returned to Shrek Academy. By now there were only five days until the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament preliminaries.

Grandmaster gave the Shrek Seven Devils one day of rest, and early the next morning had them gather in the forest behind the teaching block for their final training.

What was worth mentioning was, to prevent Shrek’s Seven Devils from having not enough people due to injuries in future battles, Tai Long, who was rank thirty-eight and had the Vigorous Orangutan Spirit, was temporarily recruited into the team. Others that were recruited were three rank thirty five advanced class Spirit Masters as reserve team members for the Shrek Seven Devils.

The latter four recruits, other than Tai Long, were each:

Rank thirty five power attack system Battle Spirit Elder, Huang Yuan[4], Male, Spirit: Lone Wolf. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple.

Rank thirty five agility attack system Battle Spirit Elder, Jing Ling[5], Male, Spirit: Skeleton. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple

Rank thirty five healing system Tool Spirit Master, Jiang Zhu[6], Female, Spirit: Healing Scepter. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple

Before the Shrek Seven Devils came, or perhaps before the academy became Shrek Academy, Tai Long and those three were all part of the main force for this year’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament, educated by Liu Er Long herself, the elites of the academy. If not for this tournament, with their capabilities, they could’ve graduated ages ago.

As for being Shrek Seven Devil’s substitutes, none of them had any complaints. After seeing Tang San destroying rank fifty eight Strength Type Spirit King Tai Nuo, who would have complaints about them? Even though the youngest of the four, Jiang Zhu, was already nineteen.

Grandmaster, Flender, and Liu Er Long, after discussing, recruited those four into the academy team. Their plan was simple, to switch out the Shrek Seven Devils sometimes in the easier battles to lessen their exhaustion.

The Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament wasn’t only a fight between Spirit Master Academies. It is a major event in the entire Spirit Master world. From the preliminaries, to the promotion stage, and to the Final Stage, it would be three months in total. In this long period of time, who could say the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t accidentally get hurt and lose the ability to continue?

Because there had to be at least seven spirit master’s cooperating, every match the academy had to send at least seven people up, having a certain number of hands for the roster was essential.

“Everyone sit.” Grandmaster waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to sit where they were. Possibly because of the solving of his dilemma, Grandmaster’s face was rosier than normal.

The Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitutes all sat in a circle around Grandmaster, quietly listening to his explanations.

“In a few more days, The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament will commence. I will tell you the rules today.” As he spoke, he kicked the drowsy Ma Hongjun’s butt. He didn’t look at him and continued: “Don’t object, rules are rules, and they might be exploited for advantage. Strength is important in the competition, but you must also

clearly understand the rules. Otherwise, it’s very possible that others might use them against you.”

After getting kicked by Grandmaster, Fatty stuck his tongue out and didn’t dare to be neglectful anymore. His little eyes brightened just as he saw Jiang Zhu on the opposite side of him.

Jiang Zhu, nineteen years old, was a few years older than the Shrek Seven Devils. One meter sixty five tall, her maroon hair was very unique. A soft look, though not as eye-catching as Zhu Zhuqinq, Xiao Wu, and Ning Rongrong, but was definitely still a beauty. What most attracted Fatty’s eyes was her ripe body. Everywhere that should be round wasn't flat. Fatty didn’t notice before, but now he instantly had a problem sitting still.

Though he solved his evil fire problems, he had been to the brothels already and was fully aware of the birds and the bees; he was more knowledgeable about it than some adults. Yet in Shrek Seven Devils, he was the only one by himself. The rest were all couples, so how could Fatty not be envious?

Jiang Zhu naturally noticed Ma Hongjun looking at her. She blinked her eyes and smiled warmly, examining the only one of Shrek’s Seven Devils with an abnormal body type.

The Academy’s students didn’t have much time with Shrek’s Seven Devils, so in Jiang Zhu’s eyes, the only fourteen Ma Hongjun was but a chubby little brother, with a cute big head and ears. How would she know Fatty’s brain was full of vulgar thoughts. Grandmaster continued: “The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is hosted by Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires’ royal families, assisted by Spirit Hall. It is the greatest Spirit Fight and the participants are only weaker than the Spirit Hall elite selection. In the rules, there are a few that still need obeying. First of all, all participants must be under twenty five and every team must ensure there are seven every match. Second, the matches are only friendly interactions, so try to refrain from hurting or crippling your opponents. Deaths are definitely not allowed, and once it happens, not only does the school have to pay for the losses, but they will also be disqualified.”

“Grandmaster, this one might not be appropriate.” Dai Mubai rose his hand to interrupt Grandmaster. “Spirit abilities have no eyes, what if we accidentally kill people? If the two sides are of similar strength, fighting all out will inevitably cause incidents.”

Grandmaster looked towards Dai Mubai and said solemnly: “What you say is correct. But, you need to know that the reason the two empires are hosting this tournament is not to let all the schools fight for a victory, but to find the best talented people to recruit. Including Spirit Palace and the kingdoms within the two empires, they all have similar thoughts. Those that can represent Advanced Spirit Master Academies are all people of outstanding talent as well as the future of the Spirit Master World. Nurturing a spirit master is very difficult, and the amount of spirit masters in the entire continent was never more than a million. Prohibiting killing might be a restriction, but it is also protection for you kids. From my perspective, this rule is very correct.”

Dai Mubai still disapproved of the rule. Though he didn’t like killing, he hated a sense of restriction when fighting even more.

Grandmaster continued: “Other than these two strict rules, the others are standard. Everything is based on fairness. For example: During the match, no using food or medicine created by non participating spirit masters. Only Food or Healing System Spirit Masters on the stage can replenish their teammates. In other words, if you want to obtain supplements on the stage, then a Support Type Spirit Master must take up one stop. This is to prevent teams with Food System Spirit Masters from cheating. Also, you can’t use weapons other than your own spirit. Because of this, Tang San, the hidden weapons you make can’t be used in this tournament. You must remember this, or else we will be disqualified instantly.”

Getting to there, Grandmaster paused. “The main rules are these. If anything else needs to be mentioned, I will tell you during the tournament. Now, lets talk about the system of this tournament.”

While he was talking, Grandmaster took a wooden stick he prepared and drew two connecting circles in the ground.

“These two circles represent the two empires.” He then drew a small circle that touched both large circles. “This one represents the Spirit Palace.”

“Within the two empires, there are almost a hundred Advanced Spirit Master Academies. Every academy has a chance to participate, and the two empires’ official Advanced Spirit Master Academies will have two slotsl. For example, Heaven Dou Empire has Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. These two official teams will be split into a main team and a secondary team. The main team will be advanced to the finals phase instantly, which is a guarantee for the two royal families. The secondary team will be with everyone else, participating in the preliminaries.”

Grandmaster then drew a few circles inside the two large circles. “The preliminaries are split into areas. Within, with Heaven Dou City as the center, within Heaven Dou Empire’s bounds, all that do not belong to a kingdom or dukedom will come to this area for the preliminaries. All the academies of the kingdoms and dukedoms will be matched based on their areas. Heaven Dou Empire has four kingdoms and one dukedom. In other words, counting the Heaven Dou Area, there will be six preliminary areas. Other than the one team that is in the finals already, these six areas will be fighting over fifteen spots. Because our area has a lot of academies and is also directly subordinate to the empire, there will be five spots to fight over. Every other area has two spots. Star Luo Empire is almost identical to Heaven Dou Empire.”

“Which means, through the preliminaries, the amount of teams that go to the next stage will be thirty. These thirty teams will all participate in the finals. But before participating, there will be a promotion stage. This promotion stage is a ranking of the thirty teams to decide the order of matches in the finals.”

[1] RAW here is seventy thousand, but let’s take that as a typo.

[2] Idiom: New side issues arising.

[3] (蓝银囚笼) “Blue Silver Prisoner Cage”

[4] (⻩远) “Yellow Distance”
[5] (京灵) “Capital Spirit”

[6] (绛珠) “Purple-Red Pearl”

Chapter 90

“The qualifying phase of the tournament has a different format from the promotional phase. The combat format of the qualifying phase is what you are all most familiar with: seven member team battles. It is a round robin competition where the five teams with the most victories will proceed to the promotional phase. The format of the promotional phase of the tournament is special. The competing teams are still limited to seven members but the battles are now one-on-one singles with the victorious team member staying on the field to face successive members of the opposing team, until the students on one side have all lost.”

“As a result, the qualifying phase can be said to demonstrate the combat prowess of the team as a whole while the promotional phase is used as a stage to demonstrate each member’s individual prowess. As to the reason for having a promotional phase; it’s for the two empires and the Spirit Hall to more easily recognize spectacular talents within the competing teams.”

“The finals phase has thirty three teams competing, and the format is random draw bracket single-round elimination.”

“Grandmaster, please wait a moment” Oscar interrupted, as he asked with some confusion, “Grandmaster, did you not just say that the two empires both have one seeded team and fifteen normal teams that advances through the qualifying and promotional phases? If so, that adds up to thirty two teams competing in the finals, where does the 33rd comes from?”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, “I had forgotten to mention it; the finals doesn’t have two seeded teams but three. The third seed comes from the Spirit Hall’s own personal team, and this team can be said to have the highest potential for victory. Although the Spirit Hall isn’t an advanced Spirit Master academy, it most definitely has its own organization that trains their younger spirit masters. In the previous three advanced spirit master championships, other than Star Luo Empire winning once, the other two victories were all taken by the Spirit Hall teams. They will also be your most powerful competitors in this tournament. From my experiences, the team Spirit Hall is sending out this time will definitely be stronger than the Emperor Team you met before.”

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other, but what they saw in each other’s eyes was not worry but burning curiosity and excitement.

After experiencing so much combat in the Spirit Area and even becoming a never-before-seen rank thirty gold spirit fighting team, what they wanted most now was exactly a powerful opponent. Without a powerful opponent, how else would they be able to better hone their abilities?

“The Promotional Phase will decide the ranking of each empire’s teams separately, from rank one to fifteen. The benefits of this ranking will become apparent in the finals phase. The finals phase’s format is single-round elimination. Each round, there will be a few teams that draw empty brackets. The first round, the teams with empty brackets will be the three seeds; the other thirty teams will face off against one another with the fifteen winning teams attending the next round of battles. In the second round, including the three seed teams, there will be eighteen teams left. This time, from the remaining teams, the two teams that ranked first in the promotional phase will face an empty bracket. The other sixteen

teams will face off with the eight winning ones progressing to the third round. The third round will have ten teams in total with again, the two highest ranking ones drawing blank brackets. Those that have already drawn blank brackets will not get another chance. After the third round, the remaining teams should be the six strongest teams of the championship. This time, there will be no empty brackets. The fourth round will still rely on blind ballot to decide the opposing teams with the winning ones being the final three teams. In order to ensure fairness in the placement of the last three teams, the teams must undergo both group and individual elimination battles.”

“First of all is the individual elimination contest, similar to the format of the promotional phase. The three teams will proceed in alternating order. Each team will send out one member, the first two will face off against each other with the winner facing the member from the third team, until the two of the teams run out of members. The team of the winner will direct head to the finals. The two losing team will then face off in group combat to compete for the chance at the finals. The last two teams at the finals will then compete for the champion title in the final fight of the championship.”

After listening to Grandmaster’s long explanation, Ma Hongjun was unable to hold back, “Grandmaster, why is this competition so complicated? Just listening is making me dizzy.”

Dai Mubai snapped, “What’s there to be confused about? It doesn’t matter what kind of rules there are, as long as we win every single battle, at the end won’t we be the champions?”

Grandmaster slighted nodded, “Mubai’s right. You should become familiar with the different phases of the championship, but in the face of absolute strength, it’s not the most important. During the tournament, I will remind you of the specific rules and help you analyze your opponents. Now everyone stand up. For these last couple of days, what you need to do is to practise mock combat. Oh, right. There’s something I must remind you, for the Heaven Dou division qualifying phase, you seven little monster can only have three people participating in battles at any one time. Furthermore, Rongrong will absolutely never appear during the qualifying phase. I will have a special training regimen for her during this time.”

“Ah? Only three?” Even Tang San couldn’t help but be shocked.

Grandmaster replied with a stern look,

“What? You have something to complain about? During the qualifying phase, the team will consist of Tai Long, Huang Yuan[1], Jing Ling[2] and Jiang Zhu[3] four people. The remaining three will be for you to decide amongst yourselves with Rongrong being the exception.”

Tang San probed: “Teacher, is this to hide our power? But, what if we lose?”

Grandmaster calmly said: “What? Do you not even have this much confidence? Your true opponents are in the promotional and Finals phases, the qualifying phase will definitely not pose any problem. If you were to expose the entirety of your strengths now for everyone to see, then won’t it be much harder for you to achieve victory later?”

Tang San thought deeply about Grandmaster’s words and only after exchanging a glance with Dai Mubai, nodded his head, “Teacher, I understand.”

Grandmaster clapped the shoulder of disciple he was proud of and said, “I knew you would understand. The actual combat tactics on the field will be for you to decide. The team members that will participate is also up to you. All I can advise you is that, during the qualifying phase, the less you Shrek Seven Devils show yourselves, the better. In the finals phase, the opponents you will face will be even stronger than what you can imagine. You have only one goal. For this goal, give it your all.”

In the following few days, the Shrek Academy’s team members participating in this championship underwent combat training under the directions of Grandmaster. Especially for the four new additions, each day was passed under Grandmaster’s millstone.

Trying to create a coherent team of Spirit Masters was not an easy goal to reach, but if in this team, there was an exceptional control system spirit master, then everything would become much simpler. Tang San doubtlessly could take on such a role, and under his deployment and leadership, the four new members slowly became familiar with the Shrek Seven Devils’ fighting methods. At the same time, Tang San also confirmed the members that will participate in the qualifying phase. The main force would consist of four of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Although the qualifying phase was not very important, they still needed to guarantee a spot for advancement. Therefore Tang San decided that the

roster would be, including himself who had to appear, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, who possessed the strongest spirit power, food system Spirit Master Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, as well as close quarters power attack system Spirit Master Xiao Wu. Fatty, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong would stay hidden. All preparation had been finished.

Three days later, Heaven Dou Empire capital, Heaven Dou City.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, Heaven Dou division opening commemoration was being hosted by Heaven Dou City in a magnificent ceremony.

Being the largest spirit master competition within the spirit master world, this championship did not only attract the attention of Spirit Masters. From the imperial families, nobilities to the commoners, every single citizen in Heaven Dou City saw this competition as their biggest festival. The opening ceremony would be held in the Heaven Dou Grand Spirit Arena. As early as a month ago, the tickets to the ceremony had already been completely sold out. The price for these tickets was the same as the ones to enter the central arena ring of the Spirit Arena.

As the main competition arena of the Heaven Dou Division, the Heaven Dou Grand Spirit Arena had already stopped all arena battles a month beforehand to undergo interior remodelling. All sub arenas within the Spirit Arena had been merged with the central arena ring to form a massive stadium for the competition.

Excluding the VIP section which remained in the entire north side of the area, the remodelled Spirit Area could now hold eighty thousand spectators at the same time. The revenue from the ticket sales was large, but so was the amount the Spirit Arena had spent.

For the next period of time, all matches of the qualifying phase in the Heaven Dou Division would take place here.

In the early twilight before the sun had yet to rise from the east, the newly remodelled Heaven Dou Spirit Arena had already attracted an enormous crowd of spectators. Having arrived so early, these audience members would obviously not be given early access to the arena, because each ticket had its own designated seating. What these people were here for on the first day of the opening ceremony, was to have a closer look at the young spirit masters attending this competition.

Among the crowd, there were numerous young maidens with hopeful gazes. It was just as Grandmaster had said before, the number of Spirit Masters on the entire continent added together was less than six figures. The students that could represent their advanced academies and attend this important competition were even more the cream of the crop. Furthermore, with the age restriction of twenty five, they were without a doubt the best targets for these girls with romance in their hearts. If they were able to marry a powerful spirit master, fame and fortune would doubtlessly follow.

Even some of nobles who had bought tickets for the VIP area were also gathered outside. For the nobility, scouting spirit masters was always exciting, never boring.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was by its nature a cradle for talented people. Let alone those that achieved favourable results in this competition, even the students that were just participating would become objects of desire for nobles and powerful clans.

Right now, with Heaven Dou Great Arena as its heart, practically a third of Heaven Dou City was a scene of an unbroken sea of people. Starting from several days ago, every level inn in Heaven Dou City was filled. The population of the city had gone up by practically fifty percent. This showed the attraction the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament had on people.

For the sake of this tournament, Heaven Dou City had been transferred a whole five thousand city guardsmen to keep order, to as far as possible prevent disturbances.

“Wah, so much people!” Ning Rongrong couldn’t keep from crying out in surprise. Looking east or looking west, this was the first time she had seen such an amount of people.

Oscar served as flower guarding emissary, guarding at Ning Rongrong’s side, as far as possible keeping his head down, not letting other people see his appearance.

It wasn’t just Oscar, besides a few dazzled girls, whether it was the Shrek Seven Devils or the several substitutes, right now they all kept their heads down. Because, the clothing they wore really made them blush from shame.

The official Shrek Academy uniform wasn’t any common green, but rather a color somewhere between yellow and green. Using Dai Mubai’s words to describe it: snot green.

For the sake of this Academy tournament, dean Flender had these uniforms specially made according to his strange sense of aesthetics. The fabric was actually pretty good, and it was also comfortable. But besides the snot green, each person’s chest was also practically covered by a large

Shrek monster design, and the color of this design was a bright emerald green.

This still wasn’t much; most out of the ordinary was on each person’s back, several big words embroidered in red silk: Looking for advertisers.

Below these big words was still a row of smaller ones: For advertising fees please call on Shrek Academy’s dean, mister Flender, for a personal meeting.

Because of this competition uniform, the Shrek Seven Devils had once resisted violently, but in the end they were still suppressed by Flender’s abuse of authority. In front of everyone’s supreme efforts, Flender just expressed reluctance. If they truly had sponsors, then out of the whole advertisement income they could take out one third to pay for their competing team members, and the rest set apart for the Academy’s construction funds.

To Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San, this sum of money might not be anything. But to the others, money was still very important. Even more, Tang San and the others had all seen the original circumstances of the Shrek Academy. Having now with great difficulty found the chance to earn money, they still couldn’t too easily contradict Flender. Even though this dean was a bit treacherous and sly, it really hadn’t been easy for him to support the Academy for all these years.

Of course, the Shrek Seven Devils also once asked Grandmaster for help, but his reply was also extremely out of the ordinary. Grandmaster told them that even though this uniform was a bit unsightly, it was also a kind of practice for their inner qualities. If they could keep from changing under everyone’s jeers and laughter, then their psychological qualities would also have reached a certain degree.

The Shrek Seven Devils secretly whispered that this was clearly to toughen the thickness of their face.

Grandmaster used his position as Academy representative to along with Flender refuse to wear such a uniform, and they only had a small and very

inconspicuous Shrek design on their left lapels.

It was precisely because of this unusual attire that just as Tang San and the others were about to enter the crowd, they immediately attracted special attention.

“What academy is that? Heavens, did they just crawl out from a latrine?”

“I’m dying from laughing, that green monster design on their chests is really too adorable. Why do the ears look like trumpets.”

“Look, look, on their backs they’re still recruiting some advertising? Is an advanced Spirit Master academy like this real? Can they still participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament? It’s too funny. The really are all kinds of birds in the woods.”

Be quiet, they’re still Spirit Masters. Only, I expect they’re only going through the motions, look at that fatty, it’s like he’s growing into a ball.”

If there was a crack in the ground right now, then the eleven Shrek Academy students would perhaps be pushing each other aside to be first to squeeze into it. Even if they had a measure of mental preparation, they still hadn’t expected there would be so many people outside the Great Spirit Arena. It was like they were on display. Moreover it was the model of negative attention.

Unable to change their appearance, Tang San was the first to pull out the Shrek mask they originally brought when participating at the Spirit Arena tournament, and the Shrek Seven Devils hastily copied him one by one. The pitiful late members with Tai Long didn’t have such equipment, and could only cover their faces with their hands, like that getting more and more embarrassed.

Flender walked forward with an ‘I don’t know these people behind me’ appearance, and bore into the crowd with big steps, the speed of Grandmaster and Liu Erlong following behind him not a bit slower.

Tang San finally understood what was meant by ‘wanting to cry but lacking tears’. Right now, if he could choose to instead confront a fiftieth ranked Spirit Master team, he still wouldn’t choose to be put on display here.

Fortunately there were very many teams that came to participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, representing close to thirty academies, and the majority of the crowd’s interest was still attracted by those groups, allowing the Shrek party to squeeze into the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena after their hardships.

All the teams that came to participate were for the most part dressed bright and neat. Even though they were all dressed in their academy uniforms, none were as out of the ordinary as the Shrek Academy. Dressed up in those beautiful golden, silver, red, white, with all sorts of decorations, designs and academy insignia uniforms, each and every one of the young Spirit Masters stepped forward to enter the Great Spirit Arena like heroes with their heads held high. With imposing appearance and displaying bravery, abundantly looking disdainfully at the world.

Having broken into the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, the Shrek Academy party all loosed a breath. Tang San and Dai Mubai looked face to face, their eyes full of helplessness.

“When leaving the tournament, no matter what you say I won’t wear this. Too damaging to my heroic image.” Ma Hongjun took off the mask from his face and complained. This tournament didn’t permit covering their faces, and right now everyone had the urge to immediately leave this place because of their clothes. Participating when attired like this was really too embarrassing.

Fortunately, today was the opening ceremony, and the first day of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. Apart from the opening ceremony there would only be one match. The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy secondary team would conduct the first match of the round robin tournament against the first opponent they drew. It could also be considered to be a spirit fight with something of a show nature.

Otherwise, with only the opening ceremonies it clearly couldn’t attract the interest of the audience.

This Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament had a cash prize, and moreover unusually direct. Each preselection match victory would award five hundred gold spirit coins, and entering the promotion competition would reward an additional three thousand gold spirit coins. If they could enter the finals, Heaven Dou Empire would not only award the title of baron, but would also reward each member of the team one thousand gold spirit coins, regardless of whether they were regular or reserve members. As for the bonus of the last finals, it would be even higher.

For the sake of the advertisements on the back of the Shrek Seven Devils, Flender had already renounced this income. In other words, any reward would be returned to the team members.

Tang San comforting said: “Anyway, the odds of us appearing on stage today is low. After returning we’ll talk it over with dean Flender again, and no matter what is said we won’t wear these clothes tomorrow. WE have to at least drop the letters on the back.”

Right now, the Shrek Academy party stood in a specially arranged rest area for competing academies within the main arena. They weren’t the first to enter, but also weren’t the last here. Within the expansive rest area were more than a thousand seats, split into sections, to be used for the Spirit Master academies to rest and wait.

Even though there wasn’t as many people here as outside, along with the advanced Spirit Master academy participant teams entering, the Shrek Academy group still became the focal point. Despite already having done their utmost to find a corner, they still attracted a lot of attention.

But the inner qualities of Spirit Masters would always be a lot higher than that of ordinary people, and although there was no lack of despising gazes and disdainful expressions, there weren’t a lot of comments. Each academy’s team members were gathered together by each team’s teacher, waiting for the opening ceremony. At the same time, each Academy also

had a teacher do the final sign up registry confirmation work. Once the competing students were properly registered, thereafter in the tournament, they couldn’t again add or change members.

Not long after, Flender came waltzing back,

“Yi, what are you doing running into a corner like this?”

Seeing the students’ unkind gazes, Flender coughed somewhat awkwardly, “En, then we’ll be here. The signup formalities have already been completed, and in a moment you will enter for the opening ceremonies. Each and every one of you be a bit spirited, don’t lose face for our Shrek Academy. You must be the champion team.”

“Champion? Toads still want to be champions?” At this moment, a disharmonious voice came from the side.

The Shrek Academy students nursed a bellyful of anger, and suddenly hearing this voice they immediately turned sharply to look in its direction.

That was an academy team standing close to them. Speaking of, by true coincidence, among this team were some the Shrek Seven Devils recognized. It was precisely the ones they encountered when they originally left for the Star Dou Great Forest to get their third spirit rings: students from Blue Sunshine Academy[4].

They still had those moon white Spirit Master robes, the two words ‘Blue Sunshine’ embroidered within a circle on their shoulders in blue-green. What was different was that this time their team uniforms all had silver decorations, appearing even more dazzling than before.

Right now, among the Shrek Seven Devils only Fatty had taken off his mask, and among the Blue Sunshine Academy’s ten plus students there were only two that originally met them, and therefore they didn’t recognize these people.

“Who did you say is a toad?” The first to leap up was Tai Long.

“The ones wearing snot green uniforms is who. En, I think you all still lack a green hat. Adding that, it would truly be perfect.” The speaker was a youth appearing twenty years old, a person Tang San and the others had never seen before, with a somewhat pale face, slim build, and a pair of small eyes filled with disdain and contempt.

“I’ll show you who is a toad.” Tai Long directly swung his fist. He never had a good temper, and being directly taunted, how could he endure?

“Tai Long, come back.” Tang San’s voice rose. Just about to swing, Tai Long had no choice but to halt in midair, turning his head to look at Tang San, “Young master San, I……”

Tang San spoke calmly: “What use is talking big, if you want to fight, wait until we’re on the stage. Don’t you know it’s prohibited for Spirit Master academies to fight each other here? This is some group of little white dogs, don’t they have an owner, take them away quickly.”

Tang San’s expression was very serene under his mask, at most he only looked a bit impatient, not even facing the Blue Sunshine Academy people as he spoke.

“Who are you calling a dog?” The Blue Sunshine Academy people didn’t have much self restraint, and surrounded them in an instant, each and every one with threatening manners. Apparently they really had a bit of strength.

Dai Mubai with perfect cooperation said: “The ones barking are the dogs. A group of masterless strays, even. Little San, even though we can’t fight here, self defense is always alright. I don’t mind sending these little white dogs back home.”

The Blue Sunshine Academy people were angry, but at this moment a forceful voice echoed, “What are you doing?”

On hearing this voice, the Blue Sunshine Academy students’ complexion immediately turned ingratiating, and hastily separated. A sixty year old man came walking up from behind them, also wearing moon white Spirit Master attire, only his embroidery was golden.

Flender had always kept aside as a cool eyed bystander, but on seeing this person he couldn’t keep the expression in his eyes from pulsing.

Ma Hongjun whistled, “Oh, the little white dogs’ owner came. Quickly take away these dogs of yours. They’re noisy when left here. It wouldn’t be good if they happened to piss in a public space.”

Against the Shrek Academy group’s expectations, that old man only swept his gaze across Ma Hongjun without flaring up, but on the contrary shouting in a deep voice: “Go.” Finished speaking, he turned and headed towards the other side of the rest area. The Blue Sunshine Academy students all looked at each other, but none dared say anything and they obediently followed him away.

Fatty laughed loudly, saying: “The owner is sure enough different, really obedient.”

“Fine, Fatty.” Flender glared at Ma Hongjun. The latter shut his mouth, but there was a somewhat unreconciled light in his eyes.

Flender’s brows furrowed, saying: “I didn’t expect that old fellow to actually have gone to Blue Sunshine Academy. It seems that the quality of the Blue Sunshine Academy’s students in this competition should be pretty good. Don’t tell me that impetuousness just now was an act?”

Ma Hongjun was the closest to Flender and hastily asked: “Teacher, who was that old man just now? You know him?”

Flender nodded:

“That old man is called Shi Nian[5], his spirit is extremely unusual. It’s a kind of special intangible spirit, capable of causing all kinds of illusions, losing people inside. His current strength should be enough to

disable and kill people within the illusions. We call his spirit Cruel Dream[6]. This old fellow is extremely sinister, don’t just look at his calm and collected surface, it’s actually the corners of the eyes that will tell. You must all be a bit careful for me. When I knew him his spirit power was more than sixtieth rank, by now it might have reached more than the seventieth.”

Illusions? Was there still such a spirit? The Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help being alarmed, in their minds reflecting on how it could be withstood, but for the most part they were at a loss.

Flender said: “His spirit is extremely difficult to deal with, even Spirit Masters more powerful than him wouldn’t want to fight him. Alright, the opening ceremonies are about to begin, prepare to enter. Mubai, Tang San, the two of you lead everyone inside. I’ll leave first to see your heroic appearance from the stands.” Before anyone had the chance to protest, this dean had already taken to his feet and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Sure enough, the tournament functionaries soon entered the rest area, organizing the now all present academies to enter the arena.

Making the Shrek Academy team somewhat pissed was that those functionaries apparently ignored their existence. One after another the other teams were sent into the arena, but they alone were forgotten. Only finally, when they were the only team remaining in the rest area, did a functionary walk over, taking them to the passage into the arena.

If it wasn’t for Tang San and Dai Mubai suppressing him, the fire choked back in Fatty’s belly would already have had signs of erupting.

Even though they were last to enter the arena, the instant they arrived they were still shocked by everything they saw.

Around the enormous wide open space were countless shouting and cheering spectators. Just ahead in the middle was a platform against a golden backdrop, and behind the platform were the remodelled VIP seats.

The diameter of the expansive space surpassed a hundred fifty meters, and in the center the academies that had already entered were arranged in neat formations. Each academy that entered was introduced by the master of ceremonies on the platform.

“Last to enter is the Shrek Academy team. Shrek Academy, originally Blue Tyrant Academy, changed its name to Shrek one year ago. Look, in the distinct exotic attire, altogether eleven competing students. Their sign up slogan is: Unchallenged champions. Truly a very expressive slogan, I hope they can make an outstanding display.”

Hearing the officiant's words, the spectators in the stands roared with laughter, heckling calls rising and falling in succession.

“Fuck, I can’t stand it.” As Dai Mubai walked forward he clenched his fists, and Tang San walking behind him could clearly sense how Dai Mubai’s muscles tensed, about to erupt at any moment.

“Boss, patience. Wait until the matches. We’ll shut them up with strength.” Tang San clapped Dai Mubai’s shoulder.

Dai Mubai turned to glance at Tang San, and with a deep breath he managed to calm himself. If it had only been him, he might have already erupted, but he knew that as team captain, if he couldn’t control himself, how could he lead the team?

Finally all the teams had entered the arena, the Shrek Academy group stood furthest back.

Tang San didn’t pay any attention to the jeers, and constantly observed their surroundings. This Great Spirit Arena was undoubtedly the biggest he had ever seen. Enough stands to hold eighty thousand spectators, backed with silver decorations. Even though it was morning, the specially suspended magic tool illumination didn’t only seem lavish, but still gave a feeling of vast space.

As his gaze fell on the VIP platform, he unexpectedly saw a few acquaintances. One of them was the one who originally drove them away

from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, prince Xue Xing, and also Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s three committee members. They all sat in the second row of the VIP seats, and in the first row were only three people.

The man in the middle wore gold and red robes, on his head a brilliant gold crown, his face like an old moon, and though apparently a bit older than prince Xue Xing, they still resembled one another. The difference was, this man’s bearing was far from what prince Xue Xing could compare to. Despite appearing a bit aged, sitting there straight backed he have people a feeling of being central. As if everything in the surroundings centered on him.

Without need to ask, Tang San could guess this man’s identity. If even prince Xue Xing sat in the second row, then the identity of this man in the first row was obvious; besides Heaven Dou Empire’s emperor, who could sit in this seat? Sitting to his left was an old man even older than him. Dressed entirely in red robes, wearing a pentagonal platinum hat, both eyes small as if he was asleep, with slim shoulders and a slender build like a javelin.

The person on the emperor’s right, Tang San wasn’t just familiar with, but moreover knew well. Ning Rongrong’s father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s master, Ning Fengzhi.

Today Ning Fengzhi wore white robes, on his head the emblematic seven treasures purple and gold hat. As school master of one of the upper three sects of the seven great schools, he was perfectly entitled to sitting here. As for the red robed man on the other side, from the pentagonal platinum hat, Tang San could determine that this was Spirit Hall’s platinum bishop.

Spirit Hall’s highest ruler was no doubt the Supreme Pontiff, and under the Supreme Pontiff were four archbishops, their identity symbolized by the pentagonal platinum hat. This person here was no doubt one of the platinum bishops. Able to qualify as platinum bishop, this person should be the hall master of Heaven Dou City’s Spirit Temple.

At this moment, Ning Fengzhi apparently sensed Tang San looking at him. Gaze roaming, he just met Tang San’s eyes, smiling faintly at him and

nodding slightly.

[1] (TL note: the wolf spirit power attacker)

[2] (TL note: the bone spirit speed attacker)

[3] (TL note: the healing staff spirit assist)

[4] The ones they encountered when eating dinner at the hotel the day before entering the forest, with the Black Tortoise teacher.

[5] (时年) “Time Year”

[6] (残梦) Or “ruining/brutal” etc.
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