Douluo Dalu Chapter 71-80


Chapter 71

Ning Rongrong kissed Tang San hard on the mouth, saying to Tang San while under the monstrous gazes of Xiao Wu and Oscar: “Third brother, thank you, thank you so much. Even though I know the words ‘thank you’ are far from enough to repay your favor, I really don’t know what else to say. If you didn’t already have Xiao Wu I would definitely come after you. Third brother, see, my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda already changed to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, in other words, I no longer need to follow the clan restrictions.”

Tang San raised his hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s head, “We’re comrades, what are you doing talking like that.” While speaking, Tang San slowly opened his eyes.

Instantly, the whole room seemed to shine. Ning Rongrong who was closest to Tang San clearly saw his eyes completely become golden purple, and as that dazzling light entered her eyes she felt her vision go white, leaving her completely unable to see anything.

Tang San’s gaze swept from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand. When that golden purple light in his eyes fell on Xiao Wu his entire body suddenly trembled violently once, his facial expression becoming entirely strange.

Even though Tang San had already moderated the light in his eyes somewhat, when Tang’s gaze turned to Xiao Wu she had a kind of feeling

as if being seen through. Her pulse suddenly sped up, ‘Don’t tell me he saw something?’

While Xiao Wu’s heart leapt into her throat, the light in Tang San’s eyes diminished and returned to normal. With his usual expression he looked down at Ning Rongrong and said: “Rongrong, it’s alright. I just lost control of my eyesight.”

The white in Ning Rongrong’s eyes gradually faded, and she recovered her eyesight, “Third brother, what was that ability? Why couldn’t I see anything?” Even though she had already recovered, she still didn’t quite dare look Tang San in the eyes.

Tang San smiled: “This is my Purple Demon Eye. If I’m not mistaken, my Purple Demon Eye has risen another level.”

The Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew was worthy of being called a jewel of immortal treasures. Even if it hadn’t increased Tang San’s spirit power it had still let his Purple Demon Eye pass the detailed level, directly entering the third phase of Purple Demon Eye’s four layers —— mustard seed.

Furthermore, Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye had also changed a bit because of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew’s effect.

It was no longer just a supporting effect.

“Little San, congratulations.” Xiao Wu walked up to Tang San’s side, speaking with a smile. At the same time she was staring closely at Tang San’s eyes, as if she was searching for something in his expression. Unfortunately, no matter how she looked he was still the same as always, apparently with nothing amiss.

Rubbing Xiao Wu’s head, “If you agreed to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the benefits to you should be the biggest of all of us. It’s an immortal treasure among immortal treasures. Whether in life or death, flesh or bone, it has the effect of heaven, eart h and nature. And right now you’re the only one who can eat it.”

Xiao Wu held the Yearning Heartbroken Red to her chest, “I won’t, I’ll never eat it. I’ll always keep it with me.”

“Miao——” A soft cat’s call drew their attention. As they turned to look they found that Zhu Zhuqing had opened her eyes at some point, and was looking around with her beautiful eyes, her expression somewhat vacant, as if she had woken up from a dream.

“Zhuqing, how much did your spirit power rise?” Xiao Wu seemed to recover her normal liveliness and bounced over.

Zhu Zhuqing hesitated a moment, “Apparently, apparently seven ranks?”

“What are you calling apparently, seven ranks is seven ranks.” Xiao Wu giggled. Using her body to keep the others from seeing, she raised her hands and groped Zhu Zhuqing’s chest, “Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating.”

“Ah——” Zhu Zhuqing cried out in alarm at Xiao Wu’s groping, her charming face immediately blushing deep red, “What are you……”

Xiao Wu resolutely said: “I’m helping you realize it’s real. I didn’t expect your Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone to be even more effective than theirs. Actually boosted seven ranks. Then don’t you have thirty eighth rank spirit power now?”

Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze floated over to Tang San behind Xiao Wu. While Xiao Wu vigilantly blocked her, afraid she’s pounce like Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing bowed slightly to Tang San, “Third brother, thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying: “We’re all comrades, there’s no need for thanks. Actually, it’s not that Zhuqing’s Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone is more effective than anyone else’s, it’s just that these immortal treasure herbs all take effect differently. For instance, each immortal treasure herb’s effect is around ten ranks of spirit power or so, but with the principal effect manifesting by transforming the body, the spirit power increase will be less. Like little Ao’s Eight Petal Immortal Orchid has a

comparatively slow absorption process, requiring an imperceptibly influential process. So it will only boost five ranks.”

Zhu Zhuqing a bit concerned said: “But then, wouldn’t our strength increase too quickly? Grandmaster once lectured us that cultivation has to be done incrementally, that the foundations are most important.”

Tang San said: “Don’t worry, that’s no problem. These immortal treasure herbs strengthen foundations. Not only won’t your foundation be shaken, it will on the contrary even deepen. I think you will be able to understand it yourself as you cultivate later.”

Grandmaster slowly opened his eyes a little later. A spirited light flickering within his eyes, his whole body seeming a lot younger. But right now he was covered in filth and didn’t have time to say anything to the others before turning around and leaving the log cottage, first finding some place to bathe and change clothes.

While everyone were sensing the effects of taking the immortal treasure herbs, a resonant phoenix call and a deep tiger roar rose practically simultaneously.

Golden red flames suddenly discharged from Ma Hongjun’s body, soaring up and directly burning a large hole in the defenseless roof. Not even dust fell down.

Ma Hongjun’s body had smoothed out within the flame, and even though he was still chubby, he had clearly lost a considerable amount of fat.

The mohican hairstyle on his head had grown several times longer, even hanging down his back, his little eyes radiated all around, flames roamed across him as he moved, and behind his back could faintly be seen a Phoenix pattern, as if reborn.

Fatty was no longer as wretched as before. Making a long cry at the sky filled with abundant majesty. The pressure of the Phoenix as king among birds clearly made the air heavier.

The tiger roar naturally came from Dai Mubai, shooting up from where he was lying on the floor, spirit power surged all around him within a one meter range. The hair all over his body had become a sparkling and translucent snowy white, and intense bursting sounds constantly came from all of his four limbs. From within that white light the glimpse of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gave people a kind of hair raising feeling.

“So hot.” Ma Hongjun called out loudly, yawning and inhaling deeply. The golden red flames around him immediately withdrew like threads of silk into his mouth, in a moment disappearing unseen. His hair gradually restored to normal, and only his little eyes still flickered with light.

The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower Dandelion Ma Hongjun ate was, just like Tang San’s Infernal Precious Apricot, a pure yang immortal treasure. The difference was that the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower was a nourishing immortal treasure, while the Infernal Precious Apricot was highly toxic. Their manifestations differred somewhat.

First of all, the extrinsic energy of Ma Hongjun’s immortal herb wasn’t intense and could be taken directly. But if Tang San had taken that plant directly, let alone eating it, he would have burned to death. He needed the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass to make it possible.

One of the two pure yang immortal herbs generated a kind of endless fiery strength, and one burst with sudden blazing heat, each with its own characteristics. In terms of how easily they could be taken, clearly Fatty’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower won out.

“So amazing.” Fatty laughed loudly, “My fire has changed, it seems to have become more mellow and gentle. Didn’t you feel the vast energy in my flame?”

Ning Rongrong let a giggle escape, “Damn Fatty, always tooting your own horn. How many ranks did your spirit power grow?”

Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun had all obtained their third spirit rings just recently, so the three had stood at the same starting

line. Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power had increased seven ranks, and her own six ranks.

Fatty urgently sensed the spirit power within him, and couldn’t help saying: “Fuck me, my spirit power reached the thirty sixth rank. It rose a full five ranks.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, “Then you’re still not equal to us. Me and Zhuqing grew six and seven ranks respectively.”

Fatty stared blankly a moment, “No way. So awesome? Third brother, you can’t be partial!”

Tang San helplessly said: “What partial, go wash off first. The medical effect of that Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower you ate was even more potent than theirs. Haven’t you noticed how your body has changed? If I’m not wrong, then hereafter you won’t have to suffer the complications of that evil fire. Even if I don’t know whether your spirit can be called a pure Phoenix right now, it still shouldn’t be far off.”

At this Fatty discovered that he was filthy, unbearable sticky, and hurriedly ran out to wash.

Dai Mubai stood there quietly. After the tiger roar ended he stood in the same spot, eyes closed, the fur gradually disappearing, his swollen body gradually restoring to normal.

Even though Zhu Zhuqing didn’t step forward, her deeply concerned gaze never left Dai Mubai. As she saw he didn’t speak up she couldn’t help be somewhat anxious, wanting to step forward, but being a bit too shy.

After all, she’d always been so cold to Dai Mubai.

But the concern in her heart finally overwhelmed her shyness, looking at Dai Mubai who hadn’t moved for a long time she started forward, carefully

stepping in front of him. She wanted to call out but was afraid to disturb him, and was for a moment at a loss.

Just as Zhu Zhuqing raised her head to look at Dai Mubai, her eyes brimming with concern, Dai Mubai’s eyes snapped open without warning, startling Zhu Zhuqing who cried out in surprise and stepped backwards, but almost fell over.

Dai Mubai reacted instantly, stretching out a hand and pulling her close flawlessly.

“You…… Let go of me.” Zhu Zhuqing was blushing red, but clearly breathed out now that Dai Mubai was awake.

Dai Mubai smiled: “You came on your own but still ask me to let go?
Coming when you want, and leaving when you want?”

“You, you shameless…… Let go of me quickly. Who came on her own?” Zhu Zhuqing lowered her head in Dai Mubai’s arms and struggled with all her strength, but was still unable to throw off Dai Mubai’s cast iron- like embrace. Even if her spirit power had increased considerably, how could she be a match for a power attack system Spirit Master like Dai Mubai?

Dai Mubai lowered his head next to Zhu Zhuqing’s ear, whispering: “You still care for me so much, don’t worry, your husband is alright. It’s all well.”

“You……” Zhu Zhuqing raised her head sharply, intending to ask Dai Mubai, ‘Whose husband do you think you are?’

But she just met Dai Mubai’s evil eyes. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were brimming with a sincere light, staring at her full of tender feelings.

It had to be said that Dai Mubai’s evil eyes indeed had extreme killing power. Zhu Zhuqing only felt a burst of distraction and in the end didn’t speak the words on her tongue, even softening somewhat against him.

Dai Mubai was inwardly exceptionally pleased. Being able to embrace this logical and cold Zhu Zhuqing made him even happier than having broken through the fortieth rank just now.

However, Dai Mubai couldn’t stay cheerful for too long. The moment he relaxed his guard Zhu Zhuqing suddenly slipped out of his embrace and with a flicker had already moved to the side, staring resolutely at him, “You should use flowery speech like that on those lovers of yours. Don’t look at me with that expression.”

“Eh……” Dai Mubai smiled bitterly as he looked at her, “Zhuqing, you can’t be wasting effort on something trivial like that. Haven’t you seen how pure I’ve been recently? Pure like Tang San.”

Zhu Zhuqing snorted,

“When you can really be as clear as ice and clean as jade[1], untainted by a speck of dust[2] as third brother, we’ll talk again.”

Tang San resisted a smile and hastily changed the topic, “Mubai, did you break through?”

Dai Mubai looked somewhat helplessly at Tang San, saying: “I’ve already broken through the bottleneck, and moreover my spirit power feels especially abundant. Perhaps after I’ve obtained a spirit ring I will still be able to advance a bit. Little San, when you have time, teach me how to be clear as ice and clean as jade, and untainted by a speck of dust……”

Perhaps it was because of the time he’d spent with the old freak Dugu Bo, but Tang San wasn’t as guileless as before. With a slight smile he said: “I’m afraid you might not have the chance. Unless you’re still a virgin, how could you be described as clear as ice and clean as jade?”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying: “Yeah, only my Ge can be described like that. Clear as ice and clean as jade young master Tang San. Young master Dai, you don’t have the chance.” The words ‘young master Dai’ were precisely

what the hotel manager had addressed Dai Mubai as the first time she and Tang San had met Dai Mubai with the twin sisters.

“Eh……” Dai Mubai was immediately speechless. When he again looked at Zhu Zhuqing he finally caught a trace of a smile on her face. Instantly his heart came alive again: “Xiao Wu, don’t tease me like that. Let me tell you that virgins meeting virgins is just a painful affair. How about I impart some of my experience to little San later?”

Xiao Wu stopped smiling at once. Even if she was even more brazen she still wouldn’t be a match for Dai Mubai. Her charming face instantly turned red and she hid behind Tang San’s back, not daring to come out. Her small hands constantly twisted on Tang San’s back.

Xiao Wu didn’t notice that Tang San’s gaze was somewhat absent- minded at this moment, apparently thinking of something, and the expression in his eyes somewhat hard to make out.

The great immortal treasure gifts Tang San had brought could be said to be the perfect endgame. Apart from Xiao Wu who had refused to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, everyone else had received considerable benefits. The strength of the Shrek Seven Devils had increased by a large chunk.

The one who had benefited the most among them wasn’t Dai Mubai who had broken through the fortieth rank bottleneck, nor was it Zhu Zhuqing who had gained seven ranks of spirit power, but rather Ma Hongjun whose evil fire had been filtered and the impurities discarded.

Returning from washing up, Ma Hongjun was like a different person. Even though his eyes were still as small as before, and he was still the plumpest among the seven, he wasn’t as bloated as he had been. With a heroic spirit in his expression, flickering within his gaze was a golden red brilliance that inspired awe in others.

Even when he didn’t release his spirit, just by being near one could feel a hot air current from his body.

The reason for this was clearly because he didn’t have full control after raising his spirit power.

Grandmaster returned together with Ma Hongjun, and on the surface he didn’t seem any different than before. It was only when looking carefully one would discover that he seemed a few years younger, his skin more glossy, the atmosphere around him seeming even more reserved as he held Luo San Pao who seemed to have grown a size to his chest.

“Grandmaster. How do you feel?” When Tang San saw Grandmaster returned he hastily greeted him and asked.

Grandmaster’s expression seemed a bit eccentric, “After more than thirty years. I didn’t expect that I would actually reach what I had hoped for on this day. It seems I still underestimated external forces, I’ve broken through the bottleneck I’ve been stuck at for decades. My spirit power has finally reached the thirtieth rank.”

Thirtieth rank, perhaps to geniuses like these little monsters it wasn’t much, just another phase of their cultivation.

But to Grandmaster, the thirtieth rank threshold had already perplexed him for several decades. In order to break through the thirtieth rank threshold he had expended untold mental and physical effort. Now finally breaking through with the assistance of the Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia left him with a both sad and delighted sensation that made Grandmaster feel somewhat strange. But breaking through was still a good thing, he could finally obtain his third spirit ring.

“Grandmaster, congratulations. Perhaps you will be able to cultivate rapidly after breaking through the thirtieth rank.”

Grandmaster sighed, “This year I’m already a bit over fifty. Spirit Master cultivation becomes more difficult the older one gets. Generally speaking, it gets very difficult to advance after sixty. Do I still have a few years? I’ve long since given up the dream of becoming a formidable Spirit Master. You all are my hope. Well, you seven stay here for now. Even though the efficacy of the herbs is good, you still can’t slack off. The

drugs you just took were so effective, stay here for the time being to cultivate and consolidate the strength you obtained to make it stable. In seven days me and Mubai will go to hunt spirit beasts for spirit rings.”

Grandmaster had everyone’s admiration in the field of spirit research, and their own strength rising made them even more confident in their cultivation. Nobody doubted Grandmaster, and they nodded one after another.

Although Dai Mubai had already reached the fortieth rank, according to Grandmaster’s theories, the Spirit Master world’s Ten Great Core Competences, the spirit ring bottleneck didn’t prevent Spirit Masters from increasing spirit power, the lack of spirit rings only prevented entering the next phase. Cultivation in the original phase, while unable to break through levels, would actually still cultivate spirit power and would show its effect after obtaining a spirit ring.

For instance, a Spirit Master who broke through the thirtieth rank bottleneck would require a spirit ring to enter the thirty first rank and become a Spirit Elder.

But if he never obtained a spirit ring and kept cultivating at the thirtieth rank, even though his spirit power would never reach the next stage, it would still be set aside. Once a spirit ring was obtained, this store would be released, promoting the corresponding level, just like when Tang San obtained his first spirit ring.

Over the next several days the Shrek Seven Devils all stayed at Liu Erlong’s little log cottage to cultivate their spirit power, consolidating the great benefits the medicinal effects had brought them. Even Grandmaster was no exception. Every day Flender sent people with food, and in order to let everyone cultivate in peace he posted the two tyrannically powerful teachers Zhao Wuji and Lu Ji-Bin nearby the log cabin to protect them.

In the log cabin the Shrek Seven Devils plus Grandmaster sat in a circle, differently colored light flickering from each of them.

Different energies complementing each other.

Sitting in the middle was Dai Mubai, with black and white light shining around him, releasing an overbearing energy.

On Dai Mubai’s left was Zhu Zhuqing, radiating with black light and an agile energy. On Dai Mubai’s right was the Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, and the light he emitted was the strangest. After eating the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid his spirit power had become pink, such a light appearing on a male Spirit Master really made people feel a bit strange.

On Oscar’s right was Tang San, mainly shining with white light, but within was gathered both red and blue. But the colors were very faint, and couldn’t be distinguished unless looking carefully.

to Tang San was Xiao Wu with a deep red radiance, the Yearning Heartbroken Red between her hands, that delicate fragrance drifting in front of her, quietly cultivating.

Ma Hongjun was golden red, Ning Rongrong was resplendent gold, and even Grandmaster released a purple light. The entire log cottage was filled with sparkling light, seeming extremely fantastic.

After the growth from the immortal treasure herbs, by now the Shrek Seven Devils had all increased their strength.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, fortieth rank. Sausage Monopoly Oscar, thirty eighth rank.
Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, thirty seventh rank. Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, thirty sixth rank.
Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, thirty fifth rank.

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, thirty seventh rank. Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, thirty eighth rank.

From just recently having entered the thirtieth rank to attacking the fortieth rank, none of the Shrek Seven Devils had imagined it would be this quick.

“Little San.” As everyone were cultivating, Flender’s voice rose from outside the log cabin.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes and quietly left the room.

“Dean Flender, you were looking for me?” Tang San asked.

Flender nodded, saying: “Senior Dugu has brought Dugu Yan, and asked me to call you over for something. Little San, be a bit careful, Dugu Bo is still too dangerous.”

Tang San naturally understood why Dugu Bo was looking for him and smiled slightly: “Dean Flender, don’t worry. Nothing will happen.”

Flender brought Tang San out of the forest to the main school area. Tang San still hadn’t looked the place over carefully since coming here.
Even though the main school area wasn’t as gorgeous as Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, it was still extremely practical. Right now there were several students interacting on the field.

The two entered the main school building, heading straight for the deepest part of the teaching block’s top floor to meet Dugu Bo.

This place had been claimed by Dugu Bo personally. He always liked peace and quiet, and this place met his requirements. By opening the window he could look over the forest behind the building and breathe in the fresh air every day, a feeling Dugu Bo was quite fond of.

In order to let the old freak stay comfortably, Flender had reluctantly spent money to double the amount of decorations since Dugu Bo came. Right now it even seemed somewhat splendorous.

Within the room Dugu Bo sat in a large chair, softly rocking. When Tang San entered he opened his eyes, looking at him with a smiling expression. On the large bed to the side, Dugu Yan sat leaning against the headboard in a bored manner.

“Little freak, you’ve come.” Dugu Bo was first to call out. At the same time waving his hand at Flender, indicating he could leave.

Flender was indeed somewhat afraid of Dugu Bo. He clapped Tang San on the shoulder, hinting he should be careful, then greeted Dugu Bo and left.

With Flender gone, Tang San naturally wouldn’t be polite with Dugu Bo and walked over to sit on a sofa to the side.

Dugu Yan’s fierce gaze had stayed on Tang San from the moment he entered, but Tang San didn’t pay any attention, treating her like air.

“Grandpa, why have you called over this little bastard? You still haven’t told me why you would come to this run down academy as an advisor. Even if it was important, you should have come to our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy!” Dugu Yan spoke to Dugu Bo like a spoiled child.

Dugu Bo said: “Fine. Yan-yan, later you mustn’t go saying ‘little bastard, little bastard’. Even if this little freak is uncanny, he still has a lot of areas you could learn from. Look at you, you’re already twenty one, and still like a little child. He’s not even fourteen, but his attitude is more mature than yours.”

Tang San secretly thought, ‘What fourteen, I’ve lived two lives, already forty years. How could I be as childish as your granddaughter?’

Dugu Yan hadn’t expected Dugu Bo to think this highly of Tang San and snorted, “How is it so amazing. Last time I was careless. If we went at it again I’d beat him until his teeth littered the ground.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying: “I think you’ll have the chance you wish for. In another half year it will be time for the Continental Elite

Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. We’ll both be competing in the Heaven Dou City district, and I think we’ll encounter each other very quickly.”

Dugu Yan snorted disdainfully, “If we weren’t careless last time the losers would definitely have been you. Your sneak attack on Tian-Heng won’t work again.”

Dugu Yan didn’t know Tang San’s depth, but Dugu Bo was only too clear. As he recalled the Cluster Soul Chasing Balls, Dugu Bo couldn’t help shivering. He didn’t believe the little freak only had four, and glaring at Tang San said: “Little freak, I don’t care about others, but when the time comes you can’t injure my granddaughter. Otherwise I’ll take it up with you.”

Dugu Yan resentfully said: “Grandpa, what are you saying. How could he injure me again. Would you ever encourage others’ ambition and look down on your own strength?”

Dugu Bo said: “I don’t know about others, but if you underestimate this little freak, then I can guarantee that you’ll get the worst of it in a fight against him. Do you know what his current spirit power rank is? It shouldn’t be much short of yours, thirty seven ranks. If he has half a year, this little freak might even break through the fortieth rank bottleneck. You and he are alike, you’re both control system Spirit Masters, but I can tell you for sure that you aren’t his match.”

Hearing Dugu Bo repeatedly defend Tang San, Dugu Yan’s mood changed immediately. Leaping up from the bed, she glared at Tang San with an aggrieved expression, “Little bastard, what kind of potion did you use on my grandpa? He’s actually so taken with you. Grandpa, you wouldn’t have taken this little bastard as apprentice, would you?”

Dugu Bo’s aged face blushed. The two had only mutually investigated poison, mutually studied. Tang San admittedly felt he had learned a lot from Dugu Bo, but Dugu Bo also believed he had gained some small advantages. For a moment he actually didn’t know how to answer his granddaughter.

Tang San also stood up from the sofa, “I still have to cultivate, I don’t have time to accompany you for senseless chatter. As for strength, let’s see it on the stage. Old freak, this is my blended medicine. You let her take it once every day for seven days, and it will transmit the poison. However, you have to find her a spirit bone first. With your abilities this shouldn’t be difficult.”

Dugu Bo took the seven crystal bottles Tang San handed over, nodding to him: “Little freak, under heaven are scattered many feasts. I have my wish, it’s impossible for me to always stay here.”

“You’re leaving?” Tang San shocked looked at him.

Dugu Bo nodded, “I have some matters to deal with. If I hurry back I might make it in time for the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. Don’t forget, I won’t let you harm Yan-yan.”

Tang San glanced at Dugu Yan standing to the side with a baleful expression, and said indifferently: “To give you face I won’t do anything to her. However, you had best remind her not to provoke me. I’m leaving.” Saying this, he turned around and walked to the door. Dugu Yan still wanted to say something, but was stopped by a stern look from Dugu Bo.

Tang San suddenly stopped in front of the door, turning his head to look at Dugu Bo. One old and one young gaze met in the air, and although Tang San tried to hide it, Dugu Bou could still see a reluctance to part in his eyes.

“Old freak, take care. Don’t forget those two iron balls.”

“You take care too.” Dugu Bo lowered his head, waving his hand at Tang San. He didn’t know why, but right now he felt a little sand in his eyes. The feeling Tang San gave him even Dugu Yan had never caused.

While walking out of the school building, Tang San’s mood still hadn’t recovered. Even though he had been constantly cultivating these several days, it was very difficult to focus, and even now he couldn’t undo the problem that preoccupied him.

This disturbance had appeared extremely suddenly, and he couldn’t even share it with anyone. He truly regretted that look. Even to the extent that he hadn’t the mood to reflect on why the old freak would leave now.

Dugu Bo left quietly. He didn’t say anything to anyone, and on the second day was gone without a trace.

Flender didn’t find Dugu Bo’s departure strange, after all, he was a Title Douluo, and who would dare restrict the actions of someone like that? Dugu Bo leaving on the contrary made him relieved, at least it reduced the number of time bombs at the Academy.

Several days later the Shrek Seven Devils completed their temporary Seclusion. Flender and Liu Erlong personally went with Grandmaster and Dai Mubai for the not distant Sunset Forest where Dugu Bo also had his nest to hunt spirit beasts. Ning Rongrong asked for leave and returned home. The remaining five for the time being entered the Academy’s advanced class.

Ning Rongrong had already planned to return home a while ago, but because Tang San was missing he naturally couldn’t make her the hidden weapons. Now that Tang San was back, and her strength had also substantially increased, she returned to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile school with her own pride and those mechanical class hidden weapons Tang San gave her.

Looking at the school uniform he wore, Tang San felt helpless. He didn’t know if it was a deliberate practical joke on Flender’s part, but after he had assumed control of the Academy, he had changed the Academy’s school uniform to completely green, and still that kind with a bit of yellow, the legendary snot green.

Let alone Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu’s big scowls, even Tang San felt a bit ridiculous.

[1] Idiom: Spotless, irreproachable

[2] Idiom: Selfless and incorruptible

Chapter 72

“Can we really go out in these clothes? Wouldn’t it have people laughing themselves to death?” Oscar pointed to the massive red characters on his chest, ‘Shrek Academy’.

Fatty smiled wryly: “I didn’t feel like teacher’s sense of aesthetics were so lacking before, how could he fit red with green? Don’t tell me that in half a year he’ll still have us dressed like this to participate in the Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition? I’m afraid we won’t even get to fight, we’ll be laughed to death first.”

Tang San said: “But we’re not the only ones dressed like this, aren’t all the Academy students wearing the same? Oh, that’s right, you were cultivating in the Academy the whole time, is there any difference in the education system here?”

Oscar swallowed, saying: “There actually aren’t any differences, just that there are a lot of women. Everyone says that female Spirit Masters are rare, but that doesn’t show at our Academy. At least half or more are women Spirit Masters. Reportedly, it’s because of vice dean Liu Erlong. The majority all idolize vice dean Erlong.”

“There are altogether six classes in the Academy, separated according to rank. As long as your rank advances, you can skip a grade at any time, there’s no need to take any exams or such. Only on graduation are there two tests, one is combat, and one is a graduation mission. Split by rank, there are three classes for twentieth rank to twenty fifth rank making up

the largest number of people, approximately one hundred twenty people. Twenty fifth to thirtieth rank has two classes, roughly eighty people, and thirtieth and above have one class, which is also our advanced class. Figures us as thirty something people. Moreover the majority are a lot older than us. Some are even over thirty.”

Fatty, immensely proud of himself, said: “This is the gap. How could people like them reach Title Douluo?”

The Academy bell rung, and everyone entered the classroom.

Because of their age, the Shrek Seven Devils naturally couldn’t compare to those older students in stature, therefore their seats were all at the very front. By now all the Shrek Seven Devils had reached the thirtieth rank, and naturally also sat in this classroom.

Just as they entered, Tang San discovered the mood in the classroom was somewhat peculiar. A lot of people’s gazes were fixed on him. Just like Oscar said, the number of female students were about the same as the male students in the classroom, and these female students looking at Tang San, for the most part displaying pure astonishment. But the male students looked at Tang San with gazes that clearly held bad intent.

Tang San of course didn’t care about others looking at him, he just wanted to know the cause.

He understood it very quickly. From those male students’ gazes at him, he knew the reason for the malevolence.

Tang San was being pulled into the classroom by Xiao Wu, who pulled him straight into a seat next to her. Furthermore, from start to finish Xiao Wu’s gaze had never left Tang San, as if he was the only person in her eyes.

Even though Xiao Wu and Tang San had neither reached fourteen, girls developed earlier th an boys, and Xiao Wu wasn’t just beautiful, she still had that pitch-black long hair in addition to her perfect golden ratio figure. Naturally the number of those twenty something youths who coveted her wasn’t few.

Oscar and Ma Hongjun weren’t looked at with the kind of malevolence as Tang San, and sat on the other side secretly snickering.

Zhu Zhuqing just sat down in a corner with her ice cold expression. No matter others, she didn’t even look at her closest companions.

The teacher hadn’t arrived yet, and after the classroom had become quiet for a brief moment when Tang San and the others entered, it immediately became noisy again.

A few twenty three or twenty four year old students sitting in the back immediately stood up with meaningful glances, and walked over towards Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Tang San said in a low voice to Xiao Wu: “Xiao Wu, it seems you’re really popular around here!”

Xiao Wu snorted, saying: “It’s just some boring uncles. Who cares about them?”

Tang San couldn’t help smiling, “No need to be so harsh, they’re only ten years or so older than you.”

Xiao Wu stuck out her adorable pink little tongue at Tang San, “Ten years older isn’t an uncle?”

As the two spoke, Tang San suddenly felt the light being blocked in front of him. Raising his head to look he saw four people standing by his side. These four were all built very tall, encircling his side like a wall.

Tang San asked without batting an eyelid: “Something on your mind?”

The one closest to Tang San was a sturdy youth, approximately one meter eighty tall, wide shoulders and broad back, chestnut red short hair that gave an excessively spirited impression, a flickering radiance deep in his eyes, speaking in a low and muffled voice: “Kid, are you new?”

Tang San nodded, “Yeah, hello, I’m Tang San.”

The sturdy youth said: “Since you’re new, then it seems you don’t know the rules of our advanced class.”

“Rules?” Tang San stared blankly.

The sturdy youth nodded affirmation, “That’s right, there are rules. Don’t tell me you didn’t know know nobody can sit next to Xiao Wu? Who allowed you to sit here?”

“Me.” Without waiting for Tang San to speak up, Xiao Wu already slapped the table and stood up. In front of Tang San she was docile, but in front of others she was still that big sister boss from Nuoding Academy. Her slap at the table echoed like a mountain, intrepid energy exhibited in her speech. At the slap, the four youths practically simultaneously trembled, unconsciously taking a step back.

Xiao Wu put up a foot on the chair next to her, left hand crossing at her waist, right hand pointing at the four as she angrily yelled: “Did you have anything to say? Get lost. Otherwise don’t blame Xiao Wu Jie[1] for being blunt.”

The sturdy male student was somewhat unable to keep his face up at Xiao Wu’s berating, “Xiao Wu, this is a matter between us men, don’t get involved. I’ve always let you have your way, but I’m not afraid of you. Don’t tell me you think I, as the Academy chief, can just back down?”

Tang San to the side couldn’t help asking: “Senior, what’s the Academy chief?”

A thin and tall student next to the sturdy student couldn’t help but say: “What kind of hick is this, doesn’t even know about the chief. The chief is the most awesome among all the Academy students.”

Hearing him say this, Tang San was instead somewhat on alert. Sizing up the sturdy student in front of him, he said: “So it’s like that.” He believed that since the other part said this, then this sturdy student must be even stronger than Dai Mubai. Looking at it like this, the other side might approach fortieth ranked strength.

The sturdy student proudly declared: “Kid, right now you have two choices. The first is to duel me, if you win I will admit you have the qualifications to sit there. The other is to immediately get lost and find someplace else to sit.”

Tang San never liked causing trouble, but he was also never timid. Let alone when the matter was somewhat related to Xiao Wu. No matter how it was related, as Xiao Wu’s big brother, how could he back down.

“Duel? Right here?” Tang San doubtfully asked.

The sturdy student proudly said: “Don’t tell me I’d still need to pick a place to deal with a child like you? Don’t worry, I won’t bully the younger, I won’t use my third spirit ability.”

Not far to the side Oscar couldn’t help saying: “Just what is called ‘the sins of Heaven can be forgiven, but our own sins are fatal’!”

Tang San nodded: “Then come.” Confronting an opponent with unknown strength he wouldn’t be careless, standing up he directly released his spirit.

As the two yellow and one purple spirit rings appeared around Tang San, the complexions of the sturdy student’s party clearly changed. Clearly they hadn’t expected Tang San to possess such an optimal spirit ring configuration.

“Tang San, spirit Blue Silver Grass, thirty seventh ranked control system Battle Spirit Elder, please advise me.”

“What? You’re thirty seventh ranked?” The sturdy student was shocked, inwardly he couldn’t help regretting what he said just now about not using his third spirit ability. But he was after all the previous Blue Tyrant Academy’s chief and he was the instigator of this fight, naturally he couldn’t back down.

With a deep roar, his body swiftly transformed.

His already sturdy body expanded once again, especially the muscles of his arms that practically doubled in size. At the same time they extended until they hung to his knees, and all his exposed skin grew black fur.

“Tai Long[2], spirit Vigorous Orangutan, thirty seventh ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master, please advise me.”

Thirty seventh ranked? Tang San looked distracted a moment, his face couldn’t help displaying a strange smile.

If the opponents strength had surpassed his, then he still might bring him some trouble. But since his spirit power was only equal to his own, then this fight was at once very simple.

Tai Long crooked a finger at Tang San, indicating he should go first. Tang San wasn’t polite and raised his right hand, green light flickering within, compact green light releasing in an instant. Right now he was close to Tai Long and the other students only saw a green light sparkle, the next moment Tai Long was already closely enveloped in a large net.

The contest ended even faster than it started. After Tang San launched Spider Web Restraint, he directly walked over and sat down next to Xiao Wu without even looking at Tai Long. Even though Tai Long was rude, he was still open and honest, so he hadn’t planned to injure the opponent and had immediately used his third spirit ability.

Tai Long only felt his body constrict before he was already unable to budge. Subconsciously he began to struggle with all his might.

His spirit was the Vigorous Orangutan, and force was its forte. He refused to believe that this delicate Blue Silver Grass could restrain him.

However, very quickly this former chief's complexion changed. The Blue Silver Grass that wove the giant spider net possessed extreme toughness, and however he struggled he was unable to loosen it a fraction. Instead the spider web tightened constantly, and an intense burning feeling came from

where his skin touched the spider web, at the same time accompanied by a strong paralysis. By now it was already impossible even if he wanted to use his third spirit ring.

Even though he also had optimal spirit rings, as a strength model power attack system Spirit Master restrained by Tang San’s control, he didn’t have the power to retaliate.

With a bang, Tai Long slowly toppled to the ground like a collapsing golden mountain or falling jade pillar, his struggling gradually weakening as the spider web’s poison stole away his ability to resist.

At just this time the teacher walked in. The arrival was an acquaintance, the Sweet Pea Spirit Master from Shrek Academy, Shao Xin.

“What’s going on here? Little San.” When Shao Xin saw the spider web his gaze immediately turned to Tang San, unable to stop a scowl. “Are you bullying your classmates on your first day?”

The classroom was quiet, and all the students’ gazes on Tang San couldn’t help change.

Tang San helplessly raised his right hand towards Tai Long and a Blue Silver Grass strand drifted out, landing on the spider web. With an effort of spirit power he withdrew the net.

“I won’t accept it.” Without the spider web’s restriction, Tai Long fiercely leapt up from the ground. He wasn’t a gangster, and said to Shao Xin: “Teacher, just now I was the one to challenge Tang San. I was just careless, and was beaten by him. Tang San, I won’t accept it. I demand a duel.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help but say: “Are you senseless, don’t you have a brain? A strength model Spirit Master challenging a control system Spirit Master? Do you have water for brains?”

“I……” Tai Long’s expression changed as he recalled that spider web that left him completely helpless. Although he was physically powerful, the

poison from the spider web still hadn’t faded, and right now he was still numb and aching at the same time.

But how could he choke back this anger?

“With skill, we won’t use spirits. We’ll fight physically.” Saying this, Tai Long himself was the first to blush. A lot of the students also had disdainful looks. A strength model Spirit Master and a control system Spirit Master competing physically, wasn’t that just ridiculous?

But the students didn’t expect Tang San to actually nod: “Fine.” While speaking, he once again stood up and walked towards Tai Long.

Shao Xin struck the lectern several times, “Where do you think you are? The spirit arena? If you want to fight, find someplace after class. It’s time for class now. If you don’t care about punishment, then do continue.”

Shao Xin was an auxiliary type food system Spirit Master, naturally he didn’t have the strength to stop them. Of course, nobody would dare offend the teacher’s dignity.

Tai Long glared at Tang San, “I’ll wait for you after class.”

Tang San only nodded at him, and after apologizing to Shao Xin he sat back down next to Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu came close to Tang San’s ear, whispering: “Ge, since coming to this class Tai Long has always been fawning on me, but I don’t care to pay any attention to him. Sort him out properly today so he won’t bother me later.”

Nobody understood Tang San’s strength better than Xiao Wu, originally she had been fighting with Tang San without using spirits. Regarding Tang San’s close combat strength, she had a perfect understanding. What was great strength? Without skill it was useless. She refused to consider that Tai Long was able to beat Tang San.

Tang San looked at Xuio Wu and nodded: “Fine.”

While the disturbance was settled like this, Tang San still aroused a lot of students’ interest. Not just the male students hostile to him, a lot of female students were also interested. A teenaged youth knocking down the Academy chief, his future prospects were clearly amazingly bright.

Unfortunately, Tang San and Xiao Wu sat furthest in front, and their secret glances were unable to attract Tang San’s attention.

Shao Xin coughed once, and formally started class.

“Today’s topic is the effect of food system Spirit Masters on the battlefield. As everyone knows, food system Spirit Masters are the weakest in the Spirit Master world, but at the same time they’re existences that no Spirit Master can ignore. With a food system Spirit Master as companion, your fighting strength would increase substantially, especially in terms of ability to continue fighting. , I will touch on all the effects of food system Spirit Masters on the battlefield……”

Shao Xin’s lecture wasn’t lively, and in the whole class the only food system Spirit Master was Oscar. Consequently, only he listened with keen interest, while more and more appeared drowsy.

Tang San had practically already forgotten about Tai Long. From time to time he and Xiao Wu whispered about something, which to them was just a very ordinary conversation. But in the eyes of others, that sweet little atmosphere aroused even more envy.

Tang San might have forgotten, but Tai Long wouldn’t. He had already set aside his face to use his strength to attack the opponent’s weakness, he couldn’t lose again. This class also gave him the opportunity to prepare.

Sitting furthest in the back he was constantly congregating spirit power to eliminate the poison and recover his strength.

The Academy’s curriculum wasn’t harsh, much like that of the majority of Spirit Master academies: classes in the morning, and in the afternoon the students would cultivate on their own. Very quickly the morning classes ended.

“Ge, what will we go eat? There are a lot of delicious things in Heaven Dou City, how about we go stroll in the afternoon?”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s eager gaze, Tang San smiled faintly. Nodding, he said:
“Fine, then we’ll go stroll. I don’t know if Fatty and oscar want to go.”

Xiao Wu snorted, saying: “Don’t bother with them, let’s go the two of us. They have things to do. Fatty that fellow, even if he doesn’t have the menace of the evil fire, I’m afraid his appetites haven’t changed. Big sausage uncle is so vulgar, I don’t want to walk together with him.”

Xiao Wu wasn’t being quiet, and Ma Hongjun and Oscar both heard her where they sat not far away. Oscar unhappily said: “Xiao Wu, even if you’re afraid we’ll intrude on your little world, there’s still no need to deride me so. I’m so handsome and natural, accomplished and elegant, a jade pillar facing the wind, how can I be vulgar?”

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue at Oscar, “You read those spirit incantations of yours aloud, then ask people for comments.”

“This……” When speaking of his spirit incantations, Oscar was somewhat helpless.

He had constantly pursued Ning Rongrong, but she had all along kept her distance, neither agreeing nor refusing, every day raising or crushing his expectations. After coming to study here, there were a lot of students with good appearance and figure in class. With his looks, attracting attention wasn’t any problem.

But the key point was that everyone here were spirit masters, and it was impossible to escape comparing notes. After the girls heard his vulgar spirit incantations, they immediately distanced themselves from him, and nobody would even touch his big sausage.

It was actually Dai Mubai who had been extremely popular, receiving dozens of love letters, not just from the advanced class, but also a lot from the other classes. Even if he wasn’t as handsome as Oscar, the charm of his evil eyes that seemed to see through people's hearts and souls, as well as his

pure masculinity, naturally made him the focal point of the girls. Unfortunately, ever since meeting Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai seemed to have completely changed his nature, and without the time to hide from these flowers, he also didn’t dare provoke them. This was also a major reason why Zhu Zhuqing’s manner towards him had improved a bit.

At this moment a disharmonious voice echoed once again, “Tang San, follow me.”

Tai Long had brought several followers over, pointing to Tang San then outside before turning around to leave.

Even Ma Hongjun was somewhat unable to bear this, “This fellow still hasn’t finished. Third brother, do you want me to help sort him out?”

It was embarrassing to stay quiet after accepting a gift, and even though Fatty’s nature was to run away, the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower Tang San had given him had saved his life. While this wasn’t something Fatty would speak about, it had still been deeply engraved on his heart.

Besides basic familiarity he still had a kind of special respect for Tang San. His form of address had also completely changed from little San to third brother.

“No need, I’ll go myself.” While speaking, Tang San and Xiao Wu walked outside.

Tai Long’s group headed straight into the forest behind the teaching block before stopping.

Tai Long’s school uniform had already been corroded by Tang San’s spider web, and now he simply tore it off, exposing highly perfected muscles. Both hands were relaxing then tightning, the bones issuing teeth aching cracks.

Tang San’s most recent mood was somewhat bad, and Tai Long’s series of provocations left him a bit impatient. Without speaking, he walked directly towards Tai Long, “Let’s start.”

While speaking, Tang San suddenly sped up, rushing forward, already arriving in front of Tai Long.

Tai Long’s battle experience was clearly extremely abundant, and without panicking he raised his left hand to protect his chest, while his right fist struck out with a whistling sound.

Tang San didn’t dodge Tai Long’s attack. Raising his left hand, he matched the opponent with his own right fist, making a half turn to the left at the same time as he stepped forward, he slammed his right shoulder against Tai Long’s stomach.

His right foot also came into place, and with his right hand pushing forward it was a standard Opening Window for the Full Moon[3].

Tai Long only felt his fist swing through empty air, the power behind it fading, immediately followed by a great force at his chest. He stumbled, and flew helplessly.

Bang—— Tai Long’s massive body flew several meters before finally landing on the blue silver grass within the forest.

“Convinced?” Tang San stood there with his hands behind his back. Even though he was young, standing there right now he still gave a majestic impression.

“Won’t accept it.” Tai Long roared, fiercely shooting up from the ground and striking at Tang San like a giant boulder.

Tang San’s brows creased, “Then I’ll beat you until you do.”

Ten minutes later Xiao Wu led the way out of the forest. While walking she couldn't help sighing: “Even though that fellow Tai Long is a bit troublesome, he can really take a beating. He actually kept standing up even after being thrown a hundred times.”

“He also has a very tenacious character.” Tang San followed behind Xiao Wu out of the forest, “If I hadn’t disabled his joints, I don’t know how long he would’ve kept at it.”

Tai Long basically hadn’t stood a chance before Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. He was indeed much more powerful physically than Tang San, but without the chance to use it he had been completely at Tang San’s mercy.

In the end Tang San didn’t have any choice but to use restraining techniques to disable the joints of his four limbs to end the fight.

Xiao Wu pulled Tang San’s hand, “Let’s go, we’ll go eat.” Tang San nodded, his gaze on Xiao Wu somewhat absentminded.

“What? You don’t recognize me?” Xiao Wu smiled.

Tang San hurriedly shook his head, covering up his embarrassment, “Let’s go, today you decide where you want to go and I’ll accompany you.”

The Academy was really conveniently placed in the city, stepping out of the great gate was a spacious street. Heaven Dou City was indeed worthy of being Heaven Dou Empire’s capital, the streets were wide and clean, and the stores plentiful. An endless stream of people bustling with activity flowed by.

As a result of the delay with Tai Long, as Tang San and Xiao Wu entered several restaurants they found they were all full. Unconsciously they headed towards the city center.

“Ge. Is there someplace over there?” Xiao Wu asked as she pointed to a dome building not far ahead.

That building appeared quite peculiar. It was perfectly round, just like half a sphere rising from the ground. Above wasn’t any written sign, only a hammer pattern.

Tang San’s heart twitched, immediately recalling what Grandmaster had said. That hammer couldn’t be the forging hammer that symbolized blacksmiths, “That seems to be an auction house. The symbol above should be an auctioneers gavel.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes brightened, “Auction house? Can we go take a look? I remember Grandmaster saying that only the two great imperial capitals have auctions of the highest standard, even selling spirit bones.”

That Tang San knew about the auction house was naturally because of spirit bones. That was a treasure Grandmaster had yearned for. In some sense, as long as they had enough spirit power, practically any Spirit Master could obtain a spirit ring, only the quality might vary. But spirit bones were different.

The rarity of spirit bones made them the exclusive domain of a small number of Spirit Masters. Anyone who had a spirit bone would try to cover it up, to keep others from knowing. Because the events where spirit bones had led to bloodshed were too many to count. Even the most common spirit bones could be sold for sky high prices.

Despite Spirit Hall clearly forbidding Spirit Masters from hunting spirit beasts for spirit bones, there were still a lot of over-confident Spirit Masters who took the chance out of desperation. Of course, very few would part with their spirit bones, and for the most part they were traded for another.

Exchanged for a spirit bone that was more suitable or perhaps some precious treasure.

Tang San was also interested in the auction house, “Xiao Wu, let’s find something to eat first. We’ll take a look afterwards.”

Speaking of food, Xiao Wu couldn’t help being angry: “It’s all because of that fellow Tai Long holding us up that those small delicious shops outside the Academy were all filled up. These restaurants all have too good business, there isn’t even room to sit.”

Tang San helplessly shrugged: “We can’t go to the auction house hungry. In this great Heaven Dou City there must inevitably be someplace to eat.”

Xiao Wu suddenly smiled: “Look over there. They’re selling quick meals. We’ll go have a bit to eat.”

Tang San followed Xiao Wu’s finger and saw an old man pushing a food cart. On the cart were several woks, and to the side were bamboo baskets with lids to keep them warm.

“Boss, what do you have?” Xiao Wu bounced over to ask.

The old man immediately smiled on seeing the adorable Xiao WU: “Little miss, my boxed meals are absolutely delicious. Today’s business has been pretty good, there’s not a lot left. I’ll make it cheap for you. Two copper spirit coins for one is enough. How about it?”

“Thank you.” Xiao Wu quickly pulled out four copper spirit coins from her chest, “I want two. Ge, come eat quickly.”

The boss uncovered several lids, two spicy and two plain, arranged very well. In those bamboo baskets were snow white big steamed buns, and although they were no longer hot, they were still warm.

Xiao Wu first held out a steamed bun for Tang San before picking up one for herself, taking the dishes the old man held out, eating with big mouthfuls. Even though these were just cheap take-away meals, she still ate happily.

Tang San stood next to Xiao Wu, eating the meal with her. Looking at Xiao Wu’s content lovable countenance, for a moment he couldn’t help feel a bit silly.

Xiao Wu would from time to time pick up meat from her own meal and place it in Tang San’s bowl, herself only eating some vegetables and meat leftovers.

“Xiao Wu, you eat too.”

Xiao Wu smiled: “I don’t eat so much. Besides, while your body is growing, Grandmaster said that you boys need to eat more meat. Otherwise you won’t have strength.”

The simple words struck firmly at the softest spot in Tang San’s heart. In an instant the perplexion and bewilderment of the last several days seemed to be thrown off, and Tang San stood there stupidly looking at Xiao Wu, a somewhat odd radiance in his eyes.

“Ge, what’s up with you? Why have you been distracted these last few days? Are you ill?” Xiao Wu raised her hand to feel Tang San’s forehead.

Tang San set down the steamed bun and grasped Xiao Wu’s hand, in that split second flash of understanding just now he suddenly had a realization. Looking at Xiao Wu’s concerned cute face in front of him, Tang San felt hot blood boiling in his heart, “Xiao Wu, whatever happens, I will always protect you by your side like now, you will forever be my most cherished Xiao Wu.”

Xiao Wu stared blankly. Although she didn’t understand just why Tang San was saying this now, her heart was still warmed, and with a sweet smile said: “Ge, I know you’re the best to me. Eat quickly. Otherwise it’ll get cold.”

Tang San picked up the steamed bun once again. Perhaps it was because of undoing the knot in his heart, his appetite suddenly became vigorous, eating the steamed bun and dishes in big mouthfuls, his face once again brimming with his habitual smile.

The old man had before seen Tang San and Xiao Wu as children, and believed they would be unable to eat much and so given a cheap price. But seeing Tang San eat more and more he couldn’t help frowning in concern. A buffet style seller meeting a great stomach king, that was a tragedy for him.

Tang San ate until bursting before finishing the meal.

“Boss, thank you. Your meal was delicious.” Tang San nodded very courteously to the boss, and with a flick of his wrist a silver spirit coin landed on the counter.

“Young man, what’s this?” The boss stared blankly, and hastily called out to Tang San and Xiao Wu who were already leaving.

Tang San turned his head and smiled: “It’s what you deserve.” Saying this, he pulled Xiao Wu away with large strides. To him, this wasn’t just as simple as lunch.

Xiao Wu felt Tang San’s hand grip hers tightly, and the smiling expression on his face seemed to have recovered to normal. She was always astute, and without asking anything headed towards the auction house in an elated mood.

When they came close they could truly appreciate the scale of the round building.

By Tang San’s estimation, this half sphere sprouting from the ground had a diameter of at least five hundred meters, and was eighty meters tall at its peak. Even though it was inferior to the Great Spirit Arenas he had seen before, he knew that this place was only an auction house and didn’t need room for spectators.

Moreover, this was the capital of Heaven Dou Empire, and every spot of land was worth its size in gold. From this could be clearly seen how significant the position of the auction house was in Heaven Dou City, and how profound its background.

The auction house’s entrance was semicircular, and just like the auction house itself was milky white. In front of the door stood four tall young women.

These young women had clearly passed rigorous selection. Not only were they all about one meter seventy five tall, their figures extremely well shaped, and without need to mention their pretty appearance was had a great amount of sex appeal. They appeared twenty years old at most.

They wore long dresses that even concealed their arms, without revealing any skin. But the dresses were extremely tight fitting, an amply drew the outlines of their beautiful curves.

The snow white dresses were embroidered with silver designs that vaguely resembled words, but neither Tang San nor Xiao Wu could make them out. The four young women all moved identically, with both hands held up in front and smiling, and though the smiles were professional, they still easily gave people a good impression.

[1] Jie is halfway to “big sister”, but in this case is more like “boss”.

[2] (泰隆) There are numerous ways to translate this name, but let’s go with “Grand Bulge”.

[3] Martial arts move.

Chapter 73

Seeing two people approach, one of the four young women took three steps forward to greet them, bowing slightly as she spoke: “Guests, is there anything you require assistance with?”

Xiao Wu said: “This is the auction house. We want to go in for a look.”

The young woman was stunned, even though she didn’t hold any contempt because of Tang San and Xiao Wu’s age, it was still the first time she had ever seen visitors like this. But she still patiently said: “I’m sorry, honored guests, may I ask whether you have the bidding qualifications certificate?”

Xiao Wu stared blankly, “Bidding qualifications certificate? What kind of thing is that?”

The young woman smiled slightly, saying: “Only guests possessing a bidding qualifications certificate may enter the auction house to bid. Certification exists in several different levels, of them the threshold to enter is ten thousand gold spirit coins. In other words, you must prove you have assets to an amount of ten thousand gold spirit coins and can participate in bidding. This is to ensure people cannot enter to bid maliciously. Please forgive me.”

Xiao Wu turned her head to look at Tang San, “Ge, do you have ten thousand gold spirit coins?”

Tang San somewhat helplessly shook his head. Even though he had earned a lot at the Great Spirit Arena, a figure like ten thousand gold spirit coins was still too much.

Seeing Xiao Wu’s disappointed expression, Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Isn’t there some other way to get inside?”

The young lady said: “It’s still possible under another condition: if you are selling something you can also enter the auction hall. But to sell something requires passing our Heaven Dou Auction’s special appraiser’s valuation, the value must exceed ten thousand gold spirit coins for qualifications to join the auction. If the auction is successful we will take ten percent of the sale price as commission.”

Selling something? Tang San and Xiao Wu looked face to face, and Tang San’s heart twitched. Searching his chest pocket he pulled out an item.

It was a black little case, only about palm sized, on top were fastened rings and locks, the case was completely black, and on the front was a set of tiny holes.

“Then we’ll auction this.” Tang San flashed the little case in his hand.

“What is this?” The young lady wasn’t scornful when Tang San took this thing out, having worked here for a time she knew that sometimes the more bizarre an item was the more valuable it was.

Xiao Wu feigned mystery: “Don’t you have appraisers? Didn’t you say before that you had appraisers to have a look at the value, right?”

The young lady had realized that this went beyond her, and hastily held out an inviting hand, “Please follow me.” While speaking, she started walking into the auction house with small steps.

Inside the auction house wasn’t any feeling of glorious splendor. The floor was milky white marble, and on all the walls were all kinds of reliefs. The relief sculptures did n’t have a lot of color, appearing simple and forthright, extremely elegant. Besides the reliefs were still some display

windows on the walls. Inside were arranged goods like porcelain or armor and such. If they didn’t know what this place was, Tang San and Xiao Wu might have mistaken it for a museum. The young woman who led them all the way acted very professionally, pausing every ten steps or so to make an inviting gesture, accurately showing the direction. She took Tang San and Xiao Wu straight to the side of the gall, where a signboard with the words ‘appraisal’ hung over a room.

Inside the room was a row of tables, behind which stood eight black- robed appraisers, all of different ages, hastily valuing some goods.

The young lady said to Tang San and Xiao Wu: “This is the room for ordinary appraisals. If I may I would trouble you guests as to the characteristics of the item.” While speaking, she brought the two to an appraiser on the left, handing over the small case.

“Appraiser number one, I would trouble you. These two guests wish to put this item up for auction.”

The appraiser subconsciously accepted the metal box. As his gaze fell on it he immediately displayed an astonished expression, turning it over for a look as he said: “Forgive my ignorance, may I ask what this is? The manufacture is extremely elaborate, but I don’t know what applications it has?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “I call it a Powder Shooting Shadow[1], it’s a kind of weapon.”

“Weapon?” The appraiser was even more astonished, this was the first time he had seen such a delicate weapon. Originally he had still looked down on Tang San and Xiao Wu as just a pair of youths, but right now the disdain vanished, “Is it possible to see a demonstration?”

“Here?” Tang San picked up the Powder Projecting Shadow from the appraiser’s hand, “My item is poisonous. I’m afraid here isn’t the best.”

Hearing the word ‘poisonous’, it wasn’t just the appraiser in front of them that paid attention. The seven appraisers to the side couldn’t help cast

glances towards them, their expressions filled with astonishment.

Appraiser number one somewhat embarrassed said: “If you’re unable to prove its effect, there is also nothing we can do to set its price. Our auction house has a special area dedicated to testing weapons, shall we go there to take a look?”

Tang San nodded. “Let’s.”

The young woman in charge of receiving visitors didn’t leave them, and still followed at their side together with appraiser number one. They brought Tang San and Xiao Wu through a sliding door behind the appraisal area.

Perhaps the owner of this auction house was very fond of circles, but even the interior doors of the auction house were semi circular, giving a very thorough feeling.

Tang San couldn’t help sighing in admiration from just a brief observation, not only was the scale of the auction house large, but moreover everything was clear and orderly, the division of work explicit. The appraiser brought them to a weapons laboratory about one hundred square meters in size, the four walls of the room were covered in tightly fitting steel plates, and was completely empty.

Tang San gestured at the receiving young woman and the appraiser to move behind him, raised the Powder Shooting Shadow in his right hand and lightly pressed the trigger.

Chichichichichichi—— A continuous series of low squeaking sounds echoed, followed by a yellow mist drifting out. Tang San had added this new poison mist not long ago. After the Powder Shooting Shadow had undergone his improvements it could also shoot three times, just like the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Only its power was a bit weaker than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, but each time it could shoot thirty six steel needles.

Tang Sect’s mechanical hidden weapons were mainly sorted according to power. Like the reason the Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle was ranked

among the best wasn’t because of how concentrated its attack was, but rather its attack power.

The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s attack power was already frightening, three times that of the Powder Shooting Shadow.

But the Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle was five times stronger than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, its shooting speed and penetrating power could be imagined, it was basically an undodgeable hidden weapon.

A succession of intense jingling sounds rose from the wall ten meters away. Tang San stretched out his hand, urging his spirit power and using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to gather the poison mist, one finger shooting out a strand of Blue Silver Grass to absorb it.

He pointed to the opposite wall: “Please.”

The appraiser quickly walked forward. As he saw the state of the steel wall, he couldn’t help breathing in deeply, “Such a potent weapon.”

The three cun long steel needles hadn’t quite pierced into the steel plate halfway, the tail ends still quivering. From the blue liquid color it could be seen they were poisoned, and that still didn’t include the yellow mist that puffed out when they were fired. Such penetrating power was already something common Spirit Masters couldn’t withstand.

Tang San said: “My Powder Shooting Shadow can shoot three times after being loaded with steel needles, each time accompanied by a confusion type poison mist. The steel needles themselves are coated in paralysing poison, and the toxin will take effect as soon as they have pierced the skin. By my calculations, it would be a certain kill against a thirtieth rank spirit master or lower. Against thirtieth rank or higher, Spirit Masters without the ability to resist poison should very easily be affected. The steel needles are easy to make and can be reused. I can also offer a bottle of paralysis poison.”

Tang San walked over to the steel plate, raising his right hand and wordlessly pulling out the steel needles, once again pushing them into the

Powder Shooting Shadow. The poison didn’t have any effect on him whatsoever.

Mysterious Jade Hands didn’t just make his hands as hard as iron, they also isolated them from all poison.

Watching Tang San collect all the thirty six steel needles that were shot out, the appraiser finally came back to himself.

“Honored guest, even though it’s made from common materials, this weapon certainly is more elaborate than anything I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it might not be much use to other Spirit masters, but to ordinary people it’s a superb weapon. I’m prepared to give it a price of ten thousand gold spirit coins, what do you think?”

Tang San had only spent twenty gold spirit coins on making this Powder Shooting Shadow. Of course, that was only the material costs. On the entire Douluo Continent, he was the only one with the craftsmanship to create it.

Tang San nodded with a smile, handing over the Powder Shooting Shadow to the appraiser, “No problem. Then put it up for sale. Now we’re qualified to join the auction.”

The receiving young woman to the side hastily said: “Of course. Our auctions run constantly for twenty four hours of the day. All auctions are conducted at the heart of the hall. Please follow me. Your item will very quickly appear for auction, I’ll first bring you to handle the procedures.”

The procedures weren’t complicated, only setting up a gold spirit coin card with the auction house’s affiliated bank.

Through this bank Tang San could obtain the corresponding price after his item was sold and the commission was deducted. He could also place bids, with the condition that he couldn’t exceed his funds at the bank.

At the same time the receiving young lady gave the pair a simple introduction to the rules here.

As the biggest auction house in Heaven Dou Empire, it was possible to bid for any items here.

The first rule of the auction house was to never ask about the seller. Moreover they couldn’t reveal the circumstances of bidding in the auction house outside.

Twenty four hours constant bidding, without rest.

Every night was a time when top quality items were auctioned. Within those two hours only buyers with cash deposits in excess of one million gold spirit coins could participate. Any other time, any bidder could join.

The rules were very simple, but Tang San still noticed that this uninterrupted auction no doubt brought immense profit to the auction house. The auction of one precious thing would bring a ten percent commission, from some points of view that wasn’t much, but in fact, the accumulated wealth was terrifying.

Even so much that the profits must be enormous even compared to the Great Spirit Arena.

“Take us to the auction, please.”

Led by the young woman, Tang San and Xiao Wu finally got what they wanted, entering the heart of the Heaven Dou Auction.

The core of the auction was on the second floor. From the main hall there were eight staircases that led inside. Before entering the auction, the young woman gave them each a mask, telling them they everyone had to wear them in order to enter, out of security considerations for the customers. time nobody would receive them.

The young woman brought them directly to the entrance to the center of the auction before turning around and leaving. There were other attendants within the auction heart.

Compared to the young woman that brought them, the dress of the attendants here couldn’t help but make Tang San’s face and ear bright scarlet.

They also wore white clothes, and it was still dresses, but the feeling they gave people was entirely different.

The attendants within the auction were all female, around the same height as the young woman who brought them, but their figures were even more fiery.

The sleeveless white dresses they wore had wide open lapels at the chest. The short skirts barely passed seven cun[2] below the waist, exposing soft delicate thighs. Adding white high heeled shoes, they were even more exceptionally enticing. The deep gorge between their breasts, the pert but swelling under the short skirt, there was nothing that didn’t rouse the imagination.

Despite Tang San’s staunch willpower, he still couldn’t help looking several times. After all, he was still a normal man.

There was a sudden pain at his lower back, and by his ears Xiao Wu’s menacing voice, “What are you looking at? You’re not allowed to look.”

Tang San swallowed the pain and hastily said in a low voice: “Do you take me for fatty! Let’s go inside.”

Xiao Wu used her own, taller compared to Tang San, stature to as much as possible block Tang San’s line of sight as that provocatively shaped attendant brought them into the heart of the auction.

The heart of the auction gave people a feeling more like a large auditorium, at a size similar to the central main Great Spirit Arena, at the center was a circular platform, surrounded by rings of seats.

They were altogether arranged into five sections. The three rows closest to the platform were red, and moving successively out from there the next

were black, purple, yellow and white. Clearly it was set up according to the different levels of the bidders.

The receiving young woman had previously told them that the innermost red seats were accessed via a special passage, with special security personnel for protection. That was the area for so-called million level VIP’s, moreover one still had to be a person of considerable status to obtain red VIP qualifications.

The black seats outside was the common million level VIP area, anyone could enter and become a black guest as long as they had money.

Further out, purple was the five hundred thousand purple level guests, yellow was the hundred thousand level common guests, and the white area furthest out was also the largest area, where the most common guests like Tang San and Xiao Wu were seated.

The attendant brought the pair to the white area, indicating they could freely choose where to sit. Perhaps it was because Tang San and Xiao Wu were too young, or that their guest qualifications were too low, but the attendant wasn’t in any way enthusiastic, only very professionally brought them to their seats, even so much that she didn’t even have the professional smile of the previous receiving young woman.

Tang San was indifferent, but Xiao Wu was somewhat resentful,

“Hmph, arrogant snobs. Dressed like that, it’s clearly to seduce the wealthy. What did they do to grow that big?”

While speaking, Xiao Wu looked down at her own budding chest.

“The attendants here are all like that, it’s not directed at you.” A gentle voice came from the side. As Tang San and Xiao Wu turned their heads to look, they saw a white dressed scholarly looking middle aged man nodding at them with a smile.

Strangely, he didn’t wear a mask, and no staff came to ask him about it.

Xiao Wu couldn’t help asking: “They’re all like this? Why?”

The middle aged man said with a smile: “The attendants here all belong to the auction house themselves. Even their lives. They were all bought by the auction house as commoner girls, and fostered from childhood. They aren’t only the serving staff here, at the same time they’re goods for auction. If someone wishes to pay, they can be traded.”

“Then isn’t that slavery? But, don’t the two great Empires prohibit slave trading?” Tang San said somewhat astonished.

The middle aged man smiled calmly, saying: “There are a lot of helpless people in this world. This is the Heaven Dou Auction, let alone slaves, there is nothing that can’t be sold here. The reason those young women are expressionless is that they long ago lost lost their own hearts, and even more the decision of their own fate. All they can do is obey. Even though they’re beautiful, they don’t own their own souls. I can only describe them as ‘lamentable’.”

Listening to the middle aged man speak, the expression on Xiao Wu’s face gradually changed. If she loathed those scantily clad beautiful attendants before, then now her heart was brimming with pity.

“How much do they cost?” Xiao Wu asked.

The middle aged man seemed to see through her intentions, “You want to buy them and give them freedom? That’s just another tragedy.”

Xiao Wu puzzled asked: “Why?”

“Besides serving men, those attendants don’t have any survival skills. Even if you bought them, with their looks they would still finally fall into the hands of men. Their fate would be even more miserable. They don’t have souls, they don’t belong to the world. Besides, the price for each is a hundred thousand gold spirit coins. More than ten times that of the highest class prostitutes, it’s not something just anyone can spend.”

The middle aged man’s tone was somewhat helpless. He seemed to carry himself with a particular atmosphere that very easily made others feel familiar with him.

Right now there weren’t a lot of bidders at the auction, and only a sparse fifth or so of the seats were in use.

On the stage a spirit tool similar to a belt was being auctioned, and the price had already reached forty thousand gold spirit coins.

to each seat were special buttons to call out bids, above them was separately written one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand and one hundred thousand, representing how much each bid would raise.

The middle aged man seemed interested in Tang San and Xiao Wu, and changing the topic asked: “Coming to the auction so young, is there something you want to buy?”

Xiao Wu said: “We aren’t buying, we’re selling.”

“Eh?” The middle aged man smiled: “Selling things, huh. I wouldn’t have thought that someone as young as you would be selling.”

Xiao Wu said:

“Who said you can’t sell if you’re young. Maybe, later once we have money we can still buy spirit bones to play with. Yi, how did you know we’re young, don’t tell me you have x-ray vision?”

Everyone here wore masks, and even though Xiao Wu and Tang San were a bit smaller than adults, it still wasn’t by much.

The middle aged man said: “Good, ambitious. It’s no wonder youths can possess such strength. Even though you wear masks, the childishness of your bodies and eyes can’t conceal your age, clear sighted people will naturally notice.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help trembling inwardly, could it be this person was capable of seeing his and Xiao Wu’s strength? However, why

wouldn’t he feel any threat from him?

By now that spirit tool on the stage was sold for forty three thousand gold spirit coins.

The auctioneer on the stage touched the amplifier and spoke to the bidders with a smile: “The next auction we will conduct is a rare item. Interested bidders please pay attention. Especially male guests.”

While speaking, he pointed to the stage and three large men pushed out a cart. The cart was covered by red cloth and the inside couldn’t be seen, but from the shape it was some large square box.

Tang San, Xiao Wu and even that middle aged man’s gazes were all attracted by this new auction and stopped their discussion.

The announcer somewhat mysteriously said: “Can you guess what it is? Then, I will first reveal to all distinguished guests the starting price. This item’s opening price is ten thousand gold spirit coins. The minimum bid increase is ten thousand gold spirit coins. This is top quality among top quality.”

As the auction’s presenter, the ability to raise the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the competing bidders was clearly required, and he very successfully attracted the bidders’ attention.

“, all distinguished guests please pay attention.” While speaking, he grabbed the red cloth, sharply pulling it away.

After the flash of red light, what was revealed wasn’t any box, but rather a large iron cage. Within the iron cage was curled up a young woman.

The young woman was more than half naked, with only key places covered by shells. Because she was curled up her appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, but her figure was close to perfect.

Fair skin like sparkling jade, and a head of short green unstyled hair.

“Perhaps the honored guests might find it strange that such a girl would actually have such a high opening price, the same as the price for the beautiful women trained by our auction house for many years. But if everyone looks carefully, you will find how extraordinary she is.” While speaking, the announcer pulled out a rod from somewhere, poking it into the iron cage and lightly prodding the short green hair on the side of the young woman’s head, revealing her ears.

Those weren’t human ears, but small pointed ears similar to that of a feline. Under the light prodding of the rod, the ears turned slightly red.

“That’s right, you haven’t made a mistake. This is a rare cat woman. When her spirit awakened her body underwent a variation, possessing a cat like shape, her eyes are one blue and one green, a unique mien, and there’s even a long tail.” He used the rod to hit the young woman’s butt, and she yelped and turned, revealing a white cat tail that had been hidden in front of her.

“One might say that she is a unique and unmatched existence on the Continent. Able to possess such a beautiful female cat as a pet, such a blessing. Imagine, if when working you can grab her tail with one hand, what kind of scene is that?”

While speaking, the announcer revealed a dubious expression, swinging the rod in his hand in a circle in the air, “All guests, you can bid.”

“These bastards. To actually sell a person as a pet.” Xiao Wu couldn’t stop herself and was about to leap up.

Tang San pulled back Xiao Wu, indicating she should stay calm. But his own heart was a roaring sea. It wasn’t like he had never seen the dark side of this world, but it was still the first time he came into contact with it. It seemed that within this auction house, commodities like ‘humanity’ didn’t exist, only ‘profit’ and similar animalistic cravings.

Faint light flickered, and Tang San’s eyes revealed an ice cold aura, leaning back in his seat and quietly observing. He was an astute person, and naturally understood that he and Xiao Wu couldn’t change everything that

happened. Even if they were truly able to save this cat woman, afterwards there might still be a panther woman and a tiger woman, how could they promptly rush over without delay each time? ‘Teacher said that the auction house was a place brimming with opportunity and filth, it seems he really was right.’

Xiao Wu’s hand held on to Tang San’s the whole time, without relaxing. She discovered that Tang San’s grip on her hand was tight, clearly his heart was also uneasy. Looking at the light fluctuating in Tang San’s eyes, she also gradually calmed down. But she lowered her head, no longer looking at the stage.

Speaking of all this as a true coincidence, just after Tang San and Xiao Wu entered there was an auction of a living person, this no doubt left Tang San and Xiao Wu with an extremely profound, and also extremely bad impression.

At this moment, Tang San accidentally discovered that the middle aged man next to him pressed the button marked ten thousand. Even though it was his first time here, he still knew that this would display a ten thousand bid increase. In other words, he had at least a hundred ten thousand gold spirit coins to buy that cat woman.

His originally good impression immediately changed. He hadn’t expected this seemingly dignified and scholarly middle aged man next to him would actually be so base and despicable.

The middle aged man’s gaze stayed on the stage the whole time, but just when Tang San was changing his mind he spoke up: “Rescuing the soulless is pointless. This one still has soul, and is also the result of spirit variation, how can I not save her like this?”

Hearing his words, Tang San was slightly distracted, and even more wary towards this middle aged man. How could he know what he was thinking, could it be he was a legendary mind reader?

“No need to be suspicious. Young man, the eyes are the window to the soul, your expression is already enough to tell me a lot of things. After all,

I’ve already gone through a lot more years than you. This is the experience of society.” The middle aged man smiled at Tang San, his hand once again pressing the bidding button.

By now the bidding price had already increased to sixty thousand gold spirit coins. Moreover it seemed like the rising trend would continue without pause.

The announcer said: “One hundred seventy thousand, there is a red guest bidding one hundred seventy thousand gold spirit couns, are there no further bids?”

“One hundred eighty thousand. Excellent. there is a white-, ah. A white guest bidding one hundred eighty thousand.” He had already cried out in surprise on more than one occasion. White represented the most inferior bidders, but from the start of this auction there had been a white bidder participating. Even stranger, his bank still didn’t show any signs of overdraft. This explained how the competitor had such bidding power.

“Let me see who dares fight with me.” An elderly man in the frontmost red area stood up sharply, his eyes sweeping across the white area in the back. Even though he wore a mask, as soon as this man stood up, Tang San immediately recognized him.

The middle aged man had said that a person’s eyes were the windows to the soul. Everyone’s eyes were different, and the gap between expressions even greater. This red VIP person in front glowering at the back was precisely the Heaven Dou Imperial prince Xue Xing who had driven them away from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Against Tang San and Xiao Wu’s expectations, the middle aged man to their side didn’t try to hide from the opponent’s gaze, but rather stood up, nodding to prince Xue Xing with a smile.

The number of people looking along with prince Xue Xing wasn’t small. Seeing the middle aged man standing up, not only Xue Xing was stunned, at the same time a cry of alarm rose at his side. Even that announcer on the stage went somewhat rigid.

“The auction house has the rules of the auction house, can we continue?” The middle aged man’s voice wasn’t loud, but mild and refined, but it still clearly reached everyone’s ears.

Since Tang San sat at his side, he could distinctly feel the spirit fluctuations around him. He didn’t know why, but it didn’t have a trace of menace, feeling like an extremely gentle spirit power. He had a kind of unusually familiar feeling, as if he had sensed it somewhere before, “We can, of course we can.” The announcer agreed repeatedly with a toadying face.

“One hundred eighty thousand gold spirit coins going twice, one hundred eighty thousand gold spirit coins going thrice. Sold. This cat woman belongs to the mysterious guest in the white guest area.” After the middle aged man stood up nobody placed any more bids, and the auction was concluded smoothly.

When the middle aged man stood up and fearlessly confronted prince Xue Xing, Tang San knew he hadn’t lied. Otherwise, would he still have needed to stand up and brag about buying back a slave? Even more, for this reason he had offended an imperial prince. This scholarly middle aged man didn’t appear to be any kind of fool, so naturally he wouldn’t act foolishly. Since he did this, it proved he certainly had an honest heart.

“Uncle, thank you.” Xiao Wu was more direct than Tang San, and with a greatly improved mood she immediately blurted out without thinking.

The middle aged man smiled and shook his head, pointing to the stage, indicating they should look.

The immense iron cage had been pushed out, and very quickly an elderly man hurriedly ran up, saying something to the announcer, who nodded repeatedly.

The middle aged man smiled calmly, thinking out loud: “These fellows want to fool me with low price goods again. Every time I come it’s the same. Why always this? It’s not like I won’t pay.”

Tang San earnestly said: “Perhaps they’re afraid you will destroy something good. After you’ve bid, nobody will dare increase the price. With you here, their good things won’t sell for a good price, to the auction house it’s naturally a loss.”

The middle aged man smiled slightly, comfortably leaning back in his seat, “Then I should also leave. This trip has still been worthwhile. If you’re interested, you can come with me to have a look at that cat woman later.”

“Good.” Xiao Wu agreed without the slightest hesitation. She wasn’t as simple as she might seem, she really wanted to see how the middle aged man would treat that cat girl, in order to feel relieved.

The middle aged man said: “Then we’ll take a look at the last item, and leave directly. How could I let their arrangement go to waste?”

Very quickly another item was pushed out. This time it was only a small cart, the thing on which also wasn’t covered by any red cloth. Seeing this item, Tang San didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Xiao Wu couldn’t help saying: “Ge, isn’t this our Powder Shooting Shadow?”

Sure enough, what was pushed out was precisely the Powder Shooting Shadow Tang San had just had appraised at the lowest starting price level of the auction. Of course, this so-called lowest starting price was already a considerable amount to ordinary people.

“Powder Shooting Shadow? Good name.” The middle aged man smiled at Tang San. Tang San thought he saw something in his eyes, but couldn’t make it out.

On the stage, the announcer made the introductions, “The next item up for auction is a weapon the appraisers acclaimed as the most elaborate. Honored guests do not look only at its small size, its power is extremely astonishing.”

While speaking, the announcer picked up the Powder Shooting Shadow from the tray, “Our appraiser also didn’t know how this weapon was

manufactured, however, once used it can instantly launch thirty six steel needles. These steel needles are able to pierce a one centimeter thick steel plate within a range of fifteen meters, and are moreover dipped in paralysing poison. When the steel needles are launched, there is also the concealment of a dense mist. It’s a rare protective weapon. Altogether it can launch three times. If used appropriately in battle, it can very easily steal away the opponents fighting capability.”


The face of the middle aged man at Tang San’s side changed,

“These fellows really picked something I like. Little friends, does this weapon belong to you?”

[1] (含沙射影) It first appeared in the fight against Zhao Wuji. The name is an idiom that means “attacking someone by innuendo”.
[2] 7⼨ = 23.3cm

Chapter 74

Xiao Wu had already said it, so Tang San naturally wouldn’t try to cover up, nodding his head.

The middle aged man thought a while, then immediately pressed a bidding button. What he pressed was the one for ten thousand gold spirit coins.

“Uncle, didn’t you make a mistake? Wealth shouldn’t be spent in such a manner.” Xiao Wu had been paying attention to the middle aged man, and seeing him press down ten thousand gold spirit coins, she could not help but remind him.

The middle aged man smiling slightly, said: “I cannot let you make a loss. After my price increase, I am afraid nobody will come and compete anymore.”

Sure enough, as the middle aged man had said, once the host on the stage mentioned a white guest bidding ten thousand gold spirit coins, nobody came to compete at all, smoothly sealing the deal.

“My two young friends, let us leave. I have quite some expectations for today’s obtained items.” The middle aged man stood up, following the passageway he walked out. The host on the stage seeing him about to leave, clearly relaxed.

Tang San’s group of two followed the middle aged man together walking out of the auction center. Once past the door an attendant immediately approached. Different from the attendants Tang San and Xiao Wu had seen, this attendant’s dress sense wasn’t revealing, moreover the dress was silver in colour, and her appearance even more beautiful. Although one couldn’t claim her as a stunning beauty, but her standards are relatively not bad.

“Distinguished guests, please follow me.” The silver dressed lady respectfully bowed towards the middle aged man before making an inviting hand gesture.

The middle aged man lifted his hand, signaling her to lead the way.

Tang San and Xiao Wu followed behind the middle aged man, under the guidance of the silver dressed lady the three of them walked into a room beside the auction center.

The room was spacious, yet the decorations were very elegant: a white, comfortable sofa made of real leather, and four types of fruit delicacies placed on top of a round tea table.

The silver dressed lady said: “Will the three of you please take a break first, the auction items will be sent over immediately.”

Xiao Wu unceremoniously jumped towards the side of the sofa, reaching out and grabbing a bunch of fruits, tasting one mouthful, “Very sweet, the taste is not bad. Ge, do you want to eat?”

Tang San smiled slightly and shook his head, in passing removing the mask from his face. Xiao Wu on seeing Tang San removing his mask naturally stopped hiding too. Throwing the mask to one side, she ate the fruit earnestly.

The middle aged man sat down on the sofa, not saying anything, only waited silently. After laboring for a bit, with a few big-sized fellows pushing, a huge iron cage was sent in. The iron cage not only contained that cat woman, but a few other ladies too. All weren’t top quality goods, but

each had her own characteristic features. Of course, the inconspicuous Powder Shooting Shadow was also sent here.

The middle aged man took the Powder Shooting Shadow, passing over a red-coloured card, “Help me settle the bill, also send these girls over to my place.”

“Yes.” The previous silver dress lady took the card, allowing those pushing the iron cage to leave immediately.

The middle aged man then turned towards Tang San, smiling slightly, said: “Young friend, since this weapon belongs to you, can you teach me how to use it?”

Tang San nodded his head, answered: “Of course I can.” Under his simple introduction, the middle aged man swiftly grasped the method to use it, directly attaching it to the front of his chest.

The middle aged man was seemingly satisfied with the Powder Shooting Shadow, smiling slightly, said: “My two young friends, although this may be presumptuous, but I will still want to ask, which clan do you belong to? Can you tell me?”

Tang San shaking his head, said: “We do not have a clan. We are only just two students.”

“Students?” The middle aged man is somewhat taken aback, “Generally speaking, students of advanced spirit master academies should graduate after attaining thirty ranks? Only a few academies will slightly extend the rank for graduation.”

Tang San also directly voiced his inner doubts, “Then how are you able to perceive that our spirit power is not just thirty ranks? Don’t tell me this can also be found out from the expression in one’s eyes?”

The middle aged man smiled slightly, said: “I am also a Spirit Master, my Spirit Technique coincidently has one that is able to perceive Spirit Masters’ spirit power. Based on your looks, at most not passing fifteen or

sixteen years old, yet already with spirit power of thirty five ranks and above, I simply cannot imagine which clan is able to teach such outstanding disciples like you. Speaking of which, you are much stronger than my clan’s little she-devil.”

Tang San revealed a trace of smile on his face. “But we truly do not have a clan. You spending ten thousand gold spirit coins to buy my Powder Shooting Shadow, I cannot let you have a loss. Let me gift you this too.” While speaking, Tang San removed the Silent Sleeve Dart on his left wrist and passed it over, furthermore explaining in simple terms the method to use it. His right hand was equipped with the Flying God Claw, manufacturing it was much more troublesome, naturally it couldn’t be simply given to others. For relatively ordinary hidden weapons such as the Sleeve Dart and Powder Shooting Shadow, there was no need for him to stint.

After a moment of the middle aged man fiddling the Sleeve Dart with a surprised look, he discovered two characters at a corner of the Sleeve Dart, “Tang Sect? Are these two weapons are manufactured in a place called Tang Sect? How come I have never heard about this clan before?”

Xiao Wu puffed up and smiled, said: “Tang Sect only has one person, my big brother, of course you have not heard about it.”

The middle aged man blanked momentarily, but he recovered immediately, looking at Tang San, he said: “Could it be that, these two hidden weapons are made by you?”

Tang San nodded.

The eyes of the middle aged man revealed some sort of thoughtful light, “Young lad, I am not sure but are you able to mass produce these items? If possible, I hope to purchase from you directly. Of course, the price will not be as high as today, but it should be able to satisfy you.”

Tang San said with a little bewilderment: “You want to purchase Silent Sleeve Dart and Powder Shooting Shadow in bulk?”

The middle aged man nodded, “Do you think I am joking? If my two little friends have a interest, I can bring you to my clan to visit.”

Tang San shaking his head, said: “Thank you for your goodwill, but we have other matters, let us meet if fate allows. Xiao Wu, let’s leave.”

Xiao Wu blanked momentarily, her impression of this middle aged man wasn’t too bad, hence not understanding why Tang San hurriedly chose to leave, but she naturally wouldn’t doubt Tang San’s decision.

The middle aged man didn’t hinder them, slightly smiling, said: “You are right, we will meet again if fate allows. It has been a pleasure to meet you.”

Tang San replied while smiling: “For us as well.”

Watching the two of them walk out of the room, the middle aged man felt the Silent Sleeve Dart on his wrist, saying with some regret: “It is a pity the power of these two weapons is a little small, however, the potential of these two children is truly not bad.”

Silently opening the door, a person came in from outside, “Clan Leader, we should return.”

It was an old man, wearing a snow white robe, with a head of silver hair neatly combed behind his back, with a simple and unadorned appearance, both eyes were not fully opened but slightly shut, with gestures in between he gave off a type of very special feeling.

If the middle aged man’s aura was gentle, then, this old man’s aura could be described as a sharp edge. A deadly sharp edge.

The middle aged man nodded his head, “We should return. Uncle Sword, let’s go.”


Shrek Academy, entrance.

“Dad, please return. This issue is between us students. You coming here, won’t I lose even more face?” Tai Long said while tolerating the pain and inhaling. His face had swollen like a pig’s head, with evident problems moving his body. Only with another student’s support by the arm could he stand steadily.

In front of him, a middle aged man with a body larger than him by one size furiously watched the passing students. This person’s appearance and Tai Long’s had up to eighty percent resemblance, only that he looked a bit older, his outer clothing was unable to cover up those swelling muscles, and his face had sturdy look.

“My ass, my son got beaten up till his joints are all dislocated, if I, your father, were to tolerate it, I wouldn’t be worthy of being called Vigorous King[1] Tai Nuo. You little rascal, only know how to disgrace me, can’t even win against a ten-something year old kid. I came to see who is so formidable to even dare to beat up the son of Tai Nuo.”

Tai Long currently had a face of helplessness, inwardly regretting returning home to rest. As of now his four limbs’ joints were connected again. In spite of his fearless defense, to be beaten by Tang San into a state of chaos and darkness wasn’t something that could be recovered in a short period of time.

“Dad, your actions are putting me in a difficult position. In the future how am I supposed to continue cultivation in the academy?” Tai Long continued to advise his own father with a bitter smile.

“Get along my ass. Other people graduated long ago at thirty ranks, yet your broken down academy still wants to create this god-knows-what advanced class. So be it, even you got beaten till this state, nobody cared. Wait till I catch that fellow, I will definitely find your academy’s teachers and have it out.”
“This. Dad, it was I who had an issue. Nothing to do with Tang San.” “You still have the face to speak. Picking a fight and getting beaten up
like that. You really disgraced me as your father.”

Some of the students passing by naturally recognized Tai Long, but once seeing Tai Nuo’s fiendish expression, nobody dared to move up close, immediately hastening their footsteps when passing by.

“Tai Long, what are you doing here? Still not giving in?” Tang San and Xiao Wu finally returned, Xiao Wu whom at first sight spotted Tai Long’s face that is swollen like a pig’s head, couldn’t help but say.

Tai Long hurriedly faced Tang San and Xiao Wu and repeatedly sent warning glances, signaling them to hurry up and enter. But Xiao Wu mistook the intentions, “You ended up like this but still not satisfied? Rolling your eyes. Don’t tell me you still want to have a contest?”

The appearance of Xiao Wu attracted the gaze of Vigorous King Tai Nuo, secretly praising, what a beautiful lady. Although outwardly he looked bold and unrefined, but he wasn’t dumb. From the few sentences said by Xiao Wu he had grasped many things. Looking again at his son’s facial expression, his gaze suddenly landed on top of Tang San.

“The two of you, who is Tang San?” Tai Nuo coldly asked
Tang San heard someone calling his name and subconsciously replied:

“I am.”

“Good, so you are the little bastard who beat my son to this state.”

Tai Nuo had been waiting here all afternoon, finally finding his target his anger welled up in his heart, reaching out with his huge hands he immediately grabbed Tang San’s shoulder.

Tang San stepped with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, sliding three chi backwards, dodging Tai Nuo’s huge hands,

“You are Tai Long’s father?”

Tai Nuo proudly said:

“Correct, I am Vigorous King Tai Nuo. You beat my son until this state, should you not give me an explanation.”

Xiao Wu gave Tai Long a glance with some disdain,

“Finished beating the young one, the old then appears. If we were to also beat your father up, will your grandfather come out too?”

Tai Long momentarily blanked, his eyes suddenly filled with shame,

“Xiao Wu, don’t misunderstand, my father saw my wounds, that’s why…… However, if my grandfather really came, that would be troublesome.”

Tai Nuo side glanced at Xiao Wu,

“Little girl, this matter also involves you. If not for you seducing my son, would he get beaten up that miserably? Certainly a femme fatale. Knowing how to seduce men at such a young age.”

Xiao Wu got taken aback, turning furious, “Gorilla, you said who is seducing men?” Tai Nuo let out a single grunt,
“Don’t tell me you didn’t rile up this little bastard to beat my son? After I have settled this brat I will discipline you. My son has nothing unsatisfactory. This kid is just some other gigolo.”

While speaking, he reached out to grab Tang San again.

With regards to Tai Nuo’s attack, Tang San was originally not angry. He could see that Tai Long wasn’t lying, his father was evidently not brought by him. However, Tai Nuo’s insults to Xiao Wu made Tang San unable to tolerate any longer. To him, Xiao Wu was precisely a forbidden domain. The light within his eyes instantly chilled. This time around he stopped dodging, moving forward, swinging his left hand to grab onto Tai Nuo’s

wrist, right hand supporting his elbow, using among all joint twisting techniques the most potent Muscle Twisting Bone Grinding technique.

As Tai Nuo’s got his wrists caught by Tang San he was taken aback, but his reaction couldn’t be compared with Tai Long. Not pulling his hands back, letting out a low shout, he swung out clenched fists, the veins in his arm’s muscles suddenly rising.

Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon might be exquisite, but at this moment unexpectedly it had no uses as he only felt an enormous force passing from the other party’s elbow, instantly shaking off his two hands. Legs stepping with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he successively retreated several steps before managing to stand firm.

What a powerful strength. Tang San’s heart awe-inspired, and immediately started concentrating his spirit.


Tai Nuo was somewhat surprised in regards to him being unable to throw down Tang San,

“No wonder you are able to beat up my son, you are certainly adept. I want to see how many moves you can take from me.”

While speaking, he was also unwilling to release his spirit, just like that while chasing Tang San his two arms suddenly spread open, heading towards Tang San’s waist in an embrace.

From the previous encounter Tang San understood the other party’s strength was beyond his, if caught by his embrace, there was no need to think about struggling free. However, Tang San certainly wasn’t a power type spirit master, naturally he wouldn’t clash head on with the opponent. Changing his pace, his whole body suddenly became illusory. Even though Tai Nuo’s speed wasn’t considered slow, but with his multiple successive pounces he couldn’t even touch Tang San’s clothes.

“Stinky brat, don’t run if you have skill.”

Tai Nuo furiously eyed Tang San, yet inwardly he was greatly shocked. He had listened to Tai Long say that Tang San was a control type spirit master, and was fairly strong in his close combat abilities. Through these few probes, although Tang San’s strength was greatly below his, his agility was much higher compared to him who did not use his spirit. Wanting to catch Tang San in this manner wasn’t easy.

Tang San didn’t reply. His eyes shone with a brilliant light, a milky white radiance came out of his body. Blue Silver Grass spiraled around him, two yellow one purple, three spirit rings spiraled up, giving off a dazzling luster.

Tai Nuo grunted,

“Using battle spirit against me? Alright, I want to see how strong your spirit is. Vigorous Orangutan, Body Enhancement.”

Accompanying his single shout, the whole person hardened and grew by five cun, accompanying a series of tearing sounds, swarthy muscles immediately split apart his upper garments, revealing a steely torso.

Tai Long was already very strong, but compared to his father he was still lacking too much. Causing Tang San’s pupils to somewhat contract was, at the legs of Vigorous King Tai Nuo, a total of five spirit rings rose up. Two yellow, three purple. A gorgeous luster surrounded the body and rose.

Actually, Tang San did not know that Tai Long’s family had a traditional habit, that was covering up. Moreover Tai Long was the sole direct successor, after coming back home at noon, letting Tai Nuo see his body of wounds, naturally he could not contain his anger and ran over.

“Brat, scared now? If scared, then admit defeat. I will first dislocate your four limbs, and then bring you along to find your academy’s teachers to reason things out. I am a fifty eight rank power type battle Spirit King, think over carefully. Fists and legs are blind, if by chance I broke your legs, then I would be embarrassed.”

Releasing his own spirit, Tai Nuo instantly revealed an arrogant expression. From what he saw, he was higher than the opponent by at least

twenty ranks of spirit power, he would absolutely be able to make this brat in front of him yield easily.

But how would he know that Tang San’s greatest characteristic was his strong tenacity, the greater the pressure, the greater the rebound too.

“You are Tai Long’s father, but certainly not my father. Let’s fight if you want to.”

Tang San coldly said. Inwardly he was somewhat forlorn; somebody’s son got beaten up and his father then appeared, but where was his own father? The more he thought of this, the stronger his battle spirit became. They say ‘an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win’3, currently Tang San’s inner spirit power circulated rapidly, his entire being’s condition had already risen to the peak.

“Ge, let’s face him together.”

Xiao Wu on seeing that Tai Nuo was actually a Spirit King level power, was hurriedly about to release her own spirit.

Tang San raised his hand to stop her, saying:

“No, let me go alone. You don’t have to meddle. This is a matter between men.”


Tai Nuo let out a single praise,

“You brat may not look robust enough on first sight, but this sentence on the contrary rather suits my taste. Correct, this is a matter between men. Just from this this point, I will be more lenient later on.”

“No need to.”

Tang San said indifferently, his body already moving. He did not advance, but rapidly retreated, the Blue Silver Grass releasing from his

body as if they were countless blue-purple snakes, rushing towards Tai Nuo in a swarm.

Tai Nuo let out a laugh, his entire body like a tank, he charged directly in Tang San’s direction. Regarding to the approaching twisting Blue Silver Grass, he ignored it completely.

Peng peng sounds repeatedly rang. As soon as Blue Silver Grass twisted around Tai Nuo’s body, it would immediately be ripped apart by his robust muscles, unexpectedly unable to even delay him. One must know that after Tang San has received Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, his Blue Silver Grass had already become extremely tough.

Also adding in the forging by the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well, it caused his spirit’s toughness level to rise up to another level. This is also an important reason why Tang San when facing Tai Nuo, this Spirit King who was an opponent of another level, wasn’t afraid.

However, Tai Nuo’s strength was even more terrifying than he imagined, Blue Silver Grass with such toughness was unexpectedly unable to delay him.

In just a moment Tang San had deduced that this fifty eight rank Spirit King, strength-wise unexpectedly he wouldn’t lose to Vigorous Vajra Bear Battle Spirit Sage Zhao Wuji who was known for his strength, and Zhao Wuji’s spirit power was over seventy sixth rank.

In his mind Grandmaster’s imparted knowledge rapidly revolved, Tang San understood that his encounter this time, was perhaps a pure power type Spirit Master. The so-called pure power type refers to all spirit ring abilities adding on to strength only. With great strength the body was naturally tough.

Today, during the fight against Tai Long, Tang San vaguely discovered this problem, Tai Long’s body’s toughness level was simply not what a thirty plus Spirit Master should possess.

Right now Tai Nuo gave him a feeling that was far more profound. All these Blue Silver Grass simply didn’t have any effect on him.

Tai Nuo’s five spirit rings moved rhythmically up and down his body, the first two spirit rings releasing a yellow radiance alternately. Of these two spirit rings that supplemented his spirit skill, one rapidly increased his strength, and one condensed it.

Applied alternately, they were able to make his terrifying original strength increase by fifty percent. Adding his body’s fifty eight ranked spirit power, he was able to completely ignore Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

Tang San’s combat experience was plentiful, despite facing an opponent whose strength completely overwhelmed his he didn’t have the slightest trace of fluster. Although using his spirit made Tai Nuo’s speed increased considerably, but under his spirit power’s stimulation Tang San’s speed increased equally too. Tai Nuo wanting to overtake him in a short while would definitely not be easy.

Tang San simply withdrew his own Blue Silver Grass, only relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to deal with his opponent, not in a hurry to attack.

In a one versus one battle, one first has to understand one’s own and the opponent’s fortes and shortcomings. Tai Nuo’s fortes couldn’t be more obvious, that was his terrifying strength and the defensive capability. And what was his own forte? Tang San knew that personally he had many strong points. Mysterious Heaven Skill’s toughness was one among them.

Spirit power cultivation that wasn’t of this world, Tang San’s orthodox first class mind method Mysterious Heaven Skill had a vast advantage in recovering energy. And his unfixed steps compared to his opponent’s unceasing power releases clearly saved some strength, if he wanted to prevail over his opponent, first he has to deplete his opponent’s spirit power.

At this moment, the surrounding people watching the battle kept on increasing, Xiao Wu nervously clenched her fists, prepared to go up and

assist at anytime. Meanwhile Tai Long was also completely captivated by this battle between his father and Tang San.

Their Tai family’s spirit was similarly inherited. He also wanted to see how his father would restrain Tang San who beat him up while not allowing any counterattack.

As time passed, Tai Nuo got somewhat impatient. He and Tang San’s fight, originally suspiciously seemed to be the strong bullying the weak, now furthermore his attacks are without success for a long time, where was his face?

Suddenly stopping his footsteps, Tai Nuo stopped chasing Tang San, letting out a furious bellow towards the heavens,

“Root of Strength”.

The third spirit ring, also Tai Nuo’s first thousand year spirit ring suddenly blossomed with a purple light. He finally used his stronger spirit abilities.

His body that was originally full of power and grandeur seemingly expanded somewhat again, the winding blue veins underneath the skin crowded up like tiny snakes, the surroundings of Tai Nuo’s body seemed to be blown with a layer of swirling power. With his body as the center, the surrounding air evidently thickened.

Tang San on seeing Tai Nuo stopping his footsteps, immediately became more cautious, silently watching Tai Nuo, his eyes gradually revealing a golden purple radiance.


Tai Nuo violently raised his right leg, heavily stomping the surface of the ground.

A horrifying scene emerged, the ground suddenly trembled, as if even the entire Heaven Dou City trembled, a rift rapidly spread from the ground surface, reaching Tang San’s feet in a moment. Besides the rift passing through, gravel under the effect of violent qi currents soared towards the sky, flying tens of meters straight up in the sky. That is to say, within the travelling distance of this straight line, once the fissure had extended to one’s feet, then he or she would receive a violent attack.

‘What a strong force, so strength can also be used like this.’ Tang San thought in his heart, in a flash, his whole body traversed rapidly. He was very clear that the difference between his spirit power and the opponent’s was too large, even with one of eight extraordinary meridians opened up, he couldn’t possibly contend directly with Tai Nuo. What he could to right now, was to dodge. Although Tai Nuo’s could remotely exert his offensive ability with the current method, this undoubtedly also largely increased his spirit power consumption.

Successive roars caused the ground to repeatedly tremble, one fissure line after another rushed wildly towards Tang San. The Tai Nuo’s continuous attacks were very fast, but Tang San dodged even faster, his dexterous figure winding around the battlefield like a butterfly. Suddenly advancing and retreating, letting terrifying qi currents flit past his body, yet not taking a hit from start to end.

“What a slippery brat.” Tai Nuo let out a furious curse. As a power type Spirit Master, what he hated the most was precisely agility attack system spirit masters, beings like him loved head-on battles the most. Facing Tang San, obviously his strength is far higher than the opponent’s, yet there was somewhat a sense of having power but being unable to exert it, causing him to be exceptionally uncomfortable.

“Brat, you forced me into this. Watch my fourth spirit technique. Force Quake.”

The fourth spirit ring on Tai Nuo’s body suddenly lit up. Seeing Tai Nuo’s suddenly stretching body, Tai Long’s face became pale, hurriedly bellowed:

“Everyone back off, hurry.”

Tai Nuo’s body pulled backwards like a huge bow. Immediately, using his back power to bring up both arms, under the brilliance released by that flaring fourth spirit ring, both arms heavily smashed the ground surface.

Under a loud explosion, a circle of violent shockwaves suddenly released with his body as its center, enveloping the enormous area around his body.

The ground surface here which his leg previously stomped on was originally already severely damaged. At this moment this colossal strength shook it again. The entire ground surface suddenly caved in, dirt, sand and stones soared towards the sky. Within thirty meters in diameter, sand and stones flew all over the sky. Terrifyingly powerful energy currents rushed towards the heavens.

It could be considered that Tai Nuo remained clear-headed, he had transmitted his entire strength towards the ground, furthermore restricting his power explosion’s area, otherwise, with many students currently watching the battle, in the situation where one’s self-defense ability was insufficient, injuries would be unavoidable.

Despite this, Tang San’s body was still completely enveloped within the range of Tai Nuo’s attack. This kind of all directional attack naturally couldn’t be dodged by any physical techniques. Xiao Wu had already rushed forward among alarmed cries, but Tai Nuo’s strength was truly terrifying, the powerful qi currents directly blocked her, keeping her outside of the attack.

“Look. In the sky.”

Right at this moment, someone shouted, attracting the gaze of the students and Tai Nuo towards the sky.

In mid-air, the dust flying about the sky gradually fell. Descending at the same time was also a figure shining with purple light.

Eight slender lances extended from his back, red and white radiant colours covered the spears, countless Blue Silver Grass connected to produce an umbrella shape on his back, slowing down the speed of his descent. With an ice-cold gaze looking at Tai Nuo from start to end, the eight long lances on his back glinted with a glorious luster under the sun’s shine, giving onlookers a bizarre feel.

Alarm, admiration, disbelief, various sentiments were expressed among the students. They could all see that Tang San, one of the academy’s advanced class students, was still able to escape when facing a Spirit King level spirit master’s fourth technique’s full attack, what kind of strength was this?

If his previous dodging were said to be just a technique, then, what Tang San had displayed now was his true strength.

The gaze in Tai Long’s eyes momentarily went out of focus, at this moment he truly understood how exactly big the gap between himself and Tang San was. Even though both of them were thirty seven ranks, the same ranks still possessed different strengths.

Actually, Tang San on seeing Tai Nuo making a back bending movement immediately noticed something was not right, first releasing his Eight Spider Lances. The Eight Spider Lances inserted into the ground at the same time, springing up with full strength, sending his body high up into the sky.

Although he still received the attacks from the energy currents and gravel, in this way the damage had dropped to the lowest degree.

Blue Silver Grass’s malleability displayed its effect, relying on Tang San’s precise control, Blue Silver Grass connected to produce an umbrella shape in mid-air, offsetting the descent’s speed, this allowed him to be able to escape from the majority of Tai Nuo’s attack power.

The current Tai Nuo stood in the center of a huge pit that was thirty meters in diameter, this huge pit’s depth was as much as five meters, the destruction caused by him is sufficient to cause anyone to be fearful.

If this was on the battlefield, unless the opponent’s strength was even greater than him, there would be no survivors within this area.

Watching the slowly descending Tang San, Tai Nuo couldn’t help but be in low spirits. After consecutively using the third and fourth spirit abilities, the consumption on his own spirit power wasn’t small. At this moment he couldn’t help but suspend his attacks, gazing at Tang San’s descending body.

Tang San on seeing this leisurely raised his hand and swiped across his waist, a black case that was about one chi long appearing in his grasp.

Power type spirit masters were undoubtedly unable to fly. ly Tang San had leapt up a full thirty meters or so into the sky, currently to him, Tai Nuo was exactly the best target. Relying on his spirit power he obviously wouldn’t break down the opponent’s defense.

However, don’t forget, that he originally came from Tang Sect.

“Be careful.”

In mid-air, Tang San nevertheless warned Tai Nuo, after all, he didn’t have any deep hatred towards Tai Nuo and his son, Tai Long is moreover his classmate. If not for Tai Nuo’s abnormal defense he still wouldn’t take out that tyrannical Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Godly Zhuge Crossbow was certainly unable to be prepared beforehand, this was because when the device was tightened for too long it would be damaged, but Tang San using the Blue Silver Grass to produce an umbrella shape, caused his descending speed to slow down as much as possible, allowing him to arm the device.

Moreover the ground surface also caved in by five meters, this gave Tang San even more time.

Tai Nuo watched Tang San who was about to land. This time around he was coming down from the sky, which obviously meant that he had

nowhere to escape, and he immediately finished preparations. But the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hands was already aimed at him.

‘Be careful? Why do I have to be careful?’ Just when Tai Nuo was puzzled about this, a series of sonorous buzzes instantly burst out.

The firing rate of Godly Zhuge Crossbow was simply too fast, furthermore in this situation where the distance was so short, Tai Nuo’s only possible reaction was to use his arms to block the front of his face.

In the next moment, his entire body felt as if some objects struck him heavily, successively retreating three steps back before his balance recovered.

All sixteen crossbow bolts, were completely stuck in Tai Nuo’s arms and chest. Tai Nuo’s substantial muscles displayed their extremely overbearing defensive power, and the Godly Zhuge Crossbow which was sufficiently powerful to pierce steel plates went only one cun into the flesh before being unable to continue further in.


Tai Nuo let out a furious roar, his entire body’s spirit power suddenly burst forth, the sixteen Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts nearly instantly flew out from him using his muscles, accompanying it flying out were also sixteen streams of fresh blood.

Although the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had tyrannical strength, it wasn’t enough to leave a fatal injury on him. Yet he, a fifty eight rank Spirit King, got injured by a single thirty something Spirit Elder, that was already an outrageous insult.

Perhaps because of his overly agitated sentiments, Tai Nuo did not notice that his body’s injuries hardly had any trace of pain.

Tang San fully displayed his abundant combat experience. The moment Tai Nuo used his hands to block his own eyes, the Blue Silver Grass on his back had already dispersed and he rapidly landed, Eight Spider Lances

leaping off the ground, his whole body swiftly changing positions. When Tai Nuo lowered his arms, he had suddenly lost all trace of him.

A sharp edged aura came from the back, Tai Nuo instinctively wanted to turn around to block, but for some unknown reason, his body delayed for a moment, only half turning about, a sudden sense of numbness already spreading from his shoulder.

From the corner of his eye, his peripheral vision just happened to witness Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances making a withdrawing motion.

The bottom four lances were propped up against the ground, the top four lances were stretched out in front, leaving four small holes in Tai Nuo’s shoulder.
Facing a spirit master with tough defensive power, how does one attack? Tang San used actions to give the surrounding students a lesson.
Although Tai Nuo’s defensive power was strong, he still had to rely on his flesh and spirit power to defend.
[1] (⼤⼒王泰诺) “Great Strength King Grand Promise”

Chapter 75

It wasn’t like the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters Tang San had met before, using their tortoiseshells as shields.

The method Tang San chose was to pierce through the surface. Even though Eight Spider Lances couldn’t penetrate deeply, just breaking the skin was enough.

Just what is called ‘the participant is baffled, the spectator sees clearly’, the surrounding students, including Tai Long, all clearly saw black blood flowing from the wounds left by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, but where Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had penetrated there was a dark purple spreading.

Feeling alternately hot and cold, Tai Nuo suddenly felt his eyes blur.
Exerting himself to shake his head, this feeling grew even more distinct.

“You-, you use poison……”

Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances propped him up from the ground, and looking down on Tai Nuo from above he said indifferently: “Poison is part of my abilities. Do you still want to go on?”

Tai Nuo was a strength type power attack system Spirit Master, and a control system Spirit Master held the advantage when facing power attack system Spirit Masters. Even though there was an enormous difference in spirit power between the two, when Tang San relied on his Tang Sect

abilities, simultaneously being a control system Spirit Master, as well as possessing an agility attack system’s speed and toxicity, further adding his perfect exploitation of his advantages, it immediately put Tai Nuo completely on the defensive. When the Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts pierced Tai Nuo’s defense, this fight had already been decided.

How could half a year by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well be wasted; all the hidden weapons Tang San carried used different poisons. Just like Dugu Bo said, even more formidable Spirit Masters would be cautious when dealing with him. Poison was a kind of special means of attack, in order to deal with a poison Spirit Master one first of all had to keep a careful defense. But Tai Nuo clearly felt he held the advantage, and it seemed to him that dealing with a child like Tang San was only a matter of stretching out his hand and grabbing him. He hadn’t expected that he would be the one stumbling into a ditch.

“You……” Calling out, Tai Nuo discovered that his tongue didn’t quite follow his orders. Even though he congregated his powerful spirit power to resist the poison within his body, he still suffered two kinds of poisons one after another. ly he had spent his spirit power in anger, and further quickened the flow of blood within his veins. How could he resist now?

The Eight Spider Lances’ poison was supplemented with the properties of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot. Even though the two immortal treasure herbs hadn’t increased Tang San’s spirit power, their hot and cold poisons had completely fused together with Tang San, adding to the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. One might say that right now even Dugu Bo could only use his own poison resistance to subdue Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances’ poison within his own body, but would be unable to treat someone else. When this kind of poison entered the body, even if Tai Nuo had fifty eighth ranked strength, there could only be one conclusion.

“Three. Two. One. Fall.” Tang San spoke four words wit hout hurry, and Tai Nuo’s massive body collapsed on the ground, his wounds overflowing with tainted blood.

“Tang San, I’ll face you.” A massive shadow fell from the air, precisely Tai Long.

Even though it was still difficult for Tai Long to move right now, his two eyes were both blood red. Just what is called ‘cannot live under the same sky as one’s father’s killer’, watching his father’s miserable state he completely forgot about the gap between him and Tang San.

With the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San’s nimbleness could even compare to the agility attack system Zhu Zhuqing, how would he get caught by Tai Long’s pounce. In a deep voice he called: “Tai Long, if you don’t want your father to die, stop attacking immediately. Otherwise I won’t be able to save him.”

Even if Tai Long was a bit impulsive, he still wasn’t an idiot. Hearing his father could still be saved, he immediately sobered and stopped chasing Tang San.

Eight Spider Lances poking the ground, Tang San reached Tai Nuo’s side, raising an Eight Spider Lance and piercing into Tai Nuo’s back. Circulating his spirit power, the black energy in Vigorous King Tai Nuo’s body could clearly be seen extending to the Eight Spider Lances.

Right now, the expressions of the students standing around the great hole and watching Tang San were all brimming with reverence. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who could believe that a thirty something ranked Spirit Elder could be capable of defeating a close to sixtieth ranked Spirit King?

It seemed to them that this was a complete victory.

Apparently Tai Nuo didn’t have any means of retaliating before Tang San.

The poison arrived quickly and left quickly, in a moment Tai Nuo’s wounds were flowing with blood. Tang San had been training with Eight Spider Lances for a long time, and by now he could control them perfectly.

Withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances poison, he poked a series of acupuncture points on Tai Nuo to stop the bleeding.

Tai Long stared blankly at Tang San doing all this.

If in the morning he still had been unable to accept it because he and Tang San possessed the same level of spirit power, then by now Tang San had already become an unreachable existence in his eyes.

He couldn’t understand how, at the same thirty seven ranks, this seemingly very ordinary youth in front of him could be so much stronger than himself. It was no wonder Xiao Wu had chosen him.

Tai Long couldn’t know that the gap between Tang San and Tai Nuo, even if it was twenty one ranks of spirit power, Tang San could completely make up for ten ranks with an external spirit bone, and even more rely on the techniques of the Tang Sect.

And Tai Nuo hadn’t even been able to use his fifth spirit ability. Overall, this whole fight had been completely under Tang San’s control.

He undoubtedly displayed the fighting ability of a control system Spirit Master. The ability to control the overall situation with the precision of a calculator.

Withdrawing Eight Spider Lances within his back, Tang San nodded to Tai Long, “Alright, I’ve already removed the poison. However he should feel a bit weak over the next few days. Have him rest for three days after returning, he mustn’t get angry, mustn’t use spirit power, and he’ll naturally recover. Your father caused this hole, you settle it.”

Tai Long looked at Tang San with a complicated expression. He should thank Tang San for saving his father, but his father’s injuries had also been caused by this fellow.

Tang San didn’t care about Tai Long’s reaction. Exerting himself against the wall of the pit, in two leaps he crawled up to the surface.

With such a great alarm at the Academy gate, how could it not alert the teachers. But by the time they arrived the fight was already at its end, and they only saw Tang San fire the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and subdue the enemy with Eight Spider Lances.

They even forgot to stop the fight.

As Tang San came out of the big hole he was immediately surrounded by several teachers wanting to talk to him. Tang San directly used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to pass through the crowd, and in a few flickers he had already disappeared.

“Ge, wait for me.” Xiao Wu’s face was somewhat unsightly as she swiftly chased after Tang San.

But the teachers naturally couldn’t leave like that. Whether it was this giant hole they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about, or the numerous students gathered, everything had to be handled by them.

Tang San went straight back to his dorm. Just like at Shrek Academy, he was still sharing a room with Oscar here. Right now Oscar wasn’t here, up to something unknown.

As Tang San entered the room, even before he had stopped walking, he coughed up a mouthful of blood with a belching sound. His originally serene expression had already become pale.

Indeed, Tang San had prevailed over Tai Nuo, but the victory was very dangerous. That was after all an opponent with twenty ranks of strength more than him. Moreover, Tai Nuo’s strength was really a bit excessive. Most crucially, Tang San didn’t know the opponent’s spirit abilities.

When Tai Nuo used his fourth spirit ability ‘Power Quake’, even though Tang San reacted extremely quickly, in the end he couldn’t completely avoid it. The surging energy currents and the sand and stones splashing from the ground both caused him considerable harm. However he forced down the reaction, without showing the condition of his injury on the scene.

Tang San knew that if it wasn’t for his body being forged at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well for half a year, adding the transformation from the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, he would’ve been unable to endure even a single attack, and been struck down immediately.

Even relying on his endurance had barely been enough to withstand the opponent’s attack. Tang San was far from well, the energy channels within his body as if burning. Despite the support of his spirit power and Eight Spider Lances, after attacking Tai Nuo he had already been an arrow at the end of its flight.

After barely managing to absorb the poison within Vigorous Kind Tai Nuo’s body, how could he still stay at the scene? He couldn’t manage to explain to the teachers, and returned here directly.

Until now, just as he relaxed.

Standing there and gasping for breath, Tang San couldn’t hold back a sigh. Despite taking the immortal treasure herbs, as well as with the support of Eight Spider Lances and the Tang Sect techniques, the spirit power gap still wasn’t so easily overcome.

If in case he encountered an opponent with a spirit that just countered his own, he wouldn’t be able to obtain victory like today.

However, the fight today had let Tang San ascertain one thing: the other ability of Eight Spider Lances, Drain.

As early as the first time Tang San experimented with Eight Spider Lances he could somewhat sense that Eight Spider Lances seemed to absorb some energy from that big tree. And as he used it a few times later, Tang San discovered that once Eight Spider Lances had pierced into the opponent, it would absorb and give him a certain energy, even though this wasn’t too clear, and moreover this energy would disappear after a time, it was still there.

Like just now, whether it was when Tang San pierced Tai Nuo or removed the toxin, Tang San had this kind of feeling. The absorption of Eight Spider Lances apparently absorbed the opponent’s energy, and after absorbing it could last for about an hour or so.

He had never drained deliberately, this was just something the Eight Spider Lances provided him.

Tang San really wanted to try it, the effect if he completely drained an opponent with his Eight Spider Lances. But it was after all very rare to meet opponents he had to kill, and just in case the Eight Spider Lances drain ruined the opponent, it would be a grave disaster to his inner qualities.

Today’s conflict with the Tai family father and son, it was nothing more than a common conflict.

“Ge, are you alright?” Xiao Wu forced her way through the door, and with one look at Tang San coughing up blood she hurriedly supported his arm.

Tang San shook his head with a smile, “It’s nothing, I just suffered a bit of shock. Tai Long’s father’s strength was one of the most powerful I’ve encountered among Spirit Masters. Such a complete strength Spirit Master would have an extreme cultivation method, otherwise if he was a bit faster, I might have lost.”

Xiao Wu led Tang San to sit on the bed, “Ge, you actually prevailed over a Spirit King. It’s already caused a sensation in the Academy. If you hadn’t run away quickly, by now you might be surrounded by a herd of students and teachers. When I chased after you I already saw several teachers negotiating with Tai Nuo. I fought a lot of people before at Nuoding Academy, but I still never saw someone’s family come out. Ge, this time you beat Tai Long’s father, won’t his grandfather really come out?”

After speaking the last line, Xiao Wu couldn’t help first smiling. Tang San also smiled, his impression of Tai Long’s father wasn’t bad, and if Tai Nuo hadn’t insulted Xiao Wu he wouldn’t have launched such a powerful

poison attack. Even Tang San himself didn’t quite dare believe he could defeat a Spirit King.

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San sitting opposite her on the bed, and unhappily said: “I don’t know where that Big Sausage Uncle has run off to, he’s gone just when he’s needed.”

Tang San drew in a sharp breath, his internal organs cramping. He knew the injuries he had sustained weren’t light, “Xiao Wu. You go back to rest first, I want to cultivate a bit to alleviate the injuries to my energy channels.”

“No, I’m not leaving. I’m staying here to watch you, otherwise what if someone comes looking for trouble? Ge, you cultivate, I’ll keep watch over you.”

Tang San nodded, sitting crosslegged on the bed, congregating the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body and slowly circulating it.

Tai Nuo finally departed Shrek Academy leaning on Tai Long’s arm. He didn’t know how long it had been since he last felt this weak. Even though the poison was gone, it still seemed to have exhausted him to the point where even walking was an issue.

Humiliation, disgrace, pain, unwillingness, all kinds of emotions filled his chest. How could he have expected to actually stumble into a ditch, losing to a still not even fortieth rank youth, that kind of feeling was even more difficult to endure than the physical pain.

Tai Long supported his father’s arm, not daring to speak a single word. Once Tai Nuo had handed over the money for restoring the ground in front of the Academy gate, those teachers had let them leave. They had even given them a preferential price for being an Academy student.

Fortunately Shrek Academy wasn’t near the city center, so even though they had caused a lot of noise they still hadn’t drawn the attention of the

city guard.

Tai Long understood Tai Nuo’s current mood from experience, he had felt much the same when he was beaten by Tang San. But his father was both stronger and older than him, and naturally his pain would be even deeper.

“Da, are you alright?” While stepping far away, Tai Long cautiously asked. He was very familiar with his father’s tempestuous temper.

But Tai Long was surprised to find that Tai Nuo didn’t vent his anger on him and had a very serene expression, “Son, your loss wasn’t any injustice, even your father couldn’t succeed. It’s no wonder you couldn’t beat him. Do you know that kid’s background?”

Tai Long shook his head blankly, “He came to class for the first time today. I-, I saw him sitting next to Xiao Wu, that’s why I wanted to pick a fight with him. You also know I like Xiao Wu.”

Tai Nuo stared at Tai Long, “For the sake of a woman, you directly profited. How you are like your father in those years. But you didn’t make a mistake, for the sake of the woman you like you must advance bravely. Back then I chased after your ma just like that. But in those days I challenged a lot of Spirit Masters that were more powerful than me. How it must vex you now to be unable to defeat someone younger than you, this isn’t just the result of hard work.”

Tai Long carefully disputed it: “But, father, I seem to be cultivating the fastest in the history of our clan, even when you were my age you weren’t as strong as me.”

“Scoundrel, what are you trying to say?” Tai Nuo glowered.

Tai Long helplessly said: “My meaning is that it isn’t your son not living up to expectations, but rather that the opponent is too strong. I really don’t know how that kid has cultivated, it seems he’s no more than fifteen or sixteen, how could he possess such formidable spirit power? Don’t tell me he’s a person from the seven great schools?”

Hearing his son’s words, Tai Nuo couldn’t help shiver in his heart, lowering his voice to say: “Let’s go back first. To my knowledge there isn’t any formidable school with a Blue Silver Grass Spirit. I really wouldn’t have expected Blue Silver Grass to be able to become this formidable. Especially those last several strands he used, even my defense couldn’t completely block them, otherwise I wouldn’t have been poisoned. Let’s go, we’ll go back to ask your grandpa, maybe he knows.”

“Grandpa?” Tai Long’s facial expression immediately became bitter, “No need. Father, we both lost so much face, if we let grandpa know, he won’t just sort us out. Besides, if by some chance the elder runs off to our Academy just like you, I won’t be able to keep studying.”

Tai Nuo snorted, “One of our clan’s strength is protecting weak points, so what? You have an opinion? We have to inform your grandpa about this. I still don’t believe a child is capable of being that strong. Listen to what the elder says, visiting to stir up trouble isn’t losing face. Losing face is stirring up trouble and still letting others leave. If your father can’t release this anger, it’ll choke me to death.”

The two sturdy silhouettes gradually disappeared into the distance. Father and son both with faces swollen like pig heads, complexions white like paper. It was really one sorry figure after another.


Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School

Ning Rongrong sat on a sofa in the main hall and constantly swung her slender legs, her red lips pouting so hard one could hang a soy sauce jar from them.

She had been back for more than half a day but there wasn’t a trace of her father, and her excitement was gradually weakening.

In front of Ning Rongrong was an old man with a withered face slowly sipping tea. Even though he was sitting down, his stature was still

astonishing. It wasn’t that he had the robustness of swelling muscles, but his whole frame was extremely astonishing.

When he sat in the originally very spacious sofa he clearly made it seem narrow.

His clothes seemed to be entirely propped up by his skeleton, muscles and skin were both withered, his eye sockets were deep caves, and if seen late at night it would simply be like an immense cranium. On his scalp were only a few sparse wisps of white or grey hair. Where he could be ugly he was ugly.

“My little princess, don’t be angry. I’m sure your father will be back quickly.” The withered old man put down his teacup, speaking to Ning Rongrong.

His voice was extremely hoarse, like the wind rustling dead leaves, giving listeners a bad feeling.

Ning Rongrong leapt up from the sofa, running over to sit in the withered old man’s lap. With her fair skin, next to the enormous old man she was like a doll. Raising her hands she grabbed the old man’s white hair, “I don’t care, someone has been gone for so long, but when returning with great difficulty daddy isn’t present. Isn’t he deliberately hiding from me? Grandpa Bone, you have to back me up.”

The shriveled skin on the withered old man’s face twitched once, somewhat not knowing whether to laugh or cry saying: “My little princess, you shouldn’t keep playing with that little withered grass on your grandpa Bone’s head. Otherwise I’ll really become bald, and be even more teased by that cheap grandpa Sword of yours. You want me to support you, what can I do, don’t tell me there’s still someone in the school who would tease you?”

Ning Rongrong pondered, and said:

“This as well. Hmph, no matter, anyway once daddy returns I’ll definitely have  him  give  me  something  nice to  appease  me.  Grandpa

Bone, you have to speak on my side.”

In order to keep the few remaining wisps of hair, the withered old man had no choice but to helplessly nod repeatedly. If his current appearance was seen by outsiders from the Spirit Master world, who knew how startled they might be. That the most secretive among Title Douluo, Bone Doluo, would be treated like this by a little girl, perhaps nobody would believe it even if told.

“I knew grandpa Bone was the best.” Ning Rongrong didn’t seem to feel a bit like this old grandpa Bone was ugly, kissing him hard on the cheek and the jumping off his lap.

Watching the lively Ning Rongrong, a warm indulgence was revealed in the Bone Douluo’s eyes. He could be said to have watched Ning Rongrong grow up, and this little she-devil’s spoiled nature could be said to have been caused by him and Ning Rongrong’s other grandpa Sword.

“I heard our little she-devil has returned? Where is she, Rongrong, come quickly, let daddy have a look.” At this moment someone finally arrived to lift the siege.

Hearing this voice, Ning Rongrong first excitedly wanted to run meet him, but then remembered she was still angry and hastily faced in the other direction, turning her back to the door.

That charming appearance seemed a bit funny to the Bone Douluo sitting on the sofa.

A timid and elegant middle aged man stepped into the hall accompanied by a white dressed old man. If Tang San and Xiao Wu had been here now they would certainly have recognized him, precisely the person they met before at the auction house, that even prince Xue Xing didn’t dare provoke.

And this man was also Ning Rongrong’s father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s master, enjoying the name of the Continent’s foremost

Support Spirit Master, Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi looked at his daughter and hurriedly walked forward, “Silly girl, what are you doing with your back to daddy. It’s been a year. Daddy missed you so much!”

Ning Rongrong turned around sharply, “Missed me? It would be a wonder if you didn’t long for me to be away from home.”

Ning Fengzhi seeing his seething daughter couldn’t help but inwardly feel his heart fall. First sitting down on the sofa he held out a hand to pull over his daughter, but didn’t expect Ning Rongrong to turn around and dodge away.

Not catching his daughter startled Ning Fengzhi. Even though he was an auxiliary system Spirit Master, reaching an enormous spirit power of more than the seventieth rank still had powerful transforming effect on his body, making him much stronger than ordinary people.

Ning Rongrong had inherited his spirit and was also auxiliary system. Even though he was only grabbing in passing, he still didn’t move slowly, but he had actually been easily dodged by his daughter.

Ning Rongrong wasn’t aware of her father’s shock and directly turned to that white dressed old man, throwing herself into his arms,

“Grandpa Sword, Grandpa Sword, I’ve missed you to death.

Meeting her family again after a long time, Ning Rongrong was after all a young girl. Moved, she immediately started to cry.

The white dressed old man hastily drew her into a tight embrace, “Good girl, my little darling, you’ve come back, grandpa Sword also missed you! Missed you desperately.”

Ning Rongrong raised her head, “Really?”

The white dressed old man firmly said: “Of course really, if you don’t believe me just ask your grandpa Bone.”

Ning Rongrong blinked her clear big eyes, “But, just now grandpa Bone told me, he missed me a little bit more than you.”

“Bullshit.” The white dressed old man didn’t give the wizened old man a bit of face, “Clearly I missed you more.”

“You’re bullshitting.” The wizened old man suddenly stood up from the sofa. His terrifying height approached two meters fifty, and with his hoarse voice he seemed even more frightful.

“Not convinced? Let’s go, we’ll find somewhere to settle it.” The white dressed old man stuck out his chest, glaring fearlessly.

“Alright, alright. Uncle Sword, uncle Bone, you’ve fought for a lifetime. Rongrong just got back, just let it go today.” Ning Fengzhi helplessly looked at the two old men in front of him.


The white clothed old man and wizened old man snorted practically simultaneously. None of them looked at each other, and both their gazes fell on Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong’s eyes were big and round: “I have a way to prove which grandpa who missed me the most.”

Ning Fengzhi clapped a hand to his forehead. A little she-devil was after all a little she-devil, the place was lively as soon as she was back. He couldn’t help saying: “Rongrong, don’t be irresponsible.”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue at her father, she was clearly not a bit afraid of her dad. Otherwise she wouldn’t be called the little she-devil in the first place, “You didn’t miss me, and you won’t even let the grandpas miss me! I’ve run back from far away and you’re not home. Grandpas,

like this, both of you give Rongrong a present, and the one whose gift Rongrong likes the most, is the one who missed Rongrong the most.”

“Eh……” The two old men looked face to face, inwardly simultaneously recalling how they’d been maneouvered.

Ning Fengzhi restrained a smile and said: “Alright Rongrong, come here quickly. Let daddy have a look at you. Who said daddy didn’t miss you. Daddy’s prepared a present for you, but if you’re not a good girl you can’t have it.”

“A present? What is it?” Hearing the word ‘present’, Ning Rongrong was clearly interested at once, and ran over in front of her father.

Ning Fengzhi calmly raised his hand to pull in his daughter, but who could have expected that Ning Rongrong would turn around again, still dodging his hand. Pouting she said: “The present first, otherwise no hug.”

This time it wasn’t just Ning Fengzhi who was startled, the two old men both couldn’t help look at each other with shock.

Because of the special nature of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, even a Title Douluo couldn’t see how much spirit power she had.

Ning Fengzhi’s heart twitched, and he asked: “Rongrong, first tell daddy your spirit power rank. If you’ve made progress, daddy can give you the present.”

Hearing her father ask about her spirit power, Ning Rongrong immediately straightened with pride, “Daddy, my natural talent is even better than yours. I haven’t been goofing off in this year. My spirit power didn’t rise that much, just a tolerable ten ranks.”

“So little. Rongrong, you must work hard, hold on, how much did you say?” Ning Fengzhi knew his daughter only too well. From childhood what she disliked the most was cultivation. Even though she had talent, she always had to be forced to train a moment in exchange for all sorts of benefits.

As he became aware that Ning Rongrong said ‘ten ranks’, his expression was disbelieving.

Ning Rongrong blinked with her big eyes, and very innocently looked at her father, “I said ten ranks! It’s really not much, but I worked hard.”

Ning Fengzhi’s voice had changed slightly, “Ten ranks? When you left you had twenty seven ranks. Then you’re saying you’re already rank thirty seven? You wouldn’t lie to daddy.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Bad daddy, not believing others. Even if Rongrong was a bit naughty before, I would never lie. If you don’t believe it, let grandpa’s have a look.” While speaking, she directly ran over in front of the white dressed old man, holding out her little hand.

The white dressed old man grabbed Ning Rongrong’s hand, and after a little while his expression turned to surprise, “Fengzhi, it’s true. This girl’s spirit power has reached the thirty seventh rank. This really is too inconceivable. I’ve never heard of someone that could gain ten ranks of spirit power in one year. Even that kid called the youngest Spirit Master ever couldn’t do it. Don’t tell me our Rongrong really is a genius? Or is that Shrek Academy so awesome.”

Ning Rongrong curiously said: “Grandpa Sword, how did you know I went to Shrek Academy?”

The white dressed old man said: “How couldn’t I know? You’re the darling treasure of our hearts. Your daddy has always grasped your whereabouts.”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression had turned serious. Both he and the two clan guests before him clearly understood the process of Spirit Master cultivation.

A Spirit Master who wanted to increase cultivation had to do it step by step. Doing it too impetuously would lead to life threatening danger.

The Spirit Master world also had a kind of nefarious cultivation method, trading one’s own vitality for increased cultivation speed. He in no way wished for his daughter to be taught that kind of cultivation method at Shrek Academy.

If that was the case……

Thinking of this, there was a deadly energy in Ning Fengzhi’s eyes.

The white dressed old man and the wizened old man clearly also thought of this possibility. Their expressions dropped simultaneously.

Ning Rongrong looked at the two grandpa’s, looked again at her father, and somewhat baffled said: “What’s going on with you? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Ning Fengzhi stood up, walking over to his daughter, “Rongrong, immediately tell us everything about cultivating at Shrek Academy over this past year, you can’t omit anything. I want to know how you could improve this quickly.”

If his daughter had truly cultivated with that nefarious method, it was after all only for one year. As the leading scholar of auxiliary system Spirit Masters there might still be a way to revert it.

Ning Rongrong baffled looked at her father, “Daddy, is something wrong? I’ve cultivated properly. You call me lazy, but I’ve gained this much spirit power now, so why are you so nervous?”

Ning Fengzhi grimly said: “I’m afraid you might’ve taken a wrong step. Daddy isn’t joking with you. Quickly tell me your entire cultivation process.”

Even though Ning Rongrong ordinarily didn’t fear her father, when Ning Fengzhi was truly serious she was still scared, “Originally I secretly ran away to Shrek Academy. After enrolling I discovered I was actually the weakest one.”

Ning Rongrong immediately began to talk about everything that happened since entering Shrek Academy, giving an account of her cultivation process at Shrek Academy. Regarding the Shrek Seven Devils, she simply described them in a few sentences.

When Ning Rongrong talked about how the other Shrek Seven Devils excluded her at first, the wizened old man to the side couldn’t help saying: “Rongrong, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake, were those children with you there all stronger than you?”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Our dean Flender has a saying, Shrek Academy only accepts monsters, not ordinary people. He calls us little monsters.”

The white dressed old man said: “If it’s really like you say, then those little monsters of yours really are little monsters. Shrek Academy indeed deserves its reputation. But even like this I can’t believe he could teach you to cultivate ten ranks of spirit power in one year.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Just listen…... “ She talked about Grandmaster coming to Shrek Academy and starting to advance their training. Listening to her description, Ning Fengzhi and the two old men gradually displayed expressions of sudden understanding. At the same time they couldn’t help feeling inwardly admiring.

Ning Rongrong spoke up to entering the new Shrek Academy to cultivate, “...... Two months ago. After I reached the thirtieth rank, with the teachers’ help I obtained my third spirit ring.”

Chapter 76

“Hold on.” Ning Fengzhi interrupted Ning Rongrong, “That Grandmaster really is a character. Your spirit power grew by three or four ranks in one year under his instruction, that’s still very ordinary. I greatly admire his education of you. But according to what you said, two months ago you were still at the thirty first rank. But two months later you’ve already reached the thirty seventh rank, how did this come about?”

Ning Rongrong smiled mysteriously: “Actually, half a month ago I was still at the thirty first rank. These last six ranks were practically done in a day.”

“Rongrong, you mustn’t frighten grandpa.” The wizened old man couldn’t help opening his eyes wide. He knew that the more that nefarious cultivation method increased cultivation speed, the more vitality it consumed. Gaining six ranks in one day, that might expend decades life.

A giggle escaped from Ning Rongrong: “What are you up to, I still thought to give you a nice surprise but how did it turn into alarm. It’s actually nothing. I just ate a kind of herb and gained this much strength.”

“Herb?” Ning Fengzhi nervously questioned in detail: “What herb?”

Ning Rongrong said: “My third brother said that it was called something like ‘Beautiful Silk Tulip’. It’s a rare immortal treasure.”

In Ning Fengzhi’s mind suddenly appeared two silhouettes he had met just recently, it couldn’t be them?

“Beautiful silk tulip? Uncle Sword, uncle Bone. Have either of you heard of this herb?”

The two old men shook their heads simultaneously with blank faces. The wizened old man said: “Perhaps, only that old poisonous thing Dugu Bo would know. No good, Fengzhi, we have to examine Rongrong’s condition at once. If by any chance her spirit power growth came at the cost of her vitality, we have to think of a way to deal with it at once.”

“Grandpa bone, I said there’s no need to be worried. My third brother said that those herbs were all immortal treasures that had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, with a powerful effect on the foundations. Not only wouldn’t they cause harm, they would even consolidate the foundations. Forget about it. I won’t hide it anymore. I’ll let you have the real surprise. After you’ve seen this you won’t doubt it again.”

While speaking, Ning Rongrong slowly raised her right hand. Dazzlingly beautiful multicolored rays of light began to coalesce at her palm.

Watching the light condense in his daughter’s palm, Ning Fengzhi suddenly felt somewhat strange, but for a moment he was unable to say where the strangeness came from.

At the dazzlingly beautiful pagoda were two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings revolving in Ning Rongrong’s right hand. The dazzling splendor immediately made the hall become even brighter.

Before Ning Fengzhi could look closer, the white dressed old man at his side cried out in surprise, “Nine layers and nine colors, Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda?”

“What?” Ning Fengzhi had a greatly alarmed expression. He finally un derstood what had made him feel strange, it was precisely the colors in Ning Rongrong’s palm as she released her spirit. Different from the original

seven colors, there were two more than before. It had become nine colors, and the pagoda in her palm right now had nine levels.

As the most powerful support spirit, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School actually had a secret, and this secret actually related to their spirit.

Heaven was impartial, the effect of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda on the battlefield was actually too frightful. Therefore, it also had a flaw.

The reason why the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was known as Seven Treasure was not only because it had seven levels, even more important was that this spirit could only hold up to seven spirit rings, two less than any other spirit. This was also the reason why Ning Fengzhi, even as school master, only had seventy ninth rank spirit power, the main reason he had never been able to break through to the next level.

In the legends of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, if by some stroke of luck the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda could evolve to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, not only would it strengthen the spirit’s own foundations, it would also have an even vaster space. Once a Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master reached the nine ring Title Douluo level, he would possess the title of support god, with the strength to turn the tide of any battle.

At this moment, Ning Fengzhi no longer had to worry about his daughter. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda already proved that Ning Rongrong’s vitality hadn’t been cut short, on the contrary it had substantially increased, and her foundations had further become incomparably stable. Right now this Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master’s heart suffered from a completely different kind of shock. How could he have expected that the dream he had held for his entire life would appear with his daughter. The happiness had appeared too suddenly, and he was now completely lifeless.

It wasn’t just Ning Fengzhi who was moved. The two old men also became equally excited. Both looking at the pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand, for a while they didn’t know what to say.

The jewel light faded as Ning Rongrong withdrew her spirit, “You should believe me now. How would third brother harm me? It’s not just me, each of us got a heavenly treasure herb, everyone’s spirit power increased very quickly, boss Dai even already broke through the fortieth rank, and he’s just sixteen.”

“Beautiful Silk Tulip, Beautiful Silk Tulip. What kind of treasure is that? It can actually promote my daughter’s seven treasure to nine treasure. Such a herb is absolutely worthy of being called an immortal treasure.”

“Daddy, weren’t you going to give me a present? Hand it over quickly!”
Ning Rongrong held out her hand, wagging it in front of Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi stretched his hand into his chest pocket, taking out the Powder Shooting Shadow and Silent Sleeve Dart he had purchased just today at the auction and gave them to Ning Rongrong,

“I bought these today at the auction. Although the power of these two weapons isn’t all that great, they can still provide a certain protection. Yi, Rongrong, why are you looking at daddy with such an expression?”

“Powder Shooting Shadow, Silent Sleeve Dart. Daddy, how did you get third brother’s hidden weapons?” How couldn’t Ning Rongrong recognize Tang San’s trademark hidden weapons?

“This was made by that third brother of yours?” Inwardly Ning Fengzhi thought that it was indeed the case, that seemingly common youth was actually really such a genius?

Ning Rongrong pulled up her sleeve, exposing the Silent Sleeve Dart on her left wrist, “Look, isn’t this the same? These two are still the most ordinary. I’m still wearing several kinds that are more powerful. Coming back this time is because I missed you, and another matter, I was preparing to ask daddy whether we could equip our directly related clansmen with these hidden weapons. If used properly they will have a lot of power.”

Ning Fengzhi slowly drew in a breath, his expression revealing a somewhat serious light, “I really want to know, this third brother of yours, precisely what kind of genius he is.”

The white dressed old man thought about it deeply: “If he’s really outstanding, he might a candidate for grandson-in-law.”

Ning Rongrong’s charming face blushed, “Grandpa Sword, don’t talk nonsense. Third brother’s heart is already taken. How might he and I be. I……” At this moment, even Ning Rongrong herself was surprised to find Oscar’s, so handsome that even women would be jealous, face appearing in her mind. Even though he didn’t have Dai Mubai’s ferocity or Tang San’s comprehensiveness, every time Ning Rongrong recalled Oscar pushing her down below him the time they confronted the Titan Giant Ape she couldn’t keep her heart from throbbing. However, even she didn’t dare lightly offend the clan rules.

“Let’s go. We’ll step outside and you can let me see those ‘hidden weapons’ you brought back.”


The four entered the courtyard, and Ning Fengzhi ordered that nobody should enter, then turned to his daughter: “Rongrong, how do you want to try it?”

Ning Rongrong thought about it, then her gaze lacking any good intentions fell on those two grandfathers, “Grandpa Sword, it would be better for us to try it. You’re so awesome, you wouldn’t get injured.”

The white dressed old man smiled slightly, saying: “That’s not certain, these old bones of your grandpa Sword aren’t as sturdy as your grandpa Bone.”

The wizened old man curled his lips disdainfully, “Since you’re scared, let me do it.”

The white dressed old man glared at him, “Praise you a bit and you’re in high spirits. Step aside. I’ll accompany our little princess. Girl, use those hidden weapon somethings freely. Grandpa will defend.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “Great!” Flicking her wrist, with a dim flicker of light from the spirit tool on her wrist, that Godly Zhuge Crossbow fell into her hand.

She naturally didn’t need to think about whether she might hurt the white dressed old man. These two elders could be said to be the supporting pillars of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. They were the guardians of the school. The white clothed old man’s Title was Sword, named Chen Xin[1]. The Title Douluo praised as the strongest attack, his spirit power had reached the ninety sixth rank. The wizened old man was Titled Bone, named Gu Rong[2]. Widely known as using crafty transformations, his spirit power had reached the ninety fifth rank. They were two of the strongest powers of the current age, and that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could rank among the seven great clans was admittedly related to their superlative supporting spirit, but it was absolutely also inextricably linked to the support of these two Title Douluo.

The Spirit Hall’s evaluation of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was such, when Sword and Bone joined and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master appeared, a flicker became an unparallelled light.

Consider, two power attack system Title Douluo under the support of the strongest Auxiliary Spirit Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, how many people could stand up to them?

The white dressed old man, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, raised his hand, looking at Ning Rongrong with a smile, indicating she could begin.

Ning Rongrong wasn’t polite, quickly arming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, a series of resounding noises echoing.

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze never left his daughter. Just as the arming was almost done, suddenly Ning Rongrong’s left wrist moved slightly, three black shadows shooting out, shooting at Chen Xin’s chest in a triangular formation.

“Pretty good.” Sword Douluo Chen Xin didn’t even move. Just as those three silent sleeve darts were about to hit him, suddenly the air seemed to distort slightly and the three silent sleeve darts simultaneously froze in midair. The next moment they fell to the ground in six pieces, each dart split open.

That was sword energy, bursting from within his body. He didn’t even use his spirit.

But the moment the three silent sleeve darts quietly fell to the ground, completely opposite to their silence, powerful buzzing sounds accompanied by metal noises erupted in an instant, sixteen pitch black iron essence crossbow bolts launching from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. The sonorous noises had only just risen when the crossbow bolts already reached the Sword Douluo.

The white clothed old man Chen Xin started slightly, subconsciously raising his right hand. Several decades of fighting experience allowed him to sense the opponent’s attack power from the slightest hints, how could someone whose forte was attack ignore the opponent’s strike?

Fingers like a knife, turning over the palm of his right hand, it was as if the air was ripped apart as a white energy surged out of his palm, in that instant it was like an enormous sword slashed in front of him.

Dangdangdangdangdang—— A crowded series of explosions echoed, the white light the Sword Douluo chopped out splashed across the sixteen points in ripples. In the instant when the old had faded and the new strength had not yet been born, Ning Rongrong’s left had wiped at her chest, and with a delicate buzzing sound a mist shot out from a gap in her clothes at her chest, directly enveloping the Sword Douluo.

Chen Xin was distracted a moment, “There’s poison?” Turning in place, although his right hand was extended he still had his left hand, sweeping his left hand he not only scattered the mist, but even the steel needles hidden within.

“Grandpa Sword is so good.” Ning Rongrong excitedly ran over towards the Sword Douluo.

The Sword Douluo smiled slightly, saying: “These hidden weapons really are pretty good, especially those noisy crossbow bolts just now have excellent attack power. If a Spirit Master under the fortieth rank was careless they would be unable to withstand it.”

Ning Rongrong had already come within ten meters of the Sword Douluo, and very proudly said: “But of course. In the spirit arena, relying on the focused attack of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow we defeated a fortieth level Spirit Master team. The more people who use it at the same time, the more formidable the power of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. However, this Godly Zhuge Crossbow still can’t threaten grandpa Sword!”

While speaking she stomped on the ground in an impetuous manner, and three shadows suddenly quietly shot out from the outside of her left thigh, and at the same time a flying dagger shot out from the tip of her shoe. The throwing knife shot straight at the Sword Douluo’s face, while those three noiseless shadows attacked his three lower vitals[3].

By now Ning Rongrong was less than ten meters away from the Sword Douluo. At this distance the hidden weapons were only flashes. At the same time her other foot stomped down, and a similar attack appeared once again just like a wave. The goal was to find a moment when the Sword Douluo’s defense was down.

The Sword Douluo somewhat exaggeratedly said: “My god! Still not done!” Both hands simultaneously separating at his chest, naturally he wouldn’t release spirit power in front since that would injure Ning Rongrong. Under his large sleeves appeared two sharp points of spirit power, under the pull of air altogether two flying daggers and six delicate crossbow bolts were simultaneously sent flying.

Gabeng, resounding metallic mechanical sounds echoed practically simultaneously, the second volley of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had been quietly prepared by Ning Rongrong. Another sixteen crossbow bolts flickered across the close range in an instant, at the same time the Powder Shooting Shadow on her chest erupted.

Crossbow bolts and steel needles formed a practically seamless attack, as long as the Sword Douluo was even slightly careless he would immediately suffer harm.

“Fine.” Chen Xin shouted, “My body like the sword.”

Immediately, the courtyard seemed to be lit by a sun, intense metallic luster suddenly erupted. The white clothed old man in front of Ning Rongrong seemed to become like a metallic tornado, an ear piercing disharmonious sound rose at the same time. All the hidden weapons in front of him, whether steel needles or crossbow bolts, completely turned into scraps of metal drifting through the air. And behind him, extending two metres long and one chi wide, an enormous simple and unadorned sword hung in midair. Two yellow, three purple, four black, a full nine spirit rings coiled around it. This was the Sword Douluo’s sword. A first rate tool spirit.

“Grandpa Sword is so awesome!” Ning Rongrong stood in place clapping her hands. The instant the Sword Douluo released his spirit she could clearly feel sharp spirit power sweep past either side of her body. She knew full well that if she had been an enemy, right now she might have already been cut to pieces.

Watching Ning Rongrong run over to him, Sword Douluo Chen Xin stroked Ning Rongrong’s head, saying with a smile: “You’re also very awesome! Grandpa even had to pull out his spirit. A Spirit Master at your level, let alone an auxiliary system, even a power attack system might not be be able to make me do that. These hidden weapons really are outstanding. Especially their unexpectedness.”

Ning Rongrong thought deeply and nodded:

“That’s right, my third brother said that hidden weapons must be unexpected, taking advantage of the enemy being unprepared they can display their greatest strength.”

Before she even finished speaking, Ning Rongrong’s nodding motion seemed to become a bit bigger. With a gabeng sound, a line of cold light shot out from her back, flying straight at the Sword Douluo’s face.

It really was too close, even a power like the Sword Douluo didn’t have a chance of dodging the mechanical Taut Back Flower Adorning Crossbow. He could naturally defend, but his spirit was really too potent. With Ning Rongrong this close, if he used his spirit, Ning Rongrong would definitely be caught up in the effect. With his tyrannical spirit’s capability, the little princess in front of him would undoubtedly die.

The thought flashed through Chen Xin’s mind like a flash of lightning, and helplessly he had no choice but to open his mouth wide, biting down on that crossbow bolt.

At this moment the Sword Douluo was just like Zhao Wuji that time he suffered under Tang San’s hidden weapons, even though the Taut Back Flower Adornment Crossbow was powerful, it wasn’t at the level of the Sword Douluo’s teeth. However, when the crossbow bolt was subjected to pressure it squirted out the poison contained within, directly into the mouth of the Sword Douluo.

Fortunately, this poison still wasn’t Tang San’s new edition, but despite this the Sword Douluo immediately felt his tongue go completely numb, and with great alarm his figure flickered, simultaneously spitting out the venom and crossbow bolts to the side while opening up the distance to Ning Rongrong.

Seeing the Sword Douluo’s panicked appearance, Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo Gu Rong both jumped with fright, hastily going over. Ning Rongrong also hadn’t expected that such a formidable Sword Douluo would actually be taken in, and immediately panicked, running over towards the Sword Douluo.

“Don’t, don’t come over girl. Grandpa Sword’s old bones can’t stand being thrown around again!” The Sword Douluo spoke unclearly, at the same time swiftly condensing the spirit power within his body, instantly forcing it into his tongue to remove the poison. He had no choice but to bite the tip of his tongue, spitting the purple black venom to the side along with blood, and his complexion eased somewhat. Relying on his more than ninetieth ranked spirit power, even the Poison Douluo Dugu Bo’s toxin might not be able to affect him, to say nothing of this little poison. But having poison forced into his mouth this suddenly still wasn’t anything the Sword Douluo had expected.

“Rongrong, kneel.” Ning Fengzhi yelled sternly.

Ning Rongrong didn’t dare step forward, kneeling neatly and pitifully on the ground, the rims of her eyes red, tears about to flow out.

The Bone Douluo seeing this scene couldn’t stand to stay uninvolved, and with a flicker immediately reached Ning Rongrong’s side, pulling her into an embrace, “Fengzhi, why are you like this, it’s all that old geezer Chen Xin’s fault, how could you blame our Rongrong? Just what is called ‘there can never be too much deception in war’. This just proves the effect of those hidden weapons even better. Rongrong, well done, you let grandpa Bone vent his anger. Haha, I haven’t seen your cheap grandpa Sword cut such a sorry figure in years. You sure enough have your grandpa Bone’s sly pragmatic elegance.”

“Uncle Bone, you……” Ning Fengzhi was speechless, he didn’t know how many times he’d seen the same scene before. Every time he was going to discipline his daughter, both uncle Sword and uncle Bone would immediately interfere, and these two grandee’s were people even he didn’t dare offend.

Ning Rongrong slipped out of the Bone Douluo’s embrace, quickly running over in front of the Sword Douluo. This time she knelt on her own in front of him without Ning Fengzhi saying anything, tears rolling down her face, “Grandpa Sword, it was Rongrong’s mistake. You punish Rongrong.”

Seeing the panic and remorse in his daughter’s eyes, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help staring blankly. In his impression, this little she-devil type daughter of his would never admit a mistake. It seemed that this trip to Shrek Academy really wasn’t wasted.

The Sword Douluo had also gradually calmed down by now, clean of poison after spitting out the excess before. Hurriedly he held out a hand to pull up Ning Rongrong.

“Good Rongrong, don’t cry. It was grandpa Sword who lacked skill, how could we blame you? We agreed to test the hidden weapons. You didn’t do anything wrong! This hidden weapon really was unexpected.” Saying this, his gaze turned to Ning Fengzhi at his side, “School master, if possible we should have this hidden weapons making young man join the school at any cost.”

The Sword Douluo’s last words were very serious, and by how he addressed Ning Fengzhi as ‘school master’ could be seen just how much importance he attached to this matter.

Ning Fengzhi nodded earnestly. Being able to rely on these external weapons to force a Title Douluo to use his spirit and even suffer, just how great an effect would these hidden weapons have? Admittedly it was because the Sword Douluo was worried about Ning Rongrong, but at the same time they all knew that Ning Rongrong would use these weapons and had somewhat guarded against them. If they confronted an enemy, and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s direct disciples had never before had the ability to attack, then suddenly brought out these hidden weapons, what kind of scene would that be?

Ning Fengzhi was definitely considered a wise school master. Making a snap decision he said to Ning Rongrong: “Rongrong, don’t speak of this matter to anyone in the school for the moment. Tomorrow I’ll follow you to your Shrek Academy, and we’ll properly settle this with your third brother.”

Ning Fengzhi’s heart was burning. Today his daughter really had brought back too many surprises. Before even speaking of these hidden weapons, the variation of his daughter’s spirit, or perhaps to say its evolution, attaining the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda level was by far the most important to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. He looked forward to meeting the youth who had given Ning Rongrong all of this. No matter how, as her father, he had to express that, looking at Ning Rongrong’s spirit alone, Tang San had already made a gargantuan favor for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At the same time, Ning Fengzhi still secretly had another notion. If he could truly recruit this genius youth, then perhaps in a few decades the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile would have another Title Douluo as guardian.

The lifespan of a Title Douluo was admittedly a bit longer than an ordinary person, but it was after all finite. Whether it was the Sword Douluo or the Bone Douluo, both were already over eighty. A few more decades might not be cause for concern, but after those decades? He had to ensure there would be someone to take over for him in regards to his daughter!


At the same time as Ning Rongrong’s return caused a change in the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Tang San was continuously cultivating.

The wounds he had suffered really weren’t light. After Tang San returned to the dorm he continuously cultivated until early the next morning before awakening.

Slowly opening his eyes, he could see by the light outside the window that it was already dawn.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San sensed the condition within his body and was gratified to discover that the internal pains had completely faded. Everything was back to normal. The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot under the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well had caused a sky and earth turning transformation to his body. Not just his surface skin becoming even more durable, but at the same time making his internals far beyond those of ordinary people.

Just like Tang San said himself, while the effect of an immortal treasure herb wasn’t meager, two extreme immortal treasures fused together had an effect that even approached the immortal treasure among immortal treasures, Yearning Heartbroken Red. But because of the ice and fire energies contained within, they had to be absorbed bit by bit. That might take an entire lifetime for Tang San.

His gaze fell on a paper on top of the dorm table. On the paper was one of Oscar’s big sausages. On the other bed, Oscar was quietly cultivating, having returned at some point.

Tang San picked up the paper and sausage from the table, looking at the graceful handwriting.

“Ge, Oscar’s back, I’ll return first. Eat his sausage after you wake up.
I’ll come see you early tomorrow —— Xiao Wu.”

Reading the brief not, Tang San couldn’t help but feel a warmth in his heart. Gobbling down the sausage he felt his body heating, finally removing the last traces of discomfort.

As his spirit power improved, all of Oscar’s sausages also had increased effect. Besides its use as food, this recovery sausage’s recovery capability had also improved a lot.

Folding the note into his chest, Tang San quietly left the room and exited the dormitory. Using several footholds left behind from the building’s construction, in a few leaps he reached the roof.

Right now was just when the sky showed the first glimmers of dawn, on the horizon only just floated a trace of white. Naturally circulating the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body, after connecting the Penetrating Meridian, Mysterious Heaven Skill’s speed had increased by a lot. Tang San was gradually covered in a white misty luster congregating at his eyes, Purple Demon Eye gradually releasing light under the support of Mysterious Heaven Skill.

The white light on the Eastern horizon gradually became clear, and the purple in Tang San’s eyes also gradually grew more intense. Besides the original purple, there was still a layer of faint golden splendor. Along with purple qi gradually rising on the whitening horizon, the light in Tang San’s eyes also became more intense.

The purple gold light shot out from within his eyes like two light beams, spouting out a full one chi or so from within his eyes, the light fluctuated, and along with the withdrawing and discharging process it seemed to be able to easily absorb the purple qi from the East.

Under the effect of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, the Purple Demon Eye had made a qualitative leap. Even though looking from the outside right now, Tang San’s eyes were shooting out and taking in purple golden light, to his own point of view everything around him became extremely distinct. His Purple Demon Eye had formally entered the third tier, mustard seed. When used right now, before his eyes was a completely abundant stage, a world with all the colors in profusion, he could even clearly distinguish particles of dust in seemingly empty air.

After entering the second tier, even though Tang San had cultivated every day he had only made minute progress with his Purple Demon Eye. Now with the assistance of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, his early morning practice gave him a feeling of moving a thousand li in one day, as if he could see the purple qi in the horizon fly into his eyes, and that purple golden light in the depths of his eyes gave even more of a feeling of seeing through peoples’ hearts and souls.

The purple qi came quickly and left just as quickly. As those purple wisps quietly passed, the purple golden light in Tang San’s eyes didn’t withdraw. He discovered that he could actually rely on his conscious control to see everything up to a kilometer away, even the early morning mist was unable to hinder his penetrating gaze.

After that day when he used the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, Tang San had felt his Purple Demon Eye gain something, but until now he hadn’t completely understood it. But that certainly wasn’t as simple as improving eyesight.

Drawing a deep breath, the white energy around him flowed into his mouth just like rivers running into the sea. After the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated in his energy channels three times it slowly submerged into his dantian. One night of cultivation along with Purple Demon Eye improving seemed to have somewhat strengthened his Mysterious Heaven Skill as a whole.

He showed a faint smile, at this rate he might truly be able to reach the highest stage of Mysterious Heaven Skill. Moreover this shouldn’t take too long. After all, right now he still wasn’t fourteen.

When Tang San returned to his dorm, not only had Oscar woken up, but Xiao Wu had also come. Seeing that Tang San had his customary expression, Xiao Wu immediately seemed to relax.

Oscar said with a wry smile: “Little San, I’ve really had to suffer when you were injured this time. Just now Xiao Wu came and shook me awake, demanding to know where you were. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know you go out to cultivate every morning?”

Xiao Wu blushed, “What do you understand, this is just being concerned. Ge, are you completely alright?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “I’m fine.”

Xiao Wu smiling said: “Then we’ll go eat breakfast. Big sausage uncle, you just continue cultivating.”

Oscar unhappily said: “Cultivating farts, I’ll go eat with you as well. Eh, that’s right. Little San, I heard yesterday you got rid of a fifty eighth rank Spirit King? That’s too incredible.”

Tang San smiling said: “It’s not as easy as you think. First of all the opponent was careless and didn’t look at me clearly. Luck had a major part in defeating him. That was a full strength type Spirit Master, perfectly restrained by my control system. Despite this I still had to rely on poison and Eight Spider Lances to barely come out on top. If we went at it again I would almost certainly not be his match. The power of hidden

weapons mainly relies on surprise. As long as the opponent is prepared, with a spirit power gap of twenty ranks I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Oscar grinned, saying: “No matter what you say, you won this time. You really gained honor for our Shrek Academy. Once we’ve brought back victory from that Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, our Shrek Academy might become one of the most famous Spirit Master organisations on the entire Continent. We also have to work hard. With your immortal herbs, I think that in this half year before the competition we’ll all have the chance to break through the fortieth rank. Come on, let’s go eat.”

The immortal treasure herbs brought a good opportunity for the extremely gifted Shrek Seven Devils. They were all talents, and further adding this assistance of the essence of heaven and earth, among their peers there was already no one who could surpass them.

The three left the dorm, and as they walked Tang San said: “That Advanced Spirit Master Grand Competition might not be so easy. Although our strength is pretty good, we will still have to deal with twenty five year old Spirit Masters. Who knows how many geniuses are on the Continent? Let alone others, the Emperor Team is about as strong as us, by the time of the competition they might also all have reached the fortieth rank. This time I’m afraid they won’t give us the chance for another sneak attack. As long as Yu Tian-Heng and those two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters can display their strength, they’ll also be very difficult to deal with.”
[1] (尘⼼) “Earth Heart”
[2] (古榕) “Ancient Banyan tree”

[3] (下三路) Chest (heart), abdomen (spleen, liver), and genitalia.

Chapter 77

Oscar said: “That’s a problem for you and boss Dai, all I can do is hand out sausage. One of you is captain and the other the director, you think of something. Actually, I feel level isn’t a major issue, the crux is that our team has two Support Spirit Masters. This might improve you others’ strength as a whole, but at the same time we have one less fighter than other teams. We’ll always be at a disadvantage.”

Xiao Wu said: “We might not be at a disadvantage, you’re forgetting about Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, eh, no, now it should be Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. She already has her third three spirit ability, that’s another ten percent support for us overall, furthermore there’s still a type of amplification, enough to counteract the gap in numbers.”

While listening to Xiao Wu mention Ning Rongrong, Oscar couldn’t help but show a strange expression, “Rongrong left yesterday morning, I don’t know when she’ll be back. I fear her family won’t let her return. She’s after all a girl, and so young at that, I’m afraid her father won’t be at ease. Rongrong’s father has a daughter like her, perhaps she will be the heir of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Hearing Oscar, Tang San and Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking distracted a moment. Xiao Wu said: “Unlikely. If Rongrong doesn’t return, then won’t our Shrek Seven Devils be one person short?”

Oscar said with a wry smile: “Who can say for sure? Of course I also want her back. Xiao Wu, you and Rongrong have always shared a room. Do you think I have any chance when chasing her? If there isn’t a bit of hope I’d cut short my own notions as soon as possible to save greater pain later.”

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue, saying: “Don’t go talking to me about this. Rongrong also never talked to me about it. However, I think she definitely has a good impression of you. But I still can’t talk about feelings. You’ll have to ask her yourself! You’re a big boy, there’s nothing to be scared of. Won’t it be alright if you ask clearly?”

Oscar nodded, “You’re right. If she returns this time, I’ll definitely ask her. I’ll take advantage of us being young to possess her. Otherwise, once we’ve left the Academy I might have even less of a chance.”

“What are you calling ‘possessing’? Sounds really unpleasant.” Xiao Wu snapped at him with a glare.

Oscar had recovered his customary smile by now, and it had to be said that after he’d shaved, his appearance was unequalled. Even Xiao Wu couldn’t help go stupid, inwardly cursing, ‘Die sissy’.

“What are you calling unpleasant to hear? Even if you won’t say it, you’ve already done it yourself long ago! Don’t tell me you dare say you haven’t taken possession of Tang San?”

“I……” Xiao Wu furtively glanced at Tang San at her side, just in time to meet Tang San’s gaze. Hurriedly she turned her eyes away, “Alright, don’t talk nonsense, let’s go eat quickly, I’m starving.”

The Academy naturally share d one dining hall, and even though the three were very early, there were already some early students eating breakfast.

When Tang San entered the dining hall he clearly felt the atmosphere was somewhat odd. All the gazes of the students looking at him were extremely

strange. Some reverent, some envious, some admiring, and still a lot of other things.

Even though Tang San seemed very unremarkable standing next to Oscar, the students in the dining hall didn’t pay Oscar any attention. Especially the female students. If Xiao Wu had to describe it, these female students were clearly making eyes.

After all, this was an Advanced Spirit Master Academy. Each student was a Spirit Master. Moreover they were at least twenty years old. A Spirit Master’s target for spouse would for the most part be a Spirit Master. In the Spirit Master world, strength was the source of everything. Appearance basically didn’t count for anything in comparison. Appearance was only innate, but formidable strength was in the end very rare, requiring constant effort as well as innate talent.

Even though Tang San had depended a lot on luck in yesterday’s battle, he had still defeated a fifty eighth rank Spirit King. His own strength had also reached the thirty seventh ranked, making him a well known figure in the entire Academy. How couldn’t he arouse the attention of other students?

Right now, if it wasn’t for Xiao Wu at Tang San’s side being too beautiful, as well as her fiercely warning gaze at her peers, perhaps there would already be female students hitting on him.

Tang San simply swept his eyes across their surroundings, his expression very quickly recovering to normal. His attitude wasn’t just that of a thirteen or fourteen year old child, so naturally he wouldn’t be influenced by the outside world. The three bought breakfast and sat down in a corner facing the windows.

While Oscar ate he lowered his voice to say to Tang San: “I really shouldn’t eat breakfast together with you.”

Tang San puzzled said: “Why?”

Oscar didn’t hide his envy a bit, “Haven’t you noticed all the schoolgirls are looking at you? As if they’re itching to eat you. You should know that

when you aren’t here, these gazes are all on me.”

Xiao Wu pouted, “You skirt-chaser, turn your head and I’ll tell Rongrong. Eating from the pan and still gazing at the pot. Don’t tell me you still want to seduce women?”

Oscar’s face twitched, and he hastily adopted a deadpan expression, “Xiao Wu, don’t do something that can’t be taken back, if you talk drivel in front of Rongrong, take care big brother doesn’t talk drivel about you. How am I seducing women? I only look at girls with a certain appreciation. Besides, they can’t compare to my Rongrong. My Rongrong is a heavenly beauty. Only, everyone has vanity, as a man how can’t I hope for the attention of women my age?”

Xiao Wu snorted unhappily, poking Tang San at her side, “Ge, do you hope for the attention of other girls?”

Tang San basically didn’t seem to notice the signals Oscar gave him, and immediately shook his head saying: “I don’t, I don’t want to go looking for trouble for myself. Just take a look at Mubai and Zhuqing. If it wasn’t for Mubai having all those girlfriends, maybe Zhuqing wouldn’t always act like that towards him.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Xiao Wu was immediately proud of herself, looking down her nose in Oscar’s direction, “See, my Ge isn’t as filthy as you. You’re a vulgar Big Sausage Uncle, my Ge is a clear as ice and clean as jade Thousand Hands Asura.”

“Eh…… Xiao Wu, just eat breakfast, don’t make me spit out my food, alright. Is ‘clear as ice and clean as jade’ used to describe men?”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying: “Then what description should be used?
Untainted by even a speck of dust?”

Oscar immediately raised the rice bowl in his hands, “Really can’t stand it, shouldn’t I change places. Xiao Wu, you really are your Ge’s most fanatic worshipper. Perhaps you’d even say his farts are fragrant.”

Xiao Wu angrily said: “You fart, some people are trying to eat. Watch it or I’ll give you a Waist Bow, send you flying through the window.”

“Don’t, you scare me.” Oscar again put down the rice bowl on the table, asking Tang San in a low voice: “Tell me, little San, how did you train Xiao Wu to be so hell bent on you? Teach me a bit, alright? If Rongrong could be like this with me, I could truly die happy.”

Tang San shot him a glance, swallowing a mouthful of food, “I’ll give you one word: Sincerity. If you let others feel you treat them with sincerity, then others might treat you the same way. Actually, little Ao, you might not think so, but I can see that Rongrong treats you a bit differently than us. I discovered that when we left Star Dou Great Forest. You must work much harder. Chasing after Rongrong can’t be so simple, behind her is after all the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Besides having her treat you well, you still have to increase your own strength as far as possible, this way you can gain the approval of Rongrong’s family.”

Oscar nodded earnestly, “En, this is a very constructive suggestion. I will consider it seriously.”

“Tang San, is Tang San here?” While the three were eating and chatting, suddenly several Shrek Academy students came running in from the outside, shouting and screaming as they entered the dining hall.

“Looking for me?” Tang San stared blankly, he definitely didn’t know these students. To be precise, at the Shrek Academy, besides the other Shrek Seven Devils, he only knew Tai Long who had fought with him yesterday.

The students running into the hall very quickly caught sight of Tang San and immediately ran over without hesitating, the student in front yelling loudly: “Tang San, quick, go see quickly. Tai Long and the others are back again.”

Tang San looked distracted a moment, unable to keep a trace of anger from rising within, “What? They’re still not done? Tai Long’s father came here again?”

Even though he was resigned to another battle, he was himself afraid he would be able to win over Vigorous King Tai Nuo. But don’t forget that now he had Oscar at his side, he only needed Oscar to provide him with flying mushrooms to be able to utilize the greatest advantage of his hidden weapons. Once Tai Nuo was poisoned, then victory was still his. The greatest flaw of strength type Spirit Masters was speed and attack range, as long as he could grasp this part they weren’t scary. To be precise, strength type Spirit Masters could best display their power in large scale battles.

The students came running over to Tang San, their expressions extremely grotesque. The leader said: “It’s not just Tai Long’s father that came, this time even his grandfather is here.”

“No way.” Xiao Wu and Oscar cried out in one voice.

Tang San and Tai Long’s duel was after all only an internal conflict between two Academy students, even though Tai Long hadn’t been lightly beaten, Tang San had still started off leniently, at least not causing him any permanent injury. After defeating Tai Nuo yesterday he had also immediately helped with detoxification. Even though Tai Nuo’s loss wasn’t small, it still wasn’t a matter of deep hatred and great regret.

Tang San’s heart twitched slightly, and he turned to Xiao Wu at his side:
“Xiao Wu, go find vice dean Zhao Wuji. Little Ao, let’s go take a look.”

Flender and Liu Erlong had both followed Grandmaster and Dai Mubai to hunt spirit beasts. With them gone, the Academy affairs would naturally fall on the vice dean from Shrek Academy, and also presently the strongest at the Academy, Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji.

Even though a Spirit Master’s strength wasn’t necessarily proportional to their age, from Tai Long’s family’s inherited spirit Tang San guessed that Tai Long’s grandfather very possibly was a power, possibly even surpassing the seventieth rank. He wouldn’t stand any chance against a seventieth ranked opponent. This had to be settled by the teachers. At the same time

Tang San also wanted to see just what Tai Long’s family was up to. Could it really be that their actions were directed at him?

Xiao Wu left swiftly, while Tang San and Oscar left the dining hall in a crowd of students, quickly leaving together in the direction of the Academy gate. In the dining hall was a lot of students who still hadn’t finished their breakfast but couldn’t stand eating, thinking that watching the event was even more important.

Outside of the Shrek Academy gate, Tai Long and Tai Nuo stood to either side of an old man. This elder had grizzled hair and beard, the short hair standing out like steel needles at the top of his head. His stature appeared about the same as Vigorous King Tai Nuo, only his expression was even more abstruse. Standing there he gave people a kind of not angry but forceful impression. From the reverence in Tai Long and Tai Nuo’s eyes as they looked at him, could be seen just what kind of position this old man had in their family.

“Grandpa, I beg of you, go back. If it goes on like this I really won’t be able to show myself at the Academy.” Tai Long entreated his grandfather with a bitter smile.

That old man standing there between him and Tai Nuo was indeed his grandfather, Tai Tan[1]. He was also the clan head.

Tai Tan held his hands behind his back, shooting a cold glance at his grandson, “Shut up.” With just these two words he had completely forced down Tai Long.

Let alone Tai Long, even Tai Nuo didn’t understand why this grandfather absolutely insisted on following them to Shrek Academy today. After returning yesterday Tai Nuo hadn’t dared conceal anything and explained the whole matter. The result he had obtained was a slap to the face from grandfather Tai Tan and loss of face.

At first light this morning, Tai Long and Tai Nuo had both prepared to sleep a while since their injuries hadn’t fully recovered, but had been dragged up by grandfather and directly brought to the Academy.

Grandfather hadn’t told them what he was up to, but even Tai Nuo could only keep quiet in front of his overbearing manner.

Tai Nuo understood very clearly that this father of his wasn’t someone with a good temper, that nature of shielding one’s mistakes was even more difficult to deal with than his own. It was very possible he would do something impulsive. Originally, if it weren’t for this, then his clan wouldn’t have…… Thinking of this, Tai Nuo couldn’t help secretly sighing, in his heart praying that grandfather wouldn’t be too rash. After all, that Tang San was only a teenaged child. Grandfather wouldn’t be too serious with him.

Right then was when Tang San and Oscar walked out from the Academy in a crowd of other students.

The moment Tang San first saw grandfather Tai Tan, he couldn’t keep his heart from contracting. Purple Demon Eye upgrading to the mustard seed level allowed him to see not only what was on the surface, in one glance he could see that this grandfather was perhaps even more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. Even though he was alone, standing there he resembled a towering mountain, immovable.

“Who is Tang San?” Tai Tan asked indifferently. Even though his voice was somewhat aged, it still gave people a kind of sonorous feeling. That wording brimming with force seemed to make even the air in the surroundings vibrate.

“I am.” Tang San unhurriedly stepped forward, at the same time pushing the spirit power within his body to its peak condition, prepared to adapt to any situation.

“Yesterday it was you who injured my son and grandson?” Tai Tan asked indifferently.

Tang San nodded once, “Yes.” He didn’t want to explain more. From his point of view, when such a formidable Spirit Master as this came to look for him over such a matter, his explanations wouldn’t hold any significance.

“Good.” A light suddenly flashed in Tai Tan’s eyes, and an incomparably forceful feeling abruptly erupted from his body. Tai Nuo and Tai Long standing at his side couldn’t endure and were both simultaneously pushed back four or five steps before they could stand steady. Including Tang San and Oscar, all the Shrek Academy students collectively recoiled a step. The atmosphere became thick like liquid in this instant.

“You injuring my son and grandson is all because of their lack of skill. But my One Strength Clan[2] isn’t so incompetent. As the big I wouldn’t take advantage of the small, so how about we make a bet?” Tai Tan said calmly.

Tang San looked straight at the counterpart, “What bet?”

Tai Tan casually waved his hand, and a stick of incense flew out from his sleeve, flying ten meters straight like an arrow to nail into the not distant Academy gate, the stick of incense simultaneously igniting.

Seeing this scene, the Shrek students couldn’t help simultaneously cry out in alarm, even Oscar couldn’t keep from cursing inwardly, ‘Fuck me.’

The Academy gate was actually cast from pure iron, how much more frail was a stick of incense? Relying only on strength throwing a stick of incense more than ten meters to pierce the gate, without any damage to the stick of incense, what kind of strength was this?

Tang San saw even more than others. The reason that stick of incense ignited wasn’t because it had been lit in advance, but because it had travelled too fast and ignited from the friction with the air, but only his Purple Demon Eye was keen enough to catch this minute detail.

“I won’t attack, I also won’t release my spirit. As long as you can endure the pressure I release until this stick of incense has burnt out, it will be your win. I’ll have Tai Nuo and Tai Long kowtow to you in apology. If not, I want you to become a member of our One Strength Clan.”

“This isn’t fair.” Before Tang San could speak up, Oscar hurried to talk. He knew Tang San’s character was even more resolute than Dai Mubai, if by any chance he agreed, he would be unable to take it back. Glaring at Tai Tan he said: “If you lose, your son and grandson only have to kowtow in apology. Even though they’ll lose a bit of face, it’s still no great loss to them. But if little San loses he will have to join your clan, bound for a lifetime. How is this fair?”

Oscar deliberately lowered the pace of his speech so that the stick of incense on the gate could burn a bit more. In petty cleverness, even Tang San couldn’t compare to him.

Tai Tan calmly said: “Then how do you think it should be done?” His words weren’t directed at Oscar, but rather directly asked Tang San.

Oscar hastily interfered: “Very simple. If you lose, you’ll have them join Tang San’s clan.”

“Oh? You also have a clan?” Tai Tan looked at Tang San, his eyes revealing a trace of doubt.

This time, Tang San spoke up himself, “I do, my clan is called Tang Sect.”

Tang Sect? Tai Tan searched his brain for a moment, but didn’t have any memory of such a school. let alone a formidable one. Immediately he believed that this was just a small unremarkable little school. He immediately nodded without hesitation, saying: “Fine. It’s agreed. If I lose my son and grandson will join your Tang Sect. If you are unable to endure, you need only withdraw beyond a twenty meter range from me or fall to the ground. I will withdraw my force.”

Oscar’s eyes displayed a cunning light, quietly placing a recovery sausage in Tang San’s hand, then quickly withdrew. He was very clear about Tang San’s resistance, originally at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy he had withstood a Spirit Douluo’s pressure for a very long time, not just that of a stick of incense. This old fogey also couldn’t be a Title Douluo.

Even if he also was a Spirit Douluo, Tang San could absolutely stand it. Besides, he still had his recovery sausage.”

“Work hard little San, getting two slaves isn’t bad.”

As the person involved, Tang San didn’t have Oscar’s light mood. Even though he had once at the thirty third rank endured the powerful pressure a Title Douluo could produce, and furthermore at this opportunity broken open his Penetrating Meridian, he was certain that the pressure this old man would give him would only be even greater. Because, he was also a Spirit Douluo. At that time Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin[3] had been a control system Spirit Master, and hadn’t had such potent spirit power. But Tai Tan’s whole family was pure strength type Spirit Masters, the pressure he could produce couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.

Tai Tan didn’t seem to care a whit about the stick of incense burning a bit during their previous discussion. After once again indicating that Tang San should be careful, the surroundings began to change.

The students standing around watching the fight could all see the air between Tang San and Tai Tan distort, rippling like a water surface, but nothing could be felt. But in that instant Tang San’s expression suddenly changed, completely withdrawing a step. At the same time he immediately released his spirit.

If speaking of the pressure Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin gave him as an endless large river, then the pressure this Tai Tan gave him was more like raging waves and swelling seas. Violently surging berserk oppressive force filling every part of Tang San’s body in an instant, Tang San could even hear his bones start to make slight noises under the pressure.

Tai Tan’s fierce eyes displayed astonishment. In order to win this bet he had released about sixty percent of his pressure from the start. To him, the other party was just a thirty seventh ranked Spirit Elder. This alone should already be enough to suppress the enemy.

On the surface Tai Tan appeared extremely bold and powerful, but in fact his mind was extremely meticulous. Since coming here, even in the previous discussion and the proposal of the bet, he hadn’t said anything about what level of Spirit Master he was. But he knew the rank of Tang San’s spirit power.

Yesterday after Tai Nuo and Tai Long had returned and described their battles with Tang San, Tai Tan immediately realized that Tang San definitely was a genius among geniuses. Therefore he had come personally, regardless of his status. One reason was to have a look at what kind of youngster Tang San was after all, the other was also in the hopes of being able to recruit him as a future power of his clan. His clan had already begun to decline, to Tai Tan this was something that had to be done.

Tai Nuo’s nickname was Vigorous King, and Tai Tan’s title was subsequently Vigorous God[4]. His spirit was also a pure strength type. At the same time, just like Tang San had determined, his spirit power had already reached the eightieth level, he was a formidable Spirit Douluo. His precise level was eighty sixth rank.

Spirit Master cultivation all had their tendencies, just with power attack system, defense system, control system, agility attack system, food system, auxiliary system and so on had differentiating aspects.

But, no matter the tendency of that class, it was extremely difficult to obtain spirit rings that all had only the one additional attribute. Using Tang San as an example, although the spirit rings for his Blue Silver Grass Spirit for the most part aimed at increasing the resilience of his Blue Silver Grass, following the route of the control system, the abilities that appeared after adding spirit rings were all somewhat different. This was caused by the diverse nature of spirit rings. Besides resilience, Blue Silver Grass still had thorns, poison, spider web and all kinds of abilities centering on toughness. Even though they had a complementary effect, it couldn’t be denied that his spirit rings didn’t follow one attribute.

Generally speaking, adding such spirit rings was the best choice, it could grant a comprehensive growth within this system. The spirit rings Tang San

chose could be said to be the result of undergoing Grandmaster’s careful calculations.

If one wanted to have spirit rings that all followed only one additional attribute, there was only one possibility. That was to obtain spirit rings from the same kind of spirit beast each time. Finding a ten year strength type spirit beast wasn’t difficult. Finding a hundred year spirit beast of the same type wasn’t challenging. Even a thousand year level spirit beast of the same type could be found. But, as this went on, finding successive spirit beasts of the same type would become geometrically more difficult.

Even more, following only one narrow path when adding spirit rings would cause an extreme weakness. That was singular capability. When confronting different opponents, one’s adaptability would be short of ordinary spirit masters. One would be powerful only in some respects.

However, following such a narrow path when adding spirit rings would also grant the greatest advantage, to maximize this one attribute.

Walking the route of strength type alone like the Tai family trio, this was also precisely the meaning of the Strength Clan. Tai Tan was eighty sixth rank, but even among Title Douluo there weren’t many who could surpass him in strength. Just like fifty eighth ranked Tai Nuo held the advantage over seventy sixth ranked Zhao Wuji if one counted strength alone.

As a pure strength type Spirit Master, the pressure Tai Tan released was naturally also based on strength. Even though it would appear he didn’t use his spirit or any abilities, it seemed to give Tang San a bit of respite. At the same time he gave himself a time restriction. But in fact, facing a pure attribute Spirit Master’s pressure was an extremely terrifying matter.

Each time the air distorted, Tang San felt as if his body would be pulverized by this immense pressure. This kind of feeling hadn’t even appeared when he was confronting Dugu Bo. Even though the pressure Dugu Bo gave Tang San was large, it was mostly mental. But now facing Vigorous God Tai Tan, the pressure was pure force.

Blue Silver Grass gushed out from Tang San. Just like last time it covered his body in a large cocoon that undulated rhythmically. Relying on his Controlling Crane Catching Dragon technique, he did his utmost to limit the harm the pressure caused him.

But Tang San very quickly discovered that as the pressure grew, Blue Silver Grass’ effect grew less and less. It was already very difficult to move the Blue Silver Grass in front.

The incense burned slowly as Tai Tan and Tang San confronted each other, silently battling extremely dangerously. The stick of incense still hadn’t even burned one third, but Tang San’s clothes were already drenched through. Gritting his teeth, he endured bitterly.

As time passed, Tai Tan’s grew more and more astonished. The power he used had already increased from sixty percent of his full strength to seventy, let alone a thirty seventh ranked, even a forty seventh ranked Spirit Master might not be able to endure. This youth was unexpectedly even more outstanding than he had imagined. It seemed he really had been right to come here.

By now, Zhao Wuji and a crowd of teachers had already come to the Academy gate led by Xiao Wu, and very quickly learned the circumstances from the surrounding students.

“Teacher Zhao, quickly go stop them!” Xiao Wu somewhat impatiently said.

Zhao Wuji’s gaze fell on Tai Tan, and his expression clearly grew heavy. Shaking his head, he said: “They’ve already made a bet, anything else has to wait until their bet ends. Bets between Spirit Masters are sacred. If we stopped them now, the when Tang San later joins the Spirit Master world he would have no trust or standing. Only, why would his opponent be this old fellow. I’m afraid this time will be troublesome.”

“You know him? Isn’t that Tai Long’s grandfather?”

Zhao Wuji gravely said: “Of course I know this old fellow. Originally it was because I accidentally injured his clansman, and was chased after him all over the place, that I went with Flender to manage the Shrek Academy.”

“What? He’s even more ferocious than you?” When Xiao Wu heard Zhao Wuji say this she was immediately somewhat panicked.

Zhao Wuji nodded with an ugly expression, “This old fellow is extremely frightful, his strength is over the eightieth rank, a Spirit Douluo. If it was some other Spirit Douluo I would still have some confidence in risking it. But confronting him, I wouldn’t have a chance. He’s a pure strength type Spirit Master, and the terror of his strength surpasses even most Title Douluo. If I, as another follower of the strength path, met him, I wouldn’t even have the ability to hit back. The strength pressure he emits is even comparable to a Title Douluo. It’s hardly possible to resist without sixtieth ranked spirit power. That’s why I said little San is in a great deal of trouble this time.”

“Then what’s to be done?” Xiao Wu’s charming little face was red with anxiety. Right now she couldn’t help recalling Da Ming and Er Ming. If the two of them were here, would there be any need to fear that old fellow’s strength? But, distant water wouldn’t help nearby thirst, Zhao Wuji said a bet couldn’t be interrupted, so what could be done? No good, no matter how she still couldn’t let little San be injured.

Thinking of this, Xiao Wu couldn’t help loudly shouting: “Ge, if you can’t endure then concede.”

Tang San was naturally unable to reply to her, but when he heard Xiao Wu’s voice his attention shifted slightly, and the tremendous pressure immediately took advantage of the gap. Tang San made a belching sound, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Using his fastest speed to stuff the big sausage into his mouth, he chewed and swallowed. Relying on this spreading heat of the recovery sausage, he just managed to endure without collapsing.

When Zhao Wuji heard Xiao Wu’s shout he immediately knew it was far from helping and hastily covered her mouth, “Don’t disturb him. At this moment any external disturbance will influence his attention. Little San is a clever child, he certainly knows what to do. He still hasn’t hit the limit yet. If a danger he truly is unable to endure appears, then he will act without being told.”

Jacket rupturing, Eight Spider Lances rapidly extended from Tang San’s back with their muted cold light. The lower four spider lances thrust straight into the newly dug earth, supporting his body. The upper four spider lances swayed slightly, their red and white light becoming especially dazzling.

His Mysterious Heaven Skill was completely contained within Tang San’s body by the pressure. Under these circumstances Tang San discovered that the medical effects of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot within him were actually fusing swiftly, making his body even more resilient. Mysterious Heaven Skill also circulated frantically, dissolving wave after wave of pressure.

The stick of incense inserted in the Shrek Academy gate had already burned more than halfway. Sweat constantly dripped down the front of Tang San’s jacket. All his clothes already stuck to the skin, completely as if he had just been fished out of the water.

Tai Tan was already somewhat impatient. When the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back came out he immediately saw a prediction of the end. Relying on Eight Spider Lances releasing, Tang San’s ability to resist the pressure clearly increased. Could it be that was a spirit bone? Even more one outside of the regular six spirit bones, an external spirit bone?

His mind surging, Tai Tan made the firm resolution to recruit this youth no matter how he had to do it. If that truly was an external spirit bone, then it was no wonder even his fifty eighth ranked spirit power son had lost. This youth’s prospects were boundless.

Tang San himself wasn’t aware that along with his gradually stood out as exceptionally brilliant, relying on his own natural gifts and his talent in

Tang Sect’s secret lore, he gradually attracted the interest of every great power.

To quickly bring the battle to an end, Tai Tan decided not to exercise any more restraint. Despite the existence of Tang San’s external spirit bone, he knew that it was impossible for this youth to resist the pressure he could give. The spirit power gap was really too large, and moreover his strength was on the Title Douluo level. Even if he had to injure him a bit, he would beat him first and consider it later.

With this in mind, Tai Tan directly increased the pressure he exerted on Tang San from seventy percent to ninety percent. The originally rhythmical distortions in the air instantly became faster, the ripples becoming like waves milling towards Tang San.

Pu——, again a mouthful of blood spewed out. With the pressure suddenly increasing by close to a third, Tang San was unable to endure further. Even though he already had an extremely high estimation of the opponent’s strength, he still hadn’t seen it all.

Would he lose? Would he really lose? No.

Tang San looked at Tai Tan across from him. That old man still had a serene expression, his clothes not even shifting. Brimming with an insufferably arrogant dignity. In that instant Tai Tan suddenly saw Tang San’s eyes brighten without any warning, two golden purple rays of light shot out from Tang San’s eyes.

[1] (泰坦) This is also the transliteration for “Titan” used in the name of the Titan Giant Ape.

[2] (⼒之⼀族) Not sure if this should even be the name of the clan, or even “one of the strengths of the clan” since there are various ways to interpret it, but will go with this for now.

[3] The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy board member who used his pressure on Tang San.

[4] His title (⼤⼒神) can be read literally as “great strength god”, which can also be translated as “titan”. So his name and title is ( ⼤⼒神泰坦) “Titan Titan”, but this pun only works in translation.

Chapter 78

Without time to protect himself, Tai Tan only felt as if his brain was pricked by needles, his mind dizzy, a stinging and burning feeling in his eyes. If it hadn’t been for the pressure he released making the air distort, causing a certain degree of refraction in Tang San’s gaze, his circumstances would be even worse.

Tai Tan gave Tang San strength energy pressure, but what Tang San now gave him was a mental attack. At this moment Tang San finally knew what had changed in his Purple Demon Eye after taking the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew. The true form of that gaze had become an attack. The condensed Purple Demon Eye had become a kind of unconventional mental attack, and at this crucial moment when he was about to collapse, it displayed to immense effect.

His mind suffering an attack, Tai Tan was naturally unable to further control the pressure he released, and with a muffled groan he actually retreated a step.

The pressure in the air suddenly gone, Tang San only felt an emptiness around him. As the tremendous pressure vanished, he couldn’t keep from swaying, and if it hadn’t been for four of the Eight Spider Lances on his back being thrust into the ground, perhaps he would have fallen the instant the weight was gone.

Once again belching up a mouthful of blood, Tang San’s complexion was deathly pale. Completely tottering on the verge of collapse, he might fall to

the ground at any moment. But it was also at this moment that he felt the rupturing sound of the Yang Linking Meridian among the Eight Extraordinary Meridians breaking through, the shock of the quickly circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill breaking open this meridian a crack. Even though it hadn’t been completely connected, just like a thousand li dike being destroyed by an ant tunnel, with this crack he wasn’t far from breaking through.

However, right now Tang San couldn’t be excited, that stick of incense still had a fifth left, and now he completely lacked the strength to reissue the Purple Demon Eye’s mental attack, and even less able to rely on inner strength to support his body. Even if Tai Tan launched another attack with a third of the pressure, his only fate was to fall.

Could it be that he would truly become another’s slave, joining his clan? Tang San understood that this wasn’t because of his carelessness, but because of the absolute gap in strength. A humiliated feeling struck his mind hard, and he stuck out his chest. No matter how, he had to persevere to the last moment, as long as he still hadn’t fallen, this fight still wasn’t over.

Making an effort to shake his head, Vigorous God Tai Tan could once again see everything clearly after the dizziness. That youngster still stood there unyielding, and even though he cut a sorry figure, his eyes were still resolute. What was that just now? His spirit ability?

“You still want to continue? You should know that if you do, it might cause you permanent harm.” Tai Tan spoke in a low voice. He didn’t want to destroy a genius, he had to recruit talent. How would he fail to see the the state Tang San was in?

Zhao Wuji’s voice also impatiently cut in at this moment, “Little San, concede. You mustn’t destroy your future. Others can sort this out.”

“No.” Tang San only spoke this one word, but blood again ran from the corner of his mouth,

“Please continue.”

He didn’t say much, but at this moment all the teachers and students from the Academy watching the battle were moved. How persistent and unyielding to be able to support his words like this.

Even Tai Tan showed an alarmed expression. This youngster was really too outstanding. Precisely because of this, he absolutely couldn’t let him off. If he couldn’t recruit him, then, he could only destroy him.

With this in mind, Tai Tan’s gaze gradually focused, the atmosphere around him once again fluctuating.

The Blue Silver Grass withdrew completely. Slowly and resolutely, Tang San gently raised his left hand. Five fingers spreading, he didn’t look at Tai Tan, his gaze was completely focused on his own left hand. ‘Whether or not I can withstand this final moment, you watch and see.’

Intense black rays of light bubbled out of his hand, gradually condensing into a shape.

A small black hammer quietly appeared in Tang San’s palm. The hammer wasn’t large, and covered by faint decorative patterns.

But the moment it appeared, Tang San seemed to recover a bit of his strength. A grave atmosphere appeared around him.

Tai Tan’s body suddenly trembled violently once. The pressure already charging at Tang San instantly weakened, Tang San’s body rocking once. Holding the hammer at his chest, rigidly warding off this weakened pressure, an unyielding radiance glittering in his determined expression.

“This is……” It wasn’t just Tai Tan who turned pale with fright, Tai Nuo at his side also stared wide eyed and exclaimed in alarm.

Just at this moment, seven rays of dazzlingly beautiful light shone down from the sky, enveloping Tang San’s body within just like a seven colored rainbow.

Instantly, Tang San’s body shuddered fiercely, his skin recovering its lost gloss, and with a low moan he slowly closed his eyes.

At the same time a profoundly bold voice echoed from all directions at once, “Old orangutan, what skill is bullying children. Long time no see, let us take a turn next.”

In the flickering light and shadow, including Zhao Wuji, no one saw clearly until three people stood in the middle of the fight.

Standing in the middle was an old man, his right and left hand separately supporting the arms of the two people at his side. To his left was an extremely beautiful young lady, apparently fourteen or fifteen years old. When her feet touched ground she immediately turned and ran over to Tang San.

To his right was a scholarly middle aged man. Right now in that middle aged man’s palm was a seven colored dizzyingly glittering dazzlingly beautiful pagoda.

The seven colored light that appeared over Tang San was connected to the pagoda in his palm.

Seeing these three appear, the pupils of Vigorous God Tai Tan’s eyes immediately contracted. Even though his nature was always to never fear anything in heaven or earth, confronting these three he still had no choice but to restrain his character.

“I wondered who it was, so it’s Bone Douluo and school master Ning.
Let this old man pay his respects.”

The three arrivals were precisely Ning Fengzhi, Ning Rongrong and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.

When the school master left, of the two resident Douluo at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, one would go along and the other would stay at the school to keep watch. Last time it was Sword Douluo Chen Xin who followed Ning Fengzhi, so this time it was the Bone Douluo’s turn.

For this reason the Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo had argued for ages. Both of them wanted to see what kind of person the genius youngster Ning Rongrong had talked about was.

Actually, Ning Fengzhi’s trio had already arrived as early as when Tang San and Tai Tan made their bet. Ning Rongrong had strongly asked her father to intervene, but had been refused by Ning Fengzhi. Concealed in a secret place, Ning Fengzhi’s goal was to have a look at just how outstanding this youngster actually was. With him there, naturally there was no fear that the bet would conclude. Now that Tang San seemed unable to endure, Ning Fenzhi acted immediately, blocking the fight.

The Bone Douluo appeared in front of Tai Tan with a whoosh,

“Old orangutan, give a brother some face, let this fight pass. Our school also have our eyes on this kid. Don’t go fighting over him with us.”

With the backing of formidable strength, Gu Rong basically didn’t need to talk in circles, and directly stated the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s intentions to Tai Tan. Even though Tai Tan’s Strength Clan wasn’t small, compared to the seven great schools it was still far too lacking.

Bone Douluo Gu Rong had complete confidence in being able to suppress him in strength.

The Spirit Master world always spoke with strength. Wrecking an agreed upon bet was admittedly violating the rules of the game, but if the wrecker himself was a person who made the rules, who would say anything?

According to Gu Rong’s understanding of Tai Tan, this fearless old fogey wouldn’t give up so easily. Even if confronted by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, with his fiery temper he would still be spoiling for a battle. Not fighting was impossible.

But Gu Rong hadn’t expected that when he heard his words, Tai Tan actually smiled. Even though a smiling expression clearly looked somewhat strange on his stiff face, Gu Rong was certain that Tai Tan was smiling, and moreover that the smiling expression held a sarcastic overtone.

“Old orangutan, what are you laughing at?”

Tai Tan snorted, saying: “You want me to give you face? Fine, I’ll give it. We’ll drop this bet, I don’t lose, and he doesn’t lose.”

“Eh?” Gu Rong stared blankly, “Giving face like this? Old orangutan, this isn’t your style!”

The corners of Tai Tan’s mouth twitched, and he raised his hand to point to Tang San, “Old Bone, take a good look at what’s in his hand. Luckily you’re still a Title Douluo, could it be you don’t have even this much eyesight?”

At this Gu Rong’s gaze fell on Tang San, following Tai Tan’s finger, he could just see the black little hammer in Tang San’s left hand. In that instant his expression also changed immediately.

“He’s actually Clear Sky……”

Tai Tan smiled without smiling: “You know it. For me this is flooding the dragon king temple[1], for you it might be only be inviting a rejection. Haha, hahahaha.”

While laughing, he walked over towards Tang San with big steps like a shooting star.

Gu Rong had seen the little black hammer in Tang San’s hand, and Ning Fengzhi had naturally also seen it. His expression was slightly artificial, but very quickly recovered to normal. A school master’s bearing wasn’t something Gu Rong could compare to.

Gu Rong moved over to Ning Fengzhi’s side, somewhat impatiently saying: “School master, in his hand……”

Ning Fengzhi interrupted him, saying with a nod: “I know. It’s no wonder that he’s so outstanding, I didn’t expect him to come from Clear Sky. His family name is Tang, I should have realized it long ago.”

The brilliance of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in his hand was unceasing, still covering Tang San’s body, rippling into him from the surroundings.

Right now Tang San already felt as if he had gone from hell to heaven. A comfortably warm air, extremely mild humidity rapidly recovering his energy, agility, strength, mind, and even something Tang San couldn’t define.

The previous feeling of absolute emptiness within him as well as the injuries caused by the tremendous pressure all gradually faded in this gentle energy. The Mysterious Heaven Skill within him also seemed to strengthen under this humidity, circulating all over, the crack in the Yang Linking Meridian constantly widening under the unceasing attack of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Tang San hadn’t seen who helped him, but soaked in that seven colored radiance, what he had lost gradually returned, and even became stronger. The Blue Silver Grass recovered its lost luster, the red and white light from the Eight Spider Lances glinting with an even more threatening gem like light, and even the black little hammer flickered with a crow black light.

How could the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s name as the first auxiliary system spirit be a false reputation? As school master, Ning Fengzhi had even more brilliant skill with this emblematic auxiliary system spirit.

In a few short minutes when Tang San once again opened his eyes, his expression was already energetic, as if he had been reborn. If it wasn’t for the torn clothes and not yet dried sweat, right now it would seem as if he had never experienced that dangerous bet.

“Third brother, are you alright?” Ning Rongrong asked with deep concern.

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong as well as Oscar had all already run over to Tang San.

Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun had also separated from the crowd, encircling Tang San.

“I’m already fine.” While speaking, Tang San’s gazed in the direction that seven colored radiance drifted from, just in time to meet Ning Fengzhi’s eyes.

Ning Fengzhi smiled, and the radiance of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in his hand faded. As he lowered his hand, that miraculous spirit also vanished.

“How come it’s you?” Tang San couldn’t help say in astonishment.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, “So it’s really you. It seems we really are brought together by fate.”

Ning Rongrong’s big eyes blinked: “Daddy, you know each other?”

Even without Ning Rongrong’s words, Tang San already vaguely guessed Ning Fengzhi’s identity. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s seven treasures appearing simultaneously, how many people could manage that? Quickly taking a few steps forward, he bowed to ning Fengzhi in salute, “Greetings, school master Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, raising his hand to pull Tang San up, “Since you’re Rongrong’s friend, and she calls you third brother, its suitable if you call me uncle Ning. I would hope to hear you call me this.”

Ning Fengzhi saying this could be considered a public expression of goodwill. In fact, with his position, on the entire Douluo Continent he only had to stomp his feet to make the four seas tremble, even an imperial prince like Xue Xing wouldn’t dare offend him.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School didn’t just have robust strength as a sect with two Douluo. At the same time, their financial resources had always been number one among the seven great schools.

Obtaining the recognition of school master Ning Fengzhi would be a gargantuan occasion to the vast majority of Spirit masters.

Tang San’s attitude didn’t change because of learning Ning Fengzhi’s identity, only bowing once again and saying: “Greetings, uncle Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud, saying: “Good. Good. we’ll talk again later. First settle the present business.”

Tang San’s expression became serious, From the terms of the bet, even though he hadn’t fallen, he knew it would have been very difficult for him to resist Tai Tan’s next attack until the stick of incense burned out.

Even though the incense on the gate had burned out, his heart was still heavy.

Tang San was a person who would absolutely abide by promises, but he also understood that with his current strength it would be far, far too difficult to resist the pressure Tai Tan could release. He didn’t know how much of his pressure Tai Tan had released before, but judging by that last steep pressure increase, the opponent hadn’t gone all out from the start.

His gaze slowly turning, Tang San looked towards that not distant Tai Tan. Vigorous God Tai Tan was also looking at him, meeting his gaze expectantly, and with a slight wave of his hand brought his son and grandson towards Tang San in big strides. His expression was filled with emotions.

“I’m sorry, senior, our bet was interrupted, but we can do it again.” Breaking open the Yang Linking Meridian increased Tang San’s ability to resist pressure somewhat, and as long as he didn’t truly fall before the opponent, he also wouldn’t easily concede.

But Tang San hadn’t expected Tai Tan to only solemnly gaze at him,
“Your name is Tang San, what is your father’s name? Is it Tang Hao?”

Tang San looked at the pure strength type formidable Spirit Master in front of him with astonishment, “How did you know?” His words were

without doubt an acknowledgement of what Tai Tan had said.

Tai Tan’s aged face flushed red with agitation, and under Tang San’s inconceivable gaze, that majestic like a mountain frame abruptly knelt with one knee on the ground with a putong sound, completely moved speechless.

“Senior, what’s this about?” Tang San jumped with fright at Tai Tan’s movement and hastily got out of the way, not daring to receive Tai Tan’s courtesy.

Seeing Tai Tan kneel, both Tai Nuo and Tai Long hastily followed his example. Tai Long was even more astonished than Tang San, he couldn’t understand why his grandfather’s attitude would suddenly make an enormous one hundred eighty degree turn.

Tai Tan suppressed his strongly surging heart, “This old slave Tai Tan, pays his respects to young master.”

“Young master?” As these two words came out, apart from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and the Bone Douluo who had unvarying expression, made practically everyone around turn pale with fright. Especially those teachers and students who had vaguely guessed Tai Tan’s strength were even more unable to hide their shock.

Tang San was stupefied, a person who had previously been oppressing him until he was unable to breathe was actually kneeling in front of him, for a while he couldn’t adapt to the enormous contrast.

“Senior, won’t you explain it clearly first.” Tang San stepped forward to lend an arm to Tai Tan, but this old fellow was determined to kneel.

“Young master, this old slave has finally met you. Do you know master’s current whereabouts?”

“Master?” From the meaning behind Tai Tan’s words, Tang San could naturally hear that what he indicated with ‘master’ should be his father.

His father’s mien flashed through his mind. Tang San was unable to believe that his father, every day soaked in shoddy alcohol, would actually be called ‘master’ by a Spirit Douluo level power.

The intense shock and sudden news momentarily put Tang San’s heart in disorder. Supporting himself on Tai Tan’s imposing body, for a moment he just stood there rigidly.

“Hai hai. I think it would be better if you first found somewhere quiet, and then continued chatting about your master and servant situation, alright?”

Just what is called ‘the participant is baffled, but the onlooker sees clearly’, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi standing to the side broke the awkwardness.

Tang San came to himself at this, and hastily said: “Just so, senior you get up first, if there are any matters we’ll first find a place quiet.”

Tai Tan somewhat vigilantly looked at Ning Fengzhi to the side, then stood up, “Young master, please follow to this old slave’s home to chat.”

“This……” Tang San glanced at the Shrek Seven Devils next to him as well as Ning Fengzhi, and immediately felt embarrassed.

Even though he was anxious to know just why Tai Tan had addressed him like that, Ning Fengzhi saved him just now and was moreover Ning Rongrong’s father, his coming here seemed to be in order to find him, if he left it would clearly be grounds for discord.

What kind of person was Ning Fengzhi, how wouldn’t he see Tang San’s current awkwardness, with a slight smile he said: “I think it would be better like this, since we’ve already come to the Shrek Academy we should tour the place. Vigorous God should also be the guardian of a student here, so why don’t we all enter?”

Even though Tai Tan was inwardly unwilling, as he also saw Tang San’s current awkwardness he forced himself to nod, saying: “Alright. Who is in

charge of this Academy?” His last words were immensely loud, shocking the ears of the watching students so they rang.

Even though Zhao Wuji wasn’t too willing to confront Tai Tan, right now he also didn’t have a choice. Quickly stepping forward, with a forced smile saying: “Old brother Tai Tan, long time no see, have you been well?”

Seeing Zhao Wuji, Tai Tan looked distracted a moment, a cold light flickering in his eyes, “So it’s you kid. I couldn’t find you for all these years, but you’ve actually been hiding here. We’ll think about it under cover, find us a quiet place, I want to have a careful talk with the young master.”

Whether it was Tai Tan or Ning Fengzhi, neither was someone Zhao Wuji could afford to offend. Right now Flender, Grandmaster, and Liu Erlong’s trio, as well as Dugu Bo, who might suppress an incident were all gone. He couldn’t wish to be ripped apart by this Vigorous God here. Hastily he said: “Everyone have come from afar, please come inside. All students return to class, who allowed you to gather here?”

The students were quickly but gently returned to school by the teachers, while Zhao Wuji personally brought Tai Tan’s family, the people from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, as well as Tang San into the Academy.

Zhao Wuji gave Tang San a meaningful look, saying: “Little San, you go clean up first and change your clothes, afterwards come to the fourth floor meeting room.”

Tang San currently wore little more than sweat and bloodstains, and even though his body had recovered under the assistance of Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, his appearance was clearly too unsuitable. Together with the Shrek Seven Devils he headed for the dorms.

“Ge, how are you?” Xiao Wu pulled at Tang San’s arm, gripping his right hand, slowly infusing her own spirit power into Tang San.

Tang San hurriedly declined her good intentions, “Don’t worry Xiao Wu, I’m already fine.”

Ning Rongrong to the side hit her chest, saying: “Xiao Wu, don’t worry. My daddy’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda has already reached the ideal seven treasure realm, not only can it assist, it also has powerful treatment capabilities. Before when the seven treasures came out simultaneously, even if third brother had stopped breathing he could still recover. There wouldn’t be anything wrong. But what was all that about just now? How does third brother and that old fogey fit together? That old fogey isn’t weak, my grandpa Bone said his strength was on the Spirit Douluo level.”

Before Xiao Wu could speak up, Oscar already swiftly recounted the events. Seeing Ning Rongrong return, originally he was very happy, but as he saw Ning Rongrong’s father and that tyrannical grandpa Bone, he couldn’t help feel a bit apprehensive. It goes without saying that he had to restrain his original intentions of speaking his mind to Ning Rongrong as soon as she returned.

Listening to Oscar’s explanation, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help laughing: “Beat the son and the father comes, beat the father and the grandfather comes. Does it keep going? Nevermind, third brother, next time they come looking for trouble, we’ll go together. Even though boss Dai isn’t here, with our combined battle strength we can hold them off for a while. If my daddy lends a hand, with his assistance we can hold them down.”

Tang San’s current mood was very complicated. Tai Tan’s display just now had shocked him, and he vaguely felt that what he had said was related to his father’s disappearance. Could it be his father wasn’t just a drunkard? Was he a person that could make a Spirit Douluo address himself as a slave? Another step up, was perhaps only Title Douluo.

Returning to the dorm, Tang San first sent back the others, including Xiao Wu. He quickly washed of the dirt and changed his clothes before swiftly running to the fourth floor of the school building.

To him right now, Ning Fengzhi’s purpose in coming wasn’t important, what he most wanted to know about was what Tai Tan called him.

Reaching the fourth floor, Tang San just saw Zhao Wuji stepping out from a meeting room.

Zhao Wuji made a silencing gesture to Tang San, hurriedly pulling him over to a corner.

“Little San, no matter what they tell you later, you must stay calm. That old fellow Tai Tan and Ning Fengzhi don’t get along, so I arranged them in two rooms. Who you see first is your decision. However, no matter what you mustn’t easily make any promises, if you can’t, you can ask to wait until Grandmaster and Flender returns.”

Tang San was always calm, and after listening nodded, “Teacher Zhao, don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

Zhao Wuji smiled wryly, right now he was only a foil. With this gap in strength, whether it was the Golden Iron Triangle or the Poison Douluo, as long as one of them was here the Academy wouldn’t be as passive as now.

Tai Tan wasn’t bad, even though his Strength Clan wasn’t weak, with so many teachers at the Shrek Academy, Zhao Wuji still wasn’t worried about him.

But Ning Fengzhi was different, that leader of one of the seven great clans, those two resident Douluo alone were enough to make the four oceans tremble.

Among all the seven great clans, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was ranked second, considered one of the upper three, above even Grandmaster’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.

Zhao Wuji wasn’t at all worried about Tang San, he was even a bit happy that Tang San had revealed his hammer just now. Even though he was shocked to learn Tang San had twin spirits, these twin spirits had now also become something that made even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School apprehensive.

When Zhao Wuji had pointed out the two rooms, Tang San without the slightest hesitation first chose Tai Tan’s family, pushing open the door and entering.

Tai Tan ranked higher, but when he saw Tang San entering he hastily stood up from where he sat thinking, and without waiting for Tang San to react, this Vigorous God once again fell to one knee, “This old slave injured young master, young master please choose a punishment.”

Seeing Tai Nuo and his son follow Tai Tan’s example, Tang San’s face revealed a wry smile, “Senior, get up first. We’ll talk properly. Right now I don’t quite understand what’s going on. Why don’t you explain it all to me first. Perhaps you’ve mistaken me for someone else, I’m not someone you’d call young master, my background is only as the most ordinary commoner.”

Tai Tan looked distracted a moment. Standing up, he sized up Tang San and immediately asked: “Isn’t your father called Tang Hao?”

Tang San nodded, “My father’s name is indeed Tang Hao, but he’s not someone you’d call master!”

Tai Tan lowered his voice, “If your father is Tang Hao, then there’s no mistake. Young master, how did you and master live for all these years? How come you would use that Blue Silver Grass spirit?”

“Hold on.” Tang San somewhat impatiently halted Tai Tan’s words, “Senior, can’t you first tell me what sort of person my father really is, how come you would call him master?”

“You don’t know? Master didn’t tell you anything?” There was a pondering light in Tai Tan’s fierce eyes, and he paced back and forth within the room,

“Young master, why don’t you first tell this worthless elder[2] how you lived with master for all these years. If master didn’t say anything, this worthless elder also daren’t speak out of turn.”

Tang San felt a burst of dejection, and inwardly couldn’t help feel more and more perplexed, “From childhood I lived with father in Holy Spirit Village, father was the village’s sole blacksmith, and every day besides working, his only hobby was drinking.”

“Blacksmith?” Tai Tan stared wide eyed, an expression of inconceivability in his eyes. For a moment his hair and beard quivered, and for a long time he couldn’t control himself, “Master, how could you be reduced to such a state, at that time, you were……” Here Tai Tan’s face was covered with tears, already unable to stop his sobs.

Tang San was confused, he had already explained how miserably he had lived with his father, why would this formidable Spirit Douluo still believe his father was the one he called master?

“Senior, I think, you really have the wrong person. My father is only a common blacksmith.” Tang San couldn’t keep from emphasizing it once again.

Tai Tan wiped his tears, “Young master, even if I don’t know why master wouldn’t tell you about his identity, I can be certain I’m not mistaking you for someone else. Other things can be mistakes, but can spirits be wrong? Let me ask you, who did you inherit your Blue Silver Grass spirit from?”

Tang San said: “It should be inherited from my mother.”

Tai Tan questioned closer: “Then your other spirit? That little black hammer you held in your left hand before, who was it passed down from? Blue Silver Grass belongs to your mother, then that hammer can only belong to your father. I can make mistakes in other things, but if I couldn’t even recognize master’s Clear Sky Hammer[3], then I wouldn’t have the face to keep living in this world. The Clear Sky Hammer’s pattern is unique and unmatched, in those days I always followed at master’s side, how couldn’t I recognize it? This is a unique spirit!”

Tai Tan’s words in the end revealed a gap, and hearing the words ‘Clear Sky Hammer’, Tang San’s whole body trembled. Grandmaster had taught

him for so many years, of course he had told him about the seven great schools of the present age. Among the seven great schools were the three upper and four lower sects.

The three upper sects were separately the Clear Sky School, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon School. The reason they were called the three upper sects was of course because these three great schools each had at least one Title Douluo guardian. Even though the four lower schools were quite powerful, they still didn’t have a power like those Title Douluo.

Among them, the Clear Sky School was no doubt the most formidable existence of the three upper sects, in Grandmaster’s assessment, both the Clear Sky School and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had two resident Douluo, but even with the support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s strongest Support Spirit, those two Title Douluo still wouldn’t stand a great chance of winning against the two resident Douluo of the Clear Sky School.

As a result, this Clear Sky School could be said to be ranked first among the seven great schools, the first school in the whole Douluo Continent.

And Clear Sky School’s inherited spirit was a kind of tool spirit, called: Clear Sky Hammer.

Grandmaster had never said much about the Clear Sky School’s circumstances, this was all Tang San knew. Now hearing Vigorous God Tai Tan in front of him actually say that hammer of his was actually the Clear Sky Hammer, how couldn’t he be shocked?

Raising his left hand, black light coalescing, the Clear Sky Hammer once again appeared in Tang San’s palm, “This is really the Clear Sky Hammer?”

This time the distance was even shorter, and Tai Tan could observe the black little hammer in Tang San’s hand even more clearly. As soon as the little hammer appeared, he nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Only the direct blood relations can possess it. And among the direct blood

relations of the school, only master has been away for a number of years straight, also only master’s name is Tang Hao, there’s no mistake. Young master.”

Even though he didn’t say so in detail, this moment was already enough to tell Tang San that he was from the Clear Sky School.

“You are saying, my father is directly blood related to the Clear Sky School, and I as well? No, that’s impossible. If father was from the Clear Sky School, why, why would he be reduced to a blacksmith?”

What kind of position did the Clear Sky School hold in the Spirit Master world? It was a formidable existence even Spirit Hall wouldn’t lightly dare offend, in overall strength being capable of competing equally with Spirit Hall, were only the seven great schools.

Especially the five Title Douluo of the upper three sects. Among the seven great schools, the Clear Sky School was very mysterious, it was rare for people to even know its location.

But the Clear Sky School’s dignity wasn’t something anyone dared offend lightly. Even the current Spirit Hall Supreme pontiff would still be extremely respectful to it.

If his father was born from the Clear Sky School, and was directly blood related, then……

[1] Idiom: People on the same side ending up fighting when not recognizing each other. Based on a folklore story where an exiled dragon prince returns to his father’s temple, but is mistaken for a beast by a monk and ends up starting a war.

[2] Now he’s referring to himself as ( ⽼ 朽 ) “old rotten”, a self denigrating appellation suggesting he’s gone decrepit with age.

[3] ( 昊天锤) Alternatively “Boundless Heaven Hammer”. The first character is the same hao as in Tang Hao.

Chapter 79

Thinking about all of this, Tang san remembered his father leaving him a letter before he left. Placing his hand on Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he took out the already yellowed letter from his belt. “Senior, do you recognize this handwriting? When I was six years old, my father left this letter behind and left home and never came back.”

Tang San showed the letter to Tai Tan, which he often took out to read, this was the only trace of his father. Every time Tang San took out this letter, he couldn’t suppress the longing he had of his father.

“Little san,

By the time you see this letter, I have already left.

Do not bother trying to find me, you can never find me.

Although you are still young, you have the ability to provide for yourself.

Young eagles must spread their wings on their own and fly, only then will they soar to great heights.

There’s no need to worry about me, in your character there is a lot of your mother’s softness.

Father is a useless man.

You have grown bigger, father has to go back to get some things that originally belonged to me.

Someday, we father and son will meet again

I wish for you to become strong, but at the same time I do not wish for you to become strong. This is your own path and your own choice.

If one day you feel that becoming a spirit master is not the job for you, you can return to holy spirit village and become a blacksmith like me.

Do not miss me, Tang Hao”
Tang San had always considered this letter a memory, entrusted with his father’s thoughts of him. But reading it again now, combined with what Tai Tan had suggested about his identity, it suddenly held a completely different meaning.

Especially the line “I wish for you to become strong, but at the same time I do not wish for you to become strong” showed the mixed feelings Tang Hao had when he wrote this letter. Also, the thing that Tang Hao wanted to take back, what might it be?

After reading the letter, Tai Tan had a peal of despondency, and could not help but think out loud: “Oh master, how can you say you are useless? In this old slave’s heart, you will eternally be the pillar of the clan.”

Bowing his head to look down at Tang San in front of him, Tai Tan carefully returned the letter to his hand, “Young master, there’s no mistake. This is master’s handwriting.”

“Then my father really came from the Clear Sky School? Senior, I implore you, tell me the truth about this matter. Since he was a member of the Clear Sky School, why would he live with me in Holy Spirit Village? What actually happened in between? Please tell me, I must know the truth.”

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, tears could not help but flow from his eyes once more. He could fully imagine how life had been like without a mother, and having his father leave him when he was six years old. How lonely and bitter a life Tang San must have led for these years. Tai Tan couldn’t keep from sprea ding his arms, pulling Tang San into an embrace, “Young master, my poor young master, all these years you must have suffered.”

At this moment Tang San’s emotions were surging, not knowing what to do. The sudden news had completely disturbed his train of thought, and the words ‘Clear Sky School’ were too shocking.

“Young master, I can’t tell you about master’s affairs back in those days. That secret belongs to master himself, even I am unsure what happened. All you need to know is that master was a man with an indomitable spirit, the most terrifying existence in this world, no one could compare to him. My Strength Clan was originally one of the four great subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky School, it was because of master that I chose to separate from the Hao Tian clan, to again stand independent in Heaven Dou City. Since Master has reappeared, the Strength Clan will without a doubt be master’s subordinates. Although Master is currently not around, there is still you, young master. From now on, the Strength Clan will be yours to command. A total of two hundred and seventeen able bodied Spirit Masters who will follow you to the death.”

Tang San’s eyes blurred, his father had left for eight years, without a word the whole time.

It would be impossible to claim that there wasn’t a hint of resentment, but right now Tang San could suddenly feel his father’s helplessness. If he was really from the Clear Sky School, and the one Tai Tan called master, yet had been reduced to poverty as a blacksmith and drunkard in Holy Spirit Village for six years.

Just how deep was his sadness and helplessness?

Thinking of his father’s mournful wails when he was reincarnated into this world, Tang San understood something.

He gripped Tai Tan’s solid arms with his own, “Senior, right now my thoughts are in a mess, I need to calm down and think it over.”

Tai Tan quickly said: “Young master, you mustn’t by any means call me something like senior again. Just call me old slave Tai Tan.”

Tang San smiled wryly and said: “You are Tai Long’s grandfather, he and I are school mates, and I am younger than him as well. If you do not mind, I will call you grandpa Tai.”

“But…” Tai Tan hesitated.

Tang San said: ”Even if my father were here, he would definitely approve of me addressing you like this. Grandpa Tai, I must go see school master Ning, let us meet again. Regarding my life since my birth, please keep it a secret. I need to calmly think about this.”

Tai Tan spoke in a grave tone ”Young master, you must definitely be careful of Ning Fengzhi. The owner once said that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s new master Ning Fengzhi was a man of great potential, in his hands the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would definitely flourish. You belong to the Clear Sky School, no matter what you cannot join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Tang San nodded slightly, “Grandpa Tai, don’t worry. Even if we hadn’t spoken today I still didn’t intend to join any school. I wouldn’t give up my own freedom for power.”

Listening to Tang San, Tai Tan couldn’t help looking distracted a moment, his eyes blurring. Within Tang San’s calm and collected words it was as if he could see Tang Hao from those days.

Walking out of the room with Tai Tan and his family, Tang San took two deep breaths, wiped clean the moisture from his eyes, and calmed himself down, entering the other meeting room.

Ning Fengzhi was seated in the seat of honor in the conference room, calmly drinking tea. By his side, Bone Douluo Gu Rong was seated with his

eyes closed until Tang San entered the meeting room. Opening his eyes he swept his gaze across Tang San, with an unconcealed sharpness.

Ning Rongrong stood obediently behind Ning Fengzhi, sticking out her tongue at Tang San.

“Greetings, uncle Ning, I’ve kept you waiting.” Tang San bowed slightly towards Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi slightly smiled and said “No matter. Sit. Little San, can I call you that?”

Tang San nodded: “You’re Rongrong’s father, of course you can.”

Ning Fengzhi laughed in spite of himself, “It seems I’ve actually been infected by Rongrong’s enthusiasm. After hearing about you from Rongrong, as well as last time’s meeting, I dare say even your father had never accomplished such things at your age. Honestly speaking, I came here ready to bring you into my clan at any cost, but I didn’t expect you to be the son of an old friend.”

“Uncle Ning you know my father?” Tang San’s not easily restrained pulse sped up once again.

Ning Fengzhi nodded, “Naturally. The Continent’s youngest Title Douluo, I expect that in the Spirit Master world there aren’t many that don’t know of him.”

Although Tang San had guessed his father’s strength, when Ning Fengzhi said Title Duoluo, he still felt an intense shock.

That father who had drowned himself in cheap ale, relying only on blacksmithing to make a living, would actually be called a Title Douluo?

When Ning Fengzhi brought up about Tang Hao, even the Bone Douluo sitting to his side couldn’t help showing a respectful expression.

Nothing was hidden from Tang San’s eyes, and seeing this was another step towards confirming that Ning Fengzhi’s words weren’t unfounded.

Ning Fengzhi continued: “Your esteemed father has been missing for so many years, do you know his current location? We brothers have not met for many years, and if there was a chance I would personally go meet him.”

Tang San bitterly said: ”I also don’t know my father’s whereabouts. He disappeared eight years ago. In these eight years there has yet to be a word from him. If it is like senior says and my father comes from the Clear Sky School, then perhaps right now he should be there.”

Ning Fengzhi and the Bone Duoluo looked face to face, their eyes revealing expression of astonishment. Ning Fengzhi’s expression very quickly returned to normal and he said to Tang San: ”Little San, I have come to recruit you to my clan and give you the best treatment. But since you’re the son of an old friend, this is obviously impossible. However uncle is still very interested in the hidden weapons you made, would you be willing to sell the production method to us? You can name any price, uncle won’t haggle.”

Although Ning Fengzhi appeared rather elegant and refined, his words gave people a kind of broad magnanimous feeling, this was clearly not something an average person possessed.

Tang San shook his head without hesitation and said: “That’s impossible. I won’t sell the hidden weapon production method. But I promised Rongrong that I would sell hidden weapons to your school. I can give you the forging procedures, but the final assembly must be done by me. Firstly, it’s because hidden weapons research is difficult, and I don’t want to sell it, another reason is that to teach an artisan to create hidden weapons would take several years. I still have to spend most of my time cultivating, and there’s no spare time for such.”

Ning Fengzhi hadn’t expected Tang San to refuse him so firmly. What is called ‘giving a man a fish, is less than teaching a man to fish’ was naturally an argument he understood clearly.

Hidden weapons would naturally break down and be consumed with time.

If they truly had such a great effect, then wouldn’t the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s face hereafter always rely on this child?

Watching the pondering expression Ning Fengzhi revealed, Tang San didn’t hesitate at all, indifferently saying: “I don’t know whether uncle Ning would like those hidden weapons.”

Ning Fengzhi returned to himself. From Tang San’s tone he could tell that the hidden weapon manufacturing methods clearly weren’t up for discussion. Even though Tang San was only a teenager, the calm cool- headedness and unswerving determination he had revealed wouldn’t be so easily swayed.

Immediately Ning Fengzhi settled for the next best thing, saying to Tang San: “We’ve seen the hidden weapons Rongrong was equipped with. Equipment just like hers, I want five hundred sets. I will pay ten thousand gold spirit coins for each set, what do you say?”

Tang San said: “The price is no problem, but I must say something first. This full set of hidden weapons won’t include the Flying God Claw on Rongrong’s right hand. I can exchange it for another Silent Sleeve Dart. The rest will be the same. It’s because the Flying God Claw isn’t a hidden weapon, even though it has the ability to attack, it’s even more important as support. Furthermore the Flying God Claw components are very difficult to make, it would be hard for a common artisan to complete.”

“Eh?” Ning Fengzhi hadn’t seen Ning Rongrong use the Flying God Claw, and only now learned from Tang San that his daughter actually still had such a thing. But he was already extremely satisfied with the hidden weapons Ning Rongrong used before, and immediately nodded and smiled, saying: “Good, that’s settled. Additionally, I will pay you a further one million gold spirit coins, as repayment for the Beautiful Silk Tulip you gave Rongrong. At the same time I would also like to ask, do you still have Beautiful Silk Tulips? If you do, no matter the price, I want to trade for it.”

Even with Ning Fengzhi’s status, the lure of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was really too great. That was the only opportunity to take one step further for him who was already at the highest stage.

Unfortunately, Tang San shook his head, “The Beautiful Silk Tulip is considered an immortal treasure herb, there is perhaps only the one in the present age. There won’t grow more than one in the same place. Perhaps there is still others on the Continent, but I haven’t found them if so. The one Rongrong has was my gift to her, how could I ask for compensation from uncle? Five million gold spirit coins is sufficient. However, I must make one thing clear, I am only in charge of the final assembly. For the intermediate component manufacturing I would ask uncle Ning to find a way on your own. According to Rongrong, your school possesses specialized ironworkers, so this shouldn’t be difficult. At the same time, along with your school’s own blacksmiths forging components, in the future it will also be easy to replenish all kinds of hidden weapons supplies, especially crossbow bolts and steel needles and such things.”

While speaking, Tang San pulled out a pile of blueprints from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, and after carefully looking them over he handed them to Ning Fengzhi, “Silent Sleeve Dart, Stomp Crossbow and Flying Boot Blade components can all be made.”

Watching Ning Fengzhi carefully accept the blueprints, The Bone Douluo to the side couldn’t help saying: “Kid, you really can do business! Without even making the components, you’ve really earned these five million gold coins too easily.”

“Uncle Bone.” Ning Fengzhi shook his head at Gu Rong, hinting he shouldn’t be talkative.

Right now Tang San didn’t have too much interest in money, but rather hoped to even more quickly clarify his own identity. With a calm smile he said: “If uncle Ning feels this price is too unreasonable, you can lower it, the price was proposed by you before. I have no complaints.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly: “No need to lower it. Even though my words aren’t precious like gold or jade, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile

School still has credit.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Then this is settled. Uncle Ning, thank you for your assistance just now. If there’s nothing else, I would like to go back and rest. Regarding the hidden weapons, please forge one hundred sets of the hidden weapon components and deliver them here. After I’ve assembled them I will deliver them to you. For hidden weapons consumables you will have to create them on your own.”

Ning Fengzhi didn’t keep him, and personally saw him out of the meeting room. At the same time he pressed a golden bright and dazzling card in his hand. Ning Fengzhi didn’t say how much money was inside, only telling Tang San that it was a down payment. The rest would wait until after the Hidden Weapons were assembled and delivered.

Looking at Tang San walking out, Gu Rong couldn’t help frowning, “Fengzhi, why would you promise so much? Even if our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is wealthy, we still can’t be spending like this.”

Ning Fengzhi delicately indicated the blueprints and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Uncle Bone. These blueprints Tang San gave me are extremely detailed, not only do they mark the required materials, but still indicates the required component casting methods in detail. Moreover there’s no confusion about the order, all the components are classified by hidden weapon. There’s no lack of skilled workers at our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, don’t tell me we can’t assemble them? It seems to me that five million gold spirit coins for buying this set of hidden weapons manufacturing blueprints isn’t cheap. Taking a step back, even if we didn’t have these hidden weapons blueprints, do you really think five million gold coins is enough to pay for that Beautiful Silk Tulip immortal treasure herb?”

Listening to Ning Fengzhi, Uncle Bone’s expression eased, and he muttered: “If you count it like that, then it doesn’t seem like a loss.”

Ning Rongrong to the side couldn’t stand just listening, “Dad, grandpa Bone, what are you scheming about my third brother?”

Ning Fengzhi glared at Ning Rongrong, “Silly girl, don’t call it scheming. As the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Master, everything daddy does must be done with the school in mind. Alright, you go back first. Continue cultivating properly at the Academy.”

Ning Rongrong glared discontentedly at her dad, then gave the Bone Douluo an appealing look. But this time the Bone Douluo didn’t help her, only showing her a meaningful expression, indicating she should leave first.

After Ning Rongrong left the meeting room, the only two people remaining were Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong. With Gu Rong’s strength, it would be impossible for anyone to eavesdrop.

“Fengzhi, what do you think of that kid? Is he really Tang Hao’s son?”
Gu Rong asked in a low voice.

Ning Fengzhi nodded, saying: “Shouldn’t be a mistake. The Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer can’t be imitated. According to what I know, there hasn’t been any directly blood related disciples who left the Clear Sky School in recent years, as a whole they’ve kept a low profile. Only Tang Hao was unaccounted for. Besides, this child admits his father’s name is Tang Hao. Going by his age, there isn’t much discrepancy. I really hadn’t expected Tang Hao to foster such an outstanding son after leaving the Clear Sky School.”

Gu Rong said with a wry smile: “How couldn’t he be outstanding, after all, this child has Tang Hao and that woman as parents. This kid isn’t just terrifyingly strong, his mind also isn’t ordinary. By his appearance, he shouldn’t have known about Tang Hao’s identity, under such circumstances suddenly learning about it today and still managing to keep a cool head, this isn’t something a ten something years old child is capable of. With time, I’m afraid he will be another Tang Hao. School master, isn’t it……”

At this, Gu Rong’s expression turned severe, his right hand making a knife like cutting gesture in front of him.

“No.” Ning Fengzhi resolutely rejected Gu Rong’s proposal, “Uncle Bone, never say something like this again. Even though the Clear Sky School has always been placed above our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, us three upper sects have always been like brothers, no matter the point of view, we can’t harm this child. Even though even I can’t guess what rate of development this child will be able to have in the future, judging by his twin spirits, perhaps, after several years he will also be a character like the Supreme Pontiff. To this child, even if we are unable to draw him into the school, we must still do everything in our power to make friends.”

Gu Rong somewhat puzzled said: “Why? Don’t tell me we will watch such a threat mature? If in a few decades he also grows into a Title Douluo, the Clear Sky School will become a three Douluo sect. If this happens, then perhaps we will always be suppressed by them.”

Ning Fengzhi sighed, “What you say is admittedly true, but I must think of even more. Uncle Bone, you haven’t left the school for a long time, and you’ve never cared for matters of the outside world. However, don’t you feel that for the last twenty years the whole Continent’s Spirit Master world has been too quiet?”

Gu Rong’s expression changed slightly, “School master, what do you mean?”

Ning Fengzhi said: “I still remember the rising winds and scudding clouds of the Spirit Master world in my youth. Seen and unseen struggles happening everywhere. But in the last twenty years struggles like these have practically disappeared. The whole Continent, the Spirit Master world of the two Great Empires is frightfully quiet. But I vaguely feel the signs of mountain rain on the wind. Perhaps, in just a few years, the Spirit Master world’s situation will change.”

Gu Rong somewhat disbelieving said: “Fengzhi, aren’t you being a bit paranoid? The Continent’s calm seems to me an inevitable trend. The Spirit Master world is mainly controlled in the hands of Spirit Hall and our seven great schools, everyone minding their own business between each other, the majority of Spirit Masters attaching themselves within

these two sides. Even if it wasn’t these two sides, there’s still the two Great empires or perhaps the kingdoms and duchies for control. The whole situation would naturally stabilize. Would something still change in this?”

Ning Fengzhi laughed bitterly, “If it’s really like this, then that’s naturally for the best. But I’m afraid it isn’t so simple. I’ve already found some tiny hints, but I still can’t be certain. Everything must still be handled carefully. But, I can be certain that if anything changes in the Continent, our seven great schools must band together. I don’t dare speak for the lower four sects, but our upper three sects have always been like brothers, as long as our relationship is stable, I won’t fear a change in power on any one side.”

“I am very optimistic of Tang San; I also believe that by using all of his capabilities and gifts, he will be an outstanding talent in this spirit master world before long. Looking at it, this child is a person who does not like being restrained, but his desire for fame and profit is very small. If not, he wouldn’t have gifted those precious herbs to his companions. Regarding this child who could become an extremely strong person, we must only have a good relation with him as in the future he could be of help to us. I even think that it would be a very good option if we can raise the importance of our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School by marriage.”

“Related by marriage? But didn’t Rongrong say that he already already had a close female friend?”

Gu Rong said puzzled.

Ning Fengzhi smiled indifferently and said, “Regardless of how outstanding he may be, he is still only a child, and since he is a child, his will is far from being fixed. Who knows what will change in the future? Don’t tell me that my girl is not suitable for him? This is still something to be taken up later, we must first look at this child’s development in the next few years. If he is still able to keep up this rapid speed, I naturally will have measures for dealing with the situation. Uncle Bone, after we get back, you must not tell anyone the information you learned today,

especially of the possibility of Tang San’s Clear Sky School background. I really do not wish for members of Clear Sky School to look for him. Although Tang Hao left Clear Sky Academy, that place was still where he started. Even now, there is certainly no one who would say he isn’t one of Clear Sky’s pair of Douluos. If Tang San really returned to Clear Sky Academy, that could not be good.”

“I know.”

Gu Rong nodded his head. He could see, Ning Fengzhi still had some words in his heart that he had not said. However, these words were not important to him; it was only important for Ning Fengzhi, the helmsman of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Academy, to clearly see everything.

When Tang San returned to the dormitory, he found that Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu were all unexpectedly waiting for him here. Further, once he entered, Ning Rongrong had already ran in from behind him.

“Do you have something you want to ask me?”

Tang San’s gaze swept over everyone, his face showing a trace of astringency.

Oscar was the first to shake his head:

“I don’t have anything to ask. Your own business is your own to deal with. I only know that you are the third brother of the Shrek Seven Devils.”

Ma Hongjun scratched his head:

“I still am not clear of what happened so there is nothing to ask.”

On the other side, Zhu Zhuqing said, “You also have not asked about our origins; everyone has their own secrets which should be considered as their own private information.”

Xiao Wu immediately said:

“We are only concerned about you as a person; everything else does not matter. By coming back safe and sound, we are all already relieved.”

Ning Rongrong angrily said:

“Xiao Wu, dont tell me that my father would harm Little San? En. Let me tell you a secret: Little San became rich. He sold my father 500 sets of hidden weapons with the total price ending up at about 5 million gold spirit coins.”


Oscar heard this and immediately jumped off the bed, his face excitedly looking at Ning Rongrong:

“Rongrong, where is the most expensive place in Heaven Dou City?”

Ning Rongrong stared blankly:

“What are you going to do?”

Oscar pointed his finger at Tang San and said:

“Obviously beating the local tyrant and dividing the land[1].”

Ning Rongrong laughed:

“If you plan on beating a tyrant, then you will have to wait a few days. Can’t you see how tired third brother is? You should try and endure a Spirit Douluo’s power for that long.”

Oscar mischievously looked at Tang San:

“Anyways, he is in the same dorm as me so he cannot run. Okay, since little San is tired, you should head back and let little San rest.”

One after another everyone nodded; Xiao Wu looked at Tang San with an extremely troubled expression. However at the moment, Tang San’s state of mind was extremely disordered and did not respond to her gaze.

Once Oscar and the other left the dorm, the only one remaining was Tang San.

Sitting on the bed, he felt the sunlight on his body bringing a sense of warmth, but his heart was still extremely confused.

Father. Where are you? Who can tell me what is going on? What everyone has said is so contradictory: if his father was born in Clear Sky School and even was one of Clear Sky School’s two Douluos, then why did he degenerate into a drunkard? From childhood, he did not mention his information pertaining to his spirit. The only thing he left him was that simple forging skill and the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

His father had been missing for 8 years, what was he doing? Why is it that even now he hadn’t come to find him? Tai Tan his Strength Clan left the Clear Sky School for his father. From this it is possible to see that when his father left Clear Sky School, it was most likely that he had a disagreement with the school that made him leave. This disagreement was among the most important points. Where did this disagreement come from? How his mother also die? Perhaps all of these crucial points are all related to his mother.

Alone in the silent room, Tang San slowly arranged all the information he learned today in his head and gradually made an outline. However at the moment, it was still impossible to make anything out of it and he was unable to figure out what the crucial point was.

It was when Tang San was in the room racking his brains, when Oscar was carrying out one of the most important events of his lifetime.

After exiting the dorm, Xiao Wu harbouring thoughts went back to her room, Zhu Zhuqing went back to her daily cultivation and at Oscars ‘suggestion’, Fatty also left. At the moment, there was only Oscar accompanying Ning Rongrong at her side.

“Rongrong, I did not realize that you would come back so quick. What are you going to do now?”

Oscar smiled while remarking.

Ning Rongrong was a bit at a loss and said:

“Even I do not now. I feel like cultivating, but I cannot stop thinking. Father made me leave so I do not know what he and grandpa Bone are talking about. Perhaps they are still talking with Teacher Zhao. Is it bad that I came back so quick?”

Without the slightest hesitation, Oscar said:

“Of course it’s good. You don’t know this, but when you left, I feared that your father would not let you come back. That certainly…”


Ning Rongrong stopped walking and somewhat suspiciously looked at Oscar.

Before Ning Rongrong came back, Oscar had already summoned the courage, but right now in front of Ning Rongrong, looking at her pink small face, he did not know why, but all the courage had left him.

“Why don’t you say it! A big boy shouldn’t be this effeminate.”

Unable to bear it any longer, Ning Rongrong kicked Oscar. Oscar finally mustered the courage:
“Rongrong, can you give me an answer?” “Give you an answer?”
Ning Rongrong suddenly jumped, already conscious of what this was about. Females are inherently keen and are mature faster than men. Looking at Oscar’s peach blossom eyes full of peculiarity, her heartbeat immediately sped up.

“That’s right, give me an answer. If not, I will also give up. Everyday when we are together, we don’t think of this, but when you left, although it was only for a day, I felt as if I were sitting on pins and needles. All I could think about was you. If there really will be a day when you leave my side, I don’t know what I would become. It is better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony. If you don’t have any feelings for me, then please reject me now. I know that the feeling of rejection will hurt me for a period of time, but it is still better than pain for all my life.”

Listening to Oscar, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but widen her eyes. She found that today’s Oscar not only had worn a clean and tidy shirt, but also had shaved his beard to make it neat. Although those peach blossom eyes expressed seriousness, they also gave people a feeling of being dazzled and stunned. His handsome face couldn’t help but resonate within her heart.

“You… Why are you talking about this. Right now we are still young.”

Ning Rongrong somewhat in a state of panic lowered her head, refusing to look at Oscar’s gaze. Her heart and mind were like deer colliding and for a moment she did not know what to do.

Oscar raised his hands and grabbed Ning Rongrong’s slender shoulders:

“Rongrong, look at me. All I need is an answer. No matter what the answer is I can handle it. If we really wait until we are older, I’m afraid I will not be able to handle it then.”

It would appear that he gave Ning Rongrong a very easy choice: Receive my intentions, or reject my intentions.


Ning Rongrong heart was already confused and disordered so much that it was even more so that Tang San’s. Feeling Oscar’s presence, she really could not reject him, but at the same time, she also could not say yes. She knew that although her father doted on her, as well as two Grandpas protecting her, when it came to family customs, her father would not give leeway.

“Your heart still has a place for me, right or wrong?”

Looking at Ning Rongrong’s both welcoming and refusing demeanor, Oscar could not help but blurt out.


Ning Rongrong wished she could reject Oscar. Looking at it logically, she knew that there was no way she could be with him, but when she looked at the fiery gaze Oscar’s peach blossom eyes emitted, her spirit felt it was comforted and she was unable to refuse him.

“Rongrong, you heart still has a place for me, right or wrong? If you don’t say anything then it could be a yes, but it could also be a no. Fine, I won’t force you… I won’t force you. Right now I am still young. All you have to do is let me know that I still have a chance. That much is enough. Dont worry, I will try my best. Although I don’t have any background, I will definitely rely on my own effort to earn your father’s approval and let him marry you to me.”

[1] ( 打⼟豪、分⽥地) Slogan used in the Chinese Communist Party’s agrarian revolution in 1927. In this case it would refer to redistribution of wealth.

Chapter 80

After speaking, Oscar sharply pulled Ning Rongrong’s little hand to his face and kissed it hard, then with a face full of excitement turned around and ran, disappearing in an eyeblink.

What about acquiescence? Ning Rongrong looked stupidly at Oscar’s departing silhouette, feeling the remainder of his heat on the back of her hand, for a moment she couldn’t help being somewhat silly. She knew that he indeed had a place in her heart, only this place was unstable for all kinds of reasons. Seeing Oscar’s incomparable excitement as he left, Ning Rongrong’s heart couldn’t help gradually thawing, his joy completely infecting her, it was the first time in her life that Ning Rongrong felt that burning feeling.

“Rongrong, why are you here?” At this moment a familiar voice came from another direction, rousing Ning Rongrong from her sluggishness. As she turned to look, she saw Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong leaving the school building accompanied by Zhao Wuji.

Ning Rongrong jumped with fright, hastily moderating her expression,

“Daddy, are you leaving?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded, “There are still a lot of school matters for daddy to deal with. You must listen to the teachers here and work hard at cultivation. Daddy hopes that when we meet again, you will still be able to surprise daddy. Teacher Zhao, I will leave Rongrong to your Academy. If

in the future your Academy has need of anything, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School won’t shirk its responsibilities.”

Ning Fengzhi’s promise could be said to be more useful than any Title Douluo, even though Zhao Wuji was also proud and untamed, in front of Ning Fengzhi he still restrained himself.

“School master Ning, don’t worry. We will certainly take good care of Rongrong, you take care.” Finished speaking, Zhao Wuji turned around and headed into the Academy, very tactfully leaving some private space for Ning Fengzhi and his daughter.

Ning Fengzhi raised his hand to stroke his daughter’s head,

“Yi, Rongrong, why is your face so red? You’re not ill?”

Lightly feeling his daughter’s cheek, he discovered Ning Rongrong’s face wasn’t just red, but also burning hot.

Ning Rongrong hastily pulled down her father’s hand, “It’s nothing. I’m very well. Daddy, you’re not staying a while?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “Silly girl, you’ll soon be fourteen, and a big young lady. Study properly at the Academy, this time your studies have made daddy very satisfied. Not only has your strength grown, even more importantly you’ve clearly learned a lot about manners. Later you should stick close to your third brother, Tang San is a rare talent, you should be able to learn a lot from him.”

Ning Rongrong followed her father and the Bone Douluo’s departure with her eyes, then slowly walked back into the Academy. After thinking for a long while, she still decided to find Oscar to make things clear. At least she had to let him know about her school’s rules. He was right, it was better to just get painful things over with. No matter how, she couldn’t bring harm to his future feelings.

Thinking of this, Ning Rongrong walked back into the Acad emy with big strides, going straight for the dorms.

As a result of Oscar’s food system spirit, the dining hall was the most suitable for his mimicry cultivation environment.

As Ning Rongrong reached the dining hall, she happened to find Oscar already having started cultivation in a corner of the hall. From Oscar’s expression she could see an unprecedented focus, even if she was immature in sensing feelings, it was still clear that Oscar’s concentration was because of her.

That moment, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help being a bit despondent.

If she told him about the school rules right now, wouldn’t he choose to abandon himself to despair? If he did, wouldn’t she be causing him harm? He was also a genius Spirit Master. Even if she couldn’t be together with him in the future, she still couldn’t let him waste it.

‘Forget about it, we’ll talk later.’

Thinking of this, Ning Rongrong inwardly loosed a breath. In the deepest recesses of her heart, she actually didn’t want to reject Oscar. Only not even she herself had a clear grasp on her heart. Ning Rongrong secretly decided to wait until they had cultivated to become high level Spirit Masters before talking to Oscar about this.

Life at the Academy once again resumed its normal pace along with the Vigorous God and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s departure, only leaving a lot of rumors.

Tang San, Ning Rongrong and the others undoubtedly became targets the students fell over each other to talk about.

Even the advanced class especially received the teachers’ attention.

Starting from the day after Tai Tan recognized Tang San’s identity, there was one more person at Tang San’s side —— Tai Long.

Every day as soon as Tang San appeared, Tai Long would immediately follow at his side. His reasoning was very simple: Tai Tan had made him

Tang San’s body guard, as Tang San’s attendant.

Regarding this bit, Tang San was very disapproving. But Tai Long so insisted on following him every day he didn’t he didn’t have a way to stop him; he couldn’t just give him another beating.

And the expression on Tai Long’s face clearly told him, ‘Either you kill me, or you let me follow’.

Helplessly, the former Blue Tyrant Academy chief was reborn as Tang San’s shadow.

Besides when Tang San was cultivating, he followed even when he ate or went to the lavatory, what is called skin-tight protection.

After five days, Tang San’s long awaited Grandmaster, Flender, Liu Erlong and Dai Mubai finally returned.

Dai Mubai seemed to be in glowing spirits, his entire body seemed to have become a bit taller, simultaneously domineering and threatening, also even more conspicuously steady. His atmosphere was reserved, even without sensing his true nature, each of the Shrek Seven Devils knew that this boss had clearly increased his strength.

“Little San, thank you.” On seeing Tang San, Dai Mubai immediately gave him a bear hug.

Fortunately, Tang San’s body was also sturdy, and this excited embrace didn’t manage to break any bones.

Oscar to the side laughed up his sleeve, saying: “Boss Dai, I didn’t expect you would swing that way. I thought you’d hug Zhuqing.”

Dai Mubai glared at him, saying: “Little Ao, do you need a spanking? I haven’t seen you for a few days and you seem to have become very uppity!” While speaking, at the same time his gaze fell on Zhu Zhuqing out of the corner of his eyes.

Zhu Zhuqing was still cold, it seemed that Dai Mubai’s returning or not returning was completely unrelated to her. This couldn’t help but give a great break to Dai Mubai’s good mood.

“I hugged little San because little San helped me. After obtaining a spirit ring, I can feel how much my spirit power has increased. My spirit power is now already at the forty third rank. From fortieth to forty third rank, while it would appear to be only two ranks when including the assistance of the spirit ring, you all know that the later the increase, the more tremendous the spirit power requirements for each rank. This is already more than I had imagined. Even more crucially, right now I can clearly feel how the power has increased in all four limbs, moreover the energy channels within my body are wider and more flexible than before. This is all the result of that ‘Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum’.”

Listening to Dai Mubai speak, everyone nodded one after the other.

Besides Xiao Wu who hadn’t received any immortal treasure herb benefits from the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the others had all received enormous assistance from the precious herbs Tang San gave them.

Dai Mubai grinned, saying: “Everyone must also work hard, right now your levels are already no longer low, we can’t fail to live up to the essence of heaven and earth little San provided us. In this time before the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition begins, you must do your utmost to reach the fortieth rank. Then we will have an even firmer grasp on a good result. We have only one goal: champions. Other positions are basically insignificant to us Shrek Seven Devils. We must let the whole Continent’s Spirit Master academies know that we are monsters, monsters from the monster academy.”

Dai Mubai pumped up everyone on this side, while on the other side, Zhao Wuji gave Flender’s trio a rundown of everything that had happened since they left.

Listening to Zhao Wuji, Grandmaster immediately stood up, “I must find little San for a chat. His cultivation can’t be influenced by his past.”

Liu Erlong was just about to say something, but was stopped by a look from Flender. She only watched Grandmaster leave the room with quick steps, heading for the student dormitories.

“Boss Fu, you say Xiao Gang isn’t slow witted, so why is he still like before? I feel like meeting him again is even more painful than when I didn’t see him.” Liu Erlong said somewhat bitterly.

Since Tang San had been kidnapped by the Poison Douluo and the three had been unable to rescue him, almost getting killed by the Poison Douluo and returning to the Academy, Grandmaster had returned to usual, neither close nor distant to Liu Erlong.

Whenever Liu Erlong would painstakingly get close to him, he would always find some reason to dodge.

Basically without the chance to get close to him, Liu Erlong was getting depressed.

Flender said with a wry smile: “Do you still not understand Xiao Gang’s character? As long as his heart doesn’t split open, he will always be like this. I think it would be better to work on Tang San a bit, right now in Xiao Gang’s heart, the most important is perhaps he. If he spoke to Xiao Gang it would be more effective than anything you or I said.”

Liu Erlong’s eyes brightened, “I’ll try it. Only, I’m afraid it’ll still be difficult. I understand Xiao Gang, unless he comes around to it on his own, it’ll be difficult for what others say to have any effect.”

At the student dorms, without entering the room, Grandmaster heard the voices of the Shrek Seven Devils chatting. Opening the door, he first knocked before entering.

On seeing Grandmaster, the old traumatic experiences made everyone hastily stand up, the impression that demonic training had left on them was really too profound. Besides respecting Grandmaster, they were still somewhat fearful.

Of course, it was also unavoidable that they would admire him. Despite Grandmaster lacking strength, his tactical directions to them were really incomparable.

Following Grandmaster’s cultivation, everyone had made twice the progress for half the effort.

“Little San, come with me a moment.” Grandmaster waved his hand, indicating everyone sit while he called out Tang San alone.

Tang San hastily got up, following Grandmaster outside. Grandmaster brought him straight to his own residence in the dorms, shutting the door tight, gesturing for Tang San to sit in the sofa.

Grandmaster’s room was clearly incomparable to those of the students. Liu Erlong had given the room she previously used as dean directly to him.

Not only was the room enormous, moreover the decorations were brimming with nostalgic sentiments and bright and bright glass, giving it a kind of extremely comfortable feeling.

“Teacher, what do you want to know?” Tang San sat on the sofa, the expression in his eyes absent minded.

Even though no one else had bothered him over these few days, the question of his past still troubled his heart, to the extent that he didn’t even cultivate as focused as before.

He also didn’t dare force himself. If by any chance he accidentally made a mistake, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

Grandmaster nodded, “I already know, or should I say, I already knew long ago.”

“What?” Tang San sharply looked up, looking at his Teacher with shock.

Grandmaster walked over to sit in front of Tang San, “You needn’t be astonished, listen to what I have to say. Do you still remember at Nuoding Academy? After you had just come to Nuoding Academy, I took you on as a disciple. That was because I saw the natural aptitude of your twin spirits. But at that time I also didn’t notice that your other spirit was the Clear Sky Hammer. Until one day, when your father personally came to find me. And gave me this.”

While speaking, light flashed in Grandmaster’s hand, and an order tile appeared from his spirit tool. On the order tile was carved six vivid and lifelike designs, and although the colors weren’t eye catching, Tang San knew from Grandmaster’s previous explanations that this was the highest insignia of Spirit Hall.

Only Spirit Hall elders or higher could possess it, second only to the Supreme Pontiff’s authority.

Grandmaster said: “At that time I recognized your father’s identity. He is brilliant and famous all over the Continent. He’s also my idol, the youngest Title Douluo, Tang Hao. Your father’s Title is simply: Clear Sky.”

“Clear Sky? Clear Sky Douluo.” Others might deceive him, but Tang San knew that Grandmaster never would.

At this very moment he could at least be certain his father wasn’t an ordinary person, moreover he was still a peak existence in the Spirit Master world.

Grandmaster continued: “I don’t know your father well, he only asked me to look after you carefully. On this order tile are altogether six emblems. Originally I told you that they each represent the six people who have made special contributions to Spirit Hall, or the identity of the six elders of Spirit Hall. You know, this order tile also has six, and the six emblems are actually divided into two parts, the first part are the three Title Douluo affiliated with Spirit Hall. The other part represents three Title Douluo of the three upper sects of the seven great schools. But these

three Title Douluo are also conferred the status of honorary elders by Spirit Hall.”

Tang San gazed at that order tile with rapt attention, the six designs on the order tile were separately sword, hammer, crown, an incomplete human shape, a dragon and a chrysanthemum.

“This order tile also has a symbolic name, it’s called the Heaven Dou Six Emperors Tile. The sword among them represents the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Sword Douluo Chen Xin, but his part on this order tile is actually considered belonging to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, controlled by the school master Ning Fengzhi you met a few days ago. The Dragon. It represents the clan I was born from, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, controlled by my father. And the hammer, represents the Clear Sky Clan’s Clear Sky Hammer. And the person who controls it, is your father, and not the present Clear Sky School master Tang Tian[1].”

“Clear Sky School is a two Douluo sect, Tang Tian and Tang Hao are brothers, who once made the whole Spirit Master world tremble. Tang Tian is your father’s eldest brother, compared to your father he’s more than fifteen years older. At sixty, he smoothly broke through the ninetieth rank, entering the Title Douluo realm. And when your father reached Title Douluo was still thirteen years ago. He was no more than forty four. Therefore I can say, he is the world’s youngest Title Douluo, and also my idol.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, “Thirteen years ago, isn’t that when I was born?”

Grandmaster looked distracted a moment, “Yes, it should be the year you were born, your father surmounted the pinnacle of the Spirit Master world. Moreover, it is rumored that he relied on his just having entered the ninetieth rank strength to consecutively defeat Spirit Hall’s two Title Douluo, precisely those who are represented by the chrysanthemum and human shape on this tile. They are respectively Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo. You should know that they had both been famous for many years already, and their strength had already broken through the ninety fifth rank. But they were still unable to withstand the might of your

father’s Clear Sky hammer. Even though I couldn’t see the fight with my own eyes, just imagining it makes my blood boil.”

“Why would dad fight two Title Douluo in succession?” Tang San couldn’t help asking.

Grandmaster shook his head, “This I don’t know, not many do. This is apparently a secret between Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall. After that fight your father disappeared, and the Clear Sky School restrained their voice, hiding their identity as the present age’s number one Spirit Master school. Even though they still retain their title as the number one school, some emerging Spirit Masters aren’t well acquainted with the Clear Sky School.”

“When your father reappeared once again, it was also six years later in front of me. I’m not too clear on the internal matters of the Clear Sky School, I’ve only vaguely heard that the relationship between your father and your eldest uncle isn’t particularly harmonious. But before his great battle with two Title Douluo he had already left the Clear Sky School.”

Tang San looked stupidly at Grandmaster, for a moment unable to speak a word, he seemed completely at a loss, his eyes already turning somewhat red.

From his father visiting Grandmaster, and from him giving Grandmaster such an important Heaven Dou Six Emperors Tile, he could see how much his father valued him. How he loved him.

His departure was perhaps for lack of a better choice, perhaps he had a lot of matters to deal with.

‘But, dad, why didn’t you come back to see me?’

Grandmaster said: “Little San, don’t think too much. In some sense, perhaps your father never left your side.”

Tang San stared blankly, “Why?”

Grandmaster’s face suddenly revealed an eccentric smile, “Do you still remember what happened just when you entered Shrek Academy?”

Tang San puzzled shook his head.

Grandmaster said: “I also actually heard this from Flender. At that time, because Zhao Wuji’s hands were itching he personally examined you children, and you used hidden weapons to greet him, and he himself suffered injuries, right.”

Tang San nodded.

Grandmaster smiling said: “But you didn’t discover, that afterwards Zhao Wuji had changed somewhat?”

Tang San thought hard, but because of the matter with his father his mind was in disorder, and for the moment he couldn’t remember the circumstances of that time.

Grandmaster said: “Don’t tell me you forgot that the next day Zhao Wuji had a bloody nose? Flender said that the evening Zhao Wuji suffered from your hidden weapons, a black clothed man suddenly appeared, drawing Zhao Wuji out of the Academy. Afterwards, he gave Zhao Wuji a beating empty handed. When Flender caught up he didn’t dare interfere. Because, that person didn’t even release his spirit to beat up Zhao Wuji. You should know that Zhao Wuji possesses seventy six ranks of spirit power, being able to knock him down without using spirit power, what kind of terrifying strength would that require? And that person, was your father.”

“You mean, dad came to see me?”
Tang San stood up sharply, so moved his body trembled slightly. Grandmaster said with a nod: “Yes, but this was more than a year ago.
He came to see you. But he didn’t meet you. If I surmise correctly, not meeting you was because he didn’t want to influence your cultivation, or another reason is perhaps because he was afraid that after meeting you

he wouldn’t want to leave. I believe he certainly has some matters he must deal with, and as a result he isn’t willing to meet you.”

Dad came to see him, and even beat up teacher Zhao Wuji who injured him?

Tang San’s heart suddenly became scorching hot. When he had seen Tai Long’s father Tai Nuo come to challenge him for the sake of his son, he didn’t know how envious he had been. And now he found out that his father had done the same for him more than a year ago. That kind of proud and warm feeling made all the complaints he had stored up over the years quietly fade away.

Grandmaster said: “Therefore I would say, that your father might be at your side at any time. When he believes the time is right, he will naturally appear before you. Your family name is Tang, and you are directly blood related to the Clear Sky School, let me tell you this so you clearly understand, whether it’s for you yourself, or for your father, since you have chosen to walk the path of a Spirit Master, you cannot stop to rest. Perhaps, your father will also equally need your help, but if you’re dispirited because of your past, and it influences your cultivation, how can you still help him in the future? Perhaps he won’t blame you, but he will certainly be disappointed. You are the son of Clear Sky Douluo, you have inherited the blood of your father, you must use action and strength to prove to your father that you have the qualifications to help him. Perhaps your father is waiting for your strength to reach a certain level before he appears in front of you, who can say?”

From his birth until now, Tang San had been together with Grandmaster for longer than he’d been with his father. It could be said that Grandmaster and Xiao Wu were the people closest to him apart from his father.

The past few days’ bewilderment, contradictions, and complicated feelings, were suddenly dispelled by these words from Grandmaster.

Everything became completely clear before his eyes.

Even if he himself could understand everything clearly right now, so what?

With his present strength there was basically nothing he could do. What he could do right now was work hard at cultivation like Grandmaster said.

Using action to prove himself to his father.

‘Dad, have you always been watching over me in secret? Then fine, you wait and see, I definitely won’t let you down.’

Seeing Tang San’s expression change, Grandmaster couldn’t help secretly nodding. He knew Tang San was smart, as soon as he woke up a bit he would understand. This was also Grandmaster’s goal in calling him over.

“Grandmaster, I still have two questions.” The light reappeared in Tang San’s eyes, and he again recovered his usual quiet and contented ease.

Grandmaster said: “Speak.”

Tang San said: “The first question is, do you know who my mother was? Since I was born, I never met my mother, and father never spoke of her. I vaguely feel that father losing himself in shoddy alcohol for six years is very possibly related to my mother.”

Grandmaster nodded and said: “You’re right. Since you never saw your mother, it’s very possible she was related to your father’s depression. However, your mother’s identity is even more mysterious. Let alone me, in the Spirit Master world there’s no one who knows who she was. She apparently didn’t belong to any of the great Spirit Master clans, this can be seen from your Blue Silver Grass. Blue Silver Grass is the standard for waste spirits. In some sense, twin spirits is also a kind of spirit variation. Being able to allow two spirits to coexist will cause a certain harm to the Spirit Master’s body, just like Ma Hongjun’s previous evil fire would cause him complications. But strangely, the two spirits within you have never shown this kind of circumstances. Unusually harmonious together. Moreover, your Blue Silver Grass doesn’t seem to have a difficult cultivation process. Your spirit power promotes very quickly. If saying

your innate full spirit power was caused by your Clear Sky Hammer, why would Blue Silver Grass cultivate so quickly? Even though you have twin spirits, it still shouldn’t be the reason for this.”

Tang San didn’t have anything to say to Grandmaster’s questions. Even if he didn’t know why his two spirits could coexist so tactfully, his spirit power was cultivated with the Mysterious Heaven Skill method, seemingly unrelated to his spirits.

However Tang Sect inside knowledge couldn’t be revealed to outsiders.

“Teacher, my second question is, why won’t my father and you let me cultivate the Clear Sky Hammer? According to what you said, the Clear Sky Hammer should be a top quality tool spirit, clearly it should have even better prospects than cultivating Blue Silver Grass. My father also became famous with it. Don’t tell me it’s in order to hide that I come from Clear Sky School?”

Hearing this question from Tang San, Grandmaster couldn’t help but show a smiling expression, “This question is very simple. Whether your father or me, it’s all for your own good. It’s not to conceal your identity, but rather to let you become even stronger in the future. Tell me, what is the greatest advantage of twin spirits?”

“The abilities of two spirits. One spirit can at most only have nine spirit rings, that’s also nine abilities. But I have two spirits, so it’s eighteen abilities.”

Grandmaster’s brows furrowed, “Foolish kid, fortunately you have me to learn from. Why can’t you still see it clearly? Correct, after twin spirits have cultivated to the Title Douluo realm, they can indeed possess eighteen spirit rings, eighteen spirit abilities. But, you’ve forgotten, even though you have twin spirits, you can only use one spirit at a time. In other words, at most you can only use nine spirit rings at the same time, that’s all. Even though you can change a bit more than ordinary Spirit Masters, is this the mystery of twin spirits? Then you are underestimating the gift of twin spirits too much.”

A divine light came on in Tang San’s mind, “Teacher, you mean to say……”

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “Me and your father both advocating having you first cultivating your Blue Silver Grass, is because it’s inferior to the Clear Sky Hammer. The greatest advantage of twin spirits is the ability to first cultivate one spirit. Even though your Clear Sky Hammer doesn’t have any spirit rings at present, your spirit power has already reached the thirty seventh rank. Think about it. If you right now began to add spirit rings to your Clear Sky Hammer, then what level of spirit rings would that be? Thousand year. If your Blue Silver Grass first reaches the Title Douluo level, then you add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer? What level then? Me and your father’s goal is to create an unimaginable existence with all spirit rings over ten thousand years. But these circumstances can only appear with a Spirit Master with twin spirits. Your other spirit is Blue Silver Grass, I don’t expect you to cultivate to the ninetieth rank, but as long as you can cultivate to the sixtieth rank or higher, then, in the future it will be possible to create an all ten thousand year spirit ring Clear Sky Hammer. At that time, let alone a Title Douluo, even two at once, how might they be your opponents? Equally at the ninetieth rank, relying on your nine ten thousand year spirit rings to add all sorts of attributes, how could an ordinary Spirit Master compare? This is our true goal.”

Tang San’s eyes shone. He had used the Clear Sky Hammer once, at that time he had relied on it without any spirit rings to successfully attack the Man Faced Demon Spider. The Clear Sky Hammer’s weight was so frightful, and all this was because it was in itself a tyrannical existence.

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying: “Right now my sole worry is whether your two spirits will come into conflict when you start adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer. In Spirit Master history, you are the third person to possess twin spirits. We’re not the only smart people, and if we’ve thought of something, then others have thought of it too. The first Spirit Master to possess twin spirits came to an extremely miserable end. When he added spirit rings to his second spirit, after adding the third, the two spirits came into conflict, bursting his body. But the second person to

possess twin spirits was successful, becoming a power unprecedented in history. In other words, according to this cultivation method with twin spirits, the probability of success is fifty percent.”

“Perhaps your odds are a bit higher, after all, even until now your Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass haven’t shown any signs of conflict. I’ve been constantly researching this question over these years, how to add spirit rings to your Clear Sky Hammer in the future so that they don’t come into conflict.”

“Not letting people know about the twin spirits is out of fear that some formidable spirit master will take a detrimental interest in you, having you first cultivate Blue Silver Grass is a method to let you become even stronger. Now you understand. As for what to choose in the future, that is up to you.”

Under Grandmaster’s detailed explanation, Tang San couldn’t help but feel a completely new awareness of his twin spirits, “Teacher, then having me temper my body, isn’t that also because of the twin spirits? When Blue Silver Grass gains spirit rings, it would somewhat improve my body, like strength, agility, and endurance. And after I add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, won’t these circumstances appear again? In other words, my body’s attributes can at most increase by eighteen spirit rings. Although these attributes aren’t much compared to spirit abilities, accumulating his many is still extremely frightful.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “That’s right, this is also a point that worries me. Increasing all kinds of attributes is of course a good thing to Spirit Masters. But, as attributes strengthen past a certain degree and the body is unable to endure, it will turn from benefit to disaster. That’s why I would have you toughen your physique. After you ate those two kinds of extreme immortal treasure herbs this time, it seems your body has improved not insignificantly. Right now I can be certain that in the future when you add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, at least the first three spirit rings won’t cause you too much of a burden. As for the others, it will depend on the circumstances. If it’s really no good we will use a kind of special method to distribute these properties.”

“How to distribute spirit ring properties?” Tang San inquisitively asked.

Grandmaster pointed at Tang San’s back, saying: “You’ve forgotten, you still have that external spirit bone. As your strength reaches a certain level, it’s best to possess two more spirit bones, and as your body is unable to support the properties from the spirit rings, these will be distributed into the spirit bones within you. Like this, the pressure you endure yourself will become smaller. The problem is, once people learn about it, people wanting to kill you by breaking the spirit bones within you will perhaps increase. Right now your twin spirits still haven’t formed, few people know about it, and it’s still not considered a problem, as for later it’s hard to say. Therefore, it’s for this reason I will continue to remind you that unless your life is in danger, you definitely mustn’t easily reveal your Clear Sky Hammer. In another half year it will be the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, I will remind you once again that in this Spirit Master Grand Competition you definitely mustn’t use the Clear Sky Hammer.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Grandmaster softly patted Tang San’s shoulder, as if the frustration faded away saying: “Little San, I can understand your present frame of mind. But there’s one point you must be clear on, living in a great clan, especially a Spirit Master school, isn’t as great as it appears. Restrictions and pressure from all sides, as well as secret internal struggles, there is no benefit to cultivation.”

[1] (唐天) “Tang Heaven”, the Tian is the same as “Sky” in Clear Sky.
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