Douluo Dalu Chapter 61-70


Chapter 61

The city gate was more than ten meters tall, and also ten meters wide, enough for six riders to pass side by side. To the sides were also two secondary gates, still five meters high and wide. Pedestrians could only pass through the secondary gates; the central great gate was closed tightly.

As the Shrek Academy group had reached the city gates, and were just about to enter the city, to the side they spotted an enormous announcement.

“Recruiting: Blue Tyrant Advanced Spirit Master Academy, because of its expansion, is presently recruiting the following staff: ten fortieth ranked or higher Spirit Ancestors. Higher spirit power has priority, favorable terms of employment.”

Seeing this information, Flender somewhat astonished said: “This academy is advertising at the city gate? How expensive!” By now his mood had already recovered somewhat, and his miserly instincts reappeared.

Qin Ming was the most familiar with Heaven Dou Empire’s capital, and hurriedly said: “To be able to open up an advanced Spirit Master academy within Heaven Dou City requires a certain background. Although I don’t know the history of this Blue Tyrant Academy, but in the last All Continent Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Grand Competition in the Heaven Dou capital’s preliminary circuit, it was this academy that knocked out one of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s two competing teams. However, this year that Blue Tyrant Academy class should have

already graduated, and this year the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s Emperor Team is a lot more powerful than the last Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, I expect this time they don’t have a chance.”

Flender said: “How big is this Blue Tyrant Academy?”

Qin Ming said: “Approximately one third of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Although smaller in size, being situated in Heaven Dou City their expenses shouldn’t be less than Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, only without the relation to the imperial household. I’ve heard this academy’s education is exceptionally strict, moreover with the characteristic of only accepting commoner students. They refuse all nobles. If it didn’t have a history, it would be impossible to gain a foothold within Heaven Dou City.”

Flender’s eyes displayed a vengeful elation, “Who says the Blue Tyrant Academy won’t be able to contend against Heaven Dou Imperial Academy in this Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. Very soon, they will.”

Qin Ming stared blankly, “Dean, you’re saying……”

Flender sighed in admiration, saying: “On the way here I’ve thought it over carefully. From the start our Shrek Academy hasn’t had any advanced Spirit Master academy qualifications, reopening it is easier said than done. The requirements are far, far too many. I’m already so old, and moreover I can’t let these old brothers suffer for my illusory ideals. Since this Blue Tyrant Academy is pretty good, we’ll go take a look. Besides, not taking revenge for this day’s disgrace isn’t the style of me, Flender. What do you say?” The last words were directed at the other teachers and the Shrek Seven Devils.

Zhao Wuji chuckled, saying: “You’re the boss, you’ve decided. Why ask us?”

The Shrek Seven Devils spoke in unison: “We’ll all rely on the dean’s decision.”

Flender smiled faintly, saying: “If this place won’t do, there’s still enough time to go back and reopen the Academy. Let’s go, we’ll take a look first.” Nobody noticed that deep in Flender’s eyes flickered a cunning light.

Following the address on the announcement, everyone entered Heaven Dou City. With Qin Ming to guide them, there was no need to ask directions. Passing through streets and winding alleys, they very quickly reached their destination.

Heaven Dou City was extremely bustling, the streets were all paved with blue bricks, every street was as wide as Suotuo City’s main thoroughfare, and the scale of the city could only be described as grand.

Blue Tyrant Academy’s gate house was surprisingly more or less the same as Heaven Dou City’s city gate. Although a lot thinner, that gate entrance was indeed ten meters tall. Although the gate house was in beautifully carved white marble, it was still very imposing, on top of the gate house were six words in gold letters: Blue Tyrant Advanced Spirit Master Academy[1].

Just as they reached the Blue Tyrant Academy’s gate, Qin Ming immediately found a place for receiving visitors to the side. Above was written ‘recruitment office’.

“Are you all here to enroll at the Academy?” In charge of receiving visitors was a more than forty years old middle aged Spirit Master. His question was mainly aimed at the Shrek Seven Devils, after all, these children were only teenagers.

Flender said: “No, the ones here to enlist are us, these children are our disciples. If we can successfully accept the job offer here, our disciples would also wish to study at the Academy.”

The admittance teacher said: “Enrolling students still have to pass the examination. Like this, all Spirit Masters first take our test. If you are able to become Academy teachers, I think, it will also be possible to

accommodate your disciples. After all, right now is still the new student enrollment period, moreover your disciples are a bit young.”

Generally speaking, at an advanced Spirit Master academy, even if they were outstanding Spirit Masters, new students were generally sixteen to eighteen years old. More commonly twenty. Tang San’s group didn’t seem to be eighteen.

“A test is no problem. Where is it?”

The admittance teacher had already been here for several days, but the number of Spirit Masters coming to sign up was very small. After all, Spirit Master academies’ treatment of teachers couldn’t compare to the great clans. That was the best path for high level Spirit Masters. And with seven prospective teachers coming at once, how could he be indifferent. Hastily he said: “I’ll bring you to take the test.”

Walking into the Blue Tyrant Academy, the feeling it gave had no few differences with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, although this place didn’t have the beautiful mountain scenery of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, everything gave people the feeling of a kind of exceptional atmosphere. A spacious path led directly inside, to either side was a forest, and reaching the end one could see a more than two hundred meters in diameter field, surrounded by three storey buildings.

The admittance teacher introduced everyone, inside these three storey buildings were mimicry area cultivation places, student dorms, and the teaching facilities.

If saying Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was founded on a mountain, then this Blue Tyrant Academy was founded in the middle of a forest. Because around the school buildings, the remaining space was all forest. Reportedly, this was the biggest green area in all of Heaven Dou City. Able to have such a large forest inside the city, as Qin Ming said, who dared say this Blue Tyrant Academy lacked background?

The admittance teacher brought everyone straight to a sharp roofed building, this building appeared the most stable of all the Academy

buildings. Just inside was a spacious hall. The inside unexpectedly wasn’t split into rooms. Light came through large windows all around, making this place exceedingly bright.

The floor was all granite, and the walls were simply painted white, without any decorations.

The admittance teacher had everyone wait here, while he departed. Not long after, altogether three Spirit Masters entered from outside.

These three also seemed around forty years old, ordinary appearance, with nothing extraordinary about them. On their faces were identical strict expressions.

The three walking into the hall stopped, the person in the lead saying: “Everyone taking the Spirit Master examination please do so one by one. Who is first?”

Everyone looked at Flender, and Flender with a slight smile waved his hand at Qin Ming, saying: “Little Ming, you go first.”

Qin Ming nodded, walking forward, asking the three Spirit Masters: “If I may ask, how will this be conducted?”

The front Spirit Master said: “Please release your spirit, as long as you’ve reached the fortieth level, then, in a fight with one of us three, if you can last for ten minutes you are eligible.”

Spirit power rank was naturally the most important, as long as the spirit was released, the level and attributes of the Spirit Master could be determined at a glance. As for fighting, it was a test in real combat. After all, as a teacher, if one didn’t have plentiful combat experience, one was clearly undesirable.

“Fine.” Qin Ming had choked down his anger from today’s business at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and without moderating his pressure the least bit, he directly released his spirit.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the entire hall seemed to grow heavy. The three Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Masters in front of Qin Ming simultaneously swayed, their expression couldn’t help being aghast.

These three Spirit Masters in charge of examination were over fiftieth ranked Spirit King level Spirit Masters. The counterparts Spirit suppressing their reactions just by being released could only prove that this young Spirit Master was more powerful than them.

Immediately following, around Qin Ming appeared a yellow flame, and with a deep roar, the muscles under the clothes began to swell, the originally loose clothing growing tight. His eyes simultaneously grew yellow, altogether six spirit rings rose from below, two yellow, three purple, one black. Although it wasn’t an ideal combination, six spirit rings appearing at once still shocked the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers enormously.

Qin Ming said in a low voice: “Sixty second ranked Inferno Gray Wolf Battle Spirit Emperor, Qin Ming, power attack system.”

Regarding spirits, wolves generally had cold attributes. This kind of fire attribute wolf Qin Ming had was classified as a variant spirit, extremely rare. Just as Flender remarked, Shrek Academy only accepted monsters. If Qin Ming wasn’t a monster, then how could he originally have entered Shrek?

Sixty second rank? The three testing Spirit Masters couldn’t help but recoil two steps before Qin Ming’s bright yellow flames, dodging the point.

Qin Ming raised his right hand, making an inviting gesture, “Which of you will advise me?”

Advise? There wasn’t a damned thing to advise; a fiftieth level confronting a sixtieth level power attack system Battle Spirit Master, and a variant spirit at that, was that still a fight?

“Eh, this, there’s no need for a combat test. The Academy stipulates that Spirit Masters exceeding the sixtieth rank are exempt from further tests.” That lead Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Master examiner inwardly wiped his sweat, thinking that today could be difficult to deal with.

Qin Ming withdrew his spirit and restrained the imposing manner, everything returning to normal.

The Blue Tyrant Academy examiner on the left couldn’t help asking: “If I may be so presumptuous as to ask, how old are you this year?”

Qin Ming calmly said: “Thirty four.”

With the appearance of this simple number, in front of Qin Ming three pairs of staring eyes widened. Thirty four, sixty second rank, what concept was this? Let alone meeting, they had never even heard of anything like it.

Flender said: “Since sixtieth rank and over don’t require additional examination, then we there’s no need for us to waste time. Brothers, spirit rings.”

Apart from Grandmaster, five Shrek Academy teachers simultaneously released spirits sufficient to awe common Spirit Masters. In an instant, two Spirit Emperors, three Spirit Sages, a pile of thirty three spirit rings, appeared in front of the Blue Tyrant Academy examiners.

“Sixty third ranked Dragon Pattern Staff Tool Spirit Emperor, Li Yu- Song, power attack system.”

“Sixty sixth ranked Star Luo Chess Tool Spirit Emperor, Lu Ji-Bin, control system.”

“Seventy first ranked Sweet Pea Tool Spirit Sage, Shao Xin, food system.”

“Seventy sixth ranked Vigorous Vajra Bear Battle Spirit Sage, Zhao Wuji, power attack system.”

“Seventy eighth ranked Owl Battle Spirit Sage, Flender, agility attack system.”

From the weakest to strongest, the Shrek Academy five, including the two deans, one after another announced their strength and names.

The three examiners were now already completely lifeless. Altogether seven Spirit Masters had appeared, seemingly applying for the advertised teaching positions, and apart from one who hadn’t revealed his strength, the remaining six were actually all powers above the sixtieth rank. The clutter of spirit rings in front of them already made their eyes widen. If it wasn’t for Flender and the others meticulously making sure they didn’t release too much spirit power, perhaps the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers wouldn’t be able to stand steadily.

“Can we?” Flender’s voice was infused with spirit power vibrations, rousing the three extremely startled Spirit Masters.

“Ah, of course you can. Seniors, please withdraw your spirits.” The three clearly became deferential.

On seeing this scene, Tang San standing among the Shrek Seven Devils silently thought to himself, ‘in this world it’s sure enough strength that speaks loudest.’ Before when a Title Douluo made an appearance at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, the suppressed Shrek Academy teachers were left without options, even dean Flender in the end showed restraint and didn’t fight. Right now the Shrek Academy teachers strength shook the Blue Tyrant Academy. ‘Strength’ sure enough was the most important.

Drawing a deep breath, that Blue Tyrant Academy lead teacher deferentially said: “My humble name is Yin Shu[2]. Fifty fourth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. I am unable to evaluate all the seniors’ level. As it’s like this, I’ll bring you to meet our dean, who will determine everyone’s level and treatment.”

Everyone were Spirit Masters over sixtieth rank, this already didn’t hold any meaning to the examiners, most important was to get them to stay. This Yin Shu was entrusted with the heavy responsibility of recruiting teachers

and was clearly an astute person. Immediately he thought that he must first show these formidable Spirit Masters the sincerity of Blue Tyrant Academy.

“Let’s go then.” Flender smiled slightly. The Shrek Academy teachers were already in a much better mood. After all, being admired was always far more comfortable than being disdained. Although this place wasn’t equal to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s environment, it still had its merits.

Led by Yin Shu’s trio of Blue Tyrant Academy teachers, exiting the sharp roofed building, they directly followed a small path behind the Academy. Very quickly they entered the forest surrounding the main campus.

Grandmaster puzzled asked: “Your dean isn’t at the campus?”

Yin Shu said: “The dean normally isn’t in the Academy, preferring the quiet, living alone in the forest. The Academy’s everyday affairs are all handled by the teachers, only major matters require instruction from the dean.”

Mentioning the dean, this Yin Shu’s eyes revealed a sincere reverence, stemming entirely from the heart.

“So it’s like that.” Grandmaster didn’t ask anything else, but for some reason his heart constantly felt uneasy.

After walking for about ten minutes, as everyone advanced through the fresh and clean atmosphere of the forest, suddenly an indistinct singing voice was heard from far ahead.

The voice was soft and pleasant, with a lingering hidden bitterness, mournful, making any listener sad. The melody swung back and forth, indeed incomparably gentle and beautiful.

“On nights I cannot sleep what can I use as anaesthesia? How can I endure so many feelings? It's not that I don't want you with me but some things you cannot know. I gave up my precautions and loneliness followed I want a space for myself. Where I can properly consider our

tomorrow. If love isn't sweet like we imagined. Then let me shoulder all the blame. My heart is too confused and I need a bit of space. If you understand then let me leave for now. My heart is too confused so I dare not wish to love again. I want to cry but how to cry and yet not cry. My heart is too confused and I need a bit of space. Has Heaven forgotten to make plans for me. My heart is too confused and I’m afraid of love’s betrayal. I want to cry as if a lost child. A lost child.” [3]

The singing voice faded sorrowfully. Flender and Grandmaster walking in front had both stopped walking when the singing started, and right now Flender’s expression appeared somewhat strange, while Grandmaster’s cheeks were streaming with tears.

That melodious woman’s voice slowly reached them, “You even wrote this song for me, Xiao Gang. Do you remember? My heart is too confused. Where are you really?”

Seeing Flender and Grandmaster’s strange expressions, everyone couldn’t help but pause.

Suddenly Grandmaster turned around, about to run back along the path before Flender grabbed his shoulder.

Flender shouted in a low voice: “Xiao Gang, how long do you intend to run away? We’re already here, do you truly have the heart not to see her?”

“Flender, did you already know she was here? Blue Tyrant Academy, Blue Tyrant Academy, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, I should’ve realized it earlier.”

Flender made a helpless gesture, “How could I have known she’d be here, it’s just a coincidence. Let’s go.”

Grandmaster displayed a struggling expression. At this moment, the pain in his heart was no less than the pain Tang San felt when he absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Meeting again today after running

for twenty years, and moreover without any time to prepare his heart, what kind of feeling was that!

Flender’s hand on Grandmaster’s shoulder tightened, in his heart he was somewhat sorrowful, ‘Sister Long, I’ve brought him to you. This time you have to say something to catch him; you can’t let him leave again.’

Just as Grandmaster conjectured, Flender really knew she was at this Blue Tyrant Academy. Originally when he chose to come to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, part of the reason was that she was in Heaven Dou City. Flender had never forgotten what had happened between the three of them, and he had long ago decided that even if he had to deceive Grandmaster this time, he’d still once again play the middleman for the two. What did other peoples’ opinion matter?

Of the others, besides the guesses of Zhao Wuji who was most familiar with Flender, as well as Tang San who was closest to Grandmaster, nobody understood what was going on and could only follow behind, walking forward.

Continuing several hundred meters forward, the forest gradually thinned. On a particularly thick and solid tree hung a sign, saying ‘Restricted area, please do not enter’.

Past this great tree, the scenery immediately changed.

There was a small lake, from side to side only fifty meters. A three meters wide brook flowed quietly into the water from the trees on the other side, and again back out, maintaining fresh water in what should have been considered a pool.

to the pool was a simple thatched cottage built from wooden boards and reeds, in complete harmony with its surroundings. Within the fence surrounding the thatched cottage were all kinds of flowers, falling over each other in their eagerness to bloom, a multicolored beauty.

In the midst of all those flowers stood a woman, holding a kettle and watering the plants. Perhaps because she heard the footsteps, her gaze

unconsciously rose in the direction the Shrek Academy group came from. She frowned minutely, perhaps because they were disturbing the tranquility here.

However, as her gaze passed the three guiding Blue Tyrant Academy teachers and fell on Flender and Grandmaster behind them, her whole body stiffened, her hand relaxed, the kettle falling to the ground with a thump. Right now she had already completely forgotten the kettle spilling over.

She was a beautiful woman seemingly in her thirties, dressed in a simple blue-green dress that wasn’t able to disguise her charming figure. A blue- green scarf was wrapped over her head, a somewhat pale face below, her facial features delicate, appearance like a painting. Although her big black eyes were currently lifeless, they still had spirit. Under the dress were those undisguisable high peaks, rippling waves surging, a mature ample figure that ordinary young ladies couldn’t hope for.

Yin Shu and the other Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Masters also guessed that Flender and Grandmaster were familiar with the dean from their previous conversation, but right now still acting according to etiquette they quickly stepped forward to the fence, Yin Shu respectfully speaking to the beautiful woman, “Dean, several Spirit Masters have arrived for the teaching positions, among them are six whose strength surpass sixtieth ranked spirit power. We are unable to make an assessment, so we respectfully ask you to judge.”

Figure flickering, the beautiful woman was already outside the fence. The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t even see how she moved from inside, the other Spirit Masters also started. What is called ‘one simple clue reveals the general trend’, from this woman’s one simple movement, it could already be seen that her strength was formidable.

“Xiao-, Xiao Gang, is it really you? I’m not dreaming?” As the previously gentle and beautiful voice asked these questions, right now her voice was trembling fiercely, tears uncontrollably flowing down her pale face, extremely moved.

Grandmaster’s eyes were thoroughly red as he looked at this woman he had yearned for night and day but not dared meet, his lips shuddering, for a long time unable to say a word.

It was still Flender who sighed, “Our full Golden Iron Triangle finally meets again today. Sister Erlong, we haven’t met for so many years, are you well?” At the same time he sighed inwardly, looking at her, in her eyes was still only Xiao Gang.

At this the beautiful woman’s eyes focused, her gaze turning to Flender, difficult to describe emotions in her eyes, “Boss Fu[4], it’s been so many years, but you still look the same.” Flender smiled wryly, “I’ve aged, but you’re still as graceful as before. Come, I’ll introduce you. These are all my Shrek Academy teachers and students, we accidentally saw the recruitment announcement for your Academy. I didn’t expect it would be your domain, and we came here looking for work.”

Skipping Grandmaster, Flender separately introduced the other Shrek Academy teachers to the beautiful woman, finally saying to everyone: “This is Liu Erlong[5], perhaps you’ve heard of her before. She travelled with me and Grandmaster when we wandered the spirit master world, the last corner of our Golden Iron Triangle.”

Liu Erlong. This name sounded somewhat monstrous, everyone from Shrek Academy didn’t dare slight her and one by one stepped forward to salute her. Liu Erlong put her feelings in order, wiping the tears from her eyes, and politely returned their greetings.

“Sister Erlong, aren’t you going to ask us inside?” Flender said with a smile. Meeting Liu Erlong again, it wasn’t just Grandmaster’s heart that flickered, how couldn’t he as well? However, he could only secretly bury this flickering deep inside.

Liu Erlong smiled wryly: “Boss Fu, does it look to you that my thatched hut can hold so many people? What’s the matter with all of you? Since when were you reduced to this kind of state?”

If anyone else had said that, perhaps Flender would’ve immediately become hostile, but before the question asked by the person who had once captivated him as well, he only laughed wryly, simply recounting their circumstances up till now.

As she heard Flender say the Shrek Academy party had been driven away from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, in Liu Erlong’s eyes flashed a densely baleful air, “Good, well done Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Boss Fu, don’t say anything. Isn’t my place yours? This Blue Tyrant Academy is completely in my charge. Let’s do it like this. Everyone stay here, from now on this will be your home.”

Flender glanced at the walking corpse like Grandmaster at his side, jokingly saying: “The salary we demand is high, can you support it?”

Liu Erlong smiled slightly, saying: “Boss Fu, you’re wrong. It’s not a question of whether I can support it, but a question of whether you can. You are the boss of our Golden Iron Triangle, so from now on, this Academy is yours. Tomorrow I’ll convene a general assembly of students and staff to announce it. At the same time, the name of the Academy will be changed to Shrek. Let me also benefit from the glory of your Shrek Academy.”

“Ah?” Although Flender always knew Liu Erlong was a woman more straightforward than most men, he still hadn’t expected her to so easily present him with an academy on this scale, and for a moment he was unable to respond. On the other side, the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers hearing this were even more lifeless.

“Teacher Yin Shu, I’ll trouble you to go announce a general assembly of students and staff tomorrow. These are all friends I haven’t met for many years, so today we’ll reminisce about old times. Have the dining hall prepare a sumptuous banquet in the elegant room on the second floor, I have to receive them.”

“Yes, dean.” Although they didn’t quite understand the relationship between dean Liu Erlong and these people, this clearly wasn’t something Yin Shu’s trio should ask about, and they hurried back along the path.

“Xiao Gang, are you planning to never speak to me?” Liu Erlong’s gaze once again switched to Grandmaster. The emotions in her eyes hadn’t faded, but her voice no longer trembled - rather sounded somewhat lonely.

Looking at the beautiful woman as delicate as a flower in front of him, Grandmaster’s heart shuddered, with some difficulty opening his mouth several times, but again discovering he was unable to say anything.

Liu Erlong gazed deeply at Grandmaster, “Xiao Gang, this time I won’t let you once again slip out of my hands.”


Flender smiling said: “Sister Erlong, even if it was a coincidence this time, I’ve delivered him to you. If you let him run away this time, I’m afraid you’ll never see him again. Time really passes quickly, in the blink of an eye it’s been twenty years, a whole twenty years.”

Drawing a deep breath, Liu Erlong forced her gaze away from Grandmaster, saying to the Shrek party: “Everyone come with me first, I’ll introduce Blue Tyrant Academy to you, ah, no, it should be called Shrek Academy. This forest is the biggest in Heaven Dou City, a resource fully belonging to the Academy. Although the facilities here aren’t as good as at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they’re still not too lacking. It’s already been ten years since the founding of the Academy, since we only accept commoner Spirit Masters, consequently the quality of the Spirit Masters’ spirits isn’t as high as ordinary advanced Spirit Master academies. But it’s also because our students all come from common backgrounds that they’re much more hardworking in cultivation than those from great clans or influential noble families. In the last Spirit Master Grand Competition we prevailed over a lot of powerful enemies, finally entering the top eight. That achievement was only a bit short of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Their second team was even eliminated by us.”

After a pause, Liu Erlong continued:

“As for the question of teachers and students in the future, that’s boss Fu’s problem. I’m basically unqualified to be a dean, and now I can finally give it up. Heaven Dou Imperial Academy unexpectedly dared drive you away, humph, I’d like to have a look at their reasons. Let’s see in next year’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition.”

Liu Erlong gave everyone a somewhat peculiar impression. There was a gap between her words and appearance: if she changed into luxurious clothing she would appear a high class lady, but the words she used were brimming with belligerence.

To Zhao Wuji who had some understanding of the original Golden Iron Triangle, this appearing somewhat flirtatious beauty was remarkable. Originally in the Golden Iron Triangle, Flender was called the flying corner, Grandmaster was called the directing corner, and this Liu Erlong was known as the slaughtering corner. Her character was vengeful, her temperament exceedingly fiery, it was only in front of Grandmaster and Flender that she was somewhat moderate.

At once, Liu Erlong gave everyone a detailed introduction to Blue Tyrant Academy, and it was even better than they had imagined. Although the entire Academy only had two hundred students, it was universally praised throughout the Heaven Dou Empire. Even Spirit Masters from noble backgrounds were forced to recognize Blue Tyrant Academy’s contribution to the Spirit Master world. This could be called a cradle for commoner Spirit Masters. Although it had only been open for ten years, it had already produced a lot of Spirit Masters with considerable strength. Even Spirit Hall wished to cooperate with Blue Tyrant Academy, but Liu Erlong had refused everyone.

Even though the facilities here weren’t equal to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they were still far better than at Shrek Academy.

“Good, it should be about time, let’s go eat and chat.”

Liu Erlong seemed to have already forgotten Grandmaster. Afterwards she amply displayed her straightforward nature, bringing the Shrek Academy party to eat lunch, resolving everyone’s doubts one by one. Then

she again brought everyone to tour the Blue Tyrant Academy, and finally brought them to the Academy’s teacher’s dorms to arrange quarters for everyone. As for the question of salary and so on, Liu Erlong directly pushed them onto Flender. Anyway, from tomorrow onwards this Academy would change to Shrek, no longer Blue Tyrant.

Within this day going from the cheerful early morning, to the humiliation in the late morning, and once again finally to a glimmer of hope, to everyone in the Shrek party this was really somewhat excessive.

At Flender’s request, supper wasn’t as sumptuous as lunch had been, and everyone very quickly finished eating.

Flender said: “Today has been tiring for everyone, later go and rest a bit early. Starting from tomorrow, I’m afraid we’ll be busy.” Having just arrived in a new environment, whether it was the teachers or students, they all needed to adjust. To say nothing of Liu Erlong already pushing the entire Academy on Flender. Regarding this, Flender wasn’t polite with Liu Erlong. He knew that his sister Erlong did it on purpose. Despite knowing that this was perhaps in Liu Erlong’s heart a compensation for him, he was still unable to refuse, just like he had always been unable to refuse her requests.

“Little San, join me for a walk.” Grandmaster didn’t dare meet Liu Erlong’s cauterizing gaze, pushing away from the table, calling for Tang San and walking out.

“Oh.” Tang San responded, hurriedly standing up and immediately following Grandmaster outside.

Liu Erlong acted as if she didn’t see Grandmaster leave, picking up a napkin from the table and wiping her mouth.

Flender’s face showed a smile, “You’re not afraid he’ll run again?”

Liu Erlong looked at Flender, equally smiling, but her smile was somewhat pondering, “Boss Fu, do you believe he will still have the

chance to run after meeting me again? This time, even if I have to tie him up, I’ll keep him at my side.”

Leaving the dining hall, Grandmaster directly headed towards the forest.
He’d always liked plants, and especially the quiet in the forest.
[1] (蓝霸⾼级魂师学院)
[2] (⾳书) “Sound book”
[3] For a change I’m butchering a song rather than a poem, and it comes with an interesting footnote. I’ve used a translation by letitbegin ( with some minor edits. The song is (Wo de xin tai luan 我的⼼太乱) or “My heart is too confused” (1997) by Taiwanese composer and singer Steve Chou Chuan-huing (周傳雄). Of interest to us is that one of his nicknames is Xiao Gang ( ⼩刚) -
precisely Grandmaster’s real name! Another nickname is “Godfather of
love songs”. A recording that seems thematically appropriate can be found here:

[4] This is the same “boss” that the Seven Devils use for Dai Mubai, and can also mean the oldest among siblings. ‘Fu’ is the first character in Flender.

[5] ( 柳⼆⻰) “Willow Two Dragon” That’s the same Liu as Liu Long, boss Xiao Chen-Yu’s third in command at Nuoding Primary Spirit Master Academy. But I wouldn’t expect them to be related.

Chapter 62

Tang San followed behind Grandmaster without asking anything, only quietly accompanying his Teacher. He could sense Grandmaster’s complex feelings.

At this moment, letting his Teacher calm down a bit should be the best option.

Walking into the forest, the temperature clearly dropped compared to outside, the fresh and cool atmosphere rousing Grandmaster’s spirit and it seemed even his mood eased a bit.

Stopping, Grandmaster turned to Tang San, calmly saying: “Little San, aren’t you very curious about my relationship with Erlong, why it is like this right now, why I would evade her for twenty years?”

Tang San nodded.

Grandmaster sighed, “Let me tell you a story.”

“Twenty years ago, a youth born from a prestigious clan, because of a variant spirit, couldn’t inherit the school’s spirit and was exiled. In order to prove himself, he studied everything about Spirit Masters, researching even deeper meanings, hoping to one day be able to gain the approval of the world. As he travelled outside, he met a like minded young Spirit Master and the two decided to travel the Spirit Master world together.”

“One day, when they hunted spirit beasts in a spirit beast forest, they encountered a beautiful young lady. The young lady was alone, and her lively and straightforward nature very quickly attracted these two youths. The three became fast friends, and two companions increased to three.”

“With the passing of time, the two youths both grew to like that young lady with the Fire Dragon Spirit, but because they thought of each other as brothers, they were unwilling to state it clearly. Especially that youth unable to possess strength because of his variant spirit, buried this affection even deeper in his heart. As a result of the three unexpectedly discovering that between the three of them they were able to use a kind of formidable spirit fusion ability, relying on this formidable strength, they gradually became known in the Spirit Master world as the Golden Iron Triangle.”

Here Grandmaster sighed once again, “Things like feelings accumulate over time, and the deeper they are buried, sometimes they will instead grow even more intense. As the three grew older their feelings also grew more profound. At last one day, that powerful youth was unable to hold back the torment of his feelings and confessed them to that young lady. But, the result was extremely unexpected to the two youths. The young lady always knew the two youths cared for her, and it was precisely because of this that she was afraid to speak out her own choice and hurt the other. Now confronted with the strong youth’s confession, she was finally unable to conceal it further and called it out in front of both youths. She told them that the one she liked was the youth whose strength was inferior due to a variant spirit, but through perseverance and great effort gained superb theoretical understanding.”

“You should already have guessed that the young lady was Erlong, and the two youths were me and Flender. Even now I still clearly remember Flender’s disappointed expression that time, and still the sound of my own heartbeat. At that time I suddenly felt a happiness I had never had in my whole life. However, me and Erlong were both unwilling to harm Flender, for a while there was silence between the three of u s. Like that, a long time passed with a stifling mood over us. Finally, Flender stood up.

He was the oldest of us and said that he wanted me to be his brother, and Erlong to be his brother’s wife.”

Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Dean Flender really is a good person.
Perhaps this is the best conclusion.”

Grandmaster nodded, “For a lifetime I will never forget Flender’s words. He said that he had already lost his love, and he absolutely didn’t want to lose his brother and sister. He blessed us from his heart.”

Tang San puzzled said: “Since it was like this, you and Erlong should have been able to marry, then why would……”

Grandmaster smiled wryly: “If everything had gone smoothly, there wouldn’t be a story. Perhaps our children would already be older than you. But, I don’t know if it was Heaven’s joke on us, but everything we had was destroyed.”

“I remember that day very clearly. The stars were especially bright in the night sky, with Flender presiding for us, me and Erlong were finally married. Even if at that time we didn’t have anything, didn’t have the blessings of family or friends, didn’t have a grand ceremony, at that time we all felt incomparably happy. As long as we were able to be together with those we loved, what did other people matter?”

“The three of us were drinking together, Flender intending to say goodbye to us and go out to travel on his own. Suddenly several people appeared. And these were people I was familiar with. The person in the lead was my uncle, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s present second master, Yu Luomian[1]. At that time his arrival made me extremely startled, but since that day was my day of exaltation, and since he was family, me and Erlong could still relate to this second uncle, and we immediately happily invited him into our house.”

Here Grandmaster’s mood clearly became agitated, “However, who would have thought that my second uncle wasn’t looking for me. His target was actually Erlong.”

“What? Why?” Tang San startled asked.

Grandmaster continued: “Before we married, as me, Erlong and Flender travelled the Continent, we never asked each other about our backgrounds, those were our private matters. Since I wasn’t allowed to speak about my family, Flender was born from a poor household, and Erlong never spontaneously mentioned it. My second uncle’s purpose in finding us, was unexpectedly to recognize blood relations. Erlong, Erlong was actually his illegitimate daughter.”

Tang San stared wide eyed with shock, the Will of Heaven toyed with people, no wonder, no wonder Teacher would chose to leave, all of this was truly too unfair to him.

“When Erlong heard me address him as second uncle her face already paled. As I asked her, not daring to believe it, seeing her nod, I felt as if I’d been struck by thunder from a clear sky. How I hadn’t expected, my affectionate wife, was actually my cousin.”

Teardrops, escaping control rolled down Grandmaster’s face. Even if twenty years had passed, that scene would never fade from his mind.

The joy of marrying his beloved, abruptly becoming great grief, what suffering was that.

His voice choked with emotion, Grandmaster’s expression was hard to make out,

“At that time, second uncle looking at our clothing clearly understood what was going on. His first words were, ‘how can you marry this useless trash’. Originally I’d always thought second uncle was good to me, not looking at me like the others of the clan. Until that time when I learned my mistake, in fact, even he thought of me as trash.”

“I later learned that Erlong was born from my second uncle and a prostitute. Because of Erlong’s mother’s background he didn’t dare bring her back home. When Erlong left to travel the world, her mother had already passed away from illness. She was always brought up by second

uncle in the outer territories. He also let her follow matrilineally. Her mother chose the name Erlong after her father. My second uncle’s infant name was precisely Erlong[2].”

“But, Teacher, if senior Erlong is your patrilineal cousin, then her spirit should be inherited from your clan, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me that senior Erlong’s spirit is actually also……”

Grandmaster nodded, “Yes, Erlong also has a variant spirit, only hers didn’t become weak. Although it didn’t become formidable, in the end it’s still extremely strong. Thunder variation has similarities to flame, this is the origin of her Fire Dragon Spirit. It was this kind of coincidence that formed this tragedy between us.”

“Then, I ran like mad. At that time I wanted to die. I already had no one else. Erlong wanted to chase after me, but second uncle stopped her. If it wasn’t for Flender catching up to me, stopping me from suicide, perhaps there wouldn’t be a Grandmaster now.”

Tang San didn’t say anything else, right now even he was inundated in the sorrowful world of Grandmaster’s heart.

Neither of them knew that not far behind them another person equally had a face streaming with tears, helplessly gazing attentively in their direction.

“What could I do? Although afterwards I lost the desire to die, at that time Erlong was my whole life. You’ve also seen that I’m not considered handsome or strong. But she rejected Flender who was stronger than me, and chose me. I loved her so, but spouse changed into little sister. That kind of pain is unimaginable to most people. In the end, discouraged, I could only choose to run. I didn’t let Flender follow, only quietly leaving on my own.”

“Afterwards, I heard from Flender that Erlong and my second uncle had a big falling out after returning to the clan, searching for me

everywhere like mad. I wanted to see her so much, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t destroy her reputation.”

“Siblings marrying isn’t tolerated by the world. Even if I didn’t care, Erlong is a woman, how could I let her endure that? Even more, what my second uncle said was right, I’m only trash, a useless trash, that’s all. Erlong and me together, I don’t even have the ability to protect her. She shouldn’t be with me.”

“Year after year passed, I didn’t even dare listen to rumors about Erlong. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep from going to find her. In my confusion, I could only throw my heart and soul into spirit research. Only when I met you could I reveal my heart again. I entrusted my heart to you. These years have been a bit easier. I know Flender definitely knew Erlong was here, he’s not a careless person, if he didn’t know in advance, after being provoked at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy just before, how would he have again gone looking for an academy? Only I thought nothing of it at the time. Meeting Erlong again can only bring me more pain. Erlong is far stronger than me. This time, even if I wanted to escape this vortex of pain it would perhaps already be impossible for me.”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster, the edges of his eyes already somewhat moist. Yes, Heaven was unjust to Teacher, even if he had already been deprived of the powerful spirit he should have inherited, unexpectedly even his marriage had to be destroyed.

“Teacher, are worldly opinions really so important? Who says you are trash? To me, you are the most formidable Spirit Master. Knowledge is power. Who dares say they are stronger than you in spirit lore? Nobody. Teacher, you are the strongest. Aunt Erlong waited for you for so many years without choosing someone else, how deep are her feelings for you? Running away like this again will only bring more suffering to the two of you. Even if you truly care about worldly opinions, you can still bring her to run away along with you!”

Grandmaster painfully shook his head, “No, that’s too unfair to Erlong. Little San, loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean insisting on having them. I want even more for her to be able to live cheerfully, happily.”

Tang San had already forgotten he was a student. Seeing Grandmaster’s melancholy, he couldn’t help but defiantly say: “How will running away like this make aunt Erlong happy? If she was happy, would she sing that kind of sorrowful song? Would she weep from one look at you? She didn’t even dare use words to try you out, afraid to upset you. Teacher, your heart is too weak. What are worldly opinions? Aunt Erlong is fearless, but you’re afraid. You should be together with her, bravely going out to confront all this, cutting open all barriers to walk together. Whatever your family, whatever others think, you being together is no mistake. Even if your bloodlines are close, is there truly no room for this kind of match? Teacher, you’re not only afraid aunt Erlong will suffer if she’s together with you, at the same time you don’t dare accept this reality, you have an inferiority complex!”

Grandmaster looked stupidly at Tang San, lips moving but already speechless. Although he and Flender were equally proud, he who possessed an inferior spirit, deep in his heart always had an inferiority complex. Flender and Erlong had never dared say what they really thought, but the agitated Tang San had hit the key point.

“He’s right. Why must you have an inferiority complex, what if ten million people call you trash? As long as I, Liu Erlong, believe you are the strongest it’s enough. Xiao Gang, do you truly not understand? If I cared about the family relation between us, would I always search for you like this? Would I always be in such pain?”

Liu Erlong slowly walked out in the distance behind Xiao Gang and Tang San, teardrops constantly rolling down her face, looking at Grandmaster, firmly approaching step by step with a brilliantly tender countenance.

This time, Grandmaster at last didn’t once again try to escape Liu Erlong’s gaze. Watching her approach step by step, Grandmaster’s heartbeat clearly sped up. The obstruction in his heart gradually fractured under the

surges of emotion. The protective barrier of twenty years was already unable to further suppress the love deep in his heart.

Tang San very quietly retreated, gradually moving into the forest. He knew that at this moment nobody should disturb them. Inwardly he wished the best for Grandmaster. How would he not have seen the loneliness his Teacher often displayed.

Now the source had finally been found. If it could be dispelled, letting Grandmaster and Liu Erlong truly walk together, then it would be the best conclusion for all sides.

The forest was dark and tranquil and Tang San was in no hurry to return, only quietly walking in the woods. For some reason, hearing the story of Grandmaster and Liu Erlong, his mind suddenly recalled Xiao Wu. His state of mind wasn’t that of a thirteen year old child, but that of a middle aged man.

Xiao Wu was his little sister, what was really her place in his heart? Ever since getting to know Xiao Wu, Tang San deep inside pondered on this question for the first time.

If, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s story had been his and Xiao Wu’s, how would he have settled it? Tang San discovered that right now he was somewhat perplexed, at a loss.

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly chilled somewhat, making Tang San shiver. He couldn’t help but frown in bafflement.

With his spirit power breaking through the thirtieth rank, his Mysterious Heaven Skill had already reached the fourth tier, heat and cold shouldn’t affect him, much less in the summer, so how did he feel cold?

But at this moment Tang San suddenly stopped in shock. Three meters in front of him a man had appeared at some unknown time. A green man.

Green hair, green eyes, green fingernails, eyes as ice cold and vicious as a viper. This person who suddenly appeared in front of Tang San was

someone he had met during the day, that Title Douluo with the title of Poison: Dugu Bo.

Tang San almost reflexively released his spirit, but in the next instant Dugu Bo had already arrived in front of him, without being seen to move. Tang San only felt a spell of dizziness, then he didn’t feel anything at all.

But at this moment a spirit power fluctuation roused the not distant Erlong who had just melted into Grandmaster’s arms.

“Who?” Liu Erlong’s eyes flashed, sharply moving out of Grandmaster’s embrace, her gaze shifting in the direction of that spirit power fluctuation. She clearly felt that while the spirit power fluctuation wasn’t strong it contained a terrifying energy, figure flickering, she instantly covered Grandmaster behind her.

Grandmaster was first startled, then immediately following his expression changed greatly, “Not good, it might be related to little San. Quickly go look.”

Liu Erlong very naturally grabbed Grandmaster’s hand, abruptly accelerating, relying on spirit power to swiftly reach the location. But besides a chill in the air they didn’t find any clues. Liu Erlong pushed her spirit power to search with all her strength, but she was still unable to find Tang San again.

Grandmaster promptly said: “Go, let’s first find Flender. This cold air is somewhat familiar. If it’s that person, I’m afraid it will be difficult to deal with.” Although Grandmaster wasn’t strong, his powers of observation and ability to make snap judgements were far beyond that of ordinary people.

This trace of cold air immediately made him recall meeting Dugu Bo during the day at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy as well as Dugu Bo later meeting his granddaughter Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master Dugu Yan.


Head spinning, as Tang San awoke from unconsciousness he discovered his surroundings were completely painted black.

There were only two points of green light that glittered eerily in the darkness.

Silently urging Mysterious Heaven Skill, spirit power gradually condensed within Tang San’s body, his strength once again returning, but he still didn’t move. Grandmaster had taught him that the more dangerous the circumstances the more you had to keep calm, he absolutely couldn’t let himself end up in a crisis because of acting blindly without thinking.

“Having woken up there’s no need keep pretending. Are you really only thirteen? Your mentality resembles someone more experienced.” A hoarse voice came from the side. Along with his eyes adapting to the darkness, Tang San with the help of the two points of dim light could make out Dugu Bo sitting not far to his side, and that those two points of green light were actually Dugu Bo’s eyes.

Turning over and sitting up, Tang San still didn’t speak up, only coldly looking at Dugu Bo. His heart was already ice cold. No need to ask, he already knew Dugu Bo’s reason for kidnapping him: clearly it was Dugu Yan’s revenge. Remaining in the hands of this Poison titled Title Douluo, how could there still be a good ending?

“Kid, you’re called Tang San?” Dugu Bo leaned on the stone wall behind him, calmly asking.

“Right.” Tang San replied very simply. He naturally wasn’t resigned to waiting for death, and sitting there he was quietly amassing his spirit power.

Although he knew that a thirtieth level Spirit Master confronting a more than ninetieth ranked Title Douluo basically didn’t have a chance, if he didn’t at least struggle, how could he be resigned to the result?

Green light flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, “I heard, you broke my granddaughter’s third spirit ring, and even used poison to restrain her. How did you dissolve her snake venom? Just alcohol isn’t enough.”

Tang San calmly said: “An old freak like you is known as the Poison Douluo, don’t tell me you don’t even understand the effect of realgar on snake venom? Realgar mixed into alcohol can completely show the effects of realgar, further adding flame for heat. Even though your granddaughter’s third spirit ring is very poisonous, it’s still unable to resist all that.”

Dugu Bo suddenly made a strange chuckle, “How many years, how many years has it been since someone dared talk to me like that? Kid, aren’t you afraid to die? You actually dare doubt an old man’s poison? Don’t you know that even other Title Douluo would change color when talking about my poison.”
Tang San snorted disdainfully, “Your poison? It’s just trash, that’s all.” “What did you say?” Green light suddenly set off in Dugu Bo’s eyes,
with just a flick of his hand, Tang San was flung away by an irresistibly powerful force, heavily smashing into the rock wall behind him and almost losing consciousness again from the pain.

“Kid, if you dare wag your tongue like that in front of me again, even if your poison interests me, I’ll still immediately kill you. My poison is trash? I can instantly affect every living creature within a kilometer, not even a blade of grass would grow. If I want to kill you I don’t even need to use my hands, I can kill you with poison at once. In this world, there is still no Spirit Master who has been able to compare to me in the poison attribute. You actually dare doubt my poison.”

Tang San struggled to stand up, resisting the pain and straightening his back, “I want to wag my tongue in front of you? As far as I’m concerned, what’s even the point of that? Your poison is indeed ferocious, but it’s still trash. A poisoner uses poison on his enemies, but you’ve even poisoned yourself, don’t tell me your poison isn’t trash?”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, he waved his right hand and the entire surrounding cavern immediately lit up with a dark green flames.

Under the illumination of the green fire, Tang San clearly saw that he was in a round thousand square meter cave. Dugu Bo was dressed the same as during the day, right now simply standing ten meters in front of him.

“Truly laughable. I would poison myself? This year I’m seventy eight, and I’ve always only poisoned others, and still never been poisoned by others.” Dugu Bo looked coldly at Tang San. Strangely, this time he didn’t attack.

Tang San snorted disdainfully, “Really? Then let me ask you, when the sky is overcast and raining, isn’t there an ache over two of your ribs, moreover one that gradually grows stronger, flaring up around noon and midnight? In your current condition, it should persist for two hours or more each time. Also, late every night, approximately around midnight, on top of your head and your heart should have a pricking pain like a pincushion. Your whole body spasming for at least an hour. That kind of pain that makes you wish you were dead doesn’t need my description. If you’re not poisoned, then would you have symptoms like these? You’re not just poisoned, the poisoned has even entered your bone marrow. But what baffles me is how you still haven’t died. The poison within you isn’t something that can be suppressed with spirit power.”

“How-, how do you know?” Dugu Bo no longer held back his shock, speaking subconsciously.

Tang San described it as if he’d seen it himself, and this could be said to be Dugu Bo’s biggest secret. Even his closest granddaughter didn’t know, so how couldn’t he be startled when now hearing it from Tang San’s mouth? Killing intent flared in his eyes, seeming to pierce Tang San.

A Title Douluo’s strength really was too powerful, the murderous aura released from Dugu Bo was essentially the same as a strike at Tang San’s chest. Tang San made a retching sound, spouting a mouthful of blood, retreating three steps before with difficulty standing firm. Blue Silver Grass abruptly appeared under the pressure of Dugu Bo’s killing intent, even his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances immediately unfolded from his back, releasing its terrifying energy to protect Tang San.

“That’s the way to do it.” Dugu Bo had already calmed down, he believed that by relying on his already substantial murderous aura, hitting and killing a mere thirtieth ranked Spirit Master was easily done, he had killed people to silence them more times than he could remember. But he hadn’t expected Tang San would actually be able to stand up to his attack. Even though he spit blood he didn’t seem to have suffered any serious injury. This kind of physique clearly wasn’t something a thirtieth level Spirit Master should possess.

“Let me see. This is the spirit that injured my granddaughter?” Dugu Bo’s figure flickered, already appearing in front of Tang San as he raised a hand to grab him.

Blue Silver Grass acted automatically. Tang San’s first spirit ring abruptly flared, and the first spirit ability, Binding, activated.

Tenacious Blue Silver Grass frantically wound around Dugu Bo with all of Tang San’s strength, in just a moment wrapping him up entirely.

But terrifyingly, those Blue Silver Grass that just now wound about Dugu Bo suddenly melted away like ice and snow.

Sure enough, they were melting, like snow in a fire, without even pausing. Even to the extent that they didn’t even slow Dugu Bo’s rising hand. The next moment, Dugu Bo’s large hand had already grabbed Tang San’s shoulder.

Dugu Bo’s hand was firm, holding on to the shoulder like an iron hoop. The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back thrust out practically simultaneously, with sharp sounds of splitting the air piercing at Dugu Bo. Purple light broke out, toxin already activating.


Dugu Bo was surprised. At his level of strength, without even meeting the attack, his aura alone was enough to sense that the Eight Spider Lances attack power was far beyond that of Blue Silver Grass. Green light spread from Dugu Bo in a flash, but his spirit still couldn’t be seen. Eight Spider

Lances thrust at the green light, but could only cause eight ripples in the dark green light and were unable to penetrate deeply.

“So it’s like that. It was actually an external spirit bone. No wonder, no wonder Yan-yan wasn’t your match.” Dugu Bo had a flash of insight, looking at Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances his eyes had an avaricious light.

An ice cold spirit power transmitted from the big hand on Tang San’s shoulder. Tang San suddenly felt his whole body going numb, unable to amass his spirit power.

That ice cold stream spread through his body in a moment, just like he had fallen into an ice cellar. Despite Tang San’s astonishing gifts, his strength outstanding among his peers, as well as battle experience and cool head, these were all useless before the absolute gap in strength. Before Dugu Bo’s spirit power, let alone resisting, right now he was even unable to move his little finger.

Dugu Bo clearly also didn’t consider Tang San to be a threat, with a casual motion he threw him to the ground, somewhat disappointed saying: “Unfortunately it’s already fused. Otherwise this kid would have brought me a great gift.”

Dugu Bo stared at Tang San with the green light burning in his eyes, as if he was looking at a rare treasure, the greedy light flickered in and out, “I have to admit that you are much stronger than my granddaughter, and even stronger than that kid Yu Tian-Heng. Thirteen years old, more than thirtieth ranked spirit power, external spirit bone, strong poison. It’s a pity, truly a pity.”

Due to the immense gap in strength, Dugu Bo didn’t bother with sealing Tang San’s spirit power, and Tang San once again struggled to crawl up from the floor, coldly saying: “I didn’t expect I would actually die at the hands of an old freak using trash poison. It’s a pity, truly a pity.”

Dugu Bo’s eyes emitted a viper-like ice cold light, “Do you want me to kill you on the spot? As far as I’m concerned, killing you is as easy as crushing an ant. However, I won’t be in a hurry to kill you. I’m a bit

interested in a spirit bone from a Man Faced Demon Spider, I’ll drain all the poison from your spirit bone, and then I’ll kill you slowly.”

Tang San’s eyes displayed a strong unwillingness. He knew that he wouldn’t have the slightest chance against this old freak even if he used his latest hidden weapons. Going up against an opponent like this was only possible if he could master the top three hidden weapons in Hidden Weapons Hundred Separation, otherwise the outcome would only be death.

He was unwilling to see Tang Sect’s knowledge die without even mastering it, and even more without transferring Tang Sect poison to this world. He was unwilling because he hadn’t even had the chance to cultivate his second spirit. He was even more reluctant to leave this brightly colorful world than that time at Tang Sect.

Since coming to this world he had at last come into contact with the outside, and gained far, far too many attachments.

Seeing the unwillingness in Tang San’s eyes, the old freak couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “Not reconciled to it? I’ve seen this kind of expression in countless eyes. What I like the most is strangling this kind of reluctance. Perhaps in a few more decades you truly would be able to surpass me. However, now you won’t have the chance. You say my poison is trash? But you’re still going to die by my hand.”

Tang San coolly said: “This is my greatest regret. If I had time, even without using my spirit, I could still threaten you. A trash poisoner like you basically isn’t equal to farts. Not only did your own skills put you in misery, but you’ll still leave behind calamity for later generations. Trash among trash.”

“What did you say?” Dugu Bo suddenly became agitated, unexpectedly extending an arm in an instant, grabbing Tang San’s neck and pulling him close.

This time Tang San didn’t even resist at all, only looked coldly at Dugu Bo. Even though it was difficult to even breathe, he still forced out the words: “You think you will have a good ending? Your symptoms will

constantly worsen, even though I still don’t know just how you’ve restrained this toxicity from flaring up, it’s probably by eating some heavenly treasure material. But that heavenly treasure won’t help you forever. Within a few years, even if you’re not killed by poison, the torment of the poison backlash will still torture you to death. You’ll die even more miserably than me.”

In Dugu Bo’s eyes flickered a gloomy uncertain light, what Tang San had described were precisely all his greatest pains right now. Behind the formidable strength he endured torment beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Each time that torment made him unable to choose between life and death, that kind of pain basically couldn’t be described with words.
[1] (⽟罗冕)
[2] An infant name refers to a nickname used before a proper name has been decided on. “Erlong” (⼆⻰) means “Second Dragon”, probably used since Luomian is the second son of the dragon clan.

Chapter 63

“You can dissolve the poison in my body?” Dugu Bo finally abandoned his face, unable to keep from asking.

Tang San calmly said: “I won’t dissolve it for you even if I can. You can only be even more miserable than me. Kill me. You might not fear your own death, after all, people living past seventy is already quite rare. Unfortunately, that delicate little granddaughter of yours might not be able to endure for as long as you. She might not have your strength of will to endure the growing torment. Her poison will only flare up even more violently than yours, since she was immersed in this kind of poison even from the womb.”

In order to live, Tang San began to make his last effort. Originally he had been somewhat suspicious ever since the first time he saw the Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master Dugu Yan, since according to what he knew, that kind of hair and eye color didn’t exist in this world. Adding the Jade Phosphor Serpent poison Dugu Yan later used, and he could confirm it to some extent

Today meeting Dugu Yan’s grandfather, this old freak in front of him, Tang San was even more certain. Dugu Yan had admittedly inherited her grandfather’s spirit and formidable poison, but at the same time she had inherited the side effects of that poison. Everything Tang San had said was fact, and even a proud and aloof senior like Dugu Bo was unable to refute it.

Relaxing his grip, Dugu Bo let Tang San slide from his hand, coldly looking at him, “How would you have me believe you can remove my poison?”

This time Tang San no longer tried to stand, sitting crosslegged on the spot, “Do I need to prove it to you? In any case you still want to kill me. Someone like you is only a plague on the world while you live. If I helped you it would only be like taking the side of the villain.”

As Tang San said, Dugu Bo didn’t care much for his own life, but he couldn’t not mind his granddaughter’s future. Dugu Yan had just turned twenty and still possessed a beautiful tomorrow. More than that, he already knew the taste of his close relatives dying from before. He absolutely didn’t want the same thing to happen in front of him again.

Dugu Bo had toyed with poison all his life, he had no way out from the poison in his own body. He had still made countless attempts, but in return had only earned even greater suffering.

The gloomy uncertain expression gradually growing stronger, Dugu Bo slowly clasped his hands behind his back. The tone of his words eased somewhat, “I heard from Yan-yan that you’re called Tang San, right?”

“A man of character doesn’t change his name. Since I’ve never changed it, you’re correct.” Tang San calmly raised his head.

Dugu Bo snorted disdainfully, “A thirteen year old baby is still a man of character? Alright, I won’t mince words. If you truly are able to remove my and my granddaughter’s poison, then I will not only let you live, but I’ll even promise you three favors. Three favors that don’t offend me.”

Tang San calmly said: “You won’t kill me? Like you said just now, why should I believe you? Killing me is as easy as lifting a finger for you. For someone like you, biting the hand that feeds you is no novel experience.&rdqu o;

Dugu Bo stared blankly a moment. He hadn’t expected that this seemingly teenaged youngster would actually be so unreasonable. He

couldn’t help angrily saying: “Then ask around for my reputation. Even if I’ve never considered myself a good person, I still put stock in my word. No one has ever dared belittle my honesty like this.”

Tang San closed his eyes, “Those are just empty promises. I won’t believe you unless you swear under poison.”

An ominous glint flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, almost unable to restrain his anger. But recalling his granddaughter, in the end he still forced down his temper.

“Fine. As long as you can prove you’re able to remove my poison, I’ll swear.”

The chance came at last. Tang San secretly loosed a breath, the jacket on his back drenched with sweat. Any person would fear death, and Tang San was no exception. He was even more unwilling to die a death without any value.

Standing up once again, he withdrew Eight Spider Lances, “How do you want me to prove it?”

Dugu Bo restrained the ominous glint in his eyes, “Prove your ability with poison is greater than mine, then you’ll convince me.” Subconsciously he didn’t have one whit of trust in Tang San. After all, on the surface this youngster was just thirteen. How could a thirteen year old child compare with him who had been immersed in the poisoner’s arts for decades? But Tang San had just described his condition, and still without missing any symptoms. Confronted with this opportunity, Dugu Bo had no choice but to take it. Killing Tang San or not didn’t really concern him. Even if Tang San was even more gifted he would still require several decades to be able to threaten him. After so long he would probably have died from old age. What was there to fear. And if he truly was able to detoxify him, especially the hereditary toxicity affecting his granddaughter, that was most important to Dugu Bo.

Tang San spread his hands, helplessly saying: “I don’t have anything with me, how do I prove my ability with poison is better than yours?”

Dugu Bo coldly said: “Like this. Here at my home grows a wide range of drugs, whatever you need you can go find on your own. I’ll give you one day, within this day you create every kind of antidote yourself. After one day I’ll use three kinds of poisons on you. As long as you can use your own antidotes to withstand my poison, you will have proven you’re my senior in detoxification. Otherwise, you’ll die.”

Creating antidotes in a day might sound like plenty of time, but in fact, there were countless types of poison, and each kind had its own properties. The poisons used by a master of poison like Dugu Bo absolutely wouldn’t be ordinary. Creating something capable of reducing the poisons he used in one day, such a task was monumental.

Dugu Bo assumed that Tang San would try to bargain with him, fight for more time, or perhaps try to stall. But Tang San’s reply made him somewhat astonished, and even increased his confidence in Tang San.

“Fine. Bring me to your medicinal garden, then don’t disturb me for one day.” Brushing off the dust from his clothes, Tang San easily agreed to Dugu Bo’s demands.

Dugu Bo swept his gaze up and down over him, then turned around and walked towards the cave entrance, “Follow me.”

Leaving the cavern, Tang San discovered he was in a lush forest and that their current location was at the foot of a five hundred meter tall hill in the forest. Since it was night time he was unable to see much of the scenery.

Dugu Bo advanced along the mountain path as if he was walking on level ground. While he appeared to be walking slowly, each step he took moved him more than ten meters, and the distance between each step was also extremely uniform. The whole time he climbed the mountain he seemed perpendicular to the ground.

Tang San hurriedly gathered his spirit power to follow behind Dugu Bo. He of course didn’t believe he would be able to escape out of the cave, escaping from a Title Douluo, that was a jest.

Very quickly Tang San, led by Dugu Bo, reached the hilltop. Here, Tang San couldn’t help but start with alarm from the terrain. In front of him was unexpectedly a conical mountain cavity. They stood at the edge of this cavity as dense steam rose from within, hot and extremely moist, as well as smelling distinctively of sulfur.
“There’s a hot spring here?” Tang San astonished couldn’t help but say. Dugu Bo shot him a glance, “Kid, you know more than I expected.” Tang San said: “I’d never fail to recognize the smell of a hot spring.
Your medicine garden is at the edge of a hot spring? This is a good location.”

Hot springs generally weren’t suitable for nourishing plants because of the excessive mineral content in the water, but some special plants were different. They required precisely the minerals and heat of the hot spring. According to what Tang San knew, there were a lot of poisonous plants that were like this.

“Follow me.” Dugu Bo displayed his strength, directly leaping into the bottomless darkness from side of the mountain. Because of the thick mist and night, as well as the sharpness of the overhanging cliff, Dugu Bo’s silhouette disappeared into the watery mist in just the blink of an eye.

‘Is he deliberately making things difficult for me?’ Pride flashed in Tang San’s eyes, ‘If you think something like this will hinder me, then think again.’

Purple light flashed from his back as Eight Spider Lances released once again. Tang San didn’t jump off like Dugu Bo, but rather relied on the lower two lances of Eight Spider Lances to stretch downwards and, with a cheng sound, thrust into the mountain wall. Immediately afterward, the eight spider legs alternately used force, swiftly bringing Tang San down the mountain wall as if his shoes stepped on level ground.

With the sharpness and spider leg properties of Eight Spider Lances, they could ignore the vast majority of terrain. Such a precipitous mountain wall

might be able to hinder other people, but it caused no problems for Eight Spider Lances.

As Dugu Bo fell into the mountain he couldn’t help but be pleased with himself, ‘Kid, I won’t pull you, I’ll see how you get down. If you run away, then that only proves you’re just a cowardly little junior.’

Of course, if Tang San truly jumped down, Dugu Bo Wouldn’t let him be injured. With his strength, catching Tang San was a simple matter. Along with Tang San showing his cool head and strength, Dugu Bo had already become more and more interested in this kid. From what he’d seen, Dugu Bo thought he was more mature than ordinary youngsters, and still had a kind of special character, a planning strategist.

After a long time without seeing Tang San jump down, Dugu Bo didn’t know why, but he felt somewhat disappointed. As he’d just started thinking this was just a cowardly child, he saw a silhouette quickly make its way along the mountain wall. With his eyesight he could naturally see the circumstances of that silhouette.

“That external spirit bone can even be used like this?” Astonishment flashed through Dugu Bo’s eyes but he didn’t say anything, only looked at Tang San with the Eight Spider Lances on his back moving swiftly, in a moment arriving in front of him.

With Purple Demon Eye, Tang San’s eyesight wasn’t any worse than Dugu Bo’s at night. Tang San didn’t look at Dugu Bo, but rather gazed into the scene in the ravine. What made him astonished was that the hot spring in the ravine wasn’t anything like he had imagined. While the hot spring wasn’t large, it was split into two parts: in the oval pool the waters of the hot spring was actually separately colored milky white and vermillion. Even more bizarre, even though they were in the same pool they remained clearly separated, not encroaching on each other and constantly keeping to their own sides.

That surging mist rose from the center of these two kinds of hot spring waters, unceasingly rising until it scattered at the top of the ravine.

“This, this is……” As Tang San looked at this scene he couldn’t keep from trembling in excitement. He had never expected to see such a magnificent sight in this world. Even though he had never seen it before, he remembered a description of something similar.

In Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s Hundred Weapon Separation, besides hidden weapons, was a chapter specially dedicated to poison. Recorded inside were some extremely rare drugs and potent toxins, as well as heavenly treasure materials. But at the end of this chapter were the detailed accounts of three great treasure bowls[1].

What is called ‘treasures’ doesn’t actually refer to gold or gems, but rather treasure bowls of medicine, three kinds of natural environments. Ordinary plants were basically unable to grow in these three great treasure bowl environments since they couldn’t adapt to that special atmosphere, but certain valuable plants could nevertheless be cultured in these three great treasure bowls. Moreover, the time required for these rare plants to grow would be reduced tenfold. Simply put, if a lingzhi mushroom[2] grew in any one of the three great treasure bowls for ten years, it would have the effect of a hundred year lingzhi mushroom.

The three great treasure bowls were rich in resources, pregnant with beauty and productive of talent, a place where the spiritual influence of Heaven gathered. And wasn’t this scene exactly identical to one of the three great treasure bowls described in the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Record?

“Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Is this actually an Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well?”

An Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well referred to just this kind of Heaven favored spring, two wells in one, yin and yang mutually restraining each other. Ten million years might not be enough to form such a precious place!

In his life being able to see one of the three great treasure bowls where the quintessence of Heaven was condensed, how could Tang San not be excited? Now he finally understood how this old freak could still survive despite his own powerful poison and was even able to cultivate to the Title Douluo realm. This was inextricably linked to this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well wasn’t just for growing things. At the same time it had extremely unusual effects on the human body. If humans or maybe animals stayed at the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, then in a very short time their bodies would be attacked by two kinds of extremely potent Heavenly spiritual influences. If they didn’t leave fast enough, their bodies were bound to burst and die. But to someone as toxic as Dugu Bo, it could have enormous benefits. Extreme heat and extreme cold both had a restraining effect on poisonous substances. And a Heavenly treasure location like this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well had an even greater restraining effect on poison. Otherwise it would still be impossible for all kinds of rare plants to grow here simultaneously.

With the suppression of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, Dugu Bo was able to all along keep the poison in his body from flaring up. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s properties protected the plants in the surroundings, and became a contributing factor to Dugu Bo’s survival.

“Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well? What are you talking about?” Dugu Bo somewhat suspicious looked at Tang San.

Tang San forcefully calmed his surging mind, doing his utmost not to let his joy out, “It’s nothing, I just didn’t expect there would actually be such a good place here. If I originally only had a thirty percent chance of treating your poison, then with this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, my certainty has increased to fifty percent.”

“What? Only fifty percent?” Dugu Bo’s tone of voice immediately displayed an ill intent, “Kid, are you trying to cheat me?”

Tang San coldly said: “Why would I need to cheat you? You’ve been steeped in excessive poison mist for so many years, having a fifty percent

probability of a cure is already the maximum. Otherwise, even if I can’t cure you, it will still be enough to blunt the pain. As for your granddaughter, I’m confident in my ability to treat her even without the help of this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Dugu Bo’s complexion improved a bit at this, pointing to the surroundings of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he said: “All my medical plants grow here. Every kind of poison and tonic. You can use whatever you like, but if you dare wreck this place I’ll make you wish you were dead. I’ll relax the time restrictions a bit. The day after tomorrow, if you can’t pass my test, then it will be your last day. Of course, you can still try to run. But let me tell you that this is a well known spirit beast forest, apart from this mountain where spirit beasts don’t dare enter because of my poison, the spirit beasts outside are of at least the thousand year level. If you run, the spirit beasts will tear you to pieces without me needing to dirty my hands.”

Finished speaking, Dugu Bo leapt up, the tips of his toes touching the mountain wall, climbing out of the ravine like a giant bird. As his silhouette disappeared above, his voice once again echoed down, “Kid, bear in mind, don’t get close to that double hot spring. Even I can’t endure the blazing heat and extreme cold there for long. If you touch it, you will die.”

Watching Dugu Bo’s silhouette gradually disappear in the watery mist, Tang San’s lip gradually turned into an arc, ‘What are you saying? I won’t commit suicide again, how would I let myself easily turn into ash in the waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well?’ In fact, that might be the coldest and hottest place between heaven and earth.

With Dugu Bo gone, Tang San no longer had to restrain his excitement, quickly stepping over to the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well with fiery red spring water. Bizarrely, the surface of this tranquil hot spring didn’t seem to give off any heat at all.

Tang San of course wouldn’t be deceived, the temperature of this red liquid could be compared to lava. If curiosity compelled him to reach down and touch it, then wherever it touched him would instantly burn away.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San only felt his heartbeat constantly speed up. This was the first time he had been so uncontainably excited in this life, even in his last life it could only compare to when he made the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.

Focusing his eyes, Purple Demon Eye activated.

Sparkling and translucent purple light condensed in his eyes. Under the full effect of Mysterious Heaven Skill, everything became exceptionally clear to his eyes. Even in the watery mist, the light from the moon and stars was enough for Tang San to be able to see everything around him clearly.

The surroundings of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well were covered with all sorts of plants, in different poses and with different expressions, it seemed like a botanical paradise. And all the plants here were precious and uncommon, just a glance left Tang San somewhat stunned.

Not far away, close to the edge of the milky white side of the hot spring, was a small thing looking like a tiny larvae. Tang San cautiously crouched, observing it attentively, and was immediately shocked.

“This, this is snow silkworm? The top quality winter larvae summer grass[3], snow silkworm?” He recognized it at a glance, and his heartbeat seemed to speed up even more.

Tang Sect was world-renowned for their poison, and their research into medicine was exceedingly thorough, the life’s work of countless Tang Sect members. As an outer sect disciple, even though Tang San originally couldn’t study the essence of the inner sect, his understanding of every kind of medicine was extremely profound since he would frequently temper the mechanical type hidden weapons he made with poison. Whether it was poison or antidotes, he was incomparably proficient in both. Otherwise how could he have recognized at a glance that Poison Douluo Dugu Bo was suffering the side effects of his own poison?

The larvae grass was in itself a kind of top quality drug ingredient. What was called winter larvae summer grass, “larvae grass” for short, was actually a kind of parasitic fungus growing from larvae. This kind of larvae

grass fungus would in the winter live in the larvae, chrysalis or imago of certain Lepitoptera class insects — alpine moths and wasps, infecting their bodies, absorbing nutrients, the mycelium gradually spreading through the body of the larvae, the larvae stiffening and dying. Then in spring and summer, the fungal spores would germinate in the dead larvae, sprouting as a stick like fruiting body from the larvae’s head. Like this it earned the name larvae grass.

And snow silkworm was another name for the best quality of larvae grass. This kind of larvae grass was ash white on the outside with ring marks; its whole body had more than eight, the four middle ones most distinct. Snapping it to discern quality, the break surface should be quite smooth, white with a bit of yellow, the fruiting body slender, dark brown, almost coconut color, cylindrical, longer than the larvae. The topmost part swollen with spores, the outside yellow, the inside white, rounded and fat, not only bigger than common larvae grass, but also with much better efficacy.

The snow silkworms in front of Tang San were twice the size of those he had seen in his previous life, this cluster had at least several jin’s worth. Even though snow silkworms were regarded as a heavenly treasure material, Tang San had never even heard of ones with such quality.

Immediately afterward, Tang San also took note of another plant right next to the snow silkworm. This thing had a tan surface and yellow red cross section, single leaf alternate phyllotaxy, the stalk slender and curved, the leaves ovate-cordate, the tip coming to a point, from the leaves sprouting yellowish green and purple spotted little flowers, with winding stripes, extremely bizarre.

“This is a cinnabar lotus? It actually grows this big?” Unlike the nourishing larvae grass, cinnabar lotus’ nature was inclined towards cold yin, its coldness very powerful. Subduing dry heat, it was also a kind of precious medical ingredient, with surprising effectiveness when treating fire type poison.

Whether it was snow silkworm or cinnabar lotus, both were rare and precious things.

Ordinarily if he’d seen these two kinds of medicinal herbs, Tang San might have immediately been interested, but right now he was too busy carefully looking around, because his gaze had very quickly been drawn in the direction of a faint fragrance.

That was a light pink large flower, leafless, its stem three chi[4] long, its flower enormous, more than a chi in diameter, each petal appearing as translucent and sparkling as crystal. The light pink flower lightly swayed along with the steam, growing by the shore where the red and white spring water met. Right now Tang San was ten meters away, but he could still catch that delicate fragrance.

The stamen was light purple, as if a purple diamond was embedded there. Even though the fragrance reached far, it wasn’t heavy. A faint sweet scent like a maiden’s touch.

As Tang San saw this pink great flower he couldn’t help but stare listlessly. Because of the distance he hadn’t immediately recognized just what this kind of flower actually was. Subconsciously taking a few steps he arrived at its side, lightly sniffing.

The fragrance was still sweet, without growing heavy as he came closer, still that kind of faintly sweet hint, seeping deeply into the heart. What was this thing that could ease the unwellness Tang San had started to feel from being next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well? Feeling somewhat baffled, Tang San vaguely felt he had an impression of this kind of flower somewhere in his mind, but for the moment he couldn’t recall it. The one thing he could be certain of was that this flower wasn’t a heavenly treasure material, it was a genuine immortal treasure.

Tang San subconsciously turned around, thinking to go have a look at some other medicinal ingredients, but just as he turned he suddenly saw a bizarre scene.

The surroundings were originally completely dark, but at this moment it was bathed in pink. This pink color reached about ten meters in diameter. The light was very mild, but with the acute eyesight of Purple Demon Eye, Tang San immediately determined that his eyes weren’t playing tricks. Turning back around he discovered that the source of this faint light was the heart of the big flower.

The blocks in his mind immediately connected, and in a flash of divine insight, Tang San blurted out the name of this flower, “Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure[5].”

Indeed, it was an aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure. Tang San’s heart had already begun to tremble. Snow silkworm and cinnabar lotuses were things he had still seen before, even if not at the same quality as here, they were still things he had encountered. But this leisurely swaying pink big flower was a rare treasure he had never seen before, a treasured object recounted in the last secret book of the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Record.

Tang San could almost be certain that this aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure was born from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, rather than something the old freak had transplanted here.

The aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure was the bane of all kinds of poisons, effective at neutralizing any poison. It wasn’t detoxifying in itself, but it could subdue poison. The faint light Tang San saw right now was actually the range within which it could restrain poison, and this pink sheen couldn’t be seen outside of the light.

The aromatic silk beauty fragrance was understated and elegant, but within its range no poison would have any effect, the fragrance itself neutralizing all kinds of poison.

Of course, if one was already poisoned when entering the range of this aroma, the aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure wouldn’t have any effect. In other words it was a medicinal herb with the best defense against poison, but didn’t have any detoxifying effect.

Tang San felt dizzy. Originally he had thought that this kind of immortal treasure was just legend. He hadn’t expected he would actually be able to see it here. With this aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure here, the old freak Dugu Bo’s poison was nothing more than a joke.

With a deep breath, Tang San swiftly circled the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. With just a rough survey he could already see countless treasures, there was even treasures like nine tier dragon zoysia. Tang San could see at least seven or eight kinds of immortal treasure medicinal herbs, and top grade medicinal ingredients were too many to be counted.

Among the medicinal herbs here, even though poisons accounted for more than half, there were still a lot of beneficial ones. Just like the two hot spring waters in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well they grew here as equal rivals.

After looking it all over once, Tang San’s heart had already calmed down. If the person here had been someone who didn’t know anything about medicinal herbs, perhaps they would already be stuffing their mouths with heavenly treasure materials. But Tang San was different. Having lived at Tang Sect he was fully aware of the effects of heavenly treasure materials, and at the same time he still knew how terrifying they could be. If used inappropriately, even an immortal treasure would become inimical to humans. These heavenly treasure material grade medicinal herbs were extremely potent medicinally, but if too many were used there would be irreversible side effects.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help but secretly admire Dugu Bo. He knew that while Dugu Bo probably didn’t know as much as he did, he should still know a lot about the beneficial effects of these medicinal herbs, but he could still keep himself from using them. It was clear he had still studied the herbs.

Right now Tang San sat cross legged on the ground, silently reviewing the accounts in the secret books of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Since so many years had passed without using them, his memories had become somewhat fuzzy. He had to first earnestly recall them, otherwise if

he made the slightest mistake with medicinal properties, he would die without a corpse.

The sky gradually brightened. As the sun rose on the distant horizon, Tang San also opened his eyes.

Dugu Bo’s pretty words about giving Tang San one more night was actually just several hours. When he had brought Tang San here it had already been past midnight.

As the sun gradually appeared, the steam rising from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well couldn’t hide from daylight and seemed like a misty dragon, spiralling up.

At dawn, Tang San was naturally able to see everything more clearly. With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, his hands swiped at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, withdrawing several daggers glinting with cold light. Slowly facing the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he walked over to a medicinal plant on the cold yin side of the spring.

In these two hours of meditation, Tang San hadn’t just thought about medicinal herb information, at the same time he had considered how to deal with this situation using his current abilities. After all, Tang San couldn’t be certain how trustworthy that Dugu Bo actually was. Therefore, regardless of when, he had to leave himself a way out. Along with recalling the efficacy of medicinal herbs, by now he had secretly also decided on a plan.

Swiftly, Tang San stopped in front of a white medicinal herb. Tang San was right now urging the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body with his full strength, a layer of white mist appearing on the surface of his skin. After breaking through the Penetrating meridian, the nature of his Mysterious Heaven Skill had changed somewhat: not only did his spirit power increase, at the same time it became more pure.

Despite the protection of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, right now Tang San was still constantly shuddering, as he endured the shock of the freezing cold air.

That white plant was topped by a large white flower, octagonal, the stamen in its center twinkling like ice crystals, without releasing any fragrance. But it stood right at the center of the cold yin side of the spring.

Not daring to hesitate, Tang San quickly swung the dagger in his hand, simultaneously dodging backwards, in an eyeblink appearing ten meters away.

Where the dagger had cut, the octagonal white big flower fell in response, dropping among the medicinal herbs. Instantly, cold air flowed out, covering the surrounding plants in a layer of frost.

Even though this kind of herb was also an immortal treasure, it wasn’t at all beneficial. On the contrary, it was a rare poison. Tang San believed that even a power like Poison Douluo Dugu Bo wouldn’t dare stay next to it for long.

It was called octagonal mysterious ice grass, a strangely cold flower, it could freeze a person’s heart to the core. Right now the cold air within ten meters of this grass was dangerous, for a while its cold poison would attack the heart with nothing to restrain it. Let alone eating, just standing at its side would lead to misfortune. In order to pick it, you had to use copper tools.

After Tang San cut down the octagonal mysterious ice grass he didn’t stay at its side and he didn’t pick it up, rather he swiftly ran to the other side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, to the center position of the hot yang side of the spring. This time his target was something like a white cabbage, but the whole plant was fiery red.

Hesitating a moment, Tang San still stood ten meters away from it and raised both hands. Along with Mysterious Heaven Skill condensing, his palms gradually became a pure white jade color, activating Mysterious Jade Hand.

To let him move even faster, Tang San extended the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances from his back. The three meter long Eight Spider Lances in practically just one or two steps already brought him to the side of that fiery red plant. Eight Spider Lances lowering Tang San so he could

reach it, he swiftly used both hands to excavate that fiery red herb from the ground with the roots. As soon as he completed this seemingly simple motion, Eight Spider Lances swiftly moved once again, bringing Tang San more than ten meters away.

Tang San couldn’t help but smile wryly as he looked at his palms. Right now the flesh of his palms and fingers was lacerated, the jade color fading.

Mysterious Jade Hand, the Mysterious Jade Hand that couldn’t even be cut by knives had been scalded this badly just from unearthing a plant. Something like this would practically have been unimaginable at the Tang Sect in his previous life.

In contrast with that extremely cold octagonal mysterious ice grass before, this time Tang San picked an extremely poisonous immortal treasure with first rate fire poison, inferno delicate apricot. This thing only grew near intense heat, it could even exist in lava, its effect was just the opposite of the octagonal mysterious ice grass.

Blue purple light rushed out around Tang San. Under his control, two strands of Blue Silver Grass simultaneously shot out, targeting just those two extremely poisonous immortal treasures.

[1] A “treasure bowl” is a treasure that can create unlimited riches, the Chinese equivalent of the Greek horn of plenty or Sampo from the Finnish Kalevala epic.

[2] ( 灵芝) Lingzhi mushroom is a medical plant in traditional Chinese medicine.

[3] (冬⾍夏草) “Winter larvae summer grass” is a literal translation of what is called “caterpillar fungus” in English, but a literal translation is
used to make sense of the following text. It’s a real thing:

[4] 3尺 = 1m

[5] ( 幽⾹) “Delicate fragrance” ( 绮罗) “beautiful silk fabrics” or
“person in beautiful silks” (仙品) “immortal goods”

Chapter 64

The infernal delicate apricot had just the opposite effect of the octagonal mysterious ice grass, and it mustn’t be cut with metal: only by using jade would it not lose its efficacy.

Although Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand wasn’t true jade, there was very little difference. Using Mysterious Jade Hand he could successfully excavate it.

As he prepared all this, Tang San had already started feeling internal pains.

He had already stayed next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well for a considerable amount of time, and despite as much as possible staying where the two kinds of hot spring waters met, and also with the aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure to restrain both cold and hot poison, by now his body was still showing a reaction.

This reaction had become especially clear after picking those two immortal treasures. Cold and heat alternately burst into him, and right now Tang San’s face was part blue and part red, his qi and blood roiling, Mysterious Heaven Skill less and less able to suppress them.

Poison Douluo Dugu Bo naturally knew how difficult it was to stay by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. That was why he had never brought even Dugu Yan here, afraid the atmosphere here would harm his granddaughter.

But to his own toxic body the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s troubles instead became beneficial, and naturally was no problem.

Bringing Tang San here this time the old freak feigned magnanimity, while at the same time he really wanted to see whether Tang San, who claimed to be able to detoxify him, was able to survive in such a place. If he could even endure the power of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and still resist his poison, then he might truly believe that Tang San was able to treat him.

Precious immortal treasures, Tang San sighed inwardly. He knew that if it wasn’t at the side of this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, perhaps any one kind of immortal treasure medicinal herb would remove anything poisonous nearby to protect itself.

But here it was difficult for anything to live, therefore there were still immortal herbs. Ice didn’t protect. However, immortal herbs were better off. Still one had to clearly understand their properties to use them, otherwise, not only wouldn’t it be beneficial, on the contrary it would be deadly. Even those great healing immortal herbs, if they weren’t used in special ways and neutralized with other medicaments, their healing would result in death all the same.

The two Blue Silver Grass flew out like unrolling bolts of silk, simultaneously falling to those two immortal herbs, the ends instantly wrapping them up like lightning. The two immortal herbs were thrown up simultaneously, falling in his direction.

At the same time, both his hands simultaneously cut those two Blue Silver Grass strands. Without the support of spirit power Blue Silver Grass had limited durability and separated where Tang San cut them with Mysterious Jade Hand.

Tang San’s choice was unmistakably correct, practically just a second after he severed the Blue Silver Grass the strand on the left had already frozen solid, the strand on the right had turned into ash. If he had let these immortal treasure herbs’ effects pass into his body, then he might have been out of luck before even using them.

The octagonal mysterious ice grass was shrouded in red light, and the infernal precious apricot was covered in a layer of white.

Tang San knew he couldn’t hesitate now, after these two immortal herbs had met, even though they suppressed each other, after ten breaths their effect would completely vanish.

But within these ten breaths was the best time to take them.

Without hesitating, Tang San picked up the two poisonous herbs and swallowed them with big gulps.

Even though poisonous, after they were restrained by their nemeses, they lacked potency. On entering the mouth, and passing down the throat along with saliva, Tang San only felt himself drool, a sweet fragrance overflowing.

The flavor really was good, Tang San thought to himself that it was fine as long as they didn’t become too spicy next.

While pondering this, Tang San swiftly tore off all his clothes, no longer circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill, withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances on his back and the Blue Silver Grass in his surroundings.

In just three breaths, Tang San’s body trembled fiercely, and immediately afterward a layer of icy blue spread up from his feet, in an eyeblink his whole body had become completely blue. The next moment a layer of red rose, this time Tang San looked like a just boiled shrimp. Blue and red alternated, creating a bizarre sight.

But in this simple transformation process, Tang San’s mind nearly collapsed. Under two kinds of extreme shock it was even more painful than the time he absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring.

Right now it was only with an effort he maintained a bit of control over himself, hastily drawing a deep breath, he staggered forward one step.

Right in front of him was the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. With just enough time to close his eyes, Tang San fell into it right where the extreme cold yin side and extreme heat yang side met.

Tang San entered the spring waters with a splash, turning and sinking below the surface.

The reason he didn’t enter the spring immediately after eating the two immortal treasure herbs was to wait until the medicinal properties took effect, otherwise, if he fell into the water just a moment too soon he wouldn’t even leave bones behind.

Now entering the waters right after the medicinal properties took effect he didn’t feel anything at all, since the octagonal mysterious ice grass and infernal precious apricot already completely removed his perception of the outside world.

Tang San had naturally carefully thought over the reasons for choosing these two herbs. These two immortal treasure poisonous herbs weren’t the highest quality of those surrounding the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, they were actually fairly ordinary. If it had only been one kind, let alone eating them, just standing next to them would have put him in critical condition.

But with fire and ice suppressing each other, as the two kinds of herbs came together and caused just that neutralizing effect, this was the only opportunity to use them.

Of course, the two herbs hadn’t lost their fire and ice properties. After eating them, Tang San still had to endure a potent ice and fire baptism. If he was unable to endure he would immediately burst and die.

The most significant reason for using them was the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, since according to the accounts in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, the only way to enter the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was with the simultaneous effects of the octagonal mysterious ice grass and infernal precious apricot.

These two plants had grown while absorbing the waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and it was only these that could subdue the terrifying power of the two kinds of spring water.

Right now Tang San appeared to be in a crisis, but in fact, the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well along with the two kinds of poisonous herbs boosted Tang San’s ability to absorb them, their ice and fire energies transforming his body.

What Dugu Bo said about not touching the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well really wasn’t empty words. Even as a Title Douluo, if he fell into the spring it would be very difficult for him to escape.

But within this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well all poisons were ineffective, there wasn’t any poison that could maintain its potency in this water.

Tang San didn’t chose these two herbs because they had the greatest effect on him, but because they left him with a way out.

Just in case Dugu Bo didn’t keep his promises, after absorbing the octagonal mysterious ice grass and infernal precious apricot he could dodge disaster by hiding in this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

At the same time Tang San had another reason for using these two herbs. Without the toxicity that allowed Dugu Bo to fearlessly stay at the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, if he didn’t use these herbs, then perhaps he would have perished from the atmosphere here even before the agreed upon time with Dugu Bo tomorrow.

Even if he wanted to leave now, the ice and fire energies within his body would cause him incurable devastating injuries. Let alone future cultivation, even saving his life would be a problem.

However, even with the best writing couldn’t be experienced, even though Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s accounts was exhaustive there were still mistakes, Tang San couldn’t know just how immensely painful it would be until he he actually ate those two plants.

Even if the ice and fire energies had somewhat neutralized each other first, after entering his body they stirred frantically, the medicinal power of immortal treasure herbs was terrifying. As the ice and fire mutual suppression instantly erupted in a shocking energy, Tang San didn’t even have the opportunity to resist with his willpower.

The moment he fell into that Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he had already lost consciousness.

The waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well churned when Tang San entered, but not long after, Tang San slowly sunk into the surging water. The surface once again recovered its tranquility, the milky white and scarlet red still clearly separated. The steam still filling the air, everything becoming quiet.

Time flowed like a river, early morning became night by the simple events of the sun rising and falling. Someone once said, ‘the eyes close and then open, and a day has gone by, the eyes close but do not open, and a lifetime has passed.’ Even time that seems to pass slowly can be so brief. Peoples’ lives are like this.

Night fell once again, darkness enshrouding the earth, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well once again entered darkness, and Tang San within still hadn’t surfaced, apparently he had completely disappeared from the spring water.


The sun set over a forest, a group of three was swiftly passing through the trees, constantly advancing, moving back and forth.

The trio consisted of two men and one woman, the two men both with anxious expressions. Even though that woman still had a serene face, her brows were tightly knit.

Of the two men, the one that seemed thinner and weaker was supported by the arm of the other man, borrowing strength to continue forward.

This trio had once been famous in the Spirit Master world, until they later collapsed and fell apart: the Golden Iron Triangle.

That day, after Tang San had quietly disappeared, Grandmaster had immediately returned with Flender to where Tang San had been, summoning his spirit Luo San Pao. Even if a creature like San Pao was quite weak, it still had some extraordinary features, namely its sense of smell.

Furthermore it was integrated with Grandmaster, and could remember everything Grandmaster smelled.

After a brief search, Grandmaster and San Pao immediately discerned Tang San’s whereabouts. He had unexpectedly been kidnapped by that Title Douluo Dugu Bo they met during the day.

As he recalled that toxic old freak, Grandmaster couldn’t help but panic, falling into that old poisonous thing’s hands, how could it be beneficial for Tang San? Moreover, they basically didn’t know the old freak’s whereabouts.

Flender was equally anxious. Even if Tang San wasn’t his direct disciple he was still one of the Shrek Seven Devils, he was still a student at Shrek Academy. Even more, he had never dared forget what that black clad man had explained to him, and that was an existence that terrified him even more than the Poison Douluo.

But at such a moment, Flender was still more cool headed than Grandmaster.

After careful consideration, Flender proposed that they return to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Before at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, when those three board members had been ready to confront the Poison Douluo, they were clearly

familiar with him. Perhaps they would know Dugu Bo’s whereabouts. And if they didn’t, they could just go look for that prince Xue Xing.

Of course, confronting an imperial prince was clearly unwise, but under pressure it wasn’t an issue.

After all, whether it was Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon school or Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, both were among the seven great schools of the present age. Even if prince Xue Xing’s status was even higher, he still wouldn’t dare offend two of the great schools of the Empire.

But in the end the trio hadn’t used their plan to corner the prince by force. The three Spirit Douluo board members were ashamed over the previous events, and when they met again at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, as they heard Tang San had been kidnapped by Dugu Bo, the three were immediately greatly shocked.

They told the Golden Iron Triangle that Dugu Bo had always been eccentric. Even if he was employed by the imperial family he didn’t live in Heaven Dou City, but in the sunset forest. Reportedly he lived on a mountain, but they didn’t know the concrete location.

The three Spirit Douluo board members expressed regret over Tang San being missing, but they also expressed their inability to help the Shrek group deal with Dugu Bo. Flender’s trio naturally knew why without explanations.

Who would want to go confront the terrifying toxins of the Poison Douluo? Even Spirit Douluo level powers would be fearful of facing such persistent poison.

The Golden Iron Triangle didn’t beg, and the trio left the Academy as swift as lightning, rushing to the Sunset Forest guided by Liu Erlong.

The Sunset Forest was about a hundred li[1] east of Heaven Dou City. One of Heaven Dou Empire’s several large spirit beast habitats, even if it

wasn’t as vast as the Star Luo Great Forest it was still home to numerous high level spirit beasts.

Since entering the Sunset Forest in the morning, the trio had already spent a whole day searching, only briefly resting before continuing.

Even if Liu Erlong didn’t know much about Tang San, she still greatly admired the words he had used on Grandmaster, to say nothing of Tang San being the direct disciple of her beloved. What is called ‘love the house and its crow’[2], even if she wasn’t as anxious as Grandmaster and Flender, she was still deeply concerned.

“Erlong, let’s rest a moment.” Flender paused, gasping slightly. Rushing for a day didn’t really count for anything to a seventy plus ranked Spirit Sage like him, but he was somewhat tired mentally.

Erlong stopped in front of Flender and Grandmaster. Seeing Grandmaster’s lowered face, she consolingly said: “Don’t worry, Xiao Gang. I think Dugu Bo might not necessarily want to kill Tang San, otherwise he would have done so immediately at our Academy. Why kidnap him?”

Grandmaster sighed, a painful light flickering in his eyes, “No, you don’t understand. Dugu Bo kidnapping Tang San is definitely because he injured Dugu Yan, and the talent in poisons Tang San showed. If my guess is correct, then Dugu Bo is definitely interested in Tang San’s poison. Looking to see just what his poison is. And I’m certain Dugu Bo wouldn’t let Tang San live. It’s just a question of how long Tang San is of use to him. Someone like Dugu Bo is just plain evil, his reputation in the Spirit Master world is bad, always doing whatever he wants. With little San’s talent, if it was me, I wouldn’t let little San off.”

Flender laughed bitterly, “If something really happened to little San, how could we justify it to that person?”

“That person? Who are you talking about?” Liu Erlong asked somewhat puzzled.

Flender was just about to speak when, suddenly, a sharp hissing sound rose, surging like thunder, destroying the quiet of the night, causing a commotion among the spirit beasts in the forest.

The trio looked face to face, standing up practically simultaneously. They had naturally heard the astonishing power contained within that hissing sound, and such power was exclusive to Title Douluo. In this Sunset Forest, would there actually be a second Title Douluo?

Figures once again flashing, relying on that whistling sound for guidance, the trio leapt up, advancing swiftly.

Dugu Bo stood at the cave entrance, looking into the night sky with a jade light flickering in his eyes. Both hands at his back, spitting out a murky qi.

He had just now endured the suffering Tang San had mentioned. If it was just a matter of pain he might be able to endure, but that feeling of his heart itching wasn’t something people could take. With Dugu Bo’s strength, right now his clothes were soaked through. His long whistling sound was an expression of his depression after that pain.

Wonder if that kid has died. Dugu Bo thought to himself. He was extremely familiar with the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, it wasn’t a place where living creatures could survive. There where all kinds of plants there, but while plants could survive, creature’s couldn’t.

He had once seen a poisonous six headed bright chameleon enter the range of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and within just a few hours it had burst and died.

For some reason Dugu Bo was somewhat regretful. He actually had a bit of confidence in Tang San, and if that kid could really cure him and his granddaughter, wouldn’t he be throwing away his best chance?

Perhaps this test was too challenging for him.

While thinking of this, Dugu Bo’s mood changed somewhat. Recalling Tang San’s talent, he suddenly thought that might that child not be able to really cure him?

No good, light flashed in Dugu Bo’s eyes. He’d go have a look at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and if Tang San was still alive he’d consider it again.

As Dugu Bo prepared to ascend the hill, suddenly three long whistles echoed simultaneously, two strong and one weak, perhaps muffled, perhaps impassioned, but none lacked intense hostility. The whistling sounds rapidly approached, and judging by their positions, the owners of those whistles were apparently coming to the mountain.

Dugu Bo squinted his eyes slightly, snorting disdainfully, “Someone actually wants to challenge me? Fine, I’ll take a look at who is so brazen.”

Abandoning his plan to climb the mountain, Dugu Bo took a step, instantly reaching the cliff precipice overhanging the cave. He spotted three silhouettes climbing the mountain towards him, leaping swiftly like shooting stars.

Looking at these three, Dugu Bo’s eyes were filled with disdain. Just two seventy plus ranked Spirit Sages and actually even a thirtieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster. Were they coming to die?

It was no wonder Dugu Bo felt this way. With his Title Douluo strength, let alone a Spirit Sage, even a Spirit Douluo would tremble to confront him. To say nothing of his poison not being something people could casually contend with.

Even equally ranked Title Douluo would be careful, with one mistake against his poison they would inevitably perish.

The Golden Iron Triangle trio leapt up simultaneously, floating towards Dugu Bo. Even if they had all along wished to be able to find him faster,

actually confronting this poison titled Douluo, their hearts couldn’t help falling.

Dugu Bo stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes brimming with a sinister jade light, watching them with a burning gaze, the formidable pressure making the air feel congealed. Grandmaster didn’t have the spirit power protection Flender and Liu Erlong had, and this pressure alone was enough to be fatal for him.

“Were you looking for me?” Dugu Bo said coldly.

Grandmaster said angrily: “Dugu Bo. Tang San. Where are you keeping him?”

Dugu Bo disdainfully said: “What creature are you? How are you qualified to question me?”

“You……” Grandmaster was about to speak again, but was stopped by Flender.

Flender knew that because of this relationship with Tang San, the otherwise cool Grandmaster’s mind was confused, making him more or less useless. Calmly looking at the Poison Douluo, he said with a slight salute: “Senior Dugu, Tang San is of a junior generation, I don’t know how he offended you, but I ask you to be lenient. He’s after all just a thirteen year old child. As a revered Title Douluo, a magnanimous lord might let him off.”

Flender himself thought his words were exceptionally reserved, and still with a slightly mocking intent. Unfortunately, he faced a Poison Douluo who was unmoved by persuasion.

Dugu Bo lowered his eyelids, “You’re saying I’m a bully? When striking the young, the old will appear. When striking you, I don’t know whether there’s someone even more senior that will appear? There’s nothing left of that kid. Want to avenge him? Fine, come, I wanted to

exercise a bit yesterday, but those three old men didn’t dare act. Even if the three of you don’t amount to much, you might still be able to let me stretch my legs.”

Hearing Dugu Bo say not even bones remained of Tang San, Grandmaster only felt his brain go numb, his vision go black. After so many years, the feeling between him and Tang San was no longer that between master and disciple, but had entered that of father and son.

Being unmarried, Grandmaster had always regarded Tang San as his own child. Now hearing Dugu Bo say Tang San was gone, his heart wasn’t just in pain.

It was despair.

When people’s emotions become too extreme, everyone would change in some way. Some would become dumb, some would become hysterical.

But Grandmaster wasn’t like others. Right now, all the energy around him seemed to have disappeared, the heat in his surroundings fading away, he seemed to become as cold as a block of ice, looking at Dugu Bo with an equally chilly expression.

Even a power like Dugu Bo couldn’t help feel a bit apprehensive under such a deathly still gaze.

Flender’s expression dropped, “Dugu Bo. You will definitely regret killing Tang San. Even if we can’t do it, you won’t come to a good ending.”

Dugu Bo curled his lips, “What? You still want revenge? No, you won’t have the chance. Come, let me see just what makes you dare provoke this me. I don’t know what you believe, but I have a thousand ways to make you lose the will to live, but I won’t let you die. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something so amusing. Coming here is easy. Leaving, not so much. Nobody can just come to Dugu Bo’s abode when they want to.”

Flender and Liu Erlong simultaneously looked at each other, simultaneously grabbing Grandmaster and pulling him behind them, simultaneously each stepping forward obliquely. At once the trio had created a triangular formation.

“The sun and moon turns with dazzling gold.” Flender shouted loudly. He didn’t release his spirit, but from his body spread a layer of intense golden light. The golden light wasn’t aimed at Dugu Bo, but rather rushed toward the sky, and at the same time spread below him.

Equally golden light burst from Grandmaster and Liu Erlong. Golden light filled the air, in an instant the three formed the corners of a golden triangle. At the center of the triangle was a golden ring, and surrounding it was all kinds of complex patterns.

Right now Flender’s trio were all covered with brilliant gold. Grandmaster and Liu Erlong slowly closed their eyes, and the light in Grandmaster’s eyes clearly brightened, staring at Dugu Bo like sharp swords.

“Yi, what kind of spirit ability is this?” Dugu Bo looked astonished at the trio, inwardly somewhat puzzled.

As a Title Douluo, he was naturally experienced and knowledgeable, but he had never seen something like this before. He didn’t understand why that mere thirtieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster suddenly vaguely felt as if he could rival him.

Three layers of purple air was emitted under the golden light, dissipating in midair. Seeing this, Dugu Bo’s expression finally changed somewhat.

He was very familiar with this purple air, it was part of the poison formation Dugu Bo had arranged around this mountain. Everyone who entered would be infected by the poison. This wasn’t particularly ferocious, but extremely insidious. Its effects would take two hours to show, and after those two hours the poison would leach into the whole body, killing by withering the energy channels.

But the purple air streaming from Flender’s trio was clearly the toxin of his poisonous formation being expelled. The toxin in the poisonous formation wasn’t of any concern to Dugu Bo, but it would be fatal to ordinary spirit masters. Without Spirit Douluo level strength or higher, it should be impossible to expel.

This was where Dugu Bo was the most puzzled. Clearly the three were just two seventy something ranked and one thirtieth ranked. So why this moment did the three make him feel as though they were Spirit Douluo level powers.

Dugu Bo had grown strong too long ago, and afterwards hadn’t travelled the Continent much, so naturally he hadn’t heard of the Golden Iron Triangle.

The name ‘Golden Iron Triangle’ didn’t indicate the trio’s cooperation, but rather Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s type of extraordinary spirit fusion ability.

The spirit fusion ability was very rarely seen in the Spirit Master world. It required the coincidence of both spirits being extremely compatible to succeed.

And Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s spirit fusion ability required three people to use, this was practically unique in the Spirit Master world. In fact, the more Spirit Masters joined in a spirit fusion ability, the more powerful it would be. At the same time, the spirit fusion ability’s power was related to the congeniality of the participating Spirit Masters.

Like Dai Mubai’s and Zhu Zhuqing’s current congeniality was only sixty percent or so, but when fully used it allowed them to fight two opponents even stronger than them.

And Grandmaster’s trio’s Golden Iron Triangle wasn’t just a spirit fusion ability from three people, with their mutual congeniality as if one body in the Spirit Master world, they could reach over ninety nine percent.

Once used, their strength would multiply geometrically. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been so famous.

Even now, even if it was the unrivalled spirit and spirit variation theorist Grandmaster, he still didn’t understand just how his, Flender’s and Liu Erlong’s spirit compatibility could reach such a terrifying degree. In fact, apart from them, compatibility in excess of seventy percent was already extremely rare.

With their innate congeniality and their many years together, their spirit fusion ability compatibility approached one hundred percent.

Even if they had been apart for twenty years, right now using that spirit fusion ability that made them famous, still felt like the ice melting, the three becoming one, entering the rhythm of the Golden Iron Triangle.

After Dugu Bo’s brief astonishment he still didn’t move, just standing there holding his hands. With his pride, confronting three opponents so far beneath him, he naturally wouldn’t rush.

He wanted to see just what kind of power could be brought out by a spirit fusion ability from three people.

The golden light grew more and more intense, and at Grandmaster’s corner an intense triangular light beam shot up.

Grandmaster’s deathly still gaze suddenly became brilliant. Slowly raising his right hand toward the center of the trio’s golden triangle.

“Luo San Pao.” Along with Grandmaster’s dragon like howl, the chubby Luo San Pao appeared in the air, just inside those decorative designs in the golden triangle. In an instant, around each of the trio appeared rings of light.

Grandmaster had two, Flender and Liu Erlong seven, altogether sixteen rings of light unexpectedly floated around them, flying towards San Pao at the center of the triangle.

Watching this, Dugu Bo’s complexion couldn’t help changing again. A spirit fusion ability using a remote body must be even more powerful than an ordinary spirit fusion ability, this he understood clearly.

The pressure from that golden triangle’s center increased sharply. Dugu Bo’s expression changed slightly, ring after ring of light ascending from below him, releasing his frightful nine spirit rings.

Grandmaster’s trio simultaneously gathered altogether sixteen spirit rings over Luo San Pao, and the previously adorable Luo San Pao seemed to be enduring enormous pain, facing upwards and issuing a strong dragon’s roar. Immediately following, its chubby body began to swell violently under the load of the sixteen spirit rings, and along with it the intensity of the light from the golden triangle increased.

Luo San Pao grew at an astonishing speed, it’s chubby body began to grow vast rhombic scales, lump after lump of solid muscle bulging, its tremendous body constantly expanding, two twisted horns grew from its head, blueish purple light surged into its surroundings, and washed in the golden triangle, gradually became golden.

In just the space of a few breaths, Luo San Pao had already grown to twenty meters in length. The scales on its back split open, and two enormous dragon wings unfurled. As the dragon wings extended it was able to hover in the air without the need for support from the golden light. The originally honest and straightforward eyes radiated power, and just like its body had become completely golden.

The current Luo San Pao wasn’t that pig or dog like creature, rather it had become an awe-inspiring presence, an enormous dazzlingly golden dragon.
[1] 100⾥ = 50km
[2] Idiom: If you get involved with one part, you’ll have to get involved with them all. Or: Love me, love my dog.

Chapter 65

Four claws underneath, the whole body covered in thick dragon scales, golden dragon eyes filled with dignity, radiating an intense dragon’s might, causing unsettled cries from the magic beasts of the Sunset Forest. Even Dugu Bo couldn’t help frown in the heavy atmosphere.

Even if Dugo Bo had thought the trio’s spirit fusion ability should be strong, he still hadn’t expected them to actually summon such an enormous golden dragon.

Line after line of golden lightning flashed around Luo San Pao, its body radiating golden light in all directions, hanging in the air like a golden sun.

‘Don’t tell me this is the dragon clan’s legendary Saint Dragon?’ Dugu Bo was secretly somewhat apprehensive. Even if there was nothing divine about Luo San Pao’s body, Dugu Bo knew that the dragon clan’s most powerful Saint Dragon would possess a golden body.

Flender and Liu Erlong still had their eyes closed, completely unaware of their surroundings, the two had become like two golden spheres of light.

What was a Saint Dragon?

Dugu Bo’s arrogance was completely aroused when confronted by Luo San Pao, issuing an ear-piercing hiss, jade-like green light bursting forth from his body, spreading his arms like welcoming the wind, the first seven

spirit rings brightened, and immediately afterward his tall and thin body started to expand within that jade light, shooting up.

Equally rhombic emerald scales, like sheets of inlaid jade, Dugu Bo’s human body had already disappeared, transformed into an immense jade green serpent. His transformation speed was clearly faster than Luo San Pao’s, and in an eyeblink his body was bigger as well, more than thirty meters long, the thickness of a barrel.

More than half of the serpent’s body stood upright, directly confronting Luo San Pao.

A pair of enormous snake eyes stared fixedly at Luo San Pao, a snake tongue flickering, dense green mist spreading all around.

This was Dugu Bo’s spirit avatar, Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

Dugu Yan had inherited her Jade Phosphor Serpent spirit from Dugu Bo. But at the Title Douluo Level, Dugu Bo’s spirit avatar couldn’t be compared to what a mere Spirit Sage was capable of. The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s was completely covered in scale armor, its cold eyes unwaveringly fixed on Luo San Pao.

Luo San Pao’s body seemed to have completed its transformation, facing upwards to roar at the sky, both wings unfurling, suddenly opening its mouth, a golden lightning bolt suddenly streaked towards Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo transformed into the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor didn’t try to dodge, but gaped and sprayed out a thick green fog, the nine spirit rings revolving around that enormous body. Lowering his head, he unexpectedly used only his own body to resist Luo San Pao’s attack.

With an enormous explosion, the golden lightning spread from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s head to its tail, making its enormous body stiffen. But only stiffen.

Luo San Pao stretched out its wings and silently leapt into the air, exhaling a golden breath that collided with the Jade Phosph or Serpent

Emperor’s jade green fog.

Right now Dugu Bo confronted Luo San Pao controlled by Grandmaster.

With the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability started, the flying corner Flender contributed the ability to fly and his own spirit power, the slaughtering corner Liu Erlong provided the dragon form, while Grandmaster provided Luo San Pao’s remote body, as well as his wisdom.

To complete Luo San Pao’s transformation, Flender and Liu Erlong had to focus entirely on merging their spirit power into the spirit fusion ability, but Luo San Pao was integrated with Grandmaster, and was naturally controlled by Grandmaster. Consequently, what Dugu Bo confronted was a Saint Dragon with Grandmaster’s intellect. Of course, Luo San Pao wasn’t truly a Saint Dragon, rather it should have the qualifier ‘fake’ in front.

While Grandmaster’s spirit variation had made him lose the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s spirit, Luo San Pao’s variation didn’t just result in complete inferiority, rather it had a result even higher level variant dragon’s lacked.

Right now with the transformation of the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability, it was just with Luo San Pao’s already enlarged veins that it was possible to temporarily possess the strength of a Saint Dragon.

Even if Grandmaster wasn’t strong, in theoretical knowledge he could be said to be unequalled. confronting the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s belch of fog, he didn’t let Luo San Pao approach, and rather used the flapping of its wings to create a gale, dispersing the green fog.

The enormous Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor suddenly moved, unexpectedly launching its seemingly cumbersome body into the air, chasing after Luo San Pao with a wide open mouth.

Luo San Pao in midair, suddenly moved its equally enormous body to shift sideways, stretching out two claws to grab at the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s seventh cun[1]. One dragon and one serpent battled fiercely in the air.

The more they fought the more Dugu Bo became apprehensive, he discovered that this golden dragon, seemingly like a Saint Dragon, could actually suppress him.

Serpents were also a kind of dragon, and the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was even close to a giant dragon, but Saint Dragons were kings among dragons, and even if Luo San Pao had limited energy, it was still capable of causing a certain suppressing effect on the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

The Saint Dragon was additionally golden, innately capable of destroying evil, and had a certain resistive effect against nefarious things like poison. As a result, despite the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxicity, it was still unable to infect it.

Dugu Bo clearly felt that this Golden Saint Dragon was weaker than him, but with its superior agility and resistance to poison, he seemed even more passive. Furthermore the Golden Saint Dragon was extremely nimble, and relying on its sharp dragon claws it was moving constantly as it attacked.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor didn’t possess flying capability, so Luo San Pao clearly held the advantage in the air.

Golden light unceasingly clashed with jade light, the entire mountain trembling repeatedly. One moment a cliff came crashing down, dazzlingly tremendous energy fluctuations scattering the spirit beasts around the mountain in all directions, no longer daring to stay nearby. Intimidating pressure as if released by the Titan Giant Ape or Skyblue Bull Python in Star Dou Great Forest.

Dugu Bo was actually somewhat depressed. Of course he wasn’t unable to beat Luo San Pao, but his abilities were excessively potent. Even he was unable to completely control his full strength, and this was his lair, and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was within. The destruction from unleashing his full ability would cost more than it gained him.

Suddenly Dugu Bo had a flash of inspiration: the spirit fusion ability still relied on its Spirit Masters. Even if the Saint Dragon was even more

powerful, as long as he interrupted the trio’s spirit fusion ability, the Saint Dragon would disappear automatically.

Thinking of this, Dugu Bo’s enormous snake body flickered, dodging Luo San Pao’s next attack, simultaneously lashing out with his serpent tail, sweeping at the trio like the autumn wind cutting through grass.

He didn’t even dodge Luo San Pao’s next attacks.

An ear-piercing scraping echoed, as Luo San Pao’s dragon claws struck sparks on his body. However, a Title Douluo was after all a Title Douluo, and even Luo San Pao’s fake Saint Dragon claws couldn’t penetrate his defense.

But Dugu Bo still didn’t feel at ease, this Golden Saint Dragon’s attacks contained both the properties of lightning and fire, and even if the claws didn’t penetrate the hide, the violent elements contained within did. Violent pain sent the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s body swaying.

Hong——, the thick as a water barrel serpent tail struck heavily on the four golden pillars of the Golden Iron Triangle. But those golden beams of light didn’t shatter like Dugu Bo had imagined.

Dugu Bo just felt as if his tail had struck a mountain. Even if the golden light in the triangle fluctuated violently, the three people within completely lacked reaction.

The Golden Saint Dragon Luo San Pao charged yet again, sharp claws flashing with golden light, at the same time golden lightning was generated by the two horns on its head, fusing together and shooting out at Dugu Bo.

Simultaneously alarmed and furious, Dugu Bo could only barely throw himself to the side, rolling away, at the same time spouting out a jade green pearl, releasing a half arc of jade green light to protect him within.

Gold and jade clashed once again, intense light swirling in all directions, Golden Saint Dragon Luo San Pao’s energy fluctuations were directly repelled, and the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s body twisted violently.

“Juniors, are you really looking to die?” Dugu Bo was finally infuriated.

The enormous serpent tail whipped at the mountainside. Withdrawing the green fog that pervaded the surroundings within itself, the muscles below the serpent’s head began to flatten, raising half the serpent body, the originally jade green snake eyes had become a terrifying white, a layer of white light coloring the serpent head.

Even if Dugu Bo couldn’t use the enormous power of his last two spirit ring abilities to devastate this place, he had still been a Title Douluo for many years, and had countless consummate skills. Even if his title was poison, that absolutely wasn’t his only ability.

Two deathly pale rays of light simultaneously shot out from Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s white eyes, directly at Luo San Pao.

Grandmaster’s heart skipped a beat as he saw that white ray of light. He clearly felt that this wasn’t any of Dugu Bo’s spirit ring abilities. With the change of the serpent’s head, there was no doubt that this was the power of a spirit bone.

Among the six regular spirit bones, the skull and breastbone were doubtless the most important. And what Dugu Bo used right now should be the ability of a cranial spirit bone.

Title Douluo sure enough were an existence of their own. While ordinary Spirit Masters might never see a spirit bone, it was only natural for them to have one.

Grandmaster didn’t dare let Luo San Pao get hit by that deathly white light, from the opponent’s imposing attitude he could see these two white rays weren’t an ordinary attack.

Luo San Pao’s dragon wings folded, its body plummeting towards the ground like a shooting star, at the same time the golden light all over its

body brightened, and it suddenly turned its body in midair.

“Break wind like thunder, shake the Heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!”

Grandmaster loudly called out for what was originally San Pao’s spirit ability, but as the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability Golden Saint Dragon, this was far from that weak technique even Tang San could easily resist.

A golden fog rushed out from under Luo San Pao’s dragon tail, forming a golden shield in midair to resist that white light.

A buzzing sound made Luo San Pao and Grandmaster tremble simultaneously. The moment that golden light clashed with the deathly pale rays, the white light completely dispersed through it, and immediately afterward, an even more shocking scene appeared. That shield in the air changed fundamentally, nothing transforming into something as it dropped from the air as a big rock.

Grandmaster finally understood what Dugu Bo’s cranial spirit bone was, and couldn’t help but draw in a breath. If he guessed correctly, then it should be one of the first rate serpent type spirit beasts, a spirit bone from the empress of serpents, Medusa[2]. With the Medusa’s ability to turn whatever it looked at into stone, that spirit bone was from an at least ten thousand year Medusa.

Although Luo San Pao’s ability was able to block this attack, the energy drain clearly weakened the golden light around Luo San Pao a lot, and of the Golden Iron Triangle, whether it was Grandmaster, Flender or Liu Erlong, all of them shuddered violently.

Their spirit fusion ability blended all the energy of all three into Luo San Pao, making Luo San Pao’s body the same as their three bodies. But this ability’s greatest advantage was that, after activation, the three of them entered an unparallelled state. Unless Luo San Pao perished, or unless their spirit power was depleted, any attacks would be rendered ineffective against them.

It was because of this that the previous poison formation toxin and Dugu Bo’s serpent tail attack were unable to harm them.

“Hmph, you dodged once, can you still escape twice?”

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s deathly pale eyes once again looked at Luo San Pao. Dugu Bo was experienced and knowledgeable, naturally he had guessed the effect of the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability. Even though this Golden Saint Dragon wasn’t weak, Grandmaster’s trio’s spirit power was too far below his, and the current Luo San Pao wasn’t enough to truly threaten him.

If Title Douluo were so easy to defeat, how would they be known as the strongest on the Continent?

A long dragon’s roar rose from Luo San Pao. Grandmaster knew that if he didn’t use their last technique now, then perhaps his trio might be unable to endure. Medusa’s stare was truly terrifying, if it hit, perhaps San Pao would be critically injured.

Golden light sparkled once again. Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong’s trio practically simultaneously spit out blood, falling at the ring in the center of the golden triangle. Their blood instantly blended in that ring, becoming a golden bolt of lightning striking Luo San Pao’s body.

Spreading its wings, this time Luo San Pao didn’t dodge the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s attack, it’s whole body igniting with golden light like flames, a dragon’s call more elated than the first, those golden flames actually condensed into another it in front, becoming a transparent dragon image, heading straight for the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

Golden Saint Dragon’s Esoterics, True Golden Dragon[3].

Twenty years ago they had only completed half of this technique. Now that twenty years had passed, even though Grandmaster hadn’t advanced at all, Flender and Liu Erlong had both reached Spirit Sage level Spirit Masters.

It was the first time this ability was used fully.

When that golden dragon of light and shadow flew out, Luo San Pao shrank rapidly in midair, becoming a ray of bluish purple light flying back to Grandmaster and disappearing unseen. At the same time the light around the Golden Iron Triangle faded. As all the gold had vanished, the trio’s complexions simultaneously became pale.

“Bastards.” Dugu Bo snarled.

True Saint Dragon was one of the most powerful Esoterics of the Golden Saint Dragon, even if it was only a fake Golden Saint Dragon, this eruption of power was still the same. Medusa’s stare was a terrifying beam that could transform substance or even energy, but it still had limits. This raging True Saint Dragon was clearly beyond the limits of the Medusa’s stare.

And what made Dugu Bo even more dispirited was that right now he couldn’t dodge. With the True Saint Dragon’s power, if he avoided it, then the mountain behind him would be levelled with the ground, and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well behind him would collapse and disappear.

Right now, despite his reluctance, he still had to rely on his own strength to block the attack.

Dugu Bo’s eighth spirit ring brightened, black rays of light dyeing his serpent form, immediately turning the jade color into forest green. Dugu Bo’s raised serpent head returned to normal, once again spitting out that dark green pearl.

A bizarre scene appeared. Whether it was the pale trio of the Golden Iron Triangle, or the True Saint Dragon in the air, unexpectedly all of them instantly stood still in their places. Everything in the surroundings, even the wind itself paused in the air.

Everything was frozen.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s enormous body became transparent and disappeared, leaving Dugu Bo hanging in the air. His right

hand controlled that dark green pearl to slowly fly towards the True Saint Dragon.

The eighth spirit ability, the one he was using now, was his eighth spirit ability Time Freeze[4]. The destructive power of this spirit ability together with his ninth spirit ability could even level a city.

But the spirit power consumed to use this spirit ability was enormous. He absolutely wouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary.

The green pearl flew directly inside the True Saint Dragon. A jade light flashed in Dugu Bo’s eyes, “Merge.”

The green light spread in a flash, completely rendering that golden True Saint Dragon green, actually as if it had become a jade dragon.

Leaving behind a line of afterimages, Dugu Bo appeared before the jade green True Saint Dragon. His face was also somewhat pale, and in his heart he couldn’t help rejoice, fortunately this was a fake Golden Saint Dragon.If this had been the True Saint Dragon of a real Golden Saint Dragon, then even his own Time Freeze might not have been able to restrain it.

Raising his hand, he cautiously withdrew that jade green pearl, putting it in his mouth, his left hand pressing at the True Saint Dragon’s head, the jade light in his eyes vanished as instead his left hand became jade green.

The five fingers closing, Dugu Bo’s eyes were like two cold stars as he shouted loudly, “Break.”

A sharp and clear cracking sound echoed, starting from the head of the jade-like True Saint Dragon, a series of cracks began to spread, in an eyeblink already extending all the way up and down its body.

With a flicker, Dugu Bo had already returned to his position on the mountain, the light of the eighth spirit ring fading, “Resume.”

The frozen space once again returned to normal, only that True Saint Dragon was unable to move forward, all the cracks causing it to shatter like

colored glass. With an explosive sound light radiated in all directions, a wave of energy surging out in a circle, but no longer with the attack power it had before.

Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong stood there, blood running from the corners of their mouths, their spirit power practically completely exhausted from the spirit fusion ability, but Dugu Bo still remained untouchable up high. A Title Douluo was after all still a Title Douluo, in the end it was still their loss.

Dugu Bo’s eyes held a somewhat proper mood, indifferently looking at the Golden Iron Triangle without the ability to resist before him, but still standing straight backed and looking directly at him: “You’re not bad, able to cause me such inconvenience with that level of spirit power. This spirit fusion ability is indeed the most outstanding I’ve ever seen. If you had fought a Spirit Douluo level Spirit Master instead, he might not have been your match.”

Dugu Bo very rarely praised people, but the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability had indeed left him with a deep impression.

Grandmaster calmly said: “So what, you still won. Do it.” Grabbing Liu Erlong’s hand, he slowly closed his eyes.

Tang San’s ‘death’ was an enormous blow to Grandmaster, and with their True Saint Dragon broken, he knew it would be very difficult to leave here alive today.

Their greatest asset, the spirit fusion ability, hadn’t been able to harm this Title Douluo. At this moment Grandmaster no longer held any qualms about Liu Erlong. Holding his beloved’s hand, his heart no longer trembled.

“Do you think you’ll die so easily?” With a glimmering green light, Dugu Bo arrived in front of the trio.

“Wait a moment.” Grandmaster suddenly thought of something, once again opening his eyes, “Dugu Bo, Tang San was my disciple, this matter is unrelated to the two of them. Let them go, and do as you wish with me.”

Dugu Bo disdainfully said: “How are you still qualified to make demands of me?”

Liu Erlong smiled sweetly, “Senior Dugu, we indeed aren’t qualified, we indeed don’t have these qualifications. However, I don’t know whether you’re aware what our spirits are. Me and Xiao Gang, are both from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan. Perhaps we aren’t your opponents, but can you afford to offend our clan?”

“Erlong, quiet.” Grandmaster snapped. His heart dropped. If Liu Erlong hadn’t revealed her background perhaps she still might have had the chance to live, but now that she’d spoken, how couldn’t Dugu Bo pull the weeds with the roots to avoid later trouble?

Sure enough, when Dugu Bo heard what Erlong said his expression changed slightly. Associating it with the trio’s spirit fusion ability, he said with a frown: “You’re actually from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan? Good, very good. Then so what? Even if I can’t beat your clan’s dragon, how will your clan have any evidence to justify revenge as long as I’ve killed you? Getting rid of skeletons isn’t any problem as far as I’m concerned.”

Liu Erlong said with a smile: “It’s as senior says. As long as you kill me and Xiao Gang, even if our clan comes to find you, you can avoid them without problem. But Flender isn’t related to our clan, even if he reveals it to our clan later, I suspect they still wouldn’t believe him. Just he alone doesn’t constitute evidence. Kill the two of us, but might senior let him go?”

Dugu Bo laughed out loud, “Do you take me for an idiot? Releasing the tiger back into the mountain? Even if there is nothing in this world I fear, I will always cut weeds with the roots. Why wouldn’t it be even safer to just kill all three of you?”

A cold light expression in Liu Erlong’s eyes, flipping over her hand to reveal a blue metal ball, “Then try it. This is our clan’s signaling device,

even if you’re more powerful than us, the moment you kill us, I will definitely set it off. This is your domain, when our clan’s people come here, can you still deny relationship? As long as you let Flender go, you can kill us and I won’t use it.”

Dying together with her beloved didn’t make Liu Erlong sad, but actually secretly a bit excited. She had never felt death was frightening.

“Erlong, what are you saying? Don’t tell me that I, Flender, am a craven person? If there’s killing, then kill. When we’re in the ground I will still act as a go-between for you and Xiao Gang. What does it matter if our Golden Iron Triangle dies together? Set off that signaling device. Then at least someone will avenge us.”

With a flickering movement, Flender stood in front of Liu Erlong and Grandmaster.

Liu Erlong urgently said: “Boss Fu, you’re crazy. Go quickly, this isn’t the time to show off.”

Flender sighed, “I’ve lived for more than fifty years, dying now still won’t be premature. Erlong, even though you don’t love me, your place in my heart is like Xiao Gang’s in yours. To you, dying with Xiao Gang is a blessing, then can I have any regrets over dying together with both of you? It’s only a pity about little San. Dugu Bo, I’m not worried to tell you. Little San’s father is someone even you can’t afford to offend. When we don’t return, my people will immediately look for him. His existence is even more terrifying than the whole Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.”

“Eh?” Dugu Bo looked at the trio with interest, “So you’re saying that kid still had some kind of background? Someone even I don’t dare offend? In this world there aren’t many of those. Let me hear it, who is his father?”

Flender snorted coldly, “Don’t tell me you can’t calculate age? Little San was thirteen years old this year, so his father naturally wouldn’t be too old. Adding that he isn’t someone you can’t afford to offend, who does that leave on this Continent?”

Dugu Bo first stared blankly a moment. Very quickly he seemed to think of something, and his face immediately changed enormously, “Tang San, Tang San, that one was also named Tang. Don’t tell me…… Impossible, that kid’s spirit is just Blue Silver Grass.”

Grandmaster coldly said: “Correct, you saw his spirit was only Blue Silver Grass, but what if he had two spirits?” Believing that Tang San was already dead, he no longer worried about secrets.

“What did you say?” Dugu Bo was horrified beyond description,
“You’re saying that kid actually had twin spirits?”

Grandmaster calmly said: “Right.”

Dugu Bo’s eyes revealed an irresolute light, slowly raising his right hand, an ominous glint in his eyes. Right now he had already resolved not only to immediately kill these three, but that he also had to immediately get rid of Tang San. If Flender was right, that person, indeed was someone he couldn’t afford to offend. But as long as he destroyed the corpses and removed all traces, then left immediately, it still wouldn’t be easy for that person to find him.

The moment Dugu Bo prepared to act, Suddenly a clear and melodious voice came from the distance, “Dugu Bo, you dare.”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, turning his head to look in the direction of the voice he saw a figure head towards them extremely swiftly, the rugged mountain path unable to hinder him. Under the impetus of eight slender shadows he swiftly approached their side.

“Little San?” Grandmaster and Flender said simultaneously with a stunned expression.

It was indeed Tang San, with the effect of Eight Spider Lances he reached their side in just a moment.

Right now Tang San appeared a little different, the Eight Spider Lances on his back having undergone a bizarre change compared to before. They

were still the same size, but the originally bluish purple Eight Spider Lances had now become a deep red, and on the deep red surface were arrays of white circular patterns, as if a white decorative design, making Eight Spider Lances appear brightly colored and dazzling.

However, right now Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong were all in a state of astonishment that Tang San wasn’t dead, and hadn’t noticed. But Dugu Bo wouldn’t let such details slip by. He was secretly startled. Even if he didn’t know just what had changed, as the king of poison he clearly understood that in the realm of poison, the brighter the colors, the more poisonous it was. This kid had clearly gained something by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Originally, after Tang San had eaten the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot and submerged himself in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he had very quickly sunken into unconsciousness from being drowned in that powerful poison.

The Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s accounts hadn’t been wrong. Even if the two kinds of immortal treasure poisonous plants were potent, after neutralizing each other they became a treasure that could be absorbed by the human body.

With the boosting effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, they had been slowly absorbed into Tang San’s body, settling in his energy channels and bones.

However, the medicinal strength contained within these two kinds of herbs was just too powerful and couldn’t be absorbed in just a short time. As Tang San woke up, he had discovered he was floating in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, his spirit power already recovered to peak condition.

Eating these two immortal treasure herbs didn’t have any effect on his spirit power. Its most immediate benefit was to remove any sense of pain from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

To the present Tang San, the extremely cold yin spring was like cold water, and that red hot yang spring was like warm water, that’s all. Not only

wouldn’t immersing himself within cause any injuries, on the contrary it was exceptionally relaxing. Tang San knew that the effectiveness of the two kinds of herbs in his body required relying on constant use of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to absorb.

By the accounts of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, the benefit eating these two immortal treasure herbs at the same time could bring could be described in three words: Ice Fire Protection[5].

When Tang San was rejoicing in his success, the violent shaking and the golden light in the sky drew his attention.

Even the thick steam in the air over the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well couldn’t block the that intense radiance, and adding the potent energy fluctuations he immediately guessed that something was happening outside. Such violent spirit power collisions was probably someone acting against the old freak.

Unable to determine the effects the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot gave him, he hastily released Eight Spider Lances and swiftly dashed over. The color change of the Eight Spider Lances was clearly some transformation from absorbing the ice and fire power contained within the two kinds of poisonous herbs.

At a distance Tang San already used his Purple Demon Eye, clearly seeing the situation of the battle. When he hurried over was precisely when Dugu Bo used his formidable Time Freeze to completely locked down everything within a several thousand square meter area and destroyed the True Saint Dragon.

Seeing Dugu Bo about to kill Grandmaster and the others, Tang San shouted loudly and swiftly hurried over.

Seeing the transformed Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back, Dugu Bo’s killing plan was even easier, secretly thinking to himself that he had come over just in time, killing all four together would save him a trip.

Right now he didn’t even think about how Tang San could have survived near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. He just wanted to immediately settle his one pressing issue.

Just when Dugu Bo’s killing intent rushed up again, Tang San spoke up. He didn’t speak to Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong, but rather looked at Dugu Bo: “Senior Dugu, didn’t you promise me three things? Then this is the first, no matter when hereafter, you can’t harm anyone related to the Shrek Academy.”

“En?” Dugu Bo stared blankly. He hadn’t expected Tang San to actually raise conditions at this moment.

[1] It’s been mentioned before, but Chinese folklore holds that the seventh cun from the head is a snake’s weak point.

[2] (美杜莎)
[3] (圣⻰本相) “Golden Dragon Original Form”
[4] (时光凝固)

[5] (⽔⽕不侵) Literally “Ice Fire Not Invade”, so “unaffected by ice and fire”

Chapter 66

Tang San smiled calmly, saluting Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong, “Teachers, I’ve let you worry. In fact, senior Dugu didn’t have malicious intentions bringing me here, he only wanted to examine the properties of Eight Spider Lance’s poison. Senior Dugu saw that I had outstanding gifts, and decided to instruct me in some poison related matters. How come you were fighting with senior Dugu?”

Listening to Tang San, not just Grandmaster’s trio, but even Dugu Bo stared blankly. None of them had expected Tang San to say this.

Grandmaster somewhat doubtfully looked at Tang San, but he couldn’t see any flaw in his disciple’s expression, “Is it really so? But, just now senior Dugu said he had already killed you?”

Tang San smiled: “That was just senior Dugu joking with you. With senior Dugu’s identity and status, how would he bully a junior like me?”

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San’s back, every kind of emotion flitting through his heart. Nobody wanted to wear the dunce cap, and Tang San was instead covering up for him. Especially hearing that last line made Dugu Bo’s old face blush. Indeed, bothering a junior like Tang San, with his identity and status, was indeed disgraceful.

Tang San turned to look at Dugu Bo, still with a smile, “Oh, by the way, senior Dugu, what you said yesterday about the characteristics of Dugu

Yan’s venom, I’ve discovered that there are still ways to remove her poison, what do you say about letting me look into it with you?”

Hearing Tang San mention Dugu Yan, Dugu Bo started. He knew that what Tang San was telling him was that he had already found a way to remove his granddaughter’s poison.

Following Tang San’s impromptu performance, Dugu Bo’s mind gradually calmed. Weighing the pros and cons, his killing intent slowly faded.

Because he had discovered that if he killed these four, not only wouldn’t it bring him any advantages, it might even bring him a great deal of trouble. Before even the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan behind Liu Erlong and Grandmaster, what they said about Tang San’s father alone was enough to give him a headache. From Tang San’s talent and what Grandmaster and the others said before, Dugu Bo had naturally determined that they hadn’t tried to fool him. After all, at that time they had all thought Tang San was already dead.

But if he didn’t kill them, with Tang San covering it up, this enmity would all disappear into thin air. And if this kid could relieve his and Yan- yan’s side effects, then it would be his gain.

Dugu Bo being a sly old fox, as soon as he thought of this the cold expression on his face vanished, and he very naturally said: “Fine, we’ll talk it over later. I didn’t expect your teachers to be so caring. Just now I tried out their strength, and very nearly got the worst of it.”

Flender’s trio looked at each other. None of them quite dared believe their ears. They had all clearly felt Dugu Bo’s intense killing intent, how could this old freak change shape so flawlessly, making it a test?

Dugu Bo walked up to Tang San’s side, raising his hand to amiably rub his head, saying to Grandmaster’s t rio: “Your disciple is indeed outstanding. Honestly, I would make him my disciple. This old man has never been in the habit of explaining things to others, but for this kid, today I’ll make an exception. Just now I only wanted to test whether you

all have the qualifications to be his teachers. You’re quite good, even if your strength really isn’t the best, I truly admire your willingness to die as friends.”

Dugu Bo’s last words really weren’t empty. He had always been petty, and dealt with matters according to his own preferences, but he really did somewhat admire how Grandmaster’s trio calmly faced death.

Flender looked at Dugu Bo’s calm expression, suddenly not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Again looking at Dugu Bo’s amiable attitude towards Tang San, in a moment he no longer knew what to believe.

Tang San said: “Teachers, you go back first. Senior Dugu’s knowledge of poison is wide and deep, and since my Blue Silver Grass also possesses poisonous qualities I would like to learn from senior Dugu a while, is that alright?”

Grandmaster looked doubtfully at Tang San. Of course he knew Dugu Bo’s status among poison Spirit Masters, and if he truly wanted to instruct Tang San, then it would naturally be of enormous benefit for Tang San. But he all along felt somewhat strange. This Dugu Bo’s change was too great.

However, people were all afraid to die, and right now they didn’t have a good reason to doubt Dugu Bo’s own explanation.

Dugu Bo calmly smiled, saying: “What? You’re worried about leaving little San here with me? Or afraid I’ll snatch your disciple? Don’t worry, I’ve already made sure you’re qualified to be his teachers, I wouldn’t fight with you over it again. This kid’s talent has amazed me greatly. In six months to a year you’ll get your disciple back in one piece. Even if I haven’t known him long, I’m still quite fond of this kid.”

Flender gave Grandmaster a meaningful glance, slightly saluting Dugu Bo: “Poison Douluo’s words have always carried enormous weight, since you say this, then we’ll take everything just now as a misunderstanding. Let me apologize to you on behalf of us three. Little San being able to study with you for a time is his good fortune. Only, this child has been

with us for several years and is just like our own child, I don’t know whether we can come visit him while he studies with you?”

Dugu Bo calmly said: “Of course you can, but not too often.”

Hearing this, the Golden Iron Triangle trio’s hearts were relieved. Grandmaster nodded to Dugu Bo, saying: “Since it’s like this, I’ll trouble senior.”

Dugu Bo glanced at Tang San at his side, indifferently saying: “It’s no trouble, not a bit of trouble.” Making a throwing motion, three pills fell into the hands of the Golden Iron Triangle trio, “Suck on these drugs while leaving and you won’t be influenced by the poison formation. This medicine can be used repeatedly. Don’t forget them when you come again later.”

Flender said with a smile: “Very well, then us three juniors will take our leave. We will come visit senior officially some other day.”

Dugu Bo nodded and didn’t stop them, letting the trio depart. Before leaving Grandmaster looked closely at Tang San, but still didn’t say anything, going down the mountain with Flender’s help. Even though the three of them had spent a lot of spirit power, as long as they were a bit careful, leaving this Sunset Forest wouldn’t be a problem.

Watching the departing trio, Dugu Bo withdrew his hand from Tang San’s head, coldly saying: “Kid, why did you cover for me? What are you after?”

Tang San turned his head to look at Dugu Bo, “This was our deal. You promised me three things, don’t tell me you forgot?”

Dugu Bo snorted, “That’s only if you can cure me and Yan-yan. However, I’m more and more doubtful, are you really only thirteen? You really are a little freak. It’s almost time, if you can’t pass my test, you’ll die.”

Tang San suddenly laughed, “Old freak, didn’t you say you always kept your promises? Just now it seemed to me that you told my teachers you would return me to them intact.”

Dugu Bo looked across at him, “I did say that, however, a corpse is still an intact body.”

“You……” As Tang San looked at him with amazement, Dugu Bo already turned to walk up the mountain.

Actually, when Dugu Bo’s killing intent vanished he had already decided to let the Golden Iron Triangle and Tang San live. When he kidnapped Tang San he hadn’t expected there to be so many and troublesome powers behind them. Really killing Tang San wouldn’t bring him any advantages, only a large amount of trouble. Even though he did as he liked, he wasn’t a lunatic without apprehension.

Therefore Dugu Bo had already decided not to kill Tang San even if he didn’t pass his test and couldn’t cure him and his granddaughter. He hadn’t lied before when he said he liked Tang San. Everything Tang San had showed in their short time together had caused a bit of affection in Dugu Bo’s heart.

Grandmaster’s trio below the mountain weren’t in any hurry to leave. This place was protected by Dugu Bo’s poison, so the trio stayed there to rest a bit instead of heading out into an ocean of spirit beasts after consuming so much spirit power.

Flender lowered his voice and said to Grandmaster: “Xiao Gang, would you say that Dugu Bo really wants to teach little San?” The feeling of a new lease on life was still pretty good. As long as they could live, nobody wanted to die. But after calming down, he clearly felt that this whole matter was somewhat problematic.

Grandmaster shook his head, lowering his voice: “There’s definitely a problem here, but with Dugu Bo’s status, he wouldn’t be so close to little San without some special reason. Moreover he seemed a bit apprehensive about what little San said.”

Flender nodded: “However, no matter what is said, little San shouldn’t be in danger for the moment, otherwise Dugu Bo wouldn’t let us off. Especially when he already knows little San’s background, if he acts against little San, he’ll be out of luck. Able to become a Title Douluo, he’s naturally an astute person, he wouldn’t easily pull down that kind of trouble on himself.”

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying: “Right now we can only live in hope. We mustn’t tell everyone about this once we’re back, we’ll just say we’ve arranged for some secret training for Tang San. We mustn’t influence the other childrens’ cultivation. Additionally, we’ll also have to keep this matter confidential for the moment, we can’t rush out blindly again unless we first find Tang San’s father. A Title Douluo level power really isn’t something we can handle.”

A cold light flickered in Liu Erlong’s eyes,

“It’s a pity. If we were a bit more powerful, using our spirit fusion ability after reaching the Spirit Douluo realm, maybe we could’ve killed that old freak just now.”

Grandmaster shook his head: “It wouldn’t be that easy, don’t tell me you didn’t notice that Dugu Bo seemed somewhat worried when fighting us just now and didn’t use his full strength, otherwise I’m afraid we couldn’t have lasted that long.”

Flender nodded, “After getting back we’ll immediately send some people out to find Tang San’s father, as long as we can find him, it doesn’t matter what Dugu Bo’s goals are.”

By now the three had recovered their strength somewhat, and holding the pills Dugu Bo gave them in their mouths, they set out to leave the Sunset Forest.

Dugu bo once again reached the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and Tang San relying on Eight Spider Lances didn’t fall behind. Right now

the sky was already brightening, and after a restless night, Dugu Bo’s aged face seemed somewhat tired.

Even though his strength far surpassed Grandmaster’s trio, the Golden Iron Triangle had arrived just after he had endured the hour when death would have been better than living. The battle against the Golden Iron Triangle afterward brought him considerable pressure, and even though he still had plenty of spirit power, his physical strength was a bit depleted.

After all, his bones were old.

Dugu Bo shot a glance at Tang San, looking at the changed Eight Spider Lances on his back, saying: “Kid, didn’t you eat something? Don’t blame me for not warning you that the medicinal plants here are much more potent than ordinary herbs. Even a tonic might be fatal.”

Tang san smiled calmly,

“Old freak, when did you become so caring? Weren’t you looking forward to seeing me die?”

Dugu Bo’s face chilled, “That’s right, if you can’t pass my test you will still die. It’s time, are you ready?”

Tang San wandered aimlessly three steps along the edge of the spring, standing straight, calmly saying: “Come at me.”

Dugu Bo somewhat doubting looked at him, “Are you really ready?”

Tang San nodded once again, making an inviting gesture.

Dugu Bo snorted coldly, lightly flicking the fingers of his right hand towards Tang San, mildly green fumes quietly appeared. Dugu Bo was indeed worthy of being called the great scholar of a generation among poison Spirit Masters, a seemingly simple poisoning, that green mist dispersed in an instant, just enough to envelop Tang San within.

Tang San stood there, looking at him without moving, “Old freak, this was your first test. Hurry up with the second. Your Jade Phosphor

Serpent poison is so trivial, useless.”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, this scene clearly falling short of his research in poisons. Tang San basically hadn’t taken any antidote, only stood there as if nothing had happened, his body not changing at all as the green mist scattered, not seeming the slightest bit poisoned.

The green mist Dugu Bo released was only a probing attack that could be easily cured, but he hadn’t expected Tang San to dissolve it so easily. Even if he had already decided to kill Tang San, he had always had extremely high self esteem when it came to ‘poison’.

Right now he couldn’t keep his competitive spirit from rousing. A jade light flickered in his eyes, turning over his hand, a jade green little snake appeared in his palm.

“For the second test, let it bite you.” Speaking, he already threw the little snake at Tang San.

The reason Tang San was able to easily block Dugu Bo’s first poison mist was actually quite simple. Those steps he had taken before starting had been just enough to bring him into the protective range of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure. Let lone not using his full strength, even if Dugu Bo brought out his most potent poisonous attack, he still might not harm Tang San.

From Dugu Bo vacantly not understanding the circumstances, Tang San could see that this Poison Douluo wasn’t completely familiar with the plants here.

However, Dugu Bo’s second stage test wasn’t so easily resisted. The Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure could only protect against external poisons, and wouldn’t have any effect if the poison entered the bloodstream.

Tang San flicked his wrist and that jade green snake fell into his palm. That little snake seemed practically transparent, only five cun[1] long, dense green light roaming within, a pair of scarlet little eyes, appearing

exceptionally cute. On its body was altogether nine bamboo joint like stripes. As it fell into Tang San’s hand it moved about softly, unreservedly yawning to bite.

Hissing, the little green snake twisted, closing its mouth, unexpectedly not biting. Even if it was a poisonous creature, Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand was especially resistant to poison, and its incomparable toughness clearly wasn’t something the snake’s teeth could match up to.

Tang San used two fingers to catch the little jade snake’s seventh cun, lifting it up, saying with a frown:

“Old freak, you can be poisonous enough. This is the best among bamboo vipers[2], Nine Segment Jade[3], infected with its poison, in three quarters of an hour one would die issuing pus water. Even though it seems small, it’s still one of the most poisonous snakes. Moreover it’s body is strong as steel, even a sharp blade couldn’t injure it easily.”

As Dugu Bo looked at Tang San unexpectedly easily describing his Nine Segment Jade, he couldn’t help secretly be astonished. The Nine Segment Jade was strangely fast, but it was still exceptionally aggressive. Falling into a stranger’s hand there was basically no reason it wouldn’t attack, but how didn’t anything happen to this kid?

Actually, having entered the range of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, as a poisonous creature it suffered the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s suppression, and as a result its speed was limited, and adding Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand it naturally didn’t try anything.

“This is my second test for you, let it bite you, I want to see blood. Don’t you dare?” To other people there might be no solution to the Nine Segment Jade’s poison, but to Dugu Bo it was a different matter. He had cultivated his Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit to the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor realm, and could be said to be the ancestor of all other snakes. Neutralizing this Nine Segment Jade’s poison was a simple matter to him.

Tang San calmly smiled, saying: “Letting it bite me is no problem, only, senior Dugu, let’s talk it over? If it bites me and doesn’t have any effect

on me, will you give this Nine Segment Jade to me as a gift? How about it?”

“Ah?” Dugu Bo was really somewhat speechless. There had never been anyone who hadn’t been scared when confronting his poison. But this kid wasn’t just fearless, he even made demands. “You’re not calling me ‘old freak’? Why switch to ‘senior’?”

Tang San smiled: “Isn’t this a request to you? What?”

Dugu Bo snapped: “You really are a little freak. Fine, let it bite you, if nothing happens, how about I give it to you?” How could he believe that this teenaged child confronting him could endure the Nine Segment Jade’s poison.

This Nine Segment Jade was an extremely precious creature, and he had complete confidence in it. Secretly he thought that as long as long as this kid was poisoned, he would detoxify him and this Nine Segment Jade would naturally return to its rightful owner.

Tang San showed a somewhat cautious expression, drawing a deep breath, quietly circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body, slowly gathering the Nine Segment Jade at his underarm.

The Nine Segment Jade had bitten Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand several times without success, on the contrary its teeth bounced back. Being presented with soft flesh like a prepared meal, it bit at once.

The Nine Segment Jade’s bite didn’t feel the slightest bit sore, only a slight numbness, and a little tingle. But that tingle spread with astonishing speed, and in practically just an eyeblink, Tang San’s whole arm had already become jade green.

Watching this, Dugu Bo couldn’t help but show a smiling expression, “Kid, since you know about the Nine Segment Jade, don’t tell me you don’t know about its poison? You……” He prepared to step forward to detoxify Tang San, but before he had even finished speaking, Tang San’s jade green arm unexpectedly equally quickly returned to normal.

With a glimpse of red and white on the skin, the whole arm seemed like a precious jade treasure.

What Dugu Bo could understand the least was that the Nine Segment Jade that bit Tang San actually rolled on its belly, directly losing consciousness in Tang San’s hand, motionless.

Dugu Bo’s present actions as a Title Douluo made Tang San smile somewhat. Raising both hands, he rubbed his eyes.

Tang San kindly reminded him: “Senior Dugu, you didn’t make a mistake. Haven’t I passed your second test? Also, this Nine Segment Jade belongs to me.”

“This…… Kid, how did you do it?” Dugu Bo looked dumbstruck at Tang San. He had played with poison for a lifetime, but this was still the first time he had seen something like this.

Tang San still smiled, affectionately caressing the unconscious Nine Segment Jade in his hand, saying: “Senior Dugu, give me your third test first.”

Dugu Bo’s expression gradually became serious. Right now his heart was already faintly convinced that this youngster indeed had the ability to detoxify him and his granddaughter. But even so, deep in his heart he was unwilling to admit he was inferior to someone in poison.

The light of spirit rings rose from below, nine spirit rings revolving around his body, moving up and down. But this time there wasn’t any pressure.

Looking at those dazzlingly beautiful nine rings of light, Tang San couldn’t help inwardly gasp in admiration. Indeed worthy of being a Title Douluo, he could even control his imposing aura.

A fingernail on Dugu Bo’s hand slowly lengthened, in a moment already three cun[4] long, sharp like an awl, a jade green light giving it a colorful glow.

“Tang San, you must understand that even I can’t fully control my next poison. Right now there is still time to regret it. I still won’t kill you, and I’ll let you try to cure my poison side effects.”

Tang San looked at Dugu Bo’s hand, his expression also becoming serious. He put away the Nine Segment Jade by his chest, he knew that what Dugu Bo used this time would be his own toxin, the poison of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor. With his cultivation, such a poison would indeed be very difficult to ward off in his present condition.

But what Dugu Bo said also aroused Tang San’s own pride. Being of Tang Sect, confronting the threat of the opponent’s poison, how could he shrink back? As a Tang Sect disciple, if he was someone unable to conquer poison, he wouldn’t be worthy of the Tang name.

After thinking a moment, Tang San touch the flower of the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure with his right hand, then walked over in front of Dugu Bo, raising his left arm, “Come on.”

Dugu Bo’s brows furrowed, “You really want to?”

Tang San firmly nodded once.

A cold light flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, thinking to himself, ‘A tiger that doesn’t show its strength, you would truly take me for a sickly cat. Don’t tell me that with all these years of cultivating poison I would be unable to control this little junior?’ Lightly flicking his finger, the tip already pierced into Tang San’s arm.

Practically in an instant, a dark energy entered and swiftly spread, and in a moment that black line rose up the arm.

Tang San quickly used his right hand to press down on the injury on his left arm, and while he could still move, quickly retreating a few steps, again returning within the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s protective

range. Sitting down cross legged, he closed his eyes and silently circulated Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Right now he wasn’t circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill in order to force out the poison; let alone the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison, with his current level of Mysterious Heaven Skill he couldn’t even have disposed of the previous Nine Segment Jade’s poison. The reason he circulated his internal strength was to increase the flow speed of his blood vessels.

An average person dealing with poison this way would not doubt accelerate their own death, but what Tang San did now was in order to arouse the medicinal strength of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot within his body.

Just like ten thousand poisons shunned the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, the most significant advantage of dosing himself with the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot was to change his physique with the two extreme ice and fire medicinal strengths. If Tang San was able to completely absorb these two kinds of medicines, then he would possess a body protected from a hundred poisons.

Of course, he still had a very long way to go to reach this goal. Before when the Nine Segment Jade bit him, it was precisely the two kinds of medicinal herbs in Tang San’s body that showed their effect, neutralizing the poison. And the reason the Nine Segment Jade lost consciousness was because it had swallowed some of the two kinds of medicinal herbs along with Tang San’s blood. Fortunately this blood was already neutralized, otherwise such a rare and precious poisonous creature like the Nine Segment Jade would have immediately burst and died.

If Tang San was be able to completely absorb the two kinds of medicinal herbs, he of course wouldn’t fear Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison, but right now he was still far from accomplishing this. Consequently, in order to resist Dugu Bo’s toxin, he had to rely on some external force.

Tang San of course wouldn’t play around with his own life, when he agreed he had already made up a plan.

Even if the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure was unable to restrain poison in the blood stream, by its very nature it could still slow down the rate of the poison’s outbreak, and cause a certain suppressive effect. When Tang San previously touched the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s flower with his right hand, it had been covered in pollen. After being poisoned, he immediately spread the pollen on his wound.

The Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s pollen had the effect of dissolving a hundred poisons, even if it couldn’t dissolve the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison on its own, it was still enough to weaken it. Further adding the combined effect of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, several kinds of poisons were currently struggling for life and death within Tang San’s body.

Dugu Bo calmly observed Tang San. Even he himself didn’t have the ability to remove the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison, and watching Tang San sit there with a face already black, he couldn’t help feel somewhat regretful. He had been famous for so many years, what strength did a child have by comparison. If he died here now, the trouble would truly be great. Recalling that person behind Tang San, Dugu Bo felt a great headache. Just like what Flender said, Tang San’s father, that man called Tang Hao, truly wasn’t someone he could offend.

Just as man and heaven waged war in Dugu Bo’s heart, suddenly there was a change in Tang San before him. Faint red light appeared underneath his skin, followed by white light. Red and white distinctly alternated, and that quickly moving dark energy was pushed back by the red and white lights, unable to continue spreading.

Eight Spider Lances released on Tang San’s back. When fighting the poison with all his strength, Tang San was already unable to control his own spirits and spirit bone.

The Eight Spider Lances was brightly colored, but it wasn’t alone in that. The Blue Silver Grass within Tang San was equally released, and the originally bluish purple Blue Silver Grass was still the same size, but the coloring had changed, bluish purple with the same pattern as Eight Spider Lances, the color of the lines alternating red and white, appearing both beautiful and bizarre, even somewhat dazzling. It spread out from him like a multitude of vipers, revolving around Tang San’s body and taking on a shape a bit like a cage.

If this made Dugu Bo startled, then, when a small pitch black hammer slowly appeared from Tang San’s left hand, his astonishment became shock.

Yes, they hadn’t lied to him, even if that hammer was small, wasn’t it precisely the world famous Clear Sky[5]?

The poison unable to continue spreading, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill circulating with all its power and the two kinds of herbal medicine effects slowly compelled it outside the body. Even Tang San himself didn’t know that right now he was profiting from disaster.

The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot’s medicinal properties were both extremely potent. Even if one by one they weren’t the best immortal treasures around this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, with the two kinds of herbs fused together, it was absolutely a top-notch existence even in this place. Tang San thought that in order to completely assimilate the medicinal properties of these two kinds of herbs within his body, he would need to reach at least seventieth rank spirit power to achieve it.

But right now, stimulated by the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison, the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot were resisting on their own, thus greatly accelerating Tang San’s absorption rate.

When the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison had largely drained from Tang San’s body, more than thirty percent of the two kinds of herbs’ positive effects had already been absorbed. Of course, this was also

inextricably linked to Tang San soaking for a night in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San with a volatile expression, after he had finished being astonished, he who was famous for poison had by now gradually started to understand the reason this youngster in front of him was able to resist the poison.

When he had just been captured by him he clearly didn’t have this ability. Whether it was spirit or external spirit bone, both had changed somewhat after coming here, clearly he had eaten some medicaments capable of resisting poison.

Ever since discovering this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, Dugu Bo had found that there were a lot of plants here he didn’t recognize. He had once tried to experiment a bit with the medicinal properties of these herbs, but had only let him sample pain that couldn’t be forgotten if he lived forever. If it wasn’t for his outstanding strength, perhaps he would have already died from poison.

Ever since, when Dugu Bo came here he had only taken the plants he recognized. He really didn’t want to believe that this teenaged kid in front of him would be able to recognize plants that even he didn’t. He also knew there could be untold treasures among these plants, but having already reached Title Douluo he didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Looking at Tang San, Dugu Bo could only think of two words: Blessed genius. Perhaps, everything Tang San possessed right now didn’t mean anything to Dugu Bo, he could still crush him like an ant, but Tang San’s age was his greatest advantage. With his present age and strength, his future prospects could not be measured.

Truly unfortunate, Dugu Bo sighed inwardly, his granddaughter was really a bit too old for him, otherwise, to say nothing of playing matchmaker for them, he wouldn’t even even hesitate cooking the rice before planning the meal[6].

The red and white lights gradually faded under Tang San’s skin, that pitch black little hammer also merging back into his body, immediately followed by the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, and finally the Blue Silver Grass. Tang San’s complexion also gradually recovered to normal.

“Many thanks for your leniency.” Tang San leapt up from the ground, once again with a small smile on his face.

Even though he had removed the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison, Tang San knew that it was only a fraction of the poison in Dugu Bo’s own body. The intensity of the toxin was directly proportional to its quantity, and even powerful poison wouldn’t be a threat in insufficient amounts. Dugu Bo had clearly started of leniently. Of course, Dugu Bo didn’t know that even this was in Tang San’s calculations.

When Tang San saw Dugu Bo give Grandmaster’s trio the antidote and letting them leave, he knew that Dugu Bo wouldn’t rashly try to kill him. This was a significant reason for why he chose to try and resist the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison.

With this time’s success, his body’s ability to withstand poison had increased substantially, and the next time Dugu Bo wanted to use the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s poison on him it wouldn’t be so easy.
[1] 5⼨ = 16.7cm
[2] ( ⽵叶⻘) Trimeresurus stejnegeri, bamboo viper, or Chinese tree viper.

[3] (九节翡翠)
[4] 3⼨ = 10cm.
[5] (昊天) Hao Tian, the first character is the same as in Tang Hao, and it’s the same as what Flender and Wuji called the mysterious stranger after the Shrek entrance exam. Could also be “Boundless Heaven”.

[6] Original idiom is “the rice is cooked”, meaning “what’s done is done and too late to change”. In this case the meaning is probably that he would aim for a shotgun marriage.

Chapter 67

The expression on Dugu Bo’s face vanished, again returning to the previous chill. Indifferently looking at Tang San, he said: “What did you eat here that makes you fearless even before my Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison?”

Tang San didn’t hide it, saying: “After you brought me here yesterday, I thought it over several times and took the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot.”

“Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, Infernal Precious Apricot? What are those?” Dugu Bo had never even heard these two names.

Tang San nodded, “They’re two kinds of poisonous herbs that grew on precisely opposite sides of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, each absorbing the essence of the extreme yin or extreme yang to grow.”

Listening to Tang San’s explanation, Dugu Bo seemed to recall something, “You’re speaking of those two plants with extreme cold and torrid heat? Those two could be eaten?”

Because of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot’s somewhat special nature, he clearly remembered these two plants. Those two were just two of many plants around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

He had tried it out before, and even with his spirit power he was unable to stay too long next to any kind of poisonous plant. Dugu Bo knew that these two kinds of herbs both contained cold and fire poison.

Extremely potent.

As a result of not being clear on their medicinal properties, he had never used them rashly.

Because there was only one each of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, Tang San didn’t fear letting Dugu Bo know, “That’s right, these two kinds of plants are both poisonous. If an ordinary person got within ten meters of them, they would freeze or turn to ashes in a very short time, let alone eating them. However, just like yin and yang mutually subdues each other, ice and fire mutually controls each other. When these two kinds of herbs were mixed together, they neutralized each other, greatly reducing the toxicity. But that was also the only opportunity to take them. After taking them, the mutual rejection of ice and fire changed into mutually complementing each other, the effect transforming the body. Further using some methods to increase the absorption, the effect was Ice Fire Protection.”

“Good, good Ice Fire Protection.” Dugu Bo looked at Tang San with a moved gaze, inwardly somewhat hesitant.

Although he wasn’t clear on the method of taking the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, he knew the medicinal properties of these two kinds of plants were extremely potent, and naturally he understood Tang San couldn’t have fully absorbed their properties already. If he drank his blood, perhaps…… Only, he said these two plants had to be absorbed with a special method, and he didn’t know what that was.

Thinking of this, Dugu Bo probing asked: “And you relied on these to restrain my three kinds of poison?”

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “One could say so. Old freak, after you brought me here I discovered how you could survive the poison side

effects. It’s pr ecisely because of this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s effect. The extremely cold yin water and blazing hot yang water have an extremely potent suppressive effect on all poison. The spring waters themselves are even more inimical to poison, and ordinary people would be unable to endure this environment, even a powerful spirit beast couldn’t survive. But to you this place is useful and harmless. It’s precisely the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s atmosphere that has restrained the poison within you. Even if cultivating here isn’t enough to dispel your poison, at least guaranteeing you will live to be a hundred is not problem. Only……”

Dugu Bo couldn’t help asking: “Only what?”

Tang San sighed, saying: “There was still another important reason I ate the Infernal Precious Apricot and Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass. It was to be able to live in this place. These two kinds of herbs mingled together is actually equivalent to a small scale Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, only its effect in fighting poison isn’t as terrifying as the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well itself. I have come up with two ways to remove your poison, the first is to simultaneously take these two kinds of herbs, and afterwards rely on your formidable spirit power to absorb their properties. Like that I have at least an eighty percent chance of being able to cure you.”

Dugu Bo’s expression gradually became ice cold,

“However, you’ve eaten them.”

Tang San smiled calmly: “Old freak. Let me finish first.” Since he dared confidently tell Dugu Bo about this, he was naturally reasonable, “Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot are classified as immortal treasure precious herbs, even though they’re highly toxic, there’s no need to doubt the evaluation of these immortal treasures. True, they can dissolve the poison in your body, but at the same time it will get rid of your body poison skills, do you want that?”

“This……” Dugu Bo looked distracted. He had originally thought to take the plan, but hearing Tang San’s words he immediately hesitated.

Tang San saw Dugu Bo vacillating, and said: “It’s fine if you don’t believe me. My blood contains the properties of both herbs, I can draw some to let you try it. However, don’t blame me if your cultivation diminishes.”

“No need to try, you little freak.” Dugu Bo said regretfully, “How do you know this?”

Tang San said unruffled: “I found a book when I was small, and within was written down a lot of strange things, the book had a golden section, and I learned all these things from the book.”

“Just now you said there were two methods of detoxifying me, what’s the other one?” Dugu Bo asked.

Tang San said: “I only have a sixty percent confidence in this second method, but it wouldn’t impact your strength. Of course, your granddaughter’s poisoning is still shallow, I have a hundred percent confidence in helping her recover. This method also isn’t complex. The reason you’re suffering the side effects is mainly because of your poison skill cultivation method. It would be fine if you possessed a tool spirit, all that would be required would be for you to condense the poison within your spirit, and all the issues would be easily resolved. But right now you have a beast spirit, and as a result the poison fuses with your body. Even though your spirit power is able to transfer and suppress it, it has already long ago become part of your body, thereby causing maximum harm to your body. If you want to retain the toxin in your body, without letting it injure you, you have to find a parasitic body to act as a repository for the poison. I think that with your strength you should have a spirit bone.”

Dugu Bo was also an old veteran with regards to poison, and immediately understood Tang San’s words, the jade light in his eyes brightening, “You’re saying, that if I forced the poison in my body into my spirit bone, it wouldn’t harm me?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Just like that, and your granddaughter is the same. As long as you find her a suitable spirit bone, and have her force the poison into her spirit bone when cultivating poison skills, then there

wouldn’t be any issues. Just like me right now, even though I possess poison in my body, it’s all within Blue Silver Grass and the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, so of course where wouldn’t be any issues for me.”

Dugu Bo frowned, “This old man has cultivated the Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit for seventy years, my body has already long ago fused with the poison. It won’t be easily forced out, it’s no good, perhaps the side effects will only grow worse. Little freak, you aren’t teaching me to commit suicide?”

Tang San indifferently said: “This is the only feasible way. Of course you wouldn’t directly use spirit power to force it out, like you said, that wouldn’t have a good result, and would on the contrary cause even more powerful backlash. You have to do it in conjunction with certain medicines, gradually filtering out the poison in your bones and energy channels bit by bit, focusing it in the spirit bone. This is a very long process, not something that can be done in a day or two. After all, right now your whole body is poisonous. That’s why I say I only have a sixty percent certainty. Only one thing is certain, even if it’s impossible to gather all of your poison within the spirit bone, it will at least substantially alleviate the pain you have to endure right now, are you willing to try it?”

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San, a reserved light in his eyes, “Little freak, I’ve wanted to kill you repeatedly, do you really want to help cure me? Aren’t you worried I will kill you after being detoxified?”

Hearing Dugu Bo say this, Tang San knew that he already believed him, and calmly said: “Regardless of whether you believe me, I will never reject poison. On the contrary, I’m very fond of it. And there is perhaps only one person as poisonous as you on the entire Continent. As far as I’m concerned, the process of treating you is also an experimental process. As for whether you would renege, even though I can’t be sure, I can explicitly tell you that killing me will also mean your granddaughter’s death. I can treat you here, and when I treat your granddaughter I want to invite the teachers to observe. After treating her, there will be no relation between you and me. What do you think?”

Dugu Bo pondered it, saying: “Fine. Little freak, there are very few people I admire, you are one. I believe you. We’ll do everything as you say. I, Dugu Bo, will always keep my word, and as long as you cure me and my granddaughter, there will be no issues with the three things I promised you, and I further won’t kill you. But, right now I’ll first ask you to eat this. My old life might not be of much value, but I still want to live a few more years. If you kill me, then I’ll take you with me.”

While speaking he opened his mouth, spitting out a green light, precisely a jade green pearl. Under Dugu Bo’s control the jade green pearl slowly floated over to Tang San. Tang San extended his right hand, letting it fall into his palm. He didn’t know precisely what this thing was, but he still clearly remembered that when Dugu Bo had eliminated the True Saint Dragon, this was what he had used.

Tang San said with a wry smile: “Having me eat something you spit out, this seems a bit nauseating.”

Dugu Bo’s cold gaze swept across him, “I’m not afraid of telling you that this pill was coagulated after my Jade Phosphor Serpent evolved to Serpent Emperor. One might say that it contains half of all my power. If I die it will burst inside your body. Let alone you, even a Title Douluo couldn’t endure such an internal explosion. You little freak is quite cunning, so this old man has no choice but to reserve some tricks.”

Tang San directly threw the pellet into his mouth and swallowed, suddenly feeling a warm flow down his throat, and a warmth in his dantian[1]. Not only wasn’t there any bad feeling, that hot feeling instead scattered into the bones of his four limbs, indescribably comfortable.

Dugu Bo indifferently said: “You felt it. As long as you don’t play any tricks on me, the pellet will only benefit your cultivation, boosting your spirit power aggregation. Once you’ve cured me, I’ll remove it.”

“Old freak, I also have a condition.” Tang San knew Dugu Bo hadn’t cheated him in this respect. Without investigating too much, at least right

now he knew there was no danger to him. Judging by Dugu Bo’s affection for Dugu Yan, as long as he didn’t remove Dugu Yan’s poison, this old freak would hate to kill him.

Dugu Bo’s brows wrinkled minutely, his face showing a ridiculous expression, “Little freak, did you know that in these last few decades you’re the only person who has dared make demands on me. Even that Heaven Dou emperor would be deferential when meeting me.”

Tang San still smiled, saying: “Then wouldn’t what I’m enjoying now be an emperor’s treatment? Old freak, my condition is very simple: While I make the medicines for you, you can’t peek. This will be where I make the drugs. You only need to bring me a bit of food and drinking water every day. Afterwards you can come here every evening in the hours before your attacks to take the medicine. I don’t know how much time it will take to cure you. A conservative estimate is half a year or more.”

Dugu Bo nodded, naturally he knew Tang San was afraid he would learn the detoxifying method and kill him. To this meticulous youth in front of him, he didn’t know if he felt regret or admiration, “Tang San, do you wish to take this old man as teacher?”

If it had been an ordinary Spirit Master, on hearing Dugu Bo’s words they might have shed tears of gratitude and immediately kneeled to become an apprentice. But Tang San didn’t, he only shot Dugu Bo a glance, saying: “Old freak, I think this term of address suits you quite well, I wouldn’t want to change it. Besides, you think you can teach me anything about poison? Perhaps in some things you should be consulting me.”

“You…… Fine. Fine, little freak, we’ll wait and see who’s right.” Dugu Bo resisted his anger, resolutely glaring at Tang San, then leapt up towards the mountain top. In a few leaps his silhouette had already disappeared.

With Dugu Bo gone, Tang San sat down on the ground as if he had lost all his strength, heaving great mouthfuls of air. He found that his back was ice-cold from sweat. Even if he had grasped Dugu Bo’s personality, deep in his heart he still didn’t have perfect confidence, and if by some chance the

old freak went crazy in spite of everything, he’d immediately become a corpse.

Looking around him at all those rare and precious medicinal herbs, a small smile appeared at the corners of Tang San’s mouth, ‘Dugu Bo, oh, Dugu Bo, it seems I must thank you. There isn’t any place more perfect than this.’

Searching his chest pocket with a hand, he pulled out that Nine Segment Jade. With a trembling hand he directly threw it at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

This Nine Segment Jade had sucked his blood. If it didn’t have the assistance of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, even though it was poisonous itself it would still die. But it could take refuge in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Tang San naturally wouldn’t show his secret escape route to Dugu Bo.

Feeling his stomach, Tang San couldn’t help smiling wryly. He knew he didn’t have any way of contending with that pellet. Let alone basically being unable to extract it, even if he could he still wouldn’t do it.

The pellet was linked to Dugu Bo’s heart’s blood, if he did something to it, Dugu Bo would discover it immediately, and he’d meet a dead end.

It was a pity, truly a pity. Tang San looked at the surrounding herbs, inwardly sighing in regret. Each immortal treasure here was unique, but as they said, delicacies didn’t have many uses.

Tang San knew that if he greedily ate any one of the great immortal treasure herbs, not only wouldn’t it be beneficial, he might immediately be out of luck.

Only after the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot had been absorbed as far as possible within his body could he think about it again.

Among the immortal treasure herbs were at least seven or eight kinds that could greatly boost his internal strength, at least advancing his spirit power

by five ranks, or even more.

‘It doesn’t matter, can’t I still take what I can’t eat?’

Tang San showed a smiling expression, stretching out his hand to feel at his waist. In a moment, a mess of things was laid out on the ground. These things were largely some small cases and bottles, each one different from the next.

Gold, silver, copper, iron, jade, various kinds of cases and bottles were arranged on the ground.

These were all things Tang San had prepared long ago in order to go find herbs suitable for making poison for hidden weapons. The more precious the herbs, the higher the requirements for storing them.

Some had to be picked with gold and packed with jade, some had to be picked with silver and stored with iron. With just the slightest mistake, their efficacy would diminish greatly, or even immediately wither. Therefore Tang San had made a lot of preparations.

Of course, it still wasn’t time to be packing herbs. Once Tang San had inspected these tools, he once again withdrew them into the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, afterward starting to carefully catalogue each treasure around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

There were a lot of medicinal herbs, and some with extremely similar appearance could have effects that were diametrically opposed. Tang San couldn’t allow himself to make any mistake. There were accidents where poison was mistaken for tonic even at Tang Sect.

The way of poisons was wide-ranging and broad. He couldn’t be the slightest careless, or he would be gambling with his own life.

That evening, when Dugu Bo came once again to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to bring Tang San food and water, he couldn’t help be angry. Because Tang San basically didn’t have any medicine for him. But Tang

San’s reasoning was extremely dignified: There was nothing here, so how could he make drugs?

Helplessly, Dugu Bo had no choice but to bring him some the medicine making tools he personally used every day. Even more at Tang San’s request, he went to buy him a large cast copper cauldron.

There was no need for fire in this place, the blazing hot yang side of the spring was more terrifying than any flame, practically like magma. Even if it was just a bit, it could melt gold into iron.

Just like this, from this day onward, Tang San lived at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. As long as Dugu Bo wasn’t present, he soaked in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to cultivate.

This didn’t just boost his Mysterious Heaven Skill circulation, at the same time it also accelerated his absorption of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot’s properties.

In the afternoon he made drugs. He hadn’t worked with these things for very many years, so in order not to make any mistakes he was extremely careful. As time passed he gradually grew more skillful.

However, Tang San did after all come from Tang Sect, and was an expert in refining poison. That he couldn’t refine tonics was regretful. Tang San used a whole three months to gain a clear grasp on the herbs around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and tried making practically every kind of poison.

As for the doses of the antidote he gave Dugu Bo, it wasn’t anything worth mentioning. Just some muscle relaxing and blood circulating medicine, that was all. But with each dose of this medicine Tang San included a drop of his own blood.

Actually, Dugu Bo was still being swindled by Tang San. The poison in his body, most crucial was the location, as well as the two kinds of extreme properties of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot.

However Tang San didn’t cheat him completely. If Dugu Bo directly ate the two herbs, it would immediately drive out the poison skills in his body.

But after being transformed within Tang San, their properties became a lot milder, and with the imperceptible influence of a small dosage, it became a therapeutic effect.

After Dugu Bo had taken it for a week, the pain of the poison side effects had clearly alleviated. And slowly accumulating the poison in his spirit bone like Tang San said, not only didn’t weaken him, but even showed signs of fracturing the ninety first rank bottleneck he had been unable to break through for years.

One must know that past the ninetieth rank, each rank was an enormous bottleneck. Dugu Bo had already been stuck at the same level for a decade. How couldn’t these signs of breaking through make him wildly excited?

The merits of the antidote clearly improved Dugu Bo’s attitude toward Tang San. Not only was he more amiable, but every night when he came to take the medicine and deliver basic articles, he would also talk about some knowledge relating to poison.

Tang San had inherited the Tang Sect’s poison capability, but there were some things different between his old world and this one. And in this world, there was no one more knowledgeable about every kind of poison than Dugu Bo.

Tang San naturally learned a lot from him.

But as Dugu Bo came to know Tang San, he became more and more fearful. This just ten-something kid seemed to have a mind as vast as the boundless ocean, in all kinds of poison lore he sometimes gave him the feeling of producing sudden flashes of insight.

Originally when Tang San refused becoming an apprentice, Dugu Bo had been extremely indignant. But after some time he discovered that Tang San

wasn’t being arrogant. With regards to poison, even if he wasn’t as experienced as himself, his theoretical understanding wasn’t unlike his own. With the two mutually researching the use of poison, they both profited a lot. And as time passed their mutual wariness dulled.

Of course, Dugu Bo’s pearl was still within Tang San’s dantian, but Tang San didn’t protest. One old and one young were like close friends, passing every day similarly.

Funnily enough, Dugu Bo relying on his own understanding of drugs, after eating the antidote Tang San gave him would return to make it on his own, but even though his antidote used precisely the same ingredients as Tang San’s, it still didn’t have any effect. He had no way of knowing that Tang San’s version contained the most important ingredient.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had already passed. In the past half year, Grandmaster and Flender had visited twice, but as they saw the harmonious relationship between Tang San and Dugu Bo didn’t seem fake, and further adding Tang San never voicing concerns about his safety, the two were finally relieved. They only repeatedly reminded Tang San that after this learning period finished, he would return directly to join the new Shrek Academy.

Dugu Bo was after all a Title Douluo, even though Tang San could match him in knowledge of poison, he was far from comparing with Dugu Bo in spirit power and cultivation.

Dugu Bo fondly remembered Tang San’s work in detoxifying him and occasionally gave him pointers, making Tang San’s understanding of spirits even more profound. Dugu Bo’s theoretical understanding didn’t match Grandmaster’s, but he had after all experienced the whole process of cultivating to the Title Douluo level, and possessed experiences Grandmaster didn’t. As a result, Tang San benefited not a little from him.

Further adding the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well continuously helping Tang San absorb the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot to transform his body, as well as the effect from Dugu Bo’s pearl, in this half year Tang San’s spirit power could be said to have advanced by

leaps and bounds. From his original thirty fourth rank, he had already advanced three ranks to reach the thirty seventh ranked realm, about to catch up to where Dai Mubai had been.

“Little freak, I’m here.” Dugu Bo dropped from the sky with a smirk.

“Yi.” Dugu Bo looked to where Tang San habitually rested. Every night when he came here Tang San would also greet him, but today there wasn’t any sound. Could he have gone out for something?

Dugu Bo was inwardly alarmed, and in several leaps, as he saw Tang San sitting there he breathed out slightly. Even if he didn’t admit it even to himself, Dugu Bo no longer had the previous ill will towards Tang San, and even regarded him as a friend.

Dugu Bo was naturally eccentric, and he cultivated a poisonous spirit. Ordinarily there wouldn’t be any Spirit Masters that wanted anything to do with him. Even if there were, they’d mostly be afraid. But even though Tang San always called him ‘old freak’, these days had had imperceptibly given rise to a kind of familiar feeling for Dugu Bo. A bit like a senior to a junior, or the concern between friends. Besides, he still needed Tang San’s antidote.

Tang San sat upright, lifelessly staring ahead. And in front of him was the drug refining copper cauldron.

Right now the copper cauldron was supported over the blazing hot yang spring, the bottom slightly touching the spring water, using the yang water’s heat. If an ordinary copper cauldron had come into even the slightest contact with the blazing hot yang waters it would have turned into liquid copper, but Tang San had smeared this cauldron with a kind of herb from the extremely cold side of the well, allowing it to withstand the extreme heat. Further adding his own fearlessness of the blazing heat of the yang spring, it could be controlled.

Dugu Bo somewhat curious crouched at Tang San’s side, “Little freak, what are you doing this time?”

Tang San brought a finger to his lips, making a silencing gesture, his eyes still fixed with full concentration on the copper cauldron.

Dugu Bo followed Tang San’s gaze. He only saw faint purple smoke constantly flow out through a small crack in the cauldron’s lid. He had long ago already become used to this kind of situation. Tang San would frequently concoct some kind of poison making him unable to help sighing in admiration. Only Tang San’s refusal to speak of his recipes made Dugu Bo constantly depressed.

That purple smoke rising from the cauldron didn’t scatter above, swaying slightly. Dugu Bo’s nose twitched slightly. With his internal poison skills, his ability to resist poison was even more powerful, and naturally he wouldn’t be afraid. But he quickly discovered that the purple smoke didn’t have any smell, leaving him without hints as to its composition. For some reason, looking at that purple smoke rising in spirals, he felt a slight chill in his heart.

As a Spirit Master with poison abilities, Dugu Bo understood very clearly that what he felt was a kind of intuition exclusive to him, only appearing when he encountered something that could threaten his life. This little freak had actually refined a poison that could even make him feel threatened.

In fact, even though Tang San had refined a lot of poisons and even clever drugs that had made Dugu Bo sigh in admiration in the last half year, he had still never produced something that could threaten even him like today. He didn’t dare disturb him, and just sat next to Tang San, waiting calmly.

Tang San’s expression was unprecedentedly serious, constantly watching the copper cauldron and the purple smoke rising from its lid. As time passed, the purple smoke became thinner and thinner, and at the same time the color changed from purple to white, then once again from white to black, in a bizarre process.

Over the course of this process, Tang San used Blue Silver Grass to open the cauldron and insert some medicinal plants three times. Even though by

now his Blue Silver Grass had already attained Ice Fire Protection, each time it still withered.

Thus, Dugu Bo’s curiosity increased even more. After drinking his tonic, he quietly operated his poison skills, trying out the energy within that smoke.

However, no matter how he tried he was still unable to figure out just what medicaments had gone into that purple smoke. Dugu Bo only felt that it should be a mix of several kinds of poisons, complementing each other to create an extreme toxicity.

‘Don’t tell me this kid wants to kill me?’ Dugu Bo thought to himself.
Otherwise, why would he be refining such an extremely poisonous drug?

But he quickly dispelled this thought. Let alone their relationship having become friendly, even if Tang San really wanted to poison him, he wouldn’t refine it right in front of him.

The refining process was endless, and by the morning the next day, the sky already bright, and Dugu Bo felt a bit impatient, that black smoke rising from the copper cauldron finally stilled and withdrew within the cauldron.

“It’s done.” Tang San suddenly leapt up, an uncontainable excitement in his voice. His current excitement actually matched his age.

“Little freak, what is it you’ve done?” Dugu Bo couldn’t help asking.

Tang San released a long breath, looking at Dugu Bo he mysteriously said: “It’s a treasure. The treasure of a lifetime. I can guarantee that even if it hit you, you would still only have time for three breaths. Of course, it’s no threat to you; your skin is too thick and it couldn’t enter your body. I’ll let you see my masterpiece in a bit.”

A dozen Blue Silver Grass strands whirled out, dragging the copper cauldron back to shore, he waited for the cauldron to slowly cool without urgency.

Since Tang San had already said this, Dugu Bo could only wait. After no less than an hour, after the cauldron had completely cooled, Tang San stepped forward and cautiously uncovered the lid.

Dugu Bo used his poison skills to protect himself, stretching forward his head to look inside the cauldron. Inside, in the center was a small metal disc, surrounded by completely dried up remains, probably the remnants of dried out plants. And in the center of that disc were three one cun[2] long, completely unreflective pitch black little needles.

“You’ve worked for half a day, what is?” Dugu Bo snorted unhappily,
“What use is this toy?”

Tang San grinned and, using Mysterious Jade Hand, cautiously took out the mold, further taking out a prepared small jade case from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and slipping the three needles into three grooves.

“It’s a poison capable of killing a Title Douluo, and you’re asking what use it is?” A burning light flickered in Tang San’s eyes. Back at Tang Sect, this kind of gaze would appear every time he produced a super hidden weapon.

“This thing can kill a Title Douluo? Don’t joke with me.” Dugu Bo’s expression was disbelieving, “This little toy wouldn’t even penetrate a Title Douluo’s defense, what use is the poison?”

Tang San glanced at Dugu Bo, “Do you know about what’s called hidden weapons? Hidden weapons are weapons used surreptitiously. Even if it can be blocked from the front doesn’t mean it can never have any use. Besides, in order to use these three needles I have to first break through the fortieth rank of spirit power. They require a special technique to use. They’re called Yama’s Invitation[3].”

“Yama’s Invitation? Why so?” Dugu Bo couldn’t make sense of it.

Tang San looked at the three small needles in the jade box in his hand, his eyes expressing an infatuated light, as if looking at a rare treasure, “‘Yama’ refers to the god of death. When speaking of gods in antiquity, if saying

that the god of death had invited you, what did that mean? Naturally it was to have you return to the embrace of the god of death. If Yama called for your death at the third watch, nobody would dare wait until the fifth watch.”

[1] The dantian is the energy center two fingers below the navel.
[2] 1⼨ = 10/3 cm.
[3] (阎王贴) Literally “Yama’s Sticker”, but in the next bit they speak of the invitation ( 请帖) of the god of death with a similar character with identical pronunciation. May be a typo.

Chapter 68

“Pei, you can return to the arms of death.”

Dugu Bo snappily rapped Tang San on the head. From his expression, Tang San could see he didn’t believe in the power of the Yama’s Invitation in his hand.

Actually, even Tang San hadn’t expected he would be able to refine the Yama’s Invitation.

As the third ranked in the Hundred Weapon Separation of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, how couldn’t he be excited? In his previous world, any one in the martial world would tremble when hearing the name of the soul and life capturing Yama’s Invitation.

In order to refine Yama’s Invitation, Tang San used forty nine kinds of precious herbs near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, in order to make this Yama’s Invitation’s poison irresistible.

These black little needles basically weren’t metal, but were completely condensed from poisonous substances. Once it entered the body it would immediately turn back into poison, taking effect immediately.

Let alone an antidote, even if one existed, there wouldn’t be a chance to use it. There wouldn’t even be enough time for a hero to cut off his wrist.

Yama’s Invitation, how could it be so easily received?

However, the technique for launching Yama’s Invitation required enormous internal strength. By Tang San’s calculations, to have enough Mysterious Heaven Skill to use Yama’s Invitation, he would need to reach at least the fortieth rank, and moreover his entire internal strength would only be enough for one attack.

But this was already sufficient. Even if Tang San hadn’t tried it, he could be certain that even if he was unable to kill powerful opponents, as long as he could get the Yama’s Invitation to pierce the skin, then the opponent would soon have his life and soul captured.

Cautiously putting the jade box within Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, Tang San thought to himself that this was fortunately at the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, otherwise, where would he find so many precious herbs? Unfortunately, the two higher ranked hidden weapons couldn’t be created just with herbs.

Sorting out his thoughts, Tang San looked at Dugu Bo. Over this past half year, Dugu Bo’s appearance had changed considerably. The originally wretched green hair had already become an ordinary grizzled color and, besides his eyes, his green tint had gradually vanished.

Half a year of medication left Dugu Bo practically without the pain from the poison backlash. But he had after all been poisonous for many years. Completely purging himself was practically impossible.

Dugu Bo was already extremely satisfied with his present condition. Naturally he was aware of his circumstances. At the same time he could be certain that using the same method to eliminate his granddaughter’s poison wouldn’t be a problem.

“Little freak, return it to me.” Dugu Bo noticed Tang San looking at him, and extended his right hand to make a gesture.

“Return it? Return what?” Tang San puzzled asked.

Dugu Bo said: “What? Don’t tell me you still want to keep my pearl your whole life? I’d hate to part with it.”

Tang San somewhat astonished said: “You’re not afraid I’ll poison your medicine?”

Dugu Bo snorted, “By now I’ve internalized the poison skills, gathering them in my spirit bone. Mere poisoning, I suspect there isn’t any kind of poison that can kill me. Even if those little needles of yours could really deal with a Title Douluo, they would be useless against me. Quickly give it back, haven’t you had enough benefit from it alread? In this half year your spirit power has already reached the thirty seventh rank. I’m afraid you’ll absorb all the energy of the pearl.”

Tang San smiled. He knew that even if Dugu Bo didn’t want to admit it, he already didn’t have any wariness towards him. In this half year he had also gradually come to understand Dugu Bo. This seemingly extremely ferocious Poison Douluo actually wasn’t much different from common elders. Even if the words that came out of his mouth were frightening, his basic character wasn’t bad. As long as he wasn’t threatened or offended, he wouldn’t casually go looking for trouble.

“Take it. Frankly, I’m also a bit reluctant to part with it.” Tang San looked at Dugu Bo with a smile, spreading his arms.

Dugu Bo stepped in front of Tang San, raising his hand to push at Tang San’s stomach. A scorching hot energy immediately provoked a contraction in Tang San’s dantian, and immediately afterward, along with Dugu Bo drawing his hand up, the hot flow followed up to the throat. Tang San opened his mouth, and with a green light the pearl flew out, falling into Dugu Bo’s hand.

Even though it seemed like such a small thing, Tang San still relaxed his whole body. The threat to his life that had troubled him for half a year was finally dealt with. In fact, he hadn’t had any way to deal with Dugu Bo’s pearl.

“Little freak, my poison is also practically under control, and recently I’ve felt your antidot have less and less of an effect on me. There’s a lot of poison accumulated within me, I know that myself, it’s impossible to completely store it in the spirit bone. Besides, my body has already

adapted to a certain degree of poison, if I didn’t have any at all, it might actually be harmful. I’ll consider it treated here. Later I’ll bring your teachers as well as my granddaughter, and once you’ve cured Yan-yan, you can leave.”

“You’re letting me leave?” Tang San looked at Dugu Bo. He didn’t know why, but deep down he was somewhat reluctant to go. Was it a reluctance to part with these precious herbs around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well? Perhaps, but that wasn’t everything.

Dugu Bo’s expression seemed somewhat lonely, “You’re still young, I can’t keep you here for a lifetime. It’s a pity, if you were a few years older, I’d marry my beautiful granddaughter to you, then you could call me grandpa.”

Tang San helplessly shook his head, saying: “Forget about it, it’s enough for that granddaughter of yours to inherit your traditions. Besides, she’s already got a lover. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s direct heir, wouldn’t he be more outstanding than me?”

“Kid, are you provoking me? Even if the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan is powerful, compared to your background it doesn’t count for anything. Besides, that kid Yu Tian-Heng still lacks a lot compared to you.”

“My background?” Tang San stared blankly, unconsciously recalling his, for several years unseen, even without a letter, father, he couldn’t help sighing, “What background, I’m just a blacksmith’s son.”

Dugu Bo also stared blankly. Over this half year he had also gained a considerable understanding of Tang San. From his expression he could clearly see that Tang San wasn’t deliberately putting on an act.

“Kid, tell me about your past.” Dugu Bo pulled Tang San to sit by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Tang San nodded, and besides his greatest secret of passing into this world, he didn’t hide anything about his life since coming to this world.

At once, he spoke of everything from his childhood, spoke of his innate full spirit power, twin spirits, even further spoke about taking Grandmaster as his master, as well as entering Shrek Academy and everything that happened afterward, he recounted everything in detail.

Carefully listening to Tang San’s story, Dugu Bo was inwardly astounded. Even if he was still certain that Tang San was that person’s son, he hadn’t expected he would be left like that in his childhood.

“Then where did you learn about poison? Picking up a book to reach this level? This old man doesn’t believe it.”

Tang San grinned,

“Doesn’t matter if you believe it. It’s a secret, I’m not telling.”

Dugu Bo snorted, “Then I’ll leave it at that. Take this.” While speaking, Dugu Bo pulled out a blue leather purse from somewhere and tossed it to Tang San.

The leather purse was only the size of two adult palms, the kind that was hung from the belt. Even if it was much larger than a spice bag, it could comfortably fit in one hand.

“What’s this? Are you bribing me?” Tang San suspiciously untied the leather purse, without asking he knew this was a spirit tool, “I already have Teacher’s Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. You keep this, or give it to your granddaughter.”

Dugu Bo shook his head, “No, this is different from the one you have. My granddaughter doesn’t like playing with these drugs, giving it to her is a waste. It’s called Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse[1]. Even though that spirit tool of yours is pretty good, it’s still a bit lacking compared to this. Because, yours can hold dead things, mine can hold living things.

Tang San was intelligent, and immediately understood what Dugu Bo was saying. His lips moved slightly, whistling quietly.

A thread of jade light whooshed out from Tang San’s bosom and into his palm, it was precisely that five cun long, entirely jade green Nine Segment Jade.

In the past half year the Nine Segment Jade had shown a not inconsiderable change. Its size hadn’t changed, but its little eyes had become even more sparkling, its whole body also close to transparent, jade green as if carved from perfect jade, red and white streams moving within its body, and when it was motionless it appeared like a decoration rather than a living thing.

“In other words, this little creature can be held inside without suffocating?” Tang San’s expression was pleasantly surprised. A spirit tool that could hold living things was vastly different from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. It wasn’t just holding the little Nine Segment Jade in his hand, even herbs could be kept fresh inside. Like this, he wouldn’t need to render herbs into pills to carry them. In fact, a lot of herbs that could be used fresh would have a better effect the fresher they were.

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San’s surprised face, and grinned, “Just now you seemed to say you didn’t want it, yes. Then give it back.” While speaking, he extended his hand and gestured at Tang San.

Perhaps it was because he had been together with Dugu Bo for so long, but Tang San’s character had also been a bit infected. With no trace of politeness he hung the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse on his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, “Did I? I can’t remember. Giving me something then still wanting it back, are you still a Title Douluo.”

Dugu Bo snorted, “Anyway, there’s only you and me here, what’s a Title Douluo? Title Douluo are still people. I promised you that as long as you could cure my poison, I would grant you three things. The first you’ve already said, I can’t injure Shrek Academy’s people. If I give you this Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, isn’t it a second?”

Tang San winked at Dugu Bo, somewhat innocently looking at the Poison Douluo, “Old freak, just now you were the one who took the initiative yo give it to me. Why should I care what you think?”

“You……” Dugu Bo was immediately angry, but unfortunately he didn’t have a way against Tang San.

Tang San calmly smiled, touching his waist, he flicked his wrist, holding out his palm to Dugu Bo, “Even if the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse can’t be considered one of the conditions, I can’t take something for nothing. I’ll give you this in return.”

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San’s palm. In it quietly lay two not very large iron balls, completely pitch black, without any visible features.

“What’s this? Poison? Or a tonic?” Dugu Bo sniffed, but didn’t smell anything, and asked curiously.

Tang San smiled: “Can’t you see? These are two iron balls. Where would there be any drugs, old freak, don’t tell me you can’t even tell the difference between medicine and metal?”

Dugu Bo glared at him, saying: “How can these two things compare to my Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse?”

Tang San said: “Why wouldn’t they. They can save your life.”

Dugu Bo snorted disdainfully, “Little freak, there’s no problem with your brain. This old man is a Title Douluo, there aren’t many people in this world who could prevail over me, just a few people with abnormal strength, what can relying on these two iron balls do?”

Tang San said: “You don’t believe me? Then fine, I would be reluctant to give them to you.” While speaking, he was about to withdraw the iron balls.

With a flash of green light, before Tang San could turn his wrist, those two iron balls were already in Dugu Bo’s hand, “Giving things and then

taking them back, aren’t you the cheeky one? Tell me. What use are these things.”

Dugu Bo held the two iron balls in his left and right hand, but didn’t see any result. Using the other hand to pinch one, he was just about to test its strength when Tang San hurriedly stopped him.

“Do you want to die? Don’t pinch it.” Tang San caught Dugu Bo’s wrist. Even though his strength didn’t have any effect on Dugu Bo, Dugu Bo still held a lot of trust in him and quickly relaxed his grip.

“What are you doing? So mysterious, quickly tell me. What is this thing really.” Dugu Bo asked somewhat impatiently. His curiosity wasn’t any different from normal people. Even though he expressed disdain on the surface, in his heart he was still certain that something a little freak like Tang San would give him as a gift wouldn’t be any ordinary goods.

At this Tang San sternly said: “This thing is known as a Cluster Soul Chasing Ball[2], its one of the most potent hidden weapons I can make right now. You must absolutely be careful with it. Once it suffers enough external pressure or a hit, its power will appear immediately. These things are used two together. They have to be used with a swift throwing technique. Perhaps its immediate power isn’t enough to harm a Title Douluo, but its unexpectedness and power is enough to stop any enemy. The greatest feature of these is the user’s internal…… Eh, no, the higher the spirit power, the more powerful it is.”

“These two little things can be powerful?” Dugu Bo was still somewhat unconvinced.

Tang San said: “I’ll try them for you to see.” While speaking, grabbing the two iron balls in Dugu Bo’s hands, he weighed them in his hands., “Look closely.”

While speaking, white light flickered around Tang San, and with a flick of his wrists the two iron balls flew out simultaneously.

Even though they flew out simultaneously, the two iron balls travelled one after the other. The moment the one in front was about to lose momentum, the rear one suddenly chased after it, directly striking the one in front.

With a bang, a purple fog filled the air, in a flash covering more than ten square meters.

With Dugu Bo’s eyesight, he clearly saw what was happening inside the purple fog. Countless small filaments burst out with a delicate hum, in an eyeblink piercing into the not distant mountain wall.

Tang San said:

“What is called ‘cluster’, indicates the burst attack after the iron balls have ruptured. This purple fog is extremely poisonous. It has a potent anaesthetic effect, and as long as someone inhales a little bit, ordinary people will sleep for ten days. Even powerful Spirit Masters who thoughtlessly get affected with be forced to slow down. And after the two Cluster Soul Chasing Balls collide, they will immediately emit the filaments within. Those are several hundred Bone Changing Soul Needles[3], specially for breaking big dipper defensive qi, with a matchless poison that, once hit, will spread quickly, ossifying their path like cotton.”

These Cluster Soul Chasing Balls were what Tang San had made while in seclusion at the Shrek Academy. It was considered a combined product of both mechanical class and throwing class hidden weapons, ranked fifth among mechanical class hidden weapons. When he was at Tang Sect, Tang San had been specially in charge of producing these Cluster Soul Chasing Balls, and it was also by making these that Tang San had been considered the first or second best among Tang Sect outer disciples.
This time Tang San had made altogether eighteen, or to say nine pairs. Originally they had been unpoisoned since he didn’t have the ingredients,
but since coming here and spending this time refining, these Cluster Soul Chasing Balls had become truly complete.

As a result of having all kinds of top quality drug ingredients here, these Cluster Soul Chasing Balls’ Bone Changing Soul Needles were even a bit better than in his previous life.

Dugu Bo’s figure flickered, and he already appeared by the Bone Changing Soul needles in the mountain wall. As he looked closer at everything before him he couldn’t help but inhale deeply.

Countless black little holes had appeared on the mountain wall, each one penetrating several chi inside, faintly blue smoke emerging, and just by using his nose he could detect that dreadful poison.

Turning back to Tang San, Dugu Bo couldn’t help but sigh in admiration: “Little freak, I really don’t know if I should call you a genius or a lunatic. You can even make these things. I really don’t know how your head is put together. However, looking at this attack power, it still seems far from enough. Let alone a Title Douluo, even a sixtieth or seventieth ranked Spirit Master would have enough defensive power to withstand it.”

Tang San snapped: “Old freak, tell me, what rank am I?”

Dugu Bo moved back towards him, “Over thirtieth, not more than fortieth anyway.”

Tang San said: “Just now I said that when using these things, the higher the spirit power, the more powerful the attack. In other words, the when the Cluster Soul Chasing Ball is used with even more powerful spirit power, it will be faster, and naturally the Bone Changing Soul Needles’ penetrating power will be even more powerful. Unless you encounter a purely defensive Title Douluo, with your spirit power, don’t tell me you still couldn’t injure the enemy? Even if the opponent blocks with spirit power and doesn’t let them collide, once it’s struck by external force it will still instantly burst. The key point to this thing’s strength is its suddenness, the more unexpected its use, the higher the chance of destroying the enemy.”

Dugu Bo’s eyes brightened, now he completely understood Tang San’s meaning, and immediately exulted in his heart, “Indeed pretty good, little

freak, quickly gift me a hundred eighty.”

Tang San was speechless, “Do you think these are sweet peas? A hundred and eighty. I’ve made two, and just now gave them to you to test. Who had you refuse to believe.”

“What? Two?” Dugu Bo’s eyes opened wide, “Are you trying to make me angry? You made two and still used them for a test. Tell me you’re joking.”

Tang San smiled: “Seeing is believing, if I didn’t let you see it with your own eyes, would you have believed it? Fine, in fact I made four, and I’ll give you another two. Take care of them this time.” While speaking he waved his hand, and two iron balls flew towards Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo had just now seen the power of Tang San’s Cluster Soul Chasing Balls, and even though he wasn’t worried with his strength, he still jumped with fright.

“You little freak, are you trying to kill me?” Dugu Bo hastily condensed his spirit power into a defensive screen in front of him.

But who knew that these two iron balls were thrown with a completely different technique than the last ones, and the moment the nearly reached Dugu Bo they stopped in midair, and fell to the ground.

Dugu Bo stretched out a hand and seized the two iron balls. Inwardly he sighed in admiration, ‘this little freak’s strength might not be up to my own, but these little tricks are still truly outstanding. Perhaps in the future his achievements will surpass even mine.’

Even though if one looked only at their value, the two Cluster Soul Chasing Balls clearly weren’t equal to his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, looking at the Cluster Soul Chasing Balls’ ability to save his life they were still more useful to Dugu Bo.

Collecting the two iron balls, Dugu Bo clasped his hands behind his back and faced the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well,

“Little freak, when will you be prepared to treat my granddaughter?”

Tang San looked distracted a moment. Dugu Bo’s words were the same as asking when he would leave.

All people had feelings, and Tang San had been here even longer than he’d been at Shrek Academy. Even though Dugu Bo had been brimming with menace at the start, over this time the two had developed a relationship of teachers or friends that Tang San was reluctant to part with.

If not for Dugu Bo, he absolutely wouldn’t have been able to merge his understanding of medicine between these two worlds in so short a time, and it would’ve been even more impossible to make those three Yama’s Invitations.

“Old freak, are you so eager to get rid of me?” Tang San looked at Dugu Bo’s somewhat lonely back.

Dugu Bo calmly said: “Don’t tell me I should keep you here for a lifetime? The outside world is a much vaster place, that is where you should go. Without enough experience, what will you rely on to climb over the Title Douluo position in the future?” He didn’t mask his admiration of Tang San. If the age gap hadn’t been to large, perhaps this should have been called the mutual admiration of talent.

The air seemed to become heavy, neither Tang San nor Dugu Bo spoke, Tang San didn’t reply to Dugu Bo’s question, he only stepped forward to stand at his side, looking out at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, frowning slightly, pondering deeply.

After a long time, Tang San’s furrowed brows suddenly smoothed, seemingly having figured something out, looking at Dugu Bo with a card up his sleeve, “Old freak, you still have to do two things for me, right.”

Dugu Bo nodded, “This old man always keeps his word, as long as it doesn’t violate my principles, I’ll agree.”

Tang San grinned, saying: “Then fine, I’ve already thought of the other two things.”

“You have?”

Dugu Bo’s brows wrinkled, thinking, ‘this stinking brat, what does he take my promises for, doesn’t he know how important these three commitments could be for him?’ Relying on his Title Douluo strength, they weren’t something to play around with.

Tang San nodded, gazing at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s surroundings, “My second condition is to let me take away all the herbs I need from here, you can’t stop me.”

“This?” Dugu Bo unhappily looked at Tang San. Although the medicaments around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well were precious, to someone who had already reached the peak of Title Douluo like him, it wasn’t of any significance. When he gave Tang San the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, he had already silently agreed to let him take away any plants from here.

Tang San said: “Then do you agree?”

“I agree, why wouldn’t I agree to such a simple matter?” Dugu Bo said indifferently. At the same time he also indicated to Tang San that he shouldn’t lightly speak his conditions now. Even leaving first and using them later was fine.

Tang San somewhat pondering said: “That’s too simple, huh. Then the next condition is a little more difficult. I don’t know whether you will agree.”

Dugu Bo loftily said: “To me, is there anything that’s difficult?”

Tang San probingly asked:

“Does that mean you agree?”

Dugu Ba was no impetuous youngster. How would the old fox lightly promise anything, “Let me hear what your condition is first.”

Tang San smiling said: “Actually it’s also very simple. Our Shrek Academy’s teachers are comparatively lacking in strength, and also needs guards. So my third condition, is to invite you as a high ranked advisor at our Shrek Academy……”

“Out of the question.” Dugu Bo didn’t wait for Tang San to finish before rejecting him, “This old man has always most feared having restricted freedom, this is already a question of principles. I can’t agree to it. You little freak. You would actually have me be a hired thug? Even the Heaven Dou imperial family wouldn’t have the ability to restrict me.”

Tang San snapped: “Who restricted you. If you want to come, then come. If you want to go, then go. Just use your name, that’s all. At least, this way I could meet with you properly. I wouldn’t have you as an adviser for a lifetime either. Once I’ve graduated you can do as you wish, who would care?”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, lowering his head to look at Tang San. Tang San was also looking at him, and in his eyes was a kind of expression Dugu Bo had never seen on him before, a mix of thirty percent hopefulness and seventy percent pleading.

“Just use my name?” Dugu Bo said in a questioning tone.

Tang San hurriedly nodded, “Of course. Do you think anyone would still care what a Title Douluo like you does? Of course, if you felt like giving us some pointers, I also wouldn’t object.”

Dugu Bo snorted unhappily, “A little freak like you still wants my directions? Maybe if you couldn’t give me directions.”

Tang San was exultant, “Then, you agree?”

Dugu Bo showed a smiling expression, “As long as your teachers don’t drive me away. Let’s go.”

“Go? Go where?” Tang San puzzled asked.

Dugu Bo said: “This old man never procrastinates. Since I’ve promised to be some advisor, I might as well bring you back, then bring my granddaughter to have you treat her.”

Since he could continue being with Dugu Bo, Tang San also felt his mood ease, laughing he said: “Don’t be anxious, have you forgotten the second thing you promised me? I still want to bring some of the plants here. Categorizing and listing them will still take time. It’s been half a year, why care about a few days? Give me three days. In three days, we’ll return to the Academy.”

After three days.

“You little freak, you scoundrel, I’ll beat you up!”

Dugu Bo, stomping with fury, raised his hand to swat at Tang San. Tang San hastily retreated with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, turning around to run, “Old freak, didn’t you say I could bring what I wished, you never said anything about any amounts. Besides I still left seeds and such, in a few years they’ll still grow back. But, old freak, your Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse really is excellent, very capable.”

It was no wonder Dugu Bo would be so furious. These past three days he had cultivated in his cavern, and when it was time he had come to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to bring Tang San away. Only, as he once again came to the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and saw his treasured ground had been looted to a miserable state, how couldn’t he be furious.

As far as the eye could see, the originally verdant garden had already become a complete mess, as if it had been plowed, the soil was turned over everywhere, without the slightest hint of green.

Seeing such a scene, how couldn’t Dugu Bo be angry.

Tang San discontentedly said: “Old freak, didn’t you promise to let me take what I wanted, you didn’t say anything about how much. I just chose

to take it all. Don’t worry. See, I didn’t move the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, with its moisture, this place will be flourishing again in less than a few decades.” He didn’t mention that those immortal treasures he had dug up, even if it was next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, would need several centuries to be able to grow back once again.

“You…… This little freak will really have me dead from anger.” Dugu Bo was speechless with fury. He had indeed promised it himself, and those drug ingredients indeed didn’t have any great effect on him, however, those things had been with him for decades, how couldn’t he love them?

Tang San probing asked: “Let’s leave.”

Dugu Bo resolutely glared at him, “Let’s leave.” Finished speaking, he no longer paid attention to Tang San, and soared up towards the mountain top.

Tang San hastily released Eight Spider Lances, bringing him to swiftly chase after Dugu Bo.

Although there were a lot of powerful spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, Dugu Bo had been here for many years, and all the spirit beasts had become familiar with his smell. None of them would dare approach this old freak, and as Tang San followed Dugu Bo out of the forest, he also didn’t encounter any spirit beast attack.

In order to avoid drawing attention, after leaving Sunset Forest Tang San withdrew his Eight Spider Lances, only relying on Ghost Perplexing Shadow Track to follow behind Dugu Bo. He knew he had been a bit excessive, but those first rate medicinal ingredients couldn’t be found just anywhere, and would have maximum effect in the future. Even more when he had a top quality spirit tool like the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse that could keep them fresh, without being able to restrain himself he had cleaned the place out.

On the whole journey Tang San didn’t dare provoke Dugu Bo further. Dugu Bo also didn’t acknowledge him, and the two returned to Heaven Dou City in a silent mood.

Because the majority of the toxin in his body had fused into the spirit bone, Dugu Bo’s present form wasn’t as conspicuous as before, and he also didn’t rouse the attention of pedestrians. After entering Heaven Dou City the old freak stopped, glancing behind him at the panting Tang San, “Little freak, lead the way.”

Tang San caught up to Dugu Bo’s side, in a low voice saying with a smile: “Old freak, you’re not angry?”

Dugu Bo glared at him, “Since I promised, I won’t argue. But mark my words, only this once, never again.”

Tang San hastily nodded agreement, inwardly smiling, even if there was a next time it would still be in at least a few decades. The old freak was clearly giving himself a way out.

Seeing that Dugu Bo’s anger had faded a bit, Tang San hastily led the way forward, the two heading towards the former Blue Tyrant Academy, the present Shrek Academy.

While walking, Tang San couldn’t help say to Dugu Bo: “Old freak, you coming to our Academy is actually quite fitting. Our Shrek Academy is also known as the Monster Academy, old freaks teaching little monsters, doesn’t that fit beautifully?”

“Beautiful your head.” Dugu Bo raised his hand to knock on Tang San’s head. He was tall, a full two heads taller than the presently one meter seventy or so Tang San.

Tang San groaned, “If you hit my clever head silly, who will treat your granddaughter?”

Dugu Bo seemed to think of something, and his ice cold expression suddenly softened. Sizing up Tang San, at the corners of his mouth gradually floated a smiling expression.

From Tang San’s point of view, he would rather see Dugu Bo’s stinky face. Unwillingly looking at his smiling appearance, he couldn’t help shiver

all over, “Old freak, what are you smiling about?”

[1] (如意百宝囊)

[2] ( ⼦ ⺟ 追 魂 夺 命 胆 ) “Son Mother Chasing Soul Seizing Life Bladder”. The “son mother” characters are also the ones used in “cluster bomb”.
[3] (化⾻神针)

Chapter 69

Dugu Bo did some calculations on his fingers, “When I consider it carefully, actually, my granddaughter is just seven years older than you. It’s not too much. When you’re eighteen, she will only be twenty five. Convenient for you kid.”

Tang San said with great alarm, “Convenient? Yeah right! I don’t want that granddaughter of yours.”

Dugu Bo grinned, grabbing Tang San’s shoulder, “You think this is up to you? Even if you’re well versed in poisons, can you dissolve aphrodisiacs? Later this old man will have you try some love teas and other such things, once the rice is cooked, I’ll see what you do then.”

“You……” Tang San saw the serious look on Dugu Bo’s face. He, who hadn’t even been afraid when confronting threats to his life, couldn’t help turning pale with fright right now, “Old…… Eh, no, senior Dugu. I know I did wrong, please don’t play with me, alright?”

Dugu Bo grandiosely said: “Who’s playing with you? I spoke of facts, nothing more. Don’t tell me my granddaughter doesn’t suit a little devil like you? Even if you’re a cunning little freak, your talent isn’t an issue, and your future prospects are boundless. If my granddaughter could follow you, it would put me at ease.”

“Isn’t it the same if she follows Yu Tian-Heng? That Yu Tian-Heng still has the support of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s whole school

at his back. According to Teacher, Yu Tian-Heng will very possibly be the next leader of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan. How could I compare with that kind of power. Besides, who can say if your granddaughter has already cooked her rice with Yu Tian-Heng, cooked rice can’t be cooked again.”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, his complexion immediately becoming unsightly once again, “This is actually possible. Enough, we’ll talk about it later.”

Seeing Dugu Bo had apparently dropped the notion, Tang San breathed out in relief. By now the two had already reached the Academy gate.

The Blue Tyrant Academy signboard had already disappeared, replaced with an enormous horizontal board inscribed with golden letters, the words ‘Shrek Academy’ written in huge, glorious golden characters. It was signed by Flender.

Without waiting for Dugu Bo to step forward, Tang San hastily ran over. He couldn’t dare let Dugu Bo walk first, if by any chance he came into conflict with the teacher at the gate house, it would be difficult to sort out.

With Dugu Bo’s temper, who knew when he might flare up?

Tang San ran forward, exchanging a few words with the guard at the gatehouse. The guard hastily ran into the Academy.

“Old freak, let’s wait here a moment. Don’t forget what you promised me, you can’t harm anyone from Shrek Academy.”

Dugu Bo was a Title Douluo. Only Tang San had been at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and at most he was the only one in danger, but here was different. If Dugu Bo hadn’t promised not to harm anyone, he really wouldn’t have dared bring him here.

Dugu Bo raised his head, loo king down his nose at Tang San without saying a word.

After a moment, the sound of activity within the Academy attracted Tang San’s attention.

Flender, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong as well as Zhao Wuji, Lu Ji-Bin, Shao Xin, and Li Yu-Song, altogether seven people quickly walked out from the Academy gate towards them.

The assembly of these seven could be said to be the strongest lineup of the present Shrek Academy, clearly they weren’t here to receive Tang San. Their target was naturally that one with the Spirit Master World’s highest title, the Poison Douluo that once defeated the Golden Iron Triangle.

These seven were all at least sixtieth rank Spirit Masters, adding a complete Spirit Master formation, further adding the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability, even if they couldn’t quite stand up to Dugu Bo, they could still block him.

When the Academy gate guard had reported that Tang San and an old man who seemed to be Dugu Bo had returned to the Academy, Flender, Grandmaster and the others understood that with Dugu Bo here, until they figured out his motive, this was necessary.

“Teacher.” Tang San looked at Grandmaster, hurriedly waving his hand at everyone.

A moved radiance flickered in Grandmaster’s eyes, but just as he stepped forward he was pulled back by Flender. Just this tiny action showed how cautious everyone were right now.

Grandmaster was no doubt the weakest of everyone here, but he was an absolutely necessary existence in the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability. If he was attacked by Dugu Bo alone, there wouldn’t be any chance of him returning alive, and the other six naturally also wouldn’t be able to stop Dugu Bo.

As Dugu Bo saw Flender’s actions, the corners of his mouth twitched, with difficulty keeping himself from showing a disdainful expression, thinking, ‘who do you seven think you are? If this old man wanted to do

something, even slaughtering this whole Heaven Dou imperial capital wouldn’t be impossible.’

Even though Dugu Bo wasn’t considered the most powerful among Title Douluo, there absolutely wasn’t anyone who could compare to his poison in mass murder.

Tang San naturally didn’t have any misgivings, and quickly stepped forward to meet everyone, “Teachers, I’ve returned.”

Grandmaster looked at Tang San with an inquiring gaze. Tang San nodded to Grandmaster, indicating he was fine.
“Dean Flender. I would like to talk to you about something.”

Flender constantly kept his gaze on Dugu Bo, only now hearing Tang San speaking to him made him turn his gaze back,

“Little San, what is it? He hasn’t made things troublesome for you has he?”

Tang San shook his head, “No, senior Dugu has been very good to me. He’s taught me a lot of poison related knowledge. Dean Flender, senior Dugu wants to be an advisor at our Academy, what do you think?”

“What?” Not just Flender, including Grandmaster, everyone present cried out in surprise practically simultaneously, their gazes becoming strange. Everyone looked at each other, for a moment speechless.

Who was Dugu Bo? A Title Douluo. Let alone this Shrek Academy, even the Heaven Dou Empire’s number one academy Heaven Dou Imperial Academy didn’t have a Title Douluo present.

Tang San looked at everyone’s astonished expressions, and probingly asked: “Is it no good?”

Flender swallowed, “Is what you said true?”

Tang San nodded, “Senior Dugu promised, only he said he wouldn’t always stay at the Academy. And only as an advisor.”

Flender and Liu Erlong simultaneously looked toward Grandmaster.
Among the trio, Grandmaster was always the wise corner with a plan.

Grandmaster’s rigid face twitched once, “This is excellent. Even though Dugu Bo has only ever done as he wished, this person’s reputation is excellent, if he promised something he would surely see it through. Flender.” While Grandmaster spoke, he signaled to Flender with his eyes.

The two had been brothers for so many years, how wouldn’t Flender understand Grandmaster’s meaning. Hastily waving his hand, he brought everyone forward to greet Dugu Bo.

“Senior Dugu, greetings.” Flender, extremely enthusiastic, was the first to step towards Dugu Bo with a smile. Even though the smile seemed a bit sinister on his face, the light in his eyes was sincere.

Dugu Bo nodded to Flender, something like returning the politeness.

“I promised the little freak to be your advisor here, I don’t know whether you’re willing?” Dugu Bo had never been a person fond of indirectness, and with his position it was also completely unnecessary. He immediately got right to the point with his purpose in coming.

Promising Tang San to come here was admittedly because it was Tang San’s condition, but at the same time the peculiar friendship he had with Tang San was an important factor.

Flender said without the slightest hesitation: “Of course we are. You coming to this Academy will simply bring light to our humble Shrek Academy. Let alone being an advisor, even if you wanted to be dean it would be no problem.”

Dugu Bo clearly wasn’t interested in Flender’s cordiality. Waving his hand, he said: “Being dean doesn’t suit me, I haven’t the time to be teaching students. Moreover, my method of cultivation is unsuitable for

the vast majority of Spirit Masters. Since you agreed, find me a quiet place to stay. I’ve returned with that little freak Tang San. I’m tired, I’ll rest first.”

Flender immediately agreed. Even if there was nothing prepared in advance, dealing with such ad hoc circumstances wasn’t difficult, “Then follow me, senior.” While speaking, he led the way ahead, bringing Dugu Bo into the Academy.

When Dugu Bo passed by Tang San, his lips moved, saying something to Tang San. He then followed Flender away.

Of course he wasn’t really tired, only he always most disliked inconvenience, and didn’t want to be chatting with everyone here.

Watching Flender lead Dugu Bo away, Liu Erlong couldn’t help but ask Tang San: “Little San, how did you do it? This old freak agreeing to come to our Academy. It’s really too inconceivable.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Perhaps it’s because we’re something of kindred spirits. I accidentally helped him with a matter. He said it was because of our friendship that he agreed to come.”

Grandmaster said: “No matter how, this is excellent.” “Teacher, is everyone well?” He naturally meant the other six of the Shrek Seven Devils. Being gone for half a year, Tang San had greatly missed his teachers and companions. Especially Xiao Wu.

Grandmaster nodded with a smile, saying:” “They’re all very well. I haven’t told them what you’ve been doing before, only saying you’ve been cultivating in seclusion. If you had returned a few days later, maybe we wouldn’t have been here.”


Grandmaster said: “In this past half year they have all made not inconsiderable progress. Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing have all broken through the thirtieth rank, and already possess their third

spirit rings. Oscar’s spirit power has also advanced two ranks, and Xiao Wu has even advanced three ranks. Dai Mubai is in seclusion, attacking the fortieth rank bottleneck. Attacking the bottleneck is a bit difficult, but he should succeed soon. Once he has broken through to the fortieth rank, we will go hunt spirit beasts together to obtain his fourth spirit ring.”

Listening to Grandmaster, Tang San couldn’t help secretly sigh in admiration. Even though he himself had progressed a lot, his companions hadn’t stayed idle either. Each one’s strength had increased a lot, and now they had all finally reached the thirtieth rank. The Shrek Seven Devils’ fighting strength would no doubt increase significantly.

“Teacher, I’ll go see them.” Tang San was already somewhat impatient to see his comrades.

Grandmaster smiled and rubbed Tang San’s head, saying: “You’ve only just returned, won’t you rest a bit first?”

Tang San shook his head, “I’m not tired. And I still have gifts for everyone.”

Grandmaster said: “Then come on, I’ll go with you. Erlong, all of you are busy.”

Tang San glanced at Grandmaster, then again at Liu Erlong. The two’s expressions were like always, and no change could be seen on the surface. Even though they didn’t seem intimate, he could feel that Grandmaster seemed to be able to calmly accept Liu Erlong’s existence.

Liu Erlong nodded, her gaze not resting on Grandmaster for long, and brought the teachers in the direction of the Academy’s main building.

Watching them gradually disappear in the distance, Tang San couldn’t help asking: “Teacher, you and aunt Erlong……”

Grandmaster indifferently said: “Children shouldn’t ask about adult matters. Let’s go. Your comrades are all cultivating in mimicry environments.”

Grandmaster didn’t bring Tang San towards the teaching bloc, but rather directly towards the forest in the back.

While walking, Grandmaster asked: “Little San, what did Dugu Bo teach you? What’s actually going on with you and him?” This question had been in Grandmaster’s heart for a very long time, ever since Tang San showed up after the Golden Iron Triangle fought Dugu Bo, Grandmaster knew Dugu Bo wouldn’t so easily take a shine to Tang San’s character. In this past half year he had practically constantly been worrying about Tang San, after all, Tang San was his only disciple, and even more like a son to him.

Tang San said: “Dugu Bo kidnapping me was originally because of Dugu Yan. Dugu Yan should have told her grandpa about the time I defeated her, making Dugu Bo interested in my Eight Spider Lances. So he kidnapped me to research the poison in my Eight Spider Lances.”

“Then what happened after? From what Dugu Bo said, it seems you helped him?”

Tang San nodded: “Something like that. Dugu Bo’s poison skills had some defects. I happened to discover a way to make up for those defects. So out of gratitude he taught me a lot of things relating to using poison. If it wasn’t for that, perhaps I would’ve been unable to return to see you alive.”

Tang San didn’t explain it in too much detail, he could never tell Grandmaster about him coming from Tang Sect. This time together with Dugu Bo not only increased his level of poison use, at the same time it also gave him the best excuse for the Tang Sect poison techniques. Dugu Bo would never tell people that Tang San’s poison was his own. With the world’s number one Poison Douluo as cover, nobody would ever doubt the origin of Tang San’s poison techniques.

“So it’s like that.” Grandmaster knew on an even deeper level that, originally, having told Dugu Bo about Tang San’s history, the reason why Dugu Bo didn’t dare kill Tang San and instead taught him poison, was greatly related to Tang San’s past. Recalling this, he also felt more at ease.

“Little San, in this time you’ve been constantly studying poison with Dugu Bo, but you mustn’t neglect your spirit power cultivation. Your companions all have sky high talent, if you have fallen too far behind, you will perhaps never be able to catch up. How high is your current spirit power rank?”

Tang San said: “Thirty seven.”

“En.” Grandmaster responded automatically, but he reacted very quickly, his footsteps immediately halting, his expression even stiffening a bit more, “What did you say? Your spirit power is already at the thirty seventh rank?”

Tang San earnestly said: “Yes! Last time at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, under that board members pressure my spirit power reached the thirty fourth rank. Later cultivating at senior Dugu’s place, I advanced three ranks. Senior Dugu’s place had a lot of precious plants, perhaps it’s because that kind of environment suits my cultivation. Therefore, my spirit power advanced very quickly, already reaching the thirty seventh rank.”

Grandmaster showed a smile, “It seems that my worries were completely unfounded. Even while learning poison under Dugu Bo, your spirit power growth was the fastest of everyone. I’m relieved. In less than half a year the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Spirit Fighting Competition will begin. If it continues like this, perhaps, at that time you will also have had the chance to rush to the fortieth rank. If it’s truly like that, then, it might be impossible for you Shrek Seven Devils not to leave a mark.”

Just as he said this, Grandmaster stopped walking. Ahead was a shrubbery, almost as tall as a person, appearing extremely dense.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, and yelled towards the shrubbery, “Xiao Wu, take a break, come see who’s here.”

Hearing the words ‘Xiao Wu’, the smile on Tang San’s face immediately froze, his eyes revealing a deep and grateful mind. He knew that Grandmaster had first brought him to see Xiao Wu because he and Xiao Wu were the closest. Xiao Wu was precisely the person he was most urgent to see.

With a flicker, a white silhouette flashed out of the shrubbery. A pink tender face brimming with childishness, that pair of exceptionally slender taut beautiful legs, further that unbeatably slender yet extremely agile little waist, as well as the scorpion braid hanging to the ground, could it be anyone but Xiao Wu?

“Grandmaster, you’ve come……” Xiao Wu didn’t finish speaking, because in her eyes had already appeared that person she had waited for the most.

Her pupils contracted practically instantly, “Ge——” Not caring about Grandmaster’s presence, Xiao Wu threw herself into Tang San’s embrace, her slender thighs as usual twisting around Tang San’s waist, pulling him close. She nestled her pink tender young face deep in Tang San’s shoulder, her own shoulders trembling fiercely.

Tang San could clearly feel Xiao Wu’s frantic heartbeats. Seeing Xiao Wu again, how couldn’t he be moved?

Wrapping his arms around Xiao Wu, the rims of his eyes were immediately somewhat red.

Right now Xiao Wu was still a bit taller than Tang San, and her completely hanging on Tang San gave a somewhat strange impression.

Grandmaster tactfully didn’t look at them, his gaze instead turning into the distance.

“Good Xiao Wu, don’t cry. Haven’t I come back?” Tang San lightly stroked Xiao Wu’s back, somewhat choked consoling her.

“Wuuu—— Ge, don’t you want Xiao Wu? Why would you leave for so long……”

It was no wonder that Xiao Wu was so moved, for the six or seven years since meeting Tang San the two had never been apart for more than a month. This time Tang San had been gone for half a year, and moreover she hadn’t known where, Xiao Wu couldn’t describe how much she had missed him. She had repeatedly asked Grandmaster where Tang San had gone, but Grandmaster naturally couldn’t tell her Tang San was together with Dugu Bo, otherwise, what would be done if by any chance Xiao Wu rushed to the Sunset Forest?

“How would I, how would I be willing to part with you? It’s all my fault for letting you worry.” The front of Tang San’s shoulder was already drenched through by Xiao Wu’s tears. Her long slender legs wrapped tightly about Tang San’s waist, seemingly afraid he would run away again.

Xiao Wu raised her head, and by now her eyes were already thoroughly red, pouting with her little mouth: “Then in the future you can’t leave me again. Even if you have to cultivate, you still have to bring me along.”

“Fine, fine, I promise.” While Tang San wiped Xiao Wu’s tears, he repeatedly consoled her.

Xiao Wu’s big eyes blinked and more tears flowed out, both hands grabbing Tang San’s neck, she sobbed: “Ge, you know I missed you so much, promise, promise never to leave me.”

Tang San without the slightest hesitation said: “I promise, unless I die, I will never leave Xiao Wu.”

Xiao Wu’s tears then turned to happiness, once again leaning against Tang San’s shoulder, “Xiao Wu also promises, she will never leave little San Ge, even if she dies she won’t leave.”

To the side Grandmaster helplessly shook his head, in his heart thinking, ‘Today’s youth, huh, really unrestrained. These two little fellows aren’t even fourteen yet. Really precocious.’ But he still didn’t want to destroy their present mood, and only waited quietly.

Tang San was after all more cool headed than Xiao Wu. Lightly swatting Xiao Wu’s butt, “Good girl, come down, Teacher is still here.”

At this Xiao Wu recalled Grandmaster’s existence, and her charming face immediately blushed, letting go of Tang San’s waist and dropping to the ground. But she still held on to Tang San’s arm, and no matter what was said wouldn’t agree to let go.

“Teacher, let’s go find the others.”

Grandmaster turned to look at the two. Even though they were still young, they could still be considered ready to be a couple. His eyes revealed a smiling expression, nodded, and continued walking into the depths of the forest.

Mimicry environment cultivation locations were chosen differently according to each Spirit Master’s spirit.

Like Xiao Wu’s rabbit spirit naturally was most suited to cultivating in a shrubbery, Dai Mubai was in an animal pen, while Oscar’s was the easiest; as a food system Spirit Master, the kitchen was the place that could best draw out his spirit power. For Ma Hongjun it was a room spread through with stoves.

Of course, these were all just comparatively common mimicry environments. Under even better conditions, the help in cultivation could still increase further.

For instance, if Ma Hongjun could have cultivated in a volcanic crater, then the benefits to him would be even greater. Of course, at the same time the danger would increase substantially.

In a little while, Grandmaster had already brought Tang San to find everyone except Dai Mubai, and the six Shrek Seven Devils gathered in a hall. Everyone were happy to see Tang San again, and Tang San again repeated what he had said to Grandmaster.

“Little San, what did you say? That Dugu Bo came with you to the Academy?”

Xiao Wu somewhat shocked looked at Tang San, her expression somewhat pale.

Tang San thought Xiao Wu was frightened of Dugu Bo’s strength and poison, and hastily comforted her:

“Don’t worry, senior Dugu isn’t a bad person. He also promised me that he wouldn’t hurt anyone at the Shrek Academy. Nothing will happen. Besides, now he’s also an advisor at our Academy.”

Oscar grinned, saying:

“This really is excellent, with a Title Douluo as advisor, how couldn’t our Shrek Academy’s name spread through the world?”

Grandmaster frowned,

“An Academy doesn’t rely on its teachers, but rather has to rely on you students.”

Oscar stuck out his tongue, but he was terrified of Grandmaster and naturally didn’t dare retort.

Xiao Wu’s expression hadn’t improved from Tang San’s expression, and instead became even paler. Only because she kept her head down, the others didn’t notice anything.

“Teacher, where is Mubai secluded? I’d like to see him.” Tang San said to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said: “He’s at a critical juncture of his cultivation, he mustn’t be disturbed now.”

Tang San pondered, and said: “Teacher, I think I have a way for Mubai to break through the fortieth rank bottleneck. I’ve brought back some gifts for each of us to use. Best would be for us seven to cultivate together, this would have a significant assistance to our cultivation.”

“Eh?” Grandmaster somewhat astonished looked at Tang San. Breaking through spirit power bottlenecks had always required relying on the Spirit Masters’ own strength to accomplish via unceasing effort. Even someone as familiar with spirits as Grandmaster had never found a shortcut, how couldn’t Tang San’s words excite him?

Grandmaster was an astute person. Very quickly he became aware of the meaning behind Tang San’s words, “What you want to give them, is drugs brought back from Dugu Bo’s place?”

Tang San nodded.

After Grandmaster had considered it for a moment, he said: “Using drugs to promote strength will inevitably have side effects. In the past there has been some Spirit Masters who cultivated like this, but they always met a bad end. You’re already heaven spanning talents on your own. There’s no need for this kind of shortcut. If by any chance you spoiled things with your enthusiasm, the result wouldn’t be pretty.”

Tang San prepared in advance said: “Teacher, don’t worry. The things I want to give everyone have different properties and uses according to each person. There wouldn’t be any side effects.”

Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, and even Zhu Zhuqing, all of them now had an inquisitive expression in their eyes. They all wanted to know what the things Tang San had brought back for them actually was.

After Grandmaster pondered it deeply, in the end he reluctantly nodded and said: “Fine. However, you have to be careful. You can’t make any mistakes. Ma Hongjun. Go to the animal pen and call over Dai Mubai. Be

careful, don’t get injured by the beasts.” Ma Hongjun’s spirit was the Evil Fire Phoenix, which had a powerful suppressive effect on any common wild animals. Moreover his strength already surpassed Grandmaster’s, so having him go fetch Dai Mubai was naturally best.

Grandmaster knew Tang San wasn’t an impetuous person, otherwise he wouldn’t have easily agreed.

Tang San pondered, then said: “Teacher, we need a place where we won’t be disturbed. Otherwise if the outside world interferes, it might affect everyone’s ingestion of the medicinal properties.”

Grandmaster thought about it and said: “Then we’ll go to Erlong’s old place. It’s certainly peaceful there, and nobody would go there lightly.”

Since Flender took over the running of the Academy, Liu Erlong had already gone to live in the school buildings. Of course she didn’t feel the school buildings suited her better, but rather it was because Grandmaster lived there. The little wooden cottage she had lived in before was naturally empty.

Before long, Ma Hongjun had brought back Dai Mubai. Before Dai Mubai had even arrived, his voice already echoed in the distance.

“Little San, you’ve come back. If you hadn’t, Xiao Wu might have worried herself to death.”

Dai Mubai wasn’t much different from before, he only appeared a bit calmer. Having already passed his sixteenth birthday had somewhat increased his aggressiveness, but his overall imposing manner was a bit more restrained. The pair of evil eyes radiating health and vigor, his casual movements all had a kind of king among beasts elegance.

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, Xiao Wu blushed and couldn’t help making a spitting sound, but she didn’t make any attempts to defend herself.

Except for Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai was the first to meet Tang San among the Shrek Seven Devils, and meeting once again was especially familiar,

holding out his hands to embrace Tang San’s shoulders, he said: “Fatty said you brought back gifts for us that can even help me break through the bottleneck, get it out quickly.”

Tang San laughed, raising his hand to punch Dai Mubai in the chest,
“Don’t worry, we’ll go somewhere quiet first.”

Led by Grandmaster, everyone stepped into that quiet log cottage. The sunlight brought the shadows of the trees through the windows, the fresh and clean air seeping through the gaps. Listening to the melodious birdsong and the soft wind, it was very difficult to imagine this place was in Heaven Dou Empire’s capital city. Even Grandmaster who was naturally disposed to living a simple life couldn’t help sighing in admiration over Liu Erlong’s excellent choice.

Grandmaster said to Tang San: “Begin. I’ll guard you.”

Tang San nodded, and under everyone’s inquisitive and attentive stares, his right hand stretched into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse to pull out a kind of plant.

That was a chrysanthemum with an enormous flower in an exceptionally beautiful violet. Bizarrely, each of the chrysanthemum’s petals seemed to be adorably fluffy on the outside, making them blend into each other. It didn’t release any fragrance, and the stamen rising from the center of the petals was more than half a chi[1] tall, the tip of the stamen glittering with a faint golden radiance.

“What’s this?” Dai Mubai was the first to ask, and the others were all also attracted by the plant Tang San pulled out.

Tang San smiled faintly, saying to Dai Mubai: “Boss Dai, I prepared this especially for you. It’s called Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, a neutral immortal treasure herb, when eaten the energy will spread through the four limbs, blood clearing the eight meridians, and you can practice Vajra Strength Body.”

Dai Mubai was shocked, “So awesome? Vajra strength?”

Tang San said with a smile: “Although ‘Vajra Strength Body’ is a bit exaggerated, this herb is most compatible with your spirit. Your spirit power is neutral, overwhelmingly vast, and just fiercely potent. The efficacy is all in the limbs, so this will make your cultivation twice as fast for half the effort. Since you’ve already reached the fortieth rank bottleneck, I think it will certainly help you break through the crisis. Once you’ve obtained your spirit ring the medicine will continue taking effect, and should have even greater promoting effect.”

“The gifts I’ve chosen for everyone all attach most importance to strengthening foundations, they won’t spoil things for enthusiasm.”

Dai Mubai solemnly accepted the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum Tang San held out, looking deeply at Tang San, “We’re brothers, so I won’t say thanks. How is this thing eaten?”

Tang San said: “First eat that stamen, afterwards each of the petals, don’t eat the stalk. After eating it immediately start cultivating, dissolving the medicinal strength to break the bottleneck.

Dai Mubai didn’t say anything else, and immediately walked over to a corner to take the herb as Tang San instructed.

For all this time the fortieth rank bottleneck had always bothered him. Now having the chance to break through, his heart was already burning, impatient to begin. Oscar asked in a low voice: “Little San, what’s an immortal treasure herb?”

Tang San said with a smile: “This is something from Heaven, that can only rarely be found in the human world.”

Everyone looked at each other, and including Xiao Wu, everyone’s gazes became burning hot. Ning Rongrong giggled, delicately saying: “Third brother, don’t be partial.”

Tang San said: “Don’t worry, everyone has a share. Little Ao, this is yours.” His hand stretched into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse for a second time, this time pulling out a jade case and handing it to Oscar.

Oscar sighed in admiration, “No need to even look, just the value of this case alone is considerable.”

Tang San was somewhat speechless: “Little Ao, this is just common white jade. Two gold spirit coins will get you one.”

“Eh……” Oscar was part stunned, part embarrassed.

Tang San laughed, saying: “However, the thing inside is indeed of considerable value. Open it and see.”

Oscar did as asked, and entirely different from Dai Mubai’s Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, the instant the jade box opened, the whole room was filled with an odd fragrance. A strong orchid fragrance made everyone’s hearts clear and souls brighten, the fragrance penetrating deep into the heart rousing everyone’s spirits, involuntarily inhaling.

In the jade case quietly lay an eight petaled orchid, the petals trembling minutely, entirely lustrous snow white, giving people a noble and virtuous feeling.

Tang San said: “This is called an Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, it’s also an immortal treasure herb. It must be picked with gold and stored with jade, and as long as it’s regulated in jade ware, it won’t wither for a thousand years, or a hundred lifetimes. Among all the immortal treasure herbs I brought back with me this time, it’s the one with the gentlest nature, one of the most mellow. Absorbing it is easy, but requires a very long time. Its effect is to strengthen foundations and drive out impurities, its effect should complement the slow cultivation speed you have as a food system Spirit Master. The medicinal effect should even continue until you’ve cultivated to the seventieth rank.”

Oscar opened his eyes wide, “So good? Little San, I love you.”

[1] ½ 尺 = ⅙ m

Chapter 70

Tang San’s whole body trembled,

“Don’t, go eat it quickly. There’s no special way of eating it, chewing and swallowing will suffice, the flavor is sweet and fragrant. Just like Dai Mubai, you also have to focus your spirit power to assimilate the medicinal effects, afterwards slowly absorb it.”

Tang San had carefully thought about the most suitable plants for everyone even before he had returned.

Even though there was a limited amount of immortal treasures, there was still enough for one for each of the Shrek Seven Devils. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to give the teachers immortal treasures as well, but the absorption rate for these immoral treasures was better the younger the user. The opposite would drain the medicinal effect.

Oscar happily ran over to the other side of the room, swallowing the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid in one mouthful, and immediately starting cultivation.

Ma Hongjun was next when going by age, and he impatiently moved closer, “Third brother, mine, mine.”

Looking at the excited Fatty, Tang San said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. Fatty, I’ve thought carefully about your Evil Fire. This variant Evil Fire is admittedly very powerful, but at the same time

it’s constantly eroding your body. This is essentially because your Phoenix flame isn’t pure enough. This time I’ve found you a nourishing and purifying yang medicinal herb.”

Ning Rongrong let a giggle escape, saying: “He still needs nourishing? In this time Fatty went out for bad things a lot. However, he said Heaven Dou City was very expensive, but still spent enormously. Nourishing him even more, perhaps he’ll have to go out even more frequently.”

Tang San smiled: “No. As I said, his evil fire’s impurity leads to his own backlash. If it continues like this, then perhaps one day it will lead to his evil fire destroying him. By filtering out the impurities of his Phoenix flame, he might truly be considered a Phoenix Spirit Master. Fatty, this is for you.”

That was a deep red trembling, silky soft immortal herb. Its appearance seemed very simple, only formed from red grass leaves. The tip of the grass leaves were shaped just like cockscombs, but when observing carefully one could discover its distinctiveness, the venation was unexpectedly gold. When it was taken out, the temperature in the room immediately rose sharply.

“This thing is called Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower, swallow it without chewing. Congregate spirit power and conduct, no matter how painful it is you must be patient, otherwise you will ruin the effect. This thing’s effect is quite obvious, it should substantially increase your spirit power and flame. If you give up halfway, the medicinal effect will lower a lot.” Tang San placed the herb in Ma Hongjun’s hands, and Fatty immediately left.

Tang San had taken out three immortal herbs and given them to three people one after another, even Grandmaster couldn’t help being moved. Let alone seeing these herbs, he had never even heard of them before.

The fourth one Tang San brought out wasn’t according to age Xiao Wu, but rather for Ning Rongrong.

“Third brother, what are you giving m e?”

Not waiting for Tang San to start speaking, Ning Rongrong already ran up and grabbed his arm. Xiao Wu frowned behind, but didn’t say anything. Tang San smiling stretched his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, and in a flash of golden light, a fantastic immortal herb already appeared.

This was a very fantastic immortal herb, below the stalk and leaves were all wisteria drapes, finely combed. But at the top was a golden dazzling tulip, and a heavy tulip fragrance immediately replaced Oscar’s previous Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, the rich fragrance giving a splendorous and majestic feeling.

“Your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit is extremely special. I thought it over carefully, and selected this immortal herb for you. This thing is known as a Beautiful Silk Tulip, it’s graceful and luxurious. By taking it you can breathe in the quintessence of heaven and earth. The radiance of the sun and the moon. Your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is on its own classified as a treasure type spirit. With the help of this Beautiful Silk Tulip, the effect should be very complementing. This flower can’t be devoured. You have to breathe in the stamen, slowly absorbing the best features within, afterwards cultivate your spirit power and slowly circulate it, letting the medicinal effects find its way to the hundred bones of all four limbs.”

Ning Rongrong took the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and giggling said: “Third brother, I really want to kiss you, only in order to keep Xiao Wu from upending the vinegar jar[1], I’ll let it be. But I really can’t accept this flower from you free of charge, later little sister will definitely do something in return.”

Four of the Shrek Seven Devils had already obtained immortal herbs, finally remaining was only Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing.

Xiao Wu stood there calm and composed without the slightest bit of anxiety. Tang San gave the others such good immortal herbs, how could he treat her unfairly?

Zhu Zhuqing’s natural disposition was reclusive, and extremely shy. Even though she was inwardly equally brimming with expectation, she found it embarrassing to be as forward as Ning Rongrong.

Tang San walked over to Zhu Zhuqing, “Zhuqing, this immortal herb I’ve chosen for you is the easiest to absorb and transform. Moreover the efficacy is even better than the others’, considered an all-round boost. However, to eat this immortal herb you must pay a certain price. I hope you have the mental preparation.”

If someone else had said this, Zhi Zhuqing would certainly have believed they had ulterior motives, but when it came from Tang San she didn’t have the slightest uncomfortable feeling. Everyone had been together for so long, even if Zhu Zhuqing very rarely spoke, how couldn’t she know Tang San’s character?

Immediately nodding, she quietly said: “Thank you third brother.”

This was the first time Zhu Zhuqing had called Tang San ‘third brother’, and Tang San couldn’t help smiling slightly, once again pulling out a herb from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

It was a seemingly common white flower, palm sized, a bit like a tree peony, without leaves, the stalk connecting to a big rock. That stone was completely pitch black, and from how Tang San carried it could be seen that its weight was astonishing.

On that white flower were a few flecks of red, scarlet red like blood giving people a hair-raising feeling.

Tang San grimly said: “This herb is called Yearning Heartbroken Red. Among immortal treasure herbs it’s a divine treasure. It also has a legend. A very long time ago, a youth, quiet and contented, most liked gardening and planting trees, filling his garden with green and blue lotuses and bulbs, thousands of purples and reds. Ordinarily singing to flowers, toasting to the moon, when a flower fell, he would be boundlessly grieved, sweeping up the flower, burying it in the ground, shedding tears again and again. It’s said his feelings moved Heaven, and his great love

for flowers moved the Heavenly Flower Immortal, who personally descended to the world to marry him, happiness like fish in water need not be mentioned. But unexpectedly the good times didn’t last, god learned about their matters, and was furious, saying immortals and the mundane didn’t match, ordering Flower Immortal to return to the divine realm. That youth having lost his lover, moaned and groaned in pain all day, depressed, discarding matters of flowers, consequently the walls fell and fences collapsed, flowers and trees withered, the land growing desolate. One day a white haired old man arrived, telling him that the white tree peony flower in his garden, was his wife’s reincarnation, as long as he destroyed the flower, the Flower Immortal would lose her immortality, banishing her to the mundane world to be his wife again, but he couldn’t by any means destroy a flower. The words turned into a pure wind and disappeared, and the youth suddenly came to himself, deeply regretting his mean treatment of the blossoms, he again carefully tended to the flowers and plants, even though he deeply loved his wife, he couldn’t bear to burn down the tree peony, it was even more cherished than himself, day and night watering the flowers with his tears, the tears stemmed from deep sorrow, and yearning and heartbroken he died, in his final moments, he dripped some blood on the petals, and you see those dark red stains, that is the heart’s blood of that youth.”

Quietly listening to Tang San’s story, whether it was Zhu Zhuqing or Xiao Wu to the side, both were somewhat sentimental. Even Grandmaster felt his heart sway, unable to help himself.

Tang San solemnly said: “The flower is an exceptional treasure that chooses its master. When picking it you must keep your beloved in your heart, with absolute sincerity, spitting out blood on the petals. If you are at all half-hearted, even if you spit blood until you die, don’t think about removing the flower. After picking the flower, as long as it is by your side it will never wither. The rock it grows from is called crow break, if it’s forcefully broken, this Yearning Heartbroken Red will equally lose its medicinal strength. Using this herb has the immortal results of heaven and earth, by my conservative estimate, it can at least increase spirit power by ten ranks, and it will still substantially remould the body. Zhuqing, even if I’m not entirely sure what’s between you and Mubai, of

us seven, you are the only ones who are certainly sweethearts, therefore I’ve brought this to you, hoping you can become that destined person.”

Zhu Zhuqing looked blankly at this touching bloody tree peony Yearning Heartbroken Red in front of her, softly nodding, her gaze floating over to Dai Mubai cultivating not far away, “I’ll try.”

Urging the spirit power within, prompting the movement of qi and blood, Zhu Zhuqing’s cherry lips parted, spitting a drop of blood on the petals.

The moment she spit out blood, in her mind was fixed the figure of Dai Mubai. But for some reason she recalled Dai Mubai’s dissolute past, and her attention shifted slightly, unable to keep her state of mind from swaying.

When the blood fell on the petals, the Yearning Heartbroken Red trembled slightly. Tang San, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Grandmaster’s gazes were all fixed on this flower, quietly waiting.

However, Tang San quickly lost hope. That Yearning Heartbroken Red’s swaying gradually stopped, without falling off.

Zhu Zhuqing sadly said: “I’m sorry, third brother, my heart is too greedy, I can’t take this flower.”

Tang San sighed, helplessly shaking his head, “Zhuqing, don’t be like that. When I returned I prepared you another herb as backup. Wait a moment.”

While speaking, Tang San held up the Yearning Heartbroken Red to Grandmaster, “Teacher, you and aunt Erlong’s feelings are deep and heavy, it would be better for you to try. Perhaps, this Yearning Heartbroken Red might be able to change your spirit variation.”

Grandmaster sighed, saying: “Such a divine treasure, how could I eat it? By now I have long ago passed the age for cultivating. If it is destined for me, I will keep it at my side forever.”

Looking at the bloodstains on the Yearning Heartbroken Red, Grandmaster couldn’t help recalling all that had happened between him and Liu Erlong, a burst of pain in his heart, he didn’t use his spirit power, but directly raised his hand to hit his chest. As Tang San cried out in alarm, blood forced its way out of his mouth, just right to spurt onto the flower.

The moment he spit out the blood, Grandmaster’s spirit was equally shocked, in his mind appeared the two most painful words of his life, ‘little sister’.

This time the Yearning Heartbroken Red swayed even more fiercely, in a moment about to fall from the black breaking rock, but in the end lacking that last trace of strength, the swaying returned to its original position, whether it was the blood Grandmaster or Zhu Zhuqing had spit out, both gradually disappeared.

Grandmaster said in a rough voice: “I’m always unable to put down the burden in my heart, I’m not qualified to take this herb.” With a dispirited expression he turned to look out the window, apparently again recalling those sad forgotten events.

As Tang San prepared to put away the Yearning Heartbroken Red, taking out the backup he had prepared for Zhu Zhuqing, suddenly, a small pu sound echoed. When Tang San turned his head to look, he saw a drop of blood had already fallen on that Yearning Heartbroken Red, and before he could react, the Yearning Heartbroken red, this time without the slightest swaying, already quietly fell from the black breaking rock, falling into slender jade-white hands.

Xiao Wu wiped a bloodstain from the corner of her mouth, her charming face revealing a smiling expression, looking at that touching flower in her hand with blurred emotions in her eyes, “I didn’t expect that I would be this destined person.”

Tang San’s heart shook, and Zhu Zhuqing to the side was equally shaken. None of them had expected that this Yearning Heartbroken Red’s final

owner would actually be Xiao Wu.

In that previous moment, Tang San’s gaze had been fixed on Grandmaster and hadn’t seen it, but Zhu Zhuqing clearly saw, when Xiao Wu spit out blood, her gaze didn’t leave Tang San for a moment. That single-mindedly devoted expression was something Zhu Zhuqing would never forget.

Until now she had always seen how good Tang San was to Xiao Wu, but now she truly understood what position Tang San held in Xiao Wu’s heart.

Zhu Zhuqing saw very clearly how pure Xiao Wu’s gaze at Tang San had been, perhaps even they didn’t know whether the feelings between them were that of man and woman, but their feelings were absolutely the purest sincerity, without any flaw.

And that Yearning Heartbroken Red became the best proof.

Tang San looked stupidly at Xiao Wu, for a long while speechless. Xiao Wu lowered her head, her fingertips caressing the flower petals, “Little San, that story was definitely true, right?”

Tang San said: “I don’t know. Eat it, it will give you the best help.”

Xiao Wu shook her head, “No, Grandmaster was right, an immortal herb like this, how can people part with it by eating it? Didn’t you say that, as long as it recognized its owner, it will never wither? I want to keep it with me. Loving it and cherishing it.”

“But……” Tang San somewhat hesitantly thought to say something, but was interrupted by Xiao Wu.

“Don’t worry, Ge, I won’t fall behind everyone. I will make great effort to cultivate.” Xiao Wu naturally understood what Tang San was worried about.

Even though she didn’t advance to the next step in strength because she didn’t eat this Yearning Heartbroken Red, at this moment her heart was

already content. Just like Zhu Zhuqing thought, she hadn’t known what her feelings towards Tang San actually were, but at this moment, this Yearning Heartbroken Red had already told her.

To her, there was nothing more important than this.

Tang San would never force Xiao Wu to do anything. Raising his hand to gently caress her head, he said with a smile: “Then protect it properly, and it will also always protect you.”

Stretching his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, Tang San pulled out the sixth immortal herb.

That was a white flower with a gem-like luster, appearing spotless as a blue lotus white root. Tang San handed over it to Zhu Zhuqing, saying with a smile: “This thing is called Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone. Its function is to soften muscle and mend bone, the clearing the eight extraordinary meridians. Originally I was going to give it to Xiao Wu, but she already has the Yearning Heartbroken Red, and this immortal herb suits you just as well, take it at once.”

Perhaps it was because she couldn’t obtain the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s approval, but Zhu Zhuqing was somewhat depressed, sadly shaking her head: “Since you were going to give it to Xiao Wu, you should still give it to her.”

Tang San shook his head: “No, a person of integrity can’t be too greedy, each of these immortal treasure herbs are precious treasures that Heaven yearns for, taking several is no good, it will instead be harmful. Even if Xiao Wu doesn’t eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s energy still exists. If she takes yet another immortal treasure herb, she will be unable to completely absorb it, so this Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone should go to you. Its effect will lead to the same result by different means as Mubai’s Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum. Your spirit is similar to Mubai’s, and using it won’t be a problem. When eating it only eat the petals, then finally suck on the stamen, that will absorb its efficacy. At the same time you have to urge your spirit power. Zhuqing, remember, you have to stay calm to absorb its best properties.”

“Thank you, third brother.” Zhu Zhuqing tightly gripped the Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone and walked over to sit by herself in a corner.

Xiao Wu was still playing with the Yearning Heartbroken Red in her hands, and Tang San couldn’t help ask once again: “Xiao Wu, are you really not prepared to take it? With it your strength would increase greatly.”

Xiao Wu lightly shook her head, “Ge, I won’t eat it, unless one day……” She didn’t continue, but her gaze floated to Tang San’s face.

From within Xiao Wu’s big eyes, Tang San saw a somewhat different spirit. He didn’t know why, but Tang San didn’t dare look directly at this light.

Tang San felt about in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, and after hesitating a moment pulled out a mildly purple medicinal herb. The top of the herb was like a cap, precisely a lingzhi mushroom[2]. The lingzhi mushrooms cap was purple, with a jade green stalk below, growing nine leaves.

Tang San walked over in front of Grandmaster, “Teacher, Even though this Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia doesn’t count as an immortal treasure, it still strengthens foundations, its effect promoting energy. It will have a considerable beneficial effect to your body. Please take it.”

Without waiting for Grandmaster to decline, Tang San pulled off the lingzhi cap from the stem, presenting it to Grandmaster.

Seeing the earnest light in Tang San’s eyes, Grandmaster secretly sighed, but still accepted it and put it in his mouth, chewing it a few times and swallowing.

“The lingzhi’s nature is mild, but this Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia is a top quality lingzhi. Teacher, since Xiao Wu doesn’t want to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, let her keep watch over us and cultivate a moment to dissolve its medicinal effects.”

Grandmaster nodded, reining in his mind, as much as possible keeping himself from thinking about Liu Erlong. Sitting down in the light from the window, he started to quietly cultivate.

“Ge, don’t you have anything for yourself?” Xiao Wu asked.

Tang San said: “I do.” While speaking, he pulled out a seemingly unremarkable herb from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Its body was jade green, but bizarrely at the center of the plant were three snow white leaves, and at the center of the leaves were a few water droplets, as if dew left behind in the morning.

“This herb is called Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, eating it will train piercing eyes, passing through ten thousand strange things. Even though the description is a bit exaggerated, it will be of considerable benefit to my Purple Demon Eye cultivation. That can also be considered an immortal treasure.”

Xiao Wu frowned, saying: “Ge, why did you give everyone herbs to promote their strength, but only this for yourself? Even if I don’t understand these immortal treasures, shouldn’t yours be the best?”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying: “Even though the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew isn’t considered the best immortal treasure, it’s effect is still better than you imagine. Besides, I’ve already taken two kinds of immortal treasure herbs before, I can’t be greedy. Just those two herbs are enough to benefit me all my life. I even hesitated over this Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew again and again before deciding to take it. Its medicinal effect is very mild, and doesn’t conflict with the two immortal treasures I used before.”

Even though Tang San still hadn’t completely absorbed the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot he used half a year ago, his originally gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill had already changed significantly.

Since it was these two kinds of extreme herbs he used simultaneously, these two kinds of herbs within his body neutralized anything absorbed


There wouldn’t be any destructive effects to Tang San’s body, but the two herbs efficacy could arbitrarily change under Tang San’s control, in other words, within his spirit power the extreme cold and extreme hot energies had already mixed.

These two energies didn’t belong to the Blue Silver Grass spirit, but rather to Tang San’s internal strength. Only when his spirit power was infused into Blue Silver Grass would there be any effect to the spirit.

“Then hurry up and eat it.” Xiao Wu urged.

Tang San nodded, raising the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew in front of him, tilting it slightly, letting the transparent drops of liquid drop into his mouth. The moment those drops of liquid left the leaves of the plant, the whole Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew completely withered in Tang San’s hand, in the blink of an eye becoming dust wafting through the air.

Tang San didn’t say anything else, without leave walking over to sit next to Grandmaster, adopting a lotus posture[3] and quietly starting to cultivate.

Right now only Xiao Wu was still awake in the small log cottage. Standing there, her gaze never left Tang San, her eyes revealing a struggling light. In her heart reverberated a voice only she could hear.

‘Mustn’t I leave him after all? If I leave, could we still meet again? But, if I didn’t leave, perhaps sooner or later that Title Douluo that returned with him would be harmful to me. Little San, thank you for this Yearning Heartbroken Red. It let me understand so much. No, I can’t leave, just now I swore never to leave him. Only when I’m together with him will I feel the happiness mama talked about.’

There was an unhesitating light in Xiao Wu’s eyes. Nobody knew just how fearless she was to make this decision, or just how determined.

The minutes and seconds slowly passed. In a flash it had already been six hours, and the effect of the immortal treasure herbs showed. Besides Xiao Wu, the other Shrek Seven Devils and Grandmaster all now showed different degrees of change.

Dai Mubai who had taken the Singlular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum had by now grown a layer of white fur all over, just like when he summoned his White Tiger for Spirit Body Enhancement. Originally sitting crosslegged, now he lay sprawled like a ⼤ character on the ground, the four limbs
clearly having swollen to twice their original size, the sounds of cracking
bones constantly rising from his body.

His three spirit rings were flashing with breathtaking speed, from his throat occasionally rose a thunder-like low roar. His whole body quivered with a kind of particular rhythm.

Oscar was the most tranquil of everyone, only sitting there quietly. But his body was emitting a fragrance like the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, and a faint white mist seeped from his skin, undulating densely around him.

He was the most handsome among the Shrek Seven Devils, and being set off by this white mist even more increased his earthy nobility.

Ma Hongjun’s appearance was the most fiery. By now the clothes on Fatty’s torso had completely turned to ashes, exposing bright red fat. The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower’s medicinal effect was extremely potent, and his skin constantly exuded thin layers of juices. Fatty’s body looked like cooked shrimp, and even his hair had become fiery red.

Bizarrely, whenever a layer of black juice seeped out of his body, his fat would contract a bit. Xiao Wu standing to the side couldn’t help but think that what Tang San gave fatty to eat was some weight loss drug.

Ning Rongrong’s change was the most magnificent, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda floated in front of her in a halo of seven colored light, three rings of light flickering within, set off by a layer of intense golden light.

This golden light was released from Ning Rongrong herself, bringing a strong tulip fragrance, a gem like light moving within, just like a fairy descended to the mortal world. Each time the golden light strengthened, it seemed Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda became even more beautiful and dazzling.

Ning Rongrong’s golden light and Oscar’s white mist seemed to give off a mutually attracting feeling. The white mist and golden light flowed together in the air, the two fragrances mixing together, creating a kind of incomparably cozy scent.

Even Tang San didn’t know that the Beautiful Silk Tulip Ning Rongrong ate and the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid Oscar ate were a pair of mandarin duck[4] herbs, with a complementing effect just like the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot he ate.

Similar circumstances arose for Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai, but it wasn’t because of any relationship between their herbs, but rather because of their spirit fusion ability.

After Zhu Zhuqing ate the Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone, a layer of faint jade light spread all over her body. Different from Dai Mubai who lay spread eagled on the ground, she moved from crosslegged to standing upright as the medicinal effect released, standing there with both hands crossed over her ample chest, quietly absorbing the medicine.

As the White Tiger radiance appeared from Dai Mubai, it was echoed by Zhu Zhuqing’s Black Civet, their breathing completely in sync, each inhalation and exhalation fitting each other.

Grandmaster sat there very serenely, his whole body suffused with a faint purple light. Even though his appearance wasn’t as fiery as Ma Hongjun, just like Ma Hongjun his body was constantly exuding a layer of black fluid.

The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower and the Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia both had the effect of rebirth. This was something Tang San had neglected to mention.

Right now Tang San’s own reaction wasn’t very large, only his head was enveloped in a layer of pure golden light, the golden light constantly condensing towards his eyes like threads of silk or strands of hair.

Xiao Wu stood there holding the Yearning Heartbroken Red, quietly sniffing its rich fragrance. Her gaze only rarely swept across the others, and was otherwise fixed on Tang San.

The sun ascending in the east gradually began to descend in the west. The first to awaken from cultivation was the one who had taken the gentlest herb Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, Oscar.

Stretching his arms wide, Oscar opened his eyes as if he had just woken up from sleep, “So comfortable!”

Xiao Wu glared at him, saying in a low voice: “Everyone else are still cultivating, lower your voice.” Oscar blinked, only then discovering the others sitting around him, hastily covering his mouth he stood up.

Xiao Wu looked him up and down a few times. She found that the earthen noble air that had appeared on his body when he absorbed the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid hadn’t faded when cultivation ended, and his whole body looked like it was covered in a layer of glossy luster.

“Is anything different?” Xiao Wu quietly asked.

Oscar looked distracted a moment, remembering to sense the changes to his body.

Very quickly his expression became odd, a double mood of pleasant surprise and disbelief. The smile on his face gradually grew, and if it hadn’t been for the others right now cultivating around them, perhaps he might have laughed out loud right now.

“What? Don’t cover your mouth.” Xiao Wu slapped Oscar’s hand.

A burning excitement appeared in Oscar’s eyes, “Amazing, it’s really too amazing.”

“Amazing your head.” Xiao Wu glared at him, “Speak quickly, what is it?”

Oscar grinned, holding out a hand, shaking it in front of Xiao Wu, “Five ranks, my spirit power increased a full five ranks, this is just too unbelievable. I’ve already reached the thirty eighth rank. Heavens, I’ll overtake Dai Mubai soon.”

Even though he had guessed that the immortal treasure herb Tang San gave him would have a very good effect, hearing it from his own mouth was still different. One Eight Petal Immortal Orchid had actually helped Oscar’s spirit power leap up five ranks.

In other words, right now they were on more or less the same average spirit power as those Emperor Team Spirit Masters who were five years older.

“What are you squawking for, isn’t it just five ranks? Then I’m still better off.” Ning Rongrong’s voice rose from the side. The golden light over her body was already completely gone, her right hand supported her Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and underneath the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was a tulip petal like golden outline.

Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu smiling looked face to face, “I’ve improved six ranks, thirty seventh rank.”

Oscar couldn’t help say: “This must be a dream. If cultivation were to become this easy hereafter, then what would there still be to work hard for? Every day we’d just eat flowers.”

Xiao Wu curled her lips, “Don’t go dreaming. Little San said that you can’t eat several of these immortal treasure herbs, eating more will instead be harmful. Are you still dissatisfied with gaining five ranks? Grandmaster said that the younger the easier it is to cultivate. You’re still just fifteen.”

Ning Rongrong excitedly said: “I really didn’t expect that I would advance so much so shortly after just breaking through the thirtieth rank

juncture. Maybe before long we’ll also be able to reach the fortieth rank. Moreover, I feel that my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda seems to have changed a bit, even if I can’t say just how it has changed, I still feel somewhat abnormal.”

Oscar lowered his head to look at the pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand, then suddenly called out, “I know.”

Ning Rongrong covered his mouth, “Be a bit quiet.”

Oscar pulled away Ning Rongrong’s hand from his face, deliberately lowering his excited voice, “Rongrong, Rongrong count quickly, how many layers does your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda have.”

Ning Rongrong looked distracted, then paid attention to her pagoda, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine? Why, how did it become nine?”

Ning Rongrong only felt a heat rush from her heart. Right now, even her voice trembled. What did the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda becoming nine layers mean?

It meant she no longer had a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, but rather the legendary Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the lifelong goal of her father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi. And now she had actually reached it herself.

Ning Rongrong couldn’t keep her gaze from turning to Tang San. If it hadn’t been for Xiao Wu, right now she would have had the impulse to devote her life to him.

Only the directly related members of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School understood the meaning of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. All of this really was far, far too significant to the entire Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

After a brief excitement, Ning Rongrong gradually calmed down, but the hand supporting the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda still trembled. She

knew that Tang San’s kindness no longer affected just her, but the entire Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It seemed she would have to make a trip back home.

“Have you absorbed them well?” This was the moment Tang San’s voice rose, standing up from the floor with both eyes closed.

“Third brother.” Ning Rongrong suddenly pounced at him, giving Tang San a big hug, both hands around his neck, kissing his face hard.

Her actions made Tang San dumbfounded, and even Oscar and Xiao Wu were stunned, both their faces becoming somewhat strange. Fortunately, what Ning Rongrong said next made them relieved.

[1] “Vinegar jar” is an idiomatic expression for a jealous person.

[2] Mentioned this one in an earlier footnote. A kind of fungus with purported medicinal properties. Ganoderma lucidum. Why does it have leaves? Who knows.

[3] ( 五⼼朝天) “Five Hearts Facing The Sky” is probably a specific position, but googling it gives a variety of cross legged postures.

[4] Any animals in pairs can signify love or couples, but mandarin ducks especially so.
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