Douluo Dalu Chapter 41-50


Chapter 41

Grandmaster glanced at him indifferently,

“Will you only try to kill your enemy when your spirit power is at its most powerful?”

Dai Mubai started, Grandmaster’s simple sentence left him speechless. Grandmaster continued:
“You clearly know Oscar can supply mushroom sausages, so why would you give Ma Hongjun the opportunity to eat them? If you blocked him from the start, or as much as possible saved your spirit power, this win should have been yours.”

Ma Hongjun reached for Oscar’s shoulder,

“A pleasure, truly a pleasure, I didn’t expect one day we too would win against Dai Mubai. How exceptionally pleasant. Little Ao, this sausage of yours is truly useful.”

Oscar smiled mischievously,

“It’s only natural, how about we call ourselves Spirit Elders too.”

Grandmaster looked coldly at the pair,

“Are you proud of yourselves? Ma Hongjun, I ask you, when Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage failed, why did you let him fall to the ground? If at this time Dai Mubai still had the strength for one attack, killing him, what would you have done?”


Ma Hongjun looked dumbstruck at Grandmaster. Grandmaster turned to Oscar,
“And you. For a food system Spirit Master, most important in any situation is to as far as possible preserve their life. He didn’t take the initiative to help you, so why didn’t you grab him to continue floating in the air? If it was a situation where Dai Mubai had sufficient spirit power, the moment you fell you would have been dispatched. If it was the enemy, right now you would already be dead. Spirit Elder? Even if it was a Title Douluo level food system Spirit Master, before a Battle Spirit Master he’s still extremely frail.”

Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun looked at each other, all of them speechless.

Grandmaster’s voice was flat and cool, drawing blood with each prick as he pointed out their mistakes.

“Little San.”

Grandmaster turned to Tang San. Tang San hastily stepped forward, “Teacher, I’m here.”
“Tell me your impressions of the fight with Xiao Wu.”

Tang San’s face reddened,

“Teacher, I messed up. I shouldn’t have been careless, getting caught in Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability Demon Confusion, to the extent that I sunk into a passive condition. Under conditions where I didn’t know her third spirit ability rashly releasing the spider web, making me sink even deeper into a passive condition.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Knowing your mistakes is good. Your error was the most severe. A lion fighting a rabbit still needs all its strength, you unexpectedly violating this from the start is an unforgivable sin. If the enemy’s attack was a bit more severe, you would have died. Remember, a control system Spirit Master not only has to control the enemy, they also have to control themselves.”

Finally, Grandmaster looked at Xiao Wu,

“Your third spirit ability should be teleportation[1]. Only with a distance restriction. If my guess is correct, this should be the capability of the Lightning Rabbit[2]. Your third spirit ring is a thousand year Lightnin

g Rabbit. This kind of teleportation spirit ability, among all spirit abilities, belongs to the very rarest, you’ve given be a very pleasant surprise. At the same time, teleportation suits your Soft Skill, your killing power has substantially increased. But, why did you conclude it was already your victory once you wrapped around Tang San’s neck? If at that time you were a bit careful, when you saw Tang San use Spider Web Restraint for the third time, not anxious for quick results, first teleported away from his attack range and launched again, then you would already have won, and not been restrained.”

Xiao Wu quietly stuck out her tongue, but didn’t dare utter a word. The look on Grandmaster’s stiff face was very unsightly,
“This is what is called monstrous genius? Your display today left me very disappointed. Each of your errors are unforgivable. Now, you must all suffer the punishment. Running. Supervise each other, you may not use spirit power. From the Academy run to Suotuo City and back, before

lunch, I would like you to finish the round trip ten times. When you’re done is when you may eat. Tang San, your mistake was the most serious, therefore you run twelve times. Move at once, begin.”

Tang San was first to run out. Grandmasters word to him was no different than law.

Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun followed behind. Grandmaster even punished his direct disciple, and furthermore punished him the most seriously, what could they still say? Let alone that the errors Grandmaster pointed out to them were all grave mistakes.

“At the Academy’s entrance rocks are prepared. You will each carry one on your back as you run. You must remember, you are one team, if there is one person who hasn’t completed the punishment, then, no one can eat.”

Grandmaster emphasized his words.

Although they couldn’t use spirit power, they were all Spirit Masters. Spirit power transformed the body over many years, making them much stronger than ordinary people. Simply running, that couldn’t reach Grandmaster’s purpose.

The distance from the Academy to Suotuo City couldn’t be considered too far, but a roughly three to four kilometres distance, making the round trip ten times, that would be roughly sixty to seventy kilometres. Adding in the carried weight, this was in no way an easy task.

Seeing the five figures run away, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but cackle, however, her laughter didn’t last for long.

“Why aren’t you running?” Grandmaster’s cold voice echoed. “Eh……, we have to run too?”
Ning Rongrong shocked looked at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said:

“Just now I said: you all have to suffer the punishment.”

Ning Rongrong was immediately somewhat worried,

“But, this isn’t fair, me and Zhuqing didn’t make any errors!”

Grandmaster calmly said:

“I ask you, who are they to you?” Ning Rongrong looked blank, “Fellow students, companions.” Grandmaster said:
“There is a line called ‘shared delights and common pains’, haven’t you heard it? You are companions, wanting to become companions you can trust with your back, do you think you should look at them suffering punishment while you rest?”


Ning Rongrong was unable to reply, but Zhu Zhuqing was already running out.

As the seven one after another reached the Academy gate, they discovered that Grandmaster still discriminated in how he treated their punishment, or in other words, had earlier already prepared well.

Seven baskets woven from bamboo were filled with differently sized stones, on each bamboo basket were straps and a name written.

Among them, the stones in Tang San, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s baskets were the largest, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Oscar second, the stones in Ning Rongrong’s basket the smallest.

As Ning Rongrong saw the stones in the basket, the resentment in her heart reduced somewhat, thinking to herself, ‘this Grandmaster still isn’t too unreasonable.’

Grandmaster watching the seven running with bamboo baskets on their backs, couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile on his rigid face.

“Forbidden to use spirit power while carrying weight and running long distance, isn’t this punishment a bit heavy? That could be several hundred kilometers. Let alone noon, they might not finish before the sky is dark. I didn’t expect you would be even fiercer than me.”

Flender had at some unknown time already arrived next to Grandmaster, speaking somewhat concerned.

Grandmaster calmly said:

“One cannot achieve glory and wealth without suffering trials and tribulations. I carefully calculated their body condition. It won’t exhaust them. What’s more, you think with their breakfast that good, they could eat without paying? Without going through a stage of shared delights and common hardships, how could they become companions that trust each other with their backs?”

Flender held up both hands, showing his surrender,

“All right, I told you. You do as you see fit. I know you care about these children even more than me. However, I have no choice but to once again remind you, the Academy’s funds are limited.”

Grandmaster snorted coldly,

“Can a living person still hold back their urine until they die[3]? Do you think I am you, the magnificent Spirit Sage, unable to even manage one Academy’s funds.”

Flender slightly angrily said:

“Indeed I don’t think to bow and scrape subserviently to others, otherwise, with my strength being wealthy also isn’t a difficult matter. I want to see how you’ll settle this issue. You whose cheeks are even thinner than mine.”

Grandmaster gave Flender a sideways look,

“Then you just wait and see.”

Bamboo baskets on their backs, Tang San and Dai Mubai took the lead in the mad rush out. Once they started running, they realized this punishment as expected was very heavy.

If they could use spirit power, a sixty or seventy kilometres distance in half a day’s time wasn’t any problem to speak of for them, and could even be completed easily. But, under circumstances without spirit power and still carrying weight, that was not something that could easily be accomplished.

“Mubai, let’s first stop a moment.”

In the middle of running Tang San suddenly stopped. Right now they hadn’t run far, but his forehead already showed traces of sweat.

Although the two had previously both consumed spirit power, currently they didn’t use spirit power to run, in physical strength they clearly were the best among Shrek Seven Devils. Right now, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun and Oscar were already falling behind several hundred meters, after them Zhu Zhuqing was already catching up to their steps, Ning Rongrong was last.

“Little San, why?”

Dai Mubai also stopped, somewhat puzzled looking at Tang San,

“Ten laps isn’t short, run at once.”

Tang San said:

“Mubai, do you still remember? Just now before we set off Teacher said we are a team, he asked us to complete this time’s punishment together.

You see, Zhuqing and Rongrong are punished together with us. Apart from my running twelve laps, you also have to finish simultaneously. To my understanding of Teacher, he isn’t just punishing us, at the same time he’s having us exercise. Yesterday Teacher told me that the body is a Spirit Master’s foundation, me being able to surpass my rank to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring is related to the inner qualities of my body. Even more importantly, this time’s punishment is perhaps also Teacher’s first test for us, what he wants to test is our fellowship. We are a team, speaking of physical strength, perhaps you and I can manage, but they might not. I see, we have to think of some method, seeing how we can let everyone successfully complete the test this time.”

As Grandmaster’s sole disciple, Tang San clearly understood Grandmaster the best. Hearing his words, Dai Mubai gave a slow nod,

“Perhaps it truly is so, let’s wait for them to approach, we’ll talk it over first.”

Very quickly the five people behind caught up, and Tang San explained his point of view of today’s punishment.

Oscar’s brows wrinkled minutely, saying:

“I think Tang San is right, Grandmaster should be looking to test us. The weights we carry differ to some extent, it should be Grandmaster having calculated the extreme boundary of what our physical strength is capable of. It appears Tang San and boss Dai’s circumstances should be within the limit of what they’re able to accomplish, and would even still have strength left over. Also Fatty should be just exactly reaching his limit. Naturally there are also those exceeding the endurance limit. Only with everyone’s cooperation is there a chance for success. Those surpassing the limit of what they can carry, perhaps I am one, and also Rongrong.”

After speaking, he couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. Having run two kilometers, he already felt the bamboo basket on his back growing heavier and heavier, sweat visible on his forehead. With such a long distance to go, he realized he certainly wouldn’t persevere.

Fatty Ma Hongjun casually said:

“It would be better for us to cheat. If we secretly eat a bit of little Ao’s recovery sausage, is there a need to be afraid?”


Oscar unhappily glared at Fatty. He was an astute person, he wouldn’t do anything foolish,

“Fatty, I only ask you one thing, can you be sure Grandmaster didn’t have other teachers supervise us? If by any chance cheating was discovered, I’m afraid the punishment wouldn’t be as light as this. Moreover, Grandmaster giving us this kind of punishment, certainly is with his deep intent, it will only benefit us. Right now we have to think of a way to as far as possible save strength.”

Tang San suddenly spoke up: “Although Teacher had us run with weights and we can’t use spirit power, the total weights we seven carry is so much, only having to bring these rocks to the end of the punishment is naturally possible. Oscar, give my your rocks.”

Oscar looked blank, smiling mischievously, “Good brother. However, right now it’s still not necessary. I’ll be seen as inferior like this. Us seven will start from now, running at the speed of the slowest, like this everyone can gather together, and uniformly save the most strength. Once someone is unable to persevere, we will mutually help readjust the weight. Thus, we will as far as possible be able to conserve strength. Right?”

Ning Rongrong smiled to the side: “Little Ao, I didn’t notice, but you are extraordinarily astute.”

On Oscar’s face hung an expression like it was only a matter of course,

“Don’t you know as a child I was called the bright little prince? This is nothing.”

Dai Mubai was the oldest of everyone, his strength was also the greatest, and as boss he properly took the lead to set an example, “Don’t speak nonsense. Gossiping is still wasting strength. We’ll run and handle it according to what little Ao said.”

Immediately, the seven resumed their long distance running.

Without doubt, among the seven, it was naturally as auxiliary system Spirit Masters Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s strength was the weakest, so everyone ran according to their speed. Advancing at the same speed, in the direction of Suotuo City.

The first lap was finished at this kind of speed.

Actually running, everyone gradually felt the pressure of the carried weight. If it was only ordinary running, even if it was without using spirit power, this roughly six kilometer round trip could not be said to be any burden to them. Spirit power transforming the body gave them stamina far exceeding that of a normal person, even auxiliary system Spirit Masters like Oscar and Ning Rongrong were no exception.

With the weight, the body clearly became unbalanced. After one round trip, Ning Rongrong and Oscar were already drenched in sweat, the others also showed some weariness.

Ning Rongrong doubtless had the most lacking physical strength of everyone, although Oscar also was an auxility system Spirit Master, he after all had broken through thirtieth rank, his body had been improved in every kind of attribute by having the third spirit ring, his condition was a lot better than Ning Rongrong.

The weights carried by Tang San and Dai Mubai were fifteen kilogram rocks. The weights Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun were ten kilograms. Although Ning Rongrong and Oscar only carried five kilograms, right now it felt to them as if they carried mountains. Body growing heavier and heavier, they could only clench their teeth to maintain their velocity.

At the Academy gate, what made everyone somewhat astonished, was Grandmaster standing in the gate looking at them running back from their first lap.

“Everyone drink a bit of water, then keep going.” Grandmaster’s words as always were precise and comprehensive.

In a bucket was warm water, with a slightly salty taste, apparently mixed with salt. Under Grandmaster’s supervision, everyone was only allowed to drink one cup of warm water, then immediately urged them to once again keep on with their punishment run.

As time passed, the great sphere of fire overhead gradually drew closer to its zenith, also gradually increasing the temperature. After drinking salt water, everyone’s strength recovered a bit, to Tang San and Dai Mubai it was nothing, but Oscar and Ning Rongrong clearly felt themselves regain some strength.

Watching the students gradually recede into the distance, Grandmaster stood expressionlessly in place, but watching the seven return together, in the depths of his expression was clearly displayed a hint of satisfaction.

Carrying the bucket he walked inside the Academy. Right now, he wasn’t only a teacher instructing students, at the same time he was a senior concerned for them. What he had them do wasn’t at all mistreating the students, rather letting them obtain genuine exercise.

The second round trip, the third round trip, the fourth…...

Each time everyone returned to the Academy, they would drink the appropriately warmed salt water prepared by Grandmaster. The warm water was easily absorbed, the salt replenishing what was drained by their exertion. Even Ning Rongrong and Oscar, both felt themselves somewhat miraculously able to persevere through running the fourth lap, besides drinking water, they didn’t pause anywhere.

But, as the fifth lap began, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s speed had already clearly dropped, the scenery before their eyes already starting to become

indistinct, both legs heavy like filled with lead, the weight of the bamboo baskets on their backs even more resembling mountains.

With uniform speed, the others had still preserved strength, although right now everyone were already sweating profusely, mentally they were very well preserved.

“Little Ao, give me your stone.” Tang San said to Oscar.

Dai Mubai also simultaneously held out a hand to Ning Rongrong.

This time, Oscar and Ning Rongrong didn’t object, they clearly understood that their strength was already somewhat overdrawn, going on like this, perhaps they might not be able to persevere with this lap.

Tang San and Dai Mubai’s weights went from fifteen to twenty kilograms, inside the bamboo baskets were two stones. Five kilograms didn’t seem heavy, but when their physical strength was substantially used up, these simple five kilograms already clearly was a burden to the two. Although they could still maintain the speed, the two’s breathing clearly became rougher.

Just the opposite, losing the five kilogram pressure, Oscar and Ning Rongrong had a kind of transcendent feeling, as if their whole bodies could float lightly, gasping large mouthfuls of breath, their running immediately became more effortless, not only recovering their original speed, even still with a feeling of doing it skillfully and easily.

The fifth, sixth, seventh, three laps concluded like this. As the eighth lap began, already two double hours had passed. Right now the sun had already wandered by the zenith, noon already passed.

Everyone’s breathing had become difficult, lungs scorching hot as if set on fire, each step they took left behind a clear watermark on the ground, that was the sweat flowing from their bodies. From the start of the last lap, the salt water they received at the Academy gate already became two cups. Furthermore a brief rest. Grandmaster didn’t urge them, still after each time they finished a lap giving them the prepared warm salt water.

“Dying, I’m dying.” The speaker was Ma Hongjun, staggering, almost falling to the ground, Fatty came to a stop, both hands supporting on his knees, gasping for large mouthfuls of breath. His plump face had already become pale, seemingly each breath was already extremely difficult.

Everyone stopped one after the other, this moment, everyone were unexpectedly unable to speak. Looking at each other, they discovered each of their comrades’ clothes were already soaked through with sweat. The most impressive would be Zhu Zhuqing, although she was the youngest of them all, among the three girls she was the most developed, her soaked through clothes stuck close to her body, drawing the outline of astonishing curves.

Unfortunately, right now no one had the energy to pay attention to this scene, each and everyone stood in their place constantly gasping for breath.

Originally Tang San and Dai Mubai shouldn’t have been this exhausted, but they carried Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s additional weights, compared to the others their burdens were much greater. Among the seven, the only one appearing relaxed was Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu had also reached thirtieth rank, but the weight she carried was the same as Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing. In addition her own body weight was light, right now she was still performing skillfully and easily.

After panting for a full five minutes, everyone gradually calmed.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but say: “In any case we’ve missed lunch, it would be better for us to slow a bit. I’m dying, keeping on running, might wear me to death.”

Dai Mubai scowled:

“Slow? Didn’t you notice the salt water Grandmaster gave us was the same temperature each time? But our speed dropped continuously. Clearly, Grandmaster has calculated the condition of our physical strength. Running too slowly, perhaps there will still be additional punishment. Although Grandmaster is a bit strict with out training, he is also good to us. We must persevere. Fatty, give me your weight.”

Ma Hongjun somewhat shocked looked at Dai Mubai,

“Boss Dai, you’re still all right?”

Dai Mubai stuck out his chest,

“Fatty, remember, a man can’t say he’s unable. Bring it.”

When Dai Mubai put Ma Hongjun’s rocks into the basket on his back, Tang San also went beside Zhu Zhuqing. Though he didn’t know why Dai Mubai didn’t help Zhu Zhuqing split the weight, Tang San’s body conditions were similar to Dai Mubai, unlike Zhu Zhuqing, who was silent but obviously consumed.

“I’ll help you, Zhuqing.” Tang San grabbed at the basket behind Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing twisted herself, dodging Tang San’s hand. “No need, I can still keep on going. You will run two more laps than us, if you waste all your energy now, how will you continue later on?”

Tang San looked at Zhu Zhuqing and stared blankly. He suddenly discovered, she didn’t seem to be that cold after all.

The journey started again. This time, everyone slowed down even more. Though Dai Mubai didn’t say anything, it was obvious that his steps became heavier, leaving the most sweat with every step. The weight Ma Hongjun gave was ten kilograms. Increasing his weight to thirty kilograms when he was already past his extreme greatly affected the depletion of his power.

After the eighth lap, when Grandmaster gave them the warm salt water, he deliberately looked at everyone’s basket, but said nothing.

During the ninth lap, though without weight, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s strength was bordering their extreme. Ma Hongjun recovered slightly, Xiao Wu could still continue, but Zhu Zhuqing’s steps were getting slower and

slower. But unexpectedly, Tang San seemed to have past his extreme and didn’t look like he was used up.

Seeing Suo Tuo City in sight, the ninth lap was half finished. Suddenly, Dai Mubai stumbled, his entire body falling forward.

If it were before, relying on his own strength, Dai Mubai just needed to straighten up to rebalance himself, but right now his strength consumption was too severe.

Tang San was always beside Dai Mubai. Seeing him about to fall, he quickly lunged forward, catching Dai Mubai’s shoulder.

Dai Mubai’s double irises have already combined. Tang San saw this once when they met danger, so it should be a sign of reaching his extreme.

Dai Mubai didn’t stand up by himself. He leaned his entire body on Tang San’s shoulder, his chest like a windbox, fiercely going up and down. He looked like he was almost totally dehydrated.

“Boss Dai, are you ok?” Everyone quickly crowded up, asking sincerely.

Tang San didn’t utter a single word, but took the heaviest fifteen kilogram rock from Dai Mubai’s basket and put it into his own basket.

“Little San, you don’t need to do that, I can still go on.” Dai Mubai barely stood up, eyes revealing unswerving determination. Looking at Tang San, he said, “You even withstood the pain from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, why can’t I withstand this. I can do this. Brothers, lets continue, no one fall behind.”

As they talked, Dai Mubai forcefully took the fifteen kilogram rock from Tang San’s basket back to his own basket.

“Boss Dai, give me back my own.” Ma Hongjun suddenly said. There’s only half a lap from finishing the entire punishment. Everyone knows Dai Mubai won’t be able to finish.

Ning Rongrong suddenly stepped forward, “And me, I feel a lot better, I can hold my weight.”

Tang San said: “Rongrong is fine, Fatty, you try to hold it for a while.”

Ma Hongjun’s own weight fell back into his own basket, decreasing Dai Mubai’s weight by ten kilograms. Under Tang San’s persistent request, Ning Rongrong’s weight of five kilograms in Dai Mubai’s basket fell into Tang San’s basket as well, increasing his weight to twenty-five kilograms.

The journey continued. Every step was that challenging. Dai Mubai, with fifteen less kilograms, with his resilience withstood it all.

The ninth lap, under everyone’s mutual assist, was finished. Though they were still running, their speed was really not any faster than walking. From the start of the punishment, three hours have passed.

Gulping down salt water, the seven people all looked like they just came out of water. Grandmaster still stood aside, not saying anything.

Dai Mubai forced his mind to clear, “Brothers, we still have one last lap, everyone persevere.”

Oscar suddenly said: “Little San, give my weight back. Theres only one last round, I can stand it.”

Tang San blanked. He suddenly discovered Oscar’s eyes had something more, but looking at his shaking legs, Tang San shook his head, “No, I can still do it.”

Oscar walked beside Tang San, sweat dripping down his face, but his gaze became more resolute. “If you view me as a brother, then give it back to me. I can do it.”

Ning Rongrong was already gasping for breath, face white, but when she saw Oscar take the five kilogram rock from Tang San’s basket, she couldn’t help but say, “Little, Little…..Ao….., You……...really are… a

Oscar was already too tired to laugh, so he stuck out his chest, acting like it should be like that.

Shrek’s Seven Monster are all consumed, but their minds were not at all relaxed. Sometimes, the difference between the talented and the mediocre was their resolute will. Surviving through an extreme means everything will change.

The tenth lap of the punishment finally started. This time, everyone really couldn’t run anymore, barely shifting their feet, step by step. Are we not able to do it? No, we are, we’re all able to do it. Carrying the rocks on their back, taking heavy steps, they slowly walked towards their final goal.

Walking one kilometer, Oscar almost fainted. The rocks in his basket went back to Tang San’s.

Walking two kilometers, Zhu Zhuqing’s weight went into Xiao Wu’s basket.

Walking three kilometers, Ning Rongrong fainted. Tang San gave his rocks to Dai Mubai while he carried Ning Rongrong on his back.

Coming back one kilometer, Oscar fainted. Zhu Zhuqing took back her rocks. Xiao Wu’s rocks went to Ma Hongjun while Ning Rongrong went on Xiao Wu and Tang San picked up Oscar.

Coming back two kilometers, Zhu Zhuqing fainted. Dai Mubai barely picked her up.

Only five hundred meters from the finish, the basket in front of Tang San already had Zhu Zhuqing’s rock as well as Dai Mubai’s fifteen kilograms while piggybacking Oscar.

Dai Mubai carried Zhu Zhuqing. Xiao Wu carried Ning Rongrong.
Ma Hongjun carried twenty kilograms of weight.

They were almost shifting step by step towards the end.

“Put, put me down….”Ning Rongrong’s weak voice sounded behind Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu stumbled, almost falling to the ground, and Ning Rongrong also slid off of her back. The two helped each other, slowly walking step by step forward.

Oscar also woke up, struggled to fall of Tang San, and with Tang San’s lending an arm, they walked forward.

Zhu Zhuqing hasn’t woke yet. Though she didn’t say much, she was way more past her extreme than Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Though Ma Hongjun was fat, his stamina was much better than Zhu Zhuqing. Dai Mubai also helped him carry his weight a distance, so his situation was much better.

Of course, Ma Hongjun right now was at his max as well. Grouping up with Tang San and Oscar, the three helped each other forward.

If there was only one person punished, with Ning Rongrong or Oscar’s strength, they might have already fallen.

However, all seven were punished. Under the help of each other, the determination in their hearts were already aroused.

Their sights were already blurred and they could only vaguely see the finish. Their bodies are now only powered by their willpower.

Tang San carried heavy rocks, both hands helping out Ma Hongjun and Oscar, helping them split a bit of their body weight. Though he couldn’t use spirit power, under the extreme circumstances, the tough aspect of his Mysterious Heaven Skill was starting to exhibit itself, or else he also wouldn’t be able to persist until now.

Dai Mubai’s back was already curved from pressure, his evil eyes tinted with red. Every step felt like he had millions of tons on him.

Four hundred meters…..three hundred meters…...two hundred meters…….one hundred meters.

Grandmaster’s stiff face appeared in front of everyone. Seeing them helping each other slowly shuffle forward, even Grandmaster couldn’t help but be moved.

They used an entire hour for the last lap, but they finally made it. Putong, Putong….
All seven of them fell onto the ground at the same time. Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun almost fainted simultaneously.

[1] (瞬移) “Wink Move”

[2] (闪电兔)

[3] Idiom, not entirely sure of the translation, but the meaning is roughly
“as long as you’re alive there is always another way”.

Chapter 42

Dai Mubai fell beside Zhu Zhuqing breathing heavily, his entire body slightly shaking.

Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid was already in disorder, sweat dripping unceasingly, her lips trembling.

Tang San moved Ma Hongjun and Oscar so they could lie on their own baskets, and he took out all the extra weight. His vision at this moment was also hazy, but some things in his mind still supported him.

For others, the punishment or training was completed. But for him, not yet.

Holding the table that held water buckets and bearing fifteen kilograms of weight, Tang San barely stood up and started walking step by step forwards.

Though he didn’t need to support others, his steps were already staggering.

“Brother, I’ll accompany you.” Xiao Wu also stood up by holding the table, but she fell onto the ground before she could take a second step. Though her body conditions were a lot better than Zhu Zhuqing’s, she carried Ning Rongrong for quite a distance, so she was also at her extreme.

“Little San, I’ll accompany you too.” It was Dai Mubai. Also holding his own weight, Dai Mubai staggered up beside Tang San. The two looked

at each other, their pale faces barely squeezing out a strange smile. Almost simultaneously, they grasped each other’s right hands.

The next moment, the two that withstood the most in the “punishment”
fell onto the ground, taking the path of their other friends.
Shrek’s Seven Monsters, seven punished, seven on the ground, fainted. Grandmaster looked at them fall one by one, but never moved. Until
Tang San and Dai Mubai both fainted, he finally showed a faint smile.
“Never abandoning, never giving up. Good, good.”

Flender, bringing Zhao Wuji and a few other teachers quietly appeared beside Grandmaster. “Grandmaster, you’re good too. Ruthless enough.”

Grandmaster didn’t mind the discontent in Flender’s words. Waving his head, he said, “It’s time to bring them over there.”

Including Grandmaster, all the teachers quickly took off the kids’ baskets, carrying them towards the academy.

When Tang San woke up, he found himself in the dormitory again. Warmness invaded his body from all directions, the comfortable feeling almost making him moan.

Composing himself, Tang San found he was naked inside a giant wood cask. The cask was full of gray liquid. Oscar was on the other side, deep in his sleep. Because of the extra two casks, the room already felt overcrowded.

With a stir of the liquid, a not too pungent medicinal smell wafted into his nose. Tang San wiggled his nose, and he immediately understood vaguely.

Coming to this world, though he never detailedly researched about the medicine in this world, he roughly knew a bit. The drug ingredients of this world were very similar to the world he was in. The liquid in the cask should’ve been boiled from some ingredients that mainly helped with

relaxing muscles and reinforcing the fundamentals. That’s why after that much exercise, he didn’t feel much pain after waking up. Only slight soreness in his two legs and a slightly weak body.

Later Tang San found out that to keep the casks warm, every once in a while they had to add more hot water. The girls’ casks were managed by a few village women they hired.

On the side of the cask was a slip of paper with Grandmaster’s handwriting.

“Come to the cafeteria to eat when you wake up.” Seeing “to eat”, Tang San suddenly felt his stomach grumble, hunger welling up.

Standing up from the water, he discovered that beside the two big casks, there were also two smaller baskets. Inside had clean water, obviously for them to clean themselves. The water was cold, so when Tang San jumped in he couldn’t help but shiver. He instantly felt his mind clear out, and the soreness in his body slowly faded away.

Quickly washing off the liquid and changing into a clean outfit, Tang San walked out the dormitory. To his surprise, the skies were already covered in stars. In the silent night, insects chirped occasionally, giving him a tranquil feel.

Stretching hard, his entire body started cracking, as if his entire body was fully extended. Breathing in the fresh air in exchange for the stale air inside, he walked towards the cafeteria.

Far away, you could already see the lights of the cafeteria. When Tang San walked into the cafeteria, he found one person gorging himself.

Hearing footsteps, the eating person looked back towards Little San. It was Dai Mubai. His superior spirit power allowed him to wake up faster.

“Little San, quickly come eat. It tastes pretty damn good.” Dai Mubai’s double pupils had already recovered to its normal state. Looking at Tang San, he instantly smiled. They had already shared their joys and sorrows

many times, going through trouble and accidents together. This empathetic feeling didn’t need any words to express itself. They looked at each other and could already feel each other’s friendship.

Sitting beside Dai Mubai, he found six more servings of food on the table, clearly prepared for the others. On the table were also paper slips, also of Grandmaster’s handwriting.

“When you are done eating, wash the dishes. Dump the water in the casks of your dormitory and clean them. Do not sleep, cultivate until day rise. Meet at early morning for class.”

Dinner was very sumptuous. A big bowl of fragrant stewed meat, fully five big snow white steamed buns, one bowl of thick soup, and a platter of vegetables and fruits.

His stomach’s rumbling made Tang San have no time for small talk, instantly starting to gorge himself, clearing out all the food in front of him.

Good, very good, extremely good. After great amounts of exercise, the replenishment of the food felt like it was instantly absorbed by the body.

Dai Mubai was finished eating when Tang San was still gorging himself, leaning on the table and looking at Tang San. Seeing he is about to finish eating, he said: “Little San, Grandmaster sure is ruthless, a lot more fierce than Dean Flender. Seeing Grandmaster’s message, I’m afraid our future days will not be pleasant. Is this how Grandmaster taught you before?”

Tang San shook his head, saying : “Teacher taught me mostly theoretical knowledge. Training of this type was a first for me as well. However, yesterday Teacher told me, as a Spirit Master, our body’s are our foundations. The fact that I can withstand the beyond extreme Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring’s attack is inseparable from my strong body. Only with a strong body can one withstand more spirit power. That is possibly why Teacher wanted us to increase our body’s basic training.”

Dai Mubai laughed bitterly. “This isn’t as simple as increasing. Grandmaster’s training for us was exactly based on our extremes. If it

wasn’t for our body qualities, we probably wouldn’t be able to even move for days. Although the cask of weird liquid definitely helped.”

“I’m starving to death, where to food?” A figure speedily ran in from outside. Without even greeting Tang San and Dai Mubai, she instantly pounced at the food.

It was Xiao Wu. Looking at her rosy face, Tang San smiled. Clearly, Xiao Wu has also recovered from the extreme exercise.

Xiao Wu ate and saw the paper slips on the table. She immediately gestured towards Tang San, telling them to talk to her after she’s done eating.

Waking up from the deep slumber and eating, Tang San felt very lazy and didn’t want to move at all. Mimicking Dai Mubai, he also leaned on the table, looking at Xiao Wu’s unwomanly like gorging.

Other than having only two steamed buns, the girls had the same food as them. Though Xiao Wu didn’t have a big mouth, her eating wasn’t impeded by the slightest. The food was demolished in a moment’s time.

The fourth to come wasn’t Oscar, the only other one above rank thirty, but Zhu Zhuqing.

When Zhu Zhuqing walked in, her face was very calm until she saw Dai Mubai, then she deliberately stiffened her face, but in her eyes, Tang San clearly saw no rejection.

Zhu Zhuqing’s eating pose was a lot more graceful than Xiao Wu, chewing carefully. Every motion looked elegant, but behind this elegance was speed. If not for the quickly decreasing food, Tang San really couldn’t believe her apparently slow movements could eat so fast.

“So comfortable, I’ve finished eating.” With no care at all, Xiao Wu lied against Tang San’s shoulder, “Little San, did you run the last two laps?”

Tang San laughed bitterly and shook his head, “No, after you fainted, Dai Mubai and I also fainted. When I woke up I was in a cask full of medicine liquid.”

Xiao Wu’s charming face suddenly reddened. Sitting up straight, she said quietly: “You weren’t wearing anything as well?”

Tang San’s mind blanked, unconsciously nodding his head.

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue, “In our dormitory there was a paper slip telling us not to worry, our clothes were taken off by villager women. Come eat at the cafeteria.”

Tang San chuckled, saying: “Xiao Wu, you look very cute when your face is red, just like an apple.” As he was talking, he caringly pinched her face. Xiao Wu only looked at him accusingly but didn’t stop him.

Dai Mubai said: “Oscar and the others haven’t woken up, probably too weary. Let’s go back to cultivate, we still don’t know what sort of devilish training Grandmaster will tell us to do tomorrow.”

Tang San nodded. Just as he was about to clean up his dishes, Xiao Wu stopped him.

“You can go. Washing dishes isn’t something you boys should do.
Leave it to us.”

Tang San smiled faintly, rubbed Xiao Wu’s head and walked outside.

Dai Mubai’s gaze fell on Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing hasn’t finished eating but she emptied one hand and stacked up Dai Mubai’s dishes as well. Though she didn’t talk, her actions spoke for her.

Dai Mubai was exulted. He obviously knew Zhu Zhuqing was shy, so he didn’t say anything and chased Tang San out.

When the two walked out of the cafeteria door, Xiao Wu spoke again. “Washing dishes isn’t something you males should do, but we’ll leave those giant casks for you to empty and clean. Remember to wake up early to help us!”

Tang San staggered, almost tripping on the door frame. He turned around just to see Xiao Wu waving at him with a sly smile.

A night went by without conversation. When Tang San woke again it was already daybreak. His biological clock woke him up. Last night’s cultivation made him fall into deep sleep. It felt like he was totally immersed in the inner power of the Mysterious Heaven Skill. He didn’t even notice when Oscar went to eat.

Last night before cultivation he already cleared out his own cask. Now the dormitory was spacey again. Oscar was also cultivating on his bed, his cask clean as well.

Silently leaving, cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes, and eating. After all this, Tang San went to knock on Xiao Wu’s door. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong were already up and went to eat. Tang San helped them clean up the heavy casks.

A familiar clock gong sounded and Shrek’s Seven Monsters almost immediately rushed to the field.

Grandmaster was already standing on the field waiting for them. Looking at Grandmaster’s calm and stiff face, other than Tang San, everyone couldn’t help but feel nervous, even a bit scared.

“Very well. Today everyone came quickly.”Grandmaster nodded, gaze habitually sweeping over their faces. “Yesterday’s actions made me very satisfied. Though some people didn’t finish their punishments, what made me satisfied was on you, I saw the spirit of not abandoning and not giving up. As buddies, how can you be at ease to give your backs to your friends? What you need is trust. You all did well, the trust in each other let you finish the test yesterday better.

“Before we start today’s lesson, Tang San, go finish your punishment.

“Yes.” Tang San said and turned around to run outside the Academy.

“Little San, I’ll accompany you like I said yesterday.” Xiao Wu skipped happily towards Tang San.

Ning Rongrong suddenly said: “Let’s go too. Aren’t we a whole entity?”

Oscar stretched his arm. “Warming up works too. This time it isn’t a punishment, its just accompanying him, so we don’t need to carry weights.”

Fatty, frowning and worried, said: “Looks like I really have to lose weight. It wasn’t easy for me to get all this fat!”

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing already ran out, “Stop talking, quickly catch up!”

Whole entity. What a good whole entity. Grandmaster slightly stunned, looked at the leaving teens.

Clenching his fists, Grandmaster silently decided he’ll do his best to educate these teens. It was also from that day that Grandmaster let Shrek’s Seven Monsters fully realize the meaning of a devil. When monsters meet devils, what happens?

Grandmaster’s training for them was simple. One or two hours of fighting per day, with every day’s situation different. Two sides of fighting were randomly decided. Sometimes 1v1, sometimes 2v2, sometimes 3v3, and sometimes even 3v4.

Everyday Grandmaster would give special restrictions. For example, which spirit abilities they are allowed to use, what they are not allowed to use, and other requests.

After fighting training, they would start their physical exercise. Same as the first day, during physical training, they can’t use their spirit power, and they had to finish it together. Grandmaster had myriads of ways to train

them. The simplest was weighted runs. More complicated were weighted hiking and other methods. But no matter which method, it had to make Shrek’s Seven Monsters reach their limits. After a period of time, they were already used to waking up at night in the medicinal casks.

Though this devilish training was hard, there was one thing Grandmaster wasn’t miserly about. With eating, he tried his best to change it up all the time to satisfy everyone’s desire for food.

Because of the dense schedule of training, three months passed. Ma Hongjun, possibly because of consuming too much energy in the training, didn’t even go once to Suo Tuo City to settle his evil fire. The forging tools that Tang San ordered were delivered ages ago, but he didn't have time to make hidden weapons. He didn’t even have time to assemble the first batch of parts the smithy finished.

Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu officially registered and became Spirit Elders. To not create a sensation, when they went to register, Grandmaster specially let them wear specially made masks. Though it brought some suspicion, hiding one’s appearance was fairly common and they still successfully received their monthly pay.

Three months of devilish training didn’t improve Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ spirit power greatly. In the period, only Ma Hongjun’s spirit power rose by one rank. But, after the three months of extreme training, their bodies qualities underwent a massive change.

Now, if Tang San and Dai Mubai did the weighted run like the first day, they would have to shoulder over fifty kilograms and still not reach their extreme. One has to know, if they don’t use spirit power, that is already a scary number.

Every person’s body was improved greatly. Under massive exercise and competent nutrients, the first obvious change was on their stature.

Dai Mubai clearly became sturdier, his evil pupils gaining a powerful sheen. His entire body looked like it contained explosive energy. The him now really looked like a fierce tiger coming down a hill.[1]

Oscar’s change was even more obvious. He became an entire circle skinnier, but if you looked at only the appearance, no one would think he was a Support Type Spirit Master. His strong figure could definitely match most Fighting Type Spirit Masters. Of course, his voice was still that soft, and his giant beard and double peach blossom eyes didn’t change.

Tang San’s appearance barely changed. He still looked so normal, but his entire body looked more reserved. His figure wasn’t really thick and strong, but he grew a bit taller. He was like a very normal teen, the sort that you wouldn’t notice if he was in a crowd. Whats surprising is Tang San’s spirit power was already rank thirty two. This wasn’t from the three months of training, but from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Possibly because of breaking his limit, the Man Faced Demon Spider brought great pain, but the benefits were also great. Other than the spirit ring and spirit bone, even his spirit power rose to rank thirty two, making everyone envious. Of course, though they were envious, none of them dared to absorb spirit rings outside of their limits.

Ma Hongjun became a full two circles skinnier and didn’t look as bloated as before. Though still fat, he looked powerful. Spirit power reaching rank twenty eight, it was striding forwards with its head high towards rank thirty. His bodily changes made him look a lot more acute.

Xiao Wu was still her old self, and had the least changes appearance wise. Not even her skin was tanned, and she was always lively and happy.

However, during everyday’s fighting, she caused quite a lot of suffering. Her third spirit ability “Teleportation” appear and disappear unpredictably. Even Dai Mubai and Tang San suffered losses against her.

Good thing her teleportation distance is only within five meters.

Even so, paired up with Waist Bow and Demon Confusion, the three spirit abilities’ melee fighting capabilities are terrifying.

Ning Rongrong, compared to her first few days of coming to the Academy, lost almost all her haughtiness. Her face emitted more heroic spirit, and her reserved character made her even more charming.

This ignited the hope of Oscar again, who had already given up. Of course, with these three months, even if Oscar wanted to woo her, he didn’t have the strength.

As for Zhu Zhuqing, it has to be said that her willpower isn’t any worse than a man’s. She did not make a single whine the entire three months. Not only did she withstand it all, she sometimes even actively asked for a harder training.

Her body was an entire circle skinner, but as a Agility System Spirit Master, her speed, with a stronger body, was also improved.

The three months of devilish training finally ended yesterday. Grandmaster gave Shrek’s Seven Monsters seven days of vacation for them to adjust their conditions.

Finally having the chance to rest, Oscar went head first into his bed and slept. Tang San cultivated as usual. Because Zhu Zhuqing insisted on exercising more, Dai Mubai actively requested to accompany her. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong decided to be like Oscar, choosing to use this rare vacation for rest.

While listening to Oscar’s snoring, Tang San assembled the parts sent from the smithy. He finally had time today. The craftsmanship of the Tie Brothers made Tang San very satisfied. So far, the Silent Sleeve Dart, Powder Shooting Shadow, Taut Back Head-Lowering Crossbow, and other weapon parts were already assembled. Only the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had higher requirements, so he was still working on it. Tang San wanted to, with these days of rest, not only cultivate but also distribute the hidden weapons and teach everyone how to use it.

Engrossed in the assembly of hidden weapons, time flew by. Only until Oscar woke up and told him to go eat that Tang San discovered the sunlight outside has become moonlight and a day has passed.

The two walked out of the dormitory, walking towards the cafeteria. Just as they were walking, suddenly they saw a person wobbly walking over.

“The fuck, who is this, why do they have the head of a pig?” Oscar cried out excessively.

Tang San focused his gaze. The swaying, walking unsteadily figure was unexpectedly Ma Hongjun, except he looked very ragged. Not only were his clothes very torn, his plump face was swollen by a full circle. His eyes were bruised purple and the corner of his mouth still had a crimson stain.

“Fatty, what happened?” Tang San quickly rushed forward to support the tottering Ma Hongjun. Oscar skillfully summoned his Recovering Sausage and passed it over.

Ma Hongjun didn’t decline, gobbling down the sausage and finally looked a bit better.

“Fuck, this time was quite embarrassing.” Ma Hongjun’s eyes were filled with hatred. His face was originally plump and his eyes small. Now that his face was swollen, his eyes were barely visible in all the fat.

“Who beat you up?” Tang San’s voice clearly had a chilling edge.

Three months of devilish training had passed with everyone helping each other. They were so much more than classmates. Seeing his brother beaten up, how could Tang San not be angry?

Ma Hongjun angrily said: “I got beaten up by a vulgar uncle.
Embarrassing, really damn embarrassing.”

Oscar furrowed his brows, “Fatty, it wasn’t because you were trying to be another persons love rival is it?”

Ma Hongjun said furiously: “What love rival, evidently it was I who saw that girl first. That vulgar guy was really shameless.”

Hearing Ma Hongjun say that, Tang San instantly understood a bit. Clearly, like what Oscar said, Fatty was beaten up when he was trying to

settle his evil fire.

Tang San patted Ma Hongjun on his shoulder, “Let's go eat something at the cafeteria first, we can talk there.”

With Oscar’s Recovering Sausages’ help, Ma Hongjun’s body condition was a lot better. Then the three walked into the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, Dai Mubai was sitting there eating furiously, but Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t beside him.

“What the fuck, fatty, how did you get like this?” Seeing Ma Hongjun’s unkempt appearance, Dai Mubai was also alarmed. He was a lot more short tempered, jumping from his seat and his evil pupils shining angrily.

Ma Hongjun scowled miserably. “Boss Dai, you have to back me up! You see how they beat me up. Even my handsome face is now distorted. How can I get girls in the future!”

Oscar chuckled. “Handsome face my ass, swollen like a pig. What actually happened, tell us first.”

Ma Hongjun pulled over a chair and sat down and finally started talking.

“I left this afternoon, and decided to go to Suo Tuo City to resolve my evil fire problems. At the place, I found a really hot girl inside this tiny brothel. Just when I wanted to call her over to resolve my problem, a vulgar uncle came. He looked about forty, with short hair and at first sight, he looked trustworthy. However, upon closer inspection, the guy’s eyes was full of an obscene gaze.”

Dai Mubai said: “So you fought him?”

Fatty stuck out his chest and said: “Of course, he already bullied me, you think I should endure it? At first I just wanted to chase him out, but he turned out to be a Spirit Master as well, and a four ringed Spirit Ancestor. In a moment I was beaten up and thrown out of the brothel. What was most intolerable was he flicked my dick, and said it was tiny. As

a man, this sort of insult wasn’t something I could endure. So I got up and fought him again, and I became like this. You guys didn’t see his arrogant face. Boss Dai, Ao Second Brother, Tang Third Brother, you guys have to support me! If not for my strong body from recent training, I might not even be able to come back.”

Ma Hongjun was obviously beaten up quite bad, especially spiritually. Crying and saying everything, Tang San and the others furrowed their brows.

Tang San asked: “What is that person’s name?”

Ma Hongjun wiped his face with his sleeve. “I heard the brothel keeper call him Bu Le[2], but it probably isn’t his real name.”

“Bu Le? Only a Spirit Ancestor and he’s already bullying my brother? Let’s go, Fatty you lead us. Let’s go check him out. Little San, Little Ao, are you guys going?” Dai Mubai could understand Fatty’s mood right now. Fighting over a girl was something he did often before as well, but most of the times he won the fight. Ever since Zhu Zhuqing came, he finally restrained himself. Also, Fatty was beaten up quite badly. Though he didn’t suffer damage to bones or tendons, he still lost all his face.

Tang San nodded. “Let’s go check him out together.”

This sort of stuff can’t be resolved with logic. Though one can’t say who was right and who was wrong, people are biased towards their own side. If a man’s brother was beaten up and he didn’t take revenge, then he wasn’t a man.

Oscar laughed evilly. “Of course I have to go. I want to see who can be even more vulgar than Fatty. Even if we can’t beat him, with my mushroom sausages, we can still run.”

The moment Ma Hongjun heard the three were willing to fight with him, he was elated. “Good brothers. Lets go now. We might even be able to catch him coming out.” Finished talking, he instantly jumped up and ran outside, as if his wounds didn’t hurt anymore.

Dai Mubai took hold of Ma Hongjun. “What’s with the rush. You still have to eat first, then you’ll have the strength. Also, tell us the guy’s spirit. Knowing yourself and the enemy is the key to victory.”

Fatty, though face full of urgence, had an empty stomach, so he sat down and ate while explaining the fight.

“The person isn’t tall, only about one meter sixty tall. Dark face, as if he just came out of a coal pit. His spirit was very weird. Not attack, not defense, not speed. It feels like, feels like…”

Fatty’s gaze fell onto Tang San. “Feels like Third Brother’s spirit, only different in shape.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other, saying simultaneously,
“Control System Spirit Master?”

Fatty nodded. “It should be Control System. His spirit looked like two pink semicircular covers, about the size of a steamed bun. The moment he summoned his spirit, he wore it on his head, don’t even ask how disgusting that was. He only used two spirit abilities when he fought me. The first made the two covers big, blocking my Phoenix Fire Wire. The second ability utilized the two covers and with one in front and one behind, they entangled me. The covers felt very soft and flexible. I don’t know what material it is, but even my Phoenix Fire couldn’t damage it. After it entangled me, It trapped me like a cocoon[3] and then I became his punching bag.”

Two pink covers? What type of spirit is that? Even with years of studying with Grandmaster, Tang San couldn’t figure it out.

Tang San said: “That means, he should still have two more spirit abilities that he hasn’t used.”

Fatty said: “Third Brother, with you three Spirit Elders and I, a rank twenty seven Spirit Grandmaster, are you scared of him? Also, you are a Control System Spirit Master as well!” He misunderstood Tang San. He thought Tang San was scared.

Tang San said: “Control System Spirit Masters are special. Under 1v1 circumstances, Control System Spirit Masters have a great advantage. Fatty, if we meet him, you focus on harassing him from far away. Boss Dai and I will go up front and Little Ao will be responsible for replenishments. He definitely won’t be able to match us. Control System Spirit Masters aren’t like Strength Type Spirit Masters. As long as they can’t control everyone, they will lose. If I guessed correctly, his spirit should counter fire naturally, or else your evil fire couldn’t have done nothing. When we fight, I will control him. Though my spirit power is lesser than his, I can at least harass him so he can’t control us. Control Type Spirit Masters’ close range capabilities cannot block your attacks, even if he is rank forty.”

[1] (下⼭猛虎) Idiom to describe a fierce and strong person. Imagine a giant tiger running down a hill at you. Yeah.

[2] 不乐(Not Happy)

[3] Originally 粽⼦(glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled)

Chapter 43

If the difference was under ten ranks, Tang San had complete confidence he could obstruct the opponent’s control capability. Grandmaster once said that the best method to deal with control system Spirit Masters, was precisely with control versus control. If speaking of strength system Spirit Masters as the core of the team, auxiliary system Spirit Masters as the team’s foundation, agility attack system Spirit Masters as the team’s eyes, then, control system Spirit Masters were the team’s soul. Over these three months of devilish training Tang San had constantly strengthened his body, at the same time Grandmaster had every evening still specially given him special training, the target of which was the Eight Spider Lance[1] external spirit bone hidden in his vertebra.

This name Eight Spider Lance was chosen by Grandmaster, since this external spirit bone was obtained from the Man Faced Demon Spider and greatly resembled eight spider lances. Undergoing this period of training, Tang San went from unsuitable to suitable, by now he was already able to control the movements of the Eight Spider Lances effectively for attack and defense, at the same time he was capable of releasing and restraining the poison within the Eight Spider Lance. Grandmaster said that relying on this external spirit bone, in addition to his control system spirit Blue Silver Grass, he could completely resist an opponent under roughly fortieth rank.

The three hastily ate dinner, Fatty also ate two of Oscar’s recovery sausages, before the four then quietly slipped out of the Academy. Ma Hongjun did not intend to tell the others, after all, this matter of being beaten up in Grass Nest couldn’t be particularly glorious.

Just when the four walked out of the Academy gate, suddenly, a dark shadow appeared, obstructing their way.

Since Ma Hongjun was beaten, right now he was already somewhat jittery, he had released his spirit in practically the first moment.

Red purple flames lit up the darkness, letting the four clearly see who was obstructing their path.

Ma Hongjun loosed a breath, withdrawing his Phoenix flames, “It’s you, must you scare a person to death?”

This person suddenly appearing before them, was Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu today wore brown trousers and a simple close fitting white top, although her body wasn’t as fiery as Zhu Zhuqing, the slender feeling of her body had a different distinct style, especially that astonishing slenderness. Also the extreme flexibility of her small waist, and that lustrous black scorpion braid hanging to her feet behind her, gave her even more of a next door little sister sense of beauty. A pair of big dark eyes stared sceptically at Tang San’s group.

“What are you doing sneaking off like evil spirits? Fatty, why is your face so swollen? You let someone beat you up?”

Ma Hongjun sighed, Tang San and the others were after all men just like him, he had no taboos with them, but Xiao Wu was a girl. Always dissatisfied with his method of settling the Evil Fire. For a moment he was immediately somewhat unwilling to say he had been beaten.

Xiao Wu took a few steps forward, in the moonlight clearly seeing the condition of Ma Hongjun’s face, immediately hopping with righteous indignation, “Who was this violent? Unexpectedly beating you like this. Boss Dai, it wouldn’t be you?”

Dai Mubai curled his lips, “Would I act so viole ntly against my own brother? Fatty was beaten like this by a love rival. We were just about to go find him.”

“Then what are you waiting for, count me in. Daring to beat my brother, he can’t want to preserve his life.” Xiao Wu’s character was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos. When just entering the Academy, she was somewhat biased towards Fatty, but over this time, with everyone mutually looking out for each other in this devilish training, the bias had faded long ago. Even more, back at Nuoding Academy she was the Big Sister boss, never short of fights when looking for one, now ordinarily everyone exchanged pointers according to a plan, finally with the opportunity for a fight she appeared even more anxious than Ma Hongjun.

“Fifth sister[2], you truly are too good. How about I devote my body to you.” Seeing Xiao Wu not only didn’t stop everyone’s revenge, but on the contrary immediately joined in, Fatty was immediately greatly moved. The depression in his heart also immediately disappeared somewhat, the last line clearly held his always vulgar nature.

“You would devote your body to who?” Tang San looked at Fatty, his voice somewhat strange.

Fatty looked at Tang San, hurriedly smiling awkwardly,

“I said nothing, third brother[3], let’s hurry.”

The four became five, taking advantage of the night, again setting foot on the familiar path, the five used spirit power, heading towards Suotuo City at lightning speed.

In a fraction of an hour.

“Fatty, is this where you ordinarily settle your Evil Fire issue?” Dai Mubai’s eyebrows both scrunched together.

Before them right now was a row of single story houses. This was a remote corner of Suotuo City. The houses in front were only three meters tall, looking damaged in many places, in the doorway hung several pink lanterns, below the lanterns stood several clearly not young prostitutes with heavy makeup and gaudy dress peddling themselves to people passing by.

The corners of Oscar’s mouth twitched, “No wonder you always say grass nests also hold golden phoenixes, this truly is a grass nest, ah!”

Regarding Ma Hongjun’s tastes, Dai Mubai and Oscar truly didn’t dare compliment. For Xiao Wu and Tang San it was the first time in this kind of place, apart from curiosity, they had no special feeling.

Fatty only guffawed twice, in a low voice saying: “It’s really cheap here, ah, the price is cheap and quantity excessive, one silver coin for one time, two silver coins for three. The quality to price ratio is high. Moreover, you must believe the principle of grass nests also holding golden phoenixes. This depends on luck.”

Dai Mubai glared at him, “In the future, don’t say I know you. Although I knew you aren’t picky, I still didn’t expect you to go as far as this. Coming to this kind of trashy place, the age of those golden phoenixes of yours could compare to your aunts.”

Fatty somewhat indignantly angry said: “Boss Dai, don’t deliberately ridicule me, let’s first deal with business. You wait here, I’ll go ask if that bastard hasn’t left.”

While speaking, Fatty quickly walked towards the “grass nest”. Oscar looked around everywhere,
“This is really remote, it suits the task. I, your father, have a large sausage, I, your father, have a small sausage, I, your father, have a mushroom sausage……”

Hearing Oscar chant his spirit incantations, starting to prepare for the battle ahead, Xiao Wu couldn’t refrain from making a light spitting sound, “Truly worthy of being called Big Sausage Uncle.”

In a moment, Ma Hongjun animatedly ran back,

“Perfect, that fellow still hasn’t left, he only paid the bill just now. I estimate he’ll come out at once. Brothers, for helping me take revenge

this time, I’ll host you later and invite everyone to eat a good meal.”

Dai Mubai vigorously waved his hand at him, “Don’t speak nonsense, I wouldn’t dare go to a meal hosted by you. With your tastes like this, just forget about it.”

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, even Xiao Wu couldn’t help but nod, she and Tang San had seen the unconstrained twin sisters Dai Mubai had brought, comparing those top quality twins with these “aunties” before them was practically like heaven and underground.

While they talked, one person already walked out of the grass nest. Tang San’s group stood in a dark corner across from Grass Nest, by now the color of the sky was already completely black, from across the street this side was very difficult to see.

“That’s him.” Fatty gnashed his teeth.

Just like Fatty’s description, walking out from “Grass Nest” was a forty something middle aged man. Dark skin, one meter sixty tall, on his face a satisfied lascivious smile, right hand wrapped in gauze, wearing large pants with several holes, on his feet a pair of large sandals[4], looking self satisfied as he walked down the street. While walking he hummed a little tune,

“Uncle’s mood is good today, ah, the bird came out to stroll[5].” “Is it on?” Fatty already cracked his fists.
“Wait a moment.”

Xiao Wu grabbed Fatty’s plump shoulder, the other hand throwing back the scorpion braid, on her charming face appearing a harmless smile, “Come out in a moment, watch me.”

While speaking, Xiao Wu took small steps, from the side walking out to that vulgar uncle called Bu Le.

“What’s Xiao Wu doing?” Ma Hongjun somewhat puzzled looked to Tang San. Who other than Tang San could understand her best.

Tang San clapped a hand to his forehead, somewhat helplessly saying:
“Just wait and see.”

Xiao Wu didn’t look like she walked quickly, but was just right to block that vulgar uncle’s path.

“Hello uncle. May I ask, is there a place selling candy nearby?”

Bu Le had just left Grass Nest, entire person soaked in satisfaction. The sudden voice made him start, raising his head to look towards the source of the voice. Immediately, that appearing straightforward face of his had a kind of particular lustre, a certain place on his body immediately stirring.

It had to be said, in the night suddenly appearing before him was such a pleasant sight as Xiao Wu. Young and tender fair young face, long black scorpion braid, although not particularly ample, she still had a figure to some extent, in particular the youth and inexperience on her rosy face, was even more attractive to an old pervert like this. Bu Le’s eyes shone as he saw Xiao Wu, saying inwardly, ‘such a beautiful and lovely little loli. Heavens, Earth, don’t tell me this is your gift for me?’

Coughing, Bu Le swiftly restrained the obscene light in his eyes, sticking out his chest, assuming a neat posture, changing so quickly that if Xiao Wu hadn’t kept her eyes on him all along, she might have been tricked.

“Little miss, you’ve still come out to buy candy this late, ah? This is so remote, aren’t you worried you’ll run into bad people?” When Bu Le had a serious face, adding to his simple and honest outward appearance, he still truly had a somewhat dignified appearance.

Xiao Wu blinked with her beautiful big eyes, “Then uncle, are you a bad person?” Seeing her soft spoken appearance made Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Oscar not far away twitch. Was this flirty Xiao Wu still the same person who had thrown them around like sandbags in fights? This, this was even beyond acting. Only Tang San’s face expressed a wry smile

and no surprise, he had already experienced this kind of scene long ago at Nuoding Academy. In deception, Xiao Wu was even better than what Ning Rongrong did when she just arrived at the Academy. Especially when assuming that next door neighbour little sister appearance, practically no man was immune to it. The difference was, proper people seeing her like this would only feel tenderness, but a person like Bu Le seeing the current Xiao Wu would only drool.

Hearing Xiao Wu’s question, Bu Le immediately said: “Of course uncle is a good person. Little miss, what are you called, how old are you, eh?”

Xiao Wu’s little face quickly blushed, “I’m Xiao Wu, almost thirteen.”

Bu Le was expressionless, thinking to himself, ‘almost thirteen, in other words twelve?’ His adam’s apple moved vigorously as he swallowed. If he didn’t eat this tender morsel delivered to his mouth, he would truly be letting himself down.

“You are this tall even at twelve, in the future you will certainly be a great beauty. Xiao Wu, there’s no place here that sells candy, come with uncle, uncle will bring you to buy candy, afterwards I’ll see you back home. All right?”

Xiao Wu smiled, nodding cutely, saying:


Bu Le hadn’t expected this little miss would be tricked so easily, seeing her agree to go with him, he was immediately exultant, small eyes looking around, going in the direction of a remote place he remembered. In order to not beat the grass to scare the snake[6], he resisted grabbing and pulling Xiao Wu’s little hand.

Oscar rubbed his eyes hard, poking Tang San at his side, “Little San, is this really Xiao Wu? Why can’t I see any resemblance?”

Tang San somewhat strangely said: “Back at Nuoding Academy, there were girls molested by a strange uncle. Xiao Wu used just this maneuver, luring that person into a dark corner, afterwards came the Eight Stage Drop[7].”

“Eight Stage Drop? What’s that?” Dai Mubai also couldn’t help but be curious.

In Tang San’s eyes expressed a trace of fear, “It’s the most violent kind of throw in Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill. Eight throws in succession. As long as the first throw succeeds there is practically no chance to resist. That is Xiao Wu’s true strength. Therefore, by no means meet her at close range. I expect that this strange uncle called Bu Le-something, might be fortunate enough to taste this great banquet. Let’s catch up with them to prevent accidents.”

Right now Bu Le’s lascivious heart was greatly stirred, with his forty sixth rank spirit power, if he was a bit alert like normal he might discover Tang San and the others following, but right now his heart was entirely focused on this young and fresh little loli by his side, with none to spare for others. How would he also know that, sometimes, loli was interchangeable with demon[8].

Furtively glancing at Xiao Wu, her slender waist swaying slightly as she walked, her butt was not at all large, but her waist was really too slender, that resulting curve made this old pervert Bu Le constantly stealthily swallow. Adding to Xiao Wu’s close to perfection beautiful complexion, a beautiful girl walking beautifully. The Evil Fire that had previously been dispersed was already rising within. To an old pervert his age, the outside was especially important, how could Xiao Wu before him be compared to those free range chickens in the grass nest?

Further and further away, already very few pedestrians could be seen around. Bu Le brought Xiao Wu around a corner, reaching a secluded and dark little alley.

“Uncle, where is the candy store, this is so dark, I’m a little scared.”
Xiao Wu spoke softly, apparently somewhat panicked.

Bu Le smiled mischievously, saying:

“Xiao Wu, ah, this late at night, eating candy is no good for the body.
Let uncle bring you to see goldfish[9].”

“See goldfish? Where is there goldfish?” Xiao Wu asked curiously.

Bu Le stopped walking, stretching out his hand and starting to untie his trousers, “I’ve got it right here.”

Xiao Wu suddenly smiled,

“Uncle, your next line wouldn’t be ‘I, your father, have a big sausage’?”


Bu Le’s hands stiffened, his movements immediately coming to a halt, he looked right into a pair of red colored eyes, eyes brimming with Demon Confusion, his entire body immediately becoming rigid, and in the next moment, before him, only remained a smear of purple shadow.

Tight around his neck, not waiting for Bu Le to release his spirit, that black scorpion braid was already winding around, and in the next moment, Bu Le only felt a force at his neck, his entire body involuntarily leaving the ground.

If Bu Le had been a power type Spirit Master, perhaps he still would have had a chance to stabilize himself. Unfortunately, he was a control system Spirit Master. But if a Spirit Master couldn’t release their spirit, their strength would also be greatly weakened. Adding to his “industrious plowing” for a whole day, his strength had long ago dropped by more than half. The current Bu Le only felt the sky spin and earth go round, the next moment he could only see stars.

Gold stars, silver stars, stars of all sizes flickered continuously, the violent shaking making him completely unable to focus his spirit power to release his spirit. His body didn’t even feel pain, only a strong numbness.

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Tang San and Ma Hongjun had by now already walked out from the darkness. Besides Tang San, the other three without exception stared wide eyed, looking at that previously still acting soft and immature lovable figure now with incomparably berserk movements. This was also the first time they saw the full set of Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop.

Using the teleportation ability, when Xiao Wu disappeared from in front of Bu Le, her long ago already accumulated power meeting the completely mentally unprepared him, Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid successfully wrapped around Bu Le’s neck. In the next moment, vulgar strange uncle Bu Le’s miserable life had already begun.

Binding his neck, Xiao Wu’s one foot stepped on his lower back, the first spirit ring ability Waist Bow activating. Neck bending backward, feet moving forward, Bu Le’s body already flew into the air.

The scorpion braid quietly slipping off, Xiao Wu jumped after Bu Le’s body thrown into midair. That Waist Bow strength of hers was truly terrifying, with thirty first ranked spirit power, one hundred twenty percent amplification, she directly threw Bu Le five meters up.

When Bu Le’s body climbed to its peak was also precisely the moment Xiao Wu caught up, both hands grabbing Bu Le’s waist, Waist Bow’s strength activating once more, with a snap of her slender waist bringing Bu Le to spin backwards. Currently Bu Le was still bewildered by Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion, besides the feeling of sky spinning and earth revolving, he could feel nothing.

Xiao Wu was grabbing the clothes at Bu Le’s waist, revolving a full two turns in midair, as she dropped towards the ground, under the effect of Waist Bow, Bu Le’s rapid spinning made a kind of hair-raising whistling sound and smashed into ground.

That moment, Tang San’s group closed their eyes at practically the same time. They could imagine the kind of strength of being thrown in a spiral from high in the air like this, Xiao Wu had also used it when competing against them before, only at that time she had directly thrown them in

midair towards the sky, and not like this truly throwing them towards the ground.

Today Bu Le could be considered having bad luck, meeting Xiao Wu, this little baleful star, in addition to his vulgar appearance being what Xiao Wu disliked the most. In this fight she basically didn’t have any intention of starting off leniently. In Xiao Wu’s heart, for this kind of strange uncle who didn’t intend to let off even a twelve years old little girl, even killing wasn’t too much.

However, Bu Le was after all a forty something ranked Spirit Ancestor, in the two rapid rotations, he also finally awoke from Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion. Although there wasn’t enough time for him to use his spirit, he still managed to cover his whole body with spirit power, protecting himself. But in the next moment, the violent shock already scattered the spirit power he had gathered.

Hong—-, Bu Le’s body heavily smashed into the ground, Xiao Wu had smacked his body flat onto the ground, each part of his body in contact with the ground, there wasn’t even enough time for Bu Le to scream, blood overflowing from his nose at once. He was completely dumb from the throw. But, this was only the beginning.

Xiao Wu hardly paused, with both hands pressing on Bu Le’s waist made a backflip, both legs pressing directly on either side of Bu Le’s head, Waist Bow activating yet again, throwing Bu Le directly forward. The hands had released, but her legs were able to generate even greater force. Under the driving force of Xiao Wu’s legs, following Xiao Wu’s backflip, Bu Le’s entire body flew up to once again smash into the ground.

Xiao Wu now fully revealed the flexible strength of her waist. With the help of the rebound from this second throw, body flipping over and back, she slammed Bu Le back in his previous position. Bu Le’s body was whirled around by Xiao Wu’s legs like a burlap sack, altogether six times, around the third, his bones started making snapping sounds.

“Fuck me, fuck me, ……” Dai Mubai and the other two’s gazes continuously followed Bu Le’s body thrown around with all of Xiao Wu’s

strength. Each time he was thrown, they couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, blood already splashing next to their feet. Finally, as Xiao Wu once again threw Bu Le’s body, it was without again directly throwing him on the ground and rather throwing him into the air, the six continuous throws were considered finished. In addition to that first spiral drop from high in the air, it was already a full seven drops.

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Oscar or Ma Hongjun, all silently thought, if this was them being dropped seven times, what would the scene be like. Perhaps even the strongest Dai Mubai would immediately lose consciousness, even if he had already used his White Tiger Vajra Transformation, when thrown by Xiao Wu like this perhaps his spirit power would come apart from the shock.

Xiao Wu yet again leapt up, but when Dai Mubai’s group thought she would once again use the killing spiral drop from high in the air, Xiao Wu didn’t make those kinds of movements. The current Bu Le was already completely in a semi-conscious state. When Xiao Wu caught up to him, both her feet once again pressed at his neck. She rotated one thousand eighty degrees at lightning speed, with Bu Le’s neck squeezed by her, naturally he could only follow along with her turn, his neck constantly making cracking sounds. Even if the vertebra didn’t come apart, it still wasn’t much better.

After the one thousand eighty degree turn, Xiao Wu made an elegant backwards summersault, Waist Bow activating one last time, directly throwing Bu Le towards the ground. She also made use of the opposite force from throwing Bu Le to flip several times through the air, landing on the ground.

Hong—-, the vulgar strange uncle Bu Le smashed into the ground in a kind of extremely monstrous posture. Apart from his whole body twitching, he didn’t make any other movements.

Ma Hongjun looked at the slightly panting Xiao Wu who had landed not far from him, probingly asking: “Xiao Wu, you didn’t kill him, right?”

Xiao Wu gave the twitching body of Bu Le a glance, “Killing him would dirty my hands. I have propriety. Little San wouldn’t let me casually kill people. I only gave him a lesson, that’s all. However, I expect he’ll be out in bed for three months before recovering. By my calculations, several of his joints were dislocated by my drops. For a time, I’m afraid he really will be unable to take care of himself.”

Dai Mubai somewhat gloomily said:

“We came here to fight, when you’ve thrown him around like this, we have farts to beat, ah. Only, Xiao Wu, your Eight Stage Drop really is powerful.”

Oscar added: “The key point is that her teleportation is too abnormal, once within a five meter range of her, even running is impossible. Furthermore, Xiao Wu, that Waist Bow ability can be used consecutively? Is there no need to aggregate spirit power between uses?”

Xiao Wu giggled, as if the impressive feat just now hadn’t been accomplished by her, “ly I had to condense spirit power, only, after I reached thirtieth rank, there is no longer any need for time. Besides, even if I had to aggregate spirit power, the interval between each Waist Bow is already enough.”

Tang San suddenly said:

“Xiao Wu, in the future don’t use that kind of method to lure the enemy again. It’s too dangerous like this.”

Xiao Wu looked blank a moment, looking at Tang San’s serious eyes, she stuck out her tongue, but nodded cutely.

What Tang San didn’t say was that when he watched Xiao Wu go to entice Bu Le, for some reason, his heart was extremely uneasy.

Dai Mubai waved his hand, saying:

“Fine, we’ll leave. Fatty. This fellow is more miserable than you. It counts as your revenge.”

Ma Hongjun had after all not used his own hands, right now he still somewhat hadn’t resolved his anger. Running up next to Bu Le, he raised his foot and stepped down several times with an effort, while stomping he hatefully said: “Letting you beat me, letting you beat me. Letting you say my pecker[10] is small. Ai, all right.”

Seeming to suddenly recall something, Ma Hongjun smiled mischievously,

“You go ahead first, I’ll come right away.”

Dai Mubai frowned, saying:

“Don’t be harsh, although this fellow beating you isn’t any good thing, but it still isn’t a deadly crime. You hurry it up.”

“Got it.”

Watching Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu turn around the corner and disappear, Ma Hongjun’s face revealed a monstrous smile. Raising his right hand, a red purple flame appeared in his palm, and his gaze moved to Bu Le’s lower body.

“Strange uncle, didn’t you say I had a small pecker? Fine, then I’ll let yours become a roast chicken[11].”


Tang San’s group still hadn’t gone very far, hearing the unhumanly bloodcurdling scream, the four looked face to face, and somewhat helplessly shook their heads.

Very quickly, Fatty already animatedly chased after them, without waiting for any questions, immediately took the initiative to say: “Be at ease, I did nothing like that. I wouldn’t let him die. Xiao Wu was right, killing him would dirty our hands. Fifth sister[12], many thanks for today,

if there is anything you have need of this Fatty for then don’t hesitate to ask, as long as I can get it, I won’t decline.”

Xiao Wu cackled, “No need for repayment. That throwing just now was very invigorating. It’s been quite a while without something so pleasurable.”

Tang San seeming to ponder something said: “Actually, what we did was no good.”

“No good? Little San, you wouldn’t be soft hearted, right?” Dai Mubai somewhat puzzled looked at Tang San. Although Tang San was ordinarily very calm, he didn’t seem like a soft hearted person. He could still clearly remember the appearance of Tang San fully using his hidden weapons, even Zhao Wuji suffered a small loss.

Tang San shook his head, saying: “I’m saying, cutting grass without rooting it out, once the spring wind blows it grows again.”


The others’ gazes at Tang San immediately changed somewhat. Although they were all genius Spirit Masters, they were after all only teenagers, with regard to murder, perhaps only Dai Mubai could accept it. Nobody expected Tang San would say something like this.

Tang San never forgot the guiding principles written in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record General Principles, third item: Ascertain the opponent is an enemy, as long as they chose the path of killing, never hesitate, otherwise one’s worries will only increase.

“That vulgar strange uncle Bu Le didn’t die this time, perhaps the matter will stay at that. But in the end he has more than fortieth ranked spirit power. If he musters a group of friends for revenge, you be careful Fatty. Although who beat him was unclear, by hearing alone, adding to his clash with you in the daytime, he will certainly guess it was you who brought people in.”

If previously Dai Mubai didn’t say Bu Le’s sins weren’t worthy of death, Tang San already would have acted. Right now he was only reminding Ma Hongjun so he wouldn’t later come to grief.

Ma Hongjun swallowed, “I didn’t expect it would be little San who was the fiercest! Apparently, if one offends somebody it shouldn’t be you.”

Tang San showed a smile, “As we came here you didn’t seem to address me like that.”

“Eh……, fine, big brother San, and little sister Xiao Wu as well, many thanks for the matter this time, I would still ask you brothers to help keep this a secret.”

Dai Mubai raised his hand to lightly pat the top of Fatty’s swollen head, “Our own brother, why are you saying such nonsense? Let’s go back quickly. We can’t let Grandmaster discover we were out so late, unless you want more devilish training.”


Shrek Academy, dean’s office.

“Xiao Gang, I don’t want to disturb your teaching of those little monsters of ours, but, I have no choice but to regretfully inform you, the Academy’s little bit of money has already been spent by you.” Somewhat helplessly saying this, Flender had a sad expression.

As a formidable Spirit Sage, but whose arrogance kept him from wealth, what kind of sorrow was this.

According to normal expenses, the tuition the students paid would be sufficient for the expenditures of one academic year. There would even be a bit left over. But Grandmaster’s education plan was in another class, not only did food expenses go up considerably, but along with the food the medicines mixed into the students’ baths every day were even more frightfully expensive. Over these past three months, of this year’s tuition for Shrek Academy there was already nothing left.

Grandmaster nodded, as always with that rigid face, and said indifferently: “Got it.”

Flender said with a wry smile: “You got it, then propose a solution.”

Grandmaster said: “Once these seven days of rest are over, I will bring them to undergo the second stage of training. You needn’t worry, I will settle the issue of expenses.”

Flender sighed, saying: “Were it not for these children being so outstanding, I truly wouldn’t think to go on. It’s still the days we together travelled the Continent that moved me the most.”

Grandmaster showed a brief despondency, “Perhaps there will be a day we can repeat that happiness.”

Flender couldn’t help but ask: “Xiao Gang, how are you planning to teach these children in the next stage? Wouldn’t it be taking it easy for a bit, in these three months they have suffered bitterly. They’re after all just teenagers. As they say ‘excessive hardness leads to an easy break’, don’t be too excessive.”

Grandmaster’s expression again recovered to its normal state, “Since you gave these children to me to teach, you can only place your full trust in me. I have measured it out.”


Limp on the ground, Bu Le was still constantly twitching, but by now he had already woken from unconsciousness. This was already the third time he had awoken. The first two times he woke up the incomparable pain all over his body had instantly brought him back into the darkness.

Clenching his teeth to resist the pain, Bu Le forced his eyes open, a scorched smell constantly assaulted his sense of smell, but what made him despair the most, was the complete lack of sensation in his lower body. He knew that his whole life might be over. He wanted to move, but could only barely squirm, his four limbs were completely dislocated, even his elbows

and knees were separated. At least five ribs were broken. Of his cervical vertebra[13] at least two were displaced.
[1] (⼋蛛⽭)
[2] “Fifth [younger] sister” Xiao Wu is the fifth oldest, Ma Hongjun is the fourth.

[3] “Third [older] brother” Tang San is the third oldest.

[4] Flip-flops, to be precise.

[5] Sort of a literal translation to what I assume is a lewd song with some wordplay. He calls himself (⼤爷我) where (⼤爷) is a colloquial term for “father’s older brother” or a respectful term for an older man, but it can also mean “arrogant idler” or “self centered show off”. The second line uses (⻦⼉) which literally translates as “bird”, but (⻦) is an alternate way to write the homophone (屌) which means “penis”.

[6] Idiom: Alert the enemy.
[7] (⼋段摔) Or “Eight Section Throw”
[8] Wordplay alert. The first character of “loli” (luo li 萝 莉 ) is a homophone to and is written very similar to a kind of Buddhist demon poltergeist (luo cha 罗 刹 ). For some (much) more distantly related
connections, the luo in loli (萝) means radish and is one of the characters in carrot (see the manhua for this connection). The luo in demon (罗) means gauze, and is the same as in Douluo and Star Luo.
[9] The Chinese equivalent of “puppies in my van”, stems from a pedophile case in Hong Kong.

[10] He uses (jiji 鸡鸡), which is a childish way of saying penis, but the character (鸡) also means “chicken”, which we all know is sort of a trigger for Fatty.

[11] Pun alert. Fatty goes from (jiji 鸡鸡) “penis” or literally “chicken chicken” to (kaoji 烤鸡) “roast chicken”.
[12] “Fifth [younger] sister” Xiao Wu is the fifth oldest.

[13] The vertebra in the neck.

Chapter 44

But all this was still on the basis of Xiao Wu going easy, otherwise, it wouldn’t just be simple dislocations. Although Xiao Wu’s spirit power still wasn’t pure it was at a level where it could break every bone in his body without killing him, but the pain of the dislocations was even more unbearable, even after recovering it would still leave lasting damage.

Just then, successive footsteps echoed, gradually approaching.

“That chicken nest madam said Bu Le brought a young miss in this direction. This fellow, it wouldn’t be that he encountered some top quality morsel and was going to eat it alone?” The speaker had a very magnetic and deep voice, the gold standard for baritone. If one only heard his voice, perhaps to thirty years or older women he would have an irresistible attraction.

“This fellow absolutely acts on his own, right now he still has us come look for him. Lao E[1]. The place you brought me to today was excellent, especially that pantyhose little sister, just looking would make people drool.” If speaking of the first voice as incomparably pleasant, then this second voice was another extreme, hoarse like a duck’s call. Adding the vulgar content, it immediately gave people a kind of nauseating feeling like falling into a pile of flies.

Hearing these two voices, Bu Le suddenly roused from semi consciousness. Fortunately, his jaw hadn’t been dislocated, with difficulty

he condensed a bit of spirit power, rousing his mind to yell: “Lao E, Tian Ya[2]. I’m here.”

Those just gossiping voices suddenly paused, followed by the sound of urgent footsteps. Very quickly, two figures arrived before Bu Le.

“You, are you Bu Le?” The pleasant baritone didn’t dare speak confidently. Seen clearly by moonlight, this person was tall, with wide and solid shoulders. Although his long hair was disheveled, it brought a somewhat wild atmosphere, but most eye catching were his eyes, a pair of small extremely narrow eyes, seemingly only small cracks. If viewed from the front, it would be very difficult to tell whether they were open or closed. Adding the effect of his puffy and swollen eyes, it was even easier to overlook those thin slits. Just this bit perfectly destroyed the impression from his baritone voice.

“Bu Le, how did you end up like this?” The other person swiftly squatted at Bu Le’s side. Although his face had a concentrated expression, his appearance was even more wretched than Bu Le and baritone’s. Put succinctly, besides the hair that could still be considered ordinary, there was basically nothing normal about him.

His entire body was so thin it was like only the skeleton was left. His eyes were unexpectedly very large, but yellow, twinkling with a cloudy light. A pair of rat whiskers trembled as he spoke. The crows feet at the corners of his eyes looked capable of simultaneously crushing a group of flies to death.

These two now appearing before Bu Le looked about the same age as him. Now the two had already shed their amused expressions, having serious faces.

The slightly built man’s both hands quickly felt all over Bu Le’s body, from time to time cursing, in his yellow eyes were already a bit of red.

“Really mistreated severely. This time Bu Le is wretched. The four limbs are dislocated without doubt. Five ribs and four bones are also

broken. Three cervical vertebrae are displaced and cracked. He won’t recover in several months . Most important, Bu Le’s thing is cooked.”

“Cooked? Tian Ya, what are you calling cooked?” The baritone called Lao E was shocked.

The wretched little man Tian Ya smiled wryly: “Can’t you smell that roast chicken? This time Bu Le’s loss was too great, the bones can recover, but this roast chicken……”

While speaking, Tian Ya raised his right hand, along with a beautiful green light flickering, a sharp blade had already appeared in his hand. At the same time as it appeared, there were also a full five spirit rings. One white, two yellow, two purple, although the spirit rings’ attributes were common, he was a true Spirit Elder with more than fiftieth rank spirit power.

The sharp blade in his hands was a broken blade[3], seemingly broken evenly with the waist. The knife blade was approximately four fingers wide, from the handle to the break one chi two cun long[4]. The knife handle was eight cun[5] long. In the flickering green light, it was a grand Tool Spirit of a Battle Spirit Master.

“Bu Le, we let you down. If we didn’t come to find you at once, perhaps it would be even worse.” In the green light, the hand swung the blade, with a small sound, something seemed to fall to the ground. Strangely, Bu Le didn’t make a sound, but his eyes overflowed with humiliated and baleful tears.

“I must have revenge. I must have revenge. I must make their lives worse than death.”


The seven days of rest passed very quickly, and the day finally came when classes started again. Since the day several of them snuck out to suppress the vulgar strange uncle Bu Le, several days had passed, and gradually this matter had faded from memory. Besides Ma Hongjun, the

others were all unaware of Bu Le’s roasted chicken. Ma Hongjun was also very restrained because of this matter, for these several days of rest he hadn’t again gone to Suotuo City, the Evil Fire’s outbreaks seemed to be suppressed by the intense exercise.

After eating breakfast, as the familiar start of class bell rung, Tang San and the others punctually arrived on the grounds.

Today’s sunshine was especially bright, the blue sky without clouds as far as the eye could see. Although it was still early, the sunlight already burned somewhat. Grandmaster’s shadow was lengthened by the sunlight, standing there with both hands folded across his chest, waiting for the seven to line up.

“From when I came here and started teaching you until now it has been three months. Under the supervision and aid of the teachers, your bodies already have some foundation. But if you want to become outstanding Spirit Masters, this is still far from sufficient.”

It was worth mentioning that in the previous three months of demonic training, the other teachers hadn’t stayed idle. The first time Ma Hongjun slacked off they had learned that the teachers had secretly supervised them along their training route. The consequences of Ma Hongjun slacking off that time directly led to everyone training fifty percent harder for three days. Grandmaster had all along implemented a policy of collective punishment. One person erred, all suffered. The broom was one entity.

“Consequently, starting from today, I will advance you to the second stage of your education. According to Flender, you have already gone to Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, and that is where you will receive your education for some time. This time the education doesn’t have a time limit, whenever you’ve obtained a silver spirit fighter badge is when the training ends. For this time I will arrange for you to stay at the inn closest to the Great Spirit Arena. You will provide lodging and board yourselves. As long as you have the ability, your income from Great Spirit Arena should be considerable.”

Hearing Grandmaster’s words, the students simultaneously loosed a breath. Going to Great Spirit Arena would always be more relaxed than Grandmaster’s demonic training.

“But, you must remember: obtaining a silver spirit fighter badge is not limited to one versus one spirit battles, you must simultaneously obtain a silver spirit fighter badge in group spirit battles. You will fight as Shrek Seven Devils. Group fights can not only let everyone receive personal points, at the same time they will grant team points, this is something two versus two fights do not have. Of course, if you want to obtain the silver spirit fighter title even faster, I ill not object to you freely forming combinations to enter two versus two fights. But I have a few restrictions you must keep in mind. First, you may not reveal your faces or names to your opponents in spirit fights, everyone has to fight under code names. Second, including Tang San, no one may use hidden weapons. Third, whether you win or lose, every day each person must fight at least twice.”

Oscar somewhat grumbling said: “Grandmaster, me and Ning Rongrong are auxiliary system Spirit Masters, must we also get silver spirit fighter badges?”

Grandmaster calmly said: “Maybe. You can choose the kind of training you did before, until the others have silver spirit fighting badges.”

“Eh……, Grandmaster, I suddenly realize your decision to have us go compete at Great Spirit Arena for actual combat experience is brilliant, take it as I said nothing just now.”

Ning Rongrong originally thought to raise the same issue. Seeing Oscar choke on it she couldn’t help but inwardly rejoice, cackling to the side.

Grandmaster always passed like thunder and moved like the wind[6]. After letting all the students simply put their things in order, he immediately brought them out, leaving for Suotuo Academy. Journeying together with them were still old acquaintances of the students, the Academy’s original two deans, Four Eyed Owl Flender and Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji. The other three teachers stayed behind to take care of the Academy.

Flender couldn’t help but greatly admire Grandmaster’s decision. Having the students living in Suotuo City, taking care of their own expenses, the Academy naturally wouldn’t suffer any pressure. But he with Zhao Wuji and Grandmaster could live at his shop, and supervise the students’ daily combat progress.

Great Spirit Arena bouts were all conducted in the evening. A party arriving in Suotuo City would first find a common inn to stay at near the Great Spirit Arena. As a result of being near the Great Spirit Arena, although these counted as common, the price would still be twice that of other places. Of course, to the students with a monthly income of at least ten gold coins, or even a hundred gold coins, this was still no burden. After all, there were still not many places as expensive as that Rose Hotel.

After arranging the lodgings for the students, Grandmaster called all seven to Tang San’s room.

“At present you may team up freely and choose to participate in any kind of spirit contest. The Great Spirit Arena’s one versus one and two versus two bouts start first. Although team battles are separate from the other two, they start comparatively late, and also attract the most spectators in Great Spirit Arena. With the staggered starting times they can also sell even more tickets. Every day you must participate in one team battle, for the other bout you can choose freely on your own. I also won’t object if you want to participate in three. The precondition is that you properly understand your own spirit power condition.”

As Grandmaster stopped speaking, Oscar immediately looked towards Dai Mubai with a pitiful appearance, “Boss Dai, it would be better for us to participate in two versus two together, how about it? Although I just reached thirtieth rank, my auxiliary capabilities should be able to assist you. Otherwise, I don’t know how I’ll scrape together enough points for a silver spirit fighter badge in all my life.”

Dai Mubai looked distracted, his original intention was to participate in two versus two spirit battles with Zhu Zhuqing, or perhaps join one versus one on his own. Seeing Oscar’s pleading gaze, after thinking it over, he still gave a nod, “All right.”

Discussing fighting strength among the seven, clearly Dai Mubai and Tang San were the strongest. Oscar had at once approached Dai Mubai. Ning Rongrong’s gaze immediately turned to Tang San.

In an intimate tone: “Third brother, do you want to help me?”

Tang San looked distracted a moment, “But, I’ve already formed the Three Five Combination with Xiao Wu.”

On the side Ma Hongjun hurriedly moved closer, “Rongrong, how about me? I want to join two versus two with you.”

“You? Just forget about it.” Ning Rongrong unhappily glared at Fatty, “You’re too busy looking after yourself, how would you still have time for me.”

Grandmaster suddenly spoke up: “No. I propose you indeed should form a combination for two versus two with Ma Hongjun.”

Ning Rongrong puzzled asked: “Why?”

Grandmaster calmly said: “Because you and Tang San’s levels are different. When participating in two versus two, if one Spirit Master has reached a higher level, then he must participate in a higher level contest. Tang San has already reached thirtieth rank, but you are still on the twentieth rank level. If you cooperated to participate in two versus two, then you would have to participate in thirtieth rank bouts. Generally speaking, for Spirit Masters coming to Great Spirit Arena to fight, only if their confidence is extremely high or their spirit has a large advantage would they participate in bouts higher than their level. Thirtieth ranked bouts are naturally the same. Although Tang San’s spirit is extraordinary, participating in one versus one fights might barely be possible, but if adding you, although your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit is the most powerful auxiliary type spirit, right now it still isn’t sufficient to make up for the gap between him and two over thirty fifth ranked opponents. But you and Ma Hongjun participating together is different, he’s already twenty eighth rank, his spirit advantage is also not

insignificant. Adding your support, the odds of victory can reach more than seventy percent.”

Although Ning Rongrong in her heart was unwilling, she had no choice but to admit Grandmaster was right. But in the end she still didn’t pick Ma Hongjun, and her gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing.

“Seventh sister[7], let us cooperate. How about it?” “Sure.” Zhu Zhuqing still replied very simply.

To Ning Rongrong’s eye, although Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power was one rank lower than Ma Hongjun’s, their cooperation was clearly much better than with someone whose Evil Fire pressure was constantly rising. When fighting in two versus two she didn’t want to be flirting[8] with the comrade in arms next to her.

Ma Hongjun rumbled: “Rongrong, you’re still discriminating against me. I protest.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, employing her gentle and soft strategy, “Fourth brother, you’re so strong, wouldn’t it be a pity to join with me in two versus two? Anyway you’re certain to win in one versus one, right?”

Ma Hongjun’s immunity to beautiful women was originally very low. Seeing the tender smile on Ning Rongrong’s face, how could he object, and could only accept reality.

“How you choose to participate is up to you. I’ll give you these, unless there are no people around, wear them when in spirit battles. At the same time, when speaking on stage, you must not let the opponent know your age.”

While speaking, Grandmaster pulled out seven long ago prepared masks from within his spirit tool bracelet.

The masks were very familiar to everyone, exactly the symbol of Shrek Academy, the image of the green monster Shrek. Dai Mubai took and put the mask over his face. Although the craftsmanship was ordinary, after it was fitted to the face it only revealed the eyes, mouth and nose, and was not hindrance at all.

“When participating in team battles, you will do so as the Shrek Seven Devils team. When participating in your own bouts, you can name your two versus two combinations yourselves. For one versus one, I will give each of you a name, use this nickname to compete. As long as you explain it when signing up, your real names won’t appear in the spirit arena.”

Everyone could understand Grandmaster’s intention. They were after all too young, especially twelve year olds like Tang San and Xiao Wu who had already reached the thirtieth ranked Spirit Elder state, casually revealing this to the whole Spirit Master world would be universally shocking. Especially when becoming well known at Great Spirit Arena, perhaps Spirit Hall would first come call on them.

Oscar curiously asked: “Then what names will we use?”

Grandmaster said:

“Mubai uses his original Evil Eye White Tiger[9], you are still that Sausage Monopoly[10]. As for little San, use Thousand Hands Silver Grass. What do you think?”

“This is no good. Change it. Xiao Wu rushed to say: “It’s not stylish anywhere. Silver grass is too unpleasant to hear.”

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, seeing he didn’t express any opinion, on his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile. Regarding this disciple of his, Grandmaster was always extremely pleased, “Then you say it, just what name would be good?”

Dai Mubai said: “Although little San ordinarily seems sincere, he can really flip out, with a killing instinct heavier than all of us. I say, calling him Thousand Hands Asura is good. Asura has the meaning of a devil of

massacre, it could also have a certain intimidating effect on the opponent.”

Grandmaster said to Tang San: “What do you think?”

Tang San said: “It doesn’t matter to me, you decide Teacher.”

Grandmaster said:

“Then we’ll call you Thousand Hands Asura[11]. Ma Hongjun, I’ll also help you pick a good name. How about calling you Evil Fire Phoenix[12]?”

Fatty smiled mischievously, “Many thanks Grandmaster, this is good.
How to say, I’m also a Phoenix.”

To the side Oscar mumbled: “En, it’s a Phoenix, only, I think calling it Brothel Phoenix is even better.”

Fatty said indignantly, “Little Ao, are you deliberately undermining me?”

Xiao Wu had now already stepped before Grandmaster, assuming a pitiful appearance, “Grandmaster, then what am I called? You must give me something that sounds pleasant, eh.”

Grandmaster said with a smile: “When you use the Soft Skill your whole body is soft as if boneless. Adding your Rabbit Spirit and Demon Confusion ability, it would be best to call you Soft Bones Demon Rabbit[13].”

“It sounds pretty good.” Xiao Wu immediately smiled happily.

“Rongrong’s spirit is Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda. There’s nothing that describes you better than Seven Treasures Glazed Tile[14]. At the same time it can also mask you a bit. After all, this is the spirit of direct disciples of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. As for Zhuqing, using her spirit as a name is most suitable. Hell Civet[15] is on its own a pretty good name.”

At that moment, the Shrek Seven Devils had their own names. Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai,
Sausage Monopoly Oscar, Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun,
Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu,

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing.
None of them would have thought that the names they chose in this common inn would not only follow them for a lifetime, but also resound across the Continent. The team Shrek Seven Devils could be considered truly formed starting on this day.

In order to maintain peak condition, everyone remained in the inn to cultivate their spirit power, waiting for nightfall.

Right now the seven were all on the iron spirit fight level. Among them Dai Mubai had three points, Oscar had nil, Tang San because of participating with Xiao Wu in one on one and two on two bouts, consequently had two points. Ma Hongjun also prevailed over his opponent last time, with the most points of everyone, already reaching ten. Moreover he had three consecutive victories. XIao Wu just like Tang San had two points. Ning Rongrong had nil. Last time Zhu Zhuqing’s opponent was little San, and since she lost the contest she had no points.

Going from iron spirit fights to copper spirit fights required one hundred points, advancing to silver spirit fights were one thousand points. Their distance to the goal of this second stage special training was still a very long road.

Because Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing were all already classified as high level within their classes, adding to their own outstanding spirits, they decided to first participate in a one versus one spirit fight, afterwards again participating in two versus two. This kind of time was enough for Oscar’s effect to appear clearly, with a supply of his big sausages, everyone’s spirit power and physical strength could be effectively resupplied. Compared to ordinary Spirit Masters joining spirit battles it was an even greater advantage. Therefore, even participating in three spirit battles wasn’t impossible, provided they didn’t waste too much spirit power in the first fights.

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s third spirit abilities could both be said to be top quality spirit abilities, therefore although they both had only just broken through the thirtieth rank, they still decided to participate in one versus one spirit battles. Tang San had previously already defeated Dai Mubai, so naturally he held a lot of confidence. And for Xiao Wu who as long as she got in close to the opponent was very difficult to resist, also had complete confidence.

Xiao Wu’s weak points and advantages were both extremely clear. Her advantage was being unrivalled when in close to a similarly ranked opponent, but her weak point was that she could only deal with one opponent. When the opponents were numerous, it was very difficult to use her strength, and when the opponent’s physical strength exceeded the power of her Waist Bow, her ability would become completely useless.

As for Oscar and Ning Rongrong, they could only wait until after everyone had participated in one on one spirit battles to again join with them in two versus two bouts.

At nightfall, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena bustled with noise and excitement like every day, a restless crowd began to gather from all directions. As in most of history, it was also the most oppressed masses who enjoyed the entertainment. Every day this place would gather numerous spectators.

The wealthy could obtain the ultimate entertainment here. Even if it was penniless commoners, they were still equally capable of watching Spirit Masters compete. As a result of Great Spirit Arena having some tickets specially aimed at commoners, extremely affordable, as long as people could afford food and clothing, they also wanted to come here to watch Spirit Master competitions. After all, just seeing a spirit master was enough to satisfy the majority of common people. Of course, with the ticket price so cheap, what they could see was only some ordinary spirit fights, that’s all. The truly marvellous spirit fights were prohibitively expensive. But Suotuo City had never lacked wealthy people willing to throw money away. Adding the betting hosted by the Great Spirit Arena, these spirit fights were the scene of secret battles between the wealthy and lords.

Right now it was already very close to the starting time for Great Spirit Arena’s bouts. Not long after, the one versus one and two versus two spirit fights would begin. Once these two spirit fights ended, the most marvellous team battles would take the stage.

At just this time, a group of ten people attracted the gazes of the people preparing to enter the Great Spirit Arena. Because, among these ten, seven wore identical masks.

The green masks looked somewhat funny. Their clothes had nothing in common, both gorgeous and plain.

This group, was precisely Shrek Academy’s seven students as well as two deans and Grandmaster.

This time they arrived at Spirit Arena Thirteen. According to their original plan, everyone would one after another use their iron spirit badges to sign up. Under Grandmaster’s directions, the five people simultaneously participating in one versus one and two versus two fights signed up in two areas and at the same time explained they must participate in two bouts. The staff arranged for them to fight at certain times, so as not to have two fights overlap. At the same time, everyone separately altered the names on the iron spirit badges, from their true names to nicknames, using the names they agreed on in the day. Just altering a name cost each of them ten gold spirit coins, however because this time they didn’t need to enroll again, the

expense was only so much. As long as they managed one spirit fight victory, they could earn back the expense.

Tang San and Xiao Wu chose to first participate in two versus two, after that again joining one versus one, naturally separating from the other five. Oscar and Ning Rongrong had to wait for Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing to finish their one versus one bouts, therefore they also first went to one area.

Flender and Zhao Wuji followed the largest party to enter the one versus one spirit fighting area. Grandmaster followed Tang San and Xiao Wu to the two versus two spirit fighting area.

Since they would still battle later, Three Five Combination’s two versus two spirit fight was planned as the second bout in the Spirit Arena Thirteen’s two versus two area. Very quickly, it became the pair’s turn.

Grandmaster sat in the stands, together with numerous spectators. To ordinary people today was a weekend, therefore there were especially many spectators at the Great Spirit Arena. These Spirit Arenas had even more common people. Right now the first spirit battle had already evoked excitement, and shouts fell and rose in succession.

Tang San and Xiao Wu naturally didn’t have any fame. When they walked on stage at the announcer’s declaration, they earned no applause at all.

“, let us invite Three Five Combination’s opponents. Already having obtained four successive victories in two versus two spirit fights: Cat Rat Combination[16]. Relying on the most formidable strength, competing among Spirit Elders, they have obtained unprecedented success. If they are able to prevail over the opposing Three Five Combination today, then, they will have accomplished five successive victories. Perhaps, when they next appear at Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, they will enter the central spirit fighting area, that is a tremendous honor for spirit fighters.”

Cat Rat Combination? Hearing these words, Tang San and Xiao Wu looked face to face. Although they were unable to see each others’ expression under the masks, from the expression in the other’s eyes, they

still saw hints of a smile. Judging by the other side’s combination name, today’s opponent would be an agility attack system Spirit Master. Whether it was cat or rat, speed was the forte of both. But Tang San as a control system Spirit Master was just the nemesis of agility attack system Spirit Masters.

Under circumstances where the opponent’s rank didn’t exceed his by ten ranks, the two already had a certain confidence.

Very quickly, in a burst of enthusiastic applause, Three Five Combination’s opponents climbed onto the spirit fighting ring.

The arriving two Spirit Masters were one man and one woman. The woman was slender and tall, looking about twenty something years old, with a head of extremely attention grabbing fiery red short hair, a sharp expression, the ten fingers of both hands constantly moving rhythmically. Looking at her movements, Tang San immediately determined that this woman should be the cat of the Cat Rat Combination, since Dai Mubai once told him that the ten fingers moving rhythmically was a common trait of all of the cat family type spirits.

That man was built short and small, but contrary to what Tang San and Xiao Wu anticipated, he was unexpectedly rather fat. Even compared to Ma Hongjun his stature was excessive, his body appearing like an enormous ball. Whether it was his head or body, both were perfectly round. Only a pair of small and narrow little eyes gave people the feeling of a rat.

The thin cat and fat rat gave people a somewhat ridiculous feeling.

The Cat Rat Combination mounting the stage naturally also observed Tang San and Xiao Wu across from them. As they saw the masks Tang San and Xiao Wu wore they couldn’t help but stare blankly. Although Spirit Masters participating in spirit fights would somewhat cover up their identities, wearing masks like this was still quite rare.

The thin cat young lady snorted disdainfully, “Hiding the head and showing the tail[17], feigning mystery.”

As the spirit fight was about to begin, the mood of the surrounding spectators was already stirred. In such an enthusiastic atmosphere, the announcer didn’t dare delay, immediately declaring Spirit Arena Thirteen’s second two versus two spirit fight started.

Along with the announcer declaring the start, the Cat Rat Combination simultaneously used their Spirit Power, their bodies rapidly changing. After reaching thirtieth rank, as Beast Spirit Masters conducted Spirit Body Enhancement, their bodies changed even more than before.

Just like what Tang San anticipated, the young woman’s spirit was Cat. Sharp blades instantly ejecting between her fingers, on her head several locks of red hair brightened to silver, pupils becoming vertical. The upper part of the body crouching forward, ears slightly erect, on the arms appeared a layer of silvery fur. One white, one yellow and one purple spirit ring twinkled simultaneously, three spirit abilities capable of reaching the thousand year level. Clearly the spirit abilities of this young woman’s spirit rings weren’t common.

As for that fat rat’s transformation it appeared somewhat ridiculous. Mouth protruding, becoming pointed, producing several rat whiskers, under his upper lip two enormous buckteeth protruded. The small eyes went from small cracks to perfectly round. The round body equally crouching. Forearms becoming slender, black sharp claws ejecting from the fingertips. His three spirit rings were equally one white, one yellow and one purple.

Seeing the other side suddenly reveal their spirits, Tang San and Xiao Wu also didn’t hesitate. Xiao Wu leapt into the air, standing firmly with one foot on Tang San’s shoulder. The pair simultaneously released their spirits.

Growing long rabbit ears with white fur, even more slender legs in addition to two red eyes, those were all the characteristics of Xiao Wu. Compared to before, her arms also had some soft fur, but much finer than the other side’s thin cat.

Equally two yellow and one purple, altogether six spirit rings abruptly appeared over the Three Five Combination, immediately causing a commotion in the audience.

These spectators frequently watching spirit fights were naturally extremely familiar with the spirit ring levels of Spirit Masters. Two hundred year and one thousand year, in spirit rings, the Three Five Combination was clearly ahead of the opposing Cat Rat Combination. The previously extremely optimistic spectators on the Cat Rat Combination’s side immediately changed somewhat. But the atmosphere became even more enthusiastic; the more evenly matched the competitors the better the show.

The audience saw the power of the Three Five Combination’s spirit rings, so how could the Cat Rat Combination not see the same? But the spirit fight had already begun, they had no choice but to launch the arrow already on the bowstring.

The thin cat young lady sprung into action, both legs moving rapidly, the whole person like a whirlwind close to ground, sweeping towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, two spirit rings over her body flaring simultaneously. The sharp claws on her hands swung criss cross, ten bright silver claw traces splitting the air, simultaneously attacking both parts of the Three Five Combination.

Simultaneously, her speed reached a kind of terrifying degree. The pressure of her spirit power instantly reached its peak.

Of the two spirit abilities one was speed, one was sharp claw attack. Although he didn’t know the names, Tang San already judged correctly. Shrugging his shoulder, Xiao Wu on his shoulder used the power to leap up, soaring into the air, pouncing directly at the fat rat in the back. But Tang San circled both hands in front of his body, feet using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, hands directly employing Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, he wanted to test just how strong the opponent’s spirit power actually was.

Light and shadow flashed past. Tang San’s body was brought to stagger and he was secretly aghast. It was no wonder the Cat Rat Combination was able to gain four successive victories. This thin cat young woman’s spirit power had perhaps not reached any less than Dai Mubai’s level. Fortunately Tang San had used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track along with Controlling

Crane Catching Dragon, not only getting out of the way, but still relying on his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal power to deflect the opponent’s attack.
[1] (⽼鹅) “Old Goose”
[2] (天涯) “Horizon”

[3] ( 断刃) Possibly related, there’s another Chinese web novel author called Break Blade Horizon, using the same characters as here.
[4] 1尺2⼨ = 40 cm
[5] 8⼨ = 27 cm
[6] Idiom: Act swiftly and decisively.

[7] “Seventh [younger] sister” Zhu Zhuqing is the seventh oldest, Rongrong is the sixth.

[8] Point of interest: Apparently “eating tofu” is a euphemism for flirting.
[9] (邪眸⽩虎)
[10] (⾹肠专卖)
[11] (千⼿修罗)
[12] (邪⽕凤凰)
[13] (柔⾻魅兔) The character for Demon (魅) can also mean “magic”
or “to charm”
[14] (七宝琉璃)
[15] (幽冥灵猫)

[16] (猫⿏组合) Or “Cat Mouse Combination”
[17] Idiom meaning “half truth”, but is probably used more literally here.

Chapter 45

The thin cat young lady clearly did not hope to beat the enemy with her first attack. Just when Tang San diverted her silver claw flurry, she already pushed close to Tang San, her third spirit ring lighting up.

On the other side, Xiao Wu pounced from above, straight towards the fat rat. The fat rat also looked upwards to see her, but wasn’t panicked. His spherical body suddenly bounced upwards, his first two spirit rings simultaneously lighting up, his claws popping out. With a speed unlike his size, he approached Xiao Wu. His speed was surprisingly even faster than the thin cat.

Fat Rat’s stature was confusing to any type of enemy. Tang San’s first guess was right, they were both Agility System Spirit Masters. However, thin cat’s first spirit ring was Speed Boost, and that was a ten year spirit ring. Fat rat’s second spirit ring was Speed boost.

Hundred year spirit rings cannot be compared to ten year spirit rings, so actually Fat Rat’s speed was even faster than thin cat’s, but his strength was weaker than skinny cat’s in the first two spirit rings.

The two sides both started their confrontations. The flames of spirit fighting were also released at this moment.

When thin cat pushed near Tang San’s body, her third spirit ring had already released it’s ability. Her goal was to take down Tang San with the speed of ten thousand tons of lightning [1]and then go back to help Fat Rat.

When seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu with superior spirit rings, the experienced thin cat already decided to use this extreme method to fight. In normal fights, both sides do a bit of probing to find out the enemy’s spirit abilities before going all in. She did this because she was forced by their strong spirit rings. If she succeeded, the win would be theirs. Four wins in a row isn’t easy to get, and they don’t want to waste the five win streak. If that happens, the points and the money earned are tenfolded.

“Miaoo----” A shrill meow suddenly sounded. Thin cat young lady’s body changed in midair, her claws suddenly becoming ten times longer, changing into ten sharp swords aiming for Tang San. The spirit power on the claws made whistled through the air. The very air bended as it went through.

This obviously wasn’t her own strength anymore, but the powers that come with her third spirit abilities. Now, she was already right in front of Tang San, the elongated claws thrusted for many spots on Tang San. Her attack was also doubled by her thousand year spirit ring and was now undefendable for a same ranked Spirit Master.

If the enemy was any other Spirit Master, they might have actually been defeated by the courageous advancements of her. Locking down their front, the only option was to back off to dodge her attack, but Tang San had already backed off slightly, so he was very near the Spirit Fighting Stage’s edge. If he backed up right now, thin cat was sure she could push him off the stage.

Unfortunately, thin cat’s plans[2] failed. Her enemy Tang San once went through a life and death situation, how would he be easily beaten back?

As the sharp claws almost pierced through his body, suddenly, Tang San’s upper body disappeared without any warning.

Thin cat young lady blanked a little. Her movements were way too quick, so even she didn’t see how Tang San did it.

In reality Tang San’s actions were simple . All he did was bend backwards, letting his entire upper body fall back. Though he wasn’t as

flexible as Xiao Wu, doing this was still within his ability. However, because thin cat young lady was in front of him, doing this was exposing his chest. Though the thin cat young lady blanked, she immediately found Tang San’s seemingly wrong actions. All she has to do is flick her wrist downwards to win this fight.

Victory was imminent, and thin cat young lady couldn’t help but feel joy.
Flicking her wrist was such an easy move for her.

Thinking in her mind, she thought, This guy with a mask has decent spirit rings, but his real combat experience is horrible. He used this weakness exposing tactic to solve my previous attack.
However, she also forgot something. She forgot about Tang San’s spirit. Thin cat young lady’s joy only lasted a split second. The next moment,
she found that she couldn’t move her body at all, not even to flick her wrist downwards.

Tang San already released his Blue Silver Grass earlier when Xiao Wu jumped from his shoulders. Only his Blue Silver Grass was summoned along the ground. When thin cat young lady attacked, her body stopped for a split second and the dexterous Blue Silver Grass entangled her.

If not for the Blue Silver Grass’s entanglement, though she was very fast, how would Tang San expose his weakness in front of her?

After the bending back, Tang San somersaulted backwards, both legs kicking out onto the enemy’s wrists.

Thin cat young lady suddenly discovered she couldn’t move. Just when she wanted to struggle, Tang San’s two kicks came and a big force sent her flying backwards. At the same time, the spikes on the blue silver grass popped out, paralyzing her entire body, forcing her to concentrate all her spirit power to defend against it.

In a real combat situation, the advantage of the painfully obtained Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring was shown. Not only was Blue Silver Grass

extremely tough, the poison was also increased greatly. Binding looked like Tang San’s first spirit ability, but Blue Silver Grass was the main body of Tang San’s spirit, so every spirit ring would augment the Blue Silver Grass. This was the advantage of a Tool Spirit Vs a Beast spirit. Tool Spirit Masters, though their bodies couldn’t be augmented by the spirit, their spirit grew stronger consistently.

Though thin cat young lady struggled with all her might, her spirit power wasn’t even as strong as Dai Mubai’s or as intense, so how could she escape the blue silver grass? Under the paralyzing poison, she was absolutely controlled by Tang San.

Tang San walked his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. With one step, he came to thin cat young lady’s side. Flipping her with with the tips of his toes, her body fell off the Spirit Fighting Stage. According to the rules, the moment they fell off the stage, they were out.

At the same time as the thin cat young lady fell off the platform, Fat Rat was also thrown off on the other side.

As it turned out, Xiao Wu, who was dashing towards Fat Rat, without hesitation activated her Teleportation, flashing behind Fat Rat. Her scorpion braid whipping out, trapping the enemy’s neck, right leg kicking, throwing Fat Rat off the platform.

If it was a life and death situation, the thrown out Fat Rat would obviously still have fighting power. Xiao Wu, though she activated her Waist Bow, didn’t give the enemy a major injury. After all, beast type Spirit Masters all had very strong bodies, plus the enemy was prepared for it, unlike the ambushed Vulgar Uncle Bu Le, who didn’t even release his spirit power. In this fight, Fat Rat’s spirit wasn’t a flying type spirit, so how could he control his body in midair? He was thrown off at almost the same time as Thin Cat.

The fight started fast and ended faster. In the fight, in only the blink of an eye, the match was decided.

In the audience, those spectators cheering for the Cat Rat Combination instantly became quiet as mice, as Tang San and Xiao Wu settled on the Spirit Fighting Stage and smiled at each other.

Even they hadn’t thought today would be this easy. In their mind, they thought it was because of countering spirits. Tang San’s Control System and Xiao Wu’s Close Combat were both counters of Agility System Spirit Masters. Originally Xiao Wu should be countered by Agility System Spirit Masters, but now that she had Teleportation, it greatly reduced her own weaknesses. Under unprepared circumstances, the Fat Rat didn’t even activate his thousand year spirit ring before he was sent flying by her.

Grandmaster, sitting in the stands, nodded slightly. He was very satisfied with Tang San and Xiao Wu’s performance. As a spectator, he saw even clearer than everyone else. In the few moments of fighting, Tang San’s reaction time and his synergy with his own spirit were all perfect. Easily beating a team with higher spirit power wasn’t only because of countering spirits. The months of real combat training under his direction were starting to show results.

Under the announcement of the host, Three Five Combination received a good score of two consecutive wins, and their points rose to three.

Only now did the crowds around the stage finally start cheering. Though this fight was short, both Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass and Xiao Wu’s Teleportation opened their minds. The crowds were fair, and wouldn’t be miserly with their applause. The Three Five Combination, under the crowd’s cheers, silently left the stage. What awaited them still were a one versus one battle each.

Perhaps today was a lucky day for Shrek Seven Devils, in all the one versus one and two versus two spirit fights, everyone obtained victory. Among them Oscar and Dai Mubai named their combination Dual Winged White Tiger[3], referring to how under little Ao’s assistance, the Evil Eye White Tiger was like a tiger that had grown wings[4]. They faced an attack and defense system Spirit Master combination, Dai Mubai under the effect

of Oscar’s mushroom sausage, with speed fully compensating for his weaknesses, adding the flying capability, with a power not short of a thunderbolt he “delivered” one of the opponents outside the ring, after which the contest naturally held no suspense.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing named their combination Seven Treasures Civet[5], and as the opponents saw Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda their fighting spirit already dropped greatly. When facing a combination with an auxiliary system Spirit Master one should first attack the auxiliary system Spirit Master, but common Spirit Masters couldn’t want to offend the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School as one of the seven great sects. Therefore, two both twentieth ranked Spirit Masters had to confront Zhu Zhuqing with speed and strength boosted by thirty percent. Under the assistance of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, the current Zhu Zhuqing apart from not having a third spirit ability, already had strength surpassing the thirtieth ranked level, and relying on lightning-like speed she settled the opponents without wasting too much effort.

Five one versus one bouts, and three two versus two bouts ended in complete victory, for the opening of the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit fight journey it was a perfect start. Of course, they still hadn’t finished the spirit fights today, there was still one last bout waiting for them.

Successively eating two of his own sausages, then giving the others one recovery sausage each, Oscar’s face was proud. Obtaining a point the first time he took part in a fight, how could he be unhappy, especially since apart from using some of his spirit power to give Dai Mubai a mushroom sausage, he basically did nothing. He had not even needed to use his plan to escape the opponents’ attacks in the ring.

Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji looking at the seven disciples before them couldn’t help but nod inwardly, how could they be dissatisfied when these less than fifteen year olds were able to obtain this kind of success in the Spirit Arena?

Grandmaster said: “We should go join the team battles, as a result of signing up for late bouts you should be competing close to last.

Remember, what you will confront is a team over thirtieth rank. Team battles are different from one versus one and two versus two, the teamwork between each other is far more important than individual fighting strength. Since the counterpart fights as a team, they will not lack any type of Spirit Master. As for tactics, it depends on how they are arranged.”

Dai Mubai said: “Grandmaster, don’t say you’re still not happy with our teamwork? Little San, you are a control system Spirit Master, when we’re fighting later you take command, all of us will listen to you.”

Tang San didn’t object, as the soul of the team, this was his duty.

“Well, later Mubai, Xiao Wu, Zhuqing, you three are our main assault, Mubai in the middle, Xiao Wu and Zhuqing supporting on the side. I’ll be in the middle to as far as possible restrain the opponents and support your attack. Fatty. You stay in the rear, use your Phoenix Fire Wire to perform ranged attacks and protect little Ao and Rongrong. Little Ao, begin preparing now, get everyone one of each of your three sausages, any problems?”

Oscar said: “No problem, my spirit power is still sufficient.”

Tang San last turned to Ning Rongrong, “Pay attention to your safety. You and little Ao mustn’t be far from Fatty’s side. If the opponents launch an attack towards you there’s no need to be nervous. Me and Fatty will work together to protect you.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, “What nervous? It doesn’t seem like I can even feel that.”

Dai Mubai said: “Good. Let’s go.”

The team battle arena obviously had to be much larger than for one versus one and two versus two, and the contestants’ lobby appeared especially bustling. At least thirty Spirit Masters waited here.

One must know, in all of Balak Kingdom, there were only two Spirit Arenas on the scale of Suotuo Great Spirit Arena: one was here, the other was Balak Great Spirit Arena in Balak Kingdom’s capital. One might say that Spirit Masters wanting to join in spirit fights in Balak Kingdom practically had to gather in these two cities, otherwise there wouldn’t be this many Spirit Masters here.

According to Spirit Hall’s statistics, in the whole Continent there were no more than a hundred thousand Spirit Masters, of them the Spirit Masters residing in Balak Kingdom were only two thousand or so, that’s all. From this, Great Spirit Arena could attract an amount of Spirit Masters.

Even if it was Spirit Masters on the level of Flender and Zhao Wuji, there were still many participating in big spirit fights. Because of the high level and powerful strength, the earnings they could obtain from Great Spirit Arena were considerable. Were it not for Zhao Wuji’s numerous enemies and Flender’s arrogance, with the Academy’s finances in a slump, maybe they also would have participated in spirit fights.

Sure enough like what Grandmaster said, Tang San’s group would be second from last to appear. They couldn’t go see the fights outside, and among the seven were four who had experienced two spirit fights and all had used some spirit power. Even though they had the assistance of Oscar’s recovery sausage, spirit power couldn’t recover completely in such a short time. So taking advantage of the time before they had to appear, the seven sat down in a corner meditating to aggregate spirit power, preparing for the fight later.

If only one person wore a mask, perhaps they wouldn’t draw too much attention, but when seven people wore the same mask, as they entered this team battle lobby they couldn’t avoid drawing the attention of others. The majority of Spirit Masters on seeing Tang San’s party revealed alert expressions.

Although they couldn’t see the faces of the Shrek Seven Devils, from their stature and clothing they could still make out at they consisted of three women and four men. Among Spirit Master teams, female Spirit Masters

were only one fifth as many as the male Spirit Masters, so this kind of team was already somewhat odd.

As Tang San’s seven were quietly cultivating and waiting to enter, a more than two meters tall, extremely sturdy large man suddenly walked in their direction. From his appearance he was over thirty years old, with a naked torso exposing exaggerated suntanned muscles, no need to ask, he was another strength model Spirit Master.

“Hey, little miss, with your figure, what are you doing covering your face, let big brother have a look.” He spoke to the one among the three girls of the Shrek Seven Devils with the most fiery figure, Zhu Zhuqing. Although Zhu Zhuqing was the youngest, her degree of development constantly made Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong envious. Right now with face covered by a mask, there was basically no indication she was just a twelve year old girl.

“Get lost.” Her reply was very consistent with her usual personality, only one cold utterance[6].

“Is it that your face is shameful? Little girl, don’t you know who I am? You dare talk to me that way.” As he spoke, he already raised his big hand.

“She told you to get lost, didn’t you hear?” Dai Mubai stood up sharply, stepping in front of Zhu Zhuqing. Although he was a size smaller than the opponent, the sudden eruption of his imposing manner made the opponent pause.

“Looking to die.” The big man fiercely widened his eyes, right hand suddenly swinging, swatting down at Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai snorted coldly, his right fist swinging up to meet the opponent’s palm.

With a muffled peng, the big man’s body swayed once, but Dai Mubai took two steps back, a cold light flashing in the four pupils of his Evil Eyes, intense killing intent immediately exploding out from the oldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, the Evil Eye White Tiger.

The Shrek Seven Devils to the side naturally saw Dai Mubai get the worst of it. As a power type Spirit Master, although Dai Mubai hadn’t used his spirit, his spirit power could affect his attack. By him being sent back two steps it could clearly be seen that the opponent’s spirit power was higher than his. One must know that currently Dai Mubai was already a thirty seventh ranked Spirit Elder, moreover about to enter the thirty eighth rank. Being beaten back by the counterpart under these kinds of circumstances, then, this robust large man before them very possibly was thirty eighth ranked, or even thirty ninth ranked Spirit Elder. In the thirtieth rank, his spirit power was already a top level existence.

“Stop fighting!” When both sides stood with swords drawn and bows bent[7], on the verge of a large fight, a neutral voice suddenly interposed itself, a seeming like a forty something years old middle aged man approached with large strides. He didn’t seem to use any power, but with only two steps appeared between Dai Mubai and the large man.

“Don’t you know you can’t have personal fights in the Spirit Arena waiting area? These are the rules of the Great Spirit Arena. If you must fight, go do so on the Spirit Arena stage.”

Seeing this middle aged man, that previously bristling with anger big man unexpectedly immediately changed complexion, “Manager Ao[8], my bad, I briefly didn’t hold back.”

The middle aged man called manager Ao gazed at the Shrek Seven Devils, “You must be that newly registered team Shrek Seven Devils. All right, you don’t need to argue here, as it happens, today you will be each other’s opponents in the Spirit Arena. Whatever your grievances, settle them yourselves in the arena. Mad Xi[9], the next time you let me catch you causing trouble, don’t blame me for being rude, this is the last time I’ll warn you, remember it.”

“Yes, yes, no need to repeat it, no need to repeat it.” Mad Xi’s strong body and that ridiculous expression on his face seemed extremely unharmonious, but as his gaze changed direction to Dai Mubai, it immediately became cold, extending a finger to point at Dai Mubai, “Kid,

just wait till later. I’ll beat you till your mama won’t recognize you, or my[10] name isn’t Mad Xi.”

Finished speaking, Mad Xi turned around and left.

That manager Ao cast a glance at Dai Mubai, indifferently saying: “Don’t be deceived by appearances. Mad Xi is the captain of Mad Battle Team, all their members are over thirty fifth rank spirit power. In the seven days since they registered at the Spirit Arena their team has already obtained seven successive victories on the Spirit Elder rank. If they can accomplish ten successive victories, they will be directly advanced to copper spirit fights. With their strength, they could be counted as first class among the thirtieth ranked copper spirit fighter teams, they would even be outstanding. You’re on your own. If you admit your strength is insufficient, after going on stage immediately admit defeat. If Mad Battle Team acts, you’ll end up wounded or dead.”

Manager Ao didn’t speak loudly, just enough to let all the Shrek Seven Devils hear him, then turned around and left. But after the other Spirit Masters saw manager Ao, they didn’t look in their direction again.

Dai Mubai curled his lips, “I didn’t expect that the first time we climb onto the Spirit Fighting Stage we would encounter a bone so difficult to chew. Wounded or dead? I want to see who really ends up wounded or dead.”

“That Mad Xi isn’t simple.” Oscar said, “Boss Dai, remember the first thing this manager said, don’t be deceived by appearances. He gave us a hint, Mad Xi isn’t a boorish as he appears. Able to become a team captain, leading his team to seven successive victories, frightening the other teams, that can’t be accomplished by strength alone. This fellow might be specially probing our strength.”

Dai Mubai nodded, “Very possible, if it’s like this, we must be cautious. Everyone listen up, if the situations turn for the worse, don’t force it.

Immediately use little Ao’s mushroom sausage and escape the ring. Everyone’s safety must be the first priority.”

As the captain of the Shrek Seven Devils team, Dai Mubai wasn’t a person that would let emotions affect his decisions, but he also wouldn’t helplessly watch his girl be insulted. Of course, the words “his girl” were only recognized by him alone, Zhu Zhuqing absolutely wouldn’t acknowledge them.

Tang San said:

“The opponents have the advantage in rank. Since that Mad Xi is written xi, his spirit should be Rhinoceros[11]. A Spirit Master inclined towards the defensive physical strength type. When attacking, we should as much as possible refrain from clashing with him. First attack the opponent’s lower ranked Spirit Masters. Leave this Mad Xi to me. I’ll restrain him as far as possible.”

The thirteenth Spirit Arena altogether had five rings. Before the third match the Shrek Seven Devils had an hour of rest. Finally, it was their turn.

Shrek Seven Devils left the Spirit Master resting area at the same time as Mad Battle Team. Now, they finally saw all the members of the Mad Battle Team.

The imposingly large Mad Xi walked ahead of them. Following closely behind were two middle aged men of around the same age, the two had a somewhat similar appearance, and should be a pair of brothers, with ordinary builds and gloomy complexions.

Further in the rear was a glamorous woman, the only female in the Mad Battle Team. Through the heavy makeup her age couldn’t be made out, but by her figure she should be over twenty. Her clothes were also extremely revealing, on her upper body she only wore cloth wrapped around her chest[12], and although she wore a skirt it was thin as gauze, and her skin could be faintly seen through it.

The flirtatious woman threw Dai Mubai walking first of the Shrek Seven Devils a coquettish look. Dai Mubai didn’t even give her a glance, he had seen numerous beautiful women, and most disliked this kind of heavy makeup. From the start he didn’t have even a bit of interest.

Dai Mubai wasn’t interested, but he didn’t represent the interest of the others, for example a certain Fatty. Right now his Evil Fire was already rising. Secretly swallowing, in his mind playing out some fantasies not suitable for children.

Behind the flirtatious woman were two slightly built youths, constantly watching in every direction with flickering gazes.

Walking last of the Mad Battle Team was their oldest member, at least over forty, appearing very average, his clothes also quite simple, if he wasn’t in this Great Spirit Arena it would be difficult to connect him with the two words ‘Spirit Master’.

As the Shrek Seven Devils observed the opponents, the opponents naturally also observed them. Unfortunately, among the Shrek Seven Devils apart from Fatty’s distinctive figure, the others all had very ordinary builds, and with their faces all hidden behind Shrek masks it was very difficult to discern anything.

The team Spirit Fighting Stage was much larger than for one versus one and two versus two, its diameter reaching forty meters. The surrounding audience was also twice as large, and by now the stands were already packed. On the Spirit Fighting Stage were some bloodstains, clearly left behind from the previous team spirit fight.

The Mad Battle Team’s appearance at once ignited the audience’s craze, strong cheers resounded from everywhere.

“Tear them to shreds……, Kill them……” Similar calls not only increased the pressure, but also made people's blood boil.

The announcer on the stage was unexpectedly that manager Ao who helped the Shrek Seven Devils out before, standing in the center of the ring,

“The fourth bout, team battles. The two sides ready to fight are: Mad Battle Team and Shrek Seven Devils. Regarding the Mad Battle Team, I think there is already no need for a lengthy introduction, they have already obtained a brilliant record of seven successive victories, if they can keep it up and in the future win a few more bouts, then, they will very possibly set the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s record for fastest reaching copper spirit fights. , let us have a look at the mysterious assembly on the other side. This team completed registration just today, this is also their first team spirit fight. How unfortunate that they must face Mad Battle Team. These masked Spirit Masters are called Shrek Seven Devils.”

Whether it was because the Mad Battle Team had too many supporters or the Shrek Seven Devils’ masks gave the spectators a bad feeling, as manager Ao announced their name, the surrounding audience immediately booed.

The area of the round forty meter diameter Spirit Fighting Stage was already exceptionally large, more than a thousand square meters[13], therefore even though both sides lined up had more than fourteen people, it still didn’t seem crowded.

Following manager Ao’s proclamations, the Shrek Seven Devils and Mad Battle team each assumed their formations.

On the Mad Battle Team’s side, furthest in front was the team captain Mad Xi, and close behind his back were those two gloomy middle aged men, the three people adopting a triangular formation.

The flirtatious woman was in the centre of the seven, still wearing a charming smile. The two slightly built youths were on the two flanks, and that appearing very ordinary older middle aged man was last. The whole formation resembled a pointed awl.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ side similarly got into their formation. Different from the opponents’ 3-3-1 formation, the Shrek Seven Devils assumed a 3- 1-1-2 formation, the seven people split into four rows.

Furthest in front was Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing, second was Tang San, third was Ma Hongjun, and last was Oscar and Ning Rongrong.

Oscar stuck close to where Ning Rongrong stood. At present he didn’t have any assignment, the three sausages Tang San requested for everyone he had already handed out. Even if they had to be replenished, he could accomplish it quickly.

“What are you doing this close to me?” Ning Rongrong said in a low voice.

Oscar said: “In case someone attacks you, I can shield you with my body.”

If she had heard Oscar’s words in an ordinary situation, Ning Rongrong would certainly have thought he was trying something. But right now Oscar’s words didn’t sound a bit joking, his gaze all along fixed on the opponents not far away, his voice also clearly became thick.

Having two auxiliary system Spirit Masters was admittedly good, but it also meant the Shrek Seven Devils’ fighting strength was five people. Facing a team of thirty fifth ranked or higher members the pressure was obvious, and Ning Rongrong with the Seven Treasured Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit would clearly be the opponents’ main target. One must know that with her there they could increase their strength by thirty percent.

The announcer separately asked both sides if they were ready. As team captains, Dai Mubai and the other side’s Mad Xi simultaneously indicated their preparations were complete.

“Starting countdown from five. Five, four, three, two, one. Team spirit battles, fourth bout. Begin!”

One versus one and two versus two bouts didn’t have this countdown. For the sake of letting both sides’ Spirit Masters have time to release their spirits, like this, in the fight, it could prevent effects of someone releasing their spirit slowly. Of course, to the Great Spirit Arena, it was in order to let the spirit fight become more dramatic and attract the audience.

“Brothers, release spirits.” Dai Mubai shouted loudly. His imposing manner suddenly increased, the muscles all over his body expanding in a flash, both arms stretching out to either side, releasing his Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement.

At the same time, both sides simultaneously released their spirits. In a moment, Beast Spirit Masters’ bodies changed, Tool Spirit Masters summoned their spirits, the whole Spirit Fighting Stage immediately becoming incomparably dazzling. Tang San finally understood why the audience liked watching team spirit fights. This starting moment alone already couldn’t be compared to the two other kinds of spirit fights. Imagine, fourteen Spirit Masters simultaneously releasing their spirits, dazzlingly beautiful spirit rings shining simultaneously, such a grand scene.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, the colors of the Spirit Elders’ spirit rings were the same, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Tang San and Xiao Wu, all had two yellow and one purple, in other words two hundred year and one thousand year, altogether three spirit rings. The other three also each had two hundred year spirit rings.

Compared to the Shrek Seven Devils, the opposing Mad Battle Team clearly had somewhat unevenly matched spirit rings. Mad Xi had one white, one yellow, one purple. A standard ten year, hundred year and thousand year assembly. The two gloomy middle aged men at his side each had one white and two yellow. Clearly a lot weaker spirit rings. The only one with a first rate spirit ring configuration was unexpectedly that flirtatious woman, the same as the four Spirit Elders on the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, she also possessed the aid of two yellow and one purple spirit ring.

Of the other three, although they were also thirtieth ranked Spirit Masters, a thousand year spirit ring only appeared over that last very ordinary looking older middle aged man, his spirit rings were the same as Mad Xi, and the other two had one white and two yellow.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ side’s neat colors immediately formed a clear contrast with the other side’s uneven matchup. Although Mad Xi who had previously already sounded out Dai Mubai’s strength had a certain preparedness, as he saw the Shrek Seven Devils unexpectedly had four

Spirit Elders with first rate spirit ring arrangements, he was still alarmed. Fortunately, they still had three Spirit Grandmasters, otherwise, perhaps he would have immediately thought of surrender.

From the contrast of spirit rings before them it could be seen just how rare higher level spirit rings were, for common Spirit Masters obtaining a good spirit ring was exceedingly difficult. After all, spirit beasts that produced excellent spirit rings were all much more powerful than Spirit Masters, they could only be obtained safely with powerful assistance.

The originally noisy crowd now became silent, the impact of seeing four purple spirit rings was absolutely not small. To say nothing of the Shrek Seven Devils’ side not having even one white spirit ring, this was sufficient testimony of their backgrounds.

Manager Ao was equally startled by the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit rings, but he still recovered to normal very quickly, and along with declaring the start retreated swiftly, his speed incredibly high, clearly he was a Spirit Master with not inconsiderable strength.

The first to act wasn’t the Battle Spirit Masters both sides had in front, but the auxiliary system Spirit Masters in the back. Light shone in the palm of that older middle aged man, in his hand was already a silver disk. The white and yellow spirit rings over his body simultaneously flared.

“Wishful Disk[14], let defensive light blossom[15], Wishful Disk, let offensive halo blossom[16].”

Two halos the same color as the two spirit rings released in a flash, giving each of the six comrades in front of him a layer of yellow and white light.

[1] (雷霆万钧之势) Literally “Thunderclap’s ten thousand jun power” where a jun is 30 jin, or 15 kg, so something like an instantaneous irresistible force.

[2]( 如意算盘) Literally “As one wants - abacus”. Means the calculated plans that one made based on predictions.

[3] (双翼⽩虎)
[4] “A tiger that has grown wings” is also an idiom referring to redoubling power.
[5] (七宝灵猫)
[6] In RAW her reply is only one character ( 滚 ), but English is less succinct.

[7] Idiom: Ready for battle.

[8] (敖主管) “Rambling”, a different ao from Oscar.
[9] (狂犀) “Mad Rhinoceros”, the “mad” from “Mad Battle Team”.
[10] Mad Xi uses (laozi ⽼⼦) here, or “I, your father”, which is an extremely arrogant way to refer to oneself.
[11] (犀⽜) The first character is the xi in Mad Xi.
[12] By RAW she’s wearing a moxiong (抹胸) or basically a wide cloth wrapped around the breasts.

[13] 1256.64 m2 to be more precise

[14] (如意之盘) “Disk that acts as desired”

[15] (防御之光绽放)

[16] (攻击光环绽放)

Chapter 46

On the Shrek Seven Devils side, dazzlingly beautiful light already shone in Ning Rongrong’s hand. In her right palm was a more than one chi[1] tall seven colored pagoda.

Gem-like light twinkling, exuding a noble air, Ning Rongrong had a smile on her face, her entire body floating in the air like an immortal. Auxiliary system Spirit Master spirit incantations rose from her lips.

“Seven Treasure Words, first: Strength.” “Seven Treasure Words, second: Speed.”
The two spirit rings circling around Ning Rongrong spiraled up simultaneously, enveloping the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, fourteen lines of light were released simultaneously, separately reaching out to her and her six companions.

Relaxation and warmth, these two kinds of feelings simultaneously spread through the bodies of the Shrek Seven Devils, physical strength and speed in a moment receiving a thirty percent boost.

This Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda was actually too familiar to many people, seeing their opponents unexpectedly had a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, the expressions of the Mad Battle Team’s members immediately became unsightly. Let alone the Seven Glazed Tile Pagoda’s effect on teammates being first among auxiliary system Spirit

Masters, the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School background alone was already enough to give them pause.

“Up—” The arrow was on the bow string, there was no choice but to let it fly. Right now Mad Xi already didn’t have the time to think too much, although in his heart he regretted the previous provocation to Dai Mubai, at this moment he could only finish the battle before him before talking about it again. Plotting this time’s victory, they absolutely couldn’t like before injure the opponent. They mustn’t offend the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School.

Mad Xi’s spirit was indeed Rhinoceros[2], after releasing his spirit, not only did his body grow one size, his skin growing a layer of horn[3] that was just like armor, what changed the most was his head, growing a more than half a chi[4] long horn that twinkled with light brown light. Along with his loud shout, light rushed out from his ten year spirit ring. With an imposing manner he charged towards Dai Mubai.

The two Spirit Masters by Mad Xi’s side were also classified in the power system, both were Beast Spirit Masters, using identical spirits, heads growing two horns, skin a layer of white fur, they were grand Sheep[5] Spirits. In concert with Mad Xi, they charged simultaneously.

As a team, coordination was extremely important. The Mad Battle Team’s auxiliary system Spirit Master gave them a five percent defense boost and ten percent offense boost. Compared to the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda’s amplification, the difference was really too far. Otherwise, how would the Seven Glazed Tile Pagoda be called the premier Support Spirit.

Behind Mad Xi’s trio, the two agility attack system Spirit Masters also moved swiftly, their spirits were Monkey[6], their bodies covered by yellow fur, with incomparable speed they detoured around either side of Dai Mubai’s trio, directly aiming for Ning Rongrong.

At the same time, that flirtatious young woman with the first rate spirit rings acted. She was also a Beast Spirit Master, able t o hold the central position of the team, besides strength, it was her Spirit Master cultivation

direction, the same as Tang San, she was also a control system Spirit Master. What amazed Tang San was that this flirtatious young woman’s Beast Spirit was unexpectedly Spider[7]. In the instant of her Spirit Body Enhancement, Tang San finally took note of her. As the flirtatious young woman’s spirit released, her whole body was covered by a layer of pink light, wavy long hair rising into eight locks, unexpectedly taking the shape of eight spider legs to the sides of her head. On her forehead was a spider web mark, her two eyes also became pink.

Along with the first spirit ring flaring, raising both hands, a line of spider silk shot out from her palm, aimed into the air where it began to weave together.

Seeing the opponent’s control system Spirit Master was a Spider, even Dai Mubai couldn’t help but smile. The Man Faced Demon Spider had a name among arachnid spirit beasts: that was Spider King. He didn’t even need to think about it, he already knew the other side’s spirit was restrained by their side.

Tang San coolly observed the situation. He shouted loudly, “Fatty, midair, Phoenix Fire Wire, launch.”

Ma Hongjun was already prepared from long ago, purple red flames sprayed out, going straight for the spider web in the air.

It was also at just this moment that Tang San also acted. Several tens of Blue Silver Grass abruptly spread out from below him, not at all forward, but rather to the sides, the Binding ability activating doubly, directly blocking those two Monkey Spirit agility attack system young Spirit Masters.

Control system restrained agility attack system, this was something any Spirit Master knew. Seeing the Blue Silver Grass mill out, the two surprisingly fast Monkey Spirit Masters immediately came to a halt.

Tang San’s hand also rose, without even looking to either side, the round green light in his palm was already thrown with the Arrow Hand Throw technique, targeting Mad Xi furthest in front of the opponents.

Mad Xi naturally saw the green light released by Tang San, he also understood this person on the other side was a control system Spirit Master, and without thinking launched his second spirit ring. Along with his enormous body rushing forward, he simultaneously swung his fists, a dazzling black light shone from the fists, the two unexpectedly collided in midair, becoming an enormous black light wave, rushing straight for the yellow green light Tang San sent out.

It had to be said that Mad Xi’s actual combat experience was unusually rich, the target of his black light wave wasn’t just the green light Tang San launched, once it smashed the green light, then, its next target was Dai Mubai.

But, could he truly stop that green light?

Mad Xi in the end still overlooked one thing: when Tang San released the green light, it was his third spirit ring that shone, just that purple thousand year spirit ring.

The green light wasn’t destroyed by the black light, it also didn’t clash with the black light. The black light’s attack swept down, but at this moment, a Blue Silver Grass quietly stretched out from a tricky angle, just enough to nudge behind the green light, at the soft touch, originally about to meet with the black light the green light floated up into the air and again back down.

“Mad Xi, careful!” The flirtatious young woman’s face changed, hurriedly shouting a loud warning. Right now, in midair that not fully formed spider web was already completely changed before Ma Hongjun’s Evil Fire, without reaching half its original effect. With Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda amplification, the originally not inconsiderable spirit power difference had been substantially pulled closer. This artillery-like attack of Ma Hongjun’s could display the full might of his Evil Fire.

Mad Xi of course knew he had to be careful, but speed was after all not his area of expertise. The black light his fists threw out was now already impacting the second spirit ability White Tiger Light Wave Dai Mubai

unleashed, the white and black colors colliding immediately caused an enormous boom. This time, Mad Xi didn’t have any advantage, at the same time as Dai Mubai came to a stop, he swayed once.

The green light finally revealed its true nature, in a flash spreading out into a large net dropping from the sky, completely enveloping Mad Xi’s body within. The spider web abruptly tightened, closely twisting Mad Xi’s body together.

With Spider Web Restraint having double the toughness of Blue Silver Grass, Mad Xi wanting to break free from within the large net became practically an impossible matter.

A burst of smoke simultaneously appeared under the spider web, the spider web’s additional corrosive and paralysing types of poison unleashed simultaneously, starting to erode the horn layer on Mad Xi’s skin.

“Little San, well done.” Dai Mubai seeing mad Xi successfully contained by Tang San, immediately roused his spirit, stomping down forcefully, he shot forward like an arrow, his target the leftmost Sheep Spirit Master. Confronting the opponent’s charge, he basically lazily side stepped. Just what is called ‘a lamb in a tiger’s den’, with their spirits’ innate contrast, the atmosphere around Dai Mubai already had a not inconsiderable effect on the opponent.

Xiao Wu’s figure flashed, meeting the other Sheep Spirit Master, and Zhu Zhuqing accelerated with all her strength, flanking from the side, regardless of that control system Spirit Master, directly targeting the rearmost Wishful Disk Support Spirit Master.

The fight was now already in full swing, in the first exchange, it was clearly the Mad Battle Team that had suffered greatly, their principal fighting strength Mad Xi was twisted up in Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, making their frontline situation immediately disadvantageous.

At this moment, the Mad Battle Team revealed the strength of their seven successive victories. Among any one Spirit Master team, regardless of the

number of people, the control system Spirit Master was the soul of the team.

The flirtatious young woman seeing Mad Xi trapped didn’t reveal any impatience, instead swiftly advancing, pouncing towards Mad Xi, at the same time shouting in a loud voice: “Both Monkeys withdraw, protect Wishful Disk! Both Sheep hold fast!”

The two Monkey Spirit Masters previously blocked by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass were already swiftly retreating to their side, now hearing the flirtatious young woman’s orders, they pounced at Zhu Zhuqing without the slightest hesitation.

Mad Xi in his violent struggle had now already fallen down, he wanted to rely on his physical strength to struggle free of Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, but that corrosive poison constantly coming from the spider web was swiftly eroding his horn layer. His defensive power was admittedly very high, but this didn’t at all mean he was immune to poison. The outermost horn layer had already been corroded, and the more violently he struggled, the tighter the spider web became. Right now it was already gradually deepening.

When the flirtatious young woman saw Tang San in an instant shooting the spider web she was already greatly shocked, although Tang San’s spider web was constituted of Blue Silver Grass, she clearly understood that the opponent’s third spirit ring certainly came from an arachnid spirit beast. But she with a spider spirit confronting this kind of opponent didn’t have any confidence. Right now her goal was very simple, first she had to dissolve the spider web over Mad Xi.

“Your opponent is me.” Tang San’s calm and steady voice echoed next to the flirtatious young woman’s ear, Blue Silver Grass milled out, going straight for entwining her body. He absolutely wouldn’t give Mad Xi the opportunity to recover his fighting strength.

Dai Mubai confronting the Sheep Spirit Master already held the absolute advantage, even though the opponent’s spirit power wasn’t weaker than his, his spirit’s advantage was really too big, before his berserk tiger claw attack, the opponent could only retreat step by step. But neither side had used their third spirit ring, that was a last resort - only for when absolutely necessary, no one would use it lightly.

Different from Dai Mubai’s relaxation, Xiao Wu ran into some trouble. Her opponent was equally a Sheep Spirit Master, and besides clashing with spirit abilities, this Sheep Spirit Master’s second spirit ability was unexpectedly a rare Trampling[8]. Even though Trampling didn’t have much range, whenever Xiao Wu was about to get close, he unleashed the Trampling ability, and basically didn’t give Xiao Wu the opportunity to close in. At the same time, after Xiao Wu was shaken by the Trampling ability, she still had to face the opponent’s charge, several times narrowly escaping injury, for the moment she still didn’t dare press the attack. Her Teleportation ability was unexpectedly sealed by a second spirit ring Trampling ability. Although the opponent’s ability could only restrain her for a second, this second still left Xiao Wu largely helpless. To say nothing of the opponent’s spirit power being higher than hers, for the moment, they could still only tangle up each other, neither of them had a method to deal with their opponent.

Zhu Zhuqing’s speed was matchless, under the effect of Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, by practically only dodging sideways a few time she had already reached the other side’s Wishful Disk Spirit Master. Right now, those two Monkey Spirit Masters were still a short distance away from her.

The first spirit ability Hell Rush Stab, activated. With the help of her spirit ability, Zhu Zhuqing’s speed redoubled. The sharp claws on her fingertips already extending, directly targeting the opposing Spirit Master’s neck. As long as she could successfully down the opponent, his support capability would disappear and her goal would be achieved.

Blue Silver Grass rushed out frantically, tangling towards the flirtatious young woman.

Facing Tang San’s attack, the flirtatious young woman didn’t dare take any chances. As the linchpins of both sides, they at last collided. The flirtatious young woman’s second spirit ring flared, both simultaneously lifted their heads. This time, she was no longer squirting spider thread from her palms, rather spider silk welled out from her whole body. Although the spider silk was more delicate than Blue Silver Grass, it won out in quantity, forming a protective screen in front of her, able to rigidly block the Blue Silver Grass.

Where the spider silk came into contact with Blue Silver Grass they constantly made a popping sound, that was the confrontation of poison. With a spider spirit, how could the flirtatious young woman’s spirit ability not contain poison?

The flirtatious young woman’s spider silk apparently had an identical development direction as Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. Spider silk was tough, Blue Silver Grass itself also relied on flexible strength, both sides were deadlocked in midair, nobody able to deal with the opponent. They could only rely on poison to attack each other. In this respect, Blue Silver Grass with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s toxicity clearly held the advantage, the supplemental corrosive poison constantly corroding the spider silk.

Although the flirtatious young woman was inwardly shocked, right now her goal was already attained. As long as she could use this opportunity to release Mad Xi, then, the chance for victory still lay on their side.

At this time, with a pu sound, a flame as thick as an arm passed through a small opening in the Blue Silver Grass, directly bombarding the flirtatious young woman’s woven together spider web. The purple red flame not only directly opened a gap in the spider web, but at the same time adhered to it, quickly spreading to the sides. It was the arrival of Ma Hongjun’s support.

Tang San praised him inwardly, and with a flick of his wrist, again launched a round green light, just right to thread its way through the hole in the opponent’s spider web, going straight for that flirtatious young woman. As long as he was able to restrain the other side’s control system Spirit Master, this fight would lose any suspense.

If the flirtatious young woman didn’t duck quickly, she would have been injured by Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire. Phoenix Fire Wire when Ma Hongjun had already released Bathing Fire Phoenix greatly increased its attack power, its temperature incomparably high. Most terrifying, his Phoenix Fire Wire didn’t just attack in a straight line, but under Ma Hongjun’s control it moved like a long whip of flame, able to destroy her spider web in a few waves.

Seeing Tang San’s attack already arriving, the flirtatious young woman could no longer manage to help Mad Xi, by falling down she managed to avoid Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint.

Spider Web Restraint spread out in the air, how could its five meter diameter range be so easy to escape. At this moment, the third spirit ring over the flirtatious young woman finally flared. On either side of her head, the eight locks of hair extended, enveloped by pink light, becoming eight two meter whips, swinging simultaneously, they unexpectedly halted Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint. Most peculiarly, these pink whips weren’t affected by the adhesive on the spider web, rolling her body, she escaped the covering range of the spider web.

Peng——, the Wishful Disk Spirit Master confronting the agility attack system Zhu Zhuqing basically didn’t stand a chance. Just like control system subdued agility attack system, agility attack system also especially subdued auxiliary system. Zhu Zhuqing’s one hand sliced at the opponent’s neck, the Wishful Disk Spirit Master didn’t even groan, collapsing unconscious to the ground.

But, the moment Zhu Zhuqing appeared before him, he knew he was unable to escape, and also released his third spirit ability. That Wishful Silver Disk discharged a layer of strange silvery light, immediately afterward, at the same time as Zhu Zhuqing hit him, that silvery light already successfully transformed into six parts, and simultaneously infused into the other six members of the team.

And this moment was also just when that flirtatious young woman escaped from Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint.

The silvery light entering them, the Mad Battle Team’s bodies trembled once, the next moment, their eyes unexpectedly simultaneously reddened, their bodies also expanding a full size. Even Mad Xi on the ground still in the Spider Web Restraint, relied on his waist strength to leap up from the ground.

Dai Mubai originally already held the complete advantage, but after his opponent was infused with the silvery light, he unexpectedly suddenly became frenzied, not only greatly increasing spirit power, but at the same time both eyes turning deep red, firmly forcing Dai Mubai to retreat, and moreover frantically charging at him.

Xiao Wu’s circumstances were still worse than Dai Mubai’s, that silvery light infusing her opponent more than increasing spirit power and becoming frenzied, at the same time, that Trampling ability’s range also became much greater. Along with the intense shaking, Xiao Wu’s body immediately grew stiff, unable to dodge the opponent’s charge.

In this key moment, team coordination at once showed its effects, a Blue Silver Grass quietly twisted around Xiao Wu’s waist, forcefully pulling back her body, getting her out of the way of the opponent’s attack.

The two Monkey Spirit Masters’ speed suddenly increased, unexpectedly catching up to Zhu Zhuqing and pressuring her. And the flirtatious young woman’s long pink hair in front of Tang San grew longer in a flash, diverting four to directly strike at the Spider Web on Mad Xi’s body, tearing with all their might, adding to Mad Xi using all his strength, that Spider Web Restraint on his body unexpectedly gave way slightly. Although Mad Xi’s body had a large web of scars, as long as he was able to break away from the Spider Web Restraint, then, with him joining the opponents, the situation would immediately change.
The other four locks rapidly extended, whipping straight for Tang San. Right now Tang San was a bit empty, successively releasing two Spider
Web Restraints had already consumed two thirds of his spirit power. Confronting the opponent’s fanatical attack, Blue Silver Grass was already insufficient to obstruct it, helplessly, he had no choice but to use Ghost

Shadow Perplexing Track to swiftly withdraw. Fortunately he had Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire cover blocking the other side’s attack. Among the seven of the Mad Battle Team, besides the Wishful Disk Spirit Master unconscious on the ground, the majority had already sunk into a kind of special state, apparently only that spider woman Spirit Master still kept her head clear. Although Phoenix Evil Fire was her nemesis, she used Mad Xi’s body as a shield in front of her. Ma Hongjun’s burning Phoenix Fire Wire, although it made Mad Xi bellow repeatedly, was still insufficient to injure him, but Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint was equally affected by the Evil Fire, under the utmost efforts of Mad Xi and the spider woman Spirit Master, the Spider Web Restraint was finally removed.

Originally in a vastly superior position, the situation completely transformed under the Wishful Disk Spirit Master’s spirit ability. A thousand year spirit ring’s ability indeed wasn’t common. What the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know was that the reason the opponents were called Mad Battle Team was their relationship with the current condition. That Wishful Disk Spirit Master’s third spirit ring ability was obtained from a Fanatic Devil Lizard[9], when used, this thousand year spirit ring’s ability was able to grant a fanatical condition for three minutes.

After gaining the fanatical condition, one would lose the sense of pain, and if one’s mental strength was too weak, one would also simultaneously lose consciousness. In exchange it would boost all attributes by fifty percent. And once gained the auxiliary system spirit ability also lasted independently for one minute. In other words, even if that Wishful Disk Spirit Master was now already unconscious, the effect of his efforts on the Mad Battle Team members would still be sustained for one minute under Fanaticisms own power.

It was also just like this that they could reverse the situation in an instant.

Of course, the Fanaticism ability being this tyrannical, it naturally also had flaws. The flaws were very straightforward: the Fanaticism ability only had a duration of three minutes, and after three minutes the ones affected by the Fanaticism ability would be unable to use or condense spirit power for one double hour. In other words, if they couldn’t defeat the opponent under the effects of Fanaticism, they would die themselves. This was an all-in

spirit ability, but its effects were also absolutely beyond the ordinary, capable of reversing Heaven and Earth in a key moment.

At this key moment, it displayed Tang San’s importance as a Control System Spirit Master and the soul of the team. He gave up attacking up front. Blue Silver Grass quickly shot out, and following Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, who was being chased by the enemy team’s two monkey Spirit Masters, was pulled back beside Tang San. Who also came back was Dai Mubai, who just got forced away by his opponent. In a short time, he gathered the seven people on his team.

Control System Spirit Masters not only have to control the enemy, they also have to control their own team. What Tang San did showed how well he knew his job.

Surprisingly, Mad Battle Team’s six people with spiked strength did not attack. With a shrill scream, the flirtatious young woman gathered her team up as well.

“Surrender. Or else, even I can’t control what damage we might do.”The flirtatious young lady’s voice was very pleasing, yet her tone was full of helplessness.

Yet the members of the Mad Battle Team beside her were breathing heavily, their surging spirit power fluctuations formed an assaulting pressure.

Dai Mubai coldly shouted: “You want me to surrender? Quit dreaming.
Beat us first and then we’ll talk.”

The flirtatious spider woman Spirit Master disdainfully twitched her mouth. “If not for the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, you think I would waste time talking? If so, I can only say sorry for the damage soon to be caused by us.”

A shrill scream sounded from her again. Fanaticism only lasted for three minutes, so she couldn’t afford to delay any longer. Mad Battle Team already earned seven consecutive wins. If they continued winning, then their income would be incalculable. Even if the enemy had a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, they wouldn’t give up.

In the previous spirit battles, the reason Mad Battle Team could repeatedly beat stronger enemies was the support ability Fanaticism. And it was also because of it that their members lost their consciousness and often ended matches with crippled or even dead enemies.

As the commander, Tang San promptly shouted, “Everyone levitate.”

Shrek’s Seven Monsters almost simultaneously ate a peculiar mushroom sausage. As the Mad Battle Team neared, the seven of them suddenly sprouted wings of light and shadow, levitating twenty meters into the air.

The opponent suddenly disappeared, so the members of the Mad Battle team lost their targets. As the only clear minded one, spider woman spirit master turned pale. She never thought her enemies all had the ability to fly.

In the air, Shrek’s Seven Monsters each ate another Recovering Sausage, recovering their spirit power and strength. Tang San didn’t mind the enemies below. Mad Battle Team didn’t have a single flying Spirit Master, and wasn’t adept at long range attacks either. Even the Control System Spirit Master of theirs couldn’t control people over twenty meters away.

“Little San, what do we do now? The mushroom sausage only allows us to fly for one minute. Oscar can only fly for half a minute.” Though Dai Mubai wasn’t afraid, seeing the people with rank thirty five and above all grow even stronger made him feel helpless.

Tang San didn’t panic. “If I guess correctly, the reason their power suddenly increased was because of the thousand year spirit ability that Support System Spirit Master used before he fainted, instantly increasing all their strength. But have you noticed that other than the spider woman Spirit master, all of them have lost their consciousness. According to Teacher’s knowledge of Support System Spirit Masters, this situation

won’t last very long, just like Oscar’s mushroom sausages. Also, after the effect, they must have great side effects, or else wouldn’t that Support Type Spirit Master’s spirit be as strong as Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda?”

Ma Hongjun said: “But what if we fall down and they still haven’t lost their buff?”

Tang San said heavily: “Then we can only bet. Victory is what we want, but everyone’s safety is more important. In their current state, Mad Battle Team is already beyond what we can go against. Little Ao, how many more mushroom sausages can you make?”

Oscar first passed a sausage to Tang San. “I do not have much spirit power left. I gave one to Boss Dai when we were doing two versus two battles. After, I made one for each one of us and this is the ninth one. I can at most make one more.”

“Little San, let me do it.” Dai Mubai already understood Tang San’s meaning. He wanted to rely on the longer flying time to bet that the Fanaticism will run out first, and also bet that Fanaticism would have severe side effects.

Tang San said: “No, let me do it. Right now everyone has used quite a bit of spirit power. In close combat techniques, you aren’t as skilled as I am. Also, I have techniques that can keep me alive, even if their Fanaticism really lasts longer than I expect, I can still leave. Since you let me command, then just listen to me.”

A minute’s time passed quickly, soon the minute was going to end, yet the Fanaticism effect on the members of the Mad Battle Team didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon.

Spider women Spirit Master also calmed down from the starting panic. As a fellow Control System Spirit Master, her real combat experience was plentiful. If only a few people flew up they might have Flying Spirit Masters, but if all seven flew up at the same time, then it could only be a

spirit ability. Tang San was betting, but wasn’t she betting that their flying lasted shorter than their Fanaticism as well?

Oscar gave his last mushroom sausage to Tang San and immediately flew off stage. He was almost entirely depleted of spirit power, his face pale. His entire body was feeling the side effects of the emptiness within him. At this time, the three months of devilish training was paying off. Though it felt very painful, he was still very awake, not unlike a normal person. The major side effects of using excessive amounts of spirit power wasn’t showing that much.

Another half minute passed, and Shrek’s Seven Monsters, other than Tang San, all flew off the Spirit Battle Platform.

Spider women Spirit Master saw them all fly down one by one. Especially after seeing the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Spirit Master leaving, she let out a pent up breath.

But when everyone left except Tang San, her expression changed again.
At this time Tang San already ate his second mushroom sausage.

“You’re not going to leave” Spider women Spirit Master beamed an enchanting smile at Tang San.

Tang San calmly laughed, “Though I’m the only one left, who can say the last winner isn’t us?”

At this moment, all the spectators started an uproar.

When they saw the entire Shrek’s Seven Monster fly upwards, they were already surprised. Seeing the checkmate happening, both screams of delight and anger sounded. Screams of delight were for the unique sight of everyone flying, and the anger was naturally from the lack of action. And all the anger was of course pointed at Tang San.

Tang San didn’t mind the audience’s attitude. Right now he put all his attention on observing Mad Battle Team. His eyes shined purple. Purple Demon Eyes were activated.

When Dai Mubai and the others left the stage, Tang San clearly saw the Mad Battle Team members shiver once, their vigor decreasing and their spirit power fluctuations not as great as before. Of course he didn’t know it was actually Mad Battle Team’s two previous buffs that disappeared. In his eyes, this was a sign that their Fanaticism was about to end, and he was a lot more confident in his own judgement.

Mad Battle Team’s unconscious members were continuously roaring under him. Spider lady Spirit Master’s gaze was also fixed on Tang San. Both sides were waiting, waiting for the situation both sides yearned for.

The last laugh was, in the end, Tang San’s. After eating the third mushroom sausage, just when he was about to give up, Mad Battle Team’s members all shuddered at once. Other than Spider lady Spirit Master, the others Fanaticism slowly faded, revealing confused expressions, their gaze becoming clearer while their spirit power fluctuations rapidly decreasing.

Success. Tang San’s heart leapt with joy, but he couldn’t afford to be careless right now. He didn’t want to get tricked by the enemy and lose.

Spider lady Spirit Master’s face changed. Though her body was still shaking, it wasn’t shaking as much as her teammates. Her spirit power still decreased majorly, causing her to look clearly weaker.

Mushroom sausage’s flying effect finally wore off. Tang San slowly floated to the ground. With Oscar’s recovering sausages, his strength has recovered to its max already. His spirit power was also recovered to about forty percent.

“Just as I thought. You couldn’t keep on flying.” Spider lady Spirit Master displayed her calm, not even glancing at the pale and pained teammates, Still staring at Tang San, as if she recovered her sharpness.

Tang San laughed calmly. “Are you not the same? The status after all couldn’t last that long either. If I’m correct, even if your Support System Spirit Master did not faint, he could only use this ability once.”

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[2] (犀⽜)
[3] Stratum corneum, or “horny layer”

[4] ½ 尺 = ⅙ m
[5] (⽺) Alternatively “goat”
[6] (猴)
[7] (蜘蛛)

[8] (践踏)
[9] (狂热魔蜥) “Mad Fervent Devil/Magic Lizard”

Chapter 47

“What, don’t tell me you still think you can win? Don’t forget, right now you’re alone, and you’re facing us six.” The spider woman Spirit Master showed no weakness in her words.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “But, perhaps only you still has the strength left to fight. Although I don’t know why you’re able to maintain a clear head and command your companions in that kind of state, you must all the same suffer the side effects of that kind of strengthening condition. Perhaps you still have a certain amount of spirit power left, but it can’t be at peak condition. Since it’s like this, this fight will have to come to decisive battle between you and me, isn’t that right?”

Mad Xi was by now already completely sober, his Spirit Body Enhancement had already faded away, but his powerful body let him to already shrug off the pain, “Who says I don’t have fighting strength, even if I rely on muscle strength I can still crush this punk.”

Mad Xi’s anger hadn’t at all drained away along with his spirit power, he had never been as angry as today, his valiant strength unexpectedly hadn’t been able to display a bit of its effect under Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, putting him at a severe disadvantage. Without speaking further, he immediately dashed towards Tang San.

The spider woman Spirit Master didn’t block Mad Xi, she clearly understood that with Mad Xi’s strength, even if he didn’t have the support

of spirit power, just relying on physical strength alone he was able to move a healthy bull.

The reason she was able to maintain consciousness under the Fanaticism condition was because of the side effect that thousand year spirit ring produced. Besides intense toxicity and supple toughness, her thousand year spirit ring was also able to weaken negative effects by fifty percent.

In other words, while she got Fanaticism’s full effect, she only had to endure half of the negative side effects.

As a result she was able to as much as possible maintain a clear head, and the drain only took away half her spirit power.

After the consumption of the previous battle and the drain after Fanaticism, right now the spirit power she had left only amounted to thirty percent.

Seeing Mad Xi charge at him, Tang San didn’t again use Blue Silver Grass, he had to preserve his spirit power to confront that strongest spider woman Spirit Master on the other side. Having lost his spirit power Mad Xi was like a toothless tiger. Dealing with this kind of opponent, who would still need the assistance of his spirit power?

Watching Mad Xi spread his arms wide as he charged, Tang San rather than retreating advanced, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he went to meet him light as a feather.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track moved Tang San erratically, and although he seemed to charge straight ahead, Mad Xi couldn’t catch his true form.

Ducking slightly, Tang San already passed close to Mad Xi’s body. Left foot deftly stepping under Mad Xi’s feet, left arm rising horizontally, elbow thumping into Mad Xi’s back.

Although Tang San didn’t appear as robust as Mad Xi, their strength wasn’t far apart.

Working as a smith from childhood, along with the body strengthening training this time, gave him an extremely powerful physique. Mad Xi’s feet were tangled by Tan g San, only feeling a force at his back, he was already sent tumbling.

But at this time, the spider woman Spirit Master finally acted, since she didn’t have enough power for her third spirit ring’s ability it had already faded away, but countless spider threads in her palm took advantage of Tang San throwing Mad Xi, in a moment covering his front, enveloping the space Tang San could use to dodge.

Tang San frowned minutely, “You’re still not giving up?” This time, he didn’t dodge at all, rather letting the spider woman Spirit Master’s spider silk twine around his body. In practically just a moment’s work, he was already tied up like a dumpling, his whole body covered in a layer of pink spider silk.

The spider woman Spirit Master was exalted, loudly shouting: “Quick, throw him off the ring, it’s our win!”

However, she very quickly discovered her mistake, as none of her teammates responded to her words. Looking to the side, she discovered to her shock that those teammates without spirit power were already tightly bound by blue purple Blue Silver Grass. Without the spirit power to resist the paralysis poison, one by one they had already even lost the ability to speak.

The spider woman Spirit Master suddenly felt her heart skip a beat, a kind of vague premonition welling up, immediately afterward, without waiting for her to pull the wrapped up Tang San off the ring, an incomparably powerful pressure abruptly released from Tang San.

That wasn’t the pressure of spirit power, rather a special atmosphere, but to her, this rising atmosphere was still incomparably dominant.

In a strange scene, the spider silk over Tang San, starting on his back, suddenly flowing like melting ice and snow, all the spider silk frenziedly

gathered on his back, as if it already no longer was a material substance, but more like a kind of energy.

In just a few eyeblinks, the spider silk on Tang San had already disappeared. The spider woman Spirit Master discovered to her shock that he was looking at her with a monstrous gaze.

The spider silk’s starting point was the spider woman Spirit Master’s hands, and after the spider silk over Tang San was completely absorbed at his back, following the spider silk’s extension, a strong force abruptly pulled the spider woman Spirit Master swiftly towards Tang San, and by the time she could react she was already before him.

The spider woman Spirit Master wanted to resist, but that stifling pressure made her unable to even move.

The spider woman spirit master didn’t see it, but the audience behind Tang San could clearly see that the clothes on Tang San’s back were gone, and eight dark purple shining lumps were rising from his back. It was there that those spider threads were broken up and absorbed.

Raising his right hand, Tang San grasped the spider woman Spirit Master’s neck, blocking the spider woman Spirit Master from using her strength to strike at his body.

Right now in Tang San’s purple eyes flickered a demonic light. As he turned his head to look at the clamoring audience, each spectator that saw the light in his eyes couldn’t stop from lowering their heads, their bodies shivering, that was how sinister his atmosphere was!

Tang San’s left hand’s forefinger rose to the lips of his mask, making a silencing motion towards the audience.

The battle situation already couldn’t change. Apart from the spider woman Spirit Master, including the thrown out by Tang San Mad Xi, even that already unconscious auxiliary system Spirit Master, all were already covered in Blue Silver Grass, and the spider woman Spirit Master had her neck squeezed by Tang San, this spirit fight had now ended.

The eight lumps of purple black light at Tang San’s back quietly disappeared, the gathered up spider silk destroyed. That pressure stifling the spider woman Spirit Master also faded away.

Her expression was complex, somewhat challenging looking at Tang San,
“H-, how?”

Tang San naturally knew what she wanted to ask, squeezing her neck, pulling her closer, using a voice so low only the two could hear: “Because, my third spirit ring is a thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider. Do you understand?”

The spider woman Spirit Master’s body suddenly shuddered, “You clearly are a control system Spirit Master, why-, why can you absorb……”

“There’s nothing impossible about it, too many people have the wrong idea, that’s all. Plant system Spirit Masters are also members of the Tool Spirit Masters, since that Wishful Disk teammate of yours is able to absorb beast type spirit rings, why would my Blue Silver Grass be unable to?”

Seeing the announcer, that manager Ao, walk on stage, Tang San casually swung his hand, throwing the spider woman Spirit Master several meters.

This battle was already concluded.

Absorbing the spider woman Spirit Master’s spider silk, naturally it was Tang San’s bizarre external spirit bone. As an external spirit bone bearing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy, it possessed an incomparably intimidating effect to all types of arachnid spirits.

At the start of the fight Tang San still held back, without using the power it provided, but in the last moment his own spirit power was also insufficient, at the same time he also didn’t want to delay further, in the end still releasing the atmosphere of the external spirit bone. Of course, nobody would know that was the effect of an external spirit bone.

Over these days of training with his external spirit bone, Tang San discovered that every time he used his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, his mood would suffer a certain influence, as if he was infected by the ruthless atmosphere of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

When he stopped using Eight Spider Lances, the vicious tendencies would completely disappear. This was also why he made such an arrogant gesture towards the audience, in contrast to his normal self.

Tang San had asked Grandmaster about this kind of condition, and Grandmaster’s reply was very simple: since the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy was currently more powerful than Tang San’s spirit power, Tang San was still unable to completely master Eight Spider Lances, therefore he would suffer the remaining influence of the Man Faced Demon Spider from Eight Spider Lances. There was no need to worry about this, when Tang San’s spirit power was sufficient, this kind of negative influence would naturally also fade away.

But with Tang San’s steady willpower, even now he still wouldn’t lose his nature to Eight Spider Lances’ influence. At most his temperament would change.

“Shrek Seven Devils’ victory.” The announcer manager Ao found it somewhat difficult to declare this result, his gaze with a somewhat particular meaning looking at the only person still standing on the stage Tang San, in his heart a kind of indescribable feeling.

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that these green masked Spirit Masters would not long after become the favorites of Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.

Tang San got his deserved result, turning around and walking off the platform. Just then, spider woman Spirit Master’s enchanting voice sounded with a terrified yet special tone. “Can’t you tell me your name?”

Tang San stopped walking, but didn’t turn his head.

“Third of Shrek’s Seven Devils, Thousand Hands Asura.”

This time, Tang San didn’t hide his voice. Not only did the spider woman Spirit Master hear it, Manager Ao and the closer audience all heard it.

When Tang San walked off the platform, the first to welcome him was Xiao Wu’s passionate hug. “Little San, you are so handsome.”

Xiao Wu’s way of hugging may have been affected by her spirit abilities. Her slim body wrapped around Tang San like a squid, her legs coiled around Tang San, her arms around his neck, and her face red from excitement.

It looked like it was just Xiao Wu’s impulsive actions, but Tang San’s real age was after all already over thirty. Looking at the other’s playful smiles, his face couldn’t help but burn red. “Xiao Wu, quickly get off.”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud. “Today we seized total victory. Let’s go brothers and sisters, I’ll pay for the meal. Let’s go drink!”

The seven people, still wearing their masks, registered their points under the loud cheering, retrieved their rewards and left Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena.

When the audience bit by bit leaving Spirit Arena Thirteen saw them, many of them were whispering, especially when they saw the simply dressed Tang San, who drew the most gazes.

In the previous team fight, Tang San immediately controlled the enemy’s defensive Spirit Master Mad Xi, and also controlled the entire stage. In the dangerous situation, he also led his teammates out of danger and won the match single handedly.

In the audience’s eyes, they naturally couldn’t see Mad Battle Team was actually inflicted with side effects from Fanaticism. All they saw was Tang San’s amazing win.

In the crowd, there were already quite a few people shouting his nickname, Thousand Hands Asura.

The seven did not linger, quickly moving away from the crowd. Regrouping with Grandmaster, Flender, and Zhao Wuji, they quickly left the area of the Great Spirit Battle Arena.

When no one was paying attention to them anymore, the seven finally took off their masks. Looking at each other, they couldn’t help but start laughing.

In usual training they always fought together, but they never knew how it felt to fight real people on a platform like the Great Spirit Battle Arena.

The people who felt it the most were Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu who were pulled back by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. At that moment the power of teamwork avoided injuries.

Their understanding of the importance of teamwork that Grandmaster spoke of instantly grew deeper.

Back at the hotel, Grandmaster once again told everyone to come to Tang San’s room, including Flender and Zhao Wuji. Looking at their tired, but high-spirited students, he calmly asked: “Tell me, what are your impressions of today’s fights?”

Dai Mubai: “In the individual battles, it was still fine. However, in the team battle we were evidently not well coordinated enough. After all, this was the first time we faced this much pressure.”

Oscar, slightly pained, said, “In the team fight I became everyone’s burden. With one less fighting power, it is hard to win against strong opponents.”

The others also wanted to say something, but Grandmaster raised his hand to stop them.

A small smile gradually expanded on Grandmaster’s face. Other than Tang San, the others couldn’t help but rub their eyes, thinking their fatigue was giving them hallucinations.

“You are all wrong. What I wanted to say is, you all did well today. I am very satisfied. Yes, you are not well coordinated with each other yet, but this is after all your first time fighting together. And what you faced was a team of rank thirty fives and above with a seven win streak and a complete team. In the enemy team, the spider woman Spirit Master’s controlling power, Mad Xi’s defense and that Support Type Spirit Master all excelled their own rank. But under the uncoordinated situation you were in, you still won. Thank you for giving me this surprise.”

Getting praise from a perpetually smiling person might not feel like much. However, getting a sincere praise from the stiff-faced devilish teacher made Shrek’s Seven Monsters feel even more excited than the wins today.

The smiles on Shrek’s Seven Monsters vanished, but their eyes were all blazing with excitement. Even the steadiest Tang San and the cold Zhu Zhuqing were not excluded.

Grandmaster looked towards Oscar, “Little Ao, you don’t need to be too humble. Yes, in real combat you can’t fight with them. But you never stopped helping the team. If I am correct, you were the only one that used all your spirit power. Because of your Soaring Mushroom Sausages, everyone was safe. Tang San admittedly controlled the situation, but if not for your support, this fight would not have been ours. More correctly, every one of you had a key role in today’s fight. Since you are a team, then, not a single one of you can be taken out. Let alone, as a Food System Spirit Master, your real use isn’t on the Spirit Battle Arena. If you went to the frontlines of a war, the continuous fighting capability that you can give to everyone would be way more than those in Mad Battle Team.

Flender, who was aside, heard this and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Grandmaster, you didn’t come back just to praise them, right?”

Grandmaster smiled, “Of course not, I just wanted to tell them they are the best, but not perfect. Tomorrow I allow you to stop fighting at the Spirit Battle Arena for one day. But, other than resting, you have to reflect on today’s gains and losses. The day after tomorrow, you each have to tell me what you learned. Ok, I need to go now. Remember, when we aren’t here, don’t cause trouble, especially not with any Spirit Master. It is very likely you will meet a Spirit Master that belongs to a giant family.”

Flender said, “Grandmaster is correct, don’t cause any trouble.
However, if bullies you, don’t lose face for our academy either.”

Ma Hongjun stuck out his tongue secretly and looked at Oscar, laughing out loud. A few days ago, they just provoked a Spirit Ancestor and Ma Hongjun even fried a certain part of that person.

Grandmaster and the others walked out of the hotel. Flender said, “Xiao Gang, These children bring me more and more surprises. Looks like it was a good idea to give them all to you to train.”

Grandmaster replied, “This is also due to their talent. Against a team that is five levels higher than them and three more spirit rings, they still won. This isn’t only because of their spirits’ or spirit rings’ quality anymore. Their cooperation is also crucial.”

Flender sighed, “But I still lost. Compared to Tang San, Ma Hongjun is way behind. After teaching this many years, I’m still worse than you.”

Hearing Flender surrender, Grandmaster smiled again. “That’s obvious, but its rare that you admitted it.”

Flender said grumpily, “Do I look like I don’t admit losses?”

Zhao Wuji, who was beside them, aptly interrupted, “It seems so. Last time we made a bet, you lost ten golden spirit coins, and you never admitted it.”


Grandmaster laughed. “Flender, I suddenly want to drink beer. Since you admitted your loss, then be our host.”

“Ok, let’s see how I drink you all to death[1].” Flender said fiercely, but the joy in his eyes exposed his real emotions. Seeing Grandmaster again, for some reason, the long lost emotion of happiness came back.

Because all the teachers left, Shrek’s Seven Monsters naturally lost their restrictions. Dai Mubai hasn’t forgotten what he said previously, and he didn’t go far either. In a close restaurant, he ordered a full table of good dishes paired with two kegs of good wheat beer, inviting everyone to eat with him.

“Little San, I salute to you. Thank you for your prompt support earlier.” Dai Mubai picked up his wheat beer and raised it towards Tang San.

Tang San smiled and raised his beer towards Dai Mubai as well, and they both drained their cups. Of course he knew that Dai Mubai wasn’t saying thank you for himself. Though he was pulled away, he wasn’t in any real danger.

He was thanking Tang San for pulling Zhu Zhuqing back in her dangerous situation.

“Little San, I salute you as well. Though I’m not as strong as you, but I’m afraid you aren’t as good in drinking.” Oscar said slyly while raising his cup.

Before Tang San raised his cup, Xiao Wu blocked it. “Oscar, you want to get him drunk? I’ll drink with you.” Saying that, Xiao Wu showed her “big sister” persona, draining her own cup in one gulp.

Oscar grudgingly drank his as well, but in the corner of his eyes he saw Tang San drink as well.

“Good, A good taste for wine means a good moral standing. I salute everyone.” This time the person who stood up was Ning Rongrong.

She didn’t hurry and drink, standing there and looking around her, her eyes reddening,

“When I first came to the school, I gave everyone a lot of trouble. What third brother and little Ao said then wasn’t wrong, if I had continued as I was, perhaps I truly never would have been able to understand what a “friend” really is. After so many days, after training together with everyone, fighting together, together experiencing trials of life and death. Thank you all, my companions. This cup, I drink to you all, at the same time, to say to all of you what I have always not managed to say. I’m sorry.”

After saying that last word, Ning Rongrong finished the cup in one mouthful. As she drank, two sparkling tears flowed down her soft white cheeks.

“Rongrong, don’t drink so fiercely.” Oscar reminded kindly. Seeing Ning Rongrong’s current appearance, the happiest would probably be him. Since the first time he saw her, he had decided on his target[2], but instead ending up wounded. Now, Ning Rongrong had already become this cute. Its commonly known that children have the most flexible characters, and the just 12 year old Ning Rongrong had already become so different from what she was just a few months ago.

“Rongrong, we are companions, and even ‘brothers’, now, and forever. We had all already accepted you from when we were in the Star Dou Great Forest. In the future, don’t say such things. Come, everyone drink! But, because you are all too young, drink lesser.”

Oscar suddenly commented, “Rongrong, why do you call Tang San, third brother, but only call me little Ao ? Don’t you think thats a little unfair?!”

Ning Rongrong’s whole face turned red, Glaring at him unhappily, but not replying.

To the side, Ma Hong Jun spotted some clue,

“ Little Ao, no wonder you’re the second oldest, you really are second rate[3]. I wish I had this kind of discriminatory treatment.”

Oscar was a smart person and immediately thought better of it, looking deeply at Ning Rongrong, so excited, he almost laughed and quickly said: ”Right, right,it’s my fault, I’ll drink as punishment.”

Wine is one of those types of drinks where the more you drink the more bonded you are to each other. But also, the more you drink, the less you’re in control. this included Dai Mubai, who shouted to drink less at the start, in the end, could only drink non-stop. Even though the seven of them were quite young, as Spirit Masters, their tolerance levels were already far beyond that of a normal person, in addition, after that period of training, their ability to digest alcohol was undoubtedly strong. This drinking session lasted a full four hours before ending.

The next day when everyone sobered up, they could barely remember anything. Only that, the person with the greatest drinking ability, was the one who was last to stay awake.

It was neither Dai Mubai with the greatest spirit power, nor was it Tang San with the greatest overall strength, but the one with the 7 Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, Ning Rongrong.

At that time, the first to collapse was Ma Hongjun, Fatty’s drinking limit was obviously nothing special, the second was Oscar. Closely following was Xiao Wu. Who would would have thought that the fourth to fall over would be the oldest, Dai Mubai. Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San fell at the same time, and in the end, the one who didn’t fall was Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong not only didn’t collaspe, but she also drank the most. While drinking, it was practically all one cup in one gulp, with the great vigor she had before as a delinquent. But according to Ning Rongrong herself, this was her first time drinking.

After that, whenever the other six people in Shrek Seven Devils recalled of this matter, there was only one word on their mind: “Genius”.

The spirit battles continued. Within the next month, Shrek Seven Devils’ battles in the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s fields could even be described as the wind creating the waves[4]. In that month, the Shrek Seven Devils participated in twenty seven team fights. Twenty seven battles and twenty seven victories. Within the thirtieth ranked range, they had no competition.

In the individual battles, Three Five Combination also attained a good record of twenty seven successive victories.. Tang San and Xiao Wu compatibility and teamwork was so strong that they left their opponents helpless.

Dai mubai and Oscar’s Dual Winged White Tiger combination attained a total of sixteen wins and eleven losses in twenty seven fights. This was mainly because Mubai was fighting alone. Oscar’s sausages, in the end, in a spirit fight type of battle arena, could only do so much after all.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing’s Seven Treasure Civet combination scored a little better than the Dual Winged White Tiger group, after all they participated in the twentieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster level two versus two spirit fights. They obtained a good record of twenty two wins and five losses in twenty seven fights. Of which eight were consecutive victories, earning them quite a bit of points.

For the individual competitions, Shrek Seven Devils were even more astounding. Dai Mubai in the thirtieth ranked range, besides meeting with control Spirit Masters twice and losing, won 25 rounds. Tang San’s luck was superb, and he never met a fire type[5] opponent, with his inferior thirty two ranks, in the thirtieth ranked Spirit Elder grade he unexpectedly maintained complete victory.

After all, against his Spider Web Restraint, without a way to conquer it, for those in his level range, it is very hard to escape. Xiao Wu was worse by a little bit. Although her teleportation was very extraordinary, several times

she encountered opponents who just happened to restrain her ability, but still had twenty victories.

Ma Hongjun, in the twentieth ranked range was very successful and won twenty three battles of the twenty seven. Zhu Zhuqing’s individual competition record wasn’t inferior, winning only one less battle than Ma Hongjun.

Counting it like this, Tang San won the most out of everyone. Although the points scored in the three types of Great Spirit Arena battles were counted separately, relying on the many consecutive victories[6], his points increased very quickly.

If it wasn’t for the rules at the Great Spirit Arena, that the extra points earned from consecutive matches would only be added at the end of each month, right now they wouldn’t just be in iron rank spirit fights.

Still, Shrek Seven Devils’ stunning performance already garnered the Great Spirit Arena’s attention, if not for their fighting spirit badge rank being too low, and thus not meeting the minimum requirements of the Central Spirit Battle Arena of at least a silver rank, perhaps they would already have been invited to participate in the Central Great Spirit Battle arena.

When the Shrek Seven Devils arrived at the Arena this time was just the second day of the month, this month’s altogether thirty days, with the exception a rest day, after today’s spirit battles, the one month period would be over. Then, they would get their points calculated. at that time, they would definitely not be in the current iron rank.

Even more praiseworthy, in the Shrek Seven Devils, their captain, Evil Eye White Tiger, Dai Mubai’s spirit power had broken through the 38th rank. This is not just because of his hard work in cultivation, but also because of these four months of body strengthening training and actual battles.

At the same time increasing spirit power were Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, reaching the twenty eighth rank and twenty seventh rank

respectively, rushing towards the thirtieth rank.

As night fell, in the heart of Suotuo City’s downtown area, Suotuo Great Spirit Battle arena was brightly lit.

The spectators came streaming in from all four corners of the city, from time to time one could even see luxurious carriages under the protection of retinues enter the Great Spirit Arena via VIP passages.

These were either from great clans or aristocrats. Naturally, the battles in the heart of Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena, caught their eyes.

Today was the last day of the month and also a weekend, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena would obviously become one of the greatest source of Suotuo city people’s entertainment. Here, not only would one be able to see spectacular spirit battles, one could also try their luck and place small bets, supporting their spirit master fighter.

Including grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji, Shrek Academy’s party all dispersed into the Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena.

This is not because they had to be careful to hide their identity but because it was necessary.

After this month of battling, the Shrek Seven Devils had made remarkable achievements, thus naturally becoming the focus of attention of the audience. Although they have not yet been to the center of the main Spirit Fighting Arena, but the audience in their surroundings were already very familiar to them. Shrek Seven Devils’ title has already become familiar with crowds, making them excited.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble and struggle. From ten days ago, the people of Shrek Academy started walking in as they were normally and completely change clothes once inside, then move to the designated place to sign up for a battle.

Thus trying to guess where the Shrek Seven Devils were going to compete had also become one of the crowds in the surrounding sections’

enjoyable customs.

Today, like the last few times, they specially wore a plain outfit into the Great Spirit Battle Arena, no one would notice a few teenage children. After these few months, Tang San and Ma Hongjun were already thirteen years old, in another few months, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing would also all be thirteen years old.

With age being their best disguise. the foresight of Grandmaster’s decision to let them wear masks was really praiseworthy.

Even though Group battles were the last to start, it would be the first to be registered, this was to ensure that it didn’t coincide with the individual and pair battles. Grandmaster instructed and dispersed all of them to fight in different districts, so as not to meet each other and avoid affecting their winning streak. Following which, Grandmaster handled the group battle registration as their broker.

Today, Grandmaster chose the eighth district and helped his disciples register. After a month of battles, the originally incredibly hard to attain silver rank, in everyone’s effort of consecutive victories have just about been confirmed. Now, they only need to wait for today’s spirit battle to be over and collate the extra points was all.

Grandmaster didn’t want to bring his disciples too much attention, once someone dug out the information about their age, then the attention from around the world would bring them a lot of trouble.

Thus he decided, after today, he would bring Shrek 7 monsters into his specially prepared 3rd stage of training.

[1] Both sides drink the same amount and see who falls first.

[2] *wink wink*
[3] Pun: Two (⼆) can mean stupid in the Beijing dialect.
[4] idiom for successful and prosperous

[5] pokemon

[6] Recall that in the arena, the number of points earned with each match multiplied every five wins for individual matches.

Chapter 48

Coming to the registration point as usual, Grandmaster took out the Shrek Seven Devils’ battle badge and presented it battle group staff,

"Excuse me, I’m signing up for team battles.”

The staff took the badge like always, but when he saw the words engraved on the badge, his face paled and he gasped softly,

"Shrek Seven Devils?"

Grandmaster wrinkled his brow. The quality of staff of the Great spirit Battle arena was good, where their expression would not change much even if they met a high ranked Spirit Master. However, at this moment, the performance of the staff was clearly not satisfactory .

“I’m sorry, Sir. If I may ask, are you the Shrek Seven Devils’ team leader?”

Grandmaster slowly nodded his head. “ I can be counted as one. Would you please hurry it up a bit.”

“Sir, please wait a moment.” The Staff, under Grandmaster’s surprised gaze, quickly left his post and ran toward the back, hands tightly clasping Shrek Seven Devils’ team battle badge.

Although Grandmaster was extremely dissatisfied. The staff had already taken the group’s battle badge used to register, and without it, he could not

do anything even if he wanted to change districts and could only patiently wait there.

But what Grandmaster did not know was that as long as he appeared showing this badge in Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in no matter what district, he would have experience the exact same thing.

Without having to wait too long, the staff member brought back another person to the registration point.

“Sorry for having you wait so long.”

The staff member politely commented and presented the badge back to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster had an impression of the man that the staff brought along. At that point in time when Shrek’s Seven Devils participated in their first group battle in the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, he was their host and announcer. Tang San said before the fight, that he had, out of kindness, tipped Tang San off about the Mad team’s impressiveness, thus giving Grandmaster a relatively deeper impression.

Manager Ao smiled,

“ Hello respected team leader sir, may I have a conversation with you.
It will not take up too much of your time.”

Grandmaster cooly replied,

“Are you representing yourself or representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena?”

Manager Ao quickly replied,

“Of course, I’m representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.”

Grandmaster nodded his head. He had already expected this to happen, after all, Shrek Seven Devils had obtained outstanding results within this past month. Not being noticed was an impossibility. Especially the one who

was the most outstanding this entire month, winning all his battles, Tang San was sure to have been at the centre of their attention.

Even though Grandmaster was very unwilling to deal with the Great Spirit Arena, their sphere of influence was simply too great, even countries would be afraid to offend them. He too, naturally wouldn’t voluntarily offend them, thus nodding his head. Following Manager Ao, Grandmaster was brought into a quiet back room behind the registration point.

Manager Ao managed with some dignity:

“I’m representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in hopes that today, Shrek Seven Devils will participate in the Central Spirit Arena on the main stage.”


Grandmaster was not surprised but instead maintained a plain voice,

“This doesn’t seem to follow the rules. According to the Arena’s rules, only Spirit Master of Silver rank or above can appear in the main stage, but the Shrek Seven Devils are only of Iron rank.”

“Manager Ao laughed bitterly,

”You don’t have to be modest, with the battle history of Shrek Seven Devils within just this past month, after today’s battle, they will all receive Silver battle badges. There is nothing wrong even if they are promoted to silver rank one day early.”

Grandmaster’s expression still had not changed.

“If that is so, then you wouldn’t mind one day later either would you.”

Manager Ao sighed.

“ I’ll just speak frankly then. Three days ago, a team of Spirit Masters came. They were an all Silver ranked Spirit Masters team, probably brought to this city by a few aristocrats. Because for two straight days, those more prestigious families have heavily betted on them, and they had won overwhelmingly, bringing a large loss to the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. Since you are familiar to the Arena, you should know that normally, to reach the Silver Rank would take at least fortieth rank Spirit Ancestor and above. But this team is one made up of entirely Spirit Elders. We can’t break our own rules and invite a level forty Spirit Ancestor team to fight against them, but if this situation persists, the Great Spirit Arena will not be able to continue handling these losses. Maybe because they tasted sweet success, today many aristocrats again increased their bets, if we continue to lose like this, I’m afraid… …”

Grandmaster’s doubts in his heart cleared like a clear mirror, he immediately understood Manager Ao’s words. His resolve shook, saying

“To have already reached Silver rank at only Spirit Elders, they must be quite strong. Then, for the past few days, what teams have the Spirit Arena matched them against?”

Manager Ao replied,

“Because the Spirit Arena has no Spirit Elder teams that are in the Silver rank, with no choice, we could only send out Spirit Elder teams of copper rank to fight against them. One of which was the recently promoted to copper ranked Spirit Master team, the Mad team, who had once fought against Shrek Seven Devils. But they completely lost.”

Grandmaster raised his eyebrow,

“Among the Spirit Elder ranked teams, Mad Team’s ranks were already considerable. Can it be, that the Silver ranked team members are of a higher rank than them?”

Ao director shook his head and said,

"No, its not a problem of the spirit rank. Mainly, it’s the gap the soul rings bring. This only silver ranked team like the Shrek Seven Devil, have the best soul rings. Spirit ability wise, giving them a great advantage over the Mad Team, giving them not even the ghost of a chance. "

After listening to these words, Grandmaster’s face finally showed some changes. As the Spirit Master world’s most famous theoretical Master, he certainly knew what the so-called best rings refers to. Meaning that the first ring has the soul of a hundred years old, the second ring being older than five hundred years, and the third soul ring should straight away be a thousand year one. Appearing around a Spirit Master should be two yellow and one purple rings, like Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu.

“Even so, why does the Great Spirit Arena think our Shrek Seven Devils will be able to win? After all, we only have more than four, over thirty ranked spirit power, while none of the remaining three have even reached the thirtieth rank. "

Director Ao smiled and said:

"Now you’re being modest again. Who doesn’t know that the Shrek Seven Devils can be counted as one of the best out of the all Spirit Elder teams. But even still, in the previous twenty seven groups Spirit battles they fought in, they achieved complete victory. This record can be said to be unprecedented in the history of our Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. As the saying goes, if it exist means it must be reasonable. I believe that the Shrek Seven Devils will have the ability to compete evenly with that Silver Spirit fighting team."

The light in Grandmasters eyes flashed, after thinking for a moment, he said:

"If I remember correctly, when participating in the center of the main Spirit Fighting Arena, there should be an added bonus."

When Manager Ao saw that Grandmaster seemed to have a change of heart, he was secretly pleased, quickly adding,

"Of course, when participating in competitions of the main Spirit Arena, every Spirit Master will receive a direct reward of five hundred gold coins and if your party accepts our invitation and win this Spirit battle, the Spirit Arena would also like to pay an extra ten thousand gold coins as a reward. However, because Shrek Seven Devils, after all, hasn't gotten a Silver spirit fighting badge, the accumulation will be unaffected. Fortunately they have been always been winning consecutive battles, thus the accumulation is not little. "

Not giving Grandmaster a chance to open his mouth, Ao director continued.

"For this spirit battle, please allow the Shrek Seven Devil’s members to not participate in their individual and dual spirit battles today. Although we can not break the rules and give them extra points, within the limits of our influence, the Spirit Arena can count their individual and dual spirit battles today's as victories, by showing that their registered opponents surrendered on their own. Thus, Shrek Seven Devils would be able to go all out when facing the opponent. "

Grandmasters had never been a calculating person, not to mention the other side was already being very generous. Most importantly, he agreed to this fight, not for the accumulating points or money, but the experience for his disciples. For Suotuo Great Spirit Arena to treat this silver ranked team so seriously, in addition to the entire team having the best soul ring arrangement, this kind of honing could only bring the Shrek Seven Devils benefits.

Master nodded slowly,

"Well, I’ll accept your conditions. Please ready the opponent's information, I’ll first recall my disciples."

"No need to trouble yourself. Let our staff recall the Shrek Seven Devils. I have the opponents’ information already. You can discuss with them first. Later I'll take you into the main stage of the Spirit Arena to prepare. "

Manager Ao quickly turned away, obviously to report the matter of Shrek Seven Devils having agreed to participate in the spirit battle to his higher- ups and at the same time, to make the appropriate arrangements. There was an hour from now to the beginning of the group spirit battle, long enough for Suotuo Spirit Arena to make a lot of arrangements.

After a short while, not only did the staff bring all Shrek Seven Devils to the room, even Flender and Zhao Wuji were also invited over, clearly showing that Suotuo Great Spirit Arena had been observing their entire group for more than just one or two days.

Grandmaster calmly repeated what Manager Ao previously mentioned, at the same time, putting the recently received information flat on a table in the room.

While standing at the side Tang San suddenly understood something when he saw the eyes of Grandmaster. His gaze which seems to be burning with brilliance, but also the flames of war. Even for him, this is the first time he saw such strong fighting intent in the eyes of the Grandmaster.

Flender said a little helplessly: “I say Xiao Gang, you shouldn’t have promised them so quickly, and at least waited for us to rush over. They say there are great nobles repeatedly betting, the stakes clearly are enormous, if discussing it properly, they should pay even more.”

Grandmaster unhappily said: “When did you become such a profiteer?”

Flender smiled wryly: “One cent confounds the hero, you believe I think about it.”

Grandmaster said: “If this time is a victory, our earnings will already not be inconsiderable. Ten thousand gold coins is a very large sum, I’ve already thought it through, one thousand for each of the children, the remaining three thousand set aside for the Academy. A good match with my third stage training for them. Do you have any objections?”

The last line wasn’t for Flender and Zhao Wuji, but directed at the Shrek Seven Devils members.

The seven practically simultaneously shook their heads, they all knew about the Academy’s financial situation, furthermore none of them still lacked money. After this month of spirit fights, not only did their points go up, they still obtained the corresponding rewards. After more than five successive victories, each successive victory was one hundred gold spirit coins, surpassing ten successive victories it was two hundred gold spirit coins.[1] Flender the day before yesterday even mentioned that right now these children were all wealthier than the Academy.

Grandmaster raised his hand to tap the cloth and silk materials spread out on the table, saying with a serious expression: “Good, these matters can wait for later. First we’ll research your enemy. For you, this will be an exceedingly challenging spirit fight.”

The white cloth and silk was lined with gold lace, both sides embroidered with Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s emblem, on it was recorded a team’s information. Everyone bowed their heads to read, even if it was the unyielding Dai Mubai, he still couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. Each person’s heart had a kind of spasming feeling.

According to the spirit arena regulations, each team could at most have ten people, the smallest must not be less than seven people. In a spirit fight, the number of people on the smaller side decided how many people both sides would field. The team before their eyes appeared the same as Shrek Seven Devils, only seven people, material as follows:

Emperor Team, seven members, all silver spirit fighter badge holders.

Captain: Yu Tian-Heng, spirit: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon,[2] thirty ninth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Vice captain: Dugu Yan, spirit: Jade Phosphor Serpent,[3] Thirty eighth ranked control system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Shi Mò, spirit: Black Tortoise,[4] thirty eighth ranked defensive system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Shi Mó, spirit: Black Tortoise,[5] thirty seventh ranked defense system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Yu Feng, spirit: Wind Chime Bird,[6] thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Osler, spirit: Ghost Leopard,[7] thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Xie Lingling, spirit: Nine Heart Flowering Apple,[8] thirty fifth ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

In all the material there was no mention of the opponents’ spirit abilities, regarding this, Grandmaster understood that it wasn’t that Great Spirit Arena didn’t want to supply them, but that they couldn’t. Who could be sure that the other side hadn’t held back in their previous two spirit fights? If the spirit abilities were determined incorrectly, it very likely would lead to disaster. Therefore, Great Spirit Arena let Shrek Seven Devils figure it out on their own.

Having read the opponents’ data, the seven raised their heads and looked at each other, all saw that everyones’ expressions were amazed. Although they all anticipated that an opponent that could reach silver spirit fights certainly wasn’t weak, but they also didn’t expect they would be just this powerful.

Flender pushed up the crystal glasses on his nose, “If I guess correctly, this team certainly has a great deal of fame in some city. Why would they suddenly come to Suotuo City? Xiao Gang, you really shouldn’t have committed to a spirit fight with them. Perhaps, we won’t be their match.”

Grandmaster calmly said: “Pressure pushes you forward. Shrinking back when facing challenges, one will also always be unable to truly become a power. Flender, where is your youthful spirit?”

Flender’s expression was somewhat unsightly from Grandmaster’s words, to the side Zhao Wuji didn’t neglect to fan the flames, taking joy in calamity: “Grandmaster really is strict, what you say is right. Only meeting and overcoming difficulties will have any rewards.”

“Fine, but the main thing is safety.” Flender glared at Zhao Wuji, then faced Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded, “I’ve already guessed this Emperor Team’s origins. If my conjecture is correct, then, there won’t be the slightest amount of danger. Tang San.”

“Teacher.” Tang San hurriedly stepped forward.

Grandmaster said: “Although this time I still ask you not to use your hidden weapons, I will permit you to use Eight Spider Lances. Before the last moment, you can’t admit defeat.”

Seeing Grandmaster wasn’t optimistic about the outcome, Tang San frowned, saying: “Teacher, are we really unable to overcome the opponent?”

Grandmaster looked deeply at him, “The chance is only thirty percent.
And the chance mainly relies on you, Mubai and Zhuqing.”

Raising his hand to point towards the materials on the table, “The other side’s seven people, as shown by the materials, are a kind of unusually perfect combination. You must pay most attention to two individuals: their captains. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master and Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master.”

“Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, Xiao Gang……” Flender seemed to suddenly think of something, but his words were prevented by Grandmaster’s expression.

Grandmaster continued: “Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon has an exceptionally powerful first rate attack power among Beast Spirits, considered to be the most powerful attack Beast Spirit. Its rank among

Beast Spirits is equivalent to Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda among Support Spirits. As for this Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master, since she opted to be a control system Spirit Master, then, she lets me recall one person. Flender, you still remember him?”

At Grandmaster’s reminder, Flender’s expression abruptly changed,
“You’re not saying it could be him?”

Grandmaster nodded, “I’m saying it’s him.”

Dai Mubai couldn’t help but say: “Dean, Grandmaster, don’t speak in riddles, what are you actually talking about?”

Grandmaster sternly said: “On the Continent the Jade Phosphor Serpent is just like several Great Clans, classified as a rare spirit. But since the beginning of history there has only ever been one famous Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master. He is considered an extraordinary control system Spirit Master. To be precise, he should be called Jade Phosphor Douluo. I think some of you should have heard the name.”

Hearing the words ‘Jade Phosphor Douluo’, Dai Mubai’s complexion immediately changed greatly, urgently saying: “You’re saying it’s that most unreasonable Jade Phosphor Douluo, known as the world’s king of poison?”

Grandmaster breathed in deeply, slowly nodding, “Besides him, there’s no other Jade Phosphor Douluo. According to what I know, apart from him, Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Masters are a rare existence, even if it was, it still wouldn’t be a control system Spirit Master. Since the other side’s vice captain is a control system Jade Phosphor Serpent, I can be certain that she is closely linked to Jade Phosphor Douluo. Others might not be aware, but I know the Jade Phosphor Douluo is also named Dugu.”

Ning Rongrong suddenly spoke up: “Then don’t tell me that captain of theirs is from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan?”

Flender smiled wryly: “Besides the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan, at least I’ve never heard of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragons existing anywhere else. This Emperor Team’s background is terrifying. Not only these two, Black Tortoise is equally as famous as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Only the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters are considerably fewer and don’t have an intact school, therefore they’re not as well known as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Although it’s like this, among defense type spirits the Black Tortoise is the number one existence.”

Tang San seemed to suddenly realize something, as a control system Spirit Master, his biggest concern was naturally the other side’s control system Spirit Master, asking Grandmaster: “Teacher, in the end what does that Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master use for control? As a snake spirit, it doesn’t seem like it would be expert in control.”

Grandmaster replied very simply, only using one word, “Poison.”

Using poison to control the battle, Tang San’s pupils involuntarily contracted, but his mood was steady. Poison, what a familiar and dear word. Slightly nodding, saying: “If it’s like this, then we still truly have a chance to defeat them.”

What was Tang Sect’s most prominent in? Lightness skill, hidden weapons, and also their famous poisons.

Although since coming to this world Tang San hadn’t had time to gather the required poisonous substances, let alone extracting Tang Sect toxins, he still had knowledge and understanding of poison, the essence of Tang Sect. A person using superior poison, naturally also had outstanding knowledge of and methods to resist poison.

Grandmaster misunderstood Tang San’s meaning, “Oscar’s small sausage is only a second spirit ring ability, I’m afraid that when repeatedly resisting the Jade Phosphor Serpent’s poison it will only be able to restrain it for a short time, that’s all.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Grandmaster, can I make a suggestion?”

Grandmaster nodded, “Go ahead.”

Ning Rongrong said: “In the spirit fight, our most important objective must be that auxiliary system Spirit Master.”

“Eh? Why?” Hearing Ning Rongrong’s words, even Grandmaster couldn’t help but feel somewhat astonished. Even he hadn’t heard of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple spirit, such circumstances were extremely rare, but considering the two sides’ auxiliary system Spirit Masters, with Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, he had no concern this side would be weaker than the opponent.

Ning Rongrong said: “I know of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit. Different from other spirits, this spirit is inherited in a single line, each generation can only have one successor. There can also only be two Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Masters alive at the same time. Only when one dies is it possible for another to appear. It can be said to be the rarest spirit. My dad once said that the Nine Heart Flowering Apple is a marvel among spirits.”

Who Ning Rongrong’s father was, let alone Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji, even the other Shrek Seven Devils knew: the master of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Representing the authority of auxiliary system Spirit Masters, if even he described a spirit like this, then, the scale of this spirit’s effect could well be imagined.

Regarding new and odd spirits, Grandmaster was always even more curious than ordinary people, immediately asking for details: “Then what is this Nine Heart Flowering Apple’s effect? In what respect does its support effect appear?”

Ning Rongrong lowered her voice: “The Nine Heart Flowering Apple only has one kind of effect. No matter how many spirit rings it has, it only has one spirit ability. This is also where it’s frightening. Its effect is in the scope of healing. The degree of healing is controlled by the Spirit Master’s intentions. The higher the rank, the more spirit rings, the more

its healing can be used. My father said, with a Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master, even if you wanted to die it wouldn’t be easy. Therefore, after the fight starts, we have to first separate her from the stage, otherwise, until she runs out of spirit power, we will basically be unable to cause any injury to the opponents.”

Listening to Ning Rongrong, Grandmaster’s complexion seemed to become rigid, blankly standing for a long time, then slowly saying: “This really is a close to perfect combination.”

“We can win.”

At this low point of morale, everyone falling silent, Tang San suddenly loudly spoke up, brimming with confidence. Everyone’s gazes turned to him.

“I say, we can win. Mubai, little Ao, Fatty, Xiao Wu, Rongrong, Zhuqing. Have you forgotten, we already possess a record of twenty seven successive victories. The opponent is admittedly powerful, but, we’re also not weak. We have Mubai as a first rate domination system Spirit Master. We have little Ao’s support to sustain out battle capability, we have Fatty’s top notch variation Battle Spirit and Xiao Wu’s mysterious Soft Skill, Rongrong, don’t tell me you believe your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda can’t compare with Nine Heart Flowering Apple? Still Zhuqing, your speed is the fastest of any agility attack system Spirit Master I’ve ever seen. Although the opponents are powerful, don’t tell me we’re small and weak? No, we are certainly able to prove we’re even stronger than them. Even more, you mustn’t forget our age. I dare say, they’re older than us, even if we really lose then what about it? Failure is the mother of success, even if we aren’t their match today, inevitably there will be one day when we certainly will beat them. Victory inevitably belongs to us Shrek Seven Devils. If our confidence from successive victories is already lost, then, why should we still participate in spirit fights?”

Tang San’s words were like a fuse igniting everyone’s confidence. No member of the Shrek Seven Devils team lacked talent. Monsters among monsters. How could they be resigned to defeat?

No one spoke, but their expressions all became steady, Dai Mubai took the lead to extend his right hand, immediately followed by Oscar, Shrek Seven Devils, seven people’s palms folded over each other. Everyone’s gazes burned. The lost confidence was already retrieved, right now, their hearts were already brimming with intense fighting spirit.

“Teacher, this spirit fight, can I have full authority to plan it?” Tang San steadily looked towards Grandmaster. He knew that this fight was their most challenging trial, the reason why he said this wasn’t that he was unwilling to see his companions’ lifeless appearance. As a person of two lives, he knew that if you wanted something, then you could only rely on your own effort to win it.

Before all their previous spirit fights, Grandmaster would give out tactical directions. But this time Tang San actively asked to take over Grandmaster’s work. Although it appeared somewhat arrogant, seeing it, Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji all nodded inwardly.

A team required tactics, required unity, required coordination, but they also couldn’t lack another thing, that was bloodthirst. A team without bloodthirst would never be able to rouse their deepest potential. And right now, Tang San as the team’s soul, already accomplished this bit.

To the three teachers it already seemed like victory wasn’t important, these children’s growth already surpassed their expectations. Right now all they could do was watch these children give them even more surprises and miracles, looking at what level they could reach in the end.


Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, VIP resting area, VIP lounge number three.

The luxurious room was more than two hundred square meters, an immense leather sofa was more than fifteen meters, enough to let more than a dozen people rest comfortably. The room’s decorations were all gold; golden lanterns, golden wallpaper, and every kind of golden ornament, nothing detracting from a splendorous dazzling feeling. In front of the white leather sofa was a crystal side table, furnished with every kind of pastry and

beverage. Most important, one wall of this room was a single transparent crystal, through which the outside clearly could be seen, but nobody could look in from the outside, and outside the crystal window was Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s most important Central Main Spirit Arena.

Right now there were only seven people in the room, all seven each possessed clear characteristics, appearing to be twenty years old.

Sitting in the middle of the sofa was a black-haired slender youth, not considered handsome, facial expression very lacking, like the muscles of his face were rigid. Wearing blue skin tight clothes without any decoration, giving people a kind of uncomplicated impression, but against expectations this kind of simplicity made people feel he was very dangerous. He was leaning back in the sofa with his eyes closed, resting. Sitting next to him was a woman, her posture certainly not as ordinary, not leaning against the back of the sofa, rather leaning against the shoulder of the blue clothed youth, face with a lazy appearance, deep purple short hair giving a strong impression of heroic spirit. Astonishingly, she possessed a pair of green eyes that gave people a somewhat strange feeling, unable to say just why, but with a kind of bewitching charm. Right now she was leaning against the shoulder of the closed eyed youth, playing with her green painted fingernails.

“Yan, don’t always be so affectionate with the boss in front of the rest of us. Our brothers are all still a group of virgins, it’s no good if it arouses any urges. Hey.”

The speaker was a handsome youth, not tall, moderate weight, short golden hair, a pair of extremely active eyes, leaning against that giant crystal window with a leisurely appearance.

The young woman in the sofa shot him a glance, green eyes exuding an enchanting smile, “Then you come, let big sister teach you how to become a man?”

“Ah, I’ll pass, only boss can survive your Jade Phosphor poison. I unfortunately can’t enjoy it.” The youth hurriedly declined, face alarmed, looking at the green eyed young woman with clear dread.

“Serves you right. Who asked you to tease Yan.” Directly across the room from the crystal window, dressed entirely in black, was an equally blonde person, appearing more elegant and younger than the woman, enjoying the spectacle while waving a drink in his hand.

The handsome youth angrily said: “Leopard, what’s your meaning, wait until today’s team spirit fight is over, we’ll settle it one versus one. Watch me teach you a lesson.”

The black clothed youth snorted disdainfully, “One versus one with me? You have some nerve. You, a flying Spirit Master, wants to go one versus one with a ground Spirit Master like me? Clearly it’s bullying. With skill, you try for a one versus one with the boss, let alone winning, as long as you can last three minutes, I’ll admire you.”

“You……” Although the youth didn’t want to accept it, he had no choice but to concede. He was indeed unable to stand up to the captain for three minutes.

“Fine, be a bit quiet. Can’t you be as quiet and focused as the Shi brothers?” The blue clothed youth sitting motionless in the sofa finally spoke up. The Shi brothers he spoke of sat on the floor by the wall, meditating cross-legged. Both were straight nosed and square jawed, built large and sturdy. Just sitting there they gave people a kind of heavy and unflustered feeling.

The handsome youth said: “Boss, what do we still have to focus for? With us reaching silver spirit fight rank before fortieth rank, I dare say this Suotuo Great Spirit Arena absolutely can’t find us opponents. Let alone here, even if it was in the number one Imperial City Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, there still wouldn’t be anyone that could stand up to us.”

The blue clothed youth calmly said: “Even if that’s the case, you still can’t cultivate bad habits. The Spirit Master world’s powers come forth in great numbers, who can say for certain if even greater powers will appear before us. Lingling, you can sit on the sofa. Always standing like that will use up strength.”

His last words were directed at another woman standing in the room, that woman stood in the absolutely darkest corner of the room, not only entirely dressed in black, even her face was covered by a layer of black muslin. A graceful figure, long blue hair draped across her shoulders and back like a waterfall, eyes the same color as her hair not revealing any feelings. From her body could only be sensed loneliness and solitude.

“No need, I’m fine here.” Xie Lingling’s voice was very pleasant, but completely empty, giving people a kind of unreal feeling.

The seven people in this room were precisely the members of the Emperor Team in Tang San’s group’s material. Sitting in the sofa was captain Yu Tian-Heng and vice captain Dugu Yan. The handsome youth was Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng. The black clothed man arguing with him was Ghost Leopard Spirit Master Osler. The two brothers sitting on the floor meditating were naturally the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters. And standing in the corner was Emperor Team’s auxiliary system Spirit Master, Nine Heart Flowering Apple Xie Lingling.

[1] So even assuming that the rewards don’t increase further after the tenth successive victory, Tang San has earned almost 4000G in his singles fights alone.

[2] ( ⽟天恒) “Jade Sky Constant”, spirit: ( 蓝电霸王⻰) or “Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex”. When they were getting Tang San’s first spirit ring, Grandmaster named this as one of the six great clans.

[3] ( 独 孤 雁 ) “Only Lonely Goose”, spirit: ( 碧 磷 蛇 ) “Green Phosphorous Snake”

[4] ( ⽯墨) “Rock Ink Stick”, ( ⽞武⻳) “Black Tortoise Tortoise” the divine beast of the north, not quite same spelling as teacher Ye Zhi-Qiu in ch 27 (⽞⻳).
[5] ( ⽯ 磨 ) “Rock Grindstone”, spirit: ( ⽞ 武 ⻳ ) “Black Tortoise Tortoise”. Good luck tracking the accents. In fact, the names can have identical pronunciation.

[6] (御⻛) “Resist Wind”, (⻛铃⻦) “Wind Small Bell Bird”
[7] (奥斯罗) Only the last character away from “Oscar”. Spirit: (⿁豹) or “Sly Panther”.
[8] (叶泠泠) “Leaf [sound of flowing water]”, spirit: (九⼼海棠) “Nine Heart Ocean Cherry-Apple”, but the last two characters ( 海棠) refers to Malus spectabilis a.k.a Asiatic apple or Chinese flowering apple.

Chapter 49

Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in the highest level VIP area room number three, the Emperor Team’s members were waiting for the team battle to arrive. At that time, the door swung open, and a person entered from outside.

This person’s appearance made all the Emperor Team members spread out over the room perform the same action, even captain Yu Tian-Heng sitting in the sofa, even the Shi brothers sitting on the floor meditating opened their eyes. The seven people all stood up, making respectful salutes.


The person walking in from the door was a middle aged man, appearing thirty years old or so, ordinary appearance, simple black hair, simple and unadorned clothes, only his eyes were especially bright. He wasn’t as eye catching as the Emperor Team members, rather giving the impression of an entirely ordinary person. But, able to obtain the respect of all the Emperor Team members, how ordinary could he be?

The middle aged man’s complexion appeared somewhat strange, Emperor Team captain Yu Tian-Heng had never seen this kind of expression before, quietly stepping forward a few steps and lowering his voice: “Teacher Qin, what’s going on?”

Light flashed in teacher Qin’s eyes, glittering black pupils displaying a deep lustre, “This time, you will perhaps meet your match. I’ve just

received the basic information on your opponents today from the city lord. This was determined just now by Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. Have a look.”

While speaking, he walked over to the sofa behind the crystal table and sat down, in his hand already holding shining cloth and silk, unfolding it on the tabletop.
The Emperor Team members all gathered round, looking at the cloth. Vice captain Dugu Yan read: “Shrek Seven Devils team, seven members,
history unclear. Iron spirit fighter badge. Teacher, what’s with this iron spirit fighter Shrek Seven Devils team, are they qualified for a team spirit fight with us?”

Teacher Qin calmly said: “That’s right. For the past month they indeed held iron spirit fighter badges. But, through spirit fights in this month, their total points have already reached the silver spirit fighter level. Although they still haven’t been calculated, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena has already decided to confer them silver spirit fighter qualifications in advance. Just in time to challenge you. According the the city lord, Shrek Seven Devils have participated in twenty seven team spirit fights. Twenty seven fights, twenty seven wins. How much time did you use to reach silver spirit fights? It wasn’t one month, but a whole year.”

To the side Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng somewhat unconvinced said: “Then it’s because they haven’t met any formidable opponents. To so easily hold these victories. How can Suotuo City compare to our Imperial City?”

Shooting a glance at Yu Feng, “According to the city lord’s investigation, Shrek Seven Devils’ first team spirit fight was against the Mad Battle Team you faced. You should clearly know the Mad Battle Team’s strength, their spirit power level wasn’t unlike yours, only somewhat lacking in spirit abilities and the spirits themselves to be able to defeat you.”

“Don’t tell me Shrek Seven Devils won?” This time the speaker was the Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler.

Vice captain Dugu Yan gave him a look, “Is there still a need to ask, teacher already pointed it out.”

Yu Tian-Heng continuously looked at the cloth information, suddenly saying: “Teacher, their spirit power is so low, how are they able to beat the Mad Battle Team?”

Low? The Emperor Team members couldn’t help but again cast their glances to the cloth, carefully reading the material.

Shrek Seven Devils team.

Captain: Evil Eye White Tiger, spirit: White Tiger, thirty eighth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Vice captain: Thousand Hands Asura, spirit: Blue Silver Grass, thirty second ranked control system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Soft Bones Demon Rabbit, spirit: Jade Rabbit, thirty first ranked close quarters power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Evil Fire Phoenix, spirit: Evil Phoenix, twenty eighth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Member: Hell Civet, spirit: Hell Civet, twenty eighth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Member: Sausage Monopoly, spirit: Sausage, thirty first ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Seven Treasures Glazed Tile, spirit: Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, twenty seventh ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Underneath this team information was still an annotation: Shrek Seven Devils in this month obtained obtained a complete victory record in team battles, their true strength is not as simple as levels suggest. Among them, the control system Spirit Master Thousand Hands Asura is of particular note, this person’s control strength is extremely high, often capable of turning the tide.

Reading the material, Dugu Yan couldn’t help but giggle, “Teacher Qin, who gave you this information, it could make the dead laugh. A Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master is unexpectedly of particular note, what ‘turning the tide’. I expect he probably can’t even stand up against my first spirit ability.”

Teacher Qin snorted coldly, the Emperor Team members simultaneously felt their hearts contract a moment, intense shock making their faces reveal somewhat aghast expressions.

“Yan, even if Yu Feng is a bit careless, you as vice captain would unexpectedly underestimate your opponent like this. With this kind of attitude in the ring, I can practically guarantee you will immediately suffer an enormous setback.”

Dugu Yan stuck out her tongue, but didn’t dare speak. Although these Emperor Team members were all a cruel and untamed generation, they only had deference and admiration for this teacher Qin before them, it was not only because this teacher Qin was their specially coaching teacher, at the same time it was also because of his strength. Teacher Qin’s full name was Qin Ming[1], thirty four years old this year, at the beginning of the year, he had just recently broken through the sixtieth ranked threshold, becoming a Spirit Emperor. Reportedly, in Spirit Hall’s records, he was the second youngest Spirit Emperor, second only to another gifted genius.

Spirit Emperor at thirty four, this was the goal of every member of the Emperor Team.

Yu Tian-Heng waved his hand at Dugu Yan behind his back, hinting that she mustn’t say more, himself speaking to Qin Ming: “Teacher Qin, in this Shrek Seven Devils team, in the end what is there for us to pay attention

to? Going by their spirits, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda is undoubtedly worth our attention, but the level difference between them and us is large, even if they have the support of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, at most they can only pull close the spirit power gap between them and us, that’s all. Perhaps this is the main reason they’ve been able to obtain a perfect record in their previous fights. Of the other six, their captain, Evil Eye White Tiger with the White Tiger Spirit should merit attention. Still the Evil Phoenix Spirit. I’ve never heard of such a spirit’s existence, perhaps this ‘Evil’ part should be due to variation. As for the control system Spirit Master mentioned in the material, Thousand Hands Asura, on this point my opinion is the same as Yan’s. Even if his spirit rings are remarkable, his spirit is after all only Blue Silver Grass. How powerful can it be?”

Qin Ming nodded faintly, “Your analysis is cool headed. This is the only information we have on the Shrek Seven Devils, we’ll have to wait until actually fighting them before learning everything. Remember what I said, you must never underestimate any opponent. Since Suotuo Great Spirit Arena dares dispatch them, they will certainly have some confidence. Furthermore, I have a requirement for you. Whatever the outcome of this fight, nobody can kill anyone, you mustn’t even injure your opponents. Do you understand? Yan, you especially, if you poison the opponents, after the fight you must immediately treat them. You cannot delay.”

Dugu Yan said baffled: “Why? Teacher, aren’t you always telling us that on the battlefield are no sons and fathers, one must use all one’s effort, if one doesn’t injure the opponent, perhaps one will suffer wounds in turn, and that we absolutely mustn’t start of leniently.”

Qin Ming’s face showed a wry smile, “This time is different. You still don’t need to know. Wait until after this fight ends, I’ll give you the answer. Good, it’s time. Follow me.”

Finished speaking, he took the lead to leave the VIP lounge, while walking, Qin Ming secretly sighed, ‘children, I can’t tell you the reason, I hope that this time you can suffer a bit of a setback. Growing too smoothly will often lead to brittleness.’


Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s Central Main Spirit Arena.

This place wasn’t as large as those commoners who could only spectate in the sub arenas, in fact, if they came here, they would certainly believe that this was another sub field.

The entire area of the Central Main Spirit Arena was only a bit larger than the sub spirit arena fields. The most peculiar thing was that this Central Main Spirit Arena was exceedingly calm.

The reason was that the surroundings didn’t have any outdoor stands, but each was a completely sealed box, only viewing the scene from behind crystal glass, concealing the VIP audience from outside.

These people didn’t wish to easily reveal their identity here, even more they wouldn’t cheer like ordinary people. They had to be classified as having their own kind of arrogant and aloof feeling.

Even more, the stakes here were big, even all the bets in the sub-venues put together would fall far short, in order to avoid conflicts between the nobles due to bets, it was even more important to conceal their identities, at least then nobody would know who won their money and even if they wanted to make reprisals they still wouldn’t have any means.

Although the inside couldn’t be seen through the crystal glass windows, the Central main Spirit Arena’s golden spirit tool lanterns shone dazzlingly, and the spirit fighting ring here was especially huge, since without outdoors spectators, the spirit fighting ring was able to have a diameter of over seventy meters.

Let alone team spirit fights with less than ten people, even if both sides had a hundred people there was enough room and spare for close combat fights.

The Central Main Spirit Arena altogether had twelve high level VIP rooms, and three hundred twenty common VIP rooms. These rooms were practically never empty; the high level VIP rooms had permanent owners, while the common VIP rooms were booked ahead at the start of each year.

Suddenly, in the Central Main Spirit Arena the already extremely bright golden lanterns once again increased in brightness, and their brightness was no longer spread in every direction but focused on the spirit ring, as if a an enormous golden spotlight shone down from the sky, just right to envelop the entire spirit fighting stage. It was from the use of this kind of lantern type spirit tool that it could be seen how wealthy the Spirit Arena was.

In the middle of the spirit ring, the ground suddenly buckled upwards in a two meter in diameter circle, the section slowly rising up from the stage could be seen supported by a thick golden pillar, and rising with the golden pillar right now was a young woman.

The young woman only appeared eighteen or nineteen, wearing a dignified beautiful white dress, brown long hair in a large wave, well rounded chest and an excitingly slender waist, an incarnation of astonishing beauty. In her hand she held a conical sound amplifying spirit tool, on her charming face a professional smile.

“We are very honored to once again see such distinguished guests.” The young woman in the white dress after rising to the intended location stepped out on the stage, turning in place and waving out at the surroundings. That platform that delivered her to the stage quietly withdrew back down, very quickly restoring to its original location, unexpectedly without leaving behind any trace.

“Able to once again before all distinguished guests preside over the main Spirit Arena’s great team spirit fight is Doudou’s[2] great honor. We hope all distinguished guests will be able to enjoy yourselves this evening. Today we have one highlight, we have tonight also only arranged this one spirit fight. Although both sides battling are only Spirit Elder level, they both already possess silver spirit fighter badges. If one absolutely had to give them a title, I think the word ‘genius’ would be exceedingly suitable. Doudou will from beginning to end conduct commentary for all

distinguished guests. , I would like to introduce to all distinguished guests the sides ready for battle.”

“Emperor Team, captain: Yu Tian-Heng, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master……”

“Shrek Seven Devils team, captain: Evil Eye White Tiger, White Tiger Spirit Master……”

This white dressed young announcer Doudou very skillfully introduced both the competing teams, the purpose very simple, precisely to raise the expectations of each VIP spectator.

“Well, Doudou has no more to say. , will the team members of both sides please take the field. Doudou is also a Spirit Elder level Spirit Master, and is truly very eager to see what brilliant display these Spirit Masters on the same level as Doudou will show us.”

While she spoke, white light suddenly burst out from this presenter Doudou, immediately following, in her brown long wavy hair suddenly appeared a lock of white, and behind her back extended a pair of pure white wings. Three yellow spirit rings simultaneously appeared around her, the third spirit ring flaring, wings lightly beating, unexpectedly bringing her soaring into the air with the sound amplification tool. Just like what Doudou said herself, she was also a Spirit Elder level Spirit Master, although her third spirit ring wasn’t an ideal thousand year level, the ability bestowed on her by this spirit ring was clearly flight. To a flying type spirit’s Spirit Master, this was extremely significant. Doudou’s spirit was a kind of adorable and gentle animal symbolizing peace: White Dove.

On either side of the spirit ring, two sliding doors silently opened wide, both sides’ team members simultaneously entering the venue, walking into the center of the spirit fighting stage.

On the left side was Emperor Team. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Yu Tian-Heng walked at the front of the team, Dugu Yan customarily snuggled up to his side. Following closely behind the two were the Shi brothers. After came Black Leopard Osler and Wind Chime Bird Yu Feng. Walking

last was that mysterious Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master Xiu Lingling.

Compared to the all uniquely dressed Emperor Team members, Shrek Seven Devils’ side appeared much more uniform. The same black tight fitting clothing, the same green masks. Although their height varied, with one look could be seen this was a group in orderly formation.

These clothes were specifically made to order for them by Grandmaster, to change into for spirit fights. One reason was to hide their appearance, the other was also to let them feel even more like a team.

The clothes could conceal the body, the masks could conceal their features, but there was still no way to conceal their eyes.

As both sides’ team members just started to appear, the gazes of Dai Mubai walking at the front of Shrek Seven Devils and Emperor Team’s captain Yu Tian-Heng met resolutely.

Their expressions seemed to congeal for a brief moment, the whole Spirit Arena seeming to echo with a dragon’s howl and a tiger’s roar.

Yu Tian-Heng’s heart trembled, looking face to face with those double pupil evil eyes of Dai Mubai, he immediately felt an immense pressure hit him. He immediately understood that this opponent only one rank lower than him wasn’t easy to deal with.

Coldly opposing, bright light flared in the eyes of both sides, the spirit fight had not yet begun, but both sides spirit already clashed with each other.

“Both sides participating in the team spirit fight please take note, you have one minute to begin summoning your spirits. As I declare the beginning, both sides can attack, until one side concedes, all have collapsed or been thrown off the spirit stage.”

Doudou hovering in midair while flapping her white dove wings, used her gentle and beautiful voice to speak to both teams.

That gentle and beautiful voice in the ears of the VIP guests was a kind of pleasure, but to the ears of Shrek Seven Devils and Emperor Team’s members, it was the sign the spirit fight was about to start.

As the two spirit fighter teams appeared, at the mouths of the passages stood the two sides’ leaders. As the team members took their places, they naturally also observed the counterpart.

The leaders on the Shrek Seven Devils’ side were Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji. They didn’t have VIP qualifications, and naturally could only observe from the side. On the other side, the Emperor Team’s leader was that teacher Qin.

Flender glanced at Qin Ming a hundred meters away on the other side, his expression suddenly changing, then immediately gradually relaxing, his originally nervous mood seemed to ease up a lot, “Look, this time we don’t need to be anxious. Wuji, you see who is on the other side?”

Zhao Wuji also looked at Qin Ming, his eyes immediately widening,
“Why, isn’t he……”

Grandmaster gave the two a puzzled look, “You know the other side’s leader? What’s going on?”

Flender smiled mischievously, saying: “Secret, wait until after this spirit fight is over.”

In the center of the spirit ring, practically simultaneously, both sides with altogether fourteen people completely released their spirit power, their intense battle lust surging out, scaring the White Dove Spirit Master Doudou in the air to once again increase her altitude. It’s not like she hadn’t seen more powerful team spirit fights than these people below her, but both sides with such powerful battle lust as right now was still a rare sight.

To Doudou’s eyes, the fourteen people below her could only be described with one word: ‘Power’.

As the arena announcer and commentator, right now she didn’t know what words to use to describe this competition. She knew right away that an extremely fierce spirit fight was about to begin.

A tiger’s roar issued from Dai Mubai’s throat, worked up, somewhat scorching air surged out from his body, his bones making cracking sounds just like bursting peas, the muscles all over his body swelling in a flash, sharp claws ejecting from his hands, although wearing a mask, his knife sharp eyes were brimming with wild atmosphere.

At Dai Mubai’s lead, the Shrek Seven Devils all released their spirits, Oscar’s three kinds of sausage had already been divided out between everyone before the fight, still standing with Ning Rongrong at the very rear of the formation, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing respectively at Dai Mubai’s left and right sides, Tang San standing behind the three.

Ma Hongjun actually stood a bit further ahead than Ning Rongrong and Oscar, purple red flame constantly throbbing in his palms.

Blue purple Blue Silver Grass quietly roamed out into the surroundings from Tang San, along with spirit power rising, after entering the Spirit Elder realm, the quantity of Blue Silver Grass he could release was much more than before, blue light constantly flickered in his palm, Blue Silver Grass surging out like it was limitless, while occupying the floor next to him, simultaneously, six Blue Silver Grass quietly rose up, twisting around the waists of the other six Shrek Seven Devils.

Under the effect of Blue Silver Grass, the seven people immediately formed a single entity with Tang San at its heart.

As the Shrek Seven Devils side released their spirits, the other side naturally wouldn’t stay idle.

The Emperor Team’s formation was entirely different from the Shrek Seven Devils. Standing furthest ahead wasn’t at all their captain Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng, rather the two Black Tortoise Spirit Master Shi brothers. One left and one right, as Doudou announced the start of the spirit fight, simultaneously shouted loudly,

earthen yellow light rose from under their feet, their bodies issuing sounds even more fierce than Dai Mubai’s bones.

Before releasing their spirits, the Shi brothers threw off their jackets, revealing muscles like solid granite, following the release of their spirits, the pair’s shoulders slowly stretched out, their entire backs half curving, all their spirit power condensing into earthen yellow light gathering and coagulating at their backs, actually forming an immense dark yellow tortoiseshell.

The pattern on the tortoiseshells was pale yellow, the Shi brothers’ bones appeared to also transform somewhat along with this tortoiseshell appearing.

Not only did the tortoiseshells appear at their backs, the same appeared on their fronts, and their four limbs all also became somewhat shorter. At the center of their front tortoiseshells was an enormous symbol.

With faint flickering blue light, two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings rose from bottom to top twining around their bodies, on account of their bodies swelling from growing tortoiseshells, the spirit rings coiling around them also appeared to have changed somewhat.

After the Shi brothers released their spirits, the intense pressure Dai Mubai emitted was unexpectedly blocked in front of them, entirely unable to pressure the other Emperor Team members behind them.

From a small crack between the Shi brothers, Yu Tian-Heng could be seen. With the one of the first rate spirits Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, just at the beginning, ignited all the VIP spectators’ mood.

A dazzling blue light suddenly shone between Yu Tian-Heng’s eyebrows, immediately following, the blue light spread in a flash, from his eyebrows falling into his body, streams of blue purple violent lightning erupted all over him like small snakes, migrating around his body. On the surface, Yu Tian-Heng’s change didn’t seem very large, besides a blue lightning symbol

on his forehead, on his whole body there was only one change from Spirit Body Enhancement.

But, the one change was even more thorough than all Beast Spirit Masters present.

The change that appeared was his right arm. The sleeve that originally covered his right arm swelled up and completely burst to ashes, the arm’s length increasing by half a chi[3], the entire arm extremely bulky, covered with blue purple scales, the hand becoming a claw, covered by the same scales, each of the joints in the hand becoming extremely bulky, the blue purple snakes of lightning revolving around his body constantly coagulating or scattering on his arm, two yellow and one purple spirit ring did not revolve around his body like other Spirit Masters, rather spiralling around this arm.

Tang San’s gaze carefully watched the change in Yu Tian-Heng’s body past Dai Mubai. Grandmaster once explained this first rate spirit Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon to him in detail. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon and his own spirit were somewhat different, first of all, as a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master, all spirit rings had to be obtained from dragon subspecies spirit beasts, similar to Oscar obtaining spirit rings from types like that Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Masters starting from thirtieth rank, with each obtained spirit ring, when using the spirit would have a part of their body replaced with a dragon analogue. Like Yu Tian-Heng’s right arm just now was his first limb to change. Up until the seventieth rank, when Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Masters were truly incarnations of dragons, bursting with extremely terrifying strength. Among equally ranked they were the most terrifying power attack system Spirit Master. Put simply, if Yu Tian-Heng was the same rank as Zhao Wuji, then, Zhao Wuji’s spirit Vigorous Vajra Bear incarnation would in no way be the match of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s incarnation. How could Bear and Dragon be on the same level?

Thus, Yu Tian-Heng’s current right arm was already completely not classified as human but rather a dragon arm, with dragon scales adhering to

the skin, the right hand also becoming a dragon claw.

Behind Yu Tian-Heng was a dark green color. Red hair and green eyed Dugu Yan’s body right now seemed to become soft, lightly swaying, pressing close to Yu Tian-Heng’s back, a pair of green eyes becoming especially sharp. Her ice cold atmosphere couldn’t in any way be classified as human.

Between her brows was a rhombic green scale, when looking close, all the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help but be shocked, since right now Dugu Yan already had no legs, no, it should be said that both legs had fused together, becoming a thick serpent tail, relying on the serpent tail to prop up her upper body, it was no wonder she would be swaying.

Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler’s change wasn’t large. He was basically entirely dressed in black, and now even the hair on his head turned black. His elegant like a woman kind of face seemed somewhat pale, but his pupils already became vertical slits, his whole body brimmed with danger waiting to be released. He equally had two yellow and one purple spirit ring, this kind of spirit ring configuration was for the entire Emperor Team apparently nothing out of the ordinary.

Among all the Emperor Team, the last Spirit Body Enhancement and also the biggest, perhaps had to be the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng. A pair of medium sized wings stretched open from his back, different from that White Dove Spirit Master Doudou in the air, his wings were light brown, and the feathers on the wings would appear to lack any kind of softness, but had a solid texture.

These wings of Yu Feng’s weren’t at all baseless, rather were actually his two arms transformed, right now beating the two wings, he already rose into the air, attentively observing the movements of the Shrek Seven Devils from up high, still not forgetting to take a look at the beautiful Doudou in the air overhead, even so much that he whistled at Doudou’s long legs. Of course, he basically didn’t take the opposing Seven Shrek Devils seriously.

As a result of the team members crowded together, from Shrek Seven Devils’ angle the opponent’s auxiliary system Spirit Master couldn’t be

seen, Nine Heart Flowering Apple Xie Lingling.

The pressure brought by the opponents all having the optimal two yellow one purple spirit ring configuration was incomparable, whether it was in spirit quality or spirit ring configuration, this time the Shrek Seven Devils were in an all round disadvantageous position.

And these two areas were also where they had the advantage when confronting other spirit fighting teams.

Although this battle hadn’t yet begun, the faces hidden under the Shrek Seven Devils’ masks were already extremely serious.

To them, this would definitely be an unprecedentedly bitter struggle.

At this time, flying in the air Doudou’s charming face was already somewhat heated from Yu Feng’s stare after his Spirit Body Enhancement, but she still cultivated a great deal of professionalism, from her cherry red lips was uttered a very simple word, but still the fuse to an explosive substance.


With a tiger roar towards the sky, Dai Mubai used action to shake up his side’s vigor, taking the lead to charge at the opponents, fully using the White Tiger Body Barrier for his protection, whole body enveloped in golden light, again adding his indomitable manner, giving of an an extremely alarming impression.

The Shi brothers’ expressions were like the tortoiseshells on their bodies, from beginning to end without any change, watching Dai Mubai’s brazen charge, the pair hadn’t the slightest amount of fear, simultaneously drawing close to the center, obstructing Dai Mubai’s advancement from the front. The first spirit ring brightening, a stagnant air released from these two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters, filling the air around them with yellow light and again merging with their thick tortoiseshells, clearly already prepared to meet Dai Mubai’s attack.

Dai Mubai’s left foot stepped heavily on the floor, soaring into the air, the sharp tiger claw blades ejecting, both hands swiping left and right, going straight for the Shi brothers’ heads. And at this moment, Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda thirty percent boost reached him, immediately making Dai Mubai’s attack speed and tiger claw power rise yet again.

Although this would seem like a very common change, the power and speed boost very easily made the opponents’ defense suffer. The Shrek Seven Devils had spent this time rehearsing, and their coordination was already without the need for words.

With Dai Mubai’s spirit power and the sharpness of his tiger claws, let alone a human head, even solid rock would be cut. But, the Shi brothers used a very simple yet strange move, at once dispelling Dai Mubai’s attack.

The two brothers Shi Mò and Shi Mó when about to be struck by the tiger claws pulled back their heads, unexpectedly withdrawing into their chests, to be precise, withdrawing into those incomparably solid tortoiseshells. Dai Mubai’s tiger claws naturally could only scratch at those tortoiseshells.

Resounding through the entire audience, Dai Mubai’s tiger claws scratching the Shi brothers’ tortoiseshells unexpectedly created sparks.

Dai Mubai’s body right now soared into the air, both arms abruptly jolted high from the shock, despite having White Tiger Body Barrier to dispel a lot of the impulse, his tiger claws still suffered a moment of paralysis from the inherent intense counter force in the tortoiseshells. Black Tortoise, as one of the most powerful defensive spirits, couldn’t be so easy to break.

Also at this moment, a blue silhouette already appeared before Dai Mubai, the bulky dragon arm shone with a dazzling blue lustre under the lighting of the Central Spirit Arena, before the person even arrived, blue lightning already congealed in the air into the shape of a claw, swatting straight at Dai Mubai’s wide open chest in the air. All of this was already calculated long ago.

At the same time as Dai Mubai emitted force to rush forward, Emperor Team captain Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng already launched his assault, but at the same time the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters drew together, completely sheltering Yu Tian-Heng’s actions behind them, making the Shrek Seven Devils’ side unable to see it.

And the moment Dai Mubai’s fruitless attack revealed a big opening, Yu Tian-Heng soared up, his first spirit ring flashing, condensed thunder dragon claw already swatting. This was all part of Emperor Team’s coordination.

The lightning was so fast that at the same time Dai Mubai saw the blue silhouette, the blue purple lightning had already reached his chest.

Even if Dai Mubai was right now capable of pulling back his splayed open arms, he could still only use his arms to block the opponent’s attack and would still be at a major disadvantage.

As a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master with the most powerful attack, as long as Yu Tian-Heng could pursue and attack, further coordinating with his team members, the scales of victory or defeat would immediately tilt in their direction. But at this time, Dai Mubai suddenly disappeared, at once disappearing from before Yu Tian-Heng without warning. Even with Yu Tian-Heng’s calm, soaring in midair he still couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Dai Mubai naturally couldn’t teleport, but one mustn’t forget, around his waist was still twisted one of Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

[1] (秦明)

[2] (兜兜) A doudou is an undergarment covering chest and stomach.

[3] ½尺 = 17cm

Chapter 50

Dai Mubai Jumped into the air, pouncing towards the twin Black Tortoise Spirit Masters, while Tang San just stood there, in the middle of all his blue-silver grass on the ground. At this point, a strand loosely wrapped around his waist gently pulled him back,

allowing him to land, causing the Thunder Dragon Claw to barely miss Dai Mubai and pass overhead.

Yu Tian-Heng’s Thunder Dragon Claw flashed across an additional 20 meters in the air before finally dissipating. As it passed through empty air, it would violently twist the air, giving menacing crackles.

The fight really started with this crackling. As Dai Mubai landed, he didn’t even pause for a moment, with Tang San in the middle of the formation[1], Shrek Seven Devil had already become used to fighting in this formation, combining their powers and fighting as one in order to narrow the gap that is their spirit levels.

Dai Mubai stuck his foot out, in an attempt to sweep kick the legs of both the currently advancing Shi brothers.

Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu at the same time, dodged to the sides, bypassing the Shi brothers and rushed toward the rear of the Emperior Team.

The Shi brothers’ shells noisily fell as both legs retracted into their shells within a hair’s breadth of Dai Mubai’s attack. Seeing that Dai Mubai would only kick the shells, the blue silver Grass wrapped around his waist again acted, pulling him back one meter, making his kick sweep the air instead.

If Tang San only had the spirit Blue Silver Grass, he would not have been able to control every strand of blue-silver grass as skillfully as one controlled one’s arms, after all, it is never easy to correctly control everything and produce good results. However, with the Tang Sect’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon skill, Tang San had complete control over everything going on on the stage.

Before, when Dai Mubai’s tiger claws hit the enemies’ tortoise shells, Tang San saw everything clearly. He knew that the twin Black tortoise Spirit master’s defensive abilities was not something that anyone on their team,with their current spirit power, could break through. If Dai Mubai had connected that kick on the shells, he would’ve ended up hurting himself first.

And as the only one with a spirit level anywhere close to the opponent’s main force, Dai Mubai must not be so easily injured.

When Yu Tian-Heng, who was in the air, saw his Thunder Dragon Claw failed to hit anything, he was momentarily shocked. Quickly recovering, with one foot stepping on the shells of the black tortoises’ shells, he catapulted himself forward, rushing straight for Tang San behind Dai Mubai. the Blue Lightning Dragon’s arm moved again and another Thunder Dragon Claw appeared, this time its target changing to Tang San.

As the captain of the Emperor team, Yu Tian-Heng saw that the opponent’s most important member was not Dai Mubai with the greatest Spirit level, but instead the one using Blue silver grass to wrap around every member’s waist, the Control System Spirit Master, Thousand Hand Asura.

As long as they destroy this weakness, then the Shrek Seven Devil's formation would crumble by itself.

When Yu Tian-Heng shot out his Thunder Dragon Claw attack again, he was already facing Tang San on the battlefield. Yet he was surprised to find that the opponent’s control system Spirit Master’s eyes had completely turned purple. In addition to his quick footwork, his entire person seemed unreal.

But in that mysterious footwork, his upper body was still, His entire person had already shifted 8 feet away, causing the Thunder Dragon Claw to noisily land on the ground.

As Tang San was using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Steps to shift away, his first spirit ring flashed and countless blue silver grass rose from the ground, wrapping around the airborne Yu Tian-Heng. At the same time, the blue-silver grass around Tang San’s Teammates’ waist suddenly taut. In a flash, a strange scene appeared on the battlefield.

On the Emperor team’s side, Osler, the black panther Spirit Master, jumped forward to receive Zhu Zhuqing’s rush.

Up in the air, the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master’s first spirit ring flashed, the wind whistling as he flew towards Xiao Wu, with arms which had transformed into wings[2], suddenly became razor sharp. Which was his first Spirit Ring Ability, “Wing Edge”.

And as these two Emperor Team’s main offensive Spirit Masters were just about to close in on their opponents, without warning their opponents disappeared. Just before disappearing, Xiao Wu could still smile and wave at the wind Chimes Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng, obviously, this was all part of the plan.

Two graceful figure was thrown into the air, not rushing forward, but flying backwards. Together with them was the Evil Eye Tiger Spirit Master Dai Mubai, who also retreated before the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters’ very faces. Shrek Seven Devil’s three frontline attackers withdrew at the same time. All, with a common objective.

“Not good. We fell into their trap. Quickly, attack.”

Dugu Yan’s expression quickly changed. The Jade Phosphor Serpent’s body quickly rushing forward. The other Emperor Team teammates also recognized a bad situation, but their reactions were slower by a moment.

Purple flames surging from Ma Hongjun’s body suddenly soared, this was closely followed by the two spirit rings around his body flashing. A stream of purple flame as thick as a man’s thigh shot out straight towards the Blue Electric Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng.

All that was happening was all in Tang San’s calculations. Dai Mubai’s attack was only to act as a bait and attract the opponent’s attention. Knowing that the Shi brothers specialised in defense, their team had never expected Dai Mubai to be able to defeat the stone brothers quickly.

Yet, when Tang San used the Blue Silver Grass to help Dai Mubai to evade the Thunder Dragon Claw, he wasn’t afraid Dai Mubai wouldn’t be able to take the attack, but most importantly, it was to let Yu Tian-Heng notice him.

Yu Tian-Heng was fooled till the end. In other words, deep in his heart, he had underestimated these seemingly much weaker opponents and thus was careless. In addition to being misled by Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqings’ rush attack, resulting in him making a fatal error, to wade in deep behind enemies’ lines alone.

Under his feet, the madly binding Blue Silver Grass was inescapable. In front of him, with an extreme heat, bringing his outrageously brilliant Phoenix Fire was the Phoenix Spirit Master lunging. Behind him, was the the Evil Eye White Tiger, the Soft Boned Demon Rabbit and the hell civet cat as the three main attackers who cut off any escape routes.

The Yu Tian-Heng was already in a completely hopeless scenario.

Before the battle, the Shrek Seven Devils came together and talked about their opponents in detail, but no matter how they analyzed it, they all understood that the opponents this time were much stronger than themselves. Based on competing in pure spirit power, it was physically

impossible to win. Thus they had to rely on the strength of the team as a whole.

The strongest in the Emperor team would be their strength attacker, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, Yu Tian-Heng. Not only was his spirit power the highest, he was also the Emperor team’s captain. There was no doubt that his offensive strength was the sharpest point in their spear, and was even their team’s morale. If the tip of this spear is broken, then there wouldn’t be such a big gap in this Spirit Battle anymore.

With his body in the air, Yu Tian-Heng couldn’t escape Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. Within moments, he was completely covered. Without caring about the Blue Silver Grass wrapping around him, he moved his right arm, shooting another Thunder Dragon Claw, which clashed with the Phoenix Fire Wire shot by Ma Hong-Jun.

The resulting detonation sounded off a rolling thunder, scattering numerous purple sparks in all directions, just like a dazzling fireworks blooming.

Although it was only Yu Tian-Heng’s first spirit ability, his spirit power was much larger than that of Ma Hong-jun’s. Thus, it only required his Thunder Dragon Claw to tear apart Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire attack.

Yu Tian-Heng, naturally knew that he was in an extreme state of peril. Under the pressure of such danger, he released all his stored energy, both his third and second spirit ring flashed. At this moment, he didn’t have any reservations, as long as he could break through this absolute kill plan, then this group spirit battle’s victory would belong to Emperor Team.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon raged into action with it’s Thousand Year spirit ring ability. All of a sudden, a storm of blinding blue lightning burst forth from all around Yu Tian-Heng’s body. Accompanied by the tremendous sound of an explosion, the Blue Silver Grass wrapped around his body instantly turned into ashes as it scattered in all directions..

Thunder Fury[3], effect: within a certain period of time, the Blue Lightning tyrant Dragon Spirit Master would run wild. His lightning

abilities were increased by a hundred percent and his spirit power was increased by fifty percent.

If he didn’t take the initiative to stop the ability, it would continue until he exhausted his spirit power.

But, everytime he used Thunder Fury, he would have to sacrifice a large amount of spirit power, also, it placed no small amount of burden on the body. It was a sink-or-swim situation, if it wasn’t for this dangerous trap, Yu Tian-Heng would never so easily use his third spirit ability.

Blue Silver Grass itself was originally not conductive, but because the inherent power of Thunder Fury was too great, the Blue-Silver grass could not stop it’s explosive energy.

But as Thunder Fury was explosively released, a streak of purple flame suddenly bombarded Yu Tian-Heng in the chest. His Thunder Dragon Claw was, after all, only a first spirit ring ability. Although the Phoenix Fire Wire was blown apart, how could Fatty’s Spirit variation’s abilities be so easily dealt with. Here, the Phoenix Fire Wire showed its superiority with it’s apparent endlessness. Taking advantage of opponent’s momentary pause when the Blue silver grass was blasted away, the heavy bombardment had already landed on Yu Tian-Heng’s body.

Yu Tian-Heng howled loudly, but he ignored the Phoenix Fire Wire’s bombardment and forcefully turned his body in mid air, turning around to face Dai Mubai and the other two who were charging at him from behind, shouting, “Thunder Crash[4]!”

At this point, the countless Snakes ot lightning coiling around his body expanded and exploded outwards into countless streaks of lightning flashing in all directions.

This, was the real strength of Yu Tian-Heng’s fully charged attack, under Lightning Fury’s hundred percent increase, his second ability, Thunder Crash exploded out with unmatched strength.

Initially as it exploded, it clashed with Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire breaking it and diverting majority of Thunder Crash towards Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing.

Yu Tian-Heng believed that as long as it was able to block them, maybe even injure them, then under the influence Thunder Fury, he would be able bring the opponents a large amount of destruction.

But then, he basically didn’t need to retreat, his companions would also reach this side of the battlefield, attacking and dispersing the opponents.

Shrek Seven Devils were able to obtain a twenty seven bouts, twenty seven win record in Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, how could they be so easily beaten. Although Yu Tian-Heng’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit was immensely strong, right now he was a single soldier behind enemy lines, all alone.

Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu’s silhouettes quietly vanished, disappearing behind Dai Mubai’s back. The starting point of the Blue Silver Grass twisting around their waists was Tang San, when approaching Tang San, the three clearly would again close together, and this first priority was naturally due to Tang San’s control with Blue Silver Grass.

Dai Mubai confronted Yu Tian-Heng from the front, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu taking the second and third places behind his back.

And at the same time as Yu Tian-Heng released his third spirit ability Thunder Fury, Dai Mubai also equally released his thousand year spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

His body, already made imposing from Spirit Body Enhancement, now swelled again, muscles swelling exaggeratedly, his clothes bursting completely, exposing a terrifying muscle outline, most bizarre were the black horizontal stripes that appeared on his skin.

A pair of tiger paws again growing a size, the sharp blades ejecting on top becoming silver, and most peculiarly was his body becoming enveloped in an intense golden light, as if gilded. Blood red double pupils expressing a bloodthirsty light, all over wearing that kind of king among beasts aggressiveness.

Dragon and Tiger, equal powers among spirits, even if Tiger was slightly inferior to Dragon, the gap was only a fine line, and Dai Mubai’s spirit power when compared to Yu Tian-Heng’s was also only one rank below, that’s all.

Accompanying a berserk tiger roar, the double pupils of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes instantly united, a ball of dazzling white light released from under the golden light of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, the white light swelling in the air, reaching a diameter of two meters, just like a shooting star launching towards Yu Tian-Heng.

Equally power attack system Spirit Masters, equally powerful spirits. Dai Mubai and Yu Tian-Heng’s spirit abilities were somewhat similar, as White Tiger Light Wave under the effect of White Tiger Vajra Transformation met Thunder Crash under the effect of Thunder Fury, what would happen?

Thunder arrow and intense light wave collided in the air with a loud bang. The entire spirit ring trembled violently a moment, the terrifying explosive force became an intense blast wave that flew out in all directions.

Doudou hovered high in the air observing what went on down below, a burst of dazzling blue white light blossoming before her eyes, stupidly thought out loud: “Is, is this really a spirit fight between Spirit Elders?”

After Thunder Crash launched, Yu Tian-Heng was already falling to the floor. Dai Mubai equally dropped, the all out collision of spirit power and spirit abilities making the two practically simultaneously withdraw, Yu Tian Heng retreated three steps, but Dai Mubai only withdrew two steps. At the corner of the mouth both had a line of blood, clearly, in the confrontation just now Dai Mubai held the advantage.

That wasn’t to say that Dai Mubai was capable of overpowering Yu Tian- Heng. Rather because Yu Tian-Heng had previously already suffered Fatty’s flame attack, although Thunder Fury had counteracted the flame, Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire wasn’t only more blazing than an equivalent flame, at the same time it had the adhering effect, right now Yu Tian-Heng’s chest was already burnt pitch black.

Furthermore, although Thunder Crash’s attack power was terrifying, nevertheless it was intended to kill or injure, while Dai Mubai’s attack was a shock blow. In spirit power density, clearly it was Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave that held the advantage. Despite this, Yu Tian-Heng only retreated one more step than Dai Mubai, it could clearly be seen what kind of tyrannical existence the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was.

It was a pity Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda presently didn’t have any amplifying effect on spirit abilities, only amplifying strength and speed. Otherwise, with Dai Mubai’s one attack, they could have given the opponent a great setback.

Although on the surface it seemed like Dai Mubai had suffered a somewhat smaller attack, right now his body was already completely paralysed, White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation couldn’t completely offset the lightning strength supplemented in the Thunder Crash.

But, it wasn’t just Dai Mubai launching an attack towards the opponent alone, rather all the Shrek Seven Devils. Dai Mubai’s attack had ended, the Thunder Crash had also dissipated to the front. It was also at this time, a quick silhouette quietly flickered, appearing from behind his back.

Hell Rush Stab increased Zhu Zhuqing’s speed to the limit, even to the extent that her body left behind remnant shadows in the air, the two spirit rings over her simultaneously flashing suddenly. Yu Tian-Heng still hadn’t found his footing when Zhu Zhuqing already appeared in front of him.

Hell Civet second spirit ring ability, Hell Hundred Claws, launched.

Countless claw shadows struck out, weaving a frightful net of sharp blades, Yu Tian-Heng’s internal energies still hadn’t settled, also having released too much lightning power with the previous Thunder Crash, right now his old strength had just been used up, and new strength still hadn’t been generated.

In the crucial moment, Yu Tian-Heng showed remarkable psychological quality, without the slightest hint of being flustered by the opponent’s attack. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon arm rose vertically, as much as possible defusing Zhu Zhuqing’s attack.

However, Zhu Zhuqing’s attack was really too fast, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda strength and speed boost completely coming to their right in her Hell Hundred Claws. Sparks constantly burst from Yu Tian- Heng’s dragon arm, splashing out simultaneously was still a bloody light.

Yu Tian-Heng was only able to defend his vitals, but at his other arm, shoulder, both legs, all paid a not inconsiderable price under the Hell Hundred Claws attack.

One must know that Zhu Zhuqing’s primary capability was reflected in speed and attack power, the attacks she launched all had supplementary puncturing effects, while the wounds wouldn’t appear very deep, spirit power already permeated within, frantically destroying Yu Tian-Heng’s energy channels.

With the assistance of Thunder Fury Yu Tian-Heng finally recovered his breath, intense thunder power once again erupting, but Zhu Zhuqing in the instant before that thunder moved several meters to the side, just evading Yu Tian-Heng’s attack. Without a doubt, again it was Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass battle control rhythm.

Tightly following on Zhu Zhuqing’s horizontal shift, a slender lovable human body appeared in front of Yu Tian-Heng, precisely Xiao Wu.

Violent aches transmitted from the hundred bones of the four limbs, a heat at his back, clearly it was that blazing Phoenix Fire Wire already attacking his back, but there still appeared an enemy in front. Yu Tian-Heng

knew that with further passivity, before help could arrive from his side, he would fall here.

Strongly raising spirit power, from Yu Tian-Heng’s mouth issued an indignant howl, coming forward to meat Xiao Wu’s delicate body was a Thunder Dragon Claw.

Under the boost of Thunder Fury, Thunder Dragon Claw’s range and power were more than doubled, with Xiao Wu’s current speed forward, she was clearly unable to dodge.

Also at this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils team’s fighting strength erupted completely, facing the Thunder Dragon Claw Xiao Wu didn’t have the slightest intention of breaking off, the stimulation of the lightning already made her body spasm slightly, the purple third spirit ring flared like it was declaring the end of Yu Tian-Heng’s spirit battle for this time.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s third spirit ring ability, Teleport, launched.

Yu Tian-Heng only caught a flash in front of him as Xiao Wu’s silhouette had already disappeared, the next moment, that slender lovable body suddenly magnified before him, a long braid directly coiling around his neck, Xiao Wu leapt up, both hands with the help of the braid pulling within the hook of Yu Tian-Heng’s dragon arm, resisting the supplemental thunder strength, both feet simultaneously stepping on Yu Tian-Heng’s lower abdomen.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s first spirit ring ability, Waist Bow, launched. Yu Tian-Heng was unable to resist the enormous force used and was suddenly thrown up, despite his spirit power being eight ranks higher than Xiao Wu, despite Thunder Fury amplifying his spirit power by fifty percent, right now his body’s condition had already dropped to the bottom of the valley, adding Xiao Wu possessing the thirty percent strength boost from Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pavilion, he was left basically without the chance to resist Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill.

As Yu Tian-Heng swept past Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai’s tiger paws simultaneously swatted down at his ribs.

It has to be said, despite Yu Tian-Heng right now already having received enormous injuries, his experience with facing enemies was abundant, managing to use the dragon arm to block his chest, relying on this solid arm to endure Dai Mubai’s attack, with the clear sound of shattering bone. These two paws still had a thirty percent strength boost, an attack with the strength Dai Mubai stored up since coming out of paralysis, even if it was the outstanding defensive power of Yu Tian-Heng’s dragon arm, it still fractured the bone. With the “assistance” of Dai Mubai, his entire body accelerated to even higher speed, flying toward the Emperor Team’s side.

From Yu Tian-Heng crossing over the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters to launch his attack, to being surrounded by the Shrek Seven Devils, to them inflicting serious injuries on Yu Tian-Heng, the complete process had only taken a very short amount of time, that’s all.

Hong——, Yu Tian-Heng’s body heavily struck the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters’ tortoiseshells and came to a stop, his whole body cut bloody and ragged, from his mouth also madly spurting blood. Under the successive attacks, he already suffered serious injuries, even his Thunder Fury almost broken apart by the Shrek Seven Devils. This wasn’t at all the Shrek Seven Devils wanting to casually kill someone, but the result of showing some leniency. Otherwise, if Tang San also had attacked, it wouldn’t have been as simple as Yu Tian-Heng spitting blood.

“Bastards, I’ll kill you!”

Yu Tian-Heng’s serious injuries undoubtedly infuriated the Emperor Team, especially the vice captain Dugu Yan, as Yu Tuan-Heng’s intimate friend, watching her man suffering serious damage by the opponents from all directions, but herself without the time to assist him, how painful was this kind of feeling.

At this moment, she had already completely forgotten what Qin Ming said, and with a sharp hiss, her third spirit ring abruptly shone.

The originally dark green eyes completely became violet, even the scales of the snake tail were covered by a faint layer of violet light, opening her mouth wide, a dense violet mist burst out, rapidly spreading in the air, surging in the direction of the Shrek Seven Devils.

“Everyone return!” Tang San shouted loudly, pulling back Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu who wanted to dash forward for a follow up attack behind him, right now, he stood furthest ahead of the Shrek Seven Devils.

But the opponents’ Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master and Black Leopard Spirit Master taking advantage of their speed to launch attacks, seeing the violet mist panicked broke off their approach, from how the two recoiled to the sides it could clearly be seen they were terrified of Dugu Yan’s violet mist.

Tang San with a serious face attentively watched that violet mist floating over, right now, the violet mist already resembled a protective screen separating the two sides, moreover slowly advancing in the Shrek Seven Devils’ direction. Apart from flying up or perhaps stepping down from the spirit ring, they would inevitably be enveloped by the violet mist.

Before the violet mist had arrived, already a fishy smell assailed the nostrils, making people feel nauseous and faint. The Shrek Seven Devils without hesitation swallowed down one of Oscar’s sausages, and Oscar himself swiftly began to make detoxifying small sausages in preparation for future need.

Both hands pressing on Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, Tang San pondered for a moment, calmly saying:

“A Jade Phosphor Serpent of the Jade Phosphor Five Poisons, that’s all, I’ll break your snake venom.”

Tang San raised both hands, each with a very large water skin, each water skin large enough to hold ten jin[5] of drinking water, generally speaking, for use when travelling long distances.

Tang San exerted himself to whip out both hands, the two leather bags thrown into the air, at the same time shouting loudly, “Boss, White Tiger Light Wave. Fatty, Phoenix Fire Wire. Launch.”

The Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t been cooperating for just one or two days, Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai understood intuitively. Dai Mubai right now still in White Tiger Vajra Transformation without hesitating spit out a White Tiger Light Wave, going straight for the water skins Tang San threw out, Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire following close behind.


The two water skins hit by White Tiger Light Wave were without a doubt instantly smashed to pieces, the “water” within spreading upward in a huge cloud of dispersing water under the intense spirit power attack, and at this moment, Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire also arrived, instantly, the former water cloud unexpectedly completely turned into a cloud of fire, bringing a special fragrance to fill the air and pervade everyone present. Furthermore, it completely enveloped the violet mist.

The dense violet mist unexpectedly also ignited under this sudden blaze, making a series of popping noises, disappearing in a moment. In the air, under the shining stage lighting, only those two smashed water skins slowly fell to the ground. The protective screen between the two teams had already completely faded away.

“No, this isn’t possible. How could you break my Jade Phosphor Violet Poison?” Dugu Yan stupidly stared across at Tang San, her eyes brimming with a disbelieving expression. Not just her, but each member of the Emperor Team stared dumbfounded.

They all clearly understood Dugu Yan’s Jade Phosphor Violet Poison. Even if it was the powerful Yu Tian-Heng, he still wouldn’t dare lightly come into contact with it. This third spirit ring ability was even more Dugu Yan’s most poisonous attack, the poison acting extremely quickly, with just a little bit of contact with the violet mist, in a short time one would issue pus and die.

Distantly at the entrance of the passage, Qin Ming’s heart became greatly anxious as he saw the violet mist, wanting to call out to stop it, but before he could speak up, Dugu Yan’s violet mist had already been dispersed. He as well hadn’t expected it.

Tang San calmly said: “Jade Phosphor Serpent poison is no more than an insignificant talent, if it was the Jade Phosphor Five Poisons together, perhaps I would have taken some notice of it. Your Jade Phosphor Serpent Poison still has insufficient heat control.”

Poison was what Tang Sect relied on for its fame. What genuinely made people fearful was how Tang San toyed with the poison before him, like he was Lord Guan toying with a broadsword[6].

Tang San’s method for unravelling it was actually very simple. In those two water skins wasn’t actually water, but extremely high strength alcohol. Furthermore in this alcohol was also realgar powder. Wine fortified with realgar, generally speaking, was used when entering an area with a lot of snakes, to guard against snake and insect bites.

Tang San threw out the water skins, using Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave to scatter it as mist in the air, further using Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire to ignite it, thoroughly cooking the poison. Although Jade Phosphor Serpent Poison was extremely toxic, it was still unable to be preserved when faced with ruthless flame. Earlier when Tang San learned Dugu Yan’s spirit was Jade Phosphor Serpent, he already made preparations to deal with her. Of course, this realgar wine was something he always carried. Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges space was so large, how could it be wasted?

In fact, although Tang San was calm on the surface, in his heart he was secretly shocked, Dugu Yan’s Jade Phosphor Serpent poison was still more potent than he had imagined. And since coming to this world, he still had never had the time to search for poisonous substances and drugs that could be used for Tang Sect poisons and antidotes. Right now he inwardly resolved to learn from his experience this time, and certainly soon mix antidotes and poisons, then, he could truly display the strength of the Tang Sect.

At this moment, a clear calm voice suddenly came through from the rear of the Emperor Team, “What are you waiting for, is a tiny setback enough to make you fear the opponent?”

Immediately following, accompanying a faint aroma, a white light fell from the sky, that white light appeared extremely peculiar, unexpectedly in the form of petals, gently drifting down, falling directly on Yu Tian-Heng, lightly merging into his body.

Yu Tian-Heng trembled against Dugu Yan’s chest, his open wounds miraculously closed rapidly, his entire body’s complexion seeming to already become much better, unexpectedly getting up on his feet.

In a stern voice he said: “Lingling’s right, what are we waiting for? Get to it.”

The light of thunder again appearing, though just now still beaten bloody by the Shrek Seven Devils he unexpectedly took the lead to charge ahead, lightning snakes surging around him, even raising that fractured arm again.

That petal-like white light came from Emperor Team’s only auxiliary system Spirit Master Xie Lingling’s hands. Right now, Emperor Team’s formation was no longer as neat as at the start, and the Shrek Seven Devils could finally see Xie Lingling’s spirit, Nine Heart Flowering Apple.

Resting in Xie Lingling’s hands was a pink flowering apple[7], formed by white and pink petals, the flowering apple was gorgeous, flowering with beauty and elegance.

The flower leaves and branches welled from either side of Xie Lingling’s hands, softly spreading in the wind, drooping and fluttering, as if beautiful hair covering a virtuous woman’s face, affectionate deep love, charm pitying people.[8]

Right now a purple light was fading from her body, clearly those white light petals just now was her thousand year spirit ring ability.

Seeing Yu Tian-Heng completely recovered once again, on the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, everyone’s complexions couldn’t help but change.

One must know, their attack at Yu Tian-Heng just now could be said to have been planned since long ago, it was also their method for pulling close the gap to the opponents. After all, Yu Tian-Heng wasn’t the only formidable person on the other side, if they could first take away Yu Tian- Heng’s fighting strength, then with one person less their side would have a much larger chance.

But right now Yu Tian-Heng charging once again meant that not only did the Emperor Team still possess all its intact strength, it was even more of a blow to the Shrek Seven Devils’ morale that the opponents’ Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master could heal the wounded at any time, how would they still conduct this battle?

Right now everyone truly understood why Ning Rongrong thought so highly of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple. This peculiar auxiliary system spirit was indeed one of a kind.

With the previous lesson, Emperor Team clearly wouldn’t be as careless as before.

The two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters followed closely behind Yu Tian- Heng, Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng dashing directly at the rearmost Shrek Seven Devil Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, and the Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler charged at Zhu Zhuqing from the side.

And Dugu Yan blew out a green mist into the air, from all around enveloping everyone present, right now, the Emperor Team members each put something in their mouths, not suffering the slightest effect within the green mist.

The true battle would begin right now, but the advantageous position carefully set up under Tang San’s control had already been obliterated completely.

He couldn’t be flustered, this was the first problem Tang San realized.

Dai Mubai roared deeply, meeting Yu Tian-Heng from the front, his White Tiger Vajra Transformation had a time restriction, right now he couldn’t delay. But Yu Tian-Heng’s Thunder Fury also hadn’t been revoked. These two Dragon and Tiger great Spirit Masters once again clashed.

Zhu Zhuqing’s figure flickered, fighting the Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler, her attack and spirit power were inferior to the opponent, but her speed was a lot higher, for the moment unlikely to fall into a too great of a disadvantageous position. Of course, this required the assistance of Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, otherwise, lacking one spirit ring, she wouldn’t be a match for the Black Leopard Spirit Master. Right now, only Xiao Wu remained at Tang San’s side, behind them Fatty using Phoenix Fire Wire to tangle with the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master, blocking him from attacking Ning Rongrong and Oscar, basically unable to assist.

And right now what Tang San and Xiao Wu confronted wasn’t just the green mist alone, but still the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters and the constantly using abilities Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master.

[1] Power Ranger Megazord! boooom… *rainbow explosions*

[2] Go lugia! use Steel wing!

[3] (雷霆之怒) Directly translated into Thunder Fury

[4] (雷霆万钧) “Thunder’s force of 150 tons”
[5] 10⽄ = 5 kg
[6] A reference to the warrior Guan Yu of Three Kingdoms fame.

[7] Chinese flowering crabapple, Malus spectabilis

[8] Can’t quite find an attribution for this poem. Scanning the flowering apple entry on Baidu suggests it might be Yang Wanli, a 12th century poet,

but that seems to reference another line.
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