Douluo Dalu Chapter 331-336 (End)


Chapter 331

When Xiao Wu screamed in fear, Tang San and Bibi Dong had finally collided.

The deaths of Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo weren’t wasted. Their attacks couldn’t hurt Bibi Dong, but their Title Douluo ranked attacks had distracted her. She had to spend much of divine sense and powers in controlling her Nine Demonic Scythes to kill them.

Bibi Dong didn’t expect that Tang San still had powers to strike her again even though he had been pierced through by her Rakshasa Scythe. She then urged her Rakshasa’s divine abilities to come in front of Tang San. She respected this young opponent as she wanted to kill him by her own hands just to make it more certain. However, she had to spend a part of her divine sense to control the Nine Demonic Scythes.

It’s true that Tang San had done his best in destroying the Solar Angel. His divine power’s consumption and his wounds were severe. However, Bibi Dong had forgotten one thing. Before Tang San had become a God, his strongest feature wasn’t his spirit abilities, but his mental power. When Tang San had just reached Title Douluo, his mental power had been even stronger than hers, which had been ranked level ninety-nine at that time.

When a spirit master received the god inheritance, the powers he would receive, apparently, were related closely to the powers of that Primary God and that one’s competence. If not, how could Tang San oppress Qian Ren Xue altogether? Thus, after receiving the god inheritance, Tang San’s divine mental power was stronger than his Sea God’s powers.

When Tang San struck Qian Ren Xue, he had already got hurt by the Rakshasa Demonic Scythe. But only his divine power and his body were damaged. His divine mental power hadn’t been consumed much, just a small part was used for controlling. His head wasn’t hurt.

Gold rays shot out from Tang San’s eyes had carried all of his divine mental power, didn’t retain any bit. His tremendous divine mental power had reached the level he had never been at before. Moreover, as Tang San saw Sword Douluo and Bone Duolou struggling with Bibi Dong’s attack, his worry and indignation had also pushed his divine mental power further. Even if Bibi Dong was in her peak status, this collision would hurt her somehow.

Divine mental power’s impact didn’t generate sound. However, from Tang San’s and Bibi Dong’s reaction, it could be seen how intimidating this impact was. It was even more furious than that of the Sea God Afterglow, which had destroyed the Solar Angel.

When Bibi Dong got hit with those gold rays, it seemed she was struck violently, jolted backward then spun two rounds in the air before she could reluctantly balance her body. But she was shivering. Her Rakshasa Armament was also peeled off, turned into a purple halo and disappeared. A purple cloud appeared above her head, screeching distressingly. Then, she seemed to lose her consciousness, falling and hovering unstably in mid-air. From the seven holes on her sinister face, blood was gushing out constantly.

Tang San’s situation was more serious. When their divine senses had impacted, even though he had the upper hand since Bibi Dong got distracted, he had been hurt already as his divine soul was damaged.

Gold blood was spewing out from his chest and back where the scythe had pierced through. The Sea God Armament was dissolved, turning into numerous gold dots and vanished. His Sea God Trident had turned into a light beam, getting into the Sea God Trident’s mark on his forehead.

The gold blood was gushing out vehemently just like the flood from a broken dam. All aureoles on his body were ceased. He couldn’t control his divine power anymore, falling to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

The purple light eventually turned back to Bibi Dong’s head. She tried to open her eyes, controlling her body. Bibi Dong then cried loudly as her pair of claws had struck toward Tang San. Abruptly, an illusion of a claw appeared in the sky, chasing after Tang San, stabbing through him again right at his left chest.

A gold heart appeared in mid-air, but it was being held in a demonic purple claw. “NOOOOOOOOOO – “

Some doleful screams echoed at once. Xiao Wu, Ning Rong Rong, Oscar, Grandmaster, Tang Hao, even Hu Lie Na, who was holding Qian Ren Xue on the other side, cried out at the same time.

Hu Lie Na’s face was full of tears, sitting on the ground as if she had lost all of her strength. Qian Ren Xue was awakened from this shake, seeing Tang San’s heart that was being held in the Rakshasa’s claw.

However, none of them could determine the Rakshasa God’s action. Puff –
Dazzling rays bloomed in the air. Tang San’s body was wiggling fiercely when his heart had turned into gold beams, scattering everywhere.

Oscar roared in anger. He then swallowed a Mirror Clone Sausage produced with Ma Hong Jun’s blood, soaring up to the sky, taking Tang San’s body, which had no heart anymore.

Bibi Dong was shaking violently while descending. Blood was still streaming out from her facial holes. Obviously, Tang San’s divine mental power attack had struck her hard.

The icy-cold voice reverberated in the air.

“Listen up, Heaven Dou Empire. I’ll give you three days to prepare. You have to declare your surrender after three days. If not, I’ll wash your Heaven Dou Empire with blood. Xiao Gang, because of you, I will give

your men three days. Talk some sense into your Emperor. Don’t be stubborn. You can’t resist the powers of the Gods.”

Then, Bibi Dong swung her hand. Purple light appeared as she put on her Rakshasa God Armament. A formidable layer of purple light suddenly covered the entire sky. The laughter that was like broken glass echoed in the void. Purple halo flashed again, and she had disappeared from the Spirit Empire’s formation, together with Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na. The Heaven Dou Empire’s and Spirit Empire’s soldiers, both hadn’t been yet awakened at this moment.

The duration of this fight was really short, but the results had stunned and scared both sides.

Just a moment ago, the Heaven Dou Empire still had the upper hand. But now, the wind had changed altogether. Although from the Heaven Dou Empire’s side, there were only three people died, including Tang San, just like what Bibi Dong had said, who could resist the God’s powers?

Oscar brought Tang San’s body descending from the sky. Ning Rong Rong was the first person came to them. Tang Hao got back to the wall. Everybody surrounded Tang San’s body.

“Ge —“

Xiao Wu was screaming wildly, stormed over to Tang San. The wounds on his chest looked really terrible. Besides the hole on his right chest, the one on his left chest, as big as half a tchi, was the deadly one. Gold flesh, veins, and bones were exposed. Blood was still gushing out from the wounds. There was no gleam or breath of vitality on his face. It was just a short time, but his body was already cold.

The purple mist had covered the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass quickly. Xue Beng was bewildered, bending down beside Tang San. Tang Hao and Grandmaster were baffled. Just a moment ago, their son was still a noble Sea God, but now he was just a corpse.

No one noticed the Chief of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Feng Zhi, who seemed to have gotten ten years older, halted out of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Although he couldn’t collect them fully, he still wanted to collect the Sword Douluo’s and Bone Douluo’s scattered bodies.

“Ge, how could it be? Why did you leave me like that? You cannot die, cannot die!”

Xiao Wu cried until her voice was hoarse. But Tang San couldn’t answer her at this moment.

“Ge, you have promised me. You promised to marry me. You promised to hold the biggest wedding for us. Your promise is not fulfilled, how could you die like that? Please. Please. Wake up. Please wake up! No matter how much I have to pay, as long as you can wake up, I’m willing to do it.”

Even a man like Oscar had tears streaming down on his face.

“Yeah. Little San, how could you go like that? We have promised. Wait until the war is over, our Shrek Seven Devils will travel through the Continent. There are so many places we have never been to. Didn’t you tell me that you wanted to visit the North Pole? I will get you there. Wake up! I will get you there!”

Puff ~ Grandmaster paled, fell on the ground as he muttered, “Am I truly a jinx? Why have all of my relatives encountered bad luck like that? Even if he has become a God. It’s because of me. All because of me. I shouldn’t let Tang San take me as his father. No. I should die instead of him. Why didn’t he let me go? Little San, you shouldn’t have revived me. I wish I could die. The old men shouldn’t deliver the young man.”

Liu Er Long hurried to him, hugging him tightly. “Xiao Gang! No, it’s not like that. Don’t scare me!”

Tang Hao pushed people aside, walking to Tang San. He didn’t cry. He was the only one who didn’t cry among this crowd. But his eyes were

bloodshot. Looking at Tang San in Xiao Wu’s embrace, his eyes showed no spirit of the intimidating Clear Sky Douluo.

“Little San, do you remember the time we lived in the Saint Spirit Village? I’d been drunk every day. You’d taken care of me. We had just spent our days like that. You are a good son, but I’m not a good father. All is because of me. I haven’t spent one day fulfilling a good father’s responsibilities. I have thought that wait until the war ends, your mom and I will make it up for you. But now I have no chance. Your mom doesn’t want to see the bloody scene of the war; she is staying in the Heaven Dou City. I have no courage to see her again. Slow down on your way to heaven, wait for your dad. I will join you very soon.”

Then, Tang Hao turned around, heading out of the wall.

Oscar’s reflex was fast. He jumped, hugging Tang Hao by his waist.

“Uncle, you can’t go!”

Tang Hao had to stop. The powers of his Mirror Clone Sausage were still effective; the Title Douluo’s strength was strong anyway.

“Let off me. Whoever can return to the Heaven Dou city, please send my words to A Yin. I don’t have the face to see her again. Ask her to return to the Star Dou Forest. For my whole life, I haven’t done anything for my son. He’s gone now. Being his father, should I be a coward turtle retracting its head? Don’t stop me. None of you could stop me. Dying on the battlefield is more satisfying than waiting to die.”

There was a special aura on Tang Hao’s body. No one dared to directly look at him in the eyes. Oscar slowly loosed his grip.

Tang Hao was about to walk away, the stiff voice of Grandmaster arose, “Wait a second. Little San doesn’t have only one father. Taking revenge for our son, how could I not join you? Even if we can’t take revenge for him, we can follow him. Would they spare our lives after three days? Die on the battlefield. Tang Hao, let’s die on the battlefield together.”

Tang Hao stared at Grandmaster’s eyes with his bloodshot eyes. Grandmaster’s eyes were totally calm now, but that calmness looked more intimidating than Tang Hao’s red eyes.

Liu Er Long didn’t stop Grandmaster. She just held his hands tightly,
“On the way to heaven, take me with you.” “I’ll go with you.”
Xue Beng took out his long sword, turning to see Marshall Go Long.

“Marshall, after I set off, I leave everything in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to you. Three days later, you should take our forces to surrender the Spirit Empire. Also, you have to control them, not to let them protest anymore.”

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

Marshall Go Long was scared, hugging Xue Beng’s arm.

Xue Beng shouted indignantly, “This is my order. Do you want to go against me?” Even thought Go Long got shouted in his face, he didn’t let go of Xue Beng’s arm.

“I don’t. But as long as I’m still breathing, I will not just sit there and see you set off to die.”

Xue Beng said faintly, “My teacher has died for this Empire. Whether I’m the Emperor or his disciple, I can’t live cowardly. I am the Emperor of the Heaven Dou. Even the time I’ve been ruling is not too long, being the emperor, I have my responsibilities. I have ordered to start this war. Facing two Gods now we have no chance to claim victory. If so, even if we are stubborn enough to continue fighting against them, we just blow up the casualties. I can’t stand letting my soldiers, and my innocent fellows die in vain. Thus, I order you to lead them to surrender. This could reserve our Heaven Dou Empire’s last hope. Everybody can surrender but not me. I can’t fail my ancestors. I can’t fail the previous Emperor. Marshall, you don’t need to stop me. When I leave the

Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, you should lead the generals and soldiers. I only hope that my death could light up a light of hope in your hearts. I strongly believe that one day, our Heaven Dou Empire will come back in glory.”

“Your Highness –“

All generals and soldiers on the city wall kneeled down. Their eyes reddened. No doubt that Xue Beng, as their Empire, had conquered their hearts.

“We wish to live or die together with you. There are no cowards in Heaven Dou Empire.”

Marshall Go Long kneeled down. “Your Majesty, if you decide to go, please give the surrender mission to someone else, and allow me to go with you.”

The heroic aura burst out. Although Tang San had died, atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the emperor and his men were filled with the powers they had never had before. This is what we called ‘Pity soldiers will win’. Vehement spirit was filling their hearts.

“Your Majesty, please order. We have a hundred myriads of soldiers, what if she is a God? We can use our overwhelming number to crush her. We would rather die than surrender.”

“Rather die than surrender!”

The indignant roars grumblingly reverberated, even to a further distance of several li around there. People in the Spirit Empire’s base could even hear that.

At this moment, inside the Spirit Empire’s barrack, Bibi Dong was holding Qian Ren Xue in one hand, her other hand pulling Hu Lie Na. They’d just arrived at the temporary tent.

Having listened to the sound echoed from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Bibi Dong’s ferocious complexion couldn’t help but beam out a gleam of disgust.

“Won’t surrender? Alright, three days later, I will wash the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass with their blood.”

She put Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na to the ground.


Hu Lie Na’s voice was trembling. She couldn’t help but burst out crying.

“You…you really killed him?”

No matter whom she was facing, even if she was her own daughter, Bibi Dong’s face always showed her coldness. Only when she met Hu Lie Na, her cold countenance could be a little bit softer.

“Na Na, I know you like him. However, you’ve known that you and him would have no future. Yes, Tang San is brilliant. Even I feel dominated. But he is dead now. You have to accept that. I have to destroy him. If not, the ones who would be destroyed are us, the Spirit Empire. I did so also to cut the yearning thought in your heart. Tang San’s divine soul and mine are nemeses. His body is broken now. Even if he is a God, he has to die. Let see who could prevent us from uniting the continent.”“If you do not kill me now, perhaps, I’m that person.” Qian Ren Xue’s cold voice echoed in Bibi Dong’s ears.

Bibi Dong’s furrowed her brows, turning to the daughter, whom she had never been close. Qian Ren Xue’s complexion showed her boldness. She was pursing her lips, gazing at Bibi Dong. There was only deep resentment in her eyes.

“You? Do you want to stop me? I didn’t think that you have such big, bad ambition.” Said Bibi Dong.

Qian Ren Xue coldly laughed, “Ambition? Yes, I have ambition. But it doesn’t matter now. The most important thing is to stop you. There’s something you didn’t know. Tang San is the only man I’ve loved for my whole life.”

Bibi Dong bewildered, “You also like him?”

Qian Ren Xue’s eyes were covered with a curtain of mist since she had seen Bibi Dong crushed Tang San’s heart. She suddenly felt her heart emptied out all the feelings. Just like what had been broken wasn’t Tang San’s heart, but her heart. The grudge she was holding for him had gone away with his crushed heart, leaving only the deep sorrow. It turned out she had loved him that much. Even they were archenemy, she still loved him. She had not only wanted him to die once. However, now he was dead, and that hurt her heart too much she couldn’t breathe.

“He should have died in my hand. But you killed him. Bibi Dong, you should kill me too. If not, I will definitely be your enemy.”

Qian Ren Xue gritted her teeth; her tears were rolling down her cheeks quietly.

Bibi Dong’s face changed drastically. She even rose her right hand but didn’t strike her.

“You do want to go against me? Well, restore your arm first. You’ve dreamed of fighting against me with this competence? Rakshasa God is one of the two Gods of Slaughter in the God Realm. They could control other Gods to a certain degree. Even when Tang San was at his peak power, he couldn’t be my opponent, let alone yourself.”

Then, Bibi Dong coldly glanced her daughter, didn’t turned around, stepping out of the tent.


At the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s city walls.

Right when everybody was bursting out with emotions as they wanted to jump off the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and risk their lives with the arch enemies, Poison Douluo, who was still staring at Tang San’s body since they had put him there, spoke for the first time.

“Your Majesty is right. We do not need to die in vain. Even if you have a double number of soldiers, you can’t threaten Bibi Dong.”

After having listened to his words, everybody placed their eyes on him. Du Gu Bo’s face looked calm. But his friends all knew that when his face went like that, it was the time his heart was boiling the most. Du Gu Bo continued, “Before she has become God, her ability in using potions is much stronger than mine. She’s God now, of course, this would be enhanced more. She could definitely be able to control her toxins better than I do. Such bad situation wouldn’t happen. I think she didn’t just say that she would wash the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass with blood, she actually meant it. If you don’t want all of your men to die in vain, you should erase that thought of risking your lives out of your heads. Basically, you would have no chance to run to the Spirit Empire’s formation.”

Du Gu Bo’s words convinced people well. No matter what, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins had left a deep impression on everybody’s mind.

Poison Douluo slowly walked to Xue Beng, looking to the pairs of eyes that didn’t change a bit, belonged to Grandmaster and Tang Hao.

“We shall go. I also want to do something for our Little Monster. We have decided, we should go together.”

Oscar stepped forward, said stolidly, “Little San is our brother. Dai-dage isn’t here. I’m the oldest in the Shrek Seven Devils, I’ll go with you guys.”

“Little Ao!”

Ning Rong Rong chased after him. Oscar didn’t wait until she spoke, interfered, “Rong Rong, listen to me. You have to stay. You are the one who has a big chance to become a God. Your future mission is to take revenge for us. We could only count on you now.”

Ning Rong Rong wasn’t willing to let off him.

“Don’t you have a chance to become God? You guys shouldn’t be too vehement. We should find another solution.”

Oscar smirked, “Is there any other solution? Facing two Gods, we are just human, what could we do? Rong Rong, I’m a man. It’s like I had come to the North Pole for you. Now it’s for my brother, I can’t back off. If not, later when we meet again in heaven, how could I face Little San? And Da-dage and our brothers?” Ning Rong Rong’s eyes reddened. She took a deep breath.

“Then, why should I stay? Xiao Wu is enough to take care of Tang San’s body. You are not afraid of death, and so am I. I will always be by your side.”

Then, she held Oscar’s sleeve tighter. Her face was telling him that nothing could shake her spirit.

Tang Hao and Grandmaster started to leave the city wall. Xue Beng, Marshal Go Long, and Poison Douluo followed them.

Right when Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were about to follow them, they were both shaking. Their eyes immediately placed on their hands, which was holding each other’s hand.

Oscar’s arm was covered with a white halo while the nine-colored light was twirling around Ning Rong Rong’s arm. White light and nine-colored light tangled together, moving around their arms.

They both became dazed, looking at each other with an unbelievable look.

Suddenly, Oscar shouted loudly.

“Wait a minute!”

Tang Hao, Grandmaster, and other people acted like they didn’t hear what he said, firmly stepped forward. The soldiers there looked at them with despising eyes. They thought that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were afraid, so they wanted to retreat. Then, what Ning Rong Rong said made their faces changed dramatically. “San-ge will be saved!”

It was just a five-word sentence, but it seemed to pause everything atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, including time. Everybody’s countenance changed. Xiao Wu was crying mournfully, jolted her head immediately. Tang Hao was halfway off the wall; it took him a short jump to get back there. All felt surprised. Suddenly, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had become the focus of this place,

Right then, Tang Hao vehemently grabbed Oscar’s shoulder.

“What did you say? Little San is saved?”

Oscar’s eyes were filled with extreme excitement. His voice was sharper due to extreme emotions.

“Uncle, look at this.”

He rose his hand, which was holding Ning Rong Rong’s hand.

“Little San will be saved. We know how to revive him.”

Grandmaster and the others had come to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong. Listening to their words was a heart tonic to Grandmaster, waking him up immediately.

“How? Which solution do you have?”

Oscar said excitedly, “Teacher, we have joined the battlefield right after we came back from the Sea God Island, we haven’t had a chance to tell you our last spirit abilities that we’ve just received. Do you remember?”

Grandmaster nodded, “Your last spirit rings are all ranked one hundred thousand years. I remember that. What does it have to do with Tang San’s resurrection?”

“One hundred thousand years spirit rings, regularly, will grant two spirit abilities. My ninth spirit ability is the Half-Excess Diamond Sausage. Ning Rong Rong got the Nine Treasure Invincible Godly Light. The one hundred thousand years spirit ability, Ning Rong Rong and I just have one each. However, when I held her hand, we have stimulated the second one hundred thousand years spirit ability. Moreover, it requires both of use to activate this spirit ability.” Said Oscar.

Grandmaster had spent his whole life to study spirits. The passion was still there. He reacted immediately.

“You are saying that you have a one hundred thousand years spirit ability, which is a fusion one? From spirit ability to spirit fusion?” “Yes.”

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong said at the same time.

Spirit Fusion would only appear when the pair of spirit masters had a really high compatibility. It was same with Zhu Zhu Qing and Dai Mu Bai; their spirits were highly compatible. Moreover, they were innate and able to fuse with each other. However, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s case was unique. It was even rarer than the innate spirit fusion. Under this circumstance, regularly, the compatibility between them was extremely high.

Tang Hao said hurriedly, “So you are saying that your spirit fusion could resurrect Tang San? What are you waiting for? Start now!”

“No, wait.”

Grandmaster stopped him. “We can’t carry it out here. Let’s get back to the General Palace.”

Tang Hao slapped his forehead. “Ugh. I got muddled. Yeah, we should go back to the General Palace.”

The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s was spacious. Although they didn’t know why Oscar and Ning Rong Rong said that they could revive a god, they all hoped that it would come true. Apparently, the resurrection of a god would occur together with some strange phenomenon. If they let the Spirit Empire know about this, they would lose their final chance.

Xiao Wu took Tang San’s body and got up. It just took her several steps to come to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong.

“Let’s go!”

The hope appeared made her stronger. Xiao Wu was slender, but she was carrying Tang San without spending much effort. She immediately flew to the direction of the General Palace.

Tang Hao, Grandmaster, Liu Er Long, Flender, Oscar and Xue Beng hurried after them. Ning Rong Rong stayed behind for a few seconds. She turned to look at her father, who was collecting Sword Douluo’s and Bone Douluo’s scattered bodies outside the city walls. She couldn’t hold her tears, but let them streamed down her beautiful face. She whispered, “I’m really sorry, Bone Grandpa, Sword Grandpa, I can’t help father collect your bodies. If I’m still alive after I revive San-ge, Rong Rong will devote my piety to you.”

She firmly turned around, pressing her sorrow and followed other people.

It’s impossible to seal the news. Xue Beng also didn’t order to keep it on the down low. Soon, the great force inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass all knew what had happened atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s city walls. However, Xue Beng’s performance was crucial. He was an emperor, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for the empire. He had convinced every man of his fellows. The crisis among the soldiers, which should have happened, didn’t occur. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now was filled with one united attitude towards the enemies.

After Marshall Go Long went to the General Palace together with other people, he immediately declared: “Surrendering is to enslave yourself. For our younger generations, your children and grandchildren of the Heaven

Dou Empire, we are the men of the Heaven Dou Empire, we will never back off. Only union could help us fight against the enemies. Master Sea God’s not dead. He just got hurt severely. For our hero, I request every single soldier of the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force to pray for Master Sea God. Praying for his well-being to lead us defeating the opponents.”

After Marshal Go Long’s words had been spreading out to the soldiers, there was no protest arose among the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. Quite the contrary, their spirits had been strengthened.

However, Marshall Go Long himself understood that this was just temporary as it could somehow control his soldiers’ boiling heart. At some points in the future, it would spread out rapidly just like Du Gu Bo’s toxins that day. Don’t know how many men would fall on the battlefield. If the situation is going bad, and we have to concede, I will sacrifice my life for the empire, following our Emperor.


The Meeting Hall.

All of the equipment in the hall was put outside. Xiao Wu was holding Tang San’s body, standing in the middle of the room. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar stood on her two sides. Everybody else stepped aside, giving them space. At this moment, their visages were filled with worries and anxiety. If Tang San could be revived, they would still have a chance. If he died, not only the Heaven Dou Empire would be destroyed, the same consequence would be given to the Star Lou Empire. Then, the entire continent would be Bibi Dong’s world. No matter because of their close relations, their friendship or the feelings they had for the empire, they were all praying for Tang San in silence.

Not only inside the hall, but also the whole Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, one million soldiers, and their generals, under Marshall Go Long’s lead, all kneeled down, facing the Master Sea God, whose body was in the meeting hall now, and prayed. In their hearts, Lan Hao Wang was always the God of War. The immortal God of War.


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Chapter 332

Ning Rong Rong and Oscar exchanged looks. They both saw determinations in their eyes. They didn’t tell anybody here that they weren’t sure even a small bit about resurrecting Tang San.

When they held each other’s hand, the marvelous aureole appeared and rang a bell in their minds. They didn’t lie either. The second spirit ability of their one hundred thousand years ninth spirit ring was a spirit fusion one, the Resurrection God Light.

There were some conditions for this spirit fusion. It had to be performed within two hours after that person had died and his body hasn’t been destroyed yet. After having being resurrected, his powers could regain fifty percent. At the same time, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong would temporarily lose their spirit powers for one month.

Needless to say, this is a powerful spirit ability, even the most powerful auxiliary resurrection spirit ability that had ever existed. Well, it was the fusion between the brilliant Food style first-Title-Douluo-ever and the Unrivaled Auxiliary System Title Douluo; how could it be weak?

However, there’s something that needed to be clarified. The subject of this Resurrection God Light was just ordinary human being. However, Ning Rong Rong and Oscar wanted to revive a God now, the Sea God Tang San.

They both knew that resurrecting a human and resurrecting a God were totally different. Let alone the Resurrection God Light could be effective in Tang San’s case, even if it would work, what they had to pay for resurrecting a human and resurrecting a God couldn’t be the same.

Other people would need more time to concern those problems, but at this moment, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong didn’t have time to think further. If they hadn’t screamed out to hold others, they would all have been corpses by now. This is their last hope. When Oscar and Ning Rong Rong cried, they had already determined.

Their spirit powers would be lost for one month when reviving a human. How about resurrecting a God? Even if they had to lose their spirit powers for the rest of their life, they were now still willing to do it. At most, they were willing to pay with their lives.

This wasn’t only their feelings in regards to Tang San, but also the last hope for everyone. If the Heaven Dou Empire surrendered, would they have a chance to survive? It would have been like that if they didn’t have any solution; but now they had a light of hope in front of their eyes, how could they let it slide away?

Looking at Tang San’s dead body, Ning Rong Rong whispered, “San-ge, you had always been our shelter. You had paid much because of us. What I have today, all are because of you. Today, let Oscar and I compensate for you. At most, we could accompany you on the way to heaven!”

Oscar took a deep breath.

“Xiao Wu, step aside.”

Xiao Wu looked up, the desperation in her eyes had vanished, leaving only hope there. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar couldn’t help but shudder looking into her eyes. No doubts that if Tang San couldn’t come back, Xiao Wu would follow him. Their lives soon had been bound.

“I count on you!”

Xiao Wu lowered her head to kiss Tang San. When she put his body on the ground, she stopped trembling. A special energy was constantly seething in her body just like it wanted to break her body to get out of there. Especially when she kissed him, she felt her body was as cold as ice, and her skin somehow glowed.

Her dear look glued at him as she was putting him down on the ground. Everybody else was concentrating on Tang San. No one noticed Xiao Wu’s change.

Xiao Wu got up then stepped aside, balling her hands into fists. That icy- cold energy seemed to be getting stronger by seconds. The only thing she could think of now was going crazy due to distraction. When Bibi Dong had squeezed Tang San’s heart, her heart seemed to be crushed at that moment. She had been falling into a state of sorrow that she couldn’t explain. This cold current had appeared at that time, and it was getting more furious.

Xiao Wu didn’t make a sound, and she didn’t even have any concerns as to what was happening to her. In her eyes, there was only Tang San. She gritted her teeth and clenched her hands while looking at Tang San.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong exchanged looks again. From their eyes, they could see the same answer. A firmly determined one. No matter what they had to pay, no matter how difficult it would be, even they had to exchange their lives for a thin line of hope. They would never give up.

They started to move to Tang San’s body. Both hands were raising, holding tight to each other’s hands, forming a bridge crossing over Tang San.

Vehement seething spirit power rose instantly as spirit rings appeared one by one from their foot, raising and twirling around them. When the last red spirit rings appeared, everybody felt like they were clinging on the edge.

Even though Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had confirmed, none of them had witnessed a resurrection before. Resurrection was something they had heard for the first time, let alone the revival of a God. Xiao Wu could be resurrected because her body hadn’t been hurt. Moreover, her soul had stayed inside Tang San’s spirit rings and spirit bones. Through the spirit rings, her spirit bones had come back to her body, together with the treasure herbs, she could be resurrected. In some other aspects, it wasn’t a true resurrection.

But at this moment, everybody could see the terrible wounds on Tang San’s chest. Moreover, he didn’t have a heart anymore. Since his divine soul had collided with Bibi Dong’s soul, he had never woken up. His soul could possibly be perished already. Under such circumstances, no one knew how many percents he could be resurrected successfully. It is unbelievable. However, everybody was clinging on Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s words as the string that could be their last hope. They didn’t want to believe that Tang San was gone.

Oscar looked at Ning Rong Rong, lowered his voice, “We shall start!”

Ning Rong Rong nodded. Their eyes flared up with holy rays at the same time. Oscar’s hands were covered with a white halo while Ning Rong Rong had a more beautiful nine-colored aureole. Everybody in the hall could see the other eight spirit rings on Oscar, and Ning Rong Rong were all dimmed, almost disappeared. Their ninth spirit rings suddenly blazed merrily, blooming in dazzling light. Two red light spheres flew out, covering their body entirely. After the red light spheres had merged together, the aureole on Oscar’s hands had changed to cotton pink while the nine-colored light on Ning Rong Rong’s hands was white now. Two great beams of pink and white were shining. Immense light suddenly burst out. The interior of the hall was now filled with a strange aura.

This aura didn’t contain a fighting intention nor massive pressure. But still, people could feel the tremendous energy it was bringing.

This halo was shining roughly ten meters around, suddenly, it was reduced to the smaller scale of three meters. The gold light covered Ning Rong Rong, Oscar, and Tang San entirely. Just a moment ago, that energy had been seething in the whole area, but now it was contracted, surging within the boundary of that gold halo. Inside the gold halo, something was happening.

Grandmaster frowned, muttered, “They did it on purpose. It is to prevent their aura from spreading out. The children are mature now. They could maintain calm in such situation!”

People surrounded the gold halo, looking in. The gold halo seemed not to prevent only energy but also the other objects. Everybody focused, watching everything happening inside that gold halo. At the same time, Tang Hao, Poison Douluo, the Golden Triangle, and Xiao Wu were alarmed. They were all ready to fight against Bibi Dong, who could possibly pop up at any minute.

The world inside the gold halo was eccentric. Tang San’s body, covering in a pink aureole, didn’t have any remarkable change. However, Ning Rong Rong and Oscar were changing.

An ethereal shadow appeared behind each of them. The one behind Oscar was gold, clearly a slender man wearing a yellow robe and a crown. His body was covered by a tender yellow layer of energy. The shadow behind Ning Rong Rong was wearing a nine-colored gown; there were numerous nine-colored ribbons floating around her. Apparently, that was a feminine figure.

After those shadows had appeared, the two spirit rings, which were emitting red light, disappeared. Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were still holding each other’s hands, closing their eyes.

The shadows behind them started to fuse with their true body. The shadows had become more realistic while Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had gradually disappeared into that halo. They were fully fused with those shadows.

“Grandmaster, what is going on?”

Tang Hao couldn’t help asking.

Grandmaster shook his head, answered him, “I don’t know. Spirit Fusion at this level is rare, let alone the spirit fusion that bases on spirit ability. We have to believe in them. Believe that they could create a miracle. We should pray for Little San. Little San will not die. Definitely not!” Tang Hao nodded, closed his eyes and started to pray in silence.

When the shadows and their real bodies finished fusing, a man wearing a yellow robe and a high crown appeared together with a splendid woman who was wearing a nine-colored long gown. The miraculous thing was, even though their costumes and hairstyle were changed, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s faces still remained. At this moment, they were radiating dazzling holy rays that nothing could infringe. Although the gold halo had prevented the seething energy, some Title Douluo’s standing outside the halo could still feel the enormous aura of Gods. They even felt that if this energy could get out of the boundary, they would never protest against it.

They gradually retrieved their hands. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar now put their hands in front of their chests, waving. From Oscar’s gold hands, a pink light sphere appeared, slowly flying up. When this pink light sphere appeared, the gold light on Oscar’s body started to fade out.

Ning Rong Rong’s situation was the same with that of Oscar, but the light sphere on her hand was nine-colored. These two light spheres were floating in front of them. Their aureoles interfered with each other, realizing a tender but surging energy.

Among the people who were presented here, Xiao Wu was the one who had more chances to contact with god power. And only Xiao Wu knew what happened to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong after they had finished absorbing the last spirit rings. Xiao Wu now totally forgot the pains inside her body. Ghostly scriptures were constantly flashing on her hands, but she was using her strong will to force that cold energy into her body. She didn’t let out a groan or wince.

Are they the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess? Ge, we have hope! Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s spirit fusion perhaps could summon the two God, using their powers. That’s why they said this ability could resurrect Tang San. If they are real gods, it’s possible. These two Gods are the auxiliary system God. With their help, my ge would definitely have a chance. Ge, you have to come back!

Xiao Wu was screaming inside. Her faith was bringing her heart, soul, and qi into a strange state. In this state, the ghostly scripture, which had appeared on her skin, was forced to retreat. Even that cold energy had to

back off, disappeared into her meridians, releasing Xiao Wu from her pains. However, to her, this wasn’t as important as Tang San’s resurrection.

The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess slowly rose their hands. The energy spheres became clearer as marvelous, colorful lightning was constantly surging on the surface of the two spheres as though they were boycotting each other. The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess looked like they were suffering from pains, but they kept pushing their hands towards.

Seeing the two energy spheres coming nearer, the lightning on the surface were getting denser and more violent. The furious surging power had even made the gold halo tremble, constantly flashing.

Tang Hao balled his hands into fists. Just like other people here, they were all screaming inside. They must succeed!

Eventually, the energy spheres had come to Tang San’s body, to the holes in his chest where his heart used to be, to be exact.

Instantly, fierce halo burst out from the Cookery and the Nine-colored Goddess’s hands. This was a dazzling white halo. That halo was shining on the two Gods, making their bodies become translucent and airy. A white light column struck out, hitting the large wound on Tang San’s chest. Tang San’s body, under that shining white light column, started to shake violently as every part of him was contracting. Lightning struck out one by one, hitting and spreading on his body. The tremendous energy condensed in the air. Faint gold light appeared on Tang San’s wound. His meridians, which were blocked with dried blood, seemed to be canalized as gold blood was gushing out again.

When blood had spewed out of his body, the white halo devoured them all. No one could see Tang San’s wound now as an eccentric white aureole had covered him entirely.

The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess both frowned. Their hands were covered in white light, but one could see that gold light circles were constantly emitting and rising from his feet; they condensed at his

body and transferred to his hands. From the Nine-colored Goddess’ side, the nine-colored light was constantly supplying energy to her.

This white light was what Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had mentioned, the Resurrection God Light, also the last hope for Tang San. The longer this Resurrection God Light could be maintained, the bigger the chance Tang San had to be revived.

Then, under the shining white light, the wounds on Tang San’s chest started to heal. The first wound that got healed was not the one at his chest, but the one that the Rakshasa Scythe had stabbed through. The wound was trembling as a beam of dark purple was peeled off from there. When that purple beam got into contact with the white light covering Tang San, people standing around him could hear a mournful shriek echoed then faded out.

At the same time, the icy-cold energy that was ceasing in Xiao Wu’s body raised again without any prior indications. Even though Xiao Wu had a strong will, this sudden pain almost made her faint. She always stayed alert to prevent any arising problems. The cold aura, which was full of murderous intents, suddenly peaked, bursting out from her heart. As she didn’t want any sound to come out from her mouth due to the extreme pain, she raised her right hand and bit it as her body was shrinking in pain. However, she still didn’t want to make any sound that could disturb Tang San’s resurrection.

Appeared together with that raising icy-cold energy was a faint scarlet light that everybody here and even Xiao Wu had never met before. It was spreading silently from Xiao Wu’s feet, reaching every corner of the meeting hall.

Gradually, every place that the scarlet light was covering had been struck by an intimidating, icy-cold energy. However, something had happened outside the meeting hall.

At this moment, one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire were looking at the Marshall Palace, praying for Tang San. Suddenly, they saw a scarlet light arose from there. This scarlet light wasn’t much tremendous, but it could cover the whole meeting hall of the Marshall Palace.

“Look! What is that?”

A soldier screamed.

“Do you really need to ask? It’s the sign that Master Sea God is back. Quick, pray for him! Master Sea God had sacrificed so much for this country, we have to pray for him more. This is for us and also for our families.”

As this scarlet light was covering the meeting hall, inside, the gold light which had covered Oscar, Ning Rong Rong and Tang San, was shattered. The immense seething god powers filled the room instantly.

“Not good!”

Grandmaster and Tang Hao paled in fear. Everything became white. They wanted to take action but then realized that they couldn’t move their bodies under that white light. They couldn’t even see other people standing there.

The bell was ringing inside Xiao Wu, but she realized that she didn’t worry much. However, the icy murderous aura was still madly striking deeper inside her body. Xiao Wu’s teeth had pierced deeper in her flesh as she didn’t want to let any groan come out of her mouth. Although the devilish icy-cold energy was destroying her body, Xiao Wu kept praying for Tang San.

The shattered gold halo meant Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had no extra energy to maintain the protection halo, which was to cover their auras. Grandmaster and Tang Hao, of course, had to worry. If their divine auras were spreading out, Bibi Dong would know soon.

In fact, the whole meeting room had turned into a white hue; nevertheless, that white light couldn’t break the scarlet light covering the entire hall. It was totally oppressed and didn’t show any sign that it wanted to break out.


Spirit Empire’s base.

Sitting neatly in the tent, Bibi Dong was deliberately healing her wounded divine soul. In fact, she looked strong on the outside but vulnerable inside. After she had killed Tang San, she had barely counted on her last beam of divine sense to balance herself. At that moment, if the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire had stormed over, they would have been able to kill her. However, Bibi Dong had covered it well. She took the excuse that it was the respect she had for Grandmaster. She then brought Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na back to the base. At that time, she had a bad feeling that her divine soul was about to crack. The divine soul attack that Tang San had struck before he died was really intimidating. It crushed Bibi Dong’s divine soul. She had had to use her second spirit power, also her second divine soul to keep the shattered soul from leaving her body, saving her life. The period of three days that she had given them was, in fact, given to herself and Qian Ren Xue. Within these three days, Qian Ren Xue and her could fully recover. At that time, the Heaven Dou would just be a toy in their hands.

Bibi Dong was meditating to fix her divine soul, suddenly, she opened her eyes. A purple light arose from the bottom of her eyes. After a while, her divine soul was partially recovered.

“Aura disappeared? The Rakshasa divine sense that I had put on Tang San had vanished. This means the host had totally disappeared. Tang San, your divine soul was really strong. I had crushed your soul, and you were dead. Don’t think that your divine soul could endure that long time. How unfortunate!”

A gleam of mourn appeared on her sinister green face. Bibi Dong muttered, “Tang San’s innate ability was way better than mine. Facing two God at the same time, still, he had almost killed us all. His competence and intelligence were more excellent than mine. Just a little bit more and he could drag my life together with his death. Unfortunately, you still died on my hands.”

Bibi Dong closed her eyes again. This time she beamed a satisfying smile. In her mind, Tang San was done. The Rakshasa divine sense that she

had left on him didn’t send her any alarms. She thought that now she could ease her mind, just focus on healing her divine soul. After three days, she would take the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass back, and then, the entire Heaven Dou Empire.

Bibi Dong didn’t know that to hide everything from her and resurrect Tang San, the auras of three gods had appeared at the meeting hall of the Marshall Palace. They not only dissolved her divine sense but also covered all the other divine senses.

The wound that the Rakshasa Scythe left on Tang San’s body was healed quickly together with his bones and meridians. Right after the Rakshasa divine sense that got into his body along with the demonic scythe was purified, this wound was healed.

, it was the most crucial part, which was to restore Tang San’s heart that Bibi Dong had crushed. Moreover, if only this heart should be compatible with his body, he would be revived.

At this moment, the white light created by the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess had burst to the top of the hall. Under that shining light, Tang San’s wound was trembling. The meridians and veins got out from that wound, making a channel.

Those gold meridians looked bizarre while the energy they carried was enormous. Each time this energy surged, the meridians got longer as they gradually met at one point.

The gold light on the Cookery God’s body and the nine-colored light on the Nine-colored Goddess’ body became dimmer. The light circle rising from their feet were slower. Apparently, the energy from Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s spirit fusion was running out.

The reasons they could use the spirit fusion, besides the instant understanding, their spirits were completely compatible. When they had had the final spirit ring, God had come to adore them. However, they didn’t know that the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess were a couple in the God Realm. It was rare, indeed. That was how they had the spirit fusion

when they had become the God’s candidate. And, this spirit fusion was one hundred percent matched. If not, how could they summon two Gods?

In fact, Ning Rong Rong had become a candidate because of Oscar. The Cookery God had chosen Oscar, of course, because he was the first Food System Title Douluo of the Continent. The Nine-colored Goddess had reluctantly chosen Ning Rong Rong. Ning Rong Rong was excellent, and her spirit was powerful, but it wasn’t enough to be a chosen one. Unless her spirit power could reach level ninety-nine. The Nine-colored Goddess had chosen her because the Cookery God had chosen Oscar; being his wife, she, of course, wouldn’t let him impart his inheritance alone. They could only let a couple inherit their powers. Thus, they would be together forever in the God Realm, never be apart.

However, there were some other reasons that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong could be able to summon these two Gods, and performed the Resurrection God Light. No matter what reasons, the energy of the spirit fusion that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had been pouring to the god-ranked Resurrection God Light couldn’t be changed. To be exact, if they couldn’t remain this ability with their energy, Tang San wouldn’t be revived. Resurrecting a god is not that easy.


Sea God Island.

Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos were gathering at the Sacred Peak, sitting on their platforms.

At the moment Bibi Dong had killed Tang San, these seven Title Douluos knew it immediately since the beam of divine sense that Tang San left on the Sea God Island had disappeared. Besides death, how could the beam of a God’s divine sense vanish? The Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos were afraid, getting to the Sacred Mount right away. But they didn’t even have time to discuss as the Sea God’s divine sense was fluctuating again. It seemed there was another force that helped the Sea God’s divine sense recover.

The Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos got the situation immediately. Sea Dragon Douluo was sitting on the central platform, where Tang San had taken his inheritance, while the other Douluos were sitting on those smaller platforms around him. A bright blue nimbus was covering their bodies. It wasn’t the energy that Tang San had left them, but the one they had gotten when they had become the Sea God Seven Sacred Guardian Douluos.

The blue light was rising higher. Just in a few seconds, it had covered the Sea God Island entirely. From seven different locations, seven bursting gold lights were plunging up to the sky and converging at one point, creating a light sphere as big as the sun.

Instantaneously, the entire Sea God Island had turned into a gold color. A unique seething energy was spreading to every corner of the ocean from the Sea God Island.

This is the call of Sea God. The last defending ability that the Sea God had left on his island. In case there was a fatal threat happening, the Great Consecrator would lead the Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos to perform this call.

However, at this moment, the Sea Dragon Douluo was leading his people to activate this last defense not to defend anything, but to call out for every creature in the sea to pray for the Sea God.

The Sea God was a position that had been created by the faith of the creatures living in the sea. Their faith, no doubt, was the best supply for the Sea God’s divine sense.

The first ones who started to pray were Xiao Bai and her school of the Great White Shark Devil Spirit. The mightier the creatures were, the more powerful their prayers would be. The Great White Shark Devil Spirits were praying sincerely, making an enormous flow of energy contributing to the gold light defense over the Sea God Island. Then it had turned into the purest soul energy plunging down to the peak of the Sacred Mount. The feeble divine sense that Tang San had left here was slightly surging, receiving that energy.

This was just the beginning. Tang San’s declaration when he had become the Sea God had spread out to every corner of the vast ocean. Moreover, the creatures dwelling in the sea had been through many years without having a belief; now they had finally had one. Even without this declaration, how could they not be faithful to their Master Sea God?

If there were some God passing through the vast sea at this moment, he would definitely see the gold waves under the sea moving rapidly to the Sea God Island. Those gold waves were the prayers of millions of creatures living in the ocean.

They were praying for the Sea God, using their faith to restore the last trickle of the divine sense of their Master Sea God.

At the same time, inside the Auspicious Mountain Hill Pass, Tang San’s resurrection had come to the critical point.

Oscar’s and Ning Rong Rong’s true body had gradually appeared inside the bright shadow of the two Gods. The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess had gradually left their bodies. The energy of the spirit fusion was like a lamp running out of oil right now. It was about to disappear.

At this moment, the wounds on Tang San’s chest had almost been recovered. People could vaguely see a gold heart was being formed in his chest. Veins and meridians were connecting to it, making the final transformation.

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Chapter 333

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were struggling to hold on. They had been burning all that they had, accumulating energy to support the god powers of the two Gods. However, humans had limits. Even though they were stubborn, their energies were running out. Although they could see the chance of resurrection was right in front of them, the spirit powers they were releasing couldn’t endure any longer.

The two Gods they had summoned would leave at any minute.

What to do? What to do now? Oscar and Ning Rong Rong exchanged worried looks. They bit their tongues, using the pain it created to gather their last remaining drops of energy.

Then, they had come up with a plan, which was to let the Gods possess their bodies before they left.

It wasn’t that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong didn’t want to use Oscar’s sausages to supply power, but it was like the case of which Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower couldn’t boost Tang San. Their current Spirit Fusion had reached the god level, and god level would the other human boosting abilities become useless. The same thing would happen to Oscar’s sausage or Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower.

At this critical moment, all of a sudden, from every corner of the meeting hall, countless light dots appeared quietly. They then flew to Tang San, who had been laid on the ground.

Outside, the soldiers could see the scarlet light covering the hall was vibrating. And those light dots appeared from that vibration.

Those dots came to Tang San’s body and gathered there. Each of them looked feeble, but innumerous dots could create a marvelous force.


The figure of the Gods behind Oscar and Ning Rong Rong finally turned into numerous light dots and vanished. They both trembled. They had put forth all of their energy and devoted everything they had to it. They were like a flickering lamp that had used up its last drop of oil.

Xiao Wu cried mournfully as she wanted to approach him. The wound on his chest wasn’t closed yet. His gold heart hadn’t been fully connected to the other meridians.

“Don’t move!”

Grandmaster shouted to stop Xiao Wu. The physical pains and the mental torture she was enduring had strickened and paled her. She fell down on the ground eventually but was trying to stay conscious as she was looking at Tang San’s body. She would definitely not lose her hope. It wasn’t the end yet.

Grandmaster stretched both his arms to stop Tang Hao.

“Nobody moves! Don’t come near Little San!”

They were all bewildered. Now they saw something was changing on Tang San since those dots had appeared. If they didn’t pay full attention, they wouldn’t discover it. However, they were all strong spirit masters in the spirit masters world; they could be able to see those small light dots. However, they just thought that it was the effects from Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s Spirit Fusion. But now it seemed not to be true.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were fainting now, but the white halo was still there, pouring into Tang San’s wound little by little.

The meridians around his heart were still being formed. But the speed was much slower. However, it was still growing, which meant they still had a chance.

“This is…”

Tang Hao’s pupils shrank. He had something in mind now, looking at Grandmaster. They almost spoke up at the same time.

“Power of Faith!”

It’s true. Those small light dots came from the Power of Faith from a million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. One person couldn’t generate a significant faith power, but it would be a big difference when it had come from a force of one million soldiers. The faith power that the Heaven Dou Empire’s forces had generated for Tang San was truly sincere and significant. The strange scarlet layer outside could purify any impurities. The powers of faith that could get into the hall to contact Tang San’s body were all the purest ones.

The energy of the power of faith had continued Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s spirit fusion to heal Tang San.

“Quick, continue to pray for Tang San!”

Grandmaster cried, clasping his hands. His face was full of hope. Everybody did the same. For the last chance to revive Tang San, they started to pray again with all their hearts.

Time was ticking. The healing speed of the wound on Tang San’s chest was significantly slower than that of when the two Gods were releasing their resurrection light. But it didn’t stop. If the resurrection didn’t stop, they would still have a chance.

Seeing Tang San’s heart had restored each of its meridians, people who were present in the hall had forgotten all about the time. During that process, only Xue Beng had gotten out once. He went to deliver his strict order to the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire. As long as Tang San’s

resurrection hadn’t been done yet, they couldn’t stop praying for him. He told his men that Tang San was the last hope of the Empire. Only if the Sea God was with them, could they beat their enemy, and preserve their country.

Faint halos flashed in the entire of the hall. During the time that the light was moving, the changes on Tang San’s face had startled everybody there.

Sometimes, his body shook, especially at his heart. Each tremor had shaken people’s hearts.

It’d been daylight and nighttime. It’d been through darkness and then sunshine. Everybody forgot the time since they were focusing on praying for Tang San. Their power of faith was feeble but never paused. It was constantly healing Tang San.

Finally, the gold heart started to shake. At first, it slightly trembled. When the power of faith had gathered much more, it started to shake vehemently. The wound on Tang San’s chest had finally closed. The other wounds on his bones, flesh, meridians, and the most important, his heart, had all healed under the power of everybody’s prayers.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had wakened up. They were now ordinary people, even weaker. However, they felt contented. They were the ones who had initiated the light of resurrection; they could feel that Tang San’s life was coming back as his body was waking up. As long as his divine powers could be wakened up, no matter how severe his wounds were, he could heal them himself.

People’s eyes all gazed at his chest now. Seeing his chest was moving up and down as he was breathing, all of them burst out in tears. It worked! They succeeded! His heart was beating, and he was breathing!

Grandmaster and Tang Hao were still as pale as a sheet of paper. Xiao Wu could be unconscious at any minute. They all came closer to Tang San.

Tang Hao carefully checked Tang San’s pulse and felt his body’s situation.

“How is it?”

Grandmaster asked worriedly.

Tang Hao nodded, “Little San’s body has been recovering quickly. Not only because of the power of faith, but his own powers are also almost restored. I could feel the tremendous powers in him. Even my spirit power couldn’t enter his body. If he could wake up, then we have succeeded!”

“No, not yet.”

Xiao Wu’s voice was trembling. Tang Hao looked at her with doubts. “What did you say?”
Xiao Wu’s eyes were still mournful. “He has become a God. If it was like what you said, his body would have been almost all recovered; he should wake up by now because he could definitely feel our worries. But he is still in a coma. It means, we have resurrected him, but not wholly. The last attack he had struck Bibi Dong was a soul attack. To a God, it is his divine soul. At that time, Bibi Dong was severely hurt, but he went into a coma instantly. It’s possible that Bibi Dong had smashed his divine soul. To a god, breaking his heart couldn’t push him to death. But breaking his divine soul…”

“Impossible! Nonsense!”

Tang Hao shouted indignantly.

“Little San is alive. Don’t you hear it? He is breathing, and his heart is beating! My son is not dead yet; he’s still alive! Little San, wake up, tell them that you’re still alive!”

He was shouting, but his tears were streaming down on his face. In his whole life, today was the day his tears had shed the most. Big hopes leads to big disappointments. It’d been two days, and they had almost restored Tang San’s body. But what Xiao Wu said was like lightning, directly

striking them. They couldn’t accept that fact. However, they all knew that Xiao Wu understood Tang San the most as she was always with him. If Xiao Wu said that, it meant…

The meeting hall was suddenly quiet. A deadly quiet. They were looking at Tang San, who was breathing and his heart was beating strongly in his chest. All of his wounds were healed. They could even feel the god aura on him. However, he was still lying there motionlessly. No signs to prove that he had come back.

Unwillingness filled their hearts. They had made their best efforts but still didn’t succeed. Such a big strike, surely could break the most gallant warrior.

If they were resurrecting a normal person, they would only use the resurrection light and wake his soul up. Regardless, Tang San wasn’t a human. He was a God. The Cookery and the Nine-colored Goddess couldn’t wake his divine soul. Moreover, these two Gods couldn’t endure until Tang San had been fully restored. At this moment, a boundless disappointment arose in their hearts as they had just lost their last hope.

Then, Tang San’s body started to shake violently, dragging people’s attention. Tang Hao was holding his son tightly. He was praying inside. At this moment, if he had to take his life to exchange for Tang San’s divine soul, he would have been happy to do so.

Then, everyone in the hall suddenly felt that they couldn’t breathe. It had now caused them much difficult just to breathe. They were struggling vehemently.

The surroundings started to transform as everything became ethereal. Blue. It was an immense blue. Although they were detained in the room, what they were seeing was a vast blue area, just like they were standing and watching at somewhere deep under the ocean.

Then, a strange phenomenon appeared in front of them. They saw Tang San. A blue Tang San.

That Tang San was slowly walking toward them from the vast blue area with excitement on his face. He was looking at them, but he didn’t speak. When he had come closer, the pressure became stronger to their souls. Everybody glued their eyes on that blue figure as he walked by and got into Tang San’s body.


Tang Hao felt his body had just been struck by an invisible force. Tang San, who was in his lap suddenly floated up. From the laying position, he was now floating horizontally in the hall. The white dots all disappeared. No matter who it was, Tang Hao, Grandmaster, Xiao Wu or any other people in the room, and the great force outside, who were still praying for Tang San, they were all screaming inside.

“I’m back!”

Yes, when that blue Tang San had entered the hall, Tang San was back! He’s back now! That blue Tang San was his divine soul. When the divine soul had come back, the Sea God came back to life. Tang San had finally completed his resurrection.

Resurrecting a God in the Human Realm was like daydreaming. The level of difficulty of the entire process was unimaginable. However, during the process, Tang San not only had Ning Rong Rong and Oscar’s spirit fusion that brought the two Gods and their Resurrection God Light over but also the power of Faith from the prayers of one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire during the whole two days. His god-ranked body was recovered. However, his soul had been restored by the last beam of divine sense that he had left on the Sacred Mount with the prayers of the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardian Douluos and millions of thousands of creatures living in the sea.

The Sea God Palace, the Sacred Mount, anywhere that had the power of the Sea God, it was where the Sea God had left his inheritance. That was the reason why Tang San’s divine sense could stay there for a while even though he had died. Of course, it was the effort of the Sea Dragon Douluo, who had been leading the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardian Douluos

to activate the protective formation on the Sea God Island to call for the last beam of his divine sense.

At this moment, Tang San had come back, standing in front of them. The Sea God was revived! When Tang San opened his eyes, the blue aura in the hall disappeared immediately. The suffocating feeling was lifted.

Xiao Wu eyed Tang San. When she saw the divine light sparked in his eyes, she finally could relax, collapsed in Liu Er Long’s chest. At the same time, the scarlet light that had been covering the entire hall disappeared, inaudibly getting into Xiao Wu’s body. Tang San didn’t notice that cold aura.

Faint halo flashed. Tang San expressed a deep, touching feeling on his face. He looked at each person in the hall, clenching his fists.

“Thank you! Thank you all!”

The immense blue light emitted from Tang San was sweeping through them all. The tender Sea God’s power had calmed their body, washed away their worries during these two days.

Xue Beng kneeled down abruptly; tears were rolling on his face.

“Teacher, you are back! It’s all my faults. For this Empire, you have paid dearly!”

Tang San descended and rose Xue Beng up.

“Xue Beng, you did well! Although Bibi Dong had killed me, my shattered divine soul could still see everything. You are a true Emperor of the Heaven Dou Empire. You are a great King, the best King that the Heaven Dou Empire ever had!”

Xue Beng shook his head.

“No, I’m not a good king! I don’t even have powers to protect my fellows. Teacher, from my heart, I don’t want you to come back to the battlefield. However, the Empire needs your protection! I…”

Tang San patted Xue Beng on his shoulder.

“Don’t say anything! There’s something unavoidable. Everything has an end. Bibi Dong, Qian Ren Xue and me shall have our final results. They won’t spare me, neither will I!”

“Little San!”

Tang Hao and Grandmaster walked to Tang San.

“Dads, sorry to make you two worried.”

Tang San looked at his two fathers; his lips were trembling. He, of course, understood how lucky he was to be revived again. However, his heart didn’t feel more comfortable. He wanted that battle once again. But it’s easier said than done when facing two Gods.

From Tang Hao and Grandmaster, Tang San understood many things. Fathers don’t want me to take risks. They don’t want to lose me again. If I left the battlefield, even Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue couldn’t hold me back. But should I leave like that?

“Dads, my second life is given by you. I can’t throw their beliefs in me away! Don’t say anything. Now, what more important is to think about how to encounter Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue.”

While saying, he stepped forward to hug his two fathers to show his determination.

Tang Hao and Grandmaster didn’t speak up. They were gazing at Tang San with a complicated look.

Tang San followed his fathers to come in front of Oscar and Ning Rong Rong. After the Sea God’s powers had eased them, their visages looked better, but they were still fragile.

Tang San put his hands on them, pouring the pure Sea God energy into their bodies. With his aid, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong could stand up reluctantly.

“Second brother, Rong Rong, your big favor to me couldn’t be described with words. Your spirits didn’t disappear. I’ve used the Sea God’s powers to wake them up. But they’ll need a long time to recover. Even my divine power couldn’t restore them immediately. Maybe it would take one year!”

Oscar laughed cheerily, “Saving a human needs one month to recover. Saving a god needs one year. This is a good deal anyway! Much better than my sausages! But it’d be better if it never happens again.”

Ning Rong Rong looked at Tang San with her reddish eyes. She wanted to call him brother, but she couldn’t utter.

Tang San turned around to look at Xiao Wu lying in Liu Er Long’s embrace, trying to press down his feelings. He then talked to everybody else, “Bibi Dong has given us three days. It’s only one day and one night now. It was because she had appeared all of a sudden, I didn’t know anything about her abilities. Give me one day to fully recover to my peak state. Then I will fight them again. I believe I can destroy them all. Believe me! Xue Beng, you have to console your men well. Tomorrow will be the time of the last fight!”

“Teacher, don’t worry. I will tell them this good new. Ease your mind; I will disclose all the information. We will not let the enemy know anything!”

Having heard Tang San showed his belief in destroying the two gods of the opponent’s side, Xue Beng couldn’t hide his excitement. He knew that Tang San had never lied. When he said he could, it really meant that he could!

Tang San continued, “Please leave this place for me, I need to meditate to recover my divine power.”

Everybody nodded. Xue Beng took his generals out of the hall, then the Poison Douluo and other supreme spirit masters. Grandmaster, Tang Hao, Flender, Liu Er Long, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong stayed back.

Grandmaster couldn’t help but ask, “Little San, are you sure? One versus two, at the god level, I don’t think parlor tricks would work!”

Tang San smiled with confidence, “Dad, you are also my teacher. You’ve trained me. Don’t you believe in me? Have I ever lied to you? Don’t worry. I know Bibi Dong’s and Qian Ren Xue’s flaws. If I focus, I will defeat them.”

Grandmaster felt better now, “It’s good. But you have to remember, no matter what, your life is more important! I can’t stand losing my son again!”

Then, he waved at Liu Er Long and Flender, walking out of the room.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu in Liu Er Long’s embrace, trying to stave off his boiling feelings.

“Mother, please take care of Xiao Wu!”

Liu Er Long gave Tang San a deep glance then nodded.

When other people had left, Tang Hao still stayed behind. After everybody else had gone, Tang Hao slowly walked to Tang San, “Have you made up your mind?”

Tang San was surprised, “Dad, what happened? What have I decided?”

Tang Hao looked at Tang San with his calm eyes, “You don’t need to play with me. You can fool them but not me. You are my son; you resemble me. There’s something even you don’t know. Although what you’ve just said, your face or even your confidence have no flaws, but when you tell a lie, your right hand will instinctively clutch the rim of your shirt. It’s exactly like what I’ve done. I didn’t notice that because I know, you won’t lie. But you just did that recently. One versus two, facing the two Gods, are you sure you would win? Thus, I conclude that your decision isn’t to win them but to die with them. It’s also the best result you could do, right?”

Tang San looked at his father. He had never thought that his father would understand him that well. Tang San nodded quietly.

“Father, you know, I have no choice. I can’t just stand there and see the Heaven Dou Empire being destroyed. Bibi Dong is my parents’ enemy, also my teacher and my own enemy. I have no way back! I can be revived thanks to everybody’s powers. Now I will do all that I can do. I believe that you guys will understand what I’m going to do. The battlefield is unpredictable. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad if I couldn’t come back!”

“There is no perhaps here!” Tang Hao suddenly shouted indignantly, “Little San, I won’t allow you to do that! Grandmaster and I have only one son. I’m a father, do you want me to see my son die? You can go, but you have to walk over my dead body first!”

Looking at his father’s stubborn eyes, Tang San sighed, “Father, I’m sorry.”

Blue light was spreading quietly behind Tang San. A blue Tang San appeared behind Tang Hao. Tang Hao screamed out in pain then fell into Tang San’s chest.

Tang San smiled faintly, hugging his father.

“No matter it is for you, for Xiao Wu, or everybody else, I can’t back off in this battle!”

Blue halo flashed, and that soul form had fused into his body. Having been through his death and resurrection, although Tang San had undergone many difficulties, he had finally activated his Sea God’s ascension thoroughly. Now, he could understand well the abilities of the divine soul and his physical body. That was one of the reasons that ensured his belief in victory tomorrow.

He swung his hand, opened a space rift. Tang San put Tang Hao into that rift. A chain of ornamental patterns then covered that rift.

Tang San had used his divine power to make a space which could last for two days. After two days, even if Tang San didn’t let Tang Hao go, this space would automatically self-destructed, releasing Tang Hao. At that time, everything would be settled. Tang San had made up his mind; he left himself no way to return.

Tang San sat down cross-legged, then activated his divine soul. A cage made from blue light covered his body. Tang San started to cultivate but didn’t release any beam of his divine sense. Even if Bibi Dong was standing in front of him now, she couldn’t feel the god power surging on him. Tang San had surpassed Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong in this aspect.

One day had gone by quickly. No one came to disturb him. Xiao Wu had wakened up, but she didn’t come to see him in the hall. Only Tang San stayed there.

It was like his instinct had wakened him up. When the sun emerged the horizon, Tang San opened his eyes.

There was a shiny layer covered his blue eyes. When he got up from the ground, he looked like an ordinary person. The compatibility between his divine soul and his body was almost perfect. That’s why he looked like he had returned to his true self.

He walked to the door. Everybody was waiting for him there when he opened the gate. Xue Beng, Grandmaster and Xiao Wu stood in the front. Everybody was gazing at him.

Tang San smiled, “Don’t worry. The battle today will end everything!”

Grandmaster looked at him into his eye, “Little San, remember this.
Wherever you are, we will always be with you.”

Tang San sighed. He knew that Grandmaster had seen through him. His father had been missing for one day, how could they not know. He couldn’t explain now. Tang San looked at the sun shining on a new dawn from farther away. A blue mist arose from the bottom of his eyes. What comes will come. A blue patterned layer appeared around his body.

“Let’s go.”

A torrential blue aureole was rising, covering everybody. It was like a tsunami, lifting everybody to the air. Lights just flashed, and they were all atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now. A strange light flared up from Grandmaster’s eyes as he could see Tang San’s god powers had been increasing, or he had advanced in using his powers. The worry in his heart was reduced a little bit.

Xiao Wu didn’t say anything. She just studied Tang San with her calm eyes. Tang San knew what she was thinking. When everyone got atop the walls, he didn’t come to see the Spirit Empire’s formation right away but walked to Xiao Wu. He touched her by the shoulders, turning her around. Her back was facing him now.

He delicately rose her long braid, unfastened it. Then he hauled out a comb out of nowhere and started to comb Xiao Wu’s hair tenderly.

Xiao Wu was trembling slightly. Everyone understood their feelings, so they all turned around, leaving the couple the last moment of peace before the furious storm. The sun was shining on them. Their shadows stretched on the ground. Tang San didn’t say anything to Xiao Wu. He just wanted to comb her hair for once.

When he finished, he embraced her tightly. Seeing her teary eyes, he used his forehead to touch hers, then gently said, “Darling, I love you!”

Xiao Wu was shaking, hugging him back tighter, burying her face into his chest.

“If you do love me, please let me be with you. The result will not change. Let me see you until the end.” Tang San was bewildered. He understood that Xiao Wu clearly knew what he wanted to do. He also knew how stubborn she was. He was about to put her into the space rift. But Xiao Wu just told him that no matter what, the result wouldn’t change.

Eventually, Tang San didn’t do that. Stay together, dead or alive. They had promised each other.

He kissed her forehead tenderly. Tang San’s body had turned into blue light, then escaped her embrace. At the same time, from the Spirit Empire’s barrack far from there, two people stepped out from a tent.

“Tang San?”

When the Rakshasa God and the Angelic God saw a blue shadow flying on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, they couldn’t help but be stunned. Bibi Dong was always discreet; now she couldn’t help but tremble. It’s true; the Sea God is back! He would definitely declare the fight with the Rakshasa God and the Angelic God. Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had lost their spirit powers temporarily, which meant he had no chance to be resurrected again. This battle would be the last one!


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Chapter 334

Bibi Dong couldn’t believe her own eyes. During these three days, Qian Ren Xue and she had been using their tremendous god powers to recover themselves. But she had never thought that she would meet Tang San on the battlefield again. Hadn’t his soul vanished already?

“I knew it. It wouldn’t be easy to kill him that way!”

Qian Ren Xue didn’t know why she felt relief seeing Tang San now.

Staying on the Spirit Empire’s base, Hu Lie Na was like a statue without a soul. Now as she saw that blue figure, she was so stirred up that she was trembling. He didn’t die. He’s back!


Tang San faintly smiled. He seemed to forget that he had died miserably three days ago in Bibi Dong’s hands. Both Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue weren’t wearing their god armaments since they all thought that the Heaven Dou Empire would have had nothing to resist anymore.

Bibi Dong coldly snorted, “Surprised, so what? We’ve killed you once; we can always do it again. I was still careless. I should have destroyed your body, too. I didn’t think that your vanished divine soul could be recovered again. I always know that you are smart. But I’m wrong. If I were you, I wouldn’t show myself on the battlefield again!”

Tang San was still elegant, just like he had just walked out of the Moon Pavilion.

“Well, too bad you weren’t me. Thus, I wouldn’t make such a choice as you had done. You want to ask me why I wouldn’t stay in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and ambush you during your arrival here, right?”

Bibi Dong changed her face, “You could read my mind?”

Tang San shook his head, “No. I can’t see through God’s mind, although your evil aura is obvious. I can only understand your dark thoughts. I didn’t want to ambush you because it would dirty my divine soul. If so, I’m afraid I couldn’t defeat any of you two. But now, it’s not going to be like that. Facing you now is the Sea God at his peak. Perhaps I will die, but I will definitely drag you out of this world with me!” Bibi Dong smiled. But her current appearance couldn’t make that smile looked good.

“Tang San, do you want to strike my confidence? What if you’ve reached the peak state? Do you think that you can confront me with that? Well, you should open your eyes wider to see what is the real competence of the Rakshasa God!”

A dark purple light current suddenly appeared on Bibi Dong’s body. Under the shining purple light, two identical figures appeared. The Rakshasa Armament emerged. The purple god power expanded instantly, covered the sun and darkened the whole sky.

The shining jade-liked Angelic Armament also appeared on Qian Ren Xue. Her eyes became colder.

“She killed you last time. This time, it can only be me!”

As he was facing two Gods in their god armaments, under the intimidating pressure, blue air currents started to rise from Tang San. There were countless blue light dots around him. The Sea God Armament appeared silently. However, the Sea God Armament now had a gold color without the help of the Golden Trident. Tang San had used his actual deed to show to the mother and daughter god duo that he wasn’t joking.

The Rakshasa Scythe and the Angelic Sacred Sword pointed to Tang San at the same time the Sea God Trident in his hand was raised over his head.

His eyes were full of respect, looking at the Sea God Trident. His divine sense diffused instantly just like a vastly endless sea.

Tang San, Bibi Dong, and Qian Ren Xue all had an unreal aura. He was standing there, but he didn’t oppress them with his Sea God’s powers. However, it also made the Rakshasa God, and the Angelic God felt like they were prevented from combining their divine senses with their god powers.

Bibi Dong understood that Tang San didn’t exaggerate. He actually had reached a higher level compared to them.

At this moment, the Sea God Eight Wings on Tang San’s back had been changed. Four wings on each side had been fused together, forming a pair of two massive gold wings. They were covering his whole body from behind. When the wings opened, the sky, which was covered by the Rakshasa God’s dark purple energy, had returned to its blue color. The endless blue light almost covered the entire sky. When Tang San had looked at the Golden Trident with his respectful eyes, he had also called for the powers of the vast ocean. That blue light was the power came from the Ocean.

The sky was still blue, but there was no sun. The formidable Sea God’s powers had blocked the sunlight. Thus, the Angelic God Armament on Qian Ren Xue was dimmer.

Bibi Dong took action first. The two identical figures instantly turned into two dark purple lights with an earth-shaking devilish aura, flying directly to Tang San. The sinister aura was like it wanted to devour Tang San and the blue light in the sky.

Qian Ren Xue didn’t like Bibi Dong, but she knew that without her, Bibi Dong would hardly be able to defeat Tang San. Uniting the Continent wasn’t only Bibi Dong’s ambition, but also her grandfather’s last wish. She would definitely not let it go.

As her body and sword fused, Qian Ren Xue and her Angelic Sacred Sword had been combined as one, turning into a massive gold sword pointing to Tang San’s face. The mother and daughter God duo had formed a clamp in the air. Apparently, after a failure, Qian Ren Xue had understood her Angelic God’s power better.

Facing their attacks, Tang San wasn’t hurried. Compared to three days ago, he had been more mature. His cold eyes flickered, raising the Golden Trident in his hand, releasing a gold light sphere, confronting Qian Ren Xue’s attack. At the same time, Tang San had divided into two figures. He didn’t care about his light sphere, the two figures he’d just made came to face Bibi Dong’s attacks from both sides.


The Angelic Sacred Sword In Qian Ren Xue’s hands was shaking violently. A distinctive feeling that she couldn’t express expanded rapidly in her body. Qian Ren Xue found out that her body now couldn’t move an inch, she could only maintain her fighting posture, pausing in the air.

If it were in a normal situation, she could use the Solar Pure Flame to break this bind. However, she couldn’t contact the sunlight at this moment. With her own power, it would take time to break the bind.

Unfixed Storm. This was the first time Tang San had used the first strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds to besiege a God completely. When his realm and god powers were more transcendent than Qian Ren Xue, he could have that power. If Bibi Dong weren’t there, he could concentrate on dealing with Qian Ren Xue; at that time, he didn’t even need to block the sunlight to make it work. Even if the Unfixed Storm couldn’t hold Qian Ren Xue for eight seconds, just a short time of a breath was enough for Tang San.

The Sea God Trident contacted the Rakshasa Scythe, generated a loud noise. The trident blade had locked the Scythe. The four figures were fighting in the air. Gold light and purple light had come into contact.

The Sea God Trident could have some oppressing effects to some other weapons, and so did the Scythe. Currently, among the two figures that each of them had generated, one was their true bodies, and the other was their god-ranked spirits. Only them, who got the twin spirits, could do that.

However, the actual situation would always go beyond expectations. The Golden Trident had been locking the Rakshasa Scythe, but in just a blink, the situation was overturned.

Two gold lights rocketed to the sky. The Golden Trident was blown up into the air, soaring like two golden dragons.

Bibi Dong laughed coldly inside. Tang San, your divine soul was much powerful than mine. However, I had started the inheritance when I was ranked level ninety-nine. Of course, my god power will be much stronger than yours. Let see what you can do to protest against me.

The dark purple Demonic Scythe darted toward Tang San’s chest again. From the experience she’d learned three days ago, the Sea God Armament couldn’t be able to prevent the holy weapon of the Rakshasa God.

At the moment the Golden Trident was being blown away, Tang San’s body was affected, spinning violently. The two figures made the same moves; during the time they were spinning, they had dodged Bibi Dong’s attack.

Bibi Dong’s reflexes were fast. The demonic scythe that missed Tang San had vertically swept through Tang San. At the same time, from Tang San’s gyrating bodies, two tiny gold drops were detached. They looked like two raindrops flying toward two Bibi Dong respectively.

Bibi Dong instinctively rose one of her hands to catch that tiny drop. The other hand was still slashing the demonic scythe at Tang San.

“Watch out, don’t catch it!” Qian Ren Xue finally got back her ability to move. Seeing those two drops flying to Bibi Dong, she instinctively screamed. Immediately, Qian Ren Xue came to one of the two Bibi Dong,

bumping her shoulder into her, pushing her away. She had chosen to save Bibi Dong, not the clone made from her spirit.

Even Qian Ren Xue didn’t know why she did that. At that fraction of time, the image of Bibi Dong appeared in her Angelic God’s inheritance flashed in her mind. All of her deeds came from her instinct.

A strange sound echoed. The Bibi Dong made from her spirit had been ceased in the air. There was a tiny hole in her palm. That tiny drop had come into her body through her glabella. Bibi Dong’s clone was turned into a gold color almost instantly. BOOM. It exploded.

From the other side, Bibi Dong’s true body was pushed aside after Qian Ren Xue had bumped into her. The gold drop had missed her, flying over her head and turning into a long streak in the air before it vanished. Qian Ren Xue was lucky too. At that critical moment, the gold drop had passed over her head, just half an inch away from her. She didn’t get hit.

The freezing feeling had spread out all over her body from her hand. Bibi Dong suddenly grabbed Qian Ren Xue, flying backward thousands of meters.

She didn’t dare to believe it was true. At that moment, she could feel the breath of Death. Her clone was made from her spirit. Even though it was condensed from her god power and the divine soul, its abilities to attack and defend were the same with that of her real body. At that time, if Qian Ren Xue had been one step late, or she hadn’t pushed her aside, no doubt that her true body would have been perished in the air just like what had happened to her clone.

The two figures of Tang San were shining in gold light, then fused together. There was a big cut on the Sea God Armament at the waist. Although his skin hadn’t been cut through, a purple mist was floating there. It was the demonic devouring power of the Rakshasa God.

Looking at Bibi Dong hovering from a far distance, Tang San sighed, “Blood ties. I didn’t count that. She is your daughter. I had thought that she would take the chance and kill me. If we were both dead, then this

world would belong to her. Qian Ren Xue, you have deviated my assumptions.”

Tang San looked deliberately, but he had actually planned everything. Even the last strike of Qian Ren Xue. He had calculated precisely the time that the Unfixed Storm had confined her. He knew that Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong had a furious relationship, which was almost a dead or alive situation. When his body was spinning, he could dodge the demonic scythe. At the same time, he had used his god powers to accumulate two drops of the Guanyin’s Tear. What the Sea God had much more was the water, and, the two drops of his Guanyin’s Tear were the essence of the water, plus his god power, how could it be prevented easily? Qian Ren Xue had eaten a bitter fruit from this hidden weapon; that was how she could recognize it just at a glance.

If Qian Ren Xue had attacked Tang San at that time, he could have killed Bibi Dong perfectly. Also, at the same time, he had prepared for another strike. His clone and the true body could be exchanged at any minute, which was something even Bibi Dong couldn’t possibly do. Tang San’s Unfixed Storm could only confine Qian Ren Xue within the short time of a breath, Qian Ren Xue could have had time to kill his true body instead of rescuing Bibi Dong. Thus, Bibi Dong would have died, and Tang San’s spirit would have been smashed. Although his competence would have decreased drastically, Qian Ren Xue was much weaker than Bibi Dong. Moreover, she had a seed of failure in her heart. Facing Qian Ren Xue, he had a bigger chance to defeat her. At least, it would be no problem dragging her to death with him.

However, Qian Ren Xue’s instinctive reflex had ruined everything. Bibi Dong had gotten hurt since her spirit was destroyed. But Tang San had consumed a large amount of his god power to produce those two drops of Guanyin’s Tear. The wound on his waist also affected his god power. No doubt that no one got any benefit. Tang San was going one on two, being wounded would be a big disadvantage.

After the two figures had merged into one, Tang San shifted the Sea God Trident to his left hand, while placing his right hand on the wound to purify

the Rakshasa God’s power there. The massive wings on his back stretched out, taking a large amount of blue light in the sky into his body.

Dark purple nimbus on Bibi Dong’s body was dimmer. She looked at Qian Ren Xue standing beside her with doubts in her eyes.


Qian Ren Xue didn’t face her gaze, looking at Tang San, “We shouldn’t give him any chances. He is really cunning. We can only use the pure attack power to avoid his traps.”


It was strange that Bibi Dong didn’t object Qian Ren Xue’s ideas. Of course, it wasn’t because of Qian Ren Xue had just saved her life that changed her feelings toward her. Looking at her exquisite daughter, whom she had brought to this life without any love, her soul was as cold as a one thousand year iceberg, now had a warm stream flowing inside.


Purple light and red-gold light were rising up at the same time. Bibi Dong was standing shoulder by shoulder with Qian Ren Xue. However, they didn’t rush to launch another attack; they were just fully releasing their tremendous divine senses. The massive pressure was released, pressing down on the soldiers on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San could see clearly that numerous dark purple air currents were converging on Bibi Dong’s body from all directions. Obviously, she was recovering her powers. Those purple air currents were the resentment on the entire Douluo Continent, in which, the most colossal current came from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Those were the souls of those who had lost their lives under the Poison Douluo’s toxins three days ago.

It was like the Sea God could take the power of the Sea; the Angelic God could receive power from the Sun, the Rakshasa God could take every single bad thoughts, and intentions in the hearts of all dead or living

creatures. Those grudges would become the Rakshasa God’s god power. The power of resentment was more powerful than the power of faith, but it couldn’t last long. However, in a battle, the resentment would be more intimidating. This is what people call, “clear water couldn’t have fish”. Several days ago, there were so many soldiers of the Spirit Empire that had died under the extreme toxins. At this moment, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was the best arena for Bibi Dong.

Tang San knew how difficult it would be when Bibi Dong had fully recovered. But he couldn’t be reckless now. Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue were standing there; even though their god powers weren’t compatible, their divine senses were cooperating with each other to take control over the whole situation. If he dared to jump up, what would be waiting for him, of course, were the god duo of Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue. Two Gods cooperating was what Tang San didn’t want to see the most. He couldn’t kill them separately, now, it would be impossible for him. The current situation was due to Qian Ren Xue’s sudden instinctive rescue. That blood bond had pushed Tang San into the disadvantaged position.

Eight Rakshasa Demonic Scythes on Bibi Dong’s back had shot out at once, merging with the scythe in her hand. Bibi Dong’s gaze had always locked on Tang San. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe in her hand abruptly soared up to the sky. Dark Purple light burst out just in a flash. The formidable sinister aura in the air was like thousands of crying ghosts showing their fangs and claws.

The blue light sphere that Tang San had condensed in the sky was shaking fiercely. The Rakshasa God’s powers were truly oppressive to most of the other Gods. The ferocious thoughts were much more dangerous than the Angelic God’s powers. If got touched, it would require a large amount of divine sense to purify.

Tang San sighed inside. Both wings on his back flapped. A blue light appeared in the sky as beautiful as the Milky Way falling from space, getting into Tang San’s body through his wings. The godly light was erupting from his body again, just like he hadn’t consumed any bit of his energy. However, the sun, which had been covered, had now appeared again.

Bibi Dong got what she wanted. The Rakshasa’s god power had been retrieved instantly. The sunlight wasn’t good for her god power. However, Qian Ren Xue got much better in the sunlight. She sent a glance to Bibi Dong then pointed her Angelic Sword to the sky. The immense Solar Pure Flame descended onto her. An exquisite layer of red-gold pattern appeared on her Angelic Armament.

Tang San instinctively gripped the Sea God Trident tighter. A beam of hopelessness dispersed in his heart. He knew his chance was getting smaller. The only thing he could use was the conflict between Bibi Dong and her daughter. However, it was gone now. When those two Gods put aside their conflicts and joined each other to attack him, how could he himself alone protest against them?

Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue started to attack. They were flying very slowly towards him. Their speed was even slower than a normal flying system spirit master. However, the energy on them was expanding, forcefully pressing forward.

The Angelic God’s powers and the Rakshasa God’s powers combined together and slowly pushed forward as they had only one target, which was not to leave Tang San any chances to overturn the situation. The pressure of the Gods were all focused on Tang San. Their divine senses had all been retrieved, which meant, once they erupted their attack, it would be an earth- shaking one.

The pair of wings on his back was constantly flapping. After they had evolved to just two wings, the wings, which were originally the Eight Spider Lances, possessed a stronger devouring ability. The visible blue light dots simultaneously came to the gold body of Tang San and merged with him. The gold patterns on his Sea God Armament were blooming dazzlingly.

Waves were rippling from the Golden Trident. The gold mist started to diffuse from his body. This was the redundant energy that his body couldn’t hold but overflow. However, he was backing off deliberately. Facing the intimidating pressure from the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God, his body couldn’t help but back off.

On top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, everybody’s heart was reaching their throat as they were so anxious. They thought that they were about to witness the same deadly scene as they had the other day. Although Tang San was calmer, Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue had also changed. But now they were not attacking Tang San only on their own, but cooperating with each other.

Grandmaster closed his eyes in sorrow. He was mad at himself for being helpless. Xue Beng was watching with his eyes wide-open and clenched fists. His eyes showed his extreme unwillingness.

Atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, only Xiao Wu could maintain her clear mind, as though she had predicted the current situation. Xiao Wu took out a pink sausage then slowly swallowed it. The tender power immediately accumulated on her back, forming a pair of transparent wings. It was the Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage of Oscar.

ROAR— Tang San shouted. The Sea God Trident drew a big circle in the air. The redundant Sea God’s powers burst out under massive pressure, which helped him balance himself in mid-air. He couldn’t withdraw anymore since he was almost over the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. If he couldn’t take the whole attack of these two Gods, the entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would receive the shockwaves from the battle of the three gods.

Now he was facing the joint attack of the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God with their intimidating god powers; he had no other choice. “Rather be shattered jade than the unbroken pottery.” This phrase appeared in his mind again.

The tender Sea God’s power burst out furiously, turning into a tremendous gold flame covering Tang San. It wasn’t a real flame, but the sign indicating that Tang San’s god powers had reached its limit.

He shifted the Sea God Trident to his left hand, while the Sea God Armament was still radiating dazzling rays. The Golden Trident with its blue light was like it had been united with his left hand. At the same time,

gold light erupted from Tang San’s right arm. Beams of gold light were accumulating on his palm.

With a low roar, Tang San’s body shot out like an arrow. Even though he was bearing an impressive pressure from the gods, and the two powerful gods he was facing, he didn’t cease his pace. While he was storming forward, the three god-ranked domains had collided furiously, condensing the air. With the burning flame covering his body, Tang San strongly broke all the energy barriers in front of him. As he crashed into Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong, his eyes were as bright as the stars.

Qian Ren Xue was holding the Angelic Sword with both hands. The Solar Pure Flame burst out grumblingly, pouring the dazzling gold flame into the Angelic Sacred Sword. The sword now was pointing directly to Tang San, as the immense scorching energy was expanding furiously in the air.

The massive Rakshasa Demonic Scythe on Bibi Dong’s hand was blazing, but it was burning the endless grudging aura and the demonic miasma with a green flame. The God duo of mother and daughter suddenly increased their speed, facing Tang San. They wanted to take the attack directly.

The distance between them was getting shorter. Tang San’s complexion became as cold as the eternal glacier. His divine sense was now sinking in a unique state, in which he was absolutely calm and unshakable. That was how he could catch the opportunity that might appear at any time.

The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe soaked in a bizarre green flame, and the dazzling Angelic Sword were confronting Tang San’s attack at the same time. Qian Ren Xue rose her Angelic Sword higher while the Rakshasa Demonic Scythe in Bibi Dong’s hand was put lower, forming a closed defense. These three gods had finally collided in just a blink of an eye.

Tang San’s left hand raised the Sea God Trident with all of his powers, while his right hand which was pointing toward Qian Ren Xue shot out a drop of gold light.

Qian Ren Xue got frightened. Tang San’s Guanyin’s Tear had left her a very deep impression. Especially, it had almost killed Bibi Dong. The Guanyin’s Tear, when being shot out didn’t expose any trickle of the god power, if not, Bibi Dong didn’t get fooled.

In the loud sound of the collision, the Raksha Demonic Scythe in Bibi Dong’s hand and the Sea God Trident in Tang San’s hand had impacted. The gold flame and the green flame had exploded at the same time, turning into countless light dots scattering everywhere. Qian Ren Xue, at that time, couldn’t help but change the direction of her Angelic Sword. She had to put it horizontally in front of her. The Solar Pure Flame burst out with all of her capacity to face that tiny drop of gold light.

Tang San’s ability to create chances was strong, even if he had to face two Gods at the same time. He had used his tremendous competence to create this instant chance.

The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe was pushed upwards by the Sea God Trident, exposing Bibi Dong’s chest. The drop of gold light shot out from his right hand had disappeared right when it had come into contact with the Solar Pure Flame.

Not good, she was fooled. Qian Ren Xue could react timely, but the vulnerable area in front of Bibi Dong’s chest was clear now.

This was the wickedest strike of Tang San. In fact, he had put all of his god powers into the Golden Trident together with the Gravity Control, which had increased the weight of the Trident ten more times. Bibi Dong had also struck him with all of her powers; however, she couldn’t predict that Tang San didn’t do anything to defend Qian Ren Xue’s attack as he only focused on her. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe was pushed upwards, revealing her big weakness.

Tang San had taken advantaged of Qian Ren Xue’s fear of him. Even though she knew that he could hardly make another drop of Guanyin’s Tear, she still chose to defend. If not, the Angelic Sword would have stabbed him at this moment with her reckless attack. Under such dead-end circumstances, Tang San was using a special tactic that Grandmaster had

taught him. Tang San had never used this trick before. It was scaring. This method could only be used in suitable conditions. It was to use his most powerful ability to scare his opponent.

Qian Ren Xue’s reflexes were quick enough. When she found out his trick, the Angelic Sword in her hand jutted immediately, stabbing Tang San’s chest.

After the Sea God Trident in Tang San’s hand had put Bibi Dong’s Rakshasa Demonic Scythe away, his left hand swung, striking the handle of the Sea God Trident onto Bibi Dong’s chest. At the same time, his right hand made a gesture. A dragon roar resounded loud and clear. A giant gold dragon had shot out from his right-hand armament.

Although it was just as long as a blink of an eye, the giant golden dragon had been smashed by the Solar Pure Flame on the Angelic Sword; however, it could delay Qian Ren Xue’s move for a short while. The Angelic Sword couldn’t stab Tang San but slashed him by the waist, right where Bibi Dong had cut him before.

Tang San cried in pain. His body felt like he got whipped, pushing backward instantly. From the other side, Bibi Dong got hit by the Golden Trident; her entire body exploded with a loud boom, turning into numerous moving air currents in the air.

While Tang San’s body was blown away, those purple air currents had accumulated again. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe didn’t come back to her hand. Bibi Dong’s face became grimaced, balling her hands into fists, punching towards Tang San. A massive purple light sphere appeared in mid-air, chasing after Tang San. BOOM, he was struck, blowing away to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San’s plan and responses had no problems, but he was facing two Gods, anyway. Bibi Dong, at the critical moment, had used the best ability when she was still a spirit master, the Undying Body, turning her body into unshaped energy to avoid a full force attack from the Sea God Trident. Of course, she couldn’t be able to dodge the Sea God Trident fully, but at least she had avoided the physical attack of the one million jin trident.

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Chapter 335

Tang San was blown away. Bibi Dong’s body jolted back, spit out a mouthful of purple blood. However, people who were watching the battle from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass could soon guess the results of this fight.

Tang San was blown backward; dark purple lightning constantly flashed on his body. The tremendous grudging thoughts were striking his divine soul violently that he could only put forth all of his powers to confront it, using his stronger divine soul to push her grudging thoughts and dark miasma away. At this moment, Tang San’s fighting ability had reached the lowest point. Seeing Bibi Dong gushing out blood from her mouth, Qian Ren Xue ,with the Angelic Sword in her hand, started to chase after Tang San. Her sacred sword was leaving numerous fading shadows behind. Tang San didn’t have any energy to counter her attack. The Sea God, when facing both the Rakshasa God and Angelic God, had no chance at all. It’s a miracle that he could hurt Bibi Dong.

At this moment, a pink figure stormed over, getting in front of Tang San. She didn’t stop Qian Ren Xue, just stretched her arms, and embraced Tang San, who was still struggling with the Rakshasa God’s powers. She set her back to face the oncoming Angelic Sword.

Her action was agile without a small bit of hesitation. Although the Angelic God’s speed was fast, Xiao Wu had hugged Tang San before the Angelic Sword could slash him. Seeing this person coming into sight, Qian Ren Xue had paused for a short while. It’s her, Xiao Wu. The only woman in Tang San’s heart. At this moment, a strange thought suddenly arose in her mind. If Tang San and her weren’t enemies, but a couple, facing a

deadly strike, could she be like Xiao Wu, covering him like that? Now she finally understood why Tang San was always cold to her, and why he only had that woman in his heart.

As jealousy was blazing inside, Qian Ren Xue shouted, and the Angelic Sword in her hand abruptly sped up. The immense Solar Pure Flame burst out instantly. She was stabbing forward. If you want to die with him, I will fulfill your wish!

In fact, since Xiao Wu had seen Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue’s cooperative attack, she had been well prepared, waiting for this moment. If not, how could she appear in front of Tang San at that critical moment?

She was embracing Tang San tightly, didn’t care about the remaining Rakshasa God’s powers getting into her body. She didn’t resist it either; because protesting meant nothing now. She was looking into Tang San’s eyes with her endless love. Her eyes were telling him that it was her wish to die together with him.

Tang San dropped the Sea God Trident in his hand. He didn’t turn Xiao Wu around but hugged her back, much tighter. The result wouldn’t be changed. He wasn’t willing to accept it. However, he had used all of his powers. Can everything be changed for now? What he wanted to do now was to stay together with his love, no matter dead or alive. When Xiao Wu jumped up from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and hugged him, he had made up his mind. He knew that if he died in this battle, Xiao Wu wouldn’t continue to live because he was the meaning of her life. He could make her live for a while, but she would still kill herself to be with him. Thus, at this critical moment, they should go together along the way to heaven. At least they weren’t apart, and never ever be apart.

Thinking about his parents, Tang San could only pray for his mother and father. At least, besides him, his father still had his mother as his life company.

At this moment, everything seemed to disappear, leaving the couple alone. They could see only their lover now. The Angelic Sword was coming grumblingly towards them, about to burn them up. However, they seemed

not to be bothered. There was only one saying in Tang San’s and Xiao Wu’s hearts now.

“Although we were born on different days, we wish to die together on the same day.”


The Angelic Sword pierced through Xiao Wu. This was a god-ranked attack! An attack that carried Qian Ren Xue’s jealousy. She didn’t retain any part of her energy, pouring them all on Xiao Wu. Although Xiao Wu was shielding in front of him, it could still pierce through his undefended body. It would eradicate them from this world. The final ending appeared in Qian Ren Xue’s mind. She started to feel sad. Hu Lie Na, who was staying on the ground, had collapsed to the ground, crying in sorrow (these two girls are pathetic =_=). No one ever thought that anything positive could happen at this moment.

Right when the Angelic Sword had reached Xiao Wu’s back, a vehement scarlet halo burst out from her body, completely stopped that scorching Solar Pure Flame.

Qian Ren Xue got startled, hurried to pour all of her divine power into the Angelic Sword.

However, that scarlet halo had completely burst out, turning into a massive red vortex, covering Tang San and Xiao Wu entirely. It also smashed Qian Ren Xue’s Solar Pure Flame. The counter force had blown her backwards.


The Rakshasa God’s power on Tang San’s body that was eroding Xiao Wu was suddenly vague, just like it had been purified. Tang San and Xiao Wu had prepared for their death. However, they couldn’t help but be astounded.

Tang San now felt that he was hugging a huge log of ember instead of Xiao Wu. That scorching heat was even more tremendous than Qian Ren Xue’s Solar Pure Flame. On the contrary, Xiao Wu felt totally different. The freezing energy in her body, which she had pressed down previously, now burst out violently, but she didn’t know what had triggered it. The never- before-seen energy furiously diffused instantly on every inch of her body. She also lost the ability to control her body.

Blood had covered Xiao Wu. In just a blink, all the clothes on her body had disappeared. Now she really looked like a big log of ember. The dazzling light almost blinded Tang San but how could he let her go? Even if Xiao Wu would burn him into ash, he still had to hold her tightly.

A miraculous phenomenon was happening above the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Under the scrutinizing look of one million soldiers, Xiao Wu’s blazing body had gradually merged into Tang San’s. It was like a red melting block of metal had entered his body.

Bibi Dong had finally stabilized her body; she had dashed to Qian Ren Xue in just a flash. Qian Ren Xue turned her head, looking at Bibi Dong with doubts in her eyes. She couldn’t figure out what was the origin of that scarlet light that could stop her god ranked attack.

Nonetheless, when Qian Ren Xue saw Bibi Dong’s face, her heart sank. Bibi Dong used to have a sinister green face, but it was as pale as a corpse now. Moreover, she was shaking constantly. The dark purple air currents from here and there gathering into her body had become strangely disordered. It seemed they were facing a stronger force that was boycotting them from approaching Bibi Dong.

Although Qian Ren Xue didn’t know what was happening, her reflex was still accurate. She held Bibi Dong with one hand and flew thousands of meters backward. She could vaguely feel Bibi Dong’s changes were because of the scarlet aureole on Tang San and Xiao Wu. “No. No. It’s impossible! It’s…” Bibi Dong’s voice was trembling. Although she had recovered the ability to absorb the resentment and miasmic aura, she was looking at that scarlet light with fear in her eyes.

Atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the group of Grandmasters that used to be hopeless, now opened their eyes wider in awe. Watching the blood-like vortex in the air, Xue Beng asked Grandmaster with his trembling voice, “Preceptor, what is happening? My teacher, he…”

Grandmaster was bewildered, “I don’t know. It looks like the spirit fusion. However, how could a human fuse with a God? What is it after all?” Apparently, Tang San and Xiao Wu hadn’t known this before. The red vortex, which was full of strange aura, had threatened Grandmaster. Grandmaster didn’t know whether it was their fortune or bad luck. Seeing the violently gyrating vortex in the air, his heart was beating frantically.

Xiao Wu’s body had been fusing with Tang San’s little by little. Even Tang San’s Sea God Armament couldn’t prevent that scorching heat. It was as if his Sea God Armament didn’t exist.

Xiao Wu’s expressed a strange thought. Seeing her body being fused with his, her eyes flared up a happy beam. “Ge!”

“Xiao Wu, what is happening? Are you sacrificing yourself for me again?”

Tang San wanted to protest against this heating force. However, he found out that his body couldn’t move now, and his Sea God Armament had been disappearing little by little into his body. Xiao Wu’s lower body had been fused completely with Tang San from the waist downward. The blazing heat gave him a feeling of being burned.

“No, I’m a human, how could I sacrifice myself again? Ge, I got it now. Did you remember the Asura Demonic Sword that has gotten into my body? It didn’t pick me as a candidate for the inheritance, but its scabbard.”


Tang San astoundingly looked at Xiao Wu. He didn’t understand it thoroughly, and Xiao Wu had stretched her arms, hugging his neck, her scorching body had been totally fused with his. “Ahhhhhh—“

The extreme pain together with Xiao Wu’s disappearance had struck Tang San’s mind violently. Facing the sky, he roared indignantly. A murderous aura was grumblingly bursting at once. The red scarlet vortex swirling around their body had been smashed, turning into numerous red air currents, getting into Tang San’s body.

From Tang San as the center, everything within one thousand meters around had been turned into a blood-red hue. It was visible that red rays were coming out from the earth, getting into Tang San’s body. On his body, red light and blue light took turn flashing. Eccentric surging energy constantly exploded, releasing a formidable flow of energy from his body.

“Asura God.”

Bibi Dong finally uttered the name. She didn’t want to admit that, but the tremendous red light in front of Qian Ren Xue and her was the Asura God’s powers, and only Asura God could oppress her that way. Asura and Rakshasa all held the power of slaughter in their hands. Asura held all the murderous auras while Rakshasa held the resentment and devilish aura. They were all Gods of Slaughter, but they didn’t get along well. Asura God’s aura was the nemesis of the Rakshasa God; it was much more intimidating than that of the Light Gods.

In other words, the Asura God was the ‘Light God of Slaughter’, while the Rakshasa God was the ‘Dark God of Slaughter’. The Light of Asura was the pure light, and the Dark of the Rakshasa was the most sinister darkness. The Asura God was one of the Five Supreme Gods in the God Realm, also one of the strongest Gods. His aura was here now, how could Bibi Dong not feel fear?

“What are you afraid of? How about the Asura God? If we could kill the Sea God, we could kill the Asura God too!”

Qian Ren Xue was the heiress of the Angelic God and she didn’t know how tremendous the Asura God was. The Asura God’s aura didn’t oppress her as she was braver than her mother.

“No, it’s not only the Asura God!”

Bibi Dong closed her eyes in pain. She didn’t even have the courage to run away. The pressure generated by Asura God’s aura had been disrupting the resentment and miasmic aura that she had just absorbed.

Qian Ren Xue didn’t have time to ask further. What happened next had explained Bibi Dong’s words well.

Red and blue lightning was constantly flashing around Tang San. Even his eyes were flaring up with red and blue lights. His face was grimaced. Obviously, he was suffering from extreme pain.

Qian Ren Xue startled, “Asura God and Sea God, would it be possible that he could take two Gods’ powers at the same time? No one can do that!”

When Qian Ren Xue had finished, all of a sudden, Tang San’s body was trembling violently just like he wanted to shake something off his body. As his body flashed, blue light and red light had detached from each other immediately. A blue shadow appeared behind him as his true body had turned into a blood-like red color. A scarlet armament, which was covered with ghostly scripture, appeared on his body.

That red armor looked bigger than the Sea God Armament, the Rakshasa God Armament, and the Angelic God Armament. The ghostly scripture on the armament looked even more splendid. He was holding a massive hammer with shining dark scripture on its surface. Suddenly, the hammer instantly melted into a fierce red light carrying with it an invincible murderous aura, then burst out furiously. The red light created by the hammer condensed again; a massive sword over two meters long emerged from his palm.

Tang San’s eyes were all bloodshot. The surface of his armament was fully covered with numerous dazzling-red sharp blades. Blades appeared almost at every corner of his armor. The invincible pressure that she had never encountered before had subdued Qian Ren Xue altogether. She could feel clearly that this Tang San, who was standing in front of her now was much more intimidating than the Sea God.

However, the blue shadow behind Tang San looked ethereal. It could be seen clearly that the shadow had Tang San’s appearance, wearing the Sea God Armament and holding a blue Sea God Trident. Although it wasn’t the strongest state of the trident, which was the Golden Trident, that blue shadow standing behind the scarlet original body could also release a tremendous pressure.

“This is…”

Qian Ren Xue’s voice was trembling.

The scarlet Tang San, or the Asura God Tang San, to be exact, slowly lifted up his head. He glanced at Qian Ren Xue with a pair of cold red eyes without any positive emotions.

“Surprised? I’m telling you the answer. This is the fusion of Xiao Wu and I, the God Duo Coexistence.”

It’s true. When Xiao Wu had completely gotten into Tang San’s body, the power of the Asura Demonic Sword, which had filled Xiao Wu, had merged with the Asura’s divine power in Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer, then fused with his divine sense, creating a perfect unique spirit fusion.

If the spirit fusion between Ning Rong Rong and Oscar was the perfect fusion of the Auxiliary system spirit masters, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s fusion, at this critical moment, was the god-ranked fusion.

In fact, in some aspects, they had to thank Bibi Dong for this fusion. Bibi Dong’s Rakshasa’s divine power had triggered the Asura demonic power in Xiao Wu’s body. Thus, she could fuse with Tang San to create a perfect god-rank spirit fusion. The fusion at this god level, even a God, couldn’t defeat it. That was why Qian Ren Xue’s attack had been washed away.

Without Bibi Dong’s Rakshasa powers, the Asura Demonic Sword in Xiao Wu’s body couldn’t be stirred up; then, Xiao Wu would have to bear Qian Ren Xue’s attack fully, which could have killed her. It would be hard to tell if her dead body could remain as a whole. Even if she had the powers

of a spirit master ranked level ninety-six, it wouldn’t be easy to take the full force attack of a God.

God Duo Coexistence was a simple phrase, but it was almost impossible to execute. Let alone the Human Realm, it was unique even in the God Realm. The formidable Asura’s demonic power on Tang San’s body was expanding slowly. At this moment, Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue couldn’t even see the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. What they could see now was just a red space.

The Asura Demonic Sword was slowly rising up as Tang San’s eyes had lingered on his sword. He understood that the perfect fusion between Xiao Wu and him was something that no one could ever be able to achieve. First, Xiao Wu used to sacrifice herself for him, becoming a part of his body. Then, Tang San had put forth his powers to resurrect her. Since then they had the telepathy from the combination. This was the accurate sign of the ability to have the Spirit Fusion. When the Asura Demonic Sword had entered Xiao Wu’s body, the energy of the demonic sword, together with the energy that Tang San’s great grandpa Tang Chen had spent years to achieve, had totally merged with Xiao Wu’s body. However, Xiao Wu had been able to control this energy since she had never received the approval of the Asura God. That was why she told Tang San that she was just the scabbard of the sword. And, since the Asura Demonic Sword had entered her body, it only considered her as a carriage, where it would be waiting for something else in silence. Indeed, one person could only inherit one god’s powers. However, with Xiao Wu’s body, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer could become the key to control the Asura’s divine powers while Xiao Wu was the carriage of the Demonic Sword. That was how the God Duo Coexistence happened.

The arrival of the Asura God at this moment was much different from the Spirit Fusion of Ning Rong Rong and Oscar. This is the real Asura God. Tang San was also a God; if he wanted to use Asura God’s power, he just needed his approval. Moreover, this state didn’t have a time limit. However, Xiao Wu could only stay in Tang San body within the time of their fusion, which Tang San could dismiss at any minute. This is truly the perfect fusion. A god-ranked ability without any side effects.

Light was flashing as Tang San pointed the Asura Demonic Sword forward; his face was as cold as ice. Scarlet ghostly scripture bloomed instantly.

Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue exchanged looks. They both were extremely scared now. Especially Bibi Dong, since her aura was totally subdued. The Rakshasa God was shivering in fear facing the Asura God. Let alone Tang San who now had the two gods’ powers, only the Asura God could oppress her altogether that she couldn’t even be able to think of going against him.

“We should risk our lives. He wouldn’t spare us.”

Qian Ren Xue shouted, and the Angelic Sword was pointed toward the sky. Her Angelic God’s power burst out just in a blink with the furious Solar Pure Flame. This tremendous pressure had helped her break through another level. Her whole body was completely merged with the Solar Pure Flame; now she didn’t need to explode her armament to perform the Solar Angel. She could use her own energy to create the Solar Angel. A furious red-gold light struck towards Tang San.

Qian Ren Xue’s mind was clear and calm now. She even forgot death, living, winning or losing. Under such circumstances, her Angelic Sacred Sword and the Solar Angel created by her true body had reached the highest compatible level that she had never achieved before. That red-gold Angel just took a flash to reach the Asura God Tang San.

Bibi Dong had finally reacted having heard Qian Ren Xue’s shout. Her daughter was right. They didn’t know how strong Tang San was now. But no matter what happened, they knew that he wouldn’t spare their lives. If they risked their life, might be they would have a chance. Anyway, no one knows how tremendous his God Duo status was.

The green flame exploded again. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe and Bibi Dong’s body was dashing towards Qian Ren Xue, leaving behind numerous fading shadows. With her impressive divine power, she had reached Qian Ren Xue just in a blink. They were attacking Tang San from both sides. At

this moment, they didn’t release their energy but withdrew all of the forces in an attempt to burst out the most powerful god-ranked attacks.

“Haven’t you woken up yet?”

Facing the attack of the Rakshasa God and the Angelic God, Tang San’s look was like he didn’t see them; his face didn’t change either. The Asura Demonic Sword in his hand had turned into a blood-like red color instantly. A calm, scarlet light exploded.


That scarlet light had collided with the Angelic Sword. In just a short moment, the divine power was all retrieved. Moreover, it made Qian Ren Xue, who was attacking him, felt like she got electrocuted. The red-gold light on her Solar Angel was blown out altogether. Her body was shot out like a gold meteor. Just with the energy attack, he could push away Qian Ren Xue, who was in her strongest state. How tremendous is his divine power? Being one of the Five Supreme Gods of the God Realm, the Asura God was really intimidating.

At this moment, Bibi Dong’s Rakshasa Scythe had arrived above Tang San’s head with a chain of green flames descending from the sky, aiming for his head.

Tang San coldly snorted, swaying and putting the Asura Demonic Sword over his head. The scarlet light soared up immediately. After it had blown Qian Ren Xue away, it could gently stop the Rakshasa Scythe of the Rakshasa God Bibi Dong.

The furious scarlet halo, which was full of earth-shaking murderous aura, burst out instantly, breaking the grudging aura in Bibi Dong’s body. The green flame on her Rakshasa Demonic Scythe was dimmer. When the green flame on the demonic scythe had come in contact with the scarlet light on the Asura Demonic Sword, it was as if there were thousands of crying souls screeching in the air. Bibi Dong was soaked in a scarlet light.

Tang San didn’t stop there, pointing the Asura Demonic Sword downward, a cold voice came out from his mouth.

“Asura, Justice and Trial” It’s true that only the Law Executor Asura God could have the capacity of giving justice and applying trials on other Gods. The Rakshasa God wasn’t an exception. There were six godly lights that bloomed like six petals of a flower.

In the terrifying screeches, Bibi Dong was completely covered with a red layer of lightning. She had put all of her powers in using the Rakshasa Demonic Scythe to stop the Asura Demonic Sword. However, she couldn’t stop the red light on the sword. She was terrified, seeing the red light had immersed her body entirely.

“Tang San, I’ll risk my life with you.”

Gold light was coming again. Six wings on Qian Ren Xue’s back opened at once, radiating vehement red-gold light, furiously pushing away the Asura God’s power on her body. At the same time, she concentrated her god power, making herself dart to Tang San like a rocket. A mouthful of blood spat on the Angelic Sword from Qian Ren Xue’s mouth, bursting out its aureole. The dazzling Solar Pure Flame had instantly covered Qian Ren Xue. Qian Ren Xue had burned up her vitality to make this strike.

Seeing Bibi Dong constantly struggling inside the Asura Sword’s light, Qian Ren Xue felt her heart was in pain like someone had tied it tightly. She didn’t consider the result, recklessly struck out that attack. Facing such attack, even Tang San was now the Asura God, he couldn’t help but pale.

The Asura Demonic Sword in his hands shivered, pushing Bibi Dong away. Red light and blue light flashed, and he had switched back to his Sea God’s appearance.

Yeah, even if he and Xiao Wu could make the spirit fusion, he couldn’t make Sea God and Asura God attack at the same time. The God Duo Coexistence meant he could control both Gods’ powers, but one at a time. However, it was still an intimidating existence. Asura was much stronger than the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God; he could totally oppress them.

And, Tang San could switch between the two Gods. When one God had consumed too much of his divine power, he would immediately switch to the other God and let him rest to recover the power. It could be said that he couldn’t let two Gods attack at the same time, but he had the powers of the two Gods. Moreover, when he had to face Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue at the same time, one on two, he could totally defeat them.

If the Sea God had taken action first, Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue could have had some chances, since the Sea God’s power wasn’t enough to subdue them. However, the divine power of the Asura God was really intimidating. Only one strike was enough to make this mother and daughter God Duo feel helpless.

Bibi Dong was struck away. The battle now was only between the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue versus Tang San, who was currently the Sea God, the Sea God at his peak state.

Blue light expanded instantly, spreading everywhere. That blue light then turned into a gold color. Facing the attack of Qian Ren Xue, a gold circle burst out from the Sea God Trident. It was another Unfixed Storm, facing the life-risking attack of Qian Ren Xue.

BANG— Qian Ren Xue had collided with that gold circle violently. Qian Ren Xue was crying ear-splittingly. She had put all of her power into this strike. It was also her last strike. Even if the Sea God Tang San had recovered to his best condition, it would still be very hard for him to confront it.

The Angelic Sword in Qian Ren Xue’s hands had blown Tang San backward. Some small cracks also appeared on his Golden Trident. The Solar Pure Flame seemed like it wanted to burn up the Sea God.

Right when Qian Ren Xue lifted up her head to look at Tang San, she realized that his face was still calm, didn’t change a bit.

“You should die! You should die!”

Qian Ren Xue screamed crazily, pouring more Solar Pure Flame, burning all of her divine soul, divine sense and even her vitality at the same time. The Golden Trident started to be melted under such crazy heat. The Sea God Armament on his body had the same melting situation.

This was the power of a god risking her life to strike out. Qian Ren Xue was now insane. The crown on her head, presenting her god title had broken. The mark of the six-winged angel also turned into numerous gold light dots, entering the Angelic Sword in her hand.

After this strike, whether it would work or not, she couldn’t be the Angelic God anymore. She had paid with her god title to perform an attack that had surpassed her real competence. It was like Tang San was now facing the whole Sun, receiving the violent Solar Pure Flame struck deep onto his body.

The melting speed of the Golden Trident was faster. The Sea God Armament on Tang San’s body had turned into a blazing red hue. Then, the large pair of wings on his back, which were formed by his original eight wings, opened and flapped forward, hitting Qian Ren Xue directly. Although the wings got burned when touching Qian Ren Xue, at the same time, a large amount of the Solar Pure Flame was absorbed by this pair of wings.


A large part of Tang San’s Sea God Armament had been peeled off. However, they had taken with them half of the amount of the Solar Pure Flame and vanished into the air.

Blinding light radiated from the Sea God Trident’s Mark on his forehead, shining on the Sea God Trident. At the same time, the lozenge gemstone on the chest of his Armament shot out a massive gold tornado. The Golden Trident appeared again, recovered its peak status. Both of Tang San’s hands clutched on the Golden Trident. The weight of one million jin burst out. The last beams of Qian Ren Xue’s Solar Pure Flame had vanished, as his body was struck away. At the same time, the Sea God Armament on Tang

San’s body had turned into numerous pieces, scattered then died out in mid- air.

It was enough for Qian Ren Xue to be proud of being able to push the Sea God to that circumstance. However, she wasn’t the Angelic God anymore.

Blue halo and red halo flashed again. When Tang San’s body was glowing with the formidable scarlet aureole, the Asura Demonic Sword had turned into an earth-shaking blood-like red light chasing after Qian Ren Xue. She was still conscious now although she had lost the Solar Pure Flame as well as her Angelic God Armament. Now, she could only helplessly look at the red light zooming into her sight.


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Chapter 336 (End)

Qian Ren Xue didn’t show a beam of hopelessness on her face. Quite the contrary, she looked peaceful. She had used up her forces, even smashing the god’s title to pump the power for her last strike. She finally found peace and quiet now. Bibi Dong, you’ve given me my life, I’ve just repaid my life for you. I don’t owe you anything now.

The Scarlet Asura Demonic Sword was like an Ancient God of Slaughter; let alone the fact that Qian Ren Xue wasn’t a God now, even if she was still the Angelic God, she couldn’t stop that earth-shaking strike of the Asura God.

Tang San, let me die in the hands of the man I’ve loved the most in this life. Perhaps it’s the best end of mine. Qian Ren Xue could even taste death now. She closed her eyes. Tears were rolling down quietly on her face.

However, Qian Ren Xue didn’t feel painful when her body was pierced through, nor feel her soul was being dragged out of her body. She quickly opened her eyes to see the Asura Demonic Sword stabbed forward but it didn’t pierce through her as there was a purple figure had stopped its way.

Dazzling red lightning was expanding on that purple body. Her dark purple god armament had broken into numerous pieces then disappeared. “Noooo—“

Qian Ren Xue screamed with all her strength. No one knew where she took the last drop of power to stretch her arms, grabbing the one who had just taken the sword for her.

Bibi Dong turned to see Qian Ren Xue; a tender halo was released on her shaking hands, lifting Qian Ren Xue with her. They then descended slowly to the front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.
Tang San didn’t chase after them because it wasn’t necessary anymore. Qian Ren Xue had completely lost her divine power. She wasn’t the
Angelic God anymore. Right when the Asura Demonic Sword stabbed forward, Bibi Dong had shielded that deadly sword for her.

If it had been the Sea God Trident, Bibi Dong might have reluctantly used her Undying Body to take it. However, this time, her real body got hurt. The Asura Demonic Sword could totally subdue the Rakshasa God’s god power. Moreover, the sword was filled with the murderous aura of the Asura God, how could she resist it? Seeing her mother was about to fall on the ground, Qian Ren Xue’s eyes showed a hopeless light. Tang San reluctantly felt a little bit merciful. Thus, he didn’t chase after them. He then followed them to descend to the ground.

On the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, when Grandmaster saw Bibi Dong being pierced through by Tang San’s Asura Demonic Sword, his face paled. The deeper the love was, the bigger the hatred would be. No matter what Bibi Dong had done, in his heart, she was always the first woman that he had ever loved. Even the one he had loved the most in his whole life.

When Bibi Dong took Qian Ren Xue and stood on the ground, the Rakshasa God Armament had finally turned into smoke and vanished.

Looking at Tang San, Bibi Dong’s sharp eyes were complicated. It was more of her unwillingness, but it was strange that it didn’t contain any bit of resentment.

“Tang San, you won.”

It was hard for Bibi Dong to speak now; both of her hands were clutching on the Asura Demonic Sword.

Tang San said faintly, “I’m just lucky. You should be the winner.”

Bibi Dong beamed a stolid smile. The sinister green hue had totally disappeared on her face. The tender expression had come back to her, restoring her original noble and exquisite appearance. However, she was ashen.

“Xiao Gang used to tell me. People’s fortune is a part of their competence. You are a God, of course, you could see that we don’t have any strength left to protest. My life is dying out under the Asura Demonic Sword. Could you allow me to see Xiao Gang for the last time? I have something to tell him.”

Tang San looked up to see the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. At this moment, a splendid pair of wings suddenly spread atop the wall; a giant fire dragon was bringing Grandmaster to them.

From the Spirit Empire’s side, Hu Lie Na was running crazily to them.

“Teacher! Teacher!”

After they had landed, Liu Er Long turned back to her human form, assisted the feeble Grandmaster and walked to them quickly. She was looking at Bibi Dong with an unfriendly look. Although her rival in love was about to die, this hatred could never be changed. “Xiao Gang…”

Having seen Grandmaster come closer, Bibi Dong finally had some rosiness on her cheeks. She looked much better.

Grandmaster looked at her and didn’t say anything. However, the light in his eyes was much more complicated than Bibi Dong’s.

“Xiao Gang, when I was the Rakshasa God, did I look ugly?”

Bibi Dong rubbed her face and spoke with a sigh.


Hu Lie Na finally came to them, collapsing on Bibi Dong. Tears were streaming down on her face and Qian Ren Xue’s.

“Don’t be noisy. Do not disturb Xiao Gang and me.”

Bibi Dong glanced at Hu Lie Na, scolded her just like a teacher teaching her little student. This mesmerizing appearance of her didn’t look like that of a dying person, who was about to leave this world. Hu Lie Na and Qian Ren Xue were both floundered.

Bibi Dong’s eyes shifted to Grandmaster; a gloomy expression flared up from her eyes.

“Xiao Gang, did you hate me much? Although you didn’t say anything, I know them all. I’ve hurt you, how could you forgive me? However, you know, you are the man whom I’ve loved the most in my whole life. My love stays the same for all those years, right now and forever it will be.”

“You liar! If you really loved him, why did you destroy our Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, killing all of our family?”

Liu Er Long shouted angrily.

Bibi Dong glared at her disdainfully.

“Do you think that I’m weak like you? Your family despised him, abandoned him, didn’t you know that? What had you done for him? What you couldn’t do, I did it for Xiao Gang. Whoever dares to hurt him, disdain him, I will not spare their life. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family didn’t exist, Xiao Gang’s sorrow would vanish. Isn’t it?”

She smiled cheerily while saying; a trickle of dark purple blood gushed out from the corner of her mouth. “You’re crazy…”

Grandmaster’s voice was trembling. He finally uttered.

Bibi Dong’s countenance changed immediately, looking at him hysterically. “Yes, I’m a lunatic. But Xiao Gang, do you know why I got

crazy? Did you still remember the time we were together, did I have this appearance?”

Tears were rolling down from the corner of Grandmaster’s eyes.

“That Bibi Dong was dead.”

Bibi Dong smiled at him; her smile was splendid.

“It’s true. You’re right. That Bibi Dong was dead. At the very moment that she left you, she died. She wasn’t the tender and innocent girl. Instead, a dark heart that was full of hatred was beating in her chest. Xiao Gang, before I leave this world, I will tell you the reason why I have to leave you. I think it is the story you want to know the most. Cough… cough…”

Then, Bibi Dong suddenly coughed, more purple blood spewed out from her mouth. “You shouldn’t talk anymore.” Qian Ren Xue worriedly told her.

Bibi Dong shook her head.

“No, if I don’t tell him now, I won’t have any chances later. I have to tell him. And you.”

She paused, her face became redder.

“Xiao Gang and I were passionately in love. It didn’t matter with his feeble spirit or his profound knowledge. You see, now his face is rigid. I know why. Since I’ve left him that day, he’s smiled anymore. That day, I still remember clearly. It was at night, a night with dim light from the stars. My teacher suddenly visited me and asked me about our relationship. Xiao Gang, you know, my teacher was the person that I respected the most. He was the Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, also the one who had imparted me my knowledge.”

Qian Ren Xue’s pupils shrank. The one whom Bibi Dong mentioned was none other than her father.

“Thus, I didn’t hide anything from Teacher. I told him all about our relationship. At that time, his face was grimaced. He told me I was the rarest talent of the Spirit Hall within one hundred years. And that I had the twin spirits. That’s why I was not allowed to have any relationships with any man from outside, that I couldn’t form any relationship with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family. I would never be allowed to leave the Spirit Empire. I only had you in my heart. I had fought against my teacher a lot. It was getting intensive. I told him, I loved Xiao Gang the most, even if I had to leave the Spirit Empire, I had to be with him. Then, teacher got mad. He struck out a palm that made me unconscious. When I woke up again, I felt pain on my entire body. I was like a shabby doll laying in the hidden chamber of the Spirit Hall. Him, that monster, was sitting next to me. Do you know what he told me? He said, even if he had to use the dirtiest method, he had to keep me in the Spirit Hall. He told me, my body wasn’t innocent anymore. That I now belonged to him. Which face should I use to see the man I’ve loved the most? If I didn’t leave you, he would kill you.”

As having listened to what Bibi Dong said, everybody was floundered.
They could feel the sorrow in her voice.

“At that time, the first thing I’d thought about was to kill myself. But I couldn’t do that. I understood him well. If I died, he would pour all his flames of anger on you. He would kill you. I couldn’t help but come to you with the cold-hearted face, telling you that I was with you because of your profound knowledge. Because it’s the only way I can do to protect the man I’ve loved the most.”

Grandmaster fell on the ground.

“No. It’s not true. You lie to me. You lie to me, don’t you?”

The love and the hatred they had for the whole life was about to end at this moment. He found out that he was wrong. This kind of emotion, how could he bear it?

Bibi Dong said glumly, “This is my daughter. The daughter he had made me bear. After that time, I found out I got pregnant. I hated him. I

hated the entire Spirit Hall. And, more than that, I hated this child. I’d tried many times to destroy this fetus. But then, he had imprisoned me inside the Spirit Hall, guarding me every day until I gave birth to her.” Bibi Dong lifted her head to look at Qian Ren Xue, “I know you hate me too. Yes, I can tell you that it’s true that Tang Hao had beaten your father severely. But he died in my hands. I killed that animal myself. The animal that raped his disciple. It isn’t wrong that you hate me. I killed your father. And, I haven’t been a good mother, I didn’t do what a mother should do to take care of you. I always thought that I was right. Until Tang San had used the Guanyin’s Tear to attack me. At the very moment that you had pushed me away, I knew that I was wrong, totally wrong. Children are innocent. I shouldn’t have poured my resentment for him on you. All I could do for you was to take this strike.”

Qian Ren Xue was shaking; her lips were quivering.

“No no no no…”

Just like Grandmaster, she was resentful of Bibi Dong. In her heart, the image of her father was solemn. However, Bibi Dong was about to die, why should she lie?

She was wrong. Grandmaster was wrong. Bibi Dong’s face was full of tears, but she was smiling, “I’ve killed many people, pushing them to death. I hate this world. I want to take revenge. I want to destroy the Spirit Hall, destroy the world.”

“Bibi Dong!”

Grandmaster vehemently walked toward her, hugging her cold arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You’d soon killed him but why didn’t you tell me at that time?”

Bibi Dong gently shook her head. Her eyes became mild.

“There’s one thing he was right about. I’m impure. I couldn’t dirty you with my filthy body. Xiao Gang, don’t be sad because of me. Being able to tell you this story and seeing you cry for me again, now I can even hold

your hand before I die, I’m satisfied. Our whole lives are so miserable. Agree with me, from now on, live happily with Liu Er Long. She is just a cousin of yours, but the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family doesn’t exist now, you don’t have to be afraid of them anymore. Liu Er Long, come here.”

Liu Er Long walked to her, looking at the woman who had made her live in resentment for dozens of years, she didn’t know what to say now.

“Liu Er Long, when I die, our grudge will be over. Xiao Gang, for his love for you, has broken all the bonds of this mortal world. He wants to be with you. You’re luckier than me. At least you can be with him. Please help me to take care of him later on, is it okay?”

Liu Er Long sighed, looking at Bibi Dong and nodded, “You’re a poor woman.” Bibi Dong coldly smiled, “I don’t need your pity. Tang San.”

Seeing what was happening in front of him, Tang San frowned, walking towards her.

“Senior, what do you want?”

Although Tang San didn’t forgive Bibi Dong for what she had done, he still felt sorry for the tragedies she had encountered. Thus, he addressed her as his senior. Bibi Dong coughed again. Dark purple blood kept gushing out from her mouth. The pink color on her cheeks soon vanished. Even if Tang San wanted to heal her, he couldn’t do that. The Asura God’s powers had eroded her body.

Red light flashed, and Tang San had ceased from his Spirit Fusion God Duo Coexistence. Xiao Wu appeared next to him; red aureole covered her body. The Asura Demonic Sword on Bibi Dong’s chest disappeared.

Bibi Dong reluctantly rose her spirit up, “Tang San, I’ve never ever begged anyone during my whole life. Even your Teacher. Now, I’m begging you to fulfill my last wish.”

Tang San glared at Grandmaster then shifted his look to Bibi Dong,
“Please do tell.”

“Xue Er (a variation of Little Ren Xue) isn’t the Angelic God anymore. Her spirit is smashed now. She couldn’t make any threat to the Heaven Dou Empire, let alone to you. I’ve done all the bad things, which she doesn’t relate to any. Same as Hu Lie Na. I’m begging you to spare their lives. The Spirit Empire will not exist anymore; I just hope they could live better.” Said Bibi Dong.

Tang San frowned, “I think you know this is not depended on me only.”

Bibi Dong’s body slightly rose up, coldly said, “Tang San, don’t you know that they both like you? Are you that heartless? Xiao Gang, no matter what, she is my daughter…”

“Teacher, you shall determine.” Xue Beng’s voice arose next to Tang San as he slowly walked to him.

“You’ve granted the Heaven Dou Empire all the things; you can do anything!”

Grandmaster looked up to see Tang San. Tang San sighed then nodded eventually.
It was like she had breathed her last breath. Bibi Dong’s soft body collapsed into Qian Ren Xue’s chest, then said with an interrupting feeble voice.

“Xue… Er, can… I ….call… you ….that? I’m ….about… to… die.., promise me, Na Na… and …you …must… have …a better… life. My … death… is… to …repay …my …sins. …Don’t think… about… taking… revenge… for me. I’m …satisfied …if you …can …live… happily.”


Qian Ren Xue finally said this word, putting her head on Bibi Dong’s chest and crying.

“Goo…., good….”

Bibi Dong smiled when she heard Qian Ren Xue called her. Her eyes showed her satisfaction and tenderness. She slowly rose her hand, wanted to caress Qian Ren Xue. However, her arm ceased half way.

It was like time had stopped. Qian Ren Xue suddenly felt the body in her lap was getting colder. She looked up to see Bibi Dong’s pale hand had fallen. Qian Ren Xue took Bibi Dong’s hand, put in on her face, “Mother

“Dong Er…”

Grandmaster held her other arm tightly, crying out. Bibi Dong, the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, the first Empress of the Spirit Empire, Rakshasa God Bibi Dong, had died in front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Liu Er Long hugged Grandmaster from behind; her tears were still streaming.

“Xiao Gang, you still have me. You still have me here.”

Tang San slowly turned around. He had never thought about this final result. He pulled Xiao Wu’s hand, embracing her in his chest.

Although Xiao Wu and him had been through many ups and downs, they eventually could be together now. They were much luckier than Grandmaster and Bibi Dong. He didn’t console Grandmaster. This was the time his teacher was fragile the most; only Liu Er Long could ease him now. “It’s over, everything is over.”

Tang San sighed.

Xue Beng came to him, “Yes. Everything is over. Teacher, you’ve given the empire a chance to survive. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I could only say, from now on, the Empire is now under your command. Every fellow of the Heaven Dou Empire belongs to you, so do I.”

Tang San swung his sleeves, “Everything is over now, it’s time for me to retreat. I’ve never longed for war. I didn’t even want to participate. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done that for me, for my friends and families. I hope you would travel your path well later on.”

Xue Beng answered respectfully.

“I won’t bother you with the Spirit Empire’s stuff. I will handle them well.”

Tang San looked at Xue Beng; his eyes suddenly became more solemn.

“Xue Beng, promise me four things.”

Xue Beng nodded without any hesitation. “Please do tell. If I can do that, I will definitely promise you.”

“First, during the time that you will be cleaning up the Spirit Empire, do not kill the innocent,” Tang San said.

“Yes. I will control my men; we will definitely not kill any innocent citizens. We will not kill anyone who has surrendered.”

Tang San nodded, “Second, within ten years, do not raise any wars towards the Star Lou Empire. This grand battle had cost us much. Without wars, people could live and work in peace to regain what they’ve lost.”

There were some reasons that Tang San had to worry. In this battle with the Spirit Empire, Xue Beng had shown to everybody how good he was as a King, plus his mighty force of soldiers. Moreover, Xue Beng wasn’t afraid of the Star Lou Empire since the Heaven Dou Empire had a guardian God!

Xue Beng was amazed, hesitating for a while before he nodded his head and said, “Yes, I promise you. Within ten years, I will not rise any wars towards the Star Lou Empire.” Tang San smiled, “I think the Star Lou Empire wouldn’t attack the Heaven Dou Empire.”

Xue Beng also smiled to him, “Of course, with you here, who dares to provoke our Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San looked at him, “This is the third thing I want to tell you. From now on, I will not interfere with any business of the empire. Later on, you have to do your best on everything else. From now on, I’m not the Lan Hao Wang nor the Imperial Teacher.”

“Teacher, you don’t need me anymore?”

Xue Beng’s eye reddened. He wanted to kneel down, but a tender divine power had lifted him up. Tang San patted him on the shoulder. “Although I’m not the Imperial Teacher, I’m always your teacher. Having such disciple like you, I’m very proud. But I’m a God now. Gods are not allowed to interfere with the human world. Now the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God aren’t a threat to us anymore; I should go back. However, don’t worry, I’ll stay in this world for quite a long time. If there are any Gods provoking the Empire, I will not just stand and watch.”

Xue Beng exhaled in relief. With Tang San’s words, what could make him worried? As long as the enemies weren’t Gods, with the current competence, the Heaven Dou Empire would have nothing to be afraid of.

Tang San continued, “The last one, after this war is over, you have to dismiss the Tang Sect’s Army, revoke all the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and hand them to Tang Sect to destroy them. From now on, Tang Sect will not join any battles of the Empire. Tang Sect will not produce weapons for anybody else. Those hidden weapons are too intimidating that they’ve provoked the ostentatious virtue. I hope you could understand.”

It was beyond his expectation that Xue Beng didn’t hesitate at all.

“We will follow your words.”

Tang San was surprised, “Don’t you regret it?”

Xue Beng smiled, “Of course, I regret it. However, what you’ve said is what Xue Beng is thinking about. You are right. You’ve founded Tang

Sect, what belongs to it should be in your hands.” Tang San smiled with him, “Good. You didn’t fail me.”

Xue Beng suddenly asked, “Teacher. I’ve promised you four things.
Could you promise me one? I only ask for this one.”

Tang San was surprised, “What is that? Tell me.”

Xue Beng smiled, his eyes shifted from Tang San to Xiao Wu.

“Master, I hope I can help you hold your wedding at the Heaven Dou City. This is the only gift that I could give you and your wife.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu exchanged looks. Xiao Wu was blushing. The sweet appearance couldn’t be hidden away. She buried her head in Tang San’s chest. Tang San smiled happily, “Alright. I promise you this last requirement. However, it isn’t going to be Xiao Wu and me, but we will have Little Ao and Rong Rong, Fatty and Xiang Xiang. I don’t know about Dai-dage and Zhu Qing; we have to ask them if they want to hold the wedding together with us.”

Xue Beng felt awesome.

“Couldn’t ask for more. I will soon settle the Spirit Empire and hold the biggest wedding on this continent for you.”


In an ambiguous space, where everything was delusive and burry, two figures, one blue one red were floating there. In front of them was a massive white halo projecting everything happened in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

They were Sea God and Asura God. Sea God laughed, “Asura, what you’ve done could be considered careless or not? You are the Law Executor of the God Realm. This is what we call ‘know the law but violated it’, isn’t it?

Asura God looked at him coldly, “Do you have any evidence to show that I’ve violated the rules?”

Sea God laughed again, “Is it? You’ve borrowed Xiao Wu’s body to carry your god power. Moreover, when Tang San was taking my inheritance, you had hidden your Asura God’s power in his second spirit.”

“I’ve just facilitated your candidate. It was like you had come to meet Tang San yourself before he took the inheritance. Well, what I’ve done is nothing compared to what you did. I didn’t help him complete the God’s inheritance.” Said Asura God.

“So how do you explain the Asura God’s power that had activated itself in Xiao Wu’s body? How did Tang San resurrect? If you didn’t allow the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess, how could they get to the Human Realm when their candidates using the spirit fusion to perform the Resurrection God Light? Although their candidates were calling for them, they could totally ignore that call.” Said Sea God.

Asura God stolidly said, “I just want to make use of the rules in a logical way.”

Sea God continued, “Then how about the Asura God’s power that Xiao Wu could release? If your Asura God’s power didn’t protect that meeting hall, how could the candidate of the Rakshasa God not realize that Tang San had been revived? If she took action at that time, Tang San would be over.”

Asura God rolled his eyes, “As to what you were saying, do you really want Tang San to die?”

Sea God said indignantly, “I don’t like that! He was originally my candidate. Now I have to share him with you.”

Asura God lifted his head up, “Did he get your name tattooed on him? Who can prove that he is of your people? Moreover, what I’ve done didn’t violate the rules. At most, I just drew a bit of the Asura God’s power.

Moreover, I just used the god power to assist my candidate. Our rules allow that. As I’m the Law Executor of the God Realm, I will never break the rules.”

Sea God said, “Okay. Alright. I can’t beat your talking skill. You think I don’t know your intentions? Have you expected that when Tang San enters the God Realm, he will succeed your law executor position, so you can be free at that time?”

Asura God smiled for the first time, “We know each other well, bro.”

Right at this moment, a gold light appeared in front of Asura God and Sea God, then exploded instantly, turning into numerous light dots and vanished into Asura God’s chest.

Asura God was bewildered, “How could it be?”

Sea God asked doubtfully, “What happened?”

Asura God said with a somber voice, “It is a world called the Wuxing Continent (1). My man whom I’ve sent there for a mission got killed. I have to go there and check it.” Sea God was shaken, “Who could kill the God Realm’s Law Executor’s disciple? How powerful that one is?”

Suddenly, a light of white and black color blended together and descended from the sky, “Master Asura God, the Two God Kings have called for you.”

Halo expanded rapidly, covering Asura God. Just in a flash, he disappeared.

Sea God was scratching his head in a daze, “Hm, something happened on that Wuxing Continent. Anyway, none of my business. Let that Asura have a headache. Ha ha ha.”


In the Southwest of the Heaven Dou Empire, there was a province called Si Nuo.

The Saint Spirit Village was just a small village of the Fasinuo City of the Si Nou Province, where dwelled around three hundred households. In legend, there was a Spirit Sage spirit master originated from this village hundreds of years ago. That’s why the small village had that name. It was also the endless pride of the villagers there.

Today, the Saint Spirit Village was busy and boisterous. The stone stele installed at the front of the village, which had two words ‘Saint Spirit’, had been changed to ‘Divine Soul’. Moreover, the stone stele had also been replaced by a pure golden one.

“Elder Jack, why we have to change the name of our village?” The Elder Jack had a shriveled body supported by a cane. He suddenly stood upright, arrogantly said, “Because, our village has given birth to a God…”


(1) Wu Xing (Chinese: ??; pinyin: W? Xíng), also known as the Five Elements, Five Phases, the Five Agents, the Five Movements, Five Processes, the Five Steps/Stages and the Five Planets is the short form of “W? zh?ng liúxíng zh? qì” (??????) or “the five types of chi dominating at different times”. It is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, and from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs. The “Five Phases” are Wood (? mù), Fire (?   hu?),   Earth   (?   t?),   Metal   (?   j?n), and Water (? shu?). This order of presentation is known as the “mutual generation” (?? xi?ngsh?ng) sequence. In the order of “mutual overcoming” (??/?? xi?ngkè), they are Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal.

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